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Full text of "The Roll of Service 1914-1919 / The War Book of Upper Canada College"

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Upper Canada College Archives, Class of 1972 

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Ctiiteb for tije 0lti Jioj^si' ^sisociation 
a. J|. f ouns, 

|f?cab ?Bop, 1882 


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This War Book is published under resolution of the Upper Canada College Old Boys' Asso- 
ciation passed at a special meeting, held on Saturday, November 22, 1919. The publication has 
been made possible by the generosity of a group of "Old Boys", chief among whom is the 
President of the Association, who will be long remembered in the history of the College for 
his many generous benefactions. 

The Editor records with gratitude his indebtedness to the past and the present Princi- 
pal of the College; successive Editors of the Upper Canada College Times, who, from the out- 
break of the war to its close, chronicled the records of both living and deceased "Old Boys" 
who were on active service; Mrs. Beaumont, Secretary to the Principals, who bestowed truly 
pious care upon the roll of service; Professor G. Oswald Smith, Registrar of University 
College and Editor of the Roll of Service of the University of Toronto; Major Greenwood, 
Staff Adjutant of the Royal Military College, Kingston; and Col. Clyde Caldwell ('87-'92), of 
the Militia Department, Ottawa, all of whom have been most kind in giving information; 
Miss Isabel Hunter and Miss Violet Graham, who in succession have worked cheerfully and 
patiently, transcribed records, and written many letters in order to ensure accuracy and 
fulness of detail; and to certain "Old Boys", notably Messrs. H.P. Biggar ('84-'90), E.P. Brown 
('92-'97), and B. H. Miller ('10-'15). 

Mr. Maurice R. Kingsford, B.A., Corresponding Secretary of the Association, has given 
most generous assistance with the proof-reading and otherwise with seeing the War Book 
through the press. 

Some "Old Boys" displayed a remarkable reluctance to send records and photographs, 
which can easily be understood in active men not given to parading their own merits. Hap- 
pily, however, for the history of the College, the lack has been made good by fathers, mothers, 
brothers, sisters, wives, and sweethearts, to all of whom thanks are again expressed. Wher- 
ever photographs are lacking or records are meagre, inability to get into touch with the "Old 
Boys" in question or their own refusal or neglect is the explanation. 

Unfortunately, in a very few instances photographs were sent in without names. They 
have had to be reproduced accordingly, identification having proved to be impossible. In 
other cases the photographs arrived too late to be placed in their proper position. 

Certain photographs have been received while the War Book has been in the press. 
Credit for these belongs largely to Mr. Allan Moore and Mr. Poupore, of Printers Guild, 
Limited, and Grip, Limited, respectively. The latter company has made the engravings. 
The T. Eaton Company copied those photographs which had to be returned to the owners. 


For permission to use copyrighted photographs thanks are due to Messrs Elliott and Fry, 
London, Messrs. Lambert Weston and Son, Limited, Folkestone, Messrs. Maull and Fox, 
Limited, London, Mr. Swaine, London, and Vandyk, London. 

The firms just mentioned are the only ones known to the Editor as owning the copyright 
in photographs. Lest, through ignorance, there may be others, he subjoins the names of all 
the photographers, whose work is represented in the War Book. 

Arkada Studio, London; Ashley and Crippen, Toronto; Auxiliary Portrait Studio, West- 
minster, S.W. ; Charles Aylett, Toronto ; Backrack ; J. Bacon and Sons, Leeds; Bale and Co., 
Bramshott; H. Walter Barnett and Company, Limited, London; The Barrett Studio, Toronto; 
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Wimberton ; The Wykeham Studio, London. 































If, in his principalship of twenty years' duration, Mr. Cockburn had done nothing else but 
erect in the Hall of Upper Canada College the boards containing the names of boys who had 
in some way distinguished themselves, his regime would have been worth while. The life 
of a school consists in very truth of the deeds and the achievements of the "Old Boys" over and 
above the doings of those who are yet in training. In the performances and the successes 
likewise of Masters, past and present, the College is vitally interested, for they too increase 
the sum total of its history. 

Later Principals have added to the memorials in the Hall and in other parts of the 
College, the latest being the beautiful brass tablet containing the names of the "Old Boys" 
who died in the recent war or as a direct result of it. For this magnificent gift the College 
is indebted to the munificence of the late Mrs. Sweny, who, in presenting it, made it known 
that she was fulfilling not only her own desire but that of her husband, the late Col. George 
A. Sweny, for many years a Governor and a warm friend of the College. 

To set down for the present generation and for posterity the record of the ex- 
ploits of "Old Boys" in the years 1914 - 1918, is the object of this book. Of 
this both the living and the dead are worthy, for they staked their all for home and country and 
Empire and King. Even the most inconspicuous, the most obscure, and the least successful 
member of any of the expeditionary forces deserves to be commemorated for his effort to 
rise above himself and his self-made limitations. 

"How 'Lizzie' Kelly Died", which appeared in the Toronto Sunday World when the war 
was still in progress, might probably have been written of many an "Old Boy". A faded photo- 
graph of the College was found to have bodied forth to him love of home and country, of 
purity and truth, of fidelity to trust and untarnished honour. 

The real "Lizzie" is happily alive. It is true, however, that in Africa, where he served 
in a civilian capacity before the war, he kept himself clean and decent and useful all because 
of the faded photograph and everything associated with it in his mind. In the war, if con- 
jectures as to his identity, which the editor did not feel at liberty to disclose, are not at 
fault, he bore himself as a man ought to do ; and he had his reward. 

Decorations, distinctions, and honours in any walk of life are distributed by the hand of 


Portuna. Sometimes her attention is distracted from highly meritorious persons and some- 
times they are so numerous that she has not gifts enough to go round. The main thing, 
after all, is the effort put forth and the consciousness that a man has done his utmost and his 
best to attain the common good, the security of the community and the welfare of the indi- 

If one were able to choose the form of his reward, the choice would fall on the Military 
Medal or the Distinguished Conduct Medal. They presuppose the lusty hardihood of youth, 
ability to endure hardships of any or every sort, lowliness of mind, and willingness to serve 
in any capacity rather than forgo a share in the great adventure. That there were many 
"Old Boys" who displayed these qualities, may well swell the pride of all, as suggested by 
Mr. Auden in his address to the boys in Hall. Those of them who subsequently obtained com- 
missions made all the better officers, doubtless, because of their earlier experiences. Doubt- 
less also, their weight of responsibility made them long at times for the comparative freedom 
from care enjoyed by the non-commissioned officer or the private, so well described by Mr. N. 
S. Macdonnell, in writing to "The College Times." 

Did space permit, most interesting detail? could be given of the exploits on land and sea 
and in the air which entitle the fortunate posse?sors of medals, ribbons, and crosses to wear 
them. In this present volume only lists can be given. Even so, mention must be omitted 
of General Service Ribbons and the like, for it is fairly certain that all which ought to be 
recorded have not been reported to the Editor. 

Literally, the "Old Boys" flocked from the ends of the earth to join the Army or the 
Navy. From Herschel Island came a Royal North-West Mounted Polcieman, S. Z. T. Wood; 
and from some place farther north came an explorer, J. R. Cox, who first heard of the war 
a year after its beginning. From South America came at least one railway-builder, a 
graduate of the Royal Military College. From Bermuda and the West Indies ; from China and 
the Straits' Settlement; from India and Ceylon; from various parts of Africa; and from 
Australia they came. From the United States of America, before and after they entered the 
war, went "Old Boys", both citizens of that country and those who still adhered to the British 
allegiance. From Spain, France, Italy, and Germany they hastened, leaving their studies or 
their commercial pursuits. From the Home Land too "Old Boys" went, whether they had 
their domicile there or were only studying at one of the universities or spending a summer's 
holiday. From practically every province of the Dominion and from every walk of life they 
went into the Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, the Army Service Corps, the Army Medical Corps, 
the Machine Gun Corps, the Forestry Corps, the Railway Corps, Transport by water and land, 
the Intelligence Service, the Pay Office, Head Quarters in Ottawa, London, and France, and, 
six of them only, to the Chaplain Service. 

Signalling, Wireless Telegraphy, Flying, and, in the last year of the war, the Tank Service 
naturally appealed strongly to the younger "Old Boys", as did the Motor Boat Patrol, Mine 
Sweeping, and the like. Then there were the sailors and the soldiers by profession, who, 
when the war broke out, were ready to do service wherever British troops and British ships 
were stationed. 

In every quarter of the globe where fighting was going on "Old Boys" were present — 
the Baltic, the North Sea, the English Channel, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, Lemnos, and 
other islands of the sea, Belgium, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, Roumania, Serbia, Thrace, 
the Dardanelles, Syria, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Arabia, Egypt, and other parts of Africa, 
India, Persia, Afghanistan, China, and Siberia. Some were fortunate enough to be allowed 


to serve on more than one front; and some had the satisfaction of taking part in the final 
march to Mons and of entering (Jermany with the Army of Occupation. Others were present 
at the surrender of the German ships at Scapa Flow. 

Who was the first "Old Boy" to join up, it has been practically impossible to determine. 
Perhaps it was G. G. Blackstock or A. R. Stanley Clarke or W. E. Phillips, all of whom did so 
in August, 1914, in England. The late Col. C. N. Shanly claimed to have received the first 
appointment in the original Canadian Expeditionary Force. 

In the famous retreat from Mons at least three "Old Boys", H. R. Hayter, the late C. G. G. 
Mackenzie, and E. J. W. Spread, took part. The third was for a time supposed to have been 
killed; the second actually was so, being the first "Old Boy" to fall in the war. To his parents 
came a personal message of sympathy from His Majesty the King. 

M. M. Eberts was the first Flying Officer of the American Forces to meet his death. He 
was buried at West Point, N.Y., where he received his military training. There and else- 
where, as noted in his record, his name is perpetuated. 

Few of the men who were assembled at Valcartier and encamped on Salisbury Plain 
reached France before the spring of 1915. R. C. Pepler, however, and possibly others, were 
there in December, 1914. 

After Neuve Chapelle and Polygone Wood came the second battle of Ypres, known 
variously as Langemarck and St. Julien. There, with other Canadians, "Old Boys" had their 
chance. There some of them were gassed and some were killed; there some of them were, 
unhappily, taken prisoners. Belle Warde, Festubert, Hooge, St. Eloi, Givenchy, Ploegsteert, 
Neuve Eglise, Loos, Hulluch, Kemmel, and Dickebush employed them during the rest of that 
year and carried them into the next. 

The great interest of 1916 centred, of course, in the Ypres Salient, the second battle of 
Amiens, the Somme, Courcelette, Passchendaele, and Belfort. In the records for this year 
recur Ploegsteert, Kemmel, Neuve Eglise, Hooge, Dickebush, and St. Eloi ; and Messines, Thiep- 
val. Hill 60, Observatory Ridge, Sanctuary Wood, Mount Sorel, Zillebeke, Lens, Bapaume- 
Pozieres, Regina Trench, and Landriecieres make their appearance. 

In the attack upon the Hindenburg Line in the spring of 1917 there were "Old Boys", as 
also at the glorious victory, in April, at Vimy Ridge and at Passchendaele in the autumn and 
the early winter. Grenay, the Ancre, Fresnoy, Lens, Hill 70, St. Quentin, Arras, Ypres, and 
the first and second battles of Cambrai filled the year from January to December, mention 
being made by one and another of the men of Avion, Poelcappelle, Arleux, Bullecourt, St.Emile, 
the Triangle, La Coulotte, St. Pierre, Nieuport, Loos, and Poperinghe. 

The Great Retreat in the spring of 1918 with the "Big Push" in August, the last battle 
of Amiens, the Canal du Nord, St. Quentin, the Drocourt-Queant line, Bourlon Wood, Cam- 
brai, Monchy fitain, Cherissy, Somain, Cagnicourt, Valenciennes, and the final triumph at 
Mons they who took part in them will never forget. Officers signed the Golden Book at Mons 
and led their men on to Cologne and Bonn, where they kept Christmas. Then for many came 
demobilisation, though some were kept on duty in Germany and others went to one of the 
English or the Scottish Universities or to the "Khaki University" at Ripon. 

In the peace conference at Versailles two "Old Boys", and Head Boys at that, took part. 


They were H. G. Crocker and 0. M. Biggar, who were respectively on the staff of the United 
States of America and of Canada. For some time before the signing of the Armistice Biggar 
had been Judge Advocate General for the Dominion and in charge of the administration of 
the Military Service Act, 

Besides Crocker only one other civilian finds a place with the fighting men in this War 
Book. He is D. A. Keys, another Head Boy, who, when rejected for military service, offered 
himself for experimental work under the Admiralty. Similar work was done by yet another 
Head Boy, C. S. Wright, who before the war had distinguished himself in Antarctic explora- 

There were many Head Boys and Mason Medallists in the war, as well as cricket and 
football captains and captains of the Rifle Corps. In fact, there is scarcely a blank in the lists 
from 1895 onward. The Rifle Corps, "The College Times" noted, became very popular during 
the war and drills were regarded as anything but a bugbear. It is noteworthy too that most of 
the members of successive editorial boards of "The College Times" between 1914 and 1918 put 
on the uniform as soon as they attained the age of eighteen. 

To hold the boys till they were of active service age was a dilficult task for the Princi- 
pal and Masters. Most of them, however, responded to the argument that they would only 
be burdensome and not useful, if they enlisted before the age of eighteen, especially when 
the argument was supported by two or three instances known to the boys themselves. In 
view of these facts they were the more content and eager to make themselves fit against the 
time when they might legally enlist. To patriotic funds of various descriptions they con- 
tributed most liberally; and they murmured little against the rationing that was compulsory 
upon all public eating-houses, a term which included the College. 

That boys just out of College and "Old Boys" dating back to 1861 as their year of entry 
should be willing to risk life and health and prospects for King and Country and Empire 
and right, is a credit not to themselves and their people alone but also to their College and 
their Masters. Principals such as the present holder of the office, who himself went over 
seas, and his predecessors, Auden, Parkin, Dickson, Buchan, and Cockburn, not forgetting 
those of still earlier date, Stennett, Barron, McCaul, and Harris, have given the College a 
character which imparts itself, imperceptibly and unfailingly, to the successive generations 
of boys. In this moulding process the Principals have been helped by men like Scadding, 
Wedd, Brown, Thompson, Barrett, Sparling, and McHugh who were and are content to give 
their best years to their calling. More especially is this true of House Masters like Martland, 
Jackson,the Gordons, Leacock, Peacock, Somerville, Collinson, Guest, and Crake, whose precepts 
and example have been enforced by present and former Masters who went to the war. Among 
the latter were Mackenzie, Mills, Mowbray, Mallett, Delph, Dobson, Fotheringham, and the 
brothers CoUey, not to mention some who are also "Old Boys". 

Without boasting, it is a remarkable fact that from 1861 to 1869 every year but three has 
at least one representative on the service list. From 1869 to 1918 there is not a break, albeit 
they are separated the one from the other by all but half a century. 

Considering that many of the "Old Boys" were far beyond military age when war was de- 
clared, it is a subject for favourable comment that fully one third of those living volunteered 
for active service, including, of course, those who were soldiers or sailors by profession. Some 
of them had seen service in the Fenian raids, the Riel Rebellions, the Expedition up the Nile, 
and the South African War. 


Our professional soldiers, whether belonging to the American or the British Army or to the 
Canadian Permanent Forces were: {T. Benson, ySir F. W. Benson, A. C. Caldwell, C. F. Con- 
stantine. E. A. Cruikshank, C. R. Cuthbert, G. W. Denison, S. J. A. Denison, T. F. Homer- 
Dixon, D. K. Edgar, tM. M. Eberts, G. R. Frith. fT. M. Graves, G. S. Hatton, H. R. Hayter, R.J. 

F. Hayter, C. R. Hodgins, F. F. Hunter, G. M. Hutton, fJ- C. Law, fC. G. G. Macken/.ie, H. C. 
Nanton, H. W. Niven, fA. V. S. Nordheimer, J. A. R. Robertson, C. A. Robertson, fC. N. 
Shanly, E. J. W. Spread, JE. R. Street, G. A. C. Taylor, H. C. Thacker, P. E. Thacker, W. G. 
Tyrrell, A. B. Wilkie, C. S. Wilkie, R. Wood, S. Z. T. Wood, F. G. Macculloch, E. R. Kirkpatrick, 
C. G. Carruthers, H. G. Reid, A. E. Grasett, R. B. Nordheimer, and fJ. G. Burnham. 

Our "Old Boys" belonging to the Navy at the commencement of the war were Commander 
H. E. Denison, Admiral John Denison, and Vice-Admiral C. E. Kingsmill. 

As everyone knows, there were new regiments raised in Great Britain for the duration 
of the war, many of them taking their name from English counties. Those and the regular 
regiments reported by "Old Boys" as their units were the Argyll and Sutherlands, the 1st and 
2nd Border Regts., the Bedfords, the 1st Cheshire, the Devons, 3rd Dorsets, the Doi-set Re- 
serve, the Durham Light Infantry, the Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers, the 5th Duke of 
Cornwall's, the Gordon Highlanders, the King's Own Scottish Borderers, the King's Shrop- 
shire Light Infantry, King Edward's Horse, the King's Own Loyal Lancasters, the King's Own 
Royal Rifles, the King's Royal Fusiliers, the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, the King's 
African Rifles, the Leicesters, 28th Londons, the Lonsdale Border Regiment, the Manchesters, 
the North Staffordshires, the Prince of Wales'Leinster Regiment (the Royal Canadians), the 
75th Punjabis, the 13th Rajputs, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 
the Royal Irish Fusiliers, the Royal Fusiliers, the Royal Scots Fusiliers, the Royal East Sur- 
reys, the Royal Sussex, the Royal West Surreys, the Royal Warwicks, the Scots Guards, the 
Sherwood Foresters, the Somerset Light Infantry, the Sindh Rifles, the West Riding (Duke of 
Wellington), the Wiltshires, the Worcesters, the York and Lancaster, the Artillery, the 
Cavalry, the Engineers, the Royal Army Medical Corps, the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal 
Naval Air Service, and the Royal Air Force, into which the last two were amalgamated. Some 
served also in the Remounts Commission. 

The late Sir F. W. Benson was the only survivor of the Fenian Raids, so far as is known, 
who was engaged in this war. 

Veterans of the Riel Rebellion of 1884-1885 who were on active service between 1914 and 
1918 were H. T. Brock, H. C. Nanton, and F. A. C. Redden. 

Veterans of the South African War who were also in this war were E. B. Allan, fSir F. W. 
Benson, [J. L. Biggar, C. A. Boone, A. C. Caldwell, F. L. Cosby, N. W. Cosby, T. G. Delamere, 

G. W. Denison, S. J. A. Denison, T. F. Homer-Dixon, C. A. Donaldson, G. R. Frith, H. R. Hayter, 
R. J. F. Hayter, fH. H. Jones, W. R. Kingsford, G. H. Kirkpatrick, W. C. Laidlaw, fJ. C. Law, 
W. V. Law, J. K. G. Magee, T. W. B. Marling, F. P. Myles, H. C. Nanton. H. G. Reid, H. C. 
Thacker, P. E. Thacker, IE. R. Street, H. E. Tremayne. 

So far as it has been possible to ascertain, the following were the Canadian Battalions in 
which "Old Boys" held commissions:— the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 
12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th, 
32nd, 33rd, 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th, 40th, 42nd, 43rd, 44th, 45th, 46th, 48th, 49th, 50th, 51st, 
52nd, 54th, 57th, 58th, 61st, 62nd, 70th, 71st, 72nd, 74th, 75th, 76th, 78th, 79th, 81st, 82nd, 
83rd, 84th, 85th, 87th, 92nd, 93rd, 94th, 95th, 98th, 101st, 102nd, 109th. 110th, 113th, 116th, 


119th, 120th, 122nd, 123rd, 124th. 125th, 126th, 127th, 128th, 134th, 138th, 139th, 142nd, 
144th,' 147th, 149th, 153rd, 154th, 156th, 160th, 161st, 162nd, 166th. 169th, 170th, 179th, 
180th, 182nd, 183rd, 187th, 190th, 194th, 198th, 201st, 203rd, 204th, 205th. 208th, 211th, 213th, 
215th, 216th, 220th, 221st, 225th, 227th, 228th, 230th, 234th, 242nd. 247th, 250th, 257th, 258th, 
259th, 260th, the Eaton Machine Gun Battery, the Canadian Mounted Rifles, the Royal Cana- 
dian Dragoons, the P.P.C.L.I., the Alberta Dragoons, the Royal Canadian Regiment, the 
Strathcona Horse, the Fort Garry Horse, and Boyle's Horse. 

They affiliated first with the following Battalions or Regiments of the Militia : — the Cana- 
dian Gordon Highlanders, the Cyclists Corps, the Duke of Connaught Rifles, the Essex Fusiliers, 
the Fort Garry Horse, the Governor-General's Body Guard, the Princess Louise Fusiliers, the 
Queen's Own Rifles, the 10th Royal Grenadiers, the Royal Canadian Rifles, the Wellington 
Rifles, the 1st Grenadier Guards of Canada, the 3rd Victoria Rifles (Montreal), the 5th Royal 
Highlanders of Canada (Montreal), the 2nd Dragoons, the 9th Mississauga Horse, the 6th 
Regiment of Rifles, the 12th Manitoba Dragoons, the 13th Regiment (Hamilton), the 7th Fusi- 
liers, the 19th Alberta Dragoons, the 8th Royal Rifles of Quebec, the 25th Brantford Dragoons, 
the 11th Irish Fusiliers of Canada, the 31st Grey Rifles, the 35th Simcoe, the 38th Peel Rifles, 
the 12th York Rangers, the 41st Brockville, the 14th Prince of Wales' Own Rifles, the 42nd 
Lanark and Renfrew, the 15th Argyll Light Infantry, the 48th Highlanders, the 49th Ed- 
monton, the 50th Alberta, the 16th, the 17th Duke of York Hussars, the 72nd Seaforth High- 
landers of Canada, the 20th Halton Rifles, the 78th Greadiers (Winnipeg), the 24th Kent, the 
88th Victoria, the 26th Middlesex Light Infantry, the 90th Winnipeg, the 27th Lambton, the 
91st Canadian Highlanders (Hamilton), the 99th Manitoba Fusiliers, the 100th Winnipeg 
Grenadiers, the 101st Edmonton Dragoons, the 102nd British Columbia, the 28th Perth, the 
32nd Bruce, the 34th Ontario, the 37th Haldimand, the 38th Dufferin Rifles, the 43rd Duke of 
Cornwall's Own Rifles, the 44th Lincoln and Welland, the 46th Durham, the 51st Sault Rifles, 
the 57th Peterboro Rangers, the 59th, the 60th Rifles of Canada, the 66th, the 73rd North- 
umberland, the 79th Cameron Highlanders of Canada, the 107th Kootenay, the 109th, the 121st 
British Columbia, the 187th Calgary. 

They assembled at the following camps in Canada:— Armour Heights, Barriefield, Borden, 
Beamsville, Charlton Park, Exhibition Park, Toronto, Hughes, Manitoba, Leaside, Long Branch, 
Mohawk, 'Petawawa, Niagara, Sarcee, Sewell, and Valcartier; at the following in England:— 
Bexhill, Bordon, Bramshott, Calshott. Cambridge, Colchester, Crowborough, East Sandling, 
Hendon, Larkhill, Salisbury Plain, Seaford, Shorncliffe, St. Alban's, Upavon, Wilts, and Wel- 
lesley Camp; and at the following in the United States :—Everman, Texas, Forts Benjamin, 
Grant, Mayer, Lee, Newport, Perry, Rockford, 111., Sandiego, Cal., and Fort Worth, Texas. 

Instruction in Flying was given at Camp Lee, Fort Myer, San Diego, Texas, in the United 
States, and at Armour Heights,Beamsville,Leaside,Long Branch, and Camp Mohawk in Canada. 
Some "Old Boys" finished their training at Vendome, in France. 

At least three of the "Old Boys", H. G. Reid, J. K. G. McGee, and J. F. Dawson, served with 
the Australians. Several served with the Bermuda and the West Indian Contingents, and one 
with that from the Straits Settlement. 

For further training not a few of them were at the University of Toronto, the Royal Mili- 
tary College, McGill University, and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. 

Some "Old Boys" who were not judged to be fit for service over seas were officers in the 
Polish camp at Niagara. Some, having been returned from the front unfit for service, did 


recruiting duty in Canada and in the United States, in the latter case for both the A.E.F. and 
the B.E.F. Other returned "Old Boys" were engaged as Military Instructors in the American 
Colleges and Universities. 

Civilian "Old Boys" who were too old to serve, or who, for other reasons, could not quali- 
fy, were active in Red Cross work, in raising patriotic funds, in recruiting men, and in ad- 
ministering the Military Service Act of 1917. 

"Old Boys" in London were unwearied in their efforts to find the soldier "Old Boys", to 
give them welcome, and to make them feel at home. "Brass Hats" relaxed when they found 
that a youngster reporting for duty had played under the Blue and White, as they them- 
selves had done in their teens, left a long way behind them. 

Interned civilians of enemy origin were guarded at Kapuskasing by "Old Boys" and oth- 
ers. Military prisoners found lodgement, among other places, at Stanley Barracks, Toronto, 
and at Barriefield. 

Our own prisoners of war were G. M. Alexander, A. M, Allan, jE, 0. Bath, H. A. Bar- 
wick, H. S. Broughall. H. M. Brown, fC. C. Carr, fH. W. Cockshutt, fH. M. Corbold, R. Y. 
Cory, fC. W. Davison, fCharles Dennehy, A. C. Dean, J. H. Douglas, T. G. Drew-Brook, D. W. 
Elliott, tL. E. Gooderham, G. E. D. Greene, S. L. Henderson, F. V. Jones, A. J. E. Kirkpat- 
rick, N. D. Mackay, fA. P. MacLean, V. A. Maclean, L. S. Morrison, W. A. deC. O'Grady, A. 
B. Raymond, A. K. Roberts, W, E. Robinson, W.C.B. Schreiber, A. Watson Sime, fJ.F.Smith, 
D. D'E. Strickland, C. I. Van Nostrand, A. A. Harcourt - Vernon, and R. W. White. Their 
captivity in Germany was spent at Bischofswerda, Cassel, Hof Gusmar, Hanno-Munden, Holz- 
minden, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Lahr, Mainz, Paderbom, Schwarmstadt, Stralsund, and We- 
sel. On being released or on making their escape, they found an asylum in Switzerland or 
in Holland. 

Charles Dennehy appears to have received peculiarly inhuman treatment, as set out in 
an interview which was reproduced in "The College Times." Reading the account even at this 
late date makes the blood boil with indignation. 

To give an adequate account of the Army Medical Corps would require the pen of a train- 
ed physician or of an accompished surgeon. In looking over the records of service, one cannot 
but be impressed by the fact that large numbers of "Old Boys" turned their professional skill 
to good account in this service. Now that so many have returned safely to their homes, they 
are the better able to minister to the ills and the sufferings of their respective communities. 

By many it will be recalled that the "Old Boys" in Canada, headed by the Chairman of 
the Board of Governors and the late R. S. Hudson, who was ever ready to help the College 
and every other good cause, subscribed to a fund for providing a U.C.C. ambulance, a picture of 
which is reproduced from "The College Times." Of this the late S. L. Crowther was the first 

The first "Old Boy" to be wounded is said to have been H. S. Hamilton. The first to be 
treated in the University's Hospital was Oswald G. Bruce. 

There were many sons and grandsons of "Old Boys" in the war, and even some great- 
grandsons. In several cases both fathers and sons were on active service, viz: fJ. L. Biggar 


and A. L. Biggar; E. W. H. BlakeandE. M. H. and H. H. Blake; G. S. Kirkpatrick and G. Y. 
Kirkpatrick; P. W. H. MeKeown and W. W. McKeown; W. A. Richardson and W. A. Richard- 
son, Jr. ; A. T. Thompson and A. R. Thompson. 

The sons were: D. J. Armour, E. N. Armour, A. T. M. Armstrong, E. L. F. Arnokli, F. F. 
Arnoldi, P. C. F. Arnokli, J. M. Baldwin, G. B. Beatty, A. L. Biggar, L. H. Biggar, W. H. Biggar, 
H. C. Blachford, G. G. Blackstock, fW. G. Blackstock, E. M. H. Blake, E. W. H. Blake, H. H. 
Blake, fR. H. Boulton, H. S. Bowes, A. M. Boyd, E. Boyd, G. W. G. Boyd, P. E. Boyd, S. H. 
Brown, I. H. Cameron, fR. H. Capreol, E. G. Ciarkson, fM. A. Clarkson, J. K. Cronyn, A. T. 
Crowther, tS. L. Crowther, jW. B. Crowther, A. T. Davidson, IT- Davis, V. G. Davis, T. G. Dela- 
mere, E. B. Denison, jE. S. Denison, F. C. Denison, G. C. Denison, tG. T. Denison, Jr., G. W. 
Denison, H. E. Denison, J. Denison, S. J. A. Denison, W. W. Denison, J. V. Drynan, G. Evans, 
M. H. Esten, A. S. Gartshore, W. G. Gartshore. E. F. Gibbs, G. S. Gibbs, A. G. Gill, A. H. 
Gillespie, J. C. Gillespie, A. L. Gooderham, E. A. Greene, G. E. D. Greene, H. V. G. Greene, 
C. G. M. Grier, E. G. Grier, J. N. Gwynne, R. D. Hague, H. R. Hammond, G. M. Hams, G. S. 
Hatton, J. S. Hay, R. Hay, W. H. Hay, S. L. Henderson, V. E. Henderson, W. I. S. Hendrie, L. 
E. W. Irving, C. W. Irwin, A. E. Jackes, H. L. Jackes, fE. M. Jarvis, D. A. Keys, H. J. E. Keys, 
G. t.. Kingsford, M. R. Kingsford, W. R. Kingsford, C. E. Kingsmill, J. G. Kingsmill, W. B. 
Eingsmill, T. Kirkland, G. D. Kirkpatrick, fA. D. Kirkpatrick, G. Y. Kirkpatrick, C. B. Lind- 
sey, J. F. Macdonald, J. M. Macdonald, I. McL. Macdonell, J. G. McCaul, J. B. McDougald, W. W. 
McKeown, E. B. McMaster, J. B. McMurrich, tj. D. McMurrich, J. R. McMurrich, H. M. Mc- 
Giverin, W. P. Mulock, A. H. Murray, G. Musson, f A. V. S. Nordheimer, R. Pellatt, J. A. S. 
Peterson, J. 0. Plummer, J. D. Ponton, R. D. Ponton, J. E. Proctor, A. S. Rathbun, W. A. Rich- 
ardson, W. A. Richardson, Jr., H. E. Ridout, C.A. Robertson, I. E. Robertson, I. G. Robertson, 
L. B. Robertson, J. B. Robinson, J. W. Ross, E S. Ryerson,tJ. E. Ryerson, A. F. Rykert.fH. E. 
Scott, H. R. Senkler, J. L. Sheard, P. Sheard, T. Sheard, A. A. Small, P. S. Small, G. A. Smith, 
H. F. Smith, H. S. Smith, jJ. F. Smith, A. V. Stupart, fF. G. Stupart, G. A. C. Taylor, fC. M. 
Thompson, A. R. Thompson, A. T. Thompson, D. S. Thompson, fH. V. Walker, fG. C. Warwick, 
H. N. Watt, t C. A. Wilson, A. M. Wright, C. S. Wright, E. N. Wright, fV. B. Wright 

The grandsons were fH.E.Bethune, J.A.Bethune, R. T. Bethune, W. D. Bethune, on both 
sides of the house, E.M. Blake, H.H. Blake, A. A. Bolte, f F. 0. Bolte, fS. L. Crowther, tW. B. 
Crowther,-E. B. Denison, tE. S. Denison, F. C. Denison, fG. T. Denison, Jr., G. C. Denison, G. W. 
Denison, H. E. Denison, W. W. Denison, J. V. Drynan, M. H. Esten, G. M. Garmany, J. B. C. 
Garmany, E. A. Greene, G. E. D. Greene, H.V.G. Greene, F. A. Hale, J. J. Hale, V. E. Henderson, 
W. D. Hudson, jE. M. Jarvis, Jr., D. G. Joy, jA. D. Kirkpatrick, G.D. Kirkpatrick, A.L. Law, fJ. 
C. Law, W.V. Law, fG.L.B. Mackenzie, fJ-A.N. Ormsby, G.Y. Ormsby, A.C. Ryerson, E.E. Ryer- 
.9on, fG. C. Ryerson, W. A. Richardson, Jr., J. B. Robinson, A. R. Thompson, D. S. Thompson, A. 
A. Harcourt- Vernon, N.E. Walker, and tC.A. Wilson, on both sides of the house. 

The greatgrandsons were fA. D. Kirkpatrick and G. D. Kirkpatrick, whose mother is a 
daughter of Col. George T. Denison, the great advocate of Imperial Federation and of prefer- 
ential trade within the Empire. 

The sons of Principals and Masters are K.F. Auden, D. T. Eraser, C. E. Ham, P. D. Ham, 
and W. G. Jackson. 

The grandsons of Principals and Masters are G. C. Hamilton, H. S. Hamilton, R. H. Hamil- 
ton, G. M. Hutton, and J. G. McCaul. 

As has happened in every war, notably the American Civil War, there have always been 


some "Old Boys" not fully accounted for when the Armistice or the Peace was signed. So 
in this war, one at least is still unofficially missing, R. H. Hamilton, grandson of the late 
English Master, Mr. Christopher Thompson. All trace of him vanished at the Main Dressing 
Station at the White Chateau, near Boves, and none has since been found in spite of diligent 

Holy Ground and sacred places are more numerous now than they were before the war. 
Many a pilgrimage will be made to the shores of Suvla Bay and to many a spot in Palestine 
and France and Flanders, and even Germany, because an "Old Boy" was buried there. Such 
places are Allery, Saone-et-Loire, Bailleul, Beaumetz, Bellacourt, Proves, Bullecourt, Caix, Cas- 
sel, Choque near Bethune, Dozinghem, le Havre, Hollebeke, lluigis, Lyssenthoek, Mericourt, 
and Roisel. In the Home Land too as well as in our beloved Canada, there are graves of 
"Old Boys" to venerate and care for. 

For fathers and for mothers who gave their sons, in some cases their only sons, for wives 
who lost their husbands, and for children who have to grow up fatherless for the sake of the 
common weal, the deepest sympathy is felt. Yet, when the keenness of the sense of loss has 
been somewhat softened, its place will be, if it has not already been, taken by a feeling of pride 
and satisfaction that their loved ones were willing and ready to lay down their lives for all that 
they held dear. 

For sons of "Old Boys" bereft of fathers by the war the Board of Governors has decreed 
that there shall be free education at Upper Canada College, in order to make up to them in 
some sort for their grievous loss. To this end also scholarships have been founded in memo- 
ry of several "Old Boys" by their families. Thus the names of these "Old Boys" live on and 
they themselves still have and will have, as it were, their representatives in the College. 

In conclusion, the thought expressed by the late Sir George Parkin at a U.C.C dinner in 
London, must be ever cherished. What our "Old Boys" did was done also by "Old Boys" of 
T. C. S., Ridley, St. Andrew's, Highfield, Ashbury, Lake Lodge, St. Alban's, Appleby, 
Lakefield, the High Schools, and the Collegiate Institutes, as well as by "Old Boys" of other 
similar schools in all the provinces of the Dominion. There was one great fellowship of 
devotion and service and suffering and triumph. 

Trinity College, 

All Saints' Day, 1922. 


principal Ruben's; ^bbres^g 
on tfje ©uthreafe of tfje OTar 

Canada, our Country, is at war. What does that mean to Upper Cannada College, and 
what are we, who pride ourselves justly on being the premier school of Canada, doing in the 
matter? The Honour Roll (printed in this issue*) of those "Old Boys" who have gone with 
the First Contingent or were already in the Imperial Services, shows as clearly as the sun in 
heaven what they have thought about this crisis of our Empire, this life and death struggle of 
our Country, and not only what they have thought but what they have done. Not carried 
away by the glamour and enthusiasm of military display, but soberly and of set purpose they 
have determined to fight their country's battles, to "do their bit for the Empire," earnest 
and unafraid. Wny have they chosen the manifold changes and chances of battle and sudden 
death, when they might have stayed at home care-free and comfortable? They might have 
now been treading the primrose path of matinees and football matches, yet they have chosen 
the more stony path of trenches, long weeks of weary watching, of midnight agony. They 
have gone to the Front because they realised that their King and Country needed them, and 
because they had determined to give their life-blood — some of them have given it already — 
rather than see England reduced to a third-rate power and this fair land of Canada a "con- 
script appendage" of Germany, a subject province under the worst military despotism that the 
world has known. That is the only true way of looking at the stern realities that face us. 

In this Roll of Honour there are two points worthy of special notice. Firstly, General 
Sir John French, in his despatches, mentioned three Canadian officers; of these, two were 
"Old Boys," Lieut. A. E. Grasett, Royal Engineers, ana Lieut. E. J. W. Spread, of the Loyal 
North Lancashire Regiment. The other point is the very large number of "Old Boys" who 
are in the ranks, who, when they could not obtain commissions, decided to go in any humbler 
capacity rather than not go at all. It seems to me that a special meed of honour and respect 
is due to these. 

So much for what our "Old Boys" are doing. What of ourselves? Duty is not always 
plain, but it is to-day. It is, I think, this — to face the facts seriously and earnestly, to compel 
ourselves, each and all of us, to think what this war really means; to see to it that we shall 
be physically fit and morally sound when the call comes to us. Military experts tell us it will 
be a long war ; for three years at least. The Premier of Great Britain has said : "If we are 
to repair, as far as may be humanly possible, the innumerable wrongs inflicted on our Allies; 

* Upper Canada College Times, Christmas, 1914. 


if we are to avoid for ourselves the ills which they have suffered ; if we are to maintain for our 
children all that we hold dear — honour, freedom, our very life as a nation — we must light 
with the courage and endurance which won for us the struggles of the past. Every man, 
therefore, who is eligible, will ask his own conscience whether, in this emergency, it is not his 
duty to hold himself ready to enlist in the forces of the Crown." Prominent Canadian states- 
men, e.g., Mr. N. W. Rowell, have said that, if Canada is to do her share in the next years, we 
must recruit, equip, drill, and send out 300,000 men. If then there is anything in the theory of 
possibilities, the call will come to those who are now boys at U.C.C. Will they answer: "Here 
am I, send me"? I believe they will; I know they will. 

One thing is certain (and there are very few things certain) about this most terrible of 
wars ; if we win, and under Providence we shall win, it will be in the main the gentlemen of 
the Empire who have done it. Look at the facts of the recruiting records. Cambridge Uni- 
versity with three-fifths of its members in active training for the Front, and almost one-half 
already at the Front. Look at the Public Schools Battalion and the Sportsman's Battalion, 
with their thousands of men in training, and every one of the great Schools of England train- 
ing five times a week. The war lays heavy responsibilities on the directing classes. Noblesse 
oblige; high position carries with it the obligation of service to mankind, and the higher the 
station and the more fortunate the position in life, the greater is the obligation. Upper 
Canada College, which has furnished more men, I believe, than any other school in Canada to 
serve the State in war and peace, is doing her part and doing it well. If it were not so, then 
we would be false to our upbringing, false to those ideals which have made our name great 
and for which "Old Boys" have lived and at the call of their country have died: 

"For the glorious dead have striven. 

They battled that we might be free ; 
We to that living cause are given, 
We arm for men that are to be." 


Hetter Jf rom jWr, Jacfesion 

In heart I shall indeed be with you; in body it is not possible. 
Yes; as you say, I knew them all, boys and men. 

We saw them go forth, full of bravery and patriotism, with smiling faces to meet a ruth- 
less foe. There was no possibility of holding back then. Those for whom there was no 
commission to be found, joined the ranks; boys and masters fought side by side as private 

Our sons and brothers, they gave their lives that we might live. Their mortal bodies lie 
far away in foreign lands ; but the splendour of their name will never fade ; surely their spirits 
live with us here to-day. 

We saw them leave in all the hope and pride of youth; and we who had to stay at home, 
watched the dear, brave lads depart with admiration and envy. 

Then came the first sad tidings. 

I shall never forget the morning when George greeted me with the «news that Mackenzie 
had fallen. Mackenzie gone ! The other day he was here among us. We remembered his 
familiar look, his whimsical ways . . . .He was here but yesterday. 

The first great sorrow had fallen upon the old College, to be followed, alas, by many 

Our losses came ever thicker upon us. Hardly a day passed without adding another 
name-sometimes several-to the swelling total. The list of our dead grew, until at last we 
asked ourselves, who is left? Who is still to go? 

Yet, now we must not mourn our glorified dead. The first pain and soreness of our loss 
are past. Let us think with pride on the grandeur of their sacrifice, on the noble triumph 
they have left for others. 

We will not mourn them : they are where tears and sadness are no more. God loved them, 
our dead young heroes, and He has taken them to Himself 

* Wi-itteii rioni M;ilaj;a, inkIlt lUitu of January 28, li»21, in answer 
to the invitation to llie unveiling of llie Memorial Tablet. 


rincipal (grant's^ Sbbresisi 
at tf)e Jf irsit jWemorial g)erbice 

Low Sunday, April 7, 1918. 

This is the first Sunday of our Spring Term, the first Sunday on which the College meets 
together after Easter. It is a time in all our land of life renewed; a time of the running of 
sap, of the song of the mating bird, of the springing of blade and bud ; it is a time when 
the Easter message of resuiTection is still in our hearts ; and we meet to commemorate our 

No other time so fitting could be found. We are not met to lament over their death. 
We are met in high commemoration of their lives, and of their example. We are met to draw 
from their example and from their very presence with us this evening, strength and comfort 
for the work that is before us; met to consecrate our lives to the cause to which they gave 
the last full measure of devotion. 

Dead! who calls them dead? Death hath no power over them any more. They are not 
dead, but immortal. From beyond the hills of death their voices ring clear and full. () 
Death, where is thy sting? Grave, where is thy victory? We rather seem the dead, who 
wait behind. We wait here, subject to the dust and smear and manifold stains of mortality ; 
but they have passed into a sure place, where Death cannot come near them any more. 

"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old ; 
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn." 

Death has been despised by many men for many causes. "Revenge triumphs overs Death," 
says Lord Bacon, "love slights it ; honour aspireth to it ; grief flieth to it." We honour them 
not only because they had no fear of death, — though that is much — but because they poured 
out the rich sweet wine of their lives, because they were willing to give up this tremulous 
warm life, with all that it holds of beautiful and of desirable, in no personal cause or quarrel, 
with no personal emotion, for that which was greater than themselves, for the cause of their 
country, of civilisation, of humanity. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, from hence- 
forth ; yea, sayeth the spirit ; that they may rest from their labours, and their works do fol- 
low them". Every man who sheds his blood in the cause of the Allies to-day does in very 
truth die in the Lord. 

It is the danger of so long a war as this that men tend to lose sight of the cause for which 
it began. Men tend to fight for mere restlessness, or in mere Pagan resolve to win at all costs. 
Let us hold fast to the resolve; but let us hold it not merely in our own strength but because 


we are fighting in the good cause. And let us never forget that, as has been nobly said by a 
great Canadian, "the stars in their courses do not now fight for the good cause; but the good 
cause is its own star." As I read the bulletins of the swaying line of battle, of the fight for 
the ridges of Flanders, the words of an English poem are ever in my ears. King Alfred is in 
hiding at Athelney, a fugitive, beaten by the heathen. To him Our Lady appears in a vision 
and calls on him to lead his English in a last battle with the invader. "What message of 
cheer shall I give them?" asks the King. He is given no message of light and easy victory; 
but only "This, that the sky grows darker yet, and the sea rises higher". And in the faith of 
that great need he goes out to smite down the foe. 

This was the faith of these our brothers. The sky is dark and the sea is high. The 
more need for men who can dare all in God's cause. The more need for men who love not their 
lives unto the death. They trusted in God, and unperplexed left the issue to Him. 

And so it is that while we sorrow, and while every Master and boy joins in the grief of 
friends and relatives over their dear ones, our pride in them, our joy in them, is greater than 
our sorrow. Had it not been for this great privilege which has been given them, they would 
have been ours but for a season, and then departed; but now they live so long as the sun and 
the moon endure. Their deaths have made them deathless. 

"Ours is a sad Eastertide and a woeful Spring, 

But up at Heaven's gate all the Saints sing. 

Glad of the great company returning to their King." 

Let us not minimise what they left behind. Above all, let us not minimise the grief of 
those who sorrow for them. There is no man or woman here this evening but has an ache 
in his or her heai't which time can never heal. But for all our grief, let us never think of 
them as of men who gave themselves with sorrow or with hesitation. They greeted the 
unseen with a cheer; they dared the great adventure of death with the glad smile of triumph. 
They left home and friends, mother or wife or sweetheart, and in some cases the dear, soft 
clinging hands of the little children, and set themselves to go forward as steadfastly as the 
great Captain of Salvation set himself to go to Jerusalem. I tell you that, if, as they started 
on their way, the Angel of Death in visible form had overshadowed them with his wings, and 
with flaming sword in hand bidden them to return, they would have gone forward. They 
knew that the road to victory might be the road to Calvary, and they trod it without repining. 
Theirs was the choice between, not a life of ease, but of service and of honour here, and a 
little grave amid the Flanders poppies; and they chose in the spirit of Sir Humphrey Gilbert 
when he said: "he is not worthy to live at all, that for fear or danger of death, shunneth 
his country's service and his own honour ; seeing that death is inevitable and the fame of virtue 
immortal; wherefore in this behalf 'mutare vel timere sperno' — 'to change or to fear I 
disdain' ". 

This evening those of whom we think more particularly are those of our own College. 
Canada is a young country. For us the best is yet to be. When the cry rang out at Ypres. 
"Come on for Canada", of which I spoke at my installation into this office, it was a call to 
make glorious the future of Canada, not merely to be worthy of her past. Yet even before 
this war Canada had her traditions, and traditions not ignoble. And among the oldest and 
proudest of the institutions of this Country is Upper Canada College. Some of the senior 
boys in my classes have lately been set the task of composing an eulogy of U. C. C. and they 
know how true and how stately a panegyric may be written in her honour. They know how our 


founder barred the path to the despot, on the low hills not far from those against which a 
meaner despot dashes to-day. They know how blithely an "Old Boy" of U.C.C. rode in the 
Charge of the Light Brigade ; and how another won the Victoria Cross for valour on the veldt 
of South Africa. Every one of these our dead had known the feeling which, as Arnold of 
Rugby said, "belongs to every member of an ancient and celebrated place of education ; that 
ennobling feeling that he is born of an old and illustrious race." 

The position of every instructor of youth is a noble one, and woe to the country that does 
not hold it in high honour; the greatest men upon this earth have been the great teachers, 
Socrates, Buddha, Christ. If aught endures in this transitory world of ours, it is the work 
of the teacher. We do well to teach the boys of Ontario the names of Strachan and Tassie and 
Ryerson. And of all the schools of the Province, none is so deeply and so nobly rooted in the 
life of Ontario as Upper Canada College. However much we may humble our poor selves, my 
colleagues and myself may rightly magnify our office; every boy and "Old Boy" of U.C.C. 
may stand proudly, not in his own strength, but in the consciousness of a noble line of an- 
cestors. This is in fullest hannony with what I have said before in this Hall, and what I say 
again, that I know of no sin more hateful in the sight of God and man than the sin of the 
swelled head. If we are rightly proud of our traditions, we must be proud of them, not with 
the flaunting vanity of the peacock, not with the hissing arrogance of the gander, but witu 
the deep pride of the Knight who was consecrate to service, the pride of boys and men who 
have a tradition which constrains them to lay their little all upon the altar of their country. 

But, if this foundation has a long and noble tradition, if the pride of it swelled high in 
the breasts of those whom we commemorate, to those traditions they have immeasurably 
added. We must indeed, we shall indeed, commemorate them with pride. Until the war is 
over, we can frame no complete Honour Roll. The long roll of names is all too likely to grow 
longer yet. By the kindness of P. R. Wilson, one of our present boys, we have in the main 
corridor the names of many of them fitly engrossed. Mr. Robert Holmes, the senior mem- 
ber of the staff, is at present preparing a new and more complete Roll which will be presented 
later in the term. Funds have already been promised me with which, after the war, we may 
set up a still more stately roll on brass or marble. But the memorial on parchment or brass 
or marble is but a lifeless thing. Their fit memorial must be the College, the College of their 
dreams in visible form, a College whose boys and Masters walk with clear eyes, and live for 
God and for Canada in the light of the lives of these men. 

It is a terrible task which they have laid upon us, these heroes who laughed in the face of 
Death in every field of earth and sea and sky. They have piled up for us a weight of glory 
not easily to be borne. What said the Apostle after his triumph-cry of victory over Death 
and the Grave, as he commemorated those of his flock who had died in the Lord? "Therefore, 
my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, 
forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord". If by their deaths, they 
have placed this Canada of ours, this Upper Canada College of ours, on so high a pinnacle, what 
manner of men and women must we be to maintain the standard ? what manner of masters and 
of boys must we be? what manner of man must I be? In our own strength the burden would 
be greater than we could bear. Let us strive to be worthy of it in the strength of our great 
Communion with our immortal dead. 


^ • 



AGAR, EGAN ZINKAN; E. September 
'12, from Edmonton H.S. ; aged 18-3 ; L. June 
'13; son of A. B. Agar, 531, 16th St., Edmon- 
ton, Alberta. Enlisted, January, 1916; Lt. 
Can. Inf., C.E.F., 30th Wellington Rifles; Lt. 
202nd Bn., 1916; transf'd to R.F.C., May, 
1917; Capt. 54th Sqdn.; O.S., November 22, 

tember '96, from Essex H.S.; aged 15-7; L. 
June '97; son of H. W. Allan, Merchant, 
Windsor, Ont. ; South African War with 1st 
C.M.R. and later Lt., 2nd C.M.R.; sometime 
in Mexico. Enlisted, Can, Div. Amm. Col., 

1st C.E.F., Pte.; O.S.; France; Lt. Inf. Bn., 
after Ypres; killed in action at Zillebeke, 
June, 1916. 

ALLEN, E. HENRY; E.'71, from Hellmuth 
Coll., London; aged 10-8; L. '72; son of 
William Allen, Stock Broker, Southgate, Eng- 
land; ward of Mr. (later Archbishop) Sweat- 
man, U.C.C. Enlisted 23rd Bn., The Royal 
Fusiliers, Pte., October 8, 1914; 13th Bn., 
The Royal Warwickshire Regt., Temp. 2nd 
Lt., July 12, 1915; app'td to West African 
Frontier Force, Temp, rank of Lt., December 
15, 1915 ; drowned in West Africa, April 24, 

September '09, from the Model Sch., Toronto ; 
aged 14-3; L. June '12; son of Fred Arm- 
strong, Contractor, 189 Madison Ave., Toron- 
to; Clerk. P.F. Sub-Lt., Cheneydon, R.N.A.S., 
Sub-Lt.; Croix de Guerre, April, 1917; Fit. 
Comdr. ; D.S.C., November, 1917; Missing, 
March, 1918. 

late Barrister and Solicitor, Toronto; B.; E. 

September '92, from Huron St. P.S.; aged 
12-1; L. '97; son of Sir Allen Aylesworth, K. 
C, K.C.M.G.; B.A. Univ. Tor. '01; LL.B., 
Univ. Tor. '04 ; Lt. 36th Peel Regt. Enlisted. 
September 18, 1915; Lt. 74th Bn.; transf'd 
95th Bn., November 11, 1915; Capt., January 
1915 ; Major, March, 1916 ; O.S., June 2, 1916 ; 
War Office, London, March, 1917; ret'd from 
O.S., December 22, 1917; discharged. Febru- 
ary 20, 1918; nearly blind when invalided 
home; died August 24, 1919. 

tember '02, from Church St. P.S. ; aged 10-4 ; 
L. June '10; son of the late James Baird, 
Barrister, Toronto; Univ. Tor. 'lO-'ll; Clerk, 
Kent-McCIain Ltd., Toronto; Q.O.R., Pte. 
Enlisted, 1916; 80th Bn., Lt.; transf'd 126th 
Bn.; O.S., August, 1916; transf'd 116th Bn.; 
France, 1917-1918; Vimy Ridge and certain 
other battles ; Capt. ; M.C., May, 1918 ; Bar to 
M.C., June, 1918; killed in action at Amiens, 
August 8, 1918. 

'04, from Tor. Ch. Sch., aged 12-5; L. June 
'05; son of Percy A. Bath, Belair, Oakville, 
Ont. ; with the Standard Reliance Mortgage 
Corporation. Enlisted 15th Bn. (48th High- 
landers), 1st C. E. F., Lt., October, 1914; 
Capt.; missing after Langemarck, April, 
1915; wounded, gassed, and Prisoner of War 

at Hof Gusmar, Hannvo-Munden ; escaped 
and recaptured; fortress at Wesel 7Vo 
months ; camps at Crefeld, Holzminden, and 
Schwarmsadt; repatriated, October, 1918; 
owing to bronchitis brought on by gas; died 
of influenza in London, November 23, 1918; 
buried at Oakville, December 28, 1918. 

tember '02, from Creighton Sch., Montreal, 
aged 11; L. April '04; son of Andrew Bell, 
Manufacturer's Agent; St. Andrew's Coll. 
'06-'10; Cement Tester and Chemist, J. G. 
White & Co., New York City, 'lO-'ll; Chief 
Inspector and Tester, Montreal Tramway Co., 
'12-'13; Phoenix Construction Co., Salt Lake 
City, Utah, '13; Enlisted, October 1, 1914, 
10th Bn., 1st C.E.F. (Montreal), Lt. ; O.S.; 
killed in action, Langemarck, April 23, 1915. 

* Photo by Elliott and Fry 

'05; aged 12-11; L. June '08; son of A. D. 
Benjamin, 4 Vale Court, Maida Vale, W. 9, 
London, England, formerly of Toronto; M. 
Univ. Tor. '07; Student, Clifton Coll. '08-'ll 
and Clare Coll., Cantab., '11-'14; B.A. Cantab. 
'14; gained the Exhibition Clifton and Clare 
Coll., Cambridge ; engineer. Enlisted, Sep- 
tember 12, 1914; 2nd Lt., 9th Bn. West Rid- 
ing Regt. (Duke of Wellington's) ; 1st Lt., 
March, 1915; Capt. July, 1915; France. July 
6, 1915; killed in action, July 5, 1916. 

64- ; son of the late Hon. Senator J.B. Benson, 
St. Catharines ; aged 15 ; R.M.C. ; Sandhurst ; 
Fenian Raids '66 ; ; ent'd Army (21st Hus- 
sars), '69; (medal, clasp), A.D.C. to Lt.- 

Govr., N.W.P., India, '77; p.s.c. '80; Capt., 
(5th Dragoons) '80 ; Bgde. Major, Poona, '82- 
'84; Garrison Instructor, Bengal, '84-'90 
Major (17th Lancers) '86; Lt. Col. '93 
Comdg. Egyptian Cavalry, '93-'94; D.A.A.G 
for Instruction, Dublin Dist., '95-'98 ; Col. '98 
A.A.G., S.E. Dist. '98-'99; S. Africa '99-'00 
A.A.G. (Despatches, medal, 3 clasps, C.B.) 
A.A.G., H.Q., '02-'03; Maj. Gen. since '03 
Inspr. Gen. remounts, '03-'04; Dir. of trans- 
ports and remounts, '04-'07; in charge of 
administration southern command '07-'10; 
Col. 21st Lancers since July '09; Maj. Gen. 
since December '09; K.C.B. (mily.) '10; Hon. 
Col. 19th St. Catharines Regt. and 106th 
Winnipeg L.I. ; Comdg. Brit. Remounts 
Commn., Montreal; C.E.I. ; died August 20, 
1916, in Montreal. 

tember '10, from Tor. Ch. Sch. ; aged 9-2 ; L. 
June '09 ; son of Henry J. Bethune, Inspector, 
Dominion Bank, Toronto ; engaged on a Road 
Survey for the Manitoba Govt. '14. Enlisted 
in Winnipeg, 1914 ; Pte. 79th Cameron High- 
landers; O.S., 1st C.E.F., October, 1914; 2nd 
Lt. 12th Bn. H.L.I., December, 1914 ; wound- 
ed, April, 1916; Capt. Spring, 1917; wounded. 
Spring, -1917, and Autumn, 1918; killed in 
action in France, September 29, 1918; M.C. 
February, 1919. 

tember '10, from Detroit Univ. Sch.; aged 16- 

4; L. June '12; son of George T. Berry, 
Strathmore, Alberta, formerly of Pincher 
Creek; B.A. Enlisted, April, 1915; Pte. No. 
3, Sta. Hosp.; O.S., April, 1915; Commn. R. 
F.A. December, 1916; Lt. "D" Batty., 315th 
Army Bgde., R.F.A., April, 1917; Island of 
Lemmos, June, 1915-March, 1916; France 
until December, 1916; in action with 315th 
Army Bgde., R.F.A., April-October, 1917; 
mortally wounded, while Forward Observa- 
tion Officer near Hooge Crater, locating new 
O.P.. October 6, 1917; died at No. 10 C.C.S., 
October 9, 1917; buried at Lyssenthoek 
British Soldiers' Cemetery near Poperinghe; 
recommended for M.C, September, 1917. 



September '01, from Jarvis St. C. I., Toronto; 
aged 14-3 ; L. June '04 ; son of Thomas Bilton, 
Toronto ; M. Univ. Tor. ; McLaren Cheese Co. ; 
Eby, Blain Co. ; Kemp Mfg. Co. ; successor to 
his uncle as Sec'y and Treas. of Bilton Bros., 
Ltd. Lt., Cobourg Heavy Batty., April, 
1917; O.S., June, 1917; France, June, 1918, 
3rd Bgde. C.G.A.; Amiens, August 8, 1918; 
Canal du Nord, Cambrai; Valenciennes; died 
of pneumonia at Bramshott Hosp., England, 
March 5, 1919. 

E. September '95, from the Model Sch. and 
Miss Stovin's Sch., Toronto; aged 14-2; L. 
June '97 ; son of the late Robert Birmingham 
of Toronto; Clerk, the Water Works Dept., 
City Hall, Toronto; Lt. 12th York Rangers. 
Enlisted, August, 1915, 88rd Bn. ; Lt., 204th 

Bn., C. E. F., January, 1916; 0. S., March, 
1917; Lt. 2nd Res. Bn., April, 1917; France, 
September, 1917; Lt. 54th Bn. C.E.F., Sep- 
tember, 1917- August, 1918; Amiens, August 
8, 1918; died of wounds received in the Battle 
of Amiens, August 10, 1918. 

'96, from Wellesley P.S. ; aged 14-10 ; L. June 
'99; son of Mrs. Sedley Blanchard, Toronto; 
at Colombo, Ceylon, when war broke out. 
Enlisted, August 4, 1914; while waiting to 
be sent to England did special duty as con- 
stable in guarding ships in harbour; publicly 
thanked for the efficient manner in which he 
performed this task ; commn. London, March, 
1915, 16th North Staffordshire Regt.; killed 
in action at the Battle of Loos, October 13, 

BOLT£, F£LIX OLIVIER ; B. ; E. Septem- 
ber '07, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., 
Toronto; aged 13; L. June '12; son of Mrs. 
Arthur Miles, 14 Willcocks St., Toronto; 
Univ. Coll. Tor., 1912; B.A. Univ. Tor. 1916. 
Enlisted, 35th Bn. C.E.F., Lt. ; transf'd 5th C. 
I\I.R. ; shell-shock, September, 1916 ; returned 
to France, February, 1918; transf'd 3rd Bn. ; 
killed in action in France, September 2, 1918. 

from the P.S., Russell, Man.; aged 13-10; 

L. December '98 ; son of the late Hon. Senator 
Eoulton, The Manor, Russell, Man., and 80 
Summerhill Ave., Toronto; Manitoba Bar, 
June 10, 1914. Lt. 144th Bn. December, 
1915; transf'd 200th Bn., March, 1916; 
transf'd 107th Bn.; O.S., May, 1917; France, 
September 1, 1917; Can. Engrs., September, 
1917; Passchendaele ; Amiens; wounded, 
August 13, 1918; died August 14, 1918; 
Despatches (twice) ; buried in Cemetery at 
Eoves, France. 

tember '98, from Gananoque H.S.; aged 16- 
11; L. June '01 (Mason Gold Medal) ; son of 
C. E. Britton, Mfr., Gananoque, Ont. ; Mgr. 
Cowan and Britton, Nail and Hinge Factory, 
Gananoque. Major, 3rd Batty., C.F.A., 1st 
Arty. Bgde., 1st Div., C.E.F. ; O.S., October, 
1914; France, February 14, 1915; St. Julien, 
April 22, 1915; Arras; 2nd Battle of Ypres; 
Givenchy; Festubert; Hooge; 1st battle of 
the Somme; Vimy Ridge; Battle of Arleux; 
Lt. Col., September 11, 1916; commdg. 5th 
Arty. Bgde., 1st Div., C.E.F. ; O.S.. October, 

service. Sir Douglas Haig, December, 1916; 
D.S.O., January 1, 1917; killed in action, near 
Fresnoy, May 2, 1917. 

L. June '05 ; son of J. W. Gamble Boyd, To- 
ronto; Clerk, Imperial Bank, Toronto; 15th 
Bn., C.E.F.; transf'd Gordon Highlanders, 
Imperial Army, Lt. ; Despatches; attd. to R, 
F.C., 1916; reported missing, April 13, 1917; 
officially reported as killed in action, Septem- 
ber, 1917. 

ber '02, from Owen Sound C. I. ; aged 17-1 ; 
L. April '03 ; son of the late William Brown, 
Owen Sound, Ont.; Osgoode Hall '04-'09; 
called to Bar, 1909 ; later of Hearst, Darling, 
& Brown, then of Hearst, Rowland, & Brown, 
Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Enlisted, February, 
1916; Lt. 227th Bn.; O.S. March, 1917; 8th 
Res. Bn.,. England ; France, September, 1917; 
58th Inf. Bn. ; Passchendaele, November 15, 
1917; killed in action at Quarry Wood near 
Bourlon, September 28, 1918. 

BROUGHALL, DERIC; E. '05; aged 9-9; 
L. '09; son of the late F. W. Broughall, of 
Toronto and London, England; Lakefield '09- 
'11; T.C.S. '11-'13; later with Bank of Nova 
Scotia, cor. Dundas and Arthur Sts., Toronto; 
Pte., Queen's Own Regt. Enlisted, August, 
1914; 3rd Bn., Toronto Regt., 1st Bgde; O.S. 
October, 1914; France, February, 1915; kill- 
ed in action at Ypres (St. Julien), April 22, 


ber '13, from Port Perry H.S. ; aged 16-5 ; L. 
December '14; son of A. S. Bruce, Rancher, 
Sunnynook, Alta. ; nephew of Dr. H. A. Bruce, 
64 Bloor St.,E., Toronto ; Q.O.R., Toronto. En- 
listed ; 1st Sect., 3rd Div. Amm. Col. ; R.F.C. ; 
O.S.; France; Somme, 1916; killed in action, 
May 5, 1917; buried in Choque Cemetery, 
near Bethune, France. 

BRUCE, JASPER; B. ; E. '98, from Calgary 
H.S.; aged 16-10; L. April '00; son of G. 

Barclay Bruce, C.E., Calgary, Alta. British 
Remount Commn., civil capacity, October, 
1914-February, 1916; O.S., February, 1916; 
enlisted, April 1, 1916; 1st Cheshire Regt., 
Lt. ; France (Arras) April 11, 1916; 
Somme, July, 1916; Vimy Ridge, April, 1917; 
Ypres, Autumn, 1917; Despatches, Novem- 
ber, 1917; ret'd from France to England, No- 
vember, 1917; Remount Depot, December, 
1917; died in le Havre, France, of influenza 
and pneumonia, February 17, 1919. 


ber '03, from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14; 
L. June '06 ; son of Dr. G. Herbert Burnham, 
Toronto; R.M.C.; B.A. Univ. Tor. '12. En- 
listed, September, 1914; Prov'l. Lt., 10th R. 
G.; Lt. 19th Bn.; O.S., May, 1915; France, 
September, 1915; Scout Officer 19th Bn.; 
Capt., August, 1916; O.C. of his Coy.; g.s.w., 
left arm, September 12, 1916; invalided to 
England; ret'd to France, November, 1916; 
Major i|c of Coy.; Staff Capt., Intelligence, 
on staff of 2nd Inf. Bgde., 1st Div. ; Des- 
patches, three times; D.S.O., October, 1917; 
G.O.C. (Operations) on H.Q. Staff of 2nd 
Div., December, 1917; ret'd to England for 
Staff course at Cambridge; ret'd to France, 
March, 1918; St. £loi, 1916; Somme, 1916; 
Vimy Ridge, 1917; Arleux. 1917; Hill 70, 

1917; Passchendaele, 1917; Amiens, 1918; 
buried, August 11, at Caix British Mily. 

September '07, from the Model Sch., Toronto ; 
aged 12-8 ; L. June '12 ; son of W. M. Burden, 
130 Balmoral Ave., Toronto. Enlisted, Sep- 
tember, 1914, 9th Batty.; Lt., Royal Sch. of 
Gunnery, Kingston, December, 1914; Lt. 
Eaton M.G. Bgde., 3rd C.E.F.; O.S., June, 
1915; Capt. Eaton M. G. Bgde., Shorncliffe, 
England; Lt. R. N. A. S., 1915; injured at 
Hendon, England, November, 1915 ; Belfort, 
France, 1916-1917; on leave December, 1916; 
ret'd to France, 1917; accidentally killed 
while testing the air at Mauston, Kent, Janu- 
ary 22, 1918. 


Sch., September '11, from Warwick Academy, 
Bermuda; aged 11-10; June '16; son of 
John Burrows, Hamilton, Bermuda; Ber- 
muda Volunteer Rifle Corps. Enlisted, April, 
1917; Gnr. 69th Batty., C.F.A.; O.S., June, 
1917; transf'd Can. Inf.; on account of youth 
again transf'd to Res. List, and later volun- 
teered for M.G.; "A" Sec, 1st C.M.G. Co., 
B.E.F.,France, November, 1917; gassed, Feb- 
ruary, 1918; killed in action in France, by M. 
G. fire, in the vicinity of Demuin, aged 18 
years and 9 months, August 10, 1918. 

E. September '07 from Brampton H.S. ; aged 

17-3; L. June '09; son of the Revd. R. N. 
Burns, D. D., Toronto; B. A. (Vict., Univ. 
Tor.) ; Fellow in Chemistry, Univ. Tor. ; Arty. 
Trg. at R.M.C., Kingston, April, 1915; enhst- 
ed, June, 1915 ; Junr. Subaltern, 30th Batty., 
C.F.A.; promoted Senr. Subaltern, Decem- 
ber, 1915; O.S., February 5, 1916; Capt., June 
17, 1916; France, July 15, 1916; Ypres, July, 
1916; Somme, October, 1916; Vimy Ridge, 
April, 1917; transf'd, as Capt., 30th Batty., 
March, 1917; transf'd 32nd Batty., August. 
1917; Passchendaele, October, 1917; Major, 
December, 1917; Amiens, August, 1918; 
Arras, August, 1918; Canal du Nord and 
Bourlon Wood, September 27, 1918; wounded 
April 19, 1917; killed in action at Bourlon 
Wood, September 28, 1918; Despatches, No- 
vember 8, 1918; D.S.O., January 1, 1919. 


Ivor; B.; E. April '95, from Waterdown P.S.; 
aged 11-11; L. June '00; son of the late Dr. 
Lorn Colin Campbell, Port Arthur; Grad. in 
Mining and Civil Engineering, McGill Univ., 
'04; with Chipman & Power, Toronto, after- 
wards Campbell & Deyell, Cobalt. Enlisted, 
Spring, 1915 ; R. A.F., Curtis Flying Sch. ; 0. 
S., January 1, 1916; graduated as Pilot at 
Upavon, May, 1916; Instructor at the Central 
Flying Sch.; France, December, 1916; 45th 
Squadron, Ypres Sector; reported missing, 

April 6, 1917; officially declared killed in 
action on that date. 

E. September '05, from-St. Alban's Cathedral 
Sch., Toronto ; aged 12-8 ; L. June '09 ; son of 
A. R. Capreol ('75 -'77), Bank Mgr., 105 
Spadina Rd., Toronto; late clerk with Lyon 
& Plummer, Stock Brokers, Toronto. Enlist- 
ed, 19th Bn., C.E.F. Pte.; Grenade Co., 2nd 
C.E.F., L.-Cpl.; killed in action in France, 
April 10, 1916. 


tember '08, from Quebec P.S. ; Dufferin Sch. ; 
aged 14-11; L. June '12; son of C.E.A. Carr, 
Toronto; Univ. New Orleans, 1 year; awarded 
$2,000 by the Carnegie Hero Fund for saving 
R.O. Curtis from drowning at New Orleans, 
1913. Pte., Q.O.R., 5th Co., 3rd Bn., 1st 
Bgde., C.E.F.; O.S., October 3, 1915; Salis- 
bury Plain; France, February 11, 1915; St. 
Julien, April 22, 1915; missing, April, 1915; 
after being wounded was left on the field 
for day or two, causing tetanus, died a P. of 
W. and buried at Cassel, Germany, May 2, 

E. September '04, from Kenora H.S. ; aged 
17; L, June '05; son of Mrs. A. Carmichael, 
Kenora ; part I, Matric, McGill Univ. ; under- 
grad.. Queen's Univ. Enlisted May, 1915; 
Pte. 56th Bn., Sarcee Camp, Calgary; O.S., 
September 1, 1915; L.-Cpl. M.G., 9th Res. 
Bn., East Sandling, Kent; France, May 15, 
1916; M.G.Co., 28th Bn.; 6th Can. Bgde.; 
missing, battle of Hooge, June 6, 1916. Official 
report: "Enemy exploded four mines under 
the trenches held by the Company to which 
this soldier was attached." 


from Belleville P.S. ; aged 13-10 ; L. December 
'03; son of Mrs. George Casey, Belleville; 
Sergt. 88th Victoria Fusiliers. Enlisted, Au- 
gust, 1914 ; Sergt. 7th Bn., C.E.F. ; O.S., 1914 ; 
France, February, 1915; wounded, April 20, 
1915; field promotion to Lt., May 9, 1915; 
wounded, December 23, 1915 ; Capt., Feb- 
ruary 5, 1916; Coy. Comdr., March 17, 1916; 
Major, August 16, 1916; all in 7th Can. Inf. 
Bn.; killed in action, September, 1916. 

ber '09, from Gait C.L; aged 16-7; L. June 
'10; son of Mrs. W. J. Dyas, 111 Rowland 
Ave., Toronto; Studt., S.P.S., Univ. Tor., '12- 
'15. Enlisted, January, 1915; Sergt., Eaton 
M.G. Batty. C.E.F. ; O.S., May, 1915 ; France, 
December, 1915 - July, 1916 ; wounded in 
France, July, 1916; transf'd to R.A.F. in 
Salonica, August, 1917; wounded, August, 
1918; missing, September 3, 1918; reported 
killed in action, October 17, 1918; Salonica; 
Despatches for distinguished service, Oc- 
tober, 1918. 


September '06, from Model Sch., Toronto; 
L. June '11 (Mason Gold Medal) ; son of E. 
R.C. Clarkson ('64-'66), 71 Avenue Rd., To- 
ronto; B.A. Univ. Tor., '15; Lt., Mississauga 
Horse. Enlisted March, 1915 ; Lt. 75th Bn., 
C.E.F.;O.S.. March 26, 1916; transf'd in Eng- 
land, 41st Batty., C.F.A., June, 1916; France, 
July, 1916; transf'd 40th Batty., C.F.A., on 
re-organization of C.F.A. units in France, 
March, 1917; Somme, 1917; Vimy Ridge, 
1917; died of wounds received in action, April 
21, 1917; Despatches (Field Marshal Sir 
Douglas Haig), dated April 9, 1917. 

ronto; B.; E. September '09, from Kew Beach 
P.S.; aged 12-6; L. June '10; son of Dr. Wil- 
liam F. Clarke, Toronto; Trin. Coll. Tor. 14- 
'15. Enlisted, January, 1915, "C" Coy., 19th 
Bn., Pte.; O.S., May, 1915; M.G.Sec, France, 
10 months; contracted typhoid fever; British 
Hosp., Boulogne; invalided to England; Con- 
val. Hosp., Folkestone; Imp. Army Offs. 
Cadet Bn., Balliol Coll., Oxford; 124th Can. 
Pioneer Bn., Lt. ; killed in action at Passchen- 
daele, October 28, 1917. 


tember '08, from Ottawa Model Sch.; aged 
11-10; L. December '09; Re-E September '10; 
L. June '15; son of C. E. Corbold, Fire Mgr., 
Scottish Metropolitan Assurance Co. Limited, 
Montreal, formerly of Toronto. Lt., attd. R. 
F. C; 0. S., December 30, 1915; France, 
August, 1916; 1st battle of the Somme; re- 
ported missing, August 26, 1916; died of 
wounds, Au'gust 28, 1916, in No. 8 German 
Field Hosp. ; buried in cemetery at Roisel, 
northern France, 

September '00, from Brantford C. I.; aged 

17-1 ; L. June '01 ; son of Mrs. James Cock- 
shutt, 40 Lome Crescent, Brantford; McGill 
Univ.; Mechanical Engineer; director, The 
Cockshutt Plow Co., Ltd., Brantford ; Lt. 25th 
Brantford Dragoons. Enlisted, November 
21, 1914; Lt. 4th C.M.R.; O.S., July 17, 1915; 
France, October 24, 19l5 ; in all actions of the 
4th C.M.R. at Ploegstradt, Messines, and 
Ypres, including the battle of Sanctuary 
Wood, June, 1916, where he commanded "A" 
Coy.; during this action mortally wounded 
and subsequently listed as missing; died in 
the hands of the Germans and buried in 
Military Cemetery No. 11-60, Grave No. 65, 
close to the "Drei Hausern", at Hollebeke, 



September '08, from Tilbury Separate Sch.; 
aged 16-7; L. June '10; Re-E. January '11; 
L. June '11; son of W. C. Crawford, mer- 
chant, Tilbury; Surveyor; Lt., Essex Fusi- 
liers. Enlisted, August 17, 1914; Lt., 9th Bn., 
C.E.F.; O.S., September 23-24, 1914; officer 
i|c over 60 men sent to reinforce P.P. C.L.I, in 
France, March 23, 1915 ; Polygone Wood ; 2nd 
battle of Ypres ; Belle Waarde Lake ; wounded 
May 8, 1915, at the battle of Belle Waarde 
Lake; died of wounds. May 9, 1919, at No. 2 
Sta. Hosp. ; buried at Bailleul; Despatches 
(by Field Marshal Sir John French) dated 

November 30, 1915, for gallant and dis- 
tinguished service in the field. 


E. September '09, from Highfield Sch., Ha- 
milton ; aged 11-1 ; L. June '15 ; son of the late 
P. D. Crerar, K.C., Dunedin, Hamilton; R. 
M.C. '15. Enlisted, May, 1916; 2nd Lt., R. 
F.A.; O.S., September, 1916; transf'd R.F.C. 
1916; Palestine, January, 1917; died of in- 
juries received in a flying accident, when in 
pursuit of an enemy aeroplane, Gaza Dist., 
Palestine, August 3, 1917. 


tember '07, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., 
Toronto; aged 10-8; L. June '14; son of W. 
C. Crowther ('68), Toronto; Trooper G.G.B. 
G. Enlisted, April, 1915 ; Pte. with the Im- 
perials; O.S. May, 1915; Driver U.C.C. Amb. 
for Red Cross with Queen's Can. Hosp., 
Shorncliffe, May, 1915-December, 1915; Lt. 
G. G. B. G., September, 1916; Lt. R. F. C, 
France, August, 1917 ; missing,September 20, 
1917; officially reported killed on that date. 


September '02, from Model Sch., Toronto; 

aged 13-5 ; L. June '07 ; son of W. C. Crowther 
('68), Toronto; M. Univ. Tor.; with Warren 
Bros., Wholesale Grocers, Queen St., W., To- 
ronto ; Capt., Q.O.R. Enlisted, August, 1914 ; 
Lieut.. 3rd Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., October, 1914; 
Bn. then Bgde. Transport Officer; France, 
April, 1915; St. Julien,"l915; Fresnoy, 1917; 
Capt. after battle of Ypres; wounded, April 
9, 1917; Major "C" Coy., 3rd Bn.; slightly 
wounded at Vimy Ridge, April, 1917; M.C. 
April, 1917, for conspicuous gallantry and de- 
termination in leading his men at Vimy 
Ridge; killed in action. May 3, 1917. 


vember '08, from Weston H.S. ; aged 15-8 ; L. 
'11; son of B.A. Cumpston, Toronto; Trin. 
Coll. Tr. '11 -'15 (Leonard McLaughlin 
Sch.) ; B.A. Univ. Tor. '15 (2nd Class Hon. 
Mod. History). Enlisted May 27, 1915; 2nd 
Univ. O.S. Coy.; attd. P.P.C.L.L; L.-Cpl.; 0. 
S., June 28, 1915; France, August 23, 1915; 
2nd Lt., 2nd Border Regt., May 9, 1916; 
Somme Offensive, July, 1916-May, 1917; died 
of wounds at Bulleco'Tt, May 10, 1917. 

CURRY, WALTER EYRE; E. '03, from 
Wellesley P.S.. Toronto; aged 12-1; L. June 
'09; son of J. Walter Curry, K.C., 55 Foxbar 
Rd., Toronto; late clerk, /Emilius Jarvis & 
Co., Toronto; Lt. 2nd Regt. Q.O.R. Toronto. 
Enlisted, August, 1914; Adjt. 3rd Bn., C.E. 
F.; O.S., October 1, 1914; France, April 1, 
1915; invalided home; transf'd 83rd Bn., 
with rank of Capt. ; Major; O.S., April, 1916; 
reverted to Capt. in England in order to re- 
join 3rd Bn. in France, July, 1916; Major; 
contracted typhoid at 2nd battle of Ypres, 
St. Julien; killed in action at Vimy Ridge, 
April 9, 1917. 


from Miss Saunders' Private Sch. ; aged 11-4 ; 
L. June '04; son of Robert Darling, Toronto; 
Graduate R.M.C., June 27, '07; Robert Dar- 
ling & Co., Toronto; Comm. 48th Highland- 
ers, November 9, '07; Capt., April 24, '11. 
Enlisted August 4, 1914; Capt. and Adjt., 
15th Bn. C.E.F. (48th Highlanders), October 
i, 1914; France, February 11, 1915; wounded 
in France, March 23, 1915; died in London, 
April 19, 1915; buried in Toronto with mili- 
tary honours, May 6, 1915. 

DAVIS, IRWIN; B. ; E. September '05, 
from The Collegiate Sch., Victoria, B.C. ; aged 
10-7; L. April '12; son of E. P. Davis ('76- 
'78), K.C., Vancouver; late student-at-law 
with Messrs. Davis, Marshall, Macneill, & 
Pugh, Vancouver. Enlisted June, 1916; Lt., 
3 21st Bn.; O.S., August, 1916; France, Sep- 
tember, 1916; transf'd R.C.R. ; wounded, No- 
vember, 1916; died of wounds, December, 


aged 12; L. December '97; son of the late 
Col. F.C. Denison ('58 and '61), M.P., C.M.G., 
Rusholme, Toronto ; late clerk, Imperial Bank 
of Canada. Enlisted, 1914, in B.C.; Pte. 50th 
Can. Gordon Scottish Highlanders; transf'd 
P.P.C.L.I., re-inforcement draft; O.S., 1st C. 
E.F.; transf'd 16th Bn., L.-Cpl.; reported 
missing, April 23, 1915; reported killed in 
action on that date. 

January '12, from Rosedale P.S., Toronto; 
aged 12-9; L. June '16; son of J. M. Davison, 
Broker, 321 Kendal Ave., Toronto. Enlisted, 
April, 1917; O.S., September, 1917; 2nd Lt. 
R.F.C., Central Flying Sch., Upavon, Wilts, 
September, 1917; Fit. Lt., 24th Squadron R. 
A.F.; France, April 16, 1918; attd. 585th 
Squadron on Western Front ; missing, Oc- 
tober 4, 1918; reported, November 9, 1918, 
by the Red Cross Soc. as having been killed 
in Germany on the same date. 



tember '12, from the University Schs., To- 
ronto; aged 17-8; L. June '14; son of A. M. 
Denovan, Barrister, Toronto ; 10th R. G., Lt. ; 
O.S., December 8, 1916. Enlisted, December 
19, 1916, R.F.C. ; France, May 1, 1917; wound- 
id, June 15, 1917; while convalescing in Eng- 
land, did home duty service, defence of Lon- 
don against Air Raids; Arty. Observn. and 
Photographic Officer, Squadron No. 3, R.F.C. 
B.E.F., 1917; Squadron No. 1, B.E.F., scout- 
ing patrol duty, January 1, 1918 ; great battle 
commencing March 21, 1918; missing near 
Bapaume, March 26, 1918. 

'80, from Private Sch., Toronto; aged 10-10; 
L. '88; son of Col. G. T. Denison ('46-'55), 
Heydon Villa, Toronto; late of Denison & 
Miller, Barristers, Toronto; Major (retired) 
C.G.B.G.; Memb. Com. Can. Mily. Institute 
'10; transf'd R.O., 1913. Enlisted, 1915; Lt. 
Col. ijc of the 2nd Divl. Cyclists Corps, C.E. 
F.; O.S., May 15, 1915; transf'd 19th Bn., 
C.E.F.; France, 1916; Vimy Ridge, 1917; 
killed in -tion. May 8, 1917. 



tember '14, from Univ. Schs., Toronto; aged 
37; L. October '14; son of Mrs. Flora Dick, 
Toronto; 109th Regt. Enlisted, December 13, 
1914; Lt. 84th Bn., C.E.F.; 0. S., June 15. 
1916; transf'd 78th (Winnipeg) Grenadiers; 
PYance, August, 1916; 8 months in trenches; 
transf'd R.A.F., 5th Squadron, as observer; 
wounded in right arm at Vimy Ridge; killed 

in combat, while observing during battle of 
Arras, May 29, 1917. 

TON; B.; E. September '96, from Thessalon 
P.S. ; L. April '97 ; son of J. B. Dobie, Thessa- 
lon. Enlisted, June, 1915 ; L.-Cpl. P.P.C.L.I. ; 
O.S., July, 1915; killed in action at Ypres, 
May 7, 1916. 


'06, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., Toronto 
('04-'06) ; L. June '11; son of H. A. Drum- 
mond, Toronto; R.M.C. '11-'14; 2nd Lt. 2nd 
Can. Field Engrs. Enlisted July, 1914, Lt. 
2nd Can. Field Engrs., C.E.F. ; O.S., October, 
1914; France, February, 1915; transf'd, 
August, 1916, R.F.C.; 4 months observer; 
England to qualify for pilot; completed 
course and returned to front, April, 1917; Fit. 
Lt.; killed. May 18, 1917, while engaged in a 
night attack on enemy balloons over the 
German lines; expert photographer. 

ter '09-'ll; b., England; E. St. Paul's Sch. 
and Exeter Coll., Oxford ; B.A. ; sometime 
Master, Ridley Coll. ; in commercial business. 
Toronto; Toronto Cricket Club; memb. Uni- 
versity Club; Pte. 3rdBn.(Q.0.R.), 1st Bgde., 
C.E.F. ; Royal West Surreys, Lt., 1915 ; Capt. 
and Adjt. Staff, 1st Bn. C. E. F. 1916; A.| 
Major, do., July, 1916; killed in action, July 
9, 1916. 



January '93; aged 11; L. Spring '99; son of 
Mrs. Durie, Toronto; late clerk, Royal Bank 
of Canada; Lt. 36th Peel Regt. Enlisted 
August, 1914; Lt. 58th Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., No- 
vember 22, 1915; France, March, 1916; Capt. 
on the field, 1917; Senr. Capt. and Coy. 
Comdr.; Ypres, 1916; Vimy Ridge, 1917; 
Avion, 1917; Passchendaele, 1917; Hill 70, 
1917; shot through both lungs at Ypres, May 
4, 1916; 24th Gen. Hosp., Staples; killed in 
action with "A" Coy., 58th Bn., at St. £mile, 
near Lens, December 29, 1917; buried in St. 

'07, from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 15-2; 
L. June '11; son of K. J. Dunstan, The Bell 
Telephone Co. of Canada Ltd., Toronto ; B.A. 
Univ. Tor., '15; C.O.T.C, October 15, 1914; 
L.-Cpl., May 7, 1915. Enlisted with the 2nd 
Univ. Coy P. P. C.L.I. ; nominated for a com- 
mission in the British Army from that Coy,, 
June, 1915; O. S. do; spec, course at St. 
Albans (passed with honours) ; attd. 11th 
Lonsdale Border Regt. ; transf 'd Bgde H.Q. 
Staff; killed, July 1, 1916, first day of the 
Somme Offensive. 

















■IK— - 

'05, from Peabody H.S.; aged 15-11; L. '06; 
son of the late H.F.H. Eberts, Little Rock, 
Ark., U.S.A.; St. Andrew's Coll., Toronto; 
Grad. U.S.M.A., West Point, 2nd Lt., June, 
1915; first comm. with the U.S. 3rd Inf., Fort 
Ontario, N. Y. ; later, Mexican Border; 
transf 'd Aviation Sch., San Diego, Cal., 1916 ; 
graduated April, 1917; new Army Aviation 
Camp, Columbus, New Mexico; i|c of training 
with rank of Capt. ; crashed and lived only a 
few hours afterwards, May 15, 1917; buried 
at West Point, N.Y. The first officer in the 
U.S. to be killed flying and the first from 

his own State, after the U.S. declared war; 
"Eberts Field" at Lonokin, Ark., named after 
him ; the American Legion at Little Rock now 
called the "M.M. Eberts Post". 

'10, from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14; L. 
June '12; son of M. C. Ellis, 171 Balmoral 
Ave., Toronto; Univ. Coll. (Mod. Hist.) '13; 
Lt. C.A.S.C; transf 'd R.F.C., August, 1917; 
accidentally killed while flying in England, 
February 8, 1918; buried in Toronto, April, 


E. September '01, from the Queen Sch., Van- 
couver, B.C.; aged 9-1; L. June '10; son of 
W. A. Galliher, M.P., Nelson, B.C.; Lawyer; 
Pte. 16th Bn., 1st C.E.F.; O.S., October, 1914; 
killed in action, 1915. 

GALT, JOHN ; B. ; E. September '03, from 
Proprietary Sch., Winnipeg; aged 12-2; L. 

June '07; son of John Gait, Winnipeg; Len- 
noxville '08-'09; R.M.C. '10-'13; Lt. Fort 
Garry Horse. Enlisted with 34th Lord 
Strathcona's Horse, 1st C.E.F. ; O.S., October, 
1914; France, April, 1915; Festubert, 1915, 
and in trenches south of Messines ; wounded 
and missing, December 9, 1915, while com- 
manding a night attack of the enemy. In- 
formation of death has not been obtained. 


GARROW, JOHN URE; B.; E. Easter '04; 
L. '06; son of the late Hon. Mr. Justice 
Garrow; 10th R.G., Lt. Enlisted, September, 
1915; 74th Bn., Lt. ; O.S., April 1, 1916; 
France, June 8, 1916 ; 4th C.M.R. ; died of gas 
poisoning, September 12, 1916. 

April '06, from Rosedale P.S., Toronto; aged 

11-5; L. June '10; son of C. J. Gibson, Toron- 
to. Enlisted, May, 1915; Lt. 10th R. G.; 
transf'd M.T.; 0. S., February 12, 1916; 
transf'd R.G.A.; France, May, 1916; France 
and Belgium, May, 1916 - November, 1917; 
Italy, January-September, 1918; taken ill on 
Italian Front; died in hosp. in London, Sep- 
tember 20, 1918. 


* Photo by Elliott and Pry 

tember '05, from Queen Victoria P.S.; aged 
13-10; L. June '07; son of W. S. Grant, clo 
Messrs. Allan, Killam, & McKay, Winnipeg, 
Man. ; late with Messrs. Robinson & Black, 
Winnipeg; Lt., Winnipeg 90th Bn. (Little 
Black Devils). Enlisted, December, 1915 
Lt. 144th Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., September 13 
1916; P.T. and B.F. instructor in England 
18th Can. Res. Bn., Seaford, January, 1917 
France, April 26, 1917; Lt. 52nd Can. Inf 
Bn., April 26, 1917; O.C, "B" Coy. and 
Captain, September, 1917; Fresnoy, April, 
3 917; Hill 70, August, 1917; Lens, Septem- 
ber, 1917; Passchendaele, October 26, 1917; 
wounded, October 26, 1917, Bellevue Spur, 
Passchendaele; died of wounds at Poper- 
inghe, October 28, 1917; M.C., Hill 70 (Nuns 
Alley), September 4, 1917; only officer left 
of two companies during attack and assumed 
command of both. 

January '06, from Dawson P.S.; aged 13; 
L. June '11; son of Revd. A. S. Grant, D.D., 
Toronto; B.A. Univ. Tor. 1914; Law Student 
Messrs. Dewart, Maw, & Hodgson; Pte. Q.O. 
R. ; 27th Lambton Regt. Enlisted, Septem- 
ber, 1914; Lt. 33rd Bn., November, 1914; 0. 
S.. June 15, 1915; transf'd 12th Bn., Shorn- 
cliffe, June, 1915; transf'd 1st Bn. C.E.F. Sep- 
tember, 1915; France, September, 1915; 
transf'd 1st Bgde., Bombing Officer; killed 
in action, June 13, 1916; M.C. January, 1917. 

GRAVES. THOMAS M. ; E. '99, from Rose- 
dale P.S., Toronto ; aged 9-3 ; L. Easter '01 ; 
son of the late Col. S. P. Graves, 185 Crescent 
Rd., Toronto; 75th Punjaubs; killed, 1918. 


ary '09, from Balmy Beach C.I., Toronto; 
aged 10-3 ; L. December '14 ; son of Henry C. 
Hamilton, Sault Ste. Marie, now of Toronto, 
and grandson of the late Christopher Thomp- 
son (Master '42-'83) ; Clerk, Imperial Bank, 
August, 1915-February, 1916 ; Q.O.R. Bugler. 
Enlisted, February 5, 1916; 48th Batty., C. 
P'.A., Trumpeter; 69th Batty., C.F.A., May, 
1916; Ser^t. Trumpeter; 0. S., October 24, 
3916 ; Composite or 24th Batty. ,Gnr. ; France, 
March 17, 1917; Vimy Ridge, April, 1917; 
Hill 70, July, 1917; Passchendaele, Decem- 
ber, 1917; Arras Front, March, 1918; 
Amiens, August, 1918; wounded in the fore- 
heal, delivered to the Domart dressing sta- 
tion August 8, 1918; from there taken to 
the next dressing station at Gentelles Wood 

and from there to the main dressing station 
at the "White Chateau" near Boves, at which 
point all trace of him disappears. 

'07, from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 12; L. 
June '11 ; son of Mrs. Andrew Gunn, 50 
Walmer Road, Toronto; student Univ. Coll., 
'13 -'15. Enlisted, March, 1916; Lt. Divl. 
Signalling Co., Can. Engrs., Rockcliffe Camp, 
Ottawa; transf'd R.F.C., October, 1916; O.S., 
October, 1916; France, October, 1917; posted 
to 23rd squadron, R.F.C.; Ypres; Poelappelle 
and Passchendaele, October, 1917-December, 
1917; reported missing, December 7, 1917; 
officially reported killed, January 11, 1918. 


Photo hy Elliott and Fry 

September '01, from Souris Intermediate 
Sch.; aged 16-3; L. June '03; son of James 
H. Hartney, Toronto; B.A.Sc, Univ. Tor. '07; 
Can. Westinghouse Co. Enlisted, 44th Bn., 
Lt.; 11th Res. Bn., C.E.F., Lt.; O.S.; R.F.C.; 
killed in action (in collision), May 1, 1917. 

tember '02, from Dawson P.S.; aged 15-5; 

L. June '05 ; son of Isaac J. Hartman, Aurora, 
Ont. (formerly P.M., Dawson, Y.T.) ; gold 
mining, Dawson, '05-'07; business, Van- 
couver, Edmonton, and Winnipeg (T. Eaton 
Co., Ltd.) ; hardwai-e salesman with Messrs. 
Clealand, Meaford; do Sault Ste. Marie '12- 
'15. Lt. 227th Bn.; Capt., March, 1917; 0. 
S., April 8, 1917; transf'd 102nd Bn.; France, 
September 3, 1917; Lt. 11th C.M.B.; killed 
in action in France, September 2, 1918, at 
Dury Hill. 



B. ; E. September '05, from Lethbridge P.S. ; 
aged 12-2 ; L. June '10 ; son of the late 
William Henderson, 526, 7th Ave. S., Leth- 
bridge, Alberta; late Proprietor Henderson 
Garage. Enlisted, September 25, 1915; L.- 
Cpl. 82nd Bn. C.E.F., O.S., May 15, 1916; 
transf'd to Yukon M.M.G. Batty.; France, 
August 15, 1916; Ypres, 1916; Somme, 1916; 
Vimy Ridge, 1916-1917 ; killed in action Feb- 
ruary 22, 1917. 

E. '85 ; aged 14 ; L. '89 ; son of Mrs. W. Hewet- 
son, Georgetown; M.D. (McGill) '93; Major, 
C.A.M.C. Enlisted; O.C. No. 8 Amb. Corps; 

Lt. Col. C.A.M.C; A.D.M.S., Sarcee Camp, 
Calgary; O.S., March 25, 1916; France, April 
20, 1916 ; Ypres, June 2, 1916v Somme July 2, 
1916; appendicitis; taken tb England for 
operation in Mily. Hosp. ; died shortly after- 
wards, April 6, 1918. 

Asst. Master in the Prep. School., '13-'14; E. 
Bridgenorth Grammar and Ashby Schools, 
England, and Christ Church, Oxford; B.A., 
Oxford ; M.A., Oxford ; Master at Northamp- 
ton Grammar Sch. for five years. "B" squad- 
ron. King Edward's Horse, 48th Div., B.E. 
F., L.-Cpl. ; killed in action in France, October 
20, 1915. 


tember '08, from T.C.S., Port Hope ; aged 15 ; 
L. June '10; son of G. H. Hogg, Toronto; late 
Asst. Mgr., Hogg & Lytle Ltd., Picton, Ont. 
Enlisted March, 1917; Gr., R.C.H.A.; O.S. 
November, 1917; transf'd 24th Batty., C.F. 
A., 8th Army Bgde. ; France, December, 1917; 
killed in action in France, August 8, 1918. 

E. August '88, from Winchester St. P.S.; 

aged 11; L. December '92; son of Mrs. T. 
Holcroft, Cliffside, Oakville, Ont., formerly 
of Orillia; T.C.S. Port Hope; B.A.Sc, Univ. 
Tor. '01; M. and C. E.; O.L.S.; D.L.S.; did a 
great deal of work for the Dominion Govt, in 
the Hudson's Bay and Peace River Districts ; 
Lt. G.G.B.G. Enlisted No. 2 Tunnelling Coy. ; 
O.S., January 26, 1916; France, May 3, 1916; 
died of wounds, July 8, 1916, in Mily. Hosp. 
No. 4, London, England. 


ber '08, from Huron St. P.S., Toronto; aged 
13-11; L. June '13; son of Lewis A. Howard, 
Toronto; Univ. Tor., studying Medicine '13- 
'14; Lt. 9th Mississauga Horse. Enlisted 
April, 1915; Lt. "A" Coy., 75th Inf., Bn.; 
O.S., March, 1916; France, August, 1916; 
Belgium; killed at St. £loi, in large night 
raid on German Trench, September 9, 1916. 

tember '02, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., 
Toronto; aged 12; L. June '08; son of Mrs. 
Haydon Horsey, 598 Pine Ave. W., Montreal ; 
Grad. R.M.C. '11; McGill Univ., Montreal; 
Lt. 5th Royal Highlanders, Montreal. Enlist- 
ed with 1st C.E.F. ; Lt,, 13th Bn., 5th Royal 
Highlanders, Montreal; 0. S., October 14, 
1914; France, February 12, 1915; 2nd Battle 
of Ypres; wounded at Festubert, May 15, 
1915 ; killed in action, Ypres Salient, April 22, 
1916, while with T.M. Batty., att'd 13th Bn. 

Brown Sch., Toronto; aged 14-2; L. '16; son 
of H. Hutson. Toronto; R. M. C, Kingston, 
June, 1916 - August, 1917. Enlisted, Septem- 
ber, 1917; O.S., September 1, 1917; 2nd Lt. 
R.F.A., "C" Batty., 51st Bgde., 9th Div.; 
France, December 26, 1917; killed in action 
before Amiens, March 21, 1918, in his 20th 
year; buried near Finnes. 

tember '11, from Kent P.S., Toronto; aged 
12-4 ; L. December '16 ; son of H. St. J. Jarvis 
('78-'81), Toronto. Enlisted, August, 1917; 
R.F.C.; Texas, winter 1917-1918; O.S., Feb- 
ruary, 1918; France, May 16, 1918; killed in 
France, June 6, 1918. 


tember '13, from Lodge Sch., Barbados; aged 
15-4 ; L. Christmas '15 ; son of Frank H. John- 
son, Ruby, St. Lucia, B.W.L Enlisted, Janu- 
ary, 1916; St. Lucia Volunteers, afterwards 
1st Lt, B.W.L Regt.; O.S., December, 1916; 
att'd R.F.C. as 2nd Lt. ; Egypt, March, 1917- 
September 6, 1917; accidentally killed while 
flying, September 6, 1917. 

ary '94, from Toronto Ch. Sch.; aged 15-4; 
L. December '94 ; son of the late G. A. Jones, 
Rosedale, Toronto; late of Barkerville, B.C.; 
formerly Mgr. Slocan Mining and Developing 
Co. Ltd.; South African War, 15th Regt., 
Belleville. Enlisted' as Pte. Boyle's Horse 
(British Columbia) ; O.S., 1914; transf'd 6th 
Howitzer Bgde, C.F.A.; Dr., H.Q. Staff; mis- 
sing after engagement on Somme, October 
21, 1916. 


'91, from Huron St. P.S., Toronto; aged 14- 
3 ; L. '92 ; son of Charles S. L. Jones, Toronto ; 
Mgr., Alexander Ave. Branch, Can. Bank of 
Commerce, Winnipeg; formerly of Toronto, 
Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver; 100th 
Winnipeg Grenadiers. Enlisted, November, 
1914 ; 27 Bn. (City of Winnipeg) , Lt. ; France, 
September 15, 1915 - April 6, 1916; in all 
actions of 27th Bn., during that period ; killed 
in action, April 6, 1916: "... .v^hile gallantly 
leading his men in an endeavour to recover a 
mine crater and thus repair a breach in the 
line, at St. £loi."; buried with a number of 

his men close to the reserve line of trenches 
at St. Eloi ; grave subsequently obliterated by 
shell-fire and not located since. 

JONES, TRAFFORD; E. '98, from Rose- 
dale P.S., Toronto; aged 11-11; L. June '03; 
son of the late George A. Jones, Toronto; B. 
A. Sc, Univ. Tor. '06. Enlisted, 1915; Lt. 
2nd Divl. Amm. Park, 2nd C.E.F. ; O.S., May, 
1915; transf'd R.F.C.; France, early in 1916; 
killed in aerial battle near Ypres, May 16, 


*Phcto ty Swair.e 

LAS; E. September '02, from St. Alban's 
Cathedral Sch., Toronto; aged 11-8; L. June 
'08; son of A.M.M. Kirkpatrick ('79-'83), To- 
ronto; late fire insurance inspector; Lt. G.G. 
E.G. '10-'14; transf'd Q.O.R. as Lt., August, 
1914. Enlisted, August, 1914; Lt. 3rd Bn. 
(Toronto Regt.), 1st Contgt., C.E.F.; O.S., 
September 27, 1914; France, February 7, 
1915; 2nd battle of Ypres (St. Julian) ; killed 
in action, April 23, 1915. 

from Miss Walker's Private Sch., Toronto; 
aged 9-6 ; L. '13 ; son of A.C. Knight, Toronto ; 
Univ. Tor., 2nd year S.P.S., '15. Enlisted; 
2nd Lt. R.F.C., Spec. Res., November 20, 
1915; 2nd Lt. Flying Officer, February 3, 
1916; Temp. Capt., Wing Commander, No- 
vember 16,1916; O.S.; France; 4th Squadron, 
April 6, 1916 ; 24th Squadron, May 30, 1916 ; 
M.C., November 14, 1916; 29th Squadron, 
November 16, 1916; D.S.O., December 11, 
1916 ; Death officially accepted, December 20, 
1916; Despatches (France), January 4, 1917. 


LAW, JOHN CRAWFORD ; E. September 
'92, from St. Mary's Coll., Montreal; aged 
16-4; L. June' 94; son of Commander Law, 
R.N. formerly Official Secretary to the Lt.- 
Governor of Ontario, Toronto; mily. cer- 
tificate, R.M.C.; Capt. R. G. '97; in the ad- 
ministration Brit. East African Protectorate 
as Asst. Dist. Officer, 3 years; resigned ow- 
ing to ill health ; Boer War,, 3rd Bn. (s.s.) 
R.C.R. as Capt. at Halifax, N.S. ; Capt. R. G., 
Stanley Barracks; spec, service M.D. No. 2; 
died in Toronto, May 28, 1919; buried in 

Mount Hope Cemetery, Toronto, May 30, 

tember '96, from Wellesley P.S., Toronto; 
aged 14; L. June '99 ; son of the late John D. 
Laidlaw, Toronto ; late clerk, j^ank of Toron- 
to, Toronto. Enlisted, 1915; Pte.- 4th Univ. 
Coy., P.P.C.L.L; O.S., 1915; France, 1916: 
Ypres; killed in action at Hooge, April 19, 


ber '12, from Wellesley P.S., Toronto; aged 
17; L. April '15; son of George A. Learn, To- 
ronto; Lt. Sch. for Inf. Officers; R.F.C., Au- 
gust, 1916; missing, June 24, 1918; officially 
reported as killed in action North East of 
Zillebeke Lake, South Ypres, Belgium, June 
24, 1918. 

ber '02 ; aged 8 ; L. June '12 ; son of the late 
A. H. Fraser Lefroy, K. C., Toronto; late 
clerk, Canadian Bank of Commerce, Yonge 
St. Branch. Toronto. Enlisted, March, 1916, 
in England ; Commn. R.F.A., Colchester, Eng- 
land, March, 1916; Lt"; France, June, 1916; 
Somme ; Vimy Ridge ; killed in action, April 7, 


'99, from London C.L.; aged 15-9; L. June 
'00 ; son of F. E. Leonard, Oakwood, London, 
Ont.; R.M.C. Diploma '03; late Secy.-Treas., 

E. Leonard & Sons, Ltd.; Major, O.C. 6th 
Batty., C. F. A. Enlisted C. E. F., August, 
1914; Major, 1st D.A.C.; O.S., September, 
1914; transf'd Major, O.C, 12th Batty. C. 

F. A., December, 1914; France, February, 
1915; with Canadian Corps in all engage- 
ments up to April, 1917; Lt. Col., O.C. 3rd 
Bgde. C.F.A., June, 1916; Despatches twice 

(Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig), January 
L 1916 (L. G. 29422); and May, 1917; D. 
S.O., January 14, 1916; died Sunday after 
battle of Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917, of 
wounds received same day. 

LEVACK, CLARE; E. January '13, from 
Brock Ave. P.S., Toronto ; aged 15-2 ; L. June 
'14 ; son of W. B. Levack, Toronto ; Gr., 53rd 
Batty., C.F.A. ; on active service with C.E.F., 
Kingston, Ontario; died April 26, 1916, in 

September '05, from St. Alban's Cathedral 
Sch., Toronto; aged 11-6; L. June '07; son 
of G. G. LeMesurier, Toronto; T.C.S., Port 
Hope, '08; R.M.C, Kingston; Lt. R. C D., 
October, 1914; 0. S., June, 1915; France, 
October, 1915; wounded, February 13, 1918; 
wounded,March 30, 1918, at battle of Moreuil 
Wood, near Amiens; M.C, March, 1918; Bar 
to M.C. in raid on Prussian Guards ; died from 
same wound, April 18, 1918. 

tember '10, from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 
15-2; L. June '11; son of C. W. Lyall, To- 
ronto ; 2nd Regt. Q.O.R., M.G. Sec. Enlisted, 
August 22, 1914 ; 3rd Bn., Toronto Regt., 1st 
C.E.F., M.G.S., Valcartier Camp, August 22, 
1914; O.S., September 15. 1914; L.-Cpl.; Sal- 
isbury Plain; France, February 8, 1915-June 
16, 1915; St. Julien, April 22, 1915-April 28, 
1915; Festubert, May, 1915; Givenchy, June 
16, 1915; killed in action, June 16, 1915. 


MACLEAN, ALAN PRATT; E. '06, from 
St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., Toronto; aged 
10-8 ; L. '13 ; son of W. B. Maclean, Toronto ; 
48th Highlanders, Lt. Enlisted, October, 
1914; 20th Bn., January, 1915; O.S., May, 
1915; France, September, 1915; St. £loi, 
Passchendaele, Amiens, 1st battle of the 
Somme, 2nd battle of Amiens; transf'd Ob- 
server, R. F. C, 1916; sent to England for 
trg. as Pilot; R.F.C., Capt., 1917; France, 
1917; R.F.'C. British Retreat, 1918; Advance, 
1918; killed in aerial fight, March 18, 1918; 
Reported by Swiss Red Cross as found dead 
in his "British Fighter" 10 miles behind the 
German lines. 

'02, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., Toron- 
to; aged 12; L. '03; son of the late William 
Macculloch, Toronto; sometime of Bank of 
Montreal and Canadian Rubber Co. Enlist- 
ed, England, September 30, 1914; 11th Bn., 
Highland L.I., att'd to .9th Divn. and latterly 
to 15th Divn.; Lt., 1915; France, May; Loos, 
September; Capt., February, 1916; opera- 
tions on the Somme, August - December; 
Arras, April, 1917; killed in action at the 
battle of Arras, April 11, 1917. 


E. September '98, from Miss McKellar's Sch. ; 
aged 9-6; L. June '06; son of Dr. Albert A. 
Macdonald, Toronto; Studt. Univ. Tor. '08; 
Salesman, George H. Hees, Son & Co. ; 10th 
R.G. Enlisted, August 25, 1914; "B" Co., 19th 
3n. C.E.F. Lt.; O.S., May 13, 1915; France, 
September 14, 1915; St. £loi, April, 1916; 
Somme, September, 1916; killed in action, 
while in command of attacking division of the 
19th Bn., in advance on Courcelette, Septem- 
ber 15, 1916. 

from T.C.S., Port Hope ; aged 14 ; L. June '77 ; 
son of the late J. Grant Macdonald, Toronto ; 
Sch. in Germany; in British Columbia from 
'96 to '16. Enlisted, January 29, 1916; Pte. 
102nd Bn. C.E.F., Comox B.C. (Northern 
British Columbians) ; died, September 1, 
1916, in Ottawa. 



September '07, after private tuition; aged 
9-2; L. June '10; son of F. E. Macdonald, To- 
ronto. Enlisted, June, 1915 ; Lt. 46th Regt. ; 
80th; 93rd; 64th; resigned commn. and en- 
listed as Pte. with M.G.C. in order to go O.S. ; 
O.S.,April,1916; France, June, 1916; transf'd 
20th Bn., June, 1916; regained commn. with 
18th Bn.; killed in action at Lens, August 
16, 1917. . 

GORDON; B.; E. '00, from St. Alban's Ca- 

thedral Sch., Toronto; aged 10-10; L. June 
'07 ; son of H.Gordon Mackenzie, Barrister, 13 
Walmer Rd., Toronto; Grad. R.M.C. '11; Lt. 
Royal Scots Fusiliers '11; quartered at Gib- 
raltar when war broke out; later quar- 
tered at Londonderry, Inniskillen, Punches- 
town, Gosport, Hythe," Gibraltar, and Lind- 
hurst; France, early in September, 1914; 
continuously engaged all through September 
and October; although wounded in three 
places, refused to go into hosp., but continued 
at his post ; fell, shot at Gheluvi, leading his 
men, October 29, 1914 ; Mons Medal. 


BISSETT; E. September '02, from Avenue 
Rd., Voluntary Sch. ; aged 8-10 ; L. June '06 ; 
Elmhurst Sch., Weston, Supermare, England, 
'06-'07; Re-E. '08, from Lausanne, Switzer- 
land ; L. June '09 ; son of George A. Macken- 
zie, K.C., M.A., Montreal, formerly of To- 
ronto; grandson of the Revd. John G. D. 
Mackenzie (U.C.C. 1838-39) ; All Souls' Prize 
for essay on historical subject, Univ. Tor. 
'12; B.A. Univ. Tor. '13 (Governoi'-General's 
Silver Medal) ; M.A. ; late law student with 
Messrs. Jones & Leonard, Toronto; Pte. Q.O. 
R. ; later Lt. 12th York Rangers. Enlisted 
3rd Bn. (Toronto Regt.) ; transf'd 35th Bn., 
C.E.F. ; O.S.,May, 1915; France and Belgium, 
October 13, 1915; transf'd 3rd Bn., 1915; 

killed, June 7, 1916, in the Ypres Salient by 
an enemy sniper when returning to his Bn., 
after reporting the result of his reconnais- 
ance to Bn. H.Q., previous to an advance of 
the Canadian line. 

MACKENZIE, JAMES ; B. ; E. September 
'05, after private tuition; aged 11; L. June 
'13; son of James Mackenzie, Kansas City, 
Mo., U.S.A. ; late of 48 Theurloe Square, Lon- 
don, England ; M. McGill Univ. ; 2nd Lt. Scots' 
Guards, December 23, 1914; posthumously 
promoted Lt., June, 1915, to date from Janu- 
ary 28, 1915 ; France, March 18, 1915 ; Festu- 
bert, May 16, 1915; killed in action there. 


^^7. r 


,.i r. . tf i«^<i ^ |.>l W#,Ljk'y i lf ii>ii ^ ' 1 ^ iiliiii ni»' ,< .M >l .i . -j'M .. : > ' i r7 i^ ij i t . i 


MACLEOD, NORWOOD ; B. ; E. September 
'00, from Halifax Private Sch.; aged 13-9; 
L. June '02; son of H. C. Macleod, Toronto; 
student Cornell Univ. '06-'09; formerly v^ith 
Canadian Band Drill Co., Toronto. Enlisted 
as Pte., 4th Batty., C.F.A., August 5, 1914; 
commn. on the field, August, 1916; att'd R. 
F.C., February, 1917; posted to 23rd Squad- 
ron R.F.C. in France, August 18, 1917; flying 
the f asteat and most powerful type of Spad ; 
acting Fit. Commdr. and recommended for 
Captaincy ; returned from aerial combat with 
right arm disabled; fatally injured in landing 
at his aerodrome, October 14, 1917; buried. 

Dozinghem British Cemetery, Westvleteren, 

E. September '04, from the Model Sch. ; aged 
14 ; L. June, '06 ; son- of Charles A. E. Mc- 
Henry, Toronto; Actor; formerly with Sales 
Dept., Canada Foundry Co., Toronto. En- 
listed, March, 1916; 166th Bn. (Q. O. R.) 
Sergt.; O.S.. October 15, 1916; transf'd R.A. 
F., 21st Trg. Squadron, Fit. Cadet, Septem- 
ber, 1917; Egypt, January, 1918; accidental- 
ly killed, June 8, 1918. 


tember '98, from Princess Ave. P.S., London, 
Ont. ; aged 15-2 ; L. April '00 ; son of Mrs. E. 
L. McKay, Kingston, Ont.; Engr. Enlisted 
May, 1915; Pte., 60th Bn. C.E.F., "C" Coy.; 
O. S., November, 1915; France, February, 
1916; died of wounds received in action at 
Ypres, July 9, 1916. 

September '09, from Model Sch., Toronto 
aged 14-3 ; L. June '13 ; son of T. H. McLean, 
Winnipeg; Sergt. U.C.C. Cadets; Law Sch., 
Dalhousie Univ. '14-'15. Enlisted, July, 1915; 
Pte. P.P.C.L.L; 0. S., September 4, 1915; 
France, November, 1915 ; Belgium, February- 
July, 1916; L.-Cpl. June 5, 1916; 3rd battle 
of Ypres (Sanctuary Wood), 1916; Mount 
Sorrel, July, 1916; Kemmel; Locre; Hooge, 
February - July, 1916; killed July 19, 1916; 


'84, from Miss Stovin's Sch., Toronto; aged 
10-4 ; L. '92 ; son of the late W. B. McMurrich, 
K.C. ('51-), Toronto; B.A. Trin. Coll., Tor., 
'95 ; M. A. do. '04 ; Bar of Ontario '98 ; Bar of 
B.C. January '13; sometime of McMurrich, 
Hodgins, & McMurrich and McPhillips and 
Word. Enlisted, February, 1917; Pte. 253rd 
Bn., Queen's Univ. Highlanders; later att'd 
72nd Bn.,.Seaforth Highlanders; O.S., April, 

1917; France, June; shot by bomb, December 
6, 1917; died, December 9, 1917. 

ber '13, from Kelvin Sch., Winnipeg; aged 
15-6; L, December '14; son of the late F. A. 
McMurtry, Winnipeg; Bicycle Corps, 1915 
France, January, 1916; Lt., Inf., June, 1916 
injured (buried alive), November 21, 1917 
transf'd R.A.F., Lt., 1917; 0. ijc fighting 17 
enemy machines; killed, October 14, 1918. 


tember '04, from Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 13-2; 
L. June '08; son of Dr. Henry T. Machell, 
Toronto; Trin. Coll. '08-'13; B. A. '13; Div. 
Studt., Gen. Theol. Sem., New York, '13-'14 ; 
2nd Regt., Q.O.R., Pte. Enlisted, October 4, 
1914; 19th Bn. C.E.F.; L.-Cpl., 1915; O.S. 
May 12, 1915 ; 2nd Lt., 3rd Bn. Shropshire L. 
I., August, 1915; musketry instructor, do., 
1915-1916; Bush Camp; France, June 5, 
1916; transf'd 5th K.S.L.I.; killed in action 
September 15, 1916; near Delville Wood, at 
the Somme. 

September '07, from Huron St. P.S., Toronto ; 
aged 12-7 ; L. June '10 ; son of L. W. Manchee, 
Toronto. Enlisted, October, 1917; Newark 
Home Guards, Pte.; Coy. "C" 312 Inf. A.E.F , 
Camp Dix, N.J., April, 1918; O.S., May,1918; 

France, September, 1918; St. Mihiel, Meuse- 
Argonne, October, 1918; died of pneu- 
monia. Base Hosp., France, October 25, 1918; 
buried in the American Cemetery, Allery, 
Saone-et-Loire, France. 

September '13, from Univ. Schs., Toronto; 
aged 15 ; L. September '15 ; son of J. M. Mc- 
Whinney, Toronto ; U.C.C. Cadet Corps. En- 
listed, September, 1915 ; Br., 34th Batty., C. 
F.A.; O.S., December, 1915; refused commn. 
in order to stay with Canadians; France, 
March, 1916; T.M. Batty., C.E.F., 1st Div. 
(the first trench mortars organized by the 
Canadians) ; wounded at Hill 60, in front of 
Ypres, May 23, 1916; Univ. Coll. Hosp., Lon- 
don, England; died there, June 15, 1916; 
buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, from St. 
Paul's Church, July 15, 1916. 



SINGHAM; E. October '90, from Revd. D. 
Williams' Sch., London ; aged 12 ; L. June '91 ; 
son of the Hon. Sir William R. Meredith, 
Chief Justice of Ontario, Toronto ; B.A. Univ. 
Coll., Tor. '99; Ontario Bar '02; formerly of 
Messrs. Meredith, Cameron, & Waldie, later 
of Messrs. Hellmuth, Cattanach, & Meredith ; 
formerly Lt. Capt., and Adjt., Toronto Light 
Horse ; Lt. and Capt. Q.O.R., 1915. Enlisted, 
February 11, 1916; Major 95th Bn.; engaged 
in training cadets of the O.T.C., Univ. Tor. ; 
O.S., May, 1916; similar work in England; 
died by misadventure in London, England, 
November 25, 1916. 

E. January '87, from Hamilton C.I. ; aged 
16-10; L. '88; son of William Marshall, Ha- 

milton, Ont. ; Asst. Mgr. Royal Distillery, Ha- 
milton, Ont. ; 2nd Lt. 13th Regt., '93 ; Capt. ; 
with C.M.R., S. Africa. 15th Bn., 48th High- 
landers, Major, October, 1914; O.S., Septem- 
ber 22, 1914; Lt. Col., 1915; France, Febru- 
ary 9, 1915; D.S.0.,1915; Col.,O.C., 15th Bn.; 
Mons Star for valour at St. Julien ; St. Julien 
and other engagements until May 19, 1916, 
when he was killed by a sniper. 

MOFFAT, ROBERT B. M. ; B. ; E. Septem- 
ber '96, from Wellesley P.S., Toronto; aged 
15-3 ; L. April '99 ; son of the late R. Moffat, 
of Winnipeg ; Engr. during contruction of the 
G.T.P. from Winnipeg to Prince Rupert. En- 
hsted, 1916; 43rd Bn., C. E. F., L.-Cpl.; 
transf'd to Can. Engrs.; O.S.; France, July, 
1916 ; killed in action, March 1, 1917. 


tember '85, from Model Sch., Toronto; 13-2; 
L. '90 ; son of the late Sir Charles Moss, Chief 
Justice of Ontario; B.A. Univ. Coll, Tor. '94; 
LL.B. do. '95 ; Ontario Bar '97; Messrs. Ayles- 
worth, Wright, Moss, & Thompson; Bencher 
of the Law Society of U.C.,'ll-'16;Treasurer, 
Ont. Bar Assn. '14; President, Canada For- 
ward Club '14; Lt. 10th R.G. Enlisted. De- 
cember, 1914; O.S. appointment, October 2, 
1915; O.S., April 25, 1916; Major 81st Bn. 
C.E.F.; transf'd 3rd Bn.; France, July 1, 
1916; wounded at Regina Trench, October 8, 
1916; died of wounds 24, 1916. 

September '07, from Rosedale P.S., Toronto; 
aged 9; L. June '14; son of G. N. Morang, 
Toronto. Enlisted, September 18, 1916; att'd 
M.T., C.A.S.C; transf'd R.N.A.S., December 
18, 1916; O.S., January, 1917; Probationary 
Fit. Officer, February, 1917; France, October, 
1917; Fit. Sub-Lt., October, 1917; killed while 
flying in general engagement against six 
albatross scouts at ten thousand feet north- 
east of Dixmude, 1.20 p.m. 27th October ;dur- 
ing fight machine observed to fall vertically 
in flames as result of attacking enemy 


tember '03, after private tuition ; aged 9 ; 
L. Easter '13; son of Frederick Mowat ('63- 
'65), Sheritt of Toronto. Enlisted, Septem- 
ber, 1914; Pte., 19th Bn. (Q.O.R.), M.G. Sec, 
C.E.F. ; O.S., May 13, 1915 ; France, Septem- 
ber, 1915 ; fatally wounded, October 27, 1915 ; 
in the trenches near Dickebush in Flanders 
and died at Bailleul, France, in the early 
morning of October 28, 1915; buried there. 

aged 12-9; L. '93; son of John W. Munro, 
Pembroke. Enlisted, January, 1916; 81st 
Bn., Toronto, Pte.; O.S., May, 1916; 4th CM. 
R. ; France, July, 1916; killed in action at 
the Somme, October 1, 1916. 


MOUR ; E. September'98, from Tor. Ch. Sch. ; 
aged 14; L. June '02; son of Albert Nord- 
beimer ('64), Toronto; Stanley Barracks, To- 
ronto; Capt. R.C.D.; later Major; reverted 
to Capt.; England, September, 1916; reverted 
to Lt. to go to France, 1917; killed in action, 
March 30, 1918. 

B. ; E. '96, from Ingersoll C.I. ; aged 17-3 ; L. 
June '97 ; son of James C. Norsworthy, Inger- 
soll; late Mgr., Dominion Securities Corpn., 

Ltd., Montreal; late Major, 5th Royal High- 
landers of Canada, Montreal. Enlisted, Sep- 
tember 22, 1914; Senr. Major, 13th Bn. 
(Royal Highlanders of Canada), forming 
part of the 3rd Can. Inf. Bgde., which in turn 
formed part of the 1st Can. Div. ; O.S., Sep- 
tember 26, 1914; 2nd i|c; France and Bel- 
gium, February 11, 1915 ; 2nd battle of Ypres, 
Langemarck, April 22, 1915 ; killed in action 
near St. Julien, 2nd battle of Ypres, April 22, 
1915 ; Despatches (Sir John French) for gal- 
lant and distinguished service in the field — 
King's Birthday Honour List, 1915. 


E. September '04; aged 11; L. June '12; son 
of J. Y. Ormsby, Toronto; 3rd year, S.P.S., 
Univ. Tor.; 10th Regt. R.G. Enlisted, Janu- 
ary, 1915; Lt. Eaton M.G. Batty.; No. 1 
Batty., 1st Bgde C.E.F.; O.S., June 3, 1915; 
transf'd R. F. C; seconded, 1916, Flt.-Lt.; 
France, June 28, 1916; killed in action, Au- 
gust 2, 1916, over Bapaume-Poziere ; buried 
in Military Cemetery at Beaumetz. 

January '06, from Huron St. P.S.; aged 9-6; 
L. April '07, owing to ill-health ; St. Andrew's 
Coll. '08; Re-E. January '09; L. February '09; 
son of R.B. Osborne, Toronto; farming at 
Gait, Ont., '14; R.A.F., 1917; trained at Des- 
eronto. Camp Everman, Texas, Beamsville, 
and Leaside; O.S., June 10, 1918; completed 
training at Upavon, England ; on eve of leav- 
ing for France plane unaccountably crashed ; 
died, October 5, 1918, at Mily. Hosp., Tid- 


September '03, from Chester P.S. ; aged 13- 
1 ; L. June '07 ; son of the late R. L. Patterson, 
Toronto; late real estate broker; Sergt. M.T., 
8th C.R.T. ; killed in action near St. Quentin, 
France, June 14, 1917. 

aged 14 ; L. June '03 (Mason Gold Medal) ; 
sen of George Pattinson, Preston, Ont. En- 
listed, August, 1914; Pte., 1st Bn., 1st Bgde., 
C.E.F.; O.S., Autumn, 1914; France, Spring, 
1915 ; Langemarck, 1915 ; Givenchy, May, 
1915; killed in action, May, 1915. 


tember '00, from Barrie C.I. ; aged 14-2; L. 
June '04; son of Mrs. E. Percival Brown, To- 
ronto; late clerk. Imperial Bank, Calgary, 
Alta. Enlisted, August, 1914; Pte. P.P.C.L. 
I. : O.S., September, 1914; France, December, 
1914; L.-Cpl. ; operations around Ypres, De- 
cember, 1914-January, 1915 ; killed in action, 
January 24, 1915. 

PENNY, EDWARD GOFF T. ; B. ; E. '98. 
from St. Alban's, Berthier en Haut ; aged 13- 
3; L. December '98; son of Edward Goff 
Penny, 315 Peel St., Montreal; McGill Univ.; 
C.O.T.C, McGill Univ. '14. Enlisted O.S.; 
14th Royal Montreals, Lt. ; France ; wounded, 
Vimy Ridge, October, 1917 ; Capt. ; M.C., Oc- 
tober, 1917; killed in action, August 8, 1918. 


E. September '06, from Proprietary Sch., 
Winnipeg; aged 16; L. June '09; son of the 
Hon. Mr. Chief Justice Perdue, 24 Carlton 
St., Winnipeg; late barrister, in Winnipeg. 
Enhsted, September, 1915; Lt. 144th Bn.; 
O.S., September 16, 1916; transf'd 18th Res. 
Bn. ; France, April, 1917; transf'd 44th Bn.; 
La Coulette near Lens, the "Triangle", May 
6-9, 1917; killed in action, May 9, 1917. 

PRICE, EVAN EDWARD ; B. ; E. January 
'04, from Mr. Taylor's Sch., Lausanne. Swit- 
zerland; aged 8-6; L. May '04; Re-E. Sep- 
tember '07; L. June '15 ; son of Mrs. A. Lewis 
Price, 19 Parkwood Ave., Toronto; M. Trin. 

Coll., Tor.; Lt. G.G.B.G. Enlisted, October 
1915; Lt. C. M. R., Hamilton; O.S., July 
]916; transf'd R.C.D., December, 1916; 
France, December 28, 1916 ; advance on Hin- 
denburg Line, Spring, 1917; 1st battle of 
Cambrai, October, 1917; 2nd battle of Cam- 
brai, November, 1917; Trench Warfare, Janu- 
ary-February, 1918 ;the great retreat, March, 
1918; wounded, March 30, 1918, Bois de 
Moreuil, south-east of Amiens; M.C., March, 
1917, at capture of Longasvene; Bar to M. 
C, July. 1917; D.S.O. in trench raid, Febru- 
ary, 1918; personally congratulated by Sir 
Douglas Haig; returned from O.S., October, 
1918; died of wounds, September 11, 1919, in 



* Photo fcy Elliott and Pry 

tember '04, from S.S.J.D. Sch.; aged 9-8; 
L. '13 ; son of Dr. A. Primrose, Toronto ; Univ. 
Col. Tor. '13. Enlisted, 1914; Lt. 36th Bn., 
C.E.F.; drafted into 4th Bn., 1st Can. Div.; 
O.S., 1915; France, 1916; killed in action, 
May, 1916. 

ber '02, from Harbord St. C. I.; aged 13-2; 
L. June '04 ; son of Mrs. Thomas Read, Toron- 

* Photo ty Vandyk 

to ; late teller and accountant. Imperial Bank 
of Canada, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., Revel- 
stoke, B.C., and other Western branches ; re- 
signed on account of ill-health; Southern 
States '14; returned to Canada, 1915. En- 
listed, 1915; Pte. 89th Bn., Calgary, Alta.; 
Sergt.; O.S. as Lt., December, 1916 ;Lt. 211th 
Bn.; transf'd 29th Bn.; France, September, 
1917; killed in action, April 5, 1918; buried at 
the British Mily. Cemetery at Bellacourt, off 
the Arras-Doullens Road. 


E, '98, from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14-10; 
L. April '02; son of Major-General Ryerson, 
C.A.M.C, 2 College St., Toronto; late insur- 
ance broker; Capt. 10th R. G. Enlisted, 
August 9, 1914; Capt. 3rd Bn. (Toronto 
Regt.) ; O.S., October 21, 1914; France, Feb- 
ruary, 1915; St. Julien (2nd battle of Ypres), 
April 21-23, 1915 ; killed in action, April 23, 

September '07, from Lethbridge P.S.; aged 
15; L. February '10; son of George Rogers, 
Lethbridge. Enlisted, 1915 ; 32nd Bn. C.E.F. 
Pte.; transf'd 7th Bn.; O.S., February, 1915; 
France, June, 1915; Lt., 1916; R.F.A., Capt., 
1917; M.C., September, 1917; attacked, while 
flying, by superior forces of Germans; se- 
verely wounded and died, October, 1917. 


from Model Sch., Toronto ; aged 13-3 ; L. June 
'03; son of the late C. Egerton Ryerson 
('63-') ; Mgr. Wychwood Br., Can. Bank of 
Commerce. Enlisted; 58th Bn. (Q.O.R.), C. 
E.F. ; Lt. ; O.S. ; Field Officer's Cource, Shorn- 
cliffe, January, 1916; France; Capt. i|c T.M, 
Batty.; killed in action, September, 1916; 
Despatches (Sir D. Haig), December, 1916. 

September '04, after private tuition ; aged 8- 
11 ; L. '10 ; son of Dyce W. Saunders, K.C., 
Toronto; T.C.S., Port Hope; 10th R.G., No- 
vember 27, 1914; Lt. 74th Bn. C.E.F. ; volun- 
teered for the 1st reinforcement draft of 74th 
Bn. ; O.S. with them, October 1, 1915 ; France, 
February 3, 1916; transf'd 13th Bn. (Royal 
Highlanders of Canada), 1st Can. Div. ; St. 
£loi, April 19-23, 1916; retaking of trenches, 
Sanctuary Wood (Ypres Salient), June 11-13, 
1916; killed in action, June 13, 1916. 


E. September '08, from Guelph P.S.; aged 
14-3; L. June '12; son of H. C. Scholfield, To- 
ronto ; late of Dominion Securities Corp. Ltd., 
Toronto; Lt. G.G.B.G. Enlisted as Q.M.S. 
M., Can. Conval. Hosp., Bearwood Park, Wok- 
ingham, Berks, England; also a Warrant 
Officer; A| Q.M. 4 months; Lt. R.F.C., 1917; 
killed while flying in England, May 26, 1917. 

tember '05, from Westmount Academy ('03- 
'05) ; aged 12-4; L. June '10; son of Arthur 
H. Scott ('76-'82), Montreal; B.A. (McGill) 
'14; Law, do., '14-'15; C.O.T.C. Enlisted, 
1914; Lt. C.A.S.C, Montreal Dist.; Quebec 
and Niagara Camps; 0. S., October, 1915; 
Bramshott; France, January, 1916; slightly 
wounded, July, 1916 ; killed in action at Cour- 
celette, September 16, 1916. 


ber '75, from Private Sch.,Yorkville, Toronto ; 
aged 12-10; L. November '75; Re-E. '76; L. 
January '80; son of the late F. Shanly, C.E.; 
Capt. and Adjt., 10th R.G. ; Official Sec'y to 
the Lt.-Govr. of Ontario, '10. Enhsted, Au- 
gust, 1914 (first appointment made) ; Bt-Col.. 
Chief Field Paymaster, 1st C.E.F., 1914; O.S. 
October, 1914; France, February, 1915; H.Q., 
Rouen ; Lt, Col., Chief Paymaster O.S. Base, 
C.E.F. ; D.S.O., June, 1916, for valuable ser- 
vices rendered in connection with amalgam- 
ation of the various pay departments; De- 
spatches, June, 1916; invalided home, July, 

1916; died on leave in Toronto, September 7, 

B. (part time) ; E. January '07, from Huron 
St. P.S., Toronto; age'd 11-3; L. June '12; 
son of Thomas Watson Sime, Toronto ; Archi- 
tectural Studt., Univ. Tor. Enlisted, March, 
1915 ; 75th Bn., C.E.F., Pte. ; O.S., March 30, 
1916; France, August 11, 1916; L.-Cpl., Oc- 
tober, 1916; various action, including Ypres 
and Courcelette, November, 1916- April, 1917; 
wounded twice; killed in action at Vimy 
Ridge, April 9, 1917. 


September '05, from Huron St. P.S.. To- 
ronto; aged 11-8; L. June '11; son of E. 
A. Simpson, Toronto; B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. 
'16; G. G. B. G., Lt. Enlisted, August 15, 
1915; 58th Bn., "B" Coy., Lt.; O.S., Novem- 
ber, 1915; France, March, 1916; wounded, 
April 24, 1916; ret'd to France, July, 1916; 
A|Capt. at Courcelette; recommended for 
promotion, Courcellette, September 21, 1916; 
killed instantly by shell, while holding 
trench, September 21, 1916. 

September '01, from Huron St. P.S.. Toronto; 
aged 12-2 ; L. June '06 ; son of E. A. Simpson, 
Toronto; B.A. Univ. Tor. '12; G.G.B.G. Lt. 
Enlisted, 10th Bn., 1st C.E.F., Lt. ; O.S., Oc- 
tober, 1914; France, April 23, 1915; Major, 
15th Bn., 1916; Bgde. Major, 44th Brit. Inf.; 
M.C., November, 1916; Despatches, January, 
1918; died, October 11, 1918, of wounds re- 
ceived, October 9, 1918. 


'98, from Central Sch., Hamilton; aged 12-7; 
L. June '02; Re-E. September '02; L. '03; 
son of William Southam, Hamilton ; late pub- 
lisher, the Hamilton Spectator; B.A. Univ. 
Tor. '07 ; Lt. 13th Royal Regt. Enlisted, Sep- 
tember, 1915; recruited 40th Spor^tsmen's 
Batty., Major; O.S., Spring, 1916; France, 
June, 1916 ; killed in action, battle of the 
Somme, Sunday, October 15, 1916; Despat- 
ches (Sir Douglas Haig), May, 1917. 

Tor. Ch. Sch. ; aged 15-6 ; L. June '03 ; son of 

James Frederick Smith ('50-'57), K.C., Rose- 
dale, Toronto; Arts, Trin. Coll., '03-'05 (Leon- 
ard McLaughlin School.) ; O.S., August. 1916. 
Enlisted, September,1916 ; 92nd Highlanders, 
C. E. F., Lt.; France, October, 1916; 73rd 
Royal Highlanders, C.E.F. ; Somme, Novem- 
ber, 1916, and February, 1917; Vimy Ridge, 
April 9, 1917; wounded, April, 1917; Lens, 
June, 1917; 13th Bn., Royal Highlanders, C. 
E.F., The "Red Hackle" Regt. ; Asst. Intelli- 
gence Officer i|c of Scouts and Snipers; killed 
in action, June 29, 1917; Buried at Mericourt, 
France, by the Germans, according to their 


» Photo by Elliott and Pry. 

May '92, from Church St. P.S., Toronto ; aged 
11 ; Re-E. September '94; L. June '98; son of 
Charles P. Sparling, Toronto ; B.A. Trin. Coll. 
Tor. '04 ; M.A. do., '05 ; B.D. do., '11 ; ordained 
D. '04 ; P. '05 ; Rector, St. Mark's, Hamilton, 
Ont., '13-'18; late Lt. of Militia at Guelph. 
Enlisted, Spring, 1918, as Army Chaplain, 
Capt. ; stationed at Barriefield Arty. Camp 
and Petawawa Arty. Camp; Senr. Chaplain; 
Sped. Chaplain on Emergency Duty, Niagara 
Camp, October 9, 1918; died at Hamilton, 
Ont., October 26, 1918, of influenza, contract- 
ed while nursing a chaplain at Niagara 

Camp; buried at Hamilton, October 28, 1918, 
with military honours. 

tember '01, from Harrow House Sch., Hali- 
fax; aged 14; L. June '04; son of George 
Stairs, Halifax, N.S.; B.A. (Dalhousie) '08; 
66th Princess Louise Fusiliers, Lt. Enlisted, 
August 22, 1914; 14th Bn., Lt.; O.S., October 
1, 1914; Capt., 1915; France. April 8, 1915; 
2nd Battle of Ypres, 1915; killed in action 
at St. Julien, April 24, 1915. 



'■'■' Photo by Swaine. 

September '05, from Regiopolis Coll., Kings- 
ton; aged 16; L. June '07; son of E. T. 
Steacy, Kingston; R.M.C., Cadet '08; R.C.G. 
A., Lt., September '10. Enlisted; R.H.A., 
Lt., Royal Sch. of Arty., Kingston; Capt. 
April, 1915; O.S., September, 1916; Res. 
Bgde., C.F.A. ; France, November, 1916; all 
battles in which Canadians were engaged 
from that date to the end of the war; Staff 
Capt. to Brig.-Genl. Thacker, 1st Div. C.R.A. ; 
wounded, November, 1917; Major i|c 19th 
Batty., 4th Bgde., C.F.A., August, 1918 ; died 
of influenza, November 25, 1918; M.C. (Can. 
Gazette, January 17, 1920). 

tember '05, from Harrow House Sch., Hali- 
fax; aged 13; L. '09; son of George Stairs, 
Halifax, N.S. ; Ft. II McGill Matric. '07 ; B.A. 

* Photo by Elliott and Pry 

(Dalhousie) '12; Harvard Univ. '13-'14; 66th 
Princess Louise Fusiliers, Capt, Enlisted, 
November 25, 1914; 25th Bn., Lt.; O.S., May 
22, 1915 ; France, September 1, 1915 ; Ypres, 
1915; wounded, October 18, 1915; Despat- 
ches, October, 1915; St. £loi, June, 1916; 
Capt., 1916; AjMajor; Somme, September, 
1916; killed in action, Courcelette, Septem- 
ber 15, 1916. 

HEND; B.; E. July '88, from King's Coll. 
Sch., Windsor, N.S.; aged 13-8; L. '89; son 
of Lt. Col. S. Stewart, Halifax, N.S. ; R.M.C. ; 
appt'd surveyor on the G.T.P. Ry., Saska- 
toon. Enlisted P.P.C.L.I., 1st C.E.F., Lt.; 0. 
S. ; wounded, March, 1915 ; D.S.O., May, 1917 ; 
Col., March, 1918; killed while leading his 
men into action, September 28, 1918; Croix 
de Guerre, January, 1919. 



tember '98, from Hamilton P.S. ; aged 13-3; 
L. December '02; son of Mrs. T. H. Stinson, 
Hamilton, Ont. ; late clerk, Bank of Montreal, 
Montreal; Lt. 13th Regt., Hamilton. Lt. 
]9th Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., April 28, 1915; re- 
verted to Pte. and joined Sportsmen's Bn., 
Royal Fusiliers; Lt. 205th Bn.; reverted to 
Pte. in Oxford and Bucks; transf'd to 87th 
Canadians ; France, October 27, 1915-June 15, 
1916, and May, 1917-October 8, 1918; wound- 
ed in fighting at Cambrai, October 8, 1918; 

died of pneumonia, following wounds, 
Rouen, October 21, 1918. 



September '88, from Milton P.S.; aged 15; L. 
June '91 ; son of Mrs. Storey, Mansewood, 
Ont. ; Undergrad., Queen's Univ. ; Grad. Os- 
goode Hall, '98; Barrister, late of King St., 
Midland, Ont. Junr. Major 162nd Bn. C.E.F. ; 
died at Mily. Base Hosp., Toronto, March 25, 
1917; buried at Kitchener, Ont. 




tember '89, from Mr. Waltham's Sch,, To- 
ronto ; aged 13-3 ; L. June '94 ; son of the late 
Hon. Mr. Justice Street; Studt. Univ. Coll. 
Tor.; Lt. 10th R. G.; commn. in Hampshire 
Regt. ; service in India and South Africa; 
retired with rank of Capt. '06 ; farming. En- 
listed, September, 1914; Capt. 3rd Bn. Sher- 
wood Foresters (Notts and Derbyshire 
Regt.), B.E.F.; att'd 2nd Bn. of same Regt.; 
France, January, 1915; D.S.O. June, 1915; 
Temp. Major; fatally wounded, October 15, 
1916, in battle of Somme; died, October 15, 
1916 ; Despatches. 

'07 from Private Sch. ; aged 10-1 ; L. June '11 
son of Stuart Strathy, Gen. Mgr., Traders 
Bank, Toronto, '07-'12. Enlisted, 1916 
R.N.A.S., 6th Squadron ; O.S.. November 29 
1916; trained at the Crystal Palace, London 
Vendome, France, Cromwell, England, and 
Frieston ; Commission, July 5, 1917 ; France, 
July, 1917; Dunkirk Aerodrome; missing, 
August, 1917; officially reported as killed in 
action, August 17, 1917. 



September '08, from St. Alban's Cathedral 
Sch.; aged 12-5; L. June '14; son of Sir 
Frederic Stupart ('72), Director, Dominion 
Metorological Service, Toronto; Lt. 12th 
Regt. York Rangers. Enlisted, January, 
1915; Lt. 81st Bn. C. E. F.; transfd 75th 
Bn.; 0. S., April 26, 1916; France, Sep- 
tember, 1916; capture of Regina Trench, 
the Somme, October 21, 1916; died 
at Contay Hosp., October 22nd, 1916, 
of wounds received when bringing up more 
ammunition to the captured line to repel 
counter attacks, in command of a party of 
ten across the open under heavy fire. A Ger- 
man stretcher bearer being marched to the 

rear, with other prisoners, gave him first 

September '95, from Mr. J. J. Hill's Sch.; 
aged 13 ; L. June '99 ; son of C.V.M. Temple, 
Toronto; late accountant. Northern Crown 
Bank, Granville Branch, Vancouver, B.C. 
Enlisted, Pte., with Duke of Connaught's 
Rifles, Vancouver, B.C., 1st C.E.F.; L.-Cpl.; 
transfd 2nd C.M.R., 8th Bgde.. 3rd Can. Div., 
B.E.F.; France 1915-1916; 2nd battle of 
Ypres; battle of Somme; wounded, April, 
1916, at Langemarck; in hosp., Orpington; 
killed at Regina Trench, October 11, 1916. 

September '03, from the Model Sch., Toronto ; 
aged 14 ; L. June '06 ; son of F. W. Thompson 
('67-'69), Toronto; late clerk. Imperial Bank, 
Toronto. Enlisted with 1st Canadian 
Contgt.; Pte. "A" Coy., 3rd Bn. (Q.O.R.), 1st 
Inf. Bgde., October, 1914; wounded at Festu- 
bert. May 26, 1915 ; died in No. 1 Can. Field 
Hosp., May 28, 1915; buried at Huigis, 

E. September '10, from Penetanguishine H. 
S., aged 18-2 ; L. Christmas '10 ; son of W.M. 
Thompson, Penetanguishine, Ont. ; late of the 
W. R. Brock Company, Toronto and Calgary. 
Enlisted, October, 1916; Pte. 157th Bn.. C. 
E.F. ; Lt. one month "later; O.S., October, 
1916; 5th Can. Inf. Res. Bn.; transf'd R.F.C.; 
France, May, 1917; 100th Squadron, R.F.C.; 
58th Squadron, R.N.A.S.; died of wounds, 
September 26, 1918. 




THOMPSON. HENRY P. ; B. ; E. '86, from 
Albert Coll., Belleville; aged 16-6; L. '88; 
son of M. N. Thompson, Belleville. Enlisted ; 
O.S. ; France; 3rd Can. Field Amb., 1st Can. 
Div. ; ret'd to England from France, January 
27, 1917; Can. Sped. Hosp., Lenham, Kent; 
believed to have died in Hosp. in England, 
suffering from pneumonia, due to exposure. 

'90, from Private Sch., Toronto; aged 13-9; 
L.; Re-E. September '95; L. April '99; son 
of Thomas C. Thomson, Toronto; Banker. 
Enlisted, October, 1914; 1st C.M.R., C.E.F., 
Lt. ; O.S., June, 1915; France, September, 
1915; 3rd battle of Ypres, Somme, and all 
engagements of the 3rd Div., 1st C.M.R., up 
to September 15, 1916; Capt., June, 1916; 
Major, July 1, 1916; Despatches; killed in 
action, September, 1916. 


from Church St. P.S., Toronto; aged 14-2; 
L. June '02 ; son of the late Samuel Trees, To- 
ronto; late of Samuel Trees & Co., Ltd., To- 
ronto; Lt. 36th Peel Regt. Enlisted, April 
28, 1916; Lt. 234th O.S. Bn.; Capt., 1916; 
O.S., April 14, 1917; transf'd 198th Bn.,June. 
1917; France, February 28, 1918; transf'd 
2nd C.M.R., February, 1918; Amiens, August, 
1918; Arras, August-September, 1918; Cam- 
brai, September, 1918; killed in action at 
Bourlon Wood, September 30, 1918. 

September '13, from Western Can. Coll. ; aged 
16-5 ; L. June '14 ; son of 0. E. Tisdale, Cal- 
gary, Alta. Enlisted, April 26, 1915; Pte. 
56th Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., September 6, 1916; 
transf'd 9th Res. Bn.; transf'd 4th C.M.R., 
M.G. Co., 8th Bgde; missing, June 1, 1916; 
believed to have been killed on same date. 


E. September '00, from Barrie H.S. ; aged 
16-6 ; L. Easter '01 ; son of the late John 
Pennefather Vansittart, P.W.D., India; R. 
M.C., Kingston; McGill Univ. (Engineering) ; 
Mgr., Crane Falls Power and Irrigation Co., 
Boise, Idaho, U.S.A. '10. Enlisted, October, 
1914 ; 14th Batty., C.F.A., Lt. ; Capt., Novem- 
ber, 1914; 13th Batty., Major, December, 
1914; O.S., May, 1915; France, September, 
1915; killed in action, Ypres SaUent, May, 
1916; buried in the mily. cemetery on the 
Poperinghe - Boerchepe Road ; Despatches 
(Gen. Sir Douglas Haig), for "gallant and 

* Photo by Elliott and Pry 

distinguished service in the Field", June 15, 

tember '06, from Oakville P.S.; aged 13; L. 
June '11; ward of W. S. Davis, Oakville. 
Enlisted, September, 1914; Pte., 4th Bgde., 
C.F.A., C.E.F., Br.; O.S., 1914; Sergt.; on 
H. Q. Staff, 4th Bgde., C.F.A., C.E.F.; Lt, 
T. M. Batty., 1915; Capt. 9th Field Batty., 
1916; killed in action, October 30, 1916; 
Despatches (General Sir Douglas Haig), 13 
November, 1916, for gallant and distinguish- 
ed service in the field. 


E. September '95, from Rose Ave. P.S., To- 
ronto; aged 14; L. June '99; son of the late 
John Waldie, M.P., Toronto ; late of the Vic- 
toria Harbour Lumber Co., Toronto. Enlist- 
ed as 2nd Lt. 8th Bn. Royal West Surrey 
Regt. (The Queen's) ; stationed at Shore- 
ham, England; France, August, 1915; re- 
ported wounded and missing, later reported 
killed in action, September, 1915, near Hul- 
luch Village, during the battle of Loos. 

tember '06, from Ridley Coll. ('01-'05) ; aged 
13; L. June '10; son of W. R. Wadsworth, 
Bank of Toronto, Toronto; St. Alban's Cath- 
edral Sch. ('99-'01) ; Bank of Montreal, '10- 
'15 ; Pte. U.C.C. Rifle Corps. Enlisted, June, 
1915; Lt. 84th Bn.; Q.S., June 20, 1916; 
transf 'd 75th Bn. ; France, early in August, 
1916; trench work; died of wounds, received 
October 15, 1916. 


WALDIE. W. 5. 

* WALKER, H. V. 

Photo by Laniljert Vi/'estoii and Son, Ltd. 

tember '94, from Rose Ave. P.S., Toronto; 
aged 15-7 ; L. April '97 ; son of the late John 
Waldie, M.P., Toronto; late Director, Vic- 
toria Harbour Lumber Co. ; Memb. Com. of 
Central Red Cross Assn. '14. Capt., 122nd 
Bn. C.E.F. ; transf 'd to C.F.C. ; took infantry 
course and reverted to Lt. and about to pro- 
ceed to France, when the armistice was sign- 
ed ; died of pneumonia, following influenza at 
No. 9 G.H., Rhyl, N. Wales, February 19, 

tember '09, from the Model Sch., Toronto; 
aged 13-6; L. June '10; son of A. H. Walker 
('87-'90), General Manager, Sterling Bank, 
Toronto; late clerk. Imperial Bank, Toronto; 
G.G.B.G., 1915 ; Stanley Barracks. Enhsted, 
October, 1915; Lt. 81st Bn., December, 1915; 
O.S., April 25, 1916 ; transf 'd 35th Bn., West 
Sandling Camp; France, September 27, 1916; 
transf 'd 58th Bn.; Somme; fell in action on 
Regina Trench at Courcelette, October 8, 


'01, from T.C.S., Port Hope; aged 15-2; L. 
June '04; son of the late H. D. Warren, To- 
ronto; President, Gutta Percha Rubber Co., 
Ltd., Toronto; The Winnipeg Rubber Co., 
Ltd., Winnipeg; Grad. R.M.C.; Lt. 48th High- 
Ji'nders, Toronto. Enlisted, August 4, 1914, 
Lt., 15th Bn., C.E.F.; Capt., September, 1914; 
O.S., October 1, 1914; France, February 11, 
1915; Adjt.,, April, 1915; killed in action at 
Ypres, April 20, 1915. 

tember '05, from Westboume Sch., Toronto; 
aged 8-11; L. June '14; son of Charles 
Walker, Manager, Dominion Bank, Toronto; 
Pte. G.G.B.G. Enlisted, January, 1916; Lt. 
124th Bn. C.E.F. ; O.S., August, 1916 ; France, 
March, 1917;Vimy Ridge, April, 1917; killed 
in action at Vimy Ridge, April 13, 1917. 



from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14-11; 
L. '10; son of the late Charles E. Warwick 
('79-'81), Toronto. Enlisted, March, 1915; 
17th Batty., 5th Bgde., Br.; O.S., August, 
1915 ; Somme, Hill 70, Vimy ; instantly killed 
in action, April 9, 1918. 

September '90, from Miss Watkins' Private 
Sch. ; L. June '96 ; son of the late John Wat- 
son, Toronto. 7th U.S. Inf. "F" Co., Sergt. ; 
Enlisted in San Francisco, November 3, 1917 ; 

died in St. Mary's Mily. Hosp., Hoboken, N.J., 
April 20, 1918 ; buried in Toronto. 

tember '11, from Wellesley P.S., Toronto; 
aged 14-5 ; L. June '15 ; son of Mrs. Watkins, 
95 Breadalbane St., Toronto. Enlisted, Au- 
gust 10, 1915; Lt., R.F.C.; O.S., December 11, 
1915; France, May 10, 1916; England, De- 
cember 10, 1916; Capt. (Fit. Comdr), July, 
1917; Zeppelin duty, east coast of England; 
June 17, 1917; M.C.; France, March, 1918; 
killed in action, July 1, 1918. 


E. September '11, from H.M.S. Trg. Ship, 
Conway, Liverpool, England ; aged 15 ; L. De- 
cember '13 ; son of H. W. Watlington, Steam- 
ship Agent, Hamilton, Bermuda. Enlisted, 
March 17, 1915; Pte. Bermuda Volunteer 
Rifle Corps, 1st Contgt. ; O.S., May 1, 1915 ; 
attd. 1st Lincolnshire Regt., Wellesley Camp, 
Grimsby, Lincoln; France, June 22, 1915; 
Sanctuary Wood, September 25, 1915; 
wounded in face, January 16, 1916; wounded 
in thigh, seriously, February 7, 1916; Cadet, 
R.F.C., August 24, 1916; commn., March 3, 

1917; France, 2nd Lt. R.F.C., 70th Squad- 
ron, June 23, 1917; killed while flying in 
Belgium, July 6, 1917. 

WEIR, JOHN; B.; E. '97, from Dundas 
H.S.; aged 14-9; L. June '99; son of Mrs. 
Weir, West Flamboro, Ont. ; late rancher. 
Carbon, Alta. Enlisted, Lt. 187th Bn., Cal- 
gary, Alta., 1916; O.S., December. 1916; 
transf'd 50th Alberta Bn. ; France, June, 
1917; Lens, 1917; killed in action at Lens, 
August 21, 1917. 



FOOT ; E. September '06 ; aged 10-7 ; L. June 
'08; son of Revd. Canon Welch, Southend-on- 
Sea, England, formerly of Toronto; Prep. 
Sch., England, '08-'10 ; Rugby, '10-'14 ; Law- 
rence Saunders Schol. '14, King's Coll., Cam- 
bridge. Enlisted, October, 1914, 12th Bn., 
King's Own Yorkshire L.I., 2nd Lt.; O.S , 
May, 1915; Lt. ; Egypt, December, 1915; 
France, March, 1916; Somme, July 1, 1916; 
killed in action, July 1, 1916; Despatches 

"for gallant and distinguished service in the 
field", November 13, 1916. 

tember '05, after private tuition; aged 8-3; 
L. '06, owing to illness of father ; son of Mrs. 
A. R. Williams, 195 A. Lyndhurst Ave., To- 
ronto. Enlisted, Lt. 124th Bn.; transf'd R. 
A.F., 1917; returned to Canada to complete 
course, April, 1918; died of pneumonia in 
Toronto, October 22, 1918. 


* Photo 1)7 Ziainbert Weston and Son, £td. 

Septemebr '02, from Edmonton H.S. ; aged 
14-11; L, June '05; son of the late Hon. Dr. 
H. C. Wilson, M.P.P. ('75-'76) ; late of Messrs. 
Harrison and Wilson, Barristers and Solici- 
tors; Lt. 101st Fusiliers. Enlisted, August 
4, 1914 ; Corpl. 19th Alberta Dragoons, form- 
ing the Divl. Cav., 1st C.E.F.; O.S., October, 
1914; France, February, 1915; transf'd Lt. 
49th Edmonton, Bn., October, 1915; 3rd 
battle of Ypres ; killed in action at Sanctuary- 
Wood, Zillebeke Lake, beyond Ypres, June 
3, 1916. 

'99, from Wellesley P.S., Toronto ; aged 11-5 ; 
L. June '07 ; son of Sir J. S. Willison, Toron- 
to; 1st yr. student, Univ. Coll., Tor. '08; 
reporter "The News", Toronto; Q.O.R., Pte. 
Enlisted, September 18, 1915, 74th Bn., Lt.; 
O.S., March, 1916; France, June 9, 1916; 
5th C. M. R.; killed in action, September 15, 


* WOODS. J. R. 


* Photo by Lamljert Weston and Son, Iitd. 

'04, from Tor. Ch. Sch. ; aged 12-4 ; L. June 
'10 (Mason Gold Medal) ; son of Sir James 
Woods, Toronto; B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. '14 
Lt. 2nd Q.O.R. Enlisted, August, 1915 ; Lt 
35th Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., October 15, 1915 
France, June 2, 1916; transf'd 4th C.M.R. 
(]apt. ; Somme, September-October, 1916 
Vimy Ridge, April, 1916 ; Despatches, Febru- 
ary, 1917; Passchendaele, October, 1917; 
killed in action, October 24, 1917. 

'05, from Rosedale P.S., Toronto ; aged 9-1 ; 
L. June '13; son of Alfred Wright ('69-'71), 
Insurance Manager, Toronto; M. Univ. Tor.; 
Lt. Kapuskasing Detention Camp; Lt. 75th 
Bn. C.E.F.; wounded, August, 1916; killed 
in action, November 18, 1916. 


• Photo by Elliott and Pry 


Messrs. B. F. Ackerman, Son & Co.. Harness 
and Boot Mfrs., Peterborough, Ont. B. ; E. 
January '04, from Peterborough C.I. ; aged 
15-5; L. December '05; son of B. F. Acker- 
man, Peterborough; Lt. 57th Regt., Peter- 
borough Rangers. Enlisted, August, 1914; 
Lt. 2nd Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., September, 1914; 
France, February, 1915; Neuve Chapelle, 
March, 1915; 2nd Battle of Ypres, April, 
1915; Festubert, May, 1915; Givenchy, June 
15, 1915; 12th Res. Bn. ; invalided home, 
September, 1915; Capt.; Major H.Q. Staff, 
Ottawa ; sped, instr. in Trench Warfare Mus- 
ketry; Lt. Col., O.C, 247th Bn., November, 
1916; discharged, September, 1919. 

Schoolmaster, Groton School, Groton, Mass., 
U.S.A. E. September '04, from Univ. Coll. 
Sch., London, England; aged 13-4; L. June 
'07 ; son of F. A. Acland, Deputy Minister of 
Labour, Ottawa; B.A. Tor. (Univ. Coll.) '13; 
member Editorial Staff, Ottawa Free Press, 
'07-'08 ; Lt. 48th Highlanders. Enlisted, Sep- 
tember 22, 1914; 15th Bn. (48th Highland- 
ers), C.E.F. ; O.S., September 26 ; temporarily 
attd. for trg. 3rd Bn., Wiltshire Regt., at Ply- 
mouth, January 1 - April 15, 1915 ; France, 
April 30; Festubert, May 20-30; in res. at 
Givenchy, June; Ploegstredt, Neuve Eglise, 
etc., July. 1915-March 1916; Ypres Salient, 
March - August ; wounded, June 3 ; M.C., Au- 
gust, for Observatory Ridge, June 3 ; Somme, 
September 26 ; taking of ridge west of Thiep- 
val; Major, August; Despatches, action on 
the Somme, September 26; shell-wound in 
head and bullet wound in chest, September 
26 ; home on sick leave, May 2, 1917 ; on leave 
in U.S. as asst. to the Commandant at the 
State College of Washington. Pullman, Wash., 
September 1917-September, 1918; mily. instr. 
at Groton Mass., October- April, 1919; dis- 
charged, April 16, 1919. 

Bathgate Ave., Toronto; Mgr. Jessop & Co., 
28 Temperance St. E. September '84, from 

Mrs. Hunt*s Sch., Toronto; aged 10-8; L. 
December '89; son of the late G. Mercer 
Adam, Toronto; Mgr. Standard Bank, Mark- 
ham, Ont.; Capt. 10th R.G. Enlisted, May 
26, 1915; Capt. 58th Bn.; O.S., November 19, 
1915; France, February 20, 1916; Ypres, 
1916; Sanctuary Wood, 1916; wounded, June 
13. 1916, at Zillebeke; Despatches, May 1, 
1916; Hosp. Rep. for A. G., March 7, 1917; 
ret'd from O.S., November 19, 1919 ; transf 'd 
back to 10th R.G. as Major, November 19, 

Adams Coal Co., Winnipeg, Man. B. ; E. '04 ; 
aged 18 ; L. '06 ; son of the late D. E. Adams, 
Winnipeg. Enlisted, August, 1918; C.A.S. 
C, Pte. ; served in Canada and England ; ret'd 
from O.S., July, 1919 ; discharged same date. 

Adams Bros., Engineering Equipment, 2 To- 
ronto St., Toronto. E. September '05, from 
Rothesay Coll. Sch, ; aged 16-6 ; L. '06 ; son 
of Mrs. H. S. Cowan, 1465 King St. W., To- 
ronto; Lt. Corps of Guides Toronto Dist. 
Enlisted, August 4, 1914; Lt. 14th Bn. Royal 
Montreal Regt. ; left Toronto, August 8, 1914, 
with Corps of Guides; O.S., September, 1914; 
France, February 2, 1915 ; Ypres, April, 
1915; Festubert, Givenchy, 1915; Capt., Sep- 
tember, 1915; wounded, August 1, 1916; 
Bgde.-Major, 7th C.T.R.B., September, 1916; 
do. 5th C.R.B., January, 1917; Major, April 
2, 1917; O.S. for Siberia, September 19, 1918; 
Siberia, as Intelligence Officer, G.S.O.3., Oc- 
tober 26, 1918-June 5. 1919; ret'd from O.S., 
June (20?), 1919; discharged, September 11, 
1919; Despatches, in England. 

ADAMS, RALPH; c|o Atlas Elevator Co., 
Winnipeg, Man.; B.; E. September '08; son 
of Oliver Adams, Financial Agent, 19 Liberty 
St., New York. Enlisted, September 1, 1915 ; 
45th Batty., C.F.A., 9th Bgde., 3rd Can. Div., 
Lt. ; O.S., February 5, 1916 ; France, July 13, 


1916; Somme, October - November, 1916; 
Vimy Ridge, April 9; Lens, Hill 70, Opera- 
tion with 5th Imperial Div., Nippe Forest, 
July, 1918; Passchendaele, Amiens, Arras, 
Canal du Nord, Cambrai, Mons; M.C. ; ret'd 
from O.S., March 17, 1919; discharged, April 
1, 1919. 

8, 1918; O.S., May 29, 1918; France, Septem- 
ber 3, 1918; 46th Sqdn; took part in last 
drive of Allies, between St. Quentin and Cam- 
brai, September, 1918; missing, September 
29, 1918; officially reported as P.W. in Ger- 
many, October 23, 1918; repatriated; dis- 
charged, January 23, 1919; ret'd from O.S., 
March 29, 1919. 

resentative, The W. R. Brock Co., Ltd., in N. 
Alberta and N. Saskatchewan, P.O. Box 1664, 
Edmonton, Alta. B. ; E. September '04, from 
Huron St. P.S., Toronto ; aged 14-10 ; L. De- 
cember '05 ; son of the late L. J. Adams, 53 
Avenue Rd., Toronto; Lt. No. 2, Coy., C.A.S. 
C. Enlisted, May 5, 1916; Lt. No. 2 C.A.S.C; 
transf'd 257th Bn.; O.S., February 13, 1917; 
transf 'd 7th C.R.T. ; France, March 23, 1917 ; 
Capt., May 24, 1918; granted 3 months fur- 
lough on account of father's death; ret'd 
from O.S., October 4, 1918; discharged, De- 
cember 20, 1918. 

20 Elm Ave., Rosedale, Toronto ; The Hardy 
Cartage Co., 351 Front St. E. E. September 
'98; aged 13; L. June '02; son of the late 
James M. Alexander, Toronto; Capt. 48th 
Highlanders, Toronto. EnUsted, August, 
1915; Capt. 15th Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., Septem- 
ber, 1914; France, February, 1915; P.W. in 
Bischofswerda, Saxony, April 24, 1915; De- 
spatches (Sir John French), June 22, 1915; 
M.C; transf'd to and interned in Holland, 
March, 1918 ; repatriated and in England, No- 
vember, 1918; Major, November, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., January, 1919; discharged, March, 

Road, Toronto; Sales Manager, Messrs. Hill 
& Co., Exports and Imports, Ltd. ; E. January 
'06, from Pickering Coll. ; aged 15-8 ; L. June 
'08; son of Frank B. Allan, Toronto; To- 
ronto Brick Co., 64 Wellington St. W., To- 
ronto ; Capt. 9th Mississauga Horse. Enlisted, 
May 2, 1917; No. 14 Reinforcing Draft, C. 
R.T.; attd. Ry. Depot, Camp Borden; O.S., 
August 13, 1917; C.R.T. Depot; France, Oc- 
tober 15, 1917; transf'd 5th C.R.T.; att'd 3rd 
Army before Cambrai, November, 1917; 
Arras, January-February, 1918; Merville sec. 
from March, advancing to Tournai, Belgium, 
on date of Armistice ; ret'd from O.S., July 1, 
1919; discharged same date. 

cisco, Cal. ; Salesman, Mysell, Rollins Co. 
B.; E. September '05, from Lindsay Sch.; 
aged 17; L. June '07; son of Dr. W. Allan, 
Lindsay, Ont. Volunteered, but rejected on 
account of near-sightedness, Toronto, Oc- 
tober, 1915; Enlisted, July 31, 1917; L.-Cpl. 
50th Gordon Highlanders of Canada; O.S., 
November 15, 1917; France, March, 1918; 
29th (Vancouver) Bn.; Shrapnel wound, head, 
April 19, 1918; ret'd from O.S., February 
8, 1919; discharged, March 3, 1919. 

bar Rd., Toronto ; Canadian General Electric. 
E. September '11, from the Model Sch., To- 
ronto; aged 14-3; L. June '14; son of F. B. 
Allan, Toronto; Can. Life Assce. Co., King 
St. W., Toronto ; 9th Mississauga Horse, Pte. 
Enlisted, October 3, 1917; R.A.F.; Lt., April 

Ave., Toronto; E. September '09, from St. 
Alban's Cathedral Sch., Toronto; aged 17-8; 
L. June '10; son of L. G. Amsden, Toronto. 
Graduated from School of Inf., February, 
1916; gazetted Lt.. March 1, 1916; 220th 
Bn.; O.S., March 17, 1917; 3rd Res. Bn. and 



Bexhill Trg. Sch. ; France, March 15, 1918; 
transf'd 4th Can. Inf. Bn.; through all en- 
gagements from Amiens until signing of 
Armistice; with Army of Occupation; ret'd 
from 0. S., March 13, 1919; discharged, 
March 25, 1919. 

Road, Toronto; Med. student, Univ. Tor. E. 
September '09, from Model Sch., Toronto; 
aged 14-6 ; L. '13 ; son of James S. Anderson, 
Toronto; Pte. C.O.T.C. Enlisted, February, 
1915; Pte. C.A.M.C; attd. 19th Bn.; O.S., 
May 13, 1915; France, September 12, 1915; 
Somme, September 15, 1916; Vimy Ridge, 
April 9, 1917; trench fever, May 10, 1917; 
ret'd from O.S., September, 1918; discharged, 
October 16, 1918. 

Messrs. T. 0. Anderson & Co., Stock Brokers, 
103 Bay St., Toronto. E. '96, from Wellesley 
P. S., Toronto; aged 12-10; L. December 
'00; son of Thomas 0. Anderson, Toronto; 
2nd Q.O.R., Lt. Enlisted. August, 1914; 
3rd Bn., Lt.; O.S., September 25, 1914; 
France, February 8, 1915; 3rd Bn., Capt. ; 
2nd Battle of Ypres, 1915 ; wounded, June 16, 
1915; Despatches; ret'd from O.S.; 75th Bn., 
Major; 164th Bn., Major; 205th Bn., Major; 
Commandant of the British Recruiting Mis- 
sion, Minneapolis Dist., March, 1918; O.S., 
November 18, 1918; Superintending the fill- 
ing in of questionnaires by soldiers regarding 
their civil occupation; i|c Repatriation 
Commn. O.S., January, 1919; ret'd from O.S., 
March, 1919; discharged, April, 1919. 

Andros, 644 Linden Ave., Victoria, B.C. 
E. August '86, from St. Catharines P.S. ; aged 
15-6; L. '87; son of Capt. E. B. Andros, St. 
Catharines, Ont. ; R.N.W.M.P. Enlisted, No- 
vember 16, 1914; 27th Bn., Major; transf'd 
1st C.M.R., January 25, 1915; O.S., Septem- 
ber 21, 1915; France, October 24, 1915 ; Temp. 
Lt. Col.. Comdg. 1st C.M.R., June 2, 1916; D. 

S.O., January 1, 1917; Despatches, January 
14, 1917, and December 28, 1917; 30 months 
service at front. 

Poplar Plains Rd., Toronto; Specialty Sales- 
man, Heating Appliances, Can. Genl. Electric. 
E. September '08; aged 14-7; L. November 
'08 ; ward of C. E. A. Goldman, Toronto ;Clerk 
Goldman & Co., Stock Brokers, Royal Bank 
Bldg.; Royal Can. Yacht Club Rifle Assn. 
Enlisted, August, 1916; R.N.V.R., Sub.-Lt. ; 
O.S., August 10, 1916; Royal Naval Coll., 
Greenwich, August and September, 1916; 
H.M.S. "Hermione", Southampton, October, 
1916; on active service. Irish Sea, Novem- 
ber; att'd Kingstown Naval Base, Ireland, 
to May, 1917; Lt., August; Madras Naval 
Base, Island of Lemnos, 1917; Gallipoli 
Naval Base, Southern Italy, 1918; sped. 
Govt, work in Norway for British Ministry 
of Shipping, 1919; ret'd from O.S., July, 
1919; discharged same date. 

Bank of Montreal, Sandy Hill, Ottawa. B.; 
E. '82 ; aged 11-4 ; L. '87 ; son of Dr. R. Apple- 
ton, Clinton, Ont.; 38th Dufferin Rifles. Lt. 
Enlisted, July 16, 1915; 76th Bn., Capt., att'd 
13th Bn., Paymaster; O.S., May 23, 1916; 
France, August 18, 1916; 13th Bn., Pay- 
master; ret'd from O.S., September 19, 1919; 
discharged, September 23, 1919. 

SAY; Church of the Messiah, Toronto. 
English Master (substitute for Capt. C. F. 
Mills), February '16-June '16; son of Arch- 
deacon Armitage, Halifax, N.S. ; B.A., Dal- 
housie Univ. '09; Univ. Tor. and Wycliffe 
Coll., Toronto; M.A. (ad eundem) '12; some- 
time of Western Canada Coll., Calgary; St. 
Stephen's Coll., Hong Kong, China. Enlisted, 
July, 1916 ; Hon. Capt., Chaplain, 234th Bn. ; 
O.S., April, 1917; 12th Res. Bn.; France, 
November, 1917; No. 7, C.S.H.; 3rd Can. Inf. 


Bn. (Toronto Regt.) ; Amiens; Army of Oc- 
cupation in Germany, 1918; M.C., June 3, 
1919; ret'd from O.S., April, 1919. 

Harley St., London W., England. B. ; E. '82, 
from Cobourg C.L ; aged 13-4 ; L. '87 ; son 
of the late Hon. Mr. Justice Armour ('43- 
'47); B.A. Univ. Tor. '91; M.B., do., '94; M. 
R.C.P., London '97; F.R.S.C, Eng., '00; Hun- 
terian Prof, of Surgery and Pathology, R.C.S. 
Professor of Surgery and Pathology, do., 
'08 ; Surgeon to the W. Lond. Hosp. and Dean 
of the Post Grad. Coll.; Surgeon to the 
Natl. Hosp. for the Paralyzed and Epileptic; 
Hon. Lt. Col., R.A.M.C. ; Surgeon-in-chief, 
The Queen's Can. Mily. Hosp., Shorncliffe; 
Consulting Surgeon, Ont. Mily. Hosp., Or- 
pington; Surgeon, King George Mily. Hosp., 
London ; Consulting Surgeon, Duchess of 
Connaught C.R.C. Hosp., Cliveden, and 
Daughters of the Empire C.R.C. Hosp. for 
Officers; Surgeon, Roland Gardens Hosp. for 
Officers ; and American Hosp. for British Sol- 
diers; C.M.G. for war services, June, 1918; 
Despatches twice. 

from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14-3; 
L. June '10 ; son of Fred Armstrong, Toronto ; 
Ledgerkeeper. Lt. 58th Bn.; R.N.A.S., Lt., 
February, 1918. 

MAHON; Lloydtown, Ont.; B.(?); E. Sep- 
tember '15, from Lloydtown P.S.; aged 14; 
L. June '16; son of J. A. M. Armstrong ('90- 
'94), Lloydtown. Enlisted at age of 15, R. 
F.C. Pte., June 11, 1917; Forestry and Rly. 
Constrn. Depot, C.E.F., Provl. Lt., September 
9, 1917; discharged after seven months ser- 
vice as Lt. on account of age, March 15, 1918. 

Rd., Toronto; E. September '08, from Cot- 
tingham St. P.S., Toronto; aged 12-2; L. 
June '13; son of the late James Armstrong, 
Toronto; Trin. Coll. Tor. September '13-June 
'15. R.F.C., Lt., December 11, 1915; Line 
Officer, May 18, 1916; France, June 5, 1916; 
No. 6 Sqdn.; No. 19 Sqdn.; ret'd from O.S., 
July 30, 1917; R.A.F., Fit. Comdr., Capt., 
June 1, 1918; Air Force Cross, February 1, 
1919; discharged, July 1, 1919. 

Life Bldg., Toronto; K.C., Barrister, and 
County Crown Attorney. B. ; E. September 
'90, from Cobourg C.L ; aged 13-4 ; L. June 
'95 ; son of the late Hon. Mr. Justice Armour 
('43-'47) ; Cobourg Garrison Arty., B. '95 ; 
B. A. Univ. Tor. '99 (Gov. - Gen's. Prize) ; 
Board of Governors, Univ. Tor. '13 ; 36th Peel 
Regt., Lt., '14. Enlisted, September, 1915; 
74th Bn., Lt.; 95th Bn., November 11, 1915; 
Capt., January, 1916; Major, March, 1916; 
O.S., June 2, 1915; H.Q., Cdns., Crowborough, 
November 23, 1916; H.Q. Cdns., London, 
June 23, 1917; France, July 23, 1918; H.Q., 
Cdn. Corps, July 23, 1918; Amiens, Arras, 
Cambrai, and subsequent fighting ; ret'd from 
O.S., July 7, 1919 ; discharged same date. 

Madison Ave., Toronto; E. September '07, 

Ont.; B.; E. September '06, from Oakville 
P.S.; aged 14-5; L. June '11; son of Chris- 
topher Armstrong, Oakville; Studt., Univ. 
Tor., '14. Lt. 4th Batty., C.F.A., December, 
1915; Lt's. Course, C.F.A., Kingston, Ont., 
March, 1916; 67th Batty.; struck off as 
medically unfit, November, 1916 ; Pte., CO. 
T.C., January, 1917; seconded for service 
with R.F.C.; Lt., November, 1917. 


255 Caroline St. S., Hamilton, Ont. ; Inspec- 
tor, Great West Life Assce., Co. ; B. ; E. 
September '99, from Huron St. P.S., Toronto ; 
aged 12-10; L. June '04; son of Frank 
Arnoldi, K.C. ('58-'61), Toronto. R.O., Lt. 
tor, Great West Life Assce. Co., Sault Ste. 
Marie, Ont. ; 51st Sault Rifles, Lt. Enlisted, 



19th Bn., Lt.; O.S., early in 1915; 176th Coy. 
Royal Engrs.; France, September, 1915; 
Capt. R.E., B.E.F., December 16, 1915 ; ret'd 
from O.S., March 3, 1920 ; discharged, March 
24, 1920. 

sity Club of Montreal, Montreal; E. Septem- 
ber '06, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., 
Toronto; aged 17; L. June '08; son of Frank 
Arnoldi, K.C. ('58-'61), Toronto. R.O., Lt. 
Enlisted, December 7, 1914; 15th Batty. C. 
F.A.. 4th Bgde., 2nd Div. C.E.F., Capt.; O.S., 
May 29, 1915; France, September 13, 1915; 
Temp. Major; D.S.O., December, 1916; De- 
spatches, December, 1916; ret'd from O.S. 
(on leave), April, 1917; O.S.; A|Lt. Col., 
April, 1918 ; to command 67th Batty., C.F.A. 
for service in Russia, September, 1918 ; 
Archangel, September 30, 1918; Bar to 
D.S.O., April, 1919;Order of St. Stanislas, 2nd 
Class with Swords; ret'd from O.S., July 17, 
1919; discharged same date. 

FAUQUIER; Farmer, Unionville, Ont.; E. 
September '05, from St. Alban's Cathedral 
Sch., Toronto; aged 11-7; L. June '13; son of 
Frank Arnoldi, K.C. ('58 and '61), Toronto; 
R.M.C. '14; R.C.D., Can. Permt. Force, Lt. 
Enlisted November 6, 1914 ; O.S., September 
30. 1916; France November 23, 1916; woun- 
ded, March 27, 1917; ret'd from O.S., May, 
1917; discharged, March 1, 1919. 

1234, Vancouver, B.C.; E. Easter '05, after 
private tuition ; aged 8 ; L. Easter '15 ; son of 
Professor H. W. Auden, M.A., Western Univ., 
London, Ont. (Principal U.C.C, '03-'17) ; 
Univ. Tor. Med. Fac. '15; Lt. 10th R. G. 
Enlisted, December 28, 1915 ; Lt. 123rd Bn., 
C.E.F. ; O.S., August 6, 1916 ; France, March 
10, 1917 ; trench fever, invalided to England ; 
ret'd from O.S., April 25, 1918; House Master 
U.C.C, September, 1918; discharged, October 
4, 1918, 

Ave., Toronto; Student, S.P.S., 2nd yr.; E. 
'09 from Dewson St. P.S., Toronto ; aged 13- 
11; L. June '14; son of George Aykroyd, To- 
ronto. Enlisted, November 10, 1915; Gnr. 
30th Batty. C. F. A.; O.S., August, 1916; 
transf'd 13th Bgde., C.F.A., then 5th C.D.A. 
Signal Coy. C. Engrs.; France, July, 1917, 
until armistice; Amiens, August 4, 1918; 
Arras, August 28, 1918; Cambrai, etc. ; Army 
of Occupation in Germany, December 13, 
1918-February 1, 1919 ; ret'd from O.S., June 
16, 1919; discharged same date. 

Surgeon (Throat, Nose, and Ear) ; 4 Harley 
St., Cavendish Square, London W., England; 
B.; E. September '84, from Uxbridge H.S. ; 
aged 17-11; L. '88; son of A. H. Badgerow, 
Toronto; M.B. Univ. Tor. '94; L.R.C.P., Lon- 
don, '93; M.C.P.S., Ont. '95; M.R.C.S. Eng., 
'03; M.D. Univ. Tor. '09; F.R.CS. '11; Resi- 
dent Surgeon (3 years) , later Dean and Sur- 
geon, Hosp. for Diseases of the Throat, Nose, 
and Ear, Golden Sq.; F.R.S.M.; F.M.S.L.; 
Hon. Lt.Col. C.A.M.C. (without pay and allow- 
ances) ; Consulting Surgeon, Diseases of the 
Throat, Nose, and Ear to the London Area; 
Can. Throat, Nose, and Ear Clinic ;Duchess of 
Connaught Can. Mily. Hosp., Taplow; Ont. 
Mily. Hosp., Orpington; Can. Red Cross 
Officers' Hosp., 17 North Audley St. W., and 
I.O.D.E., 1 Hyde Park; Milton Hill Sect. Mily. 
Hosp. ; South African Hosp., Richmond Park ; 
C.M.G., June 3, 1918; Despatches, August, 
1918; Hon. Assoc. Order of the Hosp. of St. 
John of Jerusalem, December, 1919; Despat- 
ches, February, 1920. 

Wood, Gundy & Co., C.P.R. Bldg., Toronto, 
and 164 Close Ave., Toronto; E. September 
'12, from Lake Lodge Sch., Grimsby, Ont.; 
aged 16-3; L. June '13; son of C. L. Bailey, 
Toronto. Enlisted, August, 1915 ; Fit. Comdr., 
R.N.A.S.; O.S., January. 1916; France, Oc- 
tober, 1916-March, 1918; England, March, 
1918-February, 1919; Capt. No. 2 Unit, 54th 


* Photo by Elliott and Pry 

* Photo by Swaine 


Trg. Depot Stn.; ret'd from O.S., February, 
1919; discharged same date. 

sion Merchant, Macleod, Alberta ; E. '96, from 
Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 12-4; L. June '01; son 
of James E. Baillie, Toronto. Enlisted, May, 
1916; Gnr. 51st Batty., 15th Bgde., C.F.A. 
Bdr., August, 1916; O.S., September, 1916 
Cpl., January, 1917; France, June, 1917 
Sergt., July, 1917; recommended for commn 
August. 1918; ret'd from O.S., July, 1919 
discharged same date. 

BAILLIE, KENNETH; Mfrs' Agent, 21 
Lonsdale Rd., Toronto; E. September '98, 
from Church St. P.S., Toronto ; aged 9-6 ; son 
of James E. Baillie, Toronto. Enlisted, De- 
cember 4, 1914; Cpl. 2nd Can. Div. Cyc- 
lists; att'd 2nd Can. Div.; O.S., May, 1915; 
France, September, 1915; commn. Imperial 
Army, Somerset L.I., January, 1917 (2nd 
Lt.) ; Malta, April, 1917-August, 1917; India, 
September, 1917-November, 1918; Lt., July, 
1918; Salonica and Southern Russia, Decem- 
ber, 1918-February, 1919; ret'd from O.S.. 
June, 1919; discharged same date. 

Rancher, Livingstone, Alberta. E. Septem- 
ber '95, from Jarvis St. C.I. ; aged 15-1; L. 
June '98; son of James E. Baillie, Toronto. 
Enlisted, August 26, 1914 ;Dr. 2nd Batty., 1st 
Egde., C.F.A. ; O.S., September, 1914; France, 
February, 1915; Ypres, 1915; Festubert, 
1915; Bdr., December, 1915; St. Eloi, 1916; 
Sanctuary Wood, 1916; Cpl., June, 1916; 
Somme, 1916; Sergt., October, 1916; Vimy 
Ridge, April, 1917; Lens, 1917; Lt. R.F.A., 
May, 1918 ; "D" Batty., 98th Bgde. ; Salonica, 
August, 1918; Doiran, September 22, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., April, 1919 ; discharged same 

sentative, Northern Ontario Standard Steel 

Construction Co., Welland, Ont.; B. ; E. Sep- 
tember '85, from Private Sch., Hamilton; 
aged 13-9; L. June '89; son of H. C. Baker, 
Mgr. Bell Telephone Co., Hamilton; left R. 
M.C. '94; Bldg. Engr, C.E.. and Contractor; 
traveller, Drummond, McCall & Co.; O.S., 
September, 1914. Enlisted, October 7, 1914 ; 
23rd Bn., Royal Fusiliers, London, England; 
2nd Lt. R.F.A., 179th Bgde., June 10, 1915; 
Capt. January 21, 1916; Somme, 1916; on 
sick leave, London, 1917; transf'd 91st Bgde. 
R.F.A., 1917; 5th Army, March-April, 1918; 
Major, April 24, 1918; Amiens, 1918; general 
advance through Cambrai, September-Octo- 
ber-November, 1918; M.C, 1918; ret'd from 
O.S., April, 1919; discharged, January 21, 

grave St., Winnipeg, Manitoba; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '04, from Proprietary Sch., Winnipeg ; 
aged 15-9; L. June '06; son of Mrs. T. B. 
Baker, Winnipeg; Clerk, Dominion Bank. 
Capt., 61st Bn., C. E. F.; Lt., 116th Bn.; 
wounded, April, 1917; M.C, April, 1917: 
("Personally led an advance to the extreme 
end, and fulfilled the task allotted to him, 
supervising the establishment of posts, dis- 
playing great gallantry") ; Capt., 44th Bn. ; 
Ret'd from O.S., November, 1917. 

hurst Ave., Toronto. E. Easter '95, from 
T.CS. Port Hope, for only one term after 
the fire; aged 17; L. June '95; son of the late 
W. A. Baldwin, Deer Park, Toronto; B.A. 
Trin. Coll. '99; M.D., CM., Trin. Coll. '03 
F.T.M.C; Capt. CA.M.C, January 31, 1917 
O.S., March 26, 1917; M.O. 23rd Res. Bn. 
France, June 23, 1918; N. 3 G.H., Boulogne 
No. 6, Dist. CF.C 

BALL, HAROLD DeWITT; Physician, 178 
Sherbourne St., Toronto; E. September '02, 
from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14-10; L. 
June '06; son of Dr. Jerrold Ball, Toronto; M. 
B. Univ. Tor. '10 ; Asst. in Biology, Univ. Tor. 



Photo by Elliott and Try 
Photo hy Elliott and Pry 

Med. Fac, '13; Lt. C.A.M.C. Enlisted, Oc- 
tober 16, 1916, Capt., C.A.M.C; OS., October 
29, 1916; att'd Moore Barracks Can. Hosp. ; 
transfd No. 15, C.G.H., Taplow; C. R. A., 
Witley; France, November, 1918; 8th C. 
Sta. Hosp. ; 9th Can. Field Amb. ; ret'd from 
O.S., March 19, 1919; discharged, April 5, 

Carruthers & Co., Grain Exporters, Produce 
Exchange Bldg., New York, U.S.A. E. '03, 
from Miss Walker's Private Sch., Toronto; 
aged 10-10; L. April '08; son of C. W. Band; 
clerk, Baillie, Wood & Croft, Brokers, 20 
Victoria St., Toronto; Lt. 48th Highlanders. 
Enlisted, January 8, 1915 ; Lt. 35th Bn., 1st 
Div., C.E.F. ;0.S., July 21, 1915 ; transfd 23rd 
Res. Bn., July 30, 1915; France, November 1, 
1915; transfd 14th Bn.; transfd 23rd Res. 
Bn., December 1, 1915; wounded, September, 
1916; retransfd 14th Bn., September, 1916; 
wounded, April, 1917; Vimy Ridge, April, 
1917; wounded, April, 1917; Hill 70, July, 
1917; Passchendaele, November, 1917; M.C., 
1917; promoted Capt., November 17, 1917; 
2nd Bn.; Arras, 1918; Amiens, 1918; 1st Bar, 
Amiens, 1918; Cambrai, 1918; 2nd Bar, Cam- 
rai, September 30. 1918; Croix de Guerre, 
December, 1918; ret'd from O.S., April, 1919; 
discharged same date. 

Highview Crescent, Toronto, Rep. for Ontario 
of the Standard Underground Cable Co., 
Hamilton ; E. September '01, from the Model 
Sch., Toronto ; aged 15-9 ; L. April '04 ; son of 
Henry Barber, Toronto ; Grad., S.P.S. '08 ; B. 
A.Sc, Univ. Tor. '10; Q.O.R., Pte. Enhsted, 
June 15, 1916 ; R.N.V.R., Sub-Lt. ; O.S., June 
15, 1916; Lt., June; Irish Coast Patrol, Oc- 
tober; discharged, March 2 1919; ret'd from 
O.S., March 26, 1919. 

tary, Prudential Trust Co., Union Bank Bldg., 
Toronto, and 61 Chestnut Park Rd.; B.; E. 
September '98, from Mrs. Moody's Pte. Sch. ; 

aged 9-1 ; L. June '07 ; son of the late Walter 
Barwick, K.C. ; Clerk, Trusts and Guarantee 
Co. Ltd., Toronto; 40th Highlanders, Lt. 
Enlisted, September, 1914; 15th Bn., Lt.; 0. 
S., September, 1914 ; France, February, 1915 ; 
2nd Battle of Ypres, April 22-24, 1915; re- 
ported missing after Langemarck; Prisoner, 
Bischofswerda, Saxony, April 27, 1915; 
moved to Schwarmstedt and Holzminden, 
1917; interned in Holland, Scheveningen, 
March, 1918; Capt., Holland, April 24, 1916; 
repatriated and in England, November, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., December, 1918; discharged 
February, 1919. 

Box 312, Port Credit, Ont.; Fruit Farmer; 
E. September '97, from St. Paul's Prep. Sch., 
London; aged 11-1; L. June '04; son of Mrs. 
George U. Bayly, Toronto; R.M.C. '04-'07. 
Enhsted, August, 1914; 3rd Bn., Pte.; O.S., 
September 26, 1914; France, February 7, 
1915; St. Juhen, April 23, 1915; wounded; 
France, August 25, 1915; Lt., August, 1915; 
invalided home, October, 1915; ret'd from 
Canada, to C.M.S., April-July, 1916; ret'd 
from O.S., August 11, 1916 ; R.O., December, 

RANCE; Leather Mfr.; 19 Oriole Rd., To- 
ronto; E. '97, from an English Sch.; aged 
11-6; L. '98; Re-E. '01, from the Model Sch., 
Toronto ; L. '03 ; son of the late W. D. Beard- 
more, Toronto; Loretto Sch., Musselburgh, 
Scotland, '07; 10th R.G., Capt. Enlisted, 
1917; C. F. C, Capt.; O.S., August, 1917; 
France, October, 1917; 1st Can. Tank Bn.; 
ret'd from O.S., December, 1918; discharged 
same date. 

George St., Toronto; student, Univ. Coll., 
Toronto. E. September '10, after private 
tuition; aged 11-8; L. June '16; son of C. W. 
Beatty ('85-'88), Toronto; R.M.C, Kingston, 


1916. Enlisted, November, 1917; Sch. of 
Aerial Gunnery, R.A.F., Canada; commn., 
March, 1918 ; Texas, U.S.A., January 30-April 
3, 1918; Beamsville, 1918; discharged, March 
1, 1919. 

St. E., Toronto; Barrister; E. September 
'02, from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 11- 
10 ; L. June '07 ; son of S. G. Beatty, Toronto ; 
B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. '11; Ont. Bar '14. En- 
listed, July, 1915; R.F.C., Lt.; O.S., Novem- 
ber, 1915; Capt.; R.A.F. ; France, April, 
1916-January, 1917; Mesopotamia, Decem- 
ber, 1917; Egypt, November, 1918-February, 
1919; D.F.C.; ret'd from O.S., June, 1919; 
discharged same date. 

BEATTY, PERCY WOOD; 162 Cotting- 
ham St., Toronto ; Barrister, Messrs. Worrell, 
Gwynne & Beatty, Toronto. E. September 
'98, from Mrs. Howland's Private Sch. ; aged 
8-8 ; L. June '07 (Head Boy) ; Mason Silver 
Medal, '07; son of E. Percy Beatty, Toronto; 
B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. '11; Student Osgoode 
Hall, '11-'14; LL.B. Univ. Tor. '14; Ont. Bar 
'14; Lt. 10th R.G. Enlisted, May 21, 1915; 
Lt. 35th Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., October 15, 1915; 
France, April 2, 1916; transf'd 8th Bgde. 
M.G. Co'y.; Zillebeke, June 2, 1916; G.S.W. 
right knee, June 2, 1916; M.C., June 2, 1916; 
ret'd from O.S., October 15, 1916 ; Major, Pay 
and Allowance Board, Ottawa; President, 
Pay and Allowance Board, September, 1918; 
discharged, November 30, 1919. 

St., Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A.; B.; E. September 
'08. from Buffalo P.S.; aged 14-1; L. June 
'12; ward of Mrs. Edwards, Buffalo; R.M.C., 
Kingston. Apptd. November 12, 1915, R.C. 
A., Lt. ; O.S., September, 1917; France, June 
25, 1918; "A" Batty., R.C.H.A.; discharged, 
July 31, 1919. 

BECK, WALTER JOHN; Lumberman, 
Penetanguishene, Ont.; E. January '95, from 

Penetanguishine, Barrie, and Stratford Schs. ; 
aged 17; L. Easter '95; son of Charles N. 
Beck, Penetanguishine; Dominion Stove and 
Foundry Co. Ltd., Penetanguishene. Enlist- 
ed, March 27, 1916; Pte. M.T.; att'd 4th C. 
R.T.; O.S., April 19, 1916; France, February 
19, 1917; transf'd C.F.C., April 15, 1918; 
with Imperial Forces following up with light 
railways at all advances; on all the fronts 
from Nieuport to Peronne; ret'd from O.S., 
April 12, 1919 ; discharged same date. 

BELL, JAMES STARK; c|o Messrs. John- 
ston, McKay, Dods, & Grant. Bai-risters, To- 
ronto. B.; E. September '02, from Chesley 
P.S. ; aged 15 ; L. June '05 ; son of W. D. Bell, 
Chesley; Student, Univ. Tor. '07; Lt. 32nd 
Bruce Bn. Enlisted, November, 1914, 18th 
Bn., Lt.; O.S., April 18, 1915; France, Sep- 
tember 15, 1915; St. £loi, February, 1916; 
Hosp. (5 days). July, 1916; 2nd Can. Divl. 
Sch., July, 1916; Capt. August, 1916; Somme, 
September, 1916; Vimy, April, 1917; Major, 
May, 1917; Adjt., June, 1917; Hill 70, August, 
1917; M.C., August, 1917; Passchendaele, 
November, 1917; Amiens, August, 1918; 
Arras, August, 1918; D.S.O., August, 1918; 
Cambrai, October, 1918; Mons, November, 
1918; Despatches twice; ret'd from 0. S., 
May, 1919 ; discharged, May 24, 1919. 

Ave. W., Toronto; Broker (Bell, Gouinlock, 
& Co.) ; B.; E. September '07, from Chatham 
C.L; aged 16-1; L. December '09; son of the 
late Edwin Bell, K.C., Toronto; 10th R.G., 
Lt. Enlisted, November, 1915, 123rd Bn., 
C.E.F., Lt.; O.S., August, 1916; France, 
March-July, 1917; Vimy Ridge, April, 1917; 
ret'd from O.S., December, 1917; Adjt., N. 
CO. Trg. Depot, February-June, 1918; dis- 
charged, June, 1918. 

Methodist Minsiter, Mono Road, Ont.; E. 
March '89, from London C. L; aged 16-7; L. 
April '89; son of F.M. Bellsmith, Toronto; 




* Photo by Swaine 

* Photo by Swaine 


Grad. in Theology from Wesley Coll., Winni- 
peg, '09. Enlisted, February 17. 1916; Pte. 
204th Bn.; afterwards Chaplain, and Hon. 
Capt., April 3, 1916; not permitted to proceed 
O.S. ; discharged, April 22, 1917. 

tBENSON, THOMAS ; B. ; E. '74, from St. 
Catharines C.I. ; aged 14-7 ; L. June '79 ; son 
of the late Hon. J. R. Benson, Senator, St. 
Catharines; Grad., R.M.C. '83; Lt., R.C.A. 
'83; Capt. '96; sped course in gunnery at 
the Sch. in Shoeburyness, England; Major 
'02; Lt. Col. '05; Col. and Comandant R. C. 
Garrison, Halifax Fortress; Commandant R. 
Sch. Arty, and head of the permt. force; re- 
moved to Eastern Ont. Division, '10 (first 
R.M.C. graduate to receive one of the higher 
commands in the Can. Force) ; Master-Genl. 
of Ordinance, Ottawa '13; Brig.-Genl. '13; 
Major-Genl. '15 ; Commandant 6th Div., Hali- 
fax. 1916; retired, 1918; C.M.G. (in recogni- 
tion of his long and effective military work, 
especially during the war) ; died at Esqui- 
malt, B.C., September, 1920. 

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Coy., Toronto ; E. 
September '02, from Latymer Sch., England ; 
aged 11-1; L. June '09; son of R. J. Berkin- 
shaw, Niagara Falls, N.Y. ; m. Trin. Coll., 
Toronto (Leonard McLaughlin School) '09; 
B.A. Univ. Tor. (Trin. Coll.) '13; Law Student, 
Osgoode Hall, '13-'15; called to Ont. Bar.; 
9th Mississauga Horse, Lt. Enlisted, De- 
cember 4, 1915; 124th Bn. 4th Cdn. Div., 
Lt.; Capt., August, 1916; O.S., August 7, 
1916; Adjt., January, 1917; France, March 
9, 1917; 12th Bn. Cdn. Engrs. May 24, 1918; 
Major, November, 1918; all engagements 
from March, 1917, till Armistice, November, 
1918; Despatches. March 16, 1919; ret'd from 
O.S., June 16, 1919; discharged same date. 

Roxborough St. W., Toronto ; B. ; E. Septem- 
ber '04, from Elementary Ladies' Sch., To- 
ronto; aged 8-7; L. June '09; son of Henry 

J. Bethune, Inspr., Dominion Bank, Toronto; 
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Brandon ; 
Student, O.A.C., Guelph (2nd yr. '14) ; Lt., 
P.P.C.L.I., Shorncliffe, England. February, 
1916; Lt. 1st C.M.R. ; wounded, Septemer, 
1916; wounded, April, 1917; wounded, Sep- 
tember, 1918; wounded, November, 1918. 

borough St. W., Toronto; E. September '03, 
from Tor. Ch. Sch. ; aged 10-8 ; L. June '06 ; 
son of Henry J. Bethune, Inspr., Dominion 
Bank. Toronto; T.C.S., Port Hope; Osgoode 
Hall, December, 1919; Foi't Garry Horse, 
Trooper. Enlisted. September, 1914; 0. S., 
September 27, 1914; 9th King's Own Loyal 
Lancasters, 2nd Lt., December 24, 1914 ; 
France, September 3, 1915 ; Salonica, Novem- 
ber, 1915; Serbian Retreat, December, 1915; 
engagements against Bulgarians, 1915-1918; 
invalided to Malta with malaria fever, sum- 
mer of 1916; ret'd to duty, September, 1916; 
Lt., March 15, 1917; Capt., May 2, 1918; 
Despatches, June, 1918; ret'd from O.S. and 
discharged, June 4, 1919. 

borough St. W.. Toronto; B.; E. September 
'05, from Bishop Strachan Sch., Toronto: 
aged 8 ; L. June '10 ; son of H. J. Bethune, 
Inspr., Dominion Bank, Toronto; T.C.S., Port 
Hope '10-'14; Ridley Coll., St. Catharines, 
'14-'15; Cadet, R.M.C, Kingston '15-'16; R. 
CD., Lt. 

BETTS, HYLA HUME; Riegos y Fuerza 
del Ebro, Plaza Cabaluna 2, Barcelona. Spain ; 
E. September '98, from London CI. ; aged 
14-8; L. June '02; son of Frederick P. Betts, 
K.C, London; Grad. S.P.S. '06; B.A.Sc, Univ. 
Tor. '07 ; formerly Supt., Transformer Instal- 
lation with Rio de Janeiro Tramway Light 
and Power Co. Pte. Inns of Courts O.T.C; 
Lt. Cheshire Regt. ; Capt. R.E. ; Supt. Muni- 
tions Transport, Dunkirk, France; Despat- 
ches, December, 1916 (twice) ; Lt. Col. R.E., 


1917; Asst. Director-Genl. of Transportation, 
December, 1917; A.D.C.T.. B.E.F., Taranto, 
Italy, June, 1918; O.B.E., 1918. 

ter, September '18-; 6 Vivian St., Toronto; 
B. St. Rambert-Ain, France; L'ecole "La 
Martimiere", Lyons, France; Mily. Sch. of 
Calgary; sailed for France, September 4, 
1914; enlisted, September 18, 1914; 11th 
Dragoons, Capt. ; 150th Inf. Regt. ; Somme 
and Pas de Calais. September 18, 1914-May 
12, 1915; Vosges, May 15-September, 1915; 
wounded, June, 1915; Champagne (Verdun 
and Rheims) , April 10, 1916-December, 1917; 
v/ounded, October 30, 1916; Captain Instruc- 
tor (Oube Oamp), December, 1917 -June, 
1918; Legion d'Honneur; Croix de Guerre; 
discharged, June, 1918; ret'd from O.S., July, 

BIGGAR, ARTHR LYONS ; with Imperial 
Oil Ltd., Sarnia, Ont. E, January '01, from 
Belleville P.S.; aged 12-7; L. June '06; son 
of the late Major-Genl. J. Lyons Biggar ('72- 
'75), Ottawa; McGill Univ. '06-'09; Asst. 
Dist. Engr., Public Works Dept., Ottawa, for 
several years; on staff, Quebec Streams 
Commr. Enlisted, October 20, 1915 ; Lt. C.A. 
S.C; att'd C.P.A.S.C, Halifax, N.S.; officer 
i|c Supplies And Transport, St. John, N.B. 
April, 1916; transf'd Can. Engrs., January 
1917; transf'd 7th C. R. T., February, 1917 
O.S., February 16, 1917; France, March 28 
1917; Belgium, March, 1917-January, 1918 
France, March, 1918-January, 1919; Asst 
Transport Officer, H.Q. CF.C, May, 1918 
ret'd from O.S., March, 1919; discharged, 
April, 1919. 

Auditor; c|o Canadian Bank of Commerce, 
Head Office, Toronto. E. September '94, 
from Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 12-10; L. June '98; 
son of the late C.R.W. Biggar. Q.C., Toronto ; 
Lt. 12th Manitoba Dragoons. Enlisted, 
February 14, 1915; Lt. 32nd Can. Inf. Bn.; 

O.S., February 22, 1915;France, May 3, 1915; 
Lt. 2nd Can. Inf. Bn. ; Festubert; Givenchy; 
Staff Capt. 13th Can. Inf. Bgde in England, 
August 1, 1917; Major, D.A.A.G., H.Q. Cdns., 
Kimmel Park, December 12, 1918; ret'd from 
O.S., September 11, 1919; discharged, Sep- 
tember 18, 1919. 

B.; E. '72; aged 15-2; L. '75; son of the late 
J. L. Biggar, M.P.P., Murray P.O.; Argyll 
Light Inf. '81-'01; Camp Q.M. Dist. Staff 
'91-'00 ; on Staff Can. Contgt., Queen Vic- 
toria's Diamond Jubilee (Jubilee Medal) ; 
South Africa, '99-01; Staff Officer for O.S. 
Colonials at chief Base and Lines of Com- 
munication; also acted as Can. Red Cross 
Commissioner for seven months (Queen's 
medal with 4 clasps, Hon. Associate Order, 
St. John of Jerusalem) ; apptd. to H Q. Staff 
as D.A.G. for A.S.C. and organized the C.A. 
S.C; Staff Officer for Colonials at King 
Edward's Coronation, '02 (Coronation 
Medal) ; Director-Genl., Supplies and Trans- 
ports, '04; Brig.-Genl., 1916; Q.M.G., 1917; 
Order of St. Saba, 1918; died suddenly at 
Montreal, February 18, 1922. 

Pensions Commissioners, Ottawa, and The 
Rideau Apartments; B. (part time) ; E. '88, 
from the Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 10-3; L. '95;. 
son of the late C.R.W. Biggar, Q.C., Toronto ; 
M.B., Univ. Tor. '03; Lt., M.O., 101st Regt.. 
Edmonton Fusiliers, '12; C.A.M.C, Lt. En- 
listed, August, 1914; No. 1 Field Amb. 
Depot, Capt, ; 13th Can. Field Amb., Lt. Col., 
May, 1916; O.S.. July, 1916; France, August, 
1916; Somme, October - November, 1917; 
Passchendaele, October - November, 1917; 
ret'd from O.S., August, 1918; discharged 
same date. 

al Ore Concentration and Metallurgical Work, 
Nelson, B.C. B. ; E. September '13, from 
Lower Canada Coll. ; aged 14-8 ; L. June '15 ; 



son of the late W. H. Biggar, K.C. ('66-73), 
Montreal; Arts, McGill Univ. '15; Temp. Lt. 
5th Regt. Royal Highlanders of Canada, Oc- 
tober, 1915. Att'd H.Q., Ottawa, Adjt. to 
U.G.S. and T., April-June, 1916; Lt. 148th 
Bn., June 1 ; transf'd genl. list C.E.F, for 
sped, draft of officers for service O.S. im- 
mediately, August 23; O.S., September 26; 
transf'd 92nd Bn., December; transf'd 20th 
Res. Bn., February, 1917; 42nd Bn., R.H.C. 
March ; France, March 6 ; Vimy Ridge, April ; 
Passchendaele, October; concussion of brain 
October 31 ; ret'd to England, November 1 ; 
20th Res. Bn.; France, 62nd Bn., February, 
1918, as chief signal officer; Arras, August; 
Cambrai, September; Canal du Nord (Valen- 
ciennes), October; Capture of Mons, Novem- 
ber, 1918; signed the "Gold Book" of the city 
at 5 p.m., November 11; M.C., Bgde. Orders, 
December 10; L.G. 31219, and 31583, March 
8 and October 4; ret'd from O.S., March 9, 
1919; discharged, March 11. 

Block, Ottawa; B. (part time); E. Septem- 
ber '88, from Tor, Ch. Sch. ; aged 11-11; L. 
June '94 ; son of the late C.R.W. Biggar, Q.C., 
Toronto ; B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. '98 ; Ont. Bar, 
June '01; N.W.T. Bar, March '03; Alberta 
Bar, '07; K. C. '13; Lt. 101st Edmonton 
Fusiliers. Enlisted, July 11, 1916; Lt. Dis- 
trict Staff,' M.D. 13, Asst. Judge-Advocate- 
Genl. ; Major, September, 1916 ; Member Mily. 
Service Council, August, 1917; Lt. Col., 
Judge-Advocate-Genl., January, 1918; Col., 
April, 1919; Member Cdn. Delegation to the 
Peace Conference, November, 1918 - April, 
1919; retired. Col., February 1, 1920. 

Student, McGill Univ.; 297 Prince Arthur 
Ave., Montreal; B. ; E. January '09, from 
Montreal H.S. ; aged 13-1 ; L. June '13 ; (Head 
Boy) ; son of the late W. H. Biggar, K.C. 
r68-'73), Montreal; Studt. in Arts, Mc- 
Gill Univ. '13 -'15; 6th C.A.S.C, Lt. En- 
listed, March 21, 1915; 3rd Detcht C.P.A.S. 
C, Lt.; Adjt., August 15, 1915; 4th Divl. 

Train. Capt. and Adjt., April 4, 1916; O.S., 
June 28, 1916; C.A.S.C, Shorncliffe. Bram- 
Lhott, Hastings; France, May 15, 1918; 2nd 
Can. Divl. Train.; Amiens, August 8, 1918; 
Arras, August 27, 1918; Cambrai, September 
27, 1918; ret'd from O.S., May 22, 1919; 
d'^scharged, May 25, 1919. 

BIRD, HENRY IRVINE; Barrister-at- 
Law; 901 Metropolitan Bldg., Vancouver, B. 
C ; E. September '04 ; aged 12-8 ; L. June '10 ; 
son of Thomas A. Bird, Inspr. Bank of To- 
ronto, Toronto; 10th R.G., Lt. Enlisted, 
August 15, 1914; 16th Bn., Can. Scottish, L. 
Cpl.; 74th Bn.; 126th Bn.; O.S., September 
28, 1914; France, February 11, 1915; wound- 
ed at St. Julien, April 23, 1915; England; 
116th Bn., reverted from Major in 126th to 
Capt. to return to France; France, 1917; 
Capt. to A|Major, 116th Bn.; evacuated sick, 
August, 1917; ret'd from 0. S., December, 
1918; discharged same date. 

Rose Park Drive, Toronto ; Merchant ; E. '98, 
from Church St. P.S., Toronto ; aged 14-2 ; L. 
'00; son of Charles E.-Rlachford ('58), To- 
ronto; Q.O.R., Sergt. Enhsted, March, 1917; 
220th Bn., Lt. ; transf'd R.F.C, 2nd Lt. ; O.S.. 
December,1917 ; R.A.F.,Lt. ; Egypt and Pales- 
tine, May, 1918-January, 1919; AjCapt.; The 
Palestine Front, May-November 11, 1918; 
Despatches, September, 1918; ret'd from 0. 
S., May, 1919; discharged same date. 

BLACK, JOHN DOUGLAS ; 450 Charlotte 
St., Fredericton, N.B. ; B. ; E. September '98, 
from Davenport Sch., St. John; aged 15-2; 
L. June '00; son of John Black, Fredericton, 
N. B. ; Editor and Correspondent "Daily 
Gleaner", Fredericton, N.B. Enlisted, June 
20, 1916; Q.M., 236th Bn. (The McLean 
Highlanders), July 1, 1916; recruiting cam- 
paign in Boston, Mass., and throughout New 
England; 1,632 recruits for the Can. and Brit- 
ish forces as well as 500 for the United States 



Army and Navy; New England organization 
handed over to the British Recruiting Mis- 
sion; O.S., October 31, 1917; app't 2nd Inf. 
Div. Depot at Etaples; Depots all consoli- 
dated, then attd. to the Quebec Regtl. Depot ; 
appt'd Q.M., 6th Res.Eastern Ont.Regt., with 
which served until the Armistice ; discharged, 
January 11, 1919. 

79 Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto; Manufac- 
turer, 4 Ellerbeck Ave.; B.; E. January '04, 
after pte. tuition; aged 11-4; L. June '10; 
son of the late Thomas G. Blackstock, K.C. 
('69-'70), Toronto; Grad. R.M.C. '13; C.S.M., 
Gymnasium Badge '13 ; Univ. Tor. S.P.S. '13- ; 
3 0th R.G., Lt. Enlisted, England, August, 
1914; 2nd Lt. R.F.A.; 1st Can. Field Arty., 
Lt., September 22, 1914; France, February 
11, 1915; engaged in all battles between 
March, 1915, and end of the war; Staff Capt., 
1st C.D.A., September 28, 1915 ; Capt., April 

22, 1916; D.A.A.G., 3rd Can. Div., January 

23, 1917; Despatches, December 28, 1917; 
Major, May 19, 1918 ; M.C., June 19, 1918 ; Lt. 
Col. and to be A.A. & Q.M.G., 3rd Can. Div., 
December 12, 1918; A.A. & Q.M.G., Ripon 
Camp, May 7, 1919; Despatches, De- 
cember, 1919; O.B.E., December, 1919; ret'd 
from O.S., August, 1919; discharged same 

HAM; B.; E. September '91; aged 10-10; L. 
'91 ; son of the late Thomas G. Blackstock, K. 
C. ('69-'70), Toronto; Warren Hill, East- 
bourne, England; B.A., Univ. Coll. Tor. '02; 
Lt. 3rd Convoy Brit. Amb. Corps, French 
Red Cross ; Lt. B.E.F. 

BLAIN, DAVID; 42 Clarendon Ave., To- 
ronto; Wholesale Grocer; E. September '04, 
from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14-8; L. June 
'07 ; son of Hugh Blain, Toronto ; one year in 
Arts, Univ. Coll. Tor. ; B.A.Sc. Univ. Tor. '13 ; 
Draftsman, Canada Foundry Co., Bridge 
Dept., Toronto '13-'14; Eby Blain Ltd., '14- 

'16; Lt., 109th Regt. Enlisted, January 1, 
1917; Lt. 256th Ry. Constrn. Bn.; 0. S., 
March 22, 1917; 10th C.R.T.. Lt.; France, 
August 4, 1917; ret'd from O.S., April 11, 
1919 ; discharged same date. 

BLAKE, E. M. HUME (known as Hume 
Blake Jr.) 49 Clarendon Ave., Toronto; E. 
•02; son of E. W. H. Blake ('71-'75). Toron- 
to; Lt. H.Q., Shorncliffe. 

49 Clarendon Ave., Toronto; E. '71, Tutor; 
aged 11-2; L. '74; Re-E. January '75, from 
Gait C.I. ; L. June '75 ; son of the late Hon. 
D. E. Blake, M.P., K.C. ('46-'50), Toronto; 
B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. '84 ; Memb. Exec. Com. 
Victorian Order of Nurses, February '15 ; 
also of Finance Com.; Major, Estates Br., 
Can. Pay Office. 

BLAKE, HOLLIS H. ; 49 Clarendon Ave., 
Toronto ; E. '03 ; L. '06 ; son of E. W. H. Blake 
('71-'75), Toronto; Lt. 6th Batty., C. F. A., 
1st Can. Div. 

cocks St., Toronto; E. September '07, from 
St. Alban's Cathedral Sch.; aged 11; L. June 
'13; son of Mrs. Arthur Miles, Toronto; 
grandson of the late Hon. Mr. Chief Justice 
Armour ('43-'47) ; Univ. Coll. Tor. '13; B.A. 
Univ. Tor. '17. Lieut. C.A.S.C; transf'd C. 
F.C., 1917; transf'd 12th Res. Inf. Bn., 
August, 1917; in France with 75th Inf. Bn. 

St., Guelph, Ont. ; B. ; E. September '00, from 
Central Sch., Guelph; aged 13-5; L. Decem- 
ber '02; son of the late John M. Bond, 
Guelph ; B.A. (Trin. Coll.) '09 ; Law Student 
with Messrs. Kingstone, Symons & Kings- 
tone, '09-'10. Enlisted, August 22, 1914; 
30th Regt., C.E.F., Pte.; O.S., October, 1914; 
discharged on account of illness, June 30, 
1915; invalided home, July, 1915. 


* Photo by Swaine 


cent Rd., Toronto; Secretary, The C. S. Boone 
Tredging and Construction Co., Ltd. ; E. Sep- 
tember '91, from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 
12; L. June '97; son of the late C S. Boone, 
Contractor, Toronto ; Lt. 36th Peel Regt. '98- 
'00; commn., Manchester Regt., April 11, 
1900; joined 2nd Bn., in South Africa, 1900; 
Lt, November, 1900; Queen's and King's 
South African Medal with 3 clasps; Lord 
Kitchener's Despatches, August 20, 1901 
(continually noticed for coolness and gallant 
leading under fire) ; Provost Marshal, Col. 
Reay's col., 1901 ; Garrison Adjt. at Alderney, 
Channel Islds, 1902; Capt. April 3, 1907; Lt. 
10th R.G. 1915. Enlisted, November 7, 1915; 
Major 2nd i|C 123rd Bn., C.E.F. ; O.S., August 
7, 1916; France, March 10, 1917; 3rd Can. 
Div. ; Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, etc., — all 
actions of 3rd Can. Div., March, 1917~June 
1918; gassed slightly, October, 1917; De- 
spatches, January, 1918; 2nd i|C, 9th Can. 
Engrs. Bn., May, 1918; ret'd from 0. S., 
August 7, 1918 ; discharged, August, 1918. 

Messrs. Armour, Bell, Boswell & Cronyn, Ltd. 
27 Wellington Street, Toronto; B.; E. Janu- 
ary '04, from Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 10-11; L. 
May '06; son of Mrs. Emily S. Shoenberger, 
184 College. St., Toronto; 1st year Law 
Student; 9th Mississauga Horse. Enlisted, 
June, 1914; 15th Bn., C.E.F. (48th High- 
landers), Lt. ; O.S., October, 1914; France, 
February, 1915 ; wounded, Langemarck, 
April 24, 1915; England; R.F.C., Capt., Ob- 
server, March, 1917; France, April 6-Sep- 
tember 6, 1917; ret'd from O.S., November, 
1918; discharged, April 1, 1919. 

BOULTER, JOHN WEST; Accountant; 
50 Pine St., New York, U.S.A. ; E. September 
'08, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., Toron- 
to ; aged 14 ; L. June '11 ; son of H. C. Boulter, 
Toronto; Univ. Coll. Tor. (G.C.) '15. O.S., 
October 13, 1916; Enlisted (on arrival in 
England), October 19, 1916; R.F.C., 2nd Lt.; 
It., Flying Officer, March 31, 1917; France, 

April, 1917; Ypres Sector; ret'd from France, 
August, 1917; ret'd from O.S., July 10, 1919; 
discharged same date. 

Manufacturer, The Art Novelty Co., Dundas 
Street, London, Ont. E. September '04, from 
Rosedale P.S., Toronto; aged 16-3; L. June 
'07; son of the late R. H. Bowes ('58-'67), 
Toronto. Enlisted, January 16, 1915 ; Eaton 
M.G. Batty., Pte. ; att'd 2nd Div. ; O.S., June 
5, 1915; Cpl., C.A.S.C, M.T.; Sergt. 4th Can- 
Div. Supply Col.; France, August 11, 1916- 
May 17, 1919; ret'd from O.S., July 16, 1919; 
discharged, July 10, 1919. 

Clair Ave. W., Toronto; Barrister, Messrs. 
Henderson & Boyd, Barristers, 67 Yonge St. ; 
E. September '96, from Miss Saunders' Pte. 
Sch.; aged 10-7; L. June '03 (Mason Silver 
Medal) ; son of the late Sir J. A. Boyd ('47- 
'55), Chancellor of Ontario; B.A. Univ. Coll. 
Tor. '07; Ont. Bar '11; 4th Batty., C.F.A.. 
Lt. Enlisted, September 13, 1915; 40th 
Batty., C.F.A., Lt. ; att'd 8th Bgde., C.F.A.; 
O.S., February 5, 1916; France, July 12, 1916- 
December, 1917; all actions of the 3rd Can. 
Div. between these dates; ret'd from O.S., 
January 8, 1918; M.S.A. Officer, Capt., 1st 
Bn., 1st C.O.R., June, 1918; discharged, No- 
vember 30, 1918. 

Merchant ; 19 Maple Ave., Rosedale, Toronto ; 
E. September '06, from St. Alban's Cathedral 
Sch., Toronto; aged 14-3; L. June '09; son 
of George Boyd ('68-'71). Toronto; Q.O.R., 
2nd Bn., Sergt. Enlisted, 1914; 3rd Bn. 
(Tor. Regt.), Sergt.; O.S., October 3, 1914; 
21st Res. Bn. ; France, February 7, 1915; 
2nd battle of Ypres, April 22, 1915; Festu- 
bert. May 21, 1915; Givenchy, June 15. 1915; 
Mount Sorrel, June 14, 1916; wounded, June 
14, 1916; France, April 2, 1918; Amiens, 
August 8, 1918 ; 1st Battle of Arras, August, 
21, 1918; 2nd Battle of Arras, Spetember 4, 


1918; Lt., November 22, 1918; ret'd from 
O.S., September 3, 1919; discharged, Sep- 
tember 5, 1919. 

BOYD, EDMUND ; Surgeon Specialist, 143 
College St., Toronto; E. '96, from Tor. Ch. 
Sch. ; aged 14-2 ; L. '00 (Mason Gold Medal) ; 
son of the late Sir J. A. Boyd ('47-'55), Chan- 
cellor of Ontario Head of Town '99; B. A. 
Univ. Coll. Tor. '05; M.B. do. '08; L.R.C.P. 
Lond.; M.R.C.S. England, '10; Asst. Throat 
and Ear Dept.. Tor. Gen. Hosp., '13; Asst. 
Surgeon, Sick Children's Hosp. ; Capt. C.A.M. 
C. Enlisted, September, 1918; Capt. C.A.M. 
C; O.S., September 25, 1918; Westcliff Ear 
Hosp., Folkestone; Ontario Mily. Hosp., Or- 
pington; ret'd from O.S., October 14, 1919; 
discharged, October 31, 1919. 

Lake Asbestos and Chrome Co. Ltd., Black 
Lake, P. Q., and Bobcaygeon, Ont. E. '00, 
from Bishop Ridley Coll., aged 15; L. June 
'03; son of Gardiner Boyd, Lumber Mer- 
chant, Toronto; B.Sc, McGill Univ. '11 ; form- 
erly with Berlin Northern Ry. Co., Kitchener, 
Ont. Enlisted, November 11, 1916, Shorn- 
cliffe, Gnr. 4th Batty., C.F.A. ; France, June, 
1917 ; transf 'd signaller, 25th Batty., C.F.A., 
6th Bgde., 2nd Div.; Hill 70, August, 1917; 
Passchendaele, November, 1917; Monchy, 
Cherissy, Cagnicourt, Valenciennes, Septem- 
ber 3, 1918-November 11, 1918; unimportant 
actions, — Lens, July, 1917; Mericourt, Janu- 
ary-February, 1918; Boileux, March, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., July, 1919; discharged, July 
12, 1919. 

Teller, The Dominion Bank, Gage Avenue, 
Branch, Hamilton, Ont.; E. Prep. Sch., Sep- 
tember '09, from Rosedale P.S., Toronto; 
aged 12; L. June 14; son of George Boyd 
('68-'71), Toronto; Pte. 48th Highlanders, 
Toronto. Enlisted, April, 1916; Gnr. "D" 
Sub-Section, "C" Batty., R.C.H.A., Kingston, 
Ont. ; O.S., July 14, 1916 ; transf 'd signaller, 

1st Res. Batty., Shorncliffe; France, Decem- 
ber 3, 1916; transf 'd signaller, 12th Batty., 
C.F.A., December 7, 1916 ; Vimy Ridge, April 
9, 1917; Valenciennes; Passchendaele, No- 
vember, 1917; transf 'd signaller, wireless 
section, 3rd Bgde., H. Q., January, 1918; 
Amiens, August 8, 1918; Vis-en-Artois Sep- 
tember 2, 1918; Cambrai, September, 1918; 
ret'd from O. S., May 23, 1919; discharged 
same date. 

caygeon, Ont. ; B. ; E. '00, after Pte. Tuition ; 
aged 13: L. '01; son of Mossom M. Boyd, 
Lumberman, Toronto; B.A. (Corpus Christi 
Coll.), Oxford, '08; B.Sc, McGill '11 ; Commn. 
R. F. C, November, 1915; "wings", April, 
1916; India, May, 1916; 31st Squadron; 
Mohmand campaign, 1916; Wiziristan cam- 
paign, 1917; Afghanistan campaign, 1919. 

BOYD, PHILIP EWING; Accountant's 
Dept.. Osgoode Hall ; 646 Huron St., Toronto. 
E. September '87, from Miss Walker's Sch., 
Toronto; aged 11-3; L. Easter '91; Re-E. 
September '91; L. June '93; son of the late 
Sir J. A. Boyd ('47-'55), Chancellor of On- 
tario; Lt., 48th Highlanders, Toronto. En- 
listed, December, 1915; Lt. 134th Bn. (48th 
Highlanders); Capt. do.; Major, do.; O.S., 
August, 1916; ret'd from O.S., May 20, 1918; 
discharged, July 23, 1918. 

Student, Univ. Tor. ; 346 Spadina Rd., Toron- 
to. E. September '12, from Univ. Schs., To- 
ronto ; aged 15-6 ; L. June '14 ; son of J. Boyd, 
Toronto. Enlisted, September, 1915; Gnr. 
34th Batty., C.F.A. ; attd. 3rd Div. C.E.F.; 
O.S.. March 2, 1916; France, June, 1916; 
Ypres ; Somme ; Vimy Ridge ; ret'd from O.S., 
December, 1917; discharged, March, 1918. 

borough, Ont. ; B. ; E. '98, from Peterborough 
C.I. ; aged 18-1 ; L. '99 ; son of T. E. Bradburn, 


Peterborough; 101st Regt., Edmonton, Alta. 
Enlisted, January 1, 1915; 51st Bn., Lt. ; Sr. 
Capt., O. C. Coy.; O.S., April, 1916; France, 
June 6, 1916; reverted to rank of Lt. on join- 
ing 49th Bn., June 8, 1916; Capt., August, 
1916; A|Major, June, 1917; M.C., June 8, 
1917; wounded, October 28, 1917; England, 
November 8, 1917 ; ret'd from O.S., February, 
1918; discharged, medically unfit, July, 1918. 

Navy; E. May '10, from Gore Court Sch., 
Kent; aged 10-9; L. June '15; son of Lionel 
H. Brett, Toronto; Royal Naval Coll., Halifax, 
August '15-'18. Enlisted, February, 1918, 
Royal Can. Navy, Midn.; O.S., February 28, 
1918; H.M.S. "Canada", March 19, 1918; H. 
M.S. "Barham", April, 1919 ; England, North 
Sea Fleet; ret'd home on leave, March 30, 
1919. Injured by glass at the time of the 
explosion in Halifax, while in trg., 1917. 

BROCK, HENRY T.; Barrister, Messrs. 
Cassels, Brock, Kelley, & Falconbridge, and 
President, the W. R. Brock Co., Ltd., Toronto ; 
E. '71, from Montreal H.S.; aged 12; L. '77; 
son of the late W. R. Brock, Toronto; Ont. 
Bar, '85; B.C.L. Trin. Coll. '99; D.C.L. do., 
'05; Univ. (K) Co., Q.O.R., July '77; Lt. '82; 
Capt. '88; served as Lt. in N.W. Campaign 
'85; specially mentioned in Despatches, 
Canada Gazette; Medal and Clasp; Major, 
10th R.G. '99; Lt. Col., do., June 11, '12. 
Chief Recruiting Officer for Toronto, Lt. Col., 
July, 1915; Chief Recruiting Oflficer M.D. No. 
2, October, 1915; Director of National Ser- 
vice, M.D. No. 2, September 30, 1916; Memb. 
Selective Board under M.S.A., October, 1917. 

Ave., N.W.3, London, England; E. '09, from 
Heath Sch., Mt. Hampstead; aged 10-4; L. 
'10; son of the late T. G. Brodie, Pro- 
fessor, Univ. Tor. ; Cadet at Dartmouth Coll. ; 
served one year on H.M.S., "Talbot" ; H.M.S., 
"Shannon", 1915-1917; Vimiera Destroyers, 

1917-1919; served in the Baltic for nine 
months on the "Phaeton". 

BRODIE, KENNETH ; 47 Belsize Ave., N. 
W.3, London, England; E.' 09, from Heath 
Sch., Mt. Hampstead ; aged 10-4 ; L. '10 ; son 
of the late T.G. Brodie, Professor, Univ. Tor. ; 
Westminster Sch. '14. Commission, 3rd 
Dorsets, June, 1915; France, December, 
1915; wounded, July 1, 1916; invalided to 
England and spent one year in hosp. ; India, 
1917; remained in India nearly two years. 

R.A.F.; C. Flight, A. Detacht., South Russia; 
c[o Mrs. A. J. Broughall, 100 Howard St., 
Toronto. E. September '07; L. December 
'08 ; son of the late F. W. Broughall, Banker, 
Toronto. Enlisted, February, 1915 ; with 
British Army in England; Pte. A. S. C; 
France, 5 days after enlistment ; Somme ; 2nd 
Lt. 7th Bn., Royal Sussex Regt., May, 1916 ; 
Contalmaison, July, 1916; M. C. for work at 
Contalmaison, — only oflficer of company not a 
casualty; 2nd Lt. R.N.A.S., December, 1916; 
Flying Oflicer in France, Summer. 1917; 
Machine shot to pieces close to German lines, 
September 22, 1917; Prisoner in Germany, 
September, 1917-December, 1918; repatriat- 
ed and in England, December 1, 1918 ; Russia, 
April, 1919, on. 

ter-at-Law, 60 Victoria St.and 107 Woodlawn 
Ave. W., Toronto. E. '92, from Wellesley 
P.S., Toronto ; aged 15 ; L. '97 (Mason Silver 
Medal '96) ; son of the late C.A.B. Brown, 
Ibronto ; B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. '01 ; Ont. Bar, 
'04; Solicitor, Board of Education, '13; Lt. 
10th Regt. R. G. Enlisted, February 25, 
1916; Major, 123rd Bn. (2nd i C) ; O. S., 
August 7, 1916; France, March 10, 1917; 
transf'd Major 9th Bn., C.E.; Italy, Decem- 
ber, 1917; gassed, September 18, 1918; De- 
spatches, twice, January 1, 1918, and January 
1, 1919; ret'd from O.S., June 15, 1919; dis- 
charged, June 29, 1919. 



geon in Montreal; 451 Mackay St.; 
B.; E. September '79, from Quebec H.S. ; 
aged 11-11; L. '82; son of John Brown, 
Quebec ; M.D. ; Surgeon-Major, 5th Royal 
Highlanders of Canada. Enlisted, Septem- 
ber 22, 1914 ; Major, C.A.M.C, 13th Bn. ; O.S., 
September, 1914, 1st Div. ; France, February, 
]915; No. 1 C.G.H., June, 1915; 2nd battle of 
Ypres, April, 1915; Festubert, May, 1915; 
Sanctuary Wood, June, 1916; Somme, 1916; 
8th Can. Field Amb., June, 1916; inspr. of 
drafts, le Havre and Etaples, 1917; Despat- 
ches, December 31, 1918; Lt. Col., 1919; C. 
B.E., June 3, 1919; ret'd from 0. S., June, 
1919; discharged same date. 

field, Oak Ridges, Ont. ; Salesman in Chicago, 
111., U.S.A.; E. September, from the Model 
Sch., Toronto; aged 15; L. Christmas '10; son 
of G. W. Brown, Oak Ridges; Lt. 10th R.G. 
Enlisted, December, 1915; Lt. 123rd Bn. 
(R. G.) ; O.S., August 2, 1916; transport 
officer; France, March 7, 1917; Vimy Ridge; 
Passchendaele ; shot through stomach and 
left hip, October 31, 1917; ret'd from O.S., 
April 10, 1918; discharged, February 17, 

European Genl. Mgr., C.P.R., European Head 
Office, 62 to 65 Charing Cross, Trafalgar 
Square, London, S.W.I ; B. ; E. '79, from 
Hamilton P.S.; aged 14-6; L. '80; son of the 
Hon. Adam Brown, Hamilton, Ont. ; associat- 
ed with the War Office in connection with the 
purchase through the C.P.R. organisation of 
military supplies in Canada; Asst. Dir. of 
Movements for the British, 1916; Major, 
February 17, 1917; director ijc of the re- 
organisation and operation of that branch 
of the Directorate of Movements on all 
fronts, dealing with all classes of supplies, 
munition, guns, and army requirements of all 
kinds; Lt. Col., November, 1917; A. D.-G., 
Movements and Railways with the 
rank of Col.; France on special duty, 1918, 

till end of war; relinquished post, February, 
1919; demobilized, retaining rank, February 
28, 1919; K.B.E. 

Bahamas, B.W.I. ; B. ; E. September '02, from 
Pte. Sch., Nassau, N.P. ; aged 9-5; L. June, 
'04 ; Re-E. September '08, from Barrie H.S. ; 
L. June '11 ; son of the Hon. Joseph Brown, 
Nassau, N.P. ; Lt. Bahamas Defence Force. 
EnHsted, August 5, 1917; 2nd Lt.,llth B.W.I. 
Regt.; O.S., September 2, 1917; France, Oc- 
tober 28, 1917 ; Italy, November, 1917-June, 
1918; France, August, 1918-December, 1919; 
Lt., April 2, 1919 ; Germany, January - July, 
1920; attd. Manchester Regt., September 
1919-July, 1920; discharged, September 25, 
1920; ret'd from O.S., November 11, 1920. 

Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto; E. September 
'08, from Huron St. P.S., Toronto ; aged 15-8 ; 
L. June '11 ;son of M. H. Brown, Toronto. 
Enlisted, October 2, 1915 ; Gnr. 34th Batty., 
Kingston, Ont. ; 0. S., December 23, 1915 ; 
transf 'd 2nd Res. Batty., Shorncliff e ; France, 
March 4, 1916; transf 'd-lst Can. Div., T.M. 
Batty.; Sanctuary Wood, June, 1916; P. of 
W., June 2, 1916; repatriated, November, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., January 3, 1919; dis- 
charged, April 1, 1919. 

BROWN, STUART HALL; Barrister-at- 
law, 6 Jordan St., Toronto, and Oakville, Ont. ; 
E. September '04, from the Tor. Ch. Sch.; 
aged 14-7; L. June '07; son of Edward B. 
Brown ('65-'73), K.C., Osgoode Hall, Toron- 
to; Master. U.C.C. Prep. Sch. 'lO-'ll; B.A. 
Univ. Tor. '12; 36th Peel Regt., Provl. Lt. 
Enlisted, December 24, 1915; Sch. of Inf., 
Instructional Staff, Lt. ; transf 'd 20th Bn., 
Capt., August, 1916; O.S., April, 1917; on 
breaking up of 5th Div. reverted to Lt. to 
proceed to France; France, end of 1917; 
transf'd 116th Bn.. January, 1918; transf'd 
3rd Bn., C.M.G.C, May, 1918; Amiens, Arras, 




* Photo by Iiatubert Weston and Son, I^td. 


1918; G.S.W., September, 1918; ret'd from 
0. S., February, 1919; discharged, March, 

Ave., Toronto; Secretary; E. September '13, 
from West Toronto H.S.; aged 17-10; L. 
June '14; son of R. J. Bruce, Toronto. En- 
Hsted, February 14, 1916; 149th Batty., Lt.; 
C.A.S.C. Pte., January, 1917 ; O.S., January, 
1917; Can. Trg. Sch., Cadet; 11th Res. Batty., 
Lt.; France, September, 1917; 78th Bn., Lt.; 
Passchendaele ; wounded, October 30, 1917; 
in Canada on leave, December, 1917 ; C.F.C. ; 
ret'd from O.S., December, 1918 ; discharged, 
February 28, 1920. 

BRUCE, OSWALD G.; 62 Kenilworth 
Ave., Wimbledon, S.W., London, England ; B. ; 
E. '98, L. '00; son of G. Barclay Bruce, 
Calgary, Alta. Enlisted in Singapore, De- 
cember, 1914; Straits' Contgt.; granted 
Commn. by Governor before sailing for Eng- 
land, January 1, 1915; joined Durham L.I., 
February 20, 1915; transf'd M.G.C., Decem- 
ber, 1915 ; Lt., September 1, 1916 ; Capt., act- 
ing i|C M.G.C., later Major, September,1917; 
in France on the Somme; wounded, Somme, 
June, 1916; 1st patient in Univ. Hosp., 
(typhoid) ; Festubert, Givenchy, August, 
1916; Egypt and Palestine, 1917-1918; 
Record Office in substantive rank of Lt. 

Apartments, Sherbrooke St., Winnipeg, Man. ; 
B. ; E. September '11, from Regina P.S. ; 
aged 14-6; L. June '13; son of J. J. Bryan, 
Regina, Sask. ; Cashier, Winnipeg Electric 
Ry. Co. Enlisted, June 30, 1915 ; discharged 
from 37th Batty., as being temporarily unfit 
for service caused by being thrown from a 
gun carriage, September, 1915; enlisted, 2nd 
time, December, 1917; R.F.C., Cadet Pilot; 
discharged, January 10, 1919. 

Moose Jaw, Sask.; B.; E. August '88, from 
Bradford H.S.; aged 14-6; L. June '91; son 

of Revd. James Bryant, Bradford, Ont. 
Univ. Coll. Tor. '91-'93; LL.B. Univ. Man. '10 
(Bronze Medal, 2nd equal) ; formerly School- 
master, Richmond, Ont., and Civil Servant, 
Dominion Lands' Office, Moose Jaw; 60th 
Rifles of Can., Lt. Enlisted, December 15, 
1915, 128th Bn., Lt. ; Capt., March, 1916; 0. 
S., August, 1916; on break-up of 128th Bn., 
June, 1917, joined 161st Bn., Capt. ; 19th Res. 
Bn. ; reverted to Lt. to go to France ; France. 
September 14, 1917 ; 46th Bn., Lt. ; Passchen- 
daele, October 26, 1917; G. S. W. through 
chest, October 26. 1917; in Hosp. in France 
and England; ret'd from O.S., February 10, 
1918; discharged. May 9, 1918. 

Oil Co., loco, B.C.; E. September '07. from 
the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 13-4; L. June 
'10; son of James Brydon, Toronto; clerk, 
John Stark & Co., Toronto ; Sergt. 9th Batty. 
Enlisted, April, 1915 ; Sergt. 30th Batty., C. 
F.A. ; attached Can. Res. ; transf'd 31st 
Batty., June, 1915; O.S., July, 1915; France, 
February, 1916; commissioned 92nd Batty., 
R.F.A. ; Lt., December, 1916 ; transf'd R.N.A. 
S., July, 1917, as Fit. Sub-Lt.; joined R.A.F. 
on formation; 207th Squadron, France; 
Ypres, 1916; wounded, March, 1916; Somme, 
August-December, 1916; remaining service 
in France and Belgium with R.N.A.S. and 
R.A.F. ; discharged. January 17, 1919; ret'd 
from O.S., March, 1919. 

Senkler, Buell, & VanHorne, Barristers, 202 
Pacific Bldg., Vancouver, B.C.; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '85, from Brockville C.I. ; aged 17; 
L. July '86; son of J. D. Buell, Brockville; 
Ont. Bar, 1891; Bar of B.C. 1893; Major, 
Brockville, 1901; Lt. Col, O.C. 41st Regt. 
Brockville Rifles. Enlisted, September 22, 
3 914; Lt. Col., 4th Can. Inf. Bn., 2nd ijC 
O.S., September 23, 1914; France, February 
8, 1915 ; Neuve Chapelle, March 10-12, 1915 ; 
2nd Battle of Ypres, April 23, 1915 ; severely 
wounded same date; transf'd 36th Res. Bn., 


England, July 1, 1916; O.C. 3rd Can. Res. Bn.. 
January 1, 1917; H.Q. Staff. Can. Corps 
Camp, May 15, 1919; mentioned for valuable 
services. War Office list, October 26, 1916; 
do., February, 1917; do. March 13, 1918; 
C.B.E., June 3, 1919; ret'd from O.S.. August 
16, 1919 ; discharged, August 20, 1919 ; trans- 
ferred R. 0.; Chevalier of the Legion of 
Honour, November, 1920. 

St., Winnipeg, Man.; Works Mgr., Royal 
Crown Soaps Ltd., Calgary, Alta. ; B.; E. 
September '03 ; aged 16-8 ; L. June '07 ; son of 
Manlius Bull, Manufacturer, Winnipeg; B.A. 
Sc, McGill '15. EnKsted, February, 1915; 
1st Univ. Co., P.P.C.L.L, Pte.; O.S., May 31, 
1915; Can. Engrs., July, 1915; France, July, 
1915; ret'd to England,August, 1915; France, 
January 3, 1916; wounded, February, 1916; 
France, April 19, 1917; M.C., Passchendaele, 
September, 1917; 2nd Bgde., Can. Engrs., 
Staff Capt., May. 1918; Vimy Ridge, Pas- 
schendaele; Amiens, Arras, Cambrai; ret'd 
from O.S., April, 1919 ; discharged same date. 

House, 118 St. George St., Toronto; E. '82, 
from P.S., Toronto; aged 10-7; L. '88; son 
of the late C. W. Bunting, Editor of the Mail, 
Toronto; B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. '92; Engr; Pte. 
50th Gordon Highlanders, Victoria. B.C. 
Enlisted, March, 1915; 48th O.S. Bn.; O.S., 
June 15, 1915; transf'd 30th Res. Bn.; 
France, June, 1916; Ypres Salient, July and 
August, 1916; Somme, September, 1916; 
wounded, September 16, 1916; leg amputat- 
ed; ret'd from O. S., October 3, 1918; dis- 
charged. May 23, 1919. 

ter, etc.. Spectator Bldg., Hamilton, Ont. ; B. ; 
E. May '88, from Ottawa C.I.; aged 14; L. 
December '88; son of the late Hon. Mr. 
Justice Burbidge, Ottawa; formerly of 
Messrs. Andrews. Andrews, Burbidge, & Bas- 
tedo, Winnipeg, Man.; and with Messrs. Mew- 

burn, Ambrose, Burbidge, & Marshall, Hamil- 
ton; B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. '95; LL.B do. 
'97; Lt. Corps of Guides, November, 1914; 
transf'd 13th Royal Regt., November, 1915. 
Enlisted, December 6, 1915; Capt. and Adjt. 
120th (city of Hamilton) Bn., C.E.F.; Major, 
do.. May 7, 1916; 0. S., August 15, 1916; 
transf'd 2nd Can. Res. Bn.. February 1, 1917; 
Bramshott Mily. Hosp., September 14, 1916 
(typhoid fever) ; ret'd from O.S., Mai'ch 8, 
1917; discharged, September 20, 1917. 

BURDEN, HENRY JOHN ; Architect, 494 
Avenue Rd., Toronto; E. January '05, from 
Huron St. P.S., Toronto; aged 11-9; L. June 
'11; son of C. E. Burden, Toronto; B.A.Sc, 
Univ. Tor. '15; Lt. 9th Mississauga Horse. 
Enlisted, January 1, 1915; Lt. 75th Bn. C. E. 
F.; O.S., March, 1916; transf'd 11th C.M.G. 
Coy., May, 1916; France, July, 1916; St. £loi, 
July, 1916; Somme, September. 1916; Vimy 
Ridge, 1917; transf'd R.A.F., April. 1917; 
France. February, 1918; Fit. Commander, 
July, 1918; D.S.O. and D.F.C., August, 1918; 
with R.F.C. in all engagements on 3rd, 4th, 
and 5th Army fronts. Arras to St. Quentin, 
1918; Despatches, November, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., October, 1918; discharged, Janu- 
ary 1, 1919. 

Bloor St. West, Toronto ; New York Eye and 
Ear Hospital, 218, 2nd Ave., New York, U.S. 
A., for 1920; E. '07, from Bishop Ridley Coll.; 
aged 15-10; L. June '09; son of Dr. G. H. 
Burnham, 128 Blood St.. W., Toronto; M.B. 
Univ. Tor. '13 ; L.R.C.P.O. Enlisted, August 
7, 1914; Lt. C.A.M.C; attd. 2nd Bgde., C.F. 
A., 1st C.E.F.; O.S., September 22, 1914; 
France, February, 1915 ; 2nd Battle of Ypres, 
1915; Festubert, 1915; Givenchy, 1915; Des- 
patches, July, 1915; Capt, No. 2 Can. Field 
Amb., December, 1915-April, 1916; Ypres, 
1916 (Sanctuary Wood) ; Somme, 1916 ; 
Italian Silver Medal for Mily. Valour, 1st 
Army, 1916; transf'd West Cliff Can. Eye and 
Ear Hosp., England, February, 1917, Temp. 
Major, 2nd i|c; ret'd from O.S., March, 1919; 
discharged, April. 1919. 



late of Toronto; B. ; E. September '85, 
from Port Hope H.S.; aged 16; L. '88; son 
of the late H. H. Burnham, Dunbartoji Hall, 
Port Hope; R.C.R., Major, Permt. Force, 
since April 12, '98; on duty at outbreak of 
War, Commandant Royal Sch. of Inf., 
Quebec; R.C.R., Major, Bermuda, '14; D.A.G. 
and Q. M. G. on the staff of Lt.-Genl. Sir 
George Bullock, K.C.B., Governor and Com- 
mander-in-chief of Bermuda; i|c of Records 
of Can. Officers, Record Office, Londop, Eng- 
land; sometime at Stanley Barracks, Toron- 
to; i|c furloughs at Dist. H.Q.; Lt. Col. '18; 
A.A.G., M.D. 2 H.Q., Toronto; discharged, 
July. 1919; died, February 1, 1922. 

BURNS, FRANK P. ; P. Burns & Co., Ltd., 
49 King St., E., Toronto; E. '87, from the 
Model Sch.; aged 14; L. '89; son of the late 
P. Burns, 412 Front St., W.. Toronto ; 109th 
Regt. Enlisted, February, 1916; 180th Bn., 
Capt.; O.S., November, 1916; 3rd Res. Bn.; 
two years in England, medically unfit for 
France; ret'd from O.S., October, 1918; dis- 
charged, November, 1918. 


West 57th St.. New York, U.S.A.; Foreign 
Exchange Dept., Equitable Trust Co. ; B. ; E. 
September '11, from Warwick Academy, 
Bermuda ; aged 13-9 ; L. June '15 ; son of John 
Burrows, Hamilton, Bermuda. Enlisted, 
September 24, 1918; Students' Army Trg. 
Corps, Cpl., Columbia Univ., New York; dis- 
charged, December 12, 1920. 

ham Ave., Toronto; Pres. & Genl. Mgr., 
Beaver Brass Co. ; B. ; E. September '93, from 
Bishop Ridley Coll., and Barrie C.I. ; aged 
17-7; L. June '94; son of J. L. Burton, Barrie, 
Ont.; Q.O.R., Major; Lt. Col. Enlisted, Au- 
gust, 1914; 58th Bn., Major; 75th Bn., Major, 
O.C. 2nd Coy., October. 1914; 216th Bn., Lt. 
Col., February, 1916; O.S., April 13, 1917; 
ret'd from O.S., as medically unfit, through 

accident, July, 1917; discharged, October, 

SON ;University of Manitoba,Winnipeg;Asst. 
Professor of Geology; Science Master. Sep- 
tember '13-September '14; son of the late 
Revd. N. Burwash, Victoria Univ., Toronto; 
Cobourg C.I.; Albert Coll., Belleville; Vic- 
toria Coll. (Cobourg and Toronto) ; B. A. 
Univ. Tor. (Vict.) '93; M.A., do. '97; B.D. 
Vict. '03; Ph.D. Univ. Tor. '14; Ph.D. Univ. 
Chicago, '15; Can. Oflficers Trg. Corps 
(Toronto), Inf. Certificate, April, 1916. En- 
listed, July 11, 1916; Can. Chaplain Service, 
12th Bgde. C.F.A.; O.S., September 13, 1916; 
Can. Musketry Sch., Borden, Hants, October 
23, 1916; Bramshott Mily. Hosp., January 14, 
1917; France, May 5, 1917; No. 39 (British) 
G.H., le Havre; Can. Inf. Base Depot, Etaples, 
June 26, 1917; London Mily. Area, July 19, 
1918; ret'd; from O.S., August 29, 1918; 
Chaplain, M.D. 13 (Alberta) ; discharged, 
December 20, 1918. 


Ontario St., Toronto ; 0. L. S., Department 
of Public Highways, Ontario; E. January 
'96, from Harbord St. C.I., Toronto ; aged 17- 
4 ; L. June '98 ; son of the late Revd. N. Bur- 
wash, Chancellor of Victoria Univ., Toronto ; 
B.A.Sc, Univ. Tor. '05; O.L.S.'05; D.L.S.'07; 
Surveyor and Mining Engr. Enlisted as 2nd 
Cpl., C.E. Trg. Depot 2; O.S., June 28, 1915; 
transf'd 6th Field Co., C.E., Spr., Septem- 
ber 10, 1915; France, September 16, 1915; 
wounded. May 14, 1916 ; recommended for 
commn.; ret'd from O.S., December 20, 1916; 
discharged, June 30, 1917. 

ROY; 5a Westmoreland Apts., Winnipeg, 
Man.; Service Motors Ltd., 44 Whitehall 
Ave. ; B. ; E. '99, after pte. tuition ; aged 15 ; 
L. '00 ; son of H. J. Cairns, Toronto. Enlisted 
March 11, 1916; Lt. 183rd (Winnipeg) Bn.; 
att'd M.D. 10; 0. S., September 27, 1916; 


Plioto toy Swaine 


transf*d 144th Bn.; France, November 20, 
1916; transf'd 52nd Bn.; later 9th C.M.G. 
Coy.; 1st Bn., C. M. G. Coy.; Vimy Ridge, 
Cambrai, and all engagements up to Armis- 
tice; April 19, 1917, G.S.W. right knee; ret'd 
from O.S., and discharged, April 8, 1919. 

General Staff Officer, grade 1, Militia H.Q., 
Ottawa. B. ; E. September '87, from Lanark 
P.S.; aged 13-2; L.June '92; son of the late 
W. C. Caldwell, M.P.P., Lanark; R.M.C. '92; 
absent '94-'96; graduated '98 (Sword of 
Honour) ; South Africa, Staff C.R.E., western 
lines of communication, '99-'00 ; on staff Field 
Intelligence Dept., '00; Lt. 14th Regt., P.W. 
O.R., '01 ; Lt. Ottawa Engr. Corps '02 ; Capt. 
Corps of Guides '03 ; Intelligence Staff Officer, 
Canada, '03; Major, Corps of Guides '04; 
transf'd R. C. Engrs., '05; Asst. Director of 
Intelligence and Administrator, Corps of 
Guides '05 ; Comdg. R.C.E. in 2nd Mily. Div. ; 
Lt. Col. R.C.E. ; Official Secy, to Lt.-Governor 
of Ontario, 1912-1916 ; Officer Administering 
R.C.E., June 15, 1916-March, 1918; G.S.O., 
grade 1, from March, 1918. 

Engineer, Consolidated Mining and Smelting 
Co., Kimberley, B.C.; B.; E. January '03, 
from Miss Walker's Pte. Sch.; aged 11-8; 
L. June '09 ; son of the late William Caldwell, 
M.P.P., Toronto; B. A. Sc, Univ. Tor. '13; 
Engr. Enlisted, November 10, 1916; Lt. C. 
E.; O.S., April 6, 1917; France, November 7, 
1917; transf'd 3rd Can. Tunnelling Co.; 
Ypres Salient; Flanders Salient, 16 months; 
M.C., October 19, 1918; ret'd from O.S., April 
21, 1919 ; discharged, April 30, 1919. 

Roslyn Rd., Winnipeg, Man.; B.; E. January 
'02, from Rat Portage H.S.; aged 14-6; L. 
December '05 ; son of the late Sir Douglas C. 
Cameron, Rat Portage. Enlisted, October 
26, 1914; 27th Bn., C.E.F., Lt.; O.S., May, 
1915; transf'd Can. Arty., Lt., November 30, 

1917; Bt. Capt., March 15, 1918; discharged. 
April 30, 1919. 

Professor of Surgery, Univ. Tor., 307 Sher- 
bourne St., Toronto ; E. '65, from a pte. sch. ; 
aged 10-1 ; L. '71 ; son of the late Sir M.C. 
Cameron ('38), C.J., Ontario; M.B. Univ. 
Tor., '74; Hon. LL.D. (Edinburgh and Tor.), 
F.R.C.S., England '00; F.R.C.S., Edin.. '05; 
F.R.C.S.I., F.A.C.S.; Surgeon, Chief of Ser- 
vice, Tor. Gen. Hosp., St. Michael's Hosp., and 
Hosp. for Sick Children. In England, volun- 
teered for British service, declined, August 
5, 1914; later ret'd to Canada; Lt. Col., 
Mentioned for Services, February, 1917; Col., 
President, Board of Consultants to D.G.M.S., 
September, 1917-May, 1920. 

Rd., Winnipeg, Man.; B.; E. January '05, 
from Fort Rouge Sch., Winnipeg; aged 8-7; 
L. Christmas '06 ; son of the late Sir Douglas 
C. Cameron, Rat Portage; 79th Cameron 
Highlanders of Canada, Lt. 1915 ; appt'd 43rd 
Bn., C.E.F., Lt., February, 1915; O.S., May 
31, 1915; France, II/2 years; appt'd Flying 
Officer Observer, April 3, 1917 ; 52nd Squad- 
ron, R.F.C. ; discharged, December 12, 1918. 

FRAE; R.C.R., Montreal; E. September '09, 
from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., Toronto; 
aged 14-2; L. December '11; ward of J. W. 
Dick, Civil Service, Toronto. Enlisted, Sep- 
tember 11, 1914; Lt. R.C.R.; O.S.. August 25, 
1915; France, November 1, 1915; dangerous- 
ly wounded, February 26, 1916; ill, Septem- 
ber 3, 1917; ret'd from O.S., November 21, 
1917; attd. Can. Mily. Police Corps, June 14, 
1918-January 23, 1920. 

ner. Automotive Supplies ; 170 N. Algoma St., 
Port Arthur, Ont.; B.; E. September '13, 
from Port Arthur H.S. ; aged 15-1 ; L. June 


'15; son of D. K. Campbell, Port Arthur. 
Enlisted, December 18, 1917; Cadet, R.A.F.; 
1st Lt., April 1, 1918; discharged, January 
3, 1919. 

Oil Co., Lt., Regina, Sask. E. January '06, 
from St. Alban's Cathedral, Sch., Toronto; 
aged 11; L. June '13; son of the late Lome 
Campbell ('61-), Toronto; Otis-Fensom Ele- 
vator Co., 50 Bay St., Toronto ; Lt. 36th Peel 
Regt. Enlisted, December 14, 1915; Lt. 
198th Bn. (Can. Buffs) ; appt'd Signalling 
Officer. 198th Bn.; O.S., March, 1917; France, 
April, 1918; transf'd 2nd C.M.R., April, 
1918; Amiens, August, 1918; wounded at 
Amiens, August 8, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
March, 1919; discharged, March 24, 1919. 

of the Black Sea, Constantinople; B.; E. 
January '05, from Mr. Glover's Sch., Kings- 
ton; aged 14-3; L. June '09 (Mason Silver 
Medal) ; son of J. B. Carruthers, Annandale, 
Kingston; Grad. R.M.C. '13; 1st Bn. Royal 
Dublin Fusiliers, 2nd Lt., Madras, India, July 
13. 1913; Lt., July 14, 1914; left Madras for 
England, November, 1914; stationed at Tor- 
quay, Nuneaton, Ruby, and Kenilworth, De- 
cember 22,. 1914; Dardanelles, March 16, 
1915; wounded, Hosp. at Malta, April, 1915; 
ret'd to action, June, 1915; Temp. Capt., 
August, 1915; Despatches (Sir Ian Hamil- 
ton), November, 1915; M.C., May 2, 1916; 
wounded in France, October, 1916; H. Q., 
13th York and Lancaster Regt., September, 
1918; G.S.W. in chest, October 25, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S. (3 months leave), July 26, 1919; 
ret'd to England, October, 1919; 2nd Bn., 
Royal Dublin Fusiliers, foreign service. 

Kingston, Ont. ; B.; E. September '05; aged 
13-11; L. June '06; son of J. B. Carruthers, 
Annandale, Kingston ; R.M.C. '14 ; 14th P.W. 
O.R., Lt.. October, 1914. Enlisted, October 
15, 1914; C.A.S.C. Trg. Depot, Lt.; instr. in 

Mech. Transport; C.R.A.S.C, Lt., Quebec, 
January, 1915; 0. S., March, 1915; France, 
November, 1915; No. 7 Squadron, then No. 1 
Squadron R.F.C., 1915; No. 42 Squadron R. 
F.C.; wounded slightly, June, 1916; ret'd to 
England; R.F.C., 1917; France, April and 
May, 1917; No. 29 Squadron; France, May, 
1918; No. 85 Squadron; No. 84 Squadron; 
No. 24 Squadron; C.A.S.C, Bishop's Circus, 
Capt., May, 1918; wounded slightly in knee, 
result of Pilot crashing machine, July, 1918; 
flew over all battles while in France from 
Dunkirk to Somme ; ret'd from O.S., Septem- 
ber. 1919; discharged (medically unfit), De- 
cember, 1919. 

Manufacturer, 46 Arkledun Ave., Hamilton, 
Ontario; B. ; E. September '88, from Hamil- 
ton C. I.; aged 15-6; L. June '90; son of 
H. Carscallen, Hamilton; 0. C. 4th Batty. 
C.F.A., Major. Enlisted, August 13, 1914; 
O.C, 11th Batty., C.F.A.. Major; O.S., Sep- 
tember 22, 1914 ; France, February 8, 1915 ; 
Ypres, 1915; Despatches, June 22, 1915; 9th 
Arty. Bgde., O.C, March 11, 1916; D.S.O.; 
Lt. Col., January 1, 1917; Despatches, Janu- 
ary 2. 1917; PasschenJaele, 1917; 3rd Can. 
Div. Arty., A|C.R.A., November and Decem- 
ber, 1917; Despatches, December 28, 1917; 
ret'd from O.S., March 21, 1918; Command- 
ant, Petawawa Camp, May 1, 1918; Super- 
visor of Arty. Trg., Siberian E.F., October 
8, 1918; discharged, December 25, 1918. 

ter, care of Messrs. Smith, Rae, & Greer, 
2 Wellington St., E., Toronto, and 95 Lonsdale 
Rd.; E. September '05, after pte. tuition; 
aged 10-3 ; L. June '12 ; son of the late James 
S. Cartwright, K.C, Master in Chambers, 
Toronto; Pte. M.G.Sec, Q.O.R. Enlisted, 
September 22, 1914, Pte. 3rd Bn. (Toronto 
Regt.); O.S.. September 25, 1914; France, 
February 10, 1915; L.Cpl. April 28, 1915; 
wounded at Festubert, May 25, 1915; Lt.. 
July 29, 1915; wounded at Ploegsteert, Sep- 



1 1 IA.MHI.R.S. K L. 

CHA.MHI.KS, C.. 1,. 

( HI V\l . W. 1. 

CALl.Kl.ll.D, A II W 

AD\X ICK, W. C V. ,4 


tember 13, 1915; A.D.C. to G.O.C. 3rd Can. 
Div., December 28, 1915; Capt., June 14, 
1916; A.D.C. to Major-Genl. Mercer, C.B.; 
to Major Genl. L. J. Lipsett, C.B., C.M.G. ; to 
Sir F. 0. W. Loomis, K.C.B., CM.G., D.S.O., 
engaged in all actions with 3rd Bn. from 
February 10, 1915, to the Armistice; M. C. 
January 1, 1917, for gallant and distinguish- 
ed service in the Field ; ret'd from O.S., April 
22, 1919; discharged April 24, 1919; Ont. 
Bar, May 21, 1920. 

Jjcxham Gardens, London W.8, England; E. 
September '99, from Highbury House, Eng- 
land; aged 14-6; L. June '03; ward of A. B. 
Cameron, 88 Crescent Road, Toronto; 2nd 
Lt. 6th Bn., Royal Fusiliers '04 ; Lt. '06 ; Capt. 
'07 ; retired June '14, Enlisted with Commn., 
May 17, 1915 ; Capt., 12th Bn., King's Royal 
Rifles ; Belgium, April 19, 1916-July 31, 1916 ; 
France, June 6, 1916-August 10, 1918; Zille- 
beke, June 2-4, 1916; Sanctuary Wood; 
Russia, July 17, 1919-October 26, 1919 ; Bn., 
Staff Officer; retired, December 6, 1919; 
Neurasthenia, 1916; Gastritis, 1918. 

May, 19l6; France, September, 1916; 1st 
Pioneer Bn.. Lt.; 9th Bn., C.R.T., Capt., No- 
vember, 1917 ; ret'd from O.S., May 23, 1920 ; 
R.O., May 23, 1920. 


Barrister and Solicitor; 12 Algonquin Apts., 
Edmonton, Alta.; Master '12-'13; 101st Ed- 
monton Fusiliers, Pte. Enlisted, February 
26. 1916; 202nd (Sportsmen's) Bn., C.E.F., 
Pte. ; Sergt., July, 1916 ; 0. S., November 24, 
1916; broken leg, while training for P. T. 
Sergt. Instr., Shorncliffe, February 5, 1917; 
Commn., 3rd Wiltshire Regt., 1st Dorsets, 
June, 1918; France, September 4, 1918; en- 
gaged in last push on Sambre-Oise Canal, 
east of Le Cateau; severely wounded, fore- 
arms and thigh, November 4, 1918; a year 
in British Hosps., Lady Carnarvon's and 
Empire, London, Empress Eugenie's, Farn- 
borough, and Bournemouth; M.C., for gal- 
lantry in action and devotion to duty on 
November 4, 1918; ret'd from O.S.. October 
30, 1919 ; discharged, November 2, 1919 ; bone 
grafting operations, both forearms, March 
4, 1920. 

CASE, ALLEN; 34 Warren Rd., Toronto; 
E. September '98, from the Model Sch. ; aged 
13-7 ; L. June '99 ; son of the late G. A. Case, 
Toronto; 48th Highlanders, Capt. Enlisted, 
1st C.O.R., Lt., April, 1917; O.S., November, 
1917; France, March, 1918; R. C. D.; Le 
Cateau, 1918 ; ret'd from O.S., May, 1919 ; dis- 
charged same date. 

c|o C. H. & P. H. Mitchell, 1003 Bank of Ha- 
milton Bldg., Toronto; E. September '04, 
from Lakefield Prep. Sch. ; aged 13-5 ; L. June 
'06; son of Mrs. George E. Casey, Toronto; 
surveyor, G.T.P., Hazelton B.C.; 88th Vic- 
toria Fusiliers, Pte. Enlisted, November 1, 
1914; 30th Bn., C.E.F., Pte.; O.S., February 
24. 1915; France, April, 1915; 7th Inf. Bn., 
Pte.; Lt., February 15, 1916; 30th Res. Bn., 
England, March 1, 1916; Pioneer Depot, Lt., 

to; B.; E. Easter '07, from Huron St. P.S., 
Toronto ; aged 10-4 ; L.June'13 ; son of George 
Castle, Toronto ; Clerk, Lowndes Co. Enlist- 
ed, January 31. 1916; 53rd Batty., C.E.F., 
Gnr.; O.S. ; France, 55th Batty.; discharged, 

Physician, 13 Spadina Rd., Toronto; E. Sep- 
tember '95, from Jarvis St. C.I. ; aged 15-9 ; 
L, June '98 ; son of H. J. Caulfieild, Toronto ; 
M.B. Univ. Tor. '04; Resnt. Pathologist, Tor. 
Gen. Hosp. ; Sped. Asst., Med. Research, 
Univ. Tor. '13; Toronto L. H.. 1904-1908, 
Capt. Enlisted with No. 4 G.H., Univ. Tor.. 
Capt., 1915; O.S., April, 1915; lent to Natl. 
Med. Research Commn. for sped, research 
with Imperial Forces; France, March, 1917; 
Passchendaele, November, 1917; ret'd from 


O.S., February, 1918; discharged, December, 
1918; consultant in disease of the lungs, D. 
S. C. R. 

tember, 1918; Durazzo, October 2, 1918; dis- 
charged, April 14, 1919 ; ret'd from O.S., July, 
28, 1919. 

Toronto; E. September '91, from Tor. Church 
Sch.; aged 13-1; L. Easter '94; son of the 
late Joseph Cawthra, Rosedale; B.A. Cam- 
bridge '01 ; M.A. Cambridge '04. O.S., August 
4, 1914; France, October 14, 1914; Imperial 
Army; 1st Battle of Ypres, 1914; commn. 
April 1, 1915; Hon. Lt. Q. M. (promoted 
Capt.) C.A.M.C. ; Major, December, 1916; i|c 
M.T. in connection with Can. Hosps. ; De- 
spatches for valuable services, February, 
1917; apptd. to Staif of Can. Red Cross H.Q. 
in London, February, 1918; retd' from O.S., 
November, 1918; discharged, December, 

VAUX; Architect, 132 Church St., Toronto; 
E. '81, from Pte. School, Toronto; aged 12-1; 
L. June '84 ; son of the late E. M. Chadwick, 
K.C., Toronto; Lt. Col. R.O.; formerly O.C. 
rth Mississauga Horse. Enlisted, November 
9, 1914; Lt. Col. 4th C.M.R.; apptd. Bgde. 
Major 7th O.S. Inf. Bgde. ; Valcartier, July 1. 
1915; O.C. 124th Bn., Lt. Col., November 9, 
1915; O.S., August 6, 1916; France, March 
11, 1917; Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Lens, Pas- 
schendaele, Valenciennes, Mons; transf'd 
Can. Corps H.Q., January 1, 1918 ; ret'd from 
O.S., June 19, 1919; discharged, July 26, 

Faculty of Medicine, Univ. Tor.; 26 Gerrard 
St. East, Toronto; E. January '09, from 
Central Sch., Woodstock; aged 11-2; L. June 
'15; nephew of Dr. G. L. Chambers, 26 Ger- 
rard St. ; Pte. Q.O.R. Enlisted July 8, 1919 ; 
Surgeon Probationer, R.N.V.R.; O.S., July 11, 
1918; R.N. Hosp. Haslar, Gosport, July 25- 
August 25; Italy, August 25, 1918; Adriatic 
Sea, September, 1918; apptd. to H. M. S. 
"Lyra", August, 1918 ; H.M.S. "Badger", Sep- 

tractor, Harriston, Ont. ; B. ; E. September 
'11, from Harriston H.S. ; aged 17-11 ; L. June 
'12; son of W. C. Chambers Harriston; 3rd 
yr., Univ. Coll. '15; 30th Wellington Rifles, 
Lt. Enlisted, January, 1916; 153rd Bn., C. 
E.F., Lt.; O.S., May, 1917; 25th Res. Bn.; 
France, February-May. 1918; 2nd C.E.R.D., 
June, 1918; ret'd from O.S., May, 1919; dis- 
charged same date. 

Ont. ; B. ; E. January '06, from Inwood P.S. 
aged 13-10; L. June '10; ward of Mrs. W. R 
Dawson, Inwood; Cpl. U. C. C. Cadets; M 
McGill Univ. '12. Enlisted, October, 1915 
Lt. 149th Lambton Bn.; promoted Capt. 
while in command of "A" Coy. ; O.S., March 
22, 1917; reverted to Lt.; transf'd Can. Inf. 
Works Bn. ; Capt., do.; France, September, 
1917; still in Hesdin, France, with Can. War 
Graves Detacht. (February 27, 1920). 

SON; Electrical Inspector; 103 Spadina Rd., 
Toronto; E. September '04, from Huron St. 
P. S., Toronto; aged 16; L. June '08; son of 
Willis Chipman, C.E., Toronto; Clerk, Tor. 
Electric Light Co., Ltd.; Q.O.R., "F" Co., 
1st Bn., Cpl. Enlisted. October 4, 1914; "A" 
Coy., 19th Inf. Bn., Cpl; O.S., May 1, 1915; 
France, September 4, 1915 ; Loos, September 
22, 1915; St. Eloi, March. 1916; Corps Wire- 
less Teleg., Signalling Sec, June. 1916; Sanc- 
tuary Wood, June, 1916; Somme, September, 
1916; Vimy Ridge, April, 1917; wounded, 
vio-ist, April 9, 1917; Amiens, September, 
1918; Arras, October, 1918; Cambrai, No- 
vember, 1918; Capt.; M.C., 1918; ret'd from 
O.S., June 8, 1919; discharged, July 7, 1919. 

86 Westminster Ave., Toronto; E, January 



* Photo by Elliott and Fry 

'15, from Pai'kdale C.I. ; aged 16-4 ; L. Decem- 
ber '15 ; son of W. J. Clark, Toronto ; Cpl. 2nd 
Q. O. R. Enlisted, January, 1916; Welland 
Canal Force, February 8-December 8, 1916; 
Cpl. 255th Bn., December, 1916 - May, 1917; 
Gnr. 67th Batty., May, 1917; O.S., November 
22, 1917 ; transf 'd Can. Res. Arty., December 
8, 1917; France. March 6, 1918; transf 'd 5th 
C. D. A. C, March, 1918; to 1st C. A. S. P., 
April, 1918; Lens-Arras, April, 1918; Amiens, 
August, 1918; Arras, September, 1918; 
transf'd 43rd Batty., C. F. A., Septem-ber, 
3918; Bourlon Wood, October, 1918; Mons, 
November, 1918; ret'd from O. S.. March 26, 
1919 ; discharged same date. 

LEY; Brother's Wood Farm, Almondsbury, 
Bristol; E. '05, from Bishop Ridley Coll.; 
aged 13-7 ; L. '09 ; son of C. H. Stanley Clarke, 
Toronto. Enlisted, August, 1914; Dorset 
Special Res., subaltern ; commn. ; France, 
October, 1914; gassed. May 20, 1915; ret'd 
to France, 1916 ; R. F. C. ; M. C. ; recv'd per- 
manent majority in the New Air Force. 

Chief Land Surveyor for Canada, Head Office, 
C.N.R., Toronto, and 137 Sheldrake Blvd.; 
E. September '95, from Ryerson Sch., Hamil- 
ton; aged 17-4; L. December '96; son of W. 
H. Clarke, Deer Park, Toronto ; Grad. S.P.S., 
Univ. Tor. ; D. and O.L.S., formerly with 
Mackerjizie & Mann and C.N.R., Toronto; 
12th York Rangers, Major. Enlisted, August 
12, 1914; 4th Bn.. C.E.F., Major; O. C. 
Kapuskasing Camp, December, 1914 ; Lt. Col., 
June, 1915; O.C. 127th Bn. (York Rangers), 
November 11, 1915; O.S., August, 1916; Rly. 
Engrs., November, 1916 ; France, January 12, 
1917; Ancre River (Grandcourt), February- 
March, 1917; Bn. changed to 2nd Bn., C.R.T., 
March, 1917; Bullecourt, April. May, 1917; 
Nieuport, July 10, 1917; Ypres Area (Pas- 
schendaele), July-November, 1917; D.S.O., 
Despatches, for work in Ypres Salient, 1917; 
St. Quentin Area, German Offensive 
(Amiens), March, 1918; Bar to D. S. 0., 

March. 1918; Despatches, May, 1918; Belle- 
glasse, September, 1918; Despatches, Novem- 
ber, 1918; ret'd from O.S., April 10, 1919; 
discharged same date. 

Messrs. Wood, Gundy & Co., Toronto; B.; E. 
September '06, from Windsor P. S.; aged 
]3-6; L. June '09; Re-E. January '10; L. June 
'11; son of A. H. Clarke, Windsor, Ont. ; 
Studt. Univ. Tor. for one year. Enlisted, 
January 2. 1915; 33rd Bn., C. E. F., Lt.; 
transf'd 18th Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., April, 1915; 
France, seven months; wounded (severely), 
April, 1916; mentioned for reconnaissance 
work, April, 1916; M.C.; Capt., May, 1917. 

Rd., Toronto; partner, E. R. C. Clarkson & 
Sons. Trustees, etc.; E. Easter '01, from 
Model Sch., Toronto; aged 13-3; L. June '05; 
son of E. R. C. Clarkson ('64-'66), C.A., 71 
Avenue Rd., Toronto ; Lt. 10th R.G. Enlisted 
December 26, 1915; Lt. 123rd Bn. (R.G.), 
C.E.F.; O.S., August 10, 1916; France, March 
10, 1917; Vimy Ridge, April, 1917; Passchen- 
daele, October - November, 1917; Amiens, 
March-August, 1918; transf'd Lt. 8th Bn., 
C. E., May, 1918; M.C.; Cambrai, June, 1918; 
Mons, 1918; ret'd from 0. S., February 25, 
1919; discharged, March 10, 1919. 

Riverside County, California, U.S.A.; Ran- 
cher; B. ; E. September '10, from Lake Lodge 
Sch., Grimsby; aged 10-8; L. June '16; son 
of A. F. Clubb, Toronto. Enlisted, August, 
1918; R. A. F., Cadet Pilot, Long Branch 
Camp, Toronto; discharged, December 30, 

Riverside County, California, U.S.A.; B.; E. 
September '10, from Lake Lodge Sch., 
Grimsby; aged 12-8; L. June '13; son of A. 
F. Clubb, Toronto. Enlisted, August 19, 


1915; 34th Batty., C.F.A., Dr.; 45th Batty., 
R.C.H.A. ; O.S., February, 1916 ; France, July, 
1916 ; 33rd Batty. ; 9th C. A. E. C. ; Somme, 
September, 1916; Vimy Ridge, April, 1917; 
Y. M. C. A. Hut, France, December, 1917; 
Amiens, August, 1918; ret'd from O.S., June, 
1919; discharged, June 30, 1919. 

COATSWORTH, ALAN; 296 Parliament 
St., Toronto; E. September '04, from Model 
Sch., Toronto; aged 14-3; L. June '08; son 
of Dr. R. C. Coatsworth, Toronto; Victoria 
Coll., '09-'10; Insurance Business. EnUsted, 
March 1, 1915; Pte. 2nd Div. Cyclist Coy.; 
O.S., May 15; France, September 15; Kem- 
mel, September - March, 1916; Dickebush, 
April-July; transf'd H.Q. 12th Bgde., C.F.A., 
1st Can. Div., August 22; Somme, August- 
November ; Bully Grenay, January-February, 
1917; transf'd X Batty., 1st Can. Div. T. M. 
Bgde., March 23; Vimy Ridge, April-July; 
Loos and Hill 70, July-August; St. Pierre, 
September ; Passchendaele, October - Novem- 
ber; Bdr. November; Cpl., January, 1918; 
Hill 70, January-March ; Arras, March-July ; 
Sergt., March; Amiens, August; Arras, 
Monchy, Etaing, Somain, Valenciennes, 
Mons, August-November; Cologne, Decem- 
ber-January, 1919; left France, March 23; 
ret'd from O.S., April 29 ; discharged, May 9. 

Kent and Canterbury Hosp., Canterbury, 
England ; (post graduate work in medicine) ; 
house-physician; E. September '02, from 
Dufferin P.S., and Model Sch., Toronto; aged 
13-11; L. June '06; son of Dr. R. C. Coats- 
worth, Toronto; B.A. Univ. Tor. '10; M.A. 
do., '15. Enlisted, February, 1915 ; Pte. No. 

2 C. C. C. S. ; later disbanded in England ; 
commissioned May, 1915; transf'd R.A.M.C. 
as Lt. ; France, July, 1915 ; 53rd Field Amb. 
R.A.M.C; served at Ypres with the Devons, 

3 915; Somme with King's Royal Rifles (as 
med. attache) , Arras, Armentieres, Bapaume, 
Ypres, October, 1917; Cambrai to Amiens, 
March, 1918; and (with 5th Duke of Corn- 
wall's L.I.) Ayre in June and July, 1918; 

Capt. May, 1916; wounded, August, 1916, 
on Somme; M.C. for work done in March, 
1918 ; served with R.A.M.C. until September, 

Spadina Rd., Toronto; E. September '08, from 
Huron St. P.S., Toronto; aged 10-8; L. June 
'10; son of Robert Cochran, Toronto; T.C.S., 
Port Hope, '10-'13; R.M.C. '13-'14. Enlisted, 
November 6, 1914; R.C.D., Lt. ; O.S., June, 
1915; France; M.C, June, 1918; wounded, 
August, 1918; service at the Front, 3 years, 
3 months; Capt., October 21, 1918; discharg- 
ed, July 1, 1919. 

4 Acacia Place, St. John's Wood, N.W.8, 
London, England ; B. ; E. September '97, from 
St. Thomas H.S.; aged 19-1; L. June '99; 
ward of A. H. Jackson, Durham, Ont. ; M.B. 
Univ. Tor. '04; house surgeon, Hosp. for Sick 
Children, Toronto, '04-'05; surgeon CP.R. 
S. S. "Empress of Britain"; practice in 
Vancouver, B.C., '10-'15; Lt. 31st Bn., Grey 
Rifles, No. 4 Coy., Durham, Ont. Enlisted, 
February, 1915; Capt., C.A.M.C M.O., 30th 
Bn., Victoria, B.C.; 0." S., February 22; 
France, April 24 ; No. 2 C.S.H., April ; Ypres, 
April; 13th Bn., May; Festubert, May; 3rd 
Can. Field Amb., June; Ypres, June; defen- 
sive gas instr., 3rd Can. Div. H.Q., March, 
J916;, September - October; Lens, 
July- August, 1917; Passchendaele, Novem- 
ber; mentioned, L.G., 30421; December 11; 
and 30448, December 28; D.G.M.S., R. 0. 
1327, December 20, 1918; W.S.B., A.D.G.M. 
S., R.O. 141 O.C, February 27, 1919 ; awarded 
4 blue chevrons for O.S. service, February 22, 
1918; D.M.S.R.O., March 30, 1918; discharg- 
ed, August 1919, in England. 

bury, Ont.; B.; E. '99. from Sudbury P.S.; 
aged 14-11; L. June '02; son of F. Cochrane, 
Sudbury; grad. S.P.S., Univ. Tor. '06. En- 
listed 19th Bn.CE.F. ; commn., November 13, 


* COLLE.Y. T. B 

Photo by liambert, Weston & Son, Ziiinited 

* Photo by Swaine ♦ Photo by Swaine 


3914 ; served in Canada, England, and France, 
with 19th Bn., H.Q., 2nd Can. Div.; H.Q. 
Can. Trg. Depot; gen'l list, H. Q., O.M.F.C. 
(London), and 1st CO. Regt., Depot; D.A. 
Q.M.G., November 1, 1916, R. O. 286; re- 
linquished appointment, May 14, 1917; L.G. 
30266, to be D.A.Q.M.G. (A.G. & Q.M.G. 
Staff), October 20, 1917, 30403; relinquished 
appointment, March 12, 1918, L.G. 30628; 
seconded for duty with the W.O. (Ministry 
of Information), April 23. 1918, L.G. 30842; 
struck off strength, December 31, 1919, by 
reason of general demobilisation; ceased to 
be seconded, December 30, 1918, L.G. 31166. 

Montreal; B.; E. September '11, from Brant- 
ford C.L ; aged 15-9 ; L. June '15 ; son of W. 
F. Cockshutt M.P., Brantford, Ont.; Provl. 
Lt. 32nd Batty., Militia. Enlisted, June 7, 
1916; 4th C. D. A. C; O.S., July 20. 1916; 
transf'd Arty. Officers' Draft, same date; 
transf'd Res. Bgde., C.F.A.; France, October 
21, 1916; transf'd 1st C. D. A. C, 2nd 
Howitzer Batty., C.F.A.; took part in all 
battles with 1st Div., October 23, 1916- 
November 11, 1918; AjCapt., September 20, 
1917-February 10, 1918; August 3-November 
3, 1918; January 21-May 11, 1919; ret'd from 
O.S., May 7, 1920 ; retired, R.O., May 11, 1920. 

facturer; 28 Delaware Ave., Toronto; E. Sep- 
tember '74, from Common Sch., Berwick, and 
Sch. at Cornwall; aged 13-2; L. June '75; 
Re-E. September '75 ; L. November '76 ; son 
of A. J. Cockburn, Toronto; formerly with 
Malcolm Cockburn & Co., Empire Bldg., To- 
ronto; Cockburn and Rae, Ltd., Wholesale 
Millinery, 54 Wellington St. W., Toronto ; Lt. 
34th Regt. Enlisted, February 8, 1916 ; Capt. 
and Paymaster, 182nd Bn., C.E.F. ; att'd C.A. 
P.C; transf'd "D" Unit, M.H.C.C. June 26, 
1917; C.A.P.C, September, 1918; retained in 
Canada for duty H.Q., M.D. No. 2 ; Treasurer, 
Toronto Unit, Army and Navy Veterans in 
Canada; discharged, February 20, 1920. 

28 Oakville Ave., Toronto ; E. '96, from Huron 
St. P.S., Toronto; aged 16-5; L. June '97; son 
of J. C. Cockburn, Port Perry, Ont.; 30th 
Regt., Wellington Rifles, Capt. Enlisted. 
August 26, 1914; 15th Bn., Pte.; O.S., Sep- 
tember 30, 1914; France, February, 1915; St. 
Julien (2nd Battle of Ypres), 1915; wounded 
same date; commn., December 14, 1915; 
Major; att'd engineering staff of Brit. Forg- 
ings Co., March-December, 1917; ret'd from 
O.S. ; discharged. 

Cockshutt Plow Co.; 172 Chatham St., 
Brantford, Ont. ; B. ; E. September '10, from 
Lakefield Prep. Sch. ; aged 16-5 ; L. December 
'12; son of W. F. Cockshutt, M.P., Brantford; 
Lt. 36th Dufferin Rifles, January 8, 1914. 
EnHsted, November 13, 1914; Lt. 19th Bn.; 
attd. Asst. Bgde. Grenade Oflficer, November, 
1915, 4th Bgde.; O.S., May 13. 1915; France, 
September 14, 1915 ; St. Eloi ; Landriecieres 
(with British) ; ret'd to Canada, August 26, 
1916; M.G. Instructional Staff, H.Q., M.D. 
No. 2, January, 1917; attd. 205th M.G. Depot 
Bn.; Adjt., M.G.C. September-October, 1917; 
Capt. and 2nd i|C 1st C.T. Bn. ; France, with 
9th British T. Bn. (three weeks) ; ret'd from 
O.S. , December 26. 1918; discharged, Janu- 
ary 9, 1919. 

an Fairbanks-Morse Co. Ltd., 737 Sherbrooke 
St. West, Montreal; B.; E. September '01, 
from Tor. Church Sch. ; aged 14-1 ; L. June 
'02; Re-E. September '02; L. '06; son of 
Francis Cole, Toronto. Att'd. to British Red 
Cross ; certificate 6194 ; Hon. Lt. ; O.S., July, 
21, 1915; France, August 7, 1915; French 
Mily. Hosp. No. 74; Dresser, X Ray and 
Plaster Cast Work ; ret'd from O.S., January 
21, 1919; discharged same date. 

McGill Univ. ; 297 Prince Arthur St. W., 

tember '13, from Winchester Sch., Atlantic 


City; aged 15-1; L. December '13; son of A. 
Coleman, Contractor, Toronto; G.T.R. R.N. 
A.S., January, 1918. 

Head Office, The Can. Bank of Commerce, 
Toronto; Asst. and Resident Master, Prep. 
Sch. '06-'09; Banker; son of the Revd. Colley, 
Great Baddow Vicarage, Chelmsford, Eng- 
land; Dean Close Sch., Cheltenham; B. A. 
Univ.Coll. Tor. '08; 12th Regt. York Rangers, 
Lt. Enlisted, February, 1916 ; 220th Bn., C. 
E.F., Lt.; C.F.C. Depot, April, 1917; O.S., 
May, 1917; H. Q. Staff, C. F. C, London, 
August, 1917; Lt. and Adjt. 118th and 137th 
Coys., C.F.C, January, 1918; France, June, 
1918; Adjt. and Q. M. 27th Coy., C.F.C. 
Armies Group; England, November, 1918; 
C.O.R.D., November, 1918; Demob. Duties, 
Sunningdale Camp, December, 1918; Adjt. 
and Q.M., C.F.C. Unit, Camberly, January, 
1919, Demob. Duties, Sunningdale Camp, 
March-August, 1919 ; ret'd from O.S., August 
13, 1919; discharged, August 26, 1919. 

by School, Oakville, Ont. ; Asst. Master in the 
Prep Sch., '03-'09; E. Dean Close Sch., Chel- 
tenham, and Univ. Coll., Tor. ; B.A. Univ. 
Tor. '08; Bond Seller; Asst. Master, Appleby 
Sch. '15. 35th Bn., Lt., 1915; wounded, Sep- 
tember, 1916; Capt., 1917; apptd. Instr. Can. 
Army Gymnastic Staff; O.B.E., June, 1918. 

Avenue Road, Toronto; E. 'H, from St. 
Michael's Coll. ; aged 15 ; L. '15 ; son of J. F. 
Connolly, Contractor, Toronto; 10th Royal 
Grenadiers. Enlisted, December 22, 1915; 
P.S.L, Lt. ; Capt. ; commn. R.N.A.S., January 
19, 1917; injured in accident in North Sea, 
February, 1918; resigned commn. R. A. F., 
February 9, 1918. 

Lt. Col., R.C.H.A., R.M.C.. Kingston, Ont.; 

B.; E. September '96, from Moosomin Sch.; 
aged 12-10; L. June '02; son of C. Constan- 
tine, Inspr., R.N.W.M.P., Fort Cudahy, 
Yukon ; Grad. R.M.C. '05 ; Capt., R.C.A., Feb- 
ruary, 1910; King George's Coronation 1911; 
Gunnery Instr. (R. S. A. Horse and Field, 
Canada). Enlisted, September 22, 1914; 
Capt., R.C.H.A.; Bgde. Major 1st C. D. A.; 
O.S., September 22, 1914; France, February 
9, 1915; O.C. 7th Batty., C.F.A., June 19, 
1915; Bgde. Major 2nd C.D.A. August 11, 
1915; G.S.0.2, 2nd Can. Div., February 3, 
1917; O.C. 5th C.F.A. Bgde., May 3, 1917; 
with Canadians in all actions from 2nd Battle 
of Ypres, including Neuve Chapelle, 1915 ; 
D.S.O. and Bar, Legion of Honour, Croix de 
Chevalier; mentioned in London Gazette, 
January 1, 1916, January 4, 1917, May 23, 
1918, April 28, 1918, December 31, 1918, and 
in Peace Despatch; ret'd from O.S., June 6, 
919; still serving in R.C.H.A. 

WOOD; Telephone Engineer, Western Elec- 
tric, 1225 E. 46th St., Chicago, 111., U.S.A. 
B.; E. January '06, from Western Canada 
Coll., Calgary, Alta. ; aged 10-11; son of C.F. 
P. Conybeare, K.C., Lethbridge, Alta. En- 
listed, August 5. 1914; Pte. 10th Bn., 1st C. 
E.F.; O.S., September 29, 1914; France, June 
1, 1915; wounded, August 13, 1915; Commn. 
East Surrey Regt., September 25, 1915 ; post- 
ed to 10th Bn., 2nd Lt.; Lt., July 1, 1916; 
France, July 13, 1916; 1st Battle of the 
Somme, July-August, 1916 ; Ancre, Septem- 
ber, 1916; Thiepval, Schwaben Redoubt; 
continued action on Ancre, September, 1916- 
February 21, 1917; ret'd to England unfit 
for further service, March 31, 1917; dis- 
charged, February 9, 1919; ret'd from O.S., 
April 31, 1919. 

Dominion Bank, Queen and Ossington 
Branch; 76 Lonsdale Road.. Toronto; E. '07, 
from Deer Park P. S.; aged 11-11; L. '12; 
son of J. J. Cook, Toronto; Trin. Coll., '12- 
'16. Enlisted 67th Batty., March 1, 1917; 
O.S., September 20, 1917; Can. Res. Arty., 


U"^:- •■.'-'■'!«..- J'. 





* Photo by Swaine * Photo by Iiambei-t, Weston & Son, Iiiniited 

* Photo by Swaine. 
Photo by Iiambert, Weston & Son, Iiimited 


Witley Camp, Gnr., C. F. A., 18th Batty.; 
France, January 15, 1918; German Offensive, 
March 21, 1918; Amiens, August 8, 1918; 
Arras, August 28, 1918; wounded at Cam- 
brai, September 27, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
March 30, 1919. 

COOK, JOHN VERNER ; Clerk, C. N. R., 
Toronto ; 76 Lonsdale Road, Toroneo ; E. Jan- 
uary '07, from Deer Park P.S.; aged 13-7; 
L. June '12; son of J. J. Cook, Toronto; 
Trooper, G. G. B. G. Enlisted, January 7, 
1916; Gnr., 34th Batty., C.F.A.; O.S. April 
25, 1916; transf'd 3rd Res. Batty., Shorn- 
cliffe, Kent, May 4, 1916 ; France, March 16, 
1917; transf'd, Dr., 22nd Howitzer Batty., 
C.F.A., March 25, 1917; all battles and en- 
gagements in which the 2nd Can. Div. par- 
ticipated, March, 1917-September, 1918; aer- 
ial bomb wound, left hip, September 6, 1916 
at Cambrai; ret'd from O.S., January 29, 
1919; discharged February 20, 1919. 

Diamonds, 534 Waterloo St., London, Ont. ; 
B.; E. September '09, from Mr. Young's 
Academy, London; aged 18-11; L. June '10; 
son of A. E. Cooper, London ; Lt. 16th Coy., 
C.A.S.C. Enlisted December 6. 1914; Capt., 
2nd Can. Divl. Train; O.S. April 17, 1915; 
France, September 10, 1915; transf'd 5th 
Can. Divl. Train, as O.C, with rank of Major, 
August 21, 1917; in all engagements with 
Can. Corps, excepting Passchendaele, when 
with 5th Can. Divl. Arty., att'd to 11th 
British Div., on the Lens Front ; Despatches, 
January 5, 1917. and January, 1919; ret'd 
from O.S. June 24, 1919 ; discharged June 29, 

Dept., The T. Eaton Co., Limited, Toronto; 
B. ; E. '99, from Harrow House Sch., Halifax ; 
aged 12-8; L. June '04; son of Charles D. 
Cory, Toronto; B.A.Sc, Univ. Tor. '09; for- 
merly Bond Dept., Baillie, Wood & Croft, 
Toronto; Lt. 48th Highlanders. Enlisted, 
August 4, 1914; Capt. 15th Bn. (48 High- 

landers), 3rd Bgde., 1st Div. C.E.F.; O.S., 
September, 1914; France, February, 1915; 
reported missing after 2nd battle of Lange- 
marck, April 24, 1915; gassed and P.W. at 
Bischofswerda, Saxony, April 24, 1915; 
Crefeld, March, 1917; Schwarmstadt, May- 
September, 1917; Holzminden, September- 
October, 1917; Heidelberg, October 1917- 
March, 1918; in Holland, March-November, 
1918; repatriated and in England, November, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., December, 1918; dis- 
charged. May, 1919. 

las Drive, Toronto; E. September '07, from 
Winchester St. P.S., Toronto; aged 13-6; L. 
June '10; son of R. H. Cosbie, Toronto; M.B. 
Univ. Tor., '15; Provl. Lt. C.A.M.C. Enlisted, 
June, 1915; Capt., and M.O., 58th Bn., Can. 
Inf. ; O.S., November, 1915 ; wounded at [Sanc- 
tuary Wood, June, 1916; transf'd, as M.O., 
5th C.M.R., December, 1916; 8th Can. Field 
Amb., February, 1917; Vimy Ridge, April, 
1917; M.C., July, 1917; Hill 70, September, 
1917; Passchendaele, October - November, 
1917; Major, February, 1918; Amiens, Au- 
gust, 1918; Arras, August-September 1918; 
Cambrai, October, 1918; Mons, November, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., March, 1919; discharg- 
ed, March 31, 1919. 

County Jail, Guelph, Ont.; B. (Part time); 
E. '86, from St. Luke's Sch., Toronto; aged 
12-10; L. December '92; son of the late Lt. 
Col. A. M. Cosby; Capt., 48th Highlanders; 
do. C.M.R., South Africa '99-'00; do. R.N.W. 
M. Police; Civil Engineer, Winnipeg. En- 
listed, February 1, 1915; Capt., 45th Bn., C. 
E.F.; O.S., May 28; transf'd 9th Res. Bn. ; 
France, July 15, 1915; transf'd 1st Bn.; 
Ypres; Somme; wounded, October 2, 1916; 
ret'd from O.S., August 28, 1919; discharged, 
September 11, 1919; D.S.C.R., Owen Sound. 

St., Toronto; B. (part time) ; E. August '87, 
from St. Luke's Sch., Toronto; aged 10-4; L, 



cres\xick:i,. t s 



June '92 ; son of the late Col. A.M. Cosby, Tor- 
onto ; South African War '99-'00 ; Capt. 48th 
Highlanders. Enlisted, September, 1914 ; Pte. 
6th Fort Garry Horse; O.S., October, 1914; 
France, March, 1915; transf'd P.P.C.L.I. 
March, 1915 ; 2nd Battle of Ypres, wounded. 
May 8, 1915; transf'd 15th Bn., November, 
1915; Commn., June, 1916; Mount Sorrel, 
June 3, 1916; Somme, 1916; Vimy Ridge, 
Hill 70 ; wounded, June, 1917 ; ret'd from O.S., 
March 22, 1918; discharged, March, 1918. 

Superintendent, Canadian Western Natural 
Gas, Light, Heat, and Power Co., Ltd. ; 1019 
19th Ave., W., Calgary, Alta. ; formerly Man- 
aging Director, the Saskatchewan Natural 
Gas Co. ; E. September '02, from St. Michael's 
Coll., Toronto; aged 11-2; L. January '10; 
son of Eugene Coste, M.E., Toronto ; Lt. No. 
]4 Coy., C.A.S.C. Enlisted, August 2, 1915; 
Lt. No. 1 0. T. D., C.A.S.C. (Sewell Camp, 
Man.); 0. S., September 11, 1915; transf'd 
C.A.S.C. T.D., Shorncliffie, September 19. 
1915; Capt.. January 8, 1916; transf'd 5th 
Can. Divl. Train, February 1, 1917; France, 
December 31, 1917; att'd 2nd Can. Divl. 
Train, January 1, 1918; transf'd 5th Can. 
Divl. Train, February 24, 1918; in all battles 
with Canadian Corps, January 1 - November 
11, 1918; mentioned No. 31448 Gazette, July 
11, 1919; ret'd from U.S., May 4, 1919; dis- 
charged, May 16, 1919. 

The Elias Rogers Co. Ltd.; 37 Oriole Road, 
Toronto; E. '99, from Model Sch., Toronto; 
r.ged 16-4 ; L. June '00 ; son of Mrs. J. Cotter- 
ill, Toronto; formerly traveller for The 
Thomas Davidson Mfg. Co. Ltd. ; Sergt., 48th 
Highlanders. Enlisted, August 15, 1915; 
Pte. 92nd Bn., C.E.F.; C.S.M., August 26, 
1915; B.S.M., September 1. 1915; O.S., May 
17, 1916 ; 1st Class Warrant Officer, June 1, 
1916; ret'd from O.S., January 17, 1917; dis- 
charged, November 15, 1917. 

Insurance, 403 Fashion Craft Bldg., Winni- 

peg, Man. ; B. ; E. April '95, from Mr. Miller's 
Sch., Hamilton; L. June '98; son of C. M. 
Counsell, Banker, Hamilton; formerly Mfr., 
Hamilton ; Broker, Messrs. Sproule, Counsell, 
& Co.; 90th Winnipeg Rifles, Lt. Enlisted 
April 4, 1916; 190th O.S. Bn., Lt.; O.S., April 
21, 1917; 18th Res. Bn.; France, September 
28, 1917; 44th Can. Inf. Bn.; Passchendaele, 
October 26, 1917; wounded, April, 1918; M. 
C, July 19, 1918; Amiens, August 8, 1918; 
Arras, September, 1918 ; ret'd from O.S., De- 
cember 15, 1918; discharged, January 1, 1919. 

C.A., Denver, Col.. U.S.A. ; Road Surveying, 
State Highway Commn., Denver, Col.; E. 
January '13, from Sarnia C.I. ; aged 14-4 ; L. 
June '15; son of E. J. Cowan. Enlisted 
October 1, 1918; Coy. "G", Students' Army 
Trg. Corps, U.S. Army, Columbia Univ., New 
York; discharged, December 12, 1918. 

Ontario Malleable Co., Oshawa, Ont. ; B.; E. 
September '08, after pte. tuition ; aged 15 ; 
son of F. W. Cowan, Oshawa; 34th Ont. 
Regt., Capt., O.C. "H" Coy. Enlisted, Janu- 
ary, 1915; 37th Inf. Bn., Lt.; Capt. and Adjt., 
October, 1915; O.S., November 27, 1915; 
att'd Staff D.R. and 0.. Folkestone; att'd 
staff of Minister of Militia; Staff Capt. to 
D.A.Q. M.G., H.Q., O.M.F.C, London ; France, 
February, 1917; 38th Inf. Bn. ; att'd. Staff 
Learner H.Q., 12th Can. Engrs.Bgde., Febru- 
ary-November, 1917; O.B.E. for service in 
England on Staff of Can. H.Q.; ret'd from 
O.S., February 20, 1919 ; discharged. 

COX, JOHN RAFFLES ; Engineer for The 
Whitehall Petroleum Corporation; c;o Bank 
of Montreal. Waterloo Place, London, Eng- 
land; B.; E. September '03, from Abingdon 
Sch., Montreal; aged 16-5; L. June '05; son 
of Profr. John Cox, formerly of Montreal; 
B.Sc, McGill '11; M.Sc; Topographer, Can- 
adian Arctic Expedition, '13-'16; Geographi- 
cal Survey, Ottawa, '10-'20; in Arctic at the 


outbreak of the war and did not hear of it 
until November, 1915; returned to civilisa- 
tion a year later. Enlisted, March 22, 1917 , 
Sergt. Ottawa Siege and Heavy Reinforce- 
ments ; O.S., June 23, 1917 ; France, Novem- 
ber 6, 1917; transf'd same date, as Gnr., 6th 
O.S. Batty.; Passchendaele, November, 1917; 
front of Lens at Angres, Lievin, Folie Farm, 
Thelus, Roclincourt, and in final advance 
through Monchy, Villers-Cagnicourt, Heyne- 
court, Blecourt, Ham-leglet, Escoudaine, 
Raismes, Valenciennes; finally Cologne and 
Mehlem; gassed twice; ret'd from O.S., May 
10, 1919; discharged, May 12, 1919. 

11 Willcocks St.. Toronto; E. April '06, from 
Phoebe St. P.S., Toronto; aged 15-1; L. June 
'08 ; son of Andrew Crawford, Toronto ; acci- 
dent; Divl. Pay Office, Exhibition Camp, To- 

ter; Dominion Express Bldg., Montreal; B.; 
E. August '92, from Wellesley P.S., Toronto ; 
aged 10-7; L. June '00 (Head Boy) ; son of 
the late A. R. Creelman, Q.C., Montreal ; B.A. 
Univ. Coll. Tor. '04 ; B.C.L., McGill '07 ; Advo- 
cate; Lt.-Col. 6th Bgde., C.F.A. (CM.). En- 
listed, August, 1914; Lt. Col. comdg. 2nd 
Bgde., C.F:A., C.E.F., att'd 1st Can. Divl. 
Arty. ; O.S., September, 1914 ; France, Febru- 
ary 10, 1915; Neuve Chapelle, March 10, 
1915; 2nd Battle of Ypres, April, 1915; 
wounded, shell-shocked, and gassed, April 29, 
1915; Despatches, July 1, 1915; Sanctuary 
Wood, June, 1916 ; Somme, August - Novem- 
ber, 1916; Russian Order of St. Stanislas, 
with swords, September, 1916; Despatches, 
December, 1916; D.S.O., December. 1916; 
various minor engagements ; ret'd from O.S., 
April, 1917; discharged, September 9, 1917. 

325 James St., Hamilton, Ont. ; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '08, from Highfield Sch., Hamilton; 
aged 13; L. June '13; son of the late P. D. 
Crerar, K.C., Barrister, Dunedin, Hamilton; 

R.M.C. *13-*14; Lt. R.C.D., November, 1914 
(permt. force) ; O.S., March, 1916 ; wounded, 
March, 1918; M.C., October, 1918; Ont. Bar, 

Asst. Engr., Hydro-Electric Power Commn. 
of Ontario; 69 Spadina Rd., Toronto; B.; 
E. April '00, from Hamilton Pte. Sch.; aged 
11-6 ; L. June '04 ; son of the late P. D. Crerar, 
K.C., Barrister, Dunedin, Hamilton ; grad. 
R.M.C. '09 ; Lt. 4th Field Batty.. Can. Militia, 
Hamilton. Enlisted, August 8, 1914; Capt. 
8th Batty., C.F.A., C.E.F.; O.S., October, 
1914; 11th Batty., C.F.A. (formerly 8th 
Batty.), Salisbury Plain, November, 1914; 
France till February, 1915; AjMajor, O.C, 
]0th Batty., C.F.A., September. 1915; Neuve 
Chapelle, Ypres, Festubert, Givenchy, Loos, 
1915; TlMajor, O.C. 11th Batty., 3rd Bgde., 
C. F. A., March, 1916; St. Eloi, Sanctuary 
Wood. Thiepval, Courcelette, Regina Trench, 
1916; Despatches, May, 1917; D.S.O., May, 
1917; A Lt. Col., O.C. 3rd Bgde., C.F.A., May, 
1917; D.S.O., June, 1917; Bgde. Major, 5th 
Can. Divl. Arty., August, 1917 ; Vimy Ridge. 
Arleux, Fresnoy, La Coulotte, Avion, 1917; 
Amiens, Drocourt-Queant Line, Bourlon 
Wood, Cambrai, Valenciennes, 1918; A|S.O. 
to G.O.C.R.A., Can. Corps, July. 1918; Lt. 
Col., Comdr. Batty. Staff Officer Can. Corps, 
October, 1918; ret'd from O.S., March, 1919; 
discharged, March, 1919. 

Tor. Gen. Trusts Corpn., 83 Bay St., Toronto; 
B. ; E. September '05, from Barrie P.S. ; aged 
11 ; L. June '12; son of the late A.E.H. Cres- 
wicke, Barrie; Lt. 35th Simcoe Regt. En- 
listed,September,1914 ; Pte. 19th Bn., C.E.F. ; 
discharged. May 10, 1915, on account of 
death of father; later Lt. 75th Bn., May, 
1915; O.S., March 29. 1916; France, August 
11, 1916; A|Capt., November, 1916-February, 
1917; Somme, November 18. 1916; A|Capt. 
July, 1917-September, 1918; Lens, August 
15, 1917; Passchendaele, October, 1917; 
Amiens, August, 1918; Arras, September, 
1918; wounded, bullet in leg, September 2, 





CLRR>, R. A. 


i()18; Capt., October, 1918; ret^l from O.S., 
June 10, 1919; discharged, June 11, 1919. 

Officer of Evacuation, 1st Corps area, April- 
May, 1918; demobilized, April, 1919. 

of International Law, Carnegie Endowment 
for International Peace; 2 Jackson Place, 
Washington, D.C.. U.S.A.; B.; E. '85. from 
Sarnia H.S.; aged 17; L. '88 (Head Boy); 
son of H. C. Crocker, Sarnia; LL.B., Yale '91 ; 
M.L. cum laude, do., '92; Law Clerk, U.S. 
Dept. of State, '08-'13; Memb., the Amer. 
Commn. to negotiate peace, serving as asst. 
technical adviser in international law; also 
memb., the Conference itself by representing 
the United States on the Committee on the 
Responsibility of the Authors of the War 
and on Enforcement of Penalties. 

CRODEN, JAMES ERIC ; Secy. The Starr 
Co. of Canada, Ltd.; 293 Central Ave., Lon- 
don. Ont. ; E. January '13, from London C.I. ; 
aged 16-4; L. June '16; son of J. A. Croden; 
Univ. Tor. Enlisted, March, 1917; C.O.T.C. 
Pte.; R.F.C., Cadet, April, 1917; 2nd Lt., 
August 19, 1917; O.S., August 19, 1917; Fly- 
ing Officer, October 6, 1917; France, Decem- 
ber 5, 1917; No. 9 Squadron, R.F.C.; Ypres 
Front, winter of 1917 and 1918; Armentieres, 
Spring, 1918; 1st Lt., April 1, 1918; Somme, 
June, 1918^ contact patrol work with Inf., 
August 8, 1918; Capt. (Fit. Comdr.), August 
23, 1918; D.F.C., August 27, 1918; 88th Wing 
R.A.F., Reconnaisance Officer, November 11, 
1918; discharged with hon. rank of Capt., 
August 16, 1919; ret'd to England, November 
19, 1919; joined 2nd Can. Squadron; ret'd 
from O.S. 

BLACKBURN; Sec'y-Treas., Crompton Car 
Coy., Ltd., 116 Richmond St., W., Toronto; 
E. September '03, from Tor. Ch. Sch ; aged 
12-7; Re-E. '06; L. June '07; Re-E. January 
'09; L. March '09; son of F. Crompton. To- 
ronto; undergrad. Exeter Coll., Oxford; 
Oxford Univ. O.T.C. ; Commn., July 26, 1915 ; 
31st Divl. Train, R. A. S. C; France, June, 
1916; attd. 1st Corps, H.Q. (Imperials) as 

cher; Hussar, Alta. ; E. January '08. from 
Collingwood Pte. Sch. ; aged 9-9 ; L. April '15 ; 
son of R. W. Crompton, Toronto. Enlisted, 
October, 1916; Lt. R.F.C., later R.A.F.; 
France, June, 1917-March, 1918; Capt. De- 
cember, 1917; fast scout flying over lines; 
trashed, August, 1917; worked out March, 
1918; admitted to Hosp. at Etaples; ret'd 
from O.S., invalided. 

CRONYN, JAMES KERR; Stock Broker, 
71 Bay St., Toronto, and 217 Poplar Plains 
Road ; B. ; E. September '02, from Pte. Sch., 
Toronto; aged 10; L. June '03; Re-E. Sep- 
tember '04; L. June '11; son of B.B. Cronyn 
('72-'75), Toronto; Grad. R.M.C. June '14; 
10th R.G., Lt. EnHsted, August 22, 1914; 
3rd Bn., C.E.F., Lt.; O.S., October 8, 1914; 
France, February 8, 1915 ; 2nd Battle of 
Ypres, April, 1915 ; wounded, April 23, 1915 ; 
ret'd to England, May 3, 1915 ; H.Q., Shorn- 
cliffe. August 18, 1915; R.N.A.S., March 1, 
1917; Sea-plane Patrol, June 25-November 8, 
1917; ret'd from 0. S., April 3, 1919; dis- 
charged, July 3, 1919. 

surance Broker ; 9 Wychwood Park, Toronto ; 
E. September '05, from Model Sch., Toronto; 
aged 13-3 ; L. June '11 ; son of W. C. Crowther 
('68), Toronto; Clerk, Sheet Metal Products 
Co., Toronto; Lt. G.G.B.G. Enlisted, Decem- 
ber 4, 1915; Lt. 124th Bn., C.E.F.; transf'd 
A.A.G. Casualties, C.E.F., July, 1916; dis- 
charged, February 21, 1919. 

retired, Wilton Ave., Ottawa ; B. ; E. 69 ; aged 
16-5; L. '70; son of Mrs. Cruikshank, Fort 
Erie, Ont. ; sometime on the staff of various 
daily newspapers in U.S. ; also translator for 
an extensive commercial firm; Ensign, 44th 
Regt. '77; J. P. Co. Welland, '82-'04; Capt., 


44th Regt. *84; Major, *97; Long Service 
decoration '98 ; Lt.Col. Comdg. '99-'04 ; Police 
Magistrate, City of Niagara Falls and Cos. 
Lincoln and Welland '04-'08; O.C. 5th Inf. 
Bgde., '04-'09; Hon. Lt. Col. 44th Regt., '05; 
i c, military documents, Dominion Archives, 
'08; Col., April 20, '09; D.O.C., M.D. 13, with 
rank of Lt. Col., May 1, '09; Col., August 1, 
'13; Brig. Genl., September 1, 1915; i|C of 
mobilization, Calgary, 1915 and 1916; trans- 
ferred for sped, service., H.Q. Ottawa, March 
1, 1917; detailed for sped, duty in England 
and France, April 14, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
July 31, 1918; H. Q., Ottawa, until June 1, 
1921 ; retired on pension. 

Journalism at Columbia University; 534 
West 114th St., New York. B.; E. Septem- 
ber '11, from Nassau, N.P., Bahamas. En- 
hsted May, 1917; Lt. R.F.C., later R.A.F.; 
O.S., May 1, 1917; France, November 8, 1917; 
Cambrai, November, 1917; Cambrai, Novem- 
ber, 1917; the March Offensive, 1918; wound- 
ed, March 23. 1918 ; Egypt, 5 months, 1918- 
1919; Aden, 2 months, 1919; India, 5 months, 
1919 ; the Afghan War, 1919 ; Relief of Thai, 
Jandoli, etc.; ret'd from O.S., December 19, 
1919 ; discharged, December 20, 1919. 

F.A.. 1st A.A. Brigade, R.F.A., Blackdown, 
Farnborough, England; E. '06, from Dawson 
P.S.; aged 14-9; L. '08; son of the late Major 
A. R. Cuthbert, R.N.W.M.P., Regina, Sask.; 
Western Can. Coll., Calgary '08-'10. Enlist- 
ed, August 7, 1914; 19th Alberta Dragoons, 
1st C.E.F., Trooper; O.S., September, 1914; 
France, February. 1915; Commn. R. F. A., 
July, 1915; Ypres, 2nd Battle, Neuve 
Chapelle, Festubert, 1915 ; 1st Somme, 1916 ; 
wounded, 1916; Cambrai, 2nd Somme, 1917; 
transf'd 12th Squadron, R. F. C, Flying 
Officer, June, 1917; flying accident, 1917; 
M.C., for consistent gallantry and good work 
on Contact Patrol, March, 1918; ret'd to 
R.F.A., after Armistice. 

DANSON, DAVID LEON; 594 Queen St. 
W., Toronto; B.; E. Prep. Sch., February '13, 
from Ryerson P.S., Toronto; aged 12-1; E. 
Upper Sch., September '14; L. October '15; 
son of I. Danson, Toronto. Enlisted, March 
15, 1917; 75th Batty., C.E.F., Gnr.; O.S.; 
ret'd from O.S. as under age, November 6, 

ney; c|o Solicitor of Internal Revenue, Wash- 
ington, D.C., U.S.A.; B.; E. September '97, 
from Union Classical Sch. ; aged 14-7 ; L. June 
'99 ; son of Henry W. Darling, Gen'l Electric 
Co., Schenectady, N.Y., U.S.A.; B.A. Univ. 
Coll. Tor. '03 ; LL.B., Harvard. '07 ; formerly 
practised in Chicago; Legal Dept., Air Ser- 
vice,A.E.F.,December 24, '17-October 17, '18; 
Commn., January 24, 1918; Sec'y of Aircraft 
Board, July 1-October 17, 1918; Capt. Air 
Service; Capt. A. S. C, October 17, 1918; 
France, November 24, 1918; Asst. to Chief 
Claims Officer i[c of Reports and Reviews: — 
Rents, Requisitions, and Claims Service, A, 
E.F., December 1, 1918-September 17, 1919; 
ret'd from O.S., September 24, 1919; dis- 
charged, October 15, 1919. 

LERY; 296 Jarvis St., Toronto; E. Septem- 
ber '11, from Picton C. L; aged 17-8; L. 
Easter '12 ; Re-E. September '12 ; L. June '14 ; 
son of A. Davern, Toronto; 16th Regt., Lt. 
Enlisted, 1915; 139th Bn., C.E.F., Lt. ; trans- 
ferred R.N.A.S., November 17, 1916; ret'd 
from O.S., on leave, February, 1918. 

rister; Messrs. Davidson, Paterson, & Mc- 
Farland; 146 St. George St., Toronto; E. '98, 
from Model Sch., Toronto ; aged 14-8 ; L. June 
'02; son of William Davidson ('56-'57), K.C., 
Toronto; B.A., Univ. Coll. Tor. '06; LL.B., 
Univ. Tor. '09; Ont. Bar '09; 9th Batty., C. 
F.A., Lt. Enlisted, June 6, 1915; 30th Batty., 
C.F.A.. Lt.; Capt., September, 1915; O.S., 
February 2, 1916; France, July 13, 1916; 
Ypres, July-September, 1916; Somme, 1916; 


• Photo by Elliott and Fry 


35th Batty., C.F.A., November, 1916; M.C., 
1917; i|c of Bombing and Gas, 1st Div. ; in all 
June, 1917; Major, July. 1917; Vimy Ridge, 
Hill 70, Loos, and Passchendaele, 1917; 
Amiens, Monchy, Cambrai, Valenciennes, 
Mons, 1918; ret'd from O.S., March, 1919; 
discharged, March 8, 1919. 

tect, 15 Cuthbert Crescent, Toronto; E. Sep- 
tember '05, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch. ; 
January, 1917; France (2nd time), August, 
aged 16-5 ; L. June '08 ; son of R. G. Davidson, 
Toronto; Univ. Tor. (S.P.S.) '07; Lt. 10th 
R.G., Stanley Barracks. Enlisted, May 20, 
1916; Lt. Can. Engrs.; O.S., October, 1916; 
seconded for duty with the War Office, Feb- 
ruary, 1917-March. 1918 ; France, July, 1918 
5th Army Troops Coy. C.E., 7th Bn., C.E. 
with 3rd Div. to Mons, November 11, 1918 
ret'd from O.S. with 3rd Div., 1919. 

Bank of Commerce, Toronto; E. September 
'03, from Miss McKellar's Sch.; aged 10-4; 
L. June '10; son of the late Col. John I. 
Davidson, Toronto; Lt. 48th Highlanders. 
Enlisted, August 14, 1914; Lt. 15th Bn.; O.S., 
September, 1914; France, May, 1915; att'd 
Gen'l Staff, Shorncliffe, i|c of Bombing and 
Gas, December, 1915 - August, 1917; Capt., 
January, 1917; France (2nd time), August; 
i|c of Bombing and Gas, 1st Div.; in all 
engagements between above dates; ret'd 
from O.S., August 28, 1919. 

DAVIES. DIGBY; Asst. Master, Prep. 
Sch. '11-'13; E. St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford; 
B.A., LL.B.; 4th Bgde., C.F.A., Gnr., 1914; 
R.F.A., Lt., 1916. 

R., Muskoka Cottage Sanatorium, Graven- 
hurst, Ont.; B.; E. September '00, from De 
laSalle Institute; aged 12-4; L. October '02; 
son of the late A. Ghent Davis (Head Boy, 
'75) ; purchasing Dept., C.N. Ry., Toronto ; 

Lt. 36th Regt. Enlisted, May 4, 1916 ; Capt. 
and Q.M. No. 1, Constrn. Bn.; transf'd Capt., 
and Q.M., 257 Bn.. January. 1917; O.S., Feb- 
ruary 15, 1917; transf'd 7th Bn., C.R.T.. 
March 27, 1917; reverted to Lt. ; France, 
March 27, 1917; Rly. Constrn., Light Rlys., 
Ypres Salient, April 1-November 14, 1917 ; in- 
valided to England, November, 1917 ; to Can- 
ada, July, 1918; ret'd from O. S., July 27, 
1918; discharged, May 31, 1919; on retired 
list with rank of Hon. Capt. 

Apt. 5, 321 Kendal Ave., Toronto; E. Septem- 
ber '08, from St. Clement's Sch., Eglinton; 
aged 12 ; L. April '13 ; son of J. M. Davison, 
Toronto ; clerk, Canadian Bank of Commerce, 
Toronto. Enlisted, January, 1916; Gnr. 34th 
Batty., C.F. A. ; transf'd 53rd Batty. ; and R. 
C.H.A.; O.S., July, 1916; transf'd 1st Res. 
Field Arty. ; France, December, 1916 ; trans- 
ferred 1st D.A.C., 2nd Div.; 25th Batty.; 
Vimy Ridge, 1917; Passchendaele, Hill 70, 
Amiens, etc., to Mons ; ret'd from O.S., May, 
3919; discharged, May 25, 1919. 

Primrose Place, Box 1124, Edmonton, Alta. ; 
Barrister-at-Law ; 1 Northern Bldg., Jasper 
Ave., E. ; B. ; E. September '05, from Edmon- 
ton H.S. ; aged 14-8; L. June '09 (Mason Gold 
Medal) ; son of H. J. Dawson, Barrister, Ed- 
monton, Alta.; M. Univ. Tor., Law Student, 
Osgoode Hall '13; Lt. 19th Alberta Dra- 
goons. Enlisted, August 11, 1914; Spec'l 
Sqdn., 19th Alberta Dragoons ; O.S., Septem- 
ber 22; France, February 8, 1915; 
attached 1st Canadian Division, as Divl. 
Cavalry; Capt. C. L. H. May 16, 1916 
(Regt. formed from 3rd Divl. Cav. squad- 
rons) ; Adjt. C.L.H. July 24, 1916 ; Neuve 
Chapelle, 2nd Battle of Ypres, Festubert, 
Givenchy, 3rd battle of Ypres, Somme ; M.C., 
January 7, 1917; Major C.L.H. March 7, 
1917; relinquished Adjutancy and returned 
to Regt. as Squadron Comdr. ; Vimy Ridge, 
Hill 70, Passchendaele, Amiens, Arras, Hin- 
denburg Line ; Cambrai, Valenciennes, Mons ; 
2nd ilC C.L.H., November 3, 1918 ; ret'd from 


O.S., April 30, 1919; discharged, May 1, 1919; 
with rank of Major. 

Dawson, Barrister, Northern Bldg., Edmon- 
ton; Temp. Geological Party, Imperial Oil; 
B. ; E. '07, from Westward Ho., Edmonton ; 
aged 15 ; L. '09 ; son of H. J. Dawson, Barris- 
ter, Edmonton. Enlisted, October, 1916; 
Australian Engrs., Brisbane Queensland ; in- 
valided out of Engrs. and posted to 42nd Bn., 
3rd Australian Div. ; O.S., February, 1917; 
Lark Hill Camp; France, March, 1918; 
Amiens, March and April, 1918; gassed at 
Corby, evacuated to Base ; rejoined Bn., July, 
1918; wounded, August 8, 1918; evacuated to 
England; ret'd to Australia on Hosp. Ship 
leaving Tilbury Docks, December 5, 1918. 

Lawrence Box Co., 140 Chatham St., Mon- 
treal ; B. ; E. September '03, from Queen Vic- 
toria P.S., Toronto; aged 12-4; L. June '07; 
son of H. A. Dean, Bank of Montreal, Chat- 
ham, Ont. ; Lt. 1st Regt., Grenadier Guards 
of Canada. Enlisted in England, November 
1, 1915; Lt. Res. Bgde., C.F.A., Shonicliffe; 
France, January 21, 1916; transf'd 11th Bat- 
ty., C.F.A., February 19-April 20, 1916; 
slightly wounded, March, 1916; T.M. Batty., 
1st Can. Div. April 20-October, 1916; Capt., 
do., October, 1916-September, 1918; in all 
engagements with the 1st Can. Div., October 
]I916-December, 1918; Despatches, New 
Year's list, 1918; M.C., Battle of Amiens, 
August, 1918; A|Major, 1st Batty., C.F.A., 
January-May, 1919; ret'd from O.S., May 10, 
1919; discharged same date. 

Dept., Soldier Settlement Bd., Edmonton, 
Alta. ; B.; E. September '07, from Daysland 
P.S.; aged 12-11; Re-E. September '09, L. 
Easter '12; son of E.W.Day, Daysland; Lt. 
101st., Edmonton Bn. Enlisted, August 26, 
1914; Lt. 9th Bn., C.E.F.; att'd 4th Bn. 
Inf., C.E.F.; O.S., October 3, 1914; transf'd 
4th Bn., April 24, 1915; France, April 24, 
1915; 2nd Battle of Ypres, April 26, 1915; 
Festubert, 'May, 1915 ; Givenchy, June, 1915 ; 
Capt., September 28, 1915 ; Ploegsteert, Mes- 
sines, Somme, October, 1916 ; transf'd C.A.P. 
C.,November 26, 1916; ret'd from O.S., March 
31, 1919; discharged same date. 

Road, Toronto; E. September '08, from Park- 
dale C.I., Toronto; aged 14-11; L. June '10; 
of W. G. Dean, Toronto ; B.A.Sc, Univ. Tor. 
'15; C. 0. T. C, Pte. Enlisted, November, 
1915; 95th Bn., Lt.; transf'd 198th Bn., 
March 3, 1916; transf'd R.N.V.R., Motor- 
boat patrol, Sub-Lt., ' August, 1916 ; Lt., 
August, 1917; 2nd i|C H.M.M.L. 305,January, 
1917; Sped. Service, Decoy Sailing Ships, 
September, 1917 - November, 1918; H.M.S. 
"Dargle"; ilC H.M.C. Tr. "Commissioners"; 
H. M. S. "Baron Rose"; 2nd i|C H. M. S. 
"Vereker"; North Sea, anti-submarine 
action, October, 1917-July, 1918; Dsepatches, 
October 31, 1917. 

DEAN, ARTHUR CYRIL; c|o Bank of 
Montreal, Chatham, Ont. ; B. ; E. January '09, 
from Central Sch., Chatham; aged 12; L. 
June '15 ; son of H. A. Dean, Bank of Mont- 
real, Chatham; Prefect at U.C.C. two years, 
including Head Prefect '14-'15. Enlisted, 
November, 1915; 134th Bn.,Lt.; O.S..August, 
1916; R.F.C., September, 1917; France, Janu- 
ary, 1918; Bombing Instr., 13th Bgde., 5th 
Div.; P.W., April 12, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
January, 1919; discharged, March, 1919. 

den St., Toronto; Select Lingerie Ltd., 53 
Richmond St. E. E. September '06, from 
Dewson St. P.S., Toronto ; aged 12-5 ; L. June 
'13 (Mason Gold Medal) ; son of J. DeGruchy, 
Toronto; clerk. City Treasurer's Dept., City 
Hal, Toronto; 36th Regt. Enlisted, Febru- 
ary, 1916; 208th (Irish Fusiliers) Bn., att'd 
5th Can. Div., Lt. ; O.S., March, 1917; France, 
January, 1918; 54th Bn.; wounded, July 23, 



1918; ret'd from O.S., January 2, 1919; dis- 
charged, January 17, 1919. 

try Farmer; Stratford, Ont.; E. September 
'95, from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 12-3; 
L. December '99 ; son of Lt. Col. J. M. Dela- 
mere ('62-'65), Toronto; South African War 
'99-'02 ; Queen's Medal with four clasps ; 28th 
Perth Regt., Calpt. EnHsted, , August 9, 
1914; 1st Bn. C.E.F., Capt.; O.S., October, 
1914; France, February, 1915; Neuve Chap- 
elle, March, 1915 ; 2nd Battle of Ypres, April, 
1915; Festubert, May, 1915; Givenchy. June, 
1915 ; wounded,June 15,1915 ; ret'd from O.S., 
August, 1915; 71st Bn., Major, September, 
1915; 110th Bn., Lt. Col., November, 1915; 
H.Q. Staff, M.D. No. 1, October, 1916; O.C. 
"F" Unit, H.C.C., August, 1917; discharged, 
April, 1918 ; District Rep. of D.S.C.R. and 0. 
C, Guelph Mily. Hosp. 

Canada College, Toronto ; Asst. Master, Prep. 
Sch., September '13-March '15; B.A. Cam- 
bridge; O.S., April, 1915; enhsted. May 17 
1915; 39th Div. Signal Coy., 2nd Lt.; France 
December, 1915-June, 1916; Lt., May 2, 1916 
wounded, June 8, 1916; Egypt, June, 1917 
Australian- Mtd. Div., Signal Squadron, R.E. 
Jerusalem operations, 1917; M.C., January, 
1918; Jericho operations,, 1918; attacks on 
Amman, 1918 ; 5th Cav. ; Div., Signal Squad- 
ron R.E., July, 1918; Cavalry operations in 
Palestine, September, 1918; Column to 
Aleppo; ret'd from O.S., August, 1919; dis- 
charged same date. 

Dundas St. W., Toronto; E. April '98; L. 
June '05; son of the late Lt. Col. Fred C. 
Denison, C. M. G. ('58 and '61), Toronto. 
Comn. October 6, 1916; 2nd Lt., Scout Pilot, 
R.F.C., Sped. Res. ; O.S., September 22, 1916 ; 
France, August 20, 1917; Lt. R.A.F., 45th 
Squadron; ret'd to Canada, July 9, 1919; 
discharged, July, 1919. 

Rusholme, Dundas St.W., Toronto. E.'85,from 
Pte. Sch., Toronto; aged 10-2; L. December 
'92; son of the late Lt. Col. F. C. Denison. 
C.M.G. ('58 and '61), Toronto; Civil Engr.; 
Capt. G.G.B.G. '95-'02; R.O.; Lt. 124th Bn., 
C.E.F.; Capt., August, 1916. 

tate, 4 Rusholme Rd., Toronto ; E. September 
'95, from Pte. Sch.; aged 10-4; L. June '03; 
son of the late Lt. Col. F.C. Denison, C.M.G. 
('58 -'61), Toronto. Enlisted, July, 1916, 
R.N.V.R., Lt; O.S., July, 1916; ilC H. M. 
Motor Launch No. 127, September, 1917; 
ret'd from O.S., March, 1919. 

Brompton Barracks, Chatham, England; 
Royal Engrs., Lt. Col. E. September '87, from 
Pte. Sch., Toronto; aged 11; L. Easter '94; 
son of Col. G. T. Denison ('46-'55), Toronto; 
Grad. R.M.C. (Head) '98; R.E.. 2nd Lt., '98; 
Lt., '01 ; Kano-Sokoto Campaign (Medal with 
clasp) '03 ; served in Central Africa, Nigeria, 
Somaliland, and India; Capt. '07; African 
Gen'l Service Medal; Delhi Durbar Medal, 
1911; Egypt, September, 1914; Gallipoli, 
May, 1915; wounded at Gallipoli; France, 
June, 1916; D.S.O., June 3, 1916; Despatches 
twice, 1916; ret'd from France at the end of 
the war. 

mander, R.N., cjo The Admiralty, London, 
England; E. August '87, after pte. tuition; 
son of the late Lt. Col. F. C. Denison, C.M.G. 
('58 and '61), Toronto; on active service in 
the North Sea ; Comdr., H.M.S."Amphitrite", 
Woolwich; formerly Lt.. H.M.S.. "Aboukir", 

DENISON, JOHN; Alverston, Hants, Eng- 
land; B.; E. '62, from a Pte. Sch., Toronto; 
aged 9-5; L. ; son of the late George 

Taylor Denison ('30-'34), Toronto; entered 



R.N. as Cadet on board H.M.S. "Aurora," 
at Quebec, April 25, 1867; Midshipman, June 
18, 1869; Commander, the noyal Yacht, 
"Victoria and Albert" '93-'96; A.D.C. to H.M. 
King Edward '05-'06; Rear-Admiral. 1906; 
Vice-Admiral, 1910; Admiral, January 5, 
1914; retired, January 6, 1914; volunteered 
and served as Temp. Capt. R.N. Res., Novem- 
ber 16, 1914; ijC H.M. Yacht "Marynthea" in 
war against Germany, till May, 1916 ; Temp. 
Commodore, R.N.R. and Senior Naval Officei- 
at Falmouth for Naval Base till May, 1917; 
D.S.O., 1917; Senior Naval Officer at Kings- 
town for East Coast of Ireland till May, 1919. 

TUS; Catlin, Bermuda; E. '70, from Pte. 
Sch.; aged 10-5; L. 75; son of the late Col. 
G. T. Denison ('30-'34), Brockton; South 
African War, Lt. Col. ; C.M.G., 1901 ; A.D.C. 
to F. M. Earl Roberts; A. G., Ottawa; Col. 
Comdg. 4th Bgde. C.E.F.; appt'd. to command 
2nd Inf. Div., Toronto, January 1, 1915; 
O.S., April, 1915; France, June, 1915, 10 days 
only; ret'd. to Canada medically unfit, Au- 
gust, 1915, and on sick leave until retired; 
retired June 8, 1916, with rank of Brig - 

Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto; Barrister, So- 
licitor to the Dept. of the Provincial Secy, of 
Ontario ; E. September '92 ; aged 13 ; L. Janu- 
ary '93; Re-E. January '94, from Sch. in 
England; L. June '97; son of Lt. Col. Clar- 
ence A. Denison ('62-'69), Toronto; student, 
Trin. Coll., Tor., '99; R.M.C. (1st on list); 
G.G.B.G., Major. Enlisted, November 24, 
1914; 4th C.M.R., Major; O.S., July 17, 1915; 
France, October 24, 1915; all engagements 
of Can. Corps from October 24, 1915 until 
Armistice; D.S.O., June 2, 1916; Despatches, 
Sir D. Haig, December, 1916; A.D.C. and 
G.O.C, Staff Duty, January 1, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., April 23, 1919 ; discharged, April 
24, 1919. 

tDENNEHY, CHARLES; B. ; E. Septem- 
ber '07, ;from St. Michael's Coll.; aged 14-4; 
L. June '11 ; son of Dr. Charles Dennehy, St. 
Lucia. B.W.I. Enlisted, August, 1914; B.C. 
Regt., 12th Bn., Pte.; O.S., October, 1914; 
7th Can. Inf. Bn., Pte. ; France, February 10, 
1915; in the trenches for about 10 weeks; 
wounded at Ypi-es (1st gas attack) ; P.W. 
April 23, 1915; leg amputated while 
prisoner; exchanged, August 1915; 2nd 
operation performed in England owing to bad 
treatment; ret'd from O.S., May, 1916; dis- 
charged, April 30, 1916; ret'd to Vancouver, 
August, 1916 ; Chief Clerk, Pacific Steam- 
ship Co., Vancouver; killed at the Balmoral 
Apartment's fire. 

Beaumont, Upper Canada College; B.; E. 
September '14, from St. Edmund's Coll., Old 
Hall, Ware, England ; aged 15-2 ; L. June '18 ; 
son of Dr. Charles Dennehy, Carribes, Santa 
Lucia, B.W.I. ; C. O.T. C, Toronto, October, 
1918; discharged, December, 1918. 

turer, Cobourg, Ont.; B.; E. September '01, 
from Parkdale C.I., Toronto; aged 14-8; L. 
June '04; son of John Dick; B.A., Univ. Coll. 
Tor. '08; 14th Batty., C.F.A., Lt. Enlisted, 
November, 1915; 9th Bgde., C.F.A., C.E.F.. 
Lt. and Adjt.; Capt., February 1, 1916; O.S., 
February 5, 1916 ; 33rd Batty., C.F.A., April 
1, 1916; France, July 13, lt)16; Ypres, 
Somme, Arras, 1916; 32nd Batty., C.F.A., 
October 1, 1916; Vimy Ridge, Avion, Lens, 
Passchendaele, 1917; 0. C, March, 1917; 
AjMajor, July 1, 1917; Despatches, January 
1, 1918; ret'd from O.S., March, 1918; O.C. 
65th Depot Batty., Petawawa, June, 1918; 
discharged, November, 1918. 

Student, 1604 Master St., Philadelphia, Pa., 
U.S.A. ; permt. address,-Hamilton, Bermuda 
B.; E. September '06, from Whitney Inst., 
Bermuda; aged 17-4; aged 17-4; L. June '08; 
son of the late J. M. Dickinson, Hamilton, 
Bermuda. Enlisted, December 1, 1915 ; Pte. 



Bermuda A. S. Contingent; O.S., May 20, 
1916; att'd 1st Bn., Lincolnshire Regt.; 
France, August, 1916 ; blown up at Vermelles 
on the Loos front, October,1916; shell shock; 
transf'd M.G.C. Heavy Branch (tanks), July, 
1917; commn. in same, December, 1917; ret'd 
to France, March 21, 1918; posted to "A" 
Coy. 14th Tank Bn.; Villers, Brettoneux, 
August, August 8, 1918; Foret du Mormal, 
November 4, 1918; v^ounds from shrapnel 
shell splinters, November 4, 1918 ; ret'd from 
O.S., June 16, 1919 ; discharged same date. 

VELYAN; Manufacturer; 6 High Park 
Blvd., Toronto; E. September '01, from 
Huron St. P.S., Toronto ; aged 14-4 ; L. June 
'03; son of John Sifton Dignam, Toronto; 
Manager, Fisher Ford Mfg., Detroit, Mich.; 
36th Peel Regt. ; after trg. for Lt., Was not 
passed for O.S. service; medically unfit. 

Fruit Grower, The Homewood, Vernon, B.C. ; 
E. April '89, from Uppingham Sch., England; 
aged 14-10; L. June '89; son of the late B. 
Homer-Dixon, Consul Genl., Netherlands, To- 
ronto; 102nd Regt. R.M.R., Lt. Enlisted, 
December 15, 1915; 102nd Bn., C.E.F. Major; 
O.S., June 9, 1916 ; Capt., June 1, 1916 ; Major, 
July 1, 1916; France, August 9, 1916; Somme 
'Regina Trench", October 21, 1916 ; wounded 
same date; England, December, 1916; ret'd 
from O.S., invalided from service, May 1918 ; 
discharged, September 20, 1918. 

Emeritus, Trinity Church, Toronto; 417 
King St. E.; E. '67, from Pte. Sch., To- 
ronto; aged 9-10; Wycliffe Coll.; ordained 
Deacon, 1891 ; Priest, 1902 ; diocesan mission 
ary sec'y, 1902 ; Canon of St. Alban's Cathed- 
ral, 1903; Capt., Chaplain, 10th R.G. Enlist- 
ed, December 4, 1914; on Chaplain's Staff, 
Exhibition Park, 1914-1915; Chaplain, 81st 
Bn., C. E. F., 1915-1916; Chaplain, 180th 
(Sportsmen's) Bn., 1916; later on staff; 

Major; served 5 years without remuneration. 
Divine Service, parades, and hospital duty. 

D.A.A. & Q.M.G., Mily. H.Q., Victoria, B.C.; 
E.'81,from Mr.Sheldrake's Sch.;aged 9-10; L. 
'86; son of the late B. Homer-Dixon, K.N.L., 
Consul Gen'l of the Netherlands,Toronto ; Up- 
pingham Sch., England; 10th R.G. '89; 17th 
(D.C.O.) Lancers '92; 5th (P.O.W.) Dragoon 
Guards, '93; N.W. Frontier of India, '97-'98 
(medal with two clasps) ; South African War, 
'99-'02; siege of Ladysmith; wounded; 
(Queen's and King's Medals) ; Colonial Office 
West African Frontier Force, Northern 
Ashanti, '02-'03; Lt. R. C. M. R., Winnipeg, 
'04; D.A.A. and Q.M.G., Mily. Dist., No. 2 
(Toronto), Major; O.S. with 1st Can. Div.; 
recalled to Canada, November, 1914; taken 
on strength, April 1, 1915; 2nd Can. Div., 
H.Q., D.A.A. and Q.M.G., Lt. Col.; 0. S., 
April, 1915; France, September 10, 1915; 
all engagements with 2nd Can. Div., between 
September, 1915, and January, 1918; D.S.O. 
rnd Despatches, January, 1917; England, 
January, 1918; ret'd from O.S., June, 1919; 
perm't force. 

Sioux Look Out; B.; E. February '88, from 
Sunderland P.S.; aged 16-3; L. Easter '89; 
son of William Dobie, Farmer, Sunderland, 
Ont. Enlisted, August, 1914; 4th Bn., 1st 
C.E.F. ; O.S., October, 1914; France, March, 
1915; St. Julien, April 21-22, 1915; Forestry 
Bn., 1916; ret'd from O.S., May, 1919; dis- 
charged, May 20, 1919. 

DOBSON, WILLIAM ; Secy., Intercollegiate 
Y.M.C.A., Edmonton, Alta. ; permt. address, 
Nipawin P.O., Sask. ; E. September '00, from 
Beaverton P.S.; aged 14-7; L. June '05; 
Mason Silver Medal '04; Mason Gold Medal 
'05; son of Alexander Dobson, Beaverton, 
Ont.; B.A. Queen's Univ. '09; Grad. Theol. 
do. '14. EnHsted, November 2, 1915; 79th 
Cameron Highlanders, Winnipeg, later re- 


named 179th Bn.; O.S., October 2, 1916; 17th 
Res. Bn., East Sandling, Kent; France, No- 
vember 13, 1916; 43rd Bn.; 16th Bn., Lt., 
May 24, 1917; 4th C.M.R., August 23, 1917; 
Passchendaele, October 24, 1917; wounded 
same date; Y.M.C.A., January 28, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., February 11, 1919; discharged, 
March 27, 1919. 

]915; France, April 22, 1916; 4th C.M.R. ; 
Zillebeke, June 2, 1916; wounded; P.W., Ger- 
many, June 2, 1916; exchanged to Switzer- 
land, December, 1916; Repatriated, Septem- 
ber, 1917; Capt., England, September 11, 
1917; ret'd from O.S., September 28, 1917; 
discharged, February 4, 1918; Published, 
1917, "Captured." 

Ranching, Youngstown, Alberta; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '96, from Brockville P.S. ; aged 16-10; 
L. December '96; son of W. S. Donaldson, 
Brockville, Ont. ; Capt. 41st Brockville Rifles; 
South African War 1899-1900, 2nd Bn., R. 
C.R. (Queen's Medal, 3 clasps) ; Paardeburg, 
Poplar Grove, Dufontein ; coronation of King 
Edward, 1902. Enlisted, August 1, 1915; 
Capt. 82nd (Calgary) Bn.; transf'd 156th 
(Leeds and Grenville) Bn.; O.S., October 17, 
1916; transf'd 125th Bn.; trg. duty with 5th 
Div., in England; ret'd from O.S., August 
28, 1917; discharged. January 3, 1918. 

409 Woolwich St., Guelph, Ont.; Barrister- 
at-Law ; B. ; E. September '09, from Guelph 
C.L; aged 15-4; L. June 1913; son of the late 
J. J. Drew, Guelph; Univ. Coll. Enlisted, 
June, 1914; 11th Batty., C.F.A., Lt.; 16th 
Batty., C.F.A., Lt., December 7, 1914; O.S., 
May 18, 1915; France, Sepljember, 1915; 
wounded (severely). May, 1916; invalided to 
Canada, June, 1917; att'd Mily. Hosp., Toron- 
to; Capt., December 5, 1917; Provl. Major., 
16th Batty., January 3, 1921. 

Pres. Jos. Donaldson's Ltd., Brandon, Man.; 
B.; E. September '12, from Brandon H.S.; 
aged 16-5 ; L. June '13 ; son of Joseph Donald- 
son, Brandon, Man.; Lt. 99th Manitoba 
Rangers. Enlisted, February 1, 1915; Lt. 
45th Bn., C.E.F.; Capt., March 1, 1916; O.S., 
March 8, 1916; transf,d 11th Res.; reverted 
to Lt. at own request; France, August 1, 
1916; Ypres, August - September ; Somme, 
September for few days; multiple G.S.W., 
Somme, September 16, 1916; ret'd from O.S., 
December, 1916; British-Canadian Recruit- 
ing Mission, U.S.A., September, 1917-August, 
1918; discharged, August 31, 1918. 

84 Highlands Ave., Toronto ; with the Salada 
Tea Co. Ltd. ; E. '11, from the Grammar Sch., 
Harrogate; L. '12; Ridley Coll., '12-'15; son 
of Mrs. E. E. Drew-Brook, Toronto; mounted 
cadet, 9th Mississauga Horse. Enlisted, 
April 7, 1915; Trooper, 4th C.M.R. ; O.S., 
August, 1915; France, October 23, 1915; 
Zillebeke, June 2, 1916; Somme, 1916; Vimy 
Ridge, 1917; Passchendaele, 1917; att'd 3rd 
Div. Signallers, 1916-1918; att'd R.A.F. for 
trg. as Pilot, 1918-1919; temp, commn., R.A. 
F., February, 1919 ; ret'd from O.S., February 
2, 1919 ; discharged, February 4, 1919. 

Ave., Toronto; Manuafacturer, York Knit- 
ting Mills Ltd. ; E. September '04, from Tor. 
Ch. Sch. ; aged 15-9 ; L. June '06 ; son of W. 
M. Douglas, Toronto; B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. 
'JO; 109th Regt., Lt. Enlisted, December 
14, 1915; 35th Bn., Lt.; O.S.. October 14, 

Bond Salesman, 84 Highlands Ave., Toronto ; 
E. May '12, from Grosvenor House, Harro- 
gate; aged 13-5; L. June '16 (Mason Gold 
Medal) ; son of Mrs. E. E. Drew-Brook, To- 
ronto. Enlisted, December 18, 1916; Pte. 
C.O.T.C; 2nd Lt. July 7, 1917; O.S., Septem- 
ber 19, 1917; France, January 1, 1918; Lt. 


April 1, 1918; Battle of Merville, April, 1918; 
wounded four times, May 21, 1918 ; reported 
missing; P.W. in Germany, June 25, 1918; 
repatriated; ret'd from O.S., February 14, 
1919; discharged, September 30, 1920. 

DRUMMOND, HAROLD; Barrister; 1 
Deer Park Cres., Toronto ; E. September '09, 
from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch.; aged 14-4; 
L. June '10 ; son of H.A. Drummond, Toronto ; 
B.A.. Univ. Coll. Tor., 1916; Lt. 48th High- 
landers. Enlisted, May 25, 1916; Fit. Sub- 
Lt. R.N.A.S.; O.S., May 27, 1916; left R.N.A. 
S., November, 1916; course at R.G.A. Cadet 
School, Handel St., London; 2nd Lt. R.G.A., 
March 28, 1917; Dover until September, 
1917; Lt., R.G.A., September 28, 1918; Singa- 
pore S.S. November 15, 1917-July 20. 1919 ; 
ret'd from O.S., September 6, 1919 ; discharg- 
ed, August 29, 1919 ; Comdr. of an examina- 
tion Batty, of 6 ins. guns, which worked in 
conjunction with the Navy in allowing ves- 
sels to pass in and out of Singapore harbour. 

39th St., New York, U.S.A. ; Asst. Purchas- 
ing Agent, France and Canada S.S. Corp. ; 
E. September '07, from St. Alban's Cathedral 
Sch., Toronto; aged 10-4; L. June '14; son 
of J. W. Drynan ('80), 74 Lowther Ave., To- 
ronto. Enlisted, January 25, 1916; Lt No. 
2, O.S. C.A.S.C. Trg. Depot, C.E.F.; O.S., 
November, 1916; transf'd C.F.C.; Lt. and 
Adjt., February, 1916; France, June, 1917; 
Belgium, 1918-1919; Germany, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., May 30. 1919 ; discharged. May 31, 

Manufacturing, Sturgis, Mich., U.S.A. ; B. ; 
E. September '03; aged 13-10; L. January 
'04 ; son of William Curloss Duff us, 49 Alex- 
andrine Ave. E., Detroit, Mich.; formerly in 
hardwood lumber business. Enlisted, No- 
vember, 1917; commissioned, September, 
1918; served with 338th Inf. ; later with 20th 
Engrs. ; later with Air Service, U.S. Army; 
discharged, February. 1919. 

SHANK; 196 Ellsworth Ave., Toronto; E. 
September '09, from Huron St. P.S. ; aged 15- 
1 ; L. June '12; Re-E. September '14; L. June 
'15; son of the late W. Duncan, Toronto; 
P. A. Sc. Univ. Tor. '22; C.O.T.C, Univ. Tor.; 
Warrant Officer, R.N.C.V.R., December 8, 
1916; Wireless Operator, Naval Service of 
Can., Can. Govt, ship "Acadia"; sea time 23 
months; ret'd from O.S., December 23, 1918; 
discharged, September 29, 1919. 

Salesman,Willys-Overland,Ltd., 7 Linden St., 
Toronto ; B. ; E. after Easter, '06, from Ridley 
Coll.; aged 14; L. Christmas '08; son of the 
late George Dunstan, Toronto; munition 
manufacture. Secy, to Mr. Lloyd Harris; 
later Asst. Sec'y., Machine and Stamping 
Co., manufacturing time fuse parts; rejected 
by R. F. C. at Ottawa. 1916 (weak eyes) ; 
accepted a year later, September, 1917; 2nd 
Lt. March 10, 1918; Lt. R.A.F., April, 1918; 
Instr., Texas, R.F.C., March 10 - April 15, 
3 918; crashed, Texas, March 18, 1918; Camp 
Leaside, April - October, 1918; O.S., October, 
1918; retd' from O.S., July, 1919; discharged 
game date. 

Pembroke St., and Messrs. A. L. Eastmure 
and Son, 56 King St. West, Toronto; B.; E. 
September '06, from Model Sch., Toronto; 
aged 12-8; L. June '10; son of the late A. L. 
Eastmure, Toronto ; Lt. 36th Regt. Enlisted, 
December, 1915; Lt. 124th Bn.; O.S., August 
11, 1916 ; Srd Can. Res. Bn. ; France, March 
15, 1917; Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Passchendaele, 
Arras; gassed, February. 1918; demobilised 
February, 1919. 

ville; B.; E. June '88, from Wellesley P.S., 
Toronto ; aged 14-1 ; L. '89 ; son of the late 
T. Eaton, Toronto; formerly Mgr. Oshawa 
Factory. Staff Officer without salary; Major, 
appt'd to Staff, Minister of Militia's Dept. ; 
Asst. Director of Recruiting for Canada, with 


■B^Df ^iHravf 



Lt. Col. Cecil Williams, February, 1917; att'd 
Staff, Toronto Mily. Dist. in connection with 
Mily. Service Act, 1917; on Staff of the Adjt.- 
Gen'l. at Ottawa, 1918. 

O.T.C.; Fit. Cadet, R.C.N.A.S. October 31. 
1918; signed up for 3 years but R.C.N.A.S. 
was disbanded; discharged, January, 1919. 

Deputy Director of Works for Imperial Ad- 
ministration ; B. ; E. September '89, from Pte. 
Sch., Toronto ; aged 9 ; L. June '96 ; son of 
the late Sir J. D. Edgar, M.P., K.C.M.G., To- 
ronto; grad, R. M. C. ; Lt. R. E., Roorkee, 
India; Capt. R.E., Poona, India. Went from 
India to Mesopotamia, 1916; Major and Depu- 
ty-Director of Works with tempy. rank of 
Col.; D. S. O., October, 1917; Director of 
Works for Mesopotamia. 

Australia; B.; E. '99, from Winnipeg C.I. ; 
aged 14-11 ; L. June '02; son of D. K. Elliott, 
Winnipeg; formerly with R. J. Whitla & Co., 
Winnipeg. Enlisted, February 1, 1915; 45th 
Bn., Lt.; O.S., Spring, 1915; 32nd Res. Bn.; 
Manitoba Regt. Depot and D.D. 10; France; 
27th Bn.; Capt. April, 1916; wounded and 
P. W., April 4, 1916 ; ret'd from O.S., March, 
1919; discharged, March 17, 1919. 

Victoria Coll., Toronto; E. '79, from Pte. Sch., 
Toronto ; aged 8-6 ; L. '87 ; son of the late Sir 
J. D. Edgar, M.P., K.C.M.G., Toronto; B.A. 
Univ. Coll. Tor. '92; Ph.D. John Hopkins '97; 
''also Fellow) ; 2nd Modern Language Master, 
U.C.C, '92-'95; Lt. 10th R.G. Transf'd to 
C.O.T.C, Univ. Tor., with rank of Lt. ; quali- 
fied as Capt. ; served 2 months in the Intern- 
ment Camp at Kapuskasing; R.O. 

Student, i319 Bathurst St., Toronto; E. Sep- 
tember '12, from Hillcrest P. S., Toronto; 
aged 14-11; L. June '17; son of John Ed- 
wards; Honour Matric, June '17, Univ Tor. 
Enlisted, April 26, 1918; 1st Can. Tank Bn., 
Pte.; O.S., June 4, 1918; England, June 21, 
1918-May 20, 1919; ret'd from O.S.. May 27, 
1919; discharged same date. 

of Agencies for Ontario, The Employer's 
Liability Assurance Corpn. Ltd., Woodstock 
Apts., D. 3, Toronto ; E. September '08, from 
Lakefield Prep Sch. ; aged 12-5 ; L. June '12 ; 
son of C. M. Edwards. Enlisted, September 
8, 1918; Tank Corps, C.O.T.C; Fit. Cadet, R. 
C.N.A.S., October 31, 1918; Tank Corps, C. 

Manager, John Millen & Son, Ltd., 53 Ade- 
laide St., W., and 143 Inglewood Drive, To- 
ronto; E. September '07, from the Model 
Sch.; aged 13; L. June '10; son of Dr. John 
E. Elliott, Toronto. Enlisted, March 30, 
1915; 33rd Batty., C.F.A., Lt.; transf'd 49th 
Batty., 12th Bgde., C.F.A. ; O.S., September. 
1916; "D" Coy., 49th Bn., 12th Bgde., 5th 
C.D.A.; France, January, 1917; "D" Coy., 
21st 4th Bgde., 2nd and 4th C.D.A.; Vimy 
April 9 ; Lens, June-July ; Passchendaele, Sep- 
tember; Amiens and various other engage- 
ments until September 13, 1918; ret'd to 
England to join the R.A.F., September; given 
leave home by R.A.F. ; ret'd from O.S., Oc- 
tober 8 ; on leave in Toronto when the Armis- 
tice was signed. 

College St., Toronto; E. September '07, 
from Harbord St. C. I.; aged 16-11; L. June 
'08; son of Henry Ellis; Asst. Supt. Connell 
Anthracite Mining Co., Toronto. Commn., 
October, 1914 ; Lt. 2nd Can. Amm. Sub.-Park, 
Ottawa; trained at Exhibition Camp, Toron- 
to ; France. May, 1915 ; transf'd R.F.C., July, 
1916; transf'd Indian Anny, 1918; 57th 
Wilds Rifles, F.F. ; arrived Bombay, March; 
Capt., August. 


* Photo by Swaine 


National Committee of Medical Research, 
London, England; E. September '95, from 
Mr. Sheldrake's Sch., Lakefield, Ont. ; aged 
12-3; L. June '00; son of the late Dean Ellis, 
Univ. Tor. ; B. A. Univ. Coll. Tor. '06 ; M.B. 
Univ. Tor. '08. Enlisted. September, 1314; 
Capt. C.A.M.C, att'd No. 1 G.H.; O.S., with 
1st Contgt.; transf'd No. 5 Can. Mobile 
Laboratory; France, March, 1915; Major, 
and O.C. do., 1916; Asst. Pathological Ad- 
viser, 4th Army, 1918; Despatches (Sir 
Douglas Haig), May, 1917, June, 1918, and 
once besides; O.B.E., June, 1919; ret'd from 
O.S. and discharged July, 1919. 

Private Secretary, Minister of Militia and 
Defence, Ottawa; E. '00, from Tor. Ch. Sch.; 
aged 11-10; L. June '07; son of the late Dean 
Ellis, Univ. Tor.; B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. '11; 
Ont. Bar, '14; Lt. 2nd Regt. Q.O.R. Enlisted, 
June 11, 1915, 37th Inf. Bn.; O.S., November, 
1915; transf'd 12th Res. Inf. Bn., March, 
1916; 7th Inf. Bn., May; France, May 20; 
Ypres, with 7th Bn., till severely wounded 
nt Zillebeke, June 30; G.S.W., both hands; 
invalided to Canada, September; employed 
in Canada ; mentioned for Services in Canada 
m connection with the war, Canada Honours 
Gazette, March 29 ,1919 ; still on strength. 

ELLIS, HARRY S. ; B. ; E. '97, from Tor. 
Ch. Sch.; aged 14-7; L. '98; son of Alfred 
Ellis, Toronto. 

moral Ave., Toronto; E. September '04, from 
the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 13; L. June 
'07; son of Matthew C. Ellis, Toronto; B.A. 
Univ. Coll. Tor. '11; Messrs. P. W. Ellis & 
Co., Wellington St. E., Toronto; Lt., Q.O.R. 
Enlisted, September, 1915, Lt. 83rd Bn., C.E. 
F.; O.S., April, 1916; transf'd M.G.C., May; 
France, July 7; 9th Can. M.G.Coy., July 8; 
Somme, September- October; Vimy Ridge, 

April, 1917; Hill 70, August; Passchendaele, 
October; wounded in shoulder at Bellevue 
Spur (near Passchendale) , October 26 ; M.C., 
October 26; ret'd from O.S., February, 1918; 
discharged, as unfit for service O.S., C. 2. 

ELLISON, W.; Asst. Master in the Prep. 
Sch., '12-'13; E. Uppingham Sch., and Em- 
manuel Coll., Cambridge; B.A. Cambridge; 
R.F.A., Lt., 1914; wounded at the Dardan- 
elles, September 15, 1915. 

ager, Hamilton, Ont. ; B. ; E. September '10, 
from Buffalo, N.Y.; aged 14-9; L. June '14: 
son of R. H. Essex, Buffalo, N.Y. ; fruit farm- 
ing and poultry raising. Enlisted, May 18, 
1915, Pte. 35th Bn. ; O. S., August 15; 
transf'd, in France, 1st C.M.G. Bn.; Amiens, 
Ypres, 3rd Battle, 1916; Somme; Commn., 
February 24, 1917, in England; transf'd M. 
G. Depot, 1916-17; Lt. 12th Res. Bn. ; 
transf'd, in France, 1st C. M. G. Bn. ; Amiens, 
1918; wounded, August 8; ret'd from O.S., 
April 29, 1919; discharged May 5. 

rister; B.; E. September '09, from the 
Misses Ross' Sch., Barrie ; aged 12 ; L. June 
'15 ; son of George H. Esten ('74-'76), Barrie, 
Ont. Enlisted, January 3, 1916, Gnr. 29th 
Batty., C.F.A.; O.S., February 25; France, 
July 13; transf'd 35th Batty., April, 1917; 
every engagement, with 3rd Div., from 
Somme, 1916, to Mons, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
March 30, 1919; discharged, April 1. 

Corona Lumber Co. Ltd. ; Treherne, Man. 
B.; E. September '09, from Mr. A. J. Tuck- 
well's Sch., Winnipeg; aged 14-1; L. Easter 
'11 ; son of A. B. Estlin, Melita, Man. ; former- 
ly bank clerk. Enlisted, September 14, 1914; 
Pte. 6th Bn., F.G.H. ; O.S., October,1914, with 
1st Contgt.; transf'd 1st Can. Cav. Bgde., 
S.C. going O.S., October, 1915; France, De- 
cember, 1915; commn. in Can. Res. Cav. 
Regt., March, 1917; England to train; 
commn. June 1, 1917; seconded for duty to 


R. F. C, September 14, 1917; France, 2nd 
time, April 1, 1918; 49th Squadron, R.A.F., 
July 30, 1918; ret'd from O.S., January 11, 
1919; discharged, February 6, 1919. 

Hot Springs, Va., and cjo Toronto Club, To- 
ronto; E. '72, from Convent Sch., Toronto; 
aged 10-1 ; L. '77 ; son of the late George 
Evans, Toronto; grad. R.M.C. '83; C.E. (till 
'95) ; Capt. R.O. Commn., May, 1916 ; Major 
and 2nd i|C, 153rd Bn., C.E.F.; rank of Lt. 
Col. in C.E.F. and O.C. 153rd Bn., June 3- 
August 31, 1916; Staff of M.D. No. 1.. from 
September 6, 1916; resigned; duty on Staff, 
Naval Recruiting Officer, R.N.C.V. O.S. Div., 
Area of Ontario, November 22, 1916-March 
11, 1917; rank of Lt. Col., R. 0., as from 
September 23, 1916. 

EVANS, GEORGE; Student. Univ. Tor.; 
76 Lyndhurst Ave., Toronto; B.; E. Easter 
'09, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., Toron- 
to ; aged 9-3 ; L. December '17 ; son of George 
E. Evans, C.E. ('70-'77). Enlisted, Decem- 
ber 4, 1917; Pte. C.O.T.C; 1st Can. Tank 
Bn.; O.S.. June 3, 1918; England to July 20, 
1919; ret'd from O.S., July 31, 1919; dis- 
charged same date. 

toms, 274 Bay St. S., Hamilton, Ont. ; B. ; E. 
August '87, after pte. tuition; aged 13-9; L. 
June '93; son of William Farmer, Ancaster, 
Ont.; Lt. 2nd Dragoons. Enlisted, November 
21, 1914; Capt. 4th C.M.R.; transf'd Capt. 
C.A.P.C, November 30, 1917; O.S., July 15, 
1915; Capt. C.A.P.C, August 5.1917; France, 
October 24, 1915 ; transf'd 4th C.M.R. (orig- 
inal unit) ; Messines Ridge, Ypres, Somme, 
Arras, Vimy Ridge, Lens; ret'd from O.S., 
November 29, 1917; discharged, February 
29, 1920, 

urer, Clerk Dental Mfg. Co., Ltd.; 689 
Spadina Ave., Toronto; E. September '10, 
from Princess Ave. P.S., London, Ont. ; aged 
13-1; L. June '13; son of F. W. Farncomb, 
C.E., London; Lt. 30th Batty., C.F.A. En- 
listed, February 14, 1916, 142nd Bn., C.E.F. ; 
transf'd 63rd Batty., January 28, 1917; Lt.; 
O.S., April 24, 1917; transf'd, Lt. R.F.C.. 
June 28, 1917; F. 0. Observer, August 5, 
1917; France, August 5, 1917; ret'd to Eng- 
land, April, 1918; F.O. Pilot, September 10, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., Decmber 31, 1918; 
discharged, January 24, 1919. 

merial Traveller, Dominion Rubber System, 
Ontario, Ltd. ; 45 Sussex Ave., Toronto ; E. 
September '04, from Wellesley P.S., Toronto; 
aged 14-1 ; L. June '05 ; son of C. Fellowes, 
Toronto; stretcher-bearer, C.A.M.C. '06-'09. 
PJnlisted, September 15, 1914, 9th Missis- 
sauga Horse, Sergt., "D" Squadron, 3rd 
Troop; transf'd 9th Batty., C.F.A., July 27, 
1915; Sergt.-Major Instr., No. 2, Training 
Depot, C.E.F. ijc of C.E.F. Arty. Recruits; 
Commn., December, 1915; i|c recruiting for 
C.E.F. Arty.; resigned March 16, 1916, in 
effort to proceed O.S.; re-enlisted same day, 
Sergt.-Major, 208th Bn., C.E.F.; transf'd by 
H.Q., 4th Divl. Train, M.T., C.A.S.C, C.E.F. 
as Regtl. Sergt.-Major; Halifax; previously 
att'd to Royal School of Cavalry and Royal 
School of Arty. ; ret'd from Halifax to Ex- 
hibition Camp, Toronto, May 26, 1916; dis- 
charged, November 18, 1916, with rank of 

704 Mountain St.. Montreal, P.Q. ; B. ; E. 
'05, from King's Coll. Sch., Windsor; aged 
11-7; L. '11; son of Charles Fergie, West- 
ville, N.S. Enlisted, September 6, 1915; 
R.N.A.S., Proby. Fit. Sub.-Lt.; O.S., October 
4, 1916 ; graduated. Airplane Pilot, and com- 
missd., Fit. Sub.-Lt., February 28, 1917; in- 
jured in crash while flying over Dover, June 
30, 1917; discharged, July 31, 1917; ret'd 
from O.S., August 4, 1917. 



Christie St., Toronto; B.; E. September '08, 
from Mulvey P.S., Winnipeg; L. June '10; 
son of T. R. Ferguson ('78-'83), K. C, 
Barrister, 55 Yonge St., Toronto. Enlisted, 
April 12, 1916; C.A.S.C, C.E.F., Pte.; O.S., 
May, 1916; app't 44th Bn., Lt., November 5, 
1918; services at front, 11 months; wounded 
(gassed), August, 1918; discharged, July 7, 

FINNIE, ROY CHESTER; 33 Patterson 
Ave., Ottawa ; B. ; E. January '03, from Model 
Sch., Ottawa; aged 15-2; L. June '04; son 
of D.M. Finnie, Asst. Mgr., Bank of Ottawa ; 
formerly of Bank of Ottawa, Ottawa. En- 
listed, April 7, 1915; Lt. A.S.C.; O.S., July, 
1916; transf'd C.F.C., April, 1917; France, 
May, 1917; Capt., February, 1918; ret'd from 
O.S.. April, 1919 ; discharged, April, 1919. 

Mgr., Royal Indemnity Co. for Canada; 27 
Wellington St. E., Toronto; B.; E. September 
'09, from Mr. Tuckwell's Sch., Winnipeg; 
aged 14-3; L. June '11; son of T. R. Fergu- 
son, K.C. ('78-'83), 55 Yonge St., Toronto; 
Fort Garry Horse, Sergt. Enlisted, August 
8, 1914; 90th Winnipeg Rifles; 1st Can. Divl. 
Train. Q.M. Sergt.; O.S., September 30, 1914; 
France, November, 1915; Ypres, April 22, 
1915; wounded, April 22, 1915; Somme, 
August, 1916 ; 44th Bn., Lt. ; England, April, 
1917; Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917; Amiens, 
1918; M.C., August 10, 1918; wounded same 
date; ret'd from O.S., November 22, 1918; 
discharged, January 12, 1919. 

ZIES; Studying Law; Univ. Coll., Oxford; 
B.; E. '06, from Chatham P.S.; aged 10-5; 
L. '07; son of A. H. FitzRandolph, Merchant, 
Fredericton, N.B.; Univ. Coll., Oxford, '15; 
O.T.C., Oxford. Enlisted, September 1, 1915; 
R.N.V.R., att'd R.N.A.S., Observer; transf'd 
R.N.A.S., as pilot ; Fit. Sub.-Lt., June 3. 1916 ; 
Yarmouth for active service on the North 
Sea Patrol, November 28, 1916; across to 
Holland and up the Frisian Islands to 
Borkum and Germany; Fit. Lt., October 1, 
1917 ; on formation of R.A.F. granted equiva- 
lent rank of Capt., April 1, 1918; confirmed 
in rank, August, 1918; discharged, March, 

spector for Ocean Accident and Casualty Co., 
201 Bredport St., London, Ont. ; E. '13, from 
London C.I.; aged 18; L. '14; son of P. B. 
Fetterly, London. Enlisted, November, 
1915; Can. Res. Cyclists, Lt.; O.S., April, 
1916; Capt.; France, April, 1917; wounded, 
June, 1918; Amiens, August ; wounded, August 
27, 1918 ; Arras, August 28, 1918 ; ret'd from 
O.S., June, 1919; discharged, August, 1919. 

Chariotte St., Ottawa ; B. ; E. September '99, 
from Acacia Villa Sch.; aged 16-3; L. De- 
cember '01 ; son of the Hon. W. S. Fielding, 
Minister of Finance, Ottawa. Enlisted, Pte. 
A.S.C., 1st C.E.F.; transf'd 28th Inf. Bn.; 
Lt. 32nd Res. Bn., C.E.F. ; also C.F.C. ; served 
until after the Armistice. 

surer, Randolph and Baker Ltd. ; Randolph, 
St. John, N.B. ; B. ; E. '99, from Model Sch. ; 
aged 11-8; L. '00; Re-E. '05, from Rothesay 
Coll.; L. '06; son of A. H. FitzRandolph, 
Fredericton, N.B. Enlisted, June, 1915 ; 3rd 
N.B. Regt., Garrison Arty., Lt. ; att'd 6th 
Can. Siege Batty., February, 1916; 0. S., 
June, 1916; France, Somme, September 27- 
December, 1916; Prep, for Vimy, December, 
1916-February, 1917; Ypres, February, 1917- 
March, 1917; wounded, March, 1917; ret'd 
from O.S., September 10, 1917; discharged 
same date. 

of 51 Bernard Ave., Toronto (President, 
Cafeterias Ltd.) ; E. '99, from Model Sch., 
Toronto ; aged 16-2 ; L. May '03 ; son of C. E. 


f Photo by Swaine 

Fleming, Toronto; formerly Asst. Purser, 
C.P.R.S.S. "Empress of India", Vancouver, 
B.C. Enlisted, December, 1915; Sub.-Lt. R. 
F.C. ; att'd Imperial Service ; O.S., December, 
1915; transf'd R.N.V.R., September, 1916; 
died, Sunday, March 14, 1920, in Toronto. 

St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., Toronto ; L. June 
'03; son of Thomas Weech Forwood, Owen 
Sound and Toronto; appt'd 20th Bn., C.E.F., 
Capt. and Paymaster, April 9, 1915; transf'd 
58th Bn.; service at front, 3 years; De- 
spatches, May, 1917; discharged, March 24, 

410 Besserer St., Ottawa; B.; E. September 
'85, from Model Sch., Ottawa; aged 13-7; 
L. '89 ; son of the late Sir Sanford Fleming, C. 
E., Ottawa; M.D. Queen's Univ. '95. Enlisted, 
September 22, 1915; C.A.M.C; office D.G.M. 
S., Ottawa; 0. S., November 18, 1916; 
transf'd Kitchener Hosp., Adjt. ; France, 
June 5, 1918 ; transf'd No. 3 Sta. Hosp., Adjt., 
62nd Imp. CCS. ; after Armistice, D.G.M.S. 
Office, A.D.M.S. Lens Area; Officers' Red 
Cross Hosp., Adjt. and Regr. ; ret'd from O.S., 
August 2, 1919; discharged, August 3, 1919. 

Rd., Toronto; E. Setember '02, from Model 
Sch., Toronto; aged 15-4; L. December '04; 
son of John Flett, Toronto; formerly with 
Flett, Lowndes Co., Ltd., Toronto. Enlisted, 
August 28, 1915; Proby. Fit. Sub. Lt. R.N., 
att'd R.N.A.S. ; O.S., April 13, 1916 ; Fit. Sub.- 
Lt.. October 4, 1916; R.N.A.S.; France, No- 
vember 15, 1916; Fit. Lt. R.N., October 1, 
1917; R.N.A.S. Fit. Lt. D.S.C, R.N. to Capt. 
D.S.C, R.A.F., No. 3 wing, B.E.F., France; 
bombing and fighting, Verdun front; att'd 
7th French Army; on the first British Re- 
prisal Raid for the sinking of Hospital Ship, 
"Austuras", April 14, 1917, on the city of 
Freiburg, Baden; in Canada on leave, May, 
1917; D.S.C, May 12, 1917; Croix de Guerre 
with Palm, September, 1917; invalided from 
France, May 18, 1917; invalided home, March 
25, 1918; allowed privilege of retaining rank. 

Messrs. Tomenson, Forwood & Co., 108 Bay 
St., Toronto; B. (part time); E. September 
'99, from the Owen Sound Sch. ; aged 12-11 ; 
L. December '99 ; Re-E. September '01, from 

Airie House, 20 Wellesley St., Toronto; Con- 
sulting Physician; Asst. Classical Master, 
House and Sch., '87-'91 ; H.S.; Univ. Coll., 
Toronto; Trin. Med. Coll., Toronto; B. A. 
Univ. Tor. '83 ; farming at Grenf ell, N.W.T. 
'83-'85; Classical Master, Whitby C.I., '85- 
'86; do. Brockville C.I., '86-'87; raised and 
commanded No. 4, Bearer Co., now 15th Field 
Am. Corps, Major, '90; M.B. '91; M.D.C.M., 
Trin. Coll. (Silver Medal) '91; Lectr. and 
Profr., Theraupeutics, Trin. Med. Coll., '91- 
'04; Profr., Ont. Coll. Pharmacy '91-; memb. 
Coun. and Profr. Med. and Clin. Med., Univ. 
Tor. Med. Fac. ; Asst. Surg. 12th York 
Rangers; transf'd Q.O.R., as Asst. Surg.; 
attended course in Volunteer Sch. of Instrn., 
London, England; War Office Certificate, '98; 
Lt. Col., P.M.O., Niagara Camp, '04; M.O. 
iiC the Unmounted Cdn. Troops, Coronation 
of King George V.; Pres. Assn.. Officers A. 
M.S. of Canada '14; R.O., March '14; recalled 
to be A.D.M.S., 2nd Divl. Area with 1st CE. 
F., September, 1914; 2nd Inf. Div. C.E.F.; 
Colonel ; O.S., April 22. 1915 ; France, Septem- 
ber 2, 1915; A. D. M. S., 2nd Cdn. Area, 
B. E. F.; Ypres Salient, 11 months, Sep- 
tember, 1915-August, 1916; C.M.G., King's 
Birthday, 1916; Despatches (Sir Douglas 
Haig), June, 1916; Somme, September, 1916- 
October, 1916; Vimy Ridge, to March 17, 
1917; ret'd from O.S., April 24, 1917; AjD.G. 
M.S., April, 1917-September, 1920; Chairman 
Exec. Comm. Branch. St. John Amb. Assn.; 
Despatches, (Sir Douglas Haig), June, 1917; 
discharged, June 15, 1920; Hon. Physician 
to H.E. the Gov. General, 1919; Hon. LL.D., 
Queen's Univ., October, 1919; Hon. LL.D., 
Univ. Tor.. November, 1919. 

S.P.S., Toronto ; 260 St. James St., Montreal, 


P.Q. ; B. ; E. January '13, from the Academy, 
Westmount; aged 15-1; L. June '16 (Mason 
Silver Medal) ; son of W. J. Francis, Consult- 
ing Engr., 232 St. James St., Montreal ; R.M. 
C. ; C.O.T.C, McGill, Pte., later Lt. Enlisted, 
August 22, 1917; 2nd Lt., R.F.A.; O.S., Sep- 
tember 1, 1917; Lt., Comdg. 74th M.T.M. 
Batty. ; France, December 17, 1917 ; Pales- 
tine, December 31, 1917; H.Q. Staff, 68th 
F.A.B., 10th Div., Orderly Officer and to 
command H.Q. Staff; wounded, December 31, 
1917; all actions of 10th Irish Div. from 
Capture of Jerusalem to final drive ; invalided 
to Cairo and to England, September 8, 1918 ; 
permitted to resign ; ret'd from O.S., May 23, 
1919; discharged. May 29, 1919; Lt., R.A., 

with Messrs. Frankel Bros., Toronto, and 
504 Jarvis St. ; E. September '09, from Model 
Sch., Toronto; aged 13-5; L. November '12; 
son of Leo Frankel, Toronto; Pte. Q.O.R. of 
Canada. Enlisted, November 5, 1917; Pte. 
Univ. Tor. O.T.C.; O.S., June 29, 1918; dis- 
charged from C.E.F. July 8, 1918 ; re-enlisted 
B.E.F. and att'd Royal Fusiliers as Cadet; 
discharged, January 27, 919; on demobilisa- 
tion given rank of 2nd Lt., Essex Regt. 
(British Forces) ; ret'd from O.S., February 
19, 1919. • 

Mills, Ont.; E. '98; aged 9-11; L. December 
'98; son of the late Professor W. H. Eraser, 
(Master at U.C.C, '81 - '87) ; B. A., Univ. 
Tor. '12; M.B. Univ. Tor. '15. Enlisted, 
March. 1915; No 2 C.C.S., C.A.M.C; O.S., 
April, 1915; 94th Field Amb., R.A.M.C, Lt.; 
Egypt, 1915-1916; France, 1916; R.A.M.C, 
Capt. ; Somme, July 1, and November 13, 
1916; M.C., January 1, 1917; Canada, on 
leave, January, 1917; Medical Officer, Base 
Hosp., Toronto, May, 1917; China, 1917; 
Despatches, for excellent work done at Wei 
Hai Wei, August, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
June, 1918; discharged, October, 1919. 

'96, from Queen Victoria P.S., Toronto; aged 
15; L. '99; son of Alexander Eraser, Toronto. 
Enlisted, July 29, 1916; 113th Bn., Van- 
couver, B.C.; O.S., September 26, 1916; 
transf'd 17th Can. Res. Bn., October 8, 1916; 
transf'd 16th Can. Inf. Bn., France, Novem- 
ber 12, 1916; wounded (S.W.R. Knee), April 
30, 1917; admitted to No. 3 Can. Field Amb.; 
rejoined unit, May 6, 1917; Corps Gas Sch., 
Batman, September 23-29, 1917; Can. Corps 
Reinforcement Camp, November 8. 1918; 
rejoined unit, September 17, 1918; invalided 
and posted to Manitoba Regtl. Depot, Sea- 
ford, England, January 12, 1919; 11th Can. 
Res. Bn., February 15, 1919; transf'd 18th 
Can.Res.Bn., March 1, 1919; "On Command", 
to 1st Can. Discharge Depot, Buxton, March 
7, 1919; ret'd from O.S., April 9, 1919; dis- 
charged, April 25, 1919. 

B.; E. September '00, from Stratford P.S.; 
aged 14-2; L. June '05; son of Dr. D. M. 
Fraser, Stratford; M.D., CM., McGill '09; 
L.R.C.P.S., Edinburgh and Glasgow '10; L. 
C.P.S., Ont. and B.C. Enlisted, March 21, 
1915; Lt.; O.S., March, 1915; R. A. M. C, 
Capt.; France, August 18, 1915; Loos, Sep- 
tember, 1915; Somme, July-September, 1916; 
Vimy Ridge, 1917; Cambrai, 1917; Festu- 
bert, 1918; advance on Somme through Le 
Cateau; on Maubeuge front, 1918; ret'd from 
O.S.. August, 1919; discharged, same date. 

ent Force, Royal Can. Arty.; cjo Lady Morri- 
son, 21 McLeod St., Ottawa; B.; E. Septem- 
ber '09, from Ashbury Coll., Ottawa; aged 
15-5; L. November '11; son of C D. Fripp; 
R.M.C, August '14-August '15 ; 23rd Batty., 
Gnr. Enlisted, June 26, 1915 ; R.C.A.A., Lt. ; 
O.S., July 20. 1915; Res. Bgde., CF.A., Shorn- 
cliffe; 17th Batty., 5th Bgde., CF.A., October 
15, 1915; France, January 17, 1916; H.Q., 
2nd Can. Div'l. Arty. ; A.O.C to CR. A., 2nd 
Can. Div.; all operations with 1st Can. Div., 
January 17-March 12, 1916; St. Eloi, March- 



May 2, 1916; 3rd Battle of Ypres. June 2-3, 
1916; Somme, September 15-November 6, 
1916; evacuated sick to England, November 
10, 1916; France, March 30, 1917; Reinf't 
2nd C.D.A.C; Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917; 
Arleux, Fresnoy, Avion, Lens, April 10- 
August 1, 1917 ; att'd as learner to Staff Capt. 
R.A., C.C. H.Q., August 3, 1917; Hill 70, 
August 15, 1917; Passchendaele, October 17- 
November 18, 1917; 4th C.D.A.C. (to remain 
att'd as learner), December 17, 1917; Staff 
Capt., R. A. C. C, H.Q., March 25, 1918; 
Amiens, August 8, 1918; succeeding opera- 
tions to August 22, 1918; Monchy, Drocourt- 
Queant line ; Bourlon Wood ; Cambrai ; Valen- 
ciennes; Mons; and signing of Armistice; 
Army of Occupation, December, 1918 ; Rhine 
(Bonn), December 11, 1918; ret'd from Ger- 
many, January, 1919 ; ret'd from O.S., May 
14, 1919 ; Despatches, London Gazette 30327, 
July 11, 1919. 

ford Rd., Kensington Court W., London, 
England ; E.'88 ;aged 15 ; L.'90 ; son of Gilbert 
R Frith, Bermuda; Grad. R.M.C. '95; R.E., 
2nd Lt., '95; Lt. '98; 8th Coy., R.E., O.C. 
South Africa, November, '99-June, '02; Asst. 
Commissr., Anglo-French Boundary Commn. 
east of the Niger, '02-'04; Staff Capt. and 
G.S.O. 3, H.Q. of the Army, '04-'09; Staff 
Capt., War Office, '11-'12; D.A. A.G., War 
Office, '12-'15; Bt. Major, November, '13; 
Major, R.E., October, '14; A.A.G., War Office, 
March '15; Bt. Lt. Col., June '15; A.A. and 
Q.M.G., 1st Can. Div. B.E.F., France, July 12, 
1915; Despatches (Gen'l French), January, 
1916; Despatches (Sir Douglas Haig), June 
and December, 1916; D.A. and Q.M.G., 15th 
Corps, B.E.F., March 14, 1917; D.A. and Q. 
M.G., 2nd Corps and 4th Corps, Army of the 
Rhine, July 1-November 11, 1919; Russian 
Order of St. George. 

Sch., Toronto; aged 13-2; L. June '10; son of 
C. H. Fuller, Continental Life Insce. Co.,106 
Kendal Ave.. Toronto; B.A.Sc, Univ. Tor. 
'14; Sec. Tor. Branch, Engineering Institute 
of Canada; Asst. Engr., Can. Stewart Co., 
Toronto ; Lt. 9th Mississauga Horse. Enlist- 
ed, January, 1916; Capt. and Adjt., 216th 
O.S. Bn. (Bantams) ; O.S., March, 1917; att'd 
to B.E.F.; France, May, 1917; transf'd to 
10th Can. Light Railway Bn., May, 1917; 
Nieuport, Ypres, Lens, Lille, Mt. Kemmel, 
1917-1918; ret'd from O.S., May, 1919; dis- 
charged. May, 1919. 


170 South St., Halifax, N.S. ; E.'02, from Har- 
row House Sch., Halifax, N.S.; aged 13-5; 
L. '05; ward of John F. Stairs (step-father), 
170 South St., Halifax; C.E.; B.; Grad. Dal- 
housie, '09. Enhsted, November 14, 1914; 
Commn. 1st C.G.A.; O.S.,April 28, 1916; Can. 
Bgde. Siege Arty. ; France, December 29, 
1916; 1st Can. Heavy Arty., Group Orderly 
Officer; Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Canal 
du Nord, Denain, Hill 70, Arras, Cambrai, 
Valenciennes; A | Capt., 7th Can. Siege Batty., 
September 29, 1918; wounded at Onnaing, 
Belgium, November 5,- 1918; invalided to 
England. November 15, 1918; ret'd from 
O.S.; discharged, March 4, 1919. 

Engineer, Port Arthur, Texas, U.S.A.; B. ; 
E. September '01, from the Gage Sch., New 
York; aged 10-11; L. June '07; son of Dr. 
Jasper J. Garmany, New York ; grandson of 
the late Revd. J. G. D. Mackenzie, M.A. ('37- 
'39); Princeton Prep. Sch., '07-'08; B. A. 
Princeton, '12; M. E. and E. E. Univ. Va.. 
1918. Enlisted, January 22, 1918; 2nd Lt. 
Engrs., U.S.A. ; discharged, January 4, 1919. 

106 Kendal Ave., Toronto and Highway En- 
gineer, Imperial Oil Ltd., 56 Church St., 
Toronto; E. September '06, from Model 

PION ; Oil and Gas Tester, Gulf Refining Co., 
Port Arthur, Texas, U.S.A.; B.; E. Easter 
'04, from Miss Kearney's Pte. Sch. ; aged 9-8 ; 
L. Christmas, '06 ; son of Dr. Jasper J. Gar- 


many, New York, U.S.A. ; grandson of the 
Kevd. J. G. D. Mackenzie, M.A. ('37-'39) ; 
Woodberry Forest Sch., Orange, Va., U.S.A., 
'07-'09 ; Lawrenceville Sch., Lawrenceville, 
N.J., '09-'ll; Princeton Univ., Princeton, N. 
J., class of 1915; formerly clerk. Traffic 
Dept., N.Y.C. Lines ; and Sec'y, The Realty- 
Mercantile Credit Assn., Inc. Enlisted, July 
6. 1917; Pte. "A" Coy., 23rd Inf. N.Y., N.Y., 
U.S.A.; Waggoner, Supply Co., 165th Inf., 
U. S. A., 42nd (Rainbow) Div., August 15, 
1917; O.S., October 28, 1917; Brest, Novem- 
ber 8, 1917; Lorraine Sec. (Luneville and 
Baccarat), Champagne Sec, Chateau Thier- 
ry, St. Mihiel, and Argonne ; ret'd from O.S., 
January 3, 1919, Casual Coy. No. 326; dis- 
charged, January 15, 1919. 

Toronto; formerly salesman, McClary Mfg. 
Co., Toronto. Enhsted, November, 1915; 
Pte. M. T., Amm. Col., att'd. 34th Siege 
Batty. ; O.S., December, 1915 ; in France until 
June, 1919, date of return from O.S. 

Imperial Oil Ltd., Sarnia, Ont.; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '09, from Sarnia C.I. ; aged 16-5; L. 
June '12; ward of F. F. Pardee ('79-'82), 
Sarnia; Lt. 27th St. Clair Regt. Enlisted, 
June 25, 1915; Pte. 29th Batty.; transfd 
70th Bn. ; Lt., October, 1915 ; O.S.. April 21, 
1916; France, June 30, 1916; transfd same 
date 24th Bn.; Somme, 1916; Vimy Ridge, 
1917; Hill 70, 1917; Passchendale, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., May 25, 1919. 

Apts., Garage business ; B. ; E. September 
02, from Goderich C.I.; L. June '04; son of 
the late Hon. Mr. Justice Garrow, Court of 
Appeal of Ontario; B.A.Sc, Univ. Tor. '08; 
Engr., Main Drainage Works, City Hall, To- 
ronto; Lt. 48th Highlanders. Enlisted, June 
30, 1915; Lt. 74th Bn.; Capt. and Adjt., 
March 26, 1916; O.S., April 1, 1916; Staff 
Capt., 8th Can. Trg. Bgde., September 22, 
1916; transfd 15th Can. Inf. Bgde., January 
1, 1917- April 15, 1918; France, July 20, 1918; 
Amiens; Cambrai; Valenciennes, 1918; Capt. 
ilth Engrs. Bn.; ret'd from O.S., June 15, 
1919 ; discharged same date. 

GASH, ARTHUR BLAIN; Student, Univ. 
Tor.; 85 Spadina Road, Toronto. E. Sep- 
tember '09, from Huron St. P.S., Toronto; 
aged 10-3; L. June '16; son of N. B. Gash, 
K.C., Toronto; R.M.C. (C.S.M.), Kingston, 
1916. Enlisted, March 1, 1918, R.F.A. ; 2nd 
Lt. 1 "B" (res.) Bgde. R.F.A., B.E.F.; O.S., 
April 1, 1918; France, June 26, 1918 ; transfd 
104th Army Bgde., R.F.A. ; 2nd Battle of 
Somme, August 8, 1918; continued in ad- 
vance due East into Mons; Despatches, No- 
vember 8, 1918; Army of Occupation, Ger- 
many, November, 1918, August, 1919; ret'd 
from O.S., October 21, 1919; discharged, 
November 21, 1919. 

57 Foxbar Rd., Toronto; Insurance Agent; 
E. September '08, after pte. tuition; aged 
9-6; L. June '15; son of J. J. Gartshore ('64- 
'66), Toronto; Ridley Coll., St. Catharines. 
Enlisted, June 10, 1918; 2nd Depot Bn., Pte.; 
transfd R.A.F., June 12, 1918; discharged, 
December 4, 1918. 

Foxbar Rd., Toronto ; E. September '07, from 
St. Clement's Sch., Eglinton; aged 12-5; L. 
June '10; son of J. J. Gartshore ('64-'66), 

ly Rd., Toronto; Robt. Simpson Co.; E. '01, 
from Dufferin P.S.; aged 13-9; L. '04; son of 
William Gates, Toronto; Q.O.R. Enlisted, 
September 22, 1914 ; 3rd Bn. ; O.S.. September 
1914; C.A.P.C; France, February 8, 1915; 
3rd Bn. G.H.Q. Staff; gassed, April 22, 1915; 
ret'd from O.S., August 3, 1919 ; discharged, 
August 8, 1919. 

to the Corporation of the City of Toronto; 





Alexander Apts., Toronto; B.; E. April *86, 
from Sarnia H. S. ; aged 12-1 ; L. June '89 
son of the late R. J. Geary,, Sarnia ; K.C. '08 
Mayor '10-'12. Enlisted, January 7, 1915 
35th Bn. C.EF., Lt.; Asst. Adjt.; Adjt. 
Staff Capt. 35th Bn.; O.S., October 15, 1915 
France, November 15, 1916; 58th Can. Inf 
Bn.; Major, 1917; Vimy Ridge, April. 1917 
Lens, Avion, Hill 70 etc., 1917 ; Passchendaele 
October and November, 1917; Scarpe, March 
1918; Amiens, August, 1918; Arras, August 
1918; gassed, August 16, 1918; Cambrai 
September, 1918; Mt. Huoy, October, 1918 
6th C.I. Bgde.. Staff Capt, November 14 
1918; Mons, November, 1918; march to Ger- 
many, November and December, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S.. March 23, 1919; discharged, 
March 24, 1919; O.B.E., June, 1919. 

GEORGE, RUGGLES; Physician; c|o 36 
Maple Ave., Toronto; B.; E. September '02, 
from Rosedale P.S., Toronto; aged 12; L. 
June '07 ; son of Col. James George, Toronto ; 
B.A. Univ. Tor. '12; M.B. do '16; Lt. Q.O.R. 
Enlisted, September 22, 1914; Lt. 3rd Can. 
Inf. Bn ; O.S., October, 1914 ; France, Febru- 
ary, 1915 ; Capt., April,1915 ; Festubert, May, 
1915; wounded, May, 1915; invalided home, 
September, 1915; transf'd C.A.M.C, retain- 
ing rank of Capt., December, 1916; No. 2 
C.A.M.C. Trg. Depot, January, 1917; on staff 
of Taplow Mily. Hosp-, England, February, 
1917; ret'd from O.S., December, 1917; apptd 
to Spadina Mily. Hosp., February, 1918 ; dis- 
charged, June 30, 1919. 

ton Court, Port Arthur, Ont. ; B. ; E. Septem- 
ber '09, from Lakefield Prep. Sch.; aged 13-3; 
L. March '10; son of the late F. E. Gibbs, 
('61-63), Fort William Business Coll. En- 
listed, September 15, 1915, 44th Bn-, C.E.F., 
Pte. ; O.S. ; discharged, medically unfit, May 
7, 1916. 

Huntley St., Toronto ; B. ; E. '98, from Model 

Sch., Toronto; aged 15-10; L. June '00; soft 
of William H. Gibbs, Jr. ('61-'63), Toronto; 
formerly salesman, Messrs. Stobart & Co., 
Winnipeg, Man. ; Colour-Sergt, 100th Winni- 
peg Grenadiers. Enlisted, Valcartier, Sep- 
tember, 1914 ; 6th Bn., Fort Garry's, 1st C.E. 
F. ; Colour.Sergt. "G" Coy. ; O.S.. September, 
1914; transf'd Can. Cav. Res. Regt. (Fort 
Garry), Tidworth, England, February, 1915; 
transf'd Can. Cav. Depot, Canterbury and 
Shorncliffe, March, 1915 ; transf'd Fort Garry 
Horse, B. Squadron, which joined and com- 
pleted the Can. Cav. Bgde., January, 1916; 
rank of S.Q.M.S.; France, January, 1916; 
Western Front, Somme, 1916; German re- 
li-eat of spring, 1917; St. Quentin Front, 
1917; 1st and 2nd Cambrai, 1917; Belgium 
Front, autumn, 1917; retreat of 5th Army, 
March, 1918; defence of Amiens, 1918; genl. 
advance, allied armies on both French and 
Belgian fronts; also many minor activities 
with no special designation; Army of Occu- 
pation, 1918; G.S.W's, March, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., May 31, 1919; discharged same 

CIL ; 64 Culmington Rd., Ealing, London, W. 
13., England; E. September '02, from the 
Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14; L. June '07; 
son of the late A. Cecil Gibson, Toronto. 
Enlisted, November 19, 1914; 9th Bn., Bed- 
forshire Regt., 2nd Lt.; O.S., April, 1916; 
France; Somme, July, 1916; wounded, July 
1, 1916; Lt., England, July 1, 1917; Capt, 
May 28, 1918; discharged, July 12, 1919; 
Despatches, July 23, 1919. 

GIBSON, JOHN AUBREY; Barrister; 20 
Blythwood Rd., Toronto; E. Prep. Sch. Sep- 
tember '08; aged 8-8 ;L. June '17; son of T. 
A. Gibson, Toronto; Univ. Tor., '17-'19; Os- 
goode Hall, '19; Univ. Tor. C.OT.C, Pte. 
Enhsted, March 12, 1918; Pte. C.O.T.C, Univ. 
Tor.; A|Sergt., 2nd Bn., C.G.R-, June 21, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., August. 1918; dis- 
charged, November 25, 1918. 


20 Blythwood Rd., Toronto; E. September 
'03, from St. Clement's Sch., Eglinton; aged 
9; L. June '12 (Head Boy); son of T. A 
Gibson, Toronto; Univ. Coll. (Classics), B.A. 
(in absentia) '16 ; Lt. 2nd Q.O.R. Enlisted, 
November, 1914 ; Pte. 19th Bn. ; Lt. 83rd Bn., 
June,1915; O.S., April 28,1916; transf'd 12th 
Res. Bn., July 7, 1916; transfd 123rd Can. 
Bn., February 8, 1917; France, March 10, 
1917; Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917; Capt. and 
Adjt., 5th Bn., C.E., May 24. 1918; Hill 70, 
August 17-23, 1917; Passchendaele, October- 
November, 1917; Arras, March 28, 1918; 
Amiens, August 8, 1918; Arras, August 26, 
1918; Canal du Nord, Bourlon Wood, Cam- 
brai, Valenciennes, Mons, October-November, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., May 19, 1919; dis- 
charged same date. 

Urummond Bldg., Montreal, and 281 O'Conn- 
or St., Ottawa ; B. ; E. September '97, from 
The Grove, Lakefield ; aged 13-9 ; L. June '01 ; 
son of Robert Gill. ('66-'68), Ottawa; Grad. 
R.M.C. '05; Broker; Lt. 23rd Batty. En- 
listed August 28, 1915; Capt., 32nd Batty-; 
transfd 45th Batty., C.F.A. ; Major, January 
20, 1916; O.S., P^ebruary 5, 1916; France. 
July 13, 1916; Ypres, 1916; Somme, 1916; 
Vimy Ridge, 1917; ret'd from O.S., January 
31, 1919 ; discharged. February 17, 1919. 

Barrister; 97 St. George St., Toronto; E. 
September '08, from Huron St. PS., Toronto ; 
aged 10-5; L. June '11; son of the late A. 
Gillespie, ('73-'77), Toronto; 48th Highlan- 
ders, Lt. Enlisted, August 18, 1916; CO. 
T.C., Univ. Tor., Pte. ; O.S., October 22, 1916; 
Artists'Rifles, November 15, 1916; King's 
Own Scottish Borderers, Comm., March 28, 
1917; Egypt, July 11, 1917; Lt, September 
28, 1918; service in Egypt and Palestine to 
February, 1919 ; ret'd from O.S.. April, 1919 ; 
discharged, April 8, 1919. 

Vallance Ltd., Winnipeg, Man.; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '75, from Pte. Sch., Hamilton; aged 

12-; L. October '75; Re-E. '76; L. '79; son of 
G.H. Gillespie ('75-'77), Hamilton; Cameron 
Highlanders of Can. Enlisted, 43rd Bn. C. 
EF., Major, December 18, 1914; O.S.. June 
1, 1915; ret'd from O.S., November, 1915; 
transf'd 179th Camerons; O.S., 2nd time, 
September, 1916; 2nd i;C.; Lt. Col.; ret'd 
from O.S., December, 1917. 

GILLIES, ALLAN ROSS ; Farmer ; Clover 
Bar, Alta. ; B. ; E. September '99, from Model 
Sch ; aged 13-9 ; L. June '00 ; son of George 
Gillies, Gananoque, Ont. ; Secy.-Treas., Tor- 
onto Belt and Forging Co. Ltd. ; Lt. 8th 
Batty., C.F.A. Enlisted, August, 1914, Lt. 
3rd Batty., C.F.A- ; att'd 1st Bgde. Arty., C. 
F.A., 1st C.E.F.; O.S., September, 1914; 
France, February, 1915 ; Ypres, 1915, to 
Vimy Ridge, 1917; transf'd 13th Batty., 4th 
Bgde., 2nd C.E.F., September, 1915; 47th 
Batty., 12th Bgde., C.E.F, May, 1916; 2nd 
Howitzer Batty., C.E.F., March, 1917 ; gassed, 
Vimy Ridge, June, 1917; ret'd from O.S., 
July, 1917; discharged, November 30, 1917. 

Electrical Engineer; c'o First National Bank, 
Los Angeles, Cal., U.S.A.; B. ; E. September 
'00, from Hamilton C.I.; aged 16-4; L. June 
'01; son of G. F. Glassco, Hamilton; Lt. 91st 
Ilegt., Canadian Highlanders, Hamilton. 
Enlisted, June 24, 1915 ; Pte. No. 2 Univ. Coy. 
(McGill), PP.C.L.L; att'd P.P.C.L.L, C.E.F. ; 
O.S., June 27, 1915; 2nd Lt. 4th E. Surrey 
Regt., Sped. Res., August, 1915; transf'd, 
2nd Lt., Royal Fusiliers, October, 1915; 
France, October. 1915; La Bassee Sec, with 
same, October, 1915 - May, 1916; transf'd 
P.P.C.L.L in the field. May, 1916; Ypres 
Salient, Sanctuary Wood, Zillebeke, May to 
August, 1916; wounded June 2, 1916, Sanc- 
tuary Wood; Somme, August,-October, 1916; 
Vimy Sec- and Vimy Ridge, October, 1916,- 
April, 1917; evacuated to England through 
severe illness after Vimy Ridge, April, 1917; 
seconded to Air Ministry, London, October, 
1917,-December, 1918; ret'd from O.S.. De- 
cember 18, 1918; discharged. January 4 



• Photo by Elliott and Pry 

* Photo by Swaine 


Messrs. G. F. Glassco & Co. Ltd., Hamilton, 
Ont.; B.; E. September '02, from Highfield 
Sch., Hamilton ; aged 15-7 ; L. June '03 ; son 
of G. F- Glassco, Hamilton ; formerly with 
Bank of Montreal. Enlisted, June 18, 1916 ; 
Temv. Lt. C.A.S.C; No. 1 C.A.S.C; Trg. 
Depot, M.D. 10. Winnipeg, and O.C. 10th 
Ke-inforcement draft from same; O.S., May 
1. 1917; 1st C.A.S.C, Regt., Depot, Shorn- 
cliffe; C.A.S.C, London Area; C.A.S.C, Pool; 
3rd, 2nd, and 4th Can. Divl. Trains, and D.D. 
No. 2.; France, August 23, 1918; seconded to 
A.SC. Trg. Establishment, Aldershot, Janu- 
rry-February, 1918 ; ret'd from O.S., June 13, 
1919; discharged, June 16, 1919. 

eer; 105 Bond St., Toronto; B.; E. September 
'02, from Dulwich Coll., England; aged 12- 
i"; L. June '07; son of the late Charles E. 
Goad, C.E., Toronto; 1st Yr., S.PS. Univ., 
Tor. '07-'08 ; Lt. 9th Mississauga Horse. En- 
listed, December 6, 1915; Sub.-Lt. R.N.V.R.; 
att'd British Navy; 0.S-, October 8, 1915; 
Patrol, English Channel, January 3, 1916; 
Mgean Sea, Salonica, Mudros, and Darda- 
nelles Patrol, August, 1916 _ January, 1919; 
Lt. R.N.V.R., December 6, 1916; ijC. of ship, 
June, 1917; mine sweeping, Dardanelles and 
Ilack Sea^ 1918-1919; Spy Landing on Tur- 
kish Coast, 1918; ret'd from O.S., February 
27, 1919. 

32 Church St., Toronto; B.; E. Christmas 
"99, from Gait CI.; aged 14-8; L. June '02; 
son of Mrs.D.Goldie, Ayr, Ont. ; Grad.R.M.C 
'05; Capt., Corps of Guides, R.M.C Enlis- 
ted, September 6, 1914; Capt. and Adjt. 1st 
Can. Divl. Amm. Park; O.S., October 22, 
1914; France, February 4, 1915; 2nd Battle 
of Ypres, April, 1915 ; Festubert, May, 1915 ; 
O.C. 1st Amm. Sub-Park, October 14, 1915; 
Major, October 14, 1915; transf'd Field En- 
grs, Can. Corps, April 24, 1916; Somme, 
1917; Passchendaele, 1917; mentioned, Lon- 
don Gazette, June 25, 1917, January 1, 1918; 

D.S.O., January 1, 1918; ret*d from O.S., 
/pril 16, 1919; discharged, October 26, 

Messrs. Gooderham & Worts Ltd., Toronto 
B.; E. September '10; aged 9; L- June '16 
£on of W. G. Gooderham ('65-'67), 42 Elm 
Ave., Toronto. Served with C.O.T.C, 1st 
Can. Tank Bn., from 1918 to termination of 
war; discharged, December, 1918. 

minion Battery Co., Ltd-, Toronto; 204 St. 
George St., Toronto; B.; E. May '06; aged 
12 ; L. '07 ; son of G. H. Gooderham, M.P.P., 
Toronto; Ridley Coll. '07-'12; 10th Regt. 
R.G., Lt. Enlisted, May, 1915, 20th Bn., 
CE.F., Lt., att'd C.A.M.C ; O.S., May 14. 
1915; C A. M. C, Hon. Capt. and Q.M.; A! 
Adjt., Granville Can. Sped. Hosp. ; France, 
May, 1917; ret'd from O.S., February 14, 
1920; discharged, February 20, 1920. 

of Toronto; E. Septepiber, '01, from Huron 
St. P.S.; aged 14-5; L. '03; son of E- G. 
Gooderham, Toronto; Asst. Mgr. Toronto 
Silver Plate Co., Toronto ; Lt. G.G.B.G. En- 
listed, July 1, 1915; Lt. 4th CM.R.; O.S., 
July 17, 1915; France, October 24, 1915; 
transf'd H.Q. Staff, 3rd Can. Div., December 
24, 1915; A.D.C., Staff of Genl. Mercer 
Zillebeke, June 2-4, 1916; P.W., June 4, 1916 
Gazetted Capt. while P. W., March, 1917 
transf'd, interned in Holland, May, 1918 
ret'd from O.S., December 26, 1918; dischar- 
ged, February, 1919. 

A. S. Goodeve, Dominion Rly. Commission, 
Ottawa ; B. ; E. September '00, from Rossland 
P.S. ; aged 12-1; L- June '04; son of Hon. S. 
Goodeve, Ottawa; Hon. Lt., Pay Dept., CE. 
F., May 20, 1915 ; Hon. Capt., C.P.O., London, 
May 31, 1915; France, February 5, 1917- 
June 30, 1917; Despatches, February, 1917; 


* Photo by Swaine 

* Fhoto by Swaine 

* Fhoto by Ziambert, Weston & Son, Iiimited 


ret'd from O.S, for duty, December, 1917; 
Temp. Major, January 15, 1919; appt'd to 
Permt. Force, April 1, 1920; R.C.A.P.C, 

CONNOR), F.R.S.C; 54 Westgate. Winni- 
peg; Minister, St. Stephen's Church; Substi- 
tute for Mr- Martland, September-December 
'86, while he was in Greece and the Holy 
Land; son of the late Revd. Daniel Gordon, 
Indian Lands,Glengarry Co.,Ont. ;E.St.Mary's 
U.S. ; B.A. Univ. Tor. '83 ; Grad. Knox Coll., 
Tor., '87; ordained '90; D- D. Knox Coll., 
(honoris causa) '06; LL.D. Queen's Univ., 
Kingston, '06; D.D., Univ. Glasgow. 1919; 
Chaplain, 79th Cameron Highlanders of Can., 
'10; EnHsted, October, 1914; Chaplain, 43rd 
Cameron Highlanders of Canada ; O.S., June, 
1915; France, March, 1916; Sanctuary Wood, 
St. Eloi, Somme, Grabe, Regina Trench, 
operations about Neuville St. Vaast and 
Arras; Spec'l Commn. from Imperial and 
Can. Govts-, U.S.A., 1917-1918; Imperial De- 
spatches for energy, promptitude, and re- 
sourcefulness during a railway accident and 
conflagration, in which casualties amounted 
to about 97; train was under his command 
at time; discharged, April, 1919; ret'd, July 
29, 1919. 

HART; Chartered Accountant, Messrs. 
Clarkson, Gordjon, and Dilworth ; 15 Welling- 
ton St. W., Toronto; E. January '88, from 
Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 14-5; L. '90; son of W. 
H. L. Gordon, Toronto; Grad., RM.C, '94; 
F.C.A.; F.S.A.A. (England); Lt. Col., 9th 
Mississauga Horse. O.S., July, 1914; Major, 
4th C.M.R.; promoted 2nd ijC, July, 1915; 
transf'd 8th Res. Bn.; France, October 24, 
1915; transf'd 4th C.M.R.; Lt. Col. and iiC 
June 7. 1916 ; St. Eloi, 1916 ; Ypres, June 2, 
1916; Somme, September 12-October, 1916; 
D.S.O., 1916; Despatches (Sir Douglas Haig), 
December, 1916; Vimy Ridge, April 9-23, 
1917; ret'd from O.S., April 15, 1918; resign- 
ed from army on account of ill-health, July 
9, 1918. 

Walmer Road, Toronto; B; E. '05, from 
Westbourne Sch., Toronto; aged 8; L. Christ- 
mas '07 ; son of George W. Gouinlock, Archi- 
tect, 37 Walmer Rd., Toronto; St. Andrew's 
Coll., '08-'15; B.A.Sc, Univ. Tor. '21; 14th 
Batty., C.F.A., Cobourg. Enlisted, June 22, 
1916; Lt. 69th Batty., C.F.A.; O.S., October 
21, 1916 ; transf'd Res. Depot, Shorncliffe, C. 
F. A.; France, March 22, 1917; Lt- 15th 
Batty., C.F.A.; Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 (Lens), 
Passchendaele, Amiens, Arras to Mons; 
wounded, August 20, 1917; M.C., London 
Gazette 31043, November 29, 1918; A|Capt., 
February and March, 1919; A[Major, April 
and May, 1919; ret'd from O.S., May 22, 
1919; discharged, July 27, 1919. 

Messrs. Bell, Gouinlock, & Co., Toronto; B.; 
E. September '02, from Huron St. P.S., To- 
ronto; aged 9-10; L. June '10; son of George 
W. Gouinlock, Toronto; B.A.Sc. Univ. Tor. 
'14; Canada Bond Corpn., Toronto. Enlisted, 
November, 1915 ; appt'd to 123rd Bn., C.E.F., 
Lt., January 1, 1916; O.S., August 18, 1916; 
France, September 21, 1916; transf'd 2nd 
Div. Pioneers until re-organization of Engrs. 
in Spring, 1918; with 5th Can. Engrs. Bn. ; 
Somme, Vimy Ridge, Lens, Passchendaele, 
Amiens, Arras, Cambrai, Valenciennes, to 
Mons; Despatches at Lens, September, 1917; 
evacuated to England with influenza, Decem- 
ber, 1918; Capt., February, 1919; ret'd to 
Canada, March, 1919- 

ber '92, from Harbord St. C. I., Toronto; 
aged 13-5; L. April '95; nephew of the late 
John Gowans, Toronto; went to sea and 
worked himself up to be an Oflftcer. 

Rank Clerk, 3032 Glencoe Road, Calgary, 
Alta.; E. September '07, from S.S.J.D. Sch., 
Toronto; aged 9-1; L. Easter '11; son of K- 
F. A. Graburn, Toronto; Western Can. 
Coll., Calgary. Enlisted, November, 1917; 


R.F.C., Cadet; R.A.F., 2nd Lt., September, 
1918; discharged, March, 1918- 

Upper Canada College, Toronto, '17-; son of 
the Very Revd. George Munro Grant, late 
Principal, Queen's University, Kingston; E. 
Kingston C. I. ; Queen's, Kingston ; Balliol 
Coll., Oxford; Univ. of Paris; M.A. Queen's 
(medals in Latin and Greek) '94; B.A. Ox- 
ford (1 CI. Lit. Hum.) '98; Master, 
U. C. C. '98 - '02; St. Andrew's Coll., 
Toronto, '02 - '04; F. R. C. L; F. R. S. 
C. ; Lt. 48th Highlanders '02 ; Lt. 14th P.W. 
O.R., '11. Enlisted, June 26, 1915; 59th Inf. 
En., Capt.; Major, December 12, 1915; O.S., 
April 5, 1916; France, July 26, 1916; 20th 
Bn., CE.F. ; injured by fall from horse '16; 
in various hosps. after August 13, 1916; O.C. 
Otterpool Segregation Camp, April - July, 
1917; ret'd from O.S., November 17, 1917; 
discharged, December 2, 1917. 

H.M. 5 Army ,R.E.; Army and Navy Club, 
Pall Mall, London, England; B. ; E. Septem- 
ber '01, from Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 12-11; L. 
April '04 ; son of Arthur W. Grasett, Toronto ; 
R. M. C. '05 -'08 (B.S.M. '07 -'08; Sword of 
Honour '08) ; 5th Signal Co., R.E., 5th Div., 
2nd Lt., June '08. "B" Signal Co- R.G., 1st 
C.E.F., Capt.; France, August 10, 1914; Des- 
patches, October 15, 1914; M.C., December, 
1915; Despatches, January, 1916, 1917, 1918; 
Bt. Major, January, 1918; Despatches, Janu- 
ary, 1919 ; D.S.O., January, 1919. 

Pupil near Baltimore, U.SA. ; B. ; E. Septem- 
ber '02, from Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 11-7; L. 
June '06 ; son of Dr. F. LeM. Grasett, Toron- 
to; Loretto Sch., Musselburgh, Scotland, '06- 
'09 ; att'd 123rd Regt.. R.G., CE.F. Enlisted, 
May, 1916; Gnr. 67th Univ. Batty.; O.S., 
May 12, 1916; France, October 26, 1916; 
transf'd 7th Batty, and 13th Batty.; latter 
part of fighting on the Somme, Passchen- 
daele ; ret'd to Canada, June, 1918. 

MAN; Mfg. Agent; 72 DeLisle Ave-, Toron- 
to; B.; E. September '02, from Tor. Ch. 
Sch.; aged 10-5; Re-E. '06; L. December '08; 
son of A. W. Grasett, Toronto; Teller, Do- 
minion Bank, 981 Bloor St. W., Toronto; Lt. 
10th RG. Enlisted, November 10, 1914; Lt. 
S6th Bn.; O.S., June 20, 1915; France. De- 
cember 10, 1915; transf'd 2nd Bn., same 
date; Capt., June 2, 1916; wounded, June 21, 
1916; back to France, April 9, 1918-August 
30, 1918; ret'd from O.S., June 12, 1919; dis- 
charged June 30, 1919. 

Supreme Court of Bermuda and in Admiral- 
ty, also Real Estate Agent; Hamilton, Ber- 
muda; B.; E. April '01, after Pte. Tuition 
and Sch., Bermuda; aged 17-8; L. Midsum- 
mer, '02 ; son of Sir Reginald Gray, Kt. K-, C, 
Hamilton, Bermuda; Lt., Bermuda Militia 
Arty., '04-'ll. Enlisted, September 15, 1914; 
O.S. with first Contgt. of Canada (Lincoln 
Regt.), from Gaspe Bay; at Charlton Park, 
Woolwich, pneumonia ; Royal Herbert Hosp. ; 
3 months' sick leave ; Lt. 20th Batty., R.G. A., 
Kitchener's First Army; att'd 117th Batty-, 
Heavy Arty. (R.G.A.) ; commn., November 
n, 1914; transf'd, with Sped. Res. to 3rd 
Bn., Prince of Wales Leinster Regt. (Royal 
Canadians), January, 1916; Irish Rebellion, 
1916; France, July 16, 1916- August, 1917; 
defence of Ypres-Wytschaete Front; capture 
of Wytschaete, July, 1917; gassed, August 
18, 1917; gassed, August 18, 1917; invalided 
home; Egypt and Palestine, March, 1918- 
July, 1919; final big advance; forced march 
to Nablus; ret'd to England, July, 1919; ret'd 
from O.S., December, 1919; discharged, De- 
cember 27, 1919. 

tmgham St., Toronto; E. January '06, from 
Harbord St- C.I. ; aged 16 ; L. June '07 ; son of 
H. V. Green ('73-'77) ; grandson of C. H. 
Greene, K.C. ('44). Toronto; Grad.R.M.C.'lO; 
Grad. Univ. Tor., S.PS.; Lt. 9th Batty. '12. 
O.S., October, 1914; 9th Batty., 3rd Bgde., 


* Photo by Swalne. 


1st C.E.F.; Capt. ; France, February, 1915; 
Despatches, King's Birthday, 1915; Major, 
1916; 2nd Battle of Ypres and all following 
engagments that the Can. Corps took part in, 
excepting Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele ; 
Lt. Col-, 1918; Despatches, January 1, 1919; 
D.S.O., same date; ret'd from O.S., May, 
]919; discharged. May, 1919. 

BIGH; Engr.; 139 Cottingham St., Toronto. 
E. September '03, from Model Sch., Toronto ; 
aged 15-3 ; L. June '06 ; son of H. V- Greene 
r73-'74) ; grandson of C. H. Greene, K.C. 
{'44), Toronto; B.A.Sc, Univ. Tor. '10; D.L. 
S.; Lt., 10th R.G., September 10, 1912. En- 
listed, Lt. 3rd Bn., C. E. F., October, 1914; 
O.S., October, 1914; Capt.; France, February, 
1915; 2nd Battle of Ypres, April 22-24, 1915; 
reported missing after Langemarck, April, 
3 915; P.W., Bischofswerda, Saxony; interned 
in Holland, April, 1918; repatriated and in 
England, November, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
March 22, 1919 ; discharged same date ; W.O- 
cert., in recognition of gallant conduct while 
P.W., April 24, 1915-November 18, 1918. 

Secy. Treas., Fibre Cases Ltd.; c[o 139 Cot- 
tingham St., Toronto ; B. ; E. September '06, 
from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14; L. June 
'08; son of H. V- Greene ('73-'74) ; grandson 
of C. H. Greene, K.C. ('44), Toronto; Im- 
perial Bank, Head Office, Toronto; Lt. 10th 
R.G. Enlisted, April 15, 1915; i|c guard at 
Wireless Stn., Toronto Island; Can. Defence 
Force, April, 1917; Lt. 1st C.O.R. ; att'd 4th 
Inf- Bn., 1st Bgde., C.E.F.; O.S., November, 
1917; France, March, 1918; 2nd Battle of 
Amiens, August 9, 1918; wounded, August 
9, 1918; Capt, 1919; ret'd from O.S., July 5, 
1919 ; discharged, same date. 

Burners of Canada, Ltd., Toronto; 42 Cres- 
cent Road ; E. September '02, from Tor. Ch. 
Sch.; aged 15-2; L. May '06; son of R. H. 

Greene, Toronto; B.A.Sc-, Univ. Tor. '11. En- 
listed, October, 1916; Lt. C.E.; O.S., Decem. 
ber, 1916; Tunnelling Coy., C.E.; France, 
October, 1917; 3rd Tunnelling Co., C.E. ; 
transf 'd 2nd Tunnelling Co'y.,C.E. ; wounded, 
October, 1917; ret'd from O.S., April, 1919; 
discharged same date. 

Univ. B.C., Vancouver, B.C.; E. Prep. Sch., 
'08, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., Toron- 
to ; aged 8-7 ; L- '12 ; son of the late R. Green- 
wood, Toronto ; St. Paul's Sch., i^ondon, Eng- 
land ; O.T.C. ; cutting pit-props in forests of 
S. Wales. Enlisted, March 28, 1918; No. 5 
Coy., R.C.G.A., C.E-F., Gnr. ; discharged, No- 
vember 30, 1918. 

Apt. 2, 148 Cote St. Antoine, Westmount, 
P.Q. ; E. '07, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch. ; 
aged 14-7; L. '09 ; son of J.G. Greey, Toronto; 
Grad. R.M.C. '14. Enlisted, March, 1915; 
4th C.F.A., Bgde., Lt. and Adjt.; O.S.. May, 
]915; Res. Bgde-, C.F.A.; France, October 
16, 1915; 27th Batty.; 7th C.F.A. Bgde.; 4th 
Bgde. A.C.; 13th Batty., C.F.A., 4th Bgde.; 
St. Eloi, 1916; Somme, 1916; Ypres Canal, 
1916; wounded, October 21, 1916; ret'd from 
O.S., December 21, 1916; R.A.F., 86th Squad- 
ron, Lt. and Adjt., 1917; discharged. May, 

GREGORY, GOLDWIN; Barrister, Con- 
tinental Life Bldg., Toronto, and Oakville, 
Ont. ; B. ; E. September '06, from St. Alban's 
Cathedral Sch.; Toronto; aged 11; L- June 
'10; son of W. D. Gregory, K.C. Toronto; 
Bootham Sen., York, England, 'lO-'ll ; U.T. 
S., Toronto, '11-'12 ; Univ. Coll. Toronto, '12- 
'13; Law Student '13. O.S., May, 1915; en- 
listed with the Friends' Amb- Unit (English 
Quakers doing ambulance work with the 
French and Belgian armies) ; France, June- 
July, 1915; 1st Brit. Amb. Unit for Italy, 
July 1, 1915; Amb. Driver and sec. comdr., 
Italy and occupied Austria, till end of No- 


* Photo by Swaine 


vember, 1915; with Italian army on the 
Carso and during 1st battle of Goritzia; ret'd 
to England, November, 1915; transf'd R.A. 
S.C, 2nd Lt.; France, January, 1916; 36th 
Amm.Sub-Park, 2nd i|C; AjCapt. ; relinquish- 
ed rank to come on leave to Canada, Febru- 
ary, 1917; O.S.,2nd time, April, 1917; R.G.A., 
att'd 245th Siege Batty.; Cambrai offensive, 
November, 1917; retreat, early part of 1918; 
Batty, att'd Australians during their offen- 
sive S.E. of Amiens, August, 1918; Can. 
Corps, Arras, August 26, until Mons, Novem- 
ber 11, 1918; A| ranks at various times up 
to A|Major ; ret'd to rank of Lt., original unit, 
R.A. S.C, for demobilisation, February, 1919; 
ret'd from O.S., May, 1919 ; discharged. May 
16, 1919- 

shoulder, Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917; Res. 
Arty., June, 1917; transf'd to 43rd Batty., 
1917; wounded at Passchendaele, November 
6; Despatches (Sir Douglas Haig), June 1. 
1918; ret'd from O.S., October, 1918; dis- 
charged, March 19, 1919; Balliol Coll., Ox- 
ford; Master, U.C.C, '22. 

73 Gormley Ave., Toronto; E. September '08, 
after pte. tuition; aged 8; L. June '15; son 
of E. Wyly Grier ('76-'77), Toronto. En- 
listed November, 1917; att'd RN.A.S.; O.S., 
December 1, 1917; France, February 25, 
1918; wounded, March, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
July, 1918; discharged, May. 1918. 

GRIER, ASHLEY W. ; Macleod, Alta. ; B. ; 
E. January '06, from Macleod P. S. ; aged 
15-6; L. '06; son of Curran Grier, Macleod, 
Alta. Enlisted, March 11, 1915; Australian 
Imperial Forces; left Melbourne, June 3, 
1915 ; 1st Royal Aust. Naval Bridging Train. ; 
in action, August 6, 1915 ; engaged in putting 
in landing stages for troops at Suvla Bay, 
Gallipoli ; remained there till evacuation, De- 
cember 20; ret'd to Suez Canal one year 
Later; No. 1 Squadron, Aust. Flying Corps, 
1st Class Mechanic; Sinai, Palestine, Syria, 
Turkey (Asia Minor), in all 4 years, 102 days, 
on active service 3 years, 324 days. 

c|o 73 Gormley Ave., Toronto; B ; E. Easter 
'05, from Toronto Junction; L. ; Re-E. '08, 
from Deer Park; aged 8-8; L. June '15 
(Mason Gold Medal and Leonard McLaugh- 
lin Sch.) ; son of E. Wyly Grier ('76-'77), To- 
ronto; Trin. Coll. '15; Lt. 7th Field Batty., 
C.F.A. Enhsted, December 20, 1915; Lt. 
3rd Can- Divl. Amm. Col. ; transf'd 8th Bgde. 
Amm. Col. ; O.S., February 2, 1916 ; transf'd 
30th Batty., C.F.A., June, 1916; France, July, 
1916; transf'd 35th Batty., C.F.A. ; Somme, 
September - November, 1916; wounded in 
head, at Somme, November 5, 1916; Arras 
and Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917; wounded. 

September '10, from Kingston C.I. ; aged 18 ; 
L. Christmas, '10; son of Dr. W. S. Grim- 
shaw ; Builder and Contractor ; Cadet R. A.F.. 
May, 1918. 

spector, Canada Permanent Mortgage Corp- 
oration, Vancouver, B.C.; E. September '01, 
from Rosedale P.S., Toronto; aged 12; L. 
December '03; son of Mrs. W. D. Reeve, 544 
Huron St., Toronto; Teller, Canada Permt. 
Mortge. Corpn-, Toronto; Q.O.R., Pte. En- 
listed, January 1, 1916; 41st Batty., 8th 
Bgde., C.F.A.; O.S., February 5, 1916; Br., 
1916; France, July 12. 1916; Somme, 1916; 
40th Batty.,C.F.A.,March,1917; Vimy Ridge, 
Passchendaele, 1917; Arras, Amiens, Arras, 
Cambrai, Valenciennes, Mons, etc., 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., April, 1919; discharged same 

Salesman ; cjo Firestone Tire and Rubber Co., 
Duluth, Minn., U.S.A. ; B. ; E. September '06, 
from Pte. Sch. ; aged 12-7 ; L. June '08 ; Re-E- 
September '09; L. June '12; son of E. N. 
Gunsaulus, American Consul, Singapore, 
Straits Settlement. Enlisted, May 1, 1918; 


52nd U.S. Inf., 6th Div., Pte., att'd Reg. Staff, 
Intelligence Dept. ; OS., France, July 3, 1918; 
Cpl., August 5, 1918; Vosges Sec, August 
15-October 3, 1918; Argonne, October 17- 
November 11, 1918; Germany, March 18, 
1919; ret'd from O.S., June 11, 1919; dis- 
charged, June 16, 1919. 

Park, Hampstead, London, England; E. Sep- 
tember '04, from Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 14; 
L. June '08; son of W. D. Gwynne ('75-'76), 
Toronto; Cadet. RM.C. '08; C. A. S. C, Lt. 
Capt. and Adjt. ; O.S., April, 1915 ; ret'd from 
O.S., August, 1919 ; discharged, spring, 1920. 

vertising Representative, The Firestone Tire 
and Rubber Co., 1635 Hennepin Ave.,Minnea- 
pohs, Minn., U.S.A.; B.; E. January '04, 
from Queen Victoria P.S., Toronto ; aged 13- 
10; L. June '08; son of E. N. Gunsaulus, 
American Consol-General, Singapore, Straits 
Settlement; Head, Correspondence Dept., In- 
ternational Stock Food Co., Minneapolis, 
Minn., '12; formerly Consular Clerk, Ameri- 
can Consulate, Johannesburg, South Africa; 
U.C.C. Cadet Corps; Q.O.R. EnUsted, May 
], 1917; B.H. No- 26, Sergt., 1st Class, att'd 
A.E.F.; O.S., June 4, 1918; France, June 15, 
1918; with A.E.F. until April 20, 1919; ret'd 
from O.S., May 1, 1919. 

GUTHRIE, DONALD; 79 Daly Ave., Ot- 
tawa; B-; E. September '04, after Pte. Tui- 
tion ; aged 8-11 ; son of Revd. Donald Guthrie, 
808 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. Enlisted, 
February 25, 1915 ; 38th Bn., C.E.F., Pte. ; 
later Signal Sergt., August 1, 1915; O.S., 
August 1, 1915; Lt., 38th Bn., February 11, 
1916; France, August 13, 1916; Somme, Oc- 
tober-November, 1916; Vimy, April, 1916; 
G.SW., April 9, 1917; ret'd from O.S., July 
1, 1919; discharged same date; Capt., The 
Ottawa Regt., August 25, 1921. 

Indian Army, permanently seconded to Civil 
Employ (Survey of India), Survey Office, 13 
Wood St., Calcutta; B.; E. '98, from Hamil- 
ton P. S.; aged 15-6; L. June '99; son of 
H. C. Gwyn, K.C., Dundas, Ont. ; R.M.C. '02, 
Lt. 13th Rajputs, Indian Army ; Capt. ; Meso- 
potamia, April 17, 1915-March 17, 1919. 

Electric Power Commn., Toronto ; B. ; E. '99, 
from Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 17-4; L. June '00; 
son of C- S. Gzowski, Toronto ; C.E. ; 8th Field 
Co., C.E., Major. O. S., June 25, 1915; 
France, January 4, 1916; Major, Water Sup- 
ply Service with British, French, Roumanian, 
and American Armies ; engaged in installing 
portable filters for the army at various bases ; 
ret'd from O.S., December 26, 1918. 

adian Paper Barrel Co., Ltd., 227 Wellington 
St., Montreal; B. ; E- September '03, from 
Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 15-9; L. June '06; son 
of C. S. Gzowski, Toronto; Lt. 2nd Q.O.R. 
Enlisted, October 26, 1914; Lt. 19th Bn., "A" 
Coy, 4th Inf. Bgde., C.E.F.; O.S., May 15, 
1915; France, September 15, 1915; St. Eloi, 
1916; Mount Sorel, 1916; Somme, 1916: 
Staff Capt. 10th Can. Inf. Bgde., July 26, 
1916-September 2, 1917; Vimy Ridge, 1917; 
Passchendaele, 1917; H.Q. Staff, January- 
April, 1918; ret'd from O.S., May 2, 1918; 
discharged, October 1, 1918. 

tional Officer, D.S.C.R.; 41 Foxbar Rd-, To- 
ronto; E. January '88, from Pte. Sch., To- 
ronto ; aged 9-11 ; L. '91 ; son of G.F. Hagarty, 
Toronto; T.C.S., Port Hope, '91-'95; QO.R. 
'96-'05, Pte. and Sergt. Enlisted, August 17, 
1914; 3rd Inf. Bn.; Commn., September 22, 
1914; O.S., September 26, 1914; C.A.P.C, 
London, October, 1914; France, February 6, 
1915; 2nd Battle of Ypres (St- Julien), April 
22-May 2, 1915; England, June 14, 1915; 
Capt., January 2, 1917; ret'd from O.S., 
August 5, 1918; discharged, August 19, 1918. 



Broker, 904 Temple Bldg., Bay St., Toronto; 
E. '97, from Mr. Arnold's Sch., Halifax, N.S. ; 
aged 12; L. December '98; son of Rev. Canon 
Dyson Hague, D.D, Toronto; Ridley Coll.; 
Asst. Engr., Can. Gen. Traction Co., London, 
Ont. ; formerly Res. Engr., Alberta Central 
R.R. and C.P.R. '10. Enlisted, August 8, 
1914; 3rd Field Co., C.E., Sapper; O.S., Sep- 
tember 30, 1914; France, February, 1915- 
May, 1915; wounded, April, 1915; Can. 
Engrs. Trg. Depot, England, June, 1915; L.- 
Cpl., September, 1915; Cpl., October, 1915; 
Sergt., November, 1915; Lt., February 16, 
1916; Adjt., June, 1916; France, January, 
1917; 4th Army Troop Co., C.E. ; Despatches, 
January, 1918; 6th Bn. C.E, Capt. and Adjt., 
June, 1918; Staff, 3rd Bgde., C.E., December. 
1918; Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Amiens, 
Arras, etc.; ret'd from O.S., March 28, 1918; 
discharged same date. 

Pte. Sch.. Toronto; aged 11-3; L. June '78; 
son of C. Haight, Toronto; Mgr-, Printers & 
Publishers Protective Guild, Toronto. En- 
listed, August 18, 1914; 3rd Bn., 1st C.E.F., 
Pte., October, 1914; transf'd 13th Bn.; ser- 
vice at the front 7 month; wounded, 1915; 
discharged, medically unfit, September 22, 

Sound, Ont.; IBarrister; E. '74, from the 
Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14-2; L. '77; son 
of C. Haight, Toronto; Clerk of the Peace; 
Crown Attorney; Local Master of Titles- 
Capt., Paymaster, 162nd Bn., C.E.F. ; Sch. of 
Instrn.; Lt., but had to withdraw from ser- 
vice on account of age. 

and Treas'r. The Colonial Products Corpn., 
Ltd., 22 St. John St., Montreal ; B. ; E. Janu- 
ary '08, from B.C.S., Lennoxville; aged 12-8; 
L. June '10; son of Major E. Russell Hale. 
Permanent Army Service, 483 Wilbrod St., 

Ottawa; grandson of Dr. F. Montizambert 
r56-'59) ; Lt., 9th Mississauga Horse. 
Commn., January 1, 1915; Lt. Eaton M. G. 
Batty. ; O.S., June 5, 1915 ; transf'd 7th Res. 
Bgde.; Bgde. M.G. Officer, Shorncliffe, No- 
vember, 1915 - March, 1916 ; France, April 2. 
1916; transf'd 7th C.M.G. Coy.; reinforce- 
ment to R.C.R. ; Ypres, June 2, 1916 ; Somme, 
September-October, 1916; Vimy Ridge, April 
9, 1917; Hill 70, August, 1917; ret'd from 
O.S., December 17, 1917; Pte. S.E.F. ; Siberia, 
October 2, 1918-April 25, 1919; discharged, 
May 15, 1919. 

HALE, JEFFREY JOHN ; Bond Salesman, 
Harris, Forbes, & Co.; 483 Wilbrod St., Ot- 
tawa; B.; E. October '07, from B. C. S., Len- 
noxville; aged 10-5; L. Christmas '10; Re-E. 
September '13 ; L. June '14 ; son of Major E. 
Russell Hale. 483 Wilbrod St., Ottawa ; grand- 
son. Dr. F. Montizambert ('56-'59) ; Enlisted, 
May, 1915; C.A.S.C, Lt; O.S., March, 1916; 
C. F. A., August, 1916; France. November, 
1916; Vimy, Hill 70, Arras, Cambrai, Valen- 
ciennes, Mons; Germany, Army of Occupa- 
tion till May, 1920 ; ret'd from O.S., May 24, 
1920; discharged same date. 

Canadian Trade Co., 166 Adelaide St. W., and 
17 Aylmer Ave., Toronto; B.; E. July '91. 
from Rose Ave. P.S. ; aged 7-10; L.-; Re-E. 
'99, from Lakefield Prep. Sch.; L. June '02; 
son of the late Alderman John Hallam, To- 
ronto; formerly with the "Evening Tele- 
gram"; Real Estate Business; Curtis Flying 
Sch., Hammondsport, N.Y., 1914. Enlisted, 
September, 1914; Pte. Sifton M. G. Batty.; 
O.S.. October, 1914 ; 1st C.Contgt. ; Sub-Lt. R. 
N.V.R. att'd R.N.A.S., November, 1914; Lt. 
R.N.V.R., February, 1915; GaHipoli (Anzac 
Australians; Cape Hellels, 29th Div.), April, 
1915; wounded, June, 1915; D.S.C., August, 
1915; transf'd, as A|Flt. Lt, R.N.A.S., to 
Hendon Air Stn., 1st Lt. i|c shops and sch.. 
September, 1915; Fit. Lt. R.N.A.S., O.C, 
Hendon, September, 1916; Fit. Comdr., De- 
cember, 1916 ; Bar to D.S.C. ; transf'd Felix- 


stowe Air Stn., as O.C. War Flight Anti- 
submarine Work, April, 1917; Sqdn. Comdr., 
R.N.A.S., December, 1917; 2nd Bar to D.S.C., 
December, 1917; transf'd, as Major, R.A.F., 
April, 1918; 0. C. Seaplane Experimental 
Stn., Felixstowe, June, 1918; Despatches 
(Gallipoli) ; 2 Despatches (North Sea) ; ret'd 
from O.S., July, 1919; discharged same date. 

Court, Lincoln, England; Priest- Vicar, Lin- 
coln Cathedral; Vicar, Church of St. 
Michael's-on-the-Mount ; E. September '97, 
from Cathedral Sch., Exeter,Eng. ; aged 13-1 ; 
L. June '00 ; son of Dr. Albert Ham, Toronto ; 
M.A. Oxford (St. John's Coll.) ; formerly 
curate, St. Michael and All Angels, Oxford, 
and Minor Canon, Canterbury Cathedral ; Or- 
ganist of St. Philip and St. James, Oxford; 
Chaplain to the Mily. Hosp. 

HAM, PERCY DILLON; 561 Jarvis St., 
Toronto ; Master of Titles, Office ; B. ; E. '98. 
from The Misses Alston and Rowe's Sch., 
England; aged 9-6; L. June '05; son of Dr. 
Albert Ham, Toronto; Pte. Q.O.R. Enlisted, 
June, 1915; Pte. 3rd Univ. Coy. P.P.C.L.L; 
O.S., August, 1915; France, October, 1915; 
L.-Cpl.. 1918; Cadet, October, 1918; Mount 
Sorel; Lens, Arras, Amiens, Cambrai; Croix 
de Guerre, Amiens, August, 1918. 

S.C.R.; 906 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto; B.; 
E. September '93, from Wellesley P.S., To- 
ronto ; aged 15 ; L. Easter '94 ; son of J. M. 
Hamilton, Toronto ; formerly Travelling Rep. 
for Mills ; Lt. 36th Peel Regt. Enlisted, De- 
cember 15, 1915; Ltj 74th Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., 
March, 1916; France, June, 1916; transf'd 
4th C.M.R., June, 1916; Capt., June, 1916; 
Somme; Arras; Major, July, 1916; gassed, 
P'erbruary, 1917; Despatches; ret'd from 0. 
S., April, 1917; discharged, December 22, 

Mgr., Great Lakes Oil Refining Co. ; 72 Cres- 
cent Road, Toronto. E. September '14, from 
Ridley Coll.; aged 17-8; L. Easter '15; son of 
T. H. Hamilton, Toronto; Pte. G.G.B.G. En- 
listed, December 10, 1915; Cpl., R.M.T.; 
att'd 4th Can. Field Amb.; transf'd to 3rd 
Divl. Supply Col., February 16, 1916, Sergt. ; 
O.S., April 19, 1916; reverted to ranks to 
proceed to France, August 22; France, Aug- 
ust 28; Somme, September; Vimy Ridge, 
1917; Lens; gassed at Lens; Passchendaele ; 
German Offensive, 1918; Arras, Amiens, 
Cambrai; M.C. at Cambrai; Valenciennes, 
Mons; ret'd from O.S., May 27, 1919; dis- 
charged same date. 

HAMILTON, GEORGE; Agent; 65 Gros- 
venor St., Toronto; B.; E. September '93, 
from Lansdowne P.S., Toronto; aged 17; 
L. December '93; son of J. M. Hamilton, 
Toronto; Sergt. Major, 18th F. A., Vancouver, 
B.C. Enlisted, March, 1915; Sergt. C.A.M. 
C; O.S., April, 1915; Q.M.S.; Salonica, 
September, 1915; S. M. (W. 0. Class 
1.) ; Scalp Wound and Sprained Back, De- 
cember 25, 1915; Despatches, 1919; ret'd 
from 0. S., November 1, 1919; discharged, 
December 22, 1919. 

Fruit Farming; B.; E. '97, from Sault Ste. 
Marie P.S.; aged 11-11; L. June '99; son 
of Henry C. Hamilton, Barrister, now of 
Toronto; grandson of the late Christopher 
Thompson (Master U.C.C, '42-'83) ; C.P.R. 
Survey, Toronto-Sudbury Line. Enlisted, 
230th Forestry Bn., Sergt., 1916; discharged 
as unfit for active service, 1917. 

goma Steel Corpn.,Ltd., Sault Ste.Marie, Ont. 
B.; E. '97, from Sault Ste. Marie P.S.; aged 
10-7; L. June '99; son of Henry C Hamilton, 
now of Toronto; grandson of the late Chris- 
topher Thompson (Master U.C.C, '42-'83) ; 
Osgoode Hall (Honours), April '14; 51st 






* Fhoto by I^ambert Weston and Son, I^td. 


Sault Rifles, 1st C.E.F. ; first to be wounded 
in the main 1st C.E.F., February, 1915; 2nd 
Bn., C.E.F., Lt., January, 1916; wounded 
twice; ret'd from O.S., 1917; discharged. 

M.D. 1, Victoria, B.C.; Farmer; E. Septem- 
ber '03, from Tor. Ch. Sch.; L. June '04; 
son of the late H. C. Hammond ('57), 
Toronto; Grad. R.M.C.; R.O., Capt. EnHs- 
ted, May 4, 1915; 48th Bn., Lt. ; 47th Bn., 
June 1. 1915; O.S., November, 1915; Arty. 
Depot, March 31, 1916; O.S., May, 1916; 
15th Batty., 6th Bgde., C.F.A. ; Somme, Sep- 
tember-November ; wounded, November 18; 
France, February, 1917; Vimy Ridge, April 
9; Fresnoy, May; wounded. May 4, 1917; 
M.C. ; ret'd from O.S., August, 1917; dis- 
charged, November 30, 1917. 

Agents; Messrs. Hargraft & Sons, Ltd., 39- 
47 Scott St., Toronto ; E. September '07, 
from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 12-5; L. 
June '10; son of the late John Hargraft, 
Toronto; formerly, Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce; Provl. Lt. G.G.B.G. Sub-Lt. M.B. Pa- 
trol, R.N.V.R.; O.S., July. 1916; Lt.; ret'd 
from O.S., March, 1919; discharged same 

Agent; Messrs. Hargraft & Sons, Ltd., 39- 
47 Scott St., Toronto; E. September '07, 
from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14; L. June 
'10; son of the late John Hargraft, Toronto 
Lt. 10th R.G. Enlisted, December 1, 1914 
Lt. 83rd Bn., C.E.F. ; O.S., March, 1916 
France, June; att'd 3rd Bn. (Toronto Regt.) 
ret'd from O.S., October; discharged May 31, 

HANNAH, BEVERLEY; Physician, 155 
Bloor St. E., Toronto ; B. ; E. '00, from Lans- 
downe P.S., Toronto; aged 13; L. '05; son 
of W.G. Hannah, Toronto; M.B., Univ. Tor. 
'09; M.R.C.S.. Eng.; L.R.C.P., London, Eng- 
land. C.A.M.C. Capt., September, 1918; O.S., 
September, 1918; M.O. 8th Can. Res. Bn.; 
No. 16 C.G.H. 

Apartado 42, Puebla, Mexico. B.; E. Sep- 
tember '10, from Normal Sch., Puedla; aged 
12-2; L.; son of W. S. Hardaker, Puebla. 
Enhsted, October, 1918; C.O.T.C; discharg- 
ed, December, 1918. 

HARE, HAROLD ROB ; 14 W. 100th St., 
New York ; B. ; E. September '00, from Otta- 
wa C.L; aged 15-6; L. October '01; son of 
Mrs. F. J. Hare, Mosgrove P.O., Ont. ; Credit 
man and Office Mgr., H. Horeford Rubber 
Works Co., 1769 Broadway, New York. 
Enlisted ; Amm. Park, Sec. 2, M.T., with 2nd 

HAM; Insurance Agent; 62 Glen Road, To- 
ronto; E. September '07, from Model Sch., 
Toronto; L. June, '12; son of George R. 
Hargraft, Toronto; Commercial Union As- 
surance Co. Ltd., of London, England; Lt. 
10th R.G. Enhsted, August, 1917; Lt. 1st 
Depot Bn., 1st C.O.R. ; O.S., November; 
transf'd 2nd Can. Res. Bn.; France, April 
16, 1918; wounded at Amiens, August; ret'd 
from O.S., January 17, 1919; discharged, 
February 5, 1919. 

Insurance, 49 Wellington St. E., Toronto 
B.; E. September '97, from Rose Ave. P.S. 
aged 13-6; L. June '02; son of George R. 
Hargraft, Toronto; agent. Commercial 
Union Assoc. Co.; Lt. (Temp. Capt. and A! 
Adjt.), 9jth Mississauga Horse. Enlisted, 
June 15, 1916; oub-Lt. R.N.V.R.; O.S., June 
16, 1916; Lt. June, 1917; South and West 
Coasts of Ireland, October, 1916-May, 1918; 
Irish Sea, May, 1918-January, 1919; ret'd 
from O.S., March 3, 1919 ; discharged, March 
7, 1919. 


cal Engineer, The Canadian Rand Coy., 
Sherbrook, P.Q. ; B. ; E. September '02, from 
Dufferin Gram. Sch., Brigham, P.Q.; aged 
12-11; L. June '06; son of John W. Harkom. 
Melbourne, P.Q. EnUsted, August 7, 1914, 
Gnr. 5th Batty., 2nd Bgde. C.F.A. ; O.S., 1st 
Can. Div., 1914; France, 1915; Neuve Cha- 
pelle and Second Battle of Ypres; wounded. 
May 3, 1915, at Brielen (after 2nd Battle of 
Ypres) ; in England ; Lt. 15th Div. R.F.A. ; 
Somme, 1916; continuous service with 15th 
and 57th Divns., being Capt. and T.M.O. for 
that Divn.; Despatches (F.M. Sir Douglas 
Haig), November 7, 1917, for gallantry and 
distinguished service in the field ; M.C., Janu- 
ary 29, 1918; ret'd from O.S., May 23, 1919; 
discharged same date. 

Broker; 7 Spadina Road, Toronto; E. Septem- 
ber '05, from Lakefield Prep. Sch. ; aged 13- 
8; L. June '08; son of G. F. Harman, K.C., 
M.A., Toronto; Trin. Coll. Tor., '08-'10; 2nd 
Regt., Q.O.R. Enlisted, March, 1915, Lt., 
25th Bn.; 19th Bn., April 22; O.S. May; 
France, February, 1916; St. Eloi, April; 
Somme; wounded, September 21; Vimy 
Ridge, April 9, 1917; Capt.; Major, April; 
Arleux, May; Hill 70, 2nd Div. Wing, C.C. 
R.C., November, 1917; Armistice; ret'd from 
O.S. and 'discharged, July, 1919. 

dina Road, Toronto; B.; E. September '96, 
from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 13-11; 
L. April '99; son of George F. Harman, 
K.C., M.A., Toronto; Ass't. Mgr., Dominion 
Bank, Montreal. Enlisted, April, 1915; Lt. 
24th Bn.; 0. S., May 10; ret'd from 0. S.. 
April 14, 1916, as result of bad accident; 
discharged October, 1916. 

Harris and Chisholm, Insurance and Finance 
Agents, 300 Merchant's Bank Bldg., Winni- 
peg; E. September '01, from Model Sch., 

Toronto; aged 15-11; L. December '01; son 
of George F. R. Harris ('65-'68), now of Win- 
nipeg; 8th Bn., 90th Regt., Winnipeg Rifles, 
Lt., October '10; Capt. O.S., October, 1914; 
France, February, 1915 ; Ypres ; G.S.W., leg 
and shoulder, April 30; Despatches, April; 
Can. Command Depot, Major, April, 1917; 
ret'd from O.S., May, 1918 ; discharged, June 
30, 1919. 

PHER; Physician, 29 Roxborough St. W., 
Toronto; E. '98, from Model Sch., Toronto; 
aged 13-6 ; L. June '02 (Head Boy) ; son of 
Thomas S. Harrison, Toronto; B.A. Univ. 
Tor. '06 ; M.B. Univ. Tor. '08 ; Asst. in Phar- 
macology, Univ. Tor., Med. Fac; Assistant 
Physician, St. Michael's Hospital; Grace 
Hospital; Hospital for Incurables. Enlist- 
ed, January, 1916; Lt. C. A. M. C; att'd 
R.A.F.; Capt. C.A.M.C, 1917; seconded to 
R.A.F. ; M.O., Sch. of Aeronautics, Burwash 
Hall, Toronto; discharged. May, 1919. 

HARVEY, JAMES; Farmer, R.R. No. 1., 
Gibson's Landing, B.C.; B. ; E. '83, from 
Hamilton P.S.; aged 15-8; L. '85; son of 
John Harvey, Hamilton; sometime of James 
Harvey & Co., Financial Agents, Vancouver, 
B.C. ; Pte. Victoria Rifles, Montreal ; Lt. 13th 
En., Hamilton; retired, 1913. Enlisted, No- 
vember, 1914; Pte. 29th Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., 
May 19, 1915; L-CpL; France, September 16; 
Sergt. ; St. Eloi, Battle for the Craters, April 
0-19; regular trench work at Kemmel Hill, 
September 21, 1915-April 1, 1916; wounded 
m side at Kemmel; in head at Dickebush; 
m.ultiple G.S.W. in head, arm, shoulder, lung, 
and leg, paralysed right arm. May 26, 1916 ; 
M.M.; ret'd from O.S., January 1, 1917; 1st 
Depot Bn., Vancouver, March, 1917; Capt. 
and Company Commander; in hosp. January 
1,-March 31, 1917, and December 31, 1918- 
March 31, 1919 ; retired from service, Decem- 
ber, 1919; had to retire from business and go 
on the land on account of injuries received 
at St. filoi. 


HAY. W. H 


Cox & Co., 16 Charing Cross, London, Eng- 
land; B.; E. September '10, from Lakefield 
Prep. Sch. ; aged 11-7; L. June '16 (Head of 
House) ; son of Hon. Dr. E. F. Hatton ('73- 
'75), London S.W. 5.; R.M.C. '16. Enlisted, 
August 22, 1917, Royal Engrs., 2nd Lt. ; 
O.S., September 1 ; 1st and 2nd Res. Bns., 
R.E.; France, June, 1918; 2nd Field Squad- 
ron R.E.; 2nd Can. Div. ; Can. Corps Equita- 
tion Sch.,November,1918; 1st Army Bridging 
Sch., January, 1919; Lt. February; 460th 
Field Coy. R.E., Highland Div., Army of the 
Rhine, A|2nd i. C, March; Catterick Camp, 
Yorkshire, September; course in Arabic at 
Sch. of Oriental Studies, London, October; 
Intelligence Corps, Army of the Black Sea, 
March 8, 1920; Turkey, April 1; G. S. "1", 
G. H. Q., Constantinople, April 8; permt. 

HAWKE, ERROL M.; 48 Oriole Road, 
Toronto; B.; E. '99, from Tor. Ch. Sch.; 
aged 12-8; L. June '03; son of Widmer 
Fawke, Toronto; Traveller, George H. Hees, 
Son, & Co., Toronto. Inf. Bn., C.E.F.; woun- 
died, November, 1916. 

R.M.C, Kingston, '16. Enlisted, August 22 
1916, Gnr. "C" Batty. R.C.H.A.; A[Sergt., 
September ;0.S., September 20 ; France, May, 
1917; Hill 70, August 15; Passchendaele; Lt. 
C.F.A., April 30, 1918; Amiens, 1918; Arras; 
Cambrai; Denain; Valenciennes; Mons; 
crossed the Rhine at Bonn, December 13, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., September 2, 1919; 
discharged, September 3. 

Locust Hedge Farm, Unionville, Ont; B.; E. 
September '07, from Mod. Sch., Toronto; son 
of the late J. D. Hay ('68 - '71), Toronto. 
EnHsted, September 4, 1914, Gnr. R.C.H.A., 
att'd 1st Can. Div.; O.S., September 26, 1914; 
Lt. R.F.A., December 14; France, February 
8, 1915, for instruction; with own unit, Au- 
gust 15 ; Loos, September 26 ; Hohenzollern 
Redoubt, October; 3rd Battle of Somme, 
Messines, June, 1917; Passchendaele; Italian, 
Fiave, Front, November 1917-April, 1918; 
Capt., November 11 1917; Hindenburg Line, 
1918; Despatches, December; Army of Occu- 
pation, Germany, November 1918 - April, 
1919; discharged, April; ret'd from O.S., 

^milius Jarvis and Co., Stockbrokers, 103 
Bay St., Toronto ; 43 St. George St. ; E. Sep- 
tember '12, from Sch. at Vevey, Switzerland ; 
aged 15-4; L. June 15; son of the late J. D. 
Hay ('68-'71), Toronto; R.M.C, Kingston, 
August '15-July '16. Enlisted, August 22, 
1916, Gnr. 67th Batty., Pettawawa Camp; 
Cpl. ; Sergt. ; O.S., September 15 ; 6th Batty., 
2nd Bgde., C.F.A.; France, May, 1917; Hill 
70, August; Passchendaele; wounded, Au- 
gust 17, 1918; Lt., CF.A., October 10; ret'd 
from O.S., January, 1919; discharged, Febru- 
ary 3, 1919. 

HAY, ROBERT ; 43 St. George St., Toron- 
to; E. September '12. from Sch. at Vevey, 
Switzerland; aged 15-4; L. Christmas '15; 
son of the late J. D. Hay ('68-'71), Toronto; 

Wellesley Place, loronto; E. September '08, 
from St. Joseph's Seminary, Nottingham, 
England; aged 13-11; L. June '12; son of 
F. B. Hayes, Toronto; 10th R. G. Enlisted; 
198th Bn., Lt. ; seconded for service as Sub- 
Lt. R.N.V.R., M.B.P., September 14, 1916. 

Place, New Canaan, Conn., U.S.A. ; E. August 
'86, from Lawrenceville, N.J., Sch.; aged 11- 
6 ; L. '88 ; Re-E. September '91 ; L. June '92 ; 
son of G. R. Hayne, Toronto; R.M.C, King- 
ston; 10th Bn., R.G., '96; R.O. Enlisted, 
G.G.B.G., August, 1914; 9th Bn.; O.S., Oc- 
tober, 1914; transf'd R.F.C, 2nd Lt., 1915; 
France, October, 1915-August 1916; Ypres, 
Kemmel; 1st Lt., February, 1916; England, 
August, 1916; ret'd from O.S., December, 


* Photo by Elliott and Try 


R. A. S. C. ; Torwood, Farnborough, Hants, 
England ; B. ; E. August '88, from Pte. Sch. ; 
L. '89 ; Tor. Ch. Sch., '89-'91 ; Re-E '93, from 
T.C.S., Port Hope; aged 11-10; L. June '94; 
son of Ross W. Hayter, Toronto; Q.O.R., 
Toronto, '95-'98; 5th Bn., R.F., January 1, 
'00; R.A.S.C, May 1, '00; South African 
War, September 4, '01 - November, '02 
(Queen's Medal and 4 Clasps) ; 1st Cav. 
Div. Supply Col, Capt. ; 14th Div. Amm. 
Park,Major; Staff, Lt. Col., France, August 
13, 1914; A.D.T.; Mons, Le Cateau, Marne, 
Aisne, 1st Battle of Messines; Despatches, 
three times; D.S.O. ; Bt. Lt. Col.; ret'd from 
France, August 13, 1919 ; still serving. 

(1), H.Q. Western Command, Chester, Eng- 
land; B.; E. August '88, from Dover Coll., 
England ; aged 13-7 ; L. June '91 ; son of 
Ross W. Hayter, Toronto; Grad. R. M. C, 
Kingston, '95; 1st Bn. Cheshire Regt. in 
India, August '95; Lt. April, '98; Capt. '01; 
served in S. Africa '00-'02 with Mounted Inf. 
and as A.D.C. to Lt. Genl. Sir Charles Tuck- 
er; grad. Staff Coll. '05; D.A.A. and Q.M. G., 
Malta, February '06-'10; G.S.O., Halifax, '11- 
'14; Major, June, '14; 1st Can. Inf. Bn., as 
r.gde. Major, at Valcartier; O.S., October, 
1914 ; France, February 13, 1915 ; with Cndns 
until April 27, 1919; Bgde. Major 1st Can. 
Inf. Bgde., September 29, 1914-September 13, 
1915; G.S.O. (2) H.Q. Can. Corps (on for- 
mation), September 13, 1915 - January 17, 
1916; G.S.O. (1), 3rd Can. Div. January 17, 
1916-August 1, 1917; G.S.O. (1), 1st Can. 
Div., August 1, 1917-December 4, 1917; G. 
O.C. 10th Can. Inf. Bgde., 4th Can. Div., 
December 4, 1917-October 28, 1918; B.G.G.S., 
C.C.H.Q., October 28, 1918-August 15. 1919; 
Despatches, June 22, 1915; D.S.O., June 23, 
1915; Despatches (2nd time) June, 1916; 
Bt. Lt. Col. June 3, 1916; Despatches (3rd 
time), January, 1917; Despatches (4th time) 
June, 1917; C.M.G., June 4, 1917; Despatches 
(5th time), December, 1917; Despatches 
(6th time), June, 1918; Despatches (7th 
time), December, 1918; C. B., January 1. 
1919; Bt. Col., June 3, 1919; still serving. 

Montreal Genl. Hosp. ; E. '00, from the Model 
Sch., Toronto; aged 14-8; L. June '04; son 
of Alfred Haywood, Toronto; M. B., Univ. 
Tor. '08; .Q.O.R., Lt. Enlisted, September 
22, 1914; 3rd Bn., M.O., Capt.; O.S., with 
1st Div. ; France, February, 1915 ; 2nd Battle 
of Ypres; Despatches for work at Ypres, 
June, 1915; M. C, June, 1915; Festubert; 
Givenchy; Ypres, 1916; ret'd to England, 
1916; ret'd from O.S., July, 1917; discharged, 
August 13, 1917. 

bourne St., Toronto; E. '02, from the Model 
Sch., Toronto; aged 13-11; L. '06; son of 
Alfred Haywood, Toronto; formerly with 
the Dominion Bank; Memb. firm of Ralph 
E. Young & Co., Chartered Accountants, 46 
King St. W. Capt. 3rd Bn.; M.C., 1916; 
Despatches, 1916. 

Broker; 62 Rowanwood Ave.; Toronto; E. 
September '13, from Rosedale P.S. ; aged 14- 
1; L. May. '16; son of F. Hearne, Toronto. 
Enlisted May 16, 1916; Dr. 4th Divl. Train. 
H.Q.; O.S., June 26, 1916; transf'd M.T. as 
Sergt. driving a staff car in London, Eng- 
land; France, May; joined 4th Divl. H.Q. as 
Staff Driver; Amiens, Denain, Valenciennes, 
Mons; ret'd from O.S., June 15, 1919; dis- 
charged, June 17, 1919. 

Oriole Road, Toronto; Piano Mfr. (Heintz- 
man and Co.); B.; E. September '08, from 
V/est Toronto C.I. ; aged 15-10 ; L. June '11 ; 
son of George C. Heintzman, Toronto. En- 
listed, October, 1917; R.F.C., Lt.; O.S., De- 
cember; France, November 1, 1918-January, 
1919; discharged, February, 1919; ret'd from 
O.S., April, 1919. 

450 Walmer Road, Toronto ; Piano Mfr. ; B. ; 
E. September '08, from Huron St. P.S. ; aged 


12-9; L. June '14; son of George C. Heintz- 
man, Toronto. Enlisted, November 9, 1915, 
40th Batty., C.F.A., Lt. ; transf 'd 54th Batty., 
C.F.A., January, 1916; O.S., September 20; 
France, March 20, 1917; Vimy, Arleux, Fres- 
noy, Passchendaele, Hindenburg Line; 
transf d R. A. F., February 5, 1918; Des- 
patches; ret'd from O.S., January, 1919; 
discharged, February. 

Messrs. Armour, Bell, Boswell, and Cronyn, 
Ltd., Insurance Brokers, 27 Wellington St.E., 
Toronto; E. '06, from Miss Shanly's Sch., 
Toronto; aged 11; L. '08; Re-E. September 
'09; L. October '09; son of L F. Hellmuth, 
K.C., Toronto; Univ. Tor. '18. Enlisted, De- 
cember, 1915 ; R.N.A.S. ; Trg. R.N.A.S., Sea- 
plane Base, Calshott, June-September, 1916; 
R.N.A.S., Westgate, September-April, 1917; 
R.N.A.S., Malta, May-December, 1917; R.N. 
A.S., Rosyth, February - September, 1918; 
Handley Page Sdn. (Netheravon), Septem- 
ber-November, 1918. 

cal Student; 297 Prince Arthur St., Mont- 
real; or Box 403, 915 Moss St., Victoria, B.C. ; 
B.; E. September '12, from Boys' Central 
Sch., Victoria; aged 16; L. June '14; son of 
Dr. J. D. Helmcken, Victoria, B.C. Enlisted, 
May 15. 1916, 62nd Batty., 15th Arty. Bgde., 
C. F. A., Gnr.; 0. S., September 10; 58th 
Batty., January 22, 1917; France, August 21, 
1917; Lens, Loos, Arras, Amiens, to August 
8, 1918; Valenciennes; Bdr., August 29, 1918; 
Cpl., March 3, 1919 ; ret'd from O.S., May 24, 
1919; discharged same date. 

526, 7th Ave. S., Lethbridge, Alta.; B.; E. 
September '09; L. December '16; son of the 
late W. Henderson, Lethbridge; C.E., Spr. 
Enhsted, May 28, 1918 ; 3rd C.E. ; Res. Bn., 
Spr.; O.S., July, 1918; ret'd from O.S. Febru- 
ary, 1919; discharged, February 28. 

Avenue Road, Toronto; Mfr. ; E. September 
'04, from Miss Edwards' Sch.; aged 8-6; L. 
June '14 ; son of the late J. B. Henderson 
('56), Deer Park; Teller, Canadian Bank of 
Commerce; Lt. G.G.B.G. Enlisted, April 22, 
1915, Lt. 124th Bn.,C.E.F.; O.S.,August,1916; 
France, March. 1917; Capt. 124th Bn.; Capt. 
1 2th Bn. ; in all engagements of C.C, March, 
1917-November, 1919; ret'd from O.S., June 
15, 1919; discharged, June 20. 

Madison Ave., Toronto; Real Estate and In- 
surance Broker; E. September '03, from Tor. 
Ch. Sch.; aged 14-4; L. June '06; son of 
Elmes Henderson ('54-'58), Toronto; 2nd 
Q.O.R., '06-'10; 72nd Seaforth Highlanders, 
Vancouver, August - September, 1914. En- 
listed, September 1, 1914; Cpl., 29th Van- 
couver Bn., 6th Can. Inf. Bgde. ; L.-Cpl., 
December; O.S., May 22, 1915; France, Sep- 
tember 18; reported missing after St. filoi, 
April 19, 1916; Cpl., April; P.W. at Giessen; 
exchanged to Holland, May 8, 1918; repatri- 
ated to England, November 17; ret'd from 
O.S., February 25, 1919; discharged, March 
19, 1919. 

fessor of Pharmacy-Pharmacology, Univ. 
Tor.; Ill Admiral Rd., Toronto; E. July '89. 
from Toronto C. I.; aged 13; L. June '95 
(Head Boy) ; son of J. Henderson, Toronto; 
grandson of John Ewart (Head Boy '30-'38) ; 
B.A. Univ. Tor. '99; M.A. do., '02; M.B. do., 
'02; Lecturer Univ. Tor. '05; Capt. C.O.T.C, 
Univ. Tor. Enlisted, February 4, 1916; 2nd 
1|C, Detention Camp, Kapuskasing; Capt.; 
Junr. Major, 198th Bn.; 0. S., February, 
1917; Senr. Major, do.; transf 'd C.A.M.C; 
14th Can. Field Amb.. May, 1918; France, 
June 1; M.O., 13th Bgde., C.F.A., August; 
last 100 days. Canal du Nord, Cambrai, Va- 
lenciennes, Mons; Educational Officer, 2nd 
Can. Div.. December; 6th Can. Field Amb., 
March, 1919; ret'd from O.S., May; dischar- 
ged. May 25. 




Henderson Garage, Lethbridge, Alta. ; 526, 
7th Ave. ; B. ; E. September '06, from Leth- 
bridge, P.S. ; aged 10 ; L. June '15 ; son of the 
late William Henderson, Lethbridge, Alta. 
Enlisted, September 28, 1915, Pte. 82nd Bn. ; 
O.S., May 18, 1916; transf'd Yukon M.M.G. 
Batty., June, 1916; France, August 15; 
Ypres, Somme; Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, 1917; 
v/ounded, July 20, 1917; England, July 23; 
transf'd from M.G. Depot to 18th M.G. Coy., 
March, 1918; France, March; transf'd Arm- 
oured Car Sec, 1st C.M.M.G. Bgde.. July; 
Arras, Cambrai, Amiens, 1918; M.M., Sep- 
tember; ret'd from O.S., April, 1919; dis- 
charged, same date. 

HENDRIE, WILLIAM; Contractor, 
Messrs. Hendrie & Co., Hamilton, Ont.; B.; 
E. '77, from Pte. Sch., Hamilton ; aged 14-5 ; 
L. '82; son of the late William Hendrie, Ha- 
milton; Pres. Can. Mily. Institute, Toronto; 
Commission, 1891 ; Lt. Col., R.O.. 48th High- 
landers; retired. May, 1913. Commn., 1st 
Can. Div., confirmed in rank in B. E. F., 
September 22, 1914; mobilized, August 26, 
Junr. Major, 48th Highlanders; i C, with 
rank of Lt. Col., 1st Can. Remount Depot, 
Valcartier; O.S., October 20; France, May 15, 
1915; ret'd from O.S., November; O.C, 4th 
Inf. Bgde., Camp Borden, Trg. Div., July, 
1916; M.D. 2, 1916-1917; Col., 1917; dis- 
charged, March 27, 1919. 

EARN; Mfr.; 252 James St. S., Hamilton, 
Ont. ; E. September '06, from Highfield Sch., 
Hamilton ; aged 15-9 ; L. June '08 ; son of Sir 
John S. Hendrie ('72-'74), Hamilton; Grad. 
R.M.C. '11; 4th Batty., Lt. Enlisted, 11th 
Batty., Lt. ; O.S., September, 1914; France, 
February, 1915 - March, 1916; Capt., July, 
1915; ret'd from O.S., to take over a Batty., 
1916; 0. C, 18th Batty.; France, March, 
1917; Despatches, New Year's Day, 1919; 
ret'd from O.S., May, 1919; discharged, June. 

Haileybury, Ont.; B.; E. September '11, from 

Haileybury H.S. ; aged 15-5 ; L. June '13 ; son 
of 0. M. Hennessy, Haileybury. Enlisted; 
228th Rly. Constrn. Bn., Pte.; app't Lt., 
Forestry Draft, February 6, 1917; 0. S.. 
June, 1917; discharged. May 20, 1918. 

morden, Ont. ; E. September '89, from Welles- 
ley P.S., Toronto; aged 13; L. June '96; son 
of Mrs. Henry, Toronto; Student, S.P.S., 2 
years; 6th Can. Siege Batty., Gnr. En- 
listed, January, 1917; 9th Can. Siege Batty. 
(St. John, N.B.), Gnr.; O.S., March; France, 
October; Vimy Ridge and actions at close of 
war; ret'd from O.S., May, 1919; discharged 
same date. 

Cote des Neiges Road, Montreal; B.; E. Janu- 
ary '08, from Montreal H.S. ; aged 12-10 ; L. 
Christmas '10; son of M. L. Hersey, West- 
mount, P.Q. ; Enlisted, February 17, 1915; 
C.A.P.C; 0. S., March 4, 1915; att'd H.Q. 
Staff, Cdns., March 23, 1915; France, Sep- 
tember 17; 2nd Bgde., C.F.A.; Temp. Lt., 
May 5, 1916; Genl. List and att'd Res. Bgde., 
C.F.A., with rank of Lt., May 9, 1916; "on 
command" to Lark Hill for 90th Course in 
gunnery, July 8, 1916; Daughters of the 
Empire Hosp., Hyde Park Place, August 8; 
discharged, August 28; France, September 
25; 12th Bgde., C.F.A., Orderly Officer; No. 
4 Can. Field Amb., ill with flu, December 8; 
Canada, on leave, August 13, 1917; struck 
off strength O.M.F.C; retained in Canada, 
December, 1917. 

HERSEY, ERIC MASON; Stock Broker, 
Stanley May & Co., 364 Metcalfe Ave., West- 
mount, P.Q. ; B. ; E. January '08, from Mont- 
real H.S. ; aged 11-4 ; L. Christmas '10; son of 
M.L.Hersey, Westmount, P.Q. Enlisted,Janu- 
ary, 1916; C.A.M.C. No. 3 G.H. (McGill), 
Pte.; O.S., May 6, 1915; France, June 19; 
Somme, 1916; England, January-December, 
1916; C.A.S.C. Lt.; France; 16th and 22nd 
Batty., C. F. A., Lt.; Vimy Ridge, Lens, 


1917; gassed, May 6, 1917; ret'd from O.S., 
June, 1918; discharged, July. 

HARBO; Colonel Comdg. R.C.E., M.D. No. 
b, Halifax, N. S.; c|o A. L. Hertzberg, 151 
Evelyn Ave., Toronto; E. '98, from Tor. 
Junctn. P.S.; aged 14; L. December '99; son 
of A. L. Hertzberg, Toronto; Commn., Janu- 
ary 27, 1905; R.C.H.A., Kingston, and short 
course at R. M. C. January - May, 1908 ; Lt., 
Corps Res. C.E. Enlisted, August, 1914, 
Lt. 2nd Field Coy. C.E. ; att'd 1st Can. Div. 
B.E.F. ; O.S., September; France, February, 
1915 ; in all actions in which Canadians were 
engaged, excepting Festubert, May, 1915, 
and Givenchy, June, 1915; wounded, April 
24, 1915, shrapnel, right chest; Despatches, 
June 22, 1915; M.C., June 23; Capt. 2nd 
Field Coy., C.E., September; Adjt. Can. Divl. 
Engrs., October; Major, Comdg. 1st Field 
Coy., C.E., March 7, 1916; Lt. Col., Comdg., 
1st Can. Divl. Engrs., January 1, 1918; De- 
spatches and D.S.O., January 1 ; Despatches, 
June 3 ; Lt. Col. Comdg. 1st Bn., C.E., June 7 ; 
Col. Comdg. Bgde. C.E., July 22, 1918; De- 
spatches and C.M.G., June 3, 1919; ret'd from 
O.S., same date. 

HESS, JOHN SULLIVAN ; Salesman, Co- 
bourg, Ont. ; B.; E. September '13, from the 
Episc. Sch., Philadelphia; aged 15-10; L. 
June '15; son of Frank Hess, Cobourg. En- 
listed, August, 1917, Am. Field Hosp., No. 
27, Pte.; O.S., September 15; France, Sep- 
tember 27; transf'd 101, December; Citation: 
"Meritorious and Conspicuous Services"; 
ret'd from O.S., April 1, 1919; discharged, 
April 16. 

Esher, Surrey, England; retired; B.; E. 
August '91, from P.S., Victoria, B.C.; aged 
13-4 ; L. 92 ; son of the late Hon. J. R. Hett, 
Atty.-Gen'l of B.C.; sometime with Ballan- 
tyne, Clifford, & Hett, Solicitors, Dock House, 
Billiter St., London, E.G., and of Brutton and 

Hett, Barristers, Hong Kong. Enlisted, 
April 4, 1916; Sub-Lt. R.N.V.R.; Lt. April 4, 
1917; served in Royal Naval Coll., Green- 
wich; H.M.S. "Hermoine"; H.M.S. "Drifter 
A^iolet"; H.M.S. "Redoubtable"; and H.M.S. 
"Excellent" ; North Sea, June, 1916-January, 
1917; demobilised May 2, 1920; now Hon. 
Lt. Comdr. R.N.V.R. and Hon. Comdr. Trg. 
Ship, "Stork". 

HETT, JOHN ROLAND; Barrister-at- 
Law, Parry Sound, Ont.; B.; E. September 
'06, from Sutton West P.S.; aged 14-8; L. 
June '11; son of Mrs. S. M. Everest, Sutton 
West, Ont. Enlsted, October, 1914, 15th 
Batty., C.F.A., Sergt.; transf'd "C" Batty., 
R.C.H.A., Kingston; O.S., March, 1915; 3|1 
North Midland Bgde., R.F.A., 2nd Lt., De- 
cember 14, 1915; France, 1916-1917; Retreat 
at Arras, 1917; shell shock, 1917; ret'd from 
O.S., September, 1917 ; discharged, February, 

HETT, SIBBALD ; Civil Engineer ; Eildon 
Hall, Sutton West, Ont.; B.; E. August '91, 
from Victoria, B.C., P.S. ; aged 15-1 ; L. June 
'92; son of Mrs. R. Hett, Sutton West; B.A. 
Sc, Univ. Tor. '07; H.B.Rly., Le Pas, Mani- 
toba; Q. 0. R., Pte. Enlisted, February 1, 
1917; Lt. 228th Bn.; M.D. No. 2; O.S., Febru- 
ary 16, 1917; C.R.T. Depot, Knotty Ash, 
Liverpool; France, April 2; engaged in the 
laying out and building of railways on the 
Western Front from Ypres to Amiens till 
January 30, 1919; ret'd from O.S., April 23, 
1919; R.O., October 15, 1919, with rank of 

L. H. Hunter, Pincher Creek, Alta. ; B. ; E. 
October '91, from Georgetown H.S. ; aged 
15-4 ; L. '95 ; ward of James Barber, George- 
town, Ont. ; Boer War. Enlisted, September, 
1914 ; Lord Strathcona Horse, Pte. ; O.S., Sep- 
tember 14; France, May 3, 1915; D.C.M.. 
January 14, 1916; Despatches, January 27, 
1916; 1st Can. Inf. Rifle Bn., Lt., November 


* Photo by Iiambert, Weston & Son, Iiimited 


4; Capt., April 10, 1917; G.S.W., left arm, 
September 29, 1918; M.C., March 18, 1919; 
ret'd from O.S., April 25 ; discharged, July 15. 

Canadian Bank of Commerce; 17 Willcocks 
St., Toronto; B. ; E.; September '08, from 
Barrie C.L; aged 16-6; L. June '10; son of 
S. J. Higgs, Barrie, Ont.; 35th Regt. En- 
listed, February, 1916; Lt. 122nd Bn. ; O.S., 
May, 1917; transf'd C.F.C.; France, June 21; 
Vosges; ret'd from O.S., March, 1919; dis- 
charged, March 15. 

Bank, Aylmer, Ont. ; B. ; E. September '12, 
from Aylmer H.S. ; aged 17; L. June '13; son 
of E. W. R. Hill, Aylmer; Gnr. 30th Batty. 
Enlisted, January, 1916 ; Cpl., 43rd Batty. ; 
O.S., February, 1916; France, July, 1916; 
continuous service, July, 1916 - September, 
1918; lost a leg at Cambrai, September 26, 
1918; No. 5 Southern G.H.; ret'd from O.S., 
June, 1919 ; discharged, August. 

cian and Surgeon, The Manor, Aurora, Ont. 
B. ; E. '80, from Newmarket H.S. ; aged 17-6 
L. June '81 ; son of Dr. R. W. Hillary, Aurora 
M.D.C.M., Trin. Coll., Tor., '90 (Silver Medal 
F. T. M. C; Surg, and Lt. Col. 12th York 
Rangers, '04 ; Colonial Auxiliary ; Forces Offi- 
cers' Decoration '07. Enlisted, December 1, 
1915; Major, M.O., 127th Bn.; O.S., August 
20, 1916 ; transf'd 2nd C.R.T. ; France, Janu- 
ary 12, 1917; Bapaume to Cambrai, January- 
June, 1917; horse fell, injuring rider's both 
knees, January, 1917; Ypres to Passchen- 
daele, and the drives to Nieuport, June, 1917- 
November 1917; ret'd from O.S., November 
29, 1917; R.O., February 14, 1920. 

Hodder, Port Arthur, Ont.; M.D. Western 
Med. Coll., London, '12; m. Univ. Tor. En- 
listed, 1915; Capt. C.A.M.C; O.S., July, 1915; 
with P.P.C.L.L and R.C.R. Depot as M.O.; 
also with 40th and 30th Res. Bns. as M.O.; 
France, September, 1915 ; att'd 2nd Can. Res. 
Park ; transf'd 1st C.G.H. Etaples, December, 
1915-February. 1916; ret'd from O.S., De- 
cember 23, 1916; discharged same date. 

Oaks, Combe Martin, Devon, England ; E. '71, 
from Hurstcrof t Coll., England ; aged 8-8 ; L. 
'79; son of the late Thomas Hodgins, K.C., 
Toronto; Major, Royal Arty.; Served in N.W. 
India Campaign '91 (Queen's medal with 
clasp) ; Chief Ordnance Officer, W. Coast of 
Africa, Straits Settlement,and Ceylon '14; on 
R.L. when war broke out; left Canada for 
England, August 1914; Woolwich Arsenal, 
England; Lt. Col., Army Ordn.Dept. ; resigned 
and rejoined old Regt. ,1915, The Royal Arty., 
January, 1916 ; raised and took to France 
the 120th Siege Batty. (8-inch Howitzers) ; 
Somme push, July, 1916; shell-shock and 
gastritis ; invalided to England ; as Lt. Col., 
R.G.A., trained Batteries for Service; in- 
valided out. May, 1919-; ret'd to Canada; had 
four sons serving in the British Army, of 
vv^hom one was wounded and one killed (men- 
tioned in Despatches. 

26 King St. E., Toronto; E. September '08, 
from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., Toronto; 
aged 10-2 ; L. June '12 ; ward of Miss Holland, 
Toronto; R.A.F., Observer, 1916; Commn., 
August 22, 1917; 2nd Lt., R.A.F., England, 
September; France, December 28; March 
Retreat, 1918; ret'd to Canada to take Pilot 
Certificate, September, 1918; M.C. ; dischar- 
ged, October, 1919. 

Ont. Hosp., 999 Queen Street West, Toron- 
to; B.; E. September '04, from Port Arthur 
H.S.; aged 16-9; L. June '07; son of George 

nance, Permt. Force of Canada; 27 Spring- 
hurst Ave., Toronto; E. September '11, from 
Parkdale C.I. ; aged 16-1 ; L. September '12 ; 


* Photo by Swaine 

* Photo by Swaine 


son of S. W. Howard, Toronto; R.M.C. '12-'14. 
Commn. Permt. Force, November 24, 1914; 
Lt., Cdn. Ordnance Corps, Osborne Bar- 
racks, Winnipeg; Capt., November, 1916; 
Woolwich, for Ordnance Course, Ordnance 
Coll., December 24, 1919. 

rister-at-law, Messrs. Corley, Gordon, Keen, 
and Howard, Trust and Guarantee ; 76 Bins- 
earth Rd., Rosedale, Bldg. Bldg. 120 Bay St., 
Toronto; B.; E. September '07, from Model 
Sch., Toronto; aged 14-2; L. June '13; son 
of A. Maclean Howard, Toronto; Trinity 
College, Toronto, '13 -'15; (Leonard Mc- 
Laughlin Schol.). Pte., C.O.T.C, Univ. Tor., 
1914-May 3, 1915; C.O.T.C, Niagara Camp, 
Lt., June-July, 1915; S.C.G., Niagara Camp, 
Lt., July, 1915-January, 1916; Lt. 166th Bn,. 
January, 1916; Capt. September, 1916; 
transf 'd 12th Res.Bn., October, 1916 ; Adjt.'s 
and Staff Course, Grenadier Guards, Chelsea; 
Drill and Gas Instr., 12th Res. Bn. ; seconded 
for duty with Imperials; Capt. R. A. F. 
(France), March-June, 1917; Vimy Ridge, 
Oppy, Fresnoy, Arras, Lens ; wounded at 
Lens, June, 1917; in Hosp. ; invalided to Eng- 
land; O.C, Christ Church Coll. Cadet Sqdn., 
R.A.F., Oxford, November,1917-March.l918; 
AjMajor, O.C.G. Sqdn., R.A.F., Farnborough; 
A| C. 0., Double Sqdn., R. A. F., Blandford; 
Hosp., September-November, 1918; A|Major, 
Wing Adjt., R.A.F., Blandford; duty with 
British Red Cross in Italy; ceased to be 
seconded to Imperials and reverted to permt. 
rank; discharged as Capt., September 6, 1919. 

127th St., Edmonton, Alta.; E. September 
'03, from Fern Ave. P.S., Toronto ; aged 9-8 ; 
L. June '11; son of the late Edgar P. Howe, 
Toronto; 101st Edmonton Fusiliers, Lt. En- 
listed, August, 1914; 9th Bn., C.E.F., Lt.; 
O.S., 1st Can. Div., October; France, May, 
1915; transf 'd 5th Bn.; Festubert; Givenchy; 
v/ounded, July; Capt., February, 1916; Major, 
October; seconded to R.F.C., May, 1917; 65th 
Sqdn. (France), December; R.F.C. (Scouts), 

German Advance, March, 1918; shot down; 
fractured skull, March ; ret'd from O.S., July, 
1919; M.D. No. 13, Calgary, Alta., August 1. 

Ave., Toronto ; Sce'y-Treas'r, Canada Broker- 
age Co., Ltd. ; B. ; E. September '09, from 
Queen Victoria P.S., Toronto; aged 14-2; L. 
December '09 ; son of F. W. Hudson, Toronto ; 
grandson of the late R. S. Hudson ('61-'62) ; 
Univ. Tor. '19. Enlisted, May, 1915; 10th 
R.G.; transf'd R.N.A.S., Sub.-Lt., February, 
1916; O.S., May; transf'd Can. Siege Arty., 
Lt., August; France, March, 1917; Vimy 
Ridge, April; wounded, April 2; ret'd from 
O.S., September; discharged, November, 

Engr., Sewer Dept., City of Toronto; 34 
Dalton Road, Toronto; E. September '04, 
from St. Andrew's Coll.; aged 14; L. June 
'07; ward of Arthur J. Hughes; App'd Sc, 
Univ. Tor, 1917. Enlisted, October. 22, 

1914, Spr. 6th Field Coy., C.E.; att'd 6th 
Bgde.; O.S. April 15, 1915; France, Septem- 
ber 15; Kemmel Hill; invalided to England, 
January, 1916; transf'd Can. War Records, 
May; to C. P. C, September; to C. Engrs. 
Depot, May, 1971; to C.F.C., June; Cpl., Sep- 
tember; ret'd from O.S., August 26, 1919; 
discharged same date. 

Ave., Toronto; E. September '10, from Jesse 
Ketchum Sch., Toronto; aged 14-5 ; L. Christ- 
mas '10; son of R. W. Hull, Toronto. En- 
listed, December 10, 1915; M.T., R.A.S.C, 
B.E.F.; O.S., January 19, 1916; Sergt.; ser- 
ved with M.T. O.S., 138th Field Amb., 3 yrs. ; 
discharged, March 13, 1919. 

HUNTER, CYRIL J. ; Asst. Master, Prep. 
Sch.. '10-'13; b. Burton-on-Trent, England; 
E. Corpus Coll., Cambridge; B. A., Cam- 
bridge; sometime in New York; Lt., North 
Staff ordshires, B.E.F. ; wounded, December, 

1915, July 3, 1916, and July 3, 1917. 


B, M.'s Legation, Teheran, Persia; B.; E. 
August '90, from Durham P.S.; aged 14; 
L. June '94; son of the late J. H. Hunter, 
M. P. P., Durham, Ont. ; Grad. R. M. C. 
(honours) '98, (Governor-General's Silver 
Medal) ; Boxer Rebellion in China (British 
Medal and the American decoration of the 
Military Order of the Dragon) ; Indian 
contgt. (cavalry) at Coronation of King 
Edward VII (Medal) ; Indian Delhi Durbar 
Medal for distinguished services, surveys and 
maps for Delhi Durbar; Frontier of India 
and Afghanistan, in operation against the 
N.W.F. tribes and Afghans, 1915-'15 ; Sqdn., 
Comdr., 31st Duke of Connaught's Own 
Lancers, Staff Office Comdr. Upper Kurran 
Column; Lt. Col, November 1, 1916; Chief 
of Staff to British Forces, Persia, 1916-1917; 
responsible for the original organisation of 
the South Persia Rifles; i|c the Fars Bgde., 
South Persia Rifles, 1916-1917; wounded in 
the action of Pir-i-zan, Christmas Day, 1916 ; 
Field Despatches, twelve times; Despatches 
(twice), L.G.; D.S.O.; Russia, 1917-1918; 
ret'd to Canada from Russia via China and 
Japan, January, 1918; under British and Can. 
Govts. 1st British Asst. Provost-Marshall of 
the U.^.A., with office at 44 Whitehall St., 
New York March, 1918; Belgian, French, and 
British Fronts under direction of Ministry 
of Information. October, 1918; Asst. Chief 
of Staff to Amer. 1st Army Air Service; 
Croix de Guerre, for distinguished and gal- 
lant services as an aviator and in particular 
for successful combat against German 
aviators at Verdun, November 8, 1918; all 
operations between the Meuse and the Ar- 
gonne with 1st Army, A.E.F., October 14- 
November 11, 1918, at actions Mt. Kemmel, 
Amentieres, La Bassee, Le Cateau, etc. 
with British Forces, 1918; M.E.F., Asst. Dir. 
of Surveys, 1919-1920; Imperial Persian 
Govt., April 1, 1920 ; Adviser to the Ministry 
of War. 

of W. Hunter, Kincardine; draftsman, Hun- 
ter, Kincardine; draftsman. Hunter Boiler 
and Bridge Co. Enlisted, February 12, 1916, 
Pte., 160th Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., October 18, 
1916; L.-Cpl. December; France, February 
28, 1918; transf'd 2nd Can. Pioneer Bn.; 4th 
Bn., C.E.; reverted to Spr. May, 1918; 
Amiens, August 8; Arras, Cambrai, August, 
September and November; ret'd from O.S., 
May 31, 1919 ; discharged same date. 

son St., Detroit, Mich., U.S.A.; Mechanical 
Draftsman ; E. '05, from St. Basil's Sch., To- 
ronto; aged 12-8; L. '08; son of the late H. 
Hunter, Toronto; Q. 0. R., Pte. Enlisted, 
August 12, 1914; "B" Coy., 3rd Inf. Bn., 1st 
Bgde., C.E.F.; O.S., September 25; France, 
February 8 - September 5, 1915; St. Julien 
(Ypres), April 21-26; Festubert, May 19-30; 
Givenchy, June 15-16; Shell-shock, Ploeg- 
steert Woods, August 31; ret'd from 0. S,, 
February 5, 1916; discharged, March 1, 1916. 

HUTTON, GUY MAURICE; i|c of the 
Depot of the 22nd Cavalry at Jhehum, India ; 
E. '99, from Miss Stovin's Sch.; aged 12-1; 
L. June '05; son of Maurice Hutton, Princi- 
pal, Univ. Coll., Toronto, 50 Prince Arthur 
Ave., Toronto; R.M.C. '05-'08; Lt. Indian 
Army, '09; Sussex Regt. '09-'10; 22nd Caval- 
ry Frontier Force, '10 - '14 ; volunteered for 
the Front '14; att'd 18th Lancers lA, India, 
with B.E.F. '15; served on Genl. Edwards' 
Staff; ret'd to India with Ind. Contgt. '15; 
A|Bgde. Major, 22nd Cav., Hyderabad Dec- 
ean, March, 1916; i|c of Depot of 22nd Cav.. 
with titular rank of Major, at Jhehum, Pun- 
jab, '16-'19; Liaison Officer for British Govt., 
with the Rampur Cav., at Madras and then 
at Jubbulpore '19; re-appointed, after the 
return home of the Rampur Cav., to the 
charge of the Depot of the 22nd Cav. at 
Jhehum, '20. 

cardine, Ont. ; B. ; E. January '12, from Kin- 
cardine H.S. ; aged 17-9; L. June '13; son 

HYLAND, GORDON; 69 Oriole Road, To- 
ronto ; E. '99, from Church St. P.S., Toronto ; 


Photo by Elliott and Fry 


aged 13; L. June '04; son of J. H. Hyland, 
Toronto ; Mfg. Mgr., J. H. Peter Co.. Toronto ; 
M.B. Univ. Tor. '08. Enlisted, Field Ambu- 
lance, Major. 

IDINGTON, WALTER; 2352 Lome St., 
Regina, Sask; Lumber Salesman; B.; E.; 
'00, from Stratford P.S.; aged 15-6; L. '05; 
son of the Hon. Mr. Justice John Idington, 
Stratford, now of Ottawa; W.C. Edwards & 
Co., Ltd., Lumber Mfrs. Enlisted, February 
12, 1915, 2nd Signal Corps, Spr. ; transf 'd 7th 
Bgde.; O.S., August 9; France, May 17, 1916; 
4th Bgde.; Ypres, Somme, Vimy Ridge, 
Arras, Passchendaele, and Amiens; shrap- 
nel (both hands), August 17, 1918; 10 days 
leave; ret'd from O.S., December 27, 1918; 
discharged. May 15, 1919. 

The Imperial Bank, Cor. Bloor and Dundas 
Sts., Toronto; E. September '01, from Lon- 
don P.S. ; aged 12-10 ; L. June '05 ; son of 
Robert Inglis, Toronto ; Lt. 48th Regt. P.S.L 
February. 1916; 134th Bn.; O.S. with draft 
of Officers, August, 1916; 2nd Bn., C. G, R. 
Exhibition Camp, Toronto, October, 1918; 
aischarged, January 1, 1919. 

Montreal. Killam, Alta.; E. September '01, 
from London P. S. ; aged 14-8; L. June '03; 
son of Robert Inglis, Toronto, October, 1918 ; 
C.F. Bn.; France; discharged, March, 1919. 

STRONG; Mining; 144 Walmer Road, Tor- 
onto; E. September '06, from Tor. Junctn. 
P.S. ; aged 9; L. December, '06; Re-E. — ; L. 
June '15 ; (Mason Silver Medal) ; son of C. 
E. Ireson, Toronto; Provl. Lt. 12th Regt., 
Mihtia, May 8, 1915. Enlisted, January 19, 
1916; Lt. C.A.S.C.; att'd Halifax Garrison; 
transf'd M.D. 12, Regina, as O.C, C.A.S.C, 
March 3, 1917; discharged, June 8, 1919; S. 
S.O., genl. demobilisation by own request; 

made repeated applications to be relieved of 
Permt Force duties so that he might pro- 
ceed O.S. with various units of the C.E.F. 
and R.A.F., but all were refused by Ottawa 
Militia H.Q., on ground that services were re- 
quired in Canada. 

Ass't. Mgr.. The Dominion Bank, Vancouver, 
B.C.; B.; E. September '01, from Tor. Ch. 
Sch.; aged 14-5; L. '04; son of L. Homfray 
Irving, Toronto. Enlisted, 1916; 12th York 
Rangers, Lt. ; Capt., C. A.P.C., March 10, Pay- 
master, 201st Bn. (Tor. L.I.), C.E.F. ; 248th 
T.M.C., C.A.M.C, March, 1916-August 1919; 
R.L., August 30, 1919. 

WORTH ; Superintendent, The Calgary Genl. 
Hospital, Calgary, Alta. ; B. ; E. '83, from the 
Central Sch., Hamilton; aged 15; L. '86; son 
of the late Sir JE. Irving, K.C., ('35 -'38), 
Hamilton, Ont., later of Toronto; G.G.B.G., 
Pte., '87-'89; Toronto Field Batty., 2nd Lt. 
June '89; Lt., December 31, '90; Capt., No- 
vember 20, '91 ; transf'd R.O., September 10. 
'96; appt'd "C" Batty., R.C.A., Lt for service 
m South Africa, December 29, '99 ; M.D.C.M., 
Trin. Coll. '00 ; sailed for South Africa, Feb- 
ruary 21, '00; Despatches; D.S.O.; transf'd 
R.O., January 18, '01 ; Bt. Major. May 17, '01. 
O.C. 15th Batty., C.F.A., Major, November 
27, 1914; O.S., May 28, 1915; transf'd C.A. 
M.C., as A.D.M.S., Shorncliffe, September 17; 
O.C. C.A.M.C. Depot and Trg. Sch., October 
11; O.C. Can. Div. M.C.H., Epsom, April 10, 
1916; O.C. Mily. Convalt. Hosp., Epsom, Au- 
gust 26; Temp Lt. Col., December 5; Des- 
patches, February 24, 1917; Lt. Col., 1917; 
A|Col., April 1, 1918; Canada for duty, July 
17, 1918 ; Despatches, August 6 1918 ; Notices 
to Secretary of State for War. valuable ser- 
vices rendered, September, 1918; A.D.M.S.. 
M.D. No. 2, Toronto; Col., October 1; dis- 
charged, August 31, 1919. 

Accountant, The Canada Permanent Trust 


Co., 13 Lowther Ave., Toronto; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '06, from Huron St. P.S. ; aged 14-2 ; 
L. June '10; son of C. W. Irwin ('71-'76), 
Toronto; formerly with the Central Canada 
Loan and Savings Co., Toronto, and the Ford 
Motor Co. of Canada; Lt. Q.O.R. Enlisted, 
January, 1916; Lt. 170th Bn.; transf'd 255th 
(Q.O.R.) O.S. Bn., November. 1916; O.S., 
November, 1917; transf'd 5th Can. Res., 
Sandling, Kent ;France, March 1918 ; transf'd 
20th Can. Bn., March; Neuville-Vitasse- 
Mercatel Front, April-June ; Amiens, August 
7, 14 ; Arras, August 28-30 ; Mons, November 
10-11; ret'd from O.S., May 24. 1919; dis- 
charged, June 21, 1919. 

Asst. Right of Way Agent, Dept. of Rail- 
ways and Canals, Ottawa ; 167 Nepean St. ; 
B.; E. '93, from Ottawa C.L; aged 15; L. 
'95 ; son of James Isbester, Ottawa. Enlist- 
ed, January 19. 1917, 257th Bn. ; Capt., 10th 
Bn.. C.R.T.; O.S., February 15; Command, 
War Office London ; -C.R.T. Depot, March 31 ; 
France, June 19; 10th Bn. C.R.T., Capt.; 
all operations on Belgian Coast, 4th Army, 
July-September; operations of 2nd Army on 
Ypres front, September 1917 - Armistice; 
AjMajor, November, 1917; command of Coy., 
Major, January, 1918; retirement of 1918; 
Advance, Kemmel Hill, Menin and Courtrai; 
D.S.O. in the Field, in advance on Menin, 
October 14, 1918; 2nd i|C, Bn., November, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., May 25, 1919; R.O., 
May 28. 

att'd 14th Argyll and Sutherland Highland- 
ers, February 1. 1919; ret'd from 0. S., May 
12, 1919; discharged. May 10, 1919. 

JACKES, HARVEY LEE; Surgeon, 710- 
712 McCallum Hill Bldg., Regina, Sask.; E. 
September '02, from Wellesley P.S., Toronto ; 
aged 13-5 ; L. June '06 ; son of the late E. H. 
Jackes ('73-'79), Deer Park; M.B. Univ. Tor., 
'10; apptd. Physician for Public Schls., by 
Board of Education; Capt. Field Amb. En- 
listed, February 22, 1915; Capt. No. 2 C.C. 
C.S.; O.S., April 16; France, September 17; 
Ypres Sahent, 1915-1916; Vimy Ridge, 1917; 
Major, March 4, 1916; No. 2 C.C.S., No. 8, 
and No. 5 Field Amb., attd. H.Q. 1st Army, 
September 71, 1915; transf'd No. 15 C.G.H., 
England, August 28, 1917; transf'd No. 12 
C.H., September, 1918; Consultant Surgeon, 
M.D. 12, March, 1919 ; ret'd from O.S.. March, 
1920; discharged, November 1. 

Master, January 1920; E. Collingwood C.L; 
Univ. Coll., Tor., B.A., 1919; C.O.T.C 1918; 
transf'd Can. Tank Bn., in England, May 
1918; ret'd from O.S. .-August, 1919. 

'92, aged 11; L. June '99; son of W.S. Jack- 
son, Master, U.C.C. ('77-' ); 10th Border 
Regt., 1915 ; Capt. ; att'd Stokes Mortar Bgde. 


Corpn. Ltd., 14 King St. E.. Toronto and 
The Elms, 1315 Yonge St. ; E. September '04, 
from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 13-8; 
L. June '06 ; son of the late E. H. Jackes ('73- 
'79), Deer Park; Lt. 48th Highlanders. En- 
listed, November 4, 1915; Lt. 134th Bn.; 
transf'd Toronto Recruiting Depot, February 
13, 1916; reverted to Pte. in U. of T. O.S. 
Draft, March 1, 1917 ; O.S., March 3, transf'd 
28th Londons, March 27 ; 2nd Lt. 1st Gordon 
Highlanders, August 1,; France, August 4; 

JAMES, FRANK; 122 Tyndall Ave.. To- 
ronto; E. September '13, from Dewson St. P. 
S., Toronto; aged 14-9; L. June '16; son of 
F. T. James, Toronto. Enlisted August 4, 
1917, R.F.C., 2nd Lt. ; Armour Heights, Oc- 
tober; Texas, November 28; Flying Instr. 
(Lt.), 550 hours' flying; instructed forty 
pupils; discharged, March 7, 1919. 

Ont. ; Broker; B.; E. September '02, from 


* Fhoto by Lambert Weaton and Son, J^tfl. 


Lakefield Prep. Sch. ; aged 13-2 ; L. June '05 ; 
son of F. S. Jarvis, Gait, Ont.; 12th York 
Rangers, Lt. Enlisted, August, 1915 ; 127th 
Bn., Lt.; Capt., 220th Bn. ; O.S.. April, 1917; 
France,December ; 123rd Bn.,Lt. ; 9th Engrs., 
Lt.; ret'd from O.S., December, 1918; dis- 
charged, January 3, 1919. 

ARCHILLE ; 70 St. Alban St., Toronto ; Mo- 
dern Language Master '12-'13 ; E. Berlin C.L, 
and Univ. Coll., Tor.; B.A., Univ. Tor. '12; 
Professor of French, Univ. Coll. '13-; Lt. No. 
1 Platoon Univ. Tor. C.O.T.C. 

Confederation Life Assn., Toronto; E. Sep- 
tember '04, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., 
Toronto; aged 11-10; L. June '10; son of F.G. 
Jemmett, Toronto. Enlisted, October 2, 
1916; C.O.T.C, Univ. Tor.; O.S., June 2, 
1917; R.G.A., 2nd Lt., December 2; Italy, 
January 13, 1918; Lt., June 2; ret'd from 
Italy, March 17, 1919; ret'd from O.S., Au- 
gust 9; discharged, August 13, 1919. 

Drive; Master, Jarvis St. C.L, Toronto; B. 
A. '13; Math. Master, '13-'14. Enhsted, 
January 12, 1916; 127th Bn., C. E. F., Lt.; 
0. S., August, 2nd Bn., C. R. T., October; 
France, January 12, 1917; Somme, January- 
May; Ypres Salient and Passchendaele till 
December; Somme, till March, 1918; Mining 
Operations off Zeebrugge, 1918 ; seconded to 
Admiralty from France, March 4, 1918 ; ret'd 
from O.S., January, 1919; discharged Janu- 
ary 12. 

Dept., Harvey Rim and Wheel Co., Inc. ; 255 
Lexington Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A.; B.; 
E, January '12, from Belleville H.S. ; aged 
15-2; L. June '12; son of J. W. Johnston, 
M.P.P., C.A., Belleville, Ont.; Studt., Ont. 
Bus. Coll., '15 ; Gnr. 34th Batty., C.F.A. En- 

listed, October 20, 1915, Gnr. 33rd Batty., 
C.E.F. ; att'd 9th Bgde. ; commn., December 
26, 1915; Lt. 52nd Batty., February, 1916; 
resigned commn (illness) and enlisted in 
Cobourg Heavy Batty., September, 1916; 0. 
S., October 1 ; France, December ; transf 'd, 
Gnr., 1st Can. Siege Batty.; Vimy Ridge, 
Passchendaele, Arleux, Fresnoy, August; 
ret'd from O.S., March 3, 1919; discharged. 
March 17. 


Law Student, Osgoode Hall; 12a Mail Bldg., 
and 9 Spadina Gdns., Spadina Rd., Toronto; 

E. September '13, from Cobourg C.L ; aged 
15-10; L. April '14; son of the late Judge 

F. W. Johnston, Sault Ste Marie, Ont.; Gnr. 
Cobourg Heavy Batty. Enlisted, February 
3, 1916; Gnr.; Bdr., 48th Batty.. November; 
Lt. att'd Polish Army, Camp Niagara; O.S., 
September, 1918; draft No. 148, Res. Bgde., 
C.F.A. ; Capt. and A.D.C. to Major -Genl. 
Greenly, C.B., Chief of British Mily. Missn. 
to Roumania, December 3, 1918; Roumania, 
Hungary, etc.; Hungarian Bolshevik Front. 
Bessarabian Front, Bukovinian Front; 4th 
Class Star of Roumania; Roumanian War 
Medal ; ret'd from O.S.; August 26, 1919 ; dis- 
charged same date. 

rister; 9 Spadina Gdns., Spadina Rd., Toron- 
to; B.; E. September '12, from Cobourg, 
H.S. ; aged 16-7 ; L. June '13 ; son of the late 
Judge Johnston, Sault Ste Marie, Ont.; Stu- 
dent, Univ. Coll., Tor.; Cnr. 10th Cobourg 
Heavy Batty.; Lt. 9th Batty., C.F.A. En- 
listed, December 13, 1915, Lt. 41st Batty., 
C.F.A., C.E.F. ; att'd 8th Bgde. C.F.A., C.E. 
F. ; Capt. and Adjt. 12th Bgde. C.F.A., C.E. 
F., April 25, 1916; O.C, 67th U. of T. Batty., 
C.F.A.,C.E.F., June; O.S.,November; att'd R. 
G.A.; Capt.,O.C., 418th Siege Batty., R.G.A.; 
severe accident in England, March-July 1917; 
Palestine, August; Capt. 423rd Siege Batty., 
R.G.A.; Battle of Gaza, October; Capture of 
Jerusalem; France, May, 1918; Capt. 111th 
Siege Batty., R.G.A.; Amiens, July; Major, 



O.C, 245th Siege Batty., R.G.A.. August 1 ; 
advance across Flanders, September-October, 
etc.; Germany, December, 1918-March, 1919; 
ret'd from O.S., July 4, 1919; discharged 
same date; Major R.O. 

Broker; Vice Pres., Messrs. G. A. Stinson & 
Co. Ltd., Union Bank Bldg., Toronto, and 
9 Spadina Gdns., Spadina Road; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '06, from T.C.S., Port Hope ; aged 15 ; 
L. June '08; son of the late Judge F. W. 
Johnston, Sault Ste Marie, Ont. ; Clerk, Im- 
perial Bank; Pt. 1, McGill Matrie, '07. En- 
listed, October 19, 1914; Lt. 30th Batty., C. 
F.A. ; O.S., August 17, 1915 (reinforcement 
draft) ; transf 'd Res. Bgde., C.F.A. ; France, 
January 16. 1916 ; 2nd Can. Divl. Field Arty. ; 
St. Eloi, April 6; Somme, September-Octo- 
ber-November; M.C., January 16, 1917; Vimy 
Ridge, April; Capt., May 14; 2nd Can. Divl. 
Heavy T.M. Batty.; Lens, August; Bar to 
M.C., August; ret'd from O.S., September 
c; Arty, and T.M. Instr. to U.S. Marine 
Corps at Quantico, Va., December 4, 1917; no 
other British Arty. Officers were employed 
in the U.S.A. on the strength of the British 
Mily. Missn. ; ret'd from U.S.A., August 17, 
1918; discharged, December 31. 

ALD ; 1620 W. Pico St., Los Angeles, Cal., U. 
S.A. ; B. ; E. April'08, from Los Angeles Sch. ; 
aged 14-8; L. December '13; son of Mark 
G. Jones, Los Angeles, Cal.; U.S.A. Army, 

George Mansions, Toronto; B.; E. '97. from 
Parkdale C.I., Toronto ; aged 15-1 ; L. June 
'99 ; son of A. F. Jones, Toronto ; C.P.R. Sur- 
vey, Vancouver Island; 48th Highlanders, 
Lt., August 14, 1914; 15th Bn.,C.E.F.,Lt.,Au- 
gust; 0. S.. w^ith 1st Contgt. ; France, two 
months; P.W., May, 1915-March, 1918; Capt., 
April 1, 1916; interned in Holland, March, 
1919; discharged, September, 1919. 

Ont. ; Asst. Engr., Hydro-Electric Power Co. ; 
E. January '04, from Harbord C.I.. Toronto; 
aged 17-3; L. June '04; son of the late Har- 
old H. Joy, Toronto; R.M.C., '04; S. P. S., 
Univ. Tor., '08; Q.O.R., Pte. Enlisted, Au- 
gust, 1914; 9th Mississauga Horse, Lt.; O. 
S., July, 1915; R.F.C., S.R., 2nd Lt, July; 
France, January, 1916 ; Capt. ; Somme, Ypres 
fronts; Major, 1917; Air Force Cross; ret'd 
from O.S., April, 1919. 

c|o W. F. Sparling, 120 Bay St., Toronto and 
303 Lonsdale Rd.. Toronto ; E. September '04, 
from Harbord St. C.I. ; aged 17-5 ; L. June 
'06 ; son of Edwin Keef er, Toronto ; formerly 
Clerk, Univ. Tor.; B.A.Sc, Univ. Tor. '14; 
Pte. Q.O.R. Enhsted, Gnr 34th Batty., C.F. 
A. ; transf 'd 53rd Batty. ; Q.M.S. 73rd Batty. ; 
Lt. C.E. ; ret'd from O.S., January, 1919 ; dis- 
charged, February 10. 

Clothing; 68 Spadina Road, Toronto; E. Sep- 
tember '08, from the Model Sch., Toronto; 
aged 13; L. June '12^, son of W. J. Keens. 
Toronto. Enhsted, April 27, 1918; 69th 
Batty., Gnr.; service with 69th Batty., at 
I'oronto and Pettawawa; discharged, Janu- 
ary 10, 1919. 

Clothier; 68 Spadina Rd., Toronto; E. Sep- 
tember '12, from Huron St. P.S. ; aged 13-5 ; 
L. October '13 ; son of W. J. Keens, Toronto. 
Enlisted, April 16, 1917; Ottawa Siege and 
Heavy Arty. Draft, Ottawa; O.S., June 25, 
1917; transf 'd C.R.A.; France, April 3, 1918; 
transf 'd D.A.C., April 4; 4th Batty.; Amiens, 
August; Cambrai, August-September; ret'd 
from O.S., April 11, 1919; discharged April 

Ave., Toronto; E. September '07, from Huron 


St. P.S., Toronto; aged 12-6; L. June '12; 
son of J. H. Keens, Toronto; 10th R.G., Lt. 
April, 1916; 1st Depot Bn., 1st CO. Regt., 
Lt.; enlisted for O.S., July 19, 1918; dis- 
charged, December 15. 

KEENS, JOHN HARVEY; 102 Bernard 
Ave., Toronto; Salesman; E. September '09, 
from Huron St. P.S., Toronto; aged 12-9; 
L. June '12; son of J. H. Keens, Toronto; 
Q.O.R., Sergt. Enlisted, July 17, 1915; R. 
N.A.S., Imperial Service; Fit. Sub-Lt., De- 
cember 1 ; O.S., December 1 ; France, July 
ol, 1916; wounded, June 7, 1917; Canada, 
en leave; France, Fit. Lt., R.N., July 1 ; Capt. 
and Fit. Comr.. England, July 2, 1918; Air 
Force Cross, January 1, 1919; discharged, 
England, February 10 ; ret'd from O.S. March 

Messrs. Thomas Kelly & Sons Ltd., Gen'l 
Contractors; E. September '13, from St. 
John's Coll. Sch., Winnipeg, Man. ; aged 16-2 ; 
L. June '14 ; son of Thomas Kelly, Winnipeg. 
Enlisted, July 25, 1916; Pte., 1st Bn. C.R. 
T. ; O.S., September 12 ; France, October 25 ; 
Somme, Passchendaele, Amiens, etc.; Lt., 
August 10, 1917; ret'd from O.S., November 
21, 1918; discharged, December 17. 

Toronto; from Mr. Harrison's School, To- 
ronto; aged 10 - 11 ; L. '90; son of Mrs. J. B. 
Kenrick, Toronto ; B.A. Univ. Tor. '94 ; M.A. 
do. '01; Ph.D., Leipzig, '96; Lt. U. of T., C. 
O.T.C. Enlisted, November 15, 1915; Lt. 
Musketry Instrr., H.Q. Staff, M. D. No. 2 
(Sch. of Inf.) ; Capt., July, 1916; Major, Oc- 
tober 31, 1917; O.C. 3rd Depot Bn., Pohsh 
Army; discharged, March 15, 1919. 

chant, 124 King St. E., Toronto, and 166 
Alexandra Blvd.; E. September '96, from 
Jarvis St. C.I. ; aged 16; L. June '98; son of 
George Keith, Toronto; Q.O.R. Enlisted, 
September, 1915; Lt. 35th Bn.; O.S. Octo- 
ber 15; France, June 30, 1916; transf'd, Lt., 
20th Bn., July 1; Somme, September 15-28; 
wounded, September 15; Capt., January 5, 
1917; Vimy Ridge, April 9; Hill 70, August; 
M.C., October, for service at Hill 70 ; wounded 
May 5, 1918; Amiens, August 8, Cambrai, 
August-September; transf'd C.C. H.Q., Sep- 
tember 21 ; ret'd from O.S., December 26 ; 
discharged, January 10, 1919. 

Rubber Clothing, 104 Inglewood Drive, To- 
ronto; E. September '15, from T.C.S., Port 
Hope; aged 18; L. September '15; son of F. 
Kelk, Toronto. Enlisted, 34th Bn., Gnr.; 
48th Bn., Gnr.; O.S., September 14, 1915; 
transf'd R.F.C.; Commn., February 17, 1916. 

Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo., U.S.A.; 

LEY; Barrister; c|o Messrs. Short, Cross, 
Maclean, and McBridge, Edmonton, Alta. ; E. 
September '98, from Miss Thompson's Sch.; 
aged 9-4; L. June '06; son of the late Hon. 
J. H. Kerr, Q.C., P.C. (Canada), Toronto; 
B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. '11; LL.B. (Tor.) '16; 
Ont. Bar, 1914; with Messrs. Barton, Hender- 
son, & Kerr, Barristers, Toronto; Alberta 
Bar, 1920; Lt. Can. Coronation Contgt. 1911; 
Medal; Lt. 10th R.G. Enlisted, November 
13, 1914; 19th Can. Inf. Bn., 2nd Can. Div.; 
O.S., May 12, 1915; France, September 12; 
Ypres Salient, September; offered Commis- 
sion in the R.H.G. (The Blues), February, 
1916; att'd H.Q. 4th Can. Div., March, 1916; 
Staff Capt., H.Q., O.S.M.F.C, October; ret'd 
from O.S., August, 1918; discharged Sep- 
tember 28. 

KEYS, DAVID ARNOLD ; Associate Pro- 
fessor of Physics, McGill University, Mont- 
real; E. '06, from the Technical H.S.; aged 
15; L. '10; son of D.R. Keys (68-'74), Profes- 
sor Emeritus, Univ. Coll. Tor. ; Schols, at 
Matric, Trin. Coll. and Tor.; Schools at 



• Photo ty Elliott and Pry 


Univ. Munich 'lO-'ll; B.A. (Trin. Coll. Tor.) 
'15 (Gold Medal in Physics, Univ. and H.R.H. 
the Govr.-Genl's Silver Medal, Trin.) ; Fellow 
in Physics Univ. Tor. '15-16; Fellow, Har- 
vard, '16-'17; Ph. D., Harvard; Researches 
in electricity at the Admiralty's Experimen- 
tal Stn. in Scotland. 

lame for Inf. took course in Arty, when 
convalescent, and, on passing, joined 13th 
Batty., 4th Can. Div., April, 1918; France, 
October; Bourlon Wood, Cambrai, Canal du 
Nord, Valenciennes; evacuated to England, 
December; ret'd from O.S., August 25, 1919; 
permanently unfit; China; ret'd to Canada. 

C.E., 87 Avenue Rd., Toronto; E. '99, from 
O.A.C.. Guelph; aged 16; L. '02 (Mason Gold 
Medal) ; son of D. R. Keys ('68-'74), Emeri- 
tus Professor of Anglo-Saxon, Univ. Coll. 
Tor. ; B.A. Univ. Tor. '06. Enlisted, August, 
1914; Spr., 2nd Field Coy. Can. Engrs., 1st 
Can. Engrs., 1st Can. Div.; O.S., October; 
France, February, 1915; Ypres, Festubert, 
Givenchy, Somme, Vimy, Passchendaele, Hill 
70; wounded. Hill 70, August, 1917; Lt. 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., September, 1919 ; discharged 
same date. 

Musical Director, The Consrvatory of Music, 
Regina, Sask. ; Organist and Choirmaster; 
'05-'07; son of C. S. Killmaster, Port Rowan, 
Ont. ; E. C.I., Aylmer West, Ont. ; Univ. Tor. 
Enlisted; Cpl., C.A.M.C, 1st Can. Tank Bn.; 
discharged, June, 1919 ret'd from O.S., June. 

St. Joseph St., Toronto; E. January '87; aged 
10-1 ; L. June '93 ; son of the late R. E. Kings- 
ford, ('59 and '61 - '65), Police Magis- 
trate, Toronto; The Dominion Bank, '08; 
sometime with S. Pearson & Son, Ltd., Mina- 
titlan, V. C, Mexico; and with Madiera 
Mamore Railway Co., Brazil; returned to 
Canada, 1914; Lt. 36th Peel Bn., November. 
Enlisted in C.E.F. May. 1915; O.S., May; 
transf'd 1st Bn., 1st Can. Div., September; 
France, September ; Loos, September 21 ; "Y" 
T.M. Batty., 1st Can. Div., January, 1916; 
Ypres, St. Eloi, April; wounded, April; 
Mount Sorel, June; Adjt. T.W. Sch., 1st Can. 
Div., July; wounded July; in Hosp., in Eng- 
land, August, 1916-August, 1917; being too 

Master, U.C.C; E. September '05 from St. 
Alban's Cathedral Sch.; aged 13-5; L. June 
'10; son of the late R. E. Kingsford, 
('59 and '61-'65), Toronto; B.A. Univ. Tor. 
'15; Lt. 10th R.G. Enlisted, October 14, 
1914, Lt. 20th Bn., C. E. F. ; Kapuskasing 
Internment Camp, 1915 ;Guard Duty, Toronto 
Island; O.S., May 9; Bgde. Signalling Officer, 
Shornclifi'e; Commn. R.N.A.S.; France, Sep- 
tember 24, 1916; Alsace; Somme, 1917; acci- 
dentally injured on Somme Front. April; 
Dunkirk, Arras; Home Defence, Walmer, 
Kent, England, August, 1917; Instruct'l 
Staff, Manston, Kent, Narborough, Norfolk, 
1918 ; demobilised, Narborough, Norfolk, Feb- 
ruary 11, 1919. 

and Bt. Major, R.C.D. ; Asst. Secy. Ministry 
O.M.F.C, 72 Queen St., Ottawa; E. Septem- 
ber '89, after Pte. Tuition ; aged 9-10 ; L. June 
'93; Re-E. '94, L. Christmas '94; son of the 
late R. E. Kingsford, ('59, '61 - '65), 
Police Magistrate, Toronto; Q.O.R. '96; 2nd 
Lt., May 31, 1900; Lt., August 24, 1901; i!C 
as Lt., 3rd Regt. C.M.R., April-October, 1902 ; 
South African War with that unit ; att'd 9th 
Field Batty., C.F. A., for trg., 1903 ; att'd for 
duty to R.C.M.R. (Winnipeg), May, 1904- 
July, 1905; Long. Course R.M.C., Kingston, 
January-March, 1905; Musketry Sch., Rock- 
cliff e, July and August, 1905; Lt., R.C.D. 
(Permt. Force), July 25, 1905; Stanley Bar- 
racks, Toronto, 1905-1906; St. John's, P.Q., 
June, 1906-September, 1911 ; Bt. Capt., July, 
1910; Capt., March 10, 1913; Stanley Bar- 
racks, Toronto, September, 1911-1914; 1914,'d to 2nd Dragoon Guards (Green's Boys) 
for trg. in pursuance of a scheme for 


interchange of officers for trg. between 
British Army and O.S. Forces,but was unable 
to complete the trg. owing to the outbreak of 
war; left England, August 1, 1914; while at 
sea, ship reported sunk; exaggeration; es- 
caped German Man of War ; mobilised at Val- 
cartier with R.C.D., August, 1914; Capt. ; 
O.S., September, 1914; France, May, 1915; 
Festubert, May; Givenchy, June; Major, C. 
F. F., Comdg. "C" Sqdn., R. C. D., June; 
wounded, December 3; Hosp., January- 
February, 1916; convalescent till April, 1916; 
i|c invalided troops, on "Praetona", back to 
Canada; 3 months sick leave; ret'd to Eng- 
land, August; Can. Cavalry Depot, Shorn- 
cliffe, September; Cav. Res. Bgde. Office, 
October, 1916-January, 1971; i|c of instruct- 
ing cadets returned from France for quali- 
fications as Officers, till April, 1917; France, 
August; att'd 17th (British) Div. as Gen'l 
Staff Learner, 27th Corps, August-Septem- 
ber; 3rd Army, September, 1917 - January, 
1918; Cambrai, November - December; Re- 
treat of 5th Army, March, 1918; Cambrai, 
September; operations connected with taking 
of Mons, up to Armistice; March to the 
Rhine; supernumary Major with R. C. D. 
January-June, 1918; Lt. (Platoon Comdr.) 
in 24th Can. Bn. (V. R. C), August, 1918- 
February 1919 ; ret'd from O.S., October, 
1919; about to retire after 20 years service 
'.pensionable) . 

Director of Naval Service, Canada ; Ballybeg, 
Rockcliffe, Ottawa; B.; E. '66, from Pte. 
Sch., Guelph; aged 11-2; L. '67; son of the 
late Judge J. J. Kingsmill, Guelph; Naval 
Cadet, May, '69; North America and West 
Indies, '72-'76; Sub-Lt.; December, '75; Lt., 
September '77; Mediterraneon, '78-'79; East 
Indies, '81 - '85 ; Queen's Medal, '82 - '85 ; 
Bronze Star, Egypt, '82-'84; Pacific '85-'89; 
Australia, '90-'92; Comdr., June, 1891 ; Chan- 
nel, '93-'95 ; China, '95-'98 ; Capt., December, 
•98; Australia, '00-'03; Atlantic Fleet, '05- 
'07; Officer, Legion d'Honneur, '06; Spec'l 
Reserve, '07-'08; Rear- Admiral, '08; retired 
from Admiral's list to take up app't., under 

Can. Govt. ; Director of Naval Service in 
Canada, June 18, 19, '10 ; King George's Coro- 
nation Medal ; Grand Officer Crown of Italy ; 
Vice-Admiral on retired list. May, '13; K.B., 
December, 1917; Admiral, retired list, 1918. 


Blvd., Toronto; Life Insurance Underwriter, 
Imperial Life Co. ; B. ; E. September '95, from 
the Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 12-8; L. April '01; 
son of the late Nicol Kingsmill, K.C. ('45), 
Toronto; 10th R.G., Lt. Enlisted, September 
8, 1914; Lt. with Guards on Service, to De- 
cember; Lt. and Adjt., Prisoners of War 
Camp, Stanley Barracks, January-November 
15, 1915; 123rd Bn. (R.G.), Capt. and Pay- 
master ;0.S., August 8, 1916; France, March- 
December 31, 1917; recalled to England, 
January, 1918; on leave to Canada, January, 
1918; retained on staff of Paymaster M.D. 2; 
Deputy Asst. Director of Pay Services i|c 
of Demobilisation, M.D. 2; Major, December, 
31, 1919. 

rister, Messrs. Saunders, Torrance, and 
Kingsmill, 120 Bay St., Toronto; and 74 
Castle Frank Rd. ; B. ; E. '87, from the Model 
Sch., Toronto; aged 11-5; L. '89; son of the 
late Nicol Kingsmill, K. C. ('45-), Toronto; 
Bishop's Coll., Sch., Lennoxville; Grad. R.M. 
C. '98; Ont. Bar, '01; Hon. Solicitor, R.M.C. 
'09 ; Lt. Col. 10th R.G. ; served for 20 years 
in R.G.; O.C, O.S. Bn., August 15, 1915; Lt. 
Col. 123rd Bn. (R.G.), C.E.F.; O.S., August 
?, 1916; France, March 1, 1917; Vimy Ridge; 
Hill 70; Passchendaele ; Despatches (Sir 
Douglas Haig) , L.G. No. 30448, November 17 ; 
Lt. Col., O.C, Comp. Bgde., 3rd Can. Div., 
March, 1918; Despatches (Sir Douglas Haig), 
L.G. No. 30706, April 7; D.S.O., 1918, L.G. 
No. 30716, July 8; Lt. Col., O.C. 7th Bn., 
C.E., August 24; ret'd from O.S., September 
1; Deputy Judge Advocate Gen'l, Militia H. 
Q., October 15; A|Judge Advocate Gen'l, No- 
vember 15; discharged, March 1, 1919. 




Stockbroker, Messrs. Kingstone & Mackenzie, 
91 St. Francois Xavier St., Montreal; and 340 
Mountain St.; E. '98, from the Model Sch., 
Toronto; aged 13-11; L. June '01; son of the 
late F. W. Kingstone, K.C., Toronto ; Lt. 3rd 
Victoria Rifles Regt. Enlisted, October 31, 
1914; Lt. 24th Bn. (V.R.C.), C.E.F., att'd 
5th Inf. Bgde., 2nd Div. ; O.S., May 10, 1915 ; 
France, September 15, Capt,, October 15; St. 
Eloi, April, 1916; wounded, April 15; ret'd 
to Front, August; Courcelette, September; 
wounded, September 17 ; lost right hand and 
left leg; M.C, November; after leaving hosp., 
acted as Hosp. Rep., Cdns. at Buxton, Eng- 
land, October-November, 1918; Order of St. 
Stanislas, 3rd Class, with Swords, December, 
1917; ret'd from O.S., October 1, 1918; dis- 
charged, October 28. 

KIRKLAND, TRAVERS ; Instructing, 
School of Artillery, Salisbury Plain, Eng- 
land; B.; E. September '97, from St. John's 
Coll., Sch., Winnipeg, Man.; aged 16; L. June 
98; son of the late Angus Kirkland ('66-), 
Bank of Montreal, Toronto; British Regular 
Army, 1900; Jhansi, U.P., India; Major, 79th 
Batty., R.F.A. ; att'd 30th Div., B.E.F. ; from 
India to France, October, 1915; transf'd 5th 
Div., and Guards Div. June, 1918; wounded, 
June, 1917; D.S.O. ; Despatches, five times. 

PHERSON; c!o Messrs. Cox&Co., 16 Charing 
Cross, London, England; B; E. September 
'96, from Tor. Ch. Sch., aged 12 ; L. June '03 ; 
son of the Late Sir George A. Kirkpatrick, 
Lt.-Gov'r of Ontario; Grad. R.M.C., Kings- 
ton, June '06; Comm'n. August '06; 2nd Bn., 
King's Own Yorkshire L. I. Lt., July 18, '08; 
1st. Bn. K. 0. Y. Light Inf., Wynburgh, South 
Africa, '09; Ass't Adjt. and M.G. Officer, '09- 
'10; i|c, M. G. Defence, Cape Town and Sim- 
mons Town, South Africa, '09-'10; Hong 
Kong '10; Canton Defence Col. '12; Ass't In- 
telligence Oflicer, South China '12; att' A.S. 
C, Water and Coolie Transport, Hong Kong 
'12-'13 ; Singapore '13-'14 ; Seconded to West 
African Frontier Force '14; Capt., Novem- 
ber 2 ; commanded "B" Co., 2nd Bn., Nigeria 
Regt. '14-'15; British and AlHed Cols. Nor- 
thern Cameroons; Invalided, Blackwater 
Fever and Chronic Malaria '15; England; 
Seconded to M.G. Corps, 1916; Ass't Instr. 
and Supervising Officer M.G.T.C, Grantham, 
1916-'17; Commandant, Drill Sch., 1916; 
France; Temp. Major, M.G.C., Sept. 4, 1917; 
Commanded 126th M.G.C., 126th Bgde., 
42nd. Div., 1917; Despatches, November 7, 
1917; 2nd i C, 3rd Res. Bn., M.G.C., Eng- 
land, 1918; Perm't Member Select. Board, M. 
G.C., England, 1918; India, July 19. 1919; 
Commanded 282nd and 263rd. M. G. Go's, 
India, 1919-1920. 

NEST; Gen'l Mrg. for Canada, The United 
States Fidelity and Guaranty Co., of Balti- 
more, Md. ; Excelsior Life Bldg., Toronto, and 
Closeburn, 99 St. Clair Ave. W. ; E. Septem- 
ber '85, from Pte. Sch., Toronto; aged 9-4; 
L. '90 ; son of the late George Brownly Kirk- 
patrick; Capt., and Bt. Major, Q.O.R. Major, 
2nd i]c 3rd Bn., Tor. Regt., 1st C.E.F. ; O.S., 
September, 1914; France, February, 1915; 
Neuve Chapelle, 2nd Battle of Ypres (St. 
Julien) ; reported missing after latter, April 
24; P.W., Bischofswerda, Saxony; sent to 
Miirren, Switzerland, December, 1916; re- 
patriated, October, 1917; Lt. Col., October, 
1917; ret'd from O.S., January, 1918; Col. 
Comdg. Q.O.R. 

Barrister; 204 Rusholme Road, Toronto; E. 
September '05, from Miss Foster's Pte. Sch. ; 
aged 9; L. June '13; son of A. M. M. Kirk- 
patrick ('79-'83), Toronto; grandson of Col. 
George T. Denison ('46-'55), Toronto; Stu- 
dent, 1st yr. Pol. Sc, Univ. Tor. '15; Lt. 
9th Batty., C.F.A. Enlisted, February 7, 
1916; Fit. Sub Lt. R.N.A.S.; O.S., February 
10; France, October 16; Vosges, October, 
1916 - March, 1917; Somme, March - June, 
1917; Fit. Lt., June 30; Dunkirke, June- 
August, 1917; Capt. R.A.F., April 1, 1918; 
Yarmouth (North Sea Patrol), May 7-No- 
vember, 1918; discharged. March 18, 1919; 
ret'd from O.S., April 14. 


surance and Financial Broker; 829-830 Teg- 
ler Block, Edmonton, Alta. ; E. September '83, 
from Pte. Sch. Toronto; aged 11-5; L. June 
'88 ; son of the late G. B. Kirkpatrick, Toron- 
to; Capt. 101st Regt., Edmonton Fusiliers. 
Enlisted, October 7, 1915; Capt. and Adjt., 
138th Bn.; O.S., August 1, 1916; Permt. Con- 
ducting Staff, England, August, 1916-Octo- 
ber, 1919; ref'd from O.S., October, 1919; 
discharged, October 6. 

surance Broker; 10348, 121st St., Edmonton, 
Alta. ; B. ; E. '09, from Westward Ho. Coll. ; 
aged 15-5; L. '12; son of G. S. Kirkpatrick 
('83-'88), Alta.; Pte. 101st Edmonton Fusil- 
iers. Enlisted, February 15, 1916; 138th 
Bn.; O.S., August 17, 1916; France, Decem- 
ber 28 ; transf 'd from 3rd Labour Bn., to 8th 
Can., L. Cpl., June 10, 1918; Amiens, August 
8-10; wounded, August 10; Arras, Cambrai; 
Despatches, October 12;lst Battle of Amiens, 
assisting in taking M.G. ; ret'd from O.S., 
March 31, 1919 ; discharged same date. 

man, Vancouver Harbour Commn. ; 1856 Bar- 
clay St., Vancouver, B.C. ; B. ; E. August 
'88, from Kingston C.I. ; aged 12-9; L. June 
'92; son of the late Sir G. A. Kirkpatrick, 
Lt.-Govr. of Ontario ; Grad. R.M.C. '96 ; B. Sc, 
M. E., Kingston Sch. of Mining, '97; Lt. 
Strathcona Horse, '01 ; Lt. 2nd C.M.R., South 
Africa; Gen. Mgr., British Somaliland 
Fibre and Development Co., Ltd, Berbera, 
Somaliland; Mining in B.C., 1911-14; Capt. 
72nd Regt., Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. 
Enlisted, Febraury 10, 1915, Lt. Col., O.C, 
11th C.M.R. ; O.S., July 8, 1916; O.C. 24th 
Res. Bn. ; France, April 20, 1917 ; Major, 72nd 
Bn. ; later portion of Vimy Ridge, April ; 
Avion-La Coulette, June; operations in con- 
nection with capture of Hill 70, August; 
Passchendaele, October; Amiens, August, 
1918; Drocourt-Queant, September; Lt. Col., 
O.C. 72nd Bn., September; D.S.O. Drocourt 
Queant, September 2; Cambrai, September- 

October; Valenciennes, November; mention- 
ed in Peace Gazette; ret'd from O.S., June, 
1919 ; Discharged, June 28. 

SON; Can. Pacific Ry., Winnipeg, Man.; B.; 
E. August '88, from Kingston P.S. ; aged 13- 
10 ; L. '91 ; son of the late Sir George A. 
Kirkpatrick, Lt. Govr. of Ontario; formerly 
Asst. Freight Traffic Mgr., C.P.R.. Montreal ; 
Lt. 1st Regt. C.G.G. Enlisted, September 
20, 1915; Capt. and Adjt., 87th Bn., C.G.G. ; 
O.S., April 23, 1916; France, August 10; 
Somme; M.C., Somme; Vimy Ridge, April, 
1917; Passchendaele; Despatches; Lens, 
1918; Valenciennes; ret'd from O.S., Janu- 
ary, 1919; demobilized, February 1, 1919. 

THONY ; The Palmer Equipment C, Railway 
Exchange Bldg., Chicago, 111., U.S.A., and 
816 Bluff St., Glencoe, 111.; B.; E. March 
'09, from New Trier Township H.S.; aged 
14-10; L. June '11; son of W. A. Kittermas- 
ter, Agent, C.P.R., Chicago, III; R.M.C. Dip- 
loma, June 24, 1914; Studt. Univ. Illinois; 
Lt. 5th Regt. Royal Highlanders of Canada. 
Enlisted, April 1, 1915; Lt. 42nd Bn., R.H.C. 
Capt. and Adjt., 42nd Bn., May; O.S., June 
10; transf'd C.F.A. (Res. Bgde.) as Capt.. 
October; reverted to Lt. to proceed to France, 
August 20, 1916; posted "D" 48th Batty., 
C.F.A. Somme, September; wounded, right 
leg, September 15 ; transf'd "E" Batty., Can. 
Anti-Aircraft, July, 1917; Hill 70, August; 
Capt, posted to 5th Bgde. C.F.A., 20th Batty., 
July 30, 1918 ; Arras ; Cambrai ; Valenciennes, 
Mons; ret'd from O.S., May 26, 1919; dis- 
charged, May 30. 

mer, Swift Current, Sask. ; E. September '95 ; 
aged 17; L. Christmas '95; son of the late 
J. D. Laidlaw ; sometime clerk, Canadian Bank 
of Commerce, Montreal. Enlisted, February 
9, 1916; Pte. 5th Univ. Coy. P.P.C.L.L; O.S., 
April 5; R.C.R. and P.P.C.L.L Depot, April 


* Photo by Swalne. 


12-May 28 ; France, June 4 ; Somme, Septem- 
ber-October; C.A.M.C, January-March, 1917; 
Lt. 15th Res. Bn., July 1 ; transf 'd 5th Bn., 
September; Passchendaele, November; M.C.. 
L.G. 30530, February 18, 1918; Amiens, 
August; Can. Sec. G.H.Q. 1st Echelon. Sep- 
tember; Staff Capt., December 30; ret'd from 
O.S., May 17, 1919; discharged, June 30. 

kin Lumber Co., 236 Confederation Life Bldg. 
Toronto; E. '01, from Queen Victoria P.S., 
Toronto; aged 14-6; L. '03; son of Charles A. 
Larkin, Toronto. Enlisted, January, 1916, 
C.F.A. ; O.S. ; France ; 13th Batty., 4th Bgde., 
C.F.A.; transf 'd H.Q., 4th Bgde., C.F.A. ; M 
C. during operation in front of Cambrai, 
September 27-October 4, 1918. 

cian, Chief Health Officer, Government Bldgs. 
P.dmonton, Alta. ; E. September '84, from the 
Model Sch., Toronto; aged 11-10; L. June '90; 
son of the late J. D. Laidlaw, Toronto; M. 
B. Univ. Tor. '95 ; South African War ; award- 
ed D.C.M. ; Chief Health Officer, Province of 
Alberta, in Edmonton ; Lt. C.A.M.C. Enlist- 
ed, 1914; Capt. C.A.M.C; att'd 4th Bgde., 
C.F.A. ; O.S., May 20, 1915 ; France, Septem- 
ber 15; O.C, 1st Can. San. Sec. 1916; San. 
Officer Can. Corps, 1917; in all Canadian 
Corps engagements, September, 1915-April, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., June 4, 1919; dis- 
charged, June 23. 

LALLY, CONRAD T.; 15 Gloucester 
Street, Ottawa; B.; E. September '95, from 
Messrs. Walton and Bridge's Pte. Sch. ; aged 
13-6 ; L. June '99 ; son of the late E. F. Lally, 
Toronto. C.E.F.; R.A.F., Capt.; M.C. ; Bar 
to M.C, July, 1918; Air Force Cross, No- 
vember, 1918. 

T. Eaton Co., Ltd.; 119 Farnham Ave., Tor- 
onto ; E. January '06, from St. Andrew's Coll. ; 
aged 11-11; L. June '10; son of A. E. Lang- 
ford, Professor, Victoria Coll., Toronto; M. 
Univ. Tor. '12; stenographer, C.N.R. '12-'14. 
Enlisted, March 29, 1915; Pte., 4th C.G.H., 
C.A.M.C; O.S., May 15; Salonica, October; 
Cpl., November; Patient in Hosp., Malta, 
January, 1916; Convalescent at Alexandria, 
Egypt, March. 1916; Salonica, May, 1916- 
September, 1917; England, December 5, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., March 5, 1918; discharged, 
April 9. 

LASH, JOHN FRANCIS; Barrister etc., 
Messrs. Blake, Lash, Anglin, and Cassels, To- 
ronto; E. September'98, from the Model Sch., 
Toronto; aged 13-2; L. June '02, (Mason 
Silver Medal) ; son of the late Z. A. Lash, 
K.C, L.L.D., Toronto; B.A. Univ. Coll., Tor. 
'06; LL.B. Univ. Tor. '09; Ont. Bar, '09; 
Memb. Com. Central Red Cross Ass'n. '14 ; Lt. 
48th Highlanders, October, 1914. Enlisted, 
Major, 92nd Bn., C.E.F. (48th Highlanders) ; 
O.S., May, 1916; Deputy Judge Advocate 
General, Can. H.Q., London, September; 
France, January, 1917; Asst. Can. Rep., G. 
n. Q.; Can. Rep., G.H.Q. ; Siberia, October, 
1918; Despatches, October; O.B.E., Novem- 
ber; Col.. September, 1919; Rep., Minister of 
Militia and Defence, C.E.F., Siberia; ret'd 
from O.S., April, 1919. 

Farmer, R.R. No. 3, Stouffville, Ont. ; E. '00, 
from Loyola Coll., Montreal; aged 16-7; L. 
'02 ; son of Commander F. C Law, sometime 
Official Secy, to Lieut. Govrs. of Ontario; 
grandson of the late Hon. John Crawford, 
Lt. Govr. of Ontario ('44-' ). Enlisted, 
January, 1915. 4th C M. R., Sergt. ; O.S. Au- 
gust; France, October; battle of Zillebeke, 
June 2, 1916; wounded same date, compound 
fracture of leg; many other wounds; ret'd 
from O.S., April, 1917; discharged, July. 

LAW, WILLIAM VICTOR ; Mgr., Bank of 
Montreal. Parkdale Branch; 4 Wellesley 
Place, Toronto; E. September '92, from St. 
Mary's Coll., Montreal; aged 12-5; L. June 
'93; son of Commander F. C Law, Official 


Sec'y to Lt.-Govrs. of Ontario; Lt., 10th R.G. ; 
South African War, 1901 (Queen's Medal). 
Enhsted, January, 1916, Lt., 123rd Bn., C.E. 
F. ; O.S., August; France, March, 1917; 
Iransf 'd 7th Bn., C.E. ; in all battles that 3rd 
Div, was in, March, 1917- Armistice; Capt., 
December, 1918; ret'd from O.S., March, 
1919; discharged same date. 

Mgr., Gen'l Services, Ltd., Toronto, and 43 
Regal Road; E. '02, from the Model Sch., 
Toronto; aged 14-11; L. '04; son of A.G.F. 
Lawrence, Toronto; formerly with The W. 
R. Brock Co., Ltd., Toronto; 2nd Regt., Q.O. 
R., Lt. Enlisted, December, 1914; Kapus- 
kasing Detention Camp, Adjt.; 127th Bn., C. 
E.F., Capt., January 1, 1915; O.S., July 20, 
1916; 127th Bn.. converted into 2nd C.R.T.; 
France, January, 1917; Major, February; 
Engineering work (1st) on Somme, Grand- 
court Merrimount (2nd) Evacuation of 
Enemy to Hindenburg Line, Bapaume, 
Cambrai, (3rd) 14th Corps on coast at Nieu- 
port, (4th) 1st French Army, (5th) Ypres; 
evacuated through 3rd C. C. C. S., sickness, 
September 28, 1917 ; ret'd from O.S.. October 
30; Base Hosp., Toronto, sickness, till De- 
cember 20; Major, 2nd C. 0. R., February, 
1918; ilc M.S.A., Niagara Camp, July, 1918; 
Acting D.A.A.G. H.Q., M.D. No. 2; discharg- 
ed, December, 1918. 

chant (Imports and Exports) ; Ridgemere, 
Barrie, Ont. E. September '08, from River- 
dale H.S., Toronto; aged 16-10; L. June '10; 
son of the late James F. Lawson, C.A., To- 
ronto; Grad. R.M.C., '13; Lt., Signalling 
Officer, 48th Highlanders, Toronto. Enlist- 
ed, September 21, 1914; Lt. 15th Bn., C.E.F., 
(48th Highlanders); 0. S., September; 
tvansf'd Fit. Sub. Lt., R.N.A.S., May 30, 
1915 ; Mesopotamia, Indian Expy. Force, Sep- 
tember; R. N. A. S., 1st Battle of Bagdad 
(Ctesiphion), Mesopotamia; invalided, 1916; 
Fit. Lt., December, 1916; Comdr. R.N.A.S., 
Aerial Gunnery Sch., England, March, 1917; 
Fit. Comdr., December; Capt. R.A.F., April, 
1918; Night Bombing, France, 1918; In- 
dependent Air Force, August; O.C. No. 2, 
Can. Day Bombing Sqdn., November; De- 
spatches (Major Gen'l Sir Hugh Trenchard), 
1918; Fit. Lt. R.A.F., August; D. F. C, 
June 3, 1919; ret'd from O.S., February 23, 
1920; discharged same date. 

VIE; Military, Wortley Down, Winchester, 
England ; E. January '07, from P.S. ; aged 15 ; 
L. June '09; Re-E. June '11, from Ridley 
Coll.; L. June '12; son of A. 0. Leask, To- 
ronto ; R.M.C. 2nd Lt., Royal Irish Fusiliers, 
ord Bn., September, 1914; 1st Lt., 2nd Bn., 
do., December; wounded. May 17, 1915; 
Capt. ; att'd R.F.C., November ; Sqdn. Comdr., 
February, 1918. 


22 Roxborough Drive, Toronto; E. '07, from 
the Model Sch.; aged 14-7; L. '10; son of 
A.G.F. Lawrence, Toronto; Insce. Agent. 
Enlisted, December 15, 1915; 34th Batty., 
C.F.A., Gnr.; transf'd 1st Sec, 3rd C.D.A.C. ; 
O. S., March 17, 1916; France, July 15- 
October 28; Mt. Kemmel, Somme, October; 
shrapnel wounds, October 28; France (2nd 
time), June 6 - November 20, 1917; Lens; 
Passchendaele October-November; ret'd to 
England, sickness, November 20; ret'd from 
O.S., January 3, 1919; discharged, January 

Chief Engineer for Contractors — Ant of 
Agasta Port Works, Ant of Agasta, Chile, 
South America; and c|o Mrs. F. J. Tate, 
Harborne, Lakefield, Ont.; B.; E. September 
'87, from Mrs. Sheldrake's Sch. ; aged 13-10 ; 
L. September '90 ; son of H. J. LeFevre, Lake- 
field; Grad. R.M.C. '94; F.R.G.S.; C.E.; 58th 
Regt., Westmount Rifles, Capt. and Adjt. 
Enlisted, April, 1915; Can. O.S. Rly., Con- 
structn. Corps, Major; O.S., June 12; France, 
August 28; Asst. Director, Light Rlys., Lt. 
Col.; 11th Army, October, 1916; latter part 



* Photo by Elliott and Pry 


of fiattie of Somme; transf*d 3rd Army, 
February, 1917; Arras, April; Despatches, 
Arras, Cambrai, November ; D.S.O. ; Cambrai 
general advance on 3rd Army Front, 1918; 
Croix de Guerre with Etoile; North Russia 
Expedy. Force, Asst. Director Rlys., October, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., July, 1919; discharged 
July 15. 

*()2, from Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 13; L. June '06; 
son of G. G. LeMesurier, Toronto; M.B. Univ. 
Tor. '10; M. R. C. S. and L.R.C.P., London, 
England; Physician, Tor. Gen. Hosp. En- 
listed Octobers, 1914; R.A.M.C., Lt.; France, 
October 10 ; R. A.M.C., Capt. ; ret'd from O.S., 
November 26, 1918; discharged, December 

eer, Trussed Concrete Steel Co., King St. W., 
Toronto; and 171 Glen Grove Ave. E.; B.; 
E. January '00. from St. Alban's Cathedral 
Sch., Toronto ; aged 10-6 ; L. Easter '09 ; son 
of the late A. H. Frazer Lefroy, K.C., Toron- 
to; Grad. R.M.C. '13; Lt. 9th Mississauga 
Horse. Enlisted, January 1, 1915; Lt. Eaton 
M.G. Batty.; O.S., May; R.F.A. (2nd Lt), 
September 9; France, October; 6th Batty., 
R.F.A., 40th Bgde., October; Signal Service 
K.E. (England), July, 1917; France. Septem- 
ber; att'd Bgde. H.Q., 42nd Bgde. R.F.A., as 
Lt. R.E. (Signals), September; St. Eloi, Lens, 
Passchendaele, March 21, 1918; wounded, 
March 21 ; M.C., April ; German Offensive, La 
Bassee Canal, attack by German's; final 
offensive August - November 11; England, 
December; ret'd from O.S., July, 1919; dis- 
charged, June 6. 

Lean Publishing Co.; 819 Lome Crescent, 
Montreal ; E. September '01, from St. Alban's 
Cathedral Sch., Toronto ; aged 9-1 ; L. June 
'09 ; son of the late A. H. Frazer Lefroy, K.C., 
Toronto; S.P.S., 2nd Yr. Univ. Tor. '13; B.A. 
Univ. Coll. Tor. '15 ; Lt. 10th R.G. Enhsted, 
March 18, 1915; Gnr. 25th Batty., C.F.A.; 
struck off strength as medically unfit. May 
3; Lt. 123rd Bn., C.E.F., December 27; re- 
signed on account of ill-health. May 1, 1916 ; 
Lt. No. 2 Sped. Service Coy., C.E.F., Decem- 
ber 1, 1916 ; struck off strength as medically 
unfit, and discharged May 13, 1918. 

Law ; 202 Heath St. W., Toronto ; E. Septem- 
ber '07, from Barrie Central P.S. ; and Model 
Sch., Toronto ; aged 13-11 ; L. June '11 ; son of 
Haughton Lennox, Barrister, Barrie, Ont. ; 
Pte. M.G. Sec, Q.O.R. Enhsted August 
1914; Pte. 3rd Bn., Toronto Regt.; att'd 1st 
Can. Div. ; O.S. September; France, Febru- 
ary, 1915; St. Julien, April; Festubert, May; 
wounded. May 27; posted to 23rd Res. Bn., 
in England, June; Lt. August; Lens Front, 
June, 1917; wounded June 8; Amiens, August 
8, 1918, wounded; leg amputated, August 11; 
M.C. August; ret'd from O.S., November; 
discharged, July, 1919. 

Pres., E. Leonard and Sons, Ltd., London, 
Ont. ; and 782 Wellington St. ; B. ; E. '99, from 
London C.I. ; aged 17-1 ; L. June '00 ; son of 
F. E. Leonard, London ; R.M.C. Diploma, '03 
i .Sc. McGill Univ., '05 ; Mechanical Engr. 
Major, 1st Hussars. Enlisted, October, 1914 
Major, 24th Bn. C.E.F. (Victoria Rifles of 
Canada) ; Lt. Col., O.C, 7th C.M.R., January 
15, 1915; O.S., June 8; Lt. Col., Divl. Cav., 
2nd Can. Div., June; France, September 15; 
Lt. Col., O.C. 2nd Can. Div., June; France, 
September 15 ; Lt. Col., O.C. 2nd Divl. Mount- 
ed Troops ; Lt. Col., O.C. C. L. H., March 15, 
■•917; in all engagements of Can. Corps, Sep- 
tember 16, 1915-November 8, 1918; Des- 
patches, L. G., 30334, October 15, 1917; and 
30716, May 28, 1918: D.S.O., L.G., 30716. 
June 3, 1918; ret'd from 0. S., November, 
r918; discharged, January 31, 1919. 

geon ; 59 Spadina Rd., Toronto ; E. September 

Lever Bros.; 8 Lonsdale Rd., Toronto; E, 


LOWE. A- ^- ^ 

UNOsay. c 

♦ Fhoto by Swaino 


January '06, from Bolton P.S. ; aged 14 ; L. 
i^pril '08; son of Dr. J. Lepper, Toronto. En- 
listed, October 1, 1915, Gnr. 34th Batty.; O.S. 
December 15; France, April 1, 1916; Ypres, 
June 2; Somme; Commn., C.F.A., May 1, 
1917; England, May 1; France, October 1; 
Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Amiens, Cam- 
brai; ret'd from O.S., May. 1919; discharged 
Fame date. 

1918; ret'd from O.S., December; discharged, 
January, 1919. 

LEWIS, CHARLES AUSTIN ; sometime of 
1 Scarth Road, Toronto; B.; E. August '90; 
L. June '96; son of A. R. Lewis, ('64-), Q.C., 
Port Arthur ; Grad. R.M.C. ; Lt. ; ret'd from 
O.S.; in Ottawa, 1918. 

Bank; 8 Lonsdale Rd., Toronto; E. January 
'06. from Bolton P.S. ; aged 15-8 ; L. June '07 ; 
son of Dr. J. Lepper, Toronto; 10th R.G., Lt. 
Enlisted; Lt., 1st Depot Bn., 1st C. 0. R.; 
180th Bn.; O.S., November, 1917; 2nd Can. 
Res. Bn., November; 8th Can. Res. Bn., Janu- 
ary, 1918; France, March; 116th Bn.; 
Amiens; wounded, August 13, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., January, 1919; discharged same 

Statistician, Forestry Branch, Dept. of the 
Interior, Ottawa; and 27 Waverly St.; E. 
September '01, from Jarvis St. C.I.. Toronto; 
aged 15-8 ; L. June '02 ; son of John Lewis, 
Toronto; B.Sc.F. Univ. Tor. '12; 43rd Regt. 
(Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles), Lt. En- 
listed, June 13, 1916 ; Signal Trg. Depot, Lt. ; 
O.S., October 1 ; Engrs. Trg. Depot, Lt., Oc- 
tober 6; C.F.C. No. 28 Coy., April 1, 1917; 
France, April 21. 1917-July 27, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., August 28, 1918; discharged, Sep- 
tember 12. 

Salesman ; 337 Runnymede Road, Toronto ; 
B. ; E. September '88, from Orangeville H.S. ; 
aged 10-10 ; L. December '91 ; son of the late 
Edward Leslie, P.M., Orangeville, Ont. ; 36th 
Peel Batty., Bugler. Enlisted, August 24, 
]915; 76th Batty., C.E.F., Sergt. Drummer; 
att'd 58th Bn.; O.S., April 20, 1916; France, 
June 10; Somme, September; Vimy Ridge, 
April, 1917; Hill 70, August; Passchendaele; 
Amiens, Cambrai, 1918; wounded, at Amiens, 
August 8; transf'd, after battle of Cambrai, 
2nd Inf. Works Co. ; ret'd from O.S., March 
26, 1919; discharged. May 28. 

from Hamilton C.I. ; aged 14-10 ; L. '01 ; son 
of Dr. James Leslie, Hamilton, Ont.; M.B., 
Univ. Tor. '08 ; 13th Royal Regt., Provl. Lt., 
January, 1912 ; transf'd C.A.M.C, 12th Field 
Amb., August, 1914; O.S.. September; posted 
as M.O., 29th Bn., June 20, 1916; C.A.M.C, 
Temp. Major, December 5; No. 2 C. G. H., 
March 7, 1917; C.A.M.C, AILt. Col., July 5, 

chasing Dept., Wm. Davies Co., Ltd., Toron- 
to; and 60 Glen Rd., Toronto; B.; E. Septem- 
ber '01, from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 
12-10; L. '07; Re-E. September '07; L. June 
'09; son of the late G. G. S. Lindsey, K.C, 
i'71-'77) ; B.A. Univ. Tor. '14; Lt., 2nd Regt., 
Q. 0. R., Toronto. Enlisted, November 6, 
1914; 19th Bn., CE.F. Lt. ; Capt., February; 
O.S. May 12; Grenade Officer, 4th Can. Inf. 
Bgde., June; France, September 14; St. Eloi, 
June Show, Somme, Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, 
Passchendaele, March Show, Amiens, Arras, 
Cambrai, Valenciennes ; Staff Capt., 4th Can. 
Inf. Bgde., October 9, 1916; Gen. Staff, 3rd 
Can. Div., April 15, 1917; Bgde., Major 11th 
Can. Inf. Bgde., August 15; D.S.O. (Vimy 
Ridge) ; G.S.O. 2, Gen. Staff, 4th Can. Div., 
July 12, 1918; Bar, (Arras), November, 
1918; Despatches, three times, L. G.; ret'd 
from O.S. and discharged July 8, 1919. 

District, No. 6, Halifax, N.S. ; Officer Permt. 


Force of Canada; B.; E. August '88, from 
Sarnia P.S.; aged 14-11; son of the late Hon. 
Mr. Justice James F. Lister, Court of Appeal, 
Ont.; The R.C.R., Lt., March 14, '98; Capt., 
December 1, '05; Major, November 9, '11. 
Enlisted, September 22, 1914; 1st Div. Signal 
Co., Major ; O.S., September 22, 1914 ; France, 
February 6, 1915; Bt. Lt. Col., July 1, 1915; 
Despatches, June 22, 1915; D.S.O., June 23, 
1915; all actions, battles and engagements, 
February 6-December 6, 1915; brought to 
notice of Secretary of State for Valuable 
Service, February 24, 1917; D. A. Q. M. G., 
Shorncliffe, May 31, 1917; D. A. Q. M. G., 
Witley, June 5, 1918; D.A.Q.M.G., Can. Con- 
centration Camp, Witley, April 6, 1919 ; ret'd 
from O.S., October 27, 1919 ; App't Garrison 
Adjt., Fortress of Halifax, December 1, 1919. 

Travelling Agent; 55 Albany Ave., Toronto; 
E. September '09, from St. Clement's Sch., 
F^glinton; aged 14-7; L. '12; son of Revd. A. 
T. Lowe, Toronto. Enlisted, December 16, 
1914; C.E.F., 2nd Can. Div. Cyclist Co., Pte.; 
O.S., May 14, 1915; France, September 14; 
Somme, September, 1916; England, January 
10, 1917; Lt., R. G. A.. June 11; France, 
August 10; Passchendaele, September; Cam- 
brai, October; Somme, March, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S. and discharged July 20, 1919. 

grapher ; 72 Winchester St., Toronto ; E. Sep- 
tember '10, from Kew Beach, P.S., Toronto; 
aged 15-3; L. June '11 ; son of F. W. Lyonde, 
Toronto. Enlisted 1916; C.M.T., Pte.; dis- 
charged in Canada, as medically unfit, March, 

The Alexandra Apts., University Ave., To- 
ronto ; B. ; E. September '12, from the Mark- 
dale H.S. ; aged 17-3; L. June '13; son of the 
Hon. I. B. Lucas, K.C., M.P.P., Toronto. Lt.. 
31st Regt. EnHsted February 15, 1916; Lt., 
C.A.M.C, Orpington Hosp.; O.S., March 29, 
Capt. R.N.A.S., December 1 ; France and 
Italy, February 15 - September 20, 1918; 
neurasthenia; ret'd from O.S., October 15; 
discharged, April 22, 1919. 

Capt., The R. C. R., Wellington Barracks, 
Halifax, N.S. ; E. September '98, from Lans- 
downe P.S., Toronto ; aged 10-2 ; L. June '03 ; 
Re-E. September '06; L. June '07; son of the 
late Wliliam Maculloch, Toronto ; R.M.C. '07- 
'08; R.C.R., Subaltern, April 15, 1911. O.S., 
September 10, 1914; Capt., April 20, 1915; 
France, October 1, 1918; advance to Mons; 
France, Octboer 1, 1918; advance to Mons; 
ret'd from O.S., June 21, 1919. 

ing Mgr., The Dominion Bank, Cor. Yonge 
and Bloor St. Br.; B.; E. August '92, from 
Mr. Sheldrake's Sch., Lakefield; aged 14-11; 
L. July '95; son of Thomas Lownsbrough, 
Toronto. Enlisted, August, 1915, 3rd Univ. 
Co., P. P. C. L. L, Pte.; O.S., September; 
France, November; wounded at Menin Road, 
Ypres, April, 1916; L.-Cpl., May; V. A. D. 
Hosp., Sussex, Eng. ; 7th Res. Bn., August; 
France, September; Sergt., November; Lt., 
January, 1917; slightly wounded, Vimy 
Ridge, April; M.C., at Vimy Ridge; Amiens, 
August, 1918; ret'd from O.S., November 11; 
discharged, December. 

Estate, 51 Rowanwood Ave., Toronto; E. '97, 
from Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 10; L. '03; son of 
the late J. H. Macdonald, K. C, Toronto; 
studying Engineering '08; 10th R.G., Lt. 
Enlisted, May, 1915; 123rd Bn., Major; O.S., 
August, 1916; France, March, 1917; Vimy 
Ridge, Passchendaele, Amiens, Arras, Cam- 
brai; transf'd 9th Bn., Engrs., Major, June, 
3918; M.C.; England October 23, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., December 24; discharged, June, 

ERASER; Alexandria, Ont.; E. '76, from 



Montreal Coll. ; aged 13-1 ; L. '81 ; son of the 
late Hon. D. A. Malcdonald, Lt.-Govr. of 
Ontario, Journalist, Ed. "The News"; 59th 
Regt., Lt.. April '97; 59th Regt., Capt., May 
'99; Major, March '04; Lt. Col., April '10. 
On duty, St. Lawrence Canal Patrol, August, 
1914-December, 1915; Lt. Col., O.C. 154th 
Bn., C. E. P., December, 1915; Barriefield 
Camp, July, 1916; O.S.. October; transf'd 6th 
Res. Bn., January, 1917; ret'd from O.S., 
(Surplus) July ; S.O.S., November 19. 

Royal Sussex Regt.; ret'd from O.S., October, 

John Macdonald & Co., Toronto; E. Septem- 
ber '09, from Huron St. P.S. ; aged 10-2 ; L. 
June '11 ; Re-E. September '13, from Appleby 
Sch., Oakville; L. June '15; son of J. Eraser 
Macdonald, Toronto. Pte., Cyclists Corps, 
4th Div. ; 1st C.M.G., Pte.; wounded twice; 
wounded, August, 1918. 

COOK; B.; E. September '98; L. ' ; 48th 
Highlanders, 2nd Lt., '02; transf'd Corps 
Res., September '06. Forestry Draft, Lt., 
April, 1917; O.S., June; France, July; 57th 
Coy., C.F.C.; A|Capt., August 28; AjMajor, 
January 1, 1918; ret'd from O.S., January 13, 
1919; discharged, May 22. 

man, Canadian Allis-Chambers Ltd., Toronto, 
and 82 St. Albans St. ; B. ; E. September '03, 
from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., Toronto; 
aged 9-6; L. June '11; son of J. Fraser Mac- 
donald ('77-'84), Toronto; 2nd Regt., Q.O.R., 
Lt. Enlisted April 14, 1915; Lt. 35th Bn., 
C.E.F., O.S., April 26, 1916; Lt. 35th Bn., 
May 6 ; France, July 5 ; Lt, 3rd Bn., July 6 ; 
ret'd from O.S., January. 1917; discharged, 
February, 1917. 

RANDOLPH DONALD; 126 St. George St., 
Toronto; B.; E. September '02, from the 
Model Sch., Toronto; aged 15-7; L. June '05; 
son of Frank E. Macdonald, Toron- 
to; Univ. Coll. '09; Univ. Tor. S.P.S. '11. 0. 
S. (Civilian), December, 1914; France, Sep- 
tember, 1915; Capt. December; Loos, Hul- 
loch, 1st Somme, 3rd Gaza, Jordan River, 
etc. ; wounded, Somme, August, 1916 ; Egypt, 
Palestine, Syria, June, 1917 - June, 1919 ; 
wounded, Gaza, October, 1917; Egyptian 
Risings, March and April, 1919; retired from 
B.E.F.. August, 1919; spec'l R.O. with 3rd 

John Macdonald & Co., Toronto; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '03, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., 
Toronto; aged 12-3; L. June '10; son of J. 
Fraser Macdonald ('77-'84), Toronto; Clerk, 
Dominion Securities Corpn., Ltd., Toronto; 
83rd Bn., C.E.F. ; 12th Res. Bn. ; Bgde. Mus- 
ketry Officer, March, 1917; ret'd from O.S., 
April 21. 1919. 

Manager, 706 Spadina Ave., Toronto; B.; E. 
September '00, from Goderich C. I.; aged 
14-5; L. December '02; son of D. Macdonald, 
Clerk, of the Crown, Goderich, Ont. ; Mgr., 
Dominion Bank, Danforth and Logan Aves. 
Br., Toronto; 9th Mississauga Horse, Lt. 
Enlisted, October, 1916; 67th Batty, C.F.A., 
Cpl.; O.S., January, 1917; Res. Arty., Signal- 
ler; Passchendaele, Bourlon Wood, Cambrai; 
ret'd from O.S. and discharged May, 1919. 

at-Law; 35 Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto; E. 
September '05, from Westborne Sch., Toron- 
to; aged 10-1; L. June '11; son of A. McL. 
Macdonnell ('77-'82), Toronto; B.A.Sc. Univ. 
Tor. '15 ; Lt. Corps of Guides. Enlisted De- 
cember 15, 1915; 41st Batty., C.F.A., Lt.; 
3rd Can. Div. Arty.; O.S., February 4, 1916; 
France, July 31 ; Adjt., 11th Bgde., C.F.A., 
December 31; Somme; A.D.C. to G.O.C., 1st 
Cdn. Div., July 1, 1917; Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, 
Passchendaele; slightly wounded, December 


22; Staff Capt., 1st Can. Div. Arty., August 
14, 1918; Amiens, August; Arras, August- 
September ; Cambrai, September ; Despatches 
(L.G. No. 30706), Birthday Honours, 1918; 
Staff Capt., 1st Can. Div. Arty., March 1, 
1919; O.B.E. (L.G.. No. 31370), Birthday 
Honours, 1919; ret'd from O.S. and discharg- 
ed May 16. 

Barrister, cjo Dewart, Maw, Hodgson, & Mac- 
donnell. Sun Life Bldg., Toronto; E. Septem- 
ber '02, from Fergus Sch. ; aged 16 ; L. June 
'04; son of the late Revd. D. J. Macdonnell, 
D.D., Toronto ; Student, Balliol Coll., Oxford, 
England '08 (Rhodes Scholar) ; B.A. Oxon 
'10; Asst. House Master, U.C.C, September 
'10-June '14 ; Ont. Bar '13. Enlisted, August 
13, 1914; 9th Batty., C.E.F., Pte. ; O.S. Sep- 
tember 29 ; 2nd Lt., December 1 ; France, Sep- 
tember 25, 1915; Loos, Somme; Lt., October 
9; Capt. May 3, 1916; Despatches, January 1, 
1917; Palestine, June 17; Major, November 
11, 1918; left Palestine January 22, 1919; 
ret'd from O.S., April 5. 

70 Forest Hill Road, Toronto; E. September 
'08, from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 13-4; 
L. June '13; son of J. A. Macintosh, K.C., 
Toronto; 48th Highlanders. Enlisted, July, 
1915, 92nd Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., May, 1916; 
France, July; transf'd 15th Bn., July; 13th C. 
M.G. Coy., January, 1917; 1st Bn., C.M.G.C; 
M.C., July ; Bar to M.C., September 27 ; ret'd 
from O.S. and discharged May, 1919. 

Havrincourt, September 13 ; Lt. R.E., Novem- 
ber 13, 1918; Germany (Army of Rhine), 
December 19; U.K., August 14, 1919; Cam- 
brai (includes Masineres, Wambaix, Coudry, 
October 20, 1919; Maubeuge, November 9, 
1919; ret'd from O.S., December 2, 1919. 

son Ave., Toronto; E. September '07, from 
Huron St. P.S., Toronto; aged 10-4; L. June 
'15 ; son of J. A. Mackay, C.A., Toronto ; Univ. 
Tor., October-December '15. Enlisted, Feb- 
ruary 1, 1916; 2nd Lt., Royal Engrs., 80th 
Field Coy., 18th Div., B.E.F. ; Commn., May 
13, 1917; O.S. May 31; France, January 30, 
1918; with 5th Army, near St. Quentin, when 
German offensive began, March, 1918; 
Defense of Amiens, March-April; wounded 
and taken prisoner, August 6, 1918; Lt. 
April, 1919; on leave August 20, 1919; 
transf'd R.O., November 8; M.C., New Year's 
Honours, for service in France, 1919. 

Resident Physician and Instructor in the 
Laws of Health '02; E. Univ. Coll., Tor. and 
Med. Fac. Univ. Tor.;'B.A. Tor. '96; LL.B. 
'98; MB. '00; Surgeon-Major 15th Bn., 48th 
Highlanders, 1st C.E.F.; Temp. Col., April. 
1917; ilc Princess Patricia's Red Cross Hosp., 
June; i|c the med. depart., Granville Can. 
Speciahst Hosp., Buxton, January, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., March; Camp Hill Hosp., 
Halifax, N.S., May; ret'd to U.C.C. as resi- 
dent physician, September, 1919. 

Madison Ave., Toronto; E. September '07, 
from Huron St. P.S., Toronto; aged 9-6; L. 
June '15; son of J. Mackay, C.A., Toronto; 
U.C.C. Rifle Corps '14-'15; Univ. Tor., C.O.T. 
C. '15. Enlisted R.M.C. February 1, 1916; 
Valcartier, C.E. Trg. Depot, July. 1916; 2nd 
Lt. Royal Engrs., May 13, 1917; O.S., May 
31; France, March 3, 1918; Bucquoy. March 
26; Marne, July 20-31; Voulx August 27; 

31 Walmer Road, Toronto ; B. ; E. September 
'05 after pte. tuition ; aged 9-11 ; L. June '09 ; 
Re-E. January '10, from T.C.S., Port Hope; 
L. June '12 ; son of H. G. Mackenzie, Toronto ; 
Lt. 48th Highlanders. Enhsted, 1915; 134th 
and 92nd Highlanders; O.S., May, 1916; R. 
A. F., 1917; ret'd from O.S., as Instr. at 
Leaside, Camp Borden. Fort Worth, Texas, 
Desmonts, Armour Heights and Camp 



* Photo by Sv/aine 
* Photo toy Swaine 

* Photo by Naiill & Pox, Ziiimted 

* Photo by Lambert, Weston & Son, Limitea 


Charles Mackenzie, Sarnia ,Ont. ; B. ; E. '99, 
from Sarnia C.I. ; aged 16-11; L. June '01; 
son of the late Charles Mackenzie, M.P.P., 
Sarnia ; Studt., Univ. Coll. Tor., '01-'03 ; for- 
merly with Ross Bros., Ltd., Hardware Mer- 
chants, Edmonton ; 27th Regt., Lt., '05 ; 101st 
Regt., April '13; Major, 149th Bn., C.E.F., 
January 1, 1916; resigned, December 4, and 
proceeded O.S. under own arrangements ; 
appt'd Temp. Commn., 2nd Lt. on Gen. List, 
Imperial Army for duty with R.F.C., Febru- 
ary 5, 1917; France; Can. Res. Arty., Sep- 
tember 4; medically unfit. 

Vancouver, B.C. ; B. ; E. '98, from the London 
C.L; aged 14; L. '02; son of A. St. L. Mac- 
liintosh, London, Ont. ; Grad. Osgoode Hall 
'08. Lt., 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of 
Canada, December, 1906;. O. S., January, 
1917; France, February; i|c M.T.Sec. 5th Bn., 
C.R.T. ; joined Bn. at Aveluy Bois; later, in- 
fluenza; Hosp., in England; ret'd to Purp- 
leet Depot, May, 1917; France, June; 5th Bn. 
C.R.T. ; many miles of light railways laid to 
various points on the front line, such as 
Roeux, Monchy-le- Preux, Roclincourt, Fechy, 
etc.; invalided to Canada for treatment, 
autumn, 1918; Adjt., Shaughnessy Mily. 
Hosp., Vancouver. Discharged, 1919. 

C.E. ; Chatham, N.B. ; B. ; E. September '06, 
from Chatham Gram. Sch.; aged 17-4; L. 
June '09 ; son of Lt. Col. J.D.B.F. Mackenzie, 
Chatham, N.B. ; Deft, 73rd Northumberland 
Regt., Wireless Stn., Newcastle, Colour Sergt. 
Enlisted August 4, 1914; 23rd Batty., 6th 
Bgde., C.E.F., February 17, 1915; O.S. Feb- 
ruary 23; Bdr., Instructor, March 2, 1915; 
2nd Lt. Royal Engrs., September 25; Lt. 
R.E., March 5, 1916 ; France, March 15 ; M.C., 
December; Somme Area, March, 1916 - July, 
1918; Ancre, 1917; Bapaume; Peronne; Cam- 
brai; Sanderman Carey's Force, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., December 15, 1919; discharged, 
December -12. 

E. September '95, from Sarnia C.I. ; aged 15 ; 
L. June '97; son of the late Charles Mac- 
kenzie, M.P.P., Sarnia, Ont.; M.D.C.M., Mc- 
Gill, '01; M.R.C.E., L.R.C.P., London, Eng- 
land '02. C.A.M.C, Provl. Lt., October 1, 
1914; O.S. ; taken on strength C.A.M.C. (Eng- 
land), Capt, October 23, 1915; resigned 
Commn., March 2, 1916 ; transf 'd 73rd Batty., 
C.E.F., Gnr., June 16, 1916; France, June- 
November, 1917; 21st Batty. C.E.F.; dis- 
charged, January 24, 1919; died, New York, 
March 27. 

Barrister, Vancouver Block, Granville St., 

Rancher, Kelowna, B.C.; B.; E. '99, from 
Ottawa C.L; aged 15-10; L. '02; son of the 
late David Maclaren, Ottawa ; R.O., Lt., attd. 
H.Q. Staff, Vernon, B.C., Signalling Officer, 
1915; enlisted January, 1916; 172nd Bn., 
Lt.; Capt., March; O.S., October 16; transf'd 
C.F.C., Scotland; later given charge of Coy. 
at Stanley, near Perth, with rank of Major; 
had to undergo three different operations 
during 1917 and 1918; ret'd from 0. S., 
August, 1919; discharged, September. 

349 Adelaide St. W.. Toronto; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '05, from Winnipeg P.S. ; aged 9 ; L. 
June '11; Re-E., September '14; L. June '15; 
son of Hugh C. Maclean, Publisher, 349 
Adelaide St. W., Toronto. Commn., Decem- 
ber 11, 1916; Sub. Lt., R. N. V. R.; O.S., 
October 25; H. M. Ships:— "Hermoine," 
"Osiris 11" (for M.L.'s), "Queen," "Excel- 
lent," "Roberts," and "Cleopatra"; Turkey, 
March, 1917; at sea in ^gean, Adriatic, and 
North Seas; Lt, November 20, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., and discharged March 6, 1919. 

ger, The Conger Lumber Co., Parry Sound. 
E. September '04, from St. Alban's Cathedral 


Sch., Toronto; aged 13-4; L. June '09; son of 
W. B. Maclean, Pres. Conger Lumber Co. 
Enlisted, December, 1914; The Eaton M.G. 
Batty.; R. N. A. S., October, 1915; France, 
Dunkirk, December; H.M. Seaplane carrier 
"Riviera" and Naval Seaplane Base until 
April 1916; invalided May; rejoined R.F.C., 
Canada, February, 1917; 0. S., 2nd time, 
March, 1918; crashed, May; Light Duty from 
then until invalided home; ret'd from O.S., 
February, 1919; retired with rank of Capt. 
(Fit. Comdr., R.F.C.). 

Farmer, Govan, Sask. ; B. ; E. September '90, 
from Albert Coll., Belleville ; aged 11; L. '95; 
son of Revd. W. W. Maclean, M.A., Belleville, 
Ont. ; Chairman of Municipal Council; 10th 
C. M. R., C. E. F., Lt., Sewell Camp, Man. ; 
wounded; ret'd from O.S. 

14, 1918; British War Mission, New York, 
U.S.A., January, 1918; discharged January 
31, 1919. 

St., Toronto; B.; E. September '04, from 
Queen's Sch., Vancouver; aged 13-1; L. June 
'09; son of C. C. McCaul, K.C. ('68-'75), Ed- 
monton, Alta. ; grandson of the late Revd. 
John McCaul, LL.D., 2nd Principal of U.C.C. 
r39-'43) ; sometime with C.N.R., Toronto. 
Enhsted, October, 1915, 8th Bgde. C.F.A., 
Amm. Col., Lt.; O.S. February 5, 1916; 40th 
Batty., C. F. A.; France, July 13; Ypres, 
Somme; wounded, broken arm, November; 
Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Passchendaele, Lens, 
1917; Forward Observation Oificer at cap- 
ture of Passchendaele ; M.C., November 6 ; 
A[Capt., December; Amiens, Arras-Cambrai, 
1918; pneumonia, October; ret'd from O.S., 
March, 1919; discharged, August 2. 

Broker; Standard Bank Bldg., Vancouver, B. 
C. ; B. ; E. September '07, from Dawson P.S. ; 
aged 13-3 ; L. June '12 (Mason Silver Medal) ; 
son of E. W. MacLean, Vancouver, B.C. ; Lt., 
72nd Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. En- 
listed, September, 1914; Lt. 16th Cdn. Scot- 
tish ; O.S., September ; France, February 7, 
1915; Neuve Chapelle, March; 2nd Battle of 
Ypres, April; wounded and P.W., April 24; 
8rd Class, Order of St. Anne, Russia, Sep- 
tember 7; ret'd from O.S., December, 1918; 
discharged, September 17, 1919; M.C., Feb- 
ruary, 1920. 

Keswick, Ont. ; E. September '02, from the 
Model Sch., Toronto ; aged 14-3 ; L. June '06 
son of Mrs. M. Mc Arthur, 119 St. George St. 
Toronto ; Lt. 10th Regt. R.G. Enlisted, May 
22, 1915; 35th Bn., C.E.F., Lt. ; O.S., October 
15 ; Lt., C.E., June 29, 1916 ; France, July 29 
3rd Tunnelling Co., C.E., July 29; Hill 60, 
August-November ; Messines and Ploegsteert 
Wood, September, 1917; Hooge and Menin 
Rd., September; ret'd from O.S., November 

Pathescope Co. of Canada Ltd., Toronto ; and 
34 Earl St.; E. September '15, from Lake- 
field Prep. Sch.; aged 14; L. Easter '18; son 
of the Revd. H. McCausland, Sutton W., Ont. ; 
2nd Q.O.R., Bugler. Enlisted, May, 1918; 
1st Bn., 1st C.O.R., Bugler; 2nd Trg. Depot, 
C. A. M. C, Bugler, November; discharged, 
January 16, 1919. 

12 Oakwood Ave., Toronto; E. Prep. Sch., 
November '11 ; aged 12 ; L. '15 ; son of R. 
McCausland, McCauslands Ltd., Toronto. 
Enlisted, June, 1915; 74th Bn., C.E.F., Pte. ; 
Sergt. ; discharged, owing to disability, De- 
cember, 1916. 

ance Agent, Canada Life Assce. Co. ; and 22 
Edgar Ave.; E. September '08, from St. 
Joseph's Academy; aged 11-5; L. December 
'16; son of T. G. McConkey, Gen'l Supt., 
Canada Life, Toronto; C.A.S.C., Lt. En- 



listed, February, 1916; 1st Can. Tank Bn.. 
C.M.G.C. ; O.S., June, 1918; Can. Tank Depot; 
ret'd from O.S. and discharged January, 1919. 

Tramway Light and Power Co., Rio de 
Janeiro, Brazil ; E. September '08, from Kin- 
cardine H.S. ; 2 yrs. in Arts, Univ. Coll. Tor. 
'15 ; B. A. McGill Univ. ; Med. Studt. do. 3rd 
yr. '16. Enlisted, November, 1915; Lt. Cyc- 
lists Corps; O.S., May, 1916; France, March, 
1917; gassed at Passchendaele ; extra Regt'l 
employment, Asst. to Chemical Adviser, C.C. 
H.O., November, 1917-April 1918; ret'd from 
0. S., and discharged September, 1918. 

McDonald, harold French ; Gen'i 

Mgr., Alberta Industrial Development Assn. ; 
400 Lougheed Bldg., Calgary; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '00, from the Qu'Appelle P.S. ; aged 
14-8; L. June '02; son of Archibald Mc- 
Donald, Chief Factor, H.B. Co., Fort Qu'Ap- 
pelle, Sask.; B.Sc, McGill Univ., '07; C.P.R. 
Land Dept. and Dept. of Natural Resources 
'08-'12 ; Consulting Engr. and Surveyor, Win- 
nipeg, '12-'14 ; Lt. 79th Cameron Highlanders 
of Can. Enlisted, August 1914; Lt., 16th 
Bn., (Can. Scottish), 3rd Can. Inf. Bgde. ; 
Orderly Officer, September; O.S. September 
22, Capt. ; France, February, 1915; severely 
wounded, 2nd battle of Ypres, April; Gen'l 
Staff Officer, 3rd Grade, H.Q. 2nd Can. Div., 
September; Major, January, 1916; Bgde. 
Major, 1st Can. Inf. Bgde., May; seriously 
wounded, Somme, September (left arm am- 
putated) ; D.S.O., for gallantry in the field; 
Lt. Col. i|c trg. Cdn. Troops in England, De- 
cember; visited Italian Front, member of 
Cdn. Missn., May, 1917; C.M.G., June; Brig. 
Gen'l., December; Order of St. Anne of Rus- 
sia, 2nd Class with Swords, August ; brought 
to attention of H. M. Secretary of State for 
War for Valuable Services, January, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., September; O.C. Mily. Dist., 
No. 13, Calgary, February, 1919; retired from 
Cdn. Forces, December. 

McDonald, james h awkins ; 

student; Blind River, Ont. ; B.; E. January 

'H, from Blind River H.S.; aged 14-4; L. 
January '17; Re-E. April '17; L. June '18; 
son of James P. McDonald, Blind River. En- 
listed June 6, 1918; R.A.F. Cadet for Pilot; 
Cadet Wing, August 26 ; Sch. of Aeronautics; 
discharged, December 25. 

WARD; E. '97, from Mr. Drope's (Lake 
Lodge) Sch., Grimsby, Ont.; aged 11-11; L. 
June '01 ; son of S. S. McDonell. 52 St. George 
St., Toronto. Enlisted, 95th Bn., C.E.F., Lt., 
1916; 20th Bn.; wounded, August, 1918. 

MacKay St., Montreal; E. January '08, from 
Gram. Sch., Bethier; aged 16-5; L. March 
'08;son of A. W. McDougald ('81-'83), Mont- 
real ; Provl. Lt., 17th Duke of York Hussars ; 
resigned because of pleurisy. Christmas, 

Virginia Park, Detroit, Mich. ; B. ; E. Febru- 
ary '13, from Mr. J. A. Young's Acad., Lon- 
don ; aged 17-9 ; L. '14 ; son of J. M. McEvoy, 
Barrister, 136 Elmwood Ave., London, Ont. 
Enlisted, September, 1914; 26th Regt., Lt.; 
33rd Bn., C.E.F.. Lt., February 1, 1915; 
Capt., December 6; transf'd to 1st Bn., C. 
E.F., and served with it from June-August, 
1916; discharged, February 11, 1917. 

Barrister, Messrs. Kerr, Davidson, Paterson 
& McFarland, Excelsior Life Bldg.; 48 Glen 
Rd., Toronto; B.; E. September '96. from 
Owen Sound C.I.; aged 16-2; L. June '97; 
son of the late W. J. McFarland, Markdale, 
Ont.; B.A., Univ. Coll. Tor. '02; LL.B. Univ. 
Tor. '05; 31st Grey Bn. Lt. Col. Enlisted, 
December, 1915; 147th Grey Bn., Lt. Col.; 
O.S. November 13, 1916; O.C, 8th Can. Res. 
Bn. ; France, August 4, 1917; Despatches, — 
R.O. (Con.) 2251, August 71; 2nd i|c. with 
rank of Major, 4th C.M.R.; Passchendale, 
October; Amiens, August 8, 1918; ret'd from 



O.S., November; Deputy Judge Advocate 
General, Militia H.Q., June 30, 1919; dis- 
charged, June 30. 

361 Daly Ave., Ottawa; B.; E. '14; from 
Ashbury Coll.; aged 14-3; son of H. B. Mc- 
Giverin, K.C. ('82-'87). Ottawa. Enlisted, 
August 11, 1918; R.A.F., Cadet, Long Branch 
Camp, August, 1918; discharged, February, 

HUGHES; 140 Wellesley Crest., Toronto; 
Surgeon; E. September '77, from St. Mary's 
Sch., Toronto; aged 11-6; L. June '82; son of 
P. McKeown, Toronto; B.A. Univ. Coll. Tor. 
'86; M.D., CM. Trin. Coll., '89; M.R.C.S., 
England; sometime Lecturer, Ont. Med. Coll. 
for Women; Chief of Service Surgery, St. 
Michael's Hosp. ; Asst. Profr. Clin. Surgery, 
Univ. Tor. Med. Fac. Enlisted, April, 1915 ; 
No. 4 C.G.H., Univ. Tor., Lt. Col. ; O.S., May, 
1915; Pres. S.M.B.; O.C. No. 10 C.G.H., (Kit- 
chener Hosp., Brighton, Sussex) ; France, 
December. 1916; O.C. No. 10 C.G.H.; Col., 
June, 1918 ; C.B.E., 1919 ; ret'd from O.S. and 
discharged September, 1919. 

lesley Crest., Toronto; Student-at-Law ; E. 
January '05, from St. Joseph's Convent, To- 
ronto; aged 14; L. June '11; son of Dr. P. 
W. H. McKeown, C. B. E. ('77-'82) ; B.A. 
(Peterhouse Coll.), Cambridge, '21 Enlist- 
ed, December, 1914; R.F.A., 103rd Bgde., 
23rd Div., 2nd Lt. ; France, August, 1915- 
January, 1917; Lt., 1915; Capt., 1916; M.C.; 
France, 2nd time, June, 1918- April, 1919; 
ret'd from O.S. and discharged April, 1919. 

McLaren, JAMES L.P. ; Perthshire Stock 
Farm, Perth, Ont.; B.; E. '95, from the 
Loretto Sch., Musselburgh, Scotland; aged 
16-10; L. '96; son of the late Hon. Peter 
McLaren, Senator, Perth. Enlisted, May, 

1916; 238th (Forestry) Bn., Lt.; Capt., 
August 28 ; O.S., September 11 ; France, 1916- 
1917; Capt. and 0. C. 14th Coy., Timber 
Cruising, laying out Mill sights. Erected 
first Canadian Mill known as 14 Co. Mill; 
O.C. of same till recalled home, 1917. 

McLaughlin, cordon ; Barrister-at- 
Law; 157 Admiral Road., Toronto; E. Sep- 
tember '07, from the Model Sch., Toronto; 
aged 13-6; L. June '10; son of Thomas Mc- 
Laughlin, Toronto; Student, Osgoode Hall, 
2nd Yr. '15. Enlisted, September, 1916; 
R.F.C. Lt.; O.S.. March, 1918; R.A.F., April; 
France, June; ret'd from O.S., June, 1919; 
discharged June 20. 

Didsbury, Alta.; B.; E. '07, from Calgary 
P.S.; aged 16-1; L. '09; son of H. S. McLeod, 
Calgary, Alta.; No. 14 Coy., C.A.S.C, Lt. 
Enlisted, August 8. 1914; 1st Can. Div. 
Train, C.A.S.C, Lt.; O.S.; France, February 
11, 1915; Capt., March; in all engagements 
that the 1st Div. took part in up to December, 
1917; Major, December, 1917; 9th Can. Inf. 
Bgde., January, 1918; Senr. Supply Officer, 
3rd Can. Div., May ; all the 3rd Div's. battles 
in 1918; O.B.E., 1918; Despatches, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., September 25, 1918; dis- 
charged September 26; D.A.D. of S.T. at 
Argyle House, 1919. 

cial Assessor ; 967, lOtb Ave. W., Vancouver, 
B.C.; E. September '89, from Lansdowne P. 
S., Toronto; aged 13; L. '93; son of the late 
W. J. McMaster ('46- ), Toronto ; Trin. Coll., 
Tor. '94-'95; 11th Regt., Irish Fusiliers of 
Canada, Major. Enlisted August 28, 1916; 
242nd Bn. C.E.F., Pte.; transf'd 230th Bn., 
Sergt.» November; Lt. January 11, 1917; 
O.S., January; 29th Coy. C F. C, Lt. and 
Adjt., March ; France, April 23 ; transf'd 25th 
Batty., Lt., Adjt., and Paymaster, August 1 ; 
Capt. and 2nd ijc, November 1, C.F.C, April 
23, 1917-November 11, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
July 8, 1919; discharged, July 13. 



McMillan, JOHN primrose ; P.O. Box 
1253, Edmonton, Alta. ; B. ; E. September '92. 
from Petrolia H.S.; aged 19-7; L. June '93; 
son of John McMillan, Petrolia, Ont. ; S. B. 
Mass. Inst, of Technology, Boston, '97 ; Capt., 
27 Bn. Enlisted, February, 1916, 194th Bn., 
C.E.F., Major; O.S., November 13; France, 
July 13, 1917; seconded to Imperial Forces 
and att'd Royal Engrs., 9th, 22nd, and 2nd 
Corps, 136 A.T. Coy., July 13, 1917-April 22, 
1918; Area Commandant, Belgium, to July 
15; ret'd from 0. S. and discharged, August 
4, 1918. 

Garden, Toronto; E. '85, from Pte. Sch., and 
John St. P.S., Toronto; aged 14; L. '90; son 
of the late George McMurrich ('55- ), To- 
ronto; M.D.,C.M., Trin. Coll. Tor. '96; F.T. 
M.C. Enlisted, August 15, 1914, C.A.M.C, 
Capt. ; O.S., July, 1915 ; Moore Barracks, A. 
D.M.S. Staff, Folkestone, Orpington; France, 
May, 1917; No. 1 C.G.H., Etaples, 13 months; 
transport duty from Halifax to Vancouver, 
March-May, 1919 ; transport duty from Hali- 
fax to Liverpool, May - November, 1919; 
transport duty from Liverpool to China with 
B.E.F. via Suez Canal, January-May, 1920; 
ret'd from O.S., May, 1920 ; discharged same 

tember '99, from Mount Forest H.S.; aged 
17-6 ; L. June '00 ; son of Dr. M. McPhaden, 
Mount Forest, Ont. ; Studt., Med. Coll., Chic- 
ago, '08; with C.A.M.C, 1st C.E.F. 

Surgeon; 151 Bloor St. W., Toronto; E. Sep- 
tember '98, from Miss Meneilly's Sch.; aged 
10-5; L. April '02; son of Dr. Alexander Mc- 
Phedran, Toronto; B.A. Univ. Coll., Tor. '10; 
M. B. Univ. Tor. '12; C.A.M.C. Lt. Enlisted, 
February 11, 1916; C.A.M.C, 12th Bgde., 
C.F.A., Capt.; O.S. September; 16th Bgde. 
CF.A.; A.D.M.S., Staff, Bramshotit; ret'd 
from O.S. (invalided), March, 1917; Base 
Hosp., Toronto, April, 1918; discharged, Sep- 
tember 11. 

Club, Toronto ; B. ; E. August '87, from Port 
Rowan H.S.; aged 15-5; L. '87; son of the 
late Col. S. P. Mabee, Port Rowan, Ont. 
Enlisted, 1914, 15th Bn. (48th Highlanders), 
Hon. Capt., Paymaster; O.S.; 1st Can, Div. 
H.Q., Field Cashier with rank of Major, 1917 ; 
ret'd at end of war with own Bn. ; Despatch- 
es, three times; O.B.E. 

Univ. Tor., Dept. of Engineering; 75 Forest 
Hill Road, Toronto; E. September '07, from 
Ann Arbor P.S.; aged 9; L. June '15; son of 
Professor J. Playfair McMurrich ('68-'75), 
Univ. Tor. ; Univ. Coll. Tor., '15-'16 ; C.O.T.C, 
Pte. C.A.S.C, M.D. 2. Enlisted, January 25, 
1916; Ottawa, O.S. C.A.S.C, Trg. Depot; 
0. C T. Paymaster, February, 1918; 0. S. 
June, 1918; Asst. Rly. Transport Officer, 
Keninel Park Camp, Rhyl N. Wales, as 
AjCapt., December 31. 1918; ret'd from O.S. 
and discharged July 12, 1919. 

Physician; Chicago, 111., U.S.A.; B.; E. Sep- 

Road, Toronto; E. September '04, from Tor. 
Ch. Sch.; aged 9-6; L. June '11; son of Dr. 
Henry T. Machell, Toronto; Sped. Studt. at 
Trin. Coll. Tor., '12-'13; Lt., 4ath High- 
landers. Enlisted, August, 1915; Lt. 92nd 
Bn.; O.S., May 17, 1916; France, July; 15th 
Bn.; Somme Offensive, September-October; 
gassed; invalided to England, November; 
Asst. Adjt., 5th Res. Bn.. Bramshott Camp; 
ret'd from O.S., March, 1917; discharged, 
medically unfit, June 11, 1918. 

Broker; 15 Poplar Plains Road, Toronto; E. 
September '04, from Tor. Ch. Sch. ; aged 11-8 ; 
L. June '10; son of Dr. Henry T. Machell, 


Toronto; B.A. Univ. tor. (Trin. Coll.), Feb- 
ruary '15 ; Q.O.R., 2nd Regt., Pte. Enlisted, 
October 4, 1914; 19th Bn., Sergt.; O.S. May 
12, 1915; France, September 12; Lt. Febru- 
ary, 1916; St. Eloi, April; invalided to Eng- 
land, May ; ret'd from O.S. (sick leave) , June ; 
Adjt. Sch. of Musketry, M.D. No. 2, July- 
October, 1917 ; Lt. Board of Mily. Discharges 
Unit "D", Mily. Hosp. Commns., Command, 
October, 1917; C. 0., Brant House Mily. 
Hosp., Burlington, December, 1917 - March, 
1918; transf'd R.O., March, 1918. 

Moving Pictures, Ocean Park, Cal., U.S.A.; 
B. ; E. September '95, from Kemptville P.S.; 
aged 14-6; L. December '95; son of S. J. C. 
Magee, South Gower, Ont.; R.M.C. '98-'99; 
R. C. R., Cpl., '99-'00; R. F. A., Lt., '00-'03; 
South Africa. Enlisted, August, 1914; 4th 
Bn., Australian Force, Capt.; Gaba Tepe, 
Gallipoli, Egypt, 1914; Suez Canal, Evacua- 
tion of Gallipoli, 1915 ; wounded, Gallipoli ; 
Despatches, 1915; M.C.; France, 6th Bn., 
Australians, Major, 1916; all actions with 
Australians until end of 1917, including 
Passchendaele, Somme, etc. ; gassed, France, 
1917; ret'd from O.S.; Lt. Col., C. E. F., 
Canada, 1918; Deputy Provost-Marshall, 
Western Canada; discharged, 1918. 

Master '14 - '15 and September '19- ; E. 
Downing Coll., Cambridge ; M.A., Cambridge. 
O.S., June, 1915. Enlisted, July 17, 1915; 
Signal Depots, attd. 16th Div. Sigs. at Black- 
down; France, March 16, 1916, 14th Corps, 
Signals, 2nd. Lt. ; Somme; O.C, Sigs., 59th 
Bgde., July 2; Somme, Spring, 1917; in Hos- 
pital, blood poisoning, March 27 - April 18; 
Ypres, July ; in Hosp., again blood poisoning, 
September 30-October 16 ; Cambrai, Novem- 
ber, 1917-March 21, 1918; M.C., immediate 
reward after March Retreat, April 29. 1918 ; 
Bar to M.C. (6 monthly honour list) , June 3 ; 
O.C, Sigs., 8th Div. Arty., August 19-final 
battle in Flanders; discharged, February 21, 
1919; ret'd from O.S., August, 1919. 

Rudd Taylor Box Co., Richmond St. W., 
Toronto; E. September '07, from Huron St. 
P.S., Toronto; aged 13-7; L. October '07; 
pte. tuition '08; Re-E. '08; L. June '12; son 
of L. W. Manchee, Toronto; student, Prince- 
ton, B.S. '17. Enhsted August, 1917; R.O. 
Trg. Corps, Fort Myer, U.S.A., 2nd Lt. ; Trg. 
recruits at Camp Lee, Va., 1st Lt., December 
31; O.S. (Bordeaux), May, 1918; Front, Sep- 
tember; Hosp. October 15; rejoined Batty. 
D, 315 Field Arty., A.E.F., 1919; ret'd from 
O.S., May; discharged, June 10. 

ary '11, from Abington Sch., England; aged 
14-4; L. June '12; son of Dr. Gustav Mann, 
Professor of Physiology, Tulane Univ., New 
Orleans. Enlisted, February 27, 1918; 
Artists Rifles, O. F. C, L.-CpL, New York, 
U.S.A.; O.S., March 11; transf'd 11th Officers 
Cadet Bn., as Cadet, May; 2nd Lt., Genl. List, 
March 8, 1919; ret'd from O.S.. May, 1919; 
died at Tampico, Mexico, after a few days 
illness, of malaria, December 5, 1920. 

Mechanical Engr., c|o Genl. Lewis, Paris, 
Tenn., U.S.A. ; E. September '10, from Abing- 
ton Sch., England; aged 18-3; L. June '12; 
son of Dr. Gustav Mann., Professor of Phy- 
siology, Tulane Univ., New Orleans ; Jr. C. E. 
Studt. Enhsted, 1914; Can. Engrs., O.T.C.; 
O.S. ; after having qualified in the Army 
Entrance Exam. (Woolwich), England, was 
rejected by the Medical Board as physically 
unfit, 1916. 

(Student); 60 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto; 
E. September '05, from the Model Sch., To- 
ronto; aged 13; L. June '11; son of James 
Manning, Toronto; m. McGill Univ. '11; 1st 
yr. Univ. Tor. S.P.S. '12; Univ. Tor. C.O.T.C. 
Col.-Sergt. Enlisted, September 2, 1915, 
74th Bn. Lt. ; R.N.V.R., Sub-Lt., August 24, 


* Photo by Swaine 


1916; O.S., August 25; R.N.V.R., Lt., August, 
1917; Scotland; British West Indies, 1918- 
1919; ret'd from O.S., March, 1919; discharg- 
ed. April, 1919. 

turer, Oakville, Ont.; B.; E. September '97, 
from Oakville P.S.; aged 7-8; L. June '05; 
son of C. G. Marlatt, Oakville ; B.A.Sc, Univ. 
Tor. '08 ; 9th Mississauga Horse, Lt. Enlist- 
ed; 4th C.M.R., Lt.; O.S., July, 1915; France, 
October; Capt., March, 1916; ret'd from O.S.. 
April, 1917; British and Canadian Recruiting 
Mission, U.S.A., Boston, July; Major, Febru- 
ary, 1918; discharged, January, 1919. 

ALL; The Colonial Glass Co., Ltd., Lake- 
field ; Master. '02-'07 ; son of J. W. Marling, 
Halifax, N.S. ; E. Montreal, T.C.S., Port Hope, 
and Trin. Coll., Tor. ; B.A., Trin. Coll., Toron- 
to, '00 ; M.A., do., '02 ; Master, Bishop's Coll. 
Sch., Lennoxville, '00 - '02 ; South African 
War; 46th Durham Regt.. Lt. Enlisted, 
October 8, 1915, 93rd Bn. C.E.F., Lt.; Capt., 
February 1, 1916; O.S., July 14; 39th Res. 
Bn., October 6 ; 6th Res. Bn. ; France, March 
20, 1917; 2nd Bn. Can. Inf., Lt. ; Vimy Ridge, 
April 9 ; Fresnoy, May 3 ; Hill 70, Telegraph 
Hill; A|Capt., November 21; T|Capt., March 
7, 1918; Amiens, August 9; G. S. W. right 
arm, August 9; M.C., October 2 (L.G. Sup- 
plement, December 2) ; ret'd from O.S., April 
23, 1919; discharged, April 25, 1918. 

Pres., The Standard Fuel Co., Toronto; and 
97 Glen Rd. E. August '94, from Pte. Sch., 
Toronto; aged 13-11; L. December '96; son 
of Noel Marshall, Toronto ; 48th Highlanders, 
Capt. Enlisted, August, 1914; 15th Bn., 1st 
Can. Div., Capt. ; Hosp., England, pneumonia, 
January, 1915; Conducting Officer, H.Q., 
Shorncliffe; France, May; Staff Capt. 12th 
Can. Inf. Bgde., May, 1916; Ypres Salient, 
August-September; Somme, October-Novem- 
ber; D.S.O., for Battle of Somme, 1916; D.A. 

Q.M.G., 3rd Can. Div. with rank of Major, 
March, 1917; Vimy Ridge, April 9; Hill 70. 
August; Passchendaele, October; Lens, 
winter 1917-18; Amiens, August, 1918; CM. 
G., for work during battle of Amiens; Cam- 
brai, September; Valenciennes, October; De- 
spatches (three times) ; Col., C.M.G., Janu- 
ary, 1919; ret'd from O.S.. June 15, 1919; 
R.O., with rank of Lt. Col., June, 1919. 

MARTIN, WILLIAM; 495 Shadbrooke St., 
Winnipeg, Man. ; Barrister ; B. ; E. September 
'99, from All Saints' Ch. Sch., Winnipeg; aged 
12-6; L. June '04; son of William Martin, 
Winnipeg; B.A. Univ. Tor. '08; B.C.L., Oxon; 
75th Cameron Highlanders, Lt. Enlisted, 
September, 1914; 43rd Bn.; 0. S., March, 
1915; France, September; Canada; Capt. 
Can. Tank Corps; France, September, 1918; 
all battles, September-October, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., December; discharged, January, 

tember '06, from Deer Park P.S. ; aged 14-1 ; 
L. June '08 ; son of Mrs. W. H. Martin, Deer 
Park Ont.; Edmonton Unit, Lt.; M. C, 
August, 1917. 

Broker; 85 Bay St., Toronto; E. '98, from 
Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 14; L. June '03; son of 
John Massey, 8 May St., Toronto. Enlisted, 
October, 1915, 95th Bn., C.E.F., 1st Can. Bn.; 
O.S., May, 1916; France, September; 1st Can. 
Bn., Lt. ; Somme; Vimy Ridge, 1917; wound- 
ed in chest, April; M.C., June, 1917; ret'd 
from O.S., January, 1919 ; discharged, Febru- 
ary, 1919. 

kenzie Ave., Toronto ; B. ; E. September '07, 
from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 10-11; 
L. June '10; son of C. D. Massey, Toronto. 
Enlisted; 30th Batty., C.F.A., Lt., August, 
1915; 0. S. November; France, February, 


1916; wounded, St. Eloi, May 14; shell- 
shocked, June; ret'd from O.S., July; Instr. 
M.G. Depot M.D. No. 2, 1916-17; A|Capt., 
June, 1917; Instr., Yale Univ. O.T.C., Oc- 
tober; Lt. 85th Batty., C.F.A. (Siberia), Sep- 
tember, 1918; discharged May, 1919. 

rister; 56th St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto; E. 
September '14, from Waterford H.S. ; aged 
16-3; L. June '15; son of J. Matchett, To- 
ronto; B.A. Univ. Tor.; C.O.T.C. Univ. Tor. 
Enlisted, May 3, 1918; C.O.T.C, Pte.; Polish 
Army, Niagara, Sergt., September 1 ; dis- 
charged, as fit for service in Canada only, 
defective eye-sight, November 16. 

Farmer; Roche's Point, Lake Simcoe, Ont.; 
E. September '02, from the Model Sch., To- 
ronto; aged 13; L. June '06; son of the late 
W. D. Matthews, Toronto; B.A.Sc, Univ. Tor. 
'11; 10th R.G. EnHsted May, 1915, 35th 
En.; O.S., October 19; Capt. C.E.; France. 
March, 1916 ; seconded R. E. ; Despatches, 
April, 1918; wounded at Ypres, May; 
Flanders front during whole period; ret'd 
from O.S. and discharged May, 1919. 

MATHEWSON, HUGH; Stock-broker; 80 
St. Francis Xavier St., Montreal; and 386 
Sherbrooke St. W. ; B. ; E. '99, from the P.S., 
Winnipeg; aged 14-2; L. June '00; son of 
F. H. Mathewson, Winnipeg; Royal High- 
landers of Canada. Lt. Enlisted, February, 
1915; 42nd Bn., C.E.F.; O.S., June 10; Capt.; 
France, October 9 ; Messines Front and Ypres 
Salient; shell shock, June, 1916; England; 
ret'd from O.S., December 15, 1918; discharg- 
ed, December 30. 

Maples", St. Mary's, Ont.; B.; E. September 
'98. from St. Mary's C.L ; aged 14-2 ; L. June 
'02 ; son of Dr. J. H. Mathieson, St. Mary's ; 
Grad. R.M.C. '05; B.Sc, McGill Univ. '07. 

Enlisted, October, 1914; 4th Sec, 2nd Field 
Coy., Lt.; O.S. ; Despatches, November, 1915; 
Capt.; M.C., 1916; wounded, June; Canada, 
on leave; appt'd to Staff of Sch. of Trench 
Warfare. M. D. No. 2, April, 1917; 0. C, 
Spadina Mily. Hosp., Toronto; Major, 1918; 
Senr. Major on staff for the Mily. Dist. 
Depot; Mily. Hosps. Command, March, 1918; 
resigned. May 28. 

MAVOR, WILFRID; Student, Faculty of 
Applied Science, Univ. Tor. ; 145 Isabella St., 
Toronto; E. September '06; L. June '09; son 
of Professor James Mavor, Univ. Tor. ; Ridley 
Coll., '09-'12; R.M.C. '12-'13. Lt., 15th Bn. 
(48th Highlanders) ; 1st C.E.F.; Capt. April 
23, 1915 ; wounded, St. Julien, May 5 ; wound- 
ed at Festubert, May 25 ; M.G. ; Despatches, 
January, 1916; transf'd 92nd Bn., C E. F., 
15th Bn., July; Major; D.S.O., November; 
wounded, August, 1917; wounded. October; 
in Canada on sick leave, December; Staff 
Officer to Genl. Lessard, February, 1918; 
Major, 1st Can. Tank Batty. 

Nassau, Bahamas, B.W.I. ; B. ; E. October '14, 
from Mr. Pearce's Sch., Ealing; aged 14; L. 
June '18; son of C Menendez, Nassau ; R.A.F. 
Cadet, October, 1918; Long Branch Camp, 

bridge, Alta. ; B.; E. '05, from Lethbridge 
P.S.; aged 12-10; L. '06; son of Dr. F. H. 
Mewburn, Lethbridge ; T.C.S., Port Hope '08-. 
Lt. 2nd Sec, 3rd Divl. Amm. Col., C.F.A. 

TON; M.O., Dept. S.C.R., 9846, 107th St., 
Edmonton, Alta. ; B. ; E. September '03, from 
Lethbridge H.S.; aged 14-11; L. June '07; 
son of Dr. F. H. Mewburn, Lethbridge ; B.Sc, 
McGill Univ. '13; M.D. McGill Univ. '14; 25th 
Batty., C.F.A., Lt. Enlisted, December 8, 
1914; 20th Batty. C.F.A., Lt.; Capt., May 1, 


* Photo by Swaine 


1915; O.S., August 10; France, January 18, 
1916; Somme, September 9 - November 28; 
ret'd to England, January 18, 1917; 51st 
Howitzer Batty., C.F.A., February 1, 1917; 
C.A.M.C, Capt. April 14, 1917; ret'd from 
O.S., July 4, 1919; discharged July 11. 

Science and Engineering, Univ. Tor.; Stouff- 
ville, Ont. ; B. ; E. September '10, from Stouff- 
ville P.S.; aged 13-1; L. '15 (Head Boy); 
son of R. Miller, Stouffville; S.P.S., Univ. 
Tor., 1 yr. '15 ; C.O.T.C, Univ. Tor., Lt. En- 
listed May 17, 1916; 213th O.S. Bn. C.E.F., 
Lt.; O.S., January 23, 1917; 25th Can. Res. 
En., W.O.R.; 17th Can. Res. Bn., N.S. Regt.; 
France, July 9 ; 85th Can. Inf. Bn., N.S. High- 
landers, Lt.; wounded, August 3; Cambrai, 
September, 1918; wounded 29; Valenciennes, 
October; ret'd from O.S., June 8, 1919; dis- 
charged June 14. 

Sub-Lt.; O.S., June 11; H.M.S. "Victory", 
Portsmouth Patrol, November 2; English 
Channel, H.M.T., "Willonyx", and H.M.M. L. 
285, December; Trinidad, B.E.I., January 1, 
1917; AjLt., R.N.V.R., November 28; Lt. 
R.N.V.R., December 12, 1918; ret'd from O. 
S., March 1, 1919; discharged, March 2. 


Manufacturer's Agent, 123 Bay Street, Tor- 
onto, and 128 Walmer Road; E. '06, from 
Huron Street P.S., Toronto; aged 15; L. '08; 
son of T.A. Mitchell, Toronto ; formerly Tor. 
Carpet Co. Ltd.; Art Loom Rug Mills, New 
York. Enlisted, June 29, 1916; R.C.D., Pte. 
transf'd to R. F. C, November 1, 1916 
commn., June 13, 1917; O.S., June 27, 1917 
R.F.C.,34 T.D.S., 1st Lt; 72nd Sqdn. B.E.F. 
France, July, 1918 ; ret'd from O.S., March 7, 
1919; discharged, March 21, 1919. 

cal Master, '97-'16 and '19; son of George 
Mills, Golborne, England; E. King Edward's 
Sch., Birmingham and Corpus Christie Coll., 
Cambridge; B.A. Cambridge '95; 12th Regt., 
York Rangers. Enlisted, February 1, 1916; 
127th Bn., Capt.; 220th Bn., Capt., March; 
(220th Bn. barely reached half strength, so 
was authorized by H.Q., Ottawa, to raise 
Forestry Co.) ; York and Simcoe Foresters, 
Capt., April 1917; O.S., June; 3rd Res. Bn., 
November; France, April, 1918; 4th Bn., 
Inf. ; Battle of Amiens, August ; Arras, Aug- 
ust 26-September 4 ; Battle of Cambrai, Sep- 
tember 27-October 3; ret'd from O.S., Sep- 
tember, 1919; R.O., with rank of Capt, Sep- 
tember 16. 

Asst. Buyer; 117 Ibis St., Forest Hills, Long 
Island, New York, U.S.A. ; B. ; E. September 
'10, from American Sch., Mexico; aged 11- 
11; L. June '18; (Mason Silver Medal) ; son 
of W. B. Mitchell, New York; Capt., 1st 
Football Team ; Q.O.R., Toronto, 1st Lt. En- 
hsted. May 28, 1918 ; R.A.F., Pte. 2nd Cadet 
for Pilot; discharged, December 2, 1918. 

GLEN ; Yeomans and Alexander Sch., Winni- 
peg, Man. ; B. ; E. September '96, from Petro- 
lia H.S.; aged 18-5; L. June '97; son of the 
lf.te George Moncrieff, M.P., Petrolia, Ont.; 
Mfr.; Lt., 63rd Batty.; ret'd from O.S., May, 

MILNE, CECIL PATON ; Ontario Branch, 
Massey-Harris Co., Ltd., and 71 Forest Hill 
Rd., Toronto; E. September '13, from Wyke- 
ham Hall, Montreal; aged 16-9; L. June '15: 
son of J. A. Milne, Toronto; S.P.S., Univ. 
Tor. '15 ; C.O.T.C. Univ. Tor., Pte. Enlisted 
June 8, 1916; R.N.V.R., H.M.S. "Hermoine", 

ter-at-Law, Petrolia, Ont.; B. ; E. April '91, 
from Petrolia H.S. ; aged 16-1 ; L. June '92 ; 
son of the late George Moncrieff, M.P., Pet- 
rolia, Ont.; Ont. Bar, '98; 27th Regt., St. 
Clair Borderers, Lt. Enlisted, November, 
1915, 149th Bn. C.E.F., Lt.; Capt., July, 


MOK-'l f D 



1916; Major, December; O.S. March 23, 1917; 
France, May 17; slightly wounded, Ypres 
Canal, February 24, 1918; Area Comm. 
Boesinghe (Ypres Canal) July, 1917-June, 
1918; 2nd Corps, Salvage Officer, June, 1918- 
March, 1919; Germany, February - March, 
1919; ret'd from O.S. and discharged July 7, 

MONTAGUE, FERGUSON; Barrister, c|o 
Messrs. Sharpe, Stacpoole, & Montague, 
Union Bang Bldg., Winnipeg, Man.; B.; E. 
'97, from Dunnville H.S. ; aged 13-3 ; L. De- 
cember '98; son of the late Hon. Dr. Mon- 
tague, Dunnville, Ont.; 34th Fort Garry 
Horse, Lt. Enlisted, December, 1914, 1st C. 
M.R., C.E.F., Lt. ; O.S. ; A.D.C. (with rank of 
Capt.) to Commdr, 2nd Can. Div., May 10, 
1915; France, September 13; G.S.O., 2nd 
Can. Div., February, 1916; all operations of 
2nd Can. Div. up to January, 1917; Asst. 
Mily. Secy., C.H.Q., London, May, 1918; Or- 
der of St. Anne (2nd Class), 1918; C.M.G.; 
Despatches, twice; Dept. of Personal Propa- 
ganda, Minister of Information, until Janu- 
ary, 1919. 

c|o Messrs. Pitblado, Hoskin, Montague, & 
Drummond-Hay, Bank of Hamilton Cham- 
bers, Winnipeg, Man. ; B. ; E. '98, from Dunn- 
ville H.S.; aged 15-4; L. December '98; son 
of the late Hon. Dr. Montague, Dunnville, 
Ont.; B.A. Univ. Tor. '04; Grad. Osgoode 
Hall '97; 34th Fort Garry Horse, Lt. En- 
Hsted, February, 1915; Capt. H.Q. 6th Can. 
Inf. Bgde.; 27th Bn., Capt.; O.S. May 16; 
France, September 10; Major, 27th Bn., No- 
vember, 1916 ; Staif Capt. 6th Can. Inf. Bgde., 
February; Despatches (Commdr.-in-Chief) 
June; D.A.A.G., 2nd Can. Div., August; D.A. 
Q. M.G., 2nd Can. Div., January, 1917; M.C., 
January; A.A. & Q.M.G., 2nd Can. Div., Sep- 
tember; D.S.O., January, 1918; Despatches, 
June; all operations of 2nd Can. Div. up to 
November 11, 1918; Despatches, January, 
June, and July, 1919; C.M.G., June, 1919; 
ret'd from O.S. and discharged September 
30, 1919. 

Port Arthur, Ontario ; B. ; E. November '05, 
from Port Arthur P.S. ; aged 13-1 ; L. June 
'07; Re-E. September '08; L. June '09; son 
of W. Y. Montgomery, Port Arthur, Ont.; 
on Indian Treaty Trip to Good Hope, Mac- 
kenzie River; Univ. Tor.; O.S. 

MOORE, RUSSEi^i. HESj^OP; Dairy 
Business; 393 Dundas St. E., Toronto; B.; 
E. September '11, from Dufferin P.S., Toron- 
to ; aged 16-3 ; L. June '12 ; son of J. V. Mooi'e, 
Toronto. Enlisted January, 1915; 2nd Lt. 
R.F.C.; O.S., October; France, March 1916; 
1st Lt.; ret'd from O.S., October, 1918. 

at-Law; Electric Railway Chambers, Winni- 
peg; B.; E. August '86, from St. Mary's 
Coll., Montreal; aged 17-3; L. '86; son of 
Harriet Moran, Prescott, Ont. ; B.A. Univ. 
Tor. '91; LL. B. Univ. Tor. '92; 79th Camer- 
on Highlanders of Canada. Enlisted, No- 
vember, 1915; 1st Can. Pioneer Bn., 1st 
Div., Lt. ; O.S., November 20 ; France, March 
9, 1916; Capt., May 15; Ypres, Somme, 1916; 
Arras, North of Ypres, Passchendaele, 1917; 
Major, February; ret'd from O.S., January, 
1918; discharged March 31. 

MORGAN, PERCY BLAKE ; c|o The Royal 
Trusts Co., Vancouver, B.C. ; B. ; E. '00, from 
Charlton Sch., Winnipeg, Man.; aged 15; L. 
'03; son of the late J. G. Morgan, Winnipeg; 
Clerk, New York Life Insce. Co., Grain Ex- 
change Bldg., Winnipeg. Enlisted, Novem- 
ber 5, 1914; P.P.C.L.L, Pte.; O.S., January, 
1915; France, February; wounded, May 8; 
Audit Dept., Can. Pay Office, London, Eng- 
land; ret'd from O.S., May, 1916; discharged, 
medically unfit, December. 

ling Ave., Toronto ; E. '99, after Pte. Tuition ; 
aged 12; L. June '04; son of Edward D. 
Morris, Toronto. Enlisted, February 22, 


]916; 3rd Div. Amm. Sub-Park, att'd C.A.S. 
C, M.T.; O.S., April 18; C.A.S.C, Base De- 
pot, Shorncliffe ; 5 months in Hosp., pleurisy ; 
ret'd from O.S., May 5, 1918; discharged July 

Clerk, James Morrison Brass Mfg. Co. Ltd., 
89 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, and 81 St. 
George St. ; E. September '96, from the Model 
Sch., Toronto ; aged 14-8 ; L. June '00 ; son of 
James Morrison, Toronto. Enlisted, Decem- 
ber 31, 1916;Q.O.R.; O.S. June, 1917; France, 
December; Can. Engrs., Pte. ; Spr. ; ret'd 
from France, November, 1918. 

Banker ; Bank of Montreal, Edmonton, Alta. ; 
E. September '97, from Hamilton P.S.; aged 
16; L. June '99; son of John James Morrison, 
Hamilton, Ont. ; 3rd Victoria Rifles, Lt., 
Montreal. Enlisted, 24th Bn., C.E.F., Lt.; 
O.S., March 1 1915; 3rd Bn., The Queen's 
Regt. (R.W. Surrey's), 2nd Lt., June; France, 
November; transf'd 1st Bn. Queen's Regt.; 
around Bethune 1915-16; wounded, March 
22, 1916; transf'd 7th Bn. Queen's Regt., 
July; Flanders, August, 1917-January, 1918; 
Somme, until the Armistice ; ret'd from O.S., 
June, 1919; discharged, as A|Capt., June 

Ltd. ; 271 Prince Arthur St. W., Montreal; B, ; 
E. '99, from Harrow House Sch., Halifax, 
aged 14-3 ; L. June '02 ; son of James Morrow, 
Halifax, N.S.; B.Sc, McGill Univ. '08; Chief 
Engr., Asbestos Corpn. '12. Enlisted, 6th 
Field Co., C.L., Spr; 170th Bn. Lt, April, 
1916; 169th Bn., Lt. October, 1916; O.S., 
October; 3rd Bn. C.R.T., Lt. ; France, March, 
1917; wounded , chest injury from shell, 
March, 1918; M.C. (building trench under 
fire and taking out injured man). May; ret'd 
from O.S., January, 1919 ; discharged, Febru- 

MORSE, ERIC DAVID ; Hardware Merch- 
ant; 515 Wellington Cres., Winnipeg, Man.; 
B.; E. September '08, from Model Sch., 
Winnipeg; aged 13-10; L. December '09; 
son of F. Morton Morse, Winnipeg ; 5th Royal 
Highlanders, Lt., Montreal. Enlisted, Oc- 
tober, 1914; 42nd Bn., "C" Co., Lt.; O.S., 
June 9, 1915; France, September 9; Ypres, 
June 2 1916; Asst. Hosp. Supply Officer of 
D. of S. and T., England, August 8-October, 
1916; Asst. to D. of S. and T. to May, 1917; 
Despatches for Valuable Services rendered, 
November; O.C. Can. Salvage Corps, May, 
1917-January 18, 1919; Major, January, 
1919; ret'd from O.S., February 1; dischar- 
ged, March 13. 

Brass Mfg. Co., Ltd., and 81 St. George St., 
Toronto; E. September '00, from Tor. Ch. 
Sch.; aged 16-2; L. December '02; son of 
James Morrison, Toronto ; 10th R.G. Lt. En- 
listed, September 22, 1914, 3rd Bn. (Toronto 
Regt.) Lt.; Capt.; O.S., September 24; 
France, February, 1915 ; 2nd Battle of Ypres, 
April 22-24; missing, wounded, P.W., April 
24, in Germany till November 28, 1917; in- 
terned in Switzerland till June 12, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., July 9; discharged, September 

ington Cres., Winnipeg, Man. ; B. ; E. Sep- 
tember '06, from P.S., California; aged 13- 
10 ; L. December '09 ; son of F. Morton Morse, 
Winnipeg. Enlisted, August, 1914; 6th Bn., 
Fort Garry Horse, Trooper; O.S. 1st C.E.F. ; 
R.N.A.S., Fit. Sub-Lt., May, 1915; Flying 
Patrols in England; smashed in Seaplane, 
April, 1916; Invalided, May, 1917; R.N.V.R., 
Lt May; Admiralty, London, 1918; H.M.S. 
'•Bee", China, 1st Lt. 1918 - August, 1919; 
discharged, August 30, 1919 ; ret'd from O.S., 
May 3, 1920. 

Can. Sales Mgr., Dom. Iron and Steel Co., 

MOSLEY, ERNEST JAMES ; 415, 6th Ave. 
W., Calgary, Alberta; B. ; E. January '13, 



from Western Canada Coll., Calgary; aged 
15-5 ; L. June '14 ; son of John Mosley, Cal- 
gary; Cadet, R.A.F., 1918. 

MOSS, THOMAS; c|o Messrs. Freeman 
and Moss, 57 Queen St. W., Toronto ; Barris- 
ter; E. September '99, from Tor. Ch. Sch.; 
aged 14-3 ; L. June '04 ; son of the late Hon. 
Sir Charles Moss, Chief Justice of Ontario; 
B.A. Univ. Coll., Tor. '08; LL.B. '11. En- 
listed, August, 1914; King Edward's Horse, 
Watford, England, Pte. ; 1st Res. Regt. Cav. 
(5th Dragoon Guards), 2nd Lt. September 
9; R.C.D., Lt., September 9, 1915; France, 
September; trenches before Messines, Octob- 
er-December; Adjt. R.C.D., August, 1916; 
Somme, October; Guvencourt, Saulcourt, 
March, 1917; trenches in front of Lever- 
guier, July; Capt., August; 1st and 2nd 
Battles of Cambrai, November; Arman 
Offensive, March 1918 ; Bois de Montreuil and 
Rifle Wood, April; Amiens, August; Major, 
October 9 ; Capture of Le Cateau, October ; 
M.C. (capture of Le Cateau), October; Des- 
patches, (twice) ; ret'd from O.S., June 1, 
1919 ; resigned October 31. 

MOWBRAY, WILLIAM; 1st English 
Master '02-'15 and September '19 ; B. Botany, 
Kent Co., Ont. ; E. Botany P.S., Ridgetown 
C.I., Univ.' Coll., Tor., Sch. of Pedagory ; B.A. 
Univ. Tor., (CI. and Eng.) ; Eng. Essay 
Prize '95; Master, Arthur H.S. '96; Chat- 
ham C.I. '99-'02; 24th Kent Regt., Capt. 
Enlisted, August, 1915; 70th Bn., Major; 
O.S., April, 1916; Coy. Comdr., 23rd Res. 
Bn., July, 1916; France, December; 14th Bn., 
Royal Montreal Regt. ; Lens Front ; O.C, 2nd 
Quebec Regtl. Depot, England, March, 1917; 
France, July; H.Q., XVII Army Corps, Aug- 
ust; Arras Front; O.C, 278 A.E. Co.; O.C, 
774 A.E. Co. at Fourth Army H.Q., Namur; 
ret'd from O.S., August, 1919; discharged, 
August 26. 

59 Spadina Road, Toronto ; Law Student, Os- 

goode Hall; E. '07, from Huron St. P.S., 
Toronto; aged 14-4; L. '09; son of F. A. 
Mulholland, Toronto. Enlisted, December, 
1915 (48th Highlanders, Lt.) ; seconded to 
R.N.A.S., Fit. Officer; O.S., April, 1917; in- 
jured while flying at Manston, Kent, July 
12; ret'd from O.S., September; discharged, 
April, 1918. 

at-Law; 85 South Drive, Toronto; E. '08, 
from the Model Sch.; aged 10-7; L. '15; son 
of W. Mulock, K.C, ('81-'88), Toronto; 9th 
Batty., CF.A., Lt.; Univ. Coll. '15. En- 
listed, December 23, 1915 ; 41st Batty., CF. 
A., Lt.; 12th Bgde., H.Q., C.F.A.; D.A.A. & 
Q.M.G., Petawawa Camp; Siberia, Septem- 
ber, 1919; ret'd from O.S., May, 1920; dis- 
charged May 15, 1920. 

Demonstrator in Drawing, Fac. Appd. Sc, 
Univ. Tor.; 118 St. George St., Toronto; B. ; 
E. September '03, from Ryerson P.S., Toron- 
to; aged 13-7; L. June '08; son of M. D. 
Mulqueen, Toronto; B.A. Sc, Univ. Tor. '13. 
Enlisted (Eng.) August 24, 1914; R.N.V.R., 
Sub-Lt. ; R.F.A., 2nd Lt., France, January 5, 
1915; March 27, 1915, R.E., 2nd Lt., April 
22, 1915; wounded in head. May 7; Lt. De- 
cember 9 ; Capt., O.C. 182 Tunelling Co., R. 
E., January 25, 1916; Major, May 1; M.C, 
December; Despatches, June and December, 
1917, June 1918; D.S.O., August, 1918; 
wounded in leg, September 18; Despatches, 
November 1 ; ret'd from O.S. and discharged 
September 27, 1919. 

Queenston St., St. Catharines, Ont. ; E. Sep- 
tember '03, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., 
Toronto; aged 11-1; L. June '10; son of the 
kte Rupert G. Muntz; B.A. Sc, Univ. Tor. 
14. Enlisted, July 4, 1916; 1st Constn. Bn., 
1st C.R.T., Lt.; O.S., September 10; France, 
October 23 ; 1st C.R.T., Capt. and Q.M., Janu- 
ary, 1917; 1st Bridging Co., C.R.T., Capt., 


2nd i|c August, 1918; Palestine, September 
20; ret'd from O.S., May 24, 1919; discharged 
May 27, 1919; Despatches (L.G. No. 31383, 
Allenby), June 5. 

from R.O., Lt. Enlisted, 170th Bn. C.E.F., 
Major; C.R.T. Depot, M.D. 2, 2nd i|c and 
Adjt. ; O.S., October, 1916; France, Decem- 
ber; ret'd from O.S. (duty in Canada), Feb- 
ruary, 1917; discharged, December, 1919. 

turer's Agent; 200 McKinnon Bldgs.. Toron- 
to; E. '81, from Pte. Sch., Toronto; aged 11; 
L. '95; son of H. W. M. Murray, Toronto; 
44th Lincoln & Welland Regt., Lt. Enlisted, 
November 23, 1915; 98th Bn., C.E.F., Capt., 
Paymaster; O.S., June, 1916; France, Oc- 
tober; Despatches (L.G., No. 31089). Novem- 
ber 8, 1918; ret'd from O.S., July, 1919; dis- 
charged, October 15. 

MURRAY, JOHN ALLAN ; 200 Browning 
Ave., Toronto; B.; E. September '01, from 
Jarvis St. C.I., Toronto; aged 15-6; L. De- 
cember '01 ; son of J. A. Murray, Toronto ; 
Insurance, Toronto; 75th Bn., Lt. ; wounded, 

MUSSON. GEORGE; Physician; E. '87, 
from Wellesley P.S., Toronto; aged 14-11; 
L. '89; son of the late G. Musson ('50-'53), 
Toronto; M.B., Univ. Tor. '95; No. 14 Field 
Amb. Unit, Capt. Enlisted, September 24, 
1914; No. 2 Field Amb., Capt.; O.S., Sep- 
tember 24, 1914; No. 2 Field Amb., Capt.; 
O.S., September 25; France, February 14, 
3915; 2nd Battle of Ypres, April; No. 1 C.G. 
H., July 4, 1916; Radiologist, No. 9 C.G.H., 
England, February, 1917; Major, July 1; 
A|Lt. Col., December 8, 1918; Unit disbanded, 
June, 1919; Lt. Col. July 9; ret'd from O.S., 
September 14; transf'd R.O., September 24; 
Brant Mily. Hosp., Burlington, Ont. 

and Shoe Manufacturer, Toronto; and 56 
Oriole Road ; B. ; E. September '93, after Pte. 
Tuition; aged 13; L. June '98; son of the 
late Robert Myles, Toronto; late Lt., 17th 
Leicestershire Regt.; served in South Afri- 
can War, India, and England; 10th R.G. 

Studebaker Sales Co., Toronto, and 10 Fox- 
bar Rd.; E. '97, from Miss McKellar's Sch., 
Toronto; aged 11-6; L. June '03; son of the 
late Robert Myles, Toronto; Mississauga 
Horse, Lt. Enlisted, January 31, 1916; 47th 
Batty. C.F.A., Dr.; O.S., August 13; H.Q., 
16th Bgde. C.F.A.; 13th Bgde. C.F.A.; Can. 
Cav. Res. Regt.; France, September, 1917; 
R.C.G.; ret'd from O.S., March, 1919; dis- 
charged, March 26. 

Barrister, etc., 3616, 6th St. W., Calgary, 
Alta.; B.; E. September '08, from Leth- 
bridge P.S. ; aged 14; L. June '10; son of P. 
L. Naismith, Lethbridge, Alta. ; Law Student, 
Osgoode Hall '13 ; 25th Batty. Lt. Enlisted, 
October 20th, 1915; 39th Batty., C.E.F., Lt., 
Brit. Can. Recruiting Mission, U.S.A.; O.S., 
February 28, 1916; France July 10; Ypres, 
Somme, Vimy Ridge, Lens, Avion, Hill 70, 
Fresnoy, Regina Trench; wounded, October 
12, 1916; Despatches, L.G.. No. 30107, June 
1, 1917; M.C., L.G., No. 30204, July 26; 
gassed, September 10; ret'd from O.S., De- 
cember 1 ; discharged. May 6, 1918. 

tired ; E. '76, from the Model Sch., Toronto ; 
aged 13-4; L. '79; son of Mrs. A. Nanton, 
Toronto; Grad. R.M.C. '83; 2nd Lt., R.E. 
'85; N.W. Rebellion, Midland Regt., '85; 
Capt. '94; Chitral Relief Force, Field Engr. 
'95 ; Despatches ; South African War '99- 
'01 ; on staff and took part in advance on 
Kimberley (Despatches) ; Bt. Major; Queen's 
Medal with 3 clasps ; Major '00 ; Lt. Col. '02 
Bt. Col. '10; Great War, France, 1914-1918 
King's Medal with 2 clasps; Brig.-Genl. '15 
Lt. Col. i|c of Indian Troops; C.B.; Major 


NOr.LK. E. A 

uahes. h, g. 



Genl, Chief Engr. att'd to H.Q., June, 1917; 
Chief Engr., Southern India. 1919-1921; H. 
Q. Staff, Simla, India; retired, April 1921. 

Can. Cool Sales Co., Ltd., Winnipeg, Man. ; 
and 112 Gerrard St.; E. September '03; L. 
June '07; son of L. A. Nares, Winnipeg; 
Studt., E.E., McGill Univ. '08; O.S., Decem- 
ber 5, 1915. Enlisted, February 14, 1916; 
R.N.A.S. ; invalided. July 28, 1917; dis- 
charged; ret'd from O. S., August, 1917; 
joined 1st Battle Cruiser Sqn. based on 
Rosyth, Scotland, December 25, 1917. 

Dealer; c[o Thornton, Davidson & Co., 120 
St. James St., Montreal; B.; E. September 
'01, from Brandon P.S. ; aged 14; L. June 
'06; son of F. Nation, Victoria, B.C.; Grad. 
R.M.C. '10; 88th Victoria Fusiliers, Lt., Vic- 
toria, B.C. Enlisted, September 25, 1914; 
Gth Bn. (Fort Garry Horse) ; O.S., Septem- 
ber; 30th Bn., May, 1915; France, May 12; 
7th Bn., Lt., May 15 ; Festubert, May ; Given- 
chy, June; Capt., December; sick leave, 
March, 916; ret'd from O.S., May; M.H.C.C, 
October; Major, January 12, 1918; Militia 
H.Q., Ottawa, April 1, 1918; discharged, 
April 7, 1919. 

Ont. ; E. September '13, from Cobourg P.S. ; 
aged 14-10; L. '15; son of A. Neilson Jr., 
C.E., Cobourg, Ont. ; Cobourg Heavy Batty., 
Signaller. Enlisted, January, 1916; C.F.A. 
1st Div. T.M., Lt.; O.S., July, 1916; France, 
August; all battles the 1st Div. Arty., took 
part in, August, 1916-April, 1918; ret'd from 
France to England, April, 1918, transf'd R. 
F.C.; France, September, 1918- April, 1920; 
53rd Sqn., Lt. ; ret'd from O.S., July, 1920; 

Agent; 702, 10th St., Brandon, Man.; B.; E. 
September '93, from Peterborough P.S. ; aged 

17-10; L. '94; son of H. Nesbitt, Peter- 
borough; 12th Manitoba. Enlisted, Novem- 
ber 9, 1914; 32nd Bn. ; O.S., February 21, 
1915; France, May 1; Givenchy, June; ret'd 
from O.S., October 1, 1915; discharged, Oc- 
tober 15. 

Neville, cjo Messrs Davies & Grass, Continen- 
tal Life Bldg.. Toronto; E. February '03, 
from Jarvis St. C.I., Toronto; aged 13-9; L. 
April '03 ; son of the late R. S. Neville, Toron- 
to. Enlisted, 1914 or 1915; 15th Batty., C. 
E.F.; O.S., May, 1915; France, in ranks, 11 
months; Lt., C.F.A. , July 19, 1916; served 
in France (as Officer) 1 year, 6 months ; dis- 
charged, April 12, 1919. 

dent,, Univ. Tor. ; Faculty of Applied Science, 
Aurora, Ont. ; E. April '17, from Newmarket 
H.S.; aged 17-10; L. June '17; son of Col. A. 
G. Nicol, Aurora, Ont.; R. M. C. Kingston. 
Enlisted, June 11, 1917; R.F.C. Cadet; 2nd 
Lt., September 22; O.S., October; 1st Lt., 
February, 1918; all raids on London from 
January, 1918 to Armistice (both Day and 
Night ;ret'd from 0. S., June, 1920; dis- 
charged, July 1, 1920. 

I., P.F., Wolseley Barracks, London, Ont. ; 
B. ; E. September '92, from London C.I. ; aged 
16-4; L. June '93; son of Dr. J. S. Niven, 
London, Ont.; 26th L.L (Middlesex L.L) ; 
Capt. Enlisted, August 8, 1914; P.P.C.L.L, 
Pte. ; Lt., August; O.S., October; France, 
December 20 ; wounded, bullet, left fore-arm, 
April 20, 1915; Despatches, April; Capt. 
Adjt., May; 2nd Battle of Ypres, May; M.C., 
May 8; Despatches, August; Major, 1916; 
Sanctury Wood, June ; D.S.O., June 2 ; woun- 
ded, shell, left side, June 2; wounded, shell, 
right breast, June 4 ; Despatches,July ; Temp. 
Lt. Col. while comdg 1st Can. Div. School, 
January, 1917; Somme, July; Passchendaele, 
October; Bar, D.S.O., October 30; England. 
February, 1918; Despatches, June; ret'd 


from O.S. and discharged, April, 1919 ; Permt 
Force, April, 1919. 

Treater, Imperial Oil Co. Ltd.; 290 Devine 
Street, Sarnia, Ont. ; B. ; E. '91, from Bishop 
Ridley Coll.; aged 14-8; L. '92; son of the 
late John D. Noble, Petrolia, Ont.; Mgr., 
Lumber Co.; Duke of Connaught's Own 
Rifles, Pte. Enlisted, September 22, 1914, 
7th Bn., British Columbia, Pte.; O.S., 1st 
Contgt.; France, April 24. 1915; Givenchy, 
Festubert, May 24, 1916; Ploegstreert, Hill 
70, Somme, Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele ; ner- 
vous breakdown ; att'd 1st Div. H.Q. Staff, till 
November, 1919; Base at Etaples; England, 
January, 1918; Hosp., January - August 1, 
1918 ; ret'd from O.S., on hosp. ship, August 
1, 1918; discharged August 26. 

Soldier ; Glenedyth, 476 Davenport Road, To- 
ronto; B.; E. April '98; L. December '01; son 
of the late S. Nordheimer Toronto; R.M.C. 
Cadet, '08; 10th R.G., Lt. Enlisted, Sep- 
tember, 1914; 3rd Cav. Div.; O.S., 1st C.E.F.; 
France, May 1, 1915; Festubert, May; Given- 
chy, June; Capt., July, 1916; Somme, July- 
September; German Retreat, 1917; Instr. in 
Hotchkiss Gunnery at G.H.Q. Sch., Novem- 
ber, 1917-March 1, 1918; German Offensive, 
1918; Moreuil Wood, March 30; wounded, 
March 30; Major, August; Amiens, August 
8; Le Gateau, October 8; M.C. ; ret'd from 
O.S., June 1, 1919. 

93 Elm Ave., Toronto ; B. ; E. September '05, 
from Tor. Ch. Sch. and pte. tuition; aged 17; 
L. June '06 ; son of Reginald Northcote, Rose- 
dale, Toronto; B.A. Univ. Tor. '10; Contin- 
ental Mexican Rubber Co., Torreon, Coah, 
Mexico '10-'12 ; U.S. Rubber Co., New Jersey, 
U.S.A., '12-'13; 10th Regt. R.G., Lt. Enlist- 
ed, July 24, 1915 ; 74th Bn., C.E.F. Lt. and 
Trans. Officer; transf'd 123rd Bn. (R.G.), 
Capt., Adjt., November; 0. S., August 7, 
3916; France, March 10, 1917; AIMajor, May 

24, 1918; 7th Bn. C.E., A]Major, August; 
evacuated, sick, from France, August; H.Q. 
Staff, Witley Camp, November, 1918-May 4, 
1919; ret'd from O.S.. May 14, 1919; Capt., 
Adjt., 10th Regt. R.G., to date. 

f79 Lyndhurst Ave., Toronto; E. September 
'09, from Deer Park P.S. ; aged 14-2 ; L. June 
'13; son of R. Northey, Toronto; Can. Bank 
of Commerce. Enlisted, July 14, 1917; 
R.N.C.V.R., Mate, att'd to H.M.S. "Shear- 
water" ; North Atlantic and West Indies ; dis- 
charged, January, 1919. 

Dept., Bank of Montreal, Montreal; B.; E. 
January '1917, from Windsor P.S. ; aged 12-5 ; 
L. June '01 ; son of William O'Brien. Enlist- 
ed August, 1914; 14th Bn., Victoria Rifles, 
Montreal; 0. S.; France; wounded, Ypres, 
May, 1915; Comn., August; France, Febru- 
ary, 1916; wounded, Ypres, June; ret'd from 
O.S., February, 1917; British and Canadian 
Recruiting Missn., U. S. A., 1917; 260 Bn. 
(Siberian) ; Adjt., September, 1918; Siberia, 
May, 1919; discharged, June. 

from Wellesley Sch., Toronto; aged 13-5; L. 
'98; son of Mrs. M. O'Donovan, 101 St. 
Vincent St., Toronto; 83rd Bn.. C.E.F., M.G. 
Sec, Sergt. 

Imperial Bank of Canada, Toronto; and 80 
Dale Ave. E. June '92, from Miss Stovin's 
Sch.; aged 11-8; L. June '98; son of Lynd- 
hurst Ogden, Secy., Toronto Club; Toronto 
Stock Exchange; 10th R.G. Enlisted, Oc- 
tober, 1915; 81st Bn., Capt.; 0. S., April, 
1916; 35th Bn.; 119th Bn. ; France. Spring, 
1918; 58th Bn.; Amiens; wounded, gas 
poisoning, August; ret'd from O.S., January, 
1919; discharged, March. 

4th Yr., Civil Engineer, Queen's Univ., King- 


* Photo by Elliott and Fry 


ston; and 39 Bernard Ave., Toronto; B. ; 
E. '10, from Streetsville H.S. ; aged 17-4 ; L. 
'12; son of J. 0. O'Gorman, Toronto. Enlist- 
ed, March 27, 1915 ; 26th Batty., C.F.A., Gnr. ; 
O.S., August 12; France, January 19, 1916; 
St. Eloi, Somme; Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Pass- 
chendaele, 1917; Amiens, 1918; Mons, No- 
vember 11; M.M. ; ret'd from O.S. and dis- 
charged March, 1919. 

Tor.; 90th Winnipeg Rifles (Little Black 
Devils), Capt. Enlisted, August, 1914; 8th 
Bn. (90th Winnipeg Rifles), Capt.; O.S., Sep- 
tember; France, February 9; Ypres, April; 
wounded, Langemarck, April; Capt., Adjt., 
8th Bn., September; Major, 2nd ijc June, 
1916 ; Ypres, June ; wounded ; ret'd from O.S., 
December; Supt. of Western Canada, Can. 
Army Gymnastic Staff; later. Deputy Dir., 
Ottawa ; discharged, January, 1919. 

dian Elevator Equipment Co. Ltd., 92 Sher- 
bourne St., Toronto; B.; E. September '04, 
from London P.S. ; aged 12; L. June '09; 
son of G. deC. O'Grady, Toronto. Enlisted, 
January, 1916; 124th Bn.; O.S., August; 4th 
Can. Inf. Bn., October; France, October 4; 
ret'd to England (trench feet), April, 1917; 
Musketry Instr., West Sandling Camp, Sum- 
mer; in Hosp. for 3 months during winter; 
France, 1918; England, February, 1919; ret'd 
from O.S., March 31 ; discharged. 

COURCY; Representing Mgr., Commercial 
Acceptance Trust of Chicago, 120 Bay St., 
Toronto; B.; E. September '01, from Kenil- 
worth Sch., Rugby ; aged 13-1 ; L. June '06 ; 
son of J. W. deC. O'Grady, Chicago, III; 
sometime of Scandinavian American Bank, 
and Pillsbiiry Flour Mills Co., Minneapolis; 
90th Winnipeg Rifles. Enlisted, November, 
1914; draft of 90th Wpg. Rifles, Lt. ; O.S., 
August 22, 1915; 11th Bn., Lt.; France, De- 
cember 15; 2nd Bn.; transf'd 8th Bn., Janu- 
ary, 1916; Ypres; wounded, July 5; ret'd to 
France, October-December, 1916; wounded 
November 27; M.C. (L.G.No.29886), January 
1, 1917; ret'd to France, December 17-May, 
1918; Capt., 8th Bn., January, 1918; Siberia, 
December, 1918-May, 1919; 260th Bn., C.E.F. 
S. ; ret'd from O.S. and discharged. May, 1919. 

COURCY; Barrister; 305 Trust and Loan 
Bldg., Winnipeg, Man. ; B. ; E. September '01, 
from Rugby Sch., Kenilworth ; aged 12 ; son 
of J. W. deC. O'Grady, Chicago, 111.; Univ. 

The Quaker Oats Co.; 1600 Railway Exch. 
Bldg., Chicago, 111.; B.; E. September '02, 
from Rugby Sch., Kenilworth ; aged 10-9 ; L. 
April '08 ; son of J. W. deC. O'Grady, Chicago, 
111. Enlisted, August, 1914; 8th Can. Inf. 
Bgde., Lt. ; O.S., September; France, Febru- 
ary, 1915 ; 2nd Battle of Ypres, 1915 ; Lange- 
marck; wounded; P.W., April 24; fractured 
hip, still in Hosp., Paderborn, May 3 ; Capt. 
while P.W. in Germany, March, 1916; in 
prisons at Stralsurd, Mainz and Heidelberg; 
exchanged, Switzerland, August, 1916; ret'd 
from O.S., September, 1917; discharged, No- 
vember, 1918. 

c|o L. R. Ord, Barrie; B.; E. September '12, 
from Quebec H.S. ; aged 14-5 ; L. June '15 ; 
son of L. R. Ord, C.E., Quebec. Enlisted, 
Shorncliffe, October 19, 1915 ; 36th Res. Bn., 
"E" Coy., M. G. C, Pte.; France, February, 
3 916; transf'd 2nd Can. Div. Signal Co., CpL; 
ret'd from O.S. and discharged May 29, 1919. 

ORD, GADNET LEHRLE; Barrister-at- 
Law; c|o Dr. W. E. Ord, 680 St. Clair Ave. W., 
Toronto; B.; E. '96; L. '98; 2nd Can. Heavy 
Arty. Sergt. EnHsted, April 22, 1915 ; Amm. 
Col., 7th Bgde., C.F.A., Lt. ; 34th Batty., C. 
F.A., Capt, August 12; O.S., December 16; 
Arty. Res. Bgde., Shorncliffe, December; 
France, March, 1916; att'd 22nd Batty. C.F. 
A., March, 1916; 2nd Can. Pioneers, July; 
Somme, September - October ; Major, R. E., 
January, 1917; Wytchaete, Messines Ridge 
(2nd Army), June, 1917; Passchendaele, 





October; Cambrai (3rd Army), October; 
Supt. of Light Rlys., (2nd Army), October; 
Supt. of Light Rlys. (3rd Army), October- 
December; Supt. of Light Rlys. (5th Army), 
Jtinuary, 1918 on; retreat of 5th Army, 
March 21, 1918; Despatches; D.S.O., New 
Year's Honors, for services as Supt. of Light 
Rlys., 2nd Army, 1918; discharged. May 20, 

Cammel, Laird & Co., Nottingham Works, 
Kings Meadow Road., Nottingham, England; 
B.; E. September '97, from Wellesley Sch.. 
Toronto; aged 16-6; L. June '98; son of C. R. 
Ord, Toronto; Mounted Heavy Arty. Bgde., 
Lt. Enlisted, October 26, 1915; 1st Can. 
Siege Batty, (later numbered 97th Can. 
Siege Batty., 1st Can. Siege Arty. Bgde. Lt. ; 
O.S., November 22. 1915; Can. Bgde., Siege 
Arty., Lt., Orderly Officer and A|Adjt. ; 165th 
Can. Siege Batty., Capt. ; France, September, 
1916; Somme, September - December; 
A|Major, O.C, 165 Siege Batty. ; Vimy Ridge, 
December, 1916-September, 1917; Despatch- 
es, No. 30107, June 1, 1971 ; ret'd to England, 
O.C. 10th Can. Siege Batty., September 13; 
France; Vimy Ridge, March-May, 1918; 
Arras, to July; Amiens, to August; A|O.C., 
3rd Can. Siege Bgde., November; O.C, 2nd 
Can. Siege Batty, for march to Rhine; De- 
ret'd froifl and discharged. May 11, 1919. 

Ont.; B.; E. September '12, from Cornwall 
II.S. ; aged 15-8; L. '15; son of His Honour 
Judge J. R. O'Reilly, Judge, Cornwall, Ont.; 
R.M.C. '15; R.C.A., Lt. Enhsted, November 
17, 1916; R.C.G.A., Lt.; 85th Batty., C.F.A., 
C.E.F., Siberia, December 12, 1913; di.^- 
charged, February 15, 1920. 

more, Forest Hill Road, Toronto; B.; E. 
September '05; aged 9; L. June '11; son of 
J. Y. Ormsby, Toronto; Univ. Tor., 1st Yr. 
'15; 10th Regt. R.G., August 19, 1915; 1 yr.. 
Guard Duty, Kapuskasing and Stanley Bar- 
racks. Enlisted December 1, 1916; 2nd 
Sped. Service C. Coy., Lt.; 2nd Detacht C. 
A.P.C., Lt., October 20, 1918; discharged, 
March 20, 1919. 

at-law, 161 Jameson Ave., Toronto; B.; E. 
September '03, from Havergal Hall Sch.; 
aged 9 ; L. June '10 ; son of Dr. Joseph 0. Orr, 
Toronto; Univ. Tor.; Q.O.R., Lt. Enlisted, 
81st Bn., C.E.F., Capt.; O.S., March 20, 
1916; France, July 4; 58th Bn., C. E. F.; 
Major, December 24; Ypres Salient, Somme, 
Thelius, Vimy Ridge, Avion ; ret'd from O.S., 
September 15, 1917; discharged November 

O'REILLY, JAMES; Inspector, Sleeping 
and Dining Car Dept., C. P. R., Winnipeg, 
Man.; B.; E. January '07, from Cornwall H. 
S. ; aged 15-1 ; L. June '08 ; son of His Honour 
Judge James R. O'Reilly, Cornwall, Ont.; 
Grad. R.M.C. '11. Enhsted, March 9, 1915; 
C.A.S.C, Trg. Depot, Lt.; O.S., March 27, 
1915; 2nd Can. Divl. Train, Lt., July; France, 
September 15; transf'd C.F.A., Capt., Staff, 
March, 1916; Somme; Capt. 4th Can. Div. 
Arty., June, 1917; Despatches, June; Vimy 
Ridge; Lens; Passchendaele ; Amiens, 1918; 
Drocourt Queant; Cambrai; D.A.A.G., 4th 
Can. Div., Major, January, 1919 ; Despatches, 
January; M.C., June; ret'd from O.S. and 
discharged, July 17, 1919. 


September '05, from Univ. Sch., Cleveland, 
0.; aged 16-11 ; L. May '05; ward of Kather- 
ine Orr Boyden, Admiral Road Apts., Toron- 
to. Enlisted, February 10, 1916; 70th 
Batty., C.E.F., Gnr.; O.S.; France; 11th 
Batty., C.E.F.; discharged. May 15, 1919. 

OSBORNE, ERIC ; Mgr., Toronto Humane 
Society; Apt. 11 Oriole Gardens, Toronto; E. 
February '03, from Highfield Sch., Hamilton 
aged 13; L. June '07; son of R. R. Osborne 
Toronto; Univ. Tor., Med. Fac, 1st yr. '08 
10th R.G., Lt. Enlisted, February 2, 1915 
Eaton M.G. Batty., Lt; O.S. June 4, 1915 


* PATON. G, M. 



* Photo by ElUott and Fry 


• Fboto \>j Swain* 

France, February 22, 1916; Sanctuary Wood, 
Zillebeke, June 2 ; Somme, Vimy Ridge, April, 
1917 ; Staff Capt., 7th Can. Inf. Bgde., June 
6; Temp. Capt.. C.M.G.C, August 3; Hill 70, 
Lens, 1918; M.C., for work done on Lens 
Front, June; Amiens, August; Arras, Sep- 
tember; Cambrai-Mons ; Despatches, Novem- 
ber; D.A.Q.M.G., 3rd Can. Div., AlMajor, 
January 4, 1919; Brussels, December; ret'd 
from O.S. and discharged May, 1920. 

Miss Kate Ogilivie. Bank of Nova Scotia, 
Vancouver, B.C.; B.; E. September '04, from 
Jamaica H.S. ; L. June '09 ; son of T. Ban- 
croft Oughton, Kingston, Jamaica. Enlisted, 
August 7, 1914; 16th Can. Scottish Bn., C. 
E.F., Pte.; 1st C.E.F., L.Cpl.; O.S., with 1st 
Contgt. ; wounded. May 20, 1915; ret'd from 
O.S., 1915; dischargd, medically unfit, No- 
vember; R.F.C., Camp Borden, March, 1918. 

gineer, Sarnia, Ont. ; B. ; E. July '86 ; aged 12 ; 
L. June '92 ; son of the late Hon. T. B. Pardee, 
Commr. of Crown Lands for Ontario. En- 
listed April, 1916; 4th Can. Pioneers, Capt.; 
O.S., September, 1916 ; 5th C.R.T., February, 
1917; France, February; Major, February; 
ret'd from O.S., March, 1919; discharged, 
October, 1920. 

PARKER, R. GORDON; 26 Lowther Ave., 
Toronto; B.; E. April '98; L. '04. Enlisted, 
August, 1914; Royal Marines L. I., Chatham; 
O.S., October, 1914; England, 4 months; 
France, 40 days; Dardanelles, Egypt, Salon- 
ica, 15 months; Forth Bridge, 5 months; 
Scapa Flow, 17 months. 

cIo Messrs. Arnoldi, Grierson & Parry, 103 
Bay St., Toronto ; E. September'03, from Tor. 
Ch. Sch. ; aged 11-10; L. June '07; son of the 
late Dr. W. T. Parry, Toronto; B. A. Univ. 
Coll. Tor. '12; LL.B., Univ. Tor. '15; Ont. 
Bar '15. C.O.T.C, Pte., 1914; C.A.S.C, Lt.. 

August, 1915 ; O.C, C.A.S.C.Details Amherst, 
N.S., Halifax and Quebec; O.S. ; Officer ijc 
Intelligence and Court Martials, C. A. S. C, 
Shorncliffe; France, O.C. No. 4 F.S.D.; att'd 
5th Army H.Q. ; Can. Corps M.T., Concentra- 
tion Depot, Adjt. ret'd from O.S.; May 25, 

sian; 6 Clarendon Ave., Toronto; E. '80 from 
Tor. C.I.; aged 11-7; L. January '81; Re-E. 
January '85; L. '87; son of the late B. 
Parsons, Toronto ; B.A. Trin. Coll. '91 ; M.D., 
CM., Trin. Coll. '92; M.R.C.S.E., M.R.C.P., 
London; M. A. Trin. Coll. '04; Assoc. Clin. 
Med. and Asst. Demonstrator in Pathology 
Univ. Tor. Med. Fac. ; Asst. Phys. Tor. Gen. 
Hosp., and Sick Children's Hosp. '13. En- 
Hsted November, 1914; C.A.M.C, No. 4, C. 
G.H., Major; O.S., May 15, 1915; Salonica, 
October; England, 1917; Despatches, July 23, 
No. 4, C.G.H., Lt. Col., December 10; Temp. 
O.C, Hosp., March, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
June, 1918; discharged, December 31, 1919. 

Wentworth Street, St. John, N.B. ; B.; E. 
September '03, from Leinster St. Sch., St. 
John, N.B. ; aged 14-8 ; L. June '05 ; son of R. 
B. Paterson, St. John N.B. ; 11th Platoon, "C" 
Co., 49th Bn., Edmonton, Alta. ; wounded; 
ret'd from O.S. ; discharged as medically unfit 
for service. 

CR. ; 80 Gothic Ave., Toronto; E. January 
'84, from Pte. Sch., Toronto; aged 15-4; L. 
'87; ward of W. W. Colwell, Toronto; 9th 
Mississauga Horse, Capt. Enlisted, May 28, 
1915, 74th Bn.; O.S., April 1, 1916; Warrant 
Officer, 2nd C.A.P.C, att'd for duty, October 
25; service in England only; ret'd from O.S., 
August, 1917; discharged, October 22. 

Broker ; 200 Dromore Ave., Winnipeg, Man. ; 
E. '96, from Wellesley P.S., Toronto; aged 


lS-9 ; L. June *01 ; son of John Paton, Winni- 
peg ; 34th Fort Garry Horse, Winnipeg. En- 
listed, January 2, 1915, 32nd Bn., Lt.; O.S. 
February 21; France, March, 1916; 1st CM. 
R. ; Sanctuary Wood, June 2 ; wounded, back 
and head, rendered permanently unfit, June 
3; H. Q., Bramshott, June, 1917; Capt., 
August; H.Q., O.M.F.C, January, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., October 28, 1919; discharged, No- 
vember 2. 

rister-at-Law, cjo Messrs. Munson, Allan, 
Laird, & Davis, Winnipeg, Man. ; B. ; E. Sep- 
tember '99, from Mr. A. D. Tuckwell's Sch. ; 
aged 12-10; L. June '03; son of F. L. Patton, 
Winnipeg, Man. ; Man. Bar '11 ; 79th Cameron 
Highlanders of Canada, Lt. Enlisted, No- 
vember 18, 1914, 43rd Bn., C.E.F., Lt.; O.S., 
April 30, 1915; transf'd 27th Bn., C.E.F., Sep- 
tember 1 ; France, September 15 ; Somme, 
September, 1916; wounded at Courcelette, 
Somme, September 15; M.C., Courcelette; 
Major; i|c T. W. Sch.. November, 1917; 
France, July, 1918; Amiens, August; Arras, 
September; Despatches, September; Cam- 
brai, October ; ret'd from O.S. and discharged 
March, 1919. 

'07; B.; 13th C.M.R., C.E.F. 

licity Dept., Furness, Withy, S.S.Co., Peel St. 
and Whitehall, New York, U.S.A. ; E. Septem- 
ber '09, from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 
12-9; L. June '10; son of G. B. Patterson, 
Toronto; Ridley Coll. '10 - '14; Pte. Tuition 
'15 ; R.M.C. '15-'16 ; 7th Regt. Fusiliers (Lon- 
don) Lt. Enlisted July 23, 1916; draft of 
25th Arty. Officers, Lt.; 0. S., July 23; 
France, November 10 ; 1st Div. T. M. ; all the 
time with Can. Corps and in those actions 
occuring during period in France; Somme, 
1916; Vimy Ridge, 1917; 4th C.D.A.C, Coy. 
2, Lt., July 21, 1917; Hill 70, November; 
invalided to England, rheumatic fever, in 
hosp., April - September, 1918; Res. Arty., 

att'd C.A.S.C. Coy. 2; Adjt., C.A.S.C, Corps 
Dep6t,February 1, 1919 ; Capt. and Adjt., 
April 25; ret'd from O.S., September 2; dis- 
charged September. 

and Surgeon ; 88 Dunn Ave., Toronto. E. 
January '88, from Ryerson P. S., Toronto; 
aged 16-6 ; L. June '91 ; son of Dr. N. Pearson, 
Toronto; M.D., CM., Trin. Coll. '95; F.T.M.C 
EnHsted August 8, 1914, 2nd Can. Div., 4th 
Field Amb. C.A.M.C, Capt.; O.S., May 14, 
1915 ; France, September 10; 1st Divl. Supply 
Col., April 12, 1916; battles of the Somme; 
2nd Div. Train, January 8, 1917; Vimy Ridge, 
April 9, with No. 4, Can. Field Amb.; Lens, 
with No. 5, Can. Field Amb.; Passchendaele, 
with No. 6, Can. Field Amb., November, 1917. 
wounded at Arras, right forearm, bomb from 
aeroplane at night. May 17, 1918 ; ret'd from 
O.S., September 1 ; discharged, November 15 ; 
Board of Pension Commissioners, Toronto. 

PECK, HUGH ADDERLEY; Architect; 70 
Cedar Ave., Montreal; B.; E. February '03, 
from Crichton Sch., Montreal; L. March '06; 
son of the late James H. Peck, Montreal; B. 
Arch., McGill Univ. '11 ; P.Q.A.A. ; O.S., Aug- 
ust 10, 1915. Enlisted September, 1915 ; R. 
N.A.S., Sub. Lt. (Calshot, Fawley, Hants, 
England) ; Fit. Comdr., instr., Calshot, April, 
1916; 2nd i|C, R.N.A.S., Lee-on-the-Solent, 
August, 1917; i|c, R.N.A.S., Bembridge, Isle 
of Wight, Patrol Stn., October, 1918; Febru- 
ary 5. 1916; St. Eloi, 2nd Div., April; Ypres, 
from 0. S. Marcii. 

PELLATT, REGINALD ; Gasa Loma, Wal- 
mer Hill, Toronto; E. 99, from the Model 
Sch., Toronto; aged 14; L. June '02; son of 
Sir Henry M. Pellatt, Casa Loma, Toronto; 
Q. 0. R., Pte. '01; 2nd Lt. '03; i|C„ M. G. 
Detcht. '03; Lt. '04; Orderly Officer, 3rd 
Bgde., Niagara Camp '04-'09; Capt. '06; i|C 
"F" Co., 1st Bn., '06; Regtl Adjt. '11; Staff 
course '12; i|c Schs. of Instrn., Toronto, Sep- 
tember '14. Enlisted, January 6, 1915, 35th 
Bn., Major (2nd ilC) ; 83rd O.S. Bn. (Q.O. 


* Photo by Xiauibeii;, Weston & Son, Ziimited 


R.), July 26; O.S., April 29, 1916; 12th Res. 
Bn., 0. C, July 6; Despatches, February, 
1917; France, April 25; 3rd C.I.B.D., O.C, 
April 25; England, May, 1918; ret'd from 0. 
S., September 12; D.A.A. and Q.M.G., M.D. 
No. 2, October; discharged, January 1, 1919. 

Surgeon Specialist (Eye and Ear), 506 Huron 
St., Toronto; B.; E. September '99, from 
Hamilton C. I.; aged 14-4; L. June '03; son 
of R. W. Pentecost, Toronto; B. A. Univ. 
Coll. Tor. '07; M.B., Univ. Tor. '09; Tor. Gen. 
Hosp. '09 - '11; New York Ear, Nose and 
Throat Hosp., '11-'12; Eye, Ear, and Throat 
Hosps., Vienna and London, Eng. ; 13th Can. 
Fd. Amb., Capt. Enlisted, August, 1914; 
No. 2 Sta. Hosp., 1st C.E.F., Capt.; O.S., Oc- 
tober; France, November; Ypres, Somme, 
Lens, Vimy Ridge; 20th Can. Inf. Bn., M.O., 
1916; Major; 14th Can. Fd. Amb., O.C, Lt. 
Col., 1917; Consultant Specialist, Witley 
Area, England, 1918; ret'd from 0. S., Febru- 
ary, 1919. 

PEPLER, DON FRANCIS; Marquis & Co., 
St. Catharines, Ont. ; E. September '06 ; aged 
14 ; L. June '09 ; 9th Batty., C.F. A. Enlisted, 
April 26, 1915; 21st Howitzer Batty., 6th 
Bgde., C.F.A.; 30th Batty., C.F.A., Gnr.. 
August 18; 0. S., August 18; 21st Batty., 
C.F.A., Sergt., September 17; France, Janu- 
ary 5, 1916; St. Eloi, 2nd Div., April; Ypres, 
June; ilC, 48th Howitzer Batty., 2nd Bgde., 
C.F.A., August 2; Vimy Ridge April. 1917; 
wounded, G. S. W., May 10; Passchendaele, 
November; Amiens, August, 1918; Arras and 
Forwards, August-September; H. Q., 1st Can. 
Div. Arty., August 1 ; ret'd from 0. S., June 
1, 1919 ; discharged, September 2. 

Lt. ; O.S., October 1, 1914 ; France, February 
12, 1915; Croix de Guerre (avec palme), 
March, 1916; Despatches, 1918; D.S.O., Janu- 
ary; ret u from O.S., May, 1919; discharged, 
May 5. 

107 Woodlawn Ave., Toronto ; Advertising 
Agent, Channell Ltd., Toronto; E. September 
'10; aged 9; L. June '14; son of Mrs. E. P. 
Brown, Toronto; R.M.C., Kingston, Septem- 
ber, September '16; 9th Batty., C.F. A., Lt. 
Enlisted, May, 1917, 67th Batty., C. F. A., 
att'd 9th Bgde.; O.S., September; Res. Arty. 
Bgde.; France, January, 1918 - February, 
1919; 3rd Div., T.M. Batty.; 45th Batty., 
C.F.A.; all battles during above dates, in 
which 3rd Divl. Arty, were engaged; ret'd 
from O.S., Marcn, 1919; discharged, May, 
J 920. 

manager; c|o Machine Products Co., of 
Canada, 3 Nicholas St., Nicholas Bldg., Mont- 
real ; B. ; E. January '06, aged 12 ; L. June '14 ; 
son of Mrs. Pepler, Barrie, Ont.; Q.O.R. of 
Canada, Lt. Enlisted, July, 1915; 37th Can. 
Inf. Bn., Lt. ; O.S., November; France, Aug 
ust, 1916; 2nd Can. Bn., Adjt.; G.S.O., 35th 
Imp. Div., July, 1917; Italy, as G.S.O. 35th 
Imp. Div., September; France, April, 1918; 
Bgde. Major, July; wounded, August; 6th 
Can. Inf. Bgde., October 26; Germany, No- 
vember; North Russia, April, 1919; Intelli- 
gence G.H.Q., North Russia, October; Order 
of St. Stanislans, 2nd class, with cross 
swords; Ordre of St. Anne, 2nd Class with 
cross swords, etc.; Order of St. Stanislans, 
3rd Class with cross swords, etc. ; ret'd from 
O.S., Novmeber 19; discharged, December 2. 

PEPLER, ERIC; Barrister; cjo Messrs. 
Allan Cassels and Defries, 15 Toronto St., 
Toronto; B.; E. September '05, from Barrie 
H.S.; aged 15-6; L. June '07; son of Mrs. 
Pepler, Barrie, Ont.; B. A., Univ. Coll. Tor. 
'11; Ont. Bar '14; 2nd Field Co., C.E., Lt. 
Enlisted, 3rd Field Co.. C.E., 1st Can. Div., 

PERRY, WALTER DAVY; E. 91. from 
the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 15-2; L. De- 
cember '01 ; son of Mrs. R. D. Perry, Toronto ; 
Stock Farming. EnHsted, 18th Br., C.E.F., 
Capt.; raised his own Coy.; O.S.; France; 
in trenches nearly a year ; gassed and sent to 


London, England; ret'd from 0. S. ; dis- 

PETER, ALAN GORDON; Castries, St. 
Lucia, W.L; B.; E. '06, after pte. tuition; 
aged 8-8; L. 12; son of the Hon. William 
Peter; B.A. McGill Univ., '16; R.N.C.V.R., 
Warrant Telegraphist, Halifax, N.S.; H.M. 
C.S., "Niobe", September, 1916 - January, 
1917; "Acadia" January - December, 1917; 
"Messines" December, 1917; Wireless Officer, 
Naval Transport Office, St. John, N.B., Janu- 
ary, 1918-February, 199. 

Rifle Corps, Lt. Enlisted, December 8, 1915 ; 
88th Victoria Fusiliers, Pte.; O.S., June 2, 
1916; Can. Pioneers Trg. Depot, June 30; 
4th Can. Pioneers, August 20; France, Au- 
gust 20; 25th Can. Inf. Bn., October 8; Vimy 
Ridge, April 9, 1917 ; Arleux Loop, April 20 ; 
Hill 70, August 15, 1918; M.M., L.G., No. 
30364, August 15, 1917; L.Cpl., September 
17; Passchendaele, November 3; Amiens, 
Auust 9, 1918; Arras, August 26; Bar to M. 
M., August 26; Cambrai, September 10; 
Mons, November; Army of Occupation till 
end of January, 1919; ret'd from O.S., May 
16; discharged, May 25. 

PETERS, FRANK ROY; c|o Capt. S. F. 
Peters, United Service Club, Winnipeg, Man. ; 
B.; E. September '04, from St. John's Coll. 
Sch., Winnipeg; aged 16-7; L. June '07; son 
of S. Frank Peters ; R.M.C. ; Bank of Mont- 
real, Winnipeg. Enlisted, October, 1914, 
6th Bn. (Fort Garry Horse), Cpl.; Bn. H.Q. 
Staff, att'd 2nd Bgde.; O.S., October, 1914; 
France, March, 1915; ret'd from O.S., 1915; 
discharged November. 

PETERS, HUGH; Asst. Engineer, P.W.C; 
423 Smith St., Esquimalt, B.C. ; B. ; E. Sep- 
tember '05, from London C.I. ; aged 15; L. 
June '07 ; son of Col. J. Peters ; Grad. R.M.C. 
'10; No. 11 Detacht. Corps of Guides, Capt. 
Enlisted, November 10, 1915, 1st Can. Pion- 
eers, Lt. ; O.S., November 20 ; France, March 
9, 1916; in action with 1st Div., C. E. F., 
March, 1916; G.S.W., right leg, March 20; 
9th C.R.T., Maintenance and Construction, 
Narrow Gauge Rly., in battle area Septem- 
ber-December, 1917; Arras, Baupaume Janu- 
ary-August, 1918; Bapaume, Cambrai, Oc- 
tober-November; Capt., 9th Bn. C.R.T., De- 
cember 14; ret'd from O.S., September 1, 
1919; discharged September 8. 

STEWART ; Clerk ; 2559 Vancouver St.. Vic- 
toria, B.C.; B.; E. Septmber '12, from Re- 
gina C.L; aged 18-10; L. '14 (Head Boy); 
son of William Peterson, ('78-'81) ; U.C.C. 

ston, Ont. ; B. ; E. September '07, from the 
Model Sch., Toronto; aged 9-7; L. June '15; 
son of W. C. Phillips, Toronto; R.M.C; 69th 
Batty., Lt.; R.A.F., 217th Sqdn., R.N.A.S., 
Lt. ; D.F.C., November, 1918 ; ret'd from O.S., 
May, 1919. 

Phillips Co., Ltd., Oshawa, Ont. ; B. ; E. Sep- 
tember '06, from the Model Sch., Toronto; 
aged 13 ; L. June '09 ; .son of W. C. PhiUips, 
Toronto, now of Kingston, Ont.; B.A., Sc. 
Univ. Tor. '14; Grad. Studt. Chemistry, Univ. 
Munich, '14. Enlisted in England, August 9, 
1914; 6th Bn., The Leinster Regt., 2nd Lt. ; 
France, 1915; 8th Bn. Royal Warwickshire 
Regt., 2nd i|c 7th Bn., R.W. Regt.; 2nd ilc 
6th Bn., R.W. Regt.; wounded, September, 
1918; D.S.O.; M.C.; Despatches, twice; Ger- 
many, Poland etc., 1919; ret'd from O.S., 
November; R.O., as Major, November 23. 

307 Russell Hill Road, Toronto; B.; E. '02, 
from M. Tuckwell's Sch., Winnipeg; aged 13- 
1 ; L. '07 ; son of the Hon. Frank H. Phippen, 
K.C., Winnipeg, now of Toronto; Univ. Coll. 
Tor. '11; Law Studt., Osgoode Hall; 9th 
Batty., C.F.A., Lt. Enlisted, August, 1915; 
40th Batty., Lt. attd. 3rd D.A.C. ; O.S., Feb- 
ruary, 1916 ; France, July 15 ; Western Front, 
July, 1916-July, 1919; transfd R.F.C., No- 



* Photo by Swaine 
* Photo toy Swaine 

vember, 1917; ret'd from O.S. and discharged 
January, 1919. 

Bn.; reverted to ranks April, 1917; L.-Cpl., 
1918; R.A.F., Cadet; general demobilization. 

St., Toronto; E. September '08, from St. Al- 
ban's Cathedral Sch., Toronto; aged 14-6; L. 
June '13; son of Mrs. C. A. Pipon, Toronto; 
formerly of Strachan, Burden and Plaskett, 
Importers, 59-61 Wellington St. W., Toronto. 
C.A.S.C, Lt.; ret'd from O.S., November, 

PLUMMER. JOHN ORME ; Law and Arts 
Student, Trin. Coll., Dublin, Ireland ; E. Sep- 
tember '06, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., 
Toronto; aged 11-11; L. June '13; son of 
Frank Plummer, ('75-'81), London, England; 
Trin. Coll., Tor., '13-'14; O.S. May, 1914; 3rd 
Sped. Res. Bn., Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 
2nd Lt. Londonderry, Ireland, November 28, 
]914 ; France, June, 1915 ; 2nd Bn., Rl. I.M.F., 
Lt. July, 1915; Somme. 1916; Invalided to 
England (Trench Fever), September, 1916; 
transf'd C.E.F., September; 1st Batty., C.F. 
A., 2nd Div., September, 1918; Germany, 2nd 
Div., 18th C. F. A., December; England 
(Khaki Coll., Ripon Yorks), March, 1919; 
discharged, August. 

POLS ON, HUGH LYON; Mgr., Paper 
Dept., Grace Bros. Ltd., India, Calcutta; E. 
January '04, from Tor. Ch. Sch. ; aged 13-10 ; 
L. June '06 ; son of H. Poison, Banker, Toron- 
to. Enlisted; 19th Bn., M.G. Sec, Sergt.; 
4th Bgde.. 2nd C.E.F.; wounded; 170th Bn., 
C. E. F., Lt.; M.G. Officer, wounded, July, 
1916; Bgde. M.G. Officer, Camp Borden; R. 
F.C., 1917. 

Canadian Bank of Commerce, Owen Sound, 
Ont; E. September '02, from Hamilton C.I.; 
aged 16; L. June '04; son of Hugh Poison, 
Toronto. Enlisted ; Q.O.R., M.G., 2nd C.E.F., 
Pte.; Temp. Comm., Q.O.R., Lt., January, 
1916; 166th Bn., Camp Borden, Lt.; 215th 


Talbot St., St. Thomas, Ont.; Contractor, 
Ponsford Construction Co., Ltd.; E. Janu- 
ary '12, from the St. Thomas C.I. ; aged 15- 
8; L. June '12; son of A. E. Ponsford, St. 
Thomas; 25th Elgin Regt., Lt. Enlisted, 
April 19. 1916; 4th Can. D.A.C., Pte.; O.S., 
May 15; France, June 28th; Somme, Vimy, 
Portugese Retreat, Passchendaele, Hill 70; 
R.A.F., Lt. (Honorary), February 18, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., July, 1919; discharged, Au- 

ant, Edmonton, Alta., or 74 St. George St., 
Toronto; B.; E. '98, from the Model Sch., 
Toronto ; aged 14-9 ; L. June '99 ; son of 
Douglas Ponton, ('74-'77), Toronto, formerly 
in Christobal Canal Zone, Panama. Enlis- 
ted; 13th C.M.R., Pte.; 29th Bn., Lt.; O.S.; 
wounded, April, 1917; wounded, July; inval- 
ided to Canada, January, 1918. 

ter-at Law, Belleville, Ont. ; B. ; E. September 
'06, from Belleville C.I. ; aged 16-11 ; L. June 
'07; son of Lt. Col. W. N. Ponton, ('70-'73), 
K.C., Belleville, Ont.; Bar '12; 15th Regt., 
Argyll L.L, Lt. Enlisted, August 12, 1914; 
2nd Can. Inf. Bn., 1st Can. Div.; O.S., Sep- 
tember 29 ; France, February 7, 1915 ; Neuve 
Chapelle, March 10; 2nd Battle of Ypres 
(St. Julien), April 22; Capt., May 5; Festu- 
bert. May 15; Givenchy, June 15; gassed 
severely, June 29; ret'd from O.S., Septem- 
ber; Staff, M.D. No. 3, Major, February, 
1916; Musketry and M.G. Officer, Petawawa 
Camp, 1917; discharged, September. 

'10-'15 and '19-; B. ; Ministerley, Shrewsbury, 
England; E. Bromsgrove and St. John's 
Coll., Cambridge; B.A. Cambridge '98; O.S., 


* Photo by Iiambert, Weston & Son, Iiiinited 


June 27, 1915. Enlisted, July 13, "B" Batty., 
182nd Bgde., R.F.A., 16th Div., B.E.F. ; Br., 
August 27; France. February 18, 1916; 177th 
Bgde., R.F.A., September 1 ; H.Q., 16th Divl. 
Arty., May 5, 1917; ret'd from O.S. and dis- 
charged iieptember 4, 1919. 

116th St., Edmonton, Alta. ; Accountant, Big 
4 Transfer and Storage Co. ; B. ; E. September 
'09, from ,<estern Can. Coll., Calgary; aged 
18-1; L. June '10; son of A. E. Potter, Ed- 
monton. Enlisted, October, 1914, 19th Al- 
berta Dragoons, Cav. Divn., 1st C. E. F., 
Trooper; O.S., 1st Contgt. ; France, Febru- 
ary 8, 1915 ; 5th Can. Inf. Bn. ; 2nd battle of 
Ypres; Festubert, Cambrai. 1917; att'd 5th 
Army, Hangard Wood and Retreat, 1918; 
England, R.A.F., June, 1918-June, 1919; dis- 
charged, July 1, 1919; ret'd from O.S., July 

April '08, from Jesse Ketchum P.S., Toron- 
to ; aged 17 ; L. June '08 ; son of A. Poynton, 
Toronto; 258th Tunnelling Coy. R.E., Lt. ; 
1st Army, B.E.F. France; R.F.C. 

from O.S. and discharged March, 1919; Gaz- 
etted Capt. R.E., April 17, 1919. 

Broker; Jones and Proctor Bros., 60 King 
St. W., Toronto and 6 Roxborough St. E.; 
E. '98, from Jarvis St. C.I., Toronto; aged 
16-9; L. June '99; son of the late James A. 
Proctor, ('66-) Toronto; C.A.S.C, Temp. Lt. 
Enlisted, March 23, 1916, 83rd Bn., C.E.F., 
Capt.; O.S., March 25, 1916; 12th Res. Bn.; 
France, June, 1917; 3rd Bn. B.E.F.; Hill 70; 
ret'd from O.S., January, 1918; discharged 

Beaumaris, Ont.; B.; E. '97, from Givens 
St. P.S., Toronto; aged 15-9; L. December 
'99 ; son of Edward Prowse, Beaumaris. En- 
listed, October 27, 1915 ; 40th Batty. C.F.A., 
Bdr.; Cpl., January 10, 1916; O.S., February 
5; France, July 15; Somme, Hill 70, Vimy 
Ridge, Passchendaele ; Sergt., October 18; 
Belgian Croix de Guerre, October, 1917; Res. 
Bn., C. F. A., Lt. (England), December 12, 
1918; ret'd from O.S. April 7, 1919; dis- 


Markham' St., Toronto; E. September '09, 
from S.S.J.D. Sch., Toronto; aged 8-11; L. 
December '17; son of the late F. A. Prime, 
Toronto. Enlisted December 3, 1917 ; R.F.C, 
2nd Lt.; O.S., August 18, 1918; Lt. R.A.F.; 
service in England; ret'd from O.S., July 6, 
1919; discharged, July 12. 

Mariner; 2016 Lonsdale Ave., North Van- 
couver, B.C.; E. '99, from Shirley St. Sch., 
Toronto; aged 13; L. Easter '02; son of R. 
W. Prittie, Parkdale, Toronto. Enlisted 
(England) August, 1914; 22nd Field Amb. 
R.A.M.C, LICpl., att'd Staffordshire Regt.; 
2nd Lt., May, 1917; Lt. R.E. (I.W.T.), Meso- 
potamia; wounded; ret'd from O.S., on leave, 
February, 1918; ret'd to Mesopotamia; ret'd 

FORD; 287 Indian Road, Toronto; E. '00 
from Dufferin P.S., Toronto; aged 12-8; L. 
June '04 ; son of the Hon. Dr. Robert A. Pyne, 
Toronto. D.A.C., 2nd C.E.F., Lt. ; 2nd Divl. 
Supply Col., C.A.S.C, Pte. 

Unionville, Ont.; E. September '13, from 
Unionville P.S.; aged 15-3; L. '15; son of 
Revd. Frank Rae, Unionville, Ont. Enlisted, 
December 24, 1915, 127th Bn., Pte.; LCpl, 
January, 1916; Cpl., February; Sergt., May; 
O.S., August 18; France, January, 1917; 
wounded, October; transf'd R.A.F., England, 
June, 1918; Egypt, July; Fit. Cadet, Janu- 
ary, 1919; 2nd Lt., February; ret'd from 
O.S., August 19 ; discharged, August 22. 


Student; 13 South Drive, Toronto; B. ; E. 
September '06, from St. Andrew's Coll., Tor- 
onto; aged 9-2; L. June '10; Re-E. September 
'12, from Univ. Schs., Toronto; L. June '14; 
son of W. T. Ramsay, Toronto; M.G. Sec, 
13th Royal Regt., Hamilton, Pte.; R.M.C, 
Kingston, Cadet. Enlisted, July 27, 1916; 
R.F.A., 4th Res. Bgde., 2nd Lt.; O.S., Au- 
gust 15, 1916; France, December 11; Lt., 
107th Bgde.. 24th Div., R.F.A. ; Vimy Ridge, 
April 9; Messines, Hill 70, June 7; Ypres, 
July 31 ; Cambrai, November 20 ; Fifth Army 
retreat, March 21, 1918; Advance from Cam- 
brai to Maubeuge, October 15-November 11 ; 
discharged March 21, 1919; ret'd from O.S., 
March 25. 

Francisco, December, 1917; 68th Batty. .Van- 
couver; Gnr.; 0. S., March, 1918; Witley 
Camp, "A" Batty., Gnr. ; France, October, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., May 31, 1919; dis- 
charged, June 4. 

Belvedere, Alassio, Italy; B. ; E. '79, from 
Tutor; aged 13-9; L. '80; son of the late 
E. W. Rathbun, Mill Point, Ont., later Deser- 
onto ; Grad. Queen's Univ., Kingston ; v.m. 
service ; promoted Lt. Col. 5th and 8th Batty. 
F.A., Deseronto '06-'ll ; Brest. Dom. Arty. 
Assn. and Can. Mily. Assn. 6th Bgde., C.F.A., 
Lt. Col.; O.S., Spring, 1915; Commandant, 
Shorncliffe Camp; France, 1916; discharged 
at end of war. 

27 Heath St. W., Toronto ; E. September '09, 
from New College; aged 12-1; L. June '16 
(Leonard McLaughhn Sch.) ; Trin. Coll. Tor.; 
LIniv. Coll. Tor.; son of E.B. Ramsay. Deer 
Park, Toronto; U.C.C. Rifle Coy., Pte. En- 
listed, October 10, 1916; 67th Batty., C.F.A., 
Gnr. ; discharged, as medically unfit, January 
27, 1917. 

Agriculturist, B.C.; c|o Soldier's Settlement 
Board, Vancouver; E. September '99. from 
Bolton P.S.; aged 14-6; L. June '02; son of 
W. L. Ramsay, Toronto. Enlisted, June 3, 
1916; C.E., 4th Army Troops Co., Spr. ; O.S., 
September, 1916; France, January, 1917; 
Vimy Ridge, April; Passchendaele, Novem- 
ber; Lens. Arras, and Vicinity, balance of 
time in France; M.S.M., for efficiency, July, 
1918; Comm., C.M.G.C, England, August 11, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., December 14; dis- 
charged, January 6, 1919. 

Surveyor; D.S.C.R., Vancouver. B.C.; B.; E. 
September '00, from T.C.S., Port Hope ; aged 
14-2; L. April '05; son of E. W. Rathbun, 
('99-'80), Deseronto, Ont.; McGill Univ. '05; 
C.N.R. Toronto; Southern Pacific Ry., San 

ger, Electrical Hard Moulding Ltd., Weston, 
Ont. ; B. ; E. February '03, from Belleville P. 
S. ; aged 12-8 ; L. September '03 ; Re-E. Sep- 
tember '05, from Belleville H.S. ; L. June '07 ; 
son of Mrs. Angus E. Rathbun, Belleville, 
Ont. ; Univ. Tor. Med. '08 (did not graduate) ; 
Engineering Staff, Dept. of Public Works of 
Can., Toronto; 9th Bgde Amm. Col., C.F.A., 
Lt. Enlisted, October 15, 1915; 9th Bgde. 
Amm. Col., 50th Batty C. F. A., Lt.; 0. S., 
July 22, 1916; Res. Bgde. C.F.A.; France, 
November 16 ; 20th Batty., 17th Batty., 18th 
Batty. (2nd Div. C.F.A.) C.C. Gas Services, 
2nd C.D.A., H.Q., D|23rd Batty.; Somme, 
1916; Vimy Ridge. Hill 70, Fresnoy, Passch- 
endale, 1917; gas and shell shock. May; Ar- 
ras, Amiens, 1918 ; gassed, June and Novem- 
ber; ret'd from O.S., May 30, 1919; transf'd 

Vista, 51 Marlborough Ave., Victoria, B.C.; 
B. ; E. September '08, from Vernon P.S. ; aged 
13-6; L. June '14; son of G. R. Raymond, 
Vernon. B.C.; 3rd Divl. Train, C.A.S.C, Lt., 
Senr. Transport Officers; R.F.C., 1916; miss- 
ing. May, 1917; P.W., Karlsruhe, Germany. 

Privy Council Agent and Solicitor; 17 Vic- 


.■...,..i< W.-. A^ I. 



KKHAkn.SON. w. A. I ,JHiHI 

.:i IMHN, [-. A. r 


toria St., London S.W., England ; B. (part 
time) ; E. '76, from Quatre Bros., Esquesing 
P.S. ; aged 10-9, L. June '83 ; son of Mrs. F. 
W. Redden, Georgetown, Ont. ; Q. 0. R. ; in 
North West '05; B.A. Univ. Tor. '87; LL.B. 
Cambridge '91 ; Ont. Bar '95 ; Territorials (U. 
K.) Inns of Court O.T.C., Sergt. Enlisted 
September 29, 1914; Coy. Q.M. Sergt. Inns 
of Court, March 17, 1915; Worchestershire 
Regt., 2nd Lt., November 19, 1917; France, 
March 29, 1918; 1st Reserve (Garrison) Bn., 
Worcestershire Regt., Chinese Labour Corps, 
April 18, 1918; ret'd from O.S., April 18. 
1919; discharged, April 19, 1919. 

REID, ALBAN DOUGLAS ; 577 Jarvis St., 
Toronto ; Salesman ; E. September '95, from 
Huron St. P.S., Toronto; aged 13-2; L. De- 
cember '97 ; son of George P. Reid, Gen'l Mgr., 
United Empire Bk., Toronto. Enlisted, Au- 
gust, 1914, 3rd Bn., 1st Bgde., Pte.; O.S., 
September; C. A. S. C. ; France, February, 
1915, with interruptions, Ypres, Festubert, 
Givenchy, Lens, Passchendaele ; R.F.C., Lt. ; 
75th Bn. ; G.S.W. shoulder, June, 1915 ; dis- 
charged February, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 


Western Elevator Co., and 827 Dorchester 
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.; B.; E. '04, from the 
Proprietary Sch., Winnipeg; aged 14-9; L. 
'06; son of A. C. Reid, Winnipeg; B.Sc, Mc- 
Gill '10; Contractor in Montreal. Enlisted 
August 1, 1916; R.N.A.S.. Sub. Lt.; O.S., Au- 
gust; R. N. A. S., Lt.; France, May, 1917; 
Patrol at Dover and Dunkirk ; Capt. ; A.F.C., 
September, 1918; Despatches, January 1, 
1919; ret'd from O.S., and discharged, June. 

April 22; Festubert, May; Givenchy, June; 
ret'd from O.S., on duty. July, 1916; 213th 
Bn., Lt., September; discharged, February, 

Merchant ; 77 Balkston Gardens, London S.W. 
5, England; B.; E. August '91, from London 
H.S. and Pte. Tuition ; aged 16-1 ; L. Easter 
'92; son of W. J. Reid, London, Ont.; 7th 
Regt. Fusiliers, Lt. Col., '07. ^nlisted ; O.S. 
September 23. 1914; Lt. Col. unatt'd, H.Q., 
C.E.F.; Officer Sub-Pay and Record Office, 
December; D.A.A.G., March, 1915; A.A. & 
Q.M.G., June, 1915; Director of Rectg. and 
Organization, July; Col., July; A|A.G., July; 
France, March, 1917; O.C, Base Trg. Depot, 
Etaples. March; ret'd to England, April, 
1918; C.M.G., June; Men. for valuable ser- 
vices, July; ret'd from O.S., September; dis- 
charged, October. 

REID, HECTOR GOWANS ; 577 Jarvis St., 
Toronto; E. September '95, from Harbord St., 
C.I., Toronto; aged 14-7; L. June '97; son of 
George P. Reid, Toronto ; R.M.C. '00 ; Commn 
in B. A. S. C. '00; service in South African 
War; seconded from Brit. Army for service 
in Canada '06; Australia '08; service in New 
Zealand '13, to date of New Zealand Div., 
proceeded to Egypt; Egypt, D.A.Q.M.G.; Bt. 
Lt. Col., France, January, 1916; Despatches 
(General Munro), July; Despatches (Sir 
Douglas Haig), December; Despatches, (Sir 
Douglas Haig), May, 1917; D.^.O., June; A. 
A. and ^.M.G., 37th Div., 1918; A.Q.M.G., 
France and Belgium, 1919; C.M.G.. January, 
1919; A.A. and Q.M.G., British Mission in 
Southern Russia, September. 

REID, ERIC ALASTAIR ; Clerk, Tor. Gen. 
Trusts Corpn.; 577 Jarvis St., Toronto; E. 
September '05, from Miss Saunders' Sch., 
Toronto ; aged 9-2 ; L. June '12 ; son of George 
P. Reid, TorDnto. Enlisted, August 22, 1914 ; 
3rd Can. Inf. Bn., 1st Bgde., Pte.; O.S., Sep- 
tember; France, February, 1915; Ypres, 

REID, JOHN YOUNG; Merchant; 329 
Wellington Cres., Winnipeg, Man.; E. Sep- 
tember '84, from the Model Sch., Toronto; 
aged 13-2 ; L. June '87 ; son of the late J. Y. 
Reid, Wholesale Stationer, 87 Pembroke St., 
Toronto; 79th Cameron Highlanders of Can- 
ada, Capt. Enlisted, June, 1915; 179th Bn. 
C.E.F., Major, 2nd ilC; Lt. Col., May, 1916; 


O.S., September; O.C., 179th Res., afterwards 
known as the 14th Can Res.; France, May, 
1917; O.C, 66th Labour Group, B.E.F.; 3rd 
Battle of Ypres, August; Menin Road, Au- 
gust; Passchendaele, October - November; 
Evacuation of Ypres Salient, April - May, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., three months leave, 
June 30, 1918; discharged, September 12. 

minion Orthopedic Hospital, B. ; E. Septem- 
ber '03, from Princetown P.S.; aged 13-11; 
L. June '07 ; son of J. E. Richardson, Aylmer ; 
B.A.Sc, '11; Div. Eng., B. C. Hydrographic 
Survey, Water Power Br., Dept. of Interior, 
Nelson, B.C. ; 107th Kooteney Regt., Lt. En- 
listed, January, 1916, 225th Bn., Lt.; Capt., 
August 1 ; O.S., September 26 ; Can. Engrs., 
Crowborough, Lt. ; France, June, 1917; 3rd 
Field Co., Can. Engrs., Lt. ; Hill 70, August 
15; wounded, August 15; M.C., January 1, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., June. 

c|o Mrs. R. Ross Sutherland, 933 Foul Bay 
Rd., Victoria, B.C. ; Med. Statf, D.S.C.R., Vic- 
toria; E. '76, from Model Sch., Toronto; aged 
15-1 ; L. '79 ; son of Dr. J. H. Richardson ('39 
'40). Clover Hill, Toronto; M.B. Univ. Tor. 
'86; M.C.P.S., Ont. B.C., N.W.T. and Y.T: 
G.G.B.G., Sergt., North West Rebellion, Q 
O.R. EnKsted, November, 1915; C.A.M.C. 
Capt.; O.S., April, 1916; France, May; 2nd 
C. Sta. Hosp., May-June; 1st CD.A.C, July 
Somme with 1st Can. Div.; 2nd Can. San 
Sec, October; all subsequent operations with 
2nd Can. Div.; Despatches, April, 1918 
march into Germany and subsequent occupa 
tion; Major, January, 1919; O.B.E., April 
ret'd from O.S., July; discharged, July 21. 

Box 225, Courtenay, B.C.; Asst. Dist. Engr., 
Department of Public Works, Province of B. 
C; E. September '00, from Collegiate Sch.. 
Victoria, B.C. ; aged 10 ; L. October '01 ; son 
of Major W. A. Richardson ('76-'79), 80 Em- 

press Cresc, Parkdale; Q.O.R., Pte., '09-*ll ; 
went to England with them '10. Enlisted, 
August, 1914, 3rd Bgde., C.F.A., Gnr. ; O.S., 
October; France, February 15, 1915; Neuve 
Chapelle (support only), March; 2nd Battle 
of Ypres, April-May ; Festubert, May ; Given- 
chy, June; Loos (Aux. attack by 8th Imperial 
Div. at Bois Grenier), September 25 ; Commn. 
in the field, December 23 ; Somme, August 
26 - 27, 1916; Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917; 
subsequent actions of Arleux, April 28; Or- 
derly Officer. 3rd Bgde., C.F.A., April; Fres- 
noy. May 3 ; Avion, June ; Lens, June-August ; 
Adjt. 3rd Bgde. C.F.A., August; Passchen- 
daele, October - November; Capt., January, 
1918; M.C. (for action at Fresnoy, May, 
1917) January 1; sick, January-April, 1918; 
Asst. Gunnery Intr., Can. Sch. of Gunnery, 
Witley; Gunnery Instr., August; ret'd from 
O.S., December 14, 1919; discharged, March 

gineer; 73 Grosvenor St., Toronto; E. '97, 
from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 10-3; L. 
December '98; Re-E., September '01, from 
St. Faith Sch., Cambridge. England; L. De- 
cember '01 ; son of Geoi-ge Ridout, Deer Park, 
Toronto; Grad. R.M.C. '07; Res. of Engr. 
Officers, Lt. EnHsted, August, 1914; 3rd 
Field Co., Can. Engrs., 1st Can. Div.; O.S., 
October; transf'd R.E., Lt., January 5, 1915; 
France. February 15, 1915 - December 16, 
1918; M.C; Despatches; ret'd from O.S., 
February, 1919; discharged May. 

S. Ross and Sons, Acountants, 10 Adelaide 
St. E., Toronto; E. '89, from Victoria P.S., 
Parkdale; L. '91; son of D. C. Ridout ('58-), 
Toronto. Enhsted April 20, 1915, CA.S.C, 
2nd Rly. Supply Detacht.. Lieut. ; O.S., April 
22; O.C, 2nd Rly. Supply Detacht., May 1; 
France, September 13; Capt., September 19; 
Master, November 27 ; Officer i|c Officers' Pay 
Dept., London, October 21, 1916 ; Major, Aug- 
ust 1, 1917; Despatches, September, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., September 17. 1919; dis- 
charged February 23, 1920. 



• l»bnto by Sx^aine 
* Photo by Elliott and Fry 

Road, Toronto; Law Student; E. '10-'15, from 
Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14-2; son of the 
iate C. H. Ritchie, K.C., Toronto; 10th Regt., 
R.G., Lt. Enlisted, December, 1915, 177th 
Bn.; R.N.A.S.; O.S., March, 1917; discharged 
as medically unfit owing to flying accident in 
England, March, 1920 ; ret'd from O.S., May. 

Student-at-Law ; 31 Springmount Ave., To- 
ronto ; B. ; E. September '02, from the Misses 
McKellar's Sch., Toronto; aged 10; L. June 
'08; son of George Ritchie, Toronto; Con- 
federation Life Assce. Co. '08 ; Meisterschaf t 
Sch. '09-'l ; Beatty, Blackstock & Co., Toron- 
to '12. Enlisted May 7, 1915 ; 2nd Divl. Cyc- 
lists, C.E.F., Pte.; O.S.. May; France, Sep- 
tember 13; Somme, Passchendaele, Vimy 
Ridge, later part of Arras; Commn., R.A.F., 
England, March 12, 1917; invalided from 
service, October 24, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
November 11. 

ROAF, HERBERT ELDON; Professor of 
Physiology; London Hosp. Coll., London, 
England; E. August '93, from Miss Walker's 
Sch., Toronto; aged 12-1; L. June '98 (Head 
Boy) ; son of James R. Roaf, K.C., Toronto; 
M.B., Univ. Tor. '02; Johnston Colonial Fel- 
low, Univ. Liverpool '02-'05; M.R.C.S., Eng- 
land '04; L.R.C.P. London '04; M.D. Univ. 
Tor. '05 ; British Med. Assn., Research Schol. 
'06; Hon. Sec'y Sec. Physiology, Brit. Med. 
Assn., Toronto '06 ; Lecturer on Physiology, 
St. Mary's Hosp. Med. Sch., London '11-; 
Lecturer on Physiology, St. Mary's Hosp. 
Med. Sch.. London '11-; Recorder Sec. of Phy- 
siology, Brit. Med. Assn., '08, 'lO-'ll, '12, '13, 
and '19. Enhsted, September 2, 1914; R.A.m'. 
C. (T.F.); Lt.; O.S. (Egypt), September 2; 
8th London Mounted Bgde., Field Amb., 
Capt., April 1, 1915; Pathologist to Citadel 
Mily. Hosp.. Cairo; 36th Sta., 39th Indian 
Gen. Hosps. ; Spec'l duty, No. 2, Prisoners of 
War Hosp., Cairo ; ret'd from O.S., January, 
3919; discharged. 

No. 1, Royal Oak, B.C.; Mining Engineer; 

E. '93, from Tor. Ch. Sch.; aged 14-5; L. '97; 
son of James R. Roaf, K.C., 95 King St., E., 
Toronto ; B.A.Sc. Univ. Tor. '01 ; Chief Engr.. 
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. '08-'10 ; Supt. Pac. 
Coast Coal Mines, S. Wellington, B.C., '12- 
'14; Corps of Guides, Lt. D.I.O. Mily. Dist., 
No. 11, 1915-1916; 4th Tunnelling Co., Major, 
O.C, 1916; raised one Regt. in Victoria and 
was engaged in raising a Tunnelling Co., but 
was sent O.S. with half the men he anticipat- 
ed, 1916; France, 1917; att'd 14th and 19th 
Corps, B.E.F.. Chief Engr.; O.B.E., June 3, 
1919; Despatches, 1919; ret'd from O.S. and 
discharged, July. 

ter; 618 A. Shaw St., Toronto; E. September 
'15-'16; from Belleville H.S.; aged 17; L. 
June '16 (James Scott Scholar.) ; son of Mrs. 
E. G. Roberts, Belleville, Ont. ; R.M.C., King- 
ston, Cadet. Enhsted August 22, 1917, 
Commn., R.F.A. ; 325th Bgde.. R.F.A. (Ire- 
land) 2nd Bgde. R.F.A. ; France, December 
31, 1917; 46th Bgde., 14th Div., R.F.A.; P. 
W., March 21, 1918; escaped from Lahr 
Prison Camp, September 21 ; recaptured 
later; repatriated, December; Lt., February, 
1919; ret'd from 0."S., October 25; R.O., 
October 28. 

Teller ; 107 Spadina Rd., Toronto ; E. Septem- 
ber '09, from St. Alban's Cath. Sch., Toronto ; 
aged 13~6 ; L. June '15 ; son of H. N. Roberts, 
Vice-Pres. of the Boiler Inspection Co. ; 10th 
R.G. Enlisted, May, 1917, R. A. F. ; Instr. 
Sec, Beamsville, Cpl., 1918; discharged, De- 
cember 11. 

C.H.A. ; Tete de Pont Barracks, Kingston, 
Ont.; B.; E. September '09, from New Col- 
lege, Vancouver; aged 17-8; L. June '11; son 
of W. P. Roberts, Vancouver, B.C. Enlisted. 
June 25, 1914; R.C.H.A., Lt.; O.S., August 
16, 1915; France, October; Somme, July 1- 
December 5, 1916; M.C., January 1, 1917; 



German retreat to IIinden))urg line, March; 
Capt., March; Hill 70, July - August, 1917; 
Cambrai, November-December ; retreat from 
St. Quentin, March 21, 1918; wounded, March 
30; ret'd from 0. S., December 14; Permt. 

Major, 2nd Bn., 81st Pioneers, c|o Messrs. 
King, King & Co., Bankers, St. Thomas' 
Mount, Bombay, India; E. July '92, from 
Harbord C.I., Toronto ; aged 16 ; L. June '98 ; 
son of the late H. S. Robertson ('52), Toron- 
to; R. M. C, Kingston '02; 61st Prince of 
Wales Own Pioneers, India, 1st Lt. '03; Capt. 
'11; German East Africa, October, 1914; 
Battle of Tanga, October, 1914 ; Compliment- 
ed by General Kitchener, Brit. Insp. General ; 
Despatches (Gen. Smuts) for good work in 
pioneering; severe illness. Trench Fever; 
Major, April, 1917; ret'd from O.S. (sick 
leave), April; ret'd to India, June. 

291 .snerbourne St., Toronto; Trustee and 
Sub-editor, Evening Telegram ; E. November 
'88 from St. Luke's Sch., Toronto; aged 10- 
11; L. December '90; son of the late A. J. 
Robertson ('52-'59), Toronto. O.S., as Press 
Correspondent, Evening Telegram, January. 
1915; visited the camps in England and later 
the "Naval Bases", "Grand Fleet", "munition 
works" etc., through the assistance of the 
Brit. Govt.; visited the front on 12 different 
occasions; Grand Fleet, July, 1917; Vimy, 
October; Ypres (Brit. Army), November; 
Brenta, Piave, Alps, etc., (Ital. Army), Janu- 
ary, 1918; Montello (Brit. Army), January; 
Venice (Brit. Navy), January; Lorraine 
(Amer. Army), April; Pernes and Arras 
(Can. Corps), May; ret'd from O.S., July. 

sician; 379 Spadina Ave., Toronto; E. Sep- 
tember '05, from Pickering Coll. ; aged 13-6 ; 
L. Easter '09; son of James M. Robertson, 
Mgr. U.C. Tract Society, 14 Lonsdale Rd., 
Toronto ; M.B. Univ. Tor. '18. Enlisted, May 

6, 1918; C.A.M.C, Lt.; O.S., September 25; 
Capt. May, 1919; ret'd from O.S., September 
27, 1919. 

and Real Estate; Greene & Robertson, Hope 
Cambers, Ottawa; E. September '97-, from 
Harbord St.. C.I., Toronto ; aged 12-2 ; L. June 
'00; son of the late A. J. Robertson, Toronto; 
Accountant, Bank of Montreal, St. Roch, 
Que. Enlisted, November, 1914, 8th Royal 
Rifles, Quebec, 23rd Bn., Lt. ; O.S., February 
22, 1915 ; France, May 2 ; 14th Bn. (R.M.R.) ; 
3rd Bgde., C.F.A., Capt., Paymaster, October 
War Record Office, Can. Corps, Capt., Au- 
gust, 1917; brought to notice of Sec. of State 
for War, for valuable services, Gazette ; ret'd 
from O.S., December, 1918; discharged, Feb- 
ruary 9, 1919. 

Staff, Evening Telegram; 119 St. George St., 
Toronto; B.; E. '95, from the Model Sch., 
Toronto ; L. June '99 ; son of the late J. Ross 
Robertson ('50 and '54-'58), Toronto; B. A. 
Oxford (Brasenose Coll.) '04; 9th Missis- 
sauga Horse. Enlisted, January, 1916 ; 170th 
Bn., Lt. ; discharged, as medically unfit, Aug- 
ust, 1916. 

Surgeon; 143 College St., Toronto. E. '99, 
from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14; L. 
June '02; son of the late A. J. Robertson, To- 
ronto; B.A. Univ. Tor. '07; M.B. Univ. Tor. 
'09; Junr. Visiting Surgeon, Hosp. for Sick 
Children ; Visiting Orthopedic Surgeon, Home 
for Incurable Children; Asst. Demonstrator, 
Pathology, Univ. Tor. Enlisted, August 5, 
1914; C.A.M.C, 2nd C. C. C. S., Lt.; Capt., 
April, 1915; O.S., April 17; France, Septem- 
ber 17; Major, April, 1917; Messines, June; 
Passchendaele ; ret'd from 0. S. February, 

wood, Edgewater, N. J., U.S.A. ; E. September 


ROSS. D. A. 


* ROGERS. J. B. 



♦ Fhoto by Elliott ana Fry 


'05, from Cravleigh Sch., Surrey; aged 10-8; 
L. January '06; son of Sir John Beverley 
Robinson, Bart ('59-'65), Edgewater, N.J., 
69th Batty., C.F.A., C.E.F., Gnr. 

liam Robinson Co., Selkirk, Man. ; B. ; E. 
September '01, from Carleton P.S., Winnipeg; 
aged 12-9 ; L. June '03 ; son of Capt. W. Rob- 
inson, Winnipeg. Enlisted, August 15, 1915 ; 
R.N.A.S., Sub. Lt., Commn., December 14; 
O.S., January 14, 1916; Italy and Malta; R. 
N. A. S., Lt., March, 1917; R. A. F., Capt., 
Spring, 1918; Prisoner of Arabs in Tripoli, 
July 17, 1917-February 10, 1919; Croix de 
Guerre ; ret'd from O.S., and discharged, July, 

facturer; c|o the Rogers-Frankfort Co. Ltd., 
118 Richmond St., W., Toronto; E. '99, from 
the Model Sch., Toronto ; aged 14-9 ; L. '00 ; 
son of James E. Rogers, Toronto; Q.O.R., 
Lt. Enlisted, August 10, 1914, 3rd Can. Bn. ; 
O.S., December 22;France, February 8, 1915; 
Capt. April; 2nd Battle of Ypres, April; 
Festubert, May ; Givenchy, June ; Despatches 
(L.G. 29422), January 1, 1916; Major, June; 
Mt. Sorel, Ypres, June; Somme, September; 
Lt.-Col., October; M.C. (L.G. 29438), Novem- 
ber 29; Vimy Ridge. April, 1917; Arleux and 
Fresnoy, May; D.S.O. (L.G. 30188), July 18, 
1917; Passchendaele, November; Despatches, 
(L.G. 30448), December 28; Amiens, August 
8, 1918; Bourlon Wood, September; Cambrai, 
October; Bar to D.S.O. , December 2; Des- 
patches, December 12; Pursuit of enemy to 
Germany, December; C.M.G. ; ret'd from O.S., 
April 23, 1919; discharged, July. 

Way, Winnipeg, Man.; Insurance Agent; B.; 
E. September '01, from Carleton P.S., Winni- 
peg; aged 12-4; L. June '06; son of the Hon. 
Robert Rogers, Minister of Public Works, 
Winnipeg, Man. ; 34th Fort Garry Horse, Lt. 
Enlisted, March. 1916; Service Sqdn., Fort 

Garry Horse; Orderly Officer to G.O.C., Camp 
Hughes, May; O.S., January, 1917; A.D.C to 
G. 0. C, commdg. O.S. Forces of Canada; 
France, June-July, 1917; Staff Officer, Janu- 
ary, 1918; transf'd C.R.T., March; France, 
March - November, 1918; Amiens advance, 
1918; gen'l operations thereafter; ret'd from 
O.S., and discharged, December; Capt., Fort 
Garry Horse. 

and Civil Engineer; 710 Electric Ry. Cham- 
bers, Winnipeg, Man.; part time B. (3 yrs.) ; 
E, January '89, from Vancouver Sch.; aged 
11-2; L. June '94; son of the late Hon. A. W. 
Ross, M.P., Vancouver, B.C.; B.A. Univ. Coll. 
Tor. '98; Memb., Eng. Inst, of Can. Royal 
Arch. ; Mem. Manitoba Assoc, of Archs. ; 34th 
Fort Garry Horse, Capt.; O.C. Depot, Lord 
Strathcona's Horse (R. C), Capt.; Major, 
June, 1915; D. A. A. Q. M. G., Camp Hughes, 
1915-16; O.A.A. and Q.M.G., M.D. 10, Novem- 
ber, 1916 - July, 1918; transf'd R.O., C.E.F., 
July 10, 1918 

Law. 61 Madison Ave., Toronto, and Hartfell, 
Erindale, Ont. ; E. September '08, from Dew- 
son St. P.S., Toronto; aged 9-10; L. June '16; 
son of J. L. Ross, K.C., Toronto. Enlisted, 
November 6, 1916 ; 67th Batty., C.F.A., Gnr. ; 
O.S., March 20, 1917; 4th Res. Batty., Shorn- 
cliffe. Signaller; France, October 14; 11th 
Batty., C.F.A., Gnr. and Signaller; Passchen- 
daele ; Arras, April, 1918 ; Amiens, August 8 ; 
Drocourt - Queant, September 2; vi^ounded, 
September 2; ret'd from O.S., February 12, 
1919; discharged, May 4. 

ROSS, JAMES WELLS; Mayo Clinic, 
Rochester, Minn., U.S.A.; E. September '03, 
from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 13-1; 
L. June '07; son of the late Dr. J. F. W. Ross 
('72-'75), Toronto; Grad. R.M.C. (with hon- 
ours) '10; M.B. Univ. Tor. (war Degree); 
Council also given, '15; 9th Batty., C.F.A., 
Lt. Enlisted, September 22, 1914 ; 9th Batty. 
C.E.F.. Lt. ; O.S., September 22; Capt. C.F.A:, 
October; France, February 10, 1915; Ypres, 


SAER. E. H. 



April 22; slightly wounded, September 25; 
G.A.M.C., January, 1916; Sanctuary Wood, 
June; No. 16 C.G.H., Orpington, November, 
2; Granville Spec. Hosp., October 25; Major, 
November 17; No. 12 G.H.. Bramshott, Feb- 
ruary 1, 1918; ret'd from O.S., November 11 ; 
discharged, April, 1919. 

Lang and Ross, Engineers and Surveyors ; 55 
Summit Ave., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. ; E. '98, 
from the Model Sch., Toronto ; aged 14-1 ; 
L. June '02; son of D. G. Ross; B.A.Sc. '06. 
Enlisted April, 1916; 227th En., Lt.; Capt., 
October; 0. S., April, 1917; Major, June, 
1918; France, July; att'd for duty to R.A.F., 
Aerodrome construct. ; ret'd from O.S., Janu- 
ary 6, 1919; discharged, January 21. 

of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass., U. S. A.; 
Master in the Preparatory School, '09-'ll; 
June '11 ; son of Stephen Rossiter, Crompton, 
Ont.; E. St. Thomas C.I.; Trin. Coll., Tor.; 
B.A. Univ. Tor. (Trin. Coll.) '09; Asst. at 
Appleby Sch. '11-'12, '14-'15; Business, Win- 
nipeg, '12-'13; Toronto Star '13-'14; 20th 
Halton Rifles, Lt. Enlisted, July 15, 1915; 
76th Bn., Lt. and Adjt.; O.S., April 23, 1916; 
Capt., May, 1916; Major and Adjt., 3rd Res. 
Bn. ; Major, 36th Bn., September, 1916 ; West 
Sandling Camp; France, December 20, 1916; 
49th Bn., December, 1916 - February. 1917; 
att'd 4th Imp. Div., July-September, 1917; 
H. Q. XVII Corps (Imperial), September 
]917-September, 1918; ret'd from O.S., De- 
cember 5, 1918; discharged, December 15. 

ed September 4, 1914 ; C.A.M.C. ; O.S., June 8, 
1915 ; R.A.M.C, Lt., June; France, September 
6; 12th Motor Amb. Convoy, 113th Field 
Amb., 180th Bgde., R.F.A., 77th Army Bgde., 
R.F.A. ; Loos, September; Capt., June, 1916; 
Somme, September; Wytschaete-Messines, 
June. 1917; Ypres, July-October; Cambrai, 
October - November; German Offensive, 
March, 1918; Despatches, June; Amiens, 
Arras, Valenciennes to Novmber; ret'd from 
O.S., December 10 ; discharged, December 17. 

C.F.A., Lt. Enlisted, June, 1915, 30th Batty., 
C.F.A., Sergt. ; 41st Batty., 8th Bgde., C.F.A., 
Lt., October; 0. S., February, 1916; llth 
Bgde., C.F.A., May, 1916; France, July; 40th 
Batty., April, 1917 ; all engagements in which 
Can. Corps were engaged July, 1916-Novem- 
ber, 1918; M.C., October, 1918; ret'd from 
O.S.. March 1, 1919 ; discharged, April. 

ROYCE. HENRY THOMAS ; Physician, 782 
West End Ave., New York, U.S.A.; B.; E. 
'98, from Toronto Jen. Sch.; aged 17-10; L. 
'Ok; son of Allan Royce, Davenport P. 0.; 
M.D.C.M., Trin. Coll. '06; F.T.M.C; M.C. 
P.S., Ont.; Adjunct Surgeon, Women's Hosp. 
Capt. R.A.M.C, October 1918; sent to Eng- 
land by British War Commission of Wash- 
ington, D.C.; ret'd December 20, 1918. 

M.C; 10th R.G., Lt. Enlisted, August 13, 
1914, 9th Batty., C.F.A., Lt.; O.S., October 
1 ; France, February 14, 1915 ; Neuve Cha- 
pelle, March 10 ; St. Julien, April 23 ; wound- 
ed; Despatches, June 22; ret'd from O.S.; 
Capt.. October 23; 8th Bgde., C.F.A., Adjt., 
January 6, 1916; O.S. (2nd time), February 
5, 1916; France, July 14; 31st Batty., CF.A., 
Capt.; Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917; AjMajor, 
July 6; Passchendaele, November; Despat- 
ches, Hill 70, December ; Arras, March 28 and 
August 26, 1918; Drocourt Queant, Canal du 
Nord, Cambrai, Mons ; ret'd from O.S., March 
31, 1919; discharged, June 3; Despatches, 
Mons, July 11, 1919. 

'06; 10th Regt. R.G., Lt. Enlisted, Decem- 
ber 6, 1915; 123rd Bn., Lt.; Capt.; O.S., Aug- 
ust 8, 1916; France, March 10, 1917; Vimy 
Ridge, April 9; Despatches, June, 1918; 2nd 
Eng. Reserve Bn. (England), August 1; Pas- 
schendaele, November; ret'd from O.S., De- 
cember 14; discharged, December 31. 

'96 ; Junr. Asst. Surgeon, Tor. Gen, Hosp. and 
Sick Children's Hosp. '13; C 0. T. C Univ. 
Tor., Capt. Enlisted, November, 1914; No. 


4 C.G.H., C.A.M.C, C.E.F., Major; OS., May 
35, 1915; France, October; Salonica, Novem- 
ber; Lt. Col., December 16, 1916; ret'd from 
O.S., January, 1917; A.D.M.S., M.D. No. 2, 
April 12; resigned, November 4, 1918; Secy., 
Med. Fac, 1919. 

Can. Field Amb., Capt. ; O.S., March ; France, 
May 1 ; fracture of skull, July 11 ; ret'd from 
O.S., October; M.O. and later O.C, Ogden 
Mily. Conval. Hosp., Calgary, November 
1916-November, 1918; discharged, November 
11, 1918. 

sician and Surgeon, 304 King St. W., Dundas, 
Ont. ; B. ; E. September '85, from St. Cathar- 
ines C.I. ; aged 15-4 ; L. June '87 ; son of the 
late J. C. Rykert, K.C., M.P., St. Catharines ; 
B.A. Univ. Tor. '92 ; M.B. Univ. Tor. '93 ; M. 
D., CM. Trin. Coll. Tor. '93 ; M.R.C.S.E. ; L . 
R.C.P., London, '95; ex-M.P.P. Wentworth N., 
Genl. E., June 29. 1914; "K" Co., Q.O.R., Pte., 
'87-'92. Enlisted, December, 1915, 176th Bn., 
Niagara Rangers, C.E.F., Capt., M.O.; O.S., 
April 28, 1917; 12th Res. Bn., C.A.M.C. De- 
pot; C. Conval. Hosp., Bearwood, Reading; 
No. 5 C H., Liverpool; France, August 1, 
1918; No. 1 C.G.H., Trouville; ret'd from 0. 
S., March 3, 1919 ; discharged April 20. 

Bell Shoe Co., 2815 McKinney Ave., Dallas, 
Texas, U.S.A. ; E. September '10, from Bishop 
Stortford Coll., England; aged 16-2; L. June 
'12 (Leonard McLaughlin Schol.) ; son of 
Revd. J.-B. Saer, Toronto; Trin. Coll., Toron- 
to; '12-'13; Law Student '13; 12th Regt., 
York Rangers, Lt. Enlisted, November, 
1914, 35th Bn., C.E.F., Lt. ; O.S., October, 
1915 ; France, May 22, 1916; 22nd Batty., 6th 
Bgde., 2nd Div., C.E.F.; Capt., 1st Heavy 
Batty., C.E.F. ; seriously wounded, August; 
ret'd from O.S., October; Mily. Instr. (with 
permission of Govt.), South Western Univ., 
Dallas, Texas, winter, 1917-1918 ; discharged, 
1918; Ont. Bar., May 22, 1919. 

and Surgeon, 602 1st St. E., Calgary, Alta. ; 
E. '73, from a Pte. Sch.. Toronto; aged 11; 
L. '76 ; son of the late Revd. Canon A. Sanson, 
Toronto; Q.O.R., Cpl.; R. N. W. M. P., Asst. 
Surgeon. Enlisted, January, 1916; No. 8, 

SAUERBREI, CLAUDE ; B. ; E.September 
'12, from Elmhurst Sch., S. Croydon, Eng- 
land; aged 14-11 ; L. June '13 ; son of J. Sauer- 
brei, Toronto ; 94th Bn., L.-Cpl. 

E. September '12, from Elmhurst Sch., S. 
Croydon, England; aged 13-3; L. June '13; 
son of J. Saurbrei, Mgr., C. N. R., Hotel 
Krausman, Toronto ; 94th Bn., C.E.F. 

Canadian Bank of Commerce, Toronto; and 
213 Poplar Plains Road; E. '08-'17; R.M.C. 
Enlisted; C.F.A., Lt.; O.S., August 27, 1918; 
Witley and Borden Camps, England; ret'd 
from O.S., and discharged, December 26. 

STONE; Banker, Morris, Minn., U.S.A.; B.; 
E. '04, from St. Matthew's Mily. Sch.; aged 
11-8; L. '10; son of W.E.G. Saunders, Laton, 
Fresno Co., Cal. ; Bow Island, Alta., '12 ; Univ. 
Chicago. Enlisted, August 27, 1917; U.S. 
Army, Fort Luelling, Minn., 1st Lt., Novem- 
ber 27 ; assigned to Camp Dodge, 352nd Inf., 
88th Div. ; discharged, January 19, 1919. 

Loan Dept., Bankers Bond and Mortgage 
Guaranty Co., Fort Dodge, Iowa, U.S.A. ; B. ; 
E. September '07; aged 11-2; L. February 
'13 ; s.on of William E. G. Saunders, Emmets- 
burg, Iowa, Lawi'enceville '13; Leland Stan- 
ford Jr. Univ. '16; U.C.C. Rifle Coi^s, Capt. 
Enhsted, May. 1917; S. S. U. 58-61st Div., 
French Army; O.S., June, 1917; France, July; 
ret'd from 0. S., December; transf'd from 


* Photo by Lambert, Weston & Son, Iiimited 
* Photo by Swalne. 


?.13th Field Signal Bn. to 3rd Officers' Trg. 
Sch. ; 350th Inf. ; 4th Regt. Inf. Rep. Troops, 
Camp Pike, Ark.; Small Arms Firing Sch., 
Camp Perry, O. ; discharged, December, 1918. 

hattan Ave.. Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A.; B. ; E. 
September '95, from Bayside P.S. ; aged 13-1 ; 
L. June '97 ; son of Kate A. Sayers, Bayside, 
L.I., N.Y. Enlisted, November 19, 1915, 36th 
Regt., Lt.; transf'd 201st Regt., Lt., Febru- 
ary 10, 1916; transf'd 204th Regt., April; 
Capt., November 23, 1917; O.S., March; ret'd 
from 0. S. and struck off strei.gth, June; 
appt'd 1st Depot Bn., 2nd C.O.R., Lt., October 
71 ; resigned, November 30 ; R.O. 

Banker; 34 Rowanwood Ave., Toronto; E. 
'98, from the Model Sch., Toronto ; aged 13- 
10; L. June '01; son of the late James L. 
Scarth, Toronto. Enlisted, April 11, 1916, 
69th Batty., C.F.A., C.E.F., Lt.; O.S., Oc- 
tober; Res. Bgde. C.F.A.; France, March 1, 
1917; 1st Div. C.F.A., 8th Army Bgde.; Vimy 
Ridge, Hill 70, Amiens, Cambrai, Valen- 
ciennes, Mons; wounded, October, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., July, 1919; discharged, September 

WOOD BROOK; Oakhurst, Clarkson, Ont.; 
E. January '07, from Erindale P.S. ; aged 12; 
L. Easter '07 ; son of H. H. Schreiber, Toron- 
to. Enlisted, November 9, 1914, 29th Bn., 
Vancouver, Pte. ; O.S., May 20, 1915; France, 
September 17; St. Eloi, April 1-19, 1916; 
P. W., April 19 ; escaped from Germany (4th 
attempt), December 19, 1917; ret'd from 0. 
S., March 20, 1918; discharged, April 13. 

SCOTT, ALLAN LYALL ; 154 Gottingham 
St., Toronto; B.; E. '94, from Nevv^market 
H.S.; aged 16-4; L. '95; son of T. Scott, 
Sutton W.; Stock broker; G.G.B.G. En- 
listed, August, 1914; C.M.Rs, Lt.; transf'd 

Canadian Remount Depot, Ramsay, Hants, 
June 1, 1915 - January, 1916; Fort Garry 
Horse, January, 1916; France, January-No- 
vember, 1916; Somme, July 1-October 1; 
ret'd from O.S., October 4, 1918; discharged, 
February, 1919. 

Engineer; 9825, 106th St., Edmonton, Alta.; 
B.; E. September '01, from Calgary P.S.; 
L. June '04; son of the Hon. Mr. Justice 

D. L. Scott, Calgary; R.M.C. '07; R.O., Lt. 
Enlisted, August 28, 1914, 1st M.M.G. Bgde.. 
Lt. ; O.S., October; France, June, 1915; Ob- 
servatory Ridge, June, 1916; Somme; Capt. 
July 5; Major, October 28; Despatches, Janu- 
ary 2, 1917; Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Passchen- 
daele; Despatches, December 28; D. S. 0., 
January 2, 1918; 4th Bn., Lt. Col. and O.C, 
February 22; Amiens, Cambrai, Arras, Val- 
enciennes; Croix de Guerre, August 8; 4th 
Can. Div., Divl. M.G. Officer, Septembr; Des- 
patches, December 31 ; ret'd from O.S., June, 
1919 ; discharged, June 16 ; R.O. ; Despatches, 
July 11; 13th C.M.G. Bgde. (Can. Militia), 
O.C, November; Res. Bgde., February, 1920. 

Student, Univ. Tor. ; 61 College St., Toronto. 

E. September '15, from Jarvis St., C.I., Toron- 
to; aged 17-4; L. June '17; s,on of F.J. Scott, 
Toronto. Enlisted April 25, 1918, 1st Bn., 
Can. Tank Corps, Pte.; O.S., June 3; 2nd 
C.C.D. (Khaki Coll.) Ripon, January, 1919; 
ret'd from O.S., July 27; discharged July 

Hon. Mr. Justice Scott, 1925, 106th St., Ed- 
monton, Alta. ; B. E. '99, from Pte. Sch., Cal- 
gary, aged 14; L. June '02; son of the Hon. 
Mr. Justice Scott, Calgary, Alta.; McGill 
Coll., Medicine '07; C.A.M.C, Capt., on duty 
m hosp. in France, B.E.F. ; No. 8, Can. Field 
Amb. ; Major; M.C. 

Haro Street, Vancouver, B.C. ; B. ; E. Septem- 
ber '09, from Lord Roberts' Sch., Vancouver ; 


aged 12-9 ; L. '15 ; son of J. H. Senkler, K.C. 
('82-'85), Vancouver, B. C. ; R. M. C. '15. 
Strathcona's Horse, Lt., Camp Hughes, Man. ; 
discharged as medically unfit. 

B.; E. September '98, from McGill Coll. Sch.; 
aged 18; L. June '00; son of Thomas A. 
Sharpe, Agassiz, B.C.; B.Sc. (Mining En- 
gineer) McGill '05; D. L. S., Calgary '14. 
Enlisted, September 21, 1915, 72nd Bn., Pte.; 
2nd Tunnelling Coy., January 6, 1916; O.S., 
January 23; France, March 11; 1st Tunnell- 
ing Coy., July; 7th Bn. C.E.F., July, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., July 27, 1919; R.O., C.E.F.. 
August 7. 

Ave., Toronto; E. September '12, from St. 
Michael's Coll., Toronto; L. March '14; son 
of J. J. Shea, Toronto ; Trg. at Newport News, 
Va., for R.N.A.S. 

SHEARD, JOSEPH LOUIS; Barrister-at- 
Law; 186 Bedford Road, Toronto; E. Septem- 
ber '03, from the Model Sch., Toronto; L. 
June '07; son of Dr. Charles Sheard, M.P. 
('69-'74), Toronto; B.A. Univ. Tor. '11. En- 
listed, April 6, 1916, C.A.S.C, Lt.; 1st Depot 
Bn., 1st C.O.R., Lt., January 28, 1918; O.S., 
February 6; R.G.A., Cadet, March 19; 2nd 
Lt., November 2; discharged, January 28, 
1919; ret'd from O.S., February 28. 

SHEARD, PAUL; Architect, 314 Jarvis 
St., Toronto; E. '03, from the Model Sch., 
Toronto; aged 14-10; L. '07; son of Dr. 
Charles Sheard, M.P. ('69-'74), Toronto; B. 
A.Sc, Architecture, '16. Enlisted, Septem- 
br 9, 1915, C.A.S.C, 3rd Divl. Train., Lt. 
O.S., December 20; France, January, 1916 
Ypres, June 2; Somme Offensive, September 
ret'd from 0. S., April, 1917; discharged, 
March, 1918. 

Toronto; E. '01, from Jarvis St. C.L, Toron- 
to; aged 17-1; L. '04; son of Henry Sheard, 
Architect, Toronto; M.B., Univ. Tor. '08; M. 
R.C.S.E.; L.R.C.P., London; C.A.M.C., Camp 
Niagara, June, 1914; reported for duty, Au- 
gust, 1914; detailed as M.O. ijc sanitation. 
Long Branch concentration camp; mobilisa- 
tion Centre, M.D. No. 2, for medical examina- 
tion of recruits, 1915; M.O. i[c mobilisation 
centre, M.D. No. 2, also with med. boards. 
Camp Borden, 1916; British and Cdn. Miss. 
U.S.A., 1917; in New York; transf'd to 
Philadelphia ijc med. examination of re- 
cruits; Toronto, on med. boards, demobiliza- 
tion of troops, 1918; transf'd Quebec, Clear- 
ing Service Command, M.O. duties on Mily. 
transports and troop trains, 1919; discharg- 
ed, July. 

SHEARD, TERENCE ; Student, Magdalen 
Coll., Oxford; 314 Jarvis St., Toronto; E. '10, 
from the Model Sch.; aged 12-7; L. '14; son 
of Dr. Charles Sheard, M.P. ('69-'74), Toron- 
to. O.S., January, 1917. Enlisted, Febru- 
ary, Cobourg Heavy Batty., Lt. ; att'd 5th 
Divl. T. M. Bgde., April, 1918; France, April; 
Amiens, Mons, Cambrai; Army of Occupa- 
tion, Germany ; ret'd from O.S., and discharg- 
ed, June, 1919. 

koka Mily. Hosp. ; E. September '01, from 
Church St. P.S., Toronto; aged 11-5; L. June 
'06; son of the late E. E. Sheppard, Editor 
"Saturday Night," Toronto; 2nd yr. Arts, 
Univ. Tor. '08; Mgr. ana Editor, "The Van- 
couver Sun", "Sunset" ; 72nd Seaforth High- 
landers of Canada, Lt. Enlisted, August 4, 
1915; 72nd Bn., C,E.F., att'd to R.F.C.; i96th 
Univ. Bn., Capt, April, 1916; O.S., October; 
France, March, 1917; Flying umcer Observer, 
52nd Squadron, R.F.C. ; Belgium, July, 1917; 
ret'd from O.S., December; discharged, Janu- 
ary, 1919 ; still under treatment for war disa- 

Ogistoh Apts., Cor. Church and Isabella Sts., 

countant, Canadian Bank of Commerce, Col- 


Photo by Elliott and Pry 


lege St. and Dovercourt Road., Toronto; E. 
^larch '06, from Parkdale C.I. ; aged 16-9; 
L. June '06 ; son of S. T. Sheppard, Toronto ; 
Q.O.R., Pte. Enlisted, August 22. 1914, 3rd 
In., Pte.; R.C.H.A., Gnr., August 26; O.S., 
September 30; Res. Bgde., C.F.A.; France, 
July, 1915; R. C. H. A., Bdr.; Somme, 1916; 
ret'd from O.S., January 22, 1919; discharg- 
ed, February 10. 

son of E. G. Sills, Belleville; 49th Hastings 
Rifles, Capt. and Adjt. Enlisted, November 
14, 1914, 21st Can. Inf. Bn., Capt. ; O.S., May 
6, 1915 ; France, September 15 ; St. Eloi, Mont 
Sorel, Somme, Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Passchen- 
daele ; 3rd Can. Inf. Bgde., Staff Capt., Janu- 
ary 18, 1917; Major, H.^. Staff ; D.S.O., Janu 
ary 1, 1918 ; ret'd from U.S., May 6. 1919 ; dis- 
charged. May 9, 1919. 

'03; 5th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards, 
Major. EnHsted, September, 1914, R.C.D., 
Lt. ; O.S., September; France, May 4, 1915; 
Capt., R.C.D., October 15; 52nd Can. Inf. Bn., 
June 25, 1916; H.Q.O.M.F.C, London, Decem- 
ber 22; A.M.S., January, 1917; Mentioned 
by Sec'd of State for War, August; Order 
of St. Stanislans 3rd Class (with Swords), 
Russia, February, 1918; Major Man. Regt., 
April 18 ; ret'd from O.S., September 25, 1919. 

Mechanic, P.O. Box 1506, Victoria, B.C. ; B. ; 
E. September '89, from St. Paul's, Esquimalt, 
B.C.; aged 12-6; L. June '91; son of Thomas 
Shotbolt, Victoria, B.C. Enlisted, April 14, 
1916; Mily. Police, Pte., att'd 201st, Cdn. 
Buffs ; transf 'd 198th Cdn. Buffs ; disabled in 
left hand while in Canada; discharged, Feb- 
ruary 19, 1917. 

Checker, C.P.R.; 238 Evelyn Ave. W., To- 
ronto. B. ; E. September '12, from Gait P.S. ; 
aged 13-7; L. June '17 (Mason Silver Medal) ; 
son of T. F. Shurly, Elmira, Ont. Enlisted, 
July, 1917, R.F.C., Cadet; 2nd Lt., December 
19; O.S., January 6, 1918; Lt, April 1; R.A. 
F., April 1 ; France, August ; Army of Occu- 
pation, Cologne, Germany, December; ret'd 
from O.S., June 9, 1919; discharged, June 12. 

SIME, ADAM WATSON-; Chemical Engr., 
212 Heath St. W., Toronto; E. September '05, 
from Edinburgh Academy ; aged 13-5 ; L. 
June '10 (Mason Silver Medal) ; son of 
Thomas Watson Sime, C.A., Toronto; B.A. 
Sc, Univ. Tor. '14; Q.O.R., Pte. Enlisted. 
March, 1915, 35th Bn., M.G. Sec, Lt. ; O.S., 
October; France, March, 1916; 8th Bgde., M. 
G.C.; Ypres Salient, Sanctuary Wood, Zille- 
beke, etc.; wounded and P.W. at Zillebeke; 
ret'd from O.S., April, 1919; A.D.C. to Lt.- 
Govr. of Ontario. November, 1919; discharg- 
ea, January, 1920 ; Major, 12th York Rangers 
:»^anadian Muitia). 

SIMS, HENRY BUETH; Civil Engineer; 
Prescott, Ont. E. September '87, aged 15- 
10 ; L. July '89 ; son of Mrs. H. A. Sims, Pres- 
cott, Ont. ; Univ. Penn. '89-'90 ; B.A.Sc, Univ. 
Tor. '95; Engr. Dept., C. P. R., July '96; 
Draughtsman, Bridge Inspector, Asst. Engin- 
eer, Rest. Engineer, and Asst. Divl. Engr., 
British Columbia Div., Vancouver, B.C. ; "K" 
Co. Q.O.R., Pte.; 4th Field Co. Cdn. Engrs., 
Lt. Enlisted. September 23, 1915, C.O.S. Ry. 
Constr. Corps, Lt. ; O.S., November 23 ; att'd 
Engr. Dept., N.E.Rly., January, 1916 ; France, 
July 1 ; 2nd Army ; Somme ; Capt., July 24, 
^917; 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 1st Armies, 1917-1918; 
Hosp., No. 32, C.C.S., January 22, 1919; 
evacuated to England, March 17 ; discharged. 
May 13; ret'd from O.S., September 3; dis- 
charged, September 10. 

SILLS, JOHN HAM; Manufacturer; Box 
916, Trenton, Ont.; B.; E. Easter '97, from 
Belleville H.S. ; aged 15-6 ; L. December '99 ; 

rister, 8 King Edward St., Oxford, and 5 
North Sherbourne St., Toronto; E. January 




'05, from Harrow House Sch., Halifax; aged 
9-5; L. June '13; son of Angus Sinclair. C.E.. 
Toronto; Univ. Tor., Arts, '17; 48th High- 
landers, Lt. Enlisted, July, 1915 ; 92nd Bn., 
Lt.; O.S., November; 43rd Res. Bn., Decem- 
ber; 17th Res. Bn., February, 1916; France, 
March 19th; 15th Bn. (48th Highlanders), 
March; during short periods with 1st En- 
trenching Bn. and Corps H.Q., i|c a laundry; 
wounded, April 1 ; Trench Fever, March 31. 
1917; 12th Res. Bn., July; Canal du Nord, 
September 27, 1918, to Armistice; Influenza, 
November 12; ret'd from O.S., December; 
discharged, January, 1919. 

way Contractor, 3 North Sherbourne St., 
Toronto; E. January '05, from Harrow House 
Sch., Halifax; aged 13; L. June '10; son of 
Angus Sinclair, C.E., Toronto; B.A. Univ. 
Tor. '15; 48th Highlanders, Lt. Enlisted, 
August 19, 1914, 15th Bn., 1st C. E. F.; 
transf'd 13th Bn. (R.H.C.), September; O.S., 
October; France, February 9, 1915; 2nd 
Battle of Ypres, April; Festubert, May; 
wounded. May 20; Capt., September; wound- 
ed. May 17, 1916; 3rd Battle of Ypres, June; 
v/ounded (Zillebeke), June 4; Major, October; 
Vimy Ridge, April, 1917; wounded, April; 
Hill 70. August; M.C., Hill 70, August 15; 
Arras, April, 1918; Amiens, August; Cam- 
brai, September-October; D.S.O., September 
27; Despatches twice; Lt. Col., March, 1919: 
ret'd from O.S., April 21 ; discharged May 21 ; 
rank of demobilisation, Lt. Col., Comdg. 13th 
Can. Bn., The Royal Highlanders of Canada. 

102 Castle Frank Road, Toronto ; E. '95. from 
Huron St. P.S., Toronto; aged 14-4; L. '99; 
son of R. Angus Sinclair, C.E., Toronto ; for- 
merly on the C.N.Rly., Parry Sound ; Lt. 48th 
Highlanders, January, 1916; 134th Bn. 

Ave., Toronto; E. October '07, from Jarvis 
St. C.I.. Toronto; aged 15-6; L. June '09; 

son of John Skaith, Toronto; B.A.Sc, Univ. 
Tor. '14; C.O.T.C; Imperial Army, Lt., May, 
1917; Royal Engrs.; O.S., June, 1917. 

sion St., Chicago, 111., U.S.A.; Physician; E. 
September '86, from the Model Sch., Toronto ; 
aged 13 ; L. June '91 ; son of the late Dr. J. 
T. Small. M.D. ('30-'40), Toronto; M.B. Univ. 
Tor. '95; M.D. Univ. Tor. '04; Res. Corps, 1st 
Lt., M.O. Enlisted, May, 1917; Base Hosp., 
83, Major and O.C; O.S., September 1, 1918; 
France, September 13; Lt. Col., October; 
Evacuation Hosp. 11; ret'd from O.S., and 
discharged May 3, 1919. 

and Insurance Agent; 70 Walmer Road, To- 
ronto; E. '76, from Pte. Sch., Toronto; aged 
9-7; L. February '83; son of the late Dr. J. 
T. Small ('30-'40), Toronto; Commodore, R. 
C.Y.C. '13-'14; Q.O.R., Lt. Enlisted, Novem- 
ber 22, 1916, 255th (Q. 0. R.) Bn.; Capt., 
Adjt., Kapuskasing Camp Guard Coy.; Staff 
Capt. to Lt. Col. Royce. 9th Bgde., 1917; O.C, 
2nd Regt. (Q.O.R.) C.D.F. Bn., Major, May; 
not permitted to go O.S. ; discharged, August 

endon Ave., Toronto; E. January '04, after 
Pte. Tuition; aged 9; L. June '06; son of 
Eustace A. Smith, Toronto; G.G.B.G., Troop- 
er. Enlisted, June 23, 1915; C.M.R., R.C.D., 
Lt.; O.S., May, 1916; ijC Cavalry Draft; R. 
F.C., September, 1917; Pilot and Fighting 
Scout, January, 1918; Personnel Officer, H. 
Q. Staff, Glasgow, July. 1918; ret'd from O. 
S. (sick leave), October; discharged, March, 
1919; on pension. 

Osier and Hammond, Stock Brokers, 21 Jor- 
dan St., Toronto ; and 71 Pricefield Road ; B. ; 
September '03, from St. Alban's Cathedral 
Sch., Toronto; aged 10-1; L. December '11; 


son of Robert A. Smith, Toronto; 48th High- 
landers, Lt. Enlisted, August 4, 1914, 15th 
Bn., 3rd Bgde., Lt.; O.S., October; France, 
February, 1915 ; 2nd battle of Ypres, April 
20-24; P.W., April 24; exchanged to Holland, 
March, 1918; Capt. ; repatriated, January, 
1919; ret'd from O.S., and discharged, May 

Broker ; Messrs. Alfred W. Smith and Son, 33 
Scott St., 22 Sydney St., Toronto ; E. '96, from 
Miss Saunders' Sch., Toronto; aged 13-6; L. 
June '00; son of the late Alfred W. Smith 
('57-'59), Toronto. Enlisted, September 30, 
1918. 259th Bn., Pay Office Dept.; C.A.P.C, 
Sergt. ; Siberia, December 21 ; ret'd from O.S., 
June 8, 1919 ; discharged, June 18. 

Rosedale Rd., Toronto; B.; E. January '10, 
from Sarnia C.I. ; aged 15-3; L. Christmas 
'12; son of Frank Smith, Toronto; Q.O.R., 
Lt. Enlisted, August 4, 1914, 19th Bn., Lt. ; 
transf'd Cycle Corps, November 4; transf'd 
R.N.A.S.. May 6, 1915; O.S., June 12; France, 
August 1 ; R.N.V.R. ; Russian Armoured Cars, 
February, 1916; ret'd from O.S., on sick 
leave, March 16 ; Naval H.Q., Ottawa, Febru- 
ary 26, 1917; resigned, November 11, 1918. 

minion Bank, Sarnia, Ont. ; E. '99, from To- 
ronto Ch. Sch. ; aged 16-6 ; L. December '00 ; 
son of James F. Smith, K.C. ('50-'57), Toron- 
to. Enhsted, June, 1915, 83rd Bn., C.E.F., 
Lt.; Capt. and Adjt.; O.S., April, 1916; 12th 
Res. Bn., Major and Adjt.; France, April, 
1917; 3rd C.LB.D., Adjt.; Despatches to Sec- 
retary of State for War for Valuable Ser- 
vices ; ret'd from O.S., July, 1918 ; discharged, 
December 1. 

S.C.R.; 10 May St., Rosedale, Tor.; E. Sep- 
tember '02, from Toronto Church Sch. ; aged 
15-9 ; L. June '05 ; son of James F. Smith, K.C. 
('50-'57), Toronto; R.M.C. '07; G.G.B.G., Lt. 
'11. Enlisted, September 22, 1914, 3rd Bn., 
1st Div., C.E.F.; O.S.. September 26; France, 
February 8,_1915; 2nd Battle of Ypres, April 
22; severely wounded, April 22; ret'd from 
O.S., August 13; discharged, February 28, 
1916 ; re-att'd for surgical treatment, March 
8, 1917; discharged, April 11. 1918. 

SMITH, HARRY EDEN; Farmer; 33 Scott 
St., Toronto; E. September '98; aged 16-4; L. 
April '00; son of Eden Smith, Toronto; Q.O. 
R., Capt. Enlisted, January 7, 1915, 35th 
Bn., Capt.; Major, April; O. S., June 3; 
France, September 3 ; O.C. 3rd Bn. ; invalided 
to England, December 31; 2nd C.R., Staff 
Capt., April, 1916; Despatches, February, 
]917; D.A.A. and Q.M.G., Shorncliffe and 
Shoreham; D. A. A. G., Seaford, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., October 3, 1919; discharged, Oc- 
tober 12, 1919. 

Sheen Cottage, Robin Hood's Bay, 
Yorkshire, England; Practice of Medicine, 
England; B.; E. September '79, from Pte. 
Sch., Yorkville; aged 10-7; L. November '80; 
Re-E April '81; L. '85; son of the late Dr. 
Larratt W. Smith ('33-'38), B.C., Yorkville; 
M.D.,C.M., Trin. Coll., '90 ; Assay Valley L.H., 
vSurgeon Capt. Enlisted, England, July, 
1916; C.A.M.C, No. 1 C.S.H. Capt.; Salonica, 
August; ret'd to England, September, 1917; 
No. 13 C.G.H., Registrar, September; Can. 
Conval. Officers' Hosp., Capt., Adjt. ; ret'd 
from O.S., September, 1919; R.O. 

cjo C.P.R., Vancouver, B.C.; B.; E. June '92, 
from Grammar Sch., Philadelphia; aged 16-3; 
L. June '93; son of John C. Smith, Port 
Arthur, Ont.; 5th Regt., C. G. A., Batty. 
Sergt.-Major; 6th Regt. D.O.C. Rifles, Lt. 
Enlisted, June 12, 1915, 54th Kootenay Bn., 
Lt; O.S., July; 30th Can. Inf. Bn., July; C. 
C.C, September; France, September; 2nd 
Battle of Ypres ; Sanctuary Wood ; Zillebeke, 



* Photo by Elliott and Pry 


1916; 1st Battle of Somme; Capt. and Adjt.. 
C.C.C; twice slightly gassed at battle of 
Cambrai, October, 1918; Despatches (Sir 
Douglas Haig), L.G., No. 31089, December 
31; M.C., June 3, 1919; ret'd from O.S., Sep- 
tember 2; discharged, September 10. 

SMYTHE, CONN ; B. ; '07 - '09. Enlisted 
March 17, 1915, 25th Batty., 7th Bgde., Gnr. ; 
40th C.F.A., C.E.F., Lt., September 13; O.S.; 
France, July, 1916; wounded, August 23; M. 
C, April 25, 1917; transf'd R.F.C., May 6, 
1917; wounded and P.W., October 14; Repat- 
riated and in England, December, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., February, 1919; discharged March 
10 ; Despatches, December. 

'09-'10; R. A. M. C. Enlisted, March, 1915, 
211th Bn., Lt. ; O.S., December 6; Transport 
Officer; France, March, 1916; 8th C.R.T.; 
gassed, June, 1918; six months in Hosp., 
Hasting; ret'd from O.S., April 15, 1919; 
discharged, April 22. 

ARD; B.; '02-'03; R.M.C.; Comn., R.F.A. '08; 
103rd Mahratta L.I., Lt., France, 1914. 

Student, U. of T.; 120 Heath St. W., Toronto; 
E. Prep. Sch., September '08, from the Model 
Sch.. Toronto; aged 11-9; L. '15; son of 
George Sparrow, Toronto; Univ. Tor. '15; 
R. M. C, February '16. Enlisted May 13, 
1917; A. 177 Bgde., R.F.A., 16th Irish Div., 
2nd Lt. ; O.S., May 29 ; France, September 26 ; 
Cambrai, November 20; Picardy, March 21, 
April 4, 1918; Armentieres, April; Arras. 
August 26; England, October 24; Arty. Ob- 
server, R.A.F., October 24; Despatches, No- 
vember 8; Lt., November 13; discharged, 
June 23, 1919; ret'd from O.S., July 20. 

B.; '00-'03; R. M. C; 1st Bn. Loyal North 

Lancashire Regt., 2nd Lt.. August '06; Lt.; 
France, August 12, 1914; Mons; retreat from 
Mons ; 1st Battle of the Marne ; 1st Battle of 
the Aisne, August and September; severely 
wounded, September 14; Despatches, Octo- 
ber; Capt.; M. C, January 1, 1915; Staff 
Capt., Northern Command; D.A.A.G.; D.A. 
A.G., War Office; O.B.E., January 1, 1919; 
British Army, Capt. and Temp. Major. 

RENCE; '07-'10. Enlisted, July, 1915; R. 
N.A.S.; O.S., December 1, 1915; Fit. Sub-Lt., 
R.N.A.S.; France, May, 1916; Hostile Air- 
craft Patrol, Dover, April, 1917; France, 
July; D.S.C. September; Fit. Lt., October 1; 
Fit. Comdr., October 25; ret'd from O.S.. on 
leave, January, 1918 ; ret'd to England, April, 
1918; North Sea Patrol, Yarmouth, May; 
discharged, April, 1919; ret'd from 0. S., 
April; Capt. R.A.F., on amalgamation of Fly- 
ing Services. 

STAIRS, DENIS; B.; '02-'08; Head Boy; 
66th Regt., P. L. F.. Lt. Enlisted, March, 
1915, 40th Bn., C.E.F., Lt.; O.S., October 9; 
17th Bn.; France, February 4, 1916; 25th 
Bn., Capt; St. Eloi, April; G.S.W. (arm), 
April 10; Somme-Courcelette, September 16; 
G.S.W. (arm and leg), September 15; M.C., 
September 15 ; ret'd from O.S.. January 4, 
1917; Siberia, March 28, 1919; discharged, 
April 28; R.O. 

No. 12 Coy., C.A.S.C, Lt. EnHsted, June 15, 
1915; C.A.S.C, M.T., Lt.; 0. S., April 12, 
1916; 0. C. M. T., Bramshott and Witley 
Areas; France. August, 1917; 2nd Div. 
Amm., Sub-Park; Lens, Passchendaele ; ret'd 
fjom O.S., on leave, March 21, 1918; dis- 
charged, July 10. 

Enlisted, November 15, 1915; M.T., C.A.S.C, 
Lt.; O.S., January 27. 1917; R.N.A.S., Fit. 


* Photo by Iiambert, Weston & Son, Ziiiaited 


Officer, November; crashed, N.E. Coast of 
England, June, 1917; ret'd from O.S. August; 
discharged, September 30. 

'01 ; Aviator. 

EnUsted, May 15, 1916; Can. Engrs., 1st Can. 
Tunnelling Coy.. Lt.; O.S., June 6; France, 
July 9; 2nd Can. Tunn. Coy., Lt.; 1st Can. 
Tunnelling Coy., Lt., July 28; Ypres Salient 
actions, July, 1916, January 1, 1918; Capt., 
January 9, 1918; Vimy, Arras, Lens, Janu- 
ary-July, 1918; 7th Bn., Can. Engrs., Capt., 
July; Amiens, August; Arras to Bourlon 
Wood, August-October; influenza; evacuated 
to England, October 29; ret'd from 0. S., 
March 24, 1919; discharged, April 13. 

EnUsted, October 5, 1915 ; 2nd C.P.Bn., Pte. ; 
O.S., December 6; Can. Engrs. Trg. Depot. 
Sergt., May 6, 1916; France, November 13 
2nd C.P.Bn., July, 1917 ; Engrs., October 20 
4th Can. Res. Bn., Lt., January 26, 1918 
ret'd from O.S., September 18, 1919; dis 
charged, September 20. 

STEVENS. PAUL LAVAL; B.; '09-'10. 
Enlisted, December, 1915; C. 0. T. C, att'd 
Artists' Rifles, England; O.S., August, 1916; 
R.E., 2nd Lt., December; France, January, 
1917; Arras, April; Cambrai, November; 
Ypres, November; Capt. ,1918; Lys (retreat) , 
April; Push of September- November ; ret'd 
from O.S., and discharged, August, 1919. 

EnHsted, December, 1915; Q.O.R. 166th (Q. 
O.R.) O.S. Bn., January, 1916; O.S., October; 
France, November ; Vimy Ridge, La Coulotte, 
Avion. Passchendaele ; 75th Bn., B. E. F. ; 
Adjt, January, 1917; 11th Bgde. Trg. Sch., 
Adjt., October; British Mily. Missn., as Ad- 

visor to U.S. Army, January, 1918 ; R.O., CE. 
F., November; discharged, November. 

STINSON, JOHN ARGUE; B.; '98-'04; 
13th Royal Regt., Pte. Enlisted. August 14, 
1914; 4th Inf. Bn., 1st Inf. Bgde., Pte.; O.S. 
(1st Contgt) ; France, February 9, 1915; 
Ypres, April 23 ; wounded, gassed, April 23 ; 
ret'd from O.S., October 23, 1915 ; discharged, 
October 31; enhsted, June 23. 1917, 112th 
M.G.B., A.E.F., 1st Sergt.; O.S. (France), 
June, 1918; shell-shock, October 19, 1918; 
discharged, January 27. 

Cadet R.A.F., Long Branch Camp, 1918. 

'07; 51st Sault Rifles. Enlisted, January 12, 
1916, 119th Bn.; Sergt., March 9; Lt., May 
24; O.S., August 8; France, April 10, 1918; 
58th Inf., 1st M.M.G.Bgde.; 2nd M.G.Bn. ; 
ret'd from O.S., May 22, 1919; discharged, 
May 25. 

'12; R.M.C.; 1st C.E.F.; 1st Bn., Bedford- 
shire Regt.; wounded. France, April, 1915; 
Egypt; 1[5 Bn. Bedfordshire Regt.; C.F.A.; 
S]l King's African Rifles; ret'd from O.S., 
July, 1919; discharged, July 11; R.O. Im- 

12th Regt., York Rangers, Lt. Enlisted, 
October 21, 1915 ; C.M.R., Depot Regt., Capt.. 
Paymaster; O.S., April 28, 1917; reverted to 
Lt., May; France, October 14; 58th Bn., Lt.; 
wounded, November 14; ret'd from O. S., 
March 1, 1918; discharged. May 28. 

sician; 102 Bedford Road, Toronto; B. (part 
time) ; E. September '96, from the Model 



Sch., Barrie; aged 12-9; L. June '01; Re-E 
April '02; L. June '02; son of Mrs. J. A 
Strathy, Toronto; M.D.,C.M.. Trin. Coll. '05 
M. R. C. S., L. R. C. P. (London) '08 
Demstr., Clin. Med. Univ. Tor. '09-'13; Asst 
Pathologist, Hosp. for Sick Children '09-'13 
sometime Resident Surgeon, Hosp. for Sick 
Children and Tor. Gen. Hosp. Med.; Regis- 
trar, Tor. Gen. Hosp. '09-'13; Asst. Med. 
Director, Canada Life Assurance Co., '12; 
C.A.M.C. 10th R.G., Lt. Enlisted, February 
15, 1915; C.A.M.C, No 2, C.C.S., Capt.; O.S., 
April 18 ; Moore Barracks Hosp., May 1 ; 
France, September 18; No 11, B.R.G.H. Oc- 
tober 1, 1915-January 30, 1916 ; Army Area, 
Battle of the Somme, 1916; 29th B.R.C.C.S., 
July 2; Major, December 20; Army Area, 
Battle of Messines, 1917; 44th Bn., Can. Inf., 
September 16; in action, Lens; Passchen- 
daele, October, November; Lens, 1918; in- 
valided to England, Trench Fever, February 
10; att'd No. 14 C.G.H., Eastbourne, England, 
February 26-August 9, 1918; Officer i[c Med 
Div., No. 16 C.G.H., Orpington; Despatches, 
June 1, 1918; Lt. Col., November 1; ret'd 
from O.S., June 16, 1919; discharged June 19. 

Ave., Toronto; E. '99, from the Model Sch.. 
Toronto; aged 14; L. December '01; son of 
the late Dr. P. J. Strathy, Toronto; Clerk, 
Tor. Rly. Co. ; C.E.F., Lt. 

103 Bedford Road, Toronto; E. '96, from 
Barrie Model Sch.; aged 14-3; L. June '98; 
son of Mrs. J. A. Strathy, Toronto ; 9th Mis- 
sissauga Horse, Lt. Enlisted, September, 
1914. 2nd Bn., Can. Inf.; O.S., September; 
9th Can.Res.; 11th Res. Bn., February, 1915; 
France, June; P.P.C.L.I., July; ret'd to Eng- 
land, September; France, November; 2nd 
Bn.; England, July, 1916; 58th Bn., France, 
November; Ypres Salient; Capt., 1917; M.C, 
April; Vimy and Lens; wounded, June; in- 
valided to England, July ; ret'd form O.S., and 
discharged, March, 1918. 

COURT; Investment Banker; 126 Huntley 
St., Toronto; E. September '09, from Rose- 
dale P.S., Toronto; aged 11-7; L. June '16; 
son of W. D'E. Strickland, Toronto ; R.M.C., 
Kingston '17. Enhsted, August 22, 1917; 
R.F.A., 2nd Lt. ; O.S., September 14 ; 3rd Coy. 
Res. Bgde., R.F.A., 2nd Lt; France, January 
1, 1918; "A" Batty., 46th Bgde., R.F.A.; P. 
W., March 21; Repatriated, November; ret'd 
from O.S., January, 1919; discharged, Au- 


E. September '06, from St. Paul's Academy. 
St. Paul; aged 16-9; L. June '08; son of the 
late P. W. Strickland, Rock Island Door Co., 
Rock Island, 111.; Studt., Univ. Tor. '08; C.E. 
F., 109th Bn.; C.F. Bn., Capt.; Staff Lt., 
February, 1918. 

Road, Toronto; and Willys-Overland Ltd., 
Weston Road ; E. September '09, from Huron 
St. P.S., Toronto; aged 12-4; L. June '10; son 
of Sir F. Stupart ('72-), Toronto; G.G.B.G., 
Trooper. Enlisted, -January 1, 1916; Divl. 
Signal Corps, Despatch Rider; O.S., May 10, 
1916; R.F.C., June 21, 1917; 2nd Lt., July 1; 
Pilot, August 14; France, August 30; shot 
down, landed within British lines, October; 
Home Defence, England; France, February 
20, 1918; wounded, seriously, August, 1918; 
D.F.C., November; ret'd from O.S., May 18; 
discharged, May 21. 

C.P.R. Employee; 112 Avenue Road, Toronto; 
B. ; E. November '15, from Gait C.I. ; aged 15- 
5 ; L. June '18 ; son of D. W. Sutherland, Gait, 
Ont. Enlisted, May 7, 1918, R.A.F., Cadet; 
discharged, November 26. 

tate Broker; B.; E. September '06, from 
Lakefield Prep. Sch.; aged 14; L. June '10; 


son of H. H. Suydam, 34 Chestnut Park 
Toronto; 10th R. G., Lt. Enlisted, March. 
1915 ; Sch. of Instrn., Toronto, Capt. ; 205th 
Bn., Hamilton, Major, May, 1916; discharged 
as medically unfit for service O.S., Septem- 
ber, 1917 ; transf 'd as Administrative Officer, 
R.A.F. (Canada). September; discharged, 
April 1, 1919. 

Canadian Bank of Commerce, Melfort, Sask. ; 
B.; E. November '90, from Winnipeg P.S.; 
aged 12; L. June '92; son of Herbert Swin- 
ford. Winnipeg, Man.; sometime Bank of 
Ottawa, Winnipeg, and sometime Pte. Bank- 
ing, Portage La Prairie, Man.; Mgr., Can. 
Bank of Commerce, Man. and Sask.; 90th 
Bn. (Little Black Devils). Enlisted, July 12, 
3 915; 19th Coy., CA.S.C, Lt.; Officer i[c 
Spec'l Draft, CA.S.C. ; O.S. from Vancouver, 
B.C., November 18, 1916 ; Asst., Base Supply 
Depot, Shorncliffe, December 28; A.D.D.S., 
Argyle House, London, February 17, 1917; 
Asst. Supply Officer, Cdn. Camp, Bramshott, 
April 17; France, August 29; U.A.S.C. Le 
Havre; Etaples; O.C. No. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 
10 Dept. of Can. Supplies; att'd CA.S.C, 
Boulogne, February 12, 1918; vj.C, 1st Cdns., 
Rly. Supply Dept. Caestre, March 10; O.C, 
No. 1 Sec, 2nd Cdn. Army, Auxiliary Horse 
Coy., July 6, 1918; CG. Base, Etaples, March 
8, 1919; Supply Officer, O.C, 5th Div. Can. 
Arty., M.T., Ardennes, Belgium, March 17; 
O.C, do., March 28-April 7, 1919; Supply 
Gfficer, Cdn. Camp, Ripon, June 10; CA.S.C, 
London Area, August 8; O.C. Cdn. Salvage 
Corps, Cdn. Camp, Witley, August 28- 
November 14; CA.S.C, London Area, No- 
vember - December; ret'd from O.S., Decem- 
ber 16 ; discharged, January 2, 1920. 

262 Rusholme Road, Toronto ; B. ; E. Septem- 
ber '03, from Harbord St. C.I., Toronto ; aged 
14 ; L. Easter '06 ; son of H.C.W. Tanner, To- 
ronto. Enlisted, June 1, 1916, 213th Bn., 
Lt.; O.S., December 10; 211th Bn.; 5th Res. 
Bn,; France, August, 1917; 15th Bn.; Lens, 

Passchendaele ; gassed, December ; ret'd from 
O.S., August, 1918; discharged, as medically 

turer; 550 Dovercourt Road, Toronto; E. Sep- 
tember '08, after Pte. Tuition ; aged 10 ; L. 
June '17; son of U. P. Tarbox, Toronto; B.A. 
Princetown Univ.; R. 0. T. C, Princetown 
Univ., Sergt. '17-'18. Enlisted, July 4, 1918 ; 
Provl. Trg. Regt., U.S. Army, Plattsburg, N. 
Y., Sergt., Coy "U", 4th Bn.; 2nd Lt., Septem- 
ber 16; Coy. Comdr., Mily. Instr. and Post 
Exchange Officer, Drexel Inst., Philadelphia, 
Pa. ; discharged, December 31. 

Master and Asst. in the House '03-'05 ; son of 
the late Revd. G. I. Taylor, St. Bartholomew's 
Church, Toronto; E. Jarvis St. C.I., Toronto; 
Trin. Coll., Toronto, and Yale Univ.; B. A. 
Trin. Coll., '02; M.A. '03; Master Cornwall 
Heights Sch. and Fellow at Yale Univ., House 
Master at St. Andrew's Coll. ; C.E.F., Novem- 
ber, 1914, 4th C.M.R., Lt.; O.S., July, 1915; 
Capt.; Major, H.Q. Staff, Inf. Bgde., France; 
D.A.A.G.; Despatches, December, 1916; D. 
A.Q.M.G., 4th Can. Div.; Despatches, Janu- 
ary, 1918; D.S.O., June; Despatches, June; 
A.A.G. and Q.M.G., Seaford Area, November; 
Lt. Col; ret'd from O.S., February, 1919. 

Lansdowne Road N., Gait., Ont. ; Clerk, Mer- 
cantile; B. ;E. January '18, from Gait CI. ; 
aged 19-7; L. Easter '18; son of Allan S. 
Taylor, Merchant, 43 Lansdowne Ave., Gait. 
EnHsted. May 20, 1918; No. 1 Det., C.O.C, 
Permt. Force., Pte. ; No. 9 Dett., C.O.C, CS. 
E.F, September 11; O.S., December 25; Ser- 
bia, January 16, 1919; ret'd from O.S., May 
28; discharged, July 18. 

BELL; Major, Indian Army (Retired); 22 
Albion Road, London N.W. England; E. '79, 


Fhoto by Elliott and Fry 


from Pte. Sch., England; aged 10-8; L. '82; 
son of Capt. George L. LeM. Taylor ('48-), 
16th Regt., India; W. of Mrs. James Boulton, 
Toronto; The Queen's Royal West Surrey 
Regt., '89-'92; Indian Army, '92-'12; retired 
as Major (Medal, China) '00. Enlistd, Aug- 
ust 4, 1914; 6th Royal West Kent Regt., 
Major; transf'd 10th Royal Warwickshire 
Regt., Major, 2nd i[C, July, 1915; France, 
July, 1915-May, 1916; Loos, October; dis- 
charged, March, 1919 ; reverted to unemploy- 
ment on account of illness contracted on 
active service. 

'13. EnHsted. May 22, 1915 ; 2nd Univ. Coy., 
P.P.C.L.I., CpL; O.S., June; 3rd Royal Dub- 
lin Fusiliers, 2nd Lt., August 11; France, 
July, 1916; 157th Bn., Royal Dublin Fusi- 
liers; Somme, July-October; Ancre, March, 
3 917; Arras, April-May; Ypres, July; India, 
December; Egypt and Palestine, April, 1918; 
59th Scindh Rifles F.F., Capt., August 3; 
Battle of Plains of Sharon, September; M.C. 
(General Allenby's Despatch)— Gazette, June 
3, 1919; discharged, June 11 ; ret'd from O.S., 
July 4 ; R.O., Indian Army, Capt. ; Osgoode 
Hall ; Ont. Bar. 

den St., St. John, N.B.; B.; E. January '05. 
from Bishop's Coll. Sch., Lennoxville; aged 
16-4; L. June '06; son of Mrs. M. G. Avery 
St. John, N.B. Enlisted, 1914, 6th C.M.R. 
O.S., February, 1915; Instr., Can. Mily. Sch. 
1916; R.A.F., February, 1917; France, July 
19th Squadron; wounded, April, 1918 
Instr., R.A.F., England, Capt., June-Novem- 
ber; discharged, April 29, 1919. 

104th St., Edmonton, Alta. ; B. ; E. '03, from 
Edmonton P.S.; aged 15-1; L. '06; son of 
Alexander Taylor, Edmonton ; m. McGill '06 ; 
formerly with the Imperial Bank of Canada ; 
Messrs. Taylor, Musson Co., Lt. ; 101st Fusi- 
liers, Lt. Enlisted, January 5, 1915, 138th 
Bn., Major; O.S., July, 1916; R.F.C ; home 
defence, England; ret'd from O.S., February 
1, 1919; discharged, February 11. 

TAYLOR, ROSS; Science Master, '17-'18; 
E. Technical H.S., Toronto; B.A.Sc, Univ. 
Tor. '11. C.O.T.C, Toronto, October, 1918; 
O.S., November. 

Collingwood, Ont. ; Barrister ; B. ; E. Septem- 
ber '08, from Collingwood C.I. ; aged 16-4; 
L. June '09; son of H. Y. Telfer, Wholesale 
Merchant, Collingwood, Ont. ; B.A. Univ. Tor. 

Palmerston Blvd., Toronto; B.; E. April '81, 
from T.C.S., Port Hope; aged 10-9; L. May 
'82 ; Re-E. '86 ; L. '87 ; son of Dr. J. A. Temple, 
Toronto; M.D., CM., Trin. Coll. '91; Demstr. 
in Clinical Surgery, Univ. Tor. Enlisted, 
January, 1916, 8th Bgde., Capt. ; O.S., Febru- 
ary; France, May; No. 1, C.H., Etaples; No. 
10, C. Field Amb.; Somme; ret'd to England, 
November; Moore Barracks Hosp., Folke- 
stone ; Kitchener Hosp., Brighton ; ret'd from 
O.S., November, 1918; M.S. A. Board of Ap- 
peals; Pensions; S.M.B. H.Q. M.D. 2; dis- 
charged, November 4, 1919. 

TERRY, FRANK HAROLD ; Master, Prep. 
Sch., U.C.C, '15-'16. Enlisted, July 5, 1916; 
55th Batty., C.F.A., Gnr. ; 0. S., September 
13; France, March 21, 1917; Vimy Ridge, 
April; 20th Batty., 5th Bgde.. Bdr., July; 
Hill 70, August 71 ; Passchendaele, November 
6; south of Arras, March 28, 1918; recom- 
mended for commn., April, 1918; transf'd 
R.A.F., June, 1918; ret'd from O.S., January 
21, 1919; discharged, February 7. 

TESKEY, LUKE; 612 Spadina Ave., To- 
ronto ; E. September '09 ; from Lansdowne 
P.S., Toronto; aged 11; L. June '10; son of 
the late Dr. L. Teskey, Toronto; Univ. Tor., 
C.O.T.C, Sergt. ; Rly. Constrn. Bn., Spr. 

M.D. No. 6, Halifax, N.S. ; E. November '84, 


from Dr. Tassie's Sch., Toronto; aged 14-5; 
L. '86 ; son of Major Genl. Thacker, Toronto ; 
Grad. R.M.C. '91 ; 19th Regt.. Lt. '91 ; R.C.A., 
Lt., '93; South African War (Queen's Medal 
with 3 clasps) '99 ; R.C.A., Capt.. '01 ; Japan- 
ese Army, Russo-Japanese War (Japanese 
War Medal), '04; 4th class Order, Sacred 
Treasure, Japan; R.C.A., Major '05; Dir. of 
Arty., H.Q., '07; Lt.-Col. '11; Inspr.. 
Coast Defence Arty. Enlisted, C.E.F., June, 
1915; 2nd Can. Div. Arty., H.Q., Lt. Col.; 
O.S., June; 1st Can. Div. Arty., H.Q.; Brig.- 
Gen'l, June; France, September; Ypres, 1916; 
Somme; C.M.G., June; Despatches, June; 
Despatches (Sir Douglas Haig), January, 
June, 1917; Vimy, Hill 70, Passchendaele ; 
Despatches (Sir Douglas Haig), January, 
1918; Arras, April; D.S.O., June; Despatches, 
(Sir D. Haig), June; Amiens, August; 
Drocourt-Queant line, September; Canal du 
Nord, October; Despatches (Sir D. Haig), 
January, 1919; C.B., June; ret'd from O.S., 

of Montreal, Peter St., Quebec, P.Q.; E. June 
'87, from Mr. McGill's Sch., Toronto; aged 
14-7; L. '90; son of Major Genl. Thacker, 
Toronto; Grad. R.M.C. '94; R.O., Lt., June 
26, '94 ; 36th Regt. Lt., January 12, '95 ; C.R., 
Inf., Lt., April 1, '95; Bt. Capt., April 1, '95; 
Yukon Field Force, '98; Adjt. '99; South 
African War, 2nd C.M.R., '01-'02 (Medal and 
3 clasps) ; R.C.M.R., Capt., October 1, '04; D. 
A.A.G., Fortress of Halifax, '06; R.C.M.R., 
Major, March 5, '07; entered Staff Col- 
lege, England, 1907; Grad. 1908; Lord 
Strathcona's Horse (Royal Cdns.), Major, 
October 1, '09; Asst. Adjt. G.H.Q. Staff, Ot- 
tawa, '09 ; Dir. Mily. Trg., H.Q. Staff, Ottawa. 
'11; Lord Strathcon's Horse (R.C.) Lt. Col., 
April 1, '12; Cdn. Rep., Imperial G.S., War 
Office, London, 12-'14; A. and Q.M.G., 2nd 
Can. Div., C. E. F., 1915-1916; A. G. C. E. F., 
1916; Col., May 24, 1916; C.M.G., June; Brig. 
Genl., December 5; C.B., June, 1917; Major 
Genl., July 31, 1918; Despatches, 3 times; 
R.O., with rank of Major General, October 
1, 1919. 

Commissioners, 57 Common St., Montreal; 
B.; E. September '03, from Wykeman House 
Sch., Montreal; aged 14-2; L. June '08; son 
of James Thom, Montreal. Enlisted, Novem- 
ber 16, 1914, 21st Batty., C.F.A., Gnr., Rein- 
forcement for 1st Div.; O.S., February 19, 
1915; 1st Res. Depot Batty., Shorncliffe; 
France, May; 3rd Batty., C.F.A.. Gnr.; Giv- 
enchy, May-June ; Ypres Salient, June, 1916 ; 
England; France, November; 7th Batty., C. 
F.A., Lt. ; Vimy, April 9, 1917 ; Hill 70, Pas- 
schendaele, Arras, Amiens, Arras, Canal du 
Nord, etc., to end of hostilities; ret'd from 
O.S., and discharged, April 23, 1918. 

Thom, 58 Draper Ave., Notre Dame de Grace, 
Montreal; C.E., Leehigh Valley Rly., New 
York. U.S.A.; B.; E. September '03, from 
Wykeham House Sch.; aged 10-6; L. April 
'09; son of James Thom, Steamship Agent, 
Westmount; B.A.Sc, McGill '15. Enlisted, 
April, 1915, Can. Engrs., Ottawa; 12 Field 
Co., Can. Engrs., 4th Div.. Lt., October; O.S., 
March, 1916; France. August 10; 4th Field 
Co. C.E. 4th Div.; Somme; Vimy, 1917; Pas- 
schendaele, etc. ; G.S.W.. shoulder, at Souchez, 
May; M.C., January, 1918; England, April; 
Capt., September; ret'd from O.S., January, 
1919; discharged, February. 

Col. A. T. Thompson, 122 Wellington St., 
Ottawa; B.; E. September '09, from Ottawa 
C.L ; aged 14-11 ; L. June '10 ; son of Col. A. T. 
Thompson ('85-'86), Ottawa. Enhsted, C.A. 
S.C, Ottawa, 2nd C.E.F., Lt; O.S.; 114th 
Bn., C.E.F. (Brock's Rangers), Capt.; 4th 
Bn., C.E.F. ; wounded at Passchendaele, 1917; 
ret'd from O.S.. 1918. 

Wellington St., Ottawa; Barrister; B.; E. 
September '85, from Cayuga H.S. ; aged 15- 
o ; L. June '86 ; son of the late D. Thompson, 
M.P. ('52-), Deans P.O., Ont.; B.A., Univ. 





if- TODD. J. L. 


w. s. 




'^ .■?' 

, A 





^^ THOMSON. J. R. 

TOD, J. 

• Photo Taj Swalna 


Tor. '90; LL.B., Univ. Tor. '91; Ont. Bar '93; 
M.P., Haldimand '00; O.C, 37th Regt., Haldi- 
mand Rifles, '00 ; Ed.. Can. Mily. Gazette '06, 
O.C, 5th Inf. Bgde '08 ; Vice-Pres., Can. Mily. 
Inst. '09. Enhsted, O.C, 114th Bn. (Brock's 
Rangers), C.E.F.; O.C, 2nd C.O.R.D.; in- 
\aHded home after operation; ret'd from 0. 
S., August, 1918. 

St. S., Hamilton, Ont.; Advertising Dept., F. 
F. Dalley Co., of N.Y. Inc. ; E. '09, from Ham- 
ilton CI.; aged 15-11; L. '11; son of the late 
Dr. D. Thompson ('76-'82), Hamilton. En- 
listed, January 6, 1915, 3rd Divl. Train, CA. 
S.C, Lt. ; O.S., March 2, 1916 ; drafted to 26th 
New Brunswick Bn., from Mily. Sch., Shorn- 
Ciiffe ; France, September ; Somme ; ret'd from 
O.S., May, 1917; discharged, February, 1918. 

DENIS ; "The New York Times," Times Sq., 
New York, U.S.A. ; B. ; E. '86, from Montreal 
H.S.; aged 13; L. '90; son of E. W. Thomson, 
Toronto (now Ottawa) ; LL.B., Harvard '95. 
Enlisted, June 1, 1917, Q.M. Corps, U.S.A., 
Capt. ; U.S. Army Transport, "City of Savan- 
nah," Transport Q.M., June 27; three voy- 
ages to France; transf'd Remount Service, 
Auxiliary Depot No. 321, Camp Grant, 111., 
March 14, 1918; Field Remount Sqdn., No. 
312, Camp Johnston, Fla., O.C, June 14; 
France, i|C, August; Merignac Remount De- 
pot, Bordeaux, August 23; 0. C, do., with 
troops B.E. and H. 15th Cavy., and F.R.S. 
312, September 26; 5th Corps, Remount 
Depot, 1st Army, October 8; 7th Corps, do., 
3rd Army (Occupation), November 23; Aj 
Mily. Comdr., Wengerohr, Germany, Decem- 
ber 23-March 1, 1919; ret'd from O.S., March 
24; discharged, March 25; Service Bars for 
Meuse-Argonne Offensive and Defensive 

rister, Solicitor, etc.; Messrs. Thomson & 
Thomson, 15 Toronto St., Toronto; E. Sep- 

tember '03, from the Model Sch., Toronto; 
aged 13-11; L. June '06; son of Thomas C 
Thomson, Toronto; Ont. Bar, May 11; 36th 
Peel Regt., Lt. Enlisted, September 16, 
1914, 20th Bn., Lt.; O.S., May 15, 1915; 
France, December 1 ; wounded, April 10, 
1916; 116th Bn., 3rd Div.. April, 1918; 
wounded, August 27 ; 8th Res. Bn., Lt. ; ret'd 
from O.S., July 27, 1919; discharged, Sep- 
tember 20. 

THOMSON, DONALD; 1645 Cormox St., 
Vancouver, B.C.; Clerk; B.; E. September 
']2, after Pte. Tuition; aged 17; L. June '14; 
son of M.P. Thompson, Vancouver, B.C. En- 
listed, September 11, 1916; 68th Depot Batty. 
C.F.A., Gnr. ; O.S., December 8 ; France, April 
15, 1917; 11th Batty., C.F.A.; gassed, Pas- 
schendaele, November 12 ; Hosp. till April 12, 
3 918; Russia, September 30-June 12, 1919; 
67th Batty., C.F.A. ; ret'd from O.S., and dis- 
charged, July 19, 1919. 

Briar Bush, Kincardine, Ont. ; E. September 
'03, from the Model Sch., Toronto ; aged 7-8 ; 
L. June '12; son of Thomas C. Thomson, 
Lawyer, 172 Davenport Rd., Toronto; Clerk, 
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Toronto. 180th 
Bn., Lt. ; 5th Bn., Royal Welsh Fusiliers; 
2nd Bn.; Judea, 1918; 2nd Northumberland 
f'usiliers, India, Lt. 

Lowther Ave., Toronto; Student, Mass. Inst, 
of Technology, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. ; E.Sep- 
tember '07, from St. Alban's Cathedral Sch., 
Toronto; aged 8-8; L. June '17 (Head Boy) 
and Governor General's medal ; son of the late 
MacDowell Thomson, Toronto ; The J. A. Cul- 
verwell Schol. '16 and '17. Enhsted, May 17, 
1918; C.O.T.C, Univ. Tor.; 20th M.G.Coy., C 
E.F., for Siberia, September; O.S., December 
23; L.-Cpl., February, 1920; discharged, May 
1 ; ret'd from O.S., August. 

TOD, JAMES; Maple Hill, Ks., U.S.A.; 
Ranching; B.; E. September '03, after Pte. 


* Fboto by Swalne 


Tuition; aged 11-3; L. June '08; son of Wil- 
liam J. Tod. Maple Hill, Ks. ; The Hill Sch., 
Pottstown, Pa., September '08; Princetown 
Prep. Sch., February '10; Ph.B., Yale '13. 
Enlisted, April 22, 1918; Post Bn. E., 341 
F.A., 89th Div., U.S.A.; O.S., France, June 
22; L.|Cpl., July 1 ; Cpl., July 6; France, July 
7; Sergt., August 5; Toul Sec, September 
39; Army of Occupation, November; ret'd 
from O.S., March 22, 1919 ; discharged, April 

Montreal, and Ste. Anne de Bellevue, P.Q.; 
B. ; E. February '90, after Pte. Tuition ; aged 
14; L. June '94; son of J. H. Todd, Victoria, 
B.C.; B.A. McGill '98; M.D., CM., McGill '00; 
Staff, Royal Victoria Hosp. '01; study of 
Sleeping Sickness in Gambia and Senegal '02 ; 
do., Congo Free State, '03 ; Dir., the Research 
Laboratories, Liverpool Sch. of Tropical 
Med., Runcorn, '05 - '07; Comdr., Order of 
Leopold n, '05; M.R.C.S., England, '07; D.Sc, 
Liverpool '09; Assoc. Profr. of Parasitology, 
McGill ; Capt., McGill Mily. Hosp. Enlisted, 
March 11, 1915; C.A.M.C.,No.3 G.H. (McGill), 
Duchess of Connaught Hosp. ; O.S., April 21 ; 
C. A. M. C, No. 3 G.H. (McGill) ; Pay and 
Records Office, London; D.M.S. Office, Lon- 
don; France (special duty), February 26, 
1916; sent by D.M.S. (Gen'l. Jones) to report, 
upon the manner in which the French were 
returning their soldiers to civilian life; ret'd 
from O.S., June 14 ; Memb. Board of Pension 
Commrs., Canada, September,; discharged 
March 1, 1919; at request ,of Internat'l 
League of Red Cross Societies, under the 
auspices of Amer. Red Cross, in Poland, as 
Joint Head, with Dr. Wolbach, Harvard 
Univ., to study cause and prevention of 

TODD, JOHN SCOTT; cjo The Gait Malle- 
able Iron Co., Gait, Ont. ; B. ; E. January '17, 
from Gait C.L; aged 17; L. Easter '18; son of 
the late M. N. Todd, Gait. Enlisted, August 
12, 1918; R.A.F., Cadet; discharged, Novem- 
ber 28. 

Arthur Ave., Toronto; E. September '12, 
from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14-3; L. 
June '16 ; son of the late Samuel Toy, Toron- 
to; R.M.C., Kingston. Enlisted, March 1, 
1918; R.F.A.; O.S., March; 3 'A' (R) Bgde., 
R.F.A., Larkhill Camp; France, July; C186, 
Army Bgde., R.L.A. ; discharged, May 22, 
1919; ret'd from O.S., June 6. 

Arthur Ave., Toronto, and Willards Choco- 
lates Limited; E. September '07, from the 
Model Sch., Toronto ; aged 13-8 ; L. June '09 ; 
Re-E. September '10 ; L. June '12 ; son of the 
late Samuel Toy, Toronto; Clerk, National 
Trust Co., Toronto. Enlisted, October, 1914, 
14th Batty., C.F.A., Gnr.; O.S., May, 1915; 
France, September; gassed, December; 
Sergt., August, 1916; Lt., September; ret'd 
from O.S., November; Can. Div. Staff, M.D. 2, 
November; R.A.F. (Canada), August, 1917; 
Capt. (C.E.F.), June, 1918; Capt. Adminis- 
trative, 43rd Wing R.A.F., Camp Leaside, 
August ; mentioned in Air Ministry List for 
Valuable Services, August. 1919; discharged, 
August 5. 

April '92, from Toronto C.I. ; aged 16 ; L. June 
'94; son of the late J. M. Treble, Toronto; 
M.B. Univ. Tor. '01; M.D. Univ. Tor. '04; M. 
R.C.S., England L.R.C.P., London '04; Base 
Hosp., Gerrard St., Toronto, Capt.; died Oc- 
tober 28, 1919. 

facturer; 399 Sherbourne St., Toronto; E. 
September '02, from Church St. P.S., To- 
ronto ; aged 12-11 ; L. June '06 ; son of the late 
Samuel Trees, Toronto; B.A.Sc, Univ. Tor. 
'10; 36th Peel Bn., Lt. Enlisted, May 31, 
1916, 234th O.S. Bn., Lt.; O.S., April 14, 
1917; 198th Bn., June; France, February 28, 
1918; 2nd C.M.R.; Amiens. August; com- 
pound fracture, left leg, August 10; ret'd 
from O.S., August 8, 1919 ; discharged, Feb- 
ruary 8, 1920. 


Fort Street, Victoria, B. C; E. '86, from 
Mimico P.S. ; aged 12-8 ; L. '89 ; son of the late 
Revd. Canon F. Treymayne, Mimico, Ont. ; 
B.C.S., Lennoxville; M.D.. CM., Trin. Coll. 
'95;Lt., C.A.M.C, '02; South African War 
(Queen's Medal with two clasps) '02; Supt. 
of Quarantine '08 ; Capt., R.O., C. A. M. C. ; 
Capt., C.A.M.C, October 9, 1916; O.S., Octo- 
ber 31 ; C.A.M.C, Depot, O.C Coy. ; No. 15 
C.G.H., Taplow; France, January 17, 1918; 
No. 2 C.S.H., Outreau ; ret'd from O.S., June 
10, 1919. 

ister of the Unitarian Church, 5 Northgate 
St., Warwick, England; English Master '15- 
'16; b. in Halifax, N.S., February 19, 1881; 
son of the Revd, Canon G. 0. Troop, M.A., 
Vicar of Felbridge, East Grinstead, Surrey 
England ; St. John's Sch., Montreal ; Montreal 
Diocesan Theol. Coll.; Harvard Univ.; B. A. 
McGill '03; Imperial Army, Lt. '10; 10th R. 
G., Provl. Lt. Enlisted, July, 1916, C.O.T.C, 
Univ. Tor., Pte.; O.S., October; 5th Royal 
Fusiliers, March 27, 1917; France, May 24- 
July 24 ; 9th Bn., Royal Fusiliers ; in England, 
on sick leave; 5th Royal Fusiliers, October; 
att'd 3rd Bn., The Buffs, January 1-April 10, 
1918; France, 2nd time, June, 1918-Septem- 
ber, 1919; Censor Staff; 1st Lt., September 
27, 1918; 2nd i|c. Rouen, March 20-September 
1, 1919; discharged, September 12; R.O., 10th 
R.G., December 31. 

Motor Co., Ltd.; Orillia, Ontario; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '11, from Orillia C.I.; aged 17-3; L. 
June '12; son of W. H. Tudhope, Orillia, Ont. 
35th Regt., Simcoe Foresters, Lt. Enlisted, 
August 4, 1915, 76th Bn., Lt.; O.S., October 
18, 1916; transf'd M.G. Coy., January, 1917; 
France, June, 1917-September. 1918; wound- 
ed, November. 1917, and September, 1918; 
ret'd from O.S., December 13, 1918; discharg- 
ed, January 1, 1919. 

age Factories, Ltd., Orillia, Ont ; B. ; E. Sep- 

tember '06; aged 16; L. June '09; son of W. 
H. Tudhope, Orillia ; 35th Regt., Lt. Enlist- 
ed, November 15, 1915, 157th Bn., Lt.; O.S., 
October, 1916; France, March, 1918; M.C, 
September 2 ; ret'd from O.S., and discharged, 
April, 1919. 

Barrister; Winnipeg, Man.; B.; E. '99, from 
Harrow Sch., England; aged 15; L. Easter 
'00 ; son of the late J. Stewart Tupper, Win- 
nipeg; B.A. McGill '05; Man. Bar. '08; suc- 
ceeded to Baronetcy, November '15. Enlist- 
ed, September, '15, 45th Bn., Lt.; O.S., De- 
cember; France, February, 1916; Ypres, 
June ; Vimy, 1917 ; Capt. ; ret'd from O.S., and 
discharged, March, 1919. 

TURNBULL, ALAN; 45 Chestnut Park, 
Toronto; B.; E. September '02, after Pte. 
Tuition ; aged 10-8 ; L. June '07 ; son of James 
Turnbull, Hamilton, Ont. 35th Bn., Lt., 
(48th Highlanders) ; Capt. ; M.C, November, 
1916; wounded, November, 1917; Canada, on 
leave, December; Major; wounded, August, 
1918; ret'd from O.S., May, 1919. 

Park, Toronto ; B. ; E. September '02, after 
Pte. Tuition ; aged 12-6 ; L. June '06 ; son of 
James Turnbull, Hamilton, Ont.; Financial 
Broker; 19th Bn., CE.F., Lt.; wounded at St. 
Eloi, April, 1916. 

Little Current, Ont.; B.; E. September '11, 
from Little Current P.S. ; aged 15-10 ; L. June 
'M; son of B. H. Turner, Little Current; 51st 
Regt., Sault Rifles, Lt. Enlisted, February 
10, 1916, 119th Bn., Lt.; O.S., August 8; "D" 
Coy., Lt., September 15; Asst. Adjt., June 16. 
1917; Lt.-Adjt., February 17, 1918; France, 
August 28; 1st Bgde T.M.B., Lt., August 28; 
Drocourt-Queant Switch, September 2 ; Cam- 
brai. Canal du Nord, etc., October 9; 2nd 
Howitzer Batty., C.F.A., Lt., December 14; 
ret'd from O.S. and discharged. May 11, 1919. 



* Photo by Swaine 


TYRELL, JOHN LECKIE ; 161 Inglewood 
Drive, Toronto ; Junior Clerk, Bankers' Bond 
Co.. Toronto; E. Prep., January '10, from 
Wymondham House School; aged 9-11; L. 
June '18 ; son of William Tyrrell, 36 Warren 
Road, Toronto. Enlisted, October 4, 1918; 
C.O.T.C, Tank Bn., Pte.; discharged, Novem- 
ber 20. 

vice with Srd Bn., Manchesters, January 7, 
1918; Canada, on leave, January 7-April 15; 
Home service, with 3rd Manchesters, Anti- 
Gas Officer, April 15-November 4; 1st Lt., 
June 19 ; att'd R.A.F., November 4 ; discharg- 
ed, January 28, 1919 ; two more operations on 
arm, Mexico, May 1 and 15 ; resigned commn. 
with 10th R.G., Toronto, end of 1919. 

New Barracks, Fermoy Co., Cork, Ireland; 
E. September '98, from Jarvis St. C.I., Toron- 
to; aged 16-3; L. June '00; son of Dr. J. D. 
Tyrrell, Toronto ; Grad.R.M.C. ; R.E., 2nd Lt., 
June 24, '03, Lt., December '05 ; Capt., June 
24, 1914. France, November 27, 1914 - De- 
cember, 1915; Egypt and Palestine, January 
5, 1916; Executive Officer ijc Constn. and 
Operatn. of all Rlys., E.E.F., February 9 
A|Major, August 1; Despatches, October 
A|Lt. Col., February 26, 1917; Despatches 
April; D.S.O.June 4; Bt.Major, June 3, 1918 
Major, June 24; Bt. Lt. Col., June 3, 1919 
ret'd from Egypt, January 12, 1920. 

TRYWHITT, RAYMOND; Oakville, Ont.; 
E. September '06, from St. Alban's Cathedral 
Sch., Toronto ; aged 13-1 ; L. June '10 ; son of 
the late Col. Tyrwhitt, M.P., Toronto. En- 
listed, 74th Bn., Lt., later 215th Bn., 1916; 
Capt., August; Adjt., February, 1917; 
France, July; ret'd from O.S., and discharg- 
ed, June, 1919. 

61 Delaware Ave., Toronto; and Messrs. 
Northrop and Lyman; E. September '02, 
from the Model Sch., Toronto; aged 14-11; 
L. June '05; son of Mrs. E. Van Nostrand; 
ward of George J. Van Nostrand, S. P. S., 
Univ. Tor. '07-'08 ; Corps of Guides, Lt. En- 
listed, July 22, 1915; R.F.C. (Sped. Res.), 
2nd Lt. ; O.S., July 22 ; France, February 13, 
1916; 1st Lt. April; Somme, July 1; P. W., 
July 1; transf'd to Holland, May 16, 1918; 
Repatriated to England, November; ret'd 
O.S., January 3, 1919; discharged April 3. 

COURT; Clerk, B.; '09; Enlisted, February 
15, 1915, 2nd Div. Cyclist Corps, C.E.F.; O. 
S., May 8 ; East Surrey Regt., 2nd Lt.. June 
15, R. F. C, Lt., November 28, 1916, 
France, December 7; February 17, 1918; R. 
A.F.. Capt., April 1, Belgium; Repatriated, 
November; ret'd from O.S., September 16, 
1919 ; discharged with rank of Capt, Septem- 
ber 29. 

do 5233, Mexico City, Mexico ; B. ; E. '11, from 
Los. Angeles H.S. ; aged 15 ; L. '15 ; son of 
W. R. Vacher, Engineer, Mexico. Enlisted, 
10th R.G., December 12, 1915; P.S.I., Toron- 
to, December 28; 123rd Bn.. C.E.F., Febru- 
ary 1-February 30; O.S., with Univ. of Tor. 
O.T.C., June 15, 32nd Bn., C.E.F., Pte., Shorn- 
cliffe, July 7; 2nd Lt.. 3rd Bn., Manchester 
Regt., December 22; 12th Bn., do., France, 
February 22, 1917; Arras. April 8; wound- 
ed, arm and foot, April 25; hosp., England, 
May 1 ; discharged from Hosp., for home ser- 

'84; 6th Fusihers, 2nd Lt.; Lt. and Capt. 
'89; House Surgeon, Montreal Gen. Hosp. 
'90; Mem. 14th Montana Legislative Assem- 
bly. Enlisted, December 11, 1917, A.E.F. 
Med. Corps, Capt.; O. S., June 12, 1918; 
France, June 26; 44th Arty., 2nd Bn., Sur- 
geon, July 14, Haute Alsace, August; St. 
Mihiel, September 12; Meuse-Argonne, Sep- 
tember 26, November 11 ; Regt. Surgeon, 
with rank of Major, December 11; ret'd 
from O.S., February 8, 1919; discharged 
March 29. 



VOKES, ARTHUR LUMBY; '08-'10; 2nd 
Q.O.R., Cpl. Enlisted, April 13, 1915; 13th 
Batty., C.F.A., 4th Bgde., 2nd Cont., Gun. 
O.S., May 29; France, September 15; St 
Eloi, Somme, September-December 1, 1916 
Vimy Ridge, April 9; Hill 70, Passchendale 
November, wounded slightly, April 1, 1918 
O.T.C.. C. Sch. of Gunnery, Witley, May 13 
Can. Res. Arty. Borden Camp, Hants, No- 
vember 15; ret'd from O.S., February 12, 
1919; discharged, March 25. 

'09. Enhsted, June 20, 1917; R.N.C.V.R.. 
H.M.C.S. "Laurentian," "Lady Evelyn," 
"Stadacona," Sub-Lt.; theatre of War, Au- 
gust 19, 1917; discharged, February, 1919. 

'03-'08; 10th R.G., Lt. Enlisted, April 15, 
1916, 3rd Div., Amm. Sub-Park, Lt. ;0.S., 
March 15; Trng. Depot, Shorncliffe; France, 
September, 1917; 3rd. Div., A.S.P.; Corps 
Troops M.T. Coy.; Corps M.T., Lt. and Adjt.; 
C.C, S.M.T.O., Capt. and Adjt.; Passchen- 
(laele. Lens, Amiens, Arras, Cambrai, etc., 
to Mons; ret'd from 0. S., and discharged, 
June 16, 1919. 

B.'12-'15. Enhsted, May 7. 1916; 6th (McGill) 
Siege Batty., or 271st Siege Batty.; O.S., 
September 18, 1916; 7th Can. Siege Batty., 
Gnr. ; France, March 15, 1917; Belgium, No- 
vember 7; France, January, 1918; The Ad- 
vance, September; Belgium, November; Pas- 
schendaele, November; ret'd from O.S., May 
9, 1919 ; discharged. May 12. 

WALKER, FRANCIS COX ; Asst. English 
Master '98-'01 ; 3rd Regt. C.G.A., Lt. En- 
listed, July 1, 1916; 11th C.S.B., Gnr.; R.C. 
G.A. (Halifax). Lt., September; O.S., March 
23, 1918; France, October 10, C.C.H.A. Hq., 
as Gnr., November 20 ; Instr. Khaki Univ. of 
Can. A|Sergt., England, March, 1919; ret'd 
from O.S., July 29 ; discharged, July 30. 

G.G.B.G., Lt., O.S.; as civilian, September, 
1914. Enlisted, Februray 6, 1915, R.F.A., 
2nd Lt., 5A. Res. Bgde., R.F.A., Athlone, Ire- 
land; France, April 21; 93rd Batty., R.F.A., 
Lahore Div. ; 2nd Battle of Ypres, April ; 2nd 
Battle of Neuve Chapelle, May; 1st Lt., Sep- 
tember 12; Loos, September; Hosp., May, 
1916; C.F.A., September; Capt., September 
20; Instr. Can. Sch. of Gunnery to Decem- 
ber, 1917; ret'd from 0. S., February 11, 
1918; H.Q., M.D. No. 2, April; discharged, 
March 31, 1919. 

Court Apts, Montreal; The Canadian Fair- 
banks Morse Co., Ltd, Montreal; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '92, from the Misses McKellar's Pte. 
Sch. ; aged 10-10 ; L. June '08; son of Herbert 
B. Walker, Treasurer Can. Life Assoc. Co., 
100 Beverley St., Toronto; B.A. McGiU Univ. 
'12 ; 5th Royal Highlanders of Canada, Capt. 
Enhsted, August 6, 1914; 13th Bn., The 
Royal Highlanders of Canada; O.S., Septem- 
ber 15, 1914; France, February 10, 1915; 
2nd Battle of Ypres, April 22, 1915 ; Festu- 
bert. May 1915; reported wounded. May 20, 
1915; H.Q. Cdns., Shornchffe; 1st Can. Trg. 
Bgde., Staff Capt., May 11, 1916; H.Q. Cdns., 
Brighton, D.A.A., and Q.M.G., November 7, 
1916; H.Q., 5th Can. Div., D.A.A. and Q.M. 
G., January 7, 1917; March 18, 1918; France 
October 19, 1918; ret'd from O.S. and dis- 
charged, April 20, 1919. 

Aid Commn.; 45 St. George St., Toronto; E. 
September '03, from Toronto Church Sch; 
aged 15-2; L. June '07; son of Capt. H. S. 
Walker, Toronto; Teller, Imperial Bank 
of Canada; 2nd Q. 0. R., Lt. Enhsted, 
January 7, 1915, 35th Bn., Lt.; 0. S. August 
3 915; 23rd Res. Bn., Lt. ; France, November 
15, 1915 ; 14th Royal Montreal Regt. ; Capt., 
May 26, 1916 ; Zillebeke, June, 1916 ; wound- 
ed, June 3, 1916; invalided to Canada, Octo- 
ber 1916; O.S. (2nd time), June, 1917; 1st 
Quebec Regtl. Depot; 32nd Res. Bn., March. 
1918; France, August 1918; 14th Bn.; Dro- 


court-Queant (Arras), September, 1918; 
Canal du Nord, September 27, 1918; wound- 
ed, September 27, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
February, 1919; discharged as medically un- 
fit, September, 1919. 

G32, 8th St. S., Lethbridge, Alta.; B.; E. 
January '12 from Lethbridge H.S., aged 18; 
L. Easter '12 ; son of J. H. Wallace, rancher, 
G32, 8th St. S., Lethbridge. Alta; Study, 
Pre-legal course at Leland Stanford Jr. 
Univ., Cal. Enlisted, July 20, 1916, 78th 
Depot Batty., Sergt.; Sch. of P. Train- 
ing and Bayonet Fighting at Winnipeg, 
January-February, 1917; O.S., March 4, 
1917; France, April 19, 1917; transf'd from 
4th Bgde. C.F.A. to "E" Batty., C.F.A., June 
1917; Hill 70. August 1917; Sch. of Anti- 
Aircraft Gunnery, September, 1917; Arras, 
March, 1918 ; Cambrai, September, 1916 ; 
Belgium, November 23, 1918 to December 
16, 1918; Germany, December 17, 1918-Jan- 
uary 22, 1919 ; ret'd from O.S., May 23, 1919 ; 
discharged. May 25. 1919. 

Midland, Ont.; B.; E. '84 from Belleville P. 
S.; aged 13-2; L. '87; son of George Wall- 
bridge, Belleville, Ontario; B.A., Trin. Coll. 
Tor. '92;-M.D., CM. do. '95. C.A.M.C, Capt.. 
March 3, 1916; M.O., 157th Inf. Bn.; O.S., 
October 17, 1916; Pres. Med. Board, Witley 
Camp, England; A.D.M.S. Staff, Witley; 
France, May 1917; No. 7 Can. Gen. Hosp., 
Etaples; No. 2 Can. Gen. Hosp., Le Treport; 
att'd Nos. 24 and 47 R. Gen. Hosps.; att'd 
No. 47 CCS. ; No. 13 Can. Field Am. ; Bel- 
gium ; M.O. 1st Bn., Can. M.G. Corps ; Ypres, 
Passchendaele ;Lens ; A.D.M.S. Staff, London 
Area; Standing Med. Board, London; Can. 
Conval. Hosp., Epsom; Standing Med. 
Board, Sunnydale; ret'd from O.S. and re- 
tired, October, 1919. 

South Drive, Toronto ; E. '09 from the Rose- 
dale P.S., Toronto; aged 13; son of W. R. 

Walton, Mfr., 10 South Drive, Toronto. En- 
listed, R.N.A.S., Sub. Lt., 1916-1917: att'd 
to R.F.C, in France, in 1917; 4 months; in- 
valided home, August, 1917. 

chant; 459 Christina St. N., Sarnia, Ont.: 
September '01, from Sarnia CL; aged 16-2; 
L. December '02; son of Robert Wanless, 
Merchant, Sarnia, Ont. Enlisted, June 21, 
1915; 29th Batty.. Gnr; O.S.., December 18, 
1915; 3rd Res. Batty., Shorncliffe; Belguim, 
March 9, 1915; France, February 29, 1916; 
1st Can. D.A.C; all 1st Can. Div. engage- 
ments from March, 1916, to May, 1917; ret'd 
from O.S., June 21. 1917; discharged, Sep- 
tember 1, 1917. 

Wellesley St., Toronto; and Gutta Percha & 
Rubber Mfg. Co. Ltd., Toronto ; B. ; E. Janu- 
ary '07, after pte. tuition; aged 9; L. April 
'15; son of the late H. D. Warren. Toronto; 
R.M.C, Sergt.-Major '15. Enlisted, August 
31, 1915; The R.C.D., Lt.; Lt., November 17, 
1916; O.S., November 6, 1918; ret'd from 0. 
S.. December 18, 1918 ; trans'd R.O. Can. Mi- 
litia, December 31, 1918. 

lesley St., Toronto; and Gutta Percha Rub- 
ber Mfg. Co. Ltd. ; B. ; E. September'06, after 
Pte. Tuition; aged 10; L. May '14; son of 
the late H. D. Warren, Toronto; R.M.C, 
Kingston, Bn. Sergt.-Major. Enlisted, July 
31, 1916, R.C.D., Permt. Force, Can. Cav. 
Bgde., B.E.F.; Lt.; O.S., February 8, 1918; 
Can. Res. Cav. Regt., Shorncliffe; France, 
April 17, 1918; R.C.D., Can. Cav. Bgde., Cav. 
Corps, B.E.F.; Amiens, August 8, 1918; 
G.S.W. left shoulder, August 8, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., June 1, 1919; discharged, June 14, 
1919; R.O. Canadian Militia. 

Ave., Toronto ; B. ; E. '97, from the Revd. A. 



Miller's Sch., Hamilton; aged 17; L. '98; son 
of Thomas W. Watkins, Hamilton, Ont. ; 
Merchant; Lt. 91st Highlanders. 

WATKINS, HAROLD ; Broker's Office, 95 
Breadalbane St., Toronto; E. January '16, 
from Jarvis St. C. I., Toronto; aged 16; L. 
December '16; son of E. J. Watkins, Toron- 
to. Enlisted, April 5, 1918, R.A.F., Cadet; 
discharged, April 3, 1919. 

Parkway, Toronto; Sec.-Treas., Bankers' 
Bond Co., Ltd., Toronto; E. September '02, 
from Queen Victoria P.S., Toronto; aged 9- 
6 ; L. December '05 ; son of Mrs. Watson, To- 
ronto ; 48th Highlanders, Lt. Enlisted, July, 
1915, 74th Bn., Lt.; O.S., September, 1915; 
86th Res. Bn.; France. October, 1916; 1st 
Bn., 1st Div. ; wounded by shell, April 5, 
1917; ret'd from O.S., November; Capt., Au- 
gust, 1918; discharged, January, 1919. 

95 Breadalbane St., Toronto; Ret'd Soldiers' 
Preparatory Class for Matric, Tor. Univ.; 
E. January '15, from Jarvis St. C.I., Toron- 
to; aged 17; L. June '16; son of E. J. Wat- 
kins, Toronto. Enlisted, August 29, 1916; 
Divl. Sig. Coy., 4th Div. Sig. Coy., Spr. ; O.S., 
January 21, 1917; France, January 21, 1918; 
Amiens, Cambrai. Valenciennes, Mons, ret'd 
from O.S., and discharged, August 9, 1919. 

WATSON, GEORGE BOYD ; Manufactur- 
er, Colonial Whitewears, 137 King St., To- 
ronto; E. August '92, from Wellesley P.S., 
Toronto, aged 14-10; L. June '94; son of Mrs. 
Watson, Toronto; 7th Regt. Fusiliers, Capt. 
Enlisted, August 22, 1914, 1st Bn., Capt. ; 0. 
S., September 19 ; France, February. 8, 1915 ; 
discharged, October 21, 1917; ret'd from 0. 
S., December 1. 1917. 

WATSON, HARRY J. ; Physician and Sur- 
geon, 155 Canora St., Winnipeg, Man.; E. '79 
from Pte. Sch., Toronto; aged 12-6; L. De- 
cember '81 ; Re-E. September '82 ; L. Decem- 
ber '82 ; son of Mrs. S. Watson, Toronto ; M. 
D., CM. Trin. Coll., Toronto ; Victoria Rifles, 
Montreal, Pte.. '88. Enlisted, January 5, 
1916, C.A.M.C. 144th Bn., C.E.F., Winnipeg, 
Capt.; O.S.. September, 1916; Staff, A.D.M. 
S., Bramshott; ret'd from O.S., May, 1917; 
Staff, D.G.M.S., Ottawa, resigned; October 
30; Med. Corps, U.S.A., Major, 1917; Exec. 
Officer, U.S.A.. Gen. Hosp. No. 1, New York; 
discharged, December, 1918. 

Agent; 50 Binscarth Road., Toronto; E. '00 
from Rosedale P.S.; Toronto; aged 12; L. 
June '06 ; son of J. L. Watt, Toronto ; Lt. 9th 
Mississauga Horse. Enlisted, July 1, 1915, 
75th Bn., Lt. ; Capt., February 18, 1916 ; O.S.. 
March 26; France, August 14; wounded, G. 
S.W., Right Eye, September 16; ret'd from 
O.S. ; H.Q. Staff, Ottawa, November 24, 1916; 
Major, January, 1919, A.G.'s Staff, Militia H. 
Q., Ottawa; discharged, May 15, 1919. 

WATT, HUGH NORMAN ; Clerk ; Canada 
Life Assurance Co., Toronto; 99 Madison 
Ave. ; E. September '07, from St. Alban's 
Cathedral Sch.; aged 10-1; L. June '14; son 
of the late H. L. Watt, Toronto ('86-'88) ; 
McGill (Science), September '15; Royal Sch. 
of Arty., Kingston; 39th Battery, C.F.A., 
Montreal, Gnr. Enlisted, May 8, 1916; No. 6 
(McGill) Batty., Siege Arty., Gnr.; 0. S., 
September 29; No. 7 C.S.B.; France, March 
15, 1917 ; Vimy Ridge, April 9 ; Hill 70, July ; 
Passchendaele, December; C.C.H.Q., Gnr., 
January 8, 1918; Amiens, August; Cambrai, 
October; Army of Occupation, Germany, 
December 1 ; ret'd from O.S., and discharged, 
June 11, 1919. 

Broadway, New York, U.S.A. ; E. September 
'12; L. June '16; Enlisted, May 1, 1917, 69th 
Batty., Can. Res. Arty.; O.S., December 30; 
France, April 20, 1918; 4th D.A.C.; ret'd 
from O.S., July 20, 1919. 


'* Photo by Ziambert, Weston & Son, I^td. 


Broker; 1514 Linwood Blvd., Kansas Gity, 
Mo. ; B. ; E. September '10, from Mily. Acad- 
emy, Golumbia, Mo.; aged 17-2; L. Ghrist- 
mas '10; son of Milton Welsh, Kansas Gity. 
Enlisted when U.S.A. declared war; Goy. L. 
344 Inf., 86th Div., May 12, 1917; 1st Lt., 
November 27; Gapt., August 24, 1918; on 
duty at Camp Grant, Rockford. 111., till close 
of war; discharged, December 3, 1919. 

at Notre Dame; B. ; E. September '10, from 
Mily. Academy, Golumbia, Mo.; aged 15; L. 
Ghristmas '10 ; son of Milton Welsh, Kansas 
Gity, Mo. Enlisted when U.S.A. declared 
war; Harvard Trg. Gamp, Boston, May, 
1917; Citizen's Trg. Gamp, Fort Benjamin 
Harrison, Indiana, 14th Inf. Go.; Goy. G. 
S56th Inf. Sec, 1st. Lt., November 27; O.S., 
June, 1918; Bois de Bantheville, October 23, 
D.S.G.; Army of Occupation, Goblentz, No- 
vember; Gapt., February 27, 1919; dischar- 
ged, July 3, ret'd from O.S. 

man, G. H. Westwood Mfg. Go., Ltd., To- 
ronto; E.September '09, from Huron St. Sch., 
Toronto; aged 15-2; L. June '11; son of G. 
H. Westwood, Toronto; G.G.B.G., Lt. En- 
hsted, November 30. 1915, 198th Battn., G. 
E.F., Lt.; Divl. Cyclists, Lt.; O.S., April 26, 
1917; signals, C.E., Lt.; France, April 1, 
1918; 1st Div. Signal Coy., Lt.; 2nd Bgde., 
C.F.A., Lt. ; Amiens, August 8; 2nd Battle 
of Arras, September 2 ;Drocourt-Queant line, 
September 15; Gambrai, September 27; M.G. 
(Cambrai), September 27; Genl. Advance, 
Mons, September 11 ; Army of Occupation, 
Cologne; ret'd from O.S., April 21, 1919; dis- 
charged, April 26. 

Regt., Lt. Enlisted, December, 1915, 94th 
En., G.E.F., Lt.; O.S., May, 1916; 32nd Bn.; 
France, July; 5th Western Cavalry (served 
as Inf.); Gapt.. July 12, 1917; G.F.C.; ret'd 
from O.S., January, 1919; discharged, Feb- 
ruary 1. 

nue Rd., Toronto ; E. '12, from Ashbury Coll., 
Ottawa; aged 17-10; L. '14; son of A. T. 
White, Pembroke, Ont. Enlisted, October, 
1914; 21st Bn.; Eastern Ont. Regt., Kings- 
ton, November; O.S., May 6, 1915; France, 
September; M.G. Officer, 21st Bn. ; seconded 
for duty with Royal Flying Corps, 20th 
Sqdn.; taken prisoner while flying in the 
vicinity of Ghent, January 25, 1917; repatri- 
ated, November 30, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 
December 20. 

School Physician during Dr. A. J. Macken- 
zie's absence; B.A., Univ. Tor., '09; M.D., 
Univ. Tor. '11 ; 19th Bn., M.O. ; Gapt. ; wound- 
ed, September, 1916; M.G., November; Ma- 
jor, C.A.M.G., Moore Barracks, C.H., Shorn- 
cliffe, 1918. 

Marine Depot, Victoria, B.C.; B.; E. August 
'86, from Halifax P.S. ; aged 11-4; L. June 
'92 ; son of the late A. Wilby, Halifax, N.S. ; 
Grad. R.M.C '96. Enlisted, June, 1915; 62nd 
Bn., G.E.F., Gapt.; March, 1916; O.S., March; 
France, July; 48th Bn., 3rd Can. Pioneers; 
Somme; Staff, C.H.Q.. April, 1917; Vimy; 
Passchendaele ; Despatch; Amiens, 1918; 
Arras; Gen'l Advance; Despatch; C. B. E.; 
ret'd from O.S., July, 1919; discharged, 
August 23. 

man; 110 Gloucester St., Ottawa; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '01, from Pembroke H.S. ; aged 15- 
11; L. June '03; ward of Peter White Jr., 
Pembroke, Ont.; 42nd Lanark and Renfrew 

Officer, Retired Pay; 236 Russell Hill Road. 
Toronto; E. September '87, after Pte. Tui- 
tion, aged 10-6; L. '89; T.C.S., Port Hope; 
son of the late D. R. Wilkie, Toronto; 35th 




* Photo by Swalne. 


Regt. (Simcoe Foresters), Cadet Instr., Nia- 
gara Camp '98 ; Grad. R.M.C., Kingston '99 ; 
England, August '99; Enlisted, August 2, 
'99 ; 2nd Bn. Royal Sussex Regt., 2nd Bgde., 
1st Div. ; 2nd Lt., August '99 ; India '99 ; Lt., 
June 1, '01; Crete (Political Disturbances), 
'07; North China '08; Capt., March 10, '09; 
France, August 12, 1914; 2nd Royal Sussex 
Regt.; Mons Campaign, 1914; invalided to 
England as result of injury, September 13; 
Major, September 1, 1915; graded Bgde. Ma- 
jor (Special Appointment), October 1, 1916; 
Despatches, Gazette, March 13, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., July, 1919; retired on Pension, 
July 8, 1919. 

Newport Ave., Victoria, B.C.; E. February 
'86, from Pte. Sch., Toronto; aged 12-1; 
'93; son of the late D. R. Wilkie, Toronto; 
T.C.S.; Port Hope; B.A. ,Trin. Coll., '98; M. 
A., Trin. Coll. '10; 10th R.G. '97; Field Offi- 
cers' Course and Adjt., 10th R.G., '97; 10th 
R.G., Adjt., '98; South African War; R.C 
R., 1st Contgt., Lt. '99 (Medal and two 
Clasps) ; Osgoode Hall ; Called to Ont. Bar 
'01 ; Long Course, Quebec and R.M.C., Kings- 
ton '02; 10th R.G., Capt., '02; Lt. and Bt. 
Capt., R.C.A., '03; in charge of Sch. of Art'y. 
St. John, N.B. (Permanent Force), '04; Gun- 
nery Staff Course, Woolwich, Shoeburynese, 
Isle of Wight, and Lydd '04; R.C. A., Capt., 
'06; R.O. '09. Enlisted, September 21, "B" 
Batty., 69th Bgde., R.F.A., B.E.F., Capt.; 
torpedoed on S. S. Hesperian, September, 
1915; relinquished appt. through ill health, 
1915; ret'd from O.S.; D.A.A.G., Petawawa 
Camp, 1916; Instr. R.S.A., and att'd to R. 
C.H.A., Major, May 3, 1917; Asst. to Inspr. 
of Arty, Canada, 1918; R.O., January 31, 

E. Prep. Sch., September '12, from Saltus 
Gram. Sch.; aged 13-6; L. June '16; son of 
Dr. E. C. Wilkinson, Hamilton, Bermuda; 
U. C. C. Rifles; Bda. Volunteer Rifle Corps, 
Bermuda. Enlisted, November, 1916, 69th 

Batty., Bdr. ; 0. S., January, 1917; Gnr. ; 
France, May; D.A.C., 4th Div., Sergt. ; Mt. 
St. Abbey, Ause,-finish at Mons; wounded, 
August, and September, 1917; Div'l Postal 
Corps, Sergt., October 12, 1918; ret'd from 
O.S., July, 1919 ; discharged, July 23. 

Bailey's Bay, Bermuda; completing Engin- 
eering course at Cornell Univ. ; B. ; E. Sep- 
tember '10, from Mt. Allison Academy, Sack- 
ville, N.B.; aged 18; L. December '11 
studying Engineering, New York City, '14 
Can. Explosives, Lt., Vaudreuil Station, P.Q. 
superintending loading and assembling 
shrapnel and high explosive shells '16. En- 
listed, November, 27, 1917, R.F.C., 2nd Lt.; 
Texas, 1918; O. S., September 11; 231st 
Sqdn., Naval Stn., Felixstowe; ret'd from 
O.S., September 23, 1919; discharged, Sep- 

Student, General Theological Seminary, 
Chelsea Square, New York, U.S.A.; E. '05, 
from Miss Kay's Sch., Toronto; aged 15; 
L. '12; son of W. R. Williams, Toronto; Fire 
Insce. Clerk; Q. 0. R., Pte. Tor. Island 
Guard, Pte.; Enlisted. April, 1916, Divl. 
CycHsts, Pte.; O.S., April, 1917; 198th Bn. 
(Can. Buffs), July; France, March, 1918; 2nd 
C.M.R.; Amiens, August; Mons. November; 
Bourlon Wood, October ; ret'd from O.S., and 
discharged, April, 1919. 

Goodyear Rubber Co., Calgary, Alta.; B.; 
E. September '06, from Oakville P.S.; aged 
15 ; L. June '10 ; son of M. H. Williams, Oak- 
ville, Ont. Enhsted, R.M.T.; O.S., January, 
1916; M.T.A., S.C. Sec. Coy. 647; France, 
August, 1916 - January, 1919; ret'd from 
O.S., February, 1919 ; discharged, March. 

WILLIAMS, JACK A. ; 2412 Troost Ave., 
Kansas City., Mo., U.S.A.; B. ; E. September 


'02, from Dawson P.S. ; aged 11-4 ; L. January 
'09; son of Alexander D. Williams, Dawson, 
Y.T, ; Lt., Aviation Sec, U.S. Signal Corps, 

Lonsdale Road, Toronto; B. ; E. September 
'02. from Miss Beard's Sch., Orange, N.J.; 
aged 10-9 ; L. December '09 ; son of F. Stuart 
Williamson, C.E., 427 W. 144th St., New 
"York; Draughtsman, Toronto Harbour Com- 
mission, Toronto and Montreal; 170th Bn., 
C.E.F., Lt. 

Lyndhurst Ave., Toronto; E. '99, from Wel- 
lesley P.S., Toronto; aged 11-5; L. '07; son 
of Sir J. S. Willison, Toronto ; Univ. Coll.'07, 
Tor. '11 ; Editorial Dept., Can. Reconstruction 
Assoc, Toronto; Accredited Correspondent, 
"Toronto Daily News," London, England, 
September 1914; Can. Press Correspondent 
with C.C. in France, September, 1917; ret'd 
from O.S., July, 1918. 

St. W., Toronto ; The Sun Brick Co. Ltd., 32 
Toronto St., Toronto ; E. September '10, from 
Huron St. P.S., Toronto; aged 10-10; L. June 
'18; son ,of Lt.-Col. R.S. Wilson. Bn., C.E.F., 
Toronto. Enlisted. Divl. Signal Coy., C.E.F., 
Siberia, Signaller, November, 1918; ret'd 
from O.S., May, 1919. 

Prince Arthur St.W., Montreal ; Student, Mc- 
Gill; E. September '10, from Montreal H.S.; 
aged 12-7; L. June '14; son of E. P. Winslow, 
Montreal; Man. Univ. '14-'15; McGill Univ. 
(Applied Science), '15; CO.T.C, McGill 
Contgt., Pte. Enhsted, June 19. 1916; C.E., 
Lt.; C.E.T.D., July 1, 1916; O.S., November 
23; France, October 15, 1917; 3rd Army 
Troops, Coy. C.E.; Amiens, August 8, 1918; 
An-as, Drocourt - Queant, Canal du Nord, 
Cambrai, Valenciennes; ret'd from O.S., De- 
cember 13; discharged, January 2, 1919. 

WOOD, ROBERT; c|o T. H. Wood, 84 
Bloor St. E., Toronto ; B. (part time) ; E. 
August '87, from Mrs. Walker's Sch., To- 
ronto; aged 13; L. June '93; son of the late 
T. R. Wood, Toronto; Royal Warwickshire 
Regt., Major. 

Inspector R. C. M. Police; Herschell Island, 
N.W.T. ; B. ; E. October '07, from Dr. Laing's 
Sch. Victoria; aged 17-11; L. June '08; son 
of Lt.-Col. Z. T. Wood, C.M.G., Asst. Commr.. 
R.N.W.M.P., Dawson, Y.T.; Insp. R.N.W.M. 
P. Enlisted, May 15, 1918; R.N.W.M.P., 
Cav. Draft, Lt.; O.S., June 3, 1918; France, 
October 6 ; R.N.W.M.P., Special Squadron, C. 
C. Troops ; Valenciennes, November ; advance 
into Mons. November 11; ret'd from O.S., 
March 2, 1919; discharged, March 14, 1919. 

Sec, Canadian Reconstruction Assn. ; E. Sep- 
tember '04, from the Model Sch., Toronto; 
aged 14-1 ; L. June '07 ; son of C. E. Worth- 
ington, Toronto; S.P.S., Univ. Tor. '11. En- 
listed, R. Grenadiers; 1st C. E. F., October, 
1914; O.S., 13th Bn., Lt. ; France, wounded. 
May 24, 1915; 169th Bn., Lt.; Capt.; Major; 
Despatches. February, 1918; ret'd from O.S., 

rector, The Board of Pension Commission- 
ers for Canada; 173 Daly Ave., Ottawa; E. 
September '99, from Tor. Church. Sch.; aged 
10-4; L. Easter '05; s,on of Alfred Wright 
('69-'71), Toronto; 36th Peel Regt., Lt. En- 
listed, November 2, 1915; 95th Bn., Lt.; 0. 
S., June 2, 1916 ; 95th Bn., Adjt., November 
2; 124th Bn., Lt., January. 1917; France, 
March 10; Capt., September; Lens, Pas- 
tchendaele; 11th Bn., C.E., May 24, 1918; 
Major, May 24; accidentally injured, left 
knee, June 2 ; ret'd from O.S., November 22 ; 
discharged, December 31. 



Director of Scientific Research ; The Admir- 
alty, London, S.W., England; E. '99, from 
Tor. Church Sch.; aged 11-10; L. June '04 
(Head Boy) ; son of Alfred Wright ('69-'71) ; 
Toronto; U.C.C. '04; B.A. Univ. Coll.. Tor. 
'08; 4th Edward Blake Scholarship, Profi- 
ciency; M.A. Univ. Tor. '13; 1851 Exhibition 
Scholar and Wollaston Student, Caius Coll. 
Cambridge; Scott Expedition to South Pole, 
'10 ; Research in Physics, Cavendish Labora- 
tory, Cambridge; Q.O.R., Pte.; O.T.C., Spr., 
Cambridge. Enlisted, September, 1914; Scot- 
tish Signal Coy., R.E.T.F.; 5th Corps, 2nd Lt. 
(wireless sec.) ; France, March, '15 ; O.C.,Wire- 
less,5thCorps ; O.C. , Wireless, 2ndArmy,Temp. 
Capt., R.E. ; Croix de la Legion d'Honneur ; 
Capt. R.E. in C. No. 2 Army Wireless Coy., 
1917; Capt., G.S., in charge of Wireless In- 
telligence, G.H.Q., B.E.F.; M.C.. January, 
1918; O.B.E., 1919; Admiralty (Dept. of Sci- 
entific Research and Experiment), January; 
discharged, April. 

Commerce and Finance Univ. Tor.; 60 Cres- 
cent Road, Toronto; E. Prep. Sch., Septem- 
ber '09, from Rosedale P.S., Toronto; aged 
9-6; L. June '18; son of Alfred Wright 
('69-'71), Toronto. Enlisted, October, 1918; 
C.O.T.C. ; discharged, December. 

Avenue Road, Toronto; E. August '93; 12-0; 
L. June '97 ; son of W. A. Wright, Toronto ; 

ham Ave., Toronto; B. ; E. '95; L. '97; son of 
the late John Wright; Toronto; Major, 48th 

Ranching, Opinicon Lake, Ont. ; B.; E. Sep- 
tember '00, from Ashbury Coll., Ottawa, aged 
9-7 ; L. '02 ; son of Mrs. H. P. Wright, Otta- 
wa; 5th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards 
Lt. Enlisted, December, 1914; 8th C. M. R., 
Lt.; O.S.. August, 1915; 6th C.M.R.; France, 
October; transf'd from 8th C.M.R. to 1st 
Batty., C.F.A., December; C.C.H.Q., A.D.C. 
to G.O.C., June, 1916; returned to 1st Batty. 
C. F. A., November; St. Eloi, Maple Copse, 
the Somme. Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, 
Amiens then back to Arras to start push 
there; wounded slightly at Passchendaele 
Intelligence, 4th C.D.A.H.Q., July, 1917 
Capt., 52nd Batty., 5th C.D.A., March, 1918 
recalled to England, September; Instr., C.S. 
G., Camp Borden; ret'd from O.S., Decem- 
ber; discharged, January, 1919. 

Ave., Toronto; Oculist; 143 College St.; E. 
September '96, from the Model Sch., Toron- 
to; aged 13-9; L. June '00; son of the late 
John Wright, Toronto; M.B. Univ. Tor. '04; 
Anatomy Dmse., Univ. Tor. Med. Fac. '13; 
Diploma R. Lond, Opthal, Hosp., London. 
EnHsted, December 11, 1916; C.A.M.C. 
Capt.; 0. S., December 24; Westcliff Can. 
Eye and Ear Hosp. ; Bramshott Mily. Hosp. ; 
France, January 10, 1918; 11th Can. Field 
Amb.; 44th Bn., M.O.; ret'd from O.S., De- 
cember; discharged, January 6, 1919. 

Gill Ave., Montreal, P.Q.; E. '00, from the 
Model Sch., Ottawa ; aged '12 ; L. '02 ; son of 
Mrs. H. P. Wright, Ottawa., B.A.; M.D.; C. 
A.M.C., Lt. Enlisted, November, 1914; 6th 
Field Amb., 2nd Div.; O.S., April, 1915; 
Capt.; France, January, 1916; Major (Eng- 
land), 1917; ret'd from O.S., April, 1918; 
discharged, April, 1919. 

Coll., Oxford, England; E. September '04, 
after Pte. Tuition; aged 10; L. April '09; 
son of Prof. Wrong, Toronto; B.A., Univ. 
Coll., Tor. '15 ; Univ Tor. O.S.. C.O.T.C, Cpl., 
Enlisted, July, 1915; 34th Bn., Oxford and 
Bucks, Lt. Inf., Territorial Force, 2nd Lt. ; 
France, November 3; Somme, July, 1916; 


14th Bn., Oxford and Bucks L. Inf. (T.F.), 
August; Somme, September and November; 
invalided, November; Canada; R.F.C. (Can- 
ada), March, 1917; seconded R.A.F. (Can- 
ada), April, 1918; A|Capt., June; Despatches, 
January, 1919 ; discharged, January 2. 

Rd., Halifax, N.S.; B.; E. September '94, 
from Hamilton C. I.; aged 14-11; L. '95; 
son of Mrs. WyUe, Hamilton. Enlisted, Sep- 
tember, 1915, 85th Bn., N. S. Highlanders, 
Lt., 1916; 0. S.; France; 12th Bgde. L. 
T.Ms., 3 months; 4th Div., sub-staff work, 6 
months ; Canadian Embarkation Camp, Le 
Havre, Courts-Martial Officer, 3 months after 
Armistice; ret'd from O.S.; discharged. 

from St. John's and Quebec H.S. ; aged 16- 
3; L. June '99; son of Major D.D. Young, 

Inf., Stanley Barracks, Toronto; U. C. C. 
Cadets, 1st Lt. ; in charge; R.M.C.; sometime 
Official Secretary to the Lt.-Gov. of Ontario ; 
of "B" Squadron., R. C. D., Major; report- 
ed wounded; home on sick leave, ret'd 
to Front, December, 1915; Lt.-Col.; Despat- 
ches, February, 1917 ; Siberia, Genl. Base, C. 
E.F., September, 1918; Asst. Commr. C.R.C. 
at Vladivostok, February, 1919; Director of 
Remounts, May; ret'd from O.S. 

Hamilton Cotton Co. Ltd., Hamilton, Ont.; 
B.; E. September '05, from Lakefield Prep. 
Sch. ; L. June '08 (Mason Silver Medal) ; son 
of J. M. Young, Hamilton; Grad. R.M.C. '11; 
Boston Tech. Sch. '12. Enlisted, August, 
1914, 11th Batty.. C.F.A.; O.S., with 1st 
Contgt. ; France, 1st Div. ; wounded, April 21, 
1915; starred, January, 1916; discharged. 












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1— > 





©ecorations;, ||onours? anb ®is;tinctions; 

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liouis Hodgins Bigg-ar 
William Senkler Buell (3) 
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Charles Francis Constantine 
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Frederick Fraser Hunter (2) 

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Harold French McDonald 

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Norman Everitt Prowse. 




iFrederick Carr Armstrong. 

Percy Carruthers Band. 

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Louis Auguste Bibet. 

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Charles Francis Constantine (Chevalier). 
Charles Seymour Wright (Cross). 


Howard Hampden Burnham 


Bertram Kirkpatrick Johnston. 


Bertram Kirkpatrick Johnston. 


Harold French McDonald (2nd Class with Swords). Ferguson Montag-ue (2nd Class). 

Victor Alexander Maclean (3rd Class). Seth Bernard Pepler (2nd Class with Cross Swords). 


Gilbert Robertson Frith. 


Frank Fauquier Arnoldi (2nd Class with Swords). 
John Jennings Creelnian (2nd Class with Swords). 
Herbert D'Olier Kingstone (3rd Class with Swords). 

Seth Bernard Pepler (2nd Class with Cross and 

3rd Class with Swords) . 
Livius Percy Sherwood (3rd Class with Swords). 


"■■James Lyons Bigg-ar 


Cljronolosical %i^t 

(Dates of Entry) 

Hilliard Cameron Dixon 

John Denison. 

tFrederick William Benson. 

Irving- Heward Cameron. 

Charles Edward Kingsmill. 

Ernest Alexander Cruikshank. 

Septimus Julius Aujjustus Denison. 

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William Charles Laidlaw. 
tJohn Dewar McMurrich. 

Hugh Cossart Baker, Jr. 
William Senkler Buell. 
tJames Gilchrist Burnham. 
Henry Graham Crocker. 
Frederick Conyngham Denison. 
'Samuel Williamson Hewetson. 

Ralph Craven Andros. 

George Reginald Geary. 

Charles William Gordon (Staff) 

George Osborne Hayne. 

William James Moran. 

Henry Masson Pardee. 










Charles Richai-d Ilodgins. 
James Jenkins. 

Arthur Thomas Kelly Evans. 

Walter Lockwood Haight. 
tAllan Henry Macdonald. 

■Coote Nisbitt Shanlv. 

William Augustus Richardson. 
Philip Sidney Small. 

Patrick Walter Hughes McKeown. 

George Arthur Campbell Taylor. 
Charles Emeric Kerr Vidal. 
Harry James Watson. 

'George Taylor Denison, Jr. 

Arthur Huson Murray. 
Charles Algernon Temple. 

William Henry Bunting. 

Goldwin Smith Kirkpatrick. 

William Walter Paterson. 
John Young Reid. 
Herbert Cyril Thacker. 
Francis George Wallbridge. 

P'rank Boteler Kenrick. 
Arthur James Ernest Kirkpatrick. 
John Bryce McMurrich. 
^Charles Alexander Moss. 
Arthur Frederick Rykert. 
Andrew Thorburn Thompson. 

Arthur Atwell Small. 

Bernard William St- Denis Thomson. 

'Henry P. Thompson. 

Henry Ernest Tremayne. 

Arthur William Roger Wilby. 

Charles Stuart Wilkie. 


Philip Ewing' Boyd. 
Frank Burns. 
Alexander Clyde Caldwell. 
Fix'derick Lome Cosby. 
Norman Weber Cosby. 
Garnet Wolseley Denison. 
Harold Edmund Denison. 
Thomas Wylie Farmer- 
John Taylor Fothering-ham (Staff) 

.James Lyons Biggar. 
Oliver Mowat Biggar. 
John Leslie Bryant. 
Henry Arnold Burbidge. 
Harry Gurney Carscallen. 
Joseph Beecher Dobie. 
William Fletcher Eaton. 
Gilbert Robertson Frith. 
Harry Duncan Lockhart Gordon. 
Dudley George Hagarty. 
Herbert Roche Hayter. 

Frederick Marlett Bell-Smith 
George Benson Brown. 
Henry Eugene Dixon. 
David Keithock Edgar. 
Velyien Ewart Henderson. 
John Stanley Henry. 

Eric Norman Armour. 
Frederick Eraser Hunter. 
William Rupert Kingsford. 
Charles Austin Lewis. 
John Carruthers Maclean. 

tWilliani Gooderham Blackstock. 
Charles Armel Boone. 
John Joseph Cawthra. 
i Edgar Street Denison. 
Theodore Douglas Hallam. 
Francis Paget Hett. 
Sibbald Hett. 

■''Alan Featherstone Aylesworth. 
Edmund Percival Brown. 
John Jennings Creelman. 
Walter Wallbridge Denison. 
John Walton Gowans. 
William Giffard Jackson. 
i'John Crawford Law. 
William Victor Law, 
John Turner Lownsbrough. 

Frank Lindsay Burton. 
Alexander Sharpe Hamilton. 
George Hamilton. 
tWilliam Arthur Peel Durie. 
Colin James Eraser Isbester. 
Frederick Percival Myles. 

Frederick Charles Biggar. 
THenry Horace Jones. 
Kenric Rudolph Marshall. 

Oliver Elliot Baillie. 

Alfred Owen Torrance Beardmore. 

Walter John Beck. 

iHerbert Frederick Birmingham. 

tColin St. George Mclvor Campbell. 

Alfred Hans Waring Caulifeild. 

Frederick Fieldhouse Clarke. 

Ronald Rainey Counsell. 

Thomas Gilmor Delamere. 

Gordon Cyril Denison. 










George Etherege Kingsford. 
Walter Barnard Kingsmill. 
Oliver Hugel Mabee. 
i William Renwick Marshall. 
George Musson. 
Henry Bueth Sims. 
Percival Edward Thacker. 
Arthur Benson Wilkie. 
Robert Wood. 

Ross John Finnis Hayter. 
•Herbert Spencer Holcroft. 
Guy Hamilton Kirkpatrick. 
William Macpherson Kirkpatrick. 
Alfred George Tully Lefevre. 
George Lionel Leslie. 
Frederick Alexander Lister. 
Henry Clinton Pearson. 
Douglas Sinclair Robertson. 
tCharles James Townshend Stewart. 
tDuncan Stewart Storey. 

Edward Blake McMaster. 
Howard Edgar Ridout. 
Donald Aynsley Ross. 
Herbert Thomas Shotbolt. 
tEdmund Rochfort Street. 

iJohn Redmond Walsingham Meredith. 
Arthur Sidney Swinford. 
tBurns Ker Weld Thomson. 
John Launcelot Todd. 
i'William Ogilivie Watson. 

John Sproat Hewetson. 
tRalph Egerton Norris Jones. 
George Glen Moncrieff. 
Ernest Annesley Noble. 
Frank Aspinall Reid. 
Edward Stanley Ryerson. 
Edmund George Harrison Weir. 

John Primrose McMillan. 
tWilliam Francis Munro. 
Hugh Wilderspin Niven. 
Aylmer Lyndhurst Ogden. 
Charles Arthur Robertson. 
William Clegg Smith. 
tCharles Ashbury Sparling. 
tCharles Edward Treble. 
George Boyd Watson. 

Frederick Ernest Nesbitt. 
Brefney Rolph O'Reilly. 
Herbert Eldon Roaf. 
James Richardson Roaf. 
Frederick Clarkson Wright. 

Allan Lyall Scott. 
tWalter Scott Waldie. 
Henry McLaren Wylie. 

John Gault Kingsmill. 

John Ernest Hill Laidlaw. 

Conrad F. Lally- 

tStuart Donald Mackenzie. 

James L. P. McLaren. 

Jasper Kenneth Gordon Magee. 

Alban Douglas Reid. 

Hector Gowans Reid. 

Irving Earle Robertson. 

Beverley Draper Sayers. 


Arthur William Mickle Ellis. 

^Edward Blake Allan. 
Thomas Walter Anderson. 
John Bartlett Baillie. 
'John Balsillie Blanchard 
i'Russell Heath Boulton. 
Arthur Macallum Boyd. 
Edmund Boyd. 
Nathaniel Alfred Burwash. 
Ross Collier Cockburn. 
Charles Francis Constantino. 
^Frederick Russell Egerton Dobie. 
Charles Andrew Donaldson. 
Hnery Wernham Eraser. 
Samuel Morris Harman. 

George William Bayly. 

David John Cochrane. 

Henry Maurice Darling. 

Allan Gilmour Gill. 

Robert Dyson Hague. 

Cyril Ernest Ham. 

George Coulthard Hamilton. 

Henry Sidney Hamilton. 

William MacNachtan Hargraft. 

Frederick Vernon Jones. 

Travers Kirkland. 

Norman Victor Leslie. 

Alan Holmes Macdonald. 

James Arthur Edward McDonell. 

Kenneth Dean Marlatt. 

George Mackenzie Alexander. 
Kenneth Baillie. 
Hugh Atkinson Barwick, 
Percy Wood Beatty. 
Hyla Hume Betts. 
Howard Edward Blachford. 
-John Douglas Black. 
Frank Lindsay Bradburn. 
^Russell Hubert Britton. 
■'Jasper Bruce. 
Oswald Bruce. 
'Robert Clifford Darling. 
Allen Case. 

Alexander Topp Davidson. 
Egerton Boyer Denison. 
Donald Thomas Eraser. 
Gilbert Scott Gibbs. 
Edward Cosby Goldie. 
William Lawson Grant (Staff). 
Aylmer Howard Gwyn. 
■ Percy Dillon Ham. 
Frederick Charles Harrison. 
Halfdan Fenton Harboe Hertzberg. 
'Trafford Jones. 
Stanley Chandos Staveley Kerr. 
Herbert D'Olier Kingstone. 
John Francis Lash. 

Errol Louis Fauquier Arnoldi. 
William Mcllroy Garroway Cairns. 
Walter Roland Cartwright. 
'William Archer Casey. 
Wilbur Carlisle Cochrane. 
Robert Young Cory. 
IJocelyn Ross Cotterill. 
Henry Duncan Graham Crerar. 
Dawson Whitla Elliott. 
Henry Charles Fielding. 
Guy Allan FitzRandolp. 
tHarloe Macklem Fleming. 
Thomas Watt Forwood. 





tClaude Castlemaine Temple. 
'Charles Percival Waldie. 

David Lumsden Keith. 

Eric Reginald Macpherson Kirkpatrick. 

tHenry Douglas Laidlaw. 

George Franklin McFarland. 

Colin Campbell Glen Moncrieff. 

tRobert B. M. Moffat. 

Bertram Clifford Morrison. 

tEdward Cuthbert Norsworthy. 

Garnet Lehrle Ord. 

George Macdonald Paton. 

Heber Rintoul Smith. 

George Stewart Strathy. 

John Henry Grasett Strathy. 

Walter Walker Wright. 

Charles Frederick Mills (Staff). 

Ferguson Montague. 

Price John Montague. 

James Gray Stevens Morrison. 

Robert Gordon Myles. 

Charles Levinge O'Brien. 

Fred L. O'Donovan. 

Lewis Craven Ord. 

Norman Everitt Prowse. 

George Lawton Ridout. 

Irvine Gale Robertson. 

John Ham Sills. 

David Douglas Young. 

tjohn Weir. 

Frederick Maurice McPhedran. 

'Hugh Emerson McKay. 

iArchibald Walter Macdonald. 

Ferdinand George Macculloch. 

Francis Herman Cook Macdonald. 

Alan Constantino Mackintosh. 

John Melville Massey. 

Donald Milner Mathieson. 

"'Albert Victor Seymour Nordheimer. 

Roy Boulton Nordheimer. 

Robert Gordon Parker. 

tJohn Lynn Pattinson. 

tEdward Goff T. Penny. 

Walter Davy Perry. 

James Douglas Ponton. 

James Ernest Proctor. 

Kenneth George Ross. 

■'George Crowther Ryerson. 

Harry Crookshank Scarth. 

George Pearce Sharpe. 

Harry Eden Smith. 

tGordon Hamilton Southam. 

John Argue Stinson. 

■'Thomas Hope Stinson. 

tChristopher Frank Trees. 

William Grant Tyrrell. 

Kenneth Bruce Mackenzie. 

Kenneth V. Maclaren. 

William Martin. 

Hugh Mathewson. 

Thomas Guyon Morris. 

Hugh Mervyn Morrow. 

Thomas Moss. 

Kenneth Lawrence Patton. 

Reginald Pellatt. 

Reginald Sterling Pentecost. 

Wilmot Samuel Downey Prittie. 

Robert Lambert Ramsay. 

Lawrence Bruce Robertson. 


Allan Ross Gillies. 
iThonias M. Graves. 
Harold Northey Gzowski. 
Errol M. Hawke. 
Guy Maurice Hutton. 
Gordon Hyland. 
iHerbert John Erskine Keys 
Elton Ibbotson Leonard. 
tEdvvin Woodman Leonard. 
Archibald Carlyle McPhaden. 

Arthur Lyons Biggar. 
John Henry Martin Bond. 
Arthur Beverley Bowes. 
(Jardiner Mossom Boyd. 
Laurence Chadwick Boyd. 
Edward Guy Clarkson. 
Harvey Watt Cockshutt. 
Victor Ghent Davis. 
William Dobson (Staff). 
Harold Hodgson Ellis. 
Maxwell John Eraser. 
Gordon Bond Glassco. 
Henry Tatham Goodeve. 
Gerald Hamilton Gray. 
Beverley Hannah. 
Harold Robert Hare. 
Alfred Kimball Haywood. 
Walter Idington. 
Augustus Leonard Paget Law. 
Henry Chichele Lefroy. 

Herbert Campbell Barber. 

Arthur Lyons Biggar. 

iNornian Creighton Bilton. 

Charles Hearle Cole. 

David Campbell Dick. 

William Stanley Trevelyan Dignam. 

'Frank Townsend Galliher. 

George Mackenzie Garmany. 

William George Gates. 

iLyman Edward Gooderham. 

Arthur Edward Grasett. 

Gerald Hamilton Gray. 

William Harold Grindlay. 

Guy Mewburn Harris. 

'James Cuthbert Hartney. 

Henry Alexander Inglis. 

William George Inglis. 

Jacob Aemilius Homfray Irving. 

Ralph Adams. 

Harold DeWitt Ball. 

tAIexander Watson Baird. 

James Stanley Beaty. 

tAndrew Leslie Bell. 

James Stark Bell. 

Richard Coulton Berkinshaw. 

Herbert William Brown. 

i William Eberts Brown. 

Douglas Lome Cameron. 

Richard Collier Coatsworth. 

Eugene Frank Coste. 

James Kerr Cronyn. 

tWilliam Beverley Crowther. 

Walter Ernest Flett. 

Geoffrey Abbott Gaherty. 

Alan Balfour Garrow. 

Ruggles George. 

Lawrence Hartley Glassco. 

James Lawrence Goad. 

Robert Watson Gouinlock. 

Elliot Thornton Grasett. 

Sydney Hugh Bridgeman Grasett. 

Richard Leslie Greene. 

1 900 



Walter Hepburne Scott. 
Hugh Eraser Smith. 
Elliott Seton Grasett Strathy. 
Hugh Seton Strathy. 
Charles Stewart Tupper. 
tWalter Abraham Willison. 
William Taylor Willison. 
Adrian Marsh Wright. 
Charles Seymour Wright. 

Harold Fi-ench McDonald. 

tCortlandt Graham Gordon Mackenzie. 

Walter Brough Macdonald. 

tNorwood Macleod. 

Percy Blake Morgan. 

Leonard Septimus Morrison. 

"'Roger Crooks Peplei'. 

Frank Herbert Wanderford Pyne. 

Adrian Storm Rathbun. 

William Augustus Richardson, Jr. 

Joseph Bartlett Rogers. 

tjohn Egerton Ryerson. 

tJeffery Filder Smith. 

Eustace John William Spread. 

William Mcintosh Stark. 

tGeorge Edward VanSittart. 

George Lockhart Watt. 

Henry Pulteney Wright. 

Palmer Howard Wright. 

Harley Warner Larkin. 
I>anglois Dundas Lefroy. 
Richard Garwood Lewis. 
John Allan Murray. 
Arthur Frederick Nation. 
George Waller deCourcy O'Grady. 
Gerald PVancis deCourcy O'Grady. 
William Edgar Robinson. 
Robert George Rogers. 
Morris Alexander Scott. 
Robert Henry Sheard. « 

Edmund Culver Sheppard. 
Livius Percy Sherwood. 
tJoseph Donaldson Simpson. 
'George William Stairs. 
tTrumbull Warren. 
Arthur Graham Wanless. 
Andrew Thomson White. 

tFrazer Keith Lefroy. 

Arthur Baker LeMesurier. 

Charles Bethune Lindsey. 

Alexander Stanley McArthur. 

tWilliam Bruce Macculloch. 

Harold Hildreth Randolph Macdonald. 

Norman Scarth Macdonnell. 

Alexander John Mackenzie (Staff). 

tGeorge Lawrence Bissett Mackenzie. 

Thomas William Birchall Marling (Staff), 

Arnold Colton Matthews. 

William Mowbray (Staff). 

John Medley deCourcy O'Grady. 

William Agar deCourcy O'Grady. 

John Hubert Phippen. 

Norman Smith Poison. 

Peter Randolph August Ritchie. 

tThomas Harold Reade. 

Eric Egerton Ryerson. 

George Augustus Smith. 

Granville Alario Richard Spain. 

Denis Stairs. 

Alexander George Trees. 

Alan Turnbull. 


John Frederick Harkom. 
tRobert Ross Hartman. 
"Clifton Mountbank Horsey. 
Hervey Lee Jackes. 
Thomas Robinson Jarvis. 
tAlexander Douglas Kirkpatrick. 
Allan Russell Lawrence. 

Percy Carruthers Band. 

•Henry Ewart Bethune. 

Robert Thomas Bethune. 

Hollis Hume Blake. 

Wilford Edward Bull. 

tSidney Smith Burnham. 

William Boyd Caldwell. 

Thomas Bellasyse Colley (Staff). 

John Raffles Cox. 

Frederick Charles Blackburn Crompton. 

tWalter Eyre Curry. 

Robert Hay Davidson. 

Reginald Hyland Dean. 

William Clare Duffus. 

Rov Chester Finnic. 

tJohn Gait. 

Alexander Horace Cecil Gibson. 

Ralph Burgess Gibson. 

Gerald Elliot Denbigh Greene. 

John Sobieski Gzowski. 

Herbert Renwick Hammond. 

Huson Murney Harman. 

Stephen Lowth Henderson 

Gordon Percival Howe 

George Gordon Macdonald 

John Milligan Macdonald 

Frank Hastings Hamilton Mewburn 

■'George Greig Mowat 

Fredreick James Mulqueen 

Charles Hadyn Ackerman. 

Peregrine Palmer Acland 

Herbert Elder Adams 

Robert Medd Adams 

James Marshall Baker. 

tEdward Osier Bath 

John Alexander Bethune 

Henry Irvine Bird 

George Gooderham Blackstock 

David Blain 

William Hamilton Boswell 

Harold Strathmore Bowes 

tPhilip Bentinck Boyd 

Stuart Hall Brown 

'Hugh Melville Carmichael 

Francis Biggar Casey 

Alan Coatsworth 

John Harvey Douglas 

Matthew Langdon Ellis 

George Charles Fellowcs 

Jasper Bissett Chami)ion Garniany 

tJohn Ure Garrow 

Paul Mitchell Gunsaulus 

Donald Guthrie 

John Norman Gwynne 

James Leslie Henderson 

Leslie George Hodder 

James Fellows Adams 
Robert Thomas Allan 
Percy Clarence Fauquier Arnold! 
Kenneth Francis Auden 
'■John Alfred Benjamin 
Walter Donald Bethune 
tDcric Broughall 
Henry John Burden 
Leslie Fergus Cameron 




Robert Hay Turnbull. 
Cornelius Inncs VanNostrand. 
Herbert Eraser Walker. 
James Graeme Watson. 
Arthur Eden Williamson. 
tCharles Arthur Wilson. 

Eric Percival Muntz 
Hilary George Nares 
Montague Holt Neville 
George Meredith Orr 
F'rederick Serjant Orr 
Eric Osborne 
Wilfred Wright Parry 
Graeme Melville Paterson 
'Robert Douglas Patters(m 
Hugh Adderly Peck. 
Hugo Burghart Rathbun 
Colin Esdaile Richardson 
James Wells Ross. 
Joseph Louis Sheard 
Paul Sheard 
Francis Jackson Smith 
Charles Henry Stanyon 
Charles Wilson Homer Tanner 
Allan Ellsworth Taylor (Stalf) 
James Mitchell Taylor. 
Gordon Ogilvie Thom. 
James Balfour Thom. 
iCyril Monsarrat Thompson. 
Clive Athelstan Thomson. 
Joseph Rielle Thomson. 
James Tod. 

Alfred Alexander Walker. 
Rosslyn Hugh Walker. 

Bernard Hope Hughes 

Albert Eric Jackes 

George Couts Jemmett 

Douglas Grahame Joy 

Norman Grant Keefer 

John Godfrey McCau] 

tCharles Frederick McHenry 

Geoffrey Machell 

Herbert Eric Machell 

■'Maurice Irving Machell 

Gerald Arthur Maclean 

Brien de Courcy O'Grady 

Burchell Ogilvie Oughton 

ijohn Anthony Ninian Ormsby 

Frank Roy Peters 

Hugh Lyon Poison 

■'Evan Edward Price 

■'Howard Primrose 

Archibald Cumberland Reid 

William Ewart Gladstone Suundei'S 

'Thomas B)-ehant Saunders. 

Eustace Maitland Smith 

Harold Coleman Walker 

tJohn Robinson Woods. 

Alan Niven Worthington 

Humphray Hume Wrong 

IHenry Vernon LeMesuricr 
.\rthur Robert Action Lowe 
Walter Woods McKeown 
tJames Mackenzie 
Ian McLean Macdonell 
Henry John Gordon Mackenzie 
Andrew Dyas Maclean 
Lionel Leaton Mabee 
Trevor Reginald Manning 


tReginald Howitt Capreol 

Colin Gordon Carruthers 

Douglas Carruthers 

John Robert Cartwright 

Arthur Ramsay Stanley Clarke 

Tom Spry Creswicke. 

Austin Torrance Crowther 

Ernest Irving Davidson 

i'lrvvin Davis 

Herbert MacMillan Dawson 

■fMelchior McEwen Eberts 

George Roper Gouinlock 

tHerve Murray Grant 

Crawford Geale Munro Grier 

Thomas Francis Fergie 

tHarold Thompson Henderson 

Saxon Howard Hunter 

Frederick George Killmaster (Staff) 

Maurice Rooke Kingsford 

George Denison Kirkpatrick 

'iArthur Gerald Knight 

Arthur Leopold Langford 

Raye Livingstone Montgomery 

Norman Eraser Allan 

Robert King Armstrong 

Frank Fauquier Arnold! 

Dalton Goring Boyd 

Lome Gordon Campbell 

John Walter Finlayson Chipman 

John Alfred Gibson Clarke 

IMaurice Arundel Clarkson 

Hugh Eric Esme Cochran 

James Noel Bellasyse Colley (Staff) 

Henry Bruce Attwood Conybeare 

Andrew Frederick Craw^ford 

Cuthbert Ross Cuthbert 

John Bennett Dickinson 

tLindsay Drummond 

Arthur Wyburn Eastmure 

Archibald Menzies FitzRandolph 

Charles Harvey Rogers Fuller 

tFranklin Reginald Gibson 

Henry Stephen Gooderham 

"Oswald Wetherald Grant 

Sydney Hugh Bridgeman Grasett 

Elliot Anson Greene 

Henry Vincent Graves Greene 

Goldwin Gregory 

Ashley W. Grier 

Edwin Norton Gunsaulus 

Frederic Gordon Hellmuth 

tWilliam Smith Henderson 

William Ian Strathearn Hendrie 

John Roland Hett 

Charles Norman Armstrong Ireson 

Charles Warren Irwin 

Frederick Graham Johnston 

Arthur Ow^en Armstrong 
Norman Brooke Bell 
Auguste Armour Bolte. 
iFelix Olivier Bolte 
Herbert Seton Broughall 
Ronald Kerr Bryden 
tCharles Elbridge Burden 
Howard Hampden Burnham 
tWilliam James Gordon Burns 
Frederick George Castle 
Wilfrid Turner Cheyne 
George Stuart Haigh Cook 
John Verner Cook 
Waring Gerald Cosbie 
tStanley Lome Crowther 



Reginald Stafford Northcote 
Gerald Yeadon Ormsby 
Robert Edward Patterson 
Eric Pepler 
Hugh Peters 
Eric Alastair Reid 
James Murray Robertson 
John Beverley Robinson 
Arthur Charles Rowswell 
iHoward Elliott Scott 
Adam Watson Sime 
tErnest Alroy Simpson, Jr. 
Angus William Roe Sinclair 
Joseph Francis Stewart 
tjohn Cuthbert Stairs 
tWilliam Edward Steacy 
Gordon Winslow Taylor 
tNorman Eden Walker 
Arthur John Langtry Williams 
tPhilip Edward Williams 
tVictor Benson Wright 
James Vernon Young 

David Arnold Keys 

James Young Lepper 

William Eustace Lepper 

Norman Alexander Mackenzie 

tAlan Pratt Maclean 

William Gerald Martin 

Wilfrid Mavor 

Gordon Campbell Mitchell 

Gerald Morton Morse 

tDonald Springer Osborne 

Don Francis Pepler 

Seth Bernard Pepler 

tMowbray Macdonell Perdue 

Alan Gordon Peter 

William Eric Phillips 

John Orme Plummer 

Richard Douglas Ponton 

Alexander Meredith Ramsay 

Arthur Connaught Ryerson 

Harold Saxton Sheppard 

Hugh MacGregor Steven 

Robert Allen Steven 

Kenneth Spencer Stover 

Louis Fauquier Strickland 

James Coldham Suydam 

tWilliam Sinclair Tuck 

John Ellsworth Tudhope 

Raymond Tyrwhitt 

Arthur Arundel Harcourt-Vernon 

tD'Arcy Rein Wadsworth 

Harold Dorman Warren 

tJames Stanley Lightfoot Welch 

Clare Hewson Williams 

James Gallie Keens 
Douglas Glenholme Lawrence 
Patrick Alexander Ogilvie Leask 
Oswald Elmer Lennox 
tDonald Ryerson Macdonald 
Douglas Havelock Mackay 
Norman Douglas Mackay 
Gordon McLaughlin 
James William McLeod 
James Ronald McMurrich 
Vincent Taylor Manchee 
tWinchell Habens Manchee 
Raymond Hart Massey 
tGeorge Heaven Morang 
Donald Badgerow Mulholland 


John For sy the Dawson 
George Sutherland Day 
Philip Harold DeGruchy 
tCharles Dennehy 
John Valentine Drynan 
Arthur Meredith Dunstan 
iGuy Peirce Dunstan 
Albert Henry James Ellis 
William George Gartshore 
Christopher William Graburn 
Douglas Caparn Greey 
tMurray Grant Gunn 
Jeffrey John Hale 
Alan Arthur Hargraft 
Gordon Grant Hargraft 
Lawrence Gooderham Hargraft 
William Hendrie Hay 
Vaughan Maclean Howard 

Edward Marshall Ansley 
George Hugh Armstrong 
Horace Wilfred Beck 
John West Boulton 
George Clinton Brown 
Howard Marshall Brown 
tCharles Clifton Carr 
tHenry Maurice Corbold 
Robert Cecil Cowan 
tRichard Gilpin Crawford 
Alastair John Crerar 
John Boucher Crompton 
tBasil Lancelot Cumpston 
John Vance Davison 
William Ashton Dean 
Gerald Charles Edwards 
Arthur Beresford Ferguson 
Alexander Sydney Gartshore 
John Aubrey Gibson 
Alexander Hamilton Gillespie 
Harold Day Greenwood 
Edmund Geoffrey Grier 
Frederick Amherst Hale 
Barry Bonnycastle Hayes 
George Bradford Heintzman 
Howard Crichton Heintzman 
Andrew Chadwick Hersey 

Lionel Edwin Amsden 

James Orton Anderson 

■^Frederick Carr Armstrong 

George Cecil Aykroyd 

Winchester Henry Biggar 

George Wyburn Goring Boyd 

Hugh Victor Brodie 

Kenneth Brodie 

Archibald Carfrae Campbell 

tJames Pomeroy Cavers 

Graham Lee Chambers 

tPaul Brooks Clarke 

Gordon McNeill Cooper 

tMalcolm Charlton Crerar 

Arthur Cyril Dean 

t Wilfred James Dobson (Staff) 

George Alexander Gibbs Drew 

Harold Drummond 

Walter Cameron Cruikshank Duncan 

Maurice Hutchinson Esten 

Alfred John Price Estlin 

George Evans 

Julian Harcourt Ferguson 

Roy Hecker Frankel 

Herbert Downing Fripp 

Geoffrey Griffin Garvey 

Arthur Blain Gash 



James O'Reilly 

Allan McMillan Phillips 

tGeorge Clarence Rogers 

Allan Cameron Rough 

Hector Max Sanderson 

Stewart Acers Saunders 

Wymouth Collingwood Schreibcr 

John Bright Skaith 

(Walter Francis Watson Sime 

Conn Smythe 

Charles Beverley Lawrence Sproatt 

tFord Stuart Strathy 

Wilfred Mulock Thomson 

Martin Hedgerson Toy 

Carlyle Wainwright Vokes 

Frederick Alden Warren 

Hugh Norman Mack Watt 

Stuart Zachary Taylor Wood 

Eric Mason Hersey 
Archibald James Doyle Higgs 
Ernest Ford Howard 
i'Lawrence Walker Hogg 
tFrancis Carl Howard 
Francis Mario Macdonald Jones 
Harry Ewart Keens 
Walter Brogdin Lawson 
George Oxley McConkey 
Alexander Murray McCrimmon 
Donald Alexander Macintosh 
Eric David Morse 
William Pate Mulock 
Andrew McCormick Naismith 
Philip Rutherford Pipon 
Allan Sutcliffe Poynton 
Albert Barnes Raymond 
Douglas Leith Ross 
Dyce Chalmers Saunders 
George Peace Sharpe 
William Hutchinson Sparrow 
tjohn Douglas Price Scholfield 
^Frederick Gustavus Stupart 
Hugh Bogart Tarbox 
Allan Foster Telfer 
Arthur Lumley Vokes 

Frederick Gordon Hellmuth 

Frederick William Henderson 

Walter Drew Hudson 

John Harvey Keens 

Dougall Anthony Kittermaster 

James Eraser Macdonald 

Edwin John Northey 

John Coleridge Patteson 

tThomas Gordon McLean 

Richard Helson Potter 

Lawrence Williamson Prime. 

Edward Baxter Ramsay. 

Harold Albert Roberts. 

John Hamilton Roberts. 

Henry Preston Rossiter (Staff). 

Harold Richards Senkler. 

Everett Wilson Spafford. 

Paul Laval Stevens. 

Donald D'Eyencourt Strickland 

Alan Victor Stupart. 

Luke Teskey. 

Andrew Ruthven Thompson. 

David Stinson Thompson. 

tAubrey De Vers Arnold Turquand. 

Arthur McBurney Walton. 

tHenry Valmond Walker- 

tGeorge Cecil Warwick. 


F.KcrUm Fairbanks Gibbs 
tllobert Hector Hamilton 

Geoffrey Byrne Beatty. 
George Herbert Berry. 
Robert Benny Brett. 
Stuart Hall Brown. 
Francis Reginald Clubb. 
John Arthur Bennet Clubb. 
George Turner Cockshutt. 
Harr.y Hampton Essex. 
tDouglas Quirk Ellis. 
Eric Maulson Farncombe. 
Alexander Leslie Goodei'hani. 
Harold Leslie Grimshaw. 
Leonard Broomfield Hardaker. 
George Seton Platton 
Sidney Francis Hull. 
CyrilJ. Hunter (Staff). 
■Richard Lawton I>yall. 
Louis Laurier Lyonde 

Arthur Muldrew Allan. 
George Barrie Bryan. 
Fitzroy Campbell Burrows. 
■'John Francis Burrows. 
Robert Gordon Chambers. 
Eric Morton Cockshutt. 
Harold James Connolly. 
Robert Aithur Curry. 
William Albert Davern 
Digby Davies (Staff). 
Graham Winters Hennessy. 




tEgan Zinkin Agar. 

Charles Leonard Bailey. 

William Roberts Boyd. 

Frederick Clayton Casselman (Staff). 

William Albert Davern. 

'Allan MacNab Denovan. 

i'Charles William Davison. 

John Milton Donaldson. 

George Victor Drew-Brook. 

P'rank Webber Edwards. 

W. Ellison (Staff). 

John Strathearn Hay. 

Robert H^y. 

John Sebastian Helmcken. 

Hugh Blacker Hill. 

Robert Meredith Hunter. 

"i'William Cecil Hutson. 

Francois Charles Archile Jeanneret (Stair) 

John Wood Johnson. 

Louis Hodgins Biggar. 
Ernest Keith Bruce. 
tCharles Tupper Bruce. 
Edward Moore Jackson Burwash (Stall'). 
Kenneth Donald Campbell. 
Willson Rohl Coleman. 
Edgar Hayden Cowan. 
James Eric Croden. 
David Leon Danson. 
Leonard William Delph (Staff). 
Harold Cameron Fetterly. 
Edward Walter Francis. 
Jeffrey John Hale. 
P^rederick Roa Hearne. 
John Sullivan Hess. 
tRichard Boycott Hinckesman (Staff). 

PL'iiry Moffat Dcnnehy. 
i'Georgc Macdonald Dick, 
('harles Donald Hamilton. 


Harry Neville We.stwood. 
Edward Nicol Wright. 

Gustav Francis Stoval Mann. 
Barstow Harding Miller 
William Reginald Mitchell. 
Cornelius Francis O'Gorman. 
Hewitt William Eyers Pepler. 
Cyril Potter (Staff). 
Henry Scott Ritchie. 
Edward Harold Saer. 
Terence Sheard. 
Frank Homer Smith. 
Leonard Leslie Stanyon. 
'Alfred Hamilton Thomi)son. 
John Leckie Tyrrell. 
Eugene Carey Welsh. 
Frank Baird Welsh. 
Henry Bernard Wilkinson. 
Douglas Irving Wilson. 
Kenelm Molson Winslow. 

Gordon Byron Howard. 
"'Eric Macdonell Jarvis. 
Kenneth Leighton McCaualand. 
tErnest Hellmuth Mann 
Russell Hislop Mooi-e. 
Arthur Hope Stratford. 
Andrew Haron Tudhope. 
Grant Hawkins Turner. 
Herbert Walter S. Vacher. 
tLoudon Pierce Watkins 
^Henry Joseph Watlington. 

Edward Pardee Johnston. 

Harvey Herbert Keens. 

tGerald Alfred Learn. 

George Kendall Lucas. 

Branscome Redman Ord. 

William Harty O'Reilly. 

John Alexander Stewart Peterson. 

Harley Edward Ponsford. 

Claude Sauerbrei. 

John Willoughby Saurbrei. 

George Nelson Shea. 

Ernest Cosmos Shurly. 

tDonald Thomson. 

Kenneth Grand Toy. 

Bernai-d Watlington Walker. 

James Scott Wallace. 

Edward Campbell Welinson. 

Randolph Wilbur White. 

Edg'ar Campbell Wilkinson. 

Frank James. 

James Thomas Jenkins (Staff). 

tp'rank Lawrence Johnson. 

Bertram Kirkpatrick Johnston. 

Francis O'Donovan Kelly. 

iClare Levack. 

Andrew Maxwell McEvoy. 

tLouis Burney McMurtry. 

"'Sydney Mercer McWhinney. 

Cecil Patton Milne. 

Ernest James Mosley. 

Robert Allan Neilson. 

Robert Barbour Rae. 

Eric Armstrong Stokes. 

tGeorge William Tisdale. 

James Plawkins McDonald. 
Harold Mackintosh McGiverin. 
Frederick John Mallett (Staff). 


Vernon Osborne Matchctt. William Lawrence Whittemore (Staff). 

Charles Gambier Menendez. 

Arthur Thomas Mahon Armstronff. Rej^cinald Francis Scott. 

Ellis Wickham Clark. Donald Macgregor Sutherland. 

Norman Edward Kelk. Frank Harold Terry (Staff). 

Harold Lawrence McCausland. George William Hill Troop (Staff). 

Archibald Kelso Roberts. 

William Robert Ramsay Armitage (Staff). John Francis Watkins. 

Harold Watkins. 

Ross Taylor. John Scott Todtl. 

Louis Auguste Bibet (Staff). Campbell McKenzie Taylor. 



















Academic and Civil. 

























Bachelor of Arts 

LL. B. 

So Bachelor of Applied Science L. R. C. P. S., 

L Bachelor of Civil Law 

Bachelor of Divinity 

Bachelor of Science 

Civil Engineer 

L., Doctor of Civil Law 

Doctor of Divinity 

S., Doctor of Dental Surgery 

C. S Fellow of the Royal College 

of Surgeons 

M. C Fellow of Trinity Medical 


P. S., Licentiate and Fellow of the 

College of Physicians and Sur- 

L. T. C. P. S. 

M. A 

M. B 

M. C. P. S. 

M D 

M.D., CM. 

M. E. . , 
M R. C. 

Ph. D. 

Bachelor of Laws 

, Licentiate Royal College of 
Physicians and Surgeons 

.Licentiate of College of Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons. 

. Master of Arts 

. Bachelor of Medicine 

. Member of the College of 
Physicians and Surgeons 

. Doctor of Medicine 

. Doctor of Medicine and Master 
of Surgery. 

. Mining Engineer 

. Member of the Royal College 
of Surgeons 

. Doctor of Philosophy 


. . Acting 

. . Assistant Adjutant General 

. . Assistant Adjutant and Quarter 
Master General 

. . Aide de Camp 

. . Assistant Director of Dental 


M. S Assistant Director of Medical 


S Assistant Director of Sanitation 

S Assistant Director of Services 

F American Expeditionary Forces 


C Army Medical Corps 

C. T. D Army Medical Corps Training 




S Army Medical Service or 

Assistant Military Secretary 


C Army Service Corps 







D. C Canadian Army Dental Corps 

M. C Canadian Army Medical Corps 

P. C Canadian Army Pay Corps. 




S. C Canadian Army Service Corps 


A. A. G 

A. A. & Q. M. G. 

A. D. C 

A. D. D. S 

A. D. 

A. D. 
A. D. 
A. E. 
A. M. 
A. M. 

A. M. 


A. S. 





Bn. . 


C. A. 

C. A. 

C. A. 




C. A. 


. . . Cavalry 

C. B 

. . . Companion of the Bath 

C. B. E 

. . . Companion of the Oi-der of the 

British Empire 

C. C. C. S 

. . . Canadian Casualty Clearing 


C. C. R. C 

. . .Canadian Corps Reinforcement. 


C. C. S 

. . . Casualty Clearing Station 

C. D. A 

. . . Canadian Divisional Artillery 

C. E. F 

. . . Canadian Expeditionary Force 

C. E. R. B 

. . . Canadian Engineers Railway 


C. F. A 

. . . Canadian Field Artillery 

C. F. C 

. . . Canadian Forestry Corps 

C. G. H 

. . . Canadian General Hospital 

C. G. S 

. . . . Chief of the General Staff 

C. L B. D 

... Canadian Infantry Base Depot 

C. M. G 

, . . . Companion of the Order of St. 

Michael & St. George 

C. M. G. C 

Canadian Machine Gun Corps 

C. M. R 

Canadian Mounted Rifles 


. . . . Colonel 

Contgt , 

. . . . Contingent 


. . . . Commandinir Officer 

W. 0. R 

. . . . Western Ontario Regiment 

E. 0. R 

. . . . Eastern Ontario Regiment 


. . . . Corporal 

Coy., etc 

. . . . Company, Squadron, Battery 

C. S. E. F 

. . . . Canadian Siberian Expedition- 

ary Force 

D. A. A. G 

. . . . Deputy Assistant Adjutant 


D A C 

Divisional Ammunition Column 

D. A. D. M. S. . 

. . . . Deputy Assistant Director of 

Medical Services 


1). A. n. of S. & T. . . l)eputy Asssitant Director of 
Sui)i)ly and Transport 

I). A. Q. M. G I)ei)uty Assistant Quarter Mas- 
ter General 

I). ('. M DistinRuished Conduct Medal 

I). ('. R. II Dominion of Canada Rifle 


D. G. M. S Director General of Medical 


D. E. 0. S Director of Equipment and 

Ordinance Services 

Dist District 

D. E. S Director of Engineer Services 

Div Division 

D. O. C District Officer Commanding- 

Divl Divisional 

D. M. S Director of Medical Services 

D. P. S Director of Pay Services 

D. S. C. R Department of Soldiers' Civil 


D S. Distinguished Service Order 

D. F. C. . Distinguished Flying Cross 

Engrs Engineers 

F. S. R Field Service Regulations 

Genl General 

G. H General Hospital 

G. H. Q General Headquarters 

Gnr Gunner 

G. 0. C General Office Commanding 

G. S. W Gun Shot Wound 

G. S. O General Staff Officer 

Hosp Hospital 

H. Q Headquarters 

ijc in charge 

I. C In Command 

Inf Infantry 

K. C. V. Knight Commander of the 

Victorian Order 
K. C. S. I Knight Commander of the Star 

of India 

Lieut. . . . , Lieutenant 

M Married 

M. C Military Cross 

M. D Military District 

Med Medical 

M. G. Machine Gun 

M .H. C. C Military Hospital Commission 

of Canada 

Mily Military 

M. M Military Medal 

M. O Medical Officer 

M. S Medical Services 

M. S. A Military Service Act 

M. S. M Military Service Medal 

M. V. O Member of Victorian Order 

N. C. O Non-commissioned Officer 

O. R. E Officer of the Order of the 

Bi'itish Empire 

0. C Officer Commanding 

O. M. F. C Overseas Military Forces of 


0. S Overseas 

Pte Private 

Q. M. A. A. C Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary 


Q. M. G Quarter Master General 

Q. M. S Quarter Master Sergeant 

Q. O. R Queen's Own Rifles 

R. A. F Royal Air Force 

R. A. M. C Royal Army Medical Corps 

R. C. A Royal Canadian Artillery 

R C. D Royal Canadian Dragoons 

R. C. G. A Royal Canadian Garrison 


R. C. H. A Royal Canadian Horse Artillery 

Regt Regiment 

Res Reserve 

Ret'd Returned 

R. F. A. Royal Field Artillery 

R. F. C Royal Flying Corps 

R. G Royal Grenadiers 

R. G. A Royal Garrison Artillery 

R. N. A. S Royal Naval Air Service 

R. N. C. V. R Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer 

R. N. V. R Royal Naval Volunteer 


R. Reserve of Officers 

R. S. M Regimental Sergeant Major 

Sec Section 

Senr Senior 

Sergt Sergeant 

Spr Sapper 

Sqdn Squadron 

Sta Stationary 

S. Q. M. S Staff or Squadron Quarter Mas- 
ter Sergeant 

Tempy Temporary 

Pransf 'd Transferred 

Trg Training 

W. Warrant Officer 

M. T Mechanical Transport 



W. G. Gooderham, '65-'67, President. 

W. L. Grant, M.A., Principal. 

G. N. Hargraft, '98-'02. 

R. A. Laidlaw. '01-'04. 

W. A. Willison, '99-'07. 

A. H. Young, '78-'82. 



' r1 

'■■Of ^<fim^-i 

. ■- </^ .^-