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Full text of "The whole art and trade of husbandry : contained in foure bookes"

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H V S B A N D 8 Y, 


In fbure Bo okes, 


I. Of Earable-ground , Tillage , and 

I I. Of Gardens,Orchards,and Woods. 
II I. Of Feeding, Breeding, and Curing 

of all manner of Cattell. 
1 1 1 1. Of Poultrie, Fowle,Fifli, and Bees. 
Enlarged ^Bahmabt Googe, E/qu/re. 

Genesis, j. 19. 

In the fweatofthy face flialtthou cate thy bread, till thou be 
turned againe into the ground,for out of it waft thou taken : 
yea , doft thou air, and to duft iLal t thou returne. 

LOJ^D *l: 

Printed by 7". S. for 'Richard LMore , and are to be 
fould at his Shop in S. Dunftanes Church- 
yard in Fleet ft rect. 1 6 1 4. 


V Vorfliipfull , his very good friend, 

Sir WiBiam Fit^-WMams , Knight. 


Ffuchas hauc painefuUy and faithfully of 
long time ferued their Prince and Countrey 
Abroad \ doe mofl of all others deferue y be- 
fide their condigne reward, the benefit of 
a quiet and contented life at home y 1 know 
m no man {good Sir William Fitz- Willi* 
ams) thaTof right may better challenge it , thenyour felfe : 
who for the long time of your painefull feruke , the truftie 
dtjchargwg of the Treafurerfbip of Ireland, W your wortbie 
gouernement, while it pleafed her moft excellent Maieflie to 
appoint you for the fayd Realme her higbnejfe Deputie) ha*e 
Jo behauedyour felfe 9 as euen your very enemies {whereof I 
know you had good ftore)haue beene forced to giueyou , will 
they nill they ,y our iujl defcrtted commendation. I leaue to 
remember your fundry and trouble fome trauailes,your Gentle- 
manly minde ,alw*yes vnwearied and vnmated with whatfo- 
tucr peril or hawd happened: I pajfeouer (becaufe J how you 
delight mot in hearingyour yayfcs)tbat Honor able >and worthy 
for euerto be Chrontcled y charge giuen vpon the Onealc y at 
Monhanv* there/cue of your mifer ably diftreffed andflaugb- 
tered companions ,and Countrymen, of which there be fundry 
yet remaining , that will attribute the hauing of their liues % 

pjv 2 (next 

The Preface. 

(next vnto God) to the profperomfucceffe of your vslianten- 
terprife: neither hath this your loyailferuice to your Prince 
and Count rie at any time beene accompanied ^without a foment 
and zealous affect ion towards the Almightie, the chiefeji and 
onejg beautie of all mans actions. Since thus (as I (ayd)yo» 
my iujlly challenge for the good feruice you banc done in your 
youths a place ana time of reft and quietneffe m your greater 
jeeres, and that there is, in my fancie, no lifefo quiet \fo ac- 
ceptable to Cod 3 andpleafant to an honeft minder is the life 
cf the Count rie , where a man , withdrawing himfelfe from 
themiferieSj vanities, and vexations of this fotlifk and now 
too too much doting v or Id \may giue himfelfe to the facet con- 
temptation of God, and his werkes y and the prcfit andreliefc 
o>f his poor e diflrejfed neighbour , to which two things we were 
obiefcly created,! thought it food to fend you here (a* a token 
and a tefiimonie of my thankful mind \ for your fundry friend- 
fbips and curtefies (bowed vnto m-) a rudedrauglt of the or- 
der and manner of the [aid Countrie life , which you may vfc 
{if it pleafe you) for your recreation. And afterwards (tf/oyo* 
thinkc it meet) publifbvnder your protection , to the commo* 
ditk and benefit of ethers* Fare you wel : from Kingftonc 

Your aflurcd Iouing friend, 
Ba&masy Gooti! 


mss-y ^mwmwmivvsi <» ^ *»3) 

The Epiftlc to the 


Haue thought it meet (good Reader J for thy 
further profit and pleafure , to put into En- 
glifh, thefe foure Bookcs of Husbandry,col- 
leftcd and fet forth , by Matter £W*fr Ht- 
retUub, a great and a learned Counccller of 
the Duke of CUnti : not thinking it reafon, 
k though I haue altered and increafed hii 
vvorke,with mine owne readings and obferuations , ioyned with 
thcexperienceof fundry my take from him (as dmeis 
in the like cafe haue done) the honour and glory of his owmetrt- 
uaile : Neither is it my minde,that trot either his doings,or mine, 
fhould deface, or any wayes darken the good enterpr.fe, or pain, 
full trauailes of fuch our Countrymen of England, « haue plenti- 
fully written of this mattcr.butaiwaycs hauc,and do gra them the 
reucrenceand honour due to fovectuous andweH d'fpo'cdGen- 
tlcmen,namely , Matter Fitter bert, and Matter T*fflr * vvhofe 
vvorkes may. in my fancie, without any preemption, compare 
with any. either Vtrre, Columella , or Mfebr of Mtm. ^ You 
haue herefetdowncbefcreyou.notonelytherulcsand praftifca 
of the olde auncient husbands, as well Greckcs as Latincs, whofe 
very orders (for themoft part) at this day wee obferue.and from 
whom (.f we willconfclfethe truth) wee haue borrowed the beft 
knowledge and skill,that our skilfulleft husbands haue i but alfo 
haue ioyned hecrcwithall , the experience and husbandry of out 
ownchusbandsof England, as farrcaseyther mine owne obferua- 
tions, or the experience of fundry my friends would Puffer ^mee 
And although I haue dclt with many, both Gra.nes, Plants, .and 
Trees, that are yet ftrangers, and vnknowenvnto vs , I doe no 
whit doubt , but that with good diligence and Husbandry 

To the Reader. 

they may in fhorttime fo be denized and made acquainted with 
our Toy le, asrhey will p^ofperas well as the old Inhabitants. It is 
not many ages agone, fince both the Peacfyhe PiiUce,the Pine, 
the Cyprcllcjthc Wamur, the Almond,the Chery, the Figge, the 
AbricockjthcMQskc Roft, and a great fort^-f others, both Trcet 
and Plants, being (bine Perfunvfomc Scythians,fome Armenians^ 
fomc Irahans, fome Frjnch,all Grangers and aliants, were brought 
in asnouelriesamongftvs, that doe now mod of them as well, 
yea, and fomc of them better, being planted amongft vs in Eng. 
land, then ifthey were ac home. I hauealfo beene car cfull about 
the planting and ordering of the Vine,frhough fomc of myfricndf 
would haue had altogether impertinentto our coun- 
trie : becaufe I am fully perfwaded if dihgence, and good huf- 
bandrte might be vfed) wee might haue a reafonable good Wine 
growing in many placet of this Realme .as vndoubtedly we had 
immediately a f rer theConqueft, till partly byflothfulnetTc, not 
lising any thing long that is pamcfull , partly by Quill difcord 
long continuing it was [eft, and fo with time loft, as appearethby 
a number of places in this Realme, that keepes full the name of 
Vineyards : and vpon many Cliffesand Hilles are yet to be feene 
the rootes, and olde remaines of Vines. There is befides N$ttn£- 
bam an auncient houfe called Chtiwet!, in which houferemaineth 
yet as an auncient monument in a great window of glatle, the 
whole order of planting , proyning, ftamping. andprefling of 
Vines. Befides, there is yet alfo grow ing, an oldcVine.thatyeelda 
a Grape fufficient to make a right good Wine, aswai lately pro- 
ucd by a Gentle* oman in the fayd Houfe. There hath moreouc r 
good experience of late yecres beene made , by iao Noble and 
Honourable Barons of this Realme, the Lord Vtllums of Tame t 
and rhe Lord Cokb«m , who both had growing about their hou* 
fesasgood Vines, as are in many places of France. And if they 
anfwere not in all points euery mans expe<3arion,the fault is rather 
to be imputed tc the malice & difdaine peraduenture of the French- 
men that kept them,t hen to any ill difpofition.or fault of the foyle. 
For where haue you in any place better, or pleafanter Wines.then 
about Batkr*cb , Ccltn , tsfndtrnacb , and dk'ers other places of 
Germanic, that haue in manner the fdfe-fame latitude and difpo- 


To the Reader. 

fition of the Heaucns that wehaue f Befide, thatthe nearencfleto 
the South, is not altogether the caufcr of good Wines, appeareth 
in that you hauc about Orleans, great flore of good and excellent 
Wine: whereas > if you goc to 'Bnrges % twodayes iourney farther 
to the South , you (hall finde a Wine not worth the drinking. The 
like is (as I hauc heard reported by Matter D.2Wf,Embatfadour 
for his Maicftie in thefe parts J of T*rts, and BarUduke, the Towne 
being Southward, with noughtic Wines : the other a great wayes 
farther to the North , with ms good Wines as may be. But admit 
England would yeeld none fo ftrong and pleafant Winesas are dc» 
fired (as I am fully pcrf* aded it would,) yet is it worth the triail and 
trauaile to haue Wines of our owne, though they be the fmaller : 
and therefore I thought it not meet to leaueoutofmy bookethe 
ordering andtrimming of Vines. It rcmaincth now (good Reader) 
that thou take in good part my trauaile and good will, which 
were chicfely employed to thepleafuringand benefiting of thee, 
and not to quarrell with mee, as is the manner of the mod fort, 
for cuery fault and oucrfightthat hath efcapedmy hands, nor to 
lookefor any curious 3 or well meafurcd ftile, wherewith I am not 
able to fatisfic thee , and though I were, yet were it neither for 
the matter nor method nccciTary. And therefore I truft thou wiJt 
accept it as ft is, fpecially considering, that I neither had Icifure 
nor quietnelTcat the doing of it, neither after the doing had cuer 
any time to oucr Iooke it, but was driuen to deliuer it to the Prin- 
ters I fir ft wrote it i neither was I priuy to the printing,ril!fuch 
time as it was finifhed. And therefore ( though there be faults,and 
great faults in it) I am not to be charged with them, that if time, 
or opportunitic had fcrucd, would not hauc fuffcredthem. 



jFfln''g1»«g'aaa y^^JB 


A Table of all fucli principal! matters and 

Wrds as are contained in this Book e , wherein vhe firll , 
fidcof the Icafc is fjgnificd by a. and the 
fecond by b. 

ABlaqueation of vines. 78.b 

Africa, her fertilitie. 1 8 .a 
ssfglm judged happy by Apollo. 7. a 

Ambition to be moderated. I ,b 

Almond tree. 90. a 

jinnife. 54-b 

Angelica, 65b 

zAngelicajhe vertues. 1 8 1 .a 
Anthony the Saint } his an/were. 4-a 

Armaracia. 5 5. a 

Abrecocks. 92.b 

Ar uncus, what. 1 3 6.b 

•/^, £<sr/0* //»£. 1 1 8 . b 

a^jf^, thefialhon. 1 1 9.b 

.^j^", ^ remediefor halting. 1 1 8 .b 

-^//£, /;# t^*. 


Afparagus,the berries. 




isfxeltrees the befl wood. 


*s4 foes for domg. 




nsffhe tree. 


nipple trees, how to fet. 


Apples, their kindes. 

8 3 .b 

Apple lofts. 

12. a 

zsfpples, their ripeneffe. 




sslucns, the verities. 




62 b 

Barnacles growing out of trees. 157.3. 

'Bees delight m new hiues. 


Bees lofl, their repairing. 


Bees tame. 


'Bees befl to be b«ughr,and how. 1 67 b 

Beescluflring,what betokent 


Bees bred of a Steere. 


Bees how to be carried. 


'Bees what angreth them. 


Bees wilde. 


Bees expelled byjmo^e. 


Bees Aiufes birds. 


Bees, plants pleaftn^ them. 


Bees, plants hurtfullto them. 


Bees to reuiue. 

176 b 

Bees if they breede not. 


"Zees mlde,their takhiff. 


Bees fire/hewers of weather. 


Bees ft. 

17 5 h 

Bees not to be remoued in winter. 


Bees in hollow trees. 


Bees how to order. 




The Tabic. 

Bees mufl /land neere the Mafler. 

Bees,f aire water. 169b 

Bees attendance all they cere. 1 7 8 .b 
Bees hunted by hornets. 1 78-b 

'Bees hurt by Eccho. 1 78.b 

Bees, /moke good for them. 1 7 8. b 
'Bees, to keepefrom Batter/lies. 1 79.a 


169. b 

Bees, what hurts them. 

Bees, what doth them good. 

Bees,hurt £lmeflowres. 

Bees, hurt by jpurge. 1 77.b 

Bees, better the Valley than the Hill. 

Bees to heale their difeafes. 
Bees their age. 
Bees clen/ing the hiues, 
Bees/ickeneffe, the tokens. 
Bees idle ,their punifhment. 
Bees haruefl or drifting. 
Bees to drine, what fmoake. 
Bees meat. 

Bees fetteroU labours. 1 66.b.& 1 6j.& 
'Bees , the Mafler , where to feeke. 
Bees /warming time. 1 8 8 . b 

Bees hatching. ij6.b 

Bees their watch. 1 66 A 

Bees, the taking of the coames. 1 7 1 .b 
Bees, the drones, 167.2. 

Bees,roming away, to reflraine. 17 ih 
Bees,roming away , the/ignes. 1 7 2 .a 

Bees harueft double. 174.* 

Bees difeafes, their pre feruing. I77.b 
Bees, when they begin to labour, j 7 1 .a 
Beesrefl. 166.2. 

Bee the old mafler, what to doe. 176.2, 
Bee the mafler \diuers in one hiue. 171b 
Bees, their pallaces. 165.% 

Bees, their gouernment, 1 65.2. 

1 6<).X Bees the Mafler, his making. I <>7.b 

Bees, their induflrie. 
Bees, how toflnde. 
Bees their winter food. 
Bees angry, to appeafe. 
Bees* 3 the breeders. 

1 78.b I Bees common wealth. 1 6 5.a 

1 77.b Bee the Mafler refirained. 1 72.b 
Bees to make. 1 7$.a 

Bees their /landing. 1 66. b 

Bees remoued for foode. l8o.a 

Boare and Bull common. iil.b 

Beets. 54.b 

Betony. 183.4 

Betony, the vertues. 1 8 3 . a.b 

Birch. 97.a & 1 01. a 

Bizontes. 130.4 

Borrage. 58.b 

Bullockes, their fatting. 1 2 3 .b 

Bullockes, how to buy. 1 1 1 .a. & b. 
Bullockes, their /hap e. 1 2 1 .a 

Buffes. 1 3 o.a 

Bullockes, their foode. 1 2 3 .b 

Bul'ockes halting,r erne die. 1 2 6.b 
Bullockes ill digeflion. l 2 5 h 

Bullocks bitten with a mad dog. 1 2 7.a 
Bullockes hidebound. 1 2 7«b. 1 2 9 # a 
Bullockes feuer, the cure. 1 2 6.b 

Bullockes ache in thefynevoes. 1 2 7.a 
1 65. a Bullockes mangers. 123. a 

1 68.b Bullockes their hooues worne. 1 2 7.a 
1 7 1 .b Bullockes, the fix. 1 2 6 . a 

1 74 .a Bullockes. to prefer ue them. 1 2 3 .a 
!<>7,a Bullockes mangie, i27-a 


The Table. 

Bullockes fores mattring. 
Bullockes heele, hurt. 
Bullockes hoofe, hurt. 
Bttllockes rcatrtng. 
Bullockes pafluring. 
Bullocke, the tatle. 
Bullocks thefiugh. 
Hullo eke how to fetter. 
'Bullocke, the murrine. 
Bullockes lung-ficke. 
Bullockes, the yellowes, 
Bullockes lister fcke. 
Bullockes, the bUine. 
Bullockes thefprenges, 
Bullockes , the Jiaggers and the dafie. 

1 2 9. a 
Bullockes p'tjfmg blood, the pant eyes, 
taynt, and gargtfe. 1 2 9 . a 

Bullockes, for all difcafes. 1 2 9.b 

BlackthorneflonreSythevertues, 1 8 o.b 
Balme, the vertues, 1 8 o.b 

Buglofe. S8.b 

r Beane,thefiratv, and the ofall. 3 1 .b 

I2 7.a 
i2 7.a 

I2 0*.a 

I2 3.b 

I2 9.a 

129. a 

Beech reheat. 

Bull, common. 
Bull, his making. 
Birdlime, the making. 
Bay tree. 


Cammell of Arabie. 
Cammellof SaEtria, 
Cammell-, her foaling. 
Cammels tngender backward. 

2 9.b 



121. b 




1 20. a 
1 20. a 
1 2 o.b 

Cammelingendring-ppithBores. 1 2 o.a 
Come f elds and Z/ineyard compared, 

Caution in buying of land. 44.a 

S. Tho.Chalener. ns.b 

Courtiers, their gorgeous miferie. J A 
Colroorts, the feedefor oyle. 5 3 .b 
(folvports crompled. 54*^ 

Chalke vfedfor doung. 1 9-b 

(fandels of trees. 1 04.a 

Cobles of rrilde Oake, I O 3 .a 

Coales of Juniper. I o 2 .b 

Ccalcs , what wood to be made of. 

104 a 
Carotes. 5<>.b 

Cheefe of huge bigneffe, 1 3 9. b. 

Cheefe par majin. 1 3 9-b 

Cheefe not to be made of beafles that 
haue more then four* paps, 1 3 9«b 
[heflnuts, 9°«b 

Catoes anfivere touching breeding, 

106. b 
Catoes Oracle. 14b 

C abb edge, 53*b 

(fytrons. %jh 

Cordum,a kindeofHay. 43»b 

Coryander. 54«b 

Cornell tree. 88.b 

Crefmus, his diligence. 44-a 

Cucumber. 59*b 

Cumyn. 54- b 

Cypreffe. l°*-b 

Cyrus King, nurcedby Shepheards. 

Cytifa. z 6 * 

Cajirill. I^i.b 

Cattell, their breaking* 1 2 3 a 

The Table. 

Cattell keeping andtyllage,theirfelloyv- 

fhip. 10 <> a 

Cattell keeping,the antiquitie and wor- 
thine(fe. 10Gb 107.9. 

Cokes their handling. 


Corfte free. 




12. a 

(fow barraine. 


(fow, her age. 


Cow, her making. 

121, a 

Cow, her cabling. 

122. a 

Cockes, their choife. 


Cocke,awoouer to repentance. I50.a 
Calues, their gelding. I X l b 

'Capons their making. I53* a 

£ardiac a, his vermes. 1 8 3 . a 

Cardvu BenediSlm,thevertties. 1 8 1 .a 
Chickins hatched without the Henne. 

Chickens difeafes, and remedies. 1 52.a 
Crejfes. 55>* 


Date trees. 9 3. a 

Damfons. 5? 2. a 

Dyll. 54-b 

<Dr -one Bee. 167^17 3. a 

Dogge the Starrejois rifing. 1 7<?.a 
Doirges,toridde them ofTtckes. 1 4$.a 
Dot ge for the houfe. 1 4^>.a 

Dogge for the fold. 1 4^.a 

'Dogge his age. IA7& 

D og qes madde> the tokens. 1 4 8 .a 
Dogges tayle, the cutting. 147-^ 
Doages, their feeding. *47-b 

'Dogges colours. i^Gb 

'Dogges, their kindes. 146 '.a 

'Dogges kind to be retarded. 1 46. b 
Dogges of wonderf tiff price. I4$.b 
Dogges difeafes, and remedies. I48.a 
Dogges names. \ 47 b 

D og ges , their lytures. * 47«a 

Doueh oufe, building. 1 G 1 . a 

Doues, to keepe from the Hawkf. 

Doues, their foode. iGi.z, 

'Doues, their foes. 1 G I .a & b 

'Dfues, their price. 1 5 9-b 

Doues, their kindes. 1 6 o.a 

Diues 3 to allure them to the houfe. 

'Doues ytung, their feeding. 1 Go.b 
Doung, the forts. 1 8 ,b 

D oung new, befifor meadows. 1 9.a 
'Doung old,befi for Come oround.iQ.H 
Doung beft, the maflers-foote. I p.b 
Doung for Vines. I9.a 

Dounghill. lib 

Dv?ellinghoufe m 1 o.a 

jEY;^. 97.b 

Elme,his vfe. 1 04.a 

Eldar. ioi.a 

Elecampany. Gib 

Smperours ofNeathards. 107.3 

Endiue. 5 3. a 

Eg ges, their forts. 1 5 3 .b 

Bgges, to be hatched. 1 jo.b 

.£"£ <w /ww f choofe. 1 5 1 .b 

Effges kept from thunder. 1 5 1 .b 
£W <?/ fta Mafler , fats the Horfe. 


The Table, 


Firre trees, their vfe. 

Flowre gentle. 






Fruit fulncjfe of diners countries. 1 8 .a 

Fig ge tree, I02.b 

Fennell. 54-b 

Fenugreeke, 34-b 

Fodder for fattelt. 3 5. A 

Fijh delighting in mud. I <>4.a 

Fifif delighting ingrauell. I 64b 

Fifhponds their fundry forts* I4^>.a 
Fifhponds, where befi. 


Galles. lO^.a 

Garners. 40. b 

Goofepennes, their fianding, l 55.a 

Goofe liner of great bignejfe. 1 £ tf a 

Goofe,her hatching. I5sb 

Gfltf/f, their fatting. 1 5 tf.a 

Grafting, diners forts. 694 

Graff ng with the toppe downewards. 

Gelliflowers. 63b 

Gourdes. tfo.a 

Helecampany. 65 b 

Husbandman, his good nature ; 1 6 .a 
Husbandmen mofl happy, 7.a 

Husbandmen come to be Smperours. 


Husbandry, nurfe of all other fciettces. 
1 63 .b I Husbandry cofin-germane to Wifdome. 

1 63. a j- 

I tf4.b I Husbandry, her nobUitie. 
.. \ Husbandry, her antiquitie. 
Sjb Husbandry pleafeth God. 

Husbandry no bafit trade. 
Holly, the tree. 
Honycoames, what fafhion. 
Hony coames. 
Happy, who is. 
Haruefi for Oates. 

Garden hetrbes, the fow'mg* 50.a Haruefi ofHempe. 

Garden the fianding. 5 i.b 

Garden, what mould befi. 4p.a 

Gar den, dunging and digging. 49b 
Gardens of great antiquitie. 45.b 
Garden a fhambles. 4^.a 

Garden without water. 47 '.a 

Garden ill, declares an euill huswife. 

Garden, when to water. 47b 

Graffng. , 69.Z 

Grafting, the feafon. 70.a 

Graffng, a neve way. 7 1 .a 

Haruefi of Wheat. 









39 A 






Haruefi of T^e. 

Haruefi of%apefeed*~ 

Haruefi of Winter Barley, 

Haruefi of all other Come and Pulje. 

Hempe. 3 7.b 

Hart ic hocks. 6i.z 

Heaucns,theirfiatefor thegroud^yb 
Heauens , their fate for planting and 

fowmg. 51. a 

Horfes age, how to know. 1 1 o.b 

f* tivrfe 

The Table. 

Horfe loueth troubled water. 1 1 4-b 
Horfe his proportion. H4-a 

Horfe broken winded. 1 1 7-b 

Horfe forfaktng his meate, the remedy. 


Horfe halting, theremedte. 
Horfes their colours. 
Horfes, the Cratches. 
Horfes foundrmg. 
Horfes gal d. 

Horfe defcnbed by Virgill. 
Horfe windgals. 
Horfe to be in health. 
Horfe prouoked tojiale. 
Horfe tyred, the remedie. 
Horfe hauing wormes, the Jign 

Horfe, to keepefrom Flies. 
Horfe, when to be broken. 
Horfes feete , the cure. 
Horfe his rhume, the ewe, 
Horfe mangie. 
Horfe the vines. 
Horfe pained in the belly. 
Horfe, how long he lines. 
Horfe, holefome to trattaile. 
Horjing of Mares, the time. 
Horfes watring, 
Horfes gelding. 
Horfes currying. 
Horfe , his ordering after tran 

Horfe his prouender. 
Horfe his skowring. 
Horfes generall remedies. 

Horfes fiables. 




Horfes clothes. 1 1 $.b 

Horfe lejfe hurt by drawing then bea- 
ring. 113. a 
Horfes wallowing, holefome. 1 1 5. b 
Horfe hot, not to be watered. 1 1 6 Jo 
116 Horfe cold, to haue. H5.a 
10. a Horfe how to chofe. 109.8 
1 tf.a Horfe fuddenly ficke, the cure. 1 4 3 .b 
I tf.b Hey making. 43 .a & b 
io'.a Hey cutting. 43.3 
9«b Hey, when to cut. ' 43 .a 
io'.a Husbands beflowino of time. 2.b 
1 5 .b Husbandry commended. 
1 5. a Hogge ficke,the fignes. 
1 5.a Hogge mefled, 
and Hogge found, their tokens. 

I J.% Hogges their breaming and farrow- 
I7.a ing. 14Z.Z 
I2.b Hogge fieke of the Qtiinfcy , andtht 
io'.b Kernels. 14 3. a 
io'.b Hogges j their gelding. I42.b 
17b Hogge, the feuer. 1 43 .a 
io'.b Hogges, their herbes. 1 41. a 
1 7.3 Hogs difeafes, & the remedies. 1 4 3 .a 

I I .a Hogges lung-Jicke, remedie. 1 43 .a 
1 5 . a ; Hogges ftcke of the milt. 1 4 3 .a 
1 1 .a Hogges turne-jftcke, 1 4 3 .b 
1 4<b Hogges made to the home, 1 4 1 .b 
1 3 .a Hedge dead. 48.8 
1 3 . b Hedge quickie prefer d. 4 8 . a 
He. Hedge quicke , fundry wayes ofma- 

i$.a ki»g. 48.b 

I4.a j Hennes for broode, their choife. 149. b 


Hennes how long in hatching, 1 5 1 .a 
Hennes houfe , the flanding, 1 54«a 
Hennes , how long inftting. 1 50.b 
Hennes their feeding. l^l-i&b 



Hemes how to fatte. 

Hemes mufi haue dus~l. 1 5 3 b 

Hennes, what Egs to fet vnder. I so.b 

Hemes to keepefromjitting. 1 50b 

Hemes the number to a Cocke. 1 50. a 

Hearbesfor pleafure & beautie.6ob 

Hear be what for paflures. 


Horda ,what. 


Hony of the Heath. 

Hony making. 

Hony the kindes. 

Hony the befi. 

Hony how corrupted. 

Hill how to plow. 

Hiues of Bees. 

Hiues the entry fmaU. 

Hiues fedde with btrdes. 

Hiues their mouthes. 

Hiues decay ed,t heir repairing. 17 S A 





Inftruments of Husbandry. 

Jtaly,why called the Orchard. 

Italy, why fo called. 



Impes their remouing. 

Images that Jweat. 


15:3.2/ Lauender. 6}.* 

Land, what it requires. 4 3 .b 

Landi neighbourhood to be regarded, 


Land the degrees. 
Land good, the tokens. 

I ettuzins, afurname. 








1 74-b 



20. a 
1 6>.a 




11. a 

I 8.3 

12 1. a 











Lecherie,what hurt to the body. 1 3 y.z 


LMaple. 1 03. a 

Maple bordes. I04.a 

Marioram-i. • 61. b 

MoowesforCwne, i2.b 

[ Mallow. 58.a 

Manna. 171. a 

Me lean. 14<>,a 

Mellones. 59.b 

Mellon pompeons. 5o 4 b 

Medlar. 8o\a 

Mares, whether theyjhould be couered 
yeerely. 1 1 2. a 

Mares with Foalejjow to vfe. x 1 2.b 
Mares time of Foaling. lllb 

Mares conceauing by the winde. tub 


Meddow, new to make. 

Meddowes, why fo called. 

Meddowes, their ordering. 

Mowles to catch and dejbroy. 


Maftjhe difference. 

3 1. a 
42 .b 

42. a 
97.a e£ b 

The Table. 

M aft, the vfe. 
Maftholme g? oue. 
Mdke blacke. 
Mdke, to trie. 
Mdke, the ordering. 
Milke-t the difference. 
Mdke, the whey. 


i 3 8.b, 
i 3 8.b 


i 3 8.a, 

Mdke to purge Melancholy , And all 

other humours. 
xJMilks to purge theDropfo. 
Mdke topurifie blood, 
Mdke to looje the belly. 
Moone obf trued tnfowing. 
Moone obferued in dowging. 
Mulbery tree. 
Mulbery the wifeft tree. 
Modes, their colouor. 
Modes doe breed, 
Mife, to deftroy, 
Moffe to deftroy, 
Muftard feede. 
Myrtle tree. 


"Nauens. $6.b 

Neatheards made Smperours. 1 o 7. a 
Neighbourhood, %.b.& 44»b. 

Of chu[tng of ground, 1 6.a 

Of C erne ground. io".b 

OfDuckes. 156.Z 

Of Bees. i6$.a 

OfGeefe: > I54- b 

Of Plowing. 20.a 

0f*s4ffes. Il8.a 

OfZullockes. llo.b 

i 3 8.b 

i 3 8.b 

i 3 8.b 

i 3 8.b 


43. a 








41. a 


63 .a 

OfHorfes. io8.a 

Of (folwortes. Si A 

Of Buffes. i 3 o.a 

Of Butter, i 3 8.b 

0/ Cammels, 1 2 o. a 

0/ Dogges. I45.b 

OfGoates. i 3 6.b 

0/ Cheefe. 1 3 9.a 

Of Wax. 1 75. a 

0/ Pigions. 1 59«b 

0/ CVitt. I48.b 

OfHennes, *49-b 

0/" P# hearbes. 5 1 .a 

Of Gardens. 49.b 

0/ Turkie-CQckes. 1 5 8.a 

Of Mdke. 1 3 8. a 

©/P*^. 3I.b 

Of Bony. i74.a 

OfHameft. tfb 

OfMoyles. 1 1 9 .a 

Of Sheep e. I30.a 

Of Shepheards. 144-b 

OfEgges. I5 3 .b 

OfPeacockes, 157 A 

Of Blood letting. 1 1 8.a 

Of Orchards, 66. b 
Of fatting of Swine, falt'mg , andpre- 

feruing of Bacon. 1 44 . a 

0/ Seedes, and their forts, 5 o . b 

Of D ounging, 1 8 . b 

Of Swine, 140.4 

Of Woods. 59.b 

Of good Ground. 1 7.a 

Of Wheat. 1 5. a 

OfTurtle-doues. 161.% 
Of the Baily of Husbandry. 13.8 

0/*/k £#*. 74-a 


The Table. 

1 04. a 

Orenge alwdyes bearing. 

Orenges, their planting. 

hue grape. 

Oke or one, the planting. 

Oke of a wonderfull bignejfe. 

Ok.e his vfe. 

Oliue tree, 8 1 .a & 1 p 3 .a 

Oliue ripe, the tokens* 8 1 .a 

Oliue wilde. 

Oliue gatherers law. 

Order, his commoditie. 


Oyfier ponds. 

Gyle, the making. 



Patruirches, [hepheards. 


Plowing, thefeafon. 

Plowing in the night. 

Plow , his parts. 


Peach tree. 

Plants, their diuerfttie. 72 ,b 

Planting, the time. 7o.a 

Plane tree. I o 1 .a 

Poplar groue. 98.b 

Poplar his vfe. I o 1 . a 

P oplar, white and blacke. 98.b 

< Pigges,thirtie at one farrow, 142. a 

Pur fane. 58.b 

10 3. a P lome trees, their kmdes. 9 2. a 

8 3 .a j Plome tree. 9 2 . a 

H.b \Pifan. 27.b 

Pullets. 150.3. 

Pomegranate. %6.b 

Pomegranates haue like number of 

graines. 2j.Z 

Peares red. %5.3L 
Peare tree, his planting. 




$6.b . Peares, how tokeepe, 
I07.a| *P ear e tree. 
2 0.a i P eny gr a ffe, his vermes. 





Peach with an Almond curnell. 6<yh 
Pefiilence in Cattell,whereof. 1 2 4.b 
Per/ley. 54-b 

'Pitch tree. 98. b. 90.a 

37.b.C^ 55 b Quince tree. 

92 ji Quinces, when to be gathered. 


'Pine tree. 



Plants prospering with curing. 

Plants proffering by theft. 

Planting, the Moone obferued. 

P lames fieeped. 

Quinces, how to keepe them. 
Quicksets , their planting. 
Quaile, mother. 













\Rammes, which to be bought. 


"Rape haruefl. 

Rape of great bignejfe. 


Radijh of great bignejfe. 




3 8.b 

2 8.b 
2 8.b 


The Table. 

41. a 


#di$> roote. 

TKemedie againfl Gnattes. 

r Remedie againfl JVyuels. 

Remedie againji Catter fillers. 

r Roz,in. 

r Reaz,ins [mall. 

Romulus mrced byjhepherds. 107.3. 

64. a 
62 .a 


2 6. a 


3 o.b 


r Rofemarie. 



'Bonnet for Cheefe. 



Rye harmfl, 

r R^ch,how. 


Setterwort, and his vfe. 6$.b 1 1 7.b. 


Servants their looking to. 1 4.a 

Seruants health fo be regarded. 1 4.a 
Sauine. 66.a. 

So/lets. 46a 

Sorell. 45.a 

Sauce of apples. 84-b 

Sauce of Peares, 85.a 

Sheepe pild, *34-t> 

Smalladge. 54.b 

Sellars. \l.a 

Sellars and Larders. 1 2 .a 

Sheep jicke of the lungs-the cure.j 3 6.a 
Sheepes co <igh ,the cure. 1 3 6.a 

Sheep \their time of bloffoming.x^ i .b 

Sheepe, what number to be kept. 1 3 I. a 
Sheepes tailes, of wonderfull bignejfr. 

Sheepes legs broken, the cure 1 3 6.9. 
Sheep e yeerely to be drawen. 1 3 o.b 
Sheepe, their winde perijbed. 1 3 6.9. 
Sheepe hauing the feuer. 1 3 $.b. 

Sheepe, their great encreafe. 1 3 o.a 
Sheepe, their forts. 1 3 o.b 

Sheepe 3 to keepe in health, 1 3 £.b 
Sheepe, the fould. 1 3 $.b 

Sheepe skabby chind. 1 3 5.b 

Sheepe their feeding. 1 3 1 .b 1 3 3 .ft 
Sheepe, their lambing time. 1 3 I .b 
Sheepe, the mutrem. 1 3 6\a 

Sheepe skabby, 1 3 5 .b 

Sheepe coates. 1 3 3.b 

Sheepe Jhearingjhe time. I 3 4«b 

Shepheards refemblancewith Princes, 

6l .b I Shepheards cart infeedmg, 1 3 3 .a 
Slufesfor Fijb, 1 6 3 .b 

«$V*£*. 1 62 .a 

iW farrowing, her age. J 42 .a 

Sommer feedes. 24-b 

Seedes, their commino vp, 5 o.b 

Seedes, what for euery ground. 2 4«b 

Seedes, the chotfe. 

Sowing, the order. 

Sowing, thejeafon. 

Semin oyle, 



.3 htppes, of what tymber. 

Sola arte life, his vfe, 



2 3.b 
2 3-b 
3 1. a 


2. a 




The Table. 

Sperie. 3 6*.b 

Sowe,foure moneths with Pig. 1 4 2 . b 
Swine-fties, their ftanding. 142.3 
Shepheards of Switzerland. 1 45. a 
Sheepe delight in Muficke. 1 3 3 .b 
Sheepe,few, andwellfedde. 1 3 1 .a 
Sheepe, of what age, and how to buy. j Trees, their flefi. 

1 3 o.b I Trees, the skinne. 
Sheepe, kept abroad. 1 4,a | 7><-^ a great benefit. 

Sheepe , when to buy. I 3 i.a j Trees bearing fruit , their forts. 

Sheepe couered. X 3 4.b I Trees to ripe timely. 

SheephaumgfwallowedaHorfeleach, Trees not bearinajhe remedie. 
his cure. 1 3 tf.a Trees y their diftance inftandinl. 

Scabious, the vertues. 1 8 1 .b j Trees young, their proying. 

Trees ftanding Sawtyer wife. 
* Treesfiandmg Checker wife. 

Ty ruber for building. 1 03 .b Trees their bowes. 1 o4.b 

Tymber 'for pump es , and water pipes. Trees , their order for gaffing and 

Trees remoued, their ft anding. 94.b 
Trees helped with vrme. 95^ 

Trees, the trimming of their roots. 93 .b 
Trees their fat. , 04.^ 

Trees tofauefrom Miftes. 95.4 

Trees ftc\e } the remedy. 95.3 



Trees, their blood. 
Trees launced. 
Trees, their feede plot. 
Trees their kindes. 
Trees their doungino. 
Trees their dropping. 
Trees their loue. 

io3-b. #-.i04.a 
Trees, the North fide mojjy. 1 o o.b 
Trees of knowledge, why created. 6y.a. 
Treeforefbewing his fall. 1 o 3 . a 

Tree neuer without fruit. 8 6.a 

Tree the wifeft. 88.a 

Trees beft for tymber. I o o .b 

Trees how to keep e from wormes. 8 5".a 
Trees fpringingbefi of the feede. 7<J.b j Trees their remouinf. 
Trees fo one grow en , the fruit lafteth \ Trees their veines. 
not. 9 3 . b Trees their wennes. 

Trees graffed in the (io eke. 70.b | Trees their fhadowes. 

Trees graffed betwixt wood and rinde. 1 Tymber for Plowes. 

69. a 1 Tymber for water workes. 

^9-b , Tymber for bowes. 





7"ra\r whereon to be graffed. 
Trees when to be proined. 
Trees (pringflowly of the feed. 
Trees alwayesgreene. 
Trees to be pulled. 










io 3 .b 



Tymber for Bcrdes,for Axeltrees, for 
Haftes and Handles, for Gates, for 
Lances, for Tables , Shippes, Tar- 
gets , Sheathes ? Pullies , and f or 

The Table. 

Eeames. : 03.^^.104^ 

Tenants changing , not good , Their 

labour wore to be regarded then 

their rent, their ordering. 45- ^ 

Thrufbes. i^-b 

Veronica, his vertues. 1 8 1 - a 

J'emijb. to 5 h 

Vine plants , which, and I: or* to get, 
thetr keepings heir length, yj.b 78.a 
Vine plants, thetr planting. 7 7. a 
Vine, his eafie husbandry. 7 8 . b 

Vintaae. 7 7. a 

f "meyard flony. J 6. a. 

fine the plucking of his leaues. 8 o . a 
Vine his propping. 8 o.a 

Vine his fir]} plant. 74. a 

J'tne hiswondrrfidl encreafe. 74-b 
J'tnes but late in Germanic. 7 5,a 

fines yoxed. 75-b 

J In cs gut tered. 75-b 

J 'hies mingled, not to be planted. 7 ' 7 . a 
fines how to ft and. j6.b 

pine: pi Anted. their or derm". 7 5.b 
Vines how to be dan Ted. 7 8 . b 

J'tnes, his friendship and hatred with 
certaine trees . 75-b 

fine when to plant. 77 A 

fine his grajfing. 77-& 

fine who ftrft found. 74-b 

fine when hefkwreth. 2 6.z 8 0. 



Wormewood, Csh 

Wood for Cuppes. I04.a 

Winter grainethe befl. 2 J. 2. 

Wheat ffieene dayes in blade, ffteene 
inflonre,andffteeneinriping, 16,3. 
Wuiow ff rones. 9 9 .a 

Willow his vfe. I o 3 .b 

Willow the kindes. I o 3 .b 

Wood cutting, the feafon. 1 00. a 

Woods coppifed. 9 9 . b 

Woods coppifed their fevering. I oo.a 

i Woods for Maft. 9 7 . a 

Wood greatly cherijhed by the Ra~ 

manes. 96.* 

tf 'oods wilde, their fruits. 9 6 .a 

7" 7 'taif haruefl. ' 3 9 . a 

i Wheat the kindes, 2f.b 

J Jf&^f <W the Vine flowre together. 


1 r?/»(? 0/ ssfppler. 8 4. a 

fT/w 0/ Teares. 85.b 

1 Walnut tree, his vfe. 103.4 

Walnut tree forejbfweth his fall. 1 03. a 
ff 00/w *&<r ^°/?. 1 3 4. a 

Fffc&7 Betony, his vertues . J 8 3 .a 


1 Tew tree, his vfe. 


) Ztzjphos. 



Finis Tabular. 


The names of fuch Authours , and 

Husbands, whole authorities andobfer- 
uations are vfed in this Boskc. 

The Bible, and Doftors of the Ghurch. 

ARiftetle. Hcfiodus. 

Ariftophanes Hippocrates, 
Athena!U$. Homer. 

Anatolius. Horace. 

AlcxAndcrAphrod. Ifocrates. 
Alexander Neap. 





Iulius Firmfcus. Xenophon. 
Iulius Pollux. 














Diodorus Siculus. 






Lucian. E*iglifhmett. 

Macer. SNich.Malbee. 

Martiall. M. Cap.Bingbam. 

Mathiolus. M.IohnSomer. 
Nicandcr. M. Nicaf Yetzwcrf. 

Oppian. M. Fifzhcrbcrr. 

Ouid. M.Will. Lambcre. 

Petrusdc Crefc. M. TuiTer. 
Plato. M. Thom.Wherenhal/. 

Plarina. M.Rich. Dccring. 

Both the PlinicsM. Hcn.BrockhuII. 









M. Franklin. 

Richard Andrcwcs. 
Henry Dcnys. 
William Prat* 
Iohn Hatchc. 
Phillip Partridge. 
Ken worth Datforth* 

The fir ft Booke of Husbandry ; 

Entreating of E arable-ground 3 
Tillage and Pafture. 

Cono. Rigo. Mctclla. Hermes. 

C o n o. 
& tf?trTt?ct^ 1 Jjrgre a ncfgfrtng and 
trampling of J&otfts fcmfciut, goe 
Hermes^gs hnoto iu[)at (tranters toe 

Hermes. &iv , if mp figfjr fatie 
me not 3 it toRigo, t|c p;in;ipaU £>ecrc« 
Metella.3 g©Mp mafter/nrce 
you tjaue bcenc nuo oapra at home, atto note v on mud be fenf 
ft: agame to tfcc Court,perfjap0 to be Tent atycaa on fome cm-* 

Cono. <Eo& fojbto : ftitige t$e bett, it map be lie comes 
to fa me of curtefi2 ano fricnotyip* 

Rico.. 3f) maiftec Cono, 3 am glaa 31 &a«e founD^ou to 
tlje mjoft of pour country pieafure0:furelp pou arc a tjappp «.an, 
tijaf fljifrmg Tour felfe from tfje turmoilcs of tfce Xottrf, can 
j>tclseout fo quiet a life 3 ano gluing ou trail, canfecrctlp he 
if am tl)c plcafant Countries, fuffcrmg tos in tt>z meant tunc 
to be toft foirt) tfje cares ana buftneffe of ttje common focale. 

Cono. &urelp 31 muftconfeffe 3! (jau/? tafcena Ijappptoap, 
if ffjefego)** of tlje <£artt) toouta fuffer me to eniop fuel) tjjppi* 
ateffe , tljat hnwe bequeatl;eo rt;c troublefome life of tfic Court 

a to 


The firft Booke, entreating 

to fytbtftomt of tf)t fea. HSuttoljaf ? ooe poa mtrmvo bjmg 
meagainetomp olo troubles, being tfcus tiappilp tifijJargfD. 

Rigo. #btbmg UtTe, tfcougtj 3 tooulo beijerp glao pot* 
fipulo not fo fcaftils foifafce tf}3CGort,nc? ns pour fclfe frtm tlje 
affaire of ttje Common foealrb.^ou fencto iue arc net borne to 
line to our frlues,no? at our otene plcafurcs: but fo? our coun> 
trp,ourCommon-foeale 3 $lfatetubcrct9U)c art calUo.SMKrc 
cannot be a too?fc tijing tijen fo? a man to fuffer (jis Countrp 
fb2fabcn, to come into tfje ^anos of fcillanous perfons 3 ant> f u* 
lopcctoitt) [nmfclfe^tbat being out of <?uiiu>t, Ije fjatfj icftttjc 
twrlpburip ofgouerwmcnt. tfnotfjougfj Cato bao no neio of 
Romc;pcf Rome anDCato ftfs friente Ijao ixeDc of bim. 

Co n o. 3 grant potj,aslcmj as pert sano trrcngti) mill beare 
tf 3 lueare bounD to ferue in our location: but aspcu pour frlfe 
areouuen to eonfc0e 5 tbere is form time a reafonable eaufe of gi# 
uing ouer. Lucullus is tjfgtyp £ommenoeo 3 tbat labile bis boop 
tuas ftrong t lutrp 3 $e applpco fjfmfelfe tofcolp to ttje feruice of 
tys countcp 5 t tjjat after fjt0 ijonojable. feruice bet!) ab:oao ano at 
-. . tromejin tyc eno !)c got bimfeife quicflp againe to fjis btofce* £no 

«*»• Scipio ; tirt)o after be rjaDconqaerebbotiiCarthage f Numidia 3 ktas 
content rather to lean* of t reft l)tmfelfej tyen to 00 a0 Manui manp bictoiucs ano atefnu c fjonenrs cculc net 
content bimfelfc intjen lie leas toel,but puft top tottt) tomneafurc 
able ocfireof glo:p f gouemmcnt,U?auto ini)i* old ageconfenD 
iuittj psng men : iobetebp fit b?ougbt ijimfclfe at t^clengtb to 
moff miferable miferie. &urrlp Cicero take a better map b? 
mucljjUjljen after tbeoucrttj.:om of C»telinsconfpiracp 5 ^e rather 
contentetrbimfrlfe to iiue quietip at bome,then bp ambitious ity 
temuDOling toitb tfjc contentions of ttjc Common focattfj, to 
teing bimfelf in oanger of fcis life.Cbe ccSrc of bearing ruleta 
3common-fo)ca!e,isto bewooetafeo feH'ftj a beunoco moocCic, 
fprriallp in tin* age of ours 3 ioben Courts arc fubifrt- to fuel) m* 
uie0,batrec0 3 fiatferie0,flanOer0 > couefous % ambitious BcCres 3 
and tnfjere no place is left fo? oextuoumes 1 Cfciffian fimplicfc 
tfcIE&efeare tljc ti^inss ttjat o?oue Socrates f Plato from t&cir 
iommon-tocales4 do libetotfe heepe me,bring nolo ofgojo peres 
ana Oefeelp^e Court fo?Cs6en^tn t^is mp p»^ cottage at rjome^ 

R:jg o. 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. £, 

Rico. f*ea,fcatage is no faffidmt mute fo? pon f o bmie 
l&egoucrningofpourConntrp. ^ou Rnou>,£evoc vtc*v fa& 
yizov™, tl;e labour of poungmen t tbecotinfdlofoiD mra,ano 
fcoto ttjofc common-toeaics are fafeUctt alwapcsgmDr0 5 tobcre 
oU> mens beaos, ano poung mens armes are (hrrmg. ifatljer 
Ncftorgot great commenoation fojbis counfcIJ at rfcc fiegc of Ncfto* 
Troy , lubece a* Pdcus ana Laertes mete OcfpifeO ana accomp* 
tec fo: bcncb-tobitflers at dome. 

Co n o. &omc arc ttclileo ujitb gtap:fome l»f t^ gafnegifts, 

$ reU>arDS,rcraincrbe coefcrofoen €ourtiers,pea web as fcauc' 

one oftficir feet alrcaopm tbe gcaue.$ofo if fee woulo content 

4inr felurs tuittj rtjis Ufe,$ giuc ourfclues to tl;c true * perfecting 

In Princes Courts we should not gape nor gafe, 

Nor ill fucceile in fute* fhould vexc our nwnde ; 
No vainc nor fond deuifc our eyes fhould dafe, 

Nor lewd affection fhould our fJncie blinde. 
All fuch things fhould be left and lay d afide, 
Now liuesalas each out of order quite : 
And to our fliame the tune away doth Hide, 
All fcelceto line, but none to hue vprighe, 
0s trjc poeterccllentlp tocU fojttctl) in \)ik epigram, if foert 
fys part of a mac man,oj a cor:ombr,to run headlong without 
anp pjoSt into Danger , Uifjen as rj c map liue goolv f qaictlp at 
borne fourjjoutaU troub!c 3 as our oloe fathers lucre to Doe. 
R i g o. st is bcrp true: tyc poet aeeomptctb bim bletlco 
to torjom t^tfl life can fjapprn. 15ut in t^r meane time pou are 
tlonc,ano lca3 pour life tuitlj b caffs,! otots of tfyc £ountr p, and 
&«s, tfjat tjaur fpent all pour time bcfo;e among tw'fc ano bo* 
nourable perfonages. Socrates aftirmerl; tuifcoome to be lear* Ucam, 
wo in Cities, ana not among beaffsanb trees. 

Co no. Socrates bis iuogemcnMbougb 3 mill not garoefap, 
pet it appear et^ bptjis Difputatfons mm) ifcbomachus in Xeno- 
phon,trjat be Did not Oifatoto trje £ountrpmans life, a no as fox 
mp lining alone, it almoff tjapnetb lucre ta me,as Cicero repoj* 
ietfjScipio to fap^at fje inas ncuer leffe alone t^jen iuljen fjetoas 
aloueifo* being alone, % fjaue continual conference toritb rfce gran 
ueff * mifeft meu:fo? either 3 app!p mp fclfe fen)olpto tb* facreD 

fl 2 ;Q % :3Clctf 

The firft Booke , cntreating- 

£>:aelcsof tl;e pjopfjefs andflpoftks 3 tot)o teacfctije f cue toff* 
i>ome 3 bp to&tcrj botfc tttngs rule, an) {binecs gouerne, ant) bp 
ti)bict> euc toulrs (Vxifjicl) toe c|iefclp oug^t to rcgaro) are fi0 3 
toijicij alfo tyoto fcnto tBt^e perfect toap to trjat eucrlaffing 
The vft of a Courtaboue: ojlu^cn 31 lift, 3 I;aue r&c eompanp of t&e grea* 
foinanr life, tc& jpunttB ana SDonarctyes of ffjc foojlD, toitb foment 3 ton* 
ferrcofttjeDoubrfulIffatet gouernmcnt of Common teealcs., 
to teasing t£e ^tffo?ies anD Cttfomclcs of trjc lno?lD 3 trauel* 
ling as ft toere, tfcougrjout all nations, 0; reading t&e too^fecs 
of fuifj asto;ife in l)ufbanD:ie 3 3 occapiemp mtnoe in tfje bcfjol* 
Ding ttje toonDerfull foo?feemanu>ip of <Soo in SCras, plants, 
ano BeaJrs 3 torjcrcbp in tlje Creature,3i acknoteleoge tlje Crc 
atoi. 3nD berrces tfjcfe Dumb* eompamons, mp frienos come 
fometimes to to mc 3 fomeftmcs <£>entlemen 3 fometime $oblc* 
mcit 3 Comerime tije |3:ince fjimfclfe tjouc&fefett) to tufit mee : 
fo tljat ttjete is fcarcelp anp Dap bat ttjat fome come twito me, 
feme fo: f tjeir pleafure,fonie to; gaD-teill, f fome fo? tfjeir bufi* 
neOTe:fo? to mp fcfenasanfrmp neighbours, 3 neither &cnp mp 
connfel,no? mpfrauel. SCtjercfo** it is tier? rrpestent tyaigmh 
et>oife be maoe of ilafoters,f DiOrreet men foj tbe Counrric, aU 
toapes pjoniceo, tfjep gtue t^efr eonnfellfra t teitbouf teages< 
^anp times befioe,pou from t&e Court fenD me Ijtcrjer p?oc effe 
am> arbitr entente to be tried before me. 2l&us fjauc 3 in the 
Counfrie fteter ana pleaianfer eompanp tfjen pou ijane^ttjer 
m f^re Court 0; Ciff e. 

Rigo. SDell me rfjen STbefeerrj pou 3 t>oto pou beffoto pear 
fmtcand |oto pou are occupied all trjcDap, fc.: 3 Doubt not but 
pou Doe as muci) asm pon Uettj to fpena tlje time as profitably 
as pou map. 

Cono. 3? tofll fell pou tfnougfrtp, mto not Diffemble toify 

pou 3 if pou toill giue me trje tearing, ano to begin 3 3 toin* bfe 

tyz toojos ano toerfes of tr>e fojefaio poet 3 rt)ougt) in of (jet ty% 

tojitfngs fcareef>oneff 3 vtt in fijis fpeafeingfcerp graue f ferife* 

Firft fcrued on knees the Maieftie diuine, 

My feruants next and ground I ouerlooke : 
Toeueryman histaskel doeaifignej 

When this is done, I get me to my booke. 

of Earable-ground and Tillage. 3 

31 fcfe commonlp to rife Heft of all mp felfe, fpceiallp in &om* 
mcr, to!?en inc Icofe tye Ijealtyfulleft t ftuuetcft tunc tufty Aug* 
gttynrfTc. Ariitoclc accountcty earelp rifling tye belt, botyfo; 
£ealty,toe3ity,f ftuDic. Jn tye Uunterif 3 be loaty to nfe s tf ep> 
tyer tye fcnfcafonauicncs of tlje fotatyer,oj ficfeenrs caufe me fa 
fcecpe mp bco, 3 commit all to my &>tetuarD,U)l;ofcfmty * Dili* 
gencc 3 am furc of,U»t)om 3 Ijauc fo Uiell inftructcD,tyat 3 map 
fafelp maSc trim nip Depufic : 31 fjancaifo Euriciia mp maiD, fo 
ffcilmll m imftoiferp, tyatflje maplucll be mp tomes fuffragan, 
tyefe tUwinc toe appoint to fupplp our places:&ut if tye tocatyee 
ano timeferue,3 plap tye toojfcemaffer mp felfe, flno tyoug^ 3 
Ijatic a bapufeas ffcilfullas mapbe,petremcinb;nng tye olo fap* 
tng,ty3t tye beft ooung foz tye fielo is tye Rafters fa>f,f tye brft Th . » 
p^oucniwr fo* tyebo:fc tye Rafters epej plap ttje ouertermp d ou »o\ r 
felfc. S^fjat it is fjolfcmc to rife carelp,3 am pcrftoaDeo boty bp ground * 
tye counfel of tye moil gratie p^ilofopl>er0,a»o by mine ctone thc ma(i «* 
experience. MJjen my feruants are all fet to tuojUc, anD eucrp foot - 
man a0 buftt as map be,3 get me into mp clofct to feme dDoo 3 
ano toreau tye fjolu Scriptures: (fo?ty(s o?Der 31 aitoapesfeeepe, 
to appoint my felfe euerp oap nip taffcc, in rcaoing fome part eU 
tyer of tye ol& Ceftamcnt oj of tyei^etoOtyat Done,3 tojifeoj 
reao futy things as 31 tytnlsemoft meDful,oj Difpatty tobatbnfi' 
iteffefo euer 31 $&& m mp i)oufe 5 o? toity futcrs abjoao. little 
before Dinner 3 toalne ab?oao 3 if it be faire,citycr in mpgar&cn, 
0: in tye fieloSjif it be foc;le 5 in my galerp: toljen 31 come in 3 % fina 
an egge,a tyfcfec,a p&ceoffcio,oj apeece of ueale,fiflj,buttrr,ana 
futy lt&c 3 as my folDcSjmp paroe,oj my Daicp ans exponas lutU 
peeloc fomctimc a fallat, 0; fuel) fruits as tye garDen oj o^tyaro 
Doty bearc : toJ}iel> victuals toityout arm tyacges mv toife pioui- 
ficty me,ioi)crlutty | content mp felfe af luel,as if 3 fjao tyc Dam' 
ti:ft Dtul in (Europe : 3 neuer lightly fitaboue one Ijourc at nip 
meat: after Dinner 3! paUe tlje timetefty talftrnglui'ty my Uufe, 
mp feruants,ottf 3! !?auc anp,lnity mp gljeffs:! rife $ i»alBe# 
boutmp gr«unD, mbcre 33 tatcVo mp toozhe men,nm paftures, 
mp ^e9oi«es 5 mp Come^nD mp Cattcll. ©Illrjcn 3 am in t\)z 
ComitrieJ goc euerp Da«> 5 if tycliieatJjcr be gcoD, anD no ctyrr 
great bufineuTe 3 about my gcouno: if not euerp Dap,at tyc leau; 

3 once 

The hrft Booke, entreating 

cnec tattoo o* tiy?& capes :as often as 31 tome to tb* Cine from 

ll;e Countries ooe tlje ha? 3 to on&er8an& t)oio nip grcuno 10 

Jjuf banoe^ano tofjat is 3one',lu£at fenoone: neither Co 3 cue ego 

about Ujfcut feme goo cemmctb of mp trauatie. 3n fyc meant 

fefjileS befpio trje UiDncerfuUiDifc&omeof£8(ure 5 an& iJjetn* 

ccmpjefjenfible footing of rljemoff migbtp <25o2> in fcis trea> 

Acadcm. tureSjtoJn'clj asCicero trulp afnrmctlys tfje tieticattSfajo of tfce 

qadUib 1. ^ouIc.t tyc trjing tijat maUetli os come ncereft onto OoD, !^£U 

iuaigt)3;Untt)mpfelfe, tlje benefits an&mcndctfuliUiojKcs of 

CcD,tu|)a teingeti) fo^tf) grafie fc; tt)e Cattcil, $ grcene fjearbe 

pfoLio4, fo? tl)e bfe of m3n,t[jat !je map tiing fmo out of tpe e ar%aceo2* 

Sing to t\)t jafciimc. !^err ^c p?ractjcrlj to me. 

. Tne fruitful] Eaiththat tild in fundry wife, 

vntc theeyeher goodly fruits doth yc eld ; 
The Violets fwcetthat each where thickc doerifc, 

and ftaine with purple die the pleafant field. 
The field with hearbes, thehearbes with branches b.aue, 
The glittering flowers that ftiine J ike ftarresof iight. 
And fpringing fair difclofe the grace they haue, 

Each hcarbe with fundry flow re mod fweet in fight. 
Curjat tocufceman is t!;ere in ttje k*02lD 3 t&at 10 able to frame o* 
counterfeit tuty fjc auenip ioo2fcs. ftafjo ccula of a ficnDer guile 
ma»c cSirjeat 02 S32eaD,anD of a tenoer f foigge bjing fo?tl; fo nc* 
bit a licour as Wiintr' but onlp ttjat migrjtp &02D tljat fjatf) crca* 
f eD ai t fjings biGbie 1 inutfiblc:' SCTitlj ttjetc fights 00 3 recreate 
mptmnDe 3 ariE> glut tfjanfcs onto Ooo trje £reato? anoconferuer 
or ail trjtngSjfo; rjis great am- ere ecDing gcoones,? wig tlje fcng 5 
Co t^ee 3 03Lo2D 3 belongerr;p:atffstn^ion 3 o:,p.2aifeti)cu the 
2L02D £)mp foule, sr , befcei j)ing (£00 to blcfie f^e guts t&at tjee 
rjatb giucn rs , tfjiougb tjis bounteous ItbetaUttc^to enric^ tfje p2cipertbe anD tt>cOrau"e 3 8n3 Ujatrje toil 
croionc ffjepeeremiri) rjjsplenteounuu'e.tijatlre mapemeptlje 
fcuils of ti>ecartrj Ioit{)tl;anl ? ifgiumg,t0tl;erjonourof{)im,an3 
tlje profit of our neighbour.. £l;en returning fjome,3£Ge to tea- 
ring 0: rca»ing>02 fuct) ctf)erbufinr0as 3 £auc: but tuitljffu&p, 

02 imienttcn, 3 neuetmeoole in ttyet tjoure & after 3 *>aue oinco. 

3 fuppefoitjj a fmall ptttans, ano after fupper 3 cptfjer felscme 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 4 

*£ neucrtomti 0; reao,bui ratlier patTctlje timetemgmplliape 
come fcoine fromti>' Jpteio,f mp £Dven ojaggmgtjometljeploUi 
loitt) toearp t\c:i\$, m betjototng tl)e pleafant piifturesffoatfip 
fuui uig about nip ^oufe,oj mp Ijcarcs of cattclUoming t>uo bp 
jut: fomcttini 31 lift to reft mctonocr ait olo l^olmcfometimc 
fcpon p gr&ne graiTe,in tijc mean time p.tTctfj b£ mc tt)c pleafant 
&iuer> tijeftream^s failing fram ti)e fpjtngs iuttli a comfortable 
noife,o? elfe walking bp ttie i£iucriiDe 5 o£ m mp garociw mtceff 
paftures, 31 confer imrtnnp lutfc 02 temsnts of tmfbanDjp, ap* 
pointing toljat3|UuU tjaue oonc : ifmp BailnTetpueanp rJjfng 
to fap,tf anp tljmg be to be bought c: foiD : fo: a genD tjufbaitd , as 
Caro faitt),muff rat^r be a fcliar tljcn a buper,§>omttmes (fpecte A ooi 
alt? m winter) after fupperj mafcemp spiniffer to tel fomtfjmg husband 
eat of tlje tiolp Scripture, oj elfe Come pleafant f£oip , fo tijat if muftratha 
be fjonettt goolp 5 ano ftic& as mapecine.2Cfeio 0? tfyce fjcurejsafr l ' ca (dlac 
f er fupper 31 get me to beD,ano commonlp,ae 3! fato before, tfje ^ e " a 
laft in t!jei)oafe,erceptmpCbambeIaineanDmp&tetuarD. 

R 1 g o. Slntljc mcane time being farrefcom ttje Cfjurci), 
neither can pou l?care ttje sermons , nej be pjefent tuitf) pour 
toife and pour tioufctjolo at feruice : fo: pour owne part, tijougt) 
pemap fupplp tfje matter tottf) rcaDing^t pour wife anD pour 
fecuante can not fo Doe* 

Cono. Jfo: mp part (fottfjoutbaunt be if fpofeen,3 t)ane 
fecuice euerp Dap at ccrfaine appointee fjourcs 3 fofjere p?eact)et& 
tome Dailp tlje p;opl)ets 3 tfje ^pottles. Bafil,chryfoftome,Na- 

zanzen, Cyril, Cyprian, Ambrole, Auften ,anD Otfftt crcellenf 

fc:cact)cr0, Un)om 3i am fure, 31 tjcareimti) greater pjofif,ft)en if 
3Ift)oulD Ijeare pour fir lohnlaefc-latines, ana folia) felloture in 
tfonrCimrcfjesf, ^p wife alfo bemg giuenfo reaDing, reaoetfi 
tijc t5ible,$ certaine pfa!mes,tranflatco into our otonc tongue, 
if tr;cre be anp tbingtaj ^aro ozDarfcefojbcr, 31 matscfjer fo ton* 
DerffanD it: bcGDeSj u)c tjatt) p2tnate pjapens of Ijer otone tfjat 
H)e tifetfjim tljemeanc time 3! ijaueone,ft}attjpontl)cf)olr Dates 
;tffi)C Weather c; our buftnes be fu !? as we can not go to ctjurcl)) 
rcaDctf) tijc <2ofpel,feacf)eti) trjcCafeet;tfmc 3 anD mimftretf)tbe 
Sacraments toljen time requites : hut intlje&ommertime, if 
tjje focat&cr be notfcareafonable, WcegoealWapcsfcpon tlje 

£ 4 ^>un.Dapes 

The firft Booke, entreating: 

&>unoat'es anDfcffiuailoapcs to ourparifljCljurtkfoljctc Uia 
Ijeare cur Curate, ancreceaucfyebteffeo Communion : asfo; 
mp ljoufc|)fiiD3 teingttjein fo tins ejDcr 5 tlmt tljepai&aics fcrue 

T , , CUoO before ttjeir going to l»o^e,i at tlictr camming to mealcs. 

jL of fJnt 3 tts ^M™ of Anthonie tlje <£rmtts,t&at being Bcmaunceo of 

^tbony. a certaine pljrtofopber l)oUi tje cotilo in tfyz fclifarie iiiilDcmciTc 
fcritljoutanp fceoltes,oaitp{c btmfeifc in ij)e ftuoic cf SDfuinttie : 

- • Ije anftnerro , ttjat tfjeto^ole U)o?lS fcrucD i)im fa; fceohes, as a 
U>cll furnifljeo &ib?arv : in tolnct) l?c alinapco reao tije teenser* 
full U)o;UemanU)ip cf <S5oo 5 luf)Ut) in euerp place if ooo before Ijts 
epes, 3Jnt(jcufeefo?tbaue 3 mpfymhtyalo fcruanfs toeUinffru* 
gee m tfje crjiefe grounes of ttucftdigion, tobo leaning to tfym 
tsccation ano mnccencie of ttjrtrii'e, not cacieo atoap Uriel) ttje 
fcamc uttifements ano pleafures cf£ttus 5 iobeMo tljc^aic^ 
flric of dro^ in tj;s toasts, anotjono; t^c Crcatcur in t)is &tm 
tuws, not onelp bpon l&unaapcs , but cutty oav in ttje tare, 
totjtre tfjc^ map alfoI;eare ttje little bhtfs, anDofyereteafures 
in tbeir Iv.nits . fttttng out tljeglojp ano SDaicftie of (Sox 

R i c o. ^onfamcto tellmeofa^>it)CD!eof2L)mimtr,fnot 
of a i^ufbano-mans cottage: tfjt'fi toastfje fcerpo^occ of ttje |9a* 

triarKcs, ano tbemonafterirsmtbep::matiuc£t)ucib« 

c o n o. Sfno^eChryfoilomc iuoulo ^aue all Cfjnfftans, 

Homil 5 6. rosfjpfc foiijfs ano tjmnarittr.toleaDtljeir liues acceding to ttje 

i6°ofM« cuieano ojser of spontsrs : but of fuel) fyonbts as UucD m tbofe 

and mo- &a\>cs » not frefc gcno-feUofocs as ours be noto : fo: the pjofcfr 

tiicrpia«s. Ron of a pontic in tbat age, inas no otljct but ttje life of tbe pu* 

reft ano pcrfcetelt cftttfttans,tobttl) kinocof ufctye oioepatrt* 

arte , as tlje §>ccipture oat Untncu*c,oio leao, 

Ri 00, 3} oftentrmes toonD;eD,tljat f^umg fo g©olp a £oufe 
anfcfo toellfurnin^eD in tlje cine as pou ^ue } tel)at pou meant to 
Of fire ratber fo Ditieli m tlje Caunfrie : but ncto rbat31 fa tlje 
gasD o;0er of psur life, 31 tcatie ta tosnocr anp longer. 

c o n cy. 3ft is naturall tc me,ano left nu by my parentSjfo 
ceiigfjf t'n^|uCbam^:fo; mv iFatl)£r,nip € , >anoiat!) great 
€*?anDfatljcr , ano rs farre t s 3 can fctcfj mv petigra, all m^ 
jSunceftours tuere occupiers cf fjuf bano^v, ano toeccaU bo^tc 
and lift in fyis tjotife tfytt pou fa* 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 5 

rigo. 3 remand not long ffnce, bemg in buuneETc Uit'tli 
tbe Cijauncclto.: Hypfographus ,a (obex man , pour neighbour, 
auD one tbat Deiigbts in |>ur bartty? , it foas mp c^aunce to fee 
EOtic fatbet, furelp a man tooulo baue tafcen [nm foj olo Laertes 
in Homer, o.j tatber fo: AbrahaM),o; Ifaac 3 fin5 as tlje Citfncclto: 
tolD me,bc teas fourc-fcojc anD ten tntrcs olde : but fo fdicc fjdc 
bare bis age, as tbat 3 forte bim tj be fcarce &fttc,!jfe memo?? 
anD iuDgemcnt femes to ferue biwfoanDerous to clUbe tooulo 
talfee of tbeoiDersof tbe Cauutric, of tbe antiquities tbere a* 
bouts,of tbe ffonesof t!je §>cripfure,fa ftofftip anD doqucntlp, 
as 3 toastooiiDerfullr miotic toftb I>im : bccljaDtbe l^iopbets 
anD trjcGuangcitftsatbts fingers cnDs,fo tl;at 3 fato t^enoblc 
men bao bim m eftimaffon,not Vuitrjout great caufe. 

Cono. 3n&ec3tjctaj;>e ocligbt in tbe holy Scriptures, 
as no Dap paffeofnm toitbout reading fome part oftbem:be bfeD 
to goe commonlp euerp Dap to tbe nert pariu) <ll)wc\)jitit1)tt 
tooulo be mtlTe anp Sermon tbat be eoulo beare of,bc b;ougbt 
botb p?eac fytx ana JBiteft into ojdcc , ana eaufeo ttjem to frame 
ifjefr Uues accojDingto tbe rule of tbe <25ofpeII. 

Rigo. f^ou paint me bcre tbe patferne of a li6i(bop,o: an 
ouerfeer : faD«D tbe mottpart of tbefc \3iktt* bao n©3 of fuefj 
ouerfcers to reftraine tbetr couetou(hcu~e,tbe fp?ing of all t|>ctr 

Cono. Co returne to \ny quietness my I£ufbattD*£,from 
tobenrc 3 DtgreffeD:Docpou pet maruaile boto 3f can Ofltgf>t mp 
feife taritb tt\i$ fo boncft anD p:ofitabU a quietnes, rfjen toiwb in 
t\)e iuogement of tfje boncft 5 -toifc ft men,tbere is notbing mo.:e 
boneft no? better, neitber iB tbere tafia? anp tcaac of fifcmo?e Thc co;Tlcj 
meet fo; a v£>entleman,noj trauaue mo?c acceptable t:> flto.tgcn mention 
is tbe tilling of tbe grouno-SCbepeoplem-tbe olDtime(asCatc a of Huf- 
man of great toife:>ome,$a teacrjer offjuCbanDi-pestji teirntftc) " nd,; y- 
as oft asttjep tooulo giue a man tbe name of anbonrft man, 
fbcpmoutt) call bim a gart fjufbanD romp?cben3mg m tfjatname 
as mutb c:mmcn:ation, as tbcp codD me bim : bcuD.smeff f^J*£ 
tmgbtiefcings anD (Emperors toere no tottftafymuo tepioixOe pr o fcffo i 5 ' 
tbistraDe,asXcnop!ionrepo?tetbofHingCirus:tbe:i^eii»:itctb or nui- 
QaJntuXuitiiu of Abdolominus.Numatljefetn0Of£i)eiiomans bamiry. 


The firft Booke, entreating 

tare a (mguiar affcition to rjufbanD:r,f^ tfjnt tjec trjcngfjf fftere 
toasno kino ofitfe fo fit to matoatoc cifrjtr peace o; toarres^t 
fo: t\}e p:ouifton of a mans life, bemg rather a gmer of gcoD life, 
fyen ricfjes. tPo.ucoucrjHiero.Priiioineror, Atraius Arch hus, 
ami a great number of|f:inrcsino:e 3 toerceeligi)t£0!jpurj trje 
pzofewon of f)ufoanD:p: trjisfcnetoieogeis alforjigrjlp comment 
CcDbpHomcr.ttie fecrp fountains fn tjis time oftoifDome^tjerc* 
as rjee Defcribrtrj Aicmustrjctung of trje Ph acc.>,uJtjofe oeltgrjt 
(n t rjc planting ? plcafurcs of ^is o:crjarDs tn» vvonBerful. 3nD 
Laertes tfjeoioeman, trjat luitib bis continuall occuppmg oftjuf' 
sanD:r 3 b:ougrjt rjis mtno better to beare ttjenbfcncc of ^ fori. 
Hdjodus in rjts bMgberff E^ysH yux\ npx^ea gioetfj great p:aife to 
A(rrea } f rjat bnng bani&>a rtje arp,gane rjimfe ife to trje life of trje 
eouncric: pea 3 trje grouno tjatrj before time bin till jd bp the rjan&s 
cf Cmpero2S,trje earttj in trie mrane ttme 3 rcicpcing to be to:rte 
toitn a oicto:ers u>are 3 am> to be ploluco iuitt) trje tjanDs of a tri> 
umpfjant conquerer , ctttjer beeaufc trje? dealt toitrj trje Itke re* 
gars m ttjeir teo 3 as m rrjrtr foarrcs,o: tofeo fuc rj Diligence m rtje 
come fielcs, as rrjep Dto in tye campe, o: eife becaufe all things 
fjanoleo ioitrj tjoneff anD uertuors angers p:ofper rtje bettcr,be* 
Scmnu*. tog moze carefuli? loheo to. Serrarusinrjentjcujas catleD to tjo* 
nour 5 toas founo fofomg of us&.CrjcD.dators office lr»as bzougrjt 
Cir.c^auu fcptrje purceuanf toCincinatus, being all natseD * brfmeareolmtr) 
(toeat ano cuff. I3rje pcrceuanrs rjacfirfr ttjeirname of calling 
£>cnato:sano (Souernccs out of trje Ccuntrieto trje Cttie. 3n 
lifce fo2t tjao trjis name at f lie nrff,trjc Fabij.tfce Pifons ; ttjc Cun j, 
ttjeLentuJijt^cCiccroes^trjePjiumni^o otrjerauncient Ijsufcs. 
Horace teilctrj^atofrjufbansmen rjanebenebuDtije baaantetf 
ano trjoittjicft fouloters .-affirming, trjatttjc rjanD trjat tjarl) bene 
fcfcD to tbc fpaoe , pzouetfj often of grcatcfr tialue in trje fielo* 
Homer repoitctrj agreat toanric in vlilTcs tjis neat !>rai D,m trje 
K^band- & avi &) tct oftrjofefellotues ff)at tooelo tjauc rauiCrjes fcismt' 
me.^come SrcflTe. ^ott crrtameit is, trjat a great number of Cmpcreurs 
to be Em- fcauefp:ung from trje ploto .ano to let otljcrs gee, it is tmoUme 
p;;ours. trjat ttjc emperors Galenus < Maximmus canu faotrj from pco:e 
l^caromen to t^e imperiall Cigmtie. Slrje l\bt is te?itten of lu- 
flinCjConftantianus^robui.atlD AurcJiaiiUS. Z^be fieilCS repels 


The anti- 

of Earable-ground and Tillage. 6 

tyat M.Curius tlje empercurtoa0founD ml)i0 Ijoufeboplmgof 
a rape rote, tufjat l)e refufco t()e great fums of golo b?ougbt bp 
rlje £>ammt0 €;mbnffaoo?0« $ffl$ at tyoulo 31 fpeafce of tlje anfi* f 
quttie of uVtrjcM? f&ttiptnm Declare IjufbanD^fQ bet()ean> <j U j tieo f 
cieutea of ail fraocs, and tobegmioitij tbeUerp beginning of Husban* 
man 5 f tljat neither Oliris, no? Dioni(ius,ts>cre tl;e geft founder* dr y- 
of t^$0 Biwl»lcoge,a0 tbc ^ainmia fable,but t|>at tlje moft mig^ 
all hufbanomen.Noc teas a planter of t3iuc0,Abraham 3 lfaac,ano Ian e tcr of 
Jacob, lucre tycepbearc*, Saul from |>isb 3u"c0,$ Dauid from \)i$ f ViRCSm 
a)<ep,toere calico to t\)t crotone,Elius $ Amos of u>tpber!30foere 
maoe pjcphcta.Ozias ao toereao,pjofeffeo fjufbano^. lefus tip 
fonnc of Syrach commencing bufbanbjp aboue ttjercuyaitb 3 b& 
enffomabip tjfeD fjunfelfe to ijolo tfje ploto to Djiuc tlje cart 3 i to 
K#pecatteil:but forfjatndtfUjemoje:' &ur&>auiour Ctyyfttym* 
felfeglojict!) to be ti)e fsn of aijufbanoman, $ frametij l)i0 para* 
bles of planting of t>mc0,of uj&pe g ttwbearo* : mo?eouer,a0 it 
(0 in Luke, our &o?D feemettj to be a teacher of ijufbano2p,toljere 
jje ttjefoctMbat tree* are to be Diggco about i oungea,tf)at fljcp 
map ptofper tlje better. JFoj uttjtbteunofoleDge f* cf all otber 
moirimtoccnt,! toitljout toljtcf) it iomoft plain* toe are not able 
to hue: trje belt men ijaue altoape0 imbjaeco it 5 ano tlje olo j?a* 
t&'er* iiaue euer countco it fcerp £ofen-<23erman to totfeoome, 
Cicero eallctf) it tlje spifiri0 of 3Jufttce 5 Bfagimcc 5 anD t|)?ifttnc0 : ^ 
fome otber0 call it tfjc mother ana nurfc of all offjer art0. $?ox dry rhc 
tDl)crca0 we map Uuc toityout tlje otber,tottfjout t^ts toe are not mothcr & 
able to fufcaine our life: beftDc0 5 rtjegame ttjat bereof artfettj ; tsJ nurf« of 
motJgsOUsanolealr fubicrt to cnup 3 foj it batb to ocale toitb fye *" «»«« 
earti),tljatrefto?efbtoitr)gainefucl)tl)ing0 a0 i0 committed tip ftl s - 
to ber/peetallp if it be furtbereb Unty tbe blcffing of (£>od.2#c 
onelp gentlemanly toap of enrreafmg tlje boufc,i0 tyetraoe of 
f)ufbant5?i» : ano fa: tiji* caufe fyep toere altoape0 accounteo 
tbe perfected Gentlemen , tijaf, content toitrj tije mm t&e« 
fluneeuwleft ttjem , liueo in tljeCounttie of ti)cir 3ian50, ™ c c ™£ 
not meoDUng tottf? figging, chopping, ano cb^nging , noj fe* Hu ; ban , 
feingtbeirliuing bpljanoicraft** M. Varro in Ijt* time , faptb, d ry , 
tberetoa0 great complaint maoe, tbattbc if atljer* fo?fafeing 
t\fc Blougb ano the fickle, began to creepe into tfce SDoUme, 
^ ano 

The firfl: Bookc, entreating 

ano bufieo ffjemfelncs ratljcr foiflj ^ageanfsano Sptofcmmer* 
games, tfjeti ioitfj tljeaimparo of tlje ifielo,fo$crcastfce C0c 
uernours of Home fo oeuioco tfje pcere ,as t$cp affigncD OHclp 
tlje nintf) oap fo? burniefle of ti>c Cifie, stljercfl: of tl;c ftme fo; 
tf>e tillage oftfje Countrie,mbercbp being ijarcenco Uull) labo? 
in peace, tfjcp migfjtfbe better be able to abiDe tf?e trauaile of 
foarres. Wfyity counfric people toereaimavesp?efcrrcD befo;c 
tlje people of fl>e Citie 3 atiO mo?e ijiobilirp tijougljt to be in f Jjcm 
t&at filif&e grouno ab2oao,tf)ruiii rljofe tijat liuing ieclpmit^in 
tt)e mallcs, fpent tfjctr fimeonoer tfjefyaooto of tf)c penffjoufe: 
ercept a man foill,imtb t&e common fo?f, ttynke it mo?e Ijoneff 
toget^sltamglui^t^ebto^anDcalamitic of peoje fodrs, oj 
not oaring to ocale wity ttye ftuo?D, to make tys game of mar* 
c&anoije, ano being a creature office lano, contract to tya kfaDf, 
gtae fjimfelfeto ffjerage of tfje&eas, ano t&epleafute of ttje 
^KnDeSjtBanOering like a biro, from u)o?c tou>ne,anc«0unrrp. 
to conntrie, o; fofolloUj ttys goDi? pjafeCTion of batoling at a 
barre,f fo? gaine to open \)i& iafoes at euecp bencfj. &>urcl2,as 
31 faio before, tljis onelp ^atfi bene euer counteo tlje innoceHtett 
erase of life of all men,ano in all ages. 30 p ljufbanc?p focre maoe 
Gencf.j. tfcf) t^egoWp ifatberS,Abraham,Lot, Iacob, anoioab 3 ano mod . 
certainc it fs,tt>atffHs pjofeffion $ tins gaine ismoft acceptable 
to (0oo, token fjee commanoeo Adam to till tbc grouno, ano to 
gettjis liuing imtl) tbe fiDeat of Jjis bjoinrsSbbus is ijufbanojp 
Huiban- of fuel* aut£ontp,as Cpoo U>t't|» tys open iuifneflc Ijatl) ailotoco it, 
dry plea- ano affertoacosbp Ijis feruant Mofcs fjatl) aoDco jjis blrffuvg on' 
pz*° to tt,faping,3! millgiue tf?e grotmo mt> blcffing in tfje firt peerc, 
LcuiLiff. anD tt * aJl fa ^5 fo^tf) tlje fruits of t[j?ee peercs, 3no againe,3f 
yon will feeepe mp commaunoements , 33 mill feno pcu rainc in 
oue fcafon, ano tlje carfl) fyall pcelo ijenncrrafe,ano pour trees 
fljail be looen toirf) fruit, tbe tjbefljing time fljall lafte fill tl;e 
tiinragc, ano tlje outrage fijall enourefill tfje foliung time,! pou 
u)all cat pour bjeaDtwtlj plcntcoufnes, ^Sl^at can f Ijerebc noUi 
mo?e pleafant f a Cl^ifftan man, tban to get Ijis liuing bp fue^ 
meanesas tje hnotoetb Oct!; pleafc (25oo,ano to piap tl;e pi)ilo<» 
fopljer intye moftfteeet contemplation of tlje benefits of cSoo, 
ano f acHuotDleoge ano «uerence tfjeluifsome t power of ti;c 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 7 

Biume CbMcttic, nnD h^ bountcoufnc ffe to manlmtoe $ to giue 
tljan&e0 ano pjaife fo? tHogotfmeltejt&etjerp fcearbes ano txtte 
cures in t\)t field in ttjc meane time poaching but 00. 

R 1 g o. f£ou frame me trees of a ijufbanoman a Duiaie,nnD 
almottbjfug mee in ininoe to become a fjufbanoman i toljo al# 
fciaie* hitljccf otoitlj tfje eommon fojt, acconnceD tt)<0 Imfbano* 
rie to be a beattlp ano beggarly occupation* 

c o n o. mw oiuinitic there is in it , ano to&af a ftelo of 
flje acanomlcDgcD benefits of dtfoo, pou Ijaue Jieaco. SCfmf t&e 
eommon fojt boe tbinfee if a beaftlp ano beggcrlp fetnoe of life, 
it is no maruell,fitj) the eommon people do neuee fuogea rigfjt* 
%\)t eommon people Doe toonoer at tfje pompe of tfje Court, 
ano iuoge them fin the happidi men that oeeltf lint!) goto ano 
purple, ace in greateff fauouc Imty^mrcs, ano Officers, an* 
Counccllojs to tticm , little fenotoing in t|>e meane time tofjat 
iicapcs of fojotue* lies fjioonoer fljat b;aue 1 glittering mifcrp. 
%\)t eommon fo:t pjeferr crh njamefull ano beaftlp Delica(te 3 bc« 
fo;e boncft 1 vertuous labour , toping to confume the night in 
OmnBenne0,lecl)erp,aHofeillanp,ano t&e oap in fleepe $ paffime, 
thinking fuel) f)apppa0 neither be&olo tljerifing no? fetting of 
i£e &nnne* But t&ofe that are of feunoet fuogemenf, account 
the tjufbanoman moft ?;appp , if tljep tmetu their oiune felt* 
titizfo totjom tlje €actl>in a farce quieter waner dotf) mtnifter 
a fumcient lining. 

And though with gorgeous gates the building high, 
With earthly greetings alwayei doe not flow, 

Nor feeling garniflit gay vvkh imagrie, 
Nor rich attire wee fee, nor coftly (now v 

Yet ftedfaft ftate and life vnskild of guile, 
With wealth ynough and Paftures wide at will* 

And people ftrong traind vp to painc and toile, 
And youth with diet fmall contented (till, 

Where Godly zealc and vcrtues all did dwell, 
When luftice laft did bid the world farewell. 

00 t^poet fcatb mott grauelp tyitttn in tlje p?aife of ffje Georg. 
HUfbancman. Aglus Sophidius teas iuogeo rjappp bp tj)e £);acle 
<>f Apoilojbecaufe l)e occupies a fmall cower of Arcadia, but pet 


The firft Booke, entreating 

fatticttntrotliie iweioD, fo^e&efpcntbfsltfctoftioae awr 
rommmgabjoao: tofcofe ojDcr of life %Uiett>,rt)at &* toa* neT* 
tfht feereo tutti; gro&p Otfire^tctttjtciui^ anp otfjcr trouoleof 
mmDe 5 a*Pimy toftaeffeti). But 3! IjolDepsu to long toify com* 
menoattoji of tljattobtet) of it feife 10 fafficienflpcommcnoes. 
I^ato, foife, J p?ap pou let tMJ gee to Dinner. 

M t t e l l a. f^ou flwll fir bp ano bp.tfPoB mo^rofo maiffec 
K'g° 3 3 tfjaug^tXcnoplutus Ijao banc tyttjafyo fcjfcttjtofetctj 
tmj fcufbanD afoap,be Jjatfc bpcijance feenenotoat fame a ioaUe 
0? tfoatne , fc&iclj fome mifliKtng, prefer #m to moff pamcftiH 
ano troublefomelmfine^pjocurmg tym to be fentut embaffage 
feepeno cfjepiUers of Hercules, ano (fcinct) t&cp fl&ouiobe loatfj 
to beare tfjemfelucs) t&ep caff all Upon &10 bacfce,a* a common 
frxtyotft&ho being note oiD,reafon toculojje fooulD be fparco 
ami fuffereD to be in quiet, t&at being at tlje laft ft« from t|e 
tutmoile* of t&efoe3lD,bemig#gmel)imfelfet9f|fe pjapotf, 
ano prepare .{jfmfeifelb; tjeauen. 

Rigo. 3ft toeremejefojtlje benefit ofljis Counfrp,tljaf m» 
ftet Cono came ofrncr to tfce court,but fcei* tfce fclDomer tbete, 
Sjceaafe fje tsKett> fuel? pleafure in Ijts Imfbanoj^lictobeit,? came 
f 0? no fact} pur pofe, but onelp to tJiOte lum.bung mp olo tricnO, 

Cono. iaoumuir^eareUntl) a tooraan* cabling. 

Rigo. 3 p^ap pon , Once it is not ret ctoner time^et t>« 
toalBe about, ttjat 3 map oieto pour boufe til! owner be reaofe, 
C o no. Bjf it pleafepou,3l toili u>to equkjp l)oufc,fo£ere 31 
fcauc appointco nip RingDomc. 

Rigo, jjiohs furelp vou l?aue as fjappp and aapleafawt a 
whoiihappy. Con o. 3!nOceo 31 confeffemp felfe&appp m t!>fe 3 tJiiaf content* 
ins m? fe!f Urit& mp pioie eftatej Defire no mo?e;foj 85 tic faitt?. 

Horace.. Thc man that moft j^ hc< , rc poodle, 

Thoucanft not iuftly happy name, 
But he whom God with gifts doth blefle, 
And well doth know to vfc the fame : 
ilimmaieft thou rather rightly call, 
A happy man aboue them al*. 

&ardp 3l>m ttjf«mpkingcom,oj rather $m* £ottage,sm moje 


of Eatable-ground and Tillage. 8 

fappp tljen a great fojt of binge f pjinec s oftfic toojia, tfjat ate 
lo?osof manp f large oominiQns.ifcicbes ace not to bemeafurco 
bp rbcirmultitti5e,<but bp tl>c mino of tf>c potfeffoj.ano as Da- who is rich. 
uidfafrM little is better tottl) tije got>lp 3 Hjcn tye great ritljcs 
Of ttje totcbea.Cindnatus occupies Olllp 4«acrcS of grouno. Socra- 
tes bauittg but 20. parses m all tl;ctoo£lo,toas counteD a ctcf> 
man.^oBJtoitlj virgin ooc commeno great poffeCfions^butbaB 
rather occuplclittleXbecefoje lofce not to fee bere tlje boufeof 
Lucullus 0? Hyrcius . feljieljis faio to be folofo? 4000000.H s. 
fucb ttatelp Sellings 1 marble floras Cicero faitb 3 3l befpife. 

rigo. ^octoitbttattoing, Nereis all things falre, am) as 
it appeared tommooiouflp built. 

Cono. 5fo* mp part, 31 built) mpboufe,as tljep fap.acco^ 
ting tamp purfe, agreeable to mp calling,* to m? liufng* 31 toil! 
ipeiu vmin o?oer \fo\v 3 £auecafrit,folloi»*ngtbe aomfe of Jf- 
comachus in Xcnophon, totjomciccraootlj greatlp comment 
0no firff 3 ttje feat of mpboufe batb mooneo me to builo it after reorder of 
tjnsfotf. Cato teouls frwe a man long in oerecminatf on to Guiding of a 
builD, but to plant ano fofo out of &an&* <£>ut: fathers f)#re be houfe for th« 
foje, obferueo f £e fame, ano feemeb to folloto tbe councell of c©uatn«. 
Cato ano Columella ,toitf) to-bom agreetlj alfo Plinic, fijat tlje 
otoncr bulla fjf* boufe in gcoo 0?&er 3 fo as weitl;er tfjc boufe be tco 
great fo; tbe lan&,no£tbelano le-mud) foj ttjc f>onfe,Hno l)erc* 
(n it isUmtfen 3 tbat L. Lucullus, ano Qu.ScaeuoIa.tocce feottj to 
blame : foj one of tyem bao a greater boufe trjen teas anfincrable 
to bfs liumg: tl;c otbcr,ta»bicb foas Sequoia, built a fmaller boufe 
tben bisiiumg requireo^bere botb are unprofitable totbema* 
lter:fo: ti)t great ruinous taftyiotonlp ismo;e chargeable in 
builoing 5 but alfo affcetb greater coir in tbe maintaining.Bgain, 
if tbe boufe be to litle,it toillbe a bed-ruction f lotfe of pour com e 
ano fruit : tb erefoje it is gceatlp to purpofe, in ishat fe^t te& 
builoi ojoaine our boufe* Catoftjouio tjauctf^e rjcufe fo feates, 
as tbe apje be goo about it 5 ano (if it map be)ptaeeo at fbe bot< The feat of a » 
tome of a bill, la&tng oircctlpfeourb,$ in a tobolefome corner. houft. 
Varros mwoe iSjto \faut it places rotoaro tbe <£aff, tbat it map 
i)aue tbe fljaOoto in Summer , $ tbe §unne in Minfer : fottb 
iw)om Columcllaagreet^tapingjtlat if abilities ferae rfce feaie 


The ficft Bookc , entreating 

is to be feriS?ee m a bolefcme place (fo; Caro, as 8>all fccttafret 
be tyetoeD 3 UK)ulobaue bealtyp ftatKing c^ic f ei^ regarded) tmrti 
a fruitful moulo,fome part of it cbampion,icme b;llp,lHng<Esff 
0,2 sout^lMeU tuatereo ano toaODco anB franatng net facre off 
from feme batien,o; nauigaWe ruer,to tyeeno be map carp ano 
traJlfpo^t fuc^ things as {Jim Uttety. Cornelius Tacitus tujifety 
tyat tye Germans iuere toont to buiio tyeic boufes 5 astyc bill, 
tyetfiuer, tye SStoo, o; trjc iaise, tootrio bett fufar tyem. 

R i g o. hereof 3 tfnabe fpiang at tye firft fo manp fur* 
names as are at tins oap Deuueo from 39ounraincs, ifcuets, 
£aJtts,anD ZQcois, 

c o n o. 3[t map be, pet otycrs oo counfafle, m no cafe to 
fet pour fjoafe mere a q&arOj, 01 a great Miner : foz tye if ens 
ano ^atQ}es,in tye beat of tye peere.Do feno fojty peOilent anD 
seaDlp oampes , ano a great number of benomous creatures : 
Htyity oping, foj iarfee of tycir oloe moifture s mfcc!cty tye ap;e, 
ano fcaecety (uno;E ano ff range dlfeafrs.Horecr affirraety ocrp 
trulp , tyat tye ap?e Inbity in tye uiojning cemmety from tbe 
Kiuer, ts berp bm)o!fome ano oangerous : anD tyerefojeif tbe 
boufe tm& neeos be built mere a ttiuer, tyep tooulo baue fuel 
beeoe taken, as tye Miner ratyer ffanoon ttje baefcaoeeftne 
!>oufe,tyen before it: ano tyat rtjc frunt of tye boufe be tucneo 
from tye burffull f tmbolefomc ferinos, ano placeo tofewros tye 
fcealtyteff quarters. &inre ail iuaters commonlp ferity oamptOj 
Vapours in &ommer,ano Hinhiiig eolo mtffs in ££{intcr,ercep£ 
tye? be feiell putgea irnty bolefome $£ltnDes,Do mfect boty man 
ano beail ferity pefttlence: beft is it tyerefoje in gcoD j bcaltyp 
places, to fet tye tjoufe tofe&arD tbe eau\o: tye »>out!bf in fa* 
Xperteo aires to place tyem agatnfr tbe j$o£ty.iFcom tye &ea it 
is goo to beas far as may be,bccaufe tye teinos tfyat blofe? from 
tye fea,are tmbo'efome, anD tye fpace Iping betferirt pou ano if, 
peelos alioapes a loatyfeme aire. #ou mutt betoarebcGocs,tbat 
pou fet not pour boufe bp anp great bie-toap, Uft you be mole 
fteo foity paffengcrs,ano tcoubleo oftcntmes teity moie gueils 

Neighbour- tfjetl pOU feJOUlD \)mt. 

hood. Rigo. as far as 3 remember, olefeilefeiesotDmeafure tye 

gt»ones of tyeir otoellrag 5 bp tye quaitttes of tyefc neigbboots. 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. <j 

Cono, pan fap tocri? toell : mDeeo 3 baD almoff forgotten 
tt,a frotoaro fenaue to a marcs neighbour, is not one of tlje ieaff 
mifcl;iefes 5 as fljalucfapD in trje enft of tl;is ba>kc.3 bauefcnotone 
fnmnp gasmen, Defirous of qutctncfTe, tbat baue fo?fabcn goo 
Dtucllings,ratrjcrtrjen tt;cp luonlo abioc t&e iniuriesanD trou* 
blcs of fuel; companions : ioberefoje Hdiodus i;ao fame teafan 
m Taping: 

As great a mifchiefcis a froward knaue, 
As is the ioy a neighbour good to hatie. 
But pou maruell tobat 31 meane bp facba longpzeamblcfarc' 
Ip I am tf?e longer in t^jts matter,becaufepou faoulO tmDctffano 
flje rcafonof bittlftingof nig fjoufc. if 02 U%rcas tbere arc fan* 
Djp purpofes of butlomg-, fame builo fo; plcafure.famefoj torn* 
f onnefle, ano fame fo; neceffitie, 3 tbougljt it goo to recite tlje 
minos of tfic olo tonters,concerningtl;e bmloing ofa f>oufc.0no 
lu[jcn as eucrp one Unit not faff er fuel; curt off tic a* tfjep require 
in Replacing ofa fjoufe, fame building upon riuers,fame Iwfb* 
out 02 toitbin trjc sparu; toals,fobQ cannot u)un f i;c nctg!;bo;l?cDO 
of trje riucr oj tl;c fea,fame in lakes, feme in tecoDs, t fame buil* 
ting opon mountaincs, arc Djtuen rofupplp tlje Defect of nature 
foifb art $ inouffrie:3 mpfelfe,fitb 3 can bp no means auoio ttje 
necc en effe of tb c riucr, Do feefce as mucfj as in me Iks, to funic c* 
toap tyc Dt'fcommoDiticsianD becaufc 31 feele f !;c DifcommoDitie of 
tye riffrig of tl;e flo>DS,_3 Ijauc fet mp ijeufe intf\is place toirtjout 
the banks, f mountcD it as bigb as 3 coulo: anaicG tbe rage of 
tijelu3ter,anDfo:cc of tfje ifc QjoulDbearc it atnap,3 rjaue plan* 
tco rounD about it great trees :ana tljat 3 migbt u)un ffjc Damps 
of tbe gcouno,anD fl;c blaffs of tmlubolfameftinos, 3 banc fur- 
ncD m^ Deo;esanD m*? minDotoes to f|jc Uifjolfomcff quarters, 

R i g o. &arelp,etiberpou,c2 pour anccu^s bane botb com* 
moDiouflpanDtjanDfomelpplaccD tins boufejfoj trje front is Don* 
ble, onepartlojfeingtoluart'StbcC&aff, tbeotbertoiuarostrje 
&outb,anofo built toitb v^aicriesanD (Sables, ssit bofl; rccei* 
ttctb tl;eS>unuem©Kinfec, ano tlje Gjaooto m Summer : be* 
uocs, pou baue a fairc pozefj as poa enter in, tbat feeepctl) afoap 
tlje minocan^ tlje raincfrom tlje oeozc, 
Cono. 3U tbe one ffDe,tf pou macfec if, fenjere tfjefrotrt is, 

The firftBooke, entreating 

littl) ^oufkteceimng from t!)c firU coiner, tye rifing of t&eftm 
in SBinter, Declining fometofjatfrcm t£c GQUii, turret? it is 
toarme intointcr 3 anDnct troubleD totrfc ouee-grcat beat m font* 
met: fo? tins fetnoc ofbuiiDmgljatf) anequall mcolp of tye tour 
fertomocs t fommertomDcs,fo tfjat ttrccetuctt? tbeoole tomes 
in fommcr,ana is not fubicct to f&e bitter blafirs in tointcr. 

R i g o. &>ome part of t&ebmtoing,met!Hnfeet!?,is after tfc* 
Italian manner. 

c o no. &ome part of it btin$ ruinous ,3 built after mp fan* 
tit 3 ano furi) as 31 founo founo , 3 ttjougfjt enough fo; met to 
fecepe in reparations. 

R 1 g o . 5 p:ap pou,p?occeD to oefcribing of tyt reflr. SEftf s bafe 
eourt fames to be after ttje Italian fau)ton 5 tuit^ttoo gates. 

Co n o. 2Dt)is Court 3 tfjus oeuifeo mp felfe.l#erc mas a htnD 
of Court before , but not fo commoDious : tfjerefo?*. 3 maoe a 
fquareinall fjere tottlja great gate,fo?tbe bunging ut of mpca* 
n'ageSjf a lefTer fo? people to paffc in g out.Jn ttje boto place bere 
beflDcs tfje po?c&J [jane maoe a litle tnalfee,couereo font!) a same, 
toity oiuers feats in it fo? G)atJofo,&ljere 3 manp timzs toalbe s 
talfee tuitJj fuefj futers as 3 ljaue: 3 ^aueintt a tableoffioneto 
fupbpon tefjen 3 am oifpofco.£)uet agatntt ttje gafe,as pou fo, 
at rt>8 fouttj fftJe of t&e Court, tfjere is a I3a&e-boufe, 1 a Come* 
mflljfoirf? £>uens fo? b?eao 3 f otber bafceo meat cs^ere is alfo a 
i3?cujfjoufe,foit!? an^att fo?D?pfng of maltfo make bare fcirf?* 

R 1 g o, £>arelp,all berpljani>fome,an& in bcrpga)Do:Der. 

Co no. ICtjefe offices (fo? feare of fire) pou fee,are all feurrci 
from trje fpnfe.-tljere is hereunto aof owning a fatec saeil.loljicf) 
bcBoes tijc ferutec bere, Ooftj a!fo ferue mp kittfyn, anD otljer 
ijoufes of office : fo?toitbin tbefcoufe,3 Ijaue neither CGell no; 
^cuntainc 5 iobtcb is a great mfcommoDif p,fur!) as $ tooulo giue 
n great Scale of moncp to rcmcoie 3 botbfo? \)c&lfy $ ccolencsin 
fommer ana fo? matermg mp ^aroens t £)?clj3r$s. taatcr is 
oneoftbep?incipaleff tbtngstobe careDfo? 5 ast^cgrcafcff canfe 
of fcealtlj botb in man f beaft : but this iuant is fuppIicD partly bp 
a goto S&climitbout,t part!? bpCcffernes, receiuing tbe ratne 
foatcr t^at fa!s in certatne ConDuits ano pipcs,lol){cb iuater is 
moft tetjo'efome fo? tt>e boo?; ano beaoe ; t^e riuer is nst far offc 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 10 

Rigo. €omz on 3 P?ap Vou } let us fee tin* bacfe^oufe, 3( 
fjrarc tfcat uoh tjanc a neui fauncneo Sptll 5 of pour civ.ic Demfe, 

Co n o. £*ou l^^U fa it, tBljen as in a great Jjoutatljcri is 
great n&D of <£orne milles,anD tys common $pillfs,teuigfarr$ 
otfjtbctoatt? foule, ana 3 at mine uton hbertie togrmoaf fjome, 
or Inhere 3 lift ,tf)iwfeiiig to matte a tpiii l)ere at t;ome> tin; en neu 
rljer place no; aut&oritie foull fecue mee to bmlo ei^ec a tacr 
mill o? afomo mtlhano a &uerne,or a ijano nuUooty but a litle 
goarana fobwilo a ^ojfc -mill lucre mo2£troublefom$.CSIf;cn 3 
fata tlje tofjeeles tljat tljjcp ufe to o?atu tuater foit!),turneo tuttfi 
acres o? men,3 t|ioug|)t m tbe iifcefort tbeiubcele of a mil intgfjt 
be turneu,! after tfys Cort oeuifeo $fyi& engine, folwcb a couple 
of flffes, guisco bp a bop, Ooe eaftlp turne , ano mafte uerp fine 
meale,fum^ient for mine oluneljcufc, and meft times fo? tup 
neighbours, tuljom 3 fufFer to grmoe toll fw. 

rigo. &urelp3 itee UwU pour oeuicc. Mijaf tell not tlje 
diligence of man bating to pair* * 

Cono. 3j linDe it profitable unto mc,bot becaufc it is not 
tyc fpiCDica map of grinofng, 31 toe fccQDc a f)s?fe-nriU,to£n$ 
if neeo requite, is turneo about fciitfj a 3aoe 0; (too, 

Rico. ko 3 &erelsagreat icaoplaceo IjanofomJp ma brick 
furnace in tije corner, folnclj 3 tljinhe fctueti) to b?cto toit&all. 

Cono. 3noceD,to tfjateno it tsmcu;occupieD 3 buntferact^ 

Rigo. SCbere is a popper (mt fjjinfeetfjjouer fljefop of 
t$e ®aft: tuyere to fr ruetfj it i 

Cono. 3f feruetlj toeonuep Ootune tlje ^alf,after it is foa* 
iereo unto tljc baieccloti), tan>re it is D?pco. 

Rigo. ^ijccefo2e fernetlj t^at great SCumte ^ 

Cono. Co tuaf er tfje HBarlep in , luljen neeo is,otl;erluife 
it kructf) fo; a maft) fat. ^erebpts a bafce-boufe, ano a paftrie 
ir.tttj rujo £)uens? one feruing for Ijoafeljolo breao, tl;c ottjec for 
mancfjet forming otoone table,ano for tarts ana ftnebafeemeats. 
^eee are alfo troughs to feeepe meale in, ano trowgfjs to lag lea* 
utn ftt,anD tyere is afafre table to mould upon. 

Rigo. au is tenotome 1 bat luljat meanes tfjfs buiiotng 
about pour Court < 

Bl Cono, 

ThehrftBooke, entreating 

tyeBS,finunnc0,f <Eleuels,fo2 miac 15cerc 5 anD W&ttv$i$t8 9 
SConnels, ano futy lifcc, $ail UfcOmfe be IrjeUicD pou, Uiljcn pou 
come to tye3132ciDboufe 5 t £© imlellcc: foity Colerafccs, &iues, 
&ercer0,l£oulting*rubs,15culters,tyat pou Qjal fee in tijtHSacfe^ 
fjotifc, and infttvmtntsfoi all otyer pttrpofcs ? latD tip euerp one 
fit l)is place, till tijep be to be occupies : to; ft is fcerp ncceiTarp to 
Ijauc of enctp fozt ttoo,as ttje number of pour fcruanrs ana no 
remfic requires , tyat if one be loft 02 broken, pou te not ojiuen 
to goc a boirofcung, 02 to leaue pouctooafce, tofytxty pour men 
fljalbc iDlc,lulnlcpourtcolesbeafeefcing 2 fc2 to runne euerp Dap 
to get neto ; is not foj a Immanos p?ofit!3eacc in tyc mean time 
pour feruants lotter.ano lofemo2e tyentyeljaiueof tyeir troleff. 
R 1 g o. Eruelptyepbc all placet) in gcoDojDcc. 
Cono.31 place firff bp tycmfclucs.futy as are moff in tjfc,tyaf 
tyep ma? be tyc reaDier, f nert to tyem,futy as be occupieD once a 
monety.o: inapere:^ glue tyc beeping of tyeni all b^talCjtomp 
ffctnaro 02 mp bapliffc 3 tyat tyep map Dehuer tyem out as neeo 
f0 3 anD la? tyem tip againc,ano tyarge tyem in anp cafe to Icohe to 
tyem euerp monett^atftjep mapmenotuljat is amide intyem- 
r 1 g o, 3D:Dec is aiollp fclloto., ano no gcoDiicra tying in a 
man,tycn to &o euerp tying o.2Dcrlp,ano to lap bp euerp tying tit 
futy o.20er,as it map reaoilp be founD : of ioI)ieii>a lingular cranio 
pie Doty Ifcomachus fijeio in Xcnophon,in ijts ^Ijinician barfee, 
fofjerein a foonccr it is to fee foijat a Dcale of ttufife fjee ijao bex 
Cotoeo in fo fmall a tjcffelliije earcico iuity Ijim ail tye furniture 
tyat a man Qjouloneeo, ano euerp tying in fuel; ojoer placed as 
tyep. toere 3t (jano tobennceD &&, toityout anp trouble. 

Con o. 3(mpfelfet)aueaninuento.2?ofallmpl)ufb3nD:p!m* 
plements,ano foijatymp ISailp ano Ijis toifetmp ^tctearD Ijaty 
tye feepof tye flfo?tyoufc 3 anDDeIiuers out ano rccciuesas 3 folD 
potuUjljat euerp man nans : foz Jtoillmgipnettyec bozrotu no? 
lcnD:3ff)auc a ncigbboz 02 ttoainc. of lutein fomettHie3Mjo:oio, 
ano ieno agsine : but ercept tyem,f noue,as Cato featyety me. 
R 1 g o.s:fjefameCatoalfo,as3remember,teac^etytofenolu 
a \nw,8 fjufbanoap bvl)is teaks,* tyerfoiebp pour great number 
of talcs, a man map gueffe pou baue a great oealc of crcupping* 
Cow o. ST&e Double number of tyem makes tyc nmffer tijc 

greater s 

of E arable-ground and Tillage. 1 1 

greater t oti)crliufe, if t£ere toere but to fcruc t(je turnc tfjeg 
fooulonot feemelomanp. 

R i g o. 3 p?ap pou goc fo?toar& foiti; pour Defcriptiom 

Con o. pan fee a oopo ramie bcfa?e tljc iliitc^in^ li)lji(& (« 
an entcie bell) to tljc fe:td;in 3 to tfje Jfolfecss chamber, ano to 
f£e £Dre-I;oufes, fo ttjat if anp mis:o?tune Ijappcn to u)e catfeil 
in tfye nigljt, mp men may fyeeotlp ijelpe tfjem, 

Rigo. £Lbe ftitclmi is oerp ujelli)anbleo,in fljat pou l?aue The Kit- 
fo U>xit pargetteo tlje rcoffe. chin « 

c o n o. 3t iis beeaufe 35 l)auc a great number of feruants, 
foljfrt) fo? Uclte of otfjer tome? Doc cine ano fup ijerc: befioe,tf)e 
pargetting o? facing, is a gcoo fafetie againft fire. 

rigo. i^ecc is a gcDD (janfcfonie rofebptijc cijimnep, indl 
ffo?co foit& reD ^erring, JlSacon, ano fpartilmas becfe, t^ere is 
oifo a ijanofoms feincUe bp tye feiteljm. 

Cono, fiCijislettifeo mail tljat pou feejopnctl; romp Bap* 
|iCfe^ chamber, fo tljat ^ee map fee l»|)3t is Done in tije fkitcinn, 
ano about ifyc ijoufe. hereunto is alfo iopneOmp ilaroer,aoault Larder. 
luitl; t&?ee tcom ce, one feruing fo? Gutter ano #tlfte 3 t&e otljer 
fo? XSeerc ano XMirn, tlje ttjiro fo? to feeepe if lei in : Ijerc fjauc 
31 no toinootoes to tjje fe>oufl; 5 no? f o tye Meu\ but all to tlje 
jpo?th, ano to t(je (Bait, becaufe tijefc quarters arc lead fu inert 
fo co;ruptiou, anD Unil longed p?cferue anp tt)mg.3bouein ttjc 
loft ponDcr^ooe 3 lap mpco?ne,opon a fairc 0aj?e, clofelpfcnceD comdoft, 
ano fceleD againft <pfe,eecefuing t!jc ligfct bp JLattilTe foinootoes 
from tlje jjio?ti), ^aro bp, isanotijerloft oerpclefe* foit|> lifee Appkloft. 
iuinooujes toluaro tl;e $ o?tij , feruing fo? mp fruit : fo? tl;at 
quarter is colo, and not inopft, imjerebp it p?cferues belt? bot»> 
$peat,Co?ne,ano JFruir.^ofo if pou tmllgoe tfj?ougl)tins oo?e, 
pou map beljolotfjebacfe-fiDe of mp^oufe : locl)creafairetl)?e* 
firing fla)?e, hereupon mpco?ne is funo?p times tfj:eu>o, fan* 
neO> anotuinnoluco? ano manpower things Done? cljtcflp intlje 
fointer mo?niugs, tljougl) 3 fjaue bcfioeatt)?eftingplaceui 
mp barne. £Dn eacl; fioe are loogings fo? mp fecruants „ 
anD ottjer ramies ano lofts fo: fetrain ano JfoDoer fo? mp 
Cattcii : anD tfjere bp t&e fetabies, are alfo £>cruan*s loog* 
Jngs on euerg fioe, ano mp spaioes etjamber neere ti;e Uihtyiny 

315 4 ano 

The firft Bookc, entreating 

ana fljefoaQring boute- i^oufeetbis fojeftaiiclofeo rounb about, 
to rtje eno tbat tbc cattcll, teben tbep be teatreo ano put fo:tb, 
terjile ttjeir Routes be maoe eleaiic,map be in fafefp. 3no bcre 3 
feoepealfo <3eefc,Ducfecs,peacoe&es,2:ur!ucocBes,f orber poul* 
trcp. 3t is as pou fo,fo cnclofeD tetttj ttables,barnrs, anD ottjec 
jjoufes>tbat noting can get out.Varro Unit m anp cafe tjaue tteo 
Courfs,an tuner court toify a little pono in it of ftanoing toater, 
0? running teater,m manner of a ^tu)pono,anD tbere be teoulo 
Ijauc !^o:fe ano &ren, commtng from tbc fielo, 0? liable, to be 
toaterco ano teau)co, 1 to ferue Ufam tfe fo: s b up c, s toine,ana 
Crsfe. 3n tbc btter Court teoulo tjrc bnuc a lake to call in 
fob^Us, ffaucs,an& peeres of timbec,fo: internments of bufbaw 
&?p,tbat tber mtgljt tbere be feafoneo. %tys Court Ije teoulo 
tjaue often ffratoco tettb Urate, an D>at being tramples 
teitb cattell,tt map ft rue to lap bpon tbegrouno. |0ou fa in tbts 
court a Double ooungbtU,onc of tbc m netolp tt):cteen out oftfje 
tfablcs, an otbec olo 5 ancfcrumgfc; tbc fi;:b : fo; ncte Doung is 
nottjiug fo gcoo as tyc olo,fo: manuring of tyc grouno. 

R 1 g o. tabatmeanestbefetteigges,botoes,anoffratees 3 

Cono. &bisp*eferucs tbcooung,tbaf t!je fupecfbaf tfje 
ground requires, be not fueaeo out of t^e funne: anDfjitberalfo 
runs tbeteatcr fromtbe HaunD:t> fo nwiff it fyt better. Varro 
teoulo baue fjere alfoalooging fo: feniaiits: But leafttee tare? 
tm long among tbc Ooungbiis,lct bsgoefeetbeotber butlotngs 

Bar B « abont *&* Court. ZZfyzte great ramus tt)at pen fe,be Barnes to 
lap Co;nc in : in fome places tbep bfc boufes,in otbetsagaine, 
tta"cBC5,fct tip en p:ors, teijicb t\)ty rail motees : but tbc houfes 

Subies. are a great Ocalc better, jiertfo t^z Barnes, are f be stables, 
ttanDing arote ronno iboutttiz court. 3nD becaufe Virgil teculD 
fmue tbe (table llano foteaco ttje &outb>anD virruuius,ncere tbc 
ftrr,3 bauefolloteco tbeic o*oer mbuilDingmrtrablcs.IinD fitft 
banc 3f fct tjece mpffablefo: mpcart-bozfcj banc anotber Sable 
nare rap otene loDging,ro:mpbo:fes of feruice, anDbacfenetes. 
Rico, S&batfeemetbtobctjerpljan&fomclpbtrfir. 
Cono. jpjenertatebowfcsfojmpfb^Mncrttbcmfo* 
iunc,calucs,an& bepf crs,£bcr c is a bogffte teitt) tteo r«mes,one 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 1 5 

fojmp farrototng fotoiS,tbe otber fo? f£3g0 5 anDboarc$. C^crc 
tea«fo atbtCDfttcaiotfarrcfromtbetoaU)boufe,foz tbs fatting of 
mppojfees: eucrp fetn&e b^tb tbcir beepers iping iieere tbem,tbat 
rtu-p map be at ^anD tol;atf jcuit tbawnetb. iiatt of all , tbere 
ftanos mpl£apbarne,tobtcb batb in tl;c upper rcomes mp l£apjf 
fuctj libe, to[;rcfj are ttjerefafefcomloet 5 anD from pilferers. 

Rico. 31 p*ap pou, toijo ootb Itofce to all t&ts geate , anD 
hixpcth eucrp man to bis toozfcc i 

CoNo.fp Bamffc,as a tola pou befoje,ouerfeetl> botl) mp 
tocnfte anD mp too:fccmcn : be fi'Dcs 3 3 banc a &fetearD tljat ice* 
fcetb to ti;e rcceaumg of mp rcuenues anD commooi'tt'e 0, 

Rigo. fJour uailuTc bao nceo tobeafiu'lful and truttpman. 

C o n o. ^ou faptcue/oj as Xcnophonfaitt>,tfjecf)opfeofa 
BafUffcanDap&iGtiortQugbtto be one : pou mutt cfja>fcfucba 
«te,as being a beep erperf buibanoman,map toel be able to raise The 
flje cbatge,anD not to be ignorant of tbofe tbtngs tyimklftjfyat Ije b Jil&o * 
commanoetb otbers to 00, fo? noting is toell taugfjf o? learneD 3 husbandry 
toirbout cramplc. jfo.: as Cato faitt) of a tjnfbanDof ol& 
ttampe , it goctl; til toitb trjat matter toijom rl;e loarhffc mutt 
fcaeJj.3s ifcouuchus being DemaunDcD of Socrates, fobetberfja 
tooulD bupea 13apufFc 3 as be tooulD btteafmltfj.oj rather teach 
tjim bi'mfelfc atl;omc i tpc anftoereD, i;etodulD r>auc bim of tits 
cfcme t eacbutg. 

Rigo. Wat f b ts is after trje old to o:!o . toberem no man toaa 
tmfijilfull : but it is 1 toonoer, boto pou t&at jjauealtoapcsbecne 
b:ougbt op in pzinces aflhircs 5 C3ulD in ttjcfc oapes ;to'bcn ocn> 
feto,errept plotomen,ano fucb as banc no orbcr frabe of lifc,baue 
anpfinil in if) apply pour mtnD fo onto it,as a man tooulD rrjmUc 
t>ou bad neuer mtnoeo anp otber pjofeffion. 
Co n o &urelp,3l t&fnts ije fljal neuer baue a geoD BailnTe 3 tljat 
iBnot able bimfelfc to fuDge ftulfullp of %im : no: let bim cuec 
trjmfec to baue bis toojhe toell Donc/tbat bnotocrtj not &oto,no; 
totytf) toap tbtngs ougbt to be Done, but mutt be fame to leatne 
of bus man: fo; tbere is none can iuogc of a too:fee 3 but a tocufcc 
man* STbcrefojcmrbe riwerc of a H5atlifrc,3 tooulD banc foure 


The fir ft Booke, entreating 

svh« firings dhtcfip confiDercDrtbathcbcbtnir^QtUgcM^mcf f forulc, 
things anDtrr(ftiC,ii(rouiTJjUaDOcafi'%3«>»^^tcntcntfD } tt)attS3 
ought to that l;c be not gium to D?unfcrnm(Te: fo? a Dum&ti man Icofctlj 
raiha^ f ^it!) ^ memo ^V^ t "S a to of fcisDuttc. 3 Do not enquire luije* 
husbandry ^ er *> rc ^ IU£ bcRC b- 20 "^ *P flultl ? °- 2 Damtdp,but 3 fcoouid 
£aur !;nn a $arDfcU3to,ti;oug!)tbpfrom fjis (rjiiDtjart to labour, 
and one tfjat lucre tf):cugljlp locli fiulico,of a tncanc a§e 3 tl;at tje 
be not ImUulling to tawRefozpcntl), no? unable totrauaile fo? 
age. J tooulo l;auc trim bauc fomefdi'i rn carpentriCjttjat if tljerc 
happen to be anp tiring bjofecn about lus Arabics, tys Carts, o? 
anp ottjettyis inffruments^e migtjt rptxoilp meno tljcni, t rl;at 
Jjc route mens ££Jai satis l^eogcs. 3 .tooulo tjauc [jim alio not - 
t?nffetifuli In ttje Dtfeafes of Cartell. s foci) a one as ^it<; bcene 
fc2oustjtt3p imtjj failfull t)t;fbanes , ton! p:coue meetctf to £i3ue 
sfcarge. Jfo? t[j:re be a great number,tt)attl)ougt)t&ep be fmiftnl 
r nougtj In ttjeir p?ofell!0;i,pct tjauc ttjcp not goucrnmeat in t£cm.* 
but cptljer fcfing to? mucl) fyarpewcffCjO? to mucl} gentlctus to* 
Justus fuc|) as be unocr tyern, Doe tyifttt ttjc p?oittcf ti)cir mt* 
(ret: ano tljcrefo?c 3 teoulo tjauc a X3siluf e foeti tik% bcfo?e fjc 
be fatten : neither is it onelv to be foug!)t,tot)eti)er l;e be fmifail 
m rfjnurafcuut toijettjer lie bctrufric anolouing tofris *patfrr, 
foitfjout tutucb, Ije is not hrojfb arull), tfcougl) tjts f lull be neuec 
fo great. 9n0 clncfelp fjc mufi be f&t&Uci ttits,to bnoiu u>t»at 
&io?Bc is mectcft fo? cucrp man :fo? fomc Uu?ks require flrcngtlj 
tno?ct$etifhilI.anD others, otljerliufc. -Hi'iO rljcrefo?e m appoin* 
ting of r^efe,^c ongfjf to fjaue great iuDjementfgao Olfaction, 
iufjicl) tjee cannot fjauc, except fjc fyaue g©Dfiul f , £t>rrcfc?c a 
15ailuTcis as tacit fobc taug|)t>a£t a ~>uutt)jO?a Carpenter : 
ZZHtycrsfoit 3 meruaiic, tbat m thjs foucceffatp an occupation, 
tl)creare founfi fo feto Rafters anD p?rnti;cs. 

R i g o. perhaps ttje te.toufneu*e ano ^aromfle thereof Hii' 

c o no. SKifrpr Jjaue not £>:ato?s bme lifcetuifc D?(ucn a> 

&ia£r-fo?.a0 Cicero fatt£, tljetc tjatl) bin no perfect ^atca founD, 

Rigo. .£Df tobom UiouiD pen baue pout Bailiffe to be taught/ 

C o no. ^ourquetcton 10 gop ; .i U5iUu)eUJi>on,tl;oug^ tec? 


of Earable-grourul and Tillage. 1 4 

ftfo \> tuc tm%\)t tuJjrit bclortgctfj to a fjufbanD in al! f Jungs, ncv 
ffjcrirjall pcu Snoetnanpfftftfttllin cuerppopnt. JEJjercfbJc be 
tfjat 0jaU be a IBailrflV, muff be taugbt bp Drgrees,bc»nuftmff 
begin Ui!jcnf)c is a djiioe,lyitb keeping of ^cepcoi£>U)tnc,anD Vf l [ ay " 
foijen be is clDcr,tuifi) odours of Cattell, ana keeping of.^oife: SJih^e. 3 
fjc muft learne nr rt to &igge,to tb.:c(tyto ftf,to foUie 3 to I)eDge,tQ 
imtiD>fo meutt f«rtj twinge as areb2okcn 3 to plaptbe butcljcr, to 
cjiue o:infccsano me&iancs to ftcfce <£attcll, anD fuel) otljec like 
tljings. slnotbus imiftbcpioceeDefrcin one to another. 

R 1 c o. pou fljefo mee tucr.Dcrfult l3i)tlofopt)ie. 

Co n o. as 31 faio at tl;e firft 3 J)i3 beff age is betfoirf tyittit 
anD t!j:ee r eo:e: foz tfje flames of luftp poutb beginning to abate, 
Ije fotll not be fo (jot in bis tinning: fo: topics !je follofoes tljat 
gamete Ml bane no minDc but of fjis mmton,nettl;er fljali anp 
refoarD befo welcome fontoljimj as tfje fruit of bis fancie, no? 
anpgricfefo great to Ijim, as fije failing of fjisoefue. BJffjconte 
paffe tbjeefcoje,!)c toaretl) aofrjfuil $ 'onable to labour : fo? 3 ba& 
rather ijaue tbetx»02heofa pamefuU 1 Diligent i5aimTe 3 tl)en tfjc 
feruiee of a great number of flotyfult lubbers :asl)e tljatbao ra* 
tfjer bane a JUon captainc oner ^arfs 3 tben a ^artcapfaine oucc 
llions.snfjts muff cbieflg be loahcu fcuto (Tinceearctp going fo 
toojae is a great matter) tfwf tlje Bailiffe be a gcoD rifer 3 s tyaf , 
Cupph'ing %\* gaffers placets map befirff fop in trjc morning, 
anDtjjelaft t&atgoetf) fobcD 3 f tfjat fjc fee tlje Doo?esfaftlocftcD, 
ano euerp man in beD 3 tfjat tbe catf ell banc meat enough! be foell 
litfureD,tljat be fet fo2tuarD 3 acco2Dmg f fyc time of fije peere, 
fuel) as Do lopfer in tbetrlabo2 3 tbaf !;e bimfelfcgo lufftlp befo:e, 
tbat be fuflfer no man? after it is Dap,f tag befjinD, but rfjat tfjet? 
folloln tbe Wtiiliffc luffilptuitb a ecurage,nstf be toerc tljeir ta$* 
taint in afsirmiH) ; anD tjjat Ije fefc funDip Dent ft s f 3 cljeere fym 
ftp in fbeir lal>o; 3 fomctimefo fjclpe l)im tljatfamtc tb, to tafec b& 
tooleout ofl)fs fjano, f labour ludiip before fjim.^nD as a care 
full fltijepljeaiD, earel^i carrying out bisfltjeepe, f bringing ttjem 
liome late, loohetb tbaf be leaue none of bis flscfee bebinDe Ijimr 
fo liSetDife ougljt a gooD Batiiffc to carrp outfjismen^f fo tjaue- 
gooDregarDouerf^cm* ff anp of fl)cm be rjurt 02 Gcfee,lct Jjfni 
IcoUeto t|>e-D:emng of tljcm, aasif ttjep betarp ftcfee 3 fo carr\? 


The firftBookc, entreating 

iljcm to fye fake folursloogtnnr, f to fee tbat ttjep be tuell cjoe* 
reD :anD td tljartfc l;auc 3 builr ponocc hjufe tt;at pou fee ccmo* 
ucd from tfjc ottjer bmloings, ttjat tbe nefce map be ba& ttitttjer 
<g loScD bnto,fprciallp if tbeir ciuafis be contagious,! caff ottjet 
fi)otilo be inftcno. 3t is tr)e Raiders outic to t)aucfucli regard 
of tfj* fjcaLtt) of bis feruants, tljat tbeir Ketones map be pjeuen* 
teD bp goo mcDicincs f goo iofting to:as to fee ttjat tbeir mcatc 
ana 0:mUe be tubolefome i goo. anogiucn in Sue fcafombtfise, 
tfjat fye ISapluTecatc bis meat toitb rbcm, ana not bp bimfcife, 
luberebp it u)aU be ttje better ojDereD. 0nD becaafe^tjtOtians 
are not alludes at bans intbccountrp 3 ttbcbouetb toofe fucbrc* 
me&ics,as erperienccbarb faugbM fucbaotjaueboipen otljers 
of lifce Difeafcs. ££\)q(c tbat labour in tbe £>unne (becaufe fyz 
53>unne \\ivcttt\) ttje boop * twines) tbeir oief muft be t|jc tbinner, 
tbat tbep make not tat great meales,but rate Utleano often: tl)ts 
ojDer bapetb f bem in bealtb 3 $ belpctb cigeftion. &ome 00 fefe 
to gtue CClo:mclu(»o- CUmc, o; pottage made of , C£io.jmeujoD. 
3Ct is fcerp neccflarp fo2 n)em fomfimes to recreate tbemfelues, 
fo tbat in tt)c mcane tobile ttirp giue not tbemfelues to naiigbtt* 
ncETc. Oeremuff be IjceD tafcen 3 tbat t|)c^ ojinfee nottoben trjep 
be bot 5 noi Ipe t?pon tljc cola ground : if tbeir toatec be not gofc, 
it mutt be foell purificD. Bit is feerp goD alfo to let tbem o?inke 
barlcp toatcr. taemuff remember tbat feruants be men : be/ 
fioes, fucb goo lohtng to, toill biecu a greater goo mill t oufte, 
ano ligbtlr tbep mill ferue fl»c fa? tb fuller ano better toben tye? 
baue tbeir bcaltb, torjicb bauc t)ao g©9 cberttujtng in tbeir ficfee' 
netTe: ant) befi0es(l»bKb is not toellebferucD m greater goucD 
no:s) t^c BatlnTe mult bctoare t^at be scale not to eruellppto; 
f a) gentlp toitb t\)tm t tbat be altoapes make mucb of tbofe tt)at 
be Diligent t patnefull, tbat be be not tm batrte tout) tbe tootfer 
fojt,tbattbep ma? ratberreuerencebim fo? tyB feaeritte 3 tljen 
bate bim fo; fats crueltie, totyd) be fball eafeip tiling to paffe, if 
be ratber beware tbat tbep offenD not, then after t^ttt offence, 
to latcjto pamft tbem. if o? there is none fo goo a b:tole fo? an 
eulll oefpofeD per fori, as to let bim almapes be occupieO. &o tbat 
Catoes faf ing beerein is moa true, tbat mm in oomg notbing, 
learnetoooeeuiU, Het tbem bapttt)eiraUotekance 3 and tberr 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 15 

meafe to Due feafon, lettljcmaltoapes feeo together in one place, 
anDtbe Bailiffelnitb tt) cm 3 tljat tje map bean cample to tljem 
of all fyiiftuuB. 3f be finDe anp of tfjem to Ijaue laboureo painc* 
fullp ano truly, let f)im giuc tljem a gooo countenance 3 anD en* 
courage tljem toitlj retoaras, to make tljem tfjc toillingcr to Dae 
r&ctr Dutie : bcliae, let lum loofee tbat tbep bee rather toell do* 
^eD,tben curioufip apparelleD 3 t&at t&eir garments map baps 
tljem from tlje coloe 1 tlje raine : let tbeir toages be toell paieD 
fgem , tljat tlje tuant thereof beno ercufe fo? t&em to loiter in 
rijeir labour* 0nD as meat anD appaeell is neceffarpfo: t|icm,fo 
iifcetoffe it correction, if 0; tijefmfeman faitlj,giue a ^o?fe tlje 
Uiljip, an 8lTe tlje fna(fie 3 anD a ifoole tljeroD. ano againe , tjee Dcalcs too gentlp Mty fjis feruants, u>U make tijem in ttje 
cno ftubbome an* frotoaro. flboueall things let bim fee tljat tfjep 
feare (Pud 3 let ijim In no wife fuffer tbem to ftoearc 3 02 to blaf- 
pljeme, noi to bfe filtfjp 0? bngoDlp. fpcecfc : but lettjim pjouiDe 
tljat f Irep bee inffiucttD In tlje Catectjifme, tljat tljep fcfc p?aper 3 
rjjattljepgoe to Sermons tjponttje^olpDape0>anD receiuetye 
Sacraments at times appotnfeD , tljat tljep be not ljunters of 
#leijoafes 0.: cuill companp. 5Fo?,as tlje poet faptlj,it to late t 
full to be tocll ocenpieD,cuen on tljeifettiuall oaics.Mtjen tljep 
IjaueferueD (0od s $ omei, lett^cm foaiR(rab2oaD in tlje grounD, 
let tljem loofce tljere be no Cattell in rfce \C02ne > anD Hop fuc!) 
gaps as tljep finae o?en,anD looUe tljat ttjeir Cartel! be in fafetp 
abjoao. 2:0 beti)3}t 3 tye HBattfflfe mutt in allttjefe matters be 3 as 
it toerea Bi0)op 3 02 a Rafter of tlje too2Res,fo u)all euerp man 
flje better Doe tlje waike tljat belongetij onto IjimSClje IBailiffe 
muft neuec be from tljfir ljeelcs 3 leatt in Ijisabfcnec tljep fall to 
ioptering ,neitber muft Ijee fuffer tljem anptime to be toie: lj« 
Ijimfclfemuff not be giuen to D:infeing 0; gaming,noz to fjunting 
02 fiiljtng 5 crecptfo2l)is mailers p:o8t:lEtbtmt)crp fcloome en* 
tectaine anp guefts 3 ereept tljep be of fjis matters re tineto : let 
tym not bettoto fyis matters monep about tjis otone mecctjanDif e 3 
fo: fuel) hmoe of bargaining mabes bim t^e fla.fecr in ty& outie, 
anD ma^etl) Ijis accompfs feloome fail out tutt. 3aoue all things 
%s i« tobchuOjcD in tljcBai!iffe,tl)atbc Do nott^nneMmfeift 
loiter ttjen W matter 3 oz fuppofe Jnmfelfe to l?a«e mo?c fatU tijen 


The ficft Booke, entreating 

Ije $an), f tljat tjee almafesfffUefo Icarnefacrj tying* zshtteip 
norant of. ;foz as it ts tec? profitable to do anp ttjtnj tetlfutlp/o 
is it moit ijurrfulto Do ftkntoiuarDIr.Columclla ijadratrjctfjaae 
a HBatliffcttjat could neither read nor write, fotljatljis mentors 
be gart : for fuel) a loatiuTe (fattljrjc) Unilcftner bjfng bts $pau j 
Gee mcnr,trjcn a baae ; bceaufe(notabie to mrttej rje cannot fo 
The Bay- eafilp frame a faife account 2E$ e Bapiiffes toife mutt altoaies 
liffcs wife, be mjtrj £tm,trjatfi)e map feap trim from runningat rouers 5 ano 
map Ijelpe trim (11 Jjis labours : ijcr age mud be fuel; alfo, as tot 
re quired in tlje USapUffc before 5 fl)e mule be pamful,tjealtijp,eare# 
full,? j)oneu%u?e mutt not be tooili fsua:cb,Uff u)e beioarljfome 
fcntoljtm 3 ncr to beatttttuU 3 lett^eeooat to mucrj bpen tjer, and 
keepe borne fcujenljc ujeuld beabioaa. £>ljee mutt in the meant 
time UDhcto trje&itcl)ui 3 anotoet&ertoarfe«atrjome,gouen« 
tlic Slides, and ueepe tijem at trjeir toorfee, lofcc to t&eir nccefc 
Caries, and glue tytm trjcir allowance. 

Rigo. f?ou fame to me fjere$ to make tfjeBaptuTe a fyaU 
tter, anD tlje ^aitter a S&apliffe. 

Cono. SEijtssgc of ours, quite corrupted imtfj delfcaeleand 
dafntines 3 litle rcgatdetb tbs Ijoncir ? profitable orders of our fo;e* 
fathers : for in ttjofe dates trje fitters t&emfelues plaid tyt £cf* 
bancs, $ trj iougtjt it net to goe mell toitfj trjat g&aittet t^at mutt 
beraugfctbp tjis J5apliffe,as Cato witnelTetkf Varro alfo com* 
plaincttj, rljat t&c ljufbands in iris Daies fjao forfafeen t|j e plom f 
tfjc Gtrje, f gotten tljcmfelues untijiu trje mails, and fpent t^eti 
tune rather in mapgames ? midfummcrfigrjt0,t&cntoiflj filling 
t\)C ground,or planting of dines. SCljercforeCarof tlje old So;i# 
ters,tto attribute manp things to t£e £paitter,tljat foe afigne to 
tlje *5ai!ife.£ind 3,trjougfj 31 fetmtto put tlje cljarge of tlje Ijoufr 
fjold in tbe ijands ef mp 23aplirTe,ret mil Imp felfe be ouerfeer, 
and Ijane euerp tbing done as 3 appoint entreating gently fas 3 
taugfjf tfj c 25apltfe afore)bottj trje IBallife $ mp labourer* ,rrgar* 
ding more tljeir labour then mp games. 3But 5 earrp pou about 
to long,being fatting,^ prappou let bs goe to dinner: pou 0$U 
notdineatCourttodap,neitljermeant3i to fljetopon,as pou fe, 
trjepalaee of Lucullus^but tlje pare eof age ofCincinatus,Abdoio- 
tniuus, or Laertes, ^erc pou to trj e xmmiB for mp rjufbandmen* 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. i £ 

feuereDfrom mineoton f>cufe 3 but ytt fo,as3f mapcafilpfee toljat 
tyrp Doe, I^ere 3 ano mp toife,toitl) our fjoufc&oJD fcruants lie. 

R i g o. ail toerp ercellentlp inril as map be, t&erc is no* 
tying toant tag ttjat is to be UuOjeo fo?.. ^iffriffe Mctella, pou 
trouble pour felfe tea mucfj, (the Martha, about tyc pjoiuDmg of 
pour Dinner. 

METELLA.j]iofa toln'f &ir, pou muff be eontenteb lnirt) 
Connrrer fare, pou mail neither tjaue red SDeere, $J9arc|paine 3 
no? ^furgton, no? anp Courtiers fare : but m Ckgge, ano a 
pallet, a gullet, o? a pace of Hambe. 

R i g o. m* Diet contcntetf) meaboue all otfjec. 

c o n o. jfallto it tljen, ano tell me fjoto poulifee our conn* 

R i co.&urelp it paffcfl) either tofne of £>?lean0,o?flnioto:3l DfD 
not tlnnfce to tjaue foutiD fo goft a cup of tome m tijefe quarters. 

Con o. ctje JmfbanD?p, ano gooo feafon of tlje peereDotf) 
pads tt3c fame. 

r i g o. sjfflell, toe fit too long at Dinner : tfje tocat&er being 
fofaire ano To pleafant ab?oaD,it i& a (feamefo fit anp longer,but 
to toalne out ano \ml\c fcpon pour grounD* 

C o n o. 2C[)e tocatljcr being faire , pou b?inga &o?fe fo tfje 
ffelD{as t&cp fapjtoijcn pou fpeabetome of going ab?oaD: fo? 3 
mp felfe,if fbe toeatljer o? bufineffe Do not let me, am cuerp oap 3 
acco?Dfng fo Catocscowifel,ab?QaDin mpgrouno : f if itpleafe 
pou,3l toill carrp pou ab?oaD anD toeto pou mp grounD^ou mutt 
nottofeto fee tbc great countries ofMcteIlus,o? Lucullus 3 buttf)c 
poffeCBons of a po;e countrp man, tljat contcnteo tot'tlj l;ts ftare 
tooulo be as Ije is,i tooulD not change hues totty ttjecSmpeccur , 

R i g o. 3 P?ap pou let me Ijcare pour opinion of t&e fielo anD of the t -, 
fyettlfure thereof: fo^feepouareapfrfectbufbanD^anDnoM.ngand " 
tying Dnfsilfull. 31 (jaue a great Defiretoiicare fome rules, anD husban- 
fnty as ferue our turne beff. <J>ng of the 

c o n o. 3 f it bee a tyame fo? m appzenf ife at tye 2Lato,anD a grou * d ' 
pleaoer of caufes, tobe ignorant oftyelatotrnjereinljeoealetlb 
a greater fljame is it fo? a pjofeffo? QftjufbanD?p,te betjnfBtlfull 
in tye grouno tofjereon bis tofcole trdQe Ipety.^oto is ije able to 
iuDget3p?igi)tlpm^ufbanD?p 3 tljatHnotoesnotto^irl)toapto m 

The firft Bookc, entreating 

fjfs lamv SC&epjofclfos of all otljcrarts 3 DQ commonlp Keepefo 

Jawrf of trjcrafclucs,futrj tljingsas be tfce t|iiefempftceies of t|^etr fenoto> 

IhThuf- Ic^je* Contratitoife, tfce tmfban&man reiopcettj to £auc merp 

bandman. boDp maDe p2tup to ijis CfiiU, $ being ocmauntea mtuljat fc:t tji 

Dot6 tl>is ano tfjat^tje glaDlp Declaceti) Ijis toljele Dealing in lutvv 

point: fuel) gcoDnatureDmen Ootlj tl;is KnoUtfcDgcmafee.3; tjaue 

O20ereo mp grounD tjer c,acco:Dtng to trje diligence of tlje olo Jf a« 

trjers 3 ratrjer trjen fo: tljctoantonncs oftfjefe times. SCtjerefate 

The de- 3 totllfirff ftciu pou tljcir opinions,anD aftcrtoarcs mineofont 

greesand famte. JFitff ,CatoappointeD nine Degrees of tlje lano in 3 talp. 

forts of %\) t grft, tfje EiinepacD,tfjat peeloett) mucf) ano gooD ftitne: t£« 

ground, ne]Ct jjfjg to e n. latere D €kraerr. tlje tljirD, tlje ccuiioto ®roue: 

fljefourtij 3 tfje £)liue trees : tfjefift,fo2 spc&Doto: tlje firt,Co2nc 

grounD : tfjc feauentlj,fo£ (Topic grounD : ttje eig!}t/o? STimbec 

trees : tlje laff fo2 £paff. *5ut tfjefe Degrees* as Varro fapttj 3 are 

not generallp allotoeD of,nrittier Ijaue luc ttje tjfc of ttjem all in 

tbcfc countries : but make mod account of fuel) lamias feruettj 

fo2 €>aroen 02 ^Dzc^aro grounD,Co2nc, 02 if iujponos.£)f Come 

grounD 3 toill firff entrcat ; anD afterdates of JDatfure^cooto, 

of Come S&TcDD-lanDj ano Eailloto ©roues. 

ground. r 1 g o. 3 pjap pou f Ijen take tfje paines to ffjcfo tlje nature 

of it, anD foljiet) foap t Ij e bett grounD map be Unolucn. 

c o n o. CatocountetljtljattljebettgrQunDjtbatlictfjaftljc 
fbotcofamountaine,beingieuell,anDlpmgtolDarD tfjc i>unne, 
as tlje tofjole tounttic of jtah'e lietfj. gn colDc anD ^oztfjerlp 
countries, it is gooD fo [jane tye lano Iping eatf anD &outh 3 lcatt 
tfjefe two quarters, being baro off op anp |itll 3 trje lanD be frozen 
Uutfj colDc : but in Ijot countries it is better to Ijaue tlje ground 
ipe i^02tl), botrj fo* pleafure anD Jjcaltlj. 
Rigo. JSC&epfap it is neeDfull to tmoto rlje consitiens of cue* 
rp grounD. 

c o n o. 3ft is Co, anofooner fljall pou uoe it, rljcn tfjceonep 
How to *i° n * of a wan: fo? being tucll tilleo, it toiil notDcrciuc youjwt 
know the Dcale iuftlp tottfj pou. Z£o fcnoto tl;e nature of cuerp grounD, 
goodneffe ifcomacus in Xcnophon 3 Dotl; trill rou to matkcmcU tl;e plants 
of the . anD tlje paelD of tlje Counfric, crcept pou loill locfe pcur labour 
sroun ' ,oj figfjt tcitlj ®oD. varro ceunfels pou to Icoae iufjctfjer tljcre 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 1 7 

It in flfje lano either &tone , garble, &ano , Cjauel!, KaooeM, 
Cbalfce,£tap,|32cblc, o;uCarbuncle,tbatis, ground oucr^catcB 
ano pnnljcD Uutb tijc funnc, toljtit) txuii burne tljctccttscl tutjaC.-' 
foeuer commit!) in tt.fllfo ifit bztott 0; topping grouno,*? fub 
tret bnto etijer inconucnienccs, anD fucb gi oano aifo^cco^titig to 
tl)c nature of tl)c goco o? caflL 3n feme Countries fienjc 
grouno is altogether barren , fpeciaUp fo; Cojnc ano J? ruit: Jtt 
outplaces againe, tfjcg bfc ttonrs ut tbe manuring ano better 
ring of ttjcfr lano, as in certaine places of 0rocnts to be tone* 
Thcophradus tmitctb , tljat tbcConnths Dto eailafoap alltljc 
if ones out of tt>c fteios of Sarragofa , itrjere bp maoet!)c grouno 
tbe Uwfc,toljcn,t!Ktt3ncs being afoap,$ tbe countrp bor, tljerc 
loas nofuccour left to oefeno trje grouno from ttje ertreamebeat 
oftbe funne. 3Jn otfcjer places in ftonieano bill£ grouno, ^tisoo 
pjofper toell. 3fn hfce fo:talfo, in all Countries Im mudregato 
tlje lapje of tbeCowiceie,ano tt>e nature of tbe Hso tyat toe fstoe : 
foz C?rauell in Come places , is eaff opon tl}$ grouno in ffeao of 
dung,f fonts tying* p:ofper beft in gratiellp grounosjn Barbara 
fas Columella DotblnitnetTe,) tlje oerp rotten fanes crceeoanp o* 
tfjcr grouno tnfruttfulrteffe; 3t is alfo fometbtng to trje pt?epofe, 
lu Ijetrjert^egrauell be t»ljite 3 reo,o?plloto:beliees,fome grouno 
ootb oeceiue botlj tmtb colour ano quaittpjn fome Countries tyz 
blacfcemoulo is onelp effeemco : in otbcrs,fljefatreomQulOfs 
tyougbt beff. 3Jn England, rbecfjaUric grouno bearetb g©D co^ne, 
ano paftures berp foell. 3-n fome places tlje trjiclse ano tlje clam* 
mie grouno is mctr fruitfull. 3n all tfjcfe if is to be learneo,turjaf 
is beft fo?tfje £illpgeounD,lr»bat fo? tbe ba>Up,foJ)atfQ2 tbe tilleo, 
tuljat fo? f be lap grouno 3 toj)at tbe moift feggie grouno requires, 
anotoljat tl;a Ojp ano barren. 0lfo in planting, tuljat grouno is 
bed fo? 3ftmes,tofjatfo? otfjcr teees,fol)at Deligtjfs in *;ie grouno, 
lobat in motff grouno. virgi! esmmenoetb a melloto grouno tfyct 
is fat, ano toill franc be refolueo,fo.z fuel) grouno is ttllcoteitb 
fmallcBcbarge ano labour : tije nerf,fl;at fobieb is fat ano aiflfe, 
l»J)tcf) greatlp recompeneetfj ffje bufbanoman i)is frauaile ana 
charges : tbeluo2fi:is,tbatto!)icb is ojpe, leane, ano fttffe : fo? 
bot!) if is tilleo toitb great labour: anobefiDc, neitber<Kiflucrefrj 
intys cropetbe bufbanomans trauailc,ncifbcr fernery it foi grao 
mcoooto o: patture anp time after, ano tjjerefoje fuel; grouno is 

C not 

The firft Booke, entreating 

Signw •< «at fa bt meoolcfc fcnt&ail. 3ifo, tyc ga>ontffc of tfje grouito tf 
ib^ goad- eaSltpercetac5bppfrfc(t tokens :fo: a cioafp;mWcoto!t|j a little 
■rat toatfr 3 tf m diking txiitti t\)t &anfc it be clammp,anO cleuing,ano 
fc (tertt) to t&e fingers lute p1trl),to!jen it w &mMeO,aB tfcc J^oet 

&r: b, ano bzcauctb not in falling to r^ c gr ocr.D , rljis ujciuc th a 
nit nrall fatticHc ana rtcjmcae to be in tt : b;fiocs, pou map Unoui 
& moulD tfcatis goo fo: Co^te 3 tf it beare 13ulruu)es : 2^tftles, 
SIl}iiE!eaucDgratre,D3ntoo2t 3 13;antblcs,13lail>ct&o;ne, ano 
furfjltae,asneuer grow but in gooo grounO: as on tlje otfyzx fioe, 
lotfyfome ano til fauourefc luaDrs, oeclacc a leane ano a bitter 
gcoano: i^crne, ano iDir^rrcD plants^ coio grounfc,faDan&|jea# 
tnc coloutro,a motft ano a tort grounO: a raooel f a Gonp grouno, 
is otfreraco bv ty; e pe, a thffeano a f ougtj clap,bp tlje labour an> 
fotlc of rfjc Oren. 3 gooo token is it alfo of gooo grouno 3 U)t)erc 
tfjeCrctucs f pies follato in great number tl;e|3lolo,fcraptng 
m fyt Heps of tjjclMoloman Stjegoosneffe is libelous fcnotoeii, 
\I*t t^e &un fetttng, after a Hatneboto, ano in a fljolme ofrainet, 
foricintng a great aioug&t, tt palDrttja pleafant faueur: alfo in 
fatfc it imll appeare: tf taff ;ng a eloo ttjat battj bene toatcreD in an 
earfben or Oe!l, vou fi-u e it fmat,tt is a figne ofric^ grouno,if bit* 
tec,a great token of barren grouno 3 tf tt be fattifyit 15 to be tyim* 
t»D, ano not to- be ofco Upon tlje Ocun^jtll.i^au mull remember 
vv.l? * fo ' *& ar jrrount) Ml fomertmes eljange,anD of fcnitfull become 
change, barren, iu:;irtj £at^ bene tencas PJinierepo:tefl) 3 inrl>e oU time 
in Theuahe, am in our time, in fonojp places ef ourCountrep- 
15c n^c 5 onc feuta of groum>,rtpugl) tt be ncuer To fertill, U)ill not 
The drfpe. .beare a!itkmgs ; as tlje poctttufelp itotrtl),Ne frrucs one ground 
firicm cf for cu^ry crop. 3}o:coucr ,tfje OifpoQtion of tf)e |m is a 
omstoiM 5rCl1t imttct '> a * £3tmtrirs fjauc not tlje meatier ano ap:e alike *. 
obfenmL M>arf/o;e it is tlje part of a gooofjufbano to kno^o «;enatureanD 
p:oprrtie of iji* gcoutrxina to marhe ftjc Dtfpofiticti of it fo.: cue* 
rp part of toe pere: tje muf! a!fo confiocr lufcat crop is belt fc: ear* 
n> lapcr. &3tnc groans fcruerrj fojCDome, fotncfo? atncs 3 fome 
fo: Oiiues.fcmefwiaDe^oolUjfomefo* pafture, neither map all 
tilings toCv be fotnrn in nclj grouno,iioi nothing in barren ground 
.§>ucl) tljinjs as men not murl) moiaurc, arebeftfoiuen in lig&t 
groun^as tbe great Ca!uer,3»pcrie,v5l)icl), an} tlje ottjee pulfes, 
^Alarepuli;OanDnotcut.- Z^qU that requite mo: cfullenance, 

of Earable-ground and Tillage. 18 

arefotone in richer grouno,as f&oMjcarbs, actbcat.ttp^Barfp, 
llin-fajD. 3>omc of tijem Doe good to the grourtD tlje : pare fol' 
lofoing,af fluptnes that arc ofeo to be f jfcucn fo: tfce bettering of 
t\)c gromto. SSberc is eifference aire to be put bettoirt fruits 
fo: plcaforc .ano fuel) as be fo; profit : as fruit tras ana flofocre , 
ano fart) tbingjaepaiobotl) picafureanofutlmanav.iiD are aifo 
profitable to tfyc grouno, f^ott mud ctjmfc fo; flMMotoc s 3 €). f p.:c*, 
ano l'\ ocj c6,a to ct ano a marriflj geouno,at id contrary Dob erf pott 
foill twue Cojne f 19ulfe,u)atoeug$ts in Ojie grouno: &perage 
ano fun) Iter, irntft bcfoUien in fl)aOotopplacr*,anoon)ergroun& 
fo? ^utcbfet^SDimber^attjanft ifetoell: pca,fueb grouno as 
u ocrpgrauellp ano barren , fjan) §is ufe^tofcere pou map plant 
Bird*, ano fuc& lifce, ano foatr* grounos to&cre pou mapfet %b 
Dcrj3,i3;amic,anD 2i5uiriiujes. 

R i go. feurelp tt)e temperature of tt)e apje, ooft) mucl) tn fl&e 
ftintfumcjsof tf)egtouna 3 fo? 3 ijaue oftentimes marfteo,n)at one 
bino of gtcuno is more fruitful in one Count rep tljen tn anotrjer, 

Co n o. Jn vencfrijtlje grauell grcune bearcs£)ltacs bfft t 
Utyereas about Granado, n)ep require tfje ric&eftgtounotljat 
ma? be. Wlfytn in on)er places t&e mine Don) not pjofper oerp 
iudl tn (ton? grounos, about tlje tttjme tfce berp raggeD rochr* 
doe patio as fruitful! ciines as map be fen e. Flinic Ootb foif n effe, 
tt)at in fome places n)e tmtnes ooe groto euen tn tt)e Jfennes 
ano $arO)c$, fuc& a fecrct fo;ce is tbere tn natnre. about chat- 
cia. an Bilano about tbc. Uoocs,it ts fato u)crefsa piece of grouno 
fo fruitfuil,rtMt tfjepmeto tijeir barlep being fofoeo in tys fcafon> 
ano tbeir Croppc, foto it agafne,ano gattjer it toitb tjjeie ot&er 
grainc. SDfje Albanoyfcs reeeinc tbe fruit of tbetrlano cctta^toc 
wcfj! h^oju onftUeoanotmfo!»cn,anD bctngoncefofocn, it peel* 
Oetb bis tcoppe njjee peeres together. Homer ai'.lttb Phi-igca 
ocu7rt?b£<xs-otv,$ Argos 7r<AuVoeo^,HedorotusUi;Ufetb 5 tbat Babilon 
Is fo fruitfully t&e grcuao ptfeioctfj tnereafe tfoo tjunojco $ tb:ee 
ImnojeDfolo.HIinieafnrmct^tljeinceeafc in \)is tunc to befiftie, 
t to goto fjufban&s an buno:eo folo. about Monte Gibello ; it is re* 
pojtco bp creoible pccfons>to be an rjunojcD folo. Italy 10 f fruit* Ttal J» the 
full, tbat varro called it nje garoen oftfjc foojlo, berate it 10 fo ;^Z, 
fertile f foci planteOin encrp placc.Campania.bcing ful of come: 
Apulia,pUtUeousfoit^1xiine:ant) vcncffi.abounoing U?tttj €>ple f 

€l R I G o. 

ThefirftBooke, entreating 

Rico. 3 &aue &earo fap, t&3t ®crmanp t. jfcancc ba«f net 

Ltcnc in times pad berp fectill.ano ttjat tijep Ijsite bene altogether 

to'tijotit v3injfi,f neto foe feenacoonfrpmcye fruitful*, tfcat i?«i* 

fief |) greater abunoance of all twinge 3© &:re canEouonOe better 

tomes tfc:n abaut- ISauaer ana tJ>c Hbinc i 3 (peafecnotof t|jcic 

Th? r nm- great ff^c of graine, Seines ef gwl^,aiucr,ti;on^nO icao. 3n t&e 

foil He of eountrie of Thurin in ®erroanp>ii is fa?*, tfcat after ittyeat oiue 

Gomaaie ft^,, t[je grouno Iwll peelo ttic of ttfeiix tiuo *ws together. 

Cono, i^ea, ano in our £ountric bcre.toctjaue grounD fyat 

iu:U bcarc &2&eatceuerppeerc.iAapc fao being ome foU?enbJttt> 

fcs, Dotlj oftentimes pieio ijts Crop ttoo pcercs togei[)ec,UHtt)eut 

fotumg o; labouring. 

: R i g o. OiiDer t\)t &o}t\ntn&olc 3 it is rcpo.:te3,tf> c S toun & 

is fo fciftil 3 as ttjcp folne in tbe £po;ning,anD rc-ape at #©ne.3;n 

The fruit- BArbary,U)ijcre t\)t grounD is loUj,tbep plant fcnoer ttjgjDate tree 

foiocflc of ff, e £)uue 3 t)n0er i&c £>liucr&e Jrigge tiae, tHiaer tfjc Jrigge tlje 

y * pomegranate, tnDcrit tl;c EJine , frnQer ttje G3ine t&ep fotoe 

Zttbcat^nn fcnDcrtotjeat |duifc,aU p?ofpcring onebnect ttjec 

ttjers ftaDoto,anD Rising ttjeir fruit tbe famepecrc. 

Cono. icfjat mace me to fapjtijat ttje grounD fotfefoes ttje 
Difpofition of tbe fjeauens. 

R i g o. isut Off? in all places tl>e grounD is not cf li!*e gcofc< 
ncGfe, tubat if toe ctjauce bpen a leane anD a barren grounD , as 
tj.eatbp^urap.anDgraudlp ground: mapttjcfcbemaOe fruitfully 
Rao mcnocD bv Zii i 

. Cono. aeeel? t»cll,f&erc is no eounfrep f tjat tt)e moftgra* 
tjous Ho;o Ijatf) left Uutfjout fufficient peeio^f iaijcur anD tcaueU 
Rigo. SCtjafffcU3i iaoulo glaDlp buDetfianD, 
of dung- cono. 3t is bjougljt to paffe biuers toapes, p:ineipaUp bp 
ground, ^cungmg ans ai'igent labour : ano to tljis euD ferue tijofe ijeapes 
of toung ttjat 5 lately fijetticD pui. 

Rigo. 3 paap pou ict mc ftnstu Mja* Doung Detf) mole cn> 
riei) ttje grotmD. 

The fort* Cono. Varro anD Columella lj!SfOuQfocr,appopnt t!)jetf02tS 

of doung. Q r DoungS: ti)C g r (j f potiitrp,tbc ne rt of tpen 3 t&c ttjirs of Cat* 
nil. £>f t^c firtt fojt, tt)c bell is ttjatto^Kbis tjaoout of fDouc 
Jjoufes 3 tlje nertis of ^utlinc 3 f all ct&cr foU)Ic 3 crccpt Gcfc anD 


of EaraMe-ground and Tillage. if 

&>ncftes 3 fo Jjf cb is b urtfui, 231; e people in tfj c olo age bat) fuel) ff o?e 
cf poultry ano ifotoIe 3 as tyc Doting of tbem fuflftfcbfo? tbe manu* 
rfng of fbeir ground. SCfje nejet to tbls, 15 mans ojoure, if it be 
mire* tuitb otber rubbiu) of tl;e Ijoufe : fo; of it felfe it it tm bet, 
anoburncs tbegrounD,^anstMne 3 bcing firemonctbsfecpt 3 ano Vrinc. 
potmebbpon iterates of hippie teas ano aiimes, bmigctb great 
Fcuirrulncfle to tbefrtts, ano gtnetb a pleafant tatteto tlje fruit. 
3n tfie tbfropiacefe fbeoonng of£attell 3 UJbcreof tljebcG is tbe 
Boungof &crcs,betauretbJS beau; Dotbcbafotoitb moftleafurc, 
imjcrebp Fjte mcate being iueliofgetfeo, is maoe tfje pjofitabler 
Doting.^* crt to tijiSjis f be ooung of &>b«ps 5 ncrt of (£oatcs,tfjen 
of£Drm 3 ano©o?fes:tbetoo?ftofaU of &tome 3 berp bnttfullto 
<To;nc j but bfeO in fome places fo? (DarOens, fo?lacfce of otber 
Doung 3 but is a great b;e&er of nopfomelutfDs:pet Plimcfeemetb 
to alloto it 3 as fyc filtb of a filtbie creature. SCfje Ooung of l^ozfts 
li&elmfc 3 fobere t be ^o?fes are feb tmtb BarlepjOotb bjeeb great 
'ttojeof toss. SDtje iUiptne,befo;e be bcarebis coo 3 is moff com* 
mcnBco 3 being turneo bp fcoitb ttje |Mofo o,: $)aftflcfte 3 anDlapD in 
bunoels about tbe rtotes of SCrecso.; Wims. WLfyae fyw fjaue 
no Uo;t of Cat f ell 3 tbep bfe to menD tljeie grouno toitlj ffrato ano 
if erne 3 t Untb t\ic ftalbes of Ilupiues 3 anD f be bjancbes iapo fogc* 
tber in fome SMfcb : b^feunfo you map caff fttyes, ttje filtb of 
GtThf s ano p?iute&,ant> ttratu 3 tuttb Duff anD otber tbfngs rafceD to* 
gerber : but in tyz miDff 3 pou mutt lap fome found matter againft 
V)t taeebmg of Sobers f &naBes:atfoi£cmlockcs 3 ^alfoo.:f,an0 
tbe tneebes groftmig abouttoilloto jECrees ann JFerne,imtb otber 
fucb rotten U)#Dcs 3 pou map gatber ano lap tmoer pour ^b#P& 
%\)cv tbaf Bluei m dftrauelfp ano ^eatbpgrounos^oe ta&e t^z 
Surues of tbc (Sartb ano fbe l£eatb,ano laping t^cm in beapes 
pofoojeo toif b a Iff tie ooung, fuffer tijmx to ipeano rot,auo after 
lap if bpon barren ground, but fpcciallp iubere tbepfceepe great 
Ttm cf s>boepe,tbep call into tbeir fclos fucb Queues pares from 
t\)t ground Columella counts t^zmbutwM bufbmmjfyntbauz 
of etierponc of tyt leCfer uinoe of Catte!,lelTe tben a Cartload o r ou dang 
ooung in sooJoapes f eacb of tbe greater fo?t ten loao 5 befiortlje k*i\ f?c 
filfbano curt of tijeparo. SCbis isalfo to be noted, tbat tbe Dung Com -» 
rbit batf; line a pecre, is beft fo: Come, foj tt botb is of fufficten: J",,^ ,i'7 or 
Jtagft), anb b.iceoet^ IclTeiDaocs, but bpon speesotu ano \$,y mm™. 

€ I 41ure, 

ThcfirftBooke, entreating 

SSl&enpoutoo^he^our £>rrn muft be pofcco sum together Jtyat 

rbepmapojato mc;e rjanofcmlptoitbn)cirl)ca&s at tibcittc,ano 

leffefcurt to tbefr neefces. a^isfcino of poaiung is bsttccit^Djof 

inawith" «iaiip 3 t|».«i to bepohcobp tbe t)omes: fo; ttje Cattdifljalbcable 

th? heaa, to o?ato better tuitb tbe wefee anD tl)e b?eft,rbrn rijcp rijail tottt) 

jsvfcdin n)eir bcabs:an& f&istoapftjepput tottic fo^ccof ttjcirtobole be* 

thevpper otes 3 tobereas t£e otfjee toap ( being refframeo bp tbe pofecon 

Fwuncc ^ CI ' C & fa55 ) $*£ arc fo sricuctj , as~n>p fcarcrlp face tfce bppec 

& Spainc. part of tfjc cartj). SCfl^re Ijetfes map be bfefc, tljeir bfe to mo?e 

eommebioas fo.z n)c |0lotu,ano n)c fetoer of n)eui ttje better: fo; 

manptjoifes Djatoto baffilp, $ make to large 5furrotocs,tof)ifrj 

is not gart ; tobcrebptoeefie n)e grouno to be erccUcntlp toeli 

The like plotoeO in Gdderlanc^f about Colcyne, tob ere tljcpplo to aitoaics 

is rfed UMt[) ttoo tjo.jfcs, going beep foftlp. 3n Frauncc,anD cu)er places, 

with vsin fe^re tljep ploto tottb£>rcn,tbe"pmaUetbcirifurrotocs rartjer 

and Lm'* 5 *P C f & cn ^oao.^ca^ere tfje grouno is ffiffctbe coulter mutt bo 

coJnihire, fy* greater f ttje ttronger, n)af it map goe tjje Deeper: fo? tf n)e 

cruft of n)e cacti) be rurneDbpbcrpbjoaD it remained fhl tobolr, 

iof)crebp nein)er tfjc toce&esarc fcilleo 5 no? tip grouno can be tod 

jjarrotoeo.SCtje Jrurroto ongbt not to erxeco one buno?eD t ttoen* 

rp font in len§tb,fo; if it &oe 3 as Columella {aityjt is fcurtfull to tl)e 

bcaftSjbccaufe n)rp are to much tocarieo toitijall: but this rule, 

tobere fyc fidos arc large,ts not in manp places rcgaroeo, as in 

ttjeCpunfric ofGuIicke, toljerc fbc tfclos are great, ttjeir f;nx* 

rotors ace Djatone berp long, ^ou mull not pioto in toct toea> 

$rr,no;toet grouno,no?tof)cn after a long Djougbt a little raine 

falling tj^t^but toetttjc bppcr carta not gone to 

toet tofjen it is plctoctut tot!) no gtuo tbaf recrci^oumuft there? 

fo;e Ijaue a regarb to tyz temperature of pour feafon, n)at it be 

neitljcr f£DD;p nostra toet:fc.2 3 t©muc9moiiture ma&en) it too Our.* 

fic,ano to great bipneffe mafcetb tfcat it toill ricucr too:fcc toeil : 

fo? err&er tfjc fjaroncs oftfje Gsrtl) rcOfteti; tljc ?aloto,o: if ttoo 

Cntcr^it bjeahes irnot fniall cnoug^,butturnefo t»p great flafees, 

x>cai b«rtfull to t|j e nc rt plotoing. ifo? t^otigtj ttjc lano be as neb as 

"•"W*' mapbe,T?etifpougocanpDe;tl),pou (ball tjauc it barrcn,tobicb 

isturneb bp in rtjtfe great clooocs 3 to^crcbp it t)appcnetb fyat 

tfjc ba&oe moulo, mireb toity fl)c goob, rceibct^ ttje too^fec 



of Earable-ground an4 TW^g * *• l 

fc&berepou baucplotocom a o:r fcafoiMtts gcoo tofjauefomc 
mottture in pour fccono (&rring,toljicJ) moiffning trjc grouno,u)ali 
maae pour labour tbc ligt) tr r.^atjcre tt>c ground is nc^ano ijatf) 
long bo:nc is to be tfirrco again Uj^en ttjc tocattjer toap 
ctlj toaerae 9 ano toljcn rlje toccries arc full grotonc,ano Ijaue t&cir 
toce tn ttjnr toppe , to&icfj being ploto cD fo tlucfee > as peu can 
fcarfe fa ioljcrctrje Coulter. fcatrj gone, uttcrlp feiilctlj $ Dettrop* 
etfc tfjc ujccDcs : befioes, tbjougj) manp air rings, pour falloto is 
lyougrjt to fo tine a moul0,as it (bal nceD beep little o.j no fcartoto* 
ing at all to&en pou foto it : fo? tlje olottomans, as Columella 
luitneffctfjjtuoulofaptljattljegrouiiD teas ill rjufbanocOj^atafter 
fotoing tjao n«D of tlje fjarcoto. spojeeuer tl;e gcoo ^nfbano mutt Trial! of 
trie tobctrjer it be Id ell plotoeo o v : no,$ not onelp trutf pour epes, good 
toinctj ftfje bains beingrouereD tottt) moulojmap eafilp be Deceit plowing. 
ueo, bat trie it toitb pour Ijano, ( totjtcl) is a certetner p2©fe ) bp 
fluffing oo tone a roo into trje furro to, toljitrj if it pierce a like in 
euerp place, it foetocty trjjat trjc ground is toell plotoeo- 5f it be 
falloto in one place, f oerpc in another, it Declares ttjc grouno to 
be euil rjnnolco in tlje ploU>ing.3|f pou are to ploto upon a t)tll,pou The plow. 
mutt ploto ouerttjtoart,$not fcpano ootonejfoj trjeccbp ftje incon* mgoum 
ncniencc of tuc ttitpnes ts met Ujitrj,ano the labour of bofrjman 
ano Catf ell is lig^tnco : Butrjereinpou muttbetoare, tljat pou 
ploto noraltoaies one toap,but f3mtimcbigber,fQmctimetetoer, 
tooling aQope as pou (ball fee caufe. EC ouctjing tije feafon of pour T ^e beft 
plotoing ; it mud be dweflp in t|e fp;ing,as trje poet tod teacrjetf) : f j™ e °| 
When as the plcafant fprmg,&c, jPojin feummer tlje grouno is teo p omns * 
jharD ano cfjurliuVanO in ult inter tc fouieano oirtie : but in tt>e 
£>p2tng 5 tl)e grouno being melloto>is eafilp to be to^ougl^ano fye 
to«oe3 are tl)en bett turned in,torji(& bot& Do gcc-D fo? tbe enrich 
ing of trje ground anOpiucfceD op bp t|ie rotes before tfjep&aue 
feeoeOjtotll ncucrfpjing againe.2nD ttjcrcfojc Uriel) t>s, toe ofcto 
begin to ploto about ttjc micoeft of a&arcrj: but in fanop anoligrjt 
grouno,ri)cp ofe topUtoin tijemtooctt of tomtcr,iftJ)c feafon toil 
futfer. Pimicisof opinion, ttjatftiffe grouno alfoG)ouiot[)cn be 
ftirreo. % flenoer ano Uuell grouno, fubtcct to toater, tooulo bs 
firtt plotoeo in tbeeno of ^uguft^ ftirreoagainein September, 
ano prepares fo? fotoing about tye ttoelftrj of Sparer;. %\)t lig&t 
tyllp grouno? is not to be b;oHcn Dp in Summer, but about ijjc 


The firft Booke r cntreating 

ftaUnW of September itoiiUt befoofeenbpsroi^betng barren 
anotanthoutiuptc, ttisbumtbptoirbtbe&mmc, sitDSjatbno- 
gcoDncffE remaining in it. 33 e t grounD, feme looulo fyaue b;ofecn 
Dp after tbe3oes of 3p?ill, tobtcb being plotocd at tbatrime, 
fljoulo be ttirrcd againe about ttjc ten. I) of 3une,and after agamti 
at»outt|e bairnhs of s>eptc»ibcr,aao^cing to Cohimellacstmnoe. 
Butt(jofc tyatarefkilfuU m bufbamup,agra tfwt after tbetentf) 
ofgunr, tottfjont great fto;e of ram e, pou#all net plofc : fo;tf 
tfje pate be Uut, tyere ts noting to tbe tontrarp but pou map, 
plelu m BKiIp. 3n tbemeane ttmc,betcuretbat poudealenot fc»it|p 
ground eucr-toet, as 3? gaue pou toarning befo:e. 
Rico. SBap 31 plouj in tye mgbMf 3 lift t 
Plowing C o n o; pea, Derptoell, in Summer ttme»ano m Ijct conn* 
m the tries pou map begin in the euening, and continue till tiji fernine 
Night, rife, fyat ttye motfture and fatneffe c f ttje ground, map remain* 
iuaoootoeo twicer tye clod : ano tijat ttje Cattell rt}:ongl) ooer# 
mnfy tyente of t\)t smnnc, benot difeaftd no; tntrf. i^clo oft pea 
Gall plotottjc ground ttjat pou meant fo foU), par tip rtje nature 
of tfje fople, ana partlp rfjc condition of tjis Code tuill tract) pen, 
3«im)Mfoetomttoif 5 3imU tell pou : font fsnof n*dfullfo"ftu: 
a gtaucllp ano a lig^f ground, Co often as rfcr ftjffe gtenna : pet 
Sue -fctdctljat land,tbe oftner it is ftirrc D,tbe better itbearcs.fet 
ttjat fo: fome fao e,poo mutt not onelp ttopfalloto,anB ft# afalloto 
your groundnut alfo fourefallom it,as tbepfcfe intfys fruitfalleft 
plates of Jfalp and Ctrmanie. SnMiimaenoAuilnatyepploto 
imtttoife. 6>ttflfeground,astyeP£ommonlpdocin3talP,isbea 
to be fcfoeo fcpon trje fife ftitring : in Tufcan, fcpon tbe ntntlj, 
Stjus tjatf) euerp Countrie, both in f bio , ano o'rtjer matters, ty3 
faflNon,acrc20uig to tfje natnreof t&egioand. 

R 1 g o. iisut map 3 nut fofoe one pate of ground euerp par ? 
toit&outtef ing i 

Cono, &i)erearefome grounds poa map foto pare!?* as us 
3taip,and in Staff ria 3 $ IriseUH'fc in fome parts I) ere about t be Ui* 
uer,t|at are fruitful either bp nature,©? bp ouerfloming3n ot&cr 
plates pou matt obferue tije old Taping oftlje bafoano, Take not 
too much of your ground. Virgin tooulo baueground reft eurrp 
After- pare: tofcirt) if pan ljauetto;c of ground, out of all doubt is 
btftAJtowf &ad $c gtewiO tijat is fotoco euerp pore, %\* name 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. i* 

fit tye old time : but comrocnip cum tfjc bra gcomto rccrtiicctfj 
rett t&et&iro,t£e fourth (at U>e fartfoetfj ttjefcft ptfnM.vurrt* 
b>^tt^» tljattii Olymhiatljelatiii bcaretb euerppcet^amreueeg 
Ct>tcO pcere mod plentifullp.But if you toill Do toell.pan mutt let 
tt Ipe euerp ot&er peere>acco*oing to tlje nature oftfje fcpie 3 oj * Ife 
fotoe it totttj lighter fee&e 3 t(jat fofeetl) outlcffe t&e fyfettancc cf t&s 
gcouno,a0 lupines « otycrj^at foe foil) flwtlp intreat of. 3ft is 
alfomucJ) to beconfiocrcD 3 ioijet&er tfKgrouno t^at pouplotobe 
lapgeouno pcerelEfotone,ojfallQU):3fpou b2enkfcpnefogroun&, 
if it be ricb,t)caup 3 anD p:eparco foj teo 3 tt fufficetb to ploto it once, 
Biio to foto it immeoiatelp 3 ano barroto it-SIf it be ligbt $ graucllp 
groun&,pou mud t(tfpfaUefoit 3 fpeciallp at tbenxft breaking tjp* 

R i g o. ^crc pou fpeake of muec* tearmes belonging to tbtf 
fraoe 3 3 p;ap pou ma&c uicfcnoevffanD$*m y befo:e pon psoceecc 
anp farther, 

Con o.2C!ji50rt/aitIiljetjuireaIlotI)cc)^atfjcect3meioo?o0 P iucr * 
peeuUar,anO belonging to it felfe; an$ becaufe mnbjp men of ga»D words be. - 
learning t>aue herein boene oecciueo, leffmp matter SjoulDbs: longing to 
jnarccD Untb&aelieanB tonge tearmc^Biiojll oularetbe toojo* husbandry 
as plapneasl can,oigremng a iufjtlefrom mp former fpeecfc* '"j crprc " 

Ri g o. 3 befisebpouljeartil?. , t€d> 

Cono, $!?etake Agrum>a >$ iclo in our fyoedj^ot foj a,3u* ^#^4. 
rifoiction 3 a SDiocelTc 3 o;a ^bue^rbeolplaHHccfitaaeit^tit iwttj 
Iaboknus f Floreniinus 3 ioe cowitu aparailof gcoun9,citi?erea=» 
table o^paffure. Agcr, Aruus,o* Aruumjtoe call, carablc ground 
tfjatisto be plctoeoanafotone. varrotooulo ratjjerljaue it calico 
Aratpm,anD itOtSatum.Ebc JfielS tljat i0 calleD ReOibilis,|gfbat 
&>!)$) i0 renueo, ana cuerp peece fotone, caite&of tlje -<&}&&& 
7r*\o/U(pfMc^cfaufe l)i0 fnittfulncffe contmuetl) totljenctt peere., 
ano peeiorti) l;i« croppe cuerp pcere. AgcrNoualu, iscalleoef 
Varro, tbegrouno tljat batljbaene fotenc ana&Uotoeo : of Pimic 
coimtcoto bccfolonecttcrpotbcr piece: teitfj ti)citatoi»$r5it*C8 
counted grounoncU) plotoco,ti)atjjatl?lpen apesre: toeacfe^tng 
to ffceoulgar fpeecftffojtoe muff fpcafttoulj tbemott.ano 3us>ge 
teftij tlje fetoeffj ooe call Noualc Agrum, ti>at tofyidyteneto 
b?ohcnop, anobatfj not before beene plotorfr, toljercof commctf) 
Noualium Decimae, ffje Cities of ne& bjobrn-&plan&:: pet 31 
fetwto tyere are fome learnco tfjat count it tfot, totyti) after £10 » 


Th e hr ft Booke, entreating 

crop lit* lap.veruatfum is of Varro tafeenfe; tfjaf greuttd,fljat6i 
ttjBfp2i*g tfmeis rurneo Dp, anD tjatf) beerte f<# afctyleftiarco, 
©frmfimfltfs t^rs^tfo calico Noual<- 3 bofbri?efieH) ttjat^atl) l»* 
in a fore, anb t^at trlnclj i* taofecn top tfjefirff: fpjtng : fo2 . t&uf 
fattf) v r arro : Ctiere is great Difference fcofjetijcrpeu foUun ton* 
trtlcDgtotm&,o.: in tljat tefjlctj is r/cerelt>fotone,anD is caltcD Re- 
ftibijis, oj in ttjat fctyit&ljarljUen alnljile, am> is teuton frp in f$e 
fptfnf. 3£oz&ucr 3 feotrj Columdlaano Plinicoo bfe,not feloome, 
vcruadum, fo: grounD Htlu foofcen fep in tfje fp2tng 3 fafeing tfjetr 
reafan of rfje time. Ctje fielD is fa&'D to be plolue D 3 to bet Gitttn 
Ixjttfj tlje plow, lufjen if is turneD tip. 3t is toofeen bp totjen it is 
firftptotnea, tping in greafclobs. Sfje fcconD ploluing is called 
Offringerc Agrum, 02 Iterate, fo-plofoagaine : TcrriarctO tfjiifaU 
lotl) tt. Agcr iterarus, anD tertiatus, brVuall it»02DS twtl) Colu- 
mella anD Plinie. fo change tfje grounD, i»ell tjufban* 
DeD before, anb to plotu if ano pjepare if fo: tt)c fotoing, Occare, 
foljarrofoj it as Varro fait!) 5 is To f o focafec irYas tljere rcmaine no 
flot>. Jrfje^arrotDisanmlrtmtuntcrcflrc letfufeD, to bjteafeetlje 
dote toiftjatl.anfc fo coiiertfjc CccDrs. Cratirc is lifeelxjtfe fcfeD in 
tfje fame 0gni8cafion, Atrarc is, U>!jen trjat iuljtcl? is fotone and 
cemetofomegrototb, is turned in Uriti)trjeploto. Plinie ealUtl) 
Arafarc, as it krere Aratrarc, to plcto often tfjaf toljfclj is fofone, 
San-ire, is to pnrge trjiflj tfje rafec.Runcarc, is foUjoDe out oftlje 
grouno notTome toeeos,fo2 tofjicfj is alfo fcfeO Auerruncare,* De- 
runcarc : anDOf CoIumella^Exherbare^aftinarejanDRepaftinare. 
ts to Digge about tfje nines. Pa ftinum, is a fojfeeD internment b* 
feD in ffje planting of tames. Lirare ano Occare, areahnoft one. 
terete lee pieto fo as toe leauebcttoirt tfoo JHirrotors a HtDge, 
fortfje'tttie fefcping of tlje grainc, h&e a garben beo. £TnD hereof 
is tfje fpate called Lira,a Ki&ge 3 tol)ict» tlje tjufbanomen cal Porcas, 
becaufe tf>c" place being eaifcD bi<$ 3 DefenDetb tfje co:nc from r&e 
tuaf er, anD Lira Hortenfis, abcD in a garDen, Scamnum,a balfic, 
is tl;eaxoCrceartl)tljat rjatl) feapeb t^eplolu. Plinie &jiflef£, ffjat 
t^erc be no baltee maDe, no2 great clobs rcmammg>meanmg tfce 
great furffe tljaf is turneoOpaffbeftrtt plotoing.Scamnatusagcr, 
is calleD of vibius v T rbicus, ffjat lanD totytl) runnef!) all inlengtlj 
fttrn tHcff fo Oafrtoljtcli if itbemoie of lengtfj tljen bjeDf^anB 
irrf^ Upon f^e i>oH^is cafleD Strigams. %ty lanD itfdfel'salfo 


of E arable-ground and Tillage. 2,3 

caHefc groffe am> rato 5 tl)at is not toe 11 mettotoe3,totnefj fcatij n«D 
tobc feafoneMwtt) tye jicatoftfje £>umm8r,an&ttje cola of QSltii" 
f cr,ano to be pioUicD in tfce feeing 3ft is alfo calleD ru[) 3 fruttfull 5 
fertill :ano tliat loin cij ts nougtjt, ana pal&e not &10 fruit, 10 cai# 
leDleane, barren, iHingrp.o^bjiniU): aifofatt, bitter, fcnniu>, 
foljere tl;e toater mil continue : WitUtbat Cometfme lies o;ie: 
<£atbunhlcD, ttjat 10 burnt tufty tye $>unnc, rotten anD motor, 
tjtis alfu ealleo plcafantgrounc, Tweet, blacfce, rotten, anD mel< 
lotocD,l»l)tcf) ace tye figncs of g©D ground : but hereof 3 tljinfee 
3 tyatic noU> fpoaen fuffictenf Ip. 

Rigo. K\)%t vou m& coMian* pour fpcwk H p?au pou goc 
to pour former maitcragaine. 

Con o. ©a^en pou paw b:ofeen fcp pour grouno,ifit.oe No* 
uilis 3 a8 3 fato,anD not tilled befo v 2e,pou mapfotoe it p?efentlp,anD 
Ijarcotaut, anD if nceDc bceyrafce it. SDije grouno tyat is pecrclp. 
fotonc> ana tyatt>atylpenfpare,is to be piotoeD tyjifc, acco;Ding 
to tlje nature of ttje-fot'le, anD tye feeoetyatpou meane to foVuc. 

Rrco. $oU)pou pme told me Ijoln to o#3ermplanDfo?feeDr, 
31 pjappou let me fonoerffanD tyefojf* of feeoe, anDwtoljatfojt 
tyev. muft be fotecD. 

•Cono. 2Cljatmna35t>0c : &f)cfeeDctyateammcty of tyatorscedc, 
toljitytye ILafine* call Frugcs,a0 pulfe,ano Co;ne, tue.l^re Doe <» nd *« r 
rail Frugcs,atl fo:fscf tjarucCi grame : fo&ity tyt0ennan0call d,ucrluy * 
yulot anD x&ito, becaufe tfjepare gatyereo in tyeirbcautie, anD 
tyeir ripcneCTe.luIian tye ^Latote^cal-ety Frug« 3 a*W»&* tofjer^ 
kitty a man i0 fee* SCl;c ancient hwtersaoe tjnDcrftanD it moje 
iarge^,fo: all tljcfrutts of tire eaity. Plim'e DeatDes it into titso 
iunoc0, into Come tyat gtoiuca on eare,a0 GaliustyelLa&terD:* 
fme0 it : tye otycr, t^at beared cods,- as all fttnDc of $ulfe, 0; 
pcotoare. ^ftfje ftrft btnBe 3 <s ©Ci^ratc 3 Ui'e s USatlcp, H&igge, 
£>ate53tftyU>ljeat,oi5i5ucfc, o:ff pou toiilin $&*Bo cp^o^cc, 
&tfe,snD Hentcn 2Gtyeatr,tyotig{j alitu'ii&r-s groto not tn all pla* 
ce0, noj Ijaue in cuerp place ail one name. Binfomc places pou 
l;aucnot Lenten QQtycatc, cineflptDljcrc turrets plenty of 15tg. 
3n otycr places tycpbfc neptt*r £Datc* nojSSuche. Qffyclmzs 
of $ulfe arc tyefci Beaue*, ^enfon, iLei?tilce,Ct)itye0, £~nrc0, 
JLin retejllupinc^anD futy like, anbtijougl) tyere be funsip tors °™ t ™ c 
0ff«oe,ano euerp Counreptjaty \)vs bmoejano fotoe* fiutj asbclt" o wn o et e 


The fir ft Bookc, entreating 

agrees ir itb tljetc nature : pet generally tbrs 10 to be regarded, 
that pou feujc none tfcat are c:D and DjpeD, but tbe mtoctt : rot 
0IO feci) Dotb oftennrn es,as ttjep Id: ttr 3 cbange ttjeir nature: 8J tfce 
ted ef Colir>o;ts,tbat being fotone,turnetb to ttapes •, ano Kape 
feed Uhcteife into ColUio:tP, C^eTeeo of tljc futt perrc is beft, of 
ttoo pcere old ii)o:fe-,anD of tb2ee,lDo:ft of alUrjerett is barren and 
naugbt.Ebe bed faoalfo to t^ar irrjictj is ioaptfeft, ano Ipctb in 
tbe bottome>anD fuerj as is full. ano being bzofeen, b :. tb a g©d ccx 
leur : fuel) as us to;uicfeleD,and t bin in tbe ea«,is to be tb:otame a* 
toap.Eljcre is alfo anofber neecrlarp note, to rja«c tfje fed from 
firing e ground, t from tbe toaife to ti^e bitter and not rtje centra* 
ricno: from cold Countries into bot 5 no: from trjefo;icarDto tfje 
floto 3 * to be toarc trjat it be not bitten tomb JStrt s,^ifc,o: ants : 
ano to piofpertlje bettcr,fp2inbletbcm befozef bep befohm 5 foftb 
tbe iupce of ^ou0etke.3f pou mingle toitb pour graine tbe feed of 
22rarfcDt,f fob? it aboutpour grouno,pou Qjalfauc it from trjcaip 
The ©rdcr nopance of biros.^oumutt foto poor Utdges toirjj an equall band, 
d rowing, uri o^aX^.ano all alike in eaerp place,letting pour f©te(fpeciallg 
pour rtgbt f«ot)and pour tjano goe together : Wfye af,Uie,J5arlep, 
£ttSy% orbec.ebieflpfuebasbearecDs.asMelium f P*nicum,mutt 
be folmtc imtb a full b a no, but Hape feco onelp toittj tlj: a fingers. 
R 1 g o. man mutr ofg tjis band § pcrcciue,as tbei^arpec, 
dotb > to mabett perfect 

Co no. l^cmufi indeed. 2nd as foe put mo^ loafer to firon-' 
ger Ccnine,rrj en toe doe to fmalUnd lap the greater burden dpon 
rbe ttrongcr mamano fome fiomarfee requires tbe fironger fed, 
fofome grown mapbearemucrj feed, ano fome atoar tot tbleflc : 
nefrbf r can ttbc ecrtainelpappomted.boto mucb fee "J is generally 
to be cafi bpon an 3cr e : tbougb 3 fenolu trje old to: itr ts appoiru 
ted a ctvtaint quantitie to cuerp acrctobieb perhaps migbt ferue 
toitb tbem: but toe $ould fonlelp dcretuc our felucs.if tocfyould 
obferue tbe like in euerp place : Site, becaufe fome ground to 
qaizztt) mo?e feede ttjen otber, as tbe ground is cf fitffemffe 0; 
iigbnufle: to? tljefftflFcr ground fas in Holland ndretbcUbinc) 
requires mucb feede 5 b3bere Ugbtcc ground requiretb Irffie. 2C b« 
timelp fototng, rbetbinner : and tbe later , as Columella faiffj* 
tbe tbicfecc. feccoualp * tbeir meafuresand acres Differ, as tbe 
ibing tbat at fyii dapfenattb?ouj#lpagttt& bpon* JlButnoto 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 2,4 

poutyallt/earc lul>at fcc.x cucxv ground rquireffj. 

rigo, 2Dbat 3 long to bearc. 

Con o. after long rctt^ttjcfiraoungrng.cptlKClBarlcpo^ 
Cdlj^tc is to be fotoae: but C&rjcatc, tbougb it require gcoo 
ground, ptt if tl;e gcouno be* t© ricbluberc it tsfotorn, it brill 
groin to ranUc, ana lye Uaoge bpon tl>c ground #no tberc 
fojebpon fucfjgrouno^it is beff to folu pour Wfycat after a crop 
of 3£arlcp 3 $eafe,o* li5uche,ano after pour S23!)eat crop 3 to fotoe 
tt tottf) Ute: ano tym againe(tf tlje grouno toare not pouejioitb 
J&arlep. 3ln ucrp ricb gcounD 5 tmmeOiatip after fbe gathering of 
Kapc fao, ploto it pjefentlp fojBuefte,toberebp pou may tyaut 
ttoo croppes in one pare. 3n ttjc ufce manner Cabeggeo rape 
fouKit after &ie , mafeetb tmo barucfts in one pare. JBeafe, 
SSeanes, Cares, and jFitcbf0 3 an& almoftall pulfe elfe, requi* 
retb ricl) groun0 3 ^tclj aftcrfoaros map parelp ferue fo? ffi^ijeaf a 
Milium, ano ttape. BHnfo tuoulo not baue Hapes fotoen , but in 
fcei^tocllDungcB ground: but toe finoebp crpcricncc,tbat after a 
Crop of Uie,m mcanegrouno 5 pou ftjalbaucrtje fame pare greal 
Kapcs. &a«3ie ano grauellpgrouno,mutt refteuerp tbiro pare, 
fgjttoo 0; tijjee pares, tfjat being tben toell ooungeo, pou map 
fotoe ffiie 3 0? !5ucM after j2Dates.3Inga>D paffure grouno neto 
bjohen tip, pou map fbtoe £>atcs after tfje fitft plotoing, after 
tt)at, ttape fieD 5 tt)cn Barlcv,aftcr tJjat Mbeat 3 o? Hie 3 ano at !aff 
jg)atf0 3 oj J£ic,lftbt nature of tye Counrriebcfoj it. tfaaben tbis 
fs Done, pou muftepttjec Doungft 3 o.: let it Ipe lap. 3f tbe ground 
be meilofoaftcr 315arlep,m fome places fbcp fotoe Millit , tfjen 
&aoiu\ after tt)at3!5arfep,an0 OTjcaf ,ss in Campania* ana fuci) 
grouno is fumaentlp pIotoco,tobrn it fsfotoen in fome place 
lufjere Jienten tKafoeate ts fotene 3 if rcffstbza monetae, 1 after 
is fotocn toitb HBeancs in tlje fepiing, in no otfjer toifemap pou after ttoo fcafons of Come 3 pou foto 
pulfc o£pcDtoare,tbcbarrcner ground mult reft tb?a pares. 
£>ome tottl in no *afe baue pou fotoe tobcatjOirXSarlepjfn grouno Harrow 
rbatliesfalioto. after pee bauctbus fotoen pour faDe in ground" 
ijjiice plotoeo t toeil piepareo. tben muff voufrraigbttoaics W* 
roto it, tobicb isoonetoitb a'lettufcD inurnment full of tot&, 
tyatocn tpon tfje grouno.tobcrebptbe clots arc bjofcen,* ttjr tea 
conc«o;in fome places it is oonetaitlja ba»^o tpeo to the j3io\rs 



The firft Booke, entreating 

Raking, foljfet) tycv wll in laf tne Lirarc. &onurime railing is nouftiH; 
foijui) in ttje fepziHg.lofctl; tbeeartb,muDe cli.ngrD fotty t&c colD 
of iutnter, anD lettetbintbe frcfo toarnutlj. Bttisbxfttorahc 
©abeate, SSarlep, anD Bcancs tfcufe. ^cacsucr, t£rp bjcafee 
Rowlmg. afunfcer fottb tfce tfotoler tfce greater ano ttiffer dew, C&eeDtng 
(0 toljen t\>c Cojne is linottea, tJjc rwns&tic toeec* being ptatfeeo 
The time fep^enueretb rbcraitrs of tJjeCJojnejano fcnrretljit. Sofpeafce 
forfowiug oftf)cfeaGm of&obnng, itisagrceDbponef all mm, t^atrbere 
ougbt to be nofohung hi Winter: fc: tbc$£imterco2ne 3 fcrt)rnit 
is fsHuo before Unntcr , appeared aboue tljc greunD feme times 
ttiitbina feauen-nigbt after, toljt^if it beefotoeD after ftnnterfs 
beann } it fcareclpappearetbin fotfp Dapea after .fecme foerr fonB* 
lptljinfee it better to fofoe mtbe&p?tng,rbfn in Autumne. PJinic 
fc>;ttefb tJjat in Trcucrs tlje i^arucft being in,tbep baue fotoco in 
ttje colDeft of toinf er, anD caking tbeir ground m tfce fepjing, bane 
Ija d an ercellent geoD crop after . 3mcngti oar barueft iJeeue s.ttjero 
are fome i;arDcr, tfrat are able to abioe ttje tmrtfer, iotjKtj are 
I'cfcme in t>ot Countries, as virgiJlfaittj, about ttje ferfmgofitye 
Teauen ft arrcs , tDljicb Columella onDcrftanoetb to be about one 
ano tbiette napes after tlje AutumneAequinocliall, fyatis, tfje 
2. fealenos of $ouember,anD in if ranee ano cDertnaiiieinfeep* 
tember,anDtbe beginning of£DctQber,as Uapefeo,C23^cat,Kie, 
Winter Bar lep,tl;at are nountyeD m tbeblabeali Minfer,anti 
groto bptotoaros earing in tbe$>p?ing,&>onrerbere be tbat&tU 
Sou to folu c bcfe:c, onc!p in D:p grounD ano Ijot Countries, 
&ome againe ioouio baue pou to fotoe in coio Countries after 
Late fow- tyz Autumne AcquinodiaJl, m bot Countries later, left rben 
ingaimiw fljefiiD floortft) before to in ter,anD be beffropeo ef toojmes, o:bia* 
fayicth. g CIK ^ omeon tbeor^erfiDemabebaftc/ar/nigtThat foone row- 
ing fometimes deceiucs,but late lowing cucr. 3!tiS gtDD reafonto 
fotoe timelptn hjetgrounos,tljattbe fceDe rotnettoitb onermucij 
moifture : anD later inDjp grounas^leftlpinglong t notfpzoto* 
ting, it come tonongbt, 3lfo,in timelpfctoing, to fotee tbirfcer, 
becaufcit is floUi mooting: ano in later foteing thinner, lefttoittj 
Summer tyc tyi&ntfte it be cboafeeo. Summer feeDts,ta*icb are fotoeD be > 
grime, fou ttje nfing of tbe feaucn ftarrcs, t m tyi sbp.2ing,arc Beanf s, 
4deafe, ano fnc^, pulCc, fillet, panicnm,Scramum. S>nmmet, 
lparlep,i^lare,^ernpe3^Dates 3 S5ucfeejSporia, anD &t& otl^er, 


cfEarable-ground and Tillage. 15 

arefcfcuo in tlje &>p c :mg time %n Afia a«D Greece tfjepfctoe 
all,as t|»fp fap,at t^'fettingcii^fcauenftarurf.i^olxi^aU^crj^ 
tfjerc be certaine precepts of i\)c time of fotoir-r , ana |)3to muct) 
fee*£ id meetc foj euerp quamttp cf grotmo , uirclp, tjjey migbt 
as 3 t>auefai8bel'o:c,fo.jtbeir otoncCounteep ansnatarcof rljeir 
grouno, giue a Binae of gneffe 3 but teoetermme auip typing herein 
ccrfainclp, tl;cre to no man ttjat can Ooc it , but fye grouno ano 
euerp mans otone pjacrife te Jjereut tfje belt Rafter. £>ne ami* a geneoH 
tnt generallruleof &ufbano:ptfjcre io 3 to&crein toe are toarneo lule * 
in coin Countries to fotoe late,in temperate Countries famcr,an& 
in one Ijofettcgtons foneft of alLEratofthcnes faftljjt&at India is 
fubieet to muefj raines in &ummer 3 ano tfjat trjen tbepfoto Jriar, 
Sefamum, $lice,ano Millet: anD in OTntcrjMI)eaf,Barlep,l9cD* 
ware, ano offjrr fruit* tljattoe fane not. Hc(iodus,t£c §a?tnceut 
t>te tune of fmf bano#, toils bs to foto aeeo?Ding to rbecuftome of 

Greece, IjiS naturail Countrep. Virgil, Cato, Varro, Columella, 

ano Plinic, appoint tfjetr rules fo? Italy, toljofe minors if poutoiH 
banc follotoeb in all otljer places^ pou fljall but feefee tocouer eu& 
rp pot iottrj one couec. HBut to come to the matter? Gcb tl;e feebes 
of funojp natures require funojp times of foioing,ano Diuers fo?f s 
of ojDering,ano f&atfjcrein euerp Countrepfjatijbfeguife.^ toirt 
l)ere (obferuing fuel) ruftomes as are mod general! to ttjem all) 
Teuccallp fljeto pou of euerp feeoebp fjimfclfe, anO fo Declare fento 
von ttjc ojDcr of tljeir fetoing. 3nD ftrtl, amongft all rfj e fruits 
ano grainc tfjat tbe eartb Dott) peelD fo; our fuftcnancc,t[)ect)i i eft ft 
place is rtgfjflp giuen tmto tobeat, calleo in dpreehe -nr^'c in %ta* 
lian Grano,in &paniu) Trigo j in kmttt) Wcyfs,in Crenel) Four- whea*. 
ment, as a grainc moff neeofull fo? a manano tf)erefo:e moft fruits 
ful.beraufe OoDijatyojoaineo it to nouriu) man toifbal.Jt is toon* 
oerfull tobatpeeloit barf) bant of in forae Countries. Auguftus 
his SDepufic fentljim from Bifaicc in Africa of one graine of tomcat 
foure IjunD^eD bjancfjes. #n& PImic toitneffetb, t^af in tfjc fame 
place, one buu)elli)atf) pccloeD atjtmo.jeDano fifrie buu>Is. 

R 1 g o. SrjerearetrjatfjolD opiniomtrjat t&ts tobteb tbe com* 
mm pcoplecall Mbeat, ttjc dpermaincs Weyfs, ano tbe l^ollan* 
Ders Tcrue, is not tt)e true Qaafjeat, buta hinne of Hie, ano fycit 
ifjetrue TOjeaf tot)id) tjjc Bftalians callGranc,grotoetb 
3falp ano in &paine. 

SD Cono. 

The fii ft Booke, entreating 

C o n o. Cljat fofjicf) grotoe* in ^talpaiiD £iti\\ at tyia-oap, 
lifftzttl) not from curs in faSjton, colour, noj fioime 3 tljougl) tyz 
Qmmt'mz be fbmetotjat great , ano tire fiotwe nioje clammie, 
to^tdj mafcetij it ttyat it tmnot be long kept, fpectellp about 
Spree. 2nD totjercpfi our ^Hi)^ate is eittjcr bearDca oj pollarD, 
tiyiiisis aitogetbcrpolO : toe call it polo o; pollais that rjatb :io 
Zldim fcpou ttjc cares, 0no tfjat toe call ttje 3ane 3 tol)id) groto* 
rti; out of tfre care,ltke alongpziefce o.: aSDatf, toljcrebp tyc rare 
tsoefmeeb from t^e Danger of 15ircs.»tf) Virgilltlje flancte 
ttfeDfozfijecome, astpcparhefojttjeto&ear. G I u ma us tl) e ^ nf^e 
cf tije co;ne,ir>f)ofc top is tfje #ane« Frit ta t&e fmall graine,lcffcr 
tl)Ui fye come tljat groines in tl;e fop of tlje efpeearc.SCo returns 
to flje toljeafj graunt tljcrcarefome tyat Doubt of fijis tomcat of 
outs, ftuf^atb borne tljeiniurp oftlje time (asalitbtngsalmcft 
forgotten J toe fcarfclp bnoln fco to to name ifre fo; e tljat toe Dailp 
foe;e ofj?o? mp part^ toiil folloto common Ufe,as a tyiftiiBtn 
fpcsclj, Cfje oto totters fjauelmtttenof funojp fojfs of totjeate, 
to&ereof tjjep Ijaue t&ougfcf t&atmotfnceofutl to bcfotone,tofjfci) 
rrjepeaUeD Robus,as tt>efap;&eff ana toJig^fteuUClje fecono called 
Si J igo,t!jept)feO in tljeie fineftcfjeate. SDljctljiro, tijep calic&.TrU 
mcftrcjbecaufe it tooulo be ripe in tj^eemonct&s after t&e fbtomg* 
Cljoug'0 Columella aloto no fucfj fcinoe, ?cttoasitmoftaumf# 
cnttDitrjtlje^de^cs, andcaiUD Trimcnon, grotomgonelpin 
tJje es!D countries. 3n Tbracia, tfjep Ijaue a fetnoe testis ripe ta- 
ttoo tr.o:ictt)s, anD iscoucreo teiflj a number of bufus,againft t%z 
ertreamecolD of tije countrep. 3n our Countries alfo toe &aue 
SKflljeat ans Uie, tfcat fee foto to>.t£ our Summer grame, as toe 
ufcetoifesoeft < ipefee*>e,but to no greatcommowitic : fo^ttic touu 
fer ftie^es to farce crccece tl;em ; ana being nourifljeo in tlje eartrj 
aUtomfer, tbcp p^coue, as rheophraftusfattf), ofmo?e fubttancc 
ano pzcfit.amongftall tgefe fo?ts 5 Plinic recountetktlje tomcat of 
3falie robe tljebeft, botlj fo:bcautieaniJ toeigljt. CSHeebfctoiflj 
bs onelp ttoo fojts. Differing inttys, tljat tt)u oneliattj fmcntlje- 
eares toitboutanp bearos,trjeoit)ec toitl) long beards oj ZLuus, 
fcerp rougijano ujarpc, not mucl) tmufec to Splinter JBarlcp: 
The time Mailorder pjopertiis t'oep are botij alihe. Bltwfotonein S>ep^ 
foi wheat rember, t\)t feafg;i being faire , t\)t grounD t^iice plotoeo anD 
fowjiig. tucU raHeO o? I;aci:oU»e^ait|)oug^ pqu map fotoit tjerp Uiell after 


of Earatle-ground and Tillage." 16 

once ptotoing topen gecuno iufjerc peafe? 2Carcs 3 0; Bucfee fjaty 
banc neto'? Ijao of 3 m a groo foglcPJinie $ Columella luoulD (jaue 
pjn fotu of C?iM)eat ana Uic, fine bafyci c upon an acre : but as 31 
faio bcfo:c, tfjto meafurc 10 to bemeafurco toitf) rcafon. Hie at 
rf)!S oap foto not fo lmiclj tubcat bpon an acre 5 aa ctcnoj fo muct) 
ric, as barley Kt w bcff 3 if tljctointcrbc li&e tobecolo 3 fo foto 
t\)Z foncr : i:toarmc 5 tbclater.OT)eat ocltgbtctl; in a IcucU.rtcIj, 
toarmcanoaoj? grouno ; a fl)a6otoeo s loeeop 5 ano a tjillp grounD, 
it loucti) nof.ttjougtj Ulinte fap tj;e t)ill£tfU>?tt) barDer1trt)ear,but 
no greattfoje. Arteritis fotane, it puttetb out a great company 
f fmall rotes.auD appearetl) at tfjcfirft tup c? blaoe : it t)at») fun* 
»;pffalb0, but fuctjas cannot bjanct) all tt)e otijertoin* 
tcr come is, itisnourifljeo in blaoe : Uiljen tt)e&p?ing Djatocttj 
on,it beginnctt) fo fpinole.tjpon ttje tfjtro o? fourth tcpnt rfjereof, 
commetfj out tbceare,tebitb firff appearett) inclofeD in ttje blaCe, 
it flofojcti; tbcfourtbo?nfft)oapafter: if itgrototoranhcatflje 
fitff it is eaten Ootune toitljcatteU^ in fame plare motoeD: it us 
after foaceo :it flolmes aboutttje io.of luncfonec 0: latere 
i f)e peere falles out, eucn at one time afmctt tuttt? tt)e Clmc : ttoa 
noble Gotu^cs,h)itlj comfortable fauonr flourifljing at once.Varro 
nfflrmctb,tt)at flje tufjeat Ipctfj 1 5, Bapeg in tt)e blaDc 5 flouriS}cf[i 
j y, ana ripetfj 1 j. after it ijatt; flofojeo it toareti) greater, ants 
as Thcophraftusfaitkis toitt)info?tieoaics after full ripe,tol)ere* 
toify t\)t latrft tt)et> eeape in tbcefgtjtmonetb. £Dtl;er fas in fire 
ono ffjirtie 0aies 5 anD rcapeo in tbenmtb4noneti).3tncuer cares, 
till all tjtsioynts 0; knots begrofone. Sljereare foure iopnts in 
fc)!jeaf,as Plinie faiti) } anoeigbtin barlep : but in our country ano 
oucoaic0,botl; Sfflbcaf, Hie, liSarlcp,* SDtcs.ljauebut foure.ano 
not tt)af alUmies. 25efo?e tije full number of ttje iopnfs, ttjere is 
no appearing of ti)c care : totjtcbUibenit commctl;,begmnetl; fo 
GoUije tottl)in foure 0: fiue &apes,ano fo manp, 0; little mo?r, it 
faoctt). m'ntn tt)e flotwe is gone, tije graine begins to ftocll 5 anD 
in foure 0; mteoayes after, fo ripe. SCfje blaDe of tt)e lubeateifl 
fomett)ing like a ^>coge-, but narroiner tfjen ttje barley : f Ijc fpm* 
Die, ffalbe, oj ffcatoc ttjereof, is fmcotberano gentler, ano not fo 
battle as Barlcp. 3t is clofct) in manpeoatcs. m\)t Ifalhetfjat 
bcarctlj ff;c care is bigger t$zn fljaf of barlep : tfje earegroiretlj 
nio^c ljp?iffl;t, ojio farther from ffje blaoe? tfje cfjaffc is fcfter 3 

E> 2 ilo^ferj 

ThefirftBooke, entreating 

fluster, and mo:c full of iupce, tye care oflm) care is oat of o:Der 
ano tncni'n 3 as toll of tbepoUsra, as of rtjc bearded, fcrfjercas 
iSaciep f)3i^ t)LS care of tall number, ana tit perfect o:der. 3n Ba- 
clri- 3 !t!SfaiD a grime of ailjeattsrquall m quantitie to an tare 
of out tomcat. 3ni3abplon,tf)cbl3tifsbott)of tomcat ano barlrp, 
as Hero joriisrrpo:retlj, arefoucc mc^cs b:oafc. Sa$cat,as Colu- 
mcUi tottcrljafrcr tyc tljiro foiomg cbangctb to Utc,tebub &at£ 
h&nz knotonc in Gcrraame, es 3 faid before in manppbues. £>f 
iuhcat ts made Ai-nyljtrjc making Voijereof, CatoandDiofcoridcs 
tcacljctf). after forjeattofotototrt) ts etc. Efcerc arc r&att&ini$e 
ttto be frjat iut;ict) tbe C:skrs call :wg* ttjaugb Homer tafee 
-jtL-, fo; a Uinde of fade fo: t)o:fes : fomc ortjers take tt fo? a 
krnoe of lutjeat.Hcrodotus faitl^fccaD teas made of it.£f Lauren- 
tius tt is called Far. Of GafajSiigo. Dtuers learned men call it S<s 
ca!e, and take it fo: Pimies farrago.Cbf 5rrenc|i men call it Scgle. 
2#i Dutchmen Rock. Cfje Italians, almcft as t^e Lattncs.Sa- 
gala : t\)t gratnetsfomctfung blacfcc,and makctb blacktfli b:cad. 
35ut topaHccucrallcsntroucrfic8,BfollolDtt)cCoBntrpfpeecrjj 
$ take Siligo fc; cur common Kic,hit}teb is fotoedtmraediatelpafc 
tec tDt)Cat 5 about ttjc end of &cptcmber,o: in tfjc beginning of Cc* 
robe: : tn gc? ground : in fcntpandgniucUpgrounOjit is fotod in 
Jfcbzuarp,? called femnmer &bcat:it required ttje belt ground, 
luarme ,t faff ,anD refrtferrj not Itgrjt ground t grauellp,fo it be ficU 
peotoitfcjcnng : tt loucttj toct ground as tllastu^cate, ttjen botfc 
re autre to be foton in a dcepe mould and a plaute foile : but Ktc 
is fotod a Litre after tofjeat, in t^c fotomgtobereof, pou muff oc- 
cupie attitrd part moze t\)cn of Widest : it p2ofpeect[j ligbtlp in 
mv grcBH^ano manp tunes toitfy tbe ?ala of a bundled fo: onc.Btf 
muO: bj fciue& after tbe ttjtro ploiiMng 5 as SQfjeat, and Ijarrotod 
muefj after r$ e fame fozt,ttjc ffalfc o: ttealc tI;ereof,ts fmallcr rben 
tbe oa&cate ffalfcc, taller, and ffronger, bts care bangctfj dotonc* 
inacos, and t^c::fo;e mo:e fubtcct to blaffing , becaufe it recrfuer^ 
and hce^etrj tbe toatcr ttjat fa!s tobtlc it floto^etkamj fufferetb tbe 
stolen ;c of miffs and ftefrs : tljcfftaw thereof is gentle and flen- 
blc, ferutng fa: Ume* andecuerings of tjoufes. £cuj follctoty 
B:r: e y. ISarlcf , accounted tn the dec generations arnong ttft iocjt^ieft 
toit of grainc, ano not of fmal! elnmation at tbts dap. &fys3ta4 
lians CtiU it Bcadc o: Bcauc, o; Orza : tbc Spaniards Ccuada : 


of Eatable-ground and Tillage. %j 

tljtDatch ItienGerft: tfje French men Orgc: tf)e Grecians k?i£w : 
miotfjoug!) t't befcfeD in C:cccc ano Bitalie, anD fuel) toarmcano 
fruitrall Countries foi Cartels fa>D as Homer alfotoitncu*eri)>pct 
in tl)c0oith:vn\:Countiu s it fuppltcs the place both of b:c;.D ann 
IPine. fiLtjeccare of It ttlJO fc;ta, Hex-ittichonanD Polyftichum, 
tofjofe eared arc ttj: tr,four c,anD fomc turns fire fquare 3 ano ciuas 
wrrsfpjinging from one grapne, cuecpearc containing aboue 
fourefcojc grapnes , fo iuonDerfull are tyc gifts ano blcfftngsof 
<E>od. SCfjc otyer fo:t is calico Diihchoo, bauing in tbe care but 
ttoo rancas o.: oifcecs onelp. £igamc,tf)crc is onefcinoeof it to be 
fotoe;> m toinf er, another foi fummer. !Oje tointcr Barlcp is of 
better pcelo, but it is tone fjurt, fpeciallp Until mucij toet $ froffs 
follotoing.2Et)ere is nothing mo?eljurtfull to totnter CD:ne,fpo 
riallp 15arlep,ttape feeOe»anD Uic^tljcn tfje toet of tomtcr>mppcD 
toil!; often froffs, and after a toarme tljato, to be pjcfentlp fro > 
fen againe : botlj tfje fairs of JBaclep require grouno that is fcerp 
rtcf>. Winter 25arlep,after ttoo 02 tf>2eeplofoings 5 is to be fotoei 
m September : Summer liBarlep in sparc&.o* £p2ill,after ttoife 
plotoing; and manptimes,ncccmtiefo:cing,aftcr once plotoing : 
in tye fotoing, pou mutt occupp moie fooe bp balfe 3 tljen in fotoing 
of toljeare : it required a melloto ano a fat gcouna.ano theccfozc 
is bett fotoeD, toljcce ttjc gcouno csmoff manured. ZZbc tointer 
feeoe flotmetl) in spap, ano is ripe in 3une at tfce furttjett. Eftls 
feinoe toas not toontfo be fotoco in tbefe parts, but great num* 
bers 3 noto mowed b^ mp erample,oo fcfe ano recctue great gaincs 
bp it Cfje fummer Barlep in manp Countries is ripe anD reaop 
in t\);k moneys after tjje fotoing. 3n Aragon, as PJinie tozitcty, 
it mafcetb Double fcarueffs cuerppectcSCfje fcuenttjoap after it is commett) bp, anD one cno of tlje tooc tunncty Dotone in 
rote : ttje otljer, tljefconec fp2tngetfj,f commetj) bp in blaocttlje 
greater enD of tf>e grapne mafeetb tfje ro>fc 3 ano f(je flcnocrcr t\)t 
flotoje. 3noft)er grapne ttje rate ano rijeblaoe fpjingbotl; from 
one parMlye blaocs of bottjfeinDes arereugbJt mutt begatljcreD 
\n\t\) mm fpaeo tljcn otljer graines,fo: flje ttrato of it ts ucrp b.:it# 
tle.3Df JBarlep is maDe,as Diofcorides Umtetb,bot& Bare f flle. 

Rig 0.3 lifcc pour H5arc pou fjaue erccllcntlp iuell, 3 p:ap 
pou tell me in tofjat fozt pou make it * 

C0N0.3 toill not iji&e mp cunning in ttysmM cr.spp !15arlt> 

® 3 ^ 

The firft Booke, entreating 

i§ Self ffecpea in a Cetfcrne of water a Dap 02 tlno 5 tf if be mint cr 
foDe it is IjarDer tjuIicD.cnD rrqutrctrj trjc longer iDatringXIje 
^umrmrgtaine is tijmncr, antJ tcqutrctt) a Uffcr tune, CSijea 
it is watreD, 3 D:p tt bpen a fionc 0: afceele, till it fiurll ana 
focafee, putting out as it lucre iittic ber&so2tf>.ieDs,if ttbela:& ionl in fummer,f|;ceiaUpin^arctj r D2?* bzeafee ofttfeife 
iuiffjout anp fire, ^aurautl false gartfjceDjtljatuifpzstoting it c 
pen nottmmuc^nolorerjjsflotoje.Srjis beuig Doners grmoc it, 
ar.Dputtrjeipcalcmtoataa^-j^at, wbeceunto 3 putim? licour 
foDDemaiiD after let it fatijc tt)2ee e: fourc tunes, aDDtng unto if, 
bot^fo: wftDlcfomnesanD faflre,tf)e floUnc ofrlje I^op: after t&i's, 
3puton|9ec(r,aiiD fefitawo:&t!ig,anD trjcnclcanfeit.£&cmo2e 
it i3 cleanfcDjtijc iuljolfomcricieerer ttts : tt)3t&incrjrommet£ 
eftfjefpurgma/jts ueptbotrjfo: 15 :eititng ana basing: trjeDiinfce 
tuilt bcetl;e better, it you put to it a four trjpatt, 02 a firt part of 
tnrjeat: tfjemo:e Come pou lap cnjtrjcpleafantcranD bettered 
loureD will pour 13eere be. pour greatett care mutt bee to fee it 
lucil fQDDcn,toell cleanup anD&eli tjoppeD,otfjerU3ife^altoftt 
fclfc mill franc CQ2rupt.£>bferuuigtrjts o;Der,pour DstntuQalibe 
botb wirolefcrncs plcafant: t^af enDurrtbbcaanDlonkcff 5 tbatu5 
b:ciueD fa ^arcfj. Ktyns, is maoeof Barlcp Alica, a reasonable 
gQ33 meat ; ano Prfaa, £ofs t\):y ma5c,vcu map reao in 
z<i. Pimicr^ert to w^catanD b3rIev,fioUofoetl) Zea, tobtcb $MW* 
mm pcop[e : botbin 3talp,&pame,anD .fianDcrs,callSpekj 3 tbe 
i^rejnl; call it Efpdrra, loittj Homer is gceatlp commenceo, 
gtifto^oc 6%x~a.Qj\)c fields tbatbrarefbtbeztan^bcing as Galen 
raifrj, trjetneaTic betimrf mbeatano barley, fo: ije rjatl; tlje qu3li> 
litics of cacrj of t^em^f is of tirjo fa#3&tmtm ttalbr,iopnt,anD 
rare, like to tomcat auD carrietlj in rnerp f-ufae fUio fett*, attt 
rbercfo:e ts ealieD AiiuMixoc,tf>e«tt>et rjautng boti) ftaluc anieare 
2)32ter,aii& but oncgrainc fa cuerp bufhe,grotBingmtQ sancfafc 
tin tbetop tefemb:ingi5arlptoit^tjisruacpcaancs. JttHtaUf, 

fpertailpabotif Ni.randuia an3 Concordia, it IS WcDin p:oueilDet 
fa: l?3:fef,!t isnot in trjrfe countries mfcfej wouio fowit bere," 
utb rfjc grounD Urni fcruc fo; it,f tbaf bofr; b?ea3 *D:mfccmigt>t 
be maoe of it terr tucH, bnttljat itisfometlnng troublcfomc to 
grinD,becaufe of trjjc Double rj'jfiW.JtDcfirctrj a msi(rgr0unD,nc^ 
ana gc&u, it i5 foiueD after the fame nnner ttjat U$eat is femeo, 

m - 

of E arable-ground and Tillage. 23 

in September 0: October : it flotojety in %unt, ano fs ripem 

jjuip, toerpmeetc fo; coioe Countries , becaufe it can abioe frofts 

anoffomies. „ 

R 1 g o.ETbcrttsCa*? remember)* WRfieofto^catcaUcttFar, Fir, Ado- 

auueient people called it Adoreum , ttjatgrotoet&mmanpCoun^ 1 "' 

Co n o. |^ou fap true, fox Uiifrj tl?c olDe fojt,Far mas a gene* 

rail name to allco:ne 3 as toijeat Far, isarlep Far.ano i*te Far, ana 

tofjen mils mcreiiot pet Deuifeo, trjcp did bent tljctr come m mo** 

ters,toljerof catnc 3 ti)at ttje meale teas calicD Fanna : pet after 3 fc)ss 

tf)C name Of Far one! p gtuentO Adoreuro.tljCUgtj Columella calico 

ttaitoatrs Far Adorcum , matnngfeurc funtup fo?ts of tt. %\)t 

jfrenctymen call ttBr^nce, t&c Italians Sandala, tlje £>pamares 

Elcandia, t\)t molt people of our Cotmtrp call it Farro, ttje BDutc!) 

Keskome,U^ofegratnc is bcrpitKetuijcate, butifjat it is Ujojter 

ano tl)icfecr 3 auo iutjercmljeat Ijatlj aTltft,tljere&at& it a t (finger 

is jjcauiertljcu barlp,f lighter tljcntol;eat,itpeelOctl)mo:emcale 

tt)cn anp otber Come. S$f people of Home as Plmic fatttj,tiucD 

iDittj tfcis Come at tyc 8dr tfcwe twnBzcD peercs , it grotuetl) in 

Cgpptiiutboutaanc.Ujitlj a greater earc anoatoaigtjticrnttjati) 

in ttjc ftallie fcaucn ioints,ano cannot becleanfcfi ercept it be par* 

cljeD. Jrrance&att) ttuo fo?ts ttjercof,one of a rcttuflj colour,Vut)ttt) 

tlje people call reD lurjcatc , ttjc otyct fotjitcr , fotji^ tljep call 

U)(>iCe fotjeate : tlje care is ty:ccfquare 3 nott)nlt&c to fpelt.jn 3te* 

lie tfjepmafee pottage of it fo: tljctr labourers. Far 0^ Adorcum, 

Virgil Uioulo tjaue fotone befac tijefcttimj of tljefeauen Carres, 

after tfje Acquinodiall of Autumnc : but in \mi anD cols barren 

grounDS 3 tt to belt to fotu it about tin fcalenas of &ctobcr 3 ti)at it 

map tate Ditpc note brfo:c ttje filing anD coio in Imnter. 3t is 

fotoeD in loin grounD 3 tonfrifl),anQ ctjalfcp: after tt is fotoeD it mutt 

be t)arcoUieo,rafecD, anD luceDeD: ttje rahing Icofctl) in t&e fp:ing, 

fl>t fytmv fyactrs of winter, 3n railing 0? ijarrotuing, pou mutt 

tane tneO,as 3 faio befo:c 3 t!)at pou ljurt not ttjc rcotes : tDCCDmcj 

in!) en it is KnofteO feueretl) tl;e Come from all annorances.Slje 

prmci) men fotoit in hollom furroiues, becaufe it is fcerpfub* 

teetfo blafring 3 ti;inHingttjcrcbp to pjcfernc it bettj from fclaft at:3 

mticcfou 2Cofoto it in f)ie grounD ts Difccmen0£D 3 t!)0itgl) itpiefc 

per there Uicll mongthbecaufe eattcll cannot afoapUutlj it,foi fije 

Thefirft Booke, entreating 

ffjarpncffe anD tuffnes of ttje carcs.ana beraufc it required great 
labour m getting off* ttje tjuf fes.toljiet) if it be not c!ecnt> cf,ts nc t< 
tfjetgmD fo; man no: beaff : n)e tonclcanc ctjaflfe Doty fcurt toittj 
rbe<£ongb. ttje Cartels lungs. £mongfttbefointcrfeDcs, fcape 
faDc Doi"; challenge i)is place, fofncfc 3 fafce to be t|e faoeof tjjc 
Kape, folmb Piink mafeetf)fo2£is tf>trB bmoe 5 anD toilDe, tefjofe 
rate, lifee tfje KaDti&,runncn) in lengtlj.rljeleaurs being ruffe, 
lihe flje otfjcr fcinces, anD ttje ffalfec buOjp ano full of b?anc|ics : 
ffje xcote of it is gcoD to; nothing, but is orielp fotoc D fo2 ttje feeDe, 
thereof ffjep malsc £Dple, feruing foz poje mens fcifeliins, fairs, 
anD lights? fpcciallpin Germanic, tefjere tljcp toantttie £)ple of 
£>itur s .feifjcrc bp arffett) great gaines to tye ljuf banOman.Jn tlje 
tiot Countries to&crct$>cp bane otljer£>ple meng^t^isroeD is of 
no toff, but in teDing of iSirDs : it is fotoeD intfce enD of 2uguff, 
o: tije beginning of September: botu be it,fomefime it is fetone 
in epmty among n)e Summer faoes , but to nothing fo great a 
Profit : it is caft into berp rict) grouno, 02fr>eUmanurco, tjmce 
plotocD ano iocll rilleo, it mutt bee fotoeD toerp tr>iti : fo; being a 
fccrpfmall toD,itmua notbefotoeD tmtlj ttje full banD, astotjeat 
is.but onel£ luit^ rfca fingers : it fiol»2etfjin^arc^o2 there- 
abouts, as ffjepeerc is fojtoarD, ano continue^ i)is flowing a 
long time : n)efloto:e is peilofo, anD berp ftoecf, tuljercin H5*s 
Doe mucfj Deligfjt : as fconeas it fpat£ left fioto:ing,if isp:cfent(p 
ripe : it grotoetljttoo cubits in tjeigbt. bearing a plentiful* fas e 
m little fmall cots, it renDccetbfo; one budjell, a bonD2cDbuO)eIs 
offeeoe. ^itbertofjauelfpofeencf Winter faDes, notomufta 
tel! pcu of Oicb as are fo&ne totoar&s Summer* 

R i g o. ®3ill pou fpeahc netting of n)e ftape ra>fe,tD&icf) is 
rjreatip oecupifD of tfje IjufbanDman, anonottcbceDefpifcDasa 
tbing ttjatgcotoctb in great quantitie, anD is meetelpgcoDmeatr 
bottj fo; man anD bf aft t 

c o n o. Efje £apc is namcD of n)e (Ejcefces ycyfito, m Jfa* 
lianRapojin fepamOJ Nabo, in j^rcnef? Raucn.EJje 02Dering of 
iuljict), tljougf) 3 raise it fo belong fo tfje C5atBcn, tisercin pou 
arc able to fap moie rtjen 3!,pet bee aufe pou requite if,f f Ijat fome* 
timetbebcfbanDmcnDopIanttfjemrnt^eicfielDs.BI Uni tell pou 
as mucljas 3 bnotu tbereir?. Ebere are 2. femos of tljem, tbe firlr 
totf) rcDteaUiu Ungt^lihe t^eUao^i^, fc^uij in manp places of 


of Earabk-ground and Tillage. , i^ 

<&ermame is ofeo fo; a oainfie meat: ffje otfjer ept&er grotoctt) 
in great rountmcfTe , o? rife b:rp flat : t(jcp are nouriujcO toitb 
miff0,fro&0,sirt colDjtfbee monctfjs togctbet,ano grotetoaner* 
rceaing greameffe. Riinfc tojlfetkfbat&ee&attjfeenettojfea of 
fljem ftjat baue toeigbeb fo?tie pounD. £>ome fap , t&ep fcaue 
fane of t&cm t&at bauc ton'ghco an tjuntucD potmo. 3 1 t* teonoer' 
fall, t^at of fo little a too Ojoalo come fo great a rojt. £&e €>re* 
cians make two hinDcB of tfjem,r&e male i tfje female, botfc com* 
mmg of one f«D,tl>e male tofjen it is fotoeo t bicBe,ano tlje female 
tofjen it is fotoeo ttiin. S^cre are ttoo feafons foj t|>e fotoing of 
it ,ept^er in spared toljic& toill be rfpe about tjjetentt) of 3une 3 
o:in 3ulp,oj auguff, after t&efteft plotofngjeommonlptoponttje 
groano toijecc Hie i tojnter Barlep tiaue bene netolp fjao of. Bit 
is tl; ought tlje l 1 are tbe Ctoeeter bp Ipmg in tlje grouuo all tomter, 
tofjm ai fl;c encreafe ts not tn tlje Icafe, bnt in the rote. £l)ep 
are alfo fotoeo fas Plinic tontetij) inbot ano mo ill Countries tit 
tye&p?mg 9 ana toill tlje better encreafe if tljep befotoco toitf> 
cbaffc,u>t>o tuouloalfo jjaue tfjc fotocr nafcea, ano in catting tlje 
teoe, to tutto gcaolucbc to t)imfelfe,ano to i}isnefgt)bour*.&$ep 
are pjeferuco from t&e Caterpiller, testify commonlp confumctjj 
tbe poung leaues, bp mingling ti)e feeo ttritb &mte, oj Keeping 
tjjem all a nigtjtin tlje iu^ec of ^oufleefce: Columella afifrnuty, 
tfjaf Ijc fcimfclfc Ijatlj fcene it pzoueD. 
Rico, $otop:occeDe(3p?appouJtoitl)pour feommerfeess, 
C o n o. Clje iaommer faces are almoff all fuel) as ate ripe 
toit&in tf>:ce moneys, oj foure at tbe bttermoft after tijep are 
fotocn , ano fome of tljem fonet,h? tlje grounoanD tbetoeat&er 
be got!, among tlje sommer fecoes toe toill firft talfee of graine, 
ano iaftcr of pulfe. JS)t tlje grainc, ^)ates ate ttjefirft tbat are Oatcs. 
fotoeo,tf)ougt) Virgill count tljem barren, fPlinieeountett) tfjrm 
rather toe&s tfjen come, affirming, tljat Barlep id t)en it p?ofpe> 
reffj not, toill manp times turnc to £>ates : pet tlje if rencljmcn 
t t\)t cSerma.ies count (it at tin's oapjtbe bett pjouenocr fo? ^oj* 
fes,ano fcoo fo: Catrcll. Plinic alfo totf neffefy , t^aftlje (^er* 
manes bfeo to maise pottage of ^)afes. ^no Diofcoridcs mafcetb 
mention of ^)aten pottage, tto'atoc U (2>e^M» yi'fn7r«, pottage of 
gruell is maoe of £)ates, it is calleo of tfce <0teehcs ^moj, 
in Italian vcn»,m ^>paniu) Aucna, in ^rencl) Auoinc, in BDutclj 



ThefirftBooke, entreating 

Haucr , iuljut) ftjougti tt grolo not rommonlr. in $tz\? ,yct fcpcn 
Monte Ficcho, ano m tfce fctngtome of /Naples about Siponto tt 
is founo. cclec tjsue nmongif bs ttoo Hlnscs cf rpun, one fuil 
ana iucigtjtic, fcruing in care pares, to mafee b2c«& mi Mnfce 
ofj fpecwllv tf ^ o* nuoico intttj a little 13arlcp , ano x^is Unot 
pzofperctf) m net) ano ncin bzohm bp ground crcceomglp. £~be 
ml)tt femoe is ligbtec 3 Uitjicb tyc common people call CiocnanD 
£52um!>aucr , it is beep ligt)t>ano veelDcrt) but litfis 8oto2e no; 
fmDcutgrotoetg bpon fanop anD barren greunos , ano feruetij 
inell fo? Cattcll anD fa; ^o:fe: faotrj ttjc kinoes baue bu% tops, 
from taljcNCc ganger!) ttje feof,inU'ftctoife rcfembitng tlie grade* 
ijopperitlje flote2e of it is te!)tte 5 ? from one gcainc, t^ere (p&p 
gettjOiucrstt.ilhesi^ittjDiorcondos.Bromosjts a tunDc of Oafs 
ttmtrefemb!ett)ti)t)eatirt t&e ftalfee ano t\)t bla0e,t grotogtl? lifes 
iriilDe irtjeat. Theophraftus callctt) it aiyu'AoTra. £be Oat is not 
Dangerous inttjc cljopfe of t)is grouna 3 buf grotoeti)lifceaga>D-feli> 
ioto in eucrp placc,tof)ere no feeoc elfe tutfigroU). Ofttjc lifeeci* 
fpodtion almoftis ISucfeo? I5eecI;tof)caf 5 tmtmomnetQQur olo fa* 
tfjers.^t is called (pMyon^j 13 eecbtoear,02 .uiAa^Trueo^.. Black* 
it>rjeaf,tf3ouglj jU£A£?/upgd£i ffgnifictl) anotijer grainc.3! [jao rattier 
cailit 13cecl)lr»t)eat, becaufcttjegrame tijereof istl)2ceco2nerD, not 
bnUlsc tf?e Bcccfjmaft betf> in colour 1 fo:mc>utffcrtng onlp in t\)t 
fmalncfTc. Slje UalKe is berp great.* UrafccD l&z to tlyc greater 
fearne: ittjatfj manp. foancfjes, tottb a bufljp top, a great fo:t of 
incite riotous in a fcnop,lrac t\)t flcUncs of Gloer : it floto2et& 
long together, ^ after appearetfj ttjc grain c, firff totjiteanD gree* 
niQ)inn>apetl)2eece2nero rafter tbcpbe ripe tfje colour cfjaungetf) 
to Wac&e 0.2 b2otoniG) 3 lihe a vDbeftnut. Stjis graine Ijafb not long 
fihee bene bzoogfjf from ITuflia t tlie ^o:ty2eu parte in (Beany 
nte : noto it is become common ,ano b'feo fo? fatting of l9ogs 3 ana 
ferae tb tfje common people in oeare fcafous, to make bicao anD 
tiirite itutfjai. gt map be fotoco in any grounu,anD is fotuen m 3< 
p,2il!.0}np 3 ano rn Junc,affer tf)e reaping cf Kapelfeft. Pou mutt 
fotoe leffe of it bpon an3rre bp a frmrtb part ttjen of ta&eat 02 
3Kie: it ismiKljbfesto be fofocD bpenffjegrouno inhere tfapes 
gro\u,U.itjerebPt|)e grounODotf)pkilo a Double crop in onerecre* 
WBfrtn it is fgtwcn 3 it commctf) bp, if it tcmoitl iueatljer, fcttl;in 
foure 02 gue Dayes after^aumg tiujj ieaues at tyz fir ft appearing, 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 30 

it of mucfr tmlilse to |3nrflainc. flmongff tbcfommer fceDesisalfo 
rrcciiieDfommcriBarlep, tofjicl) from tyc Cannes rntrtng into Sommer 
tbe yCcjuinofliall, till tlje rnD of spare!; $ %:U1, is folnen, ano is B » r ky. 
reapeD agame fo? tfce moft part in tb«Jfiemonetljs,o? at tfce brier* 
mofffourc* 3|t requirctb (as iuintcr Barlcp &ot&) a ncfj anD a 
uielloto grounCt to be fotoeD after tfoice ploUHng,tljougb fome* 
time fojneceffiriett isfotoeo after tbefirff plofoing. ^notfjouglj 
ft peels not To gart no? fo perfect a graine as ttjc tomter Co?nc 
Dort),lol)orc grame a* Thcophraftus Uuitetb, is farre mo?e per* 
feet ano of ffronger fubftanee, b:ingfng greater ffrato anD mcig^ 
tier eares,pet beeaufeit is farcer tjnffteD, anD tfie Summer feeb 
mo;t fine anD gentle, is t!)erefo:e of moft men DcfircD,affiKonn' 
tea to peelo mo?e floto*e t£cn tfje Uunter gratne : fome agame M1I 
pjeferrc tbeotfrer Millet, ealleo in Marine, MiiJium , m Creefee e * 
ntyxw * tt Btaiian Milio, 0? Miglio , fjautng us it toere? a ttjori' 
fanograines in a eare, as Feftus fcemeti) to anoto, m^panift) 
Mijo, m if renclj Millet > anD in £>urclj Hycrs, iuljerc tfjcp ma&c 
pottage oflt anD b?eaD. %\>e humans anD s^nfrouiansare ttytf* 
Ip nourifrjcD foirb tbls Rinoe of pottage, lm)icb fbep make ixiftfp 
*fr>e flottue minglcDtoltb'inilKejanD tbe blcoD tljat tfjctf let from 
tjjeir bo;ifcs. 2Df?c men of Ind, as Plinie faptfj , know no otfjcr 
grain* but Baric? anD fillet, tofcicf) grew in bts fimeplenff 
failed in Campania, it istye bell leatien fbat map be maDe, mU 
ffjcr is tfjere am? graine comparable to it fo; toaigbt 3 tbat moje 
fctercafcfb m bafcmg:fo? of one butyeUfjarb bin D?ataenttj:eefeo?e 
pouno of bjeaD,t abufljeil of foDDen meat,maDeof t&ee quaeres 
foctanDbnfob. gt is fotoeD at tbis cap in euerp place, tfjougb 
toerp little intyc loU) Countries: it grower!) font!) a ffalfce fell of 
fopnts,a cubit Ijfgb, aleafe libra moe, a ronno anD afmall fceoe 
Ranging Dotone in long rimmes U$irb manp tops : it groloetlj 
fomctime fcuen fcote bigb,ttDeligbf etlnn a watrifl) mco:p gronnD, 
ano m grauell , fo it be noto am fben ouerfiewne, if batetfj D:te 
anD cljalfcfe grounDs.£>ome gtuecotm&ii to fofoe it firff in a cola 
anD wet grouno , anD tben in a botgrounD : bcfo:e rfce ^pnng 
pou muft not fowe it, fin it Dcligbtetl) \mn\) in warmtlj. 91 little 
fcetre of it, is fuflficicnt foj-a great Deale of grounD: if it be foiotD 
tbici^c, itcomes to nought : a great IjanDftiHtoillfcrur a indole 
#ttc,UrtjcrefQ:e ia racing, pou muUraheouf totiat is moze 


The firftBooke, entreating 

tym neeDfull : an acre bcaretl; foutttcbutycis, if it be forilfofoco, 
euttv fceDr pccioui; about a ^cttc 11. 3 ttsfi-zbioocn tubefoumcai 
mongClincs 0; fruit Crees, ano mutt cotUtnttatlp be toceOeD ano 
rahco. OTjen tf>e care is full groUme, it inuft be gatbere ~ iutt & 
tbe i)anD 9 ana ojpeo in tljc £>unnc , left trje bot incatijer flatter 
tl)c f«Dc0. SSbis grainc map fc crp long be p;efcruco 5 fo? being 
tocii lapo op U)l;er e tije minor cannot come , it twill toell laft an 
l)unD?e? peeve. Cfcere is another Imc gratne ttjat tfjcp call 31m 
Oian ^tUctjUutl) a great gralne,ano a blackeanD big reeop ftalfee, 
tel)icb toas firfi bzougtjt into BKalie in rfje raigne of Ncro,t»lnc| 
(as Piimc fgifljj bias called Loba, iMjereas Lobaeate catijee t£e 
Cods of all pulfe, ano Phobse, tfjc manes atro topper of £$tttet, 
as it appeared bg Theophraftus. Panicum is calico of tfjc <&;itkt 
Pannidc. tXu^og 3 of tt)e SDutCfc Pfcnnich , 0£ Heidengreifis 5 of tyt 3 tall/* 
ansPannacho,tlte jspamarcs Panizo, tyz if renefcmen Paniz, fo 
called of ttje little panniclcs,t»&erein tlje feeo uetrj. 3 1 coimncty 
tip like fillet, toitfj man? leaurs, ano Otppes, glittering Hurt) a 
reooiu) buu)ie top, fall of feeOe*,lifce flpuffaro fceOe,fome pelloto, 
purple 3 blacfee,ano toljite : it mutt be ojocreo in all tying* almoft 
as fillet : being fomeo in &ommer , it it ripe in fojtp oases as> 
ter : tnotyrr places fofoeo in &9ap in met grouno 5 tt is to be ga< 
ffjereo in September. SClje!)ai:uctt,ano trjc ofe of it 5 isalmoft all 
one toity fillet , neither can it 3 as jpllcr,be fined toftljctrf par* 
tiring: tmjenit beginnes tofpmole, it mutt be tuell toceoed, lead 
tye toeeocs ouergroto it : being toell Ojctt teity CftceQll ano 
$pilfee 3 it mahzty indifferent gcoo meat : in bjcao it is not fo muclj 
t>fe as fillet , fo? tyc b?ead is oerp Djie , ano e cambletb like 
&ano 0: aOjcs, being altogether Uritbout moiffure oj cleautng: 
but rte common people remeoging fyzt tot'tlj HarDe o: £Pplc,eo 
mafecafl&tft toitrj it as toell as tticp can. SCbep tljat itneH about 
Ponms,5refauDto rffecmc it abone allottjer fcoocsstlje people 
of Nauare doe at tyis oap. 3jn manp countries iris ofeo onelp to 
fade pigeon* foitball, 
Rifc * ®f t&enomber of outIanOtu)graine,isHilc, inu)apcas Thcp- 

phraftus faptb, lifee Darnell, I;auing abuftjie foppe libc cptllet 0; 
patmiclc 5 bttt no care : tys grapne is libe trjc feincc of Barlep, 
called Zw, t^c leaues are tijidic like tyc ieaues of Eeche s , bnt 
loader, tljefialbc a cubit fet'glMbc fioure purplc,SCi«'s gratne i* 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 3 1 

but geafon in if ratine e ano (Dcrmanie, but fti 3ltaUe and 3lum* 
baroie common, tuyere it is calico Eirilo, ano Mcnclrro Dcinfo, 
fbeifcemb menleauuigfoeficu; letter? Doe call it Rifon, tfjg 
C^«be5 S^* , tyc £>paniarO0 call it Arrofs. Plinic fuppofetb 
it to be engcnDjcD of tbc water &eDge. 2C&cre is maoe of it 
if urmentie, as Horace cailea it^ mtc if urmentic. 31 1 10 fowen 
nuparcb, as fillet anopanniele 10. Cbe3nDian0 (tbep fapj 
tot bzufc it before tbepfowcit,foma&e it the ligbter of Digcfftou. 
#nD a0 Strabo rcpojtetf), tbep make Djtnfce of it. 

Ri go. mm fap pou to Scfamum, ttjat wasgreatlp m bfc 
in tye oloe time * 

c o n o. Sefamum fs name) witb tbe Creeae0 <™<ra,uop,tbe sefamum. 
3talian0Scfamo,tbe S>paniacO0 AionioIi,tljeif rencfjmen Tugiolin. 
3ln timc0 patt, it batb b*ne mojc fcfco ano gceatlp commcnDcB, 
botb of ColumclUano Plinic £lttbi0Dap itis Unowcn to a beep 
fefo, as a great fojt of feeoe0elfG are 3 in fo mucb a0 tbe ucrp come 
fljat toe oailp fee) of, toe fcarcelp hnow fobat it is. kome reckon 
it in Renumber of €>raine,anD fomc of JDulfe: tbe ttalac tfjerc 
of is not lifee fillet o: pannfclc,full of iopnt0, but plapne anD 
finmtl), uftc a reeoe, fyt leaucs thereof cuDDp,tbe feed U)hitc,uot fo 
bigge as Htnfee^anD i0confaineo in Utile tops like poppie : it 
is fofocn befo:c t(;e riling of rlje feanen ttarres, after tlje man* 
ner of Bltali?. Columella faptb, tbaf be batb feene it in Cilicia ano 
Syria fotoeo in 3Iune t 3ulp>anD reapeDin Aucumne. 3ft requires 
a mellow blaelse inottlD , fbottg$ ft will groto tjpon gooo fanap 
grouno,! fo?ceogrouno,raine is (jarrftiU linfo it after if 10 foweD, 
tuyere as it Dot!) go) fo all of'oer <25raine : no great Cattell no; 
C&erinmetoiU meoole witb if > it burf etb grouno brrp mut^ , be * 
caufe of tbe great quan f if ie anD tbic&emffcof ttjc ttalhe, ano tlje 
number of tbe rotes. Plmie imittty , tbat it wa0 bjougbt cut 
of Hnoia , ano bfc) botb fo? meats ano oplc. H&ut to refurne f 
fueb grainea0 Wee are aquafntea Witb. flmongtt tlje fommer 
feeoco is spifeclin fo be tecftonco. SEbe tyifbartmwn ooe fome* 
rime msBc a meDlep of funojp fojt0 offeeDc0 3 anofotoefbem 
parrlp fo; Caftell,ano pat'tip fo? bope tfjat tbougbfome of tbrm 
faile, ^tt fomc will grofoc. 15ut bere mutt pan betoare,lctt pou 
mingle not winter <To:nc an^ fommer <£o:nc together, fo: tbat 
were a great ouctttjftt, ano one of tb cm mutt neeoc0 pcrittj. 


The firft Booke, entreating 

$otne barlep map well be infnglco toitb £>ates o: Bucr,«s lucll 
foj Vetoing, as foj feeoing of Cattell: auo SCares oj ot&cr like 
pulfe map be mingleDtmtb £>afcs, as feerp goo foj beatts. 
SC^jcp are to be fctiufc in time ano place as 3 l)2uc toiDc befo;c,ni 
mp feuerall entreating of tbem. 

Rigo, i&mbau*meUfatif6cDtmefo k : <22rameano <£ome 3 
pou map now (if it pleafe peiO boe as mucb in pulfe. 

Of Puifc. Cono, pulfe oj peDtoare, is calico of f be <3axksS cW$ i«, 
tlje otber parts of tbe fruites of tbegrouno : of tbefetbercarc 
ftino^ fo?tes,as pou baue feme of Come: Tome put ^illet 3 pan* 
mclCjanDSelamum, to tyis binoe 3 becaufeCoIumcJ)a,fometimcs 
puts tij em in tbe number of <2raine 3 an& fometime of pulfe: but 
3 following Plinie berein, Doe put rbem amongff tlje fefn&cs of 
0raine, accounting tljofe to be pulfe 3 wbofe fceDes are contain co- 
rn co&oes,as Beanes,(3eafe,ILentiles 3 2Cares^bpcbcc,i?itcbf s, 
ano fucb liKe,wbicball are to be fotoen in tbe fpmtg.&fall hinoe 
of pulfe , tbe greater bononr is Due to t\)t iSrane, as Plinie 
witnelletb,as to a pulfe tyat is moil commoDious fc? man ano 

Beancs. bead. 3n (fcreebe it is caltea Kua/uoe, in 3 rattan ano Hafine Faba, 
ms>paniU)Haua,in irrenc^Fcue,inE>utcl;Boncn.2Cbisamongtt 
all otljee pulfe gro&etb in beigbt witbout anpjrap , if batb a 
tbicke.leafe, acreaftrD floUijcofbiuers colours, fpotfeo tel;t to 
anoblache •> wfjicb varro calles tlje lamentable letters Ut batb a 
long roobe 3 bis fruit loif bin b?oaD, like the naple of a mm> of sU 
uers colours 3 it appearetb at tt)t firff witb manp ieaues Use a 
peafe,ano not wf tb one alone,Ufec W&fytat. Sit is foweD firft of all 
ctljer pulfcin tbe fpiingtime, as virgill willbaueit 3 ano timeip, 
beraufe of Fabalia, lubic!; is tlje offall of tlje i3eancs 3 fo: botl; tlje 
coos anD t\)t ffalKc, is a fmoc f batcatfell mucb ocligbts in* CoJu- 
mc!Iarepo?tetb b&& bebearoa ffeilfull bufbanoman fap,tbat X$z 
r>ao ratber baue X^z oJFall of Beanrs timely foweD^ben fjjc 
Crsp of tljat tobitb is ripe in tl)?ee mouetbs 3 pou mutt foiue tbem 
in tbc enereafe of tbe ^a»ne,anD after once plowing. 3ft is faiD, 
cbat if tljep bee enelofeo in <©oates ootwg anofoweo, tfjcr? luiil 
#alo great enereafe, anD t^t parts tl;at are eaten cjgnaiime, in 
tbe enereafe of tl)t Wane trull Mbp againe. Jft^cp be fotoc& 
Hereto tbe rato of £Cr#s 3 ti)ei?wiilUiil tbem.&ome i}o\^ opU 
.siion,tfjatif tf;ep bjeft/#pc.a in Capons blo^tfjep will befafefrom 


of Earable-ground and Tillage, 32, 

all fpittftiU toceocs,s trjaf lapeo in teat er a Dap 0? tfoo before tbep 
be fotucti,tt;cptoiU groin tf;c famer. £3je ISeane Ocligbfrfb m 
rt'c^ f toell cunges grounds all otr)cr pulfc Doty: toet anb loto 
greuno it Dotlj not rcfufctbougball tl)e rcfl oefire ojie grouno,tt 
iiuietr) notto<£Dmg,beingablcto ouergrototbtm. £>fallotbet 
|3ulfe tt oncip fp:ingetb tuitfi an bpjigbt ttalkt full of fcnots, aito 
0olloto.8tU) totjercas al otber pulfcarc long in flotojMbis aofo* 
rctl) longeff,floiDjing fo?tic Dape« togetfjcr,one ffalfee beginning 
Uiljen otbers cno, ? not all at one times* fobeat,t&cp coo tn fun* 
Djp oaprs,tbe lofoeft part of tbe ffalfcc flowing firtt,f fo bpfoarD 
(till in ojoer.&o fruitful are fljc pinfomepIaces,as pou ftjall fino 
oneffaifcc to bcare a buni>?eo hemes Ktyc Bcancsfticfeeclofcto 
ttjeu? CDow : tyc blacfee in tfjeir tops , tr)e Marines call Hilum,t&e 
COW Vaiuuli, tbetoojmcS tyat bjceo in ttjem,Mida. Lomcntum us 

tbe mea!etol>ieb tr)e people in otoe time oio fcfefoj tbefmotljrng 
of flieir fluns. Frcfa Faba loastbe beanetbattoas bat ftwallp bjo* 
ben, ana bulleo in tbe spill. Refrina foas tbaf toljicfj tfcep bfeD to 
offer in fatrutce fo? g©D lutfee toitlj tbeir Co?ne%3t is g©o to (lap 
pourSBeanesin tbefoater of^>altpatcr 3 a Dap before peu foto 
t[jem 3 pou u)alheeptbemfrom Mlpuels,as(Pa!!adiusfaitb)tf pou 
gather tbem in tbc foane of tye fymne,f cberity tbem,f lap t&m 
Up before tlje encreafe. Beanrs.anoall otber f^ulfe ooeineno rbe 
grouno tbattbeparefotocnfnJCbc nertto bcanesmiiicjtt)mcs 
ano folwing, is peafe 3 calleD in Creese th'tos 3 in Italian Pife, anD Peaft 
Pifclie, in S>pamO} Aroewt in iFrcwb Pcfe, in &>utcf) Errcr rem, a 
J0ulfe tljat groUictlj txsttljfjoUQtii ffalfccs ano full of b;umcbcs,lp' 
ingfcpontbegrounD 3 manpieaues ano long, tye cotisrounD 3 con» 
taming in ttjemrouno feeficsanDiufritcrtfjougljPlinie it^irctbafc 
trjep be cojnero as e&pcfj, of totytfy fotf foe bauc fome att&t's Dap 
Netoifyfoittj flexes in fljape like tljc 515uttcrfiie,purple colourcS 
tofraro ttje mutt. Cbere are fino fojfs of peafe, tire one fojf co< 
tietetbto cumbealoff,$ runncfb bp bpon Otcfccs,fobicb toitfiltttlc 
iuinocrs be bmDctb btmfelfe, t is foj tbe moft part onto fofoen itr 
garOens:tbe otijer fo?t grofoctr) Iofo,$ creepetb bpon tbe groimD : 
botb Uinocs acebrrp g©s to be eaten,fpeciallp foljc" tl^ep be pong, 
ana tcnOcr,tbep mutlbcfofone in foarmegrcunD,fo: ti}ev can in 
twfoifeafoa^ telrb co!D,tt>£|rare fotoeD eptber tponfalloioeo, 0? 
ratycUw ufy mwmlt bearing ground once^loipeo 3 ano as ; 

ThefirftBookc, entreating 

all ott)et:pulfc 3 rna gentle ano a racUotomotilD^tijc frafon being 

toarmc ana mopft. Columella faptf), ttjat groono is maee tocrp 

net) tuni) tt)0m,if tfjcpbip;efcntlf plctoeo 3 ano t^eccultcttarnc 

in, ano cocicr tijat inlncl) ttje l^oae b^ mtol? left, c^ct are 

fotoeo among fnmmer Sc:ne 3 commonly toitt) rfce firft. irtrtt 

15eanes 3 |dcafe 3 ano Gentiles., t^en Hares ano £>atcs>asis fato 

bcfo:c . &mt ano Cares muS be Cotoeiiiti &arrt) ano 0p*iU s 

ano in tt)e loan* of fyc q£ame,Uic tt;ep grcto fa? ranfce 3 ano fioiiue 

out of o:Crr,im)e teas the bed fotnmg fo; all crljcr pulfc f graine, 

10 MtrjeenereaCe of rfce ^fDiieXbcrearctrjatcountpeaferobe 

tip £>ulfc tftat rfce Crakes call k&t, tbe Ratines Eruum, 

t^c Jtaltans Eruo, rfce fcparaacos Yeruo,rfje &atc£men Eruen* 

of fofjieb tfcercare tlno feui0cs 3 tt)c one tutjttc, tije otljcc reo. E^i 

latter 10 \inlDe, ano grctocttj in tjeoges ano come fields : ft is a 

fmall plant, Waning tys leaurs narrotu ano fienocr , tys fickle 

cetber b)bite,o.jmeOleo to&b purpU 3 cjFommgnate together like. 

i3eafe,thcrc is no great bufinctTc abont it : tt ockgtjtett; m a leans 

barren grotmo^ot morfr/o? tt trull be fpttttoitt) ta>mae^ tsnthe* 

neUe : it mutt be (otoeo befc;e sparetj, mitt) \urjrtcb monett) tt a* 

gractt) no^bceanfe it is ttien fcurrfull fcnto Cartell. Eruilia ts a 

pulfe Ube fmall beanes, Come ftrtjite/ome blaefce 3 an& others fpec 

klcQ , tt t) at^i a Italic lihe pcafe , ano eitmbett) Itfce a^oppe, tt)« 

Coddcs are fmrntti like ^eafeocs. £3hc leaues longer tfjen rtia 

Isaacs of lieancs: tbc fioto:c is a pleaCant &ddc to 13as. Jn 

France ano LumbarOie it is calico Dora, 02 Doreila. Phafcolui 

ui ^Urine^n Creckc<r/juAs<f JurrK^garOen £mtalar 3 fome call H 

Fafielum.* Dolichium, among ttjc Italians fomecall itFagiuoii, 

fame Smilacc,cfc ghhorti, otbetS Fagiuulo Turcbcfes.otfjcrS La* 

iamo. trje 5>paniaros call it FrifoJ «,tbc Jrrcnebmen Fafioles,ano 

Falcs Pinccos , t^C £>utcfymtt\ Facclcn, o? fcttiOe bencn. St 10 8 

fctnoe of $>nUe, mbercof ttjerc are tolnte 3 rc&0c 3 ano pclloto.ana 

feme rpcehlcD tottj blaefce fpots, tlje Icaoes arc tifee 3uie leaues, 

bat feme t^ing tenderer , tlje tralfee is flcnoct ; iutnoing toitfy 

clafpes about fu:b plants as arcnert him, cunning bp Co higlj, ss 

paumap maitc3rboursbni)ert>im: r^eecODcs arc longer ttyzn 

-if emrigrecae, tbc Ccaincs iMttimDJiicrg eoiourcD, anD foffponcd 

MBe!3iDnetes: it pjofperst^ ma fat anoapecrdp bearing grouno, 

in CarDtns, o: lugere rou ictU : ano becanfe it cltmctl? aloft, 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 3 3 

t fjr re mtiff be fcf hv t|em | iltz 0: four*, from tlje running to t: e 
fops , it cltmbetl) tipon trac , fearing Weil fo: tljefl^ootumg jf 
0rbouroano t&oumvet t)ju.cs. dfit 10 fotocnof Dinars from rrje 
3oes of £Drtober to tt>c ftaUnoes or &oi\cmbct in fome places, 
anotoitfj tos zn spacct). ttfloVuicr^ tn is>ommcr,tbemeat of tijem 
<0 but inoiifercut, tljc fuprenot bcrp g©D,tbe cods anD tfje grams 
arc eaten together » c# tibe £>pecage. £Di)e3!eU)os fell tljem at 
KomcpzcferueD, to be eaten catue.Lens anD Lenticula,m Creese Ljmles. 
cpa*ig a«D <panw » in Italian Lcndi ix bon mxnaftre, in ^pamu) jfcencl) Lcntilla,in ©utcl) Linfen,isa pulfctocrptljicK 
anb buft)ic, toitl; leaues ItUc ttje Care, foitij tlj:ee 0? foure ben? 
fmall grained in euetp cod, of all jaulfes tbe leauV()ep are toft 
anD flat. £C!jc toljitc ones fo; tbeicpleafantneflc are rl;e bcfi.anD 
fuel) as are apteft to fcttfj $ con-fume moft barer in tljeir boyling. 
St is fotonc Untrj bs in d£>ermanie, in $parctj anD in £p:rtl,tl]e 
$&mnc encceafing,in mclloU) gtounD, being ricb,anD D:pe : yet 
Piinie tooulD rather Jjaue tfye groanDleanctben ricfj, ano ttje iW 
fon o:tc:tt fiotejerfj in 3alp,at tofcicf) time bp ouermucl) rancfencs 
anD mopffure, it fcone cojruptetti. 2Cf>crefo?e to caufe it quicfcelp 
to fp;:ng and foeil to p:ofpcr, it muff be mingleDtoirfj D?p Doung 
before it be fotoen,anDtoȣen it t>ar| Ipen fo mingleD foure 02 fiue 
Dapes, it mud be cad into tije grouno. 3ft grofoetf) fcigb (as tbn? 
fap) iuljen it is toef in toarme foateranD faltpeter, before it be 
fotucn, snD to til neuer corrupt being fpjtncfeleD tint j) Bcngtotng 
anD eiincger. Varro toilletti , tljat pou fofo it from tfje fiue ano 
tiuentic Dap oftfje tyooiu to t&e frjictietb,fo fljallitbe fafe from 
Smaples. flno Columella affirmetlj, tljat if it be mingleo tmtij 
atbcsjt tciill befafe from all annopanrr. Ctea in ilatine Jn dD'jeese 
iqifiivdos, in Italian Ceci,Cicerc Roiro,anDCiccre biance,in §3pa* 
nii Garuangos, in jFrentl) Chiche, anD inSDuttf) Cicercrbs, \& a Ciche. 
buft)ic RfnDe of|&ulfe, rjautng a rouno Cod, $ therein a couple of 
ttnie eomcrD feeoes, iufjereof tljere are tljat m&e t\)m Kinoes, 
H>bitc 5 reo,anD black, Differing onels in tbe colour of tljeir floto^e: 
fyc beft UinDe t>atb a SicBieu;alBe 9 cra)BeD 3 little leaues inoenteD, 
a totyitt, a purple, 0: a blacbe QotD:e. 0nD toljereas otfjcr pulfe 
|>a r !c tfjeir Cods long anD b;oao, acco:Ding to tjjeir feeDe, ttyz bca' 
retb tyemrounD : it Delig^tetb in a black anD a rid; moulD,it is a 
great fpopler of lanD, anD t[)erefo;enot gooofojnetrj b?oaen bp 

<£ gcounei ; 

The firft Booke, entreating 

$rounD:ttmap be fotoen at my iimt in $parcb,m ramie toeatijer, 
anD in berp nc'; ground : tlje fuD moll be tferpeo in toatcr a Dap 
before it be fctoen,to tbe cno it map fpjtng tfje fa>ner:it floto:ctl> 
in %unt ano 3u!p, anofljen failed) to feeoe : it Eotojetf) aberp 
long iobtle , ano is gatbereo f be fourth Dap, being ripe in a berp 
$o;f time : Urt)en it is in flotoje, of all otljec pulfe it receiuctlj 
fjarnu bp raine: tofjen it is ripe it rauft be gatbercD out of bans, 
fo* it fcatteretl) berp fame,anD liet|> l)iD toljen itisfallen. 3n tbe 
Ctncfjttjereneuer biecDetfc anptoojmccontrarpto aiipulfeelfe: 
ano becaufe it Djnuctb aiuap Caterpillers,it is countcD got) to be 
Cicercuh. fee in gardens* ciccrcuia in Ratine, in <Ewefce\oi'>eoc, in Kta* 
Itan Cic€rfc,in.§>paniu)Cizcrthc,it Differefb from tbe C()fcf) 3 onlp 
in tljat it is fomciuljat blacker, Urljicl) Plinic accounted to baire. 
bneuen ccmers,as peafe barb: ana in manp places about bs,tbey 
We tfycm in ffceD of $eafc, ctteemtng tyem farce abouepeafon : 
foa tbep bet b peelD mo?e fioto?e tfjen peafe, i is iigbter of oigctti* 
on 3 an3 not fo fubiert to loomics.CoIumclla counts it ratber in t£e 
Tar« and number offoDoerfo?€attell,tl)en of pulfe fo? mammfrljicbnum* 
fodder for bet are tijefe tfjat folloto. ano firft, vicia in Ratine , inOreebe 
tattcij. ^ Qlov j in tr>utcl) Wycken, in Jf r encb vertac, fo called, as Van o 
t|)Mr;s,ofiDMDuig, becaufe it batb tcnDjels oKlafpes,astbe dine 
fratb, inijerebp it climbetb bpon fucb ftalfces as groto ncrt it : it 
grotaetb fjalfe a parD fjig^ IsaueDlifce £Eintare,fauing t^attljep 
be fomerfjing narrolucr 5 t!)efloln;e like tf>e fiotoje of ptafctjan 
utng little blachefeeoes in coos , not altogether roun0,buttyaaD 
i&t tbe Hintell : it required a type groans, tljcugb if toiil alfo 
groto torll enougb in Hjaoofop piacfS,o: in anp ground toitt fmal 
labour, being not rambicftnne to tfje bufbancman : it require^ 
but once ploimng 5 ano la&etbfo? nttyct barroUungnoj Dunging, 
but enriefcetb trjc lano of it feife,fpcciailp if u)e ground be plolueD 
fofjen tbe crop is of,fo tbaf tbe iialfcesmap be turned in: fojotfjcr* 
toife tbe toaics ano. ftalfccs remaining, Do fuckecuttbegartntlTc 
ef fbe grounD: yet Cato mould baue it fomen in grafiie grotmd 3 
nottoatri^> f inntte bjofeen-bp grouno,aftee tbe Beam be gone,. 
anD t|ie moifture tyieD op tuitb tlje &mne f tl>e U)tn5e.|3ou mutt 
betoare.tljat pou foine no mo?e ? tym pou map IneH couer tbe 
fame capifoj ti)e leatt Dcatoe intbetoo^lo Dotl) fpopleit.ii either 
mu&poufototijcm befo.; (poiiebe tUienttc-fQureDrUesolQe,. 


of Earable-gtound and Tillage." 34 

offcerfoffe t^e gmaile ituUDcuoureit : in'gtfmeoffofefhgiM* 

Plinie tojitct£,at tljc fcttmgof tyt ffarrc,calltD tyt Berward.tljat 

ft map ferue to foo m SDcecmber: ttje fccono fofeung t'0 in %a\xuz* 

viz : tlje laft m %*arcl). gjn dSermanie tycp tfc to fot» t|ctn ill 

QHxfy 0} 0p?iU, rtjicfclpfo; fooacrfo: tijeir Cattell. &o iota 

Carts,! as PImiefaitt) B.eanesjnnotbjofecn&pgrcunDiintijout 

lou*e,i0 a great pdece of ljufbanDjp: t&ep flotete in 3csne,at toinclj 

feme tljrp are tierp goo to fcoto:e l^ozfcs j it i0 gcoa to laptfjem 

tp m ttjccoD, 1 to k&pc tljcm to fcruecattell tottljall .*£are0 and 

£>ate$ mafcr a gojo mcflinc fotoed togettjer.Lupinus in ilatine 3 ui Lupines.' 

<E>2eefee ^e.woc M/utgoc, m Jtalisn f Jfrenc!j 3 almofta0 in lsfine 3 ui 

fepaniu) Alrramuz, in SSDutc!) Roomfcbc Booncn 3 (03 pulfe 1)3* 

King one onclp flralfce, tyc leafe tagged tn fiue dtut(jon0 lifee a 

ftarre 3 tljcflohijciuI)tte,tbeoO0 iaggeo,! t'n&enfcdabout 3 f)auing 

Untinn ttjem fiue o? fire f&se0.ijarD 3 b£oao,f reo 3 ttje lcauc0 tljerof 

Do fall.SEtjtaet palfe ccqutrctl) leaft trouble.! is of (mall pjice^ana 

pet moff tjelpcttj t&e ground of 3ttp trjtng ttjnt is fotune : fo? ttjcre 

can be no better manurfngfin barratne Iiinep3rd0 1 Come field0 

tljen tl)ia,fo&icf) either topon barrainc ground p?ofperctf) 3 o;r 3 feept 

in tl;e <Z?arner 3 enourctt) a Ujonoerfuii tolnle: being fcdDen $ laid 

in foater,it feeder^ €)ren in tointer feerp toelht in time of dearth 

(30 Columella fait^) fern ctb men to afTtoagetyeirljungerat p?o* 

fperctf) in fandp f grauellp ground0, in rfce too?ft lano t|jat map 

be : neither leart Jj it to base anp labour bed otoed fcpon it, no; 

toafgtjctt) tip gadncs of tfce ground. £>o fruitful! if i0 5 30 if it be 

caftsmong HSuQ}e0i 115?icr0 3 pet hull it roite ano p?ofper : if re* 

ftifctt) both torrotot'ng and raising, $ (0 not annopeo totty fonts cs, 

but hilletljr^e totsdessbonf if, 3;f Dung be toanting to menu tlje 

ground kutljall, fljis fcrucs tlje furne aboueall ottjer; fo; being 

fotoed. and turned in initt) tfje ploUMf feructlj tfje turne in ffoad 

of dunging : it is fafoeo f imelictt of all ottjer 3 aud reaped latt : it is 

fotoeo before all ot^er pulfc 3 a little 3fter^3rucft: couer itboiu 

flen&eelj? pouMl 3 it carctb not(anercellentgo)i) faCcfojan cuill 

IjusbanD) pet DeSretl) it the loarmt^ of Autumne.tijat it map be 

ioell rtottn before fcrinfercome. fo? otljertoifetljc co'5 (0 tjurtfnll 

tjnto it. ?t QotoKtt) tljjife, nrft in 95ap, tljcn agame tn 5unr, ana 

latttn 3^!' ♦ after euerp flotomtg if bearetb ^t'0 cctoe. 35efo?e 

it flotu?et^,tl)ept3fe to put incattcll:fc % : U^ereas t&cp Mlfaoe 

<S 2 tjpou 

The firft Booke, entreating 

bpon all of^er-graffc o; foeeDcSjOnctp fyi* foj tfjc biff ernes $ err* 
of U)l;tle ic isgreene,tiKpieaue fcntourtjcD. fenicilj 
fo? fttftenancc hotfy of man ana be«C,to cattell it ixi gincn mtUcs 
fout& c&affc ; a!io fc? bzcao fo^ mans bie,it is mfngleo U)it|) tomcat 
fiotye , ojbarlp rlotoje : it isfecrp gcoo to feecpe it in a fmchp 
loaft,foj tf \t\yt anp tying mopa, it is eaten of little foojmus, 
ano tycrebp fpoplco. lEbeleafe fcecpety a certainc courfe ano tur* 
nety foity tyc smnne, fofjcrcbp it tbcioctyeuer to tye gmfbanfc' 
i-cnugrcck man > eMen i" f louop ioeatyce, toljat time of tf>e Oap it is. Fcnum 
grccum m &acine, in Jfrenty Fcncgrcs.ano Bifaiian 
Ficnigrxco , m £>pantu) Aiholuas , in gmtty femctimebp tye 
3lstine name, ano commonly Rohornc, ano Locksbomc : 
commety fcp forty a fmaU ffalfec,tye leafe iihe a tyjeelraueO 
graffe,it is fofoeo toell in a flenoer barren grounOjPoii mufl take 
lieeD pon ploto it tyicfee,ano not feerp ocepe, to; if tye too be eoue* 
reo aboue foutc fingers tytcfcCjitituttberpljarolp groto. l^ere* 
foje tye greunomuli be frto Uuty fmall piofoes^ano tye freo pjc> 
fenrlp ronereo tatty mhes. SCljcrc are ttoofo?ts of it> tye one 
calleD of tye common people SiJiqua o? CoDDe , io^ity tytp folo 
fo? Jfaooer in &eptember,tye otyer in 3Januarp,o? tye beginning 
of jfebjuarp: Uiijen tyep foto tt foz f&oc ; tt flotouty in 3imeanD 
3iu> 5 U){jcnalfott bearety |)isCoDDe 3 buttyefeeDcfsnot ripe till 
3uguft: it is ojcflfeo to be eaten after tye ejoer of &upms,ttuty 
i>ineger,toafcr, ano fait, fome put to a little ople : it isfcfeo boty 
foj fcDQer, anooiucts otyer tjfes, JFurtyctmo?c,ef pulfe calico 
of GeilitiSjLcgamcma, iue bauctyefe general* u?les,tyaf tycp all 
bcareco&s, t^aue finglermf cs cucrp ont, crerpt tye 15eanr,tye 
Cbicf) groining fceepeff. 2Ll)c ftalfee of tye bcane $ tye lupine is 
alfo &ngle>tye ethers are all full of b?antyes ano flenoer flipg,ano 
ail IjoLiofri. jftil pulfe fo? tyc moft part, are to be fotoeo in tye 
lp;ing,ano require ocrp rid) grouno,rreept tire lnipine 5 t^at cares 
not tuyere foiitBjfycy are all foUicnintircenereafe of tycSBamc, 
$eecptpeafc:iftl)ie^be Uiatecco before t\)iit fo^ing,tljcpp?ofp(r 
tije better: fytv are fpeeailp tobegatljereo^en tijep beripefoj 
iliep fuooenlp &ottcr 5 tf)cp toili enourc longeltbeing gatljecco in 
f be change of tbe i3p©ne. 3tis mucl? to be regaroeo l»l}et|ec pou 
ioill hcepe o; fell t^cm, fo? tlje feeos in tljeencreafeof tlje tyam& 
5oe luare.greaterUtieceare t^atp^efecue t^ein'in cact^enoeffete, 


of Earable-ground and Tillage* 3 5 

fcratufogaujes onsrr t&cm, and fp;incfeling ttjem toftfj iEiincger: 
fome Ufe alto aionc , ot&ers fcfc to fp;incWe f tjcin toit£ 25 ccgc* 
ternc fcmcger,as 31 1) jtic faio of tljc lentill.spo;eouer 5 tl)c ©rafics 
fjauc toilled to mingle toitt; tl;c Dung a little faltpctct: iuljui pott 
foU) ttKm ,to&crebp xtyty (ball ttje better U&ty and be trje tenderer, 
and if tljep be not p;efenth? tender,tl;ep mill to call into t&e pot 
a little ^uftarD feeo, luljtrb toil', make tlnmuraiglimup toclL 
Thcophrailus oDoct^ aiuccs things befior 3 totn'cl) toxic tea long to 

Rig o. Bid it nceofull fo; cucrp tsufbanDsnan to folu all tfrcfe 
(©rainc and pnlie m ijis gcotmo t 

Coho. $0 : but as 31 fapo b efo?e,tn Ip cafcmg of ground 
and ted,pou mutt cfjtcfclpfoto fuel) as belt agree totty tl;e nature 
of pour ground: fjotobeit , t&ere are fomc of t&emf&at refufe no 
ground. 3£ljereare tcrfaine of Varro faptlj,tfjat are not 
foto cd fo; p;ef ent nccrmtte 3 but fo; otfjcr aft erturncs. #nd others 
againe trjat are of nccefJttie to befotoen, as Co;ne fo; man, ano 
5f odd cr fo; Catteil : of tol)icfj mutt f pceiall care be fjadjtijat tt»ete 
be no toant of tljcm, toit (jout tojnctj teee can not line : as Hie, 
jaDatcs, ano Buck* Hupincs, and certaine pulfe elfe/o; fodder, 
refufe no gcouno,tl)ong^ ttbeneuec fo barren. HBefocs 5 tofjenas Fodder 
ffje tjufbandman mutt notonelp l;auc a care of p;outfing fuclj forCw- 
as ferue fo; tfje fuftenanee of man, but auofo; fuel; as f: rue 10; ulL 
tfje fecDing of pro.zc Cattell,tottfjout to^irf) tijc ground cannot be 
fjtifbanocD : r|ercfo;e muff i)c fotoe pulfe fo; rtjc bfe of man ano 
beaff,anO ifoooer in mo;e abundance fo; tljc fuftenanee of beads. 
Hmongft all fo;ts of if odd cr,tl;«u is counted fo; fyettyL ano : fj e!)icb tf)c people of oldetimc, ? ftje Italians at ttjtj? Dap call 
Mcdica,fomecall it 2Creefoile,tt)e jfrenc&mencall ftGrandrrefle 3 Medical 
t\)t Spaniards Alfalfa, others call it H5urgundic graffc 3 becaufc it 
toas biougljt in bp ttjc Burgundians , it in nolo alfo come info 
<3ccmanie,anD ttjere called Wclfliolken. Plmie to;itett), tt)a* it 
toas b:ougl)t bp tljc Momanes, out of Media into Italy, differing 
almott nothing from 2Erpfoll?, 0; tb;eeleaued graffe : but tjjat it 
is greater,bigljer,anD ranhcr 5 fo; in ttal!$e,leafe, and floto;e if is 
all one: it gcofoetb altogether butting in leaues. Bin ttjetoppeof 
tf)c ftalhe it puttett) fo;tlj mo;tcodde5 9 to;itljen UUel)o;nes inoen* 
ted about , and bauing as it toecc, little p;icbles, ivbctmx in tlje 

C s feed 

Thcfirft Booke, entreating 

fe&efljapeD like a S^ene, anD grototng to t£e €00 in bigme a* 
ttie Untilljlu^c^ being ct)3U»eD,taaett> Uke^eafc:eucr?(oD ^att> 
Jjis fcc?e , EC rrqutEcti) a fat grounD tottbout flones,fuilof taper 
ano riff) -in man? placcsttcommetb not bpin otbersit fpjingett) 
feerpttuefce. varro giuefb rt)arge,t!j3titbenot foiueOm to Dip 
agrouno 02 tickle , but in goo anD lueli fe^fonco. Plinic iuoulo 
\jm& rtje grouno be o?pe anD fcerp ncl). Columella bfDDetb,fyat 
f^e fieio.toJKre ttjis Medica fljall be fotocD, broken top 
aboct£ajb£:r,anD fo to ltemelloU>ingaUtrje fcuinter, ano t&en 
to ft irre if in j^cbruarp , % frje fronts caff out 3 totjatroto it fcueH s 
anD after in iiparrrj to ojDcr it garDcn-tmfe, rafting it into beo&* 
nirrp beD tm fore b:o3D,anD fifttc in lengrtj/o fyat ttjep map be 
ea3lpk)atreD,and cfeuerpfiDeiycUtocsDeD : rrjcttiar>ingong®& 
olo ooung, let U Ke till ap2ill, anD at t&e enD of 2pjfUfou;e it in 
fuc!j p2opo2tian,aseuerp rjanDfull of feeo mapoccupicfiuefa>tein 
b2eDtf),ano ten in lengtt), anD toucct^e feeo oat of fya.Kb, caking 
fbcm Uurb toajDen rases, fo: ttjc ©unite loill fconeburne trjew. 
3fter it isfotr>m ; tjjafiteeme fcp an met) in imgrjt.pou muft be* 
iuarc psu teuctj hot rfce grocmD toirtj anp p:on internment , but 
sptfjet ujtfb pour fingers, oj toitl; Hakes of tuooD: foeeDe it toril 
from all of fret nopfome tr/mgs 3 otticctotfe it Ml grotofotloe anD 
turnc ropafrure.Leffrje firft^arnfffbelongDefcrxeDjtotbeeKD 
fce map fometefjat ft)eo rjisfceDes: at ottjec times eou map mcto 
it as (ant as pou tuill.anD giuc it to pour Cattell. ©nefcasare 
ffeiifull m fcufbanBjp.D'oe fap,tbat if pou mingle £>atcs isn't!) tfje 
fees of Medica, ano foto tt)em,trjep toill eaufc fytax f o ftotfe oerp 
toril: ttis folseD tn2p.:ill } o:later ? tnSpap,to fcape thje fcofts^anD 
rtje tea is raft in like (ait as ktfjeatis. - batjen tt bcgtnncfb to 
6:anch,a!l ottjee tutors muff be tD£0eoatoap,an0 being trjuso:* 
DercDroj mar moUie it Bre rimes a Piere-Kf noU):ctb 5re times, 
o? at rrje if btnotmLdlcn van rjaucmoUieD 
if, luater ittodl,* as it fpitngetrj, tote ttagnrne. 3nO fyus&s » 
3 fapD,pou map mcta it fire times a pcccc, ana tt ii>*U tfjus confix 
nue ten percsfcget[jrr if niridjetot!jegroiinD.allfc:c2nD fable 
Caffell are fooncluought op toitb it, it Usemife rjealett) £afteli 
rfjitare DifeafcD,-buttD^cntt firtt fp;inget|j,ttilcaftel beacquain* 
f ets totti) it, pou mnff giue tijem bat itttic at once,lcaft tbelrcangc* 
mffc of r^ foooe ljurt tfamfo; it mafeetb f^emto Ca>eU 3 an& b?ee^- 

of Earable -ground and Tillage. 3 6 

fcerl) great abunoame of blooo« Columella to2itctb 5 t&af one acre 
of it twill toeil finDe fyice l^ojfcs a peere.BIn fome Countries tljis 
Ijearbe Dotf) groUJin grcatplentiemeucrp ^coootiMptljer oftt?e 
nature of ttje greuno.oj t|»toug^tlje mfpofition of tye !£eauens s 
ano fomerime rfce reliefers of rtjat m&icb ^atrj becne lengagee 
fotoen oottj peerelp fpjing of t&e fertc tfcat failed, f ouergrotoen 
twtrj <£ra(Te ano Ujctoes , ootb change into speoooto. I fee no 
canfe but tfcat it map geotu of it felfe, btit tljat perhaps lin£ 
|aianfsaoare bjcugljt out ofttrange Countries require fotoing 
ano Djrffingtit is beft to be moUieototjen itbeginnet^to flotr»?e, 
fej it mutt not be fuffeteo to foo, Urt)ercbp ttje iFcOOer 0*all bee 
t&c better: tobit^ being iuell lapo bp,toi!leontinuem goooneffe 
1Ij2eepeetes 3 to t^e great profit of tlje grafier, fe* as 31 tjaue fa?o 
fcefoje, ttjetecan be no better Jf oooee oeutfeofo? Cattell,tei)creo 
toitbtijep toill better fcebe,ano fooner rife. Oene rt in gocmus 
tot'rjfs Medica is Cytifus.toonocrfullp. as Plinic tnntetkeommen* Cyti f M , 
oeo of Ariftomachus, ano>as virgin fapty, agooa foooet fo.i 
£>ftfepe^mo being o?fe, a DeligtjtruU foooto &Uiine : it map bee 
motocD funojp times in tlje peerej to tfje great commooifie of tfco 
%n(osnoman : a Itttic lutjereof Dott; foonc fat tjp cartel!, nettle 
I* tljere anp. ott)er graffe ifcat pceloetfceptljer moje abunoance oj 
better ^ilfee^ttje molt foueraignc*meoicinefo2 tfje fickenefTe of 
Cattelltbatmapbe: be0De 5 tt)elBfiilofopt)crflp2omife,t&at JBees 
toill neuerfaile tfat fjane tbt*graOe growing neerc them: n)eee< 
fo;e it is neceffarp to bauepout gronno ffojee Untlj it,as tbe ttjing 
*$atbett fernery fo2$8oultrtc ano Catteil : tljeleaues ano fooe* 
are to be giuen to leane ano oiouping pullen : fome rail it Te- 
linen, Tome JCrefoile, fome great cpeUlot.tfje ttomane* call it 
Trifolumaius, great trafle,it i6 a plant altbairp ano tointify, as 
Rhamnusui 3 ^aumgb2anc!)es tjalfea paro long? mo2e,tobereupon 
grotoetb leaues lifce onto ft enigteefce 02 Clauer,but fomet^ing 
Uffc 3 |>auing a riGEngcreS in tt>c miott of tbem. SCtys plant teas 
firft foimDintbeBllanD Cythno.ano from rbence fp2eao tt)2ougb' 
out tbe Cyclad* , anb fo to Greece , tofjcrebp tlje ttoje cf Cbecte 
eamctobegreat: neither is tfjete anpeountrep at tbts$ap,i»bere 
trjepmapnot fjaue great plenty (ao Columella fattf))of tW flw&. 
3n Italy it groUietfj about tbeencloficrs oftineparos.if fynnlutb 

.<£ 4. ioeatycr 

The firft Booke, entreating 

toeatber be beep bifjt mutt be toafno. ml totjtn it firff fp?mgs 
iucll tjarrotoeOrafter tb;cc pares, peu map cut it cctone>anD giue 
it pourCattell.Varro fcuculD haucitfoUicn in toeli ojiaOgrounD, 
astbefffoeof ColcfooitstyoulDbc ano after rcmmneDanofrta 
fcot ano a fjaife afunDcr,o: elfetobefet of the flips. Cbe time of 
fotoma; ef Cynfus is either in Aurumne,oj in tfce fp?tng,in ground 
tacllpleiutOanDlapD outinbeos: ifpou toanttbefao pouma* 
ease ttjc aipe,fo $af poo fet tijem foure fat afwioer 3 an& a baneae 
catf about ttjcmtoitn ear ttj mrllooungec: pou mapalfo fet tt)tm 
befoze September, teljert ttjcp toill toerp toell groto and abiDe rfce 
coloe m tointer 3 it InQetb but t&:« pare. Columella batt) ttoo 
lun&esofCytifui : onelmlDe,tbeot&erQf tbe garcen. Erjetmloe 
trot!) Untrj iKsdafpcts fceoe berp Vocli : it toi.icetrj about 3 ano fells 
t)is neighbours as tbe 3oie Dotj): it is fowto in Gomefielfis, fpe* 
ciallp amongU JSarlep, thje ficm;e thereof is iifac tfce fiolfi:e of 
§deafe j trje leafe,if it be biuifea, fmellctt) Itae rocaet 3 anD being 
erjampr D in r^e moutb, it tattrfb Uae £btcbe,o.: peafe. Ktytxt 
is an other feinoc of J^oODer among tbe plants, bnfcnciiicn to fyt 
oloe tDjtters.berp g©D to feD bottj Cartel! anD poultries fenois 
not torjetijer it be fcnotoen in ot^er Countries befioc ©ermanie, 
Sfxric. trje eomrnim people call it Spurie 3 o; speric : it &at& a liaise a 
fate in ^ctgrjr o:, bnu>Q fo;ttj in manp b:aiicij*'S> it rjatb a 
tolntc fiotauc toit&oat stnj leafctrjc floir»:e enDctl) in little snops 
as irlare batty containing in t$em a cei p little faoiifce Hapeuxo* 
2D|)ep are mucb Deceiues tfjat take it fo: Cytifut , totjen f|»at (as. 
Diofcondcs fatttj) fjatlj leaues line jfemigra ae, ana ttyis is alto? 
getrjer Untrjoutleaaes : neither istbetoanptf)tngliBe 3 t&oug& 
t\}t 'ofe be aunott one. 2L£>e belt milae an o butter m Oermanicv 
commcttj of tlj is facing : to|?ercfo:e it is c frames aimott as coo 
as23atlrp>02 otbecgraine: tbe ftrato is better t£enanp$£ep;t£e 
tljaffe fceDettj as fcuell as anp grain ts : tije fee fseOt tb pigeons ano 
fjonlfrie in Ijotnter paling iuill : it is fo\»c"o m fanOte ano ligrjt 
grcunos all tbe a ernmer long.ano feme fetor it in ap?mg time 
tuitb ^ates^ttje feeoefaac: in AutumncanD^arutil time itiB 
fofeeo to fceoe Cattell : it is profitable foj ^ufbanomen t^at 
Oloeli mfanopanogtauellpCcuntttes, torjecefoje t|tf u)oulo 
neucc bee tottljout gooD fto:c of it , fo: l^cnnes, ffas, Coates, 
&>!?${$, £)ren, ano all kinoe of Catteil ceiigljt teip mnet) 

of Earable-ground and Tillage. xy 

tn it : note r cmatne tb tbe fotmng of if la re ana $cmpc* 
RiJg o. 3fl©fecfo;tt. 

Con o.SCfxMltyottg!) tbcp be not to be receiucd m tlje mm* 
fcer of Coptic no; polfe, Jf odder no; l^carbs, pet is tbere great 
account to be made of tfjem mi tb tlje buf banomans things, mi tlj< 
cutfofwbno boufe can bcfutmOjed, no; man toellapparrelleo : 
fobtcb being beaten to a foftncffe,feructb fo;toebsofltnnen,ano 
fmifting ofCojds : and mo:c, of tfjtftfo little a teoc dotl; fp:mg 
tljaf,fo!jicf^aBPIinic feitb; carcierb tbe Indole U)o;lDlji^eranD 
fi)etber,tbat b;ingetlj Cfcgpptto gtaip, $ carrictb bs from Calcs 
to Oftia in 7.oaies. Linum in Jtatine: tn &f&9&wi in Italian 
and &pantu>,Lino:m Crenel) Dulin: m EHifcb almcff ltfee,fauing 
fyat tbep call tbe feed Lin. and rbe plant Flaxc, is a beep common fi«*. 
Jjearbe, mberetoitb toomen ace fet a too?he : it fpty a flender 
fcalfte, notmucbbnlthcto Spery, bnt tbat it grolurtb btgbcr a 
little, and bigger, toitb narrow leaned and long bleto floto; es m 
tbe top,to(»cb falling atoap,lcauctb behind tbcm Utle rounD hnops 
as big as a pcafe, wijerm are enelofeo pelloto few : it ociigb tctfj 
in net) grounds fomc to bat moid : fomc foto it in barramc ground, 
after once plotomg,lt is forced in tbefp;ing,ano gathered in fum* 
tnerjn Ocloeclano and <Dulicfee,tobere tbereis great ffo:e of it*, 
tbep fem it about tbc beginning of$pap:tbeteace againet|at ob* 
ferue tb:cc feafons fo: fofering of it, as tl;c mcatber ujall fall out, 
fo; if rsqairetbramet motfture : tbc cfpeneffe of it it perceincD 
by tbe tearing pelloto, t ftoellmg of tfje fenops ttjat fjolo tyc feed, 
bemg tym plucked Dp,anD made in litle bundles- tt is d;ped in the 
^unne/be rates (landing toptoard, tbat t^e fade map fall out. 
feomc t)fe again c to card off f be fenops toitb an p:on combe <f d?p> 
ing tb cm in tbc funne to gather rbe feedXbe bundles aftertoardS 
are laid in mater b catcd \mt\) tbe funne, tot t p fomc toaigb* bpon 
tfmn to feeepc tbcm ootonc.tbe rindetoaring imfc, ujetoetb Uifjsn 
tbcp banc beene ftaepeo enough. 2Tbrn fyc bundles bnlofed and 
*njt d m tbe fun, are beaten toitb beetles, toben as tbe outer rinoe 
is pilled off s and combed* t b ached t? pon an r jcu combe : t!u nu\:e 
fo;ong it fufferctb, tbe better ootrj tt p :cu c : tbe tome is u u c red 
from tbc flare, and appointed fojbtebfe, foare tbepfcucrallp 
tymtbpw tbe dittaffc, made top inborfomes, anofent to trjr luca* 
aecf> tubeceof arc toouenwebs, to tlje great commoditte of all 


ThefirftBodke, entreating 

men.laff of all,t!je tocb is lafd out fit tin bot &imnc,a\ft fpjmtU*' 
led tottt) luatcr, toberebp it is bjougbt in a pau"mg tobircnrffe* 
3t map be rcmemb*ed,tt)at not long ff nee ttje toomen of ^ams# 
nfc feneiij no coftlter attp?e.2Lt)e brtt i?Ure t&at ts at ttys aap,f* 
fcougbtfrom spufcouia, Liuonia,ano t&ofe Countries, far mtU 
ling ours in lietgbt ant) gmdne ffe, ercept tfjere be great encreafe 
of it; and pientie in tfjc Country tolKce pou itoc 11. Columella 
iuould not tjaue I'ou meddle tottl) tlje fotoing of it, foj it is moft 
InirtfuU to tbc gronno, as Virgill barb notes. 

Flaxe,wherc it growes doth bume the Field. 

The like doth Oates and Poppey yeeld. 
$nd tberefoze (but tbat toomen muft bauc forne things to mupi 
f bcir bands toltbalUit to ere mo?e p?cfit to folo tlje ground tottrj 
Cojne,and to bup linnen abroad, efpeeiallp if pou toatgt) t&e fjurt 
Hcmpe. »f vwc gtound,* t|»c charges of t&e making. Hempc,m latme is 
Cannabis, in <0£«fce ntwa&c mV^M Italian, Canabe, in &>pa* 
HM) Cannamo, in frmtty Chamura, and in HDutcb Haucph, is ft 

jpiant of tbe ttadtU) feinae,$amnga bery ftrong fauour •• it grofou 
erf) toitb a ffngle ftalb,i maiip times to fuel? a &cigt>t,tfjat it mat* 
cljetf) toitl) indifferent trees : it is of great neceffitie fo; tt)c bfe of 
manj ano feruetr) bctbfo? making of<Canuas,f framing of ropess 
tb c ffaih hatt) manp knots, out of tobttb p?oceedetl) b wnctjes toit| 
ttarrotoleaucs indented $u)acpe. Diofcorides ^cfcrtbetl) faot!) ttjc 
toiloe J£empe,t t^e garden ^empe,to baue leaues like tfje 0Qje s 
fjolloto ffaltes^a limbing fauour ,t round faeD. Cber e are ftoo binds 
of if, ttje C^ale,tljat is tor tb on t Goto;e 5 <? bearety a fode of fundjp 
colours : and ttje Jf emale, tfjat, to recompence tjer barrenneffe, 
Dotl; paid a toljife flato:e.St is fotoed in gardens, ^cfjarda, oj 
ottjer g©d ground, (as Plinic mould baue it) after a &ou$toe£ 
iotnde,tottb t)8 it is fotonein $e end of #p?ill,fo? it cannot atoap 
toittjeoid : fomefoto itattfce rifing of tljcftar, called tlje Berward, 
to^icb is at ftyeend of Jfeb?uarp, o?tbe beginning of #arct) : it 
louetr) tic!) ground,to ell dunged $ toatred.anO'deepeplotoeb: it is 
naugbf ie fotoing of it in raT?nie toeat!jer> tbe tbicber pou foto if s 
tbe tenderer it toill be,and tberfo:c manp times it is fofejne rt#ife 3 
tbougbfome tl;ere bet()atappopntto euerp tot fquare Crefads* 
SClje if cmale, oj firble l^empe is firft pulled Hop, aftertoard tl>e 
^ale?o? tye carle, J»Jen IMj5 r^pje 10 ripe, is plucked t>p, and 


of Earable-gtound and Tillage. 30 

made fep in bunoete , lapo in f &e &tinne fo* tto* o* foare oapc0, 
ano after 10 call into tfjc toater , tuttfj toeigfct laioe bpon fcfm fo? 
eigljf 0? ternie Oape0, till Ije be fufficic ntlp loafrco, ano as Jf tare, 
iillt&e rfaoe foare tafe : tljcn tafeen oae 3 if 10 ojfeo totty rfje &uri, 
anoaftectoofcenint&etoahe, ano tym combed ano tjacfeeB fo? 
i^arne and Hopes. £>f l^emp, are made Cablc0, €0200, #ef0 
ano £>aUc0 fo.2 &&ippe0, garment0 fo? Habourcw, &bitt8, ano 
£>bate0: t&eujatoo* ftalfcr* ferue fo* fjeatfng of £>uen0, 02 
kmoiingoffire0. 3 

R i g o. 3ftt ffce Counfrcp of CWicfce, ano Tome parf0 of 
if raunee , 3 remember an ^carbe planted of tfjecommon people 
lBtt()greafDi!!genee 5 t^atfec«etMBtljepfaiofo?S)iar0. 

c o n o. f»aufaptrue , tyat fjearbe,Gcfar m tys Commence 
vie* of#eU>arrc0of JFraunee, called GJaQum, m 0reehe icon 15 Woidc, 
«A«Cor, fa 3*aU'an Gnado,m &pani# Pattern ifrenclj Gudum 
ano Guefdc , in ®ufc& Wcyt : t&e 2>iar0 ooe We if. ano tuitfo 
r&em ttf0grcatlp eireemeo 3 f great game arifctb thereof onto the 
people of CWoerland3ulic0 ano 2Curin 3 * dtuew Countries euV 
tbe leauea a0 Plmiefojitetkare itfee fcnto &>ocfe reaue&Diofcoridcs 
fo;itet& of tfoOBinoc0 3 tf)eaHloe 3 anotf>e harden $!lQadc,faplna; 
tbat tfje (Parden mom U>f»cb 2Dtar« tfe,t)aue lcauc0 like Man* 
ttne 3 but fomctljing tbic&er,ano tbcim'loe Ieaue0 like llentill toith 
pelloto floUier0 : toitlj t\>\* Ijearbe Ccfar,faM) tljepeople of Gng* 
land, tocretoont to paint tyeic faecjrnid bodies, to feme 11102c 
terrible to t&eir enemrc0 : it require^ like fofotng ano foile as 
mfyate ootjj : but it 10 a great fofeer of tlje ground and much 
^uttzt b it : it tooulo fjaue a fcerp ric& ano a fat ground , ano tuell 
Oiggco : fo? ttje ground mere better f be t urneo tip toifh fpaoes 
r&en fottl; piotuea fo? t&e fotoing of fyte plants it muft be berp 
foelto*dcd.3it tSfofoed in (25eloerlano in £p?i!,anoafferthecom* 
mon peoples rulr 3 in Matter foa&tat rfje firft fallowing the? marie 
% grouno, after fofoe it: poumu&beuerpfjeeoefullinfhcU)** 
Jtng of if. tm\)cn it is grotocn a |jaitDfull Ijpcano mo2e,t&ei> fu5 
fentnottofiofeJie, butUutbanintfriiment"fo;t!)epnrpofe 3 fhep 
rutitc{ofebptljerajte,lua^it 3 anoearrpitfotf)e m\,m(\\m* 
riHgittogrolnagairte,ttjepcutit ttyk o;foaretime0 3 anOfo leaue 

!L« e ^ ■ We s . r ^ e ^ acbe ^ c ? ^« Dc rn ^illrs like Apple 
3?i!0>p2t«mi0 it til tycp get out al tfje twice tfjer^tf^cn roule tfiep it 

The firftBooke, entreating 

%p tottb trjelr Ijanos in rounc ball rs, ana fe lap ft bpon to;*et 
Ao:cs to be o;pr D. 

R i g o.fPoa \>auc gteitlp DcligfctcD ttw,tttoefccftftrgtmtfl me 
the e;Der of fotoing ef feeDs, toujour In bich, not onelp tf?e people 
of tbc Countrep>but alfo tbje Courtier anD Citizen ace notable to 
line : my Defice (0 note to bnDerllanD ttic o:Ccr of tjaru eft, tbc 
Countrp mans long loStS-toi-time,* fyt retoaro of all ^ts topic. 
Harucft. Coko.J mill pjocceDcin tyc accompltfljmg of pour rcqucft. 
tafjen tfje come is ripe, befoje it be fco.zcbf & toin) tf>e great fjcat 
of tbefunne(tobh"b 10 moll crtrcame at fyt rtfrng of tie lefer Dog) 
it to to be cut Dotone oat of bano : foj D e lap rierrin is Dangerous* 
Jfirft, brcaufe rtnt btrss 3 an0 ortier bertrane toill Dcueuce it: and 
againe,botb tlje CkaraeanD rtjc Carr,tbe toppeanD tbc &rato be« 
ing battle ano oner D?p,totll fame fall to tye ground : tf tto;mc 02 
temp eft cbanec to anfe,ti)e greatett part rbcrof toil to tbc grouno , 
ana tberfo:c it muff not be lmgrcD,but im)en it Botb lobe pelleto 
in euerp place, anD befo;e rjjat tbc <£:awe be tbo,:oiD baro } tt)bcn 
trjeprometo Itofee reDOio), pou rauft tbcnt)auc tt in, that it ma? 
ratfjer toare in tbe barne, tben m t^e fielo. erprriencc teac|jer^, 
fljaf if it be cat Dotone in sue rime, the feeoe toill greto in mines 
as it ipeth in frje barne : fo? tbc ^awte inrreaung, the Come 
groin es greater : at the change pen muft gatbec fucb feoeas 
pou tooulo n)oulD be Icaft fauitte. Varro faith, t£at tbe belt rime 
fo; ^aructt, isbettoirttbe ^unnettap, anorbeDogge Dapes : 
fo; the Come rbef lap, sorb lie in (be blase fifteen c Dates, floiv* 
wtb fiftcene Dapes, ano ripefb in fifteene baits, amongft Orame 
Rape Har. anD jaulfe,tbe firtt that is to be garbcreD, is Kape ferDc 2nd bs> 
*cft. cau/e tbe fsjDe 5 toben tbc cod beginnctb to toarc pclloto,Drelarerb 
rip entire, it mull be gatrjrrco out of bana : an fttb rfce fuse toill 
rafilpfcatfer^tmuit be lapD ertberin plamefmajtij places tn tbe 
^iclo,o; bpon CanuaOe : anD if it be pjefentlp to be carrieD,rbe 
CQapneo.: cart muft be 1 mcD toirb fcectes, left toirtj togging and 
trotting of tbc carnage, tbefeeDcfali rbo:wto.?Pou mo& tafee gmo 
fceeDe as toell berrein,asin allotber jpulte, fyatpou wcutnttye 
rapne, fo? rberapnefall«ig,rbe cods doc open. 3s fewte as poar 
Uape fceoe is off, if tbe grouno be plotoeo, pou map fcto X5ucae, 
0? I3?anfee, as tbep call it : fo ofonepcece of grounD in one 
p#re, pou inapntafce ttoo ^arueils, $ ert fcnto £ape tjarueH in 


of Earable-ground and Tillage. 3 9 

fhcfeCotrnttie^fbllotocft) tl)t haruefr of Winter Bariep, W<b " aru « ft 
f* to beoifpafcheo bcfa:e fye teae (t&c eares being oucr*2ieD) Da £ r r ]J£j\ 
fall, f0J ttjep tjstie not hufsfs to contamc t&em as eaaiicate bath . /# 

sm& fye earcs being bjittcll,toill fame fall : pet fome tymtse it beff 
tolettljeBaricpUi?aU)!;ilcmtJ)cfielo 3 ljj^ereb? thcpttjinBcthc 
©came tmll foare tye greater. STtjcn foUotoetl) tije l^empe tiar* ™ m P har - 
ueff. But arft fas 3 fat'o befojej tfie if imble 0? ttjc if emalc, is 
pulieD,anOis D?ieo a tolnle in tlje&unnc, then fbotmDupin bun* 
tcls ) it is tt):olo:tc into tijclnater , ana Kept QatoneUritfi fame 
toeigtjt , tljat itfujimmenataboue. after iinctuife tlic ^ale 5 tbe 
fitDc Declaring t)ts ripcneiTe is pnlleo tip, and fyz faDe being 
ffjjeattjeD out, itiscaftinto ttjc toatcr, till tt)e ffalue be feft : af* 
tcr j being D:iea in tyi &unnc, it is mane tip in bunDels to be 
fcnocht ana fgaleMn Minter earnings. &pe fs to bemafoeD in R* ™d 
3une 0; aultymo after that,<22IllKate.# better rule,tlien before * J™ c 
ffje (Sratae be harD,ano \ul)en it t)atb ehangeo colour.^n olD p;o- 
nerbe (as Plmiefaitfi) it is better to t)auein ijarueft ttuo oapes to 
toe, tlien tfcee Dapcs tea late. 3n Hie t&ereis not fuel) feace in 
fcattering as in Mtjeate , foludi as fame as it is ripe , toitfflieo 
ixmh^ucrpfomoe. M^crefo.:e go^ Ijeeoe muft betaken? ttjat 
po* linger not Uricfc Mt)eate after it is ripe : altrjong^ Plinicafr 
fitmetlh ttjat C®t)cat fotll t)aue greaterpeclo tutjen it ttanoslong: 
butfurelp Deferring of it is Dangerous, as tuell fo? tbc Dcuouring 
of biros ana fcermme, as fo; pattering ana falling of ttje feeoe 
tb:ougf) fto:mcana toeatljcr : as the p?aifc toao feene in t^e great 
fcnnocs ttjat tocre in the peerc of our rcDcmption, 1567. SCtjeti The har- 
follotoetfjtljerjariirftofpe^ejliSeancSjSrarcs.anD Hentils, ac> ^° ^ 
sa:oing as tyty are timely fciueo,to!iecein pou muft raise tjeeDe,as and ^ 4 
3 taarneo pau before in ftape fee*, ttjat ttjcp lie not abioao in tfjc 
raine : fo? if tfjep Doe, ttjep toill open ana Icofe tYjtit fees. Haft of 
all commett) ttje l^arueft of ttje otljer Smmmer feese , as of 13ar* 
!cp,^anm:le,^nlet, antj £)ates. 5t is founDbp erpec!ence,toat 
ramc is goo formates after tljcp be DoUme: fojftcaufet^tbcm 
to flucll anD fa be fuller, ano to tyat cm ttjeu ate left in tt)e8clo 
wiaup rimes ttuo 0^ tl):ee toeeljes after tljcp be Detune, 

R 1 g o . CCIfjat cjoer fauc you in pour reaping ? 

Cono, Clierc are Diucrs fo;ts of reaping , acco:Ding to t^e Diucrs^ 
manner of ewerp Countrp, ^omc toitt) ^ptl;es;tot)ui; Differ alfo f° rts of 

The firft Booke, entreating 

as tlje toojfee requires. Bin tljis Countrep toe fcfe ffjjee fotf* of 
coznc &itjjes,foi citljertoc fcauea &ittjclifeea £>icltfc,tofjiclj Ijel* 
Den m tye rtglit l)anD,tl)ep cut tlje ttrato clofe by t|?e grounD, and 
Ijaucm tlje left jjanoa longl;fl>l$e, to&ccetoitljt&cp pull together 
tljat t&at tyi? Jjane cut, nno lap it in Ijcapcs : ano in tljis fo2f 
tffityeat ano Ktc, an* fuel) CSraineasljatlj ftjc tturoicft ttrato, is 
reapcO. 3n ot|jcr places as in Iulis, Ulcere tlje grouno being berp 
riclj, t£c Come grotoctbfcig&cr ano ranc&rr, tljerctljep fjolotljen: 
left Ijano full of Come, ano toity tlje rigljt Ijano toitl) fcDtljcD 
£>icttfestljepcHtit, Icauingtljc ttrato bnocrtljeirljanas long, to 
Ijclpc t\>t grounb toitfjall.^n otljer places ttjep bfe a greater *Sitlje 
toit[) a long fetoatlj, anD ftnccD toitij a crakeo frame of ttidxss, 
. totjeretoitb toitij bort) tfjeir Ijanos tljep cut oo tone tlje Come, anD 
lap ft in £>toatljes as rtjcp doc (Scsfle to&cn tljepraotoe it, ana 
toitij tljat ttjep moto tlje tjtgljer fo?ts of Come. Varro ano Colu- 
mdla,anootbcr,ooetelloffunmpot&cr fo2ts ofreaping. Palladiut 
teacljet&,befiDetl)e labour of men, a fl>02ter toap to be Done toitl) 
an £>rc, tljat fljall in n)o;t timt cut Dotone ail f bat groto etb,to&icjj 
toas totont to be bfco in jrraunce. SEfjc Deuife toas, a loto fcinD* 
of Carre toitl) a couple oftoljeelcs, ano tlje ^runtarmeo toitfy 
fljarpe Ccfeles , toljtctjfejce&bp tlje bcatt tbougtj t&e Cojne, did 
rut Dotone all before it. &fyis tricisc migljt be bfeo in leuellano 
fljamplon Countries : but toitl) bsittoouio ma&e butilUfauoureO 
toojUe. Bn reaping, pou muff regarD to goe toitij tijetoinoe: fo: 
if pou toojbe againtt tlje toinoe, it toiil be ^urtfull, as Xenophon 
Xaitl),botl) to pour tits atto pour tjano. gftfje ttrato be but tt)02f, 
pou mutt goe neercr tlje gronno, if itbe long, pou mapputpour 
hictutt f o tjjemiooctt to Difpafclj it tlje fomcr, t f o mafec it tyitty 
t\)t better : ano ftjc ttubble tipon tfcc grouno mutt eitljcr acco:Ding 
to virgils rule be burnt, 02 rot bpon tlje grouno,fo2 tlje bettering 
of tlje lanD.^ome p?eferue tljat tofjictj is longctt,tor$atclj iSarns, 
& tablcs,i Countrep Cottages toitfjall.ano to^cre l^apisfeant, 
it fctuctjj fo2 foDD2fng of Catfcll : foi 315arlcp ttrato is a fart tijat 
X5ullocfes loue toell, ano befioe,all feintie of ttrato is goD to litter 
toitljall. SQljcn tlje Co2ne is Dctone,it is pjefcntlp to be bounD iu 
ftjeaucs : alt!jouglj Barlcp, ®atts, ano ot&erCo*neano pulfo 
«s maucDp m Cops ana italics, but not toitljout ljurt ano bajaro, 
StljeCojne being cut, j'snorfobcljaD into tlje 13arnep2efcntip 4 


of Eatable-ground and Tillage. 40 

buffo be let D?p, acco?&ing fo tbe nature of euerp <£?apneana 
ipulfe : fo? tf it be carried in before it be tlj?ougf) D?p,itco?rup# 
tetb ano tottctt), £Date0 ano Bucbcare longeff left ab?oaa ,20 a!* 
fo fi,etttiles,iaeafe anD pulfe,becaufe tyep are longcft in D?ping. 
K® Ijcaf map fame ft be carr pcD,if tt be not mfngleD feutb f © mans 
tDceoes, t&at t>moer tye t>?pmg of if. WL^m l^aruett is in, tl;e plowing 
grouno mult out of tjano be plotoct), botfj to hill tije U?ccDe0, anD after h«- 
to maae it tbe meeter fo? teener* fofoing. Cbe Co?ne cut oowne u?it - 
ano D?ic, is to be lai&ritberm Barnes, ^ouc!0, o?£>facli0 : ana 
after in OTnter , to be trofcc out toitbBcafcs , o?t[)?eu)e&eut 
Wt\> iMaile0, ano to be eleanfeo toitfj Cannes. 

Rigo, 3!n 3ftalp t&ep t»fe f treao out tbetr £0?ne toity Cat .» 
fell : tbelifeerepo^tef^Xcnophonoftbe tg^t^. 

Cono, 3^aue fane it mp felfe, toljeretbeprafljer fafeo 
^o?fet&en ®xen : anD t&at timetljep aifofoinnotofijeir Co?ne, 
t^mbittg tfje £>outl)toeff foinDe fo bee beft fo? tljaf purpofe : 
but to (Jap fo? tljatj Columella tyt'nbef f) but flje part of a fmall 

r 1 g o. 3f fee pou Ijaue berp large Barnes, 'fo&at o?ber cb* 
feme pouintbebuiloing of them i 

Cono, l^oumuft fo fetpour Barne, tyaf fbe Co?nemapTheBa*u 
be foell bjougljt into it, ant fee it be berp clofe on euerp fioe, lea* 
uing open a fpace fo? ttoo Da^es,a fc?c Dco?e, ana a bacue Da)?e,lmt 
fo, as neither of ttjem open fo f&g S&cft, but ratfjer $o?tljanOf 
Cattj ano at botf) fiocs of f be flro?e beftoto pourCo?ne in feuerall 
faffe0 anD ma>fo0, fo tbat pou map taUly comefo cuerp oneat 
pour pleafure, #nDfljougbtl)eCo?ncbelapDbponbatfe0infbe' 
fl©:^, pet let tijerc be a fpacc left in tlje mioff, tfjat map be open 
fo t|je berp top, t^at pou map fcfcbfoljat fo?tpoulift to betlj?e> ; 
fyeo. 3n fomc places tljep l;aue a $u!lp in tbe mmu% Utycrctoitir 
tijep fcopfe bp tije Come to tlje beep rafter0 of rtje ijoufe.^n 1$oU ' 
lanD tljepbaue fcto clofe3i3a£ncs,butall!£ouef0 anD £>tacb0> fo 
placeb totty banging rcoffesbpon poftcs, tfjatixiitb pinnes anD 
touacijes, ttjep map ljctgl?f en it,o? let it Dotone a0 tbep liU. 

R 1 g o. SCbofefeinoe of JBarnes tbep fap,are notfo fubiectfa i 
iptfc anD Hats, no? fo chargeable as tyc otl;cr» 

Cono. ^otofoeuec fbe Barne be, pou mutt place if a« 
Ijigl) as. pou mapp led tjc Co?ne be fpople^ toiflj moptture 0? 

The fii ft Booke, entreating 

Damps : fome thtnfce it uetfer fo: tycm to be tijatcfjrD r&eti fpleD: 
tlje largenctfc mud btc nicozsmg to ;i)t greats of pour occupy 
ing.£>ome,totrje rna Cxs anu eaSecjUsmap ttje bctfcrccmebp, 
tt)cp do baulttfjefi©2efoitt)b2ttks,ano lading cafcer* rtj^rc oil, Do 
lap ontfjeir Come. 2C{)e fiojemuft bee fay:c anDfmotbmaoe, 
fo as tljeCojnemap betoell tfceCbeD o: trtDen out. Columella 
fooulD fjaue tfje flone faire pauco tmtt) flint 02 ftone,toljcrebp tfjc 
Co2nc null tl)t Toner be trj:cfljiD,anD ttje C ecu not Ijur t lxiufj 3ca* 
ting and trampling of £>rcn, anD to&en it is fan'o 0: totnnotoeD, 
tt Unit not be full of graucllanocuct, as t(j: eartl;en flaucs peelD. 
25 ut toe content our Celucstoitb oueeactfjen fl(D2cs,tocllmaDe s 
ana of gcBD eartb, mtrcD toitlj a little C&aflfe, anD tijegtouncs of 
Ople ; founts puferuetb tfje CojnefcomspifeanD 0mets. ^ou 
niufi make it oerp euen anD tcueil , and after it is mingles Uritf) 
Ctjaffe,tet it be tocll troDen,ano fo fuffereo to Djp.^ou mutt feape 
alfo from it JBeattes 3 anD |3oultcte,U)^tct) toittj trampling t fcra* 
pingtotll make it ruggco anobneuen. ECUjentbc florets D2p,t$8 
Come laiD on it, is beaten outtoitfj jflaplcs, anDcleanfetftrntlj 
ifans, t&ougb in fome place t&ep rather Ufce to treao it out toity 
m £ renins to toinncto if after tfje etc fasten, luttt) rtje UnnDe. 
R 1 g o. tut ell feir, tefym pou t>aue ttytts rt)2cu>a pour Co2«e 3 
fofjat toates rjauc pou to feeepe it from iinuels t 

Gamers. Cono, SC&e Garners, 02 C02HC ILoftSjtDfjereUl pour Coma 

t\)U5 t'rj:eO)ED anD rleanfeD tyall be IapD,mutt ftanD rjigrj, t|>at tfjep 
map beblotone tf>2ougb U)it^i tlje <£atterac <* ip>02t£erne toinDs, 
to tof)i:rj no raoptture firem tjje places aoiopning mu& be fuffereo 
to come:fo2 tbe quarters of ttje tieauen that are coIDett and D:prtt, 
Doebotlj pjefecue Cometfje longett.3n japaineanD Apulia 3 being 
tot Countries, tl;c minoe ys not onelplet in on ttje fioesbp torn* 
Dotoes,but alfo at trjc bottome bp grates. §ome againe p2eferurs 
tf in baults tmDer tfje ground , to&ere t&e D?p eart& Dottj c&eriQ) 
fuel) fcuites as u)ee fcatl; bjougljt fa>2tb, bfcoas Varro faity, in 
^pauie anD Cartage : anD in our oa?>es toeebfe tekecpeboty 
83inc anD CSjaine in fuel) baults. Bfn Countries t&at are loet 
anD toatciu), it is better tomahe flmn in <&azvets, as Ijtgb as 
map be, ^auinggo)D regaro fljaf it be ioell tualleD ano fiasco. 
^o^eouer, toljere as Cornets fubicct fo SSTiusIsanD iaennme, 
ernpt it betierpfafelplapDbp,it Ml fame bcconfumeD ; tljere* 

» i32& 

of Earable-ground and Tillage. 41 

fole pou mull mahe tottt) Clap, mfngleD m fteaD of ffrato, Initfj Againft 
?;ap:e, tlienoucccaft it toittnn anD Uutljout Untt) Incite potters breeding 
Clap: iattofall, aapett)e roles and leaues of toiloeCucum^W) *!* 
fcers ui tiutcr iUjo oapes, ano tuitt) tljat Mater, uno Lmic, ana 
£>ano, mabc plaiffer,anDlD;i!l) tr)eretoirt)aUtt)ctoallesUJiti)m : 
albeit, PJmic counts Unite as fjuctfull a tl;mg as map be fj: 
C une.&omfe mingle toittj iltmc tfjc «l:me of Cattell, as a tiding 
that U>: .1 ocftcop waiucls ,oj t Jjc leaucfl of i)}oufei©sc,o: 3SHo:mc^ 
Uicdd, 0; l9oppcs : but fpeciaitp if pou Ijauc it, there is nottjmg 
to ga>:> to beff rop all bub flBecminc,as tfjc cicggcs ano bottoms 
of ©pie : fomebfc in t&effeao thereof, tf)epicfcie of herrings, 
leaning in tr)is fo:t o:ouo ttjctc feelings , ano ttjeir fl©;es being 
Dae, tfjep fuppofc that no tjurtfull tuanne fljaU annop fcunatfo* 
euer Co;ne tljcplap in tfjem. ,s>omclap bnDec ttjeir Come, jf Ice* 
tooit: otters ttjinhe it an affurcD ceincOp,ift&ep be often fanneO 
ano toinnotocD, anD tfjercbp rolco : but Coiiu»nciUtI;in!scsit 
bntruc, anD b^ tfjis m canes tfje Clccmine ujall not onelp be 
noto;iuen out, but trjcp Hj.ill be oifpcarfea tt);ougtjoat all tfjc 
Cozne, toljicrj if tfjep orfjcrtoife be left alone, ioill meoole in; t& 
no nu:c tfjen tfjeoutujaro parts, fo: a t)anobjcDt(j oeptlj toittjin, 
tfjerencuer bzeedes anp Churls, ajia ttjcrcfo:e tje t&tnhs it bet* 
ter to let tljat alone that is alreaDp corruptee, ano vut;i goe no 
furtfjcr,ttjcn truth farther m:D;mg to marreall: font ts aneaue 
matter, tufjenfoeuer v& ntcoc to oceupp it,to take atoap. tfjit is 
taintco.auQ to life the red. 13ut fo: all tfjis, erperience teacfjetfc 
t>s, tfjat tfjere is not fogort a rem cop to Deffrop tfjc 583 pu ell. as 
is tt)e often fanning ano touirtotoirtg in Summer. 3 iter tlje firft 
tic 3 pcetes, tfjep fjolo opinion, f fj ep toill not mebole tottfj Come : 
but 31 tocarp pou toirfr carrping pou to mucfj about, ano if it 
ple3fc pou, toe totll tcfurne Ijome. 

R 1 g o. 33f it be fo; pout eafefotoDat ottjerfoife ttjerc can be 
no greater pieafureto me,thcn uulbingab:oao to tjcare pou tallsc 
offjusbanO;p.3re tfjefetfjat 3 fee pour jaaftures, tofjece pour fat °^j? u , rc 
£>ren, anD pour spares, ano pour Colts goe leaping. ^ " 

C o n o. Hfiep are fo 31 lap all mp paftures feuerall,fo: euerp 
ninoe of Cittellto bcbpfjimfclfc : in tijefjitbennott tljat pou fee, 
are mp Cattell tfjat J fat: in tfjenert acemp ^ojfes,mp^aces, 
au&mpColW : in tf)enertacemppoungbj«oc, peecelings. ano 

$ SCtoo* 

ThefitftBooke, entreating 

Ctuopeecelmgs. SCtje^e^otocs tbaf pouftem penbcr tSallcp, 
!pe aH to be S^oUieD. l£ecc nect to in? boufCj arc imp feuiklings, ace b?ougljt to tljen-Dams to fucfeetb.uTeaDap, ano ti)eic> 
fo?e ougfjt to be nace : f)ctobcif, fticfj as faDe farce off, mutt Di< 
iigentlp anD oMlp be loteeb to, foj feace of Difcafe*. 

R i g o. &tnee 3 tjauc troublco pou tjrusfacce,3f cannot Icaue 
till 3 fcnDecftanO all pouc o:Dcrs. 

Con o.^otcoubleataUfomeibutcatbecasHfat&befoje, 
flje ceco:Dtng bcrcof,is mp gceat iop. : foj in talking of ttjefc mat* 
fees pou bring me a beD. 

R i g o. 3 prappoufljenfahcflicpaincsto tercribcmct^co^ 
Bering of paftnces ano ^eoofocs. tohm as tbcce fcmcty to be 
a great aftmitie betlmrttbemano Comegrouno, anobecaufe 
f$ep ace fomefimesalfoto be plotoco, me ttimfcett) fyis pactce* 
matnetf) to be fpohen of. 

c o n o. £&ttb all nip l;cacf , 3 foill fatiffie poac ceffee inas; 
muclj as 3 am able ; ano moit^fince Bf bauc all tins tolnlefpoBen 
of Come gcouno,it is not out of ojocc to fclrou mp mince of pa* 
(luce : $ altljougl) Cato in fome places Doth giue tjje preeminence 
to tije SHinepaco : pet orljec oio frritece ooemoft ofallprefeccc 
paftuces 3 as tbe gcouna tfjat cequfcefb lead to Doc about tt: ano 
rfjeccfore t^cp luerc calleD, as Varro faitlj, Prara, beeaufctfcep 
lucce Parata 5 altoap in ccaoincs 3 ?neeoeDncitbec gceat ctjscgc no.: 
Iabouc,no? ace in oangee of ffo?me o? tempcft0,ssetbecfeaiDrof 
gecuno ts^ercept fuefc paccelsas lieneeec Uiucts 1 3lanDs,twjiff) 
ace ffmettmes ouecfleteeo: ano tyat DtfcommoDieie is fumcientip 
recompenceoimtb ttje fatneffe ffjat ttje Icarcc ieauce bcbtiioe if, 
ixu)U\) encicbetii trjegcount, anomalies ittbcbeftecrecrclpto 
ra?& tits game cpttjee m paftuce o: £peDco!x>. ££e fBafruccs 
iuitb fcs Doe common!? fecue botrj fo: paffuceor^tB^oto toljen. 
J&t liff/peeiaUp in fuel) places to^ere tf?e gcouno is cicfjano D?ie, 
luljifb tljep IjaD caffjecto emp'op to patruce,bexaufeu>itbDung#' 
tng of Cartel!, it toacetrj alfoaies tbebcttec, totrcceas tnitb eon* 
rinuall bearing of !£ap, it rjatij gcoluue to be mofl&c ano naugljt : 
but mrjccctfje gcouno is altoatcs met ano toatciGj, cijece it tsbef* 
tec to let it Ipefo? speoDofo. Columella mafeetrj tlwoiinDesof 
pattuce gcouno toljeceof one is altoaies ojp, tbe otbec onec^ 
Hotoeo.Sije gas ano cic^j gcouno tiat^j no mxoetf ouecQotoing> 

of Earable-ground and Tillage^ 4*. 

tyc $ap being mueb better tbaf grofoetb of ttyt felfe gajbnefife of 
t$c ground , tfcen tbat tobitb ts fojceD bp toaters ; tobtcb fame* 
fimsnottoitbftanoingis neeofall, if tbe bacremteffe of tbe ground 
required it : foi in bad ana naugbtp ground, goto s^ecDoU) map 
be made, if it lie to be ouer*flotone : but tbcnmufttbe grouni 
neither lie (jo!loU>, no; in t)t!s, teaft ttje one of tfjem feeepe tfj e lu li- 
ters bpon it t<D long, and tbe otfytt p^efcntlp Ut it fo:tb agatne* 
SEbercfoje Ipetb tbe ground beff, tbaf lietbieuellcff,to£icb foffo 
retbnof tbetwatcrto remains berp long, nojauoioetbit tcDfame. 
3If in fucb ground it cbaunce to Hand ouer4ong, it map be auotDeo 
ixntb toatce ffreame at pour pleafure .: foj botb ouerpius, ano tbe 
luant of toaterare alike buftfuil fcnto ^eODotneu. Bit is berp. 
iwtDfomtybtyert Da? ano barraine gcouno Irctf) fe bp tbe Hfucr, 
as t&e luater map be let in bp trembes tofjen pou lift : in ftne,fbe 
oceuppingofpafture grounds require mow me fben fcauaile* 
Jfiruybat toefoffernot WuQas y ^o;ms 3 noi great m&Zce, 
to ouer*groto ttym , but toDeftrop fome of tbcm, as Biambles, 
3l5?icrs, IBufruuVs, aiiD hedges in n)e eno of Summer, and tbe 
otbertbat be Summer toeedes, as &>ofotbittcll, ano all ot&er 
£Lbtffels,intbe&pnng. ^au mutt take beeDesf&foine, tbat 
fpoiieanD turne bp tbe grouno ilWauouredlp, and all otfjer Car* 
tell : ercept it be in bard anD d;p tocatber, fo; otbertoife f bep gult 
ano marre tbe grouno toitbtbedeepc fincfung of tbeirfiaete tread* 
tng m rtjo C^affe^ avo b; eahing of tbe ttajres. 2Cfje bad anD bar* 
raine grounds are to be belpco Ivitb Dung in Winter , fpeefallp 
in if cbjuarp, tbe ^eone encreafing, ano tbe ffones, ftufees, ano 
fucb baggage as Ipe fcattereo ab;oao, are to be tb:ofone out fa* 
ner, o; later as tbe grouno is. fCbere are fome spcDDofocs tbat 
toitb long Iping, are oucr<grofone Uritb ^offc,fobirbtbe olo fyufr 
banDs tocrc ioont forrmedp toitb calling of eerfaine fiides a* 
b;oao, toitblaping on of Dung, fpcciallp pigeons Dung : but no* 
filing is fo goo fo; fbis purpofe, as often to call #ujcs bponif, 
fa; tljat Dettropetlj spoffe out of band." $offe>itbffanaing tbcfe 
are but trouWefome remedies. seb'e beft ano certain*!* is fo 
plofoeft: fo; (be grounD after bis long reft, toill beare goslp 
Cowic, But after pou baue plotoro if, it tuill fcarfe recouer bis olD 
<u;ate again fo? pafture 1 2peDDoto in tb?ee o? foure pecres.Q© ben 
pcumeane to let pour grounD ueagainc foj ipeDDoluo^nfture, 

$ 2 POU* 

The firft Bookc, entreating 

pour beff is tofotoe it Unci; £>atcs , anD to ^arroto tyc ground 
cucn anD Icucll , and to Jjurir out all tfcc fronts anD fuc£ ttjmgs 
as map ljurt tbc ep;rjc : fo; £)atrs is a great biaocr of g ruffe. 
fc>;mc Doe raft l^aprfaDc , gat&crcD from trjc *£ap*lolt oz rije 
■Ua.-bcs, ourr t!;c grour.D befeje t|icp bartott) it. Ctr.ctsagair.Cj 
tutjin t&etr SpeDDotocs Ijaue lien long, fohn 13 canes upon hum, 
o: tiape faDe, o; ipiilct, anD tlje pare after tCltjcatc : anD tlje 
frwro pare tjj ep let trjem lie agame fo; ^eDDolu 02 |0afture.^ou 
muffbauarc, tljattoljilc the grounD is leofc anD foit,pouiit not 
in the toatec, fo: t&c four of ttje toater toili toaft) alnap tbc ear t^ 
from tijermtcsof trjc (Sjaffe , anD toillnof fuffer ttjem to groto 
together : neither mutt pcu (foUtjelifec Danger) fi ffciCattellto 
come fcpon it, er.cpt in ttjc fccoi.o pare ©oates, 0; stjapc.o: fucrj 
Ufce, after pou tjauc motoeD tt, anD tfjat it tlje fiafon better? ejie. 
%\)t ttnrD rare pou map put on pour greater fo?t of Cattell a* 
gainc, anD tf tljegrouno befjillp ano barraine, pou map Dung tlje 
ijtgtj cQ part of it in i^ebiuarp, as 3 fatD before, catting on it feme 
^ap faDe, fo? tljeljigljcr part being menDcD , tlje raine 0? toater 
tbat comes to it , null came Dotonc fomc part of fyc rtcljncffe to 
tlje bcttomcj as 3 fato before, tofjen 3 fpafce of tlje manut mg of 
carable gcounD. 15ut ffpoutoilllap mucin grcunc fo: £pcDiolo. 
anD tfjat pou map tjaue pour crjotfc, fake fuel? as is rub Bciup, lr* 
ucll, 0? a little Ranging, ojuljcofg fu:t> a taller, fertjere tye toater 
can neittjer Ipe long, \k% runne atoap to fatt : netttjer is tlje ranfee 
<D>affe altoapcs a ftgne ofgaD grounD : fojtorjargasDher CjaiTe 
is t^ccetatttj Plmic , tben is in Germanic , ar.D pet pou tyall trjere 
ijauefanDtoitljuialtttic of tlje topper part, i^ettrjec isitaltoapa 
teat rp grounD toijere tfje CiaUc grotoes rjtgt) 3 foj tlje ttcrp O^oun^ 
fames in SycherJand pffio treat anD rjigtjgraCcfoj Cattell. SLtje 
pafture* tfjat lies bp tlje Lafcrs of Dumonc m Aufby ano Hun- 
gary are but flenDer, no? about tyz Rhine , fpecialip at IjisfaU 
ling info tlje j&ga about Holland, as liEeUnfc in Jf rafclanD anD 
JFiaunsers. GxCuVvpUus, tljej^iclDscfRc ferns tocrcttepjin* 
cipallof Jfalp, to&ere tye <$i«tie tooulD fo foone grotoc, as it 
tooulD Ijice a ttaffe in a Dap. pou map make gocD specootoe 
of anp grounD , fo it map be toarriD. f^our spetDotocs ate fo 
be pucgro in September anD £ttwbcr , anD to be no of all. 
bulges, bjambUs, ano great, foule TOjods , ano all things rife 


of Earatle-ground and Tillage, 43 

ffjaf tm\m tycm , t^en after rfjat it batl; often toe ffitrtD, an) 
hritbmanp times ploiuing mabe fine, fijc (tones caff atuap, anD 
rbe dobs in cuerp place bjofcen, gott muff oungit toell Uitt^ freflj 
tmsjfyc ($<mie encreamtg, iic t tljcm be Kept from gulling ana 
trampling of Cattell. SDfje mouloijils and oungtng of tjoifc and 
bullocks , muff Untij pour fpaDe be caff ab:oaD, iuljidj if tbeg xe* 
maine, iwoulD eitberbebarbarours of 3*ts 1 fuel; lifee ^ermine, 
0: clfcb?ccDers of bur f full f bnpzofitablefoecos, pour ipebocfoe* 
muff be lap in t oiuaros 3parcb, ano Urpt from Cat tell, ano maue 
fcerp cleane : if tycy be not ric&tbep mud be menoeo tuttl; Dung, 
Uiijidj maff be laic on, tbe spans encrcafing , ano tljc neloer tf>e 
Dung bc,f be better it is, ano tfyt tno:c C^afle it maBCS:iMjtrtJ muff 
be lain bpon tfjsfop of tbeljigbcff of tfcc grcuno, tljat tl;e gcnBnes 
m^ rttnne to f be bottome* Ebe beff bearbe fo: paffurc 0; ^eo- 
&oro,t0 tlje Crefoile 0: Clauer* tljc nrrt is ftoeet C ; ;au"c : tlje too;ff 
as Plinie faitb,is Kuff)es 3 JFearne 3 an& ^ojfctaile. 

R 1 g o. SijoU) fijall 3 towto fcul;en tbe C^afl'e is ripe., ano ecaop 
to be cat * 

c o n o. SCJje time of cuffing of if, to Urfjcn tfje Bent begfo- 
itetfj to fabeano toare ffiflfoano before it luitber. Cato bibs not to 
molt) pour C^affc tofty ttje lateff,but befoje tljc too be ripe. Bit ts 
toff mi boUrne before it l»itfjer,t»berebppou ftal Ijaue botlj mo?e, 
ano better i#ep of if . &ome 3 U)bcr e tyep mar ou ccflctu if ,0 toaf er 
it a bap before tbcp tut it 3 it wttcth better after a o eun'e euening. 

R 1 g o. H>oepou tut grade in the libe fotf as pou Doc Come? 

c o n o. ftlmoff in tbe lifee (oit > fome ooe bfc fljotf &in)es> 
mowing it tmtlj one IjanD ; but toe fjerc Doe bfe tbe common great 
&f n) 3 motoing tottl; botb our bancs, as 31 faio befoje,tbat £)ate0, 
ano Barlp 5 anD facjj otber like Comefoas mofocD 3 totjic!) &>itbes 
toe bfe to u)arpe toub 52l(jcf ff ones,o? inffruments of toart? z; cfl co 
iuitl) faab. Clje Cfeaffe being cut, muff be toell f e&oeo ano tut * 
tieo in tye Summer, ano notcocfeeD till it be D?p : ano if iterance 
to befoettoirbraine,tt muff not be turneMill tl)e topper part be 
D?te&. SEbere i» a meafurc to be tofeb in making of it, t^at it be 
not Ijao in t©o;ie,no? rto greeneXbe one fo?t,if tlje iu^ce be D?icD 
•tjp 3 fcructb onelp fo? lifter : tyt otjier ftas greene onD mopffjif tt 
becarieo into t^c ilofr,rottetb,ano t\)e bapour being ouer-brat to, 
/alictij 011 fireanD burnetb, kn% if fo be tl;e raine chance to fall 

#3 *m 

The firftBooke, entreating 

fepon tbc gcaffe fyat is netn cut Dolune, if it be not fttrrcD 3 tt fafec* 
not fo mucb barme : but tf it be once turnco 3 pou matt thtl be ftic# 
ring of it, otijcrtotfe it toiU rot. S£berefo:e tbc fcppermoft part 
bcrozctt be tumcD , mutt be toell o;uo teitf) tbc smnnc anD rfcje 
touiDc : toben it is o?ico,toc lap it in U):nD;ota)cs 3 anD tbcnmaue 
it tp in Cocaes 3 ano after rrjat in tpeomes , tol;icb mull be G)arpc 
ano pifcco in trje top, tbc better to Dcfeno it from ttje rarne, tntitcb 
if it Doe not fall , pet is it gcoD fo to Goe, tl;at tbep map fUuat m 
tbe faio a^comes, ano Digctt uibatfocuer moirhire is in it. ano 
rb crefozc gcoo bufbanss doc not lap it bp tn tbetr lor trs, ttll fair; 
time as ittyat}) ftneat in tfjc fidD. Oraffe is commonly motoeo 
ttoife a pecre, in £papo.z 3une,anD agame after l^arurtt : tbeneft 
moUnng is ectmtcO tt)c bed. 3s fame as tbc 1j=mp is off afcer t^e 
ftrft moUiuig, ittooulobc ouerfloiiieD fifpoumap conuementip) 
to tbe cud tbc after feuatb map be molaeo m Autumne , tobicjj 
tljcpcall in llatine Cordum. fntbe DuaeDomeof Spoleto, it 
isfaio tbcp momefouce timesapeerc, being D?ie grouno, ano 
Dtuers otijee places trjnfe a pare. Mcdica map be cat Gre times 
apeerc, if it be ozDcreD as it cugljf fo be. %t is beft niotoeD 
ioben it brginnetrj to flchnc, fo:tt mutt not gcoiue to fecoe : 
being o:ieD it ismaocbp in bunDcis 3 anDEeptgeDDtfjjccpcstcs, 
to tbe great comfort of pone kartell : but becaufc 3 l)zut tolDe 
pou of Mcdica bcfo:e,if is but bainc to rebcarfe it agame. 

R i g o. fPcurjauc fpoaen of abcrp large ano great anofo* 
lesgeof fjufoane;p 3 lobul) out of Doubt rcqutrctb in a man great 
frauailcaao Diligence. 

Con o. Jt require^ fnDeeSc great Diligence anD ftauailr, 
r)ofc>beit 5 if rccompcncctb tfyt pamcsanD tbc ebarges,nct iuttfjeut 
great gi.ics, lubcrcof Plimebangetb fo2crample CaiusCrseli- 
ru?, tetjo tuben bpon a little piece of grounD be reapiD mo:e fi uit 
am> gtafnes a great Dralc 3 tben tjts neighbours did fcpon their 
gceat ;e:upic:s,greto into great tjatrco amengtf tb«.m,ss rbougrj 
fjee tjaD belititibcD trjeir ficlD: Uibercof being a:c*;fcS bv Spu_ 
rus Albinus , anD fearing to be cOHlintfteB , luben tbc Oucff 
flpulo pafiTe bpon rjtrn, be b;inqs ali bis imTruments of bufbanD:p 
info ttjc common place, ano bzougljf in tberetoitball tjis Daugb* 
fer 3 aiollp great Hotle, tjis iron t©lcs pecfemp trell maDe, great 
£>paais , mig^tie Coulters 3 ano luftie Cattcll ; ioc beerc 


of Earablc-ground and Tillage, 44 

(qtjot^r) mine encbauntmenfs, natter can 3 bnng before pou Thc Si ^ m 
ntV ■jceatanopamcfull labours . toatibmgs, anofuieat, U^crc* ^""scrx- 
topon $ce Uns p:cfentip quit bp r^c bopas of trjem ail. 15ut 3 Gnu*. 
fe t epe yi.u to long about mp ^usuano^, tt is goo time foeleaue 
and gae borne. 

Rico, wty a god Ml, 3f 3 map obtapne one ttynsat 
pour l}ani;0, \ufjub U>ben pou I;auc maoe an end Unci; , 3 Unil 
trouble pou no longer. 

c o no. mfyatiBtW* ! 

R 1 c o . 3f a man foouto bupa jFarme 0; a spamro;, inimjat 
fo:t fljall rjc belt 00 c it i fa: 3 doubt not but pou rjan e god (bill 
in fucij matters. 

c o n o. iichomachus in X°nophon, felietl), t&at Ijts father 
eaugfjtljim t&at be $oulo ncucrbupapeece ofgrouno, tfcat l;ao 
borne fatlfuilp 0: curiouflp fj .sbanoeo before, but rather (at$ 
ground as b? fl;e flottjfulncffe and pouertp of tlje tpaiffcr, barb 
lpen tinttlUD and neglect ca,anD pet fame to be beep goo ground: 
as it is better to bup aleanef^ojfe, fotfiattjebenQtolo,an3 ttjat 
$e baue tfje tokens of a goa ^o;fe, tljena fatte f^o?fe, ano one 
cfjat is curioullp Kept, d lucll e?Dereo pace of lano is rjclo oocrc, 
ano peelds no great encreafe, ano ti)erefo?e is neptljer fo pica* 
(mt 3 no; fo profitable, as Uirjicrj bp goo&usbanozp map bee 
tnabe better. Cato tooulo tjauc ttoo ttyingts to bee obferueo in 
buping of land : SCfce gooneffe of tfjc ground , ano ttje toljolc* 
fomencfo of tlje aire : of tobttrj Urn, if e itfjct be lacking, u>t;ofo- 
tuer Doty bup it, rjc iuDgetlj rjtm maooe, ano nicer c to be fent to 
Bedlam : foz none rrjat i» fetell tains toittct, tot 11 bcttM toft bp< 
on bar rain c ground , no? &a$ard jn'mfelfe fo.: a little rid; ground, 
to be att»3ies fubiect to petttlentiall Difeafes : fo; \ui;i re a man 
muB Deale toitlj trje 2>iu ell, tb ere is not onelp &is commoDit ie,but 
bis life Doubtfull , and rather l;is dcatrj ttjen \)S game cectame, 
&ftertbefe ttoo pzincipall notes, as Columella fatrt), Cato aoaed 
of Ifee toejgrjt tbcfc ty:ee tbat foiloto to be regarded : tf;c Wav y 
r^e Mater, ano tpz $cigbbour. SCbe gooneffe of tljemap is a 
great matter? fo; it botfj mabes tl;e Rafter &aue a Delight to goe 
about tt 3 anb it in commodious fo; carriage, tebfer; b:mgctb great 
gain*, and little charges. Of trjecommccitie of toater tubo doue* 
ter^wtfjout U^ofe He no man is able to \mt £Dfa mansneigb* 

#4 6o«* 

The firft Booke, entreating 

boor , fje tuoulb f>auc a man rjaucfpeciaH regard, Hefiodus faitfj, 
lnfia, zouos Aen\^ 5 an euill neighbour is a great mifcrjiefe. 3 £ane 
fcnobmc oiucr£ , trjatfo: trje troublefommfTc of tfjeir neighbour, 
fja-efozfaBcngcirtoteeUiijgsanD c!)angeD goia fG2coppcr,bccauf$ 
tfjcp fjaue 1)30 falfe bnaucs to ttjeic neighbours, ano quarrelers, 
r^atfuffiTingtlKitcattrllfo ramie at targe lit euerpmansgrouno 
to fpotle tljcir Come ano ttjeir CJmcSjtooulo alfo cut ooton e tomb, 
ano take totjatfocucrtljcpfiiDjalUiaUS tabling about trje bounes 
of ttjeir grounD, ttjat a man cculo netier bein quiet fo: trjem : 0? 
cUerj3ac bluett bp feme C3tcrpiUer,tfuman,02fto3fl)>buraler s 
fijat luoulMeauc no bins of mifcljiefebnbonc.amonalr allto$t$ 
commonly trjere is not fotll a ncig!)botir,as ttjc ncU)"tplr«rt ? tbat 
tafces&panfjimtbenameofa Oenticman , to&c t&ougl) pourjfe 
fjimneuerfoUicll^tUat one time 02 errjergiuer on to&nDerttan$ 
from toljcnee tje comes,ano make ponfing iuitfj daudian. 

tsfperitis mhil eft ktiwilt cum furgit in alittntt 
A lewder wretch there hues not vnder skie. 
Then Ciowne that-climes from bafc eftate to hie. 
Hs flje |3:ouctbe m <2nglano is, fef a fenane on ho:lcDaCK,an& 
£:a n>?ll fa tnm ttjonlDera &nigt)t : fo.: an 3pctotU be an 3pe 3 
tfjongf) pon clear!) rjim in purple, &urelp $p. Portius tooulo bate 
a man ffjtmne t\)t neigrjbsurrjoo of fucrj, as trje pefftlence. 3 fo.: 
mp part am tjappp in t jjis point, t^at3tjaue no neighbour t^at 3 
nee-e to fear*. 

Rig o. perTjaps t|?ep Dare not fo? roar autistic fo zoc, as 
orfjcctotfe t'nep toonlD, 

Cono. £3ut mice oeatfj ano otbet cafualtics rt'00 a man of 
fycm, tit smelling is rust to be left, if itrjaue fitter goto common 
Ditirs, ercrpt it be places in tbebottcrs of funD:r Countries rf)at 
be fubirctio great ttclmeaxs. feome commeno trje Dwelling tbat 
tjarb fairc males about if , is mxce fomc £rucr 02 gcoa ^Barker* 
iutjerebp a man ma? came tjfs ^crctanoije toitb IclTe tfjarge*. 
S^rjcoIOfrUotaJ wou r d nenecrjaueanunplacebmifelfencete tije 
trig!) map, fc2 pilfering of fu^b aB pau~e bp, ana trxmblcfomnrii'e of 
guefts 3 as 3 laid before in fpcafetng of rtjie placing of an bonfe, 
The let- 3>j trje letting of a irarme , tbcfc things arc fa be obferueo rljat 

Fara* * ^ ^ e of befo?e ' "' 0erm ^ vt ? of a 3Bat{nTe of ^afban^ie 
anoftfs tabsnt ; t^at yon let it to fuel;, tobofe trauaiie ana gma 


of EaraUe-groundand Tillage. 45 

betfiuiwt pou map be affurea of,ano tfjat pouregarB »no?t t&cir 
gcDD ordering of tlje ian'j rijcti rfjc rcntjtobic&is leaft burtful 4 an& 
moff gaincfull. if 02 toijercas tljrgrounD is todl bufbamjtB,vou 
fljall commonlp &auegamc,f neuerlofle? erceptbp unreafonablo 
nrffe of t\)t toeatyc r.sutytl) fye Ctuill -iatopce faptl), njoulo not 
be anp Damage of t&e SCcnant, 01 tlje innafion of t&e enrmie 3 
fo&eretbeJEenant cannot fjeipt «. Bettors, t&e 2Lo2b mutt not 
ocale toitlj (3(0 ECcnant (0 ftraigbrlp in c ucrp point, asbp iato tje 
might, fo; fci0 rent oapc0, bargain** of foooo,qutt rents, 02 fuc^, 
ti)t rigour to&ercin is mo:e trcublcfome,ti}cn bcneficiaUmeittjet 
mig&tmceto tafcc eucrpa&uantage, fo; ialu manp rimes is riglit 
plamc l»;cng : neither mutt ye be to (Jackson tfic otljei Gte/o? 
to muclj gentlencJTc manp times makes a man rjjctoojfe. 0nD 
t&rrefoje it (0 gcoo if fr)e irarmec be flache in rjis paimenf0 , to 
make rjim to hnoiu it : but in no totfc to be a raifer 0; enrjaunfec 
ef re»if0 s fo2 t'pat &ifcomfb2t0,8nD mam? times tnooetlj tij c tenant, 
fpojeoue^pou muff not liglitlp ttjange t&e oloe JFarmer,botb be* 
caufe of Ijis ocferts, anD t&at ijee is better acquaintco tain) tlje 
grouno frjen anew. L.volulius foouio alfoapes fap , trjat tjee 
luas inbeff cafe to: rjis Hands , tfiat Ijao alkapcs rjis tenants 
fcome ano bjcODe tip in ttjem , totjerebp tr)e long familfaritie 
njoulo make ttjem moje louinglp totofe frjcmfclucs : fb2 fureit 
is son euill bfe often to djange Cenanf s,ano trjcrcfoje 3f Doe like 
well trjat 02Der,torjerc trje lano 10 letfoj trje liuca of trje KcmttU 
tys toife ,aito rjis crjtioe,papntg a perelp rent 3 fo trjat 30 long as rjc 
papes rjis rent, ano fceepes ttjc reparafions 3 itajalinotbc latofull 
to occeiue tjirn : fo2 becebp trje^enant (tjall be p2ouofceo to o2oer 
trjo ground toitrj mo2et)il!gcnce,to repatcc tlje fioufe 3 anD to toUe 
to it in all points as to ijis otutte 3 bcltolDmg manp times as mucfj 
as fjc Ijati) tjpon it. 2Df)is tuap of letting iano me fcemes is feeft, 
ioljcce t\)t grouno is fubiert to tije »>ea 02 tlje ^tucr,02 ot&cr Dan^ 
ger, ttjattije SCenant bee c^argcD toitf) tlje matntenanre of it, 
tfnDbcre be fure tljat pou let it ratljer to one of fjabtUfie, tljcn 
to an Unt^iiftie man, tijat is-not able to beace it, U^crebp 
pou map lofe botl) pour ItanQ ano pour rent, gn fitcb place a* 
lies neercttjetLoiD, f^e map cecupiett bpfjis H5ap;ifFe,Q2 to 
|)al»ue0:bntmberc it is far off it is better to let ii out fo:a pcrelp 
xmt twon t[)e fozcfaio cguenont0. J02 if pou occupie it iuiti; pour 


ThefirftBookc, entreating 

fcromtt&tfjeplmllepfyer UDlteilL topoureatteil, ojrow grotmB, 
o: fuflfcr things to be ffolnc, o; Ueale tl;f mfelHrtr c: mafee pou be 
at tno^e ctjarges t&en neeoetk anD be catcleffe in euerp tfjmg. 3n 
letting of gtounD commonlp it is coaenantcD , ttjat tijc Ctnant 
fljallnot let no: fell tott&outlcaueof tt)e$,:>2D, ano ttjat Uc Ml 
not bjcahc an? paffnee o: mcoooto lano , anD to&at, ano tjoU) 
muct) \)c fljaii fctoe of c ucrp fetnDc of geame, l)cto mutt) fcec tyall 
Ijaue fo? pauwe,&oto mucl) tje ft)alt let ite,ano tjoto mutt) tje (ball 
jneno. ^ere fcaae pon almctt as mochas 3 am able to fa? ttt 
£ufbanDmgof tijegronno. 

C o n o, 3 t^anberon,ro« $aaegreattp&eUg&te&mtftntfr 
$1 Defcribmg of pour paflurt-gtotuiftano eatable, 

The end of the firft Booked 



The fecond Booke : 

Of Gardens, Orchards, and V Voods. 

Thrasybvlvs. Marivs, Ivlia, 

Xj) <£caufe of tfje altance betfoirt ^earbcs* 
Etas, anDCome? anD becaufe tt>tit tjufc 
bano;p is almoii one,it is reafon tfjat nert 
t \) t firtf bmfce, tD2tttcu of (Ratable grouno 
ano'SfilflgcAcuiDfoiioto the DiTcripfion 
of SDjcbaros, (SarDens, ano tbeir fruits. 
virgiJJ fn Uniting of i^ufbanojp, left tijis 
pact bmitttttctt of: botrjbeir 3 oiucrs others 
bottj olo | ncin Betters l)mc not toitijaut Tome Diligence tojittm 
of tf)ts part,but pet bp matches (as it to ere) « not tfj^ougljip.Ui^ofc 
opinions iopneo tout) mine oton crperience,it feemerrj gcoo to me 
in tins bmfce to Declare»3nD fincc tlje trfe of £)?cbaros $ CfarDens The vfe 
is great ano ancient,? tljat Homer torrefy, ijoto Laertes tfjc oloe of Gar- 
manias toont toitb W trauatle in bis 4DjGljarDS, to ttfiuc from den$ of . 
Ijisminoe tbefoa-otoljeetcDliefQjtbcabfemeof ins tonne. £no ^j 8 "" 11 " 
Xenophon repo;fetM(jat King Cyrus , as great a pjince as be s 
hi 3S,moulo plant tottb rjis otone banos,s fet trees in tyis ojcfjarss, 
in fucrj ojocr,as it temeo m eattfjtp paraoifc. Q^Curtiustmi* 
tctl) of AbJoIominus tljat fo^ljts great oertue.,01 apanegaroncrj 
tame to be Ring of tbe Sidonuns. 8na furelp, not ibntoojtljilp 
is tbispart of Ijuf banoip eftamcD, feing it Ootb not aionclp 
fcjing great pleafute, but alfo is grcattp profitable foi t\)t mainfe* 
nance of rjoufer)Moe,ano ttje fparing of charges, miniitring to tbe 
buf bano aatip fane , ano fumcient fuffenance tottbout ceil if o; 
toll en fasCoiumclla faittjj in tbe oioe time tbe pcop'e Uneomoje 
temperately, an^ tip pcoze r»t mo:e Uberfte fed of flcfij f milhe, 
ano fueb icings ss tbe grouno i fol&es pceiDeO, but in tbe latter 
age torjen rpot ano oainti.ics began to come in, ano tbe lucaltljtcr 
fozt to etteeitu no fare butcoftip, an!) farre fetcljeO, not content 
foity mcane owt , but counting fucij tfjingsas toere of grcateft 


The fecond Booke, entreating 

plitis tfjc pons people as notable to bcarc tljjc cljargc0,forre ba* 
ntflje'o ftotn ttjc cettlier rates, anD Djiucnfo content tfjemfeluts 
toitl) f&ebaulr forte. #nD Ijcrcof fpjang at H;e 8rir tfjc planting 
of SDntjarssauo malting of<3D.irDcns3,VK»ljcrcUntl) tlje trra* 
ture fl)utU)aj?,uugl;t (leu &i0i&ifcbin 3 anD Ijnuctjis btctuals aN 
toaprs at Ijano, f&e £)uj)ar& ano flterDen feruing fo? tjie &!>aim 
bles j Xoitl) a great Deale mojc commcnDable ano burtlcffe Diet* 
An will herein lucre t&e oiDe l)Ufban&0 fcerp carefuU 5 anD fefeB, alinaprs 
Garden ( tudge, ttiat iu&ere ffjepfouno t&egarDen out of oj|tfr,ttje wife 
aruifhuf-. tfWb°*te(f°l fence fccrbelongio ttjie charge ttjeror%a0 no goto 
wife. U &ufuufe, fo; t&ep tboulo be fojeeb to r;auc ttjrtr oietuals from tije 
gambles o> t&e sparfeef, not making fo great account of Col* 
too2t«tf)en } a9tbepDaenoU), condemning tf) em fo? tl;c charges 
ftjat &crc about tbem. 00 fo; ficft), it iuao rather lotted ttjrn fc* 
f cd amongtr tijem, £>m> ^Duijaroo ano®ar&en0 oto d&f eflp pleafe 
tljem>becaufe ffje frutt0 f&at tfjeppeelOjtiee&c&no ffrefo? tbeDjef- 
ting of tyemjmt fparea mart, being altoapes of tbrmfelue0reaDp 
tsuffcD, eafie of oigeffum , ano nothing buroenfome toflje ftoo 
mathe: ano fome of tbem feruing alfo f o pouoer oj pjeferue toitjj' 
aU,as gasD marctyan oije at tjome 3 a0 Plmi e fav t^ not cjiumg men 
fo foehe pepper as farre as Bfnofe, £>f Lucrin, 3J t&eflDpffcr not 
regaro 3 a0 tljepocC farri), 0not&eref0?e tomafce tytm of mo?e 
|uo?tl){ne(re 3 anDtljatfo?t^etr common p:ofiic,tt)e]?$oulD not be 
tl;e leflTeregarOeo>t|ere were oiucro noble men of fjhe fcoufe of 
Qr Lctta- Valcrius,tl)att©hetbe(r furttames of &ettufe 3 ano were nor au)a' 
lins. meo to be nameo 2tctf ifmen. SCijc of a people rjao m great eGu 
mation trje dffarbens of fr)e Daughters of At!as,ano of trje feings 
Adonis anD Alcinoi, of iorjom Homer fo mucrj fpeafcetb 3 as alfo trje 
great baulfeo Cfaroens, eEtrjct built bp Semirarais, oj bpCyru* 
ttjefcmgof Affiria. Epicure i0 repojteo fo be trjeftrir tfjatruer 
Deuifeo garDen m3f r)cn0 5 befo2e ijts time it tuns not feene.tbat trje 
pleafure0 of tfjcCountrfe were tjao infrjeCftie. $oto torjet! 
Thrafybulustrauailingtn trje affapu0of t)te pjinee, cijauncco fo 
comefo tlje^oufeof Marius, f carrieDbrlmn into a (DarDen tM 
%t &aDi to&fcl) tuas berp beautifully being led about among trje 
Lhoeetfmellingflatou0 3 anOt)noert^epieafant Slrbours, iwl;af a 
.goDDlpfigbt fqaot|>Thrafybu!u*) is je'ere ^ Ijeto ercellentlp baue 
yau garmujeD ^10 paraDifc of pouts toitlj allbinoeof pleafures/ 


of the order of Gardening, 47 

|>our parlets,an3 sour banfcetttng boufes botb tof tbm ant) toit[j' 
out,a» all be&edseo toify pictured of bcautifull ifciiucs $ Crees, 
tbat pou map not oncip fc^e pouc cpes tottlj tyt beboloing of tfce 
frueano liuclp jflotoer, but alfoDeligb* pour felfetoitt) tljecoun* 
ferfait m ttjc nuctt of tointer,fcing in tbeone,tbe paintcDflotocr 
to conteno in beautie untb tfce beep flotoenin tt)e otl)cr,tl|c toon* 
Dcrfull toojfte of ja«ture,ano in botb, t^c palling gcoDncs of <0oD, 
cpozeouer, pour pleafant arbours to toalnein,tobofeu)aDDotoes 
feape off tlje brate of tlje funne,anD if it fortune to rainc,tbecloi' 
tteifl ace faro by.Wut fpcciallp tbis little Kiuer,toltb moftcuice 
tDatcr,eneompamng t|je garoen>oort) toonoerfullp fetit fo?tb,ano 
Ijcrctoitball tbe graneano gafllp quicbCetbeogfS 5 no cbargeable 
femoe of cnclofures,oifferetb it botb from ®m 9 UBe aft.3 fpeafce 
noting of tbe toell ojDereD quartets,tobereas tbe l^earbf s ano 
%m* ace feucreo euerp fojt intbeic Due piace,t&e pot-bearbes 
bp tbemfclues, tbe flotoecs in another place,tt>e &r*s $ Blmpctf 
in anotber quarter, all in tuft fquareauo p?opo?tion,toiti)^lUi3 
ano toalkes among ttjem. among tbefe ga>Dlpfigbts>31 P?appou 
remembec accotaing to pour pjomife (foj fo tbe time required 
to fljeto mec fome pact of pour great fenotolcage in garoen mat* 
fers,Cib pou bauc bpon tbis conottionfjearo mebsretofojegrab* 
ling,c;ratber toeaepmg pou toitb ttje Declaiming of mppaveftul 
in totaling of tbe fielD. 

Makivs. |0our memojle is bcreina little fa> quicfee , but 
to&at OmII 31 Doe? pjomife maftbeheptano Qnce pou toillneeos 
fojceme,Pouu)altbcare me babble as toell as 31 can,of mp Unoto* 
leogein (Saroening: but nottoity tbe li&e pleafurc tbat J fcearo 
pou talfctng of pour gcapfmg ana pourgrounD. 
Thu. ^estculp,\mWasgreatp!eafurefbfu"reasmapbe. 

Mauvs. Come on tben, let bs bere fit Dotone in tty$ £r« 
feour 5 anb toe toMnato ana tt)en rife < toalfce, retting teas oft as 
pou toill : in tbe mcane time Iulia fljall maac rcaop. our fuppcr. 
ana firtt, cum as pou began toitb tbe crjcnQ ig of a place ("meet to 
fet roue l;oufc bpon,fomutt 3 toitb tbe cbupfeof a ^iot matefo; 
a (25acDen.a:beo.:DermgofC5:irDen0isDiucrB,f3: fome ace maoe 
bp tbe apanno? bo:iffS,rome in tbe Suburbs, fom^ in the Citie, 
tobere focuer tbep bc,if tlje place totil fuffec, tljc^muttijc maoe 
afituere to tlje ^oufe as map be; but tl;ep be as far from tbo 

3 3i5acnes 

The fecondBookc,cntreating 

3H5arne* *$ W can,foj the C tjafft o: duff blowing tnfo f $cm,ajft 
etttjee fubicrt to t\)i £)ounge beape,tobsrcbpf t map bcjnaocrfcf?, 
o? rife in Tome focrp gooD ground tbat battj fome ftnali l^oolie 
.running bp it, e? if it baue none fuel), fome Mell o* Conduit, 
tobcrebp it map be foatereo. #n erccllcnt plot fo: fye purpofcis, 
tl;at icljicl) DecU'nctb a little, and barb certaine gutters of Uiatcr 
tunning t&ongb Diners parts thereof: fo? gardens muff altoaicj* 
be to be eafilp loaf cred, if not toitb fome cunning ffrcaine>fome 
pumpe to be made, o? nettle, spill, 02 fuclj ltfce,as map ferae tije 
The time farnwf a natural ffteame.Columd la would baue pou maUe pout 
of fearch- fearclj fo2 foater,tobcntbe bunnein in flatter part efvirgo, 
in g for ^tc^ is in September , before tyz entrance into tbe W&mttt 
water. ^Equinodrall, fo: tben map pou belt tmoerffand t^e ttrengtb o$ 
goDnclTe of tye fpztugs, toljcn after tbe great burning beat of tbe 
jbommer,f be ground fja tl; a long torjile continues Uii ttjou t raine» 
Jf pou cannot thus bauetuater , pou mud make fome Handing 
pono attbeoppet part of the ground, tbat map recetuc$ containe 
fucb toater as fals from aboue, tD^cretuttl) pee map iuatcr pour 
harden in tbe ertteamebeat of &ommer: but tobereneitber tbe 
nature of tfje fople,no; conuepancebp Conduit o: putnpc,o; run* 
mngffreamc is to be bad, pou baue no otber bdpc but tbe raine 
lsater of toinfer, tobteb tf pou alfo Ijaue not, tben mult pou dclne 
and lap pour Careen f but o: foure fete deepe:tobicb being fo o:; 
Derco,Uull toell be able to abide fobatfoeuer dzougbt Doe bappen. 
Kfyis is alfo fo be regard; o,tbaf in gardens that arc drffitufeof 
Inater, pou fo ozder tl)tm into feuerali parts,tjjat tofyat part pott 
to ill oceupie in Pointer, map lie totoaros tbe s>outb,s tfjat isrjteb 
«|aU frrue pou fo* §>ommer, map lie towards t\tc #o:tb- %n a 
^?aroen 5 as in tbe cbepfe of Come ground, pou muff i©fee tube 
tbecrbc goodneCTe of tbe ground be not btn&ercobp tbe unfkilful* 
ncflTc of bim tbat batb occupied it Pou muft alfomafec cbepfe of 
pourfoatcrs,of tojncb fy* brtt (as Pl«niefaptb)are tberolocff.and 
fucbasbeftoat todjinBe: tbe too.:!* tbat comes from pours, cj 
is b:ougbt in bp trencf;es,becaufe tbep b Jing iuitb tbem tyc feeds 
ofgraffeand hntdes : but tye ground dotb matt oeligbt in raine 
ioater,tobicbfeiUetb4no?mesanD baggage rbatbjcess in it: but 
fo; fome bearbs,falt toater isnfc&ful,as tbeffiawiifJ&.liSietc^cln, 
^auvclljto^icf) aJ fait toater ttjcp (ap,isf afpecial |Selpcr ? mafcing 


of the order of Gardening. 50 

$cm-bo$ plwfanf ancfruitfuU:fo all otfrer0,ftoet! foafet is on!s 
to be fefco. #nD becaufe 3 tjaue begun to entreat of toatecingj Thc time 
mutt gtue tyis note, t(jat tlje time* of toatring f0 not in tije beat f waK . 
of tbe Dap but earcip in ttjc morning,* atnigbt,leaft tl;e toater ring of 
betjiateD iiiittj flje £>unne:onelp 3i5afillpou mufttuater at name. Gardens. 
t^etovj fomctljing tmllcome tlje rcoiier t)p 3 tf tbep be fp?tntftIeo at 
tbcfirtt tottlj ijottoacer. ^ou Ijauc licrc fjcarDjttjattljc firftnaD* 
fall tiling foj a <25arDen,f0foatcr. 2nbenerttotfjatt0en:lof«re 3E , f ff 
rtjatit betoelenclofeD,botb from bnrulpfoltra 1 tljceue&anD Itbe^ ofVar? 2 
lmfe from beaG0 : left Iping tn toaitefo? pour [jearbs anD pour dcn$. 
fruit0,tbcp>map botb btvcauc you of pour paine*, anD pour plea* 
fure: foj if ept&er tbcp bebiff en ioitb beaff0,o? t© often tjanDlco 
Juitb men, it binDjett) tbcm botb of fbeir grotofl; $ fesing: anD 
tbercfoje it is of neceffitie to baue fije harden foell enclofcD. 
ijtotofo? cnelofucc0, tbereare funD#&f.ibc0,fome mafcingeartlj 
tnmoulo Doe counterfeit 3i5jichfoal0:£Dtl)er0maUe tfmn of lime 
$ ftoncs : fome of here of Hours lapo one Upon another in bcapc0, 
rafting a £Mtb foj toater rounoabout f ^cnUubicb kinoc PalJadi- 
us fo^biD0 to folloto* becaufelt foill Djatoout tbe mopfture-fcom 
tije (ftatDcn , ercept it be in a matin) grouno, 3Dtlw mafce tfjctr 
fence toitt) ttje Teeoc0anD fet0 of SDfwne : fome mahe tfjem of 
muDDe teallcff, couerea toltb ftrato 0? fjeatfj. Varro mahettj men* 
tion of foure Kinoc0 of cnclofare : tye fait naturall , tbe fecona 
iuiloe, tl) c tbiro feuloierip, tbe fourtt), of carpenters lxio;he.£|jc 
firft f nafurall 10 tyc quichefct l?eDge,fceing ftt of poung fbo;nc0, 
Ui^tcfi once iuell groUien, rrgaroerb neither fire no? otfjcr b«rf 4 
Edc fecono 10 tbc common |>cDge maoe of oeao luoji,teeil ftaheo 
ano f btcfcc pla(beD 7 oj raitoe. K\)t tyira f &c fouloiours fojtifpfng, 
in a oeepe Ditcl) Init^) a campier : but f|}3Ditclj mu&be fomaoe,s0 
it maprcrciue alltbe loafer tbateomes from aboue,o: fa!0 into if 3 
therein tijc tjamure muft be fo tt&?c , tfyzt it map not eaftlp bo 
tltmco. SLljishtnteof fence is to be mace, tobcrctbegrounolied 
necce tbe ^e iuap 3 o? but0 tjpon tfjc Hiuer, of ly|)tcb fo?t 31 ftjall 
\jmc occafun to fpcaiscmojebcreaftcr.SEbefouft&fenccmatje bp 
f(je Carpenter 0? bp tlje ^afon,i0 commonlp hnotoen: thereof 
tljere 10 foure fo^to, eitber of &>tonc0, of b?ic&c0, oj Earfe, anD ' 
sattfc, $ little ftonc0 framco in mouloe. Columella follotoing tljc 
anilcntell aatl)o?0, pjeferretf) t^e qwiebfet fjcog? befo?e tf?e orab,- 


The fecond Booke, entreating 

becsufe it is !effecrjargcabir,anD aifo en&urttrj rbe longer _cmti- 

Thenu- mring a long time : totjierj fcoge efpong trj02ms 5 tjc teatrjittj to 

kin S of a make m t^i0 SSfjc place ttjat vjou Determine to enclfife,mc8 

quick ut a ft £C r tje beginning of sfeeptcmbec, inrjen t^e gronno tjaitj btene 

hcd * € - toell fofeeo toittj came, be ttcncrjcD about Unttj ttoo furrctois, a 

paro Diftant one from ttje ottjec, ttje oeptrj i teeaottj of tucr? one 

of the mmuff be tin 9 fart, totjictj pou moil ftrffer tolpe emprte all 

iutntcr.pioinoina m ttje mcanc ttme t|e fttocs t&at pcu meane to 

fatoe in ttjem, totj.crj mutt be tt>c berries of fljarpe ty oznes bjicr*, 

rj ollr ,atiD toilcc bglan tine ,totjutj trj e C raises ail Dog b :ier .£ tjs 

berries of rfcefe pou mutt gati;er as ripe as pou map, anb mingle 

ttjem iottrj ttje fl-toje o; *peale of tares , torjiitj tofcen it is fpjtno 

MiDUmb toater 5 mutt be put fcpon ole ropes of ttjij:s,02anp otbec 

ropes, trje ropes being trjus rjanDLD ano titeo,jnufl be lapb tp m 

fomebauDeo Gone, aftcttuaro toben tointer is scne 5 &mjjtnfo2tB 

capes aftctabout fyc commtng of ttje £>toaUoto,if ttjerebe anp 

toatcr remaining m ttj e i?ur rotors, it muft be let out,? trje mi I* 

lolurD eartrj, tobfetj toas call out of ttje furrotecs in trje enoe of 

Summer, muft no to be call in again e,till pou rjaue fi i h irjem t p 

to trje miDff : trjni muff pon rjanofomeli? bnfoloe ttje copes, ano 

lap ttjem in length ttj jougrj botrj trje furrttoes,anD fo couer tbira, 

taking gcoo rjceo ttjat pou ttjzoto not too moetj eartrj bpon trjim 

fo: bmoertng trje fp:ing,torjurj common p tofettj to appeare tout/ 

in rrjtrtie capes after s ana torjen rtjcvj be grctone to be of feme 

&etgrjt,trjtp mutt bemace to enclineto ttje fpacebettoirtrrje two 

furrotocs: in torjietj Cpaee pouinutt tjauea little toa.lco betge 5 to 

teacrj ttje fpimgs of ottjer rarrotocs to eltmbe bp torjietj bill be a 

Another follp trap. anO a comfoHto trjcm.iSuf 3 baueanorberarD a mo2C 

newcrandrfaotertoapofmaBmgoftrjcmj totjttrjB firff p2aeti0ng in trjus 

better way ^ountfiejrjiuets otbers rjaue follotoeD.3 aifo 00 make aeertatne 

aqmck-fe g t SWttjyi gattjering in trjctoooo,trjepoungfp2ings oftfjo.2nes,ct^ 

kedge, ting off trjetr fops, 3 fet tyem on trje bantfce of trje £Wrrj,fo ttjat 

ttjep ttano tjalfc a fcot out of trje gt ouno,pluehtng top all rtje Ucci s 

(Tpeciallp ttje firtt ^ommer)trjaf grato about ttjem ano fuebea* 

toaptrje tnpee ttjat comforts ttjefet. Ctjerootes being ttjis rio,3H 

rouer all ttje eartrj about ttjem tottrj ttrato , to^erebp both ttje 

rjeato of trje nigrjt is i£t into trje rooteSjanD ttje poo^e plant is Dc* 

fenoeo from rf)e burning of t^e ^>unne. £tje penre after,3; matie 


of the order of Gardening, 5 1 

a Ifttle flenoer railc of plants , tobercunto 31 i«P bp tbe fp:ings, 
lucauing tljcm m fuel) fozr as 3 laiU t)auc tyem to groin > toijicb 
3 peeretp malic fji'g^r, accoiDing to tfce tjcigbt djatS UiomD 
bauc tbe ^;oge to fpzing. (Sigljt, o? at t&e bttermuft nine fcote, 
is a fufftcitnt beigfjt , ano toijatfoeuer fpzing aboue , mutt le 
plafljeb of one fioe 0? tfyt otber , tomafee tbe fence tfje (Iron^r. 
CSl^cn 3 Ijauc ttyus oone,3i ,na ^ ir tbtcfeer ano tbicuer eueip pare, 
filling top ttjc places toijere 3 te it tbume , Uiittj fucb batots as J 
fee grots out of ozoer : ano tljus is it tnauen To tijuuc imtlj pare* 
if binding* , ttjat not To muctj as a fmall bird ts able to paOV tyo* 
roUi tt , ito: anp mm to loise tbzougb it flZSUjm tt ts fyit&e 0* 
nougb a"5 fo2S c enongb > tlje fuperfluous fpztngs mutt eucrp 
pare be cut. Cf)ts b^gc can neuer be DeftropeD*, ere pt it be 
plucfceobp bp tbe rentes : neitber fearctb it tbe burt of fire, but 
toill grotoc tbe better foztt. j3no tbisismptoapofenclofinga 
Oaro en,as tbe pleafant ctt,moft pzofitable 3 anD of leaft charges. 

Th r. a. SDljere ts anotber toap of making of a qnic&fet !£eoge, Another 
fobicb out Rogers in rfce Countrep ooe We, fobicb is fometbmg {° rt of 
tbe ffrongcr. if 0; fetting tbe poung £>efs,as pou bane faio befo:e a hcd s ,n s- 
lubentbep be grotone to forac grcatnrCTc , t\)cycut tbe SHljozne 
mr re to tbe grouuD,aito being batfe cut ano broken a funocr, tfjep 
botoe it along tbe ^cDgejanoplaft) it. jProm tljcfe cuts fpzingbp 
neto plants , to Uicb till as tlje^ growe to anp bigbneffe tbep cut 
tbem,ano plau) tbem againe : fo Doing continuallp, till tbe l^eoge 
become to bis full bcigbt.ffibistoap t|e ^eogeis : maoefoftrong, 
tbat neitber l^oggc no; otber beaft, is able to bzcafce tbzougb it : 
but t^t otber is a great Deale moze pleafant to tbe eve U5ut tf 3 
bauenot&cts enougb to ferue^map 3 make an Bjmpe&aroen of 
tyeit feeoc i 

Mauvs. f^ea bcrpfoell. $pifee pour SCbozne dtfaeocn oz 
ttoit plot in tbis fozf. SEahe pour Berries 01 ttoms, ano mingle 
t\)9m toitb cartbjlap tbem bp fo* tbe firdpoere in fame place mxtt 
fo.i tbem, tbe ncrt peere foloe tbem as tbichc as pou can, ano pee 
u>3ll iBitbin a tittle time baue a tobole Cd-u) of tbouies. 

Thu, |^ou blue notofpoben of 22Uaterantj cnclofure,flno 
pztncipall points in a cSarftcn : Bltnoto rcnuinctb to fpcane of tbe 
grounb meetc fo: a <& jroen,an5 tbe o:oer of ozeffingHt 

M a a 1 v s. ^>ft^efanozpfoitsofgroun3,ano of t\)$ oifcermng 

C of 

The fecandBooke, entreating 

of ffjem , bccanfe potr in pour dttcribing of grotino before 
baue fufficienfcpfpohen,? Do not tbtnft it to repeat 
it. &$aine,iti* enougb tome to aooeonelp tbis, tbat tbe grouno 
cugbt notto bstcoricb, no: fee lcanr 3 but fatano melloto, Uifjuf; 
fc;inge tb fo^tb a unall InnOe cf d^affe it be tiatrcs : fueb grouno re* 
quires leaff labour, tbe fftffeano the rub ground afhetb greater 
paincs about ft, but ootb recompcnccit agatne Untb bis fruitful* 
netfe. SHbeftiffcleanc, anb eolo grouno, to not to be mcoleo foitlj, 
as Columella tojitetb in appointing groo grouno fo: Oaroens. 
The ground that giues the ripe and mellowed mould, 
And doth in working crumble like the fands : 
Than of his ownegood nature yeeldeth manifold, 
Where Walwoort with his purple Bcrrie ftands. . 
For neither doth the ground that ftill is dry. 
Content my roinde,noryetthewatriefoy!c : 
Whereas the Froggc continually doth cry, 
While in the ftinking Lakes he ftiU doth moile* 
I like the Iandthatofitfclfe dothyeeld, 
The mighty Elme that branches broad doth bearey . 
And round about with Trees bedecks the field 
With Trees, that wiIdebcarcsAppIe,Plummc 3 andPeare, 
But will no Bearefoot breed, nor (linking Gumme, 
Nor Yewe, nor Plants whence deadly poyfonscome. 
what to flno tbus mucb of tbe <£ arc en grouno, fobicb as 3 faio, is tea* 
be confi- f reD, o?map befoatreo, ano is enelofco either inttb atoall,a beege, 

thTcholfe o: r ° me Ct ^ r fafc * nc[ofl?r *- W* *W& ** neeofwW it lie U>eU to 
of garden tbe g*awc , ano tuarme : fo? m grouno t^at is.berp coloc, tf;e. 
ground. foaemfb of tbe is>unnc ivili not mucb suatle it. 0no cant earp,if it 
A Fe» be a bot burning fano, tfft benefit of t^e ^eauenscan little belpe 
VVlnd «- it, Pon muff pet lo!ie,tbat it lit not fobiectf o ill toinocs, tbat are ; 
The ord - ^ mti fco?cb<ng,anb bjing froffs ano miffs. t5ut nofcn to tbe oj«. 
ring of c " bering of pour <0aroen. Jr irff, pou muff be Cure tl)at fyc grouno 
Gardens. to&iclj P*»u meane to fo to in fye £>p.2ing, be foeil Dtggeb in t\)t fall 
of tbe leafe, about tbe ftalenos of October.: ano tbat \nfyity yon 
garocn in tf)t fall of tbe leafe, muff be oiggso in spa^ tbat eit^et 
bntbceolDeof cainfen o:tjje brate of Summer, bofb tbecloc 
map be mellotueo , anb tbe rates of tpe foeeoes Oeffropcb , no;- 
3M.ucli before this time mti ff pou Dung it, flno toben ti?c time of 



ofrhc order of Gardening.' 50 

fofofog is at |ano a due oapes before, f be toeeDes mud be got our, 
ano tl; c sung lap cc on,ano fo often ano o tltgcn t lt> mud it be tsiggeD, 
a« tfjegrounD ma? be tfcougblp meDleo toitb tbe mouiD. 

SCberefoje tbe parts of tl;c €>arDensmuttbefo o:um:o 3 a0 tfpac 
totyit) pou meane to fotoe m ff)e eno of &ammer, map be Diggeo 
tntbe £>p?ing : ano tbe part trjat pou toill fotoe in tbe^pjing, 
matt be Diggeo in trje eno of Summer: : fo ttjall bortj pour fallctoes 
be feafonco bp tJje benefit of tbe coloe ano trje ^unne. Crje^Jj.; 
beos arefo bemaDenarrotoanoiong , as ri;. fofeinlcngtb, ano 
ttreinbjeaotbj tfjat ttjepmapbe ttje eafiertoccDeo : fbep mutt lie 
In toet anD toatrie grouuo (too fot fjr'gb , m o?p grounD a fcote (0 
(uffitimt. Jfpour bebslpefo D?p, a0 tfjep toiil fuffcrno toater fo 
farrpfcpont&em, pou mutt mafee ttje fpacesbettoirtbigbcr > tljaf 
-tbe toater map be fojeco to lie anD auoioe toben pou toill. flDf ofd;^ 
trje feinDea 1 fojfs of ounging being futncientlp enrreatco of bp pou, s in § a ^ 
3llmUtapnotrjing ;: onelp, aooing tbis tfjattfie Hung of Mwte^S 
ttjebett, becaufe it bjeeoetfj frtoett toeeocs : trjenertia Cattels d cns . 
Dung, ano £>b* P** Dung, if it baue lien a paece. SCbe grouno as 3 
fafo lorjicr) toe meane to fotoe in tbe &p?mg, toe mutt after trje eno 
•of Summer let Ipe falloto, to be feafoneD toitrj rfie froft ano tbe 
colo : fojas trjebeate of Summer, fo Doti) trjeeolo of rfje ©Etinfer. 
babe and fcafon trje grouno. flffi&ben toinf r 1 is Done,tljcn mutt tos 
begin to Dung it: ano about th c fourteenth 0.: fifteenth of BJanuarp, 
toe mutt Digit againe , DeuiOing it in quarters ano beta* fnxft 
mutt tfjc toeeDes be pluefccD tip, ano turfTesof barraine grouno 
mutt be lapo in the #llepcs , tojjicb being to ell beaten toity Bee* 
ties, ano to teoD fcpon , that tbe grade be too:ne ateap, fo tfjat it 
fcaree appeare, it toill after fp?ing fep as fine as little tjapje, ano 
pre!D a pleafant figbt to trje epe, torjicfj toill be fcerp beautiful!* 
Mbenpou rjauefeuerco pour flotmes bp tbemfelucs,peur tyljU 
fiefee bearbs bp trjemfelues, ano pour $ot-bearbs ano Pallets in 
anotber place : tbe beos ano t!;e borers mutt be fo catf , as tf?e 
tM eeoers rjanos map reacf) to tbe miott of tbem , fo (bail rrjcp not 
mxoe in tbeir labour to tread fopon tlje becoes, no? toburttbe 
Ijearbs. 3no tbis 31 tljinfee fttfttclent fo? tbe preparing of pear 
grouno befotetbe fotoing. $oto toill 3 fpeaueof fotoing.ano Gfs 
\\)l)at ujall be fotoeD in euerp feafon. 2Co f?ca!?e of all fo:ts of lngm 
l^earbsano ifloto?cs ; toere an eno!c(Telabour 3 oneip oftljcfc tyat 

<® 2 wrz 

The feconei Booke, entreating 

aremoff tiixGfalljg meant to rntrcat.anfrficff of tjearbs/ctne are 

fo2 tj)e Jdot 5 fomcfo2 tljeugt)t,fouic fc£ pleafure ano (lucef fauour, 

ano fome fa; ptjificKe. anDagaine,fomearcfo2S8tntcr : fomefoj 

Three fea- ^umnierywo fome bctwirt boti). Zfyt firft time of fctomg after 

fons to 2Saintcr,is tl)c monrtij of ££arc& 3 £p2tl 3 ano 2£ap 3 totjerein toe bfe 

{owe in. to feto Coiti>u,\>fs ? tf aiiu^5apr 3 ano after 13eetc3 3 &etrufe 3 £>02rl, 

jgftitfartkfe&e, Co2ianocr 3 Dii' 3 anc <£>ar&cn CreiTcs. E^cfcccno 

f:afon fo^ fotomg^sint&e beginning cf £5etober 3 tot)crcin ttjes fet 

foetus , anofoto 3>mallage m Nigella ano Arrechc. 2£tjc t|nt& 

feafon. Indict) ttjep call ttjc Summer feafon , in fome placets 

Oaroners begmne in 3anuarp> iotjerein fyty fet Cucumbr rs, 

0QurDs 3 ^pinna£t) 3 i5afill 3 puruaine 3 anD&aucric. spanp things 

map be fomeD betU)irt t&efe feafons, ano petooeuerp toell, 311 

Careen tjearbs ace common!? fotoen before ttje tentfr cf 3une 5 fucfj 

t^ngs as pou ioouiD not ijauc fceD,rou map foto after tyi* time. 

5>ometjjings arc fotoco onelp tioo timesapeece,m tt?e ^pjtng^ 
ano in ttje eno of Rummer. £)tfjers againc at funojp times, as 
Jlcttufe 3 Coltoa)2fs 3 lSccHef,^aDiu),Crcffes 3 €o2ianocr, Ctjet* 
ui l 3 ano £>ill. Sfjrfeare fetoeo about sparrlj, o% about ^eptem* 
ber 3 ano CoJumciJa fattrjjfcoecemeeitfjet of t(jefee&e 3 02 of ttjc flip : 
fome of t Ifje c©tf 3 fome of ifje ffalKc? fome of t&e leafe, feme of ttjc 
Clot, fome of ttje !£cao 3 fcmeofbctfj : ottjersof ttje 13arfce,otfcer6 
cf ttjc |Bitf7 , fome bettj of tlje fetDranottjefiippc 3 asftcto 3 totloe 
spacurum, ano ^13afill 3 tijis tfjcp cut off, toijen it comes to tc a 
giansfuu tjigfc : £Dtljersgrotee faotlj ofttjefaDe ano t|ie rcfe, as 
jCnions, OarucUe, ano fucf) Use. flno altljougfj all things toill 
grcU)of ttjeir toDes, pet itjis tbepfap, HeinUull not eoe : fo: tt 
fceiEfclOcmefpitngs, trjecefoje tljep'ratljrr fettfje flips. Stjefe 
ttjat arc fet of ti-c rote, coe common!? !aft longcr 3 anD biancijbetr 
fct,4}uttuigfo2t») poung fiippcsfcomtjis Gees, as ttje &nion ano 
Oitlj. ZZtyi tfa:fcebemgcut,ttjfp all Docfpjmg againenn rfjemeft 
part, crccptfuctjas&aucfpeciall ffallses,callcobp Theophraftus 
» kKoT^v^j t|>at is, fuel) as iutje n ttje ffalbe is cut groto no ssicje : 

Gafa interprets ttS:cauiia. Oje£apeanot&ei3a&tU) 5 t!jcirleaur$ 
being pullco atoap ano couereO tenth eacttj,Oce groto ano continue 
till Summer. £Dtje fruits of feme is in tyc tarty, feme toityout, 
OffecJes. ano feme bettjtoitljtn ano toift}out 3 fome lie ano grolu, astyr£u> 
cumber ana tye ®ouro s ano foimtums l;ang , tyougjj of greater 


of the order of Gardening. 51 

focfg&f bp mucfc tben tfje fruits of SCrees j tome requires ffapes 
anotjelpcs to dune bp,as J£ops,llupmiS,ano $3 rale ; fome feeoe 
groujct|)bettcr,tbcuetticr tljcp ue,as iueies, Nigcba Romaua, 
Cueumbees,ani) (Bouroes^sno tljeeefoje fometofetofttepctljeic 
Cucumbers, m mtlse oj Ujatir, ta caufe tljem to grolu tljc fpeeD* 
lier. &u t(jc otljcc fiDe, ofoioe feeoe better gioloet^ t\)t Beete, 
CtarDeit Creftc0,19eninaU, great *parierum, ano Cojianacr. 3»i 
ttje I5ecte tt^is is onelp obiecueD, tljat tlje feeoe commetf) not all 
fep m one peere,but part tijc recono peeie,anOfoinc t^.tl)ivo : aaD 
tljerefoje of a great Dealc of feeD,fpjingeti) but a httlc. Southing 
feeD,t(jis is to be well feetie to ; tbat ttjcp be not tco olo ano ojp,tbat 
t£ep be notmingleo,oj tafeen one m another : oIj fceo in fome is 
of fuel; fojee, as it ganger!) denature : foj of oio Coltoojtf&De 
fiojingctl} t&e &ape,ano lifceUnfe of itapc feeoe Cottnojts. £Ufo 
tyat pee gather not pour feeoe s tea fcane, no; tea late. £fce oecp 
fime,as rhe< phraftu j umtctys at tfyc fp?ing,tbe fall of tfje leafe, 
anD ti)t rtff'ig of t'ae SD jg : but not tn allplacesanD hmocs alike. 
£>f s>ceos,tbe famett rrjat fpnng are tfjefe Bafill.^rac^ijiauen, what $u:4 
Koc&er,tljatcommetb op ttje tfnro oap after t&e fofoing> Hettufe fpnng 
tire fourth 8ap,tlje Curumber ano tyz €>ouro, tlje fift oap, pur* lo ™ e > a id 
flm, longer ere it come>SE>uV!)e fourth oap,Crcffcs 1 ^uftaro/^r 
feeoe tfjefift oap , 15eetes in fummer ttje firt oap, intomter tlje 
tenty 0? tfje tuielftb, iLeelses tlje rir.oa?, foinctimetberr. Co?u 
anoer later: fobicljifitbenew, fercept it be tyw& together) it 
grolucf I) not at all. p eniriall anD great spartcruni, come op af* 
ter rrr. oapes.parflp,is ofallotljertbelongcu;befo:e it come op, 
appearing tjje fcuiierj) oap after, oj manp times tbe fiftieth |0ou The wea- 
mutt alfo confiocr, ffjat ttje toeatijer in fotoing i& of great foice : therfor 
fo? tljo feafon being faice $ toarme,fl)ep come tip tbcfconer.&ome Sowing, 
fojts feeo one peered neuer after come bp: fome againc continues 
as parflp,&mallcoge,ilcehes, $igella,fl)at being once folueo, 
come op euerp peere.&uelj as continue but a peere,pjefentlp opon 
tbcirfecoingoie: otljer fpjingagame after tlje loffeof, 
as Hee^cs,i>igella,^)mons,ano <Sarlicbe:ano commonlp ait fucfj 
as put out from tf>c fiDe:ano all tl)cfe require Dunging $ Uiatring. 
3n fotoingbeaoe fome tfjinh^ou mutt Ijaue rcgarD to tl)e tpmne, The 
and to foio ano fef in tbe encreafe, ano not in t&e luanc. S>ome u> Moooe. 
pine tl)inhe it bett from tliat u)e is foareoapes oio, nil Oje bx 

d3 s eighteen*: 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

^Igljfcetie : fomc after tfje tljtro, ctytts from t&ctentf), till tyt 

ttoentietf? : ano bell (as ttjcpali fupyafe ) tt>e ^©ne being a* 

loft, an& not fcf. 
T h r. a. %5ut note 31 p:ap pea tcllbsfometljmg of tF>eo?D*» 

ring of tfje beft<£arDen ^earbs pou baue. 
m.uivs, &ame oeutoe tljeirC^c&em'ngfimebptfje 3&o> 

net foas tycv not tyeit otfjec fcusbauinp, 
T h b. a. 3 care nottejjethec fcp sponetljs o.: office teapes,buf 

3 fooulo tapm; bnote tfje ojoermg of pour 0arDen l;eere 3 r\: 3J. 

fcnete m fcot Countries tfcep (EacDenaU tlje cainterlong, but J 

am altogether fej our <£ountrp,U)l}ofe o?Der toe muC bere foliotu, 
Ti« time M a r i v s. 3fn tbefe parts tf)ep commonly begin tyifr Car* 
fcr GarJs. Drning f if tfje tucatljpr be faire ano fcafcnablOir. ttje eno of Jf c* 
n,n s* tyis time tfjerefaie tfje Careen being Dimgeo,Diggco, 

rafccD, ano cieanfeo,tf5epf}fc to p'.ant ^perage, ano ttctoe, 
of pot- T h- r a. 3 p^ap pou begin tottf) Afparagus, o: £>pcrage, an5 
hearbs. ffjcotfjer pot-bear bs,cucrp one in t)i3o?Der:anoafcctioaro tottfj 

jflotoitB ano ^tjpftcfee fjearbs. 

Afparagus. M A R I v s. Afparagus foas iUQWf to grotoftHlOe, but nofo iB 

bjoug&t mtotfje v2arDcn,tt iscalleo in C??ahe 3 «we^G$,in jfa> 
Iian : S>pamlI) ana if renci},it is aimcS all one* tfje one call tt Afpa- 
rago 3 tfje oH;cr Afpcrgc, trje £>ufdjmcn call it Speragcs anc«Sps- 
rifus.beesufe tt comes tip of it fclfe:fo?tl)c<DarOenfe>ijeragct^c? 
iorrcnot acquaints taitf).3f is planteoin ttoo foUSjCtt^croftfje 
feeDe, oi tbe rmtc : tljcpfnfcc of ffje freDe as mucf) as pou map fafee 
tip iDitb fyiix fingers, ano befroUnng it in little Ijsles, euer? 
flue- o: ifnee fteocs tjalfc a farfe afunoer : ttjcp fet tfymin rt'cfj 
grcuno, in j^ebjmarp, ano eouer tljc grouno brittj Dung. S^fje 
toceors trjat groin, mutt bee toell pla:fceDaiuap 3 after tljc fourth 
erf) tap tljtytomt tip as it Here to one rcote, anD esngiso toge* 
tfjer: tf;e~rato baucfunmp ffrong trj;ee^6, iol)tc!j tljep call tfje 
sponge; BfngrounD tfjat is tjtc, rfjc feezes are to be fet D&pr, 
anotoei! tempereD tott^-Otmg. ?n \xut gretinss, on t(je ot^er 
froe, t^ep are to be fet ftjalloli) in tf^top of borers, left tlje mot* 
ffurcDetfrop fytm.&ljt firff pcere pou muttb^frfec off ifyettcHks 
tf^af nrroto i foi tf won pluc^e tfjcin tp bp tljc rcotcSj^t indole fets 
l»t I folioto,tu!)icij are to be pjefcrues foj tiuo pere tortf? Dunging 
anD iuojDing. 0lU[)e pares after; pen mutt not gather tjjem in 


of the order of Gardening." $ t 

ef>cffalfee,buf pulltbcm from tyz rorf, t^at tlje tats btittgopmcti, 
map tfce better fp^ng^tobfeb crccpt pot. Doe,pou tjurt tbe £>p?nig» 
^tm tfjatpou meaneto feeepe fo? On, pou utuft m no totfe meBD:e 
feftyall, after, burne Dp tbe bufljts, anD in Mnter Dung luaittje 
rotes tottb Dung anD aOjes , tbep are planteo a!fo of rtjc nates, 
fcptiic^ after ttDopieres pou mutt rcmoue into a luarmeanD tucll 
fcungco grounD.Cfje ttonebcstoberepoH mean* tofettbem,muil 
fiano a fen t a funoer, anD a Ojafcuian in Depttj,l»beretn pou ntuft fo 
lap pour ©ponges (as being coucreo; tfjc^ map beff gtoto ♦. but 
w tbe*£>p?ing before tbep come Up, poumuft t©fc tbe eartb toitb 
a little jf o?ae, to caufe tbcm tfje better to fp;mg,ano to mafcc tyt 
tarts tbe greater.Cato fooulo baue pou to raHe tHcro,but fo,as pea 
§uzt net tbe W)ts,anD after to pull tbe plant from tbe rear : JFoj if 
pen otbertoife bjeaise it^ tnc ret feuil Die, $ come to noting. But 
pou map fo long crop tt , till pou fee it begin to groin to fceDe : ui 
iatytfy peere fo? t\)t Winter time , pou muff acceding to Catocs 
mmDc,couer it inittj ffcato.,0? futb ii^c,lcatt tbe colo Doe tulltbem, 
anD in fyt &p?ing opentt againe,ano Dung it toell. ©omctbinfce, 
tbat fyt ntft peere it is necDlcffe to Dee anp tljing fo tfye plant,bur 
onelpto toeeDe it. if rem tbe roots, tobicb tbep call tbe Sponges, 
tbere fpjingctb firftcertaine buDS Untb crumpleD fenops,fcet:p gcoo 
anD plcafant fo? pallets ! W$ tf pou toffee to groto, it ttraigbt* 
foap buOjctb fo;tb Mb bjancbrs Ufee f inncI,anDat Irngtb groto 
to be pjicfclp : after it batb fl oto?tD>it bearetb a Berrp ,firff grotte, 
anD toben it is npercD. 3tf pou tooulD banc pallets of Aiparigut 
all tbe pare tbjougb : lub^npoubauegatbereDtbe Berrics,opc« 
fye rcotestbat runne aloft by tbe gromtD toitb Digging, anD pou 
fbal bauc tbe roots fcnD fcjtbneto buDs out of bano.|t is tbougbf* 
fljat if pou taraoe to potoocr t^t bo?ne of a team , anD fotoc it 9 
fcutring tt tartlet Unit come to be gooD spcrage. 3» tbe §>p?tng 
time tbep mate a &erp gooD pallet , being foDDc in toaht , o? 
fatte HB:oatb,ttll tbcpbetcnDcr : fo? if pou fotb tbcm toomucb, 
tbepteUtoaffe atoap. Milken ti)t? be foD, tbep D?eOe tbrm toitb 
tamegar, ®pit, pepper ano&alt, anDfo eatetbem : o? as nip 
fcteno William Prat,berpfbilfull in tb efematters^ellexb me tbep 
cuttbemin fmallpteccsli^c SDice, anD after tbep baue pacboi? 
IcD fbem, butter tl;em toitt) CUieet gutter 3 a little Vinegar anD 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

T h r. a. pou fcauc fccrp toellnjcfocD me t&e o;Dct ing of Afpa- 
ragus : 3 p;ap pougoefozwacD to&ctoe. 
Rcw. M a r i v 5. Ueto,t»i)tcl) tlje (S^eehrs call t™a^>w, tlje fca< 

tinzs Ruram , tlje Jtalians Ruracbe, ttje&paniacDs Ruda , tlje 
fmitymcn Rude dc gardin, is plant eo at t|je cnD of j?cb?uarp>o; 
in tparctj, pjofpering beff in Hie anD Dannie grounos, ttabfjo^ 
retl; bott) toater.anD Dung , fobictj all otfjer fjearbs moff Delight 
in, it mctt Ddig&tetfj in atijesi anD fotjere all ctljcr plants Uull 
fp?ingoft&cfttOe, t&istbepfapfoiilncuctbocff. £Dbeb;umcl}cs 
being Oippeo off, ano fet in tfje fpjing, fotll fce rp tocll grotu> but 
if peu nmoue tjjc olorcot, it Diet!; : it Deligbtetlj in tljc fljaDDeto 
oftlje Jrigge free, anD being ff cine fastyepfap) it p;ofpercti)fbe 
better : it is fotoeD toitfj curling, as Cummin, anD Diuers otljer> 
anD cannot abioc tlje p^cfence of an oncleane fooman. 

Thra,3 fagaD iettufe &ere, 3 p?ap pou fjoto Doe pou o?# 

Makivs, &effufe is calleD in SDufcf) Latrich , in Crenel* 
Laiftue, in C;ccU 3gui\x| , in Stalian iaduca, anD fo in Ratine, 
in £>paniu) Lcchugas, tofcereof beftDestfje toilDc, t&ecc ace tyjee 
feinDcs,one erumpIeb?Uil)iclj Columella called Caecifia, anD &pa* 
mu) ilcttufc, of tlje Countries Inhere it moff grotoety, anD is 
gr eateff tffeemcD 3 fnEHifcb calleD Kraufer Lattich , in J?ccnc& 
Crclpuctbe ot&er tfabbeDge !lettHfe,in S)utc& Knopf Letticcin 
ifccncl) Laiftue tcftue , of Plinic calleD Lacomca, anD Seflilis, be 
caufcit grotoeffc tonne ttfcean bcaD 5 o* an appleXbe t&iro fo;t is 
calleD Rotunda, becaufeif groteetb in compacts opont&egrounD: > 

thra. i5utljcto come pou to Ijauefo g©Dlicftufe>anDl)Qfc» 
Lcttufc. M a r i v s. atttjeenD of jreb?uarp, onn fijc beginning of 
£parcl), toeofe to fctoif, tyatit map be rcmoueo about flpziil oj 
^ap. 3n bof Countcies as Palladms relief b>tljcp foto it in 3anua* 
ric, o? in December, lottb mf ent fo remoue it in jTebjuarp : but 
pou map fofo itatanp time oftl)epcece 3 fo tbcgrcunDbego^tocll 
Dunge D,nnD toatreD. S&tjen pou temouc tfjem,t^e rcotesmuff be 
parcDana rubbeD ouer luitl) Dung,anD fuel? as be alrcaop plan tcD, 
tbeirccotes muft be pareDanD DungeD : tljcp loue a god grounD, 
motffanD tuell DungeD, tfjep fpaeaDtlje better (if pou fctbptljrm 
rfce tfape) oj to&en ttjep begin fo ffalfee? tjje ffalfce being tinmlt 

of the order of Gardening. 53 

ctouen,pou lap bpon ftaeloo 0; a SDtUfbarD : tl) ep tnill btlutytejf 
poufpmufelc tytm often totty faitD,oj tie fano U)itbtn tbe leaues, 
attD botfj f cno st ano hi !;t t e pou fyall Ij.iuc tb cm . 3fttuo Date* be * 
foje tbcp be gatbcreD,tbeir tops be f peO bp,tj)epfoil be rounD ana 
Cabbcfcgeo. 31 f tfje itotc being remaueo Vatytn it is grotone a 
IjanDtooao in beigjjt, bepareoano fmercD UutbfrctbCotu tiung, 
ano eartb call about it, be toell iuatceD, attD tnijen it groUictt; 
fjigb, tlje top be cut, a petfyarD laio bpon it, tlje ftoarcr alfo tbcp 
tutll be : tbe mo?e pou rcttcaine tbe ftallie from gating bp,totncl) 
mutt as I fato, be kept Oolxme loitb Tome Hone 0; toaigbt, tfjat 
r&ep map fpjeaD t^e better, 3? tfje Hettufecljaunce by reafon of 
tljc baDiKffe of tljt foEle,tbe f^oe,o; tbe feafon, to toare fcaro, tbe 
remaining of it toill bjma; it againe to Ijis tenberneffe t it toill 
J;aue fimo;? ano Diuers raffs, if taking a 2Crecolc of &ijeepe, oj 
<0oate* bung, ano tjoUotomg it cunnfnglp toitlj an Htole 0; a 
Boobtn, poutb?ull into it t&efeeaeof Jlettnfc,Cceffcs,15afi», 
ftochet, Smiailage, percclp,ano KaODiH), ano after gapping 
it in bung, pou put it into ben? g©o grouno $ toafer it toeil.SEfjc 
PercelpA* §>mallagegoefbtorcDte, tfje others groto in beigbt, 
feeeping (till tbe tall of euerp one. Conrtantinc affirmetlj ilettufe 
to be a nioptt ano coIo bcarbe, a quencher of t\)ii% ano caufer of 
flitpc : ano ttjat being bopleo, it nonrifoctb mod, ano abatctf) 
iLetcberie, fo: Uiljicb tlje Pythagorians call It Eunuchion. Galen 
Jnmfelfe tbe p;ime of pbpfitions Dot!) greatlp commenOtt,tobo 
in bis j»autlj Did altoaics bfe to rate it rato, ano after in bis elocr 
peercs bopleo, lotjcrebp b^ f^cpt bis boot? in gcoo temperature* 

EndiUe, ill Hatftte, lntubum, ojlntubus, nOtbnliUetoEettufe, Endive. 

fomccall tt(25aroen £>uccojic, tfje £>utcbmen, ano common fo?f, 
Endiuiam, t^z Italians ano tf)t irrenci), Cicoriam, tbe&pant* 
aros, Endibia: it is f ohm casotycrcHSaro en Ijcarbs in $£arcl), it 
louetb mopftuce ano ga>D earth, but pou mull make pour be&s 
loben pou folu it tbe flattered t^c eartb failing atoap,tbc rartcs 
bebareo : Usljcnit batbput f©ztb leaucs? pou mult rcmoueff 
mtolurllDnngcDgrouno: tbatiuljitb i& foiunc befoze tbe fta- 
ienos of Julp, ootb come to feeoe : but ttjat tol;icb is folune after, 
feeoetl) not. |^ou mull foU) tbat Ujbicb ^ou tooulo ban* fo ferue 
pou in tointer, in j£Detobcc,in toarme ftonie places fo? pallets in 
iuinfer; t^ep bfe at ttys oap tol)enl;t>leaucs be out, to folo t^em 

The fecond Booke , entreating 

topf ogct!jer,an5 We tljcm rouno in rt)e top tutty feme fmall ftyng, 
couccmg tfycin toitt) fome little earthen ocffdl, ttje rotes (hll re 
mining to nourtfl) t^emtotttjall: tfcus Doing, tfccp Unit groin to 
be lotlite ano trnoer, ano to lofe a great part of ttjetc bitferneffe. 
3Jt is faio, tljat tljrt tonll be Volute, if ttjep be fpnnfelco a fern Dates 
ab2caD 5 ano 'ring t}ponfanD,oc toafbcD foitfj tt)e rainc : .anot&ns 
is csnometottl) l)t5 encreafepteferacD all SSmter^ometljerebe, 
ttjar contenting tbemfeiucs i-Ditfj leffe charges ano labour, Doe 
ompcouertljemmitfj eartfj 3 otl?ers againetottt) tfraoj-.tbts oiDcr 
of Uuntermg of it, ts note in eucrp place grotone to be common. 
Coiworu. T h r a. J fee alfo in tt)ts pieafant ©acocn Colwoom , t&at 
" tocCounfrep fclfccs be fo focll acquatnteo U)it|). 

M a r. i v s. gt is meefe mp Oaroen fcculo not loant f(jaf, 
hi^ietj as pou bnoto Cato pjeferretlj before all of^ec fjearors, in 
Dtfcribing ttje ioonocrfull properties ano tfes thereof : ano t^s 
pl&a 3! onelp appoint fo? fuel) common fdot^earbes , as Col- 
woorts 25ates,€nfcwe,i>ntons,83peSj£anenfS, lifers, Car* 
rets,UatrDi^,<^arHche,anD faarfneps : ffce mooter fo;f 3 place 
fcpttSemfetacs, ano as tlje nature of eocrp one reqwrctb. Col* 
tomits is commonly calico in Hatinc Br&fIica,o? Caulis,in (Sjafee 
K.c^|wCkf, in if renclj choux in Italian Cau!c, in &panfuj vcrza, in 
EUifctjKoil. 2CljeolDcU\2itets maOe Dlucrs fo?ts of it, asatt^s 
cap t^jcre be. £>ne fojt toify great ano fe;oao leaucs,a big ttalfte, 
ano fcerp fruitfull. 2£bis fojt is commonlp fcnotone, tol)tc& being 
tije pleafantcr in Winter, tofyen if is bitten toith fl;e feoffs, is foo 
iBitij Bafcen, ano tofcD in $o:rroge. SEfje tenoer part of t£je top 
feeing a little boplco, is ferucb fo? Pallets, DjeffcD fcJirlj oplc ano 
fait. SDfjcfcconofojtluitljt^ecrumiJleDleafej oft&ercfemblance 
ftjatit tjatyto &mallagp 5 ts calico sdinodi 0? Apian*, of rrjc com* 
mon people erumpleo Coll, 0; tozinchleD Coll. £tjc tbiro fcit 
lr»l)icl) is pjopcrlp calico Crambc, fcatya fmallec ftaifce ano lcafc> 
fm©fb,fcnDer, ant) not Deep full of tupec. SEtjc fourth fo;t is trje 
great CabbcDge, UMttjfcoaD leaucs ano a great fjeao> calleo in 
Dutct) Rappcs, in Jfrcnct) Cheuz Cabuz of tt>e olDe amtrrSTri- 
tiana Braffica, ano tljis kinDeis onclpmoif fetbf. SnOermanfe 
there is onefcmoeof tfjem tfjaf tbet call LumbarDv Coitoo2t,oj 
&>auopColmo2t 3 (totter ttjen rtje ottjer, ano not able to cnoure 
tbc Winter ; ano another u?itl) lserr bjoao icaurs crumpleo, ano 


of the order of Gardening. 54 

full of fo2uuklcs r buta great freale blacBer,toljicf) tfje Sltalfans call 
Migrecaulcs , anO tt)e JlatUUS Nigra Braflica, of tye number of 
U)ofe t|?at n)ep call commonlp red Coll, oftfjeoloc liters Maru- 
cina Bxafsica. £i;ere arc btfioesotijcrfo.zts, tafcmg their name* 
oftljeCountrepU)[)eretl)epgroUj,aBAricinaanDCumana. snjjg 
beft time fo; fettt'ngano fommgof ColtuoUs!, is after ttje 3iDes of 
£p;tll. 5n cold anbrapnfe Countries, tlje oftner it is bunged ano 
rancD, ttjc better a great orale totll tfjeColtoojfs be : fomebfe to 
fotoc tljcm about tjje ftalcnDS of sparcb, but nje eijte fell of it go* 
ctfj out in Icaf^anoiofjen tt 10 oncecuf,mafcetbnoga>D ffalue fo; 
tye OTntctafter : petmai? ponrmtfercmoue pourgrcateft Cell, 
ano if pou fo 00c, you fljail [jane be il) mo; c feeo.anD greater peelo : 
foz it fo abounoett) foitfj fecsc , as it is foiueD tuicg no lefte aDuanv 
tage ttjen &ape feebe, jFoj n)e mahmgof ople, eolfoojfsmap be 
fotoen all tl>e peere long, but cljtcfl? in sparcl) after ftts fotoeo,it 
appeared Untiu'n ten Dapcs,crceptpaur feeoes be olDanDD;m 3 fo? 
olD fecoe toiil groto to ttapes,as olDKapc fecDc iuill to ColtoojtSi 
£>omc faptt pjofperetf) beff in fait grouno,ano tfjerefoje t^ep bfe 
tocaffbpontbe ground altpaterojatoes,totyc!)alfQDcuTopetf) 
tljcCaterpiller ; it is remoueo in %\me , c&ieflp mfjen it fjatft put 
fojttj fire Icaues, ano njat fofjen tl>e ioeatljer is rain* e, fo tljat poti 
eouer tyc rctebefoje foitfj a, little frcu)Oung,ano tojap tt m £>ca* 
toee9e,ano fo fet it. ^o?c Diligence is to be bfiB about t(;e Cab 
bebge ; it mutt be fo teen infarct) intbcfull of tlje £pojne, rfjatit 
map rematne in ttje grouno tfoo spmnes^ana in £pap pou mutt tafee 
tt)cmfcp,anO fettfjem againetfoofajtcafunoer. 2E^egrounbmuff 
be tuell DtggcD tobere pou fet t[jem 3 aimas fatt as tfjepgrofoj tfje 
$actfc mu& be raifeo about tljem : fo tljat tljere appeare no moje 
tljan tlje berp tops of tfjem : fo? fo caufe ffjem to groto faireaufl 
great : pou mutt as oft as pou remoue tt)cm } banhet|)emtjp luttfj • 
eartl) abouttfjem, tfjatnon)mg bnttfje leauesappeare. 0nDf!ju5 
you muff often Doe to all tfjc fetntr s ofibenubcijoarc fro&s matte 
tfjem tjaue tfje greater ftueetneffe. SCfje Eiineparcs (i\)ty fap) 
foljcre Coltoorts groiv 3 Doe pcelonje footer Ciincs.ano t&eCcll 
co.jruptetlj ttje Mine, 

Thu. 3lP?appoup?oca^eiwtljtf)erettof t^cfe poW;earI;S; 
Ma.r. 1 v s. ^ou foe bcertb^ ^putage, fo teavmeo (ns poa^pina^ 
map hnoto) of ti;e j-jicb^ f«ii<s, called in&atme Spinaca, ana 


The fecond Bookc, entreating 

men fo in Italian, Spam'ty, jrrcncMno £>ufct> : it tsfofonea* 
tbofe bcfo?c 3 in fpar^,ap?uMntJ fo till ferptcmber: if it map be 
toell toatrcD,it commctlj top in fcaurn oapes after t&e fctofng,Eoii 
ffjallnot neetse to rcmcouett. fl:&efceDc mutt pjefcntlp after tlje 
fotoing be coucreo, ano aftertoare tocll toceseo : it refufctfj no 
feinDe of grounD,but pjofperetfc in cuerpplace:pou muff often tut 
it,fo: itcontinuallpgcotoctrj 3 itis to be boileOtoitljontanp toatcr* 
tojerein t&e bopling itDotfj peelo great fto?e of tupee 3 anoconten' 
ting itfclfc toitlj (lis otoncliquour>it requiretl) none otbet. 3ffcr* 
too being beaten ano fftrrco toitlj tlje HaDle 3 till tlje clammf* 
ncsbc gone : it is made top in littk ballet, tlje iupceffraineo out, 
ano bopled topon a Sfjafpnoify totttj ^Dple 02 Butter, fome awe 
thereunto S3ergius 3 0; trj; iupce of fotoze C5:apcs, to make t|e 
faftc mo:e (arte, 3 ffje to pou in o:oer as pou fee, allmpifcitcfjiii 
jorreii. Ijearbs: noto follotoetfe Sorrdl, ealleo in Ratine, Acetofc, in 3ta* 
lian liftetoife, in &paniuj, Romaza, in Jfrenclj, Oxeila, in SDutcij, 
Surick, of frje fotojenes t&crrof.lEfjercare funozp (ozts of it: toe 
Ijaueat tins Dap ttoo binos 5 tlje gar c en &o:rell $ tlje toiloe,tobiclj 
are pleafant bortj in b:otlj t Pallets, ano of tljfs fjearbr 3 t$e toilos 
fojtfi are boty fotojc in taftc, ano fmaller in teafe : it is fotoeo as 
all otfjer pot-fcearbs are, ano it grotoety of it felfe in ^eovotocs 
Cummin ano €>aroens.Cummin ano Coriander require tocl o&zeft ground: 
and tfjep are fotoeD in rfce fp;ing, ana muff be toell toeeoeo. Cummin 
Coriander j g w n e0 | n & a f trWj curainum , ano almoff like in all otber £ar?< 
guages : it is fotoeD beff fas tljep tbinfee, toitlj curling ano ererca* 
tton 3 tljatitmap pjofpertrje better. Coriander iscalieo in ILatme 
Conandrum,ano is almoff bp trje fame name in a! otljer tongues: 
ft Doflj beff pjofper toljen it is fotoeo effeeoe tljat is oloeff. bmal- 
Smalledgc ledge an3 ParflvjCalleD in ilatine 3 ApiumPetrofeIinum,anDApium 
erParflcy. ^ rrenfe 3 in 3falt'an 3 Apto domeftico^attD Pctrofello^in&pamu), 
Peterfillie r 01 I eterlin : it IS fotocDat tfce Aequino(5rJa!l 3 in tyt 

fp;ing timzj Jjc fceo beaten'a littlc 3 ano maoe top in ronno pellets : 
toe call if Aequino&iall toljen tlje nigfjtanotfce oapcsareofr* 
quail length oner all tlje too?lo : tfjatis, torjentfje fbimnt, tlje 
Captaine ano^utfjour of tlje ot&cr lights, tljeto'ecp foule of tlje 
toc:lD, Ootlj enter info tlje fignesof Anes and Librajf is t|ougt)t 
to p?efper tlje better tbc oloer tlje feeoe is, % fo fp:ing i&efconer: 
if comme tfj bp fije fiftieth Dap, oj at tlje foncft ff>e fojritfl) oap 


of the order of Gardening . 55 

afferftte'fotoie : toim it w once fota;ic, it abiDctbalongtime, 
it reiopcetb in toafcr 0; foef. rend), in %tatim Fenocbio, ftiFendi. 
&pam'$ Hinozo, in &tm$ Fcnoil, in Wuttl) Fcnchcl, is fotoeO 
in tlje beginning of $e&ftung,inftoe funnpplacea,ftonp grouno, 
oj anpgrounDtbeing once fotone,it fp#ngeff) cuerp pare. Anmfe, Annifc. 
in Ilatme Anifum,fafenotoue tnmoff tongues, as Cummin ano 
Cojianocr r required; a grounD fcoeU o^eo anD Djeffec. Dyll, in D y n - 
Hafine Anethum, in if rencb ano Italian almoft fo, in £>pamu) 
Enc!do 3 in 8>utclj DyJJ, enouretb ano abioetb all fcmoe oftoea* 
tbers, bur Delights mod in foarme grouno : if itbcnotfoeilto 
treo, itmatt be fotocfc tbinncr. &ome neur couer fyc feeOcs 
toben tbep foto tbcm, fuppofing tfiat no Biro toill mcoole iuitfj 
it : it commcttj top alfo offtfelfeas iFeunell ootfj. chcruill, in cheruiie. 
lUfine Cerofolium , in SDurxJb Kerbell , m Italian Gingidia, in 
if renc!) Cerfucil, oefiretb a gcoD grountynopltano UicUoungcO: 
it is fotiKO tottb rbe reft in coiopIace».3n tbisfame #onetb ti;ep 
alfo foto Bcctcs , tljougb pou map fotu tfjem Uujcn pou tutU ata> Beetcs. 
ttpotber time of tljc peart as fepmage, it is a common Coturtre? 
l^earbe : fbepcailtt mStaiian Britola, in £>paniu) Acelga,ui 
EDuteb BccefjoVMangclf. jjia <&att)rnbearbe t>atlj greater leaurs, 
fo tl;at toiflj Due o:imng,it grotxietrj like a poung trie. 31* w taUtiD 
Beu, becaufc tttycmt Ceeoefb.rt ia (as Columella ar?irmetb)to tbe 
lisenetreof tlje <25:eehe letter J$. SCbcrebe tino fojtsof tljcntfji* 
folate ano tijebi.ieae, tbc o^nng of tijem is after one fo;t : it is 
fotoeoas Coltoffi2ts,«>o2teU,atto Maaoify arc, in tyaxty, &P&U 
02 £3ap. &ome tln'nnc tbebeft time fo? fotoing it is \v\)ite trje 
pomegranate ootij fioto?*.: it map tie folueD ncuertbe.etfe as 
3Lctfufe,Cote, ano oiuecs otljers, at anp time of ti;e gummier. 
ICbefeoc, tije.oUJcr tt is, trje better it is to be fotone, asaretbe 
freoe* of fenallage, parflep, <2?aroen Creffcs, £>aucrie y Ipiic e 
^aricrum,ano €o2ianOcr,tbougb in all otber tbenctoeft bebeft. 
Sttcommctt) tip in &ummertbe«rroaiyn fointcetbetentb after 
tbe fotoing : it louctt) a i*topft,a rtc^ano a mcUoto grouno : pou 
mw remoue it forjen it fcjatlj put &9^tb &# leaujs, tf pour ground 
libc foell to be txtatrtD : rt itlic tote grouno, it muft be fct in tbe 
eno of tbe feummer,as 31 tjauefaio of ColUia)?ts, tbougb it maUe 
no great matter at mbat ott)cr time pou Doe it, ©aben pou re* 
nuoue it, pou muft rubbe ouer tye rote toitbneto Dung, ZLty* i* 


The fecond Booke, entreating: 

ptoper fetbel5eete, f bat bis feeoe come not all bp together, but 
feme tbc pare after frme tijcrtjiro^ftre : ano tfjerefoie of a great 

fe;oaorr an?) tfje letter, if toljcn tt is fometbtng grolunc, pcu lap 
fcpcm'r SDflc Hones, 02 fuel) Ifltt, to caafeic to fp.;eaD 3 as 31 fpa&a 
Garden t>rfo:e of Letfufe.OarDe nCret^m Italian Nailurtio,* Agrcrro, 
Cbtw. ln ©p 3m ^ McAkfzo, m jFrencb Creifcsde gardin, in sbutclj 
Kerfs, are fofoeD botrj in tfjc ©pang, anD attfje j^Uof tfceltafe, 
it commrtb t?p tlje firO Dap after tt is fefonc, anDD;tnfcefbatDap 
ttje mopffurefrom fuel; hearts as greto ntere |illi MtoglUjuflQ 
otfjcr ports, lie caretrj nottofjat ircatber come, an3 tbercfo:e 
p.2ofperctlibotrj as luellm Winter as tn Summer : tfttbefoinne 
fatty Lcttufe, tfcommctb op ercecotnglp, if Orltgbtetb initio?* 
Curcjto^'cf) tfitln^rf, it lutilDoe tnell cnougb : in iuatrp places 
if grciyetf) of bis ekrne ncco?o : as about Paddbor, a totsnetrt 
Wcilpha'ij, it grotocttj in great abundance in tlje Hmer, ana 
fl;ercfo2Cis calleO of Come CQatcr Crcffes : it loas called m t$>e 
o*o time Sifimbrium. STrjcb:ancrjcs Inben tfjcp loare olD. are net* 
Ciricn feotogctber&itbtobtrerjar:? rings. GarDen Poppy, calico in 
7 1 '-':- Latinc Paupaucr Gmuamj isttjougrjt bell fo groto tofjereoloe 
fialfes banc bm\c burnt : it is fotneD tntuarme placcs 5 te?tb ottjec 
i- fiotbearbs. Murtard-fced*, inLattneSinapi, in Dufcb SencrF 3 
feefo m gtad'an Seoape, tn epantPj Moftaza, hi j^rcnerj Scncu^ttierc 
are tioo fet'nDes, tobtte ano felaefce : tt ts bzft to be fotocfc in t|e 
■mo of Summer, anD againe in i£arrb. £&hcrcitts cncefolone, 
tttsbarOtortDDetbegrounocf it agatnc, becaufetbefeeDeOotlj 
ttiil grcln as it falietlj. $t louctb to groin bpon Dung-biiSj ano 
Th ?. a. 3 fee pou bane bcrp fane HaotjfC^es berr- 
M a r iv?. ^orbing fofatreas 3 baue hao tbem, fo: tetjera 
as tbep Delt'gfjt tn tbc Sunned tn Unrmc grcunD, mv Garoners 
tiaue bercfet tbem m tbcflbaDotn.Cbe o2Drrof rbemts fo be fet tn 
■DcrpgrnOgroimDjanDiping bpon tbc sunne: fonie fap 5 it Dot!) 
net grcatlp care fo2 Dung, fo tt map baae cl)a&e iTraiucO bpon it; 
"terjen ttfscometofimegrclDrb.tbepnrurrbccct'freDVDirbeartl;, 
fo2 if it Bounty once abouetrjegrcuno, tiictrotesknlncucrbee 
go:, bttfftaffl anofuil ofpifb. §c is calleO Uaoeifljj beeaufetf er* 
ccDetb all otf)cc totes m cjreatneiTe. Plinic inttetbj t^at gee 


of the order of Gardening. 5 £ 

foto ar Erford in €>ermanie,ttaOOifl) as bigge as ffjc bo&p of an 
infant, Jtiafolnco ttmfein ttje pare, in jprbjuarp oz g&arclj, 
tljc spone being in tfjeujanejeft it grota fm ronton leaues/ouce 
fingersoitfant one from tfic otFjer : ano againe in fluguf^totjicFj 
is t|re befffeafon fo: tfjem. ICtjofe ffj.iT pau fet after tlje fentji of 
^unejlwill neucr fa*e,tt)c Ittie 10 to be obferuco in all otfjer faos : 
ftcommetbopfommonlp tl;e t&frooapafteritisfotocn : infjot 
ano £>outljctlp Countries, tfce toeatber being faire 3 it grotoetfj 
fwne to ffalUc: ano qatcfedpfecDe e. Cf)e leaucs as tljcpgroto> 
mull dill be trampled oofoneano troDen opon, tu&ercbp tljc rcute 
fljall grototlje greater: oujectoife it flofojffljctl) toitfj leaucs ano 
$ii\tt\) encreafe to tlje leafe,anOnot to tlje rote: tlje IcCfc ano ttje 
ftnartjier ffjeleafe is,tfje railoer ano tlje floater is tlje rate: coloe 
as fome fap, Dot^ further tlje gooneffe of fljem 5 tfjcp fap tljep foill 
he fcetp plcafant, if ttic feeoe be (rapes in #aotjj,o? in tit iuyce of 
Haijfnst t&epfoare ftoat toit&coloe as tijeKape oot&.ano'tljcic 
uittemeffe its taken atoap tuttfi tyn$, am tijerefoie fometuouio 
Ijaue Kaoiu)es foatreo $ nourifljeo foiflj fait toafers: being foOfcen 
iijep come to be beep float , ano feme tljc furne of Kapcs : gt> 
lien faffing, trjep pjouoUcbomite, trjep are burtfull to tlje beinr s 
and to fljetatl;. itaDOiflj eaten at firff, is a goto pjeferuatiue a< 
gafnftpopfon: eaten before mearc,ttbjeafcctl) toinoc,ano p;ouo* 
fectlj tyinc: f after mcafe it forfeit; f&e belip, it iscalleOin Ratine 
Saphanus, in^talian Raphano, in frpamilj Rauano, in JFccncfj . 
Haue, in>S2>utclj Rctich. 

T h r a . 2Cr)crc is anoffjer fcurte of r&em, ffjaf tljc SDufcr) 
mencaUMerr<rttich;3 tafeeif tobetljat foljiclj tlje Romanes eal* 
UO Armaracia, cailcD COmmoillp in 3talp Raroaracia, tljcftrtt let* 


M a r. 1 v s. i^ou fap focll, but tfjisismojc full of bjauncjjes,, 
greater in lcaucs 3 tljinne in boop: t|je leaues are not unllfee to tljc . 
ft;mer HaDiQj,but tljat trjepare a littic Ojarper ano longer, ano 
iljenofe flenucecr,ano tljecefoze ttjere are fome ffjatoenie it to 
be Armaracia: butljerelet tl;e Idbtfttionsxonfcno.Tiicopbraftus 
mafeetlj mention of funojp fojt* of KaoiU) : SCfjis luno of Haoifl) 
&rattj a itionoerfuU bpting tatte 5 a great Deale moic tfjen q9t!G\jr£< 
^anofefcljet^earesfromtl)eepi$of t^emtijat eafeitnt is fet, 

ano - 

The fecond BooU, entreating 

ano planted tit tins fc:t. Sljc cokc f cut in a great m;mbf r of 
pitcfS.iDhcrfof eucrp piece p:ofptrsi£: fo2tf pouplucftebp rt)ts 
fcmocof Kacotlb bp tbc rates pea mapcut off a gas quantiticof 
t!jc rate, ano Deuioing t&em into fmall pacts, retting ttjc etoc 
rateagainc bp [n'tnfelfc, anD tt) cp Id til ail groU) ano pjofper Deep 

T ■ r a. ^e« : t>aue pou gotten ffje irape i i^itberfo 3 
tbongbt bee bao eneln belonged Dnto tts,fo2 toe tfc to folu fyem 
after tbe &unne tjat^ beene at tfje bigbrff, ano tmm tt i&ttiv after 
our ottjer Co;nc, foi tbc futtenance bott) of man ano beaft. 
Rjpa. M.uivi, ^ou Doe toellj ano Uic foto ft ncto in ^ap^ano fn 
Dwtrp grouno f©nrr,anD in Tome places in gulp. Cbcre are Di- 
ners fa:ts of tfjem fomc of tt) cm rouno, feme greiu all in length, 
ano are moft pleatant m tafte, as at Bing x, ano tn tbe Cottntrp of 
Bauar. s>ome agame of tbc qnanttti'c of a mans bcao,ano of at 
t)uno:eD pouno ticigbtrbut tbe fmallrftfoit is tbc flneetea.SDbett 
is anorberUmo of tfape rbaTt^epbTe to fotoe,taf)icb earrict&ty's 
ftfDe in little Coos, # is cbi'eflp planteo in Crcnnamefo: to malic 
opte of,tlje Infjtcb poti.tfc c ot^er Dap, fpafce of 3 i t'ts calieo in (Deatse 
>M»A£7, fn jfrentb Rauctn Btaltan Rapo,tn^paniU)Nabo 3 tii 
The little 3)utcb Ruben. JEbete is alfo anottjer toiler feinae calieo Rapun- 
Rape. cuius, tbat grotoetb balfe a par* bigtj,full of feo,anD f enoer fop* 
petu SStns tbep gatber in tfje ^pjingfime, !#«• tbeffalfcebe 
fp2ongbp,f pulling tt Dp bv the rotes, Do Dfe it in Pallets, mp* 

Naucns. ^g^ t{ (o fap a to jj Dc femD " e of g ap£# <£ty ^ aucnfi glfo calleD 

in (Frake yofiAv\ns>in llatfne NapuMn J^rencb fctauefjto Italian 

Kapo,tn §ipaniu>Nabicas,m S>utcb Srockruben.mapbecounteO 

in tbe number of fcaprs,fo2 Uapcs in romegronnocbange into 

j^auens^infomegrouno, & au ens into Kapes. SEbefealfoloue 

to grotu in a njeUtDatreD 3 mell8to,anoancb grounO'fbougb fucb 

as groto in fan&feano barren grouno, p:oue often t^e fmceteft fn 

eating* Cbef» Dfe to fotoe tbem in {^arcb,ano in fomc places be* 

rarfnfps. fa^gs ajr t n 3uguu\ parweppe in (Dcaftc <&$vKwsin£A0 

tin Pattinaca in ofner tongueo almoft as in Jlatfne, fsbcrp ptea* 

fant to-be eaten , ano reqniretb a fat ano rfeb grotmD,ano Deep* 

R j , j Bi£geo,t»berebt> n)e rate map bane came enougb to groto in : it 

y^iow tefo&eo sno fet fn tfje fpang', ano in tbe eno of &ommer, 

Ganw. T h a a. f^ou baue tyu alfo in tljfs C-arDen reo garrets* 


of the order of Gardening, 57 

M a r. 1 v s. 1 fjauc To. ^elloto Carrcrs is calleD in latfne 
Silt r, m ifremrj Chcruillc, in Italian Si(cro, m £>pamu) Ctwiui- 
as, tnSHir-.t) Querlin, 3 trjMUe pou bnjU) it. PJmie totffefb, 
ttjar i U)o5 fo tdloucUittt) tljts rote, ttjat tje caufeD Car- 
ters t j be i»c5tetp u;ougrjt rjtm out of dDccmante, from tlje Cuff cil 
ot'Gclauna Jranoing upon the Krjmc. 31 1 Dcligrjtetrj tn coloc pla* 
ccs, ana is .cluco befo:c tlje fcaicnDs of sparitj , anQ of fomciri 
September : but trje trjiro auo tl;e bell fctnoeof fotoingas foitic 
trjtniie , is in 3uguff. SDtjccc is alfo wiiDe Carre:* , a fcinDc of 
|9arwep, in iUtineDaucu*, in Italian Dauco, in jffremrj Caroce 
lauige, in 2Dutdj Wortzd , ttjere are ttjat fuppofe it to be tfje 
pellofo note, trjat is fo common in Germanic, trjep arc to be 
foU)C0in ^act^. |f is genecall to Iff ape*, KaDiu)es/pacfncps, 
Carrey Anions, anD &<ei$es, tljat trjep beUicll tcoben upon, o.j 
kept cut, to ti)c eno trje votes map gcob tlje greater. ® i iloeSes Leck<*. 
trjcrearctu^foztg tftc one calleD Capitamm, anotbeotber Se- 
dition, tobi£^trjcpofeaIUj3icstocutclofcbptr)egr3unD. ICfje 
fjeaDcD 3 o;feticeiie,trt JiatincCapitarum. in Italian Poirocapi- 
tato, in ^panin) Pucrro con Cabcza, in$Dutc& Lauch, in iFcenclj 

Porrcau, tfjeottjieu iltflse in ilatuie Sedile, in H)ut£ij Schnitlaucb, 

bcuoctbc often rahtng anD Dunging, muftbematercDasoftas 
pou cut it ooume. Ctje faeces in tjotte Countries, is foiueD in 
3 anuarie o? jr c j;uanc, anD in colDer places, in $attrj : to caufe it 
to grotoe trje fairer ana trje better. SErjep bfe to butt op a goto 
Deale of teDe together in tymnc lUnncn cloattjes , anD fo to lap 
tbcin in trje gcounD : but to make trjem greater tjcaaeD, toben it 
rjatrj well taken rote , tbep ofe to plucfee it bpbp tbe blades, and 
raife it fo, trjatas it lucre Ranging anD boznefcp by trje car tb 3 it is 
foicco to rill trje emptie place tbat Itcsbnoerit : trje blaDes anD 
trje routes cut off, trjep ufe to fectrjerjeafcs, tjnserlaping trjem 
toitb a set ic^sr a, toben as trjep ace not able to curiae ooliue 
in lengttj, tijep flpulo be ojiuen to groin in bigneffeano bjcaotb* 
2C:je Uttfceocftg&tetb ingao grounD, anD batetbiintrpgrouna: 
foui;o mtbe &p2ing,it muff bcrcmoucD o;. fef againe after \$at> 
ueffjtbat tbep map be tbegreater, trje eartrj muff be continualip 
tofeo about it, anD trjep muff be pulteD anD rapleD op, as | faio 
before : iflnrjen pouremoue tyem, pou make in trje rjeaos of cue* 
m one a little tjolc io.trja p«ce of u»jc, o: anp tiling ercept 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

3(ron, ato fyn& therein a Cucumber fetf>e 3 tljep torn" grofo to a 
toonarrfbll greatness : feme ofc in fteaD of Cucumber fees?, to 
put m Uapc fecsc. Co £aue fcerp large and great Jlee&es, paa 
tttufl ijollctoa SDtcstle of OoafesDung, ano fill it full cf2,«fce 
faoe, fo.2 tfje little fp?ont at tlje firttrelrratneo, Uull runne altoge* 
rberinoncj anD fo come fojtl; oft^egrcunD: ano tfcis as Hieroni- 
nuis Cardanus \s;ittt\) , Intt) beene often tcicD to be true. 2D&ep 
ffyill net fauour of ileefees o? £?m'ons, tyatfcaue eaten Cummin 
after. 3t tommtty top tfjetenttj Dap after t^e fofcring, ana latter!) 
f iuo pecre : t!>e firtt peere tt contented it felfe onelp iuirtj bearing 
of leaue , the nert pare it rifettj in a iong ttalfce rjolloto httttjin, 

Onions. *^ e t0 P sarm'fljrD Mr; rouno fcnops of flofo?es, 2:be Onion : m 
Marine Ccpa, c: Cepc, in Italian Cipcila, in ^paniOj Cebolla, in 
jTiCjidjOignon, rfcenert neighbour to trje Hecfce : isalfo of ttoo 
KtnDcs, tlje one fcinDc calico Capiramm, ttjat gcetoctfj to IjeaD, tfjg 
fitter Fiflilc , tljat Uutfjcuf anp tjeaD onelp flouriu>t^ in blaocs., 
ano is often garrjereD as Jiee&csare,anD rfjercfoje onelp is fotone, 
ano not fct in Jfebguarte o? spared in faire foratijer, ano in ttje 
foane of tlje $3©ne : ft oeltgtjtct^ mricfj grounD,toell DiggcDanD 
t)tmgeD,anDtberefo?e Columella iooulo fjaue flje grouno tocllfal* 
Io&jcd. tljat itmap be mellctseD tottr; trjc Winter frotts, sno afr 
fer&u?tgc&, aftiT tocll Digges agr.ine > ano tfje rotea ano tue&es 

p:ffilc. calr out^IatD out in btts ano folueo : it is calico Fiffilc, becaufett is 
parted ano Dtuioco brlotu , fo? in tyz Wnhz it is left fajftfjftfs 
topna&cD: iiTfrje^p^ingfimcrljeblaDes arepul!rDoff,ano others 
come top in tijct'r places. SDfje beats arc fct, ano if pou plucfce a- 
Inap tlje tapirs and rlje eut<grofcJings fcoljcn pou fct rfjem, t&ep 
feull groin to be fcerp great. Sfejtntp oapes before pou fct tfjem, 
fctggetljc gcouno fcuril, ano lap(to:p,ano fo fljali fycy pzofper rfjc 
better. SDfje t)caos are fct in Aur umne, anD groin f o fees as otbet 
plants Doc : if pe-umcane to gatfjer tlje fceocs, to'ijcn t^rHalfec is 
grotone , pon mutt p?opit tjp tottl; little fitches, tljat rrjc totoof 
&afeingoft^e ttalUe, fatter not tjje fceDcs 3 no?b:eafeetl)ettalfee: 
lubici) feeDe pou muft gather befoze it beall blacfee , fs; tye blacb 
neffe is a trueOgne oftlje fullripeneffe: if pou loill not Ijaue it feo 
but l)caO, pIucheofftlieb'aDettilUlofebprbegrounD, fo fljali all 
ffjc maintenance goefo tlje rcjte. ^mong another fjearbs, onel? 

Onioos. tyz j©nion is not Cubic* to tjie fo^ce of tfce tywu a but ^atjj a con* 


of the order of Gardening.' *8 

tmv potucr, fo: ft toarrt& fn tlje fcuanc of t^ ^ante, ano dema> 
Utff m tfjo encrraf: of it : yet fyac are tljat t}ulo opinion, tbat if 
pott fefei tijeni in t&e toane, f Ikv tuiii be tjjc fmaller, ano foto^cr j 
ana m tfje cncreafc, tljeytettl be tyc greater, ana tfjc milder. 
&*>e red ^Dnpon, is mojc ujarpe fben tljetobite, fljep are btft 
weferueD in 3U3arlev ctjsde, tf Rett vou dtp tljem tn fjot foaterj anO 
after djp fyein in ti)e &unnc. tttl itjzy be t^ougi) &#♦ Elicg are 
of the common people tljaugljt to lad longed, being gauged Up 
intbe fmoke ife> tbefeinowd it &att) Imtrj rrjc fi)npon,3 proceeds 
to fpeaaenert of Garlrckc, calico in iiatine Allium, in Italian <*»&** 
Aglio, in &pantu> Aio, in SDutcfc Knobloich, in jfrencb Aux, it 
grolnetfj toftb a Hade like tije jZDiipon, but not boUoto, tt?c (laifee 
round, auo t|je Gotojesin tfcetop in a round tufttoijere tfjenida 
Ipety, dCtolicbe grotoctlj botfc of tfjc bead anD tije fe^as tfjc 
flDnvon ano otfjer of f b?s fctnoe dot!;. Bit is commcnlv fofceD in 
^eb^uarie ojsparclj, aecojtmg to t^c Dtfpofition of tljcfcieatfjcr, 
as r(K jDnpon is. jt tooulD be fct in tijefcppermod part of little 
nacrolu rioges, fyz Clones being aidant foure o?Sus incbrsone 
from f&e otyer, ano not fcervdape. After, fo&ent&c €loms 
fcaucput f(o:tlj tlje little Htin%^ t; txfytn their biases arc ccme 
tjp,t^cpmattbetuellrafeeo,fo?tbeoft;jer ree Doe Co.fbe greater 
tljepfoillbe : but if poiitoillljauc tbcl;eats the greater, bcfo?a 
it gecto fo dalae, vou djall tofnde ano rojeatbe t&e gtecne blades 
together, and tread fljem to tije ground, fo; ttjat continual! 
treading bpon tijein bull make t&cm tye greater. Jn October tyc 
Cloues umit be plucked afunder, $ fet in rote upon fngfj bonders, 
t&at tbevmapfcapetlje danger of t&e tomtce Coynes. SCfjcy fat? 
tjje fcent of tijem fcofli ccafe if vou eate after tfyzm tlje rote of 
25ats todeo at tlje fire: tljus fattrj Piinic out of Mcnander. 

Thu. Mbatljearbeictbatvonderjtbatcommetb^pfoljie 
as a man mav make a fiafifc ofttje daltse, frjc icaues large ana 
round, trje fioteje fnfljape taming to compare toitfy tl;e Hofe if 

M a r i v s. 3jt is Haliokc, o? harden ^alloto , in ILarinc Maiiovw. 
Malua hortenfis, inE>ufcl> Pcppcl, in Italian and JFrenclj almsu; 
as in Hattne. 

Thu, 'd22Hljaf,tlje fame f bat Horace fabetfj to befofo^olco 
fomefw tfjebodp^andiofjtcij of Hcfiodus atn Martial is fobigrjh> 
commended i 

^2. Mar i vs* 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

M.uivs. Cfjc tcrp fame: anD alfo tobtct) is mo:c toonDer* 
full in ft, tlje icaurs turnc about iutttj the &unns, fo tljat tt map 
fcrue in ffeaD of a £>pall i Declaring by ttje turning of bis Icaucs 
inljat rime of the Dap it ts,trjougt? tlje -bunneccenot Q)ine,totjutj 
tlje ptjtlofopljcts t^inne to be Done, up tlje c;aU?mg of fcismcp* 
ffure.jn Hrtrfea.asPIinic toiitctfyit commeifc in feancn monettjs 
to be line a poung tree, anD Cerues tecll fo; a toalUing-ffaff, Site 
fotoco in October, 02 in tlje eno of tlje &umme r, as alfo at ot^er 
itmcs,t fjat by tlje tomming on of to trite r , it map be reftrapneo of 
In* fcigfj grototrj; it reiopcetfc in ric£ anD moiff grounD, anD muff 
be remoneD luljen it commety to tjaue foure c: fiue Icaucs, tt 
groUntt) beft tofjenif is poung: toljen it comesto be greater , it 
Dies in ttje remouing. Mc nfe it boflj fo; tfje pot anD fo; fallf ts 5 
ttjetaffe is better to^mitis not remoueD: pou mutt tome it but 
ttjinne fo? groining to rancke,anD in ttjt miaff of t&cm,pon muff 
lap little cloos 0; ff ones, it requirctrj contmuall rahtng, anD ma> 
feetfj better tlje grounD tuyere ifgroters. 

Thu, 3 maruaile iajjerljer pou fofo fitarselauie , fi$ it 

Purflaine. M A a 1 v s. Clje 3tafmeS rail itPorfulacan, tmtl) tlje Btali* 

" ans it Ijattj fyz fame name, in &pamu) vcrdo!aga,in fvzwty anD 

glutei) PorcheJIe, if is fofoeD in CParDens, anD toell o^ereD Dotlj 

groto tlje better, anD fpjeaort&t&e farther, it fjatlj a blaeae teDe 

grotoing in little grcene enps. 

Buglofc Thra, Eug!o(e,tljat ttje ilarinrs ea!l BugloiTum , rlj« 
Statesmen Ochfenzung, ojBurrrrfth. tlje irreneijmen Borauge, 
foe Italians Borache, tlje fepam'sres Boraic. gs not tfjis u ttjat 
3 to fjere foittj t&e faire bleto floto?*, anD a ffalne a fat long 3 aw!» 

M a a 1 vs. Buglofe is at rljfs Daptmtfj t$e $otyicariescal« 
leD H5o.:age , ttjoug^ rfjep Differ fomctljmg in tlje flotoje, anD 
in nerp DeeOe tfjep are ttoo fano;p l^earbes : fo? fome ca!l tlje 
common 15o?age, tlje lefler 15uglofe 5 anD tlje greater Buglofe 
is rjjougijf to be t&at tuliicft Diofcorides cailett> Circium.ttje true 
Buglofe : tlje flotojes of botlj fo;ts are bfeD in pallets anD in 
Wiint, bteaufe it manety tlje fjcart merrp, anD tfjcrcfo;c is cal< 
teD ftttifrgbe wcpeoffiu^tljat is to fap,glaDncs:t^e leaucfl are alfo 
torn tiffing of meatcs^it is faUuh about iparc^ f onceletosn 


of th e order of Gardening. 5p 

it ttiill neuer afoap, tfjcrc to alfo a twice hinoc of if. 

Th r. A^BJpjappgu goefijtoaro, ano tell bs fome tying of 
&trato&errif0,tobicb Ijcre groUi Voitb great plentp ano beautp, 
fjeipeo as it feeinetb ttJitb g©o ojOering. 

Mauvs. JL^cyate To, fo;toce ufe to bjfng rates out of ^ tvav ^ 
t\)t tocoos, U»l)icb being fet ano planfeo in tye dDarOen>piofpe r cp bmc *' 
cceomglp tlna o? tto# pceres togetber : ano after, luce eptljer 
rcmo)uctbcmagame 5 becaufetbepfoare luiloe , o? fet f be iutioe 
in tbeir places: ano (a Ij.iuc toe tjjem to pcclo tbeir ivuit timfcm 
a p(erc,inti;e &p;ing, ana in tbe eno of Summer, fluo aitljangb 
it grolnetb of it felfe in fl)aoooUjp marts in great picntp, as if it 
Ocligbtco w ft)aoow of SCre^, pet being bjaug'at into tlje<£5ar* 
KtA y it oeligbferb in tunny places, ano gooo o^Dcring. rowing* 
great oeale mo:e anD better fruit : it creeper!) bpon tlie ground 
UutSjout a ffalue toitb fmall brings camming fram tye rote* 
Uutlj a totyte flofoje, ano a leafe lite a SCrefotic, inoenteo abanf. 
drcberrieSjUjIjtcb is rfce fruit, are rea,ana tafte tierp pleafanf 
Ip : tt>e &>utcb men call tbem Erdbem , tlie frttmbmm Frcfe*. 
SDfjsre is anotljier fruit tfcat grotoetl) fametbing \)i$btx> 
lul)ofe betrp is alfo ItUe tbe j&fraUrtcrp. Diofcondes feemetb 
to call it Rubus Idacus, tbe 15jper of Ida , becaufe it grow* Rafpe*. « 
etlj in great abunomce bpon tbe^auntaincldi. 3?tis nat full of 
piithtes , as tfye otbec brambles are, but foftanD tenoec , full of 
toancljes ana fobituTi leaues,it bearetb refcDe berrics,fometbing 
pslee tban tbe &traUiberp,ano berp plcafant in tatte.2Cbe2Dutcb' 

men Call if Imbercn, tfje ifrenebmen Frambolas. 

Thu. W&fat is tljat grotoctf) ponDcr,a paro in fjeigbf i 
M a r i v s. 31 1 is commonlp calico iiqucrtfe.inilatineDiilcis Liqoenft. 
Radix in Italian Rcgolitia, in &pani(^ Rcgalfza , m jFrencb Rc- 

clille, in SDufcb Clants, o: Susfliolrs. 

T h rt a. 31 oionot tln'nfceto baue founD if Ijcrc. 31 tjeace it 
grotuetbberp plenttfull about tbe x^eine, 31 toaulo be glao to 
Ijearc bom o?e t?o*j otDcr it , fa? it batb a rote foj tfjc fto^tnefTe 
thereof (mijenee it tafeetb bis name) bery commenoable, v 

M a r. i v s. 3it isfef of poung fpjtngs of tl?e rote j as tfje 
^oppe is, inbzie Itgbtgrouno ano (unnie. 

Th n a. OTjat fap pou to fmall Uea^ins, calico in 3latine smaiiRw 
Ribcs,oae pou ttjimHe tbe oloe liters fcneto tljisbuu)^ *iaL 

^ 3 -M a b. i v So 

The fecond Booke 3 entreating 

M uil$, Srjat Wpftf^tM call Bt t!;is otpRibe* anD rfce 
Dutchmen Skini rohns Pcarie, besaufe about a)iofummrc it is 
gwrnfltci iuirfj ceo anonct) bemes, fjaumg a carte talk, querun> 
ma ttjtrft, chiefly tfje raging asiD ftferawe ttjictt of feoers,anO 
ccimg tiic tramaclsc, fatyfef the flpttfteoRfai m &ngcc o: l^onie 
feapail tfjeper*,4tl0t}oacrjt it tecsfenfcnctDrn to trjc oUjU};ii 
ten : butnolu a common bnlrj fcfeo fc: cnclomigof Oaroetts, 
mo malting of 25o:Dcrsan^ rtibcurs: ft tmtl eafiip grom,hie 
tbititts fQmttbmgtrcublcf3mc,bpreafGnof£)isu)ntuep:icfcle« 
to be bent abestssmmer hcufes. 
Hop?:s. J h : . a . fta fuafce cucn noUi of £~3ps, Doc pea fct in rtjefe 
rscrpiineclp paracifcs, tfcaf planftfraf is fo common iuitfj t^e 
Counttcpman about os? tljcu mafcegreat game of it. 

M - . KcH pou tbcrcfo:r. 5 p:ar pcu , tjcto trjrp ooe 


Read; the T h r a. gt t'0 fct cftijc rong 2)CDfes 5 as pou tcloe a little be* 

ptrfector. fc;e of Hiquerifc,antj tim m trjeeno ofsemmcrto: if trjepfrarc 

<J erin ?. . a tiartJ torn tec. m iparcij. S£e fets o: fycofes are cut from tt)2 

>iXV n °' oc rorcs > anQ *W fct fn grown toetl toner cttoftt ocung ano 

*n-U 0OOD monlo, ant aftermaro" t;iHco, ans fo fuffc reD to remamc all 

Scots CClnfer. §n the fp:ing,tke eart£ is ttix-tm untrj Uofccs,ane not 

bookcof tojtf) §>pste*, ans the fcillcsraifcD.anD the ground rt'D cfallljurtv 

GotSju • fu!ltol - x::fS « 3 bout u^aic.ccrfajne'pcuUcsarc fetop,b?cnm'nurj 

' ' tb: l^sppccKiubctfiruiittrfpiart^atfirimgcthabcucti)^ floUue 

is commoner cut off. ftbant September; c: m t&c cr.D of 0ugt:fi, 

the £elo:c3c: be'ssregarnmo ^no sept to mate Itere Uh o j t 

lu'ncn the Hoppea are garr-cieo^the rcmatnesarecut Mime clef: 

to the grctHiD; anD t|c l^ils being ag^neratfe^aveccucceO tnitfj 

Sung. She tops.snD tbepcungbuts tijai come fir& cut m 3|Btlj 

are tfeD fc be gathered ■'::-7.1:[crs : anohixpeiiitIn*mfromgt: 

t'ng to ranl-ic. Ktatoofe) 3p:a? pougoe on>am>tetnaieto fije 

Deftrfpftai of pom Oar&cn. &*) mbat crceiknt Helena . |3om* 

pcn3,Cuc:mbtT£.an^OoucDcs^auei?cur;£U.3pv4vrou ttUni 

Id tut fo:t pan OlOci them. 

M lr i v i. Melons (tofciclKome, bcEuifct&cp arc faftoieO 

ifuc- npp'.fs.cail pomes arc ofJfbc iubc of Cucumbers , anD 

Coohb. ft 5re r ^' pepons^ti'iicb t|c j f ce miMn eo caU {dompeoof.S^c 

ben. Cucumbers are cailco m LatmeCucumcr? in 3(talun Cucumcro 

of the order of Gardening. 60 

ct Gedruolo, in Jf rem!) anD SDufclj Cocumbre. Ctycp change to 
pompcons, ano spiifBemillions, from tol)icl) fyiy onelp differ in 
fljape and grcatneuTe : toljen tljcp erceed m greameOTc 3 tfjcp be 
corns pompcons, and toijen ttjep gcoto round, tfjep are <3}clon' 
pompcons : all tgefe ninocs arc calico of fome Uniterm felons, 
&\)t Ozcuans call allttjcfojts, as tocll Cucumber* as tTDcion* 
pompcons , bp tljc name of pompcons ano 93clons , tbouglj 
ttjece arc foment maise a lifference bcttocenepompectis ano 
felons, neither Doe tlje learneo yet tfcoug&ip agree tjpon tfjcfc 
names, no? can it be cerfatnelp faio tofcaf Rindetljc oloe toiifcis 
meant bp pompcons, $ spclonpompcons, pompcons ooecrcepe 
along fepon tbe ground toitlj rougfj Icaucs ano prllcto flotoje, 
and are pleafant to be eaten luljcn tljep are ripe SDrjc fUiffttfi 
Xo$t of t^cm tbcpcallSuccnno , ejMuskemilJtons. £Efje Sj&flonn 
pompcons arc fuppofed to fpzing fire in Campania, being fafljic* 
ned line a Quince ££W fciuoe tjangctfj not, but groUutf? round 
Iping fcpon the ground, and beingripcdoeleauettje (fslfce, 

§>omc Cucumbers arc called citriniiCftbcirpcllotenes tuyere 
tfjepberipe, and alfo Citruli, 0; Cirreoii,ti)£p groto all in Icngtlj, 
and are fpotted as t\)t Citrons arc : fomc be called Mann, and be 
called m Italian Cucudjc Marina-, trje fed tofjercef isfo be eateti 
befoze fycy be ripe: ttjcp are cut in paeces,ano po;rcdge made of 
f&em,not mucrj fcnlifcein faftnen to tf^c rpelon. S£r)cre is alfo 
another Kinds of Cucumber ofabugecompaffc,almoftas big as 
a buu)ell: trje joiners and l^arucft folncs in 3 talt'r , tofcto carrp 
great pecccs of tgem to tljc field tottb tljcm to quencl) tfjeir trjirlr. 
Pou mulf fct all tl?cfe kinoes *n spared, tijefeesea mute bee fct 
tfjinne, f too footc one from another ,in toatric g'round toell doun* 
gcd and Digged, fpecialip fandic ground : pcu muft lap tfjem in 
gillie, 0; mater and i^onnp trj:cc oapes: and artcr ozte tfjemand 
fotoctrjem, fou)allpou ijauettjem feerp pleafant. Cijcp mill 
fjaue a tocrp ftoeet fauour, if tfjeir feezes be kept manp dapes $* 
mong Kofc-leaues. ponrCucumbcrsfljailbe long and tender, 
if pou fetdndertrjemtooter in a bzcafi fccffciMtoo (janafu's lui* 
Dec tljcm.sntjepDcligljtin mater fo muelj as if tljep be cut cff,tfjep 
Xuill pet benD toward if, and if rrjep t>ang 0? rjaue anp (tap , trjcp 
toil groto erartcd^as alfo if pou fet oile I p ti)cm>tolmt) t$ep grcatip 
eb!>ozrc,£lf)e flowers being fuffcrcd tc grew in pipcs,oo groto a 

^ 4 toonocr* 

The fccond Booke, entreating 

iuonDcrfhll length Cfjr p louc not tfjc HHtafeCM mo:r ffjen Dotlj 

toe Couo , iorjrreunto ttjepare a.mott lifcem nature: to.: ttje 

flotas, tt)c kaurs, anD tlje clafpets, are like of t&cm botf) : tut 

Gourds rrje OoutD is mo2c bu&c tn clunbtng,fo trjat toit£ tjattp. grotot£ } it 

fp;ca0et|j quicKlp cuectrjerjcarfcsaHO ^ummer^cufes, tunning 

top bprtjc iuaUs, anD mounting Dp to ttjc betv CiUs ofttjc tjoufcs ? 

Jjauinga great fruit of a mentrrous bignclTe :: Ranging by a touul 

tralke, in fasten itfcea pears > anD grtrnc in colour , alttiougr; 

tutjen iti;at"n flcttueD, it toill groin in mtjat fatyion pcutuill|iauc 

ft : trjcp far ? tt)-rc &at[) lane fome of ttjem nine fcote in iengtij. 

i~rjc coanft ones alfo groto to be fcfeD fc>2 great fceffeis : tfce rtnee 

of tfjcmU) ciu 5.16 foft anD renDcr 3 bui oftfje olo oncsrjaro,tDt)cre* 

of ttJtjcn trj£ mcate is out, trauailers make great bottc:s to came 

t):inhetn. SfjcCaurcstljatarebfeDrobe eaten m &umnur 3 are 

fnncjp infljapc, fome arc rouno, fome long, forae bjoao : anD 

tl)2ugl)t^efau^ionbet)iuers 3 pettl)enatureisallonc:fo2ttismatic 

bv 3rt to groin in Mjat ftjapepen mill, as in tlje fo:me of a crcc> 

ping D:agon ; 0,2 mrjat pou lift , tytv are calico in Stalian zuma, 

in s^panifl) CaUbaz, inDutcrjKuirbifch, in Crenel) Vnc courge. 

£i* fete* ttjat n)c CourB beared nert to trjc ffalfce fas PaUdius 

fantj) are longeff, ttyy m t&e miODcft rounD, anD ttjofe t^at lie on 

trjekDc, G)o:t, bpoate, anD fist : if rou fct tfce fcarpecnDcftlje 

fixocDcU)nciJPaiD 5 as Columella feitt) , pou fljcll fcaue ttjem both 

grtatrr Courts anD Cucumbers. 3t Dcligrjtctrj m a moitt, rut), 

fcjcll BungeD, a;iD Ineii fantrrD grounD.^ljaf iuf)iir;grott)itrj 

rnittjout ioatcr, hpngs tip pleafanter ftuir : anD rtjat UifcieJ) tjattj 

mater enough, n&Dcs ttjcletle linking I©. Sf)e floticrsmijere 

trjcpbcfrr } muftbeDiggcDa fatccnDatjaifc Dccpe, rrjetrjiro part 

mtjereof muff tc tiilcto inirrj drame, anD tfpet) toitrj gooD ncl) 

mculD : it muft be nilco to tip miDDeft , ttjen tgp fceDis being fct, 

muffle matrcD, ttU ttjcp be fpzung, ano after, cartrjiaiototjicm 

tfiilastrjcrgtomc, tttitljc j^urrombefillcD. S»)cp muftbefet 

fpinne, ttoo fcotcafcnSfr , it eommetrjbp in lire c: fcauenDapcs 

after tlje fertmg, Ctjofc tljatarcfct in t2ir greuno, muft be tie* 

rietocU toatrceD, ft)ercfc2c tyt? bfc to fee bp ttiem eantjen pots 

full of mater, iuitb ragges 0: clout. s m item toiuatcr trjera, 

Z&fym tljcp be a iitrir grciucn, tyzv mt ft tiaue ^cipesfet b? 

$an to climbs upon, tj/C loiter tl)ep be, t^c better tl^emeate is. 

of the order of Gardening. 60 

Pm matt befoare tbere come no fooman neete tobcrcpou fetto 
tijMT,fojt!)cir pjefenec oott) grcatlp ljuct t&rm. Cbofe tbatpou 
feeepe foj fe^e, pou mutt fuffcr to remaine tipon tfce ffalfcc till 
Winter, am tlfcii gattjcrtbcm, anD ojie tbem, citber t'n tlje 
£>unue aiin tbefmoafce, fo; otbei toifetbe feeoetoillrot anape* 
wu). sc^'cp ixjill long be pjefcrueD , anD continue frefo , if after 
tljep begatbereD, tbepbe put into aclofetoeffell Uiiti) tbelLecsof 
tainteujinc, ozbangeD inatjeffcU of iUlinegar, fo tljat tfjerj tenet) 
not tye Vinegar. 

Thu. Wjat meaner!) tfjat great SCtjiftcli tfjat fp?ingctt) 

M a r. i v s , DiD pou neuer reaD in pour Columella of ttje ipac 
ticbocb, fpcciallp in &is becfes rtjat be towte of <25ai;Dening 3 Uirjere 

Goe fct the bryftled Hartrchoch, 

That well with wine agrees, &c. 
Athenseus in btSfeconD bQJise Dipnofophusout ofSophodus. 
9H Ctjiftcll is tbe i^artiebod) ttjat euerp tobcre Dottj groto.. 3t its Anichoch 
fctnoe of SEW ell, bp ttje Diligence of ttje CtorDner, b?otigbt to be 
a ga>D £5arDcn i£earbc,an0 in great carnation at #oblemens ta- 
bles: it is as pou fee, frame* toitfy a gcouno pjichlv, t)eaO,^auinga 
great fotf of Jrlafecs fctin o?Dec tfcepletarife. SDljc JUtincs call it 
Strobilum beeaufctbc fruit of it femetf)tng refemblett)tbepine<> 
apple. SCfje iFrcncfjmcu call it Alticocalum of tbcArabickc atircle 
Al 3 anD Cocalos a pineapple, thereof itis eojruptlpcalleD Ani- 
chaulr, in Italian ani &paniO) Cardo , in fcDuteb , fomctimc bp 
tyc jf remtj name, fometime Strobrin. 3jt iscalleo of columella 
Cfnara,becaufe in bis gcoujing, W crjicfelp Deligbtetb in Mes. 
Sb^ferr) ts beff fotoenin $atcj), anDtbefetsm jjiouembir : if 
pou toillbaue it veelD fruit in ttje fpjing, pou mull beffoU) mucf) 
aOjes boon it ;it toill Ijarolp beate ttje firtt peerc tfjat it is fotocn* 
Bclnaretrjat i?ou fct not tlje feeseroitbtbc ttuongsiio tipioato, 
fo; fo n)all pour CTcttctjcclj p;ouc beep little ano enill fauourca : 
3ft louctb goo5 gcaunD anD toell Dungeo, anD p;ofpetctb be<t m ftt 
gronno. PalUm^tooulD baue pou m3;ccuer , tofettb? teDCB in 
tocl\ ozcereD brts , in tl)c encreafe of trjc ^©ne , tjalfc a forte a 
fun^erjanDnDtDcepe, but taking tbcm in tt^ee of pour fingers, 
f tyuft :b m tolune, till tys writ) come to tlje firft waits of pout 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

fingers, tycn couer tljem tenocrip, anD toater tfjem often, fpecfc 
allp totoaro Summer, fo t^ali ireu tjauc ttje bigger fruit. C&fjen 
tyty gcoto top, tyepmuftbccontmuallp toa:cjano DungeD, 30 31 
faio,toitJ) au)cs. ELijcp Tap, t&eptoill icafc ttjeir pickles, tf t&e 
tops of the to^c be maoe blunt upon a If one bcfo?e am> befet: 
ano float ttiep toill be , if t&e faDe be l?io in £$iv»e. pou muff 
Rape t&cmfrom spotoles ana sptfe, toitt) Cats 02 tame GQafels, 
as Rueliius teaitjetf) pou. Ather.xus calletl) tf)e ftalbc of t[)c arte 
cijoclj, am-mu, tjjatlictf) open i&e grouno , ano ffjat totjictj ffanD* 

tf |) topitgtjtj wotgvi'jusr. 

thu, t22Bcll, tofjat Jjearbe (0 ponDcr fame tljaf commct& 
fcp as it toeretjaires, luit^a bktuifl? flower t palc,j>auing tn tfjs 
mieDeft of r&c belles, as it lucre, fierie pellolo tongues t 
Saffion. M a r 1 v s. 3t is Saffron, in <©2ahe ne^oc » in Jlatrne Cro« 
cu$, in 3JtaUanano JFrencI), fo in &>pamu) Aczafran. 

Thh, SSHfjat nee^e toe care anp moje fo? cttfjec Coricum, 
SiciJ, oj Cyren , from toljence tocc f0tc|) it toitl) fo great e&ar* 

M a r r v s. f^ea, tycre gcotoef& great plentie of it in <&er* 
manie about Spirs, ano Dieters otljcr places, tobfefjmap compare 
in gojDncffe Vmtrj anp ot&er place, gt is fet in 3?accf), of f l>c tieao 
tijat it &ati>,roiinD, ano in Clones as tfjc ipllictljc &eebe,anD trje 
&ea 3Dnion. Conftantine aifi'rntct]),tfjat it map be fct of tfjerof, 
as fame as tfje flotocr in off. SDtje rotes 02 tlje Ijcacs coe fo en* 
creafe bnoer tlje grounD, tbat of one of tijem fome pare fp;ingcr£ 
eigfjt 02 nine others. 3fn imnv places tljcp are remoueo eucrp 
fcaucntl) 02 etgfct pare into bittee grounD, toljerebp tyep come a* 
game to be as gan as at tlje ftrfr. Bin tlje Countries ipmg about 
tlje Ktn'ne 3 tljep pluck tytm bp eucrp tfjirD pare, $ lap ttjem a D2p* 
fng in fyc &>unne till 3uguC, and tben pulling off tlje outer ffcin, 
tbep fet tfjem agame fjaife a fa>te one from tlje ot^er : t\)2 bell 
fjcaos aretfjofe ttjat are fattctt, anD bane little tjaires, tfjc tomjft 
iofee rottenlp ano ill fauourcoip, anD baue an ill fauour : Bt ce* 
Hgljtetl; to gcoto bp fjigl) toaies anD nitre fp.2Uige,ano to betroaD 
ano fcamplcD on, p2ofpcrtng as it toere bp oppjeffion : it gcotoctti 
greenc all tlje E23inter, it is gatljcreD in tfufumne, tofytnitis 
come to \)i& colour,bp plucfeing out tfjc little pell oto tongues from 
Ifje bell; to&i$ are aftertoaros D?f eD t&ce 02 foure Dates together, 


of the order of Gardening . <£*. 

ano tuell picfeeD ano purgeD , atiD fo maoc trp m Hi5orcs : fomc 
t&intse it bell to Djp it m tt)e fyaDoto. Bit i* craftiip counterfeiteo 
bg t&c ;3pot tK«rus,b?aping it in foD u?me 3 inf)ic^ tfjepbefmcare, 
aoomg ttjercto tbc fcum of fiiuer o? leaD to cncccafe t[je tueigbt, 
tlje craft is peccciueo bp tfje DuftmelTc thereof, anDbptfjefaucur. 
oftfjefo&toinc. Hbepjajfcoftfjcgotf is, if it cradle bettoeene 
t&eljanos as a brittle tbing, tu^tclj t^c counterfeit ootb not, o? if 
In putting it to pour moutyjit caufe pour epes to foatec. 2£lberc* 
fcue, tbe bett is tbatiobicb isnefo 3 anDbafb"aplearantrmcU, in co> 
lour like to <©olD,ano cictb tbc fingers in toucljutgtt. Bin £pareb 
pou muff purge tbe grounstobece it grofoetb > ano fcotjctljer pe 
pluckeitop o; not^QttottljftanDing, otberljearbs map toecptocll 
gcolu tljece tmtill ^uguft : ^uraiine^acacp.o? fucfj like bracts 
Doe bett gcolu ttjece.anDfofjcntfje &anrcnbegmnetl)ro flotme, 
pou mutt rio atuap tlje otber bearbs ; fo? in l^aruett time about 
September o? £Detober it floUuerlj. 

T h r. a. ^ccc is great ftoje offtofemacic, tbc etyefett beaufp Roftmaiv 
of v£atoens 3 ano nottobe hrantto in tbc iutcfjin. ' 

M amvs. mtty o?oering of Hofanarie., fttfj pou will fjaue 
mc,3iUulifpeafee a little SEberearc Uifjrcb fappofeftto betbe 
fame totyd) fyt ®;«kcs call A:€«votic, becaufc.t rauoutcfb Ufcc 
Jf ranlmtcenfe, in Ratine tt iscailtDRofmarinus, ano in all otljer 
tongues it kecpctl; tl)c name , it fcrurtb boti) fo? pleafuceano p^ 
fit. Thcophraftus mafcetfj tfcoo kinoes of it, a barcame, ano a 
fruitful!, ano is (ct of fmali flips in 0p;tfl : it is fet bp iucmen fo? 
tbeir plearurc , to grotoin funojp p:opo?fions, as in fbe faunon 
of a Cart, a pecoc&e, ojfucb Me tbing z& tycyfonfte. 3it oeiigfj* 
tctb in (Ionic o?rougf?grounD 3 ano in tlje tops istberccDcmlcfcD 
in little Ijufaesiufrte ano romiD. 9ft 3otinettjffoifea pace, in tlje 
£>p?ing,anD intbeenocf £>amnur: itisgatfjereofrom tyavtill 
September , anD it is goio to pinefce off tbe flefowc often, tbat it 
map not tomtttfe %n tbebrgber parts of framtcc it 
grotoctlj toiioe in fuel; plentie, i^t tbcpbfc almcft no otbec 
fetocll : it is in colbe Countries in Winter fet in tellers ano Ijot 
Ijoufcs , ano is b?ougbtagaine in t!je &>p?ing into tlje ®ar&en, 
But ijere pou mutt betoare, tt)atU»bcnpoufirftb:ing it out, pon 
bcepe it from tlje qjarclj 5unne 9 fettingitin tbc Ojaoooto, ac« 
quainting it bP little ano little toitf) tlje ma ; fome bfe to fjoufc it 


The fecond Booke, entreating 

totflj fefrato anD l^o:fc Dang, ans fo Icaueit in ttjc Oar&em 

Sage. Sage,tn LatineS.aluu.anD lifocin ottjer Languages, tsan i^eatbs 
common tn tucrp CarDtn : it is plantcD bot& of t^ tenant* of 
tljc flip,in ^arch, in anpfcinDe of gcounD, tt mafcetb no matter 
tofnrc : r&c OarDncrs ibfe to lap buckingau>s about it,bit)ere* 

Mints, ty lt pjofpcrettj tfje better, p.cxt to 5>age, is Mint, tn iiatine 
Mcnra,tn Dutctj Myntz 3 rn Italian anD ^renc^affec ttje Hating 
m £>pamnj Yerua bucna : it is plantcD 3tt0 o;D?iDin all tbmgsaj* 
£>.ige is : it p:ofperettj be cl) tn D:p anD toct grounDs, anD guto* 
rtbtoellbptuatcrs. 3f poulaefee fuDcs, pcu map take ttjcte*8 
of tfje tot:Dc ^tnt,anD fettbem toitt) tfje topsDoipntoarD,tuberc' 
bp tbep tyall leaue t^eir rankneffc; ano being once fotone o: fcf, 

Pimpernel g C0 toctb eucrp peerc. Pimperndl, in Latine Pimpinella, is tttcO 
botbin tt)e iiitcl;m 3 anD in |iMjificfce : anD being onr< fotone,gccUjrf 
etfj eucrp rare, borfjm funnie places anD in (fcaDotop : it groto* 

Hyfop. etb m moll places iatlDe. Hyfopc, tn Latinc Hinbpus 3 anD focal* 
ieD tn moff Congucs in Cucope : a common l^carbe, fcnetone to 
eucrp OarDcner : it Dcfirctb , ttjougfjnofunnp grounD,pctgeoO 
ano rid) grcuno, it is plantcD botf? cf tljcfoeDe ano of tfjeflippe: 
teben it Ijatb once taken rcote, it carets not fo? tbe u>arpncffeof 

Si^zrk. tointer. Sauorie\mLattneSatureia 3 o:,as Columella fatt^CuniJa, 
in Jtalian ConieJIa, Sauoregeia,Thymbre, in ifrcmf^Sauoreie, 
in Dutcb Kuuclz ••vibelhifop, gretoetb m barraine places, anD is 
fct anD fotocD as ttyt plants bcfo:e. Eljenert is tfat tofjic&com* 

Baf 7 11 - aionlp is calle D bafyll, in Jlatine Ocy mum, in jrrcneb, Italian, 
anD Dutc^Bafilica: anbearbe tbattsbfeD fo be fet in fbemtitf 
of fcnots,ans m UnnDoU)es,fo2 fyz ercellent fattour tljat it batfj: 
it is alfo ga)D fo: tbe pot: it is fctoeD in sparctj f 3p:i(l,anr Deligln 
tetb in funny grounD,pon mutt put ttoo fecDs trill foge^cr. Baiill 
is beff tuafceu at name, tuljcreas all ottjer tjearbes are to be tea* 
treD in t\)t moaning ano in tbe euening, if map be remoueD in 
£Bap. Theophraftus faptb , tt»at it p?ofperett) beft, tefjen it if 

Maricrnra foWeD toitlj CUrfeS.Marierurn,m iiattnc Amaracus. anD Maiorana, 

is a!fo in lifee fo:t bfcD : rtjc £>utt\) anD ttje Italians call it after 
tfjc Ratine, tfje ^pantarDs Amorcdux , tbc frcm\) Mariolaicnc 

anD Thyn, in ©reehc Of Diofcoridcs f Paulu-i /Egi'neia evfxnouo\: 

tfys alfo fo? rbc pleafant fauour it fjatf) is fet in pots anD in <5&v* 
jDcns ; it is foteeD in ^arcljt^ce o; foure faos toget|j£r,anD tjalf* 


of the order of Gardening. ^j 

a fofeafmi&cc, fit S£ap toljen it grotoetb to fomc rjet'gbMs Ba* 
fpll, it 10 renuaucO. Tunc , n«re of feinD;eO to tijefe, in JFrenclj, Time 
3Jfalian, ano S>uteb itke tfjc Latinc,in fepaniff) Tomillo, ocligb* 
tetbinftom>,ligbt>anOfunme ground: it fpzmgrtl; Dot!) of tijefao 
ano oftt)r flippe, ano alfo of tyc fiotaue , as Thcophraftus faitb> 
STfjefc th:cc tenoer ano Delicate I^carbs, are to be foluco tottfj 
great b*oe, ettfjer in earthen pots, o:in <25arOen bee*, ^itberto 
fj.iuc 31 ocfcribea unto you fucb l^earbs as fcruc fo; the ikitcbm : 
an ^ becaufe tfjc later fo; tare alfo ctteemeo fo; the fauours, 3? luiil 
goe fojtoarO toitb tl;c oefcripf ton of trje cell tyat acefet in Oar? 
tens fo; trje pleafure of tl;em, ano fo: trjc fauour, Doe garniu) tlje 
Taia CarOens,anO feme alfo fo: other purpofes, £>f&ofemacfc 
3 fpafee before, I iutll noto p;oceeo e toitt) tfjcfe that grow before 
SAP fttte. Lauender, calleO in Jlatine Lauanda, o; Lauendula, tljat Lauender. 
grotoctb in bo;Oers about tfje bcos,ano fceepetb the ILattne name 
in other tongues, ootfj grow in UnlDc places ano fionie : it isfet 
of the flips , ano rcm©ueo : it gcolncttj to &pthe in 3(une, ano in 
3uIp is gatbereo anD tpeO in bunoles fo; tlj e fauour, ttjc floto;e is 
Oifftlleo fo; ftoeet toaters. Flowrc-gcntlc, in Hattne Amaranthus, Fiowrt 
tbougbitfjaueno fauour at alt : ret rjatbtt a Oeligtjtfullbeautie gentle, 
to tpt epe : rbe ifcenebmen, fo; tlje faireneCTe ofttjc colours, tu 
celling botfj Ccimfon ano purple in gcaine, ooe call it Paileud- 
Icurs, ftje 31talians Fioruduto 3 becaufe it contenoctfj in colour 
toirt) Crimfonin grain* : ftlouett) to be often gatbeceoano pluc* 
feeo, tmjerebp it fp;ingetb tr>e better : tbe floto;es after t\)tv be 
Oeao, ioitba little toater come againe to t^eir colour : it is calico 
Amaranthus, befaufe it Opetb not. 

Thu, ^ere fallotDetfjLauender-cotten. 

Makivj, SDftS Laucndcr-cottcn : fome call itSantonia, Laufn j er 
ano female &outf)crnetoa>9, in SDutcfj iti& calleocyprctrcn, in cona. 
iTccncrjCyprrz: itgrofcDettKommon!pm<$arDcns, fp;mgtng 
euerp pare. Myrtdl,in Hafine Myrtus, in 3lta!ian Myrto, in £>pa* Myrtc u, 
nifl) Arabian, in ifccncb Meurre?, in SDutcb Wdfcheiddber, tlje 
leaues are not mucf) bnlthe tf?e leaues of trje £>Iiue free , fomc? 
tfjtng fmaller,tu!tb flenocr b#mcbcs,ano leaues groining in o;> 
Oeronc by air therms rou te 5 U»tb blacfce berries, ano leafeo Elbe 
tlje pomegranate. 3it grotoetfj almaics greene : it is fet ano 
fijtoeowtf) ofttiefaoeanoaippe, anotyettoefce: but sou mutt 


The fccondBooke, entreating 

fftll taffe tip tfjc earttj about it : till it be trjiougrjlp ra>ceo.&om* 
foto ttje berries being a little beaten, ant) couereo in jfurrotoes 
ofcartrj : ftoeligbtetrj in tontinuall toeeWng : fogrotoctbttto 
a Ijanofome fjei'aljt , nice tc to tyaoofo Reacts : it louet&to bee 
iuatrco toitrj ttjc SS^am of men, o: of fljeepe. Erjis onrlp t5 to 
bs teonD:eo at, t'nat of tbc liqueur trjetcof alone, ma? be "made 
all fo.:fs cf Ulinc an* £>ple: c«to teaet)et^ to make &3me of tlje 
berries, being tepeD, ano put in toatcrano $enp foo&en toge* 
ttjcr : if trjev be not D?peO, trjes come to £)pte : rjoto flje Zffini 
of tbem rs mace, Diofcoricks fufficientlp Dcclarctrj. Plmiecepoj* 
tetb, tbat Cato mane rb: ec fojts of tj?r?tcl£» tofjite, blacfcc, ano a 
trjtrt fetno, tbat b* callctb Coniugale : it ocUgbtctp to grolo bp 
the £dcs bankes, as Scrums fattb,it gtoVuetp at tbis Dap common* 
Ir in Ktalp, along bpttjc &ea ecatfs. 
Cdiflowrs " Thr a. &$ fojjat ftocete ano gcoOlp Ge!iflowr« are tjoecel 
feu map tru el^fap 3 trjat Salomon in all b is J3?mcelppompc,toa5 
n truer able to attain c to tins beautie : fome of tfiem gutter ferity 
a perfect Crtoifon ope, feme laity a ocepe purple, ano fome toitl* 
a pacing beautttull Carnation: JmaruaUe t^eole totters kieto 
rtctrjtng of tfjefe in tfjetr time* 

M.uivs. Etjcr'e are fome tfjaf fuppofe it to be a kmce of 
Oarden ISctomc, torjub rrje (Gardners fetching oat of tlje fids, 
ano fluffing Cloues into tfce rotes of rfcem, tarittj oiligcnr plan> 
ting, rjaue b:ougbt to tbis cecellencp : otrjets trjinae it to be cat* 
let) veronica ofttje fepantaros, torjo 0rU found it. feome f tjtnfee 
ft to be Oenanthc, becaufc it (loUuctrj iuitrj tbe©we : itOeUgf}' 
tctb in ioacme funnie ground : it is fomcD fcloome of fceoe, but 
commonlp fct of tfce flips, &s 31 fapDof fcofemaric. 2Ct>e \Ear&* 
ncrs in the eno of Summer, ooe taue tbe rentes ano fet fytm in 
pannes, pofs, o: pailc*,ano tofcn tbe feoffs come, trjcp carrp 
them into their fellers, ano m fapje ioarme capes bring Ujero 
ab:or,D againe , ano fuffer tbem to be note ojtben toatreo tet'tlj 
t\)c rapne. ?f rjatrj becne often feme, tbat in fucrj uanlts n fellers 
If ep rjauc flofcueO all tbe eQinter long, tb:ougrj toarmenclfe cf 
ftp place: fome fefbougbes abort ttjem, ano ccucr tljcm toitlj 
iftato ant? i^o;fe-oung,to p:cfcrt.e tbem againft tbeeolb: it cften 
'.vsppenetfj tbat one ra»te bearer!) one ptre tolnte &oi»;es ano res* 
a*ijj t^etpiro (jpe&lcft oj Carnation. 

Thr. Aa 

of the order of Gardening. £4 

Thusivs, 3io$, ponoer arc&ofes grotoing m B02* 
fcer* , ano maoeiit a maje : 00c tljeu grow of tlje fcese, c? of 

Mauvx. KQfcs.tallcD in 3Ufme Rofa, ano m afl ottjer lam Rofcs. 
guages as in &atinc> areoiuerflpplanteD,remefime of f^crcote^ 
fbmcttme of tfce bjaunctjcs, being cut in fmall fefs 3 ano planted 
a fcotc afunoer. £>ome to#eatr)e ttjem indDarlanos , ano fo fet 
trjem to rjauc trjem fmell ttje pleafanfer. 2D|ie ofe of fotoingcf 
trjem is beff : tjoto be ft, trjcptoill oen? toell grolo of tr)e feeoc, 
ttjongr) ft be long ere t^ep fpjing, ano trjcrefoje t^ep fct tyem 
of fets a fafte in lengti) , ft nether Deliglfterr) in ricrjno: mopff 
grouno, but is focll eontcnteo to groto amongft rubbiu),ano oiv 
oertoalles. Ctjc places wtjere ttjepmuff groto muff be Digged 
oespertrjen Co?ne ground, ano not fo rj$epe as ttjc i&imeparD:tr)e 
3£ofe is rather a 2Cf)o?ne trjen a plant, ano grofoetr) upon rije 
fcerp. bjamblrs : it commctrj firtt out in a little buDDe ano long 
(r)3rpc beard, turjicrj after trjep be opened, ft otfclofetli ft fclfc am* 
fpjeaoetlj abroad, toirr) a pclloto tjaicie tufbe in rrje miott. Plinic 
inaRctb mention of furto?p fojts of trjem : onefo:f he caliettj Mi- 
Jc(la,rjauingan j©?ientanb fietg colour,au other Ahbandica.toM; 
forjttc leaner, ano spermom'a, ttje bafeft (oit of all: ttje Damafue 
ano trjcMrjite^re cfed fo; ftocct fosters: rrjcp Differ in rougrjnes, 
pjicfelcs , colour ano fmell. sntjecc are rtjatrjaue bat onelp mie 
i*aues,ana ottjers foirrjan tjundjed leaties 5 neitrjerg<D0mbeautP 
ttoj in fmell: tljc rougrjneB of ti;crinoe (as Plinic faptrjjis a Ogne 
of tlje fauour. SCrjcre are fame little palecne^tallea Carnation , 
ano p?ouincats,ttjefe occ tuonocifullp groto toljcref r)ep once arc Kj " 
j>Urrtcd 5 ana rjaue a mod crrclicnt faucur.£ofcsarc ofeo to be fet ° e 
in if cb;uarp,torjictj is citycr oone fcuitij ttje fo^o? tf>c fet planted 
in little Jfurrotees. JZ\)t feors (as Paladms faptfc) are nottije 
littlcrellom ttjingsin trje midir of trje Uofe, bnt trje gramestrjat 
bp tyf fluartljineffc ani trje fofcnclTc of trje bcrrie : inrjcrc tyc? 
once arc plantco, trjep continue long,anD after tl;ep Die, tfjep feno 
out nelu buos ano fpjinjs, 3f pou lacfte fcto , anD Vuouio of st 
feta rjauc a great number, rafee tbe b:aun:l?es ffjat btoin as it 
ioere, to Hjcl© tljeir buns, ano cutting tfjem in fuuo:v fefs^oure 
oj ftue fingers in lengt^fet ti;em in gcoo grouno toel: oungeo ana 

luatereo ; 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

foatcrcd : and tul;en fytv be of a peeccs grotorb, false tbcm fcp, 
and fct ( fjem a fate afuntier , pjomc tbcm ana trimme t&tm *mt£ 
often Digging about rfjem. .ttofcs muff ttil! be cut, fo? tljt moj^ 
rou cut tt>tm>tl)c thicker and t&e doublertbep groin , ctbirunfe 
t\)w toilltoare Angle and toilce, it hullalfo coe tbcm good tome 
time to baine tbcm : being rcmcncD, it fp;mgct; lay torn ano 
toelf, being fet of fcts foure fingers long ano moje , after tbe ftt<» 
ft, g of t\)c feauen &farrcs, and after nmoucd in a tS©rftcrlp 
loinoe,anD fet a fate afunder, and often c tggco . SZfyt old Koipars 
muff bauetyecartb Unfed about ttjem in i^ebmarp , ano tbefccao 
ttoigges cut eff,and lDt^ere f b ty toare t btnnc, rbep muff be rcpap* 
red iintij f tjc poung fpnngcs. Co ^aue iiofcfs of Sue fund;? co 
lours fop on one rote , make inben tbep begin to bur gen , a fine 
bole beneatrj in tl;e ffocbe tmocr trje iopnr,t fill it imtrj reu colour 
made of I3:afell rod in inater, and ttyuttit in toitlj a cloatrj,ano 
in tbe like fo?t put into another part of ttjc troche greenc colour, 
ana in another peliotu,and lurjnt other colours rou toilijf court 
tljc boles tocltoitb tfDredoung <j ilome,02tocrpgcBOeartlj.3|fpeii 
bull tjaue pour Korea beare betimes, mane a little trench of Una 
band toed tbs round about it , and police in bo t toater dart* a 
dap, and tbus doing? ( as Democrims p^omifetrj ) pou Ml baue 
Kofcs in Bfanuarp. pou map p?eferuc Hofes befo;e tye? open,tf 
making a (lit in a ttade, pou enclofe the bloffome? and hi ben pou 
iueuld baue fr efij itofes, take rfcem out of t b c tUrors : etbers put 
tbcm in (Earthen pots clofe eonered, and fet tbcm abroad : tbe 
Kofcs continue altoaicsfreffe tbat are dipt in ti>c 2D:cggcs of 
flDple.3 f pou toill baue tbcm at ail tun ce 5 v eu mutt fet ttjem euer p 
monetrj,and dung tbem, and To (as D.dy mus faittj; pou irjall baue 
tbcm contmuallp. 2Co ca-fc tbcm, o; anp otber ficUms to groto 
double, put ttoo ox t\);cc of tbe fades in a tan beat ttrato, and Co 
lap ttjem in tbe ground. 3fpouret<£»arlitae bppourttores, rtup 
toiil betbeftoceter: tbe d?ncr tlje ground t3 inhere tber groto,tbe 
fuuxtcr tbep toil! be, as it appearetb bj> tt)c feafon of tl;c pcere, 
fo; fome peeres tbep arc fmectcr then others : tbe tfofc Uml be 
Jprjtte, tb?it is fmoaked truth Bnmffone, tub en it beginnetb to 
open: amongff all Hofea, ttjofe are moff to be commented, tbat 
tfjep call Carnations and ^ijouincials. Cfje OvU of Kofrs lnas 
sreatlp i^ad in ettmtation etien in Homer bis time,and at tyia dap 

of the order of Gardening. £5 

tt)z ftmegar of Kofes is grcatlp t>fcD, j^ert tmfo f&e ttofe (n 
Soojtfjinfffc, fo.: bis fauour anD beauttfull tubifcnitTc is tt>e Uttlp, Lillte* 
calUDin Italian Giglio, in &panify Tirio, in jfrencbFieurdc 
Lii,inS>ut£^Liiicn. SClje ®iabcs bole opinion: t^3t ttfp.:ang 
firtt of lunos $ilbe fp.:incbleo upon t(jc grouno. 311 jrcb:uarie 
toe begin to fet HtUicst, 0^ if tfjep greto before, fo Icofe tbe eartfj 
about them toitb a rafte, taking gcoo beeoe tbat t\)t poung tenon 
tyntcs about tlje rojte be not burr, noj tfce little tjeaft, \n$ity ta* 
ben from tbe olora>te, toe fetfo:nela Hiltis. 30tbcHofr0ace, 
Co are tbe iUUies, tbef water, rbetyicr tbe grouno is toljcre tyzv 
groto : JUUie* aro Kofe0 being oncefet,continuebofb bcrplotyj. 
%b<xcate re& Hiilic0 inaoe (0 by fttt , fo.: tfjcp take trjcftalbc* 
ami ro>f eo of tbe Eiilie,ano bang tbem in tbe fmoahe till tbeplniv 
tber, anD U)fjen tljs fenot0 begin to toncouer,tbep are laio in Rarefy 
m tfjc H0E0 of rcD foine, till tycy be coloureo , anD tycn tetinfyc 
grounOjfcottb tbe Hiss potmeD about ttytm, Co toill tbepeome ta bz 
purple. CItolet in €>:tefce i0 ioj, in ilatine viola Violet blac!* ; anu 
SItolct purple, iov niA&v t mi 76y ito&vtfsii, in Italian it is calico 
Viola porp jria, in &panifl) Violetfa, in ^CCWf) Violets de Marts Viclcu. 
&Carefmc, in 2>utcb Fiolcn : trjefe altbougb t^ep groto toiloea> 
bout euerp i^cDge anb C&all : pet are tljcp fet in <0acben0 uncb 
otrjee flotoero. 

~,rjrce are funDip fo:t0 of ftiolef*, bofrj of binoc anb colour* 
but ri;e ojoering of tbem is in a manner all one. 

Thra.j tjauc noUi bearD cnougb of Mtityn bearbc0 anO 
flolu:c0, tbercfo.:enoUi , B5 pjappou* tetme fyeare poufap fome* 
tbing of tbc tljiro fo:r,tbat is pbifiebe bearbes. fo; me famctrj 3} 
fee a great fojt of bealingbearb0 bete in pour (Saroeu. 

M a a 1 v s. Mature tjatb appointco rcmeoico in a ceaoinclTc it*k» 
fo.: all Difcafe0 , but tbe craft ano fubfiltie of man 5 fo? gaine, fjat!) J ) h n e °f l a ni " 
ocuifco 8potbecarie0 flbopo, in tobicb a mans life 10 to be folo ano Gardiner, 
bougbt : tobere fo? a little bple, tbcp fetcb t^cit meoicinc0 from 
Ipierufalem, anooutofCurbte, labile in tbe meane time cttcrp 
pone man b-itb t\)t rigb* cemebic groining in \)is <2?atsen : fo.: if 
men tooulomabetbeir 0arDcn0tbeirl£bifitian0 3 tbe pfyQtians 
craft looulo fcouc Drcap. J^ou bnolo tofat pour oloc fcicno Cato 
fsitb, anD tojjata ocale of JjKn&t&e ^c fctcfjeD out of a $mc Col* 

2 Tun a. 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

T h r a. 3i Dee remember it , ano tyattje faity fjctoas iomnt 

botl)to£elpe&tmfelfe 3 anDt)teU)f)Qle familp tott^ftjetjearbes of 

fjis Oarocn. But toljat fjearbe is ponDer tnittj t&e long ftau5e,ano 

tljclong&lacfccintuntct) leaucs on t^ctop i if 3 be not Deceiuco 

Mb Bcarcfa}te,U>itf)U)tjofe rote toe tofe to £eaic oureattell fculjen 

tfjep be fi:fce, 

Bcarcfoote M a r i v s. 3f is fo infcasie , sti^ is eaHeo i'r Hatine Vera- 

orsmer- trum , tfjerc are rtootsinoesof it , tfjcblaebc anot^e iofjttc : tlje 

w 011 - c£lf)ite ts ttjat to!)tc!) tlje £>ufc£men callNyfouns YVranckraut, 

tfje IBlacae rl;cpcaUKriftwurts,becaufeitfloU)2ett) about £&2ifc» 

mafle: tt)c3ta!ians,tbes>paniarO0:> anotfjc jrrrnctnnen&ape 

rlje<£2ce;$ename. Stje rote of ttje JSearefcot tljcp ftjiufJ tt)2ougf) 

tijeearr, 02 into tfjeb^caUof t!je beaff •, t^at is ettljer DifeafeD in 

f);s lungs, 0.2 bar!) tlje a^urren. Columella fecmctfj to call it Con- 

figilio : it grotoetrj not in OarDcns, ercept it be fofoeo, it contfr 

nueffHong, ano louefi; coloc ana tooooie gtouaD. Cfj ere francs, 

net farrefrom tfjaf, anottjer toerp noble fjcarbe in |9tttStaccailc& 

Angelica. Angelica, it is fuppofcotobe calieD tn ^s&c.wi'ee's^anoiD^ettjeE 

it be Myrrhis toiftj tye Ratines 02 no, 3 leauc tljat to tfje p&iBfo 

ans fofciftuuY: it is called foittj rtje 3falians,£>pamarcs,^renc^ 

men, ano Ceruianc^ Angelica, ^is rmte 3 becaufe it is a foue« 

raigne rcmeoie againff tye plasur, ano fjat!) ciuers otfjcr goo ope* 

rations^ if iscfKritycDin our (Careens, anD being once fomco,f£ 

commctl) tip cucrprarc : it grolnerf? alfo toilse in t^emountaure 

Heiicam- Country , aiio flotojetljiu gulp ano ZusuQ. ^ere is alfo Heh- 

pana. campanajn llattne Enula, in Italian Enels ; in «>panft1)Eiiufa C2m- 

pana , infltntll Aulne, in iDutff) Abut, tljis alfo is fct in our 

(0arorns fo2meDuuif s fake, ans tac make mud) of it fo\2 f Jje rcof, 

if groluctt} toilDe in tijc Ijillv Cotmtrtes,anD D2P ffjaoDotutc places. 

3n Summer tl;e rote is t aken out of tl;e grouno, anD cut in fmail 

pCC:eS 5 anDf3D2!C'D ' 8t tljl'SSap it is calleO Enu.'a campana:it!jaf& 

a pclleto rloUifr, a-eafe iiac dpaUm, butlutntc snofjearie at ttje. 

onefHje. GUomictocv;), tljangl; it grote in cuctp place, vet tljis 
Worms, tljaf pan fee tjerc is Uotnane o? ponnfee. Wcrmewood, rtjc 3La> 
wood. tines callit Ccrephium 02 Abfinthium Romanum t\)t 2)utc^men 

Romifchewermur, tt)C JtaliaJTS AtTenfo, tf;e^?a:;tJrwS Enfanfos, 

t\)e irrencljmen Aluine ana Abfince, t^is bmoeisfctin our Car- 
Sauinc. 0fns 3 ano tl)oti0^t to be t!;e bell. Sauine foijiclj U?e l)aae fjers 

alfo . 

of the order of Gardening. 66 

«Ifo in our dD'atOens, foj OiHct0Difeafc0 of Caff cll 3 fe calico m &&> 
tine Sabina , in EDutcfj Scuenboun, m Italian as in Hafine, in 
£>paniu) Ufeclptfe, in ifrencf) Sauinicr , it ijatfjleancs Ufce guni* 
pcro;i>£ppu0 3 aituapfsgranc, tbere ace ttoohmoc0 of it, one 
iifce tfje Tamanskc, tlje otber lifceCppus : it t* a buG) nttyct 
fpjeaDiug in bzcaotlj^ttjcn groining in beigbt : fl;e Berries lufjiclj 
f)e bearety, map be gatbeno in tjjc eno of <s>ummer 3 oj an? of bet 

Th r a. But manp times fee fee OSacoens to be DcffropeO 
ioitrj toojmes ano t)ecmine,tobat remeop fjaue pou fo? tty* i 

M a r. i v s. £Df tfje faulte of fjje gcouno 3 ano tbe cemcoie 
thereof, a* ffje amencingof eitbec ta> mtid? mciffure o; tymttte : 
3 fpafee in tlje beginning , f oucbing ^o;me0, j?ifc0, ano otfjet 
^ermine ttyat annop fbe <£ar0ens , fobicb foj tbe meff pact ace 
tbefe, Caterpiilers, fcrnailcs, spoies, spice, (IDnafs, ano 3ntt0. 
SCbcreacctbat fap, ttyat if pou mingle toitb pour fortes fo)fe 3 ojAgainft 
tbe 3kiiceof^oufelcefce 3 o?&>ingreeu 3 tl;e Cat erpillers toill not faterp*. 
tneoDle teiit) tbefjeacbe t£at fpjingeif) of fatytenc : ano tbattbep Icrs * 
hull Doe no Ijarme to pone £Tcec0 , if pou fptincfcle fljem lutfB 
ttyz toater toberein ttye affjesof Winvs &atb beenelaio : mo?ecuer 
lrjc ffalfcca of <0aclicbe maoe in bunbrte , ano burnt in £)?c^acbs 
ej (5arOen0 5 oeffrcpctb tbe Cafccpillccs. Crjep fofll notb;eeO(as 
tjjepfap) if pou bucne about tbe rotes of pouc beatbe0 oj screes, 
qufefee l&?imffone ano Hime : tfje fame tbcp report of lie maoeof 
tbe Jfig free,flnts toill not annop pour come o? beatbs, if pou en* 
cempaffe it couno toitfj Cbalfee, o? put info tbeicbils 3 trjcaffjes of 
fcnent &nailc0,ano if fome of tfcm be taken t burnt, tl;e rcfi mill 
not come nacre tbe fauour : if Alia foerida be laio in £Dple 3 ano pcto; 
rco bpon tbcic W*,tt bttcrlpoeffropefb tbem 5 tbep toft not fouclj 
trje teas no; ttyt bcarbs,if pou annoint tbe ffallses toitb bittcc life 
pincs,oj lime laio mitb ople. f^ou muff ffjafce offtfjc Cat erpiiters 
in tbe mo?ning 5 o;i late in r be eucnuig toljen tljcp be numbco : alfc 
tuaf cr lobcrcin H)ill fatty becne foooen, caff about in tbe £>?cbacO 
bytytnit i0 coloe, Dcffropetb t\)tnh 3t iBimiticn , tbat if pcu fct 
€bicbf0 about pouc d5arDcn,CatcrpiUec0 toilnotb?ee?),anDtf tbcp 
bealceaopbjeo, pou mutt Hxfbtbe iupce of MoimctumD, cno 
caff among tbem. 2C[jeoungofBullocb0bucnttjpontbecoaIc0, 
ieffropetb Cnat^jiijelihealfo ootb b?imffonc;a fpungelucttuifb Gn.u 9 . 

3 2 tjuicgar 

The fecond Bookc, entreating 

fcincgar ano rjangeo top, D;atoetr) alfo ftnatmes of Cnatis fcnfo 
it : alfo tt)c mato of a ^fjeepe nek) bilUD , nor toafyeD no; maoc 
cleancif it be late m the place totjerc Spctrjc5,o: ortjer fuel) ton 
mine Ooe tiff, ano roucreoa little ttje bpp er part, pcu (tjall after 
tluo oa?e s finoe all tr): nopfomc Cictmine crept into ttirrjusmuft 
poa rwcttoife oj ttjzife, till pou t^tnfcc pou rjauc cctrropcotrjcm 

Moles, all. £>f hilling ano o?imng ateap spelts. Strion trje Orafee )n;U 
tetrj,trjat pou mutt rafcc a p.ut, o: anp like fruit>anD making it 
rjollotDtoirtjin 3 fill ifbptoitrj£rjafre. ) Uo$e.n,ano Bjimfton cotter* 
inatD tfoppe trje tent rjsles ttjat trje tpole rjarr) in eucrp place, 
ttjat trje fmoafce bjeafee not out, onelp leaning one open , forjers 
pon fyall lap trj; j^utyn fuerj fo;t as it map recciue trje toinoe ort 
rtjebackc part, ttjat map Dime trje fmoafec into rrjc spincs 3 rrjere 
are alfo reaps to be maDe 3 fo2ttje ceffrorjing of ^oiea : a frame 
is to be fee upon trjeneto ^illes,lnttt> a piece of Uhdd forjollotu 
ano frameo,trjat it map rcceiue (as it torre in a i3>rjcatrj) an ottjer 
pcece of mcoo maoe in faujion lifee a &nife 3 to trjis is fopntDan t* 
trjec little ttitkz ttjat lietrj in trje rjole , ano is fatfneo to a Catcfc 
ioitrjeut,trjat as fconeas trje {pole touetjetrj trje (riefce tottrjm 3 irja 

Myff • is taken p:efentlp>as it toerr 3 toittj a pap:e of £>r)carcs. ^ifc are 
taken 3 ii pec potojc into a platter , trje trjickeff mother of £)ple, 
ano fet in trje rjoufe a nigrjt, as manp as comeaf it arc taken: alfo 
trje rcotc of Bearefcot minglco foitrj drjcefr, B?eaD, ficto:e, o? 

tteas 5teafe 3 fciilcttj ffjem. £artc ano tocrp ujarpe £3mcgar mingleo 
tottrj ttjeiuree of i9cnbane 3 an0 fp;inkU& fcpon trje ^earbes,feil# 
letrj trje .fleaSjO; little biarhetoo?mee tljatbcinttjeui.^ofcinD* 
of Pennine Unll annop pour l9carbts 3 if pou take a gco fo;t of 
CcefiH)es 5 ano eaa ttjem inaneartljenijeuel toitrj toater,fuffering 
trjein to lno.2ne ab:oa3 in trje &imnc fez trje fpace often oapes, 
ano after Vuitrj trjeir Uquourfpttnchlepour^earbes. ISutgfcrepe 
vou long in ttys ill-fauourro Careen , if it pleafe pou toce taill 
Uialfcc into trje £\jctjarc ao?ovm'ng, 

T h r a. taitl)at)ci7gffioU3iJ 5 a!tt)ougr)tr)egffl!!lpfapjeeoy 
lour ano font faucursof ttjefc ^earbesano fioto:es, bcOrje trje 
fap:e rjc&grsinc!oungtt 3 ?s :tttiere,Vuitr)ago;gecusgrane tape 
£ric,ma&c me tl)at g eoulo abi. e fjere eucc^ 

or Or- Mamvs. i3otrj trje Carocu ano tfje £»?cfjarD are fnclofcfr 

durdi. luit| feacrall tjecgc5anODitcr)es 3 U)t)crcfcp ttjep. areccfenoeo from 


of the order of Gardening.' 6j 

fmrtfull baits ano tjnrnlp folks (m a folo pou at f&c fftft) forjeti 
3 began to fpcafceof ttje cnclofing of (£5arBcnsano 3D?cbac$s. 

Thu, (tan? tljfng lifectrj me pairing torll : CtoD Ho;o 
.tnrjatapleafant grouno, totjat a {parasite is t^i£t i met&inUes 3 
fie trjc £>:d)arDS of Alcinow, tfjc Crecs are tit Gfjc caerlmfe, ano 
ToeafceD, as IcoKe toljicf} loau peu toill,ti)cp lie leucll : filing Cy- 
rus Ijirafclfe ncucr fjad better. Jf Ly fancier (jao euer fcene tfjia 
£)jcl)arD^c UioulofMue io3no;eD a great oealemoje, tben (jc ofa 
at Cyrus fjis £DutjarD. 

Marivs. £>uct) gorgeous (ftaroens ano £>jcfjar&s as f£?m' 
ccsljaue,3B neither Defirc, noj meaneto counterfeit: but Wtng 
t^e Diligence of a poD^eCounf rep d^aroncr ? Bjbuilo (astfjepfap) 
mptoallsaccotfung to mj> focaltjj. 3 framed tfjc ojoer 3 ano fef 
t\fz mod part of ttjcfe SCrees tout) mint otoneijanos 3 follofomg 
ljerem,tfje jratfjersoftljcolotime, fofjo oeligfjteo tfjemfclues 
erjieflp toitfj tfjislrinDe of pinlofoprjte. &o tym fas 3 tljin&e)t()c 
SCwesano Mcoos to be tfje greateff commoDifie giucn to mm : 
foj bcaocst^e Jjoufe pleafure tfjat tljepmmiffer fcnto *s 3 tf;e gra*» 
ctous !Lo?o 5 tl)at istljegtuer ofallgcoo tfjings, ijatfj alfogiuentos 
a number cfotfccr gcoDty commooitics bp tyon,U$fcg) at tfje firff 
ferueo mm foj f©Oe,couertng,ano elotfjing j fofjicfc commodities, 
4fje tocrp CBfrjmcfes I;a0 in cttimaf ion. $out tmto to tfjat hnoto 
CD»oo, bptotjom Uiefjauerccciueo our preeminence aboue all o> 
tfjcr creatures, fofjicfj benefit toe ougfjt iuitfj tfjanfees to acfencto 
leoge, tfjebolp Scripture ootl) feaejjamo?ef)igfjer anompfficall 
eonCoecation : foj before tfjat gracious ilojto fjao frameD man, 
io tiling to pjout'oefjim of fcooeano apparell , lje caufeD all feinoe 
of pleafant SCrces bearing fruit to fpjmg out of tfje eartij , tfjat 
tljep mtgfjf feme foj tfje fuffenanceof man : ano in tfje mica fje 
planted tljeCree of life : ano tfjerebp 3 tfje SCree of Unomleogeof 
goo auo cuill : to tfje eno tljat Adam migfjtfjaue an altureo figne 
oft)i8Outfean&reuercncefQfoarD0$oD, out of tol;icrj tfjc Jloj^ 
fas in a temple Oio fpeafee onto Adam; ano Adam fjtmfelffj 
ff fjc |>ao continueo in t)is inuocencte after fjis refecttou of tfje 
%x& of life, Ijao toitfj fjts pofferitie p?eacbeO(0oD, ano altoaies 
bitnt tfjanfefull %nto tym , fo? rjia autljozitie giuen tnto ttmi 
ouer all otfjer creatures , as tfce |3joprjcticall ^falmift fing^ 
etl> SCrjfs tljatt^oHgtJ tfje bounftfull Uberalitte of Ceo toatf 

31 3 Stucn 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

gfaen t» tofe goo an cno, t\)t tmgooip ano irtcfeeo poffetftfe fmv 
ikd to ioolarrie, confeerating botbSDrees ano tfroues, to tljei* 
cols of tbe ^earben. 

t h r. a . Ufyat t me tbmfes poo begin to pla* flj* }3;car&rr 
foif b me. 

M a r i v s, feurelp, tbere (* no better a piare to p^eacb m 
fben bcrc, to acfcnotoleoge tbe Create? in |>is cceaforcs, ano bp 
tbcfe btublc looses : to beboio tyt j3lmigbtie ano c uerlattmg 
potoer, blcffconc (Tc, bounfimlneffe, ano (SoDbeaD, of tbe inrotru- 
pjcbenfible toojfeman, anOaUDaicstofpeafceanDpiieaeboftbcm : 
butjioill fap moje be reafter. jEbe planting of srrecsootb out 
of all ooubt (as g fatg) b^mg onto bs botb p?oSf ano pieafures : 
ano tlje ttys partofbnfbanojp, mnftnot benegtctfeo, foj 
Columella accounts if one of tbe cfyitttH points of bufbano#> 
tufjfcb tbe poet fiimr s to agree onto. 

Of tyilagc all this while, and of the ftarre*, 

We here hauc talked. 

And Bacchus now of thee I mesne to fmg,&c. 

T h r a. J p;ap yon fym Declare onto mc , tbeojoer of plants 
lag ano p.jcfermng of SCrees. 

Mar i vs. icttafirttfitootone oncer tbe (fcacoom of fyis 
faice mm , tbat pecloetb botb pleafant Mine , ano comfortable 

thr A.%rao. 

M a r i v s. Cbe fo?f* of Crcts are outers ano manttolo : 
Come gcoto toiiDc, Come come of tbe fetoe^fomc of tbe rtote,aj tbe 
&ife fame poet faitb* 

Some forts there are, that of the /cede are fowne. 
And fome that fet of rootei, to (cedes are growne. 

&omeDaegroiuanofp;ingof tbcmfclucs: a number of others 
againe ace to be foione. £f>fc tbat groto iroloc iimbout tbe la- 
bour of man , Doe brace tbac f*Dcs cacb one acceding to in* 
femes ; b;\l rI;ofc tbat are fet mis>o:cit, Doc palD greater encreafe. 
SCbcteare oiuersagatne tbat ace altars grrene, ano ooeneuer 
larfetbeirleafe, Unbare (asConftantiDcrepojfetbJtbcfejtbe 
jSpate, tyt £>;cngc, tbe H c mom t^t Cptr on, tbe 15ar 3 tbe &\wt. 
tbe Cpp?effc, t\)t tyine, ttft Collie, tbe JBore, ^i>2tili,£eDcr,ano 
iimipcr. £s f*2 Srangc W,%w , ano fbofe tbat totlt grofoeno 


of the order of Gardening . £8 

tofjere bat at b omc, toetotflnot mcooic tmtball : foefotUfbcrC' 
fo;e tegttt ft tic toitt) ttjofc tfja t peelo to full en<mcc,ano beare fruit, 
anotbofc arc DituocD into t!;;ccfo?ts : fo; citfjer of tyz&ete ttfcv 
corns to be ECrees astbe dDtiirfe is, o; rife u);ubs ad t|>s toilOe 
SDate, o; neither SDret no; tfj:nb as tbe Clinc. 

Thm. 5 oefire to beare pour opinion of exicrp fo:t, fo; 3f 
tljinkc it no fmall ffeill to plant fucb faice <S5 acDcns , £>;cbarss, 
ano flHincpacos. cperbinfces pou baue ofeo a tuonoerfuli g<DD o;> 
oer,tbat arnongd pour <ttinrs,pou baucentermeoieD 3Daue frees, 
if igge trees, 3!maiTDs> and 8p;ecots, and tbaf pou fjaue feucceo 
pouc 4D;cbaro from pour <0arDen,ano pour flaineparofroai t'tjem 
hoiS, toith fairs Ijeogcs ano Ditcfjcs, 

m.uivs. 3t U>asneeoefult fo to ooc, lead mp fclfees labour 
ring in fome of tljem fljoulo come into tbe reft , contcarie to mp 
pleafure. if irC, if pou mill, 3 mill fpea&e of tfjofe tfjst b;ing to ' 
fruit, ano t|ien of tljc mtloe, ano tbe o;oer of fettfng ano planting 
cf»oDS. if irff (as Columella faicij") t bat grouno ffjat feructb 
fo; an £>;cbaro, ImU fcrue fo;a fllineparo, as pou fee ttDofy pctt: 
mb it t\)t gr ouno be tjillp, ruggeo,ano imcucn 3 it ts mo;e mcetc fo; 
a satneparo tym fozan €>;cbaro. 3f tfjcrcfojc pou totil make an How to 
*D;ctMrc, pou mud cljmfe fucb a grouno as is mate fo; it : a rtcfj make m 
grounb, leuell, ano Ipingbpon tbe £>unne, tobicb tofjen pou baue Orchard. 
founo , pou mud toell enclofe it : as SI taugbt pou before in tyt 
enclofure of (SarDens, tljat it map lie out of Danger of Cartell ana 
tsnaues : fo; altbougb tint tbe trampling , ano Dunging of Cat* 
telt , is not unprofitable tottje 2Crees , pet if tbep be eitl;er b;tu> 
fco o; b;olscn to I; ties tbcp be poung, tyzp to ill fame come to 
nougijt. WLtym pou meane to D;cffe pour £D;c!jarD place tfjus 
fcnceD, pou ftjall mase pouc furrotues a peerc befo;e pou plant 
tbem,fo&all tbcpbe Uicll feafoncotoitb ttje : 3>unncano ttjc earner 
ano imjatfoeuer pou plant, ujalifbe fconer false. But ifpoutolll 
naeoes plant tbe fame pare, tbatpou mafte pour fuccotocs, let tbe 
furrotoes be maoe at lead ttoo monetbs befo;e : after nil t\}tm 
full of ftcatu, ano fet it on fire* 2Dl)e b;oaoer ano totocr tytt pou 
mahe pour furrotoes,tbe fairer anomo:efcuitfuIlMlpour SErecs 
be, ano tbe fruit tbe better. ^ourfurrotoesmuftbemaocliRean 
ouen, o; menace, toioec at tbe bottome tljenabouc, tbatttjc rote 
ma^ fp;eao t\)z better, ano ttiecoloe in Winter? ano tbebeatein 

31 4 Rummer, 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

fejcmmrr , nt3p tbc better bee kept from it , ano alfo in ftrepc 
grcunDfijt^ceactljftailnct focafcrpbeto.tfbcDaluap, Bfnfctrmg 
of pour fruit eras 1 Hints , pou nruflr place t^rm in o:Der,ept&cr 
Cbechcrimfe,o: jRctiuifc.- \x>tyu\) neecfuilo:ocr of fctttng, tsnet 
oneip p:ofitai;lr,bp rreeiumgtljeapjcbutaifofcerp beautirtillto 
rbe cpe : Vufjen as lot)ic^ i»ap focuer pou la>!>e , pou u)all fee tbem 
Sana m ranse, artD iuljictj alfo is to gea* pfcptft, fo; the das 
(pall cqualip reertuc tbetr morfturc from t$f ground. 

Thu. 3 fee tfpc Carcncts to eucrp pUcc obferuc t&is oj< 
Drr, fettmg t^cir Wrsa tn fuel) p2opo:tion ; as to|j!tfj ioap foruec 
poulG3ne 7 vourereu>aUnotbcclet,butu)aU fee tgteitric* (rano 
llraig!;ttn o:cer. 

M a-r i v 5. ? ijauc tjfec ftuo fo:tes of r^s eafreo o;Der,one 
iubcrem hip Srees JTanD foure fquarc like the Chequer o? 
C^riTeto;*: tbc other not in fquare as rt>e ftrft.bnt Loftrtg-Um'c 
c: DiamonO-ttufc , iiKc tbc glaflc itunoomrso: /5cts. ?m 
mutt frame it aeeojcmg to t|?c nature of tbetrces, letttbe lotocr 
fait be D;otoncD of (be (jigber. ^ou mutt alfo fet tbem a gooo 
DitraneeafunDer^that ttjrtrbjaiubesmap fp:eaD atplcafurr 3 fo; u 
pou fct tbem to tlitfcc, rcu frail be able to fern noting be* 
tteirtrbcnu tan ttprp Uuil bribe Uflcfrci'tfuil. Cbercfe:e Pal a- 
Droppins diuslucH:DbgtJCtf)efpaeebctlJUirttbem r th£rncfrateatt[)elcafl:: 
ot itas. ft, crcts n]D:c profit in tbegcncraUcifpofingof fbrm,eHtetmc;:* 
ling tb: greater toir& the leflTer, fo as the great ones Dor net an* 
nop tlieic bnocrungs, dttjer tottf} r^eir ftatoti c: o:oppmg, fo: 
rbat thepgrolD net equal! to tbem inftrengta o:luaneffe.potne* 
grarratrs aiiD ^pities mull be foiueD naercr together* as nine 
farfe afunsrr, firplrsurcrrrtbrntbcp, anD pecrcs turret tben 
tbem both : MIC of tbem tbere are funo;r fo: to 3imonco atto fig 
Fncnd%. frees Btoft alfo be fet neercr. 3nfc breaufc tbere is a nafurati 
smoagQ f nr f^Qjjp jug [cue bt tiuirteecfaiac Crers,yon mu& fet tfpni the 
neerer tog? t^rr, as the Cine ? rt;t €>iue, the pomegranate anD 
ttje jjjritcil tfcti the otbar &9c,pea mult fet farri%ifunSrrfuc&&s 
i)aue mufuail IjatreO among them, as tbe time tuitb tl)t filbert 
* fyc i5ap,Cbrre arc fome of tbem, tnat orftre to 2ano . tlno ano 
t\i)0 t0gcrper ; a2 the Cbetlnut: the alfo Do great tjurt of 
rdl fo:fs 3 butfpe(ia:Ip t[;co:oppmgs of CaarSjPinetrors,? Upafc 
shadowes hQ\ m s, i3o;eouer ; tjjen)aDcU>rsof Oiwrs-of tenure ^urtfuli,. 

of Tree*. * tg 

of the otder of Gardening. 


6 9 

as of tlje tRItalnut free, ivijofe ujarooto is bnfobolefome fo? mm, 
ano tbe $ine tcdc tljat Hillctb pouttgfpjings.Trt tfjcp boll) refill 
fbcUiinoe,ano tbccefoje are beff to be fet in tyt outer fibes of tbe 
^cljarDis J a0 hereafter fljall be fate. M tfje place ano t[je o*ocr, 
pertjaps pou tbinse 31 bauefapo enough , anftlahc tfjaf 3 n)ou!o 
pjoact) to tbeojoer of planting ano fetting. 

T h r. a. WJfytf time i* tbe bell fo? planting ano fettmg of 
SCrces i 

M a r 1 y s. SD&e c$nefeff time of planting fas Florentine Time of 
faptlj) istbzcnoof&ommer ,fo; t|w is nature motf occupied planting. 
about tlje rcot,as in tlje fpjing about tl;c tapper parts: ano tberc 
foje grafting is nmtcd in tbe fpjing, ano fitting in ttje cno of 
jfeommrr: fojtbc plants arctoatceo all f|je Winter, f therefore 
it 10 beft fetting 0? planting, from fyz fefting of flje feauen flars, 
tontM tfje tlvclftb of HDccember, Bin tlje Spring time, pou map Time for 
fet tljofe things tbat pou fojgat before: at tu!?at fcafonfoeuer it gaffing. 
be, Icoftc tljat pou fet tbem in tbe afternoiie, in a far? efo elf erip 
tuintic, ano in tfje foane of tbe gpcone. Plinie faitb, tfat tijts note 
10 of great importance fo* tlje encreafe of fl)eCree,anDgai$nrire 
of tbe fruit, gftye Crecbe planteo in tbe encreafe of tbe q^cone, The ob- 
it grotuctb to befectp great : but if it beintlje Uume. ) it Unit be fcruation 
finallcr., pet a great Dcalc rno.u lafffng. of the 

T h r a. isut arc tfjerc mo;e Uiapcs then one of planting Mcon? ' 
ano fetting i 

M a a 1 v s. a greatfo?f: lue plant ept!;crbp ^raffing, fcf ;Thekinc{ 
ting of tbehernel!,o; tbelrone/ctting tbera>tcS;irockcs,o? atps, of plan- 
grafting beitoirttbe Bacfce ana tbeSrce: feme are planfco tin £« an <* 
in fomc of tyetetetfs, others in all. 3» Babtlon fas- fjfep fap) ^ r - 3fB,, § 
one'.p tbe leafe fet comes to be a tree: firft 3'inill fpeafee of <£>faf/ f ut( 
fing 5 ano fljcnof tberctJ.Cbcre arc appoint tut r&2c*fcin:0 Thr 
of (Sraffin^bettoirt tfje barue ano tbcUiortc, in tljctf-orhe, an kmj , 
implaaringjOi inoculation. Efyc firft fo?t tfjcr call <2»rcm'ng,tf«'e Grafifng. 
fecono imbjancbing , tbe ttjscD inoculation, ci tmbuODing. &uc!j 
Srecs as bauc tbiefcea barfcrs, ano 0:r,Ui moft £>appe from ttcf hit 
etrouno,are bell graffeD brfloirt tbe batlsc ano tfje toos, zs tl>e ur tTbc 
Jfigge , tbe Cbetie, ano fyc £Dltue: ibofe mtfyaue tbin rinDrs, grafted be. 
ano content tbcmfelues toitf) leflTe moiffure, as if tbe &appe lea* mixt the 
sifttg m barfecujoulo gatt)erit felfe totlje Dcavf ; as tfje ^cnge^'ol 

<r$ oi 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

, freeze 0pplc freeze mint, m* Ofuers otljers, in tljefe it it be ft 

J; c „ a - to open tlje ftocke, ano graffe in tlje foBoe.&ome 2Crec0 arc alfc 

grcebcft beff^raffeofcpon ot[jer fome, tije if igge t|»at pjefpcretlj beft 

together. fcp 0tl fye q&nlberp tfocHe, ano tyz piainc tcee: tlje $ptilberi> bpon 

tlje Cljeftmif, ano tlje Beeclje, tlje apple, tbe peace, ttje (£lme, 

ano tlje toljite poplar,toljeremif pou graffe,pou u)all tjaue pour. 

^pulbcrfestoljitc : topontfjefame (tocKeategraffco tbe peace, 

tbe Quince, tljc^eotcr, ano tbe £>crui£re : ttjepcare bpon ttje 

To haue pomegranate, ttje &uince,tlje a3ulberie,ano tbe 0lmon. Jf pott 

red Prates ^rjffe po ur pgare upon a spulbetp, em f&att baue reo pearcs: 

& Apples. ^ e £ppi elg <£ ca ff e & tipon all peace ffocte* , ano Ccab fef0, 

WlloUi,ano poplar : being <0rafTcD topon tbe £\\xir\tijt bjing* 

crlj fojtb ttje fruit to^tcb t|>c CDrcefees call Mdimeila: it 10 alfa 

e'raflfco tipon tlje piomtcee, but being <0caffeo bpon tlje plaine 

tree, it tefngetb fojfjj reo applet* &tje Areolar being Ctaffc* 

topon tbe 2Etwne,tljc <25raffe grofoetfc to great bigneffe, but 

tbe ffocfee contin»c0 fmall : topon ttje pine-tree , it bjingetb s 

~> ftueet fruit, but not lading. SClje peaeij graffeo in tlje &bo?ne, 

oj tbe ffieeelje, groined to be toecp faice? ano great : tlje aimono 

anO tl;e peaclj being iopneo f oget&cc/ano <25caffeD in tlje plum* 

a Peach (^ kM bcare a peacb foiti) an aimono in tijeftone. &fje jfil' 

7j th ™ d bert mill onehj be graffeo in tlje Mloing, not agreeing mftb anp 

in IT" **&<*• SCtje pomegranate oeligfjtetb in &tucr0 ffocfee0,a0 in t&e 

»lloto, tlje Bap, tlje 3fte, ttje SDamfon , tlje piome, ano the 

fllmono , topon all toijtclj Ijee pjofperetlj toell. SElje Wamton 

grotoetfj toccp well topon anpfeinoe of foiloe pcaie, ^umccauo 

apple : tlje Cbeflmut li&ef if toell tlje m&lnut, ano tlje Beeclj* 

ICfje Cljeccie refufetb not tlje eompanie of flje peaclj, no^ t^e 

2Curpentine 3 no? tljep Ijis : tlje Quince toilltoell be graffeDbpon 

ttse Barberie:tlje spittle bpontlje fealloto : tlje plom bpon ft)e 

^amfon: tlje aimonObpontljeifUbert : tlje Citcon, becaufe of 

fjte tenoer 2Drce , ano ttjmnc ttnoe, txiillfcarcelpbeare anp otljer 

gtaffe , ano t|jercfo?c contents fjimfelfe Uiitlj Ijis olune b^aunct). 

2Cbe Winz tljat is graffgObpon tljevCljecie tree (FJorentinusp;o^ 

mifetb) luill beare C^rape0 , ano graffeo ^pon tlje ^iiue, itiill 

fetng fojtb a fruit tljat bearing fbe name of botlj fjifi parents, is 

oiiue calleD El *oftaphilos. 3n fine, all poang 2Cr©0 tbat fjaue fap in 

grape, tlje bArfeejnap be (0raffeb;if it be greater a it is bed ©rafting neerc 


of the order of Gardening. 7° 

metencff e of tlje gtouno arc full of fappe. I))e then that to 11 graft 
"ithec m the Heche, oj betto.ct tfts ttoche am fljjr nbe let b « 

X>«t of <?encto »*.* ««?t J,« to ©jaffe an o o tt« ? M 
tobcn as.tbc ttutDier ©csffcs be, the better the? are, *» fi 
the laft totes of M txas a* baue latelp bojne toill be the belt. 

i muO %a them on that fioe «.M »« W^Tv * 
Gojtn: others lihe better the (Eaftaoettjcn the tbaootop. vir- 
al" o!b nw» thofe fbatsrotoett, on the cop.tbmUmg ftem bet. 
m tatTotoe«o«tofthc use .ffobeao^poueCjaffcsmutt 
befaUrfbnes ) latelps"toneo«t,fmo.tbe,tbetiHOefmo)tbrsf' 
anoeeanfetogtotofthe? mutt be oftpelattpcetesgtototfcteb.tb 
ttftnotone b" tfctaott « iopnts, that Declare euerppcere* The imo., 
^oWeCbe^affe* of all trees are not to be gatbece » alihe : 
>o> alines anoirfggc trees aw bjpettin i tf,cm.bble parts, am 
faSebettoftbetop, ano therefor ftom thence poumuttgatbec 
pout Caflte ©Lsare fuUeftof fappe in the matt, MW 
lutcr part. h ?P ett. »ofebcttagne together ,«*"«»" 
n<etettofnatute,anOboe bloffome, ans b«re both about at me. 
£>ou muft gatbee pour ©taffca in the toanc •"*«»*"? 
haws befoje pou ©jaffe them. Conftontmcaoii t l tbi* trtte, 
ffifwttttsnabettre ©jaffeeoe alittte tottbee, Uiatbemap he 
betfec be eeceiuch of the ttoche.|9ou muffi appopnt pom © amngrhc.^ 
time in tbe &p;ing, ftom ajarch, tohenas the ^"f b /»'" «• ^ 
burgen, but not come out (altbough poumap ©jaffetbegrace 
tobeWslcauesbeout) bntiUCpap: fo; faffing mrmnojspjo. 

Sfeble!butnotfo, imbuing. S»e **», «£^"?« 
longettbuo.anohaucmuch fapue bnaerthcbarhe,t|cabunoame 

Z »rf boll, h«et the ©jaffc , muftbe <f*N> (a. ; Floren me 
tottO from flBav till 3une. Columella tooulo Ijaue the fflltue 

p>ill, anb the time of faffing to be «**>" <""*%!*! "*l g atg, 
afternome, toben there blotoetJi no Soutbtombc. W&*?oo 
hauefounoagfflb ©^c,tafeepourfenifc(being t>erp Ojatpejmm 
pate it about a Ifcft fingers ftom the fopnt much 
a. n>all be mate to be fct in the ttotae : that part m it u w«t 
the fopnt (not petifhfng the pith j pou mutt tut tottb pout Unite, 

The fecondBooke, entreating 

as if pou (feoulD make a pen, fo as ttje &oq imttj rrjc foot,ano r&e 
barfeetoitb ttje bathe, map iopnctogctijcr, as iutt as map be* 
Ctlljiclj being oonr 3 if pcu mcane to graffe in tljettoeli, pou mutt 
firftfeatoe it fmottj,ano tljcn cleaue it in t&emiott toitb atyarpe 
fenife, about ttj:ee fingers : ano to tfje eno pou map (janofomrlp 
put in pour G2affe 3 pou mutt Ijaue a little toroge of tooo 02 3(ron, 
(PJinic thinks it better of bone) toburjfoeoge(U)tjenpoalmll 
craffe bettocenettje rinoc ano tfcettocfce mutt be maoe Satte on 
ttje one fioe, ano rouno on tlje otrjer, anot^ecE^affemuttbepa* 
rtD alfo fiat ontljat HDe tjjat mutt ttanD nert tlje toon, taking al* 
Uiaicsgmt) Ijeeoe, fyat ttje pitlj be not pertCjco : ttje otljer pari 
muff onelp jjaue tlje rinoe puilco off, tufjtcrj after pou mutt fet in 
tljeclcftjO: betioirt ttje barke, till pou fee all parts agree together. 
&ctne Doe cut ttje popnt of tytit Gzaffe rfj:eefquare, To as rtua 
Goes are bare, ano the otljer courreD Unfits barfee : ano in ttjat 
fo:t tjjep fcfeto C;affe in a ttocfec one againtt another : butitte 
ffjougfjt bett to C?:af?e no mo;c but one. CD ben pou fcaue t\)u* 
fet in pour C:affe in rtje ttocfee, plucfce out the tocoge : but $era 
is a great carefulneffe, ano fjoeOe to bebfeD : ano therefore goo 
0:afters,r!)inhe it brtt forjolot&e C^affc euen mitfj bctfj $ant8 s 
lett in ttje blncing ano pulling cut of t\)c Uie&gc, frje d&affe be 
tjurf, 02 ttanD oneuen. Jf 02 auopoing of totjicfj, fome tjfe foz to 
binoe tfi e ttoebe about, ano after to put the iueoge, ttje bancs bet* 
ing it from opening to tetoe. ^fje baracr tljep be fet m, tfjc low 
ger toill trjep be ere ttjep beare, but will insure f tje better : pon 
mutt take Ijceoe ffjerefoje, trjat ttje cleft be not to fiacfee no; fo 
ttraigfct. tCtycn pou fjauc ttjus OzaffeD, btnoe ttje Coche toft!) a 
ttoig, ano eoucr it mitt) loame, iaell fcmp:cD twtfj trjaffe? ttoe 
fingers trjicfeneCTe, ano f putting moffe rouno about it) tyeit top 
fo, frjat tijetecemc no raine at if, no? be rjurtlmrt) tlje £>unneo; 
tlje toinoe , Srjis istyc 02&er both m t be olo time, ano at tijis Dap 
fcfeo : ffjouglj in Columellas timers it apearcttj) trjep toere not 
•luont to 0;affe, but onelp bettoirt t|»c baefceano ffjefooo : fo; 
tlje olo people fas Pliniefozttetbj fcurttnof as pet meoole toitjj 
clcauing of ttje ttoefee: atlcngtrj tbepp2efumeDtomake!joleF 3 
ano <^2arTe in ffce prtfj, anD fo at latt toareD bolo fo eleaue t|j€ 
ttoehe. Cato iuoulo fcaue tbe ttoche couereo loitl) clap ano cljalfee, 
intngUofeit'p fanoanoiDrc-Dung,anD fo maoe in mozfer.^onw 


of the order of Gardening. 7 1 

time tyep Cfoaffe fotty tbe fop oftlye <(&aft ootonctoar& 3 ano tbcp 
&oc ft to malic a little Ecee fpjeao in bjcaotb. 3t is beft Staffing 
nerttbegrounD,tf tbefenofsano tbe ttocfeetoillfuffer: ano Plmic 
tooulobauetbe (fl^affe grotofajjtb notabouefire wigcrs/|f pou 
toiil <3;affe a little Cree, cut it narc tlje grouno, fo as it be a 
fmte ano a balfe btgb- Jf pou tooulo cartp pour Crafts farre,tbep To keepe 
fcill longeft feeepc ti)dv fappe, if t\j&v be mutt into ttje cote of a g" r ff 
fcape ; ano tbat tb*p tntllbe pjeferueo, if tJjcp Ipe bettoirt ttoo 
little gats, running out offome Kiuer o? ifiu) pono.ano betoeli 
rouerco toi tb eartb. 

T h ra,| oae noto greatlpoeffre to bearc pou fap fome< Ofimpla- 
rbing of splattering, o? 3(noculation, tbat is, in faffing toitb !* crin g , an4 
tbe buo o% tbe leafe,tobicb pou call in (2%cefee t^uMe^ou, tobtcb t ™ 
kinoc of (faffing, 3 fee tjiofe ffjat aregiuen to neto fau)ions oc 

Mauvs, Stbis tt no neto manner of faffing, but toee 
finoe tbat it toas tofcobotb of tbe ILatines , anb of tbe defers, 
iubentahing off a leafe o? little buo, Uiitli fome part of tbe rtnoe 
toitb btm, toe tiftaffie it into another bjauncb , from tobtcb toe 
Imueta&en asmucb barfee.Ct)is ojoer ('Columella faitbJ ttfe tyxb 
banas in bis oaics toere toon t to call 8lmplafrcing,o.z inoculation : 
anD before Columellas &aifS,Theophraftus int)iB HScofecDc cau- 
fu Planrarum 3 ootbU)eto tbeteafon of3|noculation.PlinicDotb fap 
it toas firtt learneo of 2Datocs,bt&ing of feeos in caues ano boles 
of Crees. CbisfcinDcof CEkaffing,as Columella ootb tojite 5 aitD 
our (Earonete tbcmfclues confeffe , is beft to be bfeo in fbum* 
tncr,about the ttoelftb of Blune: petDidymusfaitb,bcbatb<^af.» 
fco in tbis maner,anD batb bab geoD encrcafe toitb it in tbe fp?ing 
time, ano fttb ttistlje oaintiettfcinoe of Chaffing, it is not to be 
bfco in all SCrees, \)ut onely in fucb as baue a ftrong, a mopff, anfc 
a fappp rinOe,as tbe £>liue,tbe§0eacb ano tbe iftgge, Uiijictj are 
full of milfce,ano bane a big bathe. £>f tbat Crce tbat pou mcane 
to ©zaffe , cbofe tbe poungeftanotbc faiceft foambes pou can, 
ano in tbem tafee the buo tbat iB liisclieff to groto, ano marfcc it 
rouno about ttoo tncbes fquare, foas tbe buo liana euenintbe 
mtoft,ano tben toitb a u)arpe knife cut it rQunoabout,ano flato of 
tbcruiDejtafcinggmo fy&nc pou burtnot tbe buo, ano take out tbe 
pace.aftettoaros,goe to t&e JBCree tbat pou mean* to <0*affe on, 


ThefecondBooke, entreating 

ano cfcofc lifecfoife tbe fatrc ft bjauntb, ant) pace afoap tbe rfne a 
Iff .e fpaee,anDfo?nem20ut buooe fo foff,as tlje rinDe* map a> 
gree togcttjec fo clofe,as nettfjer toafer no? teinoema? enter fit. 
^ou muff loose tbat pouburtnot tbe CCtoo,anO tbat tbe cinocs 
be of one ttjicfeeneffe. Mbtnpou fjauetbis &one,binfcc 
as vou\)uvt not thjc buD : JE&cnclaptt oner ali, :eauing.libec'tie 
rnc-ugb fo; fijebuo. Cutoff all tbe fp:ing rbatgrotoes about if, 
tbat trjere be notbing left fo 0;ato ateap t&e &>appe, but tbat it 
map onelp feme ttje ®raffc : lifter one ano ttoentieoapes, bn» 
loofe it,ano tafee off pour couering, ano pou (ball fee pour buD \m 
co?pojafeo in tJje bjamb of a ffrange tea. Columella fpcafcctb 

Wimble ° f &n 0t ^ tV f ° ?t ° f ® ^"^ * ° D0 # a & oIe * n a ^ r * Mty an & a > 

Graffing. gur,eitber to tbe pitbe,oj tbe bttermeftrinoe, going fometbfng 
floapetoife DctonetuarD, ano getting out all the c&tps clean e 3 take 
a ,2Jine,o; an arme of t^ebett ame,not cnt fcom tys oloe mother, 
ano paring atuap tbe ouer tinDr, tb;uff it fall into tlje bole,betng 
all moift ano full of £>appe,leauing a buD c: ttoo onelp bpon it : 
affer&arojftoppe tty ijolctoell toif Jj 3)ofTe ano Clap ,ano commit 
ft fo tbeeartb.^n tbis fojf map pen $raffeclrne0 bpon <£itncs 9 
fo (ball t|e bzancb line, being bot'b nouriujeo bv tns oloe mother, 
ana fn* ttetn jratber. SCtoo peere after, pou £jaU cut off fbe 
nelo graffeo b;ancb,ano tbe ttccae toberein pou graffejo, pou u)all 
false off a little aboue tbe bo:mg, fo l^ail tbegraffe become tbe 
ebfefeff part of tbe plant* Sbelifec Co our Countermen.. faking 3 
bjancb of a 13 recti a forte tyickt : ano luben tbep baue cut it, and 
bo?eo itjtbepfetin if tbebjanebes of t\)t bell ^eare o.: 3pplc tfjaC 
rbe^can gef 3 fefting tbe fame in a beep toef geounoin Q^arcb,anD 
fn tlje fame 95onef b t\}t peere aftcc,tafeing bp ttje Seecb, tfjcp cut 
ft a funocr fo'itb a fato beftoirt tbe tjolcs nnDtljeb:atnbfs : ano c* 
uerp peeee of ffoeaetoitb fjfs bjancb, tyvg (it in berp cictj f fruits 
fulfgrounO.SCbereare fome tbat bjag of another kino of graffing, 
ttot mucbbnlifeefo t\^t ^merjbebereof notluitbffanDingjArrican 
in Conthntinc mafcetb mention, as trieo in a &ml)> sijep Ml 
a man fo fa&e tbe b?ancb of a &©i!ioto as big as pour arme, ano 
.ttoo Cubits in lengtb,o: mwc : tbis tbeptooulo base pou fobo;e 
. , r tb.:ougb tbe mio», anB after flipping off tl)t b:aKncbes of a |3eacb 
^ne/of ss bcffanos, lcaumgone!p tbe fop bntoucbcD , t^ tooulobaue 
cGtaifing. pou tomUtyt $m\> pato . tftf oiiglj fyt C^illoto battc , ano 


of the order of Gardening. 71 

tfjat Done, foboto tbe SKaiUofo Use a 15q\bz, totting ban) tys 
enostnto ffce eartb 3 *nOfo to binsetty bolebp toitlj moffe,moj' 
tcr ana banos. 2Eije rare after, toljcn as tbe tjeao of t(je peac^, 
fjatb topneo ijtmfclfe Uritb tlje pitljof t^c Wlloto, t&atbotytfje 
boOics are become one. Pm fljall cut t^e SCr&beneatlj, ano re> 
mrotie if, ano ratfc bp rfjc cartb 3 foas pcueonecttjc <KHilloU)boU> 
fe)!tl; ttjetop of tbcpeacbianotjjis u)all tying pou peaches toiU)* 
out Cones. SCijfe feinoe of faffing mutt be Done in mopff pla^ 
ccs, ano tbe ^illcfors mutt be bolpcn iamb often teatrings 3 tbat 

t^e nature oftbe2Cramap be of fo;ce.Cljefefnoesanomanncrspropa-ati. 
of propagation, are occ!areObpPlinie,it>bo tcllcnj of two feinles : on,andhis 
tbc fttft, to\>cvcm abjambcf tbe SCra being botoeo oobme, ano kindle. 
bueteo in a little furroto.ano after tiuo pares cut off,ano n)e plant 
In tbe tlnro pecre rcmeueo : tobicb if pen inteno to carrp anp far 
oittanceoff, iti* bettfo? pou to burie pourbjawbes in Baskets, 
0; carlben brffeuJ, in fo!jtt& pou map sptlpett eatrp tljem. #nD 
anotber mo;e uelicatcr leap be fpcafeetlj of 3 tofyity rt to get n)e 
rmtc out of n)c berp 2Cree, laping tlje b;ancbfs in Bashefs of 
cartb, ano bp fbat meanes, obtapning notes bettoirt tbe berp 
fruit ano tlje toys, (foj bptljis meanes tbe r©te isfetcbeo from 
ttje berp fop, to farrc t^tv pjefumcj ano from ttjrncefcfef) nj cm* 
bfing it as before : in totjlcb fo?tpou mapalfo oeale toitb ftofe* 
mane ano £>auinc. Columella ibetoctb amap 3 boti> flippes of all 
manner of SCrees map be ^affco in toljat agrees pou lilt 

Thu, 3tio Tome are alfofct of tbc flippes, ojfliumgs : nn> 
fclfe baue plucheD a b?anclj fromaipulberic&rce, ano b^uifini 
tljccno altftle toitba pallet, fymcttt it in tbegrouno, ano ft 
fjafb grolune fobeafaire 2Erce. SlIjcu&c Ijatij beenc tote* (&& 
tljcpfap) in£pplcsan&pcarcs. 

M-a r. 1 vs. ^oufaptucl?, fc-2 jpafawMbfffcfofBb** fbsr 
tbep^cungjQcnces 3 pj'jihc0from,tbet(Dtcsoftl)ctreesU>ai groin; 
tbc poungifrarebcttto be planter) >anDfo to bepuUcDbp^ns fycy 
map b?ing tutf b tljem fomc part oftfTetr mothers bo&ie. Bin this 
fojt pou map plant pomegranates, jf Mats, Hpplf s.fecriiiffesi 
areolars, glomes, irigges, but fperiallp taincs.ano fomctwiea 
Cberrics, ano <$pjfilles. £Df tlje ttocfee ano tlje b?ancl-esae8 
nlfopiantco t&e0lmono 3 tbepearc, tbe <pilbcrie, tbeCim&i 
ty9 j®liue 3 tije Quince, tlje 3juie> ano tire Kmkity .glome : 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

foln'cl) tlje offnetpou rcmoue ttjemtfce better tlic^ p;oae. Plinie 
faptt), tt)ebjancbe0 cut from tye 2Cra,toere attijefirff onclpofce 
fol ^eDge0, dMoer, &uinc&c0, ano 15:ier0meDleo together, af> 
tertoarO0 foit>fe,ao tf)epoplar,tbe a:oer,anD tlje Mtlloto, at 
t|)i0 Dap tuee fee tbem i»ber e toe bed like. ^xoe muff be tahen, 
tjjat t^e ftoc&e0,o; tlje fee* be of ago*) femcc,not cross cD,fcnetttf, 
no? f oj& co , no? flenoerer ttjen tfjat a m an map tocll gripe fottfc 
|lt0 Jjano 3 no; Icffe ttjena forte in lengri). 

T h jl a. jt remained noto, t^at poti fpeaUe of tfjc f effing 
of t Ije fruit o? feerncli. 

Marjvs. /Jiaturefas Plinie faptfj,) fjatfi taugbt os fo fet 

tffe&ernel!,bp tbc face* DcuoureO of I3ico0,anc motffeneotoirfj 

ttietearmtl) of tljcie entiles, ano after ootDco m ti)e bcugtjro 

and rtfes of JZms : totjerebp toee finoe manp times a plains 

SCree grotoing out of a 15ape, a Bap out of a Ctjcrrp, ano a 

C&ern? out of a Mlleto. spanp £Lree0 are fet of ttje fruitfcer* 

»ell,o?ffone,tof)ie^ groto peerelp of r&emfcluc0 ) bp reafon ofrtje 

falling of t&e fruit : a0£i>eftnut0, ^afelnut0,ano saalenut0. 

Columella faptfj i tfjcp are fyc fruitfuller 2Cree0 rfjat fp;mg of 

t&elr fruifci tyen trjofe rljat are fet of rfjc troche, 02 tlje bjanefc. 

Sfcome delight to be fet in Krees, ano not in tye grouno : tobrn 

t&ep tiaue no fople of tfj etc ofone, ttiep liue in a Granger. £)f rlj e 

fruit 0? feernell, are planteo i£ut0, £lmono0, fditocctf, Ctjeff* 

nut0, 2>amfon0,pum0, pincapple0,£Date0, Cpp?eO"e,55apc0, 

0pple0, ^eare0, ^aple0, jtotree0,Cl)erric0,iBeacbe0,anD,ab;tf* 

ccebs : but fet 0; planteo. tljcp p?oue fo be tfjefemolicr. £>ome of 

ttjcfc Doe groto in Chaffing ano otber toaie0 : fo: erpecienco tcs* 

ctjctij, tfjat tfje #utano tbe Cercbintb are G>;n(FcD; anD Dema- 

gcron toifneffctb 80 mucf) i netr^erareallfrutf0 } hernel0,anO 

iione0 fet in libe fo:f, a0 hereafter fljall be tone, feome arc lapo 

in toafcr before, otbewnot: fomelpc flj;ce oapc0 in fjonp ana 

loafer, ano at rfjc fall of tl;c leafe are bunco in t!jc grouno till 

The kee- <$arcb i anD t\)m fet $uf arc onelp lapD in moptt fung a Oap 

pingof before, ano of fome in loafer ano fjonp onelp a nigtyt, lefttije 

puts, ftacpneife f rtje fjonp Deftrop-rrjc fp;out.&ome arc fet toiti) trjeir 

toppeB ftanoing optoaro , a0 tlje Crjcffnut : ofber0 oolunc* 

inaro , 30 tbc aimonD , tfjougl) tyis is not greatlp f be regan 

ueo, fit Je tuee te tlje fruitc t^at failed from tlje £Trvc , 0; is 


of the ordering of Orchards. 73 

let fall bv Biroes, uotb p:ofpcr brtt of anp otl)cv. 

T n r a. 3 tjaiie a toonoerfull Delight in tbe jmpc dSat&cns 
Dftbefe Countries, 3 p:at> pen tcilmcbomtbcpbe oiOerco. 

M rbl 1 v s. £Dt?e e:Dering of an 3mpc Careen map not be Of impe 

Safoo oucr, wijernn as fii a ptorac,tbe young plants are noun* Gardcns * 
)rD. 3aD bcraufc rlje j^urfc fomettmes ongfjt to be fciuDer 5 ano 
reincrcr tben tyc tftotber, a m&ts gcouno mull be cbofca fc* t!je 
pucpofc : tbatts, a, fat, an'o tecil labourco tmtlj tl;c 
^ittocfce, tisercin tfjettranger map be toeil cberifbcD., ano bcrp 
ItBcbntotljefotle, into to^'clj pou meane to remoue fjjem, SC^e 
fcetnete, 02 ftanrs, mull rtat be altogctbcr naked, but little couc* 
rco tmtb fome pact of fyc fruit, fo Ujall tbcp affectoarD ensure tbe 
longer. Cbcpmuttbcfctafcore, o^tfjere^aboufsafunDcr: after 
ttu 3 Pieces tljep mull be rcmoueo : ano becatfe tytit Hcotcs Do$ 
runne berp oape into tbe ground , tfjep mutt be fomcUnjat bewr, 
oj turned in, to tbc end tbcp map fpieao abtoad, anD not runne 
dolunctoaro. ftboue all ttjings, pou mutt fee if be free from Hones 
ano rubbiu), toell fenced againtt ]£oultcic, anD not full 
02 clefts, tfjattbe £>wme burnenot tbe tender rmtes : tbepmutt 
fce fet a ftofeand a fjalfe a funocr, tfjat tfjep burtnot one tjjc otber 
foitb tfjeir neerc groining, among otber emls,tbep hull be full of 
O&oiimeSj ano tljerefo2e mull be tuell raked ano toeeded : beffoe, 
groining unlit, tfjep mutt be trimmed ano pjopneu. Cato fooulo 
fjauetbeni eoucceo oucr UiitbJUttufcsbponfojses , to let in tbe 
&unr\e, ano to fteepe out t&e coloc: ZCt>u& are tbe kernels of 
peares, pineapples, &ut8 } Cpp?eflrc,anofucb offers c&erifyeo, 
SCbep mutt be gcntlp toatred fo; tbe ficft tb?ee dapc$,at tbe going 
dotmte of tbe &nnne, tbat tfjcp equally ccceiuing tyc mater, map 
open tlje famer. zizipha.otSCuraep plumbs, $uttes, WMl* 
nuts, ano Cbcttnuts, 2Bapes, v£I) erics, ptttaccs, 3pples,£Dates, 
Peaces, Naples, JFinWplumbs, ano Diuers others , arc fet of 
t!;c ttoue, oz Kernels. Jnrcmouing oftbem, fjaue fpcciallrr* 
gaco, tbatttjep be fet in tbe lifee foile, ojin better, not from bet 
ano foztuatd grounos , into coiocano backward, no? contrarie 
from tbefe to tbe otber. |9 on mutt make pour ^urromes fo long 
befoje, if pou can, that tljcp be oucr^grotone Ujttb gojo mouio. 
M<igo tubule b^ue tfjem maoc a pecrc before ■> tl;at tfyey map be 
fcoellfcafoneo toitytyi&imMy anotbe rocatjjer ; £>}if pou can* 

fc not 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

nzt fo, pen muQ hinole fires in t&e miDDeft of tfccm ttoo monetf)* 
afo:c , and not to fet tfiem , but after a fyoto;e. Zljc Dcptfj of 
t^ctt fitting mull be in Citfeclap o: t)arD grouno, tfuee Cubites : 
ano fo: plumb Zxtts a tjantfull mo?c. SUtje JFurrofo mull be 
nwfte furnace liRe,firai$t)tabouc 3 anobjoaoe int&ebotfomc: 
anD in blacfce mattU^ttaa Cubitc s anD a £anD bioaoc, being t\imt 
co.mrceD,ncucr Deeper rl)an tiuo fojtc anD-a&alfYno? b:oa0er tfjen 
tluo forte b.:ouDc, no? ncuer of ictle Depttj, ttjena fate ano a fcalfe, 
foitf'clj in a toct gtounD imll o:aU) neerc t^e mater. &uclj as De* 
ligfjt tn tr)eD£ptJ) of tijc grounD , arc to be fet trje Deeper^ as tlje 
fit^e, anD trje Oiiue : tyc fe anD fucJi UUe, mutt be fct foute frofe 
tape, the others it fufftcett) if tfjep tfanD tt).:ce fmte rape, ©ome 
fcfc fo fetbnocrtljcir iicDtesrounD little Hones, botfc toccntamc, 
anD conuap atoap tijc tuater : others lap graueil tnorrneatt) 
tfjem. SClje greater Srss are to be fet toinaro trje £w$ ano 
trje SSctt, ttje fmalier toloaro fyc £>ouft) ano tfyz Call. £ome 
mill fjaue no £roe rrmoueD bnDec ttoo vrercoloe, o; aboue tfj;ee: 
ano ctfjers tofjrn fijep be of a pares grolDtfj. Cato refittctf) vir- 
giJs auttjonrte , tfjat it is to great purpofc to marhe t!jc* 
ing of t\}c Eree, as rt grctoc at :rje firtt, anD f o place it t ofoaros 
ttjc fame quartets of flje rjeauen again?. Others obferuc trjcconj 
trarie in trje clin? , ano trje Jf!ggc£rce, being of opinion tj>ai 
tijelcaues tfysll tijerebp betl;e thicker, ano better oefeno ttje 
fruit, anD not fo franc fall : brficc, the jfHggc £Dree mill be tijc 
better f o be climbcD fcpen. 2pc:couer, pou mutt bctoare t]jat bp 
longtarpmg,tt)e ttootes be not mitrjercfi , no: tl;c mtnoc in tbe 
&Qit\} tuljen rce remcue tfjem , ipfjcrebp manp UmtB trjcp Die, 
ttje ijufenr-fi net knotting tt>c caufr. Cato ccn^cmiictrj ttrerlt' all 
manner of luinces o: tto;mcs. in tt)e remcumg of Crecs , ana 
toerefc;eit is to great gorfi purpofe to talic tljem fcp tutrh ttje 
earftj about trjem , anD to couer tl;e Uootes Unttj a &rffc, anD 
fo: ti)is eaufe Cjro luouiD t;auc tijem to be carrieo in i3afKcts hU 
lcD iritfj eartb bp to tb,c toppc : tijcSrce muttfo be fct, as H 
mapttanOintfjemiDocttofflje Srenct), anD fo great IjeeDc mutt 
be tahen of t^e Bootes , tl)at ttjcp map net be b?oben, no? 

thu. 3-ct ts nolo goe fo:U»arD ivitlj eucrp SUree in \>i* 


of the ordering of Orchards. 74 

Mahivs. Among all SCrees anD plants, tfje Ww hv gcoo The Vine, 
rfgbt cbalengttl) tijc &oueraignctie, feeing ttjcccisno plant tofeD 
mljufaanojiemozcfruitfuU and mo:e commoDious tfjen it , not 
aloaelp fo: the beautifulneffe, anD gco&lmeffc of ttjc fruit, but ab 
Jbfo; ttje eaftneffe ljc l;atb m grofomg, luljercbj? &e retufetbnat 
almoff anp brnoe of Country in tl)c irujolcmojiD, ercept fuel) as 
are to crtreamelp fcoubeo fcottb tlje burning locate of tijc &unue, 
0: dfc to crtreamelp frozen ftuti) ti)eljebeimntcoioe,p;xifpcring 
alfo as iucll ui ti)c plat'nc and tampion Counfrcp, as it uotl) up* 
on tijc fillip ano jS|9otni tame Countrcp : iufctlmfe as Uuli m the 
ftiffe ano raft ground , as m tf>e foft ano meUom ground : 3 no d* 
tcntimesm tlje &oamieanD leanegrouno as in fbe fat ano fog* 
gic, ano t'n tijc niit f as in ti)t moift ano mine, t?ea, ano m manp 
places,m ti)e berp Hocfccsitgrotoetlj mod abounoantiv ano mcJE 
fruitfully as is to be fee i-nD p:oueo at ttjio Dap about tt)e ftiucr 
cf Ublne in Oa-mjnii, ano rljeiStucr of Mofcil in if ranee: ano 
abcue all tt)is } it beHabioett) ano bcaretl; tt)e contrarie Dtfpc(t;ton 

thu, $3 Doubt it is tfje moft excellent plant : HBuf 
Inborn Doe you fuppofc to be tbe fittt J3uti)oui* of tt)e planting 
of it : Me common foit Doe nttttiuU tl;e tfrff imicntlou of it to 

Mamvs. Wit ffyat are faagbt bp €?oos Ijolp Ujojd, Doe ThrfuS 
fenoki tbat aiuas mrft founo out bp tljepatciarbc Noah, tomtetf* uen jj°» 
atelp after tbe Drowning of tfjefoojlo : 3it map be, tyi inline toas vi n J 
before tbat time , tbougb t^z planting ano tbe bfe thereof toas 
nottbenbnotone. SCbel^eatljcnbotbmDft faldpanD tjerp fotiD* 
It?, as in manp order things , Doe gtue tijc inuenfion of tlje fame 
tint tfjc Coo Bacchus. Wut Noah ItucD mmy pares before ei* 
rfjcr Bacchus, Saturnus, 0? Vranius mere bome. 

T h r a. 35c is moft li&c'p fo : But 3 -toou'b fame knofo 
fafyctyce Replanting of Siinesootij majeeimcl) tt)e i)uftianD tben 

Marivs, about tt)fs qneftfon fbere is no little aeoe ambng 
tf)t lifers of olo,U3berc tbcre are fome tljat pzefeerc d5raffmg> 
Settling, anD ©BfoDfales farre aboue t!;c tunes : ano pet again-e 
t&ere toants not great ano learneD men , tljat affirme tf)e tEline 
iobemoffgamefnll; ano Declarer^ that oloe fruitfulmiTc of Re 

Hi 2 Klines, 

Thejccond Bookc,entreating 

Tht Vine- 3lUie3 3 mentioncD bp Cato, Varro, aiD Columella , UrfjUf) tpCH 

yirdnaoit ruerp &re polocD fcaym bunn;eO (Sallonosei QSItnc, ano ttje 

gaincfuii. ^uijpatosofScncc^ torjereiw(jetiao reereipfcpononeScce i ceo. 

Oallonss : mf)en as in £o:ne gronnOj patrurc, q: ESKdo lanD, if 

a man ooe gct.topon one 3ere rr. b. a pare, it is ttjougtjt a great 


Cornfield Th r a. I5ut ffje amc affcetrj great charges , ano great tra* 

and Vme- uaiie about it , ano it is fubieet toman? nuQjaps , as ttjecoloe 

yards com- jfrofts of CUmter 3 tr)e Mattes ano burning of Rummer :ano from 

pared. t(j£firaap>.earing 3 tiilttjettjuo of^ap {tofyitfyis Irjc laff Deere* 

tciiz oapoftfjc £itne / )tbet*urt of tfce eolOe ano J?rstt is feareo. 

tcltjtn itfj3trj fcapco tins cangcr 3 tljcn comma!) a greater mifr 

$Ufe, iV'^ufj ligrjtip euerp pare Dottj great rjaruie ; fo? citrjcr 

iBitt) Italics m t^c SDogge Bates 3 0.2 fozlachcot;r Crapes 

areUnt^ereoanDfpoileD 5 c:clfeU>{ti}ouer*muct)rami: trjeptoaie 

foiu;c 3 ano not ripe. <3>un02porijcr mifyapsrfcete happen, tfjat 

tt)cai:icis fuliuitto. 

mVuvV. 3 graunt : fo is pour Co:ne lihifeife ,-fe; botrj it 
affect!) great charges, ano fuel) cafualttes ofotimes On&ortt) tfje 
pco:e l^ufbanDman. Jfo? in alt feinse of 3£ufbanfc:p 3 if ttjrre be 
not great oiiigmce 3 ano gcoo fisiU impioieo. tfjtre Ml be but fmall 
ccmmoDific rcaj>cD. £luo efpcriailp tljc Gme reqnitetrj great lm& 
banD:p about ?f^ra: it is tcnU^anofconerjarmc&jariO.tbcrefoje in 
etjojfeoftbeGJincrar^tljeremuftbegffiD Ijace, $ bot£ trjenaturc 
of trje Ccunrrp 3 am, t!)e Ufpcfitton of rlje rjeauens to tvrll com 
fiocrcO. q&ftuun plant tfcen times unttjoutanp greatcare 3 oi 
ijecce of rjjem : ano tofjifl ttjcp groto t>p 3 ofe Itttle Diligence in tlje 
trimming ofi[)cm 3 bv toiji^ negligence, manp times ck>cp tmtljcr 
befoze tljep be ripe. Ciders againc tbinhc it makes no gctat mat* 
ter 3 ttif)at grctiitjD tytv bcuxfc? abcut it, ano met* times lap cut fo: 
tl;ispurpofe,UjeUi©;irgrcunct|)ep|?aue 5 r.5tr;cugf)itii;ouiDf£rue 
fp? t^is p!^nt r^at todl feme fo: no ttber tj)ing. ^ome agame 
reapc ali tfyc cc-mmscirp f rjrp tm t[;e m tt rtxi es,rLot pjcutoing fo2 
farther time, a: ( o ft) sLmpiawe ttjar gainrs Cotlj uritijer an? 

follp anOnrgiigmrr ts tt)e raufc : fo: ireljrie be CHigence f paints 
beftclvcobpen Columella p:ci:ett)bp manrreafons 3 ti)eteis 
ko kwflaftOiE fc p.u arable, Q5t^ planting of times. 

T H R A. 

of the order of Gardening, 75 

Th r. a. 1 Doe not Demebut tijcrc is great profit tn it, 
mVre ttjc groutto isincetc toiqames, am njt fofirfo; Cj: le : 
ecbecajife 31 tbiiiaet&j tbtuijj jf Ciane to beau eatfsr mitur, 
an j rptCJitx Uup to cnruft $£fe*8raa*ttat; 

M^uvs. laucclp as ijuctji.ig tljg eafmeaTcof tyc ftufiiasi' 
D:tc,atn tbe greatncffe of ttje game, tue aide tomtits b-uu eucr 
pzefcrreo tt?e Qliinepaco afo:e Uk Csjae fieiD : fo: as Columella 
repozect^ s (erna fo:ttctb, ttjat tbe labour of one man is fuffci' 
cnt to: cigbt acres of Qftnes, 0: at ttjs leailfo: feauen; of tpeui' 
creafej t^anefpoSen befoze. 

T h r. a. q^arrp fir, at tfjts bar one mm tymfas tbzee acres 
fa mucb fo: !n'm : but not to trouble pour talfce, 3 pza>> pou 30c 
ftzUneofrity tbe bufban^p of pour dines, 

Mauvs. 2Cbe opectng of tbc ©Smc-beartng-Slincs , as 
tfjc fozfs of Ci';Tf0 arc uiiD:p 5 neither can tfjep be contameo in 
cercainc numbcrs,foz tbcre is as man p fo:ts,as tbere ts of ground. 
Homer gtuett) tbe cbicfeti pzapfe to the same of Maroow, and 
Pra11niu.11. Virgil J ineff commenoctb Ubenifljtome : otbers tbc 
foUlC Of A.iiinia, Lamcnrana, Candy, anOCoricga, but 31 miatlt 

to fpc.ilic of tbofe tbat arecommonlp in our bapes. 31 1 Jtalp at 
'tty* oaptbe? malseraoft zttoimt of mine of Corfcga, Ro na ir,anD 
Meylina. 3 a 5>pamp tfjc belt cftixmethc U)inc of £>. Marine, of 
Ribodari,ano GibcraU cr. 3n if ranee tjje greateft pzatfc is giucti 
to tfje \BiiK of Orleans. Anruo, anO Greues: Ofccnumc began but 
of late torn :D3'.c toti b planting of SUincs, fo; Virr.Uwtctb,tbat 
tb: ifrenebmenano vdcrmanes baa in bis time bo tb 33mes and 
jflDtfueS: bu t at tbis Dip tbe Rhine, tbe Necker, tbeMmcMofeJ, 
atio Omav, map compare toitb anp Countries, fo: gooonelTe of 
tbeir Wine*. 

Thu. 3lfeefbatrbet!atnesareD!ucrflpo:eiT?r3,otbettu:fe 
Mta'.p, tben in ifiance 3 anD otberUnfc in if ranee tben m ®w 
mvip, cucrp Countrep bfing bis fcuerall faunon. 

M \ \ i v s. SDruetfozas Plmic, after Columella, feacbefjj, 
tbe Mint map be planteo Sue funD:p uiai/es : fo: eptber bis b:an* 
cbes are fuffcrcD to ruiine m fafcric opon tbe ground o; elfe 
luitbout anp ffapgeom bp:igbt,o: b-imuga ftap oz apjap fet foz 
tbcm, t\)ty climbe top bp it, o; elfe runue Up bp a couple of ft iff c 
.o?op* 4 calico of Liuiea ^e,o;eife fuffatncD U?;tb fourc of tbofe 

Ife 3 faahejs. 

The fecond Bookc, entreating 

poafeef ,fo!)fcl> of tty refcmblatKettjatttjev&aue lxrttfj ttje fcaHofo 
gutters of a fjoufe, ace fapo toot guttcres : others againe fuffe* 
rep forunnebpen frames Ufce 8rbcurs,fe ruing to Dt Onier, anD 
arc calico Arbour Cmics: others rumte op bpttje toallrsoffcoit* 
ks. *po:ecuer, ffjepoafeec cJines, calico in C^eehe EirifwjiWx, 
arrtpeDtogctf)cr,anD icpncDUXtt) n);re ojfeure pjors>as if t^ep 
tuerepoahco : feme Doe let tijem runnc opon trees, as ccmuionlp 
Trees in lumbardy , tfjep are fuffercD to elfmbe topon Cinus , KHiU 
which be lefees^an&^fles, tol;ere tfKpgreatlpp.zofpcr * neptijer ooetocp 
focsto °LW*S al * wpraicc oftrccs, fo? t|jep |>ate tbc j? ut tree, ttje X3ap, t& 
Vme, lia&f&attD tfjc- Coll : as^gatne,tl)ep leue t£e y)opUr,tr)c Cime, 
fije CQiiicln,t!)e i*ig, $ the £>iiuetrce, £!;e Sltnes tfSatare poa* 
feed, e? llapeo op totffj pzops, recetuc mote ar.:e, ano tcare tfjcir 
fruit tyel)igf)er,9n0 ripe tjie better, but affeemc?c trouble tit tlje 
tehing to t anD ttjcfe are fo o:D;eo , ttjat trjcp map be ploVoeQj 
tufjrrebp tl;ep are tfjcmoje fruitfnl^bteaufcttSeputap ttjeolttur, 
ano toil Ij tfje leflfe charge be ttil cO 2C t> c CJmcs teat creep Open tlje 
grounD,mabemuc£ CQine,but notfas Columella fatty; fo got* 
T h r a. $olu fo pour o?D:mg of tycm. 
M-a r i vs.i?tr(J, 3 toilt fpeafceof tyegretmo, anooftyefctg* 
ging of if,anD after oftye planting ano ratting of tyem.0»D firft 
The ordc- vou muff tafee fo? a fpceial! note, t$at eucrr Cltne toill net agree 
ring of fofrlj njfrp piaee, impffiDrjts^itKmltriegaoneGe, offuctj 
Vipc$. f j re l8 ^ e quaittie of rije ap:e.neptyer toill all fcmtc ofgrcuno 
What fsruc : jfbj Coforrfrlli Dot!) ccunfatle to fet tye tEJine in a tetloe 
ground is grcunD,ratrjf r tyen foljere <£ofnc 01 bufijes tjauc grctone : fo? a$ 
the v" fc - : C ^ ^ !nE ^ 3rC£f 5 ittsmeff crrtaine,tycr arc tyeiue;tff places of 
ine * all otfjcr to fet tirlu in j feecaufe the grcuno is matteD > ano bs \t 
mere nettcoltuty tycrcmaiacs oftyecks rates i nert^er l?atytf 
tofftyc porfon of tyc rotten ano oloff.mhmgfteofrs ; lr.bcrrU.uty 
t^efoflefglurfcD as ttUicre&ity tiennnej tsbmurerr.cD : en? 
tfjercfojc the totlDc anD fcntilleo oro'itD is c'ctefelp to be cljofcn, 
totych ttjcttgf? itbe oi:cr-croUmrU>itrj QpobkeBan) t;ees,map vet 
eafilpbcriDDe. 3f fuct)ulilt?r grounobenot to re |)nO,t^rbcffts 
tfje plainc cfjampion lane Unt?;out tr«s: if neither (nit) a gcoun?> 
ijjf n tl>*4ic'i)t ano finite buu^te grounD, o: £»ltue grounD* U be 
Idff anD tocVff T as 3 f.ipo ) is tyc o!d rotten ttineparD, rofjiib if 
nrccluitf compell gou fo tahe,pou muft Etff no. tlie grouno of all 

of the ordering of Orchards, 76 

tt;e otoe tottm rate* , ano tfjrn couerit rptljcr Uuffc ofocbnng, 
oiUiitt) tije nctue& of anp ot&rr KinDcofmannurmg: tlje rales 
being t&us DiggeO lip>mutt be lapo t?p toget^cr^nc tiotiieD.JSlftcr 
matt trje ground be confi ocr eo,in!j etfj c r it be niellom ano gentle : 
3t 13 thought to be ga>D, tljat is fomefljinggreetieanDgrauelU', 
ano full of (mail peebles, (0 tljut it be minglco torn; fatte woulo 
toit^ali, toljiclj if itbenot, is ottcrlp oifaloiueo. 

Dame Ceres ioyes in hcauy ground, and Bacchw in-the light. 

^ou u)all pereefne ft to be maflTicanO fljtcue, if bzing DiggeP, 
ano raft into tyefjile againc, it rtfetfj oner *. tf it fccifelp fill t[je 
&oIe,tt is a figne tljat ttts Ifgfjtano tljmne. 2Cfje jflint, bp tlje gc* 
nerall confent of ^usbanomeu, is eounteo a frieno to tlje toe, 
fpeciallp inhere ft is toell eouereo fcn'tlj gtoo moulotfo? being colo 
ano a Keeper of mopfture, ft fufferettj not tlje rotes to be feaul* 
Deotoitl; tlje tjeafe of feummer : fo ntuclj, rfjst Columella Dotfy 
tutll men to lap certaine (tones about tlje Goes of tlje Dine trees, 
to tljat tfjep ercecoe not tlje foeigljf of fine pounb a peece : U4j j'clj 
as virgin ijatljnotcD, feeepesatoap tlje foatcrin OTnter, ano tlje 
fceate in Summer* 

Hurleinthcthirftie (lone, or therein throw the naflie flielles, 

feo 00 tu e fee the banks of tlje l\f?tnc being full of tfjcf e If oner, 
eo peeloan erccllent gmo Mine : but tlje ftones tljat ipe aboue 
grouno, are to be caff awap : fc? in fyc fsunmm, being fj cateD 
toit!) tlje feunne 3 trjcp burne tlje sitnc, ano m tlje tcinftcr tfjep 
i5urt tfjrm Untlj trjctr colDncfTc, contrarte to tljofe tljat Ipcintye 
fcottomc. 3l5ut tlje bed of all is tlje fcote of an Ijili, foljtcl; recrf* 
uetrj the falling monio from tlje toppes, 0: tlje fcallp, tljat folf& 
oacrfloiaing of tttucrs ^attj beene maoertclj. jjieprljer isCtjal*' 
hie grouno to berefufeo, tfjougtj tl)t Cfjalhe of ft felfe tfat $ot* 
ters bfe,ts (jurtfull to t Ije Wine* SEtjc ljungrp fanop gr ounOjt&e 
fait, bitter, ano rljirftie grouno, is not meete fojtljc Wine: pec 
tfjc blaefeeano rcootft) fanoe, meoleo tmflj fome mepff eartl;, is 
of fome allofocO luelt enouglj. ^sjeoucr, ncftljcr grouno to 
Ijotte, 0; to coloc, to> o:p, noj fto mopff, tea flenocr, no? to) triffe, 
tljat Ml not fuffer t^c raine to mike, as meetc is to be Wc& 
to; Mints, fo? ft toill eaftlp gape ano open , torjerebp tlje &unne 
tsmming in at t{je craiueu~es , ooetlj burne tfje Kates : 

U 4 >ZW 

The fecond Bookc, entreating 

SEgat again* toftify is ouert&wnc, letting in as tt tocrr,bp fcenff 

tfoUamc, trjc ©anne, an ?>ttj* GSmcr 3 toifc tnctop r$t wcjOure 

c. ri;e r®t£s;t^c rtjufee ani» M.."£rctmQu»rjarUptote iabccriD, 

ttjc fat grounD fnbicct to tea mud; rameniffc , tye leant grounD 

to barrcmuffc i iu|rucfc:c trjue mutt bean:wn temperature 

amongtt t.icfc crtrcunutus,a5 ;snquiieotn oucbGfcus.ioIjofe 

Ircalt^ ts p;eferu£D bp tlje equal! meoUp Q»'beateanDc3toc :) D2pr& 

ano mor(lurc ; fnlncffe anD empttmffe, 02 trjicLeuiffc ano trjuv 

ms:nnttjerrcttsti)!s temperature tngrcuno foj Onus foiuftip 

to be eueneo, but tfet tfjere is requtreoa mo?e enctimng to tfce 

one part , aatjwt trjeearff) bemene fjet ttjen coiDe, mo:e &2pe 

tben mortt, mo:e fufetill tljcn grefff, fpectallp if ttje Hate of tie 

^eauens agra::againe 3 Ujt;at quarter ttjereeftlje OmepatD ou&t)t 

NVr . t to Ipr, ft is an olDc eonttoucrfic, feme like belt trje riling of trje 

quarts of &umie 3 feme t[)cCafu: 5 fome tlje£c2tfc: Virgin ratamet&tije 

thehcauaj taett.Gtrjersagarne ttjinketljs bill iping to beupon tljeJS>oHt$N 

mftfcV J3ut m ? enccaI1 ft IS rfjougljt bett tn colDe Countries, to rjaue tt 

"T^ a " IpctcUjatDtrje&outkin luarme Countries bpon trje eaft,m^ot 

burning C:untrtes,as £gypr? Barbari^tpon tlje jS02ttj. PJinie 

tooulo Ijaue trje Ume t)imfelfe ttano totoarts tlje /?02ttj,anD l)ts 

ft*mg, o? Qjotes tefoarDs trjc feoattj. # fit groimD 5 anc foell Ip« 

tng ; beingfounD outynuttfce biligcntlp Diggers cnngeD,anD fc>6* 

«»cD:all fen pjc Stable tnocDs mutt be puUeD fcp 5 sno trj2Qtoen ai»ap 3 

iett tbep GjculD fp:mg agame,an& eittjer corrupt t^e pong plants, 

D2ljrnDrr the laborer. 

Thr a. i3efo:e psu come to frrncrjmg , $ toerulB glaclp 
irrarein fo^at fat pcu plant pcur cJine ; ano tofct fcufon is tttitt 

m tt. 

M a s 1 v s. 3 liftil grtf fpcafee of trje ffafon.ano afrertoatDs 
The font of tlie planting. &fp Umc is pianteo acto:mng to Virgils rule, 
fcvpbqr in f^gg cf n?e lraa , ^ tuf bctuc ra t ^£,p 2;n?i j f t ^ c uieatljec 

Y»c° tc ^rm"y c: cotoe, c: the groui.o be fat, champion, 02 a tijattiuj. 
cailep : anD brCe M tlje fall of t'ne tc-afe, tf tlje tocarrjer be D2pe 
aoB tuarmr 5 ti;e groom Q&tmfr li%% a barren, 02 a ruggeo tjill. 
St^ctimc cf ptealQ*9,ti tlje ^nng asColi.^clIa toptrj) er^ 
twettrfotfw CiPfsfrfemtrjeJCfs 0/ Jr-iU2usrp,fcnfilltrje i£qui- 
iKd'ai.crusin trjefull cf tlje icaft\fccmtl}e 3ces of October, to trjc 
^alcn^s pfBUtflBfrCTi Ca(Can m Contbnunc,beujg taught bp 


of the order of Gardening. 77 

*rperfence,fattf),!n foafrie ground* pou would ratfjer plant fit Au- 
tu: nnc, Ui!;cn the leaned are fame, and ttjc plants aftcc the ami* 
fagedcliucredof tlje burthen of tydr clutters , found and ftrong, 
beto:et|)cpben!ppfOiBttitltefcoff0 3 fo? t&citrrjcp beftagree toity 
t|)e ground , nature applying fjer felfi faiijollp to tbe nouriflnug 
offfjerajte. Clje time of graffing Columella fattl), is of fomcep 
fenced font ttjc firftof i^ouember,t»tl>cfirft of 3unr,ttlltol)ic& Graffin S 
time tye mote 0: graffe may be p;efcrued : but it is not Uicil liked ©1 Vines. 
of tym, to(jo rather luoulD (iaiie it to be Done in tcanttcrUjcatber, 
iuljen tfjc CGlinteris paft, toljcit batjj bud and rindeis naturally 
moucd, and it Cafe from cold, t(?at migljt anno? either tlje^affr, 
0? fI)c&foeke: pet fje granted (tot)en baft required) it map be 
done in tbe fall of ffje leafr , tor)en af tlje temperature of tfjc apje, 
is not mutt) Unlike to the fining : foi Uittftrj pnrpofe , pou mud 
eljfljfc a toacme dap, andtto minor tttrting. SCfje CDjaffe mutt be 
round and found, not full of pith, but of buas, ana tyicke ofiopnts, what 
tfje SCcnant tober eof mutt not erteede^eeinclicB^ndfmajtMnd Graff* 
euen cutte : t&e ttockeana tfjeclcft mutt betaell clofed foitftclap J? b ^ho- 
and moffe. Cbofe tyat gcovw totuara tlje £>3ut|j ; mutt be marked, eUa 
toljicj) virgin obfcruing,faitb : 

But on the barkc, they alfonote the quarter ofthc skie, 
The order how it ftoud,and grcvr,and where the South did lie, 

jSCfjc UTue is to be done toitfj all ottjer Creed. M planting o* 
times, t^erc isttootoapea, ftjeoncof t&e ftmte,tj)e ot&er of tfje 
b^anclj, 0? fp?ap : SDftettajtets cmntt&asuat acale better tfjen 
tbeteanrlj 0: fer,bp reafon of tbeforttiaroneffc, and fcantage tbat 
it fjaty, intliat it jtatrj alreadte taken rate. SC&e Kate is fet in 
ffrffc ground, toell digged and laboured, in a teem!) of fy: eefafei 
tfje fet 0? fpjap, in a gentle and mclloUigrouna : in o?ie grouna,it 
is neither godto fet tbc ttote, noz tfje SSjamt) in a djp feafon : it 
fsbett to plant in tfje fall ofttjc leafe in a !)ot feafon,and in a colde 
and moptt,fn tfjc S»p?i-.ig: in mucb tort pou muft ftt ttjem tbirtner, 
fn great ajict?) thicker : m tuljat fo?t pou flNl make a ff o?e harden 
fo? dines PallaJius teachetij pcil SClje fet rcquiretb a time to 
r©te ; ano being remouco toil! beare ttje better fruit, £&eroetrs 
doe bearefrutf trjefefonoreerf^? fooncr: tyc ^its^o; li5;ant^s, 
tofeiia tlje tjjird o^fourtl) peeve, Jfwigtjm feme places fo oner, 


The fecond Booke, entreating 

Didymusfn Conftantinc teaebcty an cafie anfca reaMcfoap of 
planting ttjc tZlnfcBfct, luljtch is, to take of a ftrong ano ten pare 
THtne, tyt longed ano faireff bzanclj, that geefcuett) lotoeff, a forte 
from rtje grouno , and laying it tong in a Crenel) of a tote c eptfj, 
toconer it Initt) eartt) ttjc fpaee of fonre topnts, fo ttiat rcmaine 
in the fop, erc&oe not tiuo 02 tbux topnts ; ano if rt?c b;anc'u be Co 
long, as it torn" feme fo2 ttoo burnings , von map malic thereof 
rtu o reotefi. f^eu mud not fuffer tluo rartes to runne bp bpon one 
flap, but allouicuerp rote fjisfuppoitcr. C|jei5:aiul;es,o:©et 
that poumeane to plant, pou muff cut from a tier p fruitful! and 
fi'outiu)ing ame, that ijatlj borne ripe ano perfect gao fruit, full 
offopnts, ano not anp toaprs fain teo , but totjole anD fcunD. £t 
fuctj pou muff cljofc vour &efs,ano not of poung tames, t|jat are 
tocabc ano feeble, but fuel) as are in tticir ctjtefe If ate. ^cjeourr, 
you muff gather pour &ef, not of tljet)tgi)ru\ noitrjc lotoeff, but 
from the miooeff of tb c X&int : the feet muff be r ouno, fmcotb,full 
o? knots ano iopnts, ano manp little burgeons. 3ffa>nc as pou 
tjauc cut it cff,1cofce ttjat pou fct it : fo; better ootlj it agree Unttj 
t&c greuno,ano famer groin, gf pou are o:tucn to feecpe tfccm, 
buric tliem in t\)t grouno citljer Icofe, o: lofelp bouno : ano if the 
time be long tyatpou in cane to brepc tljem , pou muff lap them 
in eraptte barrels , ffratoingcartl; fcnoer f|em, anDbpon t^cm, 
rfcat tbe rartrj map lie rouno about fycm : ano tfjc barrell pou 
rnuffffopelofclptoitti clap? ttjat there enter neither Uunoeno: 
aire, fo ft)all pou p:cferuc tfjem ttoo monctfjs tn their gffioneffc. 
£>uctj as are oner o:ie 3 pou muff lap them in wafer foure ano 
t torn tie Ijoures afo;c pou fet tljcm , ano pou muff fet ttoo &tt& 
together , tfjat t&ougf) ttjc one faile , the other map take : ano if 
tljep boty groto,pou map f afee bp ttje letter of tljrm : pou muff not 
mafeea meolepof funo?p foifs , fpeciallp tolnfe ano b\a±t toge* 
ffjer : but as Columella fatty, muff fc:t them feuecaltp. i^ou muff 
uetoare tfjat tlje f&cts Iwue not put out ttjet'r fp?mgs , ano fljaf 
pou fet not a toitljereo S>et. Conftantine tooulo ijauetbc&cf 
fomerbing erofeeo , affirming tfjat it toill tfjc foner fafee rcotc* 
f?ou muff lap about them tb:« o: foure Hones, an 3 $cn ratfe 
tbe earttr , tbat it map cquallp hurl) fl)c Dung be troDen ootonc ; 
fo: t\}t ftones beepettj tSjc eartfc firme,anO as J faio befo:c, cartel 
l&e&artt, ipotfi ttjeenos of tije £et pou muffannoint tottb Ore 


of the ordering of Orchard s. 78 

tang, fo: tbefctiling of t\)c momies: as foz tbe latg$,ff 'ft be full 
of t»?flt0 . it map be tt>e goiter, if it l;aue fcUi iopnf s, pou mutt 
make it trje longer,! pet not crcccDmg a tot fn Icngtb^noz a u>ff 
man in fljaztneffe, tljeonc foz being burnt foitrj oucr bzpneffe 
in feommcr : tye otlier, f call being fet to crepe, it be Until great 
jjaraneffe taken tip, but tins is foz tf>e leuell grounD : foz bpon 
!)ite,fol)ctett)C eartb ftillfallcty, pou map liauctl; cm a f©tan& 
a fcano bzeott) in lengtb. Florentine tooulo not baue tfye trencfj 
leffe t&cn fourefeofe in Depijj : foz being fet ujalloto, tfjev. fonec 
Dceap,botb fo: tfje want of futtenanee , ano great b cat of ttje 
j&unnc , tobJtl; is tbougftfto pierce fouce footc into fbegcouno: Thc 
tl)Oug!*fomc trjerc bee tljat tjjtnbc t(j:ee forte fuffictcnr fa* tlje length of 
plant* SDtje SDrcncrjes foz same* , virgill tuoulo not b,aue berp *« fcts r 
beep* : but Ottper a great Deale foz SErecs. &>ud; tlincs as pou 
tneanefyall runne bpon frees, pou mutt plant tfjzce cubits Dfftant 
from tlje SCr« : aftertoarcs, tul;en tbep be tuell gromen,ano neeb 
to bee fopneo Until tl;e SCrae (torjicb pou fliall pcrcciue bp Ijis 
tbiclicncs) pou fl) all lap it ooluuc in lengrb, 1 burie it,fill it come 
luitrjin a tot of tbc 2Dra., tottering tlje remain c fo goe at libera 
tie ) nipping off all tf>c bubs toitlj pour naile,ercept one oz ttoo, 
tljat it map tl?ebetter pzofper, fobici) toljen it is grotuen bp,pou 
mutt iapscbp little ano little to tlje Crce, ttjatit map reft tpon 
it: toJnch. part ofttjc fiCrec mutt be Diligent Ip pzopneS , ano tlje 
fpzings artD faences ti^at gro& out of tlje rote, mutt accozDing 
to Florcntmus, be cat clcaneatuap. Cbe trees, a&mucb as map 
be, mufl be fozceD to trje CBafl; aitb tffiift-, anD botfc ttyiXm anD 
tbs Gline , mu& l;auc (!je earti; taell Digged , ano oungcD absut 
tjjetn. 3n ricfj. ground , pou may. fatter tic SCrees to groliie 
fn Ijefgfjf , but in barren grouno rjjepmuft bee pulleo at fea« 
mn cz epgbt fort, leatt ail the fubftancc of tlje CDartlj bcfoaSeb 
bp of tlje SCrce. 0ftce. pour planting, p,ou mutt Digge tlje grouno The or j«- 
euerp ^onetl> , anD toceos if > fpceial'p from t5?e fictt of iarcrj, ^ n ^ of f . 
till tljem-tf of £Deto&er : eucrptijirtiet!) Dap pou mutttigge^^cir 
about tbe poung plants, ano plucke t>p tbeteeescs, n;etiallp planting 
tbe graffe, tofrcl) erccpt it be tlcane plucbt bn ana call alnap, 
t^ougl) it be ncuer fo lueli couereD , tetll (t>ii*nxwmz, ano fo of fig* 
burne tl;c plants, as tfjcp tnili maljc tl)em b-arb fbule axtoMfyt* f^ ind ' 
teo; tlje oftnec pcuoigge tljem,t!ivmo;e0a;oycuooc t^m.^y^ 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

of dig- fltt&tn tfje <&5zapc beginncs to alter, pou mull in bauu foitt) pone 

ging and tbico Digging, a.\D toben it ts rtpe , before none u>btn u Uma$ 

dunging bot, ano after nam e tobfwtbebejtcoetreafetb ?ou mtift&tggg 

of vwe$. rtjai|D Mtfe ty g jnft^^tt) DoirajDefenDctb tbe ©jape b£tt) from 

rtjc feunne ano tbe spiff e. aceuDing to Vtr^ii* minoe,tbt awe 

mult be DiggcD arts lu&ceo tmxy ^oncttj : feme tosoU baue 

tbem Diggio all tbe Summer long, after enrrp Deato : ottjecoa. 

game luul not b-iue ttjem DtggcD as longastbcpbuo o; bcrgen, 

fo: batting ttje fp:ings, fapmg, tbat it is enough tocigge ttjem 

ttj:ife m tbe peere, from rtjc entrmg of ttje aunne into Aries, till 

tbe nung of trje feaum s tacr c« ano rtjc Dogge. some againe 

Inonlo banc it cone from tbe Mintage before catnter, ar.orVom 

the Iocs of flptH befo:c it tafee, anD ttjenagame bctois it florae, 

and Iteetoife befcie tbe burning tjouccs of tbe cap. 3n fome pla* 

ces toben tfjcp baue DiggcB tbem, the? Doe not llraigbt-toairs co* 

uer tb em, but fuffer tb e treneb cs to Ipe open all tb e flOtinrec : in 

met anD rapine places tbcp court tbem famer,cloOng \% tbe r ©ts 

toitb eartb, and Sopping ail tbc paffages of tfce mater. 3>om« 

What ma{Je *& c trenches beep oeepe,ano fome not pairing a fete ooe r r e : 

dung is ano im)en tbep bane cone, tbcp couer tbun aloftU>irtj£>re-cung, 

bed for ^hcepes dung, o: isoggrs Dung, o: of ottjer Cattell : ptogious 

Vinei. dtm g ^ t jj e botteft^ano fucb af caufetb tbe Qttne fafictt to gcolu, 

where W mafcetb trjc toaufcr SClme. SCbs dung muff not be lapo eloXe 

the dung torbe.Oine, buta little orttant from if, mberebp ttje rentes tbat 

jnua be fpjeafr abaoaD, map baue fome belpe of it^ and ttje bung tnuft not 

M c ' toucb rbe t(Dtcs,foz breaking of tbrmrif tijere be no Dung at banD, 

tyz Salbes of SDeanes and otber^ulfe, mill mdl feme rbe turne, 

loljieb botb DefenDctb tbe dine from froff ano colD, ano fecrpes 

tbem IifedDife from nopfome mo?mns : tbe kernels, ano tbe 

Haines of tbe <3:aprs, Doe Iraetatfe fupplie tbe toant of Dung-, but 

piffe. the tbe beft of all, is olD Sale Wiint. SCbe.plants or a peere, 02 ttoo 

feeft dung. pcereolD,anofo fcD2tr> 3 fill Sue recces, mull be fcifcteetlp Digged, 

ano Dungca, acco2Ding to ttjetr ftatc : itt (m:$ grounb, tfycbtft 

Dung ts of &becpe ano Coates : anb in fu. b fort r ou mud oigge 

The order tbe grounD, tbat tbe eartlj tbat Ipetb bigt)-lr, be raft to tl)e bot* 

of diggmg f om e, anD tbat tobirb foas at tbe bottome, be lapD aloft : fo u)ail 

XevouTid ^ at f ^ at to *5^r?j °V ttje mopfturc m\)in, be ^Ipcb, anD tbat 

g ^iei; mas mopflt ano lliffebpttic ideate abjoue, betojfeneD. i^on 


of the ordering of Orchards. 7^ 

mtiffaifcteflptrfjecebeiio Volcano? fits in tbeHfnepari^but 
tfyat it lit tuen. flClbcn pou Ijaue tl;us oiggcQ it, ano tbat tljc 
5atncs (jaue tsaen note tfic ftrft pare, tyc rentes tbat groto about 
muft be cut atojp Hurt) a fijjtrpc hnifc: fo: tlje QJtne 3 if it be fuffo 
reo to rente euerpteap, it bmoerctb tbe eeepc botone groteing 
of tijeraite. SC^e Mines tbat are note of tteo pares grotetb, 
tee muft Di'jgc am tretub about tteo footc DecpcauD tbzeefoote 
bioaD,acco:Ding to tbe rule of Socior>.&>£ ttjofe Klines tbatclimbe 
topon Ccecs, pou muff lifccteife cut off tijc fpjmgs tbat runnea* 
mong tfjc rootes of tbe Cree, leff tlje fmall rente tangling teitb 
tbegreater,beffrangleD:ano tberefozcpou muff leaue fome little 
fpacc bettetrt tfje mine anbttje Cree. £>ften Digging caufctb 
great truitfuintfc : gooo been muff be tata, ttjat tlje plants be 
n3tl)urtin tbe Digging : aifo it muff be DiggeD before bis ftoitrt' 
unug , 0: footing out of tjis Icaucs: fo: as immeDiatelp ttjerc* 
toitljill be beginnetb to tbznft out \)is ix\xit i fo bee tijat Diggctlj 
after tbe comming fooztb tbcreof,lcofctb muclj fruit foit&tbc bio* 
lent fyafctng , ano tberefoze muff oigge tbe timelier. Cutting 
ano ozeffmg of tbe rootes , pou muff begin in bano teitb at tfie 
3IDC0 of October : fo trjat tbepmap be trimmeo ano DifpatcbcD 
afoze Mnter. after Wtintet aigge about t\)z rootes tbat pou Dreffing 
[jaue Dzeffeo: ano befo:e tbe &unue enter tbe <£cju(no&ium ) ofVinc«. 
leuell tf;e rootes tbat pou baue trimmeo. After tbe goes of 
flpzitf, raifetop tbe cartb about pour mine : in Summer let tfje 
grouno be oftentimes barrotecD. after tbe 3ocs of £)ctober(as 
Jbaue faioj before tbe coloe come in, pou muff DzciTe tbe rootes 
of pour taints, lotjiclj labour lapetbopen tbe Summer fpzings, 
tebicb tbe gooo bufoanDman cuttetb ateap teitb tys Rntfe : fo: if 
pou fuffer tbem to groto,tbe rtotee tbat grote ootonc teill perm*}, 
ant) itbappenctb tbat t))e rootes fpzcasall ab3uc,tebifb toili be 
fftbiett botbto colo ano beat : mx tbercfa?e tebatfoeutr is tuitbui 
afoot ano a b^lfe, is to be ait o/f, but fo r as pou ^urt not tt;e pm> 
ripa!!, t^ou muff. matte tbis riooancc of tbe rootes at euerp fall 
of tbe leafc,fo: tljefirft ffuepcercs, tiilfbe Slime be full grctecn: 
after, pou muftozrffetlKmcucrpfourtbpceie : futb Slices as 
aret'opneo teitb S^irsJoztbetniljansfomnciTe, cannot be fyus 
banDleo. Clines ano Screes , tbe fooner t|eie fcoofc* bee tfw 
DacffeD , tyz ffronger an;s teeigbtirrtijep )x>id bte ; but fucb as 


ThefecondBooke, entreating 

gioto tjpon t\)c Goes of bils,muft To be mc£rcD,a0 tlje bppet rafrs 
ncare to tt»c ffocHc map fpjcao largclp, ano fotiDerneat^ tctoar&s 
tjjc focte of t^chiil ttjc tatty muff be banfceo to fteepe ttjetoatrr 
anO ttie moulo the better. El; c olo CJtne mud not bane bis roots 
tneDlcD hntyall fo? foittjering, no? be piotoeo , fo? b?cauing of 
tljcnijbut tl;e earfb a little loofeD twtttj a 2pattccbe,ano lofjen pou 
banc tfjus b?eff tl;e roote, lap Sung about it. after tfjis nosing 
of tbe rooted, tben folloteetb p?opning 5 o? cutting, to terror tbe 
fobole nine id b?ougbt to one ttoigge > ano tbat alfo cut imtbui 
two iopnts of tbe eartt) : tu&tcl) cutting muff not be in tye iopnf, 
but bettotrt tlje iopnto 3 toitb a fiope cut fo: auoioing tfce toater : 
neither muff ttyc cut bee on tljat floe tbat tbe buODe comes out of} 
but on tbe eontrarie, leff tottb bis bleeoing bee hill tlje buOOe. 
Columella appoint etb ttoo feafons fo? tbe cutting of tHincs, tlje 
fp?ing, ano trjc fall of fbc leafe, iuoging in colbe Countries tbe 
cutting in tlje £>p?ing to be beff, and in bo t Countries tobere tbe 
Winters be mfloe,fbe fall of tlje leafe: at tob'cl) time botb 2Cras 
ano plan ts,bp tlje ocumeano euerlaffing appointment of Ctofc, 
peelo top tljeir fruit anb tljeir leafe. f*et muff not pour fete be to 
ttearelp cut, ercept tbep be berp feeble: but tlje firff pare tbep be 
fef tbep muff be bolpentoittj often btgging,ano pulling off tlje 
leaues monetfjlp,folnle tfjep bearc,ttjat tljep map grow tbe better. 
Phamphikism ConftantincjOeclaretb t|e timt of cutting,o?p?op> 
mng,to begin in JFcb?uarp, o?^arctj,fcom tbe fiffeeHtfj of ife/ 
b?uarp tilltfje ttoentiettj of spareb; fomc djefertfO t&ougbt got 
to cut Hjem fmmeotatelp after rtje gatl;ering of tbe C*rapes,lrff 
bp bleeDing in tbe fp?fng tbep loofe tbeir fuftenance : tbougb be* 
ing cutinfbe fall of tbe leafejtf p?tngctb tbe fooner in tbe fusing, 
ano if tbe coloe of froff l;appen to come, it is fpopleo. 2Dbercfo?e 
in coloe Countries, it toere better fo pjopnc it a little, tben to cut 
it tb?ougblp, tbat is, to (offer tbe p?fneipall fp?ings ano b?amtje* 
to groto. againe, it is berp neceffarp to cut tljcm in rtje £>p?ing: 
tbe cuts muff be maoetoitb a beep fbarpe Knife : tbat tbep map be 
fmootlj, anb tbat tyt teat cr map not ffana in tb cm, to tlje engenv 
tying of too?mrs, ana corrupting of tbe Sfflne: pea muuHuf tycm toill tbe cut be fooner grotoen out againe : but Plinie 
1»ouID Ijaue tljem flope toife, fo? tyt better auopbing of tbe toa* 
trr* 2C$e bjanc^es tijat be b?eai> olo, croofceb, n fotf t&rn, cut 


of thcordering of Orchards. 80 

atoap, ano fet pong ano better in tfjcir place. &ou muff mane an 
eno of pour cutting Unt"n as mucij fpeeBe as pou map : from tljc 
Joes of December , till tbe 3locs of 3lanuarp, pou muff not 
tautl) pour mints Uiitl) a ttmfe : fo; Columella tettneffctb , tfjat 
Clinrs in tmnterma?notbecut. 3n cutting, remember tocll to 
tut it bcttoirt tfoo fopnts, fojif pou cut it in ttje iotmt, pou fpCil 
if: let tbe cut bealfoaleSootonetearo/o fljaliit be fife botljfrom 
&unnc anD toeatljer. f^on muff not cut tfrcm tperp earelp , but 
tuljen tbe &\m batb Omnhe bp fyt froff , 0; tye ocato, $ foarmeo 
tbe bjancb: tfje fp?ings oftlje fets tbe firff pcere,muft be cutfoitb 
goob Oifcretion,no? fuffereb to groto too ranfceno; cut too neare, 
but making tbe oloe fet to fuffer a fpjing o? ttao to grofcj out. 
jjiert bnto cutting, follotoctb tfje propping, 0; fuppozting of tt>c p 
mint: aw it is beft fcu tfje pong ano tenner mute not to be ftapeo r ™w-> n z 
tjp fottb anp fftong (tap, but \nity fome fmall tying at tbe fieff , ° 
ana Utfjilc it is pong,tt muff be oaintelp tpeD to t&c ffap Uuf b fmal 
tfoigs of SaiUotojCBlmcB^me^uu)^, 0? &>tcalu: ttys latter 
binoing,is tbougbt to be beft, foj tbe ttoigs toben tbe? toare o?ie 
Doe pierce ana bmttberinBc. STljctc is an ^carbe^iebbecaufe 
of bis aptnes fo? tping of Glmes,tbcSicillians call a^-a*? vMtpfyi 
fit|e beft ftapesfo? Wms, as Piinic fatt^arc ma&eof Milloln, 
£>fce,tf eea, Juniper, Cppjeffe anocDloer. 0no in another place, 
l)ee pjeferrctb tljc Cfjeffnut fo: tbia purpofe, abcue all fye reft. 
Kftt beff fo? tbe Wine, is rbc ita&e, torjict) foell cn&ucctb mie 
peercs. Vetoing of tbe kaues, f rutting tbc&tnc,isalittoft in one 
manner : tl;e gelotng of tbe ieaucs, c; bjanw&es, muff be Done Gelding 
tUnfc a pere,to trje eno tW tbe fupcrtlucus fpjings 1 Ieaucs map or P K,ck ' 
be pluckca off.&bc ficft(as Pliny fo:itetb)muff be cons tuitbm ten \ ng oft of 
baits after tfje 30rs of 2p«p ? bef0?e rfje Eiinc becrtn to fletoe: fo? ' 
about tlje tcntb of Blun^bol^tbcSlmc jtbcMJijcat^etteonc* 
ble fruits,tio fioU)?e. 0f rbs fcccjiD timctbe opinions arc funt>?rv 
fca femefuppofeit btQto plucUe off tbe Ieaucs t bjambes as folic 
as it batl) left floUuing ictbeis.&ben tyc fcuit is full rtpe.&bc f u * 
perfiuous fpjings being pong f tcnDcr,arcto be tafernnfoap,tbat 
tbe tmne map be mo?e at iibtttie, anD t^ougb bloUien U)itl; tl;e 
luinOc.S^is geloing,ouutting alnap tbcfuperrlucusb?ambrsf 
Itautsis asnccDful as tbe propping :fo:botb tyc fruit Dolb p?ofpet 
rjie better,! tlje p?opf inj tlje uert peere U?ill be tijeimncfQmmcr, 


The fccond Booke, entreating 

anD ttje m\t toill be tye leffefull ofgaUes : fo? t^attu!j!<fj ts cut 
being gtaxc anD tcnDcr,Dotrj rtjr famcr anD tfcefounDlier retcucr 
tjtmfclfc, ana tye CF:ape riprttj tbe tetter. ST en Dairs ecfe?et|re 
tame begmnes to flotu:e , fee ttjat pou gelD it in fyis fe?t : Cot 
off ailtfjc fuprrfluous bzanctjes, bctl) onttjetoppe, MtD on ttje 
fiors,butmcDMenot tol)ere t^e finders grciD, Unto off t&etoj;0 
of ttje b?ancljes fo: grolumgto ranfee : fcclj Clares as grefotc 
toarDS t&c sout£ 3 0? t£e oeaff 3 leaue r£emr$rir bianrfjcstc Dc> 
frno ttjem from tije tjcaf e of tl;e &tmne: cut &to3? meft from t$ie 
poung dine, fo? oucr-burDenmg rjim. after t\)c Jjeate of ttje 
£unne beginneti) to faDe, atoap tutttj t&e lrattes 3 fo? ^tno?tng tfje 
C5;apcs oftrjeir riping : anD tootle ttje Cviape is a tlotD?mg,buu"e 
pour felfe Unrfj Digging aboot it s>uc£ cUnes,as iuittr ttnriutes 
oftljen: leaues co?ruptet& tyeir fruit, are to be n'D oftyeir fuper* 
fluous b?anctjes anD leaues a sponetfj before ttje gathering of 
vour <£?apcs,t£at tj>e fcotnoe map bloto the better t!>:otig& t£rm: 
kittle leaues ttjat grefo aloft int^e toerpfop, mcllnot be mco* 
leu toitfc, but left as a DefeiKe 3 »iD tyaDoto agamff tfje tjeatof ffjc 
£>unnc : but if fo be,tfjc enD of Summer be giuen tomuef) rsine, 
anD tfiat ttje €5?apcs ftoell in greameffe, tljen fjarolp plutke off 
ttje leaues from tr}c top alfo. 

Thra, ^ou fjaue tolD tos of a great Deale of labour about 

Makiv s.tEfje Sitne keeper muff often go abauf £ts &inz* } 
anD fct top fcts p?ops 3 anD make cuen fjis poakes. 

Thu, j©ne ttjing $ p?ap pou 3 let me £eare mo?e, fye ffgnes 
anD tokens of ttje ripeneffe : fo? as 3 tmDcrtfanD 5 U>e map not be 
to bufie tn gathering t&em to fone 3 no? tofe anp Imgrrng after 
tljep be ripe, toit&out great J>arme. 

M a r. 1 v 5. ^ou Cap true : fo? being gafljerfD befo?e tfjef be 
ripe, t&ep Unll make but fmall ESJine, anD not Durable. 3nD a* 
gaine, ifpou fuffee ttjem to long, pou u)all not onelp fjurt rlje 
Taint Untlj tlie oner-long bearing of tier bnrDen, but affo if tjarlc 
01 froft tjappen fo come, vou put pour tEline in great Danger 
Dcm«cntus iu?itetrj, tljat ttje d?:ape cnDurett) in \)it ripeneffe 
not abouc fire Dapes,anD trjerfcue rt)e iuDgemenf of ^tsrrpeneffc, 
is not alonelp to be giacntopontljefigtjf, but toponlnstaffe, 
ttioug^ Columella trinket!} tljercian be no certametuDgemcnr 


of the ordering of Orchards. 8 1 

gfuen of tlje faff c. 223ut if tfje ffones Doe eljange tf/cfr colour, ant) 
be no longer grant, but be almoffblacfee,it is a lignc t\)t <25;ape 
is ripe.fecmc againe Do p?eu~e tlje ©;ape bitMxt t\)tit fingers, ? 
ff ttjcp fee tlje ftone to flip out fmrof lj 3 foitljouf anp tying c Icaiiing 
to ft, ffjep tljmfce t^em meet e to be gatljercD ; but if fljcr come out 
foittj foine part oftlje 0?apc clcauingf o f fremiti; ry cemft tljem nst 
to beripe,2Dtljers photic tljem in tljis fojt : £>ut of a beep ffjirite 
clutter ftjep tafte a €>?apc, ano as tyepbcfjolD tlje clutter teeil, 
iufjerein fljei? fee uo change, tljep fahe if fo? a toben of ripeneiTe. 
pon muff gather pour Crapes, tlje sprone being in Cancer, Leo, 

Libra.Scorpiiis.Capricorn^o? Aquari, anD bllDcrucatlj tl)t cartij. 

ThraJs ttjcre no map to mafcc tlje dD?apc ripeftieeDite i 

M a r. 1 v s. PJinic feacljctlj, torubbe ouertlje Kotes tuitfi 
tart Elinegar, ano bcrp olo Wtmc, ano f [jus to be often Ciggeo, 
anD couercD. 

Thu, mw ejDcr fjaue vou fo? p?efccufng of pour <0?apes 
ioljen tljcT? be gatfjcreD * 

Mar. i v s. &omc feeepetlj em fjangeDbp in tfjsrrofc of eljarn* 
bcrs, ano fome in eattljen pots, clofe couereotoitlj frroDBen befc 
fels. Palladius ujcfoetjjatoapljoto to hcepe tfjembpon iljeCfme, 
till tlje £>p?ing. 

T h r a. 3 p?ap pou p?oeeeDe toitfj tlje otfjer fruit SCrces of 
your £>?cljacD. 

m.uivs. Hmong otfjer fruit trees nert bnto tlje Wine (as The oiiue 
Columella faitljj tlje ctjicfe place is giuen to ttje^Dtiue,in Eatine 
Olea. £Df all otljec plants it requiret!j leaff trauaile ano eljar* 
ges, mjerc as tfje i&lme required* moff : ano ftjougf) it beare 
not eucru p«re 5 but euerp otljer peere 3 petis Ije to be bo?nc ititttj^ 
ell j becaufelje aslsetb neither coff no? labour : ano if pou beffofo 
any bpon Ijlm, Ije recompenfetfj it ttj?ougljlp, fcutlj tlje abunoance 
of tjio ftutte. 0no fince tfjere is fo great profit ano commoDitic 
in tins tree, ami ttjat tlje bfes of it are fo manp, ano fo neetefull, 
it is goD reafon fo be Diligent anD earefull about it : Ije loucty 
a grounD neither fro fjtgfj^fro lom,buf ratfjrrtlje fiDe of a l;fll, 
fticf) as is tlje moff part of italic ano fepaine: fo? in fuctj grouno 
tlje erfreamc Ijcatc of tlje &unne, is fomeffjtng mollifico totflj 
t\)t colD btaffs of tlje tuinDe : fo? in £Dliue trees (as Pimie faitlj) 
tifc toyl$ ano tlje clime is of great importance; it Deligljtetjj 

H in 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

in a iBarmr, ano a D?ie aviCj anD tjjcrrfoje in Barbary .siril, Anda- 
luib, funa?p pacts of gtaiie, fpeuall? Campanu, it pjcfpcretfj 
Uicnocrfulty : ttiihetljnot to great Scat, nojtconurci) tile. 3m 
tbczrfozcintiot £ountrtcs,ttiosnctfj upon ti)e iSojtlj fioccf tl)c 
tylks., anD in colo,upon Ujs &outt> Soc. 3t istrjougtjt, tjjaf tftt 
fJano nbo«ctl);efcc:cmilcsfrcmtbc feca, trjattt evt&cr Drcrr;, 
02 p^ouetb not frtiitfullX&c bcU gecmrt is tyc gratieilp grouno, 
I^auuig aloft a Uttle ctjalitc rninglco U?:trj feno : it ts aifo gcoo 
grouna iufjere t|)c fans 02 graucil is meoleDimtrjEicbineulD: 
pea, tlje HuTc ground if it bcricrjanD I:neIp,cottj fcerpteell agree 
iuitrj tins f cee.£!;3Uuc grotmD ts fctf erir to be rcfofc3,anD &afrp 
ana mariQj grouno tnsoiH of ail, Sijc liixr ts a barratnc fanD,ano 
Ijimgtrfano : but pon mapfct it toell in Co;m grouts, &fjrre 
tftyct tlje SSilotng 02 ipau^clmcljiirjgrQUinc ; bstbctliurt ttjs 
&afce atto it fytxc is" great ^atrcrs,fj; tf tf)e Oakegrelrjct£ narc, 
itfipctrjafoaPjano Hj::ntJetl;tct;arDstt!ecait^ : anDt&ougrj pen 
mt Detune tlje £>ahe, ret ttjc faeri? rentes porfemcti) ano utilctr; rt>$ 
paj:e tiDuae. Sijc Ifcc feme affirme of tlje ibices call eDCcrrus, 
ano Efcuius : fgj inberetfjepbe pd:CDfep 3 tf ton fettle Qliuc, bs 
eictf) : fo Dot?; it (as Plinie faitfj) if it efcaunce to be b;uifeo of tlje 
<25oatc. £Dn ttjeefber fior^erUurttfK&iuie anfct&cainefiure 
is great frtcncQip anD lone : ano it is faiD, t^attf psu greffe tfje 
£D!itie bpen ftje fltanajf luiii bearc a fruit ti;.it n>ilbe fraife O'japc, 
anD fjalfe GUne, callcD Vuolea , an Olius-Grapc. £fcre a:e 
funD2p toarss of planting of Oliues : feme fake ilje btggcft b;?,nt 
cijes from tt)G SUrccs. ano gaining ei? tbc peunjcic plants of 
t^j.3 cubits in iengts/rfjep fct tbcm c^erip in tlje grennb : fomc 
tet te tt): turjolc SErer together : fame agauie cutting c;T trje taf s, 
ano oil ti;cb2anel)cs, fet trjcffocUe- about tfcertfcng cfrrjcBtarre 
Actuals, ^anpmofec t!)e:n gmpc CarOrnsin gceo grouno anD 
tnellolu, fudj asts common!?^ biachc mcu^Dc : f>ercintl;ep 
feft^eponng b2an£^sit)f loUveff, ani t!>e fcpiett, tUjooit^s 
intbesm tl)tc{'.«tirr 5 ans l n erp fertiii, 'm\)Li) ii;e^ gather net from 
Hjebcopof t!)c ^rce, but kom VQcntteift anD latett boug!;e0. 
SEfjcfc ilicvtut intopicttv &tttts of a fate ano a rjaifc in lengf&j 
tafautg gcob bteDe that f^ep l)urt not tlje riaoe, ano paring t^c 
rncsocrpfmcstbeUuti) a t^arpc linife, s\\t> marking tbcmkntfi 
reooe £)Urr, t^at tljev maptuiolw U^icf) Ujap t^c^tfogafo;?, 


of the ordering of Orchards. 8 i 

anofo fetftng ffje lotoctt part into tljc 0rouno,an5t^c^.!)£(f to* 
inaros tlje &cauen 3 tljcp put ttjcm hi tlje grouiiD 3 ano fo lijep groin 
tije falter) $ brace ti)z better : fo: if pou. fijoulD fet tljeni toug tlje 
lotner ena opfoaro, tfcep teoulo ept(jer£arDlp gtctu , 02 pzawe 
unfruitful!: an) tljerefojetljep fcaue aiTgai'O of ttjc fitting of 
tljem, l^ou mult befioe, before pou fet tfjsmj rubbe otur Jjotij e^c 
foppe ano tlje fsjtc U»it^ ooung mfngieD toitfj jftfifjes, anofo fet 
frjem Dccpc m trjc ground couering tljem Grace fingers r^u~Ue 
^ciitl^ rottenmoulD. f^ou mapcljofe tu|?et!jrr pou iutUfcttc tlj;m 
all unocr tljcgrounOjO? fet feme part Uuttjin tlje grcuno,anDfuf* 
fee tlje reft to appear* aboue tlje grouno : t&ofetljat be fcffcall 
Uu'tWn tlje groun!J 3 nococ not to be marfeeD,but (nth as ffjaii fi"»nO 
toitlj one part aboue tl;e grounO«Dydimus inoulo Ijaue tljem fo fet 
as tlje v map appeare four e fingers aboue tijc grottno, ano tljen to 
snake a Uttlc trenctj fo: trjc recetumg of tlje loafer : ano tin's man* 
ncr of planting fotttj tlje boughs, is of Dydimus bell ftbcc.seifjcrc 
pou mean to plant,pou mutt purge tlje grouno of all otljer plants, 
bufijes ano tneeces : and tlje trenches mult fo be maoe, as toitjj 
fljctuinDe,t|)cfHnne ano raine, it map be mellotoeD t inaoecrom* 
bling, fljat tlje plants ma? trjc fconcc take rate, 3|f pout buftneffe 
require l>ifte 3 pou mult a monett) 02 taio before, burne in tlje 
trcnrljes ctrljer (ticks 0.2 reeOe 3 02 fuel) things as fcif 11 eaulte tahe 
fire : anb tljls pou muff Do c-tuers oaics together, peur trnuljes 
mult be ttjice cubifs,c: thereabout in ocptlj, % 40, cubits afiaiDer, 
foljcrebp t^e frees map fjaueapje enough tlje fitltfceonD 3 anD tlje 
tljiro pare, t&e eartl; mult be frimmro tuitlj often rafcing : tlje 
firtt ttoo pares pou mult not meoole tvtth propping : tfce tljiro 
peer e,pon mult leaue upon euerp one a couple of Luancrjcs^ often 
rakepourBJmpe garDemtfje fourtfj peer,pou fijal of tlje tluo bjan* 
eljes cut atoap tlje toeafccr.being trjus 02D2eD 3 in tlje fift peer ttjep 
mill be meet to be remcoueD : tlje troche tljat is as big as a mans 
arm*, is belt to be rcmouco : let it ftano but a little aboue the 
grouno,fo Qjal ft p2ofpcr tlje better.UScfojepou remouett,njarfee 
tlje part f bat ffao £>outfj Uritlj a peeceof £Dfccr 3 tljaf pou map fet 
it in Itbc mancragaine. pou muft firft Dig ttjetrcncvjeorjrcuno 
mltlj ^)attocfts 3 t after turne in ftone-plotocDearftj 3 * foto ittoiflj 
Barlep : if tljere be anp foater trancing in tljcm, pou mult let it 
cnf 3 ano caft in a fete fmall Itoncs, ano fo fcttingpoue ^ettes, 

31 2 catt 

The fccond Bookc, entreating 

caff in a little Dung. after tljc tcnttj of Banc, torjen ttje grouna 
gapes Uritlj trjc tjcate of trjc &unnc,pou mutt rake tjaBe tt)at ttje 
£>unne pf erre not trj:cugrj ttje clefts to ttje rote, i^rcm trjc ru* 
fring of trjc purine into Libra, pou mail ritDe ttje rotes of all 
fupecfluous fp:ings : ano if trjc Sree groto fopon ttje eDgeofa 
fjttl, pou mutt totttj little gutters &:ato atoap t^emuoop toatcr. 
s:rje Dung mutt be call on at trjc fall of ttje leafe, trjar being mmg* 
leo m CStntec Itnrrj trjc moulo, it map feape trje rotes of ttje 
trees toarme.Cljc mother of £plc muft be poUucO fcpon trjc great 
ones, anD trje mou"e mutt be cut off mitrj an 3ron Jnttruntenr, o* 
clfc it will peelo pou no fruit. 0lfo after eettaine pares, pen mutt 
cut ano ieppe pour £>liue trees : font is anolDp:euerbe, SErjat 
inrjo fo plowctrj rjis Qliuc OarDen.rrauetrj fruit : iorjo oungcttj tr 3 
moUutrj fruit : tufjo cutfetrj trjc trees, fo:cctrj frutt.Bfn tlje£)liuc 
£Irce rou ttjall fometime tjaue one b;ancrj mo:e gallant ftjen rjis 
f elloiues, torjierj if pou cut not atoap, pou otfeoucage all trjc rctt\ 
8$s £1iuctsalfo grarTeO infrje tbtloc- £)liue, fpccialtp bcttrjirt 
ttje rinDe ano trjcir>o& ; ano bp implattring: others graffeftin ft)* 
rote, ano torjen it fatty taken, frjep pull tip aparccilcf trjc tote 
tottrjaU, ano rcmoue it as tycy Coe ottjer plants, £bofe £Mtues 
ttj3t rjauc trjc tljicfceft barfcs,are graffeo in f rje barfcc.SLtje time of 
gjdfliig trjem, is from ttje entcing of trjc feunnc into Ancs, ano 
toitrjfome from trjc rru. of ^ap 3 ftll ttje ftttt ofHune.lEfjettmeof 
gathering of Qlim^ , is lorjcn ttje greater part of rjalfc trjc fruit 
feoaretrj biacfe,anD in fairc tuear!)er:trje riper the Qliut is.tyt faU 
tec toill be trjc £>vlt.$n gatrjering of £1iucs 5 there is moze aw 
m'ng m making £p!e, f tjen in making Cctinc : ttje Utter £ltues 
ferue fo? Ople, the greafer fozmcatc. Zlirrc is funo?p fo:fs of 
£>icma0c of an Oluie : t^e tirftof all is ralu anD pleafantett in 
tattle firff ffrcamc trjaf comes from trjc p:cile is bett,ana fo in 
o;Der.EfjetettCrl£ isaboutvenafn in Italics LicmiatnSpainc: 
trje nert in gG>?!uiJe ; in Prouence^recpt in ttje fruttfull parts of 
BarbaryXlje ^iiues that pou mapcomc bp iuit() ^-our tjanos,pori 
muff cpttjer tpon tfjc grsuno, 0,2 foitfj ^aotsrs gntrjer, sno not 
br*t trjem ooUinc : fo.2 trjofc fyzt are beaten Dotonc ijbttbcr.anD 
ralD nat fo mini) £v\t as trjc otrjer : ano better is the £Uuc rrjat 
ts gatfjerea tHif h the bare rjan^trjen totfij gloues: ttjercis an ole 
iatofo: Qlms,B ruifc not the QJiue, nor bearc bim, Etjofctrjat 


of the ordering of Orchards. 8 3 

paffe ffje react) of tfjc tjariD, mutt be rarfjer beaten oofone foit& 
Ha-Des tijen j3otolcs: the jDplc is increafeo fromtt)c rittngoi t&e 
Berward, ta tlje rbi. of the feaUnDS of October : after, tljeftonc 
atiD t&e meat Doe geoto.2Df £>plc 5 fome pact feruetl) foj meaf,anD 
otberfojttje fotoplingof tbe boDp : aito tljcrefo?e,as Varro fattlj, 
it accompanied £ismaiffer,not enelp to ttje 3!5atb,but aifo to rljc 
fielo, o: totjerefoeuer tje goetlj. St^dBim teijereof poo maae 
pour £Dpi c,muff be taken from 1 1) c grouno : ano if it be foule,muff 
be toaftjeD : fo> tjje D?2ing,t&jee oapesis fufficicnt : if it ot frgffp 
toeatfjer, t&e? muft be puffeD t&e fourth Dap : cueep firff beape 
mutt be put in eart&en pate, anD £>?let3cu~els, tuyere toitn hare 
anorougb ffonestljeparegrinDeD.&lje gat&ereo £>liue, if itlpe 
fa> long in fjeapes,pnfi:lfieti) bp reafon of |ieaf,t maheo tmfauerp 
gDple. sptlsare mo?c fcanDfomc fo? t&e making of ®ple,tfjen tlje 
t rouglj ano t&e fort e : fo? t&e ^ils map be IjanoleD tottb great oif* 
crction : tbe totjole ffoje map be rapfeD 0? let Dofone, accojoing 
to tbe quantitie of t&e Berci?,leaff tlje Cone tofjicfj toioulo marre 
tlje tafteof ttje SDpleujoulD be bjoaen. &tje p?eu~c0e|iefelp>anD 
tie £Dplc fcoufes ougbt to be toarme, fo? tfje fpeeoier running of 
tit ^Dplc, tufjtcrj tjottt) colo tooulo make tlje longer Hap. 2no fit£ 
fieat ano luarmth is fo neeafulU sou mutt pjouioe tljat pour tjoufe 
ivt toloarD tlje sumne, fo (ball pott neeDe neither flame no.: fire, 
iutneb toitl) fmofce o: fate, map corrupt tljetaff of pour £Me. 
snfjc latoesantto?Der of gatljermg,anD bettofoing of £Duue, Ijarlj 
Cato DefcribeD : ttje manner of pjeferuing tyttn is occlarcD bp 
Columella, inljfctj U» er c fas muty fo: me to (peafee at fin's time* 

Thu. <25oe on ttjen, anD let Ms beare iwrjat pou can fap of 
0pple trees : foujofe tfc fsmoje commonlp imotone nnto Ds, 

M.uivs, SD&e Apple, called in Hatine Pomum. SCfjere Apple*. 
are tljat put ttys Difference bettoirt tbc Apple anD tlje #attc, 
tljat tolntfoeuer fruit is to be eaten fort toitfjeut, anD IjarD imtty 
in, is an nipple, anD tbe contrarie a $utte. Pomum gcnerallp 
fpoben, is to be unDcrffcnD of all t&at tlje Crakes compjcfjcnDco 
in t\)t too:o, onco^, as \5eacljea, ©ninces, anD peares, ioljere^ 
tnto tlje Hafoper agrcctt) : but in tl;i'3 place 31 fpeahe of Apples, 
acco:oing to tbr common pb:afe :as fo: Quinces, pomegranates, 
anD Cucbie glomes, Bl Hnllfpcafec of in tbeir Due places. fiCtjere 
are fuclj funo;pro^ts of apples,Diffmng botlj in u)ape anD fauour, 

%l 9* 

The fecond Booke, entreating 
asarefeareelp to benumbjed. 3n tyt olde time tyz ebfefeff #p- 

pics U3CCC Sept ians , fcert' great and round, Martians, Claudians, 
Marians, and Appians, To calUD of ttjefr firft foundecs : fomt a* 
game tone ttjeic names of tljctr Countries, as Camerians, ana 
Grecians: fo ottjersoftrjetr colours, as red.fanguine, filRcn 3 ano 
golden. CCU bauc at ttjts nap tljar ace etnefe in p:ice t \yt pippen, 
trjelSomet, tbe pomecopall, tbe {£acfgolo,foitb a gceat number 
of ottjets that foece tm long to fpenfee of. SZfjerc is but one man* 
nee of planting ano gcatTing of ttjem all , fauing trjat tl;e peact), 
ttje ilcmon, tlje ap:lcot, ttje Ouince, ano tye Cpfcon, foijirt) 
ace all, of Diofcorid«,aecounfeO in ttje numbec of apples, cequic* 
a Uttle mo:c Diligent care , as thall be faio thereafter, fym tije o* 
tijecs, fo? fbspaceall bot|> planted and geaffed : ttje manner of 
angmpe Oacden Catodefccibettj, #pple feces ace fet eittjer in 
J^ebjparic, oj in tpacrtj: o; if tije Counters be tjot andd2p 3 in 
i_ sober and j?oucmbcr. 15ut all fcfndcs of apples doe better 
pzofper by grafting, ano inocnlation, 02 imbudding, as 3 faio be* 
fojeabout^arcl; o?3p;Ul, c: tuhst time fo euer ttje fap be in ttre 
r inoe. Ctjep are alfo grafted bp f mplaff ring , about the tetitf) of 
Hune : though fome (as ttjep Cap; tjaue bad god fucceffe in Doing 
it after the entrance of tbe jbuime info Aries, as 3 fjaue faio be; 
fo:e, fobere 31 fpafee of implatrringand €f :afftng, %ty apple is 
commonlp 0;af?ed fcpen the Crab ffocfcr, o: bpon the I5:amble, 
being firff planted, and tfce paereafter cot off ioitbin a fate of tbe 
earttj : bpon ttjts ffoefee pou ma? <!S;affe (&* 3 faio) ti)e tender 
poung <5:affcsof anp apples. Palladius faitt), poa map graffe 
tbe apple bpon tljs p eerie , tbe^atotbome, plumb tra, £>tv> 
uiOe tree, p each, plane tree, poplar, SZHilloSe, and peace : but 
in fuct) difference of Countries, luecan fet ooitme no rer tame o;* 
der fo; fbem all : and tljetefoje as farre as mine otone rrperienee, 
and tbefenoiulcdgc tljat BE tjaue learned of others null urefch, 31 
toill glaotp ffjeto pou. STrjere ace that according fo tlje olde o:< 
dec, doe 0?affc ttje apple eitljec bpon a foilde pcrrp, o; bpon a 
Quince, inrjcreoftlieptjaucamolceccellcntfcuif , called of tlje 
olde miiter* Melimela. 3f pou Graffe fepon ttje plane t cee, pott 
l^alltjauea red fem't : pou map alfo teell C:afife pouc apple bp^ 
on ttje Damfon tree , and if pou <£?afie tpon ttje Cvtvon, pott 
$ail haue tjjcmbwre 3 as Diophancs fattb , fruit alihott all tt}$ 


of the ordering of Orchards? 54 

pare long. flCfj c apple lonef & a fat, and a gcoD grounb, to el! toa# 
trcD rather bp nature , fljcn fag fnanarfe. Bin mottntauie \Ioun* 
tctcB, fljcpmuffaltoapcs befetfotoaro tbc S>outb : ftp^ofperctb 
foell enough fo It be fometbmg fiolpeti totttj ttjc Bunnc, neither; 
doc tljcv refafe either rough 0; marrfft) ground* a leane ano a 
barralne fople b?mgetb out toojme>caten, ana falling fruit: tJjc 
nopfome fl29fo;mes are ocffropeo toftb J^ogges oung, niingleo 
toitb mans to:mc , ana poto;cD bpon tl;e rotes. 0nD if tfjc tree Againft 
ijctocq? fiillof S83o?mes,bcing fcrapeD Douuic toitlj a brafen fcca> urtfu11 
pec , tljep neuer come againe , if tfje place fo&cnc* poo fcrapea vvormc$ * 
il;cm , be rubbcD oner toi'fb 3l5nIlocfes dung : fome aoae bnto to* 
nne <23oatc$ otmg , ano poto?e topon tijje rmtes ttjelecs of olo* 
Unite. &be free that to fiefce, 0; p;ofpcr ctb not, to fjolpen being 
toafrea tottb affe Dnng, ana toater fire ttyes : f&ep mutt be e& 
ten toatcreD at t&e fetting of tfje &unm, till tb e £>p?ing be come 
out. Plim'c tojitet^ , ttjat tfje toafer fo&ercin Hupfnes t>att) beene 
foo poto;co topon ttje tree, Doty tlje fruit gaa. &ljep fop, if tfjc 
tree be mucb toafreD tottb tojine, tfje fruit toill be reb. £>rtiers a* 
gainefetbnacr tbcfr 2Cte«s Uofcs,tbinfcmgtfjerebp to bane t&cic 
Apples ceo. apple Crees (as Bl faio before) mutt be fet cimv fo:t 
bp tjjnnfclues, as Columella bioDcfb,leair tfccfmall trees begirt 
of ttjc great , becaufe t&ep be not all of one gr ototlj, 0; ftrcngtlj. 
25 efioe, pou nrnti fet t b cm be n? tyut, tbat ffjep map Ijaue rame f 
Apt out n)eir bjanebes: Jfoji if pou fctt&cmtblcfc,tl)ep toill neuer 
beare tocl,f therefore pou muff fet tbemfo:tp,o? at tbeicatt ttyxiv 
fat a funDcr ;2:be apple occlarctb fyt* ripcnes 3 bp t|>e blachnes of 
$to feernel0.2Ebep are gatbcccD after tbe fourtccnf ij of^epf ember, 
0; thereabout, accoutring to tbeir bmoe 3 ano not before tlje fleams 
befeauenteene Dates olo, in faire toeatfjer,anD in tt>e after none : 
SEfjofe tyat fall from the tree.mutt be lato bp tbcmf clues : iti» btu 
fer to pull tbem 7 tljcn to ujabe fycm, Icatt tbep be b?uifea in tbctr 
falling. C&ep are Kept in faire lefts, baults, 0? colD plaecs 3 totrf) J° | cee P e 
toin&otocs opening totoarDtbeipojtb, to^icb in faire toeatljcr Applcs * 
tnuftbe fettoioeopenrf tbcrfojeVarrotooulD baue all apple lofts 
J^aue t^ctr teuiDotecs ijiotfb , tbat tljep mar recetue tbe 0o;t^ 
aire: tbe &outb toinos mutt be u>ut ouf.SEbc blaKs of tbe j^o;th 
toinoe, cotlj maae tftcm tojinfeleD f ruggeD : fytv muft be lato tjjin 
•Jjpon^tratojC^aflfejO? ^pats.31 Ijao an apple bjougljt me out of 

IL 4 !gollanD 3 

The fecond Bookc, entreating 

Holland, ttjat enDurco t&eereercs : 3 Ijaue a tree of tfjemfKre 
in ttjtjs £>:cl)acD of lj!5 colour, calleD a Greening. |9eu mutt lap 
eutrp fe:t bp rfjemftlues, UltfunD2p fojtsiping together, tljep 
fewer rotte, &ome t>fe to lap ttjem in £iut icaues , toljicrj botf> 
giuett) tf}rm g(DD colour,ar,D groo fmcll.Sljcp art alfo kept frcm 
rotting, iitycy be iapo in 15arlcp 02 tarjeafe. Pa'ladius tooulD 
rjaue tfjem tcpt in eartljeniJctTeisclofc ftoppeJMn &cffcrns,02 m 
Caucs : Apulcius mConftannne,taiculDljuUC eucrp 0pple lwap* 
pcD tn jpnf leaurs, ano To Into tip : a great fo:f of uiaf cs bcfiDc of 
feeeping t&cm,pou u)all rcaD tn Diucrs autfcours.&ome to auofoe 
tije rjtuf of tl/e froff, We to coucr t&ttn toittj tuctfc JUnncn clottj, 
indict) bring frozen, tlje fruit tfjat Ipett) oncer it, is paeferueD. 
f^our 0pptcg mutt be To lapD bpas tije trainee ttanoDotontoarD t 
neither muff pon tourt) anp , but fact) as pou nec&e. Apples ace 
ljurtfuil to bearing cattcil, fo as tije fauour eauret!) tytm to tp?e, 
as Lucian m fit's affc toitneffct& •. tije lifee to bitten of pearcs; 
fbe rcmcDp,t&e? fap, is to let ttjem eate fome of tfjs fruit afo2e. 
Of 0pplcs,tuitjj ccrtaine^ils foz trjc purpofe,tljcpmafcea Djinls 
called CtDcr, ano a fmall oimfee beftoe toitfj toater, ano f be refute 
of ttjc Apples ttcatneD, agart Djinfee to cole tjie trjirtt oftrjepoje 
labourer, a feinoe of <Sintg$r alfo tijer mafec of drabs^no fofoje 
Apples, tofcictj iping in Ijeape together tb?ec 02 foure Dates, tijep 
afterfoar&s put into a pipe 0; SUunne, fo tjcrcfcitl) tlicp mingle 
£>p;mg luater, 02 Hapne foatcr, and fo is it faffercD to Umn 
dole couerco rJjtrtie Dates, anD after taking out foljat dinegcr 
Th« peaxr; *^ e P n ^ De ' f ^ c P P urM1 againeas muct) mat cc« SL&e Peare, in JLa* 
tint Pnusjdjallrngerl) tlje nertplaee,f is one of rtjc cfjicfeft beau* 
ties of tbe O:cb.iro. £ rje apple trecf p?eaoet fj in bjoaD b:a ntrjes : 
t lie p eate tree rtfetl) in tjeigfit , 1 Dciigtjtefl) in a neb an* a moid 
grbuno : it Dot!) groto efttje kernel!, ana of trje pippen, but is 
a great infcile before it ecrae to g©D : ar.D fofcen it is grctone, 
it Degeneratet!) from tljem f)ts oID gcoo Mature, anD tljeref02e 
it is better to false the toitDe plants, anD to fet ttjem in tbetr 
grouno in i^ouember, anDlurjenttieibeUtdtrtDteD, roumap 
graffe t)pon t^em, 3?tis faiD,ttjat it fo pjofperct^ toity often li& 
gtng, anc mucfj motiJure, as it neuer imfctl) "nis flcUue, ^ou 
fljail Doe great gcoD onto it , if euerp otrjcr peere pon bcttotn fome 
tjung opon it* £>re Dung is t bought to mafee great anD maffie 
* ^eares j 

of the ordering of Orchards. 85 

P cares : fome put to a little 3 uks to make tljeir faflc tfje plea* 
fanter. SCtjep are not alonclp planted of tlje rcates, but alio ttje 
fccrp little tfeHgs,being plucfeeo from tlje rote,UuU groto.Sif pou 
toill fet soung plants, let tfjem be tyix peer c olo, o; at ti;c Uatt 
ttuo rare olo before pou fet ttjcm, &>ome againe tabe the fapjeff 
branches trjcp finoe upon tlje tree, ano fet tfjem as ttjep doe tfjc 
^Dlcue. Sttjefime of grafting tlje peare, 10 2j?arcrj ano 0p?ill : 
Piinie faitrj, pou map tucllgraffe it toljen the blolfome ts on if, 
toijidj 31 in? felfe fjaue trpeo to be true. gt is grafted open tlje 
Quince tlje almond tree, tbe pomegranate, tlje apple, ano ffje 
^ulberfctree : if pougraffedpon ttje $pulberie>pour peare fljall 
be red. virgiJI teactjetlj to graffe it tjpon an aflje, torjereas in* 
5iXDc it will agree Uutrj an? ffoelr the <Draffemuff be ttjc groiutrj 
of a peere, ano afo:c it be grafted, cleeted of all leaues ano tender 
parts, 8no if pou would Ijaue t&e fruit pleafanf, and ttje free 
fruitful!, pou (Kill boare a hole tfjzougj) ttje ftcckc clofe bp ttje 
ground, and o:iumg in an SDkcn 0; a Beecjjen pinne, cotter it tip 
Hutrj cart!; : if the tree pjofper not, toad) the rcofes, and mater 
tljcm tottlj the lees of old Mine ftfreene daies,fo ftjall it beare tfje 
better and pleafanter fruit.atOjallneuer berjurt toM mo^mes, 
tfw&en pee plant it,?ou doe annoint it toitbf&e dfoule of anilDrc: 
if the trce(wjjofc rtotes rjauebeenecut)feeme not to pjofper,PalIa- 
diusfjisremedpis, to pierce tlje note tho?oto, and to b?fue in a 
l«nne,made ettljet of 4Dafee o* piumtree. 31 f pour peares be fto* 
nfe, and ctjoafee peares, tig fcp trjc earth from ftje routes, cleanfe 
tljcm of (tones, and fift in gad new mould againe in t|>e place : 
let pour peare trees ftand t&irtie fore afunder, 0; little leffe : 
pour apple tree fartijer, as 3 tjaue faid. &ljep are feept pjeferued To keeps 
fundjp toiies. fome dipping trjeftalbs in bopling^itcrj,doe after/ peares, 
wards tjang ftjem op, and fo fceepe trjem : others beepe ttymin 
new bopled i&int, o: elfe in a clofe fceffell ; others in fand,fome 
in flocUs, and fome againe coucred wtttj w!jeate,o£ cljafte: fome 
are of opinion, there is no hinde of fruit, but may be pjeferued in 
£onep;£Df peares Paliadim teacljett>,asof Apples, to mafceborlj 
djinfeeano faufctfceiupce being p^ctt out witb tlje p?effe:toomen 
tjaue a pjettp OtflEj made of peares fo; ttjetc religious faffs, called 
Caftimoniale, $ert in ojoer, after Apples and peares, com* The 
metl; tlje Quince, W^iclj W30 8rftb?Cato called Cotoneum, ffje Qdnm 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

C&cefes call it, Eutoiov, of tfjeCiffeCydon, tromHnjence it teas 
firft b?ougl)t : t|ie3jtah'ans,Meiccotogrie 3 tbe &paniaros,Men> 
briilo : tlje j^renctj men, vneoiginer : botlj tt>c stfjeekes and vir- 
gil 5 call tfecm of t&e colour xe^o^*, (Etoloen Apples, t Stmth/a, 
fcjljicb tunoc(ti)ougfj ftjep Oiffera little) arc of tfjis fojt s fo? Colu- 
mella fprafeetl) of t&?ce fojtS Of €5utncC0, Strufbia,Chryfomcla, 
ano Mutfea., foljict) all feme boffc foj fjealttj ano pleafare, SC&ep 
arc plantco after tj)e fame manner ffjaf Scares ano Cfjerfes are: 
fome amrme, f&at t&e fetfes tl;at Ijaue bane fet in 9patt% otfn 
jfe&uarp, Ijaue taken fuel) rote, as tfjej? fjaue bo?ne fruit tyz 
pare after. Stye? groto \at\\ in colo ano mo^ff Countries, tti 
platne $ Ijtllie grounos. Bin fioto^ Countrics,poumutt fetttjem 
in October, S£an? fet t|cmfcrir[) rljetops ano tjjefcf, but neither 
of tt) cm botlj is ocrp geoo : ano being fet of fefenee, tljep font De> 
generate. Ctjcp are better grafTeti in theffocb tljen in tfjc bacfee* 
ano.tfjat in Jf cbjuarf oj $£aref>. £fje? receiue inf o t&eir ttocfes, 
tfje (S^ffes (in a manner) of all manner of trees, t&e pomegca* 
nate,t|je &enmTe,alltf)efe?ts of£ppies,ano m &* tf)c fruit tfc 
feettetSClje Quince tree muff be fet in tfcat o?oee,tijat in tfje ffjia* 
fct'ng of tlje foinbc,t&cr 0?op not one fepon the ottjer. Mben it is 
Eoungojnetolpplanteo, it is fcelpeo toitfy aung, oj better fe>itfr 
Ht^cs : ftjepmuftbe teatreD as often as t&e feafon is fecepojie, 
ano ofggeo about continually t in fcot Countries in October, o; 
^ouember : in colo Countries, in J*eb?uatte o; $arc& : fo? if 
pou ooe not often big about fytmjfy? fofll either bebarrafne,o? 
beare naugftfie fruit : tyepmutt be p?opneo, cut, anoriooeofall 
rneombjaunccs. 3f tlje tree be ficfee, o: p:ofpcr not toell,tnercDfe 
mutt be toatreo iottb tlje moffcr of Qp\c, mtngleb ixuttj tfje like 
quantitie of toater,as Didymus in Conftantinefaitfc, oj bnClccfet 
time minglcDiw'tlj cfjalfcc, o: Ho? en anO Carre mutt be poto;eD 
fcpon tlje r (Dtes : sou fljall gather ttjem in a fayje &ap,betng found 
anDt3nfpotteD,anot)erp ripe,anu in tljeioane of flje ^©ne.SDtjep 
Tokeepe are bett kept ceffeneD betlnirt tfejo fiol'olu SEiles, toeil clofeo on 
Qumces. eucrp fioe ft»i ty £\ty J fome lap tljem onelp in ti? places, toljerc 
nototn&e eemmetlj : others feeepe tljem in CbaffeanO 3Srbeatc, 
many in !£cncp: fome in tKline, anDmabct^ tlje ©atne mo?e 
pleafant^Dcmocritus btostty pou betoare, ttjaJt van laptljem not 
neece otljer fnHt 3 becaufe iuttfj tlje ap?e tlje^ luiU corrupt tfjem* 


of the ordering of Orchards. 8£ 

JKfjcrefealfemaoea feinoeof Mine of fouimcs (being beafrit 
ano pjeffcD)anoa littlcl£onp t ^>ple put into it: out Coumrfmen 
mafcc of tljem a pjeciou* £onferue 3 ano ^atmelaoe, being, ton* 
gealeo foitl) longtetfjing, an* boplei toit& &ugar,3©ine, ano 
fcpicc*. 31 toiU noto $*fo ?o« of t&e ^eDia^foljfil) tfjc llatinr* T . „ . 
call Mcfpilus.tljc 31taUan« Mefpiio^efepaniaro* Mcfpcro , fye\„ 
Jfrencfmien Mcfplier, oj Ncfflicr, tfje SDutclMten Mefpelcn ; f$$ ' 
Xvceis alfo of tfje number of tfpplc trec0yan& peare frees : it 
t0 planteo in libe manner as rfje ^ufnee is : it ocligiftet& in Ijot 
places, butfoell foafmo, t&ougt) itooc foell cnougfj in tolo.m* 
fjauefoneif pjofperberp foell among 4Dkes,ano fl&iajD*s:fo?foe 
jjauefcene great fl»osoftf)emgrofoing among £»kes 3 tl)atfjaue 
t&tely p&loeo a great oeale of inonep. £>ome fap, ft is planteo 
of t&efcience, in Sparcfj o v : j£ouembcr,inafoell Ooungeo ground 
ano mellofo 3 fo t&af boti) tbe ems be tubbed ouer foftl) ooung, 
Sit is alfo fct of tije ftone, buttyen it it oerp long before ft come 
to anp t&tng : ft isercellenflp foell graffeo fn tyt Bjamble, tfje 
t^eipirne, oj fye #pple. SC&e ^eDlars ffjaf poumeane fo 
feeepe^muUbcgatljcreD before t&ep be ripe: ano being fuffcreo 
to groto opon tije 2Cree 3 tyep latt a great part of tfje printer : 
t&ep are alfo pjeferueo in foooen »nc, ano tHmegerjano Wfa> 
ler..3fnCatoc8 tmtetfiepfoerenoffenefone in italic. Plinieano 
others bauefpo&enof tljem : neither is it certainc r foi>efljer tlje 
olo fonters faibe tbem foj&erimTes. PJinicfpealsetljof tfyee 
fein&csof tycm : Cljcm-fthfnoefjauing but tl^oe ftone* in tyem, 
eallcDffjerefo^e Tricoccum : ink Ijaue at fyfe oap ffoo kuxozs^e 
one tjautng ljcre ano f Jjere pjicfelcs, grofoingm euerp W&coo ano 
23&tchet 5 fcerp fotojeafoje ft be mellofoeO, « maoe foftfoitlj ftoff, 
ana colo of Caumfer : tfje otfjcr &aufng no pjicfcles at allfoitf) a 
great fruit, fofcictj foemetb fo be bjoug&t hereunto by diligent 
planting ano ©rafting* 2Clje mmo of fyz foiloe areolar foe oft 
f o mafee £>pofees fo: Wjete of,ano tjje tfoigs of ttjem feme fo? 
Carters fofjips. i^ertbnto tljespcolar^fo.: neighbourly fane^ 
foe mutt fpeafee of tfje £>eruftTe 5 a !)tg^ tea tottl) a rouni hettvw 
faO)toncO Ubean€gge:fol)rrfo^e ft tscaUeo oua,a0Thcophraaus 
fottneffetlj, ano tlje (tuft Sou, t!)e Ratines call it Sorbu 8) tt)c Stalk 
an«as tye Hatmeo,tbe §>pamarD0 SerualJ, t^iFrenci;men Cor- 
mic,o;CGrmicr,tl)e^utel)men SporcffcIbaumjSCije fruit gr&focje 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

in duffers as tlje ®&p* oot& : tfce toiloe is better tfjrn tfj* Gter' 
Den fruit. Bit Dciigtjtetb in colD placcs 3 anD if pou plant it in hotte 
Countries it foill teare barraine. 3t Jjatfj no p?tcfeles as tlje speo* 
lar |at&, it grotoetfj of tlje ftone, t&e fet, t&erarfe, oHtje fcience, 
ano p:ofperet& in a eolD ana tort fcple opon littles j it is planted 
in i^ebjuarp ano 39arcf) in rolo Counttiesj ano &ot, in jOctober 
ano /i oucmbcr. gt is graffeo either Upon tjts otone ffocBe> o; 
on tlje Quince 0; ^atot&ome, cptljer in ffje ffoefee o? tfcebarfee. 
Thh. 3j maraell (join can pou tjaue pomegranates £cre, 
3 p:ap pou fljeto mljat o^ocr pou fofe. 

m.uivs. Among ttic Ilrange fruits, tfcere is none compa* 

table to tlje pomegrafatc (To eaileo Jt&tnfee) becaufcof jjis 

romegra- Counfrcp 5 Carthagc ano Africa,totjaetije brftooe groio:tbctree 

Bates. (as pa fee) (s not trigtj,rlje leafc narrom, f of a fcerp fairr greene, 

t|5C floimc ftarplcano long like a Coffme,tfje Apple ttjat is com* 

paDTcD toitr; a tfjicfce rmoe, is all full of grain es tottrjm : it ib 

calico of tlje Reefers ?oa cj eoia 9 as toell tlje tree-as tfjc fruit 

goot y\uK«« *a; ci vcW%, tlje pomegranate ftoeete ano Colore, 

it iB calleD in Laffne Malum Puaicura , ano Malum Granatum 

in Italian Male grano, in feaniU) Granada, in ^rencfj Pomes de SDntclj Granatapffd. ICbfs 2Dree onclp as tlje if igge 

ano trje Oine,ttje botip being douen.oiet&not : tlje b?anetjcs are 

full of p:irbles as tfje<£o?ff is: it louetfj boffj a rjof grouno,ano a 

Ijot Countrie , ano ltfcet$i not toatrte plares. gn fome &ot Conn* 

- tries, it grotoet|,totloe in t&e bulges : it is planteo in tlje fp?mg 

time, ffceroetes being toatrco toitfj ^ogs oung arm (tale. Jti§ 

graffeo topon tjis olone ftock c a ano aifo fcpon otrjer trees,! liartoife 

of trje fcienres ttjat grot* from tlje rates of tije oloe tree. £no 

tljouglj it map be planteo funO:p foapes, ytt tlje be ff leap is f&e 

b:ancljcsof a cubit in length fmajt&co. itoftfc pcur knife at bottj 

trje eni>s,ano fet flopetoife in tlje grounD , foitlj botfc tjis enoes 

fciell fmeareo toitlj l^oggcs Oung ano Hale. Sfcere is alfo ano* 

ottjertoap of planting it, te$i$ is, to take a tjerp frmtruli ftoeke, 

_ fcrtjiclj map bebjouglttotfjc eartlj, anOrjfm after t^e manner of 

rljer frees rljcp C:arTcbpinfolltarten, bcttoirttlje barkeanot^e 

rinoc, ano toell ano elofelp binoe it: after,tljep fet it in ffje ground, 

not foucfjing ffjc graffeo part 3 but tlje parts beneattj, annom* 

ting it UHtlj tlje mother of orle , ano make it faff foitlj cojoes, 


of the ordering of Orchards. % 7 

r|af it flip not bathe, till t&e bzaiufj be grcUmc, 3t much Dcltgl> 
tety(a* Dcmocritusfatfli; in ttjc ^p?till, infomuclj as tye rots 
bull mecte ano tangle together Uutf; great tor* STtjc fruit mill 
gtttoiwtt>outfcernels,tf ao m tfce ttiinc tfrepitfc being tahen out, 
tye fet becouereo taitl) earfb,ano(hibett ittjatrj taken Jtf>e fpjing 
bepjofneo* %\)ztz t« (as African repo?tctf)J in euerp pomegra* 
nate a itfee number of gcaincs,tbougri tfjcp Differ in bignes, Bafill 
fomtetf) in tyB Hcxam,t£at tlje foto^e pomegranate Idfll grefo to 
be ftoeet.if tfje boo? of r^c tree ncere to ttje rent be pierceO tf^ouqtj, 
ano filieo top toitb'a fatptfel) tree pin:you fljall fjaue ttjem ensure 
a ten? great turtle, it ttjep be firff oippco in feaulotng foaf er, ano 
ratten out quiefeelp, be iatoe in 0?p fano, oj elfe in fome fjeape of 
locate in t&e (I;aoooto, till tljep be mjinefeleo, o? elfefo couereB 
Uiitb ctjaffe, as tyty toucrj not one tlje otljcr. 3Dtl>er fap,ic fe belt 
tobeepe ttjem Itiie Quinces, coaereo tuit|> platfer, ojcljalhe : fo? 
in cola places t&ep are feepf toftljoutco?tupting.2Df)ennoe of t&e 
pomegranate is calico in Hatinc Malicorium : tfje flotejeof tfje 
Careen pomegranate, Diofcondes calletfj, kutwov, ano of ttjs 

th r a. 31 fjeare alfo, f&e ®ur-lanoiU) Cpfronfc&erc&erte 
carefully planfeo. 

Mauvs. £#e Cpfron, called alfotrje Median, tfje Pcrfian, Cytroflf - 
ano tfce Aflirian tfpple, becaufe it fcoas ftrff bjougltf out of Pcr(la 3 
f from flje Mcdcs. -others fap it mas ftrff bjougfjt out of Africa in> 
to Grccce 3 bp Hercules : anO tJKrcfoje Varrocallcff) it, t\)t Apple 
of Africa : tfjep arc calico in Italian Citroni, in S>paniff> zidras 3 m 
SDutC^GercrnipffclPomcrancen, in Jrremt) Cifron : ffjefruit IS 
calleD in JlatmeHipericum, $ Aurcum malum, tfjegoloen^pple, 
alfo tbe mariage 0pple of lupiter ano luno : fuel) of tljcm as are 
pclloto, $ of a gotten colour, tfjep common!? call Ranges : fticfi 
as are of a greeniu) pale peKotu, fyev call Cotrols, o? Cttruls : 
ffcofc tljat are long fai^ioneD iihe an egge, if tljep be vc\lo\u 3 ate 
calico Citrons, if rfje? be grone, Simons : if tfcep be fcerr great 
anorouno Itfee pompeens, recall tljem |$omcie:Diis : tfjetrce 
Dotb altoairs bcarefcuit,fome falling,fcmc ripe,f feme ffr&igfog: 
nature mctotng in tyem a Vnonoerfull fertilities in tyo rr res tbat 
Homer ocfcribctf) in tlje £D;cliarDs of Akinous. k ijt Iraft is lihe 
tytm&vktft) fauuigtljat t^regrotu^uhlejef arsons dtfjem : 


The fecondBooke, entreating 

trjc frutf is pelloto > Jmfttthko totfljout, ftoeet m fauonr, and 
foto;e in tatte : tt»e Kernels It^e ttjc kernels of a £>care, a great 
refiftcr of persons. SEfjc SCnic isplantcD (as Palladium faft&) 
fcurc manner of Jboatcs 5 £>ftl)e &crneu\t$e Science, tbeBjantt?, 
anD f&e &f oefce. Jf.pou ferill fct t&ehcrncit, pon matt Diggc ttje 
cart^ ttoo fotc euerp teap, ano mingle it toitt) a$cs : pon mull 
make fljojt beas,tbatt|iep map be toatrro toitb gutters on met? 
fioc. ?n tfiefc bxDs pou mull open tt)ceatttjtottb pour rjanosa 
tjano b?cDttj,anD Cervix Kernels together, toirt> tyc tops ootone* 
ioartj ano being eonerco>toatcr rrjem ruerp Dap; anD terj:n tbep 
fp?ing, leane notoaDcs naret^m : t&eptoill fp:ing tlje famer, 
if sou toater tyzm toi# inarm e loafer : others Cap if is bell the 
grains being taken cut in tfce fp:ing,to fct t|em Diligent lp in goo 
mcUotocDfurrorocs, anD to toater t&em ruerp fourth e? fifr Dap : 
ano tofcen tjjep begin to groto , to remoouo trjem againe in tlje 
spitng, to a gentle ano a mopff groun&,fo2 it Delighted in muclj 
luet : ifpoufett^eb^ncb, pott mutt not fet it abouea fotc ano a 
fcalfe intbe grouno, led it rot. Etje feience ano the ttccke, Pal- 
ladius tbinaetlj it better to be plant CD, ana fyctoc? !; Un)it^ inap f 
3f anp matt meanc to efjtriflj tjrjtt^ f rri,let Ijirn Defend it to ell from 
t&e j£oit&, anD fetit totoaro t^e^out^ anD t&e £>nnne, in t|# 
taiHfcr,tn fraiiesanD baskets: tetjetcfo2c,fome tfjaf are earefull 
anD Dtligent in tye tendering of tty* tnt,Do malsc little fcaulrs to* 
foaro tyc ^outbclofecoucreD : anD tottfciu tfjem, mice thetoail, 
ttjcp plant t\)c £>2enge,fuffermg tfcc faults all summer to lie o< 
pen fotrjc.&umu,an5 to |iaue tlje beat thereof : anD as fame as 
Winter comes, tljcp couer tfjem ttraigijf toirf) tt rato, 01 mattcs s 
fpeciailp tott|) tijettalKSofgourDs.Elns free Deitgtjtetb to be con* 
t inuallp Diggeo about : f hep are grsffcD in 'got places in 3p?ill,in 
eolD Connfries in ^ap, net totter trje barhe, but cleaning to the 
fiocfeefjatDbp tbercote: tljep map be grafTeD botlj onffce^care 
f rec 3 anB tfce ^ulberie : but liljcn tfiepare graffito, mutt be fences 
eirtjer i»it|i a toicscr basset, 02 fomecartijrn beflell. JC&e fruit 
toill beftoect if ttjcfcerncls betteepeDin toater foDDe tottfj tjoncp, 
o.: totycrj is better in &>t)eeprs mtlfec. feucrj as pon mcane to 
feeepe,mutt bee gatfjereD in tlj e nig l;t, tfyc £$®nz being Dotone,ano 
f atljereD toit^ bzanc^es anD all, as tyzy ^ang. Wtyxz tlje fruit 
^uronetfjt^ sdr^jpou mull pull tyzm erf, ano leaue but fete 


of the ordering of Orchards. 8 1 

en f f 3 toijtcl) toiil be tfje pleafanter 3 ano t&e feintjfier fcerff , 3!t to 
attfjto cap nourifycB botb in C3'c rmanie ano Jf ranee 3 ano is pl?n> 
tro m In ilils full of cart!;, and in hot teeaf ;>• r is frt abjoao m tf>e 
^untte : in ccltj tDcatijer fet tn §ellar& 3 o? in l;ot Ijoufes. 31 fjaue 
tone uKDermaniejCertalnc l;ot-Ijoufes,of purpofe maoc of irttre 
ba#K$,t|)atm TOntcr^aucUmmcDailfrjc €5arocn, $ in &em* 
tner tfce frames tafcen afoap, I;aue gfuen place to tfje &unne. 31f 
fo»!;ile t\)tv be poungano little fJjcp be put into cartl/cn 1^0^5,0? 
glafT? 3 ttjep grotoaccoj&ing to tbe pjopo?tlon ffjcteofifo tfjat poti 
map tjaue ttjem faflrjfonco either Utic a man o$ uhe a bea# 3 accc?* 
rsing topourfanctc:butpou mufffo o;Der pour motiiDSjastjie aire 
map come to tfjem. l&ut left 31 Inepe pou tea long loifb ttjcfe out* 
lanoify iCreesJ Uitli fpeahe fomctbtng of cur otone frees, tofyerc 
mti) toe are better acquainted Smong lu?)tcfj toe rjauetjje cpul* The Mui< 
beep, in Hatine Moros 3 in 3talian Moro , in &pmiu) Mora , in bay tree. 
Sf tenet) Mcutc, in SDuttfr Mulbcm: ttjis to accounted of all ctfjee 
trees t'gi toifcftjOe-raufc be neucr bleffometl) til all colo toeatljcr be 
qpite pafi :fo tljittubenfoeuer pou fee tlje Cl3ulbecp begin to fp?tng 
Eoumap be fnre trjat W&intet is at an eno : jje is ripe teilb tfje 
6rff, ano baocetb cut fo JjnCiip , as in onem'gtjf tuittj a noife (je 
tl)?ufiet|jout fjis leaues : tl;ep oie tije rjanos (as Plimefattl;,toitl> 
tty iaice of r£e ripe be trie,? tuafy it cflf Initfj tlje grcene ben ie: l;e 
cjjijnget&rjis colour tfj:ife 3 fii(lU3l)ite 3 t^en reD,anD !dftipb!acfc;be 
louetb t)Qt places ^nDgraucllpjano oeligl;fs m Digging ano cung* 
fng, but not in luaf crfng : Ins rotes mutt be openeD about £>tfo* 
ber, ano tije Eees of fstiint potoeotjpon trjem : if is frt te of trje 
ftaneSjbut ttumw : it often grower!; to be tmiDe:trjebefr planting 
is tljcfcience,ano trje fops, a fcote ana a ftalfelong, fmeofi) at botf> 
enoes, ano rubbco ouer &tti) oung, ££l;e pftCf toljerrin pou fet 
pour §>cte,trjcpceuerUittrj ft^csmingleotottfjcartbjbut eouer 
itnotaboue fence fingers tfjufce. Palladius ti?s pen to fet it in 
^arerj,ano to cemoacitin October, o? Jpdnrmbcr. Dentins teU 
letfj, rtyrttbe ^tiibcrie mapbe planted iutbofatl of tlje leafe. bv 
tfjzuffinguite trjc grottnD trjc biancrjes,after tlje o:oec of tTje jrig 
tree, tul;;ch impfclfc Ijaue pjouco ; fpcciallp, iftl;c rno t!;ntto 
cut be tocUb;uifea, ttjatit map trje qutcfsUcr tnne rcote : anD fo 
tol;en pou i?aue maoc pour bo'e ixitb a flto»e , fyitkl it in : it to 
bett graffeo qx tje i&sil), t t^e totute poplar, cittjer bp gracing. 


ThefecondBooke, entreating 

in the ffcrfec,o:bp moe Elation : anD fo (battle berries be totytc 
3t is graffeDalfo in ttje Jfig, f t&e Clmctotjiclj in o!D time tfcep 
tooulo not fuffer,fb? feare of co?rupting.£>f t^c ^ulbene is mace 
afcerp noble mcDicme fo? tyt ffomadsc,anDfo? ttjcgontittjcp totU 
longclfc inDurc (as it is im) fecptm glaffcs. £f;e leauesDofcrue 
to face &ilfcc-t»o?mes kntjjail, toljcreof fomc mafeea feerp great 
gaine,anD fet t%t m ratfjer fo? tljat purpofe tljen fo? ttjc fcutt. 

T h r a .Mfcat tresis tJjatfcHtt) t&cruDDte colourcD fratt 5 tfjat 
is line a &)ixmi 
The M a a i v s. 3Jt is a Cornel! tree, callcD m JLatmeCornus, in 

Cornell. Italian Corncplo, in &paniU) Zcrcko fcluertro, m Jfrcrtrf) Cor- 
nier, tn SDutcfc Cornelbaum : tfjts tree is ttjougijt neuer f o crcccD 
ttoetue cubits tn tjeigftft fyt boop is founo anD tI)icKe,Ulie Ije:nc : 
the Icafc is Uhe an almonD leafe, but fatter : the flotojc and the 
fruit is Ufce ttie 0lwe,fcoitlj roanp bene s Ranging bpon one ffalfce, 
firft togiite 3 anD after reD : rtje tupce of rtje ripe becrics, is of a 
biouD? colour : it iouetr) both tpountatnes anD dallies, anDpio* 
fperctii bsty in mopff grounD anD Dae : it grotoctb botj) of fire 
fi tppe, anD of tl) c feebe. i^ou muft betnare pou plant it not n err c 
to pour 25ees, fo? ttje flouwe Dotfc hill as manp of ttjem as Uv 
trctb it. 

T h r a, W&fy&t 2Tr« is fyefamet&af groiucftjnerf fcs ? 
Ziriphw. marivs. &tyat SErceis calleD Ziziphus, in Italian Guig- 
giole, tn &pantuj Azofeifo, in ifrenefc lniubz, in ibuttt) Burft- 
byrle, rlje beries hH)ereof,areltfce tfje Cozrtel bcrrics,t$e flotae 
iifee tye £Dliue floto?c, but mo?e ftoectcr, Columella fpeafeettj of 
ftoo fctnDcs thereof, ttje one reD, t&e ottjrr tobttc : t^epare fet of 
fljetrones^n &ot Countries, in dp?tll,ant tn eelD piatcsin tpap, 
o? rife tn 3Hne : pou map fet botlj tlje ffone,anD tbeb?anclj ! it is 
tjeep flolu tn groUung : ttpou fet tlje plant, pou muft Doe it m 
spare!) in fort grounD : butif^ou fettle Hone, pou mutt fctttjem 
in a little trencfj of a tjanD b?oaD,ti)?ee Iron cs together, torn) tt)etr 
pants oolonetoaro. BStlouert) not tone!) a grounD, butrattjera 
Ugfjt grounD, anD a toacine place. Bfn camterf as Palladia fartt)) 
it is gaiD to lap fiones about ttjc boDp of ttjcHIrce. £f)e ncrt are 

Italian Italian Filberts, m ilattne Piftacea, in Italian Pittinachi, ill 

Filbert, ^panift Alhozigo, tn jFrencb Piftacbcs, mSDatrt) Welfcepim- 
pemus : tr)e leafe is nattoto anD b?olwne ; fo? fcponr^eb?anc^es 


of the ordering of Orchard s^ 8^ 

$ang ftje $ufs, Ufte tlje $ut& of tfje §2me. £5f tin's free (t is 
thought there is both, male anD fcmalc,ano therefore tljcr groto 
commonly together , the male Ijaumg onDcrneaty tjt£t u)eii,as tt 
foere, long Hones: Bit ts grafFco about tfjc firtf of #prillj but op* 
on Ins oitmc ftocfee, anD upon ttjc Scrcbintlj 3 anotlje 3lmono 
SCree, tfyev are alfo fet (as Palladrus immeflefljj in the fall of trje 
leafe in October, botl) of tye fitps> ano the .pur. 3 1 Dcligtjtetlj in 
a Ijotanoa mopff eountrie,ano topes in often lustring. 

Thu. 55ecaufe 31 remember pou toloe me before, trjat of 
plants ano Crees , fome Doe grofo of t'gc feed, o: fruit, ano fame 
are CtaffcD : ano becaufeBj Ijaue&eatDtlje ©raffing of molt of 
thcm/3 tooulD nolo fame Jjeare pou fpcalic of fuel) ECrees as groin 
onenj of the ft one, o: berrie. 

m.uivs. f^our remembrance ts ga>o : for fljougrj tfjep 
commonlp grotu better toljen t&ep be graffes, pet fome there be 
that pzofper the better being fotoen, ano foill fcarcegroro aup o* 
flier uiap. 0nD though fome of the fo:efaiD SDrees being fet, Doe 
incll pzofper, as the areolar , the Cornell, anD Dt'ucrs ottjer , pet 
fometimes ttjep toare ujiloe. ano are long before ftjep. come to 
perfection, totjicjj Virgil! alfo affirmetJ) : 

For that fameTrcethatofthefeedjthe ftonc or berrie growes, 
Doth (lowly fpring, and long it i*, crc any fruit he ihewes : 
And when itcomes, it proueth wiide, and doth degenerate, 
And lofeth that fame relifli fwcet,that longeth to his (late. 

Butbp <2?raffingit is reftoreo agatne : s>ome of frjem agamr, 
fjotofocucr ttjep befomeu o: fet, Doe not Degenerate or grofo out 
of fetnocaa tlje Bap, trje 3)ate 3 tjje Cppr«u~e,tt;e p cach 3 trjc 3bw 
cot, the Damfon, ttjepiftace, trje jfirre Cree,anD tlie Cfjerrie t 
ano becaufe tljep be not all of one oroer, 3 foill tell pou feuerallp 
of the crjtefeff of th em. Co plant SCrees of tlie feeDe, Mature ( as 
3 fapD before) taught mm at ttje ftrft : the fceoe being DeuoureD 
of 15icD0,anD toittj the ooung let fall in the clefts of Cne^tufjerc 
f hep after fprong ano grefo, 

2Efjc Bay, in Ratine Laurus, in all other tongues almoff as in The Bay. 
Ilatine. 2Erje berrp is called in lutme Law Bacce , in Bjtaltan 
Bacche de Lauro,in &pam0) Vaya de £>UfCtj Lorborcn, 
a molt gratefull Cux to trje lioufe , a porter to em per ours anD 

The fecondBooke, entreating 

Mjops, toljfclj cljiefeli? gamifljetlj tlje |joufe, ana ffanaeffj al* 
iua^es at tlje entrie. catomafeetfj ttoo fcinoes ttjeceof, tfje Dcl- 
phickanD CyprdTe : tlje Ddphick,equallp colouteD ano greener, 
toitlj great berries, in colour bectoirtgreenc ano reD, toljerctoiflj 
ff)c Conqucrours at Dclphos toere toont to be crotoneo. SDfjc 
Cppjcffe Way fjatlj a u>:ter Icafe, anu a Darber grecnCjguttercD 
(aiit toere) rounD about tlje eDges , toljtcli fome (as Piinic 
faptljj fuppofe to bcatoilDetunDe: it grotoetl?altoaT>es grcene, 
ano b£zv£tybaxicS)\)zc\~i)®tcti) outljis b:anclics from tlje fiDcs 
ano iljcrcfoic toarctijfeone oioana rotten : it Dotf) not octp toell 
atoap tort J) colo gtouno, bring fjot of nature : tt is planted oiuers 
toaics, tlje berries being o?peo toftlj t&e j!iojtljtoin&c,are gaf^e* 
rcoanb lapDabjoaD fcerp t&lnne, left ttjepeluffct together, after* 
Usaro being to# totti; marine, tljep are fct in furrotoes a fjamsfull 
Deepe , ano beep neere together : in iparclj tljcr bealfo planteo of 
tlje flip, ano tlje fcience. 3f ecu fet tljem of tlje dip, pou mull fct 
f jjem not pairing nine tot afunoer: but fo tljep groto out of binD. 
&>ometijinb,tljatrljgp map begraffeD onein anor&er,as alfo upon 
£>eruiffc $ tfje 3u)e: tlje berries are to be gathered about rije be* 
ginning of SDecember , anu to be fet in tlje beginning of 4pact(j > 
Nm tr«$. ^ u t trees aw common^ planteo of tlje $uf , asall otfcer Obeli- 
The ai- fruits are.£>f all j£uts,fyeAlmond is eonnteo to be tlje too?tlneff 3 
mond tree, talleo in JtalfanMandorlCjin &paniu) AlmcidraSjin ^rencfjAtnan- 
des,(n&>utclj Mandclcs : tljep are fet in jf eb?uarp,$ pjofper tna 
dare ano i;ot a fat ano a mopff ground t&ep torn" gtoto 
barren ttljep tljiefelpfetfuclj as are ertDbeD,anD tlje pong plants: 
tbep are fet botlj of tlje &lfp0,tf>etf:<Dt ) f tlje ifttmell.ftlje $ufs 
ttjat pou intend to fet, mull be laioe a Dap before in foft Dung x 
stljers Hcepe rijem in toaf ee foDDe toiilj ljon$p, letting tljem ipe 
tfjerein but onelp one nigljt, lead tlje fljarpne fife of tlje Ijonep 
fpople tlje plant : ano being tfjus oiDsrco, Columella fatftj, tljep 
toill be botlj tlje pleafanter, ano groto tlje better. &ije tops and 
tlje u)arpc enDs pou mutt fet DotonrfoatD t fo? from tljence com* 
inctb derate, tlje efcgemutt ffanDtotoaro tlje #o?tlj: pou muff 
fet ttj?ec of tljem in a Criangle, a fjanofull one from tlje of Jjer : 
tljep mutt be toaf reD cuerp tm Daies,till fljep groto fo be great : 
Bit is alfo planteD \ait\^ tlje b^aneljes, t aaen from tlje mittt of tlje 
tree, %\>t kimono is grafeD not ueere f|e toy of t$e Jtocbe, bufc 


of the ordering of Orchards? 9 6 

about tfjc mibft,fcpon tljc botoca tljat grofo out* SCfjfs SErce Dotlj 
Came bcarc fruit, and flotu;etij bcfo:c all onjcrs, m ^anuarp, oj 
if c bjuarp. virgin accounts it foj a i^ognofficatour of t Ije pleno 
tffulncffc ofCo?ne. 

When thicke the Nut Tree flowresamiddc the wood, 

That all the branches laden bendwithall : 

And thatthey profper well and come to good, 

Thatyeere befure, of Come fliall plenty fall. 
JEljc bitter oiks i ioljub are tljc fofjolcfomcr) aremaDeffoeef, (f 
rctmo about tljc Crce, foure fingers from rt)e roote, pou mafee 
a little trencf), bt> fo&icl; ijc ujallftoeat outliio bittecneffe: 0: elfe 
tf pou open u)erootes 3 ano potoje thereon cpfljer Slrme,o; 1^)050 
tang: 0? if at n)e rote of tljc $Ctm s pou njjuff in a fat fueoge of 
§Mcf) SCree. 115? tljis meaner (as Bafill fagtlj ) tljep. brill loofe 
t&efr bittemeffe : but no SCrcegcotoctl) fomcr out of fcmoe , and 
n)erefo?e pou muff often rcmoueft, 0? graffefo&en it is great, 

^alnut0,calleo in Hatine luglantc*,in Italian Nocy, in £>pa* Wainat$; 
niu) Nuzcsjin JfcentliNoix, inlbutcljGroiirc nufz :n)cp ate fet 
in tbe ground (as Plinie fapn)) tije frame Dotonetoara, about U)e 
beginning of$arcf):fomen)infee,u)at ftjep Ml grofo astlje Jfil* 
fcerf Don), cither of tfjc flippe, 0: tlje roofe : it groinctlj fpccDtlp, 
and Uheti) a Djie ano colb place better fytn a ijet* %l)t fiut n)af 
pou meane to fef,foiil grofo n)e betf ct>i f pou fuffcr it to Ire fotire 
0; Sue oaves before in t\}t foafer of a bop, andfoill profper n)e 
mo?e,if it be often remoueD: tfjofe jpufs (as it is tfjougljtj p?ofr 
per befenjat are let fail bpCrofoes,anD otrjee bfros Jf pou pierce 
tfjc SCeee tlwouglj foinj an 0ugur , ano 611 ftp trje place againc 
Mil} a pin of Cime, tfjcSTrcsujall lofe l)is fenottie fjarDneffe, net* 
njcr fotll !)5 lofe ins fruit, if poufjang bp eiu)er#allct,o? a piece 
of Scarlet from a DungljilL 

T h r a. Wfyat is n)e reafonpou plant pour Walnut frees 
rouno about on tljc outftoc of pour £>:d}arD,anonot among pour 
either 2Crecs i 

M a r 1 v s. Bceaufe f)is C&aDofo is great, ano bnfofjole* 
Come, betide njc fjurt fjc Don) foitlj fjis Dropping, ^e fucfcetlj out 
a great Dealt of goo iupce from tljc ground : to: as pou fee, thev 
are oerpmigfj tie ano l)igrj Cries , fo as fomc of njem are tfoo 0; 
i&ee faDome aboutrtljep occupfe a great oeale of rtome ioitlj trjetc 

$® 2 Uanoing 3 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

ffanding, ana beguile ttje ot^cr SDrees of ttjclr fuffrnanec : 23c 
fides, t& ere are certatne 2Drees tyep agree not tocllioitijall, and 
ttjerefoze rjaue 3 fcf tfjem on ttje oufGde of mp £>:crjard,asitan' 
dards to Defeno tbcir fellotoesfroni temped i iueattjer. tfmong 

Hafeil #uts,is alfo to be recounted tfje ^afeil i2uts,afcinde totjereof 

Nuts, is ttje filbert, called m Ratine Auellana^tn Italian Nociuolc,in 
£>pamttj Auellamas, in JrcencrjNoyfette, in Dutctj Hafelnuzes : 

Filbera. tfjep are planted after t|je manner of trje Blmono: it dcligrjtetrj in 
clap anD toatriflj gcouncs 3 and opon1£ils, being toell able to abide 
t\)z colde. SCtjep tuere firft Hougrjt into Ada, and Greece, from 
Pontus.ano tbercf02C called Pontics anD Heraclioticae,&c.;3mong 

Cheflnuts fyeguttt* alfo crjalengcttj tfjcCtjettnutrjig place, ttjougrj rje be 
rattjer to be reckoned among ^atrc 3 torjerbp be fe calico ttje j£ut 
02 £paffe of lupiter, in liatine cutanea, in Italian Caftagnc , in 
&>pamflj Caftaii3,in jrrcncij Caftagnes,in jEDutttj Kafteyut louetfc 
to ell to groin on £pountaines,ano in coloe Countries : it rjatctlj 
toafcrs, and ocCretfj a cleaneanoaejed mould : itmifllfeetfc not 
a moptt grauell ground , ano iopetfc in a fljaootu ic ano # o:tfjrrlp 
bancfee , it bat erf) a ffiffeano a reo clap ground : it in planted bote; 
of trje j^ut, ano is fet : it is better planting t^eods of trjcin 3 of 
ttje #ut 3 trjen of trje fef 3 otrjertoffe tbe fafer toap toere trje fet, 
tDtjtcr) in ttuo peered bearett) fruit.g t is planted iubm trje ©untie 
fc8intrjc^£quinodiall,bottj of trje fcicnce,tr)efef, trje bzancb, and 
trje rote , as trje €)liue is. SCJje Crjeffnuts trjat pou meane to 
fotue, muff be oerp fatre and ripe, trje netucr trjcp be trje better 
rrjep groto. |3ou muff not fet trjem after t£at fo:t trjat pou fet 
0Unonds,o; Jrtlberf0,batfoitrj ttje fljarpc end opinard, ano a fet 
a fundcr : ttje furroto mutt be a ujaftman crepe, i^ou toere bet^ 
ter fas J fapd) to mafcc pout Crone of trje j2uf,trjen of tfje fets, 
forjttrj mill be mcetc to be feilcd fo: ffapes in fcaucn pecre. Colu- 
mella , toittetrj , tljat trje CtjeCnut 3 meet fc: ttje fuppo?ting of 
<3incs 3 if rjebc fctofd in toclldigged ground,dotrj quicblp fp?ing, 
§;id being felled after ftue peercs,it p:ofperetrj like ttje ftftlleUi : 
and being ct\t out in (tapes , it lattetrj till ttje nert felling,as Ojall 
beujcli>cdrjcrcaficr,Uri)en\i3efpeabe of t&arts. SCtjeptoillalfo 
IjaucfljcCrjcffnntto fcegtaffed on trje S&alnut, ttje 23eccrj, and 
trje £>aftc : it tjatrj Irene fane, t^at turjere t&cp groto ftoo ano 
tfoo together, trjep piofper trje better* 

of the ordering of Orchard s . ji 

2£(jc pnrc 3 m ILatine Pinus, in Italian ano &pam'flj Pino , m 
ifccnct? Pm, m 2Dutitj Hanzbaum,isplantco nat mutf) onufoe to 
tbe aimono , tbe kernels of tfce feeitc-clecEts bang fet as tfje 
kimono is : tjjep are gart^rcD in 3«ip, bcfozc tt^c Camculcr 
iDinOrs,ano ere ttje Jjiuts, tyz bufse being b^onm, fall out. I^fje 
beft time cf fotoing tbcm, Paiiadius rccBoncty to be £D(tob*r, 
ano j3oucmbcc : tt;is ZZrx is tljoogrjt to be a nouriujer of all 
tl)at is foiueti unocr it SEb^ pitrb tree is ealleo in Ratine Picca, 
111 Jtalian Pcrzzo , in ^>paniQj Pino negro, in SDuici) Rotdarj- 
nenbaum : but 3 come note to ftje Cberie. £Etje Ctjcrp tree, Thc chc ° 
in Bftaltati^e Cree Ccrafo, tf)e fruit Ccraic, ano Circgic,ui &>pa* llcucc - 
mft) Ccrez >, anO Ccreza, in if cencf) Cerilicr , anO Cerife,in S)utcfj 
Kirsba jm, Kcrlcn : tt)C JEree is eafic to be planteo, if tbe fton:s 
tie but caff ab:oao,t&ep frill groU) Uutt; great encreafe : fucfj is 
tbcir fojtearOncffe in grotoing, tliat trj: Crapes o; fuppo.zters of 
Clincs, being maoeof Crjcrrie tree, arc commonlp feeiie to groUi 
to be 2Crees. Ebep ace graffiO upon trje ^lome Cree,&pon bis 
otone ftoclse, bpon the plane SErce, ntiDon tlje 3i5;amble, but 
beft bpon tl;c ioilDe Ci)erie,it topetb in being graffco,ano bea< 
rctt) better fruit : if pou grafts tfjem upon tbe Elme,pour SCree 
fliall beare in trje&p.zing : tbetime of gracing, is eptbertoben 
tberc is no (3 amine Upon trjem , 02 toljcn trjebuinme rjatfj left 
cunning. SC&ep remooue ttjc luiloc plant, citrjer in SHtober 0; 
#ouember,tbattr)efirff of Blanuarp 02#eb2uarp,to(Kn it&atjj 
taken roote, it map be graffco upon. Martiall fooulo b wc pou 
graffc it in tr)e ftotkti butinoeeott pjofptoet&betfecjbringgrafr 
feobettotrt trjebarfce ano trjc teooo. Stoeligbtctb to be fet in 
txpe trenches, to rjaue roome cnougr), ano to be often oiggeo a* 
bout, jt louctlj tobauetbetoitrjeeeobofo rgnttmiaUpcutatoap: 
it grotu ctb beft in coloe places, ano fo rjatetb dung as if it be la pa 
about tbcm, tr)e? grotu to bee wiloe : it is alfo planted of tbe 
flips, ano toiil beare bis fruit toitbout Hones s if in tfje fetting of 
the fet pou tunic ttjc upper cnoootonetoaro. €)ttjers lutU tljaf 
trje free being pong ano ttoo footing!;, be flit ooUmeto the noot s 
ano tbe pttbtafeen out of botb floes, ano iopneo together , tlje 
Teams* clofe bouno about,ano couereO liutb Ooung : toWb ^it'i)* 
in a prercafter, Uibenit is toell gretoen,tbeponggraffes (frljtcfj 
i>it^crto l)aue borne no fruit) if pou graffe tbcm , Unllbcaie 

9b 3 -Cbcrif« 

The fecondBooke, entreating 

Gutties tottljcut Irenes , as Martiali fapty. £Cf>ere are fun* 
D?p lunoescf Ctjencs (as Plmic repo?tetlj, oj Apromanus) ttjat 
arc teDDrr trjrn tfje rcff, A<5t;anus, as blacfce as a cole: tDtjicfc fcina 
in Occmamepct at fyis Da? trjcp call Acklifchc kirfen, Cclicians, 
trjat are rou.20. PHoie in fpcafctng of tyc fun$?p fe.:ts,p?efcrrctrj 
t\}£ Duracins, UJijicrj in Campania tljep toere toontcD to call Plini. 
ans. anD a little after l?c faitlj } opon tfjebanhes of tlje l*!)ine,tf?cre 
greto alfo Kcrfis, of colour bctlatjrt blacfee, reD, aria greenc, like 
trje 3uniper berics,Uirjen t?>epbe almottripe : in to&icfj t&e com- 
mon fo:t of boBea fjaue Terrus fo: Kcrfis amongff ttje <&sv* 
manes : fo; Piimc , iuljcrcas in man? places tjee trfurpctfj trjg 
E>utcfj hio.jts,as in trjc p. 10. 1 7. ana 18. booac, ana in Diuers 
otrjcr piaece,fcorjiit) being not teerffeaD |of tlje lUfines, cam* 
altogether co;rupteo to tfce poSrcrttieXtjerearc alfo 13ap <fyu 
ries, grnffeo at tfjefirlr in rrjcl3ay, anorjauea p?etp pleafant 
btttcnuffe : at tfjis Dap, ttje fmall Cartes are befteffeemea, 
grouping bpon a loto buty foifrj fyoit ttalaes, rouua fruit, ano 
tocrp rea, muclj meat, Tofranil full of iitonr. 3t is fato frjep Ml 
beare bcrptimelp, if pou lap ilime about trjrm : if is g©D to ga* 
tf)ir trjem off cn^rjat tfjcp to^icf? pcu l»are ttje greater: 
fo; fetting a«D planting of Ctjeries , pou map reals* a great foji 
of rules in f be gatherings of Conftamine. SEtjcre arc alfo fonn& 
afetnDcof Cljerricsgrototng toiiae in foe SSlooas, ano ^eege* 
rctoes, tPifrj little berles, fome reoae, fome altogether blacfce, 
\j$it\) trjc Jrarmcrs in tfje vTeuntrep Doe bfe fo? fo fatfe ffceir 
FW t^ogs luittiaiL K%i piome free in 0recfee juwau/wrtoct jje fruit 
H^KA^AiX, in Marine Prunus ano Pruna j in Italian Prune ana 
Succiui , in £>panii9 Cirudo , ano ciruda, in ifrencji Prune , in 
iDuttfy Prapraep, it is planted from t£e mioaleof 823infcr>tiUfrje 
3Des of ^cbjuacp : but if rou fet trjc ffoncs at trjc fall of t*)e 
leafe,let it be cone m^cuember, in a gcoo anD imiloto grouna 
t too banafuls Deep c : tbcpmapbchkcUufefet in irebmarp,but 
ttjen tljcp mnft be £*pr& in ipe trjjs oaprs, tljat trjtp map toner 
fpjing : fljepare alfo planfeD cf tf}epcung'fets tljat groin from 
t&e beap of frjc trce^eptfjer in ^anuatp,o; in t|jc beginning of ire* 
bj«arp,f rje rcjtcs being ftel couereD toit^j Dnngitljep p;ofper tctt 
in a ciei) ana a r»6?u: grouna, ano in a 1 oloe Countrep : f rjep are 
graffea tetosratijeenocf^atc^ ana bitter in tjjeclouenaocfee^ 



of the ordering of Orchards^ ji, 

tym in file bathe, o? elfe in Blanuarp, before tfjc (Wartime bestit 
to D:op out : tt is €>raflfeD fapeu Ijjs otone ftoc&c.tlje peael) ano 
rbe illmono. SCtjcrc are funD;pfQ2ts of plomcs, totjereof ttje 
JBDamfonis tljep2iuctpail,iopingin a DjpgrounD, i m a ijot coun? 
rrep,ano is gcaiteD as ffcc etfcec piomes arc. SCtiere are Diucrs 
colaureD J9IomiS,to!)ite,blatBc,purple,anoreD: W:;Cht glomes, 
ano t£3:fc piomes,fojjeretoitf) tljep bfe to fat ^ogaXfje finger 
ptainesare waft cammenDeD, being aflengtij, a mane finger, 
fo&ie& arcb:ougljtbntQDS from Bohemia ano Hungarie.anoiu- 
luns,ano Nobcrdians.uetng bleUun colour,but later "2Cf)eSDanv 
fens are DtieD in the £>unne bpon iiattifes,licaDSj02 in ait ;©ucif, 
tome Doe Dip tym befoze,eitber in featoatcr , o.:tn Bztnc , anD 
after Dzie tljcm. &be |0eac^ tree , called lit Ratine Pafica, in The 
Italian Perfco ( in &paniu) Durafuo , t^ep arealfo calico Rhedo- peach 
cina, ana Dorocina, ozDurarinajfo&ereQft&ere are f oar e ntnses; Trc* 
but t(je cbiefeft are t&e Duracins , ana t&e 0bzicot s : in $ouem* 
feer tn |?ot Countries, ana in atfjers in January, t!;e Hones are 
f o-fce fet ttuo fot afunDer in tocll Djeffeo-grounD , f ^at lu^en tfjc 
potmg trees are fpiong up, ty*? map be remoueD : but in the fet* 
ting pou mutt fit tij e iarpe eno oownefoarD, anD let fycm &anD 
f U) 3 oz tf>:<e fingers in tfje ground : Imjercfoeuer t|rcp grotu^tfjej? 
reioyce moft in tearrpgrounDs,tofncfjgrounoif poutoanf,lortte 
rfjat pau foatec fycm abunDanflp, fo $all pou fjauc great fto:c of 
fruit, some foouID fjaue tfytin fet in fiot countries, anD fanDp 
grounD: torjeccbp tyzp fap,tbeic fruit tuill longer enDure: tfje btu 
tct tout alfo trjc fruit be, if asfcone as you rjaue eaten ttjem, vm 
fet f be ftone, fof ttj font e part of tfjc f rut t cleaning to it : it is graft 
frocirrjer onfn'mfclfe, tijc #lmonD, o; tbe plometrce. HDrje 
Apples of Armenia^: a&zfcot, Datfj farre ercell ttje peacrj, ufcD Thc AB * 
as a great Daintte amang j^ablemeu, anD muclj ocficco of tfje cou ' 
fickc: tljcy arc beff graffeD intfje piemc, as trie |3eacb in the au- 
nt one free; tlje faireff grants t&at grata ncrt tlje baop of tlje tree 
are febcecfjafen anD granxD in Januarp , az jfebzuarie, in colD 
countries , anD in ijioucmbcr in ^ot : fcn. tt pou tane tr;ofe trjaf 
gcotointbe top,tbcptuiil cptrjernotgroiii,ojiftl;epgr3to 3 not 
long enoure.pouujaU inoculatc,oj tmbuDt^em in 3p::ll o: ii$ap, 
t|je Hoche being cut aloft, anD manp young buDDes fet in : neU 
V)tv rattft pou fuffer t^em to tfano nerp farre one from tip aff>e.r, 

^ 4 -W 

The fccond Bookc, entreating 

tbaf tt)ep map tljc better Oefeno tbemfcJues from tlje Ijcat of ffje 
&unw. %\)i jfrcncbmen,ano our (Baronet*. alfo, after ttje31ta' 
lians opcr , oot graife tljs ftbtitet , taking a graft (not full a 
finger long) c: tbe bi;0 tbat to Uiellfljot out,foitb a little of tlje 
rino at cflf,an:i fitting tij: rmo of a pong plomc tux ccoffttoifc 
tljcp attorn tn,btn-ing tlj;m foell about toitb ^empr,o^ SEoluf, 
ano ttjat in tl;. enoo' 3une,o?in 32ulp,ano #ugutt. &omctbinfce 
t^p Uull be uo, if tyep be either graffcD in tbe plane tree , oj 
I>uu i\cf:Sf t tonDcrneatb tbcm : ttjcp \nill alfobcc figured, o? 
ior.tten uyf feauinoapes after trjat pon bauc fct ttje Conc 5 tt^en 
it bcgiiwetb toopen,poutahe out ttjc iacrnctl ano toitb vHcrnit" 
lion,o: anpotber colour pou map counterfeit fobaf peuttuti,afte* 
tfyc (tone elofeo bp about it, ano couerco toitl; Clap, o L : l£oggc s 
oungpeu let it in tbe grcuno. jCtgame, pou (ball [jauc tijem Uutl>- 
out ftoiKB , if pou pierce tl;c SErcc tbo:ch),ano fill it bp U)itrj a 
pinne of eciltiioto , 02 Cornell tree , tyc pitb being ba& out : tlje 
HootcBoftbe Creemuft bccutano^elTeDintljefallof tbelcafe, 
ano Doungco tu:rtji bis otone leaues : pou u)all alfo at ttjis time 
piovnc tbem, anoriooctljem of all rotten ano oeao bams, 
3if trje£rcep?ofper not,pofo;$c,bpont$e rootest&c&ecsof oio 
• Wline mtngto teitlj taster*, flgainft t[)e Ijeat of tbe&unne 3 
Ijrare top tbe eart|» about t&em,toatcr it in f&e euening, ano fya> 
oofa tbem a* Uiell as pou map, 0gainft tbe frctts, tap on tung 
encugb , 0: tbellees offline meOleo toitfy toater, cjluattr 
toberein Beancs Ijaue beene foboen : if it be liurt tuitb tooinie*, 
oi ft cb baggage, potoje on ftttje Wneijf^DrenmeOleo tout) a 
ttyro part of flUinegar. 
The Date. &h s SDatc fcee, in 3tal<a». in Hat me, anb in Canity Palma, 

(ni?ientl) A/ bordc Dates, mjjDiltilrDjdeienbaum: tljcfruitin 

Ratine Pal mulatto Hfalian DatoJun £>pamttj Dattiles.m irrencfc 
DarrcMti3Dutc$Da&dcm,ttgrofaet!n'n a milo grauciipgrcunD, 
ano ocligbtetfj in a toatrp fople: f tbcugb it Oefiresfo baue toater 
all ttje 1. are long . pet in aojp rare it beans t\)c better : tberr# 
fo?c fomc tfyinkc tbatEung is bur tful bnfo if. a bout tbc ifftucrNi- 
lus.f in tbe CaapartSjitgroluetb pltntecuap^bereastljeptjfe 
fomafcebefb TOneanol&jeaD of it: ibis STree in Europe (to* tbe 
meff part)!s barren 5 tbcugb it be plantco of manp fo; nout If p faae. 
E&e fionis !»f tetts are planteo in trenctjes of a cubit inoept|> 


ofthe ordering of Orchards. j3 

attD bjeaM^tbe trench filleD tip againe tmtb anp manner of Dung, 
erecpt dSoatcs Dung : tycn in tye miooeft of ttje bcape fct pour 
ft ones (o as tfjc uprpcr pare ftanD fcptoaro : otljcrs tooulo Ijnue 
ftftanD totoarDtbe ®a3 : ana aftcr,tobenmtf tbcpbauefpjincfc* 
leD hereon a little &alf,tbcpcouer tyemUrity eartfj, toell mcD* 
IeD toit^ Dung : anD euerp Dap tootle itfpjingctb, tfjcp Untcr it : 
fame rcmouc it after a pieces grototlj , ott>cr let it grew till it be 
great. $ojcouer, becaufe it oeligtjtctb in fait grounD, rfje rajtcs 
mutt bcDicffeO eueeppcere, ano fait tfcottmetoponttjem : ano fo 
U)M it quicalp groto to be a great Cro;. Me hct& are not p;c* 
fentlp to be put in ttjc grounD, but firff to be fetin earthen tyots, 
ano toljen fbep baue tafecn rote , to be remoucD. &>atc Km& 
Ijauc fncfj a Delight one in tlje otljer,tbat tl;ep benD tbcmfclucs to 
foueb together ,*anD if n>p grote alone, tljep tuare barraine. 
Cbep areplanteD (aaPlimc fait!)) of rfje bjancbes, tUw €ubitc* 
long, groining from tfic top of ttjc %m : alfo of tf)c flips anD Ou 
uer*. CbefamePhnieaffirmetb, tl>at about Babylon, n)eben? 
leafe fif ttbe fct; oottj groto; 

T h r. a. 3rremcmbecpoufolomeonee,tbe&p;unganD&ef< 
*nce tliat gromtfb out of tfje rcotes of fome 2Dree0,toillt)erp toell 
be piantco. 

M a r. i v sj tolD poubcfo?e,ftjatDiuersof ffce SCr&s foljerc* 
of 3 fpake, migfjf be planteD of tbe bianeljes, ana ofttjc &tim* 
res, fjauing fome part of tfyc locate plucftcDtip toitf) ttjem : anofo 
df faiD t&e Cberrie migljt be planteD, as alfo ttje ^afcll, flje Hau* 
rcll, tbe ®wtell, ano ttje ^calar : lifcetoife tlje faicrft b?ancbcs 
flippco off,anD nje ciim a little b?uifeD,anD tbmft into tljc grounD, 
commonlp Doe grototo be Crees, as imp felfebauctrieDbotljin 
f&e ^utberp, tbe pcarotrce , ano ttje applcrtrct* £>ne ttjing 3 
lnill aD3ebeffoe» tyzt ttje SCrees tljat bcace fruit once Ijaffiip, Doe 
citfjer neuer come to tljeir iutt bignctte , o? ttje fruit that ttjcp 
bcace , ooti) neuet long emmrc : thereof 3 ttjinfce fp?ang fit ft lato of Moifes,tt)at fruit SCra6U>oulD fo? ttyti v&rw be cot;n^ 
tcD t)ncircumcifeD,ans trjctr foje^innes toitl) tljeir fruit,(rjculo be 
circumcireD: tljatij5,tf)cburgcnsanDbloffomr6 fboulo bcp'udscD 
off, ICviftbeu^DulDbearc before tyttimc > o? Inljcnbc batl)b?2nc, 
l£Dfrf>:s fruit; but Ife&pc ?ou t©-long in t|je Dcfcribiiig of ms 

T H R. A* 

The fecond Booke* entreating 

Thu, :©no, 31 rather (Mnleff 3 beatepou) imagine mp 
fcife to be amongtt tijcm , planting ano Vetoing cf tfyuc fruits ; 
but note remained ttjaf in ffenb of a conclufion to pour tali>c,poa 
Declare- tfje o;Dcr of pjeferufag tbem , to tbat cno fpcciallp, t&at 
tfjafe things tyzt ace appointeD fin ccmeop (being not euclp, o; in 
time abminiftrcD : be not rather aburtj tben abetoc. 

Mauvs. f^our motion isgtob : ^irfftbercfo^anD gene* 
callp, Dunging anD lustring is neeDfu II fo: fruit 2Crcts 3 a bcrpfete 
ereepteb : ano focrcm fceeDe mn&be taken, tfjaf pou ooe it not m 
ttjc tjeate of tbe .^unne, anD tbat it be neither to neto, no; to olD : 
h either mutt it be laioe clofe to t£e fore ef rtjc Crec, but a little 
Dittaiiceof , f battle fatneffe of tbe oungmapbe o;unfce in of tbe 
rote, pigeon? lung, and ^egges Dung,Doe alfo bcale tbe butts 
o: teounos of &r&*. &&e tester tntjecrlcttf) toe toater tbcm, 
mutt not be jFotmtaute toatcc > o: SSell toater , if ot|ec map be 
bao , but DjaUwe from fome muDDte llaue > ox trancing pale. 
$f)o?eouer, pou mud fahe ijsee, ss 3 alfo folo pou befczej teljen 
toe began totalise of planting of an ®;t\)axv) tbat pour SErees 
Ca«D a gob Dtttance a funtier , tbat iotjen tljep are gtoftwe bp, 
tbep map rjauc ram e enough tofp?eao,anb tljat tyc Dnall ano f en* 
Der, be not butt of tbegreafcr 3 neif^er bv $aoccto 3 no:Djoppuig< 
&omc fooulo banc pomegranate Strees , anD ipp;te!0, anD 
Bates , fee as ttjicnc rcgef rjet as map be, not pairing nine fete a 
funoer : anD lifeetoifc Cberrp trees", plumb trees , Cmintts, 
3pple trees , anD $&eare trees, tbirrie fote anD mo;e a fonbrt : 
euerp Coztmuff ffanD bp tbemfelues, tbat (as 3 faiD) fbe toeabcr 
be not b«rt of tbe greater, &be nature of tbe &ople, is Jjcrsut 
mote to beregarDeD : fo: tbe i^iilrequirefb to bane tytm ffano 
neerer together , mfoinop plaees pou mnft fct tljem tbe tbiefeer* 
Sbbe £>liue (as Cato fatty) woulD baue fine f ttoentfc fort cittance 
at tye Icatt. pou muff fct pour plants in fucb M as tfje tops be 
not burf ,o? b?uifeD,no; f be bar'ae,o: rinec flamcD off: fo; tyc barfce 
shadow feeing taken afoap rounc about , bille ty anp feinD c ef Crce. pou 
of Trees. mv & a ifo baue a regarD cf the flpDDoU) , tobaf trees belpety, anD 
tofyat trees it burfcty. SDbe Walnut tree,tbe pine treejtfje ppf clj 
tree, anD tbej?irre free , tobatfoeucr t&epfl&a&Dofo, tbep popfon* 
f^be u>ioboto of t\)t tualnut tree , ano t^z jS>afeeis fjurtfulUo 
C«?ane;t|je Walnut tree tuitj Ih's «>d^o1m alfo 3 is ^uttfull to mens 


of the ordering of Orchards . j 4 

&ea*$ y ano to all tbings fyat is planfeo neere if. E#e pine tree 
ioitb Ijis flfjaooto lifeetoifc ocffropctb poung p!ants,but tbepbotlj 
rcGft tlje toinoe , ano tfjercfo^e goo to cnclofe Slineparos. £Dbe 
Cppjeffe 3 t>i0 fyaoofo is toerp (mail, anD fpjeaoetb not farre, SCbe 
fljiDoto of tye jftgge tree 10 gentle, fyougtj it fpjeao farrc , ano 
tjjercfoje it map fafelp euougb groto amongtt Clines.Cbe Olmc 
free, tys tyaOoto id alfo miloe 3 nouriu>:ng tobatfoeuer it couerctfj. 
SC$c plane tree tljougrj it be tbicKe anbgroOe, is pleafant. SCtje 
poplar batl) none, bp tbe reafon of tbe foauermg of bis leaues. 
SCljc Slbcr tree barb a ttjtchcfl)aooto> bat nourittjing to W neigb* 
boms. SCfje tatnesis fuffictent fo: ijimfelfc, ano tbe mouing of 
fjrslcafe, ano often fl).iUing,tempeccfb tbe fjeafe of tbe £>unne, 
ano in great raine teell couererb it felfe. &be waooto of all ttjofe, Dropping 
is commonly miloeano gentle tbat baue long ttalaes:tbe Dropping of Ttecs ' 
of all Crees is nought, but foojtt of all tfjofc , foljofe bjancbes 
groto fo as tljetoater cannot teaoilp paffef^ouglj : foj tbe o:ops 
of tbe pine 3 ti)e j2Dahe,ano tlje spaffbotme, are mett fjurtfull, in 
iuljofc companp pou map alfo fafeetlje Walnut : tyt Cpp:elTefas 
Plim'elaitrj) fjuctetf) not, ^o?eouer,p?opningano cutfmg,is toerp Groyning. 
goo an&neceflarpfo; tciies>toberebptlje ocao f toitbereobougbes 
are cut afoap, anD tyt unprofitable b?ancljes tafecn off: but to 
moine tljem eucrp peere is naugrjt , tbougb tfje 3ainetequiretb 
cutting cuerppeerc : anoeuerp otber peere 3 tl;e ^pjtill,tbe pome* 
granate,ano tfje &>liue, tobertbptbeptoill tfyt Tamer beare fruit : 
tbe others mutt be tbe feloomec p?opneo. 3Mtne frees moft be 
p?opneo in tlje fall of tlje leafe , after tbe fetffng of tbe feauen 
ttarres : ano firtt, tbcp mutt be toell Dunged, as a beipe againtt 
fbeir burrs. f?ou mutt cut atoap all tbe olo rotten bzancfjes tljat 
groto in tbe miDDett 5 ano fuel) as groto tbicfee, ano are fanglco fo* 
getter, ano all tlje toater bougbes, ano unprofitable branches a* 
bouttbem 1 t\)t oloe ones are to be cut clofc to tbettocBc 3 from 
tobence tbe neto fpjings tutil arlfe. £>carifping alfo 0? launcing 3 fs forifymg. ■ 
tocrp tofjolfome fo: r';c trees, Uiljen tbep are fcretneo luitb tljeir 
leaues, t otuuffe ofttjetr barfees : at1»bicb time toe bfefo launce 
tlje barfce luitrj a u^arpc hntfe , rat frngit ttraigbt botonc in manp 
places : turjict), to^at gajo it oorb , appearetb bp tlfc opening 2nd 
gaping of tbe rinSe,tobicb is ffrafgbtartaies fillco top iortbtbebo* 
Dptonoerneatlj. |^ju mutt alfo trim ano ojeffe fN rotes of pour 


The fccond Booke, entreating 

AbhquM- Cras after trjis fo;t : |&ou mutt open tye grounb rounb about 

non. tbem,trjattbepmapbecemfojteDfoitbtbeU)acmtb oftbes>unnr, 

ana tbe raine, cutting atoap all tbe rctcstbat runnc uptoaro. 

Remo- -^e tras tbat pou remoue,mutt bemarfceOto&icb,toaptt)eptt©D 

ning. at tfjC fittt : fOJ fa realty Virglil : 

And in the barkc they fet a figne, 

To know which way the Tree did grow: 

Which part did to the South enclme. 

And where thcNorthernc blaltcsdid blow. 

0lfo poti mutt conftDcr to ell tbe nature of n)e &ovlc, ffjat pok 

rrmouc out of a d:ic grotmo, into a mopft % and from a batratne 

bill, to a moitt #laine > ano rather fatte, ttjen otbertoife. SCtjs 

poung plants being tljusrcmoueD, mutt in tbe fecono ourjirD 

pore be pzopneo , leautng tttU about tyia 02 fouce b:ancb'es on* 

toncljeD, foujall tbept&e better gcoto: t bus mutt pou tofuallp Doc 

euccie otrj cr rare. E b e o^ f ra tee remoue Uutij tfje tops cut oft, 

atio tbe cotes tnpcrt^cD, turjicb mutt be bclpco initrj often sung* 

t'ng anD toatering. 8pplc*fras tbat bleffomc ano bcareno fruit, 

02 if it bearc, tfjcp fo oainlp fall atoap, pou ft>i 11 rem coic bp flitting 

of tfje rojte,ano fluffing in of a ftone, 02 a tomDOrn tocDge. jSllfo 

if pou toater pour 2Cras Uutrj o?inc tbat is oloe, it greatlp auai* 

letb fas t&epfap) faottj fo: tbe fruiffulneffc, ano pleafantncffe ef 

when tbe fruit. 3f tbe Cree Decap bp reafon of t^t great tjeate of ttje 

uccsbcarc ^uHne, pou mutt ratfetbe earth, about tt , ano toater t^c rates 

hold not CDCr P m W 3 fetting fcp fome Defence againtt tbe g>unw?, Co 

th«r trait, eaufe t^etr frnte to be euricfelp ripe, pou mutt met tbe little rates 

a remedie. toitb tKinegar, ano C32inc tbat is olo e, eouc ring tbem again c luitrj 

earth, anfc oft Digging about tbem. SbeEfcinc of men, if it be 

kept tfo& 0; foure monctbs. orb in oncer full much gmo to plants, 

tofjicb if pou bfc about EUnes, 02 0pplctras, it Doth not onelp 

tying pou great enereafe , but alfo giucn) an errcllrnttatt ano fa< 

uouciotb to the fruit ano the tuinc : poumapalfo bfe ttjic mother 

ofople,fucbas istoitbeutfalf , tofbefameuurpofe, teUtt> bctb 

mutt fpo.Dt.lp be bfeb in Winter. 

Thh. Me fa t^at frc&s ano miffs, toe oftentimes great 
harme to Eras, bane pou anp rcmeDp againtt if t 

M a r 1 v s. iTgainft fcottsano mitts, pou mutt lap fcp*oun& 
about pour £>;c$iarD, little faggots maoc of (tallies, rotten 


of the ordering of Orchards. ^5 

bougbes, o? ffraw,tebtcbfoben tfjc froffs,o? miffs arife, map be 
kmoico , tic fmoaae tofjereof auopOetb tlje Danger. &on mutt 
folic alfo ojie Dung amongft pouraaines, tobic!) ^ l{ K" tfjcfroft 
t's great, pou map fee a fire : t(;c fmoafee whereof Difperfcrlj tljc 

Thu. WM\>M fffbeCrees be ficfce,anD p:ofpemot/ 

Marivs. S23!jent^epb3ueanpficfeneflre,tl)ept)fe to police 
tjpon tbe UcDtcs tbe Hits of UUmz minglco untb toater, ano to 
foto Hupmes rouno about tbem. Cbe toater alfo tobertin &u* 
pines baue beene Too, polmeo rouno about, id berp goo fas PJinie 
faitbJ foj&pple trees. 

Thu. SJrees are oftentimes alfo fyuxt toitb foojmes. 

M a r 1 v s. jfpour SCras be troubled toitb toomtes, tbere 
are oiuers rtmeDics,fo; the fupce of 3ffltto:mctoa)D Deffropetb tl;c 
Catcrptllers. Khz fcDcso;graine 3 tbat arcfttxpeo in tijetupcecf 
Jfeengreene, o?l^o«fc!ctfee 3 are alfo fafe from anptoojmes: alfo 
&u)es minglco toitb tbe mother of £Dple, 0? tbe ffale of an £>re, 
meoleo toif b a tgiro part of Vinegar. o?o:eoucr, tbep fap, trjat 
trjc SCras trjaf ace fmoaheo toitb is.zimttonc, 0; time, are fafe 
from bucrfullbermine: Galbanum lifeetoife butnt bpon tfjr eoales , 
0:wetl) tJjcm atoap. Cbe biases alfo of uFarlichc , tl;e fjcaos be* 
tog off, fo burnt (as tfje fmoaUe mat? pafTe tbjeugb tbe £>jcbarD) 
Dotb Oeffrop t\)t Caterpillcrs: fomc mingle 3>03tcUjitbfl;efoDs a 
ano fpjmcfcle tfyztn toitb toater. Democntustojifetbjtbatatoc' 
man in ber bncleaneneffe, bngirf, ano bcr Ijatrr Ranging about 
bcr ujouloers, if Hjc goe barc^fcotc rouno about tbe place, tt)e Ca* 
rcrpillers toill pjcfenflp fall : but prrbaps 3 trouble you toitb 
tbis tcotous, 0; longDifcourfcof^carus, piants,anD 2Erees,and 
fbcrefo^e tbougb ttjere be muti^ mojeto be fpoisen of, lsatt% 
ftjaulD fame to ouer*toearic pou, 3 mill make an eno, 

T h r a. trouble * no, pcu bauc Done me a ffngutar grea£ 
pleafure, in Declaring bnfo me tberigbto;oeringofa<ISacDcn, 
ano an £Djrbaro, tobicb not tb iougblp entrcateo of bp ot^ers,rou 
fjauebjicfelp, ano petfedty, fo our great cemHtotitie Oefcribeo, 
&no tobercas poubaue largclp fpoUen of our 2Drees -at bome, it 
rematnetb fo? pou to fap fornetbiug of tbe oifpofing of ©Emos. 
St toas mp cbaunce fo pafe pcfteroap,bpa great WLcd* of Wafers •> 
ano Coppiffe, planteb in beepgeoo ojoer, ano ijaro bjf 3 a S&ill oto 


ThcfecondBooke, entreating 

Cftouebpou tl)c fine of a Utuer, 'crcdlcntlptBell o:cerco 3 Inhere 
the Jficloslnere cnclofeo rouno about fcoit| great eimcs 3 to[nci 
greatly beauftfietb pout otoelltng , ano pcelo (3 iuarranf J no 
fmall p:ofit : Bj trj crcfoie gceatir &efire to tjcare fcmctljtRg of tit* 

M a r. i v s. JCiougitf befoffiouf mp conenanf,attD fyaf pott 
ocmauno mo# tien 3 p?omtfc& , ?ct fine*, pou fo?ee me 3 3 totll 
notrefufett, leatt pea $culo titnfee 3 UjopIh faile pou tii anf 
Of Weods titng* 0S tOUCimg 82Sa>00, Ancus Martius (80 Pctrus Crinitu* 
imftef i j foas f tj c fi rfl m Home tfjat euer Dealt tn fyem : ti>e oloe 
Jraticriao altoaiea afpecfall regaro of 8QU0&0 » ktyerefoje vir- 
gin (Mi:. 

If that of Woods I frame my Song, 

Woods vnto Princes doc belong : 

If that of Woods I lift to fing, 

Woods may full well befeeme a King. 

3t teas ojoameo bp tie Romanes a tljat tie Contois u)outo 
iaue t^e charge of tie C&eds , fiat the re tyoulD no SCpmber be 
banting fo: butloing of f^oufes, ano aitps, and otrjer SCpmbrr* 
itio:fees,boti publtque, ano pjiuafe. £~ie ffate of Venice at tit* 
sap, obferueti tlje fame o:ocr , point mg a p?uia:e CrTtccr fo; 
tietr W(bh > teio iati tn charge as well fo fee to tie peered 
planting of tiem,asfo let tfjat fierebe wanting no £pmbcr,fo* 
tietr nceetfarte tsfes. ffiie £&«D fiat pou tola me pou paffeo bp s 
is of ©aues 3 Beeches, ano otier {*paft trees: fome part ferutng 
fo? 2Cpmbec, ano otier fo; fan ell. £>f tbefe therefore tut U 3 n'eff 
begin f fprabcano tljen offline Cooties, ano tcn'lloiu cs 3 fome 
of them be fo»loe 3 anO groin of tiemfe!ues,nof neeDtng anp Imfemg 
fOjbut fuci, as oatlp erpertence licinrs, are nothing fo gcoo, as 
tiofetfjatarcplantco. £$©ds 3 ano f-oixtfts, doc cljtcfelp com 
0ff of ^afee 3 Beeci,ifp?re free, 25pjcie 3 ^foe, ptfci tree, *paff* 
iolme, Cozfee, Moe 3Dltue, 3peoIar 3 £rab>tr«, juniper, Co^ 
ncllj ano pp:nc : otier COfcoos iaue of icr trees, acco;oing to tie 
nature of tie grouno. Oc great CamD of i^artcftealo tn <£5cr* 
manie 3 asitnumctifb?ougi otuers Countries, bearrti fn fome 
place onelp £Dafee 3 in others B«ei,fti otiers Jfpjres.STieiFoj* 
-reft otflroerne fo? tie motf part beareti 3Daue: Montificdlo, 
jttarft), $ p?re 3 Cornell^ ano ICamarice, Monte D.s.Gothardq, 


of the ordering of Orchards. y 6 

great afeounoanee of Cfjeffnut trees. SLIjefe toilder fo;f, tijeugb 

fyev groto of tbemfclues, map pet fe>ellbcplanted,if pou baue 

mecte ground of tfje flcozne,anD tf)e ISerr? : cacbof tljem liaetlj 

fomc one feinde of ground better ttjen another, as firtt Thcophra- 

ftus, and after Plinie ljatt> declared. 3n tlje mountaincs Dcligbtetb 

tbe irp;retreMbe€cdar,tI)e Jlarfy, tlje pirelj tree, ana fuel; an 

beare KoCne : as alfo tfje ^oime, t&c STcrcbinfl), ttjc Cfjcftnut, 

tlje $paftbolmc,tbe £Da&e, tye Biectj, tfje Juniper, tfje £o?nell, 

and tfje SDoggctree: tfjougb fome oftfjefe alio p;ofpcr iocll t* 

nougfj in tbeplaine. We if p;re, tfje 3Dafce, tfje <LtyVLrw t, tbc 

irpzrebceefjjtfje ^aft&olme, ano tfje &o;nell,groto as toellin tlje 

u"illctvscn tije fountain e:l)pon t[jc piainespou fliallfjauetije 

EDamarir, tIjeCSlme, tfje poplar, tfjeCMloto, tfje !£afell,ttje 

Walnut, tlje ^omebeame, tlje ^aple,tbe #fljc, and tijeHSeccfj. 

|^ou (ball not ligfjtlp foe tije §9himb tree, tye #pple, f Ije foilde ®* 

liue, no; tfje eaalnuf, topon tbe spounfainej all fuc|» as grofo as 

tuell in the plame, as bpon the $&ountalne 3 are larger, and fateec 

to tfje ese, gretoing in t&e Elaine, but are better to? flCpmber, 

anD fruit, t>pon tlje ^ountaine, crcepf tbe peare, and t&e 0p# 

pie, fa* Thcophraftus faitfjO 3n sparrfuj ground dcligbtertj tlje 

SSZillofo, tijeaider, tbe §aoplar,and tljeP;iuet!. 0no aittiougfi 

tlje moa Cclmoes Ooe fp;ing of tbeir ofo nc nature ano acco;o, pel 

aretbei? bp planting, labour, ano oiugenre, b^ougtit to b« a 

great deaie mo:e fap;e and fruitfull: fo:, as aio;e 3 told pou 

bote fruit trees are ncurifijeo anD Inougljt bpin3!mpe Careens j 

fo are tljcfe twice and fruitletfe trees fet an* planted fo; Cimbrr 

ano ft etoell . ^c tljat is oifpofed to plant a Moo, mutt fieff, ac 

rowing to bis Topic? eljasfe b:'sfets : and tf be fjaue tycm not fp;in> 

ging of btf otone,let tjim mafcean HmpeCarden of tbe feedes^ 

clofing Uiell t^e ground Iwrlj I^eogr, Kamptrc, 0? jbifeb, leafi 

^>rjecpe, Ceates, 0; anp otber CattelUome in to bite and ujcbjc 

ft : fo; tobatfoeucr tljep fjaue onee bitten (as it Inere infeeted 

Uu'tb a deaDlp popfonj pcritbetb : and tlj«refo;e tfjofc tfjat tneane 

to plant encodes, epttjer fo; SCimber, if etoell, 0; a?afte, um& 

earefull? p;ouioe againS tbefe bnrf full enemies. SCrje Conntrep 

latoesbaue therein toell p;ouided, tbaf tofjere fuel) &p;in$n are, 

ibev u>all feede no Ctoafes, no; fueb CattelL amongft ttje ®att The Oak« 

^rees, and fuel) as feruc fo; &?mber, the nrtt place of rt'gbt 


The fecond Baoke, entreating 
belonged to tye €>ake , called in Jlatine Quercus , in Italian 

Querela, fo&>pantfl}Roble, in i^ewtjChefnyjin&UfCljEichcn- 
baum, \)t tfjat toill then plant an £>ake ®roue,muffp2outde him 
of ape 3co:ttcs, notoucr»D2ied, no: faultie, 02 anp trap co:rup* 
ten : tljcfe mutt fje foto fn g©D ground todl tilled, tort!) as great 
carefulncffe as &e plants tys £Dut)ard , and tocll cnclofe it, that 
tjjece corns no Cattcll m it : iujjictj f to&en tljep be fomctljing 
grofone) pou mull about ifebjuarie remoue to tlje place toherc 
p. ou intent) to plant pour CO coo : if pou cat ano p:opne tljem, it 
istljougfitfbeptoillpjofpcr tlje better fo; ££ail : butifpoure* 
feme tjjiem foz timber , pou mufi not touch the fops , that it 
map runne top t&effraigjjfcr and ijtgfjcr. 3n rcmouing tfjcm 3 poii 
mull makepour trenches a fajte ano abalfe occpe, coucringflje 
itofes toellfoitfj eartfcj faking god fjaede pou neither buifc them, 
noz bjeake tljem : foi better pou lucre to cut tljem. SClje £)ahe 
agreed toell enougfj \xsify all manner of ground, but pjofperctfj 
the better in sparges, ano toatrp places : if grotoctlj almotl in 
allgrounos, pea tumin grauell ano fand, ereeptit be oucroojp : 
it likctb foajff a fat ground , neither rcfnfcttj if tlje mountain*. 
Wit Ijauc at tfjis oapan £afce in Weftphalia , net farre from tlje 
Cattle of Altaian, folicl) is from the fcote to tlje neerell bom, one 
fjundjeoand tfjt'rtp fcotc, ano tb:ce dies m trjicUncCTc : ano ano* 
tfjer in another place, tljat being cut out, made al;und:eo CKaine 
load? : not farre from fljis place there grew another £>akc of 
f enne pards intbicbne(Te ? but not tierp tjfgfj : the itoucrs in Ccr* 
manie,toere tuonf to bfefo: tfjcir £>btps bollotucd &rces,toljerc¥ 
of fome one fas Plinie faitlj)tooulBearriefljirfiemett. SCtjenert 
Beech amongff t\t $aft trees is tye HBcec!?, in Ratine Fagus, in Italian 
wood. Faggio, in §>panil!j Haya, in if renctj Faus,in SDatclj Buchcn, plan* 
fed almott after the fame manner tljaf tfje ®akc* be. £Ifje 33aff* 
holme in llatine ilex, in Italian fo^ercif is better knofonc Elicc, 
m^>panin)Enzina, in if cenefj Hauffcn : it grotoetlj tjigb, if if 
ijauea ground mcete fo: ft : if piofpercth tip on hi lies, and likes 
not the piaine : it bearcth geontcslcffcr tfjen tlje 3 comes of tlje 
£Dafae, a leafe like a H5ap , and ist continually greene. SCfje like 
fjatlj tlje Co.2kcrfree,m Hatine Subcr, in ^paniflj Alcomoqucfa 
ifrenclj Liege, toljiclj is counted amongff ffcofe tljaf beare spaff, 
the barke tojjcrcof toe occupte fo: tlje flotes of our fiftjing £ ets, 


of the ordering of Woods? j7 

mrt to pantofcls fo? SKUmtcr : all otber frees (faumgonclr. tbe 
C o;hc ,tf you fp o pic tb cm of ttjcic barbe Doe dp c. 3 no tb cc cpaff- 
bearing £DIie tfjcrc ts , calico in Hatinc Quercus (ilucftmm , in 
irrencbChcfne,a fcinDe utyereof fomerbmfce tbeCerrefree to 
bcs calico mllatmcCcrrus.gcolMing in toiloeanb barren places 
SD^ereare tome tljatooe number tbe Cbeffnut tree among ft ti;c 
mutt bearers : but of tyis HI bane fpafcen before* %\)z beft 03aft Mail, and 
fs tbe £>ae $aft,tbenert tbeBactj ano tbcCbcftnuMben tyz his d,ffs - 
fotlbe £>ae, tc. 011 berp gooo and meet fo? tbe fatting of Cafc rencc * 
tcll,fpeciaUp l^ogges. %\>z dDfce $paff,o: Scow* maUetb tbic&e 
Bacon, founD flcfij ,anb long laffing4f it be toellfalfeb anfityieo: 
on $c otber fioc, Cbeffnuts anDBeecb cpaft : maftc ftoartano 
oeifcafc flcflj, Ug'gt of Digcftion, but not fo long lafting. Cfjc 
nerf is the Cerre SDree , tfjat mafcetb tier? found ano ijcoa 
fleu) : SCbc 3&aftbQlme mafcetb pleafant Bacon , faire and 
toeigbtie. PIiniefaitb,tbatittoaso?Dafneobptbe &ato of rijc 
■ttoelue Cables, f bat it ujoulo be latofull fo.: an? man to gather 
ins otone i^aft , falling bpon Hie grouno of bis neighbour, tobic| 
t be e:>ut of tbc cbtcfc jtafticc Doth rl;us inf erp?ctc : tbaf it (ball 
be latofull fo: bim to Doc it tb:ce Dares fogetber, toitfj tfjts p^o* 
uifo, that bee Ml onelp gather t\^t 8cojnes, anoooe no barmc 
to bisncigbbour,as vipunustoitneffetb. Glans^paft (as Cuius 
faptb) is tafcen fo; the fruit of all trees, as Augo'ta, ugmfictb 
toitl) tbz <0reefce,tbougb p^operlp Aa^d^ox, be tbofe fcuits tbat 
are fljcloe, as i£ufs,anD fucb otber. tSpon fbefe $aff bearers 
tberc grotoetbalfo t^z <0ail,fn if rencb Noix dc Galle, in Italian 
an: 8>afeb,as in itatine, in ^bpaniu) AgaIIa,a little Ball, ruggcD 
anobneuen tottfjout, tobereof fomc be imuTie, fome bolloto, 
Come blacfee, fomc tobitc, fome bigge, fomc letter. 3Jt grotoetl; 
fas Plinic faptb) tbe f&unnz riling in Gemini, commonlp all out 
fuDDenlp in one night; in one jap it toar cflj tobife, ano if tbe bt at 
of tbe svimne thru take it,it toitbecetb; t^z blac'ac eontinuetb tbe 
longer, anD gcotoetb fomctimetotbebigneffe ofan flpple:t'befe 
feruetb beft to currp tottball,ano t^z otber to ftniu) tbe &eatber, 
t\)z toojft is of tbe £Dafte : ano tl;us of fucb SLrcrs as beare 
£paft. #oto toill 3 iopne toitball tbe p?iticipaileft of ti)z otber 
SCrecs, to mafte bp pour Mcdsdcs , amongft toijicb are t\)Z 
Clme, ano tbe Mloto ; tbe Cime, in Ratine vlmus,Th«Eim* 

. The fecondBooke, entreating 

hi StaliananD &pani$ Olmo, in j^rcnR Ormc, in 2>ufR vlm- 
baum, ano Yffcnholtz: Replanting totjereof , becaufc it 10 to 
great ofc,anD eattlp grotoes, ioeinap notletpaffe : firtt,becaufe 
it grotocR toell tuiR Re dine, anD mimttrcR gcoD f<BDe to Cat* 
tie : feconoip (as it is allMrtJ it malseR g©D tpmbcr. Theo- 
phraltus ano Plmic Doe boR affirme Re Elmc to be barrame, 
pcrsouc nturt becaufe Re feeocatRefictt eommmgofRclcafc, 
fccmeR to h?£ rjio among tt*c leaues, anD ti)f refoje it is ttjougrjt 
tobefomeofRe leafe (asColumJIaamrmeR.J l£e Rat UjiII 
plant a <D;oue of Elmes , mutt gather Re fceDe callcD Samara , a , 
bout Re beginning of tparcfj,Uit)en it btgimiEtt) to toarc pclloto, 
anD after Rat it tjaR D:pcD in Re Racooto ttno Daies, fctoc it 
fcerp RirfccanD cat! fine fifteD moulo bpon it, anD if Rcre come 
not gcoo ttoje of tame, teater it tocll : after a pecre pou n&v re# 
moucif topourClme C*:oue, fettmg Rem certaine forte a fun* 
Dcr, anD to Re enD Rat Rep raite not t© Deepe , but map be fa* 
feen fcpagame, Rere mutt be bettoirt Rem cerfafne little tren# 
e^es, a forte anD a tjalfe Diftancc : anD on titrate poa mutt fcnit 
u Knot, 0? if Rep be fcerp long , tU>itt Rem lifec a C-arlanD , anD 
feeing UiellnointeDimR Bnllorfees Dung, fet Rem,anDtreaD in 
Re earR rounD about Rem. Etje female Crimes are better to 
be plantcD in Autumnc, beeaufe Rep l>aue no feeDe : at tyis Dap in 
manp places, cutting off &>cfs from Re fatrett eimrs, Rep fet 
Rem in frenctjes , from torjence to rjen Rep are a little grctonr, 
Rep gaRcrliae &zts, anDbp Ris Dealing make a great game of 
Rem : in Re lihe fo?t are plantcD €;oues of allies. £tje 0Oje 
AOigroucs fit Italian Fraxino, in £>pamR Frefna, in Crenel) Fraifne, in 
DutREfchcn : Re £Rc oelig&teRinrierj anD moift grounD 3 antt 
inplainc Countries, Roug^j it groto toell encugtj alfo in Djie 
grouttDS$efp;eaDeR cutl)fs&ortcs&crrfarre> anD Rerrfojcts 
not to befetabouc Co:ne grounD, itmapbe felleD euerp ttnrD 0^ 
fourR peere , fo* to mane ttapes fo; Bints. £Lt)e 3GjegrotoeR 
fcerp faft,anD fuel) as are fo?toarDs arc fct in Jr cbjuariejtotR fuR 
peung plants as come cfRcm, in gcoD tjanDfouie ojDcrttanDmg 
a-roto : oRers kt fuel) &tycs as Rep meanetyall mafec fuppo^ 
tcrs fe? Oarocn Uines, in trenches of a pare olD, about ReCa* 
lenos of Sparc!) : anD before RcRtrtp CrR monettj Rrp touR 
Rem not UuR anp Knifed Re pjefecuing of Re btanfyti : aftrr 


of the ordering of VVoods. jS 

mi#of!jcrpeerefttsp.:opne&, anD mt&effrt peers iopneotoitfj 
tilt mmt : if pou fcfe to cut afoap tbebjanrfjes, tbcp toill gtoto to 
a ben? gcoDlp i)e igfjc, torty a rouno boDp,fmootkplaine, $ ttrong: 
pliniefontetl; of crperiencc^&attlje Serpent Doty foabijozretbe 
affje, ttjat ff pen enclofc lire ano jjiut toir& t(je bjant&cs, be trill 
ratfcer ruane into the fire t\)tn goe tl;2ougrj the botucs. H3p;tfj, 
ealleo in iUtinc BctuU , a* Theophraftu* tojitetl) in ty& fourth 
25ooBe, is a SCrcsoerp meetefoj Mlooos : it pzefpetet!) in coloc 
Countries, froilic, fnotoic ano gcaucllp , ano in anp barraine 
gcoano, totjerefoje t&ep tjfe in barraine grounos, tyatferue fo? 
no otljcr purpofc to plant HBpjc&c* : it is calico in Italian Bedol- 
h , in SDutcij Byrkcn, in ifccncf? Beula. pne Marts, iFpjre 
t2©art>s,ptc&fcee,anDiLarfy,are common in 3 f alp about &rent. 
SDfje \&inz tree in ILatine Pinus, in Italian ano &pant$ Pino, in T h c pj nc > 
^>utc6 Harczbaum, is planfeo of &ts Kernels , from October to 
3(anuarte , in hot ano o;p Countries : anD in colo ano toet places, 
in jfebniarte 0? spaccl) : ttje Kernels muft be gatfjereD in 3une, 
before tfjc clogges Doe open, ano tuyere pou lift to fotue ttjem, ef> 
tfjcrfcpon btlleso.: elfe Utyere : pou mutt ftrff plolu tl;c ground 
ano cad in pour teoc , as peeooe in foluing of dome, ano rouer 
ttjem gentlptoitlj aligfjt^arroln 0? a Kane, notcouering tfjem 
aboue afjano b?oao : pou ujall&ocfoell, if pou lap tl;e Kernels in 
toatcr tb;ce oaies befo:e. W^z Kernels of tye |0ine are calico in 
£pamu) Pinoncs. Cfje JFirretre* tn&afine Abies , in 3taltan Arretted 
Abere, in £>pamn) Abcto,in SDutcb Deamen , louctfj not to &aue 
anp great aooe mao* about it : if pou be to curious in planting 
of it, it foill groin fas tfjep fapj t&e toagfe , it grefoes of l)is 
otone Kcrnell in foiloe ^ountaines, piaines, 0? anp totiere. 2Cbe T , . . 
ptte!) treem Latine Picca. in Italian Pczzo, in fcpaniO) El pino „£ p 

de que fe baza SDUfcf) Rododemem,tS a tree of t\)t BtnDe 
of pines , an^ terp like to tfje pine ftoeafing out fjts fficj en as 
Ije oott) : fojt&ercace fire Kinoes of f(jefe&t>f en trees, tlje pine, 
fbe pttcrj tree, t&eteilDe tyint* tfje ifirre, ttjelLarft), ano tlje 
SCarretree, t!je planting of tfjem allisalifce. SEljetf loer, a tree The Alder 
alfo meete fo* SSfoos, in Hatinc Alnus , in Italian Auno, in 
2Dutcfj Elfen.m iFtcncf) Aulne, it grotoetfj in plaineanomarriu) 
places neere to .^iuers, Theophraflus fatttlj, it pceloetb a fruit* 
full feeoc in tfjc end of Rummer : manp places are commaoioua? 

jp 2 planter 

The fecond Bookc, entreating 

poplar, plant eD lain) poplar, thereof u)ere arc tfoo fotfs., t&e Whitt, 

white and ana ttje XSlacae ; ffje CClbitc tocaUcDfoitrj u)e Italians, Popu- 

blackc. Jo bianco : tcttl) tfjc ja>paniarDS, Alamo bianco j tlje Blache, of 

trje StaltanSf Populo nigro : ofn)eoU)cr,Amalonigrillo : tit 

^rencfj, Pcuplicr : in SbufCj), Peppdcm : it is plant** of tlje 

JBjanctjes anD &cttcu, anD Deligfjtetjj in toatr ic places e? anp o* 

f fjcr grounD 3 it pjcouetb foerp. fafi : n)e blacue Ijatl) tfje ruggecoer 

barfcc, t)ts leaues rounD luetic ijc to poung, anD cojnerco in t)ia 

age, tofjite bnocrneatfj, anD greene aboue. £D&c Spmbrr fcerr* 

of ts ga>D fo? builoings, fpecfallp tuitfjin D( : jite Uioo is 

fo[H'tif& fcuitbin, ana tlje rinse blartufotorjcnce [je fjatij byname* 

Thcophraftus aDDctlja n)irD feinDe, fobicrjfome call tfje poplar 

Willow?, cf Libya 3 anD of trje Alpes 3 ft iiatt) a ruggeo barfee, like t^e 

nulDc perric : a leafc Use 3utc, anD to in colour line a Darke 

gresne 3 fyarpc at tlje one enD> anD bzoaD at t&e otber. SO)C blacfee 

poplar gcotuetrj in great plenttc abont tt»e lofocr parts of tt}e 

Hbpnc : tfjougf) Homer call tr;e C&tlloftia rruitUffetrre,bc* 

caufe b«s fruit turner^ into cobtoebs beftue fyty be ripe : jet is 

tlje foueraigntp giacnijun araongft S&ods tljatace fcfualip fclo, 

Cato giucttj tlje tljirD place of basbanDjp gronn&sto tycWM* 

Ioto 3 preferring it either before tjjc £>hne ©:oue 3 €o?ne grounD, 

o: speDDofo , fo? it is offner to be cuttc, ano grctuctyttjetbic* 

fecc : neptyer is tjjere fo great qaint fent|) fo little charge in 

anp tbing. %t DeUgftfctlj in tatfrie groanfcs 3 Darne ano Q?ao* 

acinic , anD t|)ercfo?c is planted about Hinets anD JLafee*, fjotu^ 

be it it grotDctlj in Champion, ano otfjer greunc. 3f is p!an< 

tcD cf poung^cttrSja fote anD afjalfe long, ano foellcouereD 

foittj eartrj : a tuef grcuno require^ a greater Diffauce tetfoirt 

tbcm, fofcrrcin you fnallDoe toeii to fet tf>em fine f©teauwDcr 3 

in c?ecr nfectrje feinke bpen a 2?pe : in tlje Diic grounD n)ep 

map be fette tfjicticr together , pet Columella fooulo fjauet^em 

fine fcofe Oiffanf, fo? pairing bp tljenr. SCljere arc ftoo fo^ts 

Ofiar. C f t2Hi!:oU)fS 3 cne feUtneun'ng fo2 euer, callcD 0JTar-j ferutng 

fo.jmaling cf XSasfeefs, C^ap^es, ^ampers 3 a!qDctt(rCcun* 

trep ttufre : tlje ot^er feinDe growing luitrj great anD ^ig^i biatu 

effc*, fciuaig fo.: ttapes to Clincs, o? fo? ©uiebfets, c? fra&cs of 

^eoges ; anD iscallea §«tabe 38illofo : it is planfeD botlj oft^e 

tU)iggcanD of t|ic ttallic, buttle Calbeis tbeurtter, \»$i$mu& 


of the ordering of VVoods. 99 

befet ina mopff ground tnell afgged, tfoo fate and a ^alfc in the 
ground ucfo:c it fpjing, anD totjen the ttoigges ace bare,pou mutt 
take tfjem from the tr#,toben t^ep be t?erg c;p , ot&ertoife the? 
p;ofpcr not fo Ui ell : ttjcfe ttafees 0; fetter being taken from the 
poung ftocae, that hath beene once 0; tfoice t\xt y ano in thtchrteifs 
«i much as a mans arme,yon muff fet tntije ground th;eefccrc,o; 
a fco te ano a tjalfc de&pe, ano fire fmte afunoer, laying gart mould 
abont them, fence tycm toell , tfjat there come no cattellto pill 
off the barfce of tljem. #ffer tfeee 0; foare peeres pou ma? pull 
fdfim,toherebp t&eptoill groto ano fpieao the better, and fo row 
map continually cut tljem euerp fifth , 0; fourth peere, thereof 
pou ma? malie &efs fo; planting of mo;e, fo; tl>: uldcones are 
notfo grao to be occupied. SDjie time of cutting of tl; cm, is from 
the fall of tt)e Icafe ontill 3p;tll, the #ome encreamig, ano in 
Wetterip, 0; ^ outh crip tu macs : fo.n'f pou Doe if, t'rjelomde be* 
ing in trje i£o;th , toe finoe bp erperfence trjep totll not groin fo 
toell: pou mult tuttyem cleane afcoap, that the oloe benches 
hurt not the poung £>p;ings : fome tbinac the poung S&tlloUj 
to groU) the better tfje merer trje grouno , ano the Another lie is 
cut. ICrje Odar commonlp grotoetfj of fjis otonc felfe, ano is al* For plan. 
fo planted of tits Koooes , in toatrie ano mariu) grounds , the c ' n § of 
earth raifco op, ano lapo in furrotocs : it 10 planfeO,anb fp;iugs 
moft plentifully, toljere trje earth is beaten fcp totth tlje rage and 
ouer*tlouiings of the iuatcr : it fcrueth as afure defence fo; ma* 
Ring of Banacs and dalles in ^arfyes, ano that ctnefelpui 
^arcrj, fyz fymnz encreafing : tlje ofiar map be cut euerp pcere, 
0; euerp ttoo pcere if pou mill* &oe,ljere &aae pou concerning 
Mads forjat n&oeftiUeff are fo; ourCountrpmten to plant : fo; 
as fo; Warts of Cedar. Cip;eu~e, and other tfrangeCrees, it is 
not fo; our ^ufuands to bufie t&emfelues about : teet and rich 
pounds trjat are meete fo; Come , is alfo goo fo be planted 
toitlj £Dabcs, Beech, 5K2lilloto, and poplar, although the C'afcc 
and the Beech rcfufe tjillie, and lighter ground : handle, and bar» 
fame grounds, are good fo; Birch, H5;amble, B;oome, and 
\$eaty, as 31 hauc fum'cientlp faid befo;e. j^otn perhaps pou 
mould tjauc me pjoeecoe imtl; Coppiffe floods, tfjafare conto 
nuallp fo be felo. 
T h r a. 3 toould ; if it foere no paine f pou* 

$ 3 Mahivs, 

The fecond Booke, entreating 

M.uivs, Coppiffe, o? fale £StoD,Uicre firft biougljt bpf'as 
Plinicfafcff)) bp Qu.Martius. SCtjis uinde of 8S&COD groUjenj com* 
monlp of f)!5 orone acco?o in if Q2rcfite , and foatrtc places : but 
ail ftdcDos arc not fo? f t)ts pttrpofe , fo? fome SCrees tfjere are 
iuljtcf; tf^ou cat and pottle often, toill face ano ope, as ttjeaflje, 
f&e 3uniper,n;e Cl)errie,tt)e if irre, uje Apple, ano t^e Jaime : 
ano fome againe if tfjep be not tut 3 fcrill periu) : tfjc Utile requf* 
rctfj peecelp rutting, tije £>lfue> nje ^fctell, ano tye pomegra* 
nafe, eact) ot&er peere* 3fn cutting of tyem (as n>p ace oiuers)fo 
fstbeir o?oer i fo? tlje &afee, as fjegrotoen) flotolp, fo is Ijc not 
to be cut , before Ijebe of feaucn y o? cigt)t paces grofon) : ano 
t&cneerer ttje ground pou rut l)tm 3 tjje better ticgroUies, tijougl} 
|jc map be police feaueno? cigljt fcotc aboue ti)t ground : Slje 
like is of tbc Bceclj, faumg tljat !je map foner be cut ESfje great 
SISiIIoUj, and ttje poplar, are cut after one fo?t , as 3 ujeiued a 
little before : njougtj t|je Ofiar map be cut euerp ttoo peere, o? 
euerp peere. SCfje Cfjeffnut map be fclo euerp fcauenn; peere, 
bottffojfcluell, o; fo? <M\u ffaues. Cress are cut anc polo fun* 
d?te foapes, fo? eirtjec tl;cp are felde clofc bp tlje ground, o? nje 
bodp is poloc, iubeu it tomes to be ofnjc bigneue of a mans 
arme 02 mo:c , as tt)e Mlloto is. CoppitTed Otods are com* 
monlp feuered into fo manp parcels, as map ferue fo?reerelp fel* 
ling, fome frill grofofng turtle others area felling , and becaufe 
fome of tljem groto falter tjjen ottjer fome, euerp fo?ti)at& Ijis 
place, ano tjis feafon appointed. &>omc arc felled euerp fourtt) 
yeere, fome euerp fifty peer* , as tfce OTlloto, n)e poplar, tlje 
aider, and tl&e 2IBlrc|) : fome, once in feauen peere, as tbeC&efc* 
nut, and fome in mo?e, as nje £>afee. Bit r cmamef f^ n>at 3 neto 
Ibein pott tfte manner of felling of timber , and tojjat timber is 
meet eft fo? euerp too?fee. 

ThraJ ijaue a great defirc f fjrare fortiaf timt is mceteff 
fo? felling of ttmberjtoljicbmucljauailetl) (as tljep fap)fo tt)e long 
enduring of it: after, 31 &<mlo fcnou? iu$at timber is meeie fo? 
euerp purpofe* 

M a r i v s. 2Cbe feafon of fcllinc:, no douut is fcgrcaf pur* 
jpofc, to&enjec it be fo? timber 0? fcfoell : f« &«& 2Cre«s as are 
feld eit&er in t^e S>p?ing, 0? in Summer, tboug^ tljer Came o?p 
m\)Qut 3 are nottoityftanding full of moptture , and fcctneir? 

tolftin 5 

oftheorderingofVVoods? too 

toityiiu tofitcfi tit burning, fofli neuer make goD fire t anD fbere* 
fo?c CoppiflTcano ftrcAucoD, pour deft felling 10 m Wnfer : an* 
fo?builoing,itlsbeu; cutting of roue trees in December, ann 3J3* 
miflric, the asomc tiring in ti;e toane , from tljc ffoenffe, to tfje 
tfjirtp Dap. pet are t&ete fome tfjat fap, t&ep &aue founo bp crpe* 
cence, tfjat SCrees being cut in 3annarie, are full of .&ap ; anD 
t\) erefo?e tljutke it better einjer to cut t&cm bcfo2e,o? after. Cato 
fatty , tfje bed time is about tbe floelftf) of December , fo: tH 
timber STrcc trjat beared fruit, tsbeff in feafon IvtyntysteH 
is ripe, anD tfjat to&tct) fjatb no feeoe , m.n it pilles it i& time to 
cut. £>ucb as are flalueD , feraing fo? fillers of Cfwrcfjes 0? 0* 
tijer rouno iuo?focs , mull be cut fcrtjen tbep fp?ing : shingles, 
anD fuct) as tlje \3tfthet muff fiaiuc , are to be cut beftoirt miDDe 
certnf er, anD tbe beginning,in t&e ®Stettetne Wne*. Plinic aft 
firmed tlje bed feafon fo; felling of timber, to be tabi 1 e f f)e 09 con c 
is in ccuiunctton foitlj ttje &unne. vitruums an excellent fellottf 
in buitoing, ootlj Uull you to fell pour timber from tl;e beginning 
of Autumnc, till tijc time ttjaf tlje WLtfatnz fc»fmu?s begin fo 
blofo, tfje iorjicfj minbes begin to blefo (as Plinic fait!)) about tlje 
ItrtBloes of ir eb^uacie: fo? in tbe &p?tng, all STrses are as if 
iuercinitlj ctjiloe, anobenD all t|jeirfo;rc totljc puffing out of 
tfjcir leafe, anD tfjeir fruit, &f«ce tben ttjep be&appie, anD not 
founD, bv the neceffitie of t\>e feafon , tfje p are maa e bp tfjc reafoic 
of rbcic uafeneffe feeble, anD of no fojee : eum as tije bodies of 
toomen, after tfjcpfjaueroncciucD, from their conception, fill tfje 
time of tbeir Deliucraucc , are not iuDgcD fo be founD, 0? pernf > 
2nlihe fo?t tbe Crces in Autumne, fofjen tfje fruit anD leaues be* 
gin to fall, f be Urates D?atofng from tfjc earth tfjeir fufficient fo* 
ffenance, are reltojeD againe to tljeir olDe elf ate : be(tDe,t^e fo?ce 
of t\)e aire in Winter Dotfj fatten anD mabe founD the 2Crees,an& 
tbccefo?e it is tljen t&ougf)ttf)e beff time fo fell pour timber, 
JOje manner of cutting of it is tljis, firft to cut it fill pou comet 
tbcmiODle of tfcc pttbe,anDfo to let it ffanD, tfjattbc&ap tfjat is 
in it, map DefcenD anD D?op out : fo u)all not tye moifture foitbin 
putrine, no? co?rupt tfje timber, but paffe clearelpateap* WHyen 
pou bans cutfe it , anD ton fee it D?ie tfjat if fjatfj left D?oppmg, 
pou map cut it Dotone, anD fo ujallpoube fure it fljall belt feme 
pour turn c. JCljerc are fome tpaiters in builoing, tbattbmRfit 

^4 beH 

The fecond Bookc, entreating 

beff after pou ^dc fa tone out roar timber m bm:t)C5 5 to lap ft) em 
in ioatec fo? ttj?e£ o? route Dates, c: if ttjep be of Beetrj , fo: a ton* 
ger tune, eigj)to?mne Dates : ano being o?DcreD tn ttjts totfe tfcep 
fyall neither (fbepfap) be rotten, o?too?me eaten. 

T h & a. jpoto let bs beare tobat frees are beff fo? timber. 

M a a i v 5. SCtjere ate Dtuers ano funD;te ofes of tmtber : 
fucrj as are bacraine, are better ttjen trje fruitfull, excepting ttjefe 
fo2tsto!jfrc t!je male beared, as t^eCtp?effe,anD ttje Cornell : 
in all trees tfje parts n)at groto totoacD ttjc i?o?rrj , are JwrDcr, 
ano fcunocr, Urfjtr$i arealmott couereo fcuittj meffe, as Uiinja 
cloafce againff rbe coloe: the too:!! arc tbofc ttjat grots tnfljay 
Dotoic ano foatrift) places, n)e maffier ano better Durfng,are ttjep 
n)af groto againff trje sunne : ano ttjerefoze Theophrartus Dent* 
Den) all Ctmber into n):ee fo?ts, info cloutn, fquareD, ano rounD, 
ofvurj-cl) the clouen Doe neuer rent nc: eoame : fo: nje pin) being 
bareo, D:tetb tip ano Dicn) : ttjep alio ensure long, becaufe trjep 
fcaue little moitlurc. Cfje fquareD, anD trje ceuno, o? the irjtiole 
timber , ootfj eoame anD gape, fpectallp trjc rounD, becaufe it i$ 
fuller of pin) , anD n) crefoze rentcttj ano eoame ft) in cucrp place. 
£nD fucrj tjigfc Zvas as njep bfe fo: pillers anD maine poftes, 
njepfirftrub ouer toitt) IBulloefees Dung fo feafon tt)cm, anD fa 
facke out t&e fappe : fo: tbe motfiure Don) aliuates eoame fooner 
t|ien n)e D?p, and D?p better to be faftme njen n)e greene, ertept 
tfc»c £afcr ? anD t &e 15orc,n)at Doe m o:e fill n)e tertS of nje feator, 
anD refill it Seme againe refufe to be giueD either toin) tytm* 
femes, o? am* crbrr, as the £afee , Icbutj cleauen) as foone to a 
Irene, asanpmooo, neither Doe ttjep Id ell clean?, but to fucrj as 
are of If he nature : tobebo?eo,tfje gtecnets ioo?fcr n)en t&eD?p: 
n)c Itgrjt anD trje D?p , are rjarDer to be tuttt : fo? Manors anl 
U?trtjcs, n)e tSSilloto, n)c *3?oomc, tyt *5p?rfc, n)c Clme, nje 
poplar, tbe Sine, t&edouen Keeoe, ano trje 15 gamble are beff : 
rtjc Ifsafeiitaillalfofrrur, butttjefirff fstrje milloiu : tbrpbane 
aifo accrtaineljfirDncffcanDfatrencflrr,meetefobebfeD in graoe* 
foozfcrs, among ttjofe n)at ferue fo? £tmbcr,are moff in bfe tbe 
Jfirre n)e M^i gfnctrje Larfytije <3fclr,f$e Clme, $©fU 
loto CeDar,Cpp:efft, n)e*5ore 5 ^p?crj,$lanetra,aiDar, 20X 
^aple , anD ^ollp , anD sums fitter* , tofeo axco?Ding to rtjeit 


of the ordering of VVoods. 1 01 

twf ure,anb tlje manner of t&e £otmtrfe wfcerc tljcp grow. SCfjc 
jfficre tree , tobereof 3 baue fpoaen before , gtuett) out Hojen, TheFirrt. 
ano bitftimber 10 mat fo? Diuer0 Wo?bc0, «no greatlp etteemeo 
fo? bie Msitf ano bigneffc, tobereof arc maoet&e &b<P ^afts, 
ano pillec0 fo? tjoufes: iFo? it 10 ben? ttrong, ano able to abrte 
great fo?ce. Bit isbfeo alfo in builoing,fo? great €5ate0, ano 
H)cD?epefte0 : in fine, goto fo^anp builoing toirtjin , but not fo 
well enouring tottbout timet, ano berp tone iet afire. 2Cbep b# 
feo (30 Thcophraftus faitb) w tlje oloe time to maae tljcfr C=aU 
lie0ano long Boates of jfirre, fo? tbe irgtjtncflTc faae, ano tt)etr 
£>fnp0 fo? burocn » of pne to , ano j©aae. 3Df dDafee, 3 baue 
fpoaen a little before, tye timber tobereof io bctt, botljfe? fnwarD 
bniloing0 , ano fo? tye toeatber , ano alfo well enouring in tbe 
water : Hefiodus woulo fjaue poae0 maoe of dDae. Ktyt 
wiloe £>ae feruett) alfo toell in toater too?aes , fo it bee not 
tt«re tbe fcca : fo?fbere it enburetb not , bp reafon of tfje fait" 
neffe : it mill not be piereeo witb anp augur, except it be met 
before: neitber fo will it fuffcr (a0 Plinic fait&j anp jpaile o?f* 
nen in it, to be plucaeo out againe. 

W$e Mart holme , in <©r«fee w&m, a 2Cr« well fenowne TheMaft. 
m 3talie, tbe tf©ooo whereof is tougb ano ttrong, ano of colour holme 
liae a oarae reb ,m«te (m Hefiodus Duty) to feme fo? plow 
wares : it map alfo bee maoe in Mamefcot , ano paile bmne. 
X$e Larfh 2nra,in kalian Larice, in SPutCb Lcrchenbaura, teas ThcLarfh 
m tbe oloe time greatlp efteemeo about tbe ttiuer Poe, ano ttie 
<5EWe of vcmz , not onelp fo? tije bitterneffe of tbe &appe, 
wfcrebp ( as vitruuius faitt) ) it is free from co?ruption ano 
wo?mes, but alfo fo? t&at it mill take no firc,wbict> Mathiolus 
fametb witb W arguments to confute.^* ga>o to futtaine great 
buroens, ano ttrong to refill anp biolewe of weaker, bo wbcit 
tbepfap 3 itmtll rottewttf) fait mater. SC&e Efcleis afeinoeof 
£>ae , calleo in 3Utine Efclus , is fame burt tuttlj anp moifture : 
tbe €lme,tbe WIlotMnotbepopla^wbcrcof 3 bane fpoaen 
befo?e,wtllberp fame rotte ano co?rupt: tbep will ferue Well 
tnou$ wrttjin Dane, ano fo? making of ^eoges. »e (time 
eontinuctf) berpl)aro 5 ano ttrong, ano tberefo?eis meetefo? tbe 
Cbeeace ano JDottes of <25ate0,anD fo*<Eatc0, fo?it Will not 
bowe , no? warpe : but poa mutt fo Oifpofe it , tbat tlie top map 


The fccond Booke, entreating 

ffanoootonetoaro^t is mat (asHefiodus faptlj) to mafcc^leto 
Ijandles of. SEtjc SUbc (as Theophrafius faptt) j is of ttoo fo;tg 3 
tfje one tall, Otcng , totiitc , and tottfjou t knots-, tfje other mo?e 
full of £>ap, cuggedder ano fjarder. JEfce I3ap leafe (as Plinic 
faptfj ts a popfon to all fctnoe of Cattell : but herein tie if Of eef* 
uco, as it ft)outo appeare bp ffje Irfeelincffe of tfje name, /xi^oc, 
ff/w^gtc, ts rtje poung S^ree, totiefe lfaurs,(as is cerfainelp tried,) 
fetlletrj all fuct) bcalrs as c^alu not trjc cud. aCfooe&des bis manu 
fold tfe ot^er ioapfS,mafef t& t|f beff f fatnff bo;femcns ffaue s, 
fcjfjeteof toas made f jje ffaffe of Achilla, iotjicf) Homer fo greatly 
commended : it ts alfo cut out m tUmnc bodies. £rje 15 a^ 
fofjercof 31 fcaue fpohen before, altfjougfj it be brittle ano tcuu r, 
and map be fo cut intern bo?drs,anabcnt,as rjc feemetfj fa fetue 
onelpfo.j<£afBef0,bores,ano Coffcrs:f)is colour being oerpfairfj 
Set ts lie fure ano f cuff if t'n beating of toefgtjt, as in 3rcitr« s, 
fo: Carts o: uZaines . She barhc of f & e Heccrj, teas bfed m old e 
rime fo; beflels, to gather (Crapes m,ano otfjer frutf.ano alfo fo; 
Cruets, ano toeffels to dee farrmce tott rjall : and t[jerefo;c Curius 
ffoare,tljat |e b:ougbt noting ainap of all t\ft fpoileof his ew< 
wt'es, but one poa;c 15ecrjcn Cruet, fcrfjereiH rjee migtjf facctfice 
to f] is Cqds , SE b c 3 loer is a VZ r a Wit rj ffr e ig ij t b o o ir, a foff and 
rcd'diflj UicdD, groining co mmo nip in trjc toafrie places, it ts cbtetlp 
effamedfozfaunDattons, anD tnlcater ino:fccs, becaufc it neuci 
rettetf) Ipfng in tlje mater : and t|iecefe?e k tf is greatlp accounted 
of among tb e Uenetians, fo: the foundations of trjeir places, ano 
£oufes: fo; being d;iue« tfjichefn piles, ttenourctf) fo? euer,an& 
fuffainet^ a toonderfull foefgftf. %fyt rinde is pulled B$in tfje 
£>p2ing,ano ferue t£ t|e£)iar in [)ts occupation: tt fjatf? like knots 
to trje <£edar,to be cut and fa>;ougl)tln. &t piaHf free is but a 
,ffranger,and a neto come to 3talie } b;oug&f trjttbc r onelp fo; tfce 
commeoitie of tfje djadoliijbeeping off t&e &mr\z in £ommer an& 
letting if in,in^linfer,Sberf are fome in Athens(as Plinic faitb) 
fofjofe bzancljcs are 16. cubits in teedtf) : in Licya trjere is one fo; 
gceatneire like a !joufe,tljte fljadoto place tmderneatb containing 
^i.fmte in bigneffc : tfje timber tBitij IjisfoftneiTf ^at| \)is %it 
but in loafer, as t&e aider, but d:ier tfjen tfje Cltne, tlje ^uje, 
t!)e£^ulbfrp,aHdt^e C^erp. £fje Hinder, in C>reebe <pjA\ug:«, 
and fo in Italian, jn ^paniu^ Latcw, in Dufc|t Lyndcn : tijis tree 


of the ordering of Woods. j©i 

Theophraftus ciuntetlj bcff fo^rrjetoojKeman, bp reafon of tjls 
foftncffc : it b?«oetlj no too;mes 3 ano fjatf) bettmrt tye Barlse 
and tl;e Mcdo, ftino;p little rmocs, fculjcieof tbep torn foont in 
Plimcs tunc to make Hopes $ MHtycs, %\}t Bp?cf) is bevy beau* 
full ano fair c : tfje inner rinse of tij c STrtv, calico in JLntmc Liber, 
toas ofed in tl;c olde time in ffreo of paper to unite upon, ano 
luas bound op in ooiumncs, iuljcrcof bmkes l;ao firft filename 
of Libn .- tije ttoig* ano botoc s be fmail , ano bending, bfe to be 
tarried before tlje $agittrate among t&e Romanes, at tfji* Dap 
terrible to pone bores in partes. 2Cl;e GkJoer tree , failed of 
Diofcorides auth, in Jlatiuc Sarobucus, in Italian Sembuco, in 
j&panifl) Sauco, in ifccnctj $ufrau 3 in SDutcfc Hoiiemer,Dotrj of all 
of tier te ees ftoneff ano eafilieft groto,as erperie nce,befiDes Thco- 
pbraftu* ootl) feacfj os, ano tfjouglj it beocrp full ofpf ferret t&e 
toojo is ftrong and gcod : if is boliotoed to diners ofes, and ocrp 
ligrjt ftaucs are made of if. 3jf 1$ ftrong and fougb Uifjen it i& 
o?pe, and being laio in toater, ttje rinde commetfj off as fcone as 
tjc is d;pr» flCJjc dfcioce loom io oerp rjaroand ftrong,and c^iefclp 
UfcD fo; Boare fpeares, tl;c rate (asPlinie faptlj) mapbemaoe 
in tpin boms* die JFigge tree is a free berp Weil hnofocn and 
fruitfoll, not oerp Ijigrj, butfomeunjatrJncfcefasTheophraftus 
fa?tl) ) a cubite in compare, tfjetpmberis ftrong, and fcfed fo? 
mamj purpofes, and Oil) it is foff , and holoetb faft Inbaffoeuer 
fticbes in it, it is greatlp ofed in targets. Bore tree, in Italian 
Boxo, in ^paniuj Box, in iFrencf) Bouys ,m SDutcf) Buftbaum, 
an crccllcnt Crcc, and to: Ijis loHg laffing,fo be preferred before 
Btyzts. Kht Bore r|at turned is, (faiti) virgill) juniper, cal- 
led botr; Of Theophraftus and Diofcorides AgH0ir, beraufc ittilU 
uetf; atoap terminer (0; toity W fauour, Coadesano &natles, Ian ,w 
and fncfj line, are Mum atuap, in iLatine it is called Ium'perus, in 
Italian Ginipro,m &pamu) Eucbro.injf rend; £>utc& 
Wachoiter : it is tierp U&e to Ccdar 3 bnt tfcat it fs not fo large, 
no* fo fjigfj, trjougrj in manp places it grekerti f a great height ; 
trje timber lorjcieof toell endurettj atymd.:eri) peeres. #nd tbere" 
foje Hannibal commanded tfjattfje SCemple end of Diana fljouio . 
be built ioitrj rafters and beames of juniper, rot^e end if migijt 
continue. 31 1 alfo beepetfj fire a long time, in fo mucfj as it is faiO, 
f^coales of 3unip«rbindUd 3 fcauefsept ftreapeece togetljec: 

The fecondBooke, entreating 

The Ce- tye (Dumme te&ereof out pamterd bfe. 2D$e ceder Era , in 

dcr « Jlatine Ccdrus, ano almoff lihe m ctfjer tongues : tf)c barDncffc 

of thjs SCtmbcc is onelp p:atfcD,auD tf>at tt to til neucr rotce, no? 

be l»o?me eaten, bat continue euer. Salomon built tbat noble 

SCempie of <S oo, af ^ierufalem, of Ceoar : 3 1 ts berp meet fo; 

tlje builoing of pallaeed and Catflcs : trje Ceoar, tl;c €ben,ano 

tlje£>uuetree, Doe neuccttji'nfee no; coame. images of Cods 

ano &>aintdtoere alkies maoe of Ceoar, becaufe tt euer peel* 

Detb a motfture, ad rfjongl) it flneaf. Theophraftus mjlfetb of 

Ceoars in Syria.of foure elles ano mo:c in compaffe. Sbettojcrc 

ano pitch, of the Ceoar tree, to calleo in €»recfce *(&$*. 2Cbe 

The Cy- Cpp?effe,ano tfje jaine, Doe enoute a long time toitljout eptber 

preffc. too?me o? rotting. PJim'e cemmenoetb Ctered of foure buno?eo 

The Pine. U«rcB oloe.EL^ePinc (fatty Thcophraftus) id of a great ffrengtb, 

ano beep meet fo? trje irraigb?ncflc ano banofemneffe, to be em 

The Wai- piopeo in builoing. &$t Malnut tree id a great tree , ano com* 

.nut tree, mon \^ fenotone, imjofe Cimber is mucb b&o in feelinge, ano ta* 

bled. Thcophraftus ituttcti; , tljat the Walnut tree before ft fab 

letb 5 mafeetb a certain c fctnoe of nopfe , tol)tci) it once bappenco in 

Antandr©, tyz people being greatlp afrapo, fieofooainelp out of 

The wild t ^ e jBtfm ffcfo to fl W ®iiue, in Ratine Olcaftcr, in Italian 

■* Oliuc Saluatico , in fepaniU) Azenuche,in ^renclj Oliue fauuagc, 

in SDutcb Wilder oly boum, of tjis tmmn ts maoe tbe baffed ano 

.-The Holly banoels of immbles and 0ugurd. i£olme , oj l^ollp , is a Cree 

turjofe leaued are full of p?icfeled ? rouno about t|e Ieafe,ano tl;e 

.fcarUe, being botrj continuallp greene, tbe berried \fot tbe Ceoar: 

of tl;e rinoe anD raited tbep mafee Birbltme: t^t WLwb it ben? 

,#ar& 3 tbe bzancbes hull toefl ftnnoe ano boto c , ano therefore fer# 

uctb crccllent toell fo? qwcfcfrt beoges: tbe jDufcfjmen call it 

The Ma- Hulfen. 2Cf)eMapIe,calleD bp Thcophraftus *pevcfyuvoc,m j£)Utcl> 

pie. Mattel terbaum , fo: tbe beaut ie of tbe ttcoD to nerf f o tbe Ceoar, 

bauingabcrpfap?eanDpleafant grame, offbcrefemblancecal* 

leo peacocked taile : toif b tyi* focoD SEablrs are couereo mod 

gojgeroud to tbe e pes , anD other fine too?feedmaOe, fpectallp of 

*bc fenobd o? teens that grots out of if, calleo BmfcouanD Mol- 

lufccu : of mbicb the fenobs l;a tb t\)t fairer anD t\^t mo?e courleo 

grainc. Mollufcou is a mo?e open graine, ano if fo be it mere of 

Ju8icientb2eaDt$fo?CablcB 3 itlpere to be p?efecreo before t^e 

Ceoar : 

of the ordering of V Voods. 1 03 

Ceoar : noto it is but fctoome tone, an& t&at in footing tables, 
0; about beta.- K here is alfo a Unob^o: a tocn 3 grotoing upon ttje 
flloer,but a gr cat ocalc toojfc tl)c n tfcat of rtje staple. SLfje Date 
5£r*,tot)creoffoeet>auc fpofeen before , Ijatfj atoerp fofttooD. trcc e ^ aie 
SCbe Corkc,|i« timber is fougfj : but noto fo?a feretoell, 3 kill The' 
tocte fontuljat toojfecs euerp timb«r is meetfo?. %\)t iftrw,tj)c Corkc. 
Pwe,anD tyc Ccoar 5 fcruc fo? S>bips 3 foj ©allies: ano Jligljtcr* whattum 
fas ThcophraOws faitb; are maoe of ifirre, fo; t&e ligbtnifft cac h tim- 
fafce: &lnps of batDcn 3 arcmaoeof pnc. Qlpou tbe JFremJi bcrferues. 
ano CDermaniefeas, tfjcv ct)icaptjfe£>&c about t&cir &l;ips: tfjc For ships, 
felfe fame timber alfo fciuetb tocilfo? burioing of boufrs,fpcci' 
all? tye <£eoac , anD t&e Cpp^effe. 2D^ ifirre, tbe^oplac, tyt For boufes 
flftj, anotljc (fame, are meet fin t&e inner parts of t&e boufe, 
but tyep ferue notfo toell in ttjetocatfjer, as t&e £>fce Dot!), jfo; £2™'* 
conueianccs of toater,t^c aiDer, tljc pine,anb tt>eptcfmee 3 are 
beft maoe in ppes : being focll eouereo in tbe *artb, tbep lau; 
a toonoerfuil tobtle, but if tljep lie bncoucreo, tW faner periuj: 
STljc mt alfo, t&c Bktc^anDtbe Malnut, ensure berp toell in 
tt>e te&tzt. EClje Cimbcr ti>at longeft ennuxtt^is tfje£)liuc,tbc 
®\at$z foiloe £>Uc, ano tbe £pa£bolme : if o? as Plinic toirncf* 
fetb 3 t&e £Dliuc ba$ b&nc fame-to fianD tfoo bunojeo pares, ttje 
lifee tbcCeoar , ano tbe Cpp2e8e,asbatb bstnt fa(D,befo?e : fo? 
Hafters ano £&o.ittffl* petres , tt>e<£lme,ano t\)t 8u>,bp reafon 
of f (jete lengtb fcrues beft. ECtjc oeft to bcare hmgt&ts fye if ir, For & ft „- 
ano tljc &arO),U>t)tcl) botefocurr pou lap tbem>tDiU neither beno 3 ring of 
no? bjcafce, anoncuer faUe 3 till foojmes confumetljem. Contra weight,- 
ritoife, rlje j^DIfue tree.ans f be £Diie,foiU giue anD beno^no fo tutii 
flje poplar, tfje ©SWloto, tije <£hne, anotbe315p?ct). 2C&c 2Date 
(a U)o?tbte CrceJ bcnDetb tpngainft tys burocn. Sbe poplar 
on tbe otber fiDe giuetfj at euer\? ligbt tbing. SCfjc €lme^ ano 
tbt 00)^ tbaugb ^ololp, are eafelp bent. 2C^efe alfo are •xafelp- 
toousto ano bent: ttjc 22lillotB 3 ttje iSp^cb^bc B^me,tl)e £Dbe r 
anii tbe £>fecn bo:aes. ^tjinglc s,to couev boufes iiittball 5 ace be0 Fo r Shin- 
tnaoe of Stec, Wo&% ano fucb otbersas bearc ^aft : ano alfo of gi« r 
fuebas £ixlol£ojen,as tbepine 3 an^tbe^itcl) tw: tf)r%pitcfj 
free 3 ana tbe £Dl5e 3 ferue beft fo? Cups 3 SCanharos, ano fucb ItUe* 
SDbofe tf;atarecut fo? JHfllainfcot ano thin bo?oes,t|»e Cerre tr©> 
tije SCecebintl^ tjc-^aple, tlje JK>W0,tjje5tote>tl>e ^aftt;clm$ a 

The fecondBooke, entreating 

ty'rott of tfje eioer 3 ano tfje poplar, foi tyt beaaffrVntg of 

For i&.a gables, teruetb ctjrefcip ttje i£aple 3 tfje 3ff) 3 ti)e£Salrtar , ano 

fomefrmestfje Cleric, ano tijejdeare : battbcp:etionfeffaret&e 

C?p?effe 3 ano ttje Ceoar Sables. f;o; .Sreltrtts, BQbolrs^o 

For^Axe!- ^p ga {s e5 ^ a itfj tyt gkt&t ^3pU.aH0 fyt 13e£Cl}.Virgii] DOtfc 

alfo appoint tt)eCea3r,an&t$c€pp:effe tot|isofc. hereof rtjrp 

mane rtje ^poafecs of CQfcceles, ano hereof Carts ano CSatnts, 

£fje felfc famclDmber alfo fcructf) (as Hefiodus fairt) J fo* 

Yok« anu |3letocs, |2okes , anD SGagons : bat trjaf bee a&oetfc fjcreunto 

p!or?c$. rbe 3flje,t t^t Cc rre tre^ano as fbe 3u>e fo: tys foftneue^o tije 

^afttwlme fo: rjtsbar&nes. j^palltes, cStmbles,&bearbcs, 

ana iB3llets 5 t^inatraaret{)ctx»il0e^liae 5 tjrel5ore,t^c^a(!* 

tj&lmc 3 f^c 5pcDlar 3 trjo Clme 3 trjc 3u>e>frje^aple-,anotbe S;am' 

blerbnt r^r greater fo:f of spallefs 3 o: 13cetUs 3 anD fyt Ujfyettes, 

ano pulltes fo; s£il6,ami CCIets, are maoe of pme, ano &3al* 

nut trs.Cato tooalo baue rfce ESatnrs an& Carts maoe of l^ollp, 

For Har?$ ^ 3 P 5 anD £lme. Hyginus fejoulo t>ane tbc banoles 3 o: ffeeles of 

and Han. f£ufoansmens f©!es 3 mase of Dogge tree toco, i^oltne, Cerre 

di«. trre 3 ano (tofctcj? toe baue commonlp in ofe iSorc. targets (as 

Fcr Tax- Theophrirtusfapt&JmaDe of CGiUoto 3 ano Cltnc/o: being pierccD 

8 e:s - ftjep dofe t$e barter togetbec : but r&e EQiUoln is tjje lig$t£& 

anjfftjecefcrce t|ie better, Efje ^igge tree alfo, ano tjjeJUn&jc, 

. tbeSr?^ 3 tbe^iplac 3 aniJt^eClDer5fecBeastuellfo.:Xargtts. 

finakwei £ & eocff Jfl£D3 fo: ^o:femensftanrs is tbe HOje, ano ;as virgili 

• ' ' * faitb; fo: fcaliant ttaues,tbe ^frfill: tbe Cine trffferuftlj v ast^8 

fame V r irgi!l totrncfletrj) fo: 13otocs : 

The E*e Tree for the Perfun Bow they bend. 
f-r. Oaf es 3 tbet> trjc <3ime:fo; pampers 02 23affeets.aU fort) as 
caul? beno. f-oz Cupplings ano Uaftcra of rjoufes 3 ttje eime: 
ano fbe3$cfe: thin bo:D:tbebefftecleaue,tf)e J"-irrr 3 tf?e pop' 
lar, and trjc 15cecrj : fo: long Curing, anD abiding the toeat£er 3 anD 
trancing in toater,tbc.£>he is commenDeD, fo: tobie£) ttje otbec 
ffrue not;faticfo:trjeluatrr,tlic25atlj,anot^e 2locr : fe? 6re, 
For m:er anDligfjt.arc Mrt the jfftce,$« |SfffifiTat,Mi t l|w fMng. £be 
woikw. beUjJalesarcmaDf of thefaftetttocD, f trjc^fefjaniJ t^cimlDe 
^cibuttfje-fincrsrarberoelirftbeeoale-st^at arc maDc orpine 
trie, becaufc ttjep better abt'Dc the blolumg.ano Die notfo faff as 
tyz ot'prr, S^!;cCcrrc rr cc.ttjougfj tt?c trmber U of no great ofc, 

of the ordering of Woods. 1 04 

pet fettict!) it foell to mafee Coale of fo? tlje B?affe ifo?ges, be* F«r Coa. 
caufe as tone as tlje iBeUotoes lcaur,tljc fireceafet$>,ano t&crc 10 lin s. 
little toaft in it : bntfo? building, tfyc timber thereof is altogc* 
trjcr unprofitable- beeaufe it ootlj ea0lp b?eafce, t mouloer afoap : 
but being in potte* bnljeroeo , it ferueflj toell enough toitljin 
oeo?c. SDtje apteft to tafee fire, 10 t&c /Mgge tree, ano tlje 2Diiue 
tree. SCtje ^iggetrec bctauhitte foft ano open : tlje fiUfoe tree, 
fo? tlje fafrneffe ano tlje fatnefltc. SCtje Eartt) trr* fas Vic'rouius 
faitl)) reCff etlj t&c fire , tjjouglj Mathiolus (as 3 faio befoje) go* 
ctrj about to otfp?ouc it. 3n all tlje booies of trees , as of liuelp 
creaturrs,tberc fs ffcinne, Gnetoes^Iroo, 0cu),bc fnes, bonrs,ano 
marroU) : tljeit ffcin t* tbeir barhe, of great bfe among Cotmtrp 
people : tlje Ucffels tfjat tljep gather tfjeir mines, ano otljer fruits 
ln,rjjep mafeeof t&e baeheofilinoetree, iffrre, Mtlloit),l!5eeei), 
ano aioer. 2Dtje Coffee batlj tlje ttitcfeefi; barfee, toljicl) tfjougfj fce Thcbarke 
icofctie otcttj not,fo? fo beneficiallijatlj nature beene to tjfm, tljat 
beeaufe lie is eommonlp fpoilco of Ijis barke, fye [ja tb giuen [jim 
ttoo barfees. £)f fjis barfee,are maDe [Dantofl es,ano feltppr rs,ano 
if loates fo? filing i^ets,ano Angles : if tlje barfee be pulleo off, 
r&e focou fintjes : but tfje barb* altuaies fwimmetlj. SClje nert to 
tlje rinoe in moff trees, iB tlje fat, tlje foffett ano tlje foaijff part 
of t&e free,ano moll (ubiea fo too?mes : tljerefo?eit is eommonlp 
cut atoap. SC&e fappe of tjje treats tbe blcoo, fcnbtrb ts not alike in 
all frees , fo? in t&e if tgge tree it is milbie , foljfclj ferurttj as a 
Jftennetfo? C&iefc. 3n Ctjerietre«s,ltis gummie: in CBImes, fal* 
flu) : in apple trees, elammieanDfaf : in hints, ano}9rare frees 
foatriu) : tljep eommonlp fp:ing tlje beft, toljofe feappc is clan* 
mieff. K\)t fupce of tlje ^ulberie, is fougbt fo? (as PJimc faitb; 
of tfjefaijiGtians. $erttoti)efaf, is tlje flew, ano nert to tfjat 
tlje boncttjebeff part of t&e timber: all frees Ijaue notanp great 
quantitic oftfjfs fat ano fleu), fo? tlje Boretlje Co?ndl, ano trja 
j©liue, fcaue neitfjer fat, no? fleu>, no? marroto , anb berp little 
bleoo ! as neitber tlje &erut(Te, ano 3loer , fjaue anp bone, but 
botb of trjem full of marroto. Heeces fo? tbe moft part Ijane no 
fleOjataU : in flel^ of trees , tljcrearebot^teinesano arteries, 
tlje belnes are b?oaoer, ano fairer : tbe arferies^re onelp in fuel) 
trees as tuill cleaue , bp meancs of Utyctj arteries it commetfj 
to palfe, tljat tlje one eno of a long beams laieo to pour eare, 


The fecondBooke, entreating 

ff pea Oo but fillip imttj 2 one finger topon tt) e ottjer eno, ffje fount 
fs bjougftt fo:t&toiti) te pour care, tofcerebp ft 10 taiofcme, tm)g* 
tbec t[;epeece beffraigljt anD eueno; notjn fome frees tf^cre arc 
knots on ttjeoutCoe, as tfcetoenne,02 t&efeernelltntbe ficft) of 
tnan 3 m ttje ti^ictj ttjere is neither tjetnc, nojarterie, a tjaro fcnop 
of flefl) being clong 3 ano rolleo tip m ft felfe : tfcefe are moft of 
pcire in fyt <£eoer 3 ano ttjc Staple. 3n fome , tyz fici^ts quite 
tott^out u *ines 3 ljauing onelp ccrtaine fmali ffrmgs, ano fuel) are 
tfjougfjt to eleaue bell: otf}ers 3 rljat£auenot tbetrirrmgs 3 02 ar> 
fcrieflf,iiull rather bzeafeer^ en eleaue;as tbe Cline,anD tlje Qiiue, 
l»illratbcrb2eaketfjen eleaue. £f;eUn)Qle boo? of tlie $i$ ts 
fleflfre: astijeboop oftbe ^aftbolme 3 t&eCo;n*U, tbetoiloe 
£)ac 3 tbeaiulber2, ano furfc others as £iaue no plfrj, is allbon?, 
Cfjc graine t^at runnett) ouertbftart in t£e JSceclj, loas taken 
(as Piinic fapttj) intf)* oloc time fo2 fys arteries. 

th r A.'&ijereareor&ttcommeDtttesbefioct&c timber fo 
begafoeteo of tljcfc trees, 

M a r. i v s. aery, true : (fo; as 31 ratd btfozt) of ffyt 2&t& 
iar, t|e £*e, tfce Cbeftnat, t£e J3me 3 ano tfje ISoecJj, tbcfe trees 
tyzt grrofaunthcCa'o^Sj befioes tbeir timber, bearefruit alfo, 
gmo ano mate to be eaten. &o of tfje jrirrrs, tyt &itc% trees, 
ano tyz y)incs>me gather Uojen an: pitcfjjto our great common 
Uifie ano gaine: as of fijc jDae 3 tbe 0IKJM&C C&eftnutjf&e ^efo 
lar ano t\)z pine, toe ijaue fruit bot| mat fc; man, ano alfo gas 
fo: fee wg of l^ogs, ana tljcc Cattell. Bin time of ceartf) , bo trj 
our fo2cfatbcrs,ano ii>c,Ijauc trteo tbe gooo feruiee tbat 3co:nes 
in bieao fjattj Oone,pea, asPJinieano others hapc tu:t'ttrn 3 trjep. 
toere toont to be fcraeo in amongff fruit at mens tables.^ either 
(5 it bn&notoen to^at great games fome countries get bpflcoznes, 
Kojen ano^itct) : &£e ©ail alfo grotoetfj bpontbefeacojne- 
bearing Screes, hereof 3 tjaue fpofcen befcue. Amongff all tyz 
trees oat of to'pir&runnerlj Ho$en,fbe Sarrr tree, a feino offline, 
ts fullelr of fap 3 ano fofter t^en f be §3lf cb, bottj meet foj fire, ano 
lrgI)f,tD!jflfebo20esmebfe fo burnc in If eeo of eanoels. K$z&u 
OarfiueatetljoatHojcnano (3ite^, ealleD Ccdria, ^cjeourr* 
birdlime, sf Crtes, ts 13icoUme rnaoe, tlje bed oft^e £erre tree , tfjz 
ipaCr|olme, ano rtjeCbelrnat, fpen'allsfei f^e tSTooDes about 
Scnc, anoneere t^e $>ea Qoe,tu&ere tiie^ arc carefully planteo in 


of the ordering of V Vood $.' 105 

great plentie , bp tyc Biroiimc-makcrs : Jf oj tljep gatljec tFjc 
berries from tbe teas, ano bo^le tfjem fill tfcep bjeafce, ana after 
tijep Ijaue HampcDf!)e!n,tf)^iBafl[|f!jemmU)afer 3 fiaaia^c fieri) 
fall atoap. Plinic affirmetfi , fbat it grotuetlj onelp bpon £*fees, 
^aftjjolme, js>haDDcs , pine tnts, ano if irre. Birolime is alfo 
tnaoc ofttjc rtotes of ccrtaine Cra?s,fpeciaUp of tlje ^oUp,fo!>Gfe 
rotes anD barfees toifljall tyep gatbecano laptljem op in trm* 
tljcs, coucrcD ioit!) Icaues in afcerp mopff gcouno (Tome Doe it 
inBoungJ aito ttjer c tljcp let tfycm lie till tljcp cot, tfjen fafeetljep 
tljem out, aim beat t fjem, till tfjep foare clammie,anD after foafli 
tijem in luarme toater,anomaIsetf)em tip inballes foitijtfjeir 
Jjanostit isbfeo fbefioe otfjerpurpofes) foj ffje taking of Biros. 
SBefioesall tt»s, t&creftoeafetf) eutof Creesacertaine (limine 
hnofoento all mcn,as of t&eCfjerp fra,tlje^lometi;fic 3 t^c3uiTi* 
per, tlje 2DUue,t(je Blachtl)ome,tf)e 3fuie,ano aimono. j©ut of 
tbeimjite poplar, amber. PJinie tojitetlb tbat tfmbeecommetl) Amber 
out of cert ainc pine trees in tlje fat,a* a <fi5umme Ootf) from t&e 
tlje Cleric tree. ^notljus t&efe things fljat 3 Ijaue&eere at pour 
requeff oeclareo, touching t^c ojoer of planting ano forcing, 3f 
befeectjpoutahemgoooiuojtf) : pou & eat empfoffe caller!) bs to 
Supper , ano pou fee the ujaoote is fen fofe long, tfcerefoie tt ts 
ijtgi) time toe goe. 

t h r a. 31 giue pou moff Ijarfp f Ijankes tyaf pou fjaue tyus 
frienolp enterfaineD mee in tljis pour fapje ®jcjiarD, toity tyz 
Ctueet ocfcrtptionof r&efepleafant1£earbesano SDrees. 

I v l 1 a. feir , pour Supper i$ reaop, 3 pjap pou mafee an 
eno of pour talfcc, ano let tlje (Gentleman come in bare info tbts 

M a a 1 v s. Gomt let bs goe. 

Soli Deo Iaus & gloria, per 
Chriftum Icfum. 

The. end of the fecondBooke. 

o The 


The tlurd Eocke: 

Of Feeding, Breeding, and Caring 

Hipoconvs. EvPHOnavs. Hedio. Eymzvs. 

'&&**&& ^af rfje peering mitj fee&nig of Caff dl fe a 
^^ part of ^ufbantm' > anancere iopneo in 
j3fv ^mo;cD to t\}t ftlturc of tljcgrouno, not 
s oncii? appeared bpvirgill.r&epiinee of 
poets, Inljo tjatfj in fyis C3eo2giefecs 
tfjzougrjlp fef fo:tb tbeozDcr thereof, but 
a'fobptfec ioitneffe oftlje mo.2e aunetcnt 
p^tlofopbcrs, Xcnophon , anD Anftorle. 
SLrjc like Dortj our eemmon crpcricuce at bome oailp tract) ts: 
fo: albeit rtjc fra^c of tillage anD keeping BfCaftell is Diners, 
ano tbe manner of oreuppingmanp times contrarp tbeonefofbe 
other i as lrn)ere the (FraCer and~ X5?&Ber, rcqmretn a ground 
full of Oraffe anD paffurc, the ^ufbanoar^i on ttje other One, 
a ground tottbout C?rau"~,anD ^cli filleotpcr in ttjcfc trjerr Diucrs- 
Defircs, tbere appcaretb a cccfame ftlictu^tp $ mutua'l ccmmo# 
tiitic rrDounDing in tljrir oreupring of one the otrjcr,li»!?ie^ Fun- 
dju'us in v«jrro,Dotfi feemtbv an apt companion to p:oue: as in a 
eoup'c of febalmcs, e; Hut 02OC1S, fcitb Jjc , the one mffr rrttj in 
founD from tt)?otncr,tbcucrt) the mufufce * fougbcall one(tfjc one 
fonnDtngtbeCreb;c,rbf ot^ertrje 13afr" brtibc manner map tuc 
terme tbc (Sraficrs tcaoe tbe treb'e, t the fillers occupation tfj« 
bafr,fol!otDtng D;cz*rcl us.tofyo crpc2fctb.tijat et f be beginning, 
men 'iucD onlp bp b:ceDing f facing of CattelLnof fjaumg as pet 
t£e Hull of plotoing ano t&e groun&,no2 planting of trees. 


entreating of Gattell. io£ 

flftcttoarbs in fyc lower Degree, tons found out tfjc manner of 
tilling oftt>e ground,ano tl)crefo;e bearctfj tlje bate to t&e feeder* 
fnttjat it is lotocr •, asm a couple of ${cco?oers, tl;e bafe to tlje 
treble. 3>o tins toft'ng to Rccpc cattell fo? plotomg>catiage,oungmg 
of our ground f ottjer commodities: anD on tlje ettjee fide, to nil 
the grouno fo; fccDing f maintenance of our cattell, It comes to 
paffe,tl)at though the manner of occupying m tiIlage,ano keeping 
of cattell be ctuers, pet one of tljcm fo feructf) tl;c furne of tlje 
otfjer, ttjat as it feemetlj, ttjcp cannot well be afundce : fo?toltl}* 
out tlje fcruice of V)q;(c ano 3Dren> toe can ncitljer pioto no? 
dung our grouno.CljaiTe, ffrato,and otljer offall of tome is mi** 
ter to be fpent opon tlje ground, then to be fold, butt) fo? ttje 
Jfarmcrfi bcljarfe, ano tfjc ILo?os, ano better bettotocd tpon t|jc 
$oun)old cattell, tljen bpon tlje fo?rciners. 3Bcfi'De0,t(>e dung of 
tfje cattell enricljrtl) f|iegrouno 3 ano b?ingetf) great encreafe: and 
loljereastljere is no place (as Columella faitfj) but in t&e tillage of 
the grouno,tt)ei? fjaueasmnclj neede ofcattel^as men ; tlje cattell 
feruenot onelp fo; tlje tilling of the ground, but alfo to bnng tit 
come, to beare burdens, carrp dung fo; t&e ground, and alfo fo? 
b?eeO,anOincceafeof tbe &totKe:tol)ercbEtl)cp ^auetfjetename 
lumenta, of helping, becaufe tljep Ijelpeano further fes, either in 
our labours,bp plowing tn bearing ijbittjer is it onelp fumcient 
to nouriu) and b?ing op tljis htnde of great cattell called iumenra, 
but alfo the ofber leller fo2 1 of Bcaftcs , as £>fjcepc, fetoinc, 
deflates : and of if owles, <B«rc, peacocks, SDucrm, piagfons, 
!£enncs, Cln'eRms 3 and otrjrc poultrie, and things belonging to 
^usbano?p,wt)erewitl) tlje goD husband, betide t»s otonc fufie* 
nance maUctlj great gapne: and if tlje ground be fo? if,and pales 
fauourable, ttjere arifett) oftentimes as great p?ont, as in fow* 
mg of Co?ne,and tljat toitl) fmallec charges, if o? a p?ajfe ttjat fee* 
ding is gainefull,t^e wo?cs Pccunia, monep,ano Peculium, fub* 
ftance, o? rictjes, being bottj ceriucd from tlje iLatine name of cat* 
tels,mai? fcen? Itiel feruc:fo? intfje old time tljepdfcd tljeir cattell 
mftcad of moncp, and rtjeir common penalties and fines, taken in 
cattell, tlje greafeff teas ttyvtie £>jfen and tloo feljeepc, cucrp 
<©redalued at d,s. fci. d. and euen? £>i?repe at bi. d, 2L1)c fmal* 
left was a 8>beepe : tfjebcrp like is pet obferued toitlj tlje nobleff 
and toarUReff people, tofjofe fubffance Ipetlj altogether in cattell. 

;© 2 Cato 

The third Bookc, 

Cato being once asfceo bg fobat part of buobamnpamanmtgbt 

fomeft bemaoe rtctj^ maoe anfiDere.Bp. paling: : ano betng au 

feeDagaine, tobitfc inapb* migbtgetfumcieHt Uuei^mn .-• beam 

The wor.fiucretijlSp meant C\:amig.^;;:couer,tbattbeteo?rbpneac anD 

thincfie gt-# original! of keeping of Catteil is of greatcft antiquitic, sno 

and a ™- tbattijc traDe tljerccf batrjaltoapes, from tbe time of ttjr $atru 

keepmo of arfesbtt&crto,banc cauntcD mod : boneft,a5Uicll tbe ^captures, 

Caudf as p:opbane ^tftones Doe iitirncs,tu1jub fctnQc of life, bom tutept 

table it batb altoaics bane to ©oo, bvtljofetrjat liueo in tbefirti 

UiDJio 3 t!otb plaiitelp appeare. £3l;e scripture ifeetnct$ bom gca* 

ctouflp t\)c iio?D acecpteotbe faenfice of Abel, a feixpcr ano fceoer 

offljeep, b{fi3e0 3 Sah,Noe, Abraham, Lor,Iacob, lob, Amos, ^olp 

ants bltffeti men arc eommentseD fc: keeping anD faomg of €aU 
tcll,toberebp attaining to great mealtb, tbcp fuftapneo ffyam 
felues, tijeir Catues, tljetr C()ilo:en, ano trjeir bugc i^amtiies. 
SElje bonnes of Jacob, iuljcnastrjet? iiure Dcmaunoeo bptbe 
Jimg of yEgyptiubat manner of life ttjcp leooc * maDeanftuere, 
SEbat tbep mere ftsocrs ano keepers of CatfelL JFromtobicb 
trace, Lor, Mofe?, Saul, ano Dauid, mere by tyc toili of <25oD 
armanceo to tl;c Crofone, as among t\)t Ccnttles t\it mofr an* 
cienf, ano famous p:incrs iocre, fome of tbcm bjougbt bp bp 
^>bepbear5s, ano fome £>ljepbeares tbcmfelues. Romulus 2no 
Ciru?,bemgmtgbtte Cmperours,mcre b:ougbt bp among s>b*P' 

bearDS* 15cfiDeS, Valerius Maximus, Con Ifa urine, Probus ariD 
Aurclianus,camc allfrcm tbe jOrc-ftail,to tl)c 3mperiall&eafc. 
Homer rommenoefb vliiTcs bis feminebero, foj bis great bait* 
ance ano nobleneffe. Xtyat tyc fcaliant ano nobicS people baue 
pjofeffco tbi's traoe,tbc 3talians> 0ermancs, ana Bp £>mit$crs 
ran feffine,tubofe eountnes being note groton to mo?e oeliracie 
tbentbfp toerefoont to be, mere front altoarrs, ioben tljeir Do* 
ings mere moft famous, to glo:ic ano fcaunt tbemfelw s of tbis 
life, as attbis oaptbegoolteaanoinifettooe. 3nD tfjerefo:etbc 
undent fe;iters,astoell dfteekes, as Latmes, Doc count tbe cfjte. 
feft toealtb to be in tbe number of &>bcepc, Cattcll ano J^ruit : 
fojtobicb effimation t\)t Cattell mere fuppofea to be claboe in 
C?oloen Coates : Vubcncc fp?ang fittt t\)z fable of t\)e (Doiom 
#lafeofColcGs, tDfjicfjiafon ano bts companions attempteo to 
fetc^anb of t&e €5oloen Apples, bept b? ttje baugtjters of Ar/«s. 


entreating of Cattell. 107 

SBeffOcs^fje fignes of ^eauenj 3 tbe S>eas , spounfames , ano 
Countries 5 ooe bearc tfjeir name of IBeaffs ; among tl)c &tars, 
fbcttamme 5 tt)e Bull: tlje spounfaine, Taurus .- anotye&ea, 
Bofphorus. italic tsofcc Ijts ttamc of Calucs. spojeouect&efcec* 
pingef Cattell is tlje toojttjiec, in t&attt fjaffj fomerefembiance 
of tlje Hate of a Oouernounano tijeccfo:c tot p:opljcts m tijetc 
<D:acies , ano p oets m tbeir Ucrfcs , Doe oftentimes call kings 
ano p:incrs bphje names of s>bepfjcat:DS,ai:D feeders of tljepea' 
pie* pcajljc 2Lo:D of tlje infjole tuo.Uo Dottj call bfmfelfe a &ty:$'< 
Ijearo. since it appeared bp tfjefe eramples,of tofjattoojtljineire 
beeping of Cattell is 3 anD ijoiu neere tt is UnacD foitfj ttliage , 3 
liaue beere ftjougfjtgajD , after the entreating of SDiliagc, C5aroc> 
nmg, ano £D;cl;arDs, to Dcfecibc as bzicfel? as 3 can, tijc o:Dcr ant) 
manner of keeping of Cattell: Urfjicfjfijtll tljougij v^arro DcutDeib 
onelp into tfizcc parts ,31 fjattcDcuiocD intofoure. 3jnttjefirft 
part 31 put the great Cattell fo: bucocn,as l>o;fcs, 3iTes,gpulcs ; 
ano Camels: in tljcfecono part, the UCTc fo;f,as £>heepc, C?oatcs, 
ano &\muk : in tyz tbt'ro , fucfj things as are belonging to the 
Keeping ano fafegarD of Cattell , not fo: tlje profit tljcp peelD of 
tljemfelucs, but fo: rljctr nccclTarp Ufe, as &(jcpljC3t05 Dogs, 
ano Cats: of tfjcfc ttj.:ee parts,in this tlnro JSoofcc, HI entreat off: 
the fourth 3D referre to the fourth Wake. Waning thus Declared 
the contention betfoirt Beeping of Cattell 3 anD 2Cillage,foitJi tlje 
toojtfjincffeanD antiquitit ttjereof , 3J meane nolo to p:ofccutc 
fucfj things as are belonging to the fame. 31 bauebjougfjt mtfjc 
fiic gaffers ano beepers ofenerp BinDe of Cattell, ano retting 
t\) cmfclucs fopon tlje boip Dap in tfje greene graffe 3 ano the gDonv 
merslfcaooto, ewers one Declaring ijis f Bill ano bnolxileDge^acco^ 
Ding fo bis {pjofeffion. SDIje parties are 3 Euphorbius tbe jjieat* 
bearD : Hippocomus tlje l^ojfe-seeper ; Hediotlje ^Ijepbearo, 
ano Eumcus tlje &fome-f)earD. 

* Evphor. i^alnurra Hippocomus, tobitljertoanDerpou i 
jSDoe pon not BnoU) tfjat it in fcolp Dap 3 a Dap f Dance iu 3 anD make 

Hippo. Ouerp Dap is bolp DaptottJj lajp anD aouffjfull 
marcbants : it It ctf) mctjponto Icdkc torn? p:oftt, to fee M; ether 
mp I^ozfes feeoetoell 3 anD tfjat tyep take no ijarme.Cb* pattures 
are To burnt toltlj tlje Ijeat of Rummer, tfjnt 31 am afraiD fo? toant 

£> 3 * 

The third Booke, 

of meat e, t&cp kill teht to b?eanc into ot&er grcunts , ano fo 

E v p h o a., m&pbzmgpounct tfjem fnto tfjis ftrtOjtofjrre 
rrjcte ifi botf; a gcoDgrotten, anD p^ettp ffoje of gratic among 
tije IjeaDgrcues. 

Hippo, f^ou pcrftoaDe me not fo tljctoo.jff. 

Evphor, Come on trjci^biDMaftrix pour bop bjing $tt|er 
pour [)02fcs,ano pou pout fclfe, fit pou Dofome DnDcr rjjis l^afeli , 
tljat Unll peetti fes bott) HjaDofo ano~# uts, anD toe toUl feno fo:,auDHedio,ifpou t Ijtnhe g©o> anD toeetoillpaffe atoav 
irje timt toitlj fuel) talfce as toe ujafl finoe. 

Hipp o. flgrceo : 0oeMiftrix, fefcljlnf&er n;e!£o2fcs 3 
toitl) X\)z Cofis ano lije 3ffes. 
OfHor- e v p h o r. £no pou humcus,ano Hcdio,bjmg peur fjcarcs 
kt - togefljer, ano tome fjittjer, cuerp man fljall lap Dotone t)ts fcof, 
as t&epfofe in tljs 2Cauernes>but toirfjeut monep c? anp cljatges, 
Declaring at large tofjat belonged totfce Cattcllbefeapetlj.^ouc 
^ojfesHippocorrmsarepetmgoJD plight. 3 fate trjc \}o;tt3 of 
our neighbour Agnus of late, toljicl) ate leaner ano barer a great 

Hippo. jacraDuenfure frjep fcaue not fo gojo tofcingtmfo, 
tljougf) tfjep neither toantpaffure,rtoj are muetjlabcurcD, but 
tume on fyc ottjer fioe, are continually laboureD, ano ate not fo 
tuellfto, but better laj&eD fcnfo tfjen mp neighbours. 

Evphor, t&Jell, finccbotrj time anD place requirctyt'f,3 
VWV pou, let ds fjeate iuijat pou can fap touting t|jc cfjatgc anD 
taking to of l£o:fes. 

Hippo. £>utelp , Bffjaue not fo murrj monep to fell, but 3 
maptueil beat lepfure^no ffjerefojc mice pou are fo earncft toitfj 
me, Bf toill not Denie pour requeff : altrjougl; ttjat of rfjtsmatfer 3 
an fjoneff ano icarncD Gentleman of <£nglanD 3 cpaftce Thomai 
BlunGuiic&anjfo ttuoug&lp to:if ten to tjts comraenoaf ion 5 anD be* 
nefit of rjia Countne , as ffjetc cannot be mo:e faiD: 3 r efer pou 
fijerefo?e torjelp fo trim : nottoitrjffanDing b?iefclp 3 totUlrjcto 
vonmp famie. 3raangall or&er creatures tr>at Xdc fcfe in our la< 
fcaur,r^e i£o:fe map toojtlncftcljalenge t£e ctjfefcft place, as tfje 
noblcff 3 tltf gcDOlieft, t|e neceBarieff, anD trje mstftclr beadt&at 
loee We in our ferutee, ano fince [jee fetuct& tofo roan? bfc* s 31 


entreating of Cattell. 10$ 

f&oulD Jjcre beff otofome time m Ijist p?atTc, ai*D fn Dccltic^ng fjts 
fenifce, but to; tyis, anotfjee time (ball better ferae* 

Evphou, 323 c onelp I; ere Dciirc to fenoto tfce fi gncs of a 
goto, ano an ercellent !£o;fc , ann tlje rigfjt manner of ojoering 

Hippo, Jfirff , pou fljall fenofo tfjat l£o;fc* ferae fo; fun* 
o?.p purpofes. feomefo; tbcpioiu,t^e Carf,anD tl;e JDacbfaooic, 
orders, fo: Kgbt ^o;fcs,Courfers, anD *£o;fcs of fercittc,otl|cru 
againe, fo; Stallions, anDbjeeDers : anDtberefo;etbep muff be 
tbofen acco;Dtngtotbclrteratcc. &oulOiers,ano mm of SKKarrr, 
Deuce a fierce ^o;fe,ccura0ous 3 runft, ano foci! colour eD. W$z 
^ufbanoman uioula baue \)i* ^o;fegentle,large booicD,ano meet 
fo; trauell ano burDen, ijiottoitbffanDfng,tbe b:ceomganob;mg* 
fug bp of tl)2in, is almoft one : fo; in their b;itDtng, toeefjope to 
b;fng t\)tm all to tbe&aoole. 

evi'hor. uE^attl)mg0aremofitobecou(toereDmt^efr 
booing t 

■ Hippo, ^e fljat \)%fy a fanctefo b^aoe ©o;fe , muff firff 
p;omoc (n'mfeife of a gob Hace,anD then of goto gromtD,ano pletv 
tie of paffure, iuljtclj in otfjer Cattell ought not to be fo great* 
Iv obferueo, but in l^o;fes tfjore muff be fpeclall care thereof* 
#nD tberefo;e, pou muff irff f® tfjat pour s>tallton be of a god 
cace, toell p;opo;ttoitco,anD frameo in cuerp point,ano in like fo;f» 
tbe ipare. &ome reckon tlmr geoDncffe up tbctr Countries, 
tobeecin cljrp taUe fo; ebfefe, tfje (femct of Apatite, tbe Courfer 
of Naples, tbe &acmacfan l£o;fe 3 tfje Pel oponcfian,tbe Turkey, 
ano tbe Thcilalian,but tbefe ferae cbiefelp fo; ranntng,anDftoift* 
neffc. jro: largeneffe of boDp , ensuring of labour, anb ntneffe 
fo; b;ceoe 3 fyc beff are to be I?ao oat Of Frccfeland*. Holland, ano 
Artoys. Cfjc ftjape ano p;opo;f ton of tbe *£o;fe, ought beeDtjp 
to be eonSoereo , fo; tfje berp lake ano countenance oftentimes 
Declare tb tfjc gaumeffe of in* nature* 2Dberefo;e pou muff Dili' 
gentlp conffoer bis making, from tbe beele to tfje beao,anD firff 
pou muff cbiefelp regarD fjts feettfo; ao in bietutng of a boufe,it is 
in toauuto regarD tfce beautie of tlje upper Jiamics if trie founoa* 
tion be cuinoustfo tbe l£o;fe tl)&t is not founo of bis teer,teill ncu 
tber ferae tlje&oalDto^tbe ^; tbe iCrauailer. 9n T , 
pour lohfog bpon ijim tjierfo w ;e pou muff Srft conGocc tyz [jofes, ^ 

® 4 tfpat ' 

The third Booke, 

f&af rlicp be not fencer ana foft, but Ijaioaiio fcuno., round, and 

tjoilotuj t^at rf;e fjollotoncffe map fecepc tjis for from tljc ground, 

and founomglifeeaCtmball(asXenophon faptl)) map declare 

tljc founonrffc of ctjc foot e a fo i tfje Ijoofc ttjat is full aiib fieftjp, 

ts not to bclifccd, and the 19o:fcs tljat Ijauc fuel) rjoofes coc cafilp 

t)alr,iprjcrefo:e Diners commend a l3o;fe like t&e ijmfe of an 9ffe, 

tl;e pafternes nert to tljc hcafc, not tea long, as the C?oat fjatl;,fo: 

Gjstnng off tys rider, and booing of foinogall » no; tea u>?t, fo; 

being tjurt in tfonp ground. SDfje legs and trje tl)pe0,fiti) tljepare 

fiie ffandecos of the body , tljep cugfjt to be emn , ffratg&t" ana 

found, not goutp,tottt)nuui; fletij and ucinrs, fo: fuel; astjaue 

fijeit legges clad toitf) much flcflj ano tocincs , t&ep toifl) great 

iournepes grotu full of ttmidgals, ano fuellings, toijicl) brill 

The legs, caufetjjem to fcalt 3 Urfjicl) legges at tfce firft foling, are as long 

aseuer tliep fotll bee,bp reafon toljereofpou mapgeffe foljat 

The knees fieigfjttfje ^o:fetuill be of, being pet a Colt. SEtjc fences muff 

be round, flerible,and finall, and not botoing intoard, nc: ffiffe, 

Thcthies. tyz types large and foell b:afoned.,t)isb:catt great and b2eao,i)ts 

Thebrcft. necfeefoft and b:oao 3 not Ranging lihe a (25oates, but &p:igl;t 

The neck, Itae a CocUes, and foell reining, Ijis g&mz trjichc > falling on tljc 

The man« rigbt fide, fome lifee it better on the left, Ins head uiiall and leanc, 

The head, fo: a great and fjeaw'e Ijead is a figne of a dull Bade, tys mouteU 

fljo?t, rjistnoutf) feioe, loitl) large Uwincfclcs, (till plaping toity 

t&e 15if, and foming : as virgin : 

There (lamping (lands the Heed, 
and roomy Brideil fierce he champs. 

Thc Ebc l9o?fe that fjatfj a dip mouth is naugbt : t>is cfjakebones 
mcuth. fooulo be euen and fmall ', fo: if tytv ffand to farre afuneer,fce 
foillbcillfo uebiioledj and fijo bnctienneflTecf tfje crjorfees UuU 
make t)fmt)eaOirrong,and mutt fo rapne foell, but to rtjjmft out 
ty'shcad ill fauouredlg, fj:s epes great, bluddp, ano fierrp, ano 
The eyes, ffanaing out of his fjeao, Ui^ictj is a figne of qutckcneffe,ano line* 
lineCfe : hollo to j little epes are naught, and blacfce,o: pale liars, 
in t^e epes are fo be aifp:aifed : ibefc faults are bell fpied in tyt 
nigjjfbp candle iigtjt. Columella comnundcti) blacfee eprs.fl foall 
epe is fceep god , fuclj as tfcep fap Alexanders Bucephalus tjafc. 

The caret %fa eares muft be u)o:f ? ffanDingup:igl)f^ 8imng,fo?tlje eare* 

entreating of Cattejl. ib^ 

be tlje fofcensof a ^ojfcs ffomacfee,toljicfj if t&ei? be great ano 
Ranging, are figncs of a 3aoe. SCtje $ettlmls mull be toiae,tl)e The 
better to recefue apje, ttiljtcrj alfo Declareth. a lfuelp courage : "° fthri,I « 
&ts tyoulDeis large anDttcaigf)t,tbe fiDcs turning tntoarD : t&e JJ^ d 
riDge-bone oucr tfje tyoulDecs being fcrnctying tjtg!), giucst^eThcchTnc 
f£o?feman a better feate, anotbeu>ulDcrs,anD tlje reft of ti)e 
boopis ftronger femt together, if it be Double': Insfioes Deepe, 
Uiell knit bctjmoe, ano fometljing botoing fcp,folncb botl) isW> T,3C fil- 
ter foj tlje bo^feman, ano a Cgne of a great ffrengtt) : bislopnes, Thei©in« 
tlje bjoaorr tljep be,tf)c better Ijeliftcth. tjist fo?cfeete,anDfolloto* 
etfj toitf) tlje Iji'nocr, anD !jis pauncb, fyati ft)e leffeappeare, totjub 
bo$ Difgcaceti)lmn,anD buroenet!) fjirn: t)isbcllpinuft be gaunt. The belly. 
l?is buttocks large, ano full of fleCtj, anftoerable to tjis b?effSj The but- 
ano hjs ftDrs : fo? if l;e be b?oao IjancljeD, anti toell fp?cD bctjinDe, tocks. 
anD goett) imDe, t»s pace toill be tlje furer, totneh. toe mapper* 
ceiue in our fclKcs, if toee affaile to take top a tljtng from ttyz 
grounD ffrpDing, anD not toitfcpour legges togetljer, toe fahe it 
&P totth. moje eafe anD ffrengtrj.^u* faple tooulo belong,fe?iftlie 3 The tayle, 
ano curleD, tfjc lengti; toiler eef isnof onelpa beau tie, but alfo a 
great commoDitie to fjim to beate atoap fires s yet fome Delight 
to tjauc tl] em curt apleDjfpcefallp if tycy b c MaD but f oefct.^n fine, 
t&etoljole boDp tooulDbefoframcD, a5 it be large, fjigf), liuelp 
fpjtgbf CD, anD toell f ruffeD. £>ome i^o?femen tooulD [jauc tbeir 
$o?fe to be limweD after tlje p.:opo?tion of Diners beaffs, as to 
ijaue tt)e (jeaD anD legges of a &tagge, tyc cares ano tayle of a 
i?orc, t!;c neefce of a I>toanne,t&e b:cff ofa 3,ion,tfje buttoebs of 
a Moman,anD tbefeete of an #ffe*virgill in ijis Georgickes ootfj 
fcerp Clarkelp Defcribe ffje tokens of agtoD l|o?fe. 

With head aduanced high at firffyhe kingly Colt doth pace, 
His tender lims aloft he lifts, as well befeemes his race, (way, 
And forcmoft (til he goeth,& through the (treme he makes his 
And venturcsfirft the bridge, no foddain found doth him afray» 
High crcfted is his necke, and eke his head is framed fmall, 
His belly gaunt, his backe is broad, and brcfted big withalf. 
The bay isaiwaies counted good, fo likewife is the gray, 
The white and yellow word of all, befides,iffarrcaway 
There happen a noife 3 he (lamps, and quiet cannot rcft- 



But praunceth here and there, as if fome (pirit were in his breft. 
His eares hefcts vpright,and from his nofe the ft erie flame 
Doth feeme to come, uhilcas hefnufTcSj&fnorterhatthefame. 
Thickeis hismanCj&on the right fide down doth hanging fall, 
And double chinde, vponhis ioynes agurter runncs uithail. 
He fcraping ftands,& making deep a hole.he pawes the ground, 
Whiles as a loud his horned hoofe,all hallowed fecmes to found. 

pou to in fjofo fcto feerfes tfje $oct Ijarrj erp:e&e& tpe proper* 
tits of a god l£o:fe : other conoittons ttyctcbchi ir»Iii:b trjrp be 
Uheo, iorjen ttyey be pleafant, firft liucip, gentie-> anD tractable ; 
J^fuc^as Columella fattf), tDtii botlj better be taught, ano biU 
tcr a\wap ixutfj trauell. Xenophon accounted it a ftgne of a goto 
^ojfe, If after trje toeartnefle of t)i s tourney tje tome to labour 
luffeip : againe, foe fince bp erperlcncc, trje better t|c l£ojfe w, 
tbe Deeper be rentes fyis rjeao into tbefoater fotjen be ojinfcetb, 
anotbat (being a dolt) ffriuetf) to outrunnclns fellemes in ttje 
pattuccanD as virgill fattfj,leape firtt into the toafer,ano paCetb 
b;iogcs,not tactvjngfo: anp btyer, no: fearing trje 3fe. 

E v p h. tabat colour in ^02fes count pou tfje beft i %\i 
$ oet fomctrj to mi fltfee trje itit) if e 5 lorjM others agatne,as g baue 
funD:p times rjeato commcnD 5 fpcetallp in CnglanD, iutjece tfjep. 
are toell accounted of, ano molt cUcemeD, 

H i p. SToucrjmg trjccotours 5 tbereareO(nersopmtons,anD of 
all colours, ligf)tl?pou ujallfinoebotrj gcoo ano bao : fo trjaf rbe 
colour is not fo g tea tip to be regarded, if fje baue oftjer tokens of 
a goDD \) o:fe s Pct fo; beau tie, ano manp times fo? gaones 3 toe make 
cbopfc of colour. 2£r)e bcffcoIears,as Oiuers fuppofe, are tjjefe, 
Srje roane,tbe fofHte :liarD,tfjc bap,trje fo:eU,trje Dunne,tlje caple 
Staple aflj£to!nfe,tf)c fleabitfen,tljemflfeeiuf)ite,tt)e blacky 
f be iron grag: tbebap is molt of p:tce as far as 3 to at trjts Da?, 
ano p;eferrco bp tbe poet abouc tiered. SCbc Jrrencbmen call 
tlje bapljojfe,Le bayariIoya!,tcuirp25aparD : tfjepare tfje better 
tijat tjatic a darrein the fozerjeab, anof^e fofefpotted a little 
toit£ fobtf e:afo?cttme ttjeoaple grap,ttje flebitf cn>rbe moufeoun, 
ano tfce grifell fcucrc mofteffeemeo, ano fuc&as came mired to 
fbem, as tbe3rongrapjt^ebjtgbtfo;ell,tf)eb;oU)nebap. £Dnclp 
Plato commmoeili tN mtlfce toftffe 3 tljat virgin Difp?apfefb. 


entreating of Cattell. 1 1 o 

il>f&erscomineHOtf>eblacfte, fpeefallp if &e f>aue efnjcr incite 
ffaere in l)isfo?ef)eaD 3 o? ttrafce Dotoneliis face, o? tjati) anp lu^tte 
fcpon ijt'0 (cote, tfjc coalcblacfcefottbaut anp Ujtjitc, is altogether 
miflifteo, tfjc flea-bitten l^o;fcp.2ouctI)alivi.itcfig«DD anonotable 
in tcanell : tlje pellotoiG) ano tbc ftm*, o? pieo ljo?fcs are tffcom* 
menoeo almoft of all men, natluitfjUanOing either oftyein (if 
tbcpbe toell maefceo) p?oue oftentimes foell cnougtj , fpcriallp 
tijc pelloujiflEj, tc fje bane a bUcnc lift DoUmc bis baefce from tfje 
necucfotbetaile. OjcStalliontbercfojetooulo be of one colour, TheSui- 
ffroiigbooieD , torll limmco , accozDmg to tbe p;opo?tion afo?e. I,on ' 
£D;e Marcs luouID libetoife baue tfje fato p?opo?riou ofttje &tal- TheMares 
lion, fpeeiallP to (jaue large booies, faire ano beautifull, of one cc* 
lour ? greatbeilieD,toitf) large ano fquareb?eaft ano but todus. 
E v p. OTjat 3ge count pou beft fo? b?aDe i A s e » 

H i p.2C[)e&taUionma?goctoitl)tOeip3restof)enljJSiopnts 
ano limbs be foell knit ano come to tljetc grofoty , fo? if tyep be 
ta> poung,tljep get but toeafee ano it>eatifl& Colts : fome ote tile t 
t\)zm goe together at ttoo pares oloe> but tb?ce pates olDc is tfje 
better: tfje stfallfon foill feme pou from tfjat time till tfueittts 
pare, it fjatlj bane fane tyat tbep tjane gotten Colts till fo?tie,bo 
fug IjclpeD a little in ttjeir buftneffc , fo; it is not pares but ftull 
ffjat abafetf) luu\as Anftorleafo?e PJinie fo?ofc. $5et fome ttjinfce 
tijan not meetefo? tyirte before t&efourttj o? nftB pare, in tofjicfj 
fpace tgcp faoe tf)em luffelp, fo mafeetljem mojc couragious, foj 
ttjelufttertbepbc 3 t(je better Colts tl)cpb;ing,ncif^eriooulotljep 
fcauebnDer itrtane Clares, no? aboue ftoentp, fo? one Stallion. 
Herodotus tojitctl) y tfjat one !£o?fc tola* toell fuffice ttoentie 
tBarcs , but tbc number ougbt not altoafes totcobferueo, but 
fometimes mo?e, fometimes ieu"e, acco?cing to tfje ftafe of flje 
^o?fe, t&at be map tfje longer rnoure: a poungl£o?fe »)ouionot 
fjaue abooe fiftane o? firrane spares luttr) tym s t&e ^o?fesmutt 
befomrtime fcuereo fo? Sanger ano furring of tfjemfelues, (ja> 
uing in tljcmcane time goirj regaro to tljeftate of ^isbcop, fo? 
fome be toeafecr ano fainter ttjen otljers. 
E v p h. wtfat age Doe pou tijinUe beft fo? tlje ^areto goe 

Hippo. Ci>e<^rcstofliconerMr 3 atttooparcsolD,uut3| 

tafce it ti)e better not f o fooler tljem till tyep be t£?a pares oiee, 


The third JBooke, 

anDlthetoifc 3! tytnke ffjcm net mate fo? Colts after fen«e, fo: 
an olDe S$are toill altoaics bang a dull ano Ijeauie beaoro gaoe : 
tt)cp goe Uuf|i J-oale an elcauen monet&s , ana ^oaU in ttjs 


E v p h. i^oio can pea fenofo tfjeic age foljin pou be Doubt* 
full of it :> 

H i p. SCtjaf map pou knofoDiuers taapes, but fpeciallp bp 
tlje tcetlj, ana t|ofe teettj t&at Declare tlje age, tfje Grecians call 
yfOfiont 9 turjicfj ttettj toljen tje Imfetij, be tofetfj botlj cftimation 
ano falc. Anftotle afflrmetlj, tljat a ^o:fe ^atf) fo?tic tecttj , of 
Un)ielj Ije caff etrj tlje ttjirtietjj monetfj after Ijis foalmg feurc,ttoo 
abeue, anDttoo beneattj : againe in t&e beginning of fjis fourtfj 
pcere fjeeaffefy liketmfefoure,tteoaboue,anD ttoo beneatfj,being 
full foure, ano going topon&is fifty, Jjecaftettj tfje reff,bot|j aboue 
anD beneattj : fuc& tectb as come tip againe be jjollolu : toljcn fce 
beginncttj to be (ire pcere olDe, tyc fcollomneffe of fits firff tail) 
is filo tip : in tfje feauenttj peere all tjis teettj are fillcD bp, ano no 
Ijollofonefle anp longer to be feene : after tobirfj time , no iuDge* 
tnent of Ijis age, bp bis tecrb, is anp mo?e to be IjaD : tljere are 
fome ftjat tafee'topon ftjemto tell fjis age bp tlje iopnfs of tjis fatle, 
after t|e marfee is out of tjis moutlj. Palladia ffjemes , tljat a 
^o:fc toljen &e begins to be oloe, tys temples toare rjolloto, Ijis 
eicbtfes grap , ano bis teettj long. Ariftotlc faittj , ttjaf ttje age 
of ali feure^foteo beads map be imotene bp tlje ftinne of ttje it 
3atoes : fojifitbepuloetpanopaefentlp I et fall again e, if it fall 
fmcortj,ft Declares a poung beaff, if it lie in Uuinfcles, it tyttoefy 
Ije is olDe. 3 l^ozfe itucttj commonlp ttoentp preres, fome tljtr* 
fie, o? foittc, anoalfofo fiftie,a8 Ariilotle faittj, tftiebe of a gcoo 
Difpofition, ano tocUDieteD: itisfaiD ttjere tjaue beene ^o?fcs 
*bat fjaue liueD ys- pares, tlje ^are liuettj not fo long as ttje 
I^ozfe, no? ttje Stallion, fo long as tfce l£o:fe t$at is fuffereD to 
runne among!! spares : tlje S$are leaned growing at fiue peecc 
olD, anD tljei^ozfe at are, o: fcauen. 
E v p h. catjat fimettjmfee pou beff fojeouering of $ares t 
Hip. 3fn ttje &p:ing, after t|e riuelftli of £parcij , 3 fake fo 
be tlje beft , after trjc a>p:ingin tlje rett of t^e pcere t^iep are fe 
be feept from tlje J£o:fc, fo: tjnrfing of tlje ^otfe : fb? tlje ^are 
after l^e^arljeoncettteD , fufifers f|je ^ojfeno 3 but btatcs, 


entreating of Cattell. 1 1 1 

ano ftrihes tym \nitl) Ijer beelcs , vet in moil places, fbep fuffcr 
tfjeir £>taluons to runnc Utftl) tt)ctc ^aresall t&e Summer long, 
ano take it to be ttje beff map fo? anftoeringtije {pares oefirc, 
fo? manp times tye spare toill not abtoe tyc l^ojfe till Summer 
time, o.: ilugutf , ano tbe tfugulf Colt pjcues common^ tier? 
faircaltbougb tfjc Colts tfjat arc foaicO in (Ijc Opting, are not 
to be OcfiteD, becaufe tfycy nmnc all tlje pceie toitb tl>rir oantmes 
mgmo patture', ano ttjercfo^c ttts beC at tyat time to put tf)c 
g£arcto tbellKufc, fa: ttjefe creatures fpciiallp, if pou icffraine 
tl)em,are mott enrageD iuitb luft , hereof came at tbefirff ttjc 
namcof tbatOeaDlppc^fonHippomancs , becaufcitftitretbtopa 
flcfljlp affection, aecojomg to tl;c burning Defire of beatls 3 mbtctj 
grower!) in tbe fojeijeao of trjeColt,of ttje quantiticof a irigge^ 
ano blacfce , lm)icj)t£e Damme ootlj ffraigbt , as fomeae tyc barb 
FoaleD, bite off: anDiffyee be pjeucnteo , fljee neirijer loues tl;e 
Coit , no? furTers tym to fucfee , neuter is it to be Doubt eD, but 
trjat tye spare* in fome Countries fo baencfoitb luft, as tbougt) 
tbeptjauenott^ei^o?fe 3 l»itl) tfjciroUmc feruent ocfire, ffcep 
tonceiuc ano b?ing fo?tlj aftet tye manner of 25p?oe* 3 as tfjc poet 

In furious luft the Mare exceedes all other hearts that be. 

St fcatt) bcene faio 5 t[)at in S>paine ^ares baue conceaucD toifr) 
tbetoinoe, ano b:cug&tfeptfjcir Colts, but tbe Coifs baue not 
liueo aboue ttyti peetes. Arillotle to?itctlj s t&at a ^ares oefirc 

E v i> h. Mjat if tbe spare will not false tlje ^o?fe, is tljere 
no mcancs to mahctjer i 

Hippo. JOjcre are t&af rub rjet taile wttb £>ea Anions, 
#ctfels, o? S^asocrjano fo p:ouoUe Ijer fo luft, fometime a fair* 
nic gaoe is put tober , to'oo linden fje batfj gotten fjcr gcoD will, 
is ttraigbt remoueo , ano a better l^ojfe put in place. 3f tbe 
^02fc be tea flowfull, f)is courage is fficrco op bp wiping Ijcr 
faile wttb a £>punge,ano rubbing it about bis # ofe. 3 f we woulo 
fjaue a ^o;fe Colt , toe fenit tbe left ftone of tbe l^ejfe witb a 
cojoe : ano fo? a spare tl;e rig&t, 2Ltje lihe is to be obferuco a!^ 

Evi'ho R.^oltioffenmdfiu)ebe^o?feoafferu)efa!je^ 

Hip. Xt^ev tafeenotalibe,fomearefpeoatonce,fometi»ife 3 


The third Booke, 

fomcmo:c. yfrfttoyigMtt mill wot fuffer about fifteen* time* 
in n)c reere : being oftrntrincs fatifficD fcuit^ feluer. SDljcp muff 
be put to ttjc i^c:fe at times, tturfc a Dap, in n)c moaning, ano at 
mg£t : totjcn the? are fpeD, tt appeared" bp rcfuGng,att& tfrikmg 
attt)ci^o:fe. ^cpfap: tljatt&cre is amongft tfjcfe bcafts a 
great regaro of fcin3uo,am> t\)*t poti can ^arDlp fo;ce ttje Colt t3 
l^o:fe Cfff Danune : fo; p:©fe thereof ttjcp repo;f,t^at toljcrc as 
a ccctainc i^o:fe;fcreper did make tjis l^o:fe, bp coneringljis ncSj 
to couet |)is gttnanc, t&e cloaffj being pule amap, Intjen tjc fato 
ttiljat tjc tjao none, £• rannc bpon t)is deeper , ario flcln Inm : as 
feone as fi)e is coucreo, tip ^arc mutt out of fjano be bcatcn 3 ano 
fo:ccD toruimc , leatf u)e Irofc t\>at ft)i Ijarf) recciueo, £>ucelpa 
spare of all otfjer bcaffs, after £er courting , oott) runne either 
£outrjioaro, o: £o:t!)tear& s . ncecjomg as tyc tjatf) comemeo tu 
rtiet 6o:fe £olt 5 o:®are Colt :I;cr colour alfo fcon) change ana 
become b:igtjter 3 mt)ict) torjen ttjrpprrccmc, ttpv offer fcertfje 
*£o:fc no mo:e. £ ome after a fern oaprs if tjjcp Doubt |jer, offct 
t^el^o:fe againe , ana if uje reftife anb Arise (as 3 faio before) 
itjep iauge fyet>atjironcetuc&. 

Evphor, i^uirttjepbecouereo.cuerprerrt^ 
Hipp o..s>uct) is our couctoufnecre 5 as toe fafcc to fjaue ffjem 
bcarccnerp pare : but ifpcu iutll Ijaue gmo Colts , let pour 
spares goe to l9o;fc but cuecp otljerpecrc, fo u)all ttjep toeilan* 
Xlucrerour oefire,rjotobcit n)c common bfeis eucrp peere. 

Evphor. tQe fee 3ffes fomctimes focouer ^ares com* 
tnonlp.anQ thereof is cngeno: eo nje spoile 3 arts foaleo in tljc ru. 
muffe as fljall be fatD hereafter. &ome fapitisbcttto cut ttjc 
mane of nje $ttf t&at D)aU becoucreo of the 3flc,tl)ougrj otitis 
|>oiD opuuon tyzt it Qjall abate rjer kill. S3rjc spares tt)at be tturf) 
foaicjiniiftbclncll IcoheDfento, anD put in goso patturc. Snotf 
th:oogfj ttjc cclDe tumter , paffurc beiiantmg, tfjcp -muff 
be kept in tbe boufc.anB neither laboureD no:iau"eD tip ano Doiune, 
no; fuffcreO to take anp col^no; to be feept to manp in a firaigljt 
rcorne, fc: calling tljeir .foalrs, fe? all tljefe mconuenienccs h)i!l 
fjaysrotfjcir i*-oaIes,rerto traueltl)cmmoDeratelp,UJiUDott)£m 
rather gcoD then Ijarme , fo.: fco long reft frriil caufe tbcm to be 
refiuTc, an6 to rper fenner. Anftotlc Ui;itetf), fyat t^e Scythians 
m bCett twuell t^wc iBares great iuitlj foale : aftcr tlje timttljrp 


entreating of Cattell. 112, 

bsgan fotttrce , fuppofing tyttt foaling ftjoulobe tt>c eaffee, but 
g£D3 tjceoc mutt be tahcn, tljat tbcir b«lliw be not fjurt toitj) anp 
tying Mnlctbcp aretoM) foale : bat if fo be t&c space be in oan* 
ger, citber in catting bcr iFoale,oi in foaling, tbe remcop is, Po- 
lipody dampen j minglcofoitbUiarmeioatrr, ario giucntuitb a 
trozne : it is fato tl;at tbe fmell of a canoell fnmTe, caufetb tbem 
to catt ttym foales : pou muff euctp pare ouer^Ve pout spares, 
ano fucb as be Unprofitable , o? bacraine, mutt be put atoap, fo? 
from tbcic firtt foaling tbcp are not f be feept aboue ten pceres,at 
fofticb time tbcp arc luttp enougb,ano map be tocll folo,but fo toil 
tbcp not be after: ECbcpouug i?aalcsarenottobcbanolcoUiiti) 
tbe bano , fojtycp ace burt toitt; tbe ligfjfett toucb ttjat may be* 
31tmuttbefauetmto,tbatif tbe spare beboufco, tbcrebercoms 
enougb M b«* ano tjer if oale, ano tbat tyc place be tuarme t* 
nougb, t&atneit&cr tlje colo barme it,no2 tbe 2Dammeoucr<iietf, 
ano therefore tbe place mutt be todl ebofen , tbat is, neither tat 
fjo^nojta) color, ano affertoaresbp little, pou muftbmig tip t^o 
Colt : tofjen it grotoctb to be fomefbing ffrong, it mutt be put 
to patturctoi v b tbe spare, leafttbe ^parereceiue fjurt bytbeab* 
fence of it : fo; cfjiefrlp tbis Beattof ail otbers , mott ettccmctb 
f>er poung, ano if u)e be hrpt from it 3 taheti) barme. Clie if oale 
tyzt lathes bis SDammei is oft cnb;ougfrt bp,of otber sparcs,tbat 
JjaueColts: tbe spare mutt. gee in toerpgcoa paffure, tbattbe 
Colt map baue ttoje of milfce. Bring fine monctbs otoe, toben 
pou bring tbcm intoboufc,pou mutt faoe tbem toftb barlp flotoje 
ano b.wnue : at a tfoeluc mWfb otoe, pou mutt eifber put tbcm 
into gcoo patture, ojfceoc tbcm Uiitb B?anne, Cbaffe, ano \pay. 
Varro totilnot Ijatic pou to toeane tbcm, till tbey be tfoo pares 
sloe : ano tbougb 31 Ufcenot ffflfronetoeaning, pet tue bfe com* 
monlpto toeanetbem at fiue oz fire monctbs olD,anota Jet tbcm 
runnc in ga>3 patture, totyd) cuttamc pzouetb not amtffe. Spojo 
ouer, as long as tbeprunne toitb tbe&>amme, pou (ball Doe torir 
to banole tbcm nolo ano tben, leatt, tubmfbcp be put from tbe 
JDamme,tbcptmrc Uriioe : tbcp muff be taugbt to be gentle, anD 
not onelp to abtoc a man,but to couct bis companies ano not to be 
afrat&ateuerp ftcangc figbt, no? at euerpnotfc, but to come to it 
Xcnophon (aitbtoe mutt (as mcn)p?ouiBe fecbolematters fo? cue 
CbuojcHpfoUbctotfe teactjas fojiour ^fes, f appoint licto tee 

The third Booke, 

totll tjauctbem b?ofcen : fo? as t^ctr feruiec isomers, fu muff be 
ttjcic b?cahing. 18ut bcrcof toe (ball fpeafee mo:e hereafter, 
iuljcn toe cntrrate of lio:femanff)ip , ano b?cafeing of ^o;fes : 
onelpnoto toe toiliocale tottb tljofe tljat fuche, ano frruc fo? ttje 
pioto. So mafcetbem gentler, ttje b?iDles,anD ottjee l£o?fe bar* 
tulles mutt be bangcD bp ttjem, tt)at t^ep map njc better be ac* 
quainteD toitb tljem, botb tottb njc Cgrjt, aiiD it)c gtngltng. j>cto 
toljcn ttjepbe tocll tameo , anD toill fufFer to be banoleD 3 varro 
tooulo tjaue pou lap a Bopgroueling bpon tbem ttoife,o? tb?tfe, 
anD after to beftrioe tbem , and tbis be tooulo batic Dane , toben 
tbep be tb?ec peere oloe , fo? tt)en tbep groto mott , ano begm to 
be great b?atone&. SLbecebetljat tbtnfce a !£o?fe map begin to 
be tjanolcD at a pare anD a tjalfc olD, anD Varro, at tb?ec pare olD, 
toljen tncic p?ouen0er is giucn tbem i but toe bfe commonlp after 
ftoo vecres to labour tbem gentlp, firtt in barrototng of ncto 
plotoco lanD, bJlwb is ga>D both fo? tbeir forte , anD their pace, 
ano alfo toitb plototng,* wo) Ube crercife: tobercbp toe bfe to at* 
quaint tbem tottb colDe anD beate, in D?atoing togctber. BCf mutt 
bttenz to , tfjat tbep be eaenmafcbeD , leaff fbettronger fpoile 
tbe toeafeer, tobtlc b e D:caDetb tt)e rating anD tobipp ing. 13 o? fes 
rabelcLTc barme tottb D?atoing tben tottb bearing* Ebus mutt 
njep bebfcD to reafonable trauell, bp reafon tobereof, tbep totll 
be t'bc barDcr, anD not fo ligbtlp tafce barme : but Herein mutt be 
great attention* 

E v p h . Mfyat fap pon to (SelDings \t fo? in tbefe parts toe 
tjfc OclDings mott. 
vf tables. H 1 p p o . &bep ferae fo? fome pnrpofe! but lie f bat totll baue 
a goD <H?elDing,muft geiofas tbep fapja ga>D l£o?fe ; tbep are tut 
at a peerc olo ano elDcr : 3! rnp felfe fyaut cut tbem at fine pare 
olD,anD are peere olo: in cutting tbep lofe their ttomacfce: pou mutt 
Icebetbat tbep be in goD piigbttoben pon cuttbem; fo? as tbe? 
are at tbctr cutting, tbep commonlp continue. %^z spares alfo 
tjfeto befpapeo,butnot often, anD tola) great Danger. 

E v p H.^bat manner of Stable tooulDpoubaue,fo? 3 ba«c 
fomettmcsbearDjtbat t\)c Stable is of great impo?fance v 

Hippo, f^our Stable mutt be built ina D?pe placc?fo? toef* 

ting tbe l^o:fee bcDfe 5 tobicb pou ftjall auoiDe if pou planfee it tottb 

acoD £>fcen planfes, o? ftobicbXcnophontoonlD rather Ijaue pou 

. hoc) 

entreating of Cattell. 1 1 3 

&oe) ImffjreuKopauiugff one, feeepmg it alfoaic* cleans from 
oung,ano ffraiu.,ano after lapingfceu)litter,fo as Ojepfiano Ijaro, 
ano lie toft, Xenophon tooulo ijaue tfje Stable fo placeD , as it 
mat? altoaprs be in tbe patters eie, ano to be ltgrjtroinc,!wlltl)C 
f^ojfe being ofea to cfjc Daruc , tys etc oa^eil at rtje Ugfjt. £>omc 
tbntfeetljcplutll be tlje gentler, if rtjcp be ofeo to tfje ligbr, $ tl;c 
faicer,if tljcp l;.iue tye &un at t(je riling in summer time : let as 
muctj aire come to tfjem botb Dap 1 nigljt as pou can. 3n Winter 
pour stable ujonlo rather be toarmc,tfjcn tjot,ano tljcecfo?c pour 
aabUmuftffanDtoluaro tbe£>outtj,butfoas ttjcwmDofocsuiap 
open totao tlje Jjiotfb, toijiclj .being Kept Ojut in Winter, map 
be iuarme,antj openco in*>ummer,pou may let in tlje cole aire* 

E v p h. 3SLI)c Itfic toeofe in our €>rc ftalls. 

Hippo. 315eftDes 5 U)fjere3S tljeboDirs of cattell, IjaueneeDc 
of rubbing, as toell as mens booies , fojmanp times it ootljtbe 
!£o?fe as mucb 8©o to be ftroisro fcotone tlje bach Uutb pour |panD 9 
as to feeo tjtm.SEbe l£o?feis to be continually :urricD,mtbc mo?* 
mngjatntgbt,anD after bis labour. Jneucrpihg of tljcmtoc muft Currying. 
begin at tlje tjrao, and tljenccfce : fo? tt ts a baine tfjing to mafce 
deanc tbelotocr parts, ana leave tlje otber foule. it is £©c«lfo 
to obferue Due times fo? ijts fecDing, Ijis teatrring,ano tys trauell. 
Sfjusn;u:b of bis erercife. iJciofoUoiuctljrofptabeoiljis liet : D y«. 
ano becaufe toe Ijaue fpofeen before of tys pallure 3 toe rnutr alfo 
fap fimufobat of Ijis otfjer feeoing. 2Clje better a man tooulo bauc 
Ijis ^o?fe to p?oue, tbe better mull ijelche to bis tljat 
goD feeding f tbc Countrp people fap)isa great Ijelpe to tlje gojo- 
neflTe of ttje^o?fe. 3f tfjet£o?fe be poung fas 31 faio before of 
Colts) be muff be feo luitlj graffe, cljaffe,anD hap : if be be cloer 
ano meet to trauaile,bis froo mnft btt})e o?icr 3 as Cbaffe,Bar!ep, 
i£)afes,an& i£ap.v£baffe oofb not fo toell nouriflj, bp reafan of tlje 
fttfneffe, but it feaepes tfjc boopin goo plight : ano becaufe Ij^ro 
mcatetsbaroettof oigefiion , it is ftjerefcue to be giuen fo rtjofc 
ffcat labour. SLbe ffoch 0? ffuD,muft be pattareo in large paffures 
ano marttjes,as alfo opon mountaines,an0 billp ground, but euer 
toell toatreo,notDzp,ratbcrcbampion tben toa>Dp, ano ratljer foft 
fuwet grauTe,tben bigb ano flaggp : iftbepaaure be tw trjozf, tbrp 
famer toeare tfjeie fo:e*tectfj,ano are fatljlefle befo:e fljcir full age. 
#m> tol;cr* as euerp feinoe of creature is naturallu moilt, a li)c:fe 

The third Booke, 

ongljt cfj(c flp ( tof)etljer tje be soung, 02 olD) to be feS tsfr& mottt 
patturr, fo: tlj: better confernaticn cftjis natarail temperature. 
£>:mc iuoutD bauc pou in no totfe to giac pour ^e?fe graffe m> 
ttje j®p;ing timeout in June 3 02 ttje fall cf ffce Irafe : tfcep rooulo 
tjauc pen giue ttjem graffe Imttj t£e Dilae tipon ikanD in ttjcnig&t 
fcafon 3 jOafcs, 15srlp 3 anD ^ap» t#ombeit 3 in tl;e colore Coin* 
tnes 3 m Octmanp,^raunee,englanD,tot)erettje paffureusberp 
gaso 3 tljcv Doubt not to f;oto:e ttjeir !£o2fes iBit£) gnenc graffe 
Scovwng. ar.D toceftef of tlje mcoDotoes : anD intije ijoftcr Countries, ttjrp 
" Doe tfjetthe iDttygrcenc biases of £at)ear 3 02 Barlp. &cme tfe fo 
gitie tfcem Apples fljareD in pieces, tofcoUj;e tljcin tottyall, anD 
ttjusmuttjof fcofcu;ing of i^cjfts. 0emiallp, fo&ofocnciUriU 
tjauc tjis l^ojfc fcreit!)p 3 anD able to enfcurcerauflljlcttmnfeeDfjis 
f^ojfe&HttjiDates, mingles Wttj ctjarrc 02 ftrafo, fou)all fje be 
tempcratelp ano toell feo, cnoiffo fje labour mue$, giueljim t^e 
mozr £>ate5, l$is meat mud be giucn tjm as feme ttjintsebeflMn a 
loto tpanger,fetfo tfjepare fo:rcDfceatet[)eirmeattoitt) 
fameoimLulrp o: traucll , to^ut) tl)ty fapis fo mafec t&em ben& 
tijeirncefes : bp to^icljerernfe bottle &eao anD tljeneefcegroto* 
etf) bigger,ano tljei? foillbe ffce eaffer to te baoleo : befiDes,tIjep 
toill be ttje ffronger,bpreafon of t&e fcaro fetting of tfjefo^fcete, 
^otubut,in fome places,t£ep bfe ti$ ffanomg gangers : after 
fcufjat fo;tfocuertl)cpbe 3 rtjcp muff alfoaies be kept cleane, anD 
rrouender toell ftoepf befojc pon caff in tfjeirmeafe. £Tljeir^;ouenoer 
tt)ougtJ Diucrs l£o2fe>courfets t\>zt liueb? fate of %o.2fe, Doe faoe 
tbm teitl; foDDen tf ie,o? Beanmieale foD, pampering tfjem fcp, 
tijatt^ep map be t^e fairer to tfjc eie : pet is it not ga>D fcoD to la* 
bourfoitt}. £:^ebefflp.:ouenoertl)afts 3 ifl £)atcs, anD fo: Default 
ofttKmjffiarlp : pou muff befoare pou gm ctljcm neither CCil) eat, 
V<itM an? Dip putfe: ttjeir y\2oncnDer muff be giuen ttjem rather 
oftrn, anD little, t£cn once e: tioifea Dai? in great portions, leaff 
pou glut t&cm tbcrcfoitlj : tycv are tifeD to be feD cemmonlp Sue 
times a Dap, totjen ttjcp ffanD in tfje Stable , keeping an equall 
numbec of genres betinone tlje rimes:tofcn fytv trauell 3 Tieu map 
giue ttjem meate feloomer 3 but in greater quantify iftl)efrfour> 
ntes be long , tljep muff baue p.zouenDcr beQDes m t^e nigfitj aU 
u>aie0renwmb2ing(as3faiD)tl)atpou glut tijem not SLije better 
a ^O2fefaoetljj t|ie better Mil tie labour, ^cu muff alfo befearx 


entreating of Cattell. 1 14 

tyaf pou gfue ljfmnop?oucttocr, neither Mates no* Barlp,an;er 
my great labour,till be be tl;o:ota colom ot iortljilanDing peu map. 
giue fjtm a little I; si? to cralc ljis moutlj.SCIj c l;ap mutt be fiuce t ami 
tocllmaoe,$tbo?otolp u)aRcn 3 befo.» itbecaff mto tlje raclse : anD 
fpeefallp feene to,tbattbcre be no fcatljer^ of anp folole amongff 
\t, 3Jft&c bozfebcocrp botaftcc ljislabQur 3 lct Imn be toell coue<» 
rcD,am> foftlpioalkeD till be be cold, before pou fef bim op : iuljrn 
lie (0 ret fcp, If ttcv Ijim uicll, leatt tlje colours of tbe ttnfee 
into turn: in anp tutfe loafl) Ijim not to'gca be is fjst^faut io&r n rc is 
ttjjougb colo,toafer bim,anD loatt) tjim,loipingtjfm ojplotjenpou 
b:ing t)ira in, 3fftrje ^ojfe fo^fabc bis meat, fomebfc to ttampe 
(Sarlicu f pepper, 1 to giue it i>im, rubbing bis tectb ioell,tiilbis 
Gomacfc come to bim: fomc looulo bauea clouttoet in fait loafer, 
fpeoopon a tticfejf t^:utt into his Haloes. Bin loatermg,poumuft 
Imfee kiell onto Ijim/o? (as Ariftotle faitb)beatt s Do feeo,f are nou* 
rtujco tfje bettcr,ff t&ep be to cl loaf reo, ^c.;fes f Camcls>oo loue 
bell to ounfec a ttjieh Uuter 3 fn fo mucb ao if tlje loafer be clear c 3 
t^ep Ml trouble ittoity ttjeirfeefe : fo: tfjemoff part Bullocks 
agafne oeffre a faire cleare loafer,! running* SDtje fame Ariftotle 
alfo afficmctb, tlja t a bo:fe map wrier ttjir ft foure oapes loitrjouC 
bjfnh. v«rro toils sou to loafer pour fjojfes f totfc a Dap 3 fcurjicb ou 
Dec toe obferue, ttjat is once in ttje morning, 1 agaiuc in tfje after* 
neonc.buf in cdintec ? iftbcp o?inftc but once a Dap 3 itfufficctlj : be* 
fozc pou loafer tym&c mutt beioell ruhbeo,ano tfjen leo info toe 
loafer op to t&e bnee»,fpcciallp if be be lcauc,if Ijc be fat,tje map go 
t\)c Deeper, j^otfottbttanoiugtrjetearc fomc that bolo opinion, 
tberj ougb t not to go fo Deepens tljcir (tones touclj tlje loater,fpe* 
cfalls if ttje f>o?fe be pong.aftec spared? tbefptfng,itfs oerp gao 
to rioc f bem op f oolone in fame Uiuer,lm)icb mill erereffe fbefc 
legs, fo; flje loafer o;ictb t rje legs, f r ettraincf b tyc bumo;s front 
falling oolone, ano beeped ttjemfcomloinogals:as fameastrjep 
come from ttje loafer , pou mutt inttfj a little ffratu foipc tljcm 
cleaue.fojtbcDamp of tbc liable caufctb fnflamafion fn tbebo:fcs 
legs tfjat beloct. %\\c loafer (accoaofng f vegctius Ins minte) 
looulo be cleare, ? fpzingiug, otberhftc it a little running ? troub# 
leo in a clap grouno:fo: t\)is loaf er,bp reafon of tbe tyidmts * fat* 
ncs,botb better nourifo ano feeoc t\)t bo;fe,tfjcn flje ftnift running 
Became: pet tfjofc ljo;fcs ttjatare bfeb to tlje ftuift 1 cleare riuers, 

13 2 are 

The third Booke, 

are common!)? ttje frrongeft, ano beft trauellcrs : ano fyere* 
fo:e it moulo be tucll conQioeccO l>oUi ttjc &o;fe tjatlj bane stccu> 
tromeo : tljccoloer ttje toatcts ace, fye letfetrjepnourifl), trjeoa* 
per a l)Ojfc D?infces, fyc fattcc f)e y?cmics : ano t|iercfo?e fome 
i^ojfe-eourfers fcfc to toafl) time rjozfes mouths, firft toitrj tea* 
ter, ano after to cub tljem toitrj fait, to gtuetljcm an appetite to 
tfjeicmrateano trjdr Dmifte. 

E v p h o r . 3 pjap pou let tjs rjcarefome remeDiesfo?rjojfe«r 
DifcaftS, foj (a0 Ariftotlc faitrj) a rjotfc Ijatl; as manp Difcafcs as 
a man. 

Hip. 0s touching Bifrafes in a l£o?fc, it is better to p?eucnt 
fycm bpgcotj I)^Dcta > atrtg,anD(as vegctiusfait^jtobemo?ecare# 
full in taping a tjo?fe hcatti)P 3 tt)ett totjen rje is fiefce to cure tjim: 
torjicfc tjealt&pouflw! continucimtl)rafc,ifpQU imllobferuetfjofe 
things touching tjis Dper, bis ftablc, ano tys labour, tfjat3ffcana 
tolD pou cf oefo:e. Mtjafoeuer imil feauea gcoO tjojfe, ano feap* 
tjim in goo eftafe, muft oftentimes fa rjim,come to^im, tjanole 
Ijiin ano ttrofce tjim: fo^ trjat botfj mafees tjim gentle, ano giues 
tjim a fap v :e coat : ano be frill minofull of ttje olo pjoaerbe, The 
Maiflers eye niaketh a fattc horfc : anD to be ftjojt, to tjauetjim fo 

ffill in tjis fi^t 3 as tje rather foant tjisofone meatman tjis rjojfe 
^oulo : fo? tje ttjat ncglcctetlj tjis rjo;fc 5 ueglectctrj ijimfrlfe. Co 
let tjim rjaae moderate erercife,ano to rifcerjim nolu ano tf)em(tf 
ttje foeat&ec befaire) into ttje SeiD, foiilose frim great gco : tfje 
morning is better to labour tjim in tljen t^ceucnfcig 5 neitrjer mutt 
you in Winter o: in Rummer ouer labour tym : fo.: being in a 
ftoeaf, ano aftcc tafewg colo {jcfalict!) into Dangerous Difeafes, 
#no ttjcrefo;e remember fobat 3 faio 5 tl;at foljcrfocucr pou tjaue 
iabonreo tjim 0: riocen tjim, be fure pou couec &un iuittj fomo 
clot&,anD toalfcc tjim foftlp,ttjk be n»ap be coio.befoje rje cittjer be 
fuffereo to catc o: Diinkc : ivrjen rje is colo, rje map be IcD to t&e 
mater ana foaujeo : foas torjen pou b?ing tjim into ttje ftable,pott 
litter rjlm mell, ana f fcougljlp rub rjim,an& fo giue tjim meat. Jf 
rje be ouertrauelleD,trjconelpremeDie is reffjano after tjis ftuea.* 
ting, to toa(l)lMsmoHtt)in Summer toitl) water ano t)inegcr,nt 
Minter toitl) bjine : fo: ttje neglecting of t^cfc things, [jat^ 
bane ttje aeftcucticnof manp a gojo tjo?fe.0lfo, to pom:e into tjis 
mcutn Mine ano ®v\c 3 in ^i.mmer^ colo, in Wmttv, toarme, 

entreating of Cattell. 1 1 $ 

( as Vcgctios fcacbetb J ana as tea finbe bp erpmeme, fe tcr? 
gmo: fojitiscommonlplane, tfjat a tpieo $02fe (ifncctffUie 
fojcetl; a furtbrr iournep) toitjj poising m a quart ofgoaiyine, 
Ml frauellluttilie. &ou mutt not fuffer pour bojfe to D;mtteaf« 
ter Iji8 iournep, till be becoio : botobdf, tr be ftoeafe net ttatf* 
fceamelp, ano be rio&cn fame after, it ts not fo Dangerous ; it is 
farre better to let bimtbirtt,tbm to giuc ijim colo toafer if be bo 
fjot.lf a bojfe (jaue long rettco^e is not to be frauaileo upon ttje 
fuooen, eitber in galiopping, o.: long iournep, but to be laboured 
faire anofoftlpat ttje firtt. tf (jo^fe tfcat is toearie o? tp:eo, mill 
be monDerfullprerrcu>o,foasittooulD famebebasneucr bane 
trauai'tOjtf be map toalloto bimfeife either in ttje Cable, o? ottjer 
n;te pMfW out of tbe tnitm anoraine : ano tbercfo^e Xenophon 
tuoulo bane nare Onto eucrp (table a place mat fo? tbeir toaUoto* 
teg,Vo^retn after tbeir tourulc0,tbep map tumble tbemfelue s :fo? 
in fo ooirtgjf ^ep u^to ffjep are in Ijealtfj,! tefreu) tbemfelucs.^ou 
mutt l*fce fciligentip ffjat tfjep be tocll Icoaco to at mgfjt, ano t tjat 
after tl;eir ftoeaf,tbep be tuell rubbeo ano currpec,anD tbes 
be not Dilquiefeo toben tljep ffjoulo rrth jm to inter tbcptooulo 
be clotbeo luitb foollen, fo? tahing of colo,ano in summer toitfy 
Canuas, to fcapefbem from fives, pou mult bctoare tijat poti 
iournep tbcm not long toitboutttaling, but after poubauefra* 
tiaileb an bourc, o? fo^b a tiling , pjeuofee tljem to ffale (by tit 
ting tycm out of ttje map ) into fome place loljrrc &ljapc fywz 
nun j co, 02. info fome bigb graffc feme o: ttubblc>mticb o:Der mas 
ton tinualip obferuco bp fyc bettbpeter of bo:fes,tbat euer 31 kntto 
in <£:iglai»> one Henry King, t»bo bauingebarge of rtjat mctt 
too2tbp<!5:ntlcmans boifes, &ic Thomas chilcnour,cam'eD a 
fat r pan p of ©doings from ilonoon to tbc Court of fepaine, 
lufjo iiotmitblfcnoing tbeir long iournep tbwugij if ranee, $ tfje 
paincfull paffage of tbePiremics, bptbe fteilfull Diligence of tbeir 
feeepcr, came tljitberw as gcoD plight as tbepcame out of (&n& 
lano.anb if fo be vou fee be cannot ttale, ojttaletb toity paine>poit 
mutt batbc bim imtb batb appcinceo fo? coUVbat i& t flDpl'c mmgi* 
leo toitb Wiint potnzea tipon ty* lopnes : alfo a ^oufc put int 
fo bis paro , 0? Cope put into tys funoament, fafy bane fane to 
ticlpe bint. §f tbis so notbelpe, pou mutt fquirt in^oncv bopleo 
lljin 3 toitb fait info W pauD. fronts tooulo ba«e tlje licour of tbc 

|3 $ Um« 

The third Booke, 

Umt Bitumen GmfrfcO in : j£liomusfojfret^$aft&e!5o?fetlmf 
cannot Sale, is ?: efentip rcmec ieo, if fo be a spato ftcthe him by en 
tfjc face toin) lire giraeil, the fate (tofcicb tstljc cljtefcff matter in 
a l£o;feJ pou Oj^U nituatcs hcepc found : if as 3 tolde pou afo:e, 
jouc Stable befcoell paued irtttj round ffone,o: teell plank co and 
kept clcane : touted Done , pou mult Hop tye- tjofes tottf; Coiue 
mmg, o; fo? toant thereof teitb bo? fe>oung toatreo,ano bts Irgges 
muff be often rubbed bntb a ffrafcme totfpe. So caufe tlje b©fe 
togroltt, o? to repaire rl;e b?oken Ijoofs , tabc of <0arltcbc beaos 
feauen ounces, of ^earbeograee tty® bandfula, of flllome beaten 
and fitted , fcauen ounces , of Barrofoesgreafe bcr? oloe tiva 
pounds, mingle alt tljefe U)ith a banofull of Sllrc e>img 3 boile 
tf)em,andannointtbeb©fes fberetoity. #ftcr tijeir fouwtep, fa 
Sou fearcf* t&efr feetefoell , fuffering no grauell , no? iitb fore* 
maine therein , pou ujalt foell rcfreu} tbeir bafes tuitfj tt>e olnfr 
mentafojefafo* sntjeiopnf&ojt&c pafterneSjtooulo be foell ba- 
tbeo after tbcfr trauel toitf) roarme ioine ? o; an egge oj tiso luouio 
be tb:uftinto tfjetr hcDfc5 3 t!j* legges tbemfeluc s toculo be iuaftco 
Juttl) t3oarme)!5ttrejOi fomclthcbatt).3;f tlje ^o;fe rfcuff out one 
of f)!g feetc, and ftano not euen, it is a figne of fome fault in tbe 
^(ofe : ttje l[)o:fe balrctb, either bp reafon of the fpoiltng of fjis 
fcfflfe in iournep,o* bp ill uja>mg , o? bp fti|j ol fom c tjum 020 falling 
ootcncbp lotoffanding in rbe &tablc,o:bp to mdgals«3ftbc fault 
be in tfje flying , ffrfc* fcpon tfyc bead of cuerp naile toitfj ttje 
jammer, and tofjen pou pcrcetue bim to u#inisc, plueHe out tpat 
naiie , 02 police fcpen tfje ^ofc col e toater, and that naile t£af is 
firff &jp,plucfe it out: if it maffer,fqucefe it our,and pofoje m\Sitt§ 
toell fcDoe n UJit|j olD Amines greafe : pou muff alfo fpeedflp open 
&fs b©fc beloto, tijattije matter ('if ifcfcs full of corruption; map 
defcend, leaft it tyeafee out aboue Hje !)©fe, anb fo caufe a longer 
time of tj ealing. SCfje fignes of it be, if be bold bp fjis fc«f-torj«cf> 
If pou Do pare jjim to fye quiche, ano ioljere pou pcrrciue it to lake 
Wacae, open if, ano let outtbe matter : if fie be f)urt uitoaro, ano 
ffanbet!) but on his-f oc, it _u)cloetb the fault to be infjisfjafc : but 
if be treab equaiip Unt^ l;is fojte,it declares- tlje griefe fo be fome 
orber tuyere, tben in \0 beafe t if in [)i'6 bauiting be botoe not bis 
JopntS; it is a ugne tfje fo: c is in t^e iopnts. if m all Halting gene^> 
ialfemingle \$cm$ toity tbc tobrt e of an egg?, and Hop tbe fota 

entreating of Cattell. 1 1 tf 

Wtyall, an* after clap on tfje Ujae: if itbe atoouno, pnff&erefrt 
tbe potooer of £)ptf er ibda, anD Oicr&egreafe to Dip it tip, o? t&e 
Ujtjtte of an egge, iottb 0ajfc ano ftmrgar. SD^e Cratcbcs (&$ 
tbe? commonlp call tytm)te a malaDp t&at bappenety btttoixt rfj* 
paffernes anD tbe ^rofe, in t&einannerof aicab, anD to ntgen* 
D;cD of tfje Damps of tbe £> (able, fobtf e be ffanbetb wet legged t 
t^e r emcep totjercofy's all one foftb r l;c paints, turret) i» UhcUnfo 
a ia:ance b;«Dfng about tlj* iopnts,b;cakmg tbe ffcmne, anD mat* 
t ring : taking atoap tbe Ijaire, foaft) tbe fo;e foif b toarme 15 ee re» 
o: toifb tbe b;oatb iuljerefnfs foDDcn^alloUies,B?fmffone,anD 
&fyeepe* uief , tobich muft be bourn about ffjc fo?e place moaning 
an* euening, ojelfe.^^apcsfuct, <£oafcs fuct.feto tries grcafe* 
©eroegreafe, anD quicke B?fmtf one^olearmomac^ano &ope, 
botleJJ ano maee in olnfmenf,tul)eremitb you u)all anoint tbe foje 
ttoj'fc a cap, loading tt firff iuifb toarme Mine , ano after it is 
DzieD annomt it , in tbemeane time b*pe b*m out of tbe toater : 
tbe 3tees of mine is alfo fomefime tifco in tbe curing of r!;e craf* 
ebes. cainDgals,U>bicb are fujelimgs,anD ruing* fn tye lcgB,ar* 
cureD toitb cutttng,anb burningtfome fbinfce n)ep map be reftraf* 
neb ano cureD , bv riding tfic I£o:fe oftentimes tip and fiotunt in 
fome coloe ano f un'ft ffrcame , alfo bp ioau)ing bis legges toitjj 
fcaltjOmegar,&fcu'ne6>grwfe, anD £>ple,iu;apping tljtm tip ccr* 
tame Dapes,o*bp launcing, ojfcarifptng tijep arecurcD : fbc out* 
toarD fojes are ficalcb bj burning* 3(f t&e baefce be tojung toit^ 
tbe feaJ3Dell 3 o; on)ertoife butt t^at it fmell,Vcgetius tooulo bane 
pouto feet l; Anions intoater, f tobentfiep be fo botas tljc t£o:fe 
map fuffcr, to lap tl^tm tipon tbe fo; c, anD binoe tbem fall, toijtcfc 
luill afftoage t^t ftoelling in one nig&t. item, fcait beaten and 
mebleo mln) <3inegar,putf ing to it t^t pol&e of an egge 3 lapeb tip* 
on tbe ftoelling 3 twll bealeit : befioes, iarCTmart ffampctianD lata 
to, Dott) mefentlp afffoage tlje fuelling. 3f tbe baefee be gallco, 
load) it fciitb Hfteece ano Butter, o; call tipon it tbe pofoDcr of a 
1 ome mall. K\)ttc it a Difeafe tljat (acommon in !£o?fes, called 
t\)t UmeSjtiJbicb if be fyaue, turne oomne bis eare,ano launce tl\o 
fo:e at t\)t rate of tbeeare,anD taht out tiic matter : but take ejooD 
b* De pou cut not tbe Wnt tbat lietb a little aboue. 3f a i^o.zfc 
baue bkm fet tip i)ot after bis iournep,ano in %isi beate barb bcene 
toatreb, ojtafcen coloe, Wtytibxty (Sermancs call verfaugen. 

P4 ^ 

The third Booke, 

in €ngl(u> JFounDjcD 3 oj m feme places ifcafoe : fSercmeofefi 
ifje thin of a MDcjdl tut in ftnall pceccs, frcfo butter, a rotten 
egge ariD otnegar mingleo together* ano potojeo into tfje tjo^fe 
tout) a [>Q?ne : after iu[ji£t),letlnm ftanocouerco kiitfj a toet clotfj 
till |je foare [jot, p;tU nt, ano aEureD cure fo? tlj.o oifeafe, 31 
ieameenot long agone, ef tijat tjomfijteife^ano fcltant toentle* 
mao; Captainc Nicholas Malbee 3 in fttyom tt)cre foantetfc no# 
tiding belonging to a foodie £>ouloict : tjisnicmttnc tarns tfcts, 
barter cacfj legge tmmcOiatclp one fcantfull abouc tfje fenee foitb 
a ii'fic, g£D3 anD Ijaro, ano tljcntoathe f)tm to t^afc^tm, ano put 
turn in a I;eat, ano being fometo^at t»armeo 3 let fjim blcuo in 
boti} fycbt&faiws,* mum ilje oaincs of t$e imatt Icggc^bc* 
ttuoDiie tfje &©feanDt&epauXme,refcruingti)eblQUD to make a 
charge luilfjai^in tfjts manner : SCafee of tijat blcuo tfto quarter, 
ano of Ujljcat meale, as if commetlj from t^e spill, fcalfe a pcrfce, 
ano fireegge$ 3 tt)els ano all,of liMearmoniacKetjalfe apouno 3 of 
Sanguis Draconis JjalfeaG/aarterne 3 ano a quart of ft rang fcineger : 
mingle tfjem all tcgetil)er 3 ano charge all ijus u>uiDcn3 3 b;eff 3 bac&c, 
Uyiicg, ano fo?eieg5t$ereloiifb ano foaifee fjim fcpon feme tjaca 
grouno : tjwa poured after, leao fjim info tjie ftable.ano let tym 
ffano tpeotfeo^onrtfi to ilje racke 3 toitf)ont meat ojojinae, ano 
foaifee tym tycn t l»o oj t&ee ijoure s mo?e a ano t!;en giue Ijtm a 
tittle tearaie ioater, toittf grouno spaltin it, anD after a little fjap 
ano p?oucnoer 9 tiien toalBc Ijimagameopen ffce mmft grouno 
l?ou can get : pon $all Hoe $m fyttwt oap a mile oj tteo foftlp, 
« fo from oap to oa? ontill ijebeleell, toi)ic& toill be foitljin tfcoe 
0? foure oaie*. ttmtmbct to let Ijim llano ftjeSriJ Dap after i)i& 
firff toaltung,ttoo Ijourcs in loafer op f tfje bclip : tty* me Dicine 
is infallible, SCfje collicae, ejpameintljebcilpis tJjoHgijtUnlibe 
ea&o in a twfcoj$pule 3 onelptoitlj tye fig^tof a jSDucae, ojanp 
foater fcteie. SCo feeepe pour fwfc frcm flpes, it is gceo to toad* 
gn'm ouer fcit!) tfyz iupce of t&e ieaues of t^e (25ouro, in tlje mictfc 
of Summer, ^anp times |jo?fe« arc troubleotoit|iioo?mr0, 0; 
bot5,U>l)fcfj rou fl/ali perceiue, if ttjer calf tfjctr toiRe open tyeit 
bellp 3 if tfjepluaUots) oftenfimea,anDari!iet^eir bellpluit^t^ti: 
ta>te\ tty remefiie is ^arts.fjome , g>auine beaten, ano giuen 
fytin tuitlj a little pnegar in a &o?ne. Columella tocolo |aue poo 
case rfjefjo^fs toujour |iano 3 ano alter tyat%M ^auepluehea 


entreating of Cattcjl. 1 17 

mrt ffje Dong, to toaft) l>is fanoament tottf) &ea toaf et,o* H&ine. 
Brafanolus in r ots Commentary fepon Hippocrates,oeclarefh bofr 
tie cuceo the SDufee of Ferars t)o;fej5 5 bcmg m great Danger Unci) 
toojmes, bp giuing them &uicfcfilucr, ano Scordium, 0? S&af er- 
Gcrmandcr, frben no other meoicines froulo heipe. Che 
3ffbcfemic?o; Diiliiiation, wiaUetb a i^ozfe flothfull, Dull , aim 
faint, pet frill he be leo, ano rioocn , anD moDerate labour 10 not 
amiffe fo? tym, let (jtm D?infce frarme frater frith Wtycat bjan: 
the moje fitfh he bopDeo at the mouth* t^c better frill it bee foj 
him. SDhereate funo^p Difeafes thought tomircablejfrbfch if 
the ^o:fe Ijao , ano fras folo , up tfje oloe Hafr es be fras to be 
turnco bacfee againe , ercept the bargaine frere otherfrife : of 
frbtcb number, are the bjofcen teinDeo, the lunatiefce, ano tije 
mangmes, calleD the JFareine^hich Difeafetf it eome once to 
tfje {tones, fe tfjeugittjiifticable. Co U)i$ fyev aooe the though 
feplent : fome Ibinfcct&ebjoUenfrmDeDisnottobecureD, be* 
raufeit is like to the confumption of the lungs in a man, pet 
fome hope of receuerp tfjere is, if it be taken in time : fo? let* 
ting of bloo m ojp Difeafes, is asainft reafon. But pou map an# 
nopnf the frfjole boop frittj WSHine and 3Dplc, mingleD together 
ano frarmeD, anocurrp tfim agalnft the hap?e rill he ffreat,ano 
grat htm this Djmfee mfraro from tlje firff Da? : tlje tupce of 
ptfan, fefrfnes greafe clarifieD , ano Amylum , in nefr ffreet 
frmc,frhfeh being bopleo together, pou ma? gtue it him frith a 
%mt to open 1)1$ pipes , ano fet him fo as tree ffano frarmc. 
2Dhe lunattse eves are cureo bp letting him blooo in the temple 
tjemes,batfjmg the cvts on the ouflioe frith fome toarmeliatbe, 
ano putting into tytm fome ftrong frater certaiae Dapes , tirl 
thep be frbole: Jfo^tbe mangineifejta&e the frames taHeo Can- 
tharides , beating them, ano mingle frith tyem a little Wevot' 
greafe , ano fo annopnt l;fm frith ft, frarming the boop of t(j$ 
^o?fe fritrj a fire panne. j©the*sbfe to fraft) him frith frarme 
frater tfrtfe a Dap ,anD after to rubbe ijitn frith &alt foooen in 
frater, fill the matter eome out. 3boue all other, thep fap it er<> - 
celled in the beginning to-amtopnthmt frftfr the fat of a &eale: 
If ft haue runnelong, pou mufttife 8rongermeDfcmes,asitroic, 
2S?imffone, Carre, oiD^frines^aafe, of eaeh alike quantitie, 
iop lea together , annfritfyaUttle ^lemaoe m an oyntrnmu 

The third Booke, 

ft)*? bfe f o tnb it alfo twitfj t&e fecote of a Calojon. flgamffmai 
np Oifeafea both of t3oife«, ano ISnllceRs, tycg tife tije rati of 
the *P earn calico loiaca eilcbo;c 3 of fomc 13earefote,o:orbcr« 
.&cttertoo.2f,tm;icb tljcp tb.:uCt in t|jc bjcll of a beaa 3 bc timet r^e 
fic$ ano tbe Cam, mabing a bole before toity a 25oohm, 0gainfc 
all oifeafea of J£o;fea,vcgeriuscemmenOetb rbia^eoictnc aa tfce 
cbiefeff.Cento.zfe, Ma>;meiWD0, &>ogge if eneil., S53iloe SCUiw, 
|?agapm 5 13etonie 3 fearifrage, Ariftolochia rotunda,tahc of ea*b 
a ItUc, beare tbcm fmall, ano 6ft t&cm, ano if tyt l3o:fe I;aue an 
neb e, glue it htm toitb inatcr, if fie be ferine, Untij gcoo ffrong 
C^utc* SDbc olo ^nabanoa tooulo not fuffcr tbeir ttojfra to be 
let blouD, but open great necc CTitir 5 leafi being trieo to if 3 if it 
CjsulD atanv fimebeomitteo, it E^oulD b:se&e fomc &ffea& ; 
ano tfjercfoic in bcrp poung ^e;fe* 3 ano fact aa be bcalf bp? it it 
belt not to let fyem blouo, but in tbc rofe of f be motm): fo; tbofe 
that be come to tfjeir roll age,pon map let tijem blonD befo;e pen 
put tyem tc paflrure, bnt bctoare poa beare a ft coo? t)ano 3 ano 
fame f&e m not fee Ocepe.Oeloinga poa fljait not neeO to let blouo* 
&t)c Ij^otfe* of fiarbary (aa tbep fapjneuer mtoe an? meofefne. 

E v r h or. |^ou bane fpofecn enougf? of ^o;fce, UiB time 
pou fap fomctbing of 3CTca. 

h i ? . 3 1 ia great!? oat of o?cer,buf Unu pon tofll neeos bana 
me fo to ooe 3 3l frill not ff icfeeloitb pon to Tap to^at 3! can therein, 
AiTcf. that each of ?ou map ooe tfjc like in bis cbargc fl ffe a ace com* 
■monlpBfpt 3 pcf not fo be little fefbp,beeaufe of fbcirfuno;prom* 
mooitice, ano tfjc baroneffe of tbeic feoing : fo; tW proje bead 
content a bimfelfe toitfy tofyat meat fa euer pou gine bim,£C bittlca, 
33?pcra 3 &falKca 5 €baffe, (UHjcreofcuerpCountrep batbffoje,) 
is goo meat tuitr) $im : beffoea be map btCt afatoe tbe ill Imhingc 
tco of a negligent aiepcr» ano able fo fmiaf nc blotoca,labeur,bun< 
get ano tbirff, being fcloomeo; neuer fiefec : ano tbercfo?c of all 
otbec Cattell longeff cnoarerb: fo? being a bcaft noting cbarge*- 
oble, be feructrj fo; a number of ncccflartc Wca : in eacrping of 
burOcna,be is comparable fo tfje l^o:fc, beo:aluetfi fbe Cart (Co 
tyeloao be not bweafonable j fo; gcinoing in fyt C0iU be paffetb 
all others: tbercfo:e in tbe Conner? tbeHlte ia moll neeofull 
.fc; carrying of tbingafo rtje market, ano Cojne to tbe ipill. Bin 
-Egypt ano Barbary (iojiere t&egronno is oerpligbtj ttytfaue 


entreating of Gattell. i is 

alfo ttrdc bfc to pletofng : ano the fine iLnorcn of ffje Country 
ioe rioc tjpon flu~cs ruiilp furnttyco : pea, tbep be ncr? apt to 
be taag&ti to as at t^i5 Dap in Alcayrc, pou floall |>auc fyem 
fcauncc tierp manncelp, ano feoepe meafure tutrtj tfjrtr SBufitfan. 
Varro makety mention of ttoo fojfs: one toiloc,to[Kreof in Phry. 
gia ano Lycaonia tljereare great ftojc : tbe foiloe jatTeet f bat are 
rameo, arc pairing goo,fpeciallpfo; tyesoe,* ttjep are eafilie b?o* 
feen : ttjcotfjer (0 tame, of tebfeb 3 nieane to fpcafee, SHjebcl!: 
areb;ougf)t out of Arcadia, (altfjougfj Varro fames focommeno 
t&e bjaoeof iraly foj ga>oneu~e. ) ^c tfjat toiUJjane a toaoe of 
#ues, mud Ijauettje spaleanO Jfemale bof(j of reasonable age, 
large boopeo, fonno, ano of a g©o Binoe j tlje q&alemuff beat 
tbe leaft trjja pare oloe : fo? from tfox, till tfjep be tenne, t&ep 
fee fit fo? bjeeotog : tljep b?ing f©j fij time Colt* fometimes at 
ttoo pares ano a tjalfe, but t&a pares is flje belt age : ttjc $c* 
male gocttj as long tourer bnroen as tbe ^are, ano oifctjarget!) 
m all refpectsas fljaootlj : butfce toillnotoerp toelt retame a 
trcept n)e be fojeeo immeOiatelp after fbe &o?ffng to run about : 
(be feloomc bjingety fcD?tf) ttoo. $$f>cn $e foalet^ w)e gets fjec 
Into fome aarfee place, ano napes ljec felfe from bttns fane* 
ffifjep tutll beare all t&eir life time, toljic|> (as Ariftotle faftb) fo 
ttjictiepares : t!)ep areput fo tlje fwfe a little befojetfje tenty 
of 3une 3 ano beare euerp otljer pare : tyep btfnq fto?t& rbcir 
ifoalcat tlje ttoelue mottety. WLfyilc tg|epbetoi$jj>o0le,tbr? 
mutt not be grcatlp lab oureo>fo?t)a$ar Ding fljeiri^oaleitbe ^ale 
muff nener be tolc, fo? litis asletcbcrous as tye SDtuetl, ano by 
reff toill iuarenaugbt.SCtjc Colt isfuffereoto run toin) tlje SDam 
tbe firft pace, ano tfcc ncrt is gentlp fpco fop toitfj fjcr, oncip m 
tbe nigftf times: t&ctbicD paret!jepareb?oBen 3 aeco?Dingfo tjjeir 
fofe. Stye SDamBotfj toonoerfullp lone ber poung, fo tmir^as tip 
toill not ttiche to come tbojototlje fire fo it: but rlje wafer fija? 
oare in no toifecome nore, no,not toucij it toity ber fatfe^eitbec 
toill flje ojmk&in aHp ffrange toaf er, but iutjere tytte tfco to be 
toafrco, ano fo as fye map goe ano ffano ojp ftete- fi^^poe^ 
J(gl)Uo beloogeo in kMOeroomcs, ano are trouWcotuitfj fearer 
ftillo;eamcs in fljeft fiapes, tofjereat tyty fo oatee toitbfljeir 
legges,t|iat Iftytv Ipe note anp ^arot[jing,tl;cp f^urtttjeir fate: 
^ -.ftjinbtaff, tire ftwfeJp toucfj t&e lwat«r ip^f^Kttppc^ 

The third Bookc, 

(as it is tl)3uql)t) fo? fearc of toettmg f&cir gmelp carts, tuftofe 
fljaaotocs tyep fa in ttjttt Diinbing : no beaft can luo:fe atoap 
toittjcolD then this. 3fpour atlcsljaltataiiptinie^pouQjaU tljus 
remeoie t&cm, toad* all t&cfoofetoity toarme h)afer ; ano after* 
UiarDmaBettjemcleanc \mt\) a fyarpe fcmfc , Uitnct) to^cn poti 
Ijaue Done, t .i«c olD chamber lpe,as tjot as mat? be,ano nuit tyt ce* 
tn CPoates fuet : 02 if pou &aue not ttjat, SDre talloto, anD anoint 
all fl;c feet fill tljep be Utfjolc. 

Evphor, Cfjep fap, tfjatbetfofrt an 0ffe, anD a $pare, 10 

gotten tjje$potle,as a ttji'cD fcinDe.of ttoo um Dip fetuses, neither 

refcmbling tfje father, no? tfjc mother. 

Moil**. Hippo. 3Jt ijs toerp true : as of tlje ft)e Me, anD tfje !^02fe 

is cngcnDzeD tb c u)e £13 oile, but altogether, Uubbe2ne 3 anD tmrea* 

fonable Dull $lfo of tfje space, anD ttjc toilDc au~c, being bjofcen 

are faieo q^ties run pairing flmftlp,ano are toonoeifull tjaro 

Roofed , buf ruggeo of tljcic boDp, anD mifefjieuous ftomat I;io, 

pet eafie to be fjansleo : ttytyates fo? b;ecD, muft not be tmDcr 

foure peered : no; abouc ten: tljep are foaleo in tfjcfroclftljmo* 

netfj, as i£o?fcs anD 3(Tes are, as Ariftotlcfauij : but Columella 

faptf), tl;eir foaling time is not before tije tfjirteenttj monetlj. Ctje 

5f emale conceauetfc (as ercertenee feacfjettj) afluteolp after tjjc 

feauentfj Dap : the spaleDotfjneuer better ljo?fe, tfjen iiljenljeui 

niofttpuD, &fjc ttjat conccauety not bcfo:c fbec tjatfj call tjer 

colts tatfj, is taken to be barren, as flic Ittu Uufe tjjaf takes not 

at tfje fttff I;o2fing. SEljofc tjjat are gotten bettuirt a Ipoife anD 

an 0ffe in olDe time, toere calleD $eparDS , ano fucfi as lucre 

bjougljt fojtfj bctiuirt an 3tTc anD a spare, tfjcp calleD spotlcs. 

%\)c tBotlcs tijcmfclucs (tljep fap) Doe ncuer tngenoer : anD if 

at anp time tfjep Dio,it toas ta!;cn fo: monttrous, accounting trie 

catifeof tljeir barrcnneiTctljc contrarietie of ttjeir feinDcs: U;hicrj 

patter a long time troubleD botlj Anrtotlc, anD tfje reff of tfje 

ptjilofopljers. SE&ougtj Ariftotlc fjatfj otfjer teljere U)2ittrn,ttj&f 

Voiles Doe both mgenQer,anD bung foiVj: anDtoitfj Ijim agrectlj 

Yhcophraftus, affirming, tfjat in Capadocia tljep Doe commonly 

tying fojtlj, anD ingenDer f tfjemfelues. SEfje lifec Doty varro, 

an* before ^im Diomfyus,anD Magoaffirme,tfjatt[jeb^eDtngof 

^etlfs in tye countries of Aflfrickc, is neither monftcous, noj 

0ea$on 3 but as common as our b:ccDe of ^o?fes ; buttye tyoile 


entreating of Cattell. 1 1 « 

tsbotb father, atiD better ffomacfjeo, tyat is btgottm of an flare 
ana a mate. Ctje Stallion tfjat pou meanc to Ijaue fo? pour race 
of spoilcs 3 mull be as fap?c as pou can get, bauing onclp tbisrc 
garD , ttjat be be large of bo&p, bigge necfeco, b:oaD 3 ano ftcong 
ribbeo, large, ana taatune b?cn;eD 3 bis tbtgtics full of fpuoives, 
ana tl;e legges tocll fentt, of colour blachc anb fpottcb : fo? tfflxs 
(tfjoug&tljepbecommonlp bumtej pet tbat colour agreeetb not 
VucllUutb a tpoile : fomc fap 3 tyat lm)at colour poumoulo baue 
pour *pot»le to be, mitbtbatcoloureo clcafte you muff eoucc pour 
flffe. 'K\)t affc fo p?opo?fionco (ascitic Declares) t&at pot! 
mesne to appoint fo; pour fetallion, pou muff ffcaigbt tua^cs 
Ul\t fromb-s oamme,ano put tym to fome spare tbat barb a Colt 
fucking of ber : pouu)all eafifpDecemerbe spare, bpfetfing ber 
in a Darhe place, rcmauing ber cmne Coltftom bee 3 ano putting 
to tjcr in ffdeotljereoftbc #u"esColt. ) mbu:b Q)c millnurfe as fjec 
3tune. 0fterUiarDs 3 U)bcn tbc SparefjarJ bme bfeb to it a f enne 
bapes , u>e mill continually after tljat time giue it fucae. SEtje 
00*5 being in t\)is o?ber b?ougbtbp 3 mill better acquaint bim* 
fclfemitb tbe spare: foractimes tbougb l)e befuctooottelptoitr; 
[jis otonc oamme, being b?ougbt up totjenbe is poung amongtt 
$parcs,UHlttoell cnougb trapccompanpmtfb ftjem(as Columella 
faifb: ) but our &h~cs are of tbcmfelucs or firous enougb of t\)c 
spares, tbat t^ neeoenot to be trainee to tbc matter : fo? it is a 
ioonoerfull colfiu) beaff, f bnreafonabl? meaponeb. !£emuft not 
be leffe tben ttj?ee pares olb toben fje coueretb pour sparcs 3 forjicb 
muff be in t be £>p?ing time, to&en pou map toeil fkse bun mitf? 
graffe,anb g©o fto?e of £Dates, anb liBarlpmcitber muff pou put 
^im to a poung 39are 3 fo; if Ojc baue not bemc bo?feb bcfo?e, (be 
mill fo beat ber tuaser 3 t\}at fyc mill make tjim like tf)c mo?fe as 
long as tje liuettj : fo? rcmebp mbereof, pou muft at tfje ftrff put 
fotfjc {pare a totloer 8ffe ) tbatmapfoffltjecbefo?c,buf notfuffixD 
to bsjfc b^ano U>bcu pou psretiue tbat %* is bo?mtg,amap miff; 
rbe raf hall s anD put to ?ouc &>taHion.3 place fit fo? tbispurpofe, 
tbcCountrie people (as Columella faitb) mcrcmont to l;auc 3 
iubteb tbepcalieo a if ramc, o? a B?aKc,mitb tmo raifes on bott; 
fiocs,an3 a little mffmce bcttorene, tbat tijc spare cannot ffriuc 3 
nocturne fi ont ttje^-Dife, tl)e loiuer part tnclofe 1 ), anD tfje spare 
ftanbing lorn, fo the #fle ma^ ttjc better Uape tjer y fjaumg fbe 

The third Booke, 

topper ground foiljis ^elpc^lnfjtcljtuljcn fijcfjarl; conc?aiicd 5 and at 
tbetioeluc moncttjscnd b:ougbt fo?t|),t|je pare after fl)c mutt be 
fuffcrcd to run empfie>tl;at tlje map tlje better b:ing fcp Ijer colt. 
SCfce ffjc Spoilt (being a tUieiue monetfj old) muff be taken from 
rijeDammc,anDlctrunbpong3ountaincs,o.: iuiloe placesjonije 
fjardcntngofl;is&a)fcs,and tlje better enduring of labour ,fo:tije 
male is tlje better fo.: burden,and tlje female tlje quieter and lute 
Iter : botlj tlje kinoes Doe f rauclltocll, ano till tbc grounD,if fyc 
plowman be not tmreafonablc, o; tlje ground fo (hffe,as it xcquU 
rctfj a ojaugljf of £>ren, o? !£o?fe. SCljep totli leauc ffnfeing 
and fetching , if you irfe to gtue tytm SStfne , fas Plinic repo;* 
tetjj,) fojjo Ufeefoife to;ifet&, t&at a *poiletoill line foure fco.:e 

E v p h o r. &mce poti [jane began Mtlj frauellmg beaffs 3 
iuljaf can pou Tap of the Cam ell :? 

Hippo, JCljc Camcll is cfjfcfclp fcfeo fo tlje <£aff parts, 
fc^ielj Tome fuppofe to be f b e feruiccablcff cat fell fo; man tljat is, 
and as it mere thereunto onclpframed/o; fje is bumbatt t)pon tlje 
bacfee forbearing of burdens. aifOjtjefjatij foure fences, iuljeceas 
ft)c ^o;fc , tlje acre 3 and fuel) others , baue but ttoo : fc: tjis 
Ijindcr Iegges bom fiwtuard as a mans fence dotf^ mfjcrcmitlj l;ee 
feneelefl) tor cceiuc l?is bur den. gij ere arc tiuo feindesof tjjem s tlje 
Bachian , anD tlje Arabian : ffjeBadtrian t;aue ffoo bune|es tpon 

tljeir baefces,and tlje Arabian bat one, and tlje otijer on tljeir b;ett 
to leane t?pon 3 botjj fo:t es of tfjem lacfee tljeir feetfj abouc 3 as tlje 
bullocac dorlj : tljep all feruetn tljofc Countries fo: burden? and 
to care? men in tlje Uiarres :;tljep are as f iujfc as bo:fcs, but fome 
a great oexle mo:e ttjew etljers : neither mill tljep b:eafee tljeir 
pacej no? carrp moje burdens fljen tbtv arcfefed fo: tljep beare a 
nafurall Ijatred to tlje rjo;fc : and ran fozbeare d;infee fo: foure 
jsapes : jjee dn'nfees tutjen Ije map, botfj fo; tljat is patt , ant to 
come, troubling tlje mater before luitJj fyis fat , otfjertoife Ijcc 
ncligljf crrj not in it : ijec is fedde brfide Jjts paffurc , and 
met) tljings as bee gets in tlje Mod) toitygDateso; Car lp, and 
£>alf : Ije engendjetfj bacfeemard as tlje Glepfjanfs, £Epgacs 3 &p> 
tns&oimits, and fueb otijer , m^ofe mffruments groin bacfee* 
iuarD : fo&cn tljep meane fogoe fo rut , t&ep tefectlje fecrefett 
and defertett places tljat map be ; neither map a man atanp time 


entreating of Cattell. 1 10 

tome neere tfjem, tuitfjout great Danger* SEfjep goe fcitfj poung 
artoeluemonetfj, ano are meete foj bjricDe at tfj,?& peeresol^anD 
after a pare tl;ev coneeaucagainc, tljcp beare but one atonce,as 
®lepfjants,anD otfjergreatbeaffesDoc : tfjepgiuc milfce till tfjep 
be great. 0gauie 3 (as Anrtotle faptfjj Dydwnoa in fjtsbcokes 
of t) ufbcino: v tojitctlj, the Camcll batb a regarD to bis blcoO, 
as tfje ^ozfebiitljjaiiD lietlj neither toitlj mother, no? fitter. %m 
tfje female Camell ofBaftria, feeding bpon tlje spountaincs a* 
mongfttfjetoflDeBoarrs^s oftentimes bzeameo of tfje Boarc, 
anD conceaurtl). 4Df tlje Boare ano tfje u>£amell,is engcnDjeo 
tfje Camell toitfj ttoo lumpes fcpon tbe baefee 3 as tlje Orotic is of 
tfje 2tu>, anD tfje spare, ano in outers things refembletfj Ijis fire, 
as in bzifftt* fjeares, ttrengtb, ana not fainting in tfje mpje btit 
going luftilp tbiougtj , anD in carrying Double fo mucfj as otfjcr 
€m\tlB, as tijc fam: autfjour faptfj. 2Cbe females of tljcm arc 
fpaiue,to feme tfje better fojtfjctoarres: tljcpiiue (as AnftotJe 
faptfj J ffftie prercs: otfjers fap a j)«nD2eo poeres 3 ano are fubicd 
fo maoneu*e 5 (as Plinic faptfj) tbere area ftinoe of tfjem calleD 
Camclkopards, tfjat fjaue tbe refemblance of ttoo Diuersbeaffs, 
tfje fjcofes an* bin&cr legges \ti\c an £)rc , Ijis forelegs auo fjis 
fjeaolikc tfje Camell, tfje nccfeeUUe a!£o£fe,bcmgfiecaeD toljitc 
anD reD. Strabo faptfr, be is conereo like a falloto JDeare, ft raigfjt 
iiecReD 3 anDfj!c,Hncan £)ffn'Dgc,fjis fjeaD fomc tying fjigfjertfjen 
a Camels. 

Evphor. | remember 3 banc fcene tfje like beaff fo? 
all tfje iuojlo in a peere of SEapefftp toittjblacke spiwes , toitlj 
tfjeir WLiut* , anD baggage tjpon tfjeir bacftes , fane tfjat tljcp 
IjaD tljeir little Fj wncs topoti tfjeir IjeaDs , Use as fomcfeljapc 
jjaue. 31 tfjinfee Hcliodorus fn btS Ethiopian ffojie, WD firft DC' 
fertile tfjis bcau% but t^cfc outlanDtH) beads toe meoole not muci) 

Hippo. <£5oe to Euphorbus , let fos noto fee pou Difcfjargo 
pour part, accojomg to pour pjomife, ana tell tos fomepart of 
pour eunnfng in beeping pour Cattell : fo^ncrt to tjjc 1£c:fe in 
toojffjineflfe commetfj tlje £Dvc. 

Evphor. &mee it fs fo appcinteD , 3 am contenteD to Buiic&a, 
fijeto pou tofjat 31 tm fap toucfjing mp poje f l$ill:anD firtt,3I map 
notfuffee t^je ©ojte tocfjallenge tfje c^i^fe place a tofjen tfje o!De 


The third Booke, 

Setters aniatmcicnt people did altoaics giue trje garlanD am 
rrjicfj p:atfe to trje Ore, as foagmD piofo*man, ano a fait^full 
fcrnant : fo: Heliodus,amoftaunctent CCfriter, ano trje grsuril 
autrjOurofourp:ofcmonaffirmetrj, tfjat tlje famtlpOotrj confiiT 
of tl}c ^ufbano, tlje C£Jifc, ano ttjc Ore* Srje felfe fame b# tys 
auttjozitic ootl) Anitotlc fame to aileaDge m tjis politicoes, ano 
m tjis Geonsmichcs , torjtct) braffiuae.aiUiaies of tytt honour 
anoeffimafion, trjatrjeajasconDrmncDtnagreatpcnalip, inrjo* 
focucr did hill fjim, bring a fclloto, ano a $tefc helper In owe tjufr 
banDzp. 13p trje VDo.2tt»meflTe of ttjis beatr\ manp great things re* 
e:ineo tljcir names of trjem : fo? of tfje nnmber, beautp, ano fer* 
flliticof I9aifcrs, Did 3talp (asttjep fap) ftrft ta&c tjis name, be* 
caafe Hercules pnrfucDtrjc noble 13ull,caUcD [talus. SDrjisist^e 
crjiefe companion of man intys labonrs, anottje truOp feruant of 
tfje OoDDeffe Ceres : m manp great trjtngs,fo: tt)e roialtp of trje 
Ore, trjep Dcrtueo t&eir names from ttje Ore, as in calling alfo 
tfje <2>zape Bumammam : mfwe^ Iupiter fjimfelfe trjOUgrjtgmD to 
conuert into rrjis fljapc tjis CUusc Darling Europe. £po:eouer, of 
a rotten &t&re are tngenD:eD t£e fUJcete 23ees , ttje mothers of 
l^onep? toljerefine frjep mere calico of rrjecojaekes (asvarro 
fatflj) BuAovac. £tje fame Varromafccs foure Degrees in tljeic 
age: trje ftrtt of€alues 3 tbe feconD of ^eercings,ttje ttjiro stares^ 
trjc foartrj Orcn.Srjc £>ercs : in trje firft,tijc 15ulUalfe,ano tije 
Cotoc*calfe: ttjc feconD, trjef^cpfaCjanDt^^tare: mtrjerfm-o 
anD fourth, ttjc JBall, ano trjc <£ofoc : t£e barramc Coine fje csl^ 
Ictrj Tauram, tfjc raelcfj ColneHordura, from thence came tfje 
fcaffs calleo Hordica fcftz , becanfe tfje melcrj/ninc force trjen fa* 
erfficcD. SrjegajDneCTeof trjis beaffis6iuers,acco:Dtng to trjeDi? 
uerfitie oftrjcCountrp:trjc bell iDerccounteo in trje olee time to 

iieof trje b:ffDeof Albania, Campania, attDTofcam : at tyis tap 

&c tahc tfjebeft fetnDc to be in S^ungarp, X3tirgunDp, j^nflan^ 
JDenmarfce , anD in CnglanD. Of 55ullocks , fome arefs: trje 
Dzangtjf, fomcfoztrjeffaule, anD fome fo: trjcpaile : foforjatfur* 
pofc focucr tt?r|> fcrue,lDrjctrjer it be fo: labour, fo: uniting, c: 
fo: fencing, it is beff alfoairs to crjmfe fucfj as are pcung, of luffie 
.age , rather tfjen tfjofe tfjat are olDeano barrame , trje lno:rs of 
couenant fn ttje olDc time fas varro faiirj, m fellmg of 15ol- 
joefc^toere fljefe : Doc pou Warrant tl;cfe 15uilocbs,o: ^tecrcs, 


entreating of Cattell. 1 1 1 

tljaf pou fell to be founo, of a founo l^earo, and foitljouf fault i 
SSDfye Butchers tyat buy fo? daughter, ano fuc&asbup fo? facri* 
fices, tfc no tnoio of toarrantife : anD though fome I5ullocns ace 
ctiofcitbptrjctr ffrengt^fomebptljegreatneflreoftyeirboDp, pet 
ttje beff commonlp fcauetfjefe properties : large, focll fenit, ano 
founo Itmbs, a long, a large, ano a oecpc ft'oeo Loop, blacfce fj o,^ 
nco, t&ougl) in ttje colour t&ere be no great mafter,pet fome mit* 
like ttje totnte fo2 t&cir tenocrneffe, fofjict) alfo varro confen* 
tetlj, toljo tooulo fjaue t&embjoao fojefjeaoco, great epeo ano 
blacfee , fjte tares rougf) ano fcairp, [tfs iafoes to be large ano 
toioe, fjis lippes blacfem), fjfs nccfeefoeilbjaunco ano tljicne, ljis 
oetolappe large, twanging Dotone fromljtfl necueto ljis fenees,tjis 
tyouloers b2oao, Ijislnoe notfjaro 02 ffubbojne in feeling, las 
bcUpOeepe,lHS legges foell fefte,fuIiof anetocs,anDffraigl)r,ra> 
tljer Ojo2ttt)en long, t&e better to fuffatne tfje toaigrjtof i)is bo* 
Ole, fjifl fences ffraig&f ano great, fusfeefe onefarre fcomtlje o* 
tfcer, not bjoao, no? turning in, buteafilp fpjeaoing, ffje tjapjeof 
all &is boo? tlnc&eano 0)02t, Ijistaple long, ano big&apzeD.PalJa- 
dius t&tnketij ttje beff time fo? buping of ojaugfjt j£>ren, to be to 
sparctj, tojjcn being bare, tfjcp cannot cafflp [jioe ttjetcfaulfs., bp 
t|»e frauoe of ttje feller, no2 bp reafon of iljeir foeafenctrebe ta 
ffnbbojne to be tjanoleo. Bit is beft fo bup ttjem ofpourneigtj* 
bour, leff ttje ctjangcofapjeanofopleijurttljem : fojtljc IBuU 
loche ttjatis teougljtopneer* fjome, is better tfjen ttje ff ranges 
becaufetje is neitljcrtroubleo toittj change of ap2e,foafer 3 no2 pa* 
fture: if pon cannotljaue ttjemneerepou, bup tljem from fome 
like Cotmtrep, 02 ratfjer from a fjaroer: ano betoellaflTureo 
flw f pou bu^ tfjern euer matctjeo, left in ffjeir labour ttje ffron* 
ger fpoplc the toeafter. Jlajfee befioes fljattijep be gentle, fbtb 
full in tfjetr labour, fearefull of tije goaoe, ano fjjc D2tuer, not 
ojeaoinganptoaterojbjioge: great feccers, but foftlp, ano not 
ouer-l)attilic,fo2 fuel) ooe beffoigeff tfceir meate. 3?n cjjofing of 
Bullesoj feine, tfjc fcerp lifeefigncs are to be requireo,ttjat tfjc 
Bull Differed from tfjc £Dre, intyatfjcljatlj a inoje frotoning 
ano fierce lake, u)o;tcr bo2nes greater, ano tljicfecr necfec, fobig, 
as it tomes tfjc greateft part of fjts boDp, Ijis bellp fomctfjrng 
gaunter, ano meetec fo2 Bulling of &tnc. 2Ef>e Bull, before is 
be fufTewD to goe toity fyz Wne 3 mm be toell feo iuiHj graffe, 

£t c^affe, 

The third Booke, 

cljaff e> o? Ijap, ano kept fcuerallp bp Ijtmfelfe, neither muff Ije goe 
to tl>e Cotoe, tilltbetcntb of %une. varro fooulo not fuffcr tjtm 
before ttje rifiag of fyz Ura : but Ariftode tucnlD i;auc fj-'m all 
f&c reeling time, to goe m paffure Iwttlj tlje iitne. EbeCiAtic 
lifeetoifeluoulDteiji'sijL'f ffature, anDlongbcEsieD, bauing great 
ooocrs, bjoaoe fo?cf)eaD,faire bomrs^ano fmcotb, ant) all ottjer to> 
feensalmoft tbatis requireo in tbe Bulb fpcciailp to be pcung : 
fo? IMjen tJup paffctfoclue pcercsolo, tl;ep arencf goo fo? b?eeo, 
but ttjcp liue many turns farrc longer if tbctr paffure be gmo, 
ano tbcp kept from oifeafes. Pe oloeCofoe giuetl) mo?e milhe 
tljeatlje poung, acceding to tfje Counfrp peoples p?ourrbe,oloe 
&ine mo?e milfcc, poung genius mo?e egges, #gainc, bnoet 
tb?cepeeresolo, poumapnotftnrer tbemtogoe to Bull : iftfjep 
tljaunce to be lottl) Calfe before 3 pou muff put tlje Calfe from 
f jjem, anD mtlfce tbcm fo? tyw Daics after, lead tfjetr booers be 
fo?e 3 afterfoares fo?bcare mining. Pliniefojitetlj, tfjat at a peere 
old tfycy behuittiill , but tlje b?eeoe mill belittle, a0 it bappenetlj 
in all Icd turnip ingenD?ings,|2ou mult eucrp peere in tfjefe beaffs 
(as in all ottjer) fo?t pour ttocae^tfjat tlje olD tljat be barraine, o? 
fenmeete fo? booing, map be put amap, fold, o? rcmoueD to tlje 
ploto : fo? tuben tbcp be barraine (as Columella fatttjjtbcp tofll 
labour as tncll as j£ren$ bp reafon tijep are D;frD bp, tat toe bfe 
comntonh? to fat tf)em : tbe ir age is fcnotonc bv tlje knots ano tit* 
clcs of tljcirbomcs, toljiilj Plmie market!) libctoifeui Ctoafes. 
SCbe time fo? going to Bull , feme takz to be beff in tlje mit ft of 
tbefp?ing : PaUaJms iuoulD baue if in 3,ulp , fo? fo in tbc nintb 
monctb u)e fijall calue, fo? fo long u)e goetb ftutb Calfe (as tbe 
common people fcy) a Cttue ano a tSlue ane batjj botb one time. 
Bin-man? places tljep ocure to baue tljar Comes goe fo Bulla 
tbirtp o?fo?fpoaies after tlje fentb of ^une, tbat t&ep map calue 
in i^arcb, 02 0p?iil : tfjat tbep fljouio baue mucb milfee, fo op 
oertbemaffer, nstfjeirftine goe fo BuiPromtjje &p?mg„ fo 
ffi^mfer, Udjerebp tl;cp alUiaiesnulfiefonie: at once bulling tlje 
conceiucttj, if tye townee to faile,fi)e goetfj f Bull agfiinetoitbiii 
ttoentp Dapes after : fome fap, if fo be tl;e Bull come oolune on 
tbeleft fioc of tljeComc , itliill be a Cotoeaifc, if en fbe rigbf 
fioe,aX5ulUalfe, SC!>c ^eclses affiime, tbatifpcu Unilbauca 
15ulUaifc,4?oa imU Unit tyt rigljt Hone of tlje HZ\\\\ 3 % fo? a Coin 

calfe 3 . 

entreating of Cattell. i%i 

calfe, f J>e left e Varro rattb, tfiat If pou put t&e Cofo f o ffje Bull 
fmmcotardp aftet gcloing, fije tomctucty. Columella affirmctb 
fifteen* Mu to be cnougb fo? one Bull* 3ltbinfce IjeUnli toeil 
rnougb fecue tluentv ftine 5 iff>e be fucb a Bull as 3 ocfcnbeo : 
it pou tjaue gcouitjic of pafture, pou map let tyem goe to Bull 
ftfecp roefc, but yon mult betoare pour &me be not too fat, trjat 
Ixull tnnoer tljcii* being uwt) Calfe. Cbc Cotoe fooulo when fijc 
10 reoojUTg, baue but ftjojt patfure, ano the Bull ins bcUp full : 
foUjall rteitljec flj* beta? fat, nojbebnluftp. Ji tijc CoUictutU 
not take tbs Ml , yoa muft ftampe fea Anions in toatcr, ano 
rub bec'onoer tlje faile fottb it : if ttje Bull be not iutty enough 
about bisbufinelTe, taltetbe pencil of a&>tagge> burueit, ana 
tnakeitmpotirtet, ana foul; a little iumeano die poiooer 3 batlj 
|;:as (toiicsj ano |jt£s pectcii to.tfjaii, to^icb totli ferue fo: tijclme 
purpofe in all orber beaites (as Qumtilian fattljj fjts courage i$ 
alfo fiicreo tsp Uv t|»c Uhe odours tfjat pou fpeafce of fo? pouc 
l^ozfe. Bull ougbt Hot to leape tye Cofoe aboue ttoife in a 
bap as fomc tbmfcc, but toe finoe bp experience , tbat be ma? 
oftnec. Bin fome places tbep Ijaue common Bulles, ano com* 
mon Boares to tutvv 2Cotone : # Bull mill tuarc furious at 
tfjc (tgbt of ant> reD trjmg, as Ctjc Ciepbaut. and tbe llpon,torjtcb 
can in no tone abioe tjje figbt of anp tolntc ffjing. Cotoe 
mill giue fuetic to a ftcangc Calfe , but let not tlje Calucs Ire 
toitlj tbem in tlje m'gtjt, fojfeace ofouerdaping tljem. feome 
foeane t&em at ttje nrS,ana fuchletfj tb cm U)it^ sptlfee, oi <22lbap, 
liautng a little Bjannefo it, o? irlotoje, toberetoitb tbeV 
b;tng tbem bp, till tl;ep be able to feeoe. C&fjetber pou meane 
fo rearctbem fo: b:eeoc, labour, o; feeotng , pou muft let ti)tm 
toant no ffoje of goo pafture : fo; tbougb fijep be of neuer fo 
great a bjeeoe, pet if tijetrpatture be fcantie, rijeptoiil neuer 
come to ttjetc full grototy \ fo? pafture makes trjcbeaH (as the 
&Qunttcp people fap.J Mago, ano tbe oloe l^ufbanos, moulo 
ijauepou to geloe trjem lubile tbep be beep poung , fcobicb ou 
net toae Jifeetoife obfecue in cutting of tbem : ano in ttje ^p^ing, 
cj at tbefall of tbe leafe, lob^n tbep be trjzee moneys oloe, o; 
tbece about, to« bfe to geloc trje Bull Calucs , am fpaptfje 
Covoc Caiues, foming bp ttje iuouno , ano annotntiag it \nitfy 
feeflE) Batter* Columella IjdouIo not baue tpem mtte y but tydt 

£1 x ftone* 

The third Booke, 

Cones broken bv little anD little toitb an mtfrumcnf 5 fobtcb fcmde 
ofgeiomgbe beftlifectb, bccauretn ttje little poungoncs,tt is 
Done toitb out bitting : fo: U)t;cn t!>~v. be fometjjtng grotone tip, 
it is better to cuttetljem attujopccrcolDc, tbenatapecrealDe, 
tufmb muft be done in tbe £>p2tng, 02 at tbe fall of tbe leafe, tbe 
£$amt being in tbe mane : r ou muft tpc b p tbe Calfe to a frame, 
anD before pou cut ljun,pou mule fatten about tbe fincmcs 3 tuber c« 
bp tbe Hones bang , a couple cf fmall flicks like a patriot tongs, 
ma taking fjoio trJcreUntr;,cut atoap ttje ttoncs,fo as a little of tbc 
tipper parts of ttjem map ccmamcUntlj tbe fozefata fpnofors: fa: 
bp tfyis mcanes pou fljall not bajaco the fecatt bp onermucb bla* 
Ding, neither is f)is ttomackc quite taken atoap, but batb fomc 
rbing of tljefatbec remaining, anD ret lofctl; bis abilittc of ingenv 
Djing. #otmitbttanDing,ffpou fuffcr Ijtm immesiatelp. bpon bis 
new cutting to goe to t|ie Coiu, it is cerfaine lie map get a Cal/e, 
but let turn not fo Doe, fr>2 feare of bleeding to oeatb. irtje tpouno 
muft be annointeD toitb ttje aftjes of laines, anD Lptbargc,anD 
fje mutt not be fuffereD tbcfitff Dap to D2inkc,but nourifljeD Inittj 
a little meate : ttj:ce Dapes after be mutt be DpeteB, accojoing ta 
ifis fceblcnciTe> toitlj greene boiues anD ftocefe graffc cut "fo: bim, 
anD lokeD to, ttjat be Dzinkc not to mucb : anD if pou mill, pou 
tnapannopnt tbe fo2rfo2 tb:ee Daies fcritb SCarre, anD a little 
0fljes, anD 3Dple,to beale ijim frje foner, anD to krepe t%t place 
from flpes* i^ou muft bfc ttjem tartnle rtjep be pet poung to fufr 
fee to be banDleo, anD ftrokeo,anD tpeDbp fo tbe ganger, tbat 
btfjen ttjep all eomefobe bjofecn , fbcp map bee banDleo Mtfy 
mojc eafe, anD leffc Danger : but Columella forties pou to mcD* 
Die Wtfy tbe breaking, 02 labouring of t^tm, before tty& peerc 
olo, anD after fine : fo: tbe one is fofonc> anD fbcorbertolate. 
STilofe tbat pou fjaue taken bp tmlDe, anD be tuell framed, and p:e* 
po.2fioneD,acco2Ding to mp patterne, pou fljall banDic anD b:cafce 
in t\)is fo:t : j? frtt of all, fee tfjat pou ijaue a large rome, imjere 
tbe Weaker map eafilp goe bp anD Daionc, anD out at bis plea* 
fure, tottbout anp Danger. S5cfo:c the Stable pou mutt baue a 
fairc field, tbat tijc stccrcs map fjaue liber tic tnougb, and not 
be feard, 02 bait red mitt) trees 02 butyes, Jn tbe Stable, poo 
mutt baue cerfaine ttalics 02 bo:Dcs,poke-foife fet bp, a feauen 
fotcfrom tbe ground , to totyty *be frt ceres tm?bt tped : t^is 


entreating of Cattell. 1 13 

Done, rfjafepou a fapieoas fo? tfje purpofe, ant) taking t&em Up 
tying ttjem into tlje liable : ano if tijepbe tmreafonablc , toilDe, 
an&curft ,lct ttjem llano ti?cD a Dap anD anigbt foftboutanp 
meate , to tame t&em Imtljall : aftermatDS let &im t&at fecepc* 
t&em, offer tfjem a little meat, not fioefeiapcs, 0; bct)inDe,but be* 
fe?e, coing tbem all tf)c tootle, ano fpeafcing gentlp to tt)em,tteo' 
femg their baefces, anD ^ tiK ma)ftllS » anDfpjinKlingtbemlmtb a 
little ftoat tmne,faWng goBD fceeo, t&at ttjtp ffrifee j)im neit&er 
UiU|p beao, nojfoit&beele : fojif lie once gett&at triche, fce mill 
neuer leaue it, nus being a little acquainted tottlj biin, pou 
aj.ill rubbe fji'0 mouth lutttj &alt , anD let Doftwe into bis tfcoat 
eertatne lumped of fait tallom , ano !pofe#ing after a quart of 
gooo OTne,foI)icb ittillmafeetnm in tijjee oapesas goooa felloto 
aspoumoulDtoitytnmtobe. &omeirfetopoafeetl)em together, 
ano let tfjem Djatu fome ligbt tying , 0? ploto in a ligljt plotoeo 
Srouno, tijat tljeir labour fcurt not tjjeir neefces. 

SCbe readier toap of bjeamng tljem, is to pofcetbem toitljan 
*loe £)re,t^atma? eafflp inllruct tljem: if Ijeljappento ipeoolmte 
in the furrow Doe neither beat turn, no? feare $im, but btiiDcbts 
feet together, ano let t)imlt?e 3 t^atljee map neither fturre , no? 
feeDe: mljicf) being toellpuniulicD tDltti fjuuger, anD t&irff, Mil 
teac&fum to leaue tfjat fallen friefee. C&e feeoing of tt)is feinD of 
Cattell is Dfuers , accoiDing to tlje Diuerfitie of Countries : if 
f&ere be ffoje of gasD pafture in t&e Countrie, t&ere is no fanse 
to t&at : in Countries totyere manfetb failure, anD fpeeiallp in 
Winter, |jc maft be feept in the &tall, anD feo im'ty fuc& foDDer 
as tfje Countrep pcelDs, tE&fcere ffjerearc JCaresto beljao , it 
istbebeff feeDing fojt&em: anD!£apisberpga>D,Cf)affe,anD 
Cmlcffal&estMtl) Cljaffe anD !£ap,anD crjopt ffcato foDDe togc* 
t&er in foatce, is Deri? gaiD feeoingfo? Wnter. 3(n fome places, 
tbep feeDe altogether toiih neto tftfefyeD ffratoe : in manp pla* 
ees t\)tv giue tljem Hupincs ffeepeo in mater , 0? Cljicbes , 0? 
JMon,mingleD luttlj Ctjaffe : befioes, tbefaane&csanD leaues 
of mints, ttjc greene bjanctjes of Clme, flu>, poplar, anD 
f^olme : in toinf er, fofjen ottjer greene bomes faile, t!je iFigge 
Cree mill feruc,o? t^e b?oufing of £Dhes 3 t ^ollp. ®wn are fame 
fat in gcoD pafture,anD mitfj mbeaf 5 ^apes,3pples,ano Haoiu): 
^).ren,o? t^tnc«tDiU be pacing fat,tol)ere tljeretoantetli |9afture, 

&3 b l? 

The third Bookc, 

fep gming tfjem meale mirttotti) SCl&eatjCfjaffe, *no Kape*, e# 
€><?aincs. SDIjep Intll tuajce ttjc fane* fat, fn teaming ffjem toitij 
iuarmemafer, o?(asPliniefaitfj) bp cutting ttjctrf&nncs, anB 
bloiuwg in IrnnOe to tljcir bellies toitt) a £eeoe. Sotion teacljetfj 
tbat fbep imtl be fat , if U>!;en t&ep arc taken from paffi r : \, pou 
glue tfjem tl;c nrff cap Colixrauts cfjopf ano fftfpeo in ujarpe 
Uinegar, anDafterUiar^sCbaffc, being toell cleanfcD 3ntimmg* 
Jeotoitf) CClIjeatbzannfjfo.: tlje fpace of mrc o? Glycates, feeaing 
ffjcai after imtb goo tioje of fooocr : m Saunter pou muff face 
tijem at t\)t firtt CceU-crotoing , ano agatne ii)t)<n tlje Dap be- 
gins tob:eahe : in summer mrft at tfcc breaking of tlje cap^cit 
atname 5 anDatnigrjt; in summer pou muff mater t&em thjifca 
oap,tl;;eef)cures afoje ncnr 3 ano tt}?«ljoures after : in S&ainfcr 3 
once a oapiaitb Inarms mater, folntl) is alfo ttjougfjt to be geoo 
fo? fruitCulnetre : ano tfjercfo:e tfje &afces tfcat are mieb toity 
rainc mater, are geoDfoj t&em. Ct)is lun&e of Cattcll Defiretfj 
nccleanf,ojfairetoater, butfouleanopuoleo : petit toere bet- 
ter to giue ttjem faire tuater. 0lfo? pou muff p;ouioc ttjem of 
tame pairures fo; tfje Winter , ano in summer berp cole: 
ctjieflp cpountaincs trn^cc tycv map bjotofe frpon tfjc buffjes,anD 
picfec Dp a goo lining among tfjje {fames : but in loiue grounos 
ano mere tbs fttuer £»renarcfa3ner fatten ano iiine giue agrea* 
ter quantitp of sptlfce. 3n summer , tljep Ipe ab:oaae all tire 
nigfjfs in inanp places : pea, in Gnglana pou u^all fjaue rfcem 
fo5D?eD abjoao all tlje CElinter. Sbougfj tjjep be able to abide 
roloe, vet muff pou pzoutDe tfjem of large £>falles, fo? tfje fuccou* 
ringof fucfjasbegrcatUJiti) Calfe. f^our stables o; £)rcffals, 
muff ffan:i D?p, snn betucllfiozeo, cii[jeciPitbffone 3 grauell, o; 
fanD : tfjc ft mi tuill fuffer no toatcr to abioe upon it, tye otljer 
mill faine o.zinbe ittp>ami D?p it : be !) fozts muff be lapeo Hope, 
tfjat tfje mater map runne atoap fo: rotting tfje grcunofels, ano 
marring tffftc rjoufrs. net ttjem cpen fomaro ttjc soutb , .fo 
ffyill tbcpfcetbctwr, anotl;e manner: not^UljffanDuig, let 
pour minDcmcs open $ cjf !; ano Caff ,Uibicb being ffjut in vZHn* 
ter, ana open in summer : mapgiueabealtbfullapje. 3Cnftnr 3 
as neece as can be let tbrfjoufesbe ncitbec tmtyot, no; to colDe 3 
anD as Dip as map be : Columella tuoulo tjaue tUio £)re^oufeS) 
one fo^ttjc CUintcc, tpe otjjcr fo.j tye ^nmiuerjbott) bnc9uereD 3 


entreating of Cattell, 114 

ft tit foell ana fjfglj mallco, fo: beeping out of fotloe bcaffis. SEfje 
J&fal3\iiauiDbiJ cigbt frotemiDe, tbaf fljep map Ijaucromec* 
nougrj to Ive in , ttjat tljc &iuc great Uuttj Calfc fjtirf not one 
tfje oUjec, no.: tfje ffrongcr £>re iu:ong tlje toeafcer : ano 
ttiere ma? be ramie fo? tljeir ftrcpers to come about tljem, nut 
fo? poatung tljem. virruuius Uioulo fjauc tlje 3Drc*bonfe open 
tolnaros ttje Caff, ano to be neve* t^e fire : fo? fire is naturally 
beneftciall to Cattell, bottj fo: tlje o:ping fop of toe infretiue 
Damps, ano tbe Keeping of tljc Cattell tosrmc. 15e(iDc5, op foc^ 
fng of tlje fire , tljep arc maoe gentler, ano bp tlje Ijeatc thereof, 
farfjateoioc tijep fjaue tabm in tlje paffure* iserpellcD, an&ci- 
iters .ntvai'D Difeafrs eurco. Xfyc fjenfes muff be feuereo tmtfj 
Dtuersrflmie0,eaclofcoanDracKeD,ttje&acacmuff ijauc fuelj per* 
futons, as onebcaff beguile not tljsotber,iMjercto fljep muff be 
JtoclltjaltrcDano tpeD, fozljurting one tlje ottjer : CatofoouiD 
ijaue tfce per tn ions letttfeo. ^ozcGucr , it is to no purpofe to 
fecDc them ujrll, erceptpou alfo loofec to tlje Keeping oftljem 
in tjcalttj, ano (cuno, ano tljcrcfo:e mrjctljer tljep btin fjoufe* 
o?ab?oaD, pou muff altoaies tjauca fpeetall regaro tnto tljem, 
ano to oucdIookc tljem in tbe nigljt , fpeefallp, if trjere be an? 
laine amongft tljem teiflj Calfe. 3no tfjotigjj it be nceoefull at 
all times toouer'fcettjem,bottjmo?nmg ano euening, pet moff 
tieeoefull is it of all otljcr times , to to to tljem tti tfrc £>p?ing, 
tofjen pott firff put tljem fo paffure : fo: at ttjat time, bp rcafon 
of tfjct'r rijangc of Diet, both dDjmi, ftine,anD ^apfars, are moff 
in Danger of fictmeffe : in {EH inter againe f loofee to tljem , tljat 
tjjep be not, fo? fparing of charges, Kept fo poo?e, as tljep be 
fatter! v fpoiico. Sno t(j cr cfo?c pou muff fpare no litter, fpecialip 
foljen tljep come from labour, to rubbe tljem , ano o:p fytm 9 
ffroBing tljem ltutr> pour fjaiiDs , ano railing trje ijioc from tl)c 
fleQj , totjictj mill Doe tljem great good. Jn comming from 
too?ke , c^ out of tlje paffure , pott muff U>au) rtjeic fectc tnell 
foitfc toatcr, bcfo?c pou b?tng t&cm intotfjeljoufe, ttjat tljeourf 
anofiittjeleauing to tljem, b?eeOenoDifeafts, no? foften tbrir 
jjofes. ilBetnare oftconiuclj colo, o?ljeafc,fo:toomi::fj of either, 
filletrj tljem mitt) Difcafes. pzu muff rase rjeeoe tlje? be not 
irjaff,no?cijafeDtjpanDD9U>nc, fpcetaUptnljotiueartjer, fb2t£at 
itffirgetlj tyrniin a ireaucr, 0? caufcttj tljem to tjaue a irUVc. 

.£& 4 &aae 

The third Booke, 

SCane fiaDc alfo tt»at ttjcrc come nettle t ©tome no; |3culf rte 

rnsrc tijnr Italics, fo: botfj of rrjem toittj trjetc Dunging p or font tb, 

tyc bead. JTfje Dunging of a Cche £>tuineDoth, b?ee&c tlje pctri* 

lence, o: tRurraine among!* Cartel!, f^ou mutt atoap. tottl) all 

manner cf Carrions, anD burring trjem iurli fo? infecting pout 

Cart ell.Jf fo be tlje £& urratnc efjancc to come amonaff ttjrm.pcu 

muffp:cfcntlp ctjangc t^e ap?e, anftfeucrrour Cattcllfarrea* 

funDcr in Diuers paffurcs, beeping tlje fount) from tlje ficfer, that 

tljepbcnot infecteD, no;fufferingt&em either, to teoe togcttjer, 

o? D?mfee together. 

The Mur- &&e pcftilence o? $)urtaine> is a common name : but fljet e 

raineand ate Dtucrs UinDesof it : infome tWutramrs, tljecattcllD;iucll, 

his a.uers anQ rtmne botii at tlje nofe anD moutlj : in otijets againe tycp be 

lundej. D ^ ant) fe jj atoa? mo?c ^ mo?e , f 0mc timcs it comes in tlje 

iopnfs, anD caufeffj tfjem to rjalt before o: bekjnoe : fomctime in 
tfjcir hiDnes, anD appearef fj bp tlje foeafencs of tijeir liinDcc pacts, 
icfKrcin tljep fecmefo laue great paine in ttjeir iopnes. 3notfje£ 
JunDe tljcre is, rfjaf rffetl; Use a Jfarcine, Uutlj pimples oner all 
trjc boDp, ncUi appearing, and p:cfentlr baniu)iug, anD comming 
out in a nete place. 0not|iec fo:t, bettolrf tlje tjtoe anD trje &i% 
Uiljecein tlje Rumour fiueafetlj out in Diuecs pacts oftbeboDp. 
Sometime it is like a lepjofic, fofcen all tlje fainne. is full of little 
pimples.anD fometime a feinDc of maDncffe ; fcutjm in tljcr ne r tbec 
^eace, no; fee fo iucll as tljcp toere iuonr, tfjouglj ti)cp l©kefe?;e 
anD fat,anD luffie enoughs Cucrp one of thefc BinDes,are conragi* 
ous anD infeetiuerano ttjercfoje as fame as pou perceiue tfycm in; 
fecteD , pou muff pjcfentlp put tijetn afunDcr, fo: infecting the 
tuljolc{rocBe 3 left pou impute that to tlje tozatlj of 0oDfas manp 
fcoles Doe ) tuijictj ijappcnetb rfj:englj pouc otone beaffIpneu~e,anD 
negligence.Slje common rcmeopfas Columella faiftjjs tbctcots 
of Angcilicj, anD £>ea SCljiftle mtngleD i»itb pencil feeQe, ana 
toity ncfobopleD ®3ine, CSijeat fioiwe, anDljot loaterto be 
fp:incBlcD fcpen tljem. £rjc common people,m^en ttjep perceiue 
eitrjer tfjeit ^ozfsoj Bullocfee Gca,o?anpottjtt cattell rlfe,tfjep 
setter- tJfe totafee t^r rote of blacse <£Ucbo?,calleD of fome Confihgo, of 
woort. others 25eareftDte : anD fo? a Bullccae, to ttjmff it in t$jc SDetu* 
lap-, fe? a !£o:fc,tn trjeb:£tf; fo; &toint o: feljeepe , though, trjc 
car c>malung a JioU toitij a ^oDhin^ $ ttj^uSing tlje rcote p: ef e n tip 


entreating of Cattell. 1 2,5 

t^ougfj, Inlitcf) tlje nek) toounD ijolDcf l> faff tliat if can not fall 
out, to&creunto all tlje tuljolc fozee of tlje popfon Dotrj ffraig&fr 
mates gat&cr, anD runnctt) out in filttjp iuater.^erfumcstntbfs 
cafe (as vegetius feac&et&jDomtuct) ga>o,as B?imftone,fen0ecl*e& 
llime,CarUcb, toiluc tpariorm-n, anD Co.JianDcr foeCc, laid bpon 
t!jecoales,ano tyc £>ren fo ijelD, as tfjepmap recciuetbefmofee 
bptbefr mouttj t nofc,ft)at it map fill tticb?auie,anO ttjeir itf&ole 
boDp lui tl; a (jealtljfull ap; c. 3 f is g©D alfo tljus f perfume the 
tufjole boDp,botl) fo: t&c fccalrt) of t&e fi'chc, anD pjefcruing of tfje 
toljole. Before 3 p?orrieD anp farther,? iwll fetpou Dotonefofjat 
fcmDc of Apices, anD fo&at quantitie pou ougbt alwaics to Ijauc 
in a reaDmeiTefo? pourcatteU^cu muff Ijaue one pounD of if cm* 
cri!ic,l>alfe a pounD of HiquereffCjcnc pounD of C5?afne0,2Curme * 
ricfee> fjalfe a pounD, 0? a quarterne of I3ap d cries, one pounD of 
itong $3eppec 3 tjalfe a pounD of 2Drtacle of $ean,a pounD of 2LvAU 
fceDe^alfe a pounD of CDomtn^alfea pouuD of ^aDDer,4D?tmenf, 
Ijalfe a pounD.Clje Jjcarbe toljofe rote pou map He (as 3 faiD be* 
fojcjgrotoety in manp places in ttjc chojds :it teas once tuougljt 
tntome bpcjjauncefrom Darndalltri SulTcx,bpone Richard An- 
drowes, a gooo patnefull fearcljcr out of mci; things, if 0% befioe 
91'fl pjefentremeoping of Cattell, tjc fcructb agatntt DiuersDifca* 
fes in a man, fpectallpfo? t^e &uartane, as t i)c learneo Mathic- J or Cm- 
lus ijatSi in l)ts Defcrtptton of plants mentioncD. 

Co returne fo inp Cattell : if tljep toantt&efc Dtgeffton, 0? 
cfjatoe not cuDDe, tofjub Dffcafcs is peccetueo bp often belcljtng, 
anonopfe in t&ebcllp,roitl) forbearing of tljeirmeafe, Dulneffeof 
f&efr epes, anD not Ucttfng of tljcmfelues. SDafee a fcanDrall of 
pellttojic of £>pame, as mucfc of t^earbegracc , as mucl) of 
ifefberfefo, £age, ^oje&ounD, anD SBap fealt, ttjjfc pfnfes 
of feerp ftrong nciu Djtnfce : feetlje t&em all together tfyce oj 
foure foalloppes, anDgfue it fnm blouD-toarmem t&cmojning, 
not fuffcring |tm to Djinfcc till the afternoonc : if pou ueglcii 
tfjts Difeafe, fo t&at ijebe papneD intbcbellp, anD fullofgriefc, 
fjes fofll grone, anD ncuec ttanD Hill in one place, if 0? rcmcofe 
hereof, pou fljall binDe b»s faple clofe bp tlje fcumpe, as ttraite 
as map bee, and giue £im a quart of Wiinc , toitf) a pinfe of 
ffje purett ®yle : anD after Djiuc #m apace fo? tfje fpacc of 
smile ano a tialfe; annomt pour i)anD toity grcafe,anD rafee Ijim : 


The third Booke, 

afterto3rc0 3 maBe tym runneagainc : fomefcfefo IcfljunblooD 
in ttje taile? Uutljtn a ijanDfull of ttjc rumpe. 
ThcTaile scfytzt is a Difcafe ivl)tt% ttjcp call tfje SJHolfejOt^rstlje Carte, 
Uifjtcfj is pcrcetueD bp ttjc loofcne0,oj foffncffe bcttoirt ttjeiotntfl: 
talic tfjc&atle anD feeie bcttoirt cuerpiofnt, anDtoljerctbe topnt 
ttzmztl) to be a fanner, 02 is foft anD not clofeaa fbe otfyct topnt*? 
tljMfi taae ano Htf Ijt'm fl)c longed luap tnocr tije 2Dailc , about 
ttoo tnc!)C£f long, ana la? m tlje toenno £>alt,&ootc,anD CParUcfcc? 
anD binDe t't faft luitf a clout about it* C^e CfroUcise, 0: paine 
fn flje bellp, (0 put atoap in f&ebefwlomg of (£>eefe in tfje toater, 
fpcciallp 2Ducfce0,(aa pou fapo before of !£o?fc0 : ) fo? tfic ftglft 
oftbeSDucfeCja* vegetius anD Columella fap,i« a pjefent renteD* 
to tbts bcaft. 

The Flixe $*% ^ e $ lixe > 0? ^ e ^ af be > fe W flt fome P laaS ^ Cp Wl1 

tbeKap^taae^loc* ano D?p tfj em tn potot>er,aiio giue it ttjem to 
tyinbe: ifitbetijeblooDp JFUre^tije oioefelloi&c* lucre iuontfo 
cure ft tn tyis fojf : Cbep fufferco not tlic beatt to D?f nfte in tbjee 
oape0, ano Kept Ijim fatting tfje firtt Dap,anD gaue tym tyz Stmts 
of &ea$in0,o? (Shapes, D;peD anD made in potooec ttoo pounD0, 
iuitb a quart of Cbarpe tart Mint, ano fuffeteo tljcm to Djinfca 
no other onnhc, ano maoe tytm eate t|te bjotofing of imioe £>hue 
trepans spaftrtre tree* : anD if t&cp menoeDnot toit& tyis, Xfyvg 
burnt tjtem in tfje fojebcaDtotbetJcrpbjainepcuyutD cut off&i* 
earc-0. SLljc UrounD0 3 tillt?>ep tacretofjolet^eptaaflbeDiDit!; j©re 
ptffe : but tye cut part0toere to bccJcalcD toitb €>ple anD 

rjt»ke in gf pour calory Ijaue f be Hap 0? Hafae, take fto&f milacanD 
Calues. pttt therein tljc ttennct of a Calfe, make it no tijicaer but as tjio 

Calfe map toell Demise it t ano giue it tmn luhe-toarme* 
J hc a 33f pour HSullocfce tjaue fbe Cougfj , ano if it bee but begfw 
8 rnng , giue J)im a pinte of SIBarlep mcale toitb tbe polae of an 
igge, Kca?in0 bopleo inffoijet s©inc anD ttraincD 5 a pinte : 
mingle tljcm f ogetl>cr 3 f giue it fjtrn fatting, 0ifoi©raine0 bea^ 
ten ano mingleD luitl) ^lotoerj fricD 2Beanes s anomeale of &en* 
fil0,all tticr eo together, 9 giucu l)im in a mau). Columella tooulo 
l?aue pott gtue tljcm (Praffc cbopf,anD minglcD loitf) Beancs tl;at 
are but a little taofeen in t^c ^tll 5 ano llentite fmall grouno, anD 
minglcD toiib toatctXJe.olo Cougl; f^s cureD Mty ttoo pounD 


entreating of Cattell. litf 

of^prope, ffocpeD in rtjjee ptners of luatec , anD mingleD toftf) 
JFiotoer, lo^ufj tfjep maoe fjim to ftoalloiue, ano affcrtoaros 
potyteD into t)im tfje toafer tisercin i^pfopc l;aD been? fococu, 
alfo |3cafon,ujitl) ISaelp toafer anD fcDDen l^onp^Uilicn tfjcpfjao 
tlje Cougfj, ano Confumption of tlje Hungi So fceepe tyfnia* 
line, tl)cv ufeD to tame tl;e rcote of a l^afcll , ano to tfctift ft 
tfuougt) tfjetc cares, gmiiig tfjem to D;infcc a pint of tlje iuice of 
iLee'^touf) tlje like meafure of £>pleanD $&ine. jfojtjjeCouglj 
oftfjc ILungs, 31 t)fe to giue tiicm long- pepper, C15raines,5Fene> 
grptsc, ISapcs, anmffaoe, dement balks, £DurmericUe, anD 
^aoocr, beating t&cm alltogct!;er,ano feting tycmin gcooaie 
grounos. 3tv<mv Caiucs fjaue tlje Couglj 3 tafce &>ento;p, anD 
beat it to potooer, anD gtue it tljcra- 

^ft|)cp tjaue tlje Fcaucr, o? ague, pou u>ll percefuc it bv t£e The Fca. 
tuatrtng of tljeie cits, tlje fceautneffe of tijeir Jjeao, tlje Dn'uc* ller - 
ling at tfjemoutlj , beating t^ebeines, anDljcate oftijeiuljole 
boDp : let tljem fad one Dap , tlje nert eap let tljem blcoDa little 
betimes in tlje moaning in tfce taile, after an (joure giue tfjem a 
tfjirtp little ftalkcs of Colfoojts foD in 4Dple, Skater, ano £>alf 3 
toljictj mull be pofojeD. fatting in tljem , Sue Dapes together! 
J5efiDe , pou map giue tyem t&efopsofMue frees, ilenrils, 
oj anp tencer baitings, o? bjancljea of tat les , anD toipe tfjnr 
mouses toitlja <a>punge , giuing tljem coloe toafer tfjnfc a Dap. 

2Ll;e blooo falling ootone into tfje legs,caufeflj tljcm(as Vcge- 
fius fait!)) to lj:ilt,toljicF) as fame as pou perceiue,pou muff ffraigtjfc Haltin2 
toxics toofcebpon tlje fjoofe*, tfje Ijeate thereof toill Declarers 
griefe,befioe^e toill fcacfefuffer pou to foucl; it But if fo be ftie 
blooD be pet auoue tlje fjoafe in tfje Iegs,pouffjJllonTolue ittuiff? 
gooD rubbing, o; if not toitJj t&af, ir^tlj fcanfping; o? pouncing 
fyc f kinne. Jf it be in tlje foote, open it a little Unci) a fenife be- 
tlosene ttjettoo clatoes,anD lap to t|je fo:c, tlautcs cippeo in mi* 
negae ano &a!t, making Ijtm a ujooe of Broome , ano be toell 
toarclje come not into anp toater,butffan) o?p» 2CljrsblQ0D>tfif 
be not letout,totUb;ce:> to mittectuljietj XbiU be long ere itfjeale: 
if it be openeD at tljefirttinitlj a Unifc.a:j& maDe eleaue,anD after 
tlolntflDippeD in &afer,£>aif 3 ano ®y\z latD to it, ano at tlje latt 
annointeD Uiitlj olDe s>Uiincs greafe , ano $5oafcs fuet bopieD 
togetljec 5 itujUlquicbeIpbeiM!)ol^ £Ci)iscifeafe,asjjtaUe if,- 

The third Booke, 

rrjc totxntttv people call trje jfotole , 02 trje SGifpe, forjiefj fijcp 
fomcttme cure totttj offering a rope of ttrato , o? rjap2e trj:cugtj 
ttje CUsfc, ttllttbleeDc , 02 bp fearing of it tofttj a rjot p?on. 3f 
trje blcoD be tn ttje lotoer part of f &e l^oefe, ttje Sttermott part of 
ttje Clee is pareD to trje quirke> an& fo ttje bltoo let out, ano after 
trje tot ttuappeo totttj clotof cs,anD ttjcotD toitrj I3;omie,pou mutt 
open t^e ^oofe in trje mtDDctt, ercept ttje matter be ripe. 3f tje 
rjalt b^ reafon of tije Grampe, 02 patne of ttje finetocs, f on f^all 
rubbe rjts kntt*,tijigrje0 ; aiiD legs, tott& fcaltano £>ple 3 tmi)cbe 
totjole.Sf fjts knees,02 f opnts be ftoolcn,tfjep mutt be batrjeD toftjj 
to3tme Oineger, anb iUnfaDe , e? §3plcf beaten ano lapD h if, 
Uutfj caater ano l^onnp. aifo &pnngcs toet in rjot toater, ano 
dzpcd agame,anD awnopnfeD toitrj !£onp,aret>erp goo to be laio 
to tbe knee : if onset trje ftoelling irjere beanp rjumour 5 2Leauen> 
02 JSarlp mealc fiooe in toater ano ^onp,02 ftocef £Cline ; mutt 
be lapD to it : ano tor; en it is ripe, if mutt be openeD toitrj a kmfe 3 
ano rjealeo as befoze. 

ail griefes genecallp, if t|iep be not b2oken 3 mutt be DtffotacO 
totjtlcft ttjepare neto,toitrj bathes, ami fomentations: ano if tljef 
be olD, trjep mntt be burncD , ano trje burning annointta toitrj 
SSutter, 02 Ooafes feet. 3f %t rjane rjurt tjis rjeele, 02 tjis rj©fe> 
ttone piterj, ffinmttene, anD greafie WLaW, mutt be burnt bpori 
trje foare toftfc a rjot p2on. SSfje like mutt bee Done torjrn it is 
tjurt toitrj a &>rnbbe,a 2;rj02ne 3 02 02 a i£afle, being firtt pluckeB 
out , 02 if it bee fcerp Decpe, if mutt bee openeo toice toitrj a 
bnife, anofo tjanDleo : fo? kibeDrjeeles, take anD cattfjim, ano 
btnoerjtsleggesfatt together, trjen fake pour knife, anD rut it 
out as me as pou can 5 anD let tjfm blecD toell : f£cn fake a 
ptHP-fcuo:trj of aertegreafc , anD ffje poalke of an Ggge 3 anD 
temper trjem toell togettjer, ano binoe trjem elofe f trje plaee,ano 
lie frjali rjeale. 3f the UDDer of pour Uint Doe ftoell, pou Ojall 
bat&e trjem iDitl) gup, foDDen in ttale ioeere,02 0le,anD fmoke 
-t^em toitfj ^onp coames , anD Camomcll- $f tfje loullocfees 
facte be neere toojne, anD furbaf eD,toau) frjrm in &re pifTe toar^ 
meD, ano kinDlingafeto ttotgges,02 fptapes, tofjen trjc flame is 
oonc,eaufebtm to ttanD tjpon ttje rjotimbers, anoannopntfiis 
rjoznes toitt; SDarre , anD Ople, 0? l^ogges greafe. SCfjcp toill 
neuer lig^tlp fjalt? if after t|ie^ fjane beene laboureD,trjeir fiefe 

entreating of Cattell. 1 17 

befoaftjcD foell luitb colD toatcr> anD after inarts ffjeir patterns, 
ano tbe places bctlnanc tfje Class be rubbcO luttt) oloe &tumc0 

Cbe fcabbrs, o? mangene Ate , fs gotten afoap toit& rubbmg Skcbbes. 
tbem Uutrj ftampeo (felicfce, fobfeb alfo eurctb tbe biting of a 
maDDe Dogge : befiocs, penetiall, anD JUSjimfltone, beaten ano 
boplcD Uiittj ^Dpie, Olineger, and Mater , ano after fobileft it is 
toarme, a little fllommaoe in potoDer, anD raft into if, Dot!) cure 
tbe fcabbe, being annoinfeo in feunOjine. flDtbcrs Ofe to anrtoint 
tbem uml; Butter , ano IBulloefospiffe : anD fome againetah* 
Hojen, SDarrc, ano Mine, ano tjfe it as a pulteffe. 

^ioe-bouno, is loben tbe ffcinne fo ffiches to bis bacfee, tbat Hide, 
pou cannct tabettbp from trjeribbrs, tDtjicrj tjappcnctfj by fuffc* bound. 
ring bint to fafee colo after rjte ftoeaf, 02 if after bis labour be be 
Uiettottb raine, 02 bjougbt loto tuitrj ttcbeneffe: fobicb, beeaufe 
ft is berp Dangerous, pou muft Itohetbat toben tbepcome from 
tbeir labour , ano arebot, pou fpjincfele tbem Uwtb »ne, ano 
$m tbem fome peeees of fat, 02 fuer. JSutif ttjep be alceaop 
btoe-bounD* it is ga>D pou feetbe Come !5ap leaues , anD toity tbe 
toarmc Decoction thereof, to batrjc bis bacfee, anD to rubbe bun 
all ouer foitb Mine ano 3Dple mingleD togetrjer, ano to lift ano 
plucuebp tbe f«in rouno about, anotbata bjoaotobflefbefunne 
(binetb- 3f bisbleeomglrencb not after tift tutting of tbe baine, 
tbe rcmeDp is, to lap t}is oUwe Doung fo ttjc place* 3 common 
meoicine fc>2 all oifeafes (as vegctius repoztetb) is tins: tbe rojfe 
of a &ea£Dnton,tbe rote of a poplar, anD tbe common l>alf,of 
eacb afufficient quanfitie, lap tbem in toater, ano Qiue it pour 
Cattell fo Djinfee till tbep befoijole : tobicb alfo being gtuen in 
tye beginning of tbe &p:fng , fo? t^t fpace of fouretone oapes, 
p:cferuerb tbem from all ficueneflTe. ipofo tbat pou baue bearo 
in ti»l|at fo?t t\)t olo bufbanDS Dio rcmeoie tlje Difeafrs in rtjeir 
Cattell, 3 u)all b:iefelp Declare bnto pou tberemeDies tbat are 
obferueD in funw Difeafes attbis oap 3 wbereof 3 bane cbopt in 
fome amongff tbe meoidnes befoje. 

ifirtt,fo2tbe£^urraine: itbeginnetbattbeficatnfberb2oaf, For th , 
ano Ouellerb in t^e beao, anorotletb loifb mccb nopfe fn tbe Murrain. 
tfooat, toberebp it is perceiueo : tahe a quart of netoe flpilfee, 
£aife a penp-tooitfr of gutter , a penp-foojtb of Ctolicfee, ttoo 


The third Booke, 

pcnr-Vooitb of Ongliu; &afifron 3 ttoo penpliwfljof Cinamor?, 
ttDapcnt>-luo;tt) of £utmccickc , a quantitpof i;9ear&egrace 3 a 
quantttie of ISitfonp, mingle them all togrrtjet,anDgfueft tmn 
inarnie: Hjen toucan aule ? aRDtlnuatt)et0ppeeffcfsnofc top* 
Inaro, tafce but trje beep ilj:u8 tf);oug£) y ano net to tlje 
tjeaotoaro, t^en let i;imbl©o m tbeneciuaimcfr apotfell, tftjee 
be able : faue fyc bloo, ano let tt ffano 3 if it tljange., tje map hue, 
t'fnat^ectct^ another fo:r£efame. S&iiac.jue flu cilctt) about 
tSjetatocs, ano op to j$c earcs, epen ijim onotr. t&ciafc?« to t£c 
tmtc of ftje tangae, ano get in pons finger , ano open it a g©o 
toiticnefTe 3 fyen take a geopecce ofccEp. 15acon 5 anDa|jano*mU 
of Uaggek)03:t, ttampe tbem toeil together, ano fill tin fjole full 
ioit&tt: t&enlct£iimbuBoatt£c nofe, ano tr)e tongue. 3o:tnfec 
fo: t£e fame. Eafce Can&e, i^earbegrace, ^ungtoaut, l^pfope. 
Slime, of eac& a like quantttie? £alfc an jMUtfHI •-, ffampe ttjem 3 
ano ta&e aquact of gecD 3legrounos } anofeett) tlnm a toallop 3 o; 
ttoo : take ano Statne it , anD put rtje licour into a beffell ,put 
tt?ereuuf9 a ^wiP-ioo;tt) of frames, a penp -Ujoitfc of long pep* 
pet 3 apenp-k)o:ti} of £?tment, anoanpenp-toort^of^eingrefef, 
fo ertue it'tyz beatf luke-marme. 
Forthe ££e Cckene&e of t|eHungsi0peteefoeD,ffffjeDetolapb< 
Lun=». fjaco clofeo together beep farre op : alfo in fcaco fading t&e fcice 
bpontbcb3cfcc 3 ttcrachet& 3 o: mapped muct) : alfo a ujoit tmfr 
fang, anB fluffing out tt>e tongue toit&ali: it it be mue& perrOno 
on the left aae,rje tsbncurable, to^ict) poa Ojall pereeiue by ttjc 
l£iDE s to&irt) bill fftea faff on t^at fioe 3 an0 lifeetoife t&e Detolap: 
if tic be farre gone , &e hull groane mucij. S&e temcop. fo; ttys 
fcfeafe, 10 fo take long pepper apemf-moitkrounopepprras 
muc$ , of Ctatncs tfcuo petip-U)o:tn, of Ormertc&e rioo perrp- 
tuo:t£ 3 of jFenegrcke ttoo pcnp-iuo:tt},of ©ace as muc^louea 
apenp-iDo:t{),of3uiu*a:osa pcnp-tooitfj, oftpaoDectbopenp- 
ioo:t£j 3 of £riacU of Cean , t&e btter nuDe of CSalnufs o:ptf> 3 
ano maoempofrDEr 3 3umpcc berries pQix>&2eo 3 CrejLungii)©2t, 
jfet£er?ctoe 3 ^tar*graee, CanOe, ^fe tBmtfs 3 15ap berries 
potoD:cD 3 a penp too?t^ of Oarlieae, a quart of Crjambeclie 3 a 
ptnteof saIt,a'quantitieof iiutter. £>ettcc turn befoie.o? tm* 
-. tneBiatlpaftct ttys mecicmecuueri. 
ofc-.k CM.i&er of &cttrfng a 33uUocfce is f&fe :tahe £>ef f erftxKf, 


entreating of Cartel!. 11S 

ofbctfoife callcD Bearefcofe, anD (0arliche, like quanfffie , pale 
and ftampetbe ©arlichc, anD pare tfjc £>cttcrUiaut cleane 3 ano 
tu?appe tfjem luell in Butter, tljen cut tbe JE)etotap ttoo incfjes 
bebinoe t^je fticlnng place,to tlje b2ctttoarD 3 ano cut tt alongtttoife 
about ttoo o.2 tb:oe incbes, ano pull tbe SDctolap Unci; tf;i> finger, 
02 tuitF) a ftitbe, rounD abouf,one ftoe fcom tbe otljcr, as muclj as 
poucanpoffiblie: SEljen put tbe &cttertoco2t, <H5arltcfcc,ano 
15uttfc, as mucb as tbou canff tocll put in, ano tbus Doe on betf; 
ftDestbe Dctcrlap , tljcn rotulc bim fo tyzt tbe ffring may go* 
tb:ougb botb boles on botb Goes tbe £>efoiap , altoapes remem* 
tying Co cutt(;e£Dc'&lap a IjanD bzoaD, 02 aboue tfjc bottcme,anO 
in any Uufe to rent fyim to the bottome , befoze pou put in ti)e 
medicine. Hl>e tfjiro Dap after tbe Iscttring, Itofee to the opr* 
ning tlje to jnnD,anD let out tbe corruption (if tt be come DotrweJ if 
not, put in mc;t of tbe mcoicine, anD tucne tbe eotolc : ano if it 
be uutcb (tooilen, ano I;arD,ann toitlnof rot, tafce a hot iron,anD 
fane fep pact of tbe foare, tbe ffcinne, anD tbe flcu), in fucb place 
a* tbou Coed mod comicnicnt, fo as it come not to tbe bone, and 
tfouCt tbe iron tb.2oug!j on tbe one fioc, ana on tbe otljcr, o: once 
rigbttjnoer,tftbe ftoslling be rigbt beneatb,anD Scarce t)im toeil 
if tbe flics be buffe. <MW\) flics, if tbep cbaunce to getinto tije 
foare,tahe a cloth, 02 totoell, ano lappe it about a fticfce, anD put 
it into fbalDing botSCaere, ano fo among tbe spagofs,fearcbing 
ettcrp comer tocll. 0ftctpoubaue pearceD bim toitb tbe |>ot iron, 
remember to take a little fticbe , and £otoc-,anD Dipping it itt 
Pallet £Dple , 02 tocoll^Dple, to rubbe tbe fjoie fcotjece tlje pzoti 

SCbe (tckencite of tlje (Ml , is fenotoen bp f be running epes, The Gall, 
02 if be Ijauc mucb peilofo care-foare : it is alfoiDifccrnco bp t^z ° r Yd- 
fooUmepeUotocs bnDcr tbebpper lippe: t\)t Cure is ttyst iafee lovves ' 
Cbambeclie? gooD 3lc-grounDS, oj Bcere-gtounDS , bars fexnte 
in potoDer, €5alltoaHt , bealrs iLungtoaut , planten leaucs, 
i^earbegrace, l£empfeeD,G2 feempc toppes, <25arlicfce ffampcD, 
a penp toaztlj of Aqua vnxy foz a great BuUoc&e,tafeealmoir a 
quart of t\)is meDicmc , fo; a (mail BullocUc, Icffe : infjen l;ce 
faty D2unl>e,tahe fi>alt,JLoame of t!)e\pall,anDlcaucncD foeaD, 
anD rubbe tuetl bis tongue, anD all tlje rcofe of bus mout?} : tben 
io.ii^f)tsbaci5e 3 anD cfjafc it tscll toity C^mnbtrltejabi tearme; 


The third Booke, 

gather all tljcfc ^carbrsin Rummer, ano keepe fljem,aHD make 
ttjem in poU)DccXt»ts speotcineferuetlj likctolfefo2 tlje ilungs. 
for the 3f a 15ullocfee be tffe afeo in tlje iLiucr, be complained ficft in t jje 
Lmcr. legges, fc^icfj tutll fo gricue l)tm, tljat tjc u)all not be loell able 
to If ano, tljcuglj tje be ingcoo liking: tlje remeoie is tljts: Cake 
a quart of ga>0 aie (if it map be gotten) if not, take 3toe, put 
therein ILiuerfoauf a goo banDfuil, SClojmetocDD as mucb, a 
penp-too2t|} of €>arlicke, tjalfc a penp-mo2ttj of ^aDOer, a penp 
moitlj of rouno pepper, asmuclj long pepper, apenp-too2ttj of 
Clouesano$pace,a pcnp-mo2tlj of2Criacle 3 mingle tfjemtoge* 
ttjer, tlje l^earbs being potoojeD, aHOgiuetfjeBeaffaojinke 
The luke-marme. Efje figncs of tlje IBlatne are ftjefe, 6>toelltnga* 
Blame, tout ttjc face ano ttjc epe,anofottutobaf in tlje boor: if it be in ttjc 
bcop, it fmctlctb muetj ttjcie : the onclpremcOfe is : ETakeano 
fcarefc tjim infyt mouttj, if pon pcrceiue buffers twoer tlje rates 
of ttjc tongue, o? otljer place tbcre-abouts, tfjen cut tfcem to tlje 
bottomcano let ttjem out,anDrubbc ttjc place mftfj salt : frarct) 
fjim alfo in tlje boote at the fcmDamcnt, bp the arme 02 hanocf 
fome poung trxiplmg : ano iufjen fjts arme is in as fatre as bee 
tan 3 letjjnn rurneljis arme opioarD, ano fecle fo: tlje 25laines,o$ 
15tiflrets 5 ano bieatse tfjem toitfj rjts naples, pulling tyim quite 
out : fee ttjaf tje annotnt tjis tjano toell toitfc C'zcafc 02 £>ope« 
Th« sjjere is a Difeafe called tlje jbpaenges, tobercm bee mill unite 
Sprenges. |>is tjeao baefemaro to Ijis bellp> ano ttampe toitlj Ijisiegges : pou 
mod put pour bano into rjits funoament, as far as pou can, t pull 
out tlje Dung, ttjen $all pou finoe blouD,pull tlje blouD qiriUout, 
anD take a gcoDtjanofull ofI3ap &alt, ano put if in at tmifc, as fat 
as pou can: tf Ijcbauc this Difeafe, fjeXniUnncilin tlje booie, ano 
The couet mueb to Oung. gf be bane tlje Staggers, betoilllake 
Cugg?rs. foerp reD about tbe epes, ano call bui (jeao baektoato : take tfce 
foortrj part of an ounce of pepper 3 b2Uifeit,ano take balfe a pinte 
of fljarpe EJineger, toarmeo blouo toarme,ano poUuc it into tjis 
p.oft\)iils, $ IjolDljtsbeaotoellbpioarD^ano let fjim blouD at tlje 
The Daf c & ofe. 3f pout J&ulloeke turne rouno, ano baue tlje Dane, pou 
fljall fake iji'm bp tlje fceao, anD feele upon Ijis fojebeao, ano pou 
Hjall feelc it Uritb pour t^jumbc : tut tlje fhinne croffctoife rig&f in 
tie place, ano toipeatoap tift blouo as if ootlj encteafe toirfja 
xlouf, ano binoe a clotlj ouer fjis ljeaD 3 ano keepe it tuacme. Kf 


entreating of Cattell. x 19 

tour j©ren$uTe blauo,feffpetyem foure ano ttoenfp Courts from of 
hiatcr,ano tben guicto cucry oncalittle Diiofull of rennet euros bioud. 
fna quart of imlfcc 3 let tbem not onnlicm foure boures after, 
severe fometimc runneth a btouo upon tbe bacUe of aBullocue, 
fetjich hull make turn o:am bis legges after btrn, ano goe as if &ce 
were ftoafoein the Cljmc : cut off a topnt o; tuuo of bis taple,ano 
let bim bleeoc : if t)e bleeoc ten mucb, Unit bis taple? o: feare it. 
Biffje ijaue tbe panties, t>t mill pant mucb, anofljabein ffjc Panties, 
iflanae, ano fomefime fl&afce oofone: giueijima little rennet, 
Uutb ^oteano Cbamberlpe.^f beCteell of tbe 2Cami,o.j £>tmg* Taint, 
wojme, giue bim tyine, falf,anO trpacletoO.;inBe.3lfbe be l^iDe* Hide- 
bound, ftampe tfje leaucs of iflo^eoelife, (frame tbem, ano giue bouod - 
tbe bead to tutnkc : if \)t chauncc to f)3tie a ftrofce in tbe epe, take 
tbe iupce of £>ma!leoge, JFenell,ano fbembife of an GDgge, &be 
<£>argpfc is a fmelling befioe ttfe epe upon tbe boanejiuea botcb, Gargyfe, 
o? a bplc : if pour Bullocks bane it,mt off rotms about if panes 
of fainne as b:oa&e i tfyzn cutalfo rouno about tbofepeeces one 
narroro (appe of tbe ffeinne, tobicb mfllfeeepe tl)z Difeafe from b-s 
lippcs, fo; if it come to tys lippcs, it is tmcucable : SDbenfake 
Cljamberlpc anD salt, ano foetbc tljan together, ano man) tffc 
places luberefbe ffeinne is cutoff,anDtoau) it tbereroitb cuenins 
and morning, till tbe fmelling be gone, fcraping off tbe feabbes, 
ano otberfiltfjat euttpDjctrmg to tbe quiche, till t^t fmelling 
be go!?c, not fparing it fo long as it toatretb ano runnetb : tuben 
tbe fmelling is cleane gone, talie jjiaruoile ano l^onep, bopleo 
togetber blouo marme, ano annopnt all tbe faio places, mbicb 
will bo tb b cal c it, ano caufe tbe bapje f o come againe- WLe baue For ail 
certaine meoicines befioes, tfjat tue bfe generallp foz alloifeafesj dl caIes » 
as fbis, mljjcbis beep foueraigne : SCakeabanafullofbcaffs 
iLungfoaut , a banofuil of otber ftungtoaut tbat feructb fo? t\)z 
pot, a banofuil of inmaro rinOe of doer, a banofuil of Heme, 
cboppe tbem fmaii,ano put tbem info a pottle of gcoo 3lc,lct tbem 
fcetbe till t^tv be (oft, tben ffirre tbem, ano put in tbe tiquour a 
of &iquecife, a pcnp-too:tb of antffceOe, a balfe- penp-tDo;: tb of 
<£omrn,a penp-tuojtb of 2DurmcricKc,all luell besttn,mD put in* 
fotbeliquo:,toitb a quarter ofapounoof spaooer; anoiub'lftall 
tfjefc bo fotbj ta&e a great bole oifu, ano put tyatina banofuil of 

ft JJ53P 

The third Booke, 

33<nj faiyjalfea Iwfallof Oatlich f;urc ncfolapD (£gcjrfs } fl)df 
anD all, tiuo balls cf gDjtmentgrinoeall tfetfc tljtncs luity a pc* 
ttie>mt!)e botoleittjcn lah-etyc'liquour afyjrfatD from rljc fire,tM 
it be tjairc coiD,ano ptittije Uarmc liqueur into tyc borolc, Uutfj 
tije Ouraciic^al^eggfS.nnD^nmciifjt::^ it Unll together, 
anogiiie tl)c l5tt.Q to burnt biooo-toarme,02 a little mo;e. Sue* 
t!;er of tpr fame fo;t is ttjts : Etoo pcnp-U)c:ty- of Cornell* a pe- 
np-UiQ2t& of O;air:s,tfoopenp front) cf3mu~ceDs,a prnp-lvctflj 
cf 15ar-eerrus-apcnHnc2t& of jfrnecnta pcnp-foo2tf)cf£ur# 
meriefce, one baUof£>:tmcnt, a pcnp-iDo:tl; ot Sriacie, 02ra<» 
Qtrfog tl;c £ungs 3 tt):t£ ej foutc fpmnefuls of tpaCDcr.beat tijem 
ail together, anD put trjem in ty\2e£ quarts of Djmfce, fettrjemon 
fl;e ttrr,ttlltrjcpbeblouD-tuarmc. > giue trjcbcaftno D:infeein ttje 
morning be fo2e s no: till nconc after,inttje Summer, anD in tlje 
tUintcr tillnigrjt : 02 ifpou iDill 3 vou map giue tljem t£is meou 
rmcfoiloUu'ng : Sake ifiint foatr, tt)at ts IjacD D2peo fcpen a poll 
C2 rojfe 3 ano beat it info potoDer tmttS fait, tfciitatte running tea* 
rer, anD fotrjeit, rank 3ute, tuit|) tlje fate a»fc fait, ano tofjen ttie 
Hate ts foff,takc anD inking cut trje furce 3 anD liraine all together 
trj:oug[) a linnni dell), anD giue it sour cattcll to D2infce blouD- 
toanne,m trje jsp:tng 5 ano at ttjc fall of trje lcafc.BubaIe ; ealleD of 
The tt>e common people 15utTes, of Plinie Biibntc 9 arc common In 
Eafes, 3talp, bepono tfje Apcnin : a toiloe anD fauage i5catJ, tf?at fo; 
tyetc necceneffc, arc tjanoleD foitrj rings cf gron in t rjeir nofes : 
of colour biacke, tljrir boDics large anD mig£tp 3 ftjeir leggeo tucll 
fef,anD tmitfcerpffreng : anD in refpeetoftrjcirbooie, n?02t,trjen: 
tjomes {arge 3 crain£D } anDblackMrjcirrjap2efmaU anD &02f,trjeic 
tapirs itttlc : ttjep arcm trjofe parts fcfeD ftu carriage, C2atogrjf a 
am> Use bfes, as the £>rc. £tf trje milkc of tljis bcaCacc marc 
C^eefcs.tijat about Rook anD ottjer places ace greatl? cftecmeD. 
Columella counts trjem to be treong mcatr,anD rjeaup of Dtgclft* 
on. Loc rjerc is all tijatfo: mp fnarc 3 fcai;e to fap touching mp 
cattcll : nebj Bedio,rjotDreu trje canDicanetrjcr toijile. 
H z d 1 o. j^crt tor. to trjcg crater fo.2tcf cattcll, trje crjicfrft 
suerpf. place is to be oaigncD to feijape : pea, if pou confioer tye great 
commocttts anD p;ont, tbeparc to bcp:cfcrreD before tfjem : fo? 
as Cren fcruc fo2 trje tiding cf grounD, anD neceffarie ^fe of 
men 5 fo is to tljis p©2e feeair aXcubco ttjc faticgaro cf tljcboDPifo? 

entreating of Catteil. 130 

ffie feljeepc dotfj botl; tuitrj I; 10 ficecc apparrell tXJ, anD foitrj Ijis 
mtlUc and iarjclifomc ficfa nourw) Us (a0 tfjc |3oct inttncGTct^o 

Poore bcaft, that for defence of man, at fir ft created wafr, 
And inthy fwelling vddcr bcar'ft,thc iuyce of daintictaft: (Taile, 
That with thy fleece keepft offrhe cold.that fhould our limbs af- 
And rather with thy life, then with thy deatb,docft vs auailc. 

Cf &topc trjere arc fund?p b;jxacs. SC&ericrjano a cljautptotr 
totmtrep bjcettctrj a large ant) a great u)ape: the barren ano ttja 
tliffte>a reafonablcttature: tfjetoiideand tlje mountains gronno, 
a fmalland a toocriu) fliccpc. Crje old tjusbanfcs did great lp com* 
mend trjc b?aDe Of Milet, Appulia, ano Calabria, ano mott of all, 
fye bjecDe Of Taranto^ert Of Parma^and Modena. 9it tfjlS Da^ fo? 
tljc ftnencilc of trjctr flaece>arc molt in yztcc tfyz fljspc of (2ng* 
land, of©crmanp, about trje Urjine 3 ano of prance, varro conn* 
f cilctjj all fuel) a* toouio buy Clues, to Ijaue tijeir c^t'efe confide* 
ration of t&eic age, ftjat ttjcy be neither ten olo,no: tie poung: tlje 
wie of tljcm not pet come to it, tfce otljer already pan: profit: bat 
better is tfjat age,U>rjcrcof t&cre in fomef)ope,trjen forjercfrjere 
fcllotoetl; uotrjmg but a dead carfcaffe* i^our bett is trjerefo?e Thcchoifc 
to bup tljem at tluo peeres old, ano not to meddle tuitrj fuc^ as office* 
arc patt trj:& : tfjctr age 10 to be fenoUmc bptrjeir tcctli : foz trjc 
tcefrj of tljc olDc ones arc momeafoap : nert mutt ?oh Irnke, trjaf 
pour Giuc rjane a large bodfe, deepe toalleo, ano tljicUc ouer all 
trjc bodp, fpenallp about trje neefce ana trjc tjead, anogmo tto;e 
fcpon trjc bell? : fo? fucb as mere bare neehed and belipeD, rlje 
do fjusban^s alfoaies rcfufeo. SCrjc nccU mutt be long, tfje bel* 
ip large, tfje legges tyotf, trjougrj trje ujeepc of (England be long 
Icggeo, tfje faple in fome counfrcp u)o:tj in otycts terp long-: 
fo; in Arabia fome (jauc tables a cubttelongt but kiondcrfull 
fc;oao : otrjers, fas botlj Herodotus, and ^Elianus amrmcj trjiee 
eublts long, fo ttjat trjc ferjep^earDs are forced fo tpe tljem tip, 
fo; being tjurtmitrj trapltng bpon trje grouno, 3!n jEgypt a Kami 
tatle rjatrj banc found fo iucigrj rr. pound and mo;e. SEfje Uam Ranmeq 
mutt Ijaue ^is rjojues great, tomdtng tnUiard, and benumg to 
trje face, trjougrj in fome places tljep Ijaue no tjomes at all, and 
vet no better tiammes : ffjc fjoznes mutt ratljer croltU mUiarn 

IC 2 tljeri 

The third Bookc, 

ttjcn groin iiraigljt fcp. 3nfome Countries tbat arc toetfearm 

ftojmir , 0oates f tfammcs are to be ctjofen tbat Ijauc tlje grea* 
ttft ano largcff ljo:ncs, tofjercbp ttjep map Defend tljetr beats 
from ffoimeand temped and tljcrefo:e in cold and ftountecoun* 
tries, tlje Ijomeo tf amsarc beft : tn mtlde ano gentle clpmatcs, 
tlje pels. Ii5efidc,trjcrc is t|)is tnconueniencctotjcn tjefcnctos tjim* 
fclfe to be armed 3 tjetoill attoatcs be figbtmg, and bnrnlp among 
tjis (£tors,and though !jc be not able to feme tlje turne btrnfclfr, 
pet toill t)c fuffer no otber ilamme tn tlje irlochc, till be be nun 
eloped, and lamed totrl; letcljerp. £E be pollard on tlj c otljcr tide, 
finding bimfelfe fcnarmca is tniidcr and quieter bp mtu!):htt)crc« 
fozettjes&ljcplicaros, to rcfframcthcragcofttje tnrulp,doe tfe 
to bang before fjts ljo:ncs a little bco:o totttj ftjarpe p:ufcs intoard, 
toljicbfeecpcs \)\n\ from Ijismaoncs, tufjiie \)t pcrcnucttj bimfelfe 
to be fjut t toittj bis otonc bioud : others far, tjjatif pou pierce W 
Ijomes foittj a fotmblc, nert to the cares, toijerc tljep tomdenr 
toard, be toill leatie bis bjatoling. 3" tome places aifo tlje Ctocs 
are bomeo : but to tlje Hammc. I^ts epes mutt be b:otouc> bis 
earrsmutt be great, his b:eu\ fljoulders, and buftoebs b:oad,bte 
Hones great, ^staple bjoad, and long: pou muff Uofcebcfidc* 
tijatfiis torn tie be not blacfee, no? pctfclcd, fo: commonlp fuc& 
toill get biacUc and pped &ambes,as virgin nctetb : 

And though the Rimmc in fight be white as fnow, 
If blackc within hisiaweshis tongue be wrought, 
Refufe him quite, left if he leapethy Ewe, 
He doc infed thy Fold with colour nought. 

15upnot pour Mapc but traced and tm$Cvme,tljat tlje colour 
map plamdpcr appcareitljetoijtte colour,as it is tijebeautifuUcff 
When to fo is it tlj*^;:ofttablcff.BnS£arr.t) is pour bcttbuping of £>|ieepc: 
buy fictpe foj jbtjcpljcarcs Itfec fuel) as Ijauc tocll too?m? out tfje totntet. 
tiaktjofoeuer toill be a l^apmaittcr 3 muff regard tlje abt!t tie of In* 
gcounD:fo2 it is not enougtj to |jsuc paffurc in £mmmcr,butttjcp 
muff be tocll p;cutdc d foi tn Winter : tn anp to tfe pou mull ijaue 
ffrueof paffurc : and better it is, and mo?e profitable to tlje jpafc 
fter,to feccpea ft to lb ecpe tocll, tbena great number tottf? fear fi tic 
of paffure.Florcminusis ofttjatfancp,t&atJ)etofluld pour number 


entreating of Cattell. 1 3 1 

ffymln Mifytt be oooc then enen 5 tl)inKing tjjat number mo:e fo?# 
tunafe 3 foj tfjeljcaUljiueGc, ano long continuance of tfjecattetl: 
but t^cfe are fupeeffittous f opes , as are a great number o» 
ijjer, imagines bptfjcfaftfjlefFe. 315e fure euerp peere once , to 
mafee pour mutter? ana fupplp tyc places of fuel; as areoeao , gi 
Cclie, tirity a neto ano a founo number,fo ttjattlje fatter be not 
aeeeiueo toitij an oio Unprofitable flocne, SElje IjarDuclTc anocru' 
eltie of t&e cole OTnter 3 oot& oftentimes beguile tlje ffjeepljearDj 
ano ocffropetfj manp of ijis floefce : fcrtjereof f pjcfummg of tljc.c 
ff rengtlj tu tlje eno of tlje Summer ) fce fjao maoe no fupplp,ano 
therefore Columella is of opinion , tfjat t&e age fo? bjceo oug^t 
not to beleffetfjen tJj:ce pcerrs , no; aboue eigljf, botfj becaufe 
ty&t neptljcr of f Ijc ages is meete to be kept : ano alfo tijat tofcat* 
foeuer commetfj of an olo ffoclsc, Jjatlj ligfctlp a fmaefec of Sjts ola 
parents imperfection,anD pjouctb either to be barraine 0; tueaBe. 
SCijefelfefame Columella fooulo fjauet&e (Btoes to be put tc 
tfjc ttammc after tfjsp fjao patfeo ctoo peeces olo,anD tlje tfamme 
to be of fiue peercs olo, ano after feauen, to Decay. 3)n manp pla* 
tts att\)i& oap, t&ep fuifcr botl) tlje Kinoes to b:#o from ttoo peere 
olo,ttllntne : but before ttoo peeres , it is not gcoo to put eptfjcr 
f be &amme 3 o? tlje Cfctoe to b?eeo , alttjougb in meff places tljep 
fuffer tlje Ctoc at a peere olo. scfj e Kamme is put bp jjis purpofe* 
bp tlje Mickers 3 or 13ulrtffjcs,tpeo to tlje G&cs taple 3 but mo;c 
commooiouap, bp going in feuerall paftures : tjotobeif, tfjcp are 
not commonlpfeuereO,but fuffcreo to go togctljer.2E!jc ttammes 
tfjat pou ujohId Ijaue to ferue pour (Stoes, muff afo:c tlje b!ou> 
tning, be Kept in gaso paffure, for ttoo moneys , fo&erebp tbep 
map be ttje better able to Doe tfcir bumuffe:buf in our eountrp, 
toe commonlp fuller tljem to fecce together. Co increafe ttjeic 
luffs, pou ffjail giue tljem in tyeir pafture tlje biases of Anions, 
o?fcnot-<0ra(re:2C!jep rather couet tlje olo Gfcfocs tljen tlje pong, 
becaufe tbep be earner to be enfreafeo , ano tlje ftammes tljem* 
t clues in age be tlje better. ^Knitting of t(jcrigljtffone 3 pc« 
ffjall Ijaue felue iLambcs,anfi of tlje left,&amme ilambes : alfo 
tjjeir blotToming in tlje iiojt|)-U)inoe,gcttet^amme3Lamb£S, 
ano in a &out'g toinoe, Ctoe ilambes , one Hamme (as Didy- 
mus affirmet^jj fufficet^ fo.2 fiftie d;t»e s : toljcn tfjcp Ijaue all con^ 
cciueDj tlje Hammcs muff againe be baniu^ca ■> for oangering 

& 3 ana 

The third Booke, 

ana fjarmntg tlje Ofoes. Dating tt)e time of tbefr bloffommg, 
tytv arc to be taatreo in one place ( as borfc Varro ano Plinie af' 
nrmc ) becaufe ttje change of loatec botb oifcolouretfj tf?e to©II a 
ana oangctctjj tlje &ambc, £E&e politic, of Iacobttjc ^atriarfj, 
in procuring of tactie eoloutcO 2lambcs,ts toeil rnougfc Enotom* 
TL\)i beff time foj bloltatng, is feomtfjefctting of tlje 15aer* 
fcjatD 3 to ttje ferting of ttjc Cgle : ( as varro ano Columella fjaue 
ltviitcn ; iutjicl) is ( as Plinic interprets it ) from tt)e tbiro 3»ocs 
of iBap 3 f ill t'rje Jtjictccne kalenss of augaff: others t^inbe it gam 
all E|e race long , many prcfecre tyz tQtnrer iLambe before 
tljofc ifyit fall in tbc &>p2tng 3 as a creature ttjat of all others beff 
L:©fcct[) l;is CGinterhrutt). StjetbunDer,iftlje Glues gocalone 
ma'acs ctjein call ttjeir iambes, ano ttjerefo^ it is goo to let 
ti)tm gae toftfj cempanpfo: auoiOingtbatpcrill : tfjcp gee fcoitfj 
^Lambe one fjunDrctt) ano 6fticDaies,o? fine moneys: fuel; as are 
afierlc3r0B^mmeD 3 are feeble ano toeaae 3 anDfaeb mere oftbe 
do tn;iters calico Cordi : fo: ttje mod part ttjep. b:ing but one 
£ambe a pace, ytt oftentimes tfoo 3 ano if rfjepbc mell feo 3 ffre 
at a time, 3t tjatij beenc feenein OeiDetlamMtjaf fine Ctoesfjaae 
fjao in one pcerefiue ano ttocntie Lambes : it map feme perac* 
uenrure f o manp increDtble 3 anD pet no great maruaile 3 fince ttjep 
haue ttotfe a pare moll times ttao, ano fonufime Gre at a time". 
9$c fefjcp&carD muff be as carcfull as a sptslnife in tbe peamng 
time, fo; tt)is pco:c creature ( ttjougb u?e be bat a f&tyczpz ) is as 
muc?) to:mcnteo in bet Oeliuerp, as a u):efco 3 ano is oftentimes ftje 
fogetfjertoitboutrcafon: anD tbercfa.:e,itbctja)nctb tlje^bcp' 
fjcaco ta be (ailfull in mcoicimngof biscattell, ano fo conning a 
^MDfctfc luitfjallj as if noco require be map fjelpeljis efoe 3 imjaf 
Danger fo truer bappen. Z\)z Cambe as fane as rjcis fallen, mutt 
be fef on fete, ano put fo fyz Dammes fcODet, anD oftentimes fy* 
motif blKlo open, t'^z miiac muff be milhco i\h tfjst be map learnc 
to fuefte. b:jtbcfa:e pou Doc tfcs. rou muft be Hire to milae out 
ft)e firft m.ifcecailcD Co!oftra ? tu&:reof 3 fculi fpcatic hereafter : 
fo: f^:s 3 erccpt torn quantitic beO:aiune out, oott) tjurt tlje 
lamb*: iftbeoanmusie^ou muCfu:feIeitljOit[)abc:ne: ifttje 
lambeiutUnotof biinfelfcfucKcbcmuffbeputfoitjanD tjf» lips 
annomtcD twtt) fujat X5uttet,ano^toincs[gi;eafe,anofcafoneD a. 


entreating of Cattell. 1 3 i 

tfffle foftf) ftoret $llne« #0 fame as tfjcp arc lambco, f&cp muff 
be fyut up together foifb t&etr oambcs, fo&erebpbotij tijeoambe 
map ctjeriff) ttjem, ano tticp learne to fcnofo ibefr oambes. after* 
foaro ,to^cn t^ep begtnne to foare toanfon 3 t&epmuff befeuerea 
tDttl; parodies : 0? f as varro fo?tfet& ) after ten oaics tbep. 
muff be tiz* to little ffafces toft$ fome gentle aap 3 fo? hurting of 
iljeie iopnts, ano inaring leane %oit|i f<u mucb plap. SCfjc *»ea> 
feer mail be feuereofrom tlje fironger^fo? burfing of tbem.Bno in 
t|jc doming betimes befo?e f be floeue goe to paffure, ano in ttje 
Cuenfng iufjen tljcp be ful^tfje JLambs muff be put to tijeir earns : 
ano iuijen tbeptoare ffrong, tfjep muff be feo in tJjefjoufe, tottb 
Clouer, ano ftoaete graffc, o? rife toft$ H5?anne 3 ano Jf lofo?e. 
#no to§en|tbep l;aue gotten greater ffrengfij , tljep \tmtt be let 
tat foitlj fbeirDammes about none, in fo fomefunnpano iuanue 
Clofeueereaofopning:. 3Jntbemcanefime 3 pou muff not oeale 
imtJj tlje milking of <£iues 3 fofyallpoufjauetbemfobearet&e 
mo;c toQ)ll 3 ano bung tbe mo?e Ilambrs.Mbcn tlje aiambcs arc 
taftcR from tyefr Bammes 3 »gcaO tjccD muff be fjao , tljat tljep. pine 
not afoap : ano ttjerefoje t0ep muff be well c|ieriu)eO in tljeir 
iueaning ttmefoitbgojo paffuee 3 anofoeURcpt 3 botb from colo, 
ano ertreame beat jjioto after tbattljep fjauc forgotten tlje uooer, 
tljat tbep care not fo? tbeir oammes, tym (Sail pou let tbem feeo 
iuitb tbe floebe : t)olobetttn moft places tlje iLambcsare fuffcreo 
to feeo in tlje aocfce together foitl) tijeir Dammes 3 ano fo fucbettll 
fjaruefftime 3 tilltb* oammes tljemfelues ooefoeawe tytm* varro 
tooulD Ijauc pou not to gelo pour Hambes unocr fiucmonefbes 
elo 3 ano tljat in a feafon neither f to i)ot, no? feo colo : but erperi* 
enee teacbetlj us,tbat tije beff geloing is unoer tfjc oamme to&en 
tfjep be poungeff : fo? in tlje eloer ( as in all ot^er beaffs ) it is 
fcangerous, SCbofe tljat pou twill fceepe fo? Kammes 3 pou muft 
tafec from fucb Clues as ufe f baue ftoo at one time* SClje beff 
paffure fo? ffjeepe,ts tbe dSraffe tljaf is turned up toft!) tfje |3lofo 3 
ano grotoettj upon fallotues:ti)e nertis tijaf 3 t!jatgrofoctb in o?p 
speoootoes : tbemarifylp grounois fobe refufeo,anO tljat totjicb 
grotoetfj neerc unto 2Ufces ano ifennes : tfje plarnc ano tfjc 
cbampion jfielos ano 2Dotones,arcbeft fo?tljeodtcateff ano ft* 
nettlnmlleo &tjecpc. 2no be u)o?t,tlje ff!o?fcc ano finer tfje dDraffc 
is^tlje meeter it is fo? ^eepe : ano set is tfjere no paffure fo 

& 4. ffoa 

The third Bookc, 

ga>a,oj fo fine,but toitrj eontmuallufcpour&rjapetoillbcfoiarp 
of tt, crcept ttje sijeprjearDrcmeoietius fault toitrj giuing trjem 
£>alt 3 toljicrj ( as a fancc to trjeir forte j \)c mufi fet rcaoie in 
Summer tofen tlje;; come from patfure,in little troughs of tocos, 
bp Itching ioijerjeof t^ep get t&cman appetite botrj to t^rt'c meat c 
anr thrtr D;i".hr. J^ojlofjcreas s>ljcepc to3rettjfamefffattoit& 
fmtcr&g AdftodeaffirmctlpJ rou molt m summer euerp off 
cap iett&emrjauc 3>alt,apcefee to cucrp fjunozcD : fo fljall pour 
ftcepc bealto3tcsrjcaltlip,toarefat,anDpe\D pou plentpofmilhe. 
£9o:eoucr ; aga:nft frje dclinfer rctte , o: rjungcr rotfe, pou mult 
ptmtot to fectre tljem at fjome in Cratches. Ojep arc bctt feo 
in tYjt Uurmer coumrtes,tettfj tfje leauesano b?oufmgs of Chic 
ano 3ft), ano tlje l^atctrjatis maoe after l^arueft m t&e eno of 
jammer, becaufe tt fofteff,an3trjerefo:e ftoeetec trjantfjc offjer. 
WUfy tohat fjecoc ano csrcmlncfiTc trjts cattcll is to be feD, Virgil 
Declares, torjo toils a regard tobeSfao of tfjc time, botfj of t|>etr 
toafring, ano fatjtng. 

When Summer faire with Weflerne vu'ndcs doth call, 
Your lufticflockesto woods and pa (lure fend 
Betimes, when day doth fpring and ouer &\l 
The gladfome grade thehoarie dew doth bend. 
From thence when as the fourth hourc of the day, loftie Sunncdoth make them drietobee, 
Towels or waters deepc go ta<c thy way, 
And make them drinkc in troughes of O^en free. 
25ut in frjenaine time, anottiefjeaf of trje&ap, poumuffD?rae 
tliem to tfje tallies, ano fyaars, ( as Ije fattrj ) a little after. 
Wherefoeuer of Icue the ancient Oken tree, 
His broad and mightie branches fpreads.. or where 
In facred Groues of Holmes the madowesbee. 

3fter tofjen ttjefjeat is pair, pou mutto:iuc trjem again* fo t&e 
toater, anD fo b:tng them agame to fielo. 

When Sunne is fet, and EueningfUrrc app?ares, 
Then coolcs the aye, andde^ie Moonefheecheeres. 
VarroaifirmctMljnt trjcpoiuiDeDtfjrirpaffurmg times in Puglia 
after Vgis manner, i^irittljep put frjem out fo paflfore betimes 
in rt)c ^opting , tofjew as ftie Dctofe graffc &ottj farre erects in 
pleaiantncflre,anD ftoataeffe, t£e <?raffe that being burnt toitlj 


entreating of Cattell. 133 

tlje fjeat oftfje &umte,fe oucr D?p,flboutnameagamr,fill ffiiiara 
toiler, tljcp are to be D:iuen tmocr fomc cqId, 0? loatrie roclis,ano 
fejoao HiaootocD trees, ano totoarD tlje euening be fufferco to 
feoctillfeunne fct.altoapesljaumg rcgarD, ffjat in tljcir o?iuing, 
trjcr Ijcaos be from ttje Sumnc : foj no fceaft is fo tcnoer fjcaocD. 
fl&itjjin a little after tlje fctting of t\)c &imne, fljcp muff beDji* 
«en to itutcr, ano after fuffcrco tofceoe againe, till it be oarfee : 
fo: then is tlje JDafture ftoateff. STljis o^Der is to be obferuea 
from tlje rtfing of t(je feauen &tarrcs, ano tfje leCTcriDogge, till 
rbc later jEquinoftiall.&fje like Dotl) ColumcllaanD Plinic tcsc!?, 
$af after t£c riling of tlje Dogge, tbcflocftc mutt afo?e name be 
c:tu?n SClefffoarD, ano fceoe toitjj ttjetc face totoarD tl;e t£{eff 3 
ano aftcrnone tijei? lmiGbee b?ougljt agafne Gatttoars. s:i;e 
ficlostofjcnce tljcComcts netolpljao off, is goo to pattnre tljem 
fo? ttoo caufes ; botfj fo.: tljat f tjcp are toell feDOe tutttj tlje ha» 
ufngs of tlje UKaues, anD tfjat tott|j ttje trampling of tljeirratoe, 
ano Dunging, tfjep mafcetljegrouno richer againff ffje nertfoto* 
fog : but our Connfre? men Doe not toell like, tljat &ljape 
fljoulD fa De tjpon t&e caves of ESlfjeate. £fje ^attunng of tljem 
mttjeottjerfcafons, as»nfer 3 anDtlje&p:iing, Differs tnttjte 
point:trjattljcp put tljem not abjoaD till ttje purine tjaue Diatone 
top ttje Deto, ano ljurtfull fcapours of tlje grouno, ano fo fieoe 
t&em all ttje Daylong, tijtntung it fufftcicnf to let f bem E>?intsea£ 
name : but our fjusbanos fcfenot fo futfer ffjetr fljaepe to fceoe 
abjoao in ttje Summer time, nether before tlje &unne fifing, 
no* after tlje fctting, bpreafon of ttje Deto, being mo:e ljurtfull 
m Summer, ttjen in Winter, gn Winter, ano ttje fep:ing 
rime, f^epfceepctrjem in a JFolMrtifuctj time as ffjc&unnc fjatlj 
Djatoneop tlje ttimes., ano fjoare Jf tods from tlje JPielDs : fcp 
ttje froftic graffe, at ttjis timt of pare, Hops ttjeir rjcaDs toiifj 
&fjumc,anD filstijeit bellicsfull of toatcr : anD tljerefo;e fntbe 
rolo ano toetfeafons of trjcpoere 3 tt isenougtj fo let tbemojinke 
once aoap.q3o;eouer tlje &ljeplj carols alfo tljefteeper of ail cat* 
f cll,muff Dcaic gcntlp ano loumglp U>tt|> tljetr ficche 3 anD comfo::< 
ting, ano cljeering tljem tmflj (Jngtng, ano tu^taiing : fo? tt)c Ara- 
bians (as Alianus tuzifetl^DofinDe^atfljis kinbe ofeattelfai»cf[j 
great Oeligljt in n3uftefee, ano tljat it Dotlj t^em as muclj gcoa as 
tWt ^allure. X5efiDc a t^cp muff be toell iuare mf&eDjiumg of 


The third Book e, 

fljcm 3 anti ruling of f tjem 3 t^ae tfjcp gufoc tljem foiffj f &c<c tooice, 
anoffjafeing of tyetrttaffe 3 not ljurting, no? furling anp rijmgat 
tfcem 3 no? tljat tljep be at any time far off from fljem 3 ano tljat 
tjjcp neither Ipe no? lit : fo; if tljep goe not fojmaro, tljep muff 
ftano : to: it is ffjc §>ijepfc caros office to fiano altoapcs as tjtgtj as 
Ijecan, tljat $e map plarne ano eafilp fcifecrne, tljat neither ttje 
flom,no? tlje great bellpeD in lamng rime a tto? tlje quicfee, no; tlje 
iiuelp, foljUe tljep roame, befeucreofromtljeirfeiloiues : ana 
lead fomc tfyiefe^ o? twice beaff beguile flje negligent £>fjep# 
tjcatD of tys cattcll. £>f ttjeir gaffuring? 3 t!;tnbc HI tjansfpohm 
fumrientlp; ano tljerfoje 31 mcanc nofo to J^eln you of tljeir *$ou> 
shcepc tts, o: &ljeepcoats, tojjrreof tljere ougljf to be a fpeciall rrgnro, 
coats. tl^at tliep be conuenfenflp placet) , not fubicrt to minors, no? 
ffo2mes 3 ano tljat tljep ratljcr ffano toiuaro tlje eali 3 tljcn toUiarD 
tlje &ouf lj. Columella tooulo fcaue tljem built loiu, ano rather 
longtfjcn bjoao, tljat tljep ma? be marine in t|efl$inter 3 ant 
tljat tije ffraigtjfneffe of tlje rome ljurf not tlje poung, 0no be* 
fiDe 3 ljc IxiculD fcaue tljem ff ano fofoaro tlje&outlj : ft.: fljis beaff 
(ttjouglj fjfs garments bee foarme) cannot amaptoltlj cola foea* 
ttjcr, ncftljerpetlmtlj tlje great fjeaf of tlje Summer. 31 Ijatte 
fane fome £>ljcepe-ljoufes fo ftameo, as f Ijep banc Ijatrf |jeic gates 
tofoaro t[je ^outij 3 ano f ofoaro tlje <£aff 3 tljat tljep migljtanffocre 
to tljefeafons of tije piere. Columella tooulo fjaue tlje i^oufe fe£ 
totoaro tlje &>outtj 3 ano on tlje bache-ffoea ciofe |3offerne 3 tD|)rre 
tljep map fafelp tahz ttjc ap;e. pan mutt lake befiDes 3 tljat 
Inhere tJjcE ffanb 3 tljegrouno bemaoefapje ano euen,fomet&mg 
ljanging 3 tljat it map be clean efeepf>anotbaf fljefymic map fee well 
tiopoeo atoap : fo.: tlje irefneiTc Ijcrcof oof I; not onclpljucf, an& 
ano co?cupttljcir ftete 3 but alfo fpopletlj tljeir coat es 3 ano maRetfj 
tljem ruffe ano ill fauoureo. let tfjere be no mopff tire tljerefo;e 3 
but almaies foell fframeo i»ft& D?fe feme, o; fframc 3 tljat tlje 
Cities tljat be im'tlj poung map Ipe tlje fofter ano cleaner. 3let 
t|jcfr beos be ten? eleane,fo: tlje cleaner tljcp Ipcflje better tljep 
fceDe : let tljem in anp toife be Inell fto 3 fo? a (mail namberfas 3( 
faio bef&e ) hull feD 3 peelo mo?ep:ofif to t^eir £paiftcr 3 tljcn a 
great flocRebarelpfeept. ^on muff alfo Ijaue feuerall partitions 
to ncepe tlje meaner ano t^effcfee 3 fcom tlje ffrong ano tnrnlp. 
3m> tljus muclj of IjoufeD fljeepe , ty&t are cuerp oap b^oug^t 


entreating of Cattell. i 34 

fcome : but in fome places t&cp ace fecpf abjoao/arre from eMjcr 
totune oj fjotifc 31n Jp ojreUs,an& opcnftuloefielDs ano ootoncs, 
int&efe places tbefc&epljearDcarrpetb iutt^im^s ^3rDlcs,am> 
I)is iliets, ano ottjer neceffarics, to fold fjts flocfceimtball. 3n 
t&e ocfart ftclDs,fobcn aetfjc TOnfcr paffurcs,anotbe Summer 
paffucrs, arc otffant certaine miles afunocr (as Varro faity) &ce 
fooulobaue ttje flocfes tbatl;aue tomtrcb in Apulia, to be feeptin 
Summer fopon tfje spountaincs cf Kietc : ano virgiJi tlws to#* 
fell) of tl;e ^Ijcp^earos of Lybia- j 

What mould I here of ' LybUn Shephcards tell, 
Or of their Paftures write, and dwellings poorc, 
That night and day on Downes, and Defarts dwell, 
Where wanders dill the Flocke without the doore : 
And on the ground doth lye the Shepheard heare, 
While he remoueswith him continually 
His houfe, and all hishoufehold goods doth beare, 
His ftaffc, his dogge, and all his armory \ 

SCtjclfte fjaueS! mpfelfefcene m&wpt$erIanD,an&ofl)erpla* 
ces of Ctomanp, foijcretlje ^IjcpfjearD, lpingftill abjoao Untb 
|i'0 floefce, folos bis foape in t&e nigjjtftjitb paroles, f^mgtljcic 
Doggcs about t&cm fo: toatefmuu : tfje ^epfcarobimfelfefo a 
littlefjoufe bpon todies* fleepes itfrobpfjiscbarge. W$z fl)o>pe 
of Greece, Alia.anD Toranro,anD ffjofe io^ici} tbepcail^ouerco - 
fcljeepe, are commonly fcfeo to be fcepf in boufes, racier then a* 
tyoao, fo? tbe crcellemic ano finencOc of tfjeir foam. 

Evphor. ©mbat times ooe rou appoint fo; tije Rearing of 
jour £>fceepe i 

Hedio, STfje ftes of Rearing, are not in all place* one, shearing 
but baric, acceding to tfyc oifpofttion of tfje ap?e, flje cattell, ano oi 5hec P 8 « 
tbecountrcp: tbebefttoap is fo IjauegcoDregaro to tye foeatljcr, 
as t\)t Ojcepe be not fcurt bp Rearing in tyz cold, no? barmeo bj? 
forbearing in trjebcate. 3in fome places tbepbaucf too feafons 
in t&e pcercfo: Rearing of t&eirfceepc * tyenrfffeafonfo? tljeir 
bearing, i& eitber \x>ify tl;e beginning of may, o: elfc Untb tfje 
enoing of 0p?M : flje fcconD feafon of tfjetr bearing, is about 
$c beginning of September, $acfj as- ooe We to ft)eare tbeir 

The third Booke, 

ftjapc but met in f Ijc pare,Do commonlp appoint fo; 1 1) tit feafoti 
t^cfentf) of tlje ©onctlj of June : about foljicl) time alfo fuc£ as 
toe locate ttoife a pare,Doefljearc tljeir Hambs.SC&ee Dares be 
fo:c pou fljeare tfjem,pou muft maflj tljem loell-anD totjen tbtv be 
full D:te, pou map fl&eare ttytm : tljep Doe not in ail places tjjeare 
tljrir fljeepe, but in tome places (as Pliniefaitlj) pull tljem. SEIjc 
olD !£usban&s did account fo; tfyz bell fcSlcoil, tlje cacoll of Pug- 
lia, anD tljatfoljicl) in 3!talptoas calleD tbe ©fceefce jrlace : tlje 
inxtin gcoDncfle tljep tcohe to bG tlje CStoU of Jtalp : in tlje tljrrD 
placctljcp effameDtljeMilefian JFleece : tlje moll ofPuliiaisbut 
ftjo?f, anD mate fo be toome onelp in rieingCloafces.SClje fool! 
about Toranto, anDCanas,is t&ougljt to be pairing gcoD : but tlje 
bell at f&is Das is t|iels>0BlI of ©nglanD.SDlje finer pour pafturc 
is, tlje finer fas it is tljougbf/ pou fljall jjaue pour moll. 23lje 
iutsll of fuel) ffjap as are (lame fcp f be tClcolfe, anD tlje garments 
maDefbereef/asAriftotlefaitljJareabfeff fobjaoe iUcc. Jfpott 
happen in tlje (Rearing f o clippe tlje f kinne, pou mod fautljtoitlj 
snnoinf it mi tl) Carre: mtjenpou baueugome tljem, fomctljmfee 
it gcoDpou anopnt tljem toitlj tlje iupce offoDDen Hupines, S. as 
ofolo C&tne, and f&e o;egges of £>plc maoe in an opnfmcnt: 
$ after f&a Dates to toaffj tljem.'if it be nare poujin tlje &ea, o; 
if tlje &ca be farre of, toittj raine mater, feooen foiflj s>alt. 3na 
being fljus o;Dere& 3 pou fljallnot Ijaue tljem fo lofe tljeir rocBll all 
tlje pare, but to be fjcaltljie, anD f o car rp a cape ano a fine flare : 
ano tJ>crefo?e virgill biDDes pou, 

Goe plunge them oft in healthy ftrcames . 
SCfjeee be fome againe,tbat moulo baue pou f annoinf f Ijem tlj;a 
Dapes in tlje pare, tlje Oapes being faane after pou IjauetoafijeD 
tljem foitlj £Dp!e, t £®ine mingleD together. 0gainft Serpents, 
tljat man? times lieljiD fcnoer tljeir eribs,pou muft burne Ceoar, 
Galbanum, o.: momans l£ap;e,o? ^arts fjome: in f tjc eno of turn* 
mcr is pour time fo; Draining anD feuering of tljem(as 3 tolo pou 
before) mtjen ?ou muft fell pour fyape,tt)at tljjougljfablcnclTe, 
rljcpfa?ie not in tljeminter. 15e(ttie ? feilltng one 0^ ttuoof tljem, 
pou muff Ico&c mell upon tljeir JLiuers , anD if tlje &iucr bi^ 
not founo (hi rljerebp is fo; efane tlje Danger ) tfjen epttjcr fell 
f Ijem, 0? fatte tljem, anD fciil tljem : fo; tierp IjarD it is to faue 
tfjem tljeir lliuers being periftjeo. BmfcctcD £>ljape ate mo?* 


entreating of Cattell. 1 3 5 

fubietfeo fcabbes ano mangineffe ttjen anp ofljcrcatfcli, itiljict? 
commetfj (as trjepoct UittnrfTetl) : ) 

When coldclt ftormes doc wet them ncare. 
And hoary frofts on ground appeare. 
£Dj tfpou toatt) not offtlje ftocat of tfje Summer toitgj fait foa* 
tec : 0; otbcrtotfc, if totjen tfcepbe u)o?ne 3 pou fuffer tl;em to Ire 
&urt totty iuambles,oj tljojnes j 0; tfpou put tt)em into tjoufes, 
Ulcere eitfjcr ^ojfes, spttles 3 Q2 &ttcs tjaueffoDe : but fpeuallp 
lacUc of g©D fooing, torjereof p:occeDetji pcDieitcffe, ano of pauo 
ncflTe fcabbes ano mangmeffe. SCljc fljeepe ttjat is infetfeo is tints 
fenotone, 3f fje cptyer ferafef), ftampc toitf) bis fate, 0; beate jjfm 
felfc fcuttl; tys &ome 3 0? rub fifmfelfeagamft a tree : tolnc!) pereei* 
utng fjtm fo to Doc, pott (ball take butt: ano opening i)is tuoiU^ou 
fljall finoe trjc ffcinne ruffe, ano as it toere ttrtne, £>iuecs men 
&aue Diners rcmcDics foj ttjis malaDie,bttt fuel} as are not atltano 
tobe&ao : virgiii tfjinfcs tljere is no p;cf enter rem cDic 
Then at the fir ft to clippeaway the fere : 
For being hidde, it feftrcth the more. 
Conftantine out of Dydimus affirmed, tfjaf tfje fcabbes of 
&ljeepe arcfcealeDbpfoalfyng tfjemtoitlj tmnc,ano after annom> 
tmgtljem toitlj S^imffone ano j©ple.2Ctje common feljcptjerDs, 
tofjen tfjep peccciue a u)eepe to fall a cubbing,trjep ffratgfctfoairs 
rafte l)im 3 an&H)cDDttig tfje &apje 3 ooe fearettje place Urity &arre: 
otfjers Doc teaelj ottter remc0ies 3 moje fcarD to come bp, foitfel 
arc not fo.: euerp £>ljcpf)carD, noj euerpCounfrepto fcfe. &no if 
tlje fo&ole irloche beinfedeo, it Doty manp times fo continue, as 
itu)aUbenarjfulltocl)angerjottfes,,ano ffolnci) in allo%rDffea# 
fes befjometljj bett) Countrep ano ap?e. Cl)is one alonelp mcoi' 
cinetjaue 31 alUtaiesp^oueofo^ tfce beeping in tjealttj of ttjis cattell, 
to be molt pzefent ano foueratgne : SCafee tfjc berries of Juniper 
beate tljem fmall 3 anD fpnucfele tfjem toitlj 2Dafes ano fealt, info*- 
gletfjem all togctrjer 3 ano giue it pour £>tj<iepe t\)i& 0; fourc times 
in tftepeere; foj tljoug&ttteprefufcto catetMHntper berries 
ofttjemfclues>pctfo.: ttje Dcfire of tye fealt antt f^e £>atcs, tfjep 
totll eaaip tafeetticrn all together. 3tf ttjcp be-lolufif, 0; full of 
rieRles 3 tfjep bfe f beate flte rotes of ^aplcano fcettjing trjem in 
iuater, anD opening tlje tomll toittttljeir fingers, trjcp poto;e ttjc 
liquourjfo as from tjje rtoge of tfjebackejttrunne ouer tljeboDf. 


The third Booke, 

£>t]jers Me tlje rote of <panD:alse, being torll foawfjjat fljep fufr 
fcr tljem not to tafi it. 3* tljep Ijaac tlje if cuer,pou mutt let ttjan 
bI(DD in tlje ljee!e 3 bcttPirt tjje ttoo £i*s 3 to|jicij t&e £oct tcacljettj> 

Taping : 

It eafeth ftraight the flaming fcauers painc, 
if in the foot you (hike the ipinning vein?. 
£>omclet t\)tm blmo fcn&er tbe ries,* feme beijino tlje eares.SDlje 
foUile 3 actfcafs bct\3)itt tfjc CUeSjis taken atoa? iuitlj SCarrc, ai« 
icm 3 B2imffone 3 anD denegtr, mingleo together : c: potooee of 
Ucr&igeeafc put upon iU Elje ftoeaing betfxixt tlje ttuo <Tlees 3 
muft be cut toitfj great toarin£(Te 3 lcaff pcu Ijsp to cat t!;e income 
tijat iietij in it-M if pon ooe, ttjere commetlj ft cm |»er a tjurtfull 
inatter,tljaf pcpfonctlj ttjei»ounD 3 an0 mafcetljit fcncurcablc^a* 
■Matter ffec F'tzherbert, a (Gentleman of #02t&amf cnu)u:e 3 tiif)o iuas tlje 
KtTjKrkrt firff tfcaf attemptco to imife of ^ufbanozp in £uglano 3 appeal* 
fcr curing fetljtljis cure : tys too2DS betfcefe. Severe befomc^cepctljat 
of shcepe. f, anca ujo^mc i\\ l;is fart, rtjatmafcetlj Ijim to tialt,take ttjat ttjeepe, 
ano Imfee bettoirtljts Clees,s tfcere pou UjaUfinoe a little ljolc 3 as 
macl) as a great pins fjcaa , therein grotoeftj fine 02 fire biaefce 
ijaices 3 Iibc an inclj long 3 o2 mojc : raise au)arpe pomtcD femfe,ano 
flit tlje fain a quarter of an mctj longaboue tlje jiole 3 ano as mud; 
Jbcneatl; 3 anD put tfcp one tjanD in tlje Ijolloto of tlje for 3 imecr tlje 
SjinDcr Clee 3 anD fet ttjp t&nmbe aboue,almoffat tlje Hit 3 $ ttyuft 
t&p finger fonDerneatlj foitoar&attt toitrj pour otfjer fjano,tafee tlje 
blacfee ijafres fcp tlje en&>02 toittj ttjp knitics poinf 3 ano pulling tlje 
fcaires a little ana a iiftle 3 tlj2uff after tljp ot*jer|janMoit|) fljp fin- 
ger i tljp tljnmbe 3 an& ttjere foill come out a fo02me 3 liEe a peece of 
fleu^neereas big as a little fingcc:U)ijenif is ouf 3 put a little Sar 
in tfje Ijclc^ it imll fljoztlp meno.Bf f(Jf P happen b^ tlje ertrcame 
fjeat of tlje &unne to fall oofone 3 ant) to fojfakc tljeir meat, giuc 
tljem tfje iaice of tlje foiloelocrte 3 ana caufe tljem befioe foeate 
tlje Beets. 3jf tljrp tjarolp &2ato tljeir bjeatlj, Hit tljcic eares,ano 
let tljem bleeo. gf t^ep be f roubleD iutt^ t£e Couglj, aimonos 
beaten icitlj tdine 3 anD potozeD a p?cttie quantttic into tbeir 
iiott^ils , remeotetlj tljem. ^ &lj»rpe 3 c? fercine, tljat fjatfj tlje 
TheMur-^urraineoftlje ilungs, pouluall Ijclpcl^ fluffing tlj.:oug|j 
iainc of ttyiz eare.tlje rmte of s>ettertoo;t : tljis ficfcmu~caot& commonlp 
thc Lun s s - fp^ing of foanf aiio fcarfttie of icaf er,ano tlierefo k 2e(in jbummer 


entreating of Cattell. 1 3 6 

timt fpca'allpj pon mutt toffee no femoc of Caff ell to foant foa# 
ter^Cljeirlegges, if ttjep happen to be Robert, ace to bccureDin 
Itfcc fatas mens bcbcingUijappco ftrtt in toroil DippeD in iuDplc, 
anD saume, anD aftcrluarD fplrntcD. SEtje poung &ambcs,anD Lambes. 
otfjer &!;&pc> alfo tat;i! c tljcp goc ab2oaD 5 are troublco toitj) fcabs 
ano mangimiTc about tints UpptS,U>rjKl) tbev get up feeding open 
Dctoiegraffe: tberemcMcls iapfopcano ^altjOfeactjalihcquaifc 
title beaten together, anDttmr moutljcs, itjeir pailats, ano tljcir 
lippes rubbcD toifball : tlje fclcctous places mutt bee annointeD 
iujtrj tfiinrger, SCarre, ano £>tuines grcafc. 3f tbepctjaunce to Ea "A? 
ftjucll iiutt) eating of any Wmmw; Bcncmousgraffe,pouG)all ™ v ° c rnies 
let tljcm bioitf in tlje tjeines about tlje lippes? anD fciiDcr tlje ^u"°* 
faile, and after potoic into tl; cm C&amberipc. 3fti)epljappen giaii'e. 
to ffoalloto a i^02fcleaclj, pofoze into ttjem ttrong ano tart Wi> 
neger toarme, 02 £>ple.3gaintttl)e 2purrion,o2 tl;e.^of,3I Ijaue 
farnegiucn tljcm, certaine fpconefuls of Binic, ano after a little 
STarre : tin's me&icine foas fcfeo bp cpaiffcr Iohn Franklin of Maifteu 
Cbarttn ftcnf, iubo foas in rjis life time a ffci full f)usbano,ano ^ nF ^»^ 
gaio fjoufefeeepcr. 3n like fo?f rjaue 3 fenc tt)is mcDicine : SCafce ' 
fo; enccp foje, onepenp-luojtlj of £Driacle,anD lihetoife one little 
fcanDfuiiof^empfceoc, grouno 3uie,<i£lDerleaucs,anD jfetljer* 
fete, asmuctjas a SCenisball of &oamc, ano as mueb iSa* fair, 
put thereto Cljamberlie, $ a little &©rc,mafee it allluke-toarme, 
anD giue to eucn? one trjzee Tpcmeful* gcoD, anD after cuerp one a 
little Caere, befoze tytv goc out of tjano. 3n feme places tfrep 
tjfe to take tlje DigcD Sotuzcs of &Slo2meU)coa, anD mingling 
rljem tuitl) feair,tbep giue t&cm to tljeir fljeepe, as a gene rail me* 
Dtmic againttall cifeafes. SEljis meDicine is commcnoeD bp Hic- 
ronimus Tragus, boflj fo2 aflftuaging of anp patne? anD tyiuinQ &* 
UiapanplmrtfullDifcafes from Cattei!. 

evphor,. ©too Hcdio forget not f a fpeafce fomefljing of 
pour €>oates. 

H e d 1 o. (£oafcs rjaac manp things common toitf) &*rjsepes Gcates ' 
foj tljep goe to ISacfce atone time, ana goc as icng Icitl) poung, 
as feljeepc Doc : tljep paciD eommooitie fentij tljcir $-\i% tfjeic 
QpUbt, tl;efr Cbeefe,ti)cir &hinius, ano tt)eir ^ap^c : t$c ^aire 
is profitable to mahc Hopes of, ano parfocs, anDDiuers iibein^ 
fltruments 3 belanginp;to^eameH;bp reafon tbat it neptljer rot^. 


The third Booke, 

toiff) meiffure s no? is eafilp burnt loitb fire. Varro makety mm* 

turn of ttt>c fo?trs of t\)tm , a ^carp fc:t,anD a fmcotb. £urtj 

as bane C&cnnes , 02 Partes, tmDer tijeic tbinnes,are taken to 

be mott fruitfull:tbeit aooers roouiD be geeat^tbcirq&ilRc ttjicfec, 

ano the quantltie murb. Etje bec (Soatc monlo be fofter bap?eD, 

anD longer, tjis Oc.bc ll?o:t,t);s Ct):oat boll Deeper, tits trggrs 

flefl*p,bis Carr s great anD banging s it is thought better to bug 

tbe to^oleftoehe together, ttjen to bug tbemfeueeatlp, at fye 

Ctjinneof eucrp one of tljcm fjangett) a long bearD, toirici) Plimc 

calletb Aruncum, bp totjiel), if an? man Djalu one of tbein 

out of t\)c flochc , tlje luljo'.e florae (as ama^cD) ffatiD gating 

t)pon&iin. S fjc I;a ^oaf e, be eaufc of Ijis bearo", anD as (Ahanus 

(avtb) bp a certaine tnftinet of i£ature,p:$ferring tbe male befo?c 

t\)c female, goett) altnaits before tjtstoom3n. £be bargaining 

fo? tt);s Cattell,is not after t^e manner of bargaining fo? atuzpz: 

fo? no foifc mm mill p?omife tljat rbep be free from ficscneffej 

being as tbep be, neuetiottbout tfjeiigue : but be allures tljem 

fljat tfjep be toell to Dap, anD ran D2inae. £>ne tbing is to bee 

foon&?eD at in ttjis UBeaff, t!jat lie D?aU>ettjnot btstointe as all 

other beaffs Doe at bis ok. but at tus ear £ s. C t;e befi BinD r s 

of tbem,are ttjofe ttjat b?ingfo?tfc ttoife a peer r,anD fuel) pou nu.ft 

feeae fo: poor bisic. Cbc Ooafc is able to engenDer at feauen 

monctijs olDc, being euen as ieebcrous as ma? be : fo: iutjile be 

is pet fncL«'ng,beUjiilbctJp on tbe bacae of his oamme: and rfjere* 

fo?e be marefb feeble > anD unable, before be be Ore peeres olDc, 

being nolu fofceD ano eonfumeD initfj tys onertimelp mtrmeffc of 

£is poutb : anD tberefoje after be eomc to be fiuepecre oloc,be is 

no longer to feme pour furnefo? b;eeD. Ebe time tub en pou tyall 

faffer tbem fo go to xutUAs in Autumne,a little before SDeccm- 

ber,tfjatat tbe comming cf ttje §>p?fng,anDbloffomingof ttje 

frees, tlje poung map be b?ougbt fo2tb. Cbe Coale goetytoitb 

poung (as 3 faiDj fiue moneys, as tbe ^Ijeepc Dotb : ftje bjlngs 

fo:tf) eommonlp tiuo, anD fometimefire (asPUmc toitncSetfJ.) 

fstit\) as beare timfe, pou mutt feeepc fo? pour ffoeac, fo? t!;e re- 

tiuing fbereof, anD tfjc encreafe. 2s toncbing tljeir bjecoing 3 pou 

mutt in tbe enD of Autumnc feuer pour be 0oates. Sbe poung 

<£oaf es of a pecre o!D,an5 ttuo peeres 3 b:ing fo:tlj SiDDes: but (as 

.Columella fajfy) t^cpare not to befuffeceoto b:ingtfjem bp, 


entreating of Cattell. 1 3 7 

ttctpt ttyp be tyik pace oto : ano tberefoje pou mall awap tu^t^ 

rfje poung,tbat tlje <£>oafcsof tf>e firftpcere map bjecDianofufr 

fcr tfjc iatDOc of a two peers Damme, to (Me no longer tl;eii 

it is meete to be folD. crimen t[)e iSiODcs are b:ougbtfo:tbj thep 

mutt be iuougbt bp m Itisc fo?t as SI tola pou of tl;c Jlambes : 

failing ttjat ttjc \nantonncffc of tyz iitooc is mo:e to be ceffrai* 

ncD ano Inxoiicr to be kept tit, ano mud be feo bcfiDe f beir milfce, 

UJitrj ponng before*. Plmic affirmetb , tl;at tbcp be fcarce gooo 

fo;b:«oc at t!;:cc pares olD , but if tljcp pafTc fonre, tbep be 

ttarSe nougbt 3 ano ffjat tfjep begin at fcauen monetfjs , men 

inbile tytv be bnDer tlje metiers b?eaff . SDfje firft rising pjofr 

perctb not 3 tl;e fecono is fomefobaf totbe purpofe, ttje ttjtiij 

fpjcDctb,u)e brings fotfb,till n)e be eigbt pars olo>an0 tljerefoze 

tbe ajc(£taats,tobcntbcp be aboue eigbt parses not fo be fecpt : 

foj (be tljen bccommetl) barraine. Ctjofe fofneb toant joints, 

(as in tbemalehinoes )of ail otbers be tbe belt: fo? tbe bo?' 

neftj'b? reafon of their toeapons are burtfull ano bnrulp.Befiocs, 

m female of fuel) as lacfee home ^ Dee giue alinafes greater plea* 

tic of mtlhe : but Columella ( as be commenoetb ttje pollar&es 

in a temperate ano tniloe counfeepj fo in a bopfferous ano a ffo?« 

mic Keg ton bctnoulO banc tljemljomes. fenelj a* banc bonnes, 

Doe u)etn tbeir age bp tlje circles of tfietr bomco : it is tbongljf 3 

tljat tbep foe as hull bp nigbf ,as bp oap 3 ano rbat tbcp alteaics lep 

rbeic faces turned one from ti)z other, ano in tljat ojoer alfo feeDe. 

Colo (as it is faio J is berp fjurtful to tjns hinoe of cattell 5 fpeeiallp 

to tliofc tbatbe itn'tb poung,as UUefoifc ttjc erf rcamc beate. 2Lbc 

lint of tbtsbcaft Nutianus repojtetlj 5 be oncebao erperience of, 

lubereas a couple of tljem cbaneeo to mktt bponabcrplongano 

narroUi 15?iDge,ano t^e ffrrngbrneffc fooulo not fuffer tbem to 

tnrne, ano fo go bachfoaro blinofolo in fuel) a ffraigbf jConQocring 

tb e f ttriftneffe of t\)t ffceamc bnoec tbcm, teas mo?e bnpoffiblCj 

tbe one of tbem Iptng ootime tbe otberpaflTeD oner bis bo&p.var- 

roDotb commend fanatic little flocfrcs kept feuecail, ratjjcr tt)tn 

great fleefcs together, bfing fo: cramplc one Gabcrijus,beeaufca 

great fiochc is (conn fubiect to tbemurratne 3 tbinfemg fiftic fo be 

enougbfo? oneflocfee. Columella alfo amrmetb,tbat tbereougbt 

not to goe abotte one b«nD?eD of tljem togetbec , Uibereas of 

$>!)i£pe be alloVoctb a f boufano in one flocbe. £El;c biting 0? b:m- 

fr fing 

The third Booke, 

mtgof tytm, is porfon to all femoc ofCras,anD rfjcrefojr teere 
t\)t v in olo time faenfires to Bacchu*, breaufe trjep lucre fc tjurt* 
full to 2iines. Sljcir Cables Celumcila tooulDIjaue to ttano tip* 
on a (Ionic grouno, en clfe to be paur o,fo? this bcafl nccocti) nc 
thmg tnDfctjim but a feU) boughs ; lLljmfjc lietfjabjcao, t&c 
&$c pljeato mutt often fiurepc antJ mafec cicaric tfjctv boufcs } nct 
fuffering anp cung 3 o^ mcifture to remaine m t^trn, t^at mav be 
IjurtfuU tottjeflocfec : foiasj faio before, t^c^arc ftloome 
fcuttjont jreauers 5 anDmueb fubiert totijepcttilencc. flnc tuyere* 
asotbereattell 3 foi)ent£rpf)aue tfje cpurraine among t^em, as 
feone as ttjep. beinfectrD 3 brgin to languid ana pins amap : one 
Iptljefc Ooafcs as fame as tt}epfcetafcen,tt)ougij l!)epbeneuer 
fo luttte to Icofce fcpon,fueoenlp. fall Dokme together, ana Die as 
tijtcfec cs Italic : teljitb Difeafe Detb cbiefclp happen, bfto murfj 
rantsenefie of patture. #nD tt>erefo?e as fame as pou perceiue 
qiic o: tlr«o of ttjem fall DoUme, let the U^elc ficcUe blooo IritL) 
as muitj fpceo as pou mav, and fuffcr trjem net to faD all rtjecars 
~ :tu)uttljembptijefouremieble[)onrfsoffI)ecap. BHtjepbe 
tteafcD irutlj anp otfjcr Gchnrife , «ou mutt giue ttjem tbe 
partes offtakes, anDoftlje great U)|ntc£Ltnftle, ttamping 
t£cm toitb t\2on pettles, ano ttcatncD toitlj rai'nc Uniter let tljem 
D;mbe it : ano if fobc this meoieine tjeale tljem not , four bett 
null be to fell fytm, o; to bill tbfm, ra*,B pofofcer tbrm : ano 
foijenpou buy nefn,b?ing trjem not fjome too fjtiStl? 3 tiUtlje Dtfpc 
fition of tbea??e bealfcreo. S^tfjep falUcuerallpficfee.foretbem 
in fuel) fcitas vou Hoc pour <5>tjecpe. Fiorcntinus faitfc , if pou 
ftamp feitlj tuatec t&e gulfarD of tfjc &fojfe 3 anD giue tfjem to Djfnfr 
a fpmnefuil a pe*ce,it pieferuet!) botlj &£etpc anD Croats from all 
murramc ano pettilrnce. 3tf S<ft bdttf* b« fteelleD toftfj ma* 
t^r^tu^tcfj ftje Grecians call te*>&t*, tlje EDiopfcp, tf t&e ffcinne 
be laneeo a little bnoer tfjefysulDfr, it lets outtljc tumfull mat* 
ter, ano rcu map tiealG fije fo;e toitti iXarre* 

E v p h o r . |0ou baue fo: pour pact berp toell fafifficfc ts„ 
toucbtng tbe gtoo ojDering oC peur catteil •« ttjere remames pet 
em t|ing fo; pcu, mrjicl) rou all fo?gaf c to fpeafee of 3 an^t^at i0 
tltf o?Drring of qsnikt, our elMifeftfajDeanDfuttenante, 
ibiilke. H e d i o. Acting t!;ai of tljts ecttell tuljereof 3 £aue entreat 
U*> tyz profit of tl# ipiUK is not finaila it is no great wafon lue 



entreating of Cattell. 1 38 

woulb oucrpaffc tbe o;ocring of ti)e fame : foj ^ilfce ( as Varro 
faity J of allliquiotbings toljereUntfj toe fceoc, (0 ttje greateff 
Mourifljer. spiine Differed in gartneffe aceojDlng to t&e nature 
of tlje boDics tljat giue it : as tfje (©ilKc of seiomcn 3 ot ftine, 
jfcljflspe, C5aatcs, nffe*,!$arcs,anb Cammels : ttyc greateft 
nonriu)er is IK&omans Spilfee, tlje trcrt (Eoafes £l}iluc, to&crcbp 
ffjc pacts fame, t^at tljetr C^oO lupitcr ijimfclfc toas nurfeo 
iuttlj (Poaces q^tlUc : tlje fweeteffnert Romans spilbe, i? t^e 
Cammels $ilhe J tfjc U^oiefomca is flu~<s spilfee , f fjc 8u"e as 
Tone as u)e is toitfj Colr,gtuctl) miifee : ttjc CoUj , neuer till fi&e 
Jjatlj calueo : moff comfo;cable to tfre ft omackc is <£>oates milnc, 
becatife &e rafter foeectlj en B^uts ano Bomcs, tfjnnbpos 
<25;affe. Cotu ^ilfec is molt mcolcinable, ano mott of all Uofetb 
fbebellie. feucepes SjDilfceisftoatcr, anonortfiujetymoje, but 
is not to goo fo* tljeffomartse, by ecafonitrs fatter ano gr offer, 
£11 Qpiibz t|jat f s milfecD in £>p:mg time, is toatriu)er t^cw tlj e 
mime of ©ummee,as lifeetoifc is tlje milbc of poung cattel! : it is 
fobolefomer being foooen.fpeciaUp Uutb tb c pebbles of tbe &>ea. 
2Dje &b«peaboot Pontus a n«re to tl;e riuer Aftac^tjoegiuefas E j ackc 
Plinie fatty) blache iniifec. 5111 milfee generally ( as Diofcoridcs miike. 
tuatetu.'is of ga)D noarift)mcnt,but filletlj tbeffomacbe anO tfjc Error in 
fcellp toitf) feinoe : t&at toftfeb is milbco in tfje &pjing,is t&inncit * hc ™ der - 
batlo>fetb tbe bellp mott* SCbe Difference of milfee, is tafeen (as f n D ^ m 
Varro faitlj) of tbe paffur es,t&c nature of tfj c cattell,ano t&e miU n&*, 
Itfng. £Dftljc patture, tutj en tf>e cat tell is feo toltb Barb ttrato, 
ano all otyer baro ano 0?p meats 5 ant) ttjis greatlp no u rift ctrj. if j 
purging of tije bellp, tbe graffepaffureSjfpetiallptobeee tlje cat* 
tellftea of purging fjearbes, as cardan us in bis bcobe de Plantic 
teacfjefb, tfjat if pou tuill purge ^elancfjolv, pou muttfieO pour 
mtlcfj C5oate,o: Hffe, tuitlj Polipodi, ano fo? all otljcr humours 
Scnc,fo; tl)e2D;0pfieUJit^ Spurge.ojAgancke: fojclenfingoftbe 
blouo,lmtb jFumito;p,o; ^oppes:anD if poutnil! but onc^ Icofc 
tlje beU^H'.ith ^5crcurp,o? spailofoes : fo farre Cardanus. Our 
countermen ooccbiefclpcommenofoimilftc, t|jepatturcslt)J)crc 
grotoet^ S>perp,"anoClaucr-graffe 3 anD tl)at is all beoccht toitl) 
pellom floto;cs. $qi tbecattell, tlje Difference is berfofrtt&e 
6che ano t^e ^ealtbie, t|je poung,ano fbe olo : anofojtbe 
miibing, tijat is bed $at is not long ktpt after tfje making not 

The third Booke, 

ttjat is milfeeD immcDiatelp upon tlje (Talumg, a groflTc tmtofjole' 
fame ta.ioe of #ili$e. 2Uo trie tojjcttjcc spilfce be mingleD o? nor, 
pounjati fake a ujarpcHuu), and putting it into tf;e cpilfte, let it 
c:op from tlxrnce fepon pour J^atle ano if tyc ozop runne abioao, 
it is afignc t^erc is toatcr in it t if it keeps together, it Gators 
Butter, it to be pare ano gooD. £>f spilfee is maoe Butter , ui&ofe 
tofe (tljougi) it faec^iefetp at tyis Dap among t&e if Innings ) is 
pet a gco 3 anD profitable fame in other Countries , ano muc& \)< 
fcD of our oio ifatrjers , pea euen of tlje fcerp Jdatriarctjes (as 
- 1 1) c &:riptures foitneffetf?.) Sf; c commoDitie ttjereof.befiDes ma* 
n? cti;er , is tlje afftoagmf of hunger, anD t&e p.nferumg of 
itrengty : it is maDe in ttys fe2t. Etje spilUe, as fame as it is 
rmifeeD, is put out of t&e pailc into XSotolcs, 02 Pamirs, ri;j 
be£ are earthen ^amicSjana ttjofc rather b;oao f ben ccspe ; Ujis 
Done,t*ne fcronD.o: ti;c t&irD Dap, rfce creame tljat ftmmmts aloft 
is SeercD off » anD put into a befTell ratfjsc seepe t Ijcn big , rcunD 
and CiiittOcr faujfon : although in fotne places tbep tjauc ottjec 
feinDeof C^armes,toU) ano fiat, therein toitii often beating anD 
mouing op ana Dctone,ft/epfou)ahetbe iplfce, as ttjepfcucr t|je 
ffjinnsffpart off from t&e tj>icfce,to&!c& at ttje firu\gatt)crs togc 
tli er in little ctomblcs, ano after toitlj the continuance of the bio* 
lent mcttingrfommetHoafo^oletocDgejO.uaUc: t&us it is tafcen 
out, anD eptber eaten fr^ojbarrelieDtoitij^alt. SCtje Buftec- 
milKe tfjat tcraatneftj of tlje Gutter, is eptber feept fo; f^e familp, 
Chccfc. 0? g mcn ro ^ a i aC £{ anD i9ogges,as a Daintp foD* C&oefe is alfo 
maDe of n)e spil&e of rate eii s t(?e ^tlke being polu:eD into a &cf' 
fell of car ^putting into it a little rennet,t£e qitautitp of a Wal- 
nut, in a great orfirliof i£ilfce , unjerebp it runneth into CurD, 
Varro Dotl) better iifcertje Hennet of t(je tleuret, oz ttje &io,n;rn 
fbeHambes: rjQU>bett,U»e common!? We t^e walucs&innet: 
otl>ers bfe funD2teottjer mcanrs,onelp iwflj tjeate, maiming it 
in Hinnc beffe!s,anD after Dipping ttjafc cuffcls in coio ujater, 
totyti) is the fmeetctt anD elcamieS mamicc : ottjers put in 
fyz fceoe of iuiise fe>anton,attD being fo turtieD, tf)e ££l£ep Dottj 
great!? purge fieamc : otbersagaine oferije tpilfce of tfje ^igge 
tree, ai.D t^en Dart) tfce Wfyzy purge bot^ cfjoler ano fieame: 
fomg purge it foitfj £)rimell , 0? fpjeope of catnegcr , Ui^tc|i 
is of all ot&er loaies tlje Ip^olefomeft ; (ome beCDes ; bfe t^f little 


entreating of Catteli. 1 39 

fhtanc ef UBtt&fi <Bui(atte, anD others, tt)e flotujrsoffoiloe 
EMjittics, 0; ^arttcfroftes, 2Dt)e nctoer anD better rtje $ptlke 10, 
tr)e better ftrill be ttje Cbecfe : fo: maoc of ttoo fo?t0 of Splkcoi 
$)ilHc tl>t is too nctrc flcetcD, itfoonefctujetb, anD toaretl) t)iirD 
anD nought, ano 10 not to euDure anp toljile. flgainejbeing maDc 
of fat ano nc\u &3iike, it lutll ucrp long enDure, anD long conti- 
nue ti) in tjt8fatucu~eanDfoftneire : about atUio 0.: rr)?ee tjourrs 
after pon lm$ put in pour Kcnnef, ti)e sptlke commetr) to a 
CurD 3 toljtdj 18 fftaigfrt Urates put into jfomies , 0; Cfjeefc 5 
faro, anD pjcflfrD ; o: if ttjepbc but fmall , tfjep are onclp. {\uu~eD 
ferity et^e l)ano- 3f trjcp be of anp quantifie , tyep tjaue great 
luaigtjt bpon tyem \ it 10 berp neeDfuil pou pjeffe out tye rajap 
ferity 20 mucry fpeeo as pon can,anD to feuer it from t!jc CurD 3 ano 
not to letit lie flotolp Djapning of if felfe. &r)ofc tyat make great 
C&fcfe0,t)aue moulos fo; tye purpofe^no MaigljtsanD pjeffes 
anfiuerable. after tyis, tyep take tyem out of tye p?effc , anD 
lap tyem bpon ^crocls, oj faire fmooty SEables 3 in a tyaDotme 
anD acolD place, anD clofe from all tofnDes , fpjinckltng tyem all 
oner ferity fealt,tyaf tyep map ftoeat out all tyrir fofouencffoiap* 
tag tyem fo,as tytp touty not one tye otyer. Wlhcn tyep be nolo 
lwell tjarDnco anD tytckncD, tyep are taken top, anD p?cu\D againe, 
tottb great metgbt0) anD rubbeD ouer Uuty partyeo fe>alf,ano tu 
ter laiD in p:cu"c againe^ toberebp it 10 tyougfjt tyep tuill net' 
tyer tjauc epes, no: be oucr D?fe : totjity faults rjapnety to come 
to I; en tyep be eptyer not foell p?tfleD, 0; too muty falttD &>ome 
tofe to put into tye bottomeoftyeirpaile0 , tye greene kernel 
of tye pme 0pple,anD milking info tyem,Doe caufe it fo to turnc. 
pan map alfo caufe pour Crjtffe to relity offertjatfoeuer pouferill, 
80 pepper o.zanp otyer &pfcc : but Columella counts tyat fo; 
tye beft Ctjeefe, tyat&aty leatt mirfurein It &t)e ffrongeff 
Cbafe^iiDbarDeftof Dig;eftion,aret^ofett;atare maoe ofBuffe0 
milke : tye ncyt ace fucb a0 ate maoe of tye milke of Clues, but 
tye milDctt,anD ligbteft of Digettton, arc tyofe tyat are maDc of 
Ooafc* milke : tye Cljeefe ttjat is maDe of spares milke , i0of 
ttjefame qualitietrjattbe 31Buffe0 Cr)cclei0. %\>uz is Ctjafe 
alfomaDeofCammels milke, anD of 3ffes milke : fr)eCbare0 
ttjat arc maoe of ISuffes milke 5 are at Uome 3 of all of !;er catteli in 
Srenteftcffwiation,£>ucr)a0 arctouct>cD bott) aboueanD bcueatb, 

& 5 anD 

The third Bookc, 

ano Ijaue moje rfjen fours pappes , pou can mafee no Cfjafc of 
tljeir milke 3 fojittofll neuer cutb. 3n out oaics 3 trjc bed Cljeefes 
arc counter trjc parmaiincs, maoe about tlje Ifctucr of Po, v 
UaincD fo? t^efr grearneffe, ana Datsitmrffc, of faciei; pou Ojall 
|jaue b?oug|jt into otljcr couttftie s trjat lurfgb aboue t|;eefco?e 
pouno> i^crt arecommcnDeOtlje^oUano Ctjeefe, ttjcCrjeefe 
of #o?manoie 3 anDtl)e(lpngltt^Cl)iaefe« Bin England tlje btft 
<£fjeefe to t&e Cbcfu)ire 3 ano tlje &Jj?Qpu)tce 3 tijen t\)t Banburp 
Ctjeefe 3 ncrt tlje &>uffolfec 3 ano tlje €ffer C tjeefc 3 ano tlje toerp 
iro.vtt t|e iicnttfti Cfjeefe. SDlje places tuljerc i[je belt Cfjafe 
is maoe, appearctt) bp tljis olo Cfcngliuj Diftichon, better fenfeo, 
the n fcotcD. 

Banbu^ 3 iLangfonp } ^uffbIhe g©o C^jafe, Coffer goe fljon bp, 
$Ij?oplIjlre :**»» £licffrjlt:e 3 !£ertfo?b ma? foel fofty tlje beffpeere, 

£Df tljeoifccmmooitfe of C'ETcr Ctjdcfc, our Cngltu) ^artiall 
Iohn Haywood 3 t[ju« merrilpfojitetlj: 

I ncucr (aw Banbury Chccfc thkke enough, 
But I haue fecne Eifcx Chccfc quickc enough. 
Cfjeefe tfjrp fav Uull beff endure, and 10 longeff p:eferueD,if pon 
feeepe them in fjeapes of pulfe,ej (Kit beat, and if you ffapepour 
Kennet in tlje iuytc of Bp?crj, ?ou fljall be fure to fjaue nepttjer 
spite no? Creeper in pour Cljeefe. McCljecfe tfjat is foft ano 
neto, ootlj mo?e nouriuj tljen tlje djie 3 ano be moje comfortable 
to ftjeffomacRe 3 not long moigetfing : tfjc olo is confrarie,acco;- 
oing to tlje p:oucrbc. $ . Cjjecfe good but tljemUi. tfDlo Cljecfe 
foil I become neto in tafte, if pou lap ttjem in Ctme, Cft'neger 3 0; 
in Wint : if tb?ougb age It be Ijardand bittct , let tt be rubbed 
oner toitfj SDeale of tmdjied Barlep , ano fljen Dip it in mater, 
and after 3 ttje outer rinde fcrapea off, Me fjaue oft t imr pjoued, 
tljat ijaro C&eefe tojapped in Clouts toef in tSIineger 3 o; OTnc, 
ano oftentimes fpjinifelco Uuf b Mincano fo laid fcp,rcturne to a 
foftneffe, ano aoerp pleafant tsfte. &emc lap it in &eaucn , co* 
uering it clofe tberetotf Ij, ano trjerrbp make it foft. 3ft is repo?* 
fed, tfjat zoroaQcs liueb tmentie pares in Unloerneffe tuitb 
Ctjccfe- fo o;oeret),as it neuertoareo olo. 
Evphor. £Df tlje HEtyvs tfjat ccwmetf) from f|e Cfjeefe 
Wdci-r*, being foo totttj a foft fire 3 ttU tlje fatncCe of tlje Cfjccfeftoimwe 
aloft, are mace ^elcuros. 

H E D J o« 

entreating of Cattell. 140 

Hedio, #ou mere toonf to loue t&cm foell. 

Evmevs. 3 ooeinoeeoe, fpeciallp if tbere be g©o fltoc of 
nefo s&ilfce put totfie Wicp. 2Dfjc olo footers ooe teacb rbenw 
tang of a tuuoe of tobite meat c 3 not mud; imlifce to ©Efelcuros, 
iojncb tljep calico Mdcar, ano maoe it in tty* fojt.SCbep pot into M<.rca«. 
a neti» carton bcffell taineger , ano fuffcrco it to bople foftlp 
topon tbe Sue, till tlje UftTcll bao o?un&e tiptoe Slineger, ano into 
tbat beffelltbeppoto?eofn^ilfce,anDfetlttobere tt migbtttano 
tteofaQf, tobcrebp thep bac luitbin a toljile t&cir oeOre. But me 
fljinlietb 3 fjane fo? hip part Done en eugb , it cc-mmetb nolo to 
peurfurne Evmevs to goefojtuarDtoftbf bereft. 

Evmevs. Cijat tlje Keeping of &tom belonged to tyab Swine, 
banojie, oefb cniDcntlp appcare bp tfjc Taping of tbe ancient tjafo 
bmt)*, counting fyiniu flotijiiill ano an ontjbffife buftanb* tljat 
l;atfj bt's Bacon ratljcr from the But cfjcr > tljcn from \»b otone 
Hoofe : to; there acifetb as great profit manp times to us of 
our oujnc j&wfne , at cotfi to pon t^atbe topers ofgrcatctt 
cattell of pour fiockes : fo?if 25acon be afoap, tyc cljiefeft fop* 
poster of tbe ^ufbanomans kittfyn is wanting, 0no tobereas 
&toiM$tLety femetb abominable to tbcfoitOj Vetoes, 3} be^ 
locue betilp ti)tv ncnzt taffeo tfjc diamonds of if ranee, fo bigl> 
Ipcommcnoeobp varro 3 Strabo, Athcnetu, ano otbec learneo 
Uuitcrs : tofcicb 3 fuppofe mere none otber but tbe fittcbes of 
Sfticffpbalp, fo greatlp efltemeo at tyis oap, not onelp in Oct ma* 
ntc, but in Home , ano tbat rtjep mere calico bpffje names of 
Celttefcc €>amonDs,becaufe tbe olo tonf crs,cfpcriallp tbe (Ereefcs 
calico all Countries on tbts aoctfjc £lpes 3 botfj JFrencb ano 
SDtif cb,bp tbe name of Celficfee.£>urelp tbere is no beaff b cfi'Dcs, 
that makes tno?e oaintie oiu)es 3 tfjerc is in bim neeee fiftie Diffc 
rent taftes , foberc cucrp otber bead batb but one , ano bereof 
came at tlje Srft tbc warpe ilam of t^t Cenfo.js, fojbiooingit to 
be bfeo at fuppcrs, tbe Slooers, tbe Atones, tbe Cripes, ano tfje 
forepart of tbe beaos of Attune, ( as Plinic tuituefletb. ) 3nO 
mott apparant itis 3 tbat ntf onelp tbe 5Fremb>ano tbe jSDufclj in 
tbofe oaies but alfo tbe 3talians,ano t^t ®r#fcs 3 nourtu)eo great 
bearos of ^>toinc #mongtbe<©i;ee!$es, Homer mahetbmen* 
tion of one of mp name, tbat bao fmelue f^ogftpcs 3 cuerp S>tpe 
confapning fiftie pollings , ano Polybius to^ttetb , of moje 

& 4 tbeti 

The third Booke, 

rbcn a tfcaufano fo be reatricat a time among tt)t ancient Bffali' 
ans, SDuffean0,anB irremb- varro acccuntctb a tninojco bat a 
fmallfjcflrD.C2If)3fotmUnoau^ i^oggr s,muft bauc rrgarD bot^ 
to fijc faircneffc, anD tbcage. Varro afc&etb beftoe t^c nature, 
tlje kinoe anD t^e eeuntcep. &1& becaufe tlje poung toe cent' 
monlp rcfcmbletbeir parents, tje tooulo fjaue pou ctjtnfe fnc^ as 
are faire, ano large boDica, ano tefctrb makes mctr to the matter, 
as fruttmtl as mapiar : to^elj Varro^otb cfjtcfclpcommenD tfcofe 
tbatbe of one colour, t&etc battles tooulo betbicfce 3 anD blacfcc, 
tfit be in a colo countrep : if in a temperate, pou map nourtto ttje 
fmotb. Sfjctr pzopoifton tooulo be long, iarge-fiDeo , ano bcU 
IeD,U)iDebuttocbeD, fijoit lcggeD,auo fentco, btggeneckco , ano 
U>eU b#itoneD,(t)02t groined, t turning bptoarD, bis taile toitrtcfc* 
le&, %\)t feinDc is moff commenDcD, t^ar b?ingctlj manp ptgs, 
tbe countrep fjjat b:eaoctlj large ano great : ti)c br# age fb: f be 
^oare, is a peere o!D, trjougrj at tjalfe a peerc olD tbcp are able to 
feme a eotu : one JSoareis enougb fo; fenne soliies 3 anD msic. 
SCije s> otu ts (umctent to bnn$ ptgges at a race old, anD fo fo; 
fcaucn pare aftir, tfjefrmtfuUerfljets, tbe famcrffjetoarcfijoiD: 
at t'gc tuft farrowing, pou fyall eafilp fee toijat number u>e imll 
b;ingfo;tb : GjeteiU not tnutf) Differ m tlje otber, Etjcbefl 
fcinDc of ibotecs baue tlnelue pappes , tbe common fo;t tenne, 
02 not fo mam?. <£uerp £>iggc Oerfi hnoic bis otone JDapjie t bat 
tfja; be teas borne too,anO (uthttl) mttv tW> ano none ot'gtt : if 
pou takeatoap tbepigge,tbe|i)appc tiiiztb, as bottj Plinie, ana 
erperrence G&eteetb. SCbep teere front to be bought ano bar* 
gainco fo* in fyia fa:t. D^e poa Uiacrant ttyit tbtfe Stotne are 
founo, tfjat B8 fyail toeli emop rfjem, tt>at pou tottl anftotre tbz 
faults, anD tljat rl;epbc of abealffn/ biceDc ? tort mooauj 
groans ts meetcft fo: ttys cattel!, fo? be Beltgbtcfb not m teater, 
but in Hurt anfcmpje, fa mmlj ( &s Varro te^tetb, ) ttjat tbe 
5^olfe 5 asfoonc as be batlj caugbt a §>ote, Djaggctti trcr to tlje 
toater^ecaufc Ins tatt) are not able to abtDe tyz Ijeat of bsr flel^, 
3na altbongb tin's bcaft teill aluap tuit^r anp grmma, (to be fee* 
betb botlj in mountatncs ; cbampton,anD mariu), pet bis cinefc Qt- 
ligbf is in tbe teeoos toat is fuilsf quagmires, tobere t^ece 
groteetb ttozc of &fcc, Ca:fce,!ottcn,Q9attb3ur,c ? Unite CUuts, 
Sutloe Spates , ^afeaiits, ttubbs trees , ploms trees, ami 


entreating of Cattell. 141 

Ctjerte frees : fo; tljefe beare fruit at Diucrs fimcs 5 ano fcD rfje 
l^earos almoft ail tlje lutjole pffce.sai&ecetijcretiianten) toajos, 
tljep mud be feo from tlje grouno, ioljeteof a q?arnO) is to be 
pzefertea bcfo;e a o?p grouno, ttjat ttjep map moufcll m u)e 
a»aruj 3 Digge top ^Jo;mes, UiaUoiti in tljempze, ano tumble in 
tijc puDDles of tuatcr, to!)tcIj in Summer is moil n«Dfu4l. SCfjep 
alfo ljunt after rates, fpeeiallp if erne ra>tcs,anD tlje testes of 
315ulrufljcs. fcvuajcs,ano s>eogc*,befioega)D C^alTeUieUfeeDcfl) 
a ^iuine.ano ^DuijacDSof Cljerics, |9lums,apj:le0,anD $uts: 
anD notmitljttanoing alt tljis 5 tbcl5arne,fo;i pou mutt faoe them 
often bp Ijano, toljcn mentc faplcs ab:oao : anD tfjcrefb?epou 
mull pufcruc ffo?cof ^coims, in Ceffosmes in tlje foater 3 o? 
©jpcD bpon fmofeieaa»:cs,alfo Beanes,|9eafe,an0 Cares muli 
be giuen tljem, ano notfo mutljas Batlep fpareo : fo? tljis hinoe 
offeeomg Dotlj matjettjeni faire, ano not onelp fats tljem, but ai* 
uett) tlje flefy a plcafant tafte. ©flljen tfcv are yet poung, anD 
fuefce, botlj ttjep, ano ttjeit SDammes mutt be iyell fe5 3 f Ijep mu& 
be put f o feeoe earlp in tlje mo2ning,afote tlje Ijeat of ffre &>unne, 
ano after hep t in OjaDotap places,Urtjere tfjere is gcaD ff o:e of to 
ter. 3fo;c ttjep goe to pafture, ttjep mutt be mcuycincti, left ttje 
<©?aOc fcarre tljem to mucl), bp toljicij tljep foill be grcatlp toeafe* 
neo. Sn Minter tljep muft not be put abjoao, fill tlje froft be eff 
ftje grouno, ano ttje 31fc tljatoeD. a«o ttjouglj tlje ^luine totll 
runne at tlje fcnotoneoopce of tlje &toincljearD, yst Varro uni 
Ijaue tljem tyougijt bottj to palure,ano IjomefoarD, toitlj tlje 
founo of a i^ome : tfceirmcate mutt be giuen f fj cm fcatterco tljin, 
fo fljall botti Jcffe ffirace 3 ano tlje greater Ojall not fjarme tlje 
fmaller : as fameas tljep jjeatc ttje ^ome, tljongfj tljep beneuer 
fo farre off in tlje Marcs, tljep eoms running foitlj all Ijaffe, 
Polybius teller^ tljat fye 3tauansbfe notfo fclloto tljeic fjearos, 
as tlje C&itfces ano others uoe, but going a p^cf tie map before 
fjjem, tljep blofo tljcir Ijomcs, tljeie Starts being acquainteo 
iaittj tfce blatt, aoe foUew tljem in geeat o^Der.&fjep Doe fo toeii 
fenote, ano obap flje call of $c ^iomeljearD (if U)e mapbclaue A ^ 
Ahum*, tfjat toljen tcxtaine iloucrSjlanSing Upon tlje Contt of 
SCuffcan, ana tMn$ great numbers of tljem out of fljcir&fifs, kt10VV - 
farrieo tljem ab®:o, tlje tljieues Ijauing meigljeotiptljeir Unhcr, lcd & cin 
anD being onDcf faple, tlje ^luine tpon fbe fjearing of tljcir bvv: ° e * 


The third Booke,' 

hypers topee? futfcenlp ran to tfje one doe of tfje f&\)ippt> arts c> 

uerturneo fjer,tof)erebp(tl)e |atcates D?8kmeD,)r£e&fotneeame 

fafe to lano to ttjeic spaifters. #s 3 tiaue &cte told pou of tl;c 

conoirions of the Boare ano tl;e &o5»c, ano of t&etr taping? fo 

Im'll 3 netu u>ir,pou tl;e manner of t^cfr booing : SEtje £s;c* 

ming time 10 rccisoneO to be from Winter, till tfje ttaelftt) of 

£9atcb, fo u)ail pou Ijaue f &cm to farroto in Summer : fo: tf^e 

&otoe going foure £psnetl;s loitl) piggc, farrotoet& inttjefiff. 

&f)c is toitfj pigge at t&e firft burning, but ttjep fcfe to let r&e m 

gee often to Boare,becaufe t&cp feme tmfcarric : ano tf pop tutll 

tiaue tfoo fatroinrs in one pore? pou mutt put pour &otoe ta 

SSoarefn JFebmaeie,o; ^anuarte, tfjat u)e map farroto in 8011 

0; spsr^ljenas tfjerc is goio paffnreab;eaD,ano Zpilkt is in pis 

eijtcfe fixengtl) : ana to&en tfjcp be toeanefc, t&epmaptoeil faoe 

tpon ftrato, f grortens : ano after, tlje £>oto mapfarreto again* 

in t l) c euo of Auiumnc : fo; varro faitlj, tier farrotoing times are 

fo afaiaeo fo? tfie nonce, as u)e map farroto ttoife a pare, tojitle 

$e batfj foure ^onet&s fo beare ttiem, and nnc to fecoe tbrm. 

3s fconcas trjcp bee lurttj piggc, pou muff fe«pe tfjc 15 care from 

tljem : fo: iiuttj bis fcnrnlineffc, tie makcttj tljem to caff, goring 

^toine fo; b;ee&e, mutf not be leffe t&ena pare oloc, as varro 

tooulo Ijau e it : tjotobeit ft\ tv begin at eight moneys, ano conti* 

nue feauen pores. £:fje Boare beginnettj at efgt;t monetljs, 0; 

Ore, ano continuctlj toell foure pares, ano after, at trj:oco: foure 

pares oloe, pou map gelo ttjem, ano fat tljem . &cme tooulD not 

tjau e- pou nape tip aboue ctgtjf ,ot bcrs not abeue fire : not tljat the 

feoto i$ able fo fcapc no mc:e, but ttjat u)e tfjat feeepct fj mo:c, 

fainefapletfj* Varro repo;tetf), tljattlje £>oto of.£neasLauinus 3 

farrotoeoat one time turtle tofjifepigges : but it is monffrous 

inljen fljefarrotoetfc mo:c tljen tyt fjatfc paps. Cucrp &oto mug 

Ijaue ber &tiz bp Ijer fel'fe toljen u)e tjattj far r oto co, ano not fuffc* 

rea to goe toitlj t&e toljole l^caro, as otfjer eattellare, but little 

Coates to bamaoe fo; tljem, toijcrcin tljep map be feepf cptljer 

farrotomg, 0; toitlj farrotu : fo; Jfrtoine? if tfjep Ipe together in 

anp number, being eommonlpillmannereo, Doe Ipe one tpon 

another, toljercbp thzy fjurt fuel; as are Ujitlj pigge.^no tljcrfo: e 

pou muft liaue feu erall feties tuyere tljep map farroto, ano maoe 

hig^tjiaf t^c^oto cannot get out ; fo? couereo t^epmuftnot be 

entreating of Cattell. 142, 

bpanp meanes,tbat tfje fctoinebearb map l©Ue t&at f&e &oto o< 
aerlap none of t&em,anD to fee foljat tljcr toant,tbat be map make 
tbem cleane, anD as oft as be eleanfetb it, tjemuffftratofano, 0? 
fucb like, to b:fe op t|)e moitture : fo; tljougb u>e be buta ftrim'Q 
creature, pet louetb tyce to ban* ijcr chamber cleane, W&tyn l&e 
Ijarb farrotoeD,u> required greater quantitie of mcate.Uiberebp 
fee map giue tbe mo;e sptlfce, fpeciallp 2iBaelep ftctpco m foaf er, 
0; ground, and tempered toit§ foster, #nd if $ou l)aue not 
g«DO ffo;eof meafe, pour beft is to fell tfjc pigges : fo fl^all tfjc 
jsbatmne, being oeliuered of ber burden, bee fronec toitb farrofo 
agafne. &>ucbas are farroteed in Winter, are commonlp p<o;e 
and fo;efcbed, borb brcaufe of tbe colo, anD rfiatttjeirfDammes 
Doe not like ff>em fo; foanting of milfec, anD biting tbeirpapps. 
3Jf tbe &otee eafe ber pgges, it i$ a focnoer : fo; &toine of 
all otfjer beaffa, can tea afoap toitb bwnger, lobtcb iol;eu it 
pzouokctb, tfjcp cate not onelp tbctr otone, butpoung cbtld;en, 
tobttb not long fince bappened in puffer, to ttjepittifull oifcom> a chjidc 
fo;toffbe^arenf» Cbep fuffer nott&e&etoto go* ab;oao in " tcn b r a 
tennt capes after fjer farrotaing, ercept it befo d;inke : after, ovvc * 
tbep fuffer tier to goe about tlje boufe, tbaf ujeemap tfic better 
$iut milke, Mbentbe pigges foare great, tbepdefire fogoe 
ab:oad teify tbeir £>ams, at U^tcfi time tyep are feddebp tfjem* 
felucs apart, to tbe end tljep map tfje fooner forget fycit motl;er, 
fobfrb tbep lutll ooe in tenne oaics.3!tbeba)uetb tye^foinebearfc 
to be careftiU f diligent about fcis efjarge,t&at tjebauein mcmo;p 
euerp one of tbcm,botb old ano poung,tljat be eonftoer euerp far* 
rofo,ano (but up tbofetbai be great foitlj pig, tyat fyty map for* 
rofoin tbeir ftlc,!Nmuftf>auefpecial regard of euerp poung pig, 
tijaf euerp one of tbcm be biougbt op oncer t»'a ofone damme : 
fo;ff tbep get out of tfjc ftie,tbep ffraigfcttoaies mingle one torn* 
panp toitb anotber,tart»crbp tbe pane &>oiu io fo;eed to giue milke 
many times to me;e iSigrs tyen ber olune : anD ttjc rcfo.zc t!je 
&minebearo muft u)ut op euerp E>am \m'd) Ijer olune pigs«0nD 
if bis memo^pferuenot toHtiooj tbem alt, let Ijim pitcl; euerp 
^olo anD rjcr pigs ojith a feuerall inarhe : fo; in a great mum 
bent (nail bebotte btm fo to Doe, fo; confounding !ji0 mcmo;ie. 
£Ufje oioe^uf banosobferuco altoaies tioo times in t be yecre fo; 
tuttins of tj>era,tbc ^pjlng^ano t^c fall of tlje leafc^ecebptbep 


The third Bookc, 

auoputa tl)t Hanger boff) of tlje Ijcat c and cold. SHljjc Boare pigs 
tfjrp cut U$cn tijep toere fire Sponetljs do, and againe at fourc 
peerc olD, to make them fattc, making tlno Uiouius, anD taking 
out tlje ftime of cue cy ftDc : o? clfc folic n pou baue taken out one 
(rone,pou nuifi il;jutt pour fenife againe into the toounD,ano cut* 
ttng afundcr tf)e ffcinne bettoirt botlj tije (tones, dzato out iuitfj 
pour fingers tfjeotfjer,fo Ujall pou mafte but onefcatre: but ttjis 
fti'no of cutting is fomcUrijat mozc dangerous. SDiic &>oters are 
fpaidebp burning t|je $patcir autrj anBlron, and tlje fcarreljea* 
led tap, Uif) erebp tfjcp Uull b ott? tjaue no mo:c pfgges, ana be f be 
fatter. An (totle, and following fjim Pline, tooulo fjauetfje&oto 
after ttoo oapes fafting, tjanged tip bp tlje fo?e legges, anD fo cut, 
mljercfcpulje MI be tlje faner fat : but J iuoge it better to cutfe 
tfym tuljcn tljcp be poung,at two $j9enettjs old, o?pounger,fo? 
foare ttjcp in leatt leoparoie. Sifter tljcp be cut, pou muff beepe 
tbem from 8?inhe, ana glue fyem but tittle meate : tlje toouno 
mutt bee annopnted toitlj freffj Butter, anD folneD t}p. 0s tlje 
tojiftling ano turning tip of tye taile is a figu c of a fotinD l^ogge, 
fo be tljcre cettatne anD afifared figncs of tljeir ficftnc CTe : fo? if 
pou plucfce off tfje bailies from tlje bacbe, ano wide tljat their 
rotes Ijau c blouD in tfjem, it ujetocs tlje &fomc is not well. 3!6e.< 
ofdifcafes fides, if pour ^oggesheficbe, 04 taken toittja JFeurr,ttjep fcang 
in swine, t jj C f r jj eafiSf a t onc fiu 8j ano fuddenlp as tt>ep runne abroad, tfjep 
cure ffa P 3 an ^ bel "S tafeen toft & a towifctg giddineffe, tbcp fall dobwe: 
and tfjcrefoje pou mutt marfee feci! on toljfetj fide tljep&ang ttjetc 
Ijeads, tbat pou map cut tfjeearcof tfje ccntrarie fide to let tlj cm 
bloud : and fmder t|e faple befide, ttoo incfjes from trje rumpe, 
pou fljall ft effee tlje baine, tofjicfj tljete is eafilp to be fane, bp tlje 
bigneffe of it : pou muff ft tit beate it ioitjja little fficfec, and 
after it ftoellctlj toittj tlje beating, open it feutb pour fcnife, and 
tjautng bled fufficientlp, bindc it tjp toitlj tlje rinde of $fflilloto 0? 
(tlmt : after tljis, feape f&emtip in tbe fjoufe a dap c: ttiw, ano 
gtue tfjcmhiatme toafer, toitlj a god quantifieof l!5arlp flotoje. 
Tiie 3 f tlje Qu[nfey o? Vuula, (to twfjicf) difcafe t^isbeaftis toonOc 
puinfey. rous fubicct) cljaunce fo take ttjera, Dydimus tuould |jauc pou let 
ttym bloud fcebmfce abouc tfje QjoulDcrs , ottjers tjnder tfjeic 
tongue: fome againe cure tljcm Vuitl; fettering. 3ftfjeberttel« 
ftoell in tjje t^joat , i?ou mutf lettfjem bloud tnixer t|e ton$ue y 


entreating of Cattell. 143 

Aid fo&en t&ep &aue bUo, rubbe t|jeir moutbcs ioittMfoitfjfolf, 
finely beaten, anD locate fiotyte : Dcmocn tus iuouio bane pou 
gtue to cuerp £>otoe, tb.ieepouno Uwigljt of flje beaten cote of 
E>affaDtU\3f tbep oomit, ano ioatb tbeir mcate, tt to goo to giue 
rbembefejetbepgoeabzoao, tfje lbaufngsof3uo;uevfrpcDUiitb 
fait, ano ground i£eanes. murine Mjile tbepfuc^e ab;oaD,bprca> 
fon of tbrir great oeuouring(fo; if taan onfatiaMcbeaft)oo toon* 
Derouflp labour teitij tfje abunoanceoftbefepleene : fojremcote 
foljcreof, pou lljall gtue tycm teatcc as oft as tbcptbtrtt, in 
SErougbes maoe of SCamartce, flje lupec of tobicb uimo to toerp 
Ijolefame foj tbem.Dcmocritusfeacbetb to gtue bnfo l£cgs tbat 
baue tbc &pleene 3 ttje toater fobceem tfje£aalrs of l^catb batfj 
beene quencfjeo. C^tobeaft batb fomeffme a ficfenrffe toberein 
be pirns atoap, ano fojfoketb W meate : anDifpoubjingbimto 
tbe ficlo,|jc fuoocnlp falter!) Dotone, ano Ipctb as ittoere in a 
Deao deepe : tobicb as tone as pouperceiue, voufballfljut tip tfje 
fobol* ^eavu in fome f)OHfc,ano make f bem to faff one oap,botb 
from toater ano meate : tbe nert Dap, tbe tcott oftbetoiloeCu* 
cumber ffampco.ano ttcaineotoitbtoater^s gtuentbemto onnfe: 
tofjicb as fame as tpep ^smt taken, tljep fall a toomtting, ano fo 
purge tbemfclues. m\)tn trjep bauc f l)us rrpelleo tbeir cboter, 
pou ujall gtue tbcm Ijaro IBeanes, ffraiueo luitb Wiinc. 9n er* 
ccllent medicine agatnttall peftilenecoffe>Vuuie,Ootrj Hicroni- 
mus Tragus react), tobicb «s torjen pou fee tbem tnfecte o, to gtue 
rbem tbe Iftcotce of Polipodi, oj gDfee if erne bopleo in »nc 
tobercbp tbep ujall purge tobatfocuer to cwll from tljcm, ano' 
moft of all cbolcr,. tobc rctoitb ^luine are moft troubled. Cbe 
fameHicronimus(aS 3 remember) feacbetbfo?a taotfeftbeuaft 
ttbe toitboutmpcommimanto meosie totty tbem:) |f be beficb, 
ano fuDDenlp fallootone of a oifeafc ttjaf pou fenoto not, fo put 
tonoer bis tongue a pcece of a jfcrne rote, tobereupoit pou ujall 
fee IjimimmeoiatelpoovDcUptoaiaano DotonrfcarD tolrtfoeuer 
is m fcis boo?, ano pztfenttp m\trt : tbss f;e faitb (anD tcueip 3 
oare brlccue&im) titftbe pzoueDftftb a ^fecf [)is otone. Wut 
to mp totem : tobereas tbirft tn eummer to burrfull ano oan^ 
gerotis f all atnOe of «ttell 3 totbto beaft if to molt bucf full : ano 
tberefoie pou mull not inaf er t\)sm as pou Doe &>b*pe $ <25eates 
but ttofe, 0^ tfoife a Oap : but ff pou can, pou nwft beepe tl^em 

The third Bookc, . 

bp fl>e toafetOoe, tf?«t t\)tp map goe thereto at pleafure : foj 
the »lmne is not conttnt toiffc Dzmtung, but He maa often ctolo 
ano plnnge fjis filtlnj panel) in tljc mater 3 neither Oeligt>tctf) £e in 
anp tfnng fo muctj, as totoallotoin tfjo onrf. Hno if soutane 
no fucfj place ncere, von muff o.iato fome k»atcr from tlje 3Sell, 
ano giu: it tfytm in troughs abunoanflp : fo;ercepf tljep tytnfae 
tijeic fiU 3 ttjcp tail! fall ficae of ttjc £ungs j tofcictj oifeafets 
enteO (as Columella to:ifcfrj) bp f lotting t|e Jafflte of better* 
fe>a>:t t&:ougb rbeir cares : Plimc aaTcmet|) t|»e Sooe to be a 
p:efent reineoie fo: rlje ficantlTe of &fcrine. £>omefap,tfcaf if a 
iboteelofe one of fcer epes, flje Dpety tone after* or|ierUiffeu)« 
ittictp fiftane rcercaXtjcrc is a kinoe of bifeafeamengfl: &tame 
(tljougb ofhrrtoife tt>ev be t?caitt?te anD fatte) foljcrcm tljetc 
flcrtj is all infectco tuitt) little ^taints, as bigge as §Beafon : tfce 
Wearied 0:eehes call t$cm Galazos, ano toe at tfyis oap speaf leo &tofne 3 
f wiae. ^ C |j ^ on qiati tone pereeiue bp tfce Ggijt of t|e tonguc 3 ano ttje 
jjoarfenefle of t^err oopce : rbis Oifeafe tljepfap, is natacall ton* 
to them, from iufcicfc pou Crjall prefcrue f|em , if pounaple err/ 
taine plates of &eao in t£e bo t tome of t|eic Srougfj. pou fljaU 
alfe fccepe trj cm from tfjis oifeafe, if ton giae t&cm to o^inee the 
a^cDtc of l5:ionp : rfce gcnetall ano common retnebp is fUlome, 
23;imttone, ano i3ap-berries 3 of eac^aliae : awe tljereimto a 
lanofull of &«fe, beate tytm all together, ano pnttfjem in a 
X3agge, fofcirfc 15agge ren fljall catt into ttjefr toarer token tytp 
oanae, ano renetu it tteife in tyz panre. 

Evphoh. 3 p:ap pou Eumeus ooe not oulembtc, bnf fell 
fcs truelp bote pou Doe to tjatic pour IfJoggesfo facte, 3 belcrue 
£Oti are m t£e 3£arne femetime taljcn pou Jtpulo not be * 

£v.mev s.WB&A means feeuer 3 fofe in ozdertngmpflocfee, 
tiS net to mp £paiftecs leu"e,no moje tym is pear Otligence,io^ere# 
bp pou b?mg pour cattell to be fo faite. i tolo poa bcfo;e 3 t&at 
|e toas an fentrj:ifrte ^usbano, ttjaf lyao tys 13acon from t|>e 
^ambles 3 f not of bis otene pzoui'Con: ano befioes^np fitters 
pbiQfians giae great commenoattons to l^^ggrs flerj 3 in t^at it 
|atb fm& a ncereneffe ano agriemenf &ftj) oar booics 3 neither is 
ffcere(as 31 faio befo;c)a beaat^at makes mo:e oidjes.ano t^ere# 
fe:e it is greatlp fo? pzcrfit, to tjaueffje Qvtsbano-KtansMtttyn 
fcell{ro^eijIi)it^l5acon,u4ercU?itt) Ije map. fnliairtefjist)CKn>olo 


entreating of CattelL M4 

allt&etubole p*re. f>ou u)allea0lp rt^ugtjtofflWbetoaMtmg) 
finbe Barnes, sparttjes, anD Cojne-fietos to feeOe tbem m. 
JCfjep Ml be fat fas pimie fuppofetb; in tb:eefco?e Dapcs, fpeci* 
allpif tytv be feept feommcat tb:« oapes before pou teae tbcm: 
$*p ace farted toitb IBarlep , £>atcs , o: otber £ome, oz puife, 
eitbergiucntobolc, ozgrouno,but ofallotbers,bcftUutb ^att: 
ana tbat aeflj istetter , ano of mozc fubtfcance ttjat to fco u.utb 
#co;nes , tben tbat tobicb is fatteo toitb cpttjcr 13ocb matt,oz 
Ctjtftrtut. SCbfsbeaff imllin time be fofat,asbe ftull be fibienek 
tb?tto goe,noz llano, f^ea varro fells tbat tljere toas tone m 
Arcadia a &>ofoefo fat,tbatfbe torn not onelp Enable to rife 3 but 
fufftco a tpaufe to mahe a nefttn bet boo?,f to lap bet pong there* 
natoziu Rome, apiece of^ozhe of two ribs tbattoeigljeo ttyic * 
ttoenfp poimo : tbe tbiefceneffe of tobicb &ofoe from tfje ffcinne 
to tbe ribbe, fcus one foote ana tb.:eeincbcs. i^our beffis to put 
to tutting pour fefotne of ffoo oz ty;& peercsolo : fez if tfjep be 
pongcr, tbeir growing toill binoer tijeir feeoing. 2Do hrepepouc 
H5acon anp long time, yw mutt We great otugencc in tbe fatting 
ano o:?ing of it, fobcrebp poutyallbaueitbotij tlje tobolefomcr, 
ano hvxtcv , ano beGoes to continue Diners pitrcs to feme tbe 
tucne,if CcacOttc bappen. f^ow J^ogge being in tbis fezt fattcD 3 
pau mutt tynt bp , amr not fuflfcr tym to OziuHe t\)z oap/befoic 
pou lull bimlu^rebp tbe fleu)tuill be tbe Ozter. SSlb*upoubaue 
ibus aftec bis rbtrft tulleo bim , pou fijail cptber fkaio tym Unty 
mater,oz toitb a fame maoetuitb ftratoc,ozfficncs,fpnDgebwt: 
foztbe manner of fucb as flapbim.3 It&e not. after tbat 3 bans' 
fog bim fcp bp the \)&ti* , pou (bail plueac cut tys> botocls, ana 
put tbem to ozeuing : fas fleuj being coioe ano Ijaro, pen -ftpil lap 
b?on a table, ano cutting out tbe !£eao, tbe Gammon j ano tbe 
JFlcefcbfS-jjouDer tbem foittj&alt, tb.zu&ing great fine thereof 
In cuerp place, fpcrtailp UVj ere tl)e bonesbe: tbsf Done, putit 
into pour pouonng tubbe, ftrototng fait cnougb ^nocr it : feme 
lwaulobauc pou fait it intbefoaneof tbc^cone. l!5efo:cpoupou* 
Oer it, pou muft pzeffc ano top out sU tbe blauO 3 a»o tbe iwater* 
fe> ame befoze tyw fait it, ooc pluchc out tbe bones ,tbiaUi;ig tt tba 
befllxup foz p:eferuing if, ano to beepc it longcfcClwect. iHDtljcrd 
a$auu boe not ftraigbi iwpes put it into tbecpouazws tubb^ 


The third Booke, 

but Doe leant it fepon a Cable fc; fen Dates after, an& ffjtn fjang 
it bp in a pure ar:c, to D:p m tl;c latOe, 0nD iuben it baft? bane 
DjpeD m t&e mince eettame Dapcs, bp little ano little, etiep let tlje 
finoke eome to it, ano afferi»ar&s moie abunDantlp. c [je 25acoK 
mill be f r>e ftocefer, if befcoe tj)e fmokr,tljca)in&e man eome to 
ft : if pou t>ang it in great fmcke at ttjefirft, it mill beruttie. Dy- 
dimus faittj, tbattlje 215acon toilllong coixtinat ffoafe, if after 
the Du(T:ng, coling, ano Doping, it be Ranged bp in fijafcoiup anD 
motft places, rattier totoatD tye&oify, tben tomarD t&e soutlj, 
ano ttjaf if Ixitil befto«ter,if it be coucrcD iutttj fnoUjanD cijaffe: 
tfje £ubbcs rfjatp oupotooer in, mutt be fuilj as fjauetjaD 3Dple 
tn, ratljcr tljcn ttjofe tfcat Ijaue tjao Umegtr. ^Utijsugfj 3 fjaue 
ofshep- before fpoken of fyz Ir^tijpnelfeanDanttquifieof jbfceptjcarDs, 
hcards. m ^ l^carDfmen, pet mutt 3 fccre fap, fljat it is in baine to nun* 
olcSuitt) t&e oziermg anD hoping of cattell,ercept pon ijauc^ano* 
fome and f fetlfail men t Ijat map take tlje charge : fo? tfjc Enoki* 
ledge of keeping of eatteli ^tt) a Otfeipline, iutjerem a man muft 
from tye fcrtp Ct)i!De-i}£DD be b:oug!)tbp : and furelpif is mcetr, 
f tfjat tlje-tobanD, c: i5apitffc 5 fcuicba:nc b:ougt)t bp, o: trained 
in all tbcfc SDrafccs, ano to eome bp Degrees to Ijis S&ai&t ts pji$e : 
#s from a ^tuine^eard to a £>i>ep^eacd,ftoma fetiepbcarD toa 
^eat^earO, ? t. £nD mott trne it p?ourttj m ttjts that tommct& 
to paflfem all ot|ergonemments, fljat fuc& are bed able to tabs 
charge of gouernment, tljat paffmg bp Degrees ano offices, tjaus 
from being bnDer gonernment, come to gonerne ffjcmfelues : 
fo: tt}ougt) ^totjere tfje flocke is bnt fmail, ano fcotng not farre 
off, is b:o tight fjome euerp Dap)ctnlD:en ano ponng folks are able 
to feme fl>c turne^ yet tefcere tlje flocks be great, anD mutf bit 
keptnfg&tanD Dap in fojectts, anD miloe firelos fas 3; faioebe* 
fo?e of flje flocks tfjat touifreDta Appulia, ano fommcrcD in tfjc 
^ounfainesofKierc) jjecte 3 fap f&e fel;cpt)carts mutf bctljbce 
men of luff ie age, tfrcngtlj, ano Dttigenre, as alfc ffeilfult in tljat 
belongefn to tfjetc office : fo2 neither otoe men, no: ctHlDzen. are 
able to ensure the fjarDnetTe of clpming tfje t}illes ; no: ttje u5arp«> 
mfTeof rfje colo O)ounfaincs, toliirf) tbepmuff attoapesooc tljat 
follototljeirflocke.fpeciallpttiep tljatkeepe Bullocks ano @oats, 
tljat Deliglit fo fsDebpontfockijanftCIecues. ^ouQjailfiEon 
fye ^ountaines of £>topt?ctlano , gr^af ann gtoolp fellotoes, 


^entreating of Catfell. 145 

furniflbeto fit foartelilse manner to follow ffjefr ^rarfcs ano 
iflocfces , ano to loc-gc in tl>c toilDe tiefart0,farrc from r|)e com* 
pan? of men, ana ttjere alfo to make bottj Uufterano Cljcefe : 
tuf)crefo;e facfj as ate meet to tab* tfjarge in tfjcfe places, mutt 
be Ugtjf, ftutft, ano toell limmeo, ano not onrlptoell able to fcl* 
IoU) trjeir flocbes, but if nceDe be fooefeno tbem fcom tutloe ano 
ranenmg bcafrs, to lift great buttons, to folloU) t|jc cfjafe, ano 
to be goo arcrjere : in fine, fuc&a one as Homer ootfj mafce t)is 
Eumeus to be. 8no tfjcrefoje tlje oloe ^ufbanomen in firing 
of a fl&eprjearo, did almapes couenant among others, tbatfjee 
flioulo be founo of boOp ano limmc , ano free from filcrjing ano 
trjeft. 3ln Sclauony,tI;e ^earoefmen Ooebfefo fjaue trjeic SKliiies 
abzoao toitrj trjem, as companions of tficir tourwp to Djcffe tfjeie 
meafe,ano foirjttjingsas tfjepnecDe? fucjj things as arcfojt^e 
fjealtrj of rjis beafts , t&efl&eprjcato mutt Ijaue altuar cs in a res* 
Oineflfc. Varro tooulo &aue tym botfj fa2 f rjis purpofe 5 ano foz f tjc 
better otter of rjis reckonings Unci) tjis spatter , to Unite anD 
rcaDe. £>ftbe number of tlje l^earofmen , tjofo man? eucrp 
floche ougtjt fo Ijaue, is fo bemcafureD bp tljc Cjuutcie, ano 
fcino of tlje battel. SEtje fame v.irroallofoetfj to: rucrp fourcfecje 
<3oates one UKprjcaro 5 lmjierj Atricusailowetrj to an rjuno?eo>ffl 
eutrv fitie a3ares ttoo men : in oar Counfrep one fljeprjearo fofr 
ficetrj fo2 an rjun02eD,02 ttoo Ijunojco fljeepc: pea, manp times fo; 
trjjee tjunojeD, ano aboue, fpecialtp toijere tljep bee cuerp oap 
bzougfjt borne. £>nc ^toincjicaro mill fc#pe tfoentp, 0? trjirfie 
^ogges, 01 moje, if ttjc ground be thereafter, tfje like fo.i J&vto 
locoes, ano Mnt. jfo; Jj^fesme feloome fjaue ^eatDfmcn,but 
eucrp man keepetf) tljem at rjome,eitrjec in Stables 0? faaffcrcs, 
not commonlp ereceDing f be number of ftoentp. 3n fotjaf oz* 
Dcr pou ITjall feeoc tour Catfell , eitber in Summer 02 in WHin* 
t cr, ant) foben f otoaros tlje feoutrj , ano tufjen f tfy tmttt , 31 
fjaue tola pou bcfo:c. 

STbeDogge (trjougfj tbe iafopct alloforfpj fjim not in ffjc Do gg «. 
number of (Taftell) ano tbougtj Ijc peelDs of fjimfdfe nopzofif, 
pctis be as tbe 0}cprjearo,fo2 rji« truftmelTe 5 ant) foafrfjing of ttjc 
florfce) fo be eflrcemeo ano fet bp : fo? tber tjaue bane fcenc to 
figbt in tfje Defence ano quarrell of ftjeir gaffer. ^ra,oiucrs of 
ttjem baue bme fcnofone after fbeic patters fceatfj, t^pon great 

2C affection 

Tlie third Booke, 

affection anD lone, to fanufli tfomteluts, tofjcrcupon tyc p?icc of 
gcoDiDisggesgreHUobc tocrpgrcat. 3t isU>2ittcn 3 ti;at Alcibi- 
adcs gauc fo.2 oncDogge eigtjtftoie pounocs. SLtjtre is net a 
mo?e ncccSTarp creature tt)cn tfje jDcgge about ^ufbanozp : foi 
befi'tte i;is fingular faittjfuincflfc anD ioat£l;i«g in rtjc nighttime, 
i;e is alfo a quarter mailer in Keeping of CattcU, ano ucip nees* 
full fo; tjje Defence of tl;en? s fpcrtal!p fefutpe ano Ofoares, n |itij 
Uiisuia be fajneDcttropeD bp Ccfmlfrs, if ores, £ rapes, ai D ottjec 
&ecnune,if E>oggcstoere not fet to be tf>eir keepers. &>Uunefec 
Ding m Ijcaros , if tfje toilcc bealles inuaDe tfjem, making as it 
lucres Jarum Uiith, tfceir grunting , anD crping, suVmbie r&em- 
feiuesan t^tirovunc Defence. SCtje greater CatteUDefcnotljem* 
fcUies fomc lml\) tljcir beeics^omc toitij $m ironies, onelr. tfyz 
pmiz fe^ecpe ijjatfj no apulDier but ti)e Doggc- £>f Dsggcs tl)at 
feruc foz p?ont,t|)erc arc but i\)i& (oxts : fo; t^e fourth, (tobjeh, 
ace but fc: pleafurcj 3 mahe no account. £>ne of the fojts is 
(nit), asbp feent, 02 fwiftiicHc, ferae fo2 ttje cfjafe , ano lulling of 
iDilDc bcafrs : tgefCj tefjat manner of ones rtjey ftjculD be, ana 
fjoto trjcp fijoalo be ozacreo, Xcnophon ano Qppunus, m t()eir 
Cynigetickcs fymt taught, anD 3; U\ mplatl baofce, to'jcre 3t itjall 
fpeaac of hunting, totfl Declare. 

!3utnoU) 5 fytUonefe fpeaUcof Doggcsfo* fbe fjafbans*) 
anD uppers both, of tlje ijoufe anD ttje CattcU : ano mil of the 
&*3ic tljat keepctl) t^e tjotifc : fo? this purpofe pou muft p2C* 
uioeyou fuel) a one, as fjcitrj a large anD a inigijtp boop 3 a great 
The Ban- an3 nfi):tll tjopcc , ff;a£ botij U)itb !}is barsmg bee may. Difcoucr, 
doege for §nDtoit&hjs fighj Difmar tlie E^fe, pea, being not fiene,Unt[) 
ihchoufe. tl;e l;o:ro2 of rjtts bouepuf ijim to fttgljt.^is flature mull ueitfjer 
belongno.2 flj02f, butWil fet, hjs hcao great, £:s eresGjarpe? 
aaD fieip, e:tl;er bjotonr 02gra£ 3 hjsUp?rshteeaiu7 } neither fur* 
iiing op , no? Ranging to much, Dolunc t b^s moul'q blaclte anD 
tu»Dc 3 t^isneattjrr taiucfn^anDcomming out of it of cither fiDe 
afang,3ppeaumg rnojc cutluarD then Ijjs otljcr feetfj, fjis tipper 
itify euen iiKth, bis ueatijer , not fjanging ta muelj ouer, Tcarpr> 
ano hjODcn toitl) t|islippes 5 f;is countcnanceliRca ILion 5 iji5b2cu; 
grea^anD Hj.iglja^D, Ijis l^ou!Dcrsb2oaD,l)is legges bigge,tjia 
taile fi)o:t, !)is fat fcerp great,bis Dtfpofition mi\& neitljcr be f© 
gentle ? uo2tco cur^tljatie neither faVunc t^pen a tjjeefe, no; flee 


entreating of Cattcll. 1 4 6 

fepen Ijis frienDs, t>erpfoahing,nogaDDer abjoaD,noj lauitfc of bis 
mout!;, barking foifjjout caufe, nntljcr mahetlj it anpmarttr 
tbougl) fjc be oorfmift; to: \)c 10 but to figbt at fjome,ani) to gtue 
toarning of tijc encmie, 

£be SDaggctbat is fojtljcfbloe, muff neither be fo gaunt, I hc , 7 
ito; fo f iDift as t(je <25rapf)ounD , no? fo fatte no: Ijeaup 05 tlje mX' 
&9aftp of tfjc Ijoufe, but fcerp ffcong, ano able to figljt ano' 
folloto tljc cbafe , tfjat tyt map be able tobeataUjaptljc sasalfe 
e: ot^cr beaffs,anD to follow tbet^afe ano receucr tlje p.:cp,ano 
rljcrcfoje bts boop toouloratberbe longtljcn fyojt ana tbickc: in 
all otber points t>cnmft agree luirfc tl;e $5anDog. sconcing tbe 
femDe,tbc E>ogge 10 fyougtyt better tijentbeBitdhbecaafeofttje 
trouble Gje b:ingeib toben u)e is fatote: bofobcifi tfjc fpapD Wit* 
tl)ts Doe bite fojeff, f are mo:c making 5Fo^f^ctcage,tfjep muff 
nctti?et: be fob^pes,no: to olDe: fo?tf)efoI;elpe ran neitbec oefeno 
ijimfelfc,noj tfjc flocke, tobereas pet tye o!D (jatfj fome bfe about 
a Ijoufe. Ifpou baueatobelpeftoljubagcis better to be trained, 
either fo; the bonfc 0; tl)c folojpou fljallperceiue by the fot uil;e* 
ffjer fjc tuill be great 0: no. I^fs fjeao muft be great, fm©tl),anD 
full of baines,biseares great, ano banging, J)is founts long , f)t0 
fo;clegs uwtcr fljen Ijis binDer, but oetr ffraigljt ano great, bis 
tlatecs foiDe,bis natlcsbaro^is b#le neither flcfyp no? too baro 3 
t&e rioge of bis bacfeemot ta» mucb appearing,no: creDkco,bis ribs 
rouno ana focll unit, ty$ u)oulocc pointcs toell Diffant , Ijis but* 
tochesfaf, ?b;oao,ano in allotber parts (as 3! fapo) of tbe 3©an* 
oogge before, if o? bis colour it maketb no great matter,tbouglj 
Varro ItlOulU fjaue tym \B\)ite , anO fo fooulD Columella tyt SDogf 
fo: tlj c uelD,as I; c tooulo ban c tfj c I£ oufe-Dog to be black : but tbe 
ppeO co'ouris iuDgco naught in tljem bot&.&be Incite tiiev tonv 
mcnDjbecaufc fjemap beoifcerneD from tljeMolfe inffjenigbtj 
bberebs t^ty fljallnot ffrifcc tbeSDoggc in ffcao of tlje E£IcD!fe. 
&be blacUc againe,fo? t\)c boufc is beff eommcnbeD, becaufe of 
I;is terrour to tbe tbcefc in tbc oap 3 aitD tbc ljucttl;at t)e map to bp 
nigbtj bp reafon of bis notbeins fane: tfjc Dunne, ffjc bjanoeD, 
I tfje rco ; Do not miUibe me,fo tljep be toell mariseDbcfiDe. 2Cbns 
muff pan iuDging bim as a iLpon,bp tbe data , eptber bup onc,oj 
b:ing top one fo? pour pnrpofe. i^ota mucb teacljing 0: bringing 
^p p?euafletfj 3 appearetlj bp Lycurgus ijiserample in Xcnophon. 

SC 2 .SCO 

The third Book c, 

Comafec tljem fierce % curff,pcu muff plucfee rljem by ffjc mts, 
fct tfjem together toitj) pour IjanDcs, ano beepc tbem from being 
t)»tt, fo Gjallpou rjaae ttjem t^eboitecanDttjc fiercer : anDfuc& as 
will ncuer giuett ouer. |9ou muff tofe fjtm firfffo tfjccf)amc,tp 
rping tjim to a cloggy letting l;im Djawe it a wtjile up fjis nccfer, 
ano Wfjcnpoufjaue a little fpacctofeD t)im in tbis fo:t 5 tf)cn niap 
rou cpttjcr" leaD tym 02 tie bun : it is belt to fceepc tfjetn tpco in 
tbc Dap time, to make tljem trjc curlier , ana to let t^em tofe in 
t\)t nighttime : fo (ball tfjep in ttje nigljttune toartl), ano in t|?c 
Dap fiecpe. £o arme tljtm againff ti)e C8colfe, 02. otber wilDc 
beaffes , pou map put b:oaDe eollo2S about r&eir Qethts full of 
^at ! c0 3 anQ icon ffuDDes 3 lining it wttti foft leather Within. Pan 
muff IcduC thiat pour Doggcs be of a gooo feinDe, ano (if pou can; 
ail of one fcmDe , fo tyail tl;ep fticke ttjc better together : cfjoofe 
tijcmtljat tjaue t&e curffeff Dammes 3 anDfoefc asfjaue tljcir 
^appes eucn. Etjep begin to litter at a pcere clD, ano continue 
nine recrcs. after tennc tijep be wo.2tb nothing. 

g£fpe Dogge (as Columella faitf}) gettes talipes luffilp,till 
Ijebetennepecres olDc : ttjewbelpcsoftfjcolDeCutrcsargflcto 
anDnaugtjt. Homer fcemetf) f o ma&e t&e life of a Doggc abouc 
twentp pecrc^iubere !)c fpeafcctfj of ffce comming tjome of vMIcs, 
anD ttjc ImowlcDge oftysDogge : HnD 3 mpfelfe fjaue feene 
Dogs tfjat Wcrcfaio to be fo mucb, but altogether fcnp^ontable. 
Ocir age map be fenowen bp trjeir teefa, tl;c poung tjaumg (as 
Anftotlc fair!); UJtjute tcettj anDn)arpe: tt)coioe,blacbe ana blunt. 
3n tfjc &p2ing tfjcp begin fo be Catute, anD goe tt>itr> tpijelpe 
(as Ari[lctlcanDXcnophonfaft!))trj2ctfco2eDapcs 3 o2attf)cmo(l 
trj:ctfco2e anD tlj:ce. varrow:ttctf), that tbep goe trj;ee moneys 
iuitlj poungrttieDogs of Lac-demon mgenser at ngljt moneys 
oi3e> anD all otljer Doggcs aifo at fyalfe a peere : trjevj are \»itif 
tofjelpe at once imipng : tfjcp litter about June : \x>\)cn ttjcp be 
littcrcD 4 tliep arebirnDe.anD fl)cmo2c mufcetbepfjaucttje longer 
it is before tljep fee, but neuer longer tljen one anD twenfp Darts, 
1102 fconer tbm feaucn Dapts. £>ome rjolDc opinion, ttyat if tfjere 
bee but one at a iittec it will fee tfjenintfj Dap , if ttoo ft)e tentt? 
Bap , anD fo a Dap aDDeD fo.2 as many as be , anD ttjat trjofe tljat 
be" of tife firff littn, Doe fconeff fee : tfje beff of tlje lifter is tijat 
totjt'cf) laff toetfj ; 02 lu|)tc[j tlje 55itctj firff carriettj to l)er ismntll 

entreating of Cattell. 147 

&* fame as tbep be fobclpcOjCatt atoap fuch as pott miflffcc : of 
feaoen,feeepe t&ee oifc»re : of t&;ee,ttoo: luetic tbep bepoung, 
at t^e fieff tijcp muff befuffrco to plapUntb tbeDamme,tbaf rbcp 
map grotu the better, aftcrtoarD, let tfjem be taugbf,ano tfcD (as 
3 toloepouj tpmg tbem in tbe oap,ano letting fbemtofe in tljc 
nfgl;t,atio Curb asron fcnotu to be ofagort kfnoe.anD iooulo [jatic 
tbem p:oue toell, fttffer tbem not to fucfec a ttcange Damme: foz 
tlje mtlfee ano blonDof ttjc mother 10 of great fo?cc to tbcgooo* 
neffe ano groin th of ttje C&lKlpe. £no tf To be tbe iSttdj lacbe 
milfte, fnchte tbem teity tfjc milfce of a dDoate, till tbep be fence 
moneys oloc. Hap Unocmeatb tfjem 111 tbeir&enncls x>tralu 
ano Gbaffe,tbat tl;ep map Ipc toarme: foz tbep cannot foeli aiuap 
Untb colo.^oo mnft cut tbetafles of tijc clCitjeipcs lo!;e;i tber be 
fire ftieefees olo, in tJjts matter, tbere is a fitfetoe tbat runnes from 
tbe rtoge of tbe baefce, to tf\z tip of tbe fail e,ft»bii,b being tjelo fatt 
toitfy a pincer, fa little Djatone out,pouu}3llcutafunorr 3 fc'!jecc> 
bp neither tfje taile (ball grotu to anp foule length no; tyc SDog 
tyall at anp time after fas tbep fap; be mao. Cbepare tljougbt 
to lift op tyc leggc tefym tbep piffe, at fire monetlis olDi', to^ic^ 
isa figne of ttje pcrfectncfreoftbcirffrengtb. Cljc fceDing of 
botf) lun&ca is all one, tbcp map befco tmtb bones, po:rcD*;e,3nD 
Xtieb line: in an£ toife let tbem toant no mcat,fo2 if tbep Doe,tbep 
toiil fo: bnnger rauen ab*oaD,anD fo:fafce botb tijc boufe ano tfje 
flochc. Xcnophon iuoulD baue pon giue tbem milfee all t\)c yceve 
long, ano fori) fart as tbep fljall feeoe foitb all tbeir life time, ano 
no otbec tfjing : if pou fees tbem ta> foil, it fotll b;ceD fas be faitbJ 
mfeafes in tbeir legs, ano rot tbem toitbin. iBieao is tbeir com* 
mon meat , but varro tuoulo bane if giocn eptber iuitb gillie 0: 
tsaijap, bp tie tobcreof, tbcp toill neuer fo:fahe tbeir Cattrll, 
|0oa map giuc fbem beu"Dc,b2eaD,toitbtbe b;otb of foDBen bones, 
anD tbe bones tbemfcluesb:oofefi, tobict) foiU make tbcirfcetb 
tbe founoer, ano tbeir monies ariDiaU)esfoi&cr,anD tbrp \uilibe 
tbe feeencr 3 bp rcafon of t\)z ftuccfneiTc of tbe SBarrofoc. fou muft 
bcUjaretljepeatc no ocao fe>tjdepc,Ua b^reafon of tbe fatt, t\)tv 
falltotljc tiuconcs. Mbiletbe mtcif batbMelpes , pou mutt 
feeo bee ratber Untb IBarlcp b:eaD fben tnbeflfen b?eao : fo; tbep 
p:ofper better luttb it, ano makes tbem gioe mo:e jnilfee. ^oti 
mutt feeoe tljem t^ifca Dap, in tYft mo:nincc fotjen pou tytfytm 

%l bp 3 

The third Booke, 

top , at name , ana againe at nigljt , tM)en pou let ffjcm Ia>fo 
SDljcir mums tfjat you gtuc tkem,muft,be ttjwt, tfjat tijcp map 
fawetjearc ioijrnttjepbccatlco. £()e<S2£efecs,anDt[)e iLatincs, 
gaue tlj*m names of ttoo GUablcs, t&e ©ecmaints Ugljtlp but 
Fit names onz tillable, as ©all, ~>lut,pitclj, ©rim, fc, 0itrjougt)Colu- 
of Dogs. mellaUjoulonotljauc tyzit names snoerfkio fillables, fluluing 
fa: erample tye names of SDoggcs among tije 0ree&es , anD ttjc 
iLatincS, aSa^A^|> ^o'uu, aA:^, Kkhovs 3 anD Lupa, Tigris, Cerus. 
Xcnophon reckoner!) op tfjoufanfcs, all fo; tlje moft part of ttoo 
fillables, SD$t Bifeafcs ano gticuances of k)oggcs,are tyz biting 
cf J?lies 3 EUicfces , ano iBangineffe. againtt tljis pou mutt toad) 
tticm M)cn tfytpbz C&&elpes,U)trl) bitter 3ImonDs,tfampeo ana 
ttcsineD toirlj iuatcr, toatying tljem botfj about tljetr Cares,an& 
factUuirt tljeir dairies, tjjat ncif rjer Jf lies atc&e to ttjem anD bit* 
ttcr tl)rm, no; Eidus , 02 Jlicc moleff tljem : anD if tljep bz alt 
rcaop mangie^ou muttannoint tfjem Unit) 2Carre 3 ano ^oggefc 
greafe : ttje Bichts alfo, if pou foucb tijemtrjitb t&is rnesicinc? 
ixullp:efcnt!pfaH off, fo: pou mutt notplucke tfjem off"b£fo;ee. 
3f wr Doggebcfuilof jfleas, tfjercmcop is Cummin beaten, 
luitf) a Itt^e quantitie of ntt0ngpQto9er,an5mingleDtoitl) ioa* 
rer, rub ijimoucr UJitfj it, 02 rlje olDe &2egs of £Dplc tubbeD ouer 
alltusbooie. 3;f £ebefnbbp,take Cythifus.anDCefamumjbeafe 
tljcm together, anD mingling tfcem tuitlj STarre, annointf^e 
fo2c: tljismcDieine toill alfo remeDic a Chilian creature S^cr 
fap alfo, tljat if pou flj:utt tlje ffein ttjjougfj init^ an iron, it Ml 
fjealettjemangintlTe, 02 if pou fmearc $em ouer fcuitlj Cunne* 
pouDer, 02 caft ttjem into a banners fatte* 

AriQotlc k)2itettj, tfjat Dogges are cfjtefelp troubles iuiffi 
ffcee&ifeafes, a)aoncffe,£>ninfep 3 anD tlje <£>out,ano tofjatfocuec 
tje bptetijin Iris maDnclTe,becommctj)aifc mao, auo Dtettj there- 
of: tfjie macne ffe is mott crttcame in tlje Dogge tiapes : fofjatfo- 
euer is -bitten bp t^em 3 fallEt|) ftraigfjttoapcs into a loat^ing,anO 
feare of (ESfater. SDo pjefcrue tl)tm from it, von mutt mingle 
lnttt) t&ctr mestefc; t^ictie capes together j 02 if rbep be alreaDp 
tnfccteD,giujtJ)cmnecOngpouDer to eafe. Plinieto2itecl),ri)at 
l!jcreisin tt)e tongue of E>ogges a little tuojme, calleD of tfje 
Creefees Lyrta, tufjict) if it be taften out Ui^tlc tijep be Uiijelpcs, 
%p toill neither be wiaoor, no? gree&p, no? rauenous. 3f fN 


entreating of Cattell. 148 

jDoggc be maoDe , be refufetfj botlj meafe ano o?tnfce , ana D;m* Madde 
letb illfauoureo fomte matter, botb from tysnofe, ano inoutb, Do ss c$ - 
fjee lajbctlj toitlj a loatbfome countenance, bisboop is ieane, auD 
mo?e clong together tben it \vas foont to be, Ijc bearetij tyis tale 
betiotrt fits lcgges,ano bitetij toitl;out anp barbing luljatfoenrr 
\)t meetes,falling as tacll Upon men, as beafts, making no eiffe* 
rettre betiinrt bts frirnoes, ano ff rangers, Sis tbe £>ogge fs a 
Ui.itcljman ano beeper of the fcoufcanb t^c Sorfce, fo ttjc Cat is a 
houfcljclo fecuant to be djeciujeo, 

Cbe Egyptians fo; tljeir p?o8cabIcneflTe, oio too?fljtp fo? ffjefr cattcs. 
<3D'ooa goloen Cat , fo? tobcreas Hats ano s^ifc, as bull in Ct* 
ties? as in Granges, arc greatly burtfull, toe btfpebpCattesfo? 
tbcauopoing of themtfcljiefe, licit!; errs there a fpeeciee rcmeop. 
SEbe Catte is a beaff of nature enemte to tI)c£3oufe, toatcljmg 
in the night, ano flcepfngin t!jc oap,ffraiingfuoiiicnlp anoffoifrlp 
tjpon ttje spoufc : u)c feet!) better bp ntgfjt t&en by Dap (as AIcx- 
dcr Aphrodifeus imftetb) ber epes fljmcano glitter in ttjeoarfc** 
SCbesgoe a Cattcrfoalling about Jfcb;uarp, o:otljcr times tti 
tbepecre (To? tbep often ingenoer) ano b;in$ fo?tb tbeir poung 
ones blinoc, as tyc 5£ttci> Ootlj. Herodotus faitb, that after tfce 
Catte tjatf) birneo, fl)cc eommetb no mo:e at the Bucbe, foljicfj 
lDben bee perceiuctlj, ano cannot £auc Ijis ptttpofe, be billetl; ti)e 
joung, thereof toben fl^e feetfj ber felfe bereft, fo? berp before 
of poung (toljereof this binoc is mod Oefoous) ffjee commctb 
ffrafgljtto tbe 23 ncbe. ifo.:mppart, 3 tootilb rather counfcll 
poti to oeffrop pour Uafs ano tpi'fc toify SCraps,Baneso? Mec* 
fels : fo? befioes the auttio^neffe ano loatbfomneffc of the Catte 
(pou bnoto tobaf ftjc (apes in tfje $9alt fjeapej u)e is moft . oangc 
rous ano pernitious among cfulo?en, as 3! mp felfe i?auc hao ga>o 

Sfili Dto honor &*glorh. 
The end of the third Booke. 

T 4 The 


Sis 0© ?&s w£3 £^££©(885 

The fourth Bookc. 

Entreating of Poukrie,Fovvle,Fiili > and Bees. 

P V L L A R I V S . CHEN'OBOSevs, 

M £ L L I S S E V S. P I S C I X A & I V £. 

P V L L A. 

Ey^^^^yg £> beeping ana fejecomgof £atfell, &o$ 

mis no fmall commoottte and games to 
tfje fcusbancman , fo ttje ncunGjmg ano 
maintenance of poultrte, Jromte, Bees,. 
anD f-itii (iftfyt Countrte be fo; ft) ootfc 
eommonlp artfe to fat's gecat aoaanfage, 
totjercbp botfc tyz rencnue is greatly en# 
crrafco, ano tyc fable Dailpmit&Dafntie, 
ano no chargeable mfljes formu>eo. eages 5 an& |>oufcs fo? H5tros, 
fofjetcm tec re kept all maimer ano fo;ts of jr oiolc,fe>cre fictt 5c 
UlfeQbp Spader Lclius Strabo at Brundiiium. from fc>f;tc& timet! 
ixjas firft pnt m ofe > to pen op ta} creatures, asnafurallp lucre 
aeruftsmeo to £te at ttjetc libertie m ttie ap?e. £It to£u:$> time 
alfo began fo be bjongttf m ffrangcaitf outlanofu) Jfotoles,r$>e 
keeping ano b:ceDtngfotjereof, pecIDctti to tfjc fjusban&man bot& 
pleafurcano p:cfit. WtU tyaut fcere bzcugbt in Pu]iarius,cheno. 
bofcu-siMclIurcus, anDPircinarius,euerpone of tbem frocraUp en» 
treating of fact) things as belonged to tjts cfjargc. 

M e l l i s s e v s. 3 fee pou l>aue tjare ( Pullarius ; great 

ffojc of i^ofote, ano poulfrte, anD 3 bclecue bert'lp, tfje p2oSt 

anD ecmmoDitte of ttjem fcoill not quite fjaife ttjc charges t&ep 

pt route. 

Pvllauvs. f^es tjcrtlp,tijep quite our. ccflr, iuijettjer 


entreating of Poultrie. 14^ 

tote fell rbem , 0: hcepe tbem tax tbe iiiitcbim 3K i* fapb, tbat 
Auidius Lurco nuoe peerelp of bis ^oulttiejanb iFotolcfiue bun* 
Djeo pomiD. 

M e l l i s s e v s. But 31 Doe a great oeale better lifee tfje 
common JBoulttfc, tljaf toe hcepe about our houfes. 

Pvllar.iv 5. mk Ijaucalfo of tbe fame Ijeere at fjome 
iuitb bs. 

M f. l. Cben let me bnocrftwDOf pjap /fn foljat ojoet pou 
heepc tyzm, foz berein pou fecme to be molt r fciifuil. 

PvllAr. 3t is meet tbat euerpone be faiifull in tbat frabe 
tbat be pjofeffetb. Blfpon toill,3 toiilnot rcfufc to ujetopoutbat 
little cunning tbat 3 [jaue : fo pau on tyt otber use boucljfafe to 
u)etometl)eo?ocring of pour Bees. , 

Mellissevs; % uull nottticfee tottb poufoj tljat, to tell 
sou tbe bett 31 cam 

P v l l a r. i v s . Well tl)en > to itlj a g©D toill I Declare tinfo 
poti m? bnotoleogc , beginning firffiuitbtbofe binoestljat are 
motrinbfe: fo: amongft alt otljcr bcufcIjolD poultrie, tljccl;iefc 
place is Due to tl;e Cocke and tl)t\Bmnt, tljat are befioe fo com? 
in on, as t be pcozeit teiODotomtbc Countrie is able to heepe tbetm 
311 tbis BtuD tbere are tbiec points of naturall affection cbicflp 
to be toonoereD at* 2Cbe firff , tbe great carefulncffe tbat tfjep 
Ijaue During tbe time of tbeir fitting, toberein fo? tbe Office of 
b-itcl):ng tbeir poung, tljep feeme fo be caieleffc of citl;cr meate 
0: Djfnhe. feeconolp, tbat tljcp beace fueb loue to tbein,tbaf tbcp 
IttsUe not to bajaro tbeir otone hues tn the Defence of f bent, &nft 
tbirolp, fystiti tbe ffo?mc,great coloc,o? fiefcene u*e,tbep pjeferue 
a;ionouriu)tbembnDer tbeir tomges, not making fo: t^t tobile 
anp account of tbeir otune fclues. SEbere i& bcreof a ftocet com* 
pacifon in tbe ^ofpeil, toberein our&auiouc CbJtft comparctfj 
brnifelfe to t^e $fnne tbat gatbetetb ber CbicUens bnDcr Ijec 
Uringcs. &no tbercfoje, fince tfjefc ar ecommon fo? encrp man to 
baue,anDtbat fyey altoapes feeoeabout tbe boufe, 3 tbinise it beff 
to begin toitb tbem , ano to tell pou Uiijtcb are Ukcd, 
tobicb to be bzougbt Up, ano tobicb to be fatteD. 

ifirff, tbe beft to be bougbt fo? b:a>oc , are tyz burnt , tbe J^ ikoi 
reDDc,tbe yeitoto,ono tl)e blaefee, tlft tofyite arc not to bemeclco H e °nncs 
toity, becaufc tfjep are commonly tenoer,ano p?ofper not ? neitber for brood. 


The fourth Booke, 

arc fbepbeufcc ftuftfull , ano arc altoapes fbc fatreff marfec fn a 
!£ato&e, o?a SBuffaros cpe. itet tbeccfo?e pour l^ennebe of a 
gcoD colour, fjautng a large boOp, ano b^eft, a great beao, imtb a 
ffraigbt, reooe, ano oubblc combe,tobu;e care* ano greater tab 
Ions eucn. SCbe bctt Rlnoc (as Columella faftb) arc fucb as Ijaue 
Sue clawes, fo tbat tljep be free from fpurrcs: fo? fact) as toeare 
tbofe Cocluu) weapons arc not gooofo? b?©oe, anD oifoaiue tl)g 
companp of tbe <Cocae, ano lap but felocmc,ano tofjeri fytv fit, 
ferity tyeir bnrulp. fpurrcs tycp. b?eabe tyeir €q$t*. Kty little 
pullets, o? ^enncs,tbougb tyeoloeage,botyfo? tyeir tmftuit* 
fulncffc,anD otycr caufes otfalotoco tyem ? pef mm ant' places tycp 
P.:o«e to be geoo,anolar manp Oggcs, in England, at tyts Dap, 
tyep. arc bfed as a oamtie otuj at mens tables. 
The Sn f be cfjor fe of r our Coclscs, pou muff p:ouio e fuel) as tufli 

choifc of t r gaoe luff tlp 3 of colours, as 3 tolo you fo.; tyc ^ennes, ano tye 
Cockes. jjjje mimfrer of fallons, anolifeem man? otber points, but of 
ff ature tyep mud be bigber , cacrping tyeir jjeaoes ffrafgbt tjp 3 
tycic Combes muff beruoop ano bigb , not banging, no? falling 
DoUuic, tyeir ei?es blachc ano tyarpctyeir IBils fl)o;t ano crrofccD, 
tyciceares great ano tDbife 3 tyeir battels o?penf 3 bauingtonoer 
tyem as it lucre,* iunoc of graptu) bearo 3 tbe 115 eafce featyers of 
colours 0iuers 3 eityer a pale 3 golOcn, 0? a glifferfng greenc,tebicb 
muff bang ruffing from tys jji etfec to bis ffjou loers, tyeir 115 : caffs 
muff be large, ano incll b?afonco, tljcir Mings foeil featyereO 
ano large, tyeir Cartes Dubbleo ano flagging , tyeir rumpes ano 
f l;igbs full of featyers, tyeir legs ftrong, well armeotoity.'tyarpe 
ano ccaolp &>purres : SCbcie oifpofif ion (fo; pou ffjall not neeoe 
to banc tbcm great figbtersj toouio be gentle?quiehe,anD liuelf, 
ano fpeciall? goo makers, ano crofoers : fo? it is a H5p?0 tbat foell 
apo?ctoncty botb tye nigbt ano tye oap } ano fas Prudentius toff* 
neffetyj erbo?fety to repentance, jl&eitycr muff pou on tyc otyec 
fioe, Ijaue bun a Craooon, fo? be tnuft fometime ffano in tye oe* 
fence offHStoife,ano bis cbilo?en,ano banc ffomacbe to bill 0? brat 
aluap a ^naae, o?an? fucb burtfull bermtnc : but if be be quar# 
rcllous, pou fl)all Ijaueuo rule toitb b'm fo? figbf ing ano beating 
f)te fellotocs, not fuffering tbcm to treaoe, t^ou$ti be baue mo?e 
fym \)is banos full bimfelfe* Xty* mtfebiefe pou map eafilp p?e* 
uent Ui(e[ju)acfeUng ^im hJttbaaja)efsle;fo?altbou0b fucb luffp 


entreating of Poultrie. 1 50 

ftgfjfera ace b:cooe bp ano c^eritljeD fo? tlje game , pet ace f&ep 
not to feme tijc li^ufbanomans turne at borne. 3 Cocfee framed 
ana pzopo:tio:ie3 aftec tf)is fo?t , fljall tiaue fine 0? fire ^enncs 
going luiti) Ijtm. 

Mellissevs. 31 p:ap t»on let imt fonocrffano tofjat 
time of ttjc p&reis belt foj banging fojttj of Cijiencns * 

P v l l a r 1 v s. 9}n fomc places , fpcciallp tlje Ijatteff Conn* 
trics 3 tlje Remits beginne to lap in 3annarv,tn colocc Countries, 
eptfjcr in if ebuiarp, 0? at ttjc latter enouf 3|anuarp : pou mutt 
alfo fuctljcr rtjeir taping, bpgfutng tljem meatcs fo* tlje pur* 
pofe, as ISarlep Ijalfe foooc, Uifjtctj maUettj boti) tlje GSggcs tlje 
fapjcr, ano caufetlj tljem to lap tbe oftner. &ome tJjinfce it gcoo 
to mingle tljecetxutt) tlje leaues^ 0? tfje fobes of cityfus , tuljicfj 
fcotb are tljougfjt to be gccatlp of fojee fo making tljem fcuitfull. 
31 f tljts be not to be ija&, pou ma? fupplp ttjetuant mitlj Spery, 
ojfas Cardanus faittj) tuitlj ^empefeeoe, tuljici) mill caufe tljem 
toJap all tlje Winter. 

tffiRljen ttjcplap,pou muff fa tijaf tbefr neffs be cleane, ana 
fecpt ftiiltoitlj frefl) cleane Urate: foj otijertoife tljep will be full 
ef fleas, ano otljer bermine 3 toljiclj brill not fuffer tlje ^enne to 
be qufet ,lu^eceb? tlje (fcggcs Doe not ljatc& eucn togetljcr, 0? 
ui3tip times toare aDDleano rotten, SClje <£gs tljat pou fet bnoer 
tljem, muff be nefo iapo, fjo&ibeit , fo tfjep be not aboue tenne 
Inpes oloe, it matter!) no great matter : it ioulmkenotfo tljem 
tbep will ffcaigljttoapes fit aftec tljeic firft laping, totjictj pou 
muff not fuffcr,fo: tlje poung pullets ace better fo? laptugtjjm 
fitting : tlje oeficc of fitting is reffrainco bj? tfjmffing a featljec 
j^jzougtj tjjeic nofe. 2C&e olo l^ennes muff ratljcc be fuffereo ta 
fit tfjen tlje pouugec , becaufe of tfjeir erpcrienee. ^e rein muff 
pou bane a fpeciall regaro to tow wljfclj bebeff to fit, fo.j fome. 
be better to bzing bp Cijickms tfjen to fit. £Dtrjcrs againe,wiil 
bjeahe 0: cate top botb tijetc owne (Egges, ano tbeir fellowes 
(Dggcs : fuctj pou muff put afioe , ana if tt>etr $aiiesanO 
lilies be fljacpe , career tmplop tljem in bjootng ttjen in fit* 
ting. Dcmocritus telletlj, tljat Cfjic'sens ma? be b:oug*jt fooztfj 
witfjout fetting tmDcr ttje ferine, if fo be tlje ootmg of $>ennes 
fiffco bcrp Une y bce put in little bagges , baffeo about toitlj foft 
feat^rs^pon toljicljt[je Cggcs muff be laio ffraigljt t)p?igbt 


The fourth Bookc, 

toftlj tlje itepc cnD cptaarc : topon tljcfc sgat'nc muff tfce lifee 

quant itic or i3ennrs doung be latD, fo ttjat ttjcp be of rucrp fiDc 

dofclp coucrcD. ni* done, pou mult fuffet tjjem to liefo? tl;o 

ttoo o: tfj;a fictt Dates, anD after, cuerp dap rucne tljem, taking 

godljao, rtjatpou fcnocRetbcmnot oneagainff tfje ortjtr tnttic 

turning, after ttoenrp oapcs,pou u)all findet&e Csgges bjofcen: 

and tljercfojc ttje tteentictl) eap,pluefcing afoapf&efljcls,and tt< 

feing out ttje Cljtcfetn, pou map commit tfccm to t|e J^enne. %tis 

kuirf en , that Chickens tjaue bane bafcijeo bp f (je rontinuall 

luarmtb of a Inomans bofome : befit: e , tt fjat jj bane fane tijat 

egges being laio in an £Duen,o; a toarme place , coucred iuell 

ioittj ff ratoe and etjaffc,bauing a little fire befide,and one to turne 

tbcm continuallp, Ijauc Difclcfeoano b2okcn at iycir accuffomed 

time. Ar i rtorlc tojif etb, tfcat ©ggc* put in tearme toeffete, o: co« 

uered tint I; douug 3 toill Ijatcfj of tbemfelucs. Efcje number of tlje 

C gges tfjst pour f&enne Hall fit fepon , fome tooulo baue to be 

o oceans not altuaiefi alike, but in Btenuarte, and #eb:uarp fif* 

fane, and no mo:e, in $&arctj ninetane, and no leffe-.tojjirij nam* 

berpouffjall continue all tlje Summer .till September, o; £ao< 

ber, after fobiclj time ft is to no purpofe to b?adea»p longer : fo; 

tbe CljicfetrtB, bp reafon of tbe coloe loeat&er, and oifeafe^ncucr 

p:ofper, pea, fome be of opinion, tbat after tlje tcnt^ 3 o: tludftb 

of June, pon $all ncuer &auefaireb2ojac,ano tbatthebeft feafon 

fo: fetring, beginner at the fentb of 2parcb. 3nd herein pen 

muff altoaprs be fure to bauc tfj c flpcone encc cafing.-from tbat u)e 

be fenne dapc* olo, fill fiffane: fo? t&at is tlje beff time to fet fit, 

Sno fo muff pou againe difpofe tlje f ime,as trjc batching map fall 

out in tlje encreafe of tlje spame : fo; rtjeiuff time ofbatrtjing, 

tbere are funo:p opinions: Ariftotlciy;itetfj,tbattbeparet>atcbcd 

in ninefaueoapes, varro (fo: fitytkins) one and ttowttie oairs, 

o? ttoentie dapes: fo? peacoefees , and (Safe, feauen ana tfoentie 

dapc*, and fomctimes mo?e : gmtkes , in tlje Kta fpace f o tlje 

!kennc,fpeciallpif tljep fit nigljf and dap , allowing tljem onelp 

tlje doming, andtbe (Bueningto fade : iuljicb times tijep muff 

of neecGitieljauc. 3f fo be poufoill fet fender pour ©ennc^ea* 

tocucs Cggestoitb Ijer clone , pou muff fet bee cpon tlje pea* 

coefecscsggesfendaus befojeujebaue ber omnc Cgges,toberc* 

fcptjjep u)all be Ijatcljeo all at once, neitfjer muH pou fet aboue 


entreating of Poultrie. 1 5 1 

fitic peacocfecs, 0? <H5mfc CDggcs bneer a l^cnne. 3tf pou tooulo To . 
bauc all €ocbe cijieiuns, von muff tycote fact) Cggcs as be Ion* c ° C ck" C 
gcffaHD fl}arpeft,asagaine (fo; ^ennes) tfjerounoeuVasbott) chictan*, 

Piinic anD Columella Unite ) tljOtigl) Anilotlc fame not Of tljat orHenne- 

opinton. Co DnDcrttauD toiridj be g©3 Cgges , tobicfj not, pou Chlckins - 
imtttYas Varro teadjet^put tyem in watrr,anD fuel) as be nought 
UKilfmim aloft,anD tfjcgmD goeftratgfjttc tljebottome. £Dtljcrs 
Dae tjolo tljem tip againft a Canole? ano if tljcp to ttnongt; tJjcm, 
tljcp fuDgc ttjem ligljtano nought. |9ou muff in no luifc fljahe 
tijcm 3 o? fl>oggetl)cm 5 leaft pou taeafcc t|)e firings of life.tljat are 
&ut nefolp begun : it tjattj beene to z, tijat bp fljafeing of tlje CDgs, 
tlje Cljichtns &aue beeneljatc^cD lame, SffiHe map bcfiDc pcccetuc 
foljetljcr tlje C£gges mill pjoue toeil 0.2 no , if fotire Dales aftet 
tlje i^enne tjauc fittempou fjolD tljem tip in tlje &>unnc , 0? otljer 
Iigljt 5 auD if pou fee tijat tfjep be deere, call tljem arnap, anD put c> 
tljcr in time places, Sgainff rtjunDer, ttjat manp times marretlj 
t\)e (Sgges,fome Doe fetatamt ttytm tlje Hcaues, 0? Ii5?anctirs of 
25ap£S,o2lBentes,o,2(IDrairc,otl)frs (againcj tljeljeaosof <£>ar> Ao ft 
lfcfce,ano jSaiicsof pjon. Jnt&c great Ijeat of tfjc£>ummcr> pou hl f™of 
muft nolo anD fljen fp:incfele tfje Cggcs a little toitfj mater , anD thunder. 
tuct t!jcm,1eatt bp tlje ertreame i)cat ttjep tuarc D?ie anD aDle 5 fpe* 
ciallp tlje Cgs of SCurhiesanD ^enncs. OTjenfoeucr pou rmane 
to malsecleane fjjeirnefts,pou matt tahe top tlje Cggcs, anD lap 
tycm tcnoerlp in fome little Baf&efjj fo lap tljem fpecDilp againe 
in tlje cleanencft.noereto tlje place mljercttje l^cn fits,poumutt 
fet luater, % meat,tljat tljcp map tlje better heepe tljeir nctts 3 anO 
rljafbp tljeir long abfencctfje QDggrs toare not cold. 0noal> 
tljougtj tl)t l^cnne Dotlj altoaies turne fjcr Cggcs, ^et it befc©# 
uetlj pou U>ljenu>e is from tfjc ncft, ts turne tljrm foftlp foiff? 
pourtjanDs^rbatbprecciumga liKe lUiirmtlj, tljepmap tl;e famcc 
ue reaDie. iSnD if fl)c Ijaue happened to bnrl5<inp of tljem toitty 
Ijer fcete,pou muft pjcfcntlprcmoue tbcm; ^tt tfjc nimtmty Dap, 
paumufttmfeeDiU&cntlptoijctbertljc CljielJinsDo iobbctljeu)cll 
toitfj ttjctr billcs, anD Ijearben tubetfjer tljcppeepc : fojmanp 
timeB bp reafon of tlje tjaroneCTe cf- tlje u)el! tyt? cannot come 
fo;t() 3 anD tljerefo^e pou mud fielpe ttjemout mitf? pour Ijanos, 
anD put ttyw to tlje ^enne , anD tins pou mi\& ooe no longer 
i&en ti)jee oaies ; fo? tlje <£gges tljat after one anD ttocnt:e 

The fourth Booke, 

Dales mafee a noife,l)aue noting m ttjem,anD tljcrrfoje pen muff 
caff rljem atuap, t&at t&c ^enneUofenot jjer labour. Qpontlje 
tUjentiet^uapjtf pou ffirrettje egges,pouujall ijearetlje Cljic* 
fern, from tljar time begin tjje Jrcatijcrs, tfje €l)icfcin Ipmg fo,as 
t&e IjeaDrcffetlj upon tyerigtit fcotc, anD tfje rigljt UringlicOj bp* 
on tlje £cao, tlje polfee oaniu)ing bp little anD little, pou muff 
uot take ttje C&icta'ns atoap as ttjep bejjatcfjt, bnt fuffer tljem to 
remaineone iuljoleuau toitt) tU ^ennein t&e &tft foitfjout 
mcate 02 D:fnfcc, till fucjj time as t&ep be all IjatcljeD. %t i& loon* 
Her full, 1 set t&e erperience tone, tfjat before tljep be fufifereD to 
eate,tl)ep fake no tjarme,tI?oug& ttjep fall from a great ijeigltf, 
&&C nert oap,&t)en all tije fioefce is come fo:tlj,columclia tooulo 
£aue pou foputt^emonDeta &iue , anDfo perfume t&crn foitf* 
tt)e fmofce ef$eneriall 5 ojtoljangtt)emin alSafaet int&efmofee, 
&#$ pjefcruetl) tljem ( as it is ttjougl)t ; from t&epippe, totnefj 
maim times oeffropetfj ffje pcD?e vCtjtcbm : t|en muff you put 
t^emintoaCtDpeiPittjt^e^enne, ano fcsDe tljcm atrlje firff 
Wtfy HEarlep-meale, foDDen in inater,ano fp.:incfeleD Mty a little 
mine. SftettearDs, feiljen t&ep goe abjoaD,pou mutt feele ene* 
tie one of fljem to&etfjer tljere remaine anp of tfje meate t&ep re* 
ceiueDtfceDap before : foj if fjjett troppes be not emptie, it be* 
fofcenetfj foant of Digeffion,anofljerefoje pou mutt feeepe tfjem 
faffing fill all be Digeffea. f^eu mutt not fuffer tfjem to go farre 
from tfje ^enne? but to feeepe ttjem about tlje Cope , anD to faeo 
tijem til tljep tuare ffrong tuttl) bjufeD Hoarl&ano liSarlp meale: 
pou mutt alfotafeegcDDljeeDe, tljatttiep be not b?eat[jeD upon, 
jbp ept&er SCoao, &nafee,o? (fcutt, fo? tt>t #p?e of fuel) is fo pe* 
ffilent,as it bp f bp Deff ropetl) t&em all ; foljtcf) mifcljiefc is auotV 
Deo bv burning of Smarts t)ome»Galbanum,o? Romans fjaire^be 
fmofce of all fol)u1jp?euentet& tFjis peSilence.^ou muff fecbeODe 
f pat tljep lie foarme: fo.: tfjep neither can fuffer colD,no? f to mucf) 
Ijcat: tlje feathers about tfjeirtailes muff be pulleDaiuap, leaff 
iDitlj t^e pruning of tljeir Dung, tfje paffage be ffoppsD, ioljic^ 
if it be, poumuff open foftlp toitl) a little qutll : pou mutt fceepe 
tljem tuitf) f 5 c ^ennc fo? a moneys fpace, anD after fuffer tytm 
A«ainft togoatlibertp. Botlj tfje olDanDpoung,areofallctl)er Difeafes 
chepippe. mofffroubleDtoitljf^pippe/peciallp.about^aruefffimejiB^c^ 
jsaliffle tolateiUuvouering tfcetippeof tljefr fongae^l^cl) is to 


entreating of Poultrie. i$& 

be plucheb atuaptoitlj tlje nailc0 3 ano tlje place to be pouDjcD tottb 
flii)e0,o? (Sariiue pouozeD $ fpjincKleo bpon it.if romtlji0 plague 
£ott ftjiU pzefctuc tl)cm,bp fieDtng ti)tm in clcane bclTctejSiio gi' 
utng rtjemaltoaica tfje puteff,* clcanncft U»atcr,anb Keeping rtjci'c 
Ijoufeo alludes c'cane,auo rtnoktD,o? by fttioutng tljcsn, as tl)c$ 
ftt 3 U)!t[5 rtje fmofcs ctjieflp of IBape*, ana £>auin. SCIje foiucs of 
rf>e countries commonly cure tl)em, bp fluffing a jFcatljcr 
lijiougt) tfjrtr nofe,aw> fttrring it euziv Dap : Qeft Diet inuff be 
l^earbgtact Imapt in JSntter 0; dBarlifee, mingleo toitt) sjgeale 0? 
Qfflfato,o; Clones of gparliueUnt in tame &allct-orle,aH3 put 
into tt)efe motit£c0. j&cme (faitf? Columella J 00c tofc to iusOi 
tfjetr moutbestmrb pitTe,ano lutpe rtjeir bile fo long ck>fe,astije 
£>alt anD titter taff fojee t|)cmte caff at tljetc j]*ofc tljefpmig cf 
fi»c Difeafc.iDifjersagame do cut C-arlfcK In gcbfcctss ano putiing 
ffjsnr in ffealDing 3Dple,affer it is colo , Doe Uiau) tfjctr mouths. 
31 r tljc'p tfappen to eatc 2Lupine0 7 t&ep mill ffcaigtjt fiuell onDec 
t!;e cpc0, tot)ict) if pou doe not gently open , ana fake out tbe 
Co?e 3 it p?cfentip MUeti) tijem. jfttio if fobct^epippe l;auenofo 
clofcD Uptljeir ei?c0 } ano tljat tyep fo^fahctljetu meatc, pott muff 
tawittj tijeir €i>thc0 ixutli a fljirpc Rnife, anb tb;ull out tijc &&♦ 
tcr tfjatltetb unocr ttjeeic0,ino put into tl;c tobunD &>alt finely 
beaten : t\)i$ bappenetgcincfetpiuljen in Ibeswmmct time trjep 
D.imsefoulc toiter,ant>alfo tatfjsn fycy toant meat,o.j talieccio-Blf 
tfjetc ct'es be foje 3 peer map beale tl)tm luitl)t!)e iuicc of $uttc* 
Jane , auir C2iloman0 milltt, annotating on ttjc outfit a* U>itrj 
Ctwrnuv^onp, anD §m!t armonucac. |?ou ujail riD ftjem of 
iLiec, luirb parc!;ce Cunmui^anD fetauefacre, a lilse quantttic of 
eaclj beaten togcttKr, anD polsjeo en tuiti; Wiim : alfo t^e to 
tectu!)creinlujiDelLtipine0i)aucbeenc foDDen. %$ vour \&a\nt 
fail locating of bee <£gges 3 ta&ing cut ilje toljttcpoR muff pottos 
in piaiffetj of feme liquto- i!)K*g,' tfyat map-tome to aljarOncHc 
frrtlje tI)cH. SCobcepet^euifrdm eating of <25rapcs-, pou fl^all. 
giue tijem tfje USercteof tlje UitD^ca^lcbtlje toiiDe-citnc gaf|eri&»- 
fcomtoc IjeDgc befo?2 it be ripc,a?n foD^cniuitl) ©S[jeat ficuier,. 
ttjccmll tdffe lubcreof UMllcaeifefbem foioatlj drapes. Pihjic 
affirmct!; , t\)*t ii pou gtne t!;em tbe floors of fyt mint toitlj 
rtjcicmcat 5 tcepUHll not totictj tije (0rape/:^e in all ettjet cattelU 
©f t&e conntrie/o in tljefe femoestlje beftare to be Hcpt ? ano tba 

The fourth Booke, 

choyfc of totD;tt cither f o be folo, o? to be feilleD in tfje tjoufc. flnti fjjercfo; e 
Poulnie. euerp peete about tbe fall of tbe leafe, toljen tljep ceafe to b;&t*e, 
pou u)all UCfnt tyeir number, ano put amap tbe olo ones, bud) 
as arc aboue tyia peeres, ano fuel) as are ritber bnfruitfull, o: 
not gaiD bangers tip of Cochins, but fpcciallp t^ofetbateate 
tip either tbeir ctone GSggcs, o; tljeir fellofocs, o? fuel) as after 
tbe Cocfetfy manner eittjer croto o; treao : to i&Wb number pou 
fi)al alfoaose/ucb as toerefcatcbeD after tbe tentf? of 3une 5 fobicb 
neuerp;ame to be fap:c : but tbe Cocfee,as long as be is able to 
freao, poa map fteepe : fo? pou fljall feloome mesfe foitljag<D& 
Cocfee, j^o; fatting, n)e bcff,ti)ofe tf;at &auet&e ffeinncs of tticir 
Fatting of neifes tljtdieanDfattiu). Replace toberepon meaneto fat tycm 
Pouitrie. muff be fcerp foarme, g of little lig&t,bceaufc 5 as bon) Var.-o,ano 
ourofoneerpertenee fljetortf), t&e ligbt, ano tbeir often fffrrmg, 
fiecpetb tfjem from being fatte : tbus mutt tbep be hept fo; due 
ano ttornfie oapes, tobereinfbtP Ml be fatte. &ct tbcut bang 
euerp one in bis Basket, o; Cage bp tjimfcl f e 3 tolncb mutt Ijaue 
fit it ttuo Ijoles, one to tt;:uft out bis netfce at, tjjc ottjer to c.itf 
out \)is Dung, n)af bee map Difcljarge btmfelfe, ano let tycm bee 
firafoco einjer foritb (tram, 0? coutfe fjap : fo; tlje fjaeoet tjjf p lie, 
tlje famee tbep fatte.puil ataap beff&es, tfj cir feathers from rtjcic 
Ijeacs, tbeir tuings, ano ttjcir faplcs, tlje onefojauopeing of 
ilice, t\)t otljer fo; binoing tbetr bot-us. Oc mcafc tfjat pou 
gtue tbcm, mutt be I5arlcp meale, tuljtib mingled with toatrr, 
muff be maOe in litle pctlers.lubcrcUHtb tl;ep unit be fat (as fome 
tfmtbe) in fourefeene Dapes : but fee tbat pou gtue it tycm but 
raooeratelp at tlje fiiff , till tyep toell otgeff it, after glue it tfjem 
mquanntte,acco?Binga0 rtjepotgetttf: ano fnanptoife giuetjjem 
no nefo> till pou perceiue, bp feeling of tbeir Ccopprs, tljat tfjc 
olDc be cnoelucD. jDtbcrsooe fpn'ncble tbeir Create toitb l£onep 
fobDen in mater, putting to tfcee parts of mater, one of t&onep, 
ano one of Wne,ano roetfing berein fobeaten b?eao,tbeptljcre* 
mifballDoecrammetliiem. £)tljers fap, tbat if pou putfjereunto 
a little ^ilbe, tbep lotll be wonoerfull fatte, SDlje Cocferels are 
Making of geloeo (as AriftotJcfatfl)) infyc bmoerpart, mbicltUiljen tbep 
Capons, freao, falletb out : tfyis part, if pou burne tmo 0? tlj;ee times, 
rfjcp luill bee Capons. Sinn if tbep be rigl;t Capons, tljeir 
€ombs becommetl) pale ; ncitljer croming 3 no? treabing anp mo;e. 


entreating of Poultrie. 153 

0at Wtiuts of t&c Count rep, cut ffng ttjem beffofrf t&e leggcs, 
tabe out tbeir ft ones, atiD fatoing tip the toounD, annoint it toitb 
Butter-, tobttf) Done, ttjep ttjut tfjem bp m a Copc,not fuffering 
tbem to ojfnlie in a Dap 0; ttoo. jf rom the beginning of ^arucft, 
and all Winter long, ttje offall of njc Co?ne, ano ttje Barnes 
Dane Dotl; faDetljcm fufficientlp : toberetbep plant tames, fpa> 
ring ofber mo?e cottlp fortes, tljcp feeoe tbcm toitljttje bernels 
ofnje<0:apes : anDtoberetbcrc is neither nje oflfail of Come, 
no: (0?apes,n)epmuft be feDDe toitb £Dates,&>perp, ojfucb lihe. 
£Do caufe them to lap in »nter,poumutt gmc tjjem (as 3 tolD 
you) !£empcfeDt. 

jfpoutooulobaue great <£gges, Lconcus teacljef & to beafe ° fE ss cs ' 
mtopotoDcr 25?iche,o: .flaunocrs Me, ano mingling it toin) 
CijcfiilanD make it in 2Doto,anD giue it to rour Ipenne, 
into put a s>auccrfuil of the potoDcr of tlje Bjicbe, to a (Gallon 
of B2amie,anD to feeDe tbem Uutti if. SCbe %ges of pigeons, 
Oitfc, peaeocfcs,anD Curfeics, be nil u^itc : the Cgges of M^ 
f er if otole be greenifl), ano pale : n)e (Minnie $ennc s Cggcs 
be like ttjc jpchennes in all things, fauingtbat tbcp be fpcife'.cD 
as the Cucbie 19 ens. SCfje pbeafnnts, ano tfjeftaftrils Gggcs, 
arereDDift). £Dbc dkggcs of all ifofoles (as Plmic faitt)) are of 
tin c olours,tobcr etii tb e Skater j* otolr s (D;ggcs,bauing a great 
Dealemoje polfcc tben toljite, ano that mc:c blacbettjen others. 
2Tbc Gggcs of _f ifljes, are all of one colour, Waning no totnte 
in tbem. Sijc Gggcs of Biros are bp reafon of tbeir beafe,b?ifc 
tie : ann Serpents C-ggcs, bp reafon of tbeir coloncfie, tougb : 
if iftjes, bp meanes of tbeir mopffure, foft in lapfng, u)e rounD 
part of the Gggc commetb ft eft out, tfjc £>fy\\ being foft, ano 
pjefcntlp after barb : tofjat fojme foeuer tfjep &aue, ttje long are 
molt eommenDeD,as toftneffetf) tljcpocf. SCIje eggc in faujion 
frameo long, ano of tbem (as 35 faio before) fs bjougrjt faijtfj 
tbc Coche €ty<btn, as ofibc rounDones trje^enne, though 
Anftotlc beagatnff if. §>omc ^ens Ooc lap berp great Cgges, 
ano fbofe in off times tost!) ttoo polkes, bailing the tljcll DeuioeD 
as it toere toifl) a circle, \o\iic\f botb Ariftotle tojiten), ano our 
erperienreapp:eouetb. &ome Doe lap Double, ano hatch Double: 
fomcare fofruitfull,ss tbep lap great numbers at once, fome 
cuerp Dap, fome ttoife a Dap : fome are fo fruitfull as tfjep bill 

El t*jen*> 

The fourth Booke, 

ftjemfclutfJ foft| lading 31ntlje mrtoeff of all <£gges, tfjerc 
Ipetlj as it mere, a Djoppc of blouo, toljtcb is fuppofeo to Lee tl;e 
beart of flje Biro, Vubicbbe tlje firif in all tljeboop frames : tlic 
boop if feifeis to;ougbtof tbctmjife: ttjefuftenanccis tbcpolue: 
ti)c !)ceo, k>i;ile it ism tbefbell, is bigger tijen all tbe boop, tlje 
rpestfjut bp moiefbcntbebcao. Wtlinlcfye Cljtchin incceafetb* 
tl)e toijite goctb to tJjc miorr, ano tbc polite compnffrtb rouno a> 
tout. SSI)* tUientut^ Dap (as 3 faio before) if pou fttrcetbe 
<£ggc>pou l^aUljcarc t|>c Cochin, from to&Ub time tbe feathers 
come fojtb, Iping fo, as tbe bcaDrettetf) upon fberigbt fajfeano 
tbc rigbttong rcucrctl? tlje bcab* &fyc aolc (fcggcsaretbougtjt 
to come of fye foaine lull ami freacing of tlje ^enncs fogetber : 
fome fuppofc tfytm to be b2ccoe of tfje toinbe, ano tijerrfo^e call 
tbem WLinot egges, as Anftotie fcefoie Hmw b^tb fetfittcn. 
<£gges ace pzcferueo in Minter, if pou feccpettjem inCbaflfe, 
£>rratoe, oi&caucs: ano in Rummer, if pou couer tbem totb 
B:a«ne j 02 SMlljeate. &ome Doe couer tbem bcfo:c in fine Oca 
ten &att, fo: t|)e fpace of fire bonrcs, anb after toaflj f bem ano 
la? tljf m in Cipaffe, ^tcatoe, 0? 15?anne. £)tbcrs againe couer 
tbem in 215 canes., ana feme in liSeane a oto:e > ano fome in Ij capes 
of fealt : but £>alt, as it falfcret!) not tbc dfcgges to corrupt, fo 
it greatlp biminiCbctbtlje fubffance of tbem. I^our l£en ^eufes 
muff be maoe in tfjaf pact of ttjc l^oufe, as ivetlj in tlje Minter 
totoarb t\)t rifing of t\)t Smnne, ano iopning as neere as map bee 
to fome l&ili, £>ucn 5 0? Cbiawcp, ojtotbe Ittifcgnn, fo as t\)t 
fmofcc map come amongff tbem : foi fmofce is bet p tefcolfeme 
fojtbisfeinscof jfotoe. 3no fbat mas (31 tyinkt) tbe caufetljat 
tbeolo people maoe cbcpfe in fycit quitrents of fmofee felines, 
as of tbe beff,as it appeared bp olo Hentallcs. let f be front of 
pour ^emte fyoufe ffano altoiprs towarDs tt)t CDeft,ano fo tbat 
Coaff let ttyc tco:e open. iLct tbe inner remus be toelt furmfijeo 
fcutb 5,ofts, ano iiacoers, anbfmatl QZainboiues opening Cat •« 
lnaro, at mb^l) pcur poulfric map fipoutm tlje moaning, an^ 
come into tbc Hcofi atmgbt. 3L©fee tbatycu mabctbemclofe at 
nigbf j ans let t^t Wn&otocs be ioell letfeifeo foj feare of tEler* 
mine. 31 ef wr nefls ano lcogings 3 bctbfo?!apihg ano bteobing, 
be c?bedp caff : ano againft eucrp neft ano rafting place, plate 
&eppc0 ano bo^es to comebp b?, mafemgtijcm as rougba* 


entreating of Poultrie. 154 

map bee, tFjat flje primes map fafee gcoo ^olo fobcn«jep fipbp 
to tj)em,ano not bp tbeir oner fmcotbeneffe, bee fo?cco to fiutter, 
anD burt tbeir <£gges. Blttftall not be amtffe, ii poti parget tye 
boufe botb toitbin ano toitbout Inttl) gart pialffcr, foberebp net* 
tfjec C&eqcll, no: otber Ijuctfull Permute map enter in. 1£sj:> 
ttD jfUozcs are not fo: irotoleto ra>ff upon, toljicb almoft all 
fcinoe of lSirDs refufe, beefcufc of tlje f?art ttjat tbep rccctnc bp 
tbeir Dung, tob»cbif if cleaue to tbeir feefe, b?ceOetb tbe <£ouf. 
#n& tljerefoje to rcoffetopom pou muft maUetbempearebe*, 
\\)\)ic\) Columella tooulD, fljouio bemaoefouce-fquare : but it is 
better to fjaue tbem rouno, fo tf>at tbep be nottcowuDtbe fo; 
tbem to fafee bole bp. &ct tfje pearcbes reacb from onefioe of 
rbefoalltotbeotber, foaotbepffana from tbe JFla>?e a fate in 
befgbt, ana ttoo fate tri Dfftance one from ti>e otber : ano ttjus 
baue poti tfje fau)ion of pour J£enne ^oafe. %ty Court tutjerc 
tbep goe, mutt be cleane from Dung ano DurfinelTc, not ba* 
uing toatcr in if, fauing in one place, ano tbatmuft betoeue 
fap2e ano cleane : fo; if it bepuDDle, 0? Durtie, it bjeeDetb fas 
3 fapD befo?ej tbe pippe. Co fceepe tbeir mater cleane, pott 
map baue fap?e Cartben 0? &tone raeffels, 0; ETrougbs of fooo, 
couereo on the foppe, in trjciubtcii, tberemuffbefeucrall boles, 
fo biggc, as tbe beao of tfje if otole map eafiuc enter : fo; if pou 
ftpuio not beepetbemtbus couereo, tbe poultrie tooulD intuit 
c?inlnug Defile ano popfon it toitij tbeir Dung. &fait meats 
muft be giuen tbcm bztimts in tbe morning fo? draping ab?oao 3 
ano a little befoje nigbt, f bat t^ map come t^t timelier to tbeir 
reft. Stbofe f bat be in tyt Cope, mutt (as Columella faitb) b« 
feooc tb?ife in ttft cap : t\)t otbers mutt be fcfeD to an acquaint eo 
topce,tbat tbcp map come at tbe calling. SOje number muft bee 
foell mariico : fo? fyiv fane Deceiue tbeir feeeper. 25efioe> poa 
muft baue rouno aboutbp tbe foalleo 3 ga)0 plentieof Duft,tobcrc> 
in tbep map batbe ano p?opne tbcmfelues : fo? as tbe &toine De* 
iigbtetb to toalloii) in curt, fo oottj tbis kinnt to bathe and turn* 
bieintbc Dutt. ilno rfcis is (3 ftjmbe) almoft all tbat is to bo 
fato of pullein. 

Mellijs'evs, |0ea, but foeemuff beare fomcthing alfo 
foucbingtbe otber fo?ts of jfotole.tbataretupt about tbe boufe, 

iupicb peraouenture Chenobofcusraninftruct us of. 

ma Chen o- 

The fourth Booke, 

Chenoboscvs. 8no if poutotllneeDesbauc me, J toill 
not refute to fljcto pou fomcto!;atalfo of mp featbcrcDcattell. 
Mellissevs,3J p?ap pou Doe fo. 
Of Gccfc. Chenoboscvs. tfmongtf tf)C iFote'.e fljat toe fceepe a* 
bout our fpufec m the Connttn-, the feconD place of ngfjt is oue 
toffje Carfe ano tt>e Duclse, to^icljareof tbe number of ttjofe 
t^atttjepcall Amphibia, becaufetb'cp line as well bponUjelano, 
as tf>« mater. 3nD becaufe tfje bitptng of (Secfe require* no 
great labour, ft is a thing not tmmeete fo? tbe !£usbanoman, 
fo? ttjaf (ff bee Ijauc place commootous fo; it) it is Done toirbout 
anprijarges, an& peelDc t[) goo acuantagebotb toittj tbctrb?©oe 
ano fearers : fo? beftoetfje profit of tbeir Cggs } pou map timfe 
m tift fiece a at t\)t &p?ing, ano tfje fall of trje leafe pulltyettt. 
^o?coucr, ttjcp are a oerpgcoD Oiflj fo? tbe Cable : pea, being 
mo:e toattbftill tfjcntfje £>ogges, tjjep gtuc warning tofjenrtjep 
flcepe. £no f bcrefo?e f bep lucre tottb tije Romanes fan in great 
bonour, bmu(t tfjep icttb tfjeic gaggling beto?apcD flje enemie, 
tfjaf otfjrrlutfe in tf)c nigbt time bao tafcen t£e STofone. PJinic 
to?ttetb of a <£»mfc tbat moulD neucr be from tbe ^tftlofopfjcr 
Lacydes.f^outcbopfe mutt be of tbofetbatbeoftbefairetrfcinDe: 
Varro lifcetb beff ftjc tufjife ones , tobii'b colour teas mott tttee* 
mco in ttft doe time, as appeared bv t\)t p?cfenfs tbat toere gi# 
nen: tbe fame Varro account etb tbe grap fo? a tiuloe hinoe.Cbcp 
are fecpf in *parfljcs, ifennes, &afees,anD i33(D?tu) Commons : 
fo? to Come grounD^eODoines, ano |3atturcs,it is a berpburf* 
full fo\»\c : u> bitctfj iubatfoencr poung &p?tng rtje map reacb, 
ano robat u)c oncebatb btftfn 3 Dotb neucr Iigbflpp?cfperagaine: 
befites,ujeffencberb t!;e grounDtiHtb ber bnp?ofitabIe,o?ratbcj 
mod burtfull Dunging : hsfyttcffm (as 3 faio) it is bctttofceepe 
t^emin frmncs. Lakes, ano cparfljes. Hfpcubauettozeofuufj 
ground, pouflMUDoe toelltofceepefbem: fo? pon cannot toell 
tutpctbem UntboutgroD tto?e of loafer ano paffure. SCbe ®<ofe 
Deiigbf etl; in fuel; meat as is naturalip mo; tt ? colD, anD tyunnctty 
naturallp furl; tbings as are burtfullfo?ber, as t\)t leafe of tbe 
25ap 5 ano(as Alunus to?if etb) tbe Oleander i t\fc bett anD mkttH 
fimefo? tbcmto b?eeoe in, is from t\)z Salenos of ^arcb, fo tlje 
f entb of BEune. Hbcp treao mott commonlp in t&e toafer, tobile 
tljep ftotm in tbe Hitters, o? £ iftj-ponos, columella toonlD tyaue 


entreating of Poultrie. * 55 

pou beep* foj euerp <25anoer, tbjee dtfeefe, tbinKfog bp r^afoit of 

t&cittmUielDincirc 3 tbis number to fufficc; tuitfjin roue Court, 
yon mutt make tficm foi tbcte better fafc tic, feuerall, ana ferret 
pennes, in funojp parts tbcreof,foberetbep map lit ano bjeeoe* 
feomctooulo bauetbe<25a>fc-rcomeframeD infucb o:0cr,as encrp 
CDcofe map fjaue a place to bcr fcifc : tobicb, if anp man tbinfee 
too troublesome, |jc map maac one fum'cient tofoc rcomc to ferus 
tycm all. %\)t places foljcrc tbep (ball lap, muff be o:ic, auD 
foellffcatoeo im'tb Oram, 0? fuclj foft matter, ano iueil Defences 
from Uermt'ne. &\)c <5cotc mutt not befuffereo to lap out of ber 
neft, butfobeupou (ball perceiuefbep feeae it, pou muff grope 
r l) em , ano tf ttje p be Untf? <£gge> tojucb pou u)ail eafiltc feclc, tl;ett 
ibuf tljcm tjp m tljeir nrlfo roljici) pou u)aUnotnceOetoooea^> 
boue onec,o? ttoife : fo? fobere u)e barb onee lapD,u)e irnil altoaies 
of bet felfe fceaefo be -SDbepfofll lap (as fomebolo opinion) tbtffe 
in tl;c parcjif tbcp be not fuffereD to fit, as it in belt pou Doe not: 
fo.j tbeir £gges are better to be batcfjeD bnoer a !£enne, then of 
tbemfelucs, ano toill better a great Deale p:ofper« SCbe C-ggcs 
of (Pafejano fctoanncs, lucre rjfcO (as Alianus foifnetTetb) as a 
moft oaintie dm) at Bankets, among the Rings ano p.:inces of 
tfjeSlnOfes. Ariftotleafftrmetb, tljaf tbc^aifcalmatesbfctbto 
fit, ano neuer tbc CSanocr, con tear ic to tlje ojocr of manp otljer 
if ofoles, continuing altoaies till u)e baue batdicD. after tbc laff 
laping, pouu)all fuffer tbem to fit, ano marts e enerp ones egges 
tottb a feuerall marfee, tyattyty map be fet bnoetttjeirovnne 
G5cofe,foj it is tbougbt tbep ioill neuer batcba fftangcrs Cggcs? 
loitbout u)k baue ber oUme fenDer ber, £>f C5cok (Eggcs, as of 
Pcbennes C2ggcs, pou ujall (as 31 faio before ) neuer fctbnoer a 
%enne aboue fiuc,no; bnoee tbjee : but fcnDcr tbc Ctafe pou (ball 
fet at tbe leaf* feauen, ano at t be molt fiff ane. P>ou muff feeepe to 
lap bnoer pour CEgges, tbe rotes of fettles, tobiebfb^P fapp?c 
ftruetb t^zm againft tbe flinging of $effles,lm)feb ofbertoife 
manp times feillctb t\)z <0o$ling,if tbepffing tyzm* %fyz (fcggcs 
tofll not beebafebeotftbe toeatber be coloe? before rtje fbietietb 
cap, if it betoatmc, in letter time : botobeit fo? tbe moft part, 
t^z ©ogling isbafcbeD t^z t\)ixtizt^ Oap after t^z fitting, £>omc 
Doe bfc to fet b^ tfyz netts HBarlep (ecepeo in tiaater , 0: q?aulf, 
loberebp t^z Ctofe u)all not be fo.jceo to be anp iw)iic abfent from 

m 3 bcr 


Ik r <£ggcs. Wityn pour Ctylmgs are come fca^ffj, pou ujall fo? 
tlje firft ten oapes faeoe tt;*m toitt) tt>e Cmfe in tlje neff. £fter* 
iuaros,lulKn tjjc foeatljer is faire 3 rou mapfufferrtjemto goe a* 
l?oaB, taking gaju tjeeoc tfjat tljep be not IfingcD toit!) J^cttietfj 
no? tijat pou let tljem goe an ljungreD into tlje paftures : but to 
gtue tijem after tiyzv goe ab?oao tf)c leaucs of C"nDt«e 5 o? Hettufe 
e^jopt, to apoage tijeicijtmger ; fo? tf pou put ttjeman fcungreD 
into iijeSelD, tfjep (frame ana b?eafee tfjeir etome necks, totty 
puiiirsgatttjetougijano fhtbbc;netotfDcs, bprca{onoftl;tfuc* 
Den ftar ring baefce agatne of tlje Vueeae, SDtje C5c0ngs of Diners 
b?©;Ksmi;u; not goe together? no? be u)ut top tcgct5tr 3 fo? ^ur* 
Fatdngof ting one another. 3©ll)cn ttjep befoure^onttljsolD, o?fcmr* 
Qccfc. tutjaf btfc?e, is feeft tune fo? fatting tljem : t&e pcunge ft are tw* 
\m% ano rafcitctt fattcD, 3>f pou giue ttjem grotme i$)ault> anD 
^i;eate flofo?e , pou nceoe gtue tt)em noting elfe , fo pou let 
tijem fjaue D?tnke enough, anD feeepe ttjim from going ab?oaD.. 
%$z <&i&b$$ Dio tofe to put f o f&o parts of grotmo $pautt 3 fcurc 
parts of515?an,temp?fng if iuitl) toate reletting tl;em D?inhett)?ife 
a oap, ano at micnigfjt. 3Jf pen tooulo Ijaue ttjirtr Litters foftano 
tenDer, pou u)alt mingle o?p #igs, tnell beaten \$iti> mater, anD 
making pellets thereof, cram tijem lust!) it fo? the fpace of feauen* 
fane o? tmentie Dates. &r)e 3fetues at t&is Dap, being tjje f fcilfuk 
icftfeeDrrs f&at be. Doe tofea If range o?Der in tlje fatting of ttjem, 
trapping tjje ®ofe in a JLinnen flp?on, t!)cp fjang Ijcr top in a 
Darke place,ftopplng fcer eares tojitfj peafon,o? fome otyer ttjing, 
tljat bp neither £earing,no? feeing ofanp tljing, &)# be not fojceo 
to ffruggle, no? ccp : after f£iep giue Ijer pellets of grounD ^alt, 
o? Bar,lepifrcpeD in mater, tbife a sap, fetfing bp tijcmtoatec 
anDgraue4i,bptm)ici) manner offering tiiepmafce tfcem fo fatte, 
as tlje &iuer manp times eommefl) fo be fiue pcunD in toaigtjf, 
©caijilff 3 toas at tlje Counceilof Wormcs,tl)erc teas a Jliuer of 
a CStofe b?ougtjf me b)> a 3?eiy,tt)at iuaigljeofoure pounD. Plinie 
is atfo a toitmtte of tl;e greatneffe of tlje iiuers of fat ©eefe,amr* 
miwg, tfjat tljcp feiil grolu after fljr p be out of tt)e boDpesicing 
fp?incftltD iuitlj mt'lfce. %\>e common o?c*r of fatting iuif i) our 
Countrep people, is to G)utfct&ein top in a Darfee, anD a nairoto 
plate, anD fo fetbefo?e tijem Barlep, o? Beecl) to^eat e, giuing, 
tfjem Mw 3 Uittljatutlefano, o?graucUm tbcic Strokes : 


entreating of Poultrie. 1 5 £ 

anD tuttfj tfjis ojoer f&ep ijmic tfjem fat fn foureteene Dapes.0ftet 
fcarttcft, tbep wtilbe fat Uutfjtfje d%ctten,o.: &tubble.SDlKP are 
piucbeD (ass 3} fato before) tUnfeintijepare,- in t|?e £>p?tng, ana 
in tlje fall of tli c icafc, fecntc fcfc to cltppetljcm, but t^en tijetu 
feathers ncttcr groin foiucli : butif poupulltIjcm ? poH ftjail Ijaue 
tjtem to come Mttic faw againe : ano tljts 10 cnougt) fo; a (^eofe. 

&>ucks ano Scales are to be ojDcreD in like manner almoft as Ducks. 
t!)e <S3fl>fe 3 fattutg t&at ttjep Dcltgfjt moje in toatcrs anD £psrtfljes; 
ana tljcrcfoze pou mult foicc fome Platers, takes, 9; pojJcs, 
fo; tycm 3 foijereunco tfjep ma? eaOip goeano ftoimmc, ano cme 
at ttjeir pleafure. Columella fooulD Ijaue psu Ijaue a Court foj 
tlje nonce fo; tfjem, tofjere no Cattell fcfe,ano n«*re to ffte fcoufe, 
rouHO about tlje teinc*> pou tyall buiio fo: trjein little fjauofome 
It comes, tijjdc note fquare, toitfj pjettte D©:es to euerp one of 
ihem : foijic& Hubert they bjceoe, pou fljall tope (ftutte.^aw bp, 
pow mud baue either fomepono, 0; Uinee, iufjercut (as 3 fato) 
tfjepmapfftumme: foiUuttjauftljeljclpe of tlje teatcrtljep can 
as euill lute, as toif&ouf tl;e lanD. 3t is goo alfo to tjanenarc 
tnto tftcm, fome gcoD failure, ejSpeDDoto, oho fet about the 
Ponos 0; Hiuers, fuel) li^carbs as trjcp beft lifee? as Clauer 3 
if enegr&lte 3 (£nDiue,iletrufe,anD fucfj other as tljep moft otli^ht 
in, ano Uirjercit*itf) trjeir poung Doe tuell face : befi&c, pou muft 
$m them £Dtes, loarlep, ano otfjcr Co;ne mfoafer* Carets 
nothing frjat tij?p mo?elouetijen 3comes,no; ttjat better fattztfy 
tytm. Stic? ccUgJjt foonocrfullp to bee amongft HetDes ana 
l&cDgeSiluijcrcm rtjcp map Ipe fafe from rauenons biros, but fo 3 
as there groin no great ttalbcD iuaocs, tljat ma? t)tnoer tljeir 
ftoimming : fez tiicy eeligbt greatlp to plap tljemfelues in tlje 
toatcr , and to Seine i»t)j can ftoimme fatten, luljcn tlje tueattjer 
is fee ano tuarnte : fo: as rfjcp toue fuel) places fo&cre f l;ep map 
be® p?ap tpon the creatures of tlje fctatcr, fo are tljcp mucfj of# 
fenocD if tyep be reffrapneD of tljeir libertie in ffotmming* 3n 
tftttnter, fotjcntfje toaters be frojen,pou mutt pip tyemfome* 
times hurt) meate* SOjep Deligbt to mafcc tljeir netts in feme fe* 
cret Coueef, but therein pou muttp:euent ttym, anD make tbct'r 
netts in trjetc otoite looging, o:ab:oao, luell coueeeonno clofco 
foitJj Vetoes : to foljiclwcfl: pou muff fjaue fome Utile (luce, 0? 
gutter a bp toljicl) pou map euerp Dap pottle in toateranomeate* 

U 4 SDljeic 

The fourth Booke, 

SCfftit f©oe muff be fas 3 faid) gDfes, 25arlet>,peafe, panicle, 
fillet, and &>perie, ifpoufjaueanptfo:e. SLtjcp lap great ftoje 
of Cggcs, wi)erctottt),as toift) Ctofe Cgges 3 pou map teell fade 
pour familie. £i>e e'gge s of Ducks ana Cafe, arc kept m lihe 
fo:f as 3 told pou of l£ennes (Sggcs : and befide, in Ifoanne, 
tCirjeatc, o? 0u^cs. Stjer bjaoe in ftje fame fcafon tfjat Cafe, 
ano orrjer jfotole do,about ^arcb f ^pjtU.^nD tt)erefo?e totjerc 
pou feape trjem,poumuff ffrawe fficfecs ano ffrafoes ft: tl;cm to 
make their nets mitfjall. SEfjcir Cgges mutt be fuffered to be 
fcafcfjea bp tljemfclues,o£ clfercmoued andfet tm&er fome !£en: 
fo: tije Ducklings that cfjc l^enne tjatcfjctfj, are f tjoug&t to bee 
gentler anD tamer* i^ou muff false goo Ijate, tfjat t^e Cggcs 
lu'jicn tbet? lap. be not eaten ano fpopled bp Crowes ano ppes, 
htfjtle tlje Damme is fabtng abzoao fo: mtatt. 3f fo be pou rjaue 
Kilters ano Hakes fo; tlje purpofe, it is beft to let the Damme s 
tying fycm bp : fo? wrjen tycy be IjafcljeO, trjep will Ituefeer? 
well c-pon the wafer toitlj tr>etr Dams, without anp charge at 
ail : onelp fake gcoD fjadc, that the? be defended from Bujaros, 
iaif cs, Crowes, and ether like elermine : bat fo pou tfe trjem, 
as tl)t\] mill euerp nigfjt come home to the botifc : fo: it is not 
g©D to let them be ab:oao in tlje mgl;t,fo: Danger of loiing tljem, 
ano making tbcm wiloc. l&ef fcatlj it bane fane, tfjatfuctj as 
Ijaue hatched ab:oao, Ijaue afterwards come home, ano b:ougljt 
with them a great number at trjete taplcs.CClhen 31 mas ambafc 
faoour in Cngland, it was fold me bpmenofgeoDcreOife, tfjat 
tfjere mas in s>cotlano narc f tlje 3>ea certaine f rees,tfjat pare* 
ip b:owgbt tojtf) a fruit, t&at falling info fl;e &ea,bccamea bind* 
of wiloe Ducks, ojratljer 33arnaclcs, wfjicfj ttjonglj it famed 
ffrange f me, vet founo 3} AriftorJe a iuitneffe of tlje likt, wfjo 
iujttetrj, ttjat tljcKtucc Hypaotn in Scyrhia,b;nngeff)fojrrj frees, 
mrjofe leaucs being fomewjjat larger tfjen $aplc leaues, wfjew 
of commctfj a fctnoe of foure farted Bp:ocs. 
Peacocks. 15ut now fo peacocks, tobicfj Biros,betng mo?e fo? pleafurg 
trjen profit, are mater to be feepf of i^oblc-men, ftjenof p©?e 
^usbancs of tfjc Countrep, tfjougb varro tozitcfb, tfjat M. Au- 
ffdms Lurco, toljo fiift began tlje fatting of ftjis irotule, maoo 
parelp of rjfs ^eacochs foure ^uno;eo pound , m^ofeerample 
numbers following, t Ijc p; t ce of peacock greipfo be great, fo 


entreating of Poultrie. 157 

muclj, a0 f&efr Cfcgges toere folD foj fjalfe a crotene a pace, tfje 
peacocfes tbemfclues, at foure gobies a peece.&b* aefl) 10 &erp 
gtDD nno Delicate, meete fo; $oble-mcns Cables, anD Unil be 
long fcepttoitbout corrupting, tbe <£gge*alfo be toerp plcafant, 
anD go>D to be eaten. Horteniius ti;cpfap,toas t&efirft tbateuer 
feillco peacocfee fo: tbe Cable in Home , as a ncto Dtuj at tlje 
perils featt* SEo tbis Bpjo , is afcribeo botb bnDcrffanDing, 
ano glorp : for being pjaifeD, be fete op ftraigbf bts taile, ano (us 
PJinic eloquentlp Defcribesitjcbiefelpagainu; tb*&unne,fof)ece< 
bptbcbeautiemapmo:ebe feene. 1$is Uilz falling euerp pcere 
imtb tbefall of tlje leafe, be mournetfj , ano creepetb in corners 
till bis taile be fp:ong againc. SCfjep goe abroad as ^ennes ano 
Cbichins boe Imtbout a keeper, ano gzt fljeir ofone linings, tbep 
be bell fcept in little 3lanDs : fo? tbep flie neptber &ie , no? farce 
off. feome tbinhe it to beafpitefult ano znuious Biro , as the 
dSoofe to be tbamefatt , ano tbat be deuouretb bis ofowe Dung, 
becaufebe toculD baueno manreceiue benefit bp fyim. ^e liuetb 
(as AriftotlcfaitbJ fiueanD ttoenfiepeeres : be b:eeoetb attbree 
peercs olD, tbe Cocfte fjautng ^is feathers Diuers coloureD : be 
gatctjctl) in ttyttit oaies, as tyz Ctafe Dot!), ano lapetl) tfyk time* 
ma peerc, if tbe Gfcggesbp tafeenatoap , ano fet tonoer a^enne. 
i^oumuftUoHefbattbofe tfatvou fet bnoer a l$znnz , be neto 
taio, ano t&at tl\z ^enne from tyz firff of tbe S^ame, be fet bpon 
ninz (£ggcs>fiue of t^z peacoebs, ano foure of ber oiwte. %\yz 
Unify Dap after me barb fit, take afoap tlje Serines (£gges, ano 
put tjnoer tlje like number of freu) l^enncs (fcgges. SCbepmuff 
be turned, ano therefore marneD bpon onefioe* 0nofee that 
pou eb&fe t^z greatcft ^enne , for if tbe ^emte be little , pou 
mutt take t^z letter number of d£gge*,as fb.zee peahens (£gges, 
ano8rc^enne(Bgges. Wen f bep be batcbeo , pou muftas 
pou Doe toftb tbe 1$mnz » let ti)tm alone : t^z firtt Dap after? 
toaros bring tbetn out,ano put tb?m Uririj fl;e Damme info a pen, 
ano fee&c tbemattbefica fottb liSarlep flotme, fpriualeD iuitb 
hiafer, 0: pappc matie of anp otljcr Co^ue, ano c©!eD. SL fern 
Daicsafter 3 gtae t\)tm befioe tbis,cboppeD Heefces,anD Ccuds, 0; 
freuj Cbeefe,tbe Wltyy well Uuongout : to% 3®bepis (bought 
to be tjerp fjurtfull fo? t^e (ttytbins. after tb*p be a monef^ 
olD; pou map let fytm goe in m Uz\d 3 ano follow tlje ^enne> 



The fourth Booke, 

fpmg f&e l^eime foifb along line 3 tbat % goe not ta fat ab?oa& 3 
but tijat t!;e vXIncam ma? come bome m tunc, #fter tbe fi rt 
monetf), pou map giue tbemBarUp,anD Bjcao : anD after tbe 
temmtfy monetb, you map put tycm to rculi in tbe baufe toufj 
tbe efber, notfuffermg turn to fit teen the grotnD, but 
bpon perches fc? tahmgof colD, 0nD altbougb Un)cn tl?ep tears 
great 3 ttjcp cljisfeip Deligbt to fit bpon tf>c topped of boufed, anD 
bead tbe (Safe id, Imjictj are tbe belt toatebmen, ana nlfo tljeeeE 
teaming gmerd in tfjenigbt time : ?ettd it bed fo? pou to bfc 
trjemts fubpen pmtjcs.mtioufcs made purpofelp fo? tlitm, 
Columella thtnUc0 tt notgeoo to fuffer funDjplpennrdteitbfbtfr 
CbtcUind-fo r«o cogetbcr 3 becaufe t£e i^ennc after u> feetba big* 
Jer tben bee ofomejmafcetb tfce leffe account of bcr ofon Cbicbm*, 
anD manp times bp tbat occasion fojfafcetb fyem. 23 be 
Coche,bp tYjt great IpC ttjaf bebatbtotreaD, b?eafeed a funDer 
n)e Cgged tbat be tmoer tbe i^enne , anD tfjerefo2c it in belt to 
fjaue t\jt l$mm& to fit as fccrerlr as map bc.rbep alfo tjfe to beat 
anD cbafe t^etr otunc Cl)tcbin0,fiil tbep fee ttjem ereffeDbpon ffje 
ljeaD 3 tafeing tfyem tflltben,fo be none of tbeir otone* £>nc Cocke 
fufficetb fo? fine penned, tobo bp fa oft freaDing, ootb manp 
timed caufe tljat u)e Cgges neuec come f o gas. 3n foarme rouw 
tciestfbep begin to treao in Jf eb?uarp, toben (tttino; bp bid tail* 
rouno about &im,tafcmg bimfelfe fo; no fmall perfen,bc beginnefb 
totoee 3 aaD tberefoje at tbtd tunc borfclbe Cocfee anD tfje Ipenne 
are to be cberiu)eD &ttb meatedfo? tbe purpofe to increafe tbeir 
luff 3 ae Beaned totteo a little bp tlje ftre 3 anD giuen f bem toarme 
euerpftue Dated in tbe morning. sni;c qnacrclloud anD trouble- 
fomeCotfecs, matt be fcuercD from tbeir feHotoed, to? hutting 
tbe toeafeer, anD feaping others from treating. SCbe penned 
muft be kept fo, ad tbep map lap onelp in tbeir boufcd,anD eucrp 
Dap gropeDfozbce G-gged 3 ano tjocDclp Icokco to, toirhfoft UraUJ 
laiDbnDer tbeir percbed : fo: manp timed tbep lap as tbep fit 
open tbe perct). SSbeDifeafedoftbid jfoule, anD tbe eemeDied, 
are almoft one toity tyt Difeafed of tbe boufe-Ccche anD tbe 
j^ennefpofcen of bttott&at id 3 tbepippe 3 anDill Digiffion.S£beir 
-.great eft Danger w toben tbeir Coamed come firtr out, fo? t^eti 
■atB tbep patneD 3 ad eijile?en are in tyxnins of f&fb* 

M£ L LIS* 

entreating of Poultrie. 158 

M e l l 1 s s e v s.3 tooula fame learnc tye rtgljt ojdring of Turkie 
tfjeir outlanoity IBtroSjCalled (25mnp-Cocks,ana 2Curhp-Cocks Cocke*. 

Chenoboscvs. SEfjis mnde of poultrie toec jjaue 
wot long Ijaa amougff bs : foj before tlje peerc of our !Lo#r 
1 53o.t^cp lucre not fa?ie tafflj bs,uoj 3 bclaac fenolunc to tlje 
olo tojitcrs. &ome fjaue fuppofea tljcm to be a ftinde of tlje 
Biros, tailed in tlje old time Meleagrides , becaufc of tljeir bleto* 
flljCoames : but tfjrfe feinacs fjaue no Coames^butonelptoaf* 
tci0. ^Dt^ers agalne reckon tfjem to; a uinae of peacocks, be* 
raufc tljep doe m treading time after tlje fame fojt, fpjcaa and 
fct bpttjeir tailes, bjagging ana banting ttjcmfelucs : Ijobibeit 
tlicp neptyer referable tljcfc in all points. 3i5ut becaufe tljis 
feinSe of i?o\»lc, borfj fo; tfjeirrareneffe, and alfo tlje greats 
neffe of tljeir boaic, tart tljis dap feeptm great floche^ it fijall 
not be ninety amiffe to fpeake oft^rm : foj in dainfmeffe ana 
grajdneffe of meate, t^e primes map compare U>tt^ rpttjer tlje 
(2>a>fe,o.: tlje pcaljcn, and tljeCocfcrfatrcercell t£cm. SCljeec* 
lour of tljeir feathers, ts fo? ttye moll part ta^fte, blache,ojpiea 
intjite and bacfee , fome blefo and blacfce. SCbetr fsefe are Jihc 
bntoftyepcaeocKcs, tljeir taile8jo?t a but fpjeaa , and bojne bp 
after tfje |3eacoclies guife, fpfclall? iu^cntfjep tread. HCije Jjcaas 
and tfje nscfcrs of tljem , are naUcd Untfjout feathers, couered 
tmt&alxnmc&lea fBtunc, in manner of a Coiulc, 0% al^ooae, 
tufjicfj fjangtng oner tljeir bllles, tlje a.iafo bp, o? let fall atf&eir 
pleafures. Ctje Cocke ijatfc ttje greater toattels bnder |ts 
cljui;ie 7 ana on Ijis bitft a tuff of tjaire. SClje colour of tfjat tojincfc* 
led ftmwc about Ins fceaa ( fofjiclj Ijangetlj ouer tys bill , and a* 
bout Ijis nrehe^aH fuelling as it foereimtf) little blathers ) Ijc 
ctyangetn from time to time li&e the Cams-lion , to all colours 
of tfje Mneboto, fometimestoljite^omefimesredjfomerimes 
biefojonictimcs pelloftj, foijicij colours cuer altering, tlje IBtrd 
appeared &*it mere a miracle of Mature. S^fje dieting ana See* 
ping of tijem.; is almoft all one toitij tlje peacorne , fauing tljat 
tljis Bira can Uio$fe ataaptoity cola ana toet. 3t is a liai'ra tooa* 
dcrftill^ giucn to bjecaiug? euer^ CocSse muff as tlje peacoctte, 
Ijaue fsure 0? Sue ^cnnestoitl) l)im ; tt)ty are mo^e foibwro in 
b?ceoing tfjen tlje peacochc, beginning cptljertljc ftrftp«re 3 
s% att^e fartljeft at ttoo ueere old ; tljep beginne to 'lap in 

The fourth Bookc, 

£0&vty, o: famcr. 31 n l)ot Countries tfjep lap great number* of 
Ggges, tf ttjcrbc continuallp taken from trjem j ano frt tmocr 
3£enncs 3 ano tf fo be pou take tfjem not afoap 3 tbep begin to fit 
at tlje firft : fo; ttjes be of all others meff giur n to fitting, ano 
fo much, tbat if pou take atoap all tljcie Cgs 3 t£ep hull fit upon 
a Hone, o;manpttmcs tfjc bate #eff. pou muff tfcerefo:e rtv 
ftraine tbcm of ttjis D£fire 3 eitbcc trotting a featber though rtjef r 
nofe (as % told pou before) o; bp letting their bellies toitb coio 
toater. i^ou muff fet bnoer tbeir Ggges as (3 faugbt pou be* 
fo;e) in the peacocke : fo: tljep fyauc botfj onetime of batching. 
Sbc keeper muff marbe tijeone fioe of tfjc Ggges, ano altoaie* 
furne tbem 3 fp;inekling them notu ano tym gcntlpiuitb fair e fcoa# 
t er, ano take bceo tyc Cocke come not at tt>tm 3 fo? lie Ml bieake 
them as toell as the peacocke : fo; the Cocke of tyi* kinoe 3 is a 
frotoarD ano mifdjteuous Soiro. SErje dtytbms being batcbcO 
tmoer a ^enne 3 map be kept toity tbe ^ennes Cbickens, o; elfe 
terp foell alone luifb the IBcnnc, grotoingfaffcr a great Deale 
then the peacbicke. pou fljall feeo f rjem in like fo;f as pou Doc 
the peacocke, o: other poultrie : fo; fyvg itull eateanp thing, 
ano ocligljt in (H5:aiTe 3 taecocs , Gtaucll, ano s>anb. 0no be* 
caufe tbcp cannot afoap toify colo, no; toet, pou muff keepe them 
in Minter 3 in tl;c feiarmcff ano o;icff places pou l;auc» £be 
pearcbes fobereon tl;ep tfe to fit, muft not be* Insb > but an 
epgbto;tenne foot from the grouno, ncitber be tbepable to flie 
anp great height, ano therefo:c muff be nolpcn imtb £atbers 3 o: 
fteppes. De greateff oifeafe tfjat thep are fubiect bnto,iB the 
pt'ppc , ano the s>qurcfcc 3 fobicb muff be bolpen in like fo;f as 
t be ^ennes , ano tjje Ggges ktpt after the fame manner. 3 n 
fome places thep bfe to make Capons of ttjtm foben tbep be 
poung, toljicb are ferueo as a oaintie oiflj to f be Cable, as teas 
T , mucb bfco in tbe boufe of tbat gooip ano terfuous Semproma, 
hJZ, a J be &aote Hales of Kent , fobo toas firff t^t foife of £>ir War er 
mirronr Mauntill , of Northamptonfhire, a fooman in &>bom all bertues 
ofGemic- ano bounties in ber lifetime flo;iibeo* 
women. mellissevs. 3 toell remember tbat £aop, ano baue 
ijearoher blgb'P rommenoco of fuch as in bee lifetime beff kneio 
tj er,f 1 a number of gracious ano gooip gifts tbat teeee in ber 3 as 
ber fpeciall loue ano oeligbt in Ood 3 ano in bts fcruice, her iielpeo 


entreating of Poultrie. 1 50 

full f>an8 anD comfort to fuel; as mere p©?e,anD Diffre fTeD 3 as tocll 
in relicuing tljem Uittf) meate ano monep, ns tottf) pealing oifr 
eafc 0, ano curing a number of loatljfoHie , ano almoft incurable 
tolcers,an0 U)QunO0,tjer miloe ano ftoeete oifpofition , fjcr great 
tjumtlitie ano carelcfncffe of tfje tonne ioo?lo, anD otl)cr fuel) feer* 
tue0,3 toouto to £&?ift tfcat ail otljcr <0rntleU>omcn,tbat p?o* 
feffe Clj.nft outuueolp toerc as iuell giuen to follow t)im in OceD, 
as u)e Uiac tonfamcoip. 

Ciienoboscvs. &&e i»a0 a feerp ^tnix ano pat 
ragon of all tbe ©entleiuomen tljat euer 31 Knew 3 neptbee 
am 3 fure 31 u)all euer fee ttje like: but u)ee bappiip reftctfj Until 
Ijim, unjoin in ijer life time u)e fo earneftlp ferueo. 3f pou be 
nctwearp, 3 iutll rcturncfo mp Jfotole, ano u)efo pouf|e belt 
ozoerfo: beeping ano maintaining of pigeons. 

Pula.ijvs. 3j tbinfee botlj M e l l e s s e v s , ano 
p 1 s c 1 n a r 1 v s rooulo glaolpljeare pou tell 00 fometfjing 
of t&i0, a« J mp felfe moft toillinglp alfo tooulo. 

Chenoboscvs. SCljOugb pou Pvllarivs are 
better able to fpcafee tjcreof tyen 3 am , pet becaufc of mp 
pjofeHion , 3! will not refufe fo taU it topon met, Mljatfoeucr 
ije be,tljat giues Inmfelfe to tfje traoe of ^ufbanc.?p,ft beboouetfj 
fpcciallp to fjauea care fo? b?ceOing of pigeons, a0 well fo? Pigeon*, 
tlje great commoottic tljcp pcelo to tjje ftifclnn, as fo? tfje profit 
ano petrel? reuenctoe tljat tyty pcelo ( if tljere be gooo ffo?e 
of Co:neficlO0 ) in tbe<$arfcct. Varro Umtet^ttjatin l)i0 time 
apap?eofpgcon0 toercfolofo? icoo. H.s. flnotbat Lucius 
Axius, a Jimigbt of Home , before tfje ciuilltoarre0 betUrirf Cge- 
far ano Pompey , folo bis J0igeon0 at tenne pouno tbe pap?c:fo 
mucti was ttjat time giuen to toantonneffej ano glutfcnp , j>ta, 
at tins Dap in our time , batl) beene feenc giuen fo? a pap?e of 
pigeons tenne pouno if iemifl). ano tl;crefo?c ffjc SDoucfjou* 
fc0 arc common!p built Witt* great cofl; , ana beautic , in tfje 
toppe0 of turrets ana Routes y from licence by narrow gratco 
iuinOoUus tfjep flte ab?oao to tfjctr fecoing. pgcons f if ttje 
countrep be fo? tljcm ) are feD ano maintaineD tritb little cott, 
feeoing tbemfelues all tlje peere long Witt) fucb mcate as tycv 
finoe ab?oao , ercept at fuc!) time as t&e grouno is couercD toitlj 
S»noiu, wljen an pou mutt of necc flfmc tjelpe tfjem xuitij a little 

m*ate t 

The fourth Booke, 

meat. Ctyttt is ffoo fo;ts of tfcem , one toiloe fcinoc , tbaf is 

toougtjt op in SDouc-ijoufcSjano of colour, cvtrjcr blcimty, iutjite, 

fpcchlcD, o; Dunne : fcotobcit , rtjeioljfte is not goo to be fecpt, 

be caufe tfjep be famett ceflropeo foittj octmlne. 3n 3talv. ttjere 

are of f tjis fo:t, as bigge again e as ours : ano are ncto common in 

i^launocrs. flnotljer fo:tis moje familiar ano tame, atio fame* 

filing mo:e large of boDie, truth rougfj fete, ano commonly of co* 

lour tofjite,am> fometimefpcchleD ano pellefoiflj : this feinoe :js 

commonlp kept in Cities ano SDotones 3 tuyere tlje others can* 

not be hrptauDis feDtoittjmeatatijome,f bcnufc tHrpare euer 

in oanger of oermine, ano raucning Bircs , ttjcpare ftill kept: 

lutthm oor.cs, ano alinate s fcD at ijcme. IDtjis femce tlje com* 

mon people call tame pigeons, 02 monetfj pigeons, becaufe 

tljep bjceDc cuervmonettj , fane in ftjeDeao of W&mttt. 33otlj 

rjjefc foatts are monoerous fruitfully booing commonlp eigtjt 

times a rare ( if t\)t htnoe be gcoD) pea fometimes tenne, am> 

eleuen times : fo* in CDgppt (as Ariftotlc felletlj) ttjeptyaoe 

all tlje mintet long. Bno ttjougb l^enncs are m 02 e fruit full in 

laving of Cgges, pet pigeons are moic profitable by often 

bringing fo:rt) poung : ano tfjerefojepou mutt p2outoevoufuctj 

b:eeoers 9 tobofc bocies be great ano faire , not fm olo , no: to 

voting, of a gaiD am) perfect colour, ano a fruit full fcinoe. 3t be* 

ijcDuctrj tjim tfjat toill begin a 2Doue-l)0ufe,not to begin Vuirfj ttjc 

voting ano little ones, but initrj tlje fcecoers, ano fobup fo ma* 

up Cocfecs, as fje oorfj feennes, ano tofeeepe tljem if Ijecar^ 

mafefjeo together of one ijUfftfoj if tljepbefomatc^eo , tljep 

Uuil bjceDe a great oeale better, Sfjcp b;ing fojtfj commonlp a 

Cocke ano a l^enne together ( as Ariftotk torrefy ) ano our m 

perience fljetoet^ it Bin S£arcfj tljep begin to b;eeoe 3 if tlje foea* 

tfjer be foarme,befo2e. SCtjere is no 25trt> fruitfuller ttjentlje 

pigeon, ano in fo:tie oaiesuje concciuetfj, laretfj , ano (itfetlj, 

ano brings op, ano tljat fo? tlje meff part all tlje pcere, ercept (a* 

3 tjauefaio befo:e) in Winter, &lje lapettj tfoo Cgges 3 ano 

iol)cnmec!)atblapeotl)cfirft 3 h)b^ is a€ocBe,tljeneri u)e 

lapetlj, h)I)iflj (sal^cnne, tljetbironeucrligljtlp eotnmetljfo 

gcrt, Botlj tlje Kinoes Doealiuaiesfif, tljeCoefee in tlje Dav^tljs 

^enne in tlje nigbr, tfjey. Ijafclj in tmentiecaics , tfjeplap afret 

Jue f reaoings, 3n Rummer tlje? fojn««mes bjing fo?tlj inttoo 


entreating of Poultrie. 1 6 o 

monefbs tfyk pairc : ifo: tipon tlje nintt&nty oap tyw fjafcf), 
am p:efcntip concetue againe. lino tljerefoze pou u)all often 
fime among tfje pong pigeons, <£ggcs fomc rea&ie to ljatc[j,ano 
fame flinnj : tf ttjerc be no Cocbcs, t&c^cnncs Hull treao one 
another, but tlje Cg-gco neuer come to ga)D , but ace turncc 
(Sgges { Andotlcano Thcodotuj cailctl) tljem Uiater GSgges, 
fcrfjereof tljcrc neuer comment anptlnng,anD bccaufctljc pouug 
ones Iniil b;ceoe at fine monctfj* olo, toefuffcc ttjc ftttt flight 
to flic, to tnereafe tlje b:ceDe : a0 being IjattfjcD in tparclj, tetil 
biixm agatne in Bn^o; a»guft. ffiliefc luc meaneto fake 
foj tl;e ttttcljm, oz tlje Q&arBcf, arc belt to be oiaumc at tlje laf«» 
U r time of tlje pecre,tofjen tfjep are toojft able to Detenu tljcm* 
fclues fcomtfie coUmiid from 25n^arDs,ant» CroUus : tfyc bid 
fo: b:©o among all if otoles, is tlje ^aref) bjtosc. 2Sljep ttjat 
meane to fat pigeons to fell tljem tlje ocarer , Doe fetter tljcm 
fctjjen tljep be netolp feat&erco , ana feeoe tljcm iuttl; ctjatueD 
iM^tte H5*cao tlotfea oap in £Cunfcr,ano tljnfe in Rummer: ana 
fuct) as be noto Ijaro peno,tljepleaue m tlje jjicft, plucking tlje 
feathers of tljetr toings,ano b: casing tljeir legs,tfcat t^cp remoue 
not from tljeir placcs,giuing tbeoatnmcs gooo plenfp of meafe, 
f^3f tfjep nnp better fee&etfjemfelues, ano tfjetr poung- £>ome 
( as Geliius Uuitctlj ) boe foftlp tpe ttjctr legs, fo?tf tjjcplljeul& 
bjeahe tycm, ttjep tijinnc fl;c paiuc Uioulo feeepe tljcm from fat* 
ting : but ftjis tying cotij little gooD, foj tootle tljep ftruggle to 
jet tljcmfclucs ioofe, tlje labour Unit necpe tljcm from being 
rat : but ttjeir legs bcin$ b;ohen, tlje paine Ml not remaine a* 
bonctU)3 0atcCjpitl?:cf attlje btterinott,miDini!l Kcepe tljcm 
ttjat cIjce ujili neuer uxap from tljeir places, feome fefe onelp to 
pinion tljem,but fo fal tljep manp times ouf,ano become a p?ep to 
Spermine : ant) tfjcrcfoie it is goo5 to bjing.tljcm to tlje &itciim, 
befoje tljep be full ripe. Etjs tmfruttfullanD naugljttc coloureo, 
anotljcGtijertotfcfaultic, ougljtcljicfclpto befatteD 3 anamu{rbe 
crammeo in fuctjfoit, as voucramme Capons, Douc-Ijoufes, 
o: places fo; pigeons, to butlDc iih are made after Diueis mati- 
nees : fai tlje tame pigeons, ana fuel) as ar* feo at Ijcmc, 
fyw maae in the Ijtgljeir parts of t&eir l^oufes l^ing fotoaro 
fjje :5>ou# , eertatne ^olloiu Uoomes, anO Cclles fo: tljem, 
fuc^ as Pvllauvs Jjatlj oefcribcD of i;t» pullein : ano if- 

The fourth Booke, 

Replace doc not To ferue^tumg in cerfaine Qinnti into ffje 
iuall s tt)ep lap fcpon ttjem frames of bmw, tuitti partitions in 
tijem, o? earthen pots to bjeeo in, letting certaine Hedges runne 
from |jole to ^olc, tljat tljep map tlje better come to t&eir iJUfts, 
ano foalfee tip ano ootone in tlje purine. I5ut tijc Routes fo? ttjc 
other lotioer fcinoe, becaufettjep contains great numbers , are 
built after a moze banfower o?Der, alt&ougtj unDcr ttjc €uts of 
|)onfcs,anD inft&ples of Ctmrctycs , you ttjall fjaue tljoufanos 
bi eeoing. Varro appoints the E>oue(joufe to be built in tljis fo?f : 
aCofo?ie aoiopning to the tjoufe, ano mcll lofte&ano feeico 
aboue 3 foitfj one little dcd;c in if, ano fourcininooiues, anffocring 
tlje foure quarters of tlje ^eaucn 3 U>Ijic|) toin&otoes muftbefoell 
grateo 3 fo as tljcp map giue ligtjt enougb, ano fceepe out bcrmine. 
li 11 cl;e foalles tnitfjin mutt be faire toljite limeo,fo? tnitlj tfji's cc* 
lour is tlje pigeon toonocrfullp Delighted : bcficcs it mutt be 
iucii pargcttco ano plaiftreD toitfjout , fpeciallp about tlje torn* 
ootu£S,fo as neither $pcufe,38Httfell,no? otljer ©ermine map en* 
f cr : tlje tuinooUies muft be fo placco, as tfccp map let in t fje 
&umu all u)e Winter, Ijauing a bole of fufftcient Hnoencffe c 
ucr againft t^ctn,toell netteb ano tunnelled , in fuel) fo:t as ttjc 
pigeons map eaftlp flie out ano in at.ano pet not fuff er anp bate* 
full WitH to enter : fo? the pigeon fafcetlj great Deltgrjt in firing 
no to and tljcn ab:oao,tobcrc after u) c tjatlj recreates b er felfe, Ojc 
eommetli iuttfi top to Ijcr neff againe : as on rtje otljer fioe u)e 
tnournetfj,if ftje bcrctfraincoof fcer libertp.KounO about tlje toals 
toitljinpoumuftbauc little rounoljolcs,from tbcfopfo tijcboU 
tome 3 Urt)crein tl)cp map b?ceO: varro tooulo fjaue tfjem t lj?ee ljanD> 
fulsin lengttj, ano leogco from bole to fjolc fo? tljcm to toalhc 
fcpon..5>ome ttjin&e it belt fomafce pour Ijoles of Home^o: ilunc 
ano not of Bzickc ano £>tone,as mapDo,bccaufe of tlje toarmtfj. 
2Tb ere be fomc tbat bullae rbctr SDoacljoufcs topon pillersin tl;c 
mtaff of fome pono, o: great toater,botlj becaufe tyepoeligtjt 
in toaf er,ano becaufe tjjcp toilfjatic tljem fate from bermiueXJje 
meat tljat tfjep moft Delight in, is Cares, toiloe iFerctj , p eafe> 
OTjeat 5 ^illet:U)ljeretIjefe be notion map giue tljem &perp, 
fpeciallp in Winter MapefeeO, ano&ocftle : fo? bp gathering 
ano peeking to p ttjefe little feeos,ttjcp get tljcmfelucs a beat in colo 
toeatber* W&btn pou giue them meat,pou muft tlj w :oUi it bar d bp 


entreating of Fowle. 1 47 

rlje foallcs : fo: tfjat part ts commonlp tlcanttt from Bang, ano 
tijougtj v aerobics pou to rtocepeano make cleanc pour £>oue* 
fjoufes continuallp, $ tljat tlje oung is gcoo ano profitable foj tlje 
ficlD 5 pet feeing tijis kinoc of fotole ootlj oeligljt in places fp;inB> 
ieD tr»itt> tr>ctc otonecung, poufoallnot meoeto be catefull in 
clenung of it. ilohe toell tljat tfjcp benorfraio,oj0ifquiete3foitfj 
Dunnes, oznotfe of people, oa otljer lilse,fpcciallp foljen tljepfit: 
if pou Ijaue occafion to goe into tlje boufe 3 to c^ae pou Doe it a* 
bout none time, tu&cn ttjep be abjoao a f&oing, ano be fure to 
fenoche loel befoze pou come in.&omc fap,tijatit toillcaufetljrm 
to loue tlje fcoufcano allure otfjers to come tljitljer,if pou fpzmnU 
ttjem Uriel; Commin befozetljepgoetofceoing, o: perfume tlje 
Ijoufe Urittj &>agc 3 ano Jfranhenfcnce* £>omeljaue another crpc> 
rieneefo;ttjispurpofe 3 ano tljat is potflperos beaten fmall ano 
fearceD 3 mingleo teity tfje Ijearbe Coaft, and goiD olo W&me, ano 
giuentonto tbem. jDttjers take ISarlp flolnze , foooen toitfj D?ie 
ifigs 3 ano a pact of l^onp.Cardan teacljet|) tfjis,as tlje befffo? tlji* 
purpofe,of Barlp o; $illct,of £ommm,of Coaff, of Agnus Ca- 
ftus,of *ponp,of olo Home.o: ^o?ter,of goo ^ufaaoe!,beilctbem 
alltogetber 3 ano make aftone of tljem to be fet in tljemiDOcff of 
a tjoufc. Tragus teactjetlj to take t&e roitcs of tlje 2Cljtftell 3 ano 
to botlc tljem toittj ttje pickle of gearings. Conftantinc out of 
Didymus, tontctb of oiuets otljer things fo? tljts purpofe 3 fo!jic!) 
foho fo toill,map trie, !La>fcefoell tljat tfjep be not bettropeo bp 
tlje Intake, oz HBuj jaro : tlje l^ato&c is afpeciallenemieto tijis 
BirD 3 tol)ofetabing 3 varroteacljetbpou in this manner : to las a 
pigeon fcpon tlje grouno,ano to fficfce,benoingclofelp ouer tjer, 
a couple of &ime coos. Cbere is a kinoe of ^aSsube 3 tljat natu* 
rallp is terrible to otljer l£amftes, ano pjeferuetb tlje pigeon: 
toe common people call it Caffrel. Columella amrmetfj , ttjat if 
feou take tlje poungCaffrels 3 ano pjefcruc tt>em euerp one in ear* 
tfcen tocffels toell couerco ano plafterco all ouer , ano bang tljem 
utt&e comers of tlje 2E>oue-ljoufe,it makes tfje pigeon baue fuclj 
a loue to tljcfjoufe, as tbep mill nener fc&fafce it. Cljepljaue 
manp otljer aoucEfarics,Crotocs 3 SDatoes 3 ano £>mles,toijicf) all 
Oeffroptbepgeons 3 fpeciallptobentbepbzeeD. Jfouno of late 
mmineotone 2Doue jjoufe,on ®tole fitting folemnlp in f&e jJJeff 
Uponfjcr C-ggesm the mtooeft of alltfje pigeons , anoharo bv 

% ttjt 

The fourth Booke, 
fyefjoufeof an olo fjoiloUi tree, 3 found peece* of young; $i$t* 
cns.tfjat ti;c £DtoJe0 bad b?ougf)t to feeoettjeir poungUwtfj : ano 
tfjougb tfje £Dtole (mm to be greater t&en tyz pigeon , bp rea> 
fonoftbetinclmeireoffjerfeatfjew, petfoill tfjep crape in at 
a* little a place as tfje pigeon toill : fo fmall ano little is 
t&eir booic0 3 tfjougb tljcp bebombafeo Uutij if eaters, jagamc, 
W«fel*,^tote 0,1 fuel) UhcPalladius tooulo ijaue pou fjeoge t&s 
SDoue-fjoufc about toity fljarpe p?icfelp b?anc!je0 two cf leauc0, 
a0d25o^fe,B^cr0 3 anofucl)lihe,S0tljepDai;enotpairetlj?oHg^&j 
p?ictung. Dydimus ano etfjer0,oobiopeu bang great b?ancfjc0of 
ttue all about tfje fjoufe 3 fpeciallp att&eenfrance of tfje D©?e , o; 
to put UulDeftuebnDertfjeirtoing0 , o? to fp:incfele tfjem fcmjj 
Hue : fo? tyis Ijearbe (as tfjep fap) fjatfj a fpeciail fo.ue againft fuel) 
fjurtfull tjcrminc. £>ome fap 3 tfjat if a Wolfe* ijeao be fjangca 
in ffje£>one-fjoufe, it iuill t>;w atoap all fjurtfull tannine. 

Me lli s sev s. S2Jefjaue £earo enough of pigeoiw , 3 
p:ai? pou p?oceeo foitfj furl) otfjer 3i5irO0 as yon Iteepe in tfje coun* 
trep. fceepe pou anp jf efant* fjcere* 
Tcfants. Chenoboscvs. SCfjis hinoe of BirD0 ( tljougfj tfje? 
be fcerie fcloonte bept among tfje countrep people ) pet of ma* 
np eucious ano fine feiloiocs , fo; tfjeir ratcneCfc ano Daintw 
neffe, tfjep are b?ougfjt bp ano Kept. #no becaufe tjjep benefit 
tfje feeeper^nb profit tfje ^ufbano, ( if tfje fople ano countrep be 
fo? ffcemj tfje olo meters ijaue places tfje beeping of t&em,foiffj* 
in tfje compare of fjufbano?fe. Palladius teactjetfj, tfjat pou mutt 
p?ouiDe tutif as be poung ano luffie , tfjat toere of tfje laff yktcs 
banging fo?tfj : fo? tfje olo ones be neuer fruitfull. £D«e Cocfeo 
10 fuflicient fo? th)o feenne0 : tfjep b?ecoe once a peerei ano lap 
to tfje number of ftoentie Cggr0 5 beginnmg in 3p?Ul,anofome* 
to^ere fn SjBarcfj , but tbep are better to be b?ougtjt top tonoer a 
$enne i fo 80 pou fet tonoer one !£enne fifteene GDgge», obfer# 
iiing tf>e time of tfje Spane, ano tbe number cf tbe Oaie0 , a0 J 
tola pou bcfo?c of fyz f^enne. SJbc fl)irtietb oap tljep come 
fo?tl) :fo? t&c Srlt fiftsne oaies pou muff feeo tijem toity ISarly* 
ftoure tenoeelp foo , ano caleb , tjpon totytl) pou muff fp:tnck!e 
a little Wiine. after pou u)a\l giue tljcm Mijeate, C'rnfliop^ 
|jcr0 ano Untes Cgges : let t^em not come neere tfje tEdater 
fo? catering t^e IfMppe, ivfjicfj if tbep cfjance to ^aue , pouXljaU 


entreating of Poultrie. 162, 

tubbetyefrbfllcstoity dSarlicfcc, ffampe a rogctycr tufty JEarre* 
SDbepare fattco to tyirtieDapes 3 imty QStyeat-tloure, 0; Barip- 
fioure made in pellets , tye pellets mutt bee fpjincnteoa little 
toity epic, ano fo put into tyeir tyjoatcs : pou mutt take Ijeeoe 
pou put it not tonocc tyeir tongues, fo; pen Doc 3 pou hill tyem : 
neither muttpou guic tyem anpineate till pou pcrceuic tycfiift 

Pvllauvs. SKityaf fap pou fo Cur tic £lDoucs a tycfe 
arcalfo b;ougbt bp ano Ucpttn feme Countries. 

C H k n e b o s. Columella amrmety,tyatCurtlCS foiling Turtles. 

nee lap, no? bzing fo;ty in tyebo*fe,no;partriDges:anD tyere> 
f o;c tycp tofeo to tal»c tyem Uiiloe toljen tfjep lucre ful ripc 3 ano ta 
fceoc ana fat tyemtn little Darke eames like pigeons boles: tye 
oloe ones be not fo gooo, aoucityer tye pigeon is» 311 'CSttnter 
pou fljallbarDlp fjaue tyem fat,m £>ommcr tyep toill fat of tyem- 
felues, fo tyep map b^ue plentp of Mil) cat ano Come : tye toa> 
ter mutt be ucrp clcare ano freffj tyatpongiue tyem, SCIjep t)oio 
opinion, tyattye turtle after be batyloft bis mate, continuety 
euer after folitarp. But becaufe tyere is greater tto;e of Cfctt*- 
tycs ano 33lachbiros 3 foe -tare tyetcflcfo; keeping of turtles* 
iCfjongb Cijjufijesano 2i5lacfcebiros bee hept in Diuers places r Thrpflies 
pet as Plinic fatty, tyere is in no place greater compauic 3 tycn is an d Black 
taken in tye Winter time in (Bsvmaxty.i tyattyep tocrebfeD fo^bmis. 
great Dainties., appcarcs bp 1 loracc : 

No daintier difli then is the thrufti, 

Nor fleeter then the Trype. 

Cbep arc commcnlp o;eo*eD tnbolr^aitt not D;aiune,fo; tyeir m- 
foaro partes map lueli be. eaten , fo tyep be neto : tyeir Crops 
are commonlp fail af jfuniper Berries : fatter Varro Uijitcty, 
tyat Crjustbes lucre toe in rj>s time at ttosiue pence a pceee* 
Mijcretyep bfe to fceepe tyem , tyep alfo put m manp as tyep 
raise tuUoe among tye others tyat tyep b:ougi)t bp befoje , bp 
Vurjofc companpano fcllotofyp tyeppaOTc atoap ttjcfo^totb of 
tyeir pufonment, an9 fall to tyeir feeding:- fo; poiimufta> 
Voi^cB baie oloe feilolues fo; tye purpofeby lutjsfe cransple tyep 
map learne botl) f zate 1 D;mUe. SCijep mutt tjffite toartne ftsnfcs 3 
as pour pigeons (jane , ereffro ty;ougb ioity fmali pea.: :j : 
fo; after tyep fjaue flofoen abmt, 0; bauc foo 3 tbep Defir 1 to t r tt. 

£'ar. 2Cf?g- 

The fourth Booke, 

£f>e perches muff be no fjigfjer tfjen a mans fjefgftf, fo as poii 
map eafilp rcacb tljcm ftanotng topon poor fete. Etje meate 
mutt be eaft tn fuctj places of the boufe,as Ipe not tmDer itje p* ar« 
ctjes, fo? fi.tnj of it. Columella anO Palladius tojite, tfcat 
tonripc iftgges beaten ana mingleo Urn!) SQfjeatc-flotD?c 
mutt be gtuen tbcm, tbat ihzy map eate thereof tfceir fillcs. 
Ariftotlc m:fcuf) manp fcinces of tbem, among tutjie^ tjec aN 
fo putfetb rt)e Colmons , ttjat feeoe npon Crapes, £ur 
£f):ufi)iS oae feeoe fo? tfjc meff part topon Juniper bcrnes s 
tobici) tljeir Cioppes being openeo (as 3 fafoj ooe djcto. Hb*E 
Onaiicj. ^ c a ' t0 ln man P places to heepe £}uailes , teb^cfj ts catljer a 
BirD o'rbc Gartb , tbeu of tlje £p?e ( as Plmie faitbj bat be* 
caufr ttjep fteDe bpon Glebo?, ano fcenemous fecocs, ano bcuoe 
arc toercDtoitfj toe falling Ocfcncfle, manp Doe meruaile ( as A- 
therein hnifett) ) IvbP tfjcp be fo grcatip rfltemcD. SCbep fap 
tb-tr pounj muft befrooe tottcj Zntts , anoCmets Ggges, 
as tbc partrtDge. 5t is t&ougbt , tbat fje fliettj ouer into ottjec 
Countries in ttjc CD in tec time, as the Crane. anD the £to:fee 
Doth , following fo? tlje giiioc ttje olDeff Ouatle , calleD the mo? 
tfjcr Ouatle. 

P v l l a r i v s. f?ou fjaue gotten one noble ano gooblp 
fowlc, that is bfco to be brought up in ttje&ufbanomans&onos, 
ial ; .cs 5 ano IX luces, 3 meane the fetoarme. 
Tb e c h £ n o b o s c v s. pon fap true : fo; ff)ts Biro com* 

sarnie, monlp bzougbt bp in tfjc ilow-Countrtes * ano kept m great 
numbers in Lincowe-ftnre, a Coantrep replenifljco tottb <£en- 
tlcmen of goo&t)Oufcs,anO gmo boufe-fceepcrs. 3no Athcnzrut 
allcDging the autb02ttte of Ariftotle , accountcth ttjis ifotel* 
to be bcrp fruitful!, and of great ffomacfee, fo much , as it is 
trjongrjt tljep Dare giue battailc to tbe Gagle, JEfytv are b2co 
ano kept (as pon well fap in t afces , Ktuers , ano .fiffj-ponos, 
Without anp charge at alt, ano doe great gooo in tbe Kiuers bp 
p!ncaing bp the Wi*os,anD other annopanecs : fo? tiic ereetUncp. 
of bis Dotene, ano oaintineffe of fn'sfleO) , be is grcatlp effee* 
meo. Ctjere is one ercellent fcinoe of tbcm, tfjat tafeetb \)i* 
name of tbe gooo match that bee beepett) , ano is altoaies cbc 
rt%D ano feept in tfje SDitcfj of €itits, ano fo?freffes, fo? t)is 
great faitrjfuincCTc in $iuin$ warning, £t>cv be nept almoft m 


entreating of Fifti. 1^3 

If&e maimer as Ctefe arc, but tbaf tbep fefc f o fft longer , fitting 
a tofjole menctb 02 ttjere abouts : t^cp b;mg fojtt) felDoist abonc 
cigbt , ano fo manp did mp £>foannes bzingme > ano fometime 
fiue. SDbepmaac t^eir jpeffs baro bp tfyc foatcr, of &>cOgrs, 
ECUxos, ano like ftuffc : tbeir roung ones tbep carrp ffraigbt in* 
to tl)c turns, 3f tbe italics ano fetrrnmes be frozen in Q&tnrcr, 
you mud tjoufe ttjera. SCSI's 3SicD ts counted among fiu b ne liue 
longcuyoK-fljcUJing fjcr clone Dcatl; , as Plato anD Martial lvit# 
neiTc 3 Hiitb a float ano lamentable fong. Cbusmueb concerning 
my p:ofeffion 31 Ijauc tolo, 31 trutt pou tfjat be mp frienOB , toill 
take it in gmo part, ano nolo Piscinarivs 31 refigne mp 
place topoa,to Mjofe turne it is come. 

Piscinarivs. 3e failed out in gab o;ocr,tljaf from ° f *j ifll " 
falfemg of Mint er if ofciles toe u)oulo come fo entreat of if iu> P onds * 
ponos,ano irtu) : altliougb 3 Doe means to entreat largelier botlj 
of feccping ano taking of if ittjes in mp Halienticks , but becaufc 
the buf bancs boufe, botb fo; Catering of cattcll, ano ot&ec ofes, 
cannot be toitbout p onos, ano 2L afces , ano that euerp b oufe is 
not fo fcatco 3 as H tjatb earable ground about i t,i t is lafoful fo j tlje 
fcufbano to mafee his bttt aouantage of Ijts |3onDs , ano Qftaters. 
2Cbe iioble-men ano (Dentlemen of Home , lucre toont to 
builo about tbeir l^oufes fafre jfith ponos , ano manp times fa* 
nffieo berein tbeir pleafure,foiti) crcaoiugcoft ano rrpcnccs,as 
M. varro fojitetfj of fbe fumpfuous ano coftlp ififljponosof 

Hortenfius, Hircius, anOLucullus. M. Cato, Ujtjen IjC Ij30 t\)C 

foarofliip of Lucullus, maoc fcure buno;co pouno of the ififliui 
Ijis pono. SEbe fame varro mafeetfj mention of ttoo fo;ts of 
i^iu)-ponD0,tbc one of ftoeete toafee , tl^e otljcr of fait, tl;c one 
amongft ti)e common people, fobcrc fbe &>p;ings feeoe tbem, 
ano of great profit, tiit otber neere totlje &>ea , tobere Neptune 
Ootb pcelo tbem botb ff o;e of Mater ano if iu) : fo; cramplcs, 
map fcnie tijc if ifo-ponDs of Hortenfius, lobicb rather plcafcD 
tbc epe, tben tbc purfe* SDlje bell tnahing of $onfcs , iscp' 
ttjerbp tbe&ea, as Lucullus, toFjofo let in t&e&ea into tys 
faonos,maoe a paffage t[>;ougt) fbe miOOeff of a great bill 3 foberc' 
bp be tfjougbt Ijimfelfe as great a &o;o of iriln,as Neptune bim* 
felfe : 0; elfe to baue tbcm from fome great ftrcame 0; Kiuer, 
tbat map b^ing in botl) Crater ano if ift), toljici) bp jflouo 0;. 

% 3 fctafc, 

The fourth Booke, 

£>lufe, map let in altoaicsfreft) mater, notfuffering trje old fo 
corrupt, but altoap refrcujing it, anu bringing mo?e if iff). K,$z 
mxtin gmDncfle, arc tfjafe trjat are fc& imtlj pipes o? fceret pafr 
fages tmoer t(je ground, ana map be let out agaiue bp ^lufcs, 
mfjicfc £>lnfes mutt fo be maoc , as luljcn pou Uft , pou map Ice 
trje matrr into pour £peaDctocs, to mafec tystn mo?e fruitful!, 
as is to be fecne m trje Countries of trje Swirztn , and Hducti- 
ans , ano in mam? ortjer places. 0no tijerefo?e trje toaters ( as 
3 fain j mutt be toell rnrlofeo foJirtj goo 25apes, USanars , ano 
dalles, ttjat tin? map be able to abioe ttjc rage of trje fi©os 3 aH& 
tlje fearer. SDljc too?tt ano iatt kfnoe, is fuelj as are mm in 
iLafces, ttanoingiaajlcSjQ? rainc featers. £ fjefe fetndc orponos, 
tijougfj trjep be tr)efeo?tt, bf reafon of tfjeir fcnclcanc ftinfcing 
mD corrupt mater , pet torjerc trjere is no better , are to be 
inaoc account of : fo? ttjougfj trjep be not trje foljolcfomett fo? 
keeping of fity , ytt ttjep peelo fome commcoitie, ano are moll 
rtecclTarp about trje rjoufe, c ptrjer fo? Catering of kartell , fecc# 
ping of (0a>fe ano HDuchcs , ano toanjing > ano etfjer lifce ofes t 
but if fo be pou can mane ttjern cptrjcr by trje £>rajO? ncerc feme 
great Kiucr, fo as trje toatcr map be let in ano out at pour plea* 
fure : anotnrjenfoeuer pou open tlje &>lufes , to let oattrje toa* 
fer. JBe fure trjat pou rjauc tljcm toellgrateo, trjat trje Sfity can 
by no mcanes parte trjiouglj, ano let tlje patTage 5 if foe place tottt 
Mffer it> be maoe on euerp fioe of trje pono : fo? tlje ols fearer 
tuiU bett fcotD,to!jenfocuer tlje ttrcame bcnDs.if trje currant Ipe v 
gainftit. SCljefc £>lufcs o? parages, pou mutt mafceattrjebot' 
tome of tlje ponos , if trja place Wti fo ferue, tfjaf taping pour 
Uuell feftrj tlje boffome of tlje pon^pou map Bifccrne tfje£>ea, 
o c t ttum*,to Ipcfeauen fettfe Ijigrjer : fo? tl)t3 Columella trjin&cs, 
feill be a fuffflient leuell fo? pour por.O, anD Uiafer enougtj foj 
pour if if§. t^ofebeif , rrjere is no ocubt , trje dtper trje luater 
comes from tlje 5>ea 3 tfje cooler it is, feJjerem t$£ i^tHjesmott 
fceligljf, Sinn if fo be trje place kiJjcrc poa meauc to maHe pour 
ponolpe Ieuclito:?l) tl;ei\2im frftrje ^ea 3 o? tlje H!'ucr,pou mutt 
fjgge it nine fete oeepe, ano lap pour Currant toitljm ttoo fojfc 
of tlje toppe, ano fo ozoer it as -tjje Uvatcr come in abunoantlp : 
fo^ trje oio mater Iping buocr tlje leuell of tr^e &>ta 3 iuill not out 
againc, ercept a greater rage come in\ but fo? tfje ponotljat is 


entreating of Fifli. i £4 

mbt'ctt to fljc fiend anD ebbe , iti^ rtiouglj (fit be but ffoa fcofe 
oitpc. Bin tijc banfces ano fiOcs of tfjcfc ponDs , pon mutt tjatie 
i5uu^e« a«D CDrccUe-fjoles fo? tlje ifiu) to btee tyemm from tp - e 
I) cat of tbe sumic : bcfiDrs, olo bottom trees, anD rotes of fr^es 
are pleafantanDDcligbtfuU barbours fojifwj. #no if pou can 
IjanDfomelp conuep tbem, it is bcir to bjtng from tbe sea , Uttle 
&ockcs, faith tbe flSieebs ano allbpon ttjem , ano to place rfjem 
In the miQDctfc of pour penDs, anD to make a poung sea of 
tbem,tbat t&e if ity map fcaefelpkncto of tbeir imp?ifonment. 
£bont SEurfoan m i^ranre,anO in ofber places, pou ttjall miDe 
tnHougljes ano Kapne-toafer, euen m fije SMDerneux ana 
t^eatljcs, great abunoance of if im* an Diuers places of tfje loto 
Countries, fobere tljep banc tfjctr ponDs feD foitb tbe 8iuer, 
tofjicb tfcep mag H)ut out at tljeir pleafurc, tyey (0 ojDer tl;cm, 
as tbep be eptber enufroneD, ozoeuioeD toifb Deeper Mtfyzs, 
tuberein tfjc if in) Dotbliue m fl;e Summer fime:ano tbereff of 
the grouno bettoirf tf)e Ditcbcs, tfjc foater being tooioeD ano kept 
out bp slufes ano i5an!?es,!s fofocD toitt) Summer Cojne, ano 
after ^arueff, tbe foater let in agatne,tobercbp ti)c grouno be* 
ingluanocrouapenricljcD, Doty peelD great Croppes of Barlp 
ano summer come, anD (as t\)c poet faitb) foi tl;e UmD,fo map 
befarofo^ tbe foater,Not cucry ground for cuery fecdjbut regard 
muff be ijao, foljaf fo; euerp one is meet HCbe Romanes feeepe in 
tbeir ponas Hamp;ies, £)pftecs, ituees, gullets, ilampojns, 
<0npltbecDDcs,anD all otber if ifljbefioes, tbat are bfeo fo be kept 
in freft) foaters. ponDs foj Offers s foereiirft oeuifeD bp Scr- 
gius Grata, at tbel5apnes, about tbe time of L. Cratlus tbe to* 
ratojj before tbe Battaile ofMarfie,notfo muc& fojoelicaOe, 
as fo; tbe commodate ano game. Cockles, ano Ruffles , foere 
feept in ponos bp Fuluius iftrpcnut • ^ojcouer , Diuers if tttjes 
Delta;!; t in Diuers placrs.Cbe beft pikes ano Iluces foere tljougijt 
to be in tbe ftiucr of Tybcr , betfoirt tbe rfoo b?ioges : tbe 
SCurbotes, at Raucnna : t^t iLampjpes in Cycill : fo i&iuers, 
Hakes, posies, ano seas, in fome places baue better fifbfben 
in otbers. 213ut to rcturne to mp if iuj-ponDs from tubence 
31 came, nertber map ail fojts of if iibes be kept in euerp one, 
fo: fome fojtsare grauellers,Deligbf ing onelp in (0rauellp,®to* 
n^jano^anop Waters, as ^eanomes , <2?uDgins 3 )0u!beat>s 9 

% 4 m$t* 3 

The fourth Book e, 

&uffes, ttvouts^ treses, Eamp2ons,CrcuuTcs, Barfed, ano 
Ctituiaz. ©trjers ocligbt againcm spuooic places, feeding cure 
to lie f)io m tbe OJua , as tyc Semb, t|jc Ode, tfce B2eame, 
tlje Carpc, and fuel) others. fecm; againc ocagfjt in batons the 
$3i«r, ttje llucc, tfce Carpc, t|»e H52eame, tbc BlcaHe , ano tfje 
iSoarfj. W§z Oraiiellp jFifl^cs, fpeciallp trjc ^cnoUies, are in* 
p;cn::eDof Shapes Dung, laio in fmall Baffcets in tfjebottome 
of a Orauellp Ktucr, SCbe &uee, 02 §3iae , gcotoctt; ( as Ukc# 
toife Dot!? ttjc Carpc J to be great m a ilp:t time , as tn t^:a 02 
foure peeres, ano tycrefo2e in fucfc ]Bones as fcaue neptljer tlje 
£>ea, no: tfmcc comming to tljnn, Id; ofc eucrp fourtfc, 02 ttjiro 
pare, to ozato tlje olD , ano to ftoze rtjem folttfponng, 3nn in 
tbefe parts tee cljiefclp ffojettjem feutbCarpe, tjauing (mall 
|Donos ana ferctoes fc: tbe purpofeto fceepe tbcm in ,foas pou 
mst come by rtjem at pour pleafure. 2C&us muctj 31 tb ougfjt geos 
to Declare onto pou touching tnp pjofeffton, let ts note feeUrtjat 
pou ( M e l l i s s e v s ) can fap fQ2 pone Bees, ano pour 
Be«. M e l l i s s £ v s. Becaufe 3S fofll not fjaue our dffeourfe 

of hut banoiv oepjiueo ano mapmeD of fuel) a profitable member, 
iufjofe ofe map in all places , be ttjep ncuet fo Deferf , 02 barren, 
be bao , 3 tl) m l x it gco ) as a co teluffon to tij c indole , to ftjcio 
pou fo2 mv part, tbe manner of keeping ano o;0ering of IBks : 
fo: tbe good bufbana bp e&erifljing of tb :m , puhctlj out manp 
times a goaD peece of tjis lining, pea, tlje pco:e fouleof ftje 
Countccp that fjatfj no grouno to occupie, map raife hereof ano 
tbattaritbout charges a great eommoDitie. Meru]arepo:ts,ffjat 
Varro bao peerclp fo2 trje Kent of bis ^ees , a ttjonfano gallons 
of l^onp: ano rtjat in a Ijoufe in &paine, bauingnof pairing one 
J3ece of ground to it, fcatb pcerelp bam maDe of tfyz Bees , foure 
fco:e pounds teojtb of SQare ano l£onp. KMi* little paHecrea* 
ture tbe Bee, Ootb not onelp tt>it|> fjer labour pee'Donto bs fjer 
Delicate ano moft Ijealttjp l^anp , but alfo toittj tlje gcoo t& 
induftric mtl p[ e f fy C i t patnefull tligence ano trauaile, encouraged man 
€es ' to labour ano tabs paines accoaoing to bis calling : in fueb fo:t, 
asitfeemetb tfjc 3lmtgrjtic anD moff ercellent^aiettie, batfj 
of ftll of ber fpeciallp created ttjis little poo2e creature , fo2t&e 
betnfit and commooitie of man : bp inborn beSoes tlje com^ 


entreating of Bees. i^ 

mobf tf e of tfje ^onep ano Mare tljat tbcp make, toe mfg&t take 
botrj rrample to fpcno our life in bcituous ano cemmerrtable er* 
ercifcs, ano alfo to bonour ano rcucrencc ifjc luonDctfull bounfie 
ano goDneffe of tfjc mod gracious iio:o fyctoco totoatbs bs, in 
tjje creation of trjiss fntall ano profitable UHao^me. JCtjcp are con* 
tmuallp bufieD in labouring, tijcp Ojcto great cunnins an& too;ke# 
manfyip in tljeir trauailcs : tbcp baue altoaics amongft tfjem tfje 
iiuelp jmage of a perfect Common-tocaltt),tbep peelo obcOienee Bees their 
to tljcir pnncc, not lifting tbe gouernment of funojp fjeaDs,but common- 
loue to be ruleo bpone : cacboneofttjem labourer!) ano trauap* wcalcs - 
letb in W charge, in fo muc&, as ttje totfeft ©ouemours ano 
Counceliers in Common locales, tjaue taken tlje Was fojtljeic 
y&attemt in e^cofing of Winces, oittributingof &>mtc8, retoar* 
Dingofbertucs, ano punilbing malefactors. Varro Oio altoaics 
call ttjem tyi 3l3irDs of tlje spufes : ano virgin toitJj toonberfull The Birds 
colours,ootb cloquenflpfctfo?trj tfje 113 ees,tjieir Common toeale, of thc 
palaces, Builotngs, £itits, JLatues, fanners, Carres, ano Mufes - 
Crauailes, fuppofing trjem to be partakers of reafon, ano tyat 
tbep fcaue fome inffinct from aboue, in tfjat tfjep fo neere refcmble 
tbe minors of men, pea, man? times crcelltfjein, touching tljefr 
obebience to t&eir Prince. 

Not jfcgy pt in his prime, nor Lydia large and wide, VirgM. 

Nc yet the Parthian people great, nor all the Medes befide, 

Doc fo their King obay, who beingfafe and wcJl 5 

T heir mindes are all together one 3 he oncly bearcs the bell* 

On him they caft their eycs 3 and garde him day and night, 

And oft they bcare him on their backs, in his defence they fight : 

But if he chance to dye, then all is dafht and done : 

Their Combs afunderdownc<hey teare, andalJ toruinerunnc. 

31 f tbe ftingbe taken, trje tofcole fetoarme is &a& : iffjc begone, 
tbep Bifpcrfe rtjcmfelues ab?oao, fo? tyey cannot liuc toitfjouta 
fcing, bating as toell tbe tjeaoicffe gouernment, as tbe fubiertion 
to manp Ijcaos. gf tbe i&rng, o? (as toe teacme Ijim) trje ^aiffct 
J5»ie0ie,rbc toboleftoarme o;oupetb,ano mournetj>,tbet?ftraig^t 
foaies ceafe from gathering of t^onrp, tbep fftrre not abrcao,but 
owlp toity a [jeaupanD fojrotofull bumming, tyty ftoarme ano 


The fourth Booke, 

clutter fsgcrtKr about l;ts borne. £fje nature furrlpoff&usptoze 
creature is greatly to bz U)ono:cD at. 

V"g? They oncly of their broodchauc a common care, 

And neighbour-like their houfes nearcly ftand: 
And ruled are by La*es that none do fpare, 
A'one they know their home and natiuc land. 
And mindful 1 of the ftormy Winter necrc, 
In Summer get to liuc by allthcycerc. 

Onr p2inccp pallscc is fumptuenflp built, in fcmefcuerall part 
of trjerr £iues, being meunteD afacue frje rrfl, fofjirfc iff cu rjap* 
pen to b;oofc, rou tcfircp trjc bzoot). SZZfytt liuc ail as ft ftcre 
in a Campe, am taffe fca:pe t&etr &atc£ ana loatD, toojfeing t> 
getfjer 3 ariciftentimts fencing ab.:oao tfjeir Colonies, the? ace 
loameoat trjcic Capfamcs appointment, as ftfeorre loitf)t|)e 
fotmD of a J^rrmpef, bp totitct) frjcp knotu brjtrj trjcic times of 
iuatTcs ; ariD truce ; ttjes ioarD all tjje retime atfijeir gates in 
iuarlifec manner, ano rjaue great filcnee in rrjenigttf, till one of 
ffjrm in fyz morning gumming out trje fcifctjarge of tfce toafcrj: 
ffje.p get tfjem ab?cao to tytit buOncflfe, as t^e £cet Ijatli elo- 

Virgil. Together all they quietly doelre. 

Together allthey toyle with equall might j 
And in the morning forth together flic. 
And home as faft they come againe at night. 
Where as they lay their weary lims to reft, 
And trim their wings, and fet their legt in frame : 
Till euery one himfelfe hath throughly dreft, 
Then llnglngat their doores a *hilethey game. 
Till one gi ues warning for to go to bed, 
Then downc they lay to reft their fleepie head, 

jfo: forjen ffje fleeprc rime of frje m'grjf comes in,tfjcr mafee leu* 
-anDlrflencifc, till one cfr^emgcertj about ftittj tfje likcfounD 
tfjat fje gauc m r&e morning , fetting as it lucre tfje tcafcrj, anD 
gluing ffjem learning to go to red : at fpfrftg timz tyt? all fuo* 


entreating of Bees. i ££ 

oenlp IjoID t&cir peace. 3n tyc momfng (a*% faioj at the otfr 
charge of tlje foatci/, tfjev roame ftraigfjt to t&e gates, but fire 
notabjoao, creepttbep fatfje foeatber foillbe faice : toljereof 
fry nature tfjep Ijaue perfect bnoerffan&mg. 

Nor from the Hiues, if like it be to raine, Becs f cr(m 

They fane doc (tray, nor truft will they the side (hewing of 

If that the South-wind blo«v,but ftilj rcmaine itormes. 

At home, or buficd be with waters nie. 

Short flights they make,and when fuch (rormes they fee, 

They beare about the fmallcft (tones they finde : 

And as the Boates in floods that balafl bee, 

So with the fame they countcrpoife the vvinde. 

JBefng loBco 5 trjcp flt'e Mty fbe fofnoe i if ant? fempeff fuoocnlp 
arife, ttjcp counterpoife tycmfe lues Uuttj little ffones, Aping in 
tfje iuinoe as neare t[je grouno as map be : tfjcfr labour, bott) at 
rjome.ano ab?oaD,fs ccrfainlp appointed. SCrjep labour at t|;efttft 
toitljin ttje compare of tb?eefto:e pacts about t£e l£tue,ano tu^ett 
tbe flotojestbere^aue beenefufficientlp to^ougfjt 3 tljcp feno a* 
b?oao tbeir otfeoucrers to finbe out mo:e f©oe. #nt> toben tljcp 
fall all together tottjeir bufmeffe, tome tuojfec tlje flofoers toitb 
tfjeie feete, otysrs earrpfoafcr foitb tbeir moutljrs^ ano otoppes 
m t^jetr little ficefes : tfje poung luffic fr UoUjcs labour ab?oau, 
tlje eloer at bome. 2Ct?ofe ttjat goe- ab?cao,fco UnHj tfjeir tojetegs 
iaDcaUtrrctr&rjigbes, tobicb nature to? tbe nonce barb maoe 
rougb : tfjus being loaeeo, !Legs, l^eao, Bacfee, ano all, as muefj 
monlp tb?ee oj Graft st tijc ca>je to fcnloao trjem. TOt&m,a!l ttjrff 
U)'ot!e are fome laving mercer, tome butloing, tome malting 
tleanc, ano tome matting reaoie tbeir mcatc : to? tbep feeoe 
feucrallp,fo.$ fcareof begaiiing one ttjeor^er. SCfji^ frame tljeir 
fj jufes arcljtofr nntbiu tJjc laities, toitlj tino paflfages, to as tty p 
mar enter one map, ano goe out another. SCIjcir coames trj«t 
ace tljeir Ccllcs oi longings, maoe cucrv one fire quare, arco?» 
Ding to tbe number of tijeirfot: tfjefc Cc!!cs tljev doc fili foirb 
^onp, fiilingeuerp one in a oap o: ttoo. Eijeto coames are 


The fourth Booke, 

faffnco to tlje tippet part of fyc l^tuc, and bang lit tic tip en tyt 

fiDes, not eleauing to t^e l^tue, being noto co?ncrcD,nctD rounfr, 

aecojoing to tfje fau)ion oftlje l^iuc : as bottj Plimc repo;tetrj,ano 

3 fiball fjereafter $cto pou, tuljen J fpeafee of t&e framing of trje 

Combs, Etje Combs are feept op from falling, fcuttt) fmall pi!* 

lersano pzoppes belom, fo built as trjcp map goe round about to 

Thepu- tepaire trjem, C&etlj:«firft lofts of tfjetr Celles beneath, arc 

nifhment left emptie fo? fcare of ttje l^tue : ttjcfcppcrmoff are as full as 

of loitc- ma? be, fuel) as are loiterers ana (Die uagabonos amongff mm, 

rc "- are not eo, ano punfu)eD iuitt) Deafy. 

Some range for food and plic the fields abroad, 
Some ftill at home doe labour bufily : 
And round about with waxe theHiues doeloade. 
Which from thegummes they painefully doe trie. 
TheHrft foundations for the Combes they make 3 
And clammy cleauing Waxe they faften by : 
While others of their broode the charge doth take. 
And fofters vp the feede that fhall fupply. 
An other fort doth worke the Hony pure. 
And fillers the Cel ! cs with licour that you fee : 
And other* areappoynted to the doore, 
To looke abroad what weather is like to be. 
Or to vnload fuch as hauc laboured well, 
Or els to driue the droufie Drone away : 
Their labour fmokes,andallof time doth fmeJJ, 
The Hony fwcet that in their Combi they lay. 

Mtto a little after. 

The.great doe guide the Hiue, 

Make faft the Combes and Pallaces contriue. 

c h e n o. g)f trje mo?tl)ttieffe,fcauaile, foojfcemanujtp, and 
g<no o?oer of ttys little creature, pou tjauc fuffictcntlp fpohen , it 
now remaincs tljat pou Declare torfo bs t&eic funDjp feinDe0,t^etc 
keeping, anD f Ijeir o^erfog. 

m £ l l i s s e v s 4 Ariftotlcmafeet!) man? fo;ts ano fcinDcs 


entreating of Bees, 1 £7 

of rfcem, fo&ereof &e countctf) tyz u)o;t fpeekleb, anb foell knit to The kin«i« 
tbe bett: and ncrtto tbem,tbc long ones like dafpes.tbe t[jtrD, of Bccl « 
tbe kinoe tbatpoucall tbe C^eefc, toitba bcrp large boDte : tbe The 
fourtb, tbeSDjonc, being bigger tben all tbe reft, wanting botb Thccf<% 
Ins fttng ano courage to labour : ano tberefojetbcp bfe to make ^ hc 
at fyt entrie of tbrir^iues fmall (Spates, tisercin trje ISecmap rone# 
enter, but not tbe 2D:onc. 3no tlje fame Anftot lc,m the rt>iptcc 
befojefaitb, tfjat ttjereare two kinoes of Iftingso? spaiftcr HBees, 
tbe one of a golOen colour, mbicb is count co he beft : tbe otber 
blaeke, ano mo:e par tic colour to : fbep be ttiufe as btgge as t\)Z 
ottjsr Bees, tbe tapirs of t&cm as long as oncanoa balfeof tbe 
otber, tbep arc callea of fome, tbe ^otfjcr of Bees, as tbcclnefe Breeders. 
b:eeoer& becaufe tl;c poung of tbe2>:oncs arc buooc toittjont a 
fiing, but tlje otber Bees ucuer.virgiil follotoinghcrem Arirto- 
tle, Dot!) moft commeno tfje little, long, fmeotbe 5 anDfaireJ5ee 5 The beft 
ano making mention of tfoo fojts of femgs^eOefcribcs rlje toco^ ^ ortI of 
fer,fe)f)crebp be (ball box no barme. 


Deftroy (faith he) and let the other Iiuc, The fliape 

Whofe golden hew doth glider in the eye : of their 

And decked with glittering fcales, faire fhew doth grue, King ' 

Of farre more grace 3 and farrcmorc Maieftie. 
With loathfomclooke the other doth appeare, 
And dragling drawes his tayle with heauie cheare* 

3 no as tfjere is two fo:ts offings, fo is t&cre ef tbcotfjcr 

Some Vglie feetne, and fome againe doe ihinc, 
Beda Hit with drop of golden colour fine, 

Being miirc ano gentle : foj tbe Bee,tye greater be is 5 tbc taojfe 
fie is, ano if be be angrtcanD fierce, anoeounb, bee is \im& of 
all.SIno becaufc(as 31 fatD befojej tbe bctt are onelp to be mcCleO 
faritb.fitb tbe goo ano tbe bao arc a like cbargeable, ano require 
like tendance, ano fpcriall becOe to be bao tljat pou mingle not t\^z 
bao luitfi tbe goo : fo; lefle mill tbe encreafe of pour l^oncp be, 
if fome of pour Smarms be ill matcrjeD.^ou map ffo;c pour felfe 
toity Bas ttK« manner of toaics 3 ef ttjcr bp bupmgt&em,taking 


The fourth Booke, 

wha> to $* M&* &toannes, ojinafetog ttum bp artr.&ne$ as pou tmr, 
beconfi- Ut tbembeoftfjefcinDeanDOjape ttjat? tolD pou of,ano before 
dercd in fcefojc pou bup tycm, t&at tgc s>toarmcs be totjolc anD gecat, 
buying of fob,ic& yo U m ap luDgc bp iolitng into tyc l^tue,o* if pou cannot 
Bccs * be fuflfeteD fo to Doc, pou map gueffe it bp ottjer tofeens : as it fo 
be vsu fee great numbers dufltcmg atttjeooiccf tije I2iue,an0 if 
pou Ijcare a great grafting anD {jamming Untyin: o?(tftl)ep be all 
at rtSj putting pour Jippcs to tlje moutij of t&e l^iue, anD bloto* 
tii$ therein, pou fljall caQlppcreetuc bp tytit anfiucrtng fount, 
fcotjertjrr ttjetr number be great o? no. 3n bupmg ttjem, bctecy 
pou muft lolie to^er^cr rijcp befounD,o:ficfcc: tfje figmsof ttxttc 
being in fcealtt) . as Gjsli be ftjeteec \ut)en 3 fpeake of trjctr .Duxa> 
fes; is, if ttjete &>foarmcs be great, tljemfeiuesfaiee, aj?3 iecll 
coloured ano foojfee lutfilp. ^gainc, a toUen of t|cir not being 
toe U : as if tl)c^bc tjapjie, loac loattifomelp, anD Du&ilic, ereept 
at fuel) time as t&ep labour : fcjtijcn ttjep loare leane anD ruflfe, 
Txittfj r rtreame traueil. f^ou mull mafee pour coniecture liaiUufe. 
bptfjeic age? fuct) as are notabcuc a peere olDe, loae faircano 
fmottje, ano Qjine, as if tljcp tocre &plc0 : tljt olD ones ace bott) 
in fig 'ot a\\v fccling,ruffe an& ruggcD,anD bp reafon of agc,tojinch# 
leaf lu|ftc| ncucrtl;iUu"c, fo? cunning in making ftjeir Combs, 
erpcriencf, msullrie, anofnilfulneGfr in t&e tocattjer, Doefarre 
TWpoi- pace tlje oifjevs. 3n anp Uufe fectyat pou bup tbtm rafljerfrom 
tingof pournert neighbour, t&rn fromaftrangc Countrcp, oifarreoflf, 
b*"* fo? tl)cv manp tin) rs ptnfo bv change of ar?e, o; ftjalung in ftjc 
carriage. 3na if pcu be tyium to can p ttjriii farre, taU fjccoc 
pou tumble fyeni : f[;cbe(f toap foearrp ttjent 
i:- tipon a man* HjeulDcrs, anot^at in tl;e nigfjt time, differing 
rljcm to reft int^: oap,ano polruing in to fljem facljftocet rtmigs 
as t[)fp Dfltgljt m, anD Keeping tl)cm elofe.gtts better rcmouing 
iiumintbci$p?ing,tl)cnin S&mtir i foUijepDce nctfotoclia* 
gice teal) CSInitcr. 5f pcu eacriet[)emftomagoDplace, to a- 
bariatnc, rl;cp toiil ftraig^t-luaprsbiD pou faremcll, sndfo^fafec 
tl)ar ipiues- tflfym pou Ijsuc b;oug!jt ttjem to fyt place \u|jerc 
pou meanc ttjcp uSall ffanD, if it be tap time, poa mutt neither b> 
_- . w pen tl;cm, no; place rtjem till it bcntgljt, to fyc cr.D thep map af? 
Se of tet tl ) £ W* Cf ff cf $ f m 3^ r ' S oe tWefulip tot^eir Uiojfee tl)C 
&ccc. ne;t moving. 3Se fucc to marto tjiem iuell befioes fo? tiuo o; 


entreating of Bees. 1^8 

ti)ik oapes after, fofjefrjert&ep goeall out 0? no : fo* it f&epooc, 
it is a flfcetooe figne tfjep will awap. Sometime, if fije place be 
0<bd, pou fljallalfap to ffoje pour felfe witlj tuiloc SBees : fo? al/ 
t&ougtj tijaf 25 it* (a* Plinicfartf; J cannot be cigljtlp tcarmeo efr 
fr)er wiloe, oj tame, pet varro calletb t|jcm wiloe tfcat b;&*em 
wiloe places, ano tame, fuel; as toe keepe at fjome : anoaffir* 
ttietfc tyz manner of keeping tljem to be Duiers* 2C&ere t^ great 
ftOJCOftfje WllDe fo.Jtfn Sarmatij. 

Pvilahivs, &t)cp fap, ttjaf fit Liuonia anD Sarmat/a, 
(Trom tol)encet0 bjougtjt Intbce great fto?eof 2i$are,ana l£onrJ 
t(?e Countrcp people ooe gather it in great abundance tn Ijollow 
nits, ano oetert places. 

Mellissevs, Crje greafcu; token of Bees ano I^onep 
neere, is wfjere trjep be in great numbers about trje wafers : foj if 
pou fee tfie number but fmall, it is a figne it is no g®D place foj 
H5ks, anD if fo be pou fiis t&cpcomc in great numbers, pcu mag 
fame leacne wrjere tbe ffocfcs be : in trjis fo;t, as columella ano 
orfjers Ijaue taugrjt : |&ou ujall carrp witlj pou in a g)aucer,o.j fucfj To find* 
Ifke ttjmg, fome reooe colour, 0? painting, anoftanoing neere to outth « 
fpnitgs, 0: waters tfrcre abouts, as fair as tbep eonie,toucr) tljem Bees, 
topon tfje baches wljile tljcp area Dnnking,wittj fome little ffraw 
oippeo in tbe colour : ano tarcp pou trjere till fuel) time as pou 
fee trjem rcturne. 3f t jjs JIBces tfjat pou markeD Ooe quicklie tt* 
tunic, it is a token tfjeir rjoufesbenot far re off, if it be long ere 
tfjep come, tt ujcWes trjep owellfartfjer off: lul;ercfo;e pou map 
iuoge bptfjc time* 3f tfjep bee ncere, pou ujall eafilp finoetfcem, 
if f&ep be farre off, pou u)all come to finoe trjem in ttjfs fojt : 
SCafcca peecc of a KrieDe, o:a &cr> will) fjts knots ano iopnts, and 
making a fmall fjole in ffje fne, pow: e into it eprtjee l^onep, 0; 
fome ttoeete trjmg,ano lap if bp tfje water : ano tM>n pou fee trje 
35ees fcanefouno if, ano enfecotrje fjolefo.: tljefauour of tr)e l$o* 
nep, ffoppc pou tfje fjole witlj pour tf)umbc,ano let but one goe 
out at once, wfjofecourfe pou ujallfollow, as farre as pou can fee 
fjim, ano t\)is u)all b:ing pou part of tfje wap t w&en pou can no 
longer fcefiim, let out another, ano follow fjim, anD fo anotrjer, 
one after anotljer, till pou come f tfje place. £)t|Kts fcfc to fet 
fome little fecfiTeis ivitl) fjonpbp tl;e wafer: iurjtebwtjen fome one 
15 « 0.; stjjer tjat|j rjapneo to talle, u)c gtuett) ftrajgbt bnotuicoge 


The fourth Bookc, 

to %tx fcllolnrs, lubcrebp bv tbcfr fiin'ng t'n numbcrjtbep comefo 
finDe out tbeir otoelUngs.Hf pou finoc rlje sparine to be in feme 
fact) hole, as pou cannot come at tbem, pou fyatl o:tuc turnout 
fcmbfmofcr, ano toben tbep be out, bang ttjem DoUinc luiti; tlje 
ringing of a lattin Baton? Co as t\)tv map fettle bpon fome tree, 
from tobence pou ftpll fljafce ttjem tnf o p our i^mc- 3 f tbe ftoarme 
bee in feme bole aboue in ttjc b:aucbes, pou map fcioc off tbe 
b:ancl; Ijanofomelp, ano couenng it toitb a tobite cletb, place it 
amongft pour \0inss, 3f tbep be in tbe boop of tbe tree, tben map 
pou foftlp fa toe off tije tree aboue trjel3ces 3 ano affertoaro, clofe 
twoetneatb tbem:ano being couereo as befo?c,carrp tbem borne, 
Copping foell ttje ctjmUs and ctftcs, if ttjere be anp. l£e rfjat fee* 
betb tbe liBees, mutt begin in ttjc mo;ning 3 tbat be map baue f be 
fobole bap before tym to marfee t\)tit labouring. Cbcs farre of 
t^t kitftts of 15ecs, anb getting of tbem : noto toill 3 Ok in pou 
Standing of tbe placing of tbem, ordering, ano (taping of tb em . She place 
for Bees. f ^ p ur 25as anD pour l^tucs muff be fo cbofen, as tbep map 
flan* quietlpano fecret, dancing fpeciallp in facb place, as t|ep 
map baue tbe feunne in ttlmter, ano in tbe sp:mg time altoap 
at ti)c rifing, anD fucb as is neptber ten bot, no; focolo : fo; tbe 
ereeffc of cpttjer Doth bur t ttym, but ratber temperate, that botfc 
in summer ano 521 inter, tbep map baue moDeratefoarmtb, and 
fobolcfome apje, being farre remoroeo from tljccompanpof cp- 
ttjer man, 0; beaff* 

Whereneither winde may come,whofebIafts forbids 
Them bringing home their Ioade,nor fheepe,nor wanton Kids, 
To fpring among the flowres, nor warding bell, 
Shake off thedew, and trampling fpoyJe the rcu\ 

What Ver. foi tbep moft of all eelt'gbt in quiefnelTe : betoare brfifie, tfjat 
mine an- tbere be no burtfull creatures neere tbcm,as tbe SDooe, tbat foitlj 

noyeththe jj, b?fat £ ^j, botl) popfon ^ jg^ an0 al fe &j a fo e ty tbem to 

bim, t\)t cacDupccfeer, tbe fetoalieU), tbe £>parcoto,tbe »fo#r, 

spears, hornets, 33 u ttcr-flpes, serpents, anD Qpofyts. 

Driuc from thy Hiu« the hurtfull Lyfartgreene, 
Kcepe Throttles. Hennes, and other Birds vntrcw s 


entreating of Bees . i £0. 

And Progne,on whofc brcftas yet isfecne 

Tlu bloodic markc of hands that Itys (lew. 

All thefc deftroy thy Bees, and to their nelts doe beare 

Such as they take in flight,to make their young ones cheare. 
£)f fucb tinngs as fjuct paw 215as, 31 luill ijercafcec fpeate mo;e,T hcvalk 7 
to&ece 3 uiall OKto pou oft&?tr oifeafesano twrmesan t&cmeane^"^ J c 
time 3i UJtll goe fo;UnrD toitt) trje placing of tycm. SEfje place t henthc 
tuljcrc tl)ep ujoulo ftanD,U)oulo ratfjer be in tl;c oallcp,t&en tie* hill, 
rie fcigl) : butfoastjje rebouno of no Ecco,Doe(jurtttjem>tol)ic^ 
founa is bcrienopfome imto tljem : fo fl)all tyzv fla toify mo;e 
eafe aito fpecoe to tlje tygfyev places , ano come laoen eotone a' 
gaine toitl) IcfTc trauailc. §|f tbe feate of ti)e fcoufs foill fo fuflfcr, 
it is goiMo Ijaue pour Basffano neere pour jjoufe, ano to be cn< 
ciofeo tatty a ljeDgc,o; a pale : but on fucrj fioe as trjcv be not an* 
nopea untrj tljc fent of finKe,p;iuie, o; oungtjill. SC&e belt Urn* 
Ding, is Uutljin tye fig&tof tljc matter, bp taljofe p;cfence tyep 
arc fafeft fecpt. ^o;tyeic better fafette (ifpoufearetyemjbcu 
map fet tljcm a pare o; mo;e from tye grounD , enelofing tycm 
tattlj little grates left open agaiutf euerp !£iue,o; fo lettifeo taity 
Gone s as tye Ba map tafilp come out ano in 9 ano efcape boty 
Biros and Mater : 02 tf pou lid, pou mar make a little tjoufe bp 
fo: tfjc deeper , txtyecein pou map lap pour i^iues fo: pour 
^taarmes , ano otyec ncceffaries mate fo? pour Bas , tettin$ 
nare to tye J^iucs fome fljaootaing SCcees fo; tycm to ftaarme 
topon, acco:oing to tye poets aDuifc. 

And plant the Date tree neere, or pleafont Oliue tree, (bes 

That with their floury branches fwcet , thy hiues may ftiadowcd 
That when the Captaines young,lead out their luftic fwarmes, 
The plcafant (hade may thern allure, to fhun the greater harmes. 
Not'necdingfor their eafe, in places farrc to roame, 
When as they may more fafely fit, and* better fpeed at home. 
31 f it map be,let tl;cm Ijaue fome faire &p;ing neere tfjem, 02 elfe Fairc m- 
fome taatee conueueo in pipe: fo; taityout mater tyep can my* temecef- 
trjer make i^onp, Mare, no; b;aDtjp tyetrpoung : anD tyecc £ ry for 
fo;cfaity tye poet. 1Jecs ' 

Haue fountaines fwcet at hand, or moffie waters grcene, 
Or plcafant brooke that pafling through, themeads is fwectly 

£iio ftraf oftt-toaics after. (feene. 

& if 

The fourth Booke, 

If cither (landing poolcbc neither tothem nic, 

Or running (Ireame with hafty ccurfe,thcir dwellings pa(Teth by 

Caft boughes of Willow croiTc 3 and mightie (tones withall, 

That may preferue the fainting Bee, that in the floud doth fall. 

Itountj about tljc Bee-yacD, ano neere to trje fjiucs, fct fjearbrs, 

plants, anD ficUiirs., bottj foj tljctr tjealtlj > anD profit : fpceiallg 

fuclj as ace oftlje ftudeteff anD Delieatett fauour : as Cithyfus, 

ECtme, CafliajHofemarp^aucrpj&mailagCsBiolct^^ag^iLa' 

Hearts nenoer,2ppjri)e. ) foilDe 2Jj)arierum, toilDeCt?me,3I5alme,fi»cefe 

thatBcej {^arierums&affcoifcBean^^uttacofaUaPoppcfjipeUtlo^ano 

dehght ^ ofc0# g tt0 ift^crc Ue <&courtD neere if fo: tlje purpofe, fofo it 

Mil) iSapc fecDs, anD HBeecfjtoijeaf : fc; tr;?p foonoerfullp Dcligljf 

mtr)efloto;cs hereof. PlinicU>iiteti)j tfcat 25its ociigijt grcatlp 

torjaue $5:amte flotujes neere rbem :oftrees,tbcpmoiT&cIigI;t 

fnitbefe.&bepne,tbe TOlloto 5 t|)e Jffrre freeze &lmand,ti)e 

peacb»tbe peace-tres,? ttje #pple 3 anD fucljasfije flofo?cs*berc 

of be not bitter. ^Jft&etoilBefojfsyt&e Cercbmff) 3 tbe&enfffej 

t\)t Hmotr©,trje <EeDar 3 ano trjc $)a0$olme . SCrje belt bonp ("as 

Paliadius fattb ) ismaDeof Suimc : ftje nevt of iutloe aCtmc : tl?e 

IbtrDjOf iJofemarp.i&on muff remoue from pour IB&s, tlje ptto 

tr<£,lI5or s ano t|»e CcuneUPlinie ttjoulo alfo jjaue tyttoltut atoap. 

S5am'n) alfo all t&e kino* of Sporge.-fo* tuttlj tbat,as alfo foif tj tjje 

flotu:ed of ttje Comelljtbeg fall info a JFiire anD Die.iSefiDespon 

muft fuffer no MoimefoMDD , 1102 IsjiLoc incumber to groUi 

Hearb« n ^ re t ^ tm j f 0? ^ gp j,^ ^ffroE tlje 2Bees,ano fpople tlje Ijonfe* 

ToBcT. 6 ^" D be Wufe *& c floto ^ » °> fru ^ of Crimes Doty fpecfallp. tiurt 
tljcm , tfjercfozc in fuel; parts of 3Jfaip luijcrc plenty of Crimes 
grct»,tbc i5ees Do not long continue. SEoucljingrour f)mcs,frjep 
are ma&c of Diners fan)ion£.>acro;Ottig to the manner of tlje coun* 
try. &>o me are mao : rom*D,fomc fquare/ome tfoee fmf in fjeig^t* 
ano one in bjcaotl), maDetierp narroto toUiarD trjc top, Icaft trje 
of the 5iBors..u)oHlbBHf rlabor tbcmfclucsin filling of tycm.&ome tnahe 
Kiue. tfjw'r |iues of Hantente bo;ne-> 02 (^laile , to trje enD ( as Plinic 
faityj tljaf ttrep map bietotlje manner ofttjeu: Uwltmg, varro 
mafeetb mention of earthen Ijiues foell plaittcrca -fcuitljmanD 
toitfjont Ujttrj goo ^Dre^ung 3 fo as tl)e rougfjnes ano ruggeones 
cannot Difplcafe tfjon : but fo? all t&af , tlje earthen fjiues be tfoe 
4»oja t\)ti map be , becaufe in j&ummer tfjep beto^ot, anb m 


entreating of Bees. 170 

mintcv to colO.C&e beH fjiuc5,nre tfjofc tyat are maoe of Coihe 
U)icbcr,o: rind t s of tr#3,becaufe tfjcp bacpe out both colO ano heat: 
tfjenert are fuel) a* are maDeof ^tratoano Bents mattcD toge' 
tjjer,ffoof<»t inb?eHt^ano fo mue&.fljmo^acco^mg to tjjenum* 
bee of pour 25ees in f>efg&t. Bin fome place0 tljep mafee tljtm of 
one pceeeof ioooo, cut ano fjolloieefc fo; ffjc nonce, 0; of topneo 
boo;os,nue 0? fire fot in £ eight , 'ano ttjefe neither are fo fjot in 
Rummer, no; to cole in tEimf er. iDf t&efe tomsoen Ijiues , the 
b*ft are tfjofe t&at are maoe of flje ifigge tree, pne, 0u)e , ano 
tfSlalnut, of fuel) length f as 3 toio pou J ano a cubit in b;eaot jj. 
BeftoeMfe*? i^otilo becouereo toitfc either £utie 3 o; &reDung: 
fo; fo (fait!) Florcntine)t?o» Qjal fceepe tfjem long Uutbout rotting, 
f)ou mutt alto bo;e fym though flopeto(fe ) U>hercb::' ffje foinoe 
gentlp enfrlng,map one top all cobfoebs , 0; fuel) iifeenopances. 
pou muff altaaies ijauegojD ffoie of Ijiueelping by pou,f!)atmap 
beremoueo,anDeafilpearrieo to^ere pontiff : fo;tbefireo,o; 
ftanoing IjiueSjbe Difcommooious.a* totytt) pou can neither fekuo; 
rcmoue :tfjougfj Celfus feeme fo comment) tfje ffanoing [jines, be- 
caufe ttjep are neither fobictt to ffea!ing,no; burning,being mane 
of 25;icR,o; fcoame^our Ijiues (as Columella out of Celfus Dot& Howyo* 
teacb) muff ffano Upon fome table of ffone, a paro from tije m U n place 
ano grouno,fo mud) in bztaott), fo fmcotfjeD ano plaiff crcD, as nct> y° w hiu «- 
tt)tt 2Coao,(Euette,o; Swafee map crape bp : ano in fucfj o;oer 
they mutt be placeo as trjere map be betUu'tf euerp one a little 
foall,o; partition, being open both before i bfyinue. 3f pou tjatic 
no fuctj partitions j trjen place them fo, a$ tljcp be a p?etttetua? 
otffanf one from ttjc ctljcr 3 tfjat in o; effing anb tobing to anp one 
of tfcem,£ou ujauenot, no; |urt t&c ofjjer J fo; a Uttk fumbling 
Bott) foone marre all tfjefe rjonfes , ano manp tunes fpople tlje 
IBM. 3lt is enougtj to Ijaue t&;ee raafees of tijem , one aboue 
t&e otfjee : fo; tbe feceper tftall Ijaue en^igb to Ooe , fo ouer- 
toue tlje toppermoff. SLIjepart Inhere fife Bee Ooffj enter, 
muff ffano a little lotoer then tljc tjinocr parf,fo as tfjerainecan 
not runne in, ano tfjefoatcr ( if there be anp) ma? eaQIpboioe. 
^[no becaufc colo Ootrj mo;e annop ttje JBee, tycn lieafc , poa 
muft arme pour pities tuell beljinDe, againft tf)c fjurt ano bitter* 
neO"eoff[)eii5o;tl)U3moe a anoiettlje &>unne come bountifullp 
to tljem in tlje if ront, i^no tljcrefo?e it is beft fo; pou to mate 

P* t& 

The fourth Book e, 

tbeljoles ml) srref bep come in anD out, as fmall as sou map, tfjaf 
tyiy fumce onelp foj tbe bigncfle of ttjc Bee, partlp foj auopoing 
of colo,an3pactlp to luepetbe Cucf j,J15eeteU,}i5nttcrfltcs,23ats 3 
£^otljcs,ano fucbotbecburtmUoerrmne,tbat IdouId otbertoife 
Dcttrop f p c Combes : loljcr cfo:e tt is gcoD you ijauc ttoo oi tljjc c 
fuct) fmall boles together m cuerp ^me, fo? tije commemtie of 
tbe Bee, anorettraine ttft encmie, 

Pvllarivs. nm ell, 3 pja? pcu let ts irnoto mtjen tlje 
Bee begfnnetlj to labour,ant) UU;rn t;c ctafctl;. 

M f. l l i s s e v s. JBecaufc 3 baue DtclaceD tnto pou befoje 
tbeir toile,tbeir Dtlfgence,anD o?oec of tfjetc frauaile, 3 mill note 
iifee&ife frjeto pcu Urtjat time ttjep begin to labour. 3 n tfje cam t cr 
ttme,fromtbcfetting of tbe feaucnttar res, fill tlje beginning of 
when the tbe fp;ing,tbepfee?pe tbeir boufes,ano come not ab;oao,bp reafen 
Becreiieth. ef ^ colo . lt1 t £ e fp ? tng,t^ep come ttraigbt ab?oaD,ano from tbat 
inning * ime fo ^ oar& ( tf tbemeatber let fbcm not J tbep neuer rett Dap. 
fnd order JFirtt of all,tbepframe tbeir Combs,anD £®ar/bat is,tbep mafee 
of his en- tbeir boufes anD cbambers,toberroftbet> mafee fomanp, as tbcp 
uule. tymkt tljemfelues able to fill : tben fall tbep to b:ecDing ; atiD late 
ofall,to mafeing of bonp.Sbeir £2Hare,tbep mafee of fyz floto:eSi 
trees anD plants : tbeir fjanie , of ttic gummes anD clammtneffe 
of trees tfjat are glctop,as ®3rllobi,eimcs 3 i\du,3 ukc. Oumme, 
anoUojen: Anftorle faitb,tljegmahe tbeirCombcs offlotmes, 
tbeir ^are,of<I?ummes.,anD tbeir i£onp,of tbe Dcto of tbc£p.:e, 
tbat falletb cbiefelp at tlje rifingof tfjettarres, anD tbat tljcrc is 
no borne maDe before tbe nfmgof tlje feaucn ttarres , nnD their 
combes of floto?es, ana tbat tfje BeesDonof of tbcmfclues mafee 
tbe bonie, bat onelp gather tbe bonieD Dcto tljat falletb , beeaufe 
tbe keepers finoe tbe Cellestobe flllcoin fome one^oniuo Dates: 
anD tljaf tl;c bonic being tafeen awapintbe enD of S>ummcr,tbe 
biucs are not founo to be furnifljed agatne : tbougb tberc be 
flofoucs enougb at tbat time. fLtys, anD mucb mo:e beercof 
(faitb Ariftc tic ) to^mt Pi nie foUctoing , smrmcfb bonie 
ro be maDc of foe #p:e mott of all, at tberifing of tbe ttarres, 
fbtefelp tlje Doggc timing out carelp in tbe mo.ming : t^crc* 
fo?epoufl)all finDe in tbe moaning betimes, tbe leaucs of tbe 
trees bcD^lneD toitb banie, as pou (ball itketoife baue tbe #p> 
farrell,^ap?e 3 anD 20earcs 3 of fuel) as baue btene earelpab?oaD. 


entreating of Bees. 1 7 x 

3ftt t&e mo?nmg 3 oat Common people call it Manna 3 oj ^onp- Manna 
oeto, cleaumg to tlje leaues before tfce fifing of fbe &unnc 3 as it 
focre £>noUi, 0; tatljcr Canfcieo-&ugar. ^Ht>ct|)et; tt be tfje 
ftoeate 0; erercment of tyc l^cauens, 0? a ccrtame fpittlc of fjje 
$>tatres 3 o? a iupcet&af tfjeapje purged frcm tjimfelfe : ijomfc* 
euer it be 3 31 fooulo to <&oa it mere fucfj as it ftrft came from a> 
boue?anu not co^ruptcDixntlj tijebapcurs ano Damps of tbc carfy. 
25ett~0cs 3 being fucfeco bp from tfje leaucs by tyc 315ees, ano bu 
geffeo in ttjeir C^atocs (fo^tJjep call it bp at tljeir mGut&rs)anD 
alfo Dtttcmperco Untlj tbefent of tbeflolmes, ill feafoneo in {be 
•l^iues, ano fo often altrcD auD f ranffo^meo, iofingmucb ofljifi 
Jjeaueniu) berfue 3 fiatf; pet a plcafant ano fpcciall celdf iall ftoeer* 
neffe in it. Cbe bett J^onep is of &ime (as 3 tying fapo before) Thcbeft 
ano goio Uhetoife of Cithifus 3 of the /fgge SECree oerp plcafant : Hone x of 
Varro rait|} 3 tfjej? fafee not tfjeir fuffenance, ano tfcU !£onep Time * 
botb from one. 3 great part of t&ctr- fart; is U>afcr 3 fobieb muff 
not be far from tljcm ; anD muff be bcrpciearu^;!)!cb is gtcatipto 
purpofe in making ofga>D^onep.0no becaufe euerpfeafen fuflfo 
refb tfjem not to be abjoao, fyeymtsit at fticb times befco, leatl 
t&cp tyoulo tfjen be fo?ceo to lute all open tf?e '^jnep, 0? to Icaue 
fye pities emptic,£>ome giue onto tljem Mater ano tfonct? 3 fot* Bc«,thcir 
oen together in little oeirels^putting info it purple ipcr d 3 t.)u»ugl) wimcr- 
tj?e tub«l) t Ijep fuefee ft, fo? feare of Djtnhingfannuf9,L\jojoli\> foodc * 
mngtjjcmfclucs: otbcrs 3 o?pjfiggrs 3 either ffampeobp fytm* 
felucs 3 oj mingleo foitb mater, 0? tlje ojoffe of (H5?a|jes 3 0? ttea* 
fins mingleo teity ffoeete Mine, ano fetts maoe t;)cretoitf> 3 o? 
iottb ^onep : pea, 31 fjaue (me fome fcfe (but in mp fancie toft> 
out reafon) rogiuettjem Bap fealt, $pojcouer 3 as tye Becscc* 
quire great lading fo ronfinuallp, ano ffjetr^focSDaplp attar* 
Dance, "fo moff of all tljep craue oihgent regaro, luijcn fjjep are a* 
bout to &>marme, tobereunto if pou fjaue not a great goo e?e, 
tbepluillbio pou farcfocll, anotefeca neto ^aitter, foi futtyis 
tbenature of iBees, tfjat toitb cucn? p;ina, is bjeOaCommon* Going a- 
iucaltlj 3 Uibicb as tone as f bep are able to trauaf le 7 Doe as it mere ™y of 
tffoafne tbe gouernmentano fcllotuujtppe of tljeolo SBar, \vtyt\) B , ec$ ' a , nJ 
rnoff bapnetb toben tl;e &>Uiarmcsbe great ano lufffe, ano tbat Zvllf 
tbeolo Stagers are OifpofcDfofeno abjoao fbeir Colonics : ano 
$erefoje pou ftallbp tiuo fohens fpcciallplmoto toljent^e nem 

¥ S 3iMlKC5 

The fourth Booke, 

ring Ica&ct of ttje oiffe ntion, tobom t?ou muff fa&e afoap. EEtyat 

The (hape tyc p?opo?tion ano fyapeof tbe l&lng is, 3 bauctolo pou a little 

of the before, tljat is, fometbing longer tljen tt)£ otber ISas, ano leffet 

Km s- luin&eo, of a faire an& goffering colour,fui©tb, ano Uutljout ffmg, 

^aUibettjCcmcoftfjimfaettjag^carDjantiiUfolGurcD, tobttb art 

trngfyt, ano to be HUed: Let the belt (as fje faitb) u care the 

Crowne : &!;omuft {ji.nfclfe alfo beoepjiuco of tys toings, if ije 

be f co bufie yCuHtO,a;iD tuiil aifoatcs be carrying fj;s people abjoao: 

fo fl;ail poti, Untrj tfjc loffc of ijis fapleSjHeepc b»n at borne fpigljt 

Tc keepe ofl}is tstfj, Uiljtle be Dare not fo? iiunt of tjis tumgs benture out 

the Kmg cf ti)e c cd?cs, ano fa fl^ull Ije fecepc \)\b people atljomc. Dydlmus 

at home, ^^^21 tbe 13 ecs toill ncncr goe atoap,if pou rub tbe moutij 

c.f sour ^iuc tottt) rtjc Dung of a neto ealueo €aife.£o tbe fame 

t no feructb it, if pou ffampe t!;e leatics of UuEoe £)liucs, an& 

OEferDeitfDl&Ufi together, anD anuowtt^e^iuesinttjecuenmg 

rtjcrcUutbali : oj if poutoatbtbel^tucsano tyc toa!UstDitl)^0' 

ncp foDDrn tottb foater. saben an oioffoefce fs come to afmall 

number, auotbatffjecebenof IScesenougb fofurniu)tbel£tae 3 

pou muff fuppip tbe toant Initty a ncto &U)arme 3 oeff roping t&e 

king of tbe ftrtt finarmc in tbe &pmig ; fo ft)all botb tfjeftoarms 

olaeil together mamifietBitb ttjc olo parents, as GplbefljetoeD 

pou bereafter,i»!jcre 3 meane to fpeafcc of repammg ffjeffocfee, 

SEbe Summer being paff, enfuetfj fye time fo: taking of ll^onep, 

Gelding to toljicb b-rueft tbe frauatle of tbe toljole fenoetb. flCfje time fo? 

or feting gatbering thereof, Columella feacfjetb to be tym, \$\)tn roe per* 

the Hjucs. tt i ttt tbc~D:ones f o be tiiutn out, ano banf^eD fcp tbe ISees : fo? 

The thence tbcp Driue the droufie Drone auay,2DbtS *D?one tS anim# 

Drone, f imelp btrtb, ant> an Imperfect 25ee 5 but ben> like tnto tfje Bee, 

facie fi;af be is bigger boDpeD, hungaltuaiesiDlc in tlji tyat, not 

labouring ijttnfelfc, but fo&ing \ht a lubber on tbe froeafe of bis 

fellotors, pet feruetb Ije foj'tlje b?exDmg anB banging up of t|>e 

poung : totyzt} tefytn Ije batj) Done, tbep tb^uff Ijim out of tbe 

Timefor tuue. Varro appointed; frjj^feafons foutiefahtngoutffje bonp : 

taking the tl;efirffaf tbe rifing of tbe feauen ^tarrcs : ffje fecoriD in&um*- 

Combs. mtt . tfjet^iroat ti)t feting of tbe fcauen ^tarres : il\is ftgne 

f&tobe"! fljc f?!UiS be fjeauie, ana t&at tfjcp be OeuMe furnro)e&. 

I^cu map mase po:ic conjecture b? t^e iSccs, kifjen fbep mabe 

great nQlteMtfyia, ano tofjen pou fes tijemffano oauncing, ano 


entreating of Bees. 173 

plapfog at fbeft topics, as alfo, if lofting infoflje t^uic, pou per* 
ceiuetlje moutfjes of tfjc Combs to be couetto tuitlj a !£onep 
filme.Dydimus tljmt$crtj it to be ffjcbctf time at tlje fiitt fjarucft, 
t^c rifmg of tlje fcauen £>raire3 ? o.i f [jc beginning of ^ai? : tlje 
fcconDj ttjc beginning of 0ufmnnc : tlje tijiro, tlje fcttmg of tlje 
feaum s>tarrcs, iuijiclj 10 about October : fjoU'beit, fijefr times 
be not alwaies r-iectfel? to be obferueD, but accessing totljc fc^ 
ixuruneffe of tlje feafon : fo? if (0 be pou fake tlje Ijonep before 
tlje Combs be reaDie 3 tfjeptahe it ill 5 anD p^cfcnttpleauc footing, 
SCljc timefoj gelDtng,oj Djiumg pour Bees,is em-lie in tlje n\o;> 
ning : fo? pen muft not at none trouble pour fjiucs. if 0? tljts 
hum of gcioing of roue tjiues,, voumuft fcaucttxio inttrumenrs 
foj tlje nonce,a f©te anD a ijalfe long anD mo?c : tlje one of ttjrm 
mull be a long fenifeof agrno bjeotlj 5 lj3uingat tlje eno abenoing 
create to fcrape tottljaU .- tlje otljer muft be plaine, answers 
fljarpe, ttjat loit^ tlje one pou map cut tlje Combs, anD tuitlj tlje 
otljer. fcrape ttjem 3 ana tyafo outmtyatfoenerD?cggrso?m , tlj pou 
ftnot in tijem. 0no if pour ijiues be not open beljtn&e, pou Gjall 
mafeea fmofeetoitlj Galbanum 5 oj Djp oung 3 being put into an ear? 
ftjen pan mate fo? tfjepurpofe,fmallaf tlje one cno/rom iubenee 
fjjefmolseu)all come,anob?oaD at tf>e ot^er 3 fi:om lufjicfj pou ffjall 
bloto tip tlje fmofce from tlje fire,in fuclj fo.jf, as Columella ftjcfo* 
etlj pou. £L!jis pot ^ou mutt fuffcrattljc ftrff 3 to fmofee info t&e 
ijme, ano aftermaro rouno about fotttjouf, anD foujall ?ou D?iue 
ttjem.l^e tljat meDletlj inthiB cafe foitfjrfje JBees, muff fpeciallp Bees hate 
feeepe ^imfglfe from tetcljcrie 3 anD D?unbennes 3 anD toau) fjimfelfc theeue * 
cleane : foj f Jje? loue to haue fuel) as come about ffjem to be as * n ^ vn " 
pore anD eleane as map beXljep Dcl/gljt incleanlineflc fo muclj, f e n a s r ' cper 
as tljep tfjemfelueSDoe rcmcoue from fljem all nltljpncCrMufFe* 
ring no filtlj to remain amongll f Ijeir labours-ralsmg ftp in fjeaps 
rogctfjcrtlje erctcments of their clime bomcsAmjufj in tlje rain? 
Dates,tDljen tljep too.iUe not ab£oaa,ttjep rrmaweano tfceto out ot 
tlje f)iue,3if pou fet d^arlichbp tljem,tljep mill tting all tljat come 
n«re tbem. 2Ctjcir anger is eljicf elp afffoageD bp tlje pufence of 
ffcofe tljat fcfe fo fcnD rbem, at toljofe comming ffcep toarc 
milcer, being foell acquatnfeD Untlj tjjofe tljat arctljar feccpers, 
3f tljere betluo ffoarmes in one Ijiue, anD agraD togetfjer, tljep 
fiaue ttpo fo^fs anD manner of Combs, cuerp floacmc obfr ruing 

The fourth Booke, 

ty& otonc o?0er , tut ail tlje Combrs fo &ang bp rljerofcs of fljc 
Ijiues anD Uses, as tljcp touclj not the grouno totjere tlje IB as 
tie chfcfelp to iualfce, as 31 foio before of ttje building of ttjele 
Tafcioning £ 8 nibes. SEfje fafljion of t!;cir Combes 3 is aUsuaies accoioing to 
°i th f tlje fafl)ton of tljeir Ijuic0, fomerimc s fquare? fomettmes rouno, 
fomettmes long as tlje tjiues ace, in totjicb rtjep sre fafl&ioneoas 
in a moulo* Plinie foatcttj, t|iat tyere toere ^oncp-Combes 
founo in Ctermanic, of eight fcote in length : but Ijotofocuer tbep 
be,t?ou mud not take them all out, but tnuff t>fe Difcrction inta< 
Un$ oftfjem. ftmongff our people in the firft SBee Ijarucff (if 31 
map fo f earme it) tljep tofe toitlj t&eie ctaj&eo hnife, f o pare atoas 
no mo:c but the empfie Cellcs,ttll tb ep come to tljofe tljat be full, 
taking fjcece tjjat thep tjurt tljcm not: ano this tljep see in the 
&p?ing. 31n the lattec Ijarueft, tljat u$, at tlje eno of Summer, 
thep take the Combes full of l£onep,fn fuel) fo?t,( as 3 tolo pou) 
burning tlje olo i3es 3 ano altoap feaping ant pjekcuuig th c poung 
ftoarmes, 3n the ftra faking, tojjen t&e ^ctootocs ace full of 
Sotajes, tljcp leaue the fift part of the Combe* factjinoc : in the 
latter harueff ,m[jcn fount cr app:oihcth,tl; e v leaue a thtco of their 
Combes fo; ttje iuttenanccof the S5ec,323ut tyte quantitie cannot 
cerfainelp be pzefcrtbrofc: all Countries, but mult be meaforeO 
according f o the abunoance? o ; toant of fiofojes, Dydimus Tha- 
feus, tljinUettj gcoo to leaue them a tentlj of their Combes in fyt 
Rummer time, if tt>c pities be toerp full, othertotfc, aeeojoing 
to the proportion: ano if tijep be cmptic,notto mcoole Uutb them, 
Plinie uioulbnot hauc tlje^onep of tlje &p:ing-rime (tohtch h« 
callcttj flcir>?c ^onfe) to be mec-lco foitfjall, but to be fpareu. £>* 
tljers leaue no ^onic at all fe?tfjem,bexaufe of rt)eabunoancc of 
flotojes that ate tljen fpjinging, iubtth is the cljicfc founoation 
of tljeir Combes* £>uch as be f feiif ullca Doe leaue the 15ces a 
iteclf tfj part of fljeic labour : ano tW tljep Do about tjjirtp oaie* 
-after the ftoarme, iirtjidj tijepmafce an eno of commonip in Sap. 
%fyz olo ano flic corrupt Combes, are fo? the mcif part at tins 
time taken afoap : ano tlje found, ano fuel) as are ftiico toitlj ^o* 
me 3 leff. 3n taking of t&e!£onie at tlje later time of tlje pare, 
t&ep fcfe to tittxoy tlje otecG ttoebs, tofaue tlje charges of feeo 
ting pf tjjem. SC^is o?iuingano geloing of ^iutsis not com* 
monlpttfcB in fljeC «»^^Pa ba( tyty ratljer, acceding to tljeir 


entreating of Bees. 174 

cuttome, at tye eno of tfjepcer* burne fljem, alleoging fo; tjjcfe 
nwtijo^ttic an olo (£mjlt(l) ^ouerbcof tljctr clime : 

Driuc Bees, and loofc Bees : burne Bees, and haueBees. 

Sfitj; in fome places ttjepozoUme tf)em,OT)cn pou bauc f&us fpoi* 
KB pour l^iucs,pou u)all cacrp all pour Combes into fome Ijano* 
fome place, tuyere pou mcane to make pour Ipoucp, anoftoppe 
tip all tl)e boles ano creuilTcs of tije toalfcs anb toinoofoes, as 
rlofeafs pou map : fo; tbe Bees mill be oerp buftcto rescuer tfje 
p:ap. |3our Xfriucs being tyusbiium, if ttjere bcanp ill placed 
Comics at tlje entne, pou u)all alter tyem, ano place tfjem in 
goo o.20cr, fo as tbe toppes llano eomnetoarD, fo fofjen pou nert 
geld tfjem, pouu)all caliper take out tlje oloeCombcs, anoleaue 
tfje ncto,ano tfje mare fyall be the nefoer : fohicF) ttje oloer it is, 
t^c toojfe it ts, Mfjenfoeuer pou take pour Combes, Uofte t£at 
pouffraincout tbe !^onep ttje fame nap, mljiletljepare Ijef ano 
nem. JCbc^Jnie tbatpoufabeat tlje full of tbe3&cone(asPJmie 
fattfj) peeloetfj moft, ano tljefapjer ttyeoapfs, tlje tt)tc^cr it f^» 
JChc Combes being taken out, let tfjem ratfjerbe marine, tfjen 
Ijeatco, leatl bp ouee-beating tfjem, pou Sratneout tlje CSiarc 
fontb fjje Iconic : aftcrmaro,put tfjem into a goto ttrong bagge, 
ano mitfj a pjeffe, 0? otfjsr Bnttrument maac fo; tljepurpofe, 
02 toitlj a Weber Basnet, pjcCfe out tlje -l3omc; butfeeffjat 
before pou p:effe it, pou fcuer from it fuel) Combes, as fjaucin 
ttym poungl5£cs 3 callcDit»itl) fome, <I5;mbbes,o? any reo o^rtutro 
Bioffc: fo? tfjefemit!) tfjeir cuill iupec corrupt tfjc ^onie.<&2Sf)m 
tlje Comets tljus ftramca Qut,itisputinfocartljen fccflfells,ano 
fulfereD to ffano Uncoucrcoafem oaies 5 till it banc &>?ougttf>an& 
caft bp aloft all Ijis E#egs.,tof)Kf) pou mutt often fcumme off tolffr 
a little Gtehc : but in manp places tfjep are not fo curious, but 
tumble ail together, ano fo fell it groffeas it is, %\yt btVt l^onie 
is altoapes in tlje bottome, as tlje beft 2Dple aloft, ano tljebeff 
Mine in the miDtt. 

Chenoboscvs. Mfjafr Count riespeelcs rjjebelr^o; 
m'c,aiiD tofjtcfj count pou tfjebeft r* 

Mell i s s e v s. Cljc beft f&onfe tuas in tfje cloe time "Hie beft 
ffjougbf to be in Athens,ano in Cycift: it is note t&ougijtoerp g©j Honie « 
tfjaf commetf? from Mofcouu 7 ano tlje $o;tij-eaft Regions. 

The fourth Booke, 

XCfje $ onp at tlje beginning is tlnn as tea t er, ant) after ffje ttca^ 
ning, it foo?keti like neto Mine, ana purgetlj: at tfie ttoenfuf^ 
Da?, tt foaretlj tin'ckc,anD afeer&arDs is couer to tuit j) a thin rine, 
o? filme, lufjc re tye frofjj of tlje purging is gatyerea together* 
SDtje belt l^onp, ano leaU tnferteo, tlje £3tes Doe gather from tlje 
leaner; of tlje 2Dfce, tlje Hint) tree, and tlje fteeD, 2£ljere 10 tljjce 
JT hree fo;fs of $onp, tlje beft kinbe 10 tljat toljici) is calico Aurhim, 0; 
Honny. floto:<? - *£ome » ma & c m *&* &p?ing time : tlje nerf, is &nmnut 
. i?onp,o? Ijaffr-ljonp, mauetn ttjirtie oapes after tlje tentfj of %une> 
iojjcn tlje Doggc begins to come in : tlje tljiro is i^eatl; l;onp,a 
iuitoekinDe of tjonp,anDnot allofoeo, being gat Jjcreo after the 
firft fljotcus of £utumne,toljile the ijeattj is floin;co : ano f hcrfoje 
like tfje &>anop Ijonp. 2Elje bell tjonp (as Diophancs faitfjj fs 
cleare,pellofoiflj,fmcot!j in touc[jing s f fine, roping,if it be Dzaioen 
in lcngtlj,anD long ftickrag together, clammt?,ano IjarD to be got 
afmtDcr: tlje ^onp tljat is of tlje iuo?ft making, is to be bopleo* 
Br<radcor» B?eaD,if tf beaippeD in it, Dotljffraigljt corrupt it,ane tljerefoje 
mpceth take IjrcD pou put it not toljcre b:eaD Ijatlj bee ne. S[je fragments. 
Hon y. 6 f tfje Coame tljat Ijaf & once bene p:cu"eD 3 bctng taken out,fjeaf eD 
ano ffraineo again e,ooe make a fecono 1£ onp,tuljicf) r ou muff put 
, t>p,ano k&pe bp it felfe,fo? fpopling of f Ije otfjer. j^aug&f fe,an& 
counterfeit f^onp is Defcernco bp tlje burning , fo? til Ijonp bur* 
netfj nofxleare,astbefaio Di cphancs Unfneffetfj. 2Clje Djoffe tljat 
remained, after tlje pjeffing, after tljat pou fjaue Diligcntlp tea* 
fljeD it in ftotet iuafer, mutt be put in a bjaflfe CalD?on, ano put, 
ring a little tuater thereto, melteD fcpon t\)t firc,toljic& inhen pott 
Ijaue Don e,pou mull Uraine ttj e S&are tlj: ouglj a .^iuc,o; fuel) tike 
The ma- *& m? ma * e of ^^rato, oj Hulljes : ano after feetfj itugaine, ano 
king of potojfng it into fome fyffell taiiti) Iuafer, from foljenee sou map 
Waxe. eafilp fake if,make if bp in cakcs,o: tnljat fafijion t?ou like. Plmic 
U;;ifct^. ; tbat tf;e Coames mutt firft belnauSeo toell , ano after * 
loaro D??eD in ttje Darke, fo?t[je fpace of tlj.zee Dapes,$ tlje fourth 
Dap fet upon tfjefire in a neto earthen tjeffcll, fo as tfjcCoames 
be couereo luit^ toaf er, ano tfjen ftraincD f fcougf) a &iuei laft of 
all, bopleD againc in the hmetjcffcll,ani! the fame toater, ano 
poto^eDinfo oeu"elstoitt)colDetoafer,|jaumgf[jeir ffDes noinfeO 
iDitlj^onp. Clje Ware l»ill be t)erptol)tfe after it bat^tlajD in 
- : m t|?e purine, ano keens ttotfe ToDCen : peuiliall make it blacke 

entreating of Bees. 174 

tolrb tfje 0fyes of piper, ana being mingleD twit!) 52crmillion,it 
Uiiil be reo 3 atiD fo otljcrtoifc coloured as pou lift. 

Chenfbos, 3fin tbe matting of pour l^onppourlSees 
be almoft confumeD, tobattoapes Ijaue pou to repaire ttjem i 

Mel. When as an oloe ttocfce income to be fmall,anD tljaf Bees dc . 
pou are to furmfy out tbe number, pou muftceftrop (as 3 fapDJ cayed. 
tfje ticlti kin 1 in tbe £p?ing time , Uiljen ttjere is a neto ujojd in 
tbe ^iuc, tyzt tye neto people toitbout oifco;D, map Dtocll toitfc Thcrepai . 
tfait oloe parents 3no if fo be tbe dToames fane not peelDeD a ring of 
neto b2Q)D,pou muff take tbe Dtoellers of ttoo oj tb?cc otljer bfues, them. 
t put tbem into onc,butfofaspou remember before,) to fpjinchlc 
tym tottb fome ftoeet Itcour, ano fo fyut tbem top tottb fmo con- 
uznimt fo.: tfjem, till rtjep bcfullp acquainteD, leauing but little 
bjeatlnng boles about tbe tyiue, t fceepe tytm ttjus cnclofeo tym 
Haves. £Dtbcrs Doetofeto feiil tbe eloer fcing,but ttjat Columella 
alfotoctb not : butiftbelsing bctoerpolo, (tbe age of H5eesujall 
fyoitlp betyttoeo bntopoujanorbe people altoaicsgiuen to feoi* 
tion, tijen u)all pou cbtofe a tring from tyc ^iucs>tbat tjaue moff 
number of Kings. 31 tolo pou before boto pou tyoulo mahe ttjem a* 
grte.tobenpou putttoo fujarms rogctbcr,lelr tb epfljoulDOcffrop 
one anotbcr,tljat is,to fafee atoap tbe feings of tt>e neto ftoarmes* 

Chenobos, OTbat if ttjc tobolc ffocfec be Decapeo bp ta< 
feing Hje i^onp,o: bp Ccbencs.ano oifeafes,toill ttjepb^D againe * 
0? map ttyey be repap?eo by art i 

M e l. l5pbotb 5 tbougb tf)cb:ceMng, ana ingenoiing of 15oes Breeding 
istierp Doubtfull tottb AriftotIe,neifbcr Dare be after bis long Dif* of Bees. 
putations, affirmc anp ccrtamtic tbeccof : fometime berecitctb 
tlje opinions of otbers, fomc tbtnfeing tljat tljepare ingenD?cD bp 
copulation, tbe SDione being tbe malc,ano tbe XScettje female : 
ottjerfaping, tbat tbep bjing fo:tb poung,but Doc not ingenDcr, 
but tbattbep gather tbeir pong oncs ? but from tofjencc,tbcp fcnoto 
not. £>omc fctp, from tljc floimes of M arioram : fome, ftom tlje 
floto:cs of tf/e fteeoc : otbers from tbe £> ; iuc flotous, becaufe 
tobenfocuer tbrre is great plcntp of £Miues, tbcre is alfo great 
ftoatmes of I5ees, iEtjerc arc againe tbat tbinfcc tbe £>?cne3 to 
be fogatbcreD,anD tbcHSits to be bzcDonels of tbe kings: ano a 
little after, \>z fattl;,2:be poung are tlje beft b?ceD, toben tbe bonp 
13 maoe 3 tljep labour toity ttjeir legs tlje Mlare, ano toittj tbeir 


The fourth Bookc, 

mouf $ tHy caff out tyt l£onie into ttj c Cel0,anb baulng late ffcr fr 
poung 3 t^ep Gt bpon tbem as 13irD0 Doe. £E be little ©ao?me 3 o; 
Ovubbz , being ttjuo batcfjeo tobile be is fmall , Ipetb rrumpUo 
tip in tbeCoameraftertoarD, fpzatnletb ab^cao bp b*0 otune fojee, 
ano fallctb to teDing, clearing fo to tlje Coame 3 a0 be femefjj to 
be tic*. 8Hp bjojD of tlje Ba^ano tbeH>?cue,is mfnte 3 ofu.ibicb 
commetb little caojme0,t£at after groin to Bee0,anD 2>}onzs; 
rbu0mucb, ana moje,fatt& Ariftotle. 3n otber p(acc0 be tooulo 
teme to gatber, tbaf tbe V5&& ace ingcnD?cD of r|c ttng5,fapBig, 
f bat if 1 1) is lucre noc.tljcre to ere no reafon fo? facfc tfjings as are 
commiiteo m tbeir gourrnment>anD tfjaf tbc fcfngs bg gceD rca< 
fon, reniame ttill in tytl$iut toitboctan? frausiicas only borne 
fc?b:«Ding. ISefiDe, tyty be greater, 30 tfcougb tbeir botics 
fccre^rarpofelpframeofo? generation,! fycy pumu) f^e £>?one0. 
3t ts net bcrp lifcelp tbaf ttje ct»iD?cn iljoulo puma) t|ic parents, 
fbercfo?et£e JSces are not ingenBjefc of j3D?ones. 3Seffoe0, it io 
a great argument, t£at 25*0 are ingenDjcDUjiffjouf copulation, 
t&at tbeir b?©De lietb %m fmall at t|>e firU , fauappeo bp in t be 
fjoles 0; Cellc0 of tbeir £oame0 , fobereas all etbec if lies anD 
fS&ojmefi trjat are b?eo b? copulation , Doe iongingenoer, ano 
qmcfcip lap in grcamcffc,aeco?Ding to tlie fcinDe of tbc cao?me. 
Pliniefollotemg^erein Ariftotlc, affirmct^ tpat I5as Doe Ut as 
penned boe upon rbcir Cggcs : anD that tobicb is batibrty is at 
tbe firtt a (mail toln'te too.:me,lptog£roirc tlje bole, anD cleaning 
in fucb fo?t, as it femetlj to feebe. £be bing is at ttje firtt, of a 
pcliotDt(6coloor,a0a cbofen floto?e,framcb of tbc fined fubtfance, 
neitber is be b?eD a E&o:me , bat toitb tomes at tt^e bcrp firir. 
Sbe etfjcr common foit,tul>cn tycy begin fo baucfau)ton,arc cal 
leo i^lmpbes, a0 tbc £D?otic*,$e sircus, ano r&e Ccpheu>,tobofe 
beao0 1 if anp man cbance to pull off, tbep ferue as a Delicate f©5 
to tlje bzesDers. after a little time, tbep pefo?e into tbcin foe:, 
ano fit fcpen t^tm making a great noifcas it is tfjougbf,to p:o* 
curea beatneeeCTac? fo? tbeir |»af c^tng) till b^eafemg a fanner fbe 
filmes fbat enclofetb eucrp one of t^em lifee an Csggc, tlje tutjoie 
b;ojoe commetb fo?tb. Plinie aDDetb, tbaf ttys foas feene ano ob* a l^iue maDe of Eantecne bomes: t\)t tobole 
fcjaiDc is finifbeD in nue anD fourtie Dales. 0s fame a0 tbep are 
b?ougfjf ouf,tl)ep are faugljt to rrauaile Uraig^tloares luif b t^tk 


entreating of Bees. 176 

d3mttKS,t!)c poung people Uiatttng p:cfentlp Upon fytiz poung 
feing. SCI; ft c are funoj p tongs bjeof 0? failing,an0 toljcn tfjep come 
to age* bp common confciif , tlje fouleft airo toutoroaroeil of tfjem 
are oeftrcpeo. 2Cl;.tf tfjere 10 tto?fo;ts 3 aiio tufrat fafticn tljep. be 
otj 3 tolo gou before. 

c h e n o b o s. iietus noto fjeare foine tying of ttreiragc. The a ge 
M'elus. SCbcirage (tyepfnp) maptyus be bnctoen.fruty ofBcci. 
Rsaeenotaboueapatc oloe, Doe u)ine, ano lobe as tyep lucre 
netolpopleo : ttjeolo ones be rougb^ag^ap^tojincfeleOjloaty' 
fomcjt ill fauo;eb to Usfte t)pon 3 l>otobeit,foj making of Coames, 
tyefe are tye bell* Ariftotle in fjis bmfce before mcntioniD affirm 
mety , tyaf HBas Mm (Ire o? feaucn parrs , ano tyat tfa ffocfee 
continue nine 0: fenne pareSjtyc beeper of tycrn baty goobluefeev 
pjinic fcijitctyjtyat one ttockc toas ncuer feenc to continue aboue 
ten pares , not tyou$ pou fupplp tye places of tye beao cuerp 
pare toity neto : fo: commonlp in tye fentypare after tljcfirtt 
fii&ing, tye iurjclc aochc Dicty. #no tyetefojc to auoiDe tye mtft 
c&icfe of being uttcrlp Dettifutcit is goo to encrcafe tt>c number 
of pour ^iues foity ueto&toarmcs cuerp pare.flno if fo be pour 
3Bas, ty?ougl) fuDDen ffojmc, fempett, 0? coio, lie fceao topon tye J^SJ" 
grouito,?ou mutt gatl;er tyem fogctytr into a plattcr^a bjoao be dead, 
bafon, ano laptycm in pour fjonfc folnaro tye &>outy 3 fpcciaUv: if 
tye meaty cr be g®o , after, catt amongft tyem &tyts of ifigge 
tratoajo, being fometyfng mo;e tiot,tyente3r<ne 5 ftjake tyem 
gen tip bp ano DoUmcfoas pou touty tyem not toft b poutfjanos, 
ano fo fetting tyem into tye &unne , tyep mill (as Varro faptyj 
quichen againc. EJc la^om Columella fubfcribing,aoDety, tyat 
fuel) HBas aspoumioe oeao tmoerpeuc ijiues,if pou lap tyemfep 
in a 0?p place all tye«tntec,anD tying tyem out into tye £>unne 
in tbe &paing,to[jen t^e toeati) er isfaire,antJ fp;iitchlc t|)em toitfjr 
tye foiefaio au}es,tyep twill recoucrmttyin afeto^oures. &f)ep 
tyatlift,mapp?a>ae it 3 baue not l&ftyecfo tried it. Marcus Varro 
iploety opinion 3 tyat Basare mgenojeo fometime of otyer Makfn & 
25as, ano fame times of tye boop of apong SEultacfce purrffie^ of Bce5, 
reciting tbis QDpigTamme of Archdau** 

O^ Steerethat frrangled it arc children ftrangely bred, 

Of Horfc ingendred iMhc Wafpc.and Bec,of Bullockedead. 

ThcHorfc* breed the Wafpcs,thc BulJockcs breed rhe Beer 

The fourth Booke, 

JFoza poung £Dre,0j£>teere, being fftangleo, eo?rupfeo,anocaff 
into fome fucij place, Inhere tlje putrifieD toapout tan not b?cattj 
btif,anDffojc ef bearbs ano fiofc^es, agreeing foiflj tlje nature 
of tlje Bees tljmff into tlje boop, as Cime, Caflia, ano fuel) lifce, 
ioljeretoitlj tlje oapour ma? be tempereo,pou ffjal hereof quiefcelp 
Ijaue Bces»cuen as sou map of tlje boopof a fjo^feUHctutfe ojoe* 
res, tjauc TOafpes ano ^omefs* virgiJljatb DcfcribcD botlj tlje 
mannets of ingenojing of H5ees, ano tjje nrff fotf,fo tljcfe toc?os. 
This vfe 3 you wonder wou!d,doth pleafc the Bee, 
The Chaincs vnchaft of Venus they deteft; 
To file themfelues with fiJthie lechery 
They iudge vnmcct, nor will be fo increaft. 
But from the plants and plcafant flowres fweer, 
They fetch their tender brood, and hence they get : 
Both King and Court, and whatfoeuer's meet 
To raifc their walles, and Empyrc vp tofct. 

Slje otljer manners, oz repairing of Bees bp act, tfjefamepoet 
eloquently tljus toucfjeo* 

But if your Bees doe happen all to die, 

The breeders gone, that mould their race renew : 

His lcllbn learnc , whofe skilfull cunning hie, 

Made Bees, with bloud of Bullockesthat he flew,&c. 

, STfje manner fcofo Bees are ingenoieo of a Bullobne, virgili 

Be« made ^ largeip Difcourfe out of Mago,ano Dembcritus. poumuff 

5tcere. frame a little Ijoufe fourefquare, about tm cubits in bjeotfj, $ as 

mucfc in&eigbt,foit& fourefoinoofoes,on euerp fioe one.B pong 

fat £>teere being bjoug&t fop Ijitljer, Ijis $ofe, fjis Cares, ano all 

otljer open bents ffoppeo, f filleo fotrlj lumen. Dipped in pttclj, 

mutt bzbtattn foitlj numbers of elubbes fo Deatlj, fo as botl; tlje 

bones ano tlje fleu) , map be bjofeen foitljout anp bl©0: fo; of tjjc 

blcoo cemmcrfj tlje 25ce.!afteriuar0,t|je ijoufe being Deepe ffrafoeo 

toitlj SEmic, ano tlje Bullocfte laio fcpon ijis bacfee, tije oejes ano 

trsc minDoUies muff be clofe u)ut t)p,ano fo plaiff eceo,as tljere can 

no aire cntcrXb?ee foeefces after ? tjje foinsofoes muff be openeo 

on euerp (toe , faue foljere tlje fotn&e blotuetb ff rongeff, ano tlje 

ligljtano tlje aire let in: J»|jen if Ijatl; bent foeUccjleo $ reft cttjcD. 

eijeiuinostos muff be u)ut bp againe,ano maoeas clofe as before: 

ano being opened tlje eleuentij tap after,pou mall nnoetlje tjcafe 


entreating of Bees . 177 

full of B^, ano noting left ofCfpe^Djce, faueflje fjomes? tlje 
fcapje, anD tlje bones : tbep tjolo opinion beftoes, tfjat tlje Ifiings 
are engenouo of tlje b;aine,anb tlje otljer 15 as of tlje boDp. 
Pvllarivs. 31 Utce itotfo cofrlpcomming bj> Bas. 

MRL.dDf tlje fame opinion IS Columella: 3J telpQU but tlje 0?DCt 

oftfjc olo ffcilfull fellotos^pou ma? cljcofc to l; c rljcr pou toill try it. 

Chenobos, 3 bao ratber ?ou tooulo tell bs tobatltcfencf* 
fes anD Difeafrs tljcy are fubtcrt to, anD boto toe ma? fcnoto tfje 
ficlmeffes, anD m tobat fo:t to Ijclpc tbem. 

Mf.lissevs, 3itolll toUlinglpfljctopou. 2r^eCgnfsanD^5 nesof 
tokens of tljcirbealtb, as if tJjepbeliuelp, quiche, ano manp in f^lf 
number : if fljcir toojumanfljip be neatl? anD cquallp tojougtjt : 
if tlje? goe about tljcir bwlnctTc cbarcfullp,anD if tljeplajlscfaire 
anD fmojrlje- nc ftgncs of tfjeir not being in bealtlj, is, if ti)cv 
Uofce loatbfomelp, be rouglj ano ljap.2ic,ercept in tlje time of rljeir 
labour, ijytftn tyty commonlp lobe like labourers, 0? be ojotofie, 
0; if pou fee tljem carrping out of Deao carl$au"es, anD folio toing 
tlje cojfes, after the manner of mourners, 0: ttyat poubeareno 
nopfe, no? fiirring amongff tbem. Cbefefignestobcnyoufa> 
Columella toilletb pou to giue tbem meate in iittle trougbes of 
HecDes, fpeciallp ^onicfoDDen, anD grounD toitlj <25allcs,o2 tto • 
fes. Pou mutt alfoto bcalctliem 3 perfume tbem toitljGalbariiim, 
Hcafins,02olo ffrigges of Ckapca.Jf tbe&ingbappento Dpe,tbe 
common people toaileanb mourne toitb great ncaumeu~e,m;itljcr 
totll tlje? maue anp pjouifion fo? fbeir otone fuffenance : anD 
tljcrefo?e if pou feebe tjjem not, tljcp toill famiu) tljcmfelucs. 
P 1 s s r n a a 1 v s.Wtfj toljat Difeafes are tbepmoftbereD i 
Melis. 2Cbcp are manp times infecteDtoitljfbeiaeffilence, The difca- 
agatnff toljidj pou Ijaue no otljer rcmeDie, tfjen to feuer tlje Wats fes f . Bcey > 
farreafunDer.snieir cljiefeff anD earlp ( in tbe beginning J^J^ 
of tlje fp;tug,Uirjen tfje Spurge anD t^z <&lmz Doe botfj flotojc : 
foj as topon neto fruits, fo at tbeir firff comming abjoaD, entifeD 
taritfj tijefe neto floto?cs, being almoffbungerffaruen toitb tjje 
tofoter paCfeD,tbep feeD fo graDilp as tyty fall info a ififr,toljcrc* 
of if tbei? be not quicfelp remeDieD, tyzy Die. iFoj Spurge Dotb 
tofetbe bellies of all otber creatures, but tfje flotoies of <£imc 
biitiQttl) onelp rtje Jflire to tlje Bee.8nD tJjercfo:c in fucb Coun* 
tcies 3 to[jere fjjer* ia great plentie of tbefe frces,f be b&* continue 

■z but 

The fourth Booke, 

bufalurjile. Columellatcac&etrjpouagafnfftfjfs oifeafe,to gfue 

tlj era Kofcmarp fooocn luni; water and Iconic: fome ogafne t>fc 

to glue trjem trje ftale of men, o.: bullocks : ns alfo trje grames of 

tlje pomegranate beafcn,anD-fp2incfclsD toiffj CSUme 02 KeaOns, 

iuttrj tt>c Itfce quanfttic of i$amia UncaccD together, $ gfocn ttjem 

In ujarpe foinc 3 bopieD in ancartrjen fcc(Tcll,anD potujeo into little 

Keeoes. virgin oefctibctrj an rjearbe,caileo Aumdlus, toitya pel* 

loin ttaiUc,ana a pueplc floto;e,t&c tuyce of fo^ofe rente being Too* 

Den m olo CCiinc, ano fframco ouf,is berp g©9 to begiuen tjjem. 

Columella out of Higimus 3 tcadjct& to remeop ftjem intljisfojt : 

fixttyto take out all trje rotten ano corrupt Combes, anc to g t'tic 

tljem frefl) tneate 3 i after to perfume ttjem tuitt) fmolie-Btt is god 

alfo to put to a Decayed rjiue, a netaf Inarm e,as 3 fato befc.jc.iKfc 

tile times trjep oie of aoifeafe torjicl) trjep call, The great deuou- 

ring,Uxrjfcrjbapnctrjtoljentrjep fjauemaoc fomucrjtoare,as tljep 

fljinfee ttj c v 1 u)alb c able to fill, ano aftectoaro^b? fto;mc ano ttm 

pett» inanp oftrjembeoeffropeo,fotrjaf trje remainefumcetb not 

to fill ttjc CombcSjforjerefep trje einptic parte af tJ>c Combes be 

comtneti) rotten, ano fo bv \ttt\t ano little tnfertett? feottj trje rjonie 

ano t&e J5ees; if 03 iu&icb trje onelp remeoie is^cttfjer to put m a 

neto float me to fill tip trje cells, 02 if pou rjaue no fuel) ftoarms, to 

cut afoap part of trje Combes before trjep come to be naugrjfj 

Ui&icrj pou mutf ooe foitrj a berp fljarpc knife, fo? fcacc of Difpla* 

tingt&ereft of trjcCombs,8 caafebefiacmanp times of tfjeoeat^ 

of trje W&&, is trjeit fo mucrj pjofperttic, as tofjen tfjerc arcDi* 

uers pares great abunoancc of rloto?es 3 $ t&e 25ets fo bu0e in 

trjeic feeoing,tt)at trjep fozgetfrjeir b?0eoing 3 lol)o oucr-toearping 

trjemfelueslDtt^ frauaile,trjepDie,notleauinganp L*:ajQe beijinOe 

tljem.Sit is ealleo Blapfigoma, Uirjen ritljcr bp ficfcncu"c,ffctrjful* 

nes,o:barrenne(re,tfjep leaue no fruit bcrjtnoe tfjcm.&o remcop 

trjis: 3t is goo eucrp t&iro.Dap,tofl}ut op trje Inues clofe,leaumg 

bat fcerp fmall fjoles,out of lurjto) trjep cannot eteepf,fo (ball trjep 

feefojeeoto lofoc totrjeir b?ooe > io& trjep cannot otrjerfenfe 

range ab^oao.^anp times befiocs trjep are t^e caufe oftrjeir ehwe 

Deatijs, torjen pcrceiuing frjeir Iconic to goc atoap, trjepfeefce to 

gcceoilie-ECfjeic otone rjonfcDofl; alfo mnnp times Defer op trjenn 

foi being touched luitrj it on tljebacfce, tljcp are fo limeo, as tlje^ 

cannot ttirre ; ano iDple eotl} not owlp feiil Wits, but alfo-ait 


entreating of Bees. i 7 3 

ofljet Ifoe creafotes, iFlpes, ano «2ae:mejef. ffi#ep fjafc all ffl, 
t&ie faaours,ano fling fuc& as fmcll of j® pntments : tljep are of* 
fen beffcgrcti toity flKffafpeSj^ojmefs, ano great <i£nattcs : tfje 
fctoalloto Doffj oftentimes fpople tfjem : tlje Mfo&pccfccr Cetfj 
teitl) W ^ng tongue, tfomft mfo tlje fjiue,lic&cbp t&efc|omc : 
anooiuers otbec Biros (as 3 fcauefato bcfo2e) amtop'tbem.Me 
Cone blo&etlj tfjem, anofticfeetb tiiem Dp att^dr ofoncooves, 
foljo foffaincs no tjttrt bp f Ijeir Hinging, feljcepc arc alfo (mrtfull 
ano troublefome to Bos, in fofjofe irlacea tfjep tangle tyem* 
felues,astI)epcanljarDlpgefout. 3ntfce matte torac* of Sarma- T ok W c 
tia, tofjere tijep mafee t&eir Combes in tye bolloto Jrirre trees, Bus from 
ttjcBeare, foj t\)c oeffre of tfje^ome, climet&fcptorijem, ano Bcarc *- 
vtbbett) tijem.^gainttttjefe Beares^tfjeBee-fceepers bfetofjang 
before tbeir ()iues grc at #aules,anD Bcetles,U)[ncf; fj>e mojc m* 
gcrlic tlje Beare u>uctl) anoc,tujt[j tfje greater ttuap tfjep come 
oponi)t0f?ea&againe, tobeeebp tlje Bees are Uicll DefenDeD.SCfJe 
fauOur of CtruuTes, if anpmanbople tym nccrefo ffjem, Ootf) 
Ml t&c Bees. SE&e Ecco is alfo a great enemte f o f &em,tbat folty 
i>er rcfounomg,oetb fljafee ano feare fyem : ano fjurtfnll to tljem 
f s alfo t&e spiff. SC&e ^>ptDcr is alfo tbeir Ocablp foe, ano foijere 
tfjep eanp?euailc,mafee§auoehcof tljefjincs, fefting tbeir toebs 
ano nets in euerp eo.mer,f o oucrtfooto tfje poje Bee.&be m'gtjf* 
Butfecflfe, t&at fipctf) about tfjecanolc, isbacffullto tijem ttoo 
fortes : fo? tfjep boffj confume tfje Combes, ano of tfjeir ercrc 
ments left bef)inOett)em,isingenD?eo apotljes: tn tlje berp fotoo 
befioc, b?eeDetlj a Mo?mc tfjaf confumettj ff)e eaaare. SDfjcfe 
fjurtrall flfermfne, tfje earcfull ferepec nwff biligentp labour to 
oeffrop ano pjeucnt, ano Icfee tfjat fje pluefee bp all fuel) butyc* 
ano plants as offenoety ffjem, not fnfferinganpfHci) to groto 
ware t&em, ano to feeepe all burffull Caftell from twenty letting 
tbem almaies fjaue fucfj things at&ano, as fJjcp moff Dentin. 
i?o; tye deeper fjatfrtoojfeeenougb to tuvnc (jfm to all fye p«re 
long : fo? after tbe ttoelftb of i^arcf) t[;eir tyus* mutt be openeo Hiucs pur- 
ano Imheo bnto, tljat alltbe rubbifl^, ano ffltl) of tbe Winter map ged in «hc 
be ftocpt afoap,ano tbe feptoerstljat fpople fljcCombee pinched % in s- 
out, anotbattb?t?map befmobeo toft!) fmohc maoe of£)rc D»ng 
o? linnen(as 31 fpafec of before :)fo? fmofee is of nature p^dfifable Smoke 
to ttje Bees, ^no tfjougf) it be froublefowe-fo* the timtto tbem, s ood for 

The fourth Booke, 

pet it is cetfamclp fcerp Utyolfome fojttjnn.Eljc ©3ojmrs,be* 
fi'Dcsip3tl)c5,auoiDnttcrai'cfi, mud be billeD, u>l;icij eirauing 
like a pcftilcme to tl)c Conjo£fi,Doc fall aluap tf pou mingle toitfc 
pour Dung ttje marroVti of t^je £>ye 5 aita laving it topon t|>e coales, 
nuhe pour fmoue : imti) t^i« o£>cr ftyfiU pour ftuarmcsbe bept 
fitlhn JjraU^, anD U)all he bitter all* fo aUt»e ttjeir Ub&ur : tbis 
turn of purging ttjem matt be often ttfco, from tl>c fcalrnts of 
Sipal^iQ tlje fall oi; t^c IcafeXijeiijepsi; mutt heepe tjimfelic- (a* 
3 fata bcfo:c)cicane fromDiunbennes, lettl)cttc 3 anDall bncleanc 
ano fftong fanenrmg fenfs : foj tijep loue to be purclpanD faitt)* 
fullp (ofceD bnto(ssf)at!) borne often faiD.)#bout an ctgrjtanD fo:* 
tit baits alter fyt cntring of ttje £>unne into Aries, tijep begin to 
fiyarme,anD at tl;e fame time Do manp ftorns per iftyttjat fcauc ft in 
anODiftafcsi^cco 0bouttijc fame time are buDinttjecntetmoff 
part of tl;e CombcsabicoDeof a great bignrs : \u\)\d) fome count 
Ocfti. to be tfjc liings: others call fljern 15?a:s 5 be caufe ttjep rourfc ano 
crjafe trjc 13ce6 5 anD t£>erfo.:c t|)inhe it g©c to ocftrop t^im.irrom 
frjcrifirgoffrjcfeauen&tarrcs, tljat is, from tfjc fift 3DC5of 
Times for Spar, tili tfje tcntlj, oj tt)c ttoelftf) of 8to 3 trjep fcfe to call trjeir 
(warming f&armcs : at iitl;ic& feafons tl;ep mull be earefullp Iffiheobnto 
fo? going a&ap : frcm tljat time, till tl;c rifing of tfce £>og, 01 tlje 
comtutng in of tl>e Dog Daie s, foljict) is aimeft Ujirfp Dairs, fas 
Columella faiti)) tljebatueft is botrjfo^onie anD Come. 

SJniuljat (oit tr>et>mrs3reto beD^iuen anD gdDcDJttsujeujeD 
befac : but at this ttme 3 anD till ttjetiueUtrj of&rptcmfcrr, tl;e 
fcitus mutt be opcncD euerptentlj oap } $ fmofccD.s:f;ct);ues being 
tljus fmofecD,t;3u nmtt refrcfi) tfyt SSctSjUntrj fp:in£b;inganDca> 
ttinginto fyt einptie parts of tfytiz t>tucs>Derpfictl) anD colDtoa* 
ter ; ano if an? thins remaine,not iuattjeD ai»ap,pcu nuittfteccpe 
ttouttoitrja(£fflfc&wig. I5cfiae s,tbc a3otrjcS; if tljepappcarc, 
mutt be fineepcoaiuapjano fyc 13uttcrMes&tlleD,toijicODtaeUtng 
m tfje ljiues,ace commonlpa bane to tlje 16ccs:fo2 tlje p botrj eafe 
fop trjc SLfarc, ano Uufb trjeir Dung Doc b?eeDe a fetnDe of £&o;me 
To ddfroy trjattljep eaU ^iue-mor^es.Erjefe ISuttermeSjas Columdla tea* 
Buttcrfius. c ^ett?, pou map to&en tt)t £paltoto flciu^etlj (at tefrcl) time tijete 
is great eft number o f f Ijem) ceff rop in ti)t5 fc2t|^cu mutt tiaue a 
tjeCTell of b;alTc,t3erp Ijigfj anD ttraigl)t 3 narroiuneeheDanD mou^ 
trjeD, in tlje bottome ioljcreof pou mutt ijwt a ligl)t ? ano fef it in 


entreating of Bees.' 15^ 

tlje euenmgneeretmtopour fjiur0, anDpou u)all fee all tlje ysuu 
terflie0 ffrafg&tUiaics fall to tlje lig&f,anD turtle tfjep plat? about 
tlje flame, ttjep burns tljemfeluc0 3 toljile tljep ran ticttljcrget fap, 
bp reafonof tlje ffraigljfne0> no? u)un tlje fire 3 bp meaneo of tlje 
bjafen toailcs. Betfoirt tlje riMig of tfjc £>og } ano of tlje Bcare* 
toato, toljirij ace almoff fiftic Dales, pou muftfahega>D fjeco pour 
B*sbe notfpopleo bp £o?nef0 3 to&ic& atf&at time licfn toatgljt 
foz tljcm 3 euenat tfjeir ofoneD©?e0.8ffertijeriwigof tlje Bear* 
foarD 3 about tlje ttoelftlj,02 fourtcentfj of &>epf cmber s f0 tfjc fecono 
fjarueff ofpour l£onp:fromttjat time 3 fill tljefetfingoftjjcfeauen 
ftarre0,foljtclj is about fo?tie Oapc0,t(je Bees Do p^ouioe fo? tfjeir 
toinfer ffo?e , of t&c flotozes of i£eatlj 3 SCamarifte, ano otfjcr 
buu>0 ano ffj;ub0,of l»t»tc^ pjouifion pou muff f afec Noting, left 
pou Difeourage ttjem 3 f D;iue tljem afcuap: from tfjcfctttng of tlje 
feauenffars ftoljielj 10 about tlje entrance of ijiouembcrj tlje be* Not flur- 
gtnningdf toe map belceue Plinie Jof tomfer.Grije Bag hue all tlje lin g of 
iointcr long opon fucfjffojeof ^onpa0 t&eptjauelaiDop; at tfjts Bces ia 
rfme,t^e^iue0 muff be opened clcanfeo of toljatfoeuer filtlj 10 Wlnter# 
in tljem, ano Diligently ojDjeD, fo? During tfje toinfer time, pour 
^tuc0 muff neither be openeD no? fttrreD 5 ano tljerefoje in t&e enD 
of Summer, to|jile tlje toeatfjer 10 pet miloe ano f emperaf e,pour 
!£foe0 being maoecleane in fome funnp Dap, fee tljat pou tljmff 
fonDer tljem certaine clofe eouer0 tljat map reaclj to tlje oerp bof> 
tome of tbe <£oame0 3 not leauing anp fooiDe fpaee , tofjerebp tlje 
^int ffjallbe tlje toarmer. Wtom pou fjaue t\)i$ oonc 3 clofe fcpe< 
uerp rift anD open place toitfj Clap,anD Bullocfce* Dung mingles 
fogettjer,oatobing it all ouertoitjjouf, leauing onelp a little fjole 
to come in ano out at, f^ou muff arme tljem alfo againff t [je colo 
fempeff 3 toitfj gaD eouerture0 of £>trato anD Bougfj0,£>ome ofe 
to put in tlje ^iuc0 fmall BtcD0 being D£atoen,tofjielj tottlj tfjeir 
featljcr0 feeepe tlje B«0 toarmc all tlje Minfer, anD tfjeretoftfj 
if tljep Ijappen to lacfte fa)D,tljep feeo tjjemfeluco fufficientlp. |^ea' 
it Ijatlj bame feene tljep Ijaue fo feD tpon tfjem, a0 tljep fjauc left 
notfjingbut tljcbare bone0 : ljolobeit,a0long a0 tfjeir i^onp fuf' 
ficet^tljepneuer meODleUiit^ t(jebirD0. 3ft i0tjerp goo anone^ 
cettart? (a0 3 tolD pou before; to fet tljem mm in little flUroug^ 
o?Heeoe0,to DefenDtljemfelue0againff famine. Mfjen Winter 
«0 paff a in tlje fpaee of fojti? oape0 3 tljep mahe an eno of all tfjeir 

« 3 ^onp, 

The fourth Booke, 

3£onle, erccpt njcir deeper Deale tlje moje Ubcrallpfottf) u)cm. 
Sstfjatij often alfobcene fane, u)att&cir Combes being empfie, 
tbcptjauecontinucD faffing, ttUtfjc^Dcs ofiFebjuariCjanD clea* 
umg tottjcCombeSjasif t&cptoere Oea& 5 pctljaucrctapncorl)cu: 
life : but leaft ttjep fyoulo lofe tt altogether, it is goo topcfo?e 
tfym in fonic ffcueete liquours bp little pipes, to!) crebp ttjcp map 
ruffatne tijtir lines, till tiji £>UiailoU) toitt} i)er appcanng ; p:c> 
mife a fcuelccmer fcafon, 

after iul)ul)time 3 U)l)cn tfje toeatfjet fotll fuffcrt&cm,tbcpbc< 
gin to fcc&e ab;oaD fo: t&emfclucs : fo: after ttjc <3>t;nnc is in the 
iEquinoftiall, ttjep neuer reff but rraaell painetullp euerp Dap, 
ana gather fioto;*c"0,anDncccu"artcsfo?ti)eir Vetoing, 

£3cfiDcs, beeaufefito places are fo fruitfully as topeelD fioUncs 
bott) Summer anD CTnterit^crefojc in too) places,U)[) ere after 
n)e &p?ing anD Summer (at tablet) ffmes>bot& Bcanes,Kapcs 3 
®Mlofo>s,anD otber plants ano £earbs,in eucrp place Do floU)?e) 
tbe flofojes Doe faplc, tljcp arc carrieo of Dfuers (ano rfjat in tlje 
nigljt, as g folo pou befojej into fuclj places, tuljereas tljere is 
0gdd ttoje of late flowing ijearbs, as STime, W&iM fparicrum, 
ano £>auerie,totjermitl) t&ep map be feD 3 anD gather fam at tljctr 
pteafure : ano asColun)dIa fajitctb, u)ati5ees in tlje oloetimc, 
U»ere tyougtjtfrom tlje fielos of Achaia 3 to tlje paffures of Athens, 
ano fo franfpo?fe0 in Dfuers otljer places, £>o map we Uutfj fcs 
carrp tljem from places tub ere n)e fiefo;esbeconfumcDtnn)c 
|s>p?ing> to tlje Summer flotmes,as <£loucr,anD fuel; otfjcr : ano 
after tljat,about tbceno ofrbe £>Emmcr,to places furmu)eDtott£ 
^eatb,£;amartffec,anD fuc^ct^erlate bearing Jfo? nje 
auoppmgofttjisinconuenicnce of carrying from place to place, 3 
foill u>to pou in ixibatfo;t 3 bauc omen mp Bie pars at fjome* 
2nD becaufe jailer Hersbach |jatf) fljefoeapcu before in l;is C>ar> 
tren manp ga>D ^carbes, anD pet not thereto t^epfetuc, 31 toill 
fljefo you a fern plants, njatl fcaue fct about mp Bees, feruing 
botb fo? tfjetr commootfie,ano ttje fjealr!) of mp boufljola : 3 ijau* 
ujofen of a great number, fuel) as be matt neceffarie, $ of greatcll 
fcerfue : tobefefpcciall fecrfacs, ano foonfltrfulltoo?fcings,giucn 
onelp bp ttje moft grafious and bountifull reamer of trje foo?lD, 
ano being as it mere fuclseD anD D?atone out bp tlje carefull topic 
ano Diligence of ti}c Bee, mu& neeof s nuoe a greater perfection tt 


entreating of Bees. 180 

fytit fjonieano fljcleUiare. 3bauefitlt enelofeot&e S^arOfoljere 
mp Idas u*no>toitb a^uichfet-beogemaoeof Blacivtbomeano 
l£oni? furlile : fbc one of tfjem feruingtlje 115 # toitlj fjfsflolmes 
at tfje beginmeg of tlje &p:mg; ano tlje otfjer at tlje latter cno of 
feummer. Stye firft, tlje 3151acU-tljo^ne faearctlj a pleafanttotufe B '«** ; 
flotoie, fo muct) t&c Vnclcomer to tlje 23o?, as it fs f fje berp fare* tll0rnc * 
luell of tbc winter : fo: be csmmonlp florojettj not till rtje winter 
be paff. SCfjcfeflotme<s ncfolp gatljereDf fltepeo all a nigfjt in tfjc 
beft ano ftcongeft U*me,ano aftertuaros oifttUco in Balneo Mane, 
being D^unliCjbclpetljanppatne in tljeliD£0,a0l)atl;biiene certain^ 
liepzoiicD. Tragus tlje ©eraianc confeffcflj>tljattoifb tljisonelp 
inaterbe fjatlj careDallmanerofpamesabouttbeftomaciyjrart, 
02 fiors. ©Ktnc mate of tlje £>loc, ano p^eferuco bntill BJulie, 0? 
2agaflr>tDljcn tlje blouop jf lir mod raignetb,is a foueraigne me* 
Dtctne againft it. %%z otfjcr,tlje l^onp fucfcle,02 tlje Ma>obine 5 woodbine 
beginnef b f flowje in 3nne, t continued iuitf} a pacing ftoeet fa* 
uour,till tlje bcrp latter cno of fummer.SCbe water tljereofoiftik 
IcD anD 02nnn,ttoo 0; ffcee oaies together at times, aOwagctl; tl;e 
beatc of tlje ftomaefee, jjelpetl; tfje Cougb, ano ftjojrtncs of bicattj. 
&ags of lumen oippeo tbcrein,ano applpeo,ooe beate anp tjcaf e of 
tlje (£ies,02 Hiuer.jpert fcnto mp tyucft£ l;aue planted rtjefweet 
Ijcarbe Melifla 0.: Apiaftrum, called in (£ngliu), Balme ; tuitb a Balmc - 
fquare ftal!je,a Icafe like a fincott)i]!i cttle,anD a pclloto floW2c,anD 
grotoctb almoft in enerp beoge , an bearbe tor II hnownc to tlje 
olo tinmen in the Countrie,ano greatly oefirco of tlje 115 ee. Efjns 
Meliifa^oi Balme, foODen in U)r)ite £2Iinc, ano omnfce tins 02 tljzde 
mornings togetber,purgef b tlje b2cff,brlps trje fljo.2f-winoeD)Com> 
foztetb tbebcart, Dituetl) atoag tlje oumpifljljeamneffe, tbaf pjo* 
atoctlj of ® elaucfjoifc brlpetb tlje if aUing-ficftnetTe, ano almoffi 
all otfcer oifeafes: being cijoppeo fmall,anO Qjixpco a nigbt in gons 
wljite Wine, ano afterfoaros 0iffiUe0,ls greatlpcommenoeo, not 
onelp in ocliuering ffKomen from tjjeir pangs anD griefes of tlje 
333tb?r, being ojunfce fo tlje quantitie of tyix 02 foure&pame> 
fulls, but alfo curcflj tlyt paincs o? fainting of tlje Ijeaef, calleO 
commonlp. The palfion of the heart. Cardanus greatlp tommm* 
Detb tljis rjearbc,fo2 f(jc comforting ano renuing of a oecapeo mr* 
mo.2p: ano arTjrmetrj,tljatit isacanfer of fioecfc f plcfant fleepes* 
ficit tmfo tyi» tjatie i groining tljat finite ano pzcaousljcarbe, 

■Z 4 AngeJIica, 

The fourth Booke, 

... Angellica,wl)ofe feeocs 3 firft receuuo from ffjaf fcerfuous an& 

Angeiuca. g 00 ip j^p^e &aO£ Golding in Kent,a Oenflewoman tljaf (et* 

tetter iutjole feiicitie intyz fearcano fcruicc of ttje aimigrjtte: 

ttjis l$t arbc is in floW2e,fao, leafe,ffalfce, ano fauour, fo lifee fcn* 

to Jlouage, as tyty map IjatDlpfae oifcerneo th,c one from ttje c 

t[jcc,trje leafe oottjma manner referable tijc jMgge leafe,fauing 

tfcat it is mo:e iagge&,ano fnDenteO ronnc about. 3f any man bo 

fucoenl? infcctcD witlj tlje peftilence,feucr } 02 immoDeratc ftoeaf, 

let f>tm rake of threat of ttjis Angcllica in pouoer,f)alfe a 02am, 

ofTrea- ai * D pnfting to it a 02ammeef>reaele , mingle ttjem together 

ce, you toitf) t^?cc o? fourc fpconefuls of tlje water oitfilleo of tJje faio rot, 

may take ano after l)e ^at^r D2unfce it let lum lie ano fweat, faffing fojtlje 

the whole rpace f t^:ce ijoures at ttje leaflh tfjts Doing, by ttje tjclpe of Ood 3 

dramme. ^ ^ cfMp£ ganger: fyttcBtt ttapeo in ainegar,anDfmelt 

tmto,ano tfjefame ciinegar fome times omnfee fatting, eotfjp^ 

Genua man from tljepcffilenecttobe mo2t, tljermt ano t&etoa* 

ter thereof; is foucraigneagainff all inWaro Difcafes,itfcow;ctlj 

aWaptlje collections of a ^lurtfie beginning, tjelpety taieereo 

an* cojruptco lungs , ano is gcoo againft tfce £l)Qlliefec,&>ttan' 

gurie,ano reffraintof £&omens purgations, ano fo? anp iw 

iuaro (Welling, 02 inflamation , ttje iupee t[)mtt into a rjolloto 

tcDtfj, afltoaget!) tjjepaine, t?je water ozoppeo into tfje eare,ootfj 

ttje like : tlje fapD iupce ano water put into ttje zw, quickenctfj 

tit figf)t,ano fafect!) awap ttje tfjin ffcmnes ano rines tfjat couc> 

rett) t^cepe. 13eftDcs,amoft pjefent rcmcop in all ecepe anorof* 

fen (oizs, is t\)t iuytz , tlje water 02 rlje pewacr : fo: if elenfctfj 

tljem, ano eouercttj tl)t bone Witlj gmo flcfy. gt Was calleo in tfje 

OlO time Panacea, 02 Heal -a!, j^crt fclttO t\)iS Angcllica, fyaut 3} 

Cardas growing in great plcnric, Cardus Benedi&us, 02 bleffeo jfctjiflrle, 
Bcncdi- wljirtj trje Empirickcs, 02 common Proalifers,oo commeno fc>2 fun* 
fln«, o:panD great bertucs, affirming ttjat it Was firft fent out of In- 
dia,fo Frederick* r&t Cmpero2ifo2 frjc great bertuc itljaDagaintt 
ttjc l^eaoaci), 02 begrime , bemg eaten 02 Ojunfeen. £t!ufoife* 
ftjep fap, it tjeipetl) againff trje Dating, 02 giBDineffe of tfje tjeao, 
mafeetfj a goo mcmo2ie,ano retto?etfj tljebearmg.iro2t^ep2a)fe 
of fjts great fo;ce agatnff popfon, f pep b2ing fojtfj a panng mat* 
sen of Pauy,trjat IjauingbnWares eaten ofapopfoneD 0pple,ano 
tijtrewitljall fo fwolien y as no Ercacio , 02 wiitm could 


entreating of Bees. 18 1 

t urc rjcr,foas at t&c laff reftojeo to rjcairl),bp rlj* oiftilleO foater of 
ttjis &fnftle:anO liUcluifc trjata bop,mtofo[)ofemQutl)as[)cflcpt 
in ttje ficlo,bappeneO an #DDcr to ereepe,toas faueo bp ttje o:into 
tng of tljts water, tbc#&Dcr creeping one beljiuDe, ftnt&outanp 
tjurf to ttjc c^iloe. 3n fine tljcp affirme,trjatt&e leaues,iupcc,fe3., 
ano toater,f)enlerbaU feinoe of pcfpfons,ano tfjat tlje toater tjatfj 
tiealco a tooman,U^ofe bzcft tois eaten toitlj a Canker to tlje fee* 
rp ribbes. 31 Ijaue alfo fet into tljis little peece of grouno, great 
ffo;e of t&e ^earbc calico Namularia , 0? |5enigraffe, Votytfy crec« Penigrafli 
pettj clofe bp tfje grouno, tjauingtipona long ffring little rouno 
icaucs , ffanoing oircetlp one againft ttje ottjer? ano a pclioU) 
flotojc, ttUc trje Croc-fcor. 3jtis a fouerafgnc fjearbe foj&ca* 
iing of luounoa, not on dp outroaro and greene toounss , but alfo 
tnmaro fo:cs ano olccrSjfpecialli? of tlje ilungs , thereof ti}cxc 
Ijatrj beene g<DD pjcofc. Tragus anumetl) , ttjat tje tjatf? feene Dan* 
gcrous ano oefprratc foouncs cureO foifrj ttys Ijcarbe, being boi* 
Ico iuttb ^onpano TOne^ano Damine. 3t t)caletfj crulcerations 
of trje I5:caft ano ilungs , ano mav be tucl! giuen to trjofe 
Coug^anD are fi)o:t b:eatl)co 7 anO to little cpozen Difeafco Voith 
trje o:icCouglj, iiujo bpreafon of tljeirfcnocr age map fake no 
ftrcnger msofcuic. 31 feaue fecne gmDplcntie of it growing bp 
rtje fljaooUne Ditctjcs, about great-pecnam in &enf. 3! fjaue be* 
fiOe trjerc groining, Scabious, an tjearbc frjatgrowetli common* Scabious « 
Ip in vTo:ne, Uiitb a iaggeo leafe , Iping rotmo bpon t&c grouno, 
aiDti;;utring out in Summer a long ftalsctotty funDjp bjancfjes, 
tlje flotoje growing Ui blcto bitobs,o: tuftes, line tjonp Combes, 
SErjis [jearbe- being foDDen wity Mine, ano DmnKe, Ootli tjelpe 
tlje plurifie, againft toljicrj oifcafes, tfje Women of tl)e counter p, 
ttjat manp nines tafcebpon tfjem to be great DoftreiTcs in^Jrtf 
ficBe,oo dill tlje Water thereof in spap,ano giue it to be Djunntri 
at eacrj time, two 02 t^:ee fponfuls, not onelp againft tlje plutU 
fie, but againft in maro impoftcrnes,cougl;cs, anD all Difeafco of 
trje bzcaft. Againft impofternes , ciucrs ( as Tragus ItJ^itctb ) 
Doe maae t^is* compofttion, tljc\) take a ijanofull of Scabious , tfjo 
liearbe ones, of iliquentTe cut fmall an ounce , titieluc if igges, 
pencil feco an ounce, Qnifceoas muclj, ^>:as tjaife an ounce, 
tljefe t^ct? lap a nigrjt in luatec : ttjenertoapffjep boile tbera,till 
a tfjiro part be confumeo,anD after maaingit fujest ioitli £>uger, 


The fourth Booke, 

02 Iconic of KofcSjtlKpgfoeittoarmeinflje doming ano Cue 
mng 3 fo!)ereluitb t&ep fap>tfce impefterne is ripencD, maoe foft, 

Pvllakivs, 3; rrmember 3 ftjaf paffage bv tfje fcoufeof 
f Ijat ^onouwble 13aron, fye i.020 Cobham ( imjofc fcoufc peu 
fgall fcloome tetottijout great tefozt, bprrafon of fcis noble Dtfr 
paction, ano honourable mfertainement t^at hccgiuetlj to all 
coramers ; 3 cljanceo to fee in tys parfeeat Cobham, a certainc 
Vcronia. l;gacbe calico veronica 3 toljereof 3 tiaue tjcaro tertues. 

M £ l l i s s e v s. £Tt)af can 3 alfo fljete pou amongft 

($tf Ijcarbcs tljatj Ijau* about mp Bees : ttiscalleD of Come Pea- 

criuum,ano veronica, as tt isfuppofco end; king, 

toljo foas trjougfct bp tbe iu^ce thereof, to be cureD of a great Leu 

p;oSe, It is calleo in Gngliuj JflaeUfci : it craped I0U1 bp tlje 

gr cuno, as pemgrafikDofM" 9 beared aleafe like ttjc Blacfee* 

t&ome.luttrj a blefcuft) fpcefcleo floto2c 3 k!tb a feeo inclofeD in little 

jolucljcSjlitje a fyepbearos purfe, ano grofoerfj commonlp onset 

Dkcs, D. Hieron U);iteft) 3 tijat tl;c fo:cc thereof, is marueilcus 

againi fyt ^cttilcncc, ano contagious apjes , and trjat be i)im* 

fc-ifc t)at& oftentimes p:oueO» £^e toatec of trje Ijearbe (fopefc 

in iulnte tMinz ano DitrilleDjt&ere toittjallfjc Jjaft) curcD funo?p 

times , [jot burning ano pcffilcnt ^eauers, as toell in poung 

men 3 as in olo, Hieron Tranfchwcyg, commenoeo it to be finga* 

lec goo fo: all Difcafcs of tfyc Epicene : ttje fifcpljearcs of German 

nie giue it ioittj great p;cfit maoe in po&ocr, ano mingleo toitb 

&alt ; to tfjetr Gattell DifeafcD toity ttje £oug& : bcelng deepen 

in Cofine ana oiffillcD , it is araeff pjefent remeoie in all pcfff* 

lent J^eauers : being giuen ttoo ounces thereof toitlj a little 

£rcacle,ano after laio toatme in beD, ano toell couereD, it erpei" 

iet&t&e poifon bp ftocat 3 an& DJiaet^ it from t^eljeart fiC^elpa^ 

fer of frjis |eatbc taken tevtainz Daics together, tiuo ounces at a 

time , *ielper& tlje turn fieHe gioaineffe of tfje fceao , feoioetlj 

fieame, purged biouD,ioarmctf) t^e ffomacfeejflpenct^ tfjeftep' 

ping of trje Liuer, rjcalctijtrjeDifcafes of f&c lungs, anD tfce 

«>plgene,purgctl; ttje Claims, trje Patrice , anD rfje Blaoocr, it 

t»:iuetb out fineatano oenome, ^elpet!) tfje lanDife , rije ffone 

of tlje feints, ano otljer grieuous Difeafes. pou fljall alfo ^auc 

amongtt tljcfe plants of mine, tlje gcoo flwoet |jearbe Cm iphiJata, 

entreating of Bees. ib'i 

o; of fome Benedi&a : af OtberS, Sanamanda •, calleD in (fcngltu) 
Auensjluljofc rootc tutjctljcr ftbegritne,o? oio, refcmbietb tbc 
Clou* m fauour : tfje leafe isiaggeo, roug() 3 of a oarfciu) grcene 3 
auD not mac}) untitle to Agrimony .- tf>c flotu^c is pelloUij ant) 
after fjjc falling thereof, leauetb a p;icblp hnpppe like a ^eogc* 
Jjogge : rrjc r©tc tbe longer it ^attj groto?n,trje fmectcr it is : tfjs 
fpeciall fofe of trjts rairc in fomo eoiMtries ; is to be put in SSline in 
tfjc £>p.:lng-rime : fo? it mafcetb trje Mint to tatte and fauonr 
toerp plcafantlp : to!)icfj WLm, as manp f)olo opinion, ootrj glao 
tlje beart, opmcti) tbe oMtruction of trjciliucr, ano bealetl) tfje 
ffonucise tljat is oucrburOeneaimtbcoloanDgrou~cbumours : 
tyis icote boileD i\% WLinz ano giuen marmc,Dotb ceafe tfje grtefc 
of tfje flomacfce, oj trjc bellp 3 pjocceoing of cpr^er colo, o: toinDe, 
ifrntb bp ttys ijearbc , ! fjaue 3 planteo tlje great loafer Bcrony 3 
caileO Of fomc Ocimafrrum, of Mathiolus, Scrophularia Maior : 
it tjatl; a great fquare ftalke, t bigge leafcinOentcD rouno about: 
rbe aotu:e is in colour ptrplc.ano in fatf>ton lihe tbe l&ell of a 
£>naile : it flotojertj in guneanDJulp, ano grotoctb moll bp 
toatcrss in fl)3DoUrie places. Tragus teacfjetf) to make a fpeciall 
opntment tbercof^fermng again!! all ^cabbes ano ^o^Ui&ere* 
toitbbC'faitbjfje batbfoeac people fomangte,as ttjepbaue hxmeb 
euen 3lepcra to be curco : \)is opntment is t{jtj5,2Dabe tfje bearbe, 
ra>fes,ani3 all, gatberefc in £pap, foau)eDanDfoell clcanfeD from 
all filtb, ftainpe it y ano ttrainc out i\)t tupce,ano fceepe it in a itjg* 
rem moutbeo (SlalTe toelt ftoppeo, U%rein sou map fteepc it a 
torjolc pare , ano Uifjmfoeuer pou lift to mafee sour opntmcnt 3 
take of tbe fame iupce 3 of ca&arc.ano £Dpie, of eactj a like quantitp. 
ano bsple tyem together bpon a CrjannDiuj of cole*,irircing f l;em 
iuell,fill tbep be incoipo?ateo,anofot)fc it. Mathiolus teaebctb to 
mafee a lingular ointment thereof againft kernels, t& e &ings 
cuill,an& tl)c ^emeroocs : bis ojoer is tyis, i^ou mull gather tt>e 
reotes in t\)t tnb of Summer , ano after tljat pou b^ne maoe 
tljem uerpcleanc, damp tbcm together toittj frell) 115uttcr,ana 
putting trjem into an esrtljcn tjettell elofc coucrcD, fct tljem l>p in 
tmnt mopft ano oampiu) place, fuffcring it tbere to remaine fo.i. 
fbe fpace of 0fceene«oapes : affcrioarDs, let tbc fame ISuttcr 
be mclteo toify a foft ficc, ano being focll ftrainefi , lap it bp 
fy; pout fcfe. %tyxt l)aue Bl alfo anattjec. erccllcnt l;earbe 3 . 



The fourth Bookc, 

Cardiaca. calUO lit 3Uf U1C Cardiac a, 3 fctiofo HO name fo? ft m Q&ITgUQ, tp 

ceptsou ioill call it spotljcc-too^t : ana inOeco it is t&e berp true 
^otber-foojt it grotoit^ bp Ijigt) toaies 3 ano neere to ftene toals, 
it jjat&alcafe fomettnngufcea.$ettle 5 tutmoje inoenteb, tlje 
ieaues nejrt to t&c rote bring iaggeo li&e tlje Croc-f©te : it grofc* 
ttlj buying tmtljmanp ftalfecs 3 3 baue fane it plcntifulip in 
£>urrp, anofomeffoje of it about spaiBltone indent : itis of 
great fo?ceagatnftanpfictmefle of tlje fccact, thereof it tafeeflj 
his name : it ljelpctl)Crampes 3 am> palfies 3 it cleanfetlj tlje t?jr aU 
from (learn e , it hilletlj Momus in ttjebotic 3 openetfj colO ob 
ftrum'ons, p^ouofcefy tj?ine, ano WSlomtns com k s : being maoe 
in youtfer, ano a fpoancfull of it giutn in WMw, it iaon&erfullp 
Ijdpctlj tlje tjaro labours of Women. 

Chenoboscvs. 3 speruatle pou Jjaue no ffoje of 
Bctony alfo i fo? 3 Ijaue feme tlje H5ees labour Dtligcntlp Upon if 3 
ano Jjatte Ijearo, tljat it it* of great Uerrue* 

Mellissevs, 31 Jjaue great fto?e fnoeeD of if , but tljar 
3 fojgatfo tell pou of it , it fshnototnfo commonly as 31 nee&e 
not to Defcrie it onto pou : wljofonux is troubles toittj bjeatung 
of toinoe, ano foeafeeneCTeof ftomacbe 3 ano t&ofcfoljoft ffomacfes 
rcfaine not t&eir meat e>o; foljofoeuer feeles fotoer belching from 
tljter ffomacfcs,ano is tfjerctoitlj often troubleo.lct tljemconlmu* 
allpfcfe Bctony, eptljer tlje liearbe ojflotoje bopleo in TOne,o£ 
tlje foaferoiffilleo, o? tlje Conferue fas t^ep call it J oft&e 
floU^cs* 0no if fo be pou lacfee tlje Conferue, o? tlje Inater.-fou 
map ofe tlje ojie^earbetn poUiDer, eptljer by it felfe, o? foity 
Ijonp : iuomen tfjat are troubled toitfj tfjc spottier , map ofetljis 
jjearbefoj tljeir remeoie.2Dobeu>3?f,tljefloto2e,leafe 3 ano rorte 
of Bctony fo&Oen ano o^unhe, o? tjofofocuer eou mill, in dfclrrtua* 
rie 3 Conferue, &irop, ^ocion, o; pctoocr, as von lift to take it, 
is fingulargtoD in tlje Oifeafes of tlje ^tomaefce, &iuer,fepleene, 
&ionfes,anD S5la&oer, it freetb tfjc spatrice from obffruction,an& 
ojatoetlj from thence all ijurtfull moitfures. J?oj eonfumpf ions 
of tlje &ungs s Cougljes> SDjopfies, continuall ano putrifieo Jf e- 
uers 3 p;orccDfng from tbe .§>tomacbe,boilc tlje leaues ano Slopes 
of Bctony in fconicD foater, ano pou u)allbaue p:cfcnf ficlpe. 
JDl)us ijaue 3 u)eiueO ?ou iubat binocof ijearbes 3 tjaue piantco 
about mp X^ees, to f|)c eno tljep (boulo fjaue fcooe at ijano of 


entreating of Bees. 183 

ttje ftusteft, atft t\)c tor)olrfomcff : 3 fjauf fljtVoco pou alfo tlje 
tocrtueS of tljc Ijcarbe, tl;e flototje, ana tt)c wafer, tfcat pou map 
tofe it foj potic omne eommoDitictonlpttMs warning 3 giue pou, 
tbat pou ooe not DfttM tbern , as (f)e W&ilfuftDoe, in Utiles of 
HcaBjSCiniiCjano H5iaire,mbicb potfonetb anD fpoiletljrbc mater, 
butuKSiaffe §s>ti\s , Cct in f$ni? ttefifeU of iuatcr bpon tr).e fire, 
m^crcbp pane mater ujall bcmoft perfect anD tor)olefome. SCfjc 
Difference of tt)cfc ttoo5iffi!lmgs 3 appcarrr!) plainer fo.: erampie, 
fit ^j:nutoao,mImf) if ponoifli! in pour common &tillato;:irs, 
t\) c ui iter cammed out fmccf^fiumg rjottcw a corrupt quaitttc bp 
tijc nature ano eozrupfron of trjc fpcftall : whereas, if pot? tier it 
in &ti\s mioc of (Dlaile , fcoaing tyzt tfjc (Utaffcs be well clofeo 
rouno about,P6iir Uutct fljail »;aue tfjc l>erp taftc/auour^anD p»o* 
pertte of tlje j^caebc. OTtb tfjcfe OMe »fils ponmap fo o?Dcr 
pour fire , as pot? map D^ata oat of eucrp (jcarbc s ttje SQater, 
Spirit, £DpIe,ano *yalt,to ttje great comfort of GcfceanD DifeafcD 
pcrfons. 3 fct bribes gceat plentpof &auo2P,^caflj,£amarrfRe, 
anD without tbc BeeparD, liB.jmmc, in w!)ofc flotincs tbcBtt 
mucb Deiigbtctl;. 3 heepe pou Jjcccc petaDucnture fto long in fo 
fmalla matter. 

Small is the thing, yet fmzll is not the gain?. 

if gratious Gods permit, and Phoebus not difdainr. 

0s tbc l^eatnen poet tojifetfc: but 3 mill beere make an cnD of 
urn fjlfee 3 tljat fjat-; pcri)apsbeenc ftjoiigljt tea long. 


Soli Deo °:loria> 

Olde Englifh Rules , for 

purchafing Land. 

Wbofo will be wife in farchafrngi 
Let him confider tbeje points following* 

pirft, fee that the Land be cleare, 

In title of the feller. 
And that it ftand in danger 

Of no woman s Dowrie. 
See whether the Tenure be bond or free, 

Andrelcafe of euery feoffee. 
See that the feller be of age, 

And that it lie not in morgage, 
V Vhethera taile be thereof found, 

And whether it ftand in ftatute bound. 
Gonfider what feruice longeth thereto, 

And what quitrent thereout muft goe. 
And if it be come of a wedded woman, 

Thinke thou then on.couert baron, 
And if thou may in any wife, 

Make thy Charter with warrantife. 
To thee, thine heyres, afsignes alfo, 

Thus ihould a wife purchafer doc. 

■£- FINIS.