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Full text of "West Virginia directory of industries giving name of firm, location, nature of business and number of employees"

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Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

ALBRIGHT, Preston County, (Population 262) 

West Side Planing Mill Rough and dressed lumber 3 

ALDERSON, Greenbrier County, (Population 1,401) 

Aldeison Garage .Auto Repair 4 

Alderson, Town of Water 1 

Hutchings, J. W. & Co Liunber 35 

Tait, John J .Planing Mill 4 

AVIS, Summers County, (Population 1,635) 

Hinton Milling Co Flour and Feed 5 

Hinton Water, Light & Supply Co ...... Ice and Electricity 10 

Standard Oil Co Oil Refinery 2 

BARBOURSVILLE, Cabell County, (Population 974) 

Barboursville Clay Manfg. Co., The Brick and Tile 14 

Barboursville Water & Light Co Electricity 3 

Huntington Qay Products Co Brick and Tile 21 

Valley Mills, The Flour 2 

BECKLEY, Raleigh County, (Population 4,149) 

Bair Brothers, Inc Auto Repairing 4 

Bair Brothers, Inc Lumber 13 

Bair Brothers, Inc Auto Repairing 5 

Beckley Dry Qeaner Qeaning, pressing & dyeing 7 

Beckley Electric Light and Power Co Water and Electricity 12 

Beckley Machine & Electric Co Repairing 14 

Beckley Wizard Bakery Bread 8 

Black Diamond Motor Co Auto Repair 5 

Powers Garage General Repairing 5 

Power's Tire Shop General tire service 3 

Raleigh Herald, The Publishers 6 

Raleigh Register, Inc., The Printers and Publishers ... 15 

Rhodes Electric & Machine Works Rewinding and repairing. . . 10 

Snyder, 0. M Finished Lumber 4 

Tolbcrt, B. ElUott, Lumber Co Lumber 9 

BEECH BOTTOM, Brooke County 

Beech Bottom Power Co Electricity 330 

Whitaker-Glessner Co Sheet Iron 

BELLE. Kanawha County 

Belle Alkali Co Electrolytic Caustic Soda, 

Liquid Chlorine and Chlor- 
ine By-products 45 

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West Vibginia Directory of Industries 

C3iarieston Qiemical Co Chemicals 3 

Kanawha River Salt & Chemical Division. 

(Pure Oil Co) Salt and Chemicals 50 

BELINGTON, Barbour County, (Population 1,766) 

Belington Garage, The Automobiles and Supplies.. 5 

Belington Handle & Mfg. Co., The Handles, Dressed Lumber 

and Mill work 8 

Builders Supply Co Cement blocks 3 

Consumers Heat, Light, Water & Power 

Co Electricity 2 

Kramei 's Bottling Works Soft Drinks 1 

Sanitary Home Bakery Bakery 2 

Scrimgeour Bros Feed and Ice 1 

Shaffer, E Feed, flour and meal 2 

Thompson Printing Co Printers and publishers 3 

ThomhUl, J. W Rough and dressed lumber. 25 

Ware, Floyd Cabinet and builders sup- 
plies 1 

Ware, J. W Cabinet work and repairing 1 

BENWOOD, Marshall County, (Population 4,773) 

Baltimore &. Ohio R. R. Shops Repairing 405 

Benwood & McMechen Water Works — Water 2 

Wheeling Steel & Iron Co. Tubes and plates 1,175 

BERKELEY SPRINGS, Moigan County, (Population 980) 

Berkeley Motor Co Automobiles and Automo- 
bile accessories 1 

Berkeley Springs Planing Mill & Handle 

Factory Lumber and Handles 3 

HovermaJe Garage Auto Repairing 4 

Interwoven Mills, Inc Men's Hose 59 

Johnston, E. L Auto Repairing 1 

Kams, H Building Supplies 6 

Morgan Messenger, The Publishers 2 

Phillips', J. H. Sons Cannery Cannery 2 

Rockwell, W. A. & Sons Cannery 4 

Widmyer, 0. E Garage 1 

BLUEFIELD, Mercer County, (Population 15.282) ""^^^^ 

Appalachian Garage Auto Repair 4 

Appalachian Power Co Electricity 9 

Avenue Pressing Club Qeaning and pressing 6 

Bailey Liunber Co Building Material 80 

Bluefield Bakery, The Bakery 20 

Bluefield Bottling Co Soft Drinks 11 

Bluefield Candy Co Candy and soft drinks 10 

Bluefield Garage Auto Repair 7 

Bluefield Ice & Cold Storage Co Ice and Coal 18 

Bluefield Motor Co Auto repair 

-^ ^ 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

West Vibginia Directory of Industries 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business 

Bluelield Water Works & Imp. Co Water 

Bluefield Welding Co Welding 

Crotty's Auto and Accessory Co Auto Repair 

Daily Telegraph Printing Co Publishers 

Drewery, A. H Dry cleaning and pressing 

Economy House and Material Co Building material 

Georgia Lumber Co Building material 

Greenspon, Isaac, Mfg. Co Candy and soft drinks .... 

Husband's Creamery Co Ice cream 

Indian Refining Co Oil and grease 

Keesee, W. R. & Co Auto repair 

Matz Home Bakery Bakery 

Mercer Garage & Auto Sales Co Auto Repair 

Mitchell Smith Motor Co Auto Repair 

Morton Motor Co Auto Repair 

Motor Sales Co Auto Repair 

National Armature Electric Works General repair works 

Norfolk & Western Ry. Co Repairing 

Princeton Power Co Electricity 

Royal Steam Laundry, The Laundry 

Superior Supply Co Mine cars and general re- 
pairs 25 

Texas Co., The Oil and gasoline 8 

West Virginia Armature Co Electrical contractors 42 j y 

Wright Milling Co., The Flour and feed 21 3 ' 

BLUE JAY, Raleigh County ^ ) ^^ 

Blue Jay Lumber Co Lumber 16 

BRANCHLAND, Lincoln County 

Columbia Gas & Electric Co Gasoline 100 

BRIDGEPORT, Harrison County, (Population 1,346) 

Bridgeport Lamp Chimney Co Lamp Chimneys 2 

BUCKHANNON, Upshur County, (Population 3,785) 

Belgrade Glass Co Table Glassware 6 

Buckhannon Delta, The Book and job printing .... 3 

Buckhannon Light & Water Co Power and Ice 10 

Buckhannon Milling Co Feed and meal 4 

Buckhannon River Chemical Co Chemicals 

Buckhannon Steam Laimdiy Laundry . .^ 

Flaccus, Wm., Oak Leather Co Leather 40 

Home Bakery Bakery 5 

Inland Auto & Supply Co Sales and repair 8 

Jackson, A. B., Monument Works Monuments 1 

Kelley Motor Co Sales and repair 8 

Layfield Planing Mill Co Rough and dressed lumber. 6 

Lorentz Press, The Job printing 2 

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West Vibginia Dhusctoby of Industries 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

McWhorter, W. T Lumber 14 

Price Bottling Co Soft drinks 2 

Starcher, Hugh Meal and mill feed 2 

Timber Product Co Sldll-board \ 10 

Upshur Record, The Publishers and job printers 2 

Upshur Republican, The Publishers and job printers 2 

BROOMFIELD, Marion County 

Hope Construction & Refining Co Gasoline station 6 

Hope Construction & Refining Co Gasoline station 13 

Hope Natural Gas Co Compressing station 19 

Pittsburg & West Viiginia Gas Co Compressing station 9 

BURNSVILLE, Braxton County, (Population 1,088) 

Bumsville Bakery, The Bakery 2 

Bumsville Grocery Co. (Mill) The Grain and meal 1 

Bumsville Handle Sc Dimension Co Handles and spokes 4 

Hope Natural Gas Co Compressing station 3 

Pittsbm^h & West Virginia Gas Co Compressing station 6 

Star Wagon Co., The Wagons 2 

CAIRO, Ritchie County, (Population 662) 

Cairo Mill Co Flour, feed and grain 2 

Oil Well Supply Co Oil well supplies 5 

Ritchie County Motor Co Sales and repairing 2 

Wamei-Quinlan Co Refined Oils 7 

CAMERON, Marshall County, (Population 2,404) 

Cameron Bakery, The Bakery 3 

Cameron Glass Co Hand made lamp chimneys 

gas and lantern globes 65 

Cameron Motor Co Auto repair 1 

Cameron Municipal Water Works Water 2 

Eljer Co Pottery 30 

Ford Service Co Auto repairing 1 

Hagans & Isleman Flour, grain and mill feed 2 

Home Press, The Publishers 1 

Spang & Co Gas and oil well tools 18 

Watson Bros. & Co Flour, grain, mill feed 1 

CANNELTON, Fayette County. 

Smith, P. S Lumber 6 

CASS, Pocahontas County, (Population 1,195) 

Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad Co Repair Shop 20 

Industrial Chemical Co Extracts 8 

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co Lumber 600 

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West Virginia Dibectoby «f Industries 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

CEREDO, Wayne County, (Population 1,110) 

Stout, Hairy S., Co Chestnut poles 2 

CHARLESTON, Kanawha County, (Population 39,608) 

Ashley, Jno. W Bakery 12 

Bailey's Garage Repair Shop 3 

Bake-Rite System of Bakeries Bakery 6 

Basim, H. T. & Son Repair shop 2 

Baltimore & Ohio R. R. Co., The Repair shop 42 

Barton Boiler Works, Inc Repair shop 10 

Becker Steel Co. of America Manufactuers of steels and 

tool steel tubing 2 

Bonham Motor Sales Co Auto repair shop 5 

Boone-Armstrong Motor Co Auto repair shop 3 

Brown Milling & Produce Co Meal and feed 37 

Burdette Bros. Garage Repair shop'. 4 

Cablish Brothers Bakery 32 

Callahan's Garage Auto repair shop 5 

Capital Qty Supply Co Mill and mine supplies 5 

Central Pipe & Supply Co Iron and steel pipe 3 

Charleston Bottling Works Soft drinks 12 

Charleston Boiler & Machine Works Repair shop 8 

Charleston Buick Co Auto repair shop 8 

Charleston Daily Mail PubUshing 58 

Charleston Diamond T. Motor Truck Co.Auto repair shop 3 

Charleston-Dunbar Natural Gas Co Ferrell pumping station ... 4 

Charleston Electric Steel Foundry Co — Castings 7 

Charleston Electrical Supply Co Electrical repair shop 68 

Chaiieston Engraving Co., The Engraving 2 

Charleston Gaiage & Supply Co Auto repair shop 4 

Charleston Gazette, The PubUshers 50 

Charleston Interurban R. R. Co Electricity 2 

Charleston Interuii)an R. R. Co.. . ' General repairing 34 

Chadeston Lumber Co Lumber 91 

Charleston Machine and Welding Co General repairing 2 

Charleston Mfg. Co Overalls 106 

Charleston Mattress Co Mattresses 6 

Charleston Milling & Pro. Co Flour and feed 50 

Charleston Printing Co Printing 16 

Charelston Rug Mfg. & Carpet Qeaning 

Co.... Rugs 4 

Charleston Steam Laundry Co Laundry 70 

Charleston Truck & Tire Co .Auto Repair Shop 4 

Charleston Window Glass Co Window Glass 150 

Chieftan Mfg. Co., The Stove pohsh 20 

Qtizens Garage & Repair Co Auto repair shop 2 

City Electric Co Wiring and fixtures 4 

Clen-So Mfg. Co., Inc Polishes and cleaning fluids 2 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

West Viboinia Dibectoby of Industbies 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Cline Ice Cream Co., The Ice Cream 18 

Columbian Carbon Co Lamp black 

Commercial Printing Co., Inc., The Job printing 4 

Community Bakery & Confectionery Co..Bread 3 

Coney & Sons Fire escapes, fire doors 2 

Conlon Baking Co Bakery 21 

Cunningham's Foundry Co Stove castings 4 

Davis Bros Dry cleaning and pressing . 2 

Dawley Furniture & Mfg. Co Furniture 25 

Day & Night Garage Auto repair shop 6 

Diamond Ice Cream Co Ice Cream 4 

Diamond Ice & Coal Co Ice 65 

Diamond Ice & Coal Co., (Plant No. 2). .Ice 7 

Eagle Printing Co Job printing 3 

East End Garage Auto repair 2 

Elite Laundry Co Laundry 98 

Elk Bakery Bakery 4 

Elk Machine Co Machine shop 7 

Elk Milling & Produce Co Meal and feed 22 

Empire Dry Qeaning Co Dry cleaning 12 

Empire Service Station Auto repairing 6 

Eskew, Smith & Cannon Manufacturing confectioners 10 

Family Wet Wash Laundry 10 

Farris Ice Cream Co Ice Cream 3 

Federal Tailors & Dry Cleaners, The . . . .Dry cleaning 3 

Fenimore Paige Sales Co Auto repair 2 

Fisher Wagon Works Wagon and auto repair 7 

Fitzgerald & Saunders Auto repair 2 

Foster Baking Co Bakery 6 

Franklin Motor Car Co Auto repair 6 

Eraser Brothers Auto repair 7 

Fruth Garage Co Auto repair 12 

Gardner's Dry Cleaning Dry cleaning 5 

Gates Manufacturing Co Paints 3 

Geoghan's Bakery 4 

Glenwood Garage Co Repair Shop 3 

Griffith, Foster & Rodes Sheet metal work 20 

Hayman's Bakery Bakery 2 

Holmes Motor Car Co., The Auto repair 2 

Howell Motor Co Auto repair 9 

Houghton Cement Block Co Cement blocks 15 

Indian Refining Co Oil 9 

Isaac, David R Stone contractor 25 

Jairett Printing Co Commercial printing 6 

Kanawha Brick Co. Brick 3 

Kanawha Coimty Garage Auto repair 5 

Kanawha Garage Co Auto repair 3 

Kanawha Haynes Co Auto repair 2 

Kanawha Ice Go Ice 18 

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West Virginia Dieegtoby of Industries 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Kanawha Mfg. Co Mine cars 80 

Lewis Brothers Pasteurized milk 12 

New York Central Lines (Kanawha & 

Michigan Ry. Co.) Repair shop 37 

Kanawha Planing Mill Co Lumber 14 

Kanawha Valley Lumber Co. Lumber 11 

Kanawha Valley Publishing Co Printers 19 

Kanawha Woolen Mills Woolen blankets 70 

Kell, S. J Auto repair 3 

Kelley Axe Mfg. Co Axes, scythes and hammers 682 

Laird Office Equipment Co Office equipment repairs. . . 2 

Loiy, F. & Sons. Planing mill 20 

Lovdl Street Shoe Repair Shop Qeaning, pressing and shoe 

repair ' 3 

Lovett Printing Co Printing 8 

Master Bakeries Bakery 6 

Max, Jacob Tailoring 2 

McQure Brothers. Job printers 7 

McQure & Veazey Machine Co Machine work 3 

Midelbuig Garage Repair shop 5 

Midland Trail Co., The Repair shop 9 

Midway Shoe Rebuilding Co Cleaning, pressing and shoe 

repairing 7 

Mint Cola Bottling Works Carbonated beverages .2 

Mitchell Monument Co Monuments 3 

Mi-Valet Qeaning, pressuig and dye- 
ing 12 

Modem Dry Cleaners. Qeaning and dyeiog 8 

Moore, S. Spencer Co Printing 3 

Morgan Lumber & Mfg. Co Lumber 135 

Motor Sales Co Repair shop 11 

Mountain State Motor Car Co., The Repair shop 6 

Mutual Printing Co Printing 20 

National Electric Co Electrical equipment 3 

J^ulife Dry Qeaning Co Dry Qeaning 2 

Nu Way, The .\. Qeaning, pressiog and dye- 
ing 13 

Ohio-West Virginia Co., The Gasoline, oils 4 

Oil Well Supply Co Repair shop 5 

Overland Sales Co Repair" shop 16 

Parkins, Uoyd Repair shop 7 

Penn's, R. S.» Place Qeaning, pressing and dye- 
ing 2 

Peeiless Builders Supply Co., The Concrete blocks 6 

Peerless Laundry Wet wash. 9 

Pfaff & Smith Builders Supply Co Sand and gravel 65 

Prince, Mahan & McQure Confectioners 6 

Pure Oil Co., The Refined oU 13 

Ratliff, J. E Auto repair shop 2 

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10 West Virohtia Directory of Industries 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Reese, N. H., Co Auto repair shop 4 

Reo Sales & Service G) Auto repair shop 5 

Riley Motor Co Auto repair shop 3 

Ruby-Sterrett Motor Co Auto repair shop 2 

Rust, 0. B Dry cleaning 6 

Sanitary Beverage Supply Co., Inc Soft drinks 4 

Sears Monument Co Monuments 6 

Shafer Baking Co., The Bakery 3 

Snyder Printing Co Printing 9 

South Side Foundry & Machine Works . . Coal mine equipment 30 

Standard Brick Co Bricks 80 

Standard Dry Qeaning Qeaiiing and pressing 2 

Standard Oil Co Refined oil 60 

Star Dry Qeaning & Pressing Co Dry cleaning and pressing . 5 

Strand Dry Cleaning Co Dry cleaning 2 

Strasser New System of Bakeries Bakery 2 

Sunshine Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning 4 

Superior Laundry Co Laundry 44 

Swinbum, The Leroy, Co Flour 15 

T. & H. Specialty Mfg. Co Talking machines 6 

Tanners Extract Co Tanning extracts 2 

Tirometer Valve Corp Tirometer valves 50 

Tribune Printing Co., The Printing 78 

Triple-State Electric Co., The Auto repair shop 7 

Tripure Water Co Water 3 

Union Electric & Machine Co Machine shop 7 

United Fuel Gas Co., (Oxweld Dept.).. . .Welding 3 

United Fuel Gas Co Elowah gasoline station ... 18 

Vandale Printing Co Piinting * 3 

Vickeis, The J. H. Co., General repairing 9 

Vii^ian Artcraft Co Manufacturers of violins 

and mandolins 3 

Vii^ginian Electric & Machine Works. . . .Electrical and mining sup- 
plies 13 

Wagner's Fine Confections Candies and Ice Cream ... 2 

Ward, The Charles, Ejigineering Works. .Boilers and marine engines 129 

Weaver Motor Car Co Auto repair shop 10 

Weaver Motor Car Co Auto repair shop 2 

West End Wet Wash Laimdry 4 

West Virginia Beverage Co Soft drinks 2 

West Viiiginia Brick Co Brick 30 

West Virginia Federationist, The Publishers 9 

West Virginia Parfay Co Soft drinks 8 

West Virginia Sand & Gravel Co Sand and gravel 50 

West Virginia Water & Electric Co Water and electricity 48 

White AiTow Garage Auto repair shop 5 

White Wet Wash Laundry 10 

Williamson Paint Mfg. Co Paint 3 

Yellow Pine Lumber Co Lumber 20 

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West Viboinia Dibbctory of Industbies 11 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

CHARLES TOWN, Jefferson County, (Population 2,527) 

Goode Bros Repair shop 2 

International Fruit Products Co Manufacturers of sweet 

apple juice and cider 

vinegar 15 

Jefferson Garage Auto repair shop 5 

Jefferson Milling Co Flour 7 

Powhatan Brass & Iron Works Brass goods 49 

Spirit of Jefferson Publishers 3 

Washington, Alexander & Cooke Co Bone fertilizer 35 

Weller, C. P Repair shop 2 

Whitmore Lumber Co Lumber 9 

CHESTER, Hancock County, (Population 3,283) 

American Sheet & Tin Plate Co Tin plate 450 

Bucher-Smith Co., The Machinists 3 

Chester Auto Repair Co General repairing 1 

Cord Tire Corp., The Automobile tires 125 

Davidson Porcelain Co., The Porcelain specialties 40 

Faulk Brothers Co Flour and feed 4 

Finley Brothers Co., The Lumber 5 

Ford Garage Supplies and repairs 2 

Goddards Bakery Bakery 6 

Knowles, The Edwin M. China Co Tableware 150 

Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co China and queensware 4(X) 

CLARKSBURG, Harrison County, (Population 27,869) 

Akro Agate Co., The Marble and glass balls 75 

Auto Park and Filling Station Garage 10 

Auto Sales Co., Inc Garage 14 

Auto Storage & Supply Co Auto repair shop 6 

Baltimore & Ohio R. R. Shop General repairs 64 

Biddle Concrete Co Concrete 42 

Blands Garage Garage 3 

Daflin & Poulicos Co Confectioners 3 

Central Automobile Corp Sales and service station. . . 26 

Christie-Myers Feed Co Flour and feed 22 

Qarksburg Automobile Co Auto repair shop 14 

Qaiksburg Bottling Works, The Water and soft drinks 8 

Qarksburg Brick Works Bricks 2 

Qaiksburg Casket Co Funeral furnishings 20 

Qarksbuig Exponent, The Newspaper and printing. . . 40 

Qaiksbuiig Gas & Electric Co Power 9 

Qarksburg Glass Co., The Glass 8 

Qarksburg Ice & Storage Co Ice 35 

Qarksburg Ice & Storage Co Ice 4 

Qarksburg Roofing & Cornice Co Sheet metal work 3 

Qarksburg Telegram, The Publishers and printing. . . 58 

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12 West Virginia Dibectoby of Industbies 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Qarksbuiig Water Board Filteration plant 9 

Clarksburg Welding & Brazing Co Cylinder regrinding and 

machine work 1 

Qarksburg Wholesale Co Jobbers of groceries, grain, 

feed and produce 42 

Coca-Cola Bottling Works Soft drinks 10 

Coston Printing Co., Hie Book and job printing 3 

County Mail Press, The Commercial printing 2 

Davis, W. 0„ Printing Co Conrniereial printing 2 

Dye, Robt. E. Repair shop 2 

Elk Bottling Co Soft drinks 3 

Empire Laundry Co Laundry 90 

Empire Laundry Co Cleaning and pressing 12 

Empire Tires and Tubes Garage 5 

Enterprise Pressing Co Qeaning and pressing 3 

Feltner, D. H Blacksmithing and foi^ging. 5 

Fuel Qty Box Co, The .Boxes, box shooks and 

crates 12 

Garrett Automobile Co .Garage and auto repairs. . . 7 

Garrett & Sheets General mill work 6 

Glen Elk Lumber Co Lumber and builders sup- 

pUes 13 

Glen View Brick Co ,..-.. Shale and clay brick 20 

Grasselli Chemical Co., The. ... 1 Zinc and zlqc products 300 

Hart Brothers Machine Co Builders of modem engines 24 

Hartland Planing MQl Co Lumber 13 

Hazel Atlas Glass Co Glass 515 

Heinze & Co .Cleaning and pressing 23 

Hope Natural Gas Co .Davis compressing station . 13 

Hope Natural Gas Co , Goff Compressing station. . 12 

Hope Natural Gas Co Machine shop 100 

Imperial Ice Cream Co Ice Cream — ... ... 41 

Interstate Window Glass Co., (Factory 

No. 3). .Window Glass. . . . . . . . . . ., 2 

Interstate Window Glass Co., (Factory 

No. 14) Window glass 6 

Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co Colored sheet glass . . .. 1 

Lange & Crist Box & Lumber Co Liunber 30 

Lafayette Glass Co Window glass 3 

Liberty Glass Co Window ^ass. 4 

Long Timber & Lumber Co Lumber 3 

Market & Waybright Bakery 10 

Mason & Gibson Motor Co Garage and auto repairs. . . 2 

Mitchell Bros. Garage Garage 4 

McNicol, The D. E. Pottery Co., of W. Va.Semi-vitreous porcelain ... 235 

Monongahela Power & Ry. Co Car bam. . . 12 

Myers, Orie, Hamess & Vehicle Store — Harness 2 

National Carbon Co Carbon 11 

National Mold & Machine Works : . .Molds for glass 5 

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West Virginia Dibbotobt of Indttstbies 18 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

National Sanitsuy Co., The Enameled ware and Wooster 

china 1 

Norwood Glass Co Window glass 1 

Oil Well Supply Co Oil well supplies and 

machine shop 8 

O'Neale Printing & Supply Co Commercial printing 2 

Osbom's, J. F. Sons Iron Works Machine shop 12 

Owens Bottie Co., The Glass containers 105 

Parr Lumber and Planing Mill Co. Lumber and builders sup- 
plies 7 

Paugh, J. H. & Co Qeaning and pressing 2 

Peck Auto Co Garage 4 

Phelps Can Co Manufacturers of milk cans 122 

Pittsbuiigh Plate Glass Co.. Window glass 205 

Plaza Garage Garage and auto repair — 4 

Ransome Motor Car Co Garage and auto repair 5 

Republic Truck Sales Co Garage 6 

Reserve Gas Co Water Station No. 2 3 

Ridenour, Turner & Co Garage 2 

Rock Bell & Son Garage 3 

Rodgers Printing Co Job printing 2 

Rolland Glass Co Window glass 8 

Sanitary Baking Co Bakery 20 

Sanitary Laundry, The Laundry 24 

Schulte Carriage Works General blacksmithing and 

builders of truck bodies.. 11 

Shreve's Garage Garage, auto repairing 2 

South Penn Oil Co. (shops) .General repairs 55 

Southern Pine Lumber (io Lumber 54 

Spang & Co Mfr's. of machinery 4 

Standard Milling Co., The Flour and feed 20 

Sutter Roofing & Cornice Co Roofers and sheet metal 

wori^ers 12 

Swager Soda Fountain Supply Co Mfr's of ice cream cones . . 4 

Thatcher Mfg. Co Mfr's. of milk bottles 75 

ThompsonrDegler Co Repairing and electric sup- 
plies for automobiles. ... 5 

West, Geoiige M Feed and builders supplies 5 

West Yiiginia Labor News, The Printers and publishers 6 

West Virginia Macaroni Co Mfr's. of paste products. . . 11 

Weirton Steel Co Mfr's. of sheet tin 18 

Whistie Bottling Co., The Soft drinks 3 

Wilson Bread Co Bakery 28 

Williams Garage Garage, auto repair. ..... 3 

CLOVER LICK, Pocahontas County 

Golden, Paul, Lbr. Co., Liunber 10 

Neal, A. D. & Son Co Lumber 

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West Viboinia Dusegtoby of Indxtstbieb 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. 

CLENDENIN, Kanawha County, (Population 1,263) 

Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Corp Chemicals 

Clendenin Auto Co Auto repair shop 

Qendenin Milling Co Four, feed 

Osborne, C. E Lumber 

Summers, W. M Auto repair shop 

CLOTHIER, Boone County 

Boone Timber Co Lumber 

Qothier Bottling Works Soft drinks 


COLUMBIA, Wayne County 

Columbia Gas & Electric Co Electricity and pump 


CORNWALLIS, Ritchie County 

Henaghan & Hanlon Gasoline blending station . . 

CURTIN, Nicholas County 

Pardee & Ciulin Lumber Co Lumber 

Pardee & Cmlin Lumber Co Lumber 

DANVILLE, Boone County, (Population 327) 

Danville Progress Publishers 

Knabb, J. B Auto repair shop 

DAVIS, Tucker County, (Population 2,491) 

Babcock Lumber & Boom Co. (MillNo. l)Lumber 

Babcock Liunber & Boom Co. (Mill No. 2)Lumber 

Davis Municipal Light Co Electricity and pump 


Davis News, The Newspaper and printing. . . 

Pure Food Bakery . . . ^ Bakery 

Weimer, W. E Sales and service station. . . 

DIXIE, Nicholas County 

Bell Creek Lumber Co Lumber 

DUNBAR, Kanawha County 

Charleston-Dimbar Traction Co Electricity 

Dunbar Advance, The Publishers 

Dunbar Flint Glass Co Lamp chimneys 

Dunbar Land Co Waterworks 

Dunbar Tire & Rubber Co Cord and fabric tires 

Fletcher Enamel Co., The Enameled ware 

Milam, Oscar Qeaning and pressing 

















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West Virginia Directory of Industries 15 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Pennsylvania Glass Co Glass fruit jars 2 

Whittemore Glass Co Window glass 22 

DURBIN, Pocahontas County, (Population 422) 

Pocahontas Tanning Co Leather 148 

ELK VIEW, Kanawha County 

Ohio Fuel Oil Co Gasoline 3 

ELKINS, Randolph County, (Population 6,788) 

Bishop Planing Mill Lumber 2 

Coca-Cola Bottling Works Soft drinks 3 

Darden Co., The Flour and feed 5 

Elkins Bakery Bakery 3 

Elkins Laundry Co Laundry 30 

Elkins Motor Sales Co Auto repairing 12 

Elkins Power Co Power and light 4 

Elkins Provision & Storage Co Ice and ice cream 20 

Elkins Refrigerator and Fixture Co., The. Refrigerators and fixtures 36 

Elkins Tannery Leather 218 

Elkins Water Works Pmnp station 2 

Hardman Building & Supply Co Lumber 13 

Humphrey Manufacturing Co Founders and machinists. . 1 

Inter-Mountain Printing Co., The Newspaper and printing. . . 7 

Kelly Foundry & Machine Co Founders and machinists . . 8 

Keystone Manufacturing Co .Lumber and builders sup- 
plies 85 

Mountain State Garage Auto repairing 5 

Peoples Garage Co Auto repairing 2 

Randolph Enterprise, The Newspaper and printing. . . 6 

Randolph Garage Auto repairing 9 

Randolph Planing Mill Co Lumber and builders sup- 
plies 63 

Randolph Review, The Newspaper and printing ... 6 

Tygarts Valley Motor Co Auto repairing 3 

Wallace, J. J Ice cream and bakery 7 

Western Maryland R. R. Co Repair shop 151 

FAIRMONT, Marion County, (Population 17,851) 

American Laundry Co Laundry 45 

Aultman, T. G. Steam Pump Works. . . .Manufacturers of pumps. . 3 

B. & 0. Shops Repairing 210 

Bamsville Manufacturing Co Woolen goods 4 

Camagie Natural Gas Co Underwood gasoline and 

compressing station 8 

Central Automobile Corp Sales and service 18 

City Ice Co Ice 40 

Coal City Printing Co Job printing 3 

Columbia Glass Co Ointment opal jars 14 

Digitized by 


16 Wbbt Viboinia I>ibbotobt or Iioiubtbies 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. £mp. 

Communtzis Confectioners 11 

Dickerson Building Supply Co Builders supplies 15 

Domestic Coke Corp By-products of coal 150 

East Side Grarage & Vulc. Co Grarage and repairing 5 

Fairmont Box Co Corrugated fibre pitxlucts 15 

Fairmont Coca-Cola Bottling Worics Soft drinks 7 

Fairmont Enameled Ware Co Sanitary goods 

Fairmont Grain and Milling Co Flour, meal and feed 9 

Fairmont Mining Machinery Co Coal mine equipment 175 

Fairmont Mold and Foundry Co Founders and machinints. . 5 

Fairmont Printing Co Printers 22 

Fairmont Times, The Newspaper and job printing * 32 

Fairmont Tool Co Mine equipment 3 

Fairmont Wall Plaster Co Wall plaster and builders 

supplies 71 

Fairmont Welding Shop Welding and brazing 1 

Fairmont Window Glass Co Window glass 6 

Fleming, Frank M Conmiercial printing 3 

Freedom Oil Works Petroleum products 5 

Gaston, H. S Stogies. 12 

Gould's Bakery Bakery 6 

Greater Fairmont Bakery Bakery 8 

Hall Garage Co Garage and auto repair 12 

Haggerty, J. S. & Co Stogies 13 

Haggerty, J. S. Co Stogies 10 

Hamilton Grarage Auto repairing 3 

Heinze & Co Qeaners and dyers 8 

Helmick Foundry Machine Co Mine cars and tipple equip- 
ment 20 

Home Laundry Laundry. 12 

Ideal Tailors, The Qeaners and dyers 7 

Imperial Ice Cream Co Ice cream 12 

Keener, L. C. and Son Garage, repairing 

Kisner, Jno. M* & Bro., Lumber Co Contractors and builders . . 19 

Kisner, S. M. & Bro Tin roofing 3 

Koon, A. B Monuments 3 

Leonard & Nutter Garage • 5 

Liberty Garage Garage, repairing 2 

Marion Ice Co , Ice 15 

McCray's Auto and Sales Co Garage, repairing 1 

McCray's, Frank C Garage 

Mid-West Virginia Box Co Corrugated paper boxes ... 58 

Model Steam Bakery Bakery 7 

Monon Valley Co Feed, fruits and produce.. . 10 

Monongah Glass Co Tumblers and stemware. . . 300 

Monongahela Power and Ry. Co General repairs 32 

Mountain Qty Ice Cream Co., Inc Ice cream 2 

Mountain State Candy Co Candies 5 

Owens Bottie Co., The Glass containers 426 

Digitized by 


West Virginia Directory of Industries 17 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Parker Dye Works Cleaners and dyers 7 

Pride and Brown Garage 2 

Robinson Ice Cream Co Ice cream 9 

Snyder, L Garage 6 

Southern Pine Lumber Co Lumber 15 

Standard Garage Co Garage 14 

Swiss Qeaners & Dyers Cleaning and dyeing 2 

Troy Laundry Co Laundry 19 

Victory Garage Garage 2 

Ward Cement Block Factory Building blocks 2 

West Virginian, The Newspaper 30 

West Virginia Metal Products Corp Brass rolling mill 32 

Willetts Co., The Clay products 23 

FITZPATRICK, Raleigh County 

Raleigh Lumber Co Lumber 170 ' 

FOLLANSBEE, Brooke County, (Population 3,135) 

American Tar Products Co Roofing and paving pitch. . 3 

Builders Supply Co Lumber 3 

Central Garage Auto repairing 3 

FoHansbee Bros. Co Sheet and tin plate 1,250 

FoUansbee Garage Auto repairing 1 

Follansbee Review. . . ^ Publishers and printers 3 

Jefferson Glass Co., The Illuminating glassware .... 90 

LaBelle Iron Works Coke and chemicals 20 

Sheet Metal Specialty Co Stove pipe and elbows .... 38 

Sheet Metal Specialty Co Garbage and ash cans 25 

Traubert, J. L., Bakery Bakery 3 

GAULEY MILLS, Webster County 

Cheiry River Boom & Lumber Co Lumber > 75 

Cherry River Boom & Lumber Co Chemicals 10 

GLENDALE, Marshall County 

Glendale Ice Co Ice 10 

Wheeling Metal & Manufacturing Co.. .Galvanized roofing and 

metal ceilings 95 

GLEN FERRIS, Fayette County 

Electro Metallurgical Co Metallurgy 112 

GASSAWAY, Braxton County, (Population 1,518) 

Armory Garage Auto repairing 1 

Baltimore & Ohio R. R. Co General repair shops 152 

Gassaway Garage Auto repairing 3 

Gassaway Milling Co Flour and feed 3 

Sanitary Bakery Bakery 3 

Digitized by 


18 West Vibginia Dibectoby of Industbies 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

GRAFTON, Taylor County, (Population 8,517) 

Acme Ice Cream Co Ice Cream 3 

B. & 0. R. R. Co Repair shops 347 

Can- China Co Vitrified china 165 

Compton Auto Co Garage 5 

Crystal Ice Co Ice 12 

Curry, W. J., Lumber Co Lumber 5 

Excelsior Mantel Co Wood mantels, tiles and 

grates 25 

Exchange Mill Co Feed and flour 3 

Grafton Bottling Works .Mineral waters 1 

Grafton Granite and Marble Works Mbnuments 2 

Grafton Printing Co., The , , . .Job printing 3 

Grafton Sentinel, The Newspaper 10 

Grafton Water Works Light and pump station. . . 6 

Hazel Atlas Glass Co Bottles 330 

Hefner & Maysilles. . .- Machinists 9 

Hess Bakery Bakery 2 

Home Bakery .Bakery 4 

Home Launcbry Laundry ., 20 

Imperial Ice Cream Co Ice Cream 6 

Musgrove's Mill Flour, feed and meal 2 

Royal Window Glass Co .Window glass 12 

Southern Glass Co .Window glass 155 

Standard Garage Co ; . . . . .Garage 3 

Taylor County News, The Newspaper and printing. . . 3 

Tygart Valley Glass Co. Food containers 176 

Walter, S. J .Bakery 4 

West Penn Power Co Power 2 

White, Geo. W Stogies 2 

HALLTOWN, Jefferson County 

Halltown Paper Board Paper box boards 80 

HANDLEY, Kanawha County 

Chesapeake A; Ohio Ry. Co Repairing 181 

HARPERS FERRY, Jefferson County, (Population 713) 

Interwoven Mills Co., Inc Men's hose 68 

Shenandoah Garage Auto repairing 2 

HARTFORD, Mason County, (Population 430) 

Liverpool Salt & Coal Co Salt 43 

Mason Coal & Chemical Co Salt 3 

HILLSBORO, Pocahontas County, (Population 215) 

Baitholamew Lumber Co Lumber 6 

Digitized by 


West Vibginia Dibegtoby of Industbies 19 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

HINTON, Summers County, (Population 3,912) 

Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. Co., The Repair shop 440 

Cline Ice Cream Co Ice Cream 4 

Domestic Laundry Laimdry 14 

Hinton Bottling Co Soft drinks 4 

Hinton Constiuction Co Lumber 8 

Hinton Garage & Sales Co Auto repair 8 

Hinton Leader, The Printing and publishing ... 5 

Hinton Marble Works Monuments 2 

Hinton Velvet Ice Cream Ice Cream 2 

Independent Herald, The Printers and publishers 3 

Kee, Sam, Laundry Laundry \ 2 

Martin Brothers Contractors and builders . . 10 

McComas Repair Garage Auto repair 2 

Purity Bakery Co Bakery 6 

Wine Brothers Ice cream and home made 

candies 5 

Wray, P. G Cleaning and pressing 2 

HOLLIDAYS COVE, Hancock County, (Population 1,213) 

Tri-State Garage Auto repair 4 

HONEY DEW, Fayette County 

Raine Lmnber Co., The Hardwood 95 

HUBBALL, lincohi County 

Huntington Development and Gas Co.. . .Gasoline 68 

HUNTINGTON, Cabell County, (Population 50,177) 

Abbott, D. E. A Co Frames, portraits and 

framed pictures 38 

Ackerman Lumber 3c Mfg. Co Lumber 3 

Agnew, F. Hat Co Hats 8 

American Car & Foundry Co Railroad and mine cars 950 

American Thermos Bottle Co Thermos bottles 

Ashland Paint Co., Inc Roof and metal paints .... 2 

Auto Laxmdry Cars washed and repaired.. 4 

Awbry Home Bakery Bakery 2 

Benzol Dry cleaning 4 

Beswick, Sam Lumber 16 

Biederman, Max Garage 6 

Biggs-Connolly Co Auto repair 5 

Blue Jay Manufacturing Co Overalls and pants 44 

Boldt, The Charles, Glass Co Bottles and supplies 26 

Boster, 0. D., Ice Cream Co Ice Oeam 3 

Branuner & Dille : Machine shop and auto 

repair 4 

Digitized by 


West Virginia Dibegtoby of Industbies 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Cain, B. G Mfr's. and repairers of 

vehicles 15 

Callaway, C. M., Lumber Co Lumber 12 

Carolina Limiber Co Lumber 10 

Central City Bung Co., The Wooden bungs 

Central States Granite Co., The Monimients 16 

Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. Co., The Repair shops 2,402 

Columbia Baking & Bottling Co Bakery, soft drinks 18 

Columbia Gas Stove Co : Gas stoves 6. 

Coughenour, The E. C. Co Boiler works 4 

Cravens-Green Co Picture frames and mould- 
ing 45 

Crumrine Equipment & Supply Co Builders supplies 4 

Dickerson Liunber Co Lumber 42 

Duncan Box & Lumber Co Wooden boxes 30 

Empire Furniture Co Dining room furniture .... 60 

Ensign Coffee Co Coffee 4 

Enterprise Gaiage Auto repair 10 

Farmer's Qeaning and Pressing Co Dry cleaning and dyeing. . 31 

Fesenmeier Packing Co Pork and beef packers .... 50 

Fleckenstein Bakery Bakery 2 

Flesher, Ira E. & Co.. Roofing contractors 15 

Fourth Avenue Grarage Auto repair 6 

Fox Dry Cleaning Co Dry cleaning 8 

Freutel Garage & Sales Co Repair and storage 5 

Fulton Tool Works Mine tools 10 

Gee Electric Co Electrical repairs 6 

General Garage Co Auto repair 13 

Gladstone Mattress Co Mattresses 9 

Glass Brick Co Glass brick 

Guyan Garage General repairing 3 

Guyan Milk Co Butter 6 

Gwinn Bros. & Co Flour 35 

Hanley, Ike Auto repair 10 

Heiner, C. W Bakery 10 

Herald Dispatch, The Newspaper 70 

Hewit, The D. E. Liunber Co., Poplar and hardwoods 

Hicks & Harvey Machinists 2 

Highlawn Bakery Bakery 3 

Kite, Harry P., Machine Company Machine repairing and 

welding 4 

Hodges, Ernest Tailoring 5 

Hoy, Raymond, & Co Fibre furniture 29 

Huff, The H. L. Mfg. Co Confectioners 24 

Huntington Advertiser, The Publishers 46 

Huntington Architectural Stone Co Concrete building stone. . . 4 

Huntington Boiler Works Steam boilers 10 

Huntington Brick & Tile Co Building brick 35 

Huntington Candy Kitchen Candy and ice cream 4 

Digitized by 


West Viroinia Dibectoby of Indxtstbies 


Name of Establishment Nature of Business 

Huntington Coca-Cola Co., The Soft diinks 

Huntington Creamery Co Butter 

Huntington Drug Co Drugs / 

Huntington Forge & Machine Co., Inc. . .General machine works 

Huntington Hogshead & Specialty Mfg. 

Co Tobacco hogsheads 

Huntington Iron Works Ornamental iron and struc- 
tural steel 

Huntington Laundry Laundry 

Huntington Machine Shop General machinists 

Huntington Monument Co Monuments 

Huntington-Paige Co Auto repairs 

Huntington Preserving Co., The Preserves, jellies, jams and 

fruit butters 

Huntington Refrigerating and Fixture 

Co., Inc Refrigerators and fixtures 

Huntington Sash, Door &. Trim Co Architectural woodwork. . . 

Huntington Seating Co Chmrih furniture 

Huntington State Hospital Laundry, etc. 

Huntington Stove and Foundry Co Coal and gas stoves 

Huntington Spring Bed Co Springs 

Huntington Tobacco Warehouse Co.,The. . Leaf Tobacco 

Huntington Tumbler Co Lead glass. 

Huntington Water Coip Water Works 

Ideal Laundry Co Laundry 

Indian Refining Co .Refiners and distributors of 


International Nickel Co Metal 

Interstate Window Glass Co Window glass 

James Dry Qeaning Co Qeaning and pressing. .... 

Jennings Ice Cream Co Ice Cream 

Johns Ice Cream Co., The Ice Cream 

Kdster Milling Co Flour 

Lambert, H. T Mine equipment and con- 
tractors supplies 

Lamie Chemical Co., Inc Dyes and chemicals — 

Liberty Sales Co Auto repair 

Liberty Welding Shop Welding 

Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co Cigars 

Lallance Tailoring Co Tailoring and dry cleaning. 

Maclow Ale & Mfg. Co., The Gypsy club ale 

McCoach, J. M. & Co Ice and cold storage 

McNulty, C. W. Co Lumber 

Messersmith Qeaning and pressing 

Metz Brothers Bakery 

Miller Casket Co Caskets . . - 

Miller-Napier Co., The Repair shop 

MiUer Bros. Mill Lumber 

Minter Homes Corporation Lumber 


























Digitized by 



West Viboinia Dibegtobt of Indxtstbies 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business 

Model Laundry, The Laundry 

Molter, F. D Bakery 

Mootz Bakery, E. W. Bakery 

Mootz Feed Co Flour and feed 

Motor Sales Co Auto repair 

Motor Sales Co Auto repair 

Nick, The Tailor Cleaning and pressing 

Nicholson-Kendle Furniture Co Furniture 

Ohio Valley Electric Ry. Co Car bam 

Ohio Valley Electric Ry. Co Sub-station 

Ohio Valley Motor Co Auto repairs 

Ohio Valley Printing & Stationery Co Job printing 

O'Neill, Thos MacJiine shop 

Overiand Perry-Curtis Co Repair shop 

Packard Columbus Motor Co., The Repair shop 

Paragon Printing & Publishing Co Printing 

Pennington, E. C Concrete blocks 

Penn Table Co Tables 

Peerless Laundry Co Laundry 

Pepsi Cola Bottling Co Soft drinks 

Perry-Norvell Co Shoes 

Pollock, L. A. Iron Co., Scrap iron 

Powers Bros. Laundry Laundry 

Pure Oil Co., The Oil 

Rawlings & Bowman Contractors and builders . . 

Reo Distributing Co., The Auto repair shop 

Riggs Dry cleaning and carpets. . 

Rose Laundry, The Laundry 

Schaub's Bakery Bakery 

Sixth Avenue Garage Garage 

Smoot Advertising Co Street cai posters 

Specialty Mattress Co., The Mattresses 

Square Deal Shoe Hospital, The Shoe repairs 

Standard Oil Co Refined oils 

Standard Printing & Publishing Co Manufacturing stationers. . 

Standard Stamping Co., The Hardware 

Standard Ultramarine Co., The Laimdry blues 

Steel Products Co Mine cars 

Stender Motor & Tire Co Auto repair shop 

Stoody Machine Co Pipe fitting and general 


Stroehman Baking Co Bakery 

Summers Buick Co Auto repair shop 

Superior Glass Products Co Window glass 

Superior Lumber Co., The House patterns 

Swanson Monument Co Marble and granite works . 

Taylor, V. E House patterns 

Third Avenue Garage Auto repair shop 

Thirtieth St. Garage & Sales Co Auto repairing 














































Digitized by 


West Virginia Directoby of Industries 23 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Thompson, A. F. Mfg. Co Gas lamps and stoves 15 

Thiuna's Dry Cleaning Dyeing, pressing and altei^ 

ations 7 

Times-American, The Publishers 4 

Twentieth St. Garage Auto repair shop 3 

Twenty-second Street Garage Auto repair 3 

United States Chain & Foi^g Co Chains 32 

Vanfaussen & Johnston General auto repairs 3 

Voegele & Dinning Co Confectioners 24 

Washington Manufacturing Co., The Boys knickerbockers 112 

Waybright, W. E Auto and truck repairei ... 5 

West Virginia Foundry & Stove Co Castings 10 

West Virginia Glass Manufacturing Co.. . Fruit jars 225 

West Virginia Paving & Piessed Brick Co .Bricks 35 

West Virginia Rail Co., The Steel rails 235 

West Virginia Templar Co., The Auto repair shop 3 

White Wet Wash Laundry Co Laundry 8 

Wilcoxen, C. F Tin and slate roofing 8 

Wilson Creamery Co Ice cream 35 

Wilson Sand & Supply Co River sand and gravel 20 

Wood Mosaic Poplar Veneer Co Veneer 5 

Wolcott, L. A. & Co .Auto repair 6 

Wyllie, H. R. China Co Chinaware 207 

HURRICANE, Putnam County, (Population 666) 

Hollandsworth Bros. Garage Auto repairing 2 

Midway Garage Auto repairing 2 

United Lamp Chimney Co Lamp chimneys 25 

KANAWHA CITY, Kanawha County 

Libby Owens Sheet Glass Co Sheet glass 450 

Owens Bottle Co., The Bottles 211 

KENOVA, Wayne County, (Population 2,162) 

Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co., The Repair shop 26 

Basic Products Co .Dead burned dolomite and 

syndolag 50 

Breece Veneer Co Veneers 24 

Consolidated Light, Heat and Power Co . Electricity 21 

Jeflrey-Dewitt Insulator Co Insulators 160 

Kenova Box Co., The Box shooks and crates .... 20 

Kenova Bottling Works Soft drinks 3 

Kenova Hardwood Flooring Co Oak flooring 26 

Kenova Mine Car Co Mine cars, castings 139 

Lambert Milling Co., The Com products 5 

Norfolk & Western Ry. Co Repair shop 350 

Tri-state Equipment and Repair Co Repair shop 7 

Digitized by 


24 West Viboutia Dibectoby of Industbieb 

Name of Establihsment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

KEYSTONE, McDowell County, (Population 1,839) 

Pocahontas Motor Co Auto repair shop 4 

KERMIT, Mingo County, (Population 636) 

Hewit, The D. E., Lumber Co Lumber 4 

Kermit Lumber Co Lumber 3 

United Fuel Gas Co Gas 8 

KEYSER, Mineral County (Population 6,003) 

American Steam Laundry Co Laundry 12 

Bright, J. M Auto repairing 15 

Champion Garage Auto repairing 1 

Doyle PubUshing Co., The Printing and pubUshing. . . 7 

Home Bakery, The Bakery 3 

Home Laundry Laundry 11 

Keyser Home Bakery Bakery 3 

Klots Throwing Co Tram silk 95 

Lees, James & Sons Co Minerva Yams 100 

Mineral County Garage Co Auto repairing 7 

Potomac Milling & Ice Co Flour, feed and ice 7 

Wagoner's Bottling Works Soft drinks 4 

Woolf Milling Co., The Flour and feed 8 

KINGWOOD, Preston County, (Population 1,417) 

Bucklew*s Garage Auto repairing 4 

Kingwood Mills & Storage Co Flour and feed 1 

Loar Garage Co., Inc. Auto repairing 4 

Model Bakery Bakery 4 

Preston County Journal Publishers 2 

Ridenoiu* Garage Auto repairing 1 

West Virginia Argus, The Publishers 1 

LANDISBURG, Fayette County 

Babcock Coal & Coke Co Hardwood and hemlock. . . 225 

LEWIS, Kanawha County 

American Qay Products Co Brick 8 

LEWISBURG, Greenbrier County, (Population 1,202) 

Blue Grass Milling Co Flour 3 

Greenbrier Independent, The Publishers 4 

Holt, R. B Lewisburg 4 

Lewisbuiig, Town of Water works 1 

Lewisburg Ice Cream Co Ice cream 11 

Digitized by 


West Virginia - Directory of Industries 25 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

LOCUST, Pocahontas County 

Spice Run Lumber Co Lumber 26 

West Viiiginia Pulp & Paper Co Pulp wood 60 

LOGAN, Logan County, (Population 2,998) 

Aracoma Steam Laundry Laundry 30 

Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. Co., The Repair shop 178 

Economy Qeaning and Tailoring Co Geaning and dyeing 4 

Deskins Garage Co Auto repairing 3 

Guyan Machine Shops Repair shop 25 

Guyan Valley Bottling Works Soft drinks 4 

Hi-Grade Oil & Gas Co Gasoline and oils 6 

Kentucky & West Virginia Power Co.,Inc .Electricity 50 

Liberty Baking Co Bakery 8 

Logan Baking & Creamery Co Bread and ice cream 15 

Logan Banner Publishing Co Publishers 6 

Logan Bottling Works Soft drinks 10 

Logan Garage Co Auto repairing 11 

Logan Ice & Storage Co Ice 12 

Logan Planing Mill Co Building supplies 19 

Logan Printing Co., The Publishers 9 

Logan Water Works Co f. Water Works 1 

White, G. C Qeaning and dyeing 9 

Wilson Tailoring & Cleaning Co Geaning and dyeing 5 

LUMBERPORT, Harrison County, (Population 900) 

McCarty & Robinson Garage and auto repairing. 3 

Mound Qty Glass Co Tumblers and vases 60 

Stackpole & Harbert Builders supplies and cabi- 
nets 4 

MABEN, Wyoming County 

Ritter, W. M. Lumber Co Lumber 250 

MABSCOTT, Raleigh County, (Population 1,114) 

Carper Foundry Machine Co Castings and repairing .... 10 

Raleigh Coca-Cola Bottling Works Soft drinks 20 

MACDONALD, Fayette County 

Loop Creek Bottling Co Ice cream and soft drinks. . 15 

Mankin & Crouch Lumber 50 

New River Co., The Repairing 28 

MADISON, Boone County, (Population 604) 

Madison Garage Auto repair shop 3 

MacUson Ice & Storage Co Ice 7 

Madison Water & Light Co..« Water and light 1 

Digitized by 


26 West Virginia Directory of Industries 

Name of Establishment Natrn^ of Business No. Emp. 

MALDEN, Kanawha County 

Dickinson, J. Q. & Co Salt 36 

Maiden Garage, The Auto repair shop 2 

MANNINGTON. Marion County (Population 3.673) 

Boor and Davis Ice , .2 

Bowers Pottery Co Plumbers earthenware 80 

Central Automobile Corp Garage 11 

Conaway-Greene Auto Co Garage 1 

Dengler, John Bakery 2 

Furbee, Jas. S Flour and feed 1 

Haggerty Cigar Machine Co Cigar machines 1 

Haggerty, James S Cigars and stogies 1 

Mannington Block Co Concrete Blocks 5 

Mannington Boiler Works Oil well suppUes and repair- 
ing 2 

Mannington Lumber Co Lumber 5 

Mannington Pubhshing Co., The PubUshing and printing. . . 7 

Marion Window Glass Co Window glass 2 

Phillips, Chas., Tool Co Drilling and fishing tools . . 25 

Sanitary Bakery & Confectionery Baking 1 

Seuth Penn Oil Co • .Oil well suppUes 6 

Stewart Granite Works, The Monuments 2 

MARLINTON, Pocahontas County, (Population 1,177) 

Hiner & Gum's Garage Auto repair shop 2 

Maiiinton Bottling Works Soft drinks 1 

Marlinton Cold Storage Co Ice 

Marlinton Lumber Co Lumber 6 

Municipal Light and Water Co Power and water 2 

Pocahontas Times, The Publishing and printing. . . 3 

Union Tanning Co Leather 145 

Williams & Pifer Lumber Co Lumber 22 

MARTINSBURG, Berkeley County, (Population 12,515) 

Berkeley Garage, The Auto repairing , = 4 

Beikeley Lumber Co., The Building suppUes , • • r : . ^ 

Berkeley Woolen Co Woolen goods 250 

Bishop, John W. Co Flour and feed 18 

Carr's Electric Service Station Auto repairing 4 

W. R. Caskey 's Bakery Bread and ice cream 20 

City Garage, The Auto repairing 2 

Dunn Woolen Co Woolen cassimeres 125 

Interwoven Mills, The Men's hose 105 

Lloyd, J. W Bakery and ice cream 20 

Martinsbuig Journal Publishing 15 

McCormick, J. E Auto repairing 1 

Digitized by 


West Virginia Directory of Industries 37 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Miller, S. W. Kent Auto repairing 9 

Neel Motor Co Auto repairing 4 

New National Garage Auto repairing 1 

Norwalk Motor Car Co Automobiles and trucks ... 10 

Parks, Alexander Flour and feed: 5 

Perfection Garment Co Ladies and childrens under- 
garments 50 

Pine's Modem Garage & Carriage Works . Auto repairing and carriage 

making 6 

Reynolds Radiator and Fender Co Auto repairing 1 

Schneiders Bakery Bakery and ice cream 12 

MASON, Mason County, (Population 992) 

Ohio River Salt Co. Salt, bromine and calcium 

chloride 47 

McMECHEN, Marshall County, (Population 3,356) 

McMechen Ice & Storage Co Ice 3 

McMechen Manufacturing Co Shirts 19 

West, George, Garage Auto repairing 2 

MEADOWBROOK, Harrison County 

Grasselli Chemical Co., The Zinc. 190 

MILTON, Cabell County, (Population 1,023) 

Cabell Record Publishing 3 

Dillon's Garage Auto repairing 4 

Hall, J. L. & Son, Furniture Co Safes, cupboards, ward- 
robes and tables 7 

Harshbaiiger Milling Co Flour and feed 17 

Lewis, J. M .Auto repair 3 

MOOREFIELD, Hardy County, (Population 630) 

Hardy County Milling Co Flour and feed : . .2 

Moorefield Examiner Publishing 2 

Moorefield Garage Auto repairing 2 

Union Tannery Leather 60 

MONTGOMERY, Fayette County, (Population 2,130) 

American Dry Qeaners and Dyers Dry cleaning and dying ... 3 

Brown's Garage Auto repairing 3 

Fayette Bottling and Ice Co Soft drinks and ice cream. . 40 

Greneral Sales Company of West Virginia Auto repairing 7 

Gress, E. S., Bakery Bakery 4 

Montgomery Garage Auto repairing 3 

Montgomery Light and Water Improve- 

ment Co Water and light ' 4 

Moore's Sanitary System of Bakeries Bakery 3 

Digitized by 


28 West Virginia Directory of Industries 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Sanitary Qeaning & Pressing Co Cleaning and pressing 2 

Standard Baking Co Bakery 12 

Woo, Charlie, Co Laundry 5 

MULLENS, Wyoming County, (Population 1,425) 

American Armature & Engineering Co. . .Electrical supplies 6 

Long-Wells Motor Co Auto repairing 2 

Mullens Advocate, The Publishing 3 

Wyoming Auto Co Auto repairing 2 

Wyoming Baking Co Bakery 9 

Wyoming Ice & Bottling Co Ice and soft drinks 14 

MORGANTOWN, Monongalia County, (Population 12,127) 

American Auto Supply Co Auto repairing 2 

American Sheet & Tin Plate Co Tin Plate 800 

Athens Lumber Co Lumber 10 

B. & 0. R. R. Shops, (M. & K. branch). .Repairing 52 

Beaumont Co., The Electric and gas lamp 

shades 146 

Bishop Garage & Supply Co Auto repairing 20 

Central Auto Corp Auto repairing 25 

Chadwick's Laundry Laundry 12 

Chrisman Foundry Co Iron castings 34 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co Soft drinks 5 

Colonial Motor Car Co Auto repairing 14 

Crescent Printing House, The PubUshing 2 

Daily New Dominion, The Publishing 16 

Davidson Bro. Garage Auto repairing 6 

Economy Tumbler Co Glass ware 157 

Eureka Pipe Line Co., The Oil and gas 14 

General Woodworking Co Cabinet and mill work. ... 22 

Hayes & Bloom Auto repairing and taxi 

service 2 

Henry & Marman Baking Co Bakery 6 

Hough-Overland Co Auto repairing 2 

Jackson & Grow Machine Co Machine repairing 9 

Mississippi Glass Co Wire glass 200 

Model Bakery Bakery 5 

Monongahela Valley Cut Glass Co Cut glass ware 5 

Monongahela Valley Printing Co Printing and pubUshing ... 3 

Morgantown Brick Co Bricks 31 

Morgantown Ice Co Ice 20 

Morgantown Laundry Co Laundry 17 

Moi^antown Lumber Co Lumber 17 " 

Morgantown Motor Car Co Auto repairing 2 

Morgantown Post, The Publishing 19 

Morgantown Printing and Binding Co. . .Printers and binders 12 

Morgantown Steam Bakery Bakery 5 

Pressed Prism Plate Glass Co Prism glass 1(X) 

Digitized by 


West Virginia Directory of I>'dustries 29 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Romisch Manufacturing Co Foundry and machine work 6 

Seneca Glass Co Tumblers and tableware. . . 166 

Smith Automobile Garage Auto repairing 3 

Standard Glass Specialty Co Lenses and reflectors 30 

United States Window Glass Co Window glass 150 

West Viiiginia Traction Co (Car bam). . .Repairing 5 

West Vuqginia Utilities Co Water works 4 

West Viiiginia Utilities Co. Power Plant. .Electricity 15 

Wilbum, R. A. Co Ice cream and ice 15 

Zearley's Garage Auto repairing 2 

MOUNDSVILLE, Marshall County, (Population 10,669) 

Bardall, J. C. Co Tannery 2 

Bodley *s J. Homer, Garage Auto repairing 2 

Burley Bakery Bakery 2 

Compton's Central Garage Auto repairing 3 

Crystal Sand Co Concrete blocks and vaults 5 

Fostoria Glass Co Glass ware 610 

Kleeson Company, Inc Pants 50 

Loper Motor Car Co Auto repairing 2 

McCausland Milling Co Flour and feed 2 

Miles, H. M. & Son Monuments 2 

Mound City Auto Co Auto repairing 2 

Mound City Bakery Bakery 3 

Mound City Printing Co Printing and publishing ... 3 

Mound aty Shirt Factory Shirts 60 

Moundsville Crystal Ice Co Ice 15 

Moundsville Echo Printing 16 

Moundsville Journal, The Publishers 8 

Moundsville Lumber Co Lumber 9 

Moundsville Water Co Water 3 

Offterdinger, Wm Bakery 5 

Ohio Valley Machine Co General repairing 2 

Perkins Garage Auto repairing 2 

Purity Ice Cream & Bottling Co Ice cream and soft drinks. . 6 

S. Risinger Builders supplies 2 

Schwob, The J. A. Co Grain cradles 12 

Seamon's Original Wheeling Stogie-Cigar 

Co Stogies and cigars 16 

Star Laundry Laundry 4 

Suburban Brick Co Brick and tile 40 

Sullivan's Bakery Bakery 6 

Trimble & Johnson Co Auto repairing 2 

United States Stamping Co Enameled ware 140 

United Zinc Smelting Corp Metal and acid 50 

West Virginia Penitentiary Shirts, pants, brooms ajid 

leather whips 1,026 

Digitized by 


West Virginia Directory or Industries 

Name of Establishment 

Nature of Business No. Emp. 

MOUNT HOPE, Fayette County, (Population 1,989) 

Mount Hope Bakery Bakery 

Mount Hope Garage Auto repairing . 

Rodgers Construction Co House patterns. 

Sessler's Garage Auto repairing. 

NALLEN, Fayette County 

W^demess Lumber Co Hardwood 

NEOLA, Greenbrier County 
Huntley Liunber Co .Lumber 

NEWELL, Hancock County, (Population 1,800) 

and tool 

Birch, E. E. & Son Co Machine work 


Bocb and Metsch Porcelain Co., The Porcelain specialties 

Kenilworth Tile Co., The Enameled tile 

Knowles, The Edwin M. China Co Porcelain supplies. . 

T^ughlin, The Homer (Hhina Co China ware 

Specialty Porcelain Works Porcelain 

NEW CUMBERLAND, Hancock County, (Population 1,816) 

Burt, W. T. Ck) Electrical appliances 

Chelsea China Oo Vitrified china 

Hancock Foundry & Machine Co Castings and machinery. . . 

Hood, E. L Auto repairing 

Independent, The Publishers 

Mack Mfg. Co Bricks and blocks 

New Cumberland Glass Co Lamp and lantern chimneys 

NEW HAVEN, Mason County 

New Haven Midget Milling O)., The Flour 

West Viiginia Porcelain Clo., The Porcelains for electrical pur- 

NEW MARTINSVILLE, W^etzel County, (Population 2,341) 

City Bakery Bakery 

Consolidated Ice Co Ice 

Crescent Mill Co Flour 

Lentz, J. W. & Bros Tannery 

New Martinsville Glass Mfg. O)., The. . .Glassware 

New Martinsville Grocery Co Feed 

Phillips, E. F. Lumber Co Lumber 

Stein, Archie Stogies 

Water Works Power Plant Water". 

Wetzel Clounty Stogie Co Stogies, 

Wetzel RepubUcan, The Publishing 



























Digitized by 


West Viboikia Dibectory of Industries 31 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp^ 

NITRO, Kanawha County 

American Manufacturing Co Pencil lead 23 

Charleston Industrial Corp General repair shop 5 

International Aluminum Co Aluminum sulphate 12 

Nitit) Products Corp Acid 50 

Southern DyestufTs Co Dyestuffs IS 

Viscose Company, The Silk 23^ 

NORTHFORK, McDowell County, (Population 421) 

Bell Branch Ice & Water Co Water and Ice 3 

Community Garage Auto repairing 13* 

Hill Motor Co Auto repairing 10 

Keystone Bottling Co Soft drinks 12: 

MehafTey's Garage Auto repairing 2 

White House Baking Co Bakery 17 

OAK HILL, Fayette County, (Population 1,031) 

Amole's Garage Auto repairing 3 

Mankin Lumber Co Lumber IS 

Oak Hill Bakery Bakery 5^ 

Oak Hill Garage Co Auto repairing 4 

ONA, Cabell County 

United FueFGas Co GasoUne 13 

OXLEY, Raleigh County 

Raleigh Lumber Co Lumber 53 

PADEN CITY, Tyler County, (Population 1,705) 

Duquesne Glass Co Bottles 1 

Euclid Manufacturing Co., The Stone laundry trays, sinks 

and specialties 25 

Paden City Glass Mfg. Co Glassware 8 

Paden Qty Pottery Co Pottery 80 

Vulcan Iron & Steel Co Steel bars 

Wissmach, The Paul, Glass Co., Inc.". . . .Colored glass 35 

PARKERSBURG, Wood County, (Population 20,050) 

Acme Fishing Tool Co Fishing tools 15 

Auto Play Goods Co., The Playroom, playground and 

• playtime playthings 1 

Baptist Banner Publishing Co., The Pubhshing and printing .... 5 

Baldwin Tool Works Shovels, spades and post 

hole diggers 150 

B. & O. R. R. Company, (Ohio Division 

shops) General repairs 23 

Digitized by 


32 West Virginia Dibeotoby of Industries 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

B. & O. R. R. Co. (Monongah Shops) . . .General repairs 145 

Beechwood Chemical Works Chemicals 3 

Bentley & Gerwig Furniture Co Office desks 60 

Biddle Concrete Co Concrete pipe and fence 

posts 5 

Blennerhasset Pressing Co Qeaning and pressing 2 

Brown Manufacturing Co Ready to wear garments.. . 35 

Burwell Motor Car Co Auto repairing 4 

Camden Park Amusement park 15 

Capitol Car Co Auto repairing 6 

Case Manufacturing Co Ready to wear garments.. . 6 

Cincinnati Sheet Metal & Roofing Co Sheet metal products 14 

Citizens Concrete Co Concrete blocks 8 

Citizens Lumber Co Lumber 30 

City Print Shop, The Commercial printing 5 

Coca-Cola Bottling Works Soft drinks 5 

Cox, H. C Ice cream, bakery and 

candy 2 

Crawford Home Building Co Lumber 30 

Crotty & Co Drilling and fishing tools 16 

Cribbins, J. T. & Co Auto repairing 2 

Davis-Miller Engineering Co Engines and machinery 14 

Donovan Boiler Works Steam boilers and tanks. . . 12 

Elberon Bakery Bakery 5 

Eureka Pipe Line Co Downs pumping station. . . 14 

Empire Cleaning & Dyeing Co7 Cleaning and dyeing 11 

Fuel City Mfg. Co Novelties. 

Galena-Signal Oil Co Refined oils . 9 

General Porcelain Co Porcelain 200 

Globe Printing & Binding Co Printing and binding 9 

Golden Seal Laboratories Patent medicines 6 

Graham Bros. Shoe Co Shoes 167 

Haraish, H. F. & Co Harness 1 

Home Baking Co., The Bakery 11 

Home Laundry Laundry 10 

Hursey, CM Harness 1 

Ideal Corrugated Box Co Corrugated boxes 21 

Imperial Ice Cream Co Ice Cream 44 

Juliana Street Garage Auto repairing 4 

Kelly's Foundry Castings 4 

Kesselman & Co Drilling and fishing tools 17 

Knickerbocker Stamping Co Stamping and cans 15 

Kootz & Stroehman Machine Co., (Plant 

No. 1) General machinists 5 

Kootz & Stroehman Machine Co. (Plant 

No. 2) General machinists 11 

Lang, Fred A., Marble & Granite Co Moniunents 2 

Logan Auto Co Auto repairing 12 

Market Garage, The Auto repairing 2 

Digitized by 


West Virginia Directory of Industries 33 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

McQothlin Printing Co Commercial printing 2 

McDonald & Kyger Auto repairing 3 

McKain, J. B. Fishing Tool Co Oil and gas well tools 14 

Mead's Bakery Bakery 1 

Monongahela Railway and Power Co. . . .EUectricity 25 

Monongahela Power and Railway Co., 

(Car bam) General repairing 17 

Morris, H. C Carriage and wagons 3 

Motormort Auto repairing 19 

National Cold Storage Co Ice 9 

National Woolen Mill Men's clothing 175 

Ohio Valley Publishing Co Printing and binding 50 

Oil Well Supply Co Oil and gas well rigs and 

supplies 4 

Parkersburg Automobile Co Auto repairing 4 

Parkersbiu*g Bottling Works, The Soft drinks 6 

Parkersburg Buick Co Auto repairing 15 

Parkersburg Builders Material Co Cement blocks 9 

Parkersburg Chair Co., The Chairs 80» 

Paricersbiu-g Gas Engine Works Gas engines 2 

Parkersburg Handle Works and Lumber 

Co Handles 10 

Parkersburg Ice Co Ice 30 

Parkersburg Iron & Steel Co., The Stove pipes and sheet steel. 75 

Parkersburg Machine Co Gas engines and oil well 

tools 26 

Parkersburg Mattiess Co Mattresses 11 

Parkersburg Mill Co., The Liunber 50 

Parkersburg News, The Publishing and job work.. . 27 

Parkersburg Tripure Water Co Tripure water and bever- 
ages 5 

ParkersburgiBig & Reel Co Drilling machines 95 

Parkersburg Sand Co Sand and gravel 13 

Parkersburg Sentinel, The Publishing and job printing 26 

Parkersburg Silk Mill Silk thread 167 

Parkersburg, City of Water works 6 

Parkersburg Welding Co Welding 2 

Peerless Milling Co., The Flour and feed 16 

Purity Bakery Bakery 10 

Rainproof Coat Co Raincoats 8 

St. Clair, Earl General repairing 1 

Samuels, G. F Roofing 3 

Schauwecker, Herman & Son General machinists 2 

Scholl Printing Co., The Printing 9 

Smith & Burrows Co Sheet metal 5 

South Side Liunber Co Lumber 6 

Spence, H. M Oil and gas well engines and 

tool boxes 5 

Standard Laundry, The Laundry 10 

Digitized by 


34 West Virginia Directory of Industries 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Standard Oil Co., of N. J., (Camden 

Works) Oils 246 

Stealey 's Qeaning and Dyeing Works . . . Qeaners and dyers 9 

Storck Baking Co Bakery 22 

Thatcher Mfg. Co Milk bottles 80 

Union Insulating Co Electrical supplies 14 

United States Roofing Tile Co Roofing tiles 50 

United Woolen Mills Co Men's clothing 250 

Universal Glass Products Co Milk bottles and tableware 36 

Vitrolite Co., The .Vitrolite 250 

Ward, P Auto repairing 4 

WarrenrMyers Planing Mill Co Cabinets and general re- 

White Bakery, The Bakery 1 

White Star Laundry Co Laundry 65 

Woodward Mfg. Co Harness and saddlery. .... 2 

Zero Oil Co Blended oils 5 

« PARSONS, Tucker County, (Population 2,001) 

Mosser, J. K. Co Leather 140 

Ours Brothers Bakery Bakery 2 

Parsons Advocate, Tlie Job printers and publishers 2 

Parsons Bottling Go Soft drinks 

Parsons Electric Co Electricity • 2 

Parsons Milling & Mercantile Co Flour and feed 2 

Parsons Pulp & Lumber Co Pulp 160 

Teter & Smith Lumber 2 

Tucker Democrat, The Printers and publishers 2 

PENNSBORO, Ritchie County, (Population 1,654) 

Barrick, H. G., Cigar Co Qgars 

Ireland Garage, The Auto repairs 5 

Kerr, Chas. J., Machine Co Drilling and fishing tools . . 3 

Lantz Garage Auto repairs 2 

Perm Window Glass Co Window glass 220 

Pennsboro Ice & Power Co Ice 5 

Pennsboro Motor Co.. Auto repairs . .• 1 

Pennsboro News Printing and publishing. . . 3. 

Pennsboro Water Works Pumping station 2 

Premier Window Glass Go Window glass 4 

Ritchie Buick Sales Co Auto repairing 1 

Star Lumber Co Building Material 19» 

PETERSBURG, Grant County, (Population 34) 

Borrow, W. E. & Co Auto repairing 3^ 

Bruebeck, H. F., Planing Mill Furniture 1 

Central Garage, The Auto repairing 4 

Grant County Press Publishing 3^ 

Digitized by 


West Viboinia Directory of Industries 35 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Petersburg Roller Mills Flour, feed and electricity 4 

Union Tannery Leather 50 

PHILIPPI, Barbour County, (Population 1,543) 

Barbour Democrat Newspaper and printing. . . 3 

City Garage Auto repairing 5 

aty Ice and Bottling Works. Soft drinks and ice 2 

Dyer, E. R. & Co Liunber, flour and feed 2 

Main Street Garage Auto repairing 1 

Philippi Bakery Bakery 3 

Philippi Blanket Mills Blankets. 61 

Philippi Publishing Co., The Newspaper and printing. . . 3 

Philippi Steam Laundry ^Laundry 4 

Standard Garage Auto repairing 2 


PICKENS, Randolph County 

Ranwood Lumber Co Lumber 75 

PIEDMONT, Mineral County, (Population 2,835) 

Herald Printing House Publishers 3 

Paramount Ice Cream Co Ice cream 15 

Piedmont Auto Service Co Auto repairing 2 

POINT PLEASANT, Mason County, (Population 3,059) 

CocarCola Bottling Co Soft drinks 3 

Enterprise Marine Dock Co River craft 21 

Kanawha Dock Co .Water craft 60 

Marietta Mfg. Co Boilers and steel boats . . 168 

Mason Republican, The Publisher 2 

Morrison's Motor Sales Co Auto repairing 2 

Point Pleasant Lumber Co Lumber 4 

Point Pleasant Machine Works Marine and mine work 21 

Point Pleasant Water & Light Co Water, light, coal and ice. . 9 

Register Publishing Co Publishers 12 

Rousch's Motor Sales Co Auto repairing 5 

Schneider, P Bakery 3 

West Virginia Malleable Iron Co Malleable iron and castings 106 

PRICHARD, Wayne County 

Columbia Gas & Electric Co Electricity and gasoline 

pump station 19 

PRINCETON, Mercer County, (Population 6,224) 

Brown Bros. Lumber Co Rough and dressed liunber 10 

Evening Press, The Publishers 7 

Majestic Steam Laundry Laundry 27 

Mercer Motor Co Auto repair 7 

Princeton Foundry & Supply Co Foundry work 7 

Digitized by 


36 West Virginia Directory ob^ Industries . 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Princeton Ice Go Ice 6 

Princeton Milling Co Flour and feed 3 

Princeton Power Co Power 8 

Princeton Water Works Co Water Works 2 

Ryan-Radford Baking Co Bakery 4 

Snider Flouring Mill Flour 2 

Southern Auto Sales Co Auto repairing 4 

Standard Oil Co Refined oils 2 

Vermilyea Lumber Co Lumber and handles 2 

Virginian Railway Co., The General repairs 900 

Virginian Supply Co Building supplies 12 

RAINELLE, Greenbrier County, (Population 566) 

Meadow River Lumber Co., The Lumber 174 

RALEIGH, Raleigh County 

Raleigh Automobile Supply Co., The. . . .Auto repairing 7 

RANSON, Jefferson County, (Population 699) 

Goetz, A. D. Co Horse collars 2 

Jefferson Cooperage Co Flour, apple and lime 

barrels 10 

Robinson, C. L., Ice and Cold Storage 

Corp Ice 17 

United States Harness Co Harness 4 

RAVENSWOOD, Jackson County, (Population 1 .284) 

Boso Brothers Motor Co Auto repairing 3 

Noll, J. F., & Son Lumber 2 

Ravenswood Creamery Co Butter and ice 3 

Ravenswood News, The Publisher 3 

Ravenswood Porcelain Co Porcelain electrical appli- 

Ravenswood Water & Electrical Plant. . .Water and electricity 2 

Ritchie's Garage Auto repairing 3 

St. Dennis Mills Flour, feed and meal 3 

Somerville, L. P., Garage Auto repairing 3 

RAYWOOD, Pocahontas County 


Warn Lumber Corp., The Lumber 56 

RICHWOOD, Nicholas County, (Population 4,331) 

Cherry River Boom & Lumber Co Lumber 280 

Cherry River Paper Co Paper and pulp 500 

Fulton Manufacturing Co Clothespins and wire end 

dishes 145 

Mosser, Wm. F., Co Sole leather 230 

Nicholas News Co., The PubUshers 4 

Digitized by 


West Virginia Directory of Industries 37 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Pardee & Curtin Lumber Co Lumber 50 

Richwood Bakery, The Bakery 3 

Westcott, J. D., & Son Broom handles and chair 

stock 2 

RIPLEY, Jackson County, (Population 580) 

McCoy and Waugh Garage Auto repairing 2 

Ripley Bottling Works Soft drinks 2 

Ripley Mill & Mfg. Co Lumber 4 

Ripley, Town of Water works 1 

Skidmore, A. A Auto repairing 2 

Valley Mills -. Flour, feed and meal 2 

RIVESVILLE, Marion County, (Population 1,061) 

Monongahelia Power and Railway Co. . . .Power 27 

ROMNEY, Hampshire County, (Population 1,028) 

Central Garage Auto repairing 2 

Emrick, Wm. H., Bakery Bakery 1 

Farmers Exchange, The Flour, feed, ice and elec- 
tricity 5 

Hampshire Motor Co Auto repairing 2 

New Century Garage Auto repairing 2 

West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and 

Blind, The Vocational school 92 

RONCEVERTE, Greenbrier County, (Population 2,319) 

Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. Co Repair shops 100 

Qarkson & Tuckwiller Auto repairing 5 

Eagle, J. W. P Repairshop 6 

Limestone Milling Co Flour 6 

Miller, J. M Meal and feed 2 

Ronceverte, Qty of Water works 1 

Roncevete Garage, The Auto repairing 4 

Ronceverte Ice and Produce Co Ice and ice cream 7 

Ronceverte Liunber Co Oak flooring 8 

Ronceverte Steam Laundry Laundry 30 

Sanitary Shops, The Qeaning and dyeing 3 

Standard Oil Co Refined oil 4 

Viiginia-Western Power Co Light and power 9 

West Virginia News, The Publishing 5 

SALEM, Harrison County, (Population 2,920) 

Alliance Window Glass Co Window glass 201 

Brennerman, J. A. & Co Machinists '. 

Davis, M. Wardner Concrete blocks 2 

Davis Motor Co . .' Auto repairing 2 

Helmick Garage Auto repairing 1 

Digitized by 


38 West Virginia Directory of Industries 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. E2mp. 

Herald Express, The Publishing and printing. . . 2 

Home Bakery Bakery 1 

McBride, Thomas Lamp chimneys 38 

Modem Window Glass Co Window glass 10 

Paramount Wndow Glass Co Window glass 2 

Salem Cooperative Window Glass Co 

The Window glass 151 

Salem Garage Co Auto repairing 2 

Salem Liunber Co Building material 5 

Star Bakery, The Bakery 1 

ST. ALBANS, Kanawha County, (Population 2,825) 

Bowman Lumber Co Lumber 24 

Chesapeake & Ohio R. R Repair shop 83 

EUis Bros. Cleaning & Pressing Co Cleaning and pressing 3 

McCann's Bakery Bakery 5 

Roessler <& Hasslacher Chemical Co., The . Chemicals 5 

St. Albans Auto Co Auto repairing 5 

St. Albans Bottling Works Soft drinks 4 

St. Albans Glass Co Glass bottles 8 

St. Albans Garage Co Auto repairing 6 

St. Albans Ice Cream Co Ice cream 12 

St. Albans Light, Water and Ice Co Electricity, water and ice. . 4 

St. Albans Roller Mills Flour 5 

Virginian Rubber Co., The Tires and tubes 88 

Weimer, Geo. & Sons Lumber 19 

ST. MARYS, Pleasants County, (Population 1,648) 

Ohio Valley Refining Co Refined oils 48 

St. Marys Pearl Button Co Buttons 70 

St. Marys Power & Light Co Electricity 3 

Western Glass Co Glassware and specialties. . 12 

SETH, Boone County 

Rockcastle Lumber Co Lumber 15 

SHINNSTON, Harrison County, (Population 1,679) 

Anderson Garage Co Auto repairing 4 

Anderson Motor Co Auto repairing 4 

Bock, E. P Tailoring 2 

Marion Glass Co. Glass novelties v . • 6 

Paquet Glass Co Glassware 75 

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Works Soft drinks 3 

Ridgie Silk Co Silk 43 

Riley & Riley Co Builders supplies. 6 

Shinnston Flour Mill Flour and meal 4 

Shinnston News, The .Publishing and printing. . . 2 

Shinnston Planing Mill Co Builders supplies 25 

Short, C. A Lumber 5 

Digitized by 


West Vibginia Directory of Industries 39 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

SISTERSVILLE, Tyler County, (Population 3,238) 

Berry's, James B. Sons Go Refined oils 3 

Booth Lumber & Supply Go Builders supplies 2 

Bradford Supply Go Oil and gas supplies 9 

Carter Oil Co., The Oil well supplies 38 

Consolidated Ice Co Ice 5 

Cutler Baking Co Bakery 5 

Eureka Steam Laundry Laimdry ' 5 

Independent Glass Co Window glass 

McJunkin Machine Co Oil well supplies 9 

Oil Review Publishing Co. Publishing and printing ... 16 

Riverside Mills, The Flour and feed 1 

Sistersville, City of Water works 3 

Sistersville Tank and Boiler Works Oil, gasoline and chemical 

storage tanks 22 

West Virginia Light, Heat & Power Co . .Electricity. . . ; 4 

SOUTH CHARLESTON, Kanawha County, (Population 3,650) 

Banner Window Glass Go Window glass 150 

Burgess Garage Auto repairing 4 

Dunkiiic Window Glass Co .Window glass 3 

Hamilton Lumber Co Lumber 10 

Klipstein, E. C. & Sons Co Dyes 26 

Rollin Chemical Corp Chemicals 98 

Superior Building and Supply Co House patterns 8 

U. S. Naval Ordnance Plant Sheet steel and naval guns. 2,007 

Wamer-Klipstein Chemical Co., Inc Chemicals 100 

SPENCER, Roane County, (Population 1,765) 

Cabot, Godfrey L General repair shop 18 

Dye, L. F Garage and machine shop. . 2 

Farmers Roller Mills Flour and feed 5 

Ford Service Station Auto repairing 8 

Holswade, C. H Auto repairing 3 

King Garage and Machine Shop, The Repair shop 5 

Roane County Reporter Publishing 3 

Spencer Auto Repair Shop Auto repairing 2 

Spencer Laundry, The. Laundry 8 

Spencer Planing Mills Lumber 5 

Spencer State Hospital Laundry and power house . 23 

Spencer Water & Ice Co Water, ice and electricity . . 7 

Times Record, The Publishing 4 

STAR CITY, Monongalia County, (Population 823) 

Paramount Glass Co Glassware 22 

Digitized by 


40 West Virginia Directory of Industries 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

SUTTON, Braxton County, (Population 947) 

Braxton Central, The Printing and publishing ... 2 

Braxton Democrat, The Newspaper, job printing. . . 2 

Purity Ice Cream and Bottling Works ... Ice cream and soft drinks. . 1 

Riverview Milling Co Flour and feed 3 

Sutton Bakery, The Bakery 2 

Sutton Chemical Co., The Chemicals 40 

Sutton Chemical Co., The Lumber 40 

Sutton Grocery & Milling Co Feed and meal 1 

Sutton Ice Co Ice 

SWANSDALE, Clay County 

Elk River Coal and Lumber Co Lumber 152 

TERESA ALTA, Preston County, (Population 1,261) 

Alpine Mills, The Flour and feed 3 

East End Planing Mills Planing mill and carpenter 

suppUes 2 

Evans, E. S., Sales Co Auto repairing 22 

Hill's Ice Cream Co Ice cream and soft drinks. . 1 

Preston Republican Printing and publishing ... 1 

Terra Alta Mills Flour and feed 3 

TEAYS, Putnam County 

American Clay Products Co Brick 14 

THOMAS, Tucker County, (Population 2,099) 

Coca Cola Bottling Co Soft drinks 2 

THURlvfOND, Fayette County, (Population 285) 

Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. Co., The General repairing 131 

TIOGA, Nicholas County 

Birch Valley Lumber Co., The Lumber 200 

WELCH, McDowell County, (Population 3,232) 

Abingdon-Welch Creamery Co Milk products and ice ... . 6 

Appalachian Power Co Electricity and water 2 

Auto Sales Co Auto repairing 6 

Hill Motor Co Auto repairing 39 

Home Office Supply Co Elngraving, printing and 

binding 4 

Keystone Bottling Co Soft drinks 9 

Matz Home Bakery Bakery 13 

Modem Dry Qeaning Works Dry cleaning and dyeing. . 8 

Mountain State Motor Co Auto repairing 5 

Digitized by 


West Virginia Dibectobt of Industries 41 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Tug River Automobile Co Auto repairing 5 

Welch Lumber Co Lumber 12 

Welch Publishing Co Printing 5 

WELLSBURG, Bn)oke County, (Population 4,918) 

Boyle, Raymond Glass decorating 3 

Brozpa & Son Garage Auto repairing 1 

Churchman's Garage Auto repairing 6 

aty Water Works Water 4 

Coleman & Shuey Planing mill products 2 

Crescent Glass Co Tumblers 106 

Dahlburg Bros. Auto Co Auto repairing 4 

Davies Auto Co Auto repairing 1 

Eagle Manufacturing Co Lighting glass ware 290 

Erskine Glass & Mfg. Co Illuminating glassware 80 

George & Sherrard Paper Co Paper 90 

Geoiige, S.. Co Paper 76 

Grotz & iSon Machine shop 4 

Harvey Paper Co Paper 12 

Lauck, Jas. W., & Co Auto repairing 1 

Scott Ice Qeam Co Ice cream 10 

Scott, Robert, Liunber Co Lumber 2 

Simpson Brothers Printing and engraving 2 

Storck, Daniel Bakery 15 

Teeple, W. S. & Son Glass house machinery 3 

Traubert's Bakery Bakery 5 

Warden Heating & Supply Co Builders supplies 4 

Wellsburg Herald, The Pubhshing 6 

Welisburg Motor Co Auto repairing 3 

Wellsbuiig Overiand Co Auto repairing 2 

Wellsburg Refrigerating Co Ice 15 

Wellsburg Steam Laundry Laundry 9 

Wellsbuiig Stogie Co Stogies and cigars 4 

Wellsbui^g Water Works Power house 4 

West Packing Co Dressed and cured meats. . 4 

West Penn Electric Co., (Sub-station) . . .Electricity 5 

WEIRTON, Hancock County 

By-Products Steel Corp Bichloride of zinc 20 

Cattrell, C. S , Lumber 1 

Central Garage Auto repairing 1 

Crown Bottling Co., The Soft drinks 2 

Phelps Can Co Tin cans 475 

Valley Garage Auto repairing 1 

Weirton Steel Co (Open Hearth Dept).. .Steelbars 598 

Weirton Steel Co (Tin Plate Dept) Tin plate 745 

Weirton Steel Co (Strip Steel Dept) Strip steel 482 

Digitized by 


42 West Viboinia Dibectobt of Indtjstbies 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 


Qine-Morgan Lumber Co Lumber 9 

Eskdale Laundry Laundry 4 

Saks Stamping Co Hospital supplies 18 

Star Car & Foundry Co., The Mine and industrial cars.. . 84 

WESTON, Lewis County, (Population 5,701) 

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Shops General repairs 8^ 

Central Garage Auto repairing 3 

Central Lumber Co Lumber lO 

Danser Mfg. & Supply Co Stoves, mill, mine and oil 

well supplies 16 

Hood-Dent Company Garage, The Auto repairing 4 

Home Bakery, The Bakery 8 

Hope Lumber Co., The Liunber 15 

Hombeck & Vigor Garage 3 

Independent, The Publishing 4 

Interstate Window Glass Co., (Factory 

No. 4) Window glass 175 

Jackson Press, The Printing 1 

Overiand Sales Co Garage 3 

Peterson, E. M Qeaning and pressing 1 

Sprigg Liunber Co Lumber 30 

Sun Lumber Co Lumber 13 

Switzer Brothers Qeaning, pressing and dye- 
ing 6 

Wells & Weber Garage Co Auto repairing 4 

Weston Democrat, The Newspaper and printing. . . 2 

Weston Electric Light, Power and Water 

Co., The Electricity and ice 13 

Weston Glass Co., Inc Glass 75 

Weston Steam Laundry Laundry 7 

Westwood Mfg. Co Hardwoods and flooring 28 

WEST UNION, Doddridge County, (Population 1,270) 

Citizens Cleaning & Pressing Shop Qeaning and pressing 1 

Doddridge County Republican, Tlie Publishing and printing. . . 2 

Doddridge Glass Co Window glass 15 

Herald Publishing Co., The Publishing and printing. . . 2 

Ideal Window Glass Co Window glass 3 

Model Woodworking Shop, The Lumber and builders sup- 
plies 1 

Pitts Overland Garage Garage and auto repairing. 2 

Smith, J. M. & Son Lumber 1 

Stitt, J. C, & Sons Garage and auto repairing. 4 

Thomas, N. W. & Sons Grain and feed 2 

West Union Bakery Bakery 4 

West Union Garage & Machine Co Garage and auto repairing. 2 

Digitized by 


West Virginia Dibectobt of Industries 43 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

West Union Record, The Publishing and printing. . . 3 

Yeater, Riley Drilling and fishing tools . . 1 

WHEELING, Ohio County, (Population 56,208) 

Ackermann Manufacturing G) Can closing machines-sheet 

metal products 75 

Anderson Caramel Co Candy 6 

Armbruster, J. T Bakery 3 

Auto Sales Co., Inc Auto repairing 17 

Balzer & Balzer Garage Auto repairing 8 

Bayha, T. F., Bakery Bakery 16 

Beckendorf Bakery Bakery 3 

Beltz, J. W Builders supplies 10 

Bloch Brothers Tobacco Co Tobacco 300 

Blue Ribbon Paint Co Paints 5 

Bonita Art Glass Co Glass and china 43 

Bremer, Dudley & Co Candy 9 

Brouke Electric Co Electricity 8 

Bullard Printing House Job printing 8 

Caldwell & Stephens Hay, grain and feed 2 

Camahan Bros. Bakery Bakery 8 

Cecil Lumber Co Lumber 4 

Center Wagon Works Repairing 1 

Centre Foundry & Machine Co Iron castings 20 

Central Glass Co Glassware 292 

Qoverdale Dairy Co Milk and cream 23 

Coca-Cola BottUng Co., The Soft drinks 6 

Colmar, Louis Jr Printing 1 

Dillon Brothers Co Machinists 9 

East End Ice & Storage Co Ice 11 

Ellis & Heifer Co.. . . .' Candy 30 

Elm Grove Milling Co Flour and Feed 8 

Essig, H. F • Bakery 1 

Fauth's Bakery Bakery 3 

Feeny, G. S. Co Candy 25 

Fisher, A. C. & Son Linnber 10 

Freedom Oil Works Co., The Oil 9 

Gee Electric Co Electrical supplies and 

machinery 77 

General Baking Co. Bakery. 56 

Gorby Motor Corp Auto repairing 9 

Hazel-Atlas Glass Co Zinc caps 203 

Hicks & Hoge Dry Goods Co Overalls 35 

Hoffman, J. G. & Sons Co Leather. 32 

Hopkins Motor Co Auto repairing 12 

Imperial Ice Cream Co Ice cream . , 40 

Intelligencer Publishing Co Publishing and printing ... 44 

Jarvis Engraving Co Elngraving 6 

Kalbitzer, The C, Packing Co Pork packers 100 

Digitized by 


44 West Vibginia Dibectobt of Industries 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Klieves Lumber G) Lumber 32 

Kraft Manufacturing Co Women's wear 158 

Kunkel Bakery Bakery 4 

LaBelle Iron Works Plates and nails 250 

lime Cola Bottling Co Soft drinks 9. 

Mahlke Mould & Machine Worics Moulds and machinery for 

N^ glassware 6 

Majority Co Printing 4 

Maish, M. & Son Stogies 170 

Merchant & Evans Co Fire doors and elevators . . 10 

McConkey, H. E Stogies 1 

McConnell, W. W., Box and Barrel Co . . Boxes, barrels and casks. . . 12 
McKelvey-Ewing Electrical Co Battery and electric equip- 
ment service station. ... 11 

Merchant & Evans Co Tin plate 8 

Miller, Jno. F Cigars and stogies 44 

Miller, Chas. H. & Son Sheet iron 4 

Moigan Carriage Co Carriages and wagons 6 

Moss, The J. E., Iron Worics Structural steel and orna- 
mental iron 65 

Moyers, G. C. & Co. Auto repairing 10 

National Fmniture Co Furniture 58 

Nail City Smelting Works Castings 9 

National Bedding Co Mattresses and pillows 42 

National Biscuit Co Biscuits 17 

Niebeigall, Louis Ice 6 

No-Leak Paper Dish Co Paper dishes 30 

Nolte, Mrs. A. H Bakery. 6 

Northwood, H. Co Glassware 182 

North Wheeling Bottle Works Bottles 130 

Novelty Iron & Wire Works Iron and wire work 1 

Ohio Valley Candy Co Candy 24 

Ohio Valley Lithographing Co Publishing 22 

Olmstead Bros. Co Printing and publishing ... 12 

Owl Print Shop, The Printing 8 

Pan-Handle Printing Co Printing 5 

Pieper & Son .Qeaning and pressing 2 

Pollack, Augustus Stogies 450 

Pyle & Donley Auto repairing 6 

Rehm's Garage Auto reapiring 9 

Reliable Auto Repair Co Auto repairing 5 

Rennie-Keyser Co., The Auto repairing 6 

Reo Distributing Co Auto repairing 19 

Reyman, Paul O. Co Poric and beef packers 205 

Sandow Motor Sales Co Auto repairing 5 

Sanitary Bakery Bakery 1 

Saturii Foundry & Machine Co Castings 6 

Saylor Electric & Mfg. Co Flexible conduit 11 

Schafer, Edw. C Bakery 2 

Digitized by 


West Vibqinia Dibectoby of Indtjstbies 45 

Name of Establishmeiit Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Schaub, Leo J., Bakery Bakery 2 

Scheneilein Roofing Supply Co Roofing and sheet metal 

work 4 

Schenk, F. & Sons Co Meat packers 360 

Schick & Voltz Co Auto repairing 2 

Scott Lumber Co., The Builders supplies 8 

Seabright, Bruce H Auto repairing 10 

Seabright, H. L. Co WaU plaster 59 

Smith and Michel Meats 3 

Spears & Riddle Co Auto repairing 16 

Standard Oil Co Oil 13 

Steinmetz, Christian & Sons Co Cigar boxes. 45 

Sterling Products Co Drugs 138 

Stifel, J. L. & Sons Blue prints and calico 161 

Stroehmann's Vienna Bakery Bakery 70 

Superior Bakery Bakery 9 

Swift & Co Packers 22 

Tellings Ice Cream Co Ice cream 20 

Terminal Cold Storage Co Cold storage 5 

United Dairy Co., The Dairy products 44 

U. S. Corrugated Fiber Box Co., The Corrugated containers 20 

Warwick China Co China 209 

Warwood Garage Auto repairing 4 

Warwood Motor Car Co Auto repairing 1 

Warwood Tool Co Mattocks and picks 50 

Weimer Packing Co Meat packers 12 

Wenzel, John, Co Pork packers 5 

West Virginia Printing Co., The Printing 25 

Wheeling, Qty of Water 23 

Wheeling Axle Co., The Axles 22 

Wheeling Bakery Bakery 4 

Wheeling Box Co., Inc Boxes and shooks 8 

Wheeling Building Material Co Builders material 10 

Wheeling Butchers Association Fertilizer 7 

Wheeling Decorating Co Decorated glassware 35 

Wheeling Electric Co Electricity 24 

Wheeling Ice & Storage Co Ice 17 

Wheeling Machine Products Co Screw machine products. . . 16 

Wheeling Match Co Matches 155 

Wheeling Metal Specialty Co Metal products 2 

Wheeling Milling & Grain Co Flour and feed 6 

Wheeling News Lithograph Co Printing and publishing. . . 30 

Wheeling Planing Mill Co Builders supplies 5 

Wheeling Public Service Co Electricity 6 

Wheeling Pulverizing Co Glass house material 10 

Wheeling Sanitary Mfg. Co Porcelain, earthenware and 

enameled ware 165 

Wheeling Stamping Co Lanterns, lamp biuners, 

aluminum ware and tubes 233 

Digitized by 


46 West Vibginia Dibectobt of Indtjstbies 

Name of Establishment Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Wheeling Steel Casting Co P 

Wheeling Steel & Iron Co., (Bebnont Mill)Sheet bars 200 

Wheeling Steel & Iron Co., (Top Mill) . .Pig iron 100 

Wheeling Telegraph Publishing 37 

Wheeling Tent & Awning Co Tents, awnings and covers. 5 

WheelingTile Co Tile 203 

Wheeling Traction Co Repairing 40 

Wheeling Wall Plaster Co Builders material 11 

White, Simon & Son Monuments 3 

White Swan Laundry Laundry 80 

WhitakeMJlessner Co Cans 310 

Wilhdm's Bakery Bakery 4 

Woody, Henry F Coffees and peanuts 2 

Zoeckler, Geo. L Pork packers 5 

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, Greenbrier County, (Population 837) 

Cabell's Fireproof Garage Auto repairing 7 

Frampton-Foster Lumber Co Railroad material 1 

Huddleston Garage Auto repairing 22 

Mountain Milling Co Flour and feed 3 

White Sulphur Bakery Bakery 6 

White Sulphur Springs, Inc. (Laundry) . .Laundry 50 

White Sulphur Motor Co Auto repairing 4 

WILSONBURG, Harrison County 

Peeriess Carbon Black Co., The Carbon black 6 

WILLIAMSON, Mingo County, (Population 6,819) 

ConsoUdated Motor Co Auto repairing 3 

Hankins & Co Ice 12 

Hi-Grade Oil & Gas Co Oil 7 

Hill Motor Co Auto repairing 4 

Home Steam Laundry Laundry 32 

Husbands Creamery Co Ice cream 3 

Interstate Auto & Truck Co., The Auto repairing 3 

Jefferson Garage Auto repairing 5 

Mine Service Co Electrical repair work 5 

Mingo Dry Qeaners, The Qeaning and dyeing 5 

Mingo lime & Lumber Co Builders materials 20 

Mingo Motor Co Auto repairing 4 

Mingo Republican, The Publishing 4 

Norfolk & Western Ry. Co General repairing 593 

Red Brick Co Bmlding brick 17 

Russel, Mark & Co Ice 10 

Sanitary Bottling Co Soft drinks 10 

Service Garage, The Auto repairing 11 

Steiling Piinting Co Printing 4 

Williamson Bakery Bakery 9 

Digitized by 


West Vibginia Dibectobt of Indtjstbies 47 

Name of Establislimeiit Nature of Business No. Emp. 

Williamson, Qty of Water Woiits 3 

Williamson Bottling Co Soft drinks 11 

Williamson Daily News Publishing 8 

WILLIAMSTOWN, Wood County, (Population 1,793) 

American Bisque Co., The Crockery 5 

Fenton Art Glass Co., The Tableware and novelties. . . 148 

Williamstown Lumber Co Lumber 

Williamstown Mill Co Flour and feed 2 

WOLF SUMMIT, Harrison County 

South Penn Oil Co Boilers, tanks and derricks 16 

Digitized by 



West Virginia Dibectobt op Industries 



Automobiles, carriages and wagons 

Automobile tires 


Brick and tile 




Chinaware, porcelain specialties and potteries 

Cigars and tobacco 

Clothing and cloth products. 

Concrete blocks, stone, sand and gravel 

Dry cleaning, pressing and shoe repairing 

Electrical goods and repairs 

Fibre boxes, paper and pulp 

Flour and feed 

Food and dairy products 

Garages and auto repair shops 

Gasoline and oil 

Glass and glass products 



Ice cream and candy 

Iron and steel products 


Leather and tanneries 

Lumber and lumber products 

Machine shops and foundries , 


Musical instruments , 

Oil well tools and machinery 


Pork and beef packers 

Power plants 

Printing and publishing 

Railway repair shops 

Roofing and sheet metal 


Soft drinks 

Wall plaster 

Total 1,713 65.166 

Number Number of 

of Plants Employees 


















































• 1,038 





























Digitized by 



Cain, B. G., Huntington 
Center Wagon Works. Wheeling 
Feltner, C. H.. Clarksburg 
Usher Wagon Works, Charleston 
Morgan Carriage Co., Wheeling 
Morris, H. Cm Pukersburg 
Norwalk Motor Car Co., Martinsburg 
Sohulto Carriage Works, Clarksburg 
Star Wagoo Company, The, BumsriHe 
Viekers, The J. H. Co.. Charleston 

Cord Tire Corporation, The, Chester 
Dunbar Ture ft Rubber Co., Dunbar 
Poirars' Ture Shop, Beoklev 
Virginian Rubber Co., The, Charlestoo 


Armbruster, J. T., Bakery, Wheeling 

Ashley, John W., Charkstcm 

Antry Home Bakery, Huntington 

Bake-Rito System of Bakeries. Charleston 

Bayha, T. F., Bakery, Wheeling 

Beekendorf Bakery, Wheeling 

Beekkor Wiiard Bakery, Beekley 

BhiefiaM Bakery, The, BhiefieU 

Barley, Mrs. M. E.. Bakery. Monndsville 

Bunumlle Bakery, The, Bumsville 

Cablkh Brotiiers. Charleston 

Cameron Bakery. The. Cameron 

Camahan Brothers, Wheeling 

Oaakey'e, W. R., Bakery, Martinsburg 

City Bakery Company. The. New Martinsrille 

Columbia Baking ft Bottling Co.. Huntington 

Commimitj Bakery ft ConfeetioDery Co.. Charieston 

Conlon Baking Co., Charleston 

Gutier Baking Co.,SiBter8vil]e 

Deogler. John, Bakery. Mannington 

ESberon Bakery. Purkersburg 

Elk Bakery. Charleston 

EUdns Bakery, Elkins 

Emriok, Wm. H., Bakery, Romney 

Esng, H. F., Wheeling 

Fauth's Bakery. Wheefing 

Fleekenstein Bakery, Huntington 

Foster Baking Co., Charleston 

General Baking Co, Wheeling 

Geoghan's Bakery, Charieston 

Goddard 's Bakery, Chester . 

Gould's Bakery. Fairmont 

Greater Fairmont Bakery, Fairmont 

GresB, E. S., Bakery, Montgomery 

Hayman's Bakery, Charleston 

Heiner, C. W., Huntington 

Hairy ft Marman Baking Co., Morgantown 

Hess Bakery, Grafton 

HigUawn Bakery. Huntington 

Home Bakery. Buokhamion 

Home Bakery, Grafton 

Home Baking Co., The, Parkersburg 

Home Bakery, The. Piedmont 

Home Bakery, Salem 

fiome Bakery, The, Weston 

Keyser Home Bakery, Eeyser 

Eunkel Bakery, Wheeling 

liberty Baking Co., Logan 

Lloyd. J. W.. Martinsburg 

Logan Baking ft Creamery Co., Logan 

Market ft Waybright Bakery, Ckrksburg 

Master Bakeries, Charleston 

Mats Home Bakery, Bhiefield 

Mats Home Bakery. Welch 

McCann's Bakery, St. Albans 

Mead 's Bakery, Purkersburg 

Meti Bros., Guyandotto 

Model Steam Bakery. Fairmont 

Model Bakery, Kingwood 

Model Bakery, Morgantown 

Motter, F. D., Bakery. Huntington 

Morgantown Steam Bakery. Morgantown 

Moore's Sanitary System of Bakeriei, MoDtfooMry 

Moots, E. W., Bakery, Huntington 

Mound City Bakery, Moundsville 

Mount Hope Bakery, Mount Hope 

National Biscuit Co., Wheeling 

Nolte, Mrs. A. H., WheeUng 

Oak HiU Bakery, Oak Hin 

Offterdinger, Wm., Moundsrille 

Ours Brothers Bakery, Parsons 

Fhifippi Bakery. PhiKppi 

Pure Food Bakery. Daris 

Purity Bakery Co., ^nUsa 

Purity Bakery, Pitrkersburg 

Richwood Bakery, The. Riohwood 

Ryan-Radford Baicing Co.. Prinoeton 

Sanitary Bakery. (Ebn Grove) Wheeling 

Sanitary Baking Co., Clarksburg 

Sanitary Bakery ft Confectionery, Mannington 

Sanitary Baking Co., Gassaway 

Sanitary Home Bakery, Bdington 

Sohafer, Edw. C, Wheeling 

Sdiaub's Bakery, Huntington 

Sehaub, Leo. J., Wheeling 

Schneider's Bakery, Martinsburg 

Schneider, P.. Prant Pleasant 

Shafer Baking Co., The, Charleston 

Digitized by 



West Vibqinia Dibectoby op Indttstbies 

Standard Baking Co., Montftomery 

Star Bakery, The Salem 

Storck Baking Co., Parki^rsburg 

Storok, Daniel, Bakery, Wellsburg 

Straasn New System of Bakeries, Charleston 

Stroehoutnn Baking Co., Huntington 

Stroehmann's Vienna Bakery, Wheeling 

Sullivan's Bakery, Moundsville 

Superior Bakery, Wheeling 

Sutton Bakery, The, Sutton 

Swager Soda Fountain Supply Co., Clarksburg 

Traubert, J. L., Bakery, Follansbee 

Traubert's Bakery, Wellsburg 

Walter, S. J., Grafton . 

West Union Bakery, West Union 

Wheeling Bakery, Wheeling 

White Sulphur Bakery, White Sulphur Springs 

White Bakery, The, Ftokersburg 

White House Baking Co., Northfork 

Wilhelm's Bakery, Wheeling 

Williamson Bakery, Williamson 

WilKon Bread Co., Clarksburg 

Wyoming Baking Co., Mullens. 

Brick and Tile 

American Clay Produits Co., Lewis 

American Clay Ph>ducts Co., Charleston 

BarboursviUe Clay Mfg. Co., The, Barboursville 

Clarksburg Brick Works, Clarksburg 

Glen View Brick Co., Clarksburg 

Huntington Brick and Tile Co., Huntington 

Huntington Clay Products Co., Barboursville 

Kanawha Brick Co., Charleston 

Kenilworth Tile Co., The, Newell 

Mack Manufacturing Co., New Cumberland 

Morgantown Brick Co., Morgantown 

Red Brick Co., Williamson 

Standard Brick Co., Charleston 

Suburban Brick Co., MoundsviUe 

United States Roofing Tile Co., The, Parkersburg 

West Virginia Brick Co., Charleston 

West Virginia Paving ft Pressed Brick Co., Huntington 

Wheeling Tile Co., Wheeling 

Willetts Company, The, Fairmont 

Carbon, etc. 

Chieftain Mfg. Co., The, Charfeston 
ColumlHan Carbon Co., Charleston 
National Carbon Co., Clarksburg 
Peerless Carbon Black Co., The, Wilsonburg 

By-Produets Steel Corp., Weirton 

Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corp., Clendenin 

Charleston Chemical Co., Charleston 

Cherry River Boom and Lumber Co., Gauley Mills 

Dickinson, J. Q. and Co., Maiden 

Domestic Coke Corp., Fairmont 

Golden Seal Laboratories, Parkersburg 

Grasselli Chemical Co., The, Clarksburg 

Graselli Chemical Co., The, Meadowbrook 

Huntington Drug Co., Huntington 

Industrial Chemical Co., Cass 

Kanawha River Salt ft Chemical Co., Charleston 

Klipstein, E. C. ft Sons Co.. South Charleston 

LaBelle Iron Works, Follansbee 

Lamie Chemical Co., Huntington 

Liverpool Salt ft Coal Co., Hartford 

Mason Coal and Chemical Co., Hartford 

Nitro Products Corp., Nitro 

Ohio River Salt Co., Mason 

Roeesler ft Hasslacher Chemical Co., The, St. Albans 

Rollin Chemical Corp., South Charleston 

Southern Dyestuffs Co., Nitro 

Standard Uutramarine Co,, The, Huntington 

Sterling Products Co., Wheeling 

Sutton Chemical Co., The, Sutton 

Wamer-Klipstem Chemical Co., Inc., Soutn Charleston 

Washmgton, Alexander ft Cooke Co., Charels Town 

Wheeling Match Co., Wneeling 

Chlnavfare, porcelftln speeialtias and potteries 

American Bisque Co., The, Williamstown 

Boch and Metsch Porcelain Co., The, Newell 

Bowvs Pottery Co., Mannington 

Carr China Co., Grafton 

Chelsea China Co., New Cumberland 

Davidson Porcelain Co., The, Chester 

Eljer Co., Cameron 

Euclid Manufacturing Co., The, Paden City 

General Porcelain Co., Parkersburg 

Knowles, The Edwin M., China Co., Newell 

Knowles, The Edwin M., China Co., Chester 

Laughlin, The Homer, China Co., Newell 

McNiool, Th' D. E., Pottery Co. of W. Va., Clarksburg 

Paden City Pottery Co., Paden City 

Ravenswood Porcelain Co., Ravenswood 

Spedalty Porcelain Works, Newell 

Taylor, Smith and Taylor Co., Chester 

Vitrolite Co., The, Parkersburg 

Warwick China Co., Wheeling 

West Virginia Porcelam Co., The, New Haven 

Wheeling Sanitary Mfg. Co., Wheeling 

Wyllie, H. R., China Co., Huntington 

Clarksburg Casket Co., Clarksburg 
Miller Casket Co., Huntington 

American Tar Plroducts Co., FoUansbee 
Bade Plroducts Co., Kenova 
Beechwood Chemical Works, Parkersburg 
Beele Alkali Co., BeUe 

Cigttv and lobeceo 

Barrick, H. G. Cigar Co., Pennsboro 

Bloch Brothers Tobacco Co., The, Wheeling 

Qaston, H. S., Fairmont 

Haggerty, J. S. ft Co., Fairmont 

Haggerty, J. S. Co., Fairmont 

Haggerty, James S., Mannington 

Huntington Tobacco Warehouse Co., The, Huntington 

Digitized by 


West Vibqinia Dibeotobt of Iitdtjstbies 


LiKett ft Myers Tobacco Co., 
Marah, M. ft Son, Wheeling 
McConkey, H. E., Wheeling 
Miller, John F., Wheelmg 
Pollack, Augustus, Wheeling 

Huntington Isaac, David R., Charleston 

Mannington Block Co., Mannington 

Parkersburg Builders' Materials Co., FUrkersburg 

Parkersburg Sand Co., Parkersburg 

Peerless Builders Supply Co., The, Cnarleston 

Seamond's Original Wheeling Stogie-Cigar Co., Mounds-Pennington, E. C, Huntington 


Stein, Archie, New Martinsville 
Wellsburg Stogie Co., Wellsburg 
WetMl County Stogie Co., New Martinsville 
White, George W., Grafton 

Clothing and clotli products 

Agnew, F. Hat Co., Huntington 
Bamsville Mfg. Co., Furmont 
Berkeley Woolen Co., Martinsburg 
Blue Jay Mfg. Co., Huntington 
Brown Manufacturing Co., Parkersburg 
Case Manufaoturing Co., Parkersburg 
Charleston Manufacturing Co., Charleston 
Charleston Mattress Co., Charleston 

Pfaff ft Smith Builders Supply Co., Chaiieston 
Ward Cement Block Factory, Fairmont 
West Virginia Sand ft Gravel Co., Charleston 
\^il8on Sand ft Supply Co., Huntington 


shoe repairing 

American Dry Cleaners and Dyers, Montgomery 
Avenue Pressing Club, Bluefield 
Betkely Dry Cleaner, Beckley 
Bensol, Huntington 

Blennerhaosett Plresang Co., Parkersburg 
Bock, E. P., Shinnston 
Davis Brothers, Charleston 
Drewery, A. H., Bluefield 
Economy Cleaning and Tailoring Co., Logan 
Charleston Rug Mfg. ft Carpet Cleaning Co., ChariestonEllis BrothArs Cleaning ft Pressing Co., St. Albans 

Dunn Woolen Co., Martinsburg 

Gladstone Mattress Co., Huntmgton 

Hicks ft Hoge Dry Goods Co., Wheelmg 

Intffwoven Mills, The, Berkeley Springs 

Interwoven Mills, The, Harpers Ferry 

Interwoven Mills, The, Martinsburg 

Kanawha Woolen Mills, Charleston 

Kleeson Company, Inc., Moundsville 

Klots Throwing Co., Keyser 

Kraft Manufacturing Co., Wheeling 

McMechen Manufacturing Co., MoMedien 

Lees, James and Sons Co., Keyser 

Mound City Shirt Factory, Moundsville 

National Beddmg Co.. Wheeling 

National Woolen Mills, Parkersburg 

Parkersburg Mattress Co., Parkersburg 

Parkersburg SUk MiU, Pkrkersburg 

Perfection Garment Co., Martinsburg 

Philippi Blanket Mills, Philippi 

Rainproof Coat Co., Ptokersburg 

Ridgie Silk Co., Shinnston 

St. Mary's Pearl Button Co., St. Marys 

Specialty Mattress Co., The, Huntington 

Stifel, J. L. ft Sons, Wheelmg 

United Woolen Mills Co., Parkersburg 

Tisroee Co., The, Nitro 

Washington Manufacturing Co., The, Huntington 

West Vurginia Penitentiary, Moundsville 

Wheeling Tent and Awning Co., Wheeling 

Biddle Concrete Company, Cbrksburg 

Biddle Concrete Ccnnpany, Pitrkersburg 

Builders Supply Co., Belington 

Citiaens Concrete Co., Parkersburg 

Crystal Sand Co., Moundsville 

Davis, M. Wardner, Salem 

Houghton Cement Block Co., Charleston 

Huntington Architectural Stone Co., Huntington 

Empure Dr> Cleaning Co., The, Charleston 

Eminre Laundry Co., CUrksburg 

Eminre Cleaxing ft Dyeing Co., Parkersbtirg 

Enterprise Pressing Co., The, Clarksburg 

Farmers Cleaning and Presdng, Huntington 

Federal Tailors ft Dry Cleaners, Charleston 

Fox Dry Cleaning Co., Hintington 

Gardner's Dry Cleaning, Charleston 

Hdnie ft Company, Chirksburg 

Hdnie ft Co., Furmont 

Hodges, Ernest, Huntington 

Ideal Tailors, The, Fairmont 

James Dry Cleaning Co., Huntington 

Lallance Tailoring Co., Huntington 

Lovell Street Shoe Repair Shop, Charleston 

Max, Jacob. Charkston 

Messersmith, Huntington 

Midway Shoe Repairing ft Dry Cleaning Co., Charleston 

Milam, Oscar, Dunbar 

Mingo Dry Cleanen*. The, Williamson 

Mi-Valet, Charleston 

Modem Dry Cleanov, Charleston 

Modern Dry Cleaning Works, Welch 

Nick, The Tailor, Huntington 

Ntilife Dry Cleanmg Co., Charleston 

NuWay, The, Charleston 

Pftrker Dye Works, Fairmont 

Paugh, J. H. ft Co., Clarksbarg 

Penn's, R. S. Place, Charleston 

Peterson, E. M., Weston 

Heper ft Son, Wheeling 

Riggs Dry Cleaning Co., Huntington 

Rust. 0. B., Charleston 

Sanitary Cleaning ft Pressmg Co., The, Montgomery 

Sanitary Shops, The, Ronceverte 

Square Deal Shoe Hospital, Huntington 

Standard Dry Cleaning, Charleston 

Star Dry Cleaning and Pressing Co., Charleston 

Stealey's Cleaning ft Dyeing Works, Parkersburg 

Strand Dry Cleaning Co., Charleston 

Digitized by 



West Viboinia Dzbeotobt of Indtjstbiss 

SunahiiM Dry Cleuiiiig Co., Charleston 

Swim CleaiMrB ft Dyeri, Inc., Fairmont 

SwiUer Broihan. Weston 

Thoma's Dry Cleaning, Huntington 

White, O.C.. Logan 

Wilson TaOoring ft Cleaning Co., Logan 

P O.Wray Cleaning and F^reasing Co., Hinton 

Electrical repalrSf etc 

Amerioan Armature ft Engineering Co., Mulloos 
Beokley Machine ft Eleotrie Co., BeeUey 
Bnrt, W. T. Company, New Cumberland 
Charleston ileotrical Supply Co., Charleston 
CSty Electrie Co., Charleston 
Gee Eleetrio Company, Huntington 
Gee Electrie Company, Wheeling 
Jeffery-Dewitt Insulattv Co., Kenova 
McEelvey-Ewing Electrical Co., Wheeling 
Mine Service Co., Williamson 
Moyers, G. C. ft Co., Wheeling 
National Armature Electric Works, Bluefield 
National Electric Co., Charleston 
Rhodes Electric : Machine Works, Beckley 
Saylor Electric ft Mfg. Co., Wheeling 
Thompson-Degler Co., Clarksburg 
Union Electric ft Machine Co., Charleston 
Umon Insulating Co., Parkersburg 
Virginian Electric ft Machine Works, Charleston 
West Virginia Armature Co., Bluefield 

Fiber boxes, paper and pidp 

Cherry RiTer P^per Co., Richwood 

Fairmont Box Co., Fairmont 

George, S., Company, Wellsbarg 

George ft Sheciard Paper Co., Wellsburg 

Halltown Pbper Board Co., HaOtown 

Haryey Paper Co., Wellsburg 

Ideal Corrugated Box Co., Ptfkenbarg 

Iifid-West Virginia Box Co., Fairmont 

No-Leak Paper Dish Co., Wheeling 

dmstead Brothers Co., Wheelmg 

Ptosons Pulp ft Lumber Co., Persons 

U. S. Corrugated Fiber Box Co., The, Warwood 

West Virginia Pulp ft Paper Co., Locust 

Alpine Mills, The, Terra Alta 

Bishop, John W., Co., Martinsburg 

Blue Grass Milling Co., Lewisburg 

Brown Milling ft TrodxLCt Co., Charkstcm 

Buckhannon Milling Co., Buckhannon 

Bumsrille Grocery Company Mill, Bumesyille 

Cairo lifill Co., Cairo 

Caldwell ft Stephens, Wheeling 

Charleston liGlling ft Ph>duoe Co., Charleston 

Christie-Myers Feed Co., Clarksburg 

Clarksburg Wholesale Co., Clarksburg 

Clendenin idling Co., Clendenin 

Crescent Mill Co., New Martinsville 

Darden Company, The, Elkins 

Elk Millling ft Produce Co., Charleston 

Elm Grove ^filling Co., (Ebn Grove) Wheeling 

Exchange Mill Co., Grafton 

Fairmont Grain and Milling Co., Fairmont 

Farmers Roller Mills, Spencer 

Faulk Brothers Co., Chester 

Furbee, James S., Mannington 

Gassaway Milling Co., Gassaway 

Gwinn Brothers ft Co., Huntington 

H f^ g ^niip ft Isleman, Cameron 

Hardy County Milling Co., Moorafield 

Harshbarger Milling Co., Milton 

Hlnton lifilling Co., Avis 

Jefferson Milling Co., Charles Town 

Eeister Milling Co., Huntington 

Eingwood Mills ft Storage Co., Eingwood 

Lambert Milling Co., The, Kenova 

limestone Milling Co., Ronoeverte 

McCaosland Milling Co., Moundsville 

Miller, J. M., Ronoeverte 

Moots Feed Co., Huntington 

Monon Valley Co., Fairmont 

Mountain Milling Co., White Suplhur Springs 

Muagrove's MUl, Grafton 

New Haven Midget Milling Co., The, New Haven 

New Martinsville Grocery Co., New MartiuvOIe 

Parks, Alexander, Martinsburg 

Parsons Nulling ft Mercantile Co., Pusons 

PeerlesB Milling Co., The. Ptfkersburg 

Petersburg Roller Mills, Petersburg 

Potomae Milling ft Ice Co., Eeyser 

Princeton Milling Co., Princeton 

Riverview Milling Co., Sutton 

Riverride Mills, The, SistersviUe 

Saint Albans RoUer MiOs, St. Albans 

St. Dennis Mills, Ravenswood 

Scrimgeour Brothers, BeBttgton 

Shaffer, B., Belington 

Shinnston Floor MUl, Shinnston 

Snider Flouring MOi; Princeton 

Standard Miffing Co., The, Clarksburg 

Staroher, Hugh, Buckhannon 

Sutton Grocery ft Milling Co., Sutton 

Swinbum, The Leroy, Co., Charleston 

Terra Alte Mills, Terra Alta 

Thomas, N. W. ft Sons, West Union 

VaUey Mills, The, Barboursville 

Valley Mills, Riidey 

Watson Brothers ft Co., Cameron 

West, George M., Clarksburg 

Wheeling Milling ft Grain Co., Wheeling 

Wilson's. E. L. Mill. Moorefield 

WHliamstown Mill Co.. Williamstown 

Woolf Miffing Co., The, Eeyser 

Wright Milling Co., The, Bluefield 

Feed and daliy prodiidi 

AHngdon-Welch Creamery Co., Welch 
Cloverdale Dairy Co.,. VHieeling 
Ensign Coffee Co., Huntington 
Guyan Milk Co., Guyandotte 
Huntington Creamery Co., Huntington 
Huntington Pteserving Co., The, Huntington 

Digitized by 


West VisGiiriA Dzbeotobt or Iitotjstbies 


Intenmtional Fruit IVodacts Co., Charles Town 

LewiB Broibflrs, Charkston 

Fhiflipe*, J. H. Sons Cannsry, Berkeley Springs 

Ravenswood Creamery Co., Ravenswood 

Boektvell, W. A. ft Sons, Berkeley Springs 

United liairy Co., Wlieeling 

West Virginia Maoaroni Co., Clarksburg 

Woody, Henry F., Wheeling 

^derson Garage, Aldomn 

American Auto Supply Co., Morgantown 

^mole's Garage, Oak Hill 

^nderson Giurage Co., Shinnston 

Appalachian Garage, Bluefidd 

^rmory Garage, Gassaway 

Auto Laundry, Huntington 

^Qto Park and Filling Station, Clarksburg 

^Qto Sales Co., Inc., Wheeling 

^to Sales Co., Weloh 

^uto Sales Co., Clarksburg 

^uto Storage ft Supply Co., Clarksburg 

^ailey's Garage, Charleston 

^air Brothers, Ine., Beckley 

Balaer ft Balser Garage. Wheeling 

Belington Garage, The, Belington 

^erkdey Garage, The, Martinsburg 

Berkel^ Motor Co., Berkeley Springs 

Biederman, Max, Huntington 

Biggs-Connolly Co., Huntington 

Bishop Garage and Supply Co., Morgantown 

Black Diamond Motor Co., Beckley 

Blands Garage, Clarksburg 

Blaefield Garage, Bluefield 

Bhefield Motor Co., Bhiefidd 

Bodley's. J. Homer, Garage, Moundsville 

Bonham Motor Sales Co., Charleston 

Borror, W. E. ft Co., Petersburg 

Boeo Bros. Motor Co., Ravenswood 

Boone-Armstrong Motor Co., Charleston ' 

Bright, J. M.,KeyBer 

Brown's Garage, Montgomery. 

Brospa ft Son Garage, WelM[>urg 

Bucklew's Garage, Eingwood 

Burdette Brothers Garage, Charleston 

Burgees Garage, South Charleston 

Burwell Motor Car Co., Parkersburg ' 

Cabell Fireproof Garage, White Sulphur Springs 

Callahan's Garage, Charleston 

Cameron Motor Co., Cameron 

Capitol Car Co., Parkersburg 

Carr's Electric Senrice Station, Martinsburg 

Central Automobile Corp., Clarksburg 

Central Automobile Corp., Fairmont 

Central Automobile Corp.i Mannington 

Central Auto Co^., Morgantown 

Central Garage, FoUansbee 

Central Garage, The, FBtersburg 

Central Garage, Ronmey 

Central Garage, Wektbn 

Central Garage. Weston 

Ghabnaz Sales Co., Clarksburg 

Champion Garage, Eeyser 

Charlestpn Buiok Co., Charleston 

Charleston Diamond T Motor Truck Co., Charleston 

Charleston Garage ft Supply Co., Charleston 

Charleston Truck ft Tire Co.. Charleston 

Chester Auto Repair Co., Chester 

Churchman's Garage, WeUsburg 

Citisens Garage and Repair Co., Charleston 

CSty Garage, Pbilippi 

City Garage, The, Martinsburg 

Clarksburg Autoav)bile Co., Clarksburg 

Cbvkson ft Tuckwiller. Ronceverte 

Clendemn Auto Co., Clendenin 

Colonial Motor Car Co., Morgantown 

Community Garage, Northfork 

Compton Auto Co., Grafton 

Compton's Central Garage, Moundsville 

Conaway-Greene Auto Co., Mannington 

Consolidated Motor Co., Williamson 

Cribbins, J. T., ft Co., Parkersburg 

Crotty 's Auto and Accessory Co., Bhiefield 

Davis Auto Co., Wellsburg 

Davis Motor Co., Salem 

Dahlburg Brothers Auto Co., Wellsburg 

Davidson Brotiiers Garage, Morgantown 

Day ft Night Garage, Charleston 

Deskins' Garage Co., Logan 

Dillon's Garage, Milton 

Dye, Robert E., Clarksburg 

East End Garage, Charleston 

East Side Garage ft Vulcaninng Co., Fakmont 

Elkins Motor Sales Co., Elkins 

Empire Service Station, Charleston 

Enterprise Garage, Huntington 

Evans, E. S., Terra Alta 

Fenimore Paige Sales Co., Charleston 

Fitsgerald ft Saunders, Charleston 

FoUansbee Garage, FoUansbee 

Ford Garage, Chester 

Ford Service Co., Cameron 

Ford Service Station, Spencer 

Fourth Avenue Garage, Huntington 

FrankUn Motor Car Co., Charleston 

Fraser Brothers. Charleston 

Freutel Garage and Sales Co., Huntington 

Fruth Garage Co., Charleston 

Garrett AutomoUle Co., Clarksburg 

Gassaway Garage, Gassaway 

'G«ieral Giurage Co., Huntington 

General Sales Company of West 'N^rginia, Montgomery 

Glenwood Garage Co^ Charleston 

Goode Brothers, Charles Town 

Gorby Motor Corp., Wheeting 

Guyan Garage, Huntington 

HaU Garage Co., Fairmont 

HamUtcm Garage, Fairmont 

Hampshire Motor Co., Romney 

Hanley. Ike, Huntington 

Hayes ft Bloom, Morgantown 

Hefaniok Garage, Salem 

HUl Motor Co., Northfork 

HiU Motor Co., Welch 

HiU Motor Co., WUUamson 

Digitized by 



West Vibqiitia Dibeotobt of IndiTstbies 

Sner dc Gum's Gairage, Marlinton 

ffinton Gange ft Sales Co., Hinton 

Hood. E. L., New Cumberland 

Hood-Dent Co., The, Weston 

HoUandsworth Brothers, Hurricane 

Hohnes Motor Car Co., The, Charleston 

Holswade, C. H., Spenoer 

Hopkins Motor Co., Wheeling 

Hombeck ft Vi«or,*We8ton 

Hough-Overland Co., Morgantown 

Hovermale Garage, Berkeley Springs 

Howell Motor Co., Charleston 

Huddleeton Garage, White Sulidiur Springs 

Huntington-Paige Co., Huntington 

Inland Auto ft Supply Co., Buckhannon 

Inter-State Auto ft Truck Co., The, Williamson 

Irdand Oarage, The, Piennsboro 

Jefferson Garage, Williamson 

Jefferson Garage. Charles Town 

Johnston, E. L., Berkeley Springs 

JttUana Street Garage, Farkeraburg 

Kanawha County Oarage, Charleston 

Kanawha Garage Co., Charleston 

Kanawha Haynes Co., Charleston 

KeU,S. J.. Charleston 

Kelly Motor Co.. Buckhannon 

Keener. L. C. and Son Garage, Fairmont 

Keesee. W. R. ft Co.. Bluefield 

Knabb. J. B., Danville 

Lanti Garage. Pennsboro 

Lauek, James W. ft Co.. WeOsburg 

Leonard ft Natter, Fairmont 


Liberty Garage, Fairmont 

Liberty Sales Co., Huntington 

Loar Garage Co., IQngwood 

Logan Aato Co., Parkersburg 

Logan Garage Co., Logan 

Long-Wells Motor Co., Mullens 

Loper Motor Car Co., Moundsville 

Madison Garage. Madison 

Main Street Garage, PhiUppi 

Main Street Garage. Grafton 

Maiden Garage, The, Maiden 

Market Garage, The, Parkersburg 

Mason and Gibson Motor Co., Clarksburg 

MeCarty ft Robinson, Lumberport 

MoComas Repair Garage, ffinton 

McCoy and Waugh Garage, Ripley 

McCormiek, J. E., Martinsburg 

MeCray's Auto ft Sales Co., Fairmont 

McDonakl ft Kyger, Pitrkersburg 

Mehaffey's Garage, Northfork 

Mercer Garage, Bluefield 

Mercer Motor Co., Princeton 

Midelburg Garage, Charleston 

Midland Trail Co., The, Charleston 

Midway Garage, Hurricane 

Miller, S. W. Kent, Martinsburg 

Miller-Napier Co., The, Huntington 

Mmeral County Garage Co., Keyser 

Mingo Motor Co., Williamson 

Mitchell Brothers Garage, Clarksburg 

Mitohell Smith Motor Co., Bhiefield 

Montgomery Garage, Montgomery 

Moorefiekl Garage, Moorefidd 

Morgantown Motor Car Co., Morgantown 

Morrison's Motor Sales Co., Pobt Pleasant 

Morton Motor Co.. Bluefield 

Motormort, Parkersburg 

Motor Sales Co.. Bluefield 

Motor Sales Co., Charleston 

Motor Sales Co., Huntington 

Mound City Auto Co., Moundsville 

Mountain Stato Garage, Elkins 

Mountain Stoto Motor Car Co., The, Charkstoo 

Mountam Stoto Motor Co., Welch 

Mount Hope Garage, Mount Hope 

Neel Motor Co., Martinsburg 

New Century Garage, Romney 

New National Garage. Martinsburg 

Oak HIU Garage Co., Oak HIU 

Ohio Valley Motor Co., Huntington 

Overfamd Sales Co., Charleston 

Overland Sales Co., Weston 

Overhnd Perry-Curtis Co., Huntington 

Paokard Columbus Motor Co., The, Huntington 

Parkersburg Automobile Co., PUrkersburg 

Purkserburg Buick Co., PUrkersburg 

Parkins, Lloyd, Charleston 

Peck Auto Co., Clarksburg 

Pennsboro Motor Co., Pennsboro 

Peoples Garage Co., Elkins 

Perkins Garage, Moundsville 

Pine's Modern Garage ft Carriage Works, Martinsburg 

Pitts Overfamd Garage, West Union 

Plasa Garage, Clarksburg 

Pocahontas Motor Co., Keystone 

Powers Garage, Beokley 

Pride and Brown, Fairmont 

Pyle ft Donley, Wheeling 

Raleigh Automobile Supply Co., The. Raleigh 

Randolph Garage, Elkins 

Ransone Motor Car Co., Clarksburg 

Ratliff, J. E., Charleston 

Rehm's Garage, Wheeling 

Reliable Auto Repair Co., Wheeling 

Rennie-Keyser Co., The, Wheeling 

Reese Co., N. H., Charleston 

Reo Distributing Co., The, Huntington 

Reo Distributing Co., Wheeling 

Reo Sales ft Service Co., Charleston 

Republic Truck Sales Co., Clarksburg 

Reynolds Radiator and Fender Co., Martinsburg 

Ritohie Buick Sales Co., Pennsboro 

Ritchie County Motor Co., Cairo 

Ridenour Garage, Kingwood 

Ridenour, Turner ft Co., Clarksburg 

Rlky Motor Co., Charleston 

Ritohie 's Garage, Ravenswood 

Rook Bell ft Son, Clarksburg 

Ronceverto Garage, The, Ronceverte 

Rousch's Motor Sales Co., Pt. Pleasant 

Ruby-Sterrett Motor Co.. Charleston 

St. Albans Auto Co., St. Albans 

St. Albans Garage Co., St. Albans 

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West Virginia Dibectobt of Industries 


Salem Garage Co.. Salem 

Sandow Motor Sake Co., Wheeting 

Schick ft Volti Co., Wheefing 

Seabright, Brace H.. Wheeling 

Service Garage, The, Williamflon 

SesBkr's Garage, Mount Hope 

Shenandoah Garage, Harpers Ferry 

Shreve's Garage, Clarksburg 

ffixth Avenue Garage, Huntington 

Skidmore, A. A., Ripley 

Smith Automolxle Garage, Morgantown 

Snyder, L., Fairmont 

SomerviUe, L. P., Ravenswood 

Southern Auto Sales Co., Prinoeton 

Spears ft Riddk Co., Wheeling 

Standard Garage Co., Fairmont 

Standard Garage Co., Grafton 

Standard Garage, Philippi 

Spencer Auto Repair Shop, Spencer 

Stender Motw and Tire Co., Huntington 

Stitt. J. C, ft Sons, West Union 

Summers-Buick Co., Huntington 

Summers, W. M., Clendenin 

Third Avenue Garage, Huntington 

Thirtieth Street Garage ft Saks Co., Huntington 

Trimble ft Johnson Co., Moundsville 

Tri-State Garage, Hollidays Cove 

Triple-State Electric Co., The, Charieeton 

Tug River Auto Co., Welch 

Twentieth Street Garage, Huntington 

Twenty-second Street Garage, Huntington 

Tygarts Valley Motor Co., Elkins 

Valley Garage, Weirton 

Vanfaussen ft Johnston, Huntington 

Victory Garage, Fairmont 

Ward, P., Ptfkersburg 

Warwood Garage, Wheeling 

Warwood Motor Car Co., Warwood 

Waybright, W. E., Huntington 

Weaver Motor Car Co., Charleston 

Weaver Motor Car Co., Charleston 

Weimer, W. E., Davis 

Wells ft Weber Garage Co., Weston 

Weller. C. P., Charles Town 

Willsburg Motor Co., Wdlsburg 

Welbburg Overhnd Co., Wellsburg 

West, George, Garage, MoMechen 

West Union Garage ft Machine Co., West Union 

West Virgmia Templar Co., The, Huntington 

White Arrow Garage, Charleston 

White Sulphur Motor Co., White Sulphur Springs 

Widmyer. 0. E., Berketey Springs 

Williams Garage, Clarksburg 

Wolcott, L. A. ft Co., Huntington 

Wyoming Auto Co., MuUens 

Zearley's Garage, Morgantown 


Berry's, James B. Sons Co., Sistersville 
Carnage Natural Gas Co., Fairmont 
Charleston-Dunbar Natural Gas Co., Charleston 
Columbia Gas ft ^kinc Co., Charkston 

Cohimbi'a Gas ft Electric Co., Prichard 

Eureka Pipe Line Co.. The, Ptfkersburg 

Eureka Pipe line Co., The, Morgantown 

Freedom Oil Works, Fairmont 

Freedom Oil Works Co., The, Wheeling 

Gakna-Signal Oil Co., Fitrkersburg 

Henaghan ft Hanlon, Cornwallis 

Hi-Grade Oil and Gas Co.. Logan 

ffi-Grade Oil and Gas Co., Wilfiamson 

Hope Natural Gas Co., Clarksburg 

Hope Natural Gas Co., Burnsville 

Huntington Development and Gas Co., Huntington 

In<Man Refining Co., Charkston 

Indian Refining Co., Bluefield 

In£an Refining Co.. Huntington 

Ohio Fuel Oil Co., Charleston 

Ohio-West Virginia Co., The, Charleston 

Ohio Valky Refining Co., St. Marys 

Pittsburgh and West Virginia Gas Co., Burnsvilk 

Pure Oil Co.. The, Charkston 

Pure Oil Co., The, Huntington 

Standard OU Co., Charieston 

Standard Oil Co., Huntington 

Standard Oil Co. of N. J.. Parkenburg 

Standard Oil Co., Princeton 

Standard Oil Co., Ronoeverte 

Standwd Oil Co., South Charkston 

Standard Oil Co., Wheeling 

Texas Co., The, Bhiefield 

United Fuel Gas Co., Charkston 

United Fuel Gas Co.. Kermit 

Warner-Quinlan Co., Cairo 

Zero Oil Co., Ptfkeraburg 

QIms and fjitn praducti 

Akro Agate Co., The, Clarksburg 

Alliance Window Glass Co., Salem 

American Thermos Bottk Co., Huntington 

Banner Window Glass Co., South Charkston 

Beaumont Co., The, Morgantown 

Belgrade Glass Co., Buckhannon 

Boldt, The Charks. Glass Co., Huntington 

Bonita Art Glass Co., Wheeling 

Boyk, Raymond, Glass Steiner, WeUsbuxg 

Bridgeport Lamp Chimney Co., Bridgeport 

Cameron Glass Co., Cameron 

Central Glass Co., Huntington 

Central Glass Co., Wheeling 

Charkston Window Glass Co.. Charkston 

Clarksburg Glass Co., The, Clarksburg 

Cohimbia Glass Co., Fairmont 

Ciesoent Glass Co., WeUsburg 

Doddridge Glass Co., West Union 

Dunbar Flint Glass Co., Dunbar 

Dunkirk Window Glass Co., South Charkston 

Duqeusne Glass Co., Inc., Paden aty 

Eagle Manufacturing Co., WeUsburg 

Economy Tumbler Co., Morgantown 

Erskine Glass ft Mfg. Co., The, WeUsburg 

Fairmont Window Glass Co., Fairmont 

Fenton Art Glaw Co., The, WiUiamstown 

Foetoria Glass Co., MoundsviUe 

Glass Brick Co., Huntington 

Digitized by 



West ViBcaNiA I>ibbot0bt of Indtjstbibb 

Easel Atias Glaw Co., Clarkaburg 
Haid Atbw Glaw Co., Grafton 
Huntiiigtoii Tombkr Co., Huntmgton 
Ideal Window GlasB Co., Wert Union 
Independent Glaaa Co., Sistenyille 

Harniah, H. F. ft Co., Parkcnburg 

Hoffman, J. H. ft Sons Co., WheeGng 

Honey, C M., Parkcnburg 

Myers, Orie, Hamen ft Vehicle Store, darksborg 

United Stotes Hamen Co., Ranaon 

Intcntate Window Glan Co, Clarkrirarg (Faetory No 14) Woodward hUg. Co., Parkenborg 
Interstate Window Glan Co., Oarksborg (Faetory No. 3) 

Interstate Window Glan Co, Huntington (Faetory No. 6) lea 

Interstate Window Glan Co., Weston, (Faetory No. 4) 

Jefferson Glan Co., The, Follansbee 

Eokomo Ppalesoent Glan Co., Clarksburg 

Lafayette Glan Co., Clarksburg 

Libl^-Gwens Sheet Glan Co., Kanawha aty 

Liberty Glan Co., Clarksburg 

Marion Glan Co., Shinnston 

Marion Window Glan Ck>., Mannington 

MeBridge, Thomas, Salem > 

MisosBipFi Glan Co., Morgantown 

Modem Window Glan Co., Salem 

Monongah Glan Co., Fairmont 

Monongahela Valley Cut Glan Co., Morgantown 

Mound CSty Glan Co., Lumberport 

New Cumberland Glan (Do., New Cumberland 

Bell Branch Ice ft Water Co., Northfork 

Bhiefield Ice ft Cold Storage Ck>., Bhiefield 

Boor ft Davis, Mannington 

City Ice Co., Fairmont 

a^ loe and Bott&ng Works. Philippi 

Clarksburg loe ft Storage Co., Clarksburg, (West^Ead) 

Chrksburg Ice ft Storage Co., (Eart Pike St. , )Clarkabarg 

Ck>nsolidated Ice Co.. New Martinsville 

CJouolidated lee Ck>., SistersviUe 

Crystal loe Ck>., Grafton 

Diamond loe ft Ckwi Ck>.. Charleston 

Eart End Ice and Storage Co.. WkeeBng 

EUdns Ptoviflion ft Storage 0>.. Elklns 

Glendale loe Co., Moundsville 

New Martinsville Glan Mfg. Co.. The, New MartiMmlleHankins ft Co., Williamson 

North Wheefing Bottle Works, Wheeling 

Northwood, H., Co., WkeeGng 

Norwood Glan Co.. Clarksburg 

Owens Bottle Co., The, Clarksburg 

Owens Bottle Co., The, Fairmont 

Owens Bottle Co., The, Kanawha City 

Paden CSty Glan Mfg. Co.. Paden City 

Paramount Window Glan Co.^ Salem 

Ptottnount Glan Co.. Star City 

Paquet Glan Ck>., Shinnston 

Penn Window Glass Co., Penasboro ' 

Pennsylvania Glan Co., Dunbar , 

Pittsburgh Plate Glan (>>., Clarksburg^ 

Pkvmier ^Hndow Glass Co., Pennsboro 

IVessed Prism Plate Glan Co., Morgantown 

Holland Glan (>).. Clarksburg 

Royal Window Glan Co.. Grafton 

Saint Albans Glan Co.. Samt Albans 

Salem Co-Operative ^mdow Glan Co., The, Salem 

Seneca Glass-Co;. Morgantown 

Southern Glan Co., Grafton 

Standard Glan Specialty CJo.^ Morgantown 

Superior Glan Products Co., Huntington 

Thatcber Manufacturing Co., Clarksburg 

Thatcher Manufacturing Co., Parkersborg 

Tygart Valley Glan Ck>.. Graf ton 

United Lamp Chimney Co.. Hurricane 

United Statn ^ndow Glan Co.. Morgantown 

Universal Glan Ck)., Parkenburg 

Western Glan Co., St. Marys 

Weston Glan Co., Inc., Weston 

Wert Virginia Glan Mfg. Co., Huntington 

Whittemore Glan Co., Dunbar 

Wheeling Decorating Co., Wheeling 

Wheeling Pulverizing Co., Wheeling 

Wissmach, The Paul. Glan Co.. Paden CSty 

Goets, A. D. Co., Inc., Ranson 

Kanawha Ice Co., (Charleston 

Ix^an loe and Storage Co., Logan 

Marion Ice Co., Fairmont 

McC!oach J. M. ft Co., Huntmgton 

McMechen Ice ft Storage Co., MbMechcn 

Madison Ice ft Storage Co., Madison 

Marlinton Coal Storage Co.,.Marlinton 

Morgantown Ice Co., Morgantown 

Moundsville Crystal Ice Co., MoundsvHle 

National Cold Storafre Co., Parkcnburg 

Niebergall, Louis, Wheeling 

Parkcnburg Ice Co., Parkersburg 

Pennsboro Ice ft Power Co., Pennsbwo 

Princeton Ice Ck>., Princeton 

Robinson, C. L., Ice and Cold Storage Corp.,tRan8on 

Ronceverte Ice and Produce Ck).. Ronoeverte 

Russell, Mark ft Co.. Williamson 

Sutton Ice Company, Sutton 

Terminal CJold Storage Ck>., Wheeling 

WeDsburg Refrigerating Ck)., Wdlsburg 

Wheeling Ice ft Storage Co., Whec^g 

Wilbum, R. A. (3o., Morgantown 

tee eream and candy 

Acme loe Oeun Co., Grafton 
Anderson Caramd Co.. Wheeling 
Bhiefield Candy Ck).. BlueBeld 
Boster. 0. D.. Ice Cream (3o.. Himtington 
Bremer, Dudley ft Co., Wheeling 
Cline Ice Oeam 0>.. The, Charleston 
Cline Ice Cream Co., The. Hinton 
Communtais, Fairmont 
(Jox, H. C. Parkersburg 
Daffin ft Pouficos Ck).. Clarksburg 
Diamond Ice Cream Ck>., Charleston 
Ellis ft Heifer Co., Wheeling 
Eskew, Smith ft Cannon, Charleston 
Farris Ice Cream Co., Charleston 

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West Virginia Dibectobt of Indtjstbies 


Feeny, G. S. Co., WheeUng 
Greenspon, laafto, Mfg. Co., Bluefield 
HiUa Ice Cream Co.. Terra Alte 
Hxnton Velvet loe Cream Co., Hinton 
Huff, The H. L., Mfg. Co.. Huntington 
Huntington Candy Kitoben, The, Huntington 
Husband's Creamery Co., Bluefield 
Husband's Creamery Co., Wiltiamsoiy 
Imperial Ice Cream Co., Clarksburg 
Imperial Ice Cream Co., Fairmont 
Imperial Ice Cream Co., Grafton 
Imperial Ice Cream Co., Parkecsburg 
Jennings Ice Cream Co., Huntington 
Johns, The, Ice Cream Co., Hjntington 
Lewisburg Ice Cream Co., Lewisburg 
Mountain City Ice Cream Co., Inc., Fairmont 
Mountain State Candy Co., Fairmont 
Ohio Valley Candy Co., Wheeling 
Paramount Ice Cream Co., Piedmont 
Prince. Mahan & MoClure. Charleston 
Purity Ice Cream & Bottling Co., Moundsville 
Purity Ice Cream & Bottling Works, Sutton 
Robinson Ice Cream Co., Fairmont 
St. Albans Ice Cream Co., St. Albans 
Seotts Ice Cream Co., Wellsburg 
Scott Ice Cream Co., Wellsburg 
Tellings Ice Cream Co., Wheeling 
Voogele & Dinning Co., The, Huntington 
Wagner's Fine Confections, Charleston 
Wallace, J. J., Elkins 
Wilson Creamery Co., Huntington 
Wine Brothers, Hinton 

Iron and steel products 

Ackermann Mfg. Co., Wheeling 
American Car and Foundry Co., Huntington 
American Sheet and Tin Plate Co., Chester 
American Sheet and Tin Plate Co., Morgantown 
Aultman, T. G., Steam Pump Works, Fairmont 
Baldwin Tool Works, Parkersburg 
Barton Boiler Works, Inc., Charleston 
Becker Steel Co. of America, Charleston 
Capital City Supply Co., Charleston 
Central Pipe & Supply Co., Charleston 
Columbia Gas Stove Co., Huntington 
Coughenour, The E. C, Co., Huntington 
Danser, The, Mfg. A Supply Co., Weston 
Donovan Boiler Works, Parkersburg 
Electro Metallurgical Co., Glen Ferris 
Enterprise Marine Dock Co., Pomt Pleasant 
Fairmont Enameled Ware Co., Fieiirmont 
Fairmont Mining Machinery Co., Fairmont 
Fairmont Tool Co., Fairmont 
Fletcher Enamel Co., The, Charleston 
Follansbee Brothers Co., Follansbee 
Fuel City Mfg. Co., Parkersburg 
Fulton Tool Works, Huntington 
Guyan Machme Shops. Logan 
Haggerty Cigar Machine Co., Mannington 
Haiel-Atlas Glass Co., Wheeling 
Hebnick Foundry Machine Co., Fairmont 
Huntington Boiler Works, Huntington 

Huntington Iron Works. The, Himtington 

Huntington Spring Bed Co., Huntington 

Huntington Stove and Foundry Co., Huntington 

International Aluminum Co., Nitro 

International Nickel Co., The, Huntington 

Kanawha Dock Co., Point Pleasant 

Kanawha Manufacturing Co., Charleston 

Kelley Axe Mfg. Co., Charleston 

Kenova Mine Car Co., Kenova 

Knickerbocker Staminng Co.. Parkosburg 

LaBelle Iron Works. Wheeling 

Lambert. H. T., Co.. Huntington 

Marietta Mfg. Co.. Point Pleasant 

Merchant ft Evans Co., Wheeling 

Merchant ft Evans Co.. Wheeling 

Moss. The J. E.. Iron Works. Wheeling 

Nail City Smelting Works, Wheeling 

National Sanitary Co., The, Clarksburg 

Parkersburg Iron ft Steel Co.. Parkersburg 

Phelps Can Co., Clarksburg 

Phelps Can Co., Weirton 

Point Pleasnat Machine Works, Point Pleasant 

Pollock, L. A., Iron Co., Huntington 

Powhatan Brass ft Iron Works, Charles Town 

Saks Stamping Co., Huntington 

Sheet Metal Specialty Co., FoUansbee 

South Side Foundry ft Machine Works, Charleston 

Standard StamiHng Co., The, Huntington 

Star Car ft Foundry Co., The, Huntington 

Steel Products Co., Huntington 

Superior Supply Co., Bluefield 

Teeple, W. S. ft Son^Wellsburg 

Thompson, A. F., Mfg. Co., Huntington 

Tirometer Valve Corp. of America, Charleston 

United States Chain ft Forging Co., Huntington 

U. S. Naval Ordnance Plant, South Charleston 

United States StamiMng Co., Moundsville 

United Zinc Smelting Corp., Moundsville 

Vulcan Iron ft Steel Co., Paden City 

Ward, The Charles, Engineering Works, Charleston 

Warwood Tool Co., Warwood 

Weirton Steel Co., CUrksburg 

Weirton Steel Co.. Weirton 

West Virginia Malleable Iron Co., Point Pleasant 

West Virginia Metal Products Corp., Fairmont 

West Virginia Rail Co., The, Huntington 

Wheeling Steel Casting Co., Wheeling 

Wheeling Steel ft Iron Co., Benwood 

Wheeling Steel ft Iron Co., Wheeling 

Whitaker-Glessner Co., Beech Bottom 

Whitaker-Glessner Co., Wheeling 


American Laundry Co., Fairmont 
American Steam Laundry Co., Keyser 
Aracoma Steam Laundry, Logan 
Buckhannon Steam Laundry, Buckhannon 
Chadwiok's Laundry, Morgantown 
Charleston Steam Laundry Co., Charleston 
Domestic Laundry, Hinton 
Elite Laundry Co., Charleston 
Elkins Laundry Co., Elkins 

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West Vdminia Dibectobt of Industbies 

Empire Laundry Co., ChrksburB 

EBkddt Lftimdry, Wert Morelutd 

EoankM Btoun Laundry, SisterBviUc 

TvaSfy Wet Wish, Charleston 

Home Laundry, Grafton 

Home Laundry, Fairmont 

Home Laundry, Keyeer 

Home Laundry, Farkenburg 

Home Peail Laundry, Wheefing 

Home Steam Laundry, WiUiameon 

Huntington Laundry, Huntington 

Huntington State Hospital, Huntington (Laundry) 

Ideal Laundry Co., Huntington 

Kee, Sam, Laundry, ffinton 

Majestio Steam Laundry, Princeton 

Model Laundry, The, Huntington 

Morgantown Laundry Co., Morgantown 

PeeriesB Laundry, Huntington 

PeeriesB Laundry, Charleston 

Philippi Steam Laundry, Phifippi 

Powers Brothers Laundry, Huntington 

Ronoererte Steam Laundry, Roncererte 

Rose Laundry, The, Huntington 

Royal Steam Laundry, The. Bhiefield 

Sanitary Laundry, The, Ch^ksburg 

Spenoer Laundry, The, Spencer 

Spencer Stete Hospital, (Laundry), Spencer 

Standard Laundry, The, Parkersburg 

Star Laundry, Moundsville 

Superior Laundry Ck>., Charleston 

Troy Laimdry Co., Fairmont 

WeDsburg Steam Laundry, Wdbburg 

West End Wet Wash, The, Charleston 

Weston Steam Laundry, Weston 

White Star Laundry Ck)., Parkersburg 

White Star Laundiy Co.. Parkersburg 

White Sulphur Springs, Inc., White Sulphur Springs 

White Swan Laundry, Wheeling 

White Wet Wash, Charleston 

White Wet Wash Laundry Co.. Huntington 

Woo, Charlie, Co., Montgomery 

Leatlier and Tamieries 

Bardall, J. C, Ck>., Moundsville 

EUdns Tannery, EUdns 

FhuMus, Wm., Oak Leather Co., Buckhannon 

Lenti, J. W. ft Bros., New Martinsville 

Mosser, J. K. Co., Parsons 

Mosser, Wm. F., Riehwood 

Poeahontas Tanning Co., Durbb 

Tanners Extract Co., South Charleston 

Union Tannery, Mariinton 

Umon Tannery, Moor^eld 

Union Tannery, Petersburg 

Abbott, D. E. ft Co., Huntington 

Ackerman Lumber ft Mfg. Co., W. Huntington 

Athens Lumber Ck>., Morgantown 

Au-To Play CSoods CJo., The, Parkersburg 3.^ ^ 

Baboock Coal ft Coke Ck)., Landisburg 

Babeoek Lumber ft Boom Co.. Davis (Mill No. 1) 

Babeock Lumber ft Boom Co.. Davis. (Mill No. 2) 

Bailey Lumber Co., BhieBeld 

Bair Brothers, Inc., Beokley 

Bartholamew Lumber Co., Hillsboro 

Belington Handle ft Mfg. Co.. The. Belington 

Bell Creek Lumber Co., Dine 

Belts, John W., Wlieeling 

Bentley ft Gerwig Furniture Co., Parkersburg 

Bcrkel^ Lumber Co., The. Martinsburg 

Berkeley Springs Planing Mill and Handle Factory, 

Berkeley Springs. 
Beswiek, Sam, Huntington 
Biroh Valley Lumber Co., The, Tioga 
Bishop Planing Mill, Elkins 
Blue Jay Lumber Ck>.. Blue Jay 
Boone Timber Ck).. Clothier 
Booth Lumber ft Supply Co., SistersviUe 
Bowman Lumber Co., St. Albans 
Breeoe Veneer Co., Kenova 
Brown Brothers Lumber Co., Princeton 
Brubeck, H. F., Planing Mill. Petersburg 
Builders ' Supply Co., Follansbee 
BumsviUe Handle ft Dimennon Co., Burnsville 
Callaway, C. M., Lumber Co., Huntington 
Carolina Lumber Co., Huntington 
CattreU, C. S., Weirton 
Cecil Lumber Co., (Ehn Grove) Wheeling 
Central City Bung Ck>., The, Hunt'mgton 
Central Lumber Co., Weston 
Charleston Lumber Co., Charleston 
Cherry River Boom & Lumber Co., Riehwood 
Citisens Lumber Co., Parkersburg 
Cline-Morgan Lumber Co., West Moreland 
Coleman ft Shuey, Wdlsburg 
Oavens-Green Co., Huntington 
Crawford Home Building Co., Parkersburg 
Crumrine Equipment ft Supply Co., Huntington 
CJurry, W. J. Lumber Co.. Grafton 
East End PUning Mills, Terra Alta 
Economy House ft Material Co.. Bluefield 
Elk River Ck)al ft Lumber Co., Swandale 
Elkins Refrigerator and Fixture Co., The. Elkins 
EmiHre Furniture (^., Huntington 
Excelsior Mantel Co., Grafton 
Dawley Furniture and Manufacturing Co.. Charleston 
Diokerson Building Supply C!o.. Fairmont 
Dickerson Lumber Co., Huntington 
Duncan Box ft Lumber Co., Huntington 
Dyer, E. R. ft Ck).. Philippi 
Finky Brothers Co., The, Chester 
Fisher, A. C. ft Son. Wheeling 
Flynn Lumber Co., Swiss 

Frampton-Foster Lumber Co., White Sulphur Springs 
Fuel City Box Co.,, The, Clarksburg 
Fulton Manufacturing Co., Riehwood 
Garrett ft Sheets, Cbrksburg 
General Woodworking Co., Morgantown 
Georgia Lumber 0>., Bluefield 
Glen Elk Lumber Co., Clarksburg 
Gohlen, Paul, Lumber Ck)., Clover Lick 
Gowing, The D. H., Veneer Ck)., BumsviUe 
Hall, J. L. ft Son Furniture Co., Milton 

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West Vibginia Dibectobt of Industries 


Hamiltoii Lambcr Ck>., South Chwkston 
HaHman Buildmg k Supply Co., EUdu 
Hartlmd Pbmng Mill Co., Chrkflburg 
H«wH, The D. E. Lumber Co., Hantmcton 
Hinton Conatnietion Co., The, Hinton 
Holt, R. B., Itfwieburg 
Hope Lumber Co., The, Weston 
Hoy« Raymond, k Co., Huntington 

Raine Lamber Co., The, Honeydew 
Ranwood Lumber Co., Piekena 
Raleigh Lumber Co., Fltqwtriek 
Raleigh Lumber Co., Oxley 
Randolph Planing Mill Co., Elkins 
Rawlingi k Bowman, Huntington 
Riley k Riley Co., Shinnston 
Ripley Mill k Mfg. Co.. Ripley 

Huntington Hogshead k Specialty Mfg. Co., HuntingtonRismger, 8., Moundsrille 

Huntington Refrigerator k Fixture Co., Huntington 

Huntington Saeh, Door k Trim Co., Huntington 

Huntington Seating Co., Huntington 

Huntley Lumber Co., Neola 

HutohingB, J. W. k Co., Aldenon 

Jefferson Cooperage Co., Ranson 

KaniB, H., Berkeley Springs 

Kanawha Planing Mill Co., Charleston 

Kanawha Valley Lumber Co.. Charleston 

Kenova Box Co., The, Eenova 

Keoora Hardwood Fknning Co.. Kenova 

Kenmt Laumber Co., Kennit 

Keystone Mfg. Co., Elkins 

Eldd, T. P. Lumber Co., Eennison 

Klieves Lumber Co., Wheeling 

Klsner, John M. k Bro. Lumber Co., Fairmont 

Laird Offioe Equipment Co., Charleston 

lange k Crist Box k Lumber Co., Clarksburg 

Layfidd Planing Mill Co.. Buokhannon 

Logan Planing Mill Co., Logan 

Long Timber k Lumber Co., Clarksburg 

Lory, F. k Sons, Charleston 

MeConnell, W. W., Box k Barrel Co.. Wheeling 

McNulty. C. W., Co., Huntington 

MeWhorter. W. T., Buokhannon 

Mankin k Crouch, Maedonald 

Mankin Lumber Co., Oak Hill 

Mannington Lumber Co., Mannington 

Marlinton Dmiber Co., Marlinton 

Martin Brothers, Hinton 

Milkr Brothers Mill, Huntiqgton 

Meadow River Lumber Co., The, Rainelle 

Mingo Lime k Lumber Co., WiUiamaon 

Minter Homes Corp., Huntington 

Model Woodworking Shop, West Union 

Morgan Lumber k Mfg. Co.. Charleston 

Morgantown Lumber Co., Morgantown 

Moundsrille Lumber Co., Moundsville 

National Furniture Co., Wheeling 

Neal. A. D. k Son Co., Ckver Liok 

Nichobon-Eendle Furniture Co., Huntington 

NoD, J. F. k Son, Ravenswood 

North Fork Lumber Co., Nottingham 

Osborne, C. E., Clendenin 

Pardee k Curtin Lumber Co.. Curtin 

Ptfdee k Curtin Lumber Co.. Richwood 

Pwkersburg Chair Co., Parkersburg 

Bitter, W. M. Lumber Co.. Maben 

Rockeastie Lumber Co., Seth 

Rodgers Construetion Co.. Mount Hope 

Ronceverte Lumber Co., Ronoeverte 

Salem Lumber Co., Salem 

Schwob, The J. A. Co., Moundsville 

Soott, Robert, Lumber Co.. Wellsburg 

Soott Lumber Co.. The, Warwood 

Shinnston Planing Mill Co., Shinnston 

Short, C. A., Shinnston 

Smith, P. S., Cannelton 

Smith, J. M. k Son, West Union 

Snyder, 0. M., Beckley 

South Side Lumber Co., Parkersburg 

Southern Pine Lumber Co., Clarksburg 

Southern Pine Lumber Co., Faumont 

Spencer Planing MiUs, Spencer 

Sploe Run Lumber Co., Locust 

Sprigg Lumber Co., Weston 

Stackpofe k Harbert, Lumberport 

Star Lumber Co., Pennsboro 

Steinmeti, Christian k Sons Co., Wheeling 

Stout, Harry S., Co.. Ceredo 

Sun Lumber Co.. The, Weston 

Superior Building and Supply Co.. South Charleston 

Superior Lumber Co., The, Huntington 

Sutton Chemical Co., The, Sutton 

Tait, John J., Alderson 

Taylor, V. E., Huntington 

Teter k Smith, Parsons 

Thomhill, J. W., Belington 

Timber Ph)duet Co., Buokhannon 

Tolbert, B. Elliott, Lumber Co., Beckley 

Upshur naning Mill Co., Buokhannon 

Vermilyea Lumber Co., Princeton 

Virginian Supply Co., Princeton 

Warden Heating k Supply Co., The, Wellsburc 

Ware, J. W.. Belington 

Warn Lumber Corp., The, Raywood 

Warren-Myers Planing Mill Co., Parkersburg 

Wdmer, George k Sons, St. Albans 

Welch Lumber Co., Welch 

Weetfall, J. D^ k Son, Richwood 

West ffide Planing Mill, Albright 

West Vurginia Pulp k Paper Co., Cass 

Westwood Manufacturing Co., Weston 

Wheeling Axle Co., The, Wheeling 

Pwkcrsburg Handle Works and Lumber Co., PtokersburgWheeling Box Company, Inc., The, Wheeling 

Pkrkersburg Mill Co., The, Parkersburg 
Ptor Lumber k Phming Mill Co., Chrksburg 
Penn Table Co., Huntington 
Phillips, E. F., Lumber Co., New Martinsville 
Ptaint Pleasant Lumber Co., Point Pleasant 
Bmwood Lumber Co., Pickens 

Wheeling Buikiing Material Co., Wheeling 
Wheefing Planing Mill Co., Wheeling 
Whitmore Lumber Co.. Charles Town 
WikJemesB Lumber Co.. Nallen 
Williams k Pifer Lumber Co., Marlinton 
Winiamstown Lumber Co., The, Williamstown 
Wood-Mosaic Poplar Veneer Co., Huntington 

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West Viboinia Dibectobt of Industries 

Yellow Pine Lumber Co., Charleston 

Baaim. H. T. k Son, Charleaton 

Biroh, E. E. k Son. NeweU 

Bfaiefield Welding Co., Bbefidd 

Brammer k Dille, Huntington 

Breanerman, J. A. k Co., Salem 

Bucher-Smith Co.. Chester 

Cabot, Godfrey L., Spencer 

Carper Foundry-Maehine Co., Mabscott 

Centre Foundry k Machine Co., Wheeling 

Charleston Boiler k Machine Works, Charleston 

Charleston Electric Steel Foundry Co.. Charleston 

Charleston Industrial Corp.. Nitro 

Charleston Machine and Welding Co., Charleston 

Cherry River Boom k Lumber Co.. Curtin 

Chriaman Foundry Co., Morgantown 

Clarksburg Welding k Braiing Co., Clarksburg 

Coney k Sons, Charleston 

Cunningham's Foundry Co., Charleston 

Davis-Miller Engineering Co., Parkenburg 

Dillon Brothers Co., Wheeling 

Dye, L. F., Spencer 

Eagle, J. W. P., Ronceverte 

Elk Machine Co., Charleston 

Fairmont Mold and Foundry Co., Fairmont 

Fairmont Welding Shop, Fairmont 

Groti k Son, Wellsburg 

Hancock Foundry k Machine Co., New Cimiberland 

Hart Brothers, Clarksburg 

Hefner k Maysilles, Grafton . 

Hicks and Harvey, Huntington 

Hite, Harry P., Machine Co., Huntington 

Humphrey Manufacturing Co., Elkins 

Huntington Forge k Machine Co., Inc., Huntington 

Huntington Machine Shop, Huntington 

Jackson k Grow Machine Co., Morgantown (Westover) 

Eootz and Stroehman Machine Co., Parkersburg 

Kelly Foundry k Machine Co., Elkins 

King Garage and Machine Shop, The, Sp«xcer 

Liberty Welding Shop. Huntington 

Mahlke Mound k Machine Works, Wheeling 

MoClure k Veaiey Machine Co., Charleston 

Miller, Chas. M. k Son. Wheeling 

National Mold and Machine Works, Clarksburg 

New River Co., The, Macdonald 

Novelty Iron k Wire Works, Wheeling 

Ohio Valley Machine Co., Moundsville 

O'Neill, Thos. 0., Huntington 

Osbom's, J. F., Sons, Clarksburg 

Parkersburg Gas Engine Works, Parkersburg 

Parkersburg Welding Co., Parkersburg 

Princeton Foundry k Supply Co., Princeton 

Romisch Mfg. Co., Morgantown 

St. Clair. Eari, Parkersburg 

Saturn Machine and Foundry Co., Wheeling 

SchauwBoker, Herman k Son, Parkersburg 

Stoody Machine Co., Huntington 

Tri-State Equipment and Repair Co., Kenova 

West Virginia Foundry k Stove Co., Huntington 

Wheeling Machine Products Co., Wheeling 

Wheeling Metal Specialty Co., Wheeling 

Central States Granite Co,, The, Huntington 

Grafton Granite and MarUe Works, Grafton 

Hinton Marble Works, Hinton 

Huntington Monument Co., Huntingt<» 

Jaokson, A. B., Monument Works, Buekhannon 

Koon, A. B., Fairmont 

lang, Fred A, Marble k Granite Co.. Ptekersburg 

Miles, H. B., Moundsville 

Mitchell Monument Co., Charleston 

Sears Monument Co., Charleston 

Stewart Granite Works, The. Mannmgton 

Swanaon Monument Co., Huntington 

White, Simon k Son, Wheeling 

T. k H. Specialty M^. Co.. Charleston 
Virpnian Artcraft Co., Charkston 

Oil Well Tools and Mashlnery 

Acme Fishing Tool Co., Parkersburg 

Bradford Supply Co., Sistersville 

Carter Oil Co., The. Sistersville 

Crotty k Co., Parkersburg 

Hope Natural Gas Co.. Clarksburg 

Kelly's Foundry, Pftrkersburg 

Ken, Chas. J., Machine Co., Pennsboro 

Kessehnan k Co., Parkersburg 

Mannington Boiler Works, Mannington 

McJunkin Machine Co., Sstersville 

McKain J. B.. Fishing Tool Co., Parkersburg 

Oil WeU Supply Co., Cairo 

Oil Well Supply Co.. Charleston 

Oil WeU Supply Co.. Clarksburg 

Oil Well Supply Co., Parkersburg 

Parkersburg Machine Co., Parkersburg 

Parkersburg Rig and Reel Co., Parkersburg 

PhillipB, Chas., Tool Co., Mannington 

Sistersville Tank and Boiler Works, Sistersville 

South Penn Oil Co., Clarksburg 

South Penn (Ml Co., Mannington 

South Penn Oil Co.. Wolf Summit 

Spang and Co., Cameron 

Spang k Co.. Ckrksburg 

Spence, H. M., Parkersburg 

United Fuel Gas Co., (Oxweld Dept.) Charleston 

Yeater, Riley, West Union 


American Manufacturing Co., Nitro 
Ashland Paint Co., Huntington 
Bhie Ribbon Paint Co., Wheeling 
Clen-So Mfg. Co., Inc., Charleston 
Gates Manufacturing Co., Charleston 
Williamson Faint Mfg. Co., Charleston 

Pork and Beef Packers 

Fesenmaer Packing Co., Huntington 
Kalbitxer, The C, Packing Co., Wheeling 

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West Vibgiitia Dibectobt of Industries 


R«iyinaim, Paul 0., Co., Wheeling 
Schenk, F. k Sons Co.. Wheelbg 
Smith and Michel. (Ehn Grove) Wheeling 
Sivift A Co., Wheeling 
Weimer Packing Co., Wbeeling 
Weniel, John Co., Wheeling 
West Pfeoking Co., Wellaburg 
Wheeling Butchm Aflsociation, Wheeling 
ZoMkler. Geo. L., Wheeling 

Aldenon, Town of, Aldenon 

Appalachian Power Co., Bluefield 

Appalachian Power Co.. Welch 

BarbouTSville Water k Light Co.. Barboursville 

Beekley Ekctrie Light & Power Co., Beckley 

Beech Bottom Power Co., Beech Bottom 

Baawood k McMecben Water Works, Benwood 

Bluefield Water Works k Improvement Co., Bluefield 

Brooke Electric Co., Wheeling 

Boskhannon Light k Water Co., So. Bqckbannon 

Camden Park, Huntington 

Cameron Monidpal Water Works, Cameron 

Chrkflburg Gas k Electric Co., Clarksburg 

Chrksburg Water Board, Clarksburg 

Consofidated light. Heat k Power Co.. Kenova 

Consumers Heat. light. Water k Power Co., Belington Ckrksburg Eiponent, The, Clarksburg 

Weston Electric Light. Power and Water Co., The, 

West Penn Electric Co., Wellsburg 
West Penn Power Co., Grafton 
West Union Water Works. West Union 
West Vu^nia Heat, light k Power Co., Sistcrsville 
West Virginia Utilities Co.. Morgantown (Water Works) 
West Virginia Utilities Co.. Morgantown (Power plant) 
West Virginia Water k Electric Co.. Charleston 
Wheefing Electric Co., Wheeling 
Wheeling Public Service Co., Wheeling 
Wheeling Water Works, Wheeling 
Williamson, City of, Williamson 

Printing and Ptibllshlng 

Baptist Banner Publishing Co., The, Parkersburg 
Barbour Democrat, The, Philippi 
Braxton Democrat, The, Sutton 
Braxton Central, The, Sutton 
Buckhannon Delta, The, Buckhannon 
Bullard Printing House, Wbeeling 
CabeUReeord. Miltoji 
Charleston Daily Mail, The. Charleston 
Charleston Engraving Co.. Charleston 
Charleston Gaiette, Charleston 
Charleston Printmg Co., The, Charleston 
aty Print Shop, The, Parkersburg 

Davis Municipal light Co., Davis 
Dunbar Land Co., Dunbar 
Elkins Power Co., Elkins 
Elkins Water Works. Elkins 
Grafton Water Works, Grafton 
Hinton Water, Light k Supply Co., Avis 
Hnntiiigton Water Corp., Huntington 
Kentucky k West Virginia Power Co.. Logan 
Lewisburg, Town of, Lewisburg 
Logan Water Works Co.. Logan 
Madiwm Water k light Co.. Madison 
Monongaheht Railway k Power Co.. Parkersburg 

Ckrksburg Telegram. The, Chrksburg 

Coal aty Printing Co., Fairmont 

Cohnar. Louis Jr., Wheeling 

Commercial Printing Company, Inc., The, Charleston 

County Mail Ptess. The, Clarksburg 

Coston Printing Co.. The, Clarksburg 

Crescent Printing House, The, Morgantown 

Daily New Dominion, The, Morgantown 

Daily Telegraph Printing Co., Bluefield 

Danville Progress, Danville 

Davis News, The, Davis 

Davis, W. 0., Printing Co., Clarksburg 

Montgomery Light and Water Improvement Co., Mont- Doddridge County Republican, The, West Union 

gomery Doyle Publishing^ Co.. The, Keyser 

Mouttdiville Water Co., Moundsville Dunbar Advance, The, Dunbar 

Monieipal Light k Water Co., Marlinton Eagle Printing Co.. Charleston 

New Martinsville Water Works and Power Plant, NewEvening Press, The, Princeton 

Pwkflrsburg, CSty of, Ptekersburg 
Parsons Electric Co., Parsons 
PeDosboro Water Works, Pennsboro 
Point Pleasant Water k Light Co., Point Pleasant 
Princeton Power Co., Bhiefield > 
I^ineeton Power Co., Princeton 
Princeton Water Works Co., Princeton 
Ravenswood Water k Electric Plant, Ravenswood 
Reserve Gas Co., Ckrksburg 
Ripley, Town of, Ripley 
Ronoeverte, City of, Ronceverte 
St. Albans Light, Water k Ice Co., St. Albans 
St. Marys Power k light Co., St. Marys 
Sistertville, City of, Sistcrsville 
Spencer Water k Ice Co., Spencer 
Virginia-Weetem Power Co., Ronceverte 
WeUsbnrg Water Works, Wellsburg 

Fairmont Printing Co., Fairmont 
Fairmont Times, The, Fairmont 
Fleming. Frank M., Fairmont 
FoUansbee Review. The, Follansbee 
Globe Printing k Binding Co., Parkersburg 
Grafton Printing Co., The, Grafton 
Grafton Sentinel, The, Grafton 
Grant County Press, Petersburg 
Greenbrier Independent, The, Lewisburg 
Herald-Dispatch, The, Huntington 
Herald-Express, The, Salem 
Herald Printing House, Redmont 
Herald Publishing Co., The, West Union 
Hinton Leader, The, Hinton 
Home Office Supply Co., Welch 
Home Press, The, Cameron 
Huntington Advertiser, The. Huntington 
Independent. The. New Cumberland 

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West VnenriA Dibsgtort of Industubs 

Independ«nt-Herald. The. HintoB 

Independent, The. Weston 

InteUigencer Fublishing Co., Wheeling 

Inter-Mountain Printing Co.. The. Elkin* 

Jackson Pme. The. Weston 

Jarrett Printing Co., Charleston 

Janris Engraving Co., Wheeling 

Kanawha VaDey Publishing Co., Charleston 

Logan Banner PuUishing Co., Logan 

Logan Mating Co., The, Logan 

Lorenti PMs, The, Buckhannon 

Lovett Printing Co., Charleston 

Majority Co.. Wheeling 

Mannington Publishing Co., The. Mannbgtua 

Martinsburg Journal, Martinsburg 

Mason Republican, The, Pomt Pleasant 

MeChire Brothers, Charleston 

MoQIothfin Pruting Co.rPtekersburg 

lufingo Repubfioan, The, Wilfiamson 

Monongahela Valley Printing Co., Morgantown 

Morgan Messenger, The, Berkeley Springs 

Morgantown Poet, Morgantown 

Morgantown Printing and Bin(fing Co.. Morgantown 

Moore, 8. Speneer Co., The, Charleston 

Moorefieki Examiner, Moorefield 

Mound City Printing Co., Moundsville 

MoundsviUe Echo, Moundsville 

Moundsville Journal, Moundsville 

Mullens Advocate, The, Mullens 

Mutual Printing Co., Charleston 

Nichohs News Co., The, Richwood 

Ohio Valley Lithographing Co., WheeUng 

Ohio Valley Printing k Stationery Co., Huntington 

Ohio Valley Publishing Co., Parkersburg 

Oil Review Publishing Co., The, Sistersville 

O'Neale Printing A Supply Co., Clarksburg 

Owl Print Shop, The, Wheeling 

Pan-Handle Printing Co., Wheeling 

Paragon Printing & Publishing Co., Huntington 

Parkersburg News, The, Parkersburg 

Parkersburg Sentinel, The, PUrkersburg 

Pennsboro News, The, Pennsboro 

Philippi Publishing Co., The. Philippi 

Pocahontas Tunes, The, Marlinton 

Preston County Journal, The, Eingwood 

Preston R^wblican, Terra Alta 

Raleigh Herald, The, Beekley 

Raleigh Register, Beekley 

Randolph Enterprise, The, Elkins 

Randolph Review. The, Elkins 

Ravenswood News, The, Ravenswood 

Register Publishing Co., Pt. Pleasant 

Roane County Regbter, Spencer 

Rodgers Printing Co., Clarksburg 

SchoU Printing Co., The, Parkersburg 

Shinnston News, The, Shinnston 

Simpson Brothers, Welleburg 

&noot Advertising Co., Huntington 

Snyder Printing Co., Charleston 

Spirit of Jefferson, Charies Town 

Standard Printing k Publishing Co.. Huntington 

Sterling Printing Co., Williamson 

Taylor County News, Grafton 

rhompson Printing Co.. Belington 
Times- American, The. Huntington 
Times-Record, The, Spencer 
Tribune Printing Co., Charleston 
Tucker Democrat, The, Ptosons 
Upshur Record, The, Buckhannon 
Upshur Republican, The, Buckhannon 
Vandale Printing Co., Charleston 
Welch Publishing Co.. Welch 
Wellsbarg Herald, The, Welleborg 
West Union Record, The. West Union 
West Virginian, The, Fairmont 
West Vurginia Argus, The, KIngwood 
West Virginia Federationist, The, Charhston 
West Virginia Ubor News, The, Clarksburg 
West Vurginia News, The, Ronceverte 
West Vurpnia Printing Co., The, Wheeling 
Weston Democrat, The, Weston 
Wetsel Republican, The. New Martinsvilk 
Wheeling News Lithograph Co., Wheefing 
Wheeling Telegram, Wheelbig 
Williamson Daily News, Wilfiamson 

Railway ReiMir Shape 

Baltimore k Ohio R. R. Co., Benwood (Shops) 
Baltimore k Ohio R. R. Co., Charleston (Shops) 
Baltimore k Ohio R. R. O)., Clarksburg (Shops) 
Baltimore k Ohio R. R. Co., Fairmont (Shops) 
Baltimore k Ohio R. R. Co., Gassaway (Shops) 
Baltimore k Ohio R. R. (^., Grafton (Shops) 
Baltimore k Ohio R. R. Co., Kenova (Shops) 
Baltimore k Ohio R. R. Co., Morgantown (Shops) 
Baltimore k Ohio R. R. Co., Parkersburg (Shops) 
Baltimore k Ohio R. R. Co., Weston (Shops) 
Charleston-Dunbar Traction Ck>., Dunbar 
Charleston Interurban R. R. Co., Charlestqp 
Chesapeake k Ohio Ry. (^.. Handky 
Cheeapeake k Ohio Ry. Co., Hinton 
Chesapeake k OMo Ry. Co., Huntington 
Chesapeake k Ohio Ry. Co., Logan 
(Chesapeake k Ohio Ry. Co., Ronceverte 
Cheeapeake k Ohio R. R. St. Albans 
Chesapeake k Ohio R. R., Thurmond 
Greenbrier, Cheat k Elk Raikoad Co., Cass 
Kanawha k Michigan Ry. Co., Charleston 
Monongahela Power k Ry. Co., Clarksburg 
Monongahela Power k Ry. Co., Fairmont 
Monongahela Power k Ry. Co., Parkersburg 
Monongaheb Power k Ry. Co., Riveeville 
Norfolk k Western Ry. CV)., Bhie6eki 
Norfolk k Western Ry. Co.. Kenova 
Norfolk k Western Ry. CV).. Williamson 
Ohio Valley Electric Ry. Co., Huntington 
Virginian Railway Co., The, Princeton 
West Virginia Traction (>>., Morgantown 
Western Maryfamd R. R. Co.. Elkins 
Wheeling Traction (>>., Wheefitfg 

Roofng and Sheet Metal Work 

andnnati Sheet Metal k Roofing Co., Parkersburg 
Chrksburg Roofing k (3omice Co.. Clarksburg 

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West Viboinia Dibectobt of Industries 


Flesber, Ira £., & Co., Huntington 
Griffith, Foster k Rodes, Charleston 
Kisner, S. M. ft Bro., Fairmont 
Samueb, G. F., Fwkeraburg 
Schenerlein Roofing & Supply Co., Wheeling 
Smith & Burrows Co., Pftrkersburg 
Sutter Roofing & Cornice Co., Clarksburg 
Wheeling Metal k Mfg. Co.. Glendale 
Wileoxen, C. F., Huntington 

Soft Drinks 

Bhwfiekl Bottling Co.. Bluefield 
Charleston Bottling Works, Charleston 
Cburksburg Bottling Works, Ckrksburg 
Clothier Bottling Works. Clothier 
CoeapCola Bottling Works, Clarksburg 
Co«a-Co]» Bottling Works, Elkins 
Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Morgantown 
Coea-Coh Bottling Works, Parkersburg 
Coea-Coh Bottling Co., Point Pleasant 
Coca-Coh Bottfing Co., Thomas 
CocarCola Botthng Co., Wheeling 
Grown Bottling Co., The, Weirton 
Elk Bottling Co., Chtfksburg 
Fayette Bottling k lee Co., Montgomery 
Fairmont Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Fairmont 
Grafton Bottling Works, Grafton 
Gnyan Valley Bottfing Works, Logan 
Hinton Bottfing Co., Hinton 
Huntington Coca-Cola Co., Huntii^[ton 
Eenova Bottfing Works, Eenova 
Keystone Bottfing Co., Northfork 
Eegrstone Bottfing Co., Weteh 
Kramer's Bottfing Works, Befington 
Lime Cola Bottfing Co., Wheefing 

Pepsi-Cola Bottfing Co., Huntington 
Pepei-Cola Bottfing Works, Shhmston 
Price Bottfing Co., Buckhannon 
Raleigh Coca-Cola Bottfing Works, Mabsoott 
Ripley Bottfing Works, Ripley 
Sanitary Beverage Supply Co., Charketon 
St. Albans Bottfing Works, St Albans 
Sanitary Bottfing Co., Wilfiamson 
Tripure Water Co., Charleston 
Wagoner's Bottfing Works, Keyser 
West Virginia Beverage Co., Charleston 
West Virginia Pftrfay Co., Charieston 
Whistle Bottfing Co., Clarksburg 
Wilfiamson Bottfing Co., Wilfiamson 
Wyommg lee k Bottfing Co., Mulleas 

Graham Brothers Shoe Co., Ptekersburg 
Perry-Nonrell Shoe Co., Huntington 


Fairmont WaU Plaster Co., Fairmont 
Seabright, H. L., Wheefing 
Wheefing Wall Plaster Co., Wheefing 

Logan Bottiing Works, Logan 
Loop Creek Bottfing Co., Macdonald 
Maclow Ale k Mfg. Co.. The, Huntington 
Marlinton Bottfing Works, Marfinton 
Mint Cola Bottfing Works. Charleston 
Parkersburg Bottfing Works. Parkersburg 
Parkersburg Tripure Water Co.. Parkersbiffg 
Parsons Bottfing Co.. Parsons 

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