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Full text of "The Washburn family : descendants of John of Plymouth, Mass. and William of Stratford, Conn., and Hempstead, L.I."

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* THE 



Descendants of Jotin of Plynaouth, JVlaiss., 
nd Williann of Stratford, Conn., and Hemp- 
tead, L. I. 


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RECORD PRINT, SEYMOUR. I •••■'•',' ' ' "' 

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'••* : BINDING) pj . _^ 



This name has been variously spelled Washburn, Washbourne, 
Washband, Washbon, Washborn, Washborne and Washburne, but the 
first is the most common mode of spelling the name. 

John Washburn, of Plymouth, 1G32, Savage supposed came 
from pjversham, Co. Worcester, on Shakspeare's Avon, Eng., and in 
1035, his wife, Margaret, aged 49, with cli. John, aged 14; and Philip, 
11, followed him in the ship Elizabeth and Ann Irom London, as by 
certificate of the mayor and minister of Eversham. He was of Dnx- 
buiy side of the water, and became one of the original settlers of 
IJridgewater, and died before 1670. 

John Washburn, son of John and jMargaret of Bridgewater, 
ftlass., m. in 1645, Elizabeth Mitchell. He lived at Duxbury some 
years but removed Ix^fore 1670 to Brid<To water, and inade his will 
iu 1686. 
' John. 
Thomas, m. Deliverance Packard. Ch. Nathaniel, Thomas, Timo- 
thy, Hepzibah, Patience, Deliverance, Elizabeth. (Per will in 
( Joseph, m. Hannah Latham; children Joseph, Jonathan, 

Ebenezer, Miles, Ephraim, Edward, Benjamin, Hannah. 
Karanel, b. a. 1651, ra. Deborah Packard, d. 1720. (Jh. Samuel, b. 
1678; Noah, b. 1083; Israel, b. 1684; Nehemiah, b. 1086; Ben- 
jauiin and Hannah. 

Mary, 1001, m. Wra. Kinsley. 
Elizabeth, ra. James Howard. 
Jane, m. Wm. Orcutt, Jr. 

' James, b. 1672, m. 1693, Mary Bowden. Ch. Mary, b. 1694; Ann, 
1696; James, 1698; Edward, 1700; Moses, 1702; Gideon, 1704; 
Sarah, 1706; Martha, 1709; Elizabeth, 1710. 
Sarah, m. 1097, John Ames. 


John "Washburn, of Bridgewater, son of John and Elizabeth, ra. 
IfiTO, Rebecca Lapham. Chihlren: Josiab, b. 1680; John, b. 1682; 
Josepli, b. 16S3; William, b. 1086; Abjojail, b. 1688; Rebecca. 

Jonathan Washburn, of Bridgewater, son of John and Eliza- 
beth, m. a. 1683, Mary Vaugh of Scituate. Children: Elizabeth, b. 
1084: Josiah, 1686; Beujamin, 1688; Ebenezer, 1690; Martha, 1692j 
Joanna, 1693; Nathan, 1699; Jonathan, 1700; Cornelius, 1702. 

John Washbanp, m. Marj Gunu, Nov. 5, 1721. Children: 

John, b. June 

Anne, b. Feb. 19, 1733. 

William Washburn came to Stratford aljput 1655, with two 
.sons, John and Hope. John in. June 7, l6o5, Mary, daughter of 
Richard Butler, and had a son John, b. Nov. 20, 1657. A year or tw*o 
later Wm. Washburn, wjth his son John and family, removed to Hemp- 
stead, L. I. 

Hope Washburn, son of William, m. Mary, dau. of Francis 
Stiles, about 1660, and resided for a time in Stratford, in 1685 moved 
to Derby, where he died in 1096. The widow died Jan. 11, 1712, 

Sarah, b. Dec. — , 1601 . 

John, b. May — , 1666. 

William, b. Mar. 16, 1668. 

Samuel, b. Mar. 1, 1670-1. List in 1718 £62. 

Ephraim, b. Aug. 31, 1673. . ' 

Mary, m. John Johnson in 1694. 

Jane. ' 

William Washband, son of Hope and Mary, b. Mar. 16, 1668 
m. Hannah Wooster of Derby, Aug. 20, 1696. Bu. Uptown grave 
yard, Derby. Children: 1 

Ephraim, b. in 1701. f 

Ephraim Washband, son of Wra. and Hannah, was one of the 
original members of the Congregational Society of Oxford, and at the 
first meeting, which was held June 30, 1641, he was appointed collector; 
and treasurer for the jjarish. The commission appointed by the Gen- 
eral Assembly soon after to decide upon the location of the meeting 
house, chose a place "on land belonging to Ephraim Washbourn," at 


the 8t)uth end of Jack s Hill, where the church yet stands, after the 
lapse of a hundred and fitly years. He in. Oct. 7, 1724, Miriam, dau. 
of Saiuuei Bowers, who died April IG, 1774, aped 70. Children: 

Timothy, h. Jau. 20, 1725. 

Joseph, b. May d. Oct. 28, 1737. 

TTaunah, d. Oct. 30, 1737. 

Benjamin, b. Suly 5. 17 — , d. Nov. 4, 1737. 

Dorcas, d. Nov. 13, 1737. 


Hannah, h. Aujr. 23, L74U. 

Dorcas, b. Mar. 22, 1742. 

Bowers, b. June 18, 1745; d. Nov. 24, 1827. 

Benjau.iu, b. June G, 1747; bap. Oct. 29, 1752. 

Timothy Washburn, son of Ephraim and Miriam, and Hannah 
Curtis of Stratford were married in Oxford, April 22, 1745, by Rev. 
Mr. Lyman. Children: 

Sarah, b. June 11, 1746. 

Edmund, b. Nov. 27, 1747, bap. Feb. 7, 1748. 

Joseph, b. May 12, 1750. 

Ebenpzer, bap. Feb. 7, 1750. 

Bowers Washband, son of Ephraim- and Miriam, served in the 
.Revolutionary war, and was one of the original members of the Union 
Episcopal church tif Humphreysville. He married Eunice, widow of 
Ibavid Wheeler. Died at Oxford in 1817, and his widow d. in Hum- 
phreysville, Feb. 19, 1823, a.i^ed 06. Children: 

Polly, bap, Oct. 4, 1778, m. James Beardsley of Great Hill; lived in 
first house west of the (;apt. Nettleton place. 

Nancy, m. Feb. 2^, 1799, Levi Riggs of Rimmon Hill. 

Samuel Washburn,' son of Hope and Mary, wak one of the 53 
among whom were divided "Camp's Mortgage" in 1702. This was a 
I tract of land about three miles square, bounded on the east by the 
Nangatuck river, north by Little river, west by "a range of swamps 
icear Moose Hill," and south by Derby purchase. In the division of a 
tract of land on Great Hill in 1750, called the 4th division. land was 
8et otf to Samuel and William Washborn. 

Samuel Washband of Derby m. Susannah Wooster Nov. 30, 
1714, His son. 


SAMrEL Washband, b. May 4, 1717, m. Sarah Beach, May 9, 
1711. Cbildren: 

Willittiu, b. Aug li8, 1742. 

Mary, b. Dec. 4, 1744, d. Dec. 5, 1749. 

Maria or Mary, b. Aug. 15, 1749. 

Samuel, b. Jan. 16, 1751, it is said d. ia the array, Oct. 24, 1780. 

Sarah, b. Feb. 24, 1755, bap. Mar. 30. 

Eli, b. Sept 19, 175S, bap. Sept. 21. 

JosiAH Wasiibi'IIN, 1st. b. Jan. 27, 1737, d. July 7, 1810, Was 
living within the bounds of Shrub Oak District at the time it was set 
oft, in 1779; m, Sarah Llarger June 2, 1707. She d. June 15, HgO. 

Josiah, b. Jan. 9, 17G9; bap. Jan. 29. 

Mary, b. Feb. 5, 1774j bap. Mar. 27, 1774, m Smith, moved 

to Vermont. 

JosiAH Washburn, Jr., son of Josiah and Sarah, was a member 
of the 8th company of the 32d Itegt. of Conn. Militia in J 793; m May 
4, 1793, Catherine Smith, b. Jan. 15, 1773 Children: 

Josiah Smith, b. July 31, 1794, d. May 21 or 29, 1823. 

Julia Laminta, b. Apr. G, 1797, m. Robert "Wheeler of Oxford, 
Thursday, Dec. 2, 18—. '^ 

George Washington, b. Jan. .30, 1803. ( 

Starr Sterling, b. Feb. 12, 1807. 

Staples Seth, b. Feb. 15, 1810. -\ 

Josiah Smith Washburn of Oxford, son of Josiah, jr., and 
Catherine; m. Thursday, Nov. 28, 1822, Sally Maria Wheeler, dau. 
Samuel, b, Nov. 10, 1797; d. June 14, 1877. Had one dau., Cather- 
ine S., b. Aug. 25, 1823. j 


( 'ATHARINF. S. Washburn, daughter of Josiah S. and Sallie M., ' 
was bap. in Union Episcopal church, Humphreysville, Nov. 16, 1823; \ 
m. June 11, 1S4G, Joel Osborn of Oxford; d. Feb. 2, 1876. Children: 

Orlando Cable Oaborn of Oxford. i 

Betsey Maria Osborn, d. aged 16. * 


.h i.iA ajAMINTA Washburn, daughter of Josiah, Jr., and Cath- 
erine, m. Robert Wheeler of Riggs street, Oxford, near Towantic. 



Betsey Ann, b. Oct. 20, 1821. 
George, b. Feb. 3, 1823, d. single, aged 33. 
Smith, b. Jan. 30, 182t); m. Fannie, dan. of Geo. W. Washburn. 

Lirea in Huntington. 
Robert, b. Mhp. 23, 1828, d. Jan. 2, 1891. M. lat, Mary, dau. John 
Moshier of iSf'ytuonr. Chihlren: Anna, in. Frank Gaylord of Union 

City; George, in. Gabriel Brush. 
M. 2d, Sarah, dau. Toter Ward of Oxford. Children: Susan, 
Elisha, b. Oct. 31, 183G. Living in Oxford. 

Julia Ann, b. Nov. 26, 1840. M. Ist, George Thompson of Chest- 
nut-Tree Hill, Oxford. 2d, Eugene Hall. Lives in Bridgeport. 

STAPLES Seth Washband, son of Josiah, Jr., m. Sylvia E. 
Dftvis. Children: 

Catherine Roselle, m in Seymour, Oct. 18, 18G5, Edwin E. Rose of 
■ Seth S. 

Silvia, ra. Nathan Riggs of Oxford. Children: Mary, Florence and 
Clarence B. 

Geo. W. Washburn of Oxford, son of Josiah, in. Delia Rey- 
iioldb of Southburv. Children: 

Maria, ra. Merritt Baldwin of West Haven. 

Sylvester S., died in infancy. 

George Henry, m. Hattie G. Hall. 
Theresa, m. Lewelyn Andrew of Oxford. 
,Dwight, now living in OxforJ. 
Fanny, m. Smith Wheeler or White Hills. 

pEORGE H. Washburn of Seymour, son of George W., m, 
Hattie G. Hall, dau. Wm. P. and Hannah, of Bethany, May 10, 
18n.j. Children: 
/Hattie S., b. Oct. 11, 1867. 
Edward H., b. May 18, 1872. 
George W., b. April 1876; d. Aug. 21, 1876. 


Sterling Star Washburn, son of Josiah and CaiheriDe, m. 
Samanth Reynolds, who d. Oct. 31, 1838, aged 33. He d. May 24, 
1868, aged CI years. Children: 

John Smith. 

Mary Ann, ra. Noah A. Osborn, d. Sept. 16, 1883, aged 53 years. 

John Smith Washburn, of Seymour, son of Sterling Star, 
married Minerva E., daughter of Joseph and Grace Hawkins, Mar. 8, 
1861. He d. Sept. 17, 1874. She died Dec. 25, 1889. They had one 

Martha Grace, b. Jan 9, 1869. 

Edward Washburn, m. Mary Prindle Dec. 30, 1730. Children: 

Daniel, b. Nov. 21, 1731. 

Euth, b. April 2, 1738. 

Eunice, b. April 14, 1742. 

Lemuel, b. Nov. 28, 1744. 

Mary, b. March 20, 1749. 

Hope, b. March 1, 1750. 

In the records of Christ church, Derby, is an entry: Hope, daughter of Edward Wash- 
bum, bap. April 15, 1748. I 

Abel, b. Oct. 17, 1753, bap. Jan. 14. 1754. 

Gideon Washborn, m. Esther Allen Oct. 6, 1743. Children: 

Philene, b. July 6, 1744. 

Asahel, b. March 30, 1746. 

Anne, b. Jan, 30, 1748. 

Lucretia, b. Sept. 5, 1750. 

Mabel, b. Sept. 16, 1752, bap. Dec. 17. 

Eunice, b. May 20, 1755. 

William, b. May 1, 1757. 

Sarah, b. Oct. 16, 1760, bap. March 15, 1761. 

Joseph Washband and Anna, his wife, were members of tlie 
Oxford Congregational church in 1771 and in 1772 they were recor 
mended to the church in Spencertown for the baptism df their childrei 
Their son Silas was baptized at Oxford, Oct. 6, 1776, and Daniel Maj 
10, J 778. 


-Benjamin WASirarRN (or Washborne), of Bridgewater, sod of 
2d Joliij, of the same, one of many hundreds whose lives were lost in 
th<i expedition of Sir Williairi Phipps against Quebec. He made his 
will before embarking, but left no children, probably was not married. 
— Savage's Genealogical Dictionary. 

William Wasubon is mentioned in the list of estates in Derby 
in 1718, as having an estate of £90, larger than five-siiths of the pro- 
prietors of Derby were then possessed of. 

MjaKPH Wasuikhn, b. Jan 7, 1703-4; d. Jan. -il, i741-ii. Han- 
DRii, d. April 1, 1727, aged about 10 years. Buried in the old Epis- 
copal graveyard, Dorliy, Conn. 

John W ishb and, d. June 20, 1798, aged OG. Experience, wife 
of John, d. Aug. 10, 1783. (From inscriptions in the old Episcopal 
g;aveyar'l,^Uptowu, Derby.) John Washburn was surveyor of highways 
in the town of Derby in 1704. 
j Theresa Washband, d. Nov. 1, 1841, aged 4 months. 

Experience Washburn m. Nathan Wheeler, who was b. about 1767. 
' Kuth Washburu m, Abiel CJanfieki Sept. 12, 1717. 

j Elizabeth, daughter of John Washband, was baptized in Christ 
') nrch, Derby, Oct. 27th, 1765. 

j In the New TTaven Records, the only entry of this name referred to 
i«i Vol. 1 of the index is the following: Ann Washbon of Derby and 
^imothv Tiitrie of New Haven were married Jan. 12th, 1748 9. 

I Staples S. Washband of Oxford, lives where his father, Josiah, 
and his grandfather lived before him, on the east side of the road 
bv'tween Oxford and Seymour, but a short distance north of the town 
line. His residence is ph^asantly located on elevated ground, overlook- 
'•• ' the fertile meadows of the Little River valley. He is a member 
,; trinity church, Seymour, in which he was baptized Dec. 25th, 1811- 
fie has done a large business in timber cut on his extensive woodlands 
1 nd is the proprietor of the sawmill formerly known as the croquet 
jf actor v. 


Eev. Ebenezer Washburn preached on the Methodist circuit includ- 
ing Humphreysville and Great Hill in 1804-5 13, and in 1820 was 
presiding elder of the district. 

Joel Osborn and Catherine H. Washband, both of Oxford, were 
married in Oxford June Uth, 1846, by Eev. G. B. Eastman, Rector 
of St. Peter's church. 

Sally M. Washburn (with Mrs. Osborn, Riggs St.), ra. Nov. 28th, 
1822, d. June 4tb, 1877. 

Capt. Israel H. Washburne, of the Marine Corps, U. S. N., is from 
Maine. He entered the service, Mar. 18th, 1864. 


A^el Washburn was a surgeon of Col. Seth Warner's regiment, v\'as 
commissioned Jan. 1, 1777, and retired Jan. 1, 1781. 

Benjamin Washburn enlisted in the Second Regt, Conn. Line, JaV). 
28, 1777, for three years. He was reported "killed or taken prisoncsr 
Dec, 7, '77," but he rejoined his company in July, '78, and was dip- 
charged Jan. 25, 1780. Another Benjamin Washburn is recorded As 
having enlisted in the 6th Regt. Conn. Line, July 3, 1777. j 

Eli Washburn, in Capt. Sanford's company, 8th regiment, "Connr 
ticut Line," enlisted May 12, 1776, for .three years, in place of Sarau 
Washburn. He was on duty at Horse Neck, Sept. 15th to 21st. 

Ephraim Washband was iu Capt. Hicok's company, 13th regt., Aug. 
16 to Sept. 4, 1776. [ 

Lemuel Washburn was a pensioner under act of 1818, residing in 
New York. 

Moses Washband was in Capt. Parson's company, third battalion, in 
1776, probably June to Dec. 25. 

Samuel Washburn enlisted May 12, 1777, in Capt. Stoddard's coip- 
pany, 8rh regt., Conn. Line, for three years. The records also say eil- 
changed for Eli Washburn May, 1778; disc. May. 12, 1780." De f 
inentioned as a Connecticut pensioner under act of 1818, residing 'ti]< 
New York. • ^^ ^. 




William Drew Washluru, of Minneapolis, was born at Liverraore, 
Androscoggin county, Maine, Jan. 14th, 1831; was reared on a farm; 
attended the common scliools in the winter and worked on the farm in 
the summer until twenty years of age; was graduated from Bowdoin 
College in 1854; after studying law for two years with Hon. Israel 
Washliurn, jr., of Orono, Maine, he removed to the West, iocaiing in 
IViinneapolis in 1857; was appointed Surveyor-General of Minnesota by 
]|*re8ident Lincoln in 18G1, and held the office for four years; has been 
aiptively engaj^ed in various manufacturing industries in the city of 
l/rinneapolis since that time; was a Director and large owner of the 
JMinneapolis Water Power Co.; was the projector, and afterwards 
Vresideur, of the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad; organized and 
hilt the Sault line of railway from Minneapolis to Sault Ste. Marie, 
uichigan, of which he was the chief projector, and remained President 
ii/util iiis election to the United States Senate in 1889; was elected to 
tne Legislature in 1858 and '71; was elected to the Forty-sixth, Forty- 
4«;veut!i and Forty eighth Congresses, and was elected to the United 
ptates Senate as a Kepuhlican, to succeed Dwight May Sabin, and 
look Ilia sea f "M>: itli. 1>;>;n l?i^ t..rin nf «i.|vio«' w'll expire Mar. 
nd, 1805. 



Born J line 6th, 1813, at Livermore, county of Oxford (now Andros- 
coggin), Maine. He received a classical education; studied law, and 
in October, 1834, was admitted to the bar; he commenced the practice 
of law in Orono, Penobscot county, December, 1834, where he has 
since resided. He was a member of the Legislature in 1842, and 
elected to the Federal House of Representatives, from Maine, for the 
Thirty second. Thirty-third, Thirty fourth, Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth 
Congresses, serving in the latter Congress as a member of the commit- 
tee on Ways and Means. In 1860 he was elected Governor of Maine, 
and in 1863 was appointed, by President Lincoln, Collector of Portland. 


He was born in Winchendon, Massachusetts, Jan. 31st, 1820; grad- 
uated at Yale College in 1844; has always been engaged in the manu- 
facturing business; was a member of the State Senate in 1850, and of 
the lower house in 1854; was subsequently President of the Greenfif Id 
Bank; and was elected a Representative, from Massachusetts, to tne 
Thirty -eighth Congress, serving on the committees on Invalid Pen- 
sions, and Roads and Canals. Re-elected to the Thirty ninth Cqu- 
gress, serving on the committees on Claims, and Revolutionary Pin- 
sions. He was a delegate to the Philadelphia "Loyalists' Conventi^D" 
of 1866; and reelected to the Fortieth Congress. 


Albert L. Washburn, Aiken, S. C. 
Frank L. Washbuv.i, Melrose, Mass. 
George H. Washburn, Boston, Mass. 
George W. Washburn, West Brighton, N. Y. 
Isaac T. Washburn, Sing Sing, N. Y. 
Washburn & Moen Mfg. Co., Worcester, Mass. 

An early volume of the record of baptisms, marriages and burials In 
the parish of St. Peter's church, Oxford, contained some particulails 
regarding the Washband or Washburn family, but the book has been 
lost and after diligent inquiry the writer has been unable to find furtltejr 
account of the family records in this vicinity. 



William Washburn, whose portrait accompanies this sketch, is. one 
of the lawyers of New York who, while in the practice of law, loves 
letters, lie wrote a novel entitled " A Fair Harvard " when fresh 
from college, which made him quite famous at the time. Later he 
published another called "The Unknown City," said city being New 
York. Two voluuies of poems also owe their existence to him. In 
truth, when it comes to poetry, Mr. Washburn is at once on delectable 
grounds. lie would rather write poetry, talk poetry and read poetry 
than do anything else in the world. To him there is no joy equal to 
thb construction of choriambic verse. 

He is also well known as a newspaper writer. He has written some 
of the brightest things in John Swioton's Paper, and his contributions 
to the newspapers of the country, through the different syndicates, 
hi^ve made him known to a large circle of readers. 

He is a native of IMarlboro, Mass., and a graduate of Harvard, yet 
thoroughly western in many respects. He is a good lawyer, a good 
talker, a good writer and a good friend, and quite good looking and 
also one of the best bred men in the worM. He is also a close student 
of life. He knows New York aud its many interesting phases better 
than any man nut a newspaper reporter. His stories of New York 
lifp are true transcripft* from nature. 

Unlike a large portion of the rythmic guild, Mr. Washburn's is cx- 
ti-emely modest about his achievements. He has a kindly and sunny 
ifature, and is a great favorite with the literary people of that city. 







Washburn — Washburn. — Washbourne, co. Worcester, gave naftie 
to this family, and was their seat until 1582. A Walter de Warlie- 
burne occurs in the H. R. of co. Devon, temp, Edward I. 

Eli Washburn ^, Esq., of Bridgewater, Mass., a life member of the 
ISew-EDgland Historic Genealogical Society, was born in Hauovj^r, 
Mass., Mar. 18, 1817 ; d. in Bridgewater, Dec. 21, 1879, aged 62. tie 
traced his genealogy on the fraternal side from John^ of DyajliBry, 
Mass., through John^, Jonathan^, Josiah*, Josiah*, Solomaii^, and, 
Solomon^, born June 18, 1780, and his wife, Sarah (Carver) 
Washburn, b. Nov. 17, 1780. He was f»lso a member of the Royal 
Historical Society of Great Britain. He was of a family ofei{.]ht 
brothers, and one of whom wasDr, Nathan Washburn and two sisteijs. 

N. E. Hiat. & Gen. Register, July, ]88o( 

Capt. Washbnrue is mentioned in the report of the Secretary ")f 
State on the French Spoliations, as having been in command of tl|e 
Schooner Gravenhorst, list ot May 23, 1798. 



Julin D, Wasliburo, Miuister to Switzerland, birlonged to tlio Masa- 
acliusetts fjiiiiilj of Washburns. He was born in IJoston in 1S29 and 
grajiuated at Harvard. He was a friend of Senator Hoar, who secured 
biy'AppoJotment as Minister to Switzerland, He was at one time in 
the insurance business, was in the legislature 187G-18S0 and was 
elected Senator in 1884. His health failed and he went abroad. He 
way a prominent Republican and fought bitierly against General But- 
ler in 1878. He was an original member of the American Historical 
Society and of the board of trustees of Clark University. 


Rev. John H. Washburn of Rhode Island College. 

President Richard C. Washburn of the Hudson County (N. Y ) 
National Bank. 

L. J. Wasbburn of New York City, candidate for U. S. Public 

Rev. Daniel Wasbburne was pastor of the Presbyterian Church iu 
^^'atkins, N. Y., in 1871 ; and Rev. El)enezer Washburn was one of 
tbe faculty of Centennial College of Ohio. 

Clark P. Washburn of Herkimer, N. Y., son of Elisha P. Wash, 
burn of Bloomfield, Otsej^o county, N. Y., b. in 1830, married in 18S5i 
I(]muia, (laughter of Dr. W. P. Cleaveland of Waterville ; in 1882 
rsioved to New York City and was in th« wholesale trade until the 
i'<aili of his wife Den. IGtIi, 1S92, when he returned to Herkimer* 

(lie died Marrli 'JOth, 189.3. 



S. S. Wasliburn became a member of ^foining Star Lodge, F. & A. 
M., of Oxford, in 1833. 

Eli Washburn, a soldier of the Revolution, died at Hanover, N. H., 
June 30, 1819, aged 90 years 

Lieut. Israel H. Washbume, of the IT. S. Army, from Maine, was 
commissioned as Second Lieutenant Mar.lS, 1864 j and as First Lieu- 
tenant Aug. 29, 1807. 

Henry Lucius Washburn, b. Jan. 22, 1847, in Windsor Locks, 
Ct., studied at Yale, practiced law in Burlington, Vt., and Boston. 
Mass. He married Cornelia S. Clark. 

Sandford Battershall Washburn, b. iSTov. 15, 1840, in Pittsfi? 
Mass., studied at Yale, d. Sept. i6, 1870, at Fort Edward, N. Y. : 
was son of Rev. Sandford Washburn of Esperance, IST. Y. 

Bowers Washburn is mentioned in the History of King Hiram 
Lodge, F. & A. M., of Derby, as a charter mpmber, Jan. 3, 1783. lu 
some other local records his name is spelled Washband. See page 5. 

Capt, Abraham Washburn of Hinsdale, Mass , b, Dec. 20, 1753, ra. 
2d, in April, 1806, Olive, daughter of Rev, Ebenezer Wright. Child- 
ren — Abraham, d. young ; Mary ii., b. May 9, 1808, ra. Elijah H. 
G-oodrich, of Hinsdale, had seven sons, two of wliom were college 
graduates: and Olive, b. June 4. 1810. Mrs. Olive Washburn d, 
June 22, 18^2, and her husband Aug. 23, 1851, aged nearly 98 yeairs. 

N. E. Hiat. & Oen. RegiateA 


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