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^ ♦tV*^**^^ 


Newton College of the Sacred H, 

8^5 Centre Street 
Newton, Massachusetts 021i 


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in 2011 with funding from 

Boston Library Consortium IVIember Libraries 

the well 

newton college of the sacred heart 

newton, massachusetts 



Twenty-one years ago, when Newton began 
with forty students, college campuses were 
not making headlines as they are in 1967. 
Now Newton's 800 students, deeply con- 
cerned with the problems which get cam- 
puses into the news, are concerned also to 
keep as much as possible the spirit of its 
early unadvertised years. 


It did take some advertising to add eleven other build- 
ings to the original Schrafft house ... among them the 
academic building — the art building — and the chapel. 

In the chapel — whether the old or the new 
— each generation of students can best 
learn what Newton has always tried to 
teach: the ability to judge clearly but kindly 
all people, events, and circumstances. 

And in trying to maintain Newton's characteristic respect for ideas, an- 
other center was outgrown and replaced — the hbrary. 


•« H e 



In the library, completed in 1967, Newton 
students deepen by their own research what 
they have learned from the faculty: how to 
carry on the dialogue between the sciences 
and the humanities. 



Creatively, in the new art building, students 
express their involvement in the real — not just 
in the academic — world. 

« trt tss^-x 1 


US! * 

V. pr;, 




And there is still space on Newton's fifty 
acre cannpus for the science building that 
we must finish within the next two years. 









^^^■3- ■■■■ ■■■^■■ 

E^^-l .... 

V^ ..•;/'-<^- .^.•. 

^■- ■■ •=^'.'!^v- •■ :■ .. 


But in case you should think our education was 

We hasten to explain 
That having once been to college 

you can never really again 
Believe anything that anyone says 

and that of course is an asset 
In a world like ours. 

Upper Right: Reverend 
Mother Antonio Hasslach- 

Right: Mother Florence 
Ashe, Director of Admis- 
sions, Warden of Keyes 


Above Left: Mother Mary H. Quinlan, Dean 
of Studies. 

Above Right: Mother Gabrielle Husson, 

We marched counter-marched to the field-marshall's blue-pencil baton, 
We dressed by the right and we wrote out the sentence again. 


Center: Miss Joan Norton, Assistant 

Right: Mrs. A. M. Chasson, Jr., Regis- 





Upper Right: Mme. P. deLacoste, Associate 
Professor of Philosophy. 

Lower Right: Dr. J. P.FitzGibbon, Professor 
of Philosophy. 

Far Right: Dr. L. E. Kamoski, Professor of 

Extreme Right: Mr. R. J. Curran, Associate 
Professor of Philosophy. 


And when they taught us philosophy, logic and metaphysics 
The Negative Judgnnent and the Ding an Sich, 


And they said 'The man in the street is so naive, he never 

Can see the v/ood for the trees; 
He thinks he knows he sees a thing but cannot 

Tell you how he knows the thing he thinks he sees! 


«B>»!mMiii ■■■^t-' .■'-.- -K^r ','■; ..R- ,^<?^7s»sy"r.;^ga^aBM«r»'swg'i^ :■ . ■■ ■'■->-«• 

Far Left: Mr. Norman Laliberte, As- 
sociate Professor of Art. 

Left: Mr. Vincent Solomita, Assistant 
Professor of Art. 

Upper: Mr. John M. Steczynski, Lec- 
turer in Art. 



Left: Mother C. Putnam, Professor of Art, 
Warden of Gushing House. 

Right: Mr, P. Marcus, Associate Professor of 



Upper: Dr. L. Gleiman, Professor of History 
and Political Science. 

Center: Dr. P. de Lacoste, Instructor in Politi- 
cal Science. 

Lower: Mrs. J. Dever, S. W. C. Coordinator. 

And knowledge, besides, should be prizedfor 
the sake of knowledge; 


Upper Left: Mother L. Santen, 
Assistant Professor of Theology. 

Lower Left: Mr. G. S. Pierce, 
Lecturer in Theology. 

Lower Right: Miss E. Sander, As- 
sistant Professor of Theology. 

And it made one confident to think that everything 
Really was what it seemed under the sun. 

That the actual was real and the real was with us 
And all that mattered was the One. 


Upper Right: Mr. D. J. Moe, Lecturer in Sacred 

Center Right: Mr. P. Carnahan, Jr., Lecturer in 
Sacred Scripture. 

Lower Right: Mr. P. C. Finney, Lecturer in Theol- 

Below: Mr. F. Maguire, Assistant Professor of 




1^ 2J.,^ ur*»^' 

.-t.l?v\^'^^^ ^\U^^ 

i^Ulil '\ \ 

1 " 

> -) 



So blow the bugles over the mathematicians 
Let the pure mind return to the Pure Mind. 


Far Left: Mr. K. J. Preskenis, Assistant Professor of 

Left: Mr. Pierre Lubenec, Assistant Professor of Mathe- 

Upper: Mother K. McDonnell, Assistant Professor of 
Mathematics, Warden of Duchesne House. 

Far Right: Mr. David Scott, Instructor in Mathematics. 


We learned that a gentleman 
never misplaces his accents, 

That nobody knows how to speak, 
much less how to write 

English who has not hob-hobbed 
with the Muses themselves. 


Above: Mother C. E.Moguire, Profes- 
sor of English. 

Left: Mrs. R. Brandfon, Assistant Pro- 
fessor of English. 

Lower Left: Mrs. W. E. Farnhom, 
Assistant Professor of English. 

Below: Mr. W. Daniels, Assistant 
Professor of English. 


Upper Left: Dr. J. McGovern, Professor of 

Lower Left: Mrs. G. P. Williams, Assistant 
Professor of Classics. 

Lower Right: Mother F. McMullen, Assistant 
Professor of Political Science and History. 

Far Upper Right: Mrs. E. J. McHugh, Lecturer 
in History. 

Far Lower Right: Mr. J. Conway, Associate 
Professor of Economics and History. 


And every single thinker was powerful as 

And crafty as Metternich 





■^'i'' v\ 



1 s^^^' 





I'P . 





fl 1 

Above: Dr. A. Nemethy, Professor of Sociology and Economics. 
Upper Far Left: Mrs. R. Albert, Assistant Professor of Biology. 
Upper Extrenne Left: Mrs. A. Loud, Assistant Professor of Chennistry. 
Lower Far Left: Dr. L. J. Parente, Lecturer in Economics. 


Above: Dr. Renee Naves, Professor of Chemis- 

Right: Dr. Heinz Kohler, Lecturer in Chemistry. 

Extreme Right: Dr. Charles K. Levy, Lecturer in 

Upper Right: Dr. Dorothy W. Weeks, Lecturer 
in Physics. 


And it really was very attractive to be able 

to talk tables 
And to ask if the table is, 

And to draw the cork out of an old con- 

And watch the paradoxes fizz. 





r ^ 


Upper Right: Mrs. F. K. Balling, Asso- 
ciate Professor of Music. 

Upper Left: Mrs. A. Erdely, Assistant 
Professor of French. 

Left: Mrs. T. K. Gaisser, Assistant 
Professor of Classics. 

Far Right: Mother A. Cohalan, Lec- 
turer in Music. 

And the classical student is bred to 
the purple, his training insyntax 
Is also a training in thought. 


Somebody talking to somebody 

But certainly it was fun while it lasted 

And I got my degree 
And was stamped as a person of intelligence 

and culture 
For wherever two or three 

Persons of intelligence and culture 
Are gathered together in talk. 


^^^^M '^.••!yJW->- 


r ^' 



Writing definitions on invisible blackboards 
In non-existent chalk, 

Left: Mother E. White, Professor of English. 



Above: Sister Mary Reginald Carter, Visiting 
Professor of Spanish. 

Upper Right: Mme. F. Courtois, Assistant 
Professor of French. 

Right: Dr. U. DiBenedetto, Associate Profes- 
sor of Itahan and Spanish. 


Below: Madre G. Torres, Associate Professor 
of Spanish. 

Right: Mr. F. LeBeau, Assistant Professor of 

Above: Mr. N. Roodkowsky, Assistant 
Professor of Russian History and Lan- 

Right: Mrs. J. W. Taxer, Associate 
Professor of German. 

Extreme Lower Right: Miss M. V. 
Fuster, Assistant Professor of Spanish. 

Extreme Upper Right: Mrs. B. Kean, 
Assistant Professor of Russian. 

For Right: Mr. A. Lauffer, Lecturer 
in Sociology. 



For I don't call advertisement 

a statement 
Or any quackmedicineadrink. 

Above: Mr. R. C. Brinn, Director of 
Public Relations. 

.^^iSl^^^^S^B^^H^HI ^^ 






Mother Claire Kondolf, Treasurer, Warden of Barat 

Right: Mother F. Cunningham, Asso- 
ciate Professor of Biology. Below: 
The Oral Research Program of the 
Science Resources Foundation in 
which Newton College is participat- 
ing. Right to left: Dr. Bertram Eichel, 
D.D.S., Director, Vice-President, 
Trustee Science Resources Founda- 
tion; Mother F. Cunningham, R. S.C.J. 
Research Associate Science Re- 
sources Foundation; Dr. Arto Shan- 
rick, D.M.D., Member and Research 
Associate Science Resources Foun- 
dation; Dr. Ford, D.M.D., Director of 
Oral Examination at Newton Col- 










k 1 





Above: George Cloy, Lec- 
turer in Biological Sciences. 
Left: Robert Twillinger, Lec- 
turer in Biological Sciences. 
Not pictured: Frank A. Be- 
lannarich and Charles R. Bot- 
ticelli, Lecturers in Biology. 

Maria Victoria Foster, Assistant Professor of Spanish. 

Mary Jeanne Curran, Assistant to the S.W.C, Coordinator. 


Above: Mother Helen Grant, Assis- 
tant Professor of English). Left: Rosalie 
Afan, Assistant Professor of German 
and Russian. Lower: Frank J. Lyons, 
Associate Professor of Psychology and 

Above: Stephen J. Clarke, Lecturer in Education. 
Below: John J. Horrigan, Lecturer in Education. Far 
Right: Leslie L. Kline, Lecturer in Sacred Scripture. 
Right: Eleanor B. Linehan, Lecturer in Education. Low- 
er Right: Frank D. Maguire, Assistant Professor of 

Good-bye now, Plato and Hegel, 
The shop is closing down 

They don't want any philosopher-kings in these 

Above: Frederick A. Stahl, Lecturer in 
Art. Left: Donald F. Krier, Assistant 
Professor of Economics. Below: Arthur 
S. Morse, Lecturer in Mathematics. 

There ain't no universals in this man's town. 

Right: Mother M. W. Coleman, 
Librarian Emeritus. 

Above: Norman D. Webster, Librarian. 
Below: James E. Bain, Readers' Services 

Above: Jeremy Slinn, Reference Librarian. 
Below: C. Patricia Moloney, Library Staff. 

Psychologists always, life in the particular always, 
Dozens of men in the street, 

Above: Dr. J. Hoffman, Professor of 
Psychology. Upper Left: Dr. B. A. 
Wysocki, Professor of Psychology. 
Lower Left: Mother M. Gorman, 
Professor of Psychology. Far Right: 
Mr. A. Spellman, Dining Room Stew- 

And the perennial if unimportant problem 
Of getting enough to eat 

Marjorie Bell, Director of Physical Education. 



X ^ S 1 

^^^^^^^Ek. ^^I^^EHn^^H^H 


c,i: M^m fi ■ 1 

^^^HHE^'ISl t ■Ti~ 


life Ik k iif i^' 

ii^ 1. ii' %• 


i^ k 

Li ■' ' 


Left: Miss A. Barry, Housemother, 
Stuart. Lower Left: Susan Trautman, 
Head of Stuart House. 

V - 



#iiC; mm 

^^ rf^^ 


Above: Mrs.M. K.Melley, Housemother, 
Gushing. For Upper Right: Mrs. M. 
Higgins, Housemother, Hardey. Extreme 
Right: Patricia Ryan, Head of Gushing 
House. Far Lower Right: Audrey Finni- 
gan, Head of Hardey House. 



Above: Mrs. F. S. Donahue, Housemother, 
Duchesne West. Left: Rosemary Sperber, 
Head of Duchesne West House. 

Left: Jane Hannaway, Head of Duchesne 
East House second semester. Lower: Mar- 
garet Harrington Tyre, Head of Duchesne 
East first semester. Bottom: Miss M. B. 
Carney, Housemother of Duchesne East. 

^ i 


C^ fe..f ^^^'^ 

Upper: Miss N. Jenkins, Housemother, Keyes. 
Left: Jill Shipway, Head of Keyes House. For 
Upper Right: Miss J. Closby, Housemother, 
Borat. Extreme Upper Right: Patricio Curtis, 
Head of Barat House. 



clubs and 

' '"Pijt I 

^ * 




Above: Penny Comly, Vice-President of 
Student Government, and Julie Gilbert, 
President of Student Government. Below: 
Sherie Mullen, Treasurer of Student Gov- 


Left: Rosemary Ryan, Secretary of 
Student Government. Lower: Mary 
Lou Gumpper, Parliamentarian of Stu- 
dent Government. 


Top: Senior Class Officers; Mary 
Ann Cuiffo, Vice-President; Sue Egan, 
Treasurer; Kathy Collins, Secretary; 
Michelle Mastrolia, Day Hop Repre- 
sentative to Student Government. 
Above: Cathy Palenchar, President 
of the Senior Class. 






- ' . .■ ■ j:-k>^'..'. 


»r J 









Upper Left: Junior Class Officers: 
Mimi Carlisle, Vice-President; 
Barry Noone, Secretary; Mary 
Jeanne Sullivan, President; Bar- 
bara Berbusse, Treasurer. Right: 
Betty Downes, Head of Freshman 

HEir'"1 TT 


Above: Freshman Class Officers: Ann Sheehan, 
Treasurer; Michele Gownley, Secretary; Pat Bruni, 
Vice-President; Katchy Clark, President. 

I have known the inexorable sadness of 

Neat in their boxes, dolor of pad and paper- 

All the misery of manila folders and muci- 

Desolation in immaculate public places,... 

Above: Sophomore Class Officers: Ann Lessing, Presi- 
dent; Mary Whedbee, Vice-President; Mary Miller, 
Secretary; Nadine Curley, Treasurer. 

Below: Social Committee: Seated: Michelle Gownley, Angie Steuchli, Ann Dolan, Cindy Sullivan, Nancy 
Scheiderbauer - Head, Yvette Seyler, Rosemary Daly, Barry Noone, Kathy Collins; Standing: Stephdel 
Guedes, Sue Power, Pat Farrell, Sue Sturtevant, Sandy McGrath, Marcia McGrath, Mary Miller. Not 
pictured: Kathy Gelinas, Debby WoUaston, Ruth Walters. 




Above: Elena Giuffrida, Head of Student Academic Council. 






Above: National Student Association: Joanne Dempsey, M. K. Costello, Rita Valenti, 
Teddy Thompson, Alicia Silva, Nancy Birdsall - Head, M. J. Mahler, Chris Mallouk, 
Kathy Hurd. 


Above: Jeanne Tran, Co-head of Art Club. Ann 
Crofoot, Co-head of Art Club - not pictured. 


Left: ''885" staff: Jacki Werner, Noreen Connolly, 
editor-in-chief; Cathy Palenchar. Below: Nancy 
Birdsall, Tina Crowley, Mary Jo Mahler, Mary Feld- 


Above: ''885" staff: Ann Tutino, editor-in-chief; 
Mary Claire O'Connell, News Editor; Carol Duane, 
Feature Editor; Cindy McManus, Photography Edi- 
tor. Below; Mr. John C.Donahue, Jr., editor of the 
Braintree Sunday Forum. 

Above: The 'Newtones': Standing left to right: Brigid Shanley, Sue Davies, Sheila Weingerter, 
Jane Hanify, Patty Lawlor, Brenda Murtha, Margo Dionne, Pat Ryan, Jean Daley, Sally Per- 
rauh, Meg O'Mara, Tina Cahill, Martha Cumings, Cara Finnegan; Seated: Denise Prifty, Geri 
Ferrara, Head. 


Below: Prism Staff: Margo Rodgers, Tina Crowley, editor, Maureen Dailey. 


Above: Nan Adams, Head of Interest Committee 
and Chairman of Fine Arts Week, 1967. Far Up- 
per Right: Jan Horvath, Head of Modern Dance 


* ^- 






•A * 


'' f y 


^f^-£: ^ 

Right: Lynn Kuckro, Head of Drama Club. 
Left and Below: "Home is the Hunter" 
presented by the Drama Club. 


Below: Psychology Club: Joyce Southard, President; 
Pom Maine, Secretary-Treasurer. Far Upper Left: 
International Relations Club: Suzette Ellsworth, Presi- 
dent; Joanne Carr, Vice-President. Far Lower Left: 
Mrs. Emory Farkas, Library Staff. 

Above: Ann Caswell, Head of Volunteer 
Service Organization. 



They did not let self bar 

Their usefulness to others who were different. 


Above: Mary Lyons, Head of French Club. 
Below: Carol Speno, Head of German Club. 



%^ p 

Above: Frankee Bolger, Head of Steering 


Far Left Upper: Athletic Club: Sally Ford, 
Linda Carroll, Miss Marjorie Bell, Angie Sling- 
luff, Laurie Quinn. 






Below: Young Democrats: Nancy Riley, Kathy Don- 
ovan, Kathy Kelly, Kat Mandel, President; Ginny 
Turner, Bridget Stillwell. Not Pictured: Ruth Tessier. 
Far Left Lower: Science Club: Adele Maillot and 
Faith Brouillard. 


Above: The Well Staff: Back Row: Pat Ryan, Mary Jo Mahler, Nancy Birdsall, 
Sandy McGrath, Kate Mahony. Front Row: Jacki Werner, Editor; Geri Ferrara. 
Joanna Sturm, not pictured. 

The Yearbook Staff wishes to thank: Mother C. Maguire, Mr. 
Ronald Brinn, Mr. Ralph Norman, Mr. Arthur Garey, Sue Sturte- 
vant and the typists, the sales representatives and all those who 
donated blood, sweat, and tears to make our deadlines. 




Above: Cricket Costigan, Head of Freshman Show. Below: Bea Miale, 
Business Manager of the Yearbook. 


Above: 'Wheat and Cockle' Staff, left to right: Mary Feldbauer, Editor; Mary Jo Mah- 
ler, Associate Editor; Pat Ryan, Art Editor. 


Left: "Waiting for Godot" by the 
Boston Theater Company. Lower 
Left: Haynes Johnson, "The War 
on Poverty." Lower Right: Allen 
Tate, "Poetry: Modern and Un- 
modern." Far Right: Seymour 
Lipset, "Student Activism." Ex- 
treme Right: Albert Bush-Brown, 
"Art as a Necessity." 

the david reeves lecture series 


Above: Father Wilcock and Father 

Mahoney. Far Right Lower: Maria Santos, 
Head of Sodality. 


1,00 ' 



Above: Dorothy Marion, Head of Lay Apostolate. Far Upper Left: 
Choir: Ann Lessing, Mary McAllister, Sheila Carroll, Kathy Flaherty, 
Chris Mallouk, Kathy Ball, Camy Warner, Marcie Mahoney, Ann Impink, 
Kathy Riley, Rosemary Farley - Head, at piano, Mother E. White. Not 
pictured: Meg O'Mara, Candy Sullivan, Debbie Bender, Leslie Talbot, 
Kathy Meier, Ruth Walters. 


The Coffee House, 'Mi CasaestuCasa'. 

Coffee House Entertainers: Betsy Becherer and Larry Burgess. 



Gushing House Christmas Party for servicemen from 
Chelsea Naval Hospital. 





the Christmas dance 

Is that dance slowing in the mind of man 
That made him think the universe could 


■ ;> '« •' .( ih';'M>^^' 3 

junior weekend 


For other tunes and other wanton beats 
Have tossed my heart and fiddled 
through my brain. 


Tell Me: 

Which is the way I take; 
Out of what door do I go, 
Where and to whom? 



ilk 3^-^^ 


^ ^K^S^^ 

....■«&. ^2E^HK 

''■'Sfflfc* Tfts^TEf^fe^ -. 



- w 

: .? W:^^ 


^:V-,. "^ 

3,./' \.**^ i'x^..'-^' jt. "^ 

^^.. . i:L.^''4i^ 


Zk-4L ^fe .' - -"^ 






^^S"^') '■^'- 

For they are all my friends: I saw one slide 
Down a steep hillside on a cake of ice,- 
Or was that in a book? 






<**- •%>■ • *r 





" 1 




'^, 1 







^^Bik&. .. '^^sJ 

Julie Noel Gilbert, President of Student Government 


Catherine Anne Palenchar, 
Senior Class President 



Jane Moriarty Comly, Vice- 
President of Student Government 

Nancy J. Scheiderbauer 
Head of Social Committee 


Cornelia Crowley Adams 


Nancy Claire Adams 

Susan K. Armstrong 

Sister Maria Carminia of the Sacred 
Heart, F.M.M. (Arnaldo) 


Elizabeth A. Becherer 

Mary Louise Belliveau 

Ann Monica Birdsall 

Rosemary Carol Boedeker 

Frances T. Bolger 


Marianne Bracken 

Annmarie Elizabeth Bray 

Faith Miriam Brouillard 


Suzanne Marie Broulllard 

Sharon Moran Buckley 

Nancy Hargrove Bussey 

Barbara B. Butler 

Lucille Ann Helena Butler 


Mary Barbara Carney 

Deborah Jane Carr 

Anne Laura Caswe 


Karen Lucille Chitro 


Kathleen Collins 

Noreen Mary Connolly 

Joyce Janet Contrucci 


Joan Claudia Cooper 

Marcelyn Woods Cormier 

Anne Fitch Crofoot 

Alice Christina Crowley 

Marianne Cuiffo 

Martha Carey Cunnings 


Madelyn Coe Cummlsky 

Janellen Curry 


Patricia Ann Curtis 

Maureen Dailey 

Rosemary Daly 


Elyse Madeleine Demers 


Jane A. DeNicola 

Margaret Jane Dinneen 


Kathleen Mary Donahue 

Mary Anne Doyle 



Susan Elizabeth Egan 

Suzette Chalifoux Ellsworth 


■-■ X ,m — 



Marie Renee Ermatinger 

Colette T. Facques 


Andrea Maria Fallon 


Paula Fanning 

Rosemary Ann Farley 

Mary Eileen Feldbauer 



'^'- - " "f w^v 

Geraldine Ferrara 

Audrey E. Finnegan 


Kathleen Mary Flanigan 

Gayle Barton Forbes 

Judith Ann Foster 




JK /hj5 

* 3L 

^— J^I^HPv 


^y^«iifc. *4|| 

iB& -^t^JBI^ 

K ■'^ <»• ■w -il 

« 'V 

1 m- 

i^B . /!A jm 


A^ 1^^ 

^^^K ' ' ^flP^^^^ 


w ' Mmt^^ 

^ ,.^-"-<^^Vii^R^ s*-^ jf M 

^^^^^HI^H^, iM^^^^^^^^^^^Vk < 

^ *H 




Valerie Anne Franklin 

Marilyn Yueh-Chin Fu 

Barbara Jean Gada 


Kathleen Louise Gelinas 

Mary Ann Peters Giffuni 


Elena Lauren Giuffrida 

Margaret Sheila Glynn 


. /^- '-'■}■ 

Rosemary Anne Golden 

Barbara Jordan Grant 


— . Jfe^ 

Licia J. Gullotta 

Mary Louise Gumpper , ^. 




Mary Ellen Haley 

Carolann Haines 


Mary Jane Hannaway 

Charlotte Mason Harold 


Kathleen Doran Hegenbart 

Denise Corbett Hern 

Mary Frances Herring 

Josephine Mary Higgins 

Mary Louise Hinchey 


Diane Brindamour Hocker 

Mary Alice Horan 

Kathleen Hurd 


Mary Onie Jackson 

Mary Ann Elizabeth Jones 

Kathleen Monica Kiernan 

Susan Keiser Keller 

Eleanor Mary Kuckro 

Suzanne Elizabeth Kuffler 


Mary Catherine Lammon 

Teresa Cavanaugh Lane 


Patricia Joanne Lawlor 

Janet Marie Lotz 

Mary C. Lyons 

Paula Marie Lyons 

Barbara Jean Madden 

Anne M. Maguire 


Mary Jo Mahler 

Katherine Mary Mahony 


Adele A. Mailhot 

Jane Glynn Martel 


Margaret Ann Martin 

Michele Nannette Mastrolia W 


Carol Catherine McCourt 

Geraldine M. McDonnell 


Sandra Marie McGrath 

Maria Teresa Metzler 


Beatrice Ann Miale 

Sandra Kathryn Miller 



Sharon E. Mullen 

Constance Lillian Murphy 

Sister Nancy Nardini, R.C.E. 

Ann Burke Neubert 

Carol LuRee O'Donoghue 

Susan Marie Nunlist 


Anne Virginia O'Keefe 

Diane Ellen Olson 

Karen Elizabeth Ostapenko 

Teresa Ellen O'Toole 







Paula Parizzi 

Donna Jeanne Maria Puerini 

Sharon Missey Queen 

Kathleen R. Riley 


Patricia Elizabeth Ryan 

Rosemary Ryan 

Maria Llna Santos 

Carole June Sattler 

Virginia Mary Saviano 



Hillary A. Schmitt 




Nancy Shea 

Donna Celeste Shelton 


Mary Jill Shipway 

Randi Evelyn Slaatten 

Rose Mary Sperber 

Paulette Beatrice Stanhope 

Joanna Sturm 

Mary Elizabeth Sullivan 

Katherlne Taft 

Mary Adrienne Tarr 



Jeanne M. Iran (Chan) 

Leiia Marie Totten 

Susan Lisbeth Trautman 

Louise Marie Tully 


Margaret Harrington Tyre 

Virginia Arlene Van Ess 

Maria Vitagliano 

Mary Francis Walsh 

Jacquelin Host Werner 

Deborah Eileen Wollcston 

Alicia ZintI 


senior information section 


Major: Political Science; Thesis: "F.D.R.'s Plan for the 
Reorganization of the Judiciary: The Conservative 
Issues Influencing this Action, the Liberal Results"; 
Activities: Debate Club 2,3; I.R.C. 2,3. 


Major: Art History; Thesis: "The Effect of the 1913 
Armory Shov/ on the Cultural Life of Boston"; 
Activities: Lay Apostolate 1; Art Club 2,3, Interest 
Committee 3,4; President 4; Chairman of Fine Arts 
Week 4; Class Secretary 1, Social Committee 1; Glam- 
or Magazine, School Representative 3. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "The Psychological Effects 
of Being an Only Child"; 

Activities: V.S.O. 1,2; I.R.C. 1,2; Glee Club 2,3; Psy- 
chology Club 2,3,4; Interest Committee 3,4; Yearbook 


Major: Art; Thesis: "Liturgical Cards for Various 
Occasions in Three Volumes"; 
Activities: Dean's List. 


Major: Art; Thesis: "'Clare' — Photographic Study of 

an Eight Year Old Child"; 

Activities: Student Academic Council 3,4; Art Club 1, 



Major: Economics: Thesis: "Russia's New Economic 


Activities: Tutorial 2; V.S.O. 1,2; Science Club 1; 

Young Democrats 1,2,; Junior Weekend: Skit and 

Ticket Committees; Freshman Show: Song Committee; 

Dean's List once. 


Major: American Sutdies; Thesis: "Henry Nash 

Activities: Dean's List; Dean's Honor List; History Hon- 
or Society; Glee Club 1,2; Basketball 1; Steering Com- 
mittee 2; Student Council 2,4; Head of N.S.A. 4; Head 
of Freshman Show; "885" 1,2,3,4; Prism 4; "Wheat 
216 and Cockle"; Yearbook 4. 


Major: Philosophy; Thesis: "A Christian Existential 
Ethic: Gabriel Marcel"; 

Activities: V.S.O. 1,2; N.S.M. Tutorial 2,3; Student 
Academic Council 4; Orientation Welcoming Commit- 
tee, Junior Weekend: Ticket Committee. 


Major: Political Science; Thesis: "An Analysis of 

Propaganda and its Application in the Totalitarian 


Activities: Dean's List once; I.R.C; PresidentS; Student 

Academic Council 3; Steering Committee; President 4; 

House Council 4. 

Major: Mathematics; 

Activities: V.S.O. 2,4; Student Academic Council; 
Dean's List three times; Student Academic Council; 
Treasurer 4. 


Major: History; Thesis: "Rasputin — Reign of Folly"; 
Activities: Glee Club 1; Freshman Show; Junior Week- 
end: Skit Committee; Freshman Show: Song Commit- 
tee; Freshman Orientation: Welcoming Committee. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "The Psychological As- 
pects of the Hospitalized Child"; 

Activities: Attended St. Vincent's Hospital School of 
Nursing, New York. 


Major: Philosophy; Thesis: "The Influence of Hegel 
and Schelling on the Russian Religious Philosophers 
and their Consequent Influence on Communism"; 
Activities: Young Americans for Freedom 2; President 
3,4; Drama Club 2,3; Secretary and President 4; Stu- 
dent Academic Council 4. 


Major: History; Thesis: "The Effect of the Multi-Party 
System in France on the Algeria Revolt of 1958 and 
the Fall of the Fourth Republic"; 

Activities: Historical Honor Society; Debate Club; 
Vice-President 3. 


Major: Studio Art; Thesis: "A Design of Chlldrens' 


Activities: Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3; Art 

Club 1,2,3,4; Young Democrats 2,3,4; Secretary 3,4. 217 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "The Necessity for Inter- 
personal Relations between Hospital Patients and Nurs- 
ing Personnel"; 

Activities: Housemother 3,4; Attended St. John's 
School of Nursing. 


Major: History; Thesis: "Walter Lippman: A Disil- 
lusioned Progressive- 1915-1928"; 
Activities: Young Democrats; V.S.O.; I.R.C.; German 
Club; Treasurer 4; Junior Weekend: Co-Chairman of 
Publicity Committee; Senior Week: Chairman; Ger- 
man Consulate Award 1965. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "Medical Legislation Pro- 
grams of the United States Government"; 
Activities: V.S.O. 1,2,3; President 4; Vice-President 3; 
Business Staff of "885" 3; Business Staff of Yearbook 
4; Skating Club 3; A.S.C. 4; Children of Mary 1; Jun- 
ior Weekend: Ticket and Reservation Committees; 
Freshman Show. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "A Study of the Social- 
Psychological Traits Involved in Understanding the 
Epidemiology of Venereal Diseaseamong Teenagers"; 
Activities: Dean's List 4; Attended Lynn School of 
Nursing, Lynn, Mass. 


Major: History; Thesis: "Samuel Elliot Morison's 
Concept of History as Applied to His Major Works"; 
Activities: I.R.C. 2; Social Committee 3,4; Treasurer 
4; Class Secretary 4; House Council 4; National His- 
torical Honor Society. 


Major: Mathematics; Thesis: "A Translation of a Ger- 
man Textbook: Fundamentals of Set Theory. Grund- 
zuge der Mangenlehre"; 

Activities: Student Council 1,3,4; Vice-President of 
Student Government 4; Dramatics 1; Basketball 1; 
I.R.C. 3; V.S.O. 3; Head of Newton Community Center; 
Treasurer of Freshman Class; Vice-President of Junior 
Class; House Council 1,3,4. 


Major: English; Thesis: "The Wh/fe Peacock by D. H. 


Activities: Dean's List; Dean's Honor List; Drama Club 


1; "885" 2,3,4; Editor 3,4; Class Secretary 3; Social 
Committee 2; House Council 3; Prism; "Wheat and 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "An Investigation of Inter- 
national Attitudes and Image Formation"; 
Activities: Dean's List 1,2; Dean's Honor List 3,4; 
Psychology Club 1,2,3,4; Freshman Show: Prop Com- 
mittee; Newton Spring Lecture Series: Co-Ordinator 
3; Student Academic Council: Secretary 3,4; Under- 
graduate Fellow and Honorary Student Member of 
New England Psychology Association; Prism. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "Homicide: An Ecological 


Activities: Interest Committee 4; I.R.C. 3; V.S.0. 1,2,3; 

House Council 4; Attended Barat College oftheSacred 



Major: English; Thesis: "Color Corollaries in James 
Joyce's 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man'"; 
Activities: V.S.O. 2; "885" 2,3,4. 


Major: Studio Art; Thesis: "Experimentation with 
Wire on a Flat Surface"; 

Activities: Dean's List 1,4; Art-Film Club 1,2,3,4; Presi- 
dent 4; French Club 1,2; V.S.O. 1,3; Glee Club 2. 


Major: English; Thesis: "Tennessee Williams: A Con- 
flict between the Fantastic and the Real"; 
Activities: Dean's List 2,3,4; Debate Club 2; SWC 
Leader 3; Football Team 2,4; Freshman Show: Script 
Chairman; "885" 1,2,3; Prism: Editor-in-Chief 4. 


Major: Economics; Thesis: "Cost-Push Inflation and 
the Effectiveness of Monetary Controls"; 
Activities: Dean's List three times; Dean's Honor List 
three times; Glee Club 1,2,3; Librarian; SWC Discus- 
sion Leader 3; V.S.O. 2,4; Freshman Orientation: 
Registration Committee; Class Vice-President 4. 


Major: Studio Art; Thesis: "Architectural Plans and 


Activities: Newtones 1,2,3,4; Business Manager 3; 

Intramural Hockey 1,2,3; Yearbook Typist 4. 



Major: Russian Studies; Thesis "Translation: Tribal 
Politics and Their Role in World Revolution by Leon- 

Activities: Glee Club 1,2; Chairman of Mother-Daugh- 
ter Weekend; Chairman of Reservation Committee: 
Junior Weekend; Dean's List 2,3,4. 


Major: Modern Foreign Languages; Thesis: "Transla- 
tion of Buero Vallejo's 'En La Ardiente Oscuridad'"; 
Activities: French Club 1,2,3,4; Junior Varsity and 
Varsity 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3; German Club 3,4; Stu- 
dent Academic Council. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "Sleep, Dreams, and their 
Effects on Man"; 

Activities: Psychology Club 1,2,3,4; Young Republi- 
cans 2; I.R.C. 3; Secretary 3; Music Ensemble 1,2; 
Head of Barat House 4. 


Major: Political Science; Thesis: "Menzie's Adminis- 
tration in Australia"; 

Activities: Dean's List four times; International Rela- 
tions Club 1,2,3,4; Young Republicans 3,4; Student 
Academic Council: Class Representative 2; Prism: 
Business Editor 4; "885" staff 1; House Council 4; 
contributor to "Prism" and "Wheat and Cockle". 


Major: Economics; Thesis: "Study of the President's 
Council of Economic Advisers, 1946-1962"; 
Activities: Dean's Honor List three times; Class officer: 
President 1; Social Committee 2,4; House Council 1, 
4; Psychology Club 2; Volunteer Service Organiza- 
tion 1,2; Varsity Football 2,4; Varsity Basketball 1. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "Climate and Human Cul- 
tural Life"; 

Activities: Dean's List one time; International Relations 
Club 2; Volunteer Service Organization 2; Interest 
Committee 4. 


Major: Modern Foreign Languages; Thesis: "Echi 
delle opere di Sant' Agostino Nel Petratca". 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "The Influence of Social 
220 Change in the Evolution of Contemporary Criminal 

Activities: V.S.O. 1,2; Young Democrats 1. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: *'A Comparative Study of 
Social Mobility Within the Tower Elites' of the United 
States and Great Britain"; 

Activities: I.R.C. 2,3; V.S.O. 1,2,3; Interest Committee 
4; House Council 4; Dean's List one time. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "Investigation into the 
Psychological Factors of Birth Control"; 
Activities: Attended St. Vincent's School of Nursing, 
New York. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "The Vocational Success of 
the Mentally Retarded"; 

Activities: V.S.O. 1,2,3; I.R.C. 1,2; Student Council 4; 
Board of Appeals 4; Class Officer: Treasurer 4. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "A Research Evaluation 
of a Creative Summer School Program for Belmont 
and Roxbury Students of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades"; 
Activities: Drama Club 1; Lay Apostolate Club 2; 
Tutorial Program 1,4; Head 4; SWC Leader 3; Fresh- 
man Orientation: Head of Duchesne West. 


Major: Political Science; Thesis: "A Preliminary In- 
vestigation of the Philosophical Roots of the Totalitari- 
an Cult of the Leader"; 

Activities: V.S.O. 2,3; I.R.C. 2,3,4, President 4; Year- 
book 4. 


Major: Modern Foreign Languages; Thesis: "What Is 
Modern Art?" Translated into French: "Qu'est-ce, 
done, que I'art Moderne?" plus sub-titles; 
Activities: Attended Georgetown University, Wash- 
ingtown, D.C. 1; People-to-People Organization l;Ski 
Club 1; French Club 2,3,4; V.S.O. 4. 


Major: Spanish; Thesis: "El Tradicionalismo y El 

Progresismo de Las Novelas de La Postguerra de 

Juan Antonio de Zunzunegui y Gonzalo Torrente Bal- 


Activities: Drama Club 1,2; Student Academic Council 

3,4; Freshman Show: Make-up Committee. 



Major: Art History; Thesis: "Chinese Buddhist Bronzes 
of the Six Dynasties Period"; 

Activities: Dean's List one time; Glee Club 1; Interest 
Committee 3,4; Fine Arts Week Committee 4; German 
Club 4. 


Major: Russian Area Studies; Thesis: "Translation of 
The Apocalypse of Our Time by Vasily Rozanov (with 
introduction and commentary) from Russian to Eng- 

Activities: Glee Club 1,2; Choir 1,2,3,4, President 4; 
Sodality 1,2,3,4; "885" staff; I.R.C. 1,2,3,4; Junior 
Weekend: Ticket Committee 3; Freshman Show: Script 
Committee; Freshman Orientation Dorm Council 3; 
Yearbook 4. 


Major: English; Thesis: "The Poetry of Robert Brown- 
ing ; 

Activities: Student Academic Council 3,4; Dean's List 
one time; Glee Club 1,2; Y.A.F. 1; Literary Club, 
President 4. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "Suicide and the College 


Activities: V.S.O. 3; Psychology Club 4; Newtones 1, 

2,3,4; Leader 4; Yearbook 4; Freshman Show: Song 

Committee; Serenades: Song Committee; Junior 

Weekend: Decorations Committee. 


Major: French; Thesis: "Les Mythes de Satan et de la 
Femme Redemptive dans la poesisd'Alfredde Vigny"; 
Activities: V.S.O. 1,2; French Club 1,2; Spring Arts 
Festival 3; SWC Discussion Leader3; Social Committee 
2; Head of House 4. 


Major: Art History; Thesis: "Since St. Johns: A Study 

of Contemporary Church Architecture in the United 


Activities: I.R.C. 1,2; Art Club 2,3; Interest Committee 

for the Charles Playhouse 2,3. 


Major: Biology; Thesis: "A Study of Cellular and 

Bacterial Components of Human Saliva"; 

Activities: Dean's List four times; Science Club 1 ,2,3,4. 

222 Major: Pre-Medicine; Thesis: "Investigations into the 

Chemical Components of the Bacterial Cell Wall"; 
Activities: Biology Club 2; Marillac Newspaper 2; 
Junior Varsity 3; Science Club 3,4; Student Academic 
Council 3,4; Dean's List six times. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "An Investigation of the 
Origin and the Development of Academic Freedom"; 
Activities: V.S.O. 1; Yearbook 4; I.R.C. 4. 


Major: Chemistry; Thesis: "The Determination of the 

Entropy of Diffusion of Ionic Species at the Liquid 


Activities: Dean's Honor List two times; Dean's List 

one time; Science Club 3,4; "885" 4. 


Major: Economics; Thesis: "Whether Price Stability 
and Growth are Opposing Goals with an Illustration 
of West Germany from 1945 to the Present"; 
Activities: V.S.O. 2,3; House Council 4. 


Major: Art History; Thesis: "The Concept of Art En- 
visioned by Pablo Picasso"; 

Activities: International Relations 2; Social Committee 
3; Dean's List 1,2,3. 


Major: Studio Art; Thesis: undecided; 

Activities: Junior Weekend: Decorations Committee3. 


Major: English; Thesis: "Treatment of Women as 
Product and Process of the Development of Vision in 
the Ambassadors, by Henry James"; 
Activities: Dean's Honor List 3,4; Student Body Presi- 
dent 4; Student Academic Council 4; House Council 
4; Debate Club, Vice-President 2; "885" Associate 
Editor 2,3,4; V.S.O. 1; Steering Committee 2; "Wheat 
and Cockle" Associate Editor 3. 


Major: Russian Studies; Thesis: "Russian Anarchism"; 
Activities: Dean's List 4; House Council 4; N.S.A. 1,2, 
3, Junior Representative 3; Student Academic Council, 
Chairman 4; Literary Club 1; Student Government 3, 
4; N.S.M. Tutorial 1,2. 


Major: English; Thesis: "The Theme of the Mask in 

Three Novels by Hawthorne"; 223 

Activities: Dean's List two times; "885" 1,2,3; V.S.O. 


Major: Political Science; Thesis: "Huey Long: An 
Analysis of His Political Career in the Light of the 
Southern Tradition of Demagoguery"; 
Activities: Dean's List two times; Day Student Repre- 
sentative 3; Student Government 3; Day Student Head 
of Orientation 3; SWC Discussion Leader 3; Young 
Democrats 1,2. 


Major: Political Science; Thesis: "A New Federal Role 
in Auto Safety: The 1966 Traffic Safety Act"; 
Activities: Dean's List one time; Summer Internship 
with Senator Robert Kennedy; Chairman of Reception 
Committee, Freshman Orientation; I.R.C. 1,2. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "The Relationship between 
Witkin's Embedded Figures Test and Rouen's Progres- 
sive Matrices as a Measure of Intelligence"; 
Activities: Young Republican Club 1,2; Psychology 
Club 1,2,3,4. 


Major: English; Thesis: "Robert Frost: A Study in 

Activities: Dean's List three times; Steering Committee 
2; Chairman of Senior-Sophomore Football Gome 2; 
Class Officer: Vice-President 2, President 3; Parlia- 
mentarian of Student Government 4; House Council 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "Interfaith Marriages: 
Their Sociological Effects on Family Relations"; 
Activities: "885," Business Manager 3,4; V.S.O. 2; 
Basketball 1. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "The Effects of Television 

on Children"; 

Activities: Young Democrats 2,3,4; Psychology Club 



Major: Political Science; Thesis: "The Work of a 
Massachusetts State Senator: A Cose Study"; 
Activities: I.R.C, 1,2,3,4; Young Democrats 1,2,3, Vice- 
President 3; V.S.O. 2; Head of House 4; Congressional 
224 Intern, Summer 1966. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "The Effect of Peyote as a 
Transistional Element Among the Navaho"; 
Activities: Dean's List one time; Glee Club 1; I.R.C. 
2; Drama 1; Lay Apostolate 2. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "John F. Kennedy as 
Seen by Alfred Adier"; 

Activities: Social Committee 1; Basketball 1,2; V.S.O. 
1,2; Psychology Club 1,2,3; Junior Weekend: Date 
Committee Chairman 3; Freshman Show: Party Chair- 
man 1 . 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "The American Jew: A 

Crisis in Identity"; 

Activities: I.R.C. 1,2,3,4; Freshman Show. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "A Study of Current Atti- 
tudes toward Trading Stamps"; 

Activities: V.S.O. 2; I.R.C. 2,3; Basketball 1,2, Captain 
2; Junior Weekend: Chairman of Favor Committee; 
School Tennis Champion 4. 


Major: Modern Languages; Thesis: "Las Preocupa- 
ciones Socio-Psicologicas De Los Novelistas Espanoles 
Despues De La Guerra Civil; 

Activities: I.R.C. 1; V.S.O. 2; French Club 4; Modern 
Language Representative to SAC. 


Major: Political Science; Thesis: "A Bill becomes a 
Law - Peace Corps 1961 H.R. 7500"; 
Activities: Debate Club 2; I.R.C. 3,4; V.S.O. 2; Basket- 
ball 1,2,3,4. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "The Perception of Traits 
in Liked and Disliked People"; 

Activities:Nomination for Woodrow Wilson Fellowship; 
Glee Club 1,2; Dean's List 1,2,3; Dean's Honor List 3. 


Major: Art History; Thesis: "Design of the Interior 
Space of an Apartment"; 

Activities: Dean's List 1; V.S.O. 1,2,3; Art Club 2,3; 
Psychology Club 2. 


Major: English; Thesis: "Landscape Investigation — 225 

'Gypsy Scholar' and 'Thyrsis'"; 

Activities: "885" 2,3,4; N.S.A. Delegate 4; Delegate, 

Boston Intercollegiate Council 4. 


Major: Economics; Thesis: ''Central American Com- 
mon Market"; 

Activities: Dean's List three semesters; V.S.O. 2,3; 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "The Therapeutic Milieu 
for the Adolescent in a Psychiatric Hospital"; 
Activities: V.S.O. 3; Psychology Club; Awarded Certi- 
ficate of Achievement in Human Relations Course at 
Medfield State Hospital; Attended Children's Hospital, 
Boston, Mass. 


Major: History; Thesis: "Casablanca Conference: The 
Seeds of Recognition"; 

Activities: V.S.O. 1; Young Republicans 2,3; Drama 
Club 2; House Council 3,4. 


Major: English; Thesis: "Imagery in John Donne's 


Activities: V.S.O. 1,2,3; French Club 4; House Council 

3; "885" 2,3,4. 


Major: French; Thesis: "La Mise en Scene du Drame 

Liturglque en France, Du Dixieme Jusqu'au Treizieme 


Activities: French Club 1,2,3,4; Glee Club & Fringe 1; 

Dramatics 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; President 4; V.S.O. 3; 

SAC 4; Honors at Entrance; Dean's List three times. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "Community Development"; 
Activities: SNCC Representative; I.R.C. 1,2,3,4; Peace 
Corps Volunteer; 


Major: Economics; Thesis: "The Consumer Price 


Activities: Honors at Entrance; Dean's List 1; V.S.O. 

1,2,3,4; Yearbook Business Staff. 


Major: Studio Art; 

Activities: Glee Club 1; I.R.C. 1,2,3; Art Club 2,3,4; 


Varsity Football 2; Freshman Show: Script Committee; 
Junior Weekend: Date Committee; E.J.F. Attendance 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "A New Lookat the Femi- 
nine Mystique"; 

Activities: Glee Club 1,2; Newtones 1,2,3,4; Athletic 
Association Secretary 2; Modern Dance Club 4; Basket- 
ball 1,2; Head of Serenades 2; House Council 3. 


Major: Economics; Thesis: "The Use of Monetary- 
Fiscal Policy in Curbing the Inflationary Effects of 
Financing World War M"; 

Activities: House Council 2; Young Democrats 1,2,3; 
V.S.O. 1,2; Freshman Show: Scenery and Skit Com- 
mittees; Freshman Orientation Committee; Junior 
Weekend: Decoration Committee; Senior Football 


Major: French; Thesis: "A Comparative View of the 
Post Modern World"; 

Activities: Honors at Entrance; Dean's List 4; French 
Club 1 ,2,3,4, President 4; V.S.O. 1 ,2; SAC 4; Steering 
Committee 4. 


Major: English; Thesis: ''Characterization in Thomas 
Hardy's Jude the Obscure"; 

Activities: Dean's List one time; Young Democrats 1,2, 
3; Glee Club 3; V.S.O. 1,2; Orientation Picnic Com- 
mittee 3; Senior Carolling 4; Pictorial 3; Sophomore 
Serenades Song Writing Committee 2; Hazing Com- 
mittee 2; Freshman Show: Song Writing Committee 1; 
Christmas Dance: Favor Chairman 2; House Council 
4; "885" 3. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "A Reliability Study of the 
15 Traits of the Edwards Personal Preference Sched- 

Activities: Dean's List 3; Dean's Honor List 4; Psychol- 
ogy Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 3; Film Club 4; Junior 
Weekend: Date Committee; V.S.O. 3; Young Demo- 
crats 1,2,3. 


Major: Modern Language; Thesis: "La Hantise de la 
Guerre dans le Theatre de Giraudoux"; 
Activities: French Club. 



Major: English; Thesis: "Liam O'Flaherty's 'Famine' 
(novel) character study"; 

Activities: Roxbury Tutorial Program 2,4; "885" 2,3, 
4; Prism 4; Yearbook Literary staff; "Wheat and Cock- 
le" 3,4, Senior Editor; N.S.A. 4. 


Major: Art; Thesis: "A History of Architecture in 

Activities: Attended Duchesne Residence 1,2; (Dra- 
matic Club, Yearbook Staff, Senior Week, Student 
Council 1, President 2, Dean's List 1,2, Valedictorian) 
At Newton: House Council 3. 


Major: Biology; Thesis: "A Study of the Cellular and 
Bacterial Components of Human Saliva"; 
Activities: Dean's List two times; Dean's Honor List 
two times; Science Club 1,4; Treasurer 4; V.S.O. 2. 


Major: Economics; Thesis: "Are Farm Subsidies Nec- 
essary to Our Agricultural Program?"; 
Activities: Science Club 1; Young Democrats 1,2; 
Dorm Chairman of Freshman Orientation. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "Freud and Jung: Their 
Theories of Parapsychology as Applied to Jeane Dix- 
on ; 

Activities: Science Club 1; Psychology Club 1,2; Glee 
Club 2. 


Major: Biology; Thesis: "The Effect of Heparin and 
Related Mucopolysaccharides on the Ehrlich Ascites 
Tumore" to be presented at the Eastern Collegiate 
Science Association Colloquium; 

Activities: Honors at Entrance; Dean's List 3,4; Ger- 
man Club 1,2; Science Club 1,2,3,4; House Council 3; 
Head of Freshman Orientation; Co-Chairman of Christ- 
mas Dance 2; Social Committee 2; Student Govern- 
ment 3,4; President of Day Students 4. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "A Study of the Trends in 
Family Size in a Catholic Women's College"; 
Activities: V.S.O. 1,2,3; Head of Lay Apostolate 3. 


Major: Art; Thesis: "Ceramics"; 

Activities: Young Democrats 1; Vice-President 2; 
228 President 3,4. 


Major: Studio Art; Thesis: "A Problem in Landscape 

Activities: Junior Weekend: Head of Pubhcity; Year- 
book Layout Editor 4; Class Office: Vice-President 1; 
Social Committee 3,4; House Council 1; Dean's List 3,4. 


Major: Mathematics; Thesis: "Translation of Chapters 
3 &4 of 'Moderne Algebra' by B. L. Van der Waerden 
from German to English"; 

Activities: Debating Club 1,2; Treasurer 2; German 
Club 3,4; Film Club 4; "885" 3; Dean's List 1,2,3. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "A Study of the Trends in 
Family Size in a Catholic Women's College"; 
Activities: V.S.O. 2; Glee Club 1,2,3; Secretary- 
Treasurer 3; Yearbook Business Manager 4; Student 
Academic Council 3; Football 2,4; Dean's List 4. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "The Testimony of the 
Psychologist and the Use of Psychological Tests in the 
Courtroom to Determine Criminal Responsibility"; 
Activities: Young Democrats 3,4; Psychology Club 2,3, 
4; Day Student Representative to Student Government 


Major: Biology; Thesis: "Influenceof Protein Synthesis 
Inhibitors on Chromosomal Aberrations Produced by 
Irradiation of Mouse Ehrlich Ascites Tumor Cells"; 
Activities: Student Council 4; Treasurer 4; Cercle 
Francois 1; Science Club 2,3,4; Football 4; Dean's 
List 1 . 


Major: History; Thesis: "Concept of America in Re- 
cent Fiction"; 

Activities: Drama Club 1; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; SAC 


Major: Art; Thesis: "Ceramic Set". 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "Consideration of L.S.D. 
as a Religious Experience"; 

Activities: Glee Club 1,2; Basketball 1,3,4; Athletic 
Club Treasurer 2; Head of Pictorial 3; Head of Football 
Gome 4; House Council 1,2; Dean's List 4. 



Major: Sociology; Thesis: "A Study of the Battered- 
Child Syndrome"; 

Activities: V.S.O. 1; Sodality 1; House Council 3; 
Head of 1 00 Days Party and 400 Days Party. 


Major: Mathematics; Thesis: ^'Translation and Presen- 
tation of Chapters 2 & 3 from Grundzuge der Mangen- 
lehre von Felix Hausdorff"; 

Activities: Interest Committee 4; Treasurer 4; N.S.M.; 
Football 2,4; Junior Weekend Treasurer; Class Office: 
Treasurer 2; House Council 1,2; Dean's List 1,4. 


Major: History; Thesis: "The Reforms of Peter the 
Great as Seen in Relation to the Events of His Child- 
Activities: Basketball 1; V.S.O. 1,2,3,4; I.R.C. 3,4. 


Major: Chemistry; Thesis: ^'Separation and Identifica- 
tion of Inorganic Ions by Thin-layer Chromatography"; 
Activities: Young Democrats 1; Science Club 1,2,3,4; 
Student Academic Council 3,4. 


Major: Russian Studies; Thesis: ''A Translation of 

Short Stories from Kupren"; 

Activities: Attended St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, 



Major: Sociology; Minor: French; Thesis: "Commun- 
ism: An Anti-Religious Faith Movement"; 
Activities: French Club 4. 


Major: English; Minor: Philosophy; Thesis: "The De- 
velopment of Short Story Technique in Katherine Mans- 
field and Virginia Woolf"; 

Activities: Class Office: President 4; Student Govern- 
ment 4; Social Committee 3; House Council 3,4; De- 
bate Club 1,2; V.S.O. 1; N.S.A. Representative 2; 
SWC Discussion Leader 3,4; Football Team 2,4; "885" 
2,3; Co-Editor 3; Editorial Board 4; "Wheat and 
Cockle" 3; Junior Editor 3; Dean's List four times; 
Dean's Honor List two times. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "Family Life as the Child 
Sees It and Family Life as It Is Related to Delinquency 
230 in Girls"; 

Activities: Psychology Club 1,2,3,4; V.S.O. 1,2; House 
Council 2; Mascot, Football Game 2. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "Family Life as the Child 
Sees It and Family Life as It Is Related to Delinquency 
in Girls"; 

Activities: Glee Club 2; Psychology Club 1,2,3,4, Vice- 
President 3; V.S.O. 1 ,2; House Council 3. 


Major: Art History; Thesis: "Paul Kiee: His Bauhaus 


Activities: Art Club 2,3,4; Interest Committee 3; V.S.O. 

2; Contemporary American Thought 2; Orientation 

Committee 3. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "The Psychological Prob- 
lems of Motivation in Industrial Personnel"; 
Activities: Young Democrats 2,3,4; Psychology Club 


Major: Studio Art; Minor: History of Art; Thesis: "A 
Children's Book"; 

Activities: Head of Cushing House 4; Newtones 1 ,2,3, 
4; Yearbook Staff (Layout Editor) 4; Art Editor of 
"Wheat and Cockle" 4; Dean's List 4. 


Major: Economics; Thesis: "The 1960 Price-Fixing 
Conspiracy in the Electrical Equipment Industry"; 
Activities: Student Council 4; Secretary 4; House 
Council 1,2,4; Interest Committee 3; Chairman Fresh- 
man Registration for Orientation 3; Dean's List one 
time; Dean's Honor List one time. 


Major: Modern Languages; Thesis: "El Estetico en las 
Culturas Precolombinas de los Aztecas, los Mayas y 
los Incas"; 

Activities: French Club 3,4; Treasurer 4; Sodality 2,3, 
4; President 4. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "The Religious Factor in 
Heart Disease"; 
Activities: Prism 2. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "A Psychological Analysis 

of The Brothers Karamazov According to Paul Tillich's 231 

Concepts of Love, Power and Justice"; 
Activities: V.S.O. 1,2,3; Dramatic Club 1,2,3; Treasur- 
er 4. 


Major: French; Thesis: "Le Mythe de Satan dans 
I'oeuvre de Baudelaire"; 

Activities: Social Committee 4; Chairman 4; Student 
Government 4; Steering Committee 4; House Council 
4; Glee Club 1; I.R.C. 1,2; N.S.M. (Tutorial) 2; French 
Club 1,2,3,4; Football Team 2,4. 


Major: Russian Studies; Minor: Philosophy; Thesis: 
"A. Khomiakov: A Translation and a Study Concern- 
ing His Philosophy of History"; 

Activities: I.R.C. 1,4; French Club 1; Sodality 1,2,3; 
SAC 4; Intramural Hockey 1,2,3; Young Republicans 1; 
Dean's Honor List three times; Nomination for Wood- 
row Wilson Fellowship. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: ''Chinese ThoughtReform- 
Viewed in Relation to the American Soldiers of the 
Korean Conflict"; 
Activities: N.S.M. 1,2,3; Dean's List. 


Major: History; Thesis: "Woodrow Wilson and the Re- 
birth of Poland, 1914-1919"; 

Activities: Debate Club 1,2,3; President 2,3; SWC 
Discussion Leader 3,4; Tutorial 4; Dean's List one time. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "Does Creativity Stifle 

Activities: Head of Keyes House 4; Social Committee 
1; Student Government 4; V.S.O. 1,2,3; Athletic Asso- 
ciation 2,3; Vice-President 3. 


Major: Political Science; Thesis: "An Investigation of 
Offshore Drilling in the North Sea"; 
Activities: V.S.O. 1,2,3,4; Sidney Hills Swimming Pro- 
gram Chairman 3,4. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "Carl Jung and Paul 

Activities: Dean's List three times; Head of House 4, 
House Council; Student Government4; Reserve Basket- 
ball, Varsity Football 2,4. 



Major: Art; Thesis: "Sand Casting"; 
Activities: Dean's List two times; Art Club 3,4. 


Major: Philosophy; Thesis: "The Articulation of a 

Philosophic Problem: Dramatic versus Expository 


Activities: Dean's List one time; N.S.M. 2; Yearbook 4. 


Major: History; Thesis: "Major Cultural Influences 
Leading Up to the Carolingian Renaissance"; 
Activities: Dean's List 4. 


Major: Sociology; Thesis: "The Chassidic Jev/s and 
the Amish Sect: A Comparison as Ethnic Groups"; 
Activities: Volunteer Service Organization 2,3; Young 
Republicans 2,3; International Relations Club 2,3; 
Transfer from Rhode Island College. 


Major: History; Thesis: "The Common Man in The 
Reader's Digest"; 

Activities: "885" 3,4; Advertising Manager 4; Year- 
book 4; Junior Weekend: Ticket and Reservation Com- 


Major: Studio Art; Thesis: "'The Seven Stages of 
Man' Illustrated in Seven Sets of Sculptured Hands"; 
Activities: I.R.C. 1,2; Art Club 2,3; Chairman of Re- 
freshment Committee, Fall Dance 3. 


Major: Studio Art; Thesis: "Journey"; 

Activities: Art Club 1,2,3,4; Prism: Art Editor 4; Film 

Club: President 4. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "The Psychological Effects 
of the Alcoholic Woman on those Related to Her, 
Particularly Her Husband and Children"; 
Activities: Dean's List one time; Head of House 4; 
House Council 3; Athletic Association; V.S.O. 2,3; Psy- 
chology Club 1,2,3,4; Senior Football Team 4; Dorm 
Head of Hazing 2; Pictorial Staff 3; Christmas Dance: 
Decorations Committee 2. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "Fromm and Buber on 

Human Involvement and Isolation"; 233 

Activities: Glee Club 1 ; Practice Teaching 4; V.S.O. 2, 
4; Swimming 2; Psychology Club 2,3,4; Yearbook 4. 


Major: American Studies; Thesis: ''J. P. Marquand 
as a Social Historian"; 
Activities: Head of House 4. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: ''A Study of Sigmund 
Freud's Life and Personality in Relation to Erick Erik- 
son's Developmental Theory"; 

Activities: V.S.O. 1,2,3,4; Chairman of Nazareth 
Project 3; House Council 3. 


Major: Art; Thesis: ''Oil Paintings"; 

Activities: Dean's List four times; Young Democrats 3. 


Major: Biology; Thesis: "Some Recent Research on 
the Immunological Aspects of Fetal Development"; 
Activities: Sodality 1,2,3; German Club 3,4; V.S.O. 2; 
Science Club 1,2,3. 


Major: Political Science; Thesis: "The Relation and 
Significance of the German Educational System to 
German National Socialism"; 

Activities: Dean's List, Dean's Honor List seven times; 
Phi Alpha Theta; N.S.M. Tutorial 2; Editor of Yearbook 
4; Junior Weekend: Chairman of Decorations; Fresh- 
man Show: Chairman of Publicity; SWC Discussion 
Leader 3. 


Major: Psychology; Thesis: "Freudian View of Crea- 
tivity as Applied to the Self-Projection of the Bronte 

Activities: Young Democrats 2,3,4; Psychology Club 
2,3; Social Committee 4. 


Major: Political Science; Thesis: "AdIai Stevenson, 
U.N. Ambassador"; 

Activities: House Council 2; V.S.O. 1; Tutorial 2; 
Northern Student Movement; I.R.C. 1 ,2; French Club 1 . 


A Weil-Wisher from Nini 


Academy of the Sacred Heart 

Grosse Pointe, Michigan 
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Birdsall 
Judge and Mrs. John J. Bracken 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Brady 
Mr, and Mrs. Paul F. Brophey 
Mrs. Raymond L. Bussey 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward N. Cartnick 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Caswell 
Dr. and Mrs. Albert Cleveland 
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Collins 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Collins 
Compliments of the Crofeet 
Mr, and Mrs. William H. Connolly 
The Convent of the Sacred Heart 

Buffalo, N.Y, 14216 
Mr, and Mrs, Glenn Cooper 
Mr, and Mrs, William J, Cormier 
Mr, and Mrs, Howard T, Crowley 
Mr, and Mrs, Charles Cummiskey 
Mr, and Mrs, John DePetro 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Donahue 
Mrs. Michael Driscoll 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Finnegan 
Mr. and Mrs. George Foster 
Mr, and Mrs. Gerald N. Franklin 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Gaynor 
Mr. and Mrs. Lester C. Gelinas 
Dr. and Mrs. Michael V. Gualtieri 
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gundlach 
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Herlihy 
Mr. and Mrs. F. Preston Herring 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Higgins 
Mr. Frederick W. Hill 
Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Hurd 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Julian 
Junior College of the Sacred Heart 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 
William P. Kearney 
Mrs. Thomas J. Kiernan 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Koral 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard W. Kuckro 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lammon 
London Pharmacy, Newton Centre, 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Longer 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward U. Lee 
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. McGrath, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Moilhot 
Mrs. Robert J, Meier 
Best Wishes from Mr, and Mrs, 

William E, Miller 
Mrs, M, R, Milligan 
Mr, and Mrs, William CMortenson 
John A, Murphy 
Mr, and Mrs, John Murtho 
Mr, and Mrs. Charles J. Mylod 
Mrs. Mario R. Navarro 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Noone 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Neubert 
Mr. and Mrs, Paul F, Nunlist 
Compliments of Mr, and Mrs, Daniel 

W. O'Donoghue 
Dr. and Mrs. John J. O'Keefe 
Dr. and Mrs, Vincent D, O'Neil 
Dr. and Mrs. Albert J. Puerini 
Mr. and Mrs. John Kingsley Roney 
Mrs. Jeanette Soyour 
Congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Schmitt 
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Seski 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Shonley 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Shelton 
Mrs. Joseph J. Sperber 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Sullivan 
Mrs. James L. Taft 
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Torr, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Thompson 
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Troutman 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Tully 
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wallace 

A Patron 

Compliments of the Class of 1967 

Charles River Motel 
1800 Soldiers Field Road 
Brighton, Massachusetts 
Algonquin 4-0200 

Compliments of the Newton 

Waltham Bank 
Newton Corner Office 
293 Washington Street 
Newton Centre Office 
808 Beacon Street 
Member of the Federal Deposit 

Insurance Corporation 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 

to the Editor 
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Werner 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Donahue Sales Corporation 

Sole Distributors of 
Talon Zippers, Talon Thread and 

Singer Sewing Aids 



Compliments of the Class of 1968 

We thank you for your cooperation 
and wish the Class of 1967 success 
in its future undertakings. 

Your Book Store 

Arthur Garey, Photographer, Kim- 
ball Studio, 15 North Main Street, 
Concord, New Hampshire 
CA 4-0711 

Mr. and Mrs. John Parizzi 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hinchey 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Curry 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Armstrong 


o o 

»- -i 

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^^^^^^Hi&° ..i^^flH 

7 -^ Ui 



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O Q ^ 


Ui Z 


-1 tu 


Ui »- i: 


(0 < h 




Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dowries, Jr. 

HMtt miA$v»t» uriaoiMf m cturtt or 


H*Ci etotmn toonir IM tut. 
aost tio 

siiict not o» wA»m wAtta nmntAtuti 
HACi momif ,M COIN uot. fu«N nuHoit 

Ml fMI WAT IH fMlM tun OUt 
tr4J«t wili MOW WASH »IM$l AHO 

i>*M, o,f rout aor^t, AuroMAncAUY 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ydigoras 


Dr. and Mrs. Frank F. Jani 


Mr. and Mrs. George E. Ronnenberg 

Best Wishes to the Class of 1967 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Crowley 

Compliments of 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gilbert 




* >> 





.* -^•*- 

•^ ^* 40 40 if , 
; «* ^* 00 ^0 ^^ . 

Berkshire Transformer Corporation 
Kent, Connecticut 

Compliments of 

Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano L. Gada 

84 W. Main St. 

Niantic, Conn. 


Mr. and Mrs. John T. Mannion 

The Flower Bouquet, Inc. 
Newton Centre, Mass. 

Mr. and Mrs..E. J. Bray 

Compliments of 

Mr. and Mrs. Benedict J. Egan, Jr. 


Compliments of the 
CLASS of 1 969 



Largest and Most Beautiful Liquor Store 

in the United States 
Talk of the Town 

1650 Soldiers Field Road Extension, 

Brighton, Mass. 

(Adjacent to International Pancake House) 

John A. Voipe Construction Co., Inc. 
54 Eastern Ave. 
Maiden, Mass. 

Newton's, Inc. 

Casual Clothes for the College Miss 

843 Beacon Street 

Newton Centre 

LAsell 7-7400 

Compliments of Blackwood Pharmacy 
663 Hancock Street 
Wollaston, Mass. 


The D'Ambrosio Family 

Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Cuiffo 

Compliments of 
Mrs. E. A. Fallon 

Stronghold Masonry, Inc. 



John W. Lane 
Real Estate Valuation 
180 Boston Post Rd. 
Larchmont, N.Y. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart 
Rochester, New York 

Compliments of 

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Brouillard 

Best Wishes to the 

Class of 1967 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Ryan 


Congratulations to the Newton 
Graduates of 1967 
Convent of the Sacred Heart 
3851 West 29th Ave. 
Vancouver, B.C., Canada 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 

to the Class of 1967 

Mr. and Mrs. Goliardo Miale 

Country Day School of the Sacred Heart 

Stone Ridge 

9101 Rockville Pike 

Washington, D.C. 20014 

To All Graduates — 
Congratulations and Best Wishes 
from the 


Compliments of The Class of 1970 


Mrs. Peter Afan, 174 Allerton Road, Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Dr. Mary Albert, 200 Fuller Street, West Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Francis K. Balling, 1875 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale 66, Mass. 

Dr. Frank A. Belamarich, 38 Blake Street, Newton, Mass. 

Miss Marjorie Bell, 1875 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale 66, Mass. 

Dr. Charles R. Botticelli, 44 Cedar Hill Ave., Waltham, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert Brandfon, 43 Linnaean Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Mr. Ronald Brinn, 35 Murray Street, Waltham, Mass. 

Mr. Paul Carnahan, 1 1 Hancock Street, Somerville, Mass., 02144 

Sister Mary Reginald Carter, Newton College of the Sacred Heart, Newton, Mass., 

Mrs. Alexander M. Chasson, Jr., 294 Highland Ave., West Newton, Mass., 02165 
Mr. Stephen J. Clarke, 6 Leewood Road, Wellesley, Mass., 02181 
Mr. George Clay, 44 Dartmouth Street, Belmont, Mass., 02178 
Mr. Joseph Conway, 175 Newbury Street, Boston, Mass. 
Mme. Frederic Courtois, 227 Orchard Street, Millis, Mass, 
Mr. Robert J. Curran, Salt Island Road, Gloucester, Mass. 
Mrs. Robert J. Curran, Salt Island Road, Gloucester, Mass. 
Mr. William L. Daniels, 340 Main Street, Hingham, Mass. 
Mrs. Joseph Dever, 819 Watertown Street, West Newton, Mass., 02165 
Dr. Ubaldo DiBenedetto, 32 Jerusalem Road, Cohasset, Mass. 
Mr. Frank Dolan, 62 Spruce Street, Framingham Centre, Mass. 
Mrs. Alexander Ederly, 225 Grove Street, Auburndale, Mass. 
Mrs. W. E. Farnham, Apt. 7, 8 Wesley Street, Newton, Mass. 
Mr. P. Corby Finney, 892 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 
Dr. J. Paul FitzGibbon, Shore Road, Magnolia, Mass. 
Mr. Edward Fitzpatrick, 16 Elmore Street, Newton, Mass. 
Miss Maria Victoria Fuster, Teresian Inst., 312 Dartmouth St., Boston, Mass. 
Mrs. T. K. Gaisser, 171 Camp Street, Providence, R.I. 
Dr. Lubomir Gleiman, 80 Brook Street, Franklin, Mass. 
Dr. Joyce Hoffman, 302 Harvard Street, Cambridge, Mass. 
Mr. John J. Horrigan, 200 Marlboro Street, Quincy, Mass. 
Dr. Edward Kamoski, 49 Fairmount Ave., Brockton, Mass. 
Mrs. Basil Kean, 146 Palfrey Street, Watertown, Mass. 
Mrs. R. J. Kiely, Leverett House E-23, Cambridge, Mass. 
Mr. Leslie Lee Kline, 36 Gorham Street, Cambridge, Mass. 
Dr. Heinz Kohler, 301 Ridge Road, Arlington, Mass. 


Mr. Donald Krier, 91 Jensen Road, Watertown, Mass. 

Mrs. Odette M. de Kudisch, 270 Harvard Street, Apt. 2, Cambridge, Mass. 

Monsignor Paul V. Harrington, 1 Lake Street, Brighton, Mass. 

Mr. Philippe de Lacoste, 54 Chandler Drive, Marshfield, Mass. 

Mme. Philippe de Lacoste, 54 Chandler Drive, Marshfield, Mass. 

Mr. Norman Laliberte, Turk Hill Road, Brewster, N.Y. 

Mr. John Lamb, 396 Main Street, Medfield,Mass. 

Mr. Armand Lauffer, Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass. 

Mr. F. P. LeBeau, 135 Harvard Street, Newtonville, Mass. 

Dr. Charles K. Levy, 336 Singletary Lane, Framingham Centre, Mass. 

Dr. Eleanor B. Linehan, 210Trapelo Road, Belmont, Mass. 

Mrs. Arthur (Nancy) Loud, 41 Rogers Park Ave., Brighton, Mass. 

Mr. Pierre Lubenec, 89 Dudley Road, Cochituate, Mass., 01763 

Mr. Frank Lyons, 304 Lexington Street, Watertown, Mass. 

Mr. Philip Marcus, 50 The Fenway, Boston, Mass. 

Mr. Frank Maguire, 140 Shaw Road, Brookline, Mass. 

Dr. James McGovern, 1 80 Abbot Street, Andover, Mass. 

Mrs. Edward J. McHugh, 15 Bay State Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Mr. Arthur S. Morse, 46 Gleason Street, Framingham, Mass. 

Mr. Dean Louis Moe, 43 Bailey Road, Watertown, Mass. 

Miss Patricia Murray, 1 Braintree Parkingway, Braintree, Mass. 

Dr. Renee G. Naves, 58 Fairfield Street, Needham, Mass. 

Dr. Anthony Nemethy, Powisset Street, Dover, Mass. 

Dr. Leo G. Parente, 19 River Bend Drive, South Natick, Mass., 01760 

Mr. Gerald S. Pierce, 16 Henchman Street, Apt. 4-M, Boston, Mass. 

Mr. Kenneth J. Preskenis, 528 East 6th Street, South Boston, Mass. 

Mr. Nikita D. Roodkowsky, 10 University Drive, Natick, Mass., 01760 

Miss Emilie T. Sander, 91 Trowbridge Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Mr. Jesus Maria Sanroma, Box 8276, Santurce, Puerto Rico. 

Mr. David R. Scott, 8 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Mr. Vincent Solomita, 83 Church Street, Newton, Mass. 

Mr. Frederick A. Stahl, 57 Hancock Street, Boston, Mass. 

Mr. John Steczynski, 20 N. Charlame Court, Roxbury, Mass. 

Dr. Ellen Taxer, 15 Maplewood Ave., Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Kenneth G. T. Webster, 428 Hillside Street, Milton, Mass. 

Dr. Dorothy W. Weeks, 28 Dover Road, Wellesley, Mass. 

Mrs. Garet Williams, 5 Elm Street, West Newton, Mass. 

Dr. Boleslaw A. Wysocki, 240 Brattle Street, Cambridge, Mass. 


Class of 1967 

Cornelia Adams, 255 Chase Street, North Dighton, Mass. Tel. VA 3-3685 

Nancy C. Adams, 3390 Pinestream Road, N.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30305 Tel. 

CE 3-8720 
Susan K. Armstrong, 177 Oakland Ave., Eastchester, N.Y. Tel. DE 7-8247 
Elizabeth A. Becherer, 11 Linder Terrace, Newton, Mass. 02158 Tel. Bl 4-8335 
Mary L. Belliveau, 30 Pillon Road, Milton, Mass. Tel. OX 8-0732 
Nancy Birdsall, 102 Clarewill Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J. Tel. PI 6-6853 
Rosemary Boedeker, 720 Middle Polo Dr., St. Louis, Missouri Tel. PA 1-0148 
Frances Bolger, 60 Gilbert St., Waltham, Mass. 02154 Tel. TW 4-3152 
Marianne Bracken, 34 Scarborough St., Hartford, Conn. Tel. 233-8887 
Annmarie Bray, 2 Cedar Lane, Cappaqua, N.Y. Tel. CE 8-3585 
Faith M. Brouillard, 125 Farnham St., Belmont, Mass. 02178 Tel. 484-1752 
Suzanne M. Brouillard, 489 Washington St., Whitman, Mass. Tel. Gl 7-3473 
Nancy Bussey, Locust Rd., Greenwich, Conn. Tel. JE 1-9412 
Barbara B. Butler, 905 North George St., Rome, N.Y. Tel. 336-5277 
Lucille A. Butler, 116 High Rock St., Westwood, Mass. Tel. 326-5244 
Mary B. Carney, 9 Will Sawyer St.,Peabody, Mass. 01960 Tel. 531-7931 
Deborah J. Carr, 37 Pond View Ave., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 Tel. JA 4-5215 
Anne L C. Caswell, 19 Arbor Rd., Lowell, Mass. Tel. 453-1848 
Karen L. Chitro, 9 Michael Rd., No. Beverly, Mass. 01015 Tel. 922-2649 
Kathleen Collins, 236 Montgomery St., Fall River, Mass. Tel. OS 2-0995 
Jane Comly, 4297 Cheyenne Rd., Richmond, Va. Tel. 272-5255 
Noreen Connolly, 1 00 Overlook Road, Upper Montclair, N.J.Tel. PI 6-9044 
Joyce Contrucci, 6553 Beacon St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217 Tel. HA 1-6699 
Joan C. Cooper, 67 Pine St., Garden City, New York Tel. PI 1-0280 
Marcelyn W. Cormier, 128 Winchell Dr., Kensington, Conn. 06037 Tel. VA 8-4417 
Anne F. Crofoot, Random Acres, R.R. No. 3, Omaha, Neb. 68123 Tel. 291-1776 
A. Christine Crowley, 120 Stephens Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Tel. TU 5-3581 
Marianne Cuiffo, One Oakledge Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 Tel. 337-3040 
Martha C. Cumings, C.M.R. 23, Bethlehem, Penna. 18017 Tel. 866-6397 
Madelyn C. Cummiskey, 371 Lincoln Rd., Grosse Pointe 30, Mich. Tel. 885-0189 
Janellen Curry, 131 Kensington Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 07304 Tel. 432-0935 
Patricia A. Curtis, 27 Homer Ave., Larchmont, N.Y. 10538 Tel. TE 4-5748 
Maureen Dailey, 2878 Scarborough Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118 Tel. 

Rosemary A. Daly, 33 Brinckerhoff Ave., Stamford, Conn. 06905 Tel. 322-0631 
Elyse Demers, 368 Carlyle Ave., Town of Mt. Royal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

Tel. 737-5921 
Jane A. DeNicola, 378 Adams St., Milton, Mass. 02186 Tel. OX 6-9356 
Margaret J. Dinneen, 7 A Parkview Ave., Lowell, Mass. Tel. 458-6129 
Kathleen M. Donahue, 161 Bond St., Norwood, Mass. Tel. 762-1788 
Mary Ann Doyle, 1470 Parkchester Rd., New York62,N.Y. Tel. TA 2-8023 
Susan Egan, 127 Roxen Rd., Rockville Centre, N.Y. Tel. OR 8-1080 
Suzette Ellsworth, 402 E. Angela, South Bned, Ind. Tel. 232-3857 
Renee Ermatinger, 224 Shorewood Dr., Webster, N.Y. 14581 Tel. OS 1-5389 
Colette Facques, 94 Lake St., Laconia, N.H. Tel. 524-5972 

Andrea M. Fallon, 33 Aldred Ave., Rockville Centre, N.Y. 11570 Tel. 766-2096 
Paula Fanning, 180 Carlton Rd., Waban, Mass. 02168 Tel. 332-3130 
Rosemary A. Farley, 98 Westmoreland Dr., Rochester, N.Y. 14620 Tel. BR 1-4353 
Mary Feldbauer, 27 Hamilton Ave., Cranford, N.J. 07016 Tel. 276-7551 


Geraldine Ferrara, 270 Greenville Ave., Johnston, R.I. 

Audrey E. Finnegon 27 Second St., Bangor, Maine Tel. 945-4028 

Kathleen Flanigan, 202 E. Belvedere Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21212 

Gayle B. Forbes, 285 Buddington Rd., Groton, Conn. 06340 Tel. 455-0103 

Judith Ann Foster, 279 Pearl St., Seymour, Conn. 06483 Tel. 888-2723 

Valerie A. Franklin, 2050 Wildwood Lane, Jackson, Mich. 49203 Tel. ST 2-8350 

Marilyn Y. C. Fu, Embajada de China, P.O. Box 187, Managua, Nicaragua, C.A. 

Barbara J. Gada, 84 West Main St., Niantic, Conn. 06357 Tel. 739-6228 

Kathleen Gelinas, 35 E. 63rd St., New York, N.Y. 10021 Tel. PI 2-4064 

Mary Ann Peters Giffuni, 20 Cranford St., Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 Tel. LI 4-6844 

Julie N. Gilbert, 540 Beach 131 St. Belle Harbor 94, NIY. Tel. NE 4-4828 

Elena L Giuffrida, 1600 South Joyce St., No. B-211, Arlington, Va. Tel. 521-6775 

Margaret Sheila Glynn, 145 Brace Rd., West Hartford, Conn. Tel. 521-6631 

Rosemary A. Golden, 82 Church St., Watertown, Mass. Tel. 926-2688 

Barbara J. Grant, 267 Clinton Ave., Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. Tel. OW 3-5432 

Licia J. Gullotta, 14 Idar Court, Greenv/ich, Conn. 06830 Tel. TO 9-5236 

Mary Lou Gumpper, 441 Westford Dr., Southport, Conn. 06490 Tel. 259-3587 

Carolann Haines, 944 Main St., Newington, Conn. 061 1 1 Tel. 666-4566 

Mary Ellen Haley, 257 Stratford St., West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. 325-5779 

M. Jane Hannaway, 700 Pine St., Manchester, N.H. 031 04 Tel. 625-81 94 

Charlotte M. Harold, 415 Campbell Hill, Marietta, Ga. Tel. 427-5745 

Margaret Harrington, 120 Whitehall Blvd., Garden City, N.Y. Tel. PI 7-3670 

Kathleen Doran Hegenbart, 19 Atwood St., Wellesley, Mass. 021 81 Tel. 235-1384 

Denise C. Hern, 1 1 Shaw Rd., Wellesley, Mass. 02181 Tel. 235-7242 

Mary F. Herring, 92 Grant Ave., Newton, Mass. 02159 Tel. 244-5193 

Josehpine M. Higgins, 21 19 Cardos de Almeida, San Paulo 5, Brazil 

Mary Lou Hinchey, 355 Essex St., Salem, Mass. 01970 Tel. 744-0155 

Diane Brindamour Hocker, 7550 S.E. 29th St., Mercer Island, Wash. 98040 

Mary Alice Horan, Morris & Beech Rds., Ambler, Penna. 19002 Tel. 643-0548 

Kathleen Hurd, 421 Forbush St., Boonton, N.J. 07005 Tel. DE 4-2954 

Mary Onie Jackson, Spruce St., Rollinsford, N.H. 03869 Tel. 389-5681 

Mary Ann Jones, 30 Fleetwood Ave., Bethel, Conn. Tel. 748-6326 

Susan H. Keiser, One Clifford Ave., Pelham, N.Y. 10803 Tel. PE 8-4141 

Kathleen Kiernan, 67 Ashland Ave., Pleasantville, N.Y. Tel. RO 9-0627 

Eleanor M. Kuckro, 5435 Songbird Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 45239 Tel. 681 -4433 

Suzanne Kuffler, 9 Surrey Rd., Newton, Mass. 02158 Tel. Bl 4-5734 

Mary C. Lammon, 1 1 Briarcliff Dr., Corning, N.Y. 14830 Tel. XF 6-6215 

Teresa C. Lane, 7 Beech Tree Dr., Larchmont, N.Y. Tel. 834-3760 

Patricia J. Lawlor, 31 Farnham Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 06708 Tel. 753-9522 

Janet M. Lotz, 104 Duncan Rd., Staten Island, N.Y. 10301 Tel. Gl 8-8580 

Mary C. Lyons, Sunnieholme Dr., Fairfield, Conn. Tel. 259-3907 

Paula M. Lyons, 3 Windsor Rd., Milton, Mass. 02187 Tel. 689-8066 

Barbara Madden, 346 Common St., Belmont, Mass. 02178 Tel. 484-2264 

Anne M. Maguire, 371 Mount Vernon St., Dedham, Mass. 02026 Tel. 326-6222 

Mary Jo Mahler, 1796 Lamberts Mill Rd., Westfield, N.J. 07090 Tel. AD 3-1272 

Katherine M, Mahony, 6300 So. Clippinger Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 45243 Tel. 561- 

Adele Mailhot, 28 School St., Mystic, Conn. Tel. 536-2381 
Jane Glynn Martel, 2415 39th St. S.W., Washington, D.C. 

Margaret A. Martin, 42 Connelly Rd., Huntington, N.Y. 11743 Tel. AN 1-1939 
Michele N. Mastrolia, 45 Joy St., Boston, Mass. 021 14 Tel. Rl 2-1562 
Carol McCourt, 216 Smith St., Merrick, N.Y. 1 1566 Tel. FR 9-8383 
Geraldine McDonnell, 9 Princeton St., Newton, Mass. 02158 Tel. LA 7-4004 
Sandra McGrath, 20 Shellburne Dr., Wilmington, Del. Tel. PO 4-0931 


Maria T. Metzler, 1608 Missouri Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20011 Tel. RA 

Beatrice A. Miale, 304 Burton St., Bath, N.Y. 14810 Tel. 776-4292 
Sandra K. Miller, 244 Park St., Dorchester, Mass. 02124 Tel. 288-1056 
Sharon Agatha Moron Buckley, Apt. No. 6, 11 Lakeville Rd., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 
Sharon E. Mullen, 253 Piatt Lane, Cheshire, Conn. 06410 Tel. 272-8034 
Constance L. Murphy, 291 Dorset Rd., Waban, Mass. 02168 Tel. LA 7-5001 
Ann B. Neubert, 18 Somerset Lane, Riverside, Conn. Tel. NE 7-2856 
Susan Nunlist, 1638 Dell Ter., Cincinnati, Ohio 45230 Tel. 231-7524 
Carol L. O'Donoghue, 5046 Sedgwick St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016 Tel. 

EM 3-7067 
Anne V. O'Keefe, 1017 Barberry Rd., Bryn Mawr, Penna. 19010 Tel. LA 5-7523 
Diane E. Olson, Box 262, 62 Golf Rd., Golf, III. 60029 Tel. 729-4947 
Karen E. Ostapenko, 390 Grove St., Needham, Mass. 02192 Tel. 235-3362 
Teresa E. O'Toole, 19 Joan Dr., New City, N.Y. 10965 Tel. NE 4-5904 
Catherine A. Palenchar, 15 Buckingham Ave., Trenton, N.Y. 0861 8 Tel. OW 5-0943 
Paula E. Parizzi, 229 Washington Ave., Brooklyn 5, N.Y. Tel. MA 2-3655 
Donna J. Puerini, 202 Bretton Woods Dr., Cranston, R.I. 020902 Tel. 942-2525 
Kathleen R. Riley, 18 Hickory Hill Rd., Wayland, Mass. 01778 Tel. 358-7205 
Patricia E. Ryan, 44 Benjamin St., Old Greenwich, Conn. 06870 Tel. 637-1363 
Rosemary Ryan, Pine Valley Rd., Oyster Bay, L.I., N.Y. 11771 Tel. MA 6-0359 
Maria Lino Santos, 18 Jacaranda Rd., Forbes Park, Makati, Rizal, Philippines 
Virginia Saviano, 23 Cresthill Rd., Yonkers, N.Y. 10710 Tel. 779-3814 
Nancy J. Scheiderbauer, 604 Parker Ct., Westminster, Wilmington, Del. 19808 

Tel. WY 4-1751 
Hillary Schmitt, 761 1 Connecticut Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 Tel. OL 2-9499 
Nancy Shea, 25 Granite St., Wellesley 81, Mass. Tel. CE 5-5697 
Donna Shelton, 48 The Birvhes, Roslyn, N.Y. Tel. MA 1-8031 
Mary Jill Shipway, Mott Rd., Fayetteville, N.Y. Tel. NE 7-6849 
Randi E. Slaatten, 233 Macy Rd., Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. 10510 Tel. Wl 1-7135 
Rosemary Sperber, 2885 La Feuille Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45211 Tel. 661-0483 
Paulette B. Stanhope, 92 Pine St., Needham, Mass. Tel. 237-1668 
Joanna Sturm, 2009 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, D.C. Tel. NO 7-0127 
Mary Sullivan, 9308 Belmart Rd., Potomac, Md. 20854 Tel. 299-5034 
Katherine Taft, 41 Willow Dr., Cranston, R.I. 02902 Tel. 944-5652 
M. Adrienne Tarr, Qtrs. D, U.S. Naval Hospital, National Naval Medical Center, 

Bethesda, Md. 20014 Tel. 497-4466 
Lelio M. Totten, 7031 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Penna. 15208 Tel. 371-0366 
Jeanne M. Tran, c/o Mr. P. Chiu, 87-70 173rd St., Apt. 7D, Jamaica 32, N.Y. 

Tel. AX 1-5391 
Susan L. Trautman, 5367 Main St., Trumbull, Conn. 0661 1 Tel. 268-5103 
Louise Marie Tully, 172StateSt., Portland, Maine Tel. 773-9610 
Virginia Arlene Van Ess, 21 Sunny Brae PI., Bronxville, N.Y. Tel. DE 7-8888 
Maria Vitagliano, 476 Jamaicaway, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 Tel. JA 2-9646 
Mary F. Walsh, 651 West Roxbury Parkway, West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 
Jacquelin H. Werner, 7475 No. Pheasant Lane, Milwaukee, Wis. 53217 Tel. 352- 

Deborah E. Wollaston, 78 Westchester Rd., Boston, Mass. 02130 Tel. 524-7366 
Lisa ZintI, 1 013 Overbrook Rd., Wilmington, Del. 19807 Tel. OL 8-0190 
Sr. Maria Carminia (Arnaldo), Boylston & Ipswich Sts., Boston, Mass. Tel. 

CO 6-5999 
Sr. Nancy Nardini, R.C.E., 130 Milton St., Milton, Mass., 02186 Tel. 333-0403 
Carole J. Sattler, 1960 Mt. Vernon Blvd., Toledo, Ohio 43607 Tel. JE 1-1335 


Class of 1968 

Maria M. Alvarez, P. del Rio, Cuba 

Patricia Ankner, 1216 Duncan Dr., Dresher, Penna. 19025 Tel. OL 9-3920 

Margarita Araneta, 58 McKinley Rd., Makati, Rizal, Philippines 

Suzanne Archambault, 2 Ames St., West Warwick, R.I. 02893 Tel. 821-6732 

Ann Barbaccia, 888 Richmond Rd., East Meadow, N.Y. 1 1554 Tel. IV 3-1445 

Elizabeth Ann Barry, 124 Green End Ave., Middletown, R.I. Tel. 847-3312 

Christine Becker, 78 Allendale Dr., Rye, N.Y. Tel. WO 7-3809 

Barbara Berbusse, 218 Barton Ave., Palm Beach, Fla. 33480 Tel. 833-81 14 

Angelica Bevilacqua, 125 Pocasset Ave., Providende, R.I. Tel. 944-5736 

Mary Ann Blase, 129 Van Rensselar Blvd., Menands, N.Y. 12204 Tel. 462-2942 

Carolyn M. Brady, 280 Easton Ave., New Brunswick, N.J. Tel. 545-3542 

Patricia M. Brock, 60 Monument Ave., Charlestown, Mass. Tel. 242-2142 

Judith Ann Brophey, 455 Willow St., Waterbury, Conn. 06710 Tel. 756-1574 

Christine Bruguiere, 88 Cliff Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 02181 Tel. 237-9513 

Susan F. Burt, Box 196, Stockbridge Rd., Lee, Mass. 02138 

Christina Cahill, Edgemoor Rd., Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Tel. 283-0924 

Jane M. Callahan, 3228 Johnson Ave., Bronx 63, N.Y. Tel. Kl 3-4734 

Miriam Carlisle, 116 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, Mass. 02174 Tel. Ml 3-2648 

Ellen C. Caroselli, 9 Morel Circle, Wakefield, Mass. Tel. 245-4405 

Joanne Carr, 37 Pond View Ave., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 Tel. 524-5215 

Linda Carroll, 8 Hook Rd., Rye, N.Y. Tel. 967-4472 

Linda L Cavaliere, 60 Hillston Rd., Trumbull, Conn. Tel. 374-3062 

Maureen Cawley, 2 Glow Lane, Hicksville, N.Y. 1 1801 Tel. 938-1221 

Constance Cellucci, 8 Mafford St., Quincy, Mass. Tel. PR 3-3524 

Joan A. Clasby, 235 Pleasant St., Milton, Mass. Tel. OX 6-4860 

Dale L. Clement, 7 Hooker St., Nashua, N.H. 03060 Tel. 882-2844 

Anne C. Cleveland, 655 Creighton Rd., Villanova, Penna. 19085 Tel. 527-0923 

Christine Anne Comeau, 25 Perry Lane, Weston, Mass. Tel. 893-0332 

Kathleen M. Condon, 146 Charles River Rd.,Watertown, Mass. 02172 Tel. 924-2534 

Margaret Connorton, 20 Stuyvesant Oval, New York, N.Y. 10009 Tel. GR 5-8888 

Denise R. Corsa, 343 West Neck Rd., Huntington, N.Y. 11743 Tel. HA 7-4491 

Zelinda Cosentino, 58 Arcadia PL, Staten Islan.d, N.Y. 1031 Tel. Gl 2-4194 

Mary Catherine Costello, 10 Westland St., Worcester, Mass. 01602 Tel. 754-0876 

Jamie Coy, 37 Birch St., Ramsey, N.J. 00746 Tel. DA 7-1742 

Kathleen Ann Cregg, 239B Hillcrest Manor Ct., Utica, N.Y. Tel. 735-9162 

Mary R. Cropper, 65 Moore St., Lowell, Mass. 01852 Tel. 452-4094 

Anne Crump, 63 Grove Lane, West Caldwell, N.J. 07006 Tel. CA 6-3956 

Shirley Ann Cunningham, 8 River Ridge Rd., Hanover, N.H. 03755 Tel. 643-3634 

Maura Jane Curtis, 327 So. Washington St., No. Attleboro, Mass. 02160 Tel. 

Jeanne Marie Daley, Calhoun Dr., Greenwich, Conn. 

Jo Ann Dolling, 79 Hardy St., Box 844, Presque Isle, Maine Tel. PO 2-4001 
Marie T. Daly, 28 Hopedale St., Allston, Mass. 02134 Tel. AL 4-3849 
Santa Jean D'Ambrosio, 68 Barretts Mill Rd., W. Concord, Mass. 01781 Tel. 369- 

Jeanette T. Darby, River Rd., Scarborough, N.Y. 10582 Tel. 941-7187 
June K. Davison, 7 West Leonard St., Foxboro, Mass. 02035 Tel. 543-5930 
Teresa De Avilla, 196 Quinobequin Rd., Waban, Mass. 02168 Tel. DE 2-5515 
Donna E. Deeley, 43 Ferndale Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 06708 Tel. 753-2669 
Lynn de La Chapelle, 815 Park Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10021 Tel. RH 4-7814 
Louise L. Demers, 624 Eastern Ave., Fall River, Mass. 02723 Tel. OS 8-2293 
Joanne T. Dempsey, 92 Fleet PI., Mineola, L.I., N.Y., 1 1 501 Tel. PI 6-5231 



Mary F. De Petro, 21 Fiske Ave., Bradford, Penna. 16701 Tel. 368-6489 

Mary Beth Dereniuk, 21 O'Donnell Ave., Union Village, Woonsocket, R.I. 02895 

Tel. 769-8558 
Susanne Derry, 186 Caleb St., Portland, Maine 04102 Tel. 775-0727 
Patricia M. Dinneen, 21 Hilltop St., Milton, Mass. 02180 Tel. OX 8-5756 
Margo M. Dionne, 228 Wood St., New Bedford, Mass. Tel. 995-1720 
Elizabeth Anne Dolan, 1 1 Cabot St., Milton, Mass. 021 81 Tel. 696-3971 
Virginia M. Donahue, 336 Ocean Dr. West, Stamford, Conn. Tel. 348-9898 
Barbara Lee Donelan, 9220 E. Parkhill Dr., Bethesda, Md. 20014 Tel. 656-6902 
Lynn M. Donovan, 71 Home St., Malverne, L.I., N.Y. 1 1565 Tel. LY 3-8566 
Judith Ann Dow, One Dana Dr., Barrington, R.I. 02806 Tel. 245-6222 
Betty Downes, 152 DeWindt Rd., Winnetka, III. Tel. 446-0876 

Florence M. Driscoll, 215 Stewart Ave., Garden City, N.Y. 11530 Tel. PI 7-5178 
Carol Duane, 27 Richard Rd., Needham, Mass. 02192 Tel. 444-4768 
Gail-Marie Edwards, 9 Lowell St., Waltham, Mass. 02154 Tel. 893-5235 
Susan D. Emery, 32 Locke Ave., Athol, Mass. 01331 Tel. 249-8584 
Constance Fagan, 36 Kimball Ter., Newton, Mass. 02160 Tel. DE 2-2266 
Barbara K. Farrell, 3457 Knight St., Oceanside, N.Y. 1 1 572 Tel. RO 4-1 258 
Patricia Feeney, 115 Woodard Rd., W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. FA 3-2363 
Mary E. Fenstermacher, 179 Hollywood Ave., Rochester, N.Y. 14618 Tel. CH 

Janet Ferranto, 277 Maple Ave., Shrewsbury, Mass. Tel. VI 2-4481 
Euphemia C. Flounders, 3781 Woodland Ave., Drexel Hill, Penna. 19026 
Ellen L Flynn, 174 Longview Ave., White Plains, N.Y. Tel. WH 9-0343 
Bernadette Fogel, 130 W. 183rd St., N.Y., N.Y. 10453 Tel. FO 5-3375 
Rosemary Ford, 182 Cabot St., Newton, Mass. 02158 Tel. 527-0849 
Deirdre A. Gaquin, 24 Ruskin St., W. Roxbury, Mass. Tel. 325-2995 
Margaret Gaynor, 125 Yale Rd., Hartsdale, N.Y. 10530 Tel. '/4H 8-0753 
Mehret Gebremedhin, Westgate, Apt. 902, Cambridge, Mass. Tel. 868-7272 
Julie Ann Gehan, 2997 Speilman Rd., Adrian, Mich. 49221 Tel. 263-4159 
M. Judith Gibbons, 28 Narragansett Bay Ave., Warwick Neck, R.I. Tel. 737-4134 
Maureen F. Goodfellow, 387 Eliot St., Milton, Mass. 02187 Tel. OX 6-3778 
Marsha E. Goodwin, 137 Cedar St., Clinton, Mass. Tel. EM 5-5686 
Alicia J. Guedes, 16 Lake St., Brighton, Mass. 02135 Tel. ST. 3-0580 
Jane Hanify, 30 Clairemont Rd., Belmont, Mass. 02178 Tel. 484-3377 
Catherine Hardy, 32 Blackamore Ave., Cranston, R.I. 02910 Tel. 941-5083 
Patricia E. Harkins, 20 Valley St., Maiden, Mass. 02148 Tel. 322-9494 
Martha Harrington, 120 Whitehall Blvd., Garden City, N.Y. Tel. PI 7-3670 
Patricia Harte, 20 Campbell Rd., Fairfield, N.J. 07007 Tel. 227-1428 
Patricia Harten, 88 Shannon Rd., E. Hartford, Conn. 061 18 Tel. 528-3763 
Mary-Ethel Harvey, 921 Midland Rd., Oradell, N.J. 07640 Tel. 261-0476 
Elizabeth M. Hastings, 9 Mill St., Northboro, Mass. Tel. 393-2736 
Kathleen Hastings, 742 Cummings Ave., Kenilworth, III. 60043 Tel. AL 1-0698 
Joan F. Hauserman, 33200 Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 44124 Tel. 442-1461 
Heather Heavey, 5 Shadylawn Dr., Madison, N.J. Tel. 377-2650 
Barbara Hensler, Rte. 2, Stevens Point, Wis. Tel. 344-7102 

Kathleen M. Hickey, 245 Edgemoor Rd., Rochester, N.Y. 14618 Tel. CH 4-9544 
Katherine H. HIavaty, 4 Derby Dr., Stony Brook, N.Y. 1 1790 Tel. 751-2061 
Marguerite Hoffman, 145 Paul Ney Rd., Cheshire, Conn. 06410 Tel. 272-8319 
LKathryn R. Hogan, 108 Long Ave., Belmont, Mass. 021789 Tel. 484-3131 
Maureen D. Hopkins, 20046 Doyle Ct., Grosse Pointe, Mich. 48236 Tel. TU 1-6249 
Roberta A. Hordeski, P.O. Box 138, So. Kent, Conn. Tel. WA 7-3271 
Janet Anne Horvath, 138 Hill Brook Lane, Fairfield, Conn. 06430 Tel. 259-7691 


Regina M. Hughes, 84 Carruth St., Dorchester, Mass. 02124 Tel. GE 6-3372 

Donna Julian, 31 Marcia Rd., Watertown, Mass. 02172 Tel. 924-3072 

Pauline Kayser, 428 So. Lincoln St., Hinsdale, III. 60521 Tel. 325-1 125 

Mary K. Kearney, 205 Sycamore Mill Rd., Media, Penna. Tel. GL 9-2298 

Regina Kelly, 258 Kelburne Ave., No. Tarrytown, N.Y. Tel. ME 1-4614 

Maryann E. Kenney, 53 Tyndale St., Roslindale, Mass. 02131 Tel. FA 3-3345 

Janet L. Koziol. 39 Ward St., Hartford, Conn. 06106 Tel. 247-3558 

Marylyn Landers, 10 Manorville Ct., Staten Island, N.Y. 10305 Tel. YLJ 1-4172 

Dorothy Largay, Judd Hill Rd., Middlebury, Conn. Tel. 758-2277 

Suzanne Leckey, One Paddington Dr., Bronxville, N.Y. Tel. DE 7-6121 

Susan Lee, 94 Montview St., W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. 325-0194 

Carolyn Ann Liebert, 7505 Clarendon Rd., Bethesda, Md. 20014 Tel. GL 2-8551 

Diane C. Lillis, 55 Gorham St., Canandaigua, N.Y. 14424 Tel. 394-0563 

Julia I. Lopez, 2615 Cardena, Coral Gables, Fla. 33134 Tel. 448-8977 

Margaret Lynch, 38 West St., Naugatuck, Conn. 06770 Tel. 729-2834 

Nancy Madden, 643 Orange Center Rd., Orange, Conn. 06477 Tel, 795-4105 

Pamela Maillet, 9 Rowena St., Worcester, Mass. Tel. PL 7-3553 

Pamela Maine, 29 Orchard St., Pleasantville, N.Y. Tel. RO 9-3327 

Marianne Malta, 18 Elgin St., W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. 325-9192 

Marie L Manahan, 1321 Marlborough Ave., Plainfield, N.J. 07060 Tel. 756-1277 

Susan Lee Mangold, 25 Dorset Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. Tel. GR 2-2760 

Patricia Ann Mannion, 122 Beacon St., Suite 2, Boston, Mass. 021 16 Tel. 266-6600 

Mary E. Marcotte, 21 Brooks Ave., Lewiston, Maine 04240 Tel. 784-5368 

Dorothy Marion, 87 Ridgeway Circle, Springfield, Mass. 01 1 18 Tel. 736-3480 

Patricia Marshall, 32 Woodmont St., Portland, Maine 041 02 Tel. 773-2054 

Patricia Mauer, 32 Nearwater Lane, Riverside, Conn. Tel. 637-2082 

Patricia Mown, 1 1 08 So. Plymouth Ave., Rochester, N.Y. 14608 

Gayle McCrfeady, 25 Westwood Dr., Worcester, Mass. Tel. 756-7752 

Anne McCreery, 13 Moorland Rd., Trumbull, Conn. Tel. 268-9695 

Doris McGowan, 146 Kensington Rd., Garden City, N.Y. Tel. PI 7-0016 

Sherrie McGurk, 5 Edwards PL, W. Trenton, N.J. 08628 Tel. 882-4010 

Sheila Mclntyre, 3 Nottingham St., Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 Tel. 244-9385 

Janice McKenna, 108 Jackson St., Garden City, N.Y. Tel. PL 2-7904 

Marcia McPhee, 625 Cambridge, S.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. 49506 Tel. 452-4067 

Patricia McVoy, 34 Bretton Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 Tel. 723-4942 

Eileen Meleedy, 10 Lawn Ave., Quincy, Mass. 02169 Tel. GR 2-6454 

Vivian Mignosa, 79 Curtis Ave., Quincy, Mass. 02169 Tel. 773-3065 

Paula Minihan, 27 Glenellen Rd., West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. FA 3-5196 

Jean Mollicone, 9 Hollywood Rd., Providence, R.I. 02909 Tel. 52] -7777 

Ellen F. Mooney, 243 French St., Fall River, Mass. Tel. 672-8142 

Teresa Morales, P.O. Box 1293, Panama, Rep. of Panama 

Sandra J. Mosta, 43 Heberton Rd., Rochester, N.Y. 14622 Tel. HO 7-9743 

Marian Motto, 63 Pemberton St., Providence, R.I. Tel. EL 1-2331 

Anne Mulligan, 7 Sturgis Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. Tel. DE 7-8004 

Susan Mulroy, 1058 N.W. 6th Dr., Boca Raton, Fla. Tel. 395-7431 

Christine Murback, 32 Vassar St., Garden City, N.Y. 1 1530 Tel. GE 7-3691 

Maureen Murphy, 134 South 14th St., LaCrosse, Wis. Tel. 784-5219 

Catherine M. Murray, 155 Trenor Dr., New Rochelle, N.Y. 10804 Tel. BE 5-3016 

Cheryl J. Muskus, One HuntTer., Glenville, Conn. tel. JE 1-5735 

Carol M. Mylod, 564 Fourth St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 1 1215 Tel. SO 8-0798 

N. Barry Noone, 1901 Belfield Rd., Alexandria, Va. 22307 Tel. 765-5996 

Mary Claire O'Connell, 69 West 15th St., Bayonne, N.J. 07002 Tel. HE 6-3554 

Catherine M. O'Connor, 110 Stratford Rd., W. Hempstead, L.I., N.Y. Tel. IV 1-6463 


Kathleen M. O'Connor, 1 250 Chestnut Ave., Wilmette, III. Tel. 251-0501 

Anne Marie O'Hara, 1 179 Main St., Athol, Mass. 01331 Tel. 249-4885 

Sahron A. O'Keefe, 64 Wyman St., Arlington, Mass. 02174 Tel. 648-4135 

Margaret M. O'Mara, 82 Knollwood Rd., Short Hills, N.J. Tel. DR 9-3466 

Suzanne Parillo, 41 Hawthorne Ave., Glen Ridge, N.J. 07028 Tel. PI 8-7093 

Sally Perreault, One Oxford Rd., White Plains, N.Y. 10605 Tel. WH 8-1512 

Denise M. Prifty, 73 Glenview Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 06708 Tel. 753-91 19 

Andrea M. Quigley, 150 Church St., Newton, Mass. 02159 Tel. Bl 4-7609 

Deborah Raven, 10 Garden PL, Bay Shore, N.Y. Tel. MO 5-3717 

Susan E. Regine, 1 10 OIney Ave., N. Providence, R.I. 0291 1 Tel. 353-2305 

Pamela Anne Rice, 6 New St., Ridgefield, Conn. Tel. 438-3314 

Stephanie Ricketson, 200 LaGrange St., W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. FA 5-9408 

Marguerite Rodgers, 354 Elm Rd., Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. 1051 Tel. 941-2842 

Patricia Roney, 414 Kercheval Ave., Grosse Pointe, Mich. 48236 Tel. TU 4-3337 

Donna Sandmaier, 111 Ridgewood Rd., Radnor, Penna. 19088 Tel. MU 8-6727 

Mary Anita Sanford, 75 Emmonsdale Rd., W. Roxbury, Mass. Tel. 325-6226 

Yvette Seyler, 139 Glenwood Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 07306 Tel. 435-3253 

Mary A. Sforza, Blind Brook Lane, Greenwich, Conn. Tel. JE 1-7103 

Geraldine M. Sheehan, 59 Brooksdale Rd., Brighton, Mass. 02135 Tel. ST 2-0760 

Donna T. Sikora, 74 Clement Ave., W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. FA 7-7011 

Angela Slingluff, Avalon Farm, New Windsor, Md. Tel. 635-4484 

Elizabeth Anne Small, 53 Nelson St., Braintree, Mass. 02184 Tel. 843-6673 

Margaret G. Smith, 626 Westminster Ave., Elizabeth, N.J. 07208 Tel. EL 5-2110 

Joyce E. Southard, 32 Marlboro Rd., Wextbury, N.Y. 1 1590 Tel. ED 4-2103 

Lorraine A. Stavris, 182 Cambridge St., Boston, Mass. 021 14 Tel. Rl 2-0765 

Sue Sturtevant, 21 Old South PL, Bath, Maine 04530 Tel. 443-4726 

Jane Sullivan, 40 Homesdale Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. Tel. DE 7-1398 

Jean Sullivan, 29 Huntington Dr., Rumford, R.I. 02916 Tel. 434-5330 

Mary Jeanne Sullivan, 5 Bay State Rd.,Wellesley Hills, Mass. 02181 Tel. 235-4790 

Michele R. Sullivan, 12 Park St., Newport, R.l. Tel. 847-4012 

Janet A. Szczebak, 97 Parker St., Indian Orchard, Mass. 01051 Tel. 543-4762 

Leslie Talbott, 17 River Park Dr., N.W. Atlanta, Ga. 30328 Tel. 252-2321 

Susan Tobia, 105 Haverhill Ave., Wickford, R.l. Tel. 295-5330 

Patricia Ann Tuohy, 15 Moorland Ave., Cranston, R.l. 02905 Tel. 781-2527 

Ann Tutino, 15 Foxhill Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 02181 Tel. 235-2974 

Sandra Van Schoyck, High Mountain Rd., Franklin Lakes, N.J. Tel. 891-3356 

Judy M. Vetter, 5333 Walnut Hill, Dallas, Tex., 75229 Tel. EM 8-5680 

Mary Vredenburgh, 320 King St., Chappaqua, N.Y. 10514 Tel. CE 8-4362 

Lucy Wang, 1955 Fei Ngo Shan Rd., Kowloon, Hong Kong 

Jean Williamson, 101 Mendota Ave., Rye, N.Y. Tel. WO 7-0361 

Maureen Wimberly, 6 Alcott Rd., Lexington, Mass. 02173 Tel. VO 2-2168 

Sheila Wingerter, 356 Grove Rd., South Orange, N.J. 07079 Tel. 762-9492 

L. Irene Winter, Tower Hill Rd., Wakefield, R.l. Tel. 783-2406 

Patricia Anne Wolf, 44 Oak St., Shrewsbury, Mass. 01545 Tel. 845-5881 

Christiane Wolff, 20 Young St., Lexington, Mass. 02173 Tel. 861-0248 

Kathleen E. Wright, 253 Harrison Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 07304 Tel. 332-5522 

Sr. M. Barbara Ly, FMM, Kennedy Memorial Hospital, 30 Warren St., Brighton, 

Mass. 02135 Tel. AL 4-3800 
Sr. M. Vianney Seirei, FMM, Kennedy Memorial Hospital, 30 Warren St., Brighton, 

Mass. 02135 Tel. AL 4-3800 


Class of 1969 

Jane Ackerman, 330 First Ave., New York, N.Y. 10009 Tel. OR 7-2797 

Carol Ann Allard, 284 Prospect St., Woonsocket, R.I. 02895 Tel. 776-1529 

Carol L Anderson, 14 Concord Rd., Ardsley, N.Y. 10502 Tel. OW 3-5899 

Mary C. Auth, 260 Hopkins PI., Longmeadow, Mass. 01 106 Tel. LO 7-5655 

Kay C. Ballschmider, 2810 North 6th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 53081 Tel. 458-4132 

Joan M. Belden, 2421 Brentwood Rd., Canton, Ohio 44708 Tel. 477-4012 

Deborah Bender, 2325 East 7th Ave., Denver, Col. 80206 Tel. 388-0212 

Margaret M. Bobaiek, 193 Main St., Orono, Maine Tel. 866-4391 

Janet M. Boodro, 54 Wachusett Rd., Needham, Mass. 02192 Tel. 444-3508 

Charline Boudreau, 503 Walnut St., Newtonville, Mass. 02160 Tel. LA 7-2599 

Julie Bresciani, 442 East 58th St., N.Y.C., N.Y. 10022 Tel. EL 5-6061 

Alicia Brophey, 41 Crehore Rd., Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 Tel. 325-2767 

Laurette M. Bryan, 30 Shady Lane, Shrewsbury, N.J. 07701 Tel. 741-4029 

Brenda M. Burke, 19 Ocean Ave., Marblehead, Mass. 01945 Tel. 631-1 121 

Kathryn Burke, 46 Eden Ave., W. Newton, Mass. 02165 Tel. 244-6238 

Margaret Ann Burns, 9 Belsaw PI., Cincinnati, Ohio 45220 Tel. AV 1-9944 

Jeanne M. Callahan, 114 Linwood St., Lynn, Mass. 01905 Tel. 592-8277 

Kathleen M. Canavan, 66 North St., Ridgefield, Conn. 06877 Tel. 438-6806 

Beth Cangemi, 83 Bentley Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 07304 Tel. DE 2-8936 

Joan M. Carrigan, 237 Bristol Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 02181 Tel. 235-9491 

Mary Carroll, 18 Woodbine Ave., Larchmont, N.Y. 10538 Tel. 834-3879 

Barbara M. Castle, 4805 Drummond Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 Tel. OL 

C. Ellen Chamberlain, 1210 Belle Vista Dr., Alexandria, Va. Tel. SO 8-6448 
Bea M. Cirrito, 41 Old Upton Rd., Grafton, Mass. 051 19 Tel. 839-3957 
Lynne Clare, 791 Knollwood Ter., Westfield, N.J. 07090 Tel. 232-9560 
Valerie Clark, 96 Vanderbilt Ave., Manhasset, N.Y. 1 1030 Tel. 627-8692 
JoAnne Cleary, 4194 Carroll Blvd., University Hts., Ohio 44118 Tel. ER 1-2181 
Elizabeth A. Conaty, 172 Hoyt Ave., Rumford, R.I. 02916 Tel. 434-0164 
Patricia Connolly, 69 Main St., Hull, Mass. 02045 Tel. 925-0242 
Nadine Curley, 141 DeMott Ave., Rockville Centre, N.Y. 11570 Tel. RO 6-7063 
MicheleY.Curran, 61-15 98th St., Rego Park, N.Y. 11374 Tel. 271-2703 
Kathleen Curry, 5 Chiswick Ter., Brighton, Mass. 02135 Tel. ST 2-1692 
Patricia Dauber, Apartado 1554, Zona 1, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A. 
Susan Davies, 363 Atlantic Ave., Trenton, N.J. 07649 Tel. 261-6427 
Vida DeBayle, 3290 Riviera Dr., Coral Gables, Fla. Tel. HI 8-8063 
Denise Deegan, 92 Park Blvd., Stratford, Conn. Tel. 378-1 103 
Maria Elena deGive, 355 P'tree Battle Ave. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30305 Tel. 355- 

Donna M. Delahanty, 49 Westminster Rd., Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 Tel. 244- 

Pamela Ann DeLeo, 328 High St., Bristol, R.I. 02809 Tel. 253-6730 
Denise DiMarco, 244 Secor Lane, Pelham Manor, N.Y. 10803 Tel. PE 8-2649 
Louise Dinan, 9 Fay Rd., Scituate, Mass. 02066 Tel. 545-1725 
Deborah Donovan, 200 Henderson St., Bristol, Conn. 06010 Tel. 583-3331 
Kathleen Donovan, 24 Howe St., Somerville, Mass. 02145 Tel. 666-9360 
Mary C. Donovan, 57 Willow St., W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. 323-6159 
Dianne M. Doucette, 29 Providence Ave., So. Portland, Maine Tel. 799-4990 
Anne Marie Drayton, 106 No. Gotwalt St., York, Penna. 17404 Tel. 843-1985 
Lee A. Driscoll, 67 Whapeley Rd., Glastonbury, Conn. 06033 Rel. 633-9922 
Maryellyn Duane, 243 Oakland Ave., Staten Island, N.Y. 10310 Tel. Gl 2-5628 


Michele Y. Dursin, 160 Woonsocket Hill Rd., Woonsocket, R.I. Tel. PO 2-0522 

Winifred Patti East, 28 Edwin St., Randolph, Mass. 02368 Tel. 963-2265 

Jean G. Everett, 115 Eakins Rd., Manhasset, N.Y. 1 1030 Tel. MA 7-0652 

Ellen M. Fahey, 9449 Springfield Ave., Evanston, 111.60203 Tel. OR 3-2431 

Jeanne Fanelli, 139 Emerson Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. 10801 Tel. NE 6-8335 

Patricia M. Farrell, 303 Overlook Dr., Greenwich, Conn. 06830 Tel. TO 9-8436 

Joanne M. Fay, 23 Dryry Lane, W. Hartford, Conn. Tel. 523-8154 

Cara M. Finnegan, 27 Second St., Bangor, Maine 04401 Tel. 945-4028 

M. Paula Fisher, 394 Lakeland, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 48230 Tel. TU 1-0088 

Esther Fitzgerald, 349 Spring Ave., Ridgewood, N.J. 57450 Tel. 652-4507 

Jane Fitzgibbons, 87 Walworth Ave., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 Tel. SC 3-3246 

Josephine R. Flynn, 36 Temple St., Framingham, Mass. Tel. 879 2388 

Maureen A. Flynn, 15 Crestwood Dr., Framingham Centre, Mass. Tel. 875-1937 

Dianne V. Foley, 172 Forest Way, Essex Fells, N.J. Tel. 226-0682 

Gretchen E. Foltz, 110 Riverbank Dr., Stamford, Conn. 06903 Tel. 322-3292 

Rosamond Ford, 181 Cabot St., Newton, Mass. 02158 Tel. 527-0849 

Sarah Ellen Ford, 1 106 Sunset Rd., Winnetka, III. 60093 Tel. 446-2281 

Susan A. Fuiks, 9 Harbor Rd., Darien, Conn. Tel. 655-2480 

Mary V. Gabel, 8851 Round Hill Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45236 Tel. 791-3410 

Patricia A. Giammalvo, 69 Longfellow Dr., Longmeadow, Mass. 01106 Tel. 567- 

Mary Glynn, 1384 So. Branch Pkwy., Springfield, Mass. Tel. 782-0915 
Mary Ann Grimberg, 5647 Old Chester Rd., Bethesda, Md. 20014 Tel. 014-2862 
Jean M. Grover, 185 Woodsome Rd., Babylon, L.I., N.Y. 11702 Tel. MO 9-6891 
Mary Constance Gundlach, 23 Ampthill Rd., Richmond, Va. 23226 Tel. AT 2-5922 
Mary Pat Haberle, 171 Dogwood Lane, Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 Tel. MA 7-9386 
Margaret J. Hanratty, 36 Lenox Ave., Paterson, N.J. Tel. LA 3-1531 
Kathleen Hartnagle, Box 322, R.D. l,Troy, N.Y. 12180 Tel. 274-5312 
Maryhelen Hayner, 5 Colony Rd., Lexington, Mass. 02173 Tel. VO 2-4270 
Jill Mary Hendrickson, Seville Ave., Rye, N.Y. 10850 Tel. 967-3740 
Maribeth Hilditch, 58 Summer St., Manchester, Conn. Tel. 649-1982 
Sue Ellen Hinchey, Shamrock Lane, Dover, N.H. 03820 Tel. 742-2586 
Rosann Hirchak, 187 Millard St., Torrington, Conn. 06790 Tel. 482-6414 
Marguerite Hodnett, 352 Pondfield Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 Tel. DE 7-9137 
Kyle Hoffman, 71^ Winyah Ave., Westfield, N.J. 07090 Tel. 232-3790 
Mary Hoffmann, 57 Forest Dr., Springfield, N.Y. 07081 Tel. DR 9-6615 
Frances M. Jani, 355 Grove St., Clifton, N.J. Tel. 779-0976 
Ellen S. Kane, 31 Farragut Rd., Swampscott, Mass. 01907 Tel. 598-0132 
Eunice J. Kelleher, 27 Woodlawn St., Randolph, Mass. 02368 Tel. 963-9121 
Cornelia Ann Kelley, One Mossdale Rd., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Tel. 522-2660 
Alice-Marie Kelly, 449 W. Broadway, Cedarhurst, N.Y. Tel. CE 9-6456 
Elizabeth M. Kelly, 100 Bellaire Dr., New Orleans, La. 70124 Tel. 486-6079 
Karen J. Kelly, 41 Thompson Lane, Milton, Mass. 02187 Tel. 696-1759 
Patricia J. Kenny, 361 Linnmorre St., Hartford, Conn. 06100 Tel. 525-9085 
Josephine Klarmann, 1377 Main St., Waltham, Mass. Tel. 893-4304 
Frances A. Klesch, 44 East Ridge Dr., Waterbury, Conn. Tel. 755-8528 
Teresa E. Klesch, 44 East Ridge Dr., Waterbury, Conn. Tel. 755-8528 
Janet Kopek, 10 Harts Hill Ter., Whitesboro, N.Y. 13492 Tel. 736-6161 
Mary Jo Kraus, 21300 Claythorne Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 Tel. 371-0774 
Regina LaVole, 53 Soundview Ave., Shelton, Conn. 06484 Tel. 929-1870 
Ann Madge Lessing, 230 South Bay Ave., Islip, N.Y. 1 1751 Tel. JU 1-2685 
Julie J. Lombardi, 94 Chambly Ave., Warwick, R.I. 02888 Tel. HO 7-9289 
Christine C. LoPonte, 450 Ave. T, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1 1223 Tel. DE 6-2616 


Caroline B. Lord, 21 Centennial Ave., Sewickley, Penna. 15143 Tel. 741-7794 

Patricia E. Lynch, 6 Buxton Lane, Riverside, Conn. 06878 Tel. 637-0809 

Christine M. MacAdam, 73 Ontario St., Lynn, Mass. 01901 Tel. 593-5856 

Lorraine B. MocLeon, 309 Forest Ridge Rd.,Waterbury, Conn. 06708 Tel. 754-1952 

Genevieve MacLellan, 111 Old Orchard Dr., Hudson, Ohio 44236 Tel. 653-5731 

Deborah Madison, 3524 Island Rd., Wantagh, N.Y. 1 1793 Tel. 781-5856 

Sheila Maher, 22276 Shelburne Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 Tel. 464-0129 

Kathleen Mandel, 80 Terrocina Ave., Golden Beach, Fla. 33160 Tel. 949-2038 

Mary M. Mangold, 25 Dorset Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10584 Tel. GR 2-2760 

Mary Elizabeth Marchev, 29 Pine Ter. W., Short Hills, N.J. 07078 Tel. 376-3188 

Barbara May, 394 Spring Green Rd., Warwick, R.I. Tel. 463-8916 

Sandra M. Mayo, Greylock Villa, Richardson St., Cheshire, Mass. Tel. 743-0585 

Sharon McAllister, 1420 Royal Oak Lane, Glenview, III. 60024 Tel. 724-3253 

M. Kathleen McCarthy, Box 31, Main St., Newton, N.H. 03853 Tel. 382-5298 

Edythe McClatchy, 521 Avonwood Rd., Haverford, Penna. Tel. Ml 2-9818 

Patricia McCormick, 49 W. Lane, Bay Shore, N.Y. Tel. MO 5-4869 

Martha M. McCullough, 334 Cumnock Rd., Palatine, III. 60067 Tel. 358-9250 

Marjorie McGah, 46 Youle St., Melrose, Mass. 02176 Tel. 665-9230 

Nancy McGinn, 52 Gladstone St., E. Boston, Mass. 02128 Tel. LO 9-1687 

Elizabeth McGoldrick, 244 Dover Rd., Westwood, Mass. Tel. DA 6-2990 

Mary E. McGrail, 112 Livingston St., New Haven, Conn. 06511 Tel. 624-5336 

Catherine McGuire, 375 Warwick Ave., So. Orange, N.J. 07079 Tel. 763-5684 

Linda B. McHole, 1105 Marsh Rd., Corrcroft, Wilmington, Del. 19803 Tel. PO 2- 

Elizabeth Mclntire, 15 Elmwood Rd., Marblehead, Mass. 01947 Tel. 631-2737 
Katherine J. Mclntyre, 180 Tenafly Rd., Englewood, N.J. 07631 Tel. 569-0229 
Cynthia McManus, 23 Stoneleigh Park, Westfield, N.J. 07090 Tel. 233-2338 
Joanne M. McMorrow, 1 14 Anawan Ave., W. Roxbury,Mass. 02132 Tel. FA 5-0084 
Anne-Marie Melaugh, 19 Cimino Rd., Needham Hts., Mass. 02129 Tel. 444-6647 
Priscilla Mellen, 36 High St., Charlestown, Mass. 02129 Tel. CH 2-1118 
Jean T. Meranda, 44 Second St., Cambridge, Mass. 02141 Tel. 354-6593 
Mary Karen Miller, 418 Willow St., Lockport, N.Y. 14094 Tel. 433-6556 
Chantal M. Moreau, 15 Hammell PL, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 Tel. Bl 4-0945 
Janice Morrow, Barry Dr., Gales Ferry, Conn. Tel. 464-7512 
Carol L. Murphy, 49 Margaret St., Norwood, Mass. 02062 Tel. 762-3983 
Judith A. Murphy, 65 Walker Rd., W. Orange, N.J. 07052 Tel. 731-6929 
Mary Ellen Murphy, bl Acre View Dr., Stamford, Conn. 06903 Tel. 322-6116 
Brenda Murtha, 63 Avon Mt. Rd., Avon, Conn. 06001 Tel. 677-2969 
Enid Elizabeth Navarro, Belmont Oaks, Cove Rd., Oyster Boy Cove, N.Y. 11771 
Mary Newman, 3053 N. Harrison St., Arlington, Vo. Tel. 536-7989 
Patricia O'Brien, 20 Brookline Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 Tel. GR 2-4628 
Patricio O'Collaghon, Poseo de Pintor, Rosales 40, Madrid, Spain 
Kathleen O'Connell, 27 Woterbury Rd., Upper Montcloir, N.J. 07043 Tel. 746-3777 
Maureen O'Connell, 51 Linksview PI., Stratford, Conn. 06497 Tel. 375-7865 
Kathleen P. O'Neil, 72 Southwood Rd., Newington, Conn. 06111 Tel. 666-0926 
Cynthia O'Toole, bl Hollis St., Milton, Moss. Tel. OX 8-2402 
Suzanne Ouellette, 69 Columbia St., Meriden, Conn. 06450 Tel. 235-9664 
Anna G. Ozoroski, 205 River Ave., Pt. Pleasant Beach, N.J. 08742 Tel. 892-4287 
Diane Marie Palmer, 3841 Abbott Ave. S.,Minneapolis,Minn. 55410 Tel. 922-9683 
Ellen M. Parks, 635 LoGrange St., W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. FA 5-6147 
Donna M. Paulino, 72 Perthsire Rd., Brighton, Mass. 02135 Tel. 782-7726 
Anne M. Perez, 203 Crestwood Ave., Crestwood, N.Y. 1 0707 Tel. SP 9-1965 
Evelyn Peterson, 87 Echo Lane, Larchmont, N.Y. 10538 Tel. TE 4-3900 


Sarah C. Pfister, 88 Thornton St., Hamden, Conn. 06517 Tel. 288-41 1 1 

Margeurite Phillips, 141 Kilburn Rd., Garden City, N.Y. 11535 Tel. PI 6-7863 

Linda M. Pore!!, 51 North St., Westbrook, Maine 04092 Tel. 854-5735 

Susan L. Power, 49 Ackers Ave., Brookline, Mass. 02146 Tel. BE 2-5701 

Joanne F. Posso, 14 Boxwood Ave., Cranston, R.I. 02910 Tel. 781-6404 

Patricia W. Pratt, 4119 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 Tel. OL 2-4830 

Laurie Prendergast, 64 Shore Dr., Larchmont, N.Y. 10538 Tel. 834-1301 

Lorraine M. Quinn, 289 Reservoir Rd., Kensington, Conn. 06051 

Patricia Quinn, 21 Denton Ter., Roslindale, Mass, 02131 Tel. 323-5566 

Judith A. Randall, 151 Weeburn Dr., New Canaan, Conn. 06840 Tel. 966-2013 

Carol A. Romano, 1 8 Marion Ct., Bayonne, N.J. 07002 Tel. HE 6-391 3 

Jacqueline Roughan, 22 Summit St., Lowell, Mass. 01 852 Tel. 453-491 5 

Elizabeth Lee Sargent, 46 Beechmont St., Worcester, Mass. 01609 Tel. 757-1502 

Elaine M. Schlapp, 182 Euston Rd., Garden City, N.Y. Tel. PL 6-1717 

Paula J. Schlick, 8 East PL, Chappaqua, N.Y. 10514 Tel. CE 8-4004 

Sarah H.Schrank, 157 East 62 St., N.Y.C., N.Y. 10021 Tel. TE 8-3277 

Margaret Ann Scola, 25 Lyndhurst Ave., Providence, R.I. 02908 Tel. EL 1-8571 

Carol Sebastian, 746 Vernon Ave., Glencoe, III. 60022 Tel. ve 5-2983 

Marcela Sevilla-Sacasa, Nuevo Leon 155, Mexico, D.F., Mexico 

BrigidShanley, Bernardsville, N.J. Tel. 766-0016 

Alicia Silva, 234 Howland Ave., Paramus, N.J. Tel. 488-7257 

Ana Silva, 564 Pedro Bigay St., Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 00918 Tel. 767-6693 

Patricia G. Smith, 29 Plymouth Rd., Summit, N.J. 07901 Tel. 273-1347 

Rita-Ann Sousa, 468 Turnpike Ave., Portsmouth, R.I. 02187 Tel. 683-0335 

Carol G. Speno, 523 Highland Rd., Ithaca, N.Y. 14850 Tel. AR 3-3081 

Laura Sperazi, 2440 Sedgwick Ave., N.Y.C., N.Y. 10468 Tel. FO 4-7542 

Bridget F. Stillwell, 31 Louis St., New Brunswick, N.J. 08901 Tel. 247-1495 

Ann Marie Stuecheli, 1084 Willow Lane, Birmingham, Mich. 48009 Tel. 646-6467 

Ann Sullivan, 832 No. Wayne Ave., Wayne, Penna. 19087 Tel. MU 8-1756 

Cindy Sullivan, 901 Green Bay, Winnetka, III. Tel. HI 6-4664 

Kathryn Ann Sullivan, 60 Pell Ter., Garden City, N.Y. 11353 Tel. PL 7-6129 

Patricia Sullivan, 70 Gooch St., Melrose, Mass. 02176 Tel. 665-7666 

Barbara Sweeney, 39 Redstone Dr., Springfield, Mass. 01 1 18 Tel. 782-0901 

Paula Szarek, 100 Woodridge Rd., Holden, Mass. 01520 Tel. 829-5252 

Theodora L. Thompson, 213 Rowayton Ave., Rowayton, Conn. 06853 Tel. 866-6577 

Catherine Thomson, 306 OIney St., Providence, R.I. 02906 Tel. 861-0522 

Frances K. Tomasello, 733 Washington St., Brighton, Mass. 02135 Tel. 254-4029 

Virginia M. Turner, 121 Circuit Rd., Winthrop, Mass. 02152 Tel. 846-0371 

Jessica Twaddle, 482 Pugh Rd., Wayne, Penna. 19087 Tel. MU 8-2466 

Barbara A. Van Ess, 21 Sunny Brae PL, Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 Tel. DE 7-8888 

Martha E. Verrier, 22Shippee Ave., W. Warwick, R.I. 02893 Tel. 828-0489 

Carolyn Wahlig, 58-26 Roosevelt Ave., Woodside, N.Y. 11377 Tel. HA 9-2341 

Elizabeth Anne Walker, 115 Field Point Rd., Greenwich, Conn. Tel. 661-5795 

Virginia Walker, 32 Orchard Ave., Rye, N.Y. 20580 Tel. WO 7-2202 

Kate Wallace, 2730 Central SL, Evanston, III. 60201 Tel. 863-7708 

Kathleen Anne Walsh, 2120 So. Warson Rd., St. Louis, Mo. 63131 Tel. WY 4-0312. 

Barbara T. Wardwell, 99 Blake Rd., Hamden, Conn. 06517 Tel. 776-5400 

Catherine Warner, 236 Yale Ave., Winnipeg 9, Manitoba, Canada Tel. 453-4674 

Noreen Weaver, 462 Granby St., Hartford, Conn. 061 12 Tel. 242-6428 

Bette Jean Weber, 2191 Jackson Blvd., University Hts., Ohio 441 18 Tel. 371-2029 

Mary Whedbee, RR 1, Box 127, Cockeysville, Md. 21030 Tel. 771-4741 

Frances E. Whelan, 3 Clover Lane, Rumson, N.J. 07760 Tel. 842-0342 

Maureen Wimberly, 6 Alcott Rd., Lexington, Mass. Tel. VO 2-2168 


Mary Carr Woodcock, 225 Cedar St., Bangor, Maine 04401 Tel. 942-3350 

Sr. M. Appollonia, FMM, St. Clement's Convent, Boylston & Ipswich Sts., Boston, 

Mass. Tel. CO 6-5999 
Sr. M. H. J. Gonsalve, FMM, St. Clement's Convent, Boylston & Ipswich Sts., 

Boston, Mass. 021 16 Tel. CO 6-5999 
Sr. M. J. Libucha, FMM, St. Clement's Convent, Boylston & Ipswich Sts., Boston, 

Mass. 02116 Tel. CO 6-5999 
Sr. Margaret T. McDonough, RCE, 130 Milton St., Milton, Mass. 02186 Tel. 333- 

Sr. Dolores M. Orsi, S.P., Providence Mother House, Holyoke, Mass. 
Sr. M. Carlo Simmons, MMM, One Arlington St., Winchester, Mass. 01890 Tel. 



Class of 1970 

Sylvia M. Acevedo, 125 East 94th St., N.Y.C., N.Y. 10028 Tel. AT 9-4937 
Maureen C. Ahern, 2 Bent Ct., So. Boston, Mass. 02127 Tel. AN 9-0482 
Christina L. Anderson, 4065 Washington Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 441 18 Tel. 321- 

Lenecia V. Anderson, 137 Ruthven St., Roxbury, Mass. 021 21 Tel. 442-6218 
Clare E. Angelozzi, 5614 Enderly Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21212 Tel. 433-4549 
Nancy M. Axthelm, 45 Banbury Rd., Rockville Centre, N.Y. 11570 Tel. RO 6-0692 
Katherine K. Ball, 65 East 96th St., N.Y.C., N.Y. 10028 Tel. AT 9-5892 
Marsha Ann E. Belcher, 4019 Riverside Ave., Somerset, Mass. Tel. 674-9198 
Nancy Lou Bernstein, 2626 Colston Dr., Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 Tel. 589-2039 
Margaret T. Bice, 218 Manhasset Woods Rd., Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 Tel. MA 7- 

Margit Boronkay, 99 Newtonville Ave., Newton, Mass. 02158 Tel. 969-7174 
Katherine M. Breen, 957 Hebron Ave., Glastonbury, Conn. 06033 Tel. 633-4396 
Jeanne Brindamour, 94 Apple Tree Lane, Warwick, R.I. 02888 Tel. 463-8225 
Patricia M. Bruni, 63 Woodbine St., Torrington, Conn. 06790 Tel. 489-7384 
Joan Buckley, 87 Eleventh St., Garden City, N.Y. 11530 Tel. CH 8-6181 
Lisa M. Buerger, 5 Buckingham PI., Pittsburgh 15, Penna. 15215 Tel. 781-7904 
Elaine T. Burch, 1428 Willow Wood Dr., Norfolk, Va. 2351 1 Tel. 853-8594 
Marianne Burke, 120 Woodlawn St., Lynn, Mass. 01904 Tel. 595-0477 
Madeleine D. Burns, 440 East 56th St., N.Y.C., N.Y. 10022 Tel. 758-2021 
Lois A. Cartnick, 86 Third St., Garden City, N.Y. 1 1530 Tel. PI 7-7638 
Marta L. Castro, Calle 21 N 7-52, Cali, Colombia, S.A. 
Kathleen M. Clarke, 96 Fourth St., Garden City, N.Y. 1 1530 Tel. PI 7-1724 
Ellen M. Clifford, 7 Spring St., So. Hadley, Mass. 01075 Tel. 538-8897 
Tena M. Coley, 8922 Braeburn Dr., Annandale, Va. 22003 Tel. 280-2697 
Mary E. Colford, 13 Berkeley St., Reading, Mass. 01867 Tel. 944-4883 
Margaret M. Collins, 800 Whittier Rd., Grosse Point Pk., Mich. 48230 Tel. 823- 

Lorraine C. Comeau, 25 Perry Lane, Weston, Mass. 02193 Tel. 893-0332 
Lucy Conan, 401 E. 81 St., N.Y.C., N.Y. 10028 Tel. TR 9-7296 
Mary C. Connolly, 138 Gordonhurst Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J. 07043 Tel. 746- 

Gloria Conti, 86-43 105 St., Richmond Hill, N.Y. 11418 Tel. VI 9-4065 
Barbara J. Cook, 91 Velma Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. 01202 Tel. 443-0882 
Christine Costigan, 46 West Lane, Bay Shore, N.Y. 1 1706 Tel. 665-3852 
Christine H. Coughlan, 128 Eton Rd., Longmeadow, Mass. 01106 Tel. 567-3074 
Barbara Coveney, 47 May St., Needham, Mass. 02192 Tel. 444-3298 
Catherine R. Cronin, 21 No. Chatsworth Ave., Larchmont, N.Y. Tel. 834-7674 
Bethe P. Crowley, 11 Murchison PI., White Plains, N.Y. 10605 Tel. WH 8-2795 
Sheila L. Crowley, 1516 E. Washington Ave., So. Bend, Ind. 46617 Tel. 288-8986 
Clare D. Cuddy, 9415 Seddon Rd., Bethesda, Md. 20034 Tel. 365-2941 
Sheila M. Culkin, 1106 Greenwood Ave., Wilmette, III. 60095 Tel. AL 1-5911 
Patricia Curran, 61-15 98th St., Rego Park, N.Y. 17374 Tel. 271-2703 
Muriel C. Daley, 88 Landseer St., W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. 327-5928 
Christine Degener, 58 East Elm St., Greenwich, Conn. 06830 Tel. NO 1-6750 
Stephanie M. DelGiudice, 37 Vivian Dr., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10585 Tel. SC 5-3678 
Carol J. DeLisi, 64 Observatory Ave., No. Providence, R.I. 0291 1 Tel. EL 3-2605 
Suzanne A. Demo, 566 Colonial Ave., Westfield, N.J. 07090 Tel. 232-4631 
Susan E. Denley, 70A W. Wyoming Ave., Melrose, Mass. 02176 Tel. 665-4579 
Mary Ann Dickey, 16224 Brewster Rd., E. Cleveland, Ohio 44112 Tel. ER 1-2476 


Karen E. DiSalvo, 220 Cleveland Ave., Harrison, NJ. 07029 Tel. 483-4214 

Rita Ann Doherty, 239 Boston St., Dorchester, Mass. 02125 Tel. CO 5-8667 

Karen P. Dorn, 17 Prospect Park W., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215 Tel. st 3-0446 

Judith Ann Downes, 146 Thirteenth St., Bangor, Maine 04401 Tel. 945-3707 

Mary E. Downs, 23 Cynthia St., Waterbury, Conn. 06708 Tel. 753-5423 

Susan M. Drees, 393 Lebanon St., Melrose, Mass. 02176 Tel. 665-3042 

Frances Dubrowski, 120 Margaretta Ct., Staten Island, N.Y. 10314 Tel. G\ 8-3041 

Nancy Jane Durkin, 5 Felicia Rd., Melrose, Mass. 02176 Tel. 665-1021 

Judith E. Dwyer, 8 Nev/ell Ct., Menands, N.Y. Tel. 436-1284 

Maureen E. Dwyer, 38 Hilton Ave., Garden City, N.Y. 11530 Tel. PI 7-2158 

Marie A. Dybczak, 5 Flint St., Salem, Mass. 01970 Tel. 744-1749 

Lucille D. Fallon, 14 Ascan Ave., Forest Hills, N.Y. 1 1375 Tel. LI 4-1438 

Mary Fallon, 1 17 Faraday St., Hyde Park, Mass. 02136 Tel. 364-1740 

Norman L Farley, 14 Pond St., Framingham, Mass. 01701 Tel. 872-4759 

Anne M. Farrell, 37 North St., Washingtonville, N.Y. Tel. 496-3877 

D'Arcy Fay, 10 Deer Path, Short Hills, N.J. Tel. 376-1 158 

Ann J. Feeney, 47 Gilbert Rd., E. Weymouth, Mass. 02189 Tel. 335.3940 

Margaret M. Finn, 257 School St., Somerville, Mass. 02145 Tel. 666-4975 

Susan Fischer, RFD 1, Old Montgomery Rd., Ellicott City, Md. 21043 Tel. HO 

Mary K. Fitzgerald, 101 Midland Ave., Joliet, III. 60435 Tel. 725-3131 
Maureen Fitzgerald, 1 1 Pershing Rd., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Tel. 522-7684 
Maureen A. Fitzgerald, 71-36 110th St., Apt 1-D, Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 Tel. 

LI 4-4086 
Cathleen A. Flaherty, 107 Jeanne St., Portland, Maine 04103 Tel. 772-8580 
Kathleen A. Flanagan, 15 Reservoir Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 07307 Tel. 656-4572 
Donna M. Fleming, 4 Putman Hill, Greenwich, Conn. Tel. TO 9-8348 
Kathleen E. foley, 278 Foley Ave., Somerset, Mass. 02726 Tel. OS 3-1503 
Kathleen N. Foley, 5033 Upton St., Washington, D.C. 20016 Tel. 363-0370 
Melanie M. Freeman, 135 Harold St., Dorchester, Mass. 02121 Tel. 442-0574 
Laurie Gallagher, 1 Arlington Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. Tel. 235-5564 
Mary C. Gallagher, 7 Pilsudski Way, So. Boston, Mass. 02127 Tel. 269-0497 
Jane R. Garvey, P.O. Box 158, 472 Merrick Rd., Babylon, N.Y. 11702 Tel. MO 

Elizabeth A. Giammalvo, 69 Longfellow Dr., Longmeadow, Mass. 01106 Tel. 

Elizabeth A. Gibbons, 78 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Holbrook, Mass. 02343 Tel. 963-5404 
Katharine C. Giblin, Pheasant Lane, Greenwich, Conn. 06830 Tel. TO 9-4853 
Barbara J. Gillespie, Biltmore Ave., Rye, N.Y. 10580 Tel. WO 7-3029 
Marie A. Girolamo, 28 Lyman Ter., Waltham, Mass. 02154 Tel. 894-9470 
Michele C. Gonzales, Calle 3 No. 68, Loiza Station, Villamar, Puerto Roco 00913 

Tel. 791-3710 
Michele Ann Gownley, 11619 Hitching Post Lane, Rockville, Md. 20852 Tel. 427- 

Judith S. Gualtieri, 55 Forest Ridge Rd., Waterbury, Conn. 06708 Tel. 755-0262 
Rosemary F. Hall, 27 Fenimore Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 Tel. SC 3-0620 
Tracy E. Halloran, 117 Kings Highway, Westport, Conn. 06880 Tel. 227-2651 
Nancy M. Hanafin, 2 Pleasant Lane, Wenham, Mass. 01984 Tel. 468-1403 
Sally A. Harrington, 241 East 9th St., So. Boston, Mass. 02127 Tel. 269-0509 
Katherine M. Hawkins, 33 Mohawk Ave., Norwood, N.J. 07648 Tel. 768-0088 
Susan Herlihy, 10 Greenhill Rd., No. Haven, Conn. 06473 Tel. 239-0767 
Patricia Hickey, 1402 Mayfield Ave., Joliet, III. 60435 Tel. 725-8484 
Colleen P. Hill, 2700 19th Ave., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Te. 522-4361 
Rita L Houlihan, 34 Chittenden Ave., Crestwood, N.Y. 10707 Tel. SP 9-61 89 


Anne S. Impink, Folly Farm, Box 176, Shillington, Penna. 19607 Tel. 777-0861 

Mary Ann Iraggi, 100 Chittenden Rd., Clifton, N.J. 07013 Tel. 777-2279 

Kimberly Jo Jackson, 6 Menkes Dr., Box 183, Loudonville, N.Y. 12211 Tel. 785- 

Marianne F. Jackson, 81 Wilbur Dr., Newington, Conn. 061 1 1 Tel. 666-5027 
Mary C. Jaeger, 825 Morewood Ave., Apt, D., Pittsburgh, Penna. 15213 Tel. 

Judith A. Johnson, 895 Kenyon Ave., Plainfield, N.J. 07060 Tel. 755-9455 
Marion M. Jones, 133 Richards Rd., Ridgewood, N.j. 07450 Tel. 444-4240 
Donna M. Judd, 54 Colonial Ave., Agawam, Mass. 10010 Tel. ST 8-7961 
Carmen R. Kanner, P.O. Box 426, Rumson, N.J. 07760 Tel. 842-1643 
Susan A. Kanski, 140 Oak St., Indian Orchard, Mass. 01051 Tel. 543-4838 
Kathleen A. Kearney, 519 Cedar St., Winnetka, III. 60093 Tel. 446-4843 
Kieran Kilcullen, 1210 Burtonwood Ct., Alexandria, Va. 22307 Tel. 768-4499 
Kathleen M. King, 70 Fairfield Beach Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 06430 Tel. 259-6046 
Treacy Kirkpatrick, 15 Barry Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 Tel. SC 3-4564 
Mary Ann F. Koral, 4066 Washington Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 441 18 Tel. 321-6416 
Jeanne D. Krisnow, 50 Quaker Rd., Hamden, Conn. 06514 Tel. 288-0029 
Betsy Ann Longer, 2710 Derbyshire Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 44106 Tel. 321- 

Karen T. LaRue, 164 Valley Rd., River Edge, N.J. 07661 Tel. 488-8899 
Elise M. Lauve, 31 Warbler St., New Orleans, La. 70124 Tel. 282-1674 
Elizabeth Ann Learson, No. Manursing Island, Rye, N.Y. Tel. WO 7-4151 
Mary P. Leece, 29 Claremont Dr., Short Hills, N.J. 07078 Tel. DR 9-2385 
Mary Susan Lind, 6648 Spokane Ave., Chicago, III. 60646 Tel. 674-8887 
Janet E. Lutz, 63 Silver Brook Rd., Milton, Mass. 02186 Tel. OX 8-6979 
Sheila M. Lyons, 99 Mulbery Ave., Garden City, N.Y. 1 1530 Tel. PI 6-6078 
Ann Theresa MacPhee, 276 Bowdoin St., Dorchester, Mass. 02122 Tel. 288-9611 
Joan A. Mahoney, 42 Lindbergh Ave., West Nev/ton, Mass. 02165 Tel. 527-8172 
Maireen Mahoney, 26 Haddonfield Rd., Short Hills, N.J. 07078 Tel. 376-8976 
Marcia Anne Mahoney, 19 Emmonsdale Rd., West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. 

FA 5-1296 
Mary D. Mahoney, 904 Weldon Lane, Bryn Mawr, Penna. 19010 Tel. LA 5-0645 
Susan M. Majeski, 23 Palomino Lane, Bedford, N.H. 03102 Tel. 623-5905 
Christine A. Mallouk, 149 74th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11209 Tel. 745-3105 
Patricia A. Moloney, 20 Skahan Rd., Belmont, Mass. 02178 Tel. 489-1393 
Ma. Teresita Manalac, 14 Sunnyside Dr., Quezon City, Philippines 
Laurel A. Morinelli, Salisbury Manor, So. Nyack, N.Y. 10960 Tel. EL 8-2353 
M. Eileen Marquette, 243 Yale Rd., Wayne, Penna. 19087 Tel. MU 8-0657 
Donna Mase, 287 Concord Rd., Woylond, Mass. 01778 Tel. 358-7294 
Anne Matthews, 115 North 53 St., Omaha, Neb. Tel. 556-1 126 
Mary B. McAllister, 940 Albemarle Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218 Tel. BU 4-0657 
Julie E. McCarthy, 14 Hawk St., Schenectady, N.Y. 12307 Tel. FR 2-9280 
Lynne K. McCarthy, 185 Wortendyke Ave., Emerson, N.J. 07630 
Mary Pot McCarthy, 806 Lake Ave., Greenwich, Conn. Tel. 869-2150 
Anne T. McDermott, 320 Richmond Rd., Douglaston, N.Y. 11363 Tel. 224-2260 
Joan E. McDonald, 331 Scudder Ave., Northport, LI., N.Y. 11768 Tel. AN 1-8194 
Susan M. McGIynn, 115 Dogwood Ct., Stamford, Conn. 06903 Tel. 322-7561 
Marcia Ann McGrath, 20 Shellburne Dr., Wilmington, Del. 19803 Tel. PO 4-0931 
Nancy E. McGuire, 17 Arvesta St., Springfield, Mass. 01 1 18 Tel. 781-2358 
Pamela A. McHale, 3817 North 37th St., Arlington, Va. 22207 Tel. JA 5-6565 
Mary F. McLaughlin, 910 Pork Ave., Manhasset, N.Y. 1 1030 Tel. MA 7-7039 
Jane S. McMohon, 24 Walworth Ave., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 Tel. SC 3-5018 
Jane McNomara, 8040 Cindy Lane, Bethesda, Md. 20034 Tel. 365-4005 


Mary E. McQueeney, 1787 Ridge Rd., North Haven, Conn. 06473 Tel. 248-6941 
Phyllis A. McTiernan, 19 Cliffwood St., Lenox, Mass. 01240 Tel. 637-2575 
Justine M. Meehan, 110 Bayview Rd., Plandome Manor, N.Y. 1 1 030 Tel. 627-5367 
Alma L. Megeath, 89 Sprucewood Dr., Bethel Park, Penna. 15102 Tel. 835-4056 
Kathleen A. Meier, 520 Shelden Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. 48236 Tel. TU 1-0999 
Virginia A. Meyer, 140 Remington Rd., Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 Tel. MA 7-3426 
Judith Anne Miller, 5302 Sherrill Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 Tel. 656-6158 
Susan M. Milligan, 15 Alden Ave., New Haven, Conn. 06515 Tel. 387-7526 
Rita Moncada, Av. Los Mangos, QTA. Victoria, La Campina, Caracas, Venezuela, 

Andrea L. Moore, 3021 Arlington Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10463 Tel. Kl 3-1863 
Pamela Moore, 37 Oak Ave., Tarrytown, N.Y. 10591 Tel. 631-3694 
Kathleen A. Mortenson, 165 Wildwood Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J. 07043 Tel. 

Judith M. Morvay, 13 Vincent Ave., Belmont, Mass. 02178 Tel. 484-7530 
Harriet E. Mullaney, 49 Williamsburg Rd., Evanston, III. 60203 Tel. 677-1568 
Regina Mullen, 46 Aberdeen St., Newton, Mass. 02162 Tel. 244-5957 
Claudia Murphy, 1315 Sandburg Ter., Chicago, III. 6061 Tel. 337-51 98 
Sally V. Murphy, 6688 32nd PI. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20015 Tel. WO 6-5425 
Mary Jill Murray, 650 S. Beverly PL, Lake Forest, III. 60045 Tel. CE 4-5151 
Gloria Nielsen, 720 Coronoda Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. MO 1-5942 
Joan C. O'Callaghan, 70 Barkers Pt. Rd., Sands Point, N.Y. 1 1050 Tel. PO 7-5874 
Michael O'Callaghan, Paseo Del Pintor Rosales, 40, Madrid, Spain 
Nancy K. O'Connell, 7b Guilford Rd., Milton, Mass. 02186 Tel. 696-0153 
Mary M. O'Connor, 770 Sheridan Rd., Winnetka, III. 60093 Tel. HI 6-2528 
Nancy O'Connor, 647 Beech St., Manchester, N.H. 03104 Tel. 622-0679 
Melanie Odium, 252 Fern St., W. Hartford, Conn. 061 19 Tel. 232-4608 
Karen E. O'Keefe, 1017 Barberry Rd., Bryn Mawr, Penna. 19010 Tel. LA 5-7523 
Anne Marie O'Malley, 26 Frothingham St., Milton, Mass. 02187 Tel. OX 6-1270 
Kathleen T. O'Mara, 82 Knollwood Rd., Short Hills, N.J. 07078 Tel. 379-3466 
Kathleen A. O'Shea, 911 North George St., Rome, N.Y. 13440 Tel. 336-4523 
Kathleen M. O'Sullivan, 61 Brook St., Hamden, Conn. 06514 Tel. 288-0049 
Lisa Pieroni, 1910 E. Jefferson Blvd., So. Bend, Ind. 46617 Tel. 288-2341 
Penelope E. Poor, 58 Third St., Garden City, N.Y. Tel. PI 7-0670 
Deborah A. Pope, P.O. Box 544, Kailua, Hawaii 96734 

Mary Jo Pucci, "Sablemont" Sherwood Hill, Westerly, R.I. 02891 Tel. 596-4459 
Jane Frances Purcell, 7350 Wydown Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63105 Tel. VO 3-3414 
Patrice Guilty, 303 Hurley Ave., Kingston, N.Y. 12401 Tel. 331-0991 
Katherine E. Rafuse, 9 Fairmount St., Dorchester, Mass. 02124 Tel. 825-3748 
Kathleen Reilly, 10 Ellison Ave., Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 Tel. DE 7-4807 
Ann M. Repetto, 66 Berry Rd. Park, St. Louis, Mo. 63122 Tel. WO 2-1225 
Susan E. Repplier, 93 Edgehill Rd., New Haven, Conn. 0651 1 Tel. 624-2706 
Claudia W. Richardson, 45 Pondfield Rd., W., Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 Tel. DE 7- 

Nancy Jayne Riley, 33 Norton Rd., Quincy, Mass. 02169 Tel. 773-2679 
Patricia A. Robinson, 198 Bartlett Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. 01201 Tel. 442-8704 
Nancy Lee Rocco, lb Maple Ave., Red Bank, N.J. 07701 Tel. 741-7016 
Mary Ann Roche, 14 Glenwood Lane, Roslyn Heights, L.I., N.Y. 11577 Tel. MA 1- 

Patricia A. Roche, 1 1 Mark St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 Tel. JA 4-6358 
Meryl Ann Ronnenberg, 78 West Lane, Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 Tel. MO 5-6817 
Jeanne Rovaldi, 114 Raymond Rd., W. Hartford, Conn. 06107 Tel. 521 -9474 
Cynthia Rudolf, 915 E. Alton St., Appleton, Wis. Tel. RE 4-6695 
Marjorie J. Sawyer, 236 Washington St., Norwich, Conn. 06360 Tel. 889-9543 


Mary Jane Sayour, 17 Harbor Lane, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1 1 209 Tel. SH 8-6898 
Franceen M. Scann, 61 Windsor St., Waterbury, Conn. 06708 Tel. 756-2734 
Elizabeth R. Scannell, 257 Pond St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 Tel. JA 4-2400 
Sarah K. Schildt, 2723 Lexington Rd., Louisville, Ky. 40206 Tel. 897-2242 
Mary Ann Schroering, 3323 Lexington Rd., Louisville, Ky. 40206 Tel. 895-3371 
Hedwig A. Seski, 87 So. Deeplands, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 48236 Tel. TU 5-8329 
Margarita Sevilla-Sacasa, Avenida Nuevo Leon 155, Colonia Condesa, Mexico, 

Elizabeth J. Shay, 220 No. Quaker Lane, W. Hartford, Conn. Tel. 232-3709 
Ann Sheehan, 55 Rumson Rd., Rumson, N.J. Tel. 842-0380 

Kathleen A. Sheehan, 422 Ocean Dr. W., Stamford, Conn. 06902 Tel. 324-2207 
Elizabeth A. Sherman, 4525 Klingle St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016 Tel. 244- 

Mary E. Smith, 128 Pilgrim Rd., Wellesley, Mass. Tel. 237-9783 
Susanne M. Smith, 23 Woodmont Rd., W. Hartford, Conn. Tel. 233-3129 
Barbara R. Snider, 12 Barnes Lane, Garden City, N.Y. 1 1530 Tel. 747-2684 
Charleen Soucy, 81 Bonner St., Hartford, Conn. 06106 Tel. 247-2582 
Maureen Soucy, 81 Bonner St., Hartford, Conn. 06106 Tel. 247-2582 
Jeanne M. Stansfield, 6 Standish Circle, Andover, Mass. 01810 Tel. 475-5171 
Patricia E. Sudnik, 96 Briggs St., Easthampton, Mass. 

Virginia M. Sughrue, 164 Hinckley Rd., Milton, Mass. 02187 Tel. OX 8-7893 
Ann Marie Sullivan, 18 Davis Ave., Arlington, Mass. 02174 Tel. Ml 3-8260 
Dale Sullivan, Briar Oak Dr., Weston, Conn. 06880 Tel. 227-8689 
Margaret Sullivan, 10 Mission St., Roxbury, Mass. 02120 Tel. 277-0505 
Nancie V. Sullivan, 5 Bay State Rd., Wellesley, Mass. 02181 Tel. 235-4790 
Ruthann Tessier, 290 North Gate Rd., Manchester, N.H. 03104 Tel. 622-6244 
Joan M. Thompson, 213 Rowayton Ave., Rowayton, Conn. 06853 Tel. 866-6577 
Patricia Thorpe, Briarwood Rd., Rumson, N.J. 07760 Tel. 741-4843 
Ruth M. True, 37 Pomfret St., W. Roxbury, Mass. 021 32 Tel. 327-7281 
Susan E. Turner, 10 River Park, North White Plains, N.Y. 10603 Tel. 946-4484 
Diane C. Twomey, 78 Beacon Hill Rd., Port Washington, N.Y. 1 1050 Tel. 781-2749 
Rita M. Volenti, 164 Ancon Ave., Pelham, N.Y. 10803 Tel. PE 8-3847 
Betty Ann Veillette, 135 Cables Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 0671 Tel. 753-4022 
Joyce M. Verhalen, Box 186, Stanhope, N.J. 07874 Tel. 398-1066 
Barbara A. Villano, 71 1 First Ave., Spring Lake, N.J. 07762 Tel. 449.8422 
Catherine A. Vollmer, 1128 Bellevue Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 13204 Tel. 475-8595 
Sheila K. Walker, 4623 Hunt Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 Tel. 652-7396 
Ruth A. Walter, 501 Williamson Rd., Gladwyne, Penna. 19035 Tel. Ml 2-1256 
Barbara A. Warner, 6425 Western Ave., Washington, D.C. 20015 Tel. EM 2-4850 
Jean F. Whalen, Old Farm Rd., Pleasantville, N.Y. Tel. 769-1122 
Doreen A. White, 1 Bataan Ct., Roxbury, Mass. 021 19 Tel. 442-2281 
Jane Whittaker, 68 Prospect St., Melrose, Mass. 02176 Tel. 665-1677 
Catherine L. Whitty, 124 Theodore Parker Rd., W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Tel. 

FA 5-1123 
Barbara Lee Wilkes, 1665 Hope St., Springdale, Conn. 06879 Tel. 322-4781 
Helen W. Williams, 3349 Tennyson St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20015 Tel. EM 2- 

Joanne E. Wortman, 145 Ocean St., Lynn, Mass. 01902 Tel. 595-3306 
Michelle Ydigoras, 1525 West 27th St., Sunset Island No. 2, Miami Beach, Fla. 

Tel. 531-5200 
Alison C. Youngs, 62 St. Lo Rd., Fort Lee, Va. 23801 Tel. 734-4870 
Susan E. Zapf, 176 No. Main St., Lyndonville, N.Y. 14098 Tel. 765-9076