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Full text of "Wheeler and Warren families. Descendants of George Wheeler, Concord, Mass., 1638, through Deacon Thomas Wheeler, Concord, 1696, and of John Warren, Boston, Mass., 1630, through Ebnezer Warren, Leicester, Mass., 1744"

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The compiler desires to acknowledge his very 
great indebtedness to George Tolman, Esquire, of 
Concord, Mass., for valuable information and assist- 
ance. All in the following pages which relates to 
the first three generations of Wheelers has been 
generously furnished by him. Mr. Tolman has de- 
voted much time to careful and critical research into 
the history of the early Concord families, and there 
is no better authority upon the subject than he. 

The late William F. Wheeler of Lincoln, Mass., 
rendered valuable assistance in searching the Con- 
\ cord and Acton records, and in other ways. 

The thanks of the compiler are also due to Pro- 
fessor George T. Little of Brunswick, Maine, and to 
the Reverend Samuel May of Leicester, Mass., for 
valuable suggestions and assistance, and to the nu- 
merous members of the Wheeler and Warren fami- 
lies who have kindly and cheerfully responded to his 
V requests for information, and who have aided him in 

S **^ various ways in the preparation of this record. 




The arrangement of ihe genealogies contained in 
this book is similar to that of most works of the 
kind. A general account of ihc family is first given, 
followed by an account of its first known ancestor, 
then of his children, and so on. 

On the left of the n;.me of each descendant is a 
nuniber, printed in large type. These numbers run 
in consecutive order and serve to identify the individ- 
ual. A star prefixed to a number signifies that the 
name thus marked is made the subject of a paragraph 
farther on in the book, where it will be found with 
the individual's number jirinted above it. A separate 
paragraph is given to each male descendant bearing 
the family name concerrdng whom sufficient informa- 
tion has been obtained to warrant one. In these 
paragraphs, directly to the right of the name, is placed 
a small figure which in^licates the generation. Ad- 
joining, printed in italics, and within brackets, are 
given the names of the male ancestors. These names 
show at a glance one's line of descent. An account 
of each female descenckuit \\\\\ be found under the 
record of her father, it being l)eyond the scope of this 
work to bring the lines down through other families. 

To find one's place in the genealogy consult the 
family index for the individual's number. If it has a 
star before it turn to the paragraph having the same 
number above it. If no star is given find the num- 

6 Kcplanatory. 

ber in the left-hand margin. Having foand one's 
place in the genealogy his ancestry can be easily 
traced by noting the number in the center ui the page 
above the paragraph and then hnding the s mie num- 
ber in the left-hand margin, and so on. 

To determine the relationship between two indi- 
viduals com[)are the nan]es printed in italics aiid 
inclosed in brackets, beginning at the ri^^ht hand. 
If none of the names within the brackets coincide, 
the two persons are first, second, third cousiiis accord- 
ing as there are one, two or three names included. 
In case the names are the same at the begi,ming, re- 
ject these and compute as before from the balance. 

The compiler regrets that diligent inquiries have 
iailed to elicit information concerning some members 
of the two families and their descendants, and that 
in other cases the inforination received is inc omplete. 

Every effort has been made to secui-e correctness 
in the various family reconls herein given, but some 
<;rrors will doubtless be found. It is impos ,ible in a 
work of this character, where the compiK.r has to 
rely largely upon information furnished hy many 
correspondents, that absolute correctness in all cases 
should be secured. H(' confidently trusts, iiowever, 
that such errors as may be found will not impair the 
general usefulness of the work. 



M' Iv e etc v |fa in i I y . 

Strong are the iies of kindrkd. 


• The Wheeler family is of English origin, but no 
attempt is herein made to give any account of the 
English family beyond the simple statement that at 
least some of its members belonged to the aristocracy, 
it being a matter of record that during the reign of 
Charles H (1649-1685), Sir Charles Wheeler was 
appointed "Captain-General of the Caribee Islands," 
and that, in 1693, the English fleet under command 
of Sir Francis Wheeler, put into Boston to recruit. 
Mr. Orcutt, the historian of Stratford, Conn., says 
that Wheelers were in and around London four hun- 
dred years. 

Between 1620 and 1650, there were many families 
of the name who came from England, and settled in 
Massachusetts, Connecticut and Virginia. In Hot- 
ten's "Lists of Emigrants to America, 1600-1700," 
it is stated that in 1620, Henrie Wheeler arrived in 
Virginia in the Try all ; that Edward Wheeler em- 
barked at London, May 16, 1635, in the Plaifie Joane 
for Virginia; that July 24, 1635, John Wheeler em- 
barked in the Assitra?tce from London for Virginia ; 
and that Aug. i, 1679, John Wheeler, Jr., embarked 
at London in the ship Returne for New England. 
There was a John Wheeler in Newbury, Mass., who, 
Savage says, came in the Mary and John in 1634. 
His will, 1668, mentions children and grandchildren 
here, and sons Adam, Edward and William in Salis- 
bury, county of Wilts, England. George, Joseph 
and Obadiah were among the early settlers of Con- 

10 Wheeler and Warren families. 

cord, Mass., and may have been members of the first 
party which settled there in 1635. Thomas, Timothy, 
Ephraim and Thomas, Jr., came to Concord directly 
from England in 1639. There was a Thomas in Bos- 
ton in 1636; an Isaac in Charlestown, made a free- 
man in 1643; a Joseph in Newbury, who died in 
1659 ; a Thomas in Lynn, made a freeman in 1642 ; 
and a Moses in Stratford, Conn., who, Mr. Orcutt, 
the historian of Stratford, says, was born in 1598, in 
the county of Kent, England. 

Shattuck says, that between 1650 and 1680, there 
were in Concord alone, thirty distinct families of the 
name. Farmer records as an interesting fact that 
twenty-six of the name had graduated from New 
England colleges in 1826. 

The Wheelers named in the following pages are 
descendants of George, of Concord, the record being 
carried in a single line to the fourth generation, com-- 
mencing at which the various branches are given. 


George Wheeler was certainly in Conconl in 
1638, his name appearing; in the first year's records 
of the town, and it is not unlikely that he was one of 
the very first settlers in 1635. From what paitof 
lingland he came is uncertain, and the relationship 
between him and the other Wlieelers who came to 
Concord about the same time is unknown. The 
records of only a comparatively few English parishes 
have been printed. It is found, however, that the 
names Thomas, Joseph, Timothy and Obadiah appear 
frequently in various parishes in the county of Kent, 
and as these names were most common among the 
early New England members of the family, it is prob- 
able that the Concord Wheelers came from that 
part of lingland, and were rehited. George Wheeler 
appears to have been a person of consequ.:nce and 
presumably, a man of education and judgment, for 
he was often intrusted with important matters and 
put on nany committees for the transaction of public 
business, and we find his name signed to all sorts of 
petitior s and memorials to the General Court f/om 
the firsi settlement of the town to the very year of 
his death. He was selectman in 1660. lie was a 
man of wealth and owned land in every part of the 
township — Brook Meadow, Fairhaven Meauow, 
theCraiiefield, by Walden, Goose and bdint's pond, on 
White J^ond Plain, on the Sudbury line, etc. He died 
between the years 1685 and 1687, his will bein^r dated 
in January, 1685, and offered for probate 2 June, 1687. 

12 Wheder and Warren Fa/nilien. 

His wife's namo was Katharine, but nothing- more 
is known concerning her t-xcept that she died in 
Concord, 2 January, i()84-5. 

They had eight children, five of whom may have 
been born in Enghind, as their birtlis are not recorded 

*2. Thomas, b. ; m. Hannah Harrod, lo Oct., 


3. Elizai!ETH, b. ; m. Francis Metcher, i Oct., 


4. WiixiAM, b. ; m. Hannah Buss, 30 Oct., 


5. Ruth, b. — ; m. Samuel Hartwell, 26 Oct., 


6. Hannah, b. ; named in will as " my daugh- 

ter Hannah IHetcher." 

7. Sarah, b. 30 Mch., 1640; m. bVancis Dudley, 26 

Oct., 1665. 

8. John, b. 19 Mch., 1642 3; m. Sarah Larkin, 25 

JMch., 1663-4. 

9. Mary, b. 6 Sept., 1645; m. Eliphalet Fox, 26 

Oct., 1665. 

Thomas', was doubtless born in the old country. 
He married, 10 Oct., 1657, Hannah Harrod (or Har- 
wood as the name is now spelled). He died in Dec, 
1686, and his estate was administered at Boston 21 
Sept., 1687. An inventory of his estate is recorded 
in the Suffolk Reg., X, 115, and begins, " Aii inven- 
tory of the goods and estate of Thomas Wheeler, 
son of George Wheeler, late of Concord, deceased." 

10. Hannah, b. 25 Oct., 1658; d. 12 Aug., 1659. 

The Wheeler Family. 13 

*ii. TnoM vs, b. I Jan., 1659-60. 
12. John, b. 2 Sept., 1661 ; m. Elizabeth Wells, 25 
J Line, 1684. 
Three children were born to him in Concord, 
and then he renioved to Marlboro, where 
he died in j 721. Some account of his de- 
scendants may be founel in Hudson's His- 
tory of Mailboro, p. 465 et seq. 


Thomas* \^TJio}na^'*\, called in the records of 
Concord " Ensign," \^"as burn in Concord, IMass., 1 
Jan., 1659-60. He married 13 Nov., 1695, Sarah 
Davis, daughter of Lieut. .Simon and Mary ( lUood) 
Davis. She was born 11 March, 1665-6, and died 5 
Aug-., 1728, in the 63d year of her age. He died 
2 Oct., 1734, in the 7 )th year of his age. 

They lived in whaL was then called the " East 
Quarter," on the land which had been the site of the 
dwelling-place of hi:, father, "Thomas Wheeler, 
Senior." This was un the " Bay Road," the way 
leading to l^oston, and inchuled probably the estate 
since occu[)ied by Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

The following are the inscriptions upon their grave- 
stones : 





D E C" O C r O B E R 

¥•= -' A D 1734 

& IN V^ 75^'^ 



14: Wheele)' and Wurj'c/i Famdles. 

Here lyes y'^ Body 
of M^ Sarah Wheeler 
Wife to iLnfii^u Thoinas 
Wheeler; Who 
DeC^ Au-uft 5"' 
1728 in y'' 63^ 
Year of her A^e. 


Children : 
*i3. Thomas, b. 14 Aug., i6g6. 

14. Sarah, b, 20 Dec, 1697; m. 25 N(jv., 1718, 

Jonathan Hart\vell. 

15. Dorcas, b. 29 Mch., 1700. 

16. Hannah, b. 19 A^jr., 17(32. 

17. Mary, b. 3 Mch., 1704; ni. 29 Dec, 1725, John 


Thomas^ [ Thomas', TJiomas''\ called in the records 
of Concord " Lieut,," and later in life receiving tlie 
title of " Deacon," was born in Concord, 14 Auj.;., 
1696. He married, first, Mar)- Brooks, daughter of 
Daniel and Ann (Meriani) Brooks. She was born in 
Concord, 2 Mch., 1699- i 700, and died in W^orcester, 
18 May, 1740, aged 40. He niarried, second, Susan- 
nah . She died in Worcester, 23 Sept., 1760, 

aged 58. 

Thomas Wheeler appears to have sold out his pos- 
sessions in the old part of Concord on 13 Dec, 1722, 
and to have removed to the " \ ilkaire," or " ne^v errant." 
which was afterward (in 1735) set oft as Acton. He 
was the first Town Clerk of Acion, in i 735-0 ; he was 
also a member of the Board of Selectmen of the town 
the same years. He removed lo Worcester, l)etween 
22 Mch., 1739, and 18 May, 1740. His dismissal 

The Wheeler Family. 16 

from the church in Acton to that In Worcester, was 
dated 22 Mch., i 741. He was one of Ami Selectmen of 
Worcester, In 1743, 1744, 1745, i 74' . 1751 ^ind 1753. 
He was elected deacon of the First Church In Wor- 
cester, 14 Jany., 17^8 and held tlu office until his 
death in i 769. 

In Worcester he rt:slded upon his farm which ad- 
joined the Leicester line on the old r .atl to Leicester. 

Soon after the marriage of his soi; Amos, in 1762, 
he went to Hardwick, Mass, where ihrce of his soiis 
resided, and died there, 31 Jan., 1709. His grave- 
stone Is still to be seen In Hardwick, though much 
worn, and with its Inscription nearly obliterated. 
Deacon Wheeler was evidently a man of consider- 
able wealth, as is shown by conveyances of properly 
from and to him, as recorded in the Middlesex and 
in the Worcester Registry of Deeds. 

Children : 

18. Thomas, b. in Concord, 6 Feb., 1722-3; d. in 

Acton, 14 Jan., 1736-7; buried In Concord. 

19. Mary, b. In Concord 7 July, 1726. 
*20. Daniel, b. in Concord in 1728 9. 

21, Charles, b, 13 bY-b., 1730-1; iinmarrled; w;is 
a physician but died young, his death occur- 
ing- In Worcester, 3 June, i']i>i. 
*22. Amos, b. July, 1733. 
*23. Nathan, b. 15 Sept., 1735. 

24. Sarah, b. in Acton, 8 Jan., 173 (-7, 
*25. Thomas, b, in Acton, 22 Mch., 1738-9. 

Daniel^ | TJiO))ias\ Thojuas^, Tho))t is-\ was born In 
Concord in 1728-9. He married, f.rst, Betty Hol- 
loway, daughter of Lieut. William Hollovvay of 
Northborough, now Marlboro, Mass. She died in 

16 Whc: lev and War/rfi Families. 

Hardwijk, 7 March, 1774. He married, second, 
Mrs. M try Cleveland of New Marlborough, published 
2 April 1775. She died 7 Dec, 18 10. He settled 
in Har Iwick where he died 10 Jan., 1813, aged 84. 
He was a farmer, respected for honesty and integrity 
but not prominent in i)ul)lic affairs. In various legal 
docuuK nts he was styled " Gentleman." About the 
time of die Revolution he owned largely in real estate 
but thi vicissitudes of the times compelled him to 
mortga ^e the greater part of his property, taking 
thereff; ' Continc ntal money which subsequently de- 
preciat( d to seven dollars on a thousand and left 
him on the verge of poverty. 

Children : 
*26. Ji liN, b. about 1757. 
27. Mary, b. aljout 1759; m. 28 May, 1777, Moses 
Mandell ; d. 28 Apr., 17S2. 

Amos^ \^\ T/io)nas\ Tho))ms''\ was born in 
Acton, then a part of Concord, Mass., in July, 1733. 
He married, 2 May, 1762, Mary Belcher Henshaw, 
daughter of Daniel"^ and Elizabeth [ Bass f | Hpn- 
shaw. Shewasborn in Boston, 20 June, 1739, and died 
20 Nov., 1824. He died 20 Nov., 1820. After his 
marriage, as bef(jre, he lived with his father upon the 
old homestead, until 17 Feb., 1764, when he purchased 
one-half of the homestead and his father went to Hard- 
wick to live with another son who resided there. 
Subse([uently he: purchased additional land in the 
vicinity and after the death of his father he came 

*He WIS son of Josiiua and <4rcat-grandson of William of I.ancashiie, 
Great lirilain. 

fShc v,,is dau<,rlUcr (H S;imurl and Maiv[AidL-n| 15ass, the lallLT hem>; 
the dau-hler of John .uid Piiscillu Aldcn, made famous by Longfellow's 
well-known poem. 

The Wheeler Famihj. 17 

into full possession of the homestead. A deed 
executed 14 April, 1769, from "Daniel Wheeler, 
gentleman, of Hardwick, Nathan Wheeler, yeoman, 
and Thomas Wheeler, yeoman, both of Hardwick, 
for and in consideration of ninety-four pounds eleven 
shillings and eight pence," deeds to "Amos Wheeler, 
yeoman, of Worcester, all the right, title and interest 
we ever had, now have, or should have in and unto a 
certain tract or parcel of land laying and being in 
Worcester aforesaid, containing by estimation twenty- 
six acres, more or less, and is part of the home stade 
which was our honored fathers thomas Wheeler late 
of Hardwick deceased and lays and bounds as fol- 
lows, viz. southerly on land of Amos Wheeler fore- 
said being parte of said home stade, westerly partely 
on land of Jabes Green and partly on land of said 
Amos northerly on land of said Amos Easterly on 
said Ameses land partly and partly on our land be- 
ing part of said home stade left us by our father 
aforesaid by will together with the dwelling hous the 
barn and other Buildings tliereon stantling, to have 
and to hold," etc. 

Amos Wheeler was a large, portly man, over six 
feet in height, with a high forehead and a bald head. 
He was a man of excellent judgment and of more 
than ordinary intelligence for the time in which he 
lived, and his advice was frequently sought in busi- 
ness and other matters. He was of an argumenta- 
tive disposition, and was fond of discussing political 
and religious questions; and although he was ear- 
nest in his discussions and strong in his convictions, he 
was good-natured and charitable toward his opponent. 

In middle life he was in excellent circumstances. 
He owned a large and valuable farm, well stocked, 
and with a good dwelling-house and farm buildings. 

18 Wheeler and Warren Families. 

His house was well furnished, and he is said to have 
owned the handsomest carriag^e in Worcester. He 
was very hospitable, and his guests were from the 
wealthiest and most cultivated families in Worcester 
and Boston. 

About the year 1790 he had a severe attack of 
rheumatism, which left him lame and obliged him to 
use crutches the rest of his life. This misfortune 
prevented his working upon his farm or having a 
proper oversight of the work which was performed 
by hired help. Subsequently he leased the farm at 
"halves," but for want of proper supervision it rap- 
idly deteriorated, the buildings were neglected, and 
at last, in 18 14, his son-in-law, Elijah Warren, in or- 
der to save the property from further depreciation, 
prevailed upon him to sell it. This was done, and 
Amos, his wife, daughter Charlotte and grand- 
daughter Mary B. H.Wheeler, whom he had adopted, 
went to Leicester and lived in a part of Mr. War- 
ren's house. 

Mrs. Wheeler was a very superior woman. Rev. 
Dr. Nelson, in his remarks at her funeral, said of her : 
" It was her happiness to be born of parents who 
knew the value of education, and who were capable 
of forming her mind to habits of intellectual exer- 
tion, refinement and .virtue At the same time 
they impressed upon her mind and walked before her 
in all Christian example. Her only intercourse was 
with the higher classes in society, fier associates 
were the intelligent, the accomplished and the re- 
ligious. Hence religion with her had peculiar charms. 
Being associated with all that was graceful and win- 
ning in its exterior deportment, it was set off, if we 
may so speak, with the graces of affability, kindness 
and good breeding." 

The Wheeler Family. 19 

Before her marriage she had received attentions 
from both the brothers Charles and Amos Wheelor. 
Both tried to win her, and being compelled Lo 
choose between them, she accepted Charles who was 
a physician and well educated, and therefore was, per- 
haps, more congenial to her than Amos, whose 
education was more limited. The doctor, however, 
died before their wedding day arrived. After the 
death of Charles, Amos renewed his suit and was ac- 
cepted. Several silver tablespoons now in the family 
marked " C. W. to AI. B. H.," were given by I )r. 
Charles Wheeler to Miss Mary Belcher Henshaw in 
anticipation of their intended marriage. 

Children : 
28. Elizabeth, b. 4 May, 1763; m. Elijah Warren. 
*29. Amos, b. 5 Aug., 1764. 

30. Mary Bklctikk, b. 19 Dec, 1774; m. bUijah 

Warren as his second wife. 

31. Charlotte, b. 4 Oct., 1778; single; lived for 

many years with her nephew. Rev. Amos 
Dean Wheeler, D.D. She died in Topsham, 
Me., I Aug., 1870. 

Nathan^ \Tko})ias\ Thomas^, TJiomas'\ was born 
in Acton, 15 Sept., 1735. llemarried Hannah Hunt. 
She died 10 Jan., 1813, in the 71st year of her age. 
He died 3 Nov., 1819. He was a farmer; settled in 
Hardwick, Mass., where he lived until he was an old 
man, v;hen he went to Weathersheld, Vt., to live 
with his son Nathan, and died there. 

Children : 

32. Persis, b. 27 Mch., 1763; d. 6 Aug., 1853. 

33. Lemuel, b. 30 April, 1764; m. 22 Mch., 1793, 

Anna Ames of Barre ; he d. 18 Feb., 1837; 


Wheeler and Warren Families. 

she d. 4 Dec, 1846, aged 80; resided in 
Hardwick ; no children. 
•^34. Nathan, b. 16 June, 1767. 

35. Hannah, b. 22 Dec, 1768; m. 2 Mch., 1793, 

Lewis Abbott, of Oakham. 

36. Betsey, b. 4 May, 1773; m. 28 Nov., 1799, 

Elihu Wright, of Westminster, Vt. 
T^'j. Polly, b. 5 April, 1775 ; m. Peter Wilder, of 
Oakham, pub. 25 May, 1794. 

38. Artemas, b. 10 June, 1777. 

Thomas^ \Thomas\ Thovias'^, 77^^//^i^j"^], was born 
in Acton, 22 Mch., 1738-9. He married Sarah War- 
ner, daughter of Jonathan Warner, of Hardwick, 
Mass. She was born i Nov., 1742. She died 1837. 
He died 10 July, 1804, aged 65. He was a farmer, 
and settled in Hardwick. 

Children : 

39. Charles, b. 13 Oct., 1763; 

Nov., 1805. 
*4o. Thomas, b. 3 Mcli., 1767. 
Moses, b. 26 Mch., 1769. 

Daniel, b. ; d. 8 Oct., 

Sally, b. ; unmarried 

unmarried ; d. 1 1 



d. 5 July, 1793. 


John^ [Daniel^, TJio))ias\ Tko?fms^, Thontas^\ was 
born in Hardwick about 1757. He marrit^d Mary, 
daughter of John Paige, 18 Nov., 1779. She died 
5 May, 1 82 1, aged 60. He died 8 June, 1794. He 
took part in Shay's Rebellion, being ont; of the 
prominent officers among the insurgents, was tried tor 
treason and condemned, but was pardoned, and was 
afterward elected and commissioned Captain of 


The Wheeler Famihj. 21 

Militia. It is a family tradition that he was one of 
the finest officers on parade. 
Children : 

44. BetsI' Y, b. 3 June, 1780; ni. Isaac Davis of 

Rufland, pub. 2 May, 1825; d. 27 July, 1849. 

45. Fannv, b. 27 Sept., 1 781 ; m. 27 \)<tc., 1801, 

Lemuel Weeks; d. 8 July, 1807; removed to 

Ilardwick, Vt. ; three children. 
*46. DanllL, b. 7 Oct., 1783. 
*47. John, b. 29 Aug., 1785. 

48. Mary, b. 16 Feb., 1788. 

49. HoLLOWAY Taylor, b. 29 Sept., 1790; resided 

in Rutland; d. 7 Apr., 1841. 


Amos^ I A?nos^, Thomas\ Tho)>ias^, T/io>uas~\, was 
born in Worcester, 5 Au<^., 1764. He UKirricd, hrst, 
2 June, 1785, Martha Read of Northbridgi:, Mass. 
She died 6 June, 1802, aged 36. He married, sec- 
ond, 18 June, 1803, Mrs. Lydia (Randall) Dean, 
daughter of Benjamin Randall of Scituate, fourth gen- 
eration from William of Scituate. She died 29 Sept., 
1856, aged 89 years, 15 days. He died 17 Nov., 1806. 

It is said of Amos Wheeler that he was naturally 
active and energetic, but that early cares and dis- 
appointments discouraged him and he became some- 
what shiftless, or at least lost some of his energy and 
perseverance. Among other causes was his early 
marriage. His first wife was an intellectual woman, 
of excellent moral character, but she was extravagant 
in the management of her houseliold aflairs and she 
was, besides, somewhat of an invalid, which necessi- 
tated the employment of hired help and this, with 
their rapidly increasing family, made his expenses 
larger than he could easily meet. 

22 Wheeler and Warren Families. 

In early life he lived with his father on the farm in 
Worcester. Later he was employed in a neighbor- 
ing town as a cabinet-maker and was esteemed a 
good A\^orkman. Subsecjuently he removed to Wood- 
stock, Vt., where he lived at the time of his death. 
His moral character is said to have been without re- 

His second wife was a smart, active woman who 
was a real help to him during the few years of their 
marrit d life. 

Children (by wife Martha): 

50. Henjamin Henshaw, b. 16 July, 1786; m. Hul- 

dah Lord; he d. 14 Aug., 181 3. 

51. Charles, b. 19 Jan., 1788; d. 26 Sept., 1805. 

52. 1 HOMAs Read, b. 25 June, 1791. He removed 

to the west and nothing further is known of 
him or of his descendants. 

53. Mary Belcher Henshaw, b. 22 Feb., 1793; 

single ; lived for many years with her half- 
brother, Rev. Amos Dean Wheeler, D. D.; 
she was a teacher in Topsham, Me., in 1840, 
and subsequently; she d. in Topsham, 21 
Jan., 1863. 

54. LIenry Adolphus, b. 19 Aug., 1798; d. 17 July, 

Children (by wife Lydia): 
*55. Amos Dean, b. 13 Dec, 1803. 
56. Charles Augustus, b. 24 Sept., 1805 ; d. 6 
Dec, 1806. 


Nathan* \Nai/iaft^, Tho>iias\ TJiojiias^, Tliomas^\ 
was born in Hardwick, Mass., 16 June, 1767. He 
marrietl Silence Giles at Chester, Vt., 14 Dec, 1794. 
He seltled in Weatherslield, Vt., where he died 15 

The Wheeler Family. 23 

April, 1833. He was a farmer by o. cupation. He 
was highly respected, and sustained a ;ood character, 
but was not prominent in town or St: te affairs. 
Children : 

57. Silence, b. 6 Feb., 1798. 

58. Nathan, b. 8 Jan., 1800; d. 7 S pt., 1833. 
*59. Artemas, b. 9 Apr., 1802. 

60. Charlotte, b. 3 Apr., 1804; d, .7 Nov., 1S87. 

61. r)AViD, b. 29 July, 1806; d. 14 /■.i)ril, 180S. 

62. r\.MOS, b. 12 Feb., 1809; d. 22, 1809. 

63. Martplv, b. 26 Aug., 1 8 TO. 

64. Fanny, b. 3 Dec, 181 3. 

65. A son, b. 7 July, 1816 ; d. same day, 

66. Lucia, b. 11 Mch., 1820. 


Thomas" [ 7"/^<?W(?i"', Thomas\ T/wias^, TJioiiias^\, 
was born in Hardwick, 3 Mch., 1767. He married, 
first, Anna, daughter of Lieut. Job 1 )exter, 3 June 
1790. She died 20 Mch., 1804. Lie married, second, 
Mary, daughter of Timothy Paige, 14 Feb., 1805. 
She died 18 Sept., 1828. He married I vice afterward. 
He was a very ingenious blacksmith and iron founder. 
Was long in military service. Was C iptain in 1801, 
Major in 1811 and Colonel in 1813. He resided in 
Hardwick until about 18 18, then rem )ved to 1 icon- 
deroga, N. Y., returned about 1830 and died in Wor 
cester 26 April, i85i,aged 84. He was buried in the 
family lot in the old cemetery at H. rdwick, Mass., 
where, subsequently, a monument was erected l)y his 
son William Augustus. 

Children : 
^67. Charles, b. 26 Mch., 1791. 
68. A child, b. ; d. 2 May, 1793. 







24 Wheeler and Warren Families. 

69. Sally, b. 28 Apr., 1794 ; m. 3 Nov., 1814, Dan- 
iel Wheeler. 

A child, b. ; d. in infancy. 

William Augustus, b. 30 Mch., 1798. 

V child, b. Nov., 1800; d. 26 Jan., 1801. 

V child, b. ; d. 4 July, 1802. 

\nn Dexter, b. 3 Dec, 1805; d. 18 Jan., 1816. 

\ child, b. ; d. 18 July, 1807. 

I'iioMAs Alonzo, b. 7 Nov., 1S08; d. 15 Apr., 


J J. (Charlotte Sopiil\, b. 8 May, 181 1 ; m. 24 Apr., 
1828, William Burnett Cooper ; he b. Shore- 
ham, Vt., 6 May, 1807; d. at Shoreham 16 
Oct., 1828 ; one ch. d. in infancy; m., second, 
17 Jan., 1 83 1, Ashley Cooper Bennett; he b. 
Ticonderoga, N. Y., 6 July, 1809; res. Law- 
rence, Mich. ; she d. 17 Dec, 1887; ch : Ilar- 
riet Sophia, b. 28 Dec, 1831 ; d. 29 Nov., 
1871 ; Jane Elvira, b. 2 May, 1836; Fay c tie 
H., b. 4 July, 1838 ; ]\[ary Abigal, b. 26 Jan., 
1841 ; MartJia- Ann, b. 13 Sept., 1843; 'J- 9 
July, 1875 J ^Villiani Alonzo, b. i Dec, 1845 ; 
d. 14 Feb., 1889; a tiuin brotJier, d. 3 Dec, 
1845 i CJiarlcs EdivijL, b. 31 July, 1848 ; Alice 
Maria, b. 6 July, 1851; d. 18 Apr., 18S7; 
Gcors^e Wheeler, b. 11 June, 1853. 

78. T».Iary EiMELiNE, b. 21 June, 1813; m. Thomas 

R. Green; d. 20 Feb., 1843. 

79. Rhi5ECCA Ann, b. 6 Mch., 1816; m. Lyman 

Burrill ; d. 10 June, 1853. 

80. I'^LiZA Jane, b. 15 Apr., 1819 ; m. Stephen 

Lovell ; d. 4 Mch., 1848. 

81. Juliet Elvira, b. 10 Sejjt, 1821 ; unmarried; 

d. June, 1840. 

The V/lieeler Familij. 25 


Moses* \Thomas\ TJiomas', TJiovias', Tho,:as'\ 
was born in HarcKvicL, Mass., 26 Mch., 1769. He 
married Mehitable Peaison of Randolpli, Vi., in 1 798. 
Resided in Randolph irom about 1790 to 1803, ^-'^^^ 
returned to Hardwick and died there 14 Aui^., 1828. 
His wife died in Brewer, Me., \^ Aug-., 1854. 
They were botli meuibers of the Congregauonal 
church and led exemplary lives. In politics hi: was 
a Whig. His occupaLion was that of a clothier. Fie 
was a very ingenious man, and once told a frientl that 
the only thing he ever failed in making was an In- 
dian basket; he had plenty of " nuity," but not enough 
" ingen " in his makeu[). 

82. Sophia, b. 11 Dtc, 1799; m. 12 May, 1825, 
John Wheeler. 
*83. Daniel, b. 10 July, 1801. 

84. Amanda, b. 6 Dec, 1802; m. in 1826, Alanson 

Johnson of Hardwick; removed to Atkinson, 
Me., in 1836; now resides East Corinth, Me.; 
ch.: //^;^rj'^., b. Apr., 1827; d. 1853; Wil- 
licDJi IK, b. Sept., 1834; d. in Hayti, i^l'-^^- 

85. Sarah Warner, b. 2 Dec, 1804; m. 3 Mch. 

1829, Artemas Wheeler. 

86. Moses, b. 2 Sept., 1806; drowned 8 June, 1819. 

87. IMehitahle, b. 24 May, 1808; m. 23 Aug., 1829, 

Daniel Chase of Atkinson, Me.; he d. 8 Mch., 
1 854; d\:.Danicl\\ licelcr, b. 2 7 Dec, 1 840; Mar- 
tJia Adalinc, b. 8 Feb., 1843; Sara/i Mehit- 
able, b. 19 Oct., 1846; (1. 26 Oct., 1851; she 
m., second, 31 Aug., 1866, Jose^^h Da\ is of 
Brownville; he d. 10 Jan., 1869; she re- ides, 
Yarmouthville, Me. 

26 Wheeler and Wan'en Fainilies. 

88. Henry Pars(jns, b. 27 Aiio., iSio; d. 15 INlcli., 


89. Harriet, b. 24 July, 1S12; m. in 1S43, I )ca. John 

Holyoke, Brewer, Me.; he had by a former 
wife, John Edwartl, b, 1832; Trancis i\I., b. 
1834; JuHa A., b. 1838; by wife Harriet, 7///^? 
Harriet, b. Apr., 1844; m. j 868, A. A. P)ol- 
ton; widow, resides at Brewer; Clara Amanda, 
b. 16 Nov., 1848; m. 1875, F. L. Hark)w, 
merchant, IJrewer, Me.; Dea. Holyoke, d. 2 
Oct., 1885; was dea. First Cong. Ch.; rep. to 
Leg., two terms; pres't savings b'k, fourteen 
years, and lield other positions ol public trust; 
his wife, Harriet, was a pu[;i] at Mt. llolyoke 
Seminary at the opening of that institution; 
she resides at Brewer, Me. 


Daniel Wheeler \JoJui\ Da>iiel\ Thomas', 
Thoi)ias\ TJio))ias'\, was born 7 ()ct., 1783. lie 
married Sally, daughter of Col. 1 homas W^ieeler, 3 
Nov., 1814. Resitled in Hardwick. He died 
13 June, 1864. She died 20 June, 1864, aged 70. 

His father dying when he was but eleven years of 
age, his grandfather took him, with his brothers and 
sisters and their mcjther, to his home. Daniel bein(£ 
the oldest of the boys, was obliged to work early and 
late, and had but little opportunity t(j obtain an edu- 
cation. After his grandfather's death, and his own 
marriage, he sold the old farm and bought a new one 
south of the " Centre," where his ten children were 
born. He was an industrious and an honest man and 
a good citizen, but he was not prominent in public 
affairs. He was a member of the Congregational 
church, and in poliiies was a Whig. At the age of 

The Wheeler Jbamily. 27 

sixty, he fell on the ice and broke his arm, and in 
consequence of mal-practiceon the part oi the attend- 
ing- physician, amputation was rem-UMtMl necessary. 
This rendered him nearly hel[)less for il.i' rest of his 
life, but he l^ore his mislortune with IuhmIc fortitude. 
Four ^■ears liefore his de.ath he moved lo W^orcester 
in order to be with his children. lie and his wife 
were both buried in the family lot in ll;.rd\vick. 
Children : 

90. Sally Ann, b. 2 Nov., 1815; uimiarricd ; d. 

25 Jan., 1833. 

91. r^vNNV, b. 15 Sei^t., 1817; m. 10 iMay, 1837, 

Forester B. Aiken, ol Hardwicl. ; ch.: Mar- 
tha Alaria, h. 2 beb., 1839; <-'• ' b *-■!>•, 1840; 
Alary Ajdi, b. 23 b^eb., 18 |i ; Cliarles 
Whcc/er, b. 23 b'eb,, 1843 ; d. 2.\ Mch., 1886; 
Henry Phijuwy, b. 16 Nov., .844; Elloi 
Francis, h 25 May, 1847; Sarn/i /iI/::tiU-t/i,h. 
2 Feb., 1859; ^^- ^^ J^i'i' 1884 ; .'hti'/i/, b. 20 
Sept., 1862. 

92. INIarv, b. 25 Sept., 1819; m. 3 iMa^, 1843, Fevi 

Adams, of Shutesbury ; he was b. 6 Nov., 
1820; he d.. in lladlcy, 19 Scq)!., 1885 ; she 
resides in North Iladley, Mass.; ch.: Iiliza- 
bctJi Davis, b. Shutt^sbury, ij Ajn-., 1844; 
m. 16 Aiay, 1867, Thomas Winn ; she resides 
in North Hadley, Mass.; Md,y U'/ictier, 
b., Hadley, 7 Dec, 1845 ; m. 2] Dec, 1868, 
Chas. H. Kellogo-, of N. Amher-i; she d. 16 
Oct., 1889; Sarah J., b. 13 b'eb., 18.18; d. 
31 July, 1849; Jujinia, b. 15 J. 11., 1851/); d. 
19 Jan., 1878; Frank Fiit^tc^ \>. 17 Jan., 
1853 ; m, 13 Sept., 1880, Frances .SaddiuL^ton, 
of Brooklyn, N. Y.; William II. b. 13. Sept., 
1861 ; d. 28 Aug., 1865. 

28 Wheeler ami Warren BarnUles. 

93. Elizabeth, b. 22 Aug., 1821; unmarried; she 

was a teacher for many years, and was a 
nurse in an army hospital after the l)attlc of 
Gettysburg ; afterward she taught among the 
freednien in Ahibama; she now resichjs VVcjr- 
cester, Mass. 

94. Daniel Warner, b. 15 Aug., 1823; uLJune, 

1848, Delia Jenney, of Ware; she d. 1861 ; 
he was a soldier in the Civil War ; last heard 
from at Nashville, just before battle of Pitts- 
burg L.anding, 6 April, 1862 ; no information 
concerning his descendants, if any, has been 

95. CiiARLoiTE, b. 13 Nov., 1825; m. Edwin 1). 

McEarland, of Worcester ; he was a volun- 
teer in 51st Mass. Regt; wounded at Peters- 
burg ; no children. 

96. LuTiiERA Alimika, b. 19 June, 1828; m. 19 

June, 1 85 1, iulward Dean ; ch. : iMary Eliza- 
beth, b. 6 Oct., 1852; d. 17 Sept., 1877; 
Williaia Edward, b. 12 Jan., 1854; Jo/ni 
Adams, b. 31 Oct., 1S56; m. Nellie South- 
worth, of Williamstown ; /(^.iYy^/;, b. 27 Mch., 
1859; ^- ^5 Sept., \'^']']\ Adclia Jcuiicy, b. 
July, 1861; d. 27 Mch., 1878; A)i)iic Maria, 
b. 22 Aug., 1863. 
*97. John, b. 17 July, 1829. 
98. Susan Caroline, b. 24 P'eb., 1832 ; d. 6 Mch., 

*99. William Augustus, b. 8 July, 1835. 


John^ S^John^, Daniel'', Thomas\ T/io/}ias% 
Tho?}ias^\, was born 29 Aug., 17S5. He married 
first, in 1813, Submit Cutting. She died in 1822. 

The \neeler Family. 29 

He married, second, 12 May, 1825, Sophia, daughter 
of Moses Wheeler. She is now hving; in Hardwick 
at the advanced age of ninety-two years, retaining 
her faculties to a remarkable degree. He was a 
farmer, a hard-working man, honest and upright m 

Children (by wife Submit :) 
100. John, b. ini8i4;went to Wellfleet and became 
a fisherman ; drowned at sea; had two chil- 
loi. Daniel, b. 9 April, 1816 ; m. Esther Went- 
worth ; resides at East Boston ; no children. 
102. Mary G., b. 15 July, 1820; m. William Bart- 
lett ; he d. 1807; two children; d. young; 
she resides at Greenwich, Mass. 
Children (by wife Sophia) : 
*i03. Moses P., b. 2 Oct., 1828. 
104. Harriet Sophia, b. 16 Eeb., 1830; m. 21 Oct., 
1858, George Warner; reside at Hardwick, 
Mass.; ch.: Harriet SopJiia, b. 6 Nov., 1865 ; 
George Daniel, b. 5 Nov., 1867; m. Mch., 
1890, Mary Richardson. 
*io5. Charles Alhekt, b. 31 Mch., 1832. 

106. Sarah E., b. 3 July, 1834; unmarried; d. 7 

May, 1865. 

107. George Franklin, b. 4 May, 1836; retired 

merchant in New York city ; unmarried. 


Amos Dean^ [Ainos\ Ai)ios\ Thovias\ T/tonias\ 
Thomas^ was born in Woodstock, Vt., 13 l>ec., 
1803. He married, 25 Aug., 1830, Louisa Amelia 
Warren, daughter of Elijah and Mary Belcher 
(Wheeler) Warren, of Leicester, Mass. He died 
28 June, 1876. 

30 \Yheeler and Wctrre/i Faiailies. 

His father dyinor when he was three years okl, he 
was adopted by James Udall, Esquire, of {iartland, 
Vt, with whom he Hved until seventeen years of 
age, receiving- instruction iii the common schools and 
at Thetford Academy. In 1820 he wenl to Leices- 
ter, Mass., where his relalives resided, and attended 
Leicester Academy for a while, subsecjuently tciach- 
ing school until he entered Williams College, frt)m 
which he graduated in 1827. lie then taught the 
academy at Marlboro for two years, at the expira- 
tion of which time he was elected princij)al ol the 
Latin Grammar School in Salem. He remained in 
that position for three )ears, studying;- theology, 
meantime, with the Reverend Charles Upham, I). D., 
who was then pastor of the First Clun\h in Salem. 
Resigning his school in ^'^^2, he speijt a year at 
Harvard Divinity School, graduating therefrom in 
1833. From Cambridge he went to Meadville, Pa., 
to supply the pulpit of the Unitarian .Society, and re- 
mained there seven or eight months. WMn'le at Mead- 
ville he received a call to settle over thai i)arish, but 
declined on account of the distance from his relatives 
and friends. In 1834 he was invited U) and was 
settled over the Unitarian Society in Standish, Me. 
He continued in that jdace until i83(;, when he 
received a call to settle in Topsham, Me., where he 
ever after lived. For fourteen years he preached in 
the Unitarian Meeting-House in Topsham. At the 
end of that time the Unitarian Society of Topsham 
and the Universalist Society of Ih'unswick were 
united under the name of "The iMason Street Reliof- 
ious Society," in Brunswick, and Mr. Wheeler was 
invited to become pastor of the new orgaiiization. 
He preached to this society until 1865, when he re- 
signed and was soon after appointed missionary for 

The \Slieelc,' Family. 31 

the American Unitarian Association to the State of 

In i860 he received the degree of Doctor of Divin- 
ity from Bowdoin College. He was a member of 
the Maine Historical Society and for many years 
was a member of its stantling committee. Soon af- 
ter coming to Topsham lu: was elected a member of 
the superintending school committee of the tow^n and 
held the positioii until within a few years of his 
death. He was also for many years on the commit- 
tee of examination of Bowdoin College. " He was 
a man of unquestioned ability, of cultivated and liter- 
ary tastes, an easy graceful writer and read)' in ex- 
tempore address. Few of his contemporaries ex- 
celled him in mathematical scholarship. He kept 
well up with the college curriculum in all its depart- 
ments. He had a poetic taste and faculty beyond the 
average of cultivated men. Of clear mental vision and 
and acute argumentative powders, he was strong as he 
was also fair and good natured in general debate." 

" Calm habitually, even to scdateness, self-governed 
and judicious, he could yet make merry with the 
gayest within the bounds of right and reason. ^ Ol 
singular purity of life and conversation, possessing a 
heart as tender and true as that of a child, scorning all 
equivocations, pursuing the right with unllinching {)ur- 
pose, leading the life of the humble and devoted Chris- 
tian he won the love and esteem of all wdio knew him."* 
His wife, now eighty-four years of age, is living 
with her son Henry in Brunswick, Me. 

Children : 
*io8. Charles Henry, b. at Salem, Mass., 11 June, 

.1 . 

* For a imne extended biogniphical sketch, witli :i fine litliogi;iphic like- 
ness, see History of lirunswick, Topsluuii and Haipswell, Me. 

32 Wheeler and Warreji Families. 

^log. William Adolphus, b. at Leicester, Mass., 14 

Nov., 1833. 
*iio. Gi:oRGE AiKiUSTus, b. at Standish, Me., 26 

July, 1837. 
*i 1 1. Henry Warren, b. at Topsham, Me., 23 May, 



Artemas^ [Natlia?i.\ NatJian^, Thomas\ Thomas^, 
Tkoinas^\ was born in Weathersfield, Vt, 9 April, 1 802. 
He married, 3 Mch., 1829, Sarah Warner Wheeler, 
daughter of Moses Wheeler. She was born in Hard- 
wick, Mass., 2 Dec, 1804; died in Weathersfield, 
12 April, 1 85 7. He died in Weathersfield, 22 July, 
1843. He was a farmer and resided in Weathersfield. 

Children : 

112. Artemas Henry, b. 11 Nov., 1829; resides at 
Perkinsville, Vt. 
*ii3. Nathan Albert, b. 19 Mch., 1832. 

114. Moses Person, b. 17 Apr., 1834. 

115. Sarah Warner, b. 3 Dec, 1835; rn. 6 Sept., 

i860, Ichabod J. Nye of VVeathersfield, Vt.; 
resides at Barnard, Vt.; ch.: Jason J., b. 23 
July, 1 861 ; Jiilia S., b. 30 June, 1865 ; d. 
29 Apr., 1880; Almoii P., b. 31 May, 1867; 
Arven A., b. 4 l^eb., 1870; Delia L., b. 4 
Sept., 1873; d. 6 Feb., 1883; iVary A., b. 
15 July, 1877. 

116. Lucia Ann, b. 8 Mch., 1837 ; m. 6 Mch., 1856, 

Alpheus A. Adams; she d. i May, 1870; 
ch.: Anna C, b. 24 Dec, i860; d. 12 Oct., 
1861; Frank IV., b. 3 June, 1863 ; MariiL., 
b. 5 June, 1867. 
*ii7. Daniel Augustus, b. 3 July, 1839. 

The Wheeler Family. 33 

Charles^ \ Thomas^, Tiuviias^, TIioi)ias\ 'fhoiuas'^ 
7yio)}iay \, was born in ilardwick, Mass., 26 iMar., 
1791. lie married, 2 Mar., 1814, Lnthcra, (laughter 
of Elijah Bangs. In 18 16 or 18 18 he removed with 
his fatlu r to Ticonderoga, N. Y., where they located 
near the fort, built iron foundries and manufactured 
steel. 1 le was a young man of much [)romise and a 
mechanical genius. In politics he was a Whig. He 
died in Ticonderoga 30 Sept., 1818. Mis wife, with 
her chillren, returned to Hardwick, and she subse- 
quently married Joseph Adams of Shutesbury, JNIass. 

Child) en : 
''^118. CiiAKi.ES Henkv, b. 20 Mar., 1815. 
119. Ljtiii;ka Hangs, b. 29 Oct., 1817 ; m. in 1841, 
Benjamin Adams of Hadley, Mass.; they now 
reside at Bernardston, IMass. ; cli.: Afary 
Davis, b. 22 I'el)., 1842; d. 2m July, 1843; 
Josfpli Ifcniy, b. i 1 Aug., 1845; graduated at 
Amherst 1870; now in business in New York 
city; Charles ll7ieelcr,h. 2, Aug., 1848; lum- 
ber dealer; resides at Bernardston, Mass. 

7 1 

William Augustus' I riiouias^, Thoiaas^ Tho))ias\ 
Thcmias , T/iO))ias^\, was burn in Ilardwick, Mass., 31 
Mar., 1798. He married, 13 Jan., 1825, Almira 
Warner Allen, daughter of M(jses Allen of Ilard- 
wick. She was born 20 Y*rh., 1803, and died 28 I'eb., 
1867. 1 le died 16 Feb., 1873. He learned the trade 
of blacksmith and was one; of the oldest Iron founders 
in the State, having begun in 1812 at "OKI Ininiace 
Village," Hardwick, named for a furnace established 
many years previously b)' his father. Imoui llard- 

34 Wheeler and Warren I/amiUcs. 

wick he went to Brookfield and from there in 1823, 
to Worcester, where he established an iron foundry 
business at the corner of Thomas and Union streeis. 
In 1825 he became associated with some of ihe lead- 
ing men in Worcester in a foundry at IjiOokfield, 
where all kinds of castings were made, the doors of 
the Court House in Worcester being of his manuf;ic- 
ture. To run his "fan" he is credited wiili having 
the first steam engine employed in the Stat':, west of 
Boston. In 1830 he returned to Worcester and re- 
established himself as an iron founder on the (jld 
ground, where he continued in a large and .^ nccessful 
business for over forty years. In 1840 a machine 
shop was added to the establishment. Castings were 
made for the iron workers and tool makiis in the 
city besides a great variety of other work, such as 
heavy sheet iron work, lire-jjroof safes, castings for 
heavy gearing, mill irons, plow castings ami factory 

He designed the first boring machine in W^orcester, 
and in 1838 got out patterns for cooking sioves and 
box stoves for heating, and manufactured tJiem. In 
1842 he invented a furnace for heating buildings with 
wood or coal. In 1838 he added to his business the 
manufacture of brass castings. In 1852 his son, 
Charles A. Wheeler, became associated with him in 
business, the partnership continuing until the latter's 
death in 1867. 

Mr. Wheeler filled many official positions from 
Worcester's earliest history as a city. He was 
always interested in its public welfare and growth, 
and having a practical knowledge his o[>inions and 
services were required in many schemes lor the ile- 
velopment of the fast-growing city. He w.ts one of 
the Worcester Aqueduct Company in 1845. ^'^ 

TJic Wheeler Fahiily. 35 

1848, urged thereto by iniluential citizens (of Wor- 
cester), he became the contractor for building' the 
Worcester and Nashua railroad, an enterprise which 
his indomitable energy and skill enabled him to carry 
through successfully amid many discouragements and 
fmancial perils. 

He was one of the original founders of the Wor- 
cester Mechanics' .Association in 1841, and was elec- 
ted hrst President of that association in 1842; was 
very influential in the erection of Mechanics' liall in 
1857 ; was one of the building committee, and when, 
throuo'h financial embarrassment, the l)uiKlino- was in 
ilanger of passing out of the hands of the mechanics, 
his energy and enthusiasm helped, in a great measure, 
to save it to the association. He joined the Massa- 
chusetts Charitable Mechanics' Association in 1838, 
and during his life was an interested and active 
member of the association. He was also a member 
of the old Worcester Fire Society. !l364i04 

He was a man of indomitable will and strictest 
integrity, and of a very clear judgment and generous 
disposition, as well as of an inventive and ingenious 
mind. Although having but few opportunities in his 
youth for the pursuit ot knowledge, his perseverance 
and industrious habits enabled him \.o acquire a vast 
fund of information outside of his business interests, 
and he was justly proud in considering himself, as he 
was, a self-made man. 

He was a member of the old Second Church (Uni- 
tarian), of Worcester. In politics he was first a Whig 
and then a Republican. In both church and j)arty 
he was an active, zealous and disinterested worker. 

He and his wife, and their deceased children, are 
buried in the family lot in " Rural Cemetery," Wor- 

36 Wheeler and W'tirren Familus. 

Children : 
*i20. CiiAUi.ES Au(;usTus, b. 27 Jan., 1826. 
*i2i. William Imske, b. :i.\ June, 1830. 

122. Anna Maklv, b. 12 Se})L., 1S32; m. 13 Nov., 

1856, William Read ; lesides at Caniliridge, 

123. Josephine, b. 12 Nov., 1834; d. 15 Dec., 1834. 
*i24. IMusEs Al],Ki\, b. K) All-., 1838. 

125. Kliza Jane, b. 19 Dec., 1841 ; d. 1 1 Dec., 1871. 

126. Sarah Fkances, b. 10 A[jr., 1844; ^^^- ^ June, 

1871, Frederick W. Jenkins; resitles at 
Barre, Mass. 

127. "bllOMAS, 1 , , , ,, ^ 1 11 o ^ 

o T- M>- 19 J^ily. i'^47; <-'-3i J^b'. i^^47- 

128. I'RANKLIN, j y J ^' t^/ ' J J J' XI 

Daniel^ \I\Ioscs'', TJuniias^, Thonias*, TJiomas'^, 
Tho})iay\, was born in Randolph, Vt, 10 July, jooi. 
In 1835, or 1836, he removed with his mother to 
Bano'or, Me., where he remaliied until 18^8- He 
then went to Brewer, Me., wheie he lived until 11^63, 
when he returned to Bant^or and died there; 13 July, 
1886. lie was buried in ISrewer. He was a member 
of the Congregational Church in Hardwick until the 
society divided into Unitarians and Congregational- 
ists, the latter withdrawing, he remaining with the 
Unitarians. During his residence in Brewer he, with 
his family, attended the Congrrgational Church. In 
politics he was first a Whig, an.l later, a Rcq^ublican. 
During his residence in Ih'ewer, he was tor ele\en 
years chairman of the Hoard of Selectmen, and 
was otherwise prominent in public aliairs. lie was 
highly respected. He marrietl, first, 23 Now, 1826, 
Mary Hinckley, daughter of l)arnabas and Mary 
(Billings) Hinckley of Hardwick, Mass. She died 

The Wheeler Family. 37 

19 Nov., 1858. He married, second, Mrs, Mary J. 
Gay of Brooklyn, N. Y. She died 5 Nov., 1872. 
Children : 

129. Mary Ann,!). 20 Sept., 1827; m. u Ma), 1859, 

Horace B. Chamberlain of Brewc.-r, Me. ; he 
d. 1861 ; no children; she resides at Bangor, 

130. Daniel B., b. 7 June, 1829; went to California 

in 1849; ^"^nit; home 1857; returrjed to Cali- 
fornia in 1858 ; d. in 1880, while on a trading 
trip to the Socic-ty Isles. 

131. Susan, b. 11 Nov., 1830 ; m. 28 Nov., 1850, Rev. 

George W. Dunmore of Pennsylvania ; went 
to Turkey as missionaries ; returned in 1856 ; 
he was killed v/hile serving as chaplain in 
army during the Civil War; she m. 23 Sept., 
1867, William C. Crosby of Bangt)r ; he d. 

; she resides at Bangor; no children, 

except one adopted daughter. 

132. Adaline Bii.i.iNcs, b. 24 Oct., 1832; m. 10 Jan., 

1856, E. B. Gardner, a merchant in Bucks- 
port, Me., where the)' still reside ; ch. : .-UiLf 
Bill in OS, b. 13 June, 1857 ; IWilUr Hinckley, 
b. 29 Aug., 1862 ; m. 20 June, 1888, Augusta 
C. Swazey of Bucksport. 

]o\i^\Danicl'', Joh)i\ Da)iicl\ 'rhonias\ Thomas^, 
Tlionias'X wTis born in Hardwick, Mass., 1; July. 
1829. He married 6 Oct., 1862, Susannah l<.ice Ham- 
mond, daughter of Josiah Hovey and Annie (Jrant 
(Warren) llammond of Grafton, Mas.s. He was 
educated in the common schools of Hardwick, and at 
East Hampton and Leicester Academies. In 1849 
he went to California, where he lived for i^everal 

38 WJieeto' and Warren Favi'dles. 

years. April 17, 1861, he enlisted in Co. A., 3d 
Bat. Rif. He re-enlisted in Aug., 1862, in 51st Mass. 
Vol., Co. E. He was diichar^ed 2 J\lcli., iSo;^, on 
account of injuries recei\i;d at Newhurn, N. C. He 
moved to Cumberland Mills, Me., 4 April, 186;,, where 
he has since resided. Vov twenty-one years he pur- 
sued the occupation of farmer. In 1884 he went into 
the coal business, in which he is still engaged. In 
politics he is an ardent Jvepublican. In reli<^ign a 

Child : 
*i33. George Warren, b. 6 Feb., 1864. 

William Augustus*^ [Da it id \ Jo/n/'\ l)a}iiel\ 
Thomas'', Thomas^ T/w)nds^\, was born in I lard wick, 
Mass., 8 July, 1835. Me married, 4 Nov., 1857, 
Sarah Elizabeth Howe of Shrewsbury, Mass. She 
died 30 July, 1859, aged .11 years. He married, sec- 
ond, 4 May, 1863, I'dlen Maria Hawes of Worcester. 
She died 28 May, 1887. He was educated at the 
public schools, at Leicester Academy, and at the Nor- 
mal School at VVestfield. He was fitted for a teacher, 
but was unable to pursue that occupation owing to 
deafness. He therefore \vent to work in William A. 
Wheeler's iron foundry in Worcester, where he was 
employed for some years. He invented the " Hercules 
Wind luigine " and manufactured it for some time, 
finally selling out to a firm in Buffalo. He resides in 
Worcester. He is a Republican and a Prohibition- 
ist, and in religion, a Congregationalist. 

134. William Augustus, b. 16 July, 1S59; d. 24 
Dec, 1861. 

The Wheeler Family. 39 

Moses P.' [John\JoIi;:'\ Da.;icl\ rJiomas\ ritomas\ 
T/ioincu"\, was born in i lardvvick, Mass., 2 Oct., 
1828. He married, in St. Louis, 4 Oct., i860, 
Anne Maria Smith. At the ^.oe of eiohtcxm he hjft 
home and went to Sprint field, Mass., to learn the trade 
of a mason, remaining there about seven )ears, when 
he removed to Ilartforil, Conn., where he pm-sued 
his trade until 1857, when he went to St. Louis and 
engaged in the wood ani.1 luml)er business. lie was 
in St. Louis about eight )'ears .vhen,his father having 
died, he returned to ILudwick and took charge of 
the farm for a number ot years and then, about 1S70, 
he sold his interest in the farui to his brother Oliarles 
and engaged in the real estate Inisiness at Springfield, 
Mass., where he still resides. In politics he is a Repub- 
lican, and in religion a Congrt.-gationalist. 


135. Elizabeth Soi'iii.\, b. o Dec, 1863; m,, April, 

1890, Dr. Stilhnan CI irk; resides at Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

136. Emma Louise, b. 9 June, 1864. 

137. Henry Edward, b. 24 July, 1873; cl. 25 May, 


Charles Albert^ \Jo!tii\ Jolni^ Da)iicl\ T/u»nas\ 
Thomas^, Tho>)ias'\, was born in Hardwick, Mass., 30 
Mch., 1832. He married, 7 x\ich., 1865, Christiana 
1 lowe. They lived on the old Wheeler farm in 1 f ard- 
wick until 1884. In 1886, ihey moved to Ilarre, 
]\Lass., where they now reside He was deacon of 
the Congregational Church in I Lirdwick for fl\( years. 
He always voted the Republican ticket until 1887; 
since then the Prohibition tic! et. 

40 Wheeler and Warren Fauiilles. 


138. Sarah Elizaijetii, b. 30 Sept., 1866; d. 25 

Dec, 1889. 

139. Maria Louise, b. 25 JNIch., 1869; d. 12 Apr., 


Charles Henry" lAmcs Dean\ Ainos^, A?//os\ 
Tho]mis\ Tho))ias\ fhonuts' |, was born in Salem, 
Mass., II June, 1831. He married, 5 Oct., 1854, 
Ellen Gardner Gao-e, daui^htcr (jf Rev. Nathaniel 
Gage and Abbie (Richardson) Gage, of Westbtjro, 
Mass. She was born in Nashua, N. H., 9 July, 1828. 
On the 30th of June, 1S8S, while riding together, 
their carriage was struck by a freight train at the 
State Line Crossinor, near Winchendon, Mass., and 
both were almost instantly killed. They were buried 
in the family lot at Topsham, Me. Me began 
attending school at a very early age, and was 
studying the Latin grammar at the age of seven. 
When eleven years of age he was a pupil in the 
Academy at North Yarmouth, Me., and at the age 
of twelve he entered Bowdoin College, from which 
institution' he was graduated in 1847. During his 
college course he lived at home in Topsham, a mile 
and a half distant from the college, attending the 
early morning prayers ami recitations, keeping up 
with his class, enjoying good health, sustaining an 
unblemished character and a high reputation as a 
scholar. After his gradual ion he taught for a time 
at the Topsham, Me., Academy and subse([uentl) at 
Westford, Mass. In 1851 he ent(M-ed the Divinity 
School at Cambridge, and pursued his theological 
studies there for a year. I le ihen spent a year at the 
University of Gottingen, and in travels on the Con- 

The Wheeler Family. 41 

tinent. Returning- to America he rejoined his class 
at the Cambridge Divinity School, and was graduated 
with them in 1854. He was ordained as pastor of 
the First Unitarian Church in South Danvers (now 
Peabody), Mass., 4 Oct., 1854, and was the faithful 
pastor of tliat parish for eight years. In 1865 he 
accepted a call to the Church of the Unit)', Winchen- 
don, Mass., and was pastor of that churcli until his death, 
a period of twenty-three years. In 1867 he was elected 
a member of the School Committee ol the town and 
served in that capacity until his death, and during the 
greater portion of his membership he was Chairman 
of the Board. He was a Republican in politics. 

Of his life and character a writer in the Christian 
Register oi 19 July, 1888, says: "He signally drew 
to himself the affections and the conlulence of a 
people who could appreciate the force and sagacity 
and tenderness, combined with the c:x(piisite taste 
and exact scholarship, which lay hidden b(Mieath a 
calm exterior. He might have adorntd a professor- 
ship of bciles Icttrcs had his convictions not have 
drawn him to the ministry. 

" In social life he was a charming corn[)anion. His 
intellectual acuteness and breadth of view, with his 
reverent spirit and his wealth of sympathy, combined 
to make him an effective preacher, lu his daily life, 
patient, cheery, untiring, yet all the time bound, as it 
were, like a victim to the altar of sacrifice, ''■ he 
preached more pathetically, more impressively still. "f 

Child : 
*i40. Charles Gardner, b. in South Danvers (now 
Peabody), Mass., 21 Sept., 1855. 

*His wife was afflicted with a liui)clcs.s mcutal iliscasc. 

\ For a fuller account of !iis life and cliaraclcr, loj^cihci- wilh a fine like- 
ness, see a niciuoriai paini)hlct publislicii by Dainii-'ll \' I'liliam, Huston, 

42 Wheeler and WM'reti Families. 

1 00 

William Adolphus'^ \.lmos DcaiL\ A)iios'\ Auios^ 
T/io/uas\ 'rho})ias\ l^ho)iias'\, was born in Leicester, 
Mass., 14 Nov., 1833. He married, 13 July, 1S56, 
Olive Winsor Frazar, daaghter of Samuel Altlen 
Frazarand Maria (Winsor) Frazar of fJuxbury, Mass. 
She was born 25 Oct., 1835. He died in ik)ston 28 
Oct., 1874, and was buried in Duxbury. 

He entered Bowdoin College in 1S49, graduating 
in 1853. After his graduation he taught school in 
Marlborough, Mass., at Northfield, Mass., and, in the 
fall of 1854, became preceptor of Partridge Academy, 
Duxbury, Mass. In May, 1856, he resigned the pre- 
ceptorshi[) of Partridge Academy and removed to 
Cambritlge to assist Dr. Worcester in the pre[)aration 
of his Oaarto Dictionary. In 1857 hci prei)ared, in 
conjunction with Mr. Richard Soule, a spelling book 
which was extensively used under the name of Wor- 
cester's. In i860 he accepted a proi)Osition from the 
publishers of Webster's Dictionary to assist in the 
revision of that work. In 1861 he published as ji)int 
author w ith Mr. Richard Soule, a " Manual of P^ng- 
lish Pronunciation and Spelling." In 1864-5 he 
prepared for the press, and published in the latter 
year, a " Dictionary of the Noted Names of biction." 
In 1866 he edited, for the Messrs. Hurd (X: Houghton 
of New York, a reprint, with additions and altera- 
tions, ol Hole's " Prief Piographical Dictionary." 
In 1867 he prepared for the Messrs. (i. & C. Merriam, 
of Springfield, Mass., " The National Dictionary," 
an octavo abridgment of Webster's larger dic- 
tionary ; also entirely new editions of the smaller 
or school editions. In April, i8(38, he became 
connected with the Boston Public Library and 

The Wheeler Family. 43 

in November of the same year he was chosen assist- 
ant superintendent, which position he held till his 
death. In 1869 he published a sumptuous edition, 
in quarto, of " Mother Goose's Melodies," with anti- 
quarian and philological notes, and an account of the 
Goose or Vergoose family, of Boston, froin one mem- 
ber of which the work derived its name. In 1872 he 
published a " Dickens' Dictionary," whicli bears the 
name of Gilbert A. Pierce on the title [Kig-e as chief 
author, but scarcely any thing more than the copy- 
right and general plan of the work was his. 

At the time of his death he was engaged in the 
preparation of a new edition of Webster's Quarto 
Dictionary, and in the collection of materials for a 
" Cyclopaedia of Shakcsperian Literature," on the 
general plan of Smith's Dictionary of tlu Bible. He 
had, also, nearly ready for the press, an index to the 
more noted works in ancient and modern literature, en- 
titled " Who Wrote It ?" This work has since been 
completed and published by his nephew, Mr. Charles 
G. Wheeler. 

" His literary work, though not of a kind to attract 
public attention, was yet, from the accurate and ex- 
tensive learning which it displayed, such as gave him 
a high rank among- American scholars. In his spe- 
cial department of lexicography he stood confess- 
edly at the head in this country, whilst he had few 
equals in bibliographical knowledge. His room in 
the library building was the resort of many scholars 
who came to seek his advice and assistance ; and no 
work was so pressing but that he laid it aside to give 
to the extent of his ability that for wliich lie was 
asked. The vast and varied stores of his learnino- 
were opened with generous liberality to every stu- 
dent. Of winning sweetness of manner, the ex- 

4:4 Wheeler and Warren Families. 

pression of a pure and nobk; nature in which a 
womanl) tenderness took nothing from a genuine 
manliness, he attracted all who came in contact with 

Me received from Bowdoin College the degrees of 
A. B. and A. M.; and from Harvard University the 
honorary degree of A. M. In politics he was a Re- 
publican, and in religion a Unitarian. 
Children : 

141, Alice Winsuk, b. in Cambridge, Mass., 30 
Dec, 1858 ; m. 22 Sept., 1881, Reuben W. 
Davenport, son of Llewellyn D. Davenport 
and Harriet (Winslow) Davenport of Rox- 
bury, Mass.; they resiile in Roxbury ; ch.: 
Editk Wheeler, b. in Ruxbury, 13 Dec, 1883; 
Llewellyn Dana, 2d, b. in Roxbury, 9 Oct., 
1885 ; Ruth IVinsloiki, b. in Roxbury, 16 
Aug., 1887. 
*i42. Walter Kendall, b. 19 Oct., i860. 
143. KurrH Fka/ak, b. in .l)orchester, Mass., 12 
Jan., 1863 ; m. 10 Sept., 1884, Percival Way- 
land White, son of Nelson Davis and Julia 
Davis (Long) White of Winchendon, Mass.; 
they reside in Winchendon; ch.: Percival 
lVayla?id^ Jr.^ b. 8 Jan., 1887; Riehard 
I'^razar, b. 26 Dec, 1890. 
■^144. A LVARo Santos, b. 1 Aug., 1865. 

145. EniEL, b. in Dorchester, Mass., 24 Sept., 1868; 

m. 14 Oct., 1891, Arthur Lewis Stockman, 
son of John Baker Stockman and Frances 
Loraine (Putnam) Stockman of Roxbury, 
Mass.; they reside in Roxbury. 

146. ALvRY Earle, b. in Boston, 27 April, 1874. 

* Boston Daily Advatist:)-, 30 Oct., 1874. 

The Wheeler Farnily. 45 

George Augustus^ \A)nos nean\ Amos'-', Anws^, 
T/io>/ias\ r/ioi)ias\ T/ui!;ias'^\, WAS born in Standish, 
Me., 26 July, 1837. He was graduated from i)Owdoin 
College in 1856, and from the Alediv-al School of 
Maine in 1859. ^'^ ^^59 ^^^ settled in Falmouth, 
Me. In the same year he removed to Orland, Me. 
Karly in 1862 he removed to Presque Isle, Ale. In 
July, 1862, he enlisted in the army and was mustered 
into the 18th Maine Kegt., as Serg't of Co. G, and 
went to Washington. He w^as mustered out of the 
regiment and commissioned Ass't Surg., U. S, 
v., 4 Oct., 1862. Soon after he was appointed to 
take charge of the U. S. Gen. Hospital at Annapolis 
Junction, Md. Gn 30 Mch., 1864, he was commis- 
sioned Surgeon of U. S. V., and ordert d to the Army 
of the Potomac and was placed in charge of the Depot 
Field Hospitals of the (>th Army Corps. In the sum- 
mer he was ordered to the front and w as at different 
times thereafter. Medical Director of a division of 
the 9th Army Corps ; Medical Inspector of Hospitals, 
9th Army Corps ; Surgeon in charge of Pdying- Hos- 
pitals, 9th Army Corps, and, temporarily, Medical Di- 
rector of the corps. When the army entered Peters- 
burg he was put in charge of all the RcJjel hospitals 
there, but owing to a change in the military com- 
niand of the place he was relieved and ordered to 
Purksville Junction, V^i., and put in charge of the 
transportation of the wounded to Ciiy i\)int where 
he went with three railroad trains ot wounded. At 
the close of the war he was ordered to Louisville, 
Ky., and from there to JeUersonville, Ind., to the 
hospital, where he remained until he was mustered 
out in July, 1865. 1 June, 1865, he was brevetted 

40 Wheehr and Warren Farailles. 

Lieut. -Colonel " for faithful lunl uieritorious services." 
After leaving the Mmy he practiced his profession for 
a short time in Alberton, Mel., then went to Wash- 
ington, where he w^as employed as a surgeon by the 
[bureau of Refuo-eesand Freedmen, and had charge of 
the Hospital at Arlington for about a year. Me was 
then transferred to VVashington and put iu charge of 
a dispensary. A year later he was stationed for a 
short time at Campbell Hospital as an assistant. In 
1868 he went to I opsham, Me., to practice, but re- 
mained only a short time, removing to Ohltown, Me., 
where he was in practice until 1870, when he removed 
to Castine, Me., where he has since resided. In 1874 
he compiled the " 1 iistory of Castine, Brooksville and 
Penobscot," and in 1876-8 (in conjunction with his 
brother Henry) he compiled the " History of Bruns- 
wick, Topsham and Harpswell, Me." in 1876 he 
was chosen Chairman of the School Committee of 
Castine, to which position he has repeatedly been 
elected since. In 1878 he was elected a member of 
the Maine Historical Society. He is prominently 
connected with the Masonic I'raternity. In politics 
he is a Republicari, and a Unitarian in religion. He 
married, 17 Feb., 1864, Mrs. Margaret Lavinia Hor- 
sey, daughter of John V. and Flizabeth Harvercotta, 
at Springfield, Md. The same day he legally adopted 
Elizabeth Horsey, daughter of John R. and Margaret 
L. Dorsey, and gave her the name of Elizabeth Hor- 
sey Wheeler. She married Fred L. Smith and re- 
sides in Needham, Mass. 
Children : 

147. Louise, b, in Barbourville, N. Y., 13 Nov., 
1864; m. 19 Sept., 1887, Boyd Bartlett of 
Ellsworth, Me. ; resides in Norlh Andover, 
Mass.; no children. 

The Wheeler Family. 47 

148. Mary Charlotti:, b. in Alberton, Md., 23 

Feb., 1866; d. 12 Nov., 1866. 

149. Katih^rink Irkni:, b. in Washinoton, I). C, 4 

Feb., 1868; d. 6 Sept., 1868. 

150. Gi;t)R(;E Dkan, b. in Castine, Me., 8 l)i:c., 1871. 

151. I1ar\i:y IJaskell, b. in Castine, iMe., 29 July, 

1874; d. 25 Aul;., 1874. 

152. Ci.ARKiXCE Albiux\, b. in Castine, Me., 16 

Nov., 1878. 

Henry Warren^ \.h>ios Dcan\ ji»ios'\ A/nos\ 
'r/ioj>i(u\ Thomas'^, Thoii!as'\, was born in I'opsham, 
i\le., 23 May, 1840. At the ag-e of se\ en (28 Apr., 
I 847), while stepping from " rib " to " rib " of a \essel 
\.'hich was then being- built in 'roi)shaiii, he fell and 
broke his leg. This accident, and a sul)se(juent 
further injury to the same limb, rendered him lame 
for life. He was educated at the private school of 
his aunt, Mary \\. \\. Wheeler; at the common 
schools in Topsham ; at the Topsham yXcadcmy; and 
at the Partridge Academy in Duxljur), Mass. His 
lather offered him a collegiate education, but he pre- 
ferred a business life. While a boy, fourteen to six- 
teen years of age, he was a clerk in a store and in 
the post-ofhce in Topsham for one or tAc; )cars. In 
1858 htt engaged in the business of Lt:]egrai)hy in 
Ikunswick. i Jan., 1862, he removed i,) ]]oston, 
where he was employed as an operator by the Ameri- 
can Telegraph Company, and its successor, the West- 
ern Union Telegraph Com[)any, until 1870, when he 
returned to Brunswick. Freviuus to hi ; l(^a\'ing Hos- 
ton, he entered the Boston School for the Ministry 
with the view of becoming a preacher of the Uni- 
tarian faith, being urged thereto by the ke\. George 

48 Wheeler and Warre7i Families. 

H. Hepworth, president of the School, and by others, 
but after pursuing his studies for some time, he be- 
came more and more conscious of his lack of that 
early educational training which is necessary for one 
to become a sound and thorough scholar, and an ac- 
ceptable Unitarian i)reacher, and he, therefore, con- 
cluded to remain in the more humble occupation for 
which he was better fitted, lie entered upon his 
present duties as ticket agent at the railroad station 
and manager of the Western Union Telegraph Com- 
pany's office in Brunswick, i Sept., 1870. In 1876-8 
he com])iled, in conjunction with his brother George, 
the History of Brunswick, Topsham and Harpswell, 
Me. In 1874 upon the organization of the Unitarian 
Society in Brunswick, he was elected its clerk and 
has been annually re-elected. In 18S3, upon the 
formation of the Brunswick Public Library Associa- 
tion, he was elected a member of its board of direc- 
tors,' to which position he has been annually re-elected. 
Me was one of the original members of the " Gentle- 
men's Club" in Brunswick, organized in 1884, ancl is 
still a member. The club is composed of twenty-five 
gentlemen of literary tastes, who meet fortnightly in 
winter for the discussion of literary, scientilic, relig- 
ious, political or other topics, and for social inter- 
course. In Jan., 1888, he was elected 1^-esident 
of the Bejepscot Historical Society of Brunswick, and 
still occupies that position. Me has read before the 
society several papers upon historical subjects, which 
have been published in the society's collections. His 
latest literary effort is this genealogy, for which he 
hopes for the grateful remembrance of a numerous 
posterity! In religion he is a Unitarian, and in poli- 
tics a Republican, but not a partisan. He mar- 
ried, first, I Jan., 1865, Annie Parker iMcNear, 

The Wheeler Family. 49 

daughter of James and Sarah (Trundy) McNear of 
Wiscasset, Me. She died 20 Jan., 1866, aged 20 
years, 3 months, 26 days. lie married, second, 15 
Nov., 1870, Mary In-raham Adams, dau-hter of 
Joshua Gushing and ^Nancy (Whitney) Adams of 
Owls Head, Thomaston, now Rockland, Me. She 
was born 12 Dec, 1847. 

Child (by wife Annie): 
*153. Harry Amos, b. in Roxbury, Mass., 14 Jan., 

Children (by wife Mary): 

154. Frederick Ada.m.s, b. in Brunswick, 12 Aug., 


155. William Adams, b. in Brunswick, 18 Jan., 1875. 

156. Edward Warren, b. in I^runswick, 12 April 


157. Allen Frances, b. in Brunswick, 10 Mch., 1879 

Nathan Albert' {yirlonas-', Nathau\ Natha}i\ 
Tho)nas\ rhonias\ Tltoiiias^\^ was born in Weathers- 
field, Vt., 19 Mch., 1832. He was educated in the 
common schools of Weathersfield, at the Perkinsville, 
Vt., Academy, the Si^ringfield, Vt., Wesleyan Semi- 
nary, and at seminaries in l>udlo\v and Randolph, 
Vt. ' Early in 1854, he started for California, and 
was there successively engaged in lime burning, farm- 
ing and gold mining. He was engaged in the latter 
pursuit from about 1857 to 1872 at different points 
along the Pacific coast, meeting with moderate suc- 
cess.'^ At one time he, with seven others, went up the 
Columbia river in an open row boat, two hundred 
miles north of the British line. In 1872 h(- went to 
Washington Territory, giving his attention at lu'st to 
horticulture, but since 1873, the making of roads and 

50 Wheeler and Warren J^\wiilies. 

maintainino- them as toll roads has occui>ied most of 
his time. He has quite an inventive faculty, and has 
received United States and Canadian patents on sev- 
eral of his inventions. In 1878 he was appointed 
Postmaster of Alpowa, Wash., and still holds the po- 
sition. He is unmarried. In politics he is a Repub- 
lican. He is liberal in his religious views and 


Daniel Augustus^ [.-Ir/c^mas^ N'athan^, A^atJian^, 
Tho»ias\ Tko)iias\ Thoiitas~\ was born in Weathers- 
field, Vt., 3 July, 1839. ^^^ married, first, 14 April, 
1862, IMary B. Butterficld, daughter of Thomas 
and Martha (Kendall) Initterfield, of Weathcrsfield. 
She died 27 April, 1863. He married, second, 10 
Jan., 1865, Marian P. Whitmore, daughter of Edwin 
P. and Mary IHizabeth (Chase) Whitmore, of 
Weathersfield. He was educated in the public 
schools of Weathersfield. He lived at home and 
worked upon his father's farm until about i860, when 
he went to Rockport, Mass., where he was for two 
years employed as a clerk in a grocery store. On 7 
Aug., 1862, he enlisted in Co. P\, 35th Mass. Vols. 
The re^inient was sent to the front, and was in ac- 
tive service at "South Mountain" and "Antietam." 
Soon after the latter battle he was taken sick with a 
disease which became chronic, in consequence of 
which he was discharged, 9 April, 1863. Recovering 
in a measure, he returned to his former clerkship in 
Rockport. In i?66 he engaged in trade, on his own 
account, in Rockport, with good success. In 18(19 he re- 
moved to Perkinsville, Vt.,and for ten years engaged 
in the manufacture of lumber, and in wood-working 
specialties. In 1879 ^^*-* removed to Erskine, N. J., 

The Wh eler Faudhj. 51 

where he now resides, [)ursuin<^ the occupation of 
farming, in addition to A'hich he is more or less in- 
terested in several othei pursuits. 

While in Rockport, he was elected a mcMiiber of 
the Board of School Trustees of the town. Later, in 
Weathersfield, he was .everal times elected First 
Lister, Constable and C( 'Hector, and for five years was 
a Justice of the Peace fc r the town, lie also repre- 
sented the town in the State Legislature in 1872-3. 
\\\ New Jersey, he has l.oen for the past eight or nine 
years, Township (JommitLeeman and Treasurer for 
the township of Pompto a, of which Hrskine is a part. 
In politics he is a Pr(.hibitionist, but has always 
voted the Republican ticket. He is a member of 
the Baptist church, uniting with it 27 Jan., i<S56. 


158. AuGUsrus D., b. 21 /\pril, 1863; entered 

Brown Universil/; while in his senior year, 
2 Aug., 1886, wa ^ drowned while bathing at 
Rocky Point, R. I. 

159. Edwin VV., b. 25 )uly, 1868. 


Charles H^nry^ S^L!iarles\ T/wmas^, Thomas^, 
Tho))ias\ Thomas'^, Thou:as^\ was born in Hardwick, 
Mass., 20 J\lch., 1815. He married, 3 Dec, 1840, 
Abbie Day Mitchell, dai.ghter of Abraham and Ju- 
dith Mitchell, of Hooksc it, N. H. Lie died 7 July, 
1880. She is living, and resides in Llooksctt. His 
father dying when he wa i four years of age, he lived 
with an uncle, in Hard.vick, until he was fourteen 
years of age, when his m )ther having married again, 
he went to live with her. lie was educated at the 
common schools of ILirdwick, and at Amherst, 
Mass., Academy. At .sixteen, he entered a drug 

52 Wheeler and Warren FamUies. 

store in Amherst, as clerk, remaining two or three 
years, and then went to Hoston as clerk in a 
At tweniy-two he was clerk in a store at Hooksctt. 
In 1840 or 1 84 1, he entered the em]>loy of the Con- 
cord Railroad Co., and was in continuous ser\ ice lor 
over twenty-seven years, as station agent. Was at 
Goffs Falls several years, at Hooksett twelve, and at 
Robinson's Ferry (Bow, N. H.) five years. He ihen 
retired to his farm in Bow, where he died, and where 
his family now live. He was a member of the Bo:ird 
of Selectmen of Bow for three years. Was a Demo- 
crat in politics and a Methodist in religion. 

Children : 

160. CiiARLES A.,b. 25 May, 1842 ; d. 2 June, ib|2. 
*i6i. Henry Adams, b. 3 April, 1844. 
162. LuTiiERA Jane, b. 8 Feb., 1848; unmarried; 
school teacher for twenty-five years ; re^.ides 
at Hooksett, N. H. 
*i63. William Augu.stus, b. 13 April, 1861. 

1 •^O 

Charles Augustus^ [ ]\'illiam Auoiishis'', Thonuis^, 
T!io]nas\ Thomas', TJioinas'^, Tlio)nas'~\, was born 27 
Jan., 1826. He married, 1 Jan., 1851, Mary bdiza 
Douglass. He died 18 Sept., 1867. He was edu- 
cated in the public schools of Worcester and at Wil- 
liston Seminary at East Hampton, Mass. After an 
apprenticeship with his father he was admitt(;d into 
partnership and became the executive head of die iron 
foundry establishment in Worcester. He was a man 
of refined scholarly tastes, and made a tour of 1 ".u- 
rope with great pleasure and profit. He was an ar- 
dent Republican in politics, and a Unitarian in relig- 
ion. He held several official positions in Worcester, 

TJie Wheeler Fdinily. 53 

until his failinfT health oblic'cd him to retire from of- 
fice and from acti^/e business. 

164. WILLIAM StEI'HEN, b. iQ Oct., iSsS", d. 28 

Apr., 1856. 

165. Annie Doluu.ass, b. 15 Oct., 1861; d. loSept., 


166. Charles L>ouclass, b. 9 Nov., 1805. 

William Fisl::e^ \]Vi//iaiJi Auo;iLstu^\ ThoDias^, 
Thorn a s\ Tlionias\ Thomas^ TliO)itas'"\, \\'as born 24 
June, 1S30. He married, 13 Sept., 1854, Adaline 
Barry Young-. He was educated at Harvard Uni 
versity, class of 1852, and went to liurope soon aftei 
his graduation. A weakness of his eyes obliged him 
to abandon the profession of medicine, which he had 
intended to pursue. Having a taste for agriculture, 
he purchased a farm at Trafton, Mass., and conducted 
a private school for boys, in connection therewith, 
until the breaking out of the W^arof Rebellion, when 
he enlisted and was chosen Captain of the Trafton 
company in the 51st l-^egt. of Mass. Vols. He has 
sipce the war been broken down in health and given 
up active business. He is a Unitarian in religion. 
and a Republican in politics. He resides in 


167. Frank Aeeen, b. 29 Sept., 1859. 

168. Charles Si-ra(;ue, b. 7 Jan., 1863, d. 24 Nov., 


169. Ada Maria, b. 14 Nov., 1865. 

170. TiiOiNLAS, b. 14 Sept., 1868. 

54 Wheeler and Wcwreii Families. 

Moses Allen^ | U^illiain Anoiistus\ T/ioDias^, 
T/uvnas'', Thomas'', Tho)nas\ T/io?)/as'-'\, was born 19 
Aug., 1838. Married, iS Jan., 1865, Helen Marion 
Erwin. lie died 28 Nov., 188-I. He was educated 
in the public schools of Worcester and at Groton, 
Mass, He was in the office of his father's foundry, 
in Worcester, for a number of years, until his failing- 
health induced him to lead an out-door life. He af- 
terward enofaefed in farmino; on an estate in the out- 
skirts of Worcester, where he resided until his death. 
In politics he was a Republican, and he was a regular 
attendant at the Unitarian church in Worcester un- 
der Dr. Alonzo Hill's pastorate. His wife still re- 
sides in Worcester. 


171. MusE.s Allen, b. 18 Mch., 1866. 

172. Harriet Erwin, b. 18 July, 1867. 

173. F.VNNY, b. 26 Aug., 1869. 

174. Helen Eliza, b. 27 June, 1872. 

175. Marion Barnard, b. 4 Feb., 1877. 

George Warren^ \Jo/t)i^, Danicl\ John^, Da)iiel\ 
T/iO)fias\ Thomas^, Tho]iiay\, was born in Cumber- 
land iVlills, Me., 6 Feb., 1864." Married, 3 Sept., 1888, 
Florence Winslow, daughter of James Neal and 
Miriam ( Libby) Winslow of Portland. He resides 
at Cumberland Mills, Me., where he is eiiLfacred in 
the coal trade with his fatlier. He is a Republican 
in politics and a Congregationalist in religion. 

Children : 

176. Grace Winslow, b. 3 Sept., 1889. 

177. George Warren, Jr., b. 1 Nov., 1890, 

The Wheeler Family. 55 


Charles Gardner' [(y/ar/iS Ilcury^', .Amos Decur' 
A)uos^, ^linos^, TJioiiias'', 7//oi/ias\ llioii>as'\, was born 
in Soutl. Danvers (now Peabody), Mass., 21 Sept., 
i!:;55. 1 le graduated from l^owdoln Collccic in 1876. 
After hi;, graduation he was principal ot the Win- 
cl.endon Mass., High School for two years and subse-' 
quently 'engaged in literary work. In 1S81 he pub- 
lished " Who Wrote It," an index to the authorship 
of the n ore famous works in ancient and modern 
literaturt,', a work which was begun by his uncle, the 
late William A. Wheeler of Boston. This was fol- 
lowed b)' " Familiar Allusions," a valuable handbook 
of misce.laneous information, which was also begun 
b)' his Uncle William. . In i<So3 he published a vol- 
ume entitled " Course of Empire," and in 1889 an 
" Appendix to Dictionary of Noted Names of Fic- 
tion." I le is at present engaged in artistic cabinet 
work in Winchendon, where he resides. In politics he 
is a Republican, and in religion a Unitarian. He is 

Walter Kendall \\Villia)u An^^tstus^, Amos 
Dcaii', ^■linos'', Aiiios^ TJionias\ Thoiuas,'^ TJtonias^\ 
was born in Duxbury, Mass., 19 Oct., i860. He 
m.irried, 2 Nov., 1887, lennie 1\I. bowles of Topsham, 
Me., daughter of George S. aiul Leonisa (Barker) 
Fv)wles of Newcastle, Me. He was educatt;d in the 
public schools of Dorchester and Roxbury, Mass., 
and at the private school of J. I*. Hopkinson, Boston. 
He then learned the trade of caljinet-maker, [uusuing 
that occupation for several yc:ars, and then entered 
the employ of the Old C'olony Railroad Company as 

56 Wheeler and M'u/ren I'iimilies. 

a Ccir builder, residing in Jamaica Plain, T\lass. On 
the I St of June, 1891, he entered the employ oC 1). 15. 
Whitney, Winchcuidon, Mass., as a pattern-mal.v-r, 
and moved with hi: family to that place, where he 
now resides. In pt)litics he is an lndei)en.dent, with 
a stron*'- leaning toward Mationalism, and an advo- 
cate of free trade. In religion he is a Unitarian. 

178. Rai.I'II Kendall, h. at Jamaica Plain, 15 Se[)t., 


179. Walter Kendall, b. at janiaica Plain, 5 Mar., 


Alvaro Santos^ \ U7///dni A:(^-i^s/:/s\ .Imos 
DcaiiT, Amos\ A/uos^, T!:ouias\ 'rhonias\ Thomas' \, 
was born in Roxbury, M;.ss., i Aug., 1865. He mar- 
ried, 4 Oct., 1887, Nellie Lee Hall, daughter of 
David F. and Sarah Abbott (Cram) Hall of Rox- 
bury. He was educated in the public schools of 
Boston, at the Franklin I'amily School in Topsham, 
Me , and at the private school of John P. Hopkinson 
in boston. In 1880 he entered the employ of 
Messrs. Houghton, Mifllin & Co., publishers, and 
for six years was the cashier of their Boston othce. 
In 1 89 1 he was api>ointed, by the same firm, bnsiness 
manacrer of the Atlantic Moiitlily, which position he 
now Occupies. He is liberal in his religious views 
and non-sectarian. In politics he is nKle[)en.lent, 
leaning, in National affairs, toward Democrats ot the 
Cleveland sort; a belie\er in free trade, and an ad- 
vocate of the single tax theory as advanced by Henry 

iSo. Harold Francis, b. m Boston 27 July, 1888. 

TJiG Whedcr FiomiUj. 57 

Harry Amos' [Hcn?'y lliwrcn^, yhuos Dea)i\ 
Aifios^, ^liuos'\ Tlioinas'^, TlhHiias^, TliO))ia<r\ was 
born in Roxbury, Mass., 14 Jan., 1866. He was 
educated in the puljlic scliools of Boston, graduating 
from the East Boston High School in 1H83. After 
leaving school he entered a wholesale window glass 
establishment in Boston, to h arn the business, and 
is now occupying a respc^nsible and lucrative posi- 
tion. He resides in Medford ( Wellington Station). 
In politics he is an Independent Republican, and in 
religion a Unitarian. He is ui married. 

Henry Adams" \Charlc> Henry^, CJiarlcs\ 
T/ioinas", Thomas'^, Thonias\ Thomas^, Tito})tas'\ was 
born in Goffs Falls, N. H., 3 Apr., 1844. He re- 
ceived a common si:hool and academical education. 
He is a farmer and resides in Hooksett, N. H. He 
has served as Selectman of tne town of Bow for 
three years. In politics he is a Democrat. He 
usually attends the Methodist church. 

William Augustus^ | CJuu !cs Hcnry\ Charles', 
TlioDias^, T/iO)nas^, '/7ioinas\ T/:o)nas-\ llio))ias'\ was 
born at Hooksett, N. tl., 13 Apr , 1S61. He received 
a common school and academical education Here- 
sides in Hooksett, N. H. He is a farmer by occu- 
pation, a Democrat in politics, and a Congregation- 
alist in religion. 



Kxxtn ^amilig. 

Enquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare ihyscU to the search of their 
fathers. — y^i, viii, 8. 


The name, Warren, was derived from the ot 
the Manor of WiUiam, Earl Warren, which was > ailed 
fief of W^arrenne, or as some have supposetl, fiom a 
rabbit warren which stood near by on his groi ads.* 
He was a Norman baron of Danish extraction. He 
accom}ianied William the Concjiieror on his e\[jedition 
to England; fought at the battle of Hastings, io66; 
was reAv'arded with riches that were shorn Iri/ia the 
intrepid Saxons; and won the confidence ui the 
Court to such an extent that when the kin ; left 
England on a visit to his native land, Earl Warren 
was ap[)ointed one of the two guardians of the Iving- 
dom.f From this ancestry the Warrens are followed 
down throufdi earls, hnii-hts and commoners to the 
period of the colonization of America. 'Ihen emi- 
grants of this name settled in Plymouth, WaterLown 
and lioston, but no proof has been discovered of a 
connection between these families. A'/c/^cin/ was t\m 
first of the name to sc;tlle in America. He came in 
the " Mayllowcr " and settled in Plymouth, /o/^u 
came fiom England to Watertown in 1630, and an- 
other _/.'/';/ settled in Hcjston the same year. Among 
the Yir.;inia colonists, also, there were two Wanens, 
Joseph, who came from England in the ship "Alice" 
in 1635 and afterward settled in New England, and 
John, who came in 1635 in the " Plaine Joan." 

* New England Genealogical Register, 

f Geneal'.gy of Warren, wiili some liistuiical sketches, by Ur. J, C. 
Warren, Boston, 185^. 

62 Wheeler and Warren I^amilies. 

John Warren, of Boston, was the first Ajiieric\in 
ancestor of the family herein recorded. He came 
with Governor VVinthrop in the " Arabella," aiid 
arrived in Salem 12 June, 1630. From Salem he, with 
tin rcsl ill ihi-. comiiaiiy, Weill lo ( liarlcslovvii, \vli< m ( , 
altera In ltd Larry, they \vc:iiL U> Hoslon, when: a Imal 
settlement was made. The name of John Wan on 
apjjears in the first list of those who took the freeman's 
oath, 18 May, 1631. This John was doubtless the 
father of Peter, whose eldest son was named John.* 

Peter Warren, born in 162S, is first mentioned in 
Suffolk Deeds as purchasing land in Boston, on 
Essex street, 8 Mar., 1659, and is there styled " Mar- 
riner." He married, first, vSarah, daughter of Robert 
Tucker, of Dorchester, i Aug., 1660, by whom he had 
JoJui, born 8 Sept., 1661; Joseph, born 19 Feb., 16(^3; 
BciiJiDii!. I, horn. 25 Jidy, 1665; Elizabetli,\:>o\:\\ 4 Jan., 
1667; Robert, born 14 Dec, 1670; Ebeiiczer, born 11 
Feb., 1672; Peter, born 20 Apr., 1676. He married, 
second, Hannah, by whom he had HaiinaJi, born 19 
May, 1680; Mary, born 24 Nov., 1683; Robert, born 
24 Dec, 1684. He married, third, Esther, by whom 
he had no children."' Of these children Joseph had 
a son Joseph, who was father of General Joseph of 
Revolutionary fame. 

Ebeni.zer Warren, who was born in 1714 and set- 
tled in Leicester, was, with very little doubt, a grand- 
son of Peter, but which of Peter's sons was Ids father 
is' uncertain. It is the family tradition, coming 
through three lines from Ebenezer, of Leicester, that 
his (Ebenezer's) children were cousins to (jencral 
Joseph. If they were first cousins, then he was uncle 
to the General, but it is an established fact that the 
General's uncle Ebenezer was born in 1699 and died 

* Genealogy of Warren. 

The Warren Fandlij. G3 

in Roxbury in 1756, while I'Ibenezer, of Leicester, was 
not born until 1714, and died in iSoo. The family 
tradition is, however, so positive and so general among 
the descendants, that it jnust have had some founda- 
tion in fact, ;ind the most natural solution of the cjues- 
tion is that ihe father of the General anil Kbene/er, 
of Leicester, were cousin:, instead of broihers, and the 
children of ihe latter .vcW/v^/ cousins tu the General 
instead of cousins, a distinction of which Kbenezcr's 
descendants have lost sidit. The name, Ebene/er, 
is frequent amono- the descendants of i^eter, and is 
not found in the \\^itertown or Plymouih families of 
that period. There is, then-fore, no reasonable doubt 
that Ebenezer, of Leicester, was a descendant of John, 
through lY't( r, and the evidence seems to be conclu- 
sive that he was a grandsori of Peter, but, as the line 
cannot be traced, this record will be^fin with Ebenezer, 
of Leicester. 

It is wortliy of note, in passing, that a well-informed 
member of the family asserts that " ncnie of Eben- 
ezer's descendants used tobacco in any form until 1857, 
and but few use it now; " also that " onl)' one has been 
arrested for crime, and that was for a minor offense. 
The name has been well honored." 


Ebeneze..' "Warren lirst appears in Leicester in 
1744, at which time he bought of Pa! rick Watson, 
for ^11 2 10s., three acres of land wiili a dwelling- 
house, bark-house, mill-house, beam-house and tan- 
yard. The land compriseil a portion of the farm now 
owned by Edward VVarren. In the d( ed conveying 
the property he is styled " of Medford," but the rec- 

64 Wheeler and Warren FaniUles. 

ords of that town contain no account of hiai, anel it 
is probable that his residence there had bec:.i of short 
duration. It is not positively known who liis parents 
were. There is, however, little douljt thai he was a 
j^randson of Peter, of Boston. Joseph \\ arren, of 
Leicester, grandson of Ebenezer, made a written 
statement that the latter was born in Charh:stown in 
1 714. This statement is not substantiated by the 
records of Charlestown, but no evidence has b^.-en found 
to refute it. Very little is kno\\n of his life and char- 
acter beyond the fact that he was a man of intelligence 
and of good repute. He was evidently quite' success- 
ful in business, as he added largely t(j Ids pcjssessions, 
owning, a few years before his death, about one hun- 
dred acres of land, besides his dwellingdiuuse and 
tanyard buildings. He died in tSoo and was buried 
in Leicester, but no gravestone marks the bi)Ot. 

He married Lydia Harrington, of Inookfuld, Mass. 
Nothing is known concerning her, excepting that she 
became insane and it was found necessary to secure 
her with a chain, fastened to a bolt in the kitchen, to 
prevent her from running away. Slie dieil in 1 795. 

The dwelling-house namc;d in the deed wa^^ a small, 
one-story building situated on the north siile of the 
road to Spencer, a short distance east of the road to 
Paxton. The tanyard was on the opposite side of the 
road, a little farther east. About the year 1780 he 
built a new house a short distance east ot the old 
one. It was laroer than the lirst, two stoiies hiiih, 
with an ell of one story in the rear. Upon (lie death 
of Lbene/er the house descendcul to his sou I'dijah, 
and from him to his son Henr)' Llijah, by whom it 
was demolished about the year i860. 

Children : 

2. Lydia, b. 24 Nov., 1746; d. 7 Aug., 1748. 

The ]Var?'cn Family. 65 

3. Ebenezer, b. 27 Dec, 1748; d. 13 Feb., 1753. 
*4. Jonathan, b. 27 Nov., 1750. 

5. Lydia, b. 6 Dec, 1752; m. 31 l\Ich., 1774, Ab- 
ner Dunbar; he was b. 9 Apr., 1753; their 
son Eboiezcr, b. 29 Mch., 1777; d. 28 Oct., 
1877 ; his centennial was celeliratcd 29 Mch., 
1877; ^<^^iii^ g'c-nerations were present; up to 
that time not one of his descendants liad 
died ; he retained his faculties to the last, eat- 
ing supper wiih the famil)^ the nigliL before 
his deatii ; he was orandfathcr of )ohn D. 
Clark, ^[alconi G. Clark, and Mrs. F. A. 
Blake of Roclidale, Mass. 
*6. Ebenezer, b. 9 June, 1754. 

7. Esther, b. ; m., in 1782, Daniel Newhall 

of Brookfield, Mass.; resided in Alstcad, N. 
H.; ch.: John, Sally, and several others. 

8. Hannah, b. ; m., in 1781, Levi Chllson ; 

resided in Leicester; ch. : Lydia, IVar r^'n, Jivi, 

Humes,, Saiiuicl, BasiiictJi. 

*9. Elijah, b, , i 75S. 

10. Sally, b. ; \\\., in 1786, Thadeus l/phani; 

resided in Watcrtown ; ch. : Lcivis or Lots, 

Otis, Mary, Sally. 


Jonathan'', was born in Leicester, 2^ Nov., 1750. 
He married, first, 3 Jan,, 1775, Martha" Bc:mis, of 
Spencer. In 1796 slie fell in a fainting fit into the 
fire-place, where there was a large bed of oak tan burn- 
ing, and was burned to death. He married, second, 
Lucy How. She died u June, 1831. He was a 
tanner and resided wliere Horace Warren now lives. 

*The History of Spencer and town records of Leicester -iw lite n;inie 
Martha, but accordinf,^ to family tradition it was Pi-nis. It will he noiiccd 
that there was a daughter Persis. 


66 Wheeler and Warren FarniLcs. 

A portion of the old house still remains anl forms a 
part of the present oni . In 1797 he boiiLht a one- 
half inierest in the old tanyard, his hrotluM" 
ownino the other half, and tOL';ether 1 hey tarried <n\ 
the business. He died, according to ovm account, } 
Dec, 1 )24, or, accordiu'^ to another, 20 Jan , 1827. 
Chihlren (Ijy wife P^lartha): 

11. S. LLY, b. 13 Aug., 1775; m. John Beers. 

12. Ji.snuA, b. 25 Jul), 1777; settled In VcM'niont. 
*I3. S 'MUEL, b. 31 Jnly (or 10 Sept.), 1779 

'''14. JoMATHAN, b. 2 Dc'C, I 78-!. 

15. Pt'i.LY, b. 16 June, 1785; d. 180C'. 

16. I'l'-Ksis, b. 5 Mch., 1788; ni. i Apr., 1818, Aaron 

.Sibley; shed. 21 June, 1819; ih.: irdrroi.h. 

Feb., 1819; resides Auburn, Mass, 
^'17, A:iasa, b, 16 Nov., 1790. 
''■•18. Ji:ssE Smith, b. 18 Mch. (or Maj ), i7-;)h 
Chilciren (by wife Lui y): 

19. Ki.iZA, b. 16 Feb., 1799; m. Parker, 

20. S.M<.Aii, b. II Mch., 1 801 ; m. Cnrtis. 

Ebeiiezer^ was born in Leicester, 9 June, 1754. 
He mauled Phoebe Garileld of Spencer. From Lei- 
cester he went to Rutland, INFiss., but did not stay 
there haig, and made a iiermancnt settlement at Hub- 
bardsto 1, Mass., where he dieel 17 Sept., 1819. His 
wife died i Aug,, 1829, aged y ;^. Fie was a tanner. 

■"21, }li I':nezei<, b. 21 Jan., 1781. 
22, Pi "iCHE, b. 25 Jan., 1783; m. 11 Oct., 1804, 
Moses Waite; she d. 29 (Jet., 1874; he d. 19 
May, i87i,agedi)i ; ch.-./aii/cs/l'soii, b, 7 Dec, 
1807; ^^' 9 M^i"-. 1861; I foracc, b. 5 ()ct., 1809; 
d, 15 Oct., 185M; JoJuL i}il>)ia}i, b. 29 Jan., 

The Warren FaiaUij. G7 

1812; d. 8 Apr., 1831; Moses, \i. 24 Feb., 1814 
Amandt, b. 29 Feb., 1S16; d. 8 June, 1816 
Harrisihi, b. 23 Dec 1S17; d. 6 Aug., 1844 
Increase, b. 1 Ma)-, 1820; Carlo, b. ( 
July, 1822; Addison, 1). 16 Aug., 1825. 
23. Increase, 1). 7 Apr., 1785; in. 18 Dec, 1806, 
Patty ]\lcClenathan; remoxed to Westmore- 
land, N. II.; lie d. 14 July, 1872; shr d. 30 
Aug., 1873; ch.: Lyiniui, d. in ilie army; 
Geors^e, Rebeeei and H'an/e, d. \'uuni.'; A^or- 
7na)i, m Lillian Petty of Keene. 

^24. Walter, [>. 28 i^.Iay, 1787. 
25. Sally, b. 13 Feb., 1790; m. Prigham Davis; he 
d. 22 Aag., 1844, le. 59; she d. 26 A[)r., 1845; 
ch.: Caroline, h. 4 July, 1810; d. 16 May, 1816; 
John U'arren, b. 8 Sept., 1813; d. 10 Sept., 
1845; IJarriel, b. 21 Feb., 1816; d. 21 Dec, 
1816; Joseph I:., b. 29 jMch., 1820; d. 1 1 Mch., 
1 831; Sarali Ann, b. 12 Aug., 1823; d. 12 
Jan., 18 14; Carlo li., b. 31 May, 1826. 

*26. Nathan, 1). 3 Oct., 1792. 

^27. Samuel, b. 19 ^^dj., 1795. 

28. Oliver, b. 7 May, 1797; d. 5 Oct., 1800. 

29. Elijah, b. 7 Aug., 1800; m., 6 May, 1824, Sally 

W. Smith; removed to Canada; she d. 10 
Dec, 1843, '^- 42; 1"-. -second, 21 Mch., 1850, 
Louisa Kendall; she d. Aug., 18S0; he d. 7 
Aug., i38o; cIl: Amanda Susan, b. 27 Jan., 
1828; unmarried; resides at Lennowille, Can.; 
Elijah, 1). 13 I'eb., 1834; unmarried; resides 
at Lcnnoxville, Can.; Enima Louisa, b. 1851; 
m. James Wilson; resides in Canada; i henry 
Anios, Ahelvine, Sally, Ceon^e, F rede rich and 
seven others, all but two of whom died 

68 Wheder and Warroi Fain'dit-s. 

Elijah", was Lorn in Leicester in 175S. He mar- 
ried, first, in Aiarcli, 1781, Elizabeth WMueler, 
daughter of Amos and ^Iary Belclier (llenshaw*) 
Wheeler of Worcester. She was ho\'v\ 4 May, 1763, 
and died 30 Mcli., I'Soo. He married, second, 21 
June, 1801, Mary Belcher WHieeler, a sister of his 
first wife. She was l)orn 19 Dec, 1774, and died 
15 Aug., 1851. He died 18 July, 1843. ^^^ was a 
volunteer in the Revolutionary Army, antl was in the 
battle of White Plains, N. Y. Various transfers of 
real estate were made to him from his father be- 
tween the years 1783 and 1798, but, owing to the 
indefiniteness of the boundaries given in the deeds, 
it is impossible to locate, [)(3sitively, llic different 
lots, but they were apparently all in the western part 
of the town in the vicinity ol Horace and Edward 
Warren's. On the 5Lh of June, 1783, for ,{,500, 
Ebenezer deeded to Elijah the three acres of land 
with dwellinor-house, bark-house, mill-htjusc, beam- 
house and tanyard which he b^jught of Patrick Wat- 
son in 1744, together with twelve acres of land which 
he had purchased of Dorcas Smith, seventeen acres 
which he had bt)Ught of Daniel lienshaw, twenty 
acres bought of Capt. Daniel Denny, and four and 
three-quarters acres bought ol Col. Samuel Denny. 
The deed was a warrantee deed in which his wife 
joined. It would appear, however, that Ebenezer re- 
purchased at least a portion of the real estatii named 
in the deed abovt: mentioned, as we find that on the 
23d of January, i 793, he nioylo;agcd the lirst-named 
three acres of land and the tanyard to Elijah for five 
shillings; and later, 17 Eeb., 1795, \\^ sold to Elijah 

*She was a direct desci-ndani of \Villiain IIuiisIkuv of l.iiiicasliiri., Great 

The Warren Family. 69 

for /lOO, one acre, "being- the same land I pur- 
chased of Patrick Watson," with a d\velHnq--house 
and other buildings standing- thereon; and still later, 
28 Jan., 1797, he sold one-half of the tan)'ard to 
h^lijah for $.88.34, Jonathan buying the other half at 
the same price; and, 25 June, 1798, he .-u)ld to Klijah 
for $500, ninety-seven acres of land, a portion of 
which seems to have been that named in the first- 
mentioned deed.-'' llic dwelling-house which I'dijah 
bought in 1 795 was doubtless the one erected by 
Ebenezer about 1780 and which descended to Henry 
Elijah, by ^vhom it was destroyed about i860 or a 
little later. 

Of his life and character the Reverend Samuel May 
says : " He was a man of great worth and general 
estimation. The writer of this knew him only in the 
last five or six years of his life and has the impression 
that his age and some infirmities kept him closely at 
home. He was not an invalid, but is remembered as 
mostly in his arm-chiar, in the old and comfortable 
house opposite to the tanyard, where his years of in- 
dustry had been spent, and that he ap[jeared older 
even than his years. His mind continued clear, his 
memory good, his spirit and manners gentle and 
kindly. Not of many words, he was alive to the in- 
terests of those about him, and gave cordial welcome 
to his friends. His old age seemed unusually cheer- 
ful and serene. As a citizen and neighbor he main- 
tained a position of confidence and respect." 

His first wife is said to have been a most estimable 
woman, but there is no one who can speak from [)er- 
sonal knowledge concerning her. Of his second 
wife, Mary, Mr. May says: "She had passed the 

*'riie deeds refciiod lu urc in tin; possession of Edvs.iid Waiicn, Lcices- 

70 Wheeler and Warren. Litmilles. 

prime of life when the |)rcsent writer became ac- 
quainted with her. She already possessed a ripeness 
of character whicli seemed to fcill short of nothin^^'- 
desirable in life. This is much to say; but it is said 
with deep conviction of its truth by one whose mem- 
ory of over eighty years inchak.-s many noble ex- 
amples of uprig-ht men and honorable women. Tlu: 
faithfulness and gentleness with which she did all her 
duty as wife, st(p-mothc;r and mother, grew with 
her years. No loss or trial impaired her faith or 
lessened her trust in the Divine Goodness; so that 
she was a living light and blessing to all who knew 
her. By all her experiences of life she was made 
ready to welcome the Unitarian taith as it became 
known to her in middle life ; and when the Unitarian 
Church in Leicester was formed she connected her- 
self with it with a simple dignity and modesty whicli 
gave new beauty to her always beautiful and gracious 
life. In her day it had not come into vogue — what 
may even now be too much of a fashion — to form 
societies of the King's Daughters, but if that title 
can ever belong to women in this life, beyond a doubt 
it belonged to her." 

On the 17th of Sept., 1863, there was a remarkable 
and interestin«f meetiu'r of eioht of the children of 
Elijah at the old homestead in Leicester. Some of 
the elder children left home before the younger ones 
were born, and this was the first and only time that 
they were all together during their lives. There 
were present Amos, Joseph, Betsey, Lydia, Mary, 
Charlotte, Louisa and Henry. The eldest of the 
number was 81 and the youngest 54. Before they 
parted there was a large and excellent photograph 
taken of the group.* 

* Edward Warren, Leicistcr, Mass., and Cliailcs C. Warren, Waierbury, 
Vt., each possess a copy. 

* ^ ' 
a; C: i-< 


O 2 1> 

•^ 'Jj ♦"• 

c ^ a 

O D ■" 

_2 ; j; 

Ch c Ki c 

0, D « i C 

-. = 3 J, 3 

' S " ?— F 
■" , co' 17 s -a 

- O - cj ^ -^ 

5 ■;; 


^ w w ^ 

^ _: u a: 
i. 3 K a: 

::;;^ = .^ 

7 -J •<> 
> as -fi as 

< i^ w 

U D I 1, 
■(J r-3_t;!r' 
I £ =4 > - 

•- ci: - 


i: -j: 1) 

U-Z! ^~ 

c t- ^ 
tc -^ 1- tS 

t: - 1- -J 
z- ice 

.£ i?S- 

''■? ."- 

^ 1-- ^. 

a 0) 

- w ^ 

« C'C c- 

r^ S £ - U 

■o y *-' t/. > 

.■•— t. '-' -^ ;) 

^= u c r: - 

i' ■5'^-z! " 

''-' -:::: J. - 3 

O " <• u 3 

- . o 5 " fi 

00 s 

^D ^ ^ i) 


': = £>*^i; I-'? 

> "o C— : ~ 

■- o m _ ^ 

J3 It* > 3 

3 r^ . "^ 3 

:« " * >^ >. >• 

— -t C u 1/ '' 

^ 0) :: - 1, 

J- J S C _.J3 

.5 u — i' = -• 
(T.Cl ^ '-^ ^ ^ 

15 E i* .^ ." -5 
•c c -^ ; 5 •/; 

J ^ y. =- ^ 


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= 52 -/■ 
j;^ n a) 

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oh C 

! v. en -y ■-: x: £ 

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— 1< C u o ., 

The Warrot Familij. 71 

Children (by wife Elizabeth): 
*2)0. Amos, b. 25 July, 17S2. 
''■31. JosErri, b. 8 Jan., 1784. 

32. Betsey, b. 17 Oct., 17S5; m. JonaLhan IJond; 

no children ; she d. 10 I\lar., 187 l 

33. LvDiA, b. 29 Mar., 1788; unmarried; d. i JcUi., 


34. Mary Wii!:eler, b. 23 May, i 7qo ; m. Sin\con 

Chapin ; he was b. 18 May, 171)1 ; he d. 15 
}une, 1865; she d. 6 Vch., 1871 ; ch,; Eliza 
Warren Sawyer, CJiarlotle Wlicclcr, Catha- 
rine Hens haw ; lived in Lisbon, 111., where 
daughters CIiarlotte'AWfiS. Catharine now reside. 

35. Charlotte, b. 8 Au^., 1792; m. 21 Nov.. 1811, 

Rufus Fuller of Kaston, Mass.; he vvas b. in 
Attleboro 26 Oct., 1786; he d. 3 Oct., 18 | 2 ; 
she d. 31 Mar., 1886, aged 93 yrs., 7 Uios., 23 
days; they resided in Leicester; her life w;is 
uneventful ; she was not blessei.1 with riches, 
and it cost her many a struggle with [poverty 
to educate and provide for her large landly, 
but the last forty years of her lile were, by 
her children, made comfortable and pleasant, 
and her last years were serene and happy and 
of blessed memory ; ch.: Charlotte IVarren, 
b. in Easton 3 Oct., 1812 ; m. 28 Dec, 1831, 
Samuel Southgate ; she d. 24 Api., 1887; \nt 
d. 5 Jan., 1877; ^'^ll-i^ ICheeler, b. in Easton 4 
June, 1814; m. Corey McFarland ; she d. in 
Worcester 14 Miiy, 1844; //enry Riij'us, b. 
in Warren, Mass., 11 July, 1817, d. in Wor- 
cester 23 Sept., 1843; Charles . I H^^iis'ns, b. 
in Warren, Mass., 24 Apr., 1819; m. 1 Jan., 

1845, Ann Pcudine Hastings; she d. ; 

Sarah Warren, b. in Leicester 7 Aug., 1824; 

'''^ W/ieeler and War/\ a Families. 

unmarried; resides in Leicester ; GV^yv'-^ 
Alonzo, b. in Leicester, ; Nov., 1827; m.^S 
June, 1854, Martha Scott; she d. in Provi- 
dence, R. L, 25 \)i:iQ.., 1889, •'^g'^^l 62 yrs., 9 
mos.; he resides in P/ovidence ; is President 
of the Stedman & Fuller Mfo-. Co.; one ch., 
Lotta Persis, who m. Arthur L.^Kelley; Ruf/:s, 
b. in Leicester 3 \ug.. 1830; m. 1st, 11 Apr., 
1855, Lucy RanL;er Lamb; she d. 14 May, 
1862 ; he m. 2d, 26 Apr., 1865, Abbie IJrus- 
cilla Lamb, sister of his llrst wife; I\Iarshall, 
b. in Leicester 10 Dec, 1834; m. ist, 8 Jan., 
1862, Jennie, dau. of Jonas L. Warren ; she 
d. in Leicester 17 Nov., 1S66, aged 23 yrs.; 
he m. 2d, 22 Jan., 1808, Carohne Ehzabeth 
Walker; he d. in Worcester i Jan., 1 S80. 
Children (by wife Mary) : 

36. S.\R.ui Hensiiaw, b. 20 PsLir., 1802 ; unmarried; 
d. 16 June, 1823. 

2^-]. Catuarine Hensiiaw, b. 21 July, 1804; unmar- 
ried ; d. 17 July, 1828. 

1%. Louisa Amelia, b. 18 Aug-., 1807; m. 25 Auo-., 
1830, Amos Dean Wheeler ; resides \\\ 
Brunswick, Me.; she is the only sinwiving- 
grandchild of Ebenezcr. 
*39. Hem;v Elijah, b. 4 July, 1809. 

40. Antoinette Frances Tucker, b. 21 June, 181 7; 
d. 8 Jan., 1819. 


Samuel^ [Jonathan' |, was born in Leicester, Mass., 
TO Sept., 1779. He married, in 1806, Sally Gould- 
ing, daughter of Captain Jonah Goulding. Settled 
in Auburn, ]\Liss. Fie was a prominent citizen and 
a zealous Baptist. He was baptized in i8io and 


The Warren Family. 73 

united with the church in 1814. Subsequently he 
and his father-in-law, Goulding, erected a meeting- 
house on iheir farm and, soon after, a church was 
organized and a pastor settled. Me was a deacon at 
the time of his death, which occurred 10 Sept., 1832. 
He was a tanner by trade. 

Children : 
*4i. Waterman Goulding, b. 16 May, 1807. 
*42. Elbriuge Gerry, b. 27 Mch., 1810. 
■^43. Jonah Goulding, b. 11 Sept., 181 2. 
*44. Samuel, b. 31 Oct., 18 16. 
*45. John, b. 27 Nov. 18 19. 

46. Sarah Jane, b. 10 Apr., 1825; d. 26 Mch., 1843. 
*47. George, b. 9 Dec, 183 1. 


Jonathan^ [Jonaihan'], was born in Leicester in 
1786. tie married, 12 June, 1816, Mary Livermore, 
of Leicester. She died 8 Aug., 1839. ^^^ <\\Qd 24 
Sept., 1845. H^ resided in Leicester and was a 

Children : 
*48. Jonas L., b. 14 Dec, 1818. 

49. Martilv, b. 6 Apr., 1820; m. Ashel Spring; no 


50. Sarah, b. 12 Sept., 1823; m. Daniel l^arker; 

four children; she d. in Chicago, 8 Apr., 


Amasa^ \^Jonathan''\ was born in the south-west 
part of Leicester, 16 Nov., 1790. He married, 22 
May, 1 8 14, Lydia Goodrich Porter, daughter of 
Nathan and Marcy (Larncd) Porter, of East Brook- 
field. About 1820 he removed to the north-west 

74 Wheeler and Warren Families. 

part of Leicester where he llveJ until his death, lie 
was a tanner, quite successful in business, leaviniL;' a 
fair estate. He was a good citizen, but not [jronii- 
nent in public affairs, lie was a men. her ol the 
Masonic fraternity. He attended the Bajtist church, 
but was unsectarian and liberal in his reli dous vi^nvs. 
He died in Leicester in Dec, 1826. 
Children : 

51. Caroline, b. 30 Nov., 1815; d. 8 Jan., 1817, 
"^52. Leonard, b. 24 Feb., 1817. 

53. Adaline, b. 27 Feb., i8u,; d. 16 A^)r., 1819. 
*54. Otis, b, 8 Sept., 1820. 

55. Emeline, b. 9 Jan., 1823 : m., in i'42, George 

Bemis, 2d; resides in Spencer; ch.: CZ/ar/iS 
JV., b. 1846; Ejiiily P., b. 1849; ^^v/rr Ji., b. 
1853; Jo/uL Q., b. 1855; sons all settled in 

56. Nathan, b. 20 Mch., 1825; unmarried; mer- 

chant ; resides at East Brookfieli, Mass. 

57. Lvdia Ann, b. 13 June, 1827; ni., in 1846, 

William H. Willard; slie d. in \ /orcc stcr, 9 
June, 1867; ch.: IVai'rc'ii E., i\l try (dead), 
Harry, Eviuia, Jcmiic (dead), G.orgc, \\ illie 
(dead), Alice. 


Jesse Smith^ \ Jonat/hur\, was born i i Leicester, 
Mass., in 1794. He married, 22 May, 1817, ?dary 
Griggs. She was born in Roxbury, M iss., (; July, 
1797. She died 18 Nov., 1870. He (iied 6 Apr., 
1863. They resided in Charlton, Mass 1L-. was a 
farmer, but was accustomed to various .)CCU|)alions. 
He could shoe a horse, make a clothes-pi a or buihl a 
house. He sustained an unblemished cl;araclor. was 
faithful in his work and a pleasant comj anion. He 

The Warren l^'amily. 75 

was much interested in town affairs and was one of 
the assessors of Charlton. He wa: a 1 1 niversalist 
and strong in his convictions. 

^58. William Dana, b. 20 Feb., 1810. 

59. Ei^iMiRA, b. 16 Feb., 1820; unmarried; d. 26 

Jan., 1842. 

60. Harriet Willson, b. 7 Aug., 181:3 ; unmarried; 

d. 27 Feb., 1842. 


Ebenezer^ [Ebenc'rjei^'\, was born in Ilulibardston, 
Mass., 21 Jan., 1781. He married, 29 l\lar., 1803, 
Hepzibah Waite. She died 8 June, 1852. He died 
15 Oct., 1859. He was educated in ilie public 
schools ot Hubbardston, where he livnl for the 
greater part of his life. He was a farnu.r, but in 
addition to the care of his farm, in whiter he worked 
out chair stock for a chair manufactory. In politics 
he was a Whig ; in religion a Hnitari m. 

■^'61. Samuel, b. 3 Sept., 1804. 

62. Mary Ann, b. 23 Jan., 1S06; m. 19 Mar., 1828, 

Rufus Holden of Winchendon ; d. 19 Apr., 
1S32 ; she d. 14 Apr., 1832 ; cli.: Alcuy sUul 
Jaiif, b. ; d. 31 July, 1849, ''^' ' 7- 

63. Oliver, b. 27 July, 1809; d. 29 Oct., 18 10. 

^64. EliENEZER ClIAl'MAN, b. U^June, 181 2. 

65. y\LiCE W., b. 27 Feb., 1814; m. 2^ Oct., 1833, 
lienjamin F. Coleman ; she d. 16 1 )ec., 1887 ; 
ch.: Alice JiDLC, b. 9 Jan., 1831; /Jin/'aun'/i 
Franklin, b. 7 Aug., 1836; d. 31 ( )ct., i860; 
ChristopJicr A [civ in, b. 29 0(:t., j 840 ; d. 2 
Jan., 1861 ; Delia Ann, b. 5 Dec, 1840 ; d. 16 
Aug., 1873. 

76 V^heelev and Wary^en Fain'du's. 

66. Sumner, b. 16 Feb., 1816; m. 21 Apr., iS.jO, 

Harriet Bennett; d. 20 June, 1852 ; no ch 

67. LoLs, b. 7 Mar., 1S18; m. 20 JNlay, 1847, i-n' ^^ 

Sawyer; resides at Gardner,; eh.: S. 
IVarrcn, b. 18 Sept., 1848; £//d /., b. 4 
June, 1853. 

68. Joseph Garunek, b. 22 No\^, 1819; ni. 1st, :; i 

Jan., 1847, Jane (McNeal) Flao-g- ; sh^ d. 19 
May, 1849, ^^'- 4-; "i- 2d, J9 July, 1864, Nellie 
E. Adams; ^\\.: JoscpJiiiic Gco7'gia)uia, b. 6 
Feb., 1849; "^- -o ^ct., Dvvio-ht L. Herriek 
of Chesterfield ; resides at Brattleboro, Vt. 

69. RoxA, b. 30 Nov., 1824 ; d. 14 May, 1826. 

Walter^ \Ebc)ieza"\, was born in Hubbardstoii, 
Mass., 28 May, 1787. lie married, i^] May, i8iu, 
Lucy Moulton. He di(.:d 23 Jan., 18 14. 


70. Emily, b. 20 May, 1810; n-i. 6 Oct., 1835, .\br..- 

ham H. Wilson; he d. 14 Dec, 1876; she d. 
31 Jan., 1851. 

71. John G., b. 14 Feb., 1812 ; d. 28 Feb., 181 9. 

Nathan^ \El>cnczcr'\, w^'t^, born in 1 lubbarilston, 
Mass., 3 Oct., 1792. He married, first, in N(n'., 1815, 
Dolly B. Howe of Templeton. .She died j 1 Sept., 
1821, aged 28. He marrieil, second, 27 May, 1822, 
Betsey Davis of Templclon. She died 23 Aul;., 1 87 j. 
He died 9 Apr., 1841. 


72. Jane H., b. 29 May, 1820; d. 26 Feb., 1825. 

73. Dolly Howe, b. 24 May, 1823; m. 17 Oct., 

1842, John Davis; he d. 23 Oct., i8;o, . . 5;. 

The Warren Faniihj. 77 

*74. Walter, b. 5 June, 1824. 

75. Lea-\M)ER W., b. II Sept., 1825; m. Lucy IJow- 

ker of rhillipston ; he cl. 12 Aul;., 1S73. 

76. Jane H., b. 20 Aul;-., 1828; in. 30 Dec, 1847, 

Benjamin F. Pond; resides at Sandy Creek, 
N. Y. 
yy. Hudson, b. i May, 1830; d. 21 Mar., 1869. 

78. Betsey Davis, b. 27 Feb., 1836; ni. 15 Jan., 

1857, J. Blake Pierce of Royalston ; she d. 18 
Ditc, 1857. 

Samuel^ \_Ebenc::er'''\, was born in llubbardston, 
Mass., 19 Feb., 1705. He married, i Au^.. iSio. 
Mary Ann Phillips/ Hj di.d o 1\\-. ;S.n^ >lu- 
c.\ti 3 A;r.. 1:^:4. 

Children : 

79. Ciii.OE, b. II Aug., 1816. 

80. Abigail, b. 7 Aug., 1817; d. 15 P^eb., 18 19. 

81. AiaGAiL H., b. ; m. 6 Dec., iS|.?. Cliarles 

Conant of Barre. 

82. PiiHrE A., b. — — •; m.. isi .\ddison. riiinv, vK>d: 

nr., 2d. Hanimct nilliri;;s of Boskm. 

83. Ri.Fus, b. . 


Amos^ [i?./;;:?/.-!, was born m l.c-jrcslrr, j, July 
I7^>^^ He marrir,], n,-.,t, Sophi.i I, SI, u ,,', 
'""" ' '. •^^•■y. '•/■•'- •"•'! di. .1 in \\ .,,.4 ,|.,, ,. \ I., \'- 
June, 1:^25. He married, second, 3 (),l.. i.Sj- ;\'i ,'.' 

Caroline G. (Shurtlelf) ' sh.- ^ , 1,.,,,, , 
Aug 1783. and died .3 ,SepL, ,s,.. M, .„,,,„ 4 
^'^"■*'' 'I )""•■' ''^M, •^^•'I'y P. .. . 4)., 4,. I , 1 ,) 

78 Wheeler and Wiirreu Uariillien. 

1865, aged 75 years. lie was cducateil at llic com- 
mon schools of Leict;sLer. In early life lie set Lied in 
Woodstock, Vt., where he died 26 I'eb., 1865. 1 le was 
a tanner and accumulated considerable wealth, hut 
met with losses and was in rather reduced ^ ircum- 
stances at the time of his death. He was a man of 
good judgment, of sound common sense, and of strict 
integrity. He was a member of the Episcopal 

Children (by wife Sophia): 
*85. Walton, b. 25 Oct., 1806. 

86. Hi:nkv A., b. 28 Dec, 1807; unmarried; died in 

Woodstock, 17 June, 187c). 

87. Caroline F., b. 6 Aug., 1809; m. Woods; 

she d. 12 July, 1836. 

88. Mary E., b. 26 Mch., 181 1; m. Dr. Thomas E. 

Powers; she d. 4 Se[)t., 1874; he d. 28 Dec, 
1876; ch. : Ada, m. Charles Anderson; she d. 
15 Nov., 18G2, a;. 29. 

89. Lucv Ann, b. 13 IMch., 1814; m. W. H. Camj) 

of Owego, N. Y. 

*90. Amos W., b. 13 Mch., 1816. 
91. Soi'iHA H., b. 24 l)ec., 1818; m. 10 Aug., 1836, 
Dr. Richard H. Colfax of New York; she d. 
2 Apr., 1839; he d. 3 May, 1841; ch.: Harriet, 
b. 17 May, 1837; m., about i860, John H. 
Bates of Kalamazoo. 

*92. Georce Wasiiinc'ion, b. 15 May, 1821. 
Child (by wife Caroline): 
93. Harriet Woou, b. 14 June, 1826; m. 28 Oct., 
1S46, F. A. (iarfield; lived in Highgate, Vt.; 
he d. about 1848; ch.: I'^rcdcrick A., lived 6 
mos. ; she m., 2d, 14 June, 1854, Dr. Charles 
L. Allen of Mitldleluuy, Vt.; she d. 2- Apr., 
1858; lied. 2 July, 1890; ch.: I'^ranccs Louisa, 

The Warren l^iunilt/. 79 

b. 21 May, 1855; ni. 16 Dec, 1S75, I'Mwanil 
D. Page of Rutl.ind, Vl.; resides at < )aklan(l, 
Cal.; no children; Ilajrict \\'\ir)\'}i,\). () \\)X., 
1858; m. 2 Aul;. , 1883, '^^'^'- Jol^'^ C. Uoddard 
of New I.omlon, Conn.; rc.'sides at Salisbury, 
Conn.; ch.: Catharine, b. 1 July, 1884; IMiriam 
and Rose, b. 5 -Vug., 1885; Charles /Vllen, b. 
24 Dec, 1886, John Calvin, b. 31 July, 1888; 
Louisa Page, b. .25 Apr., 1S90. 


Joseph^ [Elija/r\, was born in Leicester, Mass., 
8 )an., 1784. Me married, Jan., iSii, Sail)' (ireenc 
of Hrookfield. He lived in Leicester and pursued 
the occupation of a tanner with his father, ami also 
carried on a farm. He was named for General 
Joseph Warren, and was quite proud of the fact. Me 
died 25 Feb., 1865. His wife died Feb., i86-|. Me 
was a genial, kincbhearted man, a good citizen, and a 
oood neitrhbor. 

94. Caroline, b. 23 Nov., iNii; m. Nelson Waite; 
ch.: Horace, .-1/oji.zo, (icor>^r, JUiza, Sarah 
Louisa, iMary fane, lillcii, Lcaiidcr, Joseph 
*95. Alhekt, b. I Sept., 181 3. 
''^96. Leanj)i:r, b. 22 Aug., 18 15. 
'^97. CiiAKi.j'S Wiikkli:k, b. 7 Jul)-, 1818. 
98. Li.i/.A, b. 24 Ai)r., 1822; m. 21 Dec, 1S53, 
FVanklin \Vhip[)le; resid(;s in Worceslrr, 
]\hiss.; ch.: ALiry Ji/!a, b. 5 I'eb., 1S57; 
Dora Harriet, b. 23 Nov., 1858; d. \'uiing; 
Charles Pcrley, b. 8 Apr., i860; d. )<)ung. 
'^■99. HoRACJ':, b. 7 Oct., 1824. 

80 Wheeler and Waiven Families. 

lOO. Sarah, b. 5 Apr., 1827; ni.. June, 18 jq, ( harlcs 
M. IIowc; resided in iMarlboro, Mas,.; .she 
d. 2 June, 1857; ch.: Ji//a /i.::aij, f/i, L. 
5 Alch., 1 851; d. 14 Aug., 18 ,3; Albert 
Jo^.pJi, b. 24 May, 1853; Gra.\ l.iHa, b. 
7 .Sept., 185 i-i ni. It; Se[)l., 1877, Kev. (ames 
H. Roberts of Hartford, Conn., and went 
to China, where the\' now reside; // alU r, b. 1 3 
A|)r., 1856; ni., Jan., 1881, Susan VY. beUun 
of INIarlljoro; he resides at Hilo, island Ha- 
waii, Sandwich Ishmds; Sarah ]l\>i-rL,i, b. 16 
May, 1857; d. at W^orccster, 31 I )ec., 1887. 

Henry illijah^ | lilijaJr |, was born in Leicester, 
Mass., 4 July, 1809. He married, 3 ( )ct., 1839, 
Mary Whiiteniore, dauohu-r of John and Nancy 
(Howard) Whittemore ol Leicester. He died 5 
July, 1865. Of his life and character the Revert iid 
Samuel May says: " Lie inherited the hue qucdities 
of character of his parents. Succeeding to his f.ithc r's 
business, he- enlarged it, and strove mosi dili^cMuly 
to maintain it And if faithful applicatioi. and prid)- 
ity could have commanded success, he muit have se- 
cured it. luit the competition of the rapiill) -growing- 
west, with iis ample means of manufacturing leather 
more easil)' and cheaply than could be d(.ae in New 
England, \\ as too much for even his courage and in- 
dustr)-. His severe and mortal illness in iniddle life 
was undoulitedly brought on by his too strenuous 
labors. But he had not wholly failed of i:V(m mate- 
rial successts. He jjuilt for himself and gro\. iuL; lamily 
a commoditHis and handsome residence, where also 
he made a home for his mother and step-^ister. He 
enlarged arid impro\ed the [Kitcrnal iari 1, and was 

The W\ir,en Family. 81 

ail industrious farmer as well as worker in leallier. 
Indeed he took upon himself labors bc:yond (jne 
man's strength. lie had early itlentifu'd himself 
with the Unitarian Society and church, then newly 
formed in Leicester, and was ever an exemplary and 
respected member of it. His widow still lives, hav- 
ing the respect of all who know lier. His children 
fill important places in life efficiently and honorably. 
His meniory is cherished as that of a true man, 
modest withal but brave and hopeful, affectionate in 
his home and faithful in his friendships." 

■^'loi. Charles Henry, b. 27 June, 1840. 
*i02. George Howard, b. 29 June, 1842. 
103. Mary Louisa, b. 9 b'eb., 1844; m. 14 b^eb., 1S77, 

Stephen II. Hammond of Shelburne, Mass.; 

resided at Sprin^;held, Mass.; no children; 

she d. 3 June, 1884. 
*io4. Edward, b. 24 Feb., 1846. 

105. Eliza, b. 10 Sept., 1847; m. 26 (^ct., 1869, 

David H. Barnes of Spencer; no children; 
resides at Spencer, Mass. 

106. Katharine, b. 6 June, 1851; m. 24 Feb, 1873, 

Henry H, Sugden of Spencer; no children; 
he d. 5 July, 1878; she resides in Spen- 

107. Sarah, b. 7 June, 1853; m. 25 Nov., 1879, 

Clarence A. White of Leicester; ch.: 0/ive 
Wheeler, b. 10 Apr., 18S1; Ralph Warren, 
b. 2 May, 1884; d. 12 Aug., 1884. 

108. Ellen, b. 21 Feb., 1857; m. 20 Nov., 1878, 

William b". Drake of Spencer; resides in 
Worcester; ch. : Ches/er Warren, h. 19 Apr., 
1882; Helen Louise, b. 3 (3ct., 1887. 

S2 Wheeler and Wtirren J^\i7niln\'i. 


Waterman Goulding' \'S(fj/n/r/\ /ofia/ ).i^r\, was 
born in Ward (now /\iiburn), Mass., on (heoKl Warren 
homestijad, in that part of the town Lnowi as West 
Auburn, i6 JMay, 1S07. Ih? niarric^d, 22 Apr., 1 S ;o, 
Mary b.ddy, daughter (jf Samuel and Lyda (Ilart) 
Eddy. She was born at Auburn, Mas.,., 7 1 rb., 1 Si'^o, 
and died 3 Sept., 18S7. lie died 7 Aug., i,;So. He 
belongc d to a family of tanners, his anrestois for four 
generations, on both his fatlu>r's and his motUer's side, 
having pursued that avocation. llis opj) >rluuities 
for obtaining an education were e.\tr ;mel\ limited. 
He worked upon his lather's farm antl in th.; lannery 
summeis and attended the district school winters. 
When l.e was married his wetlding present from his 
father was two dollars to pay tlie minister'h fee, and 
the loan of his old horse and "shay" with which to 
bring- home his bride. Two years after his marriage 
his father died and he inherited the ancestral tannery. 
He pursued the business of tanning with varying- 
success until 1840 when he removed tcj Hoi len, con- 
tinuing in the same business, in [partnership wilh his 
brother Samuel, for ten )ears. In the ^[Mang of 1850, 
this pari nership was dissolved by mutual consent and 
he purchased the Kdward Richardson tiuUnery located 
unedialf mile west of 1 lolden C'entre. Tin tannery 
was enlarg^ed and impro\'ed and the bu ,mes- success- 
fully continued for mort; than tw(jnt)-.ive )ears, his 
son Sanuiel being his [)artner lor a portion oi the 
time. In 1874 he formed a partnership will, his two 
other sons under the firm name oi 15. o 11. \V. War- 
ren cs: Co., and this company erected ihe briik lan- 
nery nearer Holden Centre. He still eonlinned llie 
business with his cdde:,t son, al the Riehard ,on lan- 


ihe M'dri't/i Faniily. M^ 

nery. The new tannery in its character and euuip- 
ment, its facilities for producing' card leatlur, \vlii>.h is 
its specialty, is probabi)', not surpassed b)- au) otlicr in 
the State. In 1882 the old tannery was abandoned and 
Samuel became a member of the firm coasistin^; of 
the father and three sons, the style being" changed to 
W. G. Warren & Sons. The business was suctess- 
fully continued, being carried on since the death (jf 
the father in 1886, b)' the three sons under the iirm- 
name of W. G. Warren's Sons. 

lie was a devoted husband and father, kind-hearted 
and charitable; a man of good common sense, scnmd 
judgment and strictest integrity. He had maiked 
peculiarities and a strong personality. He was an 
ardent temperance man and a liberal sup[)orter uf all 
the moral reforms of his day. In early life he was an 
abolitionist and after the enactment of the b\igitive 
Slave law he made his home a refuge for the escap- 
in*"" bondman. Fie boldly proclaimed his sentiments 
in favor of liberty for the op[)ressed when such action 
meant scorn and persecution. He and his wife 
attended the Baptist church, but were not members 
of the church. 

109. Ann E., b. in Auburn, Mass., 13 b'eb., 1831; 
m. 9 Oct., 1862, Lester Williams; resides at 
H olden; he b. in West Springfield, Mass., 
24 July, 1823; ch.: IVaicruicxn Lester, b. in 
H olden, Mass., 10 Aug., 1867; graduated, 
Amherst College, class of '91. 
no. Sus.\N Ellen, b. 27 Mch., 1833; resitles at 
H olden, Mass. 
*iii. Samuel, b. 15 Oct., 1834. 
"112. Beriiiikk, b. 22 Oct., 1836. 
*ii3. Henry, b. i8 Mch., 1838. 


84: Wheeler and WiWren i'ainillcn. 

'^\h^\di^^Q^XXy'{Sa))niel\ Jonathait'\, was born 
27 Mar., 1 8 10. He married, 9 April, 1834, Lydia 
Elvira Stone. He resides in Auburn, Mass. He 
carried on a tannery for thirty-nine years with his 
brother John, under the ijrm name of E. G. & J. 
Warren. The business is continued under the name 
of John Warren & Sons. He represented the town 
in the Legislature of 1862-3, and has held numerous 
positions of responsibility and trust. He is an Inde- 
pendent in politics and a llaptist in religion. 

Children : 

114. Erastus Stone, b. 6 Dec, 1835; d. i -^ Jan., 

115. JuNAH G., b. 12 Oct., 1838; d. II Jan., 1840. 

116. Ei.MRiDGE Gerry, Jr., b }^o Oct., 1840. 

117. Mary L., b. 15 Mar., 1844. 
*ii8. Sherman Hall, b. 27 Nov., 1845. 

119. Lydl^ a., b. 9 Mar., 1848; unmarried. Re- 

sides at Auburn, Mass. 

120. Elmira, b. 13 Mar., 1850; m. 15 Junt:, 1871, 

Edwin Ryder of Oxford, Mass. He d. 19 
May, 1882. She resides at Worcester, Mass.; 
ch. : Gertrude Elvira, b. i July, 1874. 

121. Sallie Augusta, b. 27 July, 1852; m. 8 Dec, 

1880, Edw^ard N. Davis, who was b. in .Spring- 
field, Vt., 28 Feb., 1852, and d. 17 Nov., 1882. 
She resides at Hrattleboro, Vt. 


Jonah Goulding'' {Samuel^, Jonaf/ian"'] was born 
at Auburn, Mass., 11 .Sept., 1812. He graduated 
at Brown University, class of 1835, and from New- 
ton Theological Institution in 1838. He was or- 
dained at North Oxford in the autumn of 1838, 


The Warren Fatnily. bo 

and immdiately settled as pastor of the Baptist church 
in Chicopee, Mass., where he remained till 1849, 
when he was called to 1 roy, N. Y., and labored in 
that city six years. In May of 1855 he was elected 
corresponding- secretar)' of the American Baptist 
Missionary Union, first in the home department, af- 
terward in the foreign, continuing in its service until 
1872, when he resigned on account of failing health. 
The remainder of his days were spent in the quiet 
and peaceful surroundings of his home in Newton 
Centre. He received from Rochester University, in 
1856, the degree of 1). D., and was a trustee of 
Brown University from 1858 to 1873. 

An obituary notice says of him as a preacher: " His 
fervor of feelincr testified to the decree in which his 
own heart was penetrated by the truth, but did not 
tend to make the intellectual process less clear and 
strong, while every now and then the quaint indi- 
viduality of his style of expression made the most 
familiar truth seem fresh and original. ''■ * * 
He leaves the memory of a good man who served 
his own generation, by the will of God, with a high 
measure of devotion and efficiency." His death oc- 
curred 27 Feb., 1884. He married, first, at Cov- 
entry, R. I., I Nov., 1838, Penelope M. Water- 
man. She was born in Coventry, 17 Mar., 1812, 
and died in Troy, N. Y.. in 1850. He married, sec- 
ond, at Troy, N. Y., 17 Jan., 1852, Mrs. Susan- 
nah Gearn. She died in Troy, 22 Jan., 1889. 

Children by wife Penelope : 
*i22. Andrew Fuller, b. in Chicopee, Mass., 12 
Dec, 1842 ; and one or two others who died 
in infancy. 

Children by wife Susannah : 
123. P2mma Svhil, b. Nov, 1854 ; d. 1863. 

86 Wheeler and Warren Familus. 


Samuel* [Safmie/', Jo)ial/iair~\ was born in Au- 
burn, Mass., 31 Oct., uSi6. He married, Sept., 
1839, Georgianna Barton, of Spencer. She died in 
Holden, Mass., 27 Nov., 1849. Me married, second, 
Feb., 185 1, in Troy, N. Y., Mrs. Nancy ITao;g 
Trask, of Holden, Mass. She died 25 Sept., 1875. 
He married, third, Sarah EHzabeth Rice, of Worces- 
ter. In early life he tried mercantile life for a few 
years, but abandoned it and went into the tanning 
business, manufacturing card leather, which he fol- 
lowed for fourteen years in Holden and for thirty- 
five years in Worcester, where he now resides. In 
religion he is a Baptist and in politics a Republican. 
Children by wife Georgianna : 
124. George Pascal, b. 28 Mch., 1840; m. July, 

1871, Miss Laurenza Strator, of Chicago. 
Resides at Detroit, Mich. 

*I25. Joseph Addison, b. 8 Mch., 1848. 
126. Samuel Barton, b. 11 Oct., 184^;; m. 2 Oct., 

1872, Mahala H. Spear of Warren, Me. Re- 
sides at Detroit. 

Children by wife Nancy : 
*i2 7. CifARLEs Goulding, b. 22 Oct., 1855. 
128. Sarah M., b. 7 Dec, i860; m. 9 June, 1885, 
Gilbert G. I)avis. Resides at Worcester, 
Mass.; ch.: Warren Gilbert, b. 19 Dec, 1887 ; 
Inez Flagg, b. 20 July, 1890, 


John* \Samueh, JonatJian''^ was born in Auburn, 
Mass., 27 Nov., 1819. He was educated in the 
public schools of Auburn and at the Worcester 
Academy. He married, in 1854, Sarah C, eldest 

:^.3# ^i^-v 

"^ %Lfi- -.1: 


^/ VV c^^ZA^^-r-L. 

The Wai'vi-it I'tunily. 87 

daughter of Captain Samiu 1 Eddy. She died 20 
May, 1881, aged 58 years. lie is a tanner and re- 
side.s in West Auburn, Mass. In polities he is a 
Democrat, and in religion a " hard shell " Baptist 
He was Chairman of the Board of Selectmen of the 
town for several years, and has held otlier offices of 
responsibility and trust, and l\e was a member of the 
Legislature in 1854. 

Children : 
'''129. John F., b. i Aug., 1846. 

130. Jonah G,, b. 21 Apr., 1850. 
■^131. Richard Hknrv, b. 9 Mar., 1854. 

132, Rhoda C, b. 23 Jan., 1856. 
*i33. Waterman A., b. 1 Dec, i860. 
134. Anna M., b. i Dec, 1800; m. 22 Apr., 1886. 
Henry E. Sibley. Resides at Worcester ; 
ch.: RalpJi Warren, \:>. 16 May, 1888; Jlarold 
Hobart, b. 27 July, 18S9. 
*i35. Frank E., b. 29 June, 1862, 


George* \Sar)iiiel^, Jo)iatlh )i''\ was born in Au- 
burn, Mass., 9 Dec, 1831. He was educated in the 
Auburn schools and at Worcester Academ). He 
married, 12 May, 1858, Laura Sophia Kdd), daughter 
of Captain Samuel Eddy, of Auburn. She was born 
in Auburn, 23 Feb., 1838. .After lea\ing school 
at the age of twenty-one, he engaged in the leather 
business in Worcester, with his brother Samuel, hi 
1864, he removed to Brattleboro, Vt., antl remained 
there six years, and in 1871, after about a )ear at 
Uxbridge, Mass., he removed to Newton Centre, 
Mass., where he has since resided. Lie has been a 
moderately successful business man. He is now en- 
gaged in the coal business. He has held various of- 

88 Wheeler and Warren. Families. 

fices of trust, and is at present City Assessor and 
Overseer of the Poor. In reli;.non he is a IJaptist 
and in [joHtics a RepubHcan. 
Children : 

136. 1'"annie Laura, b. 10 Sept., 1860; d. 19 Mch., 


137. Grace Augusta, b. in Brattleboro, Vt. 30 

Oct., 1865. She was educated at the Nev ton 
High School and at Wellesley College ; m. 
28 May, 1888, Rev. Robert Woods Van Kirk 
(b. South Strabane, Pa., 6 Oct., i860); ch.: 
Warren, b. Fall River, Mass.. 2 May. 1889. 
They reside at Grand Rapids, Mich. 

138. George Eddy, b. Brattleboro, Vt., 20 (^ct., 

1868. He was educated at the Newton 
High School and at Brown University; un- 
married. Resides at Newton Centre, Mass. 

139. Alice Amelia, b. in Uxbridge, Mass., 23 Mch, 

1 87 1. She was educated at the Newton 
High School; unmarried. 


Jonas L/ \Jonathaii\ Jonatha)i^\ was born in 
Leicester, 14 Dec, 1818. He married, 12 June, 
1841, Charlotte Phillips of Spencer. He resides in 
Shirley, Mass., where he pursues the occupation of a 

Children : 

140. Am ASA, b. 6 Sept., 1843. Resides at Haver- 

hill, Mass. 

141. |knnie, b. 4 May, 1845 ; m. 8 Jan., 1862, 

shall Fuller. She died in Leicester, 17 Nov., 

142. Mary, b. i Oct., 1847; m. William Graham. 

Resides at Westboro, Mass. 

The Warren tomUy. SD 

Leonard* \Aviasa^'', Jonatha!r^^\\■;xshox\\ in Leices- 
ter, 24 r"eb., 181 7. He was educated at the public 
schools of Leicester and at Leicester Academy. He 
married, 1846, Augusta HodL>es of Warren, Mass. 
She died in East Brookfield, Mass., in 1853. He 
married, second, in 1862, Mrs. (.'.arrie B. (Pearl) 
Brighaiii. She was born in Wellington, Conn. He 
resides in East Brookfield. He is a merchant, in 
which business he has been (juite successful. He 
represented the town in the Legislature in 1857, and 
has held numerous town offices. In politics he was 
first a Democrat, then a Frtie Soiler, then a Repub- 
lican. In religion he is a Universalisl, but unsecta- 

Children : 

143. Au(}USTA H., b. East Brookfield, 24 Oct., 1863. 

m., 19 June, 1883, Warren E. Tarbell. Re- 
sides at East Brookfield, IVIass. 

144. Mary P., b. East Brookfield, 4 June, 1878 ; 

m., June, 1890, Harrison Grant. Resides at 
East Brookfield, Mass. 


Otis^ \Amasa\ JomitkaiL'\ was born in Leices- 
ter, 8 Sept., 1820. He married, in 1S46, Caroline 
E. VVilhird of Charlton, Mass. He resides in Wor- 
cester, Mass. He is an iron founder, and does an 
extensixe business. He is an active member of the 
Universalist Society, and has been a member of the 
common council of the city of Worcester. In addi- 
tion to his own children, hi- adopted, in inkuicy, 
Alice T. Willard, born in 1867, daughter of his 
sister, L-ydia Ann [Warren J Willard. 

•^^^ W/ueler and Warrni FaniUies. 

Children : 

145- AiiJERT W., 1). in Chicaj^ro, [9 Dec 1S47; fl- 
at East Hrookfield, AJass., 1 Oct., 1849. 

146. Wu.LiAM Otis, b. in Worcester, Nov., 1859; 
tl. 19 Aug., 1S60. 

William Dana^ | /^'^■^■^' Smitlr, Jonatliair\ was 
born in Charlton, Mass., 20 Feb., 1818. He married, 
25 Dec, J 842, Margaret M. Lunt. She was born at 
Portsmouth, N. H., 20 July, 1817. She died 1 
Mch., 1885. He married, second, 2 Dec, 1886, Mrs. 
C. V. Parsons of Hartford, Conn. He was educated 
at the common schools and at the Leicester Acad- 
emy. He is a farmer, but has also been a railroad 
contractor. He resides in Rochdale, Mass. In re- 
ligion he is an Kpiscoi)alian. June 0, 1888, his 
house was struck b)' lightning and burned to the 
ground, his children having to escape in their night 
clothes. He rebuilt it immecHately. 

Children : 

147. Harriet EliMira, b. 30 Oct., 1843 ; ^- 30 Sept., 


148. Henry AuGUsrus, b. 31 Oct., 1845; ^1- 1 <^^ct., 


149. Sarah White, b. 10 Feb., 1847 ; d. 10 Oct., 


150. WiLiTAM, b. 20 Sept., 1849; d- 20 May, 1850. 
*i5i. Francis Marion, b. 17 June, 1851. 

152. Mary Caroline, b. 24 Jan., 1854; d. 9" Feb., 


153. William Henry, b. 25 Nov., 1856; m. Jose- 

phine Turner. 

154. Lydia, b. 16 May, 1859; ^- -^ ^^1'^)', 1^59. 

'11 le Warren t\iin'dij, 91 

Samuel* \EbcKCzer'\ Ehcnczcy'\, w.i.; born 3 Sept., 
1804. He marriLcl, 22 Feb., 1827, 1\ lly NewLon of 
Westminster. He died 25 Aug., 1 ^■ 1 7. She died 
17 Oct., 1875, agt (I 70. They resided in ilubbards- 

Children : 

155. RoxA, b. 11 Aug., 1827; d. 4 1 )cc., 1843. 
*i56. Levi, b. i Oct., 1830. 
*i57. RuFus, b. 15 Mch., 1832. 

158. Mary Ann, b. 8 Mch., 1834 ; ni. i^ Jan., 1864, 

Joseph H. Marean. Ivesides at Boston. 

159. Calvin, b. 21 May, 1835; m. 17 Ma)-, 1866, 

Ellen Whitney of Gardner, Mass. Resides 
at Gardner; ch.: Frederic, b. 12 .Apr., 1870. 

160. Augustus S., b. 28 June, 183;; m. 4 Nov., 

1862, Josephine S. Upton ot (iartlner Re- 
sides at Gardner ; no children. 

161. Samuel Larklv, b. 16 June, \.:\-\o\ d. 5 Oct., 



Ebenezer Chapman* \Ebeiiezer\ -■:be)iezcr'\ was 
born 19 June, 1812. He married. i\ Oct., 1833, 
Olive G. Coleman. He died 18 Oct. 1847. He re- 
sided in Hubbardston, Mass., where be was engaged 
in the manufacture of chairs, employin ; some twenty- 
five or thirty men. In his religious \ iews he was a 
Unitarian. His wife resides with her (.laughter Sarah, 
in Cleveland, O. 


162. Horace, b. 7 July, 1834; d. 20 I'eb., 1837. 
^163. Oilman, b. 20 Feb., 1836. 

^164. Horace Sumner, b. 3 May, 18^,8. 

92 Wheeler and Warren [Aiiii'd'us. 

165. Sai^mi E., b. 23 Feb., 1840; m. 3 June, iS-g, 

Rcillin C. White of Cleveland, O., wlu re tli.y 
no .V reside. 

166, Ei.-NiiRA tl., b. 30 Jan., 1842 ; m. 28 Feb., 1861, 

L( vi H. Higley. lie d. 17 May, 1864; m. 
sei ond, 31 Jan., 1806, Richard A. Hi own of 
Br.ittleboro, Vt. 
^167. Elijah A., b. 19 Ma)', 1843. 
168. ALiii.RT, b. 15 Jan., 1845 ; <-^- 20 June, 1846. 


Walter' \^A^alha)i\ El)C)tczer'\, was born in Mi.'b- 
bardston, Alass., 5 June, 1824. He was educated at 
the public schools of Hubbardston. lie married, 
5 Feb., 1849, LJydia R. Read of RuiJand, Mass. 
He is a tanner by trade, and carried on ihe business 
in Hubbardston until 1808, when he removed lo 
Worcester and engaged in the real estate business, 
which is his present occupation. 

Children : 
*i69. Naiiian Alonzo, b. 8 April, 1857 
170. Elianor Amelia, b. —,1860; d ,1863. 


Charles Walton^ \Amos^, lUijalrY -^'^s horn in 
Woodstock, Vt., 25 Oct., 180O. He married, 27 
Dec, 182.), Julia M. Perry of llartland, Vt. He 
died 15 Jan., 1875. She died 13 June, 1881. He 
was educated at the public schools of Woodstock. 
At some time after his marriage, the [Jiecise ilate not 
being known, he removed t(j Hart land, Vt., where he 
lived for over forty years, and died there. He was 
by occupation a tanner and a farmer. In politics he 
was a Republican, and in religion a Congregation- 

TJte Warren l'\ivill(j. 9l» 

alist. He was Master of a Masonic Icxloc at Wind- 
sor foi about eig-htecn years. He was a careful, 
shrewd busini-ss man, and was in good circiunstances 
at the time oi his death. lie ccjinuKuulcd the re- 
spect of all who knew him. 
Children : 

171. NuRiMAX CiiARLKS, b. 14 Aug , 1 8 ^,o ; d. 2 Oct., 


172. iLi.iZAr.irni A,, b. i April, iSjj; d. 2 Nov., 

*i73. ('iiAKi.i's Cakleton, b. Ji l^b., 1843. 


Amos W.' \^A)nos^, EIiJa/r\, was born in Wootl- 
stock, V't., 12 Mch., 1816. He marri.:d in Huston, 
17 April, 1867, Mary Ann Ct)llins, who was born In 
Sandy Hill. N. Y., in 1827. He died 2:, Dec, 1882. 
She dii'd i July, 1887. They had no children, but 
adopted a daughter, Alice M. Warren, who was born 
in Albany, N. Y., i Aug., 1865, and married, 1885, 
Herbert E. (iibson ; residence, Schenectady, N. Y. 
They also adopted a son, Harry Eugene Warren, 
born in Rutland, Vt., 25 Feb., 1873; resides \vith 
Mrs. Gibson. 

George Washington^ \Avios'\ ]ilijah'\ was born 
in Woodstock, Vt., 15 May, 1821. He married, 7 
Dec, 1847, Miranda Cdltner of Ithaca, N. Y. His 
youth was spent in Woodstock, where he attended 
the public schools antl received a good business -;du- 
cation. At the age of eighteen lu: left Woodstock, 
and entered the employ of his brother-in law, Camp, 
in the hardware business in Owego, N. Y., remaining 
there about s(;ven years, when he moved to the town 

U-i Whedei' and Warren Famil s'. 

of Wa\erly, where he kept a nu rchaiiclisc 
store for a number of years. He th«. a sold out lii , 
Inisine^s and removed to Fond du 1.. ,; c:o int), W'i ■ 
consin, where he purchased a small la ui U]>on wliich 
he resided about five )'ears. The con plicMed c oiuli 
tion oi Mr. Camp's business caused Jiim lo s^ II hi 
farm and return to Owego. He rem. ined in the lai 
ter pla.:e till 1858, and then returned lo \\ (jodhiock, 
and eut-aofed in farmiiiL!. His health nad 1 ecome se- 
riousl) impaired by overwork and mental anxiety, 
and in 1872 it was found necessary lo taice him to 
the ae^ylum at f^ratileboro, where l.e died, about 
1880, (-f paralysis of the brain. In politics he was a 
Republican, m religicjn an Episcopal an. His char- 
acter vvas exemplary in every resj) 'ct. \\v. was 
strictl) temperate, honest and upri dit. His wilr 
now resides with her son brederick in Deuver, Coh* 

Children : 

174. IsACKLi.E, b. 19 Oct., 1848; m. 4 iMay, 1870, 

John S. Sanderson, Resides. I L)i nver. C-ol. 

175. CiiARiacs A., b. 6 Dec, 1850; d 25 iMay, 1851. 

176. Kate, b. 27 April, 1852; d. 19 \lar. 1855. 
^177. b'REDERlCK. b. 29 I'^eb., i860. 


Albert'* \Jost'p/i^, lUijah'\, was bor.i in Leicester, 
Mass., i Sept., 1813. He married, iirst. in i\la)', 
1839, I'-in'iice Alden Arnold, eldest duig-luer of Al- 
fred and Bethiah (Alden ) Arnold. Sl.e di> d in J uly, 
1861, at Lawrence, Mass. He mariied, ,econd, in 
June, 1864, L'liza A. Arnold, a sister ol' his first wife. 
His wi\'es were lineal descendants of John and I'ris- 
cilla Alden, made famous by Lono-felhi a''s welbkiunvn 
poem. He was educated at the puldic sciioolij and 

The Warren /uimily. \)h 

at the academy in Leicester. He settled first in En- 
lield, Mass., where he remained for several ) ears. 
In 1850 he removed to Lawrence, Mass.. where: he 
was a manufacturer of machine card clothinL,^ Me 
was a member of the first Board of Alderme^i, and 
was elected Mayor of the city in US55, and ai^ain in 
1856. He retired from business in 1872 on account 
of ill-health, and in 18S2 removed to Warren, Mass , 
where he ever after lived, fie was a Republican in 
politics, and in religion an orthodox Congregation- 
alist. lie had two children, both of whom died in 
infancy. He died suddenly of heart failure, ;o Ian 
1889. o J •- 

Leander^ I .M.//!3_ fi/ijalr\^ was born in Leices- 
ter, Mass.. 22 Aug., 1815. lie married. 22 May, 
1842, Sarah A. Bond, tlaughtcrc.f i^berand Minerva 
(Stetson) Bond, of Leicester. .She was born 18 
Feb., 1817. He died 3 June. 1862. He was edu- 
cated m the public schools of Leicester. After leav- 
ing school at the age of eighieen years, he was en- 
gaged in the business of bottoming boots. At 
twenty-one years of age, and for the rest of his life, 
he was a currier of leather, in Leicester, in which 
business he was very successful. He was a member 
of the First Congregational Church, in politics he 
was a Republican. His wife resides in Leicester. 

178. M.AKsiiAi.L Ai.oNzo, b. 14 Aug., 1843; ^1- II 

Oct., 1845. 
•179. Edwin Alonzo, b. 29 Nov., 1846. 
180. Ida Fr.wces, b. 19 Nov., 1851; unmarried; 

resides in Leicester. 

90 Wheder and Warrcti Families 

i8i. Ada Minerva, b. lo Nov., 1854 ; m. Ji July, 
1878, Win. De Loss Love, Jr. She died 31 
May, 1 88 1. 

182. Rui'US Leandek, b. 27 b'eb., 1856 ; d. 25 Oct., 


183. Charlie Leander, b. 23 Sept., 1857; d. 27 

Sept., 1859. 


Charles Wheeler'' {Joseph^, E/iJa/r\, \\.\s born 
in Leicester, 7 July, 181S. Me married, 26 Apr., 
1843, Jane White. In his childhood and )'outh he 
was in rather delicate health. He was educated at 
the public schools of the town, and at the Leicester 
Academy. After leaving school he learned the card- 
maker's trade, working- at it for eighteen years, when 
he engracred in business on his own account, at first 
with a small capital, making heel stiffeners for shoes. 
By continued effort, his business increased from year 
to year, and he is now doing an extensive business 
in the manufacture of sheet heeling for boots and 
shoes. He has a strong sense of justness and u})- 
rightness of character, and it has been said of him 
that he was " too honest to get a living." In politics 
he was first a Whig, then an /Vbolitionist, and is now 
a strong Temperance Republican. He is a member 
of the First Congregational C-hurch in Leicester. 

Children : 
*i84. AriiERT, b. 14 Feb., 1844. 
■^'185. Arthur 1 Iiinrv, b. 26 Aug., i84(i. 

186. Maria JainIC, b. 23 No\'., 1849; m. Augustus 
"^^187. Herhert, b. 29 Oct., 1S52. 

188. JosEi'H AioNZO, b. 29 ]\Ich., 1S57 ; d. s Nov., 

^V^hi^^^'^J Vj 7/^')^-y.^ >- 

The Warren Feu nil y. 97 

189. Addie JosiPHiNE, b. 7 Oct., 1859; in. J )r. 

Llewellyn E. Harrington, who was killed i 
Aug., 1883. 


Horace^ \JoscpJi^, Elijah Y \va;-> born in Leices- 
ter, 7 Oct., 1824 He married, 10 Oct., 1849, J^l^^'')' 
A. Gleason. Ht: resides in Leicester, upon the old 
homestead. He was educated in the public schools 
of the town. \n his early life he followed the occu 
pation of tanning, and later that of farming. He is 
a Republican in i)olitics, and a communicant in the 
First Congregational Church in Leicester. 

Children : 

190. Marshall Gleason, b. 11 Mch., 1851 ; d. 13 

Mch., 1 85 I. 

191. Frederick Horace, b. 4 ^Lly, 1852 ; d. 26 

June, i88{j. 
*i92. Francis, b. 17 Mch., 1S54. 
*'93- JijI'H^'-' Ed(..\r, b. 27 Nov., 1857. 
*I94. Silas Glea.^cjn, b. 14 Nov., 1803. 


Charles Henrys {Iloiry FJijaJi\ EUjah'\, was 
born in Leicester, Mass., 27 June, 1840. He mar- 
ried, 26 Aug., 1869, Sarah M. Minot of Gardner, 
Mass. He was an apothecary. He settled first in 
Springfield, Vt., subsequently removing to Brandon, 
Vt., where he died 29 May, 1876. His wife died 24 
Dec, 1878. 

Children : 

195. Ethel Loi lse, b. 19 b'eb., 1870. 

196. Henry Eviorett, b. 20 June, 1871. 

197. Arthlir IMixor, b. 31 July, 1872. 

198. Ida Maria, b. 22 Apr., 1874. 


98 Wheeler and Warren Families. 

George Howard^ [/A .vn' Elijah^ J-Jijah' |, was 
born in Leicester, Mass., 29 June, 1842. He mar- 
ried, 9 Feb., 1863, Esther S. Spencer of Centre, 
N. Y. He resided in Lee Centre from i8iiO to 1874 ; 
in Howell, Mich., from 1874 to 1880, v. hen here- 
moved to Alpena, Mich., where he now resides, lie 
is by occui«ation a merchant, and has been quite suc- 
cessful in business. In politics he is a Democrat. 
He attends the Congregational church, but his re- 
ligious views are more in accord with those of the 
Universalists or Unitarians. 

Children : 

199. Eveline Elizabeth, b. in Lee Centre, N. Y., 

12 Dec.,, 1864. 

200. Hknkv E., b. in Lee Centre, N. \., 10 Nov., 


Edward^ {^Henry Elijahs /iiija/r\ v/as born in 
Leicester, Mass., 24 Feb., 1846. He married, 14 
Apr., 1879, Ida V. Lippett of Boston. He was edu- 
cated at the public schools of Leicester. He owns 
and occupies the old Warren farm, which descended 
to him from his great-grandfather, Ebenezer. He 
has added largely to his real estate, and his farm is 
now one of the largest and most valuable in Leices- 
ter. He is a Republican in politics, and in religion 
a Unitarian. 

Children : 

201. Mary Whittemork, b. 27 June, 1880. 

202. Roiu-RT LiPPHTT, b. 8 July, 1882. 

203. Henry Wheeler, b. 16 Mch., 1884. 

T1ie ^Yarren Faiaily. y9 

204. Rachel Catharine, b. 23 Dec, 1885. 

205. Edward Irving, b. 14 Apr., 1888. 

206. Bertha Marjorie, b. 9 Aug., 1889. 


Samuel^ \\Vaterma)i Goiildi)ig\ Saf>iuel^, Jona- 
than'\, was born in Auburn, Mass., 15 Oct., 1834. 
He married, 13 May, 1869, Marion E. Lakin, daugh- 
ter of George S. and Nancy (Hubbard) Lakiu of 
H olden, Mass. He was educated at Worcubter 
Academy and at the VVestfield Normal School. He 
resides in Holden, Mass., and is a member ol the 
hrm of W. G. Warren's Sons, tanners. At vai ious 
times he has been a member of the Board of S( lect- 
men, School Committee and Assessors of Holden. 
He represented the town in the State Legislature in 
1867. He is a Republican in politics, and a Congre- 
gationalist in religion. 

207 Herbert Lakin, b. 24 Aug., 1870. 

208. Arthur Kirke, b. 13 Dec, 1871. 

209. George Waterman, b. 3 Dec, 1882. 


Berthier^ \}Vaterman Gonlding'', SiDiiiiel^, Jona- 
t/ia}i^\, was born at Auburn, Mass., 22 Oct., 1836. 
He married, 4 Sept., 1871, Eunice C. Boyden, daugh- 
ter of Comfort and Silence (Dryden) Boyden of 
Holden, Mass. He was educated in the common 
schools of Llolden, Mass., and at Wilbraham and 
East Hampton Academies. He resides in Llolden, 
and is a member of the firm of W. G. Warren's Sons, 
tanners. In politics he is a Democrat, in religion a 

100 Wheel 67- and Warden FaiuiHes. 

Children : 

210. Mary Silence, b. 24 Jan., 1S75. 

211. IIarkv Lester, b. 9 Apr., 1880; d. 15 Apr., 


1 i:s 

Henry Waterman^ \ iratcnjia/i CfOulding\ Saui- 
uel^, Jo}iatJian^\, was born in Auburn, j\biss., 18 Mch., 
1838. He married, 8 Nov., 1877, Dora b. Howe, 
daughter of Deacon Wilbani and Mary Ann (Jeffer- 
son) Howe of Holden, Mass. He lifted for college 
at VVilliston Seminary, and entered Yale College in 
1861, graduating with the class of 1865. He took 
an oration appointment at the junior examination 
and at commencement. After graduation he was, 
for six months, teacher in the public schools of Nash- 
ville, Tenn.; then, with a brother, he purchased a 
plantation in Leake county, Miss., where he re- 
sided ten years. He was I'robate Judge of Leake 
county in 1867, and was a niember uf the Constitu- 
tional Convention of Mississippi froni that county in 
1868. He represented the county in the Legislature 
in 1870 and 1871, and was Speaker of the House of 
Representatives the latter yc:ar, and was Chief Clerk 
of the House of Representatives for the four years 
subsequent. In 1873 he was ap[jointed Levee Com- 
missioner of the .State. He was a delegate from 
Mississippi to the National Republican Convention 
at Chicago, when Gen. Grant was nominated for the 
Presidency, and again when Hayes v.'as nominated at 
Cincinnati. He left Mississippi in the summer of 
1876 to reside in Holden, Mass., where he still lives. 
He is a member of the firm of W. (^..Warren's Sons, 
tanners. He was a member ol the Massachusetts 
House of Representatives in 1882 and 1885, and has 
served the town of Holden as a member ot the 


Y^^^^^c^' / -y . .^^^y^^^xx- / /. 

The Warren Family. 101 

Board of Selectmen, Overseers of the Poor and 
Town Treasurer. In politics he is a RcpubHcaa. 
Children : 
2 12. William Hovvk, b. 28 Sept., 18; 9. 

213. Blanche Louise, b. 11 July, 18.'^ i. 

214. Helen Gouldin(], b. 7 Nov., 188^. 

215. Waterman Goulding, b. 16 iNo\\, 1890. 


Elbridge Gerry^, Jr. \FJbridge Ge> ry\ Sa)iiHfl\ 
Jonatha)L'\,^2i's,hoxn in Auburn, Mass., joOct., 1840. 
He married, at North Oxfurd, Mass., 24 Apr., 1862, 
Livona O. Aborn, daug-hter of Reuben and Amelia 
(Fetters) Aborn, She was born in Tdland, Conn., 
7 Jan., 1 84 1. He was educated at the conuuon 
schools of Auburn and at an institutioii in Suffield, 
Conn. He is a tanner by trade. In 1864 he re- 
moved from Auburn to Bratlleboro, \/t., where he 
now resides. In politics he is a Republican. He 
has no children. 


Sherman Hall^ ^I'Ubridoe Geyry\ Samuel\Jona- 
than'-\, was born in Auburn, Mass., 27 Nov., 1845. 
He married, 24 June, 1869, Mary Louisa Dalrymple, 
daughter of William Dexter and Jane (Toole) Dal- 
rymple of Auburn. 1 le was educated at the com- 
mon schools of Auburn, at the Niche. Is Academy, 
Dudley, Mass., and at Howe's Busir,css College,' 
Worcester, Mass. In 1873 he removed to Brattle- 
boro, \^t., where he now resides. He is a tanner by 
trade, but he has recently been appointed Supt. of 
the Chestnut Hill reservoir which furnishes the water 
supply for Brattleboro. He has been a n. ember of the 
Baptist church for twenty-seven years. In politics is 
an Independent. 

102 Wheeler ami Warren Fa //lilies. 

Child : 

216. Alfred Dalrvmi'le, b. 17 Nov., 1871. 


Andrew Fuller^ \ /o/ia/i Gouldi}ig\ Sa}iiuel\ 
Jonalhaii^'], was born at Cabotville, now Chicopee, 
Mass., 12 Dec, 1842. He married, at Bath, Me., 
4 Nov., 1873, Fannie C. Stearns, daughter of Wil- 
Ham B. and Lucy Whitmore (Potter) Stearns. He 
graduated at Brown University, class of 1863; re- 
ceiving the degree of B. P. In 1862 he served for 
one hundred days in the loth Rhode Island Volun- 
teers. In 1 87 1 he settled in Pensacola, Fla., where 
he still resides. He is a wholesale dealer in fresh hsh. 


217. Lucy I^en elope, b. 5 P'eb., 1875. 

218. MoLLiE Waterman, b. 19 Nov., 1877. 

219. William SteakiNS, b. 12 Dec, 1878; d. 24 

May, 1879. 

220. Fannie Stearn: , b. 19 Dec, 1885. 

Joseph Addison^ \Samiu'i\ Samuel^, Jonathan^\, 
was born in H olden, Mass., 8 Mch., 1848. He mar- 
ried, first, 14 May, 1875, Alice Clyde Wilkins. She 
died 24 Apr., 1884. He married, second, 7 Sept., 
1 887, Fannie M.Cooper. They reside in Detroit, Mich. 

Child (by wife Alice): 
221 Lottie Barton, b. 5 Mch., 1876. 

Children (by wife Fannie): 

222. Joseph Addison, b. 27 Nov., 1S88. 

223. Mary Palmer, b. 7 Sept., 1890. 

Charles Goulding^ \Sa})iuel\ Samuel^, Jonai/ian^\ 

The Warren Fainily. 103 

was born 22 Oct., 1855. Wc. married, 15 Oct., 1878, 
Mar)^ L. Sessions. He received a common s. hool 
and academic education, and learned the trade of 
tanner. Me resides in Worcester, and is a menber 
of the firm of J. F. & C. G. Warren & Co., manu- 
facturers of oak-tanned leather beltin^, mill and rail- 
road supplies, he having charge of the manufactur- 
ing department of the concern. In politics he is a 
Republican, and in religion a Baptist. 

224. Geokge Session.s, b. 21 Sept., 1881. 

225. Charles Gouldinc, Jk., b. 18 Aug., 1S88. 

226. Arthur Mikick, b, 6 Dec, 1889. 

John 'Fj\yo/in\ Saniuci\ Jonatlia}i'\, was born in 
Auburn, Mass., i Aug., 1846. He married, 4 Jan., 
1872, Alice Wilkinson, daughter of A. 'I\ and Maria 
(Sayles) Wilkinson of Milford, Mass. He resides 
in Worcester, Mass., and is senior meml)er ol the 
firm of J. F. & C. G. Warren & Co., manufacturers 
of leather belting. 

Children : 

227. A daughter, b. 8 heb. [879 ; d. 7 Mch., 1879. 

228. John Leslie, b. 18 Nov., 1884. 


Richard Henry' \^JoIul\ Savmel'^, Jonathan''\ was 
born in Auburn, Mass., 9 Mch., 1854. He married, 
first, in Apr., 1876, Flla P. Taft of Oxford, Mass. She 
died in 1882. He married, second, in Apr., 1885, 
Alice E. Morse of C).\ford, Mass. He was edu- 
cated in the public schools ol Auburn and at Wor- 
cester Academy. He resides in West Auburn, and 
is a member of the firm of John Warren ik. Sons, 

104 Wheeler and Warren Favulics. 

manufacturers of leather. He is a member of the 
Baptist church, and for six years has been the super- 
intendent (jf its Sunday School. In politics he is a 
Democrat, and a believer in Prohibition. He repre- 
sented in the State Legislature, in iSgo, the Eighth 
Worcester District, comi)rising the towns of Auburn, 
Oxford and Webster. He has also been a meniber 
of the Board of Selectmen for the past five years. 
Children (by wife Ella): 

229. RoiiERT Taft, b. I Jan., 1877. 

230. John Warren, b. 12 Eel)., 18S2; d. 20 Feb., 

Children (by wife Alice): 

231. Ariiiur Willis, b. 6 June, 18S6. 

232. Sarah Caroline, b. 27 Apr., 1891. 


Waterman A.^ l/o/in\ SamncP, fonalhan'\ was 
born in West Auburn, Mass., i Dec, i860. He mar- 
ried, 23 Apr., 1885, Mary Morse of Oxford. He 
was educated in the common schools of West Au- 
burn and at Worcester Academy. He is a tanner by 
occupation. In politics he is a Democrat, and in re- 
ligion a Baptist. He resides in West Auburn, Mass. 


233. Ciii.sTER W., b. 17 Mch., 1886. 

234. Ellridge, b. 12 Aug., 1890. 


Frank E.^ \Johu\ Samuel^, Jonai/ian''\, was born 
in West Auburn. Mass., 29 June, 1862. He was edu- 
cated at the public schools of Auburn, at Worcester 
Academy and at Hinman's Business College in Wor- 
cester. He is a farmer, residing in West Auburn. 
In religion he is a Baptist, and in politics a Demo- 
crat. He is unmarried. 

The \\\in\n Faiiuly. Iu5 

Francis Marion^ \]\llliaiii Dana\ Jesse Snn'/h\ 
JoHai/i(i/i'\, was born in Salislmry, iMass., 17 June, 
1 85 1. lie married, 17 June, 1875, Mary Auousta 
Parry, daughter of Felix D, and Sarah (Sawyer) 
Parry of Salisbury. She was jjorn 23 Sept., 1852. 
He received a common school and academic educa- 
tion, taught school himself for a while, and subse- 
quentl) took a course of engineering at the Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology. After leaving the 
institute |ie went to Kansas and Nebraska, where he 
was employed as a civil engineer by the Atchison, 
Topeka and Santa Fe, and the Atchison and No 
braska railroads. Returnino- east he encra<ied in the 
manufacture and sale of lumber at Barre, Mass. 
After his marriage (his father-in law being a manu- 
facturer of carriages), he entered the carriage trade 
in Hartford, Conn., where he now carries on the 
business, keeping in stock als(j harness, and having a 
sale and livery stable connected with the establish- 
ment. He is captain of one of the oldest mili- 
tary organizations in the State, the " First Com- 
pany Governor's Horse Guards." In religion he is 
an Episcopalian, and in politic s a Rejiublican. 

Children : 

235. Mary Louise, b. in Amesbury, 20 April, 1876. 

236. Im<ki)EKICK Francis, b. in Barre, 23 Sept., 1877. 

237. Helen Marion, b. in Hartford, 8 June:, 1885, 

238. Sarah i\lAR(JARET, b. in Hartford, 24 April, 



Levi^ \Sam7(cl\ Rbenezey^, I\benezcr''\ was born in 
Hubbardston, Mass., 1 Oct., 1830. He married, 9 

106 W/nrlcr (/?),/ Wdri.n Families:. 

Nov., 1853, Lucretia Browning. She died in Wor- 
cester, 20 Nov., 18S5. He' resides in Gardner, 

Cliildren : 

239. NiiTTiE L., b. in Gardner, 20 May, 185S ; m. 

22 Dec, 18S4, William K. Kca-r. Resides 
at Worcester; cli. : /it /id B., b. 9 \pr., 
1887; /^/-^vV A\, b. 17 Feb., 1089. 

240. Wilfred S., b. in Gardner, 8 July, i860; ni. 

16 Nov., 1886, Fannie M. MbMer. Resides 
at Worcester. 

241. Alfred L., b. in Gardner, 6 Jan., 1870. Re- 

sides at Worcester. 

Rufus- \SamHel\ Iibcnezer^, EbcnL\zc>'^\ was l)orn 
in I lubbardston, Mass., 15 McJi., 1832. He mar- 
ried, 10 Jan., 1856, Alice F. Marean of "llubbardston. 
His early life was spent at his native home in liub- 
bardston, getting what schooling he could in the 
summer and winter, the rest of the year assisting his 
father, who was a chair manufacturer. The father 
died when the son was hfteen. At this early age he 
took charge of his mother's property, getting what 
time he could for school, and finished his education 
at Chester Academy, Chester, Vt., at the age of 
twenty-one. At twenty-four he commenced his mer- 
cantile life in a retail store, for himself, in Ganlner, 
Mass., continuing, with success, until 1867, when, with 
others, he established a wholesale boot and shoe 
business in Boston, which is still continued under the 
style of the " Warren Boot and Shoe Co." 1 h: re- 
sides in Cambridge, in politics he is a stauncli Re- 
publican, never having voted any othcn- ticket. In 
religion he is a UnitariaiL 

The Warre!, FamUij. 107 

Children : 

242. Marv Augusta, b. in t iardner, 3 Apr., 1S57 ; m. 

10 Jan., 1883, Rev. ]>. R. I^ulkeley of Concord, 
Mliss. Resides at Concord ; ch. : . I lice Ma- 
rcan, b. 24 OcX.., 18S4; Mary Reynolds, b. 29 
Sept., 1886; \\'ar)\)i, b. 27 Nov., 1889. 

243. HoHi'RT Endicoit, b. In Canii)ridL;e, 26 Sept., 

1808. Entered Ha/vard Medical Scliool 26 
Sept., 1890. 

Gilman^ \Ebcnczcr C/iaj>)iiau\ Jibcncrjcr^, Jiboi- 
e::er^\, was born in I lubbaidston, Mass., 20 Eeb., 
1836. He was educated ai the Chester Academy, 
and at seminaries in Townsaend and West Brattle- 
boro, Vt. He manicd, 7 Nov., 1861, Addie F. John- 
son, daughter of Isaiah \V. (jr.) and Sophia A. John- 
son of Vernon, \^t. In 1858 he went to California 
and settled in Laporte, Sierra county, remaining there 
until i860 when h<; returned to Hubbardston. In 
the spring of 1861 he settled in Guilford, Vt. where 
he remained for five years, then removed to Halifax, 
Vt., where he li\ed until Sept., 1890, when he 
moved to Brattleboro, Vt. , his present residence. 
He is a farmer and is also a manufacturer of chair 
stock, and a dealer in lumber. He was a Listor in 
Guilford, in 1863, and Town Grand Juror in 1864, 
In Halifax he held the offices of Sc lectman. Over- 
seer of the Poor, and Town Grand Juror for nine 
years, and School District Clerk and Treasurer for 
nineteen years. He is a Republican in politics, and 
in religion a Methodist Episopalian . 
244. William B., b. 15 Sept., 1865 ; m. 3 Oct., 
1889, Mary L. Thurber of^ Halifax, Vt. 
Resides at West Halifax, Vt. 

108 Wheeler and Warren Families. 

245. Walter L, b. 13 Aug., i'.;©. 

246. Webster G., b. 28 June, 1873 ; ^^- 3 ^1"- ^^'^7- 

247. Merton H., b. 3 Nov. 1878. 

Horace Sumner^ [Ede^iczcr Chiip})iar\ E[>cnezcr\ 
Ebenczey~\ was born in HubbarJston, Mass., 3 May, 
1838. He married, i Nov., 1865, Helei. M., daugh- 
ter of Dexter P. Merritt. She died 10 Ma)-, 1881. 
He was educated at the comn:on schools of Hub- 
bardston, and at the Townshcnd (Vt. ) Academy. 
During the war he was for three years a musician in 
the iith Vermont Volunteer Regiment i^lrst Heavy 
Artillery. He resides in V/orcester, Mass., where 
he pursues the occupation of a mechanic. He has 
been a director and treasurer of a co-op<'rativc chair 
company for six years, and held the same olliccs in a 
co-operative store for two years. In p(jlitics he is a 
Republican; in religion unsectarian. In 1874 he 
adopted a son, Charles H., who is at present attend- 
ing a business college in Worcester. 

Children : 

248. A daughter, b. 1870; d. in infancy. 

249. Emergene M., b. 20 July, 1877. 


Elijah A.^ \Ebenc:zer Chapuian*, Eboiezcr'', Ebcn- 
ezcr''\, was born 19 May, 1843. He married, 3 June, 
1868. Eliza H. Wood of South Gardner. 

Children : 

250. Ambrose G.,b. i Apr., 1873. 

251. AsAiMi W., b. 4 Aug., 187b. 

Nathan Alonzo^ \\VaUe)'\ Matha)i\ EbiJU'.Zi-r'\, 
was born in Hubbardston, Mass., 8 April, 1857. His 

C. C. U AI;K1.N .\Mi I will V. 

The Warrev Family. 109 

childhood, up to tlic a^c of twelve years, was spent 
in Hubbardston, wh(^re lie attended the public schools. 
In 1869 he removed with his father's family to Wor- 
cester, where he went throu<^h all the grades of com- 
mon school, titting- himself for the hioh school, but 
not entering- it. After spending- hve or six months 
in a drug- store, he entered Wesleyan Academy, Wil- 
braham, Mass., and graduated in 1875. The same 
year he entered the JMedical School of Harvard Uni- 
versity, but finished his medical studies at Hellevue 
Hospital Medical College, graduating in 1879. After 
taking special courses in medicine in New ^'ork, he 
went, the same year, to Yonkers, N. Y., and took a 
position as house physician and surgeon in St. John's 
Riverside Hospital, remaining- two years. Then, after 
an extended trip through the West and South, he 
opened an ollice in Yonkers for the practice of his 
profession, in which he has met with good success. 
He is a member of the Westchester County Medical 
Association, of the Jenkins' Medical Association, and 
has been secretary and treasurer of the latter. He 
is one of the staff of surgeons to St. Joseph's Hcjs- 
pital, Yonkers, and is secretary and treasurer of the 
board. He is a membc;r of the Young Men's Chris- 
tian Association, of the lnde[)endent Order of Odd 
Fellows, and of various other organizations. He is 
a Presbyterian, and is one of the trustees of the West- 
minster Presbyterian Church. In politics he is a Re- 
publican. He is unmarried. 


Charles Carleton | Charles \Vulfon\ Amo!s\ 
Elijah''\ was born in Hartland, Vt., 11 Feb., 1843. 
He married, 15 Dec, 1873, ^-^^^ ^- McElroy, daugh- 
ter of Jerry and Florella (Broadwick) McElroy of 

110 Wheeler and Warren Faniilies. 

Middlesex, Vt. He was educated at the scliools 
of Hartland, and at Kimlx.ll Union Academy, Aieri- 
den, N. H. In 1862 he entered the army as a first- 
class musician, joining the First Vermont Brigade 
Band, with which he remained until the discharge of 
the band in 1864. The band was attached to the old 
Vermont Brigade, which was the Second Brigade, 
Second Division, Sixth Army Corps. The brigatle 
was sent to New York at ilie time of the draft, and 
he, with the rest of the band, accompanied it, remain- 
ing about a month and tlu:n returning to the Army 
of the Potomac. They were among the hrst troops 
to enter Richmond. At the close of the war he re- 
turned to Hartland and engaged in the tanner)' bus- 
iness with his father. Aft( rward he was in company 
with Mr, Wilson Britton in the same business until 
1868, when they were burned out. lie then leased, 
for four years, a fine new tannery in W^aterbury, Vt., 
and tanned in partnership with Homer & Wyeth of 
Boston, He subsequently purchased the tannery, and 
ran it on his own account, making harness and rein 
leather, in the manufacture and sale of which he is 
still engaged, and does ari extensive business. In 
1887 he purchased a large farm in the village of 
VVaterbury, which he managed in addition to his tan- 
nery, doing a large dairy business. In 1889 he sold 
the farm to the State of Vermont, and upon it has 
been erected an insane asylum. He has recently 
been appointed Director of the State I'ish Hatchery, 
and also State Msh Commissioner. He is a Repub- 
lican in politics, and non-sectarian in religion. 

252. Kate Grace, b. 4 Feb., 1876. 

253. A son, b. 21 Aug., 1S79; d. in infancy. 

254. Charles Cari.eton, Jr., b. 29 Sept., 1888. 

ki;sii>i;N' r ci c. ( . warri.n. 

The \Vai'v<:n Family. Ill 


Frederick^ [^Gconv ]yas/u'ngtoii\ A)/ios\ FJijaJr\, 
was born in Woodstock, Vt., 29 Feb., i860. Most 
of his life has been spent on a ranche near Denver, 
Col. In 18S9 he moved to Denver, where he now 
resides. His occupation is that of collector, and he 
is also interested in estate. In politics he is a 
Democrat, and in religion a Liberal, and non secta- 
rian. He is unmarried. 


Edwin Alonzo^ | Lcandcy\ Joseph', Eli/ah^], was 
born in Leicester 29 Nov., 1846. lie married, 24 
Nov., 1874, Emma L. Low, daughter of Philip H. 
VV. and Achsah Low of Leominster, Mass. She was 
born 13 May, 1856. 

He attended the district and high schools until 
1 86 1, when he entered Leicester Academy, remain- 
ing there three years, then entering Phillips Acad- 
emy at Andover, Ma:,s.; but on account of ill-health 
remained there but one year. At the age of nine- 
teen, he went into th : drug store of W. H. Goulding, 
at Worcester, Mass., where two years were spent, 
when he bought the apothecary store of John C. 
Hill, situated in the Bay State tlouse, Worcester, 
Mass. There he conducted an extensive retail drug 
business for eight y^^-ars, which in the fall of 1875 
he was obliged to relinquish on account of unprofit- 
able investments out;;ide of his regular business. He 
then removed to the West, and in the spring of 1876 
took charge as chemist of Noyes Bros, and Cutler's 
laboratory at St. Paul, Minn., which position he now 
holds, manufacturing a full line of chemical and phar- 
maceutical preparaticns, employing about fifty hands. 

112 Wheeler and Wari'en Favr'dies. 

He is a great student, [)ossessing one of the largest 
scientific libraries in the We:,t ; and not only has he 
the best books, but is w^dl \ ersed in their contents. 
In connection with his presjnt duties, he has been 
elected and served as profet sor of pharmacy in the 
St. Paul Medical College, ;uid has also been em- 
ployed as instructor of and lecturer on pharm.i.:y at 
St. Joseph's Hospital, St. Paul, Some of his lee lures 
and articles have been publi.-hed in the various |)har- 
maceutical journals of the day. In politics h.: was 
brought up as a Republican. He belonged to the old 
stalwart branch of the party, 1 ait is now what is ti rmed 
a " Mugwump." During the summer he resides at 
Bald Eagle lake, fifteen mih:s from St. Paul, where 
he has extensive interests, his home there, "Arcadia," 
as it name indicates, being a beautiful place. 
255. Crete, b. 24 Nov., 18S1. 


Albert^ [Charles Whceler\ Joseph\ Elija/r\, was 
born in Leicester, Mass., 14 P'eb., 1844. He mairied, 
24 Dec, 1867, Angelia E. Hastings, daughter of 
Chester and I^mlly W. Hastings. She was boni 31 
Aug., 1845. He attended the common schools in 
Leicester until 1861, when he entered the middle 
class of the classical department of Phillips Acad- 
emy, graduating in July, 1S63. In the fall of the 
same year he entered Yale College, graduating in 
1867, ranking nine in a class of one hundred mem- 
bers. After graduation he taught In Ripon Cc^Uege, 
Wis., at Leicester Academy, at an academy in l^ur- 
ham, Conn., at the Spencer, Mass., High School, and 
at the Grafton, Mass., High School, until 1879, when 
he moved to New Haven, Conn., to study theology, 

'Ike ]Vu/-fe/> Family. 113 

completing his course in 1882. He then entered the 
service of the American Home Missionar)' Society, 
and went to Mankato, Minn., where he was ordained 
31 Aug., 1882. In 1883 he went to Lake Benton, 
Minn., where he was pastor of the Congregational 
church until 1885, sinci: when he has resided upon 
his farm a few miles from Lake lienton, heincr en- 
gaged more or less in missionary work, but having 
no permanant pastorate. He is an Independent in 
politics, generally voting with the Republican party. 
In the last State election he was identified with the 
Alliance party and ser\ed as Secretary of its State 
Central Committee. He is now serving as Engross- 
ing clerk of the House of Representatives. 
Children : 

256. \Valti:r CiiESTKi;, b. 26 Oct., 1868; m. H. 

Jennie Lyon. 

257. Charles Ai.uERr, b. ;2^o June, 1872. 

258. Kmil^ Mvrtie, b. 5 Dec, 1873. 


Arthur Henrys \C/!aylcs Wheclcr\ Joseph^, Eli- 
j(.ili'\ was born in Leicester, Mass., 26 Aug., 1846. 
He married Mary McDermott, and resides in Lei- 

Child : 

259. AuDiE, b. June, 1S82. 


Herbert^ \ Charles \rhcelcy\JosLph\ IUijah^\ was 
born in Leicester, Mass., 29 Oct., 1852. He was edu- 
cated at the common schools of the town and at Lei- 
cester Academy. After leaving the academy he en- 
tered the Harvard Medical School, from which insti- 
tution he graduated in 1874. While pursuing his 

114 Wheeler and Warren Faniilies. 

studies at the medical school he served as house sur- 
geon at the Boston Cit)' Hospital from May, 1873, 
to July, 1874. In Oct., 1874, ^^^ entered upi-n the 
practice of his profession in Worcester, Mas.^., and 
is still in practice there. In politics he is a R( publi- 
can ; in religion a Congregationalist. He is un- 

Francis^ \Horacc\ Joseph^, Elijah^], was born in 
Leicester, Mass., 17 Mar., 1854. He married, 2 April, 
1879, l^Jiini^i I- Grout. He is a farmer, and resides 
in Leicester, 


260. Mabel F"ran( es, b. 15 Jan., 1880. 

261. JusEi'H Frederick, b. 3 April, 1881. 

262. Edith Florence, b. 26 Oct., 1882. 

Julius Edgar^ \HoraLC\ Joseph^, Elijalr\, was 
born in Leicester, 27 Nov., 1857. He married, 19 Aug., 
1879, Mary J. McLaughlin. He resides in Leicester. 
He is a teacher. 

Children : 

263. Marion, b. 10 Sept., 1S80. 

264. Julius Ekne.m, b. 6 July, \ 

I i> I 

Silas Gleason' \f/orau\ Joseph^, FJija!r\, was 
born in Leicester, Mass., 14 Nov., 1863. He married, 
22 Dec, 1887, Julia A. Watson. He is a carpenter 
and builder, and resides in Leicester. 

Child : 
265. Chester Arthur, b. 9 April, 1889. 



The number given opposit 
Genealogy. If it is prefixed 
the page above a paragraph, 
in its consecutive order in the 
in infancy are not given in the 

Ada Maria, 169. 
Adaline Billings, 132. 
Allen Francis, 157. 
Alice Winsor, 141. 
Alvaro Santos, *i44. 
Amanda, 84. 
Amos, *22. 
Amos, *2g. 
Amos Dean, *55. 
Ann Dexter, 74. 
Anna Maria, 122. 
Artemas, 38. 
Artemas, *59. 
Artemas Henry, 112. 
Augustus D., 158. 

Betsey, 36. 
Betsey, 44. 
Benjamin Henshaw, 50. 

Charles, 21. 
Charles, 39. 
Charles, 51. 

i; a name i, that individual's number in the 

with a stai find the number in the centre of 

If no star s given, the number will be found 

left-hand aargin. Names of children dying 


( liarles, '^6y. 
C harles Albert, *i05. 
C harles Augfustus, ■''"120. 
Charles Douglas, 166. 
C liarles Gardner, "140. 
(harles Henry, ^fo8. 
C harles Henry, •■ i 18. 
Charlotte, 31. 
Charlotte, 60. 
Charlotte, 95. 
Charlotte Sophia, yj. 
Clarence Albion, 152. 

Daniel, *20. 

D:miel, 42. 

Daniel, *46. 

Daniel, *83. 

Daniel, 101. 

D.iniel Augustus, *i 1 7. 

D.miel B., 130. 

D miel Warner, 94. 

D jrcas, 1 5. 


Wheeh I' Index. 

Edith Frazar, 143. 
Edward Warren, 156. 
Edwin W., 159. 
Elizabeth, 3. 
Elizabeth, 28. 
Elizabeth, 93. 
Elizabeth Sophia, 135. 
Eliza Jane, 80. 
Eliza Jane, 125. 
Emma Louise, 136. 
Ethel, 145. 

Fanny, 45. 

Fanny, 64. 

Fanny, 91. 

Fanny, 173. 

Frank Allen, 167. 

F^rederick Adams, 154. 

George Augustus, *iio. 
George Dean, 150. 
George FVanklin, 107. 
George Warren,* 133. 
George Warren, Jr., 177. 
Grace Winslow, i 76. 

Hannah, 6. 
Hannah, 16. 
Hannah, 35. 
Harold Francis, 180. 
Harriet, 89. 
Harriet Erwln, 172. 
Harriet Sophia, 104. 
Harry Amos, *i53. 
Helen Eliza, 174. 

Henry Adams, *i6i. 
Henry Adolphus, 54, 
Henry Edward, 137. 
Henry Parsons, 88. 
Henry Warren, *i 1 i. 
Holloway Taylor, 19. 

John, 8. 
John, 12. 
John, *26. 
John, ■'^47. 
John, *97. 
John, 100. 
Juliet Elvira, 81. 

Lemuel, 2i2>- 
Louise, 147. 
Lucia, 66. 
Lucia Ann, 1 1 6. 
Luthera Bangs, 119, 
Luthera Almira, 96. 
Luthera Jane, 162. 

Maria Louise, 139. 

Marion Barnard, 175. 

Martha, 63. 

Mar)-, 9. 

Mary, ij. 

Mary, 19. 

Mary, 27. 

Mary. 48. 

Mary, 92. 

Mary Ann, i 29. 

Mary Belcher, 30. 

Wheeler Index. 


Mary Belcher Henshaw, 

Mary Karle, 146. 

Mary Kmelint, 78. 

Mary C, 102. 

Mehitable, ^J. 

Moses, *4i. 

Moses, 86. 

Moses Allen, ■^'124. 

Moses Allen, 171. 

IMoses P., *i03. 

Moses Person, 1 14. 

Nathan, *2 3. 
Nathan, *34. 
Nathan, 58. 
Nathan Albert, *i 13. 

Persis, 32. 
Polly, 37. 

Ralph Kendall, 178. 
Rebecca Ann, 79. 
Ruth, 5. 

Sally, 43. 
Sally, 69. 
Sally Ann, 90. 
Sarah, 7. 

Sarah, 14. 
Sarah, 24. 
Sarah E., 106. 
Sarah Elizabeth, 138. 
Sarah Frances, 126. 
Sarah Warner, 85. 
Sarah Wariier, 1 1 5. 
Silence, 57. 
Sophia, 82. 
Susan, 131. 

Thomas, *2. 
Thomas, *i 1. 
Thomas, *i 3. 
Thomas, 18. 
Thomas, *2 5. 
Thomas, *40. . 
Thomas, 170. 
Thomas Read, 52. 

Walter Kendall, "142. 
Walter Kendall, 179. 
William, 4. 
William Adams, 155, 
William Adolphus, *I09. 
William Aus^ubtus, ''^■71. 
William Auy^ustus, *99. 
William Aui^ustus, *i63. 
William P'iske, *i2i. 



The number given opposite a narni 
Genealogy. If it is prefixed wiili a st 
the page above a paragraph. If no st, 
in its consecutive order in the left-ham 
in infancy are not given in the index. 

Abigail H.,8i. 
Ada Minerva, i8i. 
Addie, 259. 

Addie Josephine, 189. 
Albert, *95. 
Albert, ^184. 
Alfred Dalrymple, 216. 
Alfred L., 241. 
Alice Amelia, 139. 
Alice W., 65. 
Amasa, ^i/. 
Amasa, 140. 
Ambrose G., 250. 
Amos, *30. 
Amos W., *90. 
Andrew Fuller, *i22, 
Ann E., 109. 
Anna M., 134. 
Arthur Henry, *i85. 
Arthur Kirke, 208. 
Arthur Minot, 197. 
Arthur Mirick, 226. 
Arthur Willis, 231. 

is that indiviilual's number in the 
ar, tind the number in the ceiiiic of 
ir is given tl>e number will be f. >und 
i margin. Nauu-s of children d\ing 

Asaph W., 251. 
Augusta H., 143. 
Augustus S., 160. 

Bertha Marjorie, 206. 
Berthia, *i 12. 
Betsey, 32. 
Betsey Davis, 78. 
Blanche Louise, 213. 

Calvin, 159. 
Caroline, 94. 
Caroline i^., 87. 
Catherine Menshavv, T^y. 
Charles Albert, 257. 
Charles Carleton, *i73. 
Charles Carleton, Jr., 254. 
Charles Goulding, *i27. 
Charles Goulding, Jr., 
. 225. 

Charles Henry, *ioi, 
Charles Walton, *85. 
Charles Wheeler, *97. 

War/'e/i Index. 


Charlotte, 35. 
Chester Arthur, 265. 
Chester \V., 233. 
Chloe, 79. 
Crete, 255. 

Dolly Movve, J2>' 

Ebenezer, *6. 
Ebenezer, ''"^ i. 
Ebenezer Chapman, ^64. 
Edith Florence, 262. 
Edward, '''104. 
Edward Irving, 205. 
Edwin Alonzo, *i79. 
Elbridge, 234. 
Elbridge Gerry, Jr., *42. 
Elbridge Gerry, *i 16. 
Elijah, *9. 
Elijah, 29. 
Elijah A., *i67. 

Eliza, 19. 

Eliza, 98. 

Eliza, 105. 

Elizabeth A., i 72. 

Ellen, 108. 

I^lniira, 59. 

Elmira, 120. 

l^lmira II., 1 66. 

Emeline, 55. 

ICmergene M., 249. 

Emily, 70. 

Emily AJyrtie, 258. 

Emma Sybil, i 23. 

Esther, 7. 

Ethel Louise, 195. 
iM'clinc Elizabeth, 199. 

Fannie Stearns, 220. 
Francis, "192. 
Francis Marion, ''151. 
b>ank E., *i35. 
P^rederick, *I77. 
P'rederic P'rancis, 236. 
P^rederick Piorace, 191. 

George, '"'47. 
George P^ddy, 1 38. 
Georee Howard, ''lOJ. 
George Pascal, 1 24. 
George .Sessions, 224. 
Georfrc Washin-ton, "92. 
George Waterman, 209. 
Gilman, "163. 
Grace Augusta, 137. 

I lannah, 8. 

Harriet Wilson, 60. . 
Plarriet Wood, (^3. 
Helen Goulding, 214. 
Helen Marion," 237. 
Henry A., 86. 
Henry E., 200. 
Henry lilijah, "39. 
Henry Iwerett, 196. 
Henry Waterman, ■• 1 13. 
Heiiry Wheeler, 203. 
Herbert, '•187. 
Plerbert Lakin, 207. 
Plobert P^ndicott, 243. 


Waf'refi J/tdeji. 

Horace, *99. 

Horace Sumner, *i64. 

Hudson, yy. 

Ida Frances, i8o. 
Ida Maria, 198. 
Increase, 23. 
Isabelle, 174. 

Jane H., 76. 
Jennie, 141. 
Jesse Smith, *i8. 
John, *45. 
John F., '^'129. 
John LesHe, 228. 
Jonah Goulding, *43. 
Jonah G., 130. 
Jonas L., *48. 
Jonathan, *4. 
Jonathan, *i4. 
Joseph, "■31, 
Joseph Addison, ^125. 
Joseph Addison, 222. 
Joseph Frederick, 261. 
Joseph Gardner, 68. 
Joshua, 12. 
JuHus Fdgar, *i93. 
JuHus Frnest, 264. 

Kate Grace, 252. 
Katherine, 106. 

Leander, *96. 
Leander W., 75. 
Leonard, ^52. 

Levi, ''156. 

Lois, 67. 

Lottie Barton, 221. 

Lousia Ameha, 38. 

Lucy Ann, 89. 

Lucy Penelope, 2 i 7. 

Lydia, 5. 

Lydia, ^^. 

Lydia A., 119. 

Lydia Ann, 57. 

Mabel Frances, 260, 
Maria Jane, 186. 
Marion, 263. 
Martha, 49. 
Mary, 142. 
Mary Ann, 62. 
Mary Ann, 158. 
Mary Augusta, 242. 
Mary Caroline, 1 52. 
Mary F., 88. 
Mary L., 1 1 7. 
Mary Louisa, 103. 
Mary Louise, 235. 
Mary P., 144. 
Mary Palmer, 223. 
Mary Silence, 2 10. 
Mary Wheeler, 34. 
Mary Whittemort,-, 201. 
Merton H., 247. 
Mollie Watcrniuii, 218. 

Nathan, *2 6. 
Nathan, 56. 
Nathan Alonzo, •^169. 
Nettie L., 239. 

War /'en Index. 


Otis, *54. 

Persis, 16. 
Phebe A., 82. 
Phoebe, 22. 
Polly, 15. 

Rachel Catherine, 204. 
Reuben, 84. 
Richard Menry, '''131. 
Rhoda C, 132. 
Robert Lippett, 202. 
Robert Taft, 229. 
Roxa, 155. 
Rufus, 83. 




Sally, 10. 
Sally, 1 1. 
Sally, 25. 

Sallie Auousta, 121. 
Sauuiel, '"'"i 3. 
Samuel, '"'i']. 
Samuel, *44. 
Samuel, '^"61. 
Samuel, *i i i. 
Samuel Barton, 126. 
Sarah, 20. 

Sarah, 50. 
Sarah, 100. 
Sarah, 107. 
Sarah Caroline, 232. 
Sarah E., 165. 
Sarah Henshaw, 36. 
vSarah Jane, 46. 
Sarah M., 128. 
Sarah IMaruaret, 238. 
Slierman Mali, *i iS. 
Silas Gk .ison, "194. 
Sophia i 1., 91. 
Sumner, 06. 
Susan Ellen, 1 10. 

Walter, '24. 
Walter, -74. 
Walter ( liester, 256. 
Waller 1., 245. 
Waterm; n A., ■•'133. 
Waterman Goulding, *4i. 
VVateiman Goulding", 215. 
Webster G., 246. 
Wilfred \\., 240. 
William li., 244. 
William Dana, *5S. 
William iienry, 153. 
W illiam 1 lowe, 212. 




1 -; 6 ; 7