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in America 


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;,' ; i 1 EDITED BY 

. JOHN' W, 

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. 55 


Copyright, 1901, by A. N. Marquis & Company. 

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C C < t , 


When the first edition of Who's Who in America appeared, in 1899, it pre- 
sented itself as a new and untried experiment in the field of American bookmaking. 
It was the first book ever issued which claimed to be, in any comprehensive de- 
gree, a general biographical dictionary of notable American contemporaries. The 
compilation of such a book from the results of original research was obviously a 
task full of difficulties, and these were mentioned, with some fullness of detail, in 
the preface to the original volume. 

Those interested in the production of the book looked forward, with strong 
confidence, to a favorable reception for it. But the event outran the expectation. 
The highest hopes that had been entertained scarcely approached the actual cor- 
diality and enthusiasm with which the book was received by the critics and the 
public. The amount of attention given to the work by literary critics showed that 
Who's Who in America was regarded as one of the most important publications 
of the year 1899. Indeed, one of the foremost American journalists characterized 
it as being entitled to first place in the literary output of that year. It was every- 
where hailed as a valuable addition to the list of indispensable reference books. 
The approving critics included not only those connected with the great news- 
papers, but also those of the leading literary, scientific, and technical magazines 
and reviews of America and Europe. 

Gratifying as was this wide approval by critics and literary experts, a still more 
valuable form of endorsement has appeared in the voluntary testimonials to the 
usefulness of the baok which have come -in, connection with the actual daily use of 
the old and the preparation ol the new volume. These testimonials now reach into 
% the thousands, and show.a.highidegree-iof appreciation, which has been a powerful 
inspiration toward painstaking care in .the work of the present volume. 

The Preface to the.1899-.190q, edition, aoniewhat timidly intimated that periodical 
revisions of the book would bt-tnade, ancfc suggestions along that line were invited. 
A few months after the book had been issued it became apparent that a new edi- 
tion was demanded, and as time went on it became more and more certain that the 
revision must take the form of an entirely new book, so numerous were the addi- 
tions and so extensive the changes required. 

The results of the revision and enlargement of Who's Who in America are 
now placed before the reader in the present book. As to the enlargement, the 
increase in the number of biographical pages from 827 (including Addenda) in 
the first to 1,280 (including Addenda) in the present edition, and of names from 
8,602 in 1899 to 11,551 in 1901, bears sufficient testimony. Of the 8,602 names 
in the old edition, 752 have been omitted from the present one. Of these 498 are 
known to have died, and their names are recorded in the Necrology of the pres- 
ent volume. Among the other 255 who have been dropped are some who were 
included in the first edition solely because they then belonged to some one of the 
arbitrary classifications embraced in the book. Being no longer in those classifi- 
cations, they have been omitted. There are also a few omissions of people whose 



present whereabouts careful inquiry has failed to disclose. Some of these may 
also be dead. 

With reference to the extent to which revision has been carried out, it may be 
stated that of the 7,850 biographies appearing in both editions not more than 10 
per cent are entirely unchanged. Each of these 7,850 biographies has been sent to 
its subject with a request for revisions and additions. Many of the life-sketches 
have been entirely rewritten; mistakes have been rectified wherever discovered, 
and new matter has been added. A feature of the volume is the insertion of the 
parentage in every sketch for which the necessary information was obtainable. 
The parentage was not given in the first edition. In the case of authors a strong 
effort has been made to secure complete lists of all of their published books. To 
this end special blanks were sent to all authors, asking them for lists of their 
books with dates of original publication and names and addresses of present 
publishers. The response to the first part of the request was so general that 
(although there are still some omissions) the present edition of Who's Who 
in America is believed to contain the most complete list of living American 
authors and their works which is now extant. The addition of dates to the 
titles of the books is a new feature which has been added wherever the in- 
formation was furnished. The adding to the date of a key-symbol indicating the 
name (and address where known) of the firm publishing the latest edition of the 
book is a unique innovation which it is believed will be of much value to authors, 
librarians, publishers and all interested in books. The only thing to regret in 
connection with this feature is the failure of numerous authors to furnish the 
information required to make this apply to eveiy book listed. 

With regard to the addition of new namei, the endeavor h'^s been to adhere to 
the high standard which governed the selection of <sfc6&e'cfls the first edition. The 
idea of the plan pursued has been to make ihe irclusivetiess of the work more 
perfect, but at the same time to retain its features of exclusiveness. Some lines 
of distinction are much more extensively represented c lffari before: this being no- 
tably the case with reference to artists and authors. 

The enlargement of the book is not the result of padding, but of extended 
scope. In fact, the necessity for careful condensation has been more apparent in 
the new than in the old book, and a much more extensive use of abbreviations has 
been made. These abbreviations are, however, of a simple and conventional char- 
acter, and will in almost every case be at once understood, without need of ref- 
erence to the list of abbreviations, which can be consulted readily if any difficulty 
of interpretation shall be found. 

The invitation extended in the first edition for suggestions of improvement, 
new names, notice of omissions or of errors, etc., has called forth much corre- 
spondence which has been incalculably helpful in the work of the present volume. 
It is, of course, true that not all of the good suggestions could be adopted. Some 
of them, excellent in themselves, would have required a large increase of space. 
As it is, the enlargement has exceeded expectations in regard to the space required 
by the additions and improvements incorporated in this edition. 

One of the suggestions made was that a classified index be appended in' which 


the names should be listed according to occupation or line of distinction. The 
value of this suggestion was so obvious that considerable test work was done with 
a view to its adoption. To do the work thoroughly it was found, however, that 
nearly every name would have to be listed from two to four times, requiring 
approximately about 35,000 entries, or about 100 pages. It was impossible to spare 
so much space, and the work was reluctantly abandoned. 

The work of selecting new names and procuring biographical material has been 
prosecuted with the utmost zeal and care ; but, while the results have been very 
gratifying, it is still true that there are names which should be included that are 
absent. In a country of over seventy-six millions of people even approximate 
success in the judicious selection of a certain class of distinguished names is a 
difficult task; and after they are selected appropriate data in regard to them are 
not always procurable. Therefore, even with the utmost effort, there will always 
be an unrecorded remnant. 

The labor connected with preparing a work of this kind is arduous, and the 
gathering of so much information and reducing it to condensed statement involve 
efforts that are strenuous and serious. The task is, however, not unrelieved by 
amusing incidents and grotesque side-views of various idiosyncrasies, and of hu- 
morous phases of character and thought. Many of these revealed themselves in 
revisions of sketches which appeared in the first edition. To one man, recorded 
in that edition as "married," without further particulars, a proof was sent for re- 
vision, with a note: "Please give the maiden-name of your wife." With the 
return of the corrected proof came the following: "I am sorry I can not comply 
with your request to give you my "wifeV rnVMen name, as she is now traveling in 
Europe. v l 

An amusing comment on-^.no'her sketch returned without revision was: "This 
is correct, and is, it seems' to me just what such a note should be: careful, accu- 
rate, no bouquets, no bricks." Not qiske so complimentary was the following from 
a leading western poet ai'd 'drJtic: "1 take pleasure in revising the sketch of myself 
in the game of Literary Tag, or Who's It." 

In the Information Blank sent to those requested to furnish biographical data 
the line which was oftenest overlooked was that of "date of birth." Not only did 
many ladies ignore it, but some men also. One lady wrote in : "I am not young 
enough to be careless, nor old enough to be reckless." Several wrote in the line 
such comments as "not necessary," or "leave out." One lady, to whom the 
printed sketch from the first edition was sent for revision, wrote underneath it : 
"Please substitute the enclosed typewritten sketch, which is much better." Exam- 
ination revealed the fact that the typewritten matter was identical with the printed 
slip, except that the date of birth was omitted. 

The death of 498 out of a total list of names numbering 8,602, will perhaps 
seem, at first glance, to be a rather alarming bill of mortality, being about 29.4 
to the 1,000 per annum. But when it is considered that the book is made up of 
men and women of achievement, and that a large number are people who have 
led lives of great activity and are now old, the number is after all not surprising. 
One of the noteworthy facts which came to light in compiling the Necrology is 


the total elimination of the name of Daly from the present volume, although there 
were four of the name in the first edition : Augustin Daly, the dramatist and 
manager; Charles Patrick Daly, jurist and geographer; Marcus Daly, miner 
and capitalist, and William D. Daly, congressman and lawyer. 

In the list now presented the birth-dates extend back to 1804 (including the 
senior Rear Admiral Selfridge), and cover probably every year down to 1883, 
when Mary Antin, the "child author," was born. Probably the next most youth- 
ful (unless others have used reticence as to age in order to conceal youth) is 
Margaret Horton Potter, the authoress, born in 1881. 

The experiences connected with those who desired to be left out or who strug- 
gled to get in were similar to those mentioned in the Preface to the first edition, 
but the latter class was, as a general thing, the more persistent. One man, after 
revising his sketch in ink with much care and particularity, made faint pencil-lines 
diagonally across it and then wrote underneath : "Please leave me out." The 
poetess, who two years ago, wrote, "Wait until I am dead before you embalm me," 
renewed her objections in practically the same words when asked for a revision. 
Several offered as substitutes for the submitted copy long eulogistic sketches. One 
demanded that a typewritten sketch of twenty-two closely written foolscap pages 
be substituted for the printed record of as many lines which had been submitted 
to him. Several actors asked to have extracts from especially favorable press 
notices appended to their sketches. Two or three of the same profession, as well 
as others in various vocations, thought their notices would look better with a por- 
trait, and sent their photographs for reproduction. One man, who has had a some- 
what meteoric newspaper career, made <?apioyS additions and 'further said: "This 
will do, if you can't do better but I would 'like* about L <& stsSkiul more space. This 
is a good thing." - ", i =<?"? \;*: 

Many and strenuous were the efforts c fes proftur? 'admission by persons whose 
applications had to be declined. A few- whtf suggested:' themselves were included, 
being persons whose position or achievements' made; "them .'-eligible. There were, 
as in the first edition, many who tried to buy their way in ; but, as before, the book 
has been kept entirely free from any buying or selling of space, except in the 
plainly designated advertising pages, which have themselves been carefully guarded 
from objectionable features. Who's Who in America has gained such a well- 
established reputation that the sincerity of its statements in this regard is seldom 
doubted. It is now very rarely the case that biographical information comes with 
the appended note : "The above information is given with the understanding, as 
stated by you, that it places me under no pecuniary obligation whatever," or words 
of similar import. Such caution is entirely unnecessary. The policy of Who's 
Who in America in this respect has been permanently adopted, and, whatever may 
be the errors of inclusion or omission, they are solely mistakes of judgment, 
entirely unbiased and unprejudiced. The publishers are, of course, very glad to 
sell the book to all who care to buy it, but mention in it is in no way controlled 
by the question of subscription. 

The most valuable aid in the matter of selecting names to be represented has 
been their suggestion by persons already in the book. Many men of eminent ability 


have given cheerful and hearty cooperation in this respect. The names of these are 
quite too numerous to list, although Dr. W J McGee, of the Bureau of American 
Ethnology, for renewed favors ; Mr. Joseph B. Gilder, of The Critic ; Mr. Frank- 
lin B. Wiley, of The Ladies' Home Journal; Mr. Edward Stanwood, of The 
Youths' Companion, are among the many whose kindly service in this respect has 
been especially cordial and valuable. There are hundreds of otbers publishers, 
journalists, scientists, educators, librarians, litterateurs, etc. who have helped. 

In a few instances attention has been called by correspondents to errors of 
judgment made in the selection of names for the first edition. It had been ex- 
pected that criticism would be directed principally toward errors in the admission 
of names. As a matter of fact, however, the errors of inclusion were either very 
few or excited little attention. Scarcely a score of names in the first edition have 
been challenged as unworthy. The omission of individual names has been the 
subject of most of the criticisms made by those who have written. Yet even here 
the majority have been kind enough to express their gratification at the complete- 
ness and carefulness with which the task of selection has been carried out, at the 
same time that they have noted some specific omission. 

It is hoped that the enlarged scope of the present volume will make the use- 
fulness of the book for biographical reference more complete than ever. In order 
that those not familiar with Who's Who in America by the use of the first edi- 
tion may know the extent of the field it aims to cover, it may be stated in a general 
way that the present edition contains concise biographical sketches of n.55 1 living 
men and women. They are either Americans themselves or are so closely identi- 
fied with American affairs or interests as to be subjects of American inquiry or 
discussion. Thus, foreign ambassadors and ministers accredited to this country are 
included. So are some foreign actors, lecturers and others who, by frequent visits, 
or in some other way, have become subjects of inquiry or interest in this 
country. Endeavor has been made to include all Americans of more than local 
note in all lines of useful effort. Most of these have been selected as a matter of 
judgment for which no inflexible rule can be established. Many others, however, 
have been arbitrarily included, the ex-officio admissions aiming to embrace all 
members of the Fifty-seventh Congress ; all governors of the States and Terri- 
tories now in office; all United States judges? all judges of State and Territorial 
courts of highest appellate jurisdiction; also persons of other important official 
classifications; all presidential and vice-presidential candidates of 1900; members 
of the national committees of the two principal political parties and heads of the 
others ; members of the National Academy of Sciences ; members of the National 
Academy of Design ; educational heads of all the larger universities and colleges ; 
as well as some other arbitrary classifications. 

It is believed that the book, with the condensed form of statement it has 
adopted, contains more biographical information than was ever before compressed 
into so small a space ; and more than half of this is information which can not be 
found elsewhere in print. The former edition was characterized by one of 
our distinguished scientists as a "compendium of intellectual life in America," and 
by a famous diplomat and litterateur as '"indispensable to any one who would 


keep pace with the age." In the production of the present volume there has been 
a constant endeavor to maintain the standard of work which has evoked these and 
hundreds of similar commendations. It mirrors the national life in all its various 
phases; the developments of science and industry; the marshaling of financial 
forces on a scale never before attempted; the building up of intelligence by the 
increasing magnificence and widening scope of educational facilities; the growing 
power of the Nation in military, naval and commercial strength ; the development 
of literature and art; the ministry of the Gospel at home and abroad through 
American agencies ; the progress and evolution of new social and political 
theories and potentialities. All these and other phases of American activity and 
progress are pictured through the life sketches of the men and women who best 
represent them. Here are epitomized the stories of opportunities grandly improved 
by thousands of men and women who have helped to shape the conditions of 
To-Day in American thought and action, and who are bearing an important share 
in fashioning the still more grand To-Morrow of our land. The book is full of 
sociological suggestion, and of much else that is worthy of more than casual 
reference. Even the flavor of romantic adventure is not wanting, for there are 
stories of explorers, of warriors and of pioneers, and of men, like Lamar Fon- 
taine, for instance, whose true adventures surpass those of many of the most fanci- 
ful heroes of imaginative literature. 

The volume for 1901-1902 is in all essentials a new book: every line reset, about 
90 per cent of the old matter revised, and additions made which make the volume 
about 52 per cent larger than before. 

The policy of appending to practically every sketch the present address of its 
subject is the one which has involved the greatest expenditure of time and labor 
and a vast amount of correspondence. It is scarcely possible that any reader 
can conceive how difficult this work has really been with reference to quite a 
large percentage of the total number. Persons sought for in the Rocky Mountain 
region have been finally located in Paris. People whose last suggested address 
was in Maine have been found in California, and in many cases a dozen or more 
letters have been necessary to procure the desired information. But the results 
are fully worth the trouble. One distinguished man testified that through its 
agency he had been enabled to open correspondence with a score of college friends 
whose addresses he had sought in vain for years. This feature of a handy directory 
-combined with a biographical dictionary has met with the widest approval and 
appreciation. The proved usefulness of the book has extended to practically all 
classes of men and institutions. Its use by newspapers is, of course, very great, 
and that it is indispensable in libraries is also equally obvious. It has taken, also, 
a very prominent place in educational institutions, and particularly in universities 
and colleges, where its accessory value in connection with practically every branch 
of higher education has gained the widest recognition. 

With a view to future revisions, as time or necessity shall make them advisable, 
suggestions for further improvement, changes in biographical data, notices of 
deaths and announcements of changes of address as they occur, are again invited. 
Chicago, August 1, 1901. 


Abbreviations X 

Educational Statistics XIII 

Birth and Residence Statistics XV 

Who's Who in America (Biographical) 17 

Addenda 1279 

Key to Publishers 1280 

Necrology T2.S4 


Military Schools. 

Cheltenham Military Academy 1345 

Holbrook's (Dr.) Military School 1330 

Mount Pleasant Military Academy 1315 

Riverview Military Academy 1338 

Shattuck School 1312 

Worrall Hall Military Academy 1340 


Donohue, M. A. & Co 1352 

Western Newspaper Union 1351 


A. N. Marquis & Co 1350 

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail- 
way 1349 

Sanitariums and Springs. 

Avon Springs Sanitarium 1338 

Clifton Springs Sanitarium 1348 

Glen Springs 1347 

Grey Towers 1348 

Jackson Sanatorium 1346 

Pennoyer Sanitarium 1348 

Riverview Sanitarium 1347 

Schools and Colleges. 

Adelphi College 1327 

Albany Female Academy 1331 

Allen English and Classical School 1323 

Allentown College for Women 1345 

Bancroft School (The) 1343 

Boston University 1307 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. 1331 
Browne and Nichols School for Boys... 1325 
Chamberlayne's (Miss) School for Girls. 1340 

Chandler, Kate H., Miss 1328 

Chestnut Hill Academy 1338 

Classical School for Girls 1339 

Commonwealth Avenue School 1328 

Cornell University 131fi 

Curry, S. S., Ph. D 1342 

Dana Hall School 1322 

De Meritte School 1340 

Diocesan Schools of Bishop Whip- 
ple 1312,1313 

Drexel Institute 1309 

Episcopal High School 1345 

Evers, Olive Adele, Miss 1319 

Frye Private School 1329 

Fuller, Clara C 1341 

Girls' Classical School 1318 

Gordon's (Miss) French and English 
School 1345 

Gunston Institute 1338 

Harvard University 1324 

Haverford College Grammar School 1329 

Hildreth's (A.), School 1341 

Home Institute 1344 

Houghton Seminary 1338 

Irving Institute 1344 

Johns Hopkins University 130G 

Kemper Hall, Kenosha, Wis 1314 

Kenwood Institute 1332 

Mackie's (The Misses) School 1342 

Marshall Seminary for Girls 1345 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology.. 1325 

Metcalf, Miss M. W 1344 

Moravian Seminary 1345 

Morgan, Mrs. Leslie 1344 

Mt. St. Agnes' College 1343 

National Academy of Design 1337 

Newark Seminary 1323 

New York Protestant Episcopal Public 

School 1310, 1311 

Ogontz School for Young Ladies 1345 

Ossining School 1341 

Overbrook School 1344 

Pennsylvania College for Women 1332 

Princeton-Yale School 1339 

St. Agatha School for Girls 1311 

St. Gabriel's School, Peekskill, N. Y...1314 

Saint Mary's Hall 1312 

St. Mary School, New York 1314 

St. Mary's School, Memphis 1314 

St. Paul's School 1317 

Scoville, Helen M., Mrs 1339 

Secretarial Institute and Training School 
of Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tions 1343 

Seabury Divinity School 1312 

Sewall, May Wright 1318 

Shattuck School 1312 

Siglar School 1337 

Stanley Hall 1319 

Starrett, Helen E. (School) 1343 

Syracuse Classical School 1342 

Thurston Preparatory School 1333 

Travis, A. Lincoln 1342 

Trinity School for Boys 1310 

Tufts College 1308 

University of Chicago 1326 

University Preparatory School 1317 

Washington and Jefferson Colle~e 1321 

Wellesley College , 1323 

Western University of Pennsylvania. . .1320 

Wild, Payson S 1339 

Wilson School for Boys 1341. 



Worcester Educational and Industrial 

Bureau 1331 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 1340 

Schools of Art. 

Eric Pape School of Art 1328 

National Academy of Design 1337 

Schools of Dentistry. 

Chicago College of Dental Surgery 1334 

College of Dentistry, University of 111.. 1338 

Scliools of Divinity. 
Seabury Divinity School 1312 

Scliools of Expression. 

Morgan, Miss Anna 1327 

School of Expression 1342 

Scliools of Law. 

Boston University 1307 

Chicago Correspondence School of Law. .1343 

Illinois College of Law 1330 

New York Law School 1339 

Scliools of Medicine. 
Cleveland College of Physicians and 

Surgeons 1335 

College of Physicians and Surgeons 
(Boston) 1345 

Eclectic Medical College of the City of 

New York 1337 

Jefferson Medical College 1335 

Johns Hopkins University 1306 

New York Homoeopathic Medical Col- 
lege and Hospital 1333 

Post-Graduate Medical School of Chi- 
cago 1342 

Rush Medical College 1334 

Western Pennsylvania Medical College. 1345 

Scliools of Music and. Voice Culture. 

American Institute of Applied Music 1344 

Bruegger, Frederick 1343 

Chicago Musical College 1341 

Conservatory of Music (New York) 1344 

Lothner Music School 1343 

New England Conservatory of Music. 1329 

Pennsylvania College of Music 1328 

Pratt's (S. G.) West End Private School 

of Piano Playing 1344 

Spiering Violin School 1343 

Virgil Piano School 1337 

Scliools of Shorthand. 

Chapman, V. S 1343 

Dearborn School of Shorthand 1343 


A.A.A.S American Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science. 
A.B. (also B.A.)Bachelor of Arts. 

Acad Academy. 

a.d.c Aide-de-camp. 

adj adjutant. 

Agr Agriculture. 

Agr'l Agricultural. 

agt agent. 

Ala Alabama. 

Am American. 

A.M. (also M.A.) Master of Arts. 

A.M.E African Methodist Episcopal. 

A.N. A Associate National Academician. 

Anat Anatomical. 

Anthrow.... Anthropological. 

appmt appointment. 

apptd appointed. 

Archseol.... Archaeological. 

Ariz,. Arizona. 

Ark Arkansas. 

arty, (or art.), .artillery. 

Assn Association. 

asso associate. 

asst assistant. 

Astron Astronomical. 

atty attorney. 

Aug August. 

Av Avenue. 

b born. 

B.A. (also A.B.) Bachelor of Arts". 

Bapt Baptist. 

Bd Board. 

Hi hi iig Bibliographical. 

Bioj? Biographical. 

Biol Biological. 

B.L,. (also Lli.B.) Bachelor of Laws. 

Bldgr Building. 

B.L.S Bachelor of Library Science. 

Bot Botanical. 

Boul Boulevard. 

brig - brigadier. 

Brit British, Britannica. 

Brit. Assn. Adv. Science 

British Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science. 
B.S. (also S.B.) Bachelor of Science. 

hull Bulletin. 

livt brevet. 

bvtd brevetted. 

Calif California. 

Can Canada. 

capt captain. 

cav cavalry. 

C.E Civil Engineer. 

Ch Church. 

Cheni Chemical. 

chirnrg chirurgical. 

Chnin Chairman. 

civ civil. 

Co Company; county. 

col colonel. 

Coll- College. 

C*Jto Colorado. 

com committee. 

Com in' n Commission. 

Comm'r Commissioner. 

comd commanded. 

conidgr commanding. 

c omdr commander. 



Conf conference. 

Cong'l Congregational. 

Conn Connecticut. 

conv convention. 

corr correspondent, corresponding. 

cos companies. 

C.S.A. (or C. S. army)... Confederate States 

C.S.N, (or C. S. Navy).... Confederate States 

D.A.R Daughters of the American 


d. (or dau.)... daughter. 

D.C District of Columbia. 

D.C.Ij Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.D Doctor of Divinity. 

D.D.S Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

Dec December. 

degr degree. 

Del Delaware. 

Dem Democratic. 

dept department. 

dip director. 

dist district. 

div division. 

D. Litt. (also L.H.D.) Doctor of Literature. 

D.V.S Doctor of Veterinary Surgery. 

E Bast. 

Econ Economic. 

ed educated. 

edit edition. 

ed'n education. 

edn'l educational. 

E.E Electrical Engineer. 

E.E. & M. P.. Envoy extraordinary and min- 
ister plenipotentiary. 

Egyptol Egyptological. 

elec electrical. 

Ency Encyclopaedia. 

I-iiiK' England. 

eng'r engineer. 

eng'ring engineering. 

Entomol.. . . Entomological. 

Ethnol Ethnological. 

Evang Evangelical. 

Exam examination. 

Exb'n Exhibition. 

exec. com., .executive committee. 

expd'n expedition. 

Exp'n Exposition. 

Expt Experiment. 

Feb February. 

Fla Florida. 

Ft Fort. 

Ga Georgia. 

G.A.R Grand Army of the Republic. 

g.d grand daughter. 

sen general. 

Geneal Genealogical. 

Geog Geographical. 

Geol Geological. 

Gov Governor. 

Gov't Government. 

grad graduated. 

g.s grand son. 

Gynecol Gynecological. 

H.I Hawaiian Islands. 

Hist Historical. 

Homo? Homoeopathic. 

lion honorary. 

Ho. of Rep.. House of Representatives. 

Hort Horticultural. 

Hoi)]) Hospital. 

Hydros- Hydrographic. 

la Iowa. 

Ida Idaho. 

Ill Illinois. 

Illns Illustrated. 

Ind Indiana. 

Ind. Ty Indian Territory. 

inf infantry. 

Ins Insurance. 

Insp Inspector. 

Inst Institute. 

Iitst'n Institution. 

Instr instructor. 

Internat. . . International. 

Jan January. 

Jonr Journal (in name of paper.) 

Jnd Judicial. 

J. CD. Juris Utriusque Doctor. Doctor 

of Both (Canon and Civil) 

Kan Kansas. 

Ky Kentucky. 

La Louisiana. 

I-aryngol.. . Laryngological. 

L.H.D Doctor of Literature (also D. 


Litt. D Doctor of Letters. 

LL. B ".Bachelor of Laws (also B. L.) 

LL. D Doctor of Laws. 

It lieutenant. 

lt.-grov lieutenant-governor. 

Lnth Lutheran. 

m married. 

M.A Master of Arts (also A. M.) 

Bias Magazine. 

inaj major. 

Mass Massachusetts. 

Math Mathematical. 

M.B Bachelor of Medicine. 

mcht merchant. 

M.D Doctor of Medicine. 

Md Maryland. 

Me Maine. 

M.E Master of Engineering, Metho- 
dist Episcopal. 

Mech Mechanical. 

M.E. Ch Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Med Medical. 

mem member. 

Meteorol.. . .Meteorological. 

Metrol Metrological. 

Metall Metallurgical. 

mfg Manufacturing. 

mf r Manufacturer. 

mgr manager. 

Mich Michigan. 

Micros Microscopical. 

Mil Military. 

Minn Minnesota. 

Miss Mississippi. 

M.L Master of Laws. 

Mile Mademoiselle (Miss). 

Mme Madame. 

Mo Missouri. 

Mont Montana. 

M.S Master of Science. 

Mt Mount. 

Mns. II Bachelor of Music. 

Mas. D. or Mas. Doc. Doctor of Music. 

Mat Mutual. 

N North. 

N.A National Academician. 

Nat National. 



IV. B New Brunswick. 

N.C North Carolina. 

N. Dak: North Dakota. 

N.B Northeast. 

Neb Nebraska. 

Nev Nevada. 

N.H New Hampshire. 

N.J New Jersey. 

N. Mex New Mexico. 

Nov November. 

itr near. 

N.S .Nova Scotia. 

N.T New Testament. 

N Tim is Numismatic. 

N.W Northwest. 

N.Y New York (state). 

O Ohio. 

obstet obstetrical. 

Oet October. 

Okla Oklahoma. 

Ont Ontario. 

Opbtbal Ophthalmological. 

Ore Oregon. 

Ornitbol.. .. Ornithological. 

O.S.B Order of Saint Benedict. 

O.T Old Testament. 

Otol Otologieal. 

Pa Pennsylvania. 

path pathological. 

P.E Protestant Episcopal. 

pharm Pharmaceutical. 

Ph. D Doctor of Philosophy. 

Phila Philadelphia. 

Philol Philological. 

Pliilos Philosophical. 

Ph. M Master of Pharmacy. 

Phys. & Surg.. .Physicians and Surgeons. 

P.I Philippine Islands. 

PI Place. 

Pomol Pomological. 

P.Ct... Province of Quebec. 

prep preparatory. 

pres president. 

Presb. (or Presby'n) Presbyterian. 

prin principal. 

proe proceedings. 

prod produced (for production of 


Prof Professor. 

prop'r proprietor. 

pros, att'y. .prosecuting attorney. 

pro tern pro tempore (for the time 


Psychol Psychological. 

Publ publication. 

pvt private. 

q.m quartermaster. 

Q,uar Quarterly. 

Clue Quebec (province). 

q.v quod vide (which see). 

R.C Roman Catholic. 

Rd Road. 

R.E Reformed Episcopal. 

r egt regiment. 

Rep Republican. 

Rev Review (in title of periodical). 

Rhinol Rhinological. 

R-I Rhode Island. 

R.P Reformed Presbyterian. 

R.P.D Rerum Politicartim Doctor (Doc- 
tor of Political Science). 

R.R Railroad. 

Ry Railway. 

.> _. . son. 

S...... South. 

S.A South America. 

S.B. (also B.S.) Bachelor of Science. 

S.C South Carolina. 

Sc. I) Doctor of Science. 

S. Dak South Dakota. 

S.E South-East. 

Sec Secretary. 

sect section. 

Sem Seminary. 

Sept September. 

Sergt Sergeant. 

S.J Society of Jesus (Jesuit). 

Soc Society. 

Sociol Sociological. 

sp'l special. 

Sq Square. 

St Saint; Street. 

Sta Station. 

Statis Statistical. 

S.T.B Bachelor of Sacred Theology. 

S.T.D Doctor of Sacred Theology. 

S.T.Li Licentiate in Theology. 

snpt superintendent. 

Surg Surgical. 

S.W South-West. . 

tech technical. 

technol technological. 

Tenn Tennessee. 

Tex Texas. 

Theol Theological. 

Topog Topographical. 

Tp Township. 

trans transactions. 

transl translations. 

treas treasurer. 

Ty. (or Ter.). .Territory. 

II. B United Brethren in Christ. 

Univ University. 

U.P United Presbyterian. 

U.S United States. 

U.S. A United States Army. 

U.S.N United States Navy. 

U.S.V United States Volunteers. 

Va Virginia. 

Vet Veteran. 

Vol Volunteer; Volume. 

v.-p vice-president. 

vs versus (against) . 

Vt Vermont. 

W West. 

Wash Washington (State). 

W.C.T.U Woman's Christian Temperance 


W.I West Indies. 

Wis Wisconsin. 

W. Va West Virginia. 

Wyo Wyoming. 

Y.M.C.A Young Men's Christian Assn. 

yrs years. 

Zool Zoological. 


Among the preliminary discussions in the original edition of Who's Who in 
America was an article which was inserted with a view to analyzing as accurately 
as possible the educational advantages enjoyed by the people biographically men- 
tioned in the volume. 

The statistics there presented, with the deductions made from them, attracted 
wide and interested attention, and very many requests have been made for a 
similar presentation of educational statistics in the present edition. In addition 
to these requests, the extended current discussion, as to the value of the higher 
education as a factor in success, has seemed to make the compilation of such 
statistics in this edition timely, as well as useful. Some writers have maintained 
that the higher education is a detriment rather than an aid to success, while others 
have stoutly defended the advantages of a college education. Of course the 
strength of the argument, either way, depends very largely upon the individual 
definition of the word "success." 

Of the n,S5 people whose brief biographies appear in the present edition, 
9760 have furnished educational data, more or less complete, concerning their 
general or special education. These are people who have, in some line of effort, 
become sufficiently well known away from home to make the publication of 
biographical facts about them seem desirable. Many of them are successful people, 
from any definition, although not all are successful in the same way. 

Of course, the value of these statistics depends primarily upon the accuracy of 
the information upon which they are based; and, secondly, upon the manner in 
which that information is statistically used. 

In preparing the following figures the data furnished in regard to education 
of each subject have been examined. It has been necessary to eliminate from 
consideration all post-graduate work, in view of the fact that so large a proportion 
of post-graduate degrees are honorary that their value for statistical purposes is not 
ascertainable with even approximate accuracy. Therefore, the highest point in 
education to which these statistics reach is the baccalaureate degree, and for the 
purpose of this inquiry the degree of each collegiate institution must be taken as 
representing a general average of education. In the items relating to general 
education there have been no duplications, so that where the subject has attended 
one or more colleges besides academies, public schools, etc., there has been only 
one entry, and the higher includes the lower. Following are the figures : 

4521 are graduates of universities and colleges conferring bacca- 
laureate degrees in letters, science, or philosophy. 
965 others attended like institutions, but were not graduated. 
889 closed their scholastic career in academies, seminaries, and 

other institutions of a secondary grade. 
117 finished in normal schools. 
239 have a high school education only. 
808 have merely common or public school education. 
282 were privately educated. 
31 are self-taught. 
366 were educated in foreign institutions. 
1791 furnish no educational data. 
717 were graduated in medicine. 



327 were graduated from technical schools as engineers, archi- 
tects, chemists, agriculturists, etc. 

494 are theological graduates. 

521 were graduated from law schools. 

121 were graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy. 

14 naval officers were not graduated as such. 

168 were graduated from the U. S. Military Academy. 

36 military officers were not graduated as such. 

In the foregoing there are about a thousand duplications, which represent those 
who have furnished facts concerning their technical or professional as well as 
their general education. Many, however, particularly physicians and lawyers, have 
given the details of their professional training, but have omitted all other reference 
to their general education. The 1791 who furnish no educational data include a 
certain number of persons about whom there are only a few identifying words, 
because further information could not be obtained. Others have simply omitted to 
furnish details of their education. Yet the absence of such details by no means 
implies lack of education, because many of them are engaged in pursuits which 
make sound scholastic training imperative. It is probable that if these had all 
supplied the information desired the relative numbers in each classification would 
have been practically the same. 

For the purpose of the present comparison these and the 366 educated in 
foreign institutions may be eliminated and the inquiry may be confined to the first 
eight items, with the addition of the naval and military graduates, or to 8141 out 
of the total of 11,551 names in the book. Of these, 5486 are collegians, or, if the 
naval and military academies are accorded collegiate rank, the number is 5775. 
Only 313 (282 privately educated and 31 self-taught) did not attend school, and of 
the remaining 7828 only 808 stopped with the instruction received in the common 
schools. It should be remembered, however, that by far the larger number of those 
who went higher received their early training in the public schools. The most 
noteworthy fact is that of the 8141 who furnished full data in regard to their 
general education 5775 are collegians, and 4521 (or 4810 if West Point and 
Annapolis graduations are considered equivalent) have been graduated from 

In regard to professional training, lack of time has prevented careful compari- 
son, but it may safely be said that less than one-half of the lawyers have recorded 
themselves as having attended law schools and less than one-half of the clergymen 
are graduates of theological schools. Most of the members of both professions 
have pursued their professional studies in other ways. The artists, sculptors, 
musicians, and actors have for the most part gained their preparatory studies 
under private direction. 

Considering the character of the people concerning whom the foregoing figures 
and deductions have been compiled, the latter may be of some value for the pur- 
pose of illumining the current discussion of education as a factor in success. 
Another fact that may be worth emphasis as indicating the value of the deductions 
here made, is that a comparison between the figures given here and those pre- 
sented in the first edition, on precisely the same basis, show close similarity in 
results, the ratios being very nearly the same between the different items, not- 
withstanding the increased number of names in the present volume. 


The following table shows the birth-place and present location, by States and 
Countries, of the 11,551 men and women biographically mentioned in the 1901-1902 
volume of Who's Who in America: 

None given 









District of Columbia. 



Hawaiian Islands ... 




Indian Ty 















New Hampshire 

New Jersey 

New Mexico Ty 

New York 

North Carolina 

North Dakota 


Oklahoma Ty 



Rhode Island 

South Carolina 

South Dakota 







West Virginia 




Argentine Republic . 

























































































Costa Rica 













Heliogoland ...... 





Isle of Man 







Madeira Island . . . 

Mexico , 





Philippine Islands 



Puerto Rico 















West Indies 

Born at Sea 

Birth- Present 

place. location. 




3 2 


174 23 


7 9 

1 1 

1 1 

6 8 


8 1 


1 2 

287 108 

48 76 

238 19 


3 1 


2 2 


11 2 


16 4 



19 28 

2 11 






4 5 


11 2 


1 1 

1 11 


1 3 

2 8 


23 3 


84 1 

2 1 

4 1 


21 1 

17 4 

5 6 

16 5 


1 1 

10 1 

8 1 




In the foregoing table 65 foreign countries, as well as the 45 States, 6 Terri- 
tories, and the District of Columbia, are represented. Puerto Rico and the Phil- 
ippine Islands are classed as "foreign," and Hawaii as domestic, for the purposes 
of this review. The officers of the army and navy who are in service beyond 
seas are not included in the list of foreign residents, but are credited to the Dis- 
trict of Columbia, because their permanent addresses are in care of the War and 
Navy Departments, respectively. 

The totals show, as to birth-place, 9,800 natives, 1,281 foreign-born, 9 born at 
sea, 461 not reporting. Eliminating the last two items for the purpose of com- 
putation, 88.44 P er cent are native and n.56 per cent foreign-born. All of the 
American States and Territories contribute to the birth column except Alaska, 
Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Wyoming. 

As to present residence only 370 live permanently abroad, 11,137 live in the 
United States and 44 do not report. Of those abroad 108 are in England, 76 in 
France, 28 in Italy, 23 in Canada, 19 in Germany, 11 each in Japan and the Phil- 
ippines, and less than 10 each in any other country. Among domestic residents 
the largest figures are represented by New York, Massachusetts, District of Co- 
lumbia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Mis- 
souri, and Maryland, in the order named. 

In the birth column the largest figures, in order, are those of New York, 
Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maine, Virginia, Indiana, Vermont, New 
Jersey, Kentucky, New Hampshire and Maryland. New England, which fur- 
nishes 2,435 to the birth column, has only 1,631 in the residence column. The 
District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode 
Island, Tennessee and Wisconsin are the only States east of the Mississippi in 
which the residents exceed the natives in this table. Every State and Territory 
west of the Mississippi (including Louisiana) is more largely represented in the 
second than in the first column. 

The large number in the second column for the District of Columbia is due 
to the location there of government officials and employes. Senators and repre- 
sentatives in Congress are, however, accredited to their home States. 

Taken as a whole, the table shows the western trend of population and the 
extensive concentration of many important activities in the larger cities. If the 
statistics could be compiled with greater detail, the latter named fact would appear 
even more strongly. Other deductions (and the table suggests many) must be 
left for the individual reader, but it- is believed that this table will be found in- 
teresting and valuable as indicating the extent of the dispersion or concentration 
of the higher activities and achievements of the notable people of the United 

WHO'S WHO in America. 

ABBATT, Agnes Dean, artist; b. New 
York, June 23, 1874; d. William D. and Agnes 
A. (Dean) A.; showed talent as child; en- 
tered Cooper Union art school 1873; studied 
at Nat. Acad. Design, and under R. Swain 
Gifford and James D. Smillie. Paints land- 
scapes, coast scenes, flowers; oil and water 
colors; mem. Am. Water Color Soc. since 
1880. Address: Westchester, New York City. 

ABBE, Cleveland, meteorologist; b. New 
York, Dec. 3, 1838; s. George Waldo A., 
merchant and philanthropist; grad. Coll. 
City of New York, 1857 (A. M., 1860; Ph. D., 
1891; LL. D., Univ. of Mich., 1888; Univ. of 
Glasgow, Scotland, 1896; S. B., Harvard, 
1900) ; Tutor Trinity Ch. Grammar School, 
New York, 1857-8. Studied astronomy with 
Brunnow, of Ann Arbor, Mich., 1858-9; un- 
der B. A. Gould at Cambridge, Mass., 1860-4. 
Asst. prof. Mich. Agr'l Coll., 1859; tutor 
Univ. of Mich., 1859-60; asst. in U. S. Coast 
and Geodetic Survey, 1860-4; studied at 
Nicholas Central Observatory, Pulkowa, nr. 
St. Petersburg, Russia, 1864-6; aide U. S. 
Naval Observatory, 1867-8; director Cincin- 
nati Observatory, 1868-73. Inaugurated daily 
weather report for Cincinnati Chamber of 
Commerce, the success of which led U. S. 
Gov't to take up similar work. Meteorolo- 
gist U. S. Signal Service, 1871-91; since 1891 
meteorologist U. S. Weather Bureau. Now 
also editor "Monthly Weather Review." 
Prof, meteorology, Columbian Univ. since 
1886. Lecturer on meteorology, Johns Hop- 
kins Univ. since 1896. Mem. Nat. Acad, of 
Sciences and many other scientific socs., do- 
mestic and foreign. Address: 2017 I St. N. 
W., Washington. 

ABBE, Cleveland, Jr., acting prof, nat- 
ural sciences Winthrop Normal and Indus- 
trial Coll. of S. C, 1899-1900; b. Washington, 
March 25, 1872; grad. Harvard, 1894 (A. M., 
1896; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1898); held 
scholarship, 1896-7, and fellowship, 1897-8, 
in geology, Johns Hopkins; inst. physiogra- 
phy, Corcoran Scientific School, Columbian 
Univ., 1894-7; asst. Md. geol. survey, 1896-8; 
prof, geology and biology, Western Md. 
Coll., 1898-9. Unmarried. Wrote: Notes 
on Cuspate Capes of the Carolina Coast, 
Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. ; The Physiog- 
raphy of Maryland (thesis), Rep. Md. State 
Weather Service, 1899; The Physiography of 
Allegheny Co., Md.; Report Md. Geol. 
Survey, 1900. Address: 2017 I St., N. W., 

ABBE, Robert, surgeon; 6. New York, 
1851; s. George Waldo A.; grad. Coll. City 
of New York, 1870; Coll. of Phys. & Surg., 
1874; m. New York, Nov. 14, 1891, Mrs. Cath- 
erine Amory Palmer. Instr. English, draw- 
ing and geometry, Coll. City of New York, 
1870-2; attending surgeon out-patient dept., 
New York Hosp., 1877-84; prof, didactic 
surgery, Women's Med. Coll., 2 yrs. ; sur- 
geon to St. Luke's Hosp. since 1884; New 
York Cancer Hosp. since 1893; attending 
surgeon New York Babies' Hosp., 1S92-7; 
asst. attending surgeon Roosevelt Hosp. 
since 1897; prof, surgery New York Post- 
Graduate Med. School, 1889-97; lecturer on 
surgery, Columbia Med. School, since 1898. 
Mem. Century Assn., University Club., etc. 
Address: 11 W. 50th St., New York. 

ABBEY, Edwin Austin, artist; b. Phila., 
April 1, 1852; ed. Phila. Acad, of Fine Arts; 
engaged by Harper & Bros., 1871; went to 
England for them 1878; m. 1890, Mary Ger- 
trude, d. Frederick Mead of New York. 
Exhibited his first picture, A May Day 
Morning, at Royal Acad. 1890; other nota- 
ble pictures are: Fiammetta's Song, Rich- 
ard III. and Lady Anne, Hamlet, etc. Has 
published illustrated edition of Herrick's 
Poems, She Stoops to Conquer, Old Songs, 
Quiet Life (with Alfred Parsons, English 
artist), Comedies of Shakespeare, O Mistress 
Mine, Who is Sylvia? 1899; The Trial of 
Queen Katherine, The Penance of Eleanor, 
Duchess of Gloucester, 1900. Commissioned, 
1901, by King Edward VII. of England to 
paint the scene of his coronation. Is asso. 
Royal Acad, and asso. Royal Water Color 
Soc. Address: Morgan Hall, Fairford, Glou- 
cestershire, England. 

ABBEY, Henry, author; b. Rondout, N. 
Y., July 11, 1842; closed academical ed. un- 
der John N. Pomeroy, writer on internat. 
law. Edited Orange, N. J., Spectator, 1863, 
and contributed frequently to New York 
Leader by invitation of its editor, Henry 
Clapp, jr. ; m. Dec. 26, 1865, Mary Louise Du 
Bois of Kingston, N. Y., died Nov. 3, 1889. 
Contributor to The Galaxy and other mags. 
Author: May Dreams, 1862; Ralph and 
Other Poems, 1866; Stories in Verse, 1869 
R2; Ballads of Good Deeds, 1872 A2; Bal- 
lads of Good Deeds and Other Poems, 1876; 
Poems, 1879 A2; The City of Success and 
Other Poems, 1883 A2. Collected works: 
The Poems of Henry Abbey, author's edit., 
1885 A7; 3d edit, enlarged, 1895; Phaeton, 
a supplemented Ovidian Myth, with three 
other stories in verse, 1901 Lll. Formerly 
flour and grain merchant. Mem. N. Y. 


Shakespeare Soc, Nat. Sculpture Soc, and 
Author's Club. Address: 11 Linderman Av., 
Kingston, N. Y. 

ABBOT; see also Abbott; also Abbatt. 

ABBOT, Francis Ellingwood, author; 
b. Boston, Nov. 6, 1836; s. Joseph Hale and 
Fanny Ellingwood (Larcom) A. ; studied at 
public Latin school; grad. Harvard, 1859 
(Ph. D. 1881); Meadville Theol. school, 1863; 
Unitarian clergyman, 1863-8; m. Aug. 3, 
1859, Katharine Fearing Loring, Concord, 
Mass. (died Oct. 23, 1893) ; edited The Index, 
a weekly journal of free religion, Toronto, 
1870-3, Boston, 1873-80. Teacher of classical 
school in New York, 1880-1; teacher of pri- 
vate Home for Boys, in Cambridge, Mass., 
fitting them for Harvard, 1881-92; retired 
since 1892. Author: Equal Rights in Re- 
ligion, Rep. Centennial Congress of Lib- 
erals, 1876; Scientific Theism, 1885 L6; The 
Way Out of Agnosticism, 1890 L6; Are- 
thusa Hall: A Memorial, 1892 XI. Edited: 
The Fairies' Festival, by John Witt Ran- 
dall, 1895 K2; Poems of Nature and Life, 
by same (with introduction on Randall 
family), 1899 El; also many philos. articles 
in periodicals. Address: 43 Larch St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

ABBOT, Henry Larcom, soldier, eng'r; 
b. Beverly, Mass., Aug. 13, 1831; ed. Boston 
Latin School, 1846-50; grad. West Point, 
1854 (LL. D.', Harvard). Served in corps 
of eng'rs U. S. A., in all grades to col., in- 
clusive; retired 1895. Wounded at Bull Run, 
1861; comd. siege art. of armies operating 
against Richmond, 1864-5; bvtd. maj.-gen. 
vols, and brig. -gen. U. S. A. Designed sys- 
tem of submarine mine defense adopted by 
U. S., also system of mortar batteries. 
Chmn. group of mil. judges at Centennial 
Exp'n, 1876, and of higher jury Atlanta 
Exp'n, 1895; pres. bd. consulting eng'rs of 
ship canal projected from Pittsburg to Lake 
Erie, 1896; designed new harbor at Mani- 
towoc, Wis., 1896; since May, 1897, mem. 
Tech. Com. New Panama Canal Co. Mem. 
Nat. Acad. Sciences, Am. Philos. Soc, and 
other scientific socs. Author: Siege Artil- 
lery in the Campaign Against Richmond; 
Experiments to Develop a System of Sub- 
marine Mines, and (with Gen. Humphreys) 
Physics and Hydraulics of the Mississippi; 
also various articles on professional sub- 
jects in Johnson's Encyclopaedia, Encyclo- 
paedia Britannica, The Forum and Atlantic 
Monthly. Address: 23 Berkeley St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

ABBOT, Willis John, editor, author; b. 
New Haven, Conn., March 16, 1863; s. Wal- 
do and Julia (Holmes) A., g. s. John S. C. 
Abbott, historian; grad. Univ. of Mich., 
1884; mng. editor Chicago Times, 1892-3; 
writing editor New York Journal, 1896-8; 
Dem. ; m. 1887, Marie A. Mack, Ann Arbor, 
Mich. Chmn. Henry George campaign com., 
New York, 1898; mgr. Dem. Nat. Press Bu- 
reau, presidential campaign, 1900. Author: 
Blue Jackets of '76; Blue Jackets of 1812; 
Blue Jackets of 1861; Battle Fields and 
Camp Fires; Battle Fields of 1861; Battle 
Fields and Victory; Carter Henry Harrison' 

A Memoir; Blue Jackets of 1898. Address: 

Lotos Club, New York. 
ABBOTT; see also Abbot; also Abbatt. 
ABBOTT, Alexander Crever, M. D., 

prof, hygiene and director Laboratory of 
Hygiene, Univ. of Pa. ; director of Labora- 
tory of Bd. of Health, Phila. ; b. Baltimore, 
Feb. 26, 1860; ed. public schools and Balti- 
more City Coll. ; grad. med. dept. Univ. of 
Md. 1884, later graduate student Johns 
Hopkins and at univs. of Munich and Ber- 
lin; m. Aug. 30, 1892, Georgina Picton, d. 
Hon. Justice Osier of Court of Appeals of 
Ontario; Fellow Coll. Physicians of Phila.; 
mem. Assn. of Am. Physicians; Am. Med. 
Assn., and local med. socs.; Am. Philos. 
Soc, Am. Physiolog. Soc. Author: The 
Principles of Bacteriology, 1892, 1899 L12; 
The Hygiene of Transmissible Diseases, 
1899 S15. Has written much in med. jour- 
Ontario; Fellow Coll. Physicians of Phila.; 
and serum therapy. Residence: 4229 Balti- 
more Av., Philadelphia. 

ABBOTT, Arthur Vanghan, civil, mech 
and elect, eng'r, author; b. New York, 1854 
.mem. Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs since 1882 
mem. Am. Inst. Elect. Eng'rs; chief eng'r 
Chicago Telephone Co. Author: Electrical 
Transmission of Energy; The Evolution of 
a Switchboard; History and Use of Testing 
Machines; Treatise on Fuel. Residence: Plaza 
Hotel, Chicago. 

ABBOTT, Charles Conrad, author, nat- 
uralist; b. Trenton, N. J., June 4, 1843; s. 
Timothy and Susan (Conrad) A. ; academ- 
ical ed'n; M. D., Univ. of Pa., 1865; m. Feb. 
13, 1867, Julia Boggs Olden, Princeton, N. 
J. Made large collection of archaeol. spec- 
imens, now in Peabody Museum, Cam- 
bridge, Mass., where he was asst., 1876-89. 
Author: The Stone Age in New Jersey, 1876 
W8; Primitive Industry, 1881 01; A Natur- 
alist's Rambles About Home, 1884 D2; Up- 
land and Meadow, 1886 HI; Wasteland Wan- 
derings, 1887 H2; Days Out of Doors, 1889 
A2; Outings at Odd Times, 1890 A2; Recent 
Rambles, 1892 L5; Travels In a Treetop, 
1894 L5; The Birds About Us, 1894 L5; Notes 
of the Night, 1895 C2; A Colonial Wooing 
(novel), 1895 L5; Birdland Echoes, 1896 L5; 
When the Century Was New (novel), 1897 
L5; The Hermit of Nottingham (novel), 
1897 L5; The Freedom of the Fields, 1898 
L5; Clear Skies and Cloudy, 1899 L5; In 
Nature's Realm, 1900 Lll. Has written sev- 
eral monographs and articles on archaeol. 
subjects. Address: Trenton, N. J. 

ABBOTT, Edward, P. E. clergyman; b. 
Farmington, Me., July 15, 1841; 4th s. Jacob 
and Harriet (Vaughan) A. ; bro. Rev. Ly- 
man Abbott; grad. N. Y. Univ., 1860 (D. D., 
1890) ; studied theology Andover Theol. 
Sem. ; 4 yrs. pastor Pilgrim Cong'l Ch., 
Cambridge. An editor The Congregation- 
alism 1869-78; editor Literary World, 1877-88, 
and since 1895. Ordained P. E. minister, 
1879; ever since rector St. James' Ch., Cam- 
bridge; elected missionary bishop of Japan, 
1889, declined. Author: The Baby's Things, 
a Story in Verse, 1871 R2; Conversations of 
Jesus, 1875 C6; A Paragraph History of the 
United States, 1875 R5; A Paragraph His- 
tory of the American Revolution, 1876 R5; 


Revolutionary Times, 1876 R5; Long Look 
Series (juvenile), 1877-80; History of Cam- 
bridge (in Drake's History of Middlesex 
County, Vol. 1), 1880 E2; Memoirs of Jacob 
Abbott (memorial edition of The Young 
Christian), 1882 HI; Phillips Brooks, 1900 
Lll. Has also published sundry occasional 
sermons and frequent contributions to 
mags, and weeklies. Address: 11 Dana St., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

ABBOTT, Frank Dan ford, musical ed- 
itor; b. Bethel, Vt., Jan. 29, 1853; s. Luther 
Burnett and Marian Elizabeth (Soper) A. ; 
m. Cedar Rapids, la., 1878, Eva, d. John 
Sehugart. Ed. common schools, Owatonna, 
Minn.; grad. music and literature, Episco- 
pal Coll., Faribault, Minn.; began business 
as traveler for Geo. Woods & Co., Cam- 
bridgeport, Mass. ; corr. various musical 
journals, articles attracting widespread at- 
tention; founded The Presto (musical jour- 
nal), 1884, and during the World's Colum- 
bian Exp'n published daily edition paper 
on the grounds of the exp'n. Author nu- 
merous musical papers and monographs. 
Official author of Awards Souvenir of Mus- 
ical Interests of the Exposition. Hon. mem. 
various local and European musical and 
literary assns. Residence: 2446 Michigan Av. 
Office: 324 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

ABBOTT, Frank Frost, prof. Latin, Univ. 
of Chicago, since 1891; b. Redding, Conn., 
March 27, 1860; .?. Thaddeus Marvin A.; 
grad. Yale, 1882 (Ph. D., 1891); m. 1888, Jane 
Harrison, New Haven, Conn. ; Clark and 
Larned scholarships, Yale, 1882-4; instr. Lat- 
in, Yale, 1885-91. Editor: Selected Letters 
of Cicero. Author: Repetition in Latin, 
1900 U14. Address: Univ. of Chicago, Chi- 

ABBOTT, Jo, lawyer, ex-congressman; b. 
nr. Decatur, Ala., Jan. 15, 1840; served in 
C. S. army as 1st It. 12th Tex. cav. ; ad- 
mitted to Tex. bar; mem. Tex. legislature, 
1869-71; judge 28th jud. dist. Tex., 1879-84; 
mem. Congress, 1887-97; Dem. Address: Hills- 
boro, Tex. 

ABBOTT, Katherine G artist; 6. Zanes- 
ville, O., 1867; pupil H. Siddons Mowbray 
and Wm. M. Chase, New York; and Leon 
Merson, Jean Geffroy, and Delance, Paris. 
Bronze medal, Paris Expn, 1900. Address: 
3 Place de la Sorbonne, Paris, France. 

ABBOTT, Lyman, clergyman, author, ed- 
itor The Outlook; b. Roxbury, Mass., Dec. 
18, 1835; 5. Jacob and Harriet (Vaughn) A.; 
Grad. Coll. City of New York, 1853 (D. D., 
also D. D., Harvard); m. Oct. 14, 1857, Miss 
Abby F. Hamlin, dau. Hannibal Hamlin, 
Boston; practiced law; ordained Cong'l min- 
ister, 1860; pastor Terre Haute, Ind., 1860-5; 
New England Ch., New York, 1865-9; sec. 
Am. Union Comm'n (Freedman's), 1865-8; 
resigned pastorate, 1869, to devote himself 
to literature. Edited "Literary Record" of 
Harper's Magazine; asso. editor The Chris- 
tian Union with Henry Ward Beecher, 
whom he succeeded as pastor of Plymouth 
Ch., Brooklyn, May, 1888; resigned, Nov. 
1898. Author: Jesus of Nazareth, 01; Old 
Testament Shadows of New Testament 
Truth, 01; A Layman's Story, 01; How 

to Study the Bible, Ol; Illustrated Com- 
mentary on the New Testament, 1875 B5; 
Dictionary of Religious Knowledge (with 
late T. J. Conant), 1876 HI; A Study in 
Human Nature, 1885 M4; In Aid of Faith, 
1891 D4; Life of Christ, 1894; Evolution 
of Christianity, 1896 H5; The Theology 
of An Evolutionist, 1897 H5; Chris- 
tianity and Social Problems, 1897 H5; Life 
and Letters of Paul, 1898 H5; The Life 
that Really Is, 1899; Problems of Life, 
1900 D3. Address: The Outlook, New York. 
ABBOTT, Madeline Vaushan, see Bush- 
nell, Madeline Vaughan Abbott. 

ABBOTT, Mary Perkins, author; b. Sa- 
lem, Mass., Oct. 17, 1857; d. Stephen Brad- 
shaw Ives, jr., long at head of Essex bar; 
grad. Salem High School, 1873; m. 1874, 
Charles Patterson Abbott, mcht. of Calcut- 
ta, E. I.; resided in India five years; has 
been book reviewer and spl. writer Chicago 
Evening Post and Chicago Times-Herald; 
contributor to various newspapers and 
mags. Author: Alexia (romance); The Bev- 
erleys (a story of Calcutta life). Address: 

ABBOTT, Rnssell Bigelow, founder and 
pres. (since 1884) Albert Lea Coll. ; b. 
Brookville, Ind., Aug. 8, 1823; s. Joseph 
Jackson and Mary (Osborn) A.; grad. Univ. 
of Ind., 1847 (A. M., 1850; D. D., Galesville 
Univ., 1884); m. 1st, 1847, Eliza Baugh; 2d, 
1861, Sophronia Leech; 3d, 1881, Marietta 
Hunter; prin. public schools, Muncie and 
New Castle, Ind., and of Whitewater 
Presby'n Acad. ; ordained Presby'n minis- 
ter, 1857; pastor Brookville, Ind., 7 yrs. ; 
Knightstown, Ind., 2 yrs.; Albert Lea, 
Minn., 15 yrs.; Mod. Synod, Minn.; 5 times 
mem. Gen. Assembly. Author: Bible His- 
tory (2 vols.); History of Winona Presby- 
tery; also many addresses and sermons. 
Address: Albert Lea, Minn. 

ABBOTT, Samuel Warren. M. D., sec. 
Mass. State Bd. of Health, since 1886; b. 
Woburn, Mass., June 12, 1837; grad Brown, 
1858; Harvard Med. School, 1862; asst. sur- 
geon, U. S. N., 1861-4, resigned; asst. 
surgeon and surgeon 1st Mass. cav., 1864-5; 
coroner, Middlesex Co., Mass., 1872-7; med. 
examiner, same, 1877-84; practiced medicine 
at Woburn, 1865-9; later at Wakefield. Mem. 
Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Public Health Ass'n, 
Am. Statist. Ass'n, Royal Statist. Soc. of 
Great Britain, Loyal Legion, U. S. ; asso. 
Societe Francaise d'Hygiene. Author of 
many papers and monographs on subjects 
relating to public health. Residence: Wake- 
field, Mass. Office: 142 State House, Boston. 

ABBOTT, Wilbur C, asst. prof, history 
Dartmouth Coll., since 1899; b. Kokomo, 
Ind., Dec. 28, 1868; grad. Indianapolis High 
School, 1886; Wabash Coll. (A. B.), 1892; 
graduate student Cornell Univ., 1892-5; Ox- 
ford Univ. (England), 1895-7, (B. Litt.); 
also studied on continent. Fellow, 1892-3, 
instr., 1893-5, Cornell Univ.; Pres. White 
traveling fellow from Cornell, 1895-6; instr. 
history University of Mich., 1897-9. Address: 
Hanover, N. H. 

ABEL, John J., prof, pharmacology, also 
in charge dept. of physiol. chemistry, Johns 


Hopkins Univ. Med. School; b. Cleveland, 
O., May 19, 1857; s. George M. A.; grad. 
Cleveland High School, 1876; Univ. of Mich., 
Ph. B., 1883; Univ. of Strassburg, Germany, 
M. D., 1888; m. 1883, Mary W. Hinman. 
Mem. Am. Physiol. Soc, Am. Ass'n of 
Physicians, Am. Chem. Soc, etc. Asso. ed- 
itor Journal of Experimental Medicine, and 
of Archive Internationale de Pharmaco- 
dynamic et de Therapie. Author of sp'l 
researches on animal tissues and fluids. 
Address: Charles St. Av., Baltimore. 

ABERCROMBIE, Daniel Webster, prin. 
Worcester Acad., Worcester, Mass.; b. Boil- 
ing Green, Macon Co., Ala., Nov. 25, 1853; 
.s. Milo Boiling and Sarah Carroll (Green- 
leaf) A.; prep, ed'n Cambridge, Mass. Lat- 
in School, 1868-72; grad. Harvard Univ. 
1876; studied Harvard Law School, 1876-7 
(Hon. A. M. Brown, 1883, LL. D., Colby, 
1898); m. Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 23, 1878, 
Emily Foote Brainerd. Has been teaching 
since 1877; has made various trips abroad 
for study and travel; hon. representative 
U. S. Bureau of Ed'n, to examine edn'l 
system of Germany, especially in schools of 
secondary grade. Mem. Harvard Teachers' 
Ass'n, Headmasters' Ass'n, Mass. School 
Masters' Club. Has written various mag. 
and newspaper articles on edn'l matters. 
Address: 81 Providence St., Worcester, Mass. 

ABERNETHY, Alonzo, educator; b. San- 
dusky Co., O., April 14, 1836; removed to 
Illyria, la., 1854; prep, ed'n Burlington 
Acad.; grad. Univ. of Chicago, 1866. Served 
in Civil war, 1861-5, private to col. 9th 
Iowa vols., participated in 40 battles; twice 
wounded; mem. Iowa Ho. of Reps., 1866; 
prin. Des Moines Bapt. Coll., 1870-1, since 
then on bd. trustees same; supt. public 
instruction, Iowa, 1871-6; pres. Univ. of 
Chicago, 1876; since 1881 prin. Cedar Valley 
Sem. Address: Osage, la. 

ABERNETHY, William Ellis, lecturer; 
b. Rutherford Coll., N. C, May 28, 1860; s. 
Rev. R. L. A. (D. D.); grad. Rutherford 
Coll., 1878; read law with Col. Geo. N. Folk, 
Lenoir, N. C, 1880. Prof. Latin and Greek, 
1881-99, pres. 1894-9, Rutherford Coll.; has 
published volume of lectures. Twice nom- 
inated for State senate by dominant party 
in his county, but declined, m. June 11, 
1899, Bertha Thomas Winn, Roxton, Va. 
Address: Rutherford Coll., N. C. 

ABERT, Silvanns Thayer, civil eng'r; 
b. Phila., July 22, 1828; ed. at Princeton; 
entered service U. S. Gov't in 1848 and was 
active in canal construction; on staff of 
Gens. Banks and Meade in Civil War; in 
river surveys for Columbian gov't, 1865-6; 
re-entered U. S. service, and in 1873 took 
charge of geog. div. from Washington to 
Wilmington, N. C. Has published various 
eng'ring reports. Address: Metropolitan 
Club, Washington. 

ABERT, William Stone, lawyer; b. 
Washington, July 27, 1845; grad. Princeton. 
1865 (A. M.); Cincinnati Law School, 1868; 
m. Oct. 5, 1875, Nannie S. Hamilton, at 
Louisville, Ky. Practiced at Cincinnati, 
1868-77; since then before U. S. Supreme 
Court and local courts of D. C. Compiler 
"Laws of the District of Columbia" by 

appmt. of Supreme Court of D. C. Residence: 
1520 K St., N. W. Office: 408 5th St., N. W., 

ABRAMS, Albert. M. D. ; b. San Fran- 
cisco, Dec. 8, 1863; 5. Marcus and Rachel 
A.; grad. Portland Univ., A. M., 1892; Univ. 
of Heidelberg, M. D., 1882; post grad. 
courses London, Berlin, Vienna and Paris. 
Fellow Royal Micros. Soc. ; pres. Alumni 
San Francisco Medico Chirurg. Soc, 1893; 
v.-p. Calif. Ass'n Cooper Med. Coll., 1888; 
State Med. Soc, 1894; prof. pathology 
Cooper Med. Coll., 1893-8; m., San Fran- 
cisco, Nov. 25, 1897, Jeanne Roth. Author: 
Synopsis of Morbid Renal Secretions, 1892 
B15; Manual of Clinical Diagnosis, 1894; 
Consumption: Its Causes and Prevention, 
1895 D10; Transactions of Antiseptic Club, 
1896; Scattered Leaves of a Physician's 
Diary, 1900; Diseases of Heart, 1901; Ner- 
vous Breakdown, 1901; Hygiene in a Sys- 
tem of Physiologic Therapeutics, 1901 B8. 
Address: 1519 Van Ness Av., San Francisco. 

ACHESON, Ernest P., congressman, ed- 
itor; b. Washington, Pa., Sept. 19, 1855; 
grad. Washington and Jefferson Coll., 1875; 
admitted to bar, 1877; in 1879 purchased the 
Washington Observer and has since been 
its editor; elected pres. Pa. Editorial Ass'n, 
Jan., 1893; recording sec. Nat. Editorial 
Ass'n, June, 1893; ten yrs. mem. Rep. State 
Com. ; delegate to Nat. Rep. Convs. 1884, 
1896; mem. Congress since 1895 from 24th 
Pa. dist. ; present term expires 1903. Home: 
Washington, Pa. 

ACHESOjV, Marens W\, U. S. circuit judge 
for 3d dist., since Feb. 9, 1891; b. Wash- 
ington, Pa. ; admitted to bar and practiced 
at Pittsburg, Pa.; U. S. dist. judge for 
Western dist. Pa., Jan. 14, 1880, until 1891. 
Residence: Pittsburg, Pa. 

ACKER, George IV., physician; grad. med. 
dept. Columbian Univ., 1874; clinical prof, 
of medicine and diseases of children, Co- 
lumbian Univ. ; mem. Med. Ass'n, D. C. ; 
Med. Soc. of D. C. ; Gyn. and Obst. Soc. 
of D. C. ; Am. Med. Ass'n; Am. Pediatric 
Soc. ; Am. Micros. Soc. ; Washington Acad. 
Sciences; Anthropol. Soc. Address: 913 16th 
St., Washington. 

ADAMS; see also Addams. 

ADAMS, Alva, ex-gov. Colo. ; mcht. ; b. 
Iowa Co., Wis., May 14, 1850; ed. common 
schools; went to Colo, and became hard- 
ware mcht. ; mem. 1st Colo, legislature, 
1876; gov. Colo. 1887-9 and 1897-9; Dem. 
Address: Pueblo, Colo. 

ADAMS, Brooks, author; b. Quincy, Mass., 
June 24, 1848; s. Late Charles Francis Ad- 
ams, statesman ; ed. at a variety of schools, 
at home, in Washington and abroad, fol- 
lowing his father's changes of residence; 
grad. Harvard, 1870; studied in Harvard 
Law School 1 yr. ; went as sec. to his father 
to Geneva, where latter was arbitrator upon 
the Alabama claims under "Treaty of 
Washington." Admitted to bar; practiced 
law until 1881. Since then retired, devot- 
ing his attention chiefly to literary occupa- 
tions. Author: The Emancipation of Mas- 
sachusetts: The Law of Civilization and 
Decay, SU; America's Economic Supre- 


mac; many articles in mags., etc. Residence: 
Quincy, Mass. Office: 23 Court St., Boston. 

ADAMS, Charles Darwin, prof. Greek, 
Dartmouth Coll., since 1893; b. Keene, N. 
H., Oct. 21, 1856; grad. Dartmouth Coll., 
1877; studied Andover Theol. Sem. 1879-81 
(Ph. D., Kiel, 1891); instr. Greek, Cushing 
Acad., 1881-4; prof. Greek, Drury Coll., 
1884-93. Address: Hanover, N. H. 

ADAMS, Charles Follen, author; b. Dor- 
chester, Mass., April 21, 1842; ed. common 
school. Was in 13th Mass. inf. in Civil War, 
wounded and taken prisoner at Gettys- 
burg. In 1872 began contributing to period- 
icals humorous poems in German dialect. 
Author: Leedle Yawcob Strauss, and Other 
Poems; Dialect Ballads, etc. Address: 59 
Waverly St., Roxbury, Boston. 

ADAMS, Charles Francis, hist, writer; 
b. Boston, May 27, 1833; s. Diplomat of 
same name; grad. Harvard, 1856 (LL. D., 
1895); admitted to bar, 1858; in Union army 
through Civil War; bvt. brig.-gen., U. S. 
A., May, 1865. Became identified with ry. 
interests; apptd. mem. bd. of ry. comm'rs 
of Mass., 1869; pres. Union Pacific Ry., 
1884; pres. Mass. Hist. Soc, 1895. Author: 
Chapters on Erie and Other Essays; Rail- 
roads, their Origin and Problems; Notes 
on Railway Accidents; Massachusetts, Its 
Historians and Its History; Three Episodes 
of Massachusetts History; Life of Charles 
Francis Adams; Richard Henry Dana, a 
Biography; A College Fetich, etc. Address: 
23 Court St., Boston. 

ADAMS, Charles Josiah, P. E. clergy- 
man, author, lecturer; b. New Lisbon, O., 
Oct. 31, 1850; J. Rev. Josiah and Sarah Ann 
(Ford) A.; grad. Mt. Union Coll., O., 
1871; studied at Yale, 1873; Boston Univ., 
1874; !. March 22, 1876, Jennie E. Hollo- 
way; ordained to ministry, 1875; canon St. 
John's Cathedral, Denver, Colo.. 1882-5; 
dean of Wichita, Kan., 1885-8; rector St. 
Luke's, Chicago, 1888-91; Ch. of the Holy 
Spirit, Roundout-on-Hudson, 1891-6; since 
1896 rector St. Luke's Ch., Rossville, N. Y. 
Organizer, mgr. and lecturer for the Church 
Thinking Bureau, and the Bureau of Bi- 
ophilism, or Animal Psychology. Editor 
dept. of biophilism in The Dog Fancier, 
Battle Creek, Mich.; writer on animal 
psychology for the New York Sunday 
World. Author: Where Is My Dog? or Is 
Man Alone Immortal? 1892; The Matterhorn 
Head, and Other Poems, 1899; Does Man 
Alone Reason? 1901. Residence: Rossville, N. 
Y. Office: 29 Lafayette PI., New York. 

ADAMS, Charles Kendall, pres. of Univ. 
of Wis., since 1892; b. Derby, Vt., Jan. 24, 
1835; grad. Univ. of Mich. (A. M. ; LL. D.); 
studied in Germany, France. Italy. Asst. 
prof. hist, and Latin, 1863-7; prof, hist., 
Univ. of Mich., 1867-85; pres. Cornell Univ., 
1885-92. Author: Democracy and Monarchy 
in France; Manual of Historical Literature; 
British Orations; Christopher Columbus, 
His Life and Work; also many papers in 
reviews. Editor-in-chief Johnson's Univer- 
sal Cyclopedia, 1892-95, now the Universal 
Cyclopedia A2. Address: Madison, Wis.. 

ADAMS, Cyrns Cornelius, an editor on 
staff New York Sun since 1884; b. Naper- 

ville, 111., Jan. 7, 1849; s. Cyrus A.; grad. 
Univ. of Chicago, 1876; writer and lecturer 
on geog. topics; first pres., dept. of geog- 
raphy, Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and Sciences; 
made its geog. collection, 1889-90, compris- 
ing 2,500 items illustrating appliances for 
geog. ed'n, used in 10 countries; m. Aug. 
17, 1877, Mrs. Blanche C. Dodge. Author: 
Commercial Geography for High Schools, 
1901 A2. Has been extensive contributor to 
mags, on subject of commercial geography 
and development of newer parts of the 
world, notably: The Farthest North, Mc- 
Clure's Mag., Dec, 1876; Tropical Africa As 
a Factor in Civilization (paper before Chica- 
go Congress on Africa, 1893); Our Day, Jan., 
1894, Mr. Peary's Arctic Work, with maps, 
The Geographical Journal, London, Oct., 
1893. Residence: 51 Quincy St., Brooklyn; also 
Jewett, N. Y. Office: The Sun, New York. 

ADAMS, Edward Dean, financier; b. 
Boston, April 9, 1846; grad. (B. S.) Nor- 
wich Univ., Northfield, Vt., 1864; traveled 
2 yrs. in Europe; bookkeeper and cashier, 
1866-70, mem., 1870-8, of banking firm of 
Richardson, Hill & Co., Boston; 1878-93, of 
Winslow, Lanier & Co., New York. Identi- 
fied with organization of numerous ry. com- 
panies, and reorganization, in 1890, of Am. 
Cotton Oil Trust into the Am. Cotton Oil 
Co., in which he was chmn. bd. of direc- 
tors and pres. of its most important allied 
organizations; pres. The Cataract Construc- 
tion Co., Niagara Falls; reorganized North- 
ern Pacific Ry. system in 1896, and became 
chmn. bd. of directors; director in large 
corporations. Residence: 455 Madison Av. 
Office: 15 Broad St., New York. 

ADAMS, Elmer Brags, U. S. judge, east- 
ern dist. Mo., since 1896; b. Pomfret, Vt. 
Oct. 27, 1842; grad. Yale, 1865. Went to Ga. 
under auspices Am. Union Comm'n and 
inaugurated system of free schools for white 
children at Atlanta and Milledgeville; re- 
turned to Vt., 1866; studied law there and 
at Harvard Law School; admitted Vt. bar, 
1868; settled in practice, 1868, St. Louis, 
Mo. ; judge circuit court, St. Louis, 1878-84, 
declined re-election and resumed practice. 
Is sp'l lecturer on succession and wills, 
Univ. of Mo. (LL. D.). Address: St. Louis. 

ADAMS, Francis Alexandre, journalist, 
author; b. New York, May 11, 1874; s. 
John Quincy A.; grad. New York public 
schools, 1891; Coll. City of New York, 1896; 
New York Univ., 1898; unmarried. Editor: 
Gotham Monthly Mag., 1890; Adams' Mag., 
1891-5; Printer's Ink, 1896. United States vol- 
unteer Spanish Am. War, 1898; Democrat. 
Author: Who Rules America? Truths About 
Trusts, 1900 15; The Philippine Question, 
1900 15; The Transgressors (political novel), 
1900 15. Residence: 1615 Norris St. Office: 14 
S. 4th St., Philadelphia. 

ADAMS, George Burton, Drof. history, 
Yale; b. Vt., 1851. Author: Civilization Dur- 
ing the Middle Ages, S3; The Growth of the 
French Nation, Ml; European History, Ml. 
Address: 57 Edgehill Rd., New Haven, Conn. 

ADAMS, George Everett, lawyer; b. 
Keene, N. H., June, 1840; removed to Chi- 
cago, 1S53; grad. Harvard, 1860; also grad. 
Dane Law School, Harvard; admitted to 



bar, 1865; began practice in Chicago, 1867; 
niein. 111. senate, 1881; resigned, 1883; mem. 
congress, 1883-91; Rep.; m. 1871, Adele Fos- 
ter. Residence: 530 Belden Av. Office: 914 The 
Temple, Chicago. 

ADAMS, Henry, author; b. Boston, Feb. 
16, 1838; 3d i. late Charles Francis Adams; 
grad. Harvard, 1858; private sec. to his 
father, who was Am. Minister at London, 
1861-8; asst. prof, history Harvard, 1870-7; 
editor North American Review, 1870-6. 
Author: Esays in Anglo-Saxon Law; His- 
torical Essays; Life of Albert Gallatin; 
John Randolph; Documents Relating to New 
England Federalism; History of United 
States (9 vols.); etc. Address: 1603 H St. N. 
W., Washington. 

ADAMS, Henry Carter, prof, political 
economy and finance Univ. of Mich., since 
1887; b. Davenport, la., 1851; 5. Ephraim 
and Elizabeth S. A. (Douglass) A.; grad. 
Iowa Coll., 1874 (Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 
1878; LL. D., Iowa Coll., 1898); lecturer in 
Cornell and Univ. of Mich., 1880-7, also in 
Johns Hopkins, 1880-2; director div. trans- 
portation, 11th census; statistician Inter- 
state Commerce Comm'n since 1887; pres. 
Am. Econ. Ass'n, 1895-7; m. 1890, Bertha 
H. Wright, of Port Huron, Mich. Author: 
Oultine of Lectures on Political Economy, 
1881, 1886 XI; State in Relation to Industrial 
Action, 1887 A6; Taxation in the United 
States, 1787 to 1816, 1884 Tl; Public Debts, 
1887 A2; The Science of Finance, 1888 H4; 
Statistics of Railways, 1888, 1900 W8; Eco- 
nomics and Jurisprudence, 1897 A6. Address: 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 

ADAMS, Herbert, sculptor; b. West Con- 
cord, Vt., 1858; 5. Samuel M. and Nancy 
(Powers) A.; ed. common schools, Fitch- 
burg, Mass. ; Worcester, Mass. ; Mass. Inst. 
Technology; Mass. Normal Art School and 
Paris; pupil of Mercie; m. Auburndale, 
Mass., 1889, Adeline Valentine Pond; mem. 
Nat. Acad. Design; Soc. Am. Artists; Nat. 
Sculpture Soc. ; Architectural League. 
Address: 42 W. 15th St., New York. 

ADAMS, Herbert Baxter, prof, history 
Johns Hopkins Univ.; b. at Shutesbury, 
Mass., April 16, 1850; grad. Amherst, 1872; 
Ph. D., Heidelberg Univ., 1876 (LL. D., 
Univ. Ala., 1891); fellow in history, 1876-8, 
and since then successively asso., asso. 
prof., and prof, history, Johns Hopkins 
Univ.; lecturer Smith Coll., Mass., 1878-81; 
sec. Am. Hist. Ass'n; editor its reports 
since 1884; trustee Amherst Coll. and of 
Boys' Country School (Baltimore). Since 
1887 editor "Contributions to American 
Educational History" for the U. S. Bureau 
of Ed'n; editor "Johns Hopkins Univ. 
Studies in Historical and Political Science," 
now embracing 19 series, with many extra 
volumes. Author: Life and Writings of 
Jared Sparks; also numerous edn'l and 
hist, monographs. Address: Johns Hopkins 
Univ., Baltimore. 
ADAMS, James Barton, poet, paragraph- 
er Denver Evening Post since Nov., 1896; 
b. Jefferson Co., O., April 17, 1843; 5. John 
B. and Sarah A.; ed. Richmond, O., and 
Mt. Pleasant, la.; enlisted May, 1861, 6th 
Iowa inf.; served until close of war; served 

in Indian wars, 1873-7, in Western Neb., 
Kan. and Wyo., as scout and officer of In- 
dians enlisted as scouts; m. Colorado 
Springs, Colo., June 28, 1898, Lydia Louise 
Troub; Democrat. Author: Breezy Western 
Verse, Denver, 1898. His poems printed 
in Denver Post, especially those treating 
of frontier life and customs in western dia- 
lect and cowboy vernacular, are widely re- 
produced by the press. He has also con- 
tributed short western stories and poems to 
various publications. Residence: Caribou 
St. and E. 18th Av. Business address, The 
Post, Denver, Colo. 
ADAMS, James Forster Alleyne, phy- 
sician; b. Boston, March 20, 1844; s. Will- 
iam Joseph and Deborah Forster (Chicker- 
ing) A.; ed. Dedham, Mass., High School, 
and Lawrence Scientific School, Harvard; 
grad. Harvard Med. School, 1866; med. ca- 
det U. S. A., 1862-3; acting asst. surgeon 
U. S. N., 1864-5; served in Washington 
(Judiciary Square Hosp.), and in East 
Gulf Blockading Squadron; m. Washington, 
Oct. 20, 1870, Annah E. N. Bailey. Prac- 
ticing physician since 1866; med. director 
Berkshire Life Ins. Co. ; mem. Am. Med. 
Assn., Mass. Med. Soc, Assn. Am. Physi- 
cians, Loyal Legion, Sons of Am. Revolu- 
tion, G. A. R. Wrote: Health of the Farm- 
ers of Mass., Report of Mass. State Bd. of 
Health 1874; Cremation and Burial, same, 
1875; Intermittent Fever in Mass., same, 
1881; Sanitary Forest Culture, Proc. Mass. 
Med. Soc, 1884; The Prevention of Dis- 
eases in Mass., Shattuck Lecture, 1892, 
Mass. Med. Soc. Address: 114 Wendell av., 
Pittsfield, Mass. 

ADAMS, John Coleman, Universalist 
clergyman; b. Maiden, Mass., Oct. 25, 1849; 
grad. Tufts Coll., 1870 (B. D. ; A. M., for 
work done; D. D.) Pastorates: Lynn, Chi- 
cago, Brooklyn; mem. Authors Club; trus- 
tee Tufts Coll. and of Universalist gen. 
convention. Author: The Leisure of God; 
Christian Types of Heroism; The Father- 
hood of God; Nature Studies in Berkshire. 
Address: 101 Wilson St., Brooklyn. 

ADAMS, John William, prof, veterinary 
surgery and obstetrics Univ. Pa. Frequent 
contributor to mags, on veterinary surgery. 
Address: 25 S. 34th St., Philadelphia. 

ADAMS, Mary Mathews, author; b. 
(Mathews), Ireland, Oct. 23, 1840; came to 
U. S. in childhood; ed. Packer Inst., Brook- 
lyn; m., Charles Kendall Adams. For 10 
yrs. was engaged in edn'l work; has since 
devoted considerable attention to literature, 
writing lyrical verse, etc. Author: The 
Choir Visible (poems); also wrote: The 
Epithalamium, and other poems. Address: 
Madison, Wis. 

ADAMS, Maude, actress; b. (Kiskadden) 
Salt Lake City, Nov. 11, 1872; her mother 
(stage-name "Adams") was leading woman 
of stock co. there. Appeared on stage in 
child's parts; went to school; joined E. H. 
Sothern Co., New York, at 16; ingenue role 
in the "Midnight Bell;" afterward in 
Charles Frohman's stock company; later 
supported John Drew; pronounced success 
in "Little Minister," 1897-8; started in that 
play, 1898-9; also in L'Aiglon, 1900-1. 
Address: 61 W. 36th St., New York. 


ADAMS, Milward, mgr. Chicago Auditori- 
um Theatre; b. Lexington, Ky., Jan. 6, 1857; 
s. late Samuel L. Adams, M. D. (surgeon 
U. S. army in Civil war) ; lived at Lebanon, 
O., 1861-5; Danville, Ind., 1865-9; employe 
Wilson Bros., Chicago, 1871; mgr. Central 
Music Hall, Chicago, for George B. Car- 
penter, 1879-81 ; mgr. of same for himself, 
1881-7; since then mgr. of the Chicago Au- 
ditorium. Address: Auditorium Theatre, 

ADAMS, Oscar Fay, author, lecturer upon 
literature and architecture; b. Worcester, 
Mass. ; ed. in public and private schools, 
Leicester Acad., Mass.; grad. N. J. State 
Normal School. Unmarried. Author: Hand- 
Book of English Authors, 01; Hand-Book of 
American Authors, 01; Through the Year 
with the Poets (12 vols, edited) ; Post-Lau- 
reate Idyls; Chapters from Jane Austen (ed- 
ited); Morris's "Atalanta's Race," with 
Notes (edited); Dear Old Story Tellers; The 
Poet's Year (edited) ; The Story of Jane 
Austen's Life; The Presumption of Sex; 
^Dictionary of American Authors; The Arch- 
bishop's Unguarded Moment, and Other Sto- 
ries. American editor of The Henry Irving 
Shakespeare. Address: GO Pinckney St., 

ADAMS, Robert. Jr., congressman; b. 
Phila., Feb. 26, 1849; grad. Univ of Pa.. 
1869; studied and practiced law 5 yrs. ; mem. 
U. S. Geol. Survey, 1871-5, on explorations 
of Yellowstone Park; mem. State senate, 
1883-7; grad., 1884, Wharton School of Econ- 
omy and Finance, Univ. of Pa.; U. S. min- 
ister to Brazil, 1889-90. Mem. Congress, 
1893-1903, 2d Pa. dist. ; as acting chmn. For- 
eign Affairs com., 55th Congress, reported 
and passed Cuban resolutions and declara- 
tion of war against Spain; Republican. 
Home: Philadelphia. 

ADAMS, Robert Newton, Presbyterian 
clergyman; b. Fayette Co., 0., Sept. 15, 
1835; i. Albert and Nancy A.; grad. Miami 
Univ., 1861 (D. D., 1890); m. Athens, O., 
Dec. 27, 1867, Nellie W. Whipple (died Oct. 
10, 1900). Entered army April, 1861, in a 
co. of students as private and served 3 
months; reenlisted for 3 yrs. Aug. 30, 1861, 
in Co. C, 81st Ohio Vol. inf.; elected capt. ; 
afterward became It. col. and col. same 
regt. ; at close of war in command 2d bri- 
gade and 4th div., 15th army corps, and in 
March, 1865, was apptd. bvt. brig. -gen. ; 
ordained Presby'n minister 1870. Address: 
620% Nicollet Av., Minneapolis. 

ADAMS, Samuel Shusert, M. D. ; b. 
Washington, July 12, 1853; grad. W. Va. 
Univ. 1875 (A. M., 1878); M. D., Georgetown 
Univ., 1879. Prof, theory and practice of 
medicine and diseases of children, George- 
town Univ.; attending physician Children's 
Hosp., Washington Hosp. for Foundlings, 
Georgetown Univ. Hosp. Sec. Am. Ped- 
iatric Soc. Address: 1 Dupont Circle, N. W., 

ADAMS, Suzanne, operatic singer; b. 
Cambridge, Mass., 1873; d. John Gedney A.; 
musical ed'n, Paris; operatic debut as Ju- 
liet in Romeo and Juliet, in Paris, 1894, 
with the Maurice Grau Opera Co. ; at Covent 
Garden, London, 1898 and 1901; Auditorium, 

Chicago, Nov., 1898; has appeared in lead- 
ing operatic roles; is engaged for Am. sea- 
son 1902; sang at State concerts, Bucking- 
ham Palace and Windsor Castle and was 
presented by Queen Victoria with valuable 
brooches and bracelets as souvenirs; m. Oct. 
1898, Leo. Stern, violoncellist. Address: Care 
Maurice Grau, New York; or care N. Vert, 
6 Cork St., London, Eng. 

ADAMS, "William A., physician, surgeon; 
b. Hancock Co., Ga., Sept. 10, 1853; 5. Thom- 
as J. A. ; prep, ed'n Washington Inst. ; grad. 
Mercer Univ. (A. M., LL. D.); grad. med. 
dept. Univ. of Ga. ; m. 1876, Carrie Eaton. 
Surgeon of 6 railroads; prof, theory and 
practice of medicine, med. dept., Fort 
Worth Univ.; Gold Democrat. Residence: 
602 Lamar St. Office: 514 Main St., Fort 
Worth, Tex. 

ADAMS, William Forbes, P. E. bishop; 
b. Ireland, Jan. 2, 1833; came to U. S. ( 
1841; academic ed'n (D. C. L., Univ. of 
South); deacon, 1859; priest, 1860; rector St. 
Paul's Ch., Woodville, Mass.; St. Peter's, 
New Orleans, 1866; St. Paul's, New Orleans, 
1867-75; consecrated bishop of N. Mex. and 
Ariz., .1875; resigned because of failing 
health; rector Holy Trinity Ch., Vicksburg, 
Miss., 1876-87; bishop of Easton since 1887. 
Address: Easton, Md. 

ADAMSON, Penrhyn Stanley ("Penrhyn 
Stanlaw"), illustrator; b. Dundee, Scotland, 
March 19, 1877; .y. James A., mcht. ; prep, 
ed'n West End Acad., Dundee, Scotland; 
grad. Princeton, 1901; unmarried. First 
came to U. S., 1892; on Chicago Record, 
1892-4; went to London, England, 1894; sub- 
editor on "To-Day," 1894-6, under Jerome 
K. Jerome; returned to U. S. July 4, 1896; 
drawing for Life, Judge, Scribner's, Har- 
per's, etc. ; entered Princeton Univ. as ju- 
nior, 1899. Author: College Girls. Address: 
Judge, 110 5th Av., New York. 

ADAMSON, William Charles, congress- 
man 4th Ga. dist., 1897-1903; b. Bowdon, Ga., 
Aug. 13, 1854; grad. Bowdon Coll., 1874 (A. 
M.); studied law; admitted to bar, Oct., 
1876; has since practiced law at Carrollton, 
Ga. ; judge city court, Carrollton, 1885-9; 
atty. for city several yrs. ; presidential elec- 
tor, 1892; Democrat; m. Jan. 29, 1885, Minna 
Reese, Carrollton, Ga. Home: Carrollton, 

ADDAMS, Jane (Miss), head resident of 
Hull House; b. Cedarville, 111., Sept. 6, 
1860; d. Hon. John H. A.; grad. Rockford 
Coll., 1881; spent 2 yrs. in Europe, 1883-5; 
studied in Phila., 1888; in 1889 opened, with 
Miss Ellen Gates Starr, Social Settlement 
of Hull House; has been insp. of streets and 
alleys in neighborhood of Hull House; writ- 
er and lecturer on social settlement work, 
and social and political reforms. Address: 
335 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

ADDICKS, George D.. pres. Central Wes- 
leyan Coll., Mo., since June, 1890; b. Hamp- 
ton, 111., Sept. 9, 1854; 5. Gerhard and Mary 
(Franke) A.; grad. Central Wesleyan Coll., 
Mo., 1875; ordained to M. E. ministry, and 
after some pastoral work became pres. of 
his alma mater. Address: Warrenton, Mo. 

ADDICKS, John Edward, capitalist; b. 
Phila., Nov. 21, 1841; became interested in 



building of gas plants and later in gas cos. ; 
organized, 1884, and became pres. Bay State 
Gas Co., Boston; bought majority interest 
and became pres., 1892, Brooklyn (N. Y.) 
Gas Co.; also at head of other cos. in 
Brooklyn and in "Wilmington, Del.; receiv- 
ed largest vote for U. S. senator from Del. 
in legislature, 1899, but failed of election; 
also candidate for U. S. senator, 1901. 
Address: Wilmington, Del. New York 
Address: 66 Broadway. 

ADDISON, Daniel Dulany, clergyman, 
author; b. Wheeling, W. Va., March 11, 
1863; 5. Thomas Grafton and Marie E. A.; 
grad. Union Coll., 1883, and E. Theol. 
School, Cambridge, Mass. (B. D.); m. Feb. 
20, 1889, Julia de Wolf Gibbs. Asst. Christ 
Ch., Springfield, Mass., 1886-9; rector St. 
Peter's Ch., Beverly, Mass., 1889-95; All 
Saints' Ch., Brookline, Mass., since 1S95; 
pres. Beverly Hosp., 1892-95. Author: Lucy 
Larcorn, Life, Letters and Diary, 1894 H5; 
Phillips Brooks, 1894 Lll; Life and Times of 
Edward Bass, First Bishop of Massachu- 
setts, 1897 H5; All Saints' Church, Brook- 
line, 1896 U15; The Clergy in American 
Life and Letters, 1900 Ml. Address: All 
Saints' Church, Brookline, Mass.' 

ADE, George, journalist, author; b. Kent- 
land, Ind., Feb. 9, 1866; grad. Purdue Univ., 
1887; in newspaper work in Lafayette, Ind., 
1887-90; since 1890 on Chicago Record. 
Author: Artie; Pink Marsh; Doc Home; 
Fables in Slang; More Fables, etc. (all SI). 
Address: Chicago Athletic Club, Chicago. 

ADEE, Alvey Augustus, second asst. 
sec. of State of the U. S. since Aug. 3, 1886: 
b. Astoria, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1842; .?. Augustus 
A. A., fleet surgeon U. S. N. ; private ed'n 
(M. A., Yale); apptd. sec. of legation at 
Madrid, Sept. 9, 1870; charge d'affaires at 
different times. Transferred from Madrid 
and apptd. clerk "Class IV," July 9, 1877; 
chief of Diplomatic Bureau, June 11, 1878; 
third asst. sec. of State, July 18, 1882; sec- 
ond asst. sec. of State, Aug. 3, 1886. Was 
present at signing of Peace Protocols be- 
tween U. S. and Spain. Apptd. sec. of State 
ad interim to fill vacancy, Sept. 17 to Sept. 
29, 1898; acting sec. of State during a criti- 
cal period of the Chinese troubles in Aug. 
and Sept., 1900. Residence: 1019 15th St. N. 
W. Official Address: Dept. of State, Wash- 

"ADELER, Max"; see Clark, Charles He- 

ADELSBERGER, Louis, M. D., ex-pres., 
now mem. 111. State Bd. of Health, present 
term expires 1903; b. Waterloo, 111., Feb. 17, 
1862; grad. Waterloo High School, 1880; St. 
Louis Med. Coll., 1884; in practice ever 
since; m. July 3, 1894, Louise M. Pinkel. 
Address: Waterloo, 111. 

ADKUVSON, L. G., D. D., pres. New Or- 
leans Univ. Address: 5318 St. Charles Av., 
New Orleans. 

ADLER, Cyrus, librarian, archaeologist; b. 
Van Buren, Ark., Sept. 13, 1863; grad. Univ. 
of Pa., 1883 (A. M., 1886); Ph. D., Johns 
Hopkins, 1887: consecutively fellow, instr. 
and asso. Semitic languages, Johns Hop- 

kins; librarian Smithsonian Inst'n since 
1892; hon. asst. curator of historic archaeol- 
ogy and custodian of historic religions, U. S. 
Nat. Museum. Was sp'l comm'r of World's 
Columbian Exp'n to Turkey, Egypt, Tunis, 
Algiers, Morocco; delegate of U. S. Gov't to 
conf. on an internat. catalogue of scientific 
literature, 1898; v. -p. Philos. Soc, Wash- 
ington; pres. Am. Jewish Hist. Soc; mem. 
many learned socs. ; has written many ar- 
ticles on Semitic philology, Assyriology, 
Oriental archaeology, comparative religion, 
bibliography, etc. One of editors of the 
Jewish Encyclopedia. Unmarried. Author: 
Told in the Coffee House: a Book of Turk- 
ish Tales (with Allan Ramsay). Address: 
1706 S St., Washington. 

ADLER, Felix, educator, lecturer; b. Al- 
zey, Germany, Aug. 13, 1851; s. of Hebrew 
rabbi; grad. Columbia, 1870; studied at Ber- 
lin (Ph. D.); prof. Hebrew and Oriental 
literature Cornell, 1874-6; established, 1876, 
New York Soc. for Ethical Culture, to 
which he gives regular Sunday discourse*. 
Mem. editorial bd. International Journal of 
Ethics. Author: Creed and Deed; The 
Moral Instruction of Children, etc. Address: 
123 E. 60th St., New York. 

AGAR, John Girand, lawyer; b. New Or- 
leans, June 3, 1856; grad. Georgetown, D. 
C, Univ., 1876 (M. A., 1888; Ph. D., 1889); 
studied 2 yrs. in Roman Catholic Univ., 
Kensington, London; grad. Columbia Law 
School, 1880; asst. U. S. atty. Southern 
dist. N. Y., 1881-2; chm'n campaign com. 
People's Municipal League, 1891; It.-comdr. 
and paymaster and judge advocate on staff 
of capt. naval militia, N. Y., 1897-8; mem. 
bd. of ed'n, New York city, 1896-8; m. Feb. 
18, 1892, Agnes Louise Macdonough. Resi- 
dence: 9 W. 48th St. Office: 31 Nassau St., 
New York. 

AGASSIZ, Alexander, naturalist; b. Neu- 
chatel, Switzerland, Dec. 17, 1835; j. late 
J. L. R. Agassiz; to U. S., 1849; grad. Har- 
vard, 1855; Lawrence Scientific School, B. 
S., 1857; on coast survey of Calif., 1859; 
asst. in zoology, Harvard, 1860-5; developed 
and was supt., 1865-9, Calumet & Hecla cop- 
per mines, Lake Superior; curator Natural 
History Museum, Cambridge, Mass., 1874-85; 
since engaged in zool. investigation. Author: 
Explorations of Lake Titacaca; List of the 
Echinoderms; Three Cruises of the Blake, 
etc. Address: Cambridge, Mass. 

AGASSIZ, Elizabeth Cabot, naturalist; 
b. Boston; d. Thomas Greaves Cary; m. late 
Prof. Louis Agassiz; accompanied her hus- 
band to Brazil, 1865-6; and on Hassler ex- 
pd'n, 1871-2; was associated with him in 
many of his studies and writings; has tak- 
en active part in promoting the welfare of 
Radcliffe Coll., formerly the Harvard "An- 
nex." Author: Seaside Studies in Natural 
History (with her son, Alexander Agassiz, 
q. v.); Life of Louis Agassiz. Address: 
Quincy St., Cambridge, Mass. 

AGJfEW, Benjamin Lasliells, D. D., 

clergyman; b. Apollo, Armstrong Co., Pa., 
Oct. 2, 1833; .?. Smith and Maria Mayes A.; 
grad. Washington Coll., 1854, and Western 


Theol. Seni., 1857; m. New Castle, Pa., 1857, 
Anna Cochran. Licensed by the Presby- 
tery of Allegheny, April 8, 1850; ordained 
and installed pastor of the Presby'n Ch. at 
Johnstown, Feb. 18, 1858; chaplain 76th regt. 
Pa. vols., 1861-2; resigned charge at Johns- 
town, 1867; pastor Westminster Ch., Phila., 
1868-70; North Ch., Phila., 1870-82; E. Liber- 
ty. Pittsburg, Pa., Ch., 1882-4; Bethlehem 
Ch., Phila., 1884-96. Stated clerk of the Pres- 
bytery of Phila. Central, 1871-80. Mem. bd. 
of domestic missions; director and trustee 
Western Theol. Sem. ; trustee Pa. Female 
Coll.; v.-p. Bd. of Pub.; pres. bd. of ed'n; 
moderator Synod of Phila. ; vice-moderator 
General Assembly; cor. sec. Presby'n bd. 
of relief since Jan. 1, 1897. Residence: 3600 
Chestnut St. Office: Witherspoon Bldg., 

AGNEW, Daniel, jurist; b. Trenton, N. 
J., Jan. 5, 1809; Irish and Welsh descent; 
m. 1831, Elizabeth Moore; grad. Western 
Univ. of Pa., and studied law with Henry 
Baldwin and W. W. Hetterman. Admitted 
to bar, 1829, and practiced law at Pitts- 
burgh, subsequently removing to Beaver, 
Pa.; mem. constitutional conv. of Pa., 1837- 
38; president judge 7th jud. dist. Pa., 1851- 
63; justice Supreme Court Pa., 1863-79, and 
chief justice, 1874-9. (LL. D., Washington 
and Dickinson Colls.). Address: Beaver, Pa. 

AGNUS, Felix, editor and publisher Balti- 
more American; b. Lyons, France, July 4, 
1839; ed. Col). Jolie Clair, nr. Paris; 1852-6, 
traveled around the world. Came to U. S., 
1860; enlisted, 1861, in Duryea's 5th N. Y. 
Zouaves; saved the life of Gen. Judson Kil- 
patrick at Big Bethel; promoted 2d It.; 
aided in raising 165th N. Y. vols., becom- 
ing capt. ; took part in siege of Port Hud- 
son, La., 1862; promoted maj.; served in 
Tex., becoming It. -col. Later served in 19th 
corps, under Sheridan, and in Dept. of the 
South; bvt. brig.-gen- vols., March 13, 1865; 
mustered out Aug. 22, 1865. Soon after be- 
came business mgr., and later editor and 
publisher, Baltimore American. Prominent 
in Republican politics. Address: Baltimore. 

AHRENS, Mary A., lawyer; b. Stafford- 
shire, England, Dec. 29, 1836; d. William H. 
Jones; came to U. S. and settled in 111., 
1854; studied at Galesburg Acad.; m. 1st, 
1857; then studied medicine and earned her 
diploma; m. 2d, 1886, Louis Ahrens, artist; 
grad. Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1889. 
Opened the first relief sta. for starving men, 
1893-4, and was instrumental in feeding and 
lodging thousands of homeless people. Pro- 
motor and founder of the Mary A. Ahrens 
Mission, a home for destitute women; v.-p. 
Protective Agency for Women and Children; 
a suffrage advocate for years; chmn. Wo- 
man's School Suffrage Ass'n of Cook Co., 
which secured for women the right to vote 
in school elections in 111.; v.-p. 111. Women's 
Press Ass'n. Residence: 3800 Elmwood PI. 
Office: 97 Clark St., Chicago. 

AIKEN, William Martin, architect; b. 
Charleston, S. C, April 1, 1855; j. Joseph 
Daniel and Ellen Daniel (Martin) A.; at- 
tended Univ. of the South, 1872-4; taught in 

same, 1874; taught in high school, Charles- 
ton, 1874-6; sp'l course in architecture, 
Mass. Inst. Technology, 1877-9; employed in 
office of H. H. Richardson, 1880-83 and W. 
R. Emerson, 1883-5, Boston; in office James 
W. McLaughlin, Cincinnati, 1885-6; prac- 
ticed architecture, Cincinnati, 1886-95; 
taught in Cincinnati Art Acad., 1894-5; su- 
pervising architect U. S. Treasury Dept., 
1895-7; since 1897 in practice, New York, 
with Bruce Price; taught in Columbia Coll., 
1899. While supervising architect was con- 
cerned in designing and erection of Gov't 
exp'n bldgs. Atlanta (1895), Nashville (1897), 
and Omaha (1898) ; mint bldgs. at Phila. and 
Denver, and numerous post-office and cus- 
tom-house bldgs. Unmarried. Residence: 30 
West 39th St. Office: St. James Bldg., 26th 
St. and Broadway, New York. 

AIKENS, Andrew Jackson, journalist; 
b. Barnard, Vt., Oct. 31, 1830; J. Warren 
and Lydia A. ; m. 1854, Amanda L. Barnes. 
Became, 1856, city editor of Evening Wiscon- 
sin, Milwaukee, of which he is now one of 
propr's and general mgr; in 1864 the firm 
of Cramer, Aikens & Cramer began print- 
ing "patent insides" for country newspa- 
pers, being the pioneers in that business. 
Address: Milwaukee. Wis. 

AIKINS, Herbert Austin, prof, philos- 
ophy Coll. for Women, Western Reserve 
Univ. since 1893; b. Toronto, Ont., March 1, 
1867; grad. Univ. Toronto, 1887 (Ph. D., 
Yale, 1891); instr. Univ. Southern Calif., 
1888; Yale, 1888-91; lecturer on history of 
philosophy, Yale, 1890-1; prof, logic and 
philosophy, Trinity Coll., N. C, 1891-3; 
hon. fellow Clark Univ., 1892-3. Edited 
The Philosophy of Hume. Author of pa- 
pers on psychol. and philos. subjects. 
Address: 40 Cornell St., Cleveland, O. 

AIKMAJf, Walter M., artist; b. New 
York, 1857; studied engraving under Frank 
French and J. G. Smithwick and draw- 
ing and painting abroad. Medal for en- 
graving at Universal Exposition, Paris, 1889, 
and at World's Columbian Exposition, 1893. 
Exhibited at Paris, 1900. Address: 133 Ma- 
con St., Brooklyn. 

AIKMAN, Williani, Presbyterian clergy- 
man; b. New York, Aug. 12, 1824; grad. New 
York Univ., 1846 (D. D., 1869); m. 1849, Anna 
M. Burns, of New York. Pastor Presby'n 
chs., Newark, N. J., Wilmington, Del., New 
York, Detroit, Atlantic City, N. J. Mod- 
erator Synod Pa., Washington, D. C, 1863. 
Author: Our Country Strong in Her Isola- 
tion; Seductive Power of the Romish Ritual; 
Future of the Colored Race in America ; 
Government and Administration ; Moral 
Power of the Sea; Life at Home; Talks on 
Married Life and Things Adjacent; Heaven- 
ly Recognitions; etc.; also numerous re- 
view articles. Address: Atlantic City, N. J- 

AILES, Milton Everett, asst. sec. Treas- 
ury U. S. since March, 1901; b. Shelby Co., 
O., Aug. 19, 1867; grad. high school, Sid- 
ney, O., Nat. Univ. Law School, Washing- 
ton, D. C. (LL. M.); admitted to D. C. bar, 
1890; in. Washington, D. C, Nov. 25, 1891, 
Mary E. Gowans. Apptd. asst. messenger, 



Treasury Dept., April, 1887; apptd. Dec, 
1888, after competitive exam, to a $1,000 
law clerkship, office Sec. of Treasury; on 
examination, advanced June, 1890, to $1,200; 
ApFil, 1891, to $1,600; June, 1893, detailed as 
private sec. to asst. sec. of Treasury; July, 
1896, advanced to $1,800; Dec. 1, 1897, apptd. 
private sec. to Sec. of Treasury. Contributor 
to the popular mags, and a writer on finan- 
cial topics; asst. sec. and treas. Washing- 
ton Econ. Soc. Residence: 951 25th St., 
AINSLIE, George, retired lawyer; b. Boon- 
ville, Mo., Oct. 30, 1838; s. John A.; one 
year at St. Louis Univ. ; m. March 27, 1866, 
Sallie Owens. Admitted to Mo. bar, April, 
and went to Colo, (then known as "Pike's 
Peak"), 1860. Practiced law at Gregory Dig- 
gings, 1860-2; with a company of 16 men 
went to head-waters of Salmon River, in 
what is now Ida., prospecting for gold, 1862. 
Since then he has mined, and practiced law 
in Ida. Mem. Territorial legislative council, 
1865-6; editor "Idaho World," 1869-73; dist. 
atty. 2d dist. Ida., 1875-9; delegate to Con- 
gress, 1879-83; mem. State Constitutional 
Conv. of Ida., 1889; chmn. Dem. State Cen- 
tral Com., 1890-1; Ida. mem. Dem. Nat. 
Com., 1896-1900; well known advocate of free 
silver; pres. Boise Rapid Transit Co. (street 
ry.). Address: 306 Warren Springs Av., 
Boise, Ida. 
AINSWORTH, Fred Crayton, brig.-gen. 
U. S. A. ; chief Record and Pension Office, 
War Dept.; b. Woodstock, Vt., Sept. 11, 1852, 
1st It. and asst. surgeon U. S. A., Nov. 10, 
1874; maj. and surgeon, Feb. 27, 1891; col. 
and chief Record and Pension Office, May 
27, 1892; brig.-gen. and chief Record and 
Pension Office, March 2, 1899. Made im- 
portant reforms in the business methods of 
the War Dept. Devised and introduced the 
index-record card system, by means of 
which all military and medical records have 
been reproduced in such a way as to make 
the full history of any soldier immediately 
available. Upwards of 50,000,000 index-rec- 
ord cards have been prepared and placed 
on file. The adoption of this system has 
resulted in a permanent saving of over 
$500,000 per annum. Address: War Dept., 
AITKEN, David D., lawyer, ex-congress- 
man; b. Genesee Co., Mich., Sept. 5, 1854; .?. 
Hon. R. P. and Sarah J. A.; ed. Flint, 
Mich.; spent early life on farm; later en- 
gaged as bookkeeper, and teacher; admitted 
to Mich, bar, 1878; has since practiced at 
Flint; mem. Congress, 1893-7; Republican. 
Prominent in Knights of the Maccabees, of 
which was Supreme Commander, 1882, and 
Supreme Counselor and General Atty. since 
that time. Address: Flint, Mich. 
AITKEN, Peter, wood engraver; b. Dun- 
das, Canada, June 16, 1858; 5. William A.: m. 
Brooklyn, Sept., 1885, Florence H. CorkhUl. 
Came to the U. S., 1879; studied engraving 
under Timothy Cole several yrs. ; visited 
Europe, 1887 and 1891, and studied in Paris, 
1895. Awarded medal World's Columbian 
Expn., 1893; exhibited Paris Expn., 1900. 
Address: 121 Pulaski St., Brooklyn. 

AKELEY, Healy Cady, lumber merchant; 
b. Stowe, Vt., March 16, 1836; ed. dist. 
schools; became farmer and surveyor and 
later lawyer. Enlisted, 1863, as pvt. 2d Mich. 
Cav., mustered out, 1865, as adj. of regt. 
Mfr. lumber, Grand Haven, Mich., 1872-87; 
mayor Grand Haven 2 terms; collector cus- 
toms, dist. of Mich., 1866-81; in Minneapolis 
since 1887; now pres. H. C. Akeley Lumber 
Co., Minneapolis; pres. Itasca Lumber Co.; 
pres. Flour City Nat. Bank; pres. Metro- 
politan Trust Co. Address: Lumber Ex- 
change, Minneapolis. 

AKERS, Elizabeth; see Allen, Elizabeth 

"ALBANI, Madame," prima donna; b. 
(Marie Louise Emma Cecile Lajeunesse) 
Chamblay, nr. Montreal, Can., Nov. 1, 1851; 
ed. Convent of Sacred Heart, Montreal, and 
at Albany, N. Y., where she became locally 
famous as a singer. A concert was given 
there to raise funds to complete her musical 
ed'n at Paris and, under Lamperti, at Milan. 
Made debut as opera singer at Messina, 
Italy, 1870, taking the stage name "Albani" 
as a compliment to the city which had aided 
her career. Has since been very prominent 
as an operatic prima donna in Europe and 
America; m. Ernest Gye, the impressario, 
1878. Address: Park House, Earl's Court Rd., 
S. W., London, England. 

ALBAUGH, John W., actor, theatrical 
mgr. ; b. Baltimore, Sept. 30, 1837; 5. John 
W. and Elizabeth (Peters) A. ; first stage 
appearance at Baltimore Museum, Feb. 1, 
1855 (Joseph Jefferson being stage mgr.) as 
Brutus in "Brutus, or the Fall of Tarquin;" 
afterward in many companies as walking 
gentleman, heavy man, leading support and 
star; m. 1866, Mary Mitchell, sister of Mag- 
gie Mitchell, the actress; co-mgr. Olympic, 
St. Louis, 1868-9; mgr. Trimble Opera House, 
Albany, N. Y., 1870; partner of Ben De Bar 
in St. Charles Theatre, New Orleans, 1870-1; 
mgr. Leland Opera House, Albany, 1873-81; 
mgr. and sole lessee Holliday St. Theatre, 
1878-90, and sole prop. New Lyceum, Balti- 
more; built and was half owner, and 
mgr. for 3 yrs. Lafayette Sq. Opera House, 
Washington, 1895-8; lessee and mgr. Al- 
baugh's Grand Opera House, Washington, 
1884-94; lessee and mgr. National Theatre, 
Washington, 1879-84. Retired. Last appear- 
ance on the stage as Shylock, Lyceum Thea- 
tre, Baltimore, Dec, 1899. Residence: Long 
Branch, N. J. 
A 1. 1! 10 10. John, author; b. at Bellingham 
Mass., April 3, 1833; ed. at Andover and 
Cambridge; lived for many yrs. at New Cas- 
tle, N. H. ; now of Chocorua, N. H. Author: 
Literary Art (1881); St. Aspenquid; an In- 
dian Idyll; Poems (1883); Prose Idylls (1892); 
Biography of Henry Dexter, sculptor (1898). 
Address: Chocorua, N. H. 

ALBERS, Henri, leading baritone of the 
Grand Opera at Paris; b. Amsterdam, Hol- 
land, Feb. 1, 1867; ed. in schools there and 
at academies in Brussels and Paris; became 
officer of the French Acad., Feb., 1892; made 
debut in Paris, and has sung in prin. Euro- 
pean and Am. cities in leading baritone 



roles of grand opera; also known as com- 
poser of various songs. Residence : La Var- 
enne (Seine), France. 
ALBERT, Charles Sunnier, Washington 
corr. New York World; b. Union Co., Ind., 
July 16, 1858; academic ed'n, Dublin, Ind.; 
m. May 22, 1895, Miss Fletcher, Washington. 
Formerly mgr. Press News Assn., Washing- 
ton, also traveling corr. and night editor 
United Press; 10 yrs. in Washington news- 
paper work. Residence: 701 12th St. N. E. 
Office: 1347 Pa. Av., Washington. 

ALBING, Otto Frederick:, an editorial 
writer on Buffalo Courier since 1875, and 
editor Buffalo Demokrat since 18S5; b. Han- 
over, Germany, March 25, 1840; univ. ed'n 
at Gottingen and Heidelberg; engaged in 
newspaper work; came to U. S., 1866; was 
connected with German papers in Phila., 
New York and Buffalo. Address: 428 -Ver- 
mont St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

ALBRIGHT, Edwin, president judge dist. 
court Lehigh Co., Pa., 1878-1908; b. Lehigh 
Co., Pa., Nov. 8, 1838; admitted to bar, 1862; 
practiced law until 1878; was 3 yrs. dist. 
atty., and 6 yrs. State senator. Address: 
Allentown, Pa. 

ALBRO, Addis, clergyman, educator, lec- 
turer; b. Middleburgh, Schoharie Co., N. Y., 
Feb. 18, 1855; ed. Fort Edward Collegiate 
School; D. D., Grant Memorial Univ.); 
Inst., Eastman Coll., Union Univ. (M. S., 
Lawrence Univ,; LL. B., Albany Law 
prof, and coll. pres., 1877-86; pastor 1st M. 
E. Ch., Moline, 111., and 1st M. E. Ch., 
Utica, N. Y., 1887-93; Field sec. N. Y. State 
Sabbath Assn., 1893-8; gen. sec. The Am. Re- 
form Assn. since 1898; m. Schoharie, N. Y., 
Feb. 19, 1878, Mary Alice Scribner; charter 
mem. Order of Founders and Patriots of 
America; mem. Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons 
Am. Revolution, Descendants of Colonial 
Governors, etc. Author: History of Our 
Country's Flag. Home: Detroit, Mich. Busi- 
ness Address: Albany, N. Y. 

ALDEN, Charles Henry, colonel U. S. 
A.; retired April 28, 1900; late asst. surgeon- 
gen. U. S. A. ; pres. Army Med. School 
Washington, D. C. ; b. Phila., April 28, 1836 
grad. Brown, 1856; Pa. Med. Coll., 1858 
mem. Am. Pub. Health Assn., Am. Med 
Assn., Am. Climat. Assn., Am. Acad. Med. 
m. Katherine Russell Lincoln, Oct. 25, 1864. 
Residence: 33 Washington Park, Newtonville, 

ALDEN, Cynthia May Westover, jour- 
nalist; b. Afton, la., May 31, 1862, d. Oliver 
S. and Lucinda (Lewis) Westover; grad. 
Colo. State Univ. and Denver Business 
Coll. ; taught geology, bookkeeping, vocal 
music; was for several yrs. soprano soloist 
in ch. choirs in New York; U. S. insp. of 
customs at New York, 1887; made many im- 
portant seizures; 2 yrs. sec. to comm'r of 
st. cleaning; for a time was engaged in the 
N. Y. State Museum of Natural History, re- 
signed to engage in journalism; edited Wo- 
man's dept. New York Recorder; 3 yrs. ed- 
itor Woman's dept. New York Tribune; is 
now on editorial staff of The Ladies' Home 

Journal. Founder and pres. -gen. of Inter- 
nal Sunshine Soc. Residence: 112A Rodney 
St., Brooklyn. Business Address: 96 5th Av., 
New York. 

ALDEN, Henry Mills, editor Harper's 
Magazine since 1869; b. Mt. Tabor, nr. Danby, 
Vt., Nov. 11, 1836; attended schools at Hoos- 
ick Falls, N. Y. ; grad. Williams Coll., 1857 
(L. H. D., 1890) ; grad. Andover Theol. Sern., 
1860, but never took orders; m. 1861, Susan 
Frye Foster, N. Andover, Mass; 2d, 1900, 
Mrs. Ada Foster Murray, Norfolk, Va. Lec- 
turer, 1863-4, before Lowell Inst., Boston, 
subject, "Structure of Paganism"; manag- 
ing editor Harper's Weekly, 1863-9. Author: 
God in His World; A Study of Death; Har- 
per's Pictoral History of the Great Rebel- 
lion (with A. H. Guernsey), etc. Address: 
Metuchen, N. J. 

ALDEN, Isabella Macdonald ("Pan- 
sy"); author; b. Rochester, N. Y., Nov. 3, 
1841; d. Isaac and Myra Spafford Macdonald; 
ed. Seneca Collegiate Inst., Ovid, N. Y., and 
Young Ladies' Inst., Auburn, N. Y. ; m. 1866, 
Rev. G. R. Alden, D. D. Author of about 
seventy-five Sunday-school books, and of a 
number of volumes of fiction for older read- 
ers, all L9; also "The Prince of Peace," a 
life of Christ. Her works have been trans- 
lated into Swedish, French, Japanese, Ar- 
menian, etc. Edited the juvenile periodical 
"Pansy," 1873-96; now on editorial staff 
"Herald and Presbyter," Cincinnati; 
"Christian Endeavor World," Boston. Ad- 
dress: 4421 Baltimore Av., Philadelphia. 

ALDEN, William Livingston, author; 
b. Williamstown, Mass., Oct. 9, 1837; grad. 
Jefferson Coll., Pa., 1858; m. 1865, Agnes M. 
McClure; admitted to N. Y. bar, 1860; prac- 
ticed until 1865; leader-writer on New York 
World, Times, Graphic, etc., until 1885; U. 
S. consul-gen. at Rome, 1885-9; leader-writer 
on Paris Herald, 1890-3; since then resident 
in London. Received decoration of Knight 
of the Crown of Italy, 1890. Author: Canoe 
and Flying Proa; Domestic Explosives; 
Shooting Stars; Life of Columbus; Adven- 
tures of Jimmie Brown; Loss of the Swan- 
sea; The Moral Pirates; Cruise of the Ghost; 
Cruise of the Canoe Club; New Robinson 
Crusoe; Trying to Find Europe; A Lost 
Soul; Told by the Colonel; Among the 
Freaks; The Mystery of Elias G. Roebuck; 
His Daughter; Van Wagener's Ways; etc. 
Address: 61 Cloudesdale Rd., London, S. W., 

ALDERMAN, Edward Sinclair, pres. 
Bethel Coll., Ky., since 1898; b. Wilmington, 
N. C, July 27, 1861; 5. Alfred and Mary Sin- 
clair A.; grad. Wake Forest Coll., N. C, 
1883; Southern Baptist Theol. Sem., 1886 (D. 
D., Bethel Coll., 1898); m. June 3, 1886, Lida 
Glover, Louisville, Ky. Pastorates: Chapel 
Hill, N. C. ; Paris, Woodlake, Russellville, 
Ky. Address: Russellville, Ky. 

ALDERMAN, Edwin Anderson, pres. 
Tulane Univ. since April 5, 1900; b. Wilming- 
ton, N. C, May 15, 1861; s. James and Susan 
J. A.; grad. Univ. of N. C. Ph. B.), 1882; 
(D. C. L., Univ. of the South; LL. D., Tu- 
lane Univ., 1898); m. 1886, Emma Graves 



(died, 1896); supt. Goldsboro city schools, 
1884-7; asst. State supt. N. C, 1889-92; prof. 
English, State Normal Coll., 1892; prof, ped- 
agogy, Univ. of N. C, 1892-6; pres. same 
1896-9; well known as speaker and lecturer. 
Author: Life of William Hooper, Signer of 
the Declaration; School History of North 
Carolina. Address: Tulane Univ., New Or- 

ALDERSON, Victor Clifton, educator; b. 
Plymouth, Mass., June 4, 1862; s. Andrew 
P. A. ; grad. Harvard, 1885 (A. M.) ; was 
fellow Geol. Soc. of America; dean and act- 
ing pres. since Nov. 1, 1900, Armour Inst, of 
Technology, Chicago; mem. Soc. of Colonial 
Wars; Historian Soc. of Mayflower De- 
scendants; writer on scientific and math, 
subjects. Widower. Residence: 428 34th St. 
Office: 33d St. and Armour Av., Chicago. 

ALDRICH, Charles, founder, in 1892, and 
now curator and sec. Hist. Dept. of Iowa; 
b. Ellington, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1828; ed. public 
schools, Little Valley, N. Y., and James- 
town Acad., N. Y. (A. M., Iowa Coll., 1869) ; 
m. 1st, Matilda Williams Aldrich (died Sept. 
18, 1892;) 2d, Nov. 12, 1898, Thirza Louise 
Briggs, Webster City, la. Founded "The 
Freeman," newspaper, Webster City, la., 
June 29, 1857; chief clerk la. Ho. of Reps., 
1860, 1862, 1866, 1870; mem. of house, 1882; 
mem. U. S. Geol. Survey, 1875, in Rocky 
Mountains; traveled in Europe, 1883-4, 1885-6 
and 1889. Home: Boone, la. Office: Des 
Moines, la. 

ALDRICH, Charles Henry, lawyer; b. 
La Grange Co., Ind., Aug. 28, 1850; grad. 
Univ. of Mich., 1875 (A. M., Univ. of Mich., 
1893); admitted to Ind. bar, 1876; practiced 
Fort Wayne, 1876-86; since then in Chicago; 
solicitor-gen. U. S., 1892-3; Republican; m. 
Oct. 13, 1875, Helen Roberts, Steuben Co., 
Ind. Residence: 645 University PL, Evans- 
ton, 111. Office: Home Insurance Bldg., Chi- 

ALDRICH, Edgar, U. S. judge dist. of 
N. H., since 1891; b. Pittsburg, N. H., 1848; 
attended Colebrook Acad. (A. M., Dart- 
mouth, 1891); grad. law dept. Univ. of Mich., 
1868; m. Oct. 7, 1872, Louise M. Remick; ad- 
mitted to N. H. bar, Aug., 1868; practiced 
at Colebrook, N. H., 1868-81; Littleton, N. 
H., 1881-91; solicitor Coss Co., N. H., 1872-4 
and 1876-9; mem. and speaker N. H. legis- 
lature, 1885. Address: Littleton, N. H. 

ALDRICH, J. M., zoologist; collegiate ed'n 
(M. S.); prof, zoology, Univ. of Idaho; spe- 
cial student in entomology, particularly dip- 
tera. Address: Univ. of Idaho, Moscow, Ida. 

ALDRICH, Leander Jefferson, prof, 
since 1885, pres. since 1887, Union Christian 
Coll.; b. Conklinville, N. Y., May 21, 1851; s. 
Hudson A.; grad. Oberlin Coll., 1880; A. M., 
1883; Oberlin Theol. Sem., 1885 (D. D., Elon 
Coll., N. C); has taught since 1873; m. Oct. 
23, 1889, Clara E. Preslar. Address: Merom, 

ALDRICH, Mary Jane, temperance work- 
er; b. Sidney Plains, N. Y., March 19, 1833; 
d. Milton and Delia (Hull) Johnston; m. 
John Aldrich, 1855; lived in Neb., 1855-66; 
then Cedar Rapids, la.; moved to Mo., 1894. 

Began temperance work with the Crusade 
movement; became Nat. v. -p. and State 
pres. W. C. T. U. ; joined Non-Partisan W. 
C. T. U., 1890, becoming sec. of its evange- 
listic work. Address: Springfield, Mo. 
ALDRICH, Nelson Wilmarth, U. S. 
senator from R. I. Dec. 5, 1881-1905; b. 
Foster, R. I., Nov. 6, 1841; academic ed'n; 
is engaged in mercantile pursuits. Pres. 
Providence common council, 1871-3; mem. R. 
I. legislature, 1875-6, and its speaker, 1876; 
mem. Congress, elected for terms 1879-83, 
but resigned to take seat in Senate; Repub- 
lican. Chmn. Com. on Rules, 55th Congress, 
and Rep. leader in Senate. Home: Privi- 
dence, R. .1. 

ALDRICH, Orlando W., lawyer; b. Clar- 
ence, Erie Co., N. Y., March 30, 1840; .?. Sid- 
ney and Lydia A. (York) A. ; grad. 111. Wes- 
leyan Univ. (Ph. D., D. C. L. same; LL. B., 
LL. D., Albert Univ., Belleville, Ont.); 
studied law; admitted to bar, 1870; m. Mt. 
Vernon, O., July 25, 1878, Sarah A. Coulter. 
In mil. service 14th N. Y. vol. inf., 1860-3; 
prof, law, 111. Wesley an Univ., 1876-81; prof, 
law, Ohio State Univ., 1891-6; pres. Ohio 
Soc. Sons Am. Revolution, 1894-5; pres. Ohio 
Soc. War of 1812 since 1894; Judge Advocate 
Ohio G. A. R., May, 1894; pres. Worthing- 
ton, Clintonville & Columbus St. Ry. Co., 
1891-8; Republican. Editor: 1st Am. edition 
Anson on Contracts, 1879 C15; Supplemental 
vol. Ohio Statutes, Columbus, 1884. Wrote: 
Article on Elections, 1st edition Am. and 
English Encyclopedia of Law; articles in 
Weekly Jurist, Bloomington, 111., 1877-81. 
Office: 11 Wesley Blk., Columbus, O. 

ALDRICH, Samuel Nelson, pres. State 
Nat. Bank of Boston since Dec. 15, 1900; b. 
Upton, Mass., Feb. 3, 1838; s. Sylvanus 
Bucklin and Lucy Jane (Stoddard) A. ; ed. 
Worcester Acad., Brown Univ., and Har- 
vard Law School; m. Upton, Mass., Sept., 
1865, Mary J., d. J. F. Macfarland. Ad- 
mitted to bar 1863, practiced Marlborough, 
Mass., 1863-74, after that in Boston retain- 
ing residence in Marlborough; was 9 yrs. 
mem. Marlborough School Com. ; 4 yrs. 
mem. bd. of selectmen; was pres. old Fram- 
ingham & Lowell R. R., later pres. Mass. 
Central R. R. Mem. Mass. State senate, 
1879, 1880, Ho. of Reps., 1883; Dem. candi- 
date for Congress old 7th dist., Mass., 1880; 
asst. treas. U. S. in Boston, March, 1887, to 
Jan. 15, 1891. Residence: Marlborough, Mass. 

ALDRICH, Thomas Bailey, author; b. 
Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 11, 1836; passed 
part of boyhood in La. ; returned to Ports- 
mouth, 1850, and prepared for Harvard (A. 
M., Yale, 1883; Harvard, 1896), but his father 
died, 1852, and he went into an uncle's 
banking house in New York until 1855. Then 
occupied editorial positions on New York 
Evening Mirror, N. P. Willis's Home Jour- 
nal, and The Illustrated News until 1865 
conducted Every Saturday, Boston, 1865-74 
editor The Atlantic Monthly, 1881-90. Author 
The Ballad of Baby Bell, and Other Poems 
Poems; The Story of a Bad Boy; Cloth of 
Gold; Flower and Thorn; Mercedes, and 
Later Lyrics; Marjorie Daw, and Other Peo- 
ple; Prudence Palfry; The Queen of Sheba; 



The Stillwater Tragedy; From Ponkapog to 
Pesth; Wyndharn Towers (poem); The Sis- 
ters' Tragedy; An Old Town by the Sea; 
Two Bites at a Cherry, and Other Tales; 
Unguarded Gates; Judith and Holofernes; 
(complete works in 8 vols.). Address: Care 
Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston. 

ALDKIC'Il, Truman H., mining engineer; 
b. Palmyra, Wayne Co., N. Y., Oct. 17, 1848; 
ed. in public schools, the Mil. Acad., West 
Chester, Pa., and Rensselaer Polytechnic 
Inst., Troy, N. Y., graduating M. E., 1869; 
practiced, N. Y. and N. J., 1869-71; in bank- 
ing business, Selma, Ala., 1871-3; since then 
in coal mining; now connected with the 
Cahaba Southern Mining Co. ; also blast fur- 
nace interests. Was Rep. candidate for Con- 
gress (indorsed by People's party), 1894; his 
opponent was seated; after a successful con- 
test he was seated near the close of the 
54th Congress. Address: Birmingham, Ala. 

ALDRICH, William F., civil engineer, ex- 
congressman; b. Palmyra, N. Y., March 11, 
1853; 5. Wni. F. and Louisa M. A.; ed. pub- 
lic schools; grad. Warren's Mil. Acad., 
Poughkeepsie, taking course in civil eng'r- 
ing; removed to Ala., 1874; engaged in min- 
ing and mfg. and built up town of Aldrich; 
was postmaster same; delegate Rep. Nat. 
conv., 1896 and 1900; mem. Rep. Congres- 
sional Com., Ala., 6 yrs., Ala. State execu- 
tive com. Mem. 54th, 55th and 56th con- 
gresses, 4th Ala. dist; seated only after con- 
test after each election. Republican. Address: 
Aldrich, Ala. 

ALDRICH, William Sleeper, prof. elec. 
eng'ring, Univ. of 111., since Sept. 1, 1899; b. 
Phila., March 3, 1863; grad. U. S. Naval 
Acad., 1883; Stevens Inst. Technology, mech. 
eng'r, 1884; m. Phila., July 1, 1886, Mary 
Lavinia Purdy. Since graduation engaged 
in eng'ring practice and teaching, 3 yrs. in 
electrical eng'ring dept., Johns Hopkins 
Univ.; prof. mech. eng'ring, W. Va. Univ.; 
6 and one-half yrs. ; volunteered for service 
in Spanish- Am. war; apptd. passed asst. 
eng'r (with relative rank of It. U. S. N.), at- 
tached to the U. S. S. Vulcan, with Ad- 
miral Sampson's fleet in Cuban waters, May 
12 to Oct. 18, 1898. Mem. Am. Inst. Elec. 
Eng'rs; Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs; Am. Soc. 
Naval Eng'rs; Soc. Naval Architects and 
Marine Eng'rs; Nat. Geog. Soc. (corr. 
mem.); Soc. for Promotion of Eng'ring 
Ed'n; Franklin Inst.; fellow A. A. A. S. 
Has contributed valuable papers to eng'ring 
and scientific societies and the tech. press; 
also in North Am. Review, vol. 162, Speed 
in Modern Warships, and The Engineer in 
Naval Warfare, Art. II. ; joint author with 
asst. prof. W. H. Browne, Jr., of "Manual 
for Electrical Engineering Laboratory." Ad- 
dress: Urbana, 111. 

ALDRIDGE, George Washington, 

mfr. ; b. Michigan City, Ind., Dec. 28, 1856: 
ed. Rochester public schools and Carey Mil. 
Inst. ; m. Mary Mack. As chmn. of exec, 
bd. had charge of fire and street depts. of 
Rochester, 1884-94; elected mayor of Roch- 
ester, 1894; resigned as mayor to become 
State supt. public works; apptd. by Gov. 

Morton; reapptd. by Gov. Black. During 
2d term had charge of construction, and 
brought to completion, new N. Y. State 
capitol; has been mem. Rep. State Com. 12 
yrs.; 32d degree Mason. Address: Rochester, 
N. Y. 

ALERDING, Herman Joseph, R. C. 
bishop of Fort Wayne, Ind. ; consecrated in 
Cathedral at Fort Wayne, Nov. 30, 1900, 
b. Newport, Ky., April 13, 1845; j. B. Her- 
man and Theresa (Schrameier) A. ; ed. Vin- 
cennes, Ind.; St. Thomas, Ky., and St. 
Meinrad's Abbey, Spencer Co., Ind. Or- 
dained priest, Sept. 22, 1868, at St. Meinrad. 
Address: Fort Wayne, Ind. 

ALEXANDER, De Alva Stanwood, 
congressman, lawyer; b. Richmond, Me., 
July 17, 1846; served as private in Union 
army, 1862-5; grad. Bowdoin Coll., 1870; prac- 
ticed law at Indianapolis, Ind., until 1881; 
5th auditor U. S. Treasury, 1881-5; served 1 
term as dept. comdr., G, A. R., dept. of the 
Potomac; practiced law in Buffalo, N. Y., 
since 1885; U. S. atty. Northern Dist. of N. 
Y., 1889-93; mem. congress, 1897-1903, 33d N. 
Y. dist; Rep. Home: Buffalo, N. Y. 

ALEXANDER, Eben, educator, diplomat; 
b. Knoxville, Tenn., March 9, 1851; 5. Judge 
Ebenezer and Margaret White (McClurg) A. ; 
grad. Yale, 1873 (LL. D., Univ. of N. C, 
1893) ; m. Oct. 15, 1874, Marion Howard-Smith, 
instr. and prof, ancient languages, Univ. of 
Tenn., 1873-86; chmn. of faculty, 1885-6; 
pres. State Teachers' Ass'n Tenn., 1886; 
prof, of Greek, Univ. of N. C, 1886-93; re- 
turned to same chair after serving as U. S. 
minister to Greece, Roumania, and Servia, 
1893-7. Address: Chapel Hill, N. C. 

ALEXANDER, Edward Porter, eng'r; 
b. Washington, Ga., May 26, 1835; s. Adam 
Leopold and Sarah Gilbert A. ; grad. U. S. 
Mil. Acad., 1857; m. 1860, Bettie Mason, King 
George Co., Va. ; apptd. 2d It. U. S. eng'r 
corps; resigned, 1861; entered C. S. army, 
capt. of eng'rs; served in army of Northern 
Va. until surrender at Appomattox in 1865, 
as chief of ordnance, and later as brig. -gen. 
of arty, and chief of arty., Longstreet's 
corps; prof, mathematics and eng'ring, Univ. 
of S. C, 1866-70; gen. mgr. and pres. of va- 
rious railroads (including Louisville & Nash- 
ville, Central of Ga., Ga. R. R. & Bank Co.), 
1871-92; capitol comm'r, State of Ga., 1883-8; 
mem. bds. on navigation of Columbian Riv- 
er, Ore., and on ship canal between Chesa- 
peake and Delaware bays, 1892-4; gov't di- 
rector Union Pacific R. R. Co., 1885-7; now 
eng'r arbitrator of boundary survey between 
Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Is rice planter on 
South Island, Georgetown, S. C. Author: 
Railway Practice; also many mag. articles. 
Address: Augusta, Ga. 

ALEXANDER, George, clergyman; b. 
West Charlton, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1843; s. Alex- 
ander F. and Margaret (Bunyan) A. ; grad. 
Union Coll., 1866 (D. D., 1884); Princeton 
Theol. Sem., 1870. Pastorates: East Av. 
Presby'n Ch., Schnectady, N. Y., 1870-83; 
University PI. Presby'n Ch., New York, 
since 1884. Trustee Union Coll., Sao Paulo 
Coll., Brazil; pres. New York Coll. Dentis- 



try; v.-p. Council of New York Univ.; di- 
rector Princeton Theol. Sem. ; mem. Presby'n 
Bd. Foreign Missions; prof, rhetoric and 
logic, Union Coll., 1877-83. Residence: 47 Uni- 
versity PI., New York. 

ALEXANDER, Gross, prof. New Testa- 
ment Greek and exegesis in theol. dept. Van- 
derbilt Univ. since 1885; b. Scottsville, Ky., 
June 1, 1852; 5. Dr. Charles Holliday and 
Eliza A. (Drane) A.; grad. Univ. of Louis- 
ville, 1871; tutor in same, 1871-3; prof. Latin 
and Greek Warren Coll., Ky., 1873-5; B. D., 
Drew Theol. Sem.,N. J., 1877 (S. T. D., Em- 
ory and Henry Coll., Va., 1890); m. 1st, 
Louisville, Ky., Aug. 12, 1875, Helen M. 
Watts; 2d, Chicago, Nov. 30, 1887, Arabel 
Wilbur. Pastor in Ulster Co., N. Y., 1875-6; 
pastor at New Brighton, Staten Island, 1877; 
joined Louisville conf. M. E. Ch. S., 1877; 
was pastor in Ky., 1877-84; student of Dr. J. 
A. Broadus, 1877-80; traveled in Europe, 1880; 
mem. and one of sees, of gen. conf., Mem- 
phis, 1894, Baltimore, 1898; was some yrs. 
mem. Soc. of Biblical Literature and Exege- 
sis; was elected mem. Am. Ch. History Soc. 
Author: Life of S. P. Holcombe, 1888 L8; 
Homilies of Chrysostom on Galatians and 
Ephesians (vol. 9 Library of Nicene and 
Post-Nicene Fathers), 1889 S3; History of 
Methodist Episcopal Church, South (Am. 
Church History Series), 1894 S3; The Begin- 
nings of Methodism in the South, 1897 B16; 
The Son of Man: Studies in His Life and 
Teaching, 1899 B16. Also has written essays 
on The Tiibingen Theory, The Canon of the 
New Testament and The Making of a Ser- 
mon, in book of essays, 1890 (Discussions in 
Theology, pub. by Vanderbilt Univ.); The 
Historical Situation in First Epistle of St. 
John, The Methodist Review, Nov., 1894; 
Earliest Schools of Methodism in America, 
same, 1896. Address: Nashville, Tenn. 

ALEXANDER, James F., M. D.; b. Green- 
ville Dist., S. C, May 28, 1824; ed. Ogle- 
thorpe Univ. and at Lawrenceville, Ga. ; 
grad. Med. Coll. of Ga., Augusta, 1849; lo- 
cated at Atlanta; delegate to secession conv., 
1861; surgeon 7th Ga. regt., C. S. A.; m, 1st, 
1855, Georgia Orme of Milledgeville, Ga. 
(died, 1876) ; 2d, Ada Reynolds of Covington, 
Ga. ; chmn. Fulton Co. Dem. Com. during 
reconstruction times; several yrs. pres. At- 
lanta Bd. of Health; has been pres. Ga. 
State Med. Ass'n; mem. Am. Med. Ass'n; 
still in active practice. Address: Atlanta, Ga. 

ALEXANDER, James Waudel, pres. 
Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of U. S. ; b. 
Princeton, N. J., July 19, 1839; s. Rev. Dr. 
James W. A., pastor 5th A v. Ch. ; grad. 
Princeton Univ., 1860 (A. M.); m. Nov. 24, 
1864, Elizabeth, N. J., Elizabeth Beasley, d. 
Chancellor Benjamin Williamson of N. J.; 
admitted to New York bar, 1862; practiced 
law until 1866; trustee Princeton Univ.; pres.- 
Univ. Club, 8 yrs. ; pres. Princeton Club, 6 
yrs. Residence: 4 E. 64th St. Office: 120 Broad- 
way, New York. 

ALEXANDER, John White, artist; b. 
Allegheny City, Pa., Oct. 7, 1856; .?. John 
and Fanny (Smith) A. ; art ed'n Royal Acad. 
Fine Arts, Munich; m. Nov. 2, 1887, Eliza- 
beth Alexander. Received gold medal (Tem- 

ple) Phila. Acad. Fine Arts; 1st gold medal, 
Paris Exp'n, 1900; societaire Societe Nation- 
ale des Beaux Arts, Paris; hon. mem. In- 
ternat. Soc. London land Vienna Soc. of 
Painters, and Munich Soc. of Painters; 
mem. Soc. of Am. Artists, Societe Nouvelle, 
Paris. Residence: 4 E. 64th St. Studio: 123 E. 
63d St., New York. 

ALEXANDER, William, Presby'n clergy- 
man; b. Huntingdon Co., Pa., Dec. 18, 1831; 
5-. Ranald and Sara Henderson (Carothers) 
A. ; prep, ed'n Tuscarora and Juniata 
Acads., Pa.; studied 3 yrs. Lafayette Coll.; 
grad. Jefferson Coll. ; grad. Princeton Theol. 
Sem., 1861 (D. D., Univ. of Wooster, O.); m. 
Hudson, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1861, Miss M. P. Os- 
borne. Ordained Presby'n ministry, June, 
1862; pastor Lycoming Ch., Williamsport, 
Pa.; pres. Carrol Coll., 1863-5; pastor Beloit, 
Wis., 1865-9; San Jose, Calif., 1869-71; pres. 
City Coll., San Francisco, 1871-4; principal 
founder San Francisco Theol. Sem., 1871; 
prof. New Testament Greek and Exegesis, 
1871-6; Ch. history, same, since 1876; trav- 
eled in Europe and the East, 1899-1900; Dem. 
until 1862; Rep. since. Mem. com. to revise 
Westminster Confession of Faith, 1890-3; one 
of editors Presby'n and Reformed Reviews. 
Wrote: Commentaries on Internat. Sunday 
School Lessons for 3 yrs. ; Letters to Gov- 
ernor George Stoneman on the Sunday Laws 
of California; Letters to Bishop McQuaid on 
Failure of Romanism; several contributions 
to Presby'n and Reformed Reviews, etc. Ad- 
dress: San Anselmo, Calif. 

ALEXANDER, William DeWitt, sur- 
veyor gen. of Hawaiian Islands since March, 
1872; asst. in U. S. Coast Survey since Feb. 

1, 1901; b. Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, April 

2, 1833; j. Rev. W. P. A., of Paris, Ky., mis- 
sionary, arrived Hawaii, 1832 (died 1884) ; ed. 
mission school, Punahou, nr. Honolulu, and 
at Harrisburg, Pa.; grad. Yale Coll., salu- 
tatorian, 1855 (A. M., Yale); m. Abigail 
Charlotte Baldwin (fe. Waimea, Hawaii, Nov. 
7, 1833); went round Cape Horn to Harris- 
burg, Pa., 1849; tutor Beloit Coll., Wis., 1856; 
teacher of Acad. Vincennes, Ind., 1857; re- 
turned to Honolulu, via Panama, 1858; prof. 
Greek, Oahu Coll.; pres. same, 1864-71; mem. 
privy council, 1884; bd. of ed'n, 1887-1900; 
comm'r Internat. Meridian Conf., Washing- 
ton, 1884, and again comm'r from provision- 
al gov't to Washington, 1893; Rep. Fellow 
Royal Geog. Soc. since 1892; Astron. Soc. of 
the Pacific, Hawaiian Hist. Soc, Knight of 
Order of Kalakaua. Author: A Brief History 
of the Hawaiian People, 1891 Al; History of 
the Later Years of the Hawaiian Monarchy, 
and of the Revolution of 1893, 1896 H13; Brief 
Hawaiian Grammar, H13; Introduction to L. 
Andrews' Hawaiian Dictionary. Wrote: An- 
cient Systems of Land Tenure in Polynesia, 
Am. Law Review, St. Louis, May, 1888. Also 
Hawaiian Hist. Soc. papers: No. 1, Rela- 
tions Between Hawaii and Spanish America; 
No. 6, Proceedings of the Russians on 
Kauai, 1814-19; No. 9, The Uncompleted 
Treaty of Annexation, 1854; several articles 
in Thrum's Annual, Honolulu, 1891-6. Resi- 
dence: Punahou St., Honolulu, Hawaiian 



ALFURD. William Hays, lawyer; b. 
Bowie Co., Tex., Sept. 14, 1866; j. Benjamin 
Michael and Josephine M. A. ; chmn. Dem. 
State Com. Calif., 1896; mem. Calif, legisla- 
ture, 1893; Dem. nominee for Congress, 7th 
dist., Calif., 1894; candidate U. S. senate, 
1899; distinguished as a jury lawyer. Un- 
married. Residence: Olympic Club. Office: 
Cluuie Bldg., San Francisco. 

ALFRIEND, Edward Morrisson, dra- 
matist; b. Richmond, Va., Oct. 25, 1843; s. 
Thomas M. and Mary Ann A.; ed. William 
and Mary Coll., Williamsburg, Va. Not 
married. Author: A Woman's Ordeal, 1877; 
A Foregone Conclusion, 1889; The Louisian- 
ian, 1891; Across the Potomac, 1892; The 
Diplomats, 1894; The Great Diamond Rob- 
bery, 1895; His Double Life, 1896; New York, 
1897. Address: Ashland House, New York. 

ALGER, Russell Alexander, ex-sec. of 
War of U. S. ; b. Lafayette Tp., Medina Co., 
0., Feb. 27, 1836; orphaned at 11 yrs. of age, 
and for 7 yrs. worked on farm, earning 
money to defray expenses at Richfield (O.) 
Acad, during winters. Taught school 2 win- 
ters; admitted to bar, 1859; began practice in 
Cleveland; removed to Mich., Jan. 1, 1860; 
began lumbering in a small way; enlisted, 
Sept. 2, 1861, and served as capt. and maj. 
2d Mich., lt.-col. 6th Mich., col. 5th Mich, 
cav.; bvtd. brig. -gen. and maj. -gen. vols. 
In lumber business after war; head of Alger, 
Smith & Co., and Manistique Lumbering 
Co., which owns and operates extensive tim- 
ber tracts and mills in Mich, and Minn. 
Was gov. Mich., 1885 and 1886; a leading 
candidate for pres. in Rep. Nat. Conv., 1888; 

1 term comdr.-in-chief G. A. R. ; Sec. of 
War of U. S., 1897-9, resigned. Home: De- 

ALGER, William Rounseville, Unita- 
rian clergyman; b. Freetown, Mass., Dec. 
28, 1822; grad. Harvard Theol. School, 1847 
(A. M., Harvard, 1852); m. 1847, Anne Lang- 
don Lodge, Boston. Filled pastorates in 
Roxbury, Mass.; Boston; New York; Den- 
ver; Chicago; Portland, Me., and returned 
to Boston. Author: Symbolic History of the 
Cross; The School of Life; History of the 
Doctrine of a Future Life; The Genius of 
Solitude; The Friendships of Women; Poet- 
ry of the Orient; Life of Edwin Forrest; 
Sources of Consolation in Human Life; etc. 
Address: 6 Brimmer St., Boston. 

AL1 FERROUH HEY, E. E. & M. P. of 
Turkey to U. S. since March, 1895; b. Con- 
stantinople, 1865; degree of licentiate from 
Nat. Univ., Constantinople; diploma of ficole 
de Sciences Politiques et Morales, Paris. 
Was sec. of embassy at Paris, London and 
Bucharest; counsellor of embassy in St. Pe- 
tersburgh. Author: Public and Private Inter- 
national Law; History of Turkey; History 
of Arabia. Address: Cleveland Park, D. C. 

ALLAN. William Temple, D. D., P. E. 
clergyman; b. Clarke Co., Va., Dec. 15, 
1855; descended from Robert Allan, who 
settled in Va. 1834; attended common schools 
until 17 yrs. of age; at Theol. Sem. of Va., 

2 yrs.; taught in public schools of W. Va., 
and Ch. School of Seguin, Tex. ; 2 yrs. at 
Univ. of the South. Ordained deacon, 1880; 

priest, 1883, San Antonio, Tex. Built the 
church at Boerne, Tex., and at Gadsden, 
Ala.; had charge of St. John's Ch., Ft. 
Smith, Ark., 2d in size in State; erected a 
handsome stone church there; sec. bd. of 
mgrs. diocesan missions; mem. standing 
com. diocese of Ark. ; delegate to Gen. 
Conv., 1898; chaplain Ben. T. Duval Camp, 
Confederate Veterans, 5 yrs. ; chaplain Am. 
Guild, 4 yrs. ; chaplain Battery B of Ft. 
Smith, Ark., organized for war with Spain; 
state missioner of Ark. for Foreign and Do- 
mestic Missionary Soc. of New York; be- 
came rector Christ Ch., Springfield, Mo., 
Feb. 10, 1899; chaplain Actors' Ch. Alliance; 
chaplain Blue Lodge of Masons; mem. Ar- 
chaeol. and Palaeontol. Soc, Univ. of Pa., 
apptd. div. chaplain Sons of Confederate 
Veterans of Mo., Feb. 20, 1901. Address: 
Springfield, Mo. 

ALLEN, Addison, lawyer; b. New York, 
Feb. 28, 1865; j. John Hull and Mary (Hill) 
A., lineal descendant of Gen. Ethan Allen 
and Joseph Addison; ed. Leonard Acad., Es- 
sex Co., N. J.; Grammar School, New York 
School of Languages; Amherst Coll., 1884-7; 
grad. Columbia, 1888, M. A., 1889; grad. Col- 
umbia Coll. Law School, cum laude, 1889; 
unmarried. In ins., iron and stock broker- 
age business, 1881-4; admitted to N. Y. bar, 
May 16, 1889; traveled through every coun- 
try of Europe, 1889-91 ; has spoken on stump 
in every campaign since 1884; practicing 
law since 1891; mem. Sons Am. Revolution, 
Columbia Coll. Alumni Assn., Alpha Delta 
Phi, and Quill Clubs. Wrote articles in The 
Educator: Language As a Study, 1887; Rail- 
roads, 1887; My Summer Home, 1887; The 
Owl and the Kitten, 1887; The City, 1887; 
contributor to Sag Harbor Express on Euro- 
pean Travel, 1897-9. Residence: 31 E. 127th 
St. Office: 120 Broadway, New York. 

ALLEN, Alexander Viets Griswold, 
prof. ch. history, Episcopal Theol. School, 
since 1867; b. Otis, Mass., May 4, 1841; s. 
Rev. Ethan and Lydia Child (Burr) A. ; 
grad. Kenyon Coll., 1862; Andover Theol. 
Sem., 1865 (D. D., Harvard, 1886); m. 1872, 
Elizabeth Kent Stone (died, 1892). Ordained 
priest in P. E. Ch., 1805. Author: Continuity 
of Christian Thought, 1884 H5; Life of Jon- 
athan Edwards, 1889 H5; Religious Progress, 
1893 H5; Christian Institutions, 1897 S3; Life 
and Letters of Phillips Brooks, 1900 D4. Has 
contributed theol. and biog. articles to re- 
views and mags. Address: 2 Phillips PI., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

ALLEN, Alfred, author, playwright; b. Al- 
fred, N. Y., April 8, 1866; s. Rev. Dr. J. A., 
pres. Alfred Univ. ; grad. Alfred Univ. (A. 
B. and A. M.); also studied at Harvard, 
Johns Hopkins and Columbia univs. ; sp'l 
studies Am. Acad. Dramatic Arts, New Eng- 
land Conservatory of Music; unmarried. 
Prof, at Alfred Univ. ; teacher in Balti- 
more, 4 yrs. ; geologist State Survey of N. 
Y. ; owner of mines in Ga. and Fla., 5 yrs.; 
editor and publisher of "Florida," 2 yrs.; 
editor, 2 yrs., "Dramatic Studies"; prof. 
de Mille and Alberti schools, and Am. Acad, 
of Dramatic Arts. Pres. N. Y. Johns Hop- 
kins Alumni, 3 yrs. Author: (Novels): The 



Heart of Don Vega; Judge Lynch; Chivalry; 
The Cup of Victory, (with Richard Hovey) ; 
The Triumph of Todd, (with Theodore Burt 
Sayre). Plays (produced): Jack the Giant 
Killer; A Burglar Honeymoon; Playmates; 
Head of the House. Has contributed short 
stories to Cosmopolitan, Criterion, South- 
ern, Harper's and other mags. Address: 316 
W. 57th St., New York. 
ALLEN, Amos L., congressman; b. Water- 
borough, Me., March 17, 1837; grad. Bow- 
doin Coll., 1860; studied law Columbian Law 
School; admitted to bar York Co., Me., 1866; 
clerk U. S. Treasury Dept., 3 yrs. ; clerk of 
courts, York Co., Me., 1870-83; clerk judi- 
ciary com., U. S. Ho. of Reps., 1883-4; sp'l 
examiner pension bureau, 1884-5; mem. leg- 
islature, 1886-7; delegate at large, and mem. 
com. on resolutions, Rep. Nat. Conv., St. 
Louis, 1S96; private sec. Speaker Thomas B. 
Reed, 1893-6; succeeded him as mem. 56th 
Congress, 1st Me. dist; re-elected to 57th 
Congress; Rep. Home: Alfred, Me. 

ALLEN, Andrew Hnssey, chief Bureau 
Rolls and Library, Dept. of State of U. S. ; 
b. New York, Dec. 6, 1855; grad. Harvard, 
1878; lawyer by profession, but has never 
practiced; disbursing agt. court of comm'rs 
of Alabama Claims, 1882-5; mem. U. S. Bd. 
on Geographic Names since Sept. 4, 1890; ac- 
tive mem. Am. Hist. Soc. ; inaugurated 
Sept., 1893, and is editor Bulletin of Rolls 
and Library of Dept. of State, as a medium 
for publication of catalogues, indexes and 
important papers of the National Archives; 
now editing, in the Bulletin, the Documen- 
tary History of the U. S. Constitution. Un- 
married. Author: Official Relations of the 
United States with the Hawaiian Islands, 
from the First Appointment of a Consular 
Office there by the United States Govern- 
ment, 1893 W8; The Historical Archives of 
the Department of State, 1895 W8; Method 
of Recognition of Foreign Governments and 
Foreign States by the Government of the 
United States, 1897 W8. Residence: 1500 Ver- 
mont Av. Office: Dept. of State, "Washington, 
D. C. 

ALLEN, Charles, justice supreme judicial 
court of Mass., 1882-1898; b. Greenfield, 
Mass., April 17, 1827; grad. Harvard Univ., 
1847 (LL. D., 1892). Practiced law in Green- 
field till 1862, after that in Boston. Reporter 
Decisions, Supreme Jud. Court, Mass., 
1861-7; atty.-gen. of Mass., 1867-72; chmn. 
of Comm'n to Revise Statutes of Mass., 1881. 
Author: Allen's Mass. Reports (14 vols.), 
1861-9; Telegraph Cases, 1873; Notes on the 
Bacon-Shakespeare Question, 1900 H5. Ad- 
dress: Boston. 

ALLEN, Charles Dexter, editor "In Lan- 
tern-Land" since Dec, 1898; b. Windsor 
Locks, Conn., May 8, 1865; ed. in common 
and high schools, Hartford, Conn. ; is by oc- 
cupation a banker. Author: American Book 
Plates, 1894 Ml; A Classified List of Early 
American Book Plates, 1894; Ex Libris, Es- 
says of a Collector, 1896 L2. Wrote article 
on book plates in 1899; edit. Appleton's Cy- 
clopedia. Mem. Authors Club, New York, 
and other literary clubs; v.-p. Ex Libris 

Soc, London; Bibliog. Soc, London. Ad- 
dress: 78 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. 
ALLEN, Charles Herbert, gov. Porto 
Rico since April 18, 1900; b. Lowell, Mass., 
April 15, 1848; grad. Amherst, 1869 (A. M.); 
LL. D., Amherst, 1900; in business as 
lumber mcht. at Lowell. Served in both 
branches Mass. legislature; mem. Congress, 
1885-9; Rep. candidate for gov. Mass., 1891; 
defeated; asst. sec. U. S. navy, 1898-1900. 
Address: San Juan, Porto Rico. 

ALLEN, Dudley P., M. D., prof, theory 
and practice of surgery and clinical surgery, 
Med. Coll., Western Reserve Univ.; b. Kins- 
man, O., March 25, 1852; grad. Oberlin, 1875 
(A. M., 1879); grad. med. dept. Harvard, 
1880; m. Aug. 4, 1892, Elizabeth S. Sever- 
ance. Visiting surgeon, Lakeside Hosp. ; con- 
sulting surgeon, Charity and Citp hosps., 
Cleveland; mem. Am. Surg. Ass'n. Address: 
278 Prospect St., Cleveland, O. 

ALLEN, Edward Archibald, prof. Eng- 
lish language and literature, Univ. of Mo., 
since 1885; b. Suffolk, Va., Oct. 3, 1843; ed. 
Dr. Gessner Harrison's Classical School, 
Randolph-Macon Coll., and Univ. of Va. 
(hon. Litt. D. Washington and Lee Univ.); 
m. Liberty, Va., 1872, Priscilla Armistead 
Saunders. Prof. English and modern lan- 
guages Central Coll., Fayette, Mo., 1881-5; 
contributor to leading edn'l and literary 
journals; mem. Sons Am. Revolution; Mod- 
ern Language Ass'n of America; Grammat- 
ical Soc. of England. Address: 900 Conley 
Av., Columbia, Mo. 

ALLEN, Edward P., R. C. bishop; b. 
Lowell, Mass., March 17, 1853; .y. John and 
Mary (Egan) A. ; grad. Mount St. Mary's 
Coll., Emmitsburg, Md., June 26, 1878, fol- 
lowed by 4 yrs.' course in theology. Or- 
dained priest Dec. 17, 1881. Remained at 
Mount St. Mary's as prof, until spring of 
1882; then became asst. at the Cathedral at 
Boston, and later at Framingham, Mass. ; 
pres. Mount St. Mary's Coll. from 1884 until 
consecrated, May 16, 1897, 5th bishop of Mo- 
bile, Ala. Address: Mobile, Ala. 

ALLEN, Edwin West, asst. director, Of- 
fice of Expt. Stas., U. S. Dept. of Agr. ; 6. 
Amherst, Mass., Oct. 28, 1864; grad. Mass. 
Agr'l Coll., 1885 (B. S., Boston Univ.; Ph. 
D., Univ. of Gottingen); m. April 2, 1890, 
Estelle Standish Perkins, Amherst, Mass. 
Author of various papers on agr'l chemistry 
and on history and work of agr'l expt. stas. ; 
now editor "Experiment Station Record," 
published by U. S. Dept. of Agr. Address: 
1725 Riggs PL, Washington. 

ALLEN, Elizabeth Alters, poet and mis- 
cellaneous writer; 6. (Chase) Strong, Me., 
Oct. 9, 1832. Began to write at 15 under pen- 
name "Florence Percy," under which she 
published her first vol. of verse, Forest 
Buds, 1855. Became contributor to Atlantic 
Monthly, 1858; wrote her famous poem, 
"Rock Me to Sleep, Mother," 1859. Was 
for several years literary editor Portland 
(Me.) Advertiser; frequent contributor to 
periodical literature; m. Paul Akers, the 
sculptor (died, 1861); 2d, 1865, E. M. Allen 
of New York. Author: Forest Buds from the 



Woods of Maine, 1855 01; Poems by Eliza- 
beth Akers, 1866-8-9; Queen Catharine's 
Rose, 1885 01; The Silver Bridge, 1885 H5; 
The Triangular Society (prose), 1887; Two 
Saints, 1888 XI; The High-Top Sweeting, 
1891 S3; The Proud Lady of Stavoren, 1897 
XI; The Ballad of the Bronx, 1901 XI. Ad- 
dress: Tuckahoe, N. Y. 

ALLEN, Ethan, lawyer; b. in Monmouth 
Co., N. J., May 12, 1832; .?. Samuel Fleming 
and Phoeby Goble A.; grad. Brown Univ., 
1860 (M. A.); m. Aug. 20, 1861, Eliza Clagett, 
Washington (died, Feb. 8, 1899). Practiced 
law, New York, 1870-90; never lost a case. 
Recruited brigade for Civil war, but did not 
enter service; deputy U. S. atty. Southern 
dist. N. Y., 1861-69; chnin. Nat. Com. of 
Liberal Reps, to make Horace Greeley pres. ; 
pres. Cuban League U. S. ; retired from bus- 
iness, 1890. Author: Washington, or the Rev- 
olution (history Am. Revolution in dramatic 
form, blank verse; also in prose). Residence: 
45 W. 52d St. Office: 115 Broadway, New 

ALLEN, Fred Hovey, author, Congrega- 
tional clergyman; b. Lyme, N. H., Oct. 1, 
1845; s. Philander and Rhoda (Lord) A.; 
grad. Hartford Theol. Sem. ; studied Boston 
Univ., Berlin, Vienna., Paris. Filled pastor- 
ates E. St. Ch., Boston; Olivet Ch., Boston; 
Abington, Mass.; 1st Ch., Rockland, Mass. 
One of founders and edited Lawrence, Mass., 
Eagle; editor and prop'r Suffolk Co. Jour- 
nal, Boston. Author and lecturer on art 
topics; mem. Boston Art Club, Soc. of Am. 
Authors; m. Auburn, Me., 1881, M. Cora 
Bumpus. Author: Glimpses of Parisian Art, 
1882; Masterpieces of Modern German Art, 
1884 E2; Modern German Masters, 1885 E2; 
Recent German Art, 1885 E2; Great Cathe- 
drals of the World, 1886; Famous Paintings, 
1887; Grand Modern Paintings, 1888; Bow- 
doin Art Collection, 1887; Popular History 
of the Reformation, 1887 E2; Grand Modern 
Paintings, 1888. Edited various biog. and 
art works. Address: Rockland, Mass. 

ALLEN, Frederick limes. U. S. Comm'r 
Patents since March, 1901; b. Auburn, N. Y., 
Jan. 19, 1859; *. William A.; ed. Auburn 
High School and Phillips Acad., Andover; 
grad. Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, 1879; 
class prize for mineralogy; m. Auburn, N. 
Y., June 3, 1884, Cornelia Margaret, d. Gen. 
William H. Seward. Studied law, admitted 
to bar, 1882; has since practiced patent law 
at Auburn. Home: Auburn, N. Y. Office: 
Patent Office, Washington. 

ALLEN. Henry D., congressman 2d Ky. 
dist., 1899-1903; b. Henderson Co., Ky., June 
24, 1854: attended Morganfield Coll. Inst.; 
reared on farm; taught in public schools un- 
til 1875; grad. Mo. Med. Coll., 1877; licensed 
to practice law, 1878. School comm'r Union 
Co., Ky., 3 yrs. ; co. atty. 9 yrs. ; has been 
mem. Dem. State Central Com. Married. 
Home: Morganfield, Ky. 

ALLEN, Horace N., U. S. minister Korea 
since 1897; b. Delaware, O., April 23, 1858; 
grad. Ohio Wesleyan Univ. ; m. Frances A. 
Messenger. Was med. missionary Presby'n 
Ch. in China; went to Korea, 1884; saved 

life of a Prince in a revolution; became 
med. officer to the Korean court; went to 
Washington, 1887, with first Korean lega- 
tion; returned to Korea, 1890, as U. S. see. 
of legation; promoted to be minister, 1897. 
Address: Seoul, Korea. 

ALLEN, James Lane, author; b. in Ky., 
1849; grad. Transylvania Univ.; taught in 
Ky. Univ. ; later prof. Latin and higher 
English Bethany, W. Va., Coll.; since 1886 
given entire attention to literature. Author: 
Flute and Violin; The Blue Grass Region 
and Other Sketches of Kentucky; John 
Gray: a Novel; The Kentucky Cardinal; 
Aftermath; A Summer in Arcady; The 
Choir Invisible; The Reign of Law. Address: 
Care Macmillan Co., New York. 

ALLEN, James Lane, lawyer, author; b. 
Lexington, Ky., March 3, 1848; grad. Beth- 
any Coll., W. Va., 1867 (M. A., 1880); taught 
high school; admitted to bar; practiced at 
Omaha, Neb., 1870-2; in Chicago since 1872; 
director Chicago public library; m. Jose- 
phine E. Fenkell, Waukegan, 111., 1870. Has 
written numerous mag. papers and sketches, 
including: Exodus of the Children of Ham; 
Aunt Viney's Story; The Horse-Shoe Bend. 
Author: Allen's Handbook of the Nebraska 
Code. Residence: 4050 Grand Boul. Office: 409 
Ashland Bldg., Chicago. 

ALLEN, Joel Asaph, curator vertebrate 
zoology, Am. Museum Natural History, 
since 1885; b. Springfield, Mass., July 19, 
1838; studied at Wilbraham Acad.; then 
studied zoology under Agassiz, Lawrence 
Scientific School, Harvard (Ph. D., Ind. 
Univ.); m. 1st, Oct. 6, 1874, Mary Manning 
Cleveland (died April 17, 1879); 2d, April 27, 
1886, Susan A. Taft. Was with several expe- 
ditions, later asst. in ornithology, Museum 
of Comparative Zoology, Harvard, until 1885. 
Was first pres. Am. Ornithologists' Union, 
1883-90; mem. Nat. Acad. Sciences since 
1876; corr. mem. Zool. Soc, London; foreign 
mem. British Ornithologists' Union, etc. 
Author: History of North American Pinni- 
peds, U6; Monographs of North American 
Rodentia (with Elliot Coues, U6) ; etc. Editor: 
Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornithological Club, 
1876-83; The Auk (ornithological quarterly), 
1884-1901; Bulletin and Memoirs, Am. Mu- 
seum Natural History, 1889-1901. Has writ- 
ten hundreds of contributions (monographs, 
articles, reviews) on researches in mammal- 
ogy and ornithology. Address: Am. Museum 
of Nat. History, New York. 

ALLEN, John Beard, ex-U. S. senator, 
lawyer; b. Crawfordsville, Ind., May 18, 
1845; ed. Wabash Coll.; served private 135th 
Ind. vols., Civil war; after war in Ro- 
chester, Minn., until 1870; admitted to bar; 
removed to Washington Ty., 1870; U. S. 
atty. for Washington Ty., 1878-85; was re- 
porter for Territorial and U. S. courts 
for years; author 1st volume of Washing- 
ton Territory Reports; elected to Congress 
for term 1889-91, but resigned on being 
elected U. S. senator on admission of Wash- 
ington as State; took his seat, Dec. 2, 1889; 
term expired March 3, 1893. Now practicing 
law in firm of Struve, Allen, Hughes & Mc- 
Micken. Address: Seattle, Wash. 



ALLEN, .J oli 11 ,Ioh 11 sou. lawyer; b. Utica, 
N. Y., Aug. 4, 1842; s. Joseph Dana and 
Eliza R. (Johnson) A. ; grad. Univ. of Vt. 
(A. B., 1862; A. M., 1865); Columbia Law 
School (LL. B., 1866); admitted to bar, 1866; 
m. Newark, N. J., June 30, 1870, Louise A. 
Shaler. Acting provost marshal, 1865; asst. 
U. S. dist. atty., 1866-73; mem. assembly, 
1874; U. S. chief supervisor of elections, 
1874-93; U. S. comm'r, 1874-1901; master in 
chancery, U. S. courts, 1874-1901; counsel to 
various corporations. Residence: Hotel St. 
George, Brooklyn. Summer Residence: Bur- 
lington, Vt. Office: 203 Montague St., Brook- 

ALLEN, John Kermott, journalist; 6. 
Chelsea, Mich., May 9, 1858; J. John M. and 
Nancy (Bancroft) A.; ed. Grass Lake, 
Mich., 1864-76; sp'l studies political econo- 
my, Univ. of Chicago; m. Biddeford, Me., 
July 31, 1882, Lillie Morton. Chief clerk 
Mich. State Bd. of Health, 1878-83; editor 
The Sanitary News, Chicago, 1883-8; editor 
American Storekeeper, 1888-91; editor and 
publisher Domestic Engineering, Chicago, 
1891. Has written many articles on sanita- 
tion in various journals. Ex-pres. Am. 
Trade Press Ass'n, hon. mem. Chicago Ar- 
chitects' Club; mem. Chicago Press Club; 
Chicago Congregational Club, and Nat. Lib- 
eral Club, London. Residence: 798 Monroe St. 
Office: 64 N. Jefferson St., Chicago. 

ALLEN, John M., ex-congressman, lawyer; 
b. Tishomingo Co., Miss., July 8, 1847; ed. 
common schools; private C. S. army, 1861-5; 
grad. Univ. of Miss., LL. B., 1870; estab- 
lished practice as lawyer at Tupelo, Miss. ; 
dist. atty. 1st jud. dist., Miss., 1875-9; mem. 
Congress, 1885-1901, 1st Miss, dist.; Dem.; 
widely known for the humorous flavor of 
his speeches. Address: Tupelo, Miss. 

ALLEN, John Robert, prof, mental and 
moral philosophy Southwestern Univ. since 
1892; b. Iredell Co., N. C. ; childhood in 
Chickasaw Co., Miss.; grad. Southern Univ., 
Greensboro, Ala., 1873 (D. D., 1891). M. E. 
South clergyman in North Miss. Conf., 
1873-5; after that in Tex., as pastor and pre- 
siding elder; had charge of Ladies' Annex, 
Southwestern Univ., 1892-1900; m. Oct. 3, 
1878, Mollie Crutchfleld. Author: Man, Mon- 
ey and the Bible, M12; Form Book for 
Methodist Church Courts (later edition 
named The Itinerant's Guide), M12. Address: 
Georgetown, Tex. 

ALLEN, John Stevenson, clergyman; b. 
Mercer, Pa., Oct. 20, 1857; .?. Cochran and 
Elizabeth (Wilson) A. ; grad. Westminster 
Coll., Pa., 1882; Union Theol. Sem., New 
York, 1885; nt. June 6, 1888, Edith Hedden, 
Orange, N. J. Pastor Presby'n Ch., West- 
chester, N. Y., 1885-8; Presby'n Ch., Pater- 
son, N. Y., 1888-92; New York Av. Reformed 
Ch., Newark, since Oct. 1, 1892. Address: 
100 New York Av., Newark, N. J. 

ALLEN, Lyman Whitney, Presbyterian 
clergyman; b. St. Louis, Nov. 19, 1S54; j. 
George Otis and Julia Olds (Whitney) A. ; 
grad. Washington Univ., St. Louis (A. M.); 
studied theol. Princeton Theol. Sem. ; post- 
graduate studies Princeton Univ. (D. D., 

Univ. of Wooster) ; in ministry since 1880; 
m. Sept. 5, 1880, Myra, d. Archibald Steele 
Irwin, St. Louis. Now pastor South Park 
Presby'n Ch., Newark, N. J.; mem. Soc. Am. 
Authors; chaplain N. J. Soc. Sons Am. Rev- 
olution; mem. Princeton Club, New York; 
director Bd. of Home Missions, Presby'n 
Ch., New York. Author: Abraham Lincoln; 
The Star of Sangamon (the New York Her- 
ald's $1,000 prize poem), 1895 P2. Has writ- 
ten many poems and articles, notably, The 
Coming of His Feet (poem). Address: 41 
Spruce St., Newark, N. J. 
ALLEN, Stephen Haley, lawyer; b. Sin- 
clairville, N. Y., March 19, 1847; J. Caleb 
Johnson and Emily (Haley) A.; ed. at 
home; studied law; admitted to bar, Buffalo, 
N. Y., May 5, 1869; m. Dec. 24, 1872, Lucina 
A. Smith. Located in Pleasanton, Kan., Feb. 
1, 1870, and began practice; co. atty. Linn 
Co., 1874; judge 6th jud. dist., 1890-2; asso. 
justice Supreme Court Kan. (by combined 
vote of Populists and Democrats), 1892-9; 
now practicing law. Address as pres. Kan. 
State Bar Ass'n. on The Federal Judiciary, 
published 1899. Residence: 424 Greenwood Av. 
Office: 501 Jackson St., Topeka. Kan. 

ALLEN, Thomas, landscape and animal 
painter; b. St. Louis, Oct. 19, 1849; ed. com- 
mon schools and Washington Univ., St. 
Louis; grad. Royal Acad., Diisseldorf, Ger- 
many, 1877; studied 3 yrs. in France; 1st 
exhibited at Nat. Acad. Design, New York, 
1877; at salons in Paris, 1882, 1887 and 1889. 
Became mem. Soc. Am. Artists, 1880; asso. 
Nat. Acad., 1884; resided in Boston since 
.1883; m. 1st, 18S0, Eleanor G., d. Prof. J. D. 
Whitney, Cambridge; 2d, 1884, Alice, d. Hon. 
A. A. Ranney, Boston; pres. Paint and Clay 
Club and Boston Soc. Water Color Painters; 
v.-p. Boston Art Students' Ass'n; mem. per- 
manent com., School of Drawing and Paint- 
ing, Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Was a 
judge of awards, World's Columbia Exp'n. 
Address: 12 Commonwealth Av.. Boston. 

ALLEN, Thomas Grant, M. D. ; b. Leeds 
Co., Ont., Oct. 14, 1863; grad. Queen's Univ., 
Kingston, Ont., 1888 (gold medalist, first- 
class honorman chemistry; M. A., 1889); M. 
D., Northwestern Univ., Chicago, 1898; in. 
July 10, 1890, Nettie Mabel Fralick, Toron- 
to, Ont. Demonstrator and instr. Queen's 
Univ., 1888-9; science master in Seaforth 
and Ingersoll, Ont., 1890-3; prof, chemistry 
Armour Inst, of Technology, 1894-8; Univ. 
Extension lecturer on chemistry, Univ. of 
Chicago, 1895-8. Address: 57th St., cor. Madi- 
son Av., Chicago. 

ALLEN, Timothy Field, M. D. ; b. West- 
minster, Vt., April 24, 1837; grad. Amherst 
Coll., 1858 (LL. D., Amherst, 1885); M. D., 
Univ. City of New York, 1861; M. D., Univ. 
of State of N. Y. and Hahnemann Med. 
Coll., Phila., 1865; acting asst. surgeon, U. 
S. A., 1862-4. Prof, materia medica and dean 
New York Homoe. Med. Coll. ; pres. bd. 
trustees N. Y. Homoe. Med. Coll. ; long sur- 
geon in and now pres. of New York Oph- 
thalmic Hosp. ; fellow, N. Y. Acad, of 
Sciences. Author of numerous works on ma- 
teria medica, botany, oDhthalmology, etc.; 



m. 18G2, Julia Bissell. Address: 3 E. 48th St., 
New York. 

ALLEN, Viola, actress; b. in the South; 
d. C. Leslie A., character actor, of old Bos- 
ton family, and Sarah (Lyon) A., English- 
woman of good descent; went to Boston 
when 3 yrs. old; ed. in Boston, and at Wyk- 
ham Hall, Toronto, and boarding school in 
New York. Made debut, Madison Sq. Thea- 
tre, New York, in Esmeralda, at age of 15; 
after few months joined John McCullough 
Company, playing Virginia, Desdemona, 
Cordelia, etc. Subsequently played leading 
classical, Shakespearean and comedy roles 
with Lawrence Barrett, Tommaso Salvini, 
Joseph Jefferson and William J. Florence. 
Leading lady at Boston Museum for a sea- 
son; also at Empire Theatre in 1893, and 4 
yrs. following, creating and playing roles in 
"Liberty Hall," "Sowing the Wind," "The 
Masqueraders," "Under the Red Robe," etc. 
Starred, 1898, as Gloria Quayle in "The 
Christian," by Hall Caine, and in 1900, pro- 
duced "In the Palace of the King," by F. 
Marion Crawford and Lorimer Stoddard. 
Permanent Address: Care of Lieber & Co., 
Knickerbocker Bldg., 1402 Broadway, New 

ALLEN, Walter, journalist, author; b. 
Boston, Mass., March 21, 1840 (descendant 
Walter A., Newbury, Mass., 1640); grad. 
Yale, 1863 (A. M., 1893); acting asst. pay- 
master U. S. N., 1864-5; m. Grace Mason 
Weston, of New Braintree, Mass. Employed 
as corr., writer and editor on Cairo, 111., 
Times, New York Herald, Cincinnati Ga- 
zette, Boston Advertiser, Portland, Me., 
Press, New York World, New York Times. 
Contributor to other papers and to New 
England Mag., Atlantic Monthly, etc. Was 
clerk U. S. senate Com. on Indian Affairs; 
mem. comm'n apptd. by President Hayes 
to investigate condition of Ponca Indians; 
now editorial writer Boston Herald. Mem. 
Mil. Order Loyal Legion. Was in sp'l ser- 
vice, New York, New Haven & Hartford 
R. R. Co., 1895-9. Asst. editor Webster's 
International Dictionary. Author: Governor 
Chamberlain's Administration in South 
Carolina, P2; Life of General Ulysses S. 
Grant (Riverside Biog. Series), H5. Resi- 
dence: Newton Highlands. Mass. 

ALLEN, William Vincent, ex-U. S. sen- 
ator, lawyer; b. Midway, Madison Co., O., 
Jan. 28, 1847; removed with family to Iowa, 
1857; ed. in common schools and Upper Iowa 
Univ.; private 32d Iowa inf. in Civil war; 
admitted to bar May 31, 1869; practiced law 
in Iowa until 1884; after that in Neb., until 
elected judge dist. court, 9th jud. dist. Neb., 
in 1891; U. S. senator from Neb., 1893-9. 
Permanent pres. Populist State Conv., 1892 
and 1894; permanent pres. Populist Nat. 
Conv., 1896, and now mem. of Exec. Com. 
of Populist Nat. Com. Address: Madison, 

ALLEN, Willis Boyd, author; b. Kit- 
tery Point, Me., July 9, 1855; grad. Har- 
vard, 1878 (Boston Univ., LL. B.). Author: 
The Red Mountain of Alaska; Pine Cones; 
Silver Rags; Kelp; In the Morning (verse); 
The Mammoth Hunters; Navy Blue; The 

Head of Pasht; also other books, making a 
total of 35, mostly for young people. Un- 
married. Residence: 477 Commonwealth Av. 
Office: 87 Court St., Boston. 

ALLERTON, Samuel Waters, capital- 
ist, mcht. ; b. Amenia Union, Dutchess Co., 
N. Y., May 26, 1828; reared on farm; ed. 
common schools; dealer in live stock in N. 
Y., 1852-6; since then in Chicago. Has ex- 
tensive interests in the stock yards at Chi- 
cago, Omaha, St. Louis, Pittsburg, Phila., 
Jersey City and Baltimore; also owns 40,000 
acres of stock farms in 111., Ohio and Iowa; 
formerly pres. Allerton Packing Co., Chi- 
cago; candidate for mayor of Chicago, 1893; 
Rep. Residence: 1936 Prairie Av. Office: 710 
Old Colony Bldg., Chicago. 

ALLIN, Roger, ex-gov. N. Dak. ; b. Brad- 
worthy, England, Dec. 18, 1848; ed. Canadi- 
an common and high schools; lived in Cana- 
da until 1878, then in Mich, until 1879, when 
he settled in Dakota, filing on land he now 
farms. Mem. Territorial Council, 1886-9; 
Constitutional Conv., 1889; 1st legislative as- 
sembly N. Dak., 1889; It. -gov., 1890; gov. N. 
Dak., 1894-7; Rep.; m. March 22, 1881, Isa- 
bella McKenzie, Grand Forks, N. D. Re- 
sides on his farm nr. Grafton, N. Dak. 

ALLINSON, Francis Greenleaf, prof, 
classical philology Brown Univ. since 1898; 
b. Burlington, N. J., 1856; s. William J. and 
Rebecca W. A.; grad. Haverford Coll., 1876 
(A. M. by exam., 1879); Harvard Univ. (A. 
B., 1877); hon. A. M., Williams Coll., 1895; 
Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, by exam., 1880; fel- 
low Johns Hopkins Univ., 1877-80; m. Balti- 
more, Sept. 10, 1885, Mary Irwin Carey; 
asst. prof. Greek and Latin, Haverford 
Coll., 1880-2; head master classics, Univ. 
School, Baltimore, 1882-91; asst. prof. Greek 
and Latin, Williams Coll., 1892-5; asso. prof. 
Greek, Brown Univ., 1895-8. Author: Greek 
Prose Composition, 1895 A5; has written con- 
tributions to Am. Jour, of Philology, vols. I 
to 14; trans, and proc. of Am. Philol. Ass'n, 
vol. 27; transl. from Bacchylides, Century 
Mag., April, 1898; Lucianea, Harvard Stud- 
ies in Class, Philology, 1901. Address: 434 
Brook St., Providence, R. I. 

ALLISON, James, supt. House of Refuge, 
Cincinnati; long in plumbers' supplies busi- 
ness; director of Centennial Exp'n Ohio Val- 
ley, 1888; chief dept. manufactures, World's 
Columbia Exp'n. Address: 2515 Ingleside Av., 

ALLISON, William Boyd, U. S. senator, 
Iowa, 1873-1903; b. Perry, O., March 2, 1829; 
lived on farm in boyhood; ed. Allegheny 
Coll., Pa., and Western Reserve Coll., O. ; 
practiced law in Ohio until 1857; afterward 
in Dubuque, la.; delegate to Nat. Rep. 
Conv., Chicago, 1860; mem. gov.'s staff and 
raised troops for Civil war, 1861; mem. Con- 
gress, 1863-71; Rep. Has been a leading can- 
didate for President of the United States in 
several Nat. Rep. Con vs. Home: Dubuque, 

ALLMOND. Marens Blakey, prof. Latin 
and German, Hampden-Sidney Coll., since 
1900; b. Stanardville, Va., Aug. 17, 1851; .y. 
Alfred D. and Jane Allen (Blakey) A.; grad. 



Univ. of Va., 1875 (rnag. medalist), A. M., 
LL. D.; m. Prince William Co., Va., June 
30, 1879, Virginia Carey, d. Capt.. William 
Meade and niece Bishop William Meade of 
Va. Formerly prof, ancient languages Male 
High School, Louisville, Ky., and prof, 
mental and moral science and modern lan- 
guages, Southwestern Univ., and head mas- 
ter Univ. School, Louisville. Author: Bstelle, 
an Idyl of Old Virginia; Agricola, an East- 
er Idyl; Fairfax, My Lord, an Historical 
Poem'; Outlines of Latin Syntax; Addresses 
and Lectures; Miscellaneous Poems, XI. 
Address: Hampden-Sidney Coll., Va. 

ALLPORT, Frank, M. D., eye and ear 

surgeon; b. Watertown, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1855; 
ed. at Chicago Univ. and Racine Coll. ; grad. 
Chicago Med. Coll., 1876; studied medicine 
at Heidelberg, Germany, 2 yrs. ; m. Oct. 26, 
1880, Kate A. Ellwood, Sycamore, 111. Prac- 
ticed gen. medicine, Sycamore, 111., for 5 
yrs. ; eye and ear surgery in Minneapolis, 13 
yrs.; since then in Chicago. When in Min- 
neapolis was prof, clinical ophthalmology 
and otology, Minn. State Univ., and eye and 
ear surgeon to many hosps., insts., rys., etc. 
Now prof, ophthalmology and otology to 
Northwestern Univ. Woman's Med. Coll., 
and to the Chicago Polyclinic; eye and ear 
surgeon to St. Luke's and St. Joseph's 
hosps.; consulting eye and ear surgeon to 
Chicago Bd. of Ed'n. Residence: Hotel Met- 
ropole. Office: 92 State St., Chicago. 

ALMY, Frederic, lawyer, and sec. Char- 
ity Organization Soc. of Buffalo since 1894; 
b. New Bedford, Mass., Nov. 28, 1858; s. 
Charles Almy; grad. Harvard, 1880 (A. M., 
1883); Harvard Law School, 1882-4; resident 
of Buffalo since 1884; admitted to bar, 1885; 
sec. Buffalo Civil Service Reform Ass'n since 
1886; mgr. Buffalo Fresh Air Mission since 
1893; mgr. N. Y. State House of Refuge for 
Women at Albion; trustee George Junior 
Republic; poet opening day Pan-Am. Exp'n, 
Buffalo, 1901. Joint author of libretto of 
comic operas, "Trilby" and "Orpheus and 
Eurydice"; and of "The Niagara Book." 
Residence: 140 North St. Office: 165 Swan St., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

AL.SCHULER, Samuel, lawyer; b. Chica- 
go, Nov. 20, 1859 ; .?. Jacob and Caroline A. ; 
family moved to Aurora, 111., 1861; ed. Au- 
rora High School ; unmarried. Was clerk in 
gen. store 2 yrs. ; studied law in office in 
Aurora; admitted to 111. bar, 1881; Dem. 
candidate for Congress, 1892 defeated; mem. 
State Comm'n of Claims, 1893-6; mem. leg- 
islature, 1896-1900; Dem. candidate for gov. 
111., 1900, defeated. Mem. Chicago law, firm 
Kraus, Alschuler & Holden since Feb., 1901. 
Democrat. Residence: Aurora, 111. Office: 
728 Unity Bldg., Chicago. 

ALTGELD, John Peter, ex-gov. 111. ; b. 
Germany, Dec, 1847; brought to U. S. when 
3 months old, his parents settling nr. Mans- 
field, O. ; ed. in public schools; entered 
Union army as private at 16; fought until 
close of war; taught school and studied law 
in Mo.; admitted to Mo. bar, 1869; elected 
State's atty., Andrew Co., Mo., 1874; re- 
signed, 1875, and moved to Chicago; unsuc- 

cessful candidate for Congress, 1884; judge 
superior court, Chicago, 1886-91; gov. 111., 
1893-7; his pardon of Fielden, Schwab and 
Neebe, known as "the anarchists," excited 
wide comment. Prominent advocate of free 
coinage of silver; Democrat; independent 
candidate for mayor of Chicago, 1899, de- 
feated. Author: Our Penal Machinery and 
Its Victims; Live Questions, etc. Address: 
79 Dearborn St., Chicago. 
ALTON, Charles De Lancey, M. D. ; b. 
Kenosha, Wis., May 9, 1845; s. Conde R. and 
Carolan Esther (Turner) A. ; ed. Woodstock 
Acad., Conn., 1863; Phillips Exeter Acad., 
1864-5; civil eng'r, 1865-74; grad. Bellevue 
Hosp. Medical Coll. (M. D.), 1875; interne 
Charity Hosp., Jersey City, N. J., 1875-6; 
m. 1st, Sept. 3, 1878, Jane Gray Skinner (died 
April 24, 1882); 2d, June 25, 1885, Minnie 
Moore Clarke. Medical referee for U. S. 
of the Conn. Mutual Life Ins. Co. since 
1878. Treas. 10 yrs. Hartford Med. Soc; 
mem. Conn. State Med. Soc; Am. Med. 
Assn. ; Am. Climatol. Assn. ; Assn. of Life 
Ins. Med. Directors, etc. Has written: The 
Therapeutic Value of Mountain Forests, 
1895; State Sanatoria for Tuberculosis Pa- 
tients, 1900. Address: 86 Farmington Av., 
Hartford, Conn. 

ALTSHELER, Joseph Alexander, jour- 
nalist, author; b. Three Springs, Ky., April 
29, 1862; ed. there and at Liberty Coll., 
Glasgow, Ky., and Vanderbilt Univ.; since 
leaving coll. on Louisville Courier-Journal 
and New York World; m. May 30, 1888, Sara 
Boles. Mem. Authors Club. Author: The 
Rainbow of Gold and The Hidden Mine 
(both for boys) ; also American historical 
novels; The Sun of Saratoga; In Hostile 
Red; A Soldier of Manhattan; The Last 
Rebel; A Herald of the West; My Captive; 
In Circling Camps. Residence: 320 Manhat- 
tan Av. Office: The World, New York. 

ALVET, Richard Henry, chief justice 
court of appeals, D. C, since April, 1893; 
b. southern Md., March, 1826; ed. St. Mary's 
Co., Md. ; clerk in clerk's office, Charles 
Co., Md., 1844-50; admitted to bar, 1849; 
moved to Western Md. and engaged in prac- 
tice at Hagerstown, 1850; one of Pierce 
presidential electors, 1852; mem. Md. State 
Constitutional Con v., 1867; chief judge 4th 
jud. circuit and a judge Md. court of ap- 
peals, 1867-83; chief justice Md. court of ap- 
peals, 1883-93; apptd. Jan., 1896, by Pres. 
Cleveland one of Venezuela Boundary com- 
m'n; m. 1862, Julia Hays. Home: Hagers- i 
town, Md. Official Address: Washington. 

ALVORD, Henry Elijah, organized 1895, I 
and since then chief Dairy Div., U. S. Dept. ; 
of Agr. ; b. Greenfield, Mass., March 11, 
1844; .?. late Hon. Daniel Wells A.; studied 
at Norwich Univ. (B. S., 1863; C. E., LL. 
D.); served private U. S. V., 1862, to maj. ! 
2d Mass. cav., 1865; capt. regular army, 
1866-72; m. Sept. 6, 1866, to Martha Scott I 
Swink. Farmed and taught agr. in Va., N. I 
Y., Mass., Md. and N. H. ; prof. agr. Mass. 
Agr'l Coll., Amherst, 1885-7; pres. Md. Agr'l I 
Coll., 1887-92; pres. Assn. ol Am. Agr'l col- 
leges and Exp't Stations, 1894-5; mem. In- I 



ternat. Jury (and v. -p. class 40), Universal 
Exp'n, Paris, 1900; mem. Standing Comm'n 
for Internat. Agr'l Congress. Author: Am. 
chapters of "Dairy Farming," 1881 CI; and 
of numerous monographs and pamphlets of 
an agr'l nature. Residence: Spring Hill 
Farm, Lewinsville, Fairfax Co., Va. Office: 
U. S. Dept. of Agr., Washington. 

AMATEIS, Louis, prof, fine arts as applied 
to architecture, Columbian Univ., Washing- 
ton, D. C. Address: 1717 19th St., Washington. 

AMBAUES, Andrew Joseph, Roman C. 
priest, author; b. Beckenried, Canton of Un- 
terwalden, Switzerland, March 7, 1847; early 
ed'n there, later in Jesuit Coll., Feldkirch, 
Austrian Tyrol, and colleges at Brieg and 
Binsiedeln; theol. studies at sem. of Mentz, 
Hesse Darmstadt, and in 1872 at Archiepis- 
copal Provincial Sem., Milwaukee; ordained, 
1872; served in various mission stations un- 
til 1886; since then pastor of St. Joseph's, 
Dodgeville, Wis. Author: The Devout Com- 
panion; Our Christian Duties; Floral Apos- 
tles, or, What the Flowers Say to Thinking 
Man. Also, in German: The Friend of 
Youth; Roses of Heaven; Guide to Our Ce- 
lestial Home. Address: Dodgeville, Wis. 

AMBRUSTER, Watson, journalist; b. 
Phila., Aug. 19, 1842; ed. Pennington Sem., 
N. J., 1S56-7; Chester Acad., Pa., 1857-9; 
Univ. of Mich., 1359-G2; Law School Univ. 
of Mich., 1862-4; admitted to bar, but never 
practiced. On staff of Phila. Evening Tele- 
graph since June 16, 1866 (city editor, 1866-7; 
managing editor, 1868-97; editor-in-chief 
since April, 1897). Residence: 21 W. Phil- 
Ellena St., Germantown, Pa. Office: The 
Telegraph, Philadelphia. 

AMEN, Harlan Page, prin. Phillips Exe- 
ter Acad, since 1895; b. Sinking Spring, 
Highland Co., O., April 14, 1853; s. Daniel 
and Sarah J. (Barber) A. ; ed. common 
and high schools, Ohio; Phillips Exeter 
Acad., 1872-5; grad. Harvard, 1879; hon. A. 
M., Williams Coll., 1886. Instr. classics, 
mathematics and English, 1879-82; instr. 
Latin and Greek and joint prin. and propr., 
1882-95, Riverview Acad., Poughkeepsie, N. 
Y. ; prin. since 1895, and, 1895-9, also prof. 
Latin, Phillips Exeter Acad. Hon. mem. Am. 
Whig Soc, Princeton Univ., 1888; Executive 
Com., N. E. Assn., Coll. and Preparatory 
School, 1896; mem. Head-Masters' Assn. and 
of various edn'l organizations; mem. Am. 
Archaeol. Inst. ; Am. Philol. Soc. ; Am. Hist. 
Assn. ; pres. 1900, Harvard Teachers' Assn. ; 
pres. 1900, N. H. Assn. Acad. Teachers. Ad- 
dress: Abbot PI., Exeter, N. H. 

AMEND, Bernhardt Gottwald, chemist; 
mem. firm of Eimer & Amend; v. -p. German 
Exchange Bank; mem. N. Y. Acad, of 
Sciences; N. Y. Chapter Am. Chem. Soc; 
N. Y. Mineralogical Club, and Am. Chem. 
Soc. since 1876. Address: 205 3d Av., New 

AMES, Adelhert, soldier, ex-gov. of Miss. ; 
b. Rockland, Me., Oct. 31, 1835; grad. West 
Point, 1861; assigned to 5th U. S. art., pro- 
moted through grades to brig.-gen. vols. 
and bvt. maj.-gen. vols.; mustered out of 
vols., April, 1866; commissioned, July, 1866, 

It. -col. 24th U. S. inf.; apptd. provisional 
gov. Miss., July 15, 1868, under reconstruc- 
tion acts; elected U. S. senator, 1870; elected 
gov. Miss., 1873, resigning 1876, when he 
removed to New York, later to Lowell, 
Mass.; apptd. brig.-gen. U. S. vols., Juno 

20, 1S98, serving during war with Spain; m. 
to Blanche, d. late Gen. B. F. Butler, July 

21, 1870. Residence: Lowell, Mass. 

AMES, Charles Gordon, Unit'n clergy- 
man; b. Dorchester, Mass., Oct. 3, 1828; 
adopted .?. Thomas and Lucy A., Canterbury, 
N. H. ; ed. public schools and, 1847-9, Geau- 
ga Sem., Ohio (D. D., Bates Coll., 1896); m. 
1st, March 28, 1850. Dover, N. H., Sarah J. 
Daniels; 2d, June 25, 1863, Cincinnati, Fanny 
Baker. Ordained, 1849, as Free Bap. ; passed 
in 1859 to the Unitarians; has preached in 
Minneapolis; Bloomington, 111.; Albany, N. 
Y. ; in Calif. 7 yrs. ; more recently in Phila. 
and Boston, succeeding late Dr. James Free- 
man Clarke as pastor of Ch. of the Disci- 
ples, Jan. 1, "1889. Has lectured extensively. 
Editor: Minnesota Republican, 1855-7; Chris- 
tian Register, Boston, 1877-80. Author: 
George Eliot's Two Marriages, 1886; As Nat- 
ural as Life, 1894; Poems, 1898 XI; also ser- 
mons serially, El. Residence: 12 Chestnut 
St., Boston. 

AMES, Eleanor Kirk (Mrs.), author; b. 
(Ellen M. Easterbrooks) Warren, R. I., Oct. 
7, 1831. Author: Up Broadway; Periodicals 
That Pay Contributors; Information for 
Authors; Beecher as a Humorist; Influence 
of the Zodiac Upon Human Life; Perpetual 
Youth; Libra, or What the Stars Told Eliza- 
beth; The Bottom Plank of Mental Heal- 
ing; Where You Are. Publisher and editor 
Eleanor Kirk's Idea, a monthly mag. devot- 
ed to the Science of Life. Address: Brooklyn. 

AMES, Herman Vandenhurg, instr. Am. 
constitutional history, Univ. of Pa., since 
1897; b. Lancaster, Mass., Aug. 7, 1865; s. 
Rev. Marcus A. ; grad. Amherst, 1888 (A. M., 
1890; Ph. D., 1891, Harvard); post-grad, stu- 
dent Columbia, 1888-9; Harvard, 1889-91; 
Leipzig and Heidelberg, 1894-5; taught his- 
tory, Univ. of Mich., 1891-4; Ohio State 
Univ., 1896-7. Unmarried. Sec. Assn. of 
Colleges and Preparatory Schools of the 
Middle States and Md. since 1900. Editor: 
State Documents on Federal Relations, The 
States and the United States. Author: The 
Proposed Amendments to the Constitution 
of the United States (awarded, 1897, prize 
of Am. Hist. Assn.) ; also several hist, 
monographs and contributions. Residence: 
210 S. 37th St., Philadelphia. 

AMES, James Barr, dean Harvard Law 
School since 1895; b. Boston, June 22, 1846; 
grad. Harvard, 1868 (A. M., 1871); Harvard 
Law School, 1872 (LL. B. ; LL. D., Univ. 
City of New York and Univ. of Wis., both 
1898, and Univ. of Pa., 1899); m. June 29, 
1880, Sarah Russell, Boston. Taught in pri- 
vate school of E. S. Dixwell, Boston, 1868-9; 
tutor in French and German, Harvard, 
1871-2; instr. in history, 1872-3; asso. prof, of 
law, 1873-7; prof, law since 1877. Compiled 
collections of cases on torts, pleading, bills 
and notes, partnership, trusts and surety- 
ship; author of numerous articles in Har- 



vard Law Rev. and other law reviews. 
Address: Cambridge, Mass. 
AMES, John Griffith, P. E. clergyman, 
supt. documents, U. S. Dept. of the Inte- 
rior since 1874; b. E. Dorset, Vt., Dec. 11, 
1834; .j. Benjamin and Lydia (Griffith) A.; 
grad. Williams, 1858; Theol. Sem., Ohio, 

1863. Ordered deacon, P. E. Ch., 1863; or- 
dained priest, 1864; rector Ch. of the Re- 
deemer, Morristown, N. J., 1864-6; Christ 
Ch., Springfield, O., 1867-70; head of House 
of Evangelists, New York, 1870-3; m. Oct. 4, 

1864, Elizabeth, d. Hon. Columbus Delano, 
Mt. Vernon, O. Author: Comprehensive 
Index of Publications of U. S. Gov't, 1889-93; 
also newspaper articles, reports regarding 
publications of the U. S. Gov't, check-lists 
of public documents, etc. Address: 1600 13th 
St., Washington. 

AMES, Joseph Sweetman, prof, physics 
Johns Hopkins; b. Manchester, Vt., July 3, 
1864; s. Dr. George Lapham A.; grad. Johns 
Hopkins, 1886 (Ph. D., 1890). Hon. mem. 
Royal Inst'n of Great Britain. Author: 
Theory of Physics, 1897; Manual of Experi- 
ments in Physics, 1898; Elements of Phys- 
ics, 1900; The Free Expansion of Gases, 
1898; Prismatic Diffractive Spectra, 1898; 
Induction of Electric Currents, 2 vols., 1900, 
all Al. Editor-in-chief: Scientific Memoir 
Series, Al. Editor: Fraunhofer's Papers. 
Asst. editor Astrophysical Journal. Address: 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. 

AMES, Lucia True, (Mrs. Lucia Ames 
Mead) author; b. Boscawen, N. H., May 5, 
1856; d. Nathan P. and Elvira A. Conducts 
adult classes in studies in Nineteenth Cen- 
tury Thought in Boston, and lectures on 
economic and social questions; active in 
woman suffrage and other advanced move- 
ments; m. to Edwin D. Mead, Sept. 29, 1898. 
Author: Great Thoughts for Little Think- 
ers, 1890 PI; Memoirs of a Millionaire, 1890 
H5; To Whom Much Is Given, 1898 C7. 
Address: 30 Pinckney St., Boston. 

AMES, Rohert P. M., M. D. ; b. Spring- 
field, Mass., Oct. 20, 1857; ed. in public 
schools and private acad. ; grad. Jefferson 
Med. Coll., Phila., 1880; was resident sur- 
geon Jefferson and Phila. hosps. ; surgeon 
U. S. Marine Hosp. Service, 1881-90; now 
practices at Springfield; m. April 20, 1882, 
Mary, d. Dr. David Benson, Hoboken, N. 
J.; mem. Am. Med. Assn., Mass. Med. Assn. 
and Hampden Med. Assn. Address: Spring- 
field, Mass. 

AMIDON, Charles Fremont, U. S. judge, 
dist. of N. Dak., since Aug. 31, 1896; b. Cly- 
mer, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., Aug. 17, 1856; 
grad. Hamilton Coll., 1882; went to Fargo, 
Dak., 1882; studied law; admitted to bar, 
1886; mem., 1893, comm'n to revise code 
and statutes of N. Dak. Address: Fargo, 
N. Dak. 

AMMIDOWN, Edward Holmes, mcht. ; b. 
Southbridge, Mass., Oct. 28, 1830; s. Holmes 
and Seraph Hodges A.; grad. Harvard, 1853; 
traveled in U. -S. and Europe several yrs. ; 
in mercantile business, 1860; became direc- 
tor in several banks, insurance cos., etc.; 

pres. Seattle Power Co. since 1895; has 
written numerous political articles; Repub- 
lican; pres. Am. Protective Tariff League, 
1885; chmn. Metropolitan Industrial League, 
1882; presidential elector, 1884; apptd. 
comm'r at large for World's Columbian 
Exp'n by Pres. Harrison, but declined. Sev- 
eral of his addresses and reports on eco- 
nomic and political subjects have been pub- 
lished. Residence: 1109 Cherry St. Office: 
601 Bailey Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

AMORY, Robert, M. D.; b. Boston, May 
3, 1842; grad. Harvard, 1863 (A. M.); M. D., 
med. dept., 1866; and established practice at 
Brookline, Mass. ; apptd., 1869, lecturer at 
Harvard on physiol. action of drugs; after- 
ward prof, physiology, med. school, Bow- 
doin Coll. Author of volume on Poisons in 
Wharton & Stille's Med. Jurisprudence, and 
of works on physiology and therapeutics. 
Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Am. Acad. Arts and 
Sciences, etc. Address: 279 Beacon St., Bos- 

AMOS, William Frederick, M. D. ; b. 

Cleveland, O., Sept. 3, 1869; grad. Willa- 
mette Univ., Portland, Ore., 1890; Coll. 
Phys. and Surgeons, New York, 1892; ex- 
demonstrator anatomy and lecturer materia 
medica, Willamette Univ.; has held numer- 
ous hospital apptmts. ; surgeon for Pre- 
ferred, Standard, Fidelity & Casualty, Md. 
Casualty, Travelers' Protective Assn., etc.; 
mem. staff North Pacific Sanitarium; sec. 
Portland Med. Soc, 1894-5; sec. Pacific Coast 
Assn. of Med. Examiners; sec. Ore. State 
Med. Soc, 1895-1901, etc Unmarried. Author 
of monographs on Anaesthesia; Urinalysis 
in Surgery; Treatment of Gonorrhoea in 
Women; State Restriction of Dangerous 
Communicable Diseases, etc. Address: Port- 
land, Ore. 

ANDERS, James M., M. D., grad. med. 
dept. Univ. of Pa., 1877; prof, theory and 
practice of medicine and clinical medicine, 
Medico-Chirurg. Coll. and Medico-Chirurg. 
Samaritan Hosp. Address: 1605 Walnut St., 

ANDERS, Thomas Jefferson, judge Su- 
preme Court of Wash, since 1889; b. Bloom- 
ville, O., April 4, 1838; attended Univ. of 
Mich.; grad. law dept., 1861; afterward 
taught school in Wis. ; went to Mont. Ty., 
1864; located in Walla Walla, Wash. Ty., 
Nov., 1871, practicing law there until elect- 
ed, 1889, judge Supreme Court, at first State 
election; re-elected 1898; Republican; m. 
Dec. 10, 1873, Viola Hull, Walla Walla, 
Wash. Address: Olympia, Wash. 

ANDERSON, Abraham A., artist; b. New 
York, 1847. Pupil of Bonnat, Carmon Ca- 
banel and Collin, Paris. Exhibited at Paris 
Exp'n, 1900. Address: 6 E. 38th St., New 

ANDERSON, Charles Palmerston, P. 
E. bishop coadjutor of Chicago; consecrated 
Feb. 24, 1900; b. Kemptville, Canada; s. 
Henry and Maria R. A.; ed. Trinity Coll. 
School, Port Hope, Ont., and Trinity Univ., 
Toronto (D. D. same); m. Belleville, Ont., 
Sept., 1889, Janet Glass. Ordained, 1888; in 
charge Beachburg, Canada, 188S-91; Grace 



Ch., Oak Park, 111., 1891-1900. Residence: 
1825 Roscoe St. Office: 510 Masonic Temple, 

ANDERSON, Edwin Hatfield, librarian 
Carnegie Library, Pittsburg, since 1895; b. 
Zionsville, Ind., Sept. 27, 1861; grad. Wa- 
bash Coll., 1883 (A. M.); spent a yr. at New 
York State Library School, Albany, N. Y.; 
cataloguer, 1 yr., Newberry Library, Chi- 
cago; librarian 3 yrs., Carnegie Free Li- 
brary, Braddock, Pa., before becoming first 
librarian Carnegie Library, Pittsburg, Pa., 
of which he was organizer from beginning. 
Address: Carnegie Library, Pittsburg, Pa. 

ANDERSON, Elbert Ellery, lawyer; b. 
New York, Oct. 31, 1833; ed. Harvard Univ.; 
traveled abroad, 1843-8; admitted to bar, 
1854; prominently identified with reform 
campaigns in New York politics; a leader in 
the "anti-snap convention" movement, 1892; 
school trustee. New York; rapid transit 
comm'r, and comm'r in reference to ac- 
quiring lands for the Croton aqueduct and 
the elevated ry. ; director several ry. cos. 
and receiver Union Pacific Ry. ; senior mem. 
firm of Anderson & Warren, lawyers. Demo- 
crat. Residence: 11 W. 38th St. Office: 27 
William St., New York. 

ANDERSON, Galusha, prof, practical the- 
ology, Divinity school, Univ. of Chicago, 
since 1892; b. North Bergen, N. Y., March 
7, 1832; grad. Rochester Univ., 1854 (S. T. D., 
1866; LL. D.,1884; alsoLL. D., Madison Uni- 
versity now Colgate University 1884) ; grad. 
Rochester Theol. Sem., 1856. Bap. minister, 
Janesville, Wis., 1856-8; St. Louis, 1858-66; 
m. April 23, 1861, Mary E. Roberts. Prof. 
Newton Theol. Sem., 1866-73; pastor, Brook- 
lyn, 1873-6; pastor 2d Bap. Ch., Chicago, 
1876-8; pres. old Univ. of Chicago, 1878-85; 
pres. Denison Univ., Ohio, 1887-90. Prof, 
in Bap. Union Theol. Sem., 1890-2. Residence: 
Arlington Av., Morgan Park, 111. 

ANDERSON, John, publisher; b. Voss, 
Norway, 1836; brought by parents to Chi- 
cago, 1844; attended public school 1 yr. ; 
father died, and at 12 he had the support of 
a mother and baby sister placed upon him; 
became apple peddler, worked in butcher 
shop, carried newspapers; learned typeset- 
ting; became printer on Chicago Tribune; es- 
tablished "Skandinaven," a Norwegian news- 
paper, 1866; lost all in great fire, 1871; bor- 
rowed money and re-established paper; now 
the leading Norwegian paper of U. S., daily, 
Sunday and semi-weekly; also conducts 
large job printing office, bindery and book 
publishing dept. ; married. The completion 
of a third of a century by the Skandinaven 
was celebrated May 2, 1899, by a banquet 
at Chicago, attended by the representative 
Norwegians of the U. S. Residence: 646 
Cleveland Av., Chicago. 

ANDERSON, John Jacob, author; b. New 
York, Sept. 30, 1821; grad. Normal School, 
City of New York, 1846 (A. M., Rutgers 
Coll., 1867; Ph. D., N. Y. Univ., 1876); m. 
Aug. 3, 1848, Glens Falls, N. Y., Elizabeth 
S., d. Judge Seth C. Baldwin. Was teacher 
for 30 yrs., including 20 yrs. as prin. of a 
large public grammar school in New York. 

Has traveled over North and Central Amer- 
ica, Europe and Africa. Author: Pictorial 
School History of the United States; Popu- 
lar School History of the United States; 
Manual of General History; Manual of An- 
cient History; Manual of Mediaeval and 
Modern History; History of France; History 
of England; The Historical Reader; The 
United States Reader; Grammar School His- 
tory of the United States; A Junior Class 
History of the United States. Is a life mem. 
of the L. I. Hist. Soc, and Nat. Edn'l Assn. 
Address: 343 Adelphi St., Brooklyn. 
ANDERSON, Joseph, Cong'l clergyman; b. 
in Ross-shire, Scotland, Dec. 16, 1836; s. 
William and Mary (Rose) A. ; grad. Coll. 
City of New York, 1854; Union Theol. Sem., 
1857 (D. D., Yale, 1878); m. Jan. 24, 1859, 
Anna Sands Gildersleeve, New York. Has 
resided in Conn, since 1858, when he be- 
came pastor of the First Ch. in Stamford; 
pastor First Ch., Norwalk, 1861-4; pastor 
First Ch., Waterbury, since 1865; elected 
mem. of the Yale corporation, 1884; pres. 
Conn. Bible Soc. ; mem. Am. Antiquarian 
Soc; Am. Hist. Assn.; Am. Social Science 
Assn. ; Nat. Inst, of Arts and Letters ; has 
made special study of the antiquities and 
languages of Am. Indians. Editor and 
largely author of "The Town and City of 
Waterbury" (3 vols. 1896 Lll), and author 
of numerous published poems and of several 
books and pamphlets on local history, etc. 
Address: Waterbury, Conn. 

ANDERSON, Lara, diplomat; b. Paris, 
France, Aug. 15, 1866; s. late Gen. Nicholas 
Longworth Anderson, of Cincinnati; lived in 
Washington in boyhood; grad. Harvard, 
1888; spent 2 yrs. in travel around the 
world; second sec. U. S. legation, and em- 
bassy London, 1891-3; first sec. U. S. em- 
bassy, Rome, 1893-7; capt. and asst. adj.- 
gen., U. S. V., during war with Spain, 1898. 
Address: Washington. 

ANDERSON, Mary, see Navarro, Mary An- 
derson de. 

ANDERSON, Melville Best, prof, litera- 
ture, Stanford Univ., since 1891; s. Rev. 
Edward C. A.; b. Kalamazoo, Mich., March 
28, 1851; studied Cornell Univ., 1S70-2; Univ. 
of Gottingen, 1875-6, and at Paris, 1876-7; 
was consecutively prof, at Butler Univ., 
Knox Coll., Purdue Univ., State Univ., 
Iowa, to 1891; tn. 1875, Charlena Van Vleck, 
Appleton, Wis. Translator, from French, of 
Paul and Virginia, Hugo's William Shake- 
speare, and other works; contributor to The 
Dial. Residence: Menlo Park, Calif. Office: 
Stanford Univ., Calif. 

ANDERSON, Ha. sinus Bjorn, author; b. 
Albion, Dane Co., Wis., of Norwegian par- 
entage, Jan. 12, 1846; grad. Luther Coll., 
Decorah, la., 1866; Univ. of Wis., 1869 (LL. 
D., 1888); prof. Greek and modern lan- 
guages, Albion (Wis.) Acad., 1866; instr. 
languages, 1869-75; prof. Scandinavian lan- 
guages and literature, 1875-83; U. S. minis- 
ter to Denmark, 1885-9; m. July 21, 1868, to 
Bertha Karina Olson. Editor and publisher 
Amerika since Oct., 1898. Author: Norse 
Mythology; Viking Tales of the North; 



America Not Discovered by Columbus; The 
Younger Edda; First Chapter of Norwe- 
gian Immigration 1821-1840; also many 
translations of Norse books, and author sev- 
eral works in Norwegian. Address: Madi- 
son, Wis. 

ANDERSON, Thomas H., U. S. attorney. 
Address: Washington, D. C. 

ANDERSON, Thomas McArthnr, maj. 
gen. U. S. V., brig. -gen. U. S. A., retired; 
b. Chillicothe, O., Jan. 22, 1836; j. W. Mar- 
shall and Eliza (McArthur) A.; grad. Mt. 
St. Mary's Coll., Md., 1855; grad. Cincinnati 
Law School, 1858; practiced at Newport, Ky. 
Entered Civil war as private 6th Ohio vols., 
later 2d It. 5th cav., capt. 12th regular inf.; 
maj. 21st inf. and 10th inf., lt.-col. 9th inf.; 
col. 14th inf., Sept. 6, 1886. In war with 
Spain, brig.-gen. vols., May 4, 1898; maj.- 
gen. vols., Aug. 13, 1898; brig.-gen. U. S. A., 
March 31, 1899. At different times comd. 
the dept. of the Columbia, a sub-dist. in 
Alaska, the first expedition to the Philip- 
pines, 1st div. 8th army corps, and May, 
1899, the dept. of the Lakes, with head- 
quarters at Chicago; was v. -p. gen. of Sons 
of Am. Revolution; comdr. Oregon Com- 
mandery, Loyal Legion; 32d degree Mason; 
m. Elizabeth Van Winkle of New Jersey. 
Address: War Dept., Washington . 

ANDERSON, Warren Edward, M. D. ; 
b. Marianna, Fla., Feb. 16, 1857; ed. Mari- 
anna Acad, and Knox Hill Coll. ; grad. Med. 
Coll. of Ala., 1882; m. Oct. 24, 1889, Cather- 
ine Hargis; served at Jacksonville in yellow 
fever epidemic; writer on nat. quarantine 
and other med. subjects; mem. Am. Med. 
Assn., etc. Address: Pensacola, Fla. 

ANDERSON, Winslow, M. D., surgeon; 
collegiate ed'n (A. M.); (M. R. C. P., Lon- 
don, 1891; M. R. C. S., England, 1891; L. S. 
A., England, 1891); grad. med. dept., Univ. 
of Calif., 1884; Royal Coll. Phys., and Royal 
Coll. Surgeons, London, England; licentiate 
Soc. Apothecaries, London, 1891; surgeon 
St. Winifred's Hosp., San Francisco; ex-sec. 
Calif. State Sanitary Assn. ; mem. Am. Med. 
Assn.; mem. Calif. State Bd. of Health; 
pres. and prof, gynecology and abdominal 
surgery, Coll. of Phys. and Surgeons, San 
Francisco; editor Pacific Medical Journal; 
m. March, 1890, B. Lillian Collins. Residence: 
2115 Pacific Av. Office: 1025 Sutter St., San 

ANDREWS, Addison Fletcher, musi- 
cian, musical mgr. ; b. Cavendish, Vt., April 
2, 1857; S. Rufus F. and Mary Cornelia 
(Fletcher) A. ; removed to New York in 
boyhood; grad. Dartmouth, 1878; studied 
law; also studied violin with Godone and vo- 
cal art with Tamaro; was mem. Dartmouth 
Coll. Glee Club while at college, and trav- 
eled with it through New England; engaged 
in newspaper work on Tribune, Telegram, 
Commercial Advertiser, Graphic and other 
New York journals; later in musical jour- 
nalism; was asst. mgr. Carnegie Hall and 
the Symphony Orchestra, 1 yr. ; since then 
in business as musical mgr. ; founded Manu- 
script Soc. of New York. Composer songs, 
quartets, anthems, piano pieces, "Dart- 

mouth Songs" (16 compositions for male 
voices), Tiny Tunes for Tiny People (30 
songs for children), etc. Residence: 256 W. 
57th St. Office: 18 E. 22d St., New York. 

ANDREWS, Alexander Boyd, railroad 
official; b. Franklin Co., N. C, July 23, 
1841; i. William J. A. Entered C. S. army 
as 2nd It. Co. E, 1st N. C. cav., June, 1861; 
wounded at Jack's Shop, Va., Sept., 1863; m. 
Sept. 1, 1869, Julia M., d. Col. Wm. John- 
ston, Charlotte, N. C. ; supt. Raleigh and 
Gaston Ry. Co., 1867-75; supt. N. C. Ry. Co., 
1875-88; 3rd v.-p. Richmond & Danville Ry. 
Co., 1888-90; 2nd v.-p. same, 1890-4; 2nd v.-p. 
Southern Ry. Co., 1894-5; 1st v.-p. same 
since 1896; 5th v.-p. Nat. World's Fair 
Comm'n, 1890, and mem. of com. on awards; 
trustee Univ. of N. C. since 1885; director 
Citizens' Nat. Bank, Raleigh, N. C, since 
1871, and v.-p. same since 1890; pres. various 
railroad cos. owned and operated by South- 
ern Ry. Co. ; director Raleigh Electric Co. 
since 1895; director N. C. Confederate Sol- 
diers' Home since its organization in 1891. 
Residence: 407 N. Blount St. Office: 14-20 
W. Martin St., Raleigh, N. C. 

ANDREWS, Annulet, (Mrs. J. Kingsley 
Ohl), poet, writer; b. Washington, Ga., Dec. 
29, 1866; d. Dr. Henry F. Andrews; g.d. 
Judge Garnett Andrews, for many yrs. one 
of foremost judges on Southern bench; m. 
1889, J. Kingsley Ohl. Contributed poems to 
Puck, Judge, Life, The Century, and other 
mags. ; editor Woman's dept. and staff con- 
tributor to The Atlanta Constitution, 1888-96; 
spl. contributor to Harpers', Munsey's and 
others; specialty, syndicated literary, dra- 
matic and personal correspondence from 
London, Paris and Washington to leading 
Am. Newspapers. Address: Cleveland Park, 

ANDREWS, Avery De Lano, lawyer; b. 
Massena, N. Y., April 4, 1864; s. Hannibal 
and Harriet (De Lano) A. ; grad. Williston 
Sem., 1881; U. S. Mil. Acad., 1886, and com- 
missioned 2nd It., 5th art.; m. Governor's 
Island, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1888, Mary C, d. 
Lt.-Gen. John M. Schofield; admitted to 
bar, 1891; resigned from regular army, Nov., 
1893, and has since practiced law in New 
York; eng'r officer on staff of Gen. Louis 
Fitzgerald, comdg. 1st brigade N. G. N. Y., 
Nov., 1893, to Jan., 1898; maj. comdg. squad- 
ron "A," N. G. N. Y., to Jan., 1899; apptd. 
lt.-col. U. S. V., May 9, 1898; adj-gen. N. 
Y. and chief-of-staff to Gov. Roosevelt, with 
rank of brig.-gen., Jan. 1, to Dec. 31, 1899; 
police comm'r, New York, 1895-8; now pres. 
Barber Asphalt Paving Co. Residence: Ards- 
ley-on-Hudson, N. Y. Office: 11 Broadway, 
New York. 

ANDREWS, Charles, jurist; b. Whites- 
town, N. Y., May 27, 1827; academic ed'n 
at Cazenovia Sem. (LL. D., Hamilton, Co- 
lumbia, Yale); admitted to bar, Jan., 1849; 
dist. atty. Onondaga Co., 1853-6; mayor Sy- 
racuse, 1861. 1862, 1868; mem. at large, con- 
stitutional conv., New York, 1867. Elected 
asso. judge New York Court of Appeals, 
May, 1870; apptd. chief judge, 1881; re- 
elected asso. judge, 1884; elected chief judge, 
1893; nominated by both parties, 1884 and 



1893; retired by age limit, Dec. 31, 3897; m. 
May 17, 1855, Marcia A. Skankland. Address: 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

ANDREWS, Charles Bartlett, chief jus- 
tice State of Conn.; b. Sunderland, Mass., 
Nov. 4, 1834; grad. Amherst Coll. (LL. D., 
Amherst, Wesleyan, Yale) ; mem. Conn, sen- 
ate, 1S68, and 1869; house, 1878; gov. Conn., 
1879-81. Address: Litchfield, Conn. 

ANDREWS, Charles McLean, prof, his- 
tory Bryn Mawr. Coll. since 1889; b. Weth- 
ersfleld, Conn., Feb. 22, 1863; 5. Rev. W. W. 
and Elizabeth Byrne (Williams) A.; grad. 
Trinity Coll. (Conn.), 1881 (A. M., 1890; Ph. 
D., Johns Hopkins, 1889); m. 1895, Evange- 
line Holcombe Walker. Author: The River 
Towns of Connecticut, 1889 Jl; The Old 
English Manor, 1892 Jl; The Historical De- 
velopment of Modern Europe, 2 vols., 189G, 
1898 P2; also occasional articles in reviews 
and hist, journals. Address: Bryn Mawr, 

ANDREWS, Christopher Columhus, 
lawyer, diplomat; b. Hillsborough, N. H., 
Oct. 27, 1829; attended Francetown Acad, 
and Harvard Law School; admitted to Mass. 
bar, 1850; went to Kan., 1854; later to St. 
Cloud, Minn.; State senator, 1859; on Doug- 
las electoral ticket, 1860; served in Union 
army, 1861-5; private to brig. -gen. and bvt. 
maj.-gen., retiring to St. Cloud; U. S. min- 
ister to Sweden and Norway, 1869-77; con- 
sul-gen., Rio de Janeiro, 1882-5; now chief 
forest fire warden of Minn. Author: His- 
tory of Campaign of Mobile; Brazil, Its 
Conditions and Prospects; Administrative 
Reform, etc. Furnished report on forestry 
of Sweden to U. S. Dept. State, 1872. Address: 
833 Goodrich Av., St. Paul, Minn. 

ANDREW'S, Clement Walker, librarian 
John Crerar Library since 1895; b. Salem, 
Mass., Jan. 13, 1858; grad. Harvard, 1879 
(A. M., 1880); instr. chemistry, 1883-95, and 
librarian, 1889-95, Mass. Inst. Technology. 
Address: The John Crerar Library. Chicago. 

ANDREWS, Edmund, surgeon; b. Put- 
ney, Vt., April 22, 1824; grad. Univ. of 
Mich., 1849; M. D. and A. M., 1852 (LL. D., 
1880); m. 1st, April 13, 1852, S. Eliza Tay- 
lor; 2nd, April 25, 1877, Mrs. Frances M. 
Barrett. Demonstrator and prof. med. dept. 
same, 1852-6; surgeon 1st Regt. 111. Light 
Art. ; surgeon-in-chief Camp Douglas, Civil 
war; since then in practice in Chicago; was 
instr. in human and comparative anatomy, 
Rush Med. Coll. ; a founder and prof, sur- 
gery, Chicago Med. Coll. (now med. dept. 
Northwestern Univ.). Author of work on 
rectal surgery, etc. ; has been pres. HI. State 
Med. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago 
Acad, of Sciences, Mitchell Dist. Med. Soc, 
etc. ; also surgeon in chief Mercy Hosp. and 
consulting surgeon 111. Hosp. for Women 
and Children, and Michael Reese Hosp. 
Residence: 3912 Lake Av. Office: 65 Ran- 
dolph St., Chicago. 
ANDREWS, Edward Gayer, M. E. bish- 
op since May 24, 1872; b. New Hartford, N. 
Y., Aug. 7, 1825; 5. George and Polly A.; 
grad. Wesleyan Univ., Conn., 1847 (D. D., 
Genesee Coll.; LL. D., Allegheny Coll., 

Meadville, Pa.). Entered M. E. ministry, 
1848; pastor in Central N. Y., 6 yrs. ; teach- 
er and prin. Cazenovia Sem., 1854-64; pas- 
tor in Stamford, Conn., and Brooklyn, N. 
Y., 1864-72. Visited missions in Europe and 
India, 1876-7; in Mexico, 1881; in Japan, Ko- 
rea and China, 1889-90. Resided in New 
York since 1888. Was delegate to the Eng- 
lish and Irish Methodist Churches, 1894. 
Address: 150 5th Av., New York. 

ANDREWS, Eliphalet Fraaer, director 
of the Corcoran School of Art; b. Steuben - 
ville, O., June 11, 1835; grad. Marietta Coll., 
1853; studied art in Europe; pupil of Knaus 
and Bonnat, and of Diisseldorf Acad. Resi- 
dence: 1232 16th St., Washington. 

ANDREWS, Elisha Benjamin, chancel- 
lor Univ. of Neb. since July, 1900; b. Hins- 
dale, N. H., Jan. 10, 1844; .s. Erastus A.; 
prepared for college; served private to 2d It. 
Union army in Civil war; wounded at Pe- 
tersburg, Aug. 24, 1864, losing an eye; grad. 
Brown Univ., 1870; Newton Theol. Inst'n, 
1874 (LL. D., Univ. of Neb.; D. D., Colby 
Univ.) ; m. Nov. 25, 1870, Ella Anna Allen. 
Prin. Conn. Literary Inst., Suffield, Conn., 
1870-2; pastor 1st Bap. Ch., Beverly, Mass., 
1874-5; pres. Denison Univ., Granville, O., 
1875-9 ; prof, homiletics, Newton Theol. Inst'n, 
1879-82; prof, history and political economy, 
Brown Univ., 1882-8; prof, political economy 
and finance, Cornell, 1888-9; pres. Brown 
Univ., 1889-98. Because of criticism by 
trustees of his belief in free coinage of sil- 
ver, resigned, 1897, presidency of Brown, but 
the trustees asked withdrawal of his resig- 
nation and he complied. Supt. of schools, 
Chicago, 1898-1900. Mem. internat. monetary 
conf., Brussels, 1892; mem. Loyal Legion. 
Author: Institutes of Constitutional His- 
tory, English and American; Institutes of 
General History; Institutes of Economics,; 
An Honest Dollar; Wealth and Moral Law; 
History of the United States; History of 
Last Quarter Century in the U. S. Address: 
Univ. of Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

ANDREWS, Eliza Frances, author; b. 
Washington, Ga., Aug. 10, 1840; d. Judge 
Garnett and Annulet (Ball) A. ; grad. La. 
Grange Coll., Ga., 1857; (A. M., Wesleyan 
Coll., Macon); prof, latter, 1885-97; in poli- 
tics, Fabian Socialist. Author: A Family 
Secret, 1876; A Mere Adventure, 1878; Prince 
Hal, or the Romance of a Rich Young Man, 
1882, all L5. Since 1882 has written only 
for mags, and periodicals, including short 
stories and the serials "How He Was 
Tempted," "In the Pine Lands of Georgia," 
"The Mistake of His Life," etc.; also nu- 
merous poems. Address: Washington, Ga. 

ANDREWS, Ethan Allen, asso. prof. 
Johns Hepkins since 1892; b. New York, 
Sept. 10, 1859; .$. Horace and Julia Russell 
(Johnson) A.; g.s. Prof. Ethan Allen An- 
drews, lexicographer and editor Latin au- 
thors; prep, ed'n Tarry town (N. Y.) Inst.; 
grad. Yale (Ph. B.), 1881; grad. student 
Yale and Polytechnicum, Hanover, Ger- 
many; fellow Johns Hopkins, 1884-6; Ph. D., 
1887; m. Phila., March 17, 1894, Sara Gwen- 
dolen Foulke. Asso. editor Am. Natural- 
ist since 1892; mem. Washington Acad. Sci- 



ences; Am. Morphol. Soc. (v. -p., 1891-2). 
Has written biol. papers in various journals. 
Address: 821 St. Paul St., Baltimore. 

ANDREWS, Garnett, lawyer; b. Wash- 
ington, Ga., May 15, 1837; descendant Maj. 
Wm. Andrews of Accomae Co., Va., (1633); 
grad. Univ. of Ga. ; in mil. service during 
Rebellion; practiced law at Yazoo City, 
Miss., until 1882; mem. Miss, legislature, 
1879-80; removed to Chattanooga, Tenn., 
1882; mayor of Chattanooga, 1891; m. Rosalie 
Champe Beirne, Monroe Co., W. Va., 1865. 
Author: Andrews' Digest of the Laws of 
Mississippi, etc. Residence: 508 Georgia Av. 
Business Address: llV/2 Market St., Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. 

ANDREWS, George Pierce, lawyer; b. 
N. Bridgeton, Me., Sept. 29, 1835; s. Solo- 
mon and Sibyl Ann A.; ed. Williston Sem., 
Easthampton, Mass.; grad. Yale, 1858; m. 
London, England, 1889, Mrs. Catherine M. 
Van Auken. Admitted to bar, 1861; asst. U. 
S. dist. atty., N. Y., 1859-65; asst. and cor- 
poration counsel, N. Y., 1872-84; asso. jus- 
tice supreme court, N. Y., 1884-1901. Address: 
County Court House, New York. 

ANDREWS, George Wliitefield, clergy- 
man, educator; b. Wayne, Ashtabula Co., 
O., Feb. 4, 1833; s. John Calvin and Eliza- 
beth Crosby A.; grad. Oberlin Coll., 1858, 
(A. M.; D. D., Ripon Coll., 1886); grad. An- 
dover Theol. Sem., 1867; m. 1859, Harriet 
West. Taught school 5 yrs. in Bloomfield 
Sem., Ohio; preached in East Hampton and 
Collinsville, Conn. Since 1875 prof, the- 
ology, and since 1896 acting pres., Talla- 
dega Coll. Address: Talladega, Ala. 

ANDREWS, Gwendolen Fonlke, au- 
thor; b. Bala Farm, Chester Co., Pa., June 
26, 1863; d. William Parker and Julia De- 
Veaux (Powell) Foulke; ed. private schools; 
m. Phila., March 17, 1894, Ethan Allen An- 
drews. Author: The Living Substance, 1897 
Gl. Contributor of biol. papers in Am. Jour. 
Morphology, etc. Address: 821 St. Paul St., 

ANDREWS, Jolin Newman, brig. -gen. 
U. S. Vols., retired April 1, 1899; b. "An- 
drusia," Wilmington, Del., Sept. 16, 1838; 
grad. U. S. Military Acad., West Point, 1860; 
m. Lucy McEntee, Kingston, N. Y. Served 
through Civil war; bvtd. capt. for gallantry, 
Cedar Mountain; maj., for same, Franklin, 
Tenn.: and It. -col. Served since in Indian 
country and Spanish-Am. war. Address: 
Wilmington, Del. 

ANDREWS, Lanncelot Winchester, 
prof, chemistry in collegiate and pharmacy 
depts., Univ. of Iowa, since 1885; b. London, 
Canada, June 13, 1856; .?. Alfred A. and 
Louisa A.; grad. Yale (Ph. B.), 1875; (A. 
M. ; Ph. D. ; Gottingen, 1882) ; graduate 
course in philosophy, history, etc., at Har- 
vard; in. 1883, Anna Ritter Lane. Taught 
in Springfield, Mass., High School, J.876-7; 
practiced as analytical chemist, Springfield, 
1878-82; prof, chemistry Iowa State Coll. of 
Agr., 1884-5. Author: An Introduction to 
the Study of Qualitative Analysis, 1891 Ol; 
also many scientific papers. Address: Iowa 
City, la. 

ANDREWS, Newton Lloyd, educator; b. 
Fabius, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1841; grad. Colgate 
Univ., 1862; (A. M., 1864); theol. dept., 1864; 
(Ph. D., Hamilton Coll., 1878; LL. D., Chi- 
cago Univ., 1883); m. 1st, Sept. 6, 1865, Cyn- 
thia S. Burchard, Hamilton, N. Y. (died, 
1886); 2d, Dec. 27, 1888, Charlotte P. Har- 
bach, Newton Centre, Mass. Prin. prep, 
dept., Colgate Univ., 1864-9; prof. Greek, 
Colgate Univ., 1868; dean coll. faculty, 1880- 
95; acting pres., 1890-5; since 1895 prof. 
Greek, and lecturer on history of art. 
Address: Colgate Univ., Hamilton, N. Y. 

ANDREWS, Robert D., architect, firm of 
Andrews, Jaques & Rantoul; fellow Am. 
Inst, of Architects, 1891. Address: 1 Somer- 
set St., Boston. 

ANDREWS, Samuel James, clergyman; 
b. Danbury, Conn., July 31, 1817; .s. Rev. 
William and Sarah (Parkhill) A.; grad. Wil- 
liams, 1839 (D. D., Union); m. April 15, 1850, 
Catherine A. Day, Hartford, Conn. ; admit- 
ted to Conn, bar, 1842; Ohio bar, 1844; stud- 
ied Lane Theol. Sem., Cincinnati; licensed 
to preach, 1846; ordained pastor Cong'l Ch., 
E. Windsor, Conn., 1848; dismissed because 
of loss of voice, 1855; entered ministry of 
Catholic and Apostolic Ch. (Irvingite) ; since 
then in charge of a congregation in Hart- 
ford, Conn. Author: Life of Our Lord Upon 
the Earth, 1862 S3; God's Revelations of 
Himself to Men, 1885 S3; Christianity and 
Anti-Christianity in Their Final Conflict, 
1898 P2; The Church and Its Organic Minis- 
tries, 1899 F5; William Watson Andrews, a 
Religious Biography, 1900 P2; also various 
papers and reviews. Address: 956 Asylum 
Av., Hartford, Conn. 

ANDREWS, William Given, P. E. cler- 
gyman; b. Kent, Conn., Oct 8, 1835; .?. Rev. 
William Watson and Mary Anne (Given) A.; 
grad. Marietta (O.) Coll., 1855 (A. M., 1858; 
D. D., 1885); Princeton Theol. Sem., 1859- 
61; m. Washington, Dec. 11, 1895, Caroline 
Caldwell, d. late Rear Admiral T. A. Jenk- 
ins, U. S. N. Teacher (Peekskill, N. Y., 
Fairfield, and Hamden, Conn.), 1855-9; tutor 
Marietta Coll., 1861-2; officiated Princeton 
and Rocky Hill, N. J., 1862-6; teacher and 
clerical asst., Hamden, Conn., 1866-7; abroad 
1867; rector Ch. of Ascension, New Haven, 
Conn., 1868-79; officiated Trinity Ch., Prince- 
ton, N. J., 1880; rector Christ Ch., Guilford, 
Conn., since 1881; instr. doctrinal theology 
(temp.), Berkeley Div. School, 1899; sec. 
New Haven Colony Hist. Soc, 1873-80; now 
life mem. same; mem. Am. Hist. Assn. Has 
made and published several addresses, con- 
tributions to newspapers and reviews, chief- 
ly on church history. Address: Guilford, 

ANDREWS, William Loring, merchant, 
author; b. New York, Sept. 9, 1837; 5. Loring 
and Caroline C. (Delemater) A.; ed. in pri- 
vate schools; (hon. M. A., Yale, 1893); m. 
Oct. 17, 1860, Jane Elizabeth Crane. Trustee 
Bank for. Savings; director Continental Ins. 
Co. ; trustee and hon. librarian Metropolitan 
Museum of Art; hon. mem. 11th Army Corps 
Assn. ; mem. Nat. Acad, of Design, Metro- 
politan Museum of Art, Century Assn., etc. 
Author: New Amsterdam, New Orange, 



New York; A Trio of French Engravers; 
Portraiture of the American Revolutionary 
War; etc. Address: 16 E. 38th St., New 

ANGELL, Frank;, prof, psychology, Leland 
Stanford, Jr., Univ. since 1892; grad. Univ. 
of Vt., B. S., 1878 (L. H. D., 1892; Ph. D., 
Leipzig, 1891); teacher Washington, D. C, 
High School, 1880-7; asst. prof, psychology, 
Cornell, 1891-2. Address: Stanford Univer- 
sity, California. 

ANGELLi, George Tliorndike, founder 
and pres. since 1889 Am. Humane Ed'n Soc. ; 
b. Southbridge, Mass., June 5, 1823; grad. 
Dartmouth, 1846; studied at Harvard Law 
School; admitted to bar, 1851; one of found- 
ers, 1868, and ever since pres. Mass. Soc. 
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; 
editor of "Our Dumb Animals," which he 
founded, 1868; promoted organizations for 
protection of animals in England, Chicago, 
and various States; has caused to be estab- 
lished over 44,000 "Bands of Mercy," and 
printed over 117,000,000 pages of humane 
literature in a single year; active also in 
movements for prevention of crime; for pre- 
venting sale of adulterated foods, etc. : di- 
rector Am. Social Science Assn. ; m. 1872, 
Mrs. Eliza A. Martin (b. Mattoon) of North- 
field, Mass. Address: 19 Milk St., Boston. 

ANGELL, Henry Clay, M. D. ; b. Provi- 
dence, R. I., Jan. 27, 1829; grad. Hahnemann 
Med. Coll., Phila., 1853; studied 3 yrs. in 
Vienna Univ., Austria, and has since prac- 
ticed in Boston; for 20 yrs. prof, of ophthal- 
mology, Boston Univ. ; later pres. Philhar- 
monic Soc, Boston. Author: Diseases of 
the Eye; also other tech. books, and papers 
on literary and art subjects. Address: 16 
Beacon St., Boston. 

ANGELL, James Bnrrill, educator, dip- 
lomat; b. Scituate, R. I., Jan. 7, 1829; grad. 
Brown Univ., 1849; m. 1855, Sarah S. Cas- 
well, d. of the pres. Brown Univ. Prof, modern 
languages and literature Brown, 1853-00; 
editor Providence Journal, 1860-6; pres. 
Univ. of Vt., 1866-71; pres. Univ. of Mich, 
since 1871; U. S. minister to China, 1880-1, 
acting as comm'r in negotiating important 
treaties; mem. Anglo-Am. Internat. Comm'n 
on Canadian Fisheries, 1887; chmn. Cana- 
dian-Am. Comm'n on Deep Waterways from 
Lakes to Sea, 1896; apptd. minister to Tur- 
key, 1897, but resigned May, 1898. Author 
numerous addresses and articles in leading 
reviews. Address: Ann Arbor, Mich. 

AXTHONY, Andrew Variek Stont, ar- 
tist, engraver, mag. writer; b. New York, 
1838. One of foundation members New 
York Water Color Soc; one of organizers St. 
Botolph Club, Boston; mem. Century Club, 
New York, since 1866; had sole charge of il- 
lustrated work issued by Ticknor & Fields, 
and Fields, Osgood & Co., and their suc- 
cessors, 1866-89; projected and superintended 
publication of quarto illustrated edition 
Longfellow's Works ; has contributed articles, 
many illustrated by himself, to several 
mags. ; since 1894 connected with literary 
dept. Harper & Bros. Address: care Harper 
& Bros., Franklin Sq., New York. 

A.NTHONV, Daniel Read, editor and 

propr. Leavenworth Times; b. S. Adams, 
Mass., Aug. 22, 1824 (brother of Susan B. 
Anthony) ; ed. in common school Batten- 
ville, N. Y. ; worked for his father as clerk 
in store and in a cotton mill; removed to 
Rochester, N. Y., 1847, and to Kan., July, 
1854; was It. -col. in Union army, 1862-3; ed- 
itor of Daily and Weekly Times for 40 yrs.; 
mayor of Leavenworth, 1863 and 1872; mem. 
Kan. legislature, 1873; postmaster Leaven- 
worth, 1874-85; gov't director Union Pacific 
R. R., 1886; m. Jan. 21, 1864, Annie E. Os- 
born, Edgartown, Mass. Address: Leaven- 
worth, Kan. 

ANTHONY, Gardner Chaee, dean engi- 
neering dept., Tufts Coll., since 1898; b. 
Providence, R. I., April 24, 1856; j. David 
Chace and Sarah (Carpenter) A. ; ed. Eng- 
lish and Classical School, Providence, R. I. ; 
sp'l course in eng'ring, Brown Univ. and 
Tufts Coll., 1875-8 (hon. A. M., Tufts); m. 
Boston, June 25, 1879, Susan Pearson. Prac- 
ticed eng'ring, 1878-85, since then teaching; 
director mech. dept., R. I. School of De- 
sign, 1886; founded R. I. Tech. Drawing 
School, 1887; dean Bromfield-Pearson School 
and eng'ring dept. Tufts Coll., and prof, 
drawing Tufts Coll., 1893-8. Mem. Am. Soc. 
Mech. Eng'rs, Soc. for Promotion Eng'ring 
Ed'n. Author: Elements of Mechanical 
Drawing, 1893; Machine Drawing, 1893; Es- 
sentials of Gearing, 1897 H2. Address: Tufts 
College, Mass. 

ANTHOXY, Susan Brownell (Miss), re- 
former; b. Adams, Mass., Feb. 15, 1820; d. 
Daniel and Lucy (Read) A.; ed. in school 
maintained by father for his own and neigh- 
boring children, Battenville, N. Y., and 
1837-8 at Quaker Boarding School, West 
Phila. Taught school from age of 15 to 
30; aided, 1852, in organizing the first State 
woman's temperance soc. ; became active in 
anti-slavery and woman's rights work; sec. 
Women's Nat. Loyal League during Civil 
war. Since war entirely devoted to the 
woman suffrage movement; founded, 1868, 
"The Revolution," exclusively woman's 
rights paper; managed it several yrs.; ar- 
rested and tried for voting under the Four- 
teenth Amendment in 1872; has been en- 
gaged in 8 different State campaigns for a 
constitutional amendment enfranchising wo- 
man; has been granted a hearing before 
committees of every Congress since 1869; 
has held high offices in Nat. Woman Suf- 
frage Assn. ever since its organization; now 
hon. pres. Nat. Am. Woman Suffrage Assn. 
Joint author with Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stan- 
ton and Mrs. Matilda Joslyn Gage of "The 
History of Woman Suffrage" (4 vols.), A7, 
and has contributed to leading mags, and 
lectured in England and throughout the U. 
S. Address: 17 Madison St., Rochester, N. Y. 

ANTHONY, William Arnold, prof, phys- 
ics, electrical expert; b. Coventry, R. I., 
Nov. 17, 1835; grad. Yale Scientific School 
(Ph. B.); m. 1861, Eliza Matilda Girven. 
Taught science at Providence Conference 
Sem., 1859-60; Delaware Literary Inst., 
Franklin, N. Y., 1862-7; prof, physics and 
chemistry, Antioch Coll., 1867-9; prof, phy- 



ics Iowa Agr'l Coll., 1869-72; Cornell Univ., 
1872-87; consulting electrician to Mather 
Electric Co., Manchester, Conn., 1887-93. 
Since 1893 consulting electrician, New York, 
and prof, physics, Cooper Union Night 
School of Science. Author: ("With Prof. Cy- 
rus Fogg Brackett of Princeton) Manual 
of Physics; also contributor to scientific 
periodicals; mem. and past pres. Am. Inst. 
Electrical Eng'rs. Residence: 313 W. 33d St., 
New York. Office: Cooper Union, New York. 

ANTIN, Mary, author; b. Plotzk, Russia, 
June 13, 1883; d. Israel and Esther A.; ed. 
Chelsea, Mass., 1894-7; Boston, 1897-8, com- 
mon schools; now mem. class of 1902, Boston 
Latin School. Came to U. S. with family, 
1894; went to school for first time that year. 
Wrote account of journey from Russia in 
Yiddish. Translated it into English; pub- 
lished in book form as: From Plotzk to 
Boston, 1899. Address: 6 Letterfine Terrace, 
Roxbury, Mass. 

APPEL, Theodore, Reformed Ch. clergy- 
man; b. Easton, Pa., April 30, 1823; grad. 
Marshall Coll., Mercersburg, Pa., 1842, (D. 
D., Univ. of Pa.); m. 1854, Susan Burton; 
d. Rev. B. C. Wolff, D. D. Rector, 1845-50; 
pastor and prof, mathematics Marshall 
Coll., 1851-3; prof, mathematics, physics 
and astronomy, Franklin & Marshall Coll., 
Lancaster, 1853-77; acting editor, Mercers- 
burg Review, 1851-6; delivered popular lec- 
tures on astronomy at many places, 1873- 
88; gen. supt. home missions Reformed Ch., 
1878-86; editor Reformed Missionary Her- 
ald, 1880-6; also of Reformed Messenger, in 
part, 1888-93; retired since 1897. Author: 
Letters to Boys and Girls About the First 
Christmas at Bethlehem, 1886; College Rec- 
ollections, 1886; Beginnings of the Theologi- 
cal Seminary, 1886; Life and Work of Rev. 
John W. Nevin, D. D., LL. D., 1889. Edited: 
Lectures of Prof. William M. Nevin on the 
History of English Literature, 1895. Has 
contributed extensively to periodicals. Ad- 
dress: Lancaster, Pa. 

APPLETON, Daniel, v.-p. D. Appleton & 
Co., publishers, and active mem. firm and 
co. since 1879; g.s. Daniel Appleton, found- 
er; 6. New York, Feb. 24, 1852; ed. New 
York and Carlsruhe, Germany; clerk, 1871-9; 
long mem. 7th N. Y. regt. ; promoted from 
capt. to col., July 18, 1889. Residence: 122 
W. 72d St. Office: 72 5th Av., New York. 

APPLETON, John Howard, prof, chem- 
istry, Brown Univ., since 1868; b. Portland, 
Me., Feb. 3, 1844; grad. Brown, 1863 (A. M., 
Sc. D.); instr. chemistry, Brown, 1863-8; 
past pres. Providence Art Club; v.-p. Am. 
Chem. Soc; mem. U. S. Mint Comm'n, 1891. 
Author: The Young Chemist; Qualitative 
Chemical Analysis; Quantitative Chemical 
Analysis; Chemistry of the Non-Metals ; 
The Metals of the Chemist; The Carbon 
Compounds, etc. Address: Providence, R. I. 

APPLETON, William Hyde, prof. Greek 
and early English, Swarthmore Coll., since 
1872; b. Portland, Me., June 10, 1842; grad. 
Harvard, 1864; Harvard Law School, 1869; 
hon. Ph. D., Swarthmore Coll.; mem. Am. 

Philos. Soc. Author: Greek Poets in English 
Verse, H5. Address: Swarthmore, Pa. 

APPLETON, William Worthen, pres. 
D. Appleton & Co., publishers, since incor- 
poration of firm as a co. in 1896, and the 
senior active mem. of firm for many yrs. 
before; b. Brooklyn, Nov. 29, 1845; .?. Wil- 
liam H. A.; fitted for Harvard but did not 
enter owing to ill health; traveled and stud- 
ied abroad; asst. in school-book dept. of 
firm, 1865; mem. of firm, 1868; later in 
charge of mfg. dept. ; has had special 
charge of editorial dept. and London office 
for many yrs. Like his father, he took an 
active part in securing internat. copyright 
and aided largely in securing passage of 
Copyright Act of 1891. Pres. Am. Publish- 
ers' Copyright League. Chmn. of library 
committee of New York Free Circulating 
Library, of which he has been a leading 
supporter; m. 1881, Anna D. Sargent, of Bos- 
ton. Address: 72 Fifth Av., New York. 

APTHORP, William Foster, dramatic, 
musical critic; b. Boston, Oct. 24, 1848; grad. 
Harvard, 1869; studied pianoforte, harmony 
and counterpoint under J. K. Paine; piano- 
forte under B. J. Lang; in. 1876, Octavie 
Loir Iasigi. Taught in Nat. Coll. of Music, 
New England Conservatory and Coll. of 
Music (Boston Univ.) up to 1884. Musical 
critic Atlantic Monthly, 1872-6; Boston Sun- 
day Courier, 1876-8; musical and dramatic 
critic, Evening Traveler, 1878-80; Boston 
Evening Transcript since 1881; was critical 
editor Scribner's Cyclopedia of Music and 
Musicians. Author: Hector Berlioz, Auto- 
biography and Musical Grotesques; Musi- 
cians and Music-Lovers; Jacques Damour 
and Other Stories (translated from Zola) ; 
By the Way; The Opera, Past and Present. 
Residence: 14 Otis PI. Office: 324 Washing- 
ton St., Boston. 

ARBEELY, Abraham Joseph, M. D., 
author; b. Damascus, Syria, 1852; s. Dr. 
Joseph A. Arbeely, prof, in Damascus, Bei- 
root and Lebanon colls. ; grad. Med. Coll. 
Protestant Univ., Beiroot, July 17, 1872, and 
Imperial Med. Coll., Constantinople, Nov. 
7, 1874; m. 1885, Anna Mary La Fetra, War- 
ren Co., O. Served Ottoman gov't on comm'n 
of inquiry into causes and character of the 
Asiatic cholera, and his formula for its 
treatment was adopted throughout the Turk- 
ish empire. A founder and pres. Syrian- 
Greek Orthodox Ch. and Benevolent Soc. ; a 
founder and publisher of "Kawkab Amer- 
ica" ("Star of America," daily Arabic news- 
paper), published in New York. Author: A 
Complete Self-Teaching Manual of the 
Arabic and English Languages; also many 
articles in medical and other journals. 
Residence: 1425 8th St., N. W., Washington. 
Office: 108 Broad St., New York. 

ARBUCKLE, John, business man; ed. Al- 
legheny, Pa. ; in 1871, with brother Charles 
(now deceased), established New York firm 
of Arbuckle Bros., which introduced on a 
large scale the roasting and grinding of cof- 
fees for sale in packages, becoming largest 
in country in that line ; now head of firm. 
Director Importers and Traders' Bank, and 
Kings County Trust Co. ; pres. Royal Horse 



Assn., owning ranches in Wyo., etc. Resi- 
dence: 315 Clinton Av., Brooklyn. Office: 
Old Slip and Water St., New York. 

ARCHER, Frederic, music director Car- 
negie Music Hall and city organist of Pitts- 
burg since 1895; b. Oxford, England, 1838; 
ed. there; studied organ; organist, 1852, St. 
Clement's Ch. and Merton Coll. Chapel, Ox- 
ford; continued studies and later became 
organist of Royal Panopticon, London ; joint 
conductor with Sir Julius Benedict of Lon- 
don Vocal Assn., 1S63; organist and choir- 
master, Christ Ch., Lancaster Gate, London, 
1865; later, Ch. of Jesuit Fathers, and, in 
1873, organist and orchestral and choral di- 
rector at Alexandra Palace; musical exam- 
iner Glasgow Univ., 1879, and conductor 
Glasgow select choir. In 1880 became organ- 
ist Plymouth Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; later 
of Ch. of Incarnation, New York. In 1885 
founded "The Keynote," of which he was 
editor. In 1887, conductor Boston Oratorio 
Soc. and director to club. Founded, 1896, 
Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra; also, since 
May, 1898, musical examiner Univ. of To- 
ronto, Canada. Has given many recitals 
and concerts in U. S. and Canada; conduc- 
tor; lecturer on musical subjects; also, since 
Jan., 1899, organist and choirmaster Ch. of 
the Ascension, Pittsburg. Mem. Social 
Science Assn. ; asso. mem. Nat. Inst. Art, 
Science and Letters. Author: Organ School, 
etc. Residence: 5525 Ellsworth Av. Office: 
Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburg, Pa. 

ARCHER, William, British author, critic; 
b. Perth, Scotland, Sept. 23, 1856; s. Thomas 
A.; grad. Edinburgh Univ., A. M. ; barris- 
ter, Middle Temple, 1883; journalist, Edin- 
burgh, 1875; traveled in Australia, 1876-7; in 
London since 1878; dramatic critic London 
Figaro, 1879-81; London World since 1884 
visited U. S. to study Am. theatres, 1899 
Author: English Dramatists of To-Day, 1882 
Henry Irving, Actor and Manager, 1883 
About the Theatre Essays and Studies 
1886; The Theatrical World (5 vols)., 1893-7 
William Charles Macready (biography), 
1890; Masks or Faces, A Study in the 
Psychology ef Acting, 1888; Study and 
Stage, A Year Book of Criticism, 1899, all 
F5; America To-Day, Observations and Re- 
flections, 1900 S3. Translations: Ibsen's 
Prose Dramas, F5 (with Capt. Charles 
Archer); Ibsen's Peer Gynt, F5; Gerhart 
Hauptmann's Hannele, F5; Nansen's Eski- 
mo Life, L4; Brogger and Rolfsen's Life of 
Nansen, L4; Brandes' William Shakespeare 
(vol. 1), H8; Kielland Tales of Two Coun- 
tries, HI. Address: Care The World, 1 
York St., Covent Garden, London, England. 

ARCHIBALD, Andrew Webster, Cong'l 
clergyman, author; b. New Kingston, N. Y., 
April 10, 1851; 5. Robert and Betsy (Hamil- 
ton) A.; grad. Union Coll., 1872, at head of 
class, with literary and oratorical honors 
(D. D., 1891); taught in Acad. Pulaski, N. 
Y., 1872-3; grad. Yale Divinity School, 1876; 
m. May 18, 1876, Julia Agnes Warren, New 
Haven, Conn. Pastorates in Iowa, at Nev- 
inville and Fontanelle (Zoked), Stuart, Ot- 
tumwa and Davenport, 1876-87 and 1888-92; 
at Andover Theol. Sem., 1887-8; pastor, 

1892-7, Hyde Park, Mass. ; since 1897 of Por- 
ter Cong'l Ch., Brockton, Mass. Trustee 
Iowa Coll., 1889-99. Author: The Bible Veri- 
fied (4 editions, besides translations into 
Spanish and Japanese), 1890 P6; The Trend 
of the Centuries, 1901 P8, etc. Address: 
Brockton, Mass. 

ARCHIBALD, Mrs. Geo., see Palmer, 
Anna Campbell. 

ARCHIBALD, James F. J., war corr. ; b. 
New York, Sept. 22, 1869; .s. Dr. F. A. and 
Martha Washington (Jewell) A. ; grad. Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ., 1888; served in Chinese- 
Japanese war; with Gen. Miles through la- 
bor riots, in the Sioux campaign, and the 
last Apache campaign; vol. a. d. c. 5th 
army corps through Spanish war; on Gen. 
McKibben's staff in Santiago campaign; 
was on first scouting expdn. that landed in 
Cuba about a month before the Santiago 
expdn; first man wounded in war with 
Spain, being shot through left arm in an 
engagement that lasted about 3 hours; was 
in Chippewa campaign on Leech Lake and 
arranged surrender of the hostiles; with 
army of occupation of Cuba with staff of 
Gen. Ludlow; with British forces in Sou- 
dan, 1899; with Boer army in the South 
African war until occupation of Pretoria; 
wounded in battle of Pretoria; remained 
with British army 2 months. Hon. mem. 
Nat. Am. Red Cross for services in the 
field; Distinguished Service Order of U. S. 
A. for bravery in action; mem. Soc. of the 
Army of Santiago; Spanish Order of Merit; 
Mil. Order of Pretoria. Author: Blue Shirt 
and Khaki, S6; Tales from the Trenches. 
Residence: 966 18th St., Oakland, Calif. Ad- 
dress: Care H. R. Payne, 26 Broadway, 
New York. 

ARCOS, Duke of, see Gayoso, Jose Bru- 

ARDEJf, Edwin Hnnter Pendleton, 
actor, playwright; b. St. Louis, Feb. 13, 1864; 
common school ed'n; wen>; west, 1881; suc- 
cessively mine helper, cowboy, railroad 
brakeman, clerk, political clerk, reporter, 
theatrical mgr. Went on stage, Chicago, 
1882, with Thomas W. Keene's co. ; since 
then with various companies; 9 yrs. a star, 
under own management, in Eagle's Nest, 
Barred Out, and Raglan's Way, of which he 
was either part or sole author. In 1889, 
produced his own play, "Zorah." Is now 
under Charles Frohman's management. 
Address: 70 W. 36th St., New York. 

ARENS, Franz Xavier, composer, con- 
ductor and voice specialist; b. Neef, Rhen- 
ish Prussia, Oct. 28, 1856; emigrated to U. 
S., 1866; grad. Royal Conservatory of Mu- 
sic, Dresden, 1885; conductor, Cleveland, O., 
Philharmonic Orchestra, 1885-8; American 
Composers' Concerts in Europe, 1890-2; 
American Composers' Concert at Vienna In- 
ternat. Musical and Theatrical Exb'n; In- 
dianapolis May music festivals, 1892-6; pres. 
Metropolitan School of Music and prin. vo- 
cal dept. until 1897, when he removed to 
New York; 1898, conductor of New York 
Manuscript Soc. concerts; since 1900, con- 
ductor New York People's Symphony con- 
cert. Address: 305 5th Av., New York. 



ARESTS, Albert, mining eng'r, metallur- 
gist; b. Clausthal, Germany, March 14, 1840; 
grad. School of Mines, Clausthal, 1858; stud- 
ied at Univ. of Berlin, Germany, for 2 yrs. ; 
came to U. S., 1865, under engagement to 
treat lead ores in Hampden Co., Mass.; 
since 1866 has practiced in West; introduced 
the rectangular large-sized lead-furnaces 
with boshes at Eureka, Nev., "which are the 
type now used by lead-smelters of U. S.; 
invented and patented modern "leadwell" 
or "siphon-tap" for lead blast furnaces; 
mem. Am. Soc. Mining Eng'rs. A widower. 
Address: 561 Railroad Av., Alameda, Calif. 

ARKELL, William J., publisher; pub- 
lisher of Judge, Leslie's Weekly and Deni- 
orest's Family Magazine; also standard sub- 
scription books; director in several New 
York corporations. Republican. Residence: 
Canajoharie, N. Y. Office: 110 5th Av., New 

ARLENT-EDWARDS, S., engraver, illus- 
trator. Address: Ducomb Av., Williams- 
bridge, N. Y. 

ARMISTEAD, Henry Beanford, ex-sec. 
of state of Ark.; b. Upperville, Fauquier 
Co., Va., Oct. 19, 1833; grad. Va. Mil. Inst; 
went West and was in Rocky Mountains 
when Civil war began; went South; served 
private, C. S. army, 1861-5; since then mcht. 
and farmer; brig. -gen. Ark. militia during 
the Brooks-Baxter gubernatorial war, 1874; 
State senator, 1877-9; delegate Dem. Nat. 
Conv., 1884; deputy sec. State, 1889-93; sec. 
State, 1893-7. Address: Charleston, Ark. 

ARMOUR, Herman Ossian, packer, com- 
mission mcht. ; resident New York mem. 
firm of Armour & Co.; b. Stockbridge, N. 
Y., March 7, 1837; brother of P. D. Ar- 
mour; in Milwaukee, Wis., 1855-62; grain 
comm'n mcht., Chicago, 1862; in 1865, leav- 
ing business in a brother's hands, went to 
New York to represent Plankington, Ar- 
mour & Co. Chicago firm of H. O. Armour 
& Co. began pork-packing, 1868, and in 1870 
changed to Armour & Co., now the largest 
packing and provision enterprise in the 
world. Residence: 856 5th Av. Office: 201 
Produce Exchange, New York. 

ARMSBY, Henry Prentiss, director Pa. 
Agr'l Exp. Sta. since 1887; b. Northbridge, 
Mass., Sept. 21, 1853; grad. Worcester Poly- 
technic Inst., 1871 (Ph. D., Yale, 1879). Instr. 
chemistry, Worcester Polytechnic Inst., 
1871-2; teacher Fitchburg, Mass., High 
School, 1874-5; asst. in chemistry, Rutgers 
Coll., 1876-7; chemist to Conn. Agr'l Exp. 
Sta., 1877-81; v.-p. Storr's Agr'l School, 
1881-3; prof, agr'l chemistry, Univ. of Wis., 
1883-7; chmn. Exp'n Com. on Exp. Sta. Ex- 
hibit, World's Columbia Exp'n, 1893, and 
Paris Exp'n, 1900; mem. Com. on Dairy 
Tests, same; pres. Ass'n Am. Agr'l Colls, 
and Exp. Stas., 1898-9. Author: Manual of 
Cattle Feeding; m. Oct. 15, 1878, Lucy A. 
Harding. Address: State Coll., Centre Co., 

ARMSTRONG, David Maitland, genre 
and decorative artist; b. Newburg, N. Y., 
1837; grad. Trinity Coll., Hartford, 1858; 
practiced law a few yrs.; studied art in 

Paris and Rome; was 4 yrs. U. S. consul- 
gen, for Italy; direct. Am. Art Dept, Paris 
Exp'n, 1878; received decoration of Legion 
of Honor; mem. Soc. Am. Artists, Archi- 
tectural League, etc. Address: 61 Washington 
Sq. S., New York. 

ARMSTRONG, Frank C, mem. Comm'n 
to treat with the Five Tribes in the Indian 
Territory; b. Choctaw Agency, Ind. Ter., 
1835; j. Frank W. and Anne M. (Millard) 
A.; ed. Holy Cross Coll., Worcester, Mass.; 
went to Tex., 1854, and made a trip across 
State from Corpus Christi to El Paso with 
his stepfather, Gen. Persifer F. Smith, U. 
S. A. ; for bravery in an encounter with In- 
dians on this trip was apptd., June, 1855, It. 
2d U. S. dragoons, serving in Tex., Kan. 
and Neb. until 1857, then went to Utah with 
Gen. Albert Sydney Johnston; resigned 
comm'n, 1861, and joined C. S. army; apptd. 
adj. -gen. under Gen. McCulloch in Ark., 
and after McCulloch's death, apptd. maj., 
and soon after elected col. 3d La. inf. Un- 
der orders from Gen. Bragg organized cav. 
command and engaged in Miss, and Ala.; 
attacked and captured Federal camp, Court- 
land, Ala., and afterward was successful in 
actions at Bolivar and nr. Denmark; apptd. 
brig. -gen. ; assigned to brigade under Van 
Dorn, and later under Forrest; comd. brig- 
ade during campaign in Tenn., and on re- 
treat to Chattanooga, took important part at 
Chickamauga, comd. cav. div. Moved with 
Longstreet to E. Tenn., under Gen. Jos. 
Wheeler, then moved to Ga. and served until 
after fall of Atlanta; later in Tenn. and 
Miss. ; surrendered to Gen. Canby. Last bat- 
tle was at Selma, Ala., under Gen. Forrest. 
After war engaged in Overland mail service 
in Tex.; U. S. Indian insp. 1885-9; asst. 
comm'r Indian Affairs, 1893-5. Address: 1912 
Sunderland PL, Washington. 

ARMSTRONG, Mrs., prima donna; see 
Melba, Mme. Nellie. 

ARMSTRONG, Moses Kimball, banker, 
author; b. Milan, O., Sept. 19, 1832; ed. Hu- 
ron Inst, and Western Reserve Coll. ; went 
to Minn., 1856, and held local offices there; 
moved to Yankton, Dak. ; published first 
Democratic newspaper in the territory; 
served 10 yrs. in territorial house and sen- 
ate; was speaker house and pres. senate; 
delegate in Congress, 1871-5; Dem.; pres. Old 
Bank of St. James, Minn.; m. 1872, Martha 
Bordeno. Author: Early History of Dakota 
Territory, 1866. Address: St. James, Minn. 

ARMSTRONG, Philander Banister, in- 
surance; b. Brookville, Ind., Feb. 3, 1847; 
reared on farm; employe and agt. ins. cos., 
1868-75; founder and pres., 1875-80, Phoenix 
Mut. Fire Ins. Co. ; moved to New York, 
1880; organized and was pres. for yrs. of 
Mut. Fire Ins. Co. ; acquired controlling in- 
terest in and became pres., 1888, Fire Ass'n 
of New York; organized, 1889, and became 
pres. of Armstrong Fire Ins. Co. ; organized, 
1893, and was first pres. Am. Union Life 
Ins. Co. ; owns, in Calif., the largest almond 
orchard in the world. Residence: 638 St. 
Mark's Av., Brooklyn. Office: 45 Broadway, 
New York. 



ARMSTRONG, Regina (Mrs. Niehaus), 
mag. writer; 6. Va., March 4, 1869; d. Thom- 
as and Jeanne (de Moss) A.; ed. privately; 
m. New York, 1900, Charles Henry Niehaus, 
sculptor. Began writing in 1892 as soc. ed- 
itor of a Southern newspaper; became ed- 
itor, and eventually owner of Social Graph- 
ic, Memphis, Tenn. Removed to New York 
in 1890, and became gen. contributor to 
mags. ; now engaged on book of poems and 
an art volume to be issued this yr. Wrote: 
Series of five articles: New Leaders in 
American Illustration, The Bookman, 1900; 
series of four articles: American Women Il- 
lustrators, The Critic, 1900; Representative 
American Illustrators, Art Interchange, 
1899-1900, ten papers. Has contributed 
poems stories and critiques in leading New 
York mags, since 1896. Also contributor to 
"The Studio," London, England. Address: 
251 5th Av., New York. 

ARMSTRONG, Sydney, actress; b. (Wells) 
Memphis, Tenn. ; moved to New York and 
later went West; debut with a traveling co. 
in Illinois; appeared with stock co., Front 
St. Theatre, Baltimore, and played Arte 
O'Neill in "The Shaughraun." Interpreted 
dual role in "Hoodman Blind," and later 
took leading female roles in "The Still 
Alarm," "The Burglar," "The Girl I Left 
Behind Me," and other modern dramas. 
Address: Care Smith & Rice, Knickerbocker 
Theatre Bldg., New York. 

ARMSTRONG, William, music critic, lec- 
turer; ed. Stuttgart and Vienna; was on 
staff of Belford's Mag. until suspended; 
music critic Chicago Tribune, 1893-8; lec- 
turer on musical and kindred subjects; first 
American to lecture before Royal Acad, of 
Music, London (June 30, 1897) ; first London 
appearance, Queen's Hall, June 18, 1897. 
Author: Thekla; An American Nobleman; 
etc. Address: Hotel Belvedere, New York. 

M.D. ; b. London, Canada, Jan. 21, 1855; d. Rev. 
William L., M. D., and Elizabeth Summers 
Armstrong. Ed. public schools Mich., high 
school Blair, Neb., 1 yr. Northwestern Univ., 
1877-8; grad. Woman's Med. Coll. of Pa., 
1885, Mt. Vernon Inst, of Elocution and Lan- 
guages (Bachelor of Elocution), 1885; grad. 
obstetrics and gynecology, Phila. Lying-In 
Charity Hosp., 1885; res. phys. New En- 
gland Hosp., Boston, 1885-6; med. mission- 
ary, under Bishop William Taylor, in In- 
dia, 1886; conducted private hosp. for wom- 
en and children and missionary training 
school for nurses, Bombay, India, 1887-9; 

physician in charge to Lady Atchison Hosp., 
Lahore, Ind., 1889, and of Woman's Hosp., 
Dispensary and Training School for Nurses, 
1893; m. Karachi, India, Rev. George F. 
Hopkins, A. M. Returned to U, S. ; prac- 
tices in Syracuse. Author: Motto and Reso- 
lutions of a Little Girl; A Divine Call to 
Foreign Missionary Service; Seven Thoughts 
in Seven Garbs; Record of Daily Work; 
Extra Uterine Fcetation; Fruit of Suffering; 
Pork and Mustard; Heart Echoes from the 
Silence of Secret Prayer; Within the Pur- 
dah; Heroes and Heroines of Zion; In the 
Zenana Homes of Indian Princes; Record of 

Daily Work and Diary; Prayer Inspired by 
Promise; Khetwadi Castle; In Secret; My 
Esther; Living Out Loud. Residences Amber, 

N. Y. Office: 402 S. Warren St., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

ARNOLD, Abraham Kerns, brig. -gen. 
U. S. V.; col. 1st U. S. eav. ; b. Bedford, 
Pa., March 24, 1837; grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., 
1859; bvt. 2d It., 2d cav. ; commissioned 2d 
It. June 28, 1860; 1st It. 5th cav., July 17, 
1862; maj. 6th cav., June 22, 1869; It. -col. 1st 
cav., June 11, 1886; col. 8th cav., Feb. 7. 
1891; transferred to 1st cav., April 22, 189L 
Bvtd. capt. June 27, 1862, for gallantry at 
Gaines' Mill, and maj., May 6, 1864, for gal- 
lantry at Todd's Tavern; Congressional med- 
al of honor for gallantry in action at Daven- 
port Bridge, N. Anna River, Va., May 18, 
18G4; comd. cav. div. at Chickamauga; comd. 
5th cav. in Civil war; served against Indians 
on frontier; commissioned brig. -gen. U. S. 
Vols., 1898; served in war with Spain in the 
field from April 22, 1898; comdg., 1899, 2d 
div., 7th army corps, in Cuba. Address: Care 
War Dept, Washington. 

ARNOLD, Birch* see Bartlett, Alice Eloise. 

ARNOLD, Edmund Samuel Foster, M. 

D. ; b. Bermondsey, London, England, Jan. 
30, 1820; ed. private school and at Moravian 
Inst., Neuwied, on the Rhine; med. ed'n as 
house pupil, Guy's Hosp., London, 1835-44, 
and Univ. of Bonn; licensed med. practi- 
tioner at Apothecaries' Hall, London, 1842; 
mem. Royal Coll. of Surgeons, 1844; M. D., 
Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1848; practiced 
in New York, 1848-54, and at Yonkers, 1854- 
1872; retired from practice, 1872; treas. In- 
ternat. Med. Congress, Washington, 1887; 
living at Newport, R. I., until 1898, when he 
removed to Fla. ; consulting phys. and sur- 
geon of Newport Hosp., R. I. ; wrote many 
papers published in med. journals, and was 
connected with various med. socs. ; m. 1856, 
Eliza, d. James R. Whiting, judge Supreme 
Court of N. Y. (died, 1897). Address: Man- 
darin, Fla. 

ARNOLD, James Newell, author, pub- 
lisher; b. Cranston, R. I., Aug. 3, 1844; com- 
mon school ed'n, supplemented by private 
study: genealogist and historian. Author: 
The Narragansett Historical Register (8 
vols.); Rhode Island Vital Records (10 vols.), 
the largest geneal. compilation ever made 
by one man in America; now adding other 
vols, of latter and preparing a Digest of 
Probate of Rhode Island. Unmarried. Ad- 
dress: Box 114, Providence, R. I. 

ARNOLD, Maurice, composer (real name, 
M. Arnold-Strothotte) ; b. St. Louis, Jan. 
19, 1865; .?. of a physician; his mother gave 
him his first instruction; studied Coll. of 
Music, Cincinnati, also in Cologne and Ber- 
lin, under Bruch, Wuellner and Yensen; his 
best known work, American Plantation 
Dances, produced in 1894 at Madison Sq. 
Garden, under auspices of Dr. Anton Dvor- 
ak; incited Dvorak's interest in negro mus- 
ic and was apptd. teacher of theory at Nat. 
Conservatory of Music. Ccmposer: American 
Plantation Dances; Dramatic Overture; 



Wild Chase (performed in St. Louis); The 
Merry Benedicts (opera perf. Brooklyn, 
1896); Violin Sonata in B. min. ; Songs: 
Say Not I'm Forsaken, Lady of My Heart; 
Piano: Souvenir de Seville, Bolero, Little 
Turtle-Dove, Tete-a-tete, etc.; Duets for 
Violin, Viola; Valses for String Quartet. 
Address: 10 B. 17th St., New York. 
ARNOLD, Sarali Louise, supervisor of 
schools, Boston, since 1895; b. N. Abington, 
Mass., Feb. 15, 1859; grad. State Normal 
School, Bridgewater, Mass., 1878; taught 
various schools in Mass., Pa., Vt., N. H. ; 
was prin. training school, Saratoga, N. Y., 2 
yrs. ; supervisor schools, Minneapolis, 7 yrs. ; 
prominent in summer school work; contrib- 
utor to edn'l journals. Author: Waymarks 
for Teachers, 1894 S6; Stepping Stones to 
Literature, 1897 S6; Reading: How to Teach 
It, 1899 S6; The Mother Tongue, 1900 Gl. 
Residence: Newton Centre, Mass. Office: Ma- 
son St., Boston. 
ARNOLDSON, Sigrid (Mme. Fischof), 
prima donna; b. Stockholm, Sweden; studied 
under Mme. Desiree Artot de Padilla and 
Maurice Strakosch; debut at Moscow, Rus- 
sia, in II Barbiere de Siviglia; sang several 
seasons at Opera Comique, Paris, and Co- 
vent Garden, London; appeared in grand op- 
era in U. S. under Abbey & Grau; m. Albert 
Fischof; toured U. S., 1894. 
ARONSON, Maurice, pianist, writer, critic; 
b. Mitau, Kurland, Russia, June 24, 1869; s. 
Hermann and Annette A. ; grad. Mitau Gym- 
nasium, 1885; made splty. of chemistry but 
gave it up for music, which he had studied 
from 9th yr. ; advanced musical ed'n in 
Riga, St. Petersburg, Berlin, 1885-8; unmar- 
ried. Came to U. S., 1888, settled in South 
as pianist and organist; pianist for Chicago 
Conservatory of Music, 1896-1900. Made ex- 
tensive studies in musical history, litera- 
ture and theory. Contributed to "Music," 
Chicago, Symphony and Symphonic Poem, 
1897; Schumann's Song Cycles, 1897; Robert 
Franz In His Relation to Music and Its 
Masters, 1897; The Poles in Music, 1898; 
Franz Schubert (in memory of the 100th an- 
niversary of his birth), 1897. Residence: 759 
42d St. Office: Auditorium Tower, Chicago. 
ARONSON, Rudolph, theatrical mgr., mu- 
sical composer; now mgr. Bijou Theatre, 
New York; projector and builder Metropoli- 
tan Concert Hall (site of present Broadway 
Theatre) ; also projector and builder Casino 
(with first roof garden in America). Com- 
poser of more than 150 pieces for orchestra, 
including the famous Sweet Sixteen waltz; 
in 1894 presented, in behalf of American mu- 
sicians, to Johann Strauss, Vienna, a silver 
and gold wreath in honor of his golden jub- 
ilee celebration. Residence: 144 W. 94th St. 
Office: 1239 Broadway, New York. 
"ARP, Bill," see Smith, Charles Henry. 
ARRASMITH, John W., farmer; b. Sulli- 
van Co., Mo., Oct. 11, 1850; ed. public 
schools of Mo. and Ore. ; engaged in farming 
in Wash. Ty. Elected to territorial legisla- 
ture, 1884 and 1886; State legislature, 1892; 
and chosen speaker of the house, Jan. 9, 
1893; defeated for It. -gov., 1896; Rep. A char- 

ter mem., 1888, and 3 yrs. sec. and treas. 
Washington Territory Farmers' Alliance; 
now v.-p. of Nat. Farmers' Alliance for 
State of Washington; m. Feb. 11, 1877, Austa 
A. Miller. Address: Colfax, Whitman Co., 

ARRIAGA, Antonio Lazo, E. E. & M. 

P. from Guatemala to U. S. ; b. Danli, Span- 
ish Honduras, April 10, 1857; ed., first by 
private tutors, then Univ. of Tegucigalpa, 
1870, and Univ. of Guatemala, 1872-7; grad. 
from latter as lawyer and public notary ; 
mem. Nat. Assembly of Guatemala, 1882-7; 
asst. sec. of ed'n, 1890; Minister of Foreign 
Relations, 1885; v.-p. Council of State, 1887; 
speaker Nat. Assembly, 1891; has been prof, 
in various colls, and Nat. Univ. of Guat- 
emala; has served in various corporations 
and corns. ; mem. of several scientific socs. 
Residence: 1783 P St. N. W. Office: Guatemal- 
an Legation, Washington. 
ARRINGTON, Lillie, see Burroughs, 

ARTHUR, Alfred, musician; b. Pittsburg, 
Pa., Oct. 8, 1844; studied under private 
teachers in Boston, and Julius Eichberg, at 
the Boston Conservatory of Music; while in 
Boston sang tenor in a choir of Ch. of the 
Advent; settled in Cleveland, O., 1871, and 
taught and directed musical socs.; founded 
Cleveland Vocal Soc, 1873; founded Bach 
Choir of Woodland Presby'n Ch., 1878; vis- 
ited Europe, 1879, and again, 1887. Now di- 
rector Cleveland School of Music. Address: 
701, The Arcade, Cleveland, O. 
ARTHUR, Joseph Charles, botanist; b. 
Lowville, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1850; grad. Iowa 
State Coll., 1872 (M. S. ; D. Sc, Cornell); 
studied at Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and 
Bonn, Germany. Was instr. at Univs. 
of Minn, and Wis.; then 4 yrs. botanist to 
exp. sta., Geneva, N. Y. ; since then prof, 
vegetable physiology and pathology, Purdue 
Univ., and botanist to Ind. Exp. Sta. Writer 
on bot. subjects. Address: Lafayette, Ind. 
ARTHUR, Julia, actress; b. in Hamilton, 
Ont., May 3, 1869, of Irish and Welsh pa- 
rentage; real name, Ida Lewis, stage name 
being taken from her mother's maiden name 
of Arthur. At 11 played in amateur dramat- 
ic club, taking part of Gamora in The Hon- 
eymoon and of Portia in The Merchant of 
Venice; 3 yrs. later made professional debut 
as the Prince of Wales in Daniel Band- 
mann's presentation of Richard III; re- 
mained 3 seasons with that co. ; studied vio- 
lin music and dramatic art in England: first 
New York success at Union Sq. Theatre in 
The Black Masque; later in A. M. Palmer's 
co. in several roles, notably in Mercedes, 
1893; London debut, Feb. 1, 1895, in Henry 
Irving's co., playing roles next to Miss Ter- 
ry; especially successful as Rosamond in 
A'Becket, with Irving and Terry in U. S., 
1896; since then starring in U. S. Address: 
41 Spring St., Hamilton, Ont. 
ASDALE, William J., physician; grad. 
Rush Med. Coll., Chicago; sec. Western Pa. 
Med. Coll.; prof, diseases of women, same; 
mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Ass'n of Ob- 
stetricians and Gynecologists, and Pa. State 



and Allegheny Co. Med. Socs. Address: 5523 
Elsworth Av., Pittsburg, Pa. 
ASHBRIDGE, Samuel H., mayor Phila. ; 
b. Phila., Dec. 5, 1849; ed. pub. schools; en- 
tered mercantile life as clerk in coal office; 
later engaged in same business for himself; 
became known as orator on patriotic occa- 
sions; chief clerk coroner's office, 1880-6; 
coroner, 1886-99; elected mayor, Feb., 1899, 
by 120,000 majority (largest ever given). 
Address: Philadelphia. 

ASHBY, Thomas Almond, M. D.; b. 

Front Royal, Warren Co., Va., Nov. 18, 1848; 
took an elective course in Washington Coll. 
(now Washington & Lee Univ., Va.), 1867-70; 
M. D., med. dept., Univ. of Md., 1873; located 
in Baltimore; held numerous hosp. and coll. 
apptmts. ; was a founder, 1877, and later ed- 
itor and prop'r until 1888, Md. Med. Jour.; a 
founder, 1882, and late prof, obstetrics Wom- 
an's Med. Coll., Baltimore; prof, diseases of 
women, Baltimore Med. Coll., 1889-97; same 
chair Univ. of Md. since 1897; mem. many 
med. socs. ; prominent as operative gynecol- 
ogist; m. 1887, Mary Cunningham, Coving- 
ton, Ky. Address: 1125 Madison Av., Balti- 

ASHHURST, Richard Lewis, lawyer; b. 
Naples, Italy, Feb. 5, 1838; s. John and Har- 
riet (Eyre) A., both of Phila.; grad. Univ. 
of Pa., 1856 (A. M., 1859); grad. law dept., 
same, 1859; admitted to bar June, 1859; m. 
May 30, 1861, Sara, d. Prof. John F. Frazer. 
Mustered into Union army, 1st It. and adj. 
150th Pa. Vols., Aug. 11, 1862; honorably 
discharged for wounds received at Gettys- 
burg, Sept. 5, 1863; bvtd. capt. for services 
at Chancellorsville; bvtd. maj. U. S. Vols., 
for distinguished gallantry at Gettysburg. 
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Am. Philos. Soc, 
Pa. Hist. Soc, vice dean Shakespeare Soc; 
Rep. Residence: 321 S. 11th St. Office: 225 S. 
6th St., Philadelphia. 

ASHLEY, Barnas Freeman, clergyman, 
author; b. Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Nov. 27, 
1833; 5. Rev. William Washington and Han- 
nah Kempton A. ; ed. public schools, Bar- 
rington, N. S. ; classical and theol. course 
under private tutors in Boston; 3 yrs'. med. 
course, Ohio Med. Coll., Cleveland, 0.; m. 
Nov. 26, 1857, Caroline L. Goodspeed, Oster- 
ville, Mass. In active pastorate 43 yrs., of 
Bapt. chs.,' and later of Reformed (Dutch) 
Ch., New York. Began to write poems and 
sketches at 16; lately writer of short stories 
for McClure syndicate, and books for boys. 
Author: Tan-Pile Jim, 1895 LI; Dick and 
Jack's, 1897 LI; Adventures on Sable Island, 
1896 LI; Air Castle Don; etc. Address: Ra- 
venna, O. 

ASHLEY, Clarence Degrand, lawyer; b. 
Boston, July 4, 1851; studied law; practices 
In New York; organized and was prof, in 
Metropolis Law School, New York; later 
prof, law Univ. Law School, of which he be- 
came vice-dean, and is now dean; 1899, 
apptd. non-resident lecturer in law, Bryn 
Mawr Coll. Residence: 82 E. 55th St. Office: 
11 Williams St., New York. 

ASHLEY, George Hall, prof, biology and 
geology, and curator of museum, Coll. of 

Charleston, S. C, since Oct. 1, 1900; b. Roch- 
ester, N. Y., Aug. 9, 1866; grad. Cornell (M. 
E.), 1890 (A. M., 1892; Ph. D., 1894, Leland 
Stanford, Jr., Univ.); m. July 11, 1895, Mary 
E. Martin, Buffalo, N. Y. Paleontologist, 
Rochester, N. Y., 1889-91; asst. geologist 
Geol. Survey of Ark., 1891-3; teaching in 
Calif., 1894-6; asst. State geologist of Ind., 
1896-1900. Has contributed to literary period- 
icals and tech. journals and has published 
geol. reports, etc. Address: 41 Bee St., 
Charleston, S. C. 

ASHLEY, John liar man, insurance jour- 
nalist, 120 Liberty St., New York. 

ASHLEY, John Pritehard, pres. Albion 
Coll.; b. Stoke-on-Trent, England, April 14, 
1862; common school and academic ed'n at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; grad. Ohio WesleyanUniv., 
1890; post graduate studies at Boston Univ., 
Jena, Berlin and Oxford; (A. M., S. T. B., 
Ph. D., D. D.). Prof, philosophy; author 
and lecturer; pres. Genesee Wesleyan Sem., 
1895-8; Mich. Coll. Ass'n, 1898-9; m. Delia 
Gust, Fostoria, O. Address: Albion, Mich. 

ASHLEY, O. D., pres. Wabash R. R. since 
1889; b. Townsend, Vt., April 9, 1821; en- 
tered ry. life as 2d sec. and transfer agt. 
Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Ry. ; mem. 
purchasing com., same, 1885-7; pres. Wabash 
Western R. R., 1887-9. Address: 195 Broad- 
way, New York. 

ASHLEY, William James, prof, eco- 
nomic history Harvard, since 1892; b. Lon- 
don, England, Feb. 25, 1860; s. James A., 
London, England; ed. St. Olave's Grammar 
School, Southwark, England; Balliol Coll., 
Oxford, England, B. A., 1881; M. A., 1885; 
m. Annie Margaret, d. George Birkbeck 
Hill, D. C. L., and great-niece of Sir Row- 
land Hill, originator of Penny Postage. 
First Class Modern History, Oxford, 1881; 
Lothian prize, Oxford, 1882; fellow Lincoln 
Coll., Oxford, 1885-8; lecturer in history Lin- 
coln and Corpus Christi colls., Oxford, 
1885-8; prof, political economy and consti- 
tutional history Univ. Toronto, Canada, 
1888-92; examiner in History Tripos, Univ. 
of Cambridge, England, 1899; corr. Royal 
Hist. Soc, England. Author: James and 
Philip van Artevelde, 1883 Ml; An Introduc- 
tion to English Economic History and The- 
ory, vol. 1, 1888, vol. 2, 1893 L4 and P2 
(translated into German, 1896, and French, 
1900) ; Introductory chapter on The English 
Manor in the Origin of Property in Land, 
by Fustel de Coulanges, translated by Mrs. 
Ashley, 1891 Sll; Surveys Historic and Eco- 
nomic, 1900 L4; many articles in Quarterly 
Journal of Economics, Political Science 
Quarterly, Economic Journal, New York 
Nation, etc. Edited Economic Classics, Ml, 
translating for same Schmoller's Mercantile 
System, 1896; Turgot's Reflections, 1898. 
Address: 6 Acacia St., Cambridge, Mass. 

ASHMEAD, William Harris, asst. cura- 
tor, div. insects, U. S. Nat. Museum since 
July, 1897; b. Phila., Sept. 19, 1855; 5. Capt. 
Albert S. A.; ed. private and public schools; 
m. Phila., 1878, Harriet, d. Thomas O. 
Holmes. After leaving school was in pub- 
lishing house J. B. Lippincott Co., Phila.; 



went to Jacksonville, Fla., 1876, and with 
brother established as publisher of agr'l 
books, an agr'l weekly, and started a daily. 
Edited scientific dept. of weekly, devoting 
himself chiefly to investigation of injurious 
insects; sp'l field entomologist U. S. Dept. 
Agr., 1887; entomologist State Agr'l Coll., 
Lake City, Fla., 1888; asst. entomologist and 
investigator U. S. Dept. Agr.; 1889, sp'l 
studies in Berlin winter, 1889-90; returned to 
Dept. Agr. Fellow A. A. A. S. ; corr. mem. 
Am. Entom. Soc, Phila. ; v. -p. Washing- 
ton Biol. Soc; pres. Cambridge Entom. Soc, 
1894; pres. Washington Entom. Soc, 1894-5; 
v. -p. Washington Acad. Sciences, 1898. Au- 
thor: Orange Insects (treatise on beneficial 
and injurious insects in Fla.), 1880 A7. 
Wrote: Monograph of the North American 
Proctotryphidae; also 183 contributions to 
entom. mags., journals and soc. proceed- 
ings. Residence: 1825 A St., N. W. Office: U. 
S. Nat. Museum, Washington. 

"ASHMONT," see Perry, J. Frank. 

ASHMORE, Otis, educator, astronomer; b. 
Lincoln Co., Ga., March 6, 1853; hon. A. M. 
Univ. of Ga. ; taught in several schools in 
Ga., 1876-87. Went to Savannah, Ga., 1887; 
taught science in the high school till 1896, 
when he was elected supt. of public schools 
of that city, which position he now holds. 
Has made astron. calculations for Grier's 
Almanac for 17 years, and contributed many 
articles to public press on scientific subjects. 
Address: Savannah, Ga. 

ASHMORE, Sidney G., prof. Latin lan- 
guage and literature, Union Univ., since 
1881; b. London, England, April 15, 1852; j. 
late Sidney and Maria Elsworth (Phelps) 
A. ; grad. Columbia, 1872, A. M., same, 1875, 
L. H. D., Hobart Coll., 1884; m. Troy, N. 
Y., Oct. 31, 1895, Fanny Hart Vail. Instr. 
Latin and Greek, Lehigh Univ., 1873-6; instr. 
in Latin, Columbia, 1876-81; mem. Archaeol. 
Inst, of America, Am. Philol. Ass'n, Man- 
aging Com. Am. School of Classical Studies, 
Rome, Italy. Author: Terence (Adelphce), 
1893, revised 1896, Macmillan's Classical 
Series; Caesar (Helvetian War), and Caesar 
(Invasion of Britain), both in Macmillan's 
Elementary Series, Ml. Wrote article, The 
Latin Language and Literature, in Interna- 
tional Encyclopaedia (revised edition); Re- 
view of Schlee's "Scholia Terentiana," 
Classical Review, Oct., 1894; article on Ter- 
ence, Harper's Dictionary Classical Litera- 
ture and Antiquities; article on Latin Pro- 
nunciation in New York Education, Feb., 
1899, and other papers for various edn'l pub- 
lications. Address: Union Univ., Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. 

ASHMUN, George Coates, M. D., prof. 

hygiene and preventive medicine-registrar 
and bursar faculty, Med. Coll. Western Re- 
serve Univ.; b. Tallmadge, O., Jan. 31, 1841; 
ed. Tallmadge Acad.; grad. Med. Coll., 
Western Reserve Univ., 1873; m. 1st, May 20, 
1880, Laura J. Post; 2d, Nov. 27, 1888, Alice 
Ford. Served in Civil war, Aug. 26, 1861, to 
Sept. 12, 1862, and Nov. 23, 18C3, to Sept. 9, 
1865; U. S. examiner for pensions, Cleve- 
land, O., 1873-86; health officer, Cleveland, 

1881-91. Mem. Loyal Legion; G. A. R.; city 
council. Address: 794 Republic St., Cleve- 
land, O. 

ASHTON, William Easterly, M. D.; b. 
Phila., June 5, 1859; grad. Univ. of Pa.; M. 
D., 1881; prof, gynecology, Medico-Chirur. 
Coll. Address: 2011 Walnut St., Philadel- 

ASPINWALL, Alicia, author; b. (Towne); 
m. Thomas Aspinwall. Author: Short Stories 
for Short People, 1896 D4; The Echo Maid 
and Other Stories, 1897 D4. Address: Brook- 
line, Mass. 

ASSIS-BRASIL, Joaquim Francisco de, 

E. E. and M. P., from Brazil to U. S., since 
1898; b. State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 
July 29, 1858; grad. law, Saint Paulo Univ., 
1882 (doc. law); practiced law native state; 
mem. legislative assembly as Rep. ; actively 
engaged in politics to overthrow empire, 
1885-9; mem. constituent congress, 1890-1; 
apptd. by Republic diplomatic representative 
to Argentine Republic, 1890; sp'l mission to 
China, 1894; Portugal, 1895, to resume inter- 
rupted friendly relations. Mem. Royal Acad. 
Sciences, Lisbon. Author: A Republica Fed- 
eral; Democracia Representativa; Do Gov- 
ermo Presidencial na Republica Brasileira; 
Volume of Poetry; Popular Treatise to Pro- 
mote Agriculture in Brazil. Founded and 
pres. soc. in Paris to promote agr. in Brazil. 
Farmer and horse breeder (all gold and sil- 
ver medals, 1896, exhibition Rio de Janeiro). 
Address: 2012 Columbia Rd., N. W., Wash- 

ASTOR, John Jacob, It. -col. U. S. V.; b. 

Rhinebeck, N. Y., July 13, 1864; s. William, 
and great g.s. John Jacob Astor; grad. 
Harvard (B. S.), 1888; traveled abroad, 
1888-91; since then mgr. family estates; built 
1897, Astoria Hotel, New York, adjoining 
Waldorf Hotel, which was built by Wm. 
Waldorf Astor, his cousin, the two now 
forming one building under name of Wal- 
dorf-Astoria Hotel, one of the largest and 
probably most costly hotels in the world. 
Was col., staff of Gov. Levi P. Morton, and 
May, 1898, commissioned lt.-col. U. S. vols.; 
presented to the Govt, a mountain battery 
for use in war against Spain, said to cost 
over $75,000. After assisting Maj. -Gen. Breck- 
inridge, Insp.-Gen. U. S. A., in inspection 
of camp and troops at Chickamauga Park, 
Ga., assigned to duty on staff of Maj. -Gen. 
Shafter and served in Cuba in operations 
ending in surrender of Santiago. Has in- 
vented a bicycle brake and a pneumatic road 
improver. Author: A Journey In Other 
Worlds; etc Owns a country home (Fern- 
cliff) at Rhinebeck-on-Hudson, N. Y. Ad- 
dress: 840 5th Av., New York. 
ASTOR, William Waldorf, capitalist, 
author; b. New York, March 31, 1848; s. late 
John Jacob Astor, and great g. s. of first 
John Jacob, founder of the Astor fortune. 
Ed. by private tutors, finishing in Europe; 
entered office of the Astor Estate, 1871; suc- 
ceeded his father, 1890, as head of the Astor 
family, with personal fortune estimated at 
about $100,000,000; m. June 6, 1878, Mary 
Dahlgren, d. James W. Paul, Phila. Mem. 



New York legislature, 1878-81; U. S. minis- 
ter to Italy, 1882-5; removed to England, 
1890; became owner Pall Mall Gazette and 
Pall Mall Mag. Author: Valentino, a Story 
of Rome; Sforza, an Historical Romance of 
the 16th Century in Italy; etc. Address: 
Cliveden, Taplow, Bucks, England. 

ATHERTOJi, George W., pres. the Pa. 
State Coll. since 1882; b. Boxford, Essex 
Co., Mass., June 20, 1837; left fatherless at 
12; helped to support mother and two sis- 
ters; worked in cotton mill, then on farm, 
later as teacher; worked his way through 
Phillips Exeter Acad, and Yale; grad. 1863 
(LL. D., Franklin and Marshall Coll., 1883); 
m. Dec. 25, 1863, Frances D. W. Washburn. 
Served as It. and capt. 10th Conn, vols., 
18G1-3; taught in Albany Boys' Acad., 1863-7; 
prof. St. John's Coll., Annapolis, Md., 1867- 
8; Univ. of 111., 1868-9; prof, political econ- 
omy and constitutional law, Rutgers, N. J., 
1869-82; mem. Bd. of Visitors to U. S. Naval 
Acad., 1873 and 1891; on comm'n to investi- 
gate Red Cloud Indian agency, 1875; chmn. 
comm'n to digest and revise State system 
of taxation, N. J., 1878; admitted to N. J. 
bar, 1878; was first pres. Am. Ass'n of Agr'l 
Colls, and Exp. Stas. Author: Magna Charta, 
a Comparative View of the Barons' Articles 
and the Great Charter. Address: State Col- 
lege, Pa. 

ATHERTON, Gertrude Franklin, au- 
thor; b. San Francisco, Calif.; o. d., Thom- 
as L. Horn and Gertrude Franklin; g. g. 
niece Benjamin Franklin. Ed. St. Mary's 
Hall, Benicia, Calif.; Sayre Inst., Lexing- 
ton, Ky. ; m. George H. Bowen Atherton, 
Menlo Park, Calif, (now deceased). Has 
lived abroad much of time. Author: The 
Doomswoman, 1892; Before the Gringo Came, 
1894; A Whirl Asunder, 1895; Patience Spar- 
hawk and Her Times, 1897; His Fortunate 
Grace, 1897; American Wives and English 
Husbands, 1898; The Calif ornians, 1898; A 
Daughter of the Vine, 1899; The Valiant 
Runaways, 1899; Senator North, 1900. Ad- 
dress: 49 W. 44th St., New York. 

ATKINS, James, Sunday school editor, 
M. E. Ch., South, since 1896; b. Knoxville, 
Tenn., April 18, 1850; s. James and Mary F. 
A.; ed. Riceville Acad., Tenn., 1858-62; Em- 
ory & Henry Coll., 1866-72 (A. M., same, D. 
D., Trinity Coll., Durham, N. C); entered 
ministry in the Holston Conf. M. E. Ch., 
South, 1872; m. Mossy Creek, Tenn., Sept. 
14, 1876, EllaM. Branner. Pastor 1872-9; pres. 
Asheville Female Coll. 1879-89; pres. Emory 
& Henry Coll. 1889-93; pres. Asheville Fe- 
male Coll., 1893-6. Residence: 1511 Hayes St. 
Office: 346 Public Sq., Nashville, Tenn. 

ATKINSON, Edward, economist, under- 
writer; b. Brookline Mass. Feb. 10 1827; 5. 
Amos and Anna G. A. ; ed. in private 
schools, (LL. D., Univ. of S. C; Ph. D. 
Dartmouth Coll.); m. Oct. 4, 1855, Mary C. 
Heath. For nearly 40 yrs. he has been ac- 
tively engaged in authorship of papers and 
pamphlets on banking, competition, rail- 
roading, cotton manufacture, fire preven- 
tion, the tariff, the money question, imperi- 
alism, etc. Has invented an improved cook- 
ing stove called "Aladdin Oven"; has been 

pres. Boston Mfrs.' Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 
since 1878. Author: The Distribution of Prop- 
erty, P2; Industrial Progress of the Nation, 
P2; The Margin of Profit, P2; Taxation and 
Work, P2; The Science of Nutrition; The 
Prevention of Loss by Fire. Residence: Heath 
Hill, Brookline, Mass. Business Address: Box 
112, Boston. 

ATKINSON, Fred Washington, gen. 
supt. public instruction for Philippine 
Islands since May 5, 1900; b. Reading, Mass., 
May 23, 1865; 5. George W. and Eliza A.; ed. 
Reading High School, 1879-82; Bridgewater, 
Mass., State Normal School, 1882-6; grad. 
Harvard, 1890; studied at Berlin, Halle, 
Leipzig univs. (Ph. D., Leipzig, 1893); re- 
turned to Germany and studied at Jena one 
semester, thence to Paris for 5 months at 
Sorbonne; m. Waltham, Mass., Aug. 27, 
1890, Winnifred G. Whitford. While abroad 
visited schools throughout Germany, France 
and Austria; taught Upton, Mass., 1886-7; 
Westfield, Mass., 1890-1; in Europe, 1891-4; 
prin. high school, Springfield, Mass., 1894- 
1900; contributor to edn'l journals. Address: 
Manila, P. I. 

ATKINSON, George Francis, prof, bot- 
any, Cornell Univ.; b. Raisinville, Monroe 
Co., Mich., Jan. 26, 1854; studied Olivet Coll., 
Mich., 1878-83; grad. Cornell Univ. (Ph. B.), 
1885; m. 1888, Lizzie S., d. W. C. Kerr. State 
geologist of N. C. ; asst. prof., 1885-6, and 
asso. prof, entomology and gen. zoology, 
Univ. of N. C, 1886-8; prof, botany and 
zoology Univ. of S. C, and botanist of expt. 
sta., 1888-9; prof, biology, Ala. Polytechnic 
Inst, and Agr'l and Mech. Coll. of Ala., and 
biologist of expt. sta., 1889-92; 1892-3, asst. 
prof, cryptogamic botany, Cornell Univ.; 
asso. prof, same, 1893-6; since 1896, prof, 
of botany and botanist of the expt. sta. 
Fellow A. A. A. S., (v. -p., 1896-8); mem. Soc. 
for Plant Physiology and Morphology; sec. 
Bot. Soc. Am., 1898; asso. editor The Bot- 
anical Gazette. Author: Biology of Ferns; 
Elementary Botany; Lessons in Botany; 
Stories on Plant Life; Studies of American 
Fungi Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.; 
and many papers in Am. and foreign bot. 
journals. Address: Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N.Y. 

ATKINSON, George Wesley, ex-gov. W. 
Va. ; b. Charleston, W. Va., June 29, 1845; 
grad. Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1870; post grad- 
uate studies gaining degree Ph. D., Mt. 
Union Coll., O. ; grad. Howard Univ. law 
dept. (LL. B. ; LL. D., Univ. of Nashville 
and U. S. Grant Univ.; D. C. L., Univ. of 
W. Va.) Lawyer; has been mem. W. Va. 
legislature, Charleston bd. ed'n; co. supt. 
public schools; postmaster Charleston, 6 
years; U. S. Internal revenue agt., 4 yrs.; 
U. S. Marshal, W. Va., 4 yrs.; mem. Con- 
gress, 1889-91; gov. W. Va., 1897-1901; Rep.; 
twice married; Knight Templar; grand sec. 
Grand Lodge of Freemasons, W. Va. ; was 
grand master, 1876-7. Author: History of 
Kanawha; West Virginia Pulpit; A B C of 
the Tariff; Don't, or Negative Chips from 
Blocks of Living Truths; Revenue Digest; 
Prominent Men of West Virginia; After the 
Moonshiners; Psychology Simplified; also 
vol. of poems. Address: Wheeling, W. Va. 



ATKINSON, Henry Morrell, pres. South- 
ern Banking and Trust Co.; b. Brookline, 
Mass., Nov. 13, 1862; ed. Harvard, class of 
1884; went to Atlanta, 1885, and was con- 
nected 3 yrs. with S. M. Inman & Co., cot- 
ton merchants; established, 1889, Southern 
Banking and Trust Co., becoming its v.-p. 
and later pres. Established, 1891, and is 
pres., Ga. Electric Light Co.; v.-p. Third 
Nat. Bank of Atlanta; officer and director 
of various other corporations; chmn. trus- 
tees Empire Bldg. ; m. April, 1888, May, d. 
Col. Richard Peters, of Atlanta. Address: 
Atlanta, Ga. 

ATKINSON, Isaac Edmondson, physi- 
cian; b. Baltimore, Jan. 23, 1S46; s. James 
Edmondson and Hannah Ann (Smith) A. ; 
ed. Univ. of Md.; grad. med. dept., same, 
1865; m. Frederick, Md., Oct. 17, 1867, Vir- 
ginia Rebecca Duval. Mem. and ex-pres. 
Clinical Soc. of Md. ; of the Med. and Chi- 
rurg. Faculty of Md., Am. Dermatol. Ass'n; 
mem. Ass'n Am. Physicians; emeritus prof, 
therapeutics and clinical medicine Univ. of 
Md. Has written many articles in med. 
journals, chiefly relating to dermatology and 
internal medicine; also contributor to sev- 
eral med. handbooks and systems. Address: 
609 Cathedral St., Baltimore. 

ATKINSON, William Biddle, physi- 
cian; b. in Haverford Township, Dela- 
ware Co., Pa., June 21, 1832; grad. Phila. 
Central High School, 1850 (A. M., 1855); 
Jefferson Med. Coll., 1853. Has been editor 
of several med. journals, and is now editor 
Public Health, Phila. ; lecturer on diseases 
of Children, Jefferson Med Coll.; prof, san- 
itary science and pediatrics, Medico-Chirurg. 
Coll., Phila.; permanent sec. Am. Med. 
Ass'n, 1864-99; permanent sec. Med. Soc, 
State of Pa., 1862-97; has been pres. Phila. 
Co. Med. Soc. ; now sec. Associated Health 
Authorities of Pa. ; mem. several learned 
60cs. ; married. Author: Hints in the Obstet- 
ric Procedure, 1879; Therapeutics of Gyne- 
cology and Obstetrics, 1881; Physicians and 
Surgeons of the United States, 1879, all 01; 
also many monographs on medical subjects. 
Address: 1400 Pine St., Philadelphia. 

ATKINSON, William Elrie, lawyer, pres. 
Ouachita Bapt. Coll.; b. Shelby Co., Aia., 
July 24, 1852; removed to Ark., 1857; studied 
law, Washington and Lee Univ. ; practices 
at Little Rock; atty.-gen. Ark., 1888-92; 
prominent in Missionary Bapt. Ch. ; one of 
founders of Ouachita Baptist Coll. Address: 
Little Rock, Ark. 

ATTERBURY, Anson Phelps, clergy- 
man; b. New York, June 18, 1854; attended 
Phillips Acad, and Yale; grad. Union Theol. 
Sem., 1879 (Ph. D., N. Y. Univ.; D. D., 
Hamilton Coll.); tn. June 11, 1891, Catharine 
G. Van Rensselaer; pastor Park Presby'n 
Ch., New York. Author: Islam in Africa. 
Translator : Sombart's Socialism. Address: 145 
W. 86th St., New York. 

ATWATER, John Wilhur, ex-congress- 
man; b. Chatham Co., N. C, Dec. 27, 1840; 
academic ed'n; enlisted Co. D., 1st N. C. 
vols., C. S. A., and served with Gen. Lee to 

close of war; State senator, 1890, 1892 and 
1896, first term as Dem., and last two as 
Populist; mem. 56th Congress, 4th N. 
C. dist. Address: Rialto, N. C. 

ATWATER, R. M., chemist; mem. Am. 
Chem. Soc. Address: 13 Rue de 1' Aqueduc, 
Paris, France. 

ATWATER, Wilbnr Olin, prof, chem- 
istry Wesleyan Univ. since 1873; b. Johns- 
burgh, N. Y., May 3, 1844; grad. Wesleyan, 
1865; studied chemistry Sheffield Scientific 
School, Yale (Ph. D., 1869), and univs. of 
Leipzig and Berlin; prof, chemistry East 
Tenn. Univ., 1871-2; Me. State Coll., 1873; 
director Conn. Agr'l Expt. Sta., the first 
Institution of the kind in the U. S., 1875-7; 
director Storrs (Conn.) Expt. Sta. since 1887; 
founded, 1888, and until 1891 director, Office 
Expt. Stas., U. S. Dept. Agr. ; since 1891 
sp'l agt. Dept. Agr., and since 1894 in charge 
of nutrition investigations; has published 
over 100 papers on chem. and allied sub- 
jects; tn. Aug. 26, 1874, Marcia Woodard, 
Bangor, Me. Address: Middletown, Conn. 

ATWILL, Edward Robert, P. E. bishop 
of West Mo., consecrated Oct. 14, 1890; b. 
Red Hook, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1840; s. Robert 
E. and Margaret A. ; grad. Columbia, New 
York, 1862; (D. D., Univ. of Vt.); grad. Gen. 
Theol. Sem., New York, 1864. Rector St. 
Paul's, Burlington, Vt., 1867-80; Trinity, To- 
ledo, O., 1881-90; m. Mary Whiting. Address: 
1709 Lin wood Av., Kansas City, Mo. 

ATWOOD, Charles Edwin, M. D. ; 6. 

Shoreham, Vt., July 21, 1861; grad. Cornell, 
1880, followed by a year there in natural his- 
tory and preparatory med. course; grad. 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 1883. Entered 
civil service of the State of N. Y., Jan., 1885, 
after competitive exam., as asst. physician 
Hudson River State Hosp., Poughkeepsie; 
transferred to Utica State Hosp., 1887; was 
also asso. editor Am. Journal of Insanity 
for iY 2 yrs.; since 1892 on med. staff Soc. N. 
Y. Hosp., Bloomingdale, and clinical asst. 
in nervous diseases med. dept. Columbia. 
Mem. Am. Social Science Ass'n, Nat. Inst. 
of Art, Science and Letters; asso. mem. Am. 
Psychological Ass'n, and N. Y. Co. Med. 
Soc; has served as med. expert in courts, 
etc. ; tn. Feb. 5, 1896, Helen Pearce Jarvis, 
New York. Address: Bloomingdale, White 
Plains, N. Y., or 10 W. 16th St., New York. 

ATWOOD, Isaac Morgan, gen. supt. of 
Universalist Ch. in U. S. and Canada since 
Oct., 1898; b. Pembroke, N. Y., March 24, 
1838; s. O. J. and Nancy (Shearer) A.; ed. 
Royalton Acad, and Lockport High School; 
prepared for sophomore entrance at Yale; 
M. A., St. Lawrence Univ., 1871; D. D., 
Tufts Coll., 1879; m. Clarendon, N. Y., Oct. 
29, 1861, Almira Church; ordained, 1861 ;- 
served in various Universalist pastorates; 
edited Christian Leader, 1867-72; pres. Can- 
ton Theol. Sem., 1879-99; now asso. editor 
Universalist Leader, Boston. Author: Have 
We Outgrown Christianity? 1870; Latest 
Word of Universalism, 1879; Walks About 
Zion, 1880; Episcopacy, 1885; Revelation, 
1893; Balance Sheet of Biblical Criticism, 



1896, all U18; A System of Christian Doc- 
trines, 12. Address: 159 Meigs St., Rochester, 
N. Y. 
ATWOOD, Lemuel T., treasurer and edi- 
torial supt. Scripps-McRae League; b. Ab- 
ington, Mass., Sept. 17, 1852; 5. Albert A.; 
ed. public schools Mass., Ky., 111. and Ohio, 
1858-65; grad. law dept. Univ. of Mich., 1876; 
m. Sept. 10, 1877, Kate Kenton. Practiced 
law 6 yrs. ; reporter and city editor Cincin- 
nati Post, 1882-9; editor same, 1889-95; ed- 
itorial supt. Scripps-McRae League, con- 
sisting of Cincinnati Post, Covington, Ky., 
Post, Cleveland Press, St. Louis Chronicle, 
and Kansas City World, since 1895. Residence: 
St. Leger PI., Walnut Hills. Office: Care The 
Post, Cincinnati. 

AUCHINCLOSS, William Stuart, civil 
eng'r; b. New York, March 19, 1842; grad. 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. (C. E.), 1862; 
in construction dept. A. & G. W. Ry., and 
Jersey City Locomotive W'ks, 1863-9; U. S. 
comm'r to Paris Exp'n, 1867; mfr. rolling 
stock and ship-builder, 1871-9; commission 
mcht., 1879-95; inventor of averaging in- 
strument for rapid calculation of accounts. 
Author: Link and Valve Motions (published 
in New York, Germany and Holland). Ad- 
dress: Reading, Pa. 

AUDSLEY, George Ashdown, architect, 
author; b. Elgin, Scotland, Sept. 6, 1838; 
came to U. S., 1892; has since practiced as 
architect in New York; in conjunction with 
his brother, William James. Audsley, built 
Layton Art Gallery, Milwaukee, Bowling 
Green offices, New York, etc. Author: (with 
William J. Audsley): Illuminated Sermon 
on the Mount; Illuminated Prisoner of Chil- 
lon; Guide to Illuminating and Missal Paint- 
ing; Handbook of Christian Symbolism; Cot- 
tage, Lodge and Villa Architecture; Poly- 
chromatic Decoration Applied to Buildings in 
the Gothic Styles; Outlines of Ornament in 
all Styles; Taste versus Fashionable Colors; 
Popular Dictionary of Architecture and the 
Allied Arts (unfinished). Author: Keramic 
Art of Japan; Ornamental Arts of Japan; 
The Art of Chromolithography ; The Prac- 
tical Decorator; also several lesser publica- 
tions. Residence: Plainfield, N. J. Office: 
11 Broadway, New York. 

AULD, John Maxwell, physician; b. Hen- 
ry Co., la., June 5, 1855; s. George Todd 
and Martha Ann A. ; grad. Coll. of Phys. & 
Surg., Keokuk, la., 1880; attended post- 
grad., New York, 1889. Prof, rectal surgery, 
Harvey Med. Coll. (formerly West Chicago 
Med. Coll., post-grad, and poly.); attend- 
ing surgeon Bapt. Hosp. Mem. la. State 
Med. Soc; Am. Med. Assn. since 1887; 
Path. Soc, and Physicians Club; Mississippi 
Valley Med. Soc. Office: 100 State St., Chi- 

AURINGER. Oltetliah Cyrus, clergyman, 
author; b. Glens Falls, N. Y., June 4, 1849; 
s. Francis Strong and Eliza (Denis) A. ; 
studied in public schools; ed'n completed 
by private tutors in literature and science; 
in U. S. Marine Corps, 1871, and passed 4 
yrs. on flagship Worcester, in tropics; en- 
gaged in agr. until 1889; ordained Presby'n 

minister, 1890; pastor Northwood, N. Y , 
1889-92; Third Presby'n Ch., Troy, since 
1892; m. 1876, Mrs. Eva Hendryx, Glens 
Falls, N. Y. Mem. Authors Club. Author: 
(poems): Scythe and Sword, 1887 L9; The 
Heart of the Golden Roan, 1890 L9; Book of 
the Hills, 1896 Lll; The Christ, 1900 P2. 
Has written various articles on prehistoric 
anthropology, poems, etc., to mags, and 
papers. Address: Grant, N. Y. 

AUSTEN, Peter Townsend, chemist; b. 
Clifton, S. I., N. Y., Sept. 10, 1852; grad. Col- 
umbia School of Mines, Ph. B. ; Zurich, Ph. 
D. ; instr. chemistry Dartmouth, 1876; prof, 
chemistry Rutgers Coll. and the N. J. 
Scientific School, 1877-87; resigned chair be- 
cause of large private practice; continued 
with the coll. as univ. extension lecturer; 
prof, chemistry Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst., 
1893-8; became, 1899, pres. Austen Chemical 
Research Co. ; mem. of many Am. and for- 
eign chem. socs. ; often called as a chem. 
expert in court; has patented numerous im- 
portant mfg. processes. Address: 52 Beaver 
St., New York. 

AUSTIN, George Curtis, lawyer; b. Sa- 
luvia, Pa., July 19, 1863; studied law; prac- 
tices in New York; several yrs. instr. in law 
of contracts, New York Law School; mem. 
New York Assembly, 1896-7. Author: Dwight 
Method of Legal Instruction. Residence: 265 
W. 93d St. Office: 192 Broadway, New York. 

AUSTIN, Henry, lawyer, author; b. Bos- 
ton, Mass., Dec. 21, 1858; practices law in 
Boston. Has been a comm'r of insolvency 
for 6 yrs., and is an asso. justice of the mu- 
nicipal court of Boston (West Roxbury 
Dist.). Author: The Law Concerning Farms; 
American Farm and Game Laws; American 
Fish and Game Laws; Liquor Law in New 
England. Address: 332 Tremont Bldg., Bos-' 

AUSTIN, Osear Phelps, chief Bureau Sta- 
tistics, Treas. Dept., since May, 1898; b. in 
111. ; m. Anna M. Richardson. Has been a 
writer during entire business life; reporter, 
editor, Washington corr. for metropolitan 
dailies; active in politics; edited documents 
for Rep. Nat. Com., 1892, 1896. Author: Un- 
cle Sam's Secrets; Uncle Sam's Soldiers, 
etc. (series historical and statistical novels 
for youth); Colonial Systems of the World; 
Submarine Telegraphs of the World; etc. 
Residence: 1620 Mass. Av. Office: Treasury 
Dept., Washington. 

A VARY, Myrta Loekett, missionary re- 
porter, editor; b. in Va. ; m. Dr. James Cor- 
bin Avary; for some time resident of New 
York, serving on editorial staff of several 
periodicals; since 1897 on staff of The Chris- 
tian Herald. Has been contributor to The 
Outlook, Independent, Success, the Les- 
lie publications, Harper's Bazar, Judge, 
Truth, The Sun, The Tribune, Atlanta Con- 
stitution, Atlanta Journal, New Orleans 
Times-Democrat and other high-class jour- 
nals; specialist in stories of tenement life; 
well known as fiction writer and poet; some 
of her fiction work has been incorporated 
into volumes of selected stories. Promi- 
nently connected with fresh-air work and 



other metropolitan philanthropies. Address: 
Care Christian Herald, Bible House, New 
York., John H., dir.-gen. Charleston 
Exp'n. Connected with rys. many years; 
master transportation Charlotte, Columbia 
& Augusta R. R., during the war; div. 
supervisor B. & O. R. R., 1878-9; master 
transportation S. C. Ry., 1879-86; gen. supt. 
same, 1886-91; supt. Port Royal & Western 
R. R. of Ga., Jan. to March, 1891; gen. 
mgr. Charleston, Sumter & Northern R. R., 
1891-5; also formerly gen. supt. Blackville, 
Alston & Newbury Ry., and supt. Charles- 
ton, Cincinnati & Chicago R. R. ; receiver 
and gen. mgr. Port Royal & Augusta Ry. 
since 1893. Address: Charlston, S. C. 

AVERY, Alphonso Calhoun, lawyer; b. 
Swan Ponds, Burke Co., N. C, Sept. 11, 
1835; grad. Univ. of N. C, 1857; studied law 
under Chief Justice Pearson of N. C. ; 
served in 6th N. C. regt. as 1st It. and capt. 
and as asst. insp.-gen. with rank of maj. on 
staffs of Gens. D. H. Hill and J. B. Hood, 
C. S. A. ; was organizing regt. and had 
apptmt. of col. when Lee surrendered. Mem. 
legis., 1866; elected to State senate, 1868, but 
was not allowed to take his seat; mem. 
Constitutional con v., 1875; Tilden elector, 
1876; judge superior court, 1878-88; judge 
supreme court, N. C, 1888-96; defeated for 
reelection, 1896. Was recommended for U. 
S. circuit judge, to fill vacancy caused by 
death of Judge Bond. Address: Morgan- 
ton, N. C. 

AVERY, Elroy McKendree, author; b. 
Erie, Monroe Co., Mich., July 14, 1844; j. 
Caspar Hugh and Dorothy (Putnam) A.; 
grad. Univ. of Mich., Ph. B., 1871; (Ph. M., 
^Ph. D., Hillsdale Coll., LL. D.). Served in 
^Civil war; mustered out at close as sergt.- 
maj. 11th Mich. vol. cav. ; m. July 2, 1870, 
Catherine Hitchcock Tilden. Prin. high 
school, Battle Creek, Mich., and high and 
normal schools, Cleveland, O. Mem. Cleve- 
land City Council, 1891-2; of Ohio Senate, 
1893-7; fellow A. A. A. S. ; mem. of many 
hist, and economic socs. Author: Elemen- 
tary Physics, 1876 B7; Elements of Na- 
tional Philosophy, 1878 S5; Physical Tech- 
nics, 1879 S5; Teachers' Hand Book of Nat- 
ural Philosophy, 1879 S5; Elements of 
Chemistry, 1881 S5; Teachers' Hand Book 
of Chemistry, 1882 S5; Complete Chemistry, 
1883 S5; First Principles of Natural Phi- 
losophy, 1884 S5; Words Correctly Spoken, 
1887 B7; Columbus and the Columbia Bri- 
gade, 1892 B7; School Physics, 1895 B31; Ele- 
mentary Physics, 1897 B31; First Lessons in 
Physical Science, 1897 B31; School Chemis- 
try, 1901. Since 1885 has been writing a 
Popular History of the United States, 12 
vols, royal 8vo., 12. Address: 657 Woodland 
Hills Av., Cleveland, O. 
AVERY, John, physician, surgeon; b. 
Watertown, N. Y., 1824; ^. John A.; ed. 
Grass Lake Acad., Mich.; grad. Cleveland 
Med. Coll., 1849; m. Romeo, Mich., 1852, 
Jane H. Ewell. Mem. Mich, legislature, 
1869-72; mem. and pres. Mich. State Bd. of 
Health, 1880-92; served 3 yrs. in Civil war, 
surgeon 21st Mich, inf.; mem. Congress, 

1893-7; mem. local and nat. med. socs.; Rep, 
Address: Greenville, Mich. 

AVERY, Rachel Foster, corr. sec. Nat- 
Suffrage Ass'n; b. Pittsburg, Dec. 30, 1858- 
d. J. Heron Foster; ed. in Phila. and in 
Europe; studied political economy at Univ. 
of Zurich. From girlhood has been active 
in woman suffrage movement; has had 
charge of numerous convs. and the Neb. 
campaign; m. Nov., 1888, Cyrus Miller Av- 
ery. Address: 4069 Powelton Av., Philadel- 

AVERY, Robert, lawyer; b. Tunkhannock, 
Pa., Sept. 22, 1839; s. Abel Marcy and Eu- 
phemia Pell A.; ed. Wyo. Sem., Kingston, 
Pa.; m. New York, July 4, 1874, Virginia C. 
Risley. Admitted to bar, 1870; served capt. 
to bvt. maj. -gen. Civil war, 1861-5; pres. 
Union Loan and Investment Co., Niagara 
Tin Smelting Co., Locomotive Fuel Saving 
Co., Burlington and Hinesburg R. R. Co., 
Brooklyn Hygienic Ice Co., and v. -p. and 
gen. counsel M. J. Dady & Co. Mem. G. A. 
R., and Mil. Order of the Loyal Legion. 
Residence: 98 Second PI., Brooklyn. Office: 
11 Broadway, New York. 

AVERY, Samuel, prof, chemistry Univ. 
of Ida., and chemist of Agr'l Expt. Sta. 
since Sept., 1899; b. Lamoille, 111., April 19, 
1865; grad. Doane Coll., Crete, Neb., 1887; 
Univ. of Neb., B. Sc, 1892; Ph. D., Heidel- 
berg, 1896; adjunct prof, chemistry Univ. 
of Neb.; m. Aug. 4, 1897, May B. Bennett. 
Mem. Am. Chem. Soc. ; German Chem. Soc, 
Berlin. Joint author of Nicholson & Av. 
ery's Exercises in Chemistry, H4. Address: 
Moscow, Ida. 

AVERY, Samuel Putnam, retired mcht. ; 
b. New York, March 17, 1822; learned cop- 
per-plate engraving; was with a bank note 
co., later a wood engraver; compiled and 
illus. several vols, of humorous quality; in 
1865 added to his business art publishing 
and dealing in art works, retiring, 1888. 
Was comm'r Am. Art Dept., Paris Exp'n, 
1867; sec. Art. Com. Union League Club; a 
founder and long trustee Met. Museum of 
Art; life mem. Am. Museum of Nat. Hist., 
Am. Geog. Soc, Am. Hist. Soc, Chamber 
of Commerce, Am. Zool. Soc. ; pres. Grolier 
Club; v.-p. Sculpture Soc, etc. With his 
wife, Mary Ann (Ogden) Avery, created 
and endowed, 1891, the Avery Architectural 
Library at Columbia Coll. (now 15,000 vols.) 
in memory of their deceased son, Henry 
Ogden Avery. Address: 4 E. 38th St., New 
AYER, Benjamin F., general counsel 111. 
Cen. R. R., since Jan. 1, 1890; b. Kingston 
Rockingham Co., N. H., April 22, 1825 
grad. Dartmouth, 1846 (LL. D., 1878) 
studied Dane Law School, Harvard; ad- 
mitted to N. H. bar, 1849; practiced at Man- 
chester, N. H., 1849-57; since then in Chi- 
cago. Mem. N. H. legislature, 1853; pros, 
atty. Hillsborough Co., 1854-7; corporation 
counsel, Chicago, 1861-3; general solicitor 
111. Cen. R. R., 1876-90; director same since 
1877; m. 1868, Janet H., d. U. S. Dist. Judge 
James C. Hopkins (now deceased) of Mad- 
ison, Wis. Residence: 99 Lincoln Park Boul. 

I Office: 111. Central Station, Chicago. 



AYER, Edward E., capitalist; b. Har- 
vard, 111. For many yrs. at head of Ayer & 
Lord, mfrs. ry. ties, from which he retired; 
has extensive lumber interests in S. and S. 
W. ; was pres. Field Columbian Museum, 
1893-8; life mem. Am. Hist. Assn. Has one 
of the finest private libraries in U. S. and 
an especially noteworthy collection of 
Americana. Residence: 1 Bank St. Office: 
Old Colony Bldg., Chicago. 

AYER, Frederick Fanning, lawyer; b. 
Lowell, Mass., Sept. 12, 1851; s. James Cook 
Ayer and Josephine Mellen (Southwick) 
A. ; not married. Admitted to Mass. bar, 
1875; since his father's death, 1878, has 
managed the great properties of the Ayer 
estate; presented Ayer Memorial Library 
costing $40,000, to town of Ayer, Mass. 
Director The Lake Superior Ship Canal, 
Ry. and Iron Co., The Portage Lake and 
River Improvement Co., Lowell & Andover 
R. R., and J. C. Ayer Co., New York Trib- 
une Ass'n, The Tremont and Suffolk Mills, 
etc. Address: Mills Bldg., New York. 

AYER, Harriet Hubbard, journalist, au- 
thor; b. Chicago, 1854; d. Henry G. and 
Juliet Elvira Hubbard; grad. Sacred Heart 
Convent, Chicago, 1869; m. Chicago, 1869, 
Herbert Copeland Ayer (died, 1899). Born 
and reared in luxury, married at 16 to man 
of large wealth; society leader; extensive 
traveler, linguist, woman of fashion. In 
1883 husband failed for over $2,000,000. She 
voluntarily gave up her home and all her 
belongings for benefit of her husband's 
creditors, and went into trade; established 
mfg. business; cleared $200,000 in 4 yrs. Ill 
health forced her to give up management of 
business, which lost money from the date 
of her retirement. In 1894 retired from com- 
mercial life to accept editorial position on 
New York World; has educated her daugh- 
ters in best European schools and has 
maintained her family without aid; now 
the highest paid woman journalist in U. 
S. Author: Harriet Hubbard Ayer's Book, 
New York, 1900. Residence: 129 E. 17th St. 
Office: New York World, New York. 

AYER. Joseph Cnllen, Jr., P. E. cler- 
gyman; b. Newton, Mass., Jan. 7, 1866; s, 
Joseph Cullen and Caroline Eliza (Rob- 
erts) A. ; ed. univs. of Harvard, Berlin, 
Halle and Leipzig; grad. Episcopal Theol. 
School, Cambridge, Mass., 1887, Ph. D., 
Leipzig, 1893; tn. Groveland, Mass., Jan. 
11, 1894, Cora Julia Whittaker. Fellow, by 
courtesy, Johns Hopkins, 1899-1900; lecturer 
on Canon Law, Episcopal Theol. School, 
Cambridge, Mass., 1901; mem. Am. Hist. 
Soc. Author: Die Ethik Joseph Butlers. Ed- 
itor The World's Orators (G. C. Lee, ed- 
itor-in-chief), vol. 2, vol. 3 (collaboration) 
and vol. 4, 1900 P2. Wrote: The Development 
of the Appellate Jurisdiction of the Roman 
See, in vol. viii, Am. Soc. of Ch. History; 
The Ecclesiastical Authority sede vacante, 
Am. Ch. ; also articles on music and paint- 
ing in Living Church and Church Eclectic. 
Address: Sandwich, Mass. 

AYERS; see also Ayres. 

AYERS, Howard, pres. Univ. Cincinnati 
since July 1, 1899; b. Olympia, Wash., May 

21, 1861; grad. Harvard, S. B., 1883; grad. 
Univ. of Frieberg, Germany, Ph. D., 1885; 
studied Univs. of Strasburg and Heidelberg 
(LL. D. Univ. of Mo., 1899). Director Lake 
Laboratory, 1889-93; mem. staff of instruc- 
tion Marine Biol. Laboratory, Wood's Holl, 
Mass., since 1889; instr. in zoology, Har- 
vard, and Radcliffe Coll.; prof, biology, 
Univ. of Mo., 1894-9. Pres. Scientific Ass'n, 
Univ. of Mo., 1894-9; mem. Am. Soc. Nat- 
uralists, Am. Morphol. Soc; fellow A. A. 
A. S. ; corr. mem. Phila. Acad, of Sciences. 
Author: The Vertebrate Ear; and other 
works and papers on morphology of ani- 
mals; also on education. Residence: 3240 Bur- 
net Av., Cincinnati. 

AYLESWORTH, Barton Orville, pres. 
Colo. State Coll. since 1900; b. Athens, 111., 
Sept. 5, 1860; s. Ezra M. and Malinda A.; 
grad. Eureka Coll., 1879; (A. M., Bethany 
Coll.; LL. D., Drake Univ.); m. Dec. 12, 
1882, Georgia L. Shores. Pres. Drake Univ., 
1889-97; pastor Central Ch. of Christ, Den- 
ver, 1897-9; lecturer on recent Am. litera- 
ture. Author: Thirteen and Twelve Others; 
Song and Fable. Address: Fort Collins, Colo. 

AYLSWORTH, Nicholas John, clergy- 
man (Disciples of Christ); b. Lake Co., 111., 
Jan. 15, 1843; j. John and Ann Frances A.; 
grad. Univ. of Chicago, 1863, A. M., 1866; 
tn. Chicago, March 14, 1863, Nancy M. Oat- 
man. Prin. academic school at Barrington, 
111., 1863-5; established chs. at Angola and 
Fort Wayne, Ind., 1870-7; disabled invalid, 
1881-96; paid corr. The Christian Evangel- 
ist, St. Louis, since 1896. Author: Moral and 
Spiritual Aspects of Baptism, 1901, C28; and 
monograph: Frequency of the Lord's Sup- 
per, Considered with Reference to Its Na- 
ture and Uses: or, A Study of the Law of 
Repetition in Its Relation to Public Wor- 
ship, 1899 C28. Address: 7 Myrtle Av., Au- 
burn, N. Y. 

AYLSWORTH, "William Prince, pres. 
Cotner Univ.; b. Cuba, 111., Dec. 12, 1844; s. 
John and Ann Frances (Freeman) A. ; ed. 
public schools, Univ. of Chicago, and Beth- 
any Coll.; grad. from latter, 1869; A. M., 
1883; (LL. D., Cotner Univ.). Taught in 
common schools; prin. schools Waukegan, 
111., 1866-7; after graduation entered Chris- 
tian (Disciples) ministry, and was pastor 
of chs. in Angola, Ft. Wayne and Greens- 
burg, Ind., and Columbus, O. Taught in 
Fairfield Coll. and Cotner Univ. ; became 
pres. of latter, 1896; m. Dec. 5, 1871, Mary 
Doane Stuzaker. Address: Lincoln, Neb. 

AYRES; see also Ayers. 

"AYRES. Alfred"; see Osmun, Thomas 

AYRES, Brown, prof, of physics Tulane 
Univ. of La., since 1880; b. Memphis, Tenn., 
May 25, 1856; s. Samuel W. and Elizabeth 
(Cook) A.; early ed'n private schools Mem- 
phis and New Orleans; eng'ring course 
Washington and Lee Univ.; grad. Stevens 
Inst. Technology, B. Sc, 1878 (Ph. D., 1888); 
fellow Johns Hopkins, 1879-80; dean Coll. 
Technology, Tulane Univ., 1894-1900; vice- 
chmn. of faculty of Tulane Univ. of La., 
1890; vi. Lexington, Va., July 5, 1881, Katie 



A. Anderson. Fellow A. A. A. S.; mem. 
Am. Inst. Electrical Eng'rs, Am. Phys. 
Soc, Ass'n Promotion Eng'ring Ed'n; see. 
physics sect. A. A. A. S., 1892; mem. elec. 
jury, World's Columbian Exp'n, 1893, At- 
lanta Exp'n, 1895, Nashville Exp'n, 1897. 
Address: 4206 St. Charles Av., New Orleans. 

AYRES, Milan Church, editor The Bos- 
ton Daily Advertiser, since Sept., 1890; b. 
Lewiston, 111., May 17, 1850; j. Lorenzo 
Dow and Lucy (Trowbridge) A. ; prepara- 
tory ed'n, Independence, 111., 1854-64, State 
Agr'l Coll., Manhattan, Kan., 1864-6; grad. 
Yale Coll., dept. Theology, 1879; grad. Nat. 
School Elocution and Oratory, Phila., Oct. 
1876; took post-graduate course Yale Coll., 
dept. Theology, 1880-1; m. Wetmore, Kan., 
Dec. 24, 1871, Georgiana Gall. Teacher Wet- 
more Inst., Kan., 1867-8; home missionary 
preacher in Kan., 1872-6; pastor Cong'l Ch., 
Southington, Conn., 1880-4; journalist and 
stenographic law reporter, Boston, 1884-90; 
Rep. Mem. and one of founders, Twentieth 
Century Club, Boston. Author: Phillips 
Brooks in Boston (with introduction by 
Rev. W. J. Tucker, D. D., Pres. of Dart- 
mouth Coll.), 1893 El. Wrote: Review of The 
Christ of To-day, by Rev. G. A. Gordon, D. 
D., Bibliotheca Sacra, Oct., 1896. Residence: 
32 Copeland St. Office: 246 Washington St., 

AYRES, Philip Wheelock, supt. of the 
Summer School in Philanthropic Work, 
New York Charity Organization Soc, since 
1898; b. Winterset, la., May 26, 1861; 5. Elias 
J. A.; early ed'n public schools, Villa Ridge, 
111.; grad. Cornell, 1884; (Ph. D., Johns 
Hopkins, 1888); m. Newton, Mass., Aug. 8, 
1899, Alice Stanley Taylor. Tutor Johns 
Hopkins, 1886-7; fellow same, 1887-8; in 
charity organization work since 1888; gen. 
sec. Associated Charities, Cincinnati, 1889- 
95; studied penal and charitable inst'ns, 
in Europe, 1895; gen. sec. Bureau of Asso- 
ciated Charities, Chicago, 1895-7; asst. sec. 
Charity Organization Soc, New York, 1897- 
1900; mem. Nat. Conf. of Charities and Cor- 
rections. Wrote: Hist. Reviews in The Out- 
look, 1886-8; articles in Charities Review, 
since 1894; articles in Proc Nat. Conf. Char- 
ities, 1895-9; articles in Proc. Internat. 
Conf. Charities and Corrections, Chicago, 
1893. Address: 105 E. 22d St., New York. 

AYRES, Samuel Gardiner, librarian 
Drew Theol. Sem., Madison, N. J., since 
1888; b. Peru, N. Y., April 25, 1865; grad. 
Burlington (Vt.) High School, 1885; Drew 
Theol. Sem., 1888; (D. B., 1891); m. April 
25, 1889, Ollie Reynolds, Keeseville, N. Y. 
Author: Drew Theol. Sem. Record; Fifty 
Literary Evenings; History of the English 
Bible, Studied by the Library Method (with 
C. F. Sitterly, Ph. D.). Assisted in revision 
McClintock & Strong's Encyclopedia. Con- 
tributor to religious periodicals. Address: 
Madison, N. J. 

AZPIROZ, Manuel tie, ambassador of 
Mexico to U. S. since 1899; b. Puebla, State 
of Puebla, Mexico, June 8, 1836; grad. Univ. 
of Mexico, 1856; Coll. of Lawyers, Puebla, 
1863; m. Chihuahua, Mexico, Dec. 2, 1866, 

Dona Belen Garcia. Sub-It. arty., May, 
1862; capt. inf., July, 1862, commandant 
(maj.) inf., June, 1863; lt.-col., July, 1866; 
col., Jan. 16, 1899. Prof, law, State Coll., Pu- 
ebla, 1882-90; prof. languages, Normal 
School, Puebla, 1882-90; sec. of govt., State 
of Puebla, 1882-5; sec. of gov. Chihuahua, 
1865-6; asst. sec. foreign affairs, Mexico, 
1867-72, 1890-9. Agt. of Mexico before Mixed 
Claims Comm'n, Washington, 1872-3; con- 
sul of Mexico, San Francisco, Calif., 1873-6; 
senator, 1876. Mem. Sociedad de Geografia 
y Estadistica, Mexico; Nacional Colegio de 
Abogados, Mexico; Academia Mexicana de 
Legislacion y Jurisprudencia, Correspond- 
iente de la Real de Madrid, Mexico; Asso- 
ciacao dos Advogados, Lisbon, Portugal; 
comdr. Order of Jesus Christ, of Portugal. 
Author: Causa de Maximiliano de Haps- 
burgo, Miramon y Meja, 1867; Codigo de 
Extranjeria de los Estados Unidos de Me- 
jico, 1876; La Libertad, Civil Como Base del 
Derecho Internacional Privado, 1896; also 
contributor on law topics to Los Derechos 
del Hombre; reviews, etc Address: 1413 1 
St., N. W., Washington. 


BABB, Cyrus Gates, civil engr., hydro- 
grapher U. S. Geol. Survey since 1895; b. 
Portland, Me., June 18, 1867; 5. Cyrus K. 
B. ; grad. Mass. Inst. Technology; mem. 
Nat. Geog. Soc, Geol. Soc. of Washington; 
asso. mem. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs. Author: Va- 
rious articles in scientific journals. Residence: 
1118 R. I. Av. Office: U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey, Washington. 

BABBITT, Edwin Dwight, dean Coll. 
Fine Forces (scientific sun healing), 
founded in 1883; b. Hamden, N. Y., Feb. 1, 
1828; attended Knox Coll.; M. D., Eclectic 
Med. Coll., Cincinnati, 1883; (LL. D.); m. 
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Clark, New Haven, Conn. 
Author: Principles of Light and Color; Hu- 
man Culture and Cure; Health and Power; 
etc. Address: 61 N. 2d St., San Jose, Calif. 

BABBITT, Prank Cole, prof. Greek, 
Trinity Coll., since 1899; b. Bridgewater, 
Conn., June 4, 1867; s. Isaac and Sarah 
(Cole) B.; ed. common schools and Phillips 
Acad., Andover, Mass.; grad. Harvard, 
1890; (A. M., 1892, Ph. D., 1895); m. Newton, 
Mass., June 28, 1900, Ethel Hall. Taught in 
common schools, Conn., 1885-7; private 
school, Boston, 1890-5; fellow Am. School 
of Classical Studies, Athens, 1895-6; instr. 
Greek, Harvard, 1896-8; Trinity Coll., Hart- 
ford, 1898-9; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Am. 
Archaeol. Inst., Am. Philol. Ass'n. Author: 
Greek Grammar, 1900 Al; and other papers 
in Am. Journal of Archaeology, and Har- 
vard Studies in Classical Philology. Address: 
65 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. 

BABBITT, Juliette M., v. -p. League of 
Am. Pen Women, 1900-1901; b. Hancock Co., 
111.; d. Joseph and Susanne Younger; ed. 
in Iowa; in. Magnolia, la., Dec 19, 1863, 
Charles Henry Babbitt. Writer of short 
stories, mag. articles, Washington gossip 



for Western papers, syndicate matter; 
Washington representative of New York 
Mirror, 1879-91; New York Home Journal, 
sp'l articles and letters, 1888-1900; librarian 
League of Am. Pen Women, 1898-1900. Ad- 
dress: 933 Mass. Av. N. W., Washington. 

BABCOCK, Charles, P. E. clergyman, 
emeritus prof, architecture, Cornell; b. 
Ballston Spa, N. Y. ; s. Rev. Deodatus and 
Mary (Hine) B. ; grad. Union Coll., N. Y., 
1847; (A. M., 1850); mem. firm of Richard 
Upjohn & Co., architects, New York, 1853-8; 
ordered deacon, 1860; ordained priest, 1864; 
rector Greenwood Iron Works, N. Y., 1863- 
71; St. Paul's, Ithaca, N. Y., 1874-92; 
prof, architecture, Cornell, since 1871 now 
emeritus; hon. mem. Am. Inst. Architects; 
hon. corr. mem. Royal Inst. Brit. Archi- 
tects. Address: Sage Av., Ithaca, N. Y. 

BABCOCK, Earle Jay, prof, chemistry 
and geology, State Univ., and State geolo- 
gist, N. Dak.; b. St. Charles, Minn., June 
11, 1865; s. David L. and Lavinia P. (Camp- 
bell) B. ; attended Carlton Coll.; grad. (B. 
S.) Univ. of Minn., 1889; took sp'l studies 
after graduation; is director State School 
of Mines, N. Dak. ; has worked extensively 
on U. S. Geol. Survey; author of geol. re- 
ports and sp'l scientific articles. Address: 
Univ. of N. Dak., Grand Forks, N. Dak. 

BABCOCK, Joseph Weeks, congress- 
man, mfr. ; b. Swan ton, Vt., March 6, 1850; 
removed to Iowa, 1855; ed. at Mt. Vernon 
and Cedar Falls, la. ; removed to Necedah, 
Wis., 1881; m. 1867, Mary A. Finch, Lyons, 
la. Elected to Wis. assembly, 1888 and 1890; 
mem. Congress 3d Wis. Dist., 1893-1903; 
chmn. Com. on D. C. ; chmn. Nat. Rep. 
Congressional Com., campaigns of 1894, 
1896, 1898 and 1900. Home: Necedah, Wis. 

BABCOCK, Kendric Charles, assistant 
prof, history and political science, Univ. of 
Calif.; b. S. Brookfield, N. Y., Sept. 8, 1864; 
grad. Univ. of Minn., 1889 (Harvard, A. M., 
1895; Ph. D., 1896). Brought up on farm; 
taught country schools, N. Y., 1881-5; instr. 
history and Old English, 1890-4, Univ. of 
Minn. Contributor to Forum, Atlantic, etc. 
Pres. Delta Tau Delta fraternity, 1893-9. 
Not married. Address: 2727 Bancroft Way, 
Berkeley, Calif. 

BABCOCK, Samuel Denison, capitalist, 
pres. and director Internat. Bell Telephone 
Co., New York, Central, Colonial and Man- 
hattan Real Estate Ass'ns, director Am. 
Exchange Nat. Bank, Bank of New Amster- 
dam, Nat. Union Bank. N. Y. C. & H. R. 
R. Co., and numerous other corporations; 
mem. Am. Geog. Soc, Nat. Acad. Design, 
Metropolitan museum of Art, Am. Museum 
of Natural History, etc. Residence: 636 5th 
Av. Office: 32 Nassau St., New York. 

BABCOCK, Stephen Moulton, chemist 
to Wis. Agr'l Expt. Sta., since 1888; b. 
Bridgewater, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1843; 5. Peleg 
B. B.; ed. Babeock Hill School, 1850-7, 
Clinton Liberal Inst., 1858-60; grad. Tufts 
Coll., 1866, studied chemistry, Cornell, 1872-5 
(Ph. D., Gottingen Univ., Germany, 1877); 
m. Winfleld, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1896, May Cran- 
dall. Instr. chemistry Cornell, 1875-6; chem- 

ist to N. Y. Agr'l Expt. Sta., 1888-1900; con- 
tributor to reports. Address: 432 Lake St., 
Madison, Wis. 

BABCOCK, Washington Irving, pres. 
Chicago Ship Bldg. Co., since 1900; b. Ston- 
ington, Conn., Sept. 21, 1858; s. Capt. David 
S. and Charlotte A. (Noyes) B. ; ed. public 
schools Brooklyn; grad. Brooklyn Polytech- 
nic Inst., B. S., 1896; Rensselaer Polytech- 
nic Inst., Troy, N. Y., C. E., 1878; m. New 
Orleans, Jan. 1, 1890, Grace W., d. Hon. H. 
P. Kernochan of La. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. 
Eng'rs, Soc. Naval Architects and Marine 
Eng'rs, Am. Soc. Naval Eng'rs, U. S. Nav- 
al Inst., Western Soc. Eng'rs, Inst'n Naval 
Architects, London, England; was at 
Roach's Ship Yard, Chester, Pa., 1878-85; 
Providence and Stonington Steamship Co., 
New York, 1885-7; supt. Union Dry Dock 
Co., Buffalo, N. Y., 1887-9; mgr. Chicago 
Ship Bldg. Co., Chicago, 1889-99; has pub- 
lished numerous technical papers in pro- 
ceedings of socs. Address: 35 Pearson St., 

BABCOCK, William H., lawyer, author; 
b. St. Louis, Jan. 1, 1849; grad. Columbian 
(Washington, D. C.,) Univ. Law School, 
1869 (B. L.); m. 1st, June, 1874, Anne Johns 
Earle, Queen Anne's Co., Md. ; 2d, Aug. 18, 
1897, Mrs. Gertrude Lee Mahood, Richmond, 
Va. Lawyer and editor, Kansas City, 1869- 
70; editor St. Paul, Minn., 1872; asst. exam- 
iner in patent office, 1873-5; since then in 
patent law practice. Mem. Anthrop. Soc, 
Washington. Author: Lord Stirling's Stand, 
and Other Poems; Lays from Over Sea; Cy- 
press Beach; The Brides of the Tiger; An 
Invention of the Enemy; Cian of the Char- 
iots; Two last Centuries of Britain; The 
Tower of Wye, 1901 C 4. Home: "Rock Hav- 
en," on Ridge Road, nr. Georgetown, D. C. 
Office: 709 G St., Washington. 

BACHE, Dallas, asst. to surgeon-gen. U. 
S. A., with rank of col.; b. in Pa.; apptd. 
asst. surgeon U. S. A., May 28, 1861; bvt. 
capt. and maj., 1865; capt. and asst. surgeon, 
May 28, 1866; maj. and surgeon, Aug. 5, 
1867; lt.-col. surgeon, Feb. 9, 1890; col. and 
asst. surgeon-gen., April 18, 1895. Residence: 
The Cairo, Washington. 

BACHE. Bene. mag. and newspaper writ- 
er; b. Phila. ; .?. R. Meade B. ; ed. Harvard 
and Yale (not graduated). In journalism 
and literature since 1889. Address: 1823 Q 
St., Washington. 

BACHELLER, Irving, autbor; b. Pier- 
pont, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1859; s. Sanford Paul 
and Achsah Ann (Buckland) B. ; ed. Can- 
ton, N. Y., Acad.; grad. St. Lawrence 
Univ., B. S., 1882, M. S., 1892; m. Brook- 
lyn, Dec. 13, 1883, Anna Detmar Schultz. Ac- 
tively connected with press of New York 
for years; until recently one of the editors 
of the New York World. Author: The Mas- 
ter of Silence, 1890 W10; The Still House of 
O'Darrow, 1894 CI; Eben Holden, 1900 L9; 
D'ri and I, 1901 L9. Residence: 320 St. Nich- 
olas Av., New York. 

BACHEH, Otto H., artist; b. Cleveland, 
O., March 31, 1856; s. Henry and Charlotte 
B.; pupil of Duveneck, Carolus-Duran, 



Boulanger and Lefebvre; m. Cleveland, O., 
1888, Mary Holland. Mem. Soc. Am. Artists 
since 1892. Address: Lawrence Park, Bronx- 
ville, N. Y. 

BACKUS, Truman Jay, pres. Packer 
Collegiate Inst.; b. Milan, N. Y., Feb. 11, 
1842; j. Rev. Jay S. B. (D. D.); grad. Univ. 
of Rochester, 1864 (A. M., 1867; LL. D., 
1883); m. 1st, Jan. 9, 1866, Sarah C. Glass; 
2d, July 16, 1883, Helen C. Hiscock, Syra- 
cuse. Was Brooklyn civil service comm'r 
under Mayors Schieren and Wurster; pres. 
bd. of mgrs. of civil service system and of 
State care of the insane. Author: Great Eng- 
lish Writers; Outlines of English Litera- 
ture; Reviser of Shaw's "History of En- 
glish Literature." Residence: 5 Kingston St. 
Office: Packer Collegiate Inst., Brooklyn. 

BACON, Alice Mabel, teacher, editor 
Southern Workman; b. New Haven, Conn., 
Feb. 26, 1858; ed. private schools; Harvard 
examinations, 1881; taught at Hampton 
Inst., 1883-8; went to Japan and taught at 
Tokyo, 1888-9; returned to Hampton Inst., 
1889; founded Dixie Hosp. for training col- 
ored nurses, 1890; teaching 1900-2 in Girls' 
High School, Tokyo, Japan. Author: Jap- 
anese Girls and Women; Japanese Interior. 
Address: Hampton Inst., Hampton, Va. 

BACON, Ausustns Octavius, U. S. sena- 
tor from Ga., 1895-1907; b. Bryan Co., Ga., 
Oct. 20, 1839; grad. Univ. of Ga., 1859; law 
dept. same, 1860. Served as regim'tl adjt. 
and staff capt. in C. S. A. ; in law practice 
in Macon since 1866; presd'l elector, 1868; 
mem. 1870-82, 1892 and 1893; speaker, 1873-4 
and 1877-81, Ga. Ho. of Reps.; Democrat; 
m. Miss Virginia Lamar. Home: Macon, Ga. 

BACON, Re ii .jam in Wisner, prof. New 
Testament criticism and exegesis, Yale 
since 1896; b. Litchfield, Conn., Jan. 15, 1860 
grad. Yale, 1881 (B. D., 1884; A. M., 1891 
D. D., Western Reserve, 1892; Litt. D., Sy- 
racuse, 1894); m. May 27, 1884, Eliza Buck- 
ingham Aiken, Norwich, Conn. Pastorates: 
First Ch. (Cong'l), Old Lyme, Conn., 1884-9; 
Cong'l Ch., Oswego, N. Y., 1889-96. Author: 
The Genesis of Genesis, 1891; Triple Tradi- 
tion of the Exodus, 1894; Introduction to the 
New Testament, 1900 Ml. Translator: Wilde- 
boer's Kanon des Ouden Verbonds; also 
contributor to Haupt's Sacred Literature of 
the Old Testament, and to various period- 
icals and scientific reviews. Address: 142 
Edwards St., New Haven, Conn. 

BACON, Edgar Mayhew, author; b. June 
5, 1855, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, 
where his father, John R. B., was then U. 
S. consul; ed. private schools, Tarrytown, 
N. Y. ; worked in bookstore, Albany, N. 
Y. ; later adopted art as a profession ; later, 
editorial writer on New York weeklies. Re- 
visited West Indies in 1888-9, and again in 
1890 to study conditions of life there. Has 
contributed stories, sketches, poems, etc., 
to various mags., etc. Author: The New 
Jamaica; The Pocket Piece (collection of 
short stories) ; Chronicles of Tarrytown 
and Sleepy Hollow; etc. Address: Tarry- 
town-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

BACON, Edwin Mini roe, journalist, au- 
thor; b. Providence, R. I., Oct. 20, 1844; 

academical ed'n (A. M., Dartmouth, 1879). 
At age of 19 became reporter on Boston 
Advertiser; then editor Illustrated Chicago 
News; then, 1868-72, on New York Times; 
1872-3, on staff of Boston Advertiser again; 
editor-in-chief Boston Globe, 1873-8; man- 
aging editor Advertiser, 1878-84; and editor- 
in-chief, 1884-6; 1886-91, editor-in-chief Bos- 
ton Post; editor Time and the Hour, 1897- 
1900. Author and editor of various historical 
works relating to Boston and New England, 
including King's Handbook of Boston; Bos- 
ton Illustrated; Bacon's Dictionary of Bos- 
ton; Boston of To-day; Walks and Rides 
in the Country Round About Boston; His- 
toric Pilgrimages in New England; Liter- 
ary Pilgrimages in New England. Address: 
6 Beacon St., Boston. 
BACON, John Mosby, brig. -gen. U. S. 
vols.; col. 8th cav., U. S. A.; b. in Ky., 
April 17, 1844; enlisted in 11th Ky. cav., 
Sept. 22, 1862; entered 4th Ky. cav., Nov. 
5, 1S62; promoted 1st It., Feb. 1, 1863; capt. 
March 14, 1863; maj., Nov. 20, 1864, in U. 
S. vols.; apptd. capt. 9th cav., U. S. A., 
July 28, 1866; maj. 7th cav., April 14, 1884; 
It. -col. 1st cav., April 7, 1893; col. 8th cav., 
June 29, 1897. He was bvtd. maj. March 2, 
1867, for gallantry at siege of Resaca, Ga., 
and It. -col., Feb. 27, 1890, for gallant ser- 
vices against Indians in Tex. ; apptd. brig.- 
gen. U. S. V., May 4, 1898; placed in com- 
mand Dept. Dakota; put down outbreak of 
Chippewas, Oct., 1898; later assigned to 
duty in Cuba with headquarters at Nue- 
vitas. Address: Care War Dept., Washing- 

BACON, John W., engineer, banker; b. 
Hartford, Conn., June 9, 1827; grad. Trinity, 
1846; m. Dec. 20, 1852, Caroline E. Bots- 
ford; studied law 2 yrs., then became civil 
eng'r; made first survey of present New 
England R. R., and later was its gen. supt. 
until 1859; gen. supt. Danbury & Norwalk 
R. R., 1859-77; gen. R. R. comm'r of Conn., 
1877-87; since 1893 pres. Savings Bank of 
Danbury; State comm'r of topog. survey of 
Conn. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs. Address: 
Danbury, Conn. 

BACON, Leonard Woolsey, Cong'l cler- 
gyman; b. New Haven, Conn., Jan. 1, 1830; 
J. Leonard and Susan (Johnson) B.; grad. 
Yale, 1850; theol. studies Andover and Yale, 
and medicine at Yale; M. D., 1855; m. 1st, 
1857, Susan Bacon; 2d, 1890, Letitia Jordan. 
Ordained, 1857; served in several Cong'l 
and Presby'n Chs. ; was in Europe, 1872-7; 
then pastor at Norwich, Conn., and Phila. 
Author: A Life Worth Living Life of Emily 
Bliss Gould, 1878 R2; Church Papers, 1876 
P2; The Simplicity That Is in Christ, 1885 
F3; Irenics and Polemics, 1898; History of 
American Christianity, 1898 S3; etc. Address: 
Norwich, Conn. 

BACON, Selden, lawyer; b. New Haven, 
Conn., Sept. 28, 1861; j. Rev. Dr. Leonard 
W. and Susan B.; ed. Gymnasium, Coburg, 
Germany; College de Geneve, Switzerland; 
Hopkins Grammar School, New Haven, 
Conn.; grad. Carleton Coll., Minn., 1882 (A. 
M., 1885); studied at Yale, 1878-80; grad. 
law dept., Univ. of Wis., 1884; m. Oct. 24, 



1894, Sarah Blair Fairchild. Practiced law 
Minneapolis, 1884-94; in New York since 
1894; prof, civil procedure, Univ. of Minn. 
Law School, 1889-94. Author: Equity Plead- 
ing and Procedure, 1892. Residence: Flush- 
ing, N. Y. Office: 154 Nassau St., New York. 
BAENSCH, Kmil, lawyer; b. Manitowoc, 
Wis., June 12, 1857; attended Univ. of Wis.; 
m. Nov. 13, 1882, Ida Koehler. Justice of 
peace, 1882-4; city clerk, 1885-8; county 
judge, 1888-94; lt.-gov. Wis., 1894-8. Capt. 
Co. H, 2d Wis. Nat. Guard, 1882-8. Curator 
Wis. Hist. Ass'n. Publisher Manitowoc 
Post; Republican. Address: Manitowoc, Wis. 

BAKU, Libbie C, writer, pres. Dept. Wis. 
Woman's Relief Corps; b. Bethel, Clermont 
Co., O., Nov. 18, 1846; d. Rev. G. P. and 
Sarah B. Riley; grad. Clermont Acad., 1865; 
m. Nov. 17, 1867, Capt. John M. Baer, at 
Bethel, O. Writer of verse and short articles 
on current events; contributor to patriotic 
literature; long prominent in Woman's 
Relief Corps. Among her notable poems 
are "Long Ago," "A Summer Idyll" and 
"In the Land of Fancy." Writer of sp'l 
recitations for elocutionists, etc. Address: 
Appleton, Wis. 

BAER, William Jacob, artist; b. Cin- 
cinnati, Jan. 29, 1860; j. Henry and Barbara 
B. ; m. New York, 1885, Laura Schwenk, Pu- 
pil of Munich Royal Acad., 1880-4, receiving 
4 medals and one of his works being pur- 
chased by the Directors of the Acad. 
Awarded 1st medal for miniatures and ideal 
paintings, New York, 1897; medal, Paris 
Exp'n, 1900, for miniatures and ideal works. 
Painted pictures in genre and portraits in 
oil and taught, 1885-92; then confined him- 
self to miniature painting, of which art 
he is a pioneer of the modern school. 
Among his better known works in minia- 
ture are: "Aurora," "The Golden Hour," 
"Summer," "Daphne," "Nymph," and 
"In Arcadia," "Madonna with the Auburn 
Hair." Sec. and treas. Am. Soc. Miniature 
Painters. Residence: East Orange, N. J. 
Studio: 90 Grove St., New York. 

BAGBY, Albert Morris, author, musician; 
b. Rushville, 111., April 29, 1859; studied 
music many yrs. in Berlin and in Weimar, 
Germany, under Franz Liszt; originator of 
the "musical mornings" (for subscribers 
only), of which he has given over 100, and 
at which the greatest artists of the day 
have appeared; also has extensive mining 
interests. Author: Miss Traumerei, a mus- 
ical novel; mag. articles. Residence: 21 W. 
31st St. Office: 18 W. 34th St., New York. 

BAGBY, Jobn Hampden Chamber- 
layne, prof, physics and astronomy, 
Hampden-Sidney Coll., since 1892; b. Mid- 
dleburg, Loudoun Co., Va., July 20, 1867; .j. 
Dr. George W. and Lucy Parke (Chamber- 
layne) B. ; prep, ed'n Univ. School, Rich- 
mond, Va., 1884-8; grad. Univ. of Va., M. 
A., 1888, M. E., 1891, Ph. D., 1894; unmar- 
ried. Mem. A. A. A. S. Address: Hampden- 
Sidney, Va. 

BAGG, Lyman Hotchkiss, author, jour- 
nalist; b. West Springfield, Mass., Dec. 24, 
1846; 5. Richard and Susan (Atwater) B. ; 

grad. Yale, 1869; wrote weekly "College 
Chronicle" for New York World, 1876-82; 
managed the Harvard- Yale boat race at 
New London, 1878-83; librarian Univ. Club 
March 20, 1889, to April 3U, 1900. Not mar- 
ried. Author: Four Years at Yale, by a 
Graduate of '69, 1871 Ol; Ten Thousand 
Miles on a Bicycle, by Karl Kron, 1887. 
Wrote: History of Yale Boating, in Kings- 
ley's History of Yale. Has resided on Wash- 
ington Square, New York, since 1876. Ad- 
dress: 107 Waverly PI., New York. 
BAGG, Rufus Mather, Jr., prof, geology, 
Colo. Coll., since 1898; b. W. Springfield, 
Mass., April 19, 1869; j. R. Mather B. ; ed. 
W. Springfield High School; grad. Amherst 
Coll., 1891, B. A.; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 
1895; m. W. Springfield, Mass., April, 1896, 
Grace Raybold. Prin. high school, Lubec, 
Me., 1891-2; instr. geology and mineralogy, 
Worcester summer school for boys, 
1891-2; asst. geology Johns Hopkins, 
1895-7; asst. N. Y. State Museum, 
winter of 1897; instr. in science Colo- 
rado Springs High School; lecturer on 
geology, Chautauqua of Mt. Lake Park, 
Md., Aug., 1900. Fellow Geol. Soc. of Ameri- 
ca; mem. Geol. Soc. of Washington, Nat. 
Geog. Soc. ; hon. mineralogist to Paris 
Exp'n, 1900. Author of technical articles 
and papers. Mem. of Colo. Springs Mining 
Stock Exchange. Address: Barnes Blk., 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 

BAILEY, Alice Ward, author; b. Am- 
herst, Mass., April 30, 1857; d. Horace 
Ward; grad. Smith Coll., 1883; m. Burling- 
ton, Vt., 1884, Dr. A. G. Bailey. Author: 
Flower Fancies (verse), 1889 P7, Ol; Mark 
Heffron (novel), 1896 HI; Outside of 
Things, a Sky Book (verse), 1899 D4. Wrote: 
Invalidism as a Fine Art (essay), Harper's 
Mag., also other essays, stories and poems, 
contributed to Harper's Mag., Scribner's, 
Century, Atlantic, and other periodicals, a 
part over the signature "A. B. Ward." 
Address: Amherst, Mass. 

BAILEY, Benjamin Franklin, homce. 
physician; b. Littleton, N. H., June 22, 1860; s. 
William and Mariette (Barnes) B. ; ed. Stev- 
ens High School, Claremont, N. H. ; grad. 
Hahnemann Med. Coll., Phila., 1881; m. 
Wareham, Mass., Feb. 8, 1882, Minnie F. 
Bryant. Pres. Neb. State Homce. Med. Soc, 
1888; at age of 27, pres. Neb. State Bd. of 
Health, 1898; pres. Am. Inst. Homoeopathy, 
elected June, 1898 (first pres. elected from 
west of Missouri River) ; now pres. Dr. 
Benjamin F. Bailey Sanatorium Co., Incor- 
porated, Lincoln, Neb.; Republican. Author: 
Present Status of Paedology (with Dr. Alli- 
son Clakey), 1896. Published addresses: 
Homoepathy, a Reply to an Attack Upon 
the Same by Dr. William E. Quine of Chi- 
cago, delivered at Hahnemann Med. Coll., 
Chicago, Nov. 9, 1899; Homoeopathy in the 
Public Service, delivered at 50th anniver- 
sary N. Y. State Homoeopathic Soc, Brook- 
lyn, Oct., 1900. Address: Lincoln, Neb. 

BAILEY, Edgar Henry S iierfield, 

prof, chemistry and director of chemical 
laboratory Univ. of Kan. ; b. Middlefield, 



Conn., Sept. 17, 1848; grad. Yale, Ph. B., 
1873 (Ph. D., 111. Wesleyan, 1883); m. 
1876 Aravesta Trumbauer. Studied in 
Germany at Strasburg, 1881, and Leip- 
sic, 1895; instr. Yale, 1873-4; Lehigh Univ., 
Bethlehem, Pa., 1874-83. Pres. Kansas City, 
local section, Am. Chem. Soc, 1901. Author: 
Guide to Qualitative Chemical Analysis; 
numerous scientific articles in current jour- 
nals. Address: Lawrence, Kan. 

BAILEY, Elijah Prentiss, editor Utica 
Observer since 1883; 6. Manlius, N. Y., Aug. 
15 1834- ed. common and Latin grammar 
schools,' Utica, N. Y. ; (LL. D., St. John's 
Coll , Fordham; A. M., Colgate Univ.); m. 
1st, Sept. 25, 1857, Julia S. Wetherby (died 
July 9, I860); 2d, June 24, 1868, Hannah 
Chapman. City editor Observer, 1853; one 
of proprs. and managing editor, 1867; editor- 
in-chief since 1883; continuously connected 
with the Observer for 47 yrs. Twice apptd. 
postmaster Utica by Pres. Cleveland. Pres. 
N Y State Civil Service Comm n, 1892-4. 
Residence: 336 Genesee St. Office: Observer, 
Utica, N. Y. 

BAILEY, Florence Merriam (Mrs.), au- 
thor; b. Locust Grove, N. Y Aug. 8, 1863; 
d Hon. Clinton L. Merriam; was 4 yrs. at 
Smith Coll. as sp'l student, class of '86; m. 
Vernon Bailey. Author: Birds Trough an 
Opera Glass, 1889; My Summer in a Mor- 
mon Village, 1895; A-Birding on a Bronco, 
1896; Birds of Village and Field, 1898, all 
H5. Address: The Portner, Washington. 

BAILEY, Henry Tnrner, art teacher, 
author; b. Scituate, Mass., Dec. 9, 1865; s. 
Charles Edward and Eudora (Turner) B.; 
grad. Scituate High School, valedictorian, 
1882; grad. State Normal Art School, Bos- 
ton 1887; m. Scituate, Mass., Sept. 5, 1889, 
Josephine Litchfield. Teacher of drawing, 
night schools, Boston, 1884-5; supervisor of 
drawing, city of Lowell, 1886-7; agt. State 
Bd. Ed'n, Mass., for the Promotion of In- 
dustrial Drawing, since 1887; on leave of 
absence for study abroad, 1898; official rep- 
resentative for U. S. to Internat. Congress 
of Public Art Brussels, 1898. Mem. several 
art and edn'l socs., and of 20th Century 
Club of Boston. Author: A First Year in 
Drawing, 1894; The Blackboard in Sunday 
School, 1899 W2; School Sanitation and Dec- 
oration (with Prof. Severance Burrage), 1899 
H2; The Great Painters' Gospel, 1900 W2; 
Official Reports to Board of Education, pub- 
lished by State; Sketch of the History of 
Public Art Instruction in Mass., 1900, pub- 
lished by State. Contributor to various jour- 
nals. Residence: North Scituate, Mass. Office: 
State House, Boston. 

BAILEY, John M., lawyer; b. Bethlehem, 
N. Y., Aug. 24, 1838; grad. Union Coll., 1861; 
m. Sept. 21, 1864, Dell L. Hooker; entered 
army, 1862; adj. 177th N. Y. vols.; in dept. 
of Gulf, battle of Amite River, Pouchatula 
and siege Port Hudson; dist. atty., Albany 
Co., N. Y., 1865-7; mem. Congress, 1877-81; 
U. S. consul Hamburg, Germany, 1881-5; 
delegate Nat. Rep. Conv., 1888; surveyor of 
customs, port of Albany, 1889-94. Residence: 

118 Lancaster St. Office: 93 State St., Albany, 
N. Y. 

BAILEY, John M., pres. judge 20th jud. 
dist., Pa., since 1895; b. Dillsburg, Pa., July 
11, 1839; ed. public schools and Tuscarora 
Acad., Juniata Co., Pa.; admitted to bar; 
m. May 25, 1869, at Huntingdon, Pa., Let- 
tie B. Fisher. Studied law in office of late 
John Scott (afterward U. S. senator), and 
was his partner until 1869; mem. Pa. Con- 
stitutional Conv., 1872-3. Address: Hunting- 
don, Pa. 

BAILEY, Joseph Walden, U. S. senator, 
1901-7; b. Copiah Co., Miss., Oct. 6, 1863; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1883; presidential elector, 1884; 
removed to Tex., 1885, and began practice 
of law at Gainesville; presidential elector 
at large, 1888; mem. Congress 1891-1901; Dem- 
ocrat; caucus nominee of his party for 
speaker and minority mem. Com. on Rules, 
55th Congress. Home: Gainesville, Tex. 

BAILEY, Liberty Hyde, prof, horticul- 
ture Cornell since 1888; b. S. Haven, Mich., 
March 15, 1858; grad. Mich. Agr'l Coll., 1882 
(M. S.); m. 1883, Annette Smith. Reared on 
farm; has given particular attention to bot. 
and hort. subjects, and to economics of 
agr. and agr'l ed'n; asst. to Asa Gray, 
Harvard, 1882-3; prof, horticulture and 
landscape gardening Mich. Agr'l Coll., 1883- 
8. Author: Survival of the Unlike; Evolu- 
tion of Our Native Fruits; Lessons with 
Plants; Botany, an Elementary Text for 
Schools; Principles of Fruit-Growing; Prin- 
ciples of Vegetable-Gardening; Plant-Breed- 
ing; Garden-Making; Horticulturist's Rule- 
Book; Principles of Agriculture; Nursery- 
Book; Forcing-Book; Pruning-Book; Prac- 
tical Garden-Book; Cyclopedia of American 
Horticulture, 4 vols., etc. Editor: Rural 
Science series; Garden-Craft series; contrib- 
utor to tech. journals. Chief Bureau of Na- 
ture-Study and Farmer's Reading-Course. 
Address: Ithaca, N. Y. 

BAILEY, Loring Woart, chemist, geol- 
ogist; b. West Point, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1839; 
s. late Prof. Jacob Whitman Bailey; grad. 
Harvard, 1859; since 1861 prof, chemistry 
and natural history Univ. of New Bruns- 
wick; m. Aug. 19, 1863; Laurestine M. d'Av- 
ray, Fredericton, N. B. Author: Mines and 
Minerals of New Brunswick; Geology of 
Southern New Brunswick; Elementary Nat- 
ural History. Address: Fredericton, N. B. 

BAILEY, Mark, Jr., prof, ancient lan- 
guages, Whitworth Coll., since Sept., 1899; 
b. Petaluma, Calif., Aug. 19, 1867; s. Mark 
B., Sr., Ph. D., formerly prof, mathematics 
Univ. of Ore. ; ed. in academic and colle- 
giate depts. Univ. of Ore. (A. B., 1888); 
grad. Harvard, A. B., 1890, A. M., 1891; m. 
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 26, 1891, Edith Howe, 
Medford, Mass. Sp'l study of Latin, Greek, 
Hebrew and Sanskrit; prof, ancient lan- 
guages, Univ. of Wash., Seattle, Wash., 
1891-8. Mem. Am. Oriental Soc. since 1891. 
Author: The Latin Verb (on the Synthetic 
System) and Its Uses, C8; Latin Preposi- 
tionsthe Principles of Their Use. Address: 
Tacoma, Wash. 



BAILEY, Pearce, M. D., author; b. New 
York, July 12, 1S65; grad. Princeton (A. M.), 
1886; Coll. Phys. & Surg., New York, 1889; 
specialist diseases of mind and nervous 
system; consulting neurologist, St. Luke's 
Hosp., New York. Author: Accident and 
Injury, Their Relation to Disease; also va- 
rious pamphlets. Residence: 4 W. 50th St., 
New York. 

BAILEY, Solon Irving:, asso. prof, as- 
tronomy, Harvard Univ.; b. Lisbon, N. H., 
Dec. 29, 1854; s. Israel C. and Jane (Suth- 
erland) B. ; ed. Tilton Acad., 1876-7; grad. 
Boston Univ., 1881; A. M., same, 1884; A. 
M. Harvard, 1887; m. Ruth Poulter, Con- 
cord, N. H., 1883. In 1889 sent to Peru, S. 
A., to investigate conditions there in order 
to determine best location for a Southern 
sta. for Harvard Coll. observatory; exam- 
ined west coast from equator to Southern 
Chili. Result, the selection of Arequipa, 
Peru, where Southern observatory of Har- 
vard now is. Has had charge of work there 
for 8 yrs. ; established, 1893, a meteorol. sta. 
on summit of El Misti, at 19,000 feet eleva- 
tion, where observations have since been 
carried on; by far the highest scientific 
sta. in world. Various other meteorol. stas. 
have been placed in Peru. Mem. Am. Acad. 
Arts and Sciences, A. A. A. S., Geog. Soc. 
of Lima. Has written many papers in An- 
nals of Harvard Coll. Observatory. Address: 
Harvard Univ. Observatory, Cambridge, 

BAILEY, Steele, permanent see. Ky. State 
Med. Soc. since 1884; b. Shelby Co., Ky., 
June 26, 1845; s. W. C. and Desdemona 
(O'Connor) B.; grad. Jefferson Med. Coll., 
Phila., 1866; work in Univ. City of New 
York. Engaged in gen. practice; m. Ella 
Hart, Nov. 6, 1878, Columbus, Ga. Demo- 
crat. Sec. Secretary Ky. Med. Ass'n; pres. 
Lincoln Co. (Ky.) Med. Soc; sec. bd, pen- 
sion surgeons for past 8 yrs. Address: Stan- 
ford, Ky. 

BAILEY, Vernon, chief field naturalist 
U. S. Biol. Survey; b. Manchester, Mich., 
June 21, 1863; common school ed'n; studied 
at Univ. of Mich, and Columbian Univ.; m. 
Florence Augusta Merriam. Author: Sper- 
mophiles of the Mississippi Valley; Pocket 
Gophers of Mississippi Valley; Revision of 
Voles of the Genera Evotomys and Micro- 
tus; Mammals of District of Columbia, etc. 
Home: Elk River, Minn. Washington Address: 
Dept. of Agriculture. 

BAILEY, William Henry, Sr., lawyer, 
author; b. Pasquotank Co., N. C, Jan. 22, 
1831; ed. Caldwell Inst. (LL. D., Rutherford 
Coll., N. C); m. Oct. 20, Hillsborough, N. C, 
Annie Chamberlayne Howerton. Admitted 
to bar Supreme Court, N. C, Jan., 1853; 
elected co. atty. Caswell Co., N. C, 1858; 
repeatedly afterward for other counties; 
elected atty. -gen. by legislature of N. C, 
1856; mem. N. C. legislature, 1882; apptd. 
C. S. receiver, 1863; code comm'r N. C, 1872; 
taught law school many yrs. ; has lived in 
Texas since 1891. Author: The Effect of 
Civil War Upon the Rights of Persons and 
Property; Onus Probandi; Conflict of Ju- 
dicial Decisions; Self-Taught Law; The De- 

tective Faculty; also many legal historical 
and literary articles. Edited 5th N. C. 
Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme 
Court. Address: Cor. Gray and Brazos 
Sts., Houston, Tex. 

BAILEY, William Whitman, prof, bot- 
any Brown Univ. since 1877; b. West Point, 
N. Y., Feb. 22, 1843; s. Prof. Jacob Whit- 
man and Maria (Slaughter) B. ; grad. 
Brown, 1864 (B. Ph.; A. M.); LL. D., Univ. 
of New Brunswick. 1900; took special 
course in botany, Harvard; m. March 14, 
1880, Eliza R. Simmons, Providence, R. I. 
Served in Civil war as private, 10th R. I. 
vols.; was botanist, 1867-8, of U. S. Geol. 
Survey of 40th parallel; mem. and sec, 
1896, Bd. of Visitors to U. S. Mil. Acad.; 
director Providence Athenaeum, 1900; mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa (sec. R. I. Alpha since 
1897); PI Upsilon, Sigma 'Xi, New 
England Bot. Club, R. I. Hort. Soc, 
Boston and Newport Socs. of Natural 
History. Author: Botanical Collector's Hand- 
Book, 1SS1; Among Rhode Island Wild Flow- 
ers, 1895 PI; New England Wild Flowers, 
1897 PI; Botanical Note-Book; Botanizing, 
1899 PI; Boyhood at West Point, 1901 PI; 
and many articles in journals and mags. 
Residence: 6 Cushing St., Providence, R. I. 

BAILHACHE, Preston H., chief Marine 
Hosp. Div., Marine Hosp. service; b. Co- 
lumbus, O., Feb. 21, 1835; s. Judge John B., 
editor; ed. Shurtleff Coll., Alton, 111.; St. 
Xavier Univ., St. Louis, and Pa. Med. 
Coll., Phila.; m. Mary L. Goodwin, Hart- 
ford, Conn. Asst. surg. Camp Yates, 
Springfield, 111., April 17, 1801; surg. 14th 
111. cav., Feb. 14, 1863, serving through 
war; captured on Stoneman's raid, July 31, 
1864; exchanged Sept. 3, 1864; practiced 
medicine in 111. and later was asso. editor 
Quincy (111.) Whig, until apptd. to Marine 
Hosp. service, 1873. Assisted in revising 
regulations of the service, 1873. Mem. Nat. 
Bd. Health, 1879-85, and selected Nat. quar- 
antine stations for it, 1880; mem. Am. Med. 
Assn., Am. Public Health Assn., hon. mem. 
State Bd. Health, Calif. Apptd delegate by 
President to represent U. S. at Internat. 
Sanitary Conf., Paris, 1894. Contributed 
articles to supplement 9th edit. Encyclopaedia 
Britannica on Sanitary Science, Sewerage, 
Vaccination, Ventilation, and the history 
of the Marine Hospital Service; also on 
kindred subjects in gov't publications. 
Address: Marine Hospital Service, Staple- 
ton, Staten Island, N. Y. 

BAILIE, Virginia, pianist and piano 
teacher; b. Marshall, Mich., Feb. 3, 1867; d. 
James D. and Emma V. B. ; ed. Marshall, 
Mich.; pupil in music of C. N. Colwell, 
Marshall; Max. Pinneo, New York; William 
Mason, New York; Georges Mathias, Paris, 
and Theodore Leschetizky, Vienna. Residence: 
421 W. 57th st. Studio: 1202 Carnegie Hall, 
New York. 

BAILIE, William L., lieut. U. S. N., di- 
rector Department of Mechanic Arts and 
prof, theory and practice of the steam en- 
gine, Drexel Inst. Address: Drexel Insti- 
tute, Philadelphia. 



BAIN, Harry Foster, geologist; b. Sey- 
mour, Ind., Nov. 2, 1872; grad. Moore's 
Hill Coll., 1890 (Ph. D., Univ. of Chicago, 
1897) ; graduate student Johns Hopkins, 
1891-8; asst. Iowa geol. survey, 1893-5; asst. 
State geologist, Iowa, 1895-1900; lecturer on 
economic geology, Univ. of Iowa, 1897; con- 
sulting geologist since 1900; mem. Am. Inst. 
Mining Eng'rs; fellow Geol. Soc. of Amer- 
ica. Not married. Address: Des Moines, 

BAIN, Robert Edward Mather, general 
southwestern agt. "White Star Line" steam- 
ers.; b. Chicago, Aug. 9, 1858; ed. Washing- 
ton Univ.; m. Nov. 3, 1880, Mary Valle; 
mem. Mo. legislature, 1881-3; well known 
amateur photographer; traveled through 
lower Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, Greece and 
Italy for the purpose of illustrating "Earth- 
ly Footsteps of the Man of Galilee" and the 
"Self-Interpreting Bible." Also illustrated 
"A Romance of Palestine" and "Child's 
Bible." Now for the 10th time pres. St. 
Louis Photographic Club. Residence: 3819 
Flad Av. Office: Century Bldg., St. Louis. 

BAINES-MILLER, Minnie Willis, au- 
thor; b. Lebanon, N. H., 1845; d. Horace F. 
and Minerva J. Willis; ed. common schools, 
Springfield, 0. ; first sketch published in 
Waverly Mag. when only 14 yrs. old; m. 
1st, 1863, Evan Franklin Baines, Spring- 
field, O. ; 2d, 1892, Leroy Edgar Miller, same 
city; writer of books, short and serial sto- 
ries, poems, etc., for various papers and 
mags.; has lectured on temperance. Author: 
The Silent Land, 1890 M25; Mrs. Cherry's 
Sister, 1900 M25; His Cousin, the Doctor, 
1891, M25; The Pilgrim's Vision, 1891 M25, 
etc. Address: Springfield, O. 

BAIRD, Absalom, brig.-gen. U. S. army 
(retired, 1888); b. Washington, Pa., Aug. 20, 
1824; grad. Washington Coll., 1841; studied 
law; grad. West Point, 1849; m. Oct. 17, 
1850, Cornelia W. Smith, New York (de- 
ceased). Served in Florida, 1850-3; asst. 
prof, mathematics West Point, 1853-9; serv- 
ed during Civil war in Va., Tenn., and in 
the march to the sea; became bvt. maj.- 
gen. ; after war, insp.-gen. Address: Care 
War Dept., Washington. 

BAIRD, Henry Carey, political econo- 
mist; b. U. S. Arsenal, Bridesburg, Pa., 
Sept. 10, 1825 (his father being capt. 3rd 
regt., U. S. art.); academic ed'n; m. 1850, 
Elizabeth Davis Penington. Has written 
on economic questions; protectionist, green- 
backer and silver man; was nominated by 
Greenbackers for State treas. of Pa. ; de- 
clined; was Greenback candidate for mayor, 
Phila. ; publisher and book-seller; author 
of articles "Bank," "Money" and "Political 
Economy" in Appleton's Am. Cyclopedia; 
an elaborate article "Money" Atlantic 
Monthly, March, 1876, and numerous econ. 
tracts; appeared as econ. expert before 
Com. on Ways and Means, and U. S. Mone- 
tary Comm'n on Silver, 1876, and Com. on 
Banking and Currency, 1878; his testimony 
in each case officially printed; hon. mem. 
Mfrs. Club, Phila. ; active mem. Am. Philos. 
Soc. Address: 810 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

BAIRD, Henry Martyn, prof. Greek N. 
Y. Univ. since 1859; b. Phila., Jan. 17, 1832; 
grad. N. Y. Univ., 1850; studied Univ. of 
Greece, Athens, 1851-2 (Ph. D., 1867; LL. D., 
1882, Coll. of N. J.; D. D., 1877, Rutgers; 
L. H. D., 1896, Princeton) ; m. Aug. 15, 1860, 
Susan E. Baldwin. Author: Modern Greece; 
Life of Rev. Robert Baird, D. D. (his fath- 
er) ; Rise of the Huguenots of France; The 
Huguenots and Henry of Navarre; The 
Huguenots and the Revocation of the Edict 
of Nantes; Theodore Beza, the Counsellor 
of the French Reformation, 1899. Address: 
219 Palisade Av., Yonkers, N. Y. 

BAIRD, Julian William, chemist; b. 
Battle Creek, Mich., Feb. 14, 1859; ed. pub- 
lic schools, Jackson, Mich. ; grad. Univ. of 
Mich., 1882 (M. A., 1883; Ph. C, 1883); M. D., 
Harvard Univ. Med. School, 1890; asst. 
chem. laboratory, dept. pharmacy, Univ. of 
Mich., 1882-3; instr. in chemistry in charge 
of qualitative analysis and assaying, 1883-6, 
Lehigh Univ.; since 1886 prof, analytical 
and organic chemistry and since 1887 dean, 
Mass. Coll. of Pharmacy, Boston. Address: 
102 St. Botolph St., Boston. 

BAKER, A. George, physician; b. Pitts- 
burg; s. Dr. Jacob and Mary Catherine 
(Piatt) Baker; grad. Western Univ. of Pa. 
(A. M., 1869); Western Theol. Sem., Alle- 
gheny, 1872; Jefferson Med. Coll., 1887; or- 
dained deacon P. E. Ch., 1878; priest, 1879; 
pastor in Phila. ; later rector St. James 
Ch., Perkiomen, Pa.; retired from ministry, 
1887; has since practiced medicine; mem. 
State and Co. med. socs. ; physician-in- 
chief Chinese Med. Dispensary, Phila., 
since 1897. Author: History of the Ger- 
mans in America, 1891; History of the 
Knights of St. John of Malta; German- 
American Christianity and the Protestant 
Episcopal Church; Flora of Arabia and 
the Arabian Prophet, 1894 Zl; The Pho- 
nendonope and Its Practical Application 
(medical), 1898. Address: 404 Susquehanna 
Av., Philadelphia. 

BAKER, Albert C, lawyer; b. Girard, 
Ala., Feb. 15, 1845; s. Benjamin H. and Eliza 
B. ; ed. E. Ala. Male Coll.; studied and 
practiced law; m. Feb. 2, 1881, Mary Alex- 
ander. Removed to Ariz., 1879; has been 
city atty., Phoenix; dist. atty., Maricopia 
Co.; asst. U. S. atty., Ariz.; mem. and 
chmn. judiciary com. 11th legislature of 
Ariz.; mem. bd. curators, territorial li- 
brary; mem. bd. directors, Territorial Nor- 
mal School; chief justice of Ariz., 1893-7; 
Democrat. Address: Phoenix, Ariz. 

BAKER, Albert Knfus. M. D. ; b. Salem, 
Pa., March 24, 1858; .?. Benjamin Franklin 
and Sabina (Pershing) B. ; m. 1885, Emily 
L. Shackleton, Pittsburg, Pa.; grad. West- 
ern Reserve Univ., med. dept., Cleveland, 
O., 1879; studied in dispensaries and hosps. 
of New York; practiced 2 yrs. at Duke 
Centre, Pa. ; post-graduate work London, 
Berlin, Vienna and Paris, 1881-3. Located 
in Cleveland, 1884, limiting practice to the 
eye, ear, nose and throat; prof, ophthalmol- 
ogy, otology and laryngology, Cleveland 
Coll. Phys. & Surg, since 1888; chmn. fac- 



ulty since 1898; editor Cleveland Med. Ga- 
zette, 1885-96; pres. Am. Med. Coll. Assn., 
1900-01; frequent contributor to med. jour- 
nals and mem. numerous med. societies. 
Address: 122 Euclid Av., Cleveland, O. 

BAKER, Benjamin W., pres. Mo. Wes- 
leyan Coll. since 1898; b. Hutton Tp., Coles 
Co., 111., Nov. 25, 1841; lived and worked 
on farm until 1861; served through war, 
1861-5, in 25th 111. vol. inf.; took part in 
many battles and was wounded several 
times; grad. 111. State Normal Univ., 1870; 
taught there 4 yrs. while studying in 111. 
Wesleyan Univ. (A. M., Ph. D., 111. Wes- 
leyan Univ.; D. D., Chaddock Coll.); m. 
Dec. 14, 1871, Miss M. F. Henry. Joined 
Central 111. Conf., M. E. Ch., 1874; ever 
since connected with it except, 1881-3, when 
pastor in Denver, Colo. ; presiding elder, 
1885-9; financial sec. 111. Wesleyan Univ., 
1889-93; pres. Chaddock Coll., 1893-8. Address: 
Cameron, Mo. 

BAKER, Charles Hinckley, pres. Sno- 
qualmie Falls Power Co.; b. Chicago, Nov. 
30, 1864; ed. public schools; grad. Cornell, 
C. E., 1886; m. June 13, 1888, Gladys 
France. Resident eng'r Chicago, Burling- 
ton & Quincy Ry., Chicago, Rock Island & 
Pacific Ry., and Chicago & Northwestern 
Ry., 1884-7; resident eng'r Seattle, Lake 
Shore & Eastern Ry., 1887-90; civil eng'r 
and contractor, 1890-5; built 3d St. and Su- 
burban Ry., Seattle. Receiver Merchants' 
Nat. Bank, Seattle, since 1895. Promoted, 
organized and completed Snoqualmie Falls 
Power Co., transmitting, electrically, 10,000 
h. p. 30 miles to Seattle and 44 miles to Ta- 
coma, 1898; pres. Seattle Cataract Co., 1899; 
pres. Tacoma Cataract Co., 1899; delegate 
to Dem. Nat. Con v., 1896; bolted and start- 
ed Gold Dem. movement in State of Wash- 
ington. Residence: 1216 Queen Anne Av. 
Office: Cataract Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

BAKER, Charles Whiting, managing 
editor Engineering News; b. Johnson, Vt., 
Jan. 17, 1865; ed. Vt. State Normal School; 
grad. eng'ring dept. Univ. of Vt., 1886; m. 
June 4, 1890, Rebekah Wheeler, Burlington, 
Vt. Author: Monopolies and the People 
(Putnam's "Questions of the Day" series); 
etc. Residence: Montclair, N. J. Office: St. 
Paul Bldg., New York. 

BAKER, David, supt. blast furnaces, 
South Works 111. Steel Co., since Aug., 
1898; 6. Boston, May 31, 1861; grad. Mass. 
Inst. Technology (S. B.), 1885; also grad. 
mining eng'r; m. Nov. 25, 1886, Kate M. 
Baker, Auburndale, Mass. In charge blast 
furnaces Pa. Steel Co. ; then in charge erec- 
tion and operation blast furnaces Md. Steel 
Co., 1887-97; metall. supt., 1897-8. Address: 
5744 Washington Av., Chicago. 

BAKER, Francis E., judge Supreme 
Court, Ind., since 1899; b. Goshen, Ind., 
Oct. 20, 1860; .y. John H. B. (now U. S. 
judge, dist. of Ind.); ed. public and private 
schools, Goshen, until 1875; Ind. State Univ., 
1876-8; grad. Univ. of Mich., 1882 (class 
poet) ; literary editor University Chronicle, 
1879-82. Entered, 1882, law office of his 
father and his uncle, Joseph A. S. Mitch- 

ell; latter became supreme judge, Ind., 
1885; firm Baker & Baker, until senior be- 
came U. S. judge, 1892, then was Baker & 
Miller until 1899; firm were attys. for Lake 
Shore & Mich. Southern Ry., and other 
prominent corporations. Home: Goshen, 
Ind. Official Address: Indianapolis, Ind. 
BAKER, Frank, M. D. ; supt. Nat. Zo- 
61. Park; grad. Nat. Med. Coll. (Colum- 
bian Univ.), 1880 (Ph. D.); prof, anatomy 
Univ. of Georgetown; fellow A. A. A. S. 
mem. Washington Acad, of Sciences; An 
throp. Soc. ; Biol. Soc. of Washington, etc. 
m. Sept. 13, 1873, May E. Cole, Sedgwick 
Me. Address: 1728 Columbia Rd., Wash 

BAKER. Franklin Thomas, prof. Eng- 
lish, Teachers* Coll., Columbia, since 1893; 
b. Hagerstown, Md., Sept. 12, 1864; s. John 
Henry and Julia (McCoy) B.; prep, ed'n 
high school, Hagerstown, Md. ; grad. Dick- 
inson Coll., 1885 (A. M. same; A. M., Colum- 
bia); m. Brooklyn, Sept. 15, 1896, Emilie 
A. Kip. Editor: DeQuincey's Revolt of 
the Tartars, 1896 L16; The DeCoverley Pa- 
pers, 1899 A2; Browning's Shorter Poems, 
1899 Ml. Residence: 602 S. Broadway, Yonk- 
ers, N. Y. 

BAKER, George Angnstns, lawyer, au- 
thor; b. 1849; 5. painter of same name; 
grad. Coll. City of New YoYk and Columbia 
Law School, 1870; now practicing, New 
York. Author: The Bad Habits of Good So- 
ciety; also several volumes of society verses 
and stories. Address: 13 E. 46th St., New 

BAKER, George Danielson, Presby'n 
clergyman; b. Watertown, N. Y., Nov. 30, 
1840; .y. Josiah W. and Abigail B. (Bates) 
B. ; preparatory ed'n, Mount Washington 
Collegiate Inst., New York; grad. Univ. 
City of New York; Princeton Theol. Sem. 
(D. D., Olivet Coll., Mich.); m. New York, 
Nov. 30, 1864, Gertrude F. Magie. Consecu- 
tively pastor Stone St. Presby'n Ch., Wa- 
tertown, N. Y. ; Presby'n Ch., Oneida, N. 
Y. ; 1st Presby'n Ch., Detroit; 1st Presby'n 
Ch., Phila. ; pres. Bd. Ed'n of Presby'n Ch. 
in U. S. A.; v. -p. Bd. Directors Princeton 
Theol. Sem.; pres. Christian League of 
Phila.; corr. sec. Pa. Bible Soc; mem. 
Presby'n Hist. Soc, New England Soc. 
Address: 906 Pine St., Philadelphia. 

BAKER, George Fisher, banker; b. 
Troy, N. Y., March 27, 1840; married; pres. 
First Nat. Bank; director Astor Nat. Bank, 
Long Island Water Supply Co., and N. Y. 
& Long Branch R. R. Co.; v.-p. and direc- 
tor Bankers' Safe Deposit Co. ; director 
Balto. & Del. Bay. R. R. Co., Car Trust 
Investment Co., Ltd., of London, Lake 
Erie & Western R. R. Co., Lehigh & Hud- 
son River R. R. Co., Liberty Nat. Bank, 
Northern Pacific Ry. Co., and numerous 
other corporations. Residence: 258 Madison 
Av. Office: 2 Wall St., New York. 

BAKER, George Hall, librarian; b. Ash- 
field, Mass., April 23, 1850; grad. Amherst, 
1874 (A. M.); studied Berlin, Germany, 
Univ., 1876-8; connected with Columbia 
Univ. library since 1883; librarian-in-chief, 



1889-99; m. July 14, 1875, Ellen B. Adkins, 
Brattleboro, Vt. Address: 291 Manhattan 
Av., New York. 
BAKER, George Pierce, asst. prof. Eng- 
lish, Harvard Univ.; b. Providence, R. I., 
April 4, 1866; grad. Harvard, 1887; m. Aug. 
16, 1893, Christina Hopkinson. Author: The 
Principles of Argumentation, 1895 Gl. Editor: 
Specimens of Argumentation, 1893 H4; also 
various Elizabethan plays. Address: Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

BAKER, George Titns, civil engineer, 
gen. contractor; b. Homestead, la., July 9, 
1859; s. Albert W. and Freelove M. B.; ed. 
Iowa State Univ., 1874-5; Cornell Univ., 
1875-9; m. Ithaca, N. Y., 1879, Clara I. Poole. 
Mem. Iowa legislature, 1896-7; delegate-at- 
large Dem. Nat. Con v., 1900. Mayor, Da- 
venport, la., 1898-1900. Address: Daven- 
port, la. 

BAKER, Henry Brooks, surgeon, statis- 
tician; b. Brattleboro, Vt., Dec. 29, 1837; 
.y. Ezra and Deborah K. (Bigelow) B. ; com- 
mon school ed'n; studied medicine Univ. of 
Mich., 1861-2 (hon. A. M., 1890); m. Sept. 9, 
1868, Fannie H. Howard. Enlisted 20th 
Mich, inf., 1862; was its asst. surgeon, 
1864-5; grad. Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 
1866; practiced, Lansing, 5 yrs., and Bay 
Co., Mich., 8 yrs; in charge vital statis- 
tics of Mich. ; sec. State Bd. of Health since 
1873. Author 28 annual reports; also many 
papers on sanitary subjects; mem. many 
scientific socs. ; has been pres. Am. Public 
Health Assn.; pres. Mich. Acad, of Science; 
hon. mem. French Soc. of Hygiene; lec- 
turer on public health, Univ of Mich. 
Address: 726 Ottawa St., W. Lansing, Mich. 

BAKER, Ira Osborn, prof, civil engineer- 
ing, Univ. of 111., since 1882; b. Linton, Ind., 
Sept. 23, 1853; s. Hiram W. and Amanda J. 
B.; grad. Univ. of 111., C. E., 1874; m. 
Philo, 111., Aug. 15, 1877, Emma Burr. Mem. 
Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs; Western Soc. Eng'rs; 
Soc. Promotion Eng'ring Ed'n. Contributor 
to eng'ring journals and proc. of eng'ring 
socs. Author: Treatise on Masonry Con- 
struction, 1889; Engineer's Surveying In- 
struments, 1892 W9. Address: 702 W. Uni- 
versity St., Champaign, 111. 

BAKER, James Hatching, pres. Univ. of 
Colo, since 1891; b. Harmony, Me., Oct. 13, 
1848; grad. Bates Coll., Me., 1873 (LL. D., 
1892); prin. Denver high school, 1875-92; 
pres. Nat. Council of Ed'n, 1891. Originated 
the scheme which led to the report of the 
"Nat. Com. of Ten" on secondary ed'n in 
the U. S. Author: Elementary Psychology, 
1890 Mil; Education and Life, 1900 L4; etc. 
Address: Boulder, Colo. 

BAKER, Jehu, ex-congressman, lawyer; b. 
Fayette Co., Ky., Nov. 4, 1822; ed. common 
schools and McKendree Coll. (hon. A. M. 
and LL. D.); studied medicine, then law, 
and was admitted to the bar; Master in 
Chancery, St. Clair Co., 1861-5; mem. Con- 
gress, 1865-9, 1887-9; U. S. minister Ven- 
ezuela, 1878-81 and 1882-5; elected to Con- 
gress for term 1897-9, as nominee of Peo- 
ple's party and Democrats. Address: Belle- 
ville, 111. 

BAKER, Joanna, prof. Greek Simpson 
Coll. since 1890; d. Orlando Harrison and 
Mary C. (Ridley) B. ; was taught Greek, 
Latin and French in childhood, by her par- 
ents, beginning the three languages at 4; 
read Homer in coll. at 8; moved to Algo- 
na, la., and entered coll. ; apptd. tutor in 
Greek, Simpson Coll., when 16 yrs. old; 
grad. Cornell Coll., la., 1882 (A. M., 1885); 
tutor in Greek and sp'l student, Greek, Ger- 
man, French and music, De Pauw Univ., 
1886-8 (A. M.), and admitted as an alumna 
ad eundem gradum; instr. Latin, De Pauw, 
1888-9; student 1 term, 1895, in the Sauveur 
School of Languages, Amherst Coll., Mass.; 
post-graduate work Univ. of Chicago, 
1896-9; unmarried. Address: Indianola, la. 

BAKER, John H., U. S. dist. judge dist. 
of Ind. since March 29, 1892; b. Parma Tp., 
Monroe Co., N. Y., Feb. 28, 1832; ed. Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ.; studied law; practiced at 
Goshen, Ind.; State senator, Ind., 1862; 
mem. Congress, 1875-8. Address: Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

BAKER, Lawrence Simons, agt. Sea- 
board Air Line; b. Gatesville, N. C, May 
15, 1830; j. Dr. John and Mary (Wynns) B. ; 
ed. Gatesville, N. C, and Norfolk, Va.,; 
grad. West Point, 1851; m. Salisbury, N. C, 
March 13, 1855, Elizabeth Carl Henderson. 
Apptd. 2d It. U. S. A., resigned as 1st It. 
mounted rifles, U. S. A., 1861. Apptd. col. 
1st N. C. cav., May 20, 1861; brig. -gen., 
Aug. 1, 1863; severely wounded right arm 
shattered, Aug. 1, 1863, at battle of Brandy 
Station; in command eastern dept., N. C, 
from June, 1864, until close of Civil war. 
Address: Suffolk, Va. 

BAKER, Lncien, ex-U. S. Senator, lawyer; 
b. Fulton Co., O., 1846; shortly afterward 
removed with parents to Mich. ; began to 
practice law at Leavenworth, Kan., 1869; U. 
S. senator, 1895-1901; Republican. Address: 
Leavenworth, Kan. 

BAKER, Marcus, cartographer, United 
States Geol. Survey; b. Kalamazoo, Mich., 
Sept. 23, 1849; grad. Univ. of Mich., 1870 
(LL. D., Columbian Univ., 1896); became 
connected with U. S. Coast and Geodetic 
Survey in 1873; and with U. S. Geol. Survey 
in 1886; spent several yrs. in explorations 
and surveys in Alaska and on Pacific coast; 
with William H. Dall, prepared the "Alaska 
Coast Pilot." Has written geog. and math, 
papers. Now sec. U. S. Bd. on Geographic 
Names; was cartographer Venezuelan 
Boundary Comm'n. Residence: 1905 16th 
St., Washington. 

BAKER, Martha S., artist; b. Evansville, 
Ind.; d.. Chas. E. and Susan (Stevenson) B. ; 
pupil of Art Inst., Chicago. First prize 
at Arche Salon, 1897, Chicago; exhibited 
at Paris Exp'n, 1900; instr. at Art Inst., 
Chicago. Home' Address: 73 Bolton Av., 
Cleveland, O. Address: 1026 Fine Arts 
Bldg., Chicago. 

BAKER, Moses Nelson, asso. editor En- 
gineering News; b. Enosbiirgh, Vt., Jan. 26, 
1 864 : s. Benjamin N. and Sarah M. (Wright) 
B.; grad. Univ. of Vt. (Ph. B.), 1886; m. 
Aug. 22, 18S9, Ella Sophia Babbit, Burling- 



ton, Vt. Editor: The Manual of American 
Waterworks, 1888, 1889-90, 1891 and 1897. 
Author: Sewage Purification in America, 
1893; Sewage Disposal in the United States 
(joint author), 1894 VI; Sewage and Sew- 
age Purification, 1896 VI; Potable Water 
1899 VI; Municipal Monopolies (joint au- 
thor), 1899 C7; Municipal Engineering and 
Sanitation, 1901 Ml; Municipal Engineer- 
ing Topics in International Year Book, 
1898, 1899 D3; same in revision, Interna- 
tional Cyclopaedia, 12. Has written numer- 
ous articles in tech. and other publications, 
and proc. of socs. Residence: Upper Mont- 
clair, N. J. Office: 220 Broadway, N. Y. 

BAKER, Page M., mgr. and editor-in- 
chief Times- Democrat, New Orleans. Resi- 
dence: 3307 Prytania St. Office: 320 Camp 
St., New Orleans. 

BAKER, William B., ex-congressman, 
fruit packer; b. nr. Aberdeen, Md., July 22, 
1840; ed. public and private schools; worked 
on farm until 1872; since then engaged in 
fruit packing. Mem. Md. house of delegates, 
1882; Md. senate, 1892; mem. Congress, 1895- 
1901, 2d Md. dist. ; Republican. Address: 
Aberdeen, Md. 

BAKER, "William Henry, homoe. physi- 
cian; b. West Chester, Pa., June 7, 1844; s. 
Joshua and Ellen B. ; common school ed'n, 
Phila. ; grad. Hahnemann Med. Coll., Phila., 
1880, taking prize for superior scholarship 
out of a class of 90 graduates; has since 
practiced at Lynn, Mass.; m. Millville, N. 
J., June 1, 1868, Mary E. Madden. Served 
April 19 to Aug. 5, 1861, private Co. G, 2d 
Pa. vols. ; served in U. S. N. from Aug. 
13, 1862, for 3 yrs., on "Water Witch" and 
"New Ironsides." Wounded in engagement 
with Ft. Moultrie and battery B. Med. 
director, Dept. of Mass., 1897-8, surg.-gen. 
1899-1900, G. A. R. ; pres. U. S. bd. examin- 
ing surgeons for pensions at Lynn, Mass., 
for past 10 yrs. Address: 153 Washington 
St., Lynn, Mass. 

BAKEWELL, Charles Montague, asso. 
prof, philosophy, Univ. of Calif., since 
1900; b. Pittsburg, April 24, 1867; grad. Univ. 
of Calif., 1889 (Ph. D., Harvard, 1894). 
Traveling fellow Harvard, and student of 
Berlin, Strassburg and Paris Univs., 1894-6; 
instr. philosophy Harvard, 1896-7; Univ. of 
Calif., 1897-8; asso. prof, philosophy Bryn 
Mawr Coll., 1898-1900. Author of various 
essays in ethical and philos. criticism. 
Address: Berkeley, Calif. 

BALCH, Edwin Swift, lawyer, author; 
j. Thomas and Emily (Swift) B. ; grad. Har- 
vard, 1878; law dept., Univ. of Pa., 1895; 
admitted to bar; practices, Phila. Mem. 
Am. Philos. Soc. ; Franklin Inst. ; Geog. 
Soc. of Phila.; fellow Am. Geog. Soc, Royal 
Geog. Soc. Author: Mountain Exploration, 
1893; Glacieres, or Freezing Caverns, 1900 
A13; Antarctica, a History of Antarctic Dis- 
covery, 1901. Address: 1412 Spruce St., 

BALCH, Emily Greene, instr. economics, 
Wellesley Coll., since 1896; b. Jamaica 
Plain, Mass., Jan., 1867; d. Francis V. and 
Ellen M. (Noyes) B.; ed. private schools in 

Jamaica Plain and Boston; grad. Bryn 
Mawr, 1889; studied political economy in 
Paris, 1890-1, with private direction from 
Prof. Emile Levasseur; studied in Univ. of 
Chicago, 1895, and in Berlin, 1895-6. Semi- 
nary work with Profs. Schmoller and Wag- 
ner; mem. Am. Economic Assn., Am. 
Statist. Assn.; connected with Denison 
House (coll. settlement, Boston) during its 
first winter (1892-3) ; mem. of municipal bd. 
trustees for children (in charge of pauper 
and neglected children, truants and juve- 
nile offenders), June, 1897, to Oct., 1898 (re- 
signed). Wrote monograph, "Public As- 
sistance of the Poor in France," 1893 A6. 
College Address: Wellesley, Mass. Home: 
Prince St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

BALCH, George Beall, rear admiral U. 
S. N. (retired Jan., 1883); b. Tenn., Jan. 3, 
1821; apptd. from Ala., Dec. 30, 1837; passed 
midshipman, June 29, 1843; commissioned 
It., Aug. 16, 1850; comdr., July 16, 1862; 
capt., July 25, 1866; commodore, Aug. 13, 
1872; rear admiral, June 5, 1878; during 
Civil war comd. U. S. S. "Pocahontas" and 
"Pawnee;" took part in many engagements 
with C. S. batteries. Address: Baltimore. 

BALCH, Thomas Willing, lawyer, au- 
thor; s. Thomas and Emily (Swift) B. ; 
grad. Harvard, 1890; law dept., Univ. of 
Pa., 1895; mem. Phila. bar. Author: Some 
Facts About Alsace and Lorraine, 1895; The 
Brooke Family of Whitchurch, Hampshire, 
England, 1899 XI; The Alabama Arbitra- 
tion, 1900; Emeric Cruce, 1900. Address: 
1412 Spruce St., Philadelphia. 

BALDWIN, Ahel Seymour, M. D.; 6. of 

English descent, Oswego Co., N. Y., March 
19, 1811; grad. Hobart Coll., A. B. and B. S., 
1834 (A. M., 1838); grad. med. dept. same, 
1837; also pursued science studies and was 
botanist, Mich. Geol. Survey, 1836-8; prac- 
ticed at Geneva, Mich., 1837-8; since then at 
Jacksonville, Fla. ; m. June, 1838, at Ge- 
neva, Mich, (wife died of yellow fever, 
1857). Has served in both houses of Fla. 
legislature; secured charter for 1st railroad 
leading out of Jacksonville, and was pres. 
of 1st co. organized under that charter. 
Warden St. John's P. E. Ch. nearly 60 yrs.; 
mem. and was 1st pres. (1873-5) Fla. State 
Med. Assn. For 36 yrs. furnjshed record 
of climatol. observations to Smithsonian 
Inst'n. Address: Jacksonville, Fla. 

BALDWIN, Charles Sears, asst. prof, 
rhetoric, Yale; b. New York, March 21, 1867; 
j. John S. and Martha J. (Church) B. ; com- 
mon school ed'n in N. J.; grad. Columbia 
Coll., 1888; fellow same, 1888-91, studying 
in English philology; A. M., 1889; Ph. D., 
1894; m. Sept. 20, 1894, Agnes Irwin (died 
Jan. 14, 1897). Author: The Inflections and 
Syntax of the Morte d'Arthur of Sir Thomas 
Malory, 1894 Gl; Specimens of Prose De- 
scription, 1895 H4; an edition of DeQuin- 
cey's Revolt of the Tartars, 1896 L4; The 
Expository Paragraph and Sentence, 1897 
L4. Writer of reviews of text books in 
Educational Review and Journal of Ger- 
manic Philology. Address: 57 Wall St., 
New Haven, Conn. 



BALDWIN, Daniel Pratt, capitalist; b. 
Madison Co., N. Y., March 22, 1837; g.s. 
Daniel Pratt and nephew, U. S. Senator 
Daniel D. Pratt; preparatory ed'n Caze- 
novia Sem., N. Y. ; grad. Colgate Univ., 
1856; grad. Columbia Coll. Law School, 1860; 
(LL. D. ( Wabash Coll., Ind., 1872; Madison 
Univ., N. Y., 1872, Hamilton Coll., N. Y., 
1901); unmarried. Judge circuit court, Ind., 
1870; atty.-gen. Ind., 1880; took trip round 
the world, 1899; pres. Hamilton Coll. 
Alumni, Chicago, 1900. Republican. For 
many yrs. trustee Wabash Coll. Wrote: A 
Lawyer's Readings in the Evidences of 
Christianity, 1875; How States Grow, 1880; 
Manners, 1880; Personality, 1883; The Wastes 
of Life, 1885; Christ's Credentials, 1892. 
Address: Logansport, Ind. 

BALDWIN, Elbert F., asso. editor The 
Outlook. Address: 287 4th Av., New York. 

BALDWIN, Evelyn Brings, arctic ex- 
plorer; b. Springfield, Mo., July 22, 1862; s. 
Elias Briggs B. (capt. Co. C, 36th 111. vols., 
and afterward It. -col. 8th Mo. cav. vols., 
U. S. A.); ed. DuPage Co., 111.; lived with 
parents in Iowa, 1865-8, on farm, Labette 
Co., Kan., 1869-80; grad. Northwestern 
Coll., Naperville, 111.; taught dist. school; 
unmarried. Pedestrian and cyclist in Eu- 
rope, 1885-6; prin. high school and supt. 
city schools, Kan., 1887-91; observer U. S. 
Weather Bureau since 1892; now insp.-at- 
large, signal corps, U. S. A. Accompanied 
Peary, North Greenland exped'n., 1893-4, as 
meteorologist; made voyage to Andree bal- 
loon sta., Spitzbergen, 1897, hoping to join 
Andree in case services could be utilized, 
but arrived a few days too late. In 1898-9 
accompanied Wellman polar expd'n to 
Franz-Josef Land as meteorologist and 2d 
in command; built and named Fort Mc- 
Kinley; discovered and explored Graham 
Bell Land, May, 1899. Mem. Nat. Geog. 
Soc, Arctic Club, New York; Knight Tem- 
plar, 32d degree Mason; Shriner; many 
scientific socs.; contributor to gov't me- 
teorological publications. Organized and 
comdg. Baldwin-Ziegler polar expd'n, 1901. 
Author: Search for the North Pole; also 
wrote in Weather Bureau publications; Me- 
teorological Report, Franz-Josef Land, 
1898-9; Auroral Observations, Franz- Josef 
Land, 1898^99; Meteorological Reports, N. 
Greenland expd'n, 1893-4. Address: 60 Lib- 
erty St., New York. 

BALDWIN, Foy Spencer, prof, econom- 
ics Boston Univ. since 1895; b. Charlotte, 
Mich., July 6, 1870; 5. Rev. William Wallace 
B.; grad. Boston Univ., 1888 (Ph. D.; Doc. 
Pol. Science, Univ. Munich); m. March 5, 
1896, Cordelia Schultz Losey, Elmira, N. Y. ; 
asst. editor Vt. Watchman, Montpelier, 1889; 
master St. Luke's School, Phila., 1890-1; 
studied economics in Germany, 1892-3; instr. 
economics, Norwich (Conn.) Free Acad., 1894. 
Author: History of Mining Legislation in 
England. Contributor to periodicals. Resi- 
dence: West Newton, Mass. Address: 12 
Somerset St., Boston. 

BALDWIN, Henry, custodian Am. His- 
tory; b. New York, Feb. 1, 1832; attended 
Washington Inst., New York; entered busi- 

ness at 14; m. April 18, 1872, Cornelia Es- 
telle Hoskins, Phila. Sec. New York Ex- 
change Co. 6 yrs.; sec. Gallatin Fire Ins. 
Co. 6 yrs., at same time directing mission 
work in New York. April 21, 1861, sergt. 
in command corps eng'rs, 12th regt., N. Y. 
State troops; after 4 months' service organ- 
ized corps of instruction, from which sev- 
eral grad. as officers in vol. service. Feb. 
24, 1891, selected by conv. of patriotic or- 
ganizations at Chicago to verify "all facts 
of Am. history," and collect a Library 
Americana to be deposited at Washington 
when provision can be made for it there. 
Has since devoted entire time to this work 
without pay. Address: 260 Crown St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

BALDWIN, James, author; b. in Hamilton 
Co., Ind., Dec. 15, 1841; received some in- 
struction in dist. schools, but was for the 
most part self-educated; (Ph. D., De Pauw 
Univ., 1885). Teacher in dist. public schools 
of native co., 1865-8; supt. city graded 
schools, Huntington and other cities in Ind., 
1869-87; filled important position in edn'l 
dept. of Harper & Bros., New York, 1887- 
90; asst. editor Harper's Mag., 1890-3; editor 
of school books for Am. Book Co., 1893- 
1900. Author: The Story of Siegfried, 1882 
S3; The Story of Roland, 1883 S3; The Book 
Lover, 1884 M5; A Story of the Golden Age, 
1886, S3; Harper's Readers (5 vols.), 1887- 
90 HI; Harper's School Speakers (3 vols.), 
1891 HI; Six Centuries of English Poetry, 
1892, S6; The Book of Elegies, 1892 S6; The 
Famous Allegories, 1893 S6; Choice Eng- 
lish Lyrics, 1893 S6; Fairy Stories and Fa- 
bles, 1895 Al; Fifty Famous Stories Retold, 
1895 Al; Old Greek Stories, 1895 Al; Old Sto- 
ries from the East, 1895 Al; Guide to Sys- 
tematic Readings in the Encyclopaedia 
Britannica, 1895 W20; Four Great Amer- 
icans, 1896 W21; The Horse Fair, 1895 C2; 
Baldwin's Readers (8 vols.), 1897, Al; The 
Discovery of the Old Northwest, 12; The 
Conquest of the Old Northwest, 12. Editor: 
Everybody's Writing-Desk Book; Baldwin's 
Biographical Booklets (30 vols.), W21; The 
Four Great Americans Series of Biographies 
(8 vols.), W21. Occasional contributor to 
edn'l periodicals and leading magazines. 
Address: 100 Washington Sq., New York. 

BALDWIN, James Fairchild, surgeon; 
b. Orangeville, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1850; s. Cy- 
rus H. and Mary P. (Fairchild) B. ; grad. 
Oberlin Coll., 1870, A. M., 1876; grad. Jef- 
ferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1874 (1st prize 
thesis, $100); m. 1st, Wellington, O., 1874, 
Fidelia Finch; 2d, Columbus, O., 1889, Ida 
Strickler. Prof, physiology and anatomy, 
Columbus Med. Coll., 1875-82; prof. surg. 
gynecology and chancellor, Ohio Med. 
Univ., 1892-9; surgeon and chief of staff 
Grant Hosp., 1900; mem. Am. Med. Assn., 
Ohio State Med. Soc, Am. Assn. of Obstet- 
rics and Gynecology, etc. Author: Operative 
Gynecology, 1898. Contributor on surgery 
and gynecology to med. journals. Residence: 
405 E. Town St. Office: Great Hosp., Colum- 
bus, O. 

BALDWIN, James Mark, psychologist; 
b. Columbia, S. C, Jan. 12, 1861; s. Hon. 



Cyrus H. B., U. S. Sub-Treas. ; grad. 
Princeton, 1884, A. M., 1887; Ph. D., 1889 
(Sc. D., Oxford Univ., England, 1900; 
first hon. degree in science ever given by 
Oxford); studied Leipzig, Berlin and Tu- 
bingen; m. Nov., 1888, Helen Hayes, d. Prin. 
W. Henry Green, D. D., LL. D., Princeton 
Theol. Sem. Instr. French and German, 
Princeton, 1886; prof, philosophy, Lake For- 
est Univ., 111., 1887-9; same, Toronto (Can.) 
Univ., 1889-93; since 1893 prof, psychology, 
Princeton. Was v. -p. Internat. Congress 
of Psychology, London, 1892; hon. pres. In- 
ternat. Congress of Criminal Anthropology, 
Geneva, 1896; judge of award, World's Co- 
lumbian Exp'n, 1893; pres. Am. Psychol. 
Assn., 1897-8; mem. Am. Philos. Soc. ; Am. 
Soc. of Naturalists; awarded gold medal 
Royal Acad, of Denmark, 1897; elected mem. 
Institut Internat. de Sociologie, 1898. 
Author: German Psychology of To-day 
(trans.), 1886 S3; Hand-Book of Psychology, 
1890 H4; Elements of Psychology, 1893 H4; 
Mental Development in the Child and the 
Race, 1896 Ml; Social and Ethical Inter- 
pretations in Mental Development, 1898 Ml; 
Story of the Mind, 1898 A2, etc. Editor-in- 
chief, Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychol- 
ogy, 1901 Ml. His volumes on Mental De- 
velopment have been translated into French 
and German. Editor: Psychological Review; 
Princeton Contributions to Psychology; ed- 
itor for Philosophy, Johnson's Universal 
Cyclopaedia. Address: Princeton, N. J. 
BALDWIN, Simeon Eben, judge Supreme 
Court of Errors, Conn.; b. New Haven, 
Conn., Feb. 5, 1840; grad. Yale, 1861 (A. M., 
LL. D., Harvard); practiced law in New 
Haven until apptd. judge; prof, constitu- 
tional law, Yale. Was pres. Am. Bar 
Assn., 1890; Am. Social Science Assn., 1897, 
and New Haven Colony Hist. Assn., 1884-96; 
is pres. Internat. Law Assn., and Conn. 
Soc. of Archaeol. Inst, of America. Author: 
Baldwin's Connecticut Digest; Baldwin's 
Cases on Railroad Law; Modern Political 
Institutions, etc. Address: 44 Wall St., 
New Haven, Conn. 

BALDWIN, Theodore A., brig.-gen. U. S. 
vols., lt.-col. 10th cav., U. S. A.; b. New 
Jersey; entered army May 3, 1862; served 
as private and q. m's sergt., 19th inf., un- 
til May 3, 1865, when he was promoted to 
1st It. in same regt. ; promoted capt. July 
23, 1865; assigned to 10th cav. Dec. 15, 1870; 
maj. 7th cav. Oct. 5, 1887; lt.-col. 10th cav. 
Dec. 11, 1896; apptd. brig.-gen. vols, for 
service in war against Spain; mustered out 
of vol. service, Dec. 31, 1898. Address: Care 
War Dept., Washington. 

BALDWIN, William Henry, Jr., pres. 
Long Island R. R. Co. since 1896; b. Bos- 
ton, Feb. 5, 1863; 5. W. H. B. ; preparatory 
ed'n, public schools, Boston, and Roxbury 
Latin School; grad. Harvard, A. B., 1885; m. 
Springfield, Mass., Oct. 30, 1889, Ruth 
Standish Bowles. Prior to June 1, 1888, div. 
freight agt. Union Pacific Ry., Butte, 
Mont.; asst. gen. freight agt. same, Omaha, 
1888-9; mgr. Leavenworth div., same, Leav- 
enworth. Kan., 1889; gen. mgr. Mont. Union 
Ry., 1889-90; asst. v.-p. Union Pacific Ry., 

Omaha, Neb., 1890-1; gen. mgr. Flint & 
Pere Marquette R. R., 1891-4; 3d v.-p., 
1894-5; 2d v.-p., 1895-6, Southern Ry. Has 
written various articles on railroad and so- 
cial economic questions. Residence: 112 
Willow St., Brooklyn. Office: 32 Nassau 
St., New York. 
BALDY, John Montgomery, physician; 
b. Danville, Pa., June 16, 1860; grad. Univ. 
of Pa., 1884; prof, gynecology Phila. Poly- 
clinic; surgeon to Gynecian Hosp.; gyne- 
cologist to Pa. Hosp. ; consulting surgeon to 
Frederick Douglas Hosp., all of Phila. 
Author: American Text Book of Gynecol- 
ogy, D15. Address: 1722 Chestnut St., Phila- 

BALL, George Harvey; b. Sherbrooke, 
Can., Dec. 7, 1819 (ancestor Jonathan, New- 
ark, N. J.; Edward, Bradford, Conn); mov- 
ed to Ohio, 1837; ed. Farmington Acad, and 
Grand River Inst., O., and Cobb Divinity 
School, Lewiston, Me.; prin. Geauga Sem., 
O., 1847-50; pastor Hudson St. Bapt. Ch., 
Buffalo, 1S50-5; pastor Roger Williams Ch., 
Providence, R. I., 1855-7; mem. 1st Rep. 
Conv., Phila., 1856; pastor of ch. at Buffalo 
again, 1857-71; editor Baptist Union, New 
York, 1871-77; pastor Buffalo ch. again, 
1877-90; pres. Keuka Coll., 1892-1901. Author 
of several books; contributor to reviews and 
mags. Address: Keuka Park, N. Y. 

BALL, Lewis Heisler, congressman from 
Del., 1901-3, physician; b. nr. Stanton, Del., 
Sept. 21, 1861; 5. John and Sarah (Baldwin) 
B. ; early ed'n Milltown and at Rugby 
Acad., Wilmington, Del.; grad. Del. Coll., 
Newark, Del., and med. dept., Univ. of Pa.; 
m. Katherine Springer Justis. Republican. 
Residence: Faulkland, Del. Office: Marshall- 
town, Del. 

BALL, Thomas, sculptor; b. Charlestown, 
Mass., June 3, 1819; ed. Mayhew School, 
Boston (hon. A. M., Dartmouth, 1860); m. 
Oct. 10, 1854, Ellen Louisa Wild. Practiced 
painting, 1840-52; adopted sculpture, 1851; 
designed and made equestrian statue of 
Washington in Boston; statue of Daniel 
Webster, Central Park, New York; and 
many other public statues; devoted yrs. 
1891-8 to monument of Washington for 
Methuen, Mass. Resided in Florence, Italy, 
1865-97. Hon. fellow Nat. Sculptors' Soc, 
1896; mem. Soc. of Am. Authors since 1899; 
amateur musician and original "Elijah" in 
America, 1848. Author: My Three Score 
Years and Ten, an Autobiography. Residence: 
Montclair, N. J. Studio: 207 E. 17th St., 
New York. 

BALL, Thomas H., congressman, lawyer; 
b. Huntsville, Tex., Jan. 14, 1859; ed. in 
private school and Austin Coll. ; later pur- 
sued farming and mercantile business; 
served 3 terms as mayor of Huntsville; re- 
tired to practice law; attended lectures, 
Univ. of Va. ; mem. Congress, 1897-1903, 1st 
Tex. dist. ; Democrat. Home: Huntsville, 

BALLANTINE, William Gay, educator; 
b. Washington, Dec. 7, 1848; s. Rev. Elisha 
B. ; grad. Marietta Coll., 1868 (D. D., 1885; 
LL. D., Western Reserve Univ., 1891); grad. 



Union Theol. Sem., New York, 1872; m. Aug. 
17, 1875, Emma Frances Atwood, Waupun, 
Wis. Studied Leipzig, 1872-3; mem. Am. 
Palestine Exploring Expd'n., 1873; prof, 
chemistry and natural science, Ripon Coll., 
1874-6; asst. prof. Greek, Univ. of Ind., 
1876-8; prof. Greek and Hebrew, 1878-81; 
prof. Old Testament language and litera- 
ture, Oberlin Theol. Sem., 1881-91; pres. 
Oberlin Coll., 1891-6; resigned and went 
abroad for study in Greece. Instr. in Bible 
in Internat. Y. M. C. A. Training School, 
Springfield, Mass., 1897; an editor of the 
Bibliotheca Sacra, 1884-91. Author: Jere- 
miah, a Character Study, 1892 R3; Ezekiel, 
a Literary Study of His Prophecy, 1892 R3; 
Job, Jehovah's Champion, 1892 R3; Induc- 
tive Logic, 1896 Gl. Also Y. M. C. A. pub- 
lications: Phillippians, the Model Letter, 
1898; Christ in the Gospel of Mark, 1898; 
Inductive Bible Studies, Mark and Acts, 
189S; Luke and Jeremiah, 1899; Matthew, 
1900. Address: 321 St. James Av., Spring- 
field, Mass. 

BALLARD, Addison, prof, logic N. Y. 
Univ. since Nov. 13, 3893; b. Framingham, 
Mass., Oct. 18, 1822; 5. John and Pamelia 
(Bennett) B. ; grad. Williams, 1842 (D. D.); 
entered Cong'l ministry; has been tutor 
and prof, rhetoric Williams; prof, natural 
philosophy and astronomy, Marietta Coll., O. ; 
prof. Latin and mathematics, Ohio Univ. ; 
prof. Christian Greek and Latin, and of 
moral philosophy, Lafayette; pastor First 
Cong'l Ch., Williamstown, Mass., 1857-65: 
First Cong'l Ch., Detroit, 1866-72. Married. 
Author: Arrows, or Teaching a Fine Art, 
B21; also of various published discourses. 
Address: New York Univ., New York. 

BALLARD, Harlan Hoge, librarian Berk- 
shire Athenceum since 188S; b. Athens, O., 
Mav 26, 1853; 5. Rev. Addison Ballard; grad. 
Williams, 1874; m. Aug. 20, 1879, Lucy Bish- 
op Pike, g.d. Judge Henry Walker Bishop, 
Lenox, Mass. Prin. Lenox (Mass.) High 
School, 1874-80: prin. Lenox Acad., 1880-6. 
Organized, 3875, and ever since pres. of 
Agassiz Assn. for Study of Nature, which 
has had over 1,000 branches; fellow A. A. 
A. S. ; sec. Berkshire Hist, and Scientific 
Soc. Author: Three Kingdoms; The World 
of Matter; Open Sesame; Re-open Sesame, 
etc. ; joint author Barnes' Readers and 
American Plant-Book. Address: Pittsfield, 

BALLINGER, Richard Ac liilles, lawyer; 

b. Boonesboro, la., July 9, 1858; .?. Richard 
H. and Mary E. B. ; preparatory ed'n Univ. 
of Kan. and Washburn Coll., Topeka, Kan.; 
grad. Williams Coll., Mass., 1884; m. Oct. 
26, 1886, Julia A. Bradley. Studied law, ad- 
mitted to bar; practices in State of Wash- 
ington; U. S. court comm'r, 1890-2; later 
judge superior court, Jefferson Co., Wash. 
Author: Ballinger on Community Property; 
Ballinger's Annotated Codes and Statutes 
of Washington. Address: Mutual Life 
Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

BAMFORD, Mary Ellen, author; b. 
Healdsburg, Sonomo Co., Calif.; d. Dr. 
William and Cornelia (Rand) B. ; ed. Oak- 

land, Calif., public schools; grad. Oakland 
High School. Author: My Land and Water 
Friends, 1886 L8; The Look About Club, 
1887 L8; Thoughts of My Dumb Neighbors, 
1887 M4; Father Lambert's Family, 1888 M4; 
The Second Year of the Look About Club, 
1889 L8; Up and Down the Brooks, 1889 H5; 
A Piece of Kitty Hunter's Life, 1890 M4; 
Eleanor and I, 1891 C6; Janet and Her 
Father, 1891 C6; Number One or Number 
Two, 1891 M4; Talks by Queer Folks, 1893 
L8; Three Roman Girls, 1893 B4; Marie's 
Story, C6; Miss Millie's Trying, 1893 M4; 
In Editha's Days, 1894 B4; Jessie's Three 
Resolutions, 1894 B4; Out of the Triangle 
(first published as $250 prize serial), 1898 
C9; Her Twenty Heathen, 1898 C6; Ti, a 
Story of San Francisco's Chinatown, 1899 
C9. Writer of articles in Overland Month- 
ly and Wide Awake, and stories in Youth's 
Companion. Address: 621 E. 15th St., East 
Oakland, Calif. 
BANCROFT, Cecil Franklin Paten, 
prin. Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., since 
1873; b. of early Puritan stock. New Ips- 
wich, N. H., Nov. 25, 1839; early ed'n there; 
grad. Dartmouth Coll., 1860; Andover Theol. 
Sem., 1867; Univ. of Halle, Germany; Ph. 
D., Univ. of New York; L. H. D., Williams; 
LL. D., Yale; prin. Mt. Vernon, N. H., 
1860-64; prin. Lookout Mt. Edn'l Inst'ns, 
Tenn., 1867-72; ordained (Congregationalist), 
May 1, 1867, but has never been a pastor; 
m. May 6, 1867, Frances A. Kittredge (died, 
1898). Has given many addresses, and 
written much for periodical press on edn'l 
and religious topics; trustee Dartmouth 
Coll., Andover Theol. Sem., and two of the 
Mass. public inst'ns of charity; has been 
pres. Head Masters' Assn., Dartmouth 
Alumni Assn., Alpha of N. H., Phi Beta 
Kappa, N. E. Assn. of Colleges and Prepar- 
atory Schools, etc. Has sent up more boys 
to coll. and scientific school than any other 
teacher in Am. secondary schools. Address: 
Andover, Mass. 

BANCROFT, Edgar Addison, v.-p. and 
gen. solicitor Chicago & Western Ind. R. 
R. Co. and The Belt Ry. Co. of Chicago 
since 1895; b. Galesburg, 111., Nov. 20, 1857; 
grad. Knox Coll., 1878; Columbia Coll. Law 
School, 1880; m. April 18, 1896, Margaret 
Healy, Brooklyn. In gen. practice, Gales- 
burg, 1884-92; Rep. presidential elector, 1888; 
solicitor for 111. of Atchison, Topeka & 
Santa Fe R. R. Co., 1892-5. Author: The 
Chicago Strike of 1894-95 XI; The Moral 
Sentiment of the People, the Foundation of 
National Greatness, 1896 XI. Residence: 64 
Cedar St. Office: Dearborn Station, Chi- 

BANCROFT, Frederic, historian; b. 
Galesburg, 111., Oct. 30, 1860; grad. Am- 
herst, 1882 (Ph. D., Columbia, 1885); studied 
law and political science at Columbia; spent 
2% yrs. in study of history, political econ- 
omy and diplomacy at Gottingen, Berlin; 
Freiburg (Baden) and in ficole des Science 
Politiques, Paris; lectured on political his- 
tory of Civil war and reconstruction, Am- 
herst, 1888; apptd. 1888, chief of Bureau of 
Rolls and Library, Dept. of State; has also 



lectured on diplomatic and political history 
at Columbia, Johns Hopkins and Chicago 
univs., and has contributed to most of the 
leading reviews and mags. Delegate Paris 
Congress of Historians, 1900. Author: Life 
of William H. Seward; The Negro in Poli- 
tics, XI. Address: 1700 H St., Washington. 

BANCROFT, Hubert Howe, historian; b. 
Granville, O., May 5, 1832; m. 1876, Matilda 
Griffing, New Haven, Conn. Entered book- 
store of his brother-in-law, Geo. H. Derby, 
Buffalo, N. Y., 1848, and in 1852 went to 
establish a branch in San Francisco; col- 
lected as materials for Pacific coast history 
a library of 60,000 vols., and with aid of 
a staff of collaborators, has written and 
published an hist, series of 39 vols., cover- 
ing the western part of N. America; also 
"The Book of the Fair," "The Book of 
Wealth," etc. Address: Helix, Calif. 

BANCROFT, William Amos, pres. Bos- 
ton Elevated Ry. Co. since Oct., 1899 (con- 
nected with co., 1885-90, also since March, 
1896); b. Groton, Mass., April 26, 1855; s. 
Charles B. ; ed. Lawrence Acad., Groton, 
Mass., 1867-72; Phillips Exeter Acad., 1873-4; 
grad. Harvard, 1878; studied Harvard Law 
School, 1879-81; admitted to Suffolk bar, 
1881; m. Boston, 1878, Mary Shaw. Mem. 
Cambridge common council, 1882; Mass. 
legislature, 1883-5; alderman, Cambridge, 
1891-2; mayor of Cambridge, 1893-6; over- 
seer, Harvard, 1893-9; reelected, 1899, for 6 
yrs. ; Mass. vol. militia since 1875; private 
to brig. -gen.; apptd. brig. -gen. U. S. vols., 
war with Spain. Director U. S. Trust Co. ; 
trustee Norwich Univ., Vt. ; Lawrence 
Acad., Groton, Mass. Presided Mass. State 
Rep. con v., 1893; pres. Mayor's Club of 
Mass., Cambridge Club, New England 
Alumni, Phillips Exeter Acad.; mem. Cin- 
cinnati, Order of Foreign Wars, Order of 
Spanish War, etc. Residence: 12 Ware St., 
Cambridge, Mass. Office: 101 Milk St., 

BANDELIER, Adolph Francis Al- 
phonse, archaeologist; b. Berne, Switzer- 
land, Aug. 6, 1840; came to U. S. in youth: 
traveled under auspices of Archasol. Inst, 
of America among native races of New 
Mexico, Ariz., Mexico and Central Amer- 
ica; went to Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, 
1892, on scientific expd'n for Henry Villard, 
and has ever since pursued exhaustive arch- 
ssol., ethnol. and hist, researches in those 
countries (for last 6 yrs. for Am. Museum 
Natural History, for which he has gathered 
its extensive collection of Peruvian and Bo- 
livian antiquities). Author: The Art of 
War and Mode of Warfare, 1877; Tenure of 
Land and Inheritances of the Ancient Mex- 
icans, 1878; Historical Introduction to Stud- 
ies Among the Sedentary Indians of New 
Mexico; Archaeological Reconnaissance in 
Mexico, 1881; A Report on the Ruins of the 
Pueblo of Pecos, 1883; Final Report of In- 
vestigations Among the Indians of the 
Southwestern U. S., 1880-85, part 1, 1890, 
part 2, 1892; The Delight Makers (novel of 
Pueblo Indian life) D3; The Gilded Man 
A2; An Outline of the Documentary History 
of the Zuni Tribe, 1892 H5. Address: Care 

American Museum of Natural History, New 

BANDMANN, Daniel Edward, actor; b. 
Cassel, Germany, 1840; debut Court The- 
atre, New Strelitz; appeared in Shakespear- 
ean drama, Germany and Austria, several 
seasons; 1st appearance in English as Shy- 
lock, Niblo's Garden, New York, Jan 15, 
1863; played in U. S. 5 yrs., then went to 
England; has several times visited U. S., 
Australia and other countries playing lead- 
ing roles in Shakespearean and other 

BANGS, Isaac Sparrow, veteran soldier; 
b. Canaan, Me., March 17, 1831; 5. Capt. 
Isaac Sparrow B. ; ed. in Me. and New 
York; m. Oct. 20, 1857, Hadassah J. Milliken. 
Left position as cashier Waterville Bank 
to enter Union service, Aug. 9, 1862, as pri- 
vate; mustered in as capt. Co. A, 20th Me. 
vol. inf., Aug. 29, 1862; served in Army of 
Potomac in Md. campaign, Sept. and Oct., 
1862, including battle of Antietam, Sept. 
17, Shepardstown Ford, Sept. 18 and 19, in 
Va., Oct., 1862, to Feb., 1863; battle of 
Fredericksburg; expd'n to Ellis and Rich- 
ard's fords, Burnside's 2d campaign ("Mud 
March"), etc. ; It. -col. U. S. colored troops, 
Feb. 26, 1863; in command 4th regt., Ull- 
man's brigade (later named 81st U. S. col- 
ored inf.); served in Dept. of Gulf; took 
part in siege of Port Hudson, La. ; supt. 
recruiting service, Sept. 25, 1863; pres. of 
examining bd., Oct. 3, 1863; col. 10th U. S. 
colored heavy art., Nov. 10, 1863; comdg. 
Forts Jackson, St. Phillip, Livingston and 
Pike, and defenses of New Orleans until 
honorably discharged July 19, 1864. Bvtd. 
brig.-gen. U. S. vols., March 13, 1865, for 
gallant and meritorious service during war. 
Past post comdr. ; dept. comdr., and jr. 
vice comdr. -in-chief G. A. R.; comdr. Me. 
Commandery Mil. Order Loyal Legion; 32d 
deg. Mason and Shriner; grand comdr. K. 
T., Me.; past grand dictator Me. Knights 
of Honor, etc. Address: Waterville, Me. 

BANGS, John Kendrick, editor Har- 
per's Weekly since Nov. 21, 1898; b. Yonk- 
ers, N. Y., May 27, 1862; s. Francis N. B.; 
grad. Columbia, Ph. B., 1883; studied law 
1883-4; asso. editor Life, 1884-8; editor Draw- 
er, 1888-99, and Literary Notes, July, 1898- 
Dec, 1899, Harper's Mag.; editor of Liter- 
ature, 1898-9. Democratic candidate for 
mayor of Yonkers, 1894, defeated; v. -p. 
Yonkers Bd. of Ed'n, 1897; pres. Halsted 
School, Yonkers, since 1896. Author: Roger 
Camerden, 1886 01; Katharine, 1887' XI; The 
Lorgnette, 1887 01; Mephistopheles, 1888 XI; 
New Waggings of Old Tales, 1888 H5; Tid- 
dledy winks Tales, 1890 R7; The Tiddledy- 
winks Poetry Book, 1890 R7; In Camp 
with a Tin Soldier, 1891 R7; Half Hours 
with Jimmieboy, 1892 R7; Coffee and Repar- 
tee, 1893, 1899 HI; The Water Ghost, 1893 
HI; Three Weeks in Politics, 1894 HI; The 
Idiot, 1895, 1899 HI; Mr. Bonaparte, of Cor- 
sica, 1895 HI; A House Boat on the Styx, 

1895 HI; The Bicyclers and Other Farces, 

1896 HI; A Rebellious Heroine, 1896 HI; 
The Pursuit of the House Boat, 1897 HI; 
Paste Jewels, 1897 HI; A Prophecy and a 



Plea, 1897 XI; The Mantel Piece Minstrels, 
1897 R7; Ghosts I Have Met, 1898 HI; Peeps 
at People, 1898 HI; The Dreamers, 1898 HI; 
The Enchanted Type Writer, 1899 HI; Cob- 
webs from a Library Corner, 1899 HI; The 
Booming of Acre Hill, 1900 HI; Toppleton's 
Client, 1891 F5; The Idiot at Home, 1900 
HI. Serially published: The Inventions of 
the Idiot, syndicated, 1895; The Paradise 
Club, Ladies' Home Jour., 1890; Chum to 
Chum Papers, Harper's Round Table, 1895; 
The Remarkable Adventures of Sandboys, 
same, 1896; The Olympian Nights, Harper's 
Weekly, 1901; The Memoirs of Santa Claus, 
Woman's Home Companion, 1901. Residence: 
Yonkers, N. Y. Office: Franklin Sq., New 

BANGS, lemnel Bolton, physician, sur- 
geon; b. New York, Aug. 9, 1842; grad. Coll. 
Phys. & Surg., New York, 1872; formerly 
prof, genito-urinary diseases, New York, 
Post-Grad. Med. School and Hosp. ; con- 
sulting Surg., St. Luke's Hosp., the City 
and St. Vincent's hosps., and M. E. Hosp., 
Brooklyn; genito-urinary surg. St. Mark's 
Hosp. ; prof, genito-urinary surgery, Univ. 
and Bellevue Hosp. Med School; attending 
surgeon to Bellevue Hosp. ; pres. Am. Assn. 
of Genito-Urinary Surgs., 1895; mem. Am. 
Med. Assn.; etc. Editor: American Text 
Book of Genito-Urinary Diseases, etc., S15. 
Residence: 39 E. 72d St. Office: 29 E. 44th St., 
New York. 

BANKHEAD, John Hollis, congressman; 
b. Moscow (now Sulligent), Marion Co. (now 
Lamar), Ala., Sept. 13, 1842; 5. James Greer 
and Susan (Hollis) B., of Union and Fair- 
field dists. (respectively), S. C. ; ed. com- 
mon schools; entered C. S. army as It. 16th 
regt., Ala. vols; promoted to capt., and 
served 4 yrs., being wounded 3 times; mem. 
Gen. Assembly of Ala., 1865-7, and 1880-1; 
of the State senate, 1876-7; grand master 
Ala. Grand Lodge Masons, 1880-1; warden 
Ala. Penitentiary, 1881-5; is a Methodist 
and Democrat; in Congress has been con- 
spicuous as a leader in the work of the 
Corns, on Public Bldgs., and on Rivers and 
Harbors ; m. Nov. 13, 1866, Montgomery, 
Ala., Tallulah J.; d. James Brockman of 
Greenville Dist., S. C. ; mem. Congress, 
1887-1903, 6th Ala. Dist. Home: Fayette, Ala. 

BANKS, Charles Eugene, city editor 
Register Gazette, Rockford, 111. ; b. Clinton 
Co., la., April 3, 1852; ^. Seth Lee and Sar- 
ah M. (Hubbell) B.; ed. public schools 
Clinton Co., and afterward Lyons, la., and 
private instruction; consecutively farmer's 
boy, merchant's clerk, newspaper reporter; 
editor and prop'r The American Commer- 
cial Traveler, Chicago, 1885-7, later The 
Weekly Outlook, literary paper, Davenport, 
la. ; m. Chicago, April 3, 1892, Mrs. Carrie 
Wyatt Lounsberry; Republican. Author: 
Quiet Music (poems), 1892 S10, 01; Where 
Brooks Go Softly (poems), 1896 Kl, 01; In 
Hampton Roads: Novel of the Civil War, 
1899 Rl; Sword and Cross (poems), 1900 Rl; 
A Child of the Sun (novel), 1900 SI. Has 
written many poems and short stories for 
syndicates, Youth's Companion, Woman's 
Home Companion, and various Western 

publications. Address: 427 Park Av., Rock- 
ford, 111. 

BANKS, Louis Albert, pastor First M. 
E. Ch., Cleveland, O. ; b.- Corvallis, Ore., 
Nov. 12, 1855; j. Lebbius Irwin and Mary 
(Hurlburt) B. ; ed. Philomath Coll.; sp'l 
course Boston Univ. (D. D., Mt. Union 
Coll., O.); m. Jan. 1, 1884, Jessie F. A. 
Ainsworth, Boise City, Idaho. Entered M. 
E. ministry; Prohibition candidate for gov. 
Mass., 1893. Author: The People's Christ, 
1891 L3; The White Slaves, 1892 L3; The 
Revival Quiver, 1893 L3; Anecdotes and 
Morals, 1894 F3; Common Folks' Religion, 
1894 L3; Honeycomb of Life, 1895 M4; Heav- 
enly Trade Winds, 1895 M4; The Christ 
Dream, 1896 M4; Christ and His Friends, 

1896 F3; Paul and His Friends, F3; The 
Saloon-Keeper's Ledger, 1896 F3; The Fish- 
erman and His Friends, 1897 F3; Seven 
Times Around Jericho, 1897 F3; Hero Tales 
from Sacred Story, 1897 F3; Live Boys in 
Oregon, 1897 L3; The Christ Brotherhood, 

1897 M4; Heroic Personalities, 1898 M4; The 
Unexpected Christ, 1898 K5; Immortal 
Hymns and Their Story, 1898 B7; Sermon 
Stories for Boys and Girls, 1898 F3; The 
Christian Gentleman, 1898 F3; John and 
His Friends, 1899 F3; My Young Man, 1899 
F3; Immortal Songs of Camp and Field, 
1899 B7; The Great Sinners of the Bible, 
1899 M4; A Year's Prayer Meeting Talks, 
1899 F3; Chats with Young Christians, 1900 
B30; A Manly Boy, 1900 C10; David and His 
Friends, 1900 F3; The Lord's Arrows, 1900 
M4; Twentieth Century Knighthood, 1900 
F3; Fresh Bait for Fishers of Men, 1900 
B30; Poetry and Morals, 1900 F3; Hidden 
Wells of Comfort, 1901. Address: 504 Pros- 
pect St., Cleveland, O. 

BANNING, Ephraim, lawyer; b. McDon- 
ough Co., 111., July 21, 1849; j. Ephraim 
and Louisa Caroline (Walker) B. ; ed. pub- 
lic schools and acad. ; m. 1st, Oct. 22, 1878, 
Lucretia T. Lindsley (died Feb. 5, 1887); 2d, 
Sept. 5, 1889, Emilie B. Jenne. Admitted to 
bar, 1872; Rep. presidential elector, 1896; 
apptd. mem. State Bd. of Charities, 1897; 
delegate to Rep. Nat. Conv., 1900. Residence: 
685 Washington Boul. Office: 1312 Marquette 
Bldg., Chicago. 

BANNISTER, Edward M., artist; b. St. 
Andrews, New Brunswick, 1S33; studied art 
at Lowell Inst., Boston; received first-class 
medal at Centennial Exb'n, 1876, for his 
picture Undej- the Oaks. In 1871 established 
himself at rrovidence, R. I. Address: 60 
Wilson St., Providence, R. I. 

BARBE, Wail man, author, educator; b. 
Monongalia Co., W. Va., Nov. 19, 1864; 
grad. W. Va. Univ., 1884 (A. M. ; M. S.); 
graduate student Harvard Univ. ; m. June 
6, 1894, Clara Louise Gould. Managing ed- 
itor Daily State Jour., Parkersburg, W. Va., 
several yrs. ; mem. Bd. of Regents, W. Va. 
State Normal schools since 1895; now asst. 
to pres. W. Va. Univ. Author: Ashes and 
Incense (poems) ; In the Virginias (stories) ; 
Going to College (educational), H9. Address: 
Morgantown, W. Va. 

BARBER, Edwin Atlee, writer, archae- 
ologist, ceramist; b. Baltimore, Aug. 13, 



1851; s. William Edwin B. ; grad. Williston 
Sem., East Hampton, Mass., 1869; studied 
Lafayette Coll. to senior yr. (A. M. ; Ph. 
D.); m. Feb. 5, 1880, Nellie Louise, d. Maj. 
W. H. Parker, U. S. Marine Corps. Asst. 
naturalist on Hayden's U. S. Geol. and 
Geog. Survey of the Territories, 1874-5; 
postmaster West Phila., 1879-85; hon. cura- 
tor dept. of Am. Pottery and Porcelain, Pa. 
Museum and School of Industrial Art, Phila. 
Author: Pottery and Porcelain of the United 
States, 1893; Historical Sketch of the Green 
Point (N. Y.) Porcelain Works, 1895; Anglo- 
American Pottery, 1899; American Glass- 
ware, 1900; and over 100 illustrated mag. 
articles on ceramics; also genealogies of 
the Atlee and Barber families of Pa. Ad- 
dress: West Chester, Pa. 

BARBER, Gershom Morse, lawyer; b. 
Groton, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Oct. 2, 1823; s. 
Rev. Phineas B. and Opha (Morse) B. ; 
grad. Univ. of Mich., 1850 (LL. D., Ohio 
Wesleyan); m. July 2, 1851, at Berlin, O., 
Huldah L. Seeley of New York. Served in 
Civil war, 1862-5; capt. sharpshooters; lt.- 
col., 197th Ohio vol. inf.; bvtd. col. and 
brig. -gen.; judge Superior Court, Cleveland, 
O., 1873-5; judge Court of Common Pleas, 
1875-85; prof. med. jurisprudence, 1869, 
Homce. Hosp. Med. Coll., Cleveland, O. 
Author: Book of the Law: Notaries' Guide; 
etc. Residence: 585 Sibley St. Office: 10 
Wick Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

BARBER, Amd Lorenzo, of the Bar- 
ber Asphalt Paving Co.; b. Saxton's River, 
Windham Co., Vt., June 22, 1843; moved to 
Ohio, 1852; grad. Oberlin Coll., 1867 (A. M.); 
grad. law dept. Columbia Univ., 1876; had 
charge normal dept.; later of preparatory 
dept.; afterward prof, natural philosophy 
Columbian Univ., 1868-72. In real estate 
business, Washington, 1873-8; since then 
paving contractor; his company has a lease 
of the great lake of natural pitch on the 
island of Trinidad; m. June 1, 1871, Julia 
Louise Langdon, d. John Le Droiet Lang- 
don, Harrisburg, Pa. Address: Washington. 

BARBER, John Jay, artist; b. Sandusky, 
O., Sept. 21, 1840; j. A. H. B. ; admitted to 
Ohio bar, 1862; joined vol. army, 1863; re- 
turned sick and afterward devoted himself 
to painting, opening studio at Columbus, 
O. His specialty is landscapes and cattle, 
and many of his paintings have been ex- 
hibited at Nat. Acad., New York. Residence: 
32 S. Washington Av. Studio: 87 Wesley 
Blk., Columbus, O. 

BARBER, Ohio C, pres. Diamond Match 
Co., since 1881; b. Middlebury, O., April 20, 
1841; 5. George and Eliza (Smith) B. ; ed. 
Akron, 0., common schools, until 16 yrs. 
of age, then began selling matches for his 
father (who was a match mfr.), traveling 
in Ohio, Ind., Mich., and Pa. When be be- 
came of age had entire management of the 
business. In 1881 he arranged consolida- 
tion of a number of leading match mfrs., 
and formed Diamond Match Co, ; in. Oct. 
10, 1866, Laura L., d. Daniel Brown of 
Akron, O., lineal descendant of Cotton 
Mather (wife now deceased). Built up and 
developed Barberton, now a town of about 

5,000 population. Is interested in various 
large corporations. Address: Barberton, O. 
BARBER, William Henry, concert pi- 
anist; b. Orange, N. J., Sept. 4, 1864; 5. T. 
G. B. ; ed. public schools Orange, N. J.; 
studied music, especially piano and har- 
mony, at Stuttgart, Dresden, Weimar; graa. 
Stuttgart; m. Dresden, Germany, Dec. 23, 
1890, Baroness Felicitas von Oertzen. Re- 
turned to America, 1890; attached for 3 yrs. 
to Syracuse Univ. ; since 1893 in New York 
as concert pianist and teacher. Residence: 
Barclay Manor, Astoria, N. Y. Office: Stein- 
way Hall, E. 14th St., New York. 

BARBOUR, Erwin Hinckley, prof, geol- 
ogy Univ. of Neb., and acting State geolo- 
gist of Neb. since 1891; b. nr. Oxford, 0.; 
s. Samuel Williamson B. ; prepared at Mi- 
ami Univ.; grad. Yale, 1882 (Ph. D., 1887); 
m. New Haven, Conn., Dec. 7, 1887, Mar- 
garet Roxanna Lamson; asst. paleontolo- 
gist U. S. Geol. Survey, 1882-8; Stone prof, 
natural history and geology Iowa Coll., 
1889-91; curator Neb. State Museum since 
1892; geologist Neb. State Bd. of Agr. since 
Feb., 1893; has charge annually of Morrill 
geol. expdns. ; is also engaged on U. S. 
Geol. and Hydrographic Surveys. Author 
of 91 published papers on geol., paleontol. 
and zool. subjects. Address: Univ. of Neb., 
Lincoln, Neb. 

BARBOUR, George Harrison, v. -p. and 
gen. mgr. Mich. Stove Co.; b. Collinsville, 
Conn., June 26, 1843; s. Samuel Thompson 
B.; ed. common schools; m. June 23, 1869, 
Katherine, d. William H. and Susan R. 
Hawley. Entered father's store, 1857; sec. 
Mich. Stove Co. of Detroit, 1872 (later and 
now v.-p.); director Peoples' Savings Bank, 
Dime Savings Bank, Union Trust Co., Mich. 
Fire and Marine Ins. Co., Buck Stove and 
Range Co. of St. Louis. Director and was 
1st pres. Chamber of Commerce; pres. De- 
troit Club 2 yrs., pres. Detroit City Coun- 
cil, 1888; pres. Nat. Stove Mfrs. Ass'n, 1888- 
90; nat. comm'r Columbian Exp'n, 1893; 
Democrat. Residence: 134 Lafayette Av. 
Office: 1022 Jefferson Av., Detroit. 

BARBOUR, Ralph Henry ("Richard 
Stillman Powell"), author; b. Cambridge, 
Mass., Nov. 13, 1870; S. James Henry B. ; 
ed. New Ch. School, Waltham, Mass. ; 
Highland Mil. Acad., Worcester, Mass.; m. 
Denver, Colo., Sept. 25, 1885, Mabel Latshaw 
King. Contributor of verse and short stories 
to mags, under pen name of "Richard Still- 
man Powell." Author: Phyllis in Bohemia 
(with L. H. Bickford), 1897 SI; The Half- 
back, 1899 A2; For the Honor of the School, 
1900 A2. Address: Anselma, Pa. 

BARCLAY, Charles James, capt. U. S. 
N.; b. in Pa.; apptd. to navy Sept. 21, 1860; 
Naval Acad., 1860-3; ensign, Oct. 1, 1863; 
master, Nov. 10, 1866; It., Feb. 21, 1867; It. 
comdr., March 12, 1868; comdr., Nov., 1881; 
capt., Oct. 1, 1896; comdg. U. S. S. Amphi- 
trite since Jan. 6, 1897. Address: Navy Dept., 

BARCLAY, James Edward, artist; b. 
London, England, 1848; s. James and Sarah 
B. ; ed. Univ. Coll., London; m. d. The Very 



Rev. Thomas Barclay, D. D., prin. Univ. of 
Glasgow. Studied art in London and Paris; 
known since 1883 as portrait painter; in 
U. S. since 1890; has painted many well 
known portraits in New York, "Washington 
and other cities. Home: London, England. 
Studio: Studio Bldg., 110 Tremont St., Bos- 

BARCLAY, Robert, M. D., aural surgeon; 
b. St. Louis, May 8, 1857; s. late David Rob- 
ert Barclay, lawyer, author of Barclay's 
Digest; grad. Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn., 
1880 (A. M., 1883), Coll. Phys. and Surgeons, 
New York, 1883; asst. aural surgeon New 
York Eye and Ear Infirmary, 1883-5; re- 
moved to St. Louis, 1885; m. 1886, Minnie G. 
Hamilton, Hartford, Conn. Gives exclusive 
attention to otology, aural surgery and dis- 
eases of the ear; has devised improved in- 
strumental devices for aural surgery and 
has written many monographs on otol. sub- 
jects; mem. many med. socs. and A. A. 
A. S. ; aural surgeon to numerous inst'ns. 
Address: 3894 "Washington Boul., St. Louis. 

BARCLAY, Shepard, lawyer; b. St. Louis, 
Nov. 3, 1847; ed. St. Louis Univ., Univ. of 
Va., Univ. of Berlin; admitted to bar, 1872; 
practiced St. Louis, 1872-82; circuit judge, 
St. Louis, 1882-8; later asso. justice Supreme 
Court, Mo. Residence: 3844 Delmar Boul. 
Office: 705 Olive St., St. Louis. 

BARCLAY, "William Franklin, M. D.; 
b. New Jacksonville, Indiana Co., Pa., Feb. 
13, 1842; s. John Agnew and Margaret (Med- 
lar) B. ; grad. "Washington and Jefferson 
Coll.; Long Island Coll., Hosp. Coll., N. Y., 
1866; m. Annie Negley "Wills, Pittsburg, 
Pa.; Democrat; Presby'n. Contributor of 
various articles for med., literary and scien- 
tific publications, notably, The Science of 
Generation and Its Phenomena; Gold in 
Therapy; The Music of the Soul of Man. 
Address: 1620 5th Av., Pittsburg, Pa. 

BARD, Cephas L., M. D. ; grad. Jefferson 
Med. Coll., Phila., 1866; private in Rebel- 
lion in 126th Pa. vols., and subsequently 
asst. surgeon in 210th regt. Pa. vols.; pres. 
Southern Calif. Med. Soc, 1893; pres. Calif. 
State Med. Soc, 1897; mem. Am. Med. 
Ass'n. Address: Ventura, Calif. 

BARD, Thomas Robert, U. S. senator 
from Calif., 1900-5; b. Chambersburg, Pa., 
Dec. 8, 1841; j. Robert M. B. ; grad. Cham- 
bersburg Acad, at 18, at head of class; 
studied law, Chambersburg, Pa., 1859. Be- 
came transportation agt., Cumberland Val- 
ley R. R., at Hagerstown, Md., 1861; strong 
Union man; sent by Col. Thomas A. Scott, 
1865, to look after latter's large landed in- 
terests in Southern Calif., where has since 
resided. Largely interested in lands and in 
development of oil industry; a man of 
means; Presby'n. Elected U. S. senator, 
Feb. 8, 1900, by unanimous vote of Rep. 
members; Republican. Address: Hueneme, 
Ventura Co., Calif. 

BARDEEN, Charles Valdo, justice Su- 
preme Court, "Wis., since Jan., 1898; b. 
Brookfield, Madison Co., N. Y., Sept. 23, 
1850; 5. Rasselas B. ; grad. Albion ("Wis.) 
Acad., 1869; law dept. Univ. of "Wis., 1875; 

m. Albion, "Wis., June 17, 1876, Frances H. 
Miller; apptd. justice Supreme Court, "Wis., 
Jan., 1898; elected April, 1898. Address: 116 
E. Gorham St., Madison, Wis. 

BARDEE1V, Charles William, editor and 
publisher School Bulletin since 1874; b. Gro- 
ton, Mass., Aug. 28, 1847; s. "William Thom- 
as and Mary Ann (Farnsworth) B. ; grad. 
Lawrence Acad., Groton, Mass., 1865; Yale, 
1869; m. New Haven, Conn., 1868, Ellen 
Palmer Dickerman. Served in 1st Mass. 
vols., July, 1862, to May 25, 1864. Prin. High 
School, Meriden, Conn., 1868; Weston, 
(Conn.) Boarding School, 1869; vice-prin. 
Conn. State Normal School, 1870; supt. 
schools, Whitehall, N. Y., 1872. In charge 
dept. of Edn'l Publications at Internat. 
Congress, 1893; director Nat. Edn'l Ass'n, 
1891-5. Author and publisher: Manual of 
School Law, 1875; Roderick Hume; The 
Story of a New York Teacher, 1875; Educa- 
tional Journalism an Inventory, 1878; Ver- 
bal Pitfalls: A Manual of 1,500 Misused 
Words, 1883; Outlines of Sentence Making, 
1884; Teaching as a Business for Men, 1885; 
A System of Rhetoric, 1884 Al; The Teach- 
er's Commercial Value, 1885; Shorter Course 
in Rhetoric, 1885 Al; The Song Budget, 1888; 
Dime Question Books of Temperance, Phy- 
siology, Bookkeeping, Letter Writing, 1884, 
1888; The Song Budget, 1878; Some Prob- 
lems of City School Management, 1890; Or- 
ganization and System vs. Originality, 1891; 
The Tax Payer and the Township System, 
1891; The Teacher as He Should Be, 1891; 
The Song Century, 1888; The Song Patriot, 
1892; The Little Old Man, or The School 
for Illiberal Mothers, 1893; History of Ed- 
ucational Journalism in New York, 1893; 
The Song Budget Series Combined, 1894; 
Geography of the Empire State, 1895; Fit- 
ting Teachers to Places, 1897; Teaching as 
a Business, 1897; Author's Birthday Exer- 
cises, 1st series, 1897, 2d series, 1898, 3d 
series, 1899; Dictionary of Educational Bi- 
ography, 1901. Contributor to mags., etc., 
on edn'l and literary subjects. Residence: 
1109 E. Genesee St. Office: 406 S. Franklin 
St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

BARGBR, Samuel P., lawyer, capitalist; 
b. New York, Oct. 19, 1832: chmn. law com., 
and director, N. Y. Cen. R. R., the Harlem 
R. R., Lake Shore & Mich. South., Chicago 
& Northw'n, Union Telegraph Co., and oth- 
er corporations. Residence: 192 Madison Av. 
Office: 45 Broadway, New York. 

BARHAM, John A., ex-congressman, law- 
yer; b. in Mo., July 17, 1844; removed with 
parents to Calif., 1849; academic ed'n; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1868; mem. Congress 1st 
Calif, dist., 1895-1901; Republican. Address: 
Santa Rosa, Calif. 

BARKER, Albert Smith, rear admiral 
U. S. N. ; b. in Mass. ; jr. Josiah B. ; apptd 
to navy, Oct. 25, 1859; Naval Acad., 1859-61 
served in steam frigate Mississippi, 1861-3 
bombardment and passage Forts Jackson 
and St. Phillip, Chalmette batteries, and 
capture of New Orleans; attempted passage 
of Port Hudson, March 14, 1863, where Mis- 
sissippi was destroyed; joined Mononga- 
hela; took part in siege of Port Hudson, 



and subsequent fights until the river was 
clear. Promoted ensign, Feb. 22, 1862; It., 
Feb. 22, 1864; lt.-comdr., July 25, 1866; 
comdr., March 28, 1877; capt., May 5, 1892; 
rear admiral, Oct. 10, 1899; m. 1895, Mrs. 
Ellen Blackmer Maxwell. Mem. Bd. of 
Strategy at beginning of war, 1898, then 
comdr. protected cruiser Newark until Aug., 
1898; comdr. Oregon, Aug., 1898-June, 1899, 
being also in command of sp'l service 
squadron to the Pacific. Relieved Admiral 
Dewey at Manila, May, 1899, as comdr. -in- 
chief, temporarily; commandant Navy 
Yard, Norfolk, Va., Oct., 1899-July, 1900; 
commandant New York Navy Yard and 
Station since July 17, 1900. Address: Navy 
Dept., Washington, D. C. 

BARKER, Ellen B. ("Ellen Blackmer 
Maxwell"), author; b. W. Springfield, Pa.; 
d. John Simmons and Rebecca M. Black- 
mer; ed. Edinboro, Pa.; m. 1879, Rev. Allen 
J. Maxwell (died Lucknow, India, 1890); 2d, 
1894, Capt. Albert S. Barker, U. S. N. 
Author: The Bishop's Conversion; Three 
Old Maids in Hawaii; The Way of Fire. 
Address: Care Admiral A. S. Barker, Navy 
Dept., Washington. 

BARKER, George Frederick, prof, 
physics Univ. of Pa., 1872-1900, now emer- 
itus prof.; b. Charlestown, Mass., July 14, 
1835; s. George and Lydia Prince (Pollard) 
B. ; grad. Sheffield Scientific School, Yale 
(Ph. B.), 1858; M. D., Albany, 1863; (hon. 
Sc. D., Univ. of Pa., 1898; LL. D., Alle- 
gheny Coll., 1898; LL. D., McGill Univ., 
Montreal, 1900); m. Aug., 1861, Mary M. 
Treadway, New Haven, Conn. Was asst. 
chemistry and later prof, physical chemis- 
try and toxicology, Yale; taught in other 
colls.; U. S. comm'r Paris Electrical Exb'n, 
1881; dejegate to elec. congress and v. -p. 
jury of award; received decoration comdr. 
Legion of Honor of France; U. S. Comm'r 
Elec. Exb'n, Phila., 1884; on jury of awards 
World's Columbian Exp'n, 1893. Expert in 
poisons, criminal cases; expert in Edison, 
Berliner and other patent suits. Mem. Nat. 
Acad. Sciences; pres. A. A. A. S., 1879; Am. 
Chem. Soc, 1891; hon. mem. Royal Inst'n 
of Gt. Britain, 1899; mem. many Am. and 
foreign scientific socs. For several yrs. 
asso. editor The Am. Jour, of Science. 
Author: Textbook of Elementary Chemistry; 
Physics; etc. Address: 3909 Locust St., Phil- 

BARKER, Helen Morton, treas. Nat. W. 
C. T. U. since 1893; b. Richville, N. Y., 
Dec. 8, 1834; grad. Gouverneur (N. Y.) Wes- 
leyan Sem. ; m. 1858, Rev. M. Barker; pres. 
W. C. T. U. of Dak., 8 yrs.; asst. to Mrs. 
Potter Palmer and mem. Bd. of Lady Man- 
agers World's Columbian Exp'n; also supt. 
industrial dept. same. Office: Rest Cottage, 
Evanston, 111. 

BARKER, James Madison, asso. justice 
Supreme Judicial Court of Mass. since 1891; 
b. Pittsfield, Mass., Oct. 23, 1839; grad. 
Williams, 1860; studied law in New York, 
1861-2, and in Harvard Law School, 1862-3; 
admitted to bar, 1863; practiced at Pittsfield 
until apptd. Superior Court judge, 1882: 
mem. Mass. Ho. Reps., 1872-3; comm'r to 

inquire into expediency of tax and exemp- 
tion law revision, 1874-5; comm'r to con- 
solidate public statutes, 1881-2; delegate to 
Nat. Rep. Conv., 1880. Address: Pittsfield, 

BARKER, I,evrellys Franklin, prof, 
and head dept. anatomy Univ. of Chicago; 
b. Norwich, Ont., Canada, Sept. 16, 1867; s. 
James F. B. (Quaker ancestry); ed. On- 
tario public schools; attended Pickering 
Coll., 1881-4; grad. med. dept. Univ. of To- 
ronto (M. B.), 1890; unmarried. House of- 
ficer Toronto Gen. Hosp., 1890-1; asst. phy- 
sician, Johns Hopkins Hosp., 1891-2; fellow 
pathology, 1892-4; asso. anatomy, Johns 
Hopkins Univ., 1894-7; student Univ. of 
Leipzig, 1895; asst. resident pathologist, 
Johns Hopkins Hosp., 1894-9; asso. prof, 
anatomy, Johns Hopkins Univ., 1897-9; 
Johns Hopkins Med. Comm'r to Philippines. 
1899; asso. prof, pathology, Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1899-1900; prof, and head dept. an- 
atomy Rush Med. Coll. since 1900. Author: 
The Nervous System and Its Constituent 
Neurones, 1899 A2. Wrote: On the Presence 
of Iron in the Cosinophile Granules, Johns 
Hopkins Hosp. Bull.; The Medical Commis- 
sion to the Philippines, same, 1899; On the 
Future of Therapy, same, 1900; A Study 
of Some Fatal Cases of Malaria, Johns 
Hopkins Hosp. Reports, vol v; On the 
Progress of Neurology, Phila. Med. Jour- 
nal, 1899, and many other med. articles 
and addresses in U. S. and Germany. Ad- 
dress: Quadrangle Club, Chicago. 

BARKER, Theodore Gaillard, lawyer, 
b. Charleston, S. C, Aug. 24, 1832; 5. Sam- 
uel Gaillard and Ellen (Milliken) B. ; grad. 
S. C. Coll., 1849; studied law and taught 
classes at private school, Charleston, S. C, 
1849-53; m. Flat Rock, N. C, Oct. 12, 1875, 
Louisa Preston, d. Hon. Mitchell King, 
of Charleston, S. C. Practiced law in 
Charleston, excepting period of Civil war; 
served in operations in Charleston Harbor. 
Castle Pinckney, Morris Island and Sulli- 
van's Island as adj. Pettigrew's regt. of 
Rifles, S. C. vols., Dec, 1860, to May, 1861, 
including siege of Fort Sumter, April, 1861; 
adj. Hampton Legion, May, 1861, to 1862, 
including battle of Bull Run, July, 1861; 
adj. -gen. and capt. Gen. Wade Hampton's 
cav. brigade, 1862, afterward in Va., as 
asst. adj. and insp.-gen., Gen. Hampton's 
cav. div., rank of maj. to close of war, 
April, 1865, in Army of Northern Va. Mem. 
S. C. legislature, 1866; representative of 
Charleston Co. and city in the S. C. Con- 
stitutional Conv., Columbia, 1895; delegate 
from State at large to Nat. Dem. Conv., 
1888, since 1874 engaged extensively in rice 
planting operations on Cooper River and on 
Edisto or Pon Pon rivers in S. C. Address: 
Charleston, S. C. 

BARKER, Wharton, presidential nominee 
1900, of anti-fusion Populists; b. Phila., May 
1, 1846; grad. Univ. of Pa., 1866 (A. M., 
1869). Comd., 1863, a co. of colored soldiers, 
and helped to enlist and organize 3d U. 
S. colored troops; became mem. of banking 
firm of Barker Bros. & Co.; apptd., 1878, 
financial agt. in U. S. of Russian Govt., and 



intrusted with the building of 4 cruisers 
for its navy; made Knight of St. Stanis- 
laus by Alexander II. of Russia, 1879; was 
called to Russia to advise on development 
of coal mines north of the Azof; obtained, 
1887, valuable railroad, telegraph and tele- 
phone concessions from China. Founded 
Investment Co. of Phila., and The Finance 
Co. of Pa. Founded Penn Monthly, 1869, 
and merged it, 1880, into The American, a 
weekly which he still owns and edits. Prom- 
inent Republican until 1896; since then Pop- 
ulist. Mem. Am. Philos. Soc. and Acad. 
Natural Sciences. Trustee Univ. of Pa. 
Address: 119 S. 4th St., Philadelphia. 

BARKER, William Morris, P. E. bish- 
op; b. Towanda, Pa., May 12, 1854; 5. George 
R. and Anna Ellis (Morris) B. ; ed. in his 
father's classical school, Germantown, Pa. ; 
grad. Univ. of Pa., 1873; Berkeley Divinity 
School, 1879; ordered deacon, 1879; curate 
St. John's Ch., Troy, N. Y. ; ordained priest, 
1880; curate St. John's and rector St. Paul's, 
Washington, 1881-7; St. Luke's, Baltimore, 
1887-9; St. Paul's, Duluth, Minn., 1889-93. 
Consecrated Bishop of Western Colo., Jan. 
25, 1893; translated to see of Olympia, Oct. 
18, 1894. Address: Tacoma, Wash. 

DARKLE\ r , Henry L.., bishop U. B. Ch. ; 
b. Adams Co., Ind., March 19, 1858; grad. 
Bryan, O., High School. Engaged in edn'l 
work; entered ministry; bishop Pacific 
Coast dist. U. B. Ch.; was two terms mem. 
Ore. legislature. Address: Woodburn, Ore. 

BARLOW, T. Noble, artist; b. Manches- 
ter, England, 1861; became a citizen of the 
U. S. in 1887; pupil of Lefebre, Delance 
and Constant, Paris. Third class medal, 
Paris Salon, 1899; silver medal, Paris Exp'n, 
1900. Address: St. Ives, Cornwall, England. 

BARNABEE, Henry Clay, operatic com- 
edian; b. Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 14, 1843; 
s. Willis B.; public school ed'n; clerk in 
dry goods house there until 1854, after that 
in wholesale house in Boston. Appeared, 
beginning April 30, 1854, in entertainments 
of Mercantile Library Ass'n, where he de- 
veloped talents as comedian, vocalist and 
mimic; sang in ch. choirs in Boston, Ja- 
maica Plain, and Roxbury, and for 19 yrs. 
mem. Ch. of the Unity Quartet, Boston; be- 
came popular with lyceum audiences 
through New England; gave up mercantile 
pursuits, 1865, and devoted himself entirely 
to public life; made success as singer and 
monologue artist, with occasional appear- 
ances at benefits on regular stage. Organ- 
ized Barnabee Operetta Co., and in 1870, 
the Barnabee Concert Co. ; afterward for 
several yrs. appeared in lyceum courses in 
his monologue, "Patchwork: or an Evening 
with Barnabee"; joined Boston Ideal Op- 
era Co., May, 1879, appearing as Sir Joseph 
Porter, in Pinafore, followed by leading 
roles in other operas. In 1887, with Tom 
Karl and W. H. Macdonald, organized The 
Bostonians, in which he has created lead- 
ing opera roles, notably the Sheriff of Not- 
tingham in Robin Hood; m. 1859, Clara, d. 
Maj. Daniel George of Warner, N. H. Mem. 
Ancient and Hon. Arty. Co., Boston. Ad- 
dress: 1440 Broadway, New York. 

BARNARD, Charles, writer, dramatist; b. 
Boston, Feb. 13, 1838; s. late Rev. Charles 
F. B.; w. 1881, Mary E. Knight, New York. 
Has filled several editorial positions. Author: 
Knights of To-day; Cooperation as a Busi- 
ness; A Dead Town; The Tone Masters; 
The Soprano; My Ten-Rod Farm; Modern 
Industries; Light (with the late Prof. Mey- 
er); also many other works; The County 
Fair and other plays; contributor to Century 
Dictionary and contributor to leading mags, 
upon edn'l and scientific subjects. Residence: 
201 W. 101st St. Office: Room 412, 1123 Broad- 
way, New York. 

BARNARD, Charles Inman, Paris corr. 
The New York Tribune, since 1897; b. Bos- 
ton, March 15, 1850; ?. George Middleton and 
Susan (Tilden) B. ; ed. Boston Latin pub- 
lic school, 1862-6; Boston Inst. Technology, 
1869-71; grad. Harvard Law School, 1874; m. 
Ghezireh Palace, Cairo, Egypt, July 29, 1879, 
Anna Santrtichek. Mil. sec. Gen. Stone 
Pasha, chief of staff to the Khedive of 
Egypt, Dec, 1875, to Jan., 1879; tutor to 
Prince MahmoudHelmy Pasha, son of Ismail 
Pasha, Khedive of Egypt; chief of Soudan 
Bureau of Gen. Charles E. Gordon, Gov.- 
Gen. Soudan; mem. Superior Council Pub- 
lic Instruction of Egyptian Govt. ; employed 
on various missions to Constantinople, 
Khartoum and Massawa in Abyssinia; war 
corr. New York Herald and London, in 
Egypt, 1882-3; corr. New York Herald with 
sp'l missions in Paris, London, Berlin, 
Vienna, St. Petersburg, Constantinople, 
Brussels, The Hague, Copenhagen, etc. 
(while in employment of Egyptian Govt., 
1875-82, occasional corr. the London Times, 
the New York Herald, the Evening Post 
and Nation, and London Globe). Commdr. 
Imperial Turkish Order of the Osmanieh, 
1882; officer Imperial Turkish Order Medje- 
dieh, 1882, conferred by the Khedive Tewfik 
for services rendered to Egyptian Govt. ; 
Egyptian war medal, battle of Tel-el-Ke- 
bir, 1882. Address: 8 Rue Theodule-Ribot, 
Paris, France. 

BARNARD, Edward Chester, topogra- 
pher U. S. Geol. Survey since 1884; b. New 
York, Nov. 13, 1863; j. Owen Howard and 
Anne E. B. ; grad. School of Mines, Colum- 
bia Coll. (E. M.), 1884. Mapped sections of 
Va., Ky., Tenn. and N. Y. in the East and 
Ore., Calif, and Wash, in the West; had 
charge of party sent to Alaska by U. S. 
Geol. Survey to make map of Forty-Mile 
dist., 1898, and Nome dist., 1900. Unmarried. 
Address: U. S. Geol. Survey, Washington. 

BARNARD, Edward Emerson, profess- 
or astronomy, Univ. of Chicago, and as- 
tronomer, Yerkes Observatory; b. Nash- 
ville, Tenn., Dec. 16, 1857; grad. Vanderbilt 
Univ., 1887 (Sc. D., same, 1893; A. M., Univ. 
of Pacific, San Jose, Calif., 1889); astron- 
omer Lick Observatory, Calif., 1887-95. His 
prin. discoveries are the 5th satellite of 
Jupiter (1892), and 16 comets; has also made 
many other discoveries and done much work 
in celestial photography, making photo- 
graphs of the Milky Way, the comets, neb- 
ulae, etc. Received Lalande gold medal, 
French Acad. Sciences, 1892; Arago gold 
medal, same, 1893; gold medal Royal As- 



tron. Soc. of Gt. Britain, 1897; elected for- 
eign asso. Royal Astron. Soc, 1898; mem. 
many Am. and foreign socs. ; contributor 
to many astron. journals. Address: Yerkes 
Observatory, Williams Bay, Wis. 

BARNARD, George Grey, sculptor; b. 
Bellefonte, Pa., May 24, 1863; studied 1 yr. 
at Chicago Art Inst.; then at the ficole Na- 
tional des Beaux Arts, 1884, 1885, 1886, 1887; 
exhibited in Paris Salon, 1894, and was then 
named Associe Societe Nationale des Beaux- 
Arts; gold medal, Paris Exp'n, 1900. His 
works include Brotherly Love; Norway; 
Two Natures (in Metropolitan Museum, 
New York); The God Pan (in Central 
Park); Boy; Group, Brotherly Love in 
Norway; Hewer. Address: Fort Washing- 
ton Av., New York. 

BARNARD, Job, asso. justice Supreme 
Court, D. C. ; b. Porter Co., Ind., June 8, 
1844; .?. William B. ; ed. public school Jack- 
son Tp., Porter Co., Ind., and Valparaiso, 
Ind., Male and Female Coll.; grad. law 
dept. Univ. of Mich., 1867. Enlisted Aug. 7, 
1862, as private, Co. K, 73d Ind. vol. inf., 
and served through Civil war, being mus- 
tered out July 1, 1865, as 1st sergt. Engaged 
in law practice until apptd. judge; m. Ber- 
rien Springs, Mich., Sept. 25, 1867, Florence 
A. Putnam. Residence: 1306 Rhode Island Av. 
N. W., Washington. 

"BARN AVAL, Louis;" see de Kay, Chas. 

BARNES, Amos, hotel proprietor; b. E. 
Lebanon, N. H., Aug. 15, 1828; ed. village 
school; m. Dec, 1851, Emeline P. Currier, 
Enfield, N. H. In R. R. business nearly 20 
yrs. ; lessee U. S. Hotel, Boston, 1869-79; 
acquired interest in Burnet House, Cincin- 
nati, with John W. Dunklee, with whom 
he leased, 1879, Hotel Brunswick, Boston; 
built, 1883, Hotel Ponemah, Milford Springs, 
N. H. ; also lessee, since 1886, of Hotel Vic- 
toria and Hotel Vendome, Boston. Pres. 
Conn. & Passumpsic Rivers R. R. ; director 
Massawhippi Valley Ry. (Canada); pres. 
Newport & Richford Vt., Ry. ; pres. Mas- 
coma Electric Light & Gas Co., N. H. 
Residence: 504 Boylston St., Boston. 

BARNES, Cassins McDonald, ex-gov. 
Okla. Ty. ; b. New York, Aug. 25, 1845; ed. 
common schools in Mich, and Albion Wes- 
leyan Sem. ; m. Mary E. Bartlett. Telegraph 
operator at Leavenworth, Kan., at 15; at 16 
enlisted in Union army; was successively 
private sec. to Gen. Lyon; in mil. telegraph 
and eng'r corps; chief deputy U. S. .mar- 
shal, Western dist. Ark., at Ft. Smith; U. 
S. land office, Guthrie, Okla., 1889. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1893; mem. 3d and 4th leg- 
islatures, Okla., and speaker in former; 
gov. 1897-1901; Republican. Address: Guth- 
rie, Okla. 

BARNES, Catherine Weed; see Ward, 
Mrs. Henry Snowden. 

BARNES, Charles Reid, prof, of plant 
physiology, Univ. of Chicago, since July, 
1898; b. Madison, Ind., Sept. 7, 1858; grad. 
Hanover (Ind.) Coll., 1877, (A. M., 1880; Ph. 
D., 1886); graduate study at Harvard, 1877, 
1878, 1885-6, 1892; m. Dec 25, 1882, Mary 
King Ward, Lafayette, Ind. Prof, natural 

history, Purdue Univ. (Lafayette, Ind.), 
1880-6; prof, botany, Univ. of Wis., 1886-98; 
co-editor Botanical Gazette since 1883. 
Author: (with J. C. Arthur and J. M. Coul- 
ter) Plant Dissection; Keys to the Genera 
and Species of North American Mosses 
1890; also (with F. D. Heald) of enlarged 
edition of same, 1897; Plant Life, 1898; Out- 
lines of Plant Life, 1900; and numerous 
bot. papers. Sec. Bot. Soc of Am., 1893-8; 
gen. sec A. A. A. S., 1896. Residence: 220 
60th St., Chicago. 

BARNES, Clifford Webster, pres. and 

prof, sociology, 111. Coll., since 1900; b. Cor- 
ry, Pa., 1864; s. Joseph and Anna (Webster) 
B.; grad. Yale, A. B., 1889; B. D., ibid, 1892; 
fellow Univ. of Chicago, 1892-3; M. A., 
same, 1893; in. Lake Forest, 111., 1898, Alice 
Reid. Student of sociology, Hull House So- 
cial Settlement, Chicago, 1893-4; pastor in 
Chicago, 1894-7; student at Oxford, England, 
1898; director of Student Christian Move- 
ment, Paris, France, 1898-9; acting pres. 
Am. Art Ass'n, Paris, France, 1898-9; instr. 
sociology and director Univ. Settlement 
Work, Univ. of Chicago, 1899-1900; Congre- 
gationalism Address: Jacksonville, 111. 
BARNES, James, author; b. Annapolis, 
Md., Sept. 19, 1866; ed. at St. Paul's School, 
Concord, N. H. ; grad. Princeton Coll., 1891; 
(hon. A. M., 1894). Employed on Scribner's 
Mag., and afterward asst. editor Harper's 
Weekly. Author: Naval Actions of 1812, HI; 
For King or Country, Hi; A Loyal Traitor, 
HI; Yankee Ships and Yankee Sailors, Ml; 
Midshipman Farragut, A2; Commodore 
Bainbridge, A2; The Hero of Erie, 1898 A2; 
A Princetonian, P2; Ships and Sailors, 1898 
S8; David G. Farragut, 1899 S9; Drake and 
His Yeomen, 1899 Ml; etc. Address: 22 E. 
48th St., New York. 

BARNES, Oliver Weldon, civil engineer; 
b. Berlin, Hartford Co., Conn., May 15, 1823; 
s. Henry B., of Marlboro, Mass.; grad. high 
school, Burlington, N. J., and private school 
In eng'ring, Phila. ; also studied in Europe, 
1846; apptd. asst. eng'r in first corps as- 
sembled at Pittsburg on Pa. R. R., May 1, 
1847; prin. asst. eng'r, 1848; made final lo- 
cation of line of the Pa. R. R. from the 
Allegheny Mountains to Pittsburg, and con- 
structed Western div. between same points, 
1848-53; chief eng'r of Pittsburg & Connells- 
ville R. R. Co., 1853-7; built Western Div. 
Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne & Chicago R. R., 
Plymouth to Chicago, 1858; commenced con- 
struction St. Paul & Pacific R. R. at St. 
Paul, 1861; built branch lines Pa. R. R., 
1862; chief eng'r Dutchess & Columbia R. 
R., 1866-70, of Boston, Hartford & Erie R. 
R., 1866-70; chief eng'r various lines, 1871-81; 
chief eng'r South Pa. R. R., 1881; chief 
eng'r New York & Long Island R. R., 1887; 
1892, chief eng'r and pres. of the New York 
Connecting R. R. Co., now building from 
the New York & Harlem R. R. across East 
River to Brooklyn; m. Elizabeth Denny, d. 
Maj. Ed. Harding, U. S. A. ; Republican. 
Residence: 98th St. and Central Park, W. 
Office: 55 Broadway, New York. 

BARNES, Thnrlow Weed, author, busi- 
ness man; b. Albany, N. Y., June 28, 1853; s. 



William and Emily P. (Weed) B., g.s. Thur- 
low Weed; traveled in Europe, 1871-2; grad. 
Harvard, 1876; made tours around the 
world, 1884-5, and 1892-3; chmn. Albany 
gen. com. ; mem. State com. ; pres. several 
New York corporations. Negotiated the 
"Hankow-Canton Contract" with the Chi- 
nese Govt., 1898; since then other conces- 
sions; now interested chiefly in mining op- 
erations. Author: Life of Thurlow Weed, 
1884; also of many articles in periodicals, 
etc. Address: 141 Broadway, New York. 

BARNES, William, lawyer; b. Pompey, N. 
Y., May 26, 1824; ed. public school and Man- 
lius Acad.; studied law in various offices; 
admitted to N. Y. bar, 1846, at Utica; m. 
July 10, 1849, Emily P., d. Thurlow Weed 
(died, Feb., 1889). Was long sp'l counsel, 
bank dept., State of N. Y. ; one of organiz- 
ers Saratoga Springs Conv., held Aug., 1854 
(probably 1st State conv. ever held by Rep. 
party); first supt. of ins. of N. Y., 1860-70; 
apptd. by Pres. Grant, 1872, U. S. delegate 
to Internat. Statist. Congress at St. Peters- 
burg, Russia; was presented by the Czar, 
Alexander II., with a diamond ring with the 
imperial monogram as a souvenir of ser- 
vices at this Congress, and was apptd. mem. 
of Permanent Comm'n; hon. fellow Royal 
Statist. Soc, London; 1st pres. Soc. of Med- 
ical Jurisprudence, New York; sp'l 
counsel for city of New York in Astor and 
other cases against city for vacation of as- 
sessments, 1874; specialist in ins. law. Ad- 
dress: Thurlow Terrace, Albany, N. Y. 

BARNES, William, Jr., publisher Albany 
Jour., surveyor customs, Port of Albany 
(apptd. 1899); b. Albany, N. Y., Nov. 17, 
1866; s. William B. and Emily P. B. (d. 
Thurlow Weed); grad. Harvard, 1888; m. 
June, 1888, Grace Davis, of Cincinnati. Mem. 
Rep. State Com. since 1892; (apptd. chmn. 
exec. com. same, 1888). Address: Albany, 
N. Y. 

BARNETT, James, soldier, merchant; b. 
Cherry Valley, N. Y., June 21, 1821; 5. Me- 
lancthon and Mary B. ; public school ed'n, 
Cleveland, O. ; m. Granville, 111., June 12, 
1845, Maria H., d. Dr. Samuel Underhill. 
Joined co. of arty., 1840; afterward known 
as Cleveland Light Arty.; col. same, 1859; 
one of first to answer call for troops; 
served in most important engagements of 
Army of the Ohio; mustered out Oct. 20, 
1864; again volunteered, before battle of 
Nashville, aide to Gen. Thomas; commis- 
sioned brig. -gen. As boy became hardware 
clerk; later with George Worthington, re- 
sumed business with latter firm after war; 
its head since 1871; now pres. The George 
Worthington Co.; pres. 1st Nat. Bank; dir. 
in other cos. Is mem. and was active in or- 
ganization G. A. R., mem. Congress, 1883-5; 
Republican; mem. Loyal Legion. Address: 
Cleveland, O. 

BARNEY, Samuel S., congressman, law- 
yer; b. Hartford, Wis., Jan. 31, 1846; ed. 
Lombard Univ., Galesburg, 111.; taught 
high school, Hartford, Wis., 4 yrs. ; admitted 
to bar, 1873: since then has practiced at 
West Bend, Wis. Supt. schools, Washington 
Co., 1876-80; Rep. candidate for Congress, 

1884; delegate to Nat. Rep. Conv., 1884; 
mem. Congress, 1895-1903, 5th Wis. dist. ; 
m. May 18, 1876, McHenry, West Bend, Wis. 
Home: West Bend, Wis. 
BARXHORN, Clement J., artist; pupil of 
Marcie, Puech, Bouguereau, Ferrier, and 
Academie Julien, Paris; hon. mention, 
Paris Salon, 1895. Exhibited at Paris Exp'n, 
1900. Mem. Cincinnati Art Club. Address: 
Art Museum, Cincinnati, 0. 

BARNITZ, Albert, bvt. col. U. S. A., re- 
tired; b. Everett, Pa., March 10, 1835; s. 
Dr. Martin Eichelburger and Martha (Me- 
Clgntic) B. ; ed. public schools and Kenyon 
Coll.; admitted to Ohio bar; m. Cleveland, 
O., Feb. 11, 1867, Jennie Piatt. Served 
through Civil war from 1861 and afterward 
until retired as bvt. col. Mem. Mil. Order 
Loyal Legion. Author of vol. of Poems, 1857; 
also poems and prose articles, which appear 
in various collections. Address: Care Adju- 
tant General, U. S. A., Washington. 

BARNS, William Eddy, editor The Age 
of Steel and The St. Louis Lumberman; b. 
Vevay, Ind., Aug. 29, 1853; grad. 111. Wes- 
leyan Univ., 1872; m. Oct.- 26, 1880, Miss A. 
L. Gillet. Editor: The Labor Problem; No- 
body Knows; etc. Residence: 4267 Delmar 
Av. Office: Fullerton Bldg., St. Louis. 

BARNWELL, Charles Heyward, prof. 
English, Univ. of Ala. since 1899; b. Mid- 
way, S. C, Nov. 15, 1868; s. Charles Hey- 
ward and Charlotte (Thomson) B. ; ed. Col- 
umbia, S. C, 1876-81, Sewanee, Tenn., 1881- 
3; grad. S. C. Coll., 1887; A. M., 1888; 
Harvard Univ., A. M., 1893; Ph. D., 1898; m. 
Dalton, Ga., Sept. 6, 1893, Lucille G. Pou. 
Adjunct prof, modern languages, Agr'l and 
Mech. Coll. of Ala., 1889-92; Shattuek schol- 
ar, Harvard Univ. 1892-4, 1897-8; prof. Eng- 
lish, Hollins Inst., Va., 1894-7; instr. Eng- 
lish, Western Reserve Univ., 1898-9. Address: 
University, Ala. 

BARNWELL, Robert Woodward, bish- 
op coadjutor of Ala.; b. Beaufort, S. C, 
Dec. 27, 1849; grad. Trinity Coll., Hartford, 
Conn.; studied at Gen. Theol. Sem., New 
York; ordained deacon by Bishop Williams, 
and priest by Bishop Beckwith, at Atlanta, 
1875; was missionary 2 yrs. at Griffin, Ga. ; 
rector Trinity Ch., Demopolis, Ga., 1876-80; 
called to St. Paul's Ch., Selma, Ala., 1880; 
elected bishop of Ala., May 18, 1900. Ad- 
dress: Selma, Ala. 

BARR, Albert J., publisher Pittsburg 
Post since 1886; b. Pittsburg, Pa., Jan. 12, 
1851; s. James P. B. ; ed. common schools 
Pittsburg, 1860-8, Western Univ., 1868-71; 
m. Lancaster, Pa., July 28, 18S4, Mary A. 
MeDevitt. Prominent in Dem. politics and 
newspaper circles; pres. Artisans Fire Ins. 
Co. ; pres. and gen. mgr. Post Printing and 
Pub. Co. Residence: Bidwell St. Office: The 
Post, Pittsburg, Pa. 

BARR, Amelia Editb, author; b. (Hud- 
dleston) Ulverston, Lancashire, England, 
March 29, 1831; ed. Glasgow (Scotland) High 
School; m. 1850, Robert Barr; went to Tex., 
1854; husband and three sons died of yel- 
low fever at Galveston, 1867; with three 
daughters removed to New York, 1869; 



wrote for Christian Union and other period- 
icals. Author; Jan Vedder's Wife; A Border 
Shepherdess; Feet of Clay; Bernicia; Re- 
member the Alamo; She Loved a Sailor; 
The Lone House; A Sister to Esau; Prison- 
ers of Conscience, and other novels, 30 
in all. Address: Cherry Croft, Cornwall 
Heights, Cornwall-on-Hudson. N. Y. 

BARR, Granville Walter (Walter Barr), 
author, physician; b. Medway, Clark Co., 
O., Oct. 25, 1860; s. Dr. Jacob Cullen and 
Kate (Doll) B. ; ed. high school, Mt. Car- 
mel, 111., 1865-77; Asbury (now De Pauw) 
Univ., 1877-80; medicine at Rush Med. Coll., 
Chicago, 1882-3; Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 
1883-4; M. D., latter, 1884; m. Lawrence Co., 
111., 1884, Annabelle Applegate. In newspa- 
per work, Ind., 1877-80; surgeon 111. div. 
Sons of Veterans, 1890; prof, materia medi- 
ca, therapeutics, etc., Coll. Phys. & Surg., 
Keokuk, la., 1890-8. Edited dept. materia 
medica and therapeutics, la. State Med. 
Jour., 1893-4; city editor The Gate City, 
Keokuk, 1899; managing editor same, 1900; 
public lecturer on popular science, etc., 
since 1896; sec. bd. of ed'n., Keokuk, la., 
since 1898; Republican. Wrote: A Compari- 
son of Antipyrine and Antifebrin, Thera- 
peutic Gazette, June, 1887, et seq., many ar- 
ticles on drug dynamics in prominent med. 
journals, 1887-96; monograph on Idiosyn- 
crasy and Drugs, 1895; Report on Pharmacy 
and Therapeutics to Iowa State Med. Soc, 
1893; Short Stories: In the Third House, 
1899; The Verdict in the Rutherford Case, 
1899; The Woman Who Hesitated, 1899; Lar- 
ry McNoogan's Cow, 1900; In the Last Ditch, 
1900; Shacklett, 1901 A2. Monograph on the 
Valley of the Mississippi, 1899; also other 
short stories. Address: Keokuk, la. 

BARR, John W., retired lawyer; b. Ver- 
sailles, Ky., Dec. 17, 1826; .?. William and 
Ann (Watson) B. ; ed. private schools; grad. 
law dept., Transylvania Univ., 1847; prac- 
ticed in Versailles and later in Louisville; 
organized and was several yrs. pres. bd. of 
sinking fund of Louisville; U. S. dist. judge 
for Ky., 1880-99. Address: 833 2d St., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

BARR. Robert, author; b. Glasgow, Scot- 
land, Sept. 16, 1850; ed. Normal School, To- 
ronto, Ont. ; taught school until 1876, after 
that on editorial staff Detroit Free Press; 
writing under pen name, "Luke Sharp"; in 
England since 1881. Was made chief by an 
Iroquois tribe in Canada. Author: In a 
Steamer Chair; From Whose Bourn; The 
Face and the Mask; Revenge; In the Midst 
of Alarms; A Woman Intervenes; The Mu- 
table Many; also numerous short stories in 
Am. and English mags. Address: Hillhead, 
Woldringham, Surrey, England. 

BARR, Samuel Davis, prof, mathemat- 
ics, Albion Coll., since 1882; b. Gouverneur, 
N. Y., July 7, 1826; s. Elisha and Laura 
(Mix) B. ; ed. Wesleyan Sem., Gouverneur; 
grad. Williams Coll., 1853; m. 1st, Gouver- 
neur, 1854, Olive Eddy; 2d, Albany, N. Y., 
1869, Maria O. Smith; 3d, Cleveland, O., 
1890, Mrs. Mary Burhans Smith. Prof, 
mathematics and natural sciences Wesleyan 
Sem.. Gouverneur, N. Y., 1853-6; prof, math- 

ematics, Black River Literary and Religious 
Inst, 1850-8; practiced law at Watertown, 
N. Y., 1858-65; deputy supt. public instruc- 
tion, N. Y., 1865-9; teacher mathematics 
Mil. Collegiate Inst., Rochester, 1869-70; 
prin. Penn Yan Acad., 1870-3; prin. West 
High School, Cleveland, O., 1874-80. Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa; was pres. N. Y. State 
Teachers' Ass'n. Address: Albion, Mich. 

BARR, Thomas Francis, brig. -gen. U. 
S. A.; b. W. Cambridge (now Arlington), 
Mass., Nov. 18, 1837; .s. Thomas and Jean 
B. ; ed. Lowell, Mass. ; studied law, ad- 
mitted to Mass. bar, Oct., 1859; m. Lyme, 
N. H., Sept. 9, 1863, Julia Maria Minot 
Chase. Entered U. S. civil service in Wash- 
ington, June, 1861; resigned Oct., 1864; 
practiced law in D. C. ; apptd. maj. and 
judge advocate vols., Feb. 26, 1865; trans- 
ferred to regular army Feb. 25, 1867; pro- 
moted It. -col. and deputy judge advocate- 
gen. July 5, 1884; promoted col. and asst. 
judge adv. -gen. Aug. 3, 1895; apptd. judge 
adv. -gen. May 21, 1901, with rank of brig.- 
gen.; retired from active service, May 22, 
1901. Comm'r U. S. Mil. prison, Ft. Leav- 
enworth, Kan., 1873-94; mil. sec. to Sees, of 
War, Ramsey, Lincoln, Endicott and Proc- 
tor; judge advocate in many important 
court-martial cases, notably those of Gen. 
Innis N. Palmer; Maj. Marcus A. Reno, 
Maj. Charles B. Throckmorton, and Capt. 
Oberlin M. Carter. Residence: Lyme, N. H. 
Office: Pullman Bldg., Chicago. 

BARRETT, George Carter, asso. jus- 
tice Supreme Court, N. Y., since 1871; b. 
Dublin, Ireland, July 28, 1838; ed. Colum- 
bia and Racine colls. (LL. D., Racine Coll.); 
Married. Judge Court of Common Pleas, N. 
Y., 1869-70. Residence: 79 E. 79th St., New 

BARRETT, Harrison U., editor Banner 
of Light since March 24, 1S97, and pres. Nat. 
Spiritual Assn., since 1893; b. Canaan, Me., 
April 26, 1863; attended Bloomfield Acad., 
Lewiston (Me) High School; grad. Mead- 
ville Theol. Sem., 1889; m. Oct. 13, 1897, 
Marguerite Coft'yn, now asst. editor Banner 
of Light. Taught common school 12 terms; 
prin. public school, Spartansburg, Pa., 3 
yrs. ; 7 summers, chmn. Cassadaga Spirit- 
ualist Camp Ass'n. Author: Cassadaga, Its 
History and Teaching; Life of Cora L. V. 
Richmond. Lectured throughout U. S. 
Home: Needham, Mass. Office: 9 Bosworth 
St., Boston. 

BARRETT, John, journalist, diplomat; b. 
Grafton, Vt., Nov. 28, 1866; s. Charles Bar- 
rett, mem. many terms Vt. legislature, and 
Caroline (Sanford) B. ; grad. Worcester 
Acad., 1884, Dartmouth Coll., N. H., 1889, 
paying own way; awarded prizes econom- 
ics and oratory; attended meantime, 1 yr., 

1888, Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn., 
while writing of South for Northern pa- 
pers; went to Oakland, Calif., summer, 

1889, taught Hopkins Acad. ; asst. editor 
Statistician, San Francisco; visited So. 
America, Honolulu, Japan, China; China, 
sp'l press corr. on staff Tacoma, Wash., 
Ledger; then asso. editor Portland, Ore., 
Telegram, 1891-4; U. S. Minister to Siam, 



1894-8, settling successfully famous claim, 
Dr. M. A. Cheek against Siam, obtaining 
award of $250,000 and first clear interpreta- 
tion scope foreign extraterritorial juris- 
diction in Asia, for which specially thanked 
by President and congratulated by Justice 
Field of Supreme Court; visited frequently 
China and Japan and became pioneer ad- 
vocate development America's commercial 
opportunities in far East. Resigned diplo- 
matic post at outbreak of Spanish war and 
went to Philippines as war correspondent, 
May, 1898, to March, 1899; traveled again ex- 
tensively in China; on returning to America 
was at once invited to address leading Amer- 
ican Chambers of Commerce on China and 
Philippines; elected hon. mem. Am. Asi- 
atic Assn.; apptd. by Pres. McKinley 
delegate to Internat. Conf. Am. States at 
Mexico, April 22, 1901. Has written numer- 
ous articles for mags, and reviews on Asi- 
atic subjects. Author: Admiral George Dew- 
ey, 1899 HI; The Far East and Siam: A 
Wonderland of Asia, now in preparation. 
Address: Lotos Club, New York; and Port- 
land Hotel, Portland, Ore. 

BARRETT, Jolin P,, electrician; b. Au- 
burn, N. Y., 1837; came to Chicago, 1845, 
with parents; attended public schools; was 
sailor 11 yrs. ; returned to Chicago; ob- 
tained position in fire dept. ; 1862-76, asst. 
and, 1876-94, supt., fire alarm telegraph 
dept., Chicago; invented fire alarm signals; 
originated the police patrol system; was 
first to conceive the idea of laying electric 
wires underground; chief electricity dept. 
World's Columbian Exp'n. Residence: 4400 
Michigan Av., Chicago. 

BARRETT, Otis Warren, entomologist; 
b. Clarendon, Vt., April 18, 1872; s. James 
and Alice W. (Kelley) B.; ed. Vt. Acad, 
and Burr and Burton Sem. ; entered "Vt. 
Univ., 1892; certificate of proficiency in 
modern languages, same, June, 1896; m. 
Albany, N. Y., April 27, 1898, Bessie Lou 
Stearns, Ph. B. In Jamaica, 1894, in em- 
ploy of West India Improvement Co. ; trav- 
eled in Mexico, 1897; lived in Mexico, May, 
1898, to Oct., 1900; apptd., Oct., 1898, travel- 
ing agt. of the comm'n for the Mexican 
exhibit of Paris Exp'n of 1900; hon. cura- 
tor entom. collections of the Museo de la 
Comision Geografico-Exploradora at Tacu- 
baya, Federal Dist., Mexico, July, 1898, to 
Oct., 1900. Mem. Vt. Bot. Club. Has writ- 
ten numerous scientific articles and arti- 
cles on Mexico, etc., in entom. mags, and 
newspapers of Mexico and U. S. ; Fruits 
of Tropical America, serial contribution, 
The Mayflower, 1897. Address: Clarendon, 

BARRETT, William E., journalist; b. 
Melrose, Mass., Dec. 29, 1850; grad. Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1880. Asst. editor St. Albans 
(Vt.) Daily Messenger, 1880; Washington 
corr. Boston Daily Advertiser, 1882-6; editor- 
in-chief, 1886-88, and chief propr. and mgr. 
Boston Daily Advertiser and Boston Even- 
ing Record since 1888. Mem. Mass. legis- 
lature, 1887-92; mem. Congress, 1895-9. 
Address: The Daily Advertiser, Boston. 

BARRETT. Wilson, actor, mgr., play- 
wright, novelist; b. Essex, England, Feb. 

18, 1848. London debut, 1876; has visited 
America 5 times; produced there The Sign 
of the Cross. Author or part author of 
two or three dozen plays and books, includ- 
ing Nowadays; Good Old Times; The Gold- 
en Ladder; The Peoples' Idol; Jenny, the 
Barber; Ben, My Chree; The Manxman; 
Pharaoh; Daughters of Babylon; Our Pleas- 
ant Sins; Sign of the Cross; Quo Vadis; 
Man and His Makers. Has visited Australia 
with his company. Author and part au- 
thor (novels): Sign of the Cross; Daugh- 
ters of Babylon; In Old New York; Harle- 
quin's Last Leap, and numerous essays and 
mag. articles. Address: Lyceum Theatre, 

BARRINGER, Paul Brandon, M. D., ed- 
ucator; b. Concord, N. C, Feb. 13, 1857; 
^. Gen. Rufus B. ; attended Univ. of Va. ; 
M. D., Univ. of Va., 1877; Univ. of N. Y., 
1878; m. Dec. 27, 1882, Nannie I. Hannah. 
Studied in Europe nearly 2 yrs.; engaged 
in practice of medicine; since 1888 prof, 
physiology and materia medica, and since 
1896 chmn. of faculty, Univ. of Va. Has 
written: The American Negro, His Past 
and Future, and other articles on the race 
problem. Address: Charlottesville, Va. 

BARRON, Elwyn Alfred, author, play- 
wright, essayist; b. Lima, N. Y., March 6, 
1855; s. Alfred Lovejoy and Ellen Elizabeth 
B. ; attended Robert Coll., Tenn., 1868-72; 
m. Sept. 9, 1884, Hannah Lee Bird. Began 
journalistic career in Chicago; for 18 yrs. 
dramatic critic and editorial writer on Chi- 
cago Inter-Ocean; since 1895 temporarily re- 
siding in London and Paris. Author: The 
Viking (blank verse drama), 1888 M5; Man- 
ders (novel), 1899 P3; In Old New York 
(novel), 1900 P3. Plays: A Moral Crime 
(with Morgan Bates), prod. 1885; Lady Ash- 
ley, prod. 1886; When Bess. Was Queen, 
prod. 1894; Out of the Storm, prod. 1894; 
Roniola, prod. 1896; Punchinello, prod, by 
E. S. Willard, Boston, 1900. Address: 10 
Boundary Rd., London, England. 

BARRON, Ernest R., inventor; b. Mead- 
ville, Pa., May 23, 1844; m. March 18, 1869, 
Rachel R. Wyman, Cochranton, Pa. Im- 
proved typewriter, 1874, with James Dens- 
more, his stepfather (now deceased) ; had 
charge assembling and aligning dept. Rem- 
ington, 1874-9 (personally preparing first 
Remington typewriter used); same dept., 
Caligraph, 1880-5 (personally preparing first 
machine used) ; assisting James Densmore, 
1885-90; mech. expert, with Densmore, Amos 
& Emmett Typewriter Co., 1890-3; supt. 
aligning and assembling dept. and ex- 
pert on inventions, Franklin Typewriter 
Mfg. Co., 1893-5; since then has income from 
royalties on Remington typewriter. His in- 
ventions are used on Remington, Cali- 
graph, Densmore and Franklin machines. 
Residence: 519 Bedford Av. Office: 104 S. 
8th St., Brooklyn. 

BARRON, Joseph Day, editorial writer; 
b. Upson Co., Ga., March 19, 1833; .?. Hiram 
and Phereby (Poole) B.; ed. common 
schools, Russell and Randolph counties, 
Ala.; trained as a mechanic; m. Randolph 
Co., Ala., April 13, 1854, Rebecca Wood. 
Served in C. S. army; represented Clay Co., 



Ala., in lower house of gen. assembly, 
1874-5, 1875-15; apptd. sec. State of Ala., July 
1, 1889, to fill vacancy; elected same, 1890 
and 1892; pres. Farmers' Mutual Ins. Assn. 
of Ala., 5 yrs. ; became connected with 
Montgomery Advertiser as exchange editor 
and editorial writer, 1897; Democrat (of 
old school). Has written many stories, 
poems and essays for papers and mags. 
Residence: 9 N. Jackson St. Office: The 
Daily Advertiser, Montgomery, Ala. 

BARROWS, Charles Clifford, M. D. ; 
clinical prof. Cornell Univ. Med. Coll.; /. 
Jackson, Miss., June 5, 1S57; grad. Univ. of 
Va., 1879; (M. D.), Univ. of N. Y., 1880; m. 
May 19, 1886, Hettie Curtis. House physi- 
cian Bellevue Hosp., U380-1; asst. surgeqn 
U. S. A., 1882-7, serving in Indian cam- 
paigns under Gen. Crook; since 1887 in 
practice in New York; specialty gynecology 
and obstetrics; mem. various med. socs. 
Address: 8 W. 36th St., New York. 

BARROWS, John Henry, pres. Oberlin 
Coll. since Jan., 1899: b. Medina, Mich., 1847; 
j. Rev. John Manning and Catherine Payne 
(Mooro) B. ; grad. Olivet Coll., Mich., 1867; 
studied in Yale, Union and Andover Theol. 
sems. and at Gottingen, Germany; (D. D., 
Lake Forest Univ.); m. June 6, 1875, Sarah 
Eleanor Mole, Williamstown, Mass. Pastor 
Lawrence and Boston, Mass., 14 yrs. pastor 
First Presby'n Ch., Chicago; organizer and 
pres. World's Parliament of Religions, 1893; 
lecturer in India, 1896-7; lecturer Union 
Thecl. Sem., New York, 1898; lecturer on 
Comparative Religion, Univ. of Chicago. 
Author: History of Parliament of Religions; 
Life of Henry Ward Beecher, F3; Christi- 
anity the World Religion, M5; A World Pil- 
grimage, M5; The Gospels are True His- 
tories, L9; The Christian Conquest of Asia, 
S3; I Believe in God, R3; etc. Address: Ober- 
lin, O. 

BARROWS, Samnel Jnne, ex-congress- 
man, clergyman; b. New York, May 26, 1845; 
grad. Harvard Div. School (B. D.), 1875 (D. 
D., Howard Univ., Washington, 1897); m. 
June 28, 1867, Isabel Chapin Hayes. Before 
graduation had been stenographer and 
journalist; pastor First Ch. (Unitarian^ 
Dorchester, Boston, 1876-80; editor Christ- 
ian Register, 1881-97; mem. Congress, 10th 
dist. Mass., 1897-9; Republican. Represent- 
ed U. S. on Internat. Prison Comm'n, 1896; 
corr. sec. Prison Assn. of New York, 1900. 
Author: Shaybacks in Camp; Isles and 
Shrines of Greece; A Baptist Meeting 
House; The Doom of the Majority of Man- 
kind; Crimes and Misdemeanors in the U. 
S.; etc. Address: 135 E. 15th St.. New York. 

BARRY, John Daniel, author, dramatic 
and literary critic; b. Boston, Dec. 31, 1866; 
s. Patrick and Bridget Mathilde B.; grad. 
Harvard, 1888. Asso. editor Boston Post; 
asst. editor Forum; since 1890 in literary 
and journalistic work in New York; now 
dramatic critic Collier's Weekly. Not mar- 
ried. Author: The Princess Margarethe, 
1892 01; The Intriguers, 1896 A2; Made- 
moiselle Blanche; Wrote The Leading Wom- 
an; The Congressman's Wife, both in Smart 

Set. Residence: Helicon Hall, Englewood, N. 

BARRY, Thomas Henry, brig.-gen. U. 
S. V., It. col. U. S. A.; b. New York, Oct. 
13, 1855; s. David and Margaret (Dimond) 
B.; ed. Coll. City of New York; grad. M. S. 
Mil. Acad., 1877; m. Washington, D. C, Jan. 
23, 1884, Ellen Bestor. Served 2d It. 7th 
cav., June 14, 1877, to Aug. 31, 1880; 2d It. 
1st inf., Aug. 31 to March 10, 1882; 1st It. 
same, March 11, 1882, to Feb. 24, 1891; capt. 
1st inf., Feb. 25, 1891, to Jan. 29, 1897; maj. 
and asst. adj. -gen., Jan. 29, 1897; It. col. and 
a. a. g. U. S. V., June 22, 1898; It. col. and 
a. a. g. U. S. A., Jan. 10, 1900; brig.-gen. 
U. S. V., June 18, 1900; adj. -gen. 8th army 
corps and dept. of Pacific in Philippines, 
Aug., 1898, to Feb., 1890; chief of staff Div. 
of the Philippines since Nov. 14, 1900. 
Address: Care of War Dept., Washington. 

BARRVMORE, Mauriee (Herbert Blythe) 
actor, playwright; b. India, 1847; grad. Cam- 
bridge Univ., Eng., and studied for Indian 
Civil Service; admitted to bar, but gave up 
law for the stage. First engagement in U. 
S., Fifth Av. Theatre, New York; since has 
been leading man for Modjeska, Mrs. Lang- 
try and others, and also in A. M. Palmer 
and other cos. Author: Nadjeska (written 
for Mme. Modjeska); The Robber of the 
Rhine (libretto); and other plays. Address: 
Lamb's Club, New York. 

BARSE, George R.. Jr., artist; b. De- 
troit, 1861; 5. George R. B.; ed. common 
schools Kansas City, Mo.; studied art at 
ficole des Beaux Arts and Academie Ju- 
lien, Paris, 1879-85; pupil of A. Cabanel, 
Boulanger and Lefebvre; m. Rome, Italy, 
1891, Rosa Ferrara. Awarded 1st prize Nat. 
Acad. Design, 1895; Shaw Fund prize, Soc. 
Am. Artists, 1898; painted 8 panels for govt, 
in Library of Congress, 1896; is figure paint- 
er, and character of work tends to the dec- 
orative; mem. Nat. Acad. Design, Soc. Am. 
Artists; Architectural League of New York. 
Address: Care Century Club, 7 W. 43rd St., 
New York. 

BARSTOW, John L,., ex-gov. Vt. ; b. Shel- 
burne, Vt., Feb. 21, 1832; s. Heman and 
Laura (Lyon) B. ; ed. Shelburne, Vt. ; i. 
Laura Maeck, 1856. Served in Union army. 
1861-4, rising to rank of maj.; was made 
brig.-gen. State troops at time of St. Al- 
bans raid. Mem. State legislature, 1864-5; 
State senator, 1860-8; U. S. Pension Agt, 
Burlington, Vt., 1870-8; lt.-gov., 1880-2; gov., 
1882-4. Address: Shelburne, Vt. 

BARTCH, George W., chief justice Su- 
preme Court Utah; b. Dushore, Pa., March 
15, 1849; s. John G. and Mary Magdalene B. ; 
grad. Bloomsburg State Normal School (M. 
S.); m. 1871, Amanda Alice Guild; several 
terms supt. public schools, Shenandoah, 
Pa.; began law practice in Pa., 1884; re- 
moved to Colo., 1886, and practiced law; to 
Salt Lake City, March, 1888; practiced there 
until apptd., Jan. 4, 1893, asso. justice Su- 
preme Court Utah Ty. ; elected mem. State 
Supreme Court, 1895; re-elected Nov. 6, 1900. 
Republican. Address: Salt Lake City, Utah. 



BARTHOLDT, Richard, congressman, ed- 
itor St. Louis Tribune; b. Germany, Nov. 2. 
1853; came to U. S. in boyhood; classical 
ed'n; learned printing trade; since then in 
journalism. Was mem. bd. public schools, 
St. Louis, and its pres., 1891; mem. Con- 
gress, 10th Mo. dist, 1893-1903; Republican. 
Home: St. Louis. 

BARTHOLOW, Roberts, emeritus prof, 
materia medica, gen. therapeutics and hy- 
giene, Jefferson Med. Coll., since 1879; b. 
Harford Co., Md., Nov. 28, 1831; grad. in 
arts, Calvert Coll., Md. ; grad. in medicine, 
Univ. of Md. (M. D., 1852); LL. D., St. 
Mary's Coll. Served on med. staff of reg- 
ular army, 1856-64; prof, theory and prac- 
tice of medicine and clinical medicine and 
dean of the faculty Ohio Med. Coll., Cin- 
cinnati, 1864-79; fellow Coll. of Phys. of 
Phila. ; mem. Am. Philos. Soc. ; honorary 
fellow Royal Med. Soc. of Edinburg. ; mem. 
Societe Medico Pratiques de Paris and vari- 
ous other socs. Author: Qualifications for 
the Military Service; Hypodermic Medica- 
tion; Treatise on Materia Medica and The- 
rapeutics; Practice of Medicine; (translated 
into Japanese at Tokio) Medical Electricity: 
also many papers, essays, etc. Residence: 
1527 Locust St. Office: Jefferson Med. Coll., 

BARTLETT, Adolphns Clay, hardware 
mcht.; b. Stratford, N. Y., June 22, 1844; .?. 
Aaron and Delia (Dibell) B. ; ed. village 
schools, Dansville Acad., N. Y. ; Clinton 
Liberal Inst., Clinton, N. Y.; m. 1st., Aug. 
27, 1867, Mary H. Pitkin (died Dec. 19, 1890) ; 
2d, Toledo, O., June 15, 1893, Abbey L., d. 
Bailey H. Hitchcock. Went to Chicago at 
19, entered employ Tuttle, Hibbard & Co., 
3 yrs. later was given interest in profits of 
business; 3 yrs. later a gen. partner; Jan. 
1, 1882, when business was incorporated as 
Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., made 
sec; later v. -p. Has been mem. bd. edn., 
Chicago; pres. Commercial Club; dir. Relief 
and Aid Soc. ; trustee Beloit Coll. ; is trus- 
tee of Univ. of Chicago; is pres. Home for 
the Friendless; dir. Orphan Asylum, Old 
People's Home, Art Inst., Athenaeum, Met- 
ropolitan Nat. Bank, Northern Trust Co.; 
was dir. Chicago & Alton R. R. Co.; mem. 
leading clubs; Republican. Residence: 2720 
Prairie Av., Chicago. 

BARTLETT, Alice Elinor ("Birch Ar- 
nold"), author; b. Delavan, Wis., Sept. 4, 
1848; d. J. B. and Sophronia E. (Braley) 
Bowen; attended Univ. of Wis.; m. 1876, J. 
M. D. Bartlett, Quincy, 111. Was connected 
with Chicago Herald 6 yrs. ; 3 yrs. on Chi- 
cago Chronicle; now on Detroit Journal. 
Author: Until the Daybreak, 1877, C4; A 
New Aristocracy; and other books, besides 
much verse and prose in newspaper and 
periodical press. Is best known by her pen- 
name. Address: 112 Pine St., Detroit. 

BARTLETT, Caroline Julia (Rev.); see 
Crane, Caroline Bartlett. 

BARTLETT, Charles L., congressman, 
lawyer; b. Monticello, Jasper Co., Ga., Jan. 
31, 1853; removed to Macon, Ga., 1875; grad. 
Univ. of Ga., 1870; law dept., Univ. of Va., 

1872; solicitor-gen. (pros, atty.) Macon jud. 
circuit, 1877-81; mem. Ga. legislature, 1882-3; 
Ga. senate, 1889; judge Superior Court, Ma- 
con circuit, 1893-4, resigned; mem. Con- 
gress, 1895-1903, 6th Ga. dist.; Democrat. 
Home : Macon, Ga. 

BARTLETT, Edward T., asso. justice 
N. Y. Court of Appeals, term 1894-1907; Re- 
publican. Residence: 59 E. 65th St., New 
York. Official Address: Court of Appeals, 
Albany, N. Y. 

BARTLETT, Edwin Julius, prof, chem- 
istry Dartmouth Coll., since 1883; b. Hud- 
son, O., Feb. 16, 1851; 5. Samuel Colcord B. ; 
grad. Dartmouth, 1872 (A. M.); Rush Med. 
Coll., 1879; m. July 8, 1879, Caroline E. Rice, 
Milwaukee, Wis. Toxicol, expert; fellow A. 
A. A. S. ; mem. American Chemical Soc, 
New York Medico-Legal Soc ; hon. mem. 
N. H. Med. Soc Has published many pa- 
pers on eheni subjects. Address: Hanover, 
N. H. 

BARTLETT, Sir Ellis Asbniead, mem- 
ber British Parliament; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
1849; j. Ellis Bartlett of Plymouth, Mass. 
(descendant of two Pilgrim fathers, 1620-3), 
and Sophia (Ashmead) Bartlett of Phila. ; 
grad. Christ Ch. Coll., Oxford Univ., 1st 
class final schools, 1872; pres. Oxford Union 
Debating Soc ; admitted to British bar, 
1877; mem. parliament from Eye Div., Suf- 
folk, 1880-5; from Ecclesall Div., Sheffield, 
since 1895; Conservative. Civil Lord of Ad- 
miralty, 1885-6, 1886-92. Author: The Bat- 
tlefields of Thessaly. Address: 22a St. James 
St., London, S. W., England. 

BARTLETT, Homer Lyman, M. D. ; b. 
Vt., Oct. 17, 1830; .?. Elias and Eliza (Wheel- 
ock) B. ; ed. Bakersfield Academical Inst. ; 
grad. Coll. Phys. & Surg., New York; m. 
Harriette F. Moore, Belfast, Ireland. Con- 
sulting phys. to Kings Co. Hosp. Author: 
Sketches and Legends of Long Island; His- 
tory of Initiation ; History of the Healing 
Art; Symbolism. Has written various arti- 
cles for med. journals. Residence: 635 Flat- 
bush Av. Office: 88 Fenimore St., Brook- 

BARTLETT, Homer Newton, musical 
composer, organist and teacher; b. Olive, 
N. Y., Dec 28, 1846; s. Henry B. and Han- 
nah C. (Hall) B.; pupil of Mills, Pease, 
Guigon, Brann, Jacobsen; director and ex- 
pres. Manuscript Soc ; organist Madison 
Av. Bapt. Ch. ; private teacher. His com- 
positions and arrangements for voice, vio- 
lin, piano and orchestra number nearly 
200: Concert Polka (piano); Toccata (or- 
gan) ; Concerto (violin and orchestra) ; 
L'Amour (song for tenor) ; The Last Chief- 
tain (cantata for chorus and orchestra), are 
among the more notable. Address: 2 W. 
98th St., New York. 

BARTLETT, John, publisher, author; b. 
Plymouth, Mass., June 14, 1820; was pub- 
lisher at Cambridge; vol. paymaster U. S. 
N., 1862-3; partner, 1865-89, senior mem., 
1878-89, Little, Brown & Co., publishers, 
Boston; now retired. Edited several works, 
of which his Familiar Quotations is best 
known as a standard reference book. 



Author: The Shakespeare Index; The Com- 
plete Concordance to Shakespeare's Dra- 
matic Works and Poems. Address: 16& 
Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BARTLKTT, John Russell, capt. U. S. 
. N., retired, July 12, 1897; b. New York, 
Sept. 26, 1843; J. John R. and Eliza A. 
(Rhodes) B. ; ed. Cambridge, Mass., and 
U. S. Naval Acad. (Sc. D., Brown, 1898); m. 
Feb. 6, 1872, Jeanie R. Jenckes, R. I. Or- 
dered into service May, 1861; served during 
Civil war at passage of Fts. Jackson and 
St. Philip and capture of New Orleans; 
on Admiral Dahlgren's staff off Charleston, 
1863-4; comd. co. in naval attack on Ft. 
Fisher; investigated Gulf Stream, 1877-82, 
in command U. S. Coast Survey Str. Blake: 
in charge hydrographic office, 1882-8; last 
command Monitor Puritan. During war 
with Spain, 1898, in charge of naval intelli- 
gence office, and was supt. U. S. Coast Sig- 
nal Service and chief U. S. Auxiliary Na- 
val Force. Address: Lonsdale, R. I. 

BARTLETT, Paul Wayland, sculptor; b. 
New Haven, Conn., 1865; s. T. H. B. ; ed. 
public schools New Haven and Boston; be- 
gan sculpture while a boy and under the 
care of Mr. Fremiet; exhibited in Salon at 
age of 14 (a bust of his grandmother), and 
1880 entered ficole des Beaux Arts, where 
he was a pupil of Cavelier. In 1887 re- 
ceived recompense at the Salon for the 
group, The Bear Tamer (now in Metropol- 
itan Museum of New York); was hors con- 
cours, Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1889, 
and member Internat. Jury of Awards; 
also hors concours, and represented U. S. 
on Internat. Jury of Awards for Sculpture, 
Exp'n Universelle, Paris, 1900; Chevalier 
Legion of Honor of France, 1895. Principal 
works: Equestrian statue of Gen. McClellan, 
Phila.; statue of Gen. Joseph Warren, Bos- 
ton; equestrian statue of Lafayette in the 
Sq. of the Louvre, Paris, (gift to France 
from the school children of the U. S.); 
statues of Columbus and Michelangelo, in 
in Congressional Library, Washington; a 
door for the tomb of Senator W. A. Clark, 
in Woodlawn Cemetery. He is also repre- 
sented in the Boston Museum, Phila. Acad, 
of Design, Chicago Art Inst., Luxembourg 
Gallery, Paris, and Museum of Decorative 
Art, Paris. Address: 229 E. 20th St., New 

BARTLETT, William H., comdr. G. A. 
R., dept. of Mass., 1898. Author: Facts I 
Ought to Know About the Government of 
My Country, 1894 C7. Address: 187 Pleasant 
St., Worcester, Mass. 

HARTLEY, Elias Hudson, chemist, phys- 
ician; b. Bartley, N. J., Dec. 6, 1849; reared 
on a farm in 111., attending school winters; 
grad. Cornell, B. S., 1873. Taught sciences, 
Princeton High School, 1873-4; instr. chem- 
istry, Cornell, 1874-5; prof, chemistry, 
Swarthmore Coll., 1875-8: studied Jefferson 
Med. Coll. and L. I. Coll. Hosp., M. D., 
1879; instr. chemistry, L. I. Coll. Hosp., 
1880-6; prof, chemistry and toxicology there 
Bince 1886; chief chemist health dept., 
Brooklyn, 1882-8; mem. King's Co. Bd. of 
Pharmacy, 1892-8; dean and prof, of organic 

chemistry, Brooklyn Coll. of Pharmacy, 
since 1892. Author: Textbook of Medical 
and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (5th ed., 
1899), B8; Manual of Clinical Chemistry, 
1899 B8; also articles in various journals 
and handbooks. Fellow Am. Assn. Adv. of 
Science; mem. Am. Public Health Assn.; 
Am. Chem. Soc. ; Am. Pharm. Assn. ; Med. 
Soc. of County of Kings, etc. Address: 21 
Lafayette Av., Brooklyn. 
BARTON, Clara, pres. Am. Nat. Red 
Cross since organization, 1881 (re-incorpor- 
ated by Congress, 1900); b. Oxford, Mass., 
1830; d. Capt. Stephen and Sally (Stone) B. ; 
ed. Clinton, N. Y. During Civil war did 
relief work on battlefields and organized 
search for missing men (for the carrying 
on of which work Congress voted $15,000) : 
laid out grounds national cemetery, Ander- 
sonville; associated with internat. Red. 
Cross, Franco-German war Strasburg, 1870; 
Paris, 1871; secured adoption of treaty of 
Geneva, 1882; 1st pres. Am. Red Cross (of- 
ficial) ; apptd. to represent U. S. in all in- 
ternat. conferences, Geneva, 1884; Carls- 
rube, 1887; Rome, 1892; Vienna, 1897; inau- 
gurated Am. amendment of Red Cross, to 
provide for greater calamities of peace; 
distributed relief, Russian famine, 1892; Ar- 
menian massacres, 1896; at request of Pres. 
U. S., carried relief to Cuba, 1898; did per- 
sonal field work, Spanish-American war; 
conducted Red Cross relief at Galveston, 
Tex., after great disaster, Aug., 1900. 
Author: History of Red Cross, 1882 W8; 
America's Relief Expedition to Asia Minor 
(Armenia), 1896; History of the Red Cross 
in Peace and War, 1898 (published by In- 
ternat. Soc, New York). Address: Washing- 
ton, D. C, or Glen Echo, Md. 

BARTON, Edmund Mills, librarian Am. 
Antiquarian Soc. since 1883; b. Worcester, 
Mass., Sept. 27, 1838; ed. public and private 
schools; m. Sept. 6, 1870, Abigail Twycross 
Blake. Mercantile training in Boston, St. 
Louis and New York, 1857-60; relief agt. U. 
S. Sanitary Comm'n for 5th corps, Army 
of the Potomac, 1863-5; asst. librarian Am. 
Antiquarian Soc, 1866-83. Address: Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

BARTON, George Hunt, geologist; b. 
Sudbury, Mass., July 8, 1852; lived on a 
farm there until 21 yrs. old; studied at War- 
ren Scientific Acad., Woburn, Mass., 1874-6; 
grad. Mass. Inst. Technology, 1880 (S. B.); 
m. Sept. 18, 1884, Eva May Beede, Stow, 
Mass. Asst. in drawing Mass. Inst. Tech- 
nology, 1880-1; asst. on Hawaiian gov't sur- 
vey, Honolulu, 1881-3; asst. in geology. 
Mass. Inst. Technology, 1883-4; now asst. 
prof, geology there; holds like chairs in 
Boston Univ. and Teachers' School of Sci- 
ence; was asst. geologist U. S. Geol. Sur- 
vey; has traveled extensively; was mem. 6th 
Perry Exp'n to Greenland, 1896; has written 
many geol. papers; mem. Boston Soc. of 
Natural History; Nat. Geog. Soc; Geol. 
Soc. of America. Author: Outline of Ele- 
mentary Lithology, 1900 XI. Address: 16 
Lexington Av., Cambridge, Mass. 

BARTON, James L., foreign sec. Am. Bd. 
Comm'rs Foreign Missions, since 1894; b. 



Chittenden Co., Vt, Sept. 23, 1855; grad. 
Middlebury, Coll... 1881, (A. M., D. D.); 
Hartford Theol. Sem., 1885; m. Flora E. 
Holmes, West Winfield, N. Y. Missionary 
Am. Bd. F. M., Turkey, 1885-92; prof. Mis- 
sion Theol. Sem., Harpoot, 1888-92; pres. 
Euphrates Coll., Harpoot, 1893; deputation 
to Japan, 1895; corporate mem. Am. Bd. F. 
M. Trustee: Conservatory Music, Boston; 
Jaffna Coll., Ceylon; Euphrates Coll., Har- 
poot; Internat. Inst. Girls, Spain; Middle- 
bury Coll., Hartford Theol. Sem. Residence: 
Newton Centre, Mass. Office: 14 Beacon St., 

BARTON, Randolph, lawyer; mem. law 
firm Barton, Wilmer, Ambler & Stewart. 
Address: 207 N. Calvert St., Baltimore. 

BARTON, William Eleazar, Congrega'l 
clergyman; b. Sublette, 111., June 28, 1861; 
s. Dr. Jacob B. and Helen M. B. ; grad. 
Berea Coll., Ky., 1885; grad. Oberlin Theol. 
Sem. (B. D.), 1890; (A. M., 1890; D. D., 1895); 
m. 1885, Esther Treat Bushnell, Johnsonville, 
O. Pastorates: Robbins, Tenn., 1885-7; 
Litchfield, O., 1887-90; Wellington, O., 1890- 
3; Shawmut Cong'l Ch., Boston, 1893-9; 
Bince March, 1899, First Cong'l Ch., Oak 
Park, 111. Asso. editor Bibliotheca Sacra; 
writer of theology, history and fiction; v.-p. 
Cong'l S. S. and Pub. Soc; v.-p. Am. Peace 
Soc. ; director Cong'l Ed'n Soc; director 111. 
Home Missionary Soc. ; and formerly of 
Mass. Home Missionary Soc. ; director Chi- 
cago Theol. Sem. ; trustee Berea Coll. 
Author: The Wind-Up of the Big Meetin' on 
No Bus'ness, 1887, 01; Life in the Hills of 
Kentucky, 1889; The Early Ecclesiastical 
History of the Western Reserve, 1890; His- 
tory of the First Congregational Church of 
Wellington, Ohio, 1896; A Hero in Home- 
spun, 1897, A2; Sim Galloway's Daughter-in- 
Law, 1897, P8; The Truth About the Trou- 
ble at Roundstone, 1897, P8; The Story of a 
Pumpkin Pie, 1898, P8; The Psalms and 
Their Story, 1898, P8; Old Plantation 
Hymns, 1899, L2; When Boston Braved the 
King, 1899, W2; The Improvement of Per- 
fection, 1900; The Prairie Schooner, 1900, 
W2; Pine Knot, 1900, A2; Lieut. William 
Barton and His Descendants, 1900, XI. 
Address: Oak Park, 111. 

BARUS, Annie Howes, writer; b. S. Yar- 
mouth, Cape Cod, Mass.; grad. Vassar, 1874; 
m. 1887, Prof. Carl Barus. Pres. Assn. 
Alumnae of Vassar, 1890-1; pres. Assn. of 
Collegiate Alumnae, 1892-4; sec.-treas. same, 
1895-8. Contributor to newspapers, mag's, 
etc., especially on health of college women 
and child study. Address: 30 Elmgrove Av., 
Providence, R. I. 

BARUS, Carl Hazard, prof, physics, 
Brown Univ., since 1895; b. Cincinnati, Feb. 
19, 1856; s. Prof. Carl Barus, musician; at- 
tended Columbia, 1874-6; Univ. of Wurz- 
burg, Germany, 1876-80 (Ph. D., 1879); m. 
Jan., 1887, Annie G. Howes. Physicist U. S. 
Geol. Survey, 1880-92; prof, meteorology, U. 
S. Weather Bureau, 1892-3; physicist Smith- 
sonian Inst'n, 1893-5. Hon. fellow Am. Acad. 
Arts and Sciences of Mass. ; mem. Nat. 
Acad. Sciences of U.S.; v.-p. and chmn. sect, 
of physics, 1897; mem. A. A. A. S. ; corr. 

mem. British Assn. Adv. Science.; hon. 
mem. Royal Inst'n of Great Britain; award- 
ed the Rumford Medal of Am. Acad. Sci- 
ences for his various researches in heat. 
Original contributions to science number 
about 137 titles. Author: The Electrical and 
Magnetic Properties of the Non-Carburets, 
1885, U5; Subsidence -of Fine Solid Particles 
in Liquids, 1886, U5; Physical Properties of 
the Iron Carburets, 1886, U5; The Measure- 
ment of High Temperatures, 1889, U5; Vis- 
cosity of Solids, 1891, U5; Die Physikalische 
Behandlung Hoher Temperaturen, 1892, F5; 
Compressibility of Liquids, 1892, U5; Mech- 
anism of Solid Viscosity, 1892, U5; Volume 
Thermodynamics of Liquids, 1892, U5; High 
Temperature Work in Igneous Fusion, 1893, 
U5; Condensation of Atmospheric Moisture, 
1895, US. Edited The Laws of Gases, 1899, 
HI. Residence: 30 Elmgrove Av., Providence, 
R. I. 

BASCOM, Florence, geologist; b. Wil- 
liamstown, Mass. ; d. John and Emma (Cur- 
tiss) B. ; ed. public schools, Williamstown, 
Mass., and Madison, Wis.; studied Univ. of 
Wis.; grad., A. B., B. L., 1882; B. S., 1884; 
studied geology at Univ. of Wis. and Johns 
Hopkins (A. M., Univ. of Wis.; Ph. D., 
Johns Hopkins) ; fellow Geol. Soc. America, 
A. A. A. S. ; mem. Phi. Beta Kappa, Phila. 
Acad, of Science; asst. editor The American 
Geologist. Author numerous papers in tech. 
journals. Address: Bryn Mawr College, Bryn 
Mawr, Pa. 

BASCOM, John, educator; b. Genoa, N. Y., 
May 1, 1827; s. Rev. John and Laura (Wood- 
bridge) B. ; grad. Williams Coll., 1849 (LL. 
D., Amherst; D. D., Iowa Coll.; LL. D., 
Williams); grad. Andover Theol. Sem., 1855; 
m. Jan. 8, 1856, Emma Curtiss, Sheffield, 
Mass. Prof, rhetoric, Williams Coll., 1855- 
74; pres. Univ. of Wis., 1874-87; now prof, 
political science, Williams Coll. Contrib- 
utor to periodicals. Author: Political Econ- 
omy, 1859; Esthetics, 1862, P2; Philosophy 
of Rhetoric, 1865, P2; Principles of Psychol- 
ogy, 1869, P2; Science, Philosophy and Re- 
ligion, 1871, P2; Philosophy of English Lit- 
erature, 1874, P2; Philosophy of Religions, 
1876, P2; Growth and Grades of Intelligence, 
1878, P2; Ethics, 1879, P2; Natural Theology, 
1880, P2; Science of Mind, 1881, P2; Words 
of Christ, 1883, P2; Problems in Philosophy, 
1885, P2; A Re-cast Principle of Psycholo- 
gy and Sociology, 1887, P2; The New Theolo- 
gy, 1891, P2; Interpretation of Philosophy, 
1893, P2; Social Theory, 1895, C7; Evolution 
and Religion, 1897, P2; Growth of Nation- 
ality in U. S., 1899, P2; God and His Good- 
ness, 1901, P2. Address: Williamstown, Mass. 

BASHFORD, Herbert, State librarian of 
Washington since 1897; b. Sioux City, la., 
1871; s. Franklin W. and Alice B. B. ; ed. in 
public schools of Tacoma, Wash.; m. 1891, 
Kinnie, d. Senator J. A. Cole, of Washing- 
ton. Author: Northwest Nature Stories; 
Songs from Puget Sea (poems) ; also maga- 
zine contributions. Address: Olympia, Wash. 

BASHFORD, James Whitford, prea. 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ. since 1889; b. Fayette, 
Wis., May 27, 1849; grad. Univ. of Wis., 
1873 (A. M., 1876); Theol. School, Boston 



Univ., (S. T. B.), 1876; School of Oratory 
(1878) and School of All Sciences (Ph. D., 
1881), Boston Univ.; (D. D., Northwestern 
Univ., 1S90). Tutor Greek, Univ. of Wis., 
1874. Pastor M. B. chs., Boston, Auburn- 
dale, Mass.; Portland, Me.; Buffalo, N. Y., 
1875-89. Author: Science of Religion; etc. 
Address: Delaware, O. 

BASHORE, Harvey Brown, M. D.; b. W. 
Fairview, Pa., July 31, 1S64; grad. Yale, 
1S8G; M. D., Univ. of Pa., 1889; since then 
in practice of medicine; mag. contributor on 
scientific and sanitary subjects. Author: 
Outlines of Rural Hygiene. Address: W. 
Fairview, Pa. 

BVSKERVILLE, Charles, chemist; b. 
Noxubee Co., Miss., June 18, 1870; s. Charles 
and Augusta Louisa (Johnston) B. ; studied 
Univ. of Miss., 1886-7; grad. Univ. of Va., 
1890; studied Vanderbilt Univ., 1890; Univ. 
of Berlin, Germany, 1893; (Ph. D., Univ. of 
N C); m. Mary Boylan Snow. Instr., 
1891-4; asst. prof, chemistry, 1894-1900; prof, 
chemistry and director chem. laboratory 
since 1900, Univ. of N. C. Author of nu- 
merous, scientific, ed'n'l and technol. arti- 
cles. Sec. Sect. C, sec. council and gen. 
sec. A. A. A. S.; mem. Council Am. Chem. 
Soc; mem. German Chem. Soc. ; fellow 
London Chem. Soc, Soc. Chem. Industry, 
etc. Address: Chapel Hill, N. C. 

BASKETT, James Newton, author, zo- 
ologist; b. in Kentucky, Nov. 1, 1849; grad. 
(B Ph.), Mo. State Univ., 1872 (A. M., 1893); 
m. Feb. 17, 1874, Jeannie Gordon Morrison, 
Troy, Mo. Has resided chiefly in Mo., ex- 
cept ' 3 yrs. in Colo., to recover health; 
student of comparative vertebrate anatomy, 
with ornithologv as a specialty; presented 
paper at World's Congress of Ornithologists 
(Chicago, 1893) on Some Hints at the Kin- 
ship of Birds as Shown by their Eggs. 
Author: The Story of the Birds; The Story 
of the Fishes; The Story of the Amphibians 
and Reptiles; The Story of the Mammals; 
At You-All's House (novel); As the Light 
Led (novel); etc. Address: Mexico, Mo. 

BASKETTE. Gideon Hicks, editor Nash- 
ville Banner since 1884; b. Rutherford Co., 
Tenn., March 11, 1845; academic ed'n at 
Murfreesboro, Tenn.; left coll. 1861, to en- 
ter C S. A.; served through Civil war; m. 
Sept. 24, 1867, Anna E. McFadden. Identi- 
fied with Tenn. journalism since 1876; con- 
tributor of poems and short stories to pe- 
riodicals. Address: Nashville, Tenn. 

BASS, Jolin F., war corr. ; b. Chicago, 
1866; s. Perkins and Clara (Foster) B.; pre- 
pared for coll. at Phillips Exeter Acad.; 
grad. Harvard, 1891; Harvard Law School. 
1833; admitted to N. Y. bar., 1894; went to 
Graeco-Turkish war as corr. New York 
Times, 1895. his articles attracting wide at- 
tention; first newspaper man to cross Ar- 
menia; started for Manila, July 15, 189S, 
as sp'l cor. for Harper's Weekly. Gen. 
Hale, in report of operations before Ma- 
nila, referred to him as the only corr. on 
the firing-line when U. S. troops captured 
the city; first corr. to visit Iloilo; wound- 
ed in attack on Caloocan; mgr. New York 
Herald in East during 1900. Accompanied 

relief exp'n to Peking, China, and got 
through first news of relief that city by in- 
ternat. forces. Address: Peterboro, N. H. 

BASSETT, Adelaide Florence, author; 
b. Boston, Sept. 24, 1S45; d. Emanuel Sam- 
uels; ed. at Milton, Mass.; m. 1891, Orville 
Bassett. Author: Dick and Daisy Series 
(4 vols.), 1870 L3; Dick Travers Abroad (4 
vols.), 1872 L3; Hive Hall, 1876 L3; Father 
Ganders Melodies, 1894 R5; besides mag. 
work. Address: 248 Pleasant St., New Bed- 
ford, Mass. 

BASSETT, Carroll Phillips, civil eng'r; 
b. Brooklyn, Feb. 27, 1863; 5. Allan Lee 
and Caroline Phillips B. ; ed. Lafayette 
Coll., and in Europe; unmarried. Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa; life mem. Am. Soc. Civil 
Eng'rs. Consulting eng'r; chief eng'r and 
treasurer Essex-Union Water and Light Co. 
of N. J., and Lakewood Water, Light and 
Power Co., N. J., and several other allied 
cos. in Essex, Union and Somerset cos., 
N. J. Author: The Conservation of Streams, 
XI; Inland Sewage Disposal. Residence: Sum- 
mit, N. J. Office: Lawyers Bldg., Newark, 
N. J. 

BASSETT, Ebenezer Don Carlos, dip- 
lomatist; b. Litchfield, Conn., Oct. 16, 1833; 
grad. Conn. State Normal School, 1853; 
studied at Yale Coll. ; was teacher in New 
Haven and Phila. for 16 yrs.; U. S. minis- 
ter to Hayti, 1869-77, and 1879-88; was Hay- 
tian consul and consul-gen. in New York. 
Residence: 2121 N. 29th St., Philadelphia. 
Office: 35 S. William St., New York. 

BASSETT, John Spencer, prof, history, 
Trinity Coll., N. C; b. Tarboro, N. C, 
Sept. 10, 1867; grad. Trinity Coll., N. C, 
1888 (Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1894); m. 
Aug. 10, 1892, Jessie Lewellin, Durham, N. 
C. Author: Constitutional Beginnings of 
N. C. ; Slavery and Servitude in Colony of 
N. C. ; Anti-Slavery Leaders of N. C. ; Slav- 
ery in the State of N. C. ; The War of 
the Regulation; etc. Address: Trinity Park, 
N. C. 

BATCHELLER, George Clinton, mf r. ; 
b. Grafton, Mass., Sept. 27, 1834; 5. Moses 
Leland and Sarah Ann (Phillips) B., both 
of extended Colonial ancestry; early ed'n 
Grafton Grammar School; grad. Barre, Vt., 
Acad., 1855; m. Boston, Dec. 26, 1859, Sarah 
Adaline Cummings. In dry goods house 
Turner, Wilson & Co., Boston, 1855-7; then 
mem. firm Nicholls & Batcheller, mfrs. 
crinolines, corsets and other articles of 
feminine attire; withdrew, 1865, and found- 
ed firm of Langdon, Batcheller & Co., in 
same line; now George C. Batcheller & Co.; 
established factory at Bridgeport, Conn., 
now employing about 1,000 persons. Mem. 
several clubs, and Chamber of Commerce; 
director New England Soc. ; charter mem. 
Patriots and Founders of America; mem. 
Sons Am. Revolution; mem. and officer St. 
Andrews M. E. Ch. Has large library, con- 
taining many first editions, and valuable 
art collection, which includes portraits of 
George and Martha Washington, painted 
by Sharpless at Mt. Vernon, 1796. Residence: 
237 W. 72d St. Office: 345 Broadway, New 



BATCHKLLER, George Sherman, judge 
Internat. Tribunal (mixed courts) of Egypt; 
b. Batchellerville, Saratoga Co., N. Y., July 
25, 1837; j. Sherman Batcheller; fitted for 
coll. Ft. Edward Inst.; grad. law dept., 
Harvard, 1857; admitted to bar, 1858; prac- 
ticed at Saratoga Springs; m. Catherine 
Phillips, d. Gen. James M. Cook, of Sara- 
toga. Elected to N. Y. legislature at 21 
yrs. of age, 1858. Entered army as capt. 
115th regt., N. Y, vols., 1862; taken pris- 
oner at Harper's Ferry, 1862; exchanged, 
and was in Va. campaigns; later at Hilton 
Head, and in siege of Charleston; deputy 
provost marshal-gen., Dept. of South, 1863; 
It. -col. vols., Jan. 1, 1865, and insp.-gen. 
vols, and Nat. Guard of State of N. Y. ; 
specially designated by govt, to accompany 
body of Pres. Lincoln through State of N. 
Y. Resumed practice at Saratoga; mem. 
N. Y. legislature, 1873-4 (chmn. ways and 
means and mem. judiciary com.); apptd. 
1875, by Pres. Grant, judge Internat. Tri- 
bunal of Egypt; chosen by colleagues of all 
the powers presiding justice; resigned, 1885; 
elected N. Y. legislature, 1885, 1889; 1st 
asst. sec. Treasury U. S., 1889-90; U. S. 
minister to Portugal, Nov., 1890; diplomatic 
representative in Europe, headquarters, 
Paris, 1892-5; mgr. of governmental affairs 
of various Am. cos., 1895-6; apptd. by Pres. 
McKinley to preside over deliberations (in 
French language) Universal Postal Con- 
gress, Washington, 1897; at request of 
Egyptian gov't again apptd. to Internat. 
Tribunal, Nov., 1897. Address: Cairo, 

BATCHELOR, George, editor The Chris- 
tian Register, since 1897; b. Southbury, 
Conn., July 3, 1836; s. Matthew and Mary 
(Axford) B. ; grad. Divinity School, Mead- 
ville, Pa.; Harvard Coll., 1866 (A. M.); m. 
Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 18, 1866, Priscilla 
C, d. 0. Stearns, D. D. Asst. supt. Sani- 
tary Comm'n, Dept. of W. Va., 1864-5; or- 
dained to Unitarian ministry, 1866; parishes 
in Salem, Mass., 1866-82; Chicago, 1882-5; 
Lowell, Mass., 1889-93; sec. Am. Unitarian 
Assn., 1893-7; sec. Nat. Conf., 1870-80; chmn. 
council, same, 1893-4. Author: Social Equi- 
librium, 1887 El. Has written sermons and 
articles, published in Monthly Religious 
Mag., Unitarian Review, The Forum, and 
The New World; stories in Dr. Hale's Old 
and New, The Independent, The Christian 
Union. Residence: 11 Traill St., Cambridge, 
Mass. Office: 2.12 Congress St., Boston. 

BATE, William Brimage, U. S. senator 
from Tenn., 1887-1905; b. nr. Castilian 
Spring, Tenn., Oct. 7, 1826; academic ed'n; 
was steamboat clerk on Mississippi; private 
in Mexican war in La. and Tenn. regts. ; 
on return, mem. Tenn. legislature; grad. 
Lebanon Law School, 1852; practiced at 
Gallatin, Tenn.; atty.-gen. Nashville dist., 
1854-60; presidential elector, 1860, on Breck- 
inridge-Lane ticket; private to capt., col., 
brig.-gen. and maj.-gen. in C. S. A., 1861-5; 
thrice dangerously wounded. Practiced law 
at Nashville after war; presidential elec- 
tor, 1876; gov. Tenn., 1883-6. Home: Nash- 
ville, Tenn, 

BATES, Alfred Elliott, paymaster-gen. 
U. S. A.; b. Monroe, Mich., July 14, 1840; s. 
Alfred G. and B. Ann B. ; early ad'n pub- 
lic schools, Monroe, Mich.; Canandaigua, 
N. Y., Acad., 1853-4, 1856-7; grad. U. S. Mil. 
Acad., West Point, N. Y. ; m. New York, 
Dec. 1, 1875, Caroline McCorkle. Served 2d 
U. S. cav., June, 1865, to March, 1875; 
scouting and frontier work, Dept. Mo. and 
The Platte, ranging through the northern 
border, Tex. to Mont.; instr. cav., West 
Point, Sept., 1869, to June, 1873; paymaster, 
Dept. Tex., 5 yrs.; Dak., 2 yrs.; Washing- 
ton, 4 yrs.; Dak., 4 yrs.; New York, 4 yrs.; 
San Francisco, 4 yrs. ; mil. attache Court of 
St. James, 1897-9; at Washington as acting 
paymaster-gen., May, 1899; made paymas- 
ter-gen., with rank of brig.-gen., July 12, 
1899. Address: 1775 N St. N. W., Washing- 

BATES, Arlo, author, prof. English lit- 
erature, Mass. Inst. Technology, since 1893; 
b. East Machias, Me., Dec. 16, 1850; s. Dr. 
Niran and Susan (Thaxter) B. ; grad. Bow- 
doin, 1876; m. 1882, Harriet L. Vose (died 
1886). Removed to Boston and was editor 
Boston Sunday Courier, 1880-93. Author: 
Patty's Perversities, 1881 H5; Mr. Jacobs, 
01; The Pagans, 1884 H5; A Wheel of Fire, 
1885 S3; Berries of the Brier, Ol; Sonnets 
in Shadow, Ol; A Lad's Love, 1887 H5; The 
Philistines, 1889 H5; Albrecht, Ol; The Poet 
and His Self, Ol; A Book o' Nine Tales, 
01; Told in the Gate, Ol; In the Bundle of 
Time, Ol; The Torch Bearers, Ol; Talks on 
Writing English, 1897 H5; Talks on the 
Study of Literature, 1898 H5; The Puritans, 
1899 H5; Under the Beech Tree, 1899 H5; 
Love in a Cloud, 1900 H5. Address: 62 
Chestnut St., Boston. 

BATES, Arthur Laban, congressman; b. 
Meadville, Pa., June 6, 1859; J. Samuel P. B.. 
LL. D. (military historian of Pa.), and S. 
Josephine B. ; grad. Allegheny Coll. (young- 
est in class), valedictorian, 1880; A. M., 
1883; studied Oxford (England) Univ., 1884; 
unmarried. Admitted to bar, 1882; elected 
city solicitor, Meadville, Pa., 1889, 1890, 1892, 
1894, serving 4 full terms; mem. Sons. Am. 
Revolution. Mem. Congress, 1901-3, 26th 
Pa. dist.; Rep. Home: Meadville, Pa. 

BATES, Charles Austin, writer on ad- 
vertising; b. Indianapolis, Ind., April 18, 
1866; s. Charles A. and Margaret Holmes 
B. ; ed. Indianapolis, Ind. ; m. Chicago, Sept. 
11, 1890, Belle Brandenburg. Wrote: Good 
Advertising, 1896 XI; Short Talks on Ad- 
vertising, 1899 XI; also 20 books, each on 
advertising a separate branch of business, 
1897-9 XI. Issues two monthly mags., Good 
Advertising, established 1898; Current Ad- 
vertising, established, 1897. Contributes ar- 
ticles on advertising to 30 or 40 leading trade 
journals, and in syndicate form almost con- 
tinuously in 300 newspapers since 1893. 
Residence: 105 Riverside Drive. Office: 132 
Nassau St., New York. 

BATES, Charlotte Flske (Mme. Roge), 
author, educator; b. New York, Nov. 30, 
1838; d. Hervey and Eliza (Endicott) B. ; ed. 
Cambridge, Mass., where for many yrs. she 
had private pupils; m. June, 1891, M. 



Adolphe Roge (died, 1896). Author: Risk 
and Other Poems, 1879, 01. Editor: Long- 
fellow Birthday Book, 1881, H5; Seven 
Voices of Sympathy, 1881, H5; Cambridge 
Book of Poetry and Song, 1882, C7; aided 
Mr. Longfellow in compiling Poems of 
Places. Contributed: Whittier Unpublished 
Letters, McClure's Mag., Jan. 1894; Whit- 
tier Desultoria, Cosmopolitan, 1894. Address: 
10 Ellery St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BATES, Henry Cloy, judge of Court of 
First Instance, Philippine Islands, apptd. 
Feb., 1901; b. Derby, Vt., Jan. 29, 1843; ed. 
Derby Acad.; m. Charleston, Vt., 1866, Laura 
E. Jenness. Enlisted, 1864, in 19th Mass. 
heavy arty., which afterward became Co. 
C, 4th regt., Mass. heavy arty.; admitted 
to Vt. bar; practiced at St. Johnsbury; held 
many town and county offices; delegate at 
large Nat. Rep. Conv., 1900; v. -p. from Vt. 
Pan-Am. Expn.; It. gov. Vt., 1890-1900. 
Address: Manila, P. I., or St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

BATES, John Coulter, maj.-gen. U. S. 
Vols.; apptd. brig. -gen. U. S. A., 1901; b. St. 
Charles Co., Mo., Aug. 26, 1842; attended 
Washington Univ., St. Louis. Entered ar- 
my 1861, It. 11th inf. ; staff Gen. Meade from 
Gettysburg to close of war; capt. 1863; bvtd. 
maj. and lt.-col.; promoted maj., 1882; lt.- 
col., 1886; col., 1892, 2d U. S. inf. For 30 
yrs. stationed west Mississippi River, chiefly 
Indian country; pres. bd. which devised 
present drill and firing regulations, and 
mem. bd. which adopted Krag-Jorgensen 
rifle; made brig. -gen. vols, outbreak Span- 
ish-Am. war, and promoted maj.-gen. vols, 
during Santiago campaign; mil. gov. comdg. 
Cienfuegos, Cuba, 1899; ordered to Philip- 
pines, April, 1899; conducted negotiations 
with Sultan of Sulu; comd. dist. of Min- 
danao and Jolo; comdg. dept. Southern Lu- 
zon, P. I., since April, 1900. Unmarried. 
Address: War Dept., Washington. 

BATES, Katharine Lee, author, educat- 
or; b. Falmouth, Mass., Aug. 12, 1859; d. 
Rev. William and Cornelia Frances (Lee) 
B.; grad. Wellesley Coll., 1880. Taught 
mathematics, classics and English, Natick 
High School; later taught Latin in Dana 
Hall; 18S5-8 instr. English literature; 1888-91 
asso. prof., and in 1891 prof, in charge, 
Wellesley Coll. ; mem. Boston Authors' 
Club, Soc. Am. Authors and Am. Social 
Science Assn. Author: College Beautiful 
and Other Poems, 1887, XI; Rose and Thorn 
(prize story), 1889, C6; Sunshine and Other 
Verses for Children, 1890, XI; Hermit Island 
(story), 1891, L9; English Religious Drama 
(lectures), 1893, Ml; American Literature, 
1898, Ml; Spanish Highways and Byways, 
1900, Ml; also booklets for children and 
much magazine work. Editor: The Wed- 
ding-Dav Book, 1881, L9; Coleridge's An- 
cient Mariner, 1889, L16; Ballad Book, 1890, 
L16; Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. 
1894, L16; Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's 
Dream, 1895, L16; Shakespeare's As You 
Like It, 1896, L16. Address: Wellesley, Mass. 

BATES, Margaret Holmes, author; b. 
Fremont, Sandusky Co., O., Oct. 6, 1844; d. 
Christopher and Juliana (Eusnimger) Ern- 
eperger; ed. Fremont, O. ; mem. Soc. for Po- 

litical Study, Nat. Legislative League, Soc. 
of Am. Authors, New York Co. Woman's 
Suffrage League; m. Charles Austin Bates, 
June, 1865, Rochester, Ind. Author: Manitou, 
1881, Lll; The Chamber Over the Gate, 1886, 
Lll; The Price of the Ring, 1892, S10; Shy- 
lock's Daughter, 1894, Kl; Jasper Fairfax, 
1897, F4; Six School Speakers, 1887 to 1893, 
B6, R7. Address: 374 Manhattan Av., New 

BATES, Samuel Pen n] man, LL. D.,hist, 
writer; b. Mendon, Mass., Jan. 29, 1827; 
grad. Brown, 1851; prin. Meadville, Pa., 
Acad.; supt. schools, Crawford Co., Pa., 
1857-60; deputy State supt. schools, 1860-6; 
State historian, 1866-73. Author: Lives of 
the Governors of Pennsylvania; History of 
Pennsylvania Volunteers (5 vols.); History 
of Battle of Gettysburg; History of Bat- 
tle of Chancellorsville; Martial Deeds 
of Pennsylvania; History of Green County; 
History of Crawford County. Address: 
Meadville, Pa. 

BATES, William Oscar, editor; b. Har- 
risburg, Ind., Sept. 19, 1852; s. John 
and Angeline W. (Thomas) B.; grad. Cor- 
nell Univ., 1875; m. New York, Oct. 23, 1893, 
Clara A. Nixon. Successively connected 
with Indianapolis Journal, Cincinnati News- 
Journal, St. Paul Pioneer Press, New York 
World and New York Commercial Adver- 
tiser. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Soc. Co- 
lonial Wars and Shakespeare Soc. of N. Y. 
Author of Our Foreign Correspondent; a 4- 
act comedy produced in St. Paul, 1888; Un- 
cle Rodney: a 1-act comedy, produced at 
Empire Theatre, N. Y., 1896; Recitations 
and How to Recite. Address: 91% Woodruff 
PL, Indianapolis, Ind. 

BATSON, David William, prof, natural 
science Ky. Wesleyan Coll. ; b. Oddville, 
Harrison Co., Ky., 1854; s. Dr. John D. and 
Susannah B. ; grad. Ky. Wesleyan Coll., 
1874, A. M., 1876; prof, mathematics, 1874, 
and later present chair; pres. Ky. Wesleyan 
Coll., 1879-93; m. June, 1890, Annie E. Field, 
of Natchez, Miss. Address: Winchester, Ky. 

BATTELS, Sarah M. E. (Mrs.), philan- 
thropist; b. Hudson, O., Nov. 17, 1839; d. 
Samuel and Amanda M. (Tripp) Edgerly; 
moved to Akron, O., in childhood; ed. pub- 
lic schools; taught several yrs; m. 1859, Ben- 
jamin F. Battels, Akron, O. Was active in 
Christian Sanitary Comm'n during war; 
working mem. Ohio Soldiers' Aid Soc, and 
has continued to devote her life to the wel- 
fare of veteran soldiers; was 3 yrs. pres. 
Akron Woman's Relief Corps; pres., sec. 
and insp. Woman's Relief Corps, Dept. of 
Ohio; chmn. War Emergency Comm'n, 
Dept. O., W. R. C, Cuban War; hon. mem. 
29th regt., Ohio Vol. Vet. Soc; etc. Address: 
107 S. Prospect St., Akron, O. 

BATTEN, Samuel Zane, Bapt. clergy- 
man; b. Swedesboro, N. J., Aug. 10, 1859; s. 
George and Sarah P. B. ; grad. Bucknell 
Univ., (A. M., 1885), Crozer Theol. Sem. : 
m. Lewisburg, Pa., Oct. 6, 1886, Winifred 
Merriman. Ordained to Bapt. ministry 
Aug. 31, 1886. Was editor of coll. paper, 
The University Mirror, and some time asso. 
editor The National Baptist; chm. of Chris- 



tian Citizenship Com., New York City Chris- 
tian Endeavor Union, 1894-5; pres. Pa. State 
Bapt. Young Peoples' Union, 1893-4; one of 
founders of the Brotherhood of the King- 
dom, and editorial sec. of Brotherhood. 
Held pastorates in Brookville, Pa., Phila. 
and N. Y. ; now pastor 1st Bapt. Ch., Mor- 
ristown, N. J. Author: (Booklet) Prophets 
True and False, 1897; The New Citizenship 
($600 prize book Am. Sunday School Union), 
1SD8. Wrote: Appealing to Conscience, 1892; 
A Way Out of Church Disunion, 1898; fre- 
quent contributor to various mags, and 
papers. Address: 65 Western Av., Morris- 
town, N. J. 

BATTEBSHALL, Fletcher Williams. 
lawyer, author; b. Ravenswood, N. Y., 1866; 
j. Rev. Walton W. B. ; ed. Albany Acad. ; 
grad. Cornell; m. 1897, Maude Goodrich 
Fiero; mem. N. Y. bar. Author: A Daughter 
of This World, 1893, D3; Mists, 1894, D3. 
Residence: Albany, N. Y. 

BATTERSHALL, Walton Wesley, P. 
E. clergyman; b. Troy, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1840; 
s. Ludlow A. and Custatia (Ward) B.; grad. 
Yale, 1864; Gen. Theol. Sem., 1866 (D. D.); 
m. Oct. 13, 1864, Anne Davidson Williams, 
Newark, N. J. ; rector chs. -at Ravenswood, 
L. I., 1868; Rochester, N. Y., 1869-74; St. 
Peter's, Albany, N. Y., since 1874. Con- 
tributor to North Am. Review. Author: In- 
terpretations of Life and Religion, 1897, B5; 
Introduction to History of St. Peter's 
Church, Albany, 1900, Lll. Address: Albany, 
N. Y. 

BATTEBSON, Hermon Griswold, P. 
E. clergyman; b. Litchfield Co., Conn., 1827 
(D. D., Neb. Coll.); deacon, 1861; priest, 
1J66; rector St. Andrew's, Seguin, Tex,. 
1861-2; St. Mark's, San Antonio, Tex., 1862; 
Grace Ch., Wabasha, Minn., 1862-6; St. 
Clement's (1869-72) and Annunciation (1880- 
9), Phila.; rector Ch. of the Redeemer, N. 
Y., 1891. Author: Missionary Tune Book; 
Pathway of Faith; Sketch-Book of the 
American Episcopate; Churchman's Hymn 
Book; Christmas Carols and Other "Verses; 
Manual of Plain Song; Vesper Bells; etc. 
Address: 156 W. 73rd St., New York. 

BATTERS ON, James Goodwin, pres. 
Travelers' Ins. Co.; b. Bloomfield, Conn., 
Feb. 23, 1823; academical ed'n (A. M., Yale 
and Williams) ; established as importer and 
dealer in granite, Hartford, 1845; pres. New 
England Granite Works; founded, 1863, 
Travelers' Ins. Co.; at its head ever since; 
m. Eunice E. Goodwin, Hartford. Address: 
Hartford, Conn. 

BATTLE, Bnrrill Bnnn, asso. justice Su- 
preme Court Ark. since 1885; b. Hinds Co., 
Miss., July 24, 1838; emigrated with parents 
to Lafayette Co., Ark., 1844; grad. Ark. 
Coll., Fayetteville, 1856; law dept. Cum- 
berland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn., 1858; m. 
Nov. 29, 1871, Mrs. Josephine A. Wither- 
spoon. Practiced law, Lewisville, Ark., 
1858-61; in C. S. art'y, 1861-5, participating 
in battles of Shiloh, Perryville, Murfrees- 
boro, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, etc. 
Practiced law at Lewisville again, 1865-9; at 
Washington, Ark., 1869-79; at Little Rock, 

1879-85; mem. Ark. legislature, 1871. Address: 
Little Rock, Ark. 

BATTLE, Cnllen Andrews, lawyer, sol- 
dier, journalist; b. Powelton, Ga., June 1, 
1829; s. Dr. Cullen and Jane A. B. ; prepara- 
tory ed'n Brownwood Inst., nr. La Grange, 
Ga., 1846-8; grad. Univ. of Ala.; m. La 
Grange, Ga., 1851, Georgia F. Williams. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1852; practiced law in Ala. 
until 1860; Breckenridge and Lane elector, 
1860, and canvassed Ala. with Hon. William 
L. Yancey. Entered C. S. army as private; 
elected maj. 3d Ala. regt., April, 1861; lt.- 
col., July, 1861; col., June, 1862; distin- 
guished in battle; promoted brig. -gen. on 
field at Gettysburg, July, 1863; maj. -gen., 
Oct., 1864; wounded 7 times; since the war 
has devoted his time chiefly to journalism. 
Address: New Bern, N. C. 

BATTLE, George Gordon, lawyer; b. 
N. C, Oct. 26, 1868; ed. Hanover Acad.; 
Univ. of N. C, and Univ. of Va. ; married; 
has been asst. dist. atty., New York Co.; 
mem. law firm Weeks, Battle & Marshall. 
Residence: 103 E. 16th St. Office: 100 Broad- 
way, New York. 

BATTLE, Herbert B., chemist; pres. 
Southern Chemical Co., Winston, N. C. ; 
coll. ed'n (Ph. D.); director N. C. Agr'l 
Expt. Sta., 1887-97; N. C. State chemist, 
1887-97, mem. Am. Chem. Soc. ; fellow A. A. 
A. S. Address: Winston, N. C. 

BATTLE, Kemp Plummer, prof, history 
Univ. of N. C. since 1891; b. Franklin Co., 
N. C, Dec. 19, 1831; grad. Univ. of N. C, 
1849 (A. M., LL. D.); m. Nov. 25, 1855, Mar- 
tha A. Battle. Mem. Secession Conv. of N. 
C, 1861; State treas., 1866-8; pres. Univ. of 
N. C, 1876-91; resigned to take history 
chair. Author: History of the Supreme 
Court of North Carolina; History of Ral- 
eigh, N. C. ; History of the University of 
North Carolina; Trials and Judicial Pro- 
ceedings of the New Testament; Life of 
Gen. Jethro Sumner; also numerous writ- 
ings on history of North Carolina, etc. 
Address: Chapel Hill, N. C. 

BATTLE, Richard H., lawyer; mem. firm 
Battle & Mordecai. Address: Raleigh, N. C. 

BAUER, Lonis A., chief Terrestrial Mag- 
netism div., U. S. Coast and Geod. Survey; 
b. Cincinnati, Jan. 26, 1865; s. Ludwig and 
Wilhelmina B. ; grad. Univ. of Cincinnati 
(C. E.), 1888 (M. S., 1894); sp'l courses Univ. 
of Berlin, 1892-5 (Ph. D.); asst. civil eng'r, 
C, N. O. & T. P. R. R., 1886-7; astronomi- 
cal and magnetic computer, U. S. Coast 
and Geod. Survey, 1887-92; docent in mathe- 
matical physics, Univ. of Chicago, 1895-6; 
instr. in geophysics, 1896-7; asst. prof, 
mathematics and mathematical physics, 
Univ. of Cincinnatti, 1897-9; chief of Div. of 
Terrestrial Magnetism of Md. Geol. Sur- 
vey since 1896; astronomer and magnetician, 
western boundary survey of Md. ; editor 
and publisher of Terrestrial Magnetism; 
hon. mem. Sociedad Cientifica Antonio Al- 
zate, Mexico; mem. Permanent Com. on 
Terrestrial Magnetism and Atmospheric 
Electricity of Internat. Meteorol. Conf. ; 
mem. Washington Acad. Sciences; exten- 



sive contributor to scientific press on ter- 
restrial magnetism. Residence: 1925 I St. 
Address: U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 

BlUM, L. Frank, author, editor, play- 
wright; b. Chittenango, N. Y., May 15, 1856; 
5. Benjamin Ward and Cynthia (Stanton) 
B academic ed'n, Syracuse, N. Y. ; ' 
Fayetteville, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1882, Maud, d. 
Matilda Joslyn Gage. Began newspaper 
work in 1880; edited Dakota Pioneer, Aber- 
deen S. Dak., 1888-90; The Show Window, 
Chicago, since 1897. Author: Mother Goose 
in Prose, 1897 H17; By the Candelabra's 
Glare (poems), 1898 01; Father Goose: His 
Book, 1899 H17; The Wonderful Wizard of 
Oz 1900 H17; A New Wonderland, 1900 R7; 
The Songs of Father Goose, 1900 H17; The 
Army Alphabet, 1900 H17; The Navy Alpha- 
bet, 1900 H17; American Fairy Tales, 1901 
H17; Dot and Tot of Merryland, 1901 H17; 
The Art of Decorating (technical), 1900. 
Plays: The Maid of Arran, prod. New York, 
1881; Matches, prod. New York, 1882; Kil- 
morne, prod. Syracuse, N. Y., 1884; The 
Queen of Kilarney, prod. Rochester, N. Y., 
1885. Has for 15 yrs. written children's 
and other stories for Youth's Companion, 
Harper's, St. Nicholas and other period- 
icals. Residence: 68 Humboldt Park Boul., 

BAUMGARDT, B. R., sec. Southern Calif. 
Acad. Sciences since 1893; b. Liverpool, 
England. May 19, 1862; 5. Theodore and 
Mary (Lathangue) B. ; ed. Strengnas, Swed- 
en; grad. Strengnas Coll., Sweden, sp'l 
studies in astronomy and mathematics; m. 
San Francisco, July 20, 1885, Mary Louise 
Steinhauer. Sec. Ore. Acad. Sciences, 1892; 
chmn. astron. sect, Southern Calif. Acad. 
Sciences, since 1896. Has given lectures 
on mathematics, astronomy and philosophy 
up and down Pacific coast since 1892; has 
private observatory with 4% inch refract- 
ing telescope. Wrote: Tidal Evolution, a 
concise statement of the effect of tidal 
friction on the rotation of the earth, based 
upon the researches of Prof. George Dar- 
win of Oxford (trans. Southern Calif. Acad. 
Sciences). Residence: 1029 W. 22d St., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BAUMGARTEX, Gnstav, M. D. ; b. Claus- 
thal (in the Hartz), Germany, June 1, 1837; 
s. Dr. F. Ernst B.; in America since Jan. 
1 1850; ed. at Clausthal and Northeim (Han- 
over, Germany) till 1849; St. Louis, 1850-4; 
grad. St. Louis Med. Coll., 1S56; studied in 
univs. Goettingen, Berlin, Prag and Vienna. 
In practice since 1859; asst. and passed asst. 
surgeon, U. S. N., 1861-5; m. Aminda Hille- 
geist. 1865. Mem. Acad, of Science of St. 
Louis, since 1856; Assn. Am. Phys. since 
1886 (pres., 1899). Editor St. Louis Med. 
and Surg. Journal, 1868-71; prof, physiol- 
ogy, St. Louis Med. Coll., 1873-87; prof, 
sp'l pathology and therapeutics and later 
of practice of medicine since 1887 in same 
school (now med. dept, Washington Univ.). 
Wrote articles on "Diffuse Affections of the 
Kidney," "Pulse," and "Sphygmograph," in 
Wood's Reference Handbook of the Med- 
ical Sciences; numerous med. papers. 

Residence: 5227 Washington Av. Office: 2604 
Locust St., St. Louis. 
BAl'R, Clara (Miss), directress (and found- 
er) Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. 
Address: Cincinnati, O. 

BAUSL.IX, David H., George D. Harter 
prof, practical theology, Wittenberg Theol. 
Sem., since 1896; b. Winchester, Va., Jan. 
21, 1853; .?. Michael and Martha (Bauslin) B.; 
grad. Wittenberg Coll., Springfield, O., 1876 
(D. D., 1891); grad. Wittenberg Theol. Sem., 
1878; ordained to Luth. ministry; m. Tip- 
pecanoe City, O., June 5, 1879, Elizabeth 
Clark. Pastor successively at Tippecanoe 
City, O. ; Bucyrus, O. ; 2d Luth. Ch., Spring- 
field, O., and Trinity Ch., Canton, O., un- 
til 1896. Author: Is the Ministry an Attrac- 
tive Vocation? 1901 L13. Wrote: Source of 
Authority in Religion; Evangelical Agnos- 
ticism; Specious Theological Phraseology; 
Preaching for a Theological Crisis, all in 
Luth. Quarterly. Address: Springfield, O. 

BAUSMAX, Benjamin, minister Reformed 
Ch. in U. S.; 6. Lancaster, Pa., Jan. 28, 
1824; s. John and Elizabeth B. ; grad. 
Marshall Coll., 1851; Theol. Sem., Mercers- 
burg, Pa., 1852; (A. M. ( D. D., Franklin and 
Marshall Coll., Lancaster, Pa.); m. April 6, 
1875, Amelia Bingaman. Ordained to minis- 
try, 1853; pastor Reformed Ch., Lewisburg, 
Pa., 1853; editor Reformed Messenger, 
Chambersburg, Pa., 1858; pastor Reformed 
Ch., Chambersburg, Pa., 1861, First Re- 
formed Ch., Reading, Pa., 1863; founded St. 
Paul's Reformed Ch., Reading, 1873; its 
pastor ever since; delegate German Evang. 
Ch. Diet, Liibeck, Germany, 1856; council 
of Alliance of Reformed Chs., Belfast, Ire- 
land, 1884; pres. gen. synod Ref. Ch., Balti- 
more, 1884. Author: Sinai and Zion (trav- 
els), 1860 (8 editions), German translation, 
1875 M21; Wayside Gleanings in Europe, 
1878 M21; Bible Characters, 1893 M21. Edited 
The Guardian, a monthly mag., 1867-82; 
founded, 1867, and since then editor Reform- 
irte Hausfreund; edited Harbaugh's Harfe, 
volume of poems in the Pennsylvania Ger- 
man dialect, 1870 M21. A contributor to the 
Reformed Church Messenger many yrs. 
Wrote: Catechetics and Catechetical In- 
struction, paper read at the Tercentenary 
Conv. on the adoption of the Heidelberg 
Catechism, Phila., 1863, pub. in Studien und 
Kriticken, Germany. Address: 222 N. 6th St., 
Reading, Pa. 

BAXTER, Edward, prof, and lecturer on 
Law of Interstate Commerce. Address: Van- 
derbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn. 

BAXTER, George Strong, R. R. con- 
tractor; b. New York, Nov. 21, 1845; grad. 
W'lliams, 1865 (eng'r mines, Columbia, 
1868); m. March 5, 1873, Emmelin Carries 
Weeks, N. Y. Engaged as eng'r mines, 
railroads, etc., 1869-79; cashier, asst. treas. 
and treas. Northern Pacific R. R., 1879-95; 
since 1895 in lumber business and R. R. 
contracting. Address: 18 Wall St., New York. 

BAXTER, James Pliinney, author; b. 
Gorham, Me., March 23, 1831; academic ed'n 
(hon. A. M., Bowdoin); has been 4 times 
mayor of Portland, Me. ; pres. Me. Hist. 



Soc, Portland Public Library, Merchants' 
Nat. Bank, and Portland Publishing Co.; 
v.-p. New England Hist. Geneal. Soc, Port- 
land Trust Co.,_etc. Author: The Trelaw- 
ney Papers, 1884; George Cleeve and His 
Times, 1885; The British Invasion from the 
North, 1887, M13; Sir Ferdinando Gorges 
and His Province of Maine, 1890; The Pio- 
neers of New France in New England, 1894, 
M13; also numerous monographs and papers 
on early Am. history. Edited Vols. 4 and 5 
Documentary History of Maine; etc. Address: 
Portland, Me. 

BAXTER, Jere, lawyer, pres. Tenn. Cen- 
tral Ry.; b. Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 11, 1852; 
jr. Judge Nathaniel and Mary Louise (Jones) 
B.; ed. Montgomery Bell Acad., Nashville; 
studied law and became publisher the Legal 
Reporter, later bound into 9 vols, as Bax- 
ter's Reports. Before 30 was pres. Mem- 
phis & Charleston R. R. ; built Sheffield, 
Ala., and organized S. Pittsburg Town Co.; 
was candidate for gov., 1889; of late yrs. 
devoted to railroad affairs, building the 
Tenn. Central and becoming its pres. Ad- 
dress: Nashville, Tenn. 

BAXTER, Martha Wheeler, artist; b. 
Vt, 1869; studied at New York Art Stu- 
dents' League; also under H. Siddons, Mow- 
bray, Kenyon Cox, Carroll Beckwith, F.Vin- 
cent Du Mond; miniature instruction under 
Mme. De Billemot, Mile. Schmitt, and Mme. 
Behenna; mem. Art Student's League. Hon- 
orable mention Paris Exp'n, 1900. Address: 
58 W. 57th St., New York. 
BAXTER, Sylvester, author, journalist; 6. 
W. Yarmouth, Mass., Feb. 6, 1850; s. Syl- 
vester and Roselia (Ford) B.; academic ed'n 
Leipzig and Berlin, 1875-7; m., Sept. 24, 1893, 
Lucia Allen Millet, E. Bridgewater, Mass. 
Engaged on reporting and editorial staffs 
Boston Advertiser and Herald; editor Mexi- 
can Financier, and Outing Magazine. First 
suggested the organization of tlreater Bos- 
ton and of Boston Metropolitan park sys- 
tem; was sec. of first Metropolitan Park 
Comm'n for Greater Boston, and park 
comm'r for Maiden. Author: Cruise of a 
Land Yacht, L6; Berlin: A Study in Muni- 
cipal Government, 1890; The Boston Park 
Guide, S9; The Old New World, statement of 
the Hemenway Southwestern Archaeol. 
Expd'n, 1888; Greater Boston, monograph, 
1891. Also many article? and criticisms in 
various magazines. Address: Maiden, Mass. 
BAYLES, James Copper, engineer; b. 
New York, July 3, 1845; s. James and Julia 
Halsey (Day) B.; tech. ed'n; It. in U. S. art., 
1862-4; editor New York Citizen, 1865-7; 
Commercial Bulletin, 1868-9; Iron Age, 1870; 
Metal Worker, 1874. Has made a close 
study and much original research in elec- 
tro metallurgy, microscopic analysis of met- 
als, sanitation and mech. hygiene, and has 
written much. Pres. health dept., New 
York, 1888. His "House Drainage and Water 
Service" is a standard text book. Address: 
338 Park Row Bldg., New York. 

BAYLEY, William Shirley, prof, ge- 
ology Colby Coll.; b. Baltimore, Nov. 10. 
1S61; s. Robert P. and Emma (Downing) B.; 

grad. Johns Hopkins, 1883; Ph. D., 1886; m , 
March 15, 1894, Lueie Jacobs Belair, Md. 
Since 1887 asst. geologist, Lake Superior 
Div., U. S. Geol. Survey; since 1886 asso. 
editor American Naturalist; reviewer on 
Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie, etc., Ber- 
lin; has contributed frequent articles to 
scientific journals. Author: (With Prof. C. 
R. Van Hise) Report on the Geology of 
the Marquette Iron District, Michigan, 1897 
U6. Address: Waterville, Me. 

BAYLIES, Edmund Lincoln, lawyer; b. 
New York, Dec. 2, 1857; grad. Phillips Exe- 
ter Acad., 1875; Harvard, 1879 (LL. B., Har- 
vard Law School, Columbia Coll. Law 
School, 1882); m. Louisa Van Rensselaer; 
mem. firm Carter & Ledyard. Residence: 20 
W. 36th St. Office: 54 Wall St., New York. 

BAYLISS, Clara Kern, journalist, au- 
thor; b. nr. Kalamazoo, Mich., March 5, 
1S48; d. Manasseh and Caroline Kern; grad. 
Hillsdale Coll., 1871 (M. S.); also took cor- 
respondence course, Univ. of Chicago, 1898; 
m. June, 1871, to Alfred Bayliss, now State 
Supt. Public Instruction of 111.; taught in 
country school; 1 yr. as asst. prin. after 
marriage. Former editor Child-Study 
Monthly. Author: In Brook and Bayou, 
1897 A2; Lolami, the Little Cliff-Dweller, 
1901 Lll. Wrote series of articles on Mound, 
Tent, and Pueblo Builders, Western Teach- 
er, Milwaukee; also stories and edn'l 
articles in Chicago press and elsewhere^ 
Address: 629 S. 2d St., Springfield, 111. 

BAYLOR, Prances Conrtnay (Mrs. 
George S. Earnum), author; b. Fayetteville, 
Ark., Jan. 20, 1S4S; d. James and Sophy 
Elizabeth (Neville) Courtenay. Parents 
were Virginians and her mother was visit- 
ing the Washingtons at Fayetteville when 
she was born; ed. at home; has traveled ex- 
tensively; m. 1896, George Sherman Bar- 
num. Author: On Both Sides, 1886; The 
Shocking Example and Other Sketches, L5; 
Behind the Blue Ridge, L5; Claudia Hyde, 
1894 H5; Juan and Juanita. 1897 H5; The 
Ladder of Fortune, 1899 H5; A Georgian 
Bungalow, H5; Nina Barrow, C2; Feather- 
ings of Ferneyhaugh. Address: (Winter) 
Savannah, Ga. ; (summer) Mulberry Hill, 
nr. Lexington, Va. 

BAYNE, Howard R., lawyer; b. Win- 
chester, Va., May 11, 1851; s. Charles and 
Mary Ellen (Ashby) B.; grad. Richmond 
Coll., M. A., 1872; grad. in law, B. L., Rich- 
mond Coll., 1879; admitted Va. bar, Richmond, 
July, 1879, N. Y. bar, 1882; m. Richmond, 
Va., April 27, 1886, Lizzie S., d. Samuel 
Preston Moore, surgeon gen. C. S. army; 
Democrat. Editor: Converse's Indexes (Va. 
and W. Va. law), 1881 R8 01; joint author 
Travels of Ego and Alter, 1879 R8 Ol. Has 
written numerous editorial articles for Rail- 
road Gazette, New York, and other periodi- 
cals: monograph on Year 1619 in the Colony 
of Virginia, N. Y. Sec. Colonial Wars, No. 
2, 1899. Residence: 39 St. Mark's PL, Bor- 
ough of Richmond, N. Y. Office: 16 Ex- 
change PL, New York. 

BAYNES, John, inventor; b. Westmore- 
land, England, Aug. 24, 1842; 5. Oswald and 



Agnes B. ; took 5 yrs'. course at Ackworth 
(Soc. of Friends' Coll., England); m. Cal- 
cutta, India, April 24, 1867, Helen A. Nowill; 
mem. Bengal Chamber of Commerce, 1864; 
engaged in gen. foreign shipping business 
until 1875. Came to U. S. 1875; invented 
celluloid photographic films, 1884; gold etch- 
ing photo process, 1885, and numerous in- 
ventions in arts, including photographic 
modeling; photographically modeled records 
of sound vibrations. Invented process for 
producing musical and other sounds from 
graphic designs; mem. Asiatic Soc. Wrote 
Chronicles of Westchester Creek, Universal 
Review, London, 1891. Address: Stamford, 

BEACH, Charles Fish:, clergyman, ed- 
itor, lawyer; b. Hunter, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1827; 
s. Fisk and Panthea Dyer B.; ed. at Del. 
Literary Inst, and Prattsville Acad.; grad. 
Auburn Theol. Sem., 1854; in active pastor- 
ate of Presby'n Ch., 1854-73; editor and pub- 
lisher The National Presbyterian, and Ex- 
positor of the Internat. Sunday School Les- 
sons, 1873-95; admitted to bar Feb. 5, 1896. 
Author: The Muzzled Ox, 1866 P6; the Chris- 
tian Worker, 1869 L5; Commentaries on The 
Law of Trusts and Trustees, 1897; Monopo- 
lies and Industrial Trusts, 1898; also a num- 
ber of sermons and tracts. Address: 5799 
Julian Av., Indianapolis, Ind. 

BEACH, David Nelson, clergyman; b. S. 
Orange, N. J., Nov. 30, 1848; ed. Bridge- 
port, Conn., and Yale, graduating A. B., 
1872; B. D., 1876 (D. D., Western Reserve 
Univ., 1896); Cong'l pastor Westerly, R. I.. 
1876-9; Wakefield, Mass., 1879-84; Cambridge, 
Mass., 1884-96; Minneapolis, 1896-8; 1st 
Cong'l Ch., Denver, Colo., from 1899. Promi- 
nent in permanently ridding Cambridge, 
Mass., from the saloon; in local option and 
good civics work in Mass. and elsewhere; 
agitator for grafting modified Norwegian 
liquor system on Mass. local option laws; 
also for ch. unity and a better theology; 
m. Dec. 31, 1878, Lilian Tappan, Gloucester, 
Mass. Author: Plain Words on Our Lord's 
Work; The Newer Religious Thinking; How 
We Rose (a Resurrection parable) ; The In- 
tent of Jesus; Statement of Belief; etc. 
Address: 1264 Race St., Denver, Colo. 

BEACH, Mrs. H. H. A. (Amy Marcy 
Cheney Beach); b. Henniker, N. H., Sept. 
5, 1867; d. Charles Abbott and Clara Imo- 
gene (Marcy) Cheney; early ed'n under her 
mother; studied piano and harmony under 
Junius W. Hill, piano under C. L. Capen, 
Ernest Perabo and Carl Baermann; studied 
fugue, form, counterpoint and instrumen- 
tation by herself with text books; played 
in many concerts and recitals from 1883; 
since marriage principal musical work has 
been in composition; m. 1885, Dr. H. H. 
A. Beach of Boston. Published Composi- 
tions: Mass in E flat (sung by Boston Han- 
del and Haydn Soc, 1892); The Rose of 
Avontown, cantata for female voices; Gaelic 
Symphony; Festival Jubilate, for mixed 
voices; The Minstrel and the King, ballad 
for male voices; also many songs and piano 
pieces, and a sonata for piano and violin. 
Address: 28 Commonwealth Av., Boston. 

BEACH, Harlan Page, edn'l sec. Student 
Vol. Movement for Foreign Missions since 
1895; b. S. Orange, N. J., April 4, 1854; grad. 
Yale, 1878; Andover Th.eol. Sem., 1883; m. 
June 29, 1883, Lucy L. Ward. Taught at 
Phillips Andover Acad., 1878-80; mission- 
ary in China, 1883-90; taught and was in 
charge of School for Christian Workers, 
Springfield, Mass., 1892-95. Author: The 
Cross in the Land of the Trident; Knights 
of the Labarum; Dawn on the Hills of 
T'ang; etc. Residence: Montclair, N. J. Office: 
3 W. 29th St., New York. 

BEACH, Henry Harris Aubrey, M. D. ; 
b. Middletown, Conn., Dec. 18, 1843; s. Eli- 
jah and Lucy S. (Riley) B.; removed to 
Cambridge, Mass., in childhood; ed. public 
schools; enlisted in U. S. A., 1864, assigned 
to hospital service with rank of sergt. of 
ordnance; served till 1866; apptd. surgical 
house officer Mass. Gen. Hosp. ; grad. Med. 
School, Harvard, 1868; m. 1st, 1871, Alice 
C. Mandell, New Bedford, Mass. (died 1880) ; 
2d, 1885, Amy Marcy Cheney. Has practiced 
in Boston since 1868; served as asst. dem- 
onstrator and demonstrator anatomy Har- 
vard Med. School, 15 yrs. ; later instr. and 
now lecturer in surgery, Harvard. Asst. ed- 
itor Boston Med. and Surg. Jour., 2 yrs.; 
pres. Boylston Med. Soc, Harvard Univ., 
1873-4. Mem. Am. Med. Assn., Am. Social 
Science Assn., Mass. Med. Soc, Boston Soc. 
Med. Improvement; Boston Soc. Med. 
Sciences. Contributor of many articles and 
papers to med. journals and transactions of 
med. socs. ; specialty distinguished as sur- 
geon. Address: 28 Commonwealth Av., Bos- 

BEACH, John Newton, mcht. ; b. Lodi, 
N. Y., Aug. 1, 1837; ed. Ovid Acad, and 
Hamilton Coll. (M. A., 1893); in retail 
dry goods, Watkins, N. Y., until 1867; since 
then in wholesale dry goods, New York; 
mem. N. Y. Chamber of Commerce; dir. in 
financial and ins. corporations; m. June 22, 
1870, Mary Linnette Nelson, Cold Spring, 
N. Y. Residence: 178 S. Oxford St., Brook- 
lyn. Office: 320-330 Broadway, New York. 

BEACH, Miles, jurist; b. Saratoga Co., 
N. Y. ( 1840; *. William A. B.; grad. Union 
Coll., Schenectady, N. Y. ; read law; ad- 
mitted to bar of Troy; practiced at Troy; 
became active in politics; removed to New 
York, 1867; became mem. firm Beach, Daly 
& Brown, then Beach & Brown; judge 
Court of Common Pleas, 1879-94; justice 
Supreme Court since 1894; term expires 
1907. Residence: 1111 Broadway, New York. 

BEADLE, William Henry (Harrison), 
pres. Madison, S. D., State Normal School 
since 1889; b. Howard, Parke Co., Ind., 
Jan. 1, 1838; j. James Ward and Elizabeth 
(Bright) B. ; grad. Univ. of Mich., 1861, A. 
M., 1864; law dept. same, 1867; enlisted 
Union army, July, 1861; made 1st It., then 
capt. Co. A, 31st Ind. inf., lt.-col. 1st Mich, 
sharpshooters, bvt. col. and bvt. brig. -gen. 
U. S. vols, March 13, 1865; m. Albion, Mich., 
May 18, 1863, Ellen S. Chapman (now de- 
ceased). Practiced law; U. S. surveyor-gen 
Dak. Ty., 1869-73; sec. comm'n to codify 
laws of Dak. Ty., 1876; mem. legislature 



same, 1877-8 (chmn. judiciary com.); pri- 
vate sec. Gov. Wm, A. Howard, 1878-9; 
Bupt. public instr. Dak. Ty., 1879-85, and 
founder of its school system; created senti- 
ment and movement to save school and en- 
dowment lands of S. Dak. ; author article in 
Constitution on ed'n and school lands which 
fixed their minimum price at $10 per acre; 
led in up-building of State Normal School. 
Republican; was early anti-slavery worker. 
Author: Geography, History and Resources 
of Dakota Territory, 1888. Wrote: History 
of the School System of Dakota Territory 
in report of 1885. Joint author, The Nat- 
ural System of Teaching Geography, 1899. 
Address: Madison, S. Dak. 

HEAL, Foster BUenboroiigh Las- 
celles, naturalist; b. S. Groton (now 
Ayer), Mass., Jan. 9, 1840; s. Jacob Foster 
B. ; grad. Mass. Inst. Technology, 1871; asst. 
prof. Mathematics, U. S. Naval Acad., 1874- 
5; prof, civil eng'ring, 1876-82; acting prof, 
zoology, 1879-82; prof, geology, 1883, Iowa 
Agr'l Coll.; asst. biologist Biol. Survey, U. 
S. Dept. of Agr. since 1886; writer on eco- 
nomics, ornithology and other subjects. 
'Residence: 315 V St. N. E., Address: Dept. 
of Agr., Washington. 

DEAL, James Hartley, pres. Scio Coll., 
author; b. New Phila., O., Sept. 23, 1861; s. 
Jesse and Mary B. ; grad. Scio. Coll., 1884; 
LL. B., Cincinnati Law School, 1886 (Sc. B., 
Mt. Union Coll., 1895; Ph. G., Ohio Med. 
Univ., 1894); m. Sept. 29, 1886, Fannie Sny- 
der Young. Director Era course in pharma- 
cy, New York; dean dept. pharmacy, and 
prof, chemistry and pharmacy Scio Coll., 
since 1887; chmn. sect. Ed'n Legislation, 
Am. Pharmaceutical Assn., 1897-8; pres. 
Ohio State Pharm. Assn., 1898; chmn. com. 
on uniformity of legislation, methods of 
analysis and marking of food products, Nat. 
Pure Food and Drug Congress, 1898. Author 
of A Model Pharmacy Law, adopted by Am. 
Pharm. Assn., May, 1900. Author: Notes on 
Equation, Writing and Chemical and Phar- 
maceutical Arithmetic (2d edit. 1901) ; Phar- 
maceutical Interrogations, 1896; Interroga- 
tions in Dental Metallurgy, 1900; contrib- 
utor to pharm. journals. Address: Scio, O. 

BEAL, Walter Henry, chemist, agricul- 
tural writer and editor; b. nr. Old Church, 
Va., Dec. 9, 1867; s. of John and Charlotte 
C. Beal; grad. Va. Polytechnic Inst., 
Blacksburg, Va., A. B., M. E., 1886; sp'l at- 
tention to chemistry; unmarried; asst. 
chemist Mass. Agr'l Expt. Sta., Amherst, 
Jan., 1887-March, 1891; mem. Am. Chem. 
Soc. Editor and contributor to popular 
bulls, of U. S. Dept. Agr., entitled Experi- 
ment Station Work; editor dept. of fertil- 
izers, soils and agr'l eng'ring, Experiment 
Station Record; writer of numerous pa- 
pers and articles in dept. publications; ed- 
itor miscellaneous publications office of 
Expt. Sta. Residence: 1725 Riggs PI. Office: 
Office of Expt. Sta., U. S. Dept. Agr., 

BEAL, William James, prof, botany 
Mich. Ag'l Coll., since 1870; b. Adrian, 
Mich., March 11, 1833; grad. Univ. of Mich., 
1859 (Ph. D., 1880); Lawrence Scientific 

School, Harvard (B. S.), 1865 (M. S., Univ. 
of Chicago, 1875). Early life on farm; taught 
in various instns., 1859-70. Fellow A. A. A. 
S. (pres. nat. history sect., 1883); first pres. 
Assn. of Botanists of U. S. Expt. Stas., 
1888; first pres. Soc. of Promotion of Agr'l 
Science, 1880-2; sec. Am. Pomol. Soc, 1881- 
6; etc. Author: Grasses of North America 
(2 vols.); The New Botany; Plant Disper- 
sal; etc. Address: Agr'l Coll.. P. O., Mich. 
BEALE, Charles Willing, author; b. 
Washington, Dec. 9, 1845; ed. Univ. of Pa.; 
m. Jan. 25, 1872, Maria Taylor, Richmond, 
Va. Author: The Ghost of Guir House; The 
Secret of the Earth; etc. Address: Arden, 
N. C. 

BEALE, Maria Taylor, author, illustra- 
tor; b. Richmond, Va., Jan. 30, 1849; d. 
Thomas and Mary (Whitehead) Taylor; 
studied art under Bougereau, Ferrier and 
Henry Mosler, Paris; m. Jan. 25, 1872, 
to Charles Willing Beale. Author: Jack 
O'Doon; The White Horse in the Tree Top. 
Address: Arden, N. C. 

BH ALE, Truxtun, mgr. of estate in Calif. ; 
b. San Francisco, March 6, 1856; 5. Edward 
F. Beale; grad. Penn. Mil. Coll., Chester, 
Pa., 1874; Columbia Law School, New York, 
1878; apptd. by Pres. Harrison, minister to 
Persia, later apptd. minister to Greece; 
later traveled in Siberia and Central Asia 
and Chinese Turkestan. Mem. Asiatic Soc. 
Has written articles on internat. questions 
in N. Am. Review, Forum and Cosmopoli- 
tan. Address: 216 Sansome St., San Fran- 

BE ALL, Elias James, physician, surgeon; 
b. Macon, Ga., Feb. 5, 1835; 5. Dr. Jere. 
B.; ed. high schools, Hamilton, Ga., Col- 
lingsworth, Ga. ; grad. Univ. of La. (now Tu- 
lane) with med., ad eundum and hon. de- 
grees; Mo. Med. (now Washington Univ.); 
studied New York Polyclinic; New York 
Coll., Phys. and Surg., New York; hosps. 
of London, Paris and Berlin; ra. Fannie Van 
Zandt, whose father was minister from Re- 
public of Texas to U. S., and negotiated 
treaty of annexation. Was surgeon 15th 
Tex. cav., chief surgeon Walker's div., med. 
insp. Trans-Miss. Dept., on staff Lt.-Gen. 
Holmes, C. S. A., in Civil war. Emeritus 
prof, principles and practice surgery and 
clinical surgery, and pres. faculty med. 
dept. Fort Worth Univ. Has written com- 
munications on med. and surg. subjects to 
various med. journals; letters from Europe 
to Daniels' Med. Jour. Residence: Cor. 5th 
and Lamar Sts. Office: Hoxie Bldg., Fort 
Worth, Tex. 

BEALL, Mary Stevens, sec. Columbia 
Hist. Soc, Washington, since 1895; b. Phila.; 
d. James and Georgiana Gill (Haines) Stev- 
ens; grad. Girls' High and Normal School, 
Phila.; m. Alexander E. Beall of Washing- 
ton; mem. Short Story Club, Washington. 
Author: The Military and Private Secreta- 
ries of George Washington, published in vol. 
1, Records of the Columbia Hist. Soc; also 
short stories and hist, sketches in various 
mags, and newspapers. Address: 1643 32d 
St. N. W., Washington. 



BEAMAN, William Major, topographic 
eng'r U. S. Geol. Survey; b. Annapolis, Mi, 
Feb. 20, 1867; s. George W. B., pay director 
U. S. N. ; lived various places in boyhood, 
including 18 months at Honolulu, H. I.; ed. 
various public schools, Trinity Mil. Inst., 
Tivoli, N. Y., Rugby Acad., Phila., DeLan- 
cy School, Phila., Chauncy Hall School, 
Boston; grad. Mass. Inst. Technology, Bos- 
ton; sp'l studies in civil and topographic 
eng'ring; in. Portsmouth, N. H., April 15, 
1895, Mary S. Parker. Engaged in eng'ring 
work in 1889 as topographer in U. S. Geol. 
Survey; has had charge of topographic field 
work at various times in Me., Conn., N. C, 
Ga., N. Y., Tenn., Ala., Colo, and Tex. 
Mem. Nat. Geog. Soc, Geol. Soc. of Wash- 
ington. Several published topographic maps 
of U. S. Geol. Survey have his name as 
the author. Residence: The Concord, Wash- 

BEAN, Barton A., asst. curator fishes, 
U. S. Nat. Museum since Jan. 4, 1881; b. 
Baiubridge, Pa., May 21, 1860; 5. George B. ; 
ed. in acad., Smyrna, Del., and Normal 
School, Millersville, Pa. ; sp'l studies in 
ichthyology. Writer on Fishes of Indian 
River, Fla., and Fishes of D. C; also vari- 
ous papers on fishes in proceedings U. S. 
Nat. Museum and bull, of Fish Comm'n ; 
also in Shooting and Fishing, and Forest 
and Stream. Address: 312 Randolph St. N. 
E., Washington. 

BEAN, Robert Sharp, justice Supreme 
Court, Ore., since 1890; b. Yamhill Co., Ore., 
Nov. 28, 1854; grad. Christian Coll., Ore., 
1873; State Univ. of Ore., 1878; admitted to 
bar, 1878; circuit judge, 2d jud. dist., Ore., 
1882-90. Address: Salem. Ore. 

BEAN, Tarleton Hoffman, director New 
York Aquarium since 1895; b. Bainbridge, 
Pa., Oct. 8, 1846; s. George and Mary 
(Smith) B.; grad. State Normal School, Mil- 
lersville, Pa., 1866; Columbian Univ., Wash- 
ington, 1876 (M. S., Ind. Univ., 1883); m. 
Jan. 1, 1878, Laurette H. Van Hook, Wash- 
ington. Editor Proc. and Bulls. U. S. Nat. 
Museum, 1878-86; editor Report and Bulle- 
tin, U. S. Fish Comm'n, 1889-92; asst. in 
charge div. of fish culture, U. S. Fish 
Comm'n, 1892-5; curator Dept. of Fishes, 
U. S. Nat. Museum, 1880-95; acting Curator 
of Fishes, Am. Museum Nat. Hist., New 
York, 1897; rep. U. S. Fish Comm'n at 
World's Columbia Exp'n, 1893, and Atlanta 
Exp'n, 1895; director Forestry and Fisher- 
ies, U. S., at Paris Exp'n, 1900. Author: 
The Fishes of Pennsylvania; The Fishes of 
New York; The Salmon and Salmon Fish- 
eries; Oceanic Ichthyology (with late Geo. 
Brown Goode) ; etc. Residence: New York. 
Address.WOl G St. N. W., Washington. 

BEARD, Augustus Field, sec. ed'n Am. 
Missionary Assn. since 1886; b. Norwalk, 
Conn. ; s. Algernon Edwin and Mary E. 
(Mallory) B. ; grad. Yale, A. M., 1857 (D. D., 
Syracuse Univ.); m. 1st, Eliza Payson God- 
dard, Portland, Me. ; 2d, Annie Deming 
Barker, Calais, Me. Pastorates: Central Ch., 
Bath, Me., 1862-9; Plymouth Ch., Syracuse. 
N. Y., 1869-83; Am. Ch., Paris, 18S3-6, and 
foreign sec. Am. and Foreign Christian 

Union. Written upon religious conditions in 
France and ed'n of neglected races. Mem. 
corporation of Yale. Home: Norwalk, Conn. 
Office ."Congregational Rooms, 4th Av. and 
22d St., New York. 

BEARD, Frank; see Beard, Thomas Fran- 

BEARD, James Carter, lawyer, illustra- 
tor; b. Cincinnati, June 6, 1837 (eldest son 
of late James Henry Beard, painter and 
brother Daniel Carter Beard) ; lawyer by 
profession, but does much work as illustra- 
tor for high-class books and periodicals, 
making a specialty of pictures of animals. 
Address: 543% Hancock St., Brooklyn. 

BEARD, Lina, writer and illus. ; b. Cin- 
cinnati; d. late James H. Beard; cel- 
ebrated animal painter; ed. Mrs. Collins' 
private school, Covington, Ky. ; Wesleyan 
Acad., Cincinnati, and Dr. Charles West's 
Brooklyn Heights Sem. ; came to New York 
and studied drawing at Cooper Union and 
the Art Students' League. One of authors 
and illustrators of American Girls Handy 
Book, S3; one of originators of Good Citi- 
zenship League, first woman's club of 
Flushing. Address: Flushing, L. I., N. Y. 

BEARD, Thomas Francis (known only 
as "Frank Beard"), artist; b. Cincinnati, 
Feb. 6, 1842; .y. James H. and Mary Caro- 
line B. ; ed. Cincinnati and Painesville, 0. 
Served in Civil war in 7th Ohio regt. ; fur- 
nished pictures for all leading periodicals 
from age of 12 to present time; 17 yrs. lec- 
turer at Chautauqua, N. Y. ; has lectured 
for lyceums for 25 yrs. ; first lecture was en- 
titled "Chalk Talk," from which the word 
originated; prof, aesthetics, Syracuse Univ., 
1881. Author: Black Board in the Sunday 
School, E12; and numerous short stories. 
Residence: 3525 Calumet Av. Office: 110 La 
Salle Av., Chicago. 

BEARD, W. D., asso. justice Supreme 
Court of Tenn.; Democrat. Address: Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

BEARD, Wolcott Le Clear, eng'r, au- 
thor; b. New York, Nov. 10, 1867; grad. Ho- 
bart Coll., B. S., 1889; C. E., 1891; engaged 
in irrigation works in Ariz. ; 1st It. 1st U. 
S. vol. eng'rs in 1898; author of numerous 
stories, principally dealing with Ariz, life, 
in Scribner's and other mags. Author: 
Sand and Cactus, 1899 S3. Address: 51 W. 
10th St., New York. 

BEARDSHEAR, William Miller, pres. 
Iowa State Coll. Agr. and Mechanic Arts 
since 1891; b. Dayton, 0., Nov. 7, 1850; boy- 
hood on farm; ed. Otterbein Univ., Ohio. 
(A. M. and LL. D.); also studied at Yale. 
Pres. Western Coll., Toledo, la., 1881-9; 
supt. Des Moines (la.) city schools, 1889-91; 
pres. Iowa State Teachers' Assn., 1894; U. 
S. Indian Comm'r, since 1897. Address: 
Ames, la. 

BEARDSLEE, Lester Anthony, rear ad- 
miral U. S. N.; b. Little Falls, N. Y., Feb. 
1, 1836; entered navy March 5, 1S50; grad. 
Naval Acad., June, 1856; promoted regular- 
ly through all grades to rear admiral in 
1895; comdr. -in-chief of naval forces on the 
Pacific sta., 1894-7; apptd. naval mem. U. S. 



bd. for testing and reporting upon Am. 
metals; participated as exec, officer monitor 
Nantucket in attack on Charleston, April, 
1863; participated in capture of Confederate 
steam sloop Florida in Bahia, Brazil, Oct., 
1864, and as prize master brought her to 
U. S. ; in 1870 took tug Palos to China, car- 
rying on her the first U. S. flag through 
the Suez Canal; -while comdg. the U. S. S. 
Jamestown, 1879-80, in Alaskan waters, dis- 
covered, surveyed and named Glacier Bay. 
Retired from active service on reaching 62 
yrs. of age, Feb. 1, 1898; m. Jan., 1863, Eve- 
lyn, d. Isaac Small, Little Falls, N. Y. 
Residence: Little Falls, N. Y. Address: Care 
Navy Dept, Washington. 

BEARDSLEY, Arthur, emeritus prof, of 
eng'ring, Swarthmore Coll.; b. Esopus, N. 
Y., Nov. 1, 1843; s. Jonathan and Laura 
Bull (Coutant) B.; studied at Bowdoin; 
grad. (C. E.) Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., 
Troy, N. Y., 1867 (Ph. D., Swarthmore, 
1889); m. June 29, 1870, Emma Lynn. Asst. 
civ. eng'r Hoosac Tunnel, 1867-8; civ. eng'r 
and architect, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1868-9; 

_instr. 1869-70, and prof. 1870-2, civ. eng'ring 
and industrial mechanics, Univ. of Minn. ; 
prof, applied mathematics, physics and eng'- 
ring, Swarthmore, 1872-98; resigned, 1898, 
and made prof, emeritus. Mem. Am. Soc. 
Civ. Eng'rs, Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs; fel- 
low A. A. A. S. ; mem. and an editor Jour- 
nal of the Franklin Inst., etc. Address: 
Swarthmore, Pa. 

BEATES, Henry, Jr., M. D. ; b. Phila., 
Dec. 20, 1857; grad. West Phila. Acad., 1876; 
M. D., Univ. of Pa. r 1879; m. Sept. 3, 1897, 
Agnes T. Barrington. State med. examiner 
of Pa. since May 18, 1893. Address: 1504 
Walnut St., Phila. 

BEATON, David, Cong'l clergyman; b, 
Arbuthnot, Scotland, 1848; ed. Aberdeen and 
Univ. of Edinburgh (M. A.); ordained to 
ministry, 1877; pres. Redfield Coll., S. Dak , 
1888-91; since 1891 pastor Lincoln Park 
Cong'l Ch., Chicago. Author: Cyrus the 
Magician; Selfhood and Service. Address: 
437 Belden Av., Chicago. 

BEATTIE, James A., pres. Eastern State 
Normal School of Ore. since 1900; b. Ohio, 
May 11, 1845; s. John and Isabel B.; prep, 
ed'n Savannah, O., Acad.; grad. Bethany 
Coll., W. Va., 1873 (A. M., Bethany; A. M., 
Hiram Coll.; LL. D., Cotner Univ., Lincoln, 
Neb.); is regular minister Christian (Dis- 
ciples) Ch.; m. Aug. 26, 1873, Maggie D. 
Benton. Taught in country schools and Sa- 
vannah Acad.; supt. city schools, Ashland, 
O. ; teacher and later pres. Bedford Coll., 
Ind., 1876-81; teacher and later pres. Oska- 
loosa Coll., la., 1881-9; teacher Cotner Univ., 
Lincoln, Neb., 1889-96; pres. State Normal 
School, Neb., 1896-1900; Republican. Address: 
Weston, Ore. 

BEATTY, James H., U. S. dist. Judge 
dist. of Ida., since March 7, 1891; b. Lan- 
caster, O.; ed. Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; 1st 
It. 4th Iowa battery, 1873-5; practiced law, 
Lexington, Mo., Sept., 1865-72; was register 
in bankruptcy there; practiced Salt Lake 
City, 1872-82; was asst. U. S. atty. there; 

practiced Hailey, Ida., 1882-9; mem. Terri- 
torial legislature and constitutional conv., 
Ida.; chief justice Ida., 1889-91; removed 
to Boise City, 1890. Address: Boise City, 

BEATTY, John, banker, soldier; b. San- 
dusky, O., Dec. 16, 1828; Rep. presidential 
elector 1860, 13th Ohio dist.; raised co. for 
Union army April, 1861; commissioned It. 
col. 3d Ohio vol. inf.; was with McClellan 
in W. Va. campaign; commissioned col., 
spring of 1862; accompanied O. M. Mitchel 
in dash through Tenn. to Northern Ala.; 
apptd. provost marshal Huntsville, Ala.; 
returned with Buell's army to Louisville 
in pursuit of Bragg; fought his regt. in 
battle of Perryville, Ky., Oct. 8, 1862; comd. 
brigade at Stone River; brig. -gen. Nov. 29, 
1862; in Tullahoma campaign 1863; in bat- 
tles of Chickamauga, Chattanooga, and 
march to Knoxville for the relief of Burn- 
side. Mem. Congress, 8th Ohio dist., 18G7- 
73; Rep. presidential elector at large, Ohio, 
1884; later mem. Ohio Bd. State Charities; 
now pres. Ohio, Chickamauga and Chatta- 
nooga Nat. Mil. Park Comm'n; pres. Citi- 
zens Savings Bank. Author: The Citizen 
Soldier, 1876; Belle o' Becket's Lane, 1882. 
Residence: Columbus, O. 

BEATTY, John W., director of fine arts, 
Carnegie Inst. Pittsburg; b. Pittsburg, Pa., 
July 8, 1851; s. Richard B. ; ed. Pittsburg; 
m. Pittsburg, Pa., 1884, Cora B. Hamnett. 
Student of Munich Acad. Fine Arts (A. M., 
Western Univ. of Pa., 1900) ; mem. jury on 
painting for Pa. and N. Y., World's Co- 
lumbian Exp'n, 1893; mem. Nat. Advisory 
Bd., Paris Exp'n, 1900; mem. Pittsburg Art 
Soc, Pittsburg Artists' Ass'n, Nat. Arts 
Club; hon. mem. Amateur Photographers 
Soc, Pittsburg; hon. mem. Fine Arts Com. 
Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buffalo, 1901. Executed 
etching, "Return to Labor," published by 
Frederick Keppel, New York and Paris. 
Residence: 745 North Av. Office: Carnegie 
Inst., Pittsburg, Pa. 

BEATTY, William Henry, chief justice 
of Calif, since 1889; term expires 1903; b. 
Lucas, Co., O., Feb. 18, 1838; ed. in public 
schools of Ky. and Calif., 1843-56; Univ. of 
Va., 1856-8. Went from Calif, to Nev., 1863; 
dist. judge in Nev., 1864-74; asso. justice 
Supreme Court Nev., 1875-8; chief justice 
Nev., 1879-80; afterward practiced law in 
Sacramento. Residence: 2409 Octavia St. 
Office: 825 Market St., San Francisco. 

BEAUCHAMP, William Martin, P. E. 
clergyman; b. Coldenham, N. Y., March 25, 
1830; j. William and Mary B. ; ed. Skanea- 
teles Acad, to 1847 (S. T. D., Hobart Coll. 
N. Y.); m. Ravenna, O., Nov. 26, 1857, Sarah 
Carter. Deacon, 1862; priest, 1863; rector 
Calvary Ch., Northville, N. Y., 1863-5; rec- 
tor Grace Ch., Baldwinsville, N. Y., 1865- 
1900; examining chaplain, diocese of Central 
N. Y. Also artist and scientist; dir. in 
various hist, and scientific socs. Author: 
Iroquois Trail, 1392 Lll; Indian Names of 
New York, 1S93 Lll; Archaeological Bulle- 
tins of Univ. of State of N. Y., etc. Address: 
204 Maple St., Syracuse, N. Y. 



BEAUX, Cecilia, artist; b. Phila. ; d. John 
Adolphe and Cecilia Kent (Leavitt) B. ; pu- 
pil of Wm. Sartain, the Julien School, and 
the Lazar School, Paris; awarded the Mary 
Smith Prize, Pa. Acad. Fine Arts, 4 times; 
Phila. Art Club gold medal; the Dodge 
prize, Nat. Acad, of Design; bronze and 
gold medals Carnegie Inst. ; gold medal of 
honor, and the Temple gold medal of Pa. 
Acad, of Fine Arts; also gold medal at 
Paris Exp'n, 1900. Exhibited at Paris Exp'n, 
1890; asso. Nat. Acad. Design; mem. Soc. 
Am. Artists; asso. Societe des Beaux-Arts. 
Address: 4305 Spruce St., Phila. 

HEAVEN, Thomas Daniel, R. C. bishop 
of Springfield since 1892; b. Springfield, 
Mass., 1819; grad. Jesuit Coll. of Holy Cross, 
Worcester, Mass., 1870 (D. D., Georgetown, 
1889). Prof. Coll. of Loyola, Baltimore, 
1870-2; went to Coll. of Montreal, 1872, to 
complete ecclesiastical studies; ordained 
priest, 1S73; asst. pastor, 1875-9, pastor. 
1879-89, St. Mary's Ch., Spencer, Mass.; 
pastor Ch. of the Holy Rosary, Holyoke, 
1889-92. Address: Springfield, Mass. 

BEAVER, James Addams, judge Supe- 
rior Court of Pa.; b. Millerstown, Pa., Oct. 
21, 1837; grad. Jefferson Coll., Canonsburg, 
Pa., 1856 (LL. D., Dickinson, Pa., and Han- 
over, Ind., 1889). Studied law; practiced, 
1859-61, Bellefonte, Pa.; served 2d It. to col 
and bvt. brig.-gen. in Army of Potomac; 
shot through body Chancellorsville, May 3, 
1S63; shot in side, Petersburg, Va., June, 
1864; lost a leg at Ream's Station, Aug. 24, 
1864; mustered out, Dec, 1864; resumed law 
practice at Bellefonte; was maj.-gen. Pa. 
Nat. Guard until 1887; defeated for gov. 
by Robert E. Pattison, 1882; gov. Pa., 1887- 
91; pres. bd. trustees Pa. State Coll.; dele- 
gate to Nat. Repub. Conv., 1880; vice-mod- 
erator Presby'n Gen. Assembly, 1888 and 
1895; mem. President's comm'n for inves- 
tigation of War Dept, 1898; m. Dec. 26, 
1865, Mary A. McAllister, Bellefonte, Pa. 
Address: Bellefonte, Pa. 

BECK, Carl, surgeon; b. Neckargemuend, 
Germanv, April 4, 1856; 5. Wilhelm and 
Sophia (Hoehler) B. ; ed. Gymnasium of 
Heidelberg, 1869-74; studied at Univ. of Hei- 
delberg and Berlin; grad. Univ. of Jena, 
M. D., 1879; m. 18S1, Hedwig, d. Chief Jus- 
tice Heinrich F. Loeser. Came to U. S-, 
1882; pres. med. bd. St. Mark's Hosp., New 
York; surgeon to St. Mark's since 1886 and 
German Poliklinik since 1883; lecturer on 
clinical surgery, Post Graduate Medico 
School, since 1890; pres. med. bd. and con- 
sulting surgeon Sheltering Guardian Orphan 
Asylum; prof, surgery New York School of 
Clinical Medicine. Author: Manual on Sur- 
gical Asepsis, 1895; Text Book on Fractures, 
1900 S15. Address: 37 E. 31st St., New York. 

BECK, Johann H., violinist, composer: 
b. Cleveland, O., Sept. 12, 1856; s. Charles 
and Rebecca B.; ed. Cleveland public and 
high schools; grad. Leipzig Conservatorium 
of Music, 1882; sp'l studies on string instru- 
ments and all branches of musical composi- 
tion; ex-mem. examining bd. of Am. Com- 
positions and violin examiner of Am. Coll. 

of Musicians; dir. Detroit Symphony Or- 
chestra, 1895; dir. Cleveland Symphony Or- 
chestra since 1900. Composer: Overture to 
"Lara," performed by Boston Symphony 
Orchestra, 1S86; "Skirnismal," performed 
by Thomas Orchestra, Chicago, 1887; "Sex- 
tet," performed at Indianapolis, Ind., 1888; 
"Moorish Serenade," performed at Phila., 
1889; "Scherzo in A major," performed at 
Detroit by Thomas Orchestra, 1890. Residence: 
1214 Woodlawn Av. Office: 44 Euclid Av., 
Cleveland, O. 

BECKER, George Ferdinand, geolo- 
gist; 6. New York, Jan. 5, 1847; grad. Har- 
vard, B. A., 1868; Ph. D. Heidelberg, 1869; 
passed final exam. Royal School of Mines. 
Berlin, 1871. Instr. mining and metallurgy, 
Univ. of Calif., 1875-9; connected with U. S. 
Geol. Survey, 1879-92 and 1894-7; sp'l agt. 
10th census, 1879-83. Examined gold and 
diamond mines of S. Africa, 1896. Detailed 
to serve as geologist with army in the 
Philippine Islands, 1898-9; now in charge 
div. of chem. and physical research, U. S. 
Geol. Survey; mem. Nat. Acad. Sciences. 
Author: Geology of the Comstock Lode; 
Statistics and Technology of the Precious 
Metals (with S. F. Emmons); Geology of 
the Quicksilver Deposits of the Pacific 
Slope; Reports on the Gold Fields of South 
Africa, Southsrn Appalachians and Alaska, 
and on Geology of the Philippine Islands; 
also many other monographs on chemistry, 
geology, physics, etc. Address: U. S. Geol. 
Survey, Washington. 

BECKHAM, John Crepps Wickliffe, 

gov. Ky. ; b. "Wickland," Bardstown, Ky.; 
s. late William N. and Julia (Wickliffe) B.; 
ed. common schools, Bardstown, Ky., and 
1884-6, Central Univ. Richmond, Ky. ; un- 
married. Was page Ky. Ho. of Reps., 1881-2, 
prin. Bardstown High School, 1888-91. Be- 
gan practice of law, 1893; elected to Ky. 
legislature, 1893-6-7; elected speaker ses- 
sion 1898; nominated for It. -gov., 1899, de- 
clared by legislature elected; became gov. 
upon death of Goebel, Feb. 3, 1900; nomi- 
nated by Dem. Conv., July 20, 1900, and 
elected for term ending 1903; m. Owensboro, 
Ky., Nov. 21, 1900, Jean Raphael Fuqua; 
Democrat; Presby'n. Address: Bardstown, 

BECKINGTON, Alice (Miss), miniature 
painter; b. St. Louis, July 30, 1868; d. Chas. 
and Adeline (Cheney) B. ; studied Art Stu- 
dents' League, N. Y., Academie Julian, 
Paris, and with Charles Lazar, Paris. Was 
one of the first to revive miniature paint- 
ing in America; one of founders of Am. 
Soc. of Miniature Painters. Has exhibited 
at Paris Salons and Paris Exp'n, 1900, Soc. 
of Am. Artists and Nat. Acad. Design. 
Residence: Scituate, Mass. Studio: 154 Car- 
negie Hall, New York. 

BECK WITH, James Carroll, painter; b. 
Hannibal, Mo., Sept. 23, 1852; studied paint- 
ing in Chicago, where his father was a 
mcht. ; then in Paris, 1873-8, under Carolus 
Duran and Yvon; m. June 1, 1887, Bertha 
Hall, New York. Located in New York, 
1878; specialist portraits and genre pictures; 



mem. Nat. Acad, since 1894; received 
awards in Paris Salon and at Exp'n Uni- 
verselle, 1889. Address: 58 W. 57th St., New 
BEDELL, Frederick, asst. prof, physics, 
Cornell, since 1892; b. Brooklyn, April 12, 
1868; grad. Yale, 1890; scientific course, Cor- 
nell, 1890-2 (M. S. and Ph. D.); m. July 1, 

1896, Mary L. Crehore of Cleveland, O. Es- 
pecially well known for his investigations 
in alternating currents of electricity; in- 
ventor, author of several works on elec- 
tricity; asso. editor The Physical Review. 
Address: Ithaca, N. Y. 

DEECHER, Charles Emerson, prof, his- 
torical geology and curator of geol. collec- 
tions, Yale; b. Dunkirk, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1856; 
grad. Univ. of Mich., 1878 (Ph. D., Yale, 
1889); m. Sept. 12, 1894, Mary Salome Galli- 
gan. Author of over 50 papers in scientific 
journals and proc. of scientific socs., prin- 
cipally on modern evolution and the classi- 
fication of Brachiopods and Trilobites, and 
on the development and detailed structure 
of Trilobites, etc. Residence: 610 Orange St., 
New Haven, Conn. 

BEECHER, Willis Jndson, prof. He- 
brew language and literature Auburn, N. 
Y., Sem. since 1871; b. Hampden, O., April 
29, 1838; s. Rev. John W. and Achsa (Jud- 
son) B. ; prep, ed'n Augusta, and Vernon 
Acads., N. Y., 1852-4; grad. Hamilton Coll., 
1858, A. M., 1861; Theol. Sem., Auburn, N. 
Y., 1864 (D. D., Hamilton, 1875; D. D., 
Princeton, 1896) ; ordained to Presby'n min- 
istry, 1864; m. Ovid, N. Y., June 14, 1865, 
Sara Maria Bolter. Teacher Whitestown, N. 
Y., Sem., 1858-61; pastor Presby'n Ch., 
Ovid, N. Y., 1864-5; prof, moral science and 
belles lettres, Knox Coll., 111., 1865-9; pas- 
tor First Ch. of Christ, Galesburg, 111., 
1869-71; treas. Soc. Biblical Literature and 
Exegesis, since 1884. Author: Farmer Tomp- 
kins and His Bibles, 1874 P6; also several 
small volumes of local interest. Has writ- 
ten some hundreds of articles in newspa- 
pers, mags., reviews, journals and proceed- 
ings of socs., cyclopaedias and teachers' 
Bibles, and other books of reference; also 
Old Testament Sunday School lessons for 
a series of yrs. in the Sunday School Times. 
Address: 183 Genesee St.. Auburn, N. Y. 

BEER, William, librarian Howard Me- 
morial, Fisk Free and Public libraries, New 
Orleans; b. Plymouth, England, 1849; j. 
Gabriel and Harriet B.; grad. School of 
Physical science, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Eng- 
land, 1879; studied medicine in Paris, 1872- 
8; in business, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1879-84; 
mining eng'r in U. S., 1886-90; librarian To- 
peka, Kan., Public Library, 1890; librarian 
Howard Memorial Library, 1891-7; jointly 
with Fisk Free and Public Library since 

1897. Mem. Am. Hist. Soc, La. Hist. Soc, 
Am. Folk-Lore Soc, Am. Econ. Assn., Am. 
Geol. Soc,, Am. Library Assn., etc. Not 
married. Address: New Orleans. 

BEERS, Henry Angustin, prof. English 
literature Yale since 1880; b. Buffalo, N. Y., 
July 2, 1847; s. George Webster and Eliza- 
beth Victoria (Clerc) B. ; grad. Yale, 1869; 
m. July 7, 1873, Mary Heaton, Covington, 

Ky. Author: A Century of American Litera- 
ture, 1878 H4; Odas and Ends (verse), 1878 
01; Nathaniel Parker Willis, 1885 H5; Prose 
Writings of N. P. Willis, 1885 S3; The 
Thankless Muse (verse), 1885 H5; From 
Chaucer to Tennyson, 1890 Fl; Initial 
Studies in American Letters, 1891 Fl; Se- 
lections from the Prose Writings of S. T. 
Coleridge, 1893 H4; A Suburban Pastoral 
and Other Tales, 1894 H4; The Ways of 
Yale, 1895 H4; A History of English Ro- 
manticism in the Eighteenth Century, 1899 
H4. Contributor to leading mags. Address: 
25 Vernon St., New Haven, Conn. 
BEIDLER, Jacob Atlee, congressman 
20th Ohio dist., 1901-3; b. Chester Co., Pa., 
Nov. 2, 1852; s. Israel Beidler; ed. common 
school and 4 yrs. at Locke's Acad., Norris- 
town, Pa.; m. Sept. 14, 1876, Hannah M. 
Rhoades. Has been coal operator since 1873; 
Republican. Residence: Willoughby, O. Office: 
Cleveland, O. 

BELASCO, David, dramatic author; b. 
San Francisco; ed. Lincoln Coll., Calif. 
Author: (Plays): Zaza; The Heart of Mary- 
land; The Wife; The Charity Ball; Lord 
Chumley; May Blossom; Men and Women; 
La Belle Russe; The Girl I Left Behind Me; 
Valerie; Hearts of Oak. Residence: 247 W. 
70th St. Office: 883 7th Av., New York. 

BELDEN, James Jerome, ex-congress- 
man, banker; b. Fabius, N. Y., Sept. 30, 
1825; is of Puritan descent and charter mem. 
Order of Founders and Patriots of America; 
in business life 40 yrs. ; pres. and prin. own- 
er of Robert Gere Bank of Syracuse, which 
he founded. Mayor of Syracuse, 1877-8; 
mem. Congress, 1887-95; declined nomination 
for 54th Congress; elected, 1896, to Con- 
gress of 1897-9 as Independent Republican. 
Address: Syracuse, N. Y. 

BELDING, Milo Merrick;, silk mfr. ; b. 
Ashfield, Mass., April 3, 1833; reared on 
farm; ed. Shelburne Falls Acad.; began 
to sell sewing silk in small way at 17; aft- 
erward in other business until, 1863, he es- 
tablished, with brothers, a silk house in 
Chicago, and, 1864, one in New York; 
from this grew the silk mfg. enterprise of 
Belding Bros. & Co., of which he is pres. 
now the largest in the world; v. -p. Com- 
monwealth Fire Ins. Co. ; also a director, in 
many corporations, etc. Residence: 10 W. 72d 
St. Office: 455 Broadway, New York. 

BELKNAP, C. H., justice Supreme Court 
Nev. ; silver party. Address: Carson City, 

BELKNAP, George Eugene, rear ad- 
miral U. S. N. (retired Jan. 22, 1894); b. 
Newport, N. H., Jan 22, 1832; j. Sawyer B.; 
apptd. midshipman, 1852; passed midship- 
man, June, 1853; master, 1855; It., Sept., 
1855; lt.-comdr., July, 1862; comdr., July, 1866; 
capt., 1875; commodore, June, 1885; rear 
admiral, 1889; in. 1st, Dec. 8, 1861, Ellen D. 
Reed, Newport, N. H. ; 2d, Dec. 23, 1866, 
Frances G. Prescott, Calcutta, Ind. Fight- 
ing service in China, capture of the Barrier 
Forts, 1856, and through Civil war, partici- 
pating in bombardment of forts and bat- 
teries in Charleston harbor, in both fights 
at Ft. Fisher, etc. In 1873 ordered to steam- 



er Tuscarora to make deep-sea soundings 
in North Pacific, with view to submarine 
cable; discoveries concerning topography of 
ocean bed recognized by scientists world 
over; senior officer Honolulu at time of dis- 
turbances at election of King Kalakaua; at 
various times in command navy-yards at 
Norfolk, Pensacola and Mare Island, and 
supt. Naval Observatory, Washington; pres. 
torpedo bd. ; pres. Naval Bd. of Inspection 
and Survey; in command Alaska, South 
American waters, at time of difficulty be- 
tween Chile and Peru. Author: Deep Sea 
Soundings; etc. Honored by leading scien- 
tific socs. of Europe and America; LL. D., 
Dartmouth, 1894. Comd. U. S. fleet in the 
Asiatic Sta., 18S9-92. Now chmn. Bd. 
Commrs., Mass. Nautical Training School; 
mem. Loyal Legion, U. S. ; Naval Order of 
the U. S. ; Sons of Am. Revolution, and 
G. A. R. Has written numerous papers and 
contributions on naval and hist, subjects. 
Address: Brookline, Mass. 

BELL, Alexander Graham, scientist, 
inventor; b. Edinburgh, Scotland, March 3, 
1847; 5. Alexander Melville Bell; ed. Edin- 
burgh and London Univs.; went to Canada, 
1870, and to Boston, 1872, becoming prof, 
of vocal physiology Boston Univ. ; m. 1877, 
Babel Gardiner, d. G. G. Hubbard. In- 
vented telephone, for which patent was 
granted Feb. 14, 1876; also invented photo- 
phone, etc. Pres. Am. Assn. to Promote 
Teaching of Speech to the Deaf; pres. Nat. 
Geog. Soc. ; regent Smithsonian Instn. 
Awarded, 1881, by the French Govt., the 
Volta prix; founder of Volta Bureau. Mem. 
Nat. Acad, of Sciences and other scientific 
organizations. Author of many scientific 
and edn'l monographs, including Memoir on 
the Formation of a Deaf Variety of the Hu- 
man Race. Address: 1331 Connecticut Av., 

BELL, Alexander Melville, educator; b. 
Edinburgh, Scotland, March 1, 1819; studied 
under his father, Alexander Bell, inventor 
of a method for removing impediments of 
speech; m. 1st, 1844, Eliza Grace Symonds; 
2d, 1898, Harriet Guess Shibley. Lectured 
at univs. of Edinburgh and London; went 
to Canada, 1870, and Washington, 1881; in- 
vented Visible Speech, a method of instruc- 
tion in orthoepy, which has also been used 
in teaching deaf-mutes to speak; has writ- 
ten many works on orthoepy, phonetics and 
elocution. Father of Alexander Graham 
Bell. Address: 1525 35th St., Washington. 

BELL, Clark, lawyer; b. Rodman, Jeffer- 
son Co.,-N. Y., March 12, 1832; ed. Frank- 
lin Acad. (LL. D., Taylor Univ., Ind. ; 
Rutherford Coll., N. C); admitted to bar, 
Rochester, N. Y., 1853; practiced Ham- 
mondsport, N. Y., 1853-61 (was postmaster 
there); practiced Bath, N. Y., 1861-4; was 
asst. dist. atty. Steuben Co., N. Y. ; since 
1864 has practiced in New York; atty. Union 
Pacific Ry., 1864; drew the act which passed 
Congress to aid its construction; atty. for 
various corporations; mem. Medico-Legal 
Soc. since 1870, 11 terms its pres., re-elected 
pres. for 1900-1901; published 6 vols. Medico- 
Legal Studies; writer on medico-legal so- 
ciol. and legal subjects; delegate U. S. 

Govt, to Internat. Medical Congress, Paris, 
1900. Residence: 200 W. 78th St. Office: 39 
Broadway, New York. 

BELL, Digby, comic opera singer; b\ Mil- 
waukee, Wis., 1851; musical ed'n at Naples, 
Italy; made debut on island of Malta as the 
Count in Sonuambula; returned to U. S. ; 
played in leading baritone roles of comic 
opera; now at head of his own co. ; m. 1882, 
Laura Joyce. Address: 1476 Lexington Av., 
New York. 

BELL, Edward A., artist; b. New York, 
Dec. 18, 1861; studied art Nat. Acad. De- 
sign; mem. Art Students' League, 1879; 
studied, 1881-3, under Von Loefftz at Mu- 
nich; his pictures are usually symbolic or 
decorative in theme and carried out by the 
youthful female figure. Silver medal Royal 
Acad., Munich; bronze medal, Paris Exp'n, 
1889; 2d Halgarten prize, New York Acad. 
Design, 1893. Address: 226 Central Park S., 
New York. 

BELL, George, soldier; b. Hagerstown, 
Md., 1828; s. William Duffleld B. ; grad. 
West Point, 1853; served before Civil war 
mainly on Tex. Indian frontier and in Sem- 
inole Indian disturbances in Fla. During 
Civil war instructing vol. commissaries 
and in Army of the Potomac on 1st move- 
ment to Richmond, in charge of sub-depots 
of Washington and Alexandria; chief com- 
missary of various depts. and New York 
sub-depots. Bvtd. maj., It. -col., col., and 
bvt. brig.-gen. April 9, 1865. Address: 1909 
G St. N. W., Washington. 

BELL, Hill MeClelland, vice chancellor 
and prof, pedagogy, Drake Univ. ; b. in 
Licking Co., O., June 19, 1860; s. James H. 
and Elmy A. B. ; grad. Drake Univ., A. B., 
1890, Ph. B., 1898; studied at Univ. of Neb., 
1896-7; (M. S., Cotner Univ., Lincoln, Neb., 
1892; A. M., Drake Univ., 1899); m. Kellogg, 
la., Sept. 2, 1886, Edith Luella Orebaugh. 
Taught school 22 yrs., 10 yrs. in public 
schools and 12 yrs. in colls. Author of man- 
ual of orthoepy and orthography, debating 
club manual, outlines of rhetoric, etc. 
Address: 1091 26th St., Des Moines, la. 

BELL, Hillary, dramatic and music critic; 
b. nr. Belfast, Ireland, 1857; ed. private tu- 
tors; studied art and came to U. S. ; m. 
1888, Miss Ireland; adopted profession of 
portrait painter in New York and later 
took up journalism; now dramatic and 
music critic New York Press. Writer of es- 
says and sketches for numerous periodicals; 
editor The Insurance Economist; director 
and officer Mutual Reserve Fund Life Ins. 
Assn. Best known art work, life-size por- 
trait Ada Rehan as Katherine in The Tam- 
ing of the Shrew, presented by Augustin 
Daly to the Shakespeare Memorial, Strat- 
ford-on-Avon. Residence: 115 W. 45th St. 
Office: 309 Broadway, New York. 

BELL, Hiram Paries, lawyer, ex-con- 
gressman; b. Jackson Co., Ga., Jan. 19, 1827; 
academic ed'n; admitted to bar, 1849; has 
since practiced at Cumming, Ga. ; State sen- 
ator, 1861-2; opposed secession originally, 
but served in C. S. A., becoming col. 
43d Ga. ; dangerously wounded Chicka- 
saw Bayou, Dec. 29, 1862; mem. 2d Con- 



federate Congress, 1863-4; U. S. Congress, 
1873-5, 1877-9; presidential elector, 1868; 
Democrat; mem. gen. conf. M. E. Ch., 
South, St. Louis, 1890. Address: Cumming, 

BELL, James Franklin, brig.-gen. U. 
S. A.; b. Shelby ville, Ky., Jan. 9, 1856; s. 
John Wilson and Sarah Venable (Allen) B. ; 
common school ed. Shelbyville, Ky. ; grad. 
U. S. Mil. Acad., 1878; m. Sarah Buford, 
Rock Island, 111., Jan. 5, 1881. Served on 
plains in 7th U. S. cav., 1878-94; aid to 
Gen. J. W. Forsyth, Calif., Ariz, and Wash- 
ington, till Spanish- Am. war; went to Phil- 
ippines with original expdn. ; remained to 
date. Served in all campaigns Spanish-Am. 
and Philippine wars; promoted from It. to 
brig.-gen., U. S. A., bet. July, 1898, and 
Feb., 1901. Address: Care Adj. -Gen., U. S. 
A., Washington. 

BELL. James Montgomery, brig.-gen. 
U. S. V., col. U. S. A.; b. Williamsburg, 
Pa., Oct. 1, 1837; s. William B. ; grad. Wit- 
tenberg Coll., Springfield, O., 1862 (A. 
M.); m. Pittsburg, March 2, 1872, Emily 
M'Hones. Entered Union army 1st It., 86th 
Ohio inf., June 10-Sept. 25, 1862; capt. in- 
dependent troop, Pa. cav., June 30 to Aug. 
9, 1863; capt. 13th Pa. cav., Oct. 8, 1863, to 
July 14, 1865; 2d It. 7th U. S. cav., July 28, 
1866, 1st It., April 2, 1867, capt., June 25, 

1876, maj., 1st U. S. cav., May 25, 1896; lt- 
col. 8th U. S. cav., Jan. 10, 1900; col. 8th 
cav., March 24, 1901; col. 27th U. S. vol. 
inf., July 5, 1899; brig.-gen. U. S. vols., 
Jan. 20, 1900, to June 20, 1901. Bvtd. 1st It. 
and capt. for gallant and meritorious ser- 
vice Battle of the Wilderness, Va. ; maj. 
for same at Ream's Station, Va., and lt.- 
col. for same against Indians, Canon Creek, 
Mont., Sept. 30, 1877. Served on frontier of 
Kan., Tex., Indian Ty., Colo., Neb., N. and 
S. Dak., Mont., and Wyo., 1866-91; Tex., 
New Mex., and Ariz., 1894-6; Okla. and 
Kan., 1896-8. Served through Civil war, Cu- 
ban war, and in the Philippine Islands, Oct. 
26, 1899, to April, 1901. Took part in Chey- 
enne, Arapahoe, and Kiowa war of 1867-9; 
Sioux wars of 1876-81; Nez Perces war of 

1877. Served as guard to eng'rs and con- 
struction parties on Kan. Pacific, Union 
Pacific, Northern Pacific and Great North- 
ern Trans-Continental R. Rs., 1867-87; 3 
times wounded. Comd. Bell's Expeditionary 
brigade to the Camarines provinces, South- 
ern Luzon, Feb., 1900; comdg. 3d dist., 
Dept. Southern Luzon, March, 1900, to 
March, 1901; mil. gov. 3d dist., Dept. South-, 
ern Luzon, April, 1900, to March, 1901, com- 
posed of Ambos Camarines, Albay and Sor- 
sogon Provinces, and the Island of Catan- 
duanes. Address: Care War Dept., Wash- 

BELL, John C, congressman, lawyer; b. 
Grundy Co., Tenn., Dec. 11, 1851; ed. pri- 
vate schools; admitted to Tenn. bar, 1874; 
moved to Colo., 1874; practiced law at Sa- 
guache, 1874-6; at Lake City, 1876-85; since 
then at Montrose; atty. Saguache Co., 
1874-6; judge 7th jud. dist. Colo., 1888-92; 
mem. Congress from 2d Colo, dist., 1893- 
1903 as fusion nominee of Populists and 
Democrats; also mem. U. S. Industrial 
Coinn. Home: Montrose, Colo. 

BELL, Lanra Joyce, comic opera singar; 

b. (Maskell) London, England, 1858; mus- 
ical ed'n at Royal Acad. Music; made debut 
(stage-name, Laura Joyce) Strand Theatre, 
London, as Gertrude in Loan of a Lover; 
debut in U. S. at Niblo's Garden in Leo and 
Lotus, 1872, singing Blue Danube Waltz; 
with McCaull's Duff, Daly and Digby Bell 
opera cos. Afterward played heroine of 
Evangeline; Buttercup in Pinafore; Katisha 
in Mikado, and other leading contralto 
parts of comic opera; m. 1882, to Digby 
Bell. Address: 1476 Lexington Av., New 

BELL, Lilian, author; b. Chicago, 1867; 
d. Maj. Wm. W. Bell, 13th 111. cav., and 
Nancy Caroline (Brown) B. ; early ed'n by 
governess; childhood passed in Atlanta, 
Ga. ; grad. Dearborn Sem., Chicago; began 
writing stories when 8 yrs. old; contributor 
to mags. ; has given over 500 author's read- 
ings in principal cities of U. S. ; in 1897 
gave author's readings with James Whit- 
comb Riley and John Fox, jr. ; selected on 
account of distinguished appearance for life 
size portrait for exhibition by Oliver Den- 
nett Grover; lived in Europe for 4 yrs. and 
traveled extensively; m. May 9, 1900, Ar- 
thur Hoyt Bogue of New York; retains 
maiden name for literary purposes. Author: 
Love Affairs of An Old Maid, 1893; A Little 
Sister to the Wilderness, 1895; The Under 
Side of Things, 1896; From a Girl's Point of 
View, 1897; The Instinct of Stepfatherhood, 
1898; As Seen By Me, 1900; The Expatriates, 
1900; Yessum, 1901, all HI and F5. Address: 
348 Central Park W., New York. 

"BELL, Lnra"; see Williamson, Julia May. 

BELL, William Allen, pres. of Antioch 
Coll. since June, 1899; b. Clinton Co., Ind., 
Jan. 30, 1833; s. Nathaniel and Nancy B. : 
grad. Antioch Coll., 1860 (A. M., LL. D.): 
was student at Antioch Coll. under Horace 
Mann, its 1st pres. Lived at Indianapolis 
most of life until assuming present posi- 
tion; was prin. high school there. For past 
30 yrs. editor and publisher Ind. School 
Journal (for teachers). Address: Yellow 
Springs, O. 

BELL, William Hemphill, brig.-gen. U. 
S. A., retired Jan. 28, 1898; b. West 
Chester, Pa., Jan. 28, 1834; s. Hon. Thomas 
S. B. (jurist); grad. West Point, 1858; took 
all grades in the army, after graduation, 
from bvt. 2d It. to brig.-gen. and commis- 
sary-gen. U. S. A. Served during Civil 
war in line of the army, in field, and in 
subsistence dept.; much of service west of 
the Missouri, in Alaska, and on "the fron- 
tier. Address: Arvada, Colo. 

BELL, "William Roe, Washington corr. 
Pittsburg Leader and Phila. North Ameri- 
can since 1890; b. Indiana Co., Pa., April 6, 
1859; common school ed'n; learned printing 
trade, later worked in Pittsburg, and finally 
engaged in reportorial and editorial work. 
Address: 1345 Pa. Av. N. W., Washington. 

BELLAMY, Blanche Wilder, editor, au- 
thor; b. Albany, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1852; d. 
John N. Wilder; ed. private schools, Brook- 
lyn; grad. Vassar Coll., 1873; m. Dec. 3, 1879, 
Frederick P. Bellamy, lawyer, brother of 
the late Edward Bellamy. First pres. New 



York branch Vassar Alumnea Assn.; asso. 
trustee Barnard Coll.; v. -p. Brooklyn Hosp. 
Training School for Nurses; mem. Bd. of 
Woman Mgrs. of State of N. Y. for World's 
Columbian Exp'n. Editor: Open Sesame. 
Author: Twelve English Poets. Contributor 
to various magazines and periodicals. 
Address: 260 Henry St., Brooklyn Heights, 
N. Y. * 

BELLAMY, Charles Joseph, publisher 
Springfield Daily News; b. Chicopee Falls, 
Mass., May 7, 1852; j>. Rufus K. Bellamy, 
and bro. late Edward Bellamy; ed. Williston 
Sem., E. Hampton, Mass., and 1 yr. at Har- 
vard; admitted to bar, May, 1876; m. Oct. 
14, 1879, Imogen A. Cooper; practiced law 5 
yrs. ; founded Springfield Daily News, Feb., 
1880. Author: The Breton Mills; An Experi- 
ment in Marriage; Were They Sinners? A 
Moment of Madness; The Way Out (study 
of social and industrial conditions) ; Return 
of the Fairies; etc. Address: Springfield, 

BELLAMY, John Dillard, congressman; 
b. Wilmington, N. C, March 24, 1854; grad. 
Davidson Coll., N. C, 1873; B. L., Univ. 
of Va., 1875; m. Dec. 6, 1876, Emma M. Har- 
grove; city att'y, Wilmington, 1881; mem. 
State senate, 1891; delegate Nat. Conv., 1892; 
mem. Congress, 1899-1903, 6th N. C. dist. ; 
Democrat. Home: Wilmington, N. C. 

BELLEW (Harold), Kyrle, actor; b. 
England; 5. Rev. J. C. M. B., chaplain 
cathedral at Calcutta; entered English navy 
as a cadet, serving 7 yrs., then went to 
Australian gold fields; worked on Melbourne 
newspapers; returned to England; made 
stage debut at Theatre Royal, Brighton; 
became leading man and star in London; 
came to U. S. as leading man in Wallack's 
Theater, New York, 1886; subsequently 
joined Mrs. James Brown Potter's co., and 
has taken prin. roles with her in legitimate 
drama since then in all English-speaking 
countries. Author: Yvonne, Iolande, Hero 
and Leander, and several adaptations. 

BELLINGER, Charles Byron, jurist; b. 
Maquon, 111., Nov. 21, 1839; went with par- 
ents to Ore., 1846; ed. in Wilamette Univ., 
but did not graduate; studied law; admitted 
to bar, 1863. Served in Modoc campaign in 
the Lava Beds, 1873; clerk and official re- 
porter Supreme Court of Ore., 1874-8; judge 
State Circuit Court, 1878-80; U. S. dist. 
judge for dist. of Ore. since April, 1893. 
Address: Portland, Ore. 

BELMONT, August, banker; b. New York, 
Feb. 18, 1853; .?. prominent banker of same 
name, now deceased; grad. Harvard, 1875, 
and at once entered the bank; now head 
of August Belmont & Co., Am. representa- 
tives of European banking firm of Roths- 
childs. Has large banking and corporate 
interests. Residence: 44 E. 34th St. Office: 
23 Nassau St.. New York. 

BELMONT, Oliver Hazard Perry, capi- 
talist b. New York, Nov. 12, 1858; ed. U. S. 
Naval Acad., Annapolis, Md. ; married; 
mem. August Belmont & Co., bankers. 
Residence: 677 5th Av. Office: 23 Nassau 
St., New York. 

BELMONT, Perry, lawyer; b. New York, 
Dee. 28, 1851; e. s. late August Belmont; 
grad. Harvard, 1872; Columbia Law School, 
1876; practiced law until 1881; mem. Con- 
gress, 1880-7; chmn. Com. on Foreign Af- 
fairs, 1885-7; U. S. minister to Spain, 1887-8; 
Democrat. Not, as frequently stated in 
public prints, interested in banking house 
of August Belmont & Co.; never has been. 
Address: 855 5th Av., New York. 

BEMAN, Solon S., architect; b. Brooklyn, 

Oct. 1, 1853; studied architecture with Rich- 
ard M. Upjohn, New York; m. April 30, 1888, 
Mary H. Miller, W. New Brighton, S. I., 
N. Y. Designed all the buildings that com- 
pose the town of Pullman (now part of Chi- 
cago) ; also the town of Ivorydale, with the 
extensive works, nr. Cincinnati, for the 
Proctor & Gamble Co.; Pullman Bldg., Stud- 
ebaker Bldg., Fine Arts Bldg., Grand Cen- 
tral ry. sta., besides club-houses, chs., and 
many large residences, Chicago; Pioneer 
Press Bldg., St. Paul; Bee Bldg., Omaha; 
Mining Bldg. and Merchant Tailors' Bldg., 
World's Columbian Exp'n; Mines Bldg, 
Omaha Exp'n, 1898; Pabst Bldg. and North- 
western Mutual Life Bldg., Milwaukee; 
Michigan Trust Co. Bldg., Grand Rapids; 
T. B. Blackstone Memorial Library, Bran- 
ford, Conn.; Union sta., Peoria, 111.; C. & 
A. sta., Springfield, 111., etc. Residence: 17 
49th St. Office: Pullman Bldg., Chicago. 

BEMAN, Wooster Woodruff, mathema- 
tician; b. Southington, Conn., May 28, 1850; 
.r. Woodruff and Lois Jane (Neal) B.; grad. 
Univ. of Mich., 1870 (A. M., 1873); m. Sept. 
4, 1877, Ellen Elizabeth Burton. Instr. 
Greek and mathematics, Kalamazoo Coll., 
1870-1; instr., 1871-4; asst. prof., 1874-82; 
asso. prof., 1882-7, and since 1887 prof, 
mathematics, Univ. of Mich. Mem. Am. 
Math. Soc, London Math. Soc, Deutsche 
Mathematiker Vereinigung; mem. and fel- 
low A. A. A. S. (v. -p. and chmn. Sect. A., 
1897). Author: (with David Eugene Smith) 
Plane and Solid Geometry, 1895 Gl; Higher 
Arithmetic, 1897 Gl; Famous Problems of 
Elementary Geometry (from the German of 
Klein), 1897 Gl; New Plane and Solid Geom- 
etry, 1899 Gl; Elements of Algebra, 1900 Gl; 
A Brief History of Mathematics (from the 
German of Fink), 1900 03; sole author: Con- 
tinuity and Irrational Numbers; and Nature 
and Meaning of Numbers (from the German 
of Dedekind), 1901 03. Address: 813 E. 
Kingsley St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

BEMIS, Edward Webster, director of 
Dept. of Municipal Monopolies, Bureau of 
Economic Research, New York; b. Spring- 
field, Mass., April 7, I860; grad. Amherst, 
1880 (A. M., 1884, Ph. D., Johns Hopkins. 
1885); m. Oct. 28, 1889, Annie Louise Sar- 
gent, Clearwater, Minn. Prof, history and 
political economy, Vanderbilt Univ., 1889-92; 
asso. prof, political economy, Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1892-5; asst. statistician 111. Bureau of 
Labor Statistics, 1896; prof, political sci- 
ence, Kan. State Agr'l Coll., 1897-9. Author: 
Municipal Monopolies, 1899 C7; Municipal 
Ownership of Gas Works in the United 
States (monograph), 1891 A6; also numerous 
papers and articles on municipal govern- 



ment, trades unions, trusts, monopolies, 
academic freedom, etc. Address: 349 S. 2d 
Av., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

BNARD, Henri Jean Emile, winner of 
Phoebe A. Hearst Internat. Architectural 
Competition for permanent plans for Univ. 
of Calif.; b. Goderville, France, June 23, 
1844; grad. Municipal School of Drawing, 
Havre, France; grad. cole des Beaux Arts, 
Paris, 1867; winner Grand Prix de Rome; 
student Italy and Greece, 1867-71. Architect, 
Havre, 1872-88, Paris since 1888; architect to 
gov't for Palace of Compiegne, and of many 
great French buildings. Received 1st prize 
of $10,000 in Hearst competition, defeating 
100 competitors. His revised plans will be 
executed at cost of about $10,000,000. Address: 
Paris, France. 

BENDIX, Max, violinist, conductor; b. De- 
troit, March 28, 1866; ed. there; studied the 
violin and in 1885 became concert-meister 
in Van der Stucken's orchestra, New York; 
concert-meister of the Theodore Thomas or- 
chestra, 1886-96; asst. conductor of same, 
1891-6. Conducted a series of orchestra con- 
certs for 6 weeks at Chicago, 1892; was asst. 
conductor and, after Mr. Thomas' resigna- 
tion, sole conductor Exp'n Orchestra of 
114 selected artists at World's Columbian 
Exp'n. Organized and for several seasons 
directed the Max Bendix String Quartet. 
Since 1896 devoted exclusively to solo play- 
ing and teaching. Address: Chicago. 

BENEDICT, Anne Kendrick, author, 
lecturer; b. Rochester, N. Y., April 26, 1851; 
d. Asahel C. and Anne E. (Hopkins) Ken- 
drick; ed. in various schools of Rochester 
till 1867; grad. Elmira Coll., 1870; m. Roch- 
ester, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1873, Wayland R. Ben- 
edict. One of organizers Cincinnati Kinder- 
garten Assn., 1879; active in various Cin- 
cinnati organizations and in Ohio State 
Federation Women's Clubs. Author: My 
Wonder Story, L9; Centa, The Child Violin- 
ist, B4; The Island Story, B4; The Fisher- 
man's Daughter, B4; The Hathaway 's Sis- 
ter, B4. Has contributed stories and ar- 
ticles to Independent, Outlook, Examiner, 
etc. Address: 3461 Brookline Av., Clifton, 

BENEDICT, Asa Gardiner, prin. Hough- 
ton Sem. for Young Women since 1880; b. 
Lysander, N. Y., Aug. 11, 1848; grad. Ham- 
ilton Coll., 1872 (A. M.); tn. July 18, 1877, 
Emma O. Wright. Prin. Rome Free Acad., 
1872-9; Classical School, Rome, N. Y., one 
yr. Contributor to edn'l journals. Address: 
Clinton, N. Y. 

BENEDICT, Elias Cornelins, banker, 
stock broker; b. Somers, Westchester Co., 
N. Y., Jan. 24, 1834; employed, 1850-7, as 
stock broker's clerk; since 1857 in business 
for himself. Originated Gold Exchange 
Bank, which grew out of gold speculation 
during and after the Civil war; now spe- 
cially a handler of gas stocks; during the 
term of Pres. Cleveland became known as 
the latter's hunting and yachting com- 
panion. Residence: 10 W. 61st St. Office: 80 
Broad St., New York. 

BENEDICT, Frank Lee, author; b. Alex- 
ander, N. Y., July 6, 1834; ed. in U. S. and 

Europe, principally by private tutors. 
Author: My Daughter Elinor; Miss Van 
Kortland; John Worthington's Name; Miss 
Dorothy's Charge; Mr. Vaughan's Heir; St. 
Simon's Niece; 'Twixt Hammer and Anvil; 
Her Friend Laurence; Madame; The Price 
She Paid; A Late Remorse; also The Shad- 
ow-Worshiper and Other Poems, and many 
short stories. Address: St. AlbanlJ W. Va. 

BENEDICT, George Grenville, editor 
Burlington, Vt., Free Press since 1853; b. 
Burlington, Vt., Dec. 10, 1826; 5. Hon. 
George Wyllys and Eliza (Dewey) B. ; grad. 
Univ. of Vt., 1847 (A. M.); tn. 1st, Oct., 1853, 
Mary A. Kellogg; 2d, Dec, 1864, Katharine 
A. Pease. Served as It. and A. D. C, 12th 
Vt. vols., 1862-3; postmaster Burlington, 
1861-4 and 1871-4; State senator, 1869-71; sec. 
Univ. of Vt. since 1865; pres. Vt. Press 
Assn., 1886-90; State Mil. Hist., 1878-86; col- 
lector of customs, Vt, 1889-93; pres. Vt. 
Soc. Sons Am. Revolution, 1890; pres. Vt. 
Hist. Soc. since 1896. Author: Vermont at 
Gettysburg, 1866 01; Vermont in the Civil 
War, (2 vols.)<f, 1886 Lll; Army Life in Vir- 
ginia, 1895 01. Edited: Bibliography of Ver- 
mont, 1897, published by State, and has 
written various mag. articles. Address: Bur- 
lington, Vt. 

BENEDICT, James Everard, naturalist; 
b. Norwalk, Conn., Jan. 5, 1854; s. James 
Benedict; grad. Union Coll., 1880 (A. M., 
Ph. D., same); m. Washington, Nov. 23, 
1883, Elizabeth M. Junken. Resident natur- 
alist U. S. Fish Comm'n, str. Albatross, 
1883-6, during its stay on the Atlantic, and 
subsequently asst. curator div. of marine 
invertebrates, U. S. Nat. Museum. Con- 
tributed many papers on natural hist, sub- 
jects to publ. Fish Comm'n, U. S. Nat. Mu- 
seum, Biol. Soc, Washington and Phila. 
Acad. Residence: Woodside, Montgomery 
Co., Md. Office: U. S. Nat. Museum, Wash- 

BENEDICT, Wayland Richardson, 
prof, philosophy Univ. of Cincinnati since 
1875; b. Rochester, N. Y., Jan. 9, 1848; s. N. 
W. and Laura J. B. ; prep, ed'n Collegiate 
Inst., Rochester, N. Y. ; grad. Univ. of 
Rochester, A. M., in course 1865; grad. 
Theol. Sem., Rochester, N. Y. ; tn. Anne E. 
Kendrick. Prof. Latin and German, Roch- 
ester High School, 1865-6; in charge of 
Springside Acad., Pittsfield, Mass., 1866-8; 
exec, officer Univ. of Cincinnati, 1875-6; 
dean same, 1890-1. Author: Nervous Sys- 
tem and Consciousness, 1884 A2. Wrote: 
Outlines from the History of Education, 
1885-6, Popular Science Monthly; Theism 
and Evolution, Andover Rev., 1886; Ethics 
and Evolution, same, 1888; Psychological 
Table, 1889, 1900 Lll; Bible Lectures, Univ. 
of Cincinnati, Lll. Address: 3461 Brookline 
Av., Clifton, Cincinnati. 

BENHAM, Andrew Ellicott Kennedy, 
rear admiral U. S. N., retired April, 1894; b. 
New York, April 10, 1832; tn. 1863, Emma 
H. Seaman. Apptd. from N. Y., Nov. 24, 
1847; served in East India squadron, 1847-51, 
and asstd. in capture of piratical Chinese 
junk; slightly wounded; in home squadron, 
1851-2; Naval Acad., 1852-3; promoted passed 
midshipman, June 10, 1853; commn'd It., 



Sept. 16, 1855; lt.-comdr., July 16, 1862; 
comdr., June 9, 1866; capt. March 12, 1875; 
commodore, Oct., 1885; rear admiral, Feb., 
1890. During Civil war served in S. Atlantic 
and Western Gulf blockading squadrons; 
took part in the battle of Port Royal and 
other engagements; was in command in 
one of the divs. in the naval display nr. 
New York, April, 1893; in 1894 comd. squad- 
ron at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; forced comdr. 
of insurgent squadron to raise blockade of 
city and to discontinue firing upon Am. 
mcht. vessels; in 1898, prize commissioner 
at Savannah, Ga. Address: Navy Dept., 

BENJAMIN, Anna Northend, magazine 
writer and lecturer; b. Salem, Mass., Oct. 
6, 1874; d. Charles A. and Louisa H. B. ; 
grad. St. Gabriel's School, Peekskill, N. Y., 
1893; only woman writer who reached Cuba 
before the surrender of Santiago; was in 
Santiago day after surrender, after 2 mos. 
and a half in Tampa, Key West, Guanta- 
namo and Siboney; left New York for Phil- 
ippines as war corr., May, 1899; there 6 
mos., writing for New York Tribune and 
San Francisco Chronicle; then went to Jap- 
an, 3 mos., and to Korea and Peking. Left 
Peking a few days before Boxer outbreak 
and proceeded to Vladivostok, Siberia, 
thence overland to Moscow and Paris, be- 
ing one of the only three Am. women who 
have ever crossed that country. Engaged 
on book of her experiences, mag. articles 
and illustrated lectures. The only woman 
war corr. serving in both Cuban and Fili- 
pino campaigns. Trip around the world took 
14 mos. Address: 408 W. 115th St., New 

BENJAMIN, Charles Henry, prof. mech. 
eng'ring Case School of Applied Science 
since 1889; b. Patten, Me., Aug. 29, 1856; 5. 
Samuel E. and Ellen M. B. ; ed. Patten 
Acad., 1868-74; grad. mech. eng'r, Univ. of 
Me.; m. Oakland, Me., Aug. 17, 1879, Cora 
L. Benson. Instr. and prof. mech. eng'ring, 
Univ. of Me., 1880-6; mech. eng'r for Mc- 
Kay Machine Co., Boston, 1886-9; supervis- 
ing eng'r Cleveland, O., since 1900. Mem. 
Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Civil Eng'rs Club 
of Cleveland. Author: Notes on Heat and 
Steam, 1894; Notes on Machine Design, 1895; 
Mechanical Laboratory Practice, 1898; Mon- 
ographs in Trans. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, 
vols. 18-21; Evolution of the Machine Tool, 
1898; Power Losses in Machine Shop, 1900; 
Development of Fly Wheels, 1900; regular 
contributor to Machinery and Steam En- 
gineering, New York. Address: 89 Adelbert 
St., Cleveland, O. 

BENJAMIN, Morons, editor U. S. Nat. 
Museum since April 1, 1896; b. San Fran- 
cisco, Jan. 17, 1857; s. Edmund Burke B. ; 
moved with parents to New York, 1867; 
grad. in chem. course, School of Mines, 
Columbia Coll., 1878 (A. M., Lafayette Coll., 
1888; Ph. D., Univ. of Nashville, 1889); m. 
June 16, 1892, Carolyn Gilbert. Editor, 1882, 
The American Pharmacist and later of its 
successor, The Weekly Drug News; chemist 
U. S. Appraiser's Store, New York, 1883-5; 
sanitary eng'r, New York Bd. of Health, 
1885; lecturer of chemistry, New York Wom- 

an's Med. Coll., 1884-6. Wrote article Min- 
eral Paints, in Mineral Resources of U. S., 
U6; contributor to Appleton's Annual Cyclo- 
pedia since 1883; on editorial staff Apple- 
ton's Cyclopedia of Am. Biography; editor 
of various Appleton guides and hand-books, 
etc.; also of Standard Dictionary; John- 
eon's Universal Cyclopedia; Encyclopedic 
Dictionary; Am. Educator; International 
Year Book; etc. Translator Bertholet's Ex- 
plosive Materials (1S83). Contributor to 
prin. mags. Mem. Jury Awards, World's 
Columbian, Centennial and Trans-Mississip- 
pi exp'ns. Mem. U. S. Assay Comm'n, 1896, 
1899. Life fellow London Chem. Soc, and 
A. A. A. S. (v. -p., 1899); mem. Am. Chem. 
Soc, Soc of Chem Industry, and mem. and 
officer in other scientific and patriotic sees. 
Address: 710 N St. N. W., Washington. 

BENJAMIN, ParU, patent lawyer, author; 
b. New York, May 11, 1849; s. poet of same 
name; grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1867; re- 
signed from navy, 1869; grad. Albany Law 
School, 1870 (Ph. D., Union Coll., 1877); m. 
1891, Ida E. Crane. Asso. ed. Scientific 
American, 1872-8; since then scientific ex- 
pert and counsel in patent matters and ed- 
itor-in-chief Appleton's Cyclo. of Applied 
Mechs., and of Modern Mechanism; v. -p. 
U. S. Naval Acad. Alumni Assn.; asso. 
mem. Soc. Naval Architects and Marine 
Eng'rs; foreign mem. British Chartered 
Inst, of Pat. Agts. Author: Shakings or 
Eetchings from U. S. Naval Acad., 1867; 
Wrinkles and Recipes, 1875; The End of 
New York, 1881 S3; The Age of Electricity, 
1886; The Voltaic Cell, 1892; The History 
of (Intellectual Rise in) Electricity, 1895; 
The United States Naval Acad, (history of), 
1900; also many essays on scientific and 
naval subjects in the Forum, Independent 
and other periodicals. Residence: 270 W. 73d 
St. Office: 203 Broadway, New York. 

BENJAMIN, Raphael, rabbi 15th St. 
Temple, New York, since 1889; b. London, 
England, June 19, 1846; s. Elias and Mary 
(Lazarus) B.; ed. Jews' Free School, Lon- 
don, 1856-71; won Rothschild Scholarship 
of 30, and a medal, 1860; grad. B. A., 
Univ. of London, 1871, and M. A., Univ. of 
Melbourne (Australia), 1879, by examina- 
tion in the School of Natural Science; 
studied divinity at Jews' Free School, ex- 
amined and ordained rabbi and Beth Din 
by Chief Rabbi, Dr. N. M. Adler, 1874. Cer- 
tificated teacher under British Govt. ; mem. 
Tonic-sol-fa Coll., London. Minister Mel- 
bourne Hebrew Congregation, 1874, Mound 
St. Temple, Cincinnati, 1882-8; was pres. 
Fresh Air Fund, sec. 4th dist. Associated 
Charities, and director Humane Soc, Kin- 
dergarten Soc, and Soc Natural History in 
Cincinnati. Dedicated Garfield Statue, Cin- 
cinnati, Dec. 1, 1887. Sec 9th dist. Charity 
Organization Soc, New York; fellow A. A. 
A. S. ; corr. mem. Nat. Geog. Soc. ; anony- 
mous contributor to press. Address: Hotel 
Premier, E. 72d St., New York. 

BENJAMIN, Samuel Greene Wheeler, 
author, artist; b. Argos, Greece, Feb. 13, 
1S37; s. Nathan B. (Am. missionary) and 
Mary Gladding (Wheeler) B. (poetical writ- 
er), and great g.s. of Nathan Benjamin and 



Capt. Charles Seymour, who served in Am. 
Revolution; studied at home, and at English 
Coll., Smyrna, Turkey; grad. Williams, 
1859; m. 1st, Oct. 20, 1863, Clara Stowell 
(died Oct. 29, 1880); 2d, Nov. 16, 1882, Fan- 
nie Nichols Weed. Asst. librarian N. Y. 
State Library, 1861-4; sent 2 cos. of cav. 
to war; served in hosps. ; read law; studied 
art several yrs. ; at sea several yrs. mas- 
tering seamanship; U. S. minister to Per- 
sia, 1883-5; pres. Rep. Club, Richmond Co., 
N. Y., 1892. Art editor, Am. dept, Maga- 
zine of Art, also New York Mail; contribu- 
tor to magazines. Also marine painter and 
illustrator, etc. Sent Crimean War marine 
drawings to London Illustrated News, 1854; 
opened studio in Boston as artist in oil and 
water colors, 1870; hon. mention, 1881, for 
painting; hon. mention for exhibit of Per- 
sian products in State Dept. Group, New 
Orleans Exp'n. Author: Constantinople, 
Isle of Pearls and Other Poems, 1861; Ode 
on the Death of Abraham Lincoln, 1865; 
The Turk and the Greek, 1867; Tom Roper, 
A Yarn for Boys, 1868; The Choice of Paris, 
A Romance of the Troad, 1870; Advice of 
Father to Son (transl. from Latin poem), 
1S71 M13; Contemporary Art in Europe, 
1877 HI; What Is Art? 1877; The Atlantic 
Islands, 1878 HI; Art in America, 1879 HI; 
Our American Artists (for youth), 1879 L9; 
Our American Artists, 2d series, 1880 L9; 
The Multitudinous Seas, 1879 A2; The 
World's Paradises, 1879 A2; Troy, Its Le- 
gend, Literature and Topography, 1881 S3; 
A Group of Etchers, 1883 D3; Cruise of the 
Alice May, 1884 A2; Persia and the Per- 
sians, 1886 H5; The Story of Persia, 1887 P2; 
Sea Spray, 1888. Address: 2015 19th St., 
Washington, D. C; (summer) Charlotte Vt. 

BENNETT, Alfred Allen, prof, chemis- 
try Iowa State Coll. since 1885; b. Milford, 
N. H., Nov. 30, 1850; s. R. D. B.; ed. Mil- 
ford, N. H., common and high schools and 
Bridgewater, Mass., State Normal School; 
grad. Univ. of Mich, (scientific course), 
1877 (B. Sc, M. Sc, 1887). Prof, chemistry 
and physics, Iowa Wesleyan Univ.; prof, 
chemistry and physics (old), Univ. of Chi- 
cago; mem. Am. Chem. Soc, Iowa Acad. 
Sciences. Author: Inorganic Chemistry (2 
vols.), S6. Has written several articles for 
Journal Am. Chem. Soc. Address: Ames, 

BENNETT, Charles Edwin, prof. Latin, 
Cornell Univ., since 1892; b. Providence, R. 
I., April 6, 1858; .y. James L. and Lucia E. 
B.; grad. Brown Univ., 1878; graduate study 
in classical philology, Harvard, 1881-2; in 
Germany, 1882-4; taught school, Milton, 
Fla., 1878-9; Sing-Sing, N. Y., 1879-81; prin 
prep. dept. Univ. of Neb., 1884-9; prof. 
Latin, Univ. of Wis., 1889-91; prof, classical 
philology, Brown Univ., 1891-2; m. Lincoln, 
Neb., June 29, 1886, Margaret Gale Hitch- 
cock. Author: Xenophon, Hellenica, books 
v-viii, 1892 Gl; Tacitus, Dialogus de Ora- 
toribus, 1894 Gl; A Latin Grammar, 1895 A5; 
Appendix to Bennett's Latin Grammar, 1895 
A5; A Latin Composition, 1896 A5; Cicero, 
de Senectute, 1897 S12; Cicero, de Amicitia, 
1897 S12; The Foundations of Latin, 1898 A5; 

Critique of Some Recent Subjunctive Theo- 
ries (vol. ix. in Cornell Studies in Classical 
Philology), 1898 Ml; The Quantitative Read- 
ing of Latin Poetry, 1899 A5; The Teaching 
of Greek and Latin in Secondary Schools 
(joint author), 1900 L4. Wrote articles, 
What Was "ictus" in Latin Prosody? Am. 
Jour. Philology, vol. xix., No. 4; Rhythmic 
Accent in Ancient Verse, Am. Jour, of Phi- 
lology, vol. xx., No. 4; Die mit tamquam 
und quasi eingeleiteten substantivsatze, 
Wolfflin's Archiv., vol.xL.No. 3; Sounds and 
Inflections of the Cyprian Dialect, Univ. of 
Neb. studies, vol. i., No. 2. Residence: 1 
Grove PI., Ithaca, N. Y. 
BENNETT, Charles Goodwin, sec. U. 
S. Senate since Jan. 29, 1900; b. Dec. 11, 
1863; has always resided in the old Bennett 
homestead in Brooklyn; is a lawyer (LL. 
B.); incorporator, dir., and chmn. exec, 
com., People's Bank of Brooklyn; candidate 
for 53d Congress; mem. Congress, 1895-9, 
5th N. Y. dist., serving on com. of Inter- 
state and Foreign Commerce; again candi- 
date for 56th Congress, defeated; Republi- 
can. Address: 1623 K St. N. W., Washing- 

BENNETT, Charles Washington, law- 
yer; b. Duanesburg, Schenectady Co., N. Y., 
Oct. 14, 1833; academic ed'n; grad. Albany 
Law School, 1857; admitted to bar at Al- 
bany, N. Y. ; practiced Racine Co., Wis., 
1857-69; Chicago, 1869-71; since then at Salt 
Lake; m. Sept. 16, 1858, Isabella Eupheania 
Fisher. Address: Salt Lake City, Utah. 

BENNETT, Emerson, author; b. Monson, 
Mass., March 16, 1822; ed. dist. schools and 
Monson Acad.; m. 1847, Eliza G. Daly, 
Phila. Began writing poetry and prose at 
18; has since followed literature and writ- 
ten more than 50 novels and serials, and 
some hundreds of short stories, published 
in leading literary periodicals, America and 
Europe. Author: Prairie Flower; Leni Le- 
oti (sold over 100,000 each); Clara Moreland; 
Border Rover; Phantom of Forest; Villetta 
Linden; Forged Will; Traitor; Forest Rose; 
Mike Fink; Outlaw's Daughter; etc. Has 
also been editor, publisher, lecturer and 
elocutionist. Resided Cincinnati, and then 
Phila., since 1850. Residence: 1025 Olive St., 

BENNETT, Henry Holcomh, mag. writ- 
er; b. Chillicothe, O., Dec. 5, 1863; s. John 
H. and Eliza B. ; ed. public schools Chilli- 
cothe and Kenyon Coll., O. ; unmarried. 
Lived number of yrs. in West; writer chief- 
ly army stories and ornith. articles, with his 
own illustrations. Is water colorist in land- 
scape, birds and animals. Wrote series of 
sketches and articles on National Guard, 
1898-9; stories of army life, 1898, 1900, 1901. 
Address: Chillicothe, O. 

BENNETT, James Gordon, propr. New 
York Herald; b. New York, May 10, 1841; s. 
journalist of same name; ed. by private 
tutors; inherited The Herald and a large 
fortune, 1872; for a time issued a London 
edition and still publishes a Paris edition 
of The Herald; inaugurated publication in 
England of storm warnings transmitted 
from U. S. ; sent Henry M. Stanley to Africa 



to find Livingstone, 1874-7; fitted out Jcan- 
nette polar expdn., 1879; established, 1883 
(with John W. Mackay) the Commercial 
(Mackay-Bennett) Cable Co.; is a promi- 
nent yachtsman; lives most of his time in 
Paris, but keeps active management of The 
Herald by cable. Residence: 120 Champs 
Elysees, Paris, France. 

BENNETT. John, author, illustrator; b. 
Chillicothe, O. ; May 17, 1865; s. John Henry 
and Eliza (McClintock) B. ; ed. Chillicothe 
public schools and New York Art Students' 
League; unmarried. Author: Master Sky- 
lark, 1897 C2; The Story of Barnaby Lee, 
1900 C2. Illustrator: Miscellany and Sil- 
houette Tales, C2. Address: Chillicothe, O. 

BENNETT, Johnstone, actress; b. at sea 
of French and Spanish parentage; left 
motherless and adopted by a Mrs. Bennett; 
began stage life when a young girl in a 
small co.; joined Mansfield and played Sally 
in Monsieur, subsequently taking parts in 
Beau Brummel and other plays; joined 
Charles Frohman's co. and originated titu- 
lar role in Jane; has since starred in The 
Amazon and other comedies and in The Fe- 
male Drummer. Not married. 

BENNETT, Samuel Crocker, lawyer; b. 
Taunton, Mass., April 19, 1858; s. Edmund 
H. and Sally (Crocker) B. ; grad. Harvard, 
1S79; Boston Univ. Law School, 1882; m. 
Brookline, Mass., Sept. 9, 1885, Amy R. 
Thomas. Prof. Boston Univ. law school, 
since 1883; dean same, since 1898. One of 
editors: Federal Decisions, Smith's Leading 
Cases, Benjamin on Sales, Cyclopedia of 
Law and Procedure. Residence: Weston, 
Mass. Office: 10 Tremont St., Boston. 

BENNETT, William Zebina, prof, chem- 
istry and physics, Univ of Wooster, since 
1883; b. Montpelier, Vt., Feb. 25, 1856; grad. 
Harvard, 1878 (A. M.; Ph. D., Wooster); 
asst. in chemistry, Harvard, 1878-80; asst. 
prof, chemistry, Wooster, 1880-3. Author: A 
Plant Analysis; also miscellaneous lectures. 
Address: Wooster, O. 

BENOLIEL, Sol D., teacher in Adelphi 
Coll., Brooklyn, since 1897; b. New York, 
June 1, 1874; s. David J. B. ; grad. Coll. 
City of New York (B. S.), 1893; School of 
Mines, Columbia Univ., E. E., 1896; School 
of Pure Science, same (A. M.), 1896; m. 
Therese Lindeman, June 1, 1897. Asso. Mem. 
Am. Inst. Elect. Engrs., N. Y. State Science 
Teachers'- Assn. Wrote articles: An Inter- 
esting Electric Lighting Plant, 1896; Liquid 
Air, 1898; Finsen's Photo-therapy, 1900. 
Address: 515 Clinton Av., Brooklyn. 
BENSON, Prank Weston, artist, painter; 
b. Salem, Mass., March 24, 1862; 5. George 
W. and Elizabeth (Poole) B. ; tech. ed'n in 
School Drawing and Painting, Museum Fine 
Arts, Boston, 1880-3; Julian Acad., Paris, 
1883-5; instr. drawing and painting Museum 
Fine Arts, Boston, since 1889; m. Salem, 
Mass., Oct., 1888, Ellen Perry Peirson. Re- 
ceived medal, Columbian Exp'n, Chicago, 
1893; Carnegie Inst., Pittsburg, 1899; 2 prizes 
Boston Art Club; 2 prizes Jordan Gallery, 
Boston; prize Cleveland Art Assn.; Shaw 
Fund Prize, Soc. Am. Artists, New York; 

Clark Prize, Hallgarten Prize; Nat. Acad., 
Design, Ellsworth Prize, Chicago, and sil- 
ver medal, Paris Exp'n, 1900. Residence: Sa- 
lem, Mass. Studio: 12 St. Botolph St., Bos- 

BENTLEY, Charles Eugene, Presiden- 
tial candidate "Liberty" party, 1S96; b. War- 
ner's, N. Y., April 30, 1841; ed. Monroe Inst, 
and Oneida Conf. Sem., N. Y. ; m. Oct. 7, 
1863, Persis Freeman, Baldwinsville, N. Y. 
Lived on farm in N. Y. until 1863; re- 
moved, 1866, to Clinton, la.; since 1878 in 
Neb. ; lived on his farm, Butler Co., 1878- 
90; also Bapt. minister; since 1880 pastor 
ch. at Surprise, Neb. ; chmn. Prohibition 
State Conv., 1884; successively candidate 
for Congres, gov., and U. S. senator; when 
split came 1896 became Presidential candi- 
date Liberty party; now chmn. of its State 
Com. for Neb. Address: 256 S. 28th St., Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

BENTLEY, Edwin, M. D. ; b. Conn., July 
3, 1824; grad. Univ. of City of New York, 
1850; Coll. Phys. & Surgs., New York, 1877; 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll. ad cundem, 1877; 
served in Civil war as surgeon U. S. A., was 
post surgeon Ft. Brown, Tex. ; later prof. 
Pacific Med. Coll., Calif.; now prof, prin- 
ciples and practice of surgery, Med. Dept., 
Ark. Industrial Univ. Mem. Am. Med. 
Assn. since 1889. Address: 617 I.Iain St., Lit- 
tle Rock, Ark. 

BENTON, Angelo Ames, P. E. clergy- 
man; b. Canea, Crete, 1837; s. Rev. George 
and Caroline B. ; grad. Trinity Coll., Hart- 
ford, Conn., (A. M., S. T. D., same); grad 
Gen. Theol. Sem., New York; ordained to 
ministry, 1860; m. Fayetteville, N. C, 1863, 
Elizabeth H. Haller. Prof. Latin and Greek, 
Del. Coll., Newark, Del., 1883-7; prof, dog- 
matic theology, Univ. of the South, 1887-94. 
Author: The Church Cyclopaedia, 1884, H13; 
Virgil, Bingham series, 1887, B17; The Tome 
of St. Leo, 1890, XI. Address: Albion, 111. 

BENTON, Charles William, prof, mod- 
ern languages Univ. of Minn., since 1880; b. 
Tolland, Conn., 1852; ^-.-William Austin B. ; 
prep. edn'. Nat. Coll., Beyrout, Syria, 1864-9; 
grad. Yale, 1874 (A. M., same; Litt. D., 
Western Univ. of Pa.); m. Fergus Falls, 
Minn., May 29, 1S99, Elma C. Hixson. Lived 
in Beyrout, Syria, from age of 2 to 
age of 17; linguist; speaks 6 and reads and 
writes 15 languages. Editor Easy French 
Plays: For School Use, 1900. Wrote Golden 
Ages of Literature: Dante, 1899; contributor 
to Minnesota Mag.; etc. Address: 516 9th 
Av., S. E., Minneapolis. 

BENTON, Prank, asst. entomologist, U. 
S. Dept. of Agr., since July 1, 1891; b. Cold- 
water, Mich., July 5, 1852; s. Corydon P. B ; 
grad. Mich. Agrl. Coll. (B. S.), 1879 (M. S., 
1886); attended lectures univs. of Munich 
and Athens, 1883-5; m. 1879, Harriet M. 
Wheeler, New York. Corr. sec. Entomologi- 
cal Soc, Washington, since 1894. Well 
known apiculturist; spent 11 yrs. (1880-91) 
investigating honey-bees of Europe, Africa 
and Asia; first American importer of Ori- 
ental races of bees; inventor of transport 
cage for sending queen bees long distances 
by mail, artificial queen-cells for use in 



breeding queen-bees, also numerous other 
apiarian appliances; lecturer on apiarian 
topics. Author: The Honey Bee; Bee Keep- 
ing; etc. Residence: Argyle Park. Address: 
Dept. Agr., Washington. 

BENTON, Guy Potter, pres. Upper Iowa 
Univ., since 1899; b. Kenton, O., May 26, 
1865; .?. Daniel Webster and Harriet (Whar- 
ton) B.; prep. edn. in Ohio Normal Univ., 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ. and Baker UniV. (A. 
M., D. D.); m. Arcadia, Kan., Sept. 4, 18S9, 
Dolla Konantz. Supt. city schools Fort 
Scott, Kan., 1890-5; asst. State supt. public 
instruction, Kan., 1895-6; prof, history and 
sociology, Baker Univ., 1896-9;- mem. State 
Bd. Edn., 1899; Republican; M. E. clergy- 
man. Address: Fayette, la. 

BENTON, Joel, author; b. Amenia, N. Y., 
May 29, 1832; ed. Amenia Sem. Prin. of a 
classical and grammar school at 18; editor 
Amenia Times at 19; supervisor of his town 
and active politically. Author: Emerson as 
a Poet, 1882, Lll; The Truth About Protec- 
tion, 1892, W10; Greeley on Lincoln,' 1893, 
Bl; In the Poe Circle, 1899, Lll; Emerson 
as a Poet, 1899, Lll; also much work as 
poet and critic, for periodicals. Occasional 
lecturer for lyceums and on public occa- 
sions. Address: Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

BENTON, Maecenas E., congressman, 
lawyer; b. Abion Co., Tenn., Jan. 29, 1849; 
reared in Dyer Co., Tenn.; ed. in acads. in 
Tenn. and in St. Louis Univ.; grad. law 
dept. Cumberland Univ., Tenn., 1870; since 
1870 has practiced law at Neosho, Mo. ; dele- 
gate to all but 3 of the Mo. State Dem. 
convs. from 1872; pres. of those of 1890 and 
1896; pros. atty. Newton Co., Mo., 1878-82; 
U. S. atty., 1885-9; original offensive parti- 
san charged with pernicious activity in poli- 
tics; has been mem. Dem. State com. of 
Mo.; delegate to Dem. Nat. Conv., 1896; 
mem. Congress, 1897-1903, 15th Mo. dist. ; 
Democrat. Home: Neosho, Mo. 

BENZINGER, Frederic, sp'l writer Chi- 
cago Record-Herald; b. Susquehanna, Pa., 
April 10, 1858; entered printing office at 15; 
established Hornellsville (N. Y.) Daily News 
(now Daily Times) at 19; subsequently pub- 
lished newspapers at Cedar Rapids and 
Des Moines, la., and Omaha and Lincoln, 
Neb.; since 1892 has been on staff of Omaha 
Bee, Chicago Inter Ocean and Chicago 
Times-Herald; transferred from financial 
editorship latter paper to Washington at 
outbreak of Spanish- Am. war; Paris corr. 
1899-1900. Address: Press Club, Chicago. 

BERARD, Augusta Blanche, author; b. 
West Point, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1824; d. Prof. 
Claudius B. of Mil. Acad. ; has devoted her 
life to teaching and study. Author: School 
History of the United States; School His- 
tory of England; Spanish Art and Litera- 
ture; Reminiscences of West Point in the 
Olden Time. Address: Hackensack, N. J. 

BERENSON, Bernhard, writer of history 
and criticism of Italian paintings; b. Wilna, 
Russia, June 26, 1865; s. Albert B. ; ed. 
Boston Grammar and Latin School; grad 
Harvard, 1887; m. Florence, Italy, Dec. 29, 
1900, Mary W. Costelloe. Author: Venetian 

Painters of Renaissance, 1894, P2; Lorenzo 
Lotto, an essay in constructive art criti- 
cism, 1895, P2; Florentine Painters of Re- 
naissance, 1896, P2; Central Italian Painters 
of Renaissance, 1897, P2; The Study and 
Criticism of Italian Art, 1901. Has con- 
tributed to New York Nation, and to Ga- 
zette des Beaux-Arts, and other French and 
German reviews of art and archaeology. 
Address: Settignano, Florence, Italy. 

BERGEN, Fanny Dickerson, educator; 
b. Mansfield, O., Feb. 4, 1846; d. Thomas and 
Rachel E. Dickerson; grad. Antioch Coll., 
1875. Taught there and later in Chicago. 
Dramatized Longfellow's Miles Standish; m. 
June 28, 1876, to Joseph Y. Bergen. Author: 
(With her husband) The Development 
Theory; Glimpses at the Plant World. 
Editor: Current Superstitions (vol. IV, 
Memoirs of Am. Folk-Lore Soc); Animal 
and Plant Lore (vol. VII, same) ; etc. 
Address: 47 Raymond St., N. Cambridge, 

BERGEN, Joseph Young, educator; b. 
Red Beach, Me., Feb. 22, 1851; s. Joseph Y. 
and Mary L. B. ; grad. Antioch Coll., 1872; 
m. June 28, 1876, Fanny Dickerson. On Ohio 
geol. survey; teacher of physics, Boston 
Latin School, 1887; master in Boston Eng- 
lish High School. Author: (With his wife) 
The Development Theory; The Study of 
Evolution Simplified for General Readers; 
joint author (with Prof. E. H. Hall); Hall 
& Bergen's Physics; Elements of Botany; 
Foundations of Botany. Address: 47 Ray- 
mond St., N. Cambridge, Mass. 

BERGEN, Van Brunt, civil engineer; b. 
Brooklyn, April 29, 1841; ed. Brooklyn Col- 
legiate and Polytechnic Inst, and Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Inst. (C. E., 1863); employed 
on Brooklyn Water Works and in dept. city 
works, Brooklyn, 1864-96, being chief engr. 
the last 2 yrs. ; mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Engs. 
since 1868. Address: 77th St. and Shore 
Road, Brooklyn. 

BERGENGREN, Anna Farquhar, asst. 
editor Nat. Magazine; b. Brookville, Ind., 
Dec. 23, 1865; d. John Hansen and Frances 
Mary Farquhar; early life in Indianapolis; 
ed. private schools there; later in Boston 
and Europe. Left home, Indianapolis, at 
age of 21 to study for professional musical 
stage. Cultivated voice for grand opera; 
sang in ch. and taught singing at the same 
time. Lost remarkable voice through over- 
work. Began to write for Boston Tran- 
script, Detroit Free Press and Springfield 
Republican during musical career. While 
studying vocal music in London and Paris 
was employed as foreign cor. to Boston 
Transcript; m. Ralph Bergengren, Jan. 26, 
1900. Boston. Author: A Singer's Heart, 1896, 
R5, L6; The Professor's Daughter, 1899, D5. 
Wrote Letters of a Cabinet Member's Wife, 
1897; published her Boston experiences un- 
der pen name of Margaret Allston, now sell- 
ing in book form, 1899; also much other 
mag. work. Residence: 15 Blagden St. Of- 
fice: 91 Bedford PI., Boston. 

BERGER, Victor L., editor the Milwaukee 
Daily Vorwaerts, since 1892; b. Nieder Reh- 



buch, Austro-Hungary, Feb. 28, 1860; ed. 
Gymnasium and univs. of Budapest and 
Vienna, but before he was ready to gradu- 
ate financial reverses caused the family to 
emigrate to U. S. ; worked at various trades 
including that of metal polisher; later a 
teacher in the public schools. Prominent 
as a pioneer organizer of socialists; was a 
delegate to People's Party conv., St. Louis, 
1896, and tried to organize the Debs senti- 
ment in that conv.; a leader in organiza- 
tion of the Social Democracy and the Soc. 
Dem. party of America., and mem. Nat. 
Exec. B. of latter party since its beginning; 
has published several pamphlets on eco- 
nomic questions and also a book on So- 
cialism; m. Dec. 4, 1S97, Meta Schlichting. 
Residence: 1229 Second St. Office: 614 State 
St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

BERGH, Lillie d'Angelo, voice teacher; 
b. in New York; ed. in Germany; grad. in 
music at Royal School of Wurtemberg, also 
grad. Stuttgart Conservatory of Music; stu- 
died 3 yrs. in Italy; sang in concert (so- 
prano) in leading European cities; estab- 
lished and now conducts a school of sing- 
ing in New York. Author of several text- 
books on the voice. Has conducted many 
concerts in New York. Address: The Al- 
bany, Broadway and 52d St., New York. 

BERLIN, Alfred Franklin, archaeolo- 
gist; b. Cherryville, Pa., Jan. 12, 1848; ed. 
common schools; academical ed'n at Easton, 
Pa.; m. June 6, 1S71, Mary Ella Reed, Read- 
ing, Pa. Devotes himself to archaol. re- 
search. Corr. mem. Anthropol. Soc, Wash- 
ington; corr. mem. Univ. Achasol. Assn., 
Univ. of Pa.; hon. mem. Royal Italian Di- 
dactic Soc, Rome, Italy. Author of numer- 
ous archaalogical papers. Author of Sec. 
VI, The East Alleghany Section in Prehis- 
toric Implements. Address: Allentown, Pa. 

BERLINER, Emile, inventor; b. Han- 
over, Germany, May 20, 1851; grad. Sam- 
son Coll., Wolfenbuttel, 1865; came to U. 
S., 1870, and since 18S3 has lived in Wash- 
ington; m. 1881, Cora Adler, Washington. 
Invented the loose contact telephone trans- 
mitter or microphone, 1877; patentee of 
other valuable inventions in telephony; in- 
ventor of gramophone. Address: 1717 P St. 
N. W., Washington. 

BERMANN, Isidor Samuel Leopold, 
M. D.; mem. Washington Acad, of Sciences 
and Washington Med. Soc. Address: 1010 
I St., Washington. 

BERNADOU, John Raptiste, It. U. S. 
N. ; b. in Pa., 1858; 5. George W. and Helen 
(Hay) B. ; apptd. at large to Naval Acad., 
Sept. 22, 1876; midshipman, June 22, 1882; 
ensign (jr. grade), March 3, 1883; ensign, 
June 26, 1884; It. (jr. grade), July 1, 1892; 
It, June, 1896; comd. U. S. torpedo boat 
Winslow from Dec, 1897, and in war with 
Spain; wounded off Cardenas nr. Matanzas, 
Cuba, May 11, 189S. Author: A Trip Through 
Northern Korea in 1883-4. Translated from 
Russian: Pyro-Collodion Smokeless Pow- 
der; Question in Naval Tactics, by Admiral 
Makaroff, Russian Navy. Wrote: The De- 
velopment of the Resources of the United 

States for the Production of War Material, 
Annual Naval Intelligence; The Develop- 
ment of Smokeless Powder, Proc. U. S. Na- 
val Inst.; Liquid Fuel, Naval Inst.; Korea 
and the Koreans, Nat. Geographic Mag. 
Address: Care Navy Dept., Washington. 

BERNAYS, Angnstns Charles, M. D.; b. 

Highland, 111., Oct. 13, 1854; grad. McKen- 
dree Coll., 1872; M. D., Heidelberg, Ger- 
many, 1876; mem. Royal Coll. of Surgeons, 
London, Nov. 27, 1877; settled in practice at 
St. Louis, 1878; inventor of improved meth- 
ods in operative surgery; noted as a teacher 
of anatomy and surg. pathology and did 
much in introducing antiseptic method of 
surgery in the U. S. Unmarried. Address: 
3623 Laclede Av., St. Louis. 

BERNHARDT, Sarah, actress, mgr. The- 
atre Sarah Bernhardt and Theatre Renais- 
sance, Paris; b. Paris, 1844; convent Cath- 
olic education; studied in Paris Conserva- 
toire; debut, Comedie Francaises Theatre in 
Iphigenie. Has appeared in many leading 
tragic roles. Sculpture and painting a 
recreation. Has made several tours in U. 
S. Address: 56 Boul. Pereire, Paris, France. 

BERNSTROM, Victor, wood engraver; b. 
Stockholm, Sweden. Pupil Royal Acad., 
Sweden. Awarded medal World's Colum- 
bian Expn.; exhibited at Paris Expn., 1900. 
Mem. Soc. Am. Wood Engravers and Nat. 
Arts Club, New York. Address: Grand View, 
N. Y. 

BERRY, Albert Seaton, ex-congress- 
man, lawyer; b. Campbell Co., Ky. ; ed. 
Miami Univ. and Cincinnati Law School; 
State senator 2 terms; mayor of Newport 5 
terms; mem. Congress, 1893-1901, 6th Ky. 
dist. ; Democrat. Home: Newport, Ky. 

BERRY, James Henderson, U. S. sena- 
tor from Ark., 1885-1907; b. Jackson Co , 
Ala., May 15, 1841; removed to Ark., 1848; 
ed. private school; studied law; admitted to 
bar, 1866; entered C. S. army, 1861; 2d It. 
16th Ark. inf.; lost a leg at Corinth, Miss., 
Oct. 4, 1862; mem. Ark. legislature 1866, 1872 
and (Speaker) 1874; judge circuit court, 
1878; gov., 1882; Democrat. Home: Benton- 
ville, Ark. 

BERRY, Joseph P. (Rev.), editor Ep- 
worth Herald. Address: 57 Washington St., 

BERRYMAN, Clifford Kennedy, car- 
toonist Washington Post, since 1896; b. Ver- 
sailles, Woodford Co., Ky., April 2, 1869; 
s. James T. and Sallie C. B. ; early ed'n 
country school; grad. Prof. Henry's School 
for Boys, Versailles, 1886; m. Washington, 
July 5, 1893, Kate G. Durfee. Went to 
Washington in 1886 and secured position in 
U. S. Patent Office to make drawings. Nev- 
er took lessons in drawing, but never lost 
an opportunity to improve his talent; be- 
gan career as artist for Post in 1891, and 
when the Post's cartoonist, George Y. Cof- 
fin, died, succeeded him. Author: Berry- 
man's Cartoons, 1900 Lll. Post cartoons 
have been copied in many leading news- 
papers and mags. Address: 1241 G St. N. E., 



BERTRAM, Helen (Lulu May Burt), op- 
eratic singer; b. Tuscola, 111.; studied at 
Coll. Music, Cincinnati; sang at Indian- 
apolis as Yum Yum in Mikado and in 
Erminie. Took stage name of Helen Ber- 
tram and appeared in New York as Jose- 
phine in Pinafore; soon after joined Emma 
Abbott's co. and in 188S was with. C. D. 
Hess. Has been a member of Conreid 
Opera Co., McCaull's co. and Casino, New 
York; later with The Bostonians. 

BERWALD, William Henry, music 
teacher, composer; b. Schwerin, Mecklen- 
burg, N. Germany, Dec, 1864; s. Wilhelm 
and Emilie Berwald; grad. public schools; 
studied music at Munich and Stuttgart un- 
der Prof. Joseph Rheinberger and Dr. 
Faisst; conductor orchestra and chorus 2 
yrs. in Russia; came to U. S., Sept., 1892; 
entered Syracuse Univ. as instr. piano and 
theory of music; made full prof. June, 1893. 
Composer of many pieces of various kinds. 
Address: 908 Madison St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

BESSEY, Charles Edwin, prof, botany, 
Univ. of Neb., since 1884; b. on farm, Mil- 
ton, Wayne Co , O., May 21, 1845; j. Adnah 
and Margaret (Ellenberger) B.; grad. (B. 
Sc), Mich. Agrl. Coll., 1869; (M. Sc, 1872: 
Ph. D., Univ. of Iowa, 1879; LL. D., Iowa 
Coll., 1898); studied with Dr. Asa Gray at 
Harvard, 1872 and 1875-6; m. Dec. 25, 1873, 
Lucy Athearn, West Tisbury, Martha's 
Vineyard, Mass. Prof, botany, Iowa Agrl. 
Coll., 1870-84; acting chancellor Univ. of 
Neb., 1888-91, and 1899-1900; fellow A. A. A. 
S. ; mem. Bot. Soc. of Am., and many other 
scientific societies. Bot. editor American 
Naturalist (Phila.), 1880-97; of Science (New 
York), since 1897; of Johnson's Cyclopedia 
since 1893. Author: Geography of Iowa, 1876; 
Botany for High Schools and Colleges, 1S80, 
H4; The Essentials of Botany, 1884, H4; 
Elementary Botanical Exercises, 1892, M9; 
also many scientific papers and reviews. 
Edited McNab's Morphology, Physiology 
and Classification of Plants, H4. Address: 
1504 S St., Lincoln, Neb. 

BEST, Geoge Newton, pnysician, bot- 
anist; b. Round Valley, N. J., Oct. 16, 1846; 
attended Lafayette Coll. (Class '73) ; grad. 
Univ. of Pa. med. dept., 1875; m. 1877, Han- 
nah W. Wilson. Engaged in practice of 
medicine; also botanist, making a spl. study 
of mosses, his bryological contributions in- 
cluding: Revision of the N. Am. Thuidiums, 
1896; Revision of the Claopodiums, 1897; Re- 
vision of the N. Am. Pseudoleskeas, 1900. 
Address: Rosemont, N. J. 

BETHEA, Solomon Hicks, U. S. atty. 
Northern Dist. 111., apptd. Nov., 1898; .r. 
William Wilson and Emily (Green), B. ; for- 
merly practiced at Dixon, 111.; Republican. 
Address: 537 Monadnock Bldg., Chicago. 

BETHUNE, Lonise, architect; b. Water- 
loo, N. Y., 1856; d. Prof. Dalson W. and Em- 
ma M. (Williams) Blanchard; grad. Buffalo 
High School, 1874; studied architecture and 
was a draughtsman, 1876-81; opened inde- 
pendent office, 1881, becoming the first wom- 
an architect in the U. S. ; soon after mar- 
ried Robert A. Bethune, architect, with 

whom she has since practiced. Only woman 
mem. Am. Inst, of Architects. Address: 215 
Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

BETTMAN, Bernhardt, U. S. collector of 
internal revenue, Cincinnati; b. Weidnitz, 
Bavaria, Aug. 2, 1834; ed. there; came to 
Cincinnati, 1850; m. Oct. 26, 1859, Matilda 
Wald. Pres. bd. of gov'rs of Hebrew Union 
Coll. since 1875; pres. United Jewish Chari- 
ties; pres. Golden Jubilee Saengerfest, 1899, 
of German Day Assn. ; etc. Residence : 858 
Lexington Av., Avondale. Office: Govern- 
ment Bldg., Cincinnati. 

BETTS, B. Frank, M. D. ; b. Warminster. 
Pa., Dec, 1845; ed. in private schools; grad. 
Hahnemann Med. Coll. of Phila., 1868; spl. 
study in Europe, 1868-70; since then in prac- 
tice in Phila.; m. Nov. 17, 1871, Lucy C. 
Corse, Baltimore. Prof, physiology and 
microscopic anatomy, Hahnemann Coll., 
1873; organized dept. gynecology, 1876, re- 
maining prof, till 1893; lecturer on hy- 
giene 3 yrs., and diseases of children 5 yrs. 
Consulting gynecologist to the Hahnemann 
Med. Coll. Hosp. and the Woman's Homeo- 
pathic Hosp. of Phila.; mem. Am. Inst, of 
Homeopathy, Homeopathic Med. Soc. of Pa., 
Am. Acad. Political and Social Science, etc. 
Address: 1609 Girard Av., Philadelphia. 

BETTS, Craven Langstroth, author; b. 
St. John, New Brunswick, April 23, 1853; 
.y. Hiram and Sarah Ann (Purdy) B. ; de- 
scended from Old Colonial New England 
stock and of United Empire Loyalists; ed. 
there; removed to New York, 1879; went in- 
to business life and pursued literary stu- 
dies. Not married. Author: Songs from 
Beranger (translation of 61 chansons), S8; 
The Perfume Holder, A Persian Love Story, 
XI; Tales of a Garrison Town (with Arthur 
Wentworth Eaton); a Garland of Sonnets; 
also many poems in mags., etc. Residence: 
450 Manhattan Av. Address: Salmagundi 
Club, 14 W. 12th St., New York. 

BETTS, Lonis, artist; b. Little Rock, Ark., 
Oct. 5, 1873; 5. Edwin Daniel B., artist; ed. 
St. Louis, 1881; Muskegon, Mich., 1884; New 
York, 1886; Davenport, la., 1887; Oakland, 
Calif., 1889; m. Chicago, July 7, 1899, Gio- 
vanni M. Kurzenknabe. Began artistic work 
as child of 7 yrs. Is represented in public 
collections at Chicago Press Club (portraits 
of Luther Laflin Mills and Charles Eugene 
Banks) ; portrait at Dearborn Observatory, 
Evanston, 111., of Prof. G. W. Hough; also 
portrait of Franklin W. Tracy, banker, 

' Springfield, 111. Address: 14 Tree Studio 
Bldg., Chicago. 

BEUTENMULLER, "William, curator 

dept. entomology, Am. Museum Natural 
History since 1889; b. Hoboken, N. J., March 
31, 1864; ed. in public and private schools 
and business coll., New York; pres. N. Y. 
Entom. Soc Author: Butterflies; Moths; al- 
so over 100 articles on entomology in scien- 
tific mags. Editor Journal N. Y. Entom. 
Soc. Address: Am. Museum Natural His- 
tory, New York. 
BEVERIDGE, Alhert J., U. S. senator 
from Ind., 1899-1905; b. on a farm on border 
of Adams and Highland counties, O., Oct. 



G, 1862; family moved to 111. after war; at- 
tended common and high schools, Sullivan, 
111.; grad. De Pauw Univ., Ind., 1885; m. 
Nov. 24, 1887, Katherine Langsdale, Green- 
castle, Ind. (died June 18, 1900). From age 
of 12 led a life of privations; plowboy at 
12, railroad laborer at 14, logger and team- 
ster at 15, then attended high school. Read 
law in office of Senator McDonald, became 
managing clerk; admitted to bar and was 
associated with McDonald & Butler until he 
began practice for himself; identified with 
many important cases; well known as ora- 
tor and Republican campaign speaker. 
Home: Indianapolis, Ind. 
BEVERIDGE, John Lonrie, ex-gov. 111.; 
b. Greenwich, Washington Co., N. Y., July 
6, 1824; j. George and Ann (Hoy) B.; went 
with father's family to DeKalb Co., 111., 
1842; ed. in N. Y. and in 1843-5 Rock River 
Sem., Mt. Morris, Ogle Co., 111.; m. Chicago, 
Jan. 20, 1848, Helen M. Judson. In autumn 
of 1S45 went south; taught school in Tenn. 
Read law and licensed there. In 1851 re- 
turned to 111.; located at Sycamore; in 1854 
removed to Evanston, 111., and opened office 
in Chicago; removed to Calif., 1895; enlisted 
Aug., 1861; served as maj. 8th 111. cav. in 
army of Potomac; was in battles of Fair 
Oaks, Malvern Hill, Fredericksburg and 
Gettysburg; in winter of 1863-4 recruited and 
organized 17th 111. cav.: commissioned col. 
and served in dept. of Mo.; bvtd. brig.-gen., 
mustered out Feb. 6, 1866; elected sheriff 
Cook Co., 111., 1866; state senator, 1870; con- 
gressman-at-large to succeed Gen. John A. 
Logan, who had been elected to U. S. sen- 
ate, in 1871; in Nov., 1872, elected It. gov., 
111., on Rep. ticket with Gen. Richard J 
Oglesby as gov.; upon Gov. Oglesby's elec- 
tion to the U. S. senate, Jan., 1873, suc- 
ceeded to the gubernatorial chair and served 
full term, 4 yrs., save 10 days. Apptd. Dec, 
1881, asst. treas. of U. S. at Chicago; re- 
signed Sept., 1884. Address: Hollywood, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BEVERIDGE, Ktihne, sculptor; b. Spring- 
field, 111., Oct. 31, 1877; d. Philo J. and Ella 
B. ; g. d. ex-Gov. John L. Beveridge; m. 
Charles Coghlan (now deceased), Oct. 25, 
1893. Pupil of William Rudolph O'Donovan, 
N. Y., and Rodin, Paris. Exhibited at Nat. 
Acad., New York; Royal Acad., London; 
Salon Champs de Mars, Paris; Paris Expn., 
1900. Honorable mention, Paris, 1900. Stu- 
dio: 7 rue Scribe, Paris, France. 

BEYER, Frederick Charles, managing 
editor Cleveland Leader since 1892; b. Way- 
land, N. Y., March 8, 1858; s. Charles Henry 
and Elizabeth Ann (Crawford) B. ; ed. Co- 
hocton, N. Y., 1864-72; Medina, N. Y., 1872- 
4; m. Aug. 27, 1879, Youngstown, O., Ida M. 
McGuigan. Began to learn printer's trade, 
Medina, N. Y., 1874; 2 yrs. later foreman 
Wayland (N. Y.) Press office; worked as 
printer until 1880; since then on staff Cleve- 
land Leader, telegraph editor, reporter, 
night and asso. editor till 1892. Address: 254 
Hough Av., Cleveland, O. 

BEYER, George Eugene, prof, biology, 
Tulane Univ.; b. Dresden, Saxony, Ger- 

many, Sept. 9, 1861; s. Otto and Henrietta 
von Reitzenstein B. ; ed. in Dresden, 1867-70; 
then Realschule I. Ordnung, Plauen (Vogt- 
land). Saxony and Dresden, until April, 
1S79; sp'l studies in biology, bionomics, etc., 
in Dresden and Berlin under Dr. Alfred 
Brehm (author of Brehm's Thierleben), Dr. 
Otto Standinger (entomologist), Dr. Engel- 
hart, botanist, etc.; left Germany in 1880; 
traveled as naturalist in Central and South 
America, 1881-3; settled in New Orleans at 
the end of 1883; curator vertebrata Tulane 
Museum, 1893; instr. natural history, 1895; 
asst. prof., 1896; prof., 1899; m. Mildred, 
eldest d. Maj. William M. Robinson, New 
Orleans Picayune. Mem. Am. Micros. Soc, 
Am. Ornithologists' Union, La. Naturalists' 
Soc, La. Hist. Soc, advisory council Bird- 
lore and Audubon socs., sp'l insp. Biol. Sur- 
vey U. S. Dept. of Agri. Wrote contribu- 
tions on the Life Histories of certain 
Snakes, 1899; Complete Fauna of Batra- 
chians and Reptiles of Louisiana, 1897; the 
Avifauna of La., 1899; The Ivory-billed 
Woodpecker in La., 1900; An Interesting 
Hybrid, 1900; 4 yrs.' consecutive reports on 
original archaeol. investigations in La., La. 
Hist. Soc, 1896-1900. Residence: 1457 Cal- 
houn St., New Orleans. 

BEYER, Gustav, retired furrier, ento- 
mologist; b. Baerenstein, Saxony, July 5, 
1840; ed. Wolkenstein, Saxony; came to U. 
S., 1861; built up large fur business from 
which be has recently retired; also an en- 
tomologist and has one of the largest known 
private collections of American beetles. 
Address: 511 E. 117th St., New York. 

BEYER, Samuel Walker, prof, geology 
and mining eng'ring, Iowa State Coll.; b. 
Clearfield, Pa., May 15, 1865; grad. Iowa 
State Coll., 1889; (Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 
1895) ; m. June 22, 1893, Jennie Morrison, 
Hedrick, la. Is a mem. of Iowa geol. sur- 
vey; mem. Geol. Soc. of Washington; fel- 
low Iowa Acad, of Sciences; Geol. Soc. of 
America; delegate to Internat. Geol. Con- 
gress, St. Petersburg, 1897. Author: The 
Sioux Quartzite and Certain Associated 
Rocks; Geology of Boone, Marshall, Story 
and Hardin counties, Iowa; etc. Address: 
Ames, la. 

ItlBBINS, Arthur, director museum and 
instr. geology, The Woman's Coll. of Bal- 
timore; post-graduate work in Johns Hop- 
kins; mem. Md. geol. survey and Geol. Soc, 
Washington, etc. Residence: 2307 N. Charles 
St. Office: The Woman's Coll of Baltimore. 

BICKPORD, Walter Mansur, lawyer; b. 
Newburg, Me., Feb. 25, 1852; ed. Central 
Inst., Pittsfield, Me.; admitted to Pa. bar, 
1878; m. Oct. 16, 1878, Emma S. Woodford, 
Jamestown, N. Y. ; removed to Mont.; mem. 
last Territorial council, State capital com- 
m'n, Constitutional Conv. ; comm'r World's 
Columbian Exp'n; defeated for supreme 
judge 1st State election; Democrat. Residence: 
Missoula, Mont. Office: Butte, Mont. 

DICKMORE, Albert Smith, professor in 
charge Dept. Public Instr. Am. Museum 
Natural History since 1885; b. St. George, 
Me., March 1, 1839; grad. Dartmouth, 1860; 



studied under Agassiz at Lawrence Scien- 
tific School, Harvard; traveled in Malay 
Archipelago and Eastern Asia, 1865-9; was 
prof, natural history Madison Univ. Author: 
Travels in East Indian Archipelago; The 
Ainos or Hairy Men of Jesso; Sketch of a 
Journey from Canton toHangkow. Residence: 
264 W. 71st St. Office: Am. Museum of Nat- 
ural History, New York. , 

BICKNELL, Frank Martin, author; b. 
Melrose, Mass., Jan. 24, 1854; grad. English 
High School, Boston, 1872. Went into a 
corporation office on leaving school; then 
into a business counting-room. Gave up 
business, 1888, and visited Europe; has since 
given entire attention to literature, writing 
stories for St. Nicholas, Harper's Young 
People, Youth's Companion, Outing, New 
York Evening Post, etc. Author: The City 
of Stories, 1897 E2; The Apprentice Boy, 
1897 E2; The Bicycle Highwayman, 1900 
E3. Residence: 14 Leland St., Maiden, Mass. 

BICKNELL,, Thomas "Williams, teach- 
er, author, editor, publisher; b. Barrington, 
R. L, Sept. 6, 1834; grad. Brown, 1860 (A. 
M.); (hon. A. M., Amherst, 1880; LL. D., 
Drury Coll. and Straight Univ., 1882); m. 
Sept., 1860, Amelia D. Blanding (died Aug., 
1896). Teacher and prin. schools, 1860-9; 
comm'r of ed'n, R. I., 1869-75; founder, edi- 
tor and publisher N. E. Journal of Educa- 
tion, Education, and Primary Teacher, 
1875-86; founder (1880) and pres. (1880-4) Nat. 
Council of Ed'n; pres. Am. Inst, of Inst'n, 
1878; pres. Nat. Edn'l Assn., 1884; pres. In- 
ternat. Sunday School Assn., 1884; mem. R. 
I. legislature, 1860; Mass. legislature, 1888- 
90; pres. Bicknell Family Assn.; Repub- 
lican; founder and sec. Municipal League, 
Providence. Author: Biography of William 
L. Noyes, 1867, Lll; Reports as School Com- 
missioner, 1869-75; Annals of Barrington, R. 
I., 1870 XI; The Bicknells (4 vols.), 1880-8 
XI; John Mvles and Toleration, 1888 XI; 
The History of Barrington, R. I., 1898 XI; 
Barrington in the Revolution, 1898 XI. 
Residence: 254 Pleasant St. Office: 49 West- 
minster St., Providence, R. I. 

BTDDLE, Anthony Joseph Drexel, au- 
thor, publisher; b. W. Phila., Oct. 1, 1874, 
eldest s. Edward and Emily (Drexel) B. ; 
ed. private school, Phila., and Heidelberg; 
lived in Madeira Islands, studying condi- 
tions there and collecting material for 
his work on those islands, returning to U. 
S. 1891; reporter Phila. Public Ledger, 1891- 
3; contributed to mags, and humorous jour- 
nals; edited Phila. Sunday Graphic, 1895-6; 
was stockholder Drexel-Biddle & Bradley 
Publishing Co., 1895-7; since then head of 
publishing house of Drexel Biddle; m. Pitts- 
burg, Pa., June 11, 1895, Cordelia Rundell 
Bradley. Fellow Royal Geog. Soc, Am. 
Geog. Soc. ; mem. Am. Numismatic and 
Archaeolog. Soc; Dept. of Archaeology and 
Palaeontology of Univ. of Pa., etc. Also 
well known amateur boxer and all-round 
athlete. Author: A Dual Role and Other 
Stories, 1894; All Around Athletics, 1894; 
An Allegory and Three Essays, 1894; The 
Froggy Fairy Book, I89G; The Second 
Froggy Fairy Book, 1897; Shanty town 

Sketches, 1898; Word for Word and Letter 
for Letter, 1898; The Flowers of Life, 1898; 
A Biographical Romance, 1898; The Madeira 
Islands (2 vols.), 1896, 1900 (all B14). 
Residence: 2104 Walnut St. Office: 228 S. 4th 
St., Philadelphia. 
BIDDLE, Craig, pres. judge court of com- 
mon pleas No. 1, Phila. since 1875; b. Phila., 
Jan. 10, 1823; s. Nicholas B., 1786-1844; grad. 
Princeton, 1841 (A. M., LL. D.); admitted 
to bar, 1844; maj. on staff of Gen. Robert 
Patterson, 1861, and served in Shenandoah 
Valley; then on staff of Gov. Andrew G. 
Curtin, organizing new regts. ; served as 
private on invasion of Pa. by Confederates, 
1863. Address: 2033 Pine St., Philadelphia. 

BIDWELL, George Rogers, collector 
port of New York since July 14, 1897; b. 
Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1858; common school 
ed'n; m'f'r of bicycles in 1884; one of or- 
ganizers and ex-v.-p. League of Am. Wheel- 
men; active in Good Roads movement; v. -p. 
New York Rep. Co. Com. Residence: Hotel 
Endicott. Office: Custom House, New York. 

BIEDERBICK, Henry, in U. S. Customs 
Service since 1887; b. Waldbeck, Germany, 
Jan. 25, 1859; j. Chr. Fr. and Frederike 
(Pohlmann) B. ; grad. Gymnasium, Corbach 
in Waldeck and studied chemistry and 
pharmacy; m. Brooklyn, May 20, 1886, Au- 
gusta Lehmann. Immigrated to U. S., 1879; 
served on Lady Franklin Bay (Greely arc- 
tic expdn.), 1881-4, as hosp. steward and 
asst. to naturalist; fellow Am. Geog. Soc; 
mem. Arctic Club; hon. mem. Polar Re- 
search Club, Phila., and other Geog. clubs 
and socs. Residence: 11 Ogden PI., Jersey 
City, N. J. Business Address: U. S. Custom 
House, New York. 

BIEN, J ml ins, artist, lithographer; b. 
Hesse-Cassel, Germany, Sept., 1826; m. Miss 
A. M. Brown, Phila. Came to U. S., 1849; 
began business on small scale (1850) with 
one lithographic hand-press; filled in spare 
time painting portraits and banners; be- 
came specialist in scientific and artistic 
lithography; illus., 1852, American Loco- 
motives and Railroads (by Colburn & Hol- 
ly) ; later illus. Coast Survey Reports, Pa- 
cific Ry. surveys; Hayden's and Powell's 
expdns., and many other Gov't and State 
reports. Now head of Julius Bien & Co., 
lithographers; pres., 1889-95, Nat. Litho- 
graphers' Assn. ; mem. many scientific socs. 
Residence: 321 W. 57th St. Office: 140 6th 
Av., New York. 

BIERCE, Ambrose, author, journalist; b. 
Ohio, 1842; served as line officer during 
Civil war; bv'td maj. for distinguished 
services; went to Calif., 1866; went to Lon- 
don, 1872, contributing to Fun fables, pur- 
porting to be translations from Zambri, the 
Parsee (published in vol. Cobwebs from an 
Empty Skull, 1874); returned to Calif., and 
contributed to Overland Monthly, edited 
Argonaut and Wasp; for many yrs. con- 
tributed Prattle columns in San Francisco 
Examiner. Author: Cobwebs from an Empty 
Skull, 1874, F5; The Monk and the Hang- 
man's Daughter (with Dr. A. Danziger), 
1892 S10; Black Beetles in Amber, 1892; 



Can Such Things Be?, 1893 CI; In the 
Midst of Life (former title, Tales of Sol- 
diers and Civilians), 1898 P2; Fantastic 
Fables, 1899 P2. Address: 18 Iowa Circle, 

BIERSTADT, Albert, landscape painter; 
b. nr. Diisseldorf, Germany, Jan. 7, 1830; 
came in infancy to New Bedford, Mass. ; 
showed talent for art; studied 4 yrs. in Eu- 
rope, 1853-7; made repeated visits to the 
West and to Europe; specialty is pictures 
of scenes in Rocky Mountains, Sierras, and 
Switzerland; mem. of Nat. Acad, since 1860; 
has been awarded many foreign medals and 
the crosses of the Legion of Honor and St. 
Stanislaus. Address: 322 5th Av., New York. 

BIGELOW; see also Biglow. 

BIGELOW, Edith Evelyn, author; b. 
New York, Dec. 23, 1861; d. Edward S. Jaff- 
ray; ed. privately, New York; m. New York, 
April 16, 1884, Poultney Bigelow. Author: 
Diplomatic Disenchantments, HI. Has 
written short stories in Lippincott's, as well 
as two novelettes: Beautiful Mrs. Thorn- 
dyke, The Duke and the Commoner; short 
stories in the Century, Woman's Home 
Companion, St. Nicholas, The Smart Set; 
also London Letter in Harper's Bazar for 
some time. In Dec, 1900, gained $1,000 prize 
in Smart Set, novel competition, for novel 
the Middle Course. Address: 10 Elm Park 
Gardens, London. 

BIGELOW, Edward Fuller, nature lec- 
turer, writer of outdoor and scientific lit- 
erature; b. Colchester, Conn., Jan. 14, 1860; 
s. William S. and Mary J. B.; prep, ed'n 
Bacon Acad., Colchester; sp'l student Biol. 
Laboratory, Yale Univ., 1896-7; student Biol. 
Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, L. I., 1899; 
Nature Study School, Coll. of Agr., King- 
ston, R. I., 1899; Nature Study Class, Marine 
Biol. Laboratory, Woods Holl, Mass., 1900; 
also studied at Nature Study School, Cor- 
nell Univ. (A. M., Ph. D., Taylor Univ.); 
m. Portland, Conn., July 2, 1882, Mary Au- 
gusta Pelton. Editor "Nature and Science" 
dept, St. Nicholas Mag.; has taken many 
parties of boys and girls (about 4,500 in 
1900) on natural history excursions; for 3 
yrs. editor of Popular Science, New York; 
formerly for 8 yrs. editor The Observer, 
naturalist mag.; 10 yrs. a teacher, 8 yrs. 
editor daily papers; 2 yrs. pres. Conn. Edi- 
torial Assn. ; nature lecturer for New York 
Bd. of Ed'n and several private schools in 
New York and elsewhere; nature lecturer 
Martha's Vineyard Inst, for Teachers; has 
lectured on Nature Study at Cornell Univ., 
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, etc., Mem. 
A. A. A. S., Brooklyn Inst. Arts and Sci- 
ences, New York Micros. Soc, Audubon 
Soc. of Conn., etc. Author (and designer): 
Bigelow's Descriptive Plant Analysis, W22. 
Address: Stamford, Conn. 

BIGELOW, Frank Hagar, meteorologist, 
clergyman; b. Concord, Mass., Aug. 28, 1851; 
5. Francis Edwin and Ann (Hagar) B.; grad. 
Harvard, 1873 (A. M., 1880); Episcopal Theol. 
School, Cambridge (B. D., 1880); L. H. D., 
Columbian Univ., 1899; m. Oct. 6, 1881, Mary 
E. Spalding. Astronomer at Cordoba Obs., 

Argentine Republic, 1873-6 and 1881-3; took 
part in Dr. B. A. Gould's exploration of 
the Southern Heavens; prof, mathematics, 
Racine Coll., 1884-9; asst. Nautical Almanac 
Office, 1889-91, and mem. U. S. Eclipse Ex- 
pdn. to W. Africa, 1889; prof, meteorology 
U. S. Weather Bureau, since 1891; prof, 
solar physics, Columbian Univ., since 1894; 
pres. Washington Philos. Soc, 1898; mem. 
Internat. Cloud Com'n, since 1898. Author 
of scientific papers on Astron. subjects; on 
Solar and Terrestrial Magnetism in their 
relations to meteorology; of the Weather 
Bureau Report on the Internat. Cloud Ob- 
servations of 1896-7; on the Barometry of 
the United States; on the Solar Eclipse of 
May 28, 1900. Is also P. E. clergyman, or- 
dained 1880; asst. minister St. John's Ch., 
Washington, since 1890. Address: 1625 Mass. 
Av., Washington. 

BIGELOW, Herbert Seely, Independent 
Cong'l clergyman; b. Elkhart, Ind., Jan. 4, 
1870; s. Alpheus A. and Emma M. B. ; ed. 
public schools, Elkhart, Ind. ; Oberlin pre- 
paratory dept., and grad. Western Reserve 
Univ., and Lane Theol. Sem. ; m. Columbus, 
O., Sept. 10, 1894, Margaret N. Doane. Now 
pastor Vine St. Cong'l Ch. Prominent in 
social reform movements; contributor to lib- 
eral press; lecturer. Address: 536 W. 7th 
St., Cincinnati. 

BIGELOW, John, author; b. Maiden, Uls- 
ter Co., N. Y., Nov. 25, 1817; grad. Union 
Coll., 1835; (LL. D., Union and Racine 
Coll., 1886; Univ. City of New York, 1889); 
admitted to bar; insp. Sing Sing prison, 
1845-6; one of the editors New York Even- 
ing Post, 1849-61; consul at Paris, France, 
1861-4; U. S. minister to France, 1864-7; 
chmn. of Gov. Tilden's canal investigating 
com., 1875; sec. of State, N. Y., 1875-7. 
Executor and trustee of late Samuel J. Til- 
den; pres. bd. of trustees New York Public 
Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden's founda- 
tions. Author: Molinos the Quietist; France 
and the Confederate Navy; Life of William 
Cullen Bryant; Life of Samuel J. Tilden (2 
vols.); Some Recollections of Edouard La- 
boulaye; The Mystery of Sleep; also many 
mag. articles. Editor: A Life of Franklin 
(written by himself, 3 vols.); The Complete 
Writings of Franklin (10 vols.); Writings 
and Speeches of Samuel J. Tilden. Address: 
Highland Falls-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

BIGELOW, John, Jr., capt. 10th U. S. 
cav.; b. New York, May 12, 1854; .s. John B.; 
ed. in Paris, Bonn, Berlin, Freiberg and 
Providence, R. I.; grad. West Point, 1877; 
since then in service as officer in the 10th 
U. S. cav.; adjt.-gen. Dist. of Columbia 
militia, 1887-^; prof. mil. science, Mast. 
Inst. Technology, 1894-8; went to front in 
war against Spain; wounded in attack on 
San Juan, July 1, 1898; m. 1883. Author: 
Principles of Strategy; Reminiscences of the 
Santiago Campaign. Address: Care Adjt.- 
Gen. U. S. A., Washington. 

BIGELOW, Marshall Train, printer and 
proof reader (retired June 17, 1893) ; b. S. 
Natick, Mass., Oct. 5, 1822; 5. Abraham B. ; 
ed. S. Natick, 6 months in each yr. from 4 



to 10 yrs. of age; received hon. deg. from 
Harvard, 1864; m. Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 21, 
1847, Caroline P. Warland (now deceased). 
Pres. common council, Cambridge, and 
mem. bd. aldermen, same; treas. First Par- 
ish, Cambridge, several yrs.; was Repub- 
lican, now Cleveland Democrat. Author: 
Punctuation and Other Typographic Matters, 
1881; Mistakes in Writing English and How 
to Avoid Them, 18S6. Address: 4 Channing 
St., Cambridge, Mass. 
BIGELOW, Melville Madison, lawyer, 
author; b. Eaton Rapids, Mich., Aug 2, 
1846; grad. Univ. of Mich., 1866; Harvard, 
(Ph. D., 1879); established as lawyer at 
Boston. Author: The Law of Estoppel, 1872- 
90 L6; Leading Cases in the Law of Torts, 
1875 L6; The Law of Torts, 1878-1901 L6; 
Placita Anglo-Normannica, 1879 F5; History 
of English Procedure, 18S0 Ml; The Law of 
Fraud on its Civil Side, 1888-90 L6; The 
Law of Bills, Notes and Cheques, 1893-1900 
L6; The Law of Wills, 1898 L6. Address: 
944 Tremont Bldg., Boston. 

BIGELOW, Ponltney, author; b. New 
York, Sept. 10, 1855; s. John B., U. S. min- 
ister to France and author; grad. Acad. 
Norwich, Conn., also schools and tutors in 
France and Germany; grad. Yale, 1879; Co- 
lumbia Law School, 1882; admitted to N. Y. 
bar, 1882, but after a few yrs. gave up law 
for journalism and authorship. Took voy- 
age around the world in sailing ship, 1875-6; 
wrecked, on Japan coast; traveled in China, 
on the south and east coast of Africa, West 
Indies, Demerara, and the Philippines; has 
taken canoe voyages on the prin. waters of 
Europe; was the first to take a canoe 
through the Iron Gates of the Danube. Fel- 
low Royal Geog. Soc, London; life mem. 
Am. Geographical Soc; New York Hist. 
Soc. ; lecturer at Yale, Columbia, Princeton 
and Chicago on modern history and colonial 
administration; was corr. for London Times 
during Spanish-Am. war. Author: The Ger- 
man Emperor and His Neighbors; Paddles 
and Politics Down the Danube; The Border- 
land of Czar and Kaiser; History of the Ger- 
man Struggle for Liberty; White Man's 
Africa; etc. Address: Reform Club, London, 
and Century Club, New York. 

BIGELOW, Robert Payne, instr. biol- 
ogy since 1893 and librarian since 1895, Mass. 
Inst. Technology; b. Baldwinsville, N. Y., 
July 10, 1863; .?. Otis B. ; grad. Harvard (S. 
B.), 1887; fellow Johns Hopkins, 1891-3 (Ph. 
D., 1892). Editor American Naturalist, 1897- 
8, and editor Technology Quarterly since 
1895. Author number of papers on zool. sub- 
jects. Not married. Address: Inst, of Tech- 
nology, Boston. 

BIGELOW, Willard Dell, asst. chemist, 
U. S. Dept. Agr. since July 1, 1891; b. Gard- 
ner, Kan., May 31, 1866; j. William I. and 
Jennie Lytle B.; grad. Amherst Coll., 1889; 
m. College Park, Md., April 9, 1896, Nancy 
M. Nesbit. Asst. prof, chemistry, Ore. State 
Coll., 1889-90; instr. chemistry, Washington 
High Schools, 1890-91; prof, chemistry, Nat. 
Univ., Washington, 1893-8; now asst. in 
charge food investigations, U. S. Dept. Agr. 

Frequent contributor to chem. journals. 
Address: Dept. of Agr., Washington. 

BIGGS, Benjamin T., farmer, ex-gov. ; b. 
Oct. 1, 1821, Summit Bridge, Del. ; became 
farmer, 1847; mem. State constitutional 
conv., 1852; later officer and pres. ry. cor- 
porations; mem. Congress, 1869-71; gov. 
Del., 1887-91; Democrat. Address: Dover, 

BIGGS, Hermann M., M. D.; b. Trumana- 
burg, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1859; grad. Cornell, 
1882, and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 1883; 
m. Frances M. Richardson, Hornellsville, 
N. Y., Aug. 18, 1898. Pathologist and dir. 
bacteriol. laboratories, New York City 
health dept., 1892; prof, in Univ. and Belle- 
vue Hosp. Med. Coll. since 1887; dir. of 
Carnegie laboratory; attending physician 
Bellevue Hosp. and St. Vincent's Hosp. ; 
contributor to med. periodicals. Address: 5 
W. 58th St., New York. 

BIGLER, William H., A. M., M. D.; b. 

Phila., June 10, 1840; grad. Moravian Coll., 
Bethlehem, Pa.; m. 1865, Mary, d. Dr. Aug. 
W. Koch; studied 2 yrs. in Berlin and Er- 
langen Univs. ; prof, in Moravian Coll. 8 
yrs.; grad. Hahnemann Med. Coll., Phila., 
1871; connected with it ever since, becom- 
ing prof, physiology, 1891; prof, diseases of 
children since 1898; specialty, ophthalmol- 
ogy; mem. Am. Inst. Homoeopathy since 
1876; v.-p. Homoeopathic Med. Soc. of Pa., 
1886; pres. Homoeopathic Med. Soc, Phila., 
2 terms. Author of Syllabus of Lectures on 
Physiology, 1898. Address: 118 N. 17th St., 

BIGLOW; see also Bigelow. 

BIGLOW, Lucius Horatio, retired mer- 
chant; b. Brooklyn, May 26, 1833; .$. Lucius 
and Susan A. B.; ed. Burr Sem., Manches- 
ter, Vt. ; m. New York, 1876, Anna Graham, 
founder of the Biglow & Main Co.; pres. 
The Duncan Co. and Metropolitan Realty 
Co.; v.-p. The Maltine Co., and dir. in 
numerous other corporations. Residence: 
Ridgefield, Conn., and 340 West End Av., 
New York. 

BIIvLio, Philip Melanchthon, Pearson 
prof. Latin since 1881, dean since 1889, Pa. 
Coll.; b. Smithsburg, Md., Dec. 1, 1844; s. 
Christian I. and Barbara B.; ed. Smiths- 
burg, Md., and, 1860-1, N. C. Coll., Mt. 
Pleasant, N. C; grad. Pa. Coll, 1866 (Ph. 
D. Roanoke Coll., Va., 18S4) ; m. 1st, Get- 
tysburg, Pa., Dec. 28, 1869, Anna M. Wat- 
tles; 2d, Mifflinburg, Pa., Feb. 1, 1877. 
Emma J. Wolf. Prof. Latin and Greek, 
N. C. Coll., 1869-70; v.-prin. Md. Coll., Lu- 
therville, 1870-3; Ockershausen prof, phys- 
ics and astronomy, Pa. Coll., 1874-81; pres. 
Md. Luth. synod, 1888-9; editor Lutheran 
Quarterly (theological) since 1880; mem. 
Am. Philol. Soc; Luth. clergyman. Wrote: 
Faraday, the Scientist and Christian, 1877; 
Our Present Knowledge of the Sun, 1878; 
Educating Young Men for the Ministry, 
1885; Jesus, the Son of God, 1889; Melanch- 
thon's Apology of the Augsburg Confes- 
sion (Transl. from Latin), 1900 L13. Ad- 
dress: Gettysburg, Pa. 



BILL, Ledyard, author, publisher; b. Led- 
yard, Conn., May 14, 1836; ed. public 
schools; m. June 12, 1872, Sophia Earle, 
Brooklyn. Publisher, Louisville, Ky., 1859; 
New York, 1862-70; retired to Paxton, Mass. 
Has held the offices of selectman, overseer 
of port, town treas., school committeeman 
and town clerk. Mem. Mass. legislature. 
1801; State senator, 1894-5; Republican. 
Early an advocate of "Good Roads." Was 
chmn. the legislative com. that introduced 
bill and secured the first appropriation 
ever made to build State roads in Mass. 
Author: History of the Bill Family; A 
Winter In Florida; Climate of Minnesota: 
History of Paxton. Editor: Pen Sketches 
of the War. Address: Paxton, Mass. 

BILLINGS, Frank, M. D., dean and prof, 
medicine, Rush Med. Coll.; grad. North- 
western Univ. Med. School, 1881; physician 
at Cook Co., Presby'n and St. Luke's 
Hosps. Mem. and ex-pres. Chicago Med. 
Soc; mem. Chicago Medico-Legal Soc, 111. 
State Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn., and 
Assn. Am. Physicians. Residence: 35 22d 
St. Address: 100 State St., Chicago. 

BILLINGS, George Herrick, engineer, 
metallurgist; b. Taunton, Mass., Feb. 8. 
1845; J. Warren B. ; ed. at Pittsburg; m. 
A.pril 24, 1879, Harriet Ann Goodwin, mfr 
of cold drawn steel since 1889. Inventor 
of machines for drawing iron and steel 
bars for shafting and finishing rods. Con- 
tributor to current periodicals, papers upon 
chemistry, metallurgy, the manufacture of 
iron and steel, etc. Residence: 293 Com- 
monwealth Av. Office: 393 Dorchester Av., 

BILLINGS, John Shaw, surgeon, libra- 
rian; b. Switzerland Co., Ind., April 12, 
1839; grad. Miami Univ., 1857 (A. M., 1860); 
M. D., Ohio Med. Coll.; LL. D., Edin- 
burgh, 1884; Harvard, 1886; Buda-Pesth, 
1896; M. D., Munich, 1889, Dublin, 1892; D. 
C. L. Oxford, 1889. Demonstrator anato- 
my, Med. Coll. of Ohio, 1860-1; served in 
army as asst. surgeon and surgeon, reach- 
ing rank of It. -col. and deputy surgeon- 
gen., June 16, 1864; in hosp. service early in 
war; later med. insp. Army of Potomac; 
after war in various branches of service; 
taking charge of surgeon-gen's library. 
Charge of vital and social statistics, 11th 
census, his reports filling 6 vols.; retired 
from active service, at his own request, 
1895. Prof, of hygiene, Univ. of Pa., 1893-6; 
since 1896 dir. New York Public Library, 
Astor, Lenox and Tilden foundations. Mem. 
many Am. and foreign scientific socs. ; ex- 
tensive writer on med. and sanitary sub- 
jects. Author: Principles of Ventilation and 
Heating; Index Catalogue of the Library of 
the Surgeon-General's Office, U. S. Army 
(14 vols.); National Medical Dictionary (2 
vols.); and many other works. Address: 40 
Lafayette PI., New York. 

BILLINGS, Luther G., paymaster U. S 
N., retired, March, 1898; b. New York, 1836 
s. Hon. Andrew and Abbie (Sheldon) B. 
entered navy as acting asst. paymaster, Oct 
22, 1862, on U. S. S. Water Witch; took ac- 

tive part in engagement, June 4, 1864, when 
Water Witch was boarded by Confederates, 
several of whom, including their comdg. 
officer, he killed in hand to hand conflict, 
but was wounded and captured, taken to 
hosp. and later to prison; escaped from 
moving train, but was recaptured by aid 
of bloodhounds; imprisoned in Charleston 
and later in Libby prison; exchanged late 
in 1864; afterward served on various stas. ; 
was on the Wateree when it was carried 
about 500 yards inland during earthquake, 
Aug. 14, 1868; commissioned paymaster, U. 
S. N., May 4, 1866; gen. insp. pay corps, 
Sept., 1897, until retired with relative rank 
of capt. Address: 231 Summer St., Paterson, 
N. J. 

BILLINGSLEY, William Newton, pres. 
Burritt Coll. since 1S89; b. Pikeville, Tenn., 
Nov. 9, 1853; s. John M. and Hanah D. B. ; 
grad. Burritt Coll., 1873; engaged in teach- 
ing. Was prin. Eaton Inst. 2 yrs. Onward 
Sem., 10 yrs.; supt. public schools White 
Co., Tenn., 4 yrs.; pres. State Assn. Public 
School Officers, 1888-89; apptd. mem. State 
Text-Book comm'n, term 1899-1904; commr. 
Paris Exp'n, 1900. Not married. Address: 
Spencer, Tenn. 

BINGHAM, Edward Franklin, chief 
justice Supreme Court of D. C. since 1887; 
b. W. Concord, Vt., Aug. 13, 1828; ed. in 
Vt. and at Marietta Coll., O. ; m. 1st, Nov. 
21, 1850, Susannah F. Gunning (died Aug. 
2, 1886); 2d, Aug. 8, 1888, Melinda Caperton 
Patton. Admitted to practice by Ohio Su- 
preme Court, May, 1850; practiced la'r at 
Mc Arthur, O., 1850-61; at Columbus, O, 
1861-73; pros, atty., Vinton Co., O., 1850-5; 
solicitor city of Columbus, O., 1867-71; mem. 
Ohio legislature, 1856-7; judge common pleas 
and dist. courts, 5th jud. dist., Ohio, 1873- 
87; defeated as Dem. candidate for supreme 
bench of Ohio, 1881. Address: 1907 H St., 

BINGHAM, Henry Harrison, congress- 
man, 1879-1903, 1st Pa. dist.; b. Phila., Dec. 
4, 1841; grad. Jefferson Coll., 1862; studied 
law; entered Union army as It., 140th Pa. 
vols.; thrice wounded; mustered out, July, 
1866, as bvt. brig. -gen. vols.; postmaster, 
Phila., 1867-72; clerk courts of oyer and 
terminer and quarter sessions of the peace 
at Phila., 1872-8; Republican. Home: Phila- 

BINGHAM, Hiram, Cong'l missionary; 6. 
Honolulu, H. I., Aug. 16, 1831; s. Hiram 
and Sybil Moseley B. (pioneer missionaries 
to Hawaii, 1820); prep, ed'n Williston Sem., 
E. Hampton, Mass.; grad. Yale, 1853; 
studied divinity at Andover Theol. Sem., 
1854-5; (D. D., Yale, 1893; Western Reserve, 
1893; Oahu Coll., 1897); m. Northampton, 
Mass., Nov. 18, 1856, M. Clarissa Brewster. 
Prin. Northampton High School, 1853-4; in 
service Am. Bd. Comm'rs for Foreign Mis- 
sions since 1856; sailed as missionary from 
Boston, 1856; began pioneer work in Gilbert 
Islands, Nov., 1857; reduced language to 
writing; published first portion of Gilbertese 
Scriptures, 1860; in command missionary 
brig, Morning Star, 1866-8; corr. sec. Bd. 



of Hawaiian Evang. Assn., 1877-80; Hawaii- 
an govt, protector of South Sea Immigrants, 
1880-2; completed translation of Gilbertese 
Bible, April 11, 1890; now engaged in pre- 
paring a Gilbertese Commentary on the 
New Testament. Author: Story of the Morn- 
ing Star, 1866 A15; Gilbertese Bible, 1893 
A10; Gilbertese Bible Dictionary, Honolulu, 
1895; Gilbertese Hymn and Tune Book, 1897 
B23. Address: 1439 Alexander St., Honolulu, 
H. I. 

BINGHAM, Jndson David, col. U. S. A., 
retired 1895; b. Massena Springs, St. Law- 
rence Co., N. Y., May 16, 1831; grad. West 
Point, 1854; took part in suppression of John 
Brown's raid; served through war, reach- 
ing bvt. rank of brig. -gen.; after war in 
q. m.'s dept. until retirement. Address: The 
Army and Navy Club, New York. 

BINGHAM, William Theodore, Wash- 
ington corr. New York Sun; b. Binghamton, 
N. Y., 1861; s. William E. B.; high school 
ed'n; private sec. Vice-Pres. Levi P. Mor- 
ton, 1S93; held championship Am. Whist 
League, 1892-3; actively engaged in journal- 
ism for a number of yrs. Residence: 927 
Faragut Sq. Office: 1417 G St. N. W., Wash- 

BINNS, Charles Fergus, director N. Y. 
State School of Clay Working and Ceram- 
ics, since June, 1900; b. Worcester, Eng- 
land, Oct. 4, 1857; .?. Richard William B., 
F. S. A., director Royal Porcelain Works, 
Worcester, England; ed. Worcester Cathe- 
dral, King's School, 1868-72; grad. King's 
Scholar, 1870; studied analytical chemistry, 
Birmingham, England; decorative art, Wor- 
cester, England, 1870-2: m. Lambeg, Ire- 
land, June 7, 1882, Mary Howard Ferrar. 
Entered Royal Porcelain Works, Worcester, 
England, 1872; superintended successively 
chem. laboratory, dept. of painting, London 
depot of sales, dept. of clay working and 
pottery. Left England, 1897; prin. Tech. 
School of Science and Art, Trenton, N. J., 
1897-1900; v. -p. 1900, pres. 1901, Am. Cer- 
amic Soc. Author: Ceramic Technology, 
1896; The Story of the Potter, 1897. Address: 
Alfred, N. Y. 

BIRCH, Reginald Unthurst. artist; b. 
London, England, May 2, 1856; ed. Royal 
Acad., Munich; connected for many yrs. 
with St. Nicholas; illustrator of Little Lord 
Fauntleroy and other juvenile works. 
Address: 24 W. 61st St., New York. 

BIRD, Abraham C, 3d v. -p. C. M. & 
St. P. Ry., since Jan. 1, 1901; b. Pittsfield, 
111., March 4, 1843; connected with St. L., 
Alton & Terre Haute Ry., Dec, 1865, to 
April 8, 1872; chief clerk in gen. freight 
office St. L., K. C. & N. Ry., 1872 to July, 
1874; gen. freight agt. same, July, 1874, to 
Nov., 1879; gen. freight agt. Wabash, St. L. 
& P. Ry., Nov., 1879, to Jan. 1, 1880; then 
supt. freight traffic same road to Dec. 31, 
1882; then gen. freight agt. C, M. & St. P. 
Ry. to Feb. '18, 1889; then freight traffic 
mgr. same to Dec. 14, 1895; then gen. traf- 
fic mgr. to Jan. 1, 1901. Residence: Evans- 
ton, 111. Office: Old Colony Bldg., Chicago. 

BIRD, Charles,- col. U. S. vols., maj. U. 
S. A. ; b. Del. ; entered vol. service May 20, 

1861, as 1st It. 1st Del. inf.; mustered out 
Aug., 1861; became 2d It. 2d Del. inf., April 
11, 1862; 1st It, Oct. 2, 1862; capt, March 
15, 1863; It. -col. 9th Del. inf., Sept. 3, 1864; 
1st U. S. vet. inf., Dec. 24, 1865; col. same, 
May 30, 1865; mustered out of vol. service 
Jan. 19, 1866; bvtd. March 2, 1867, 1st It. 
and capt. U. S. A., for gallantry in battle 
of Fredericksburg; maj. for gallantry at 
Spottsylvania, and It. -col. for gallantry at 
Petersburg, Va. Apptd. to regular army as 
2d It. 14th inf., May 11, 1866; 1st It. 23d inf., 
May 23, 1867; capt., asst. q. m., March 14, 
1882; maj. q. m., Jan. 14, 1895; col. U. S. 
vols., 1898, for war against Spain, serving 
in q. m.-gen.'s office, in charge of rail and 
water transportation. Residence: 2019 N St. 
N. W.. Washington. 

BIRD, Frederic Mayer, clergyman, ed- 
itor; b. Phila., June 28, 1838; .s. Robert Mont- 
gomery and Mary E. (Mayer) B. ; grad. 
Univ. of Pa., 1857; Union Theol. Sem., New 
York, 1860; m. April 26, 1877, Frances P. 
Snowhill. Rector Spotswood, N. J., 1870-4; 
chaplain and prof, psychology, Christian 
evidences and rhetoric, Lehigh Univ., 1881-6; 
acting chaplain there, 1896-8. Editor Lip- 
pincott's Mag., 1893-8. Author: The Story of 
Our Christianity, 1893. Editor of several col- 
lections of hymns and writer on hymnology; 
contributor to sundry cyclopedias and peri- 
odicals; asso. editor of Chandler's Ency- 
clopedia, 1898. Address: S. Bethlehem, Pa. 

BIRDSALL, William W., pres. Swarth- 
more Coll. since 1898; b. Richmond, Ind., 
1854; grad. Earlham Coll., Richmond, Ind., 
1873; teacher mathematics, Richmond High 
School, 1877-82; prin. Boys' High School, 
Wilmington, Del., 1882-5; instr. mathemat- 
ics, Friends' Central School, Phila., 1885-93; 
prin. boys' dept., 1893-8. Address: Swarth- 
more, Pa. 

BIRDSEYE, Clarence Frank, lawyer; 

b. Brooklyn, June 6, 1854; j. Lucian and 
Catherine (Baker) B.; grad. Amherst Coll., 
1874; Columbia Law School, 1877; admitted 
to bar, 1877; m. Tolland, Conn., March 27, 
1878, Ada J. Underwood. Author: Birdseye's 
Revised Statutes, Codes and General Laws 
of the State of New York, 1889, 1897, 
1901 B9; Chronological Table of the Stat- 
utes of the State of New York, 1888, 1894 
B9; Greater New York Charter, 1897 B9; 
Analytical Index of New York Code of Civil 
Procedure, 1899 B9; Birdseye's Abbott's 
Clerks' and Conveyancers' Assistant, 1899 
B9. Residence: Yonkers, N. Y. Office: 71 
Broadway, New York. 

BIRGB, Edward Asahel, naturalist; b. 
Troy, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1851; J. Edward White 
and Ann (Stevens) B.; grad. Williams Coll., 
1873 (Ph. D., Harvard, 1878; Sc. D., Western 
Univ. of Pa., 1897); m. July 15, 1880, Anna 
W. Grant, Troy, N. Y. Studied physiology 
and histology at Leipzig, 1880-1; became 
instr. natural history, 1875; prof, zoology, 
1879; dean of Coll. of Letters and Science, 
1891; acting pres., 1900-1, Univ. of Wis. Dir. 
geol. and natural history survey, Wis., since 
1897 Mem. comm'rs of fisheries, Wis., since 
1894. Has written many articles and papers 



on zoology. Address: 744 Langdon St., Mad- 
ison, Wis. 

BIKIvLMllMO, John, consulting engineer; 
b. Pa., 1844; attended Polytechnic Coll. of 
Pa. Served in U. S. A. in Civil War; be- 
came asst. to his father as eng'r of Phila. 
water supply; subsequently practiced hy- 
draulic and mining eng'ring; has con- 
structed important water supplies, water 
powers and blast furnace plants; examined 
and reported upon many mines and indus- 
tries, in U. S., Canada and Mexico; sp'l 
agt. 11th census; now expert for U. S. Geol. 
Survey. Pres. Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs, 
1891-3; pres. Eng'rs Club, Phila., 1893; pres. 
The Franklin Inst, since 1892, and pres. 
Pa. Forestry Assn. since 1897; editor for 
9 yrs. Journal of Iron Workers; now editor 
Forest Leaves. Has written many tech 
papers for various publications. Address: 
Odd Fellows' Temple, Philadelphia. 

Ill It K IE lit 10. William Harvey, engineer 
and architect; b. Falls of Schuylkill, Phila., 
June 25, ISM; j. John Harvey and Mary A. 
B. ; ed. public and private schools; grad. 
Phila. Acad, of Music; studied architecture 
4 yrs. with Samuel Sloan; m. New York, 
July 12, 18S8, Louisa A. Merry of Phila. 
Removed to New York, 1S85, to take charge 
construction dept. Jackson Architectural 
Iron Works, and, 1892, of J. B. & J. M. 
Cornell Iron Works; made practical steel 
details for large bldgs. and the Astor ho- 
tels. Was architect and eng'r on Central 
Bank Bldg., Silk Exchange Bldg., Lord's 
Court Bldg., etc., in New York. Author: 
Construction of High Office Buildings, 1898; 
Skeleton Construction in Buildings, 1893; 
Architectural Iron and Steel, 1891; The 
Planning and Construction of American 
Theatres, 1896; Compound Riveted Girders, 
1893. Address: 1670 Bathgate Av., New 

BIRNEY, William, lawyer; b. Madison 
Co., Ala., May 28, 1819; s. James Gillespie 
B. ; m. 1845, Catherine Hoffman, Cincinnati. 
While pursuing studies in Paris took part 
in the revolution of 1848; was apptd., on 
public competition, prof. English literature 
In the coll. at Bourges, France; served in 
U. S. vols, as private, 1861; rose through 
all the grades to bvt. maj.-gen.; com'd div., 
1863-5. Since 1874 has practiced law in 
Washington; has been att'y for D. C. 
Author: Life and Times of James G. Bir- 
ney; Plea for Civil and Religious Liberty; 
etc. Address: 416 5th St., Washington. 

BIRNEY, William Verplanck, artist- 
genre painter and painter of portraits; b. 
Cincinnati, 185S; 5. Gen. William B., now of 
Washington; g.s. of James G. Birney, the 
abolitionist (Free-Soil candidate for Presi- 
dent of the United States, 1840, 1844); stud- 
ied in Boston under Walter Smith at Mass. 
Normal Art School; in Phila., under Thom- 
as Eakins, at Pa. Acad., and at Royal 
Acad., Munich, under Julius Benzur and 
Wilhelm Lindenschmidt. Established in 
New York, 1884; instr. Cooper Inst. 3 yrs.; 
exhibited at Paris Exp'n, 1889, World's Co- 
lumbian Exp'n, 1893; constant exhibitor at 
standard exb'ns throughout U. S.; asso. 

Nat. Acad. ; mem. N. Y. Water Color Club, 
Salmagundi Club and Artists' Fund; life 
mem. Lotos Club. Address: 58 W. 57th 
St., New York. 

Ill it \ IK. Rogers, capt. U. S. A.; b. Glen 
Burn farm, Carroll Co., Md., April 5, 1851; 
s. Rogers and Amelia Knode (Harry) B.; 
ed. private school, 1857-68, U. S. Mil. Acad , 
1868-72; grad. No. 1 in class and commis- 
sioned 2d It. 13th U. S. inf. June 14, 1872; 
1st It., Feb. 18, 1874; regimental q.m., Feb., 
1874; served at Camp Douglas, Utah, 1872-4; 
in eng'r service with U. S. Geog. Survey 
W. of 100th meridian, 1874-9; 1st It. ord- 
nance dept. by transfer, June 13, 1878; 
capt, June 14, 1886; lt.-col. and chief ord- 
nance officer U. S. vols., July 18, 1898, to 
April 10, 1899, in Spanish war, serving in 
7th army corps and in Havana; m. Spring- 
field, Mass., Dec. 30, 1879, Helen Gunn. In 
ordnance service has been insp. West Point 
foundry, Cold Spring, N. Y. ; asst. Spring- 
field armory, Mass. ; mem. and pres. ord- 
nance Bd., U. S. A.; attended maneuvers 
of 9th Corps d'Armee in France, 1880. Mem. 
Philos. Soc. of Washington, Washington 
Acad. Sciences; Chevalier Legion d'Hon- 
neur, France. Has written many articles 
on ordnance. Address: New York Arsenal, 
Governor's Island, N. Y. 

BISBIXG Henry Singlewood, artist; b. 
Phila., Jan. 31, 1849; pupil Phila. Acad. 
Fine Arts, F. de Vuillefroy, Paris, and J. 
H. L. de Hass, Brussels. Third class me- 
dal, Paris Salon, 1891 ; Temple gold medal, 
P. A. F. A., 1892; medal Columbian Exp'n, 
1893; silver medal, Paris Exp'n, 1900. Mem. 
Paris Soc. of Am. Painters. Address: 23 
rue des Martyrs, Paris, France. 

BISCHOFP, Henry, Jr., asso. justice Su- 
preme Court, N. Y., since 1896; b. New 
York, Aug. 16, 1852; s. Henry and Amalie 
B. ; ed. public schools, New York and 
Bloomfield (N. J.) Acad.; grad. Columbia 
Coll. Law School, 1871; :. New York, Oct. 
26, 1873, Annie Louise Moshier. Admitted 
to bar, 1873; att'y for the collection of ar- 
rears of personal taxes, 1889-90; judge 
Court of Common Pleas, N. Y., 1890-5. Dir. 
Union Square Bank. Democrat. Residence: 
2 W. 43d St. Office: County Court House, 
New York. 

BISHOP, Heber Reginald, retired mer- 
chant, banker; b. Medford, Mass., March 
11, 1840; first business training at Boston. 
In Dec., 1859, settled at Remedios, Cuba; 
established house of Bishop & Co., March 
4, 1861; retired at age of 36 (1876) to Irv- 
ington-on-Hudson, where he had summer 
residence. Since 1880 financially interested 
in railroad, gas, iron and other properties; 
dir. New York Elevated Ry. Co., Manhat- 
tan Elevated Ry. Co., St. Paul, Minneapo- 
lis & Omaha R. R. Co., Chicago, Rock Is- 
land & Pacific R. R. Co., Duluth & Iron 
Range R. R. Co., Minn. Iron Co., Chandler 
Iron Co., Metropolitan Trust Co., and other 
corporations; also Interested in manage- 
ment of hosps., Am. Museum of Natural 
History, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc. 
Residence: 881 5th Av., New York. 



IlISHOP, Irving Prescott, educator; 6. 
Burlington Flats, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1849; at- 
tended Cornell, but was not grad. ; m. Nov. 
24, 1S75, Julia W. Allen. Prin. New Berlin 
Acad., 1875-6; Perry (N. Y.) Union School, 
187S-85; Chatham (N. Y.) Free Acad., 
18S5-S; teacher of sciences in Buffalo State 
'Normal School since 1888; also teacher of 
science in summer schools at Round Lake, 
1886-7; Silver Lake Assembly, 1890-2, and 
Erie, Pa., 1893 ; and instr. in N. Y. State 
Summer Inst., Chautauqua, N. Y., since 
1896. Author: Salt Field of Western New 
York; Geology of Erie County, N. Y. ; Pe- 
troleum and Natural Gas in Westers N. Y., 
and other geol. papers. Residence: 160 Ply- 
mouth Av., Buffalo, N. Y. 

BISHOP, John Remsen, prin. Walnut 
Hills High School, Cincinnati, since 1895; 
b. New Brunswick, N. J., Sept. 17, 1860; ed. 
St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. ; German 
gymnasium, Yale and Harvard; grad. Har- 
vard, 1882; m. July 9, 1885, Anna Bertram 
Newbold, Trenton, N. J. Teacher Greek 
and English, St. Paul's School, Concord, 
N. H., 1882-3; prin. Princeton, N. J., Pre- 
paratory School, 1884-7; instr. Greek and 
Latin, Hughes High School, Cincinnati, 
1888-95. Author: Virgil's Georgics Edited 
for Sight Reading; also papers and articles 
on pedagogical subjects. Now editing Cice- 
ro's Orations. Mem. Am. Social Science 
Ass'n; promoter of local and nat. edn'l 
organizations. Address: 117 Huntington PL, 
Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati. 

BISHOP, Judson Wade, soldier, capital- 
ist; b. Evansville, N. Y., June 24, 1831; ed. 
Fredonia and Union Acad., Belleville, N. 
Y. ; was clerk and bookkeeper; studied civil 
eng'ring; became (1853) asst. eng'r Grand 
Trunk R'y; later eng'r in Minn.; then 
surveyor, Chatfield, Minn. ; publisher Chat- 
field Democrat, 1859-61; served capt., 2d 
Minn, regt., 1861, to bvt. brig.-gen. vols., 
1865, in West; after war built and operated 
railroads in Minn.; now pres. St. Paul 
Trust Co., and pres. Minn. Soc. Sons of 
Am. Revolution. Address: 193 Mackubin 
St.. St. Paul. Minn. 

BISHOP, Louis Fangferes, M. D. ; b. New 
Brunswick, N. J., March 14, 1864; grad. 
Rutgers Coll., 1885 (A. M., 1889); grad. Coll. 
Phys. & Surg., New York, 1889; resident 
physician St. Luke's Hosp., New York, 
1889-92; sec. New York Acad, of Medicine; 
mem. Am. Med. Ass'n. Author: Theory 
and Treatment of Rheumatism; Diagnosis 
and Treatment of Gout; Important Points 
in the Treatment of Pneumonia; etc. Ad- 
dress: 54 W. 55th St., New York. 

BISHOP, Roswell P., congressman, law- 
yer; b. Sidney, N. Y., Jan. 6, 1843; worked 
on farm until Aug. 3, 1861; served as pri- 
vate Co. C, 43d N. Y. vol. inf., April 28. 
1862; lost right arm at Lee's Mills, Va. ; 
discharged in field nr. Fredericksburg, 
Va. ; later ed. at Unadilla Acad, Coopers- 
town Acad., and Walton Acad., N. Y. ; 
taught school several yrs. ; studied Univ. 
of Mich., Sept., 1S68, to Dec, 1872; ad- 
mitted to Mich, bar, May, 1875; since then 
in practice at Ludington; elected pros. 

att'y, Mason Co., 1876. 1878, 1884; mem. 
Mich, legislature, 1882 and 1892; mem. Con- 
gress, 1895-1903, 9th Mich. dist. Republican. 
Home: Ludington, Mich. 

BISHOP, Seth Scott, physician; b. Fond 
du Lac, Wis., Feb. 7, 1852; 5. Lyman and 
Maria Probart B.; grad. Pooler Inst., Fond 
du Lac, Wis.,; studied at Beloit Coll., Wis., 
Univ. of New York, and grad. Northwestern 
Univ., 1876; (B. S., M. D., LL. D.); learned 
printers' trade; m. 1885, Jessie A. Button. 
Engaged in practice in Chicago; prof, otol- 
ogy, Chicago Post-Graduate Med. School 
and Hosp. ; prof, diseases of the nose, 
throat and ear, 111. Med. Coll. ; surgeon to 
111. Hosp. and the Post-Graduate Hosp. ; 
consulting surgeon to Mary Thompson 
Hosp., 111. Masonic Orphans' Home of Chi- 
cago, and Silver Cross Hosp., Joliet; mem. 
Internat. Med. Congress, Pan-Am. Med. 
Congress, Am. Med. Assn., State Med. Soc. 
of 111., Wis. and Minn., etc. Author: Dis- 
eases of the Ear, Nose and Throat, and 
Their Accessory Cavities; also numerous 
monographs; one of the editors of the 
Laryngoscope; has written extensively for 
journals and books. Residence: 719 W. Adams 
St. Office: 103 State St.| Chicago. 

BISHOP, William Darius, R. R. of- 
ficial; b. Bloomfield, N. J., Sept. 14, 1827; 
grad. Yale, 1849; was R. R. contractor, 
1850-4; since 1854 pres. Naugatuck R. R. 
Co.; congressman from Conn., 1857-9; U. S. 
comm'r of patents, 1859-60; pres. N. Y., 
New Haven & Hartford R. R., 1867-9; since 
1884 pres. exec. com. Eastern R. R. Assn. 
Residence: New Haven, Conn. Office: Grand 
Central Station, New York. 

BISHOP, William Henry, author; 6. 
Hartford, Conn., Jan. 7, 1847; grad. Yale, 
1S67; now prof, there; m. July 28, 1886, Mary 
Dearborn Jackson, New York. Author: The 
Golden Justice; Detmoid; Fish and Men in 
the Maine Islands; A Househunter in Eu- 
rope; Writing to Rosina; A Pound of Cure; 
The House of a Merchant Prince; Choy 
Susan and Other Stories; The Brown Stone 
Boy and Other Queer People; The Yellow 
Snake; Old Mexico and Her Lost Provinces; 
etc. Address: New Haven, Conn. 

BISLAND, Elizabeth, author; see Mrs. 
Elizabeth Wetmore. 

BISPHAM, David S., prin. baritone Royal 
Opera, Covent Garden, London; b. Phila., 
Jan. 5, 1857; ed. Haverford Coll., Pa.; be- 
came musical amateur, later professional; 
since Nov., 1891, with the Royal Opera, Co- 
vent Garden, London, and Metropolitan 
Opera Co., N. Y., singing prin. German, 
French and Italian baritone roles in Lon- 
don; last visited U. S. on operatic tour, fall 
of 1898. Address: Fretherue Lodge, Stone- 
house, Gloucestershire, England. 

BISPHAM, George Tucker, lawyer, au- 
thor; b. Phila., May 24, 1838; grad. Univ. 
of Pa., 1858; law dept. same, 1862; m. June 
5, 1872, Nancy, d. E. L. Brinley, Phila.; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1861; has practiced in Phila. 
ever since; later admitted to bar U. S. Su- 
preme Court. One of solicitors of Pa. R. 
R. Co.; solicitor Phila. Saving Fund Soc, 



Girard Trust Co., and other corporations; 
prof, equity jurisprudence, law dept., 
Univ. of Pa.; chancellor Law Assn. of 
Phila., 1S97-9. Author: Principles of Equity. 
Residence: 1S05 De Lancey PI. Office: 900 
Girard Bldg., Philadelphia. 
BISSELL, Georgre Edwin, sculptor; b. 
New Preston, Litchfield Co., Conn., Feb. 
16, 1839; s. Hiram B., who was engaged in 
marble quarying and the monumental bus- 
iness; ed. Northville, Conn., Acad., and the 
"Gunnery," Washington, Conn.; taught 
Bchool; clerked in store at Waterbury, 
Conn.; served private, 18G2-3, in 23d Conn, 
vols., 19th corps, dept. of the Gulf; acting 
asst. paymaster, U. S. N., 1863-5; attached 
to U. S. S. "Mary Sanford." S. Atlantic 
Bquadron. In marble business with father 
and brother at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1866; 
began career as sculptor there; studied art, 
Paris, Rome and Florence, 1875-6; had 
studio in Paris at different times, for about 
6 yrs., between 18S4-96; m. 1866, Mary E. Wel- 
ton, Waterbury, Conn. Mem. Nat. Sculpture 
Soc, 1893; Architectural League, 1899; Mu- 
nicipal Art Soc, 1899. Public monuments 
and statues: Soldiers' and Sailors' monu- 
ment and statue Col. Chatfield, Waterbury, 
Conn. ; portrait statue Gen. Horatio Gates 
on Saratoga Battle Monument; Chancellor 
John Watts and Col. Abraham de Peyster, 
New York; Abraham Lincoln, Edinburgh, 
Scotland; relief, Burns and Highland Mary, 
Ayr, Scotland; Chancellor James Kent, 
Congressional Library, Washington; Presi- 
dent Arthur, New York; Lycurgus, Appellate 
Court, New York; group "The Navy," Col- 
onnade Navy Arch, New York; statue "Hos- 
pitality," Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Residence: Mount Vernon, N. Y. Studio: 
Lincoln Bldg., New York. 

BISSELL, George Welton, prof, mech. 
eng'ring, Iowa State Coll., since 1892; b. 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., July 14, 1866; j. G. E. 
B. ; ed. public schools, Poughkeepsie, N. 
Y., 1877-83; -Cornell, 18S4-8; studied mech. 
eng'ring; teacher since 1888; m. Ithaca, 
N. Y., June 25, 1889, Fannie Hubbard Speed. 
Mem. Sigma Xi, Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, 
Am. Soc. Naval Eng'rs, Soc. Promotion 
Eng'ring Ed'n, Internat. Soc. Testing Ma- 
terials. Address: Ames, la. 

BISSELL, Herbert Porter, lawyer; b. 
New London, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1856; head of 
law firm, Bissell, Sicard, Bissell & Carey; 
trustee of several colls. ; founder and was 
pres. Cleveland Democracy of Buffalo; dir. 
Pan-Am. Exp'n. Residence: 549 Linwood Av. 
Office: 714 Ellicott Sq., Buffalo, N. Y. 

BISSELL, Hezekiah, chief engineer Bos- 
ton & Me. R. R. ; b. E. Windsor, Conn.; 
grad. Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, 1861; 
civil eng'r on U. P. R. R. during construc- 
tion; also on Adirondack Ry. ; Puno & Cuz- 
co R. R., Peru, S. A.; C, C, C. & St. L. 
Ry.; Eastern R. R.; Boston & Me. R. R. 
Address: West Medford, Mass. 

BTSSELL, John William, pres. Upper 
Iowa Univ., 1872-99; b. Prescott, Canada, 
Aug. 4, 1843; grad. Northwestern Univ., 111., 
1867 (D. D., Iowa Wesleyan Univ.); min- 

ister of M. E. Ch. ; delegate to gen. conf., 
1884; traveled in Europe, 1897; in Egypt, 
Holy Land and Turkey, 1900; pastor M. E. 
Ch., Charles City, la., 1901. Address: 
Charles City, la. 

BISSELL, Wilson Shannon, ex-postmas- 
ter-gen. U. S.; b. New London, N. Y., Dec. 
31, 1847; removed to Buffalo in childhood; 
grad. Yale, 1869 (LL. D., 1893); studied law 
at 21, with Laning, Cleveland & Folsom; 
formed partnership with Lyman K. Bass, 
1872, Grover Cleveland being admitted to 
the firm a year later, name changed to 
Bass, Cleveland & Bissell; Mr. Cleveland 
elected gov. of N. Y., Mr. Bass removed to 
Colo. ; firm reorganized and is now Bissell, 
Carey & Cooke. Has been delegate several 
State convs. Presidential elector 1884; mem. 
commn. to propose amendment to the judi- 
ciary articles constitution of N. Y., 1890; 
apptd. postmaster-gen. of U. S., March 6, 
1893, by Pres. Cleveland; resigned, 1895. 
Democrat. Address: Buffalo, N. Y. 

BITTER, Karl Theodore Francis, 
sculptor; b. Vienna, Austria, Dec. 6, 1867; 
ed. in gymnasium there; studied art in 
Vienna Acad. Fine Arts: came to U. S. 
1S89; was employed in architectural sculp- 
ture; won prize in competition for Astor 
memorial gates, Trinity Ch., New York; 
executed sculpture on Administration and 
Manufactures Bldgs., World's Columbian 
Exp'n; residences of C. P. Huntington and 
Cornelius Vanderbilt, etc.; silver medal, 
Paris Exp'n, 1900. Address: Weehawken, 
N. J. 

BITT1NGER, Jacob E., pres. Northern 
111. Coll. since Jan. 1, 1897; b. Hagerstown, 
Md., Aug. 1, 1857; grad. Northern 111. Coll., 
1884; m. Nov. 4, 1887, Carrie A. Mason. Was 
supt. public schools for 9 yrs.; prof, science 
Northern 111. Coll., 1885-90. Address: Ful- 
ton, 111. 

BITTINGER, John Lawrence, consul- 
gen. U. S. at Montreal since July 27, 1897; 
b. nr. Chambersburg, Pa., Nov. 28, 1S33; 
common school ed'n in Ashland Co., O. ; m. 
June 10, 1862, Annie M. Smith, Freeport, 
111. Moved to Green Co., Wis.; worked on 
farm 3 yrs.; office of Freeport (111.) Jour., 
1S52-5; foreman on several papers in St. 
Louis, 1855-60; represented St. Louis Typo- 
graphical Union in nat. conv., 1858, Chicago, 
and 1859, Boston; removed to St. Joseph, 
1860; postmaster, 1861-5; maj. and a. d. c. 
on staff Gen. Willard P. Hall, 1861-2; served 
C terms in gen. assembly of Mo. ; delegate 
to Nat. Rep. Convs., 1872, 1896; managing 
editor St. Joseph Herald 27 yrs. ; Kansas 
City Jour., 5 yrs. Home: St. Joseph, Mo. 
Address: Montreal, Canada. 

BITTINGER, Lucy Forney, author; b. 
Cleveland, O., Aug. 29, 1859; d. Rev. J. B. 
B. (D. D.), and Catharine (Forney) B. ; ed. 
private tutors, Sewickley, Pa., and Farm- 
ington, Conn. Author: Memorials of the Rev. 
J. B. Bittinger, 1891 Lll; History of the 
Forney Family of Hanover, Pa., 1893 Lll; 
The Germans in Colonial Times, 1901 L5. 
Address: 55 Thorn St., Sewickley, Pa. 

BIXBY, A ufi'u st iih Ruins, business man; 
b. Norridgewock, Me., Dec. 17, 1832; s. Dea. 



Rufus and Betsey (Weston) B. ; grad. 
Bloomfleld Acad., 1852; m. Skowhegan, Me.. 
Dec, 1870, Sarah H. Spaulding. Mem. govs. 
council, Me., 1885-6; Nat. Comm'r Worlds 
Columbian Exp'n, Chicago, 1893; has held 
important positions on corns. ; active Re- 
publican. Address: Skowhegan, Me. 

BIXBY, James Thompson, clergyman, 
author; b. Barre, Mass., July 30, 1843; 5. 
Clark Smith and Elizabeth (Clark) B. ; 
grad. Harvard, 1864 (A. M., B. D.; Ph. D., 
Leipzig Univ.); Unitarian minister; essay- 
ist on philos. and theol. subjects. Author: 
The Crisis in Morals, 1891 01; Religion and 
Science as Allies, 1895 El; Ethics of Evolu- 
tion, 1900 S9. Address: 60 Hudson St., Yonk- 
ers, N. Y. 

BIXBY, William Herbert, maj. corps of 
eng'rs, U. S. A.; b. Charlestown, Mass., 
Dec. 27, 1849; 5. Clark Smith and Elizabeth 
(Clark) B.; studied in Mass. Inst. Tech- 
nology; grad. West Point, 1873; French 
Govt. School of Bridges and Highways, 1881; 
m. Dec. 27, 1893, Lidey ' H. Rogers Jones, 
Phila. Asst. prof, eng'ring, West Point, 
1875-9; lecturer on coast defenses, U. S. 
Naval War Coll., 1887; sent by U. S. Govt, 
to examine and report upon iron fortifica- 
tions in Europe, 1881-2; in charge, at differ- 
ent times, of U. S. river and harbor im- 
provements in N. C, S. C, Va., Conn., R. 
I., Mass, and the Ohio River and its tribu- 
taries; also of lighthouse construction in 
N J., Pa., Del., Md., Va. and of the Ohio 
and tributaries; in charge of improvements 
of Ohio River since 1897. Mem. Am. Soe. 
Civ. Eng'rs, Am. Soe. Mech. Eng'rs; etc. 
Address: 2836 Reading Rd., Cincinnati. 

BJERREGAARD, Carl Henry Andrew, 
librarian The Astor Library since 1879; b. 
Fredericia, Denmark, May 24, 1845; studied 
Fredericia Coll.; grad. Copenhagen Univ., 
1863; grad. as officer from Mil. Acad, of 
Denmark, 1866; m. 1868, Matilda J. Thomp- 
son. Served as It. 5 yrs. ; prof, botany 
Fredericia Coll., 2 yrs. ; resigned to join 
Danish legation to Court of Russia, served 
2 yrs. ; came to U. S. for political reasons, 
1873. Author: Mysticism and Nature Wor- 
ship (2 vols.); Being, and the Philosophical 
History of the Subject; also collaborator on 
the Standard Dictionary; an authority on 
orientalia and mysticism. Has written many 
articles and lectured in principal cities. 
Address: The Astor Library, N. Y. 

BLACK, Alexander, author, artist; b. 
New York, Feb. 7, 1859; mem. Authors Club 
since 1888; m. Oct. 4, 1881, Elizabeth Helmle. 
Author: Story of Ohio, 1888 L9; Photography 
Indoors and Out, 1894 H5; Miss Jerry, 1895 
S3; A Capital Courtship, 1897 S3; Miss 
America, 1898 S3; Modern Daughters, 1899 
S3; The Girl and the Guardsman, 1900 S3. 
Editor: Ostrander's History of the City of 
Brooklyn and Kings County. Residence: 25 
Vernon Av., Brooklyn. 

BLACK, Charles Clarke, lawyer; b. Mt. 
Holly, N. J., July 29, 1858; 5. John, Jr., and 
Mary Anna (Clarke) B. ; ed. Princeton Coll.; 
studied law Univ. of Mich. ; m. Flushing, 
L. I., Feb. 12, 1891, Alice Greenleaf Hazen. 
Admitted to N J. bar June term, 1881; has 

practiced at Jersey City since; mem. State 
Bd. of Taxation, N. J., since 1891: Author: 
Proof and Pleadings in Accident Cases, 1886; 
New Jersey Law of Taxation, 1893; Law 
and Practice in Accident Cases, 1900 Lll. 
Address: 81 Gifford Av., Jersey City, N. J. 

BLACK, Chauneey Forward, lawyer; b. 
York, Pa.; .y. Jeremiah S. B., atty.-gen. and 
Sec. State, U. S. ; was It. -gov Pa., 1882-6; 
Dem. candidate for gov., 1886; pres. Nat. 
Assn. Dem. Clubs. Address: York, Pa. 

BLACK, Frank Swett, ex-gov. N. Y. ; b. 
Limington, Me., March 8, 1853; grad. Dart- 
mouth, 1875 (LL. D., 1898); was editor 
Johnstown, N. Y. Jour. ; later reporter 
Troy, N. Y., Whig; clerk in registry dept., 
Troy postoffice; admitted to bar, 1879; mem. 
Congress, 1895-7; gov. N. Y., 1897-9; Repub- 
lican. Address: Troy, N. Y. 

BLACK, Greene V., dentist; b. Scott Co., 
111., Aug. 3, 1836; grad. Mo. Dental Coll., 
St. Louis, 1877 (D. D. S.); (M. D., Chicago 
Med. Coll., Sc. D., 111. Coll.; LL. D., North- 
western Univ.); dean and prof.' operative 
dentistry, pathology and bacteriology, North- 
western University Dental School, Chicago. 
Author: Formation of Poisons by Micro-Or- 
ganisms; Periosteum and Peridental Mem- 
brane; Anatomy of the Human Teeth; many 
soe. papers and journal articles. Address: 
Madison, cor. Franklin St., Chicago. 

BLACK, James William, prof, history 
and political economy, Colby Coll., since 
1894; b. Baltimore, Jan. 31, 1866; .y. James 
and Mary E. B. ; ed. Baltimore City Coll., 
1880-5; valedictorian (received first grade 
Peabody Prize $100); Johns Hopkins Univ., 
A. B., 1888; Ph. D., 1891, history and poli- 
tics; holder of Univ. scholarship. Acting 
prof, history and political science, George- 
town (Ky.), Coll., 1891-2; asso. prof, econ- 
omics, Oberlin Coll., 1892-4; m. Baltimore, 
Dec. 26, 1889, Jennie Haven Dix. Mem. Phi 
Beta Kappa, Am. Hist. Assn., Am. Eco- 
nomic Assn. (mem. of council) ; Me. Hist. 
Soe, Md. Hist. Soe, etc. Has written: 
Maryland's Attitude in the Struggle for 
Canada, 10th Ser., VII., Johns Hopkins 
Studies in Hist, and Political Science; Ref- 
erences on the History of Labor and Labor 
Problems, Oberlin Library Bull., May, 1893; 
Savagery and Survivals, Popular Science 
Monthly, July, 1894; The Dawn of Western 
Discovery, Me. Hist. Quar., Oct., 1897; His- 
tory of Georgetown Coll. in Higher Educa- 
tion in Kentucky, Washington, 1899; book 
reviews, etc. Residence: <Jor. College Av. and 
Chaplin St., Waterville, Me. 

BLACK, John Charles, lawyer; b. Lex- 
ington, Miss., Jan. 27, 1839; ed. in common 
schools, Danville, 111., and at Wabash Coll., 
Crawfordsville, Ind. (M. A., Wabash; LL. 
D., Knox Coll.); m. Sept. 28, 1867, Adaline 
L. Griggs, Urbana, 111. Served in Civil war, 
April 15, 1861, to Aug. 15, 1865; private to 
col. and bvt. brig.-gen. U. S. vols.; comm'r 
pensions, U. S., 1885-9; mem. Congress at 
large from 111., 1893-5; U. S. atty., northern 
dist., 1895-9; past comdr. Mil. Order Loyal 
Legion of 111.; dept. comdr. 111. Dept., G. A. 
R. Address: 23 Scott St., Chicago. 

BLACK, William Henry, pres. Missouri 
ous papers on chemistry and metallurgy. 



March 19, 1854; s. Rev. Felix G. and Lydia 
K. B. ; grad. Waynesburg Coll., Pa., 1870; 
Western Union Theol. Sem., 1878; spent 1 
yr. in post-graduate study; (A. M., 1879; D. 
D., Cumberland Univ., 1888); entered min- 
istry Cumberland Presby'n Ch. ; was pastor 
at Pittsburg and St. Louis. In Europe, 1S81 
and 1896; moderator Gen. Assembly Cum- 
berland Presby'n Ch., 1888, at Waco, Tex. 
Author: Sermons for the Sabbath School, 
1886; God Our Father, 1889 C19; Woman- 
hood, 1890 C19; Outline Life of Paul, 1894 
A7. Address: Marshall, Mo. 

BLACK, William Murray, maj. corps of 
eng'rs, U. S. A.; It. -col. and chief eng'r U. 
S. vols; b. Lancaster, Pa., Dec. 8, 1S55; ed. 
Franklin and Marshall Coll., Pa., 1870-3; 
grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., 1S77; m. 1st, 1877, 
Daisy Peyton, d. Capt. George H. Derby, 
U. S. A. ("John Phoenix"); 2d, 1891, Ger- 
trude Sotten, d. Comdr. William M. Gam- 
ble, U. S. N. Commissioned through all 
grades to maj. corps eng'rs, U. S. A. ; apptd. 
lt.-col. and chief eng'r U. S. vols., May 25, 
189S. Honorably discharged from vol. ser- 
vice June 13, 1899; long engaged on works 
of river and harbor improvement; later 
asst. instr. practical mil. eng'ring, U. S. 
Mil. Acad., West Point, and instr. civil 
eng'ring, U. S. Eng'r School, Willets Point, 
N. Y. ; asst. in charge works of forti- 
fication, office chief eng'rs, Washington, 
1895-7; comm'r District of Columbia, 1897-8; 
chief eng'r in campaign in Puerto Rico, 
1898; chief eng'r Dept. of Havana, staff Gen. 
Ludlow, Jan. 2, 1899, to April 30, 1900; chief 
eng'r Div. of Cuba since Jan., 1900, staff of 
Gen. Leonard Wood; charge of eng'r work, 
Havana, and supervision of work in Cuba. 
Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs. Author: Im- 
provement of Harbors; South Atlantic 
Coast (prize essay, Trans. Am. Soc. Civil 
Eng'rs, 1893); Public Works of U. S. 
Address: Care Chief of Engineers, U. S. A., 

BLACK, Winifred ("Annie Laurie"), 
journalist; b. Chilton, Wis., Oct. 14, 1869; d. 
Gen. P>. J. Sweet; ed. common schools Lom- 
bard, 111., Sacred Heart Convent, Chicago; 
Lake Forest Sem., 111., Miss Burnham's 
Prep. School, Northampton, Mass. ; m. 1st, 
Orlow Black, June, 1892 (died, 1S97) ; 2d, 
Charles A. Bonfils, Feb. 7, 1901. Entered 
journalism, 1890; has been reporter, tele- 
graph editor, Sunday editor, asst. city ed- 
itor, sp'l writer; investigated leper settle- 
ment, Molokai, Hawaii, 1892; raised funds 
for founding several charities; investigated 
public hosps., San Francisco, inaugurat- 
ing many reforms; helped found Junior 
Republic for Boys, New York; conducted 
Calif. Children's Excursion to World's 
Fair; had for 6 yrs. charge of large chari- 
ties of San Francisco Examiner and New 
York Jour. ; managed hosps. and relief ward 
for Galveston flood victims. Author: The 
Little Boy Who Lived on the Hill, D10. 
Residence: 1640 Downing Av. Office: Denver 
Post, Denver, Colo. 

BLACKALL, Clarence Howard, archi- 
tect; b. New York, Feb. 3, 1857; grad. Univ. 
of 111., 1877 (A. M.); studied at ficole des 
Beaux Arts, Paris, 1878-80; 1st holder Rotch 

Traveling Scholarship, Boston, 1884-6; sec. 
of same since 1891; 1st sec. Architectural 
League of New York, 1880-1; 1st pres. Bos- 
ton Architectural Club, 1889-93; has lived in 
Cambridge, Mass., and been in business in 
Boston since 1882; architect of Tremont 
Temple, Boston, 1893; Colonial Theater, Bos- 
ton, 1900; Woman's Club House, Boston, 
1900; fellow Am. Inst. Architects. Address: 
1 Somerset St., Boston. 

BLACKBURN, George Andrew, pastor 
2d Presby'n Ch., Columbia, S. C, since 1887; 
b. Green Co., Tenn., Oct. 16, 1861; s. John 
Nelson and Eliza Jane (Ambrister) B. ; 
grad. Southwestern Prebsy'n Univ., 1883; 
Columbia Theol. Sem., 1886; m. 1886, Annie 
Williams, d. Dr. J. L. Girardeau. Founded 
Presby'n High School, Columbia, 1892; a 
representative of the Charleston presbytery 
in the Sabbath case before Southern Gen. 
Assembly, 1894. Edited Girardeau's Discus- 
sions of Philosophical Questions, 1900 P6; 
now editing Girardeau's Theological Dis- 
cussions. Address: Columbia, S. C. 

BLACKBUBIV, Joseph Clay Styles, 
lawyer, U. S. senator: b. Woodford Co., 
Ky., Oct. 1, 1838; grad. Centre Coll., Dan- 
ville, Ky., 1857 (LL. D.); admitted to bar, 
1859; practiced in Chicago until Civil war 
broke out; served in C. S. A.; after war 
practiced law in Ky. ; mem. Ky. legislature, 
1871; mem. Congress, 1874-85; U. S. Sena- 
tor, 18S5-97; again elected Jan., 1901, for 
term 1901-7; Democrat; a leader in the free- 
coinage movement. Address: Versailles, Ky. 

BLACKBURN, Joseph K., State Dairy 
and Food Comm'r of Ohio, 1896-1901; b. Bel- 
mont Co., O., June 30, I860; grad. pharm. 
dept. Ohio Normal Univ. ; engaged in drug 
business; mem. Ohio legislature from Bel- 
mont Co. 1 term; Republican. Address: Co- 
lumbus, O. 

BLACKBURN, Spencer, mem. 57th Con- 
gress, 8th N. C. dist. Republican. Home: 
Winston, N. C. 

BLACKFORD, Eugene Gilbert, fish 
incht., icthyologist; b. Morristown, N. J., 
Aug. 8, 1839; common school ed'n; in. May 
16, 1860, Frances L. Green. Became fish 
dealer in Fulton Market, New York; was 
leader in introducing there red snapper, 
whitebait, pompano and other fine fish; 
comm'r of fish and fisheries, N. Y., 1S79; 
caused establishing of hatching sta. for 
fish at Cold Spring Harbor; has published 
many papers on fish. Pres. Bedford Bank, 
Brooklyn; Am. Writing Machine Co., N. 
Y. ; Biol. School, Cold Spring, N. Y. ; v. -p. 
Union Typewriter Co., and v. -p. Brooklyn 
Inst, of Arts and Sciences. Residence: 725 
St. Marks Av. Office: Bedford Bank, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

BLACKFORD, Lanncelot Minor, prin. 
Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Va., 
since Sept., 1870; b. Fredericksburg, Va., 
Feb. 23, 1837; s. William M. B.; early ed'n 
Lynchburg, Va., 1847-54; grad. Univ. of 
Va., M. A., 1860; m. Aug. 5, 18S4, Eliza 
Chew Ambler of Va. In C. S. A., 1861-5; 
asso. prin. Norwood School, Nelson Co., 
Va., 1865-70; Cleveland Democrat. Address: 
Alexandria, Va. 




BLACKLOCK, Ralpli A., landscape paint- 
er; b. New York, 1847; self-taught; hon- 
orable mention, Paris Exp'n, 1900. Address: 
58 W. 57th St., New York. 

BLACKMAI, William Fremont, prof, 
sociology, Yale, since 1893; b. North Pitch- 
er, N. Y.,. Sept. 26, 1855; grad. Oberlin, 1877; 
studied in Berlin Univ. (B. D., Yale, 1880; 
Ph. D., Cornell, 1893); m. July 1, 1884, 
Lucy Worthington, Washington. Editor The 
Yale Review. Author: The Making of Ha- 
waii: a Study in Social Evolution. Address: 
New Haven, Conn. 

BLACKMAR, Frank Wilson, prof, so- 
ciology and economics, Univ. of Kan., since 
1899, and dean of Graduate School; b. W. 
Springfield, Pa., Nov. 3, 1854; grad. Univ. 
of the Pacific, 1881, A. M., 1884; Ph. D., 
Johns Hopkins, 18S9; prof, mathematics, 
Univ. of the Pacific, 1882-6; graduate stu- 
dent, Johns Hopkins, 1886-9; fellow in his- 
tory and politics, 18S8-9; prof, history and 
sociology, Univ. of Kan., 1889-99; pres. Kan. 
Ass'n Charities and Corrections, 1900-1; 
mem. Kan. Hist. Soc, Am. Econom. Ass'n, 
Am. Hist. Ass'n. Author: Federal and 
State Aid to Higher Education in the 
United States, 1890 U3; Spanish Coloniza- 
tion, 1890 Jl; Spanish Institutions in the 
Southwest, 1891 Jl; The Study of Historv 
and Sociology, 1890 Lll, The Story of Hu- 
man Progress, 1896 C30; Economics, 1900 
C30; History of Higher Education in Kan- 
sas, 1900 U3; Charles Robinson: The Free 
State Governor of Kansas, 1900 C30. Has 
written extensively in reviews and maga- 
zines on economic, hist, and social sub- 
jects. Address: Lawrence, Kan. 

BLACKWELL, Antoinette Lonisa 
Brown, Unitarian minister; b. Henrietta, 
N. Y., May 20, 1825; d. Joseph and Abby 
(Morse) Brown; grad. Oberlin, O., 1847 (A. 
M.); Theol. School Oberlin, 1850; began plat- 
form speaking, 1846; preaching, 1848; set- 
tled as Orthodox Cong'l pastor, 1852; or- 
dained, 1853; later became Unitarian; m. 
Samuel C. Blackwell, 1856; prominent in 
woman suffrage and other movements. 
Author: Studies in General Science, 1869 
P2; The Island Neighbors, 1S71 HI; The 
Sexes Throughout Nature, 1875 P2; The 
Physical Basis of Immortality, 1876 P2; 
The Philosophy of Individuality, 1893 P2. 
Address: 139 W. 64th St., New York. 

BLACKWELL, Elizabeth, M. D. ; b. Bris- 
tol, England, Feb. 3, 1821; emigrated to 
U. S., 1832; ed. in private schools in Bristol 
and New York; taught school in Ky., and 
the Carolinas; sought admission to several 
mod. colls., but was refused until she en- 
tered the med. school at Geneva, N. Y., 
1847; later studied in La Maternite and 
Hotel Dieu, Paris, and St. Bartholomew's, 
London. Established practice in New York, 
1851; founded a hosp., and, in 1867, in 
conjunction with her sister, Dr. Emily 
Blackwell, organized Woman's Med. Coll. 
of New York Infirmary; lectured in Eng- 
land, 1858-9; registered as a physician in 
England, 1859, and since 1869 has practiced 
in London and Hastings; founded Nat. 
Health Soc. of London; aided in founding 

London School of Medicine for Women. 
Author: Physical Education of Girls; Re- 
ligion of Health; Counsel to Parents on 
Moral Education; Pioneer Work in Opening 
the Medical Profession to Women; The Hu- 
man Element in Sex; Decay of Municipal 
Representative Institutions. Address: Rock 
House, Exmouth Place, Hastings, England. 

BLACKWELL, Emily, M. D. ; dean Wo- 
man's Med. Coll., New York Infirmary; b. 
Bristol, England, 1826; grad. Western Re- 
serve Univ., Med. Dept., Cleveland, O., 
1854. One of the founders (1853), with 
Elizabeth Blackwell, M. D., and since then 
connected with New York Infirmary for 
Women and Children, 1st woman's hosp. 
in the country. Residence: 53 E. 20th St., 
New York. 

BLACKWELL, Robert Emory, v. -p. and 
acting pres. Randolph-Macon Coll. since 
1900; b. Warrenton, Va., Nov. 14, 1854; .y. 
Rev. Dr. John Davenport and Julia Anna 
(Butts) B.; prep, ed'n Bethel Acad., Va., 
1865-8; grad. Randolph-Macon Coll., 1874; 
studied at Univ. of Leipzig, Germany, 
1875-6; m. Ashland, Va., Aug. 28, 1877, 
Theela Epia Duncan. Prof, in Randolph- 
Macon Coll. since 1876. Mem. Modern 
Language Ass'n of America. Author: (with 
J. A. Harrison) Easy Lessons in French; 
(with W. W. Smith) Parallel Syntax Chart. 
Wrote: Were the Ancients Acquainted 
with America? Southern Methodist Rev., 
Nashville, 1894; article on Matthew Ar- 
nold's Letters, same, 1896. Address: Ran- 
dolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va. 

BLAIKE, William, lawyer, author, lec- 
turer, athlete; b. York, N. Y., May 24, 
1843; grad. Harvard, 1S66; Harvard Law 
School, 1868; walked from Boston to New 
York, 225 miles, in 4% days, Thanksgiving 
week, 1868, which for 10 yrs. was the ama- 
teur long-distance out-door walking record; 
accompanied Harvard crew to England, 
1869, as sec. and treas.; pardon clerk in 
U, S. Att'y-Gen.'s office, 1S69-70; asst. in 
U. S. Dist. Atty's office, New York, 1870-2; 
established as lawyer, New York. Lecturer 
on physical training and personal probity. 
Author: How to Get" Strong; Sound Bodies 
for Our Boys and Girls; Secret Sins of 
Young Men; m. July 3, 1872, Isabella Stuart 
Briggs, Harrisburg, Pa.; 2d, Oct. 6, 1891, 
Rebecca Wynne Scott, Elkhorn, Ky. Ad- 
dress: 206 Broadway, New York. 

BLAIR, Andrew Alexander, analytical 
chemist; b. Ky., Sept. 20, 1848; j. Gen. 
Francis P. B.; m. Oct. 24, 1872, Anna S. 
Biddle, Phila. Grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 
1866; later was apptd. ensign, U. S. N. ; was 
chief chemist to U. S. comm'n apptd. to 
test iron, steel and other metals, Water- 
town arsenal, 1875-8; chief chemist, U. S. 
Geol. Survey and 10th Census, Newport, 
R. I., 1879-81; since then in gen. practice; 
mem. Am.' Philos. Soc, etc. Author: The 
Chemical Analysis of Iron; also numer- 
ous papers on chemistry and metallurgy. 
Residence: 1802 DeLancey PI. Office: 406 
Locust St., Philadelphia. 

BLAIR, Eliza Nelson; b. N. H. ; d. Wil- 
liam and Dolly Sumner (Elliott) Nelson; m, 



Dec. 20, 1859, Henry William Blair. Author: 
'Lisbeth Wilson: A Daughter of New Hamp- 
shire Hills (novel of New England life in 
the early part of XlXth century), 1895 L3. 
Address: Manchester, N. H. 

BLAIR, Engrenie (Mrs. Robert L. Down- 
ing), actress; b. Columbia, S. C. ; acted child 
parts; 1st appearance in adult roles with 
John T. Raymond; supported Mrs. D. P. 
Bowers at St. Louis, and later was leading 
lady "with James O'Neil and Frederic 
Warde; m. Robert L. Downing, actor, and 
has since taken leading female roles in his 
co. Address: Edgemore, Benning, D. C. 

BLAIR, Henry William, lawyer, ex-U. S. 
senator; b. Campton, N. H., Dec. 6, 1834; 
s. William Henry B. ; academic ed'n (A. 
M., Dartmouth); admitted to N. H. bar, 
1859; m. Dec. 20, 1859, Eliza Nelson. Served 
during Civil war, capt. to It. -col. 15th N. H. 
vols.; twice wounded; mem. N. H. legisla- 
ture, 1866; senate, 1867-8; mem. Congress 
from N. H., 1875-9 and 1893-5; U. S. sen- 
ator, 1879-91; prominent in work and 
speeches upon financial, tariff, commercial 
and edn'l questions, notably in combating 
"greenback" theories in 1876-78; author Blair 
bill to extend federal aid to ed'n in the 
States, which 3 times passed senate; apptd. 
and confirmed U. S. minister to China, but 
resigned when Chinese Govt, objected to 
him because of his opposition to Chinese 
immigration; Republican. Besides the ed'n 
bill, was author of the bills establishing U. 
S. Labor Dept. ; the Sunday Rest bill; 
School and Temperance Constitutional 
amendments, etc. Author: The Temperance 
Movement; or the Conflict of Man with Al- 
cohol. Address: Manchester, N. H. 

BLAIR, William Allen, educator, bank- 
er; b. High Point, N. C. ; 5. S. I. and Abi- 
gail Hunt B. (Pa. Quaker family); grad. 
Haverford Coll., Pa.; Harvard, 1882; grad. 
graduate course Johns Hopkins; m. Wins- 
ton, N. C, Nov. 20, 1895, Mary E., d. John 
W. Fries. Entered on edn'l work, 1882, as 
State supt. of Normal School; lectured on 
pedagogy, Swarthmore Coll., 1886; State 
comm'r to Paris Exp'n, 1889; made inves- 
tigations into European school systems; 
editor and owner The Schoolteacher (ed'nl 
mag. ) for several yrs. Pres. 1890-6, v. -p. since 
1896, Peoples' Nat. Bank of Winston. Mem. 
State Bd. Public Charities since 1886; v.-p. 
St. Ry. and Electric Light Co.; v.-p. Sound 
Money League for N. C, since 1896; pres. 
N. C. Bankers' Assn., 1898; mem. Southern 
Hist. Soc, Southern Literary Soc. ; Twin 
City Club, N. C. ; Reform Club, New York. 
Has delivered many lectures and addresses. 
Author: Banks of Issue, 1898; Currency Leg- 
islation, 1899. Wrote: History of Banking in 
N. C. (chapter in J. J. Knox's History of 
Banking) ; also mag. and newspaper ar- 
ticles. Address: 210 Cherry St., Winston-Sa- 
lem, N. C. 

BLAISDELL, Anthony Hongrhtalingr, 

civ. eng'r; b. Coeymans, N. Y., Dec. 23, 
1848; grad. Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., C. 
E., 1870; m. Aug. 6, 1878, Mary McConnell, 
Chicago. Expert constructor of light draft 
steamboats in steel and wood; now civ. 

eng'r with Mo. River Comm'n at St. Louis; 
most of professional work has been con- 
nected with improvement of Western rivers, 
as asst. and exec, eng'r under Congression- 
al appropriations. Co-propr. Western Iron 
Boat Building Co., St. Louis, 1880-86; mem. 
Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs. ; mem. of Bd. of St. 
Louis Public Schools, 1882-5. Residence: 2918 
Morgan St. Office: 1515 Locust St., St. Louis. 

BLAKE, Clarence John, M. D. ; b. Bos- 
ton, Feb. 23, 1843; grad. Harvard Med. 
School, 1865; studied abroad; established in 
Boston, 1869, as specialist in diseases of the 
ear; aural surgeon, Mass. Charitable Eye 
and Ear Infirmary, 1871; 1871 instr., now 
prof., otology Harvard Med. School; pres. 
Am. Otological Soc, 1876-7; editor Am. 
Journal of Otology, 1879-82. Address: 226 
Marlborough St., Boston. 

BLAKE, Francis, inventor Blake trans- 
mitter; b. Needham, Mass., Dec. 25, 1850; s. 
Francis and Caroline (Trumbull) B. ; ed. 
public schools and Brookline, Mass., High 
School until 1866; served on U. S. Coast 
Survey 13 yrs., resigned; during last 2 or 
3 yrs. was engaged in field work and its re- 
duction to determine differences of longi- 
tude between observatories at Greenwich, 
Paris, Cambridge and Washington; m. June 
24, 1873, Elizabeth L., d. Charles T. Hub- 
bard, of Weston, where they have since re- 
sided. While with Coast Survey devoted 
leisure to experimental physics, and in 1878 
invented "Blake Transmitter," which is the 
telephonic transmitter now most frequently 
in use throughout the world; has since pat- 
ented many other electrical devices. Di- 
rector Bell Telephone Co., fellow A. A. A. 
S., Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences; mem. 
Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs; mem. of corpora- 
tion Mass. Inst. Technology; Boston Soc. 
Civ. Eng'rs, Am. Antiquarian Soc; trustee 
Mass. Gen. Hosp., a*d Boston Museum of 
Fine Arts; chmn. Selectmen of Weston; 
etc. Ajddress: Keewaydin, Weston (Auburn- 
dale P. O.), Mass. 

BLAKE, Francis H., mining engineer; 
life mem. Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs since 
1884. Address: 43 Cedar St., New York. 

BLAKE, James Henry, naturalist, artist, 
lecturer; b. Boston, July 8, 1845; j. James 
Henry B.; grad. Lawrence Scientific School, 
Harvard, 1872; m. July 20, 1871, Lucinda S. 
Critchett. Asst. with Prof. Louis Agassiz at 
time of his death, and asst. at Museum of 
Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, 1870-6; 
was with Prof. Agassiz on Hassler Expdn., 
1872; asst. paleontologist, U. S. Geol. Sur- 
vey, for several yrs. ; also for 5 yrs. with 
U. S. Fish Comm'n. Pres. Cambridge Art 
Circle; mem. Boston Soc. of Nat. History 
since 1870. Best known as zool. artist and 
public lecturer. Address: 18 Prentiss St., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

BLAKE, John Walter, banker; b. Leon 
Co., Tex., Aug. 6, 1858; s. Gen. T. W. B.; 
studied Wofford Coll., Spartanburg, S. C, 
1874-5; grad. Southwestern Univ., George- 
town, Tex., 1876; m. Calvert, Tex., Nov. 19, 
1879, Ella Yelverton. Dem. Co. Chmn. Lime- 
stone Co., Tex., 6 yrs.; mayor Mexia, Tex., 
2 yrs.; Chmn. State Dem. Exec. Com., Tex., 



1896-8; permanent chmn. State Dem. Conv., 
1898; delegate at large from Tex. to Nat. 
Dem. Conv., 1896, 1900; prominently men- 
tioned and solicited to become candidate 
for U. S. senator and gov., 1898. Mem. Bank 
of Prendergast, Smith & Co., Mexia, Tex., 
and mgr. same, 1885-99; moved to Sherman, 
Tex., and organized Grayson Nat. Bank, 
June, 1899, now cashier of same; Democrat. 
Address: 452 N. Travis St., Sherman, Tex. 
BLAKE, Joseph Augustus, physician; 
b. San Francisco, Aug. 31, 1864; .?. William 
Phipps and Charlotte Haven Lord (Hayes) 
B prep, ed'n Hopkins Grammar School; 
grad. Yale, B. A., 1885; Ph. B., 1886; Coll. 
of Phys. and Surg., Columbia Univ., 1889; 
m. Saugatuck, Conn., Dec. 17, 1890, Cath- 
arine Ketchum. Formerly asst. demonstrat- 
or of anatomy, Columbia Univ., and attend- 
ing surgeon Harlem Hosp. ; now instr. sur- 
gery Columbia, attending surgeon St. Luke's 
and Roosevelt Hosps. Writer of several 
anatom. and surg. contributions. Fellow 
N. Y. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. Acad, of 
Science; mem. Co. Med. Soc, Med. Assn. 
of the Greater City of New York; New 
York Surgical Soc, Assn. Am. Anatomists; 
N. Y. Zool. Soc. Address: 601 Madison Av., 
New York. 
BLAKE, Lillie Devereux, lecturer, au- 
thor; b. Raleigh, N. C, Aug. 12, 1835; d. 
George Pollock and Sarah Elizabeth (John- 
son) Devereux; ed. at Miss Apthorp's 
School, New Haven; afterward took Yale 
course with tutors at home; m. 1st, 1855, 
Frank G. Q. Umsted (died, 1859); 2d, 1866, 
Grenfill Blake (died, 1896). Active in secur- 
ing legislation for benefit of women and in 
woman suffrage movement since 1869; for 
years pres. N. Y. State Woman Suffrage 
Assn., now pres. Nat. Legislative League. 
Author- Southwold, 1859; Rockford, 1862; 
Fettered for Life, 1872; Woman's Place To- 
day, 1883; A Daring Experiment, 1898. 
Address: 75 E. 81st St., New York. 
BLAKE, Mary Elizabeth, author; b. 
Dungarven, Ireland, 1840; d. Patrick and 
Mary (Murphy) McGrath; ed. Quincy High 
School, 1855-9 ; Mr. Emerson's Private School, 
in Boston, 1859-61; Acad. Sacred Heart, 
Manhattanville, 1861-3; m. Boston, 1865, Dr. 
John G.Blake. Mother 5 sons (Harvard men); 
daughter (ed. Sacred Heart and Radcliffe). 
Contributor to N. Am. Review; Lippincott; 
Catholic World; Ave Maria, Independent; 
Outing; Scribner; Peace Journal; Provi- 
dence Journal; Congregationalist; The Pilot; 
Donahue's Mag., and for many yrs., the 
Boston Journal (Rambling Talks), under 
initials M. E. B. Mem. Authors Club and 
Castilian Club, Boston; chosen by the city 
to write the poem in the memorial services 
for Wendell Phillips and Admiral Porter. 
Author- Poems, 1884, 2d edit., 1890 H5; On 
the Wing (Western travel), 1885 L3; Mexi- 
co, Picturesque and Political (with Margaret 
Sullivan), 1887 L3; A Summer Holiday in 
Europe, 1889 L3; Verses Along the Way, 
1890 H5; A Memoir, 1895 XI; The Merry 
Months All (verses), 1885 L9; Youth in 
Twelve Centuries (verses), 1886 L9; In the 
Harbor of Hope (verses), 1901 Bll. Wrote: 
A Tilt at a Black Monster, N. Am. Rev. ; 
Muscle and Morals, Lippincott; A Plea 

for Patriotism, same; Essays, Historic, 
Critical and Biographical, Catholic World. 
Address: 212 Beacon St., Boston. 
BLAKE, William Phipps, mineralogist; 
b. New York, June 1, 1826, in direct descent 
from William Blake of Dorchester, Mass., 
1630; grad. Yale Scientific School, Ph. B., 
1852 (A. M., Dartmouth); geologist and 
mineralogist for U. S. Pacific R. R. Expdn., 
1853; m. South Berwick, Me., Dec. 25, 1855, 
Charlotte Haven Lord Hayes. Edited Min- 
ing Mag., 1859-60; has since been engaged 
in mining, eng'ring and explorations; min- 
ing eng'r in service of Japanese Govt., 1862; 
explored the Stickeen River, Alaska, 1863, 
and made report to Sec. of State Seward; 
prof, mineralogy and geology, Coll. of 
Calif., 1864; accompanied U. S. Comm'n to 
Santo Domingo, 1871; exec, comm'r Cen- 
tennial Exp'n, 1876; since 1894 prof, geology 
and director School of Mines, Univ. of Ariz., 
and territorial geologist. Identified with the 
great internat. expns. since 1853. Fellow 
Geol. Soc. of London; mem. Am. Philos. 
Soc, Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs; etc. Author: 
Geological Reconnaissance, California, 1855 
U6; Silver Ores and Silver Mines; and 
other works on mineralogy; Ceramic Art 
and Glass; Life of Capt. Jonathan Mix and 
many papers and reports on tech. subjects. 
Address: Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. 
BLAKE-COLEMAN, Kathleen; see Cole- 
man, Kathleen Blake. 
BLAKENEY, Albert A., congressman; b. 
Baltimore Co., Md., Sept. 28, 1850; s. John 
D. and Sarah B.; ed. Baltimore public 
schools; unmarried. Elected co. comm'r 
for Baltimore Co., 1895, for 6 yrs. term; 
elected pres, of bd. on day of inaugura- 
tion; resigned after serving 4 yrs.; mem. 
Congress, 1901-3, 2d Md. dist. Republican. 
Is cotton mfr. Home: Franklinville, Bal- 
timore Co., Md. 
BLAKESLEE, Francis Dnrbin, pres. 
Cazenovia Sem., since July 1, 1900; b. Ves- 
tal, Broome Co., N. Y., Feb. 1, 1846; j. 
Rev. George H. and Hester A. (Cargill) B.; 
ed. in public schools and Wyoming Sem., 
Kingston, Pa.; grad. Syracuse Univ., 1872 
(A. M., 1875; D. D., Wesleyan Univ., Conn., 
1889); m. Geneseo, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1869, Au- 
gusta M. Hubbard. Teacher public schools 
Northern Pa., 1863; q.m.'s clerk, 50th N. Y. 
eng'rs, Rapahannock Sta., Va., winter, 
1863-4; clerk in q.m. gen.'s office, Washing- 
ton, Feb. 1864- July, 1865; pastor M. E. Ch., 
Canisteo, Steuben Co., N. Y., Jan. -Aug., 
1868; prin. Whitney's Point, N. Y., Union 
School, 1S69-70; pastor M. E. Ch., E. Grove- 
land, N. Y., 1871-3; prin. East Greenwich 
Acad., R. I., 1S73-84; traveled in Europe, 
1S84-5; pastor Thames St. M. E. Ch., New- 
port, R. I., 1886-7; prin. East Greenwich 
Acad., R. I., 1887-99; pres. Iowa Wesleyan 
Univ., Mt. Pleasant, la., 1899-1900. Address: 
Cazenovia, N. Y. 
BLANCHAN, Neltje, see Doubleday, Mrs. 

F. N. 
BLA1VOHARD, Amy Ella, author; 6. Bal- 
timore; d. Daniel Harris and Sarah (Rey- 
nolds) B.; ed. there; taught school; stud- 
ied art; since 1881 writer of short stories 
and numerous books, principally for young 



people. Author: Holly Berries (with Ida 
Waugh), 1SS1 D4; Wee Babies, 1882 D4; My 
Own Dolly, D4; Twenty Little Maidens, 
1893 L5; Two Girls, 1894 L5; Girls Together, 
1895 L5; Betty of Wye, 1S96 L5; Taking a 
Stand, 1896 J5; Three Pretty Maids, 1897 
L5; A Dear Little Girl, 1897 J5; An Inde- 
pendent Daughter, 1898, L5; Thy Friend 
Dorothy, 1898 J5; Kittyboys' Christmas, 
1S9S J5; A Girl of '76, 1898 W2; Miss Van- 
ity, 1899 L5; A Sweet Little Maid, 1899 J5; 
A Revolutionary Maid, 1899 W2; Her Very 
Best, 1900 L5; Dimple Dallas, 1900 J5; A 
Daughter of Freedom, 1900 W2. Address: 
4100 V Pine St., Philadelphia. 

ULANCHARD, Charles A., pres. Wheaton 
Coll. since 1882; b. Galesburg, 111., Nov. S. 
1848; s. Pres. Johnathan B.; ed. common 
schools Galesburg and Wheaton, 111. ; grad. 
Wheaton Coll., 1870 (D. D., Monmouth 
Coll.) m. 1st, Oct. 16, 1873, Ella Milligan 
(died Oct. 30, 1884); 2d, June 30, 1S86, Jean- 
nie Carothers (died Feb. 9, 1894); 3d, Feb. 
18, 1896, Dr. Frances Carothers, Des Moines, 
la. Agt. and lecturer Nat. Christian Assn., 
1870-2; prin. prep, dept., Wheaton Coll., 
1872-4; prof. English literature and lan- 
guage, 1874-82; prof, mental and moral sci- 
ence since 1882. Pres. Sabbath Ass'n of 
111. ; pres. coll. sect. State Teachers' Ass'n, 
1894. Address: Wheaton, 111. 

BLA1VCHARD, James Armstrong-, law- 
yer; b. Jefferson Co., N. Y., Aug. 16, 1845; 
s. Philip and Catharine (Drummond) B.; 
ed. Ripon Coll. and Columbia Coll. Law 
School (LL. B.); pres. Rep. League of U. 
S., 1888-9, for N. Y. State; pres. Rep. Club, 
1892, represented 21st assembly dist. in 
exec. com. of the Rep. co. com. ; was a 
mem. of com. of 30 that reorganized the 
Republican party in New York Co., and a 
mem. com. of 70, in 1894; now comm'r of 
Grand Boulevard and Concourse, and judge 
Court of Gen. Sessions. Residence: Hotel 
Savoy. Office: 154 Nassau St., New York. 

BLAIVCHARD, Newton Grain, asso. jus- 
tice Supreme Court of La. since 1897; b. 
Rapides Parish, La., Jan. 29, 1849; s. Carey 
H. and Frances Amelia (Crain) B.; boy- 
hood passed on cotton plantation; ed. in 
private schools, at La. State Univ. and 
Univ. of La. (now Tulane Univ.); grad. 
law dept., 1870; m. Dec. 16, 1873, Mary Bar- 
ret, Shreveport, La. Practiced law at 
Shreveport, La.; mem. constitutional conv., 
1S79; on staff of gov. La., with rank of 
maj.; mem. Congress, 1880-93; U. S. sena- 
tor, 1893-7; Democrat. Is mem. Dem. Nat. 
Com. for La. Residence: Shreveport, La. 
Business Address: Supreme Court, New Or- 

BLAIVCHARD, Rnfns, cartographer, au- 
thor; b. Lyndeboro, N. H., 1821; ed. com- 
mon school and private tutors; pursued va- 
rious occupations; farmed in Ohio, became 
an expert in woodcraft on the frontier; 
taught school in log cabins, etc.; since 1854 
maker and publisher of maps and writer 
of historical books. Author: History of 
Illinois; Political History of the United 
States; History of the Northwest and the 
Citv of Chicago. Residence: Wheaton, 111. 
Office: 169 Randolph St., Chicago. 

BLAND, William Thomas, pres. and 
prof, pedagogy, Union Coll., Lincoln, Neb., 
since 1897; b. Coles Co., 111., Jan. 16, 1862; 
j. Dr. S. T. B.; ed. high school, Oakland, 
111., 1881, Lee's Male and Female Acad., 
Loxa, 111., 1883; grad. lnd. Normal Coll., 
1886; w. Des Moines, la., July 30, 1891, 
Flora L. Cook. Prof. English language 
and literature, Battle Creek Coll., Mich., 
1889-93; mental and moral science, same, 
1894; prin. Mt. Vernon, O., Acad., 1894-7. 
Especially interested in industrial ed'n. 
Address: College View, Lincoln, Neb. 

BLANEY, Henry R., artist; b. Dedham, 
Mass., Jan. 29, 1855; self-taught. Exhibited 
at Paris Exp'n, 1900. Address: Ipswich, 

BLANTON, Joseph Philip, pres. Univ. 
of Idaho since Sept. 20, 1898; dir. expt. sta. 
and prof, political science and history; b. 
Cumberland Co., Va., Jan. 29, 1849; .s. Jo- 
seph and Susan (Walker) B. ; early ed'n 
private; grad. Hampden-Sidney Coll., Va., 
1S69 (A. M., 1881); LL. D. Central Univ. 
Richmond, Ky., 1897; m. Louisiana, Pike 
Co., Mo., June 25, 1872, Anna Craig Bell. 
Taught in sems. and public schools of Mo.; 
pres. State Normal School, Kirksville, Mo., 
1882-91; dean normal dept., Univ. of Mo., 
1891-8. Address: Moscow, Idaho. 

BLAIVTOIV, Lindsay Hughes, clergyman, 
educator; b. Cumberland Co., Va., Jan. 29, 
1834; ^. Joseph and Susan (Walker) B ; 
ed. Hampden-Sidney Coll. (D. D.) and Un- 
ion and Danville Theol. sems.; m. Eliza- 
beth Irvine, Danville, Ky. Pastor of Ver- 
sailles, Salem, Va., and Paris, Ky., Pres- 
by'n Chs.; chaplain in C. S. A.; chancellor 
Central Univ., Richmond, Ky., since 1880; 
added $300,000 to endowment and increased 
attendance from 120 to 978 students. Address: 
Richmond, Ky. 

BLASHFIELD, Albert Dodd, artist, il- 
lustrator; b. New York, July 31, 1860; ed. 
Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Inst, 
and Alexander Mil. Inst. ; studied art at 
Art Students' League, New York. His 
specialty is illustration of periodicals. 
Residence: 103 Joralemon St. Studio: 18 2d 
PI., Brooklyn. 

BLASHFIELD, Edwin Howland, ar- 
tist; b. New York, Dec. 15, 1848; ed. Boston 
Latin School; studied Paris, 1867, under 
Leon Bonnat, also receiving advice from 
Gerome and Chapu; exhibited at Paris Sa- 
lon, yearly, 1874-9, 1881, 1891, 1892; also sev- 
eral yrs. at Royal Acad., London; returned 
to U. S. 1881; has exhibited genre pictures, 
portraits and decorations; m. Evangeline 
Wilbour. Among his paintings are Christ- 
mas Bells and Angel with the Flaming 
Sword. Decorated one of domes of Mfrs. 
Bldg., World's Columbian Exp'n; Collis P. 
Huntington's drawing room; great Central 
Dome, Library of Congress; decorative 
panels Bank of Pittsburg; Lawyers' Club, 
New York; Astoria ball-room ceiling; li- 
brary of town house of G. W. C. Drexel, 
Phila. ; supper-room, New York house of 
W. K. Vanderbilt; a decoration for the 
high Appellate Court of New York. Mem. 
Nat. Acad. Design, since 188S; mem. Mural 



Painters, Architectural League, etc.; has 
been pres. Soc. of Am. Artists. Has lec- 
tured on art at Columbia, Harvard, Yale, 
etc. Author: (with Mrs. Blashfield) Italian 
Cities, 1900 S3. Coeditor (with Mrs. Blash- 
field and A. A. Hopkins) : Vasari's Lives 
of the Painters, 1897 S3. Address: Carnegie 
Bldg., New York. 

BLATCHFORD, Eliphalet Wiclces, 
retired nifr. ; b. Stillwater, N. Y., May 31 
1826; s. Dr. John and Frances (Wickes) B. 
grad. 111. Coll., Jacksonville, 1845 (LL. D.) 
m. Oct. 7, 1858, Mary Emily Williams, Chi- 
cago. Engaged in business at St. Louis, 
1850; came to Chicago, 1854; mem. and 
treas. Northwestern branch U. S. sanitary 
comm'n, 1861-5; long dir. and over 30 yrs. 
pres. bd. of trustees, Chicago Theol. Sem.; 
one of the two original executors and trus- 
tees of Walter L. Newberry's estate, 
charged with duty of creating the New- 
berry Library, of which he is pres. ; a 
trustee of the John Crerar Library; pres. 
bd. of trustees, Chicago Manual Training 
School, from its foundation till its absorp- 
tion by the Univ. of Chicago, and connect- 
ed with many other edn'l and religious or- 
ganizations; corporate mem. (v. -p. 1885-98) 
Am. Bd. of Comm'rs for Foreign Missions 
(Cong'l). Residence: 375 La Salle Av. 
Office: 70 N. Clinton St., Chicago. 

BLATCHLEY, Willis Stanley, natural- 
ist and geologist; b. N. Madison, Conn., 
Oct. 6, 1859; 5. Hiram S. and Sarah J. B. ; 
ed. Bainbridge, Ind. ; grad. Ind. State 
Univ., 1887; A. M., 1891; asst. Ark. Geol. 
Survey, 1889-90; mem. Scoville's Scientific 
expd'n to Old Mexico, 1891; asst. on U. S. 
Fish Comm'n, 1893; elected State Geologist 
of Ind., 1894; re-elected 1898; m. Clara A. 
Fordice, May 2, 1882, at Russellville, Ind. 
Republican. Author: Gleanings from Na- 
ture, 1899 N2; editor and part author vols, 
xx. -xxv., Annual Reports Dept. Geology 
and Natural Resources of Ind. Wrote Lo- 
custidae and Blattidae of Indiana, Proc. 
Ind. Acad. Science, 1892; Some Indiana 
Acrididae, Can. Entom., 1891-2-4-8 (4 pa- 
pers) ; How Plants and Animals Spend the 
Winter, Popular Science Monthly, 1897. 
Has described also numerous new species 
of Orthoptera in "Psyche." Residence: 1725 
Broadway. Office: 89 State House, Indi- 
anapolis, Ind. 

BLAUVELT, Lillian (Mrs. Royal Smith), 
prima donna; b. Brooklyn, about 1870; mus- 
ical ed'n at Nat. Conservatory, New York 
and in Paris; attracted attention as a vio- 
linist when a child; sang in Plymouth Ch. 
choir, Brooklyn; subsequently appeared in 
concert and opera, making stage debut in 
Europe; has taken leading roles in Faust, 
Mireille, and other French operas, singing 
only in concert in U. S. ; m. Royal Smith, 
musician; divorced, 1898. Address: Care Otto 
Floersheim, 17 Link St., Berlin, Germany. 

BLENNER. Carle Joan, portrait and 
genre painter; b. Richmond, Va., Feb. 1, 
1864; ed. Marburg, Germany, and special 
course, Yale; grad. Yale Art School; 6 yrs. 
at Julian's Acad., Paris. Exhibited Paris 
Salon, 1887-8-9-91; World's Columbian 

Exp'n, 1893; medal at Boston, 1891; Hall- 
garten Prize, 1899, Nat. Acad, of Design. 
Represented at current expns. in New York 
since 1889. Mem. Players' and Salmagundi 
clubs. Residence: 58 W. 57th St.. New York. 

BLESSING-EYSTER, Nellie, see Eyster, 
Nellie Blessing. 

BLETHEN, Alden J., editor and publisher 
Seattle Daily Times; b. Knox, Me., Dec. 27, 
1846; s. Alden and Abbie L. B. ; grad. Me. 
Wesleyan Sem. and Coll., 1868 <A. M., Bow- 
doin, 1872) ; m. March 12, 1869, Rose A. Hun- 
ter, Farmington, Me. Was lessee and prin. 
Abbott Family School, 1869-73; admitted to 
Me. bar., 1873; practiced law at Portland, 
Me., 1874-80; mgr. Kansas City Jour., 1880- 
4; half-owner, editor and mgr. Minneapolis 
Tribune and Minneapolis Jour., 1884-8; sold 
his interest; re-purchased Tribune in sum- 
mer of 1889; fire destroyed Tribune Bldg., 
Nov., 1889, with net loss of $100,000 to own- 
ers of paper. Built new Tribune Bldg., 1890, 
at a cost of $100,000, but lost all in the panic 
of 1893-5; began life again in 1896 with Seat- 
tle Times. Was col. on staff of Govs. Nel- 
son and Clough of Minn. Address: 714 2d 
Av., Seattle, Wash. 

BLEYER, Herman, managing editor Mil- 
waukee Evening Wisconsin since 1883; b. 
Milwaukee, March 8, 1850; common school 
ed'n; m. March 8, 1881, Isora J. Morehouse, 
Waukesha, Wis. Entered employ Evening 
Wisconsin as errand boy, 1864; became prac- 
tical printer, in charge of composing room 
for several yrs. Address: Evening Wiscon- 
sin. Milwaukee, Wis. 

BLISS, Aaron T., gov. of Mich, for term 
expiring Dec. 31, 1902; b. Smithfield, N. Y., 
May 22 ; 1837; s. Lyman and Anna (Chaffee) 
B.; ed. country schools; employed in store, 
1854-61; enlisted pvt. Co. D., 10th N. Y. cav., 
Oct. 1, 1861; elected 1st It.; promoted capt., 
1802; in service 3 yrs. 5 months; captured 
on field, Ream's Sta., Va. ; 6 months in pris- 
ons at Salisbury, N. C, Andersonville, and 
Macon, Ga., Charleston and Columbia, S. 
C. ; escaped from Columbia prison Nov. 29, 

1864, and reached Union lines Dec. 16, near- 
ly starved; m. March 31, 1868, Allaseba M., 
d. Ambrose Phelps of Solsville, Madison 
Co., N. Y. Lumberman in Saginaw since 

1865, large mfr. of lumber and salt, and in- 
terested in banking, mercantile and farm 
enterprises. Has been alderman, supervisor 
and mem. bd. ed'n, Saginaw; State senator, 
1882; mem. bd. to locate Mich. Soldiers' 
Home; mem. Congress from 8th Mich, dist., 
1889-91; aide on staff Gov. Alger, 1885; dept. 
comdr. G. A. R., 1897; Republican. Home: 
Saginaw, Mich. Official Address: Lansing, 

BLISS, Charles Beniis, educator; b. in 
Broome Co., N. Y., Jan. 23, 1868; grad. Yale, 
1890 (Ph. D., 1893); asst. Yale Psychol. Lab- 
oratory, 1893-4; prof, experimental psychol- 
ogy in School of Pedagogy, N. Y. Univ., 
1894-8; life mem. N. Y. Acad, of Science; 
mem. Psychol. Assn. and A. A. A. S. Un- 
married. Address: Chevy Chase, Md. 

BLISS. Cornelius Newton, ex-sec. of the 
Interior, mcht. ; b. Fall River, Mass., Jan. 
26, 1833; ed. public schools and acad. there, 



and high school New Orleans; engaged in 
his stepfather's counting-room, New Or- 
leans, 1 yr. ; clerk in column, house, Bos- 
ton; mem., 1866, J. S. & E. Wright & Co., 
Boston; later moved to New York to take 
charge there, firm finally becoming Bliss, 
Fabyan & Co., dry goods commn. mchts., 
since 1881. Was mem. Pan-Am. Conf . ; was 
pres. Protective Tariff League; chmn. N. 
Y. Rep. State Com., 1887-8; treas. Nat. Rep. 
Com., 1S92, 1896, 1900; declined to be a can- 
didate for gov. N. Y., 1885, 1891. Sec. of the 
Interior, in cabinet of President McKinley, 
1S97-8; resigned. Address: 117 Duane St., 
New York. 

BLISS, Daniel, missionary; b. Georgia, Vt., 
Aug. 17, 1823; grad. Amherst, 1S52, (D. D., 
1864); Andover Theol. Sem., 1855; m. Nov. 
23, 1855, Abby M. Wood, Amherst, Mass. 
Ordained Cong'l minister, Oct. 17, 1855; mis- 
sionary of Am. Bd. in Syria, 1855-62; since 
1866 pres. of Syrian Protestant Coll., Beirut. 
Author: Mental Philosophy; Natural Philos- 
ophy, both in Arabic. Address: Beirut, Syria. 

BLISS, Don Alfonso, lawyer; b. Artesia, 
Miss., Dec. 14, 1854; prep. edn. Carroll Acad, 
nr. Winona, Miss.; grad. King Coll., Bris- 
tol, Tenn.; attended 1 session law dept., 
Univ. of Tex.; admitted to bar, 1886; m. Col- 
lin Co., Tex., April, 1874, M. M. Hampton. 
Teacher 10 yrs., part of time in charge high 
school, Van Alstyne, Tex.; judge 15th jud. 
dist., Tex., over 7 yrs.; Democrat. Address: 
Sherman, Tex. 

BLISS. Edwin Mnnsell, asso. editor The 
Independent since 1896; b: Erzroom, Turkey, 
Sept. 12, 1848; ^. Rev. Isaac G. B., D. D., 
of Springfield, Mass., agt. Am. Bible Soc. 
for The Levant at Constantinople; ed. high 
school, Springfield, Mass., 1866-7. Robert 
Coll., Constantinople, 1862-3; Amherst Coll., 
1867-71; grad. Amherst Coll., 1871; studied 
Yale Divinity School, 1871-2 and 1875-7 (D. 
D., Amherst Coll., 1896, for sp'l work on 
Encyclopaedia of Missions); m. 1st, Urumia, 
Persia, June 5, 1885, Marie Louise Hender- 
son of New York (died, Dec. 12, 1897); 2d, 
Brockton, Mass., Nov. 8, 1900, E. Theodora 
Crosby. Apptd. asst. agt. Am. Bible Soc. 
for The Levant, headquarters at Constanti- 
nople, 1872; returned to U. S., 1888; edited 
EncyclopEedia of Missions, 1889-91; traveled 
extensively in Turkey and Persia; returned 
to U. S., 1888; chmn. Com. on Publication 
and the Press, Ecumenical Conf. on Foreign 
Missions, New York, April 21-May 1, 1900. 
Presby'n. Author: Encyclopedia of Missions, 
1891 F3; Turk in Armenia, Crete and Greece, 
1896 01; Concise History of Missions, 1S-97 
R3. Has written a number of short articles 
in Century Mag., Harper's Weekly; etc. 
Editorial writer in Harper's Weekly and 
New York Times as well as Independent. 
Residence: Roselle, N. J. Office: 130 Fulton 
St., New York. 

BLISS, Eugene Frederick, teacher, au- 
thor; b. Granville, Washington Co., N. Y., 
July 31, 1836; s. Cyrus and Susan (Fisher) 
B. ; ed. public school, Worcester, Mass.; 
grad. Harvard, 1858; (A. M., 1866); teacher, 
1863-79; unmarried. Mem. Hist, and Philos. 
Soc. of Ohio, Am, Hist. Assn., Am. Antiq. 

Soc. Translator and editor Diary of David 
Zeisburger, 1885; In memory of Elizabeth 
Haven Appleton, 1891; contributor and ed- 
itor Tales for a Stormy Night, 1891 C3. 
Residence: 450 E. 5th St., Cincinnati. 
BLISS, Frederick Jones, archaeologist, 
explorer; b. Mt. Lebanon, Syria, Jan. 22, 
1859; 5. Daniel Bliss; grad. Amherst, 1880 
(A. M.; hon. Ph. D.); 3 yrs. prin. prep. dept. 
Syrian Protestant Coll., Beirut, Syria; grad. 
Union Theol. Sem., New York, 1887, but was 
never ordained to ministry; pursued inde- 
pendent researches in Syria until apptd., 
1S90, explorer to the Palestine Exploration 
Fund (London), which office he held 10 yrs. 
Excavated, 1891-3, the Mound Tell-el-Hesy 
(Lachish); 1894-7, excavated at Jerusalem, 
finding buried city wall with towers, streets, 
drains, stairways, pools, chs., etc; exca- 
vated, 1898-1900, four Palestinian sites, col- 
lecting material for history of pre-Christian 
pottery, etc. Unmarried. Author: A Mound 
of Many Cities; Excavations at Jerusalem, 
1894-7; and has contributed to periodicals. 
Address: Beirut, Syria. 

BLISS, William Dwlght Porter, cler- 
gyman, lecturer, author; b. Constantinople, 
Turkey, 1856; early ed'n in Robert Coll., 
Constantinople, and Phillips Acad., Mass.; 
grad. Amherst, 1878; Hartford Theol. Sem., 
1882; tn. 1884, in London, Mary Pangalo of 
Constantinople. Cong'l clergyman, Denver, 
Colo., and S. Natick, Mass. Became Episco- 
palian, 1885; deacon, 1886; priest, 1887; rec- 
tor Lee, Mass., 1885; Grace Ch., S. Boston, 
1887-90; Linden, Mass., 1890; Ch. of the Car- 
penter, 1890-4; rector Ch. of Our Savior, San 
Gabriel, Calif., 1898. Organized 1st Christian 
Socialist Soc. in U. S., 1889. Pres. Nat. So- 
cial Reform Union; nominee of Labor Par- 
ty for It. -gov. of Mass., 1887. Edited The 
Dawn, 1889-96; The American Fabian, 1895-6; 
now editor The Social Unity, and The Civic 
Councilor. Author: Hand-Book of Socialism, 
1895 S3. Editor: Encyclopasdia of Social Re- 
form, 1898, F3. Address: 71 Bible House, 
New York. 

BLISS, William Root, mercht, author; 
b. Oct. 20, 1825; s. Rev. Seth and Jeanette 
Root B.; ed. in Boston schools; grad. Yale, 
1850; engaged in commercial pursuits in 
New York; m. Elizabeth Fearing of Boston. 
As a diversion studied and wrote on hist, 
subjects. Author: Quaint Nantucket; Side 
Glimpses from the Colonial Meeting-House; 
The Old Colony Town and Other Sketches; 
Colonial Times on Buzzard's Bay; Paradise 
in the Pacific. Residence: Short Hills, N. J. 
Office: 120 Broadway, New York. 

BLODGETT, Henry Williams, jurist; b. 
Amherst, Mass., July 21, 1821; ed. at com- 
mon schools and Amherst Acad. ; m. April, 
1850, Alathea Crocker, Hamilton, N. Y. 
Studied land surveying and eng'ring; be- 
gan law study at Chicago, 1842; admitted to 
bar, Dec, 1844; located at Waukegan, 111., 
Feb., 1845; mem. 111. legislature, 1852-4; 
State senator, 1859-63; U. S. dist. judge, 
northern dist. 111., 1869-93 (retired); apptd. 
1892, one of counsel of U. S. before arbitra- 
tion tribunal U. S. and Great Britain in 
regard to fur seals in Bering Sea. Address: 
Waukegan, 111, 



BLODGETT, Isaac W., chief justice Su- 
preme Court of N. H. since 1898, (asso., 
1880-96); b. Canaan, N. H., March 6, 1838; 
academic edn.; m. May, 1861, Sarah A. Ger- 
ould. Practiced law in Canaan, 1860-7; in 
Franklin, N. H., 1867-80; mem. N. H. legis- 
lature, 1871, 1873-4 and 1878; N. H. senate, 
1S79-80; constitutional conv., 1876 and 1889. 
Address: Franklin, N. H. 

BLODGETT, Mabel Fuller, author; b. 
(Fuller), Me., 1869; married. Author: The 
Aspen Shade; Fairy Tales; In Poppy Land; 
At the Queen's Mercy. Address: Brookline, 

BLODGETT, Bnfns, ex-U. S. senator; b. 
Dorchester, N. H., Oct. 9, 1834; common 
school edn.; learned trade of machinist; 
engaged in R. R. business in N. J., 1866; 
supt. N. J. Southern R. R., 1874-84; since 
1884 supt. New York and Long Branch R. 
R. ; organized and is pres. Citizen's Bank of 
Long Branch; elected mayor Long Branch 
6 consecutive terms; mem. N. J. legislature, 
1878-SO; delegate Dem. Nat. Conv., 1880 rnd 
1896; U. S. senator, 1887-93; Democrat. 
Address: Long Branch, N. J. 

BLOEDE, Gertrude ("Stuart Sterne"), 
author; b. Dresden, Saxony, Aug. 10, 1845; 
has lived in U. S. since 1850; in Brooklyn 
since 1861; parents were refugees of revo- 
lution of 1848. Author: Angelo; Giorgio and 
Other Poems; Beyond the Shadow; Piero da 
Castiglione (all vols, of verse); also, The 
Story of Two Lives (a novel). Address: 34 
Greene Av., Brooklyn. 

BLOOD, Henry Ames, poet; b. Temple, 
N. H., June 7, 1838; s. Bphraim Whiting and 
Lavinia (Ames) B.; m. Oct. 19, 1880, New 
Ipswich, N. H., Mary E., d. Col. Ephraim 
F. Miller of Salem, Mass., and g.d. Gen. 
James Miller, U. S. A. Author: History 
of Temple, New Hampshire; How Much I 
Loved Thee (drama in verse), under the 
anagram "Raymond Eshobel." Contributed 
poems to Century Mag., Jan. and Aug., 
1883; Feb. and Dec, 1887; Dec, 1888; May, 
1890; July, 1891; Scribner's, June, 1875, and 
other mags. ; some of his poems are in 
Piatt's Union of American Poetry and Art, 
the "Poets of New Hampshire," Stedman's 
Library of Am. Literature, Stedman's Am. 
Anthology, The Poets of Washington, Har- 
per's Cyclopedia of Poetry, Sladen's and 
Horder's, and other English collections; 
also in other Canadian and Am. anthologies. 
Author: 1449 Massachusetts Av., Washing- 

BLOODGOOD, Clare Sutton, actress; b. 
Long Branch, N. J., 1870; d. Edward and 
Annie (Sutton) Stephens (Mrs. Ann S. 
Stephens, author) ; ed. St. Johns School, 
Brighton, England; m. 1st, 1886, William 
Moller Havemeyer (secured divorce in N. 
Y., 1S87); 2d, 1889, New York, John Blood- 
good, Jr. (now deceased) ; went on the 
stage as result of financial reverses, Jan., 
1898; has played with Miss Annie Russell 
in Catherine and Miss Hobbs; now in Miss 
Amelia Bingham's co. in The Climbers. 
Address: 11 W. 34th St., New York. 

BLOODGOOD, Delavan, med. dir. U. S. 
N., retired 1893; b. Springville, N. Y., 1831; 

grad. Colgate Univ., Hamilton, N. Y., 1852 
(A. M.); M. D., Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila.; 
entered U. S. N. ; asst. surgeon, 1857; med. 
dir., 1884. Served throughout Civil, war; 
on active duty throughout Spanish war; 
mem. Loyal Legion; Holland Soc; Or- 
der Colonial Wars; Order Foreign Wars. 
Address: 320 Clermont Av., Brooklyn. 
BLOOMFIELD, Fannie, see Zeisler, Fan- 
nie Bloomfleld. 

BLOOMFIELD, Maurice, prof. Sanskrit 
and comparative philology Johns Hopkins; 
b. Bielitz, Austria, Feb. 23, 1855; studied 
Chicago Univ.; grad. Furman Univ., S. C. 
(A. M.), 1877; (Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1879; 
LL. D., Princeton, 1896); m. Rose Zeisler. 
Edited for 1st time from original Sans- 
krit MSS. the Sntra of Kaucjka; trans- 
lated the Atharva-Veda in the Sacred Books 
of the East (edited by Max Miiller) ; author 
of The Atharva-Veda and the Gopatha- 
Brahmana (Strassburg, 1899). Contributor 
to numerous learned journals and reviews 
on subjects connected with history, relig- 
ion, mythology and literature of Ancient 
India; on Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and com- 
parative grammar, ethnology and science 
of religions. Mem. German Oriental Soc, 
Am. Oriental Soc, Am. Phil. Assn.; hon. 
mem. Royal Bohemian Soc, Prague. En- 
gaged, 1900, in compiling a Concordance of 
the Vedas. Address: 861 Park Av., Balti- 

BLOSSOM, Henry Martyn, Jr., author; 
b. St. Louis, May 10, 1866; ed. Stoddard 
School, St. Louis; afterward engaged in 
insurance business; now in self-winding 
clock business in New York; took up lit- 
erature as leisure-hour avocation ; unmar- 
ried. Author: The Documents in Evidence; 
Checkers: a Hard Luck Story; Room 4, 
1901 12. Address: Lamb's Club, New York. 

BLOUNT, Henry Fitch, retired mfr.; b. 
Ontario Co., N. Y., May 1, 1829; grad. from 
a Red School-House; went west at 20; in 
active business life, chiefly mfg. for 30 yrs. ; 
spent several yrs. abroad with his family; 
returned, 1888; since then in Washington; 
m. Aug. 2, 1864, Lucia Augusta Eames, 
Kalamazoo, Mich.; v. -p. and trustee Nat. 
Reform School; mem. exec. com. Am. Se- 
curity and Trust Co. ; mem. bd. mgrs. Nat. 
Geog. Soc; v.-p. bd. trustees Emergency 
Hosp. ; Republican; Unitarian. Address: 
The Oaks, Washington. 

BLOXHAM, William D., ex-gov. Fla.; b. 
Leon Co., Fla., July 9, 1835; grad. William 
and Mary Coll., Va., June, 1855; m. Nov. 
28, 1856, Mary C. Davis, Lynchburg, Va. 
Mem. Fla. legislature, 1860; Presidential 
elector, 1868; It. -gov., 1870; mem. State Dem. 
exec, com., 1876; sec. of State, 1877-81; gov. 
Fla., 1881-5 apptd. minister to Bolivia, 1885, 
but declined; U. S. surveyor-gen., Fla., 
1885-9; comptroller, 1890-6; elected, 1896, for 
2d term as governor, 1897-1900; Democrat. 
Address: Tallahassee, Fla. 

BLUE, Victor, officer U. S. N.; b. N. C, 
Dec. 6, 1S65; resident S. C. since 1869; m. 
Oct. 17, 1899, Eleanor Foote Stuart, Morris- 
town, N. J. Apptd. to Naval Acad. Sept. 6, 
1883; grad. June, 1887; served through 



grades of ensign and jr. It.; promoted It., 
March 3, 1899; served on Pensacola, Quin- 
nebaug, Charleston, Alliance, Thetis and 
Bennington. Assigned to duty, Naval Acad., 
Sept. 28, 1896; ordered to gunboat Suwanee 
on breaking out of war with Spain; June 1, 
1898, comd. armed boat from the Suwanee; 
went inside the Cays nr. Cay Frances, N. 
coast Cuba; attacked and captured 2 Span- 
ish patrol sloops, which had on board a 
heliographic signal outfit; June 11, 1898, 
landed at Aserraderos, passed through 
Spanish lines and reconnoitered Santiago 
harbor, definitely settling fact of presence 
there of Cervera's fleet; made another re- 
connoissauce June 25, and fixed position of 
the Spanish ships upon the chart; fired the 
shots which cut down the Spanish flag- 
staff at Aguadores, July 1; placed in comd. 
captured Spanish gunboat Alvarado, and 
took part in engagement with Spanish bat- 
teries at Manzanilla, Aug. 12, 1898 (day 
peace protocol was signed by President) ; 
flag It. on staff Rear-Admiral Kempff dur- 
ing troubles in N. China, 1900; later in 
Philippines. Address: Navy Dept., Wash- 

BLUM, Robert Frederick, painter; b. 
Cincinnati, July 9, 1857; apprenticed in a 
lithographing establishment in 1871 and at- 
tended night classes at McMicken Art 
School of Design, Cincinnati; studied 9 
months Acad. Fine Arts, Phila. ; went to 
New York, 1879; made trips to Europe, 1880 
to 1889; visited Japan, 1890-93, illustrating 
Sir Edwin Arnold's articles for Scribner's 
Mag. and executing several pictures; has 
since devoted time mostly to mural deco- 
ration, Mendelssohn Hall, New York, being 
his prin. work. Awards: Am. Art Ass'n; 
Pa. Acad. Fine Arts; World's Columbian 
Exp'n; Paris Exp'n, 1900. Mem. Nat. Acad. 
Design, Soc. Am. Artists, Am. Water Color 
Soc, and Soc. Mural Painters, Paris. Un- 
married. Address: 90 Grove St., New York. 

BLl'MENBERG, Mare A., musical critic; 
b. Baltimore, May 21, 1851; ed Loyola Coll., 
Baltimore; editor Musical Courier (weekly 
musical journal), 1880-1901; pres. Blumen- 
berg Press Corporation. Address: 1135 
Broadway, New York. 

BLUMER, George Alder, M. D., medical 
supt. Butler Hosp. for Insane, Providence, 
R. I., since Sept., 1899; b. Sunderland, Eng- 
land, May 25, 1851; s. Dr. Luke B.; ed. at 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, England; at Moravian 
School, Neuwied-on-Rhine, Germany; Ly- 
c6e Imperial de Rouen, France; Univ. of 
Durham, England, and Univ. of Edinburgh, 
Scotland; grad. med. dept., Univ. of Pa., 
1879 (Licentiate Royal Coll. Surgeons and 
Royal Coll. Physicians, Edinburgh, 1884). 
Resident physician German Hosp., Phila., 
1879-80; asst. physician (1880-6), and supt. 
N. Y. State Lunatic Asylum, now Utica 
State Hosp., 1886-99; co-editor Am. Journal 
of Insanity; sec. of sect, of Psychol. Medi- 
cine, Internat. Med. Congress, Washing- 
ton, 1887; pres. sect, on Insanity, World's 
Congress of Charities, Chicago, 1893; late 
adjunct prof, of Insanity, Albany Med. 
Coll.; hon. mem. British Medico-psychol. 
Soc; Soc. Mental Medicine of Belgium, 

Medico-psychol. Soc. of Paris.; m. June 23, 
1886, Helen Antoinette, d. late J. Thomas 
Spriggs, mem. Congress, 23d N. Y. dist. 
Address: Duncan Lodge, Providence, R. I. 
BLUNT, Stanhope English, comdg. Rock 
Island Arsenal, 111.; b. Boston, Sept. 2J, 
1850; grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., 1872; m. Nov. 
18, 1873, Fanny Smyth, Oswego, N. Y. 2d 
and 1st It., 13th inf., and 1st It., capt. and 
maj., ordnance dept., U. S. A., 1872-99; 
served various posts and arsenals in west; 
mem. important bds., including that which 
selected Krag-Jorgensen rifle; a. d. c. Gen. 
Sheridan (as col.). Author: Firing Regu- 
lations for Small Arms (tactics U. S. ar- 
my, since 1884) ; also papers on use of 
small arms. Address: Rock Island Arsenal, 
Rock Island, 111. 

BLYTHE, Herbert; actor, playwright; see 
Barrymore, Maurice. 

BLYTHE, Samuel G., chief Washing- 
ton corr. New York World; b. Geneseo, N. 
Y., May 19, 1868; ed. at Geneseo State Nor- 
mal School; m. Sept. 19, 1888, Carolyn 
Hamilton Oakes, Rochester, N. Y. ; man- 
aging editor, Buffalo Express, 1893-6; edi- 
tor-in-chief, Buffalo Courier and Enquirer, 
1897-8; in charge literary bureau, Rep. 
State com., campaign of 1898; known as 
paragrapher and mag. writer; managing 
editor Cosmopolitan Mag., 1899. Office: 1397 
Pa. Av., Washington. 

BOARDMAN, George Dana, Bapt. cler- 
gyman; b. Aug. 18, 1838, Tavoy, Burmah; 
s. Bapt. missionary, same name; grad. 
Brown Univ., 1852 (D. D.); Newton Theol. 
Inst'n, 1855 (LL. D., Univ. of Pa.); m. 
Albany, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1855, Ella W. 
Covell. Entered ministry, 1855; pastor 
First Ch., Phila., 1864-94; ex-pres. Chris- 
tian Arbitration and Peace Soc. ; ex-pres. 
Am. Bapt. Missionary Union; univ. lectur- 
er, Chicago and Bucknell. In June, 1899, 
founded perpetual lectureship in Univ. of 
Pa., called the Boardman Foundation in 
Christian Ethics; in Nov., 1900, delivered 
the inaugural lecture on this foundation 
on the Golden Rule. Author: The Creative 
Work, 1878 A2; The Model Prayer, 1879 
A2; The Epiphanies of the Risen Lord, 
1879 A2; The Divine Man, 1880 A2; The 
Problem of Jesus, R3; The Ten Command- 
ments, 1889 B4; Disarmament of Nations, 
1890; The Coronation of Love, B4; The Two 
Bibles, B4; The Kingdom, 1899 S3; The 
Church, 1901 S3; The Golden Rule, 1901 
U2. Has delivered many addresses which 
have been published. His most import- 
ant monograph is: Titles of Wednesday 
Evening Lectures (981 lectures comprising 
a complete exegesis of the Bible on Wed- 
nesday evenings from 1865 to 1880, a work 
never before or since accomplished). 
Address: 1023 Farragut Terrace, Philadel- 

BOARDMAN, George Nye, clergyman, 
educator; b. Pittsford, Vt., Dec. 23, 1825; 
.s. Deacon Samuel W. and Ann (Gilbert) 
B. ; grad. Middlebury Coll., Vt., 1847 (A. M., 
1850); Andover Theol. Sem., 1852; (D. D., 
Univ. Vt., 1S67; LL. D., Lafayette Coll., 



1889); m. 1854, Anne A. Walker, Pittsford, 
Vt. Tutor Middlebury Coll., 1847-9; prof, 
rhetoric, English literature and psychology, 
1853-9; pastor 1st Presby'n Ch., Bingham- 
ton, 1859-71; prof, systematic theology, 
Chicago Theol. Sem. (Cong'l), 1871-93; prof, 
emeritus since 1893. Declined presidency 
Univ. of Vt, 1867, and Middlebury Coll , 
1880. Author: Lectures on Natural Theol- 
ogy; The Will and Virtue (published for his 
students); Congregationalism; A History of 
New England Theology; etc. Address: 18 
W. 55th St., New York. Summer Residence: 
Pittsford, Vt. 

BOARDMAN, Harry "L., pres. McMinn- 
ville Coll., since 1895; b. Cleveland, O., 
June 23, 1866; grad. Colfax Coll., Wash., 
1889; post-graduate course Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1890-3; m. Sept. 1, 1898, Alice Dorris, 
Eugene, Ore. Address: McMinnville, Ore. 

BOARDMAN, Samuel "Ward, pres. Mary- 
ville Coll. since 1889; b. Pittsford, Vt., Aug. 
31, 1830; s. Deacon Samuel W. and Ann 
(Gilbert) B. ; grad. Middlebury Coll., Vt., 
1851, (A. M., 1854; LL. D., 1890); Andover 
Theol. Sem., 1855; (A. M., Dartmouth, 
1859; D. D., Hamilton Coll., 1870); m. 1st. 
Sept. 10, 1859, Jane Elizabeth Haskell, 
Waldoboro, Me. (died Oct. 29, 1859); 2d, 
Sarah Elizabeth, d. Rev. David Greene, 
sec. A. B. C. F. M. Pastor, Norwich, Vt., 
1857-9; prof, rhetoric, English literature 
and psychology, Middlebury Coll., 1859-61; 
pastor 2d Presby'n Ch., Auburn, N. Y., 
1862-77; Cong'l Ch., Sterling, 111., 1879-82; 
Presby'n Ch., Stanhope, N. J., 1883-9; has 
written on many subjects in numerous 
publications. Address: Maryville, Tenn. 

BOARMAN, Aleck:, U. S. judge, Western 
dist. of La. since 1S81; b. Yazoo City, Miss., 
Dec. 10, 1839; attended schools at Shreve- 
port, La., and Ky. Mil. Coll.; m. Frances 
I. Capen, St. Louis. Served from Manassas 
to Appomattox in C. S. A. in Va. as maj. 
on staff in the field; mem. Congress, La., 
1871-3; judge on the bench of La., 4 yrs. 
Address: Shreveport, La. 

BOAS, Franz, anthropologist; 6. MInden, 
Westphalia, July 9, 1858; attended univs. 
of Heidelberg, Bonn and Kiel, 1877-82 (Ph. 
D., Kiel, 1891); spent year, 1882, at Berlin, 
preparing for arctic voyage; sailed June, 
1883, to Cumberland Sound, Baffin's Land, 
traveling in that region until Sept., 1884, 
returning via St. John's, N. F., to New 
York; spent winter in Washington, 1884-5, 
writing results of his voyage and studying 
at Nat. Museum; asst. Royal Ethnographi- 
cal Museum, Berlin, and docent of geog- 
raphy Univ. of Berlin, 1885-6; went to 
British Columbia to study Indians, and car- 
ried on investigations in that area for 
Brit. Assn. Adv. Science, and after 1897 for 
Am. Museum Nat. History, New York; di- 
rected operations and publications the 
North Pacific expdn.; asst. editor Science, 
1886-8; docent of anthropology Clark Univ., 
1888-92; chief asst. dept. of anthropology, 
World's Columbian Expn.; lecturer, 1895, 
prof., 1898, anthropology, Columbia Univ., 
1896; asst. curator, 1896, curator, 1901, 
dept. anthropology, Am. Museum Natural 

History; mem. Nat. Acad, of Science, fel- 
low A. A. A. S., corr. mem. Anthropol. 
Socs. of Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Vi- 
enna, Washington, of Am. Antiquarian and 
Numismatic Soc. Author: Baffin Land, 1885; 
The Central Eskimo (in 6th Annual Report 
U. S. Bureau of Ethnology); Reports to 
British Assn. Adv. Science and Am. Mu- 
seum Natural History; etc. Address: Ameri- 
can Museum of Natural History, Central 
Park, New York. 

BOATWRIGHT, Frederic "William, 
pres. Richmond Coll. since 1895; b. White 
Sulphur Springs, W. Va., Jan. 28, 1868; 5. 
Rev. R. B. B.; grad. Richmond Coll., 1888 
(M. A.; LL. D.). Studied in Halle, Leip- 
zig and Paris, 1889-90, 1892; prof, modern 
languages, Richmond Coll., 1890-5; m. Dec, 
1890, Nellie Moore Thomas. Author: Syllabi 
French and German Literatures. Address: 
Richmond, Va. 

BOCKMAN, Marcus Olaus, president and 
prof, theology, United Church Sem., since 
1893; b. Langesund, Norway, Jan. 9, 1849; 
s. Frederik and Nicoline (Bodom) B. ; 
grad. Christiania Univ., Norway, 1867, 
(passed examen philosophicum, 1868) ; theol. 
dept., 1875; (D. D., Muhlenberg Coll., Pa., 
1900); m., 1st, 1875, Leonharda Holby (died 
1888); 2d, 1896, Inga Holby. Ordained, 
Christiania, 1875; Lutheran pastor Goodhue 
Co., Minn., 1875-86; prof, theology, Luth- 
ersk Presteskole, Northfield, Minn., 1886- 
90; at Augsburg Sem., Minneapolis, 1890-3; 
one of editors Lutherske Vidnesbyrd, church 
paper of anti-Missourian Brotherhood. Ad- 
dress: Butler PI., Minneapolis. 

BODECKER,Carl Frledrlcli WUhelm, 
dentist, author; b. Celle, Hanover, July 6, 
1846; .j. Heinrich and Doris (Lohman) B. ; 
ed. local schools; also Egidian school, 
Hanover, 1859-61; apprentice to jeweler and 
dentist in Celle, 1861-6; m. nr. Bremen, 
Germany, 1874, Wilhelmina, d. Ernst Him- 
beck. Went to England, 1866, spent some 
time in London; asst. to dentist, Newark, 
Notts, 1866-9; studying medicine same time. 
Came to U. S., 1869; grad. Coll. of Dent- 
istry, New York (1st faculty prize), 1871; 
took extra course physics and chemistry, 
Cooper Inst.; asst. prof, chemistry, Coll. 
of Dentistry, 1871-3. Practiced dentistry in 
New York; passed with honors exam, held 
at Albany for degree of M. D. S., 1877, and 
in July, 1877, entered pathol. laboratory of 
Dr. Carl Heitzman. Elected mem. New 
York Odontol. Soc. ; apptd. one of 4 dent- 
ists from State Soc. of N. Y. to be rep- 
resented in the album, "The Public Service 
of the State of N. Y."; 2 yrs. lecturer in 
dental history New York Coll. of Dentistry; 
4 yrs. prof, dental embryology Univ. of 
Buffalo; retired with title of emeritus 
prof. ; now practicing in Berlin. Chmn. of 
Dental Clinic of Internat. Med. Congress, 
Washington, 1887, also chmn. of Clinic of 
Internat. Dental Congress, Chicago, 1893, 
also chmn. of Clinic 1st Dist. Dental Soc., 9 
yrs. ; hon. mem. Central Dental Soc. of 
Northern N. J., State Dental Soc. of N. J., 
Calif. State Odontol. Soc., Am. Dental Soc. 
of Europe, Central Verein Deutscher 



Zahnarzte and Sveuska Tandlakare Salls- 
kapet of Stockholm. Author: The Anatomy 
and Pathology of the Teeth, 1894. Address: 
Unter den Linden, 54, 55, Berlin W., Ger- 

IKIDIMO, James Morrison, prof, anat- 
omy since 1866, dean since 1867, Univ. of 
Louisville; b. Fairfield, Nelson Co., Ky., 
Oct. 2, 1831; ed. common schools and Han- 
over Coll., Ind. ; grad. Ky. School of Medi- 
cine, 1854; m. Louisville, Ky., Dec. 25, 1855, 
Mary Elizabeth, d. Edward Crow. Prac- 
ticed in Austin, Tex.; Leavenworth, Kan.; 
Louisville, Ky. ; demonstrator of anatomy, 
Ky. School of Medicine, 1856-7; prof, anat- 
omy, same, 1864-6; mem. Louisville Coll. 
Phys. and Surg., Louisville Acad. Medi- 
cine, Ky. State Med. Soc, and Am. Med. 
Assn.; pres. Am. Med. Coll. Assn.; pres. 
Southern Med. Coll. Assn.; pres. Assn. of 
Am. Med. Colls. Address: Gait House, 
Louisville, Ky. 

BODY, Charles William Edmund, 
prof. Old Testament literature and inter- 
pretation, Gen. Theol. Sem., New York, 
since Oct., 1894; b. Clapham, England, Oct. 
4, 1851; j. Rev. E. E. B.; ed. St. John's 
Coll., Cambridge, Eng., 1871-6; grad. Univ. 
of Cambridge, Eng., 1875, (M. A., same; 
D. C. L., Trinity Univ., Toronto; D. 
D., Hobart's Coll.; D. D., Bishop's Coll., 
Lennoxville P. O., Can.); m. Charleston, 
Cambridgeshire, Eng., 1881, Frances Mary 
Perry. Tyrrwhit Hebrew scholar of Univ. 
of Cambridge, 1878; fellow St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge, 1877-S1; provost and vice-chan- 
cellor, Trinity Univ., Toronto, Can., 1881- 
94; P. E. clergyman; mem. Am. Theol., 
Philos. and Oriental socs. Author: The Per- 
manent Value of Genesis (Paddock Lec- 
tures for 1894), 1894 L4. Address: 4 Chel- 
sea Sq., New York. 

BOEHMER, Max, mining engineer; b. 
Liineburg, Germany, Feb. 27, 1847; j. 
Louis B. (privy councillor); ed. Polytech- 
nic Inst., Hanover, Germany, 1867-9; asst. 
U. S. eng'r on improvements of Miss, and 
Mo. rivers, 1872-9; consulting mining eng'r, 
Leadville, Colo., 1879-98; now in Denver; 
makes specialty of exam, of mines in west- 
ern States. Mem. Am. Inst. M. E., Am. 
Soc. C. E. Residence: 1072 Pa. Av. Office: 
42 Jacobson Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

BOGART, John, consulting engineer; b. 
Albany, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1836; s. John Henry 
and Eliza (Hermans) B. ; grad. Rutgers 
Coll., 1853 (M. A.); engaged on many im- 
portant works for govt, and private cor- 
porations; chief eng. department public 
Parks, New York and Brooklyn; 4 yrs. 
State engr., New York; 12 yrs. editor 
Transactions Am. Soc. Civ. Engrs. ; engr. 
hydraulic and electric development of 
power at Niagara Falls, Sault Ste. Marie, 
Massena, St. Lawrence river, and Cascade, 
British Columbia; consulting engr. several 
railways. Lt. col. and chief engr. Nat. 
Guard, N. Y.; m. Nov. 2, 1870, Emma Cher- 
ington Jefferis, West Chester, Pa. Author: 
Engineering Feats; Papers and Discussions. 
Residence: 81 N. Arlington Av., East Orange, 
N. J. Business: 40 Wall St., New York, and 
29 Great George St., London, England. 

BOGEIIT, George H., artist; b. New York, 
1864; s. Henry and Helen Anderson (Evans) 
B.; first studied art under Thomas Eakins; 
went to France, 1884, and studied under 
Raphael Collins, Aime Morot and Puvis de 
Chavannes. Webb prize, 1898; 1st Hall- 
garten prize, Nat. Acad. Design, 1899; 
bronze medal, Paris Expn., 1900. Mem. 
Soc. of Am. Artists; asso. Nat. Acad. De- 
sign; honorable mention Pa. Acad. Fine 
Arts, 1892; mem. Soc. of Landscape Paint- 
ers, New York, Pa. Acad. Fine Arts. 
Address: 204 W. 55th St., New York. 

BOGERT, Marston Taylor, adjunct prof, 
organic chemistry, Columbia, since 1901; 
b. Flushing, N. Y., April 18, 1868; 5. Henry 
A. and Mary L. (Lawrence) B.; prep, ed'n 
Flushing Inst.; grad. Columbia, 1890; took 
Columbia Univ. School of Mines course of 
chemistry, 1890-4; m. Flushing, N. Y., Sept. 
12, 1893, Charlotte E. Hoogland. Fellow 
Chem. Soc, A. A. A. S. (mem. of its gen. 
com.); mem. Am. Chem. Soc. (librarian 
1898-9, vice-chmn. New York Sect., 1900-01, 
one of its delegates upon council New York 
Scientific Alliance) ; sec. and one of found- 
ers Chemists' Club, New York; mem. N. 
Y. State Scientific Teachers' Assn.; mem. 
Soc. Chem. Industry (on its exec, com.); 
Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft, Berlin; 
Verein Deutscher Chemiker, Societe Chim- 
ique, Paris; Columbia Coll. Alumni Assn; 
School of Mines Alumni Assn. (one of mgr. 
for 2 yrs.); contributor to School of Mines 
Quarterly and Journal of Am. Chem. Soc; 
is Independent Rep. Address: 430 W. 154th 
St., New York. 

BOGGS, Carroll Cnrtis, associate justice 
Supreme Court 111. since 1897; b. Fair- 
field, 111., Oct. 19, 1844; s. Richard L. and 
Sarah A. (Wright) B.; ed. Univ. of Mich.; 
admitted to 111. bar; State's att'y, Wayne 
Co., 1873-7; co. judge, 1877-85; circuit judge, 
1885-97, including 6 yrs. on appellate bench, 
1891-7, under assignment from Supreme 
Court; chief justice Supreme Court, June, 
1900 June, 1901. Address: Fairfield, 111. 

BOGGS, Frank M., artist, painter; b. 
Springfield, O., Dec. 6, 1855; 5. W. G. B.; 
ed. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; art ed'n lBcole des 
Beaux Arts, and in studio of Gerome, Paris. 
Received gold medals at Nice, Versailles, 
Bordeaux, etc. ; silver medals at Salon 
expn., 1889, Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, 
Versailles, Bordeaux, etc. The French 
govt., in 1S82, bought his picture, Place de 
la Bastile, Paris, for the Luxemburg Mu- 
seum, and in 1883 his picture, Isigny, for 
Museum of Niort. He has pictures in 
French museums at Havre, Nantes, Dieppe. 
He received in 1st prize fund exp'n, Am. 
Art Gallery, New York, one of the four 
prizes, $2,500, for picture, A Rough Day, 
Honfleur, now at Boston Museum. Has pic- 
tures in most of the best French private 
collections, and in collection of Mr. Clarke 
of New York. Address: Care M. Brame, 2 
rue LafFitte, Paris, France. 

BOGGS, William Ellison, prof, meta- 
physics and ethics, Univ. of Ga., since 1889, 
and chancellor, 1889-99; b. Ahmednugger, 
Hindostan, May 12, 1838; grad. S. C. Coll., 
1859; (D. D., Southwestern Presby'n Univ., 



Cla'rksville, Term. ; LL. D., Central Univ., 
Richmond, Ky.); m. Nov. 2, 1870, Marion 
Brackett Alexander, Washington, Ga. Stud- 
ied theology at Columbia (S. C.) Theol. 
Sem. ; entered C. S. A. as private; chap- 
lain 6th S. C. vols., 1862; paroled at Appo- 
mattox; pastor 1st Presby'n Ch., Columbia, 
S. C. ; 2d Presby'n Ch., Memphis, Tenn., to 
Dec, 1879; Central Ch., Atlanta, Ga., 1879- 
S2; prof, ecclesiastical history, Columbia 
Theol. Sem. Address: Athens, Ga. 

BOGGS, William Robertson, soldier, 
educator, architect; b. Augusta, Ga., March 
IS, 1829; s. Archibald and Mary Ann (Rob- 
ertson) B.; grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., West 
Point, N. Y., 1853; m. Dec. 19, 1855, Mary 
Sophia, d. Col. John Symington, U. S. A. 
Mentioned in general orders by Lit. -Gen. 
Scott during winter of 1S59-60; resigned 
from U. S. A., 1861; served in C. S. A. 
from organization until disbanded in 1865; 
attained the rank of brig.-gen. ; served as 
chief of staff Transmississippi dept., Jan., 
1863, until close of war; since 1865 has fol- 
lowed occupations of architect, civ. engr. 
and was for 5 yrs. prof, mechanics Va. 
Mech. Coll. Address: Winston, N. C. 

BOHM, Max-, painter; b. Cleveland, 0., 
Jan. 21, 1868; s. H. E. B. ; m. London, Eng- 
land, 1898, Zella Newcomb. Pupil of Jean- 
Paul Laurens and Benjamin Constant, Par- 
is. First went to Europe, 1887; first pic- 
ture exposed in Paris Salon, 1889. Awarded 
many academic prizes and gold medal, 
Paris Salon, 1898; silver medal, Paris 
Exp'n, 1900; Hors Concours in 1900. Mem. 
Cleveland Art Club; charter mem. Paris 
Am. Art Assn. Address: Care H. E. Bohm, 
1362 Detroit St., Cleveland, O., or Etaples, 
P. de C, France. 

BOIES, Henry Martyn, pres. Moosic 
Powder Co., the Enterprise Powder Co.; 
trustee Scranton City Guard; b. Lee, Mass., 
Aug. 18, 1837; grad Yale, 1859 (A. M.); m. 
1st, 1861, Emma G., d. Rev. Thomas C. 
Brainerd, D. D., Phila. ; 2d, 1870, Elizabeth, 
d. Thomas Dickson, Scranton. Inventor of 
cartridge-package for blasting powder and 
a new and improved steel-tired car wheel. 
Ex-pres. Dickson Mfg. Co., Boies Steel Wheel 
Co., Scranton Bd. of Trade; mem. Bd. of 
Public Charities, Pa., and com. on lunacy of 
Pa. ; ex-col. 13th regt., Nat. Guard of Pa. 
Delegate to Nat. Rep. conv., 1884, and to 
Internat. Conf. on Arbitration, Washington, 
1896; pres. Scranton City Club. Author: 
Prisoners and Paupers, 1893 P2; etc. 
Address: 530 Clay Av., Scranton, Pa. 

BOIES, Horace, lawyer, ex-gov. ; b. Au- 
rora, Erie Co., N. Y., Dec. 7, 1827; attended 
dist. school; went to Wis. Ty., 1844, landing 
at Racine, after voyage around the lakes7 
with 75 cents in his pocket; worked on farm 
6 yrs., attending school winters during the 
last 4 yrs. of these; studied law in Erie Co., 
N. Y. ; edmitted to bar, 1849; practiced at 
and nr. Buffalo, 1849-67; elected to Gen. 
Assembly, N. Y., 1858, as Whig; became 
Republican; moved, 1867, to Waterloo, la., 
and began practice there; left Republican 
party because of opposition to its tariff 
and prohibition policy; has since acted with 

Democratic party; gov. Ohio, 2 terms, 
1890-4; only Democratic gov. of Iowa since 
Republican party was organized; defeated 
for 3d term in election of 1893; stood i'd 
in balloting for President by Nat. Dem. 
Conv., 1896. Address: Waterloo, la. 
BOISE, Otis Bardwell, music teacher and 
composer; b. Oberlin, O., Aug. 13, 1844; j. 
Dr. Otis and Elvira B. ; ed. Cleveland pub- 
lic schools;; studied music in Leipzig; m. 
Cleveland, O., Jan. 12, 1869, Annie V. Stock- 
ly. Settled in New York as teacher of com- 
position, New York Conservatory, and or- 
ganist of John Hall's Ch. In Europe com- 
posing, 1S76-7, and had the benefit of Liszt's 
advice and criticism; resumed teaching in 
New York, 1878-81; in business in New York, 
1881-8; since then in professional work in 
Berlin. Author: Harmony Made Practical, 
1900 S13; Music and Its Masters, 1901 L5. 
Has also written numerous articles and 
contributions on musical subjects. Address: 
Peabody Inst., Baltimore. 

BOK, Edward William, editor Ladies' 
Home Journal since 1888; b. Helder, Hol- 
land, Oct. 9, 1863; came to U. S. at age of 
6; ed. Brooklyn public schools; stenog- 
rapher with Western Union Telegraph Co. ; 
with Henry Holt & Co., publishers, 1884-5; 
with Scribner's, 1885-8; m. Oct. 22, 1896. 
Author: The Young Man in Business; Suc- 
cessward. Home: Merion, Pa. Address: 
Ladies' Home Journal, Philadelphia. 

BOLLER, Alfred Pancoast, civil engi- 
neer; b. Phila., Feb. 23, 1840; grad. Univ. of 
Pa., 1858 (A. M.); Rensselaer Polytechnic 
Inst. (C. E.), 1861; was eng'r with R. R. and 
other corporations, 1862-85; has for yrs. been 
contractor for bridge construction; was 
eng'r double-track bridge over Hudson at 
Albany; that over Thames river, New Lon- 
don, Conn. ; the Central bridge and viaduct 
over Harlem river, N. Y. ; the 4-track, Du- 
luth-Superior bridge; etc.; consulting eng'r 
dept. of parks and dept. of public works, 
New York. Author: Treatise on the Con- 
struction of Iron Highway Bridges; etc. 
Address: 1 Nassau St., New York. 

BOLLES, Albert S., author; b. Montville, 
Conn., March 8, 1846; studied law; admitted 
to Conn, bar and engaged in practice; 
elected judge of the probate court for dist. 
of Norwich, Conn., 1870; editor Norwich 
(Conn.) Bulletin, and later editor Bankers' 
Bulletin; was prof, mercantile law and 
banking, Wharton School of Finance and 
Economy, Univ. of Pa., 4% yrs.; chief Bu- 
reau Industrial Statistics, Pa., 8 yrs. ; at 
present lecturer Univ. of Pa., and Haver- 
ford Coll. Author: Financial History of 
the United States; Practical Banking; Bank 
Officers; Bank Collections; The Judicial In- 
terpretation of the National Bank Act; In- 
dustrial History of the United States; The 
Conflict Between Labor and Capital; The 
History of Pennsylvania, 1900. Contributor 
at various times to North Am. Review, At- 
lantic Monthly, etc. Address: Haverford, 

BOLLES, Edwin Cortlandt, microscop- 
ist, clergyman; b. Hartford, Conn., Sept. 19, 
1836; grad. Trinity Coll., Hartford, 1855; 



studied theology and became Universalist 
clergyman (Ph. D., St. Lawrence Univ., 
1800; S. T. D., Tufts Coll., 1881); made a 
specialty of microscopy and, 1S70-3, was 
prof, of microscopy, St. Lawrence Univ., 
Canton, N. Y. ; lectured on same subject for 
yrs. at Tufts Coll.; pastor Portland, Me., 
1861; Salem, Mass., 1871; New York, 1887; 
Dickson prof, of English and Am. history. 
Tufts Coll. Address: Tufts College, Mass. 
BOLSTER, William Wlieeler, lawyer; 
b. Rumford, Me., July 6, 1823; grad. Har- 
vard Law School, 1847; m. 1st Oct. 15, 1848, 
Martha Hall, Rumford, Me. (died, Aug. 20, 
1866); 2d, Aug. 17, 1868, Florence Josephine 
Reed, Mexico, Me. (died, March 21, 1894). 
Practiced law in Maine since 1847; co. atty., 
1864-70; State senator, 1869, 1870; pres. sen- 
ate, 1870; State bank examiner, 1873-9; mem. 
exec, council, 1883-5; div. advocate, 6th 
div. Me. militia, 1864; trustee State Reform 
School, 1885-93; mayor Auburn, 1893-4; Re- 
publican. Author: Tax Collector and Form 
Book; Digest of the Law of Tax Titles; Tax 
Collector and Town Officer; etc. Address: 
Auburn, Me. 

BOLTON, Charles Edward, lecturer, 
real estate; b. South Hadley Falls, Mass., 
May 16, 1841, of New England revolution- 
ary ancestry; grad. Amherst, 1865 (A. M.); 
01. Sarah Knowles. Engaged in mercantile 
pursuits at Cleveland, O., later v. -p. and 
mgr. Cleveland Machine Co. ; patented sev- 
eral inventions; traveled extensively in Eu- 
rope; corr. for several newspapers; inau- 
gurated the Cleveland Educational Bureau. 
Has lectured on his travels in all parts of 
the U. S. and Canada; active in Republican 
campaigns; mayor E. Cleveland, O. Author: 
A Few Civic Problems. Wrote: A Model 
Village, Review of Reviews, Nov., 1899. 
Residence: Windemere Terrace, E. Cleve- 
land, O. Office: 821 Cuyahoga Bldg., Cleve- 
land, O. 

BOLTON, Charles Knowles, librarian 
of Boston Athenasum Library since 1898; b. 
Cleveland, O., Nov. 14, 1867; s. Charles Ed- 
ward and Sarah (Knowles) B.; grad. Cen- 
tral High School, Cleveland, 1886; Harvard, 
1890; m. 1897, Ethel, d. Edward Stanwood, 
Litt. D. Asst. Harvard Library, 1890-3; li- 
brarian Brookline, 1894-8. Author: Saskia, 
the Wife of Rembrandt; On the Wooing of 
Martha Pitkin; The Love Story of Ursula 
Wolcott; The Private Soldier Under Wash- 
ington, and articles on library administra- 
tion. Residence: Brookline, Mass. Office: 
10Ms Beacon St., Boston. 

BOLTON, Henry Carrington, chemist; 
b. New York, Jan. 28, 1S43; grad. Columbia, 
1862; studied chemistry in Europe (Ph. D., 
Gottingen); asst. in quantitative analysis, 
Columbia School of Mines, 1872-7; prof, 
chemistry, Woman's Med. Coll. of New 
York Infirmary; after 1877, prof, chemistry 
and natural science, Trinity Coll. Fellow 
A. A. A. S. (gen. sec, 1878-9, and v.-p., 
1882); mem. (pres., 1900) Washington Chem. 
Soc. ; also mem. other scientific socs. Noted 
for his investigations into action of organic 
acids on minerals. Author: The Student's 
Guide in Quantitative- Analysis, 1885; The 

Counting Out Rhymes of Children, 1888; 
Scientific Correspondence of Joseph Priest- 
ly, 1892; A Select Bibliography of Chemis- 
try 1492-1892, 1893; supplements, 1899, 1900; 
The Family of Bolton in England and 
America 1100-1894, 1895; A Catalogue of 
Scientific and Technical Periodicals, 1897; 
Evolution of the Thermometer 1592-1743, 
1900. Has also written about 200 mono- 
graphs on chemistry, folklore, bibliography, 
travels and literature. Address: Cosmos 
Club, Washington. 
BOLTON, J. Gray, Presby'n clergyman; 
b. Co. Derry, Ireland, March 17, 1849; s. 
Samuel and Mary Gray B. ; grad. Lafayette 
Coll. (M. A., D. D.); theol. ed'n, Union 
Theol. Sem., New York; tn. S. Josephine 
Townsend, Jan. 11, 18S3, Phila. For 25 yrs. 
pastor Hope Presby'n Ch., Phila. (only 
charge) ; has received nearly 1,000 com- 
municants, and erected cb. properties cost- 
ing $105,000, closing each yr. without debt. 
Made opening prayer at Rep. Nat. Conv., 
1900; acting Grand Chaplain Grand Lodge 
of Pa., F. & A. M. Life mem. Pa. Hist. 
Soc. Twice moderator Presbytery of Phila.; 
represented Presbytery 4 times in Gen. As- 
sembly. Twice apptd. to defend action of 
synod of Pa. in appeal cases to the Gen. 
Assembly. Contributor to The Presbyterian, 
Presbyterian Journal and Brotherhood Star. 
Address: 1906 Pine St., Philadelphia. 

BOLTON, Sarah Knowles, author; b. 
Farmington, Conn., Sept. 15, 1841; d. John 
Segar and Mary Elizabeth (Miller) Knowles; 
2 yrs. in Europe studying literary and edn'l 
matters, and what employers are doing to 
help their workmen; m. Charles E. Bolton, 
Was for 3 yrs. asso. editor The Congrega- 
tionalism also asst. corr. sec. N. W. C. T. 
U. and v.-p. Am. Humane Ed'n Soc. 
Author: Orlean Lamar and Other Poems, 
1864 A2; The Present Problem (a short nov- 
el), 1872 P2; How Success Is Won, 1884 L9; 
Poor Boys Who Became Famous, 1885 C7; 
Girls Who Became Famous, 18S6 C7; Social 
Studies in England, 1886 L9; Stories from 
Life (fiction), 1886 C7; Famous American 
Authors, 1887 C7; From Heart and Nature 
poems (with her son Charles K Bolton), 
1887 C7; Some Successful Women, 1888 L9; 
Famous American Statesmen, 1888 C7; Fa- 
mous Men of Science 1889 C7; Famous Eng- 
lish Authors, 1890 C7; Famous European Ar- 
tists, 1890 C7; Famous English Statesmen, 
1891 C7; Famous Types of Womanhood, 1892 
C7; Famous Voyagers and Explorers, 1893 
C7; Famous Leaders Among Men, 1894 C7; 
Famous Leaders Among Women, 1895 C7; 
The Inevitable and Other Poems, 1895 C7; 
Famous Givers and Their Gifts, 1896 C7; 
A Country Idyl and Other Stories (fiction), 
1898 C7; Every Day Living, 1900 P3; Our 
Devoted Friend, the Dog, 1901 P3. Address: 
Cleveland, O. 

BOLTON, William Jordan, U. S. store- 
keeper since Nov. 16, 1882; b. Norristown, 
Pa., Oct., 1833; .s. James and Mary Ann B. ; 
ed. Norristown public schools and Tremont 
Sem.; became machinist and eng'r; m. 
Frankford, Pa., Feb. 28, 1868, Emma Rupert, 
now deceased. Was burgess and council- 



man of Norristown, Pa.; sheriff Montgom- 
ery Co.; in uniformed militia of Pa., 1855- 
61; pvt. to maj., capt., maj. and col. Pa. 
vol. inf., 1861-5; bvt. brig.-gen. U. S. V., 
1865; capt., col., maj. -gen. Nat. Guard of 
Pa., 1868-78. In Civil War served in dept's 
of Annapolis, Md., Northwestern Va., N. C, 
Army of Va., Army of Potomac, 1862; dept. 
of Va., Army of Ohio, Mil. div. of the Mis- 
sissippi, Sherman's Expeditionary Army, 
Mil. div's of the Tenn. and of the Cumber- 
land, Army of Potomac, 1864-5; Middle Mil. 
div., dist. of Alexandria, Va.; was mil. gov. 
of Alexandria, Va. In 23 battles ending at 
Appomattox C. H., and 25 skirmishes; mem. 
Military Order of the Loyal Legion; Union 
Veteran Legion of Pa.; Hist. Soc. of Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa. Republican. Residence: 747 
N. 43d St., Philadelphia. 
BOMPIANI, Sophia Van Matre, author; 
b. Cincinnati, 1835; grad. Wesleyan Female 
Coll., Cincinnati; m. 1874, Adriano Bompiani 
(Rome). Corr. New York Observer since 
1875 and for other journals in U. S. Author: 
Italian Explorers in Africa; A Short His- 
tory of the Italian Waldenses. Residence: 
156 Via Urbana, Rome, Italy. 
BONAOTM, Thomas, first R. C. bishop of 
Lincoln; consecrated Nov. 30, 1887; b. Coun- 
ty Tipperary, Ireland, Jan. .29, 1847; came 
to U. S. in infancy; grad. Coll. at Cape 
Girardeau, Mo.; studied Univ. Wiirzburg, 
Bavaria. Ordained priest in 1870; served as 
missionary priest; then, 1881-7, pastor of 
Ch. of the Holy Name, St. Louis; was 
theologian to the Third Plenary Council of 
the U. S., Baltimore, 1884. Address: Lin- 
coln, Neb. 
BONAPARTE, Charles Joseph, lawyer; 
b. Baltimore, June 9, 1851; g. s. Jerome B., 
King of Westphalia; grad. Harvard, 1871; 
Harvard Law School, 1874; since then in law 
practice in Baltimore; m. Sept. 1, 1875, Ellen 
Channing Day, Newport, R. I. Prominent 
In reform movements; Republican. Residence: 
601 Park Av. Office: 216 St. Paul St., Balti- 
BONBRIGHT, Daniel, educator; b. 
Youngstown, Pa., 1831; s. Daniel B.; prep, 
ed'n Blairsville Acad, and Dickinson Coll., 
1846-8; grad. Yale, A. B., 1850; (A. M., same, 
1853; LL. D., Lawrence Univ., 1873); m. 
Newtonville, Mass., 1890, Alice D. Cum- 
mings. Tutor Yale Coll., 1854-6; studied 
univs. of Berlin, Bonn, Gottingen, 1856-8; 
studied and traveled in Europe, 1869-70; 
prof, of Latin language and literature 
Northwestern Univ. since 1858; dean of fac- 
ulty of liberal arts, same, since 1899; acting 
pres. of the univ., 1900-01. Address: Evan- 
ston, 111. 
BOND, Elizaheth Powell, dean of wom- 
en, Swarthmore Coll., since 1890; b. Clin- 
ton, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1841; d. Townsend and 
Catharine Macy Powell; ed. State Normal 
School (now Coll.), Albany, N. Y. ; director 
physical culture, Vassar Coll., 1865-70; mem. 
faculty Swarthmore Coll. since 1886. Author: 
, Words by the Way, 1895. Address: Swarth- 
more, Pa. 
BOND, Leter L lawyer; b. Ravenna, O., 
Oct. 27, 1829; ed. common and select schools 

and Ellsworth Acad.; worked at various Oc- 
cupations; studied law; admitted to bar, 
1853; went to Chicago, 1854; specialist In 
patents and trade-marks; mem. city coun- 
cil, Chicago, 1862-6; acting mayor, 1872; 
presidential elector, 1868; mem. 111. legisla- 
ture, 1866-70; one of founders of West Park 
system; long mem. Chicago bd. of ed'n; m. 
Oct 12, 1856, Amy S. Aspinwall, Peacham, 
Vt. Address: 1147 Monadnock Bldg., Chi- 
BONE, Scott Cardelle, journalist; b. 
Shelby Co., Ind., Feb. 15, 1860; ed. in com- 
mon schools; connected with the Indianapo- 
lis Press, 1881-8; since then with the Wash- 
ington (D. C.) Post; managing editor since 
1894. Residence: 1537 P St. N. W., Washing- 
BONEBRAKE, Peter O., pres. Philomath 
Coll., 1892-5, and again since 1899; b. Gos- 
port, la., Oct. 6, 1864; s. H. D. B. ; prep, ed'n 
Pleasant Plain Acad., 1881-3; grad. Western 
Coll., 1888; studied divinity, U. B. Sem. ; m. 
Portland, Ore., June 17, 1895, Charlotte E. 
Shipley. Was prin. of public schools at 
Gladbrook, la.; missionary in Africa hav- 
ing charge of edn'l work of U. B. Ch. in 
Africa; sent home after a few months with 
tropical fever; prin. Grammar School, Los 
Angeles, Calif., 1895-8; pastor U. B. Ch., 
Eugene, Ore., 1898; Republican. Address: 
Philomath, Ore. 
"BONEHILL, Capt. Ralph"; author; see 

Stratemeyer, Edward. 
BONER, John Henry, editor; b. Salem, 
N. C, Jan. 31, 1845; j. Thomas Jacob and 
Phoebe Elizabeth B.; academic ed'n; 
learned printer's trade; m. 1870, Lottie 
Smith, Raleigh, N. C. Edited papers In 
Salem and Asheville, N. C. ; reading-clerk 
N. C. constitutional conv., 1868; chief clerk 
N. C. Ho. Reps., 1869-70; in civil service, 
Washington, 1871-87; removed to New York, 
1887; became mem. of staffs of Century Dic- 
tionary, Library of Am. Literature, and 
Standard Dictionary; literary editor New 
York World, and Literary Digest, and was 
on staff Appleton's Cyclopedia; is now 
again in civil service at Washington. Author: 
Whispering Pines (18S3) ; etc. Has written 
(poetry) almost exclusively for the Cen- 
tury Mag., "Poe's Cottage at Fordham," 
Nov., 18S9, being notable. Address: Govt. 
Printing Office, Washington, D. C. 
BONNER, Geraldine ("Hard Pan"), au- 
thor; b. Staten Island, N. Y., 1870; d. John 
and Mary (Sewell) B.; ed. by father; un- 
married. Went West in 1880; lived in min- 
ing camps in Colo. 2 yrs. ; went to Calif, 
and settled in San Francisco. Began writ- 
ing there for San Francisco Argonaut, 1887; 
dramatic critic, same, 4 yrs. ; also foreign 
corr. same. Author: Hard Pan, 1900 C2; also 
short stories for Harper's Magazine and 
Weekly, Collier's Weekly, Lippincott's; 
etc. Address: San Francisco. 
BONNER, Hngh, ex-chief New York Fire 
Dept.; mem. of the fire dept., 1860-99; began 
as lad with Lady Washington Engine Co., 
No. 40; foreman of that co., 1861-5. When 
paid dept. was organized, 1865, he became 
foreman attached to Engine No. 20, and 



Operated 1st self-propelling fire engine and 
chem. engine used by the dept. ; chief of 
battalion, 2d dist., 1873-83; 2d asst. chief, 
1883-4; 1st asst. chief, 1884-9; chief, 1889-99; 
retired May 1, 1899. Address: 636 West End 
Av., New York. 
HOTKEY, Charles Carroll, lawyer; b. 
Hamilton, N. Y., Sept. 4, 1831; ed. public 
schools, Hamilton Acad, and private study, 
with many advantages from Madison (now 
Colgate) Univ. (LL. D., same); m. Troy, N. 
Y., Aug. 16, 1855, Lydia A. Pratt. Taught in 
public schools and Hamilton Acad., 1848-50; 
conducted academic school, Peoria, 111., 
1850-2; lecturer on ed'n, Peoria Co., 1852-3; 
took leading part in establishing edn'l sys- 
tem of 111. Admitted to 111. bar, 1852; U. S. 
Supreme Court, 1866; practiced Peoria until 
1860; since then Chicago. Former pres. III. 
State Bar Assn.; ex-v.-p. Am. Bar Assn; 
had strong press endorsement for U. S. su- 
preme bench, 1887. One of originators law 
and order movement, which became nat. 
organization and Internat. Law and Order 
League at Toronto, 1S90; was its pres., 18S5- 
93. Mem. New Jerusalem Ch. Originator, 
organizer and gen. pres. World's Congresses 
(over 200 in all), including Parliament of 
Religions; now pres. The World's Religious 
Parliament Extension; has deposited in Chi- 
cago Public Library a collection of World's 
Congress publications and papers. Author: 
Handbook of the Law of Railway Carriers, 
1854 Ol; Summary of the Law of Insurance, 
1865 Ol; The World's Parliament of Re- 
ligions, 1899 (reprint from The Monist 
April, 1895); World's Congress Addresses, 
1899; also numerous addresses and essays 
on legal and reform subjects. Residence: 
Kenwood Hotel. Office: 511 Tacoma Bldg., 

BONSAL, Stephen, journalist, author; b. 
in Va., 1863; ed. at St. Paul's School, Con- 
cord, N. H. ; also studied Gottingen and 
Heidelberg, Germany. Served as sp'l corr. 
New York Herald in Bulgarian-Servian war, 
also in Macedonia, in Morocco and in Cuba; 
in U. S. diplomatic service as sec. of lega- 
tion and charge d'affaires in Peking, Mad- 
rid, Tokio and Korea, 1890-6. Frequent con- 
tributor to the mags, of sketches and short 
stories. Author: Morocco as It Is; The Real 
Condition of Cuba; The Fight for Santiago; 
etc. Address: New York. 

BONSALL, Amos, farmer; b. Delaware Co., 
Pa., Jan. 20, 1830; s. Benjamin and Anne 
(Heacock) B.; ed. Bolman Acad., West 
Chester, Pa., and, 1S47-8, med. dept. Univ. of 
Pa. (A. M., Lafayette, 1860). In May, 1853. 
accompanied Dr. Kane as master's mate, 
U. S. N., to Arctic regions, in a search of 
Sir John Franklin, returning Oct., 1855; m. 
Anna W. Wagner, Easton, Pa. Has been 32 
yrs. on bd. of mgrs. Pa. Training School for 
Feeble-Minded Children, Elwyn, Delaware 
Co., Pa., and 22 yrs. a mgr. of Phila. House 
of Refuge, now at Glen Mills, Delaware Co. 
Residence: 3731 Walnut St. Office: 906 Wal- 
nut St., Philadelphia. 

BONSALL, William Hartshorn, mgr. 
Soldiers' Homes; b. Cincinnati, Feb. 10. 
1846; s, Samuel and Mary (Mills) Bonsall; 

ed. Cincinnati and Ironton, 0.; m. Ports- 
mouth, O., Oct. 2, 1871, Ella Doddridge Mc- 
Farland. Entered Union army, Aug., 1862, 
pvt. 1st O. vol. heavy inf. ; later regi- 
mental commissary sergt. and It.; at close 
of war recommended by examining bd. for 
position of maj. Since war fire ins. mgr., 
excepting 6 yrs. business mgr. of The Spec- 
tator Co., New York; since moving to Los 
Angeles was pres. city council 4 yrs. ; Re- 
publican. Owned and edited Portsmouth 
(O.) Tribune, 1877-81. Residence: 1315 W. 
Adams St. Office: California Bank Bldg., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 
HONTECOU, Daniel, civ. eng'r; b. Spring- 
field, Mass., Sept. 14, 1851; grad. Coll. City 
of New York, B. S., 1871; civ. eng'r on pub- 
lic works, New York, 1871-81; in private 
practice, Kansas City, 1881-90; chief eng'r, 
Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis R. R. 
and associated cos. Address: Kansas City, 
BONTECOU, Beed Brockway, M. D.; b. 
Troy, N. Y., April 22, 1824; s. Peter and 
Semantha (Brockway) B. ; grad. Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Inst, (degree B. N. S.), 1842; 
studied in med. dept., Univ. City of New 
York, 1844-5; M. D., Castleton (Vt.) Med. 
Coll., 1847; made trip Amazon river, 1846; 
m. 1849, Susan Northrup, New Haven, Conn. 
Served through cholera epidemics at Troy, 
1848 and 1858; surgeon 24th regt., N. Y. State 
militia, 1849; surgeon U. S. A., 1861-6; bvt. 
It. -col. and col. vols.; resumed practice in 
Troy, 1866; mem. Am. Med. Assn., Am. 
Surg. Assn., etc.; largest reporter surg. his- 
tory Civil war. Address: 82 4th St., Troy, 
N. Y. 
HOOKER, William D., M. D., clinical 
prof, pediatrics, Johns Hopkins Univ. 
Address: Baltimore. 
BOOKSTAVER, Henry W lawyer; b. 
Montgomery, Orange Co., N. Y., Sept. 17, 
1835; s. Daniel B.; grad. Rutgers Coll., 1859 
(A. M., 1862; LL. D., 1888); admitted to bar, 
1861; elected judge court of common pleas, 
1885; transferred to Supreme Court, 1895; 
term expired in 1900; resumed practice, 1900; 
has large business as counsel and referee 
in important litigations; in. Hamptonburgh, 
Orange Co., N. Y., Sept. 6, 1865, Mary Bai- 
ley Young. Mem. St. Nicholas, Manhattan, 
Dem., Lotus and Internat. Arts Club; 
Archaeol. Soc. of America; Met. Museum of 
Art; Natural History Soc; Bot. Soc; Hist. 
Soc of New York; Hist, and Natural His- 
tory Socs., Casino Club, Newport, R. I. 
Residence: 14 E. 65th St. Office: 256 Broad- 
way, New York. 
BOOKWALTER, John W., mfr. ; b. Rob 
Roy, Ind., 1837; taught in country schools; 
reared on farm; developed mech. genius; m. 
d. James Leffel, mfr. of turbine wheels; be- 
came his partner and later prin. owner of 
the business; has large works in Springfield, 
O., mfg. Leffel turbine wheels and Book- 
waiter engines; was once unsuccessful 
Democratic candidate for gov. Ohio; owns 
a famous art collection. Author: If Not 
Silver, What? (in advocacy of bimetallism). 
Address: Springfield, O. 
BOOKWALTER, Lewis, pres. of Western 
Coll., Toledo, la., since 1894; b. nr. Halls- 



ville, Ross Co., O., Sept. 18, 1846; 5. Rev. 
Isaac L. and Phcebe (Johnston) B. ; grad. 
Western Coll., 1872; Union Biblical Sena., 
Dayton, O., 1887; (A. M., 1875; D. D., 1890); 
mi 1871, Miss E. M. Guitner. Licensed in 
Ch. United Brethren in Christ, 1872; prof, 
ancient languages, Western Coll., 1873-9; 
Westfield Coll., 111., 1879-81; missionary, 
Knoxville, Tenn., 1881-3; pres. Westfield 
Coll., 111., 1883-5; pastor Oak St. U. B. Ch., 
Dayton, 0., 1886-8; First U. B. Ch., Dayton, 
1888-94. Mem. gen. conl'., 1885; also sec. 
comm'n created by that conf. to amend 
ch. constitution; corr. sec. bd. ed'n, U. B. 
Ch., 1885-94. Author: Do We Need a Re- 
vival? (a tract), 1887 Ull; Consecration 
Chapter in Christian Doctrine, 1889 Ull; 
The Family, or the Home and Training of 
Children, 1894 Ull. Address: Toledo, la. 

BOONE, Richard Ganse, supt. public 
schools, Cincinnati, since 1899; b. Spice- 
land, Ind., Sept. 9, 1849; s. Driver and Eliza- 
beth B.; grad. Spiceland Acad., 1871 (A. M., 
Depauw Univ., 1883; Ph. D., Univ. of Ohio, 
1889); m. Danville, Ind., July 24, 1874, Mary 
E. Stanley. Engaged .in teaching; supt. 
schools, Frankfort, Ind., 1876; prof, peda- 
gogy, Ind. Univ., 1886-93; pres. Mich. Nor- 
mal Coll., 1893-99. Author: Education in 
the United States, 1888 A2; History of Edu- 
cation in Indiana, 1890 A2. Address 2153 
Grand St., Cincinnati. 

BOORAEM, John Van Vorst, consult- 
ing eng'r; b. Jersey city, N. J., Oct. 30, 1838; 
5. Henry Augustus and Cornelia (Van 
Vorst) B. ; studied mathematics and lan- 
guages, Hamburg, Germany, 1854-6; grad. 
Polytechnic School, Carlsruhe, Baden, 1859 
(M. E.); m. Nov. 7, 1867, Elizabeth Wreaks. 
Followed general machinery and marine 
eng'ring, 1860-72; designing, building and 
running sugar refineries since 1872; consult- 
ing eng'r, Am. Sugar Refining Co., 1882-98. 
Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Am. Chem. 
Soc. Address: 204 Lincoln PI., Brooklyn. 

BOORAEM, Robert Elmer, mining engi- 
neer; b. Jersey City, N. J., March 28, 1856; 
early ed'n Germany and New York; grad. 
Columbia Univ. School of Mines, 1878; min- 
ing eng'r in practical field work in Colo, 
and Mont., 1879-91; consulting eng'r for 
western mining cos., New York, since 1891; 
specialty, precious metal mining. Unmar- 
ried. Address: 267 5th Av., New York. 

BOOTH, Agnes, actress; b. (Marion Agnes 
Laud Rookes) Sydney, Australia, Oct. 4, 
1846; d. Capt. Laud and Sara Rookes; made 
debut as a dancer when a child, and later 
was with cos. playing in Calif. First ap- 
pearance in New York, 1865; soon after be- 
came leading lady with Edwin Forrest; has 
taken leading roles in drama with numer- 
ous cos.; m. at 16, Harry Perry, English 
actor (died, 1863); 2d, 1865, Junius Booth 
(died, 1883); 3d, 1885, John B. Shoeffel. 
Address: Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass. 

BOOTH, Ballington, gen. -in-chief, Vols, 
of America; b. Brighouse, England, July 28, 
1859; s. Gen. Wm. Booth, founder Salva- 
tion Army. Comd. Salvation Army, Aus- 
tralia, 1885-7; U. S., 1887-96; founded, 1896, 
The Vols, of America (incorporated, Nov. 6, 

1896), a religious-military organization for 
reaching the unchurched masses. Ordained 
a minister of the gopsel in Chicago, Aug., 
1896; m. April, 1887, Maud Charlesworth, 
who is also active dir. Vols, of America. 
Address: 1 4th Av:, New York. 
BOOTH, Mand Ballington (nee Charles- 
worth), wife of Ballington Booth, gen. -in- 
chief, Vols, of America. Author: Branded, 

1897 R2; Look Up and Hope, R2. Address: 
1 Fourth Av., New York. 

BOOTH TUCKER, Emma Moss, Salva- 
tion Army officer; b. Gateshead, England, 
Jan. 8, 1860; 2d d. Gen. Wm. Booth, comdr.- 
in-chief Salvation Army; in charge inter- 
nal training homes, Salvation Army, 1880-8; 
m. 1888, Comdr. Booth Tucker; went with 
him to India, afterward to London, and 
(1896), to U. S. ; holds rank of consul in 
Salvation Army, and has joint and equal 
authority with her husband in the direction 
of the Army in the U. S. ; prominent as an 
orator. Address: 120 W. 14th St., New York. 

BOOTH TUCKER, Frederick St. 
George de La u tour, comdr. Salvation 
Army in the U. S. ; b. Monghyr, Bengal, 
India, March 21, 1853; 5. William Thornhill 
Tucker; ed. at Cheltenham Coll., England; 
passed Indian civil service exams., 1874; 
studied in London until 1876; apptd. to 
Punjab and held positions of asst. comm'r 
magistrate, and treas. officer; resigned to 
join Salvation Army, 1881; inaugurated Sal- 
vation Army work in India, 1882; had 
charge there until 1891; sec. for internat. 
work, Salvation Army, London, 1891-6; 
since March, 1896, in charge U. S. ; m. Emma 
Moss Booth, d. Gen. Wm. Booth, of Salva- 
tion Army; adopted name of Booth Tucker. 
Author: The Life of Catherine Booth, 1892 
R3; Life of General William Booth, 1898; In 
Darkest India and the Way Out; Favorite 
Songs of the Salvation Army, 1899; Mono- 
graph for the Paris Exposition on the 
Work of the Salvation Army in U. S., 1900; 
etc. Address: 120 W. 14th St., New York. 

BORDEN, William Cline, maj. and sur- 
geon U. S. A.; b. Watertown, N. Y., May 
19, 1858; s. Daniel J. and Mary L. (Cline) B.; 
ed. Adams (N. Y.) Collegiate Inst.; grad. 
med. dept. Columbian Univ., Washington, 
1883; vi. Fulton, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1883, Jennie 
E. Adams. Apptd. 1st It., asst. surgeon U. 
S. A., 1883; capt., 1888; maj. and brigade 
surgeon U. S. V., 1898; maj. and surgeon U. 
S. A., 1901; during Spanish-Am. war comd. 
U. S. A. Gen. Hosp. Key West, Fla. ; after- 
ward transferred to command Army Gen. 
Hosp., Washington. Prof. surg. pathology 
and mil. surgery, med. dept., Georgetown 
Univ., Washington; fellow Royal Micros. 
Soc, London; hon. mem. Med. and Surg. 
Soc. D. C. ; mem. Med. Soc. D. C. ; Assn. 
Mil. Surgeons of U. S. ; New York Soc, 
Sons Am. Revolution. Author: Use of the 
Rontgen Ray by the Medical Department 
of the United States in the War with Spain, 

1898 (published by joint resolution of Con- 
gress), 1900 W8. Wrote: The Fat Cell, 
Origin, Development and Histolog. Position, 
New York Med. Jour., 1894; Vital Statistics 
of an Apache Indian Community, Boston 
Med. and Surg. Jour., 1893; Military Sur- 



gery, prize essay, Assn. Mil. Surgeons of 
U S., 1900; Operative Treatment of Vari- 
cose Veins, Med. Record, 1900; Gunshot 
Wounds, New York Med. Jour., 1900. 
Address: Care Surgeon General, U. S. A., 

BOREING, Vincent, congressman, banker: 
b. Washington Co., Tenn., Nov. 24, 1839; 
removed to Ky., IS47; ed. Laurel Sem., Lon- 
don, Ky., and Tusculum Coll., Greenville, 
Tenn.; Nov. 1, 1861, vol. in Union army, 
Co. A, 24th Ky. inf.; promoted 1st It. for 
meritorious conduct; wounded battle of Re- 
saca, Ga., May 14, 1863. County supt. 
schools, 1S68-70. Founded Mountain Echo, 
London, Ky., 1875 (now oldest local Repub- 
lican paper in State). Elected co. judge, 
1886; pres. Cumberland Valley Land Co. 
since 1S87; pres. 1st Nat. Bank of London, 
Ky., since 18S8; lay delegate from Ky., Gen. 
Conf. M. E. Ch., 1880 and 1896; comdr. dept. 
Ky., G. A. R., 1889; mem. Congress, 1899- 
1903, 11th Ky. dist. Republican. Home: 
London, Ky. 

BORGLUM, Solon Hannibal, sculptor; 
b. Ogden, Utah, Dec. 22, 1868; s. James 
Mothe and Ida B.; m. Paris, Dec. 10, 1898, 
Emma Vignal. Pupil Cincinnati Art School 
and under Louis Rebisso and Fremiet, 
Paris. Has made special study of Western 
life, living among cowboys and Indians; 
special prize and home scholarship, Cin- 
cinnati Art School, 1897; honorable men- 
tion, Paris Salon, 1899; silver medal, Exp'n 
Universelle, Paris, 1900; mem. Nat. Sculp- 
ture Soc. Home: Omaha, Neb. Address: 7 
Rue Boissonade, Paris, France. 

BORLAND, Wilfred P., editor; b. De- 
troit, Feb. 5, 1860; ed. public schools, Sagi- 
naw, until 1S76; entered ry. service as fire- 
man; joined Brotherhood of Locomotive 
Firemen, 1884; wrote for Firemen's Mag.; 
m. 1883, Nettie McKay, Saginaw, Mich. 
Crippled by ry. accident, 1889, and com- 
pelled to give up ry. labor; has been edi- 
torial writer Railway Conductor and Labor 
Advocate; assisted Eugene V. Debs as edi- 
tor Firemen's Mag. ; later wrote for Railway 
Times. Mem. and treas. Social Democracy 
Colonization Comm'n; was editor Co-Oper- 
ator and sec. Co-operative Brotherhood, 
Burley, Wash., March, 1899, to Jan., 1901. 
Address: Tacoma, Wash. 

BOROWSKI, Felix, dir. dept. of composi- 
tion and lecturer upon musical history, Chi- 
cago Musical Coll.; b. Burton, England, of 
Slavonic parentage, March 10, 1872; studied 
music 1st under private masters; grad. Con- 
servatoire, Cologne, Germany, in violin, 
pianoforte and composition. Lived in Lon- 
don until 1897; m. Oct. 9, 1897, Edith Fran- 
ces Grant, Aberdeen, Scotland. Composer 
of works for orchestra, chamber music, 
piano, violin, voice, etc. ; also writer on 
musical subjects. Address: 202 Michigan 
Boul., Chicago. 
BOSKOWITZ, George W., eclectic phy- 
sician; 6. New York, 1856; s. Herman B. 
(M. D.); ed. Brooklyn public schools, Poly- 
technic Inst., Cooper Union and private tu- 
tors (A. M., Waynesburg, 1892) ; grad. Ec- 

lectic Med. Coll., New York, 1877; m. New 
York, April 10, 1891, Lena Toms. Has prac- 
ticed in New York since 1877. Mem. and past 
pres. Eclectic Med. Soc. (Co., State and 
Nat.); dean and prof, surgery Eclectic Meet. 
Coll. Editor Eclectic Review (med. month- 
ly); for 5 yrs. editor Transactions Eclectic 
Med. Soc, State of N. Y. ; active in frater- 
nal work (Masons, Odd Fellows), grand 
representative near Grand Lodge of Ma- 
sons, State of N. Y. ; Independent in poli- 
tics. Address: 40 E. 41st St., New York. 
BOSS, Lewis, astronomer, director Dud- 
ley Observatory since 1876; b. Providence, R. 
I., Oct. 26, 1846; s. Samuel P. and Lucinda 
B.; early ed'n, public schools, Lapham 
Inst., North Scituate, R. I.; New Hamp- 
ton, N. H. ; grad. Dartmouth Coll., A. M., 
1873; m. Washington, Dec. 30, 1871, Helen 
M. Hutchinson. Astronomer Northern Boun- 
dary Comm'n, 1872-6; supt. Weights and 
Measures, State N. Y., since 1883; chief of 
U. S. Govt. Transit of Venus Expd'n to 
Chili, 1882; observation of total eclipse 
(Govt. Expd'n), Colo., 1878, editor and 
mgr. Albany Express, 1885; occupied with 
reconstruction and enlargement of endow- 
ment, Dudley Observatory, 1893; Repub- 
lican. For. asso. Royal Astron. Soc, 1888; 
mem. Nat. Acad. Sciences, 1889; Astrono- 
mische Gesellschaft, Leipzig; corr. mem. 
Brit. Assn. Adv. Science. Author: Declina- 
tions of Fixed Stars, 1878 U12 Ol; Catalogue 
of 8,241 Stars, Leipzig, 1890 (Astronomische 
Gesellschaft). Monographs: The Solar Mo- 
tion, and related papers, 1888; Prize Essay 
on the Physical Nature of Comets, 1881; 
Division Correction of the Olcott Meridian 
Circle, 1896; 179 Southern Stars, 1898; etc.; 
numerous contributions to astron. journals. 
Address: Dudley Observatory, Albany, N. Y. 

BOSSIDY, John C, physician; b. Mon- 
terey, Mass., June 17, 1860; grad. Lee High 
School, class 1877, and Holy Cross Coll., 
1881; M. D., Georgetown Univ., 1885; clerk 
in the Interior Dept., 1882, and successive- 
ly, law examiner, legal reviewer and med. 
examiner, U. S. pension office until 1886; 
chief of pension office, St. Paul, 1886-91; 
detailed to duty on Sioux Indian Com'n, 
with Maj.-Gen. Crook and Gov. Foster, 1889; 
resigned, 1891, and spent following year in 
London eye hosps.; located in Boston, 1893; 
now U. S. expert examining surgeon; oph- 
thalmic surgeon to St. Elizabeth's Hosp., 
and asst. opht. surgeon, Boston City Hosp. 
Residence: 201 Clarendon St. Address: 201 
Clarendon St., Boston. 

BOSTWICK, Arthur Elmore, supt. cir- 
culation New York Public Library since 
Feb. 1, 1901; b. Litchfield, Conn., March 8, 
1860; j. Dr. David Elmore and Adelaide 
(McKinley) B. ; grad. Yale, 1881 (Ph. D., 
1883) ; graduate fellow, physical science, 1881- 
4; substitute instr. and proctor, 1883-4; m. 
June 23, 1885, Lucy Sawyer. Teacher high 
school, Montclair, N. J., 1884-6; staff Ap- 
pleton's Cyclopedia of Am. Biography, 1886- 
8; literary work, 1888-90; asst. editor The 
Forum, 1890-2; asso. editor Standard Dic- 
tionary and office expert in physics, 1892-4; 
editor science dept. Literary Digest since 



1891; chief librarian New York Free Circu- 
lating Library, 1895-9; librarian Brooklyn 
Public Library, 1899-1901. Pres. N. Y. Li- 
brary Club, 1897-9; pres. Long Island Li- 
brary Club, 1900-01; v. -p. N. J. Library 
Assn., 1899-1901; mem. Am. Library Assn.; 
mem. advising Am. Public Ed'n Assn. New 
York, 1896-9; director Peoples' University 
Extension Soc. since 1898; mem. Authors 
Club. Author: Young Folks' Cyclopedia of 
Games and Sports (with J. D. Champlin), 
1890 H4. Wrote many sketches in Cyclo- 
pedia Am. Biography, A2; Standard Dic- 
tionary, F3; numerous articles Appleton's 
Annual Cyclopedia, including yearly review 
of progress of physics; contributions to cur- 
rent literature on physical science, litera- 
ture and library economy. Residence: 182 
Mountain Av., Montclair, N. J. Office: 226 
W. 42d St., New York. 

BOSWORTH, Francke Huntington, 
M. D. ; b. Marietta, Ohio, Jan. 25, 1843; .?. 
Daniel P. and Deborah (Wells) B. ; ed. Yale 
and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.; m. Sept. 10, 
1871, Marietta, O., Mary Hildreth Putnam. 
Prof, diseases of the throat Bellevue Hosp. 
Med. Coll. ; consulting phys. Presby'n and 
St. Vincent's Hosps. Hon. fellow British 
Laryngol. Assn. ; cor. mem. French Soc. 
Laryngologie et Otologie; fellow Am. Laryn- 
gol. Assn., Climatological Assn.; mem. N. Y. 
Acad. Medicine. Author: Hand-book of Dis- 
eases of the Throat and Nose, 1879 Wll; 
Treatise on Diseases of the Nose and Throat 
(2 vols.), 1893 Wll; Text Book of Diseases 
of the Nose and Throat, 1896 Wll. Also 
many minor contributions to med. litera- 
ture. Address: 41 Park Av., New York. 

BOTKIN, Alexander Campbell, lawyer; 
b. Madison, Wis., Oct. 13, 1842; grad. Univ. 
of Wis. (A. B.) and Albany Law School; 
m. June 11, 1872, Harriet E. Sherman. U. 
S. marshal, Mont. Ty., 1878-85; lt.-gov. 
Mont., 1893-7; defeated for gov. Mont., 1896; 
Republican; apptd., 1897, mem. comm'n to 
revise and codify the criminal and penal 
laws of U. S. ; elected chmn. same, 1898. 
Home: Helena, Mont. Washington Address: 
1416 F St. N. W. 

BOTKIN, Jeremiah D., ex-congressman, 
clergyman; b. Logan Co., 111., April 24, 
1849; 5. Richard and Nancy B.; ed. in co. 
schools and 1 yr. at De Pauw Univ. ; in 
Methodist ministry since 1870; presiding 
elder 6 yrs. ; delegate to Gen. Conf. M. E. 
Ch., 188S; Ecumenical Conf., Washington, 
1891; was long a Republican, became Prohi- 
bition candidate for gov. Kan., 1888; early 
espoused the Populist cause; defeated for 
Congress from 3rd Kan. dist., 1894; elected, 
1896, as Congressman-at-large; renominated 
by acclamation, 1898-1900; defeated both yrs. 
with his party; Populist. Address: Winfield, 

BOTSFORD, George "Willis, instr. his- 
tory Greece and Rome, Harvard, since 1895; 
b. West Union, la., 1862; grad. Univ. of 
Neb., 1884 (A. M., 1889; Ph. D., Cornell, 
1891); m. 1891, Lillie M. Shaw. Author: The 
Development of the Athenian Constitution; 
A History of Greece for High Schools and 
Academies; A History of Rome for High 

Schools and Academies. Contributor book 
reviews, etc., for Classical Rev. (London); 
Am. Hist. Rev. ; The Nation, and other 
journals. Residence: 45 Walker St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

BOTTOME, Margaret, writer, author, 
pres. Internat. Order of the King's Daugh- 
ters and Sons, and of the women's branch 
of Internat. Medical Mission; b. New York, 
Dec. 29, 1827; ed. Prof. Greenleaf School, 
Brooklyn Heights, N. Y. Widow of Rev. F. 
Bottome, D. D. Has given Bible Talks in 
New York homes for more than 25 yrs. ; one 
of asso. editors The Ladies' Home Journal, 
regularly contributing a department article, 
entitled "Mrs. Bottome's Heart to Heart 
Talks with the King's Daughters"; writes 
for religious papers and mags, on subjects 
affecting the lives of women. Author: 
Crumbs from the King's Table; A Sunshine 
Trip to the Orient; Death and Life; Seven 
Questions After Easter. Residence: 225 E. 
17th St. Address: Headquarters of "The 
King's Daughters," 156 5th Av., New York. 

BOUGHTON, George Henry, artist; b. 
nr. Norwich, England, 1834, came with fam- 
ily to Albany, N. Y., 1839; ed. in public and 
high schools there. Began painting in boy- 
hood; went to London to study, 1853; had 
studio in New York, 1858-61; studied in 
Paris, 1S61-2; settled in London, 1862; fa- 
mous as a genre and landscape artist. Be- 
came Nat. Academician (New York Acad. 
Design), 1871; asso. of Royal Acad. (Lon- 
don), 1879; Royal Academician, 1896; regular 
exhibitor in U. S. and England; many of his 
pictures are owned in this country. Author: 
(with E. A. Abbey, A. R. A.), Sketching 
Rambles in Holland. Has written short 
stories for Harper's and the Pall Mall Mag. 
Address: West House, Campden Hill, W, 
London, England. 

BOUGHTON, Willis, teacher of English, 
Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn, since 
Feb., 1899; b. Victor, N. Y., April 17, 1854; 
j. Myron and Jane M. Farnam B. ; grad. 
Univ. of Mich., 1881 (A. M., Dickinson Coll., 
1891; Ph. D., Ohio Univ., 1900); m. 1884, 
Martha E. Arnold. Editor Ann Arbor Cour- 
ier, 1881-2; in business Ann Arbor, 1882-6; 
teacher, Cincinnati, 1889; prof, history and 
English, Ohio Univ., 1890-1; prof, rhetoric 
and English literature, same, 1892-9; Phila. 
sec. Am. Soc. for Extension of Univ. Teach- 
ing and lecturer on English, Univ. of Pa., 
1891-2. Author: Mythology in Art, 1890; His- 
tory of Ancient Peoples, 1896 P2; (joint au- 
thor) Allen's History of Civilization, 1888. 
Joint editor Journal of Pedagogy, 1890-2; 
contributor to various magazines. Address: 
82 E. 18th St., Brooklyn. 

BOUQUILLON, Thomas, R. C. clergyman, 
prof, moral theology, Catholic Univ. of 
America. S. T. B., Gregorian Univ., Rome, 
1865; S. T. L., same, 1866; S. T. D., same, 
1867; prof, moral theol. in the Seminarium 
Magnum of Bruges, Belgium, 1867; same 
in Catholic Univ. of Lille, France, 1877. 
Address: Catholic Univ. of America, Wash- 

BOURGADE, Peter, R. C. archbishop of 
Santa Fe, N. Mex., since Jan. 7, 1899; b. 



France, 1845; ed. Coll. of Billom and Grand 
Sem. of Mont-Ferrand Puy-de-Dome; went 
to Ariz, as missionary, 1809; ordained, Santa 
Fe, Nov. 30, 1869, and began work at Yuma, 
1870; consecrated, May 1, 1885, at Santa 
Fe, Vicar Apostolic of Arizona, with titular 
rank of Bishop of Taumaco, and resided 
at Tucson until promoted archbishop. 
Address: Santa Fe, N. Mex. 

BOIIRLAND, Albert P., prof. English lit- 
erature, Univ. of Nashville, Peabody Nor- 
mal Coll., since 1890; b. nr. Falcon, Ark., 
Nov. 14, 1861; s. Bayless W. B. ; ed. Falcon 
Acad.; Arkadelphia (Ark.) High School; 
Southwestern Bapt. Univ., Jackson, Tenn. 
(A. M.); Vanderbilt Univ., 1881; m. 1886, 
Noble Jarman (died, 1890). Scholarship in 
modern languages, Vanderbilt Univ., 1882; 
prof. English and modern languages, South- 
western Bapt. Univ.. 1883; prof. English 
language and literature, Monteagle Summer 
Schools, 1887-91; mgr. Monteagle Assembly, 
1892-8; supt. same, 1899. Wrote: The Teach- 
ing of English, series in Southwestern 
Jour, of Ed'n. Address: 200 S. High St., 
Nashville, Tenn. 

BOURN, Augustus O., mfr., ex-gov. ; b. 
Providence, R. I., Oct. 1, 1834; i. George 
O. and Huldah B. (Eddy) B. ; ed. Browu 
Univ., A. M., 1855; m. Providence, R. I., 
Feb. 24, 1863, Elizabeth R., d. David C. and 
Mary (Wentworth) Morrill. Engaged as 
mfr. rubber goods in Providence; founded, 
1867, and became pres. Nat. Rubber Co., 
of Bristol, R. I.; removed to Bristol, 1873; 
State senator, 1876-83, and 1886-8; gov. R. I., 
1883-5; served in State militia, private to 
It. -col. ; was consul-gen. to Italy, 1889-93. 
Address: Bristol, R. I. 

BOURNE, Edward Gaylord, prof, his- 
tory, Yale, since 1895; b. Strykersville, N. 
Y., June 24, 1860; grad. Yale, 1883 (Ph. D., 
1892) ; m. July 17, 1895, Annie Thomson Net- 
tleton, Stockbridge, Mass. Lecturer on po- 
litical science, Yale, 1886-8; instr. history, 
Adelbert Coll., 1888-90; prof, history same, 
1890-5. Author: The History of the Surplus 
Revenue of 1837; also a number of hist, ar- 
ticles. Co-editor Yale Review. Address: 73 
Mansfield St., New Haven, Conn. 

BOURNE, Henry Eldridge, prof, his- 
tory, Coll. for Women, Western Reserve 
Univ., since 1892; b. E. Hamburg, N. Y., 
April 13, 1862; grad. Yale, 1883; Yale Divin- 
ity School, 1887; held Hooker fellowship, 
Yale, 1887-8. Asso. editor The Congrega- 
tionalist, Boston, 1888-9; teacher history 
and psychology, Norwich (Conn.) Free 
Acad., 1889-92; registrar Coll. for Women, 
Western Reserve Univ., since 1893; sec. 
Cleveland Municipal Assn., 1897; has written 
critical articles for The Nation, The Amer- 
ican Historical Review, The Dial, etc. 
Residence: 48 May field St., Cleveland, O. 

BOUSCAREN, Louis Frederic Gustave, 
civ. eng'r; b. Pointe-a-Pitre, W. I., Aug. 25, 
1840; s. P. G. and E. C. (Segond) B. ; prep, 
ed'n St. Xavier Coll., Cincinnati, and George- 
town, Ky., Coll.; entered Lysee St. Louis, 
in Paris, France, 1853; grad. 1859; studied 
mech. and civil eng'ring, ficole Centrale 
des Arts et Manufactures; m. Cincinnati, 

April 18, 1876, Helen Seymour Lincoln. 
Mech. and architectural draughtsman, Cin- 
cinnati, 1862-5; asst. eng'r Ohio and Miss- 
issippi R. R., 1865-7; eng'r in charge con- 
struction, Vandalia R. R. ; Cairo & Vin- 
cennes R. R. ; St. Louis & Southeastern R. R., 
1867-73; chief asst. and chief eng'r, Cincin- 
nati Southern R. R. t 1873-84; consulting 
eng'r since 1884. Mem. Am. Soc. Civ. 
Eng'rs; Inst'n of Civ. Eng'rs; Societe des 
Ingenieurs Civils. Residence: 1800 Jose- 
phine St. Office: City Hall, Cincinnati, O. 

BOVTELL, Henry Sherman, congress- 
man, lawyer; b. Boston, March 14, 1856; 
grad. Northwestern Univ., 1874; Harvard, 
1876 (A. M., 1877); admitted to 111. bar, 
1879, and Supreme Court of U. S., 1855; 
mem. 111. legislature, 1884; elected to Con- 
gress, Nov., 1897, to fill unexpired term of 
Edward Dean Cooke, deceased; re-elected, 
1898-1903, 6th 111. dist. ; Republican. Home: 
24 Walton PI., Chicago. 

BOUTON, Rosa, dir. School of Domestic 
Science, Univ. of Neb., since 1898; b. Sa- 
betha, Kan., Dec. 19, 1860; d. E. F. and 
Fannie (Waldo) B. ; studied in country 
school and State Normal School, Peru, Neb.; 
grad. Univ. of Neb., B. Sc, 1891 (A. M., 
1893); apptd., 1898, adjunct prof, chemistry, 
Univ. of Neb. Has furnished contributions 
to tech. journals. Unmarried. Address: 1436 
S St., Lincoln, Neb. 

BOUTWELL, George Sewell, ex-Sec. of 
Treasury; b. Brookline, Mass., Jan. 28, 1818; 
admitted to bar, 1836; mem. Mass. legisla- 
ture 7 terms, between 1842 and 1851; became 
Democratic leader; gov. of Mass., 1851-2; 
helped organize Republican party, 1854; 
apptd. by Pres. Lincoln 1st comm'r of new 
dept. of Internal Revenue, 1862-3; mem. 
Congress from Mass., 1863-9; one of 
7 mgrs. of Johnson impeachment trial ; sec. 
of the Treasury, 1869-73; senator from Mass., 
1873-9; afterward practiced law. Pres. Am. 
Anti-Imperialist League since 1900. Author: 
Educational Topics and Institutions, 1859; 
Manual of Direct and Excise Tax Laws, 1863; 
Manual of Mass. School Laws, 1861; Vol- 
ume of Speeches on the Rebellion, 1869; Re- 
vision of Statutes of the United States, 1878, 
as commr. ; Why I Am a Republican, 1884; 
Report on French and American Claims Un- 
der the Treaty Between France and the 
United States of 1880-1884; The Lawyer, the 
Statesman and the Soldier, 1887; The Crisis 
of the Republic, 1900. Residence: Groton, 

BOUVfi, Pauline Carrington, journal- 
ist; b. Little Rock, Ark.; d. Gen. Albert 
Rust, C. S. A., and Anne Cabell (both pa- 
rents Virginians); reared at Luray, Va. ; 
ed. tinder private governesses and tutors 
in Va. ; m. Boston, July 14, 1898, Thomas 
Tracy Bouve. Was corr. Baltimore Amer- 
ican. Went to Boston, 1894; since then in 
newspaper work there. Sp'l writer to Bos- 
ton Transcript and Boston Globe; contribu- 
tor to New England Mag., Donahoe's, 
Youth's Companion, Churchman, Criterion, 
etc. Author: The Legend of the Luray 
Caverns, a poem, Phila., 1887 01; Their 
Shadows Before: a Tale of the South- 
ampton Insurrection, 1900 S9; Translator: 



La Toison D'Or (The Golden Fleece), from 
French of Amedee Achard, 1900 P3. Serials: 
Pilate's Wife, Fetter's Southern Mag., 1893; 
"Ole Miss," Sunday Mercury, Phila., 1890. 
Wrote: Answering Mme. Blanc, Boston 
Transcript, 1897; A Literary Virginian, 
same, Sept. 5, 1896; La Farge in Samoa, 
same, May 20, 1899. Address: Hotel Oxford, 

BOUVET, Marie Margnerite, author; b. 
New Orleans, Feb. 14, 1865; d. Jean Francois 
and Adelphine (Bertrand) B. ; grad. St. 
Mary Coll., Knoxville, 111., 1885; extensive 
traveler. Author: Sweet William, 1890; Lit- 
tle Marjorie's Love Story, 1891; Prince Tip- 
Top, 1892; My Lady, 1894; A Child of Tus- 
cany, 1895; Pierette, 1896; A Little House 
in Pimlico, 1898; Tales of an Old Chateau, 
1900 (all M5). Address: Reading, Pa. 

BOVEft, John Wesley, physician. Mem. 
Washington Acad, of Sciences, and Med. 
Soc. of the District of Columbia. Address: 
1404 H St., Washington. 

BOWDITCH, Henry Piekering, M. D., 
educator; b. Boston, April 4, 1840; grad. 
Harvard, 1861; Harvard Med. School, 186S 
(LL. D., Edinburgh, 1898; D. Sc, Cam- 
bridge, England, 1898); m., 1871, Selma 
Knauth, Leipzig. Lt., capt. and ma]. U. S. 
vol. eav., 1861-5; studied physiology in 
France and Germany, 1868-71; asst. prof., 
1871-6; and since 1876 prof, physiology Har- 
vard Med. School; trustee Boston Public Li- 
brary since 1895. Has published many pa- 
pers on physiol. subjects. Home: Jamaica 
Plain, Mass. Office: Harvard Med. School, 

BOWEJi, Clarence Winthrop, publish- 
er; b. Brooklyn, May 22, 1852; grad. Yale, 
1873 (Ph. D., 1882); became connected with 
The Independent, and on death of Henry C. 
Bowen, his father, succeeded as its publish- 
er; was sec. com. of arrangements for cen- 
tennial of Washington's inauguration, 1889. 
Author: Boundary Disputes of Connecticut; 
Woodstock: an Historical Sketch; Memorial 
of Centennial of Washington's Inauguration. 
Residence: 3 E. 10th St. Office: 130 Fulton 
St., New York. 

BOWEN, Herbert Wolcott, E. E. & M. P. 
to Venezuela since June, 1901; b. Brooklyn, 
Feb. 29, 1856; studied at Brooklyn Polytech- 
nic and in Europe; mem. (not graduate) 
class 1878, Yale; Columbia Law School, LL. 
B. cum laude, 1881; practiced law, New York; 
apptd. consul, 1890, and consul-gen., 1895, at 
Barcelona; later, was U. S. minister and 
consul-gen. to Persia. Author: Verses; Los- 
ing Ground; In Divers Tones; De Genere 
Humano; International Law. Address: Ca- 
racas, Venezuela. 

BOWEN, John Wesley Edward, prof, 
hist, theology Gammon Theol. Sem. since 
1888; b. New Orleans, Dec. 3, 1855; j. Ed- 
ward and Rose B. ; grad. Univ. of New Or- 
leans, 1878; grad., B. D., Boston Univ., 
1885; Ph. D., Univ. of New Orleans, 1886; 
A. M., Boston Univ.; D. D., Gammon Theol. 
Sem.; m. Baltimore, Sept. 14, 1886, Ariel S. 
Hedges. Prof, ancient languages, Central 
Tenn. Coll., Nashville, 1878-82; pastor, Bos- 
ton, 1882-5; pastor, Newark, N. J., 1885-8; 

pastor, Baltimore and Washington, 1888-92; 
prof, church history and systematic theol- 
ogy, Morgan Coll., Baltimore, 1889-91; prof. 
Hebrew, Howard Univ., Washington, 1891; 
mem. and examiner Am. Inst, of Sacred 
Literature, 1889-93; field sec. missionary 
soc, 1892; librarian and sec. Stewart Mis- 
sionary Foundation for Africa; mem. gen. 
conf., 1896-1900; voted for bishop in both; 
sec. standing com. on the episcopacy in gen. 
conf., 1900; mem. bd. of control of Epworth 
League of the church, 1892-1900. Mem. The 
Academy, Philos. and Lit. Soc, Am. Hist. 
Assn. Author: National Sermons, Africa 
and the American Negro, F7; University 
Addresses, 12; Discussions in Philosophy 
and Theology, 12. Wrote: The Struggle for 
Supremacy Between the Church and State 
During the Middle Ages; The Catholic Spir- 
it of Methodism; The Theology and Psy- 
chology of the Negro Plantation Melodies; 
The Bulletin, Atlanta, Ga. ; Appeal to the 
King, monograph, F7; The Psychological 
Process in the Revelation of Doctrine, 
Methodist Review, Oct., 1893; An Apology 
for the Higher Education of the Negro, 
same, Oct., 1897. Address: Atlanta, Ga. 
BOWEN, Thomas M., lawyer; b. nr. Bur- 
lington, la., Oct. 26, 1835; ed. public schools; 
admitted to the bar at age of 18; mem. la. 
legislature, 1856; removed to Kan., 1858; en- 
listed as capt. Union army; raised 13th Kan. 
inf. and commanded it until end of war; 
bvt. brig. -gen. ; commanded brigade, 1863-5, 
on frontier and with 7th Army Corps; dele- 
gate from Kan. to Nat. Rep. conv., 1864. Aft- 
er war settled in Ark. ; pres. constitutional 
con vs. of 1866 and 1868; justice Supreme 
Court, Ark., 1867-71; apptd. gov. Idaho, 
1871; resigned and returned to Ark.; was 
defeated as candidate for U. S. senator; re- 
moved to Colo. ; was 4 yrs. judge Dist. 
Court; mem. State legislature, 1882; U. S. 
senator from Colo., 1883-9; Republican. Has 
been identified with large mining interests 
since living in Colo. Address: 142 W. 1st 
St., Pueblo, Colo. 

BOWERS, Edgar, acting pres. N. C. Coll. 
since 1899; b. Jefferson Co., W. Va., Feb. 27, 
1866; 5. Peter and Harriet (Gruber) B. 
grad. Roanoke Coll., Va., 1888 (A. M., 1893) 
m. Gerrardstown, W. Va., Sept. 4, 1889, Sue 
L. Gordon. Instr. in languages, Roanoke 
Coll., 1888-91; prin. Wartburg Sem., Gra- 
ham, Va., 1891-2; prin. high school, Middle- 
town, Va., 1892-3; high school, Hedgesville, 
W. Va., 1893-7; prof, languages N. C. Coll. 
since 1897. Lutheran. Address: Mount 
Pleasant, N. C. 

BOWERS, George Meade, U. S. Commr. 
Fish and Fisheries since Feb. 14, 1898; b. 
Gerrardstown, W. Va., Sept. 13, 1863; 5. 
John S. and Mary E. (Stump) B. ; ed. high 
school, Martinsburg, W. Va., and under 
private tutor 2 yrs.; m. Hagerstown, Md., 
Nov. 18, 1884, Bessie C. Gray. Mem. W. Va. 
legislature, 1887; supervisor U. S. census 
for W. Va., 1890; delegate Rep. Nat. Conv., 
Minneapolis, 1892; mem. and treas. Bd. of 
World's Fair Comm'rs for W. Va. Residence: 
Martinsburg, W. Va. Official address: Cor. 
6th and B Sts. S. W., Washington. 



BOWERS, Henry Francis, founder "A. 
P. A.;" b. Baltimore, Aug. 12, 1837; ed. at 
home; removed to Iowa; deputy clerk of 
courts, 1803; deputy recorder, 1869; county 
recorder, 1870-4; admitted to bar, Oct., 1870; 
practices in U. S. courts. Sp'l a. d. c, with 
rank of lt.-col., staff of Gov. John H. Gear, 
187S-S2. Founded, 1SS7, the Am. Protective 
Assn. (commonly called A. P. A.); was its 
supreme pres. 6 yrs. and was re-elected 
1898. Has lectured in most of the larger 
Am. cities. Widower. Address: Clinton, la. 

BOWERSOCK, Justin D., congressman, 
mfr., banker; b. Columbiana Co., O., Sept. 
19, 1842; ed. common schools; m. Sept. 5, 
1866, Mary C. Gower, Iowa City, la. Set- 
tled Lawrence, Kan., 1877; built dam across 
Kansas Paver and began mfg. ; organized 
Douglass Co. Bank, 1878 (now Lawrence 
Nat. Bank); twice mayor Lawrence; legis- 
lature, 1887; State senate, 1895; mem. Con- 
gress, 2d Kan. dist., 1899-1903; Republican. 
For years pres. Lawrence Commercial Club. 
Now pres. Lawrence Nat. Bank; Lawrence 
Gas and Electric Light Co.; Bowersock 
Milling Co.; Griffin Ice Co.; Kansas Water 
Power Co.; Lawrence Iron Works; Mer- 
chants' Athletic Assn. Address: Lawrence, 

BOWIE, Sydney Johnston, congress- 
man, 4th Ala. dist. for term 1901-3; b. Talla- 
dega Co., Ala., July 26, 1865; 5. Andrew W. 
and Nannie M. B.; ed. common schools Tal- 
ladega and Law Dept. Univ. of Ala. ; m. 
Ocala, Fla., April 29, 1891, Annie F. Ether- 
idge. Admitted to bar; now mem. law firm 
of Knox, Bowie & Blackmon, of Talladega 
and Anniston. Was chmn. Dem. Co. Exec. 
Com. of Talladega Co. 4 yrs.; mem. State 
Dem. Exec. Com. Ala. 6 yrs. Home: Annis- 
ton, Ala. 

BOWKER, Richard Rogers, editor Pub- 
lishers' Weekly, The Library Journal, The 
American Catalogue, etc.; b. Salem, Mass., 
1848; grad. Coll. City of New York, 1868. 
Active in independent politics; originated 
independent Republican movement, 1879, 
called original mugwump; now affiliated 
with Nat. (gold-standard) Dem. party. Re- 
sided in London, 1880-2, as representative 
of Harper & Bros.; first v. -p. New York 
Edison Co., 1890-9. Has been v. -p. Am. 
Copyright League; mem. of Council Am. Li- 
brary Assn., Authors Club, University Set- 
tlement Soc. of New York, City Club, etc. 
Author: Work and Wealth; Economics for 
the People; Copyright: Its Law and Its Lit- 
erature; Primer for Political Education; 
Civil Service Examination; Electoral Re- 
form; The Arts of Life. Editor: The Eco- 
nomic Fact-Book; The Library List; The 
Reader's Guide in Economic, Social and 
Political Science (with George lies) ; The 
Annual Literary Index; Great American In- 
dustries series in Harper's Magazine; The 
Campaign Text-Book, National Democratic 
Party, 1896. Address: 298 Broadway, New 

BOWLES, Francis Tiffany, chief con- 
structor U. S. N. with rank of rear admiral 
since March, 1901; b. Springfield, Mass., Oct. 
7, 1858; grad, U. S. Naval Acad., 1879 (post- 

graduate degree of Naval Architect from 
Royal Naval Coll., Greenwich, England); m. 
Adelaide Hay Savage, Boston. Has been as- 
sociated with the building of the new navy 
from its beginning; in the naval advisory 
board of 1882; 14 yrs. head of construction 
and repair in navy-yards at Norfolk, Va., 
and New York; active in introduction of 
civ. service reform in employment of labor 
at navy yards. Mem. Inst. Naval Archi- 
tects, London; prin. organizer, mem. of 
council and sec. and treas. Soc. of Naval 
Architects of New York. Address: Navy 
Dept., Washington. 

BOWLES, Pinckney Downie, lawyer; b. 
Edgefield, S. C, July 7, 1835; s. Isaac and 
Emily Holloway B. ; ed. in academic and 
law depts. Univ. of Va. : studied in law of- 
fices of Judge Samuel McGowan, Abbeville 
C. H., S. C; m. Sparta, Ala., Feb. 24, 1863, 
Alice Irene Stearns. Located in Sparta 
(then C. H.), Conecuh Co., Ala., April 15, 
1859; elected It. Conecuh Guard, part of Ala. 
vol. corps, July 4, 1S60; elected capt. April 
1, 1861; re-elected capt. at York Town, Va., 
May 1, 1862; promoted maj. Aug. 22, 1862; 
lt.-col. Sept. 30, 1862; col. Oct., 1862; brig.- 
gen. April 2, 1865. Opened law office, Ever- 
green, Ala., 1866; State's pros, att'y, 10 yrs.; 
apptd. postmaster, Evergreen, Ala., spring 
of 1887; was probate judge, July 1, 1887, to 
Nov. 3, 1898. Democrat. Address: Ever- 
green, Conecuh Co., Ala. 

BOWLES, Samuel, editor and publisher 
Springfield (Mass.) Republican; b. Spring- 
field, Mass., Oct. 15, 1851; studied in pub- 
lic and private schools at home and 2 yrs. 
in Europe; took 2 yrs'. sp'l course Yale (A. 
M., Amherst). Asst. in editorial dept., Re- 
publican, 1873-5; business mgr., 1875-8; pub- 
lisher and editor-in-chief since 1878; m. 
June 12, 1884, at Concord, Mass., Elizabeth, 
d. Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar. Dir. Spring- 
field City Library Assn., etc. Address: 
Springfield, Mass. 

BOWMAN, Roland Claude, cartoonist, 
author; b. Mich., 1870; .?. Dr. J. D. and Mary 
E. P.; ed. Benton Harbor, Mich., public 
schools; m. Boston, Aug., 1896, Byrtha 
Louise Ryckman. Engaged as cartoonist 
on Minneapolis Tribune since 1897. Author: 
Freckles and Tan, illustrated verse, 1900 
B28. Address: 414 E. 25th St., Minneapolis. _ 

BOWMAN, Thomas, M. E. bishop; b. Ber- 
wick, Pa., July 15, 1817; 5. John and Sarah 
(Brittain) B. ; grad. Dickinson Coll., 1837 
(LL. D. ; D. D., Ohio Wesleyan Univ.); en- 
tered Meth. ministry in Baltimore conf., 
1839; taught in grammar school of Dickin- 
son Coll., 1810-3; organized Dickinson Sem., 
Williamsport, Pa., 1848, and was its pres. 
10 yrs.; 1858-72, pres. Asbury (now De 
Pauw) Univ., Greencastle, Ind., and mean- 
time, 1864-5, chaplain U. S. Senate. Elect- 
ed bishop, May, 1872. Has visited all the 
conferences in U. S., Europe, India, China, 
Japan, Mexico. Address: East Orange, N. J. 

BOWNE, Borden Parker, prof, philos- 
ophy Boston Univ. since 1876; b. Leonard- 
ville, N. J., Jan. 14, 1847; grad. Univ. of 
N. Y., 1871 (A. M. ; LL. D., Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ.); studied 2 yrs. at Halle and Got- 



tingen. Author: The Philosophy of Herbert 
Spencer; Studies in Theism; Principles 
of Ethics; Metaphysics; Introduction to 
Psychological Theory; Philosophy of The- 
ism; Theory of Thought and Knowledge; 
The Christian Revelation, 1898 M25; The 
Christian Life, 1899 M25; The Atonement, 
1900 M25. Contributes philos. and theol. arti- 
cles to various religious reviews. Address: 
380 Longwood Av., Boston. 
BOWSER, Edward Albert, prof, mathe- 
matics Rutgers Coll. since 1870; b. Sack- 
ville, N. B., Canada, June 18, 1845; grad. 
Rutgers Coll., 1868 (LL. D., Lafayette Coll., 
1881) ; since 1875 in charge U. S. geodetic 
survey of N. J. Author: Academic Alge- 
bra; College Algebra; Plane and Solid 
Geometry; Elements of Plane and Spherical 
Trigonometry; Treatise on Plane and Spher- 
ical Trigonometry; Analytic Geometry; Dif- 
ferential and Integral Calculus; Analytic Me- 
chanics; Hydromechanics; Logarithmic Ta- 
bles; Roofs and Bridges; etc. Address: New 
Brunswick, N. J. 

BOYCE, William H., asso. justice Su- 
preme Court, Del., since 1897; b. Sussex Co., 
Del., Nov. 28, 1855; .y. James H. and Sarah 
J. (Otwell) B. ; studied law; practiced in 
Georgetown, Del. ; has been pres. bd. of 
ed'n and of town comm'rs there; recorder 
of deeds, Sussex Co., 1881-6; sec. of State, 
Del., 1897; resigned to accept judgeship; 
chmn. Dem. Co. Com. several yrs., resign- 
ing, 1897; delegate to Dem. Nat. Conv., 
Chicago, 1896; Democrat; m. Oct. 25, 
1882, Emma E. Valliant, Talbot Co., Md. 
Residence: Georgetown, Del. 

BOYD, A. Hunter, jurist; b. Winchester, 
Va., July 15, 1849; attended Washington and 
Lee Univ. and Univ. of Va. ; grad. Wash- 
ington and Lee Univ. Law School, June, 
1871; m. Dec. 17, 1874, Bessie M. Thurston, 
Cumberland, Md. Began practice at Cum- 
berland, Md., Aug., 1871; States atty., 1876- 
80; apptd., May 1, 1893, by Gov. Brown, and 
elected Nov., 1893, for term of 15 yrs., chief 
judge, 4th jud. circuit of Md., and ex- 
officio asso. judge, court of appeals of Md. 
Address: Cumberland, Md. 

BOYD, David Ross, pres. Univ. of Okla. 
since Sept., 1892; b. Coshocton, O., July 31, 
1853; s. James and Mary B. ; grad. Wooster 
Univ. of Ohio, 1878 (A. M., Ph. D., same); 
m. Keene, O., Sept. 6, 1882, Jennie Thomp- 
son. Prin. high schools, Bellevue, O., 
1878-9; Van Wert, O., 1879-80; supt. schools, 
Van Wert, 1880-8; Arkansas City, Kan., 
1888-92. Pres. Beta Theta Pi, 1877-8; dir. 
Nat. Edn'l Assn., 1890-1900; pres. Oklahoma 
Ty. Bd. of Ed'n, ex officio. Address: Nor- 
man, Okla. 

BOYD, Ellen Wright, prin. St. Agnes 
School, Albany, for 25 yrs.; b. Winsted, 
Conn., Sept. 8, 1833; ed. private schools; 
Ipswich (Mass.) Sem., and finished at Col- 
legiate Inst., New Haven (attending Yale 
lectures, with exam, by Yale tutors) ; sp'l 
scientific and art studies in U. S. and Eu- 
rope. Author: Outlines of Religious In- 
struction; English Cathedrals; Famous Art 
Galleries. Address; St. Agnes School, Al- 
bany, N. Y. 

BOYD, James E., judge U. S. Dist. Court 
for Western Dist. of N. C. ; apptd. July 11, 
1900. Address: Greensboro, N. C. 

BOYD, James E., ex-gov. Neb. ; b. County 
Tyrone, Ireland, Sept. 9, 1834; self-ed. ; came 
to U. S., 1844; settled in Ohio; went to Neb., 
1856; mem. 1st State legislature, 1866; mem. 
constitutional con vs. of 1871 and 1875; mayor 
Omaha, 1881-3 and 18S5-7; gov. Neb., 1891; 
removed from office on alleged ground of 
non-citizenship, May 5, 1891. Declared a 
citizen of the U. S. by U. S. Supreme Court, 
and reinstated as gov., Feb. 8, 1892; Demo- 
crat. Is a grain comm'n mcht. Address: 
Omaha, Neb. 

BOYD, James P., lawyer, editor, author; 
b. Lancaster Co., Pa., Dec. -20, 1836; grad. 
Lafayette Coll., 1859; admitted to bar, 1863; 
managing editor Phila. Press, 1868-72; ed- 
itor People's Journal, 1872-85. Author: La- 
lecca, 1872; Envious Merchant, 1874; Build- 
ing and Ruling the Republic, 1884; History 
of the Crusades, 1890; Lives of Grant, Sher- 
man, Sheridan, Blaine, Harrison, McKin- 
ley, Emperor William I; Men and Issues of 
1892, 1896, 1900; Bible Dictionary, 1896; In- 
terlinear Edition of Bible, 1898; Paris Ex- 
position, 1900. Editor: Triumphs and Won- 
ders of the Nineteenth Century. Address: 
2241 Ontario St., Philadelphia. 

BOYD, Thomas Duckett, pres. La. State 
Univ. and Agr'l and Mech. Coll. since 1896; 
b. Wytheville, Va., Jan. 20, 1854; grad. La. 
State Univ., A. M., 1872 (LL. D., Tulane 
Univ., 1896); at La. State Univ., 1873, as 
adjunct prof, mathematics; later command- 
ant of cadets, and then prof, history and 
English literature until 1888; pres. State 
Normal School, Natchitoches, 1888-96. Ad- 
dress: Baton Rouge, La. 

BOYfi, Martin H. (baptized Hans Martin 
Boye), chemist and geologist; b. Copen- 
hagen, Denmark, Dec. 6, 1812; ed. Borger- 
dyskolen, Copenhagen; grad. Univ. of Co- 
penhagen, 1832; Polytechnic School, Copen- 
hagen, 1835; Univ. of Pa., med. dept., 1S44; 
sp'l studies in analytical chemistry and 
physics (hon. A. M., Univ. of Pa., 1844). 
Came to U. S., 1836; assisted Dr. Robert 
Hare in chem. investigations, 1837-8; asst. 
geologist and chemist first geol. survey of 
Pa., 1838-43; jointly discovered new com- 
pound, chloride of platinum with binoxide 
of nitrogen, 1839; jointly discovered per- 
chloric ether, the most explosive of all sub- 
stances, 1841; conducted laboratory for an- 
alysis and instruction in analytical and 
practical chemistry, 1842-5; discovered, and 
with others applied the first process of refin- 
ing cotton seed oil, 1845; specimens exhib- 
ited at Centennial Exp'n, Phila., 1876, re- 
ceived 1st premium; prof, chemistry and 
natural philosophy, Central High School, 
Phila., 1845-59; delivered many lectures; re- 
tired since 1859. Mem. Am. Philos. Soc, 
Franklin Institute, a founder and mem. 
A. A. A. S. Author: Pneumatics, or 
the Physics of Gases, 1856; Chemis- 
try, or the Physics of Atoms, 1857. 
Wrote also, Explosive Power Perchloric 
Ether Proc. Am. Philos. Soc, vol. ii, p. 
203; Perchloric Ether, Transactions, Am. 
Philos. Soc, vol. viii, art yi. ; "Analysis" in 



Booth's Chemical Encyclopaedia; Analysis 
of the Bittern of a Saline on the Kiske- 
minetas; of Magnetic Iron Pyrites Con- 
taining Nickel; of Schuylkill, Croton and 
Rock Creek Waters, etc., in Sillinian's and 
Franklin Inst. Journals, 1842-5. Address: 
Coopersburg, Pa. 
BOYLAN, Grace Duffle (Mrs.), editorial 
sketch writer and critic, Chicago Journal; 
b. Kalamazoo, Mich., d. Capt. Phelix and 
Juliette (Smith) Duffle; ed. public schools, 
Harvard Annex and New England Conserva- 
tory, Boston; writer of dialect poetry and 
patriotic verse, etc. Author: The Old House, 
1S9S 01; If Tarn O'Shanter'd Had a Wheel, 
and Other Poems and Sketches, 1899 H6; 
Kids of All Colors (Jingle Book), 1901; 
Uncle Tom's Cabin (rewritten for children), 
1901; When the Band Played, and other 
readings and recitations. Two most im- 
portant poems: Hosanna and Huzzah; In 
the Transvaal. Residence: 328 Dearborn Av., 

BOYLE, John J., sculptor; b. New York, 
1851; ed. public schools, Phila. ; studied 
at Pa. Acad, of Fine Arts, Phila., and 
iScole des Beaux Arts, Paris; m. 1882, Eliza- 
beth Carroll. Mem. and one of exec, coun- 
cil Nat. Sculpture Soc. Has received hon- 
ors from the Paris Salon, the cole des 
Beaux Arts, Paris, and from the World's 
Columbian Exp'n, Chicago. Residence: 3833 
Lancaster Av. Studio: Watts St., corner 
Walnut, Philadelphia. 

BOYLE, Virginia Frazer, author; b. nr. 
Chattanooga, Tenn. ; d. Charles Wesley, 
prominent lawyer and ex-Confederate of- 
ficer, and Letitia S. (Austin) F. ; grad. Hig- 
bee School, Memphis, Tenn. ; m. Thomas R. 
Boyle, lawyer, Memphis, Tenn. Author: The 
Other Side, an historical poem, 1893 AT; 
Brokenburne, A Southern Auntie's War 
Tale, 1S97 HG; Devil Tales, 1900 HI; also 
wrote Prize Centennial Ode, Tennessee, 
1896; series of negro folk lore tales in Har- 
per's Mag., 1900; short stories and poems in 
Harper's, Century, Atlantic Monthly and 
Bookman, 1899-1900. Address: 473 Shelby St., 
Memphis, Tenn. 

BOYNTON, Charles A., supt. Associated 
Press, Southern div. ; married. Residence: 
1357 Princeton Av. Office: Evening Star 
Bldg., Washington. 

BOYNTON, Prank David, supt. schools, 
Ithaca, since June, 1900; b. Potsdam, N. Y., 
April 29, 1863; grad. Potsdam Normal School, 
1887, grad. Middlebury Coll., 1891 (A. M., 
Hamilton Coll., 1893); m. June 23, 1887, 
Flora E. White. Prin. Union School and 
Acad. Webster, N. Y., 1891-3; prin. Ithaca, 
N. Y., High School, 1893,1900; dir. Ithaca 
Conservatory of Music; chmn. com. from 
assn. of acad. prins. having in charge re- 
vision of the regents' academic syllabus for 
1900; re-elected by acclamation for 1905 re- 
vision; chmn. com. apptd. by Univ. State 
of N Y. to arrange courses of study for 
acad. schools of State. Mem. Delta Kappa 
Epsilon, Nat. Herbart Soc, Am. Social 
Science Assn. Contributor to edn'l mags. 
Address: 114 S, Geneva St., Ithaca, N. Y. 

BOYNTON, Henry Van Ness, soldier, 
journalist; b. West Stockbridge, Mass., July 
22, 1835; s. Rev. Charles B. and Maria (Van 
Buskirk) B. ; removed to Ohio in boyhood; 
grad. Woodward Coll., Cincinnati, 1854; Ky. 
Mil. Inst., 1858 (A. M., 1859; C. E., 1860); m. 
1871, Helen Augusta Mason. Maj. and lt.- 
col. 35th Ohio vol. inf., 1861-4; bvtd. brig.- 
gen. for gallantry at Chickamauga and 
Chattanooga. Author: Sherman's Historical 
Raid, a response to and criticism of Gen. 
Sherman's Memoirs, 1875; The Chickamau- 
ga National Military Park, 1895 C3. Since 
1865 newspaper corr. in Washington. Is 
chmn. Chickamauga and Chattanooga Nat. 
Mil. Park; brig. -gen. vols., war with Spain, 
June 17, 1898. Pres. Bd. of Ed'u. D. C. 
Residence: 1321 R St. Office: Wyatt Bldg., 

BOYNTON, James Stoddard, lawyer; b. 
Henry Co., Ga., May 7, 1S33; ed. in various 
schools and acads. of Ga. ; m., 1st, Dec. 2, 
3852, Fannie Loyal; 2d, April 30, 1883, Susie 
T. Harris. Elected ordinary of Butts Co., 
Ga., 1860; served in C. S. A., 1861-5, private 
to col.; judge of Spalding Co. court, 1866-8; 
mayor of Griffin, 1869-72; pres. State senate, 
1880-4, and on death Gov. Alexander H. Ste- 
vens was gov. of Ga. until his successor was 
elected; judge Flint circuit, Jan., 1886, to 
April, 1893; resigned to accept present posi- 
tion as div. counsel, Central of Ga. Ry. 
Address: Griffin, Spalding Co., Ga. 

BOYNTON, Nathan Smith, founder Or- 
der of Knights of the Maccabees; b. Port 
Huron, Mich., June 23, 1837; s. Granville 
F. and Frances B. ; ed. dist. schools and 
Waukegan, 111., high school; tn. Cincinnati, 
June 20, 1859, Annie Fields. In mercantile 
business, Port Huron, Mich., 1856; later in 
Cincinnati, New Orleans, St. Louis. Served 
private to maj. 8th Mich, cav., 1862-5; when 
It. cut off retreat of Gen. John Morgan, 
whom he finally captured. Elected to Mich, 
legislature, 1868; mayor Port Huron, 1874, 
and again, 2 terms, 1894-8. Was owner and 
editor Port Huron Press. Since 1883 has 
devoted his attention to Order of Knights 
of the Maccabees, of which he is past su- 
preme comdr., supreme advisor and great 
comdr. of Michigan branch. Address: Port 
Huron, Mich. 

BOYTON, Panl, nautical adventurer; &. 
Dublin, Ireland, June 29, 1848. Served in 
U. S. N. during Civil War; later was em- 
ployed at submarine diving. Served under 
Gen. Pedro Martinez in revolution of So- 
nora, Mex. ; in U. S. Life Saving Service on 
Atlantic coast, 1867-9; served with French in 
Franco-Prussian war, 1870-1; later went to 
diamond fields, S. Africa. Re-entered the 
U. S. Life Saving Service and remained 
until 1874, when he began his adventures 
of swimming long distances in the water. 
Dressed in a rubber suit of his own inven- 
tion he leaped from vessel 40 miles off 
coast of Ireland during furious gale and 
reached the land, being nearly 7 hours in 
water. On May 25, 1875, crossed English 
Channel iji 24 hours; Oct., 1875, paddled on 
Rhine from Basel, Switzerland, to Cologne, 
Germany, 430 miles; early in 1876 went from 



Alton, 111., to St. Louis, Mo., on the Mis- 
sissippi; also from Bayou Goula to New 
Orleans, 100 miles, in 24 hours; May, 1876, 
went down Danube from Lintz, Austria, to 
Budapest, Hungary, 460 miles, in 6 days; 
one of his longest trips, from Oil City, Pa., 
to Gulf of Mex., 2342 miles, made in 80 
days. In 1880-1 commanded torpedo service 
of Peru, captured by Chilians, execution 
ordered; escaped. Longest trip covered, 
3,580 miles, from mouth of Cedar Creek, 
Mont., to St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 17 to Nov. 
20, 1881. Author: Roughing It in Rubber, 
BRACE, Theodore, judge Supreme Court 
of Mo., 1887-19071 b. Md., June 10, 1835; m. 
1858, Roana C. Penn. Academic ed'n; ad- 
mitted to bar, April 14, 1856; was col. 3d 
Mo. cav., 2d dist. Mo. guard, 1861-2. State 
senator, 1874-5; judge probate court, 1878-9; 
judge circuit court, 1880-6; past grand mas- 
ter Masons of Mo. Address: Jefferson City, 

BRACKEN, Henry Martyn, M. D.; b. 

Pa., Feb. 27, 1854; s. Dr. William C. and 
Eleta Alvord B. ; classical ed'n Eldersridge 
Acad.; grad. Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Colum- 
bia), New York. 1877; licentiate Royal Coll. 
Surg., Edinburgh, 1879; m. Feb. 13, 1884, 
Emily M. L. Robinson, Orange, N. J. Prof, 
materia medica and therapeutics, Univ. of 
Minn., since 18S8; sec. and exec, officer 
Minn. State Bd. of Health since Jan., 1897. 
Residence: 1010 4th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Office: 515 Pioneer Press Bldg., St. Paul. 

BRACKEN, Julia M., sculptor (took an 
independent studio, 1892); b. Apple River 
111., June 10, 1871; d. Andrew and Mary B. 
removed with parents to Galena, 111., 1876 
began art studies in Chicago Art Inst., 1887 
assisted Lorado Taft in his studio, 1887-92 
assisted with decorations for World's Co- 
lumbian Exp'n, 1892, besides assisting with 
decorations on grounds, carried out several 
independent comm'ns, among them "The 
Statue of Illinois Welcoming the Nations," 
afterward presented to the State by the 111. 
Woman'sExp'n Bd. ; took 1st sculpture prize 
offered in Chicago, 1S98. Mem. Cosmopoli- 
tan Art Club, Western Soc. of Artists, Mu- 
nicipal Art League and Krayle Workshop, 
Chicago. Address: 19 Studio Bldg., Chicago. 

BRACKETT, Anna Callender, teacher, 
author; b. Boston, May 21, 1836; d. Samuel 
E. and Caroline S. B. ; ed. public and pri- 
vate schools, Boston; grad. State Normal 
School, Framingham, Mass., 1856; teacher 
graded school, E. Brookfield, Mass., and 
Framingham Normal School, 3 yrs. ; v.-prin. 
Girls' High and Normal School, Charleston, 
S. C, 2 yrs.; asst. high school, Cambridge, 
Mass., 1 yr. ; prin. Normal School, St. Louis, 
9 yrs. (1st woman prin. of any normal 
school); prin. girls' private school, New 
York City, 20 yrs. Author: Education of 
American Girls, 1874 P2; Poetry for Home 
and School (collection), 1876 P2; Philosophy 
of Education, translated from German, 
1886 A2; Technique of Rest, 1892 HI; Woman 
and the Higher Education, 1893 HI. Has 
written edn'l articles, poems sketches and 

stories in many mags, and newspapers. 
Address: 65 W. 51st St., New York. 

BRACKETT, Cyrus Fogg, prof, physics 
Princeton since 1873; b. Parsonsfield, Me. 
June 24, 1833; grad. Bowdoin Coll., 1859 
M. D., same, 1863 (LL. D., Lafayette, 1883 
Bowdoin, 1892). Prof, in Bowdoin Coll., 
1864-73. Address: Princeton, N. J. 

BRACKETT, Frank Parkhurst, prof. 
mathematics and astronomy, Pomona Coll., 
since 1890; b. Provincetown, Mass., June 16, 
1865; j. S. H. and Mary Thomas B. ; grad. 
St. Johnsbury, Vt., Acad., 1883; grad. Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1887; A. M., 1890; m. Pomona, 
Calif., Aug. 15, 1889, Lucretia Burdick. Mem. 
Astron. Soc. of the Pacific. Lecturer and 
writer of contributions and monographs on 
meteorol. and astron. subjects. Address: 
Claremont, Calif. 

BRACKETT, Gnstavns B., U. S. pomol- 
ogist; b. Unity, Me., March 24, 1827; s. Ru- 
ben and Elizabeth S. B.; ed. in public 
schools, Cincinnati, 1838-41; acad. at Den- 
mark, la., 1841-7; m. Nov. 14, 1849, Anna 
Houston. Served 3 yrs. in Civil war as 
capt. eng'rs; after war It. -col. Iowa Militia; 
comm'r in charge Iowa exhibits, Centennial 
Exp'n, Phila., 1876; U. S. comm'r to Paris 
Exp'n, 1878; delegate at large from Iowa, 
Nat. Cotton Exp'n, New Orleans, 1885; rep- 
resented pomol. div. Dept. of Agr. at 
World's Columbian Exp'n, 1893; was on jury 
of awards, Hort. Dept. ; practical nursery- 
man and horticulturalist; was 2 yrs. sec. 
and 4 yrs. pres. Iowa State Hort. Soc; 
hort. expert of U. S. Comm'n to Paris 
Exp'n, 1900; ateo mem. jury, class 45, group 
viii. Now chief of div. of pomology, U. S. 
Dept. of Agr. Home: Denmark, la. Office: 
Dept. of Agr., Washington. 

BRACKETT, John Q,uincy Adams, 

lawyer, ex-gov. Mass.; b. Bradford, N. H., 
June 8, 1842; s. Ambrose S. and Nancy 
(Brown) B.; grad. Harvard (class orator), 
1865; Harvard Law School, 1868; since then 
practiced in Boston; m. June 20, 1878, An- 
gie M. Peck of Arlington. Pres. Mercan- 
tile Library Assn., Boston, 1871, and 1882; 
judge advocate 1st brigade, Mass. militia, 
1874-6; mem. Boston common council, 1873-7; 
pres. same, 1876-7; mem. Mass. Ho. Reps., 
1877-82, and 1884-7; speaker, 1885-7; lt.-gov., 
1887-90; gov. Mass., 1890-1; delegate-at-large 
from Mass. and mem. com. on resolutions, 
Rep. Nat. Conv., Minneapolis, 1892; presi- 
dential elector-at-Iarge, 1896 and 1900; chmn. 
Mass. electoral college, 1896; Republican. 
Residence: Arlington, Mass. Office: 48 Con- 
gress St., Boston. 
BRACKETT, Richard Newman, asst. 
prof, chemistry Clemson Coll. since 1891; b. 
Richland Co., S. C, Sept. 14, 1863; 5. Rev. 
Gilbert Robbins B. ; early ed'n private 
schools, Charleston, S. C; grad. Davidson 
Coll., 1883; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1887; 
sp'l in chemistry, mineralogy and geology; 
chemist of geol. survey of Ark., 1887-91. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. ; mem. Am. Chem. Soc. 
Wrote: The Peridotite of Pike County, Ark. 
(with J. C. Branner), Am. Jour. Science, 
July, 1889; Newtonite and Rectorite, two 



new minerals of the Kaolinite group (with 
J. Francis Williams), same, July, 1891; also 
other chem. papers in Am. Cham. Jour. 
Address: Clemson College P. O., N. C. 

BRACKETT, Walter M., painter; b. 
Unity, Me., June 14, 1823; self-taught; be- 
gan painting in 1843, and attained consid- 
erable celebrity as a portrait painter, but 
later took to the painting of game fish, es- 
pecially of salmon and trout; was for sev- 
eral yrs. pres. of the Art Club of Boston. 
Address: 41 Tremont St., Boston. 

BRACQ, Jean Charlemagne, prof. Ro- 
mance languages, Vassar, since 1891; b. 
Cambrai, France, May 3, 1853; common 
school ed'n, Rheims, France; studied Bur- 
lington, Vt. ; grad. McGill Univ., Montreal, 
1881; studied Newton Theol. Sem., 1881-3; 
studied and traveled abroad, 1883-5; m. 1881, 
Emma M. Woods, Chester, Vt. Sec. Am. 
McAll Assn., 1885-91. Has written on 
French Protestantism; the Anglo-French re- 
lations and the colonial expansion of 
France; delivered course lectures, Lowell 
Inst., Boston, 1898, on Contemporary French 
Literature; editor Huguenot Quarterly. 
Address: Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

BRADBURY, Albert Williams, lawyer; 
b. Calais, Me., 1840: grad. Bowdoin, 1860; 
served 1st It. to maj. and bvt. It. -col. 1st 
Me. mounted art., 1861; served in dept. 
Gulf in 19th army corps, of which he be- 
came chief of art., Sept., 1864; chief of art., 
Army of the Shenandoah, under Sheridan, 
Dec, 1864; took part in many battles until 
mustered out, July 24, 1865. Admitted to 
bar, 1867; since then has practiced in Port- 
land; has been city solicitor of Portland 
and, 1873-7, U. S. dist. atty. for Me.; Demo- 
crat. Address: Portland, Me. 

BRADBURY, Joseph P., asso. justice 
Supreme Court, Ohio; Republican. Address: 
Columbus, O. 

BRADBURY, William Frothingham, 
head master Cambridge Latin School since 
1886; b. Westminster, Mass., May 17, 1829: 
grad. Amherst, 1856 (A. M., 1859; L. H. D., 
1900) ; m. Aug. 27, 1857, Margaret Jones, 
Templeton, Mass. Teacher, 1856-81, and head 
master, 1881-86, Cambridge High School. 
Has published 24 math, text-books, arithme- 
tic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, log- 
rithms, and other works, and patented de- 
vices for teaching the metric system. Sec. 
Handel and Haydn Socs. since 1899. 
Address: Cambridge, Mass. 

BRADFORD, Amory Howe, clergyman, 
editor; b. Granby, Oswego Co., N. Y., April 
14, 1846; j. Rev. B. F. and Mary A. (Howe) 
B. ; grad. Hamilton Coll., 1867 (D. D.); An- 
dover Theol. Sem., 1870; post-graduate stu- 
dent Oxford Univ., England; m. Sept. 22, 
1870, Julia S. Stevens. Pastor 1st Cong'l 
Ch., Montclair, N. J.; asso. editor The 
Outlook, New York; 1st sec. and 2d pres. 
Am. Inst. Christian Philosophy; lecturer 
Andover Theol. Sem.; mem., 1895, deputa- 
tion sent by Am. Bd. Foreign Missions to 
inspect missions in Japan. Author: Spirit 
and Life, 1888 F2; Old Wine, New Bottles. 
1892, F2; The Pilgrim in Old England, 1893 
F2; Heredity and Christian Problems, 1895 

Ml; The Growing Revelation, 1897 Ml; The 
Sistine Madonna, 1897 F2; The Holy Fam- 
ily, 1899 F2; The Art of Living Alone, 1899 
D3; The Return to Christ, 1900 D3; The 
Age of Faith, 1900 H5; Spiritual Lessons 
from the Brownings, 1900 C7. Address: 11 
Plymouth St., Montclair, N. J. 
BRADFORD, Edward G., U. S. dist. 
judge, dist. of Del., since May 11, 1897; b. 
Wilmington, Del., March 12, 1848; s. Hon. Ed- 
ward G. and Mary Alicia (Heyward) B. ; 
ed. Del. Military Acad.; grad. Yale, 1868; m. 
Wilmington, Del., Sept. 18, 1872, Eleuthera 
P. da Pont; admitted to bar, May 9, 1870. 
Address: Wilmington, Del. 

BRADFORD, Gamaliel, retired banker; 
b. Boston, Jan. 15, 1831; 5. Gamaliel B., and 
6th of that name, 8th generation from Wil- 
liam Bradford, gov. of Plymouth Colony; 
grad. Harvard, 1849; m. Newport, Mass., 
Oct. 30, 1861, Clara Kinsman (died, 1866). 
Was in banking firm Blake Bros. & Co., 
Boston, 1858-68; since then at leisure. Mem. 
Mass. Hist. Soc, Mass.; Soc. of the Cin- 
cinnati; 1st gov. Mass. Soc. of May- 
flower Descendants; independent in politics. 
Author: Lesson of Popular Government, 2 
vols., 1898 Ml. Has written numerous con- 
tributions and monographs. Addreis: 502 
Beacon St., Boston. 

BRADFORD, Royal Bird, chief Bureau 
of Equipment, Navy Dept., since Dec, 1897; 
b. Turner, Me., July 22, 1844; j. Phillips 
and Mary Brett (Bird) B. ; ed. Me. State 
Sem., Lewiston; grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 
1865; promoted through grades to capt. ; m. 
1875, Harriet B. Engs. Superintended, 1883, 
installation of electric lighting plant on 
Trenton, 1st man-of-war in the world to be 
lighted by electricity; engaged in writing 
U. S. N. regulations, 1885; organized naval 
dept. of electricity and became 1st naval 
insp. electric lighting; com. U. S. S. Ben- 
nington off coast of Chile during threatened 
war with that country; comd. U. S. S. Mont- 
gomery, July 1, 1896, to July 24, 1897; naval 
attache Oct. 1, 1898, to U. S. and Spanish 
Peace Comm'n. Residence: 1522 P St., N. 
W., Washington. 

BRADLEY, Andrew Coyle, asso. justice 
Supreme Court, D. C. ; b. Washington, Feb. 
32, 1844; ed. private schools and Columbian 
Univ., Washington, 1859-61 (LL. B., Har- 
vard, 1867); m. 1872, Sue H. Young. Prof, 
law of commercial paper, and criminal law 
and procedure, Columbian Univ. Law 
School. Residence: 2013 Q St. N. W. Office: 
Court House, Washington. 

BRADLEY, Denis M., first R. C. bishop 
of Manchester, N. H. ; consecrated June 11, 
1884; b. in Ireland, Feb. 25, 1846; ed. in pa- 
rochial school, Manchester, N. H., and 
Holy Cross Coll., Worcester, Mass. (grad. 
1867) ; theol. studies at St. Joseph's Sem., 
Troy, N. Y. ; ordained priest there June 3, 
1871; exercised the sacred ministry at Port- 
land, Me., and at St. Joseph's Ch., Man- 
chester, N. H. Address: Manchester, N. H. 

BRADLEY, John Edwin, educator; b. 
Lee, Mass.; grad. Williams Coll., 1865 (A. 
M., 1868; LL. D., 1893; Ph. D., Univ. of N. 
Y., 1879); m. 1870, Martha J. Gould, Albany, 



N. Y. Prin high school, Pittsfield, Mass., 
1865-8; same, Albany, N. Y., 1868-86; commr. 
State of N. Y. to Paris Exp'n, 1878; supt. 
city schools, Minneapolis, 1886-92; pres. 111. 
Coll., 1892-1900; mem. Nat. Council of Ed'n 
since 1889. Author: Science and Industry, 
School Incentives; Healthfulness of Intel- 
lectual Pursuits; Unconscious Education; 
Work and Play; Talks with Students. 
Address: Jacksonville, 111. 
BRADLEY, Luther Prentice, soldier; b. 
New Haven, Conn., Dec. 8, 1822; ed. com- 
mon schools; entered army, Oct. 15, 1861, 
lt.-col. and col. 51st 111. vols.; became brig.- 
gen. U. S. vols.; resigned June 30, 1865, 
and was apptd. lt.-col. 27th U. S. inf.; 
transferred to 9th inf., March 15, 1869;apptd. 
col. 3d inf., March 20, 1879; transferred to 
13th inf., June 14, 1879; reached bvt. rank of 
brig. -gen. and active rank of col., U. S. A.; 
retired Dec. 8, 1886. Address: Tacoma, Wash. 
BRADLEY, Milton, mf r. ; b. Vienna, Me., 
Nov. 8, 1836; j. Lewis B.; ed. grammar 
and high schools, Lowell, Mass., and Law- 
rence Scientific School, Cambridge, Mass., 
1854-5; sp'l studies in eng'ring. Began active 
life as civil and mech. eng'r. Became in- 
terested in lithography and through that 
in the publishing of home amusements. 
Organized the Milton Bradley Co. at 
Springfield, Mass., for the mfr. and publi- 
cation of Home Amusements and Kinder- 
garten and School Material and Supplies 
in 1863. In 1868 published Paradise of Child- 
hood, by Prof. Edward Wiebe, then of 
Springfield, first authentic presentation of 
the subject of kindergarten instruction in 
U. S. ; soon after undertook preparation of 
the line of material necessary for the in- 
troduction of kindergartens in this country. 
Necessity for a newer and closer classifica- 
tion and improvement of colors in kinder- 
garten material became apparent, and from 
this has developed what is known as the 
Bradley system of color instruction, based 
on spectrum standard colors with a com- 
plete and definite color nomenclature. At 
an early day he published Work and Play, 
children's mag. Author and Publisher: Color 
in the School Room, a manual for teachers, 
1890; Color in the Kindergarten, 1893; Ele- 
mentary Color, 1895; Water Colors in the 
Schoolroom, 1900. Address: Springfield, 

BRADLEY, Walter Hensill, prof, since 
1895, acting pres. since 1897, Blackburn 
Univ.; b. O'Fallon, Mo., May 17, 1865; grad 
Princeton, 1888; Princeton Theol. Sem., 1889 
m. June 1, 1892, Caroline Schiess, Alton, 111 
Pastor Presby'n ch., Upper Alton, 111., 1890 
prof. Shurtleff Coll., Upper Alton, 1891-5. 
Address: Carlinville, 111. 
BRADLEY, "William O'Connell, gov. 
Ky., 1895-9; b. Garrard, Ky., March 18, 1847; 
admitted to bar, 1865, by sp'l act of legisla- 
ture, being under 21 years of age; in 1870 
elected prosecuting atty., in 1872 presiden- 
tial elector and candidate for Congress, 
and again candidate for Congress, 1876, 
Rep. ticket; defeated; delegate at large 
Rep. Nat. Con v., 1880, 1884, 1888, 1892, 1900. 
In 1888 received 106 votes for vice president; 

3 times nominated for U. S. senator; mem. 
Nat. Rep. Com., 12 yrs. ; unsuccessful can- 
didate gov., 1887; apptd. minister Korea, 
1889 and declined; first Rep. gov. of Ky. 
Address: Lancaster, Ky. 

BRADSHAW, William Richard, editor; 
b. County Down, Ireland, Jan. 14, 1851, of 
Anglo-Irish ancestry; ed. Belfast, Ireland; 
took scientific course South Kensington, 
London; studied languages under private 
tutors; studied art of reading under Denis 
Leonard, Irish comedian and lawyer; m. 
Dublin, 1878, Emma Douglas. Was essay- 
ist, debater and dramatic reader in Ireland; 
won gold medal of Ch. of Ireland Young 
Men's Assn., Belfast, for essay on "The 
Ulsterman," 1877; apptd. eomm'r for taking 
affidavits for Belfast and County, Antrim, 
1878; was contributor to Irish press on top- 
ics of Irish character and travel; came to 
U. S., 1883; editor of Literary Life, Chicago, 
1886-7; editor The Decorator and Furnisher, 
1890-6; is an authority on questions of dec- 
orative art. Author: The Goddess of Atvata- 
bar, 1892. Contributor to mags, and daily 
journals in prose and verse. Residence: 57 
Locust St., Flushing, N. Y. Office: Bennett 
Bldg., New York. 
BRADY, Anthony Nicholas, capitalist; 
b. Lille, France, Aug. 22, 1843; came to U. 
S. with parents when a child; did not at- 
tend school after age of 13; opened a tea 
store in Albany, 1854, and others successive- 
ly till he monopolized tea trade in Albany 
and Troy; became owner of large granite 
quarries; purchased, with others, gas plants 
of Albany, Troy and Chicago, and street car 
lines of Albany and Troy; rebuilt "Huckle- . 
berry" ry. system in New York; planned 
consolidation of New York surface lines, 
and promoted similar combinations in 
Washington, Philadelphia and other cities, 
v.-p. Peoples' Gas Light and Coke Co., 
Chicago. Director, Brooklyn Rapid Transit 
Co. and Equitable Gas Light Co., etc. 
Residence: Albany, N. Y. Office: 54 Wall St., 
New York. 
BRADY, Cyrns Townsend, P. E. cler- 
gyman, author; b. Allegheny, Pa., Dec. 20, 
1861; s. Jasper Ewing and Harriet Cora 
(Townsend) B. ; grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 
1883; m. 1st, Clarissa Sidney Guthrie (died, 
1890); 2d, Mary Barrett. R. R. service with 
the Mo. Pac. and Union Pac. roads for several 
years; studied theology under Bishop Worth - 
ington, Neb.; ordained deacon, 1889; priest, 
1890. Was rector P. E. chs. in Mo. and Colo, 
and archdeacon of Kan. until 1895, and arch- 
deacon of Pa., till 1899; rector of St. Pauls 
Ch., Overbrook, Phila., Pa., since 1899; 
chaplain 1st Pa. vol. inf. Spanish-Am. 
w&r^ Author: For Love of Country, 1898 S3; 
For the Freedom of the Sea, 1899 S3; The 
Grip of Honor, 1899 S3; Stephen Decatur, 

1900 S9; Recollections of a Missionary in 
the Great West, 1900 S3; American Fights 
and Fighters, 1900 M16; Commodore Paul 
Jones, 1900 A2; Reuben James, 1900 A2; 
When Blades are Out and Love's Afield, 

1901 L5; Under Tops'ls and Tents, 1901 S3; 
An Apostle of the Plains, 1901 HI; Colonial 
Fights and Fighters, 1901 M16; Under the 



Ban of the Red-Beard, 1901 L5. Address: 
6347 Woodbine Av., Station W., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

BRADY, Jasper Ewing, insurance; 
grad. West Point; apptd. 2d It. U. S. A.; 
rose to rank of capt. Author: Tales of the 
Telegraph, 1900 D5. Address: 346 Broadway, 
New York. 

BRADY, John, R. C. bishop; b. County 
Cavan, Ireland, 1842; studied at All Hallows 
Coll., Ireland; ordained priest, 1864; asst. 
pastor Newburyport, Mass., 1864-8; since 
1868 pastor St. Joseph's Ch., Amesbury. To 
relieve Archbishop Williams of many epis- 
copal labors was apptd., 1891, auxiliary 
bishop of Boston and consecrated titular 
bishop of Alabanda, but continuing also his 
parochial work. Address: 55 Broadway, S. 
Boston, Mass. 

BRADY, John Green, gov. Alaska; b. 
New York, 1849; early ed'n from Judge John 
Green, Tipton, Ind., to whom he was sent 
by the Children's Aid Soc. of New York, 
1859; later worked his way through Yale and 
Union Theol. Sem., where he graduated. 
Engaged, 1700 acres of land in Texas where 
he proposed to establish an industrial re- 
form colony for New York slum boys, but 
on account of the lack of funds it was 
abandoned; went to Alaska as missionary, 
1878, with Dr. Sheldon Jackson; later be- 
came mgr. Sitka Trading Co. Apptd. gov. 
Alaska, June 16, 1897; re-apptd. June 6, 1900; 
term expires 1904. Republican. Address: Sit- 
ka, Alaska. 

BRADY, Thomas Jefferson, soldier; b. 
Muncie, Ind., Feb. 12, 1839; 5. John and 
Mary (Wright) B. ; ed. Asbury Coll., nowDe 
Pauw Univ. ; studied law, but does not prac- 
tice; m. Muncie, Ind., 1864, Emmeline Wolfe. 
Supt. Muncie schools, 1860-1; capt. and maj. 
8th Ind. inf., 1861-63; col. 117th Ind. inf., 
1863-4; col. 140th Ind. inf., 1864-5; bvt. brig.- 
gen. March 13, 1865; U. S. consul, St. Thom- 
as, West Indies, 1870-5; supervisor Internal 
Revenue, 1875-6; 2d asst. postmaster-gen., 
1876-81. Address: Colonial Beach, Va. 

BRAGG, Edward Stnyvesant, ex-con- 
gressman; b. Unadilla, N. Y., Feb. 20, 1827; 
studied at Geneva Coll.; admitted to N. Y. 
bar, 1848, soon after moving to Fond du 
Lac, Wis.; admitted to Wis. bar, 1850; to 
111. bar, 1869; to Supreme Court, U. S., 1877; 
dist. atty., Fond du Lac Co., 1854-6; mem. 
Charleston Conv., 1860; entered Union army 
as capt., May 5, 1861; through hard fighting 
won his way to brig.-gen. ; mustered out, 
Oct. 8, 1865; mem. Union Conv. to Phila., 
1866; mem. Congress, 1877-85; mem. Dem. 
Nat. Convs., 1872, 1884, 1892, 1896; seconded 
nomination of Cleveland, 1884, using the 
famous phrase: "We love him for the ene- 
mies he has made." Prominent gold Dem. 
in 1896, and in 1900 supported McKinley on 
that issue. Address: Fond du Lac, Wis. 

BRAID, Andrew, asst. in charge U. S. 
Coast and Geodetic Survey since 1899; b. 
Kircaldy, Scotland, Dec. 20, 1846; brought 
to U. S., 1847; grad. Phila. High School, 
1865 (A. M.); since 1869 in coast survey ser- 
vice, 15 yrs. in field work, 4 yrs. in charge 
instrument div., 6 yrs. exec, officer, asst. in 

charge of office, 6 months; in charge of of- 
fice of standard weights and measures, 1895- 
9. Has edited the publications of the sur- 
vey. Residence: The Columbia. Office: Coast 
and Geodetic Survey Bldg., Washington. 

BRAIN, Belle M., author; b. Springfield, 
O., Aug. 4, 1859; d. William Grey and Mary 
(Dyer) B.; grad. Springfield High School, 
1878; supervisor of drawing, Springfield 
public schools, 1878-95; prominent in edn'l 
and religious socs. ; contributor to papers 
and mags. Author: Fuel for Missionary 
Fires, 1895 E9; Weapons for Temperance 
Warfare, 1897 E9; The Morning Watch, 1897 
E9; Quaint Thoughts of an Old-Time Army 
Chaplain, 1898 E9; The Transformation of 
Hawaii, 1898 R3. Address: 150 W. Pleasant 
St., Springfield, O. 

BRAINARD, David Legrge, explorer; b. 
Norway, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Dec. 21, 
1856; ed. common and State Normal schools; 
enlisted pvt. U. S. A., 1876, served in Indian 
campaigns under Gen. Miles; became sergt., 
1879; first sergt., 1881, of Lady Franklin Bay 
expdn., under Lt. (now Gen.) A. W. Greely; 
one of the three who, May 15, 1882, reached 
highest latitude ever attained by man (83 
degrees, 24 minutes, 30 seconds N. lat. in 
long. 40 degrees, 46 minutes, 30 seconds W.); 
shared in terrible privations of the expdn.; 
after return transferred as sergt. to signal 
service and later commissioned 2d lt. 2d 
U. S. cav., "as a recognition of the gallant 
and meritorious services rendered by him 
in the expdn. of 1881-4"; awarded Back Grant 
for 1886 by council of the Royal Geog. Soc; 
promoted 1st lt. 2d cav., Aug. 14, 1893; 
apptd. capt. subsistence dept. U. S. A., Oct. 
14, 1896; detailed for service in Alaska govt, 
relief expdn., Dec. 18, 1897; apptd. lt.-col. 
subsistance dept., U. S. V., May 9, 1898; col. 
subsistence dept., U. S. V., Nov. 8, 1898; 
sent as chief commissary mil. forces to 
Manila, Philippine Islands, June, 1898; maj. 
subsistence dept., U. S. A., Feb. 14, 1900; 
purchasing commissary, Army Bldg., New 
York City. Address: War Dept., Washington. 

BRAINE, Robert D., author, musician; b. 
Springfield, O., May 20, 1861; grad. Spring- 
field High School, 1878; m. June 20, 1894, 
Grace A. Franklin. Visited Europe twice, 
studying music and writing correspondence 
for various newspapers. Now engaged in 
writing School of Violin Playing; contrib- 
utor to newspapers and mags, of miscel- 
laneous articles, notably on musical sub- 
jects. Author: Messages from Mars, or the 
Strange Revelations of the Telescope Plant; 
etc. Address: Bookwalter Blk., Spring- 
field, O. 

BRAINERD, Ezra, pres. Middlebury Coll. 
since 1885; b. St. Albans, Vt., Dec. 17, 1844; 
j. Lawrence Robbins B. ; grad. Middlebury 
Coll., 1864; tutor there, 1864-6; grad. An- 
dover Theol. Sem., 1868, (LL. D., 1888, Rip- 
on Coll., Wis., and Univ. of Vt.). Prof, 
rhetoric and English literature, 1868-80; 
prof, physics and applied mathematics, 
1880-5, Middlebury Coll.; has made impor- 
tant contributions to the botany and geol- 
ogy of Vt. ; one of 3 comm'rs apptd., 1887, 
to revise school laws of Vt. Address: Mid- 
dlebury, Vt. 



BRANCH, Mary Lydia Bolles, author; 
b. New London, Conn., June 13, 1840; d. 
John Rogers and Mary (Hempstead) B.; ed. 
in common and high schools and school of 
Lincoln F. Emerson, Boston; m. 1870, John 
L. Branch, lawyer. Has lived in Paines- 
ville, O., New York, Brooklyn and New 
London; best known as writer of stories 
for children. Author: The Kanter Girls, 
1893 S3; The Old Hempstead House, the 
Home of Eight Generations, 1896 A7; etc. 
Address: 1 Hempstead St., New London, 

BRANDT, Carl Lndwig, painter; b. nr. 
Hamburg, Holstein, Germany, Sept. 22, 1831; 
studied art in prin. galleries in Europe; 
served in war, 1848-50, between Germany 
and Denmark; came to U. S., 1852; in Eu- 
rope, 1865-9, then returned; has painted 
many noteworthy portraits and other figure 
pieces and hist, scenes; Nat. Academician, 
1872; dir. Telfair Acad. Arts and Sciences, 
Savannah, Ga., where he spends his win- 
ters. Address: Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

BRANDT, Hermann Carl George, prof. 
German, Hamilton Coll., since 1883; b. Vil- 
sen, Germany, Dec. 15, 1850; grad. Hamil- 
ton Coll., 1872 (A. M., 1875; Ph. D., 1893); 
Inst. Hamilton, 1874-6; asso. prof. German, 
Johns Hopkins, 1876-82; m. 1875, Margaret 
S., d. late Prof. Marcus Catlin. Author: 
German Grammar for Schools and Colleges; 
German Reader; German-English and Eng- 
lish-German Dictionary; Brandt & Day's 
German Science Reader. Address: Clinton, 
N. Y. 

BRANNER, John Casper, v. -p. since 
1899, prof, geology since 1892, Leland Stan- 
ford, Jr., Univ. - b. New Market, Tenn., July 
4, 1850; grad. Cornell, B. S., 1874 (Ph. D., 
Univ. of Ind., 1885; LL. D., Univ. of Ark., 
1897); m. June 22, 1882, Susan Kennedy. 
Geologist Imperial Geol. Comm'n, Brazil, 
1875-7; asst. eng'r and interpreter S. Cyri- 
aco Mining Co., Minas Geraes, Brazil, 1878- 
9- sp'l botanist for Mr. Edison in S. Amer- 
ica, 1880-1; agt. U. S. Dept. Agr. in Brazil, 
1882-3; topog. geologist, geol. survey of Pa., 
1883-5; prof, geology, Univ. of Ind., 1885-92; 
State geologist of Ark., 1887-93; some time 
acting pres. Stanford Univ., 1898-9; dir. 
Branner-Agassiz expdn. to Brazil, 1899; fel- 
low Geol. Soc. of Am.; Geol. Soc. of Lon- 
don; Societe Geologique de France; mem. 
various scientific socs. in N. and S. Ameri- 
ca. Asso. editor Journal of Geology. Author 
of publications on Brazil, geology and phys- 
ical geography. Address: Stanford Univer- 
sity, Calif. 
BRANNON, Henry, judge Supreme Court 
W. Va., 1888-1913; b. Winchester, Va., Nov. 
26, 1837; s. Robert B. ; grad. Univ of Va., 
1857; m. 1858, Hetta J. Arnold. Reared on 
farm; practiced law in W. Va., 1859-81; 
pros, att'y, Louis Co., 1860-4; mem. W. Va. 
legislature, 1870-1; elected circuit judge, 
1880. Author: Treatise on Rights and Privi- 
leges Under 14th Amendment to U. S. Con- 
stitution. Address: Weston, W. Va. 
BRANTLEY, "William Gordon, con- 
gressman, lawyer; b. Blackshear, Pierce 

Co., Ga., Sept. 18, 1860; removed to Bruns- 
wick, 1889; ed. common schools and (2 yrs.) 
Univ. of Ga. ; admitted to bar Oct., 1881; 
mem. Ga. legislature, 1884-5; Ga. senate, 
1886-7; solicitor-gen. (pros, att'y), Bruns- 
wick circuit, 1888-96; mem. Congress from 
11th Ga. dist, 1897-1903. Democrat.. Home: 
Brunswick, Ga. 

BRANTLY, Theodore, chief justice Su- 
preme Court, Mont., elected 1898 for 6 yr. 
term; b. nV. Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tenn., 
Feb. 12, 1851; grad. South West Presby'n 
Univ., Clarksville, Tenn., 1874; law dept, 
Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn., 1881; 
m. Tuscola, 111., June 9, 1891, Lois Reat. 
Went to Mont., Sept. 5, 1887; admitted to 
bar July, 1888; taught languages Coll. of 
Mont, until 1889; dist. judge 3d dist., Mont., 
1892-8; Republican. Address: 58 S. Rodney 
St., Helena, Mont. 

BRANTLY, William Theophllns, re- 
porter Court of Appeals, Md., since 1894; 
b. Augusta, Ga., Nov. 17, 1852; grad. Mer- 
cer Univ., 1871; LL. B., Univ. of Md., 1874: 
prof, law of personal property and bail- 
ments and law of contracts, quasi-contracts, 
sales and suretyship law school, Univ. of 
Md., since 1885; sec. of state Md., 1893-4. 
Author: Law of Personal -Property. Address: 

BRASHEAR, John A., mfr. astron. and 
physical instruments; b. Brownsville, Pa., 
1840; s. B. B. and Julia B.; public school 
ed'n; learned machinist trade; at 30 began 
construction of astron. instruments; now 
acting dir. Allegheny Observatory. Fellow 
A. A. A. S.; Royal Astron. Soc. of Great 
Britain; past-pres. Western Pa. Eng'rs Soc. 
and Pittsburg Acad. Arts and Sciences; 
mem. Am. Assn. Mech. Eng'rs, British 
Astron. Assn., Societe Astronomique de 
France, Societe Beige d' Astronomie; asso. 
mem. Toronto Astrophysical Soc. Address: 
1954 Perry ville Av., Allegheny, Pa. 

BRASTOW, Lewis Orsmond, prof. prae. 
tical theology, Yale Divinity School, since 
18S5; b. Brewer, Me., March 23, 1834; *. 
Deodat and Eliza (Blake) B. ; grad. Bow- 
doin Coll., 1857; studied divinity, Bangor 
Theol. Sem. (M. A., Yale; D. D., Bowdoin); 
ordained to ministry Cong'l Ch., 1860; chap- 
lain 12th regt. Vt. vol. inf.; m. May 15, 
1872, Martha Brewster Ladd. Has written 
various published sermons, mag. and news- 
paper articles, etc. Independent in politics. 
Address: 146 College St., New Haven, Conn. 

BRAWLEY, William H., U. S. judge for 
dist. of S. C. since Feb., 1894; b. Chester, 
S. C, May 13, 1841; grad. S. C. Coll., 1860; 
practiced law in Charleston, S. C. ; repre- 
sented that dist. in Congress, March, 1891, 
to Feb., 1894. Address: Charleston, S. C. 

BRAY, Frank Chapln, editor The Chau- 
tauquan, Cleveland, O., since Oct., 1899; 
b. Salineville, Jefferson Co., O., May 7, 
1866; 5. Rev. J. M. and Wilhelmina (Chapin) 
B. ; ed. public schools and (1881-5) Cham- 
berlain Inst., Randolph, N. Y. ; grad. Wes- 
leyan Univ., Conn., 1890; unmarried. Ap- 
prenticed to printer's trade, 1878; worked 
at the case and reporting to get through 



coll.; proofreader Hartford (Conn.) Cour- 
ant, 1890; city editor, Middletowu (Conn.) 
Herald, 1891; managing editor Brie (Pa.) 
Morning Dispatch, 1892-4; editor "Topics of 
the Day" dept. of the Literary Digest, New 
York, 1894-9, editing also in 1898-9 the Phi 
Kappa Psi Shield, and depts. in Werner's 
Mag., New York, and The Chautauquan, 
then published at Meadville, Pa. Elected 
treas. Nat. League of Improvement Assn., 
1900. Office: Caxton Bldg., Cleveland, O. 
BRAYTON, Alembert Wintlirop, M. D., 
naturalist; b. Avon, N. Y., March 3, 1818; 
lived on 111. farm in boyhood; s. Elijah H. 
and Helen P. B. ; grad. Cook Co. Normal 
School, 1S69; attended Cornell, 1871-2; grad. 
Butler Univ., 1878; Ind. Med. Coll., 1879; m. 
1874, Jessie May Dewey. Was on editorial 
staff Indianapolis Journal, 1880-6. Author: 
Birds of Indiana; Mammals of Ohio; Fishes 
of the Southern Allegheny Region, with 20 
Species New to Science. One of the edi- 
tors of the Indiana Med. Journal, 1892- 
8; prof, clinical medicine and dermatology, 
Ind. Med. Coll., and v. -p. of faculty; coro- 
ner of Marion Co., Ind.; chmn. sect, on cu- 
taneous medicine, Am. Med. Assn. Address: 
Indianapolis, Ind. 
BREARLEY, William Henry, author, 
journalist; b. Plymouth, Mich., July 18, 
1846; s. Joseph B. ; ed. Normal School, Ypsi- 
lanti, Mich.; m. Aug. 27, 1868, Lina De Land, 
Saginaw, Mich. Served in Civil War, 17th 
Mich. vol. inf., 1862-5. Advertising mgr. 
Detroit Tribune, 1870-3; same, Detroit News, 
1873-87; prop'r Detroit Journal, 1887-92; 
corr. sec. New York City Baptist Mission 
Soc. since April 15, 1899. Founded Detroit 
Museum of Art, 1883; Detroit Chamber 
Commerce, 1892. Author: Recollections of 
the East Tennessee Campaign; Wanted, A 
Copyist; Leading Events of the American 
Revolution; King Washington (with Ade- 
laide Skeel of Newburgh, N. Y.) Residence: 
2067 Washington Av. Office: 162 2d Av., 
New York. 
BREASTED, James Henry, asst. prof, 
of Egyptology and Semitic languages, 
Univ. of Chicago, autumn, 1894; b. Rock- 
ford, 111., Aug. 27, 1865; s. Charles and Har- 
riet N. (Garrison) B. ; grad. Northwestern 
Coll., 1S88; studied Chicago Theol. Sem. 
(particularly Hebrew), 1888-90; (A. M.. 
Yale, 1891; A. M., Ph. D., Berlin, Germany, 
1894; B. D., Chicago Theol. Sem., 1898); m. 
Berlin, Germany, Oct. 22, 1894, Frances 
Hart. Exploring and collecting on Nile 
for Univ. of Chicago, 1894-5; Thomas lec- 
turer, Richmond Coll., Va., 1897; apptd. 
(1900) on a year's mission to the museums 
of Europe by comm'n of the Royal acads. 
of Germany (Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Got- 
tingen), to copy and arrange the Egyptian 
Inscriptions in those museums for the 
Egyptian dictionary, for the compilation of 
which the acads. were commissioned and 
endowed by the German Emperor. Author: 
An English Edition of Erman's Egyptian 
Grammar (Aegyptische Grammatik) with 
table of signs, bibliography, exercises for 
reading and glossary, 1898 F5; De Hymnis 
in Solem sub Rege Amenophide IV Concep- 
tls, 1894 F5; A New Chapter in the Life of 

Thutmose III, 1900 F5; also numerous ar- 
ticles in Biblical World; Zeitschrift fur 
Aegyptische Sprache, Proc. Soc. Biblical 
Archaeology, London; Dial; Self Culture; 
Independent; Hebraica. Address: University 
of Chicago, Chicago. 
BREAUX, Joseph A., asso. Justice Su- 
preme Court of La., 1890-1902; b. in La., 
1838; ed. in country schools in Iberville 
parish, La.; at coll., Georgetown, Ky., and 
Univ. of La.; admitted to bar, 1859; served 
in C. S. A., 1861-5; practiced law in La., 
1865-90. Address: 1728 Canal St., New Or- 
BREAZEAL.E, I'hanor, congressman; b. 
Natchitoches, La., Dec. 29, 1858; ed. private 
tutor; m. July 15, 1884, Marie Chopin; ad- 
mitted to La. bar; pres. of bd. of school di- 
rectors, 1888-91; elected, 1892, dist. pros, 
atty. ; re-elected without opposition, 1896; 
resigned March 4, 1899; elected mem. con- 
stitutional conv., 1898; mem. Congress, 1899- 
1903, 4th La. dist.; Democrat. Home: Natch- 
itoches, La. 
BRECK, Samuel, brig.-gen. U. S. A., re- 
tired; b. Middleborough, Mass., Feb. 25, 
1834; grad. West Point, 1855; m. 1857, Caro- 
line J. Barrett (died, Dec. 6, 1900). Served 
in Seminole war, 1855-6; asst. prof, geogra- 
phy, history and ethics. West Point, 1860-1; 
served through Civil war as asst. adj. -gen. 
of Gen. McDowell's div., and afterwara of 
1st army corps and Dept. of the Rappahan- 
nock; later was asst. in adj. -gen. 's dept.; 
charge of business pertaining to the enlisted 
men of the regular and vol. forces and of 
Volunteer Army Register, reaching the bvt. 
rank of brig.-gen.; he remained in adj.- 
gen.'s dept., becoming col., Aug. 31, 1893, 
and brig.-gen. and adj. -gen., 1897, until re- 
tired by operation of law, Feb. 25, 1898. 
Address: 50 St. Stephen St., Boston. 
BRECKENRIDGE, Hugh Henry, artist; 
6. Leesbury, Pa., 1870; s. A. P. B. ; m. Rox- 
anna Grace Holme, at Phila. Pupil Pa. 
Acad, of Fine Arts and awarded the Euro- 
pean scholarship for study abroad in 1892; 
studied in Paris with Bouguereau, Ferrler 
and Doucet. Organized the Darby School of 
Painting, 1898. Has been instr. and sec. of 
faculty, Pa. Acad, of Fine Arts since 1894. 
Awarded medal Atlanta Expn., 1895; hon. 
mention, Paris Expn., 1900. Residence: Ft. 
Washington, Pa. Address: Pa. Acad, of Fine 
Arts, Philadelphia. 
BRECKENRIDGE, Lester Paigre, prof, 
mech. eng'ring, Univ. of 111., since 1893; b. 
Meriden, Conn., May 17, 1858; s. Moses P. 
B. ; grad. Westfleld, Mass., High School, 
1876; Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, 1881; 
m. Memphis, Tenn., 1883, May Brown. Mem. 
Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Soc. for Promo- 
tion of Eng'ring Ed'n, Western Soc. of 
Eng'rs, various railway clubs. Instr. mech. 
eng'ring, Lehigh Univ., 1882-91, except 2 
yrs. engaged in eng'ring work; prof. mech. 
eng'ring Mich. Agr'l Coll., 1891-3. Residence: 
1005 W. Green St., Urbana, 111. 
BRECKINRIDGE, Clifton R., ex-con- 
gressman, diplomatist; b. Lexington, Ky., 
Nov. 22, 1846; s. Gen. John Cabell B.; ed. 
at Washington Coll., Va. ; was a Confeder- 



ate soldier; m. Nov. 21, 1876, Catherine B. 
Carson, La. Moved to Ark., 1870, and en- 
gaged in cotton planting; mem. Congress, 
1883-94; resigned from 53d Congress to be- 
come U. S. minister to Russia, 1894-7; was 
on Ways and Means Com. during greater 
part of congressional service; Democrat. 
Address: Pine Bluff, Ark. 

BRECKINRIDGE, Joseph Cabell, brig.- 
gen. and insp.-gen. U. S. A., since 1881; b. 
Baltimore, Jan. 14, 1842; .s. Rev. Robert 
Jefferson B. (D. D.); attended Centre Coll., 
Ky., and Univ. of Va. ; m. July 21, 1868, 
Louise Ludlow Dudley, Lexington, Ky. En- 
tered army, 1861, Gen. Nelson's and Gen. 
Thomas' staffs; commanded light battery F, 
2d arty., at Atlanta; given apptmt. regular 
army for gallantry at Mill Springs, Ky. ; 
filled every grade; maj., 1881; brig. -gen., 
1889; maj. -gen. vols., 1898; in Santiago cam- 
paign; horse shot under him July 2, 1898; 
comd. separate army of 44,000 men at Chick- 
amauga, Ga., Aug., 1898. Pres.-Gen. Nat. 
Soc. Sons Am. Revolution; v. -p. Soc. of 
the Army of the Cumberland, and of the 
Soc. of Army of the Tennessee; mem. Mil. 
Order Loyal Legion; vice comdr.-gen. Soc. 
of Am. Wars; mem. Mil. Order of Foreign 
Wars of the U. S.; Naval and Mil. Order 
Spanish-Am. War and Soc. of the Army of 
the Santiago de Cuba. Residence: 1314 Conn. 
Av. Office: War Dept., Washington. 

BRECKINRIDGE, William Campbell 
Preston, ex-congressman; b. Baltimore, 
Aug. 28, 1837; s. Rev. Robert Jefferson 
Breckinridge; grad. Centre Coll., Danville, 
Ky., April 26, 1855, (A. M. ; LL. D. ; also 
LL. B., Univ. of Louisville, Feb. 27, 1857; 
LL. D., Central Univ., Richmond, Ky., and 
Cumberland Univ., Tenn.). Entered C. S. A., 
as capt. ; became col. of 9th Ky. cav. and 
comd. Ky. cav. brigade when it surrendered; 
afterward prof, of equity jurisprudence in 
Ky. Univ. Mem. Congress, 7th Ky. dist., 
1884-95; defeated for nomination, 1894; Nat. 
(gold) Democrat. Address: Lexington, Ky. 

BRECKONS, Joseph Allison, newspaper 
writer since 1884; b. St. Clair, Pa., 
Nov. 27, 1857; s. Edward Robson and 
Mary Elizabeth B. ; ed. Kewanee, 111., 1864- 
9; St. Clair, Pa., 1869-71; acad. at Millers- 
ville, Pa., 1871-3; m. Phila., June 10, 1882, 
Josephine White. Published Cheyenne, 
Wyo., Daily Leader, 1884-93; Wyo. corr. 
New York Sun, Chicago Record, San Fran- 
cisco Call, Omaha Bee, Salt Lake Tribune, 
Denver Republican, etc., 1894-1900; estab- 
lished Wyo. Industrial Jour., 1899; Wash- 
ington corr. Denver Republican, Cheyenne 
Leader, Honolulu Bulletin, etc., since 1900; 
Republican. Author: Water Right Problems 
on Bear River, 1899 U8. Wrote: The Carey 
Arid Land Act, Irrigation Age, 1894; Irri- 
gated Colorado, same, 1894; Arid Land Leg- 
islation, Illustrated West, 1894. Residence: 
1464 Rhode Island Av. Office: 501 14th St. N. 
W., Washington. 

BREIDENBAUGH, Edward Swoyer, 

chemist; b. Newville, Cumberland Co., Pa., 
Jan. 13, 1849; s. Rev. E. B. ; grad. Pa. Coll., 
Gettysburg, 1868; studied chemistry, Shef- 
field Scientific School, Yale. 1871-3; lnstr. 

analytical chemistry, Sheffield School, 1872- 
3; prof, natural sciences, 1873-4, and since 
1874, prof, chemistry and mineralogy, Pa. 
Coll. Author: Lecture Notes on Inorganic 
Chemistry; Mineralogy on the Farm; Di- 
rectory in Elementary Chemistry; Course 
in Qualitative Analysis; Syllabus of Lecture 
on Geology. Has been mineralogist to State 
Bd. of Agr. ; also practices as chemist. 
Address: Gettysburg, Pa. 

BREIDENTHAL, John W., banker; b. 
Sibley Co., Minn., June 22, 1857; 5. Matthew 
and Henrietta E. B. ; ed. Terre Haute, Ind., 
common school; m. Chetopa, Kan., 1882, 
Julia Slaughter. Candidate for It. -gov. of 
Kan., 1884 on Greenback ticket; assisted in 
forming the Union Labor party at Cincin- 
nati, 1887; voted for in Kan. legislature for 
U. S. senator, 1891 and 1897; State bank 
comm'r Kan., 1893-1901; Democratic, Free 
Silver and Populist candidate for gov. Kan., 
1900; chmn. Peoples' Party State Com. of 
Kan., 6 yrs. ; conducted 2 successful cam- 
paigns. Address: 427 Tyler St., Topeka, Kan. 

"BREITMANN, Hans," see L e 1 a n d, 

Charles Godfrey. 

BRENEMAN, Abram Adam, chemist; b. 
Lancaster, Pa., April 28, 1847; s. Dr. Abra- 
ham and Anna B.; grad. Pa. State Coll., B. 
S., 1866; instr., 1867-8, prof, chemistry. 
1869-72, Pa. State Coll.; asst. prof., 1875-9, 
prof., 1879-82, industrial chemistry, Cornell 
Univ.; since 1882 analyst, chem. expert, 
writer and lecturer. Inventor Breneman 
process of rendering iron non-corrosive. 
Editor Journal, 1884-93, v.-p., 1892, Am. 
Chem. Soc. ; pres. com. on awards on min- 
eral waters, World's Columbian Expn., 1893; 
unmarried. Author: (with Prof. G. C. Cald- 
well) A Manual of Introductory Laboratory 
Practice, 1875 VI; Report on the Fixation 
of Atmospheric Nitrogen, 1890; also many 
scientific papers. Residence: Bensonhurst, N. 
Y. Office: 97 Water St., New York. 

BRENNAN, Thomas Francis, R. C. 

bishop; b. Tipperary, Ireland, 1853; came to 
U. S. in childhood, settling in Pa.; grad. 
Allegheny Coll. ; studied classics at Rouen, 
France, and theology at Innsbruck, Ger- 
many, (D. D., Rome, 1880). Engaged in mis- 
sion work in Pa., building 3 chs. ; repre- 
sented diocese of Erie at jubilee of Pope 
Leo XIII., was made domestic prelate of 
Pope's household with title monsignore; 
consecrated bishop of Dallas, Tex., April 5, 
1891; resigned 2 yrs. later; Vicar Apostolic 
of Labrador, 1893-4; auxiliary bishop of 
New Foundland, 1894-5; then returned to 
Rome at Pope's request; resides with Bas- 
ilican fathers, acting auxiliary in the dio- 
ceses of Frascati and Albano. Address: 
Grotta Ferrata, near Rome, Italy. 
BRENNER, John L., ex-congressman, 
mcht. ; b. Wayne Tp., Montgomery Co., O.. 
1832; common school ed'n; worked on farm 
summers and attended school winters until 
20 yrs. old; attended Springfield, O., Acad.; 
engaged in farming until 1862; in nursery 
business, 1862-74; since then in the leaf to- 
bacco business; mem. Congress 3d 0. dist., 
1897-1901; Democrat. Address: Dayton, O. 



BRENNER, Victor David, medalist; b. 
Shavly, Kussia, June 12, 1871; J. George B. ; 
arrived New York, May 17, 1890; started 
business as die cutter, 1893; went to Paris, 
189S, and became pupil Louis Oscar Roty; 
exhibited Paris Exp'n, 1900. Address: 64 
Bd. Pastour, Paris, France. 

BRETT, William Howard, librarian, 
Cleveland, O., Public Library since 1884; 
b. Braceville, O., 1846; s. Morgan Lewis and 
Jane (Brokaw) B.; ed. common schools, 
Warren, O., with partial courses at Western 
Reserve Coll., and Univ. of Mich.; (A. M., 
Hiram Coll.); m. 1879, Alice L. Allen, Cleve- 
land. Pres. Ohio Library Assn., 1895-6; pres. 
Am. Library Assn., 1897; chmn. Trans-Mis- 
sippi Library Congress, 1898. Residence: 103 
Arlington St. Office: 190 Euclid Av., Cleve- 
land, O. 

BRETT, William Pieree, pres. Loyola 
Coll., since Aug. 1, 1900; b. Boston, Nov. 
26, 1852; s. John and Bridget (Leahy) B. ; 
early ed'n Boston public school and Boston 
Latin School to 1866; Boston Coll., 1866-71; 
grad. in philosophy (3-yrs. course), at Wood- 
stock Coll., Md. ; grad. in theology same, 
1885 (in course of 4 yrs.); unmarried. Prof, 
classical poetry, 1877-8, Holy Cross Coll., 
Worcester, Mass. ; prof, physics and chem- 
istry, same, 1878-82; studied theology in 
Rome, Innsbruck and Vienna, 18S6-9; prof, 
rational philosophy, Woodstock Coll., 18S9- 
91; prof, dogmatic theology, same coll., 
1891-6; Roman Catholic; mem. Soc. of Je- 
sus. Address: Loyola Coll., Baltimore. 

BREVOORT, James Renwick, artist; b. 
Westchester Co., N. Y., July 20, 1832; 
studied in this country and Europe; spent 
several yrs. sketching scenes in England, 
Holland and Italy; became asso., 1861 and 
academician, 1863, Nat. Acad. ; since 1872 its 
prof, of perspective; specialty as painter is 
landscape work. Address: 52 E. 23d St., 
New York. 

BREWER, Abraham T., lawyer; b. In 
Monroe Co., O., Sept. 20, 1841; 5. Abraham 
and Mary (Mitchell) B.; ed. Indiana Co., 
Pa., and Harlem Springs Coll., 1865-6; grad. 
Ohio State Law Coll. (LL. D., Harlem 
Springs) ; unmarried. Served over 3 yrs. in 
61st Pa. vols, in Civil war; seriously wound- 
ed at battle of Fair Oak, and lay 2 days on 
battlefield without attention. Admitted to 
bar, 1869. Author: Ohio Corporations, 4th 
edition, 1900 C3; How to Make the Sunday 
School Go, 1S92 M4. Wrote: Constitutional- 
ity of Ohio Building and Loan Law, Law 
Bulletin, Columbus, O., 1899; Scintilla Rule 
in Practice, and The Jury System, West- 
ern Reserve Law Jour., 1897-1898. Residence: 
26 Hawthorne Av. Office: 823 Cuyahoga 
Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

BREWER, David Josiah, asso. justice 
U. S. Supreme Court since Dec. 18, 1889; b. 
in Smyrna, Asia Minor, June 20, 1837; s. 
Rev. Josiah B. ; grad. Yale, 1856; Albany 
Law School, 1858; m. Burlington, Vt., June 
5, 1901, Emma Minter Mott, of Washington. 
Began practice at Leavenworth, Kan., 
1859; U. S. eomm'r, 1861-2; judge pro- 
bate and criminal courts, Leavenworth 
Co., 1862-5; judge dist. court, 1865-9; 


co. atty., 1869-70; justice Supreme Court, 
Kan., 1870-84; judge circuit court U. S., 
1884-9. Is nephew of Asso. Justice Stephen 
Johnson Field (died April 9, 1899); apptd. 
by Pres. Cleveland, 1896, mem. Venezuelan 
Boundary Comm'n. Address: 1412 Mass. Av. 
N. W., Washington. 

BREWER, George Emerson, M. D., 

surgeon; b. Westfield, N. Y., July 28, 1861; 
5. Francis B. and Susan H. B. ; grad. Ham- 
ilton Coll., N. Y., (A. B., 1881, A. M., 1884), 
Harvard Med. School, (M. D., 1885); tn. 
Chester, Pa., June 29, 1893, Effie Leighton 
Brown. Attending surgeon New York City 
Hosp. ; junior surgeon, Roosevelt Hosp. ; 
instr. in surgery Coll. Phys. and Surgs. 
(Columbia Univ.); fellow Am. Surgical 
Soc, Am. Assn. Anatomists, Am. Assn. 
Genito-urinary Surgeons, N. Y. Acad. Medi- 
cine, N. Y. Surgical Soc. Address: 68 W. 46th 
St., New York. 

BREWER, John Hyatt, musician; b. 
Brooklyn, 1856; j. William and Annie E. 
B.; studied piano, organ and theory under 
local teachers, chiefly with Dudley Buck, 
for 10 yrs. As a boy sang in several choirs 
in Episcopal churches; first organ position 
was in City Park Chapel 2 yrs., Church of 
Messiah 4 yrs., then Clinton Av. Cong'l 
Ch., Brooklyn; organist Lafayette Av. 
Presby'n Ch. since 1881; conducted Caecelia 
Ladies' Vocal Soc; prof, vocal music, Adel- 
phi Coll., Brooklyn. Compositions include 
ch. music, vocal music in various forms 
and works for piano, organ and orchestra. 
Address: 88 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn. 

BREWER, Leigh Richmond, P. E. 

bishop of Mont, since 1880; b. Berkshire, Vt., 
Jan. 20, 1839; grad. Hobart Coll., 1863; 
Gen. Theol. Sem., 1866 (A. M., S. T. D., 
Hobart Coll.); ordered deacon, 1866; or- 
dained priest, 1867; m. 1866, Henrietta W. 
Foote. Was rector Grace Ch., Carthage, 
N. Y., 1866-72; Trinity Ch., Watertown, N. 
Y., 1872-80. Address: Helena, Mont. 

BREWER, William Henry, prof, agr- 

Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, since 1864; 
b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1828; s. 
Henry B.; grad. Yale (now Sheffield) Sci- 
entific School, 1S52; studied at Heidelberg, 
Munich and Paris; m. 1st, Aug. 15, 1858, An- 
gelina Jameson (died June 5, 1860) ; 2d, Sept. 
1, 1868, Georgiana Robinson (died Jan. 3, 
1889). Prof, chemistry and geology, Wash- 
ington Coll., Pa., 1858-60; 1st asst. on geol. 
survey of Calif., 1860-4; prof, chemistry, 
Univ. of Calif., 1863-4. Mem. Nat. Acad. 
Sciences since 1880; pres. Conn. bd. of 
health since 1892; pres. Arctic Club of 
America. Has served important gov't com- 
m'ns, such as topog. survey of Conn., on 
cereal production in U. S. (10th census); 
U. S. Forestry Comm., 1896; etc. Author: 
Botany of California; etc. Address: New 
Haven, Conn. 

BREWER, Willis, ex-congressman, plant- 
er; b. Ala.; entered C. S. army at IS yrs. 
of age; engaged in journalism; later prac- 
ticed law; is now a planter; treas. Lowndes 
Co., Ala., 1871; State auditor, Ala., 1876-80; 
mem. legislature, 1S80-2 and 1890-4; State 



senator, 18S2-90 and 1894-7; presidential elec- 
tor, 18a2; mem. Congress, 1897-1901, 5th Ala. 
dist; Democrat. Address: Hayneville, Ala. 

BREWSTER, Chauncey Bunee, P. E. 
bishop of Conn, since Feb. 7, 1899; b. Wind- 
ham, Conn., Sept. 5, 1848; s. Rev. Joseph 
and Sarah Jane (Bunce) B.; grad. Yale, 
1868; (D. D., Trinity Coll., Hartford, 1897; 
Yale, 1898). Ordered deacon, 1872; ordained 
priest, 1873; rector Christ Ch., Rye, N. Y., 
1873-81; Christ Ch., Detroit, 1881-5; Grace 
Ch., Baltimore, 1885-8; Grace Ch., Brooklyn, 
1888-97; bishop coadjutor of Conn., 1897-9. 
Author: Key of Life: Good Friday Ad- 
dresses, 1894 W3; Aspects of Revelation, 1901 
L4. Address: 98 Woodland St., Hartford, 

BREWSTER, Eugene Valentine, law- 
yer; b. Bay Shore, N. Y., Sept. 7, 18(59; 
descendant in direct line from William 
Brewster, of Mayflower; engaged in law 
practice in Brooklyn. Prominent as inde- 
pendent campaign speaker; pres. Municipal 
Union, Brooklyn, 1897; mgr. Bryan Dollar 
Dinner, New York, April 15, 1899; lecturer; 
contributor to reform mags. Now Inde- 
pendent Republican in politics. Married. 
Residence: 366 Monroe St. Office: 26 Court 
St., Brooklyn. 

BREWSTER, Henry Colvin, ex-con- 
gressman, banker; b. Rochester, N. Y., 1845; 
m. Oct. 5, 1876, Alice Chapin, Rochester, N. 
Y. ; became a bank clerk, 1863, and a bank 
officer, 1868; pres. Traders' Nat. Bank, 
Rochester, N. Y. ; trustee, Trust Co. of New 
York, New York; ex-pres., Rochester Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Rochester Clearing House 
Assn., N. Y. State Bankers' Assn.; v. -p., 
1897, Nat. League of Rep. Clubs; mem. 
Congress, 31st N. Y. dist., 1895-99. Address: 
353 East Av., Rochester, N. Y. 

BREWSTER, William, ornithologist; b. 
Wakefield, Mass., July 5, 1851; grad. Cam- 
bridge High School, 1869; (hon. A. B., Am- 
herst; hon. A. M., Harvard, 1900); m. Feb. 
9, 1878, Caroline F. Kettell, d. John Kettell, 
Boston. Studied ornithology, becoming, 
1880, asst. in charge of collection birds and 
mammals, Boston Soc. Nat. History; since 
1885 in charge dept. of mammals and birds, 
Cambridge Museum Comparative Zoology; 
most of bis time devoted to managing pri- 
vate museum of ornithology at his place in 
Cambridge. Is one of 3 trustees of an es- 
tate in Boston, and one of 11 trustees of 
the Brewster Free Acad, (endowed by his 
father) at Wolfeboro, N. Y. ; ex-pres. Am. 
Ornithologists' Union; pres. Nuttall Orni- 
thol. Club; Mass. Audubon Soc; fellow A. 
A. A. S., and mem. various other scientific 
socs. in this country and Europe. Address: 
145 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BRICHER, Alfred Thompson, artist; b. 
Portsmouth, N. H., 1839; ed. at Newbury- 
port Acad., Mass.; m. 1st, 1868, Susie A. 
Wilder; 2d, 1881, Alice L. Robinson. Is 
self-taught in art; marine artist, making a 
specialty of coast and shore views in water 
and oil colors; asso. Nat. Acad. Design; 
mem. Am. Water Color Soc. Home: New 
Dorp, Staten Island. Studio: 2 W. 14th St., 
New York. 

BRICK, Abraham Lincoln, congress- 
man, lawyer; b. Warren Tp., St. Joseph's 
Co., Ind., May 27, 1860; ed. common schools, 
South Bend, Ind., and Cornell, Yale and 
Univ. of Mich., where he grad. 1883; mem. 
faculty law dept., Univ. of Notre Dame, 
Ind. (LL. M., 1898); practiced law South 
Bend since 1883; pros, att'y St. Joseph's 
and La Porte Cos., Ind., 1886; mem. Rep. 
State Central Com., 1890; delegate Rep. Nat. 
Conv., St. Louis, 1896; mem. Congress, 13th 
Ind. dist., 1899-1903. Home: South Bend, 

BRICKELL, "William David, proprietor 
Columbus Dispatch; b. Steubenville, O., 
Nov. 19, 1852; ed. at Western Univ. of Pa., 
Pittsburg; m. July 25, 18S7, Cora Ross. 
Learned printer's trade as apprentice on 
Pittsburg Post; bought Columbus Dispatch, 
1876. Address: Columbus, 0. 

BRIDGE, James Howard ("Harold 

Brydges"), author; b. Manchester, Eng- 
land, 1858; ed. in Germany and at Lycee, 
Marseilles, France; m. 1889, Frances E., g. 
d. Robert Stuart, founder of Astoria. Be- 
came journalist in England; later, 5 yrs. 
literary asst. to Herbert Spencer; collab- 
orated with Andrew Carnegie in writing 
Triumphant Democracy. Author: A Fort- 
night in Heaven, an Unconventional Ro- 
mance, H4; Uncle Sam at Home, H4; etc. 
Since 1S97 editor Overland Monthly. Address: 
Flood Bldg., San Francisco. 

BRIDGE, Norman, M. D.; 6. Windsor, 
Vt., Dec. 30, 1844; ed. public schools 111. and 
high school at Svcamore, 111. ; grad. Chi- 
cago Med. Coll., 1868 (also M. D., Rush Med. 
Coll., 187S; A. M., Lake Forest Univ., 1889); 
m. 1874, Mae Manford. Teacher in various 
chairs since 1873, now emeritus prof, medi- 
cine Rush Med. Coll.; consulting physician 
to Presby'n Hosp., Chicago; mem., 1881-4, 
and twice pres. Chicago bd. of ed'n; Re- 
publican mem. bd. election comm'rs, Chi- 
cago, 1886-90; now spends Oct. and Nov. of 
each year in Chicago; mem. Assn. Am. Phy- 
sicians, Chicago Acad. Sciences; corr. mem. 
Acad. Sciences, Arts and Letters of Wis. 
Author: The Penalties of Taste, and Other 
Essays; also 38 papers on med. and cognate 
subjects, in various medical journals and 
books. Residence: Pasadena, Calif. Office: 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

BRIDGES, Fidelia (Miss), artist; 6. Sa- 
lem, Mass., May 19, 1S35; removed to Brook- 
lyn, 1854, and to Phila., 1859, where she 
studied art under Wm. T. Richards; asso. 
Nat. Acad. Design, since 1869, and Am. Wa- 
ter Color Soc, 1870; has painted and ex- 
hibited many noteworthy landscapes; earlier 
work principally in oil, later work mostly 
in water colors. Address: Canaan, Conn. 

BRIDGES, Robert ("Droch"), asst. editor 
Scribner's Mag. since 1887; b. Shippensburg, 
Pa., July 13, 1858; grad. Princeton, 1879 (A. 
M., 1882); reporter Rochester Democrat and 
Chronicle, 1880; asst. news editor, New York 
Evening Post, 1881-7; literary critic of Life, 
1883-1900. Not married. Author: Overheard 
in Arcady, 1894 S3; Suppressed Chapters, 
1895 S3; also occasional poems. Residence: 



19 W. 31st St. Office: 153 Fifth Av., New 
BRIDGES, Thomas Henry, pres. and 

founder Henry Coll., 1892; b. Sulphur 
Springs, Hopkins Co., Tex., Jan. 7, 1866; s. 
J. R. P. and Hettie M. B.; ed. Sulphur 
Springs, Tex., and Campbell, Tex.; grad. 
Sana Houston Normal, Huntsville, Tex., 
1S85. Prin. high school, Cumby, Tex., 1889- 
91; chmn. State Examining Bd., 6th sena- 
torial dist., 1889-91. Address: Campbell, Tex. 

DRIDGMAN, Frederic Arthur, artist; 
b. Tuskegee, Ala., Nov. 10, 1847; apprentice 
in engraving dept. Am. Bank Note Co., New 
York, 1863-5; meanwhile studied in Brook- 
lyn Art School and Nat. Acad. Design; 
pupil under J. L. Gerome and at ficole des 
Beaux Arts, Paris, 1866-71; since then has 
had studio in Paris, occasionally visiting 
New York; prominent as painter of figure 
pieces and of oriental and archaeol. pic- 
tures; silver medal Paris Exp'n, 1900. Mem. 
Nat. Acad. Design, Soc. Am. Artists, and 
Parisian Soc. Am. Artists. Address: 146 
Boulevard Malesherbes, Paris. 

BRIDGMAN, George H., pres. Hamllne 
Univ., Minn., since 1883; b. Ontario, Can- 
ada, Aug. 2, 1841; grad. Victoria Univ., 
Canada, 1864; (A. M., 1867; D. D., 1878; L.L. 
D., 1900, Syracuse Univ.); m. June, 1873. 
Mary B. Elliott, Brantford, Ont. ; clergyman 
M. E. Ch. ; prin. Wesleyan Sem., Lima, N. 
Y., 1873-83. Address: 1495 Hewitt Av., St. 
Paul, Minn. 

BRIDGMAN, George Herbert, E. E. and 
M. P. of U. S. to Bolivia since Oct., 1897; 
b. Keene, N. H., Jan. 16, 1853; grad. Dart- 
mouth, 1876; grad. Harvard Med. School, 
1880; 18 months house surgeon City Hosp., 
Boston; practiced medicine 8 yrs., Keene, 
N. H.; 10 yrs. Elizabeth, N. J.; m. July 12, 
1884, Alice Rebecca Johnson, Boston. Home: 
Elizabeth, N. J. Official Address: La Paz, 
Bolivia, S. A. 

BRIDGMAN, Herbert Lawrence, jour- 
nalist; b. Amherst, Mass., May 30, 1844; s. 
Richard Baxter B. ; grad. Amherst Coll., 
1866; A. M. (in course), 1869; journalist since 
1864; m. New York, Sept. 7, 1887, Helen 
Bartlett Mem. Am., Royal, Nat. and Phila. 
Geog. socs. ; sec. Peary Arctic Club; v. -p. 
Arctic Club of America; elected mem. exec, 
council, Psi Upsilon Fraternity, 1887, re- 
elected each yr. since; historian Peary Aux- 
iliary Exp'd'n, 1894; asst. Prof. Libbey in 
scaling Mesa Encantada, N. M., 1897; in 
command Peary auxiliary exp'd'n, S. S. 
Diana, 1899. Residence: 604 Carlton Av. Office: 
311-313 Washington St., Brooklyn. 

BRIGGS, Charles Augustus, professor 
Hebrew, Union Theol. Sem. since 1874; b. 
New York, Jan. 15, 1841; studied Univ. of 
Va., 1857-60; Union Theol. Sem., 1863; Univ. 
of Berlin, 1866-9 (D. D., Univ. Edinburgh. 
Princeton). Pastor Presby'n Ch., Roselle, 
N. J., 1869-74; editor Presby'n Review, 1881- 
90; was tried for heresy and acquitted, 1892, 
by Presbytery of New York, but suspended 
by Gen. Assembly, 1893; ordained priest by 
P. E. bishop of N. Y., 1898. Author: Biblical 
Study; American Presbyterianism; Messi- 

anic Prophecy; The Authority of Holy 
Scripture; The Messiah of the Apostles; 
The Messiah of the Gospels; The Higher 
Criticism of the Hexateuch; The Bible, the 
Church and the Reason; Whither? a Theo- 
logical Question for the Times; How Shall 
We Revise? The Case of Dr. Briggs, 3 
parts; General Introduction to the Study of 
Holy Scripture. Residence: 120 W. 93d St., 
New York. 

BRIGGS, Charles S., physician; b. Bowl- 
ing Green, Ky., March 29, 1851; s. Dr. Will- 
iam T. and Ann E. B.; grad. Univ. of 
Nashville, 1873; grad. med. dept. Univ. of 
Nashville, 1875; m. Louisville, Ky., April 26, 
1876, Carrie S. Carter. Residence: 405 N. Vine 
St. Office: 42S 1 /2 Union St., Nashville, Tenn. 
BRIGGS, Le Baron Russell, prof. Eng- 
lish since 1890 and dean of coll. since 1891, 
Harvard; b. Salem, Mass., Dec. 11, 1855; 
grad. Harvard, 1875 (A. M., 1882; hon. LL. 
D., Harvard, 1900); asst. prof. English, 1885- 
90; m. Sept. 5, 1883, Mary Frances De Qued- 
ville. Residence: 140 Brattle St., Cambridge, 
BRIGGS, Roswell Emmons, civil eng'r, 
mgr. Mexican branch of Edward P. Allis 
Co., Milwaukee, Wis., since 1896; b. New 
Bedford, Mass., Oct. 11, 1846; grad. Rens- 
selaer Polytechnic Inst., 1868; mem. Am. 
Soc. Civ. Eng'rs, 1869; of Inst'n Civ. Eng'rs, 
1896; chief eng'r Mexican Central Ry., 1880- 
6; chief eng'r D. & R. G. Ry., 1888-90; 
chief eng'r Mexico, Cuernavaca & Pacific 
Ry., 1894-6. Address: Gante 8, City of Mex- 
ico, Mexico. 
BRIGHAM, Albert Perry, geologist; b. 
Perry, N. Y., June 12, 1855; .?. Horace A. B.; 
studied at Perry Acad.; grad. Colgate 
Univ., 1879; (A. M., Harvard, 1892); m. June 
27, 1882, Flora Winegar, Amsterdam, N. Y. 
Prof, geology, Colgate Univ.; fellow Geol. 
Soc. America; mem. of other learned socs.; 
contributor to numerous scientific and edn'l 
journals; asso. editor Bulletin Am. Geog. 
Soc. Author: A Text-Book of Geology, A2. 
Address: Hamilton, N. Y. 
BRIGHAM, Joseph Henry, asst. sec. of 
Agr., U. S., since March 22, 1897; b. Lodi, 
Medina Co., O., Dec. 12, 1838; ed. common 
schools and 1 term each at Berea Univ., nr. 
Cleveland, and Normal School, Lebanon, O. ; 
m. Dec. 1, 1863, Edna Allman. Served 
through Civil war, private to col. in 12th 
and 69th Ohio regts.; since war farmer in 
Ohio; has held several co. offices; served in 
State senate; master Nat. Grange 5 success- 
ive terms; mem. 6 yrs. and pres. 1 yr. Ohio 
State bd. of agr. Address: 1947 4th St. N. 
E., Washington. 
BRIGHAM, Sarah J., author, illustrator; 
b. Manchester, N. Y., March 5, 1835; d. John 
and Betsey (Jones) Lathbury; m. J. R. 
Brigham, 1854; for many yrs. contributor to 
juvenile publications; as artist has illus. in 
color. Author: Under Blue Skies (color 
book), 1886 01; Leopold and His Wheel, 1896 
All; In Daisy Time, 1896 All; The Pleasant 
Land of Play, 1898 E2; also a series of story 
books for children; etc. Address: 17 Web- 
ster Pi.. E. Orange, N. J. 



BRIGHAM, William Tufts, dir. Bishop 
Museum of Ethnology, Honolulu; b. Boston, 
May 24, 1841; grad. Harvard, 1862 (A. M.); 
explored botany of Hawaiian Islands, 1864-5; 
admitted to Mass. bar, 1867; instr. botany, 
Harvard, 1868-9; while on Boston school bd. 
inaugurated system of art instruction in 
public schools, also the Sargent method of 
anthropometry now in gen. use in colls., 
etc. In 1888 removed to Honolulu and has 
since had charge of the museum of Polyne- 
sian ethnology and natural history, founded 
by C. R. Bishop. Author: Cast Catalogue of 
Antique Sculpture; Guatemala, the Land of 
the Quetzal; Volcanic Manifestations in 
New England; Hawaiian Feature-work; In- 
dex to the Islands of the Pacific Ocean. 
Address: Honolulu, H. I. 

BRIGHT, Marshal Huntington, jour- 
nalist; &. Hudson, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1834; aca- 
demic ed'n, and course at Lawrence Scien- 
tific School, Harvard, 1852-3; (A. M., Rut- 
gers Coll.); became asst. editor Albany Ar- 
gus, 1854; officer during Civil war, bvt'd 
maj.; after war supt. silver mine in Nev. ; 
became editor Christian at Work, New York, 
1873. Author: (with Hamilton W. Mabie) 
The Story of America; etc. Residence: Tar- 
ry town-on-Hudson, N. Y. Office: 90 Bible 
House, New York. 

BRIGHTLY, Prank Frederick, law- 
yer; b. Phila., Feb. 26, 1845; s. Frederick 
Charles B., law, author, 1812-88; admitted 
to Phila. bar, Feb. 11, 1S65; grad. law dept , 
Univ. of Pa., 1866; m. Oct. 28, 1880, Mary 
Howard. Author: Digest of the Laws and 
Ordinances of the City of Philadelphia (2 
vols.); Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania 
from 1700 to 1894 (2 vols., with 2 supple- 
ments) ; Digest of Decisions of State of 
New York from 1794 to 1899 (5 vols.); Di- 
gest of Pennsylvania Decisions, 1754 to 1898 
(5 vols.). Residence: 48 W. Harvey St., Ger- 
mantown. Office: 134 S. 9th St., Philadel- 

BRINKERHOFF, Roeliff, banker, phil- 
thropist; b. Owasco, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 
June 28. 182S, of Holland ancestry; ed. com- 
mon schools and Auburn and Homer acads. ; 
taught in common schools at 16 and 17, went 
South at 18 and was for 3 yrs. tutor in Her- 
mitage, home of Gen. Jackson: returned 
North at 21; studied law with kinsman, 
JuSge Jacob Brinkerhoff, Mansfield, O.; be- 
gan practice, 1852; editor and prop'r Mans- 
field Herald, 1855-9; m. Mary, g. d. Gen 
Robert Bentley, of Ohio. Entered army 1st 
It. and q. m. 64th O. vol. inf.; served 5 yrs. 
and attained rank of col. in q. m's dept. 
and was bvtd. brig. -gen. for meritorious ser- 
vice. Resumed law practice until 1873, when 
became cashier Mansfield Savings Bank, of 
which he is now pres.; since 1878 mem. 
State Bd. of Charities, and for several yrs. 
past its chmn. Was pres. Nat. Conf. of 
Charities and Correction, 1880; v.-p. Inter- 
nat. Prison Congress, Paris, France, 1895, 
and pres. Am. delegation; for 10 yrs., from 
1SS4, v.-p. Am. Nat. Prison Congress, with 
Gen. R. B. Hayes as pres., becoming pres. 
at latter's death. Address: 451 W. Park Av., 
Mansfield, O. 

BRIXLEY, Charles A., chemist, metallur- 
gist; b. Hartford, Conn., Aug. 23, 1847; .?. 
George B.; attached to geol. survey in 
Calif., 1864-5; grad. Sheffield Scientific 
School, Yale, 1869; m. 1877, Mary Goodrich 
Frothingham. Took 3 yrs'. post-graduate 
course in chemistry and metallurgy; supt. 
of steel works nr. Phila., and of a sugar 
refinery there, 1872-92; mng. dir. Am. Pulley 
Co. since 1899; since 1894 pres. Am. Soc. for 
Extension of Univ. Teaching. Address* 247 
S. 16th St., Philadelphia. 

BRINTON, John Hill, M. D., surgeon; b. 
Phila., 1832; grad. Univ. of Pa., 1850; A. M., 
1853; grad. Jefferson Med. Coll., M. D., 
Phila., 1852. Brigade surgeon and surgeon 
vols., U. S. A., 1861-5; prof, practice of 
surgery and clinical surgery, Jefferson 
Med. Coll., 1882; mem. Acad. Nat. Science, 
Phila., 1851; Patholog. Soc, Oct., 1857; Am. 
Med. Assn., 1872; Phila. Acad. Surgery, 
April, 1879; Am. Surg. Assn., 1880; Am. 
Philos. Soc, 1886. Mutter lecturer on surg. 
pathology (gunshot injuries), 1869; surgeon 
to St. Joseph's Hosp., Phila., 1859; Phila. 
Hosp., 1867-82; Jefferson Coll. Hosp., Phila., 
1877. Mem. Pa. Commandery Loyal Legion 
since 1866, Pa. Soc. Sons Am. Revolution, 
Soc. Colonial Wars. Address: 1423 Spruce 
St., Philadelphia. 

BRISCOE, Margaret Sutton, see Hop- 
kins, Margaret Sutton Briscoe. 

BRISTOL, Augusta Cooper, author, lec- 
turer; b. Croydon, N. H., April 17, 1835; d. 
Otis and Hannah Cooper; ed. Kimball Un- 
ion Acad.; became teacher, 1850; wrote 
verses; m. 1866, Louis Bristol (died, 1882); 
writer and lecturer on moral and social sub- 
jects; went, 1880, to study equitable assn. of 
labor and capital at Guise, France, residing 
in The Social Palace there 3 months; State 
lecturer Patrons of Husbandry of N. J., 
1881-4; teacher of French since 1899. Author: 
Poems, 1S68; The Relation of the Maternal 
Function to the Woman Intellect, 1876; The 
Philosophy of Art, 1880; The Present Phase 
of Woman's Advancement, 1880; Science as 
the Basis of Morality, 1880 (French edit., 
1882); The Web of Life (poems), 1895. 
Address: Vineland, N. J. 

BRISTOL, Charles Lawrence, prof, of 
biology N. Y. Univ.; 5. Lawrence W. and 
Caroline (Hawkins) B.; grad., B. S., 1883, 
and M. S., from same, 1888; fellow Clark 
Univ., 1891; fellow Univ. of Chicago, 1892-3; 
grad., Ph. D., Univ. of Chicago, 1895. Was 
called to chair of biology, New York Univ., 
1894. Has directed zool. expd'ns to Bermuda 
and made successful expt's in transporting 
tropical marine animals alive to New York 
Aquarium. Fellow New York Acad. Sci- 
ences; mem. Am. Naturalists' Soc, Mor- 
phologists Soc, New York Zool. Soc. Wrote: 
The Metamerism of Nephelis, Jour. Mor- 
phology, 1899; Treasures of the New York 
Aquarium, Century Mag., 1899; also various 
contributions to zoology. Address: New 
York Univ., New York. 

BRISTOL, Prank Milton, M. E. clergy- 
man; b. Orleans Co., N. Y., Jan. 4, 1851; 
early ed'n in public schools, Kankakee, 



Rockford and Galena, 111.; grad. North- 
western Univ., Ph. B., 1877 (A. M. ; D. D.); 
m. 1878, Nellie Frisbie, Morgan Park, 111. 
Pastor leading chs. in Chicago, including 
Trinity, Grace, Wabash Av., and 1st Ch., 
Evanston, 111.; now pastor Metropolitan M. 
E. Ch., Washington, of which President 
McKinley is an attendant; 3 times a mem. 
gen. conf. M. E. Ch. Author: Providential 
Epochs; The Ministry of Art; Shakespeare 
and America; etc. Address: 330 C St. N. 
W., Washington. 

BRISTOL, George Prentiss, prof. Greek 
Cornell Univ., since 1898; b. Clinton, N. Y., 
June 21, 1856; 5. Henry Piatt B. ; grad. Ham- 
ilton Coll., 1876 (A. M., 1883); studied Johns 
Hopkins and Heidelberg Univs., Germany; 
m. Lucia Raymond Bristol, July 16, 1880. 
Democrat. Teacher of classics in Delaware 
Lit. Inst., 1877-9; asst. prof. Greek and Ger- 
man, Hamilton Coll., 18S2-3; asst. prof. 
Greek, same, 1883-8; librarian, Hamilton 
Coll., 1886-8; asst. prof. Greek, Cornell, 1S88- 
90; asso. prof. Greek, same, 1890-8; mem. 
Civ. Service Comm'n, City of Ithaca, since 
1897; chmn. same since 1899; registrar Cor- 
nell, 1891-5; sec. Phi Beta Kappa. Author- 
Selected Orations of Lysias, 1892 A5; The 
Teaching of Greek in Secondary Schools, 
1900 L4. Editor Cornell Studies in Classical 
Philology since 1891. Wrote contributions 
and reviews of books on classical and lin- 
guistic subjects in New York Independent, 
1883-95. Address: Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N.Y. 

BRISTOL, John Biinyan, landscape 
painter; b. Hillsdale, N. Y., March 14, 1826; 
early efforts in art were under great diffi- 
culties and without instruction or aid; be- 
gan as a painter of figures and portraits, 
later becoming a landscape painter; medal 
Centennial Exp'n, Phila., 1876; hon. men- 
tion Paris Exp'n, 1878; mem. Nat. Acad, 
since 1875, and a regular exhibitor in its 
annual exh'ns. Address: 52 E. 23d St., New 

BRISTOL, John Isaac Devoe, life ins. 
expert; b. Springwells, Mich., March 16, 
1845; at 17 invented an improvement on self- 
rakers; other patents followed; later was a 
lecturer; since 1S68, in ins.; represented 
Conn. Mutual Life in Detroit and later in 
western States; afterward with Northwest- 
ern Mutual in west, and since 1883 has rep- 
resented latter in New York. Residence: 45 
W. 47th St. Office: Metropolitan Bldg., New 
York S 

BRISTOW, Henry, mem. 57th Congress, 
3d New York dist.: Republican. Address: 
400 6th Av., Brooklyn. 

BRISTOW, Joseph Little, 4th asst. post- 
master-general since April 1, 1897; b. in 
Wolfe Co., Ky., July 22, 1861; s. William 
and Savannah B. ; grad. Baker Univ., Kan., 
1886; m. in Fleming Co., Ky., Nov. 11, 1879, 
Margaret A. Hendrix. Clerk dist. court 
Douglass Co., Kan., 1886-90; owned and 
edited Salina Daily Republican, 1890-5; 
bought Ottawa (Kan.) Herald, 1895; private 
sec. to Gov. Morrill (Kan.), 1895-7; see. Rep. 
State com. of Kan., July, 1894-8; had charge 

of investigation of Cuban postal frauds and 
reorganization of Cuoan postal service, 1900; 
Republican. Residence: 1133 Yale St. N. W., 

BRITTON, Elizabeth Gcrtrnde, bryol- 
ogist; b. New York, Jan. 9, 1858; d. Juuies 
and Sophie A. (Compton) Knight; girlhood 
spent in Cuba; ed. in New York; grad. 
Normal Coll., 1875; taught in training dept., 
1875-82; asst. botany, 1882-5; m. Aug. 27, 1885, 
N. L. Britton; edited Bull, of Torrey Bot. 
Club, 1885-8; studied mosses since 1880; has 
devoted prin. part of time since 1888 to the 
collections at Columbia Coll.; instr. post- 
graduate work; hon. curator moss collec- 
tions, New York Bot. Garden. Asso. editor 
Systematic Botany of N. America. Residence: 
2965 Decatur Av., Bedford Pk. Office: New 
York Botanical Garden, Bronx Park, New 

BRITTON, Nathaniel Lord, dir. New 
York Bot. Garden; b. New Dorp, Staten Isl- 
and, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1859; worked on Vander- 
bilt farm in boyhood; ed. Staten Isl. Acad.; 
grad. Columbia School of Mines, 1879; asst. 
geology, Columbia, 1879-S8; then prof, bot- 
any until 1896; served on geol. survey of N. 
J. for 5 yrs. Author: The Flora of New Jer- 
sey; Illustrated Flora of the Northern Unit- 
ed States and Canada. Pres. of Botanical 
Soc. of N. America, 1896-8; editor Bull. Tor- 
rey Bot. Club, 1888-98; m. Aug. 27, 1885, 
Elizabeth G. Knight, bryologist. Residence: 
2965 Decatur Av. Office: Bronx Park, N. Y. 

BROADHEAD, Garland Carr, geologist; 
b. Albemarle Co., Va., Oct. 30, 1827; at- 
tended Univ. of Mo., 1850-1 (M. S., 1873); 
Western Mil. Inst., Ky., 1851-2; m. 1st, 
Dec, 1864; Marion Wallace Wright (died 
Nov. 24, 1883); 2d, June, 1890, Victoria Reg- 
ina Royall, Columbia, Mo. Civ. eng'r Pa- 
cific R. R. of Mo., 1852-7; asst. geologist 
of Mo., 1857-61 and 1871-3; State geologist 
of Mo., 1S73-5; U. S. deputy collector inter- 
nal revenue, Mo., 1862-4; asst. eng'r Mo. 
Pacific R. R., 1S64-6; U. S. assessor 5th 
dist., Mo., 1866; asst. geologist of 111., 1868; 
mem. bd. of jurors, Centennial Exp'n, 
Phila., 1876; on surveys and construction 
of railways in Kan., 1879-80; sp'l agt. 10th 
census, on quarry industry, for Mo. and 
Kan.; mem. Mo. River Comm'n, 1884; prof, 
geology, Univ. of Mo., 1887-97; mem. Am. 
Geog. Soc, Geol. Soc. of Am., and others; 
author of several geol. reports of Mo. and 
111., and other geol. publications. Address: 
Columbia, Mo. 

BROADHURST, G. M., dramatist. Author 
of the plays: What Happened to Jones; 
The House That Jack Built; etc. Address: 
Players' Club, New York. 

BROCK, Robert Alonzo, antiquarian, 
genealogist, historian; b. Richmond, Va., 
March 9, 1839; academic ed'n; corr. sec. Va. 
Hist. Soc, 1875-93; edited its 11 vols, of 
Collections; sec Southern Hist. Soc. since 
June, 1887, and editor of its Papers; asso. 
editor Richmond Standard, 1879-83; mem. of 
nearly 70 learned socs. in U. S., Canada and 
Europe. Author of numerous papers, gen- 
eal., hist., statist., etc.; registrar and his- 



torian, since inception, 1890, Va. Soc. Sons 
Am. Revolution. Address: Richmond, Va. 

BROCK, Sidney G., journalist, lawyer; b. 
Cleveland, O., April 10, 1837; ^. E. A. and 
M. M. B.; grad. Allegheny Coll., Meadville, 
Pa., 1859 (A. M., 1862; Ph. D., 1888); located 
as lawyer at Macon, Mo.; mayor, 1886-8; 
chief, bureau of statistics, U. S. Treasury 
Dept., 1889-93. Author: The Hawaiian Isl- 
ands, their History, Products and Com- 
merce; History of the Navigation, Com- 
merce, Tonnage, etc., of the Great Lakes; 
History of the Pacific States and Alaska 
Acquisition, Wealth, Products, Commerce, 
etc. ; Advance of the United States for a 
Hundred Years, from 1790 to 1890. Address: 
Macon, Mo. 

BROCKWAY, Fred John, M. D.; asst. 
demonstrator anatomy, med. dept. Columbia 
Univ.; b. S. Sutton, N. H., Feb. 24, 1S60; jr. 
John G. and Amanda C. B. ; grad. Yale, 
1882; M. D., Coll. Phys. & Surg., New York, 
1887; m. Nov. 25, 1891, Marion L. Turner. 
Author: Essentials Medical Physics, S15; 
Anatomy, L12. Residence: Contoocook, N. 
H. Office: 437 W. 59th St., New York. 

BROCKWAY, Howard, composer, pian- 
ist; b. Brooklyn, Nov. 22, 1870; .y. Leverett 
E. and Clara (Kingsley) B.; ed. Brooklyn 
Polytechnic; left to study music, 1888; mu- 
sical studies in Brooklyn with H. v. C. 
Kortheuer and 5 yrs. in Berlin, Germany, 
with O. B. Boise (composition), H. Barth 
(piano); m. Lakewood, N. J., Feb., 1896, 
Anabel Boise. Gave concert with Berlin 
Philharmonic Orchestra of his own works 
in Berlin, Feb., 1S95; Boston Symphony Or- 
chestra produced his "Sylvan Suite," April, 
1901. Composer: Symphony for grand or- 
chestra, large orchestral works, chamber 
music, piano composition*, choral music, 
songs for voice and piano (all S13.) Residence: 
317 W. 92d St. Office: Carnegie Studios, 
New York. 

BRODERICK, Case, ex-congressman, law- 
yer; b. Grant Co., Ind., Sept. 23, 1839; ed. 
common schools; m. 1860, Mary A. Ewbank 
(died, 1888). Removed to Kan., 1858, and 
engaged in farming; private 2d Kan. bat- 
tery, U. S. A., 1862-5; probate judge Jack- 
son Co., 1868-74; admitted to bar, 1870; co. 
att'y Jackson Co., 1876-80; State senator, 
1880-4; asso. justice Supreme Court, Idaho, 
1884-8; since then lawyer at Holton, Kan. ; 
mem. Congress, 1891-9, 1st Kan. dist. ; Re- 
publican. Address: Holton, Kan. 

BROMBERG, Frederick George, law- 
yer; b. New York, June 19, 1837; 5. Fred- 
erick and Lisette C. D. (Beetz) B. ; grad. 
Harvard, 1858; studied chemistry Lawrence 
Scientific School, Harvard, 1861-3; unmar- 
ried. Tutor mathematics, Harvard, 1863-5; 
city treas. Mobile, Ala., 1867-9; postmaster, 
same, 1S69-71; State senator, Ala., 1868-72; 
mem. Congress, 1st Ala. dist., 1873-5, as 
Liberal Republican. Was author of reso- 
lution of inquiry which closed the Freed- 
man's Savings & Trust Co. and of first Nat. 
Quarantine bill; with Philetus A. Sawyer 
and Edwin O. Stanard drafted the bill au- 
thorizing Capt. Eads to jetty the mouth of 

the Mississippi River. Pres. Mobile Bar 
Assn.; fellow Am. Geog. Soc, asso. Am. 
Branch Soc. Psychic Research; Phi Beta 
Kappa, Harvard. Residence: 307 St. Louis 
St. Office: 72 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala. 

BROMWELL, Jacob H., congressman, 
lawyer; b. Cincinnati, May 11, 1847; ed. in 
public schools; taught in Cincinnati high 
schools; 17 yrs.; grad. Cincinnati Law Coll., 
1870; asst. co. solicitor Hamilton Co. 4 yrs.; 
mem. Congress, 1898-1901, 2d Ohio dist.; Re- 
publican. Home: Wyoming (postoffice), Cin- 

BRONDEL, John B., R. C. bishop Helena, 
Mont., since 1884; b. Bruges, Belgium, 1842; 
studied in Am. Coll. of Univ. of Louvain; 
ordained priest, Mechlin, 1864; rector at 
Steilacoom, Wash., 1867-77; of Walla Walla, 
1877-8; consecrated bishop of Vancouver Isl- 
and, 1879; apptd. administrator apostolic of 
Mont., 1883; has been very successful in 
civilizing the Indians in his diocese. Address: 
Helena, Mont. 

BRONSON, Samuel L., jurist; b. Water- 
bury, Conn., 1834; j. Dr. Henry B.; moved 
to New Haven, Jan., 1845; grad. Yale, 1855; 
studied law; admitted to Conn, bar, 1857; 
practiced Seymour, Conn., 1857-60; mem. 
Conn, legislature from Seymour, 1859; re- 
tired to New Haven, 1860; recorder city 
court, New Haven, 1866-9; mem. Conn, leg- 
islature from New Haven, 1869, 1876 and 
1877; 1st judge New Haven Co. court of 
common pleas, 1 yr; refused re-election be- 
cause of illness; spent 2 yrs. in Europe; 
returned to practice in New Haven; cor- 
poration counsel, 1873-8; retired and man- 
aged his father's large interests until lat- 
ter's death, 1893, when he succeeded to fam- 
ily estates. Democratic nominee for gov., 
Conn., 1900. Address: 58 Dwight St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

BROOKE, Ben C, M. D.; b. Helena, Mont, 
1872; ed. common and high schools; grad. 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 1896; has since 
practiced at Helena; has been co. physician 
and coroner Lewis and Clarke Co. ; pres. 
co. bd. of health; mem. Helena bd. of 
health; sec. Med. Assn. of Mont. Unmar- 
ried. Address: Helena, Mont. 

BROOKE, Francis Key, P. E. bishop of 
Okla. and Ind. T'y: consecrated 1893; b. 
Gambier, O., Nov. 2, 1852; grad. Kenyon 
Coll., 1874 (S. T. D., Kan. Theol. School, 
1892). Ordered deacon, 1875; ordained priest, 
1877. Rectorships: Grace Ch., College Hill, 
O. ; Christ Ch., Portsmouth, O.; St. James, 
Piqua, O.; Grace Ch., Sandusky, O. ; St. 
Peter's, St. Louis, 1886-8; Trinity, Atchison, 
Kan., 1888-93; m. 1881, Mildred R. Baldwin. 
Address: Guthrie, Okla. 

BROOKE, John Mercer, prof, physics, 

Va. Mil. Inst, since 1866, emeritus since 
July, 1899; b. Tampa, Fla., Dec. 18, 1826; s. 
Maj.-Gen. George Mercer, U. S. A., and 
Lucy (Thomas) B., of Duxbury, Mass.; ed. 
prep, school, Burlington, N. J., and Ken- 
yon Coll., O. ; entered U. S. N. as midship- 
man, March 3, 1841; grad. Naval Acad., 
1847, with 1st class grad. from Annapolis; 
on duty Naval Observatory, Washington, 



1S51-3; while there invented deep-sea sound- 
ing apparatus; was in N. Pacific surveying 
and exploring expd'n in sloop-of-war Vin- 
cennes, under Commodore John Rogers, hav- 
ing charge of astron. dept. ; com'd "Fenni- 
more Cooper" in survey of route between 
San Francisco, Sandwich Islands, Japan and 
China; resigned from U. S. N. on secession 
of Va., 1861; entered C. S. service; made 
chief of bureau of ordnance and hydrog- 
raphy under Sec. Stephen Mallory. In- 
vented Brooke gun; discovered the utility 
of the air-space in cannon; designed plans 
for iron-clad vessel with submerged ends 
this plan being used in reconstruction of 
the Merrimac; drew directions for cruise of 
Shenandoah for destruction of whaling fleet; 
received from King William of Prussia 
(Emperor William I.) gold medal of science 
awarded by Acad, of Berlin. Contributor on 
ordnance, gunnery and naval affairs to The 
United Service, U. S. Nautical Mag., etc. 
Address: Lexington, Va. 

BROOKE, John Rutter, maj.-gen. U. S. 
A.; b. Pa., July 21, 1838; enlisted 4th Pa. 
inf., April, 1861, and was promoted until he 
became brig. -gen. of vols., May 12, 1864; 
bvtd. maj.-gen., Aug. 1, 1864; was apptd., 
July 2S, 1866, lt.-col. 37th U. S. inf.; trans- 
ferred to 3d inf., March 15, 1869; col. 13th 
inf., March 20, 1870; 3d inf., June 14, 1879; 
brig. -gen., April 6, 1S8S. Com'd depts. of 
Platte, Dakota and Mo.; made maj.-gen.. 
May 22, 1897; April, 1898, sent to command 
troops, Chickamauga Park; July, 1898, or- 
dered to Porto Rico; head of mil. comm'n; 
then gov. -gen. of Porto Rico; Dec, 1898 ; 
gov. -gen. of Cuba. Address: Care Adjt.- 
Gen., Washington. 

BROOKE, Thomas Preston, conductor, 
composer; b. Leavenworth, Kan., June 7, 
1859; ed. public schools of Dubuque, la.; 
musical ed'n Boston. Among the best 
known of his compositions are Columbian 
Guards March; March of the First; Popular 
Swing Two-step; Louisiana Buck Dance; 
Our Nation's Guard March. Has conducted 
Chicago Marine Band since 1893. Address: 
200 Wabash Av., Chicago. 

BROOKE RAWLE, William, lawyer; b. 
Phila., Aug. 29, 1843; s. C. Wallace and 
Elizabeth Tilghman (Rawle) B. ; grad. Univ. 
of Pa., 1863; m. Feb. 7, 1872, Elizabeth Norris. 
d. Henry Pepper, Phila. Served in Civil 
war, It. and capt. 3d Pa. cav. ; bvtd. maj. 
and lt.-col.; v. -p. Hist. Soc. Pa.; agt. Penn 
estates in Pa.; has been treas. Law Assn., 
Phila. Author: The Right Flank at Gettys- 
burg; With Gregg in the Gettysburg Cam- 
paign; Gregg's Cavalry Fight at Gettys- 
burg. Residence: 230 S. 22d St. Office: 211 
S. 6th St., Philadelphia. 

BROOKER, Charles Frederick, Conn, 
mem. Nat. Rep. Com., 1900-4; b. Litchfield. 
Conn., March 4, 1817; s. Martin Cook and 
Sarah Maria (Seymour) B.; ed. Litchfield 
and Torrington, Conn.; m. London, Eng- 
land, Oct. 30, 1894, Julia E. Clarke Farrel. 
Engaged as mfr., 1864; now in banking and 
railroad business. Mem. Conn. State legis- 
lature, 1875; senate, 1893; Conn. mem. 
World's Columbian Comm'n, 1893; delegate- 

at-large from Conn., Rep. Nat. Conv., 1900; 
mem. Advisory Bd. Nat. Rep. Com., 1900. 
Residence: Ansonia, Conn. Office: 99 John 
St., New York. 

BROOKINGS, Robert Somers, mcht. ; 6. 
Cecil Co., Md., Jan. 22, 1850; s. Richard and 
Mary Carter B. ; ed. West Nottingham 
Acad., Cecil Co., Md. ; unmarried; mcht. 
since Jan., 1867. Hon. A. M., Yale Univ., 
1899, in acknowledgment of services ren- 
dered higher ed'n as pres. bd. trustees 
Washington Univ., St. Louis, in which ca- 
pacity succeeded in interesting many citi- 
zens to contribute funds necessary to prac- 
tically refound the univ., involving a new 
site of more than 100 acres, new bldgs. of 
the highest class and equipment, increased 
endowment, etc. Residence: 5125 Lindell Av. 
Office: S. W. Cor. 7th and Spruce Sts., St. 

BROOKS, Alfred Hnlse, geologist; b. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., July 18, 1871; s. Maj. T. 
B. B. ; studied in Germany, 1S90-91; grad. 
Harvard, 1894; post-graduate study in Paris. 
Upon graduation became asst. geologist on 
U. S. Geol. Survey, working in various 
States and, in 1898, in Alaska. Publications 
in reports of geol. survey. Not married. 
Address: U. S. Geol. Survey, Washington. 

BROOKS, Christopher Parkinson, 
prof, of textile mfg. ; b. Blackburn, Eng- 
land, April 17, 1866, of English parentage; 
ed. Queen Elizabeth School, Blackburn, 
England. Organized textile dept. Black- 
burn, England, science and tech. schools, 
1884; supt. and managing director English 
cotton mills, 1886-95; examiner in cotton 
mfg. all English Tech. Schools, 1890-5; or- 
ganized and was dir. Lowell (Mass.) Tex- 
tile School, 1896-8; organized, 1898, and is 
managing dir. New Bedford Textile School; 
established Am. Correspondence School of 
Textiles, 1898; lectured in course of mu- 
nicipal lectures, City of Boston, 1899; mem. 
Soc. of Arts, London; honor medallist City 
and Guilds of London Inst., London; mem. 
New England Cotton Mfrs. Assn., Internat. 
Congress of Tech. Ed'n and of Internat. 
Organizing Com. as U. S. representative. 
Author: Cotton Manufacturing, 1888 S16; 
Weaving Calculations, 1889 S16; Cotton, Its 
Uses, Varieties, Fibre Structure and Culti- 
vation, 1898 S16; Instruction Papers of the 
American Correspondence School of Tex- 
tiles, 1898^ 1901; and several smaller publi- 
cations. Has written many tech. articles on 
textiles. Address: New Bedford, Mass. 

BROOKS, Edward, supt. Phila. Public 
Schools since 1891; b. Stony Point, Rock- 
land Co., N. Y., Jan. 10, 1831; removed to 
Sullivan Co., learned trade, studied, taught 
common school; 1 yr. at Normal Inst., Lib- 
erty, N. Y. ; grad. Univ. of Northern Pa., 
1852; taught there, 1852-3; (A. M., Union, N. 
Y. ; Ph. D., Lafayette, and Washington and 
Jefferson) ; prof, mathematics, Monticello, 
N. Y., Acad., 1854-5; prof, mathematics 
(1855-66) and prin. (1866-83), State Normal 
School, Millersville, Pa. Author: The Phil- 
osophy of Arithmetic, 1876; Mental Science 
and Culture, 1883; Normal Methods of 
Teaching, 1880; The Story of the Iliad, 1889 



P5; The Story of the Odyssey, 1891 P5; The 
Story of the Mneid, 1898 P5; The Story of 
King Arthur, 1899 P5; Normal Series of 
Mathematics (about 20 books, 1868 to 1896). 
Address: City Hall, Philadelphia. 
BROOKS, Elbridse Streeter, author, 
editor; b. Lowell, Mass., April 14, 1846; 5. 
Elbridge Gerry B. ; entered Free Acad., now 
Coll. Citv of New York, but left in jr. year, 
1864 (A. M., 1887, Tufts Coll., Mass.); m. 
New York, Oct. 19, 1870, Hannah Melissa 
Debaun. Connected with book and pub- 
lishing trade since 1865; asso. editor St. 
Nicholas, 1S84-7; editor Wide Awake, 1891-3; 
now literary editor of Lothrop Publishing 
Co., Boston. Mem. Authors Club, New 
York; Authors' Club, Boston. Author: Life 
Work of Elbridge Gerry Brooks, 1880 U18; 
In No Man's Land, 1885 L9; Historic Boys, 
1SS5 P2; In Leisler's Times, 1886 L9; Chival- 
ric Days, 1886 P2; Storied Holidays, 1887 L9; 
Historic Girls, 1887 P2; The Story of the 
American Indian, 1887 L9; The Story of 
New York, 1SS8 L9; The Story of the Ameri- 
can Sailor, 18S8 L9; The Story of the Ameri- 
can Soldier, 1889 L9; A Son of Issachar, 1890 
P2; The True Story of the United States of 
America, 1891 L9; The True Story of Chris- 
topher Columbus, 1892 L9; Heroic Happen- 
ings, 1893 P2; The Century Book for Young 
Americans: the Story of the Government, 

1894 C2; The True Story of George Wash- 
ington, 1895 L9; A Boy of the First Empire, 

1895 C2; Great Men's Sons, 1895 P2; The 
Story of Miriam of Magdala, 1895; The Boy 
Life of Napoleon, 1895 L9; Under the Tama- 
racks a story of the Thousand Islands, 

1896 P5; The True Story of Abraham Lin- 
coln, 1896 L9; The Century Book of Famous 
Americans, 1896 C2; The Long Walls a 
ruin hunt in Greece, 1897 P2; The True 
Story of U. S. Grant, 1897 L9; The Century 
Book of the American Revolution, 1897 C2; 
The True Story of Benjamin Franklin, 1898 
L9; A Son of the Revolution, 1898 W2; The 
Master of the Strong Hearts, 1898 D4; The 
True Story" of Lafayette, 1899 L9; Historic 
Americans, 1899 C7; Stories of the Old Bay 
State, 1S99 Al; On Woodcone Island, 1899 
P5; In Blue and White, 1899 L9; The Story 
of the Nineteenth Century, 1900 L9; A God- 
son of Lafayette, 1900 W2; With Lawton and 
Roberts, 1900 L9; The Century Book of the 
American Colonies, 1900 C2; In Defense of 
the Flag, 1900 L9. Residence: 44 Walnut St., 
Somerville, Mass. Office: 530 Atlantic Av., 

BROOKS, Esta; see Evans, Elizabeth Ed- 

BROOKS, Henry S., journalist, author; b. 
London, England; ed. San Domingo House, 
Everton, and Univ. of London, prep.; stu- 
dent Royal British School of Design, Som- 
erset House; gold medallist, 1849. Calif, 
pioneer, 1850; editor California Mountaineer, 
monthly mag., 1861; asso. editor The Pa- 
cific, 1862-5; founder and editor the Triunfo 
Mining Co. Mgr., 1862-82. Removed to New 
York, 1886. Author: Dona Paula's Treasure; 
A Catastrophe in Bohemia; also other 
stories. Mem. The Authors Club, New 
York, The Century Ass'n, and Ardsley 

Country Club. Residence: 852 Lexington Av., 
New York. 
BROOKS, Jaltez, prof. Greek, Univ. of 
Minn., since 1869; b. in England, Sept. 18, 
1823; ^. David and Ann B. ; ed. private school 
in England until coming to America with 
parents, 1840; Rock River Sem., Mount Mor- 
ris, 111., 1844-7; grad. Wesleyan Univ., 
Conn., 1850 (A. M., same; D. D., Lawrence 
Univ., Wis.); m. Watertown, Wis., Sept. 6, 
1854, Ruby B. Pease. Prin. Watertown Sem., 
Wis., 1S50; prin. prep. dept. Hamline Univ., 
Red Wing, Minn., 1854-7; pres. same, 1861-9. 
Mem. Normal and Agr'l State Bds., Minn., 

2 terms each; delegate Meth. Gen. Conf., 
1864; pres. Minn. Edn'l Assn., 1868; Metho- 
dist. Author: Attic Greek: a book for be- 
ginners, H4. Has written several pamph- 
lets, published sermons, commencement ad- 
dresses and many articles in state and other 
papers. Address: 1708 Laurel Av., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

BROOKS, John Graham, lecturer on 
economics; b. Acworth, N. H., July 19, 1846; 
s. Chapin Kidden and Parmelia (Graham) 
B. ; grad. Harvard Div. School, 1875; studied 

3 yrs. at univs. of Berlin, Jena and Frei- 
burg; became lecturer on economic subjects; 
2 yrs. instr. Harvard Univ. ; several yrs. 
lecturer, extension dept., Univ. of Chicago; 
2 yrs. expert U. S. Dept. Labor at Wash- 
ington, making report of 1893 upon Work- 
ingmen's Insurance in Germany. Pres. Nat. 
Consumers' League. Address: 8 Francis Av., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

BROOKS, Morgan, 'prof, elect, eng'ring, 
Univ. of Neb. since Sept., 1898; b. Boston, 
March 12, 1861; 5. Francis A. and 
Frances (Butler) Brooks; ed. Roxbury 
Latin School, Boston; grad. Brown Univ. 
(B. Ph.), 1881; Stevens' Inst. Technology, 
Hoboken, N. J. (M. E.), 1883; m. Frona M. 
Erooks, Boston, April 24, 1888. With Am. 
Bell Telephone Co., Boston, 1884-6; sec- 
treas. St. Paul (Minn.) Gas Light Co.-, 1887- 
90; organizer and now pres. Electrical En- 
gineering Co., of Minneapolis. Withdrew 
from active management of this co. to ac- 
cept present position. Life mem. Am. Soc. 
Mech. Eng'rs; mem. Am. Inst. Elect. 
Eng'rs; Franklin Inst., Sigma Xi. (Neb.). 
Wrote: Some Experiments Upon the Otto 
Gas Engine (with W. E. Steward), Van 
Nostrand's Eng'ring Mag., Feb., 1884; The 
Telephone and Its Operation, Cassier's, 
May, 1S95; Finance and Engineering, Engi- 
neers' Year Book (Univ. of Minn.) for 1S99. 
Address: 512 S. 16th St., Lincoln, Neb. 

BROOKS, Noah, author, journalist; b. Cas- 
tine, Me., Oct. 24, 1830; began newspaper 
career, Boston, 1850; went to Calif., 1859, 
and with Benjamin P. Avery established the 
Marysville Appeal; war corr. Sacramento 
Union, 1862-5; naval officer, port of San 
Francisco, 1S65-6; managing editor Alta Cal- 
ifornia, 1S66-71; on staff New York Tribune, 
1871-5; New York Times, 1875-84; editor 
Newark (N. J.) Advertiser, 18S4-94; m. 1856, 
Caroline Fellows, Salem, Mass. (died in 
Calif., 1862). Author: The Boy Emigrants; 
The Fairport Nine; Our Baseball Club; 
Abraham Lincoln; The Boy Settlers; 



American Statesmen; Tales of the Maine 
Coast; Abraham Lincoln and the Downfall 
of American Slavery; How the Republic is 
Governed; Short Studies in American Party 
Politics; Washington in Lincoln's Time; 
The Mediterranean Trip; The Story of Mar- 
co Polo; The Boys of Fairport; Scribner's 
History of the United States (2 vols.); Gen- 
eral Henry Knox, A Revolutionary Soldier. 
Address: Castine, Me. 

BROOKS, Richard E., artist; b. Brain- 
tree, Mass.: pupil T. H. Bartlett, Boston; 
Jean Paul Aube, and Injalbert, Paris. Hon- 
orable mention Paris Salon, 18D5; 3d class 
medal, Paris Salon, 1899; exhibited at Paris 
Exp'n, 1900. Address: 25 Ave. de Wagram, 

BROOKS, William Keith, naturalist; b. 
Cleveland, O., March 25, 1848; grad. Wil- 
liams, 1870 (LL. D.); grad. Harvard, as Ph. 
D., 1875; LL. D., Hobart; m. June, 1878, 
Amelia Schultz. Asst. Boston Museum Nat- 
ural History, 1875-6; asso. prof, and prof, 
zoology, Johns Hopkins, 1876-1901. Author: 
Handbook of Invertebrate Zoology; The 
Stomalopoda of H. M. S. Challenger, A 
Monograph of the Genus Salpa; The Foun- 
dations of Zoology; The Oyster (Rep. Md. 
Oyster Comm'n); etc. Address: Johns Hop- 

' kins University, Baltimore. 

BROOKS, William Robert, astronomer; 
b. Maidstone, Kent, England, June 11, 1844; 
early ed'n in England and Darien, N. Y. ; 
academic ed'n Marion, N. Y. (hon. A. M., 
Hobart; hon. D. Sc, Hamilton Coll.); m. 
Oct. 15, 1868, Mary E. Smith, Edwardsburg, 
Mich. Founded Red House Observatory, 
Phelps, N. Y., 1874, where he discovered 11 
comets; moved to Geneva, N. Y., 1888; since 
then in charge Smith Observatory there; 
has discovered 12 additional comets, making 
23 in all, more than any other living astron- 
omer (a large portion of these discoveries 
were made with telescope of his own con- 
struction); also writer and lecturer on as- 
tronomy. Winner numerous prizes for as- 
tron. discoveries; 7 medals from the Astron. 
Soc, Pacific; Lalande medal, Paris Acad. 
Sciences. Mem. Brit. Astron. Assn.; fellow 
Royal Astron. Soc; A. A. A. S.; mem. Phi 
Beta Kappa Soc. Address: Geneva, N. Y. 

BROOMELL, I. Norman, dentist; b. Ches- 
ter Co., Pa., Nov. 25, 1858; 5. Isaac and 
Rachel B. ; ed. Friend's Central School, 
Phila. (A. M.); grad. Pa. Coll. Dental Sur- 
gery, D. D. S.; m. Lidia T. Seabury. Prof, 
dental anatomy, dental histology and pros- 
thetic dentistry, Pa. Coll. of Dental Surgery 
since 1898; Republican. Mem. Am. Dental 
Assn., Pa. State Dental Soc, Acad, of 
Stomatology, N. Y. State Dental Soc Author: 
Anatomy and Histology of the Mouth and 
Teeth, 1898 BS. Wrote: The Teeth and 
Temperament, Dental Cosmos, 1897; The 
Enamel Organ, Items of Interest, 1899; Oral 
Embryology, same, 1900. Residence: 302 N. 
40th St. Office: 1420 Chestnut St., Philadel- 

BROPHY, Truman William, dentist; b. 
Cook Co., 111., April 12, 1848; ed. in public 
schools Kane Co., 111., and Elgin (111.) 

Acad. ; grad. Pa. Coll. Dental Surgery, D. 
D. S.; grad. Rush Med. Coll., M. D.; (hon. 
LL. D., Lake Forest Univ.); m. 1873, Emma 
Jean (died, 1899). Residence: 176 Ashland 
Boul. Office: 126 State St., Chicago. 

BROSS, Ernest, managing editor Portland 
Oregonian; b. Newaygo, Mich., Sept. 1, 1860; 
.s. Harmon B. ; grad. Doane Coll., Crete, 
Neb., June, 1881 (A. M.); in journalism, 
Omaha, Neb., 18S2-6; Portland, Ore., 1887- 
1900. Address: 815 Lovejoy St., Portland, 

BHOTHERTON, Aliee Williams, au- 
thor, mag. writer, lecturer on Shakespeare 
and English literature; b. Cambridge, Ind. ; 
d. Alfred Baldwin and Ruth Hoge (Johnson) 
Williams; m. Oct. 18, 1876, William Ernst 
Brotherton, of Cincinnati. Author: Beyond 
the Veil, 1886 Kl; The Sailing of King Olaf, 
1887 Kl; What the Wind Told the Tree- 
tops, 1888 P2. Address: 1015 Locust St., Cin- 

BROIMV, William L.e Roy, pres. Ala. 
Polytechnic Inst, since 1884; b. Loudoun 
Co., Va., 1827; grad. Univ. of Va., A. M., 
1S50 (LL. D., St. John's Coll., Md., 1874, 
Univ. of Ga., 1S92) ; m. Nov. 1, 1859, Sallie 
J. Fleming, Hanover Co., Va. ; prof, in a 
coll. in Miss., 1852-4; prof, mathematics, 
Univ. of Ga., 1854-56; in C. S. A. as It. of 
art., 1861, and later as commandant of the 
Richmond arsenal, with rank of It. -col. in 
ordnance dept. ; at close of war became prof, 
natural philosophy, Univ. of Ga. ; pres. Ga. 
Agr'l and Mech. Coll., 1872-5; prof, mathe- 
matics, Vanderbilt Univ., 1875-82; pres. 
Agr'l and Mech. Coll., Ala., 1882-3; prof, 
mathematics, Univ. of Texas,1883-4. Address: 
Auburn, Ala. 

BROUXOFF, Platon, musician, composer; 
b. Elizabeth; grad. S. Russia, May, 1863; s. 
Gregory and Pauline B.; at age of 15 en- 
tered musical inst. Warsaw; received schol- 
arship Imperial Conservatory, St. Peters- 
burg; graduate under Anton Rubinstein, 
who was one of his teachers. Came to U. 
S. July, 1891; went first to La Porte, Ind., 
and to New Haven, where he gave his first 
concerts; soon after settled in New York; 
since then conductor, teacher, pianist and 
lecturer. Brought out his cantata, Angel; 
The Russian Village and other comps. ; his 
overture, "Russia," at a public concert of 
the New York Manuscript Soc. in Chicker- 
ing Hall, Dec 15, 1897, and in Carnegie Hall, 
May 20. 1896. This work was performed 6 
yrs. before, conducted by Rubinstein before 
the Czar of Russia. The only representative 
of Russian modern school of composers in 
America. Lecturer on Russian Life and 
Music. Address: 10 E. 17th St., New York. 

BROUSSARD, Robert P., congressman; 
lawyer; b. on Marie Louise plantation, nr. 
New Iberia, La., Aug. 17, 1864; ed. at pri- 
vate schools and 3 yrs. at Georgetown Univ., 
D. C. ; apptd. insp. of customs, port of New 
Orleans, Dec. 27, 1885; later asst. weigher 
and expert statis. there until 18S9; grad., 
1889, Law School of Tulane Univ.; since 
then lawyer at New Iberia; prominent in 
agitation which destroyed the La. State Lot- 
tery Co.; elected by anti-lottery Democrats 



as dist. att'y, 19th jud. dist, in which he 
Served 2 terms, 1882-6. Mem. Congress, 1897- 
1903, 3d La. dist. ; Democrat. Col. of a regt. 
of La. vols, in war against Spain, May, 
1S98. Home: New Iberia, La. 

BROWER, Daniel Roberts, M. D.; b. 
Phila., 1839; grad. Polytechnic Coll., Phila. 
(M. S.), 1860; M. D., Univ. of Georgetown, 
1864; (A. M., Wabash Coll.; LL. D., Kenyon 
Coll. and St. Ignatius Coll., 111.); asst. sur- 
geon, U. S. V., 1864; now prof, nervous and 
mental diseases, Rush Med. Coll.; also prof, 
nervous diseases, Woman's Med. Coll., 
Northwestern Univ., and Post-Graduate 
School, Chicago; author of numerous mono- 
graphs; has in press text book on insanity. 
Address: 597 Jackson Boul., Chicago. 

BROWER, Jacob Vradenberg, arch- 
aeologist, explorer, author; b. on farm at 
York, Mich., Jan. 21, 1844; s. Abraham Dur- 
yea and Mary R. B. ; ed. public schools; 
enlisted in vol. cav., 1862; in U. S. vol. 
navy, 1864; auditor Todd Co., Minn., 1867- 
73; mem. Minn, legislature, 1873; register U. 
S. land office, St. Cloud, Minn., 1874-9; Itas- 
ca State Park Comm'r, Minn., 1891-5; chart- 
ed source of Miss, river, 1889, and source of 
Mo. river, 1896; discovered mounds and an- 
cient village site at Itasca Lake, 1894-5; re- 
discovered site of Quivira. 1897-8; discovered 
1,125 ancient mounds at Mille Lac, Minn., 
1900; well known as explorer and archaeolo- 
gist. Not married. Author: The Mississippi 
River and Its Source, 1893; Prehistoric Man 
at the Head Waters of the Mississippi, 1895 
01; The Missouri River and Its Utmost 
Source, 1896 A7; Quivira, 1898 A7; Harahey, 
1899 A7; Mille Lac, 1900 A7. Address: Box 
2360, St. Paul, Minn. 

BROWN, Abram English, author; b. 
Bedford, Mass., Jan. 21, 1849; s. Moses Fitch 
and Elizabeth (Smith) B.; ed. Cambridge 
and private study; m. Shrewsbury, Mass., 
1877, Sarah J. Flint. Author: Beneath Old 
Roof Trees, 1896 L3; Beside Old Hearth- 
stones, 1897 L3; History of Bedford, 1892 L3; 
Bedford Old Families, 1893; Glimpses of 
New England, 1894 L3; Flag of the Minute 
Men, 1894 L3; Faneuil Hall and Market; or, 
Peter Faneuil and His Gift. Address: Bed- 
ford, Mass. 

BROWN, Addison, U. S. judge, southern 
dist., N. Y., since 1881; b. W. Newbury, 
Essex Co., Mass., Feb. 21, 1830; 5. Addison 
and Catharine Babson (Griffin) B. ; grad. 
Harvard, 1852; Harvard Law School, 1854; m. 
1st, Mary C. Barrett (died, 1887); 2d, 1893, 
Helen C. Gaskin. Admitted to bar at Brook- 
lyn, 1855; practiced law, New York, 1855-81. 
Also botanist; 9 yrs. pres. Torrey Bot. Club; 
one of originators and a scientific dir. New 
York Bot. Garden, whose charter he pre- 
pared (1891). Author: (with Prof. N. L. 
Britton) Britton & Brown's Illustrated Flora 
of the Northern United States and Canada 
(3 vols.), 1896-8 S3; also over 1,800 legal 
opinions (largely in cases of shipping, ad- 
miralty and bankruptcy) in Federal Re- 
porter, vols. 9-106; etc. Residence: 45 W. 89th 
St. Office: Post Office Bldg., New York. 

BROWN, Agnes, artist; b. Newburyport, 
Mass.; is wife of J. Appleton Brown; paints 

landscapes, flowers and animals in oils; also 
successful specialist in pictures of cats. 
Address: 253 W. 42d St., New York. 

BROWN, Alexander, author, farmer; b. 
Glenmore, Nelson Co., Va., Sept. 5, 1843; 
j. Robert L. and Sarah Cabell (Callaway) 
B. ; ed. private tutors, private schools and 
(1S60-1) Lynchburg Coll. (D. C. L., Univ. of 
South, 1893; LL. D., William and Mary. 
1901); left coll. to enter C. S. A., serving 
1861-5; in mercantile business, 1865-80; 
farmer since 1872; m. 1st, Dec. 27, 1873, Car- 
oline Augusta Cabell (died, 1876) ; 2d, April 
28, 1886, Sarah Randolph, d. late Mayo Ca- 
bell. Hon. mem. Va. Hist. Soc, Hist. Soc. 
of Tenn.; mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Soc. Am. 
Authors. Author: New Views of Early Vir- 
ginia History, 1886 XI 01; The Genesis of 
the United States, 1890 H5; The Cabells and 
Their Kin, 1895 H5; The First Republic in 
America, 1898 H5; The History of Our Ear- 
liest History, 1898 XI. Wrote: An Account 
of Two MS. Volumes, Mag. Am. History, 
1893; Capture, Conversion and Marriage of 
Pocahontas, The New Peterson, Dec, 1893; 
The Case of Captain Martin, Va. Mag. His- 
tory and Biography, Jan., 1900; many other 
mag. articles. Address: Norwood P. O., 
Nelson Co., Va. 

BROWN, Alexander, banker; b. Balti- 
more, Oct. 25, 1858; grad. Princeton, 1878. 
While at Princeton won 1st prize in the 
gymnasium; also the hurdle race, breaking 
the Princeton record. Entered business with 
his father, George S. Brown, 1880, and on 
latter's death, 1890, became head of bank- 
ing-house of Alexander Brown & Sons, 
founded by his great-grandfather in 1811. 
Pres., v.-p. and dir. various R. R. and in- 
dustrial corporations, banks, etc. Office: 
Cor. Baltimore and Calvert Sts., Baltimore. 

BROWN, Alice, author; b. Hampton Falls, 
N. H., Dec. 5, 1857; grad. Robinson Sem., 
Exeter, N. H., 1876; on staff Youth's Com- 
panion. Author: Fools of Nature; Meadow- 
Grass (New England stories) ; By Oak and 
Thorn (English travels) ; Life of Mercy Otis 
Warren; The Road to Castaly (poems); The 
Day of His Youth (a story) ; Robert Louis 
Stevenson: a Study (with Louise Imogen 
Guiney) ; Tiverton Tales (stories) ; King's 
End (a novelette). Address: Care Youth's 
Companion, Boston. 

BROWN, Alice Van Vechten, prof, art, 
Wellesley, since 1S97; b. Hanover, N. H., 
June 7, 1862; d. Prof. Samuel Gilman and 
Sarah (Van Vechten) B. ; ed. private tutors 
and schools, Clinton and Utica, N. Y. ; 
studied at Art Students' League, New York, 
18S1-5; later with various artists, and trav- 
eled abroad. Dir. Norwich (Conn.) Art 
School, 1894-7; asst. dir. same, 1892-3. 
Address: Wellesley Coll., Wellesley, Mass. 

BROWN, Amos Peaslee, educator; b. 
Germantown, Pa., Dec. 3, 1864; s. Amos P. 
and Frances (Brown) B.; grad. Univ. of 
Pa., B. S., 1886 (M. E., 1887; Ph. D., 1892). 
Asst. geol. survey of Pa., 1887-9; instr. min- 
ing and metallurgy Univ. of Pa., 1889-91; 
prof, geology and mineralogy since 1892. 
Not married. Author of various papers on 
geol. and mineral, subjects. Editor Erni's 



Mineralogy Simplified, 1901; also 3d Am. 
Edition of Kerl's Assayers' Manual, 1901. 
Mem. Am. Inst. Mining Engr's; Franklin 
Inst.; Acad. Natural Sciences; etc. Address: 
20 Shoemaker Lane, Germautown, Philadel- 

BROWN, Anna Robertson, see Lindsay, 
Anna Robertson Brown. 

BROWN, Archer; b. Otsego Co., New 
York, 1857; grad. Mich. Univ., 1872; re- 
moved to Cincinnati; engaged in journal- 
ism; mng. editor, Cincinnati Daily Gazette, 
1875-80. In 1881, with William A. Rogers, 
organized Rogers, Brown & Co., which has 
offices in 14 leading Am. and foreign cities; 
removed to New York 1895, and is resident 
mem. of firm; has been closely identified 
from the start with the movement for the 
export of Am. iron, and has spent several 
months in Europe studying conditions and 
organizing business there; dir. of several 
iron, steel and coal corporations; also dir. 
North Am. Trust Co. Residence: E. Orange, 
N. J. Office: 71 Broadway, New York. 

BROWN, Arthnr, lawyer, ex-U. S. senator; 
b. Kalamazoo Co., Mich., March 8, 1843; 
grad. Antioch Coll., O., 1862; post-gradu- 
ate course Univ. of Mich. (A. M.); grad. 
law dept. same, 1864; admitted to bar; prac- 
ticed, Kalamazoo, 1864-79; since then at 
Salt Lake. Upon admission of Utah to U. 
S. was elected to U. S. Senate, Jan. 22, 1896; 
drew short term, which expired March 4, 
1897; Republican. Address: Salt Lake City, 

BROWN, Arthnr Erwin, sec. Zool. Soc. 
of Phila. ; curator Acad, of Natural Sciences 
of Phila.; b. Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 14, 
1850; ed. chiefly in Europe; mem. Zool. 
Soc. of Phila.; Acad. Natural Sciences, Am. 
Philos. Soc; hon. mem. N. Y. Zool. Soc. 
Has written various zool. and biol. papers 
in journals and soc. proc. Address: 1208 Lo- 
cust St., Philadelphia. 

BROWN, Arthnr Lewis, U. S. judge, dist. 
of R. I., since Oct. 24, 1896; b. Providence, 
R. I., Nov. 28, 1854; grad. Brown Univ., 
1876 (A. M.); Boston Univ. Law School, 1878 
(LL. B.). Practiced law in Providence until 
apptd judge. Address: Providence, R. I. 

BROWN, Calvin Luther, judge Supreme 
Court, Minn., since Nov. 20, 1899; b. Goshen, 
N. H., April 26, 1854; s. John H. B. ; m. 
Willmar, Minn., Sept. 1, 1879, Annette Mar- 
low. Practiced law at Morris, Minn., until 
elected judge. Residence: Morris, Minn. 
Office: St. Paul, Minn. 

BROWN, Calvin S., instr. German and 
English, Rutger's Coll., since 1901; b. Obion 
Co., Tenn., Feb. 13, 1866; ed. Palestine 
High School, and Vanderbilt Univ., B. S., 
1888; M. S., 1891; D. Sc, 1892; studied at 
univs. of Paris and Leipzig; Ph. D., Univ. 
of Colo., 1899; instr. English language and 
literature, Vanderbilt Univ. for several yrs. ; 
was instr. English and comparative litera- 
ture, Univ. of Colo. Editor edition of Ten- 
nyson's Enoch Arden and the two Locksley 
Hall poems, 1897. Editor: The Later English 
Drama, 1898. Mag. contributor. Address: 
New Brunswick, Colo. 

BROWN, Charles Reynolds, clergyman, 
pastor 1st Cong'l Ch., Oakland, Calif.; b. 
Bethany, W. Va., Oct. 1, 1862; s. Benjamin 
F. and Sarah J. B. ; ed> Washington, la., 
Acad., 1876-80; Univ. of Iowa, 1880-6, A. B., 
ISSo, A. M. ; grad. Boston Univ. School of 
Theology, S. T. B., 1889; ordained; m. Sept. 
23, 1896, Alice Tufts of Boston. Made trip 
through Egypt and Palestine for profes- 
sional study, 1897; apptd. 1899, sp'l lecturer 
on ethics, Stanford Univ., Calif. Author: 
Two Parables, 1898 R3; The Main Points, 
1899 W7; also pamphlets The Outlook for 
Permanent and Universal Peace; The 
Twelve Men and the Other Seventy. Address: 
Oakland, Calif. 
BROWN, Charles Rnfns, prof. Hebrew, 
etc., Newton Theol. Instn., since 1886; b. E. 
Kingston, N. H., Feb. 22, 1849; grad. U. S. 
Naval Acad., 1869; Harvard, 1877; Union 
Theol. Sem., 1879; Newton Theol. Instn., 
1879; studied Univ. Berlin, 1879-80; Leipzig, 
1880-1; (Ph. D., Colby Univ., 1887; D. D., 
Colgate Univ., 1892); m. Nov. 27, 1884, Clar- 
issa Locke Dodge, Hampton Falls, N. H. 
Remained in navy until 1875; ensign, 1870- 
1; master, 1871-5. Ordained Bapt. minister, 
Dec. 30, 1881; pastor Franklin Falls, 1881-3; 
asso. prof. Biblical Interpretation, Newton 
Theol. Instn., 1883-6; supplied 1st Bapt. Ch., 
Salem, Mass., 1885; acting pastor, Main St. 
Bapt. Ch., Worcester, Mass., 1886-7. Mem. 
Soc. Biblical Literature and Exegesis; Am. 
Oriental Soc; Archagol. Instn. of Am. 
Author: An Aramaic Method, 1884, 1893 S3. 
Contributor to reviews. Address: 73 Parker 
St., Newton Centre, Mass. 
BROWN, Charles Sumner, prof. mech. 
eng'ring, Vanderbilt Univ., since 1896; b. 
East Hampton, Conn., Aug. 23, 1860; s. 
Henry B. and Adeline Strong (Gates) B. ; 
ed. Hopkins Grammar School, New Haven, 
Conn.; grad. Sheffield Scientific School, 
Yale, 1883; M. E., Yale, 18S8; m. New Hav- 
en, Conn., Clara Gold, d. William A. Fos- 
kett. Practicing mech. eng'r, 1883-8; prof, 
steam eng'ring Rose .Polytechnic Inst., 
Terre Haute, Ind., 1888-96; mem. Am. Soc. 
Mech. Engrs., A. A. A. S., Am. Soc. for 
promotion of Eng'ring Ed'n. Address: Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 
BROWN, Corinne Stubbs, social reform- 
er; b. (Stubbs) Chicago, 1849; grad. Chicago 
High School; teacher and prin. in Chicago 
public schools until she married Frank E. 
Brown. A student of social problems. Be- 
came a single-taxer, and later socialist; 
prominent mem. Woman's Federal Labor 
Union; later, pres. 111., Woman's Alliance to 
obtain enactment and enforcement of fac- 
tory ordinances and of the compulsory 
ed'n laws; chmn. Industrial Com., Gen. 
Fed. Women's Clubs, 1898; mem. exec. bd. 
Social Dem. Party, Jan., 1901. Address: 6230 
Woodlawn Av., Chicago. 
BROWN, Daniel Russell, ex-gov. R. I.; 
b. Bolton, Conn., March 28, 1848; s. Arba 
Harrison and Harriet M. (Dart) B. ; acad- 
emical ed'n; engaged in business, Rock- 
ville and Hartford, Conn. ; settled in Provi- 
dence and became mem. firm Butler, Brown 
& Co., 1870; m. Providence, Oct. 14, 1874, 
Isabel Barrows; mem. common council, 



1SS0-4; presidential elector, 1888; elected 
gov. R. I., 1S92; renominated, 1893, but 
votes cast at the election were not counted, 
owing to a dispute in legislature; Gov. 
Brown remained in office; re-elected fol- 
lowing spring; Republican. Has held many 
other public offices and is connected with 
numerous social, ed'nl and political organ- 
izations. Address: Providence, R. I. 

BROWN, Elmer Ellsworth, prof, theory 
and practice of ed'n, Univ. of Calif, since 
1898; b. Kiantone, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., 
Aug. 28, 1861; s. Russell McCrary and Elec- 
ta (Sherman) B.; grad. State Normal 
School, 111., 1881; Univ. of Mich., 1889. 
Studied in German univs., 1889-90; Ph. D., 
Univ. Halle- Wittenberg, Prussia; m. Fanny 
F., d. Rev. Zachary Eddy, D. D., Detroit, 
Mich., June 29, 1889. Mem. Nat. Council 
of Ed'n since 1897; prin. public schools, 
Belvidere, 111., 1881-4; asst. State sec. Y. M. 
C. A., 111., 1884-7; prin. high school, Jack- 
son, Mich., 1890-1. Acting asst. prof, science 
and art of teaching, Univ. of Mich., 1891-2; 
asso. prof. Univ. of Calif., 1892-3; prof, 
same, 1893-8. Wrote: Democracy in the Uni- 
versities, pub. by Regents State of N. Y., 
1891; Notes on Children's Drawings, Univ. 
of Calif. Studies, 1897; Secondary Educa- 
tion in the United States, an historical 
sketch, The School Review, 1897-1900 (ser- 
ial) ; Secondary Education, No. 4, in series 
of monographs on ed'n in the U. S., pre- 
pared for Paris Exp'n, 1900; Academic Free- 
dom, Educational Review, March, 1900; also 
numerous other articles. Address: 2403 Tele- 
graph Av., Berkeley, Calif. 

BROWN, Emma Elizabeth ("B. E. E."), 
author, artist; b. Concord, N. H., Oct. 18, 
1847; d. John Frost and Elizabeth (Evans) 
B. ; ed. Concord schools, with home instruc- 
tion; writer and illustrator. Author of 
Lives of Washington, Grant, Garfield, Oliver 
Wendell Holmes, James Russell Lowell, 
and others, biog. series (5 vols.) ; Spare 
Moment Series (6 vols.); From Night to 
Light; The Child Toilers of the Boston 
Streets; Huldah (verse); and many Sunday 
School and other books; mag. contributor. 
Address: Newton Highlands, Mass. 

BROWN, Ernest William, prof, mathe- 
matics, Haverford Coll., since 1891; b. Hull, 
England, Nov. 29, 1866; jr. William B. ; ed. 
Christ's Coll., Cambridge, England, (Sc. 
D.); fellow Royal Soc. of England. Author: 
Treatise on the Lunar Theory, 1896; also 
many papers on lunar theory and on Celes- 
tial mechanics. Editor of Transactions Am. 
Math. Soc. Address ^'Ha.v&vlorA Coll., Haver- 
ford, Pa. 

BROWN, Fletcher, M. E. clergyman; b. 
Guernsey Co., O., Aug. 2, 1850; removed 
to Jasper Co., la., 1864; attended Central 
Univ.; grad. Simpson Coll., 1877 (A. M., 
1880); Drew Theol. Sem., Madison, N. J., 
1879 (B. D.); entered ministry of M. E. Ch., 
1879, and has held pastorates at Carlisle, 
Dunlap, Carson, Adel and Nevada, la.; 
pres. Simpson Coll., la., 1892-8; now finan- 
cial sec. Preachers' Aid Soc. Editor for 9 
yrs. The Educator. Address: Indianola, la. 

BROWN, Francis, educator, author; b. 
Hanover, N. H., Dec. 26, 1849; 5. Rev. Dr. 

Samuel Tilman B. ; grad. Dartmouth Coll., 
1870; Union Theol. Sem., New York, 1877; 
student at Univ. of Berlin, Germany, 1S77-9; 
(A. B., Dartmouth, 1870, A. M., same, 1S73, 
D. D., same, 1884; Ph. D., Hamilton Coll., 
1884; D. D., Yale, 1894); m. Aug. 7, 1879, 
Louise Reiss of Berlin, Germany. Insir. 
biblical philology Union Theol. Sem., 1879- 
81; asso. prof, same, 1881-90; prof. Hebrew 
and cognate languages Union Theol. Sem., 
since 1890; preacher at Dartmouth, sii.ce 
1896. Author: Assyriology: Its Use and 
Abuse; The Teaching of the Twelve Apos- 
tles (with Rev. Dr. R. D. Hitchcock); A 
Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old 
Testament (with Rev. Profs. S. R. Driver 
and C. A. Briggs) ; also various pamphlets 
and articles. Address: 700 Park Av., New 

BROWN, Frank, farmer, ex-gov. ; b. Car- 
roll Co., Md., Aug. 8, 1846; ed. Springfield 
Acad, and acads. in Baltimore; clerk in one 
of the State tobacco warehouses, 1870-6; 
mem. Md. legislature, 1876 and 1878. His 
father and uncle having died, he gave his 
attention to management of their large es- 
tates and the cultivation of his farm of 
2,500 acres in Carroll Co. Pres. Md. State 
Agr'l and Mech. Assn., 1880-92; postmaster, 
Baltimore, 1886-90; gov. Md., 1892-6; Demo- 
crat. Is a farmer and stock raiser on a 
large scale. Address: Springfield, Carroll 
Co., Md. 

BROWN, George, rear-admiral U. S. N., 
since 1894; (retired June 19, 1897); b. Ind., 
June 19, 1835; apptd. midshipman, Feb. 5, 
1849; master, 1856; It, June 2, 1856; lt- 
comdr., 1862; comdr., 1866; capt., 1877; com- 
modore, 1887; tn. Kate Morris. Took part 
in S. C. blockade, 1861-2; Miss, squadron, 
1862-3; West Gulf blockading squadron, 
1864-5; comd. the Itasca at the passage of 
Fort Morgan, Mobile, under Farragut; pas- 
sage of Vicksburg and Warrington, Feb. 
14, 1863; in engagement, Feb. 24, 1863, be- 
tween Indianola, which he comd., and 4 
Confederate gunboats, was wounded and 
taken prisoner and his vessel sunk; in 
command Norfolk Navy Yard, 1886-90 and 
1893-7; comd. naval forces in the Pacific, 
1890-3. Address: Indianapolis, Ind. 

BROWN, George Francis, general mgr. 
Pullman's Palace Car Co. since 1885; b. 
Chicago, Oct. 1, 1843; chief clerk U. S. q. m. 
dept., Oct. 1861, to Fel)., 1866; entered R. R. 
service, July, 1867, as sec. and treas, for re- 
ceiver Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville 
R. R. ; agt. in charge of war claims and 
agt. frt. dept. Ill Cent. R. R., 1868-9; sec. 
Bloomington Fire Ins. Co., 1869-71; with 
Pullman's Palace Car Co. since 1871, suc- 
cessively as clerk, asst. to gen. supt. for 
7 yrs., acting gen. supt. and gen. supt., 
18S0-5. Address: 211 Pullman Bldg., Chi- 

BROWN, Glenn, architect; b. Fauquier 
Co., Va., Sept. 13, 1854; .?. Bedford B.; g.s. 
Bedford Brown, U. S. Senator from N. C. ; 
attended Washington & Lee Univ.; sp'l ar- 
chitectural course Mass. Inst. Technology; 
in. Feb. 1, 1876, Mary Ella Chapman, Staun- 



ton, Va.; since 1S7S has practiced as archi- 
tect in Washington, Va. and Md. ; fellow 
and dir. Am. Inst. Architects; sec. and 
treas. Am. Inst. Architects; corr. mem. So- 
eiete Centrale des Architectes Francais, 
Paris, France; corr. mem. Soc. of Architects, 
Antwerp, Belgium; sec. Public Art League 
of U. S. ; lecturer on house sanitation, Co- 
lumbian Univ. Author: Water Closets: a 
Historical, Mechanical and Sanitary Treat- 
ise, 1884 Ol; Healthy Foundations for 
Houses, 1885 VI; Trap Syphonage, 1886 01; 
History of the United States Capitol, 1900; 
also many articles in technical journals. 
Residence: 2009 I St. Office: Nat. Union 
Bldg., Washington. 

BBOWN, Harry Fletcher, chief chemist, 
and acting supt. Internat. Smokeless Pow- 
der & Dynamite Co.; b. July 10, 1867; early 
ed'n in public schools; Harvard, A. B., 1890; 
A. M., 1892; apptd. chemist at U. S. Naval 
Torpedo Sta., Newport, R. I., Feb. 1, 1S93- 
1900; m. Oct. 26, 1897, Florence M. Hammett, 
Newport, R. I. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc; for- 
merly chief chemist engaged in the inves- 
tigation and development of smokeless pow- 
der in the Navy Dept. ; author of numerous 
confidential investigations and reports. Ad- 
dress: S. Amboy, N. J. 

BROWN, Helen Dawes (Miss), author, 
lecturer; b. Concord, Mass., 1857; d. William 
Dawes B. ; grad. Vassar Coll., 1878 (A. M.). 
Author: Two College Girls; The Petrie Es- 
tate; Little Miss Phoebe Gay. Address: 22 
W. 60th St., New York. 

BROWN, Henry Bascom, machinery 
mfr.; b. Middlesborough, Mass., July 3 
1833; ed. Wesleyan Acad., Wilbraham, 
Mass., and Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, 
Conn.; engaged in journalism, beginning 
1857 on Middlesex Republican, Middletown, 
Conn.; later in St. Louis; local editor, 1861- 
2, Hartford Evening Press; asst. editor New 
Haven Daily Palladium, 1862-3; acting asst. 
paymaster U. S. N., 1863-5; judge advocate 
N. Atlantic squadron, 1865; discharged from 
naval service Oct., 1865; on editorial staff 
Boston Journal short time; since then mfr. 
Sec. Rep. State Central Com., 1869; helped 
organize Prohibition party in Conn., 1871; 
chmn. Prohibition State Central Com., 6 
yrs. following; editor and prop'r State 
Temperance Journal, 1871-4; mem. since 1S66 
and later 6 yrs. grand treas. Order of Good 
Templars; candidate for state senate, 1888; 
ordained minister Advent denomination and 
one of the editors The Herald of Life, of 
Springfield, Mass.; chmn. Prohibition State 
Central Com. since 1896. Address: East 
Hampton, Conn. 

BROWN, Henry Billings, asso. justice 
U. S. Supreme Court since Jan., 1891; b. S. 
Lee, Mass., March 2, 1836; grad Yale, 1856; 
studied law in private office; attended lec- 
tures at Yale and Harvard law schools; 
(LL. D., Univ. of Mich., 1887; Yale, 1891); 
m. July 13, 1864, Caroline Pitts, Detroit. 
Admitted to bar of Wayne Co., Mich., July, 
1860; deputy U. S. marshal, 1861-3; asst. U. 
S. att'y for Eastern dist. Mich., 1863-8; then 
for a few months, to fill a vacancy, judge 
Sta'e circuit court of Wayne Co.; practiced 

law in Detroit until 1875; U. S. judge for 
Eastern dist. Mich., 1875-90. Compiler of 
Brown's Admiralty Reports. Address: 1720 
16th St., Washington. 

BROWN, J. Appleton, artist; b. New- 
buryport, Mass., July 24, 1844; studied art 
in Boston under B. C. Porter, and in Paris 
under Emile Lambinet; returning to U. S. 
opened a studio in Boston; gained promi- 
nence in landscape work; later removed to 
New York; Asso. Nat. Acad. Address: 253 
W. 42d St., New York. 

BROWN, John Crosby, banker; b. New 
York, May 22, 1838; s. James B. ; grad. Co- 
lumbia Coll.; m. 1S64, Mary E. Adams. Be- 
came connected with banking house of 
Brown Bros. & Co., and is now head of the 
firm. Has been mem. Bd. of Ed'n; trustee 
of Columbia Coll., Metropolitan Museum of 
Art; v.-p. and trustee Union Theol. Sem., 
and a dir. Presby'n Hosp. Pres. Newburg, 
Dutchess & Conn. R. R. Co.; dir. Clove 
Branch R. R. Co., Bank of New York, U. 
S. Trust Co., and Liverpool and London 
and Globe Ins. Co.; trustee Bank for Sav- 
ings. Residence: 36 E. 37th St. Office: 59 
Wall St., New York. 

BROWN, John George, painter; b. Dur- 
ham, England, Nov. 11, 1831; ed. common 
schools, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, then 
studied art in England, Scotland and U. S.; 
m. 1st, 1856, Mary Owen; 2d, 1871, Emma A. 
Owen (her sister). Came to America Nov., 
1853; began to paint in Brooklyn, 1856; asso., 
1862, and full mem. since 1863, Nat. Acad. 
Design: specially known as a painter of 
New York street boys. Among his famous 
pictures are: A Merry Air with a Sad 
Heart; A Thrilling Moment; The Stump 
Speech; Training the Dog; Heels Over 
Head; The Passing Show; To Decide the 
Question; 3 for 5 Cents; Be Mine; etc. Pres. 
12 yrs. Am. Water Color Soc; pres. Ar- 
tists' Fund Soc; chmn. Art Schools Nat. 
Acad. Design; v.-p. Nat. Acad. Design, 1899; 
etc. Was on jury of awards, World's Co- 
lumbian Exp'n, 1893. Received honorable 
mention in Paris, 18S9; medals from Boston 
and Calif., and popular prize in Tenn. 
Founder of new site for Acad, of Design 
at 110th St., New York. Residence: 250 W. 
42d St. Studio: 51 W. 10th St., New York. 

BROWN, John Hamilton, gun inventor; 
b. Liberty, Me., July 28, 1837; at 18 appren- 
ticed to gunsmith's trade. Located in Hav- 
erhill, Mass., 1857; perfected steel die for 
heeling ladies' shoes; removed to New 
York, 1863. Became associated with Kur- 
sheedt Mfg. Co., 1873; devised combination 
pleating machine, rotary ruching press. 
rufHing machine. Engaged in business for 
himself quilting linings of overcoats and 
ladies' cloaks on machine of his own in- 
vention. Dir. Nat. Rifle Assn., capt. New 
York Rifle Club; mem. Am. team which 
shot return internat. match at Wimbledon, 
Eng., July, 1883 (rifle designed and perfected 
by him with which Am. team on that occa- 
sion beat British team at 4 to 6 ranges). In 
1886 invented segmental tube wire-wound 
gun. Address: 602 St. Nicholas Av., New 



BROWN, John Howard, editor, author 
b. Rhinebeck, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1840; .s. Will 
iam Howard and Elizabeth (Conklin) B. 
grad. Eastman Coll., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
1859; m. 1872, Jeannie Hamilton, d. J. C 
Derby, N. Y. publisher. Tutor Eastman 
Coll., 1S59-60; studied law, New York, 1860-1; 
news corr., "Washington, 1864-7; removed 
South, edited a newspaper and engaged in 
real estate business, Augusta, Ga. Removed 
to New York, 1S72; engaged in editing and 
publishing subscription books. Originated, 
planned and edited 6 vols, of the Nat. Cy- 
clopaedia of Am. Biography, 1890-5; in 1896 
became editor the Cyclopaedia of American 
Biographies (name changed, 1899, to Lamb's 
Biog. Dictionary of the United States) 
(Boston). Author: American Naval Heroes, 
1899. Mem. Soc. Am. Authors; Am. Acad. 
Political and Social Science, and Am. Social 
Science Assn. Residence: 38 Bowers St., 
Newtonville, Mass. Office: 372 Boylston St., 

SHOWN, John Marshall, trustee of es- 
tates; b. Portland, Me., Dec. 14, 1838; s. John 
Bundy and Ann Matilda (Greely) B.; ed. 
Portland, Gould's, Bethel and Phillips An- 
dover Acads.; grad. Bowdoin Coll., 1860; 
A. M., 1863. Commissioned Aug. 29, 1862, 
1st It. and adj. 20th Me. vols., went to 
front, took part in battles of Antietam, 
Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville; apptd. 
by Pres. Lincoln, June, 1863. capt. and asst. 
adj. -gen. vols. Was in battles of Beverley's 
Ford, Gettysburg, and later served in S. C. 
and Fla. ; promoted to It. -col. 32d Me. vols., 
March 26, 1864; comd. regt. at Totopotomy 
and Cold Harbor and preliminary move- 
ments at Petersburg, where was severely 
wounded; discharged for physical disability 
from wounds, Sept. 23, 1864; bvtd. col. and 
brig. -gen.; m. Washington, Dec. 18, 1866, 
Alida Catherine Carroll. Became mem. firm 
J. B. Brown & Son, owners Portland Sugar 
Co. Mem. common council, Portland, 1865, 
comm'r to Paris Exp'n, 1867. Served in Me. 
Militia as a.-d.-c, col. and brig.-gen. Mem. 
Me. legislature, 1899. Republican. Pres. 
Me. Agrl. Soc, 1878; was 25 yrs. mem. and 
6 yrs. pres. bd. of overseers Bowdoin Coll. 
Mem. many hist, socs., etc. Residence: Fal- 
mouth Fireside, Me. Office: 218 Middle St., 
Portland, Me. 

BROWN, John Yonng, lawyer, ex-gov.; 
b. Hardin Co., Ky., June 28, 1835; grad. Cen- 
ter Coll., Ky., 1855; elected to Congress, 
1859 (having been nominated in spite of his 
protest that he was under age); had to 
wait over a year before he could take his 
seat; elected to 40th Congress, 1S68, but was 
refused seat because of political disabilities; 
mem. Congress, 1873-7; retired to law prac- 
tice; gov. Ky., 1891-5. Address: Louisville, 

BROWN, Jnlius L., lawyer; b. Canton, 
Cherokee Co., Ga., May 31, 1848; s. late er- 
Gov. Joseph E. B. ; in C. S. A., 1864-5; ed. 
Univ. of Ga. ; admitted to bar, 1869; grad. 
Harvard Law School, June, 1870; asst. U. S. 
atty., 1870-2; gen. counsel for original les- 
see of W. & A. R. R. for 20 yrs. ; was for 
several yrs. pres. Ga. Mining, Mfg. and In- 

vestment Co. ; now master of chancery, U. 
S. Circuit Court; is 32-degree Mason; and 
past grand comdr., Grand Commandery of 
Ga., Knights Templar. Residence: 187 Wash- 
ington St. Office: Joseph E. Brown Bldg., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

BROWN, Lillie West ("Amy Leslie"), 
dramatic critic Chicago Daily News; b. 
West Burlington, la., Oct. 11, 1860; grad. 
St. Mary's Acad., Notre Dame, Ind., 1876; 
diplomas and gold medals, same, in art, 
music, literature and languages; as "Lillie 
West" was opera bouffe prima donna; or- 
iginal Fiametta in La Mascotte and other 
soprano roles in Audran's, Offenbach's and 
Planquette's operas. Wife of Harry Brown, 
comic opera comedian. Began critic work, 
1889, assuming pen-name, "Amy Leslie." 
Author: Amy Leslie at the Fair; Some 
Players. Address: Virginia Hotel, Chicago. 

BROWN, M. Beile, M. D., dean New York 
Med. Coll. and Hosp. for Women. Address: 
30 W. 51st St., New York. 

BROWN, Marshall Stewart, prof, his- 
tory and political science, New York Univ.; 
b. Keene, N. H., Nov. 6, 1870; grad. Brown, 
1892 (A. M., 1893); studied at Heidelberg 
Univ., Germany, 1894-5; instr. history, Univ. 
of Mich., 1893-4; mem. Z. Ps., Ph.,B.K.,Am. 
Hist. Assn., Am. Acad. Political and Social 
Science, etc. ; m. June 12, 1900, Margaret, d. 
Prof. Henry M. Baird, New York Univ. 
Address: 1219 Palisade Av., Yonkers, N. Y. 

BROWN, Martha MeClellan, educator, 
lecturer, reformer; b. Baltimore, April 16, 
1838; d. David and Jane Manypenny 
(Haight) MeClellan; moved to Ohio, 1840; 
m. Nov. 16, 1858, Rev. W. K. Brown, M. E. 
clergyman; grad. Pittsburg Female Coll., 
1862 (hon. Ph. D., LL. D.); official of 
Grand Lodge, Ohio Good Templars, 1866; 
vice-Templar, 1867; counselor, 1871; chief 
templar Ohio, 1872-4; delegate to Internat. 
Lodge, London, 1873; right grand vice- 
templar, 1874; organized, 1867, and con- 
ducted lecture system; lectured abroad, 
1873, 1881, 1891; originated Temperance Ca- 
det movement, 1870; started movement for 
Bible temperance lessons in Internat. Les- 
son Leaves, 1875; author of Temperance 
Questions in M. E. Discipline for quarterly 
conf., 1880; an organizer Prohibition party, 
1869, securing woman's suffrage plank, and 
active in party till removal of suffrage 
plank, 1896; called temperance workers and 
organized first Woman's Temperance assn., 
Columbus, Feb. 24, 1874; founded Nat. W. 
C. T. U., Chautauqua, N. Y., Aug., 1871; 
called temperance women in Nat. conv., 
at Cleveland, Nov. 1874 (at which 16 States 
were represented, and Miss Willard chosen 
pres.). Newspaper editor, Alliance, 0., 1868- 
78; v.-p. and prof. Cincinnati Wesleyan 
Coll., of which her husband became pres., 
1882; started Fresh Air Movement, Cincin- 
nati, 1888. Address: 1024 Wesley Av., Cin- 

BROWN, Orvon Graff, pres. Twin Val- 
ley Coll., since 1886; b. Greensburg, West- 
moreland Co., Pa., July 1, 1863; s. Rev. W. 
K. B., latv pres. Cincinnati Wesleyan Coll.; 
ed. Mt. Union Coll., Univ. of Cincinnati and 



Denver Univ. Prof, science Cincinnati Wes- 
leyan Coll., 1882-5; organized, and procured 
charter for Twin Valley Coll., of which he 
has been pres. from its organization; in. 
April 5, 1887, Lulu,, 2d d. late John H. Reed, 
Gerniantown, O. Address: GerniancWvn, O. 

BKOW5T, Roscoe Conkling- Ensign, 
editorial writer New York Tribune since 
1895; b. Scottsville, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1867; s. D. 
D. D. S. Brown, sometime propr. Rochester 
Democrat; grad. Univ. of Rochester, 18S9; 
m. Brooklyn, Feb. 11, 1897, Bertha Backus. 
Joined city staff New York Tribune, 1889; 
mem. com. on publication and ex-offlcio of 
exec. com. Civil Service Reform Assn., 
New York; dir. Peoples' Univ. Extension 
Soc. ; mem. Union League Club., Alpha 
Delta Phi Club, New York. Address: 164 
Hicks St., Brooklyn. 

BROWN, Sanger, physician; b. Bloom- 
field, Ont., Canada, Feb. 16, 1852; s. Stewart 
and Catherine (Comer) B. ; ed. Ontario 
public schools; Albert Coll., Univ. Belle- 
ville, Ont. (studies in arts and eng'ring., 
1872-3); grad. Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 
New York, 1880; m. Chicago, July 9, 1885, 
Bella Christy. Asst. phys. Hosp. for In- 
sane, Ward's Island, New York, 1880-1; 
Danvers (Mass.) State Hosp. for Insane, 
1881; Bloomingdale Asylum, New York, 
1882-5; acting med. supt., 1886; prof, neurol- 
ogy, Post-graduate Med. School, Chicago, 
since 1890; prof. med. jurisprudence and hy- 
giene, Rush Med. Coll., 1892-7; now asso. 
prof, medicine and clinical medicine, Coll. 
of Phys. and Surgs., Chicago. Conducted 
(with Prof. E. A. Schafer) series of vivi- 
section experiments on monkeys at Univ. 
Coll., London, 1886-7, which afforded first 
conclusive proof that in these animals the 
center for vision is in the occipital lobe. 
Results were published as: An Investigation 
Into the Functions of the Occipital and 
Temporal Lobes of the Monkey's Brain, 
Philos. Trans. Royal Soc. of London, 1888. 
Wrote: Hereditary Ataxia, with Clinical 
Report of 25 Cases, Brain, 1892; Responsi- 
bility in Crime from the Medical Stand- 
point, Popular Science Monthly, Dec, 1894. 
Residence: 757 Washington Boul. Office: 100 
State St., Chicago. 

BROWN, Setli W., ex-congressman, law- 
yer; b. nr. Waynesville, Warren Co.,0., Jan. 

4, 1843; ed. public schools; served in Civil 
war in Co. H, 79th Ohio vol. inf. ; admitted 
to bar, 1873; pros. atty. Warren Co., 1880-3; 
mem. Ohio Gen. Assembly, 1883-7; presi- 
dential elector, 1888; mem. Congress, 1897- 
1901, 6th Ohio dist. ; Republican. Home: 
Lebanon, O. Office: Pickering Bldg., Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

BROWN, Stimson J., prof, mathematics, 
U. S. N. ; astron. dir., U. S. Naval Observa- 
tory since Dec. 17, 1S98, and dir. Nautical 
Almanac since Aug. 25, 1900; b. Penn Yan, 
N. Y., 1854; s. John Randolph B. ; ed. Cor- 
nell Univ., 1871-2; grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 
1876, at head of class; in. Oakland, Calif., 
Nov. 18, 1878, Alice Graham. Served in U. 

5. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1879-81; ap- 
ptd. prof, mathematics U. S. N. (as result 
of competitive exam.), Oct. 20, 1883. Ob- 

served Catalogue of Stars for the "Berliner 
Jahrbuch," at Annapolis, Md., 1885-7, and 
at the observatory of Univ. of Wis., 1887-90; 
also various scientific memoirs in the as- 
tron. journals founded on original observa- 
tions and researches. Address: U. S. Naval 
Observatory, Washington. 
BROWN, Theron, editor, author; b. Wil- 
limantic, Conn., April 29, 1832; 5. Eliphalet 
and Ermina (Preston) B. ; ed. Suffield, 
Conn., Lit. Inst., Yale Coll. and Hartford 
Theol. Sem. ; ordained to Bapt. ministry; 
was 10 yrs. in pastorates at S. Framing- 
ham and Canton, Mass. Since 1870 has been 
one of editors of Youth's Companion. 
Author: The Red Shanty Series, 1875-80; The 
Blount Family, 1876; Walter Neil's Exam- 
ple, 1876; Life Songs (poems), 1894. Residence: 
Newtonville, Mass. Office: 201 Columbus Av., 

BROWN, Thomas Edwin, Bapt. clergy- 
man; b. Washington, Sept. 26, 1841; s. Elea- 
zer and Margaret C. B. ; ed. Union Acad., 
Washington, 1850-7; Columbian Univ., 1861, 
A. M., 1862, D. D., Rochester Univ., 1875; 
m. Brooklyn, April 19, 1864, Elizabeth C. 
Samson. Ordained Tabernacle Bapt. Ch., 
Brooklyn, Nov., 1862; pastor 2d Bapt. Ch., 
Rochester, N. Y., Nov., 1869; pastor 1st 
Bapt. Ch., Providence, R. I., Feb., 1882; 
pastor Memorial Bapt. Ch., Phila., Aug., 
1890; pastor 1st Bapt. Ch., Franklin, Pa., 
since April, 1896. Author: Studies in Modern 
Socialism and Labor Problems, 1886 A2; 
also papers in proc. of Bapt. Congress, 1883 
and 1899. Residence: Franklin, Pa. 

BROWN, Thomas Jefferson, asso. jus- 
tice Supreme Court Tex. since 1893; b. Jas- 
per Co., Ga., July 24, 1836; removed with 
parents to Tex., 1846; ed. in common schools 
and Baylor Univ., Independence, Tex.; grad. 
law dept. Baylor Univ., 1858; m. Aug. 7, 
1859, Louisa T. Estes. Admitted to Texas 
bar, in dist. court, 1857; Supreme Court, 
1859; practiced in McKinney, Collins Co., 
1859-72; at Sherman, Tex., 1872-92. Elected 
mem. Texas legislature, 1888 and 1890; judge 
State dist. court, 1892-3. Home: Sherman, 
Tex. Official Residence: Austin, Tex. 

BROWN, W. Kennedy, M. E. clergy- 
man, educator, author; b. Fayette Co., Pa., 
Aug. 3, 1834; s. Alexander and Ruth Salis- 
bury B. ; grad. Allegheny Coll., Meadville, 
Pa., 1864; A. M. in cursu, 1866, hon. D. D., 
1880; m. Nov. 16, 1858, Barnesville, O., Mar- 
tha McClellan. Entered Pittsburg Conf., 
1856; in active ministry till 1882; declined 
call to Va. Univ., 1864, Denver Univ., 1808; 
elected pres. of Cincinnati Wesleyan Wom- 
an's Coll., 1882, and dean Twin Valley Coll., 
1892; publisher Monitor, Alliance, O., 1869- 
76; gave name and Woman Suffrage plank 
to Prohibition Party, 1869. Author: Scrip- 
tural Status of Woman, 1880; Gunethics, or 
Ethical Status of Woman, 1887; Four 
Daughters of Philip, 1901. Address: 1024 
Wesley Av., Cincinnati. 

BROWN, Webster E., congressman; b. 
Peterboro, Madison Co., N. Y., July 16, 1851; 
j-. Edward D. and Helen M. B. ; ed. Stevens 
Point, Wis., 1857-68; Lawrence Univ., Ap- 



pleton, Wis., 1868-70; grad. Univ. of Wis., 
1874; m. Lancaster, Wis., Dec. 26, 1877, 
Juliet D. Meyer. Has been engaged in lum- 
ber business since 1875; mem. Congress, 
1901-3, 9th Wis. dist. Republican. Address: 
Rhinelander, Wis. 

BROWN, William Garrott, asst. in 
Harvard Library since 1892; lecturer on 
Southern history; b. Marion, Ala., April 24, 
1868; 5. Wilson Richard and Mary Cogs- 
well (Parish) B. ; grad. Howard Coll. 
(Ala.) (highest honors), 1886. Instr. Marion 
Mil. Inst. (Ala.), 2 yrs. ; entered Harvard 
as junior, 1889, to study history; A. B., 
Harvard, 1891, (highest honors in history) ; 
A. M., Harvard, 1892. Pres. Harvard Dem. 
Club, 1892, stumping Mass. for Cleveland; 
active in Dem. party, serving on various 
corns, until 1896; then went into Gold Dem. 
movement and on State com. Has given 
hist, lectures at Harvard and elsewhere. 
Author: Official Guide to Harvard Univ. 
(for Harvard Memorial Soc), 1899; Andrew 
Jackson (Riverside Biog. series), 1900 H5; 
A History of Alabama, 1900 V5. Wrote: The 
Orator of Secession, Atlantic Monthly, May, 
1899; A Defense of American Parties, ibid., 
1900; various contribution? to Youth's Com- 
panion, New England Geneal. Register, 
New York Evening Post, etc. Residence: 
Prescott Hall. Office: Harvard College Li- 
brary, Cambridge, Mass. 

BROWN, William Lee, joint propr. New 
York Daily News with Benjamin Wood; b. 
Vt., Dec. 25, 1840; moved when a boy with 
family to Mahoning Co., O. ; ed. common 
schools; taught school several yrs. in Ohio 
and Copiah Co., Miss.; served in Civil war 
in 85th and 115th Ohio vol. inf. ; rank of 
col. as a. d. c. on staff of Gov. William Al- 
len, Ohio. After war, one of a party, made 
trip across the plains with mule team, 
settling in Mont. served as chief clerk 
territorial legislature and engaged in min- 
ing; later settled in Youngstov-n, O. ; found- 
ei Youngstown Vindicator; elected State 
senator, 1875; removed to New York, 1877, 
and bought interest in the Daily News; 
delegate to Dem. Nat. Convs., 1872, 1876, 
1884 and 1888; State senator, 5th dist., N. Y., 
2 terms; defeated as candidate for Congress, 
14th dist., 1893. Summer Home: Locustwood, 
Great Barrington, Mass. Residence: 42 W. 
72d St., New York. 

BROWN, William Montgomery, P. E. 
bishop of Ark. since Sept. 5, 1899; b. nr. 
Orrville, Wayne Co., O., Nov. 6, 1855; acad- 
emic studies at Cleveland, O.; high school, 
Seabury Hall, Faribault, Minn., and Gam- 
bier, O. ; ordered deacon, June 17, 1883; or- 
dained priest, May 22, 1884 (D. D.); m. April 
9, 1885, Ella Scranton Bradford, Cleveland, 
0. In charge of Grace Ch., Galion, O. ; also 
established and built up 7 adjacent mis- 
sions; became, 1891, gen. missionary and 
archdeacon of diocese of Ohio; bishop co- 
adjutor of Ark., 1898-9. Author: The Church 
for Americans. Address: 1609 Arch St., Little 
Rock, Ark. 

BROWN, William Thurston, Congrega- 
tional clergyman; b. Medusa, N. Y., Oct. 
20, 1861; s. Rev. Henry and Nancy (Mc- 
Hench) B. ; prep, ed'n Union Univ., 1883-4; 

grad. Yale, 1S90; Yale Theol. Sem., 1895; m. 
New York, Aug. 6, 1889, Mary Frances Wal- 
lace. Ordained to Cong'l ministry; charges 
of heretical teaching preferred in March, 
1896^and passed upon at Madison, Conn., 
by #uncil of distinguished men of denom- 
ination; acquitted of charge; now pastor 
Plymouth Ch., Rochester; Socialist. Author: 
(booklets) After Capitalism What? Kl; The 
Real Religion of To-day, Kl; The Axe at 
the Root, Kl. Contributor to Social Gospel, 
Internat. Socialist Rev., Workers' Call, The 
People, Social Ideals, Social Forum, etc. 
Address: 597 Genesee St., Rochester, N. Y. 
BROWN, "William Wallace, auditor for 
U. S. Navy Dept. since Sept. 10, 1899; b. 
Summer Hill, Cayuga Co., N. Y., April 22, 
1836; grad. Alfred Coll., N. Y., 1861 (LL. 
D., 1886). Served as private through war in 
23d N. Y. vols, and later in 1st Pa. Rifles. 
Admitted to Pa. bar after war, and was 
elected, 1867, dist. atty. McKean Co., Pa.; 
mem. Pa. legislature, 1872-6; mem. Con- 
gress, 1883-7; was auditor for War Dept. 
Republican. Residence: The Stratford. Office: 
Treasury Bldg., Washington. 

BROWNE, Bennet Bernard, M. D. ; b. 

Wheatlands, Queen Anne Co., Md., June 
16, 1842; .?. Charles Cochrane and Mary Eliz- 
abeth (Willson) B.; grad. Loyola Coll., Bal- 
timore; M. D., Univ. of Md., 1867; m. Oct. 
15, 1872, Jennie R. Nicholson, Baltimore. 
After yrs. of practice in Bay View asylum 
became specialist in gynecology; prof, gyn- 
ecology Woman's Med. Coll. of Baltimore 
since 1882, and in the Polyclinic and Post- 
Graduate Med. School. Address: 510 Park 
Av., Baltimore. 
BROWNE, Cansten, lawyer, author; b. 
Washington, Oct. 9, 1828; ed. Columbian 
Univ., Washington; M. A., Trinity Coll., 
1856; practices law in Boston. Author: 
Treatise on the Construction of the Statue 
of Frauds. Residence: 434 Marlborough St. 
Office: 31 State St., Boston. 

BROWNE, Charles Francis, artist; b. 
Natick, Mass., May 21, 1859; .?. George War- 
ren and Emeline (Wetherbee) B., of old 
New England stock; studied at Boston Art 
Museum, 1882-3-4; Pa. Acad. Fine Arts, 
1885-6-7, and at Ecole des Beaux Arts under 
Gerome and other masters. Instr. and lec- 
turer on history of art, Chicago Art Inst. 
Edited "Brush and Pencil," Feb., 1897-Sept., 
1900. Exhibited at Paris Exp'n, 1889 and 
1900; World's Columbian Exp'n, 1893, and 
the important current exhibitions. Mem. 
Soc. Western Artists; dir. Municipal Art 
League of Chicago. Residence: 19 Ashland 
Boul. Studio: 1021 Fine Arts Bldg., Chi- 

BROWNE, Francis Fisher, editor The 
Dial since 1880; b. South Halifax, Vt., Dec. 
1, 1843; learned the printers' trade and at- 
tended high school at Chicopee, Mass., 
leaving school for service in 46th Mass. 
vols., 1862-3, studied law Rochester, N. Y., 
and Univ. of Mich., 1866-7; m. 1867, Susan 
Seaman Brooks, Rochester, N. Y. Editor 
Lakeside monthly, Chicago, 1869-74; literary 
editor of The Alliance, 1878-9. Author: 
E very-day Life of Abraham Lincoln, 1886; 
Volunteer Grain (poems), 1896 SI; etc. Ed- 



itor Golden Poems by British and Ameri- 
can Authors, 1883 M5; The Golden Treasury 
of Poetry and Prose, 1884; Bugle Echoes, a 
collection of poems of the Civil war, North- 
ern and Southern, 1886 S8; also the "Laurel 
Crowned" series of standard poetry, 1890-92 
M5. Wrote: Altgeld of Illinois, and the 
Presidential Campaign of 1896, Nat. Re- 
view, London, Dec, 1896. Chmn. Com. on 
Congress of Authors at World's Con- 
gress Auxiliary of Columbian Exp'n, 1893. 
Residence: 6116 Lexington Av. Office: Fine 
Arts Bldg., Chicago. 

BROWNE, George Waldo ("Victor St. 
Clair"), author; b. Deerfleld, N. H., Oct. 
8, 1851; s. John C. and Martha L. B.; 
ed. Deerfleld High School; m. Townsend, 
Mass., Jan. 8, 1891, Nellie M. Barber. Was 
editor of the American Young Folks 5 yrs., 
and has done considerable lecturing and 
public speaking. Author: The Woodranger, 
1899 P3; The Young Gunbearer, 1900 P3; Two 
American Boys in Hawaii, 1899 E3; Para- 
dise of the Pacific, 1900 E3; Pearl of the 
Orient, 1900 E3; The Far East, 1900; A 
Daughter of Maryland, 1895; Legends of the 
Hills, 1901 XI; has also written over 100 
serials and several hundred short stories 
and hist, articles for the leading juvenile 
and literary papers and mags, of the coun- 
try. Address: Manchester, N. H. 

BROWNE, William Hand, M. D., prof. 
English literature, Johns Hopkins Univ.; b. 
Md., Dec. 31, 1828. Author: Maryland, the 
History of a Palatinate; George Calvert 
and Cecilius Calvert, Barons Baltimore; 
(with Col. R. M. Johnston) Life of Alexan- 
der H. Stephens. Compiler: The Clarendon 
Dictionary of the English Language; Se- 
lections from the Early Scottish Poets. 
Translator : Von Falke's Greece and Rome, 
and various works from the French and 
German. Editor: Southern Review, 1867-8; 
Southern Magazine, 1870-5; Archives of 
Maryland and other works. Address: Johns 
Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. 

BROWSE, William Hardcastle, law- 
yer; b. Phila., Nov. 14, 1840; 5. Rev. Charles 
and Eliza Ann (Hardcastle) Browne; ed. 
Phila. (LL. D.); m. Danville, Pa., 1809, 
Alice, d. Hon. Thomas Beam. Admitted to 
bar 1865; practices in Phila. Author: Di- 
gest of the Law of Divorce and Alimony in 
the United States, 1890; Famous Women 
of History, 1897; Bible Heroes, 1888; 
Abridged Editions of Blackstone's Commen- 
taries, 1894; Kent's Commentaries, 1895; 
Law of Negligence In Penn., 1896; Law on 
Decedents' Estates in Penn., 1897; Heart 
Throbs of Gifted Authors, quotations, 1872; 
Witty Sayings by Witty People, 1888; Odd 
Derivations of Words and Phrases, 1900; 
Proverbs, 1900; Waverley Novels, abridged 
(6 vols.), 1901. Residence: 1126 Spruce St. 
Office: 1335 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

BROWNELL, Clarence Lndlow, jour- 
nalist; b. Hartford, Conn., June 6, 1864; j. 
Stephen Church and Martha Nevins (Hyde) 
B.; prep, ed'n Mil. Acad., Stamford, Conn.; 
sp'l course in English, Harvard, 1885-6; 
studied at Stevens Inst, of Technology, Ho- 
boken, N. J.; mem. Delta Tau Delta fra- 
ternity; unmarried. Instr. in English in 

govt, and private schools, 5 yrs., in Japan. 
In newspaper work on Post Intelligencer, 
Seattle, Wash., and The Press, New York; 
writer of gen. articles on Japanese topics 
during past 12 yrs. for mags, and for Sun- 
day and weekly supplements to Am. pa- 
pers. Author: Tales from Tokio, 1900. Is 
now at work in London on History of Japan 
and Buddhism in Japan. Residence: 21 Her- 
mitage Road, Richmond, Surrey. Office: 5 
Henrietta St., Covent Garden, London, W 
C, England. 

BROWNELL, George Griffin, prof. Ro- 
mance languages, Univ. of Ala., since 1898; 
b. Fairfield, N. Y., July 2, 1869; s. W. A. 
and Helen B. ; grad. Syracuse Univ., 1893; 
A. M., 1S96; studied Sorbonne, Paris, 1893-4; 
Johns Hopkins, Romance dept., 1894-8; m. 
Syracuse, N. Y., June 8, 1893, Jennie A. 
Jones. Spent 3 yrs. traveling and residing 
in West and North Africa, Canary Islands 
and Southern Europe. Mem. Modern Lan- 
guage Assn. Edited: El Capitan Veneno 
(Spanish text for coll. use), 1901 Al; El 
Pajaro Verde, 1901 Gl. Wrote: The Lone 
Star Republic, Harper's Weekly, 1894; The 
Vale of Andorra, same, 1S95; contributor to 
Modern Language Notes. Address: Univer- 
sity, Ala. 

BROWNELL, Walter A., educator; b. 
Evans Mills, N. Y., March 23, 183S; i. Bris- 
bin A. B.; grad. Genessee Coll., 1865 (A. M., 
1868; Ph. D., Hamilton Coll., 1876); m. 1865, 
Helen M. Davis, prin. of Red Creek Sem., 
1S65-8; of Fairfield Sem., 1868-71; of Syra- 
cuse High School, 1871-2; since 1872, teacher 
chemistry and geology, Syracuse High 
School. Extensive traveler in Europe and 
America and lecturer upon science and sub- 
jects of travel. Address: 905 University 
Av., Syracuse, N. Y. 

BROWNELL, William Crary, editor, 
author; b. New York, Aug. 30, 1851; grad. 
Amherst Coll., 1871 (L. H. D., 1896); m. 
Newport, R. I., Jan. 3, 1878, Virginia S. 
Swinburne. Now, as for past 12 yrs., a 
literary adviser of Charles Scribner's Sons. 
Author: French Traits: An Essay in Com- 
parative Criticism, 1889; French Art, Clas- 
sic and Contemporary Painting and Sculp- 
ture, 1892 S3. Occasional contributor since 
1875 to Galaxy, Scribner's, Century, Art 
Journal, Mag. of Art, and The Nation (be- 
ing, 1879-81, on The Nation staff), on lit- 
erary and art topics. Residence: 94 Main 
St., New Rochelle, N. Y. Office: 153-7 5th 
Av., New York. 

BROWNING, John Hull, retired mcht.; 
b. Orange, N. J., Dec. 25, 1841; ed. Coll. 
City of New York; lived in N. Y. until 1872, 
since then in N. J.; was in wholesale cloth- 
ing business in New York about 20 yrs. as 
mem. W. C. Browning & Co. ; pres. North- 
ern R. R. of N. J. 23 yrs.; pres., since 1S84, 
Richmond Co. Gas Light Co. ; candidate for 
presidential elector, 1892; elected presiden- 
tial elector for N. J., 1896; Republican. 
Residence: Tenafly, N. J. 

BROWNLOW, Walter Preston, con- 
gressman, editor; b. Abingdon, Va. ; went 
to school 3 yrs., but because of father's 



death has earned his support since 10 yrs. 
old; was a tinner's apprentice; later loco- 
motive eng'r; reporter on Knoxville Whig 
and Chronicle, 1876; later same year bought 
and has since edited the Herald and Trib- 
une, Republican paper, of Jonesboro, Tenn. ; 
mem. nat. Rep. con vs. 1880, 1884 and 1896; 
was mem. Rep. State com., 1882-90; post- 
master, Jonesboro, March to Dec, 1881; re- 
signing upon election as doorkeeper 47th 
Congress; mem. Congress, 1897-1903, 1st 
Tenn. dist. Home: Jonesboro, Tenn. 

BROWNSCOMBE, Jennie Augusta, art- 
ist; b. Honesdale, Pa., Dec. 10, 1850; d. 
William and Elvira (Kennedy) B. ; ed. pub- 
lic school there; pupil in art at Nat. Acad, 
and Art Students' League, New York, and 
of Henry Mosler, Paris. Painter of figures, 
genre and ideal subjects in oil and water 
colors, many of which have been reproduced 
in etchings, engravings and photogravures. 
First exhibited at Nat. Acad., 1876; exhibits 
also at Water Color Soc, Royal Acad., 
London, 1900, and elsewhere. Permanent 
Residence: Honesdale, Pa. 

BROWNSON, Henry Francis, author; 6. 
Canton, Mass., Aug. 7, 1835; s. Orestes A. 
(author) and Sally (Healy) B.; grad. Coll. 
of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass. (A. M., 
same; LL. D., Univ. of Notre Dame); stud- 
ied law; admitted to bar, Sept., 1856, Su- 
preme Court, New York; received Laetare 
medal from Univ. of Notre Dame, Ind., 
1892; m. Detroit, Jan. 8, 1868, Josephine 
Desnoyers Van Dyke. Studied in Paris, 
1S51; came to U. S. and grad.; then went 
to Univ. of Munich till July, 1854. In U. S. 
A., June, 1861, to Jan., 1871, mainly in 3d 
art., bvt. maj. Is Democrat, but not Bryan- 
ite. Translator: Love of Mary (from Ital- 
ian), 1855 Ol; Balmes's Fundamental Phil- 
osophy (from Spanish), 1856 S24; Tarducci's 
Life of Columbus (from Italian), 1891 A7; 
Life of John and Sebastian Cabot, 1893 A7. 
Author: Religion of Ancient Craft Masonry, 
1890; Faith and Science, 1895; Equality and 
Democracy, 1897; Orestes A. Brownson's 
Early Life, 1898; Orestes A. Brownson's 
Middle Life, 1899; Orestes A. Brownson's 
Latter Life, 12 1900. Editor: Works of Ores- 
tes A. Brownson, 20 vols., 1883-7; Literary, 
Scientific and Political Views of Orestes A. 
Brownson, 1893 B19. Wrote various articles 
in Brownson's Quarterly Rev., April, 1853, 
to Jan., 1861. Address: 243 E. Larned St., 

BROWNSON, Truman Gaylord, pres. 
Calif. Coll., Oakland, Calif., since 1896; b. 
Afton, N. Y., April, 1851; j. Stirling and 
Sally B.; A. B.. Colgate Univ., 1877; pas- 
tor Three Rivers, Mich., 1879-82; B. D., 
Divinity School, Univ. of Chicago, 1883; 
pastor Albany, Ore., 1884-7; pres. McMinn- 
ville Coll., Ore., 1887-96. Address: Oakland, 

BROWNSON, Willard Herbert, capt. U. 
S. N. since March 3, 1899; b. Lyons, N. Y., 
July 8, 1845; s. Morton and Harriet (Taft) 
B. ; grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1865; m. July 
10. 1872, Isabella King Roberts. Served in 
flag-ship N. Atlantic squadron, 1865-8, Pa- 
cific sta., 1868-71, Naval Acad., 1872-5; 

coast survey Str. Blake, deep sea investi- 
gation, 1882-4; insp. hydrography, 1885-9; 
comdg. Petrel, 1889-91; Dolphin, 1892; De- 
troit, at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during rev- 
olution, 1893-4; commandant cadets Naval 
Acad., 1894; bd. of inspection and survey, 
1896-8; comdg. Yankee during war with 
Spain; comdg. Alabama since 1900. Address: 
Care Navy Dept., Washington. 
BROYDfi, Isaac, Arabist, editor; b. Zel- 
ba, Russia, Feb. 23, 1867; s. Solomon B.; 
grad. ficole des Hautes Etudes, Paris, 
France; studied Oriental languages at ficole 
des Langues Orien tales, Paris; Ph. D., Sor- 
bonne, Paris; m. Paris, France, 1898, Sophia 
Tomine. Author: Reflexions sur l'ame, 
Paris, 1896; Torot ha-Nefesh, Hebrew trans- 
lation from the Arabic work Ma'ani al-Nafs 
of Bahya ben Joseph ibu Pekuda (10th Cen- 
tury), Paris, 1S97. Collaborator on The 
Jewish Encyclopedia, F3. Contributor to 
Revue des Etudes Juives, 1898; Jewish 
Quar. Rev., 1899, etc. Residence: 66 Mc- 
Dougal St. Office: 30 Lafayette PI., New 

BRIBACK, Theodore, pres. San Peto 
Valley Ry. ; b. Pittsburg, Pa., March 7, 
1851; ed. there; m. Jan. 26, 1886, Jessie 
White McLean. Pres. Herschel Gold Min- 
ing Co., Bingham Placer Mining Co., Tri- 
umph Silver Mining Co., Stirling Coal and 
Coke Co., Gold Belt Water Co., etc. 
Residence: 147 E. South Temple, Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

BRUBAKER, Albert P., adjunct prof, 
physiology and hygiene, Jefferson Med. 
Coll., since 1896; b. Somerset, Pa., Aug. 12, 
1852; .s. Henry B.; ed. Somerset, Pa.; grad. 
Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1874 (A. M., 
Franklin Marshall Coll.); m. Phila., Sept. 
27, 1885, Edith B. Needles. Demonstrator 
physiology, Jefferson Med. Coll., 1879; prof, 
physiology, Pa. Coll. Dental Surgery, since 
1885; lecturer on anatomy and physiology, 
Drexel Inst., since 1893. Mem. Am. Philos. 
Soc, Acad. Natural Sciences; Coll. Phys., 
Phila. Author: Compend of Physiology, 
1900. Has written papers on electro-physi- 
ology and other tech. subjects in Proc 
Acad. Natural Sciences and other journals. 
Address: 105 N. 34th St., Philadelphia. 

BRUCE, Alexander Campbell, archi- 
tect; b. Fredericksburg, Va., March 16, 1S35; 
learned bldg. trade with father, Nashville, 
Tenn. ; studied architecture with H. M 
Akeroid, distinguished English architect; 
practiced at Knoxville, Tenn., 1869-79; since 
then at Atlanta; architect of many court 
houses and all kinds of public and private 
bldgs. in South. Residence: 327 N. Boule- 
vard. Office: Prudential Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

BRUCE, Dwight Hall, postmaster Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. ; b. Lenox, Madison Co., N. Y., 
June 21, 1834; j. Gen. Benjamin Franklin 
B. ; ed. Lenox public schools and Jordan 
Acad.; m. Lenox, N. Y., Oct. 13, 1859, Emilie 
Northrup. Postmaster Syracuse, N. Y. ( 
1872-7, and since Sept. 1, 1897; Republican. 
1G yrs. a journalist; prepared Memorial His- 
tory of Syracuse, Onondaga County's Cen- 
tennial, 2 vols. ; now engaged on The Em- 
pire State in Three Centuries; liberal mag. 



and hist, writer, etc. Residence: 720 James 
St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

BRUCE, Horatio Washington, lawyer; 
b. Lewis Co., Ky., Feb. 22, 1830; s. Alexan- 
der and Amanda (Bragg) B.; private ed'n; 
in. Helm Place, Hardin Co., Ky., June 12, 
1S56, Elizabeth Barbour, d. John L. Helm. 
Admitted to bar 1851; has been common 
school trustee; mem. Ky. legislature; Com- 
monwealth's att'y, mem. Congress of C. S. ; 
circuit judge in Ky.; chancellor Louisville 
chancery court; prof, law dept., Univ. of 
Louisville; now chief att'y of Louisville & 
Nashville R. R. Co. Address: 1500 3d Av., 
Louisville, Ky. 

BRl'CE, John, U. S. dist. judge, dist. of 
Ala., since Feb. 27, 1S<5; b. Stirlingshire, 
Scotland, Feb. 16, 1832; removed to Wayne 
Co., O., 1840; grad. Franklin Coll., Ohio, 
1854; removed to Iowa; admitted to bar, 
1856; practiced at Keokuk, la.; served in 
Union army, becoming col. and bvt. brig.- 
gen.; after war cotton planter in Ala.; mem. 
Ala. legislature, 1872-4. Address: Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

BRUCE, Sannders Dewees, editor Turf, 
Field and Farm (which he founded, 1865) ; 
b. Lexington, Ky., Aug. 16, 1825 (direct de- 
scendant Robert Bruce (Scottish King); 
Grad. Transylvania Univ., 1846. Engaged in 
business, 1848, to Civil war; apptd. Union 
army, 1861; recruited and was insp.-gen. 
Union Home Guard of Ky., elected col. 
20th Ky. vols. ; built fortifications mouth 
of Cumberland river; in command 22d 
brigade, and in battle of Shiloh; injured 
by falling horse; in command provisional 
brigade, opened Cumberland river below 
Ft. Donelson; recommended for promotion 
to brig.-gen. by Gen. Sherman and Gen. 
Grant r resigned, 1864, on account of heart 
trouble, and went to New York. Authority 
on pedigree of horses. Author: American 
Stud Book (6 vols.); Horse Breeders' Guide 
and Handbook; The Thoroughbred Horse. 
Mem. Am. Geog. Soc, Loyal Legion of U. 
S. ; etc. Address: Times Bldg., New York. 

BRUCE, Wallace, lecturer, author; b. 
Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y., Nov. 10, 
1844; 5. Alfred and Mary Ann (Mac Alpine) 
B.; grad. Yale, 1867; lecturer on literary 
subjects; U. S. consul at Edinburgh, Scot- 
land, 1889-93; has delivered addresses and 
poems on various historic occasions, cen- 
tennials, Burns anniversaries, etc. Has 
been prominent as speaker at various Chau- 
tauquas throughout U. S. ; pres. Florida 
Chautauqua, De Funiak Springs, since 1893. 
Author: The Land of Burns, 1878 L3; The 
Yosemite, 1879 L3; The Hudson, 1881 H5; 
Old Homestead Poems, 1S87 HI; In Clover 
and Heather, 1889 F5; Here's a Hand, 1893 
F5; Hudson by Daylight, 1894; Hudson Pan- 
orama, 1894; Wayside Poems, 1894 HI. 
Address: 267 Stuyvesant Av., Brooklyn. 

BRUMBAUGH, Martin Grove, commr. 
of Ed'n, Porto Rico; b. Huntingdon Co., 
Pa., April 14, 1862, of German descent; ed. 
public schools, State Normal School, Mil- 
lersville, Pa., and Juniata Coll. (B. E., M. 
E., B. S., M. S.); Harvard Coll. and Univ. 
of Pa. (A. M., Ph. D.). Has taught in pub- 

lic schools, in the Normal School, in Juni- 
ata Coll. (of which he is now pres.), and 
graduate dept. Univ. of Pa. (being head of 
dept. of pedagogy). Was co. supt. public 
schools, 1884-90; state conductor of teach- 
ers' insts. in La., 5 yrs. ; lecturer on edn'l 
topics in almost all States east of the Mis- 
sissippi. Author of several books. Editor 
of the Lippincott Ed'n Series. Mem. Nat. 
Ed'n Assn., Pa. Hist. Soc, Pa. -German 
Soc, and other edn'l and benevolent assns. 
Address: San Juan, Porto Rico. 
BRUMM, Charles N., lawyer, ex-congress- 
man; b. Pottsville, Pa., June 9, 1838; com- 
mon school ed'n; 1 yr. at Pa. Coll., Gettys- 
burg; served apprenticeship as watchmaker; 
studied law; private 5th Pa. vols., for 3 
months; was elected 1st It. Then enlisted 
for 3 yrs. and was 1st It. 76th Pa. vols., 
and later asst. q. m. and a. d. c on staff 
of Gens. Barton and Pennypacker; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1871; has since practiced law. 
Elected to Congress, 1878, but counted out; 
declined appmt. as deputy atty.-gen. from 
Pres. Hayes; mem. Congress, 1881-9, and 
1895-9. Republican. Address: Minersville, Pa. 

BRUN, Constantin, E. E. & M. P. from 
Denmark to U. S. ; 5. Gen. C. A. A. J. F. 
and Ella Amalie (Bluhme) B. ; chamberlain 
to H. M. the King of Denmark; comdr. of 
the Royal Order of Danebrog; doctor in 
laws; It. in the Danish cav. ; was sec of 
legation in Berlin, 1887-91; in Paris, 1891-5. 
Address: 1521 20th St. N. W., Washington. 

BRUNCKEN, Ernest, sec. late Wis. State 
Forestry Commn. Author: North American 
Forests: Their Relations to the National 
Life of the American People, 1900 P2. 
Address: 269 17th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

BRUNDIDGE, Stephen, Jr., congress- 
man, lawyer; b. White Co., Ark., Jan. 1, 
1857; ed. private schools; studied law Sear- 
cy, Ark.; admitted to bar, 1878; in practice 
ever since; pros. atty. 1st jud. dist., Ark., 
1886-90; mem. Dem. State Central Com. of 
Ark. since 1890; mem. Congress, 6th Ark. 
dist., 1897-1903. Democrat. Home: Searcy, 

BRUXER, Lawrence, prof, entomology 
and ornithology, Univ. of Neb. ; b. Catas- 
aqua, Lehigh Co., Pa., 1856; grad. Univ. of 
Neb. (B. S.); asst. U. S. Entom. comm'n, 
1880; later field agt. U. S. Dept. Agr., div. 
entomology, Univ. of Neb., 1888; Argentina, 
S. A., 1897-8; State entomologist Neb. 
Author: Introduction to Study of Entomol- 
ogy; Destructive Locust of Argentina; mon- 
ograph, Locusts of Argentina. Wrote: The 
Family Acridiidae, Biologia Centrali Amer- 
icana, etc. ; also numerous other reports 
and papers on insects and birds. Address: 
Univ. of Neb., Lincoln, Neb. 

BRUNNER, David B., educator, author; 6. 
Amity, Pa., March 7, 1835; j. John and 
Elizabeth B. ; ed. private schools and Dick- 
inson Coll.; m. Yellow House, Pa., 1862, 
Amanda L. Rhoads. Co. supt. Berks Co., 
Pa., 1869-75; taught private school, 1875-80; 
since then propr. and prin. Reading Busi- 
ness Coll.; also well known as student and 
investigator in mineralogy and microscopy. 
Mem. Congress, 1889-93; Democrat. Author: 



English Grammar and Analysis; The In- 
dians of Berks County, Pennsylvania, 1901. 
Address: 235 S. 6th St., Reading, Pa. 

BRUJiNER, John Hamilton, ex-pres. of 
Hiwassee Coll.; b. nr. Greeneville, Tenn., 
March 12, 1825; s. Joseph B. ; grad. Tuscu- 
lum Coll., 1847 (A. M., D. D.); engaged in 
teaching; m. Elizabeth, only sister late 
Judge D. M. Key. Ordained minister M. E. 
Ch. South; pres. Hiwassee Coll., 1854, until 
resigned, 1890; fellow Soc. of Science, Let- 
ters and Art, London. Author: Sunday Even- 
ing Talks, 1879; Union of Churches, 1886; In 
Memoriam, Mrs. Robertson, 1894. Address: 
Hiwassee College, Tenn. 

BRUNS, Henry Dickson, physician, ocu- 
list.; b. Charleston, S. C, 1859; 5. Dr. 
John Dickson and Sarah Dickson B.; ed. 
private schools, New Orleans, 1870-6; Univ. 
of Va., 1876-8; med. dept. of Univ. of La., 
resident student Charity Hosp., New Or- 
leans; grad. Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 
in 1881, with Lea prize, $100, for thesis. 
Mem. La. State Med. Soc, Parish Med. 
Soc, New Orleans; late photologist to 
Charity Hosp., and visiting occulist to 
same; now surgeon in charge of eye dept., 
of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hosp., New 
Orleans, and prof, diseases of eye, New 
Orleans Polyclinic; late editor New Orleans, 
Med. and Surg. Jour. Collaborator on Am. 
Jour, of Ophthalmology; v.-p. Nat. Muni- 
cipal League, mem. exec. com. in two great 
reform political movements in New Orleans 
and chmn. of parish com. in campaign 
against La. State Lottery; pres. La. Ballot 
Reform League; mem. La. Constitutional 
Conv., 1898; Democrat. Translated "Mind 
Your Eyes," from French of late Fran- 
cisque Sarcey (with author's permission), 
New Orleans, 1886. Has written many pa- 
pers in med. journals, especially on eye 
diseases. Residence: 2308 Prytania St. Office: 
Gas Co.'s Bldg., New Orleans. 

BRUNTON, David William, mining engi- 
neer; b. Ayr, Canada, June 11, 1849; ed. To- 
ronto; course mining eng'ring Univ. of 
Mich.; in Colo, since 1875; now mine mgr. 
and pres. Taylor & Brunton Sampling 
Works Co. of Aspen, Colo.; v.-p., 1897, Am. 
Inst. Mining Eng'rs; life mem. Inst, of Civ. 
Eng'rs; and Royal Geog. Soc; mem. Colo. 
Scientific Soc; etc. Address: 865 Grant Av., 
Denver, Colo. 

BRUSH, Charles Francis, scientist, in- 
ventor; b. Euclid, O., March 17, 1849; grad. 
Univ. of Mich., M. E., 1869, M. S., 1899, (Ph. 
D., 1880, LL. D., 1900, Western Reserve 
Univ.); m. 1875, Mary E. Morris. Inventor 
of modern arc electric lighting and earliest 
pioneer in this field; founder Brush Elec- 
tric Co. ; pres. and dir. many large corpor- 
ations. Fellow, A. A. A. S. ; life mem. Brit- 
ish Assn. Adv. of Science. Decorated by 
French Govt., 1881, for achievements in 
elect, science; recipient of the Rumford 
medal, 1899. Mem. many eng'ring and 
scientific socs. Address: 453 The Arcade, 
Cleveland, O. 

BRUSH, Edward N., physician-in-chief 
and med. supt. since 1891, Sheppard and 
Enoch Pratt Hosp.; b. Glen wood, Erie Co., 
N. Y., April 23, 1852; ed. Buffalo; M. D., 

Univ. of Buffalo, 1874; in. Sept. 18, 1879, 
Delia A. Hawley. Practiced medicine and 
surgery, Buffalo, 1874-8; editor Buffalo Med. 
Jour., 1874-9; asst. physician, N. Y. State 
Lunatic Asylum, Utica, 1878-84; asst. phy- 
sician, Pa. Hosp. for Insane, Phila., 1884- 
91 ; asso. editor Am. Journal of Insanity, 
1878-84, and since July, 1897; extensive writ- 
er on insanity and other med. and surg. 
subjects. Address: Station A, Baltimore. 

BRUSH, George de Forest, artist; b. 
Shelbyville, Tenn., Sept. 28, 1855; s. Alfred 
Clark B. ; ed. cole des Beaux Arts and 
under Gerome, Paris. Awarded 1st Hall- 
garten prize, 1888; medal World's Colum- 
bian Exp'n, 1893; Temple gold medal, Pa. 
Acad. Fine Arts, 1897; asso. mem. Nat. 
Acad. Design; mem. Soc. Am. Artists; Ar- 
tists' Fund Soc. ; received gold medal Paris 
Exp'n, 1900, where his pictures, "The Ar- 
tist," and "Mother and Child," were ex- 
hibited. Residence: Tarry town, N. Y. Studio: 
50 E. 86th St., New York. 

BRUSH, George Jarvis, mineralogist; b. 
Brooklyn, Dec. 15, 1831; public school ed'n; 
studied chemistry and mineralogy at New 
Haven; in Oct., 1850, went to Louisville as 
asst. to Prof. Silliman in univ. there; re- 
ceived after exam., newly created degree 
of Ph. B., Yale, 1852 (LL. D., Harvard, 
1886); m. Harriet Silliman Trumbull. Asst. 
in chemistry, Univ. of Va.. 1852-3; studied 
in Europe, 1853-6; prof, metallurgy, 1855-64, 
Yale (now Sheffield) Scientific School; prof, 
mineralogy same since 1864; dir. Sheffield 
Scientific School, 1872-98; mem. Nat. Acad. 
Sciences since 1868; foreign mem. Geol. Soc. 
of London; and mem. of many other scien- 
tific socs. at home and abroad. Has writ- 
ten extensively on the science. Address: 14 
Trumbull St., New Haven, Conn. 

BRUSKE, August F., pres. Alma Coll. 
since 1891; b. Rachen, Prussia, March 27, 
1847; grad. Adrian Coll., Mich., 1869; at- 
tended Drew Theol. Sem., Madison, N. J. 
(D. D., Lake Forest Univ., 1891). Pastor 
Cong'l Ch., Charlotte, Mich., 1872-8; First 
Presby'n Ch., Saginaw, Mich., 1878-91. Ad- 
dress: Alma, Mich. 

BRYAN, Charles Page, E. E. & M. P. 

to Brazil since Jan., 1898; b. Chicago, 1856; 
5. Thomas Barbour B.; ed. Univ. of Va. ; 
grad. Columbian Law Coll.; admitted to 
bar, 1878; lived in Colo., 1879-83; mem. 
lower house Colo, legislature; since 1S83 
resident of Elmhurst, 111.; made 2 tours of 
Europe for the World's Columbian Exp'n; 
mem. 111. legislature 4 terms; col. on mil. 
staffs of Govs. Eaton of Colo., and Fifer, 
Oglesby and Altgeld of 111.; nominated by 
Pres. as minister to China, Oct., 1897; trans- 
ferred to Brazil, Jan., 1898. Address: Care 
State Department, Washington, D. C. 
BRYAN, Joseph Roberts, physician; b. 
Beverly, N. J., Nov. 7, 1864; 5. Dr. John 
Wolfe and Maria Adele (Laguerenne) B.; 
ed. public schools and Central High School, 
Phila.; grad. med. dept., Univ. of Pa., 
1889; m. Phila, April 20, 1891, Isabella Mc- 
Kmstry. Mem. Pathol. Soc, Co. Med. Soc, 
Pediatric Soc, all of Phila. Address: 4200 
Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 



BRYAN, Mary Edwards, author; b. Jef- 
ferson Co., Fla., 1844; d. Maj. John D. and 
Louisa M. (Houghton) Edwards; in. Mr. 
Rryan, 1S58. Was writer and corr. for 
various papers; after war edited, Natchi- 
toches, La., Semi- Weekly Times; edited The 
Sunny South, Atlanta, Ga., 1874-84; later 7 
yrs. editor The Fashion Bazaar and The 
Fireside Companion; next editor The Old 
Homestead Mag., Atlanta, and afterward 
The Half Hour Mag., New York; now writ- 
ing for mags. Author: Manch; Wild Work; 
The Fugitive Bride; Kildee; Uncle Ned's 
White Child; Ruth, an Outcast; Nan Hag- 
gard; His Legal Wife; The Girl He Bought; 
My Own Sin; His Wife's Friend, all A2; 
also a volume of poems. Address: Clarks- 
ton (nr. Atlanta), Ga. 

BRYAN, Thomas Barbour, lawyer; b. 
Alexandria, Va., Dec. 22, 1828; grad. Har- 
vard Law School, 1848; practiced in Cin- 
cinnati until 1852; since then in Chicago. 
Pres. Chicago Sanitary Fair, which netted 
more than $300,000 for the Union soldiers; 
mem. Union Defense Com.; pres. Chicago 
Soldiers' Home since about 1865; was found- 
er and owner of Graceland Cemetery, Bryan 
Hall, and the Fidelity Safe Depository, in 
which millions were saved in the Chicago 
fire of 1S71; one of comm'rs governing Dist. 
of Columbia, 1875-8; one of the active pro- 
moters and v.-p. World's Columbian Exp'n, 
1803; has been pres. Union League Club of 
Chicago. Residence: Elmhurst, 111. Office: 
Monadnock Bldg. Chicago. 

BRYAN, William Jennings, editor; b. 
Salem, 111., March 19, 1860; early ed'n in 
public schools and Whipple Acad.; grad. 
111. Coll., Jacksonville (valedictorian), 1881 
(A. M., 1884); Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 
1883; m. Oct. 1, 1884, Mary E. Baird, Perry, 
111. Practiced at Jacksonville, 111., 18S3-7; 
since then at Lincoln, Neb.; mem. Con- 
gress, 1891-5; received Dem. vote for U. S. 
senator in Neb. legislature, 1893; nominated 
in Dem. conv. for U. S. senator, 1894, but 
was defeated in legislature by John M. 
Thurston; editor Omaha World-Herald, 
1894-6, delegate Nat. Dem. Conv., 1896; 
wrote the "silver plank" in its platform, 
made a notable speech, and was nominated 
for President of U. S.; traveled over 18,000 
miles during campaign, speaking at almost 
every stopping place; received 176 electoral 
votes against 271 for William McKinley. In 
1897-8 lectured on bimetallism; raised in 
May, 1898, the 3d regt. Neb. vol. inf. for 
war against Spain, becoming its col. Again 
nominated for President in 1900 by Dem., 
Populist, and Silver Rep. convs. ; "Imperial- 
ism" was declared by the platform to 
be the paramount issue; he made an active 
canvass, but was again defeated, receiving 
In electoral college 155 votes against 292 
for William McKinley. After the election 
established w 7 eekly political mag., The Com- 
moner. Author: The First Battle; also many 
articles in mags, and newspapers. Address: 
Lincoln, Neb. 

BRYAN, William Lowe, prof, philosophy 
since 1887, v.-p. since 1893, Ind. Univ.; b. 
nr. Bloomington, Ind., Nov. 11, 1860; s. Rev. 

John and Eliza J. (Philips) B.; grad. Ind. 
Univ., 1884; A. M., 1886; Ph. D., Clark 
Univ., 1892; student Univ. of Berlin, 1886-7; 
Clark Univ. (fellow), 1891-2; instr. Greek, 
Ind. Univ., 1885; asso. prof, of philosophy, 
1885-7; m. Indianapolis, Ind., July 13, 1889, 
Charlotte A. Lowe. Mem. Council Am. 
Psychol. Assn., A. A. A. S. Author: (with 
his wife) Plato the Teacher, Selections 
from Plato; edited with notes and introduc- 
tion, 1897 S3; The Republic of Plato, with 
Studies for Teachers, 1898 S3. Contribu- 
tions: Development of Voluntary Motor 
Ability, Am. Jour. Psychology, Nov., 1892; 
Studies on the Physiology and Psychology 
of Telegraphic Language (with Noble Hart- 
er), Psychol. Review, Jan., 1877; Studies on 
the Telegraphic Language: The Acquisition 
of a Hierarchy of Habits, Ibid, July, 1899; 
Methods and Results of Child Study, John- 
son's Ency. Address: 812 College Ave., 
Bloomington, Ind. 

BRYANT, David E., U. S. dist. judge, 
eastern dist. Texas, since May 28, 1890; b. 
La Rue Co., Ky., Oct. 19, 1849; moved with 
parents to Grayson Co., Tex., Jan., 1853; 
grad. Trinity Coll., N. C, June, 1871; ad- 
mitted to bar, Grayson Co., Tex., Oct., 1873; 
practiced until 1890. Address: Sherman, 

BRYANT, Edwin Enstaee, dean Coll. of 
Law, Univ. of Wis., since 1889; b. Milton, 
"Vt, Jan. 10, 1835; s. John C. and Lorina 
(Green) B. ; ed. New Hampton Inst.; m. 
Monroe, Wis., June 29. 1859, Louise S. 
Boynton. Moved to Wis., 1857, and en- 
gaged in law practice; volunteered in Un- 
ion army, 1861; became officer in line, staff 
and field; private and exec. sec. to gov. of 
Wis., 1868-72; adj. -gen. Wis., 1882; elected 
to Wis. legislature, 187S; declined renomi- 
nation; asst. atty.-gen. U. S. for P. O. 
dept., 1S85-9; pres. Comm'rs of Fisheries of 
Wis. since 1893; pres. Comm'n for Natural 
History and Geolog. Survey of the State. 
Author of several works on law. Address: 
Law Bldg., Madison, Wis. 

BRYANT, Henry Grier, traveler, explor- 
er; b. Allegheny, Pa., Nov. 7, 1859; s. Walter 
and Ellen A. (Henderson) B.; prepared at 
Phillips Exeter Acad., N. H., 1876-9; grad. 
Princeton, 1883; A. M., 1886; grad. law, 
Univ. of Pa., 1S86. Explored Grand Falls 
of Labrador, 1891; 2d in command Peary 
Relief Expd'n, 1S92; comdr. Peary Auxil- 
iary Expd'n, 1894; comdr. Mt. St. Elias 
(Alaska) Expd'n, 1S97; pres. Geog. Soc. of 
Phila., 1897-1900; fellow Royal Geog. Soc. of 
London; corr. mem. Geog. and Anthrop. 
Soc, Stockholm; hon. v.-p. Internat. Geog. 
Congress, Berlin, 1899. Writer articles: The 
Grand Falls of Labrador, Century, 1892; 
Report on Peary Auxiliary Expd'n, 1894, and 
papers before Geog. Congresses. Residence: 
2013 Walnut St. Office: 806 Land Title Bldg., 

BRYANT, .loli ii Howard, poet, farmer; 
b. Cummington, Mass., July 22, 1807; s. Dr. 
Peter and Sarah (Snell) B.; brother Will- 
iam Cullen B., the poet; ed. dist. school, 
winters, in childhood; "Select School" and 
acad. at Cummington, 1826-7; taught school 



winters 1828-9 and 1830-1; attended Rens- 
selaer School (now Polytechnic Inst.), Troy, 
N. Y. ; removed to III., 1831; lived in Jack- 
sonville, 111., 1 yr.; since 1832 at Princeton, 
111.; m. June 7, 1833, Jacksonville, 111., Hat- 
tie Wiswall (died 1887). Served as recorder 
of deeds, chmn. bd. supervisors, etc., Bu- 
reau Co.; took govt, census of co., 1840; 
elected to 111. legislature, 1842 and 1S5S; 
Democrat until 1844; then joined Liberty 
party; Free-soil candidate for Congress, 
1354; delegate to conv. for organizing Rep. 
party, Pittsburg, 1856; delegate Nat. Rep. 
Conv., 1860; Collector Internal Revenue, 5th 
dist. 111., 1862-6. Author: Poems, 1855; 
Life and Poems, 1894 (Life by B. R. Brown), 
Lll. Address: Princeton, 111. 

BRYANT, William Cullen, pub. Brook- 
lyn Times since 1875; b. New York, Aug. 1, 
1849: ed. Brooklyn public schools and Poly- 
technic Inst.; m. Mary \V., d. Bernard Pe- 
ters, editor and prop. Brooklyn Times. Last 
comm'r Fire Dept., Brooklyn, before con- 
solidation with New York; pres. N. Y. Press 
Club; sec. and mgr. Am. Newspaper Pubs. 
Assn. since 1893; treas. Publishers' Press. 
Residence: 539 Bedford Av. Office: The Times, 

BRYANT, William McKendree, instr. 
psychology and ethics, St. Louis Normal 
and High School; 6. Lake Co., Ind., March 
31. 1843; 5. Eliphalet Wayne and Esther 
Eliza B.; grad. Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1868 
(A. M., Ohio Wesleyan; LL. D., Mo. 
Univ.); m. 1867, Sarah Augusta Shade, Co- 
lumbus, O. Private 3d Iowa inf., April, 
1861, to Sept., 1S62; then adjt. 34th Iowa 
vols, until Nov., 1864 (sp'l hon. mention in 
official history; asst. adj. -gen. brigade during 
last months of service). Supt. schools, New 
Lisbon, O., 1868-9; Burlington, la., 1870-3; 
since 1873 teacher St. Louis city schools; 
lecturer St. Louis Kindergarten Normal 
and St. Louis Soc. of Pedagogy; etc. 
Author: Hegel's Philosophy of Art, 1879 01; 
Philosophy of Landscape Painting, XI; The 
World-Energy and Its Self-Conservation, 
1890 S2; A Syllabus of Psychology, 1892 S2: 
A Syllabus of Ethics, 1893 S2; Hegel's Edu- 
cational Ideas, 1896 W21; Life, Death and 
Immortality, 189S Bl; also numerous mono- 
graphs and mag. articles on psychol., eth- 
ical and pedagogical subjects. Address: 
Webster Groves, St. Louis. 

BRYCE, Lloyd, author, editor; b. Flush- 
ing, L. I., N. Y., Sept. 20, 1851; s. Maj. J. 
S. B. ; childhood passed at Georgetown, D. 
C. ; ed. at Jesuit Coll. there and in New 
York; entered Christ Ch., Oxford, England, 
1869; grad. B. A. and M. A.; studied law in 
Columbia Coll. Law School; apptd. by Gov. 
Hill paymaster gen. of N. Y. ; mem. Con- 
gress, 1887-9, directing his efforts there to 
harbor improvement, copyright matters, 
etc. Democrat. Allen Thorndyke Rice, his 
friend, died in 1889, leaving him a control- 
ling interest in the N. Am. Review. He pur- 
chased the other interests and conducted 
the Review until 1896, when tie retired. 
Author: Paradise; A Dream of Conquest; 
The Romance of An Alter Ego; Friends in 
Exile; Lady Blanche's Salon; The Literary 

Duet; also essays, etc. Address: 12 N. Wash- 
ington Sq., New York. 

"BRYDGES, Harold," see Bridge, James 

BRYSON, John Paul, M. D. ; b. Macon, 
Miss., April 16, 1846; s. James and Eliza 
Banks B. ; grad. Humboldt Med. Coll., St. 
Louis, 1868; m. 1873, Mary Stirling Waites. 
Consulting surgeon of the St. Louis Hosp. ; 
surgeon to the St. Louis Mullanphy Hosp.; 
prof, genito-urinary surgery, med. dept. 
Washington Univ., St. Louis, since 1885. 
Residence: 3833 Pine St. Office: 2 and 9 N. 
Garrison Av., St. Louis. 

BUCHANAN, Andrew Hays, prof, mathe- 
matics and civ. eng'ring, Cumberland Univ. 
since 1869; b. in Washington Co., Ark., June 
28, 1828; 5. Isaac and Naomi B,; grad. Cum- 
berland Univ., 1853 (A. M.) ; sp'l studies 
civ. eng'ring and mathematics; hon. LL. 
D., Lincoln (111.) Univ.; m. Spring Hill, 
Tenn., July 10, 1855, Malinda Anna Alex- 
ander. Taught civ. eng'ring, 1854-61; mil. 
topog. eng'r, 1861-5, in C. S. A. under Gens. 
Bragg and Joseph E. Johnston; taught 
high school Washington Co., Ark., 1866-9; 
was employed during every 4 months' va- 
cation, 1876-96, by supt. of U. S. Coast and 
Geodetic Survey in the triangulation of 
Tenn., having entire charge of that work; 
Democrat; Cumberland Presby'n, layman. 
Author: Advanced Text-Book on "Plane 
and Spherical Trigonometry." Address: Leb- 
anon, Tenn. 

BUCHANAN, John Alexander, asso. jus- 
tice Supreme Court of Appeals, Va. ; b. 
Smyth Co., Va., Oct. 7, 1843; served private 
Stonewall brigade, C. S. A. ; taken prisoner 
at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863; remained in 
prison until Feb., 1865; mem. Va. Ho. of 
Delegates, 1885-7; mem. Congress, 9th Va. 
dist., 1889-93; Democrat. Practiced law at 
Abingdon, Va., until elected judge. Address: 
Richmond, Va. 

BUCHANAN, John Lee, pres. Univ. of 
Ark. since 1S94; b. Smyth Co., Va., June 19, 
1831; lived on farm in boyhood; grad. Em- 
ory and Henry Coll., Va., 1856 (A. M., 1859; 
LL. D., 1878); prof.. ancient languages same, 
1856-78; prof. Latin, Vanderbilt Univ., 1878. 
Later pres. Emory and Henry Coll. ; then 
pres. Va. Agrl. and Mech. Coll. ; State 
supt. public instr., Va., 1886-90; prof. Latin, 
Randolph-Macon Coll., Va., 1890-4. Address: 
Fayetteville, Ark. 

BUCHANAN, John P., farmer, ex-gov. ; b. 
in Tenn., 1847; ed. in country schools; al- 
ways a farmer; mem. of every Dem. State 
conv. since 1875; mem. Tenn. Ho. of Reps., 
1887-91; gov., 1891-3; 1st pres. State Farm- 
ers' Alliance, 1888; when that body, the 
Agricultural Wheel and the Farmers' and 
Laborers' Union combined, 1889, became 
pres. of new organization. Address: Mur- 
freesboro, Tenn. 

BUCHANAN, Joseph Ray, editor; b. Han- 
nibal, Mo., Dec. 6, 1851; ed. public schools, 
Mo. and 111.; m. Dec. 16, 1879, Lucy A. 
Clise. Learned printer's trade; went to Den- 
ver, 1878; engaged in publishing business; 
editor and mgr. Denver papers; active in 
labor and reform movements; went to Chi- 
cago, 1887; New York, 1888; engaged in ed- 



itorial work on Am. Press Assn. Assisted 
in organizing People's Party at Omaha, 
1892; elected mem. Nat. Com. for N. J., 
1892, 1896 and 1900; twice candidate for Con- 
gress, 6th N. J. dist. ; defeated. Residence: 
Montclair, N. J. Office: 45 Park PI., New 

BUCHANAN, William Inseo, director- 
gen. Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buffalo, N. Y., 1901; 
b. nr. Covington, Miami Co., O., Sept. 10, 
1853; lived on farm and ed. country schools; 
engrossing clerk Ind. Ho. of Reps., 1874-5; 
removed to Piqua, O., 1876; Sioux City, la., 
1882; one of organizers and mgrs. of first 
four corn palaces at Sioux City; apptd. 
Dem. mem. from Iowa of World's Colum- 
bian Comm'n; apptd., 1890, as chief dept. 
agr., and 1S91, in charge live stock and for- 
estry depts. of World's Fair; m. Dayton, 
0., 1878, Lulu, d. J. Insco Williams, artist. 
E. E. and M. P. to Argentine Republic, 
1894-1900. Address: Buffalo, N. Y. Home: 
Sioux City, la. 

Bl'CHTEL, Henry Augustus, chancellor 
Univ. of Denver since Jan. 1, 1900; b. nr. 
Akron, O., Sept. 30, 1847; j. Dr. Jonathan 
B. B. ; prep, ed'n private schools South 
Bend, Ind. ; grad. Asbury (now De Pauw) 
Univ., 1872 (A. M., Asbury, 1875; D. D., 
1884; LL. D., 1900, De Pauw); m. Green- 
castle, Ind., Feb. 4, 1873, Mary N. Steven- 
son. Missionary in Bulgaria, 1873; pastor 
M. E. chs. Zionsville, Ind.; Greencastle, 
Ind.; Knightstown, Ind.; Grace Ch., Rich- 
mond, Ind.; Trinity Ch., La Fayette, Ind.; 
Evans Chapel and Trinity Ch., Denver, 
Colo.; Central Av. Ch., Indianapolis, Ind.; 
1st Ch., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. ; Calvary Ch., E. 
Orange, N. J. Address: University Park, 

BUCK, Alfred Ellab, E. E. & M. P. of 
U. S. to Japan since 1897; b. Foxcroft, Me., 
1832; collegiate ed'n; m. 1864, Ellen B. Bok- 
er, Hollowell, Me. Fought through Civil 
war in Union army; settled in South; mem. 
Congress from Ala. during reconstruction 
period; presidential elector, 1868; moved 
to Atlanta, Ga., where he was clerk U. S. 
court and later U. S. marshal for Ga. ; del- 
egate to 5 Rep. con vs. Home: Atlanta, Ga. 
Address: Tokio, Japan. 

BUCK, Carl Darling;, prof. Sanskrit and 
comparative philology, Univ. of Chicago 
since, 1892; b. Bucksport, Me., Oct. 2, 1866; 
s. Edward B. ; grad. Yale, 1886 (Ph. D., 
1889) ; Larned scholar and De Forest schol- 
ar, Yale, 1886-7; sp'l fellow, Yale, 1887-8; 
Soldiers' Memorial fellow, Yale, 1888-9; 
mem. Am. School of Classical Studies, 
Athens, 18S7-9; student in Leipzig, 1889-92; 
m. Bucksport, Me., Sept. 10, 1889, Clarinda 
Darling Swazey. Mem. Am. Philol. Assn., 
Oriental Soc, Archasol. Soc. Author: Vocal- 
ismus der Oskischen Sprache, Leipzig, 1892; 
Hale-Buck Latin Grammar (with W. G. 
Hale), 1901 Gl. Wrote: Discoveries in the 
Attic Deme of Ikaria, papers of Am. School 
of Classical Studies, Athens, vol. v; The 
Oscan-Umbrian Verb-System, Chicago, 1895; 
Some General Problems of Ablaut, Am. 
Jour. Philology, 1897; Brugmann's Law and 
the Sanskrit Vrddhi, same, 1897. Address: 
University of Chicago, Chicago. 

BUCK, Daniel, lawyer; b. Booneville, N. 
Y., May 15, 1857; studied law; practiced at 
Mankato, Minn., until 1894; mem. Minn, 
legislature, 1866; senate, 1879-81; 5 yrs. 
mem. State Normal School Bd. ; pros, atty., 
Blue Earth Co. 4 yrs.; asso. justice Supreme 
Court, Minn., 1894-1900; Democrat. Residence: 
Mankato, Minn. Office: St. Paul, Minn. 

BUCK, Dudley, organist, composer; b. 
Hartford, Conn., March 10, 1839; studied at 
Trinity Coll., then Leipzig Conservatory of 
Music, and at Dresden and Paris; for sev- 
eral yrs. organist, Music Hall, Boston; later 
organist Holy Trinity Ch., Brooklyn, and 
dir. Apollo Club. Composer of organ music 
(particularly ch. music), and of operas and 
choruses. Address: 34 Sidney PI., Brooklyn. 

BUCK, George Maehan, lawyer, writer; 
b. Skaneateles, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1843; .?. 
Minerson and Hannah M. (Pierce) B. ; ed. 
common schools; studied law Battle Creek 
and Kalamazoo; admitted to bar, 1865; m. 
Kalamazoo, Mich., April 14, 1869, Annie 
Bradford. In Union army, 1862-5; circuit 
court comm'r, Kalamazoo Co., 1866, 1868. 
1870; pros, atty., Kalamazoo Co., 1871-2-3-4; 
judge probate, Kalamazoo Co., 1876-84; 
judge 9th jud. circuit, Mich., 1887-99; Re- 
publican. Mem. bd. ed'n, Kalamazoo City, 
1882-8; trustee Albion Coll., 1894-1900. Con- 
tributor to various legal publications. 
Author: Through Stress and Storm, 1900 A8. 
Residence: Kalamazoo, Mich. Office: 116 E. 
Capitol St., Washington. 

BUCK, Gertrude, instr. English, Vassar 
Coll. since 1897; b. Kalamazoo, Mich., July 
14, 1871; d. George M. and Annie Bradford 
B. ; grad. Univ. of Mich., 1894 (M. S., 1895, 
Ph. D., 1898); fellow in English, Univ. of 
Chicago, 1895; asst. in English, Univ. of 
Mich., 1896-7; teacher English, Indianapo- 
lis, Ind., High School, 1897; unmarried. 
Author: (with Miss H. M. Scott) Organic 
Education, 1899 H2; A Course in Argumen- 
tative Writing, 1899 H4; A Course in Ex- 
pository Writing (with Elisabeth Wood- 
bridge), 1899 H4; The Metaphor: A Study 
in the Psychology of Rhetoric, Ann Arbor, 
1899. Wrote: Figures of Rhetoric, mono- 
graph, 1896 01; Another Phase of the New 
Education, Forum, 1896; The Sentence Dia- 
gram, Edn'l Review, 1897; Psychological 
Significance of the Parts of Speech, Edu- 
cation, 1898; The Present Status of Rhetori- 
cal Theory, Modern Language Notes, 1900. 
Address: 20 Lafayette PI., Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y. 

BUCK, Jirah Dewey, M. D., pres. Theo- 
soph. Soc. in America; b. Fredonia, N. Y., 
1838; ed. at Belvidere, 111.; grad. Cleveland 
Homoeopathic Coll., 1864; m. 1865, Melissa 
M. Clough, Fredonia, N. Y. Was prof, phys- 
iology, Cleveland Homoe. Coll. ; settled in 
practice, Cincinnati; prof, therapeutics and 
dean, Pulte Med. Coll. Ex-pres. Am. Inst, 
of Homoeopathy; ex-pres. Ohio State Homoe. 
Med. Soc. Author: The Nature and Aims of 
Theosophy, 1887 C3; A Study of Man and the 
Way to Health, 1888 C3; Mystic Masonry, 
1896 C3; Browning's Paracelsus and other 
essays, 1897 C3; Why I Am a Theosophist, 
1900 A7. Address: 116 W. 7th St., Cincinnati. 



BUCK, Leffiert Lefferts, civil and con- 
sulting eng'r; b. Canton, N. Y., 1837; grad. 
St. Lawrence Univ., B. S., 1863 (M. S.); 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., 1868; served 
in Union army, 60th N. Y. vols., 1861-5; 
chief eng'r, New East River bridge; design- 
er and eng'r of arch bridge at Niagara 
Falls, etc. Address: 46 E. 21st St., New 

BUCKHAM, Matthew Henry, pres. Univ. 
of Vt. since 1871; b. Leicestershire, Eng., 
1832; came to U. S. in infancy; grad. 
Univ. of Vt., 1851 (D. D., LL. D.); prin. 
Lenox (Mass.) Acad.; traveled and studied 
in Europe; became prof. Greek, Univ. of 
Vt., until elected pres. Author of numerous 
sermons, addresses and rev. Address: Bur- 
lington, Vt. 

BUCKLEY, James Monroe, editor New 
York Christian Advocate since 1880; b. Rail- 
way, N. J., Dec. 16, 1836; 5. Rev. John and 
Abbie L. (Monroe) B. ; ed. Pennington, N. 
J., Sem., and 1 yr. at Wesleyan Univ. (A. 
M., D. D.; also LL. D., Emory and Henry 
Coll., Va.); studied theology at Exeter, N. 
H.; joined N. H. conf., M. E. Ch., 1858; 
went to Detroit, 1863; Brooklyn, 1866. Author: 
Travels in Three Continents: Europe, Asia, 
Africa; Oats or Wild Oats; Faith Healing, 
Christian Science and Kindred Phenomena; 
Two Weeks in the Yosemite Valley; Sup- 
posed Miracles; Christians and the Thea- 
ter; The Land of the Czar and the Nihilist; 
History of Methodism in the United States; 
Extemporaneous Oratory for Professional 
and Amateur Speakers. Address: 150 5th 
Av., New York. 

BUCKLIN, James W., lawyer; b. Big 
Rock, Kane Co., 111., Nov. 13, 1856; s. 
George and Arethusa (Winch) B.; ed. Ma- 
ple Park, 111., public schools, and Wheaton, 
111., Coll., 2 yrs.; grad. law dept., Univ. 
of Mich., 1877; m. Fruita, Colo., Jan. 1, 
1S95, Mary Lapham. Admitted to bar June 
19, 1877; practices Grand Junction, Colo. 
Mem. Ho. of Reps., Colo., 1885, 1897; mayor 
Grand Junction, 1886; city atty., same, 1890- 
2; co. atty., Mesa Co., Colo., 1894; state 
senator, 16th dist. Colo., 1898-1902; chmn. 
Colo. Revenue Comm'n to Australia, 1898- 
1900; Colo. mem. Nat. Single Tax Com.; 
prominent single taxer. Wrote: Report of 
the Revenue Commission of Colorado, pam- 
phlet, 1901 LU. Address: Grand Junction, 

BUCKNER, Albert Gallatin, pres. King 
Coll. since June, 1899; b. nr, Asheville, N. 
C, Jan. 17, 1852; s. Col. J. R. and Susanah 
B.; grad. Davidson Coll., N. C, 1879; Un- 
ion Theol. Sem., 1882; resident post-gradu- 
ate course in mental science, history and 
literature, etc.; m. Sept. 15, 1891, Mary, d. 
Alexander McRae of Marlboro Co., S. C. 
Pastor of Presby'n Ch., Wadesboro, N. C, 
Dec. 1882, to Aug., 1890; Presby'n Ch., Cyn- 
thiana, Ky., Sept., 1890, to Aug., 1899; is 
also ministerial supply, 2d Presby'n Ch., 
Bristol, Tenn. Residence: Bristol, Tenn. 

BUCK1VER, Simon Bolivar, soldier; b. 
Ky., 1823; grad. West Point, 1844; prof 
ethics there, 1845-6; asst. instr. mil. tactics, 

1848-55; in Mexican war, 1846-8; wounded 
at Churubusco and promoted to capt. ; re- 
signed from army, 1855; served in C. S. A., 
of which he became one of the leading lt.- 
gens. Gov. Ky., 1887-91; candidate for v. -p. 
of the Nat. (gold) Democrats, 1896. Address: 
Rio, Ky. 

BUCKNUM, Amasa M., M. D. ; grad. Cas- 
tleton, Vt., Med. Coll., 1849; consulting 
physician St. Luke's Hosp., Denver; mem. 
Am. Med. Assn., etc. Office: Barth Blk., 
Denver, Colo. 

Bl'DD, James Herbert, lawyer, ex-gov.; 
b. Janesville, Wis., May 18, 1853; went to 
Calif, in boyhood; grad. Univ. of Calif., 
1873; m. 1873, Inez A. Merrill; admitted to 
bar 1873, settled in practice at Stockton; 
became trustee Stockton Library; pres. bd. 
of police and fire comm'r; congressman, 
18S3-5; declined renomination; gov., Calif., 
1895-9; Democrat. Address: Stockton, Calif. 

BIEHLER, Huber Gray, teacher Hotch- 
kiss School, Lakeville, Conn. ; b. Gettys- 
burg, Pa., Dec. 3, 1864; grad. Pa. Coll., 
1883 (A. M.); m. June 14, 1893, Roberta Wolf , 
Gettysburg, Pa. Author: Practical Exer- 
cises in English, 1895 Al; A Modern English 
Grammar, 1900. Editor Macaulay's Life of 
Samuel Johnson, 1896 L4. Address: Lake- 
ville, Conn. 

BUEL, Clarence dough, asst. editor 
Century Mag. since Nov., 1881; b. Laona. 
Chautauqua Co., N. Y., July 29, 1850; at- 
tended high school and Wayland Acad., 
Beaver Dam, Wis., 1861-8; Univ. of Minn., 
1870-2; Univ. of Berlin, 1872-3; Polytechnic 
School and Univ., Munich, 1873-4; m. Sept. 
12, 1888, Mary Alice Snow (died Nov. 5, 
1898). Asst. editor Minneapolis Tribune, 
1874-5; on staff New York Tribune, 1875-81. 
Contributor to periodicals. Joint editor 
(with Robert Underwood Johnson) of Bat- 
tles and Leaders of the Civil War (4 vols.). 
Wrote: The Degradation of a State, or 
the Charitable Career of the Louisiana Lot- 
tery, Century Mag., Feb., 1892, and many 
other papers on various subjects. Residence: 
131 E. 16th St. Office: 33 E. 17th St., New 

BUEL, James "William, author; b. Gol- 
conda, 111., Oct. 22, 1849; ed. public schools 
and Univ. of 111.; m. 1871, Eliza Brawner, 
Warsaw, 111. (died Oct. 19, 1897). Clerked 
in country store; school teacher, 1887; edited 
country paper in Kan., 1870-1; reporter on 
daily papers, Kansas City and St. Louis, 
1873-8; wrote 1st book 1879; traveled through 
Siberia, 1882, visiting convict camps. Author: 
Exile Life in Siberia; The Living World; 
Story of Man; Heroes of the Dark Conti- 
nent; Columbus and Columbia; The Beau- 
tiful Story; Buel's Manual of Self-Help; 
World's Wonders; Sea and Land; America's 
Wonderland ; Beautiful Paris ; Great Achieve- 
ments of the Century; The Great Operas; 
Library of American History (6 vols.); etc. 
Address: 1332-6 Cherry St., Philadelphia. 

BUELL, Caroline Brown, writer, lec- 
turer; b. Marlboro, Mass., Oct. 24, 18-13 : rf. 
Rev. Thomas Gibson Brown of New Eng- 
land Conf. M. E. Ch. ; of Mayflower stock 



on mother's side; ed. public and private 
schools; m. East Hampton, Conn., Aug. 25. 
1S62, Lt. F. W. H. Buell (died in war). 
Sec. Nat. W. C. T. U., 18S0-93; originated 
the plan of the Loyal Temperance Legion 
(children's soc. of W. C. T. U.). Has writ- 
ten extensively for temperance publications 
and other papers; as sec, systematized the 
work of the Nat. W. C. T. U. Address: 
East Hampton, Conn. 
BUELL, Charles Edward, electro, mech. 
eng'r. ; b. Torrington, Conn., May 4, 1841; s. 
Joseph Case and Mary (Kellogg) B.; both 
now deceased; ed. Wesleyan Acad., Wilbra- 
ham, Mass.; m. Annie F. Cooper of Le- 
banon, Pa. Entered army, Co. E, 10th 
Mass. vols., April 20, 1861; honorably dis- 
charged April 23, 1863 (wounds). Registered 
patent atty., solicitor of patents. Mem. Am. 
Acad. Political and Social Science. En- 
tered telegraph service, 1864, worked for 
Am. Tel. Co., Western Union Tel. Co., The 
Franklin Tel. Co., Bankers and Brokers' 
Tel. Co., as supt. Bankers and Merchants' 
Tel Co., building lines; 3 yrs., 1865-8, ticket 
agent 4 railroads at Albany, N. Y. ; 8 yrs., 
1872-80, accountant N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 
New Haven, Conn.; pres. U. S. Telephone 
Co.; pres. The Buell Electrical and Hy- 
draulic Mfg. Co., (fire protection); sp'l agt. 
class Telegraph and Telephones, U. S. 10th 
census, 1880; chief of div., class chs., 11th 
U. S. census, 1S90; sec. U. S. sp'l comm'n 
to Porto Rico, 1898-9; Republican; Seventh- 
day Sabbath-keeper. Author: (pamphlets) 
Sunday, 1895, industrial Outlook of Cuba 
Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands, 1900 
The Storage of Electrical Energy, 1882 
Those that Own the Soil Own the Country. 
1877; Government Ownership with Individ- 
ual Possession, 1891; also contributions to 
various journals. Address:!^. Plainfield, N. J. 

BUELL, Marcns Darins, prof. New Testa- 
ment Greek and exegesis since 1884; dean 
theol. faculty since 1889, Boston Univ.; b. 
Wayland, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1851; s. Rev. E. G. 
P..; grad. Rochester (N. Y.) Free Acad., 
1868; grad. New York Univ., 1872; fellow 
same, 1872-3 (A. M., D. D.); spent 3 yrs. 
at Boston Univ. School of Theology (S. T. 
B.), and 1 yr. at Cambridge (England) and 
Berlin uuivs. ; m. Wellington, O., Dec. 31, 
1875, Edith V. Houghton. Admitted to N. 
Y. East Conf. M. E. Ch., 1875; pastor chs. 
in Portchester, N. Y., Brooklyn, and Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1875-84; spent the yr. 1879-80 in 
Europe and the Orient. Mem. Soc. Biblical 
Literature and Exegesis, Am. Oriental Soc, 
Harvard Biblical Club. Author: Studies in 
the Greek Text of the Gospel of Mark, Bos- 
ton, 1890. Address: 72 Mt. Vernon St., Bos- 

BVFFIXGTON, Adelbert It iiialdo, brig.- 
gen. and chief of ordnance, U. S. A., since 
April 5, 1899; b. Wheeling, Va., Nov. 22, 1837; 
grad. West Point, May, 1861; bvt. 2d lt. 
ordnance. Has continued in Ordnance Dept. ; 
promoted regularly to col., Feb. 28, 1889; 
in command Nat. Armory, 1881-92; Rock 
Island Arsenal, 1892-7; has perfected many 
inventions in ordnance and improved meth- 
ods of mfg. small arms; m. May 14, 1873, 

Eliza Allston White, Charleston, S. C. 
Address: Bureau of Ordnance, War Dept., 
BUFFIXGTON, Joseph, U. S. judge, west- 
ern dist. of Pa. since Feb., 1892; b. Kittan- 
ning, Pa., Sept. 5, 1855; grad. Trinity Coll., 
Hartford, Conn., 1875; studied law; ad- 
mitted to bar; practiced at Kittanning until 
apptd. judge. Address: Pittsburg, Pa. 

BUFFUM, Bart C, prof, agr., Colo. Agr'l 
Coll.; b. South Bend, Ind., April 7, 1868; 
grad. Colo. Agr'l Coll., 1890 (M. S., 1893); 
m. June 24, 1890, Luda Maude Southworth. 
Asst. in meteorology and irrigation, Colo. 
Agr'l Coll., 1890; prof. agr. and horticulture, 
Univ. of Wyo., 1901; vice dir. Wyo. Expt. 
Sta., 1S96-1900. Has written several bulls, 
and scientific papers; specialist on irriga- 
tion-agr. Address: Agr'l Coll., Ft. Collins, 

BVGBEE, Lester Gladstone, adjunct 
prof, history, Univ. of Tex. ; b. Woodbury, 
Tex., May 16, 1869; .y. Almon and Fannie 
(Nunn) B.; ed. Mansfield Coll., Tex., 1883- 
7, Univ. of Tex., 1887-9, 1890-3; grad. Univ. 
of Tex., B. Litt., 1892; M. A., 1893; Univ. 
fellow in history, Columbia Univ., 1893-4, 
1894-5; unmarried. Corr. sec. and treas. 
Tex. State Hist. Assn. ; mem. Public Ar- 
chives Comm'n, Am. Hist. Assn. Writer 
of hist, articles in reviews, etc. Address: 
Austin, Tex. 

BUGG, Lelia Hardin, author; b. Ironton, 
Mo. ; of Southern ancestry, of Revolutionary 
stock; grad. Ursuline Acad., Arcadia, Mo.; 
studied under private masters for litera- 
ture, history and music; sp'l course in phil- 
osophy and modern languages, Trinity 
Coll., Washington; took tour of Europe, 
1897; unmarried. Author: The Correct Thing 
for Catholics, 1893 B19; A Lady, 1894 B19; 
Correct English, 1895 B19; Orchids: A Nov- 
el, 1896 B19; The Prodigal's Daughter, 1898 
B19; The People of Our Parish, 1899. 
Address: Wichita, Kan. 

BUIST, George Lamb, lawyer; b. Charles- 
ton, S. C, Sept. 4, 1838; j-. George and 
Mary Edwards (Jones) B. ; ed. Charleston 
schools and Charleston Coll. ; admitted to 
bar, 1860; m. 1862, Martha Allston White of 
Charleston. Entered C. S. A., 1861, as lt. 
Palmetto Guard, participated in bombard- 
ment of Ft. Sumter and had command of 
one of iron guns in iron battery on Morris 
Island. Served through entire war, becom- 
ing maj. of arty. Has practiced in Charles- 
ton since 1865, senior of firm of Buist and 
Buist. Mem. Ho. Reps., S. C, 1877-80, sen- 
ate, 1882-98. Trustee Charleston Coll.; 
comm'r public schools of Charleston; took 
prominent position in favor of enlarged 
ed'n facilities for S. C. while in senate. 
Democrat. Address: 30 Broad St., Charles- 
ton, S. C. 

BUIST, John Somers, M. D. ; b. Charles- 
ton, S. C, Nov. 26, 1839; grad. Charleston 
Coll., 1858 (A. M.); grad. Med. Coll., State 
of S. C, 1861; is prof, surgery in latter; 
ex-pres. Med. Soc. of S. C. ; ex-mem. bd. 
of health, Charleston; has written many 
scientific and med. articles. Address: 
Charleston, S. C. 



BULKELEY, Morgan Gardner, ex-gov. 
Conn.; b. East Haddam, Conn., Dec. 26, 
1837; ed. Hartford (A. M., Yale, 1890); was 
mcht. in Brooklyn; returned to Hartford, 
1872; became pres. U. S. Bank, and later 
pres. JEtna Life Ins. Co., of which his fath- 
er, E. A. B., had formerly been pres. Mayor 
Hartford, 1880-8; gov. Conn., 1889-93; Re- 
publican. Address: Hartford, Conn. 

BULKLEY, L. Duncan, M. D. ; b. New 
York, Jan. 12, 1845; .s. Henry D. and Juliana 
(Barnes) B. ; ed. Yale Univ., 1866, Coll. of 
Phys. & Surgs., New York, 1869; studied 
dermatology abroad; m. Bergen Point, N. 
J., May 28, 1872, Katherine La Rue Mellick. 
Attending phys. New York Skin and Cancer 
Hosp. ; consulting phys., New York Hosp.; 
dermatologist Randall's Island Hosp., Hosp. 
for Ruptured and Crippled, and Manhattan 
Eye and Ear Hosp. Frequent contributor 
to med. journals. Author: Manual of Dis- 
eases of the Skin, 1898 P2; Eczema and Its 
Management, 1901 P2; Acne and Its Treat- 
ment, 1885 P2; Syphillis in the Innocent, 
1894. Address: 4 E. 37th St., New York. 

BULL, Charles Stedman, M. D. ; grad. 
Columbia Univ., A. B., 1864; A. M., 1867; 
Coll. Phys. & Surgs., New York, 1868; prof. 
Cornell Univ. Med. Coll. ; surgeon, New 
Y'ork Eye and Ear Infirmary; consulting 
ophthalmic surgeon, St. Luke's Presby'n 
and St. Mary's Hosps. ; mem. Am. Med. 
Assn., Am. Ophthal. Soc. ; N. Y. State Med. 
Assn.; N. Y. Acad. Medicine; etc. Address: 
47 W. 36th St., New York. 

BULL, Melville, congressman, farmer; b. 
Newport, R. I., 1854; prepared at Phillips 
Acad., Exeter, N. H.; grad. Harvard, 1877; 
since then engaged in farming; mem. State 
legislature, 1883-5; State senator, 1885-92; 
It. -gov., 1892-4; mem. Rep. State Central 
Com., 1885-95; delegate to Rep. Nat. Conv., 
1888; one of bd. of mgrs., R. I. Coll. Agr. 
and Mech. Arts since 1888; mem. Congress, 
1st R. I. Dist., 1895-1903. Home: Middletown, 
R. I. 

BULL, Storm, prof, steam eng'ring, Univ. 
of Wis., since 1884; b. Bergen, Norway, Oct. 
20, 1856; grad. Federal Swiss Polytechnic 
Inst., Zurich, deg. M. E., 1877; in profes- 
sional work, 1877-9; then became instr. 
Univ. of Wis. ; mem. Am. Soc. Mech. 
Eng'rs, Soc. Prom. Eng'ring Ed'n; Western 
Soc. Eng'rs: v. -p. A. A. A. S.; v. -p. of 
jury of class 21 (gen. machinery), Paris 
Expn., 1900. Author many scientific papers. 
Address: Univ. of Wis. Madison, Wis. 

BULLARD, Frederic Field, composer 
and music teacher; b. Boston, Sept. 21, 1864; 
sp'l student in chemistry, Mass. Inst, of 
Technology, 1887; studied composition and 
organ, Munich Conservatory, with Josef 
Rheinberger, 1888-92. Best known through 
his many compositions for the voice, in- 
cluding all forms of songs and part-songs. 
Address: 22 Pinckney St., Boston. 

BULLITT, John C, lawyer; b. Jefferson 
Co., Ky., Feb. 10, 1824; grad. Center Coll., 
Danville, Ky., 1842, with honors of class; 
studied law at Univ. of Lexington, Ky. ; ad- 
mitted to Louisville bar, 1845; practiced 
Clarksville, Ky., a short time; soon re- 
amoved to Louisville, and, in 1849, to Phila. ; 

was receiver of the Schuylkill Bank, gain- 
ing reputation by skillful management and 
settlement of its affairs; leading counsel 
for Gen. Fitz John Porter before advisory 
bd. of officers at West Point, 1878-9; owner 
of Bullitt Bldg., etc. Address: 732 Bullitt 
Bldg., Philadelphia. 

BULLOCK, Charles Jesse, prof, econom- 
ics, Williams Coll.; author; b. Boston, May 
21, 1869; grad. Boston Univ., 1889 (Ph. D., 
Univ. of Wis., 1895); m. June 22, 1895, 
Helena M. Smith, Washington. Author: The 
Finances of the United States, 1775-89, 1895; 
Introduction to the Study of Economics, 
1900 S6; Essays on the Monetary History of 
the United States, 1900 Ml. Editor: A Dis- 
course Concerning the Currencies of the 
British Plantations in North America, by 
William Douglass, 1S97 Ml. Address: Wil- 
liamstown, Mass. 

BULLOCK, Thomas Seaman, railroad 
builder; b. Shelbyville, Ind., Jan. 1, 1853: 
mining prospector in Ariz. ; acquired a for- 
tune and settled in New York; built Pres- 
cott & Arizona Central R. R. ; also the 
Monterey & Mexican Gulf R. R. ; completed, 
1891; etc.; m. Emma S. Peck, 1888. Resi- 
dence: 125 E. 57th St., New York. 

BUMPUS, Hermon Carey, educator; b. 
Buckfield, Me., May 5, 1862; .s. Laurin A. 
and Abbie Ann (Eaton) B. ; grad. Brown 
Univ., 1884; Ph. D., Clark Univ., 1890; m. 
1886, L. Ella Nightingale. Prof, biology, 
Olivet Coll., 1886-9; fellow Clark Univ., 1S89- 
90; asst. prof, zoology, 1890-1; asso. prof, 
zoology, 1891-2; since 1892, prof, compara- 
tive anatomy, Brown Univ. ; asst. dir. Ma- 
rine Biol. Laboratory, 1893-5; since 1898 dir. 
Biol. Laboratory of U. S. Fish Comm'n, 
Wood's Holl, 1901; asst. to pres. and curator 
of dept. of invertebrates, Am. Museum Nat- 
ural History, -New York. Author: A Lab- 
oratory Course in Invertebrate Zoology, 1893 
H4; also numerous monographs and articles 
on biol. subjects. Address: Am. Museum of 
Natural History, New Y'ork. 

BUMSTEAD, Horace, pres. Atlanta Univ. ; 
/>. Boston, Sept. 29, 1841; .y. Josiah Freeman 
and Lucy Douglas (Willis) B.; grad. Yale, 
1863; Andover Theol. Sem., 1870 (D. D., 
Univ. of City of New York, 1881); m. Jan. 
9, 1872, Anna M., d. Albert G. Hoit, portrait 
painter. After graduation from Yale at- 
tended a mil. school and was commissioned 
maj. 43d U. S. colored troops; served in 
siege of Richmond and Petersburg and later 
in Tex. After leaving Andover, studied in 
Europe, principally at Univ. of Tubingen. 
Ordained, 1872, pastor 2d Cong'l Ch., Min- 
neapolis; remaining until apptd. prof, nat- 
ural science in Atlanta (Ga.) Univ., an 
inst'n for colored students, and filled other 
positions there until becoming pres., 1888. 
Address: Atlanta, Ga. 

BUjVCE, Francis Marvin, rear-admiral 
U. S. N., retired Dec. 25, 1898; b. Hartford, 
Conn., Dec. 25, 1836; 5. James Marvin B. ; 
grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1857; It, 1861; It. 
comdr., 1863; comdr., 1871; capt., 1883; com- 
modore, 1895; rear-admiral, 1898. During 
Civil war was exec, officer Penobscot, 1862, 
iu blockading service off Wilmington, N. C. ; 



took part in various boat expdu's and skir- 
. mishes; served on Pawnee and had charge 
of naval part in attack and capture of Mor- 
ris' Island, S. C. ; served on monitor Pataps- 
co in siege of Charleston, until wounded by 
explosion of cartridges, Nov., 1863; after- 
ward on several vessels; in 1865-6 took mon- 
itor Monadnock from Phila. to San Fran- 
cisco 1st extended sea-voyage ever made 
by monitor; com'd Naval Training Stat., 
Newport, R. I., 1891-4; North Atlantic Sta., 
1895-7; navy yard, New York, 1897-9; m. 
Mary E. Bull, Hartford, Conn., 1864. Address: 
957 Asylum Av., Hartford, Conn. 

BUNCE, J. Oscar, architect, sculptor; b. 
New York, July, 1867; studied Nat. Acad. 
Design and Art Students' League; engaged 
in architectural work and sculpture. Among 
his works are portrait busts of Edward Mo- 
ran, the marine painter, and late Dr. 
Charles Lotin Hildreth, poet and editor. 
Now building Fowler Library building, Ha- 
verstraw, N. Y. Residence: Ridgewood, N. 
J. Studio: St. James Bldg., 1133 Broadway, 
New York. 

BURfCE, W. Geuney, artist; b. Hartford, 
Conn., 1840; pupil of Cooper Union and 
William Hart, New York, and Ackenbach 
and P. J. Clays, Antwerp; bronze medal 
Paris Exp'n, 1900; first public exhibition, 
Paris Salon, 1875. Address: Care Cottier & 
Co., 3 E. 34th st., New York. 

BUNDY, William Edgar, U. S. atty. South- 
ern dist. Ohio, since 1898; b. Wellston, Jack- 
son Co., O., Oct. 4, 1866; s. William San- 
ford and Kate (Thompson) B.; grad. Ohio 
Univ., 1S86 (A. M., 18S9) ; Cincinnati Law 
School, 1889; m. Covington, Ky., May 8, 
1890, Eva, d. Hon. John P. Leedom. 1889-90, 
sec. Hamilton Co. Bd. of Elections; 1891-9, 
solicitor of Norwood, O. ; 1891, province pres. 
Phi Delta Theta; 1S95-6, comd'r-in-chief 
Sons of Veterans, U. S. A. ; 1896, trustee 
Ohio Univ., apptd. for life. Editor Wellston 
Argus and Ohio Mining Journal, 1886-9. 
Pres. Ohio Rep. League, 1898. Residence: 
Norwood, O. Office: Cincinnati, O. 

BUNN, Henry Gaston, chief justice Ark. 
1893-1904; b. Nash Co., N. C, June 12, 1838; 
m., 1st, Sept. 6, 1865, Louisa E. Holmes, 
Princeton, Ark. ; 2d, June 3, 1869, Arralee 
Connolly, Camden, Ark. Was student Dav- 
idson Coll., N. C, but before graduating 
joined C. S. A.; served 1861-5; 3d It., adj., 
It. col. and col. under Gens. Ben McCulloch, 
Van Dorn in Ark. and Mo., and Beaure- 
gard, Bragg, E. Kirby Smith and J. E. 
Johnston; after war practiced law in Cam- 
den, Ark. ; State senator from Ouachita and 
Nevada counties, 1873-4; mem. Constitution- 
al Conv., 1874. Address: 2000 Wolf St., Lit- 
tle Rock, Ark. 

BUN\, Romanzo, U. S. dist. judge, west- 
ern dist. Wis., since Oct. 30, 1877; b. S. 
Hartwick, Otsego Co., N. Y., Sept. 24, 1829; 
removed to Western, N. Y., 1832; to Wis, 
1854; ed. Springville Acad., N. Y.; admitted 
to bar, 1853; practiced Ellicottville, N. Y., 
1853-4; dist. atty. Trempealeau and Monroe 
counties, Wis.; mem. legislature, 1860; cir- 
cuit judge, 6th circuit, Wis., 1869-77. Address: 
Madison, Wis. 

BUNTING, Martha, teacher Girl's High 
School; b. Phila., Dec. 2, 1861; d. Samuel 
and Susanna (Lloyd) B.; prep, ed'n Friends' 
School, Darby, Pa.; grad. Swarthmore Coll , 
1881; studied Univ. of Pa., 1888-91; Wood's 
I-loll, summers 1S91, 1892, 1899; Bryn Mawr 
Coll., 1891-3 (Ph. D., same, 1895); physi- 
ology, Johns Hopkins Med. School, 1893-4; 
laboratory Cold Spring Harbor, summer, 
1900; unmarried. Mem. Geog. Soc. of Phila.; 
Torrey Club, New York; New York Assn. of 
Biology Teachers; Collegiate Alumni Assn. 
Contributor of articles on biol. subjects to 
tech. journals. Address: 219 W. 80th St., 
New York, and 1921 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

BUBBAGE, William Henry, lawyer; b. 
New York, 1854, of English-Irish parent- 
age; admitted to bar, 1883, in Calif., also 
to Supreme Court of that State and Ariz. 
Moved to Ariz., 1884.; pres. Navajo Co. 
Bank, Winslow, Ariz.; elected pros, atty., 
Navajo Co., Ariz., 4 terms; delegate Dem. 
Nat. Conv., Chicago, 1896; mem. Nat. Dem. 
Com., 1896 to 1900; accompanied William J. 
Bryan through Ariz, in campaign tour, 
April, 1900. Address: Winslow, Ariz. 

BURBANK, Elbrielge Ayer, artist; b. 
Harvard, 111., 1858; pupil Acad. Design, Chi- 
cago, and Nat. Acad., New York; later stud- 
ied under Paul Navin and Frederick Fehr, 
Munich. Awards: Yerkes 1st prize, Chi- 
cago, 1893'; medal and honorable mention 
Atlanta Exp'n, 1895. Exhibited at Paris 
Exp'n, 1900. Address: Care Brush and Pen- 
cil, Chicago, 111. 

BURBANK, Lather, naturalist, originator 
of new fruits and flowers; b. Lancaster, 
Worcester Co., Mass., March 7, 1849; lived 
on farm during boyhood; ed. Lancaster 
Acad. ; always devoted to study of nature, 
especially plant life. Moved to Santa Rosa. 
Calif., 1875; conducts Burbank's Exp't 
Farms. Originator of the Burbank potato; 
Gold, Wickson, Apple, October Purple, 
Chalco, America and Climax plums; Giant, 
Splendor and Sugar prunes; Peachblow, 
Burbank and Santa Rosa roses; Giant and 
Fragrance callas; and various new apples, 
peaches, nuts, berries and other valuable 
trees, fruits, flowers and vegetables. Un- 
married. Address: Santa Rosa, Calif. 

BURCKHALTEB, Charles, astronomer 
in charge Chabot Observatory, Oakland, 
Calif.; b. Ohio, Jan. 5, 1849; ed. in Iowa. 
Has been on two home and two foreign 
eclipse expd'ns (from Lick Observatory to 
Japan, 1896; from Chabot Observatory to 
India, 1898; Calif., 1889, and Ga., 1900). Only 
writings, contributions to astron. mags, on 
astronomy and eclipse reports. Fellow Roy- 
al Astron. Soc; mem. British Astron. Assn.; 
past pres. and sec. Astron. Soc. of The Pa- 
cific; mem. Calif. Acad, of Sciences.; etc. 
Residence: 1224 Linden St., Oakland, Calif. 

BUBDETTE, Robert Jones, humorist, 
lecturer; b. Greensboro, Pa., July 30, 1844; 
removed in boyhood to Peoria, 111. ; ed. in 
public schools; private 47th 111. vols., 1862-5; 
was on several newspapers at Peoria, 111.; 
later asso. editor Burlington (la.) Hawk- 
eye, where he made reputation as humorist; 
later on Brooklyn Eagle; began to lecture, 



1876. Author: Hawkeyetems; Rise and Fall 
of the Moustache; Innach Garden; Life of 
William Penn; Sons of Asaph; Chimes from 
a Jester's Bells; etc. Licensed minister 
Baptist Ch., 1887; present charge, Baptist 
Chapel, Gladwyne, Montgomery Co., Pa. 
Address: 841 Orange Grove Av., Pasadena, 

BURDICK, Francis Marion, Dwlght 
prof, law, Columbia Univ., since 1891; b. 
De Ruyter, N. Y., Aug. 1, 1845; grad. Ham- 
ilton Coll., 1869; Hamilton Coll. Law School, 
1872 (LL. D., Hamilton Coll., 1895); m. June 
8, 1875, Sarah Underhill Kellogg; practiced 
law, Utica, N. Y., 1872-83; prof, law and 
history, Hamilton Coll., 1882-7; prof. law. 
Cornell Univ. School of Law, 1887-91. Mayor 
of Utica, 18S2-3; U. S. Assay Comm'r, 1889; 
pres. Patria Club, New York, 1899; pres. 
Riverside and Morningside Heights Assn., 
1900-01. Author: Burdick's Cases on Torts; 
Cases on Sales; The Law of Sales; Cases on 
Partnership; The Law of Partnership. Asso. 
editor (dept. of law) Johnson's Universal 
Cyclopaedia. Residence: 115th St. and River- 
side Drive, New York. 

BURDICK, Joel Wakeman, gen. pass, 
agt. Del. & Hudson R. R., since 1885; b. 
Almond, N. Y., June 20, 1853; common 
school ed'n; m. Jan., 1878, Ella Pixley Bart- 
lett. Entered ry. service at 15 as telegraph 
operator, steadily advancing until he be- 
came supt. telegraph, 1881; asst. gen. pass, 
agt., 18S2-5, Del. & Hudson R. R. ; dir. in 
several corporations. Address: 58 N. Pearl 
St., Albany, N. Y. 

BURPORD, John Henry, chief justice 
Supreme Court, Okla. Ty., since 1898; b. 
Parke Co., Ind., Feb. 29, 1852; j>. James B.; 
attended Waveland Coll. Inst., 1870-2; grad. 
Ind. State Univ. Law School, 1874 (LL. D.); 
m. Feb. 14, 1876, Mary A. Cheek, Indianapo- 
lis, Ind. Pros, att'y 22d circuit, Ind., 1880; 
apptd. register U. S. Land Office, Okla- 
homa City, 1890; asso. justice Supreme 
Court, 1892-8. Republican. Address: Guthrie, 
Okla. Ty. 

BURGE, J. H. Hobart, M. D.; b. Wick- 
ford, R. I., Aug. 12, 1823; .?. Rev. Lemuel B. ; 
private ed'n; M. D., Univ. City of New 
York, 1848; has since continuously practiced 
medicine and surgery, New York, Sacra- 
mento, Calif., and since 1855 in Brooklyn; 
consulting surgeon to L. I. and St. John's 
(Episcopal) hosps. ; consulting physician 
Sheltering Arms Nursery, etc. ; frequent 
contributor to med. journals. Address: 132 
Montague St., Brooklyn. 

BURGESS, Alexander, first P. E. bishop 
diocese of Quincy, 111.; b. Providence, R. I., 
Oct. 31, 1819; s. Thomas and Mary (Mackie) 
B.; grad. Brown Univ., 1838; Gen. Theol. 
Sem., New York, 1841; (hon., S. T. D., 
Brown and Racine; LL. D., Griswold) ; or- 
dered deacon, 1842; ordained priest, 1843; 
held several pastorates and was rector of 
Christ Ch., Springfield, Mass., when conse- 
crated bishop May 15, 1878. Author: 
Memoir of First Bishop of Maine, etc. 
Address: Peoria, 111. 

BURGESS, Edward Sandford, prof, nat- 
ural science, Normal Coll., New York, since 

1895; b. Little Valley, N. Y., Jan. 19, 1855; 
grad. Fredonia Normal School, 1875; Hamil- 
ton Coll., 1879 (A. M., 1882); fellow Johns 
Hopkins, 1880-1; Ph. D., Columbia Univ., 
1899; specialty, botany; m. 1884, Irene S. 
Hamilton, Fredonia, N. Y. Taught botany 
in Washington,- 1881-95; Martha's Vineyard 
Summer Inst., 1880-95; Johns Hopkins Univ., 
1885. Is sec. Torrey Bot. Club. Author: The 
Chautauqua Flora, 1877 01. Wrote: Botani- 
cal Genera, Tribes and Families in Century 
Dictionary, M to Z, 1891 C2; The Asters of 
the Northern United States (in Britton & 
Brown's Illustrated Flora with Dr. N, L. 
Britton), 1898 S3; Studies in the Genus 
Aster, 1901, Torrey Bot. Club. Address: 11 
W. 88th St., New York. 

BURGESS, (Prank) Gelett, writer, il- 
lustrator; b. Boston, Jan. 30, 1866; s. Thomas 
H. and Caroline (Brooks) B. ; ed. public 
schools, Boston; grad. Mass. Inst, of Tech- 
nology, B. S., 1887, in dept. civ. eng'ring; 
unmarried. Draughtsman with Southern 
Pacific Ry., 1887-90; instr. topog. drawing, 
Univ. of Calif., 1891-4; designer, 1894-5, and 
asso. editor of "The Wave;" editor of the 
"Lark Phyllida," Petit Journal des Re- 
fusees (San Francisco), 1895-7; writer for 
various mags, in New York, 1897-8; removed 
to London, writing for English periodicals, 
in 1898; to San Francisco, in 1900. Author: 
The Purple Cow, 1897 D10; The Lark Al- 
manac, 1898 D10; Vivette: or, the Memoirs 
of the Romance Association, 1898 C5; The 
Nonsense Almanack, 1898 S8; The Lively 
City o' Ligg, 1898 S8; Goops and How to be 
Them, 1900 SS; A Gage of Youth, 1901 S9; 
A Joyous Journey Round the Year, 1900 R7. 
Address: Bohemian Club, San Francisco, 

BURGESS, Gavon D., associate justice 
Supreme Court, Mo.; Democrat. Address: 
Jefferson City, Mo. 

BURGESS, George Farmer, congress- 
man, 10th Tex. dist, 1901-3; b. Wharton, 
Tex., Sept. 21, 1861; .v. C. H. A. B., M. D.; 
ed. in Tex. schools; m. Houston, Tex., Dec. 
28, 1888, Marie Louise Sims. Admitted to 
bar, Dec, 1882; practices at Gonzales, Tex. 
Address: Gonzales, Tex. 

BURGESS, John "William, prof, political 
science and constitutional law, and dean 
Faculty of Political Science, Columbia; b. 
Conersville, Giles Co., Tenn., Aug. 26, 1844; 
attended Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, 
Tenn.; grad. Amherst, 1867 (Ph. D. ; LL. 
D.); m. Sept. 2, 1885, Ruth Payne Jewett, 
Montpelier, Vt. Admitted to bar, Spring- 
field, Mass., 1869; prof. English literature 
and political economy, Knox Coll., 1869-71; 
studied history, public, law and political sci- 
ence at Gottingen, Leipzig, and Berlin, 
1871-3; became prof, history and political 
science, Amherst, 1873-6; since 1876 at Co- 
lumbia. Author: Political Science and Com- 
parative Constitutional Law; The Middle 
Period; and many essays on hist., political 
and legal subjects in the Political Science 
Quarterly and other mags. Address: 323 W. 
57th St., New York. 

BURK, Henry, congressman, 3d Pa. dist., 
1901-3; b. Wiirtemberg, Germany, Sept. 26, 
1850; s. David and Charlotte (Reinmann) B. ; 



ed. Phila. public schools, 1856-9; m. Phila., 
Aug. 18, 1873, Ellen Carney. Is leather 
mfr. Residence: 948 Bodinc St. Office: 409 
Arch St., Philadelphia. 

BURK, Jesse Young 1 , rector St. Peter's 
P. E. Ch., Clarksboro, N. J., since 1878, and 
sec. Univ. of Pa. since 1882; b. Phila., Sept. 
15, 1840; prepared in grammar schools and 
Episcopal Acad., Phila.; grad. Univ. of Pa., 
1862 (A. M., 1865) ; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, 
Am. Philos. Soc. ; m. 1866, Gertrude Hele. 
Residence: Clarksboro, N. J. Office: 400 
Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

BURKE, Charles H., congressman-at- 
large, S. Dak., 1899-1903; b. Genesee Co., N. 
Y., April 1, 1861; acad. ed'n; m. Jan. 14, 
1886, Caroline Schlosser; removed to Dakota, 
1SS2; admitted to the bar, 1886; mem. legis- 
lature, 1894-6; Republican. Home: Pierre, S. 

BURKE, John Edmund, R. C. clergy- 
man; b. Brooklyn, Jan. 22, 1852; studied at 
Francis Xavier Coll., New York, Mount St. 
Mary's Coll., Emmitsburg, Md., and Am. 
Coll., Rome; ordained there, Aug. 4, 1878. 
Was asst. rector Ch. of Epiphany, New 
York, but became interested in the need of 
missionary work for the colored people; re- 
signed to supply this want and, as the re- 
sult of his efforts, the Ch. of St. Benedict 
the Moor, the 1st ch. for colored Catholics 
in the Northern States, was established, and 
he became its pastor. Founded St. Bene- 
dict's Home for Destitute Colored Children, 
Rye, N. Y. Address: 264 W. 53d St., New 

BURKE, Maurice Francis, R. C. bish- 
op; b. Ireland, May 5, 1845; 5. Francis Noon- 
an and Joanna (Casey) B.; ed. at old St. 
Mary's of the Lake, Chicago, and Notre 
Dame, Ind. ; for 9 yrs. student at Am. Coll., 
Rome, Italy; ordained priest there, May 22, 
1875; was priest, Joliet, 111.; consecrated 
bishop of Cheyenne, Wyo., Oct. 28, 1887; 
transferred to see of St. Joseph, Mo., July 

25, 1893; besides English, speaks fluently 
Italian, Latin, French, German and Span- 
ish; also has a knowledge of Greek and 
Hebrew. Address: St. Joseph, Mo. 

BURKE, Milo Darwin, civil engineer; b. 
Ashland Co., O., Aug. 23,- 1841; .s. Sirenoe 
and Tirza B.; ed. common school and Ober- 
lin Coll.; did not graduate; m. Dec. 25, 1866, 
Ellen S. Bachtell. Left coll., 1863, and 
served asst. topog. eng'r at Gen. George H. 
Thomas' headquarters, Sept., 1864, to Dec, 
1865; has gen. practice in eng'ring work; 
constructed 4 inclined planes for passenger 
traffic (3 at Cincinnati and 1 at Hamilton, 
Ont.), and numerous steam, st. and electric 
roads, as well as municipal work, and de- 
veloped mineral properties. Mem. Am. Inst. 
Mining Eng'rs, 1872; Am. Soc. of Civ. 
Eng'rs, 1894; Franklin Inst, (non-resident) 
of Pa., 1898. Author: Brick for Street Pave- 
ments, 1893 C3; also numerous tech. papers 
in current publications. Residence: Kenne- 
dy, O. Office: 404 Pike Bldg., Cincinnati. 

BURKE, Stevenson, railroad pres., law- 
yer, jurist; b. St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Nov. 

26, 1824; admitted to bar, Elyria, O., 1848; 

judge common pleas and dist. court, 1862-9; 
practiced law in Cleveland since 1869. Gen. 
counsel and dir. Cleveland & Mahoning 
Valley R. R., 1872-80; since then pres., dir. 
and gen. counsel; dir. and gen. counsel, C, 
C, C. & I. Ry. Co., 1875-81; then v. -p. and 
pres., 1886; also pres. Columbus, Hocking 
Valley & Toledo Ry. Co., 1881-6; v. -p. In- 
dianapolis & St. Louis Ry. Co., 1882-6; pres. 
Toledo & Ohio Central, and Kanawha & 
Michigan Ry. Co. since 1886; pres. Central 
Ontario Ry. Co. since 1894; also pres. Re- 
public Coal Co., Canadian Copper Co., An- 
glo-Am. Iron Co.; dir. in many other mnfg. 
and business corporations. Address: Cleve- 
land, O. 

BURKE, Thomas, lawyer; b. Clinton Co., 
N. Y., Dec. 22, 1849; ^. James and B. D. B.; 
grad. Acad , Ypsilanti, Mich., 1870; studied 
Univ. of Mich., 1 yr. (LL. D., Whitman 
Coll., Walla Walla, Wash.); m. Seattle, 
Wash., Oct. 6, 1879, Caroline E. McGilvra. 
Admitted to bar, 1873; judge probate court, 
King Co., Wash., 4 yrs.; apptd. by Presi- 
dent Cleveland, Dec, 1888, chief justice Su- 
preme Court, Wash. Ty. ; resigned April, 
1889, and resumed practice; gold standard 
Democrat. Residence: Cor. Boylston and 
Madison Avs. Office: 408 Burke Bldg., Seat- 
tle, Wash. 

BURKE, Thomas Martin Aloysius, R. 
C. bishop; b. Ireland, Jan. 10, 1840; s. Dr. 
Ulie B. ; came in childhood to Utica, N. Y. ; 
studied in St. Michael's Coll., Toronto; fin- 
ished classics at St. Charles' Coll., Md.; 
taught in coll. ; studied theology in St. 
Mary's Sem., Baltimore; grad. A. M. and 
B. T., 1864. Ordained priest, June 30, 1864; 
missionary at St. John's, 1864-5, and St. 
Joseph's, 1865-94, both in Albany. Theolo- 
gian in 3d Plenary council, 1884; became 
vicar-gen., administrator, and finally bish- 
op of Albany; consecrated, July 1, 1894; 
created Knight of the Holy Sepulchre, 1890; 
Knight of the Grand Cross, 1894. Address: 
225 Madison Av., Albany, N. Y. 

BURKET, Jacob F., judge Supreme Court, 
Ohio, 1893-1904; b. Perry Co., O., March 25, 
1837; grad. Seneca Co. Acad., Republic, O., 
1859; studied law; admitted to bar, 1861; 
practiced at Ottawa, O., 1861-2; at Findlay, 
O., 1862-93; elector on Garfield and Arthur 
ticket, 1880; grand master Odd Fellows of 
Ohio, 1882-3; pres. Am. Nat. Bank, Findlay, 
since 1887. Home: Findlay, O. Official Ad- 
dress: Columbus, 0. 

BURKETT, Charles William, prof. agr. 
N. H. Coll. of Agr.; b. Thornville, O., Jan. 
3, 1873; grad. (B. Sc), Univ. of Ohio, 1895 
(M. Sc); Ph. D., Lima Coll., 1900; asst. in 
agr. there, 1895-8; editor, 1894-6, and since 
June, 1896, mng. editor Agricultural Stu- 
dent Magazine; agrl. editor Ohio State Jour- 
nal, 1896-8; at present editor Agricul- 
tural Education Magazine. Farmer's Inst 
lecturer; m. Dec. 27, 1900, Laura Anna Weis- 
man. Author: History of Ohio Agriculture, 
etc. Address: Durham, N. H. 

BURKETT, Elmer Jacob, congressman 
1st Neb. dist., 1899-1903; b. on farm, Mills 
Co., la., Dec 1, 1867; ^. H. W. B. ; grad. 
Tabor Coll., la., 1890 (LL. B., 1893; LL. M., 



1895, State Univ. of Neb.); m. Sept. 1, 1891, 
Fannie F. Wright, Glenwood, la.; teacher, 
Leigh, Neb., 1890-2; admitted to Neb. bar; 
mem. legislature, 1896-8; Republican. Resi- 
dence: 1544 B St. Office: 1026 O St., Lincoln, 

BURKS, Martin Parks (A. B., B. L.). 
prof, common and statute law, Washington 
and Lee Univ. Reporter for Supreme Court 
of Appeals of Va. Author: The Property 
Rights of Married Women in Virginia. 
Address: Lexington, Va. 

BURLEIGH, Clarence Blendon, editor 
Kennebec Journal since 1887; b. Linneus, 
Me., Nov. 1, 1864; 5. Edwin C. and Mary 
J. (Bither) B. ; grad. Bowdoin, 1887 (A. M., 
1890); m. Nov. 24, 1887, Sarah P. Quinby, 
Sandwich, N. H. State printer since 1897; 
Republican. Author: The Smugglers of 
Chestnut, 1891 Lll; The National Editorial 
Association in Florida, 1895 Lll; "Bowdoin 
87," 1900 Lll. Address: Augusta, Me. 

BURLEIGH, Edwin C, ex-gov. Me.; b. 
Linneus, Aroostook Co., Me., Nov. 27, 1843; 
ed. common schools and Houlton Acad. ; 
taught school and was land surveyor; en- 
listed in Dist. of Columbia cav., but illness 
prevented his passing med. exam. ; served 
in office of State adj. -gen.; State land agt., 
1876-8; also, 1876-8, asst. clerk, Me. Ho. of 
Reps.; clerk in State Treas. office, 1880-4; 
State treas., 1885-8; gov., 1889-92. Mem. 
55th, 56th and 57th congresses; resigned. 
Has a large fortune invested in real es- 
tate. Address: Augusta, Me. 

BURLEIGH, George Shepard, author; b. 
Plainfleld, Conn., March 26, 1821; common 
school ed'n; reared on farm; m. March 17, 
1849, Ruth Burgess, Little Compton, R. I. 
Author: The Maniac, and Other Poems; 
Signal Fires on the Trail of the Pathfinder 
(volume of Fremont campaign poetry). Ed- 
ited Charter Oak, an anti-slavery paper, in 
Hartford, Conn. ; writer prose and verse for 
mags, and papers. Address: 69 College St., 
Providence, R. I. 

BURLESON, Albert Sidney, congress- 
man, 9th Texas dist., 1899-1903; b. San Mar- 
cos, Tex., June 7, 1863; grad. Univ. of Tex., 
1884; admitted to bar, 1885; was dist. atty. 
for 8 yrs. ; Democrat. Home: Austin, Tex. 

BURLESON, lliifus Colnmbus, clergy- 
man, educator; b. nr. Decatur, Ala., Aug. 
7, 1823; 5. Jonathan and Elizabeth B. ; ed. 
Nashville Univ. ; grad. Western Bapt. Theol. 
Sem., 1847; ordained to ministry, Starkville, 
Miss., 1845; m. Independence, Tex., Jan. 3, 
1853, Georgiana Jenkins. Pastor First Bapt. 
Ch., Houston, Tex., 1848-51; pres. Baylor 
Univ., 1851-97; has preached in every town 
in Tex. except new towns and railroad sta- 
tions; baptized Gen. Sam Houston, the hero 
of San Jacinto, and Mrs. Dickinson, the 
heroine of the Alamo. Has been co-laborer 
of Sam Houston, Gen. Rush, Gov. Pease, 
and other distinguished Texans in establish- 
ing a grand system of railroads in Tex.; in- 
structed, while pres. Baylor Univ., 8,500 
students; pioneer of co-education in the 
South. Address: 912 Baylor St., Waco, Tex. 

BURLINGAME, Edward Livermore, 
editor Scribner's Magazine since 1886; b. Bos- 
ton, May 30, 1848; entered Harvard, but left 

before graduation; m. 1871, Ella F. Badger. 
Private sec. of his father, Anson B., min- 
ister to China; studied at Heidelberg, Ger- 
many, 1867-9 (Ph. D.); traveled, 1869-71; on 
editorial staff New York Tribune, 1871; on 
revision of Am. Cyclopedia, 1872-6; editorial- 
ly connected with Charles Scribner's dons 
since 1879. Address: 22 E. 78th St., New 
BURLINGHAM, Aaron Hale, Bapt. cler 
gyman; b. Castile, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1822; j. 
Charles and Hannah (Hale) B.;grad. Col- 
gate (formerly Madison) Univ.", A. M. ; 
studied divinity, Hamilton Theol. Sem. (D. 
D., Shurtliff Coll.); m. Hamilton, N. Y., 
Nov. 11, 1851, Emma Starr. Pastor: Pitts- 
burg, Pa. ; Owego, Boston, New York, Am. 
Chapel, Paris; St. Louis. Dist. sec. New 
York City of Am. Bapt. Missionary Union. 
Residence: Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Office: 182 5th 
Ay., New York. 

BURMEISTER, Ricliard, pianist, com- 
poser; b. Hamburg, Germany, Dec. 7, 1860; 
.s. Otto and Sophie (Braun) B. ; ed. in 
schools and acad. at Hamburg; studied with 
Franz Liszt, 1881-4, in Rome, Budapest and 
Weimar; m. Farmville, Va., June 29, 1899, 
Anne Atkinson. Took concert tours in Eu- 
rope, 1883-5; head piano dept. Peabody Inst., 
Baltimore, 1885-97; concert tour in Europe, 
winter, 1893; settled in New York, 1897; has 
made concert tours all over U. S. ; director 
Scharwenka Conservatory, New York, 1897- 

9. Composer: Piano Concerto in D Minor, 
with orchestra, op. 1; The Chase After For- 
tune, symphonic fantasy for orchestra, op. 
2; Two Capriccios for Piano; songs; Ro- 
mance for Violin and Orchestra, op. 7; Bal- 
lade for piano, op. 8; Re-orchestration of 
the F Minor Concerto by Chopin; Arrange- 
ment of Liszt's Concerto Pathetique (orig- 
inal for 2 pianos) for piano and orchestra; 
The Sisters, dramatic tone poem for con- 
tralto and orchestra. Address: 604 Park Av., 
New York. 

BURNAM, A. Rollins, judge Ky. court of 
appeals, 1896-1904; b. Richmond, Ky., Oct. 

10, 1846; 5. Curtis F. B.; ed. Asbury Univ., 
Ind. ; admitted to bar, 1869; m. Margaret A. 
Summers, Quincy, 111. U. S. collector in- 
ternal revenue, 4 yrs.; delegate at large 
Nat. Rep. Conv., 1896; Republican. Residence: 
Frankfort, Ky. 

BURNETT, Frances Hodgson, author, 
playwright; b. (Frances Eliza Hodgson) 
Manchester, England, Nov. 24, 1849; family 
moved, 1865, to Knoxville, Tenn. ; began 
writing for mags., 1867; m. Dr. L. M. Bur- 
nett, 1873; settled in Washington, 1875; ob- 
tained divorce, 1898; m., 2d, 1900, Stephen 
Townsend, English author. Author: (novels) 
That Lass o' Lowrie's, 1877; Dolly, a Love 
Story; Kathleen; Surly Tim and Other 
Stories, 1877; Haworth's, 1879; Louisiana, 
1880; A Fair Barbarian, 1881; Through One 
Administration, 1883; Little Lord Faunt- 
leroy, 1886; Editha's Burglar; Sara Crewe, 
1SSS; Little Saint Elizabeth, 1889; Two Lit- 
tle Pilgrims' Progress; The Pretty Sister of 
Jose, 1896; A Lady of Quality, 1896; His 
Grace of Ormonde, 1897; The Captain's 
Youngest, 189S; In Connection with the Wil- 



loughby Claim, 1899. Plays: Little Lord 
Fauntleroy; Phyllis, the Showman's Daugh- 
ter; Esmeralda; The First Gentleman of 
Europe; Nixie (with Stephen Townsend) ; A 
Lady of Quality (with same). Residence: 1770 
Massachusetts Av., Washington, and May- 
tham Hall, Rolvenden, Kent, England. 

BURNETT, Henry Lawrence, lawyer; 
b. Youngstown, O., Dec. 26, 1838; attended 
Chester Acad. ; grad. Ohio State Nat. Law 
School, 1S59; admitted to bar; m. Agnes Suf- 
fern Tailer. Two years years after begin- 
ning Civil war entered army, becoming 
capt. 2d Ohio cav. ; advanced to rank of 
brig.-gen. ; judge advocate Dept. of Ohio, 
1863; with Gen. Holt and John A. Bingham 
was engaged in prosecution of the assassins 
of Lincoln; resigned from army, 1865, and 
practiced law, Cincinnati; removed to New 
York, 1872.; U. S. dist. atty. for southern 
dist. of N. Y. Residence: 7 E. 12th St. Office: 
Postoffice Bldg., New York. 

BURNETT, John Lawson, congressman, 
7th Ala. dist., 1899-1903; b. Cedar Bluff, 
Cherokee Co., Ala., Jan. 20, 1854; s. W. E. 
J. and Mary N. B.; father died when he was 
4 yrs. old; mother supported him and his 
brothers by teaching until they were old 
enough to work; worked on farm and in 
mines, going to school between crops; stud- 
ied law at Vanderbilt Univ.; engaged in 
practice; elected to lower house, Ala. legis- 
lature, 1884; to State senate, 1886; m., 1896, 
Bettie Reader, Cleveland, Tenn. ; Democrat. 
Home: Gadsden, Ala. 

BURNETT, Joseph Herndon, pres. Lib- 
erty Coll., Glasgow, Ky., since 1899; b. Lo- 
gan Co., Ky., Sept. 1, 1848; s. Richard M. 
and Permelia (Herndon) B.; ed. 2 yrs. at 
Bethel Coll., Russellville, Ky. ; grad. Lin- 
coln Univ. (A. M.); m. Laura A. Duff, July 
18, 1871, Lincoln, 111. Pres. Auburn (Ky.) 
Coll., 1S72-87. Ordained to Bapt. ministry, 
1886. Address: Glasgow, Ky. 

BURNETT, Swan Moses, M. D.; b. New 
Market, Tenn., March 16, 1847; grad. Belle- 
vue Hosp. Med. Coll., 1870; began practice 
in Knoxville, Tenn. ; removed to Washing- 
ton, 1876; prof, ophthalmology and otology, 
Georgetown Univ., since 1879. Author: Trea- 
tise on Astigmatism, and many articles on 
diseases of eye and ear, chapters in text- 
books, etc. Pres. attending staff Central 
Dispensary and Emergency Hosp.; mem. 
staffs of Children's and Providence hosps. 
Address: 916 Farragut Sq., Washington. 

BURNHAM, Clara Lonise, author; b. 
Newton, Mass., d. late Dr. George F. Root, 
composer; moved to Chicago in childhood; 
married when very young. Has written 
poems and stories for many mags., and the 
text for many of her father's cantatas. 
Author: No Gentlemen, 1881; A Sane Luna- 
tic, 1882; Dearly Bought, 1884; Next Door, 
1886; Young Maids and Old, 1S88; The Mis- 
tress of Beech Knoll, 1890; Miss Bagg's Sec- 
retary, 1892; Dr. Latimer, 1893; Sweet Clo- 
ver, 1894; The Wise Woman, 1895; Miss 
Archer Archer, 1897; A Great Love, 189S; 
A West Point Wooing, 1899 (all M5). Address: 
55 53d St., Chicago. 

BURNHAM, Daniel Hudson, architect; b. 
Henderson, N. Y., Sept. 4, 1846; removed to 
Chicago, 1856; ed. there and in Mass.; stud- 
ied architecture in Chicago and became 
head of firm Burnham & Root, now D. 
H. Burnham & Co. ; architect of the Rook- 
ery, The Temple, Masonic Temple, 111. 
Trust Bank, Great Northern Hotel, and 
many other bldgs. in Chicago and else- 
where, including the Mills Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco; Ellicott Sq., Buffalo; Soc. for Sav- 
ings, Cleveland, and Land Title Bldg., 
Phila. ; chief architect and dir. of works 
World's Columbian Exp'n, 1890-3. Address: 
1142 The Rookery, Chicago. 

BURNHAM, George, Jr., of firm Burn- 
ham, Williams & Co., prop's Baldwin Lo- 
comotive Works; b. Phila., Nov. 30, 1849; s. 
George B. ; grad. Rensselaer Polytechnic 
Inst., Troy, N. Y., as C. E., 1872; m. April 
14, 1881, Anna G. Lewis. Pres. Municipal 
League of Phila. (local political reform 
assn.); treas. and mem. exec. com. Nat. 
Municipal League; asso. Am. Soc. Civ. 
Eng'rs. Residence: 214 N. 34th St. Office: 500 
N. Broad St., Philadelphia. 

BURNHAM, Henry Eben, U. S. senator 
from N. H., 1901-7; b. Dunbarton, N. H., 
Nov. 8, 1844; .?. Henry L. and Maria A. B.; 
ed. public schools Dunbarton, N. H., and, 
1860-1, Kimball Union Acad. ; grad. Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1865; studied law in offices 
Minot & Mugridge, Concord, N. H., and 
Judge Lewis W. Clark, Manchester, N. H. ; 
admitted to N. H. bar, April, 1868; m. Man- 
chester, N. H., Oct. 22, 1874, Elizabeth H. 
Patterson. Judge of probate, Hillsborough 
Co., 1876-9; Republican; presided at the N. 
H. Rep. Conv., 1888. Address: Manchester, 
N. H. 

BURNHAM, Michael, Cong'l clergyman; 
b. Essex, Mass. ; s. Michael and Patience 
(Andrews) B. ; grad. Phillips Acad., An- 
dover, Mass., July, 1863; Amherst Coll., 1867 
(A. M., 1877); grad. Andover Theol. Sem., 
1870 (D. D., Beloit, 1887); m. Newton, Mass., 
Feb. 8, 1871, Cassandra V. Washburn. Or- 
dained and installed pastor Central Cong'l 
Ch., Fall River, Mass.; remained until May, 
3S82; pastor Immanuel Cong'l Ch., Boston 
Highlands, 1882-5; 1st Ch., Springfield, 
Mass., 1885-94; Pilgrim Ch., St. Louis, since 
1894. Trustee Wheaton Female Sem., 1874; 
Hartford Theol. Sem. since 1886, Amherst 
Coll. since 1888, School for Christian Work- 
ers, Springfield, Mass., since 1891, Drury 
Coll. since 1894; dir. Chicago Theol. Sem. 
since 1S95; corporate mem. Am. Bd. Com- 
m'rs Foreign Missions since Oct. 28, 1885; 
chaplain Mo. Soc. Sons Revolution, 1897, 
1899; preached annual sermon for same, 1899, 
1901. Many of his sermons and addresses 
have been