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Full text of "Who's who in California : a biographical directory, 1928-29"

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^ ' V, iy 




















Copyright. 1929 


Who's Who Publishing Company 

San Francisco, California 




152 Fremont Streht 


WHO'S WHO IN CALIFORNIA is a Directory of Biographical Sketches 
of men and women who are, or who have been, prominently connected with the 
history of California. Not only do officials, soldiers, persons noteworthy in the 
church, at the bar, in literature, art, science, and the professions find place, but also 
those who have contributed to the industrial, commercial and agricultural progress 
and growth of the State. The aim of the Work is to exemplify and perpetuate, in 
the broadest sense, California civihzation through its chief personalities, and to 
reflect the spirit, genius and Hfe of each section. 

It IS acknowledged that the great forces which today contribute most largely 
to the growth of California are the people who have developed its resources, and 
their achievements deserve and have been accorded representation in these pages. 
Frank recognition is given to those who have ancient lineage and records, and also to 
others founded in the soil who are destined to become the ancestry of the future. The 
names of those individuals who have achieved prosperity or success through intelli- 
gent, arduous and faithful labor for the benefit of the State and the advancement of 
its people are justly entitled to perpetuation and one of the purposes of this Direc- 
tory is to supply an invaluable and useful means for establishing identity, relation- 
ship, birth, death, official position, and other important data which are necessary to 
the making up of such biographical history. 

In the gathering of material for this Work there has been inaugurated a system 
of local contributions from every section of California, by which are secured the 
facts in reference to many persons who have -heretofore been omitted from bio- 
graphical notice. Our State annals are full of characters worthy of the emulation of 
posterity, but their story will perish, bearing no fruit, if it be not gathered up, and 
preserved by some such method of extended research as has been adopted by the 
publishers of WHO'S WHO IN CALIFORNIA. 

The rapidity of the State's growth makes it almost impossible for each section 
to be thoroughly acquainted with the other, and it follows that a substantial pro- 
portion of those who have performed great constructive service for their fellow men 
are httle known beyond the borders of their local community, therefore this Work 
performs a commendable service by introducing these Nation-builders to the World- 

Works of this magnitude necessarily cannot be published often, consequently 
It has been thought wise to include in WHO'S WHO IN CALIFORNIA some of 
the younger men, and others, possibly not yet known, who give promise of becoming 
notable and representative in the future, so that when they suddenly come into 
prominence, as is so frequently the case, this Directory will contain information of 
their lives, which will show the groundwork of their characters and their claim upon 
the expectations of the future, the ideal of a biographical directory being to antici- 
pate the information demanded about new people as they come into prominence. 

It is aimed to have these biographical sketches include all the facts worthy ot 
mention, and, taken together, to make a contemporary History of California, politi' 
cal, social, commercial, agricultural, and industrial. 

A departure in WHO'S WHO IN CALIFORNIA is the abandonment of 
alphabetical arrangement. Experience has brought forth the knowledge that many 
important sketches invariably come to hand after their natural section in an alpha' 
betically arranged book is closed, requiring that the sketch be omitted entirely or 
that an Addenda be added to the book which at once destroys any alphabetical 
arrangement, diminishes its value for reference, and compels a reliance upon the 
Index. So, in view of the grave disadvantages of the alphabetical method, the pub- 
lishers of WHO'S WHO IN CALIFORNIA are convinced that simple traditional 
precedent for such arrangement should not be permitted to destroy freshness of 
material or stand in the way of manifest improvement. They have, therefore, disre- 
garded the alphabetical order and instead have placed in this Volume a full, analyti- 
cal Index which makes its vast information immediately and conveniently accessible. 

The publishers hope to issue subsequent editions of WHO'S WHO IN 
CALIFORNIA biennially, bringing to date the sketches of a great majority of 
present subscribers, and including the photographs of as many of such as can be 
secured. The publishers desire also to give representation in proposed subsequent 
editions to many additional representative Californians who are not included 




Foreword v 

Abbreviations ix 

Railway Abbreviations xii 

Index to Biographical Sketches xiii 

Biographical Sketches 1 

Educational and Other Announcements 701 


A. A Degree of Associate of Arts. 

A.A.A.S American Association for the 

Advancement of Science. 

A.a.g. Assistant adjutant-general. 

A. and M Agricultural and Mechan- 

A.A.O.N.M.S Ancient Arabic Order of 

the Nobles of the Mys- 
tic Shrine (Masonic). 

A.A.S.R Ancient Accepted Scottish 

Rite (Masonic). 

A.A.U j\mateur Athletic Union. 

A.A.U.W American Association of 

University Women. 

A.B. (also B.A.)... .Bachelor of Arts. 

A.B.C.F.M American Board of Com- 

missioners for Foreign 
Missions (Congrega- 

A.C Analytical Chemist; Air 

Corps; Army Corps. 

Acad Academy; Academic. 

Acct Accountant. 

A.C.P j^merican College of Phy- 

A.C.S American College of Sur- 

A.C.S.A American Schools of A- 


Actg Acting. 

A.d.c Aide-de-camp. 

Add Additional. 

Adj Adjutant; Adjunct. 

Adj. Gen Adjutant General. 

Admn Administration. 

Adv Advertising; Advocate; 


A.E Agricultural Engineer. 

A.E. and P Ambassador Extraordinary 

and Plenipotentiary. 

A.E.F American Expeditionary 

A.F. and A.M Ancient Free and Accepted 


A.F.D Doctor of Fine Arts. 

A.F. of L American Federation of La- 

Agf Agriculture. 

Agtl Agricultural. 

Agt Agent. 

A.I.A American Institute of Ar- 

Ala -Alabama. 

A.L.A American Library Associa- 

A.L.I American Library Institute. 

Am. and Amer American. 

A.M. (also M. A.). .Master of Arts. 

A.M.A American Medical Associa- 

A.M.E African Methodist Episco- 

Amer. Inst. E.E American Institute of Elec- 
trical Engineers. 

Amer. Soc. C.E American Society of Civil 


Amer. Soc. M.E American Society of Me- 
chanical Engineers. 

A.N.A A.«ociale National Acade- 

Anat Anatomical. 

Ann Annual. 

Anthrop Anthropological. 

Antiq Antiquarian. 

A.O.H Ancient Order of Hiber- 

Appmt. or 

Apptmt Appointment. 

Apptd Appointed. 

Apts... Apartments. 

A.Q.M Assistant quartermaster. 

A.R.A. Assn American Relief Adminis- 
tration Assn. 

A.R.C American Red Cross. 

Archsol Archa:ological. 

Archi Architect. 

Archtl Architectural. 

Ariz Arizona. 

Ark Arkansas. 

Any A.tillery. 

A.S ^ir Service. 

A.S.S.C Air Service Signal Corps. 

Assgd Assigned. 

Asso Associate; Associated. 

Asst Assistant. 

Asstd Assisted. 

Astron Astronomical. 

Astrophys Astrophysical. 

Atld... Attended. 

Alty... Attorney. 

Aug August. 

Aux Auxiliary. 

Ave Avenue. 

^ Born. 

B.A. (also A.B. I. ...Bachelor of Arts. 

B- Agr Bachelor of Agriculture. 

Bapt Baptist. 

Ba'ln Battalion. 

I'Arch Bachelor of Architecture. 

B-B.A bachelor of Business Ad- 

„ „ ministration. 

B-C British Columbia. 

B.C.E Bachelor of Civil Engi- 

B.Chir Bachelor of Surgery. 

B.C.L Bachelor of Civil Law. 

B.C.S Bachelor of Commercial 


Bd Board. 

B.D Bachelor of Divinity. 

B.E Bachelor of Education 

B.E.F British Expeditionary 


Bet Between. 

B.F.A Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

Bibl .Biblical. 

Bibliog bibliographical. 

Biog Biographical. 

Biol Biological. 

B.J Bachelor of Journalism. 

Bkpr Bookkeeper. 

Bks.... Barracks. 

B.L. (or Litt. B.)... Bachelor of Letters. 

Bldg Building. 

BIk Block. 

B.L.S Bachelor of Library Sci- 

Blvd Boulevard. 

B. Mus.. Bachelor of Music. 

Bn Battalion. 

B.O Bachelor of Oratory. 

Bol Botanical. 

B.P Bachelor of Painting. 

B. Pd. (or Pd.B.).. Bachelor of Pedagogy. 
B.P.E Bachelor of Physical Edu- 

B.P.O.E Benevolent and Protective 

Order of Elks. 

B. Py Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

Br Branch. 

Brig Jliioadier; Brigade. 

Brig.Gcn... fingadier General. 

Brit ...British; Britannica. 

Bril.Assn.Adv.Sci-.British Association for the 

Advancement of Science. 

Bro Brother. 

B.S. (also S.B. or Sc.B.) .Bachelor of Science. 
B.S.A Bachelor of Agricultural 

Science; Boy Scouts of 

B.S.D Bachelor of Didactic Sci- 

B.S. in Ry. M.E Bachelor in Railway Me- 
chanical Engineering. 

B.Th Bachelor of Theology. 

Bull Bulletin. 

Bur .Bureau. 



Bvt Brevet. 

Bvtd Brevetted. 

B.W.I 3ritish West Indies. 

^■^•■V Central America. 

Can Canada. ' 

Capt .._ -C^iptain. 

Cav... _ f:,ujlry 

C-E- Civij Engineer. 

C-E.F C:an,idian Expeditionary 

^, Forces. 

Ch Church. 

Chap Chapter. 

CW Charter. 

Co-D JDoctor of Chemistry. 

Chem Chemical. 

Chem.E Chemical Engineer. 

Chg Charge. 

Chirurg Chirurgical. 

Chmn Chairman. 

C-.I-C Commander in Chief. 

Civ Civil. 

Clunalol Climatological. 

Clin C.inical. 

Clk Clerk. 

C.L.S.C Chautauqua Literary and 

Scientific Circle. 

CM Master in Surgery 

C.M.T.C Citisens' Military Training 


Co Company; County. 

CO .Commanding OfBcer. 

CO.F .Catholic Order of Foresters. 

Col .Colonel. 

Coll College. 

Colo Colorado. 

Com Committee. 

Comd Commanded. 

Comdg Commanding. 

Comdr .Commander 

Comdt -Commandant. 

Commd. Commissioned, 

Commr —.".Commissioner. 

Com. Sub.- Commissary of Subsistence. 

Concerim Concertmaster. 

Condr -Conductor. 

Conf--- Conference. 

Confed Confederate. 

'-°"Sl Congregational; Congrcs- 

. sional. 

Conghst Congregationalist. 

Conn -Connecticut 

Cons Consuhing. 

Consol Consolidated. 

ConstI .- Constitutional 

v^unsm Constitution. 

Constrn Construction. 

Contbd. .Contributed. 

Contbns. - Contributions. 

Contbr Contributor. 

Conv Convention. 

Coop Cooperative. 

CorpI Corporal. 

Corpn .Corporation. 

Corr Correspondent; Corre- 

sponding; Correspon- 

Cos Companies; Counties 

C.O.T.S Central Officers' Training 


CP.A Certified Public Accoun- 

CP.H Certificate of Public 


CS Christian Science. 

C.S.A. (or CS. Army) 

Confederate States Armv. 

CS.B Bachelor of Christian Sci- 

C.S.N. (or CS. Navy)""" 

Confederate States Navy. 

C.S.R Certified Shorthand Rc- 

Ct .Court. 

C.T.A Commercial Travelers of 


C.W.S Chemical Warfare Service. 

Cycio Cyclopedia. 

d Daughter. 

D.Agr Doctor of Agriculture. 

D.A.R Daughters of the American 


D.C. District of Columbia. 

D.C.L Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.D. Doctor of Divinity. 

D.D.S Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

Dec December; Deceased. 

Deg Degree. 

Del Delaware; Delegate. 

Dem Democratic. 

D. Eng. (also Dr. 

Engring., or E.D.) Doctor of Engineering. 

Denom Denominational. 

Dcp Deputy. 

Dept.. Dipartmcnt. 

Dermatol Dcrni.itological. 


D.H.L Doctor of Hebrew Litera- 

Dir Director. 

Disch Discharged. 

Dist District. 

Div. Division; Divinity. 

D.LIii. (also L.H.D.)Doctor of Literature. 

D.M.D Doctor of Medical Dentis- 

O.O Doctor of Osteopathy. 

D.P.H. (alsoDr.P.H.) 

Diploma in Public Health, 
or Doctor of Public 
Health, or Doctor of 
Public Hygiene. 

Dr Doctor; Drive. 

D.R D.iughters of the Rcvolu- 

D. Sc. (orSc. D.).. Doctor of Science. 

D.S.C Distinguished Service ti"i 

Cross; Doctor of Surgi- Gt 
cal Chiropody. Gyn 

D.S.M Distinguished Service 


D.S.T Doctor of Sacred Theology. 

D.T.M Doctor of Tropical Mcdi- 

D.V.M Doctor of Veterinary Mcd- 

D.V.S Doctor' of Veterinary Sur- 

E .East. 

E. and P Extraordinary and Plcnipo- 


Eccles Ecclesiastical. 

Ecol Ecological. 

Econ Economic . 

Ed Educated; Edition. 

E.D. (alsoD. Eng., 

or Dr. Engring.) Doctor of Engineering. 

Ed.B Bachelor of Educition. 

Ed.D Doctor of Education. 

Edit Edition. 

Ed.M. Master of Education. 

Edn Education. 

Edni Educational. 

E.E Electrical Engineer. 

E.E. andM.P Envoy Extr,iordinary and 

Minister Plenipotentiary. 

Egyptol.- Egyptological. 

Elec Electrical. 

Elcctrochem Electrochemical. 

Electrophys Electrophysical. 

E.M Engineer of Mines. 

Emer Emergency. 

Ency Encyclopiedia. 

Eng... England. 

Engr Engineer. 

Engring Engineering. 

Engr. O.R.C Engineer Officers' Reserve 

Ei'Sr. R.C Engineer Reserve Corps. 

tingrs Engineers. 

Emomol Entomological 

Estab (established. 

Ethnol .Ethnological. 

Evang Jivangelical. 

Exam Examination; Examining. 

Exec Executive. 

Exhbn Exhibition. 

Expdn Expedition. 

Expn Exposition. 

Expt Experiment. 

Expt! £.vperimental. 

F Fellow. 

F.A Field Artillery. 

F. and A.M Free and Accepted Mason?. 

F.A.C.P Pellow American College of 

F.A.C.S Jellow American College of 


F.E Forest Engineer. 

Feb February. 

Fed Federation. 

Fgn.. Foreign. 

Fla ..Florida. 

F.O.E Fraternal Order of Eagles. 

F. of A.- Foresters of America. 

Frat Fraternity. 

F.R.C.P Fellow Royal College of 

Physicians (England). 
F.R.C.P.E fellow Royal College of 

Physicians of Edinburgh. 
F.R.C.S Fellow Royal College of 

Surgeons (England). 
F.R.S.E Fellow Royal Society of 

Ft Fort. 

General Staff Officer No 


Grand Army of the Repub- 

G A R 






1 T>i^ 



Geographical; Geographic 


General Headquarters. 

Graduated; Graduate. 

Hdqrs Headquarters. 

H.G Home Guard. 

H.I Hawaiuin Islands. 

Hist Historical; Historic. 

H.M Master of Humanics. 

Hotnoe. ..Homoeopathic. 

Hon Honorary; Honorable; Ho 


Ho. of Rep Jlouse of Representatives 


Hosp Hospital. 

Hts Heights. 

H. Ty. (or H.T.).. Hawaiian Territory. 
Hydrog Hydrographic. 

Ida Jdaho. 

Ill Illinois. 

Illus illustrated. 

Impvt improvement. 

Inc - Incorporated; Inclusive 

Incl. .Including. 

Ind indiana. 

Ind. Ty Indian Territory. 

Inf Infantry. 

Ins .Insurance. 

Inspr Inspector. 

Inspr. Gen Inspector General. 

Inst Institute. 

Instr instrvictor. 

Instrn instruction. 

Internal international. 

Intro Introduction. 

Invtnt — investment. 

I.O.B.B Independent Order of B'n: 



...International OrderofGood 

I.O.O.F Independent Order of Odd 

I.O.R.M. Improved Order of Red 


J.A.G. Res ludgc Advocate 

(Dept.) Resei 

Jan .January. 

J-B Baccaliureus. 

J-C.B ;„ri5 Canonicj Bachelor. 

J-C.L Juris Ciiiotiici Lector. 

J-D. Doctor of Jurisprudence. 

J.g. (or Jr.g.l Junior Grade. 

Jour... lournal. 

J-P Justice of Peace. 

}'■ Junior. 

J.S.D Doctor of Juristic Science 

Jud Judicial. 

J.U.D. Juns Lrtriu.iijuc Doctor 

Doctor of Both (Canol 
and Civil) Laws. 

K.C....l'..".'.'.'.\".".'.".'.'.".'Knight'of Columbus. 

K.P Knight of Pythias. 

K.T Knight Templar. 

Ky JCentucky. 

L.A Los Angeles. 

Lab Laboratory. 

Lang Language. 

Laryngol Laryngological. 

Lbr Lumber. 

Leg Legislative. 

L.H.D Doctor of Literature (also 


L.I Long Island. 

Lieut, (or Lt.) Lieutenant. 

Lit Literary; Literature. 

Lit. Hum Litaae Himmiiorcs (clas- 
sics, Oxford Univ.. Eng.) 

Litt.B. (or B.L.). ...Bachelor of Letters. 

Litt.D... Doctor of Letters. 

LL.B Bachelor of Laws. 

LL.D Doctor of Laws. 

LL.M. (or M.L.)... Master of Laws. 

L.O.M Loyal Order of Moose. 

L.R.C.P. Licentiate Royal College of 


L.R.C.S Licentiate Royal College of 


L.S.A Licentiate Society of Apoth- 

Lt. (or Lieut.) Lieutenant. 

Lt.Col Lieutenant Colonel. 

Lt.Gen Lieutenant General. 

Lt.Gov... Lieutenant Governor. 

Ltd Limited. 

Luth Lutheran. 

m Married. 

M.A. (or A.M.) M.ister of Arts. 

Mach Machine. 

Mag Magazine. 

M.Agr Master of Agriculture. 

Maj Major. 

Maj.Gen Major General. 

Mass Massachuretts. 

Math Mathematical. 

M.B Bachelor of Medicine. 

M.B.A Master of Business Admin- 

M.C Member of Congress; Med- 
ical Corps. 

Mcht Merchant. 

M. Cp Master of Chiropody (car- 
ries title of Dr.). 

Md Maryland. 

M.D Doctor of Medicine. 

M.Di Jvfaster of Didactics. 

M.Dip Master in Diplomacy. 

Mdse Merchandise. 

Me Maine. 

M.E Mechanical Engineer; 

Methodist Episcopal. 

Mech Mechanical. 

M.E. Ch Methodist Episcopal 


Med Medical. 

Med. O.R.C Medical Officers' Reserve 

Med.R.C Mcdlca^Reser^•e Corps. 

Mem Member. 

Met Metropolitan. 

Mctall Mttalhirgical. 

Meteorol Mereiirological. 

Meth Methodist. 

Mctcol... Mctrological. 

Mex Mexico, 

M.F Master of Forestry. 

M.F.A Master of Fine Arts (car- 
ries title of Dr.) 

Mfg Manufacturing. 

Mfgd Alanufacturcd. 

Mfr Manufacture; Manufactur- 

Mfrs Alanufacturers. 

Mgr Manager. 

M.I Military Intelligence. 

Mich Michigan. 

Micros Microscopical. 

Mil Military. 

Minn .Minnesota. 

Miss Mississippi. 

M.I.T Massachusetts Institute of 


MX. (or LL.M.) -Master of Laws. 

M.Litt Master of Literature. 

Mile Mademoiselle (Miss) . 

Mmc Madame. 

M.M.E Master of Mechanical En- 

Mng Managing. 

Mo Missouri ; Month. 

Mont Montana. 

M.P Methodist Protestant. 

M.Pd Master of Pedagogy, 

M.P.E Master of Physical Educa- 

M.P.L Master of Patent Law. 

M.R.C.P Member Royal College of 


M.R.C.S Member Royal College of 


M.S. (or M.Sc.).-. Master of Science. 

M.S.F Master of Science of For- 

Mt Mount. 

Mtd Mounted. 

Mtge Mortgage. 

Mtn Mountain. 

Mus Museum; Musical. 

Mus.B Bachelor of Music. 

Mus.D. (or Mus.Doc.) Doctor of Music. 

Mut Mutual. 

M.V.M Massachusetts Volun teer 


M.W.A Modern Woodmen of 


Mycol Mycological. 

N North. 

N.A National Academician; 

North America; Nation- 
al Army. 

N.A.D National Academy of De- 

Nat JMational. 

N.B New Brunswick. 

N.C JMorth Carolina. 

N.D North Dakota. 

N.D.G.W Native Daughters of the 

Golden West. 

N.E Northeast, also New Eng- 

N.E.A National Educational Asso- 

Neb J^ebraska. 

Nev Jslevada. 

N.G. National Guard. 

N.G.N.Y JJational Guard of New 

N-H. New Hampshire. 

N J New Jersey. 

N M New Mexico. 

Nov Kovember. 

Nr Near. 

N S Nova Scotia. 

N S G W. J^ative Sons of the Golden 

N T New Testament. 

Numib Nu 

O Ohio. 

Obs Observatory. 

Obstct Obstetrical. 

Oct.. October. 

O.E.S .Order of the Eastern Sta 

Ofcl Official. 

Okla. Oklahoma. 

Ont Ontario. 

Ophthal Ophthalmological. 

Opt.D. . Doctor of Optometry. 

O.Q.-M.G OiBce of Quartcrmast< 


O.R.C Officers' Reserve Corps. 

Ore Oregon. 

Orgn Organization. 

Ornithol .Ornithological. 

O.S.B .Order of Saint Benedict. 

O.T Old Testament. 

O.T.C Officers' Training Camp. 

Otol. Otological. 

O.T.S .Officers' Training School. 

O.U.A.M Order United American 


Pa Pennsylvania. 

Pac Pacific. 

Pass Passenger. 

Path Pathological. 

Pd.B. (or B.Pd.) -...Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

Pd.D JDoctor of Pedagogy. 

Pd.M Master of Pedagogy. 

P.E Protestant Episcopal. 

Pe.B .Bachelor of Pediatrics. 

P.E.N Poets, Playwrights. Editors. 

Essayists and Novelists 
(Internat. Assn.). 

Pharm Pharmaceutical. 

Pharm.D Doctor of Pharmacy. 

Pharm. M Master of Pharmacy. 

Ph.B Bachelor of Philosophy. 

Ph.C Pharmaceutical Chemist. 

Ph-D Doctor of Philosophy; Doc- 
tor of Pharmacy. 

Ph-G Graduate in Pharmacy. 

Phila Philadelphia. 

Philol Philological. 

Philos Philosophical. 

Photog Photographic. 

Phys Physician. 

Phys. and Surg Physicians and Surgeons. 

Physiol.. Physiological. 

P.I Philippine Islands. 

PI PI,u-e. 

P.-M Paymaster. 

Polit. Political. 

Poly. Polytechnic. 

Pomol... Pomological. 

Post Grad .Post Graduate. 

P.P.I.E Panama-Pacific Internation- 
al Exposition. 

P-Q Province of Quebec. 

P.R Porto Rico. 

Prac... Practice. 

Prep Preparatory. 

Pres President. 

Presbyn Presbyterian. 

Prcsdl Presidential. 

Prin Principal. 

Proc. Proceedings 

Prod Produced (for production 

of play) ; Producer. 

Prof Professor. 

Prog Progressive. 

Propr Proprietor. 

Pros, Atty Prosecuting Attorney. 

Pro Tem Pro tempore (for the time 

being) . 

Psychiat .Psychiatrical. 

Psychol Psychological. 

Ptg.... Printing. 

Pub Public; Publisher; Publish- 
ing; Published. 

Pnbl Publication. 

Pvt Private. 

Py.B Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

Q.M. Quartermaster. 

Q.M.C Quartermaster Corps. 

Q.M.Gen .Quartermaster General. 

Q.M.O.R.C Quartermaster Officers' Re- 

Q.M.R.C Quartermaster Reserve 


Q""- Quarterly. 

Que Quebec (province). 

(R ) 






Royal Arch Mason. 

Roman Catholic; Reserve 

Revenue' Cutter Service. 


Kural Delivery. 

Reformed Episcopal. 

Rep Republican; Representative; 


Res. (or Res.) Jleserve. 

Rev Review; Reverend; Re- 

(R.F.) JReserve Force. 

R.F.D Rural Free Delivery. 

Rhinol Rhinological. 

R.I Rhode Island. 

R.M.S Railway Mail Service. 

Rbntgenol Roentgenological. 

R.O.S Royal Order of Scotland. 

R.O.S.C Reserve Officers' Sanitary 

R.O.T.C Reserve Officers' Training 


R.P Reformed Presbyterian. 

R.R Railroad. 

R.T.C Reserve Training Corps. 

Ry Railway. 

i Son. 

S South. 

S.A South America. 

San Sanitary; Sanitarium. 

S.A.R Sons of the American Rev- 
S.A.T.C Students' Army Training 

Savs Savings. 

S.B. (also B.S. or Sc.B.)Bachelor of Science. 
S-C South Carolina; Sanitary 

Sc.D. (or D.Sc.)... .Doctor of Science. 
S-C.D Doctor of Commercial Sci- 

Sch SchooL 

Sci Science; Scientific. 

S-C-V Sons of Confederate Vet- 


S'^-* Society of Colonial Wars. 

S-P South Dakota. 

S-E Southeast. 

1*"^ Secretary. 

Sect Section. 

Sem Seminary. 

Sept September. 

Sergt Sergeant. 

S-F San Francisco. 

S.I Staten Island. 

S-J Society of Jesus (Jesuit). 

S.J-D Doctor Juristic Sciince.' 

f.M Master of Science. 

Soc. Society. 

Sociol .Sociological. 

S. of V Sons of Veterans. 

S.O-R.C ...Signal Officers' Reserve 

_ Corps. 

S-O-S Service of Supply. 

Spec Specializing. 

Spl Special. 

Splst Specialist. 

Splty Specialty. 

Sq Square. 

Sr Senior. 

^.R.-- Sons of the Revolution. 

S-R-C Signal Reserve Corps. 

S.S Sunday School; Steamship. 

St Saint; Street. 

Sta Station. 

Statis Statistical 

S.T.B Bachelor of Sacred Theol- 

S.T.D Doctor of Sacred Theology. 

S-T.L Licentiate in Sacred The- 
ology; Lector of Sacred 

^upt Superintendent. 

Surg.. Surgical. 

S.W Southwest. 

Symph Symphony. 

T. and S Trust and Savings. 

Tech .Technical; Technology. 

Technol .Technological. 

Temp Temporary. 

Tenn Tennessee. 

Ter. (or Ty. ) Territory. 

T.H. (or H.t! )".■.;."." Territory of Hawaii. 

Th.D Doctor of Theology. 

Theol Theological. 

Th.M Master of Theology. 

Topog Topographical. 

Tp. (orTwp.) Township. 

T.P.A Travelers' Protective Assn. 

Tr Training; Trustee; Trust. 

Trans Transactions; Transferred. 

i.'!°ti Translation, Translations. 

Trl^!'- ■■:::.■■.■■.■-.■■■ -Treasurer; Treasury. 

Twp. (otTp.) Township. 

Ty. (or Ter.) Territory. 

Ij University. . r-u ■ , 

K-R United Brethren in Chn. . 

u!c!T.'.'.".V.-.V.".'.'"'.'"..-United Commercial Travcl- 

UC.V ^"''"^ Confederate Veter- 

,,DC United Daughters of the 

^■"- Confederacy. 

V,T "UniteTPrMbyterian; Union 

"■'^ Pacific. 

Urol H'°!°fst«es 

U s United btates. 

\\i§C Sl'dlJ^Cc^Guard. 

P.icT L'-S. Colored Troops, 

H-f'HG' United States Home Guard. 

u.s.n.o — ,, . J c,Ti-pc Marine 

U.S.M.C United States Man 


U.S.M.H.S .United States Marine Hos- 
pital Ser\-ice. 

U S N United States Navy. . 

uiNiA... United States National 

Army. , 

U.S.N.G .United States National 


U.S.N.R.F United^ States Naval Re- 

U.S.P.H.S .United States Public Health 


U S R .United States Reserves. 

uJiR.C.S U.S. Revenue Cutter Ser- 

U.S.V H"^«^ I'""a wrvet- 

U S.W.V United Spanish War vei 


an; Veterinary, 

, Vol 

.Versus (against). 

W \Vest. 

w/-,«h .Washington (state). 

^ CTU -..Womans Christian Tern- 

perance Union. 

i^DC War Department Citation. 

■Whse.-.'...-..--. .Warehouse. 

Whsle. Wholesale. 

W.I.-.'.-.-. ^^^"' Indies. 

S'^iw —.Woodmen of the World. 

^'Va. ' - West Virginia. 

Wyo..— .Wyoming. 

Y r I .Young Ladies' I"!,titute. 

Y.m'c-A: Young^ Men s Christian 

Y M H A Young"Men-s Hebrew Assn. 

yIm:"'. .— Young Men-s Institute. 

YW!C.A-------- Young Women's Christian 


Zool Zoological. 


A..B.a:A.Ry.- Atlanta, Birmingham cT At- 

* <" I n B Atlantic Coast Line R.R. 

AlSp-Ry -:::- -:-A,lant,c ^ Pacik Rv. 

A.^.KS.F.Ry Atchison, Topeka S Santa 

Fe Ry. 

B.&A.R.R Boston S Alb;>7 Y' 

B^8i WR.R Baltimore ^ Ohio South- 

western R.K. 
B..R.a:P.Ry BuSalo Rochester tr Pitts- 

burgh Ky. 

Can. Nat. Rys Canadian National Rail- 

C.a:A.R.R CW"eo ^ R.l'rHnoton tf 

C-B.^Q-«V.Co Chicago, ^Burlin„ton 


C.a:E.I.R.R Chicago tf Ea.tern Illinois 

r,nt Pac Ry Cenirai Pacific Railway. 

c"g T.Ry^' Chicago » Grand Trunk 

C.G.W.Ry. Chic^a'go Great Western Ry. 

C H.atD.Ry Cincinnati, Hamilton cr 

Dayton Ry. ,. „ 

CI.&L.Ry Chicago Indianapolis tf 

Louisville Ry. 
C M.&St.P.Ry Chicago. Milwaukee if bt. 

Paul Ry. 
r N Rv ...Canadian Northern Ry. 
C.ScN.-W^Ry-: Chicago S Northwestern 

r nf Ga Rv ..-.Central of Georgia Ry. 

C-.^o'kv ■•"■ Chcsapeake^^ Oh^o Ry. 

f^ p D., L.anaaian racinc ivy. 

CRI.&P-Ry'- •■-■■■-Chicago, Rock Island (f Pa- 

C R.R.of N.J Central Railroad of New 

C.&S.Ry.Co.- Cotor'ado if Southern Ry. 

C.,St.P.,M.&:O.Ry..Chic°ago, R. Paul, Minne- 
' apolis <? Omaha Ry, 

C Vt Ry Central V>Lr:iont Ry, 

C;a:W,I.R.R Chicago ^ Western Indi- 

D.&H.Co.. Delaw.ire S H..d-or 

D..L.a:W.R.R -Delnware. Lac.-:aw. 

\\ cstcrn R.K. 
D.a:R.G.W.R.R.Co.D en v e r fe' R i o C 

Western K.K. t->i 



G.T.Ry. - 

G.W.Ry.of Can.. 

..Gulf. Colorado c# Santa Fc 

GullV Mobile 6? Northern 

Great Northern Ry. 
Grand Trunk Ry. 
Great Western Ry. of Can- 


L.A. Ry. Corpn.. 
L.A.-S.F. Nav. C 

L.A.S.S. Co.... 








...Hocking Valley Ry. 

Illinois Central R.R. 
...International Great North- 
em R.R. 

ias City Southern Ry. 

..L o s A n g e 1 e s Railway 

..Los Angeles-San Francisco 
Navigation Co. 
L.,s Angeles tf Salt Lake 

RR. , . „ 

Los Angeles Steamship Co. 

.-Lake Erie &' Western R.R. 

Lone Island R.R- _ 

Louisville S Nashville R.R. 

.-.Lake Shore 6= Michigan 

Southern Ry. 
...Lehigh Valley R.R. 

...Michigan Central R.R. 

Kansas 6? Texas 







.F.)Market St. Railway Co. 
(San Francisco). 
..Missouri Pacific Ry. (now 
Missouri Pacific R.R.). 
....Mobile if Ohio R.R. 
.....Minneapolis &r St. Louis 

RyMinne'apolis, St, Paul is" 
Sault Ste. Marie Ry. 
...Mount Tamalpais if Muir 
Woods Railway. 

Nashville, Chattanooga if 

St. Louis Ry. 

Northern Pacific Ry. 

.Northwestern Pacific Rail- 
..Norfo.k if Western Ry. 
t R. New York Central if Hud- 
son River R.R. 
..New York Central R.R. 

N Y.,C.KSt.L.R.R..New York, Chicago if St. 

Louis R.R. 
N.Y.SN.E.Ry New York 6? New England 

N Y N H.acH.R.RNew York. New Haven 6? 

Hartford R.R 
N Y O.&W.Ry >lew York,OntarioH'\V est- 

ern Ry. 

O.S.L.R.R O egon Short Line R.R. 

O -W.R.R.SiN.Co.-Oregon-Washmgtpn R.K. 
if Navigation Co. 

Pac.Elec.Ry.Co. (L.A.) v;-.-, ■ r> 

Pacific Electric Railway Co. 
(Los Angeles). 

Pac.S.S.Co .P.-cific Steamship Co. 

Pac.Tel.&Tel.Co.(S.F.a:L.A.). .--.- 

Pacific Telephone if lele- 
graph Co. (San Francisco 
.and Los Angeles). 

Pa.R.R. ...Pennsylvania R R. 

P..C..C.&St.L.R.R..Pittsburgh Cincinnati, 
Chicago if St. Louis R.K. 

Penna.Co Pennsylvania RR. Co. 

PG.a:E.Co.(S.F.).Pacific Gas if Electric Co. 
(San Francisco). 

P.&L.E.R.R Pittsburgh if Lake Erie 

P M R R ....Pcre Marquette R.R. 

p'eck Ry Philadelphia if ReadingRy. 

p'. SC S.R. Ry. Co....Pctaluma 6= Santa Rosa 
Railway Co. 

S.A.L.Ry Seaboard Air Line Ry. 

S.P.Co .Southern Pacific Co 

S P. a: S. Ry. Co.-.Spokane, Portland if Seat- 
' tie Railway Co. 

St.L.KS.F.R.R St. Louis if San Francisco 


T.aiP.Ry.Co .Texas if Pacific Ry. Co. 

U.P.R.R Union Pacific R.R. 

W C Ry Wisconsin Central Ry. 

vw'a/t E Rv .Wheeling if Lake Erie Ry. 

W:P.R.R.Co: \Vesten. Pacific R.R. Co. 

W.S.R.R. " i:-" Shore K.K. 

Y.&M.V.R.R .Ya:oo if Mississippi Valley 

Y V R R Co Yoscmite Valley Railroad 




.\'arae Ci'y 

ABBOT. Samuel L. Jr., chemical merchant San Francisco 

ABBOTT, Carl H., attorney Oakland 

ABBOTT, Clark L.. physician, surgeon Oakland 

ABBOTT, Ira Roger, educator Campbell 

ABBOTT. W. Lindlcv, attonnv San Francisco 

ABBOTT. William H.. ni,,ii,,t;u Los Angeles 

ABBOTT, William M.. lauver San Francisco 

ABDY, Rowcna Meeks, artist San Francisco 

ABEL. Theodore Curtis, clergyman, lecturer Hollywood 

ABERNETHY. William W., steam engineer Los Angeles 

ABIKO, Kyutaro, publisher San Fr.incisco 

ABRAHAMSON, Albert, fruit packer San Francisco 

ACKER, Nicholas A., patent attorney Oakland 

ACKERMAN, Robert L., merchant San Francisco 

ADAIR, Harold Chase, dentist San Francisco 

ADAIR, Joseph A., attorney _ Los Angeles 

ADAMS, Albert M., farmer Los Angele* 

ADAMS, Annette A., lawyer San Francisco 

ADAMS, Arthur L., hydraulic engineer Piedmont 

ADAMS, Charles A., attorney San Francisco 

ADAMS. Charles C. landscape architect Los Angeles 

ADAMS, Edward August, attorney _ Los Angeles 

ADAMS, Edward F., editorial writer San Francisco 

ADAMS, Eliiabeth S., educator Los Angeles 

ADAMS, Emma Lee, clubwoman San Francisco 

ADAMS, Frank Lemuel, physician, surgeon Oakland 

ADAMS. Frank S., attorney Los Angeles 

ADAMS. Harry M.. raiKvav ..ffieial San Francisco 

ADAMS. Harry W., cattleman Los Angeles 

ADAMS, lames H., banker _ Los Angeles 

ADAMS, Leiand D., production engineer San Francisco 

ADAMS, M(arvin) Earle, publisher, postmaster Hcaldsburg 

ADAMS, Morgan, mortgage banker Los Angeles 

ADAMS, Walter 8., astronomer Pasadena 

ADAMS, William P., attorney Los Angeles 

ADAMS, William W., inycstment broker San Francisco 

ADDICOTT, James E., educator San Francisco 

ADKINSON, Alvah W., clergyman Los Angeles 

ADOREE, Renee, motion picture .actress CuKer City 

AGGELER, William T., jurist Los Angeles 

AGUILAR y ADAME, Juan, musician, composer....Los Angeles 

AHMANSdN, Howard F., insurance official Los Angeles 

AHRENS, Harold R.. merchant, lawyer Los Angeles 

AICHER, lohn W. H., finance corporation official.-.Los Angeles 

AINLEY, Frank C, obstetrician Los Angeles 

AINSWORTH, Frank H., federal adyiser San Francisco 

AINSWORTH, Frank H. Jr., attorney San Francisco 

AINSWORTH, Frank K., surgeon San Francisco 

AINSWORTH, Robert H., architect Pasadena 

AITKEN, Malcolm D., educator Mountain View 

AITKEN, Robert G., astronomer Mt. Hamilton 

AKED, Charles P., clergyman Los Angeles 

AKERS, Earl, banker, insurance broker Los Angeles 

AKERS, John A., walnut grower La Habra 

AKIN, William H., realtor Los Angeles 

ALBEE, Merton A., attorney Los Angeles 

ALBERS, George, flour miller San Francisco 

ALBERTI, Robert A., importer Los Angeles 

ALBRIGHT, Charles C., realtor Los Angeles 

ALCO, Julian Harry, Christian Sc.elKe 

practitioner San Francisco 

ALDEN, Bertram P., surgeon San Francisco 

ALDERSON, Victor C, college president La loUa 

ALDRICH, Clarence N., architect Long Beach 

ALDRICH, William McK., pharmacist Los Angeles 

ALDRIDGE, Eugene T., manufacturer Los Angeles 

ALEXANDER, Douglas C, investment broker San Francisco 

ALEXANDER, Herbert P., steamship man San Francisco 

ALEXANDER, Jewel, attorney Sin Francisco 

ALEXANDER, Wallace McK., sugar factor S,,n Fimcisco 

ALEXANDER, William S.. insur.ancc audilm S ,„ 1 , ,nci*co 

ALLAN, Patrick G., telegraphist 1!, rkeiey 

ALLARDT, Charles P., mechanical engineer S,,n f r.nicisco 

ALLEN, Benjamin S., publicist San Francisco 

ALLEN, Edward F., editor, author San Francisco 

ALLEN. Frank P. Jr., architect San Diego 

ALLEN, George W. H., retired Pasadena 

ALLEN, Harris C. architect, editor San Francisco 

ALLEN, Matthew T., jurist Pasadena 

ALLEN, Miles D., auctioneer Los Angeles 

ALLEN, Robert E.. physician San Frandsco 

ALLISON, David C, architect Los Angeles 

ALLISON, James E., architect Los Angeles 

ALTMAN, John C. attorney Sa: " 

Hame City Page 

AMBROSE, Thomas L., jurist Los Angeles 631 

AMELUNG. Hcinrich W,, merchant Los Angeles 90 

AMES, Elwin Witt, physician Los Angeles 116 

AMWEC, Frederick J., civil engineer San Francisco 266 

ANDERSON. A. E., transportation official San Francisco 450 

ANDERSON, Aldcn, banker Sacramento 269 

ANDERSON, Andrew C, automoliv. engineer Francisco 71 

ANDERSON, Arch W., banker Los Angeles 164 

ANDERSON, Clyde Maxwell, Los Angeles 145 

ANDERSON, Frank B., banker San Francisco 27 

ANDERSON, Harold J., hotel mamigcr Piedmont 429 

ANDERSON, James A., attorney Los Angeles 638 

ANDERSON, Jodc A., musician Los Angeles 465 

ANDERSON, lohn A., astronomer Pasadena 237 

ANDERSON, Marshall S., auditor b.s Angeles 190 

ANDERSON, Oscar, master manner San Francisco 52 

ANDERSON, Scott, educator Hollywood 427 

ANDERSON, Thomas H., insurance executive San Francisco 356 

ANDERSON, Walter N.. investment banker Los Angeles 254 

ANDERSON. William H., attorney Los Angeles 83 

ANDRES, Frank E., realtor. Alhambra 330 

ANDREWS, George L., petroleum engineer Whittier 93 

ANDREWS, Lorrin, attorney Ln* Angeles 418 

ANDREWS. Willedd, attorney L.k Angeles 573 

ANDREWS. William S.. lawyer San Francisco 76 

ANGELLOTTI. Frank M., lawyer San Francisco 266 

ANGELLOTTI, Marion Polk, author San Francisco 264 

ANKELE, lohn H. Jr., .attorney San Francisco 309 

ANKERS. George E.. mining, metallurgical 

engineer Los Angeles 198 

ANLOFF, CnialJ I. Kilra Ln~Ane.l,~ 684 

ANSELL, PeiilV.ll L,. ineiiieeni.lngist tl.ikliiij 503 

ANSPACHER. Sim, ,11. merchant San Fr.inei-eo 630 

ANTENORCRUZ. Andres, merchant Los Angeles 127 

ANTHONY. Edwin R., railway official San Francisco 69 

ANTHONY, James, journalist San Francisco 420 

APPLEGATE, Samuel, mining Berkeley 466 

APPLETON, Harold G., realtor, trucking exccutivc.Los Angeles 91 

ARAM. William p., lawyer Alameda 592 

ARBOGAST, Glenn E.. electrical engineer. 

contractor I ,« Anoeles 571 

ARBURUA. Joseph M.. vcterinari.m S ,,, I , ,,,, i . ., 691 

ARCHBALD. Harry R., jurist I A; , 629 

ARCHER, H(enry) Lester, life inMii.mce hiokei. S,:. I; ,;,.; 611 

ARCHER, Leo E.. steamship man S,.u f lai.^i.,.., 681 

ARCHER. Richard T., .attorney Los Angeles 87 

ARD. Ligon B.. merchant Los Angeles 563 

ARDIS. lulius H., attorney Los Angeles 453 

AREY. Ralph J., consulting civil engineer Los Angeles 236 

ARLETT. Arthur, building contractor Berkeley 396 

ARMES. George A., shipbuilder San Francisco 379 

ARMIT.AGE. Merle, impresario Los Angeles 3 56 

ARMSBY, George N.. banker Burlingame 149 

ARMSBY, James K., fruit packer San Francisco 419 

ARMSTRONG, Ervin S., mining engineer Los Angeles 94 

ARMSTRONG, Harold T., banker, realtor San Francisco 393 

ARMSTRONG, Harry H., development cnginecr...Xos Angeles 487 

ARMSTRONG, James H., merchant Oakland 612 

ARMSTRONG, W. M., metallurgist Los Angeles 688 

ARNDS, Burton N., m.anu[acturer Los Angeles 188 

ARNOLD, Edward W.. realtor San Francisco 353 

ARNOLD. George S.. lawyer Francisco 177 

ARNOLD. Harold L.. merchant, realtor Los Angeles 185 

ARNOLD. Lloyd R.. banker Francisco 40 

ARNOT. Alexander R.. iii, San Francisco 198 

ARNOT, Philip H., .iiie San Francisco 344 

ARNOTT. lames A., biiilJiiie e^mi laor San Francisco 319 

ARNOTT, \\-,llard, oil ,,pei,it,,i Los Angeles 105 

ARNSTEIN. Walter, engineer, realtor San Francisco 314 

ARONSON. Daniel, insurance man San Francisco 609 

ARTERBERRY. Herman L., lawyer Los Angeles 128 

ARTHUR, George K., motion picture actor Culver City 597 

ARTHUR, lames B., s.ili. m, ^, r Los Angeles 490 

ASBURY. Frank H., tr...,,,, ,m ,n>,„ , v cutive Dicgo 107 

ASHE, Gaston M., attorn, -. San Francisco 677 

ASHLEY, Grace B., soci.d «nrker Los Angeles 207 

ASHMORE, William, missionary Santa Ana 299 

ASHTON, lames T.. merchant Pasadena 626 

ASKEY, Edwin V., surgeon Los Angeles 648 

ATHERTON, Gertrude F.. author S.m Franeise.i 50 

ATHERTON, Merrill R., auto de.iKr .... L... An •, :, < 240 

ATKINSON, Charles E., physician .ui..,,,ii Bn.niii' 158 

ATKINSON, Douglas G., stock hi,. L,r.. S ,n Fr,inei-e,. 320 

ATKINSON, Lynn S. Jr., enginceimg eiaitraeieu Lo, Angeles 89 

ATKINSON, Ralph, clergyman, educator South P.isadcna 230 

ATWATER, H. Kent, merchant San Francisco 611 

ATW'OOD, Clarence G., attorney San Francisco 337 



ATWOOD Willnm R aci.ountant 
AUDRAIN Lcsht C phv^aan ^ 
AUnER Con^nnt J raail icxvlIl 
AUSLEN Wil.nm dintist 
AUSTIN Aubnv E r 
AUSTIN I. hnVanA m'-urmcc 
AUSTIN R, h rt E lawvi-r 
AUSTIN Slill rd W corporation > 
AVEN^LI EttorL banker 
AVER\ Mil N bnnkcr 
AVERY Ru ru i^t 
AVIS W iltLi M binkur rtaltor 
AYER Chrun^L E nnnufaaurLr 
AYER hn^ vinLvirdi^t 
AYTON, Charks D acLOuntant 
AYULO Manuel mtmbcr diplomitiu 


BAAD CharlLs hntLl manager 

BABB Tc.nv Olmr corpontion txeeutive 

BABBITT Edttin Burr irmy officer 

BABBITT limL- E h^^ycr 

BABCOrk DjMd T investment banker 

BABCOCk CrnLvt S investment brokei 

BACCARI Alksindri, utisr pli ^^neht 

BACH Boi! Eduin ir.hite.t buildur 
BACHELDER Cul A minulieUiar 
BACHMANN ( e, ikl W phi ml i in sur, 
BACK.ALUPI limLL A banker 
BACKUS lohn I irehiteet 
BACKUS W Orrin manufaeturer 
BACON, Edward Remington merchant 
BACON Frank P realtor 
BACON John A life underwriter 
BACON John B F mine owner 
BACON Llcud F motion pieture dir et r 
BACON Willnm J -.tock broker 
BADGLEY GeorEc E lime plant lnlluhl 
BADHAM Bvrrn lames hardware m .n 
BADHAM Willird E merchant kglsl it 
BAEHR Ma\ I einsul 
BAER FrmeiL S banker 
BAER John W b inker 
BAFF W lib im E p itent attorney 
BAGG rhirle P rhysician, surgeon 
BAGLEY FreJeriLk H income tax and ini 
BA(,LEY R. bcrt H mcrehint 
BAILEY Antelo A ediiL ,tor 
BAILEY Chirlo M eorpritim iflieiil 
BAILEY Edeeard P phiMeim writer 
BAILEY Llovd C dentist 
BAILEY Willi ,m C phvs 

BAIN (hirk H 
BAIN Ferdin ind R 
BAIRD Willi im S 
BAKER Danford M 

im1 ind minin„ engi 
nestment bmk r 

public utilities ffic 
( phvsiciin sur 
municipal judge 

ce official 

BAKER DinfordM |r msurinec broker 

BAkER DiMd I armc officer 

BAKER, Eirk D mcr hindi i bi ;k r 

BAKER, Eugcn. V reiki ubdn iJ r 

BAKER, Geortc W Ir 1 mk i 

BAKER Gcoi,; W ( 1 li 1 

BAKER lohn E idci I I ' 1 iuiigcmcnt 

B^KER Liwrcn T 

BAkER L rin L h 1 I ' ' 

BAkER M. Ik I 111 ' ' '■ '"t 

BAkER Mil. A minul ti.rcr 

BAkER W ik field m ichint 

BAkEW ELL Pennmin phc ski in, surgeon 

BAkEW ELL 1 Im Ir icliitcct 

BALfH All n I I 111 li ntihti remizcr 

BALDW IN \1 n I I I 1 I 

BALinX IN I I.I I "I II il I II I 

BALDW IN \ mil. 

BALENTINL Arthur T ,ii.n 111 r 

BALL Chiiks D physieim u,e n 

BALLAGH lames H liwicr . .Il . 

BALLANTINE lohn Kn.,N li . Im t 

BALLARD Russdl H utiliti i i > i 

BALLIN Hui,> iitist 

BALSINGER W illiim E pi. ii " i 

BALZER Albert T mcrchinl 

BANC ROFT George moti ,n pi i u i > i 

BANC ROFT Piul fruit rinchci 

BANDINI Elliott idccrtisint. n. .n 

BANGS, Benjamin utility oftciil 

BANGS, Edw ltd G Van D architect 

BANGS, Isaac F educator, investment broker 

Los Angeles 
Los Angeles 
San Francisco 
Sin Francisco 
Santa Monica 
Sinta Barbara 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 



Los Angeles 


Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Santa Birbara 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Sin Francisco 

Los Anteks 

San Francisco 

Santa Monie i 

Sin Francisco 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 



San Francisco 


Los Angeles 

Los Anfe,cks 

Long Beach 

Los Angeles 


Los Angcks 

Los Angeles 

t Los Angeles 

Oakl ind 


San Frincisco 

Sin Marino 

San Franc isc. 

Los Angeles 
San Francisco 

Los Angeles 
Santa B irbara 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angcks 


Los Angeles 

Los Angcks 

San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

Mill ViUey 

Los Angcks 

Long Beach 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

Santa Barbara 

San Francisco 

Los Angcks 

Sin Francisco 

Los Angcks 

Los Angcks 


BANkS Helen \V author 
BANk\ Vilma motion picture .ctress 
BANNING Hancock capitalist 
BANNINC Willi im P imctmcntbi 
BANTA Herbert I auto supplv dc lie 
BANT A Mirk inurince mm 
BARBEE Stmkv N merchant 
BARBER John E banker 
BARBOUR Henry E congressman 
BARD Samuel F builder 
BARDEEN Hugh Allan oil opentor 
BARHAM Courtney L h inker 
BARHAM Frank F publi h. 


I 1,1c 

Los Angeles 


Los Angeles 

Los Angcks 

H 1K« .od 

Sin Frmci co 

L An,cks 

bin Frmcisco 



BARKAN Hans physi. 

BAR k AN Otto phv 

BARKER Albert E i 

BARKER Charles H 

BARKER Glarcnce A 

?..\n\ n Fr' P m 

II M' ' ' I 

I: I ' 

li.M'lM 1 


BARLO\\ I Im U '1.1 ' ^"' 
BARLOW W liter I pin i im 
BARNES Edwin A inic tm nt 
BARNES Lconird S ittornci 
BARNES Pitrick H inic tmcn 
BARNES Ro cr W phi i i m 
BARNFS S.mucI D phi man 
BARNES W liter A engineer 
BARNEbON C ipt lohn capit 
BARNETT Blune bond broke 
BARNETT Inint, P attorney 
BARNHART Walter I oil pr< 
BARR William artist 
BARRIC KLO Elmer attorney 
BARROW l.ihn V cliniciin 
BARROWS P.M 1 1 I i ! 

BARRY lihi. I' I 
BARRY Th ,111 1 
BARRY MORI- I 1 i ■ i 
BARRYMORh L. n I . t r 
BARTHELMEbS Richird m. ti 
BARTLETT ClitTord L phi i 
BARTLETT Dam W ekrgim 
BARTLETT Loui lawyer 
BARTON Lorcn R irtist 
BASHAW El land H contraetc 


in W 

ell I 
: W 


Santa Barbara 


Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 


Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 


Los Angeles 

Sm Francisco 

San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 


Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

Sin Francisco 

Los Angeles 


Lo Angeles 

S m Francisco 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 


Culler City 


P isadena 

Beicrly Hills 

b m Francisco 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 


CI ircmont 

BAXTER Bruce R ckrt 
BAXTER Don lid E rb 
BAXTER Iriing in ur .i 
BAXTER Iriint. F I .i. 
BAXTER Mirtha W 
BAXTER Warner m iti 
BAYLY Harold inictn; 
BAYLY Rov D ini. t 
BEACHY Walter F c 
BEAKBANE Thorn is W 
BEAL Carl H 
BEALE Frank G elc t 
BEALE Robert lawicr 
BEALL Frmk M mci 
BEAN Alton L ciiil 
BEAN Barton T inj.i 
BEATON Kenneth C 
BEATTY lames the itr 
BEATTY James H ju 
BEAUDINE Willnm r 
BECK Eugeni 
BECKER Hu.. - 
BECkETT Frederick A 
BECkETT Cam. r A n 
BFC kETT W 1 1 W 
BEC kETT W h I r M 
BEf kLE\ R. Ixit M 1 
BEC kM AN I ilm W 
BECkMAN Nellie Sin 
BEDELL Nclsim H n 
BEDFORD Ekinor ml 
BEEDY Louis S ittoin 
BEERS Frink mcrchmt 
BECGS James sui^eon 



Sm Francisco 508 

Sin Frmcisco 461 

Lo Angeles 207 

i,r Lo Angeks 126 

Gkndale 200 

Los Angeles 529 

Los Angeles 207 

Santa Barbara 3 1 5 

Los Angeles 301 

Los Angeles 102 

Los Angeles 168 

La Joila 589 

Los Angeles 98 

Los Angeles 593 

Los Angeles 619 

San Francisco 637 

Los Angeles 666 

Los Angcics 502 

San Francisco 3 46 

il Oakland 680 

Hollywood 3 

San Francisco 4 5 

Los Angcics 643 

Burbank 604 

Los Angeles 185 

Oakland 407 

Los Angeles 518 

Beverly Hilis 591 

Los Angeles 5 52 

Los Angeles 32 

Oakland 591 

San Francisco 412 

Oakland 400 

; Sm Francisco 441 

S in Francisco 3 88 

Los Angcics 101 

Beverly HlLs 547 

San Francisco 393 

Hollywood 99 

Hollywood 490 

Hollywood 175 

Hollywood 580 


Kamc CUy 

BEHREND, Genevieve A. dc G.. mental science 

teacher Los Angeles 

BEHREND. Hugo W., shipping man Los Angeles 

BEHRENDS, Frederick R., trust company officiaL...Los Angeles 

BEHRENS. Albert P., banker Petaluma 

BEHYMER. Lynden E.. impresario Los Angeles 

BEIDLER, George, financier and realtor. Santa Monica 

BELDEN, Harry B., realtor Oakland 

BELGRANO. Francesco N., banker Oakland 

BELGRANO. N. Jr.. banker San Francisco 

BELL. C. R., banker Los Angeles 

BELL. George L., industrial expert _ San Francisco 

BELL. Harmon. lawyer Piedmont 

BELL. J. Franklin, army officer, engineer San Francisco 

BELL. Newton H., life insurance counselor San Francisco 

BELL. Roy M.. merchant Altadcni 

BELL. William M., bishop Pucntc 

BELMORE. Lionel, motion picture actor Hollywood 

BEM. Stanislas, violoncellist San Fr.incisco 

BENEDICT. Elsie L., lecturer, author Carmel 

BENEDICT, Harry J., realtor Los Angeles 

BENEDICT. Pierce E., agriculturist Beverly Hills 

BENELL, lohn A., industrial, financial engineer Los Angeles 

BENIOFF," David, wholesale furrier San Fr; ■ 

BENIAMIN. Edward H.. consulting mining 

ensinccr S^ 

BENJAMIN, Raymond, atty.. Rep. political leader..San Fri 

BENNER, EKvin, construction engineer Oakland 

BENNETT, Alfred K., hotelman Santa Barbara 

BENNETT. Charles V., sugar manufacturer San Francisco 

BENNETT. Edwin S., physician Los Angeles 

BENNETT, Harold C. manufacturer Los Angeles 

BENNETT. James C. mechanical engineer Emeryville 

BENNETT. lamci S.. lawyer Los Angeles 

BENNETT. L. H.. merchant San Francisco 

BENNETT, William Z., chemist Pasadena 

BENT. Arthur S., engineering contractor Los Angeles 

BENTE. Frederick, clergyman Redwood City 

BENTEL, Theodore F., realtor, investment manager.. ..Alhambra 

BENTLEY, Robert I., packer San Francisco 

BENTON. John W.. army aviation officer San Francisco 

BENTON. Mary L., educator.... San Francisco 

BENTON. Richmond P.. appraiser _ Los Angeles 

BERENDSEN. John C. merchant San Francisco 

BERGER, Morris E., manufacturer Vernon 

BERGEROT, Pierre A., attorney San Francisco 

BERGIN, Charles B., manufacturer Los Angeles 

BRRGSTROM, Herman S., finance Corp. official Los Angeles 

BERKLEY. Hugh K.. physician Los Angeles 

BERN. Paul, motion picture director Los Angeles 

BERNHARD. George M., merchant _ San Francisco 

BERRES, Albert J., labor official Hollywood 

BERRY, Frederick L., attorney San Francisco 

BERSON, George A., nerve specialist Los Angeles 

BERTOLA. Mariana, physician, clubwoman San Francisco 

BETTIN. Mona Eleanor, physician Los Angeles 

BETTY. Marion P.. attorney Los Angeles 

BEUTEL, Frederick, attorney _ Los Angeles 

BEVAN. Arthur D., surgeon Pasadena 

BEYRLE. Thomas, manufacturer Los Angeles 

BlANCHl, Eugene Jr., attorney San Francisco 

BIANCHI, Julio D., physician, surgeon Ventura 

BIBBINS, Tracv E., merchant Berkeley 

BIDDLE, Samuel E.. banker _ Oakland 

BIDELMAN. Robert M.. inventor Hollywood 

BIGGS. Elmer LeR., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

BILGER. Frank W., paving official Oakland 

BILLINGS. Cornelius K. G.. capitalist Santa Barbara 

BINDER. Herman A., insurance man San Francisco 

BINGAMAN, Joseph W. D.. attorney Oakland 

BINGH,'\M. Joseph W.. university professor Palo Alto 

BINKLEY. Charles F.. banker, investment broker... .Los Angeles 

BIRD. Remsen du Bois. college president Occidental College 

BIRGE. Fred A., banker San Francisco 

BISHOP. Arthur R.. real estate broker Los Angeles 

BISHOP. Carl R.. physician, surgeon Long Beach 

BISHOP, Daniel Luman, attorney Berkeley 

BISHOP, Edward T.. jurist Los Angeles 

BISHOP. Ellis, rancher P.isadena 

BISHOP. George H.. realtor Los Angeles 

BISHOP. John A., average adjuster San Francisco 

BISSELL, Elmer J., oculist..... Santa Barbara 

BISSINGER. McKinley, stock, bond broker San Fri 

BISSINGER, Newton, merchant San Fr: 

BISSINGER, Paul, merchant San Fr; 

BITTINGER, George E., banker Los Angeles 

BITTMAN. Eugene J., physician, surgeon San Diego 

BIXBY, Fred H.. rancher Long Beach 

BIXBY, Llewellyn, capitalist Long Beach 

BIXBY, Philip L., realtor Los Angeles 

BIXBY, Richard A., corporation official Long Beach 

BLACK. Charles N., construction engineer San Francisco 

BLACK, Fannie J. L., social worker San Francisco 

BLACK. Frank W., corporation official Los Angeles 

BLACK. Joseph L.. merchant San Francisco 



N^e City 

DLACKISTON. Th.imas C. dentist, physician Los Angeles 

BLACKTON. J. Stuart, motion picture producer Hollywood 

BLACKWELL. Mrs. J. E.. educator Long Beach 

BLAIR. Benjamin F.. manufacturer San Francisco 

BL.'lIR. Frederic H.. clergyman Los Angeles 

BLAIR. John H.. realtor :..Los Angeles 

BLAIR. Murray E.. realtor Los Angeles 

BLAISDELL. James A., college president Claremont 

BLAKE. Ada Swasey. educator Los Angeles 

BLAKE. Samuel R.. jurist Los Angeles 

BLAKESLEE. Raymond I., patent attorney Los Angeles 

BLANCHARD, Henry P., shipping and comm. mcht.... Oakland 

BLANCHARD. Hiram A., attorney San Jose 

BLAND, Thomas N.. C. P. A Sui Francisco 

BLANEY', Harry F.. irrigation engineer 1.- Angeles 

BLANKENHORN. Louis McL., realtur Pasadena 

BLATCHFORD, Richard M.. army oHk, i Sni Francisco 

BLEDSOE. Benjamin F.. attorney Los Angeles 

BLISS. Duane L., lumberman San Francisco 

BLISS, Leslie E., librarian San Gabriel 

BLISS, William H,, lawyer Santa Barbara 

BLISS. William S.. consulting engineer San Francisco 

BLOCH. Ellis, art dealer San Francisco 

BLOCK. Eugene B., newspaperman San Francisco 

BLOCK, Ralph, motion picture producer Sherman 

BLODGET, Rush M.. attorney L.,s Angeles 

BLODGET, Ward B., engineer, geologist L.s ."Angeles 

BLOESER, William H., building contractor Li,s .-Kngeles 

BLOME, Rudolph H. H., educator Pasadena 

BLOOM. Bernard E.. manufacturer's agent Oakland 

BLOOM. Frank A., city official _ Burlingamc 

BLUM. Jack S.. merchant San Francisco 

BLYMYER. G. G., investment b.inker Los Angeles 

BLYSTONE, John G.. motion picture director Hollywood 

BLYTH. Charles R.. investment banker San Francisco 

BLYTH. Thomas, merchant Los Angeles 

BLYTHE. Minor, attorney Los Angeles 

BOADWAY. Leslie A., merchant Pasadena 

BOARDMAN. Eleanor, motion picture actress Culver City 

BOARDMAN. Samuel H., commission mcrchant..San Francisco 
BOARDMAN, Thomas D., realtor, ins. brokcr....San Francisco 

BOARDMAN. Walter W., physician San Francisco 

BOBERTZ. Charles H.. consul Los Angeles 

BOBEY. Harry G.. insurance man Los Angeles 

BOCK. George J., contractor Los Angeles 

BOCQUERAZ. Leon E.. banker San Francisco 

BOCQUERAZ. Roger, banker, merchant San Francisco 

BODDY, Elias M., editor and publisher Los Angeles 

BODKIN, Henry G., attorney Los Angeles 

BODLEY, Homer S.. realtor, u: • San Francisco 

BOEHM. Herbert C. banker, i- Los Angeles 

BOEHME. Gustav F. Jr.. phv-um,, -.;,„,,: Los Angeles 

BOERICKE. William, physician San Francisco 

BOGDANVICH. Martin J., canning otficul San Pedro 

BOGLE. Samuel S.. physician, surgeon Santa Rosa 

BOGUE. Charles L., municipal judge L,.s Angeles 

BOHR, Frank, member consular corps Calcxico 

BOLAND, F. Eldred, attorney Francisco 

BOLAND, Walter E., railway executive S.m Francisco 

BOLT, Richard A-, physician, surgeon Berkeley 

BOLTER, Sam, actor Los Angeles 

Bt)LTON, Adelbert E.. lawyer Berkeley 

BONE. Scott C. editor, ex-governor Beverly Hiils 

BONFILS. Winifred S.. journalist San Francisco 

BONNER. Arthur, clergyman, educator Stockton 

BONNER. Shcaron. investment bn,kcr San Francisco 

BONNER. Walter P.. merchant Los Angeles 

BONNEY. Wiibert L.. member diplomatic corps Santa Ana 

BONSALL. Howard C. sugar broker Los Angeles 

BOOLE. Fred W. Jr.. insurance broker San Francisco 

BOONE. Richard G.. educator Berkeley 

BOOTH, Henley C. attorney San Francisco 

BOOTH. Henry K.. clergyman Long Beach 

BOOTH, Hiram E.. lawyer Los Angeles 

BOOTH. Percy H., merchant Los Angeles 

BORDWELL. Walter, lawyer Los Angeles 

BORTREE. David E.. tax assessor Oakland 

BORZAGE. Fr,ink, motion picture director Hollywood 

BOSLEY. William B., attorney San Francisco 

BOSTWTCK, Harry R.. capitalist Francisco 

BOSWELL. lames G.. cotton grower, merchant Los Angeles 

BOSWORTH. Hobart Van Z., actor Beverly Hills 

BOTELER, Wade, actor, writer _ Hollywood 

BOTSFORD. Frederick L., attorney Los Angeles 

BOUKATHER, John K.. attorney. Los Angeles 

BOURKE, Leo A., capitalist Petaluma 

B(3VARD, George F., university president Los Angeles 

BOVARD. Warren B., comptroller U. S. C Los Angeles 

BOWEN. Edwin G.. realtor, builder Los Angeles 

BOWEN. William A., author Los Angeles 

BOW EN. William M.. attorney Los Angeles 

BOWERMAN. Guy E., banker Los Angeles 

BOWERS. Frank T.. warehouseman San Francisco 

BOWERS. Uriah R.. paint merchant Los Angeles 

BOVVERS. Walter L., attorney Los Angeles 



BOWIE Ed rd H 
BOW MAN ( h 1 
BOW RON Fl e h 
BOYC E Rilph S M 
BOYD rh rl E 
BOYD F n El 

n Franc o 
Sin D ego 
nFr n o 
. Ang 1 
. Ant 1 

I J 
1 I n 

BO'll I 

BOYl I ' 


BOYD W 11 m S n n 
BOYkEN Ad Iph W 
BOYLE I hn n nt, n 
BOYNT( N Edn nd f 
BO\NTON Fr d k L 
BRAC kETT W 11 am K h 
BRADBURN Claren e E n 
BRADEN A th r 1 rgvrmn 
BRADFl n f h 1 R h 
BRADF 111 I 

BRAE in I ^ 


BRAD\ 1 I 



BRALI H 1 1 H 1 k 
BRAN( H I n H 1 

BRANl (. N I In R d 
BRANDT I hn L n 1 I 

BRANT R h A r 


BRA\TON Ha Id k I 

BREEDEN H n rl p 

tu r 

Lob Ang 1 

u t r 

L Ang 1 

1 hik r 

Lo Ang 1 

n nt b nk r 

S nFr n 

S n Fr n o 


L Ang 1 

L Angl 

1 1 

S n Frn c 

Sin Fnn o 

Lo Angclc 

h tr t 

Lo Angel 

Lo'! Anii 1 


Lo Angtks 

h t 

San Fran 

Lo Ant, 1 

H 11 d 


1 \ k\ 
1 o 

S 1 

IT 1 

Lo Ani, 1 

Bcv rlv H 11 

Lo Ang 1 


L Ang 1 

BRFM W 1 \ I n 

BRENNH al t 

BREM N H I n p t r 

BRFTHIl r N S 1 E m n ni 
BREUNH L 1 n h nt 

BREW rr I n \ tt rn 

BRbW FP 1 ph H t 
BREW ER W 11 m 'V 1 " 
BRI^N M n n 

BRIGI S A thur H 
BRIOGS Hcrlcrt F 1 
BRicrs W II m E pi 
BRIGHAM R h rd D I k 
BRIGHT Ch rl T (.du t 
BRINOHAM I c C manufa 
BRINSTAD rh rl W h r h 

BriS'\tHEr H n If 


BRITF \ n n E d n 


pr I 

Oikl nd 


A tic 


Ang 1 


rl ntim 


Ant 1 


Mh mbra 492 


BK I I I k I 1 I 
BRC NS N D 11 n 1 
BROOkS 1 ph F 
BROOkS Lon A tt 
BROOKS Raymond C 


\ 1 


1 A 1 


I bara 


F n CO 


S Fr n c 


M tan H II 


S n F an 1 o 


S n Fr n o 


L Angcl 


Lo Ant 1 


Sin Fr n o 


S n Fr nc o 


Lo Angdc 


S n Fnn o 


San Fr nc Co 


L Ang 1 


Chremot t 


Lo Ang I 


S n F an co 


O kland 


1 n o 


Ant I 


1 n o 


1 ad m 



BROW N Chester W 

BROW N Chrcntc n 

BROW N Chudc C 

BROWN Excrett I 

BROW N Fr ink L 

BROW N Frtderitk I 

BROW N Gilbert nc 

BROW N Henrx A 

BROW N H. r ,c. P 

BROW N Hu,h H 


BROW N I S .1 

BROW N I .m ^ 

BROW N Philip k 

BROW N R ilph W 

BROW N Rtxiiild ■ 

BROW N Robert E 

BR( W\ N Sx dn X B 


, \l 


■ 1 1 

1 I ink 

ird E 

BROW NINI C ImlL t pnx k 
BROWMNC W illinii ( II 

BRUCE Harry M 
BRUNER loscnh 1 lll^ mil 
BRUNER Willi im W cuil It 
BRUNNING John R income t 
BRUNSW K, Lueien N druggi 
BRUSH Fr.nk S clerg>mm 
BRUSH Spencer invc-tment bi 
BRYAN LI. xd \ riv t 
BRYAN Milton deput\ elle att 
BRYSON Chirk W vurtcon 
BUCHANAN Elh sculptor 
BUCHER CirroU S attorney 
BUCHTEL Henry A ckrg%ma 
BUCK Fr.nk H attorney eapi 
BUCKALEW Frank R exeeuti 
BUCKBFE Spcnetr C •■■ .1'"' 



nk L 


.d offie 


Los Angeles 

Cvilver Citv 

Loi Angelc- 



San lost 

Los Angeles 



San Fr.neiseo 

Los Angeks 

Long Beach 

S.n Francisco 

San Franci eo 

Lus Angeles 

Santa Birbira 


Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

r Lns Angeles 

V I n I Be leh 


I \i tcks 

1 \n,eles 

]r iidniunt 

Los Angeks 

Los Angeles 


S.n Fr.ncisco 

Sin Fl incisto 

I Angeles 

Carl G 

BROWN Charles L lawyei 


BUCkLIN C.,- -- , 

BUCKLIN Willi im N I 

BUCkNAM Ralph W 

BUDINGER Philip L siocku. .. 

BUDWAY L..U1 ittorney 

BUENEMAN Fred T liundrc 

BUENEMAN Frederick B In 

BUFFORD Charles M , laundr 

BUCBEE Franklin U , clcrgvm 

BUGBEE George F clergyman 

BULLA Robert N lai^ycr 

BULLARD Frank D physieian 

BULLIS W lib im S enrporatio; 

BULLOCk Mrs Gcorgi i P n 

BUMPUS Mirlocee itt rn x 

BUNCH Dun corpont. . « 

BUNCH Thaddeus O I 


BUNDV f .1 A I 11 I 

BUNkI 1 I II 11 

BUNnIII s 1 

BUR( H li 'I " 

BUR( HHI 1 Is I II I ml 




BURDETTE Cliri D I .1 '"" 
BURGESS lohn A r 11. 1 I II 
BURKE John P hink 1 
BURKE Riehard J n n b ' 
BURkHARD Herman I in ui hk 
BURkHARDT Wilbur N n.cs i 
BURMISTER R Kit B binker 
BURNABY Frink H lumberm.r 
BURNELL Chirks S jurist 
BURNETT Chirks E C realti 
BURNHAM Alt, nC publisher 
BURNHAM Frederick R c\ploi 
BURNHAM Roderick D petrol 
BURNHAM Roger N , sculptor 
BURNS limes P shoe merchant 
BURNS Robert J , corporation executive 
BURR ChirlcsC motion picture producer 
BURR Lt lie L jurist 
BURRC>U( HS Guy T , adyertising oihci il 
BURROW S lohn \\ . account int 
BURROW S Montrose T physician surgeon 
BURRUD, Lcland J., adccrtismg mm 

Sin Francisco 
Los Angeks 
Sin Francisco 
Sin Francisco 
San Francisco 
San Francisco 
1 San Francisco 
Los Angeles 
Los Angeles 


Los Angeles 

Huntington Park 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeks 

Los Angelcb 






111 dellc 

Los Angeks 

Los Angeles 
San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

Oakl ind 

San Frinei..eo 

Los Angeles 

Nov ito 


Los Angeks 

San Franeiseo 

ftciil Los Angeks 


San Francisco 

BeccrK Hills 

Los Angeks 

Los Angeks 

,r Lo Angeks 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeks 

Los Angeks 

Los Angeles 


U llllts 

Los Angeles 

Sin Francisco 

. .o.„..„ 239 
Los Angeks 479 


.\..m. Gty 

BURT. Alon:o, telephone official Pasadena 

BURTCHAELL. Samuel Waters, leather merchant..San Francisco 

BUSEY. Alfred P. Jr.. mining engineer Burlingame 

BUSH. Chandos E.. attorney...- Los Angeles 

BUSH. Eli F.. attorney Los Angeles 

BUSH. Guy F.. judge Los Angeles 

BUSH. Joseph A., contractor, builder San Francisco 

BUSH. Philip L., engineer San Francisco 

BUTCHER, Rov M., electrical contractor San Jose 

BUTERBAUGH. Marc W., investment banker Oakland 

BUTKA. Hersel E.. physician, pathologist Los Angeles 

BUTLER, Edmund W., surgeon - San Francisco 

BUTLER, Frederic V., pharmacist San Francisco 

BUTTE, Charles F., contractor, engineer San Francisco 

BUTTERS, Charles, metallurgical engineer Oakland 

BUTTS, Charles T.. merchant Los Angeles 

BYERS. John \V., architect, builder Santa Monica 

BYERS. Samuel H. M., diplomat, author Los Angeles 

BYERS. Stanley, investment broker Los Angeles 

BYINGTON, Lewis F., attorney San Francisco 

BYR.AM, Howard L., city official Los Angeles 

BYRNE, William M., legislator Los Angeles 

BYRNES. Charles W., attorney San Francisco 

BYRNES. Ralph L., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

BYRON, Harold B., manufacturer Pasadena 

CABANISS, George H., jurist - San Francisco 

CABANISS, George H. Jr., attorney San Francisco 

C.ADMAN. Charles W., composer Hollywood 

C.MDWALADER. George L., auto distributor San Francisco 

CAHEN. Ceasar G.. surgeon _ Los Angeles 

CAHILL. Bernard J. S.. architect Oakland 

CMNE. Joseph E., real estate broker _... Oakland 

CALDWELL. George F., petroleum agent Santa Barbara 

CALDWELL. Richard E., engineer Los Angeles 

CALE, Linnic F., osteopath _.Los Angeles 

CALIFRO. Thomas T., attorney San Francisco 

CALLAHAN, Esra L.. architect Los Angeles 

C.\LLAN. Edward J., state official San Francisco 

CALLAWAY. William O., physician Burlingame 

CkLLISON. Ferd W., physician, surgeon San Francisco 

CAMERON, Carl E., lawyer _ Long Beach 

CAMERON, Duncan H., oil operator Coronado 

CAMERON, George T.. newspaper publisher San Francisco 

CAMERON. Ida B.. physician San Francisco 

CAMMER. WVIford. merchant _...Los Angeles 

CAMP. Edgar W.. Lawyer _ _ Los Angeles 

C.-^MP. lack, plumbing contractor. San Francisco 

CAMPBELL. Clayton C. physician, surgeon Long Beach 

CAMPBELL. Gerald, member diplomatic corps. ...San Francisco 

CAMPBELL. Hardy W., soil culturist San Francisco 

CAMPBELL, Harlcy Egbert, stock broker Los Angeles 

CAMPBELL, John L.. civil engineer San Francisco 

CAMPBELL. Kemper, attorney Los Angeles 

CAMPBELL. Malcolm E., insurance broker San Francisco 

CAMPBELL. Walter C, engineer, vocal soloist.-San Francisco 

CAMPBELL, Walter M., lawyer Los Angeles 

CAMPBELL. William H.. attorney Los Angeles 

CAMPBELL. William Wallace, c.x-prcs. university Berkeley 

CAMPBELL. W^illiam W., oil producer ...Beverly Hills 

CANBY, James B.. stock broker. ,. .s,,nta Barbara 

CANE. Cvril H.. diplomatic repr S ,n Francisco 

C.ANEPA. Louis J., attornev Los Angeles 

CANNELL, S. Bartley. merchant . , Los Angeles 

CANNEY, Frederick G., physician San Francisco 

CANNY, Dan Sylvester, securities expert San Francisco 

CANTWELL, John J., bishop Los Angeles 

CAPRA. Frank, motion picture director Hollywood 

CAPWELL, Harris C merchant „ _ Piedmont 

C.\RD. Thomas A., physician, surgeon Riverside 

CAREY, Everett P., educator -...Berkeley 

CARLE. Richard, actor, playwright Hollywood 

CARLIN. David B.. mortgage banker Long Beach 

CARLISLE. Elinor M.. manufacturing stationer....San Francisco 

CARLSON. May E.. educator Glendora 

CARLSON. Milton, handwriting expert Los Angeles 

CARLTON. Hcnrv H., mcrch,int Berkeley 

CARMU:HAEL. Bernard H., commerce counselor....Los Angeles 

CARMICHAEL. William J., oranfe grower Fullerton 

CARNAHAN. Herschel L., Lieutenant Governor.-.Los Angeles 

CARNALL. C, realtor, editor Berkeley 

CAROLAN. Herbert A., stock broker San Francisco 

CARPENTER. Clay, lawyer Los Angeles 

CARPENTER. Ford A., meteorologist, aeronaut. Los Angeles 

physician San Francisco 

insurance man Pasadena 

diplomat — San Anselmo 

is G., investment banker. San Francisco 

banker Los Angeles 

banker San Francisco 


CARR. Henry W., research chemist _ San JFrancis 

CARR. Mary, motion picture actress HoIK-wo 

CARR. Sterling D., lawyer San Franc 

\a<„c City 

CARRICK. Martin H., building contractor San Fr 

CARRIER, Craig, insurance broker San Francisco 

CARRIGAN, Andrew, manufacturer's sales agt...San Francisco 

CARSON, George E., corporation official Los Angeles 

CARTER, Albert E.. congressman .- Oakland 

CARTER. Marshall L., realtor, Corp. exec Los Angeles 

CARTER. Otis E., insurance counselor Los Angeles 

CARTWRIGHT, George W., attorney, author Los Angeles 

CARVER. Charles E., insurance broker Los Angeles 

GARY, Frank M., wholesale merchant Oakland 

CASADY, Wier, attorney Los Angeles 

CASE. Merntt B.. agriculturist Los Angeles 

CASE. Thomas K., attorney Los Angeles 

CASE, W'alter W., rancher Sacramento 

CASE. William M., attorney San Francisco 

CASEY, Hiram E., attorney Los Angeles 

CASHIN, D. A., jurist Francisco 

CASLER, Clinton B., banker Los Angeles 

CASLER, Florence C, builder Los Angeles 

CASS, Donald, physician, surgeon -...Los Angeles 

CASS. Quincy, investment banker Los Angeles 

CASS, Robert T., investment banker. Los Angeles 

CASSIDY. George W., clergyman Long Beach 

CASSIDY, William H., realtor Los Angeles 

C.ASSIN, John M., priest Santa Rosa 

CASTLE. Albert E.. merchant San Francisco 

CASTLE. Neville H.. attorney San Francisco 

CASTLE. Otis H.. attornev Los Angeles 

CASTLES. Alfred G. R.. capitalist Hollywood 

CASWELL. William M.. banker Los Angeles 

CATHCART, Arthur M., university professor Palo Alto 

CATOR. Beniamin F., insurance man San Francisco 

CAVALIER, William, investment banker Berkeley 

CAVE, George E., merchant Hollywood, 

CAYE, Preston K., optometrist Los Angeles 

CENTER, George L., assayer, manufacturer Berkeley 

CHAFFEE. E.. merchant Los Angeles 

CHAFFEY. Andrew M.. banker Los Angeles 

CHAFFEY, George, engineer Point Loma 

CHAFFIN, George D.. art dealer Lo:, Angeles 

CHAINEY. George, author, pubh.-h.r Long Beach 

CHAMBERLAIN, Arthur H.. cduc.tor San Francisco 

CHAMBERL.AIN, R. Lcc, deputy attv. general San Francisco 

CH.AMBERL-AIN, Selah. capitalist San Francisco 

CHAMBERLAIN. W. Edward, physician San Francisco 

CHAMBERLIN, Tollcs. mural painter, sculptor Los Angeles 

CHAMBERS, Harold C, architect Los Angeles 

CHAMBERS, John S., state official, b.anker Sacramento 

CHAMBERS, Joseph F., municipal judge Los Angeles 

CHANDLER, Charles S., lawyer San Francisco 

CH.ANDLER, Harry, newspaper publisher Los Angeles 

CH.ANDLER. fefferson P., attorney Los Angeles 

CHANDLER, .lohn C, insurance broker San Francisco 

CH.ANDLER, Norman, newspaperman Los Angeles 

CHANDLER, Will L., Y. M. C. A. secretary San Jose 

CHANEY. Lon. motion picture actor Culver City 

CHAPIN. W. W.. editor, publisher San Francisco 

CHAPLIN, Charles S., actor. Los Angeles 

CHAPLIN, William E.. editor Long Beach 

CHAPMAN, Albert J., insurance official San Francisco 

CHAPMAN, Charles C, capitalist Los Angeles 

CHAPMAN, James R.. civil engineer Santa Barbara 

CHAPMAN, Melvin C, attorney Oakland 

CHARLES, Raymond W., manufacturer San Francisco 

CHASE, Alberr S., railway builder, banker _ Glendale 

CHASE, Charles W., lawyer Los Angeles 

CHASE, George H., corporation official Los Angeles 

CHASE, George Q., merchant San Francisco 

CHASE, Harold S., real estate broker Santa Barbara 

CHASE, Jehu v., naval officer Mare Island 

CHASE. Samuel I., attorney Oakland 

CHASE. William's., banker Pasadena 

CHATFIELD-TAYLOR, Hobart C. author Santa Barbara 

CHEESEMAN. Henry K., publicity specialist San Francisco 

CHENERY, Leonard E.. corpor.ition official San Francisco 

CHENEY, Charles H., city planner Palos Verdes Estates 

CHENEY, Marshall C, physician Berkeley 

CHENEY, William F., phvsician San Francisco 

CHESSHER. Hubert B., oil producer, realtor...- Los Angeles 

CHESSMAN. Frank N., physician Los Angeles 

CHEV.ALIER, Maurice, motion picture actor Hollywood 

CHEW, Ng Poon, editor San Fr.incisco 

CHICKERING, Allen L.. r,tt-.rn, v San Francisco 

CHICKERING, William H . l,..%,i Piedmont 

CHILD. Harold M., a:t.,rn,v San Francisco 

CHILDS, Daniel Brewer, U^w.! Los Angeles 

CHILDS, Ernest R., civil engineer San Diego 

CHILDS, Frank H., law author Pacific Palisades 

CHILDS, lames H., civil engineer Los Angeles 

CHISHOLM, Alexander D.. realtor, builder Los Angeles 

CHOATE, Rufus, insurance man San Diego 

CHOUINARD, Nelbert M., artist, educator Los Angeles 

CHRISTENSEN, Mona M. D., civic worker, 

clubwoman Palo Alto 

CHRISTIANSEN. T. H., deputy atty. general Sacramento 









producer Holly wo 

picture producer wo 

Sm Francis 

San Franc.. 

CHRISTIE. Charles 

CHRISTIN, Charles A., attorney 

CHUNG. Margaret, physician. surge( 

CHURCH. Frank H.. clergyman Alameda 

CHURCHILL. Hooper D.. contractor Los Angeles 

CHURCHMAN. I. William, real estate broker Santa Rosa 

CIPRICO. Edmond S.. Jr., transfer official San Francisco 

CLAPP. Edward B., educator Berkeley 

CLARK, Alson S., painter Pasadena 

CLARK, Arrhur J., mining expert Beverly Hills 

CLARK, Charles H., hotel man Berkeley 

CLARK. Charles W.. capitalist San Mateo 

CLARK. E. W., oil Corp. uflici..] Los Angeles 

CLARK, Edward H. Jr.. hanker. San Francisco 

CLARK, Ell P.. capitalist Los Angeles 

CLARK, Fred P.. physician, surgeon Stockton 

CLARK. G. Hardy, physician, surgeon Long Beach 

CLARK. Harry C, mayor San Diego 

CLARK, Herbert \V., attorney San Francisco 

CLARK, John D.. ccmcni omiiKi.-i Los Angeles 

CLARK. John G.. attoin.. Long Beach 

CLARK. John R.. physui.ii, m^ . i, San Francisco 

CLARK. Kent W., hotel man San Francisco 

CLARK. Loon A., attorney Oakland 

CLARK, Sherman S., developer of invenrmn, Lo^ Angeles 

CXARK, Wallace D., steamship man San Francisco 

CLARK, \\'illiam A. Jr.. miner, capitalist Los Angeles 

CLARKE, Ernest P., editor Riverside 

CLARKE, Harry O., contractor Pasadena 

CLARKE. R. Manning, physician Los Angeles 

CLARY. Harold F.. attorney Los Angeles 

CLARY. William W., attorney Los Angeles 

CLAUSSENIUS, Max, merchant San Francisco 

CLAY, Harry E., surgeon Francisco 

CLAY. Philip T.. merchant Sm Francisco 

CLAYBURGH. Leo I. m ■.liii.i s , I', mcisco 

CLAYTON. Wilhs S I ,,; s,ii lose 

CLEAR Y. Alfred J., con-u h n ,- , u il , n^ s.,, I , ,,nciseo 

CLEARY. William F.. Jlputv^,l^,r,u v ■•> n. , il ^,,^ liancisco 

CLEAVELAND. Robert F.. S ,nr, Ro<a 

CLEMENT. Roswell P.. lawy, 

CLEMENTS. Edith S., ecologi 

CLEMENTS, Frederic E., eci 

CLEMENTS, George P., agric 

CLEMENTS. Stiles O.. archit 

CLEVELAND. Earle T.. real 

CLEVELAND, Francis D.. cr 


VII, t,. Karbara 
ianta Barbara 
-Los Angeles 
..Los Angeles 
..Los Angeles 

r Altadena 

rlv Hills 

CLINE. Walter B., public utilities official Los Ange 

CLISE, James W., banker Altadena 

CLOCK. John C, attorney Long Beach 

CLOCK, Ralph H., attorney Long Beach 

CLOSE, Frederic B.. mining cnBini.r Los Angeles 

CLOUD, Marshall M.. ophthalmologist Los Angeles 

CLOVER, Samuel T., newspaper man Los Angeles 

CLUTE, Walker S., geologist Los Angeles 

COATES, Barrett N., consulting actuary San Francisco 

COATES. Harry J., private police official Los Angeles 

COATS, Daisy Bannerman, clubwoman Los Angeles 

COCHRAN. George Ira. life insurance ofSeial Los Angeles 

COCHRAN. Guy. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

COCHRAN. William G., physician Los Angeles 

COCHRANE. Patrick J., prison officer Oakland 

COCKINS, William W.. rancher Santa Monica 

CODE. William H.. civil engineer Los Angeles 

COE. Ira I., consulting engineer San Francisco 

COELHO. Louis J., rancher Fresno 

COFFEE, Rudolph I., rabbi Oakland 

COFFEY, Walter B.. surgeon San Francisco 

COFFIN, Chester L., attorney Santa Monica 

COFFIN, Harry W., physician Los Angeles 

COFFIN, James, merchant Ross 

COFFIN, Joseph H.. author Whittier 

COFFIN. Sarah L. A., clubwoman Ross 

COFFMAN. James T.. attorney Healdsburg 

COFFMAN. William M.. sales manager San Francisco 

COGHLAN, John P.. utility corp. official San Francisco 

COIT, Arthur C, lyccum manager Los Angeles 

COIT, J. Ehot. horticulturist Pasadena 

COKER. George C. agriculturist Los Angeles 

COLBURN, George L., transportation official Los Angeles 

COLBURN, Richard L.. stock broker San Francisco 

COLBY, Frank H., editor, publisher Los Angeles 

COLBY, William E., lawyer San Francisco 

COLE, George W., bibliographer, librarian Pasadena 

COLE. Lynn R.. dent 
COLE. Nathan Jr., i 
COLE, Okcy K. Jr., 
COLE, William, physi 
COLEMAN, lohn B,. 
COLEMAN. Persis H 
COLEMAN. S. Waldi 
COLES, Thomas R., n 

an Soil 


..Los Angeles 
.L,,s Angeles 
L...S Angeles 

..San Francisci 
....Los Angele: 

Xime City 

COLGAN. Edward P.. state official S.icramento 

COLLBRAN. John S.. merchant San Francisco 

COLLIER. David C. exposition S.,n Diego 

COLLIER. Robert H.. merchant Francisco 

COLLINGS. Edward Z., civil engineer Los Angeles 

COLLINGS, Lewis D., attorney Los Angeles 

COLLINS, Asa W.. surgeon San Francisco 

COLLINS. Edwin R., editor Los Angeles 

COLLINS, Foster K., surgeon Los Angeles 

COLLINS. Glenville A., consultiim rni;ni,,i Los Angeles 

COLLINS, Lex DeB.. insurance Mfl,.,,,l Hollywood 

COLLOM. Roy E., petroleum engiiKer Los Angeles 

COLMAN. Jesse C, supervisor, restaurateur San Francisco 

COLMAN, Ronald, motion picture actor Hollywood 

COLOMBAT, Henry, manufacturer San Francisco 

COLYER. Leslie S.. banker Los Angeles 

COMAN. Edwin T.. banker San Rafael 

COMSTOCK. Daniel D.. physician Los Angeles 

C0MST0C;K, Hilliard. attorney Santa Rosa 

COMSTOCK. lohn A. It., physician, museum dir..Los Angeles 

COMSTOCK. Walter H., b.inkei Los Angeles 

CONDON. Clarence C. oil operio.r San Francisco 

CONKLIN. Chester, motion picini, ,,st.,i Hollywood 

CONLAN, James G.. jurist San Francisco 

CONLEY. Thomas W.. dentist San Fr.ancisco 

CONLEY. William M . luii-i Fresno 

CONLISK. Charles W.. .,ssn, exec San Francisco 

CONNELL. M. J., bankei Los Angeles 

CONOVER. George C. merchant Sacramento 

CONREY. Nathaniel P.. jurist Los Angeles 

CONSIDINE. John W.. Jr.. motion picture manager.. Hollywood 
CONZELMAN, John E.. consulting civil engineer.. ..Los Angeles 

COOGAN. Jackie, actor Los Angeles 

COOK. Fred L., real estate broker Beverly Hills 

COOK, John E.. attorney San Francisco 

COOK, Joseph £., merchant Los Angeles 

COOK, Morris T., telegraph company executive San Francisco 

COOK, Samuel R., physicist Stockton 

COOK, Wilbur D., landscape architect Los Angeles 

COOKE, Alexander B., surgeon Los Angeles 

COOKE. Charles F., advertising man Beverly Hills 

COOKMAN, Alfred, educator, lecturer Pomona 

COOLEY. Charles P., supervisor Palo Alto 

COOLEY, Stoughton, writer Los Angeles 

COOLIDGE, Clarence C, attornov San Jose 

COOLIDGE, Dane, novelist, natur.iiist Berkeley 

COOLIDGE, David H., landscape .irchitect Santa Barbara 

COOLIDGE. Mary R.. writer Berkeley 

COOPER. Colin C. artist Santa Batbara 

COOPER, Harry J., C. P. A San Francisco 

COOPER, Irving S.. bishop Los Angeles 

COOPER, Norval J., attnrn, v Los Angeles 

COOPER, Sanson M.. cip,, ,h i Los Angeles 

COOPER. William J.. s,,,t, ,,il,,,.,l Sacramento 

COPE. Walter B., jurisi. San Francisco 

COPENHAVER, Earl C. coiiiiaaoi Hollywood 

COPLEY. Ira C. newspaper publisher Los Angeles 

COPP. Andrew J., attorney Los Angeles 

COPP. William W., petroleum engineer Los Angeles 

COPPAGE. C. L.. oil corporation official Los Angeles 

CORBETT. Laurence J., electrical engineer San Francisco 

CORDER. Arthur E.. wool merchant Oakland 

CORMANY. Robert H., attorney San Francisco 

CORNISH, Frank V., attorney Berkeley 

CORSE, George H. Jr.. import and export mcht San Francisco 

CORTELYOU. Spencer Van Z.. civil engineer Los Angeles 

CORY, Clarence L., electrical engineer San Francisco 

COSBY. Hogan D., coloniicr San Francisco 

COSTELLO. J. J., investment banker Los Angeles 

COSTELLO, Joseph C. explosives engineer San Francisco 

COSTELLO. Richard W., merchant San Francisco 

COTTON, Aylett R., attorney San Francisco 

COTTON. Oscar W.. realtor San Diego 

COUCH. F. M.. wholesale merchant Los Angeles 

COULSTON, John B.. hotelman Pasadena 

COULTER. Herbert McK., physician. surgeon....South Pasadena 

COWAN, J. Rca, physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

COWAN, lohn F.. surgeon San Francisco 

COWAN. Lynn, musical director Los Angeles 

COWAN. William F., attorney Santa Rosa 

COWELL, Henry, cement manufa4(urer San Francisco 

COWING, Ralph H.. attorney Sacramento 

COWLES, Albert E., jurist Hollywood 

COWLES, Mrs. Josiah E., clubwoman Los Angeles 

COX, Leonard M.. naval officer Vallejo 

COYLE. Harold H., attorney Los Angeles 

COYNE, D. Joseph, attorney Los Angeles 

COZAD. Samuel W.. caterer San Fr.ancisco 

CRABBE. Henry W.. cler-vman Los Angeles 

CRAIG. Elliott, jurist Los Angeles 

CRAIG. Gavin W.. jurist Los Angeles 

CRAIG. John F.. banker, shipbuilder Long Beach 

CRAIG. William T.. attorney Los Angeles 

CRAIL. Charles S., jurist Los Angeles 

CRAIL, Joe. congressman Los Angeles 

CRAMER, Frank L.. insurance man San Diego 


CRANDALL, Shannon, merchant Los Angeles 

CRANDALL, William M.. attorney Los Angeles 

CRANE. Burton B., attorney Los Angeles 

CRANE, Frank, journalist Los Angeles 

CRANSTON. William Mac(;.. realtor San Francisco 

CRARY. Allan H.. stock broker Los Angeles 

CRARY, Clarence S.. banker Burlingame 

CRAVATH. James R.. consulting engineer San Francisco 

CRAVENS. Bernard K., investment banker Riverside 

CRAVENS, lohn Smith, banker Los Angeles 

CRAWFORD", Charles McL., investment broker Los Angeles 

CRAWFORD, C:harlcs T.. jobber San Francisco 

CRAWFORD. Hilary H.. .ittorney San Francisco 

CRAWFORD. Hush I., jurist Los Angeles 

CRAWFORD. James C. legislator Burbank 

CRAWFORD. Joan, motion picture actro, Culver City 

CRAWFORD. John Willis, sales engineer L..- Angeles 

CREED. Wigginton E., utility official Fiedmont 

CREEL. George, author San Francisco 

CREEL, Richard H., physician San Francisco 

CRIDER. Joseph Jr., attorney Los Angeles 

CRISLER, Lewis A., investment banker Los Angeles 

CRISPIN. Egerton L.. physician, sutgeon Los Angeles 

CRIST, Roval Herbert, osteopath Los Angeles 

CROCKER, Charles Henry, merchant San Francisco 

CROCKER, (Charles) Templeton, capitalist San Francisco 

CROCKER. Henrv loseph. casting director Hollywood 

CROCKER. Henry, b.inkei San Francisco 

CROCKER. William W.. banker San Francisco 

CROFTON, Algernon, attorney, author San Francisco 

CROGHAN. Herbert A., county tax collector San Diego 

CRONENWETH. Herbert E., manufacturer Hollywood 

CROSBY, Francis H., telephone official San Francisco 

CROSS, Harold E., architect Los Angeles 

CROTHERS, George E., lawyer San Francisco 

CROTHERS, Thomas Graham, any . ins, ..San Francisco 

CROW. Benjamin S.. lawyer Los Angeles 

CROWLEY. Alma A. L.. composer. ,ii.mi,i Oakland 

CROZIER. Herbert W., consultine .n-r San Francisco 

CRUICKSHANK. Lewis, attorney Los Angeles 

CRUMP. Guy R., lawyer Los Angeles 

CRUTCHER. John P., attorney Los Angeles 

CRUTCHER. Lewis P., physician, surgeon Long Beach 

CRU2AN, Harold I., attorney Los Angeles 

CRUZE. James, motion picture director Hollywood 

CRYER. George E.. ex-mayor Los Angeles 

CUBBISON. Harry G.. manufacturer Los Angeles 

CULBERTSON. Henry C, clergyman Los Angeles 

CULLEY, Grant B., sales manager Los Angeles 

CULLINAN, Eustace, lawyer San Francisco 

CULLING, Adelbert F.. automotive official Los Angeles 

CULVER. Harry H.. realtor, banker Culver City 

CUMMINGS. Melvin E.. sculptor Francisco 

CUMMINGS. RoLand. physician Los Angeles 

CUMMINGS. Tracy, railway representative San Francisco 

CUMMINS. Fremont A., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

CUMMINS. William T.. physician San Francisco 

CUNNINGHAM. Benjamin F.. physician. surgeon..Los Angeles 

CUNNINGHAM. John F.. banker San Francisco 

CUNNINGHAM. Leo A., attorney San Francisco 

CURRAN. John McC, attorney Santa Barbara 

CURRY. Charles F.. congressman Sacramento 

CURTIS. Clinton J., corporation official Lone Beach 

CURTIS, Gay W.. hospital superintendent Santa Barbara 

CURTIS. Jesse W.. jurist San Francisco 

GUSHING, Charles S.. lawyer San Francisco 

CUSHING. Oscar K.. lawyer San Francisco 

GUSHING. Richard C. realtor Los Angeles 

CUTHBERT. Walter R., financial investigator Los Angeles 

CUTLER. Leland W.. investment banker San Francisco 

CUTTEN. Charles P.. attorney San Francisco 

CUTTER. James B.. physician, surgeon San Francisco 

CUTTER, K. K.. architect Long Beach 

CUTTLE. Kenneth O., investment banker San Francisco 


DADMUN. Lewis E.. attorney Los Angeles 

DAHLBERG, Arnold O.. dairy supt San Francisco 

DAHLMAN. Homer Augustus, dentist Los Angeles 

DAINGERFIELD. William Raymond, attorney San Francisco 

DALE. Bert, architect, builder Los Angeles 

DALRYMPLE. Alfred V.. attorney San Frandsco 

DALRYMPLE. William G., dentist San Francisco 

DAL2ELL. Theodore P.. mfr., financier Santa Barbara 

DANFORTH. Edward E., acountant. author.. .. Berkeley 

DANIEL. William Hardy, surgeon Los Angeles 

DANIEL. William Henry, auto dealer Glendalc 

DANIELS. Arthur C.. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

DANIELS. Bebe. motion picture .actress Hollywood 

DANIELS. Earle M., attorney Los Anscles 

DANIELS. Mark, landscape architect Los Angeles 

DANIELS. Robert W., attorney Los Angeles 

DANIELS. Roy A., mgr. music store Santa Rosa 

DARBEE, Robert Eugene, merchant "San Frai 

DARCY, Roy. motion picti 
DARDI. Umbcrto, banker ... 
DARLINGTON. Barton, atti 



..Santa Barbara 
Los Angeles 


Los Angeles 


v;,Mii Los Angeles 

contractor Los Angeles 

paving material distbr San Francisco 

physician, surgeon Lns Angeles 

nder. broker Pasadena 

other, physician. suil:<ii I ' .Angeles 

DARSIE. James A.. 
DASHIELL. William 
DAUM. Raymond J., 
DAVID. Rufus A.. 

DAVIDSON. Hann.ih A., editor, auth.-i i l.remont 

DAVIDSON. Robert P., contractor Culver City 

DAVIE. John L.. mayor Oakland 

DAVIES. Hugh R.. architect Long Beach 

DAVIES. Marion, actress Culver City 

DAVIS. Albert David, plastic surgeon San Francisco 

DAVIS. Arthur C, builder Los Angeles 

DAVIS. Arthur P.. civil engr Oakland 

DAVIS. Duncan H.. realtor San Francisco 

DAVIS. Dwight W., accountant Los Angeles 

DAVIS. Elbert W.. attorney San Francisco 

DAVIS, George E., physician, surgeon San Francisco 

DAVIS, George R.. jurist Pasadena 

DAVIS. Harold H.. rancher Santa Barbara 

DAVIS. Harry OrviUe. editor San Fern.indo 

DAVIS. Hugh H.. physiciiin San Francisco 

DAVIS, I. Allen, attorney Los Angeles 

DAVIS, John L., educational administrator Pacific Beach 

DAVIS. John L. Jr.. educational administrator Pacific Beach 

DAVIS. Joseph S., banker Huntington Beach 

DAVIS, Le Compte, lawyer Los Angeles 

DAVIS, Norris King, manufacturer S.m Francisco 

DAVIS. Paul H.. university mgr San Francisco 

DAVIS, Thomas A., educator Pacific Beach 

DAVIS. Warren J., lawyer San Diego 

DAVIS, William H.. corpn-. counsel Los Angeles 

DAWSON. H. Ward. bldg. owner and operator San Francisco 

DAWSON. William L.. ornithologist Santa Barbara 

DAY. Addison B.. corpn. official Los Angeles 

DAY. Alfred, rancher Los Angeles 

DAY. Bernhard. consulting engr Los Angeles 

DAY, George, dairyman Hcaldsburg 

DAY. lohn D., banker Los Angeles 

DAY. Thomas F.. theologian San Anselmo 

D.AYTON, Lee A., attorney Los Angeles 

DEACON. George, physician, surgeon Pasadena 

DEAMONT. Maximilian F.. jeweler San Francisco 

DEANE. Tenison, surgeon San Fr.ancisco 

DEARDORFF. Harvey L.. retired Los Angeles 

DEASY. Daniel C. jurist San Francisco 

DEASY. Frank T.. justice of peace San Francisco 

DeBAR, Harold L.. chemical engr Los Angeles 

DECKER. Herbert A., municipal judge Los Angeles 

DeCRAENE. Raymond A., banker Los Angeles 

de DUBOVAY. Martin D.. architect Los Angeles 

DEERING. Charles J., banker San Francisco 

DEERING. Frank P., lawyer San Francisco 

DE FOREST, Albert T.. steel corpn. official San Francisco 

DE FOREST. Lockwood. artist Santa Barbara 

DE FREITAS. Edmund, attorney Oakland 

Dc(;OLIA. Edwin B.. capitalist San Francisco 

de la GUARDIA. E. Jr.. member diplomatic corps-San Francisco 

DE LACUNA. Frcderica. educator Los Angeles 

Dc la MARE. Roy L.. banker Los Angeles 

DELAMER. Gerald F. H.. attorney Los Angeles 

DE LA MOTTE. Marguerite, actress Hollywood 

DE LANEY. Paul, author, lawyer Porterville 

DELANO. Edward J., merchant ...San Francisco 

dc la TORRE. Francis M.. sculpt i, hi ...Ki-cr Los Angeles 

DEMARTINI, Luigi. merchant San Francisco 

"'' " " ' " notion picture producer Culver City 

.. playwright Culver City 

. attorney Los Angeles 

mining engr San Francisco 

nvestment banker Berkeley 

Jr.. manufacturer Los Angeles 

DE MILLE. Cecil B 
DE MILLE. William C 
DEMFSEY. Thomas R 
DENICKE, Ernest H., 
DENICKE. Ernst A.. 
DENMAN. Abram C. 
DENMAN. Claire H.. 
DENM.iiN. Frank H.. 

DENMAN. William, lawyer San Francisco 

DENNEN. Jeanne W., educator Glcndora 

DENNETT, Edward P.. clergyman, editor San Fr,incisco 

DENNIS, Norman S., investment banker Los Angeles 

DENNIS. Wilbert W.. corpn. executive San Francisco 

DENNISON, Walter E.. mine operator San Francisco 

DENNISON. William E.. comn. mcht., ins brkr San Francisco 

DENNY. Reginald, actor Universal City 

DENT. John, rancher Ventura 

DcPEW. Arthur J. K.. merchant San Francisco 

de PICHON. Xavier. civil engr San Francisco 

DERBY. J. Fr,ank, lithographic designer Los Angeles 

DERBY. Stephen H., attorney San Francisco 

DERLETH, Charles Jr., college dean Berkeley 


DERNE H 1 mb r 


DES H -1 H 1 

DFTl I i 



DcVAU HN Th m I 

DEVEREU\ \\ 1 
de \ EUVE t I 

DEWEY F d k H 
DEUEY R h d S ph 



DICk S 1 M 1 




DICKINS( N W 11 m F 



Dltrs CI I H 1 
DILFER R m 1 ( 

DILL N f 1 I 1 



DIXON R h ^ 
DOBIE (hi t 
DOB'V \ I I 











DOD F W 1 




DOHtN'i t 1 



DOLAN ( 1 



DOLL'Vr R 1 



DOLLE'l L I 1 










rORN I h H ph 


k H 


Id L 

Page h.i<nc 

476 DORSEY Su an M lupt of schools 

106 DOUG ALL John P surgLon 

97 DOUCLAS Llo^d C iltrtMinn 

669 DOUCLAS WilbimW binkr 

•iC7 DOW PtrL\ \ K ^ il III tir 

8 DOW ELL Clill I I II 1 Ml ,kLr 

S4 DOWNING Piiil M I tii d Ln„r 

4 4 DOWNING W.llum S itl incy 
q DOYLE ChdL attorniy 

1 1 DOYLE Frink P binktr 

1 1 DRAA Chirlc C pi lpi t tcachtr composer 

5 7 DRACON Hipp, Kr I d r 

■) DRAKE DanKl kinjit m-. Immt binkcr 

T DRAPEAU L III ( iti IT, \ 

o DRAPER R , 1 nut I 

An DREHER FiLd L itt mn 

4 DREHER PitLT I lr,iit w «,.r 

, DRESSLER Min , ir 

76 DREW Frank C itt, rnn 

4ft4 DREW luhn b Ldu.itor 

,47 DRE\FUS L, iii,iG Ir foruf,n im Hi,, 

; DRISCOLL lohn G Ir Im^ i 

^ 4 DRIbkO Milton C LdiK itor 

,,6 DRIVER lohn R t 

,,4 DRUM S banktr 

,nq DRURY W dls miv p.p^rmin 

I'JZ DRYER Ctor„. W 

A tl 

A 1 

A 1 

A g 1 



Los AngLles 


Los Angtles 


Lo. Angeles 


San Francisco 




Lo Anodes 






Long Btai.h 


Santa Ro 1 


Lo« AntclLs 


Sin Frani-i lo 


Lo Ant,Lks 




San Francisco 


San FranLisco 


Long BLa.h 




DUANE lohn F mcr^hint 

Hl,lK^^, ,d 

DUANE William N b inker 

Santa Barb in 

du BOIS Coirt Lon ill tmcral 

Sin Fnneneo 

DUCAS Salom, n i ilt r 

S m Fi in 1 

DUCOURN-M M » 1| 1 b 

ink r 

S n Fi 1,1 , 


Hie 1,1 

1 A,, 1 


s , , M ,,, 1 

DUFFICY Clii.l ^1 ,1 ft. 

bi ket 

s 1, 1 1 11, 1 

DUFFY lami Eii kki r,ili id i 

n in 

Lo Antel 

DUFFY W illiim F banker 

Sin Franeiseo 

DUFUR Charlis L Kcountant 

Lo Angeles 

DUG^ND lo^ephV b inker mu 


San Frinei eo 



S in Franel eo 

DUISENBERC Walter invetmen 

t b inker 

San Frinei eo 

DUKE Vietor Le Roy linnet lt^ 



DULIN EdtirS inve tment hinl 


Los Angeles 

DULIN Carrett rn in^ tment b 


Lo An„ele 

DUNBAR Iweph B me hinieal 


Sin Ditto 

DUNCAN Piiil I ,rehin t 

Les Angeles 

DUNHAM Fnnk C itt rnel 

Pi idem 

DUNHAM Jime W inxe tment 

b inker 

L ^n„ 1 

DUNHAM R L title e<. offlel 


1 Alu 1 

DUNk Edeeird H toek bniket 

L All, 1 

DUNLAP BmteKell li«iet 

s ,n Fi ,n 1 , 

DUNLAP Simtlel < L,I im ] ,1 


L, An„elL 

DUNl ^P W E te 1 -, t ■! 

1 1 ,, \e 

Lo Angeles 

DUNN Aithui W L 1 1 in 1 1 

I. 1 lt\ 

effieiil Lo Ant, ks 

DUNN Dnid ( bull 1 1 

L, ■\ni,ele 

DUNN Fnnk M mli 1 p , 

S 1,1 I 1 1, 1 

DUNN Fi,nk W ,,, ti 1 i , 

S ,1 1 1 ,1, , 

DUNN H,riv L llvv^ 1 

1 An 1 

DUNN Ritehie L niei li i,ir 

S„i I , ,1, 1 

DUNN W ilium A re, It r inx 

nit bink 

r Li An;,el 

DUNN W illi im F re iltor 

Sin Fr,n 1 e 1 

DUNNE Arthiit B Itt rn ^ 

Sin Frinei eO 

DUNNE Ft ink H 1 ,r, t 
DUNNE Fr„,t \ ' 

, , 1 

Sin Frin 1 e . 

DUNNE Pet I 1 
DUNSCOMb t I, 1 
DUPEN Wilham je«L 
DUQUE Cabriel C 1 
DURANT R Clifford 
DURNEY |r eph mer 
DURST W illi H iiu 
DURIEA Ed«in eni 
DURYLA I hn B 111, 
DUS( HAk Lionel H 
DUTTON W illi im I 
DUVAL Williim S 
DW AN All in m ti ,1 
DW ICHT W ltd \ I 
DYER lohn L,F 1 lu 
DYER Joseph Henry 
DY kSTRA Clarenee / 

EACRET Codtr ^ 
EA( ER Chill H 
FAMES J. hn < , 
EARL Cm I 1 e. 
EARL ( uy C It 
EARL Williim"! 
EARLL Arthut N 
EASOM Hitrv «h 


Fianei eo 

Ant les 

Sin Franeiseo 
Lo Anttle 

San Frineiseo 
Los Angeles 

San Franciscc 
Los Angele, 

San Fnnei e. 

Sin Frinei c, 

San Frinei ee 
Los An„ele 
Los Ant,ele, 

Lo Ani,ele' 
San Fianel et 


EASTHAM, Earlc S.. realtor Culver City 

EASTMAN, George L., investment banker Los Angeles 

EASTMAN, Samuel P., water company official San Francisco 

EASTON. Robert E., corporation executive Santa Barbara 

EASTWOOD. Alice, botanist San Francisco 

EATON, Eugene C, engineer Los Angeles 

EATON. Louis R.. insurance executive San Francisco 

EBRIGHT. George E.. physician San Francisco 

EBY, Gordon L.. investment banker San Diego 

EBY, John A., clergyman Los Angeles 

ECKER. Casper E.. contractor, citv irL.i.-urcr Culver City 

ECKMAN, Arthur W., attorney Los Angeles 

EDES, William C, civil cnRinecr Oakland 

EDESON, RnK-rt. actor Hollywood 

EDMANDS, William O,, ranchtr San Francisco 

EDMONDS, Douglas L.. jurist Los Angeles 

EDSON. Katherine P.. clubwoman San Francisco 

EDSON. William B,. financial Los Angeles 

EDWARDS, George C, univcrsitv pi- I. Berkeley 

EDWARDS, George P., publisher San Francisco 

EDWARDS, Harry J., realtor, insurance broker.. ..San Francisco 

EDWARDS, LcRoy M., lawyer Los Angeles 

EDWARDS, Lloyd A., photographer Los Angeles 

EDW.^RDS, Noel C, attorney Los Angeles 

EDWARDS, Paul C. newspaper editor San Diego 

EDY, John N,. city manager Berkeley 

EGBERT, Edward B.. marine engineer San Francisco 

EGLl, Anton, stockman Los Angeles 

EHRENPFORT, Arthur T., consulting architect....San Francisco 

EHRLICH, Jacob W., attorney San Francisco 

EHRMAN, Alexis L.. tobacco merchant San Francisco 

EICHLER, Rudolph J., investment banker Los Angeles 

EISEN, Gustavus A., biologist, archaeologist San Francisco 

EISEN, Percy A., architect _ Los Angeles 

EISENHAUER. Edward W, Jr.. chemist Los Angeles 

EISNER, Victor, merchant San Francisco 

EKLOF, Albin, realtor Los Angeles 

ELDER, Paul, publisher, bookseller San Francisco 

ELDRIDGE. Frederick W., editor Los Angeles 

ELDRIDGE, John J., engineer, inventor Oakland 

ELIAS, Ely, manufacturer Los Angeles 

ELLERMAN, Ferdinand, astronomer Pasadena 

ELLIOT, Harold F., real estate broker Los Angeles 

ELLIOTT, Edward, banker Los Angeles 

ELLIOTT, James W., journalist Los Angeles 

ELLIOTT, John B., oil Corp. official Los Angeles 

ELLIOTT, John E., petroleum engineer, geologist Los Angeles 

ELLIOTT, John M., banker Los Angeles 

ELLIOTT, Llovd L., investmeht banker Los Angeles 

ELLIOTT, Paul C. clergyman Los Angeles 

ELLIOTT. Raymond S.. auto distributor Beverly Hills 

ELLIOTT. Robert P.. merchant Los Angeles 

ELLIS, Arthur McD., lawyer Los Angeles 

ELLIS, Joel Px, trust company cxeeuti\e Los Angeles 

ELLIS, Lee H... banker, merchant Los Angeles 

ELSEY, Fred T.. banker San Francisco 

ELTZHOLT2, Carl Frederick, clersvm.m Los Angeles 

ELWELL, J. F., commercial printer Los Angeles 

ELY, Leonard W., surgeon Palo Alto 

EMERY, Arthur L.. chemical engineer San Jose 

EMERY. Robert D.. surgeon, osteopathic physician. .Los Angeles 

EMMERICH. Gertrude E., executive secretary San Francisco 

EMMONS, George E.. manufacturer Pasadena 

ENDICOTT, Laurence, paper manufacturer Los Angeles 

ENGELHARDT, Zephyrin. clergyman, author Santa Barbara 

ENGLEBRIGHT. Harry L.. congressman Nevada City 

ENGLISH, Clarence A., merchant Los Angeles 

ENGLISH, Frank, deputy ,,ti.,m. v .-. n. ,,,1 San Francisco 

ENGLISH, James G., el, n:,,l ,,,,-,K,„r Los Angeles 

ENGLISH, Walter T., an.. M,,. .. Los Angeles 

ENGSTRUM, Edgar F., ,iru.:ui,,l u,;;ineer "Los Anieles 

ENOS, Herbert C, consulting mining engineer Los Angeles 

ENSIGN, Orville H.. elec. mechanical cng Los Angeles 

EPSTEEN. Elliot M.. attorney Sai " 

EPSTEIN, Mihon H., educator Sai 

ESBERG. Alfred I., realtor, investment b.inker Sai 

ESBERG, Milton H., merchant . San Francisco 

ETTER, William K., railroad official Los Angeles 

EUPER, Karl F., realtor Los Angele 

EUSTIS, Percy S., railway official San Diego 

EVANS. Bernard, realtor Los Angeles 

EVANS. Chauncey J., manufacturer Xos Angeles 

EVANS, E. W. Mervin, monument mfr Petaluma 

EVANS, Frederick Noble, landscape architect Sacramento 

EVANS. Herbert J.. legisLitor, orange grower ' Monrovia 

EVANS. Isaac B.. lawyer .... Pasadena 

EVANS, Martha C, social welfare worker s'anFrancisco 

EVANS, William E., congressman, attorney Los Angeles 

EVERARD, Charles E., merchant Pasadena 

FWRnVRV'^'f' '^■•,"'°'"<=S' ■•- Hollywood 

hVtRHART, Leon U.. attorney Pasadena 

EVERMANN, Barton W., naturalist SanFrancisco 

EXELBY. Pcrley B,, physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

Xamc City 


FAGG. John G.. title examiner Los Angeles 

FAIRBANKS. Douglas, actor Beverly Hills 

FAIRBANKS, Douglas E. Jr.. motion picture actor....Culver City 

FAIRBROTHER. Mary, editor San Francisco 

FAREED, Ameen U., physician Los Angeles 

FARIES, David Reed, attorney .Los Angeles 

FARLEY, Fred L.. college dean Stockton 

FARMAN, Franklin, urological mhuloo Los Angeles 

FARNHAM, Daniel C. ostcopatliic physicKui San Francisco 

FAVILLE, William B., architect San Francisco 

FAY, Charles W., contractor Francisco 

FEARON. William M.. obstetrician, surgeon Los Angeles 

FEATHER.STONE. E. A., capitalist Los Angeles 

FEJOS. Paul, motion picture director Universal City 

FELAND. Logan, olhcer U. S. M. C San Francisco 

FENNELL, Edwin A., petroleum developer Los Angeles 

FENNER, Hiram W., physician Carmel 

FENSCH, Fr.ank E., insurance broker Los Angeles 

FERGUSON, Ernest E., merchant Los Angeles 

FERGUSON, L. Perry, sports director Los Angeles 

FERGUSON, Milton J., librarian Sacramento 

FERNALD, Reginald G.. publisher Santa Barbara 

FERRELL. Charles G., foundryman Los Angeles 

FEWKES. John B., accountant Los Angeles 

FICKERT, Charles M.. attorney Los Angeles 

FIEDLER, Charles K., architect Pasadena 

FIELD, Dalton A,, co-operative marketer Whittier 

FIELD. Edward B.. realtor Oakland 

FILES. James R.. attorney Los Angeles 

FILMER. W. C. D.. realtor San Francisco 

FINCH. L. S., manufacturer Los Angeles 

FINCH. R. H.. meteorologist Mineral 

FINCH, William M.. jurist Sacramento 

FINGER, Henry J., apothecary chemist Santa Barbara 

FINKLE. Frederick C. consulting engr Los Angeles 

FINLEY. Charles D.. osteopathic phys. and surg Pasadena 

FINLEY. Ernest L.. editor Santa Rosa 

FINLEY. Solomon H., civil engr Santa Ana 

FINN, Thomas F., ins man. Rep. political leader.... San Francisco 

FISCHER, Emil A., engraver San Francisco 

FISCHER, Will H., corpn. official Los Angeles 

FISHBURN, John E., banker Los Angeles 

FISHER, Albert B., attorney Los Angeles 

FISHER, Eugene I., attorney Long Beach 

FISHER, Henry B., surveyor, civil engineer San Jose 

FISHER, Herbert H., clergyman Santa Paula 

FISHER, John F., clergyman, educator Los Angeles 

FISHER, Robert E., utility official San Francisco 

FISHER, Walter K,, joologist Pacific Grove 

FISHER, William O., clergyman San Francisco 

FISK, John P.. investment banker Redlands 

FISKE. George F. Jr., eye, ear. nose, throat 

splst Huntington Park 

FITCH, Virginia, clubwoman San Francisco 

FITCH, Walter Jr., mining engineer Coronado 

FITTS, Buron R., district attorney Los Angeles 

FITZGERALD, Robert M., lawyer Oakland 

FITZGERALD, William A., editor Stockton 

FITZMAURICE, Edward, merchant Valleio 

FITZPATRICK, Timothy I., jurist SanFrancisco 

FLAMM, Rov H., industrial esperr SanFrancisco 

FLANAGAN, James A., attorney Los Angeles 

FLEISCHMANN, Max C, capitalist Santa Barbara 

FLEISHHACKER, Herbert, banker San Francisco 

FLEISHHACKER, Mortimer, banker San Francisco 

FLEMING, Arthur H., lumber manufacturer Pasadena 

FLEMING, Ernest W., physician, surgeon Los An=eles 

FLEMING, Victor, motion pictui, Jirectnr Hollywood 

FLETCHER. Frank M., artist Santa Barbara 

FLEWELLING, Ralph C., aiehit..i Beverly Hills 

FLEWELLING, Ralph T., clergvni,,!,, cductor. Los Angeles 

FLINT, Frank P., ex-U. S. senator, lawyer Flintndge 

FLINT, Walker R., attorney Los Angeles 

FLOERCKY, Herbert E., wholesale paper merchant..Los Angeles 

FLUNO, Byron F., accountant Los Angeles 

FLYNN, John L., deputy attorney general Los Angeles 

FOERSTER, Roland C, attorney SanFrancisco 

FOLEY, George E., oil Corp. official Whittier 

FOLEY, James W. Jr.. newspaperman Pasadena 

FOLEY, Thomas M., attorney SanFrancisco 

FOLGER, Herbert, insurance executive . Berkeley 

FOLSOM. Frederick N., physician Santa Rosa 

FONTANA, Mark E., manufacturer San Francisco 

FONTRON. Louis E., merchant Los Angeles 

FOOSHEE, R. Edward, milling official San Francisco 

FOOTE. Charles W.. electrical engineer Los Angeles 

FOOTE, William D., attorney Los Angeles 

FORBES, Armitage S. C. manufacturer "Lo^ Angeles 

FORBES. Ethel P.. social worker, writer Hollywood 

FORBES. Frederick F.. newspaperman San Francisco 

FORBES. William O.. clergyman "SanFrancisco 

FORD. Alfred B.. banker !!!"San Franci'sco 

FORD. Arthur J., dentist _ San Francisco 

FORD, Frank E., merchant Los Angeles 



FORD, Freeman A., ra: 
FORD. John, motion pit 
FORD. Thomas F.. cdtt 
FORD. W. Joseph, attoi 
FORD. William H.. m.i 
FOREMAN. Lorcn O,. . 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

....Los Angeles 
..San Franeisco 
....Los Angeles 



director Hollywood 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

turer San Francisco 

ant Los Angeles 

FORLINE, John McC. personnel consultant Los Angeles 

FORSYTH. Robert A., banker Los Angeles 

FORTMANN. Henry F.. packer San Francisco 

FORWARD. Arthur, builder Los Angeles 

FORWARD, John F. Jr.. banker San Diego 

FOSTER. Alfred B.. assistant postmaster Los Angeles 

FOSTER, George N.. lawyer Los Angeles 

FOSTER. John L., merchant San Francisco 

FOSTER, Laurence E., investment broker Menlo Park 

FOSTER, Paul S., lumberman San Fr; 

FOSTER, Robert F., authority on card games San Fri 

FOURT, Walter I., attorney Ventura 

FOWLER, Frederick H.. civil ennuuer San Francisco 

FOWLER. E . r Los Angeles 

FOWLER. H B.. n, w~p,ip, San Francisco 

FOX, Oh.irles A., hotel .,<xu. i Los Angeles 

FOX, Daniel F,, clergvn,,.!> r,i,,idena 

FOX, Laurence W. Jr., -i. : : :. i s : I , .ncisco 

FOYLE. Robert W., nn- I ; : ^ 1 i mcisco 

FRANCEE, Charles, m.r.hnii S,i,li, ncisco 

FRANCIS, lames A., clergvman 

FRANCISCO, Don, advertising man 

FRANCISCO, John B., painter, violinist... 
FRANDSEN, Rasmus M.. structural engine 

FRANK, Abraham, hotelman 

FRANK, Harry H.. investment banker 

FRANK. Henry, lecturer, author San D'iego 271 

FRANK. Lawrence L.. baking official Los Angeles 686 

FRANK. Meyer, realtor Los Angeles 192 

FRANKLIN, Harold B., theatrical official Los Angeles 549 

FRANTZ, Raymond F., rancher La Hahra 5:4 

FRANZ. G. A. Jr.. manuhcturer Los Angeles 174 

FREDERICK. Pauline, actress Hollywood 15a 

FREDERICKS. John D.. congressman Los Angeles 97 

FREDERICKS. John D.. Jr.. attorney Los Angeles 112 

FREDERICKSON. William, municipal judge Los Angeles 602 

FREE. Arthur M.. congressman San Jose 2 58 

FREEDMAN. Leo. educator Los Angeles 64 

FREEDMAN, Nathan O.. attorney Los Angeles 65-. 

FREEMAN. Alden. author, political reformer Santa Barbara 514 

FREEMAN, Breo, architect Pasadena 63 5 

FREEMAN, Ha.^cle L., realtor Los Angeles 100 

FREEMAN, Richard R., banker, contractor Redondo Beach 140 

FREEMAN, Robert, clergyman Pasadena 565 

FRENCH, .Arthur T., attorney San Diego 449 

FRENCH, Leon, attorney San Francisco 23 

FRENCH. William J., cattle raiser Hollywood 210 

FREY. William C. physician, surgeon San Francisco 567 

FRICKE. Albert A., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 649 

FRICKE. Charles W.. jurist Los Angeles 602 

FRIEL. Legrand, civil engineer Los Angeles 521 

FRISBIE, Geraldine E. S.. clubwoman San Mateo 52 

FROST. Arthur B.. illustrator, author Pasadena 154 

FROST. Claude A. S.. attorney San Francisco 408 

FROST. Frank I., mining engineer, b.inker Ojai Valley 660 

FROST, John, artist Pasadena 226 

FROST, Kendal, physician Los Angeles 620 

FRY, Donald H.. ice manufacturer Los Angeles 672 

FRY, John A. B.. clergyman Hollywood 650 

FRYE, Jack, aero official Los Angeles 166 

FULLER. C. M.. oil oHici.,1 Lo< Angeles 418 

FULLER. Charles E,,, orme. Hiou^r I'l.ieentia 680 

FULMER. Arthur P., public acciunt.inl...: S,,n Fiancisco 694 

FULMER. Grace, educator Los Angeles 62 

FULTON. Dudley, physician Los Angeles 479 

FULTON. John M.. attorney Los Angeles 662 

FUNSTON. Frederick, army officer San Francisco 596 

FURMAN. Erwin H.. attorney Hollywood 668 

FUSSELL. Paul, attorney Los Angeles 419 

GAFFEY. John T., estate executive Los Angeles 

GAGE, Arthur H., banker Pasadena 

GAGE, John H., restaurateur Los Angeles 

GAINES, Frank S., manufacturer San Franeisco 

GALBRETH, Ross M.. judge Los Angeles 

GALLAGHER. Andrew J., supervisor, ins. broker..San Francisco 

GALLAGHER. Hugh, steamship man San Francisco 

GALLI, Frank,, merchant, i.altor San Francisco 

GALLI, Joseph, priest iXikland 

GALLWEY, John, sure- - h.nciseo 

GAMBLE, Samuel W.. l . l,,i,. Beach 

GARBO, Greta, motion f . . ;, I iK^iCity 

GARBUTT. Frank A., investment b.uiker Los Angeles 

CARD, Emerson E., banker Los Angeles 

GARDETT, Helmuth C. elcc. engr Los Angeles 

GARDNER, Erie S., attorney, .author Ventura 

GARDNER, Sterling M.. clec. engr.. mfr Emeryville 

GARFIELD. Charles F., investor Beverly Hilh 

?^an,c aty 

GARLAND. William M.. realtor Los Angclei 

GARLOCK. Frank W.. hatcheryman Santa Am 

GARNETT. Percy F.. pub. relations mgr San Francisct 

GARRETSON, Samuel W.. mechanical engr Hollywooc 

GARRISON. E. F., county auditor Oaklant 

GARRISON. lames Hervev. clergyman, editor Los Angelei 

GARRITT, George S.. manufacturer San Francisct 

GATCH. Claud, baijker Oakia 


....Los Angeles 
....Los Angeles 
....Los Angeles 
...Los Angeles 


GATES. Charle; 

GATES. Mark H.. state officMl., 
GATES. Samuel F , ...rpn . ..,.i 
GATES. Waltel S , |i:ii I 
GAUGER. Herl» II I ,,.,11, uh.r 
GAW. Allison. 11,1, %, ,-,n I ,,.| 
GEARHART. William h , ,,i,.,ii 
GEISSINGER. James A,. J. ium 
GELDERN. Otto von. c-i, i,ii 
GELSTON. Clam F.. 
GEORGE, William H 
GERDINE, Thomas C 

GERLACK, Alvin, attorney San Francisco 

GERRY, Martin H. Jr., cleetrical engr San Francisco 

GERSTENKORN, Roy E., urologist Los Angeles 

GESTER, George C, geologist San Francisco 

GETCHELL. Charles W.. real esi.ite hu.U, Los Angeles 

GETSINGER. Edward C. archaciiotliM Los Angeles 

GETTY. George F.. oil producer Los Angeles 

GIACOMAZZI. Edward P.. banker Milpitas 

GIANNINI. Amadeo Peter, banker San Francisco 

GIBBON, William R.. bidg. loan official Los Angeles 

GIBBONS. Fred G.. investment banker San Francisco 

GIBBS. Dwight. architect Los Angeles 

GIBBS. L. Vernon, attorney, geologist Los Angeles 

GIBSON. Charles A., investment hanker San Francisco 

GIBSON. Hugh. U. S. amb.issador Brussels 

GIBSON. Hugh C.. merchant Inglewood 

GIBSON. James A.. Jr.. attoinev Los Angeles 

GIBSON. lames B.. business re-ore.ini:cr Oakland 

GIBSON, \\illis E . .JiRMior Oakland 

GIDNEY. Harry D , .ini-ii,i,>n San Francisco 

GIFFORD. John \\m T . investment banker San Francisco 

GIFFORD. Orrin P . clneMiiin Pasadena 

GIFFORD. Robert L.. conuliine ,iiei P.isadena 

GILBERT. lohn. actor Culver City 

GILBERT. William H.. .,,ie, ,ii Los Angeles 

GILES. Milton E.. estate . x, aim, Los Angeles 

GILKEY. Errol C,. attoinev Oakland 

GILLETT, Geotuc F., advertising man Los Angeles 

GILLETT, lames N . cvgov. of Calif San Franeisco 

GILLETTE, Edwin F., architect Pasadena 

GILLETTE, King C, rajor manufaetiuer Los Angeles 

GILLIES, James L.. clergyman Riverside 

GILLILAND. Clarence V.. educ.itor Los Angeles 

GILLOGLEY, Robert William, attornev r Francisco 

GILLOGLY, Matthew L., railway supt S,iusalito 

GILMORE. Myron T., banker San Diego 

(.aLROY, Wilbur F.. fraternity official Los Angeles 

GIMBAL. Harry R.. oil operator Long Beach 

GIRVIN. Ernest A., atnaiuv Los Angeles 

GIRVIN. Paul S,. supt.iin , i -, , San Francisco 

GIST. Oilman A., insiii.uu, inn, San Diego 

GLADDING. Augustus L , San Francisco 

GLASSLEY. Ray H.. merchant Oakland 

GLENSOR. Harry W,. attorney San Francisco 

GLOVER. Mary E.. physician San Franeisco 

GLYN. Elinor, author Los Angeles 

GOCK, Alfred I., banker San Francisco 

GODCHAUX. EdmonJ, public official San Francisco 

GODSHALL. Leon D.. surgeon Los Angeles 

GODSHALL. Linc.ln D.. mining ener Los Angeles 

GODSHALL. William A., -,il, - mer Los Angeles 

GOLDMAN. Richard S., .ittrain v San Francisco 

GOLDSON. Ehhii, Los Angeles 

GOLDSON, Phihp. maniil.ictiir. r Los Angeles 

GOLDWYN, Samii, 1, moti,,n puluri piodiie, i Los Angeles 

GONSALVES, Loin-, .it.omo Oakland 

GOOD, Lara P.iiil. in- ...iin-Lllor , .,lt,,nKx S,in Diego 

GOODALL, Louis B., Lorpii. official Hollywood 

GOODBODY, Michael D., mortician San Diego 

GOODCELL, Re.x B., attorney Los Angeles 

GOODELL, C. J., jurist San Francisco 

GOODEN, Robert B., clergyman, educator Los Angeles 

GOODMAN, Sheldon H., dentist San Francisco 

GOODRICH, Chaunccy S., attoinev San Francisco 

G00DR1C:H, lohn A., attornev Los Angeles 

GOODRICH, John F.. writer...' Hollywood 

GOODWIN, lliivev. auto dealer Los Angeles 

(.■OOnWlN. H.niv P, attornev Los Angeles 

GOODWIN, Wrrie H., piih. ia\ e^|su■t Los Angeles 

G0RI.1ON, Glifton R., .iltorncv... San Francisco 

GORDON, F. v.. oil operator Los Angeles 

GORDON. James L.. minister Los Angeles 

GORDON. R. Clifford, banker Los Angeles 

GORDON. Vera, motion picture acttess Los Angeles 

GORDON. Wclland R,, newspaperman Los Angeles 

GORHAM, Harry M., miner, banker, realtor....Paeific Palisades 



Francisco 354 

..San Francisc. 
Los Angele 


GORMAN. James A., ins. and invml. broker San Francisco 

GORRILL, William H.. attorney San Francisco 

GOSE. John T.. attorney Los Angeles 

GOSNEY, Eira S., banker Pasadena 

GOSS. Chester A. Jr.. merchant „Los_ Angeles 

GOTTSCHALK, Charles F , :^r,-hit,- 

GOUGH. Emile J., nevv^r n- ■' 

GOULL). Arthur R.. phvi. i. 
GOULD. Ralrh A., chennil . 
GOULD. Thomas C.. jun-i 
GOVE. Charles A., .liu, i 
GRAHAM. Clifford R.. t,,,i;.i".ii,,. 
GRAHAM. David M.. . . 
(;RAHAM. Harrington B.. .nui^l, 

GRAHAM. Thomas F.. jurist 

GRAHAM. W. Herbert. plumbinR 
GRANDIN. Hcnrv B.. lumber mfr. 
GRANEY. Edward M., sportsman... 
GRANT. Allan D., insur.incc exec 
GRANT. Arthur S.. 
GRANT, Ben E. Jr.. physit 
GRANT. Charles H,, 


,tlli, San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

iii;(ilMi^i,^t....San Francisco 

San Francisco 

tr.ictnr Oakland 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

; Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

1 Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

GRANT. Daniel G.. stock broker Los Angeles 

GRANT. Edwin J., manufacturer Los Angeles 

GRANT. Frank P.. lemon grower San Fernando 

GRANT, John, mai 
GRANT. Joseph D., 
GRANT. Ulvsses S. 
GRANT. Wilbur H. 
GRAVES. Anson R. 
GRAVES, Byron L. 
GRAVES, Charles I 

GRAVES. Francis B.. 

GRAVES. Francis P.. investment broker Los Angeles 

GRAVES. Frank B.. attorney Oakland 

GRAVES. lackson A., hanker Los Angeles 

GRAVES, Myron O., attorney Los Angeles 

GRAVES. Oney W.. laundry owner San Jose 

GRAY, Charles W.. dentist Los Angeles 

GRAY, Chester E.. manufacturer San Francisco 

GRAY, John R., consulting engr San Francisco 

GRAY. Leon E.. jurist Oakland 

GRAY. Percival A. Jr.. physician Santa Barbara 

Los Angeles 

ufacturer Los Angeles 

merchant San Francisco 

Jr.. lawyer San Diego 

. geologist, mining engr San Francisco 

. bishop La Mesa 

corpn. official Los Angeles 

{., diplomat Santa Barbara 

;RAYD0N. Thomas J.. 

GREEN. Allan L.. hardw 

GREEN. Arthur W., att. 

GREEN. Charles N. 

I-.REEN. Dwight M 

GREEN. lohn H. C 

;REEN. Phil; 



Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

banker Los Angeles 

torney - San Diego 

(GREENE. A. Crawford, attornev San Francisco 

GREENE. John P.. college pres Santa Ana 

GREENE. Lindley M.. citrus grower, shipper Whittier 

GREENE. Lucius E.. attorney, banker San Francisco 

GREENE, Mary Anne, lawyer Pasadena 

GREENE. Roger S.. hwver Oakland 

GREENE. William B.. financier Los Angeles 

GREENHOUSE, Frank L., utility corpn. exec Los Angeles 

GREGG, Llovd W.. rancher Burbank 

GREGORY. Brother Urban, educator Moraga Valley 

GREGORY. George G.. realtor, invmt. broker Los Angeles 

GREGORY. Thomas T. C, lawyer San Francisco 

GREGORY. Uriah, clergyman Los Angeles 

GREPPIN. Lloyd E.. insur.ance man Beverly Hills 

GRESSWELL. Charles R.. furniture co. exec San Francisco 

GREUSEL. John H.. journalist Hollywood 

GREY. Elmer, architect Pasadena 

GREY. Zanc. author Altadena 

GRIFFIN. Franklin A., jurist San Francisco 

GRIFFIN. George B., lawyer, diplomat Los Angeles 

GRIFFIN. Lloyd E., jurist San Diego 

(iRlFFlN. Roscoc W.. attorney Los Angeles 

GRIFFITH. Ben F.. attorney Los Angeles 

GRIFFITH. C^.riniu, aetrc.~s Hollywood 

GRIFFITH. David W.irk, motion piclurc producer., ..Hollywood 

GRIFFITH, Elbert B., orange grower Azusa 

GRIFFITH. Harry M.. physicuin Pasadena 

GRIFFITH. Ralph H., insurance ragr Francisco 

GRIFFITH, Raymond, motion picture actor Hollywood 

GRIFFITH. Van M.. park commissioner Los Angeles 

GRIFFITH. William G.. attorney Santa Barbara 

GRIGGS. Dcll W.. warehouse proprietor Los Angeles 

GRIGSBY. Bruce H., attorney, banker Los Angeles 

GRIMM. Herbert P., oil corpn. official Los Angeles 

GRING. Rudolph B.. life underwriter Los Angeles 

GRISWOLD. Augustus H.. telegraph co. officiaL.New York City 

GRONDONA. Charles F. banker San Francisco 

GROOM. lames W., attorney Los Angeles 

GROSS, George E., city assessor Oakland 

GROSSBLATT, Louis J., merchant Los Angeles 

GROSSE. John, merchant Pasadena 

GROW, Arthur E., bldg. and loan official Los Angeles 

GRUNN. John Homer, pianist, composer Los Angeles 

GRUNSKY. Carl E.. civil engr San Francisco 

GRUNSKY, Eugene L.. consulting engr San Francisco 

Kdmc City 

GRUWELL, Daniel B.. attorney Los Angeles 

GUALANO. F. F., municipal judge Los Angeles 

GUASTI. Secondo Jr.. vineyardist Los Angeles 

GUEDEL. Walter M.. manufacturer Bel Air 

GUERENA. Frank L.. deputy atty. gen San Francisco 

GUERIN. Walter, jurist Los Angeles 

GUERNSEY. Frank A., corpn. official Los Angeles 

GUEST. Wilbcrt H.. druggist Huntington Park 

GUGGENHEIM. Harry F., mining man Santa Barbara 

GUIBERSON. Samuel A. Jr., oil corpn. official Los Angeles 

GUILD. Lewis T.. clergyman Los Angeles 

GUILER. Henry A., attorney San Francisco 

GUILL. lohn H.. farm board member Chico 

GUITTARD. Frank L.. confectionery mfr San Fri 

GUITTARD. Horace C:., o,nl, aum, i v mfr Si 

GUMP. Alfred S.. meo-h.ini S; 

GUTSCH. Gust.iv. .Ilium, V SanFn 

GUTTERSON. Henry H,. .u.hii.ct San Francisco 

GWIN. Ira A., attorney Los Angeles 

GWINN. Joseph M.. siipt. of schools San Francisco 


HAAS. Charles E., municipal judge Los Angeles 

HAAS, Ed. realtor Los Angeles 

HAAS, Edward F., civil engineer San Francisco 

HAAS. Walter F., attorney Los Angeles 

HADDOCK. Benjamin H., investment banker San Diego 

HADOVER. Edward T.. jeweler San Pedro 

HAGAN. Ralph, surgeon, gynecologist Los Angeles 

HAGGARTY. John J., merchant Los Angeles 

HAHN. Edwin F.. jurist Los Angeles 

HAIGHT. George W.. attorney Los Angeles 

HAIGHT. Raymond LeR.. attorney Los Angeles 

HAILS. Raymond R.. attorney Los Angeles 

HAINES. Alfred, attorney San Diego 

HAINES. Charles LeR.. physician, surgeon Altadena 

HAINES. lohn C. fruit packer Los Angeles 

HALDEMAN. Harry M.. merchant Los Angeles 

HALE. George E., astronomer Pasadena 

HALE. Marshal. merch,ant San Francisco 

HALE. Reuben B.. merchant San Francisco 

HALE. William M.. banker San Francisco 

HALL. Chapm. newspaper editor Los Angeles 

HALL. C;harlcs I., banker Pasadena 

HALL. Frank H.. investment broker Pasadena 

HALL. Frederic W.. attorney San Francisco 

HALL. Irwin R., real estate broker Long Beach 

HALL. Jennison C. lithographer Francisco 

HALL. John M.. lawyer Los Angeles 

HALL. Wiiliam H.. mine operator, financier Santa Barbara 

HALLBERG. John A., finance official Long Beach 

HALLENBECK. Edwin P., theologian San Anselmo 

HALM. Rudolph K.. manufacturer Los Angeles 

HALSEY, Theodore V., telephone official San Francisco 

HALSTED. Abel S.. lawyer Los Angeles 

HALSTED. Samuel H.. investment banker Pasadena 

HALVORSON. Olaf. educator _...Los Angeles 

HAM. Richard K.. investor Oakland 

HAMBLETON, Holland G.. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

HAMBLY. Harrv B. Jr.. dentist San Francisco 

HAMBROOK. Richard E.. engineer Los Angeles 

HAMILTON. Alexander, jobber San Francisco 

HAMILTON. Charles B.. hotel owner Los Angeles 

HAMILTON, Charles H.. manufacturer Pasadena 

HAMILTON. Fred H., oil operator Los Angeles 

HAMILTON, Gilbert Van T., physician Santa Barbara 

HAMILTON. James E.. manufacturer Pasadena 

HAMILTON, John J., author _ Pasadena 

HAMILTON. Julius R.. physician, surgeon Hollywood 

HAMILTON, Neil, motion picture actor Hollywood 

HAMILTON. W.. mining engineer Los Angeles 

HAMLIN. Ralph, auto disttibutor Los Angeles 

HAMM, Herbert A., industrial engineer Los Angeles 

HAMMACK, Roy W.. physician Los Angeles 

HAMMELL. Marion A., steamship man San Francisco 

HAMMERSMITH. F. Arthur, mine operator San Francisco 

HAMMON. Wendell C. mining engineer San Francisco 

HAMMOND, Andrew B., lumberman San Francisco 

HAMMOND, Chauncey R., county auditor San Diego 

HAMMOND, Wilmer M., insurance general agent..Los Angeles 

HAMPTON, Benjamin B., editor Los Angeles 

HAMPTON, Edgar L., writer Los Angeles 

HANBY J.. Walter, jurist Los Angeles 

HANCOCK. Allan, banker, oil operator Los Angeles 

HANCOCK. Evan J., oil operator Los Angeles 

HANCOCK. Paul C. realtor Los Angeles 

HANGER, Paul E.. confectioner Los Angeles 

HANIFY. John R.. lumberman, shipowner San Francisco 

HANKS. Abbot A., chemical engineer San Francisco 

HANNA. Byron C, lawyer Los Angeles 

HANNA. Edward J., archbishop San Francisco 

HANNON. W. H.. stock broker San Francisco 

HANSEN. Armin C., artist Monterey 

HANSEN. Fred M.. Y. M. C. A. secretary San Francisco 

HANSON. Edwin J., attorney San Francisco 

HANSON. Ole, realtor Los Angeles 




Name <-' 

HANSON, Thomas G., army ofSccr _ .San Fri 

HARBACH, Abram A., army officer Santa Barbara 

HARBACH, Edwin L., investment hanker Los Angeks 

HARBISON, McClartv, br.iker Los Angeles 

HARBISON, Robert C., editor, ruhlishcr San Bcrnardmt) 

HARDEE, Theodore, civic leader Kentfield 

HARDIN, Rowan, attorney - .Sonora 

HARDIN. Willctt L., chemist Lo.s Angeles 

HARDINO, Carroll R.. transportation engineer San brancisco 

HARDMAN. B. Recde. architect Berkeley 

HARDY. Carlos S., jurist Los Angeks 

HARDY. Rex G.. attorney ...Los Angeks 

HARDY, Vernon S., manufacturer Francisco 

HARE, Alfred W.. attorney Los Angeles 

HARE. George A., phyMci.m. surn.-n --- ...-Fresno 

HARE. Lloyd C, attorney San Francisco 

HARGEAR. Frank F.. hiik, i San Francisco 

HARGEAR. William A. h., n-iuMiic. broker San Francisco 

HARKER. Ray C, clei,:ym,,n \\ hittier 

HARLAN. Oils, actor Holly-uood 

HARMON. Frank W.. .iluni-I S.m Dlcgo 

HARNISH. John, engineer L,,» Angeles 

HARP. Charles B.. builder Los Angeks 

HARPER, Benjamin W.. dentist Los Angeks 

HARPER. Jacob C. attorney La Jo la 

HARRIS, A. Perry, attorney Los Angeks 

HARRIS. Charles N., lawyer Los Angeles 

HARRIS. Harry H., jcwckr S.anta B.nrbara 

HARRIS. Herman S.. manufacturer, merchant Oakland 

HARRIS. Irving C, consulting engineer Los Angeles 

HARRIS. Isadore, justice of peace San Francisco 

HARRIS, lohn W,, manufacturer Los Angeles 

HARRIS. Morris B., lawyer Fresno 

HARRISON, G. Roland, insurance man Los Angc.cs 

HARKI.SON, Ikiy K,, investment ri.ilt..r \\,.i-k.~.J 

HARRISON. M.iunce E.. Lower S.iili -.- 

HARRISON. NichoL.s McC. Ir . im . b.tnkei 1.- An-. I. - 

HARRlStlN. Robert W.. deputv attv. stn S,,n li.m.i.... 

HARRISON. Samuel 1.. physician, surgeon Hollywood 

HARSHBARGER, Asa ?.. attorney Los Angeks 

HART. Charles E.. dentist San Francisco 

HART. Dwight H.. hotel owner Los Angeles 

HART. Edwin G.. realtor Los Angeles 

HART, Elijah C, jurist Sacramento 

HART. George A., hotel owner Los Angeks 

HART. Jerome A., editor, author San Francisco 

HART, lohn W.. attorney Los Angeles 

HART, 'William S.. motion picture actor Hollywood 

HARTLEY, Joseph A., merchant, manufacturer Xos Angeles 

HARVEY, Earl M., merchant Los Angeks 

HARWOOD, E. S., corpor.ition official Los Angiles 

HARWOOD. Edward C, citrus grower l',,s., 

HASLETT, S. M., warehouseman S.m Ei.aui c, 

HASTREITER. Rolland F.. physician.. Los Ang.les 

HATCH. Gordon L., capitalist Pasadena 

HATCH, lohn E.. banker Long Beach 

HATCH. Philander E.. banker Long Beach 

HATCH. William K.. eust.ims e.v.iminer Berkeky 

HATFIELD. George 1.. lawyer San Francisco 

HATHAWAY. Abraii.mi M,. contr.ictor Los Angeks 

HATHAWAY. Richard M.. aichiteet San Diego 

HAUPTMAN. George D.. lumberman Los Angeles 

HAUSER. Julius, packer Los 

HAVENS. Howard C. orange grower Los Angeks 

HAVENSTRITE. Russell E.. oil operator Los Angeks 

HAWES. Henry Q.. rt.Mivj .-..onsellor San Francisco 

HAWi;OOD. Harr\, 1., Iii-h. ■n-.i-r... Lms Angeks 

HAWKINS, Brook, .-,.:, Lms Angeks 

HAWKINS, John I . Ilm.. Los Angeks 

HAWKINS. Lcland P.. plivsi.iao Los Angeks 

HAWLEY. Clarence E.. r,ineher. banker S.inta Paula 

HAWPE, Mason H.. investment broker Los Angeles 

HAY. William H., real estate operator Los Angeles 

HAYDEN. Charles T.. physician, surgeon San Francisco 

HAYES. Everis A., ex-congressman, publisher San Jose 

HAYES, James H., attorney San Francisco 

HAYES. Jay C. newspaper publisher — San Jose 

HAYES, Mabel B.. teacher of singing Los Angeles 

HAYFORD. LeRoy G.. lawyer Ln, Angeks 

HAYLETT. Robert E., engineering executive I Anei.les 

HAYMOND. T. W.. titk insur.ance official Ln, Angeks 

HAYMOND. William H. B., attorney Los Angeles 

HAYNES. Donald E.. insurance man Los Angeles 

HAYNES. Ira A., army officer San Francisco 

HAYNES. John R., physician, surgeon Los Angeks 

HAYS. William C, architect San Francisco 

HAYWARD. Charles A., corporation official .'Los Angeles 

HAYWARD, Max. lumberman, investment banker..LGS Angeles 

HAYWARD. Samuel T.. lumberman Los Angeks 

HAZEL. Edward J., merchant Los Angeles 

HAZELTINE. Herbert S.. agriculturist Los Angeles 

HAZLETT. William, jurist Los Angeles 

HAZZARD. George Lee, insurance man Whittier 

HEAD, Leon O., express company official San Francisco 

HEALY, W. H., contractor San Fr.ineisco 

?i^mc City 

HEANEY. John \V.. attorney Santa Barbara 

HEARST. George R,. newspaper publisher San Francisco 

HEARST. William Randolph, publisher San Simeon 

HEARTWELL. Charles L.. b.inker Long Beach 

HEATH. Harold. :oologist Pacific Grove 

HEATH, lohn E. S.. lawyer Los Angeks 

HEATH. lohn R.. manufacturer Los Angeles 

HEATH, "R. Lee. attorney Los Angeles 

HEATHCOTE. Frederick W., banker Los Angeles 

HECKE. G. H., agriculturist Sacramento 

HEDEKIN. Bernard, realtor Los Angeks 

HEDGES. Leila B.. land owner San Francisco 

HEFFLEY. Samuel R.. telephone official Long Beach 

HEFFNER. Harry L.. rancher Los Angeles 

HEICHER. Merlo K. W.. ckrgyman. educator San Anselmo 

HEILEMAN. William H.. agricukural chemist Oakland 

HEILIG. Reed W.. attorney San Leandro 

HEINDEL. Augusta F.. author Occanside 

HElNRiCH. Edward O.. chemist, legal expert San Francisco 

HEINTZ. Carl M.. advertising man Los Angeks 

HEINZMAN. William H., physician, surgeon San Francisco 

HEITSCHMIDT. Earl T.. architect Los Angeles 

HELLER. Edward H.. investment banker San Francisco 

HELLER. Walter S., investment banker San Francisco 

HELLMAN, Irving H.. financier Beverly Hills 

HELLMAN. Isaias W.. banker San Francisco 

HELLMAN. Marco H.. banker Los Angeles 

HELLMAN. Maurice S.. banker Los Angeles 

HELLMANN. Richard H.. broker San Francisco 

HELMS. Elmer E.. ckrgyman Los Angeles 

HELSEL. Paul R., college president Los Angeles 

HEMPEL. Walter, realtor, broker Los Angeks 

HENCK, John B.. elec. railway engineer Santa Barbara 

HENDERSON, Charles B., ex-senator San Francisco 

HENDERSON, Charles F,, engineer San Francisco 

HENDERSON, John W., attorney San Francisco 

HENDERSON, Robert B.. manufacturer San Fr.incisco 

HENDRICK. Archer W.. banker San Francisco 

HENDRICKSON. Alfred D.. investment banker.. -San Francisco 

HENDRIKSEN. Hturv A., corporation official San Fr,incisco 

HENEY. Francis J., lawyer Los Angeles 

HENGSTLER. Louis T.. admiralty Lawyer San Francisco 

HENNEBERGER. Herman Jr.. capitalist Los Angeles 

HENNING. Edward J., jurist Los Angeles 

HENRICl. Harry H.. merchant San Francisco 

HENRY. Carl A., insurance man San Francisco 

HENRY. Carl F., clergyman P.isadena 

HENRY. John H., lumber manufacturer Pasadena 

HENRY, Leslie A., banker Los Angeks 

HENRY. Leslie B.. investment banker Los Angeles 

HENRY. Patrick, lawyer Los Angeles 

HENRY, William A., agriculturist San Diego 

HENSEL. George C. surgeon San Francisco 

HEPBURN. Charles T.. fruit packer and shipper San Jose 

HEPINST.ALL. Jack, contractor Los Angeles 

HERBERT. Morris J., army officer Los Angeles 

HERMAN. Ralph D., theatrical producer _ Los Angeles 

HERMAN. Raphael. manuf,acturer Los Angeles 

HERMANN, lohn, manufacturer San Francisco 

HERMANN, lohn R., manufacturer San Fr.ancisco 

HERMLE, William A., leather merchant Oakland 

HERON. Frank, attorney, corporation official Los Angeles 

HERRICK. Anson. C. P. A San Francisco 

HERRICK. George L, civil cng. architect, atty Los Angles 

HERRICK. Richard P.. manufacturer's rep S.m Francisco 

HERRIN. William F.. lawyer San Francisco 

HERRIOTT, Calvin C. ckrgyman Oakhind 

HERRON. Rufus H., oil operator Los Angeles 

HERRON. Willard G.. aircraft official San Francisco 

HERSEY. Henry B.. meteorologist Los Angeles 

HERSHEY. Oscar H.. mining geologist San Francisco 

HERSHFIELD. Ben C, motion picture executive Hollywood 

HERSHOLT, Jean, actor Universal City 

HERTER, Albert, artist Santa Barbara 

HERTZ, Alfred, musician San Francisco 

HERTZ. Thomas M.. auto finance official Los Angeles 

HERTZOG. Walter S.. historian, educator Los Angeles 

HERVEY. Charles B.. hotel man Santa Barbara 

HERVEY. Edward, attorney Los Angeles 

HERVEY. Harcourt. banker Los Angeks 

HERVEY. William R., lawyer, banker Los Angeles 

HERZ, Francis J., dentist San Ftancisco 

HERZOG, Sidney G., advertising man San Francisco 

HESS, Alden F.. realtor Burlingamc 

HETZEL. Frank L.. brake specialist Los Angeks 

HEUNISCH. Albert G., manufacturer San Francisco 

HEUSTIS. Robert L., banker Los Angeles 

HEWES, Laurence L. civil engineer San Francisco 

HEWITT. Leslie R.. attorney Los Angeles 

HEWSTON, Ernest W., advertising man Los Angeles 

HEYM.AN, Jacob S.. m.inufacturer Los Angeles 

HIATT. William M.. attorney Los Angeles 

HIBBARD. John D., engineer. Corp. official Hollywood 

HIGHBORN. Franklin, author Santa Clara 

HICKERSON. George X., realtor, broker Los Angeles 


HICKMAN. George \V.. attorney Oakland 

HICKOX, Millar \\'.. special insurance agent Los Angeles 

HICKS. Frank M.. manufacturer - Pasadena 

HICKS. Jeremiah H., master mechanic Los Angeles 

HIERS. Walter, motion picture actor Los Angeles 

HIGGINSON. Augustus B., architect Santa Barbara 

HIGGINSON, Harold E.. corp. organizer Los Angeles 

HILL. Carey S., investment banker Los Ange es 

HILL, Edgar P.. clergyman Los Ange es 

HILL. Frank P., oil corp. executive Los Ange es 

HILL, Louis C consulting engineer Los Angeles 

HILL. Walter B., obstetrician Long Beach 

HILL, William L., lawyer .Oakland 

HILL. William V., railway assn. official San Francisco 

HILLIARD. Frank C manufacturer Los Angeles 

HILMER. Fred L.. merchant San Francisco 

HILMER, Marshall M., merchant San Francisco 

HILP. Harr^- H.. contractor San Francisco 

HILPERT. Frederick S., banker _ Los Angeles 

HILTON, Walter C, realtor Los Angeles 

HILTON. William A., zoologist _ Claremont 

HINCKLEY. Frank £., lawyer - San Francisco 

HINDS, Charles G., bldg. loan official San Francisco 

HINE. Wcslev M., auto salesman Los Angeles 

HINER. Dr. Edwin M.. musician Los Angeles 

HINES, John L., army officer San Francisco 

HINES. lohnnv, motion picture actor Hollywood 

HINMAN, Zerah L., ballet master San Francisco 

HINSHAW, Virgil G., prohibition worker Jasadena 

HITCHCOCK. Harry S.. manufacturer...- Los Angeles 

HITCHCOCK. John R.. railroad official Los Angeles 

HITT. William C. mfrs. representative Los Angeles 

HITTELL. Emilv R. C. clubwoman San Francisco 

HOAG. Carl L.. surgeon San Francisco 

HOAGLAND. Henry W., physician Pasadena 

HOAR. Frederick E.. consulting engineer San Francisco 

HOBRECHT. Augustine H.. priest Santa Barbara 

HOBRECHT. Charles B., optometrist San Francisco 

HOBSON. Richmond P.. lecturer, author Los Angeles 

HOCKENBEAMER. A. F., pub. service official....San Francisco 

HODGE. Walter A., auto dealer Hollywood 

HODGES. Walter E.. railway official Los Angeles 

HODGHEAD. Beverly L., lawyer San Francisco 

HOEFER, Frank A., banker - Santa Barbara 

HOEFFLIN. Walter R.. life ins. exec Los Angeles 

HOEFLING. Ludwig G.. investment banker Santa Barbara 

HOFFMAN. Elmer H.. attorney Los Angeles 

HOFFMANN. Ralph, museum director Santa Barbara 

HOGAN, Clarence C, banker Los Angeles 

HOGAN. Frank I., attorney Los Angeles 

HOGAN. Thomas P. Jr., merchant _ Oakland 

HOGE. Fulton W.. lawyer Los Angeles 

HOGE. J. Hampton, attorney San Francisco 

HOGE. Lionel B.. insurance officiaL - San Francisco 

HOGUE. Fred W.. realtor. _ Los Angeles 

HOHANSHELT, William G.. clergyman Pasadena 

HOHFELD. Edward, attorney _.San Francisco 

HOISHOLT, Andrew W.. physician, alienist San Francisco 

HOLBROOK. James E., sales director _ San Francisco 

HOLBROOK, William S. Jr., attorney _ Los Angeles 

HOLCOMB, Dayton B.. physician, osteopath Pasadena 

HOLLAND. Laurier F.-S.. mining engineer Los Angeles 

HOLLIDAY. Robert P.. editor, publisher Santa Monica 

HOLLINGSWORTH, Merrill W.. physician Los Angeles 

HOLLYWOOD. Charles B., merchandise broker....San Francisco 

HOLLZER. Harn- A., jurist Los Angeles 

HOLMAN, Alfred, editor San Francisco 

HOLMAN. Emile F.. surgeon San Francisco 

HOLMAN. William S., motion picture official Hollywood 

HOLMES, Charles E.. realtor, capitalist Belvedere 

HOLMES, E. Clarence, investment banker San Francisco 

HOLMES, Louis R.. physician San Francisco 

HOLMES. Stuart, actor Hollywood 

HOLMES. Webster B.. corporation official Los Angeles 

HOLSTEIN. George M., Jr.. contractor Beverly Hills 

HOLT. Joseph F. Jr.. corporation official Los Angeles 

HOLT. Marshall K.. chemist..._ San Rafael 

HOME. John D.. attorney Los Angeles 

HONEYWELL. Charles F.. merchant Oakland 

HONG. Alfred Y.. attorney Los Angeles 

HONNOLD. William L., mining engineer. Los Angeles 

HOOBLER. George W., investment banker Los Angeles 

HOOBLER, Hal R., pediatrist Oakland 

HOOD. Hubert E.. C. P. A _ San Jose 

HOOD. Walter. C. P. A San Francisco 

HOOD. Wavne A., dairyman San Dieoo 

HOOD, William, civil engineer _ San Francisco 

HOOKSTRATTEN. St. Cvr E., dairy official Los Angeles 

HOOPER, Charles A., lumberman Alameda 

HOOPER. Joserh G., banker _ San Francisco 

HOOVER. Herbert C. President of the United 

States Washington, D. C. 

HOOVER, James N., surgeon _ Long Beach 

HOOVER, Theodore J., mining engineer S; 

Page Xdme City 

401 HOPKINS, Clarence V,, mining engineer.... Los Angeles 

156 HOPKINS. Ed Wells, county assessor Los Angeles 

• T HOPKINS. William H.. clergyman - Los Angeles 

-. HORNBECK. Russell W., broker Los Angeles 

*'■' HORNE. Clifford R.. investment broker Los Angeles 

609 HORNER. Warren M., insurance underwriter Los Angeles 

6<)I HORTON. Rufus W. L.. attorney Los Angeles 

■ilS HORTilN. Thomas C, clergyman Long Beach 

205 HOUGHTON, Edward T.. attorney San Francisco 

221 HOULETTE, Pearl E., realtor _ Los Angeles 

689 HOUSER. Charles A., architect, builder Los Angeles 

54.i HOU.SER, Frederick W., jurist Los Angeles 

552 HOVDE, Carl H. R., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

604 HOWARD. Arthur ].. realtor - Los Angeles 

405 HOW.'KRD. Charles E.. fruit express gen. agent Los Angeles 

186 HOWARD. William D.. 6nancier Los Angeles 

389 HOWE. H. Kenneth, investment broker Beverly Hills 

389 HOWE, Willia L.. builders exch. official San Jose 

■^4 HOWELL. John G.. bookseller, importer...- San Francisco 

521 HOWIE. lames S.. attorney Los Angeles 

540 HOWLAND. Charles H., engineer, rancher Glendale 

10 HOWLAND, H. S.. army officer San Francisco 

277 HOWSE, Paul D., manufacturer - Los Angeles 

253 HOXIE, Vivian W.. mechanical engineer San Francisco 

125 HOYE, Walter W,, attorney Los Angeles 

485 HUBB.^RD. Anita Day, writer San Francisco 

276 HUBB.\RD, Leslie E.. lawyer - .Hollywood 

487 HUBB.ARD, Walton, Christian Science lecturer. Los Angeles 

495 HUBB.^RD. William B-. investment banker Los Angeles 

258 HUBBARD. William H., banker Pasadena 

546 HUBBLE, EJwin P., astronomer - San Marino 

589 HUBBY, R..llin G., architect, capitalist Los Angeles 

235 HUBER. Walter L.. civil engineer ....San Francisco 

47 HUBER. William B., manufacturer Los Angeles 

331 HUDSON, Charles E.. stock broker San Francisco 

457 HUDSON. Frank D., lumberman Berkeley 

436 HUGGINS. Hale H.. realtor Los Angeles 

589 HUGHES. Charles C. educator Sacramento 

378 HUGHES. Clifford E.. attorney Los Angeles 

40 HUGHES. Gareth. motion picture actor Los Angeles 

346 HUGHES. Henry W.. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

391 HUGHES, Jurdv T.. mfrs. manager San Francisco 

528 HUGHES, Lloyd E.. motion picture actor Los Angeles 

275 HUGHES. Rupert, author _ Los Angeles 

638 HUGHES. Wilfrid K.. merchant San Francisco 

498 HULL. George B.. stock broker Los Angeles 

617 HULL. Thomas E., hotel owner _.San Francisco 

509 HULLINGER. Henry C. educator, banker.... Los Angeles 

215 HUME. Charles E.. canner San Francisco 

•>56 HUMES. Homer C. dentist ..-Los Angeles 

195 HUMPHREY, Charles F.. attorney San Francisco 

3P HUMPHREY. William F., oil corpn. official San Francisco 

170 HUMPHREYS. Thomas V.. insurance rep Los Angeles 

571 HUNKER. lacob J. Ill, naval officer....... Pasadena 

598 HUNSAKER. Ogden K.. investment banker Los Angeles 

674 HUNT, Clyde E., title official San Francisco 

680 HUNT, Joseph F.. merchant _ San Francisco 

525 HUNT. Myron, architect ...Los Angeles 

474 HUNT. Randell. civil engineer San Francisco 

59 HUNT. Rockwell D., university dean ..Los Angeles 

484 HUNT. Sumner P.. architect _ Los Angeles 

5 58 HUNT. William H., jurist San Francisco 

165 HUNTER, Allan A., clergyman Los Angeles 

146 HUNTER, David B., lumberman Berkeley 

;10 HUNTER. Frank L.. fire insurance official _...San Francisco 

57 HUNTER. Frederick M.. school superintendent Oakland 

108 HL'NTER. George G., physician Los Angeles 

198 HUNTER. Graham C, clergyman Fullerton 

5 59 HUNTER. Lida M. B., genealogist San Francisco 

i-ij HUNTER. Robert, investment banker.... San Francisco 

,-5o HUNTER, Robert, sociologist Pebble Beach 

545 HUNTINGTON, Henry E., capitalist Pasadena 

354 HUNTINGTON, Thomas W.. surgeon San Francisco 

615 HUNTSBERGER. Raymond W.. obstetrician Los Angeles 

507 HUNTSMAN-TROUT. Edward, landscape architect..Hollywood 

509 HUPP. George S.. attorney Los Angeles 

187 HUTCHENS. Frank B., purchasing agent San Francisco 

155 HUTCHINGS, Hiram S., banker San Francisco 

^90 HUTCHINS. Charles F., attorney Pasadena 

444 HUTCHINSON. Ely C, executive engineer San Francisco 

554 HUTCHISON. William E.. lumberman, rancher.... Redlands 

56 HYMAN, Joseph L., attorney San Francisco 

86 HYNES, John D., insurance broker _ San Francisco 

50 J 

589 ■*■ 

544 IBBETSON. Robert E., subdivider, rancher Los Angeles 

549 IDA. Morikaiu. diplomat San Francisco 

71 INGOLD. Reuben F.. investment banker.... Us Angeles 

167 INGOLDSBY. William A., advertising official Los Angeles 

447 INGRAM. E. Snapper, citv official _ Los Angeles 

523 INGRAM, Frederick F.. mfg. pharmacist National City 

INSKEEP. Isaac N., hand wriring expert. Los Angeles 

I lOAS. Leroy C, inspector of train service ..San Francisco 

568 IRILARRY, John T., banker _ _...San Francisco 

274 IRVINE, James, capitalist San Francisco 





IRVINE, Leigh H., author, editor San Luis Obispo 

IRVINE, Thomas B., attorney _ Long Beach 

IRWIN, John C, surgeon Los Ange es 

IVEY. Herbert D.. banker Los Angeles 

JACKLING, Daniel C. mining man San Francisco 

JACKS. Lile T.. jurist _ San Francisco 

JACKSON. Charles B.. corpn. official San Francisco 

JACOBS. Will, merchant San Francisco 

JACOBSON, Harrv P.. physician Los Angeles 

JACOBSON. Ivv M. M.. interior decorator _... San Francisco 

JAGGARD, Belmont P., sales manager San Francisco 

JAMES, Cecil A., trade counsellor Los Angeles 

JAMES, Charles L.. attorney San Francisco 

JAMES. Charles S.. banker Los Angeles 

JAMES, Jefferson G., land owner San Francisco 

JAMES, William P., jurist Los Angeles 

JAMESON. John Alexander, att.iriiiv Santa Barbara 

JAMGOCHIAN, Avcdis M., m.mut.utur.r Los Angeles 

JANIGIAN, Charles J., attorney San Francisco 

JANNAPOLIS, Albert, jeweler San Francisco 

JANSS. Edwin, community builder Los Angeles 

JANSS. Harold, community builder Los Angeles 

JARDINE. John E.. inyestment broker Los Angeles 

JARECKI. Raymond W., 
JEAN, Francis O., hotel 
JEFFERS. Paul E.. si 
JEFFRIES. William P 
JENCKS. Wf- ■ 

banker Los Angele: 

■ner Los Angeles 

1 cngr Los Angeles 

ifacturcr Santa Barbara 

jfacturer Los Angeles 

J _., facturer Los Angeles 

JENNEY. Ralph E.. kttomey _ ...San Diego 

JENNINGS. Lacy D.. jurist San Diego 

JENSEN, Norman R., publisher Los Angeles 

JERNEGAN, Prescott F., author W.ilnut Creek 

JESBERG. Paul A., merchant Los Angeles 

JESSEN. Lowell E.. editor San Pedro 

JEWELL. J. Frank, insurance broker San Francisco 

JEWETT. Augustus F., rancher, assemblyman Hanford 

JOHNSON, A. Alexander, life ins. counselor Los Angeles 

JOHNSON. Arthur L.. attorney, state officer. San Francisco 

JOHNSON. Charles G.. state treasurer Sacramento 

JOHNSON, Clarence A., surgeon. Los Angeles 

JOHNSON, Ernest L., dentist San Francisco 

JOHNSON, George W., banker, lumberman Sonora 

JOHNSON, H. Coford. surgeon San Francisco 

JOHNSON. Henderson L., publisher, mine operator Berkeley 

lOHNSON. Hiram W., U. S. Senator Washington. D. C. 

JOHNSON. J. Edward, attorney San Francisco 

JOHNSON, lohn. corpn. oiicial Los Angeles 

JOHNSON, Joseph H.. bishop Los Angeles 

JOHNSON. Lloyd A., manufacturer San Francisco 

JOHNSON. Luther H., merchant Los Angeles 

JOHNSON. Miibank. physician, social economist... .Los Angeles 

JOHNSON. Reginald D.. architect _ Los Angeles 

JOHNSON. Samuel O.. lumberman Berkeley 

JOHNSON. Samuel S.. lumberman Berkeley 

JOHNSON. Thomas B.. mine owner Los Angeles 

JOHNSON. Walter P.. jurist San Francisco 

JOHNSON. Walter S.. attorney San Francisco 

JOHNSON. William T.. architect San Diego 

JOHNSON. Willis E.. college dean San Diego 

JOHNSTON. Charles H.. banker, attorney Los Angeles 

JOHNSTON, lames A., banker San Francisco 

jelHNSTONE. Ernest Kinloch. physician San Francisco 

JOHNSTONE. Homer, attorney - Los Angeles 

JOHNSTONE. William A., banker, slate official Sacramento 

JOLSON. Al. actor Hollywood 

JONAS. Charles H., broker Los Angeles 

JONES. Arthur C, merchant Los Angeles 

JONES, Arthur S., pipe line official San Francisco 

JONES, Ben B., insurance man Los Angeles 

JONES. Burton R.. bishop Pasadena 

JONES. Byron McC. railway official, writer Los Angeles 

JONES. Charles C mining engineer Los Angeles 

JONES. Charles T. B.. warehouseman Los Angeles 

JONES. Edward C. gas engineer Redwood City 

JONES. Edward p.. physician, educator Los Angeles 

optometrist, drugless phys San Francisco 

achinery mfr Los Angeles 

physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

sx consultant Long Beach 

JONES, J. C, deputy atty. gen Sacramento 

JONES. Leland D.. dental surgeon San Diego 

JONES. Livingston F.. missionary Fresno 

JONES, Mattison B., attorney Los Angeles 

JONES, Neil M., mining cngr Los Angeles 

JONES, \\^ Donelson, realtor Los Angeles 

JONES, William C, professor of law Berkeley 

JONGENEEL, Martin, agriculturist San Francisco 

JORALEMON, Ira B.. mining cngr., geologist San Francisco 

JORDAN. David Starr, educator, author Stanford University 

JORDAN. Frank C. secretary of state Sacramento 

lORGENSEN. Lars R.. consulting engr San Francisco 

JONES, Edward M., 

JONES, Frank E., n 

JONES, George W., 

JONES, Hugo W. 

Xamc Cjt> 

JOSEPH. Paul M., lawyer Los Angeles 

JOST. Percy M.. insurance co. exec San Francisco 

JOYCE, William H.. realtor _ Los Angeles 

JUDGE. Robert J. C, decorator Los Angeles 

JUDSON. Chester W.. retired San Francisco 

JUMP James W., shoe manufacturer _ Los Angeles 

JURGENS. William C. hotelman - Oakland 

JUSTICE. Oswald M., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 


KAHLER, Frederick C. auto tire dist Los Angeles 

KAHN. Emile E.. realtor San Francisco 

KAHN. Florence P., congresswoman San Francisco 

KAHN, George H., optician San Francisco 

KAHN. Samuel, street railway president San Francisco 

KAISER. John B.. librarian Oakland 

KALICHMAN. George, physician, surgeon Sawtelle 

KAMM, Walker W.. public utility official San Francisco 

KANE, Andrew J., detective _ San Francisco 

K.ANE. Arthur G., investment banker Los Angeles 

KANE. Louis M.. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

KANEKO. Tovoji. member diplomatic corps San Francisco 

KARDOS. Emil. electrical engineer San Francisco 

K.^RNES. William Lee. army officer Los Angeles 

KASER. William F.. garage owner Hollywood 

K.-KTENK.^MP. John F., retired _...Santa Barbara 

KATTERIOHN. Monte, writer, editor Los Angeles 

K.\TZ. Phihp C. public administrator San Francisco 

KAY. Willard E.. physician San Francisco 

K.'kYE. William W.. attorney Los Angeles 

KEANE, Augustin C. attorney - San Francisco 

KEATING. Arthur G.. mining engineer _ Los Angeles 

KEATON. Buster, motion picture actor Culver City 

KEELER. Irvin. publisher, hotel broker San Francisco 

KEENAN. Alexander S., physician, surgeon San Francisco 

KEENEY, Homer I., physician, surgeon San Francisco 

KEENEY, Seth A., banker _.Santa Barbara 

KEESLING, Francis V., attorney San Francisco 

KEESLING, George H.. insurance broker San Francisco 

KEETCH, Arthur, jurist Los Angeles 

KEGLEY. Howard C. editor. Los Angeles 

KEISER. Edwin T.. realtor, citrus rancher Los Angeles 

KEITH, Harold H.. retired Pasadena 

KEITH. Isaiah D.. printer San Francisco 

KELBY, James E.. lawyer Los Angeles 

KELHAM. George W.. architect San Francisco 

KELLER, David H. E.. insurance broker Los Angeles 

KELLER. Rex E.. advertising man Los Angeles 

KELLER. Will E.. corporation official Los Angeles 

KELLEY. Harold R.. architect Los Angeles 

KELLEY. Philip I., merchandise broker _...San Francisco 

KELLOGG. Edward R.. surgeon Los Angeles 

KELLOGG. Fred R.. oil operator Los Angeles 

KELLOGG. Frederick W.. newspaper publisher. Pasadena 

KELLOGG. Harold A.. C. P. A Oakland 

KELLOGG. Hiram T.. attorney - Los Angeles 

KELLOGG. Marxin R.. insurance broker Los Angeles 

KELLOGG. Wilfred H.. sanitarian Berkeley 

KELLY. Cornelius W., justice of peace, atty San Francisco 

KELLY, Elmer E., physician, surgeon Pomona 

KELLY, Herbert C. attorney San Diego 

KELLY. James R.. attorney San Francisco 

KELLY, Richard P., educator Palo Alto 

KELLY, Roy W., industrial engineer San Francisco 

KELLY, Stanley, realtor San Francisco 

KELLY, Thomas H., physician San Francisco 

KEMP, Alexander N., banker _ _ Los Angeles 

KEMP. Theodore, university president Los Angeles 

KENNEDY. Clyde C. civil engineer San Francisco 

KENNEDY. Dean M.. investment banker _ Los Angeles 

KENNEDY. James H.. editor, author Altadena 

KENNEDY. James P.. banker Los Angeles 

KENNEDY. Philip B.. banker Los Angeles 

KENNEDY. Samuel M., commercial engineer Alhambra 

KENNEDY. William H.. insurance execute. L,.. Angeles 

KENNEY. Fr.inklin R.. oil operator L- Angeles 

KENNGOTT. George F.. clergyman.— L,i, Angeles 

KENNY. Guv R.. consulting engineer Lus Angeies 

KENT, Elisabeth T., suffr.igist Kentfield 

KERFOOT, Everett £.. corporation executive Los Angeles 

KERFOOT. Lee S.. supt. of parks Oakland 

KERN. Eugene F.. wholesale plumber San Francisco 

KERR. Clarence B.. corporation official Los Angeles 

KERRIGAN. Frank H.. jurist San Francisco 

KETTNER. William, ins. broker, ex-congressman San Diego 

KEYSTON, George N., investment broker San Francisco 

KICE, Hugh M-, investment banker Los Angeles 

KIEFER, Hugo A., physician, surgeon — Los Angeles 

KIERSTED. Henry S.. physician San Francisco 

KIERULFF. Thomas C. attorney, oil official San Francisco 

KIESEL. Fred W., banker - - Sacramento 

KILKENNY. Lucas E.. attorney San Francisco 

KILLGORE. .Albert R.. title official _ Los Angeles 

K1MB.'\LL. Clarence O.. clergyman Burbank 

KIMBALL. Rufus H.. attorney San Francisco 







....San Francisco 

....San Francisco 

....San Francisco 

re producer Culver City 

KIMBALL. Sherman, investment 
KINDT, Albert F.. manuhcturet 
KINDT. Harvey V.. manufactur. 

KING, Arthur G.. motion pic , 

KING, Cora Smith, surgeon - "°"y 

KING Grovcr D.. realtor, banker - Southgate 

king! Joseph H.. engineer .Oakland 

KING Lvman S.. mechanical engineer San Francisco 

KING, Samuel A., dentist San Diego 

KING. Will R.. lawyer Los Angc es 

KINGSB.AKER. Leonard T., merchant Los Angeles 

KINGSBURY. Kenneth R.. pres.. Stand. Oil Co.-San Francisco 

KINGSBURY. William S., state surveyor general Sacramento 

KINGWELL. Charles A., manufacturer San Francisco 

KINLEY, FrcJ I., dentist Healdsburg 

KINNEY. Ralph \V.. merchant, inv. banker San Francisco 

KINSEY, Ralph, builder Beverly Hills 

KIRK. Kenneth B.. industrial engineer Los Angeles 

KIRKBRIDE. Charles N.. attorney San Francisco 

KIRKBRIDE. Walter H.. civil engineer San Francisco 

KIRKSEY. Walter P., attorney Los Angeles 

KIRKWOOD. Marion R.. university professor Palo Alto 

KISTLER. Ray H.. physician, surgeon San Francisco 

KITCHEN. George W.. hotel owner Los Angeles 

KITTO, Samuel H., banker Berkeley 

KITTS. Joseph A., concrete technologist San Francisco 

KIYOWARA. D.injo. financier - Los Angeles 

KLATT, Oicar H.. transportation executive San Francisco 

KLAUBER. Laurence M.. electrical cnemccr San Diego 

KLEINBERGER. Ray. merchant Los Angeles 

KLEINSMID, Rufus B. von. u^l^ Los_ Angeles 

KLIMM. Frank J 
KLINK. George T. 
KLINKER. Thomas 
KLOSE. A. Victor 
KLOSS, Charlc 


hant '^in Fr; 

n Francisco 
lumberman Sebastopol 

J., insurance broker San Francisco 

hant San Francisco 

_ _ _ San Mateo 

KNAPP, John B.. physidan Los Angeles 

KNEWBOW. William, manufacturer Los Angeles 

KNICKERBOCKER. Fred H.. railway official Los Angeles 

KNIGHT. Benjamin K., jurist San Francisco 

KNIGHT. Charles S.. agronomist San Francisco 

KNIGHT. Hillcs Fay. purchasing agent Berkeley 

KNIGHT. John O.. investment banker Los Angeles 

KNIGHT. John T.. army officer San Francisco 

KNIGHT. Rcmi C. electrical engineer San Francisco 

KNIGHT. Samuel, lawyer S,an Francisco 

KNIGHT. William F.. postmaster, hanker Pasadena 

KNIGHTS. George D.. clergyman Long Beach 

KNOFLOCH, Adolf, coiffeur San Francisco 

KNOLES, Tullv C. college president Stockton 

KNOWLAND. Joseph R., publisher Oakland 

KNOWLES, Albert, contractor, merchant San Francisco 

KNOX, Charles E.. mine operator -.Berkeley 

KOBBE. William A., major-general U. S. A Pasadena 

KOEBIG. A. H.. engineer _ Los Angeles 

KOEBIG. Walter C. S.. surgeon Los Angeles 

KOEFOD. Hilmar O.. physician - Santa Barbara 

KOENIG. Emil. metallurgist Glendale 

KOFORD, loseph S.. jurist San Francisco 

KOLSTER. Frederick A., radio engineer Palo Aito 

KONIGSBERG, Charles W'.. orthodontist San Francisco 

KOODLACH. A., violin maker Los Angeles 

KOONS, Htnrv H.. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

KORNBLUM, Isidore B.. atty.. composer _ Los Angeles 

KOSTER, Frederick J., barrel manufacturer San Francisco 

KOSTERLITZ, Erich, surgeon ..._ Albany 

KOTTEMANN. William C. C. P. A Los Angeles 

KOYER. Arthur S.. real estate broker Lo5 Angeles 

KRAFFT. John W.. writer, mot. pic. exec Culver City 

KRAUSE. Earnest J., investment counselor Beverly Hills 

KRAUSS. Edward C. editorial writer Los Angeles 

KREMPEL. John P.. architect Los Angeles 

KRESS. George H.. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

KREUTZER. Joseph, aircraft manufacturer Los Angeles 

KRICK. Edwin v.. banker _ San Francisco 

KRISTOVICH. Thomas M.. restaurateur Vernon 

KROECK. Louis S.. biologist _ Stockton 

KRUCKMAN. Arnold, aeronautical expert Wilmington 

KUCHEL. loseph C, lumber merchant Los Angeles 

KUHN. Joseph E.. army officer San Diego 

KUMM. H. Karl W.. geographical researcher Pacific Beach 

KURTZ. Edward M.. Corp. official, engr Pasadena 

KUTTNER. Louis, optometrist _ San Francisco 

KYNE. Peter B.. author Beverly Hills 

LABADIE, \'ictor. marine surxeyor San Francisco 

LABAUDT. Lucien. artist San Francisco 

LACKENBACH. Fred L. biological chemist San Francisco 

LACKEY. L. R.. title ins. official Los Angeles 

LACY. R. H. manufacturer Los Angeles 

LACY. William, manufacturer Los Angeles 

LAEMMLE. Carl, motion picture producer Universal City 

Xaine City 

LAEMMLE. Carl Jr.. motion picture producer....UniversaI City 

L.^FEE. Manuel, ins. .agency exec San Francisco 

LAGER. Eddie H.. surgeon Los Angeles 

LAHEY. May D.. municipal judge Los Angeles 

LAMIE. Arleigh J., mechanical engr San Francisco 

LAMP. Charles J., music dir.. educator San Francisco 

LAMPTON. Leon E.. public official Los Angeles 

LANDFIELD. Jerome, editor -.St. Helena 

LANDIS. Charles W.. consulting engr San Francisco 

LANDON. Warren H.. theologian San Ansclmo 

LANE. Lupino. actor -Hollywood 

LANE. Olen. oil corpn. official Los Angeles 

LANG. Albert R.. educator ..Fresno 

LANGDON. William H.. jurist - San Francisco 

LANGENDORF. Stanley S.. manufacturer San Francisco 

LANGNECKER. Harry L.. orthopedic surgeon San Francisco 

LANSBURGH. Gustave A., architect San Francisco 

LAPEGUE. Marcelle. modiste San Francisco 

LARKIN. Francis M.. clergyman Los Angeles 

LaROCQUE. Roderick R.. actor Hollywood 

LARSON. Adolph. merchant Los Angeles 

LARSON. Lillian G. H.. state executive San Francisco 

LARSON. Randell. attorney -.San Francisco 

LARZELERE. Charles LaV.. lawyer Los Angeles 

LASKY. Jesse L.. motion picture producer Hollywood 

LASLEY. Lewis H.. subdivider Los Angeles 

LASTRETO. Carlos B., merchant - San Francisco 

LASTRETO, Emilio, attorney San Francisco 

LASWELL, Beecher. stock broker Los Angeles 

LATCH, Frank, Christian Sci. practitioner...- Los Angeles 

LATHROP, Alfred L.. banker. Los Angeles 

LATHROP. Charles H.. finance official Los Angeles 

LATIMER. Charles, fruit grower, shipper Ontario 

LATIMER. Lorenzo P.. landscape painter Berkeley 

La TOURETTE, Emmctt W.. finance official San Francisco 

LAUBSCHER. Frederick, merchant...- San Francisco 

LAUGHERY, Glenn E.. editor Los Angeles 

L.^UGHLIN. Homer, capitalist Los Angeles 

L.AUGHLIN, Thomas F.. auto sales rep San Francisco 

LAUMEISTER. Delfina B.. ranch owner San Francisco 

LAURIE. Annie, journalist San Francisco 

LAURSEN. James P.. merchant San Diego 

LAW, Herbert E.. financier San Francisco 

LAWLER. Oscar, lawyer - Los Angeles 

LAWRANCE. William I., clergyman San Jose 

LAWRENCE. Alberta C. educator, writer Los Angeles 

LAWRENCE. Andrew M.. newspaper publisher....San Francisco 

LAWRENCE. Clifford S.. investment banker San Francisco 

LAWRENCE, Hadley W.. freight agt -San Francisco 

LAWRENCE. Theodore B.. lumberman Los Angeles 

LAWSHE, James S., corpn. official Los Angeles 

LAWSON, Ivcr N. Jr., mechanical engr San Diego 

LAWYER, Donald K.. realtor -Los Angeles 

LAWYER, Jav. realtor : Los Angeles 

LAYMANCE, Millard J., realtor, oil man Oakland 

LAYNE, J. Gregg, mfrs. agent - Los Angeles 

LAZARD. Edmond M.. surgeon Los Angeles 

LA2ARD. Ida S., welfare worker Los Angeles 

LEA. Clarence F.. congressman Santa Rosa 

LEAF. Eric M.. banker - - Los Angeles 

LEAKE. William H.. physician Los Angeles 

Le BARON. VV'illiam. motion picture producer Hollywood 

LeDOUX. George A., attorney Los Angeles 

LeDOUX. Joseph A., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

LEE. Augustus L.. warehouseman Santa Rosa 

LEE, Charles E.. warehouseman Santa Rosa 

LEE. Charles H.. hydraulic engr San Francisco 

LEE, Don. automobile distributor Los Angeles 

LEE. Thomas R.. merchant Los Angeles 

LEEDS. Albert W'.. attotney Los Angeles 

LEEDS. Charles T.. consulting civil engr Los Angeles 

LEEDS. F. Barclay, attorney - - Los Angeles 

LEFFINGWELL. Charles W.. clergyman Pasadena 

LEGHJONES. G.. oil corpn. official - San Francisco 

LEHAN. Frank, attorney Los Angeles 

LEHMANN, Armand. produce shipper San Francisco 

LEIB. William F.. investment banker San Francisco 

LEIGHTON. Edward E.. attorney - Los Angeles 

LEIMERT, Edward, investment banker San Francisco 

LEISTIKOW. Frederick W.. lumberman, banker Los Angeles 

LEITNER. Anna Belle, cosmetologist. San Francisco 

LELAND. Harrv E.. merchant Los Angeles 

LELAND. Thomas B. W.. physician, coroner San Francisco 

Le MOINE. Earl H.. designer, builder Los Angeles 

LENGFELD. Felix, chemist San Francisco 

LENNON. Milton B.. physician San Francisco 

LEONARD. Alexander T.. surgeon San Francisco 

LEONARD. Edward M.. attorney San Francisco 

LEONARD. Frank A., jurist San Bernardino 

LEONARD. Robert L.. merchant Los Angeles 

LEOVY. James G., attorney Los Angeles 

LEPPO. O. F.. realtor Santa Rosa 

LESSER. Sol. theatre owner.— Los Angeles 

LESTER. Charles T.. lawyer Los Angeles 

LEVEY. Charles M.. railway official San Francisco 



Ximc Cny 

LEVEY, Edgar Coleman, any., legislator _...San Francisco 

LEVIN. Harold Louis, attorney San Francisco 

LEVISON. Jacob Bertha, insurance official San Francisco 

LEVISTON. Stella M. R., clubwoman San Francisco 

LEWIS, Arthur W.. capitalist Berkeley 

LEWIS, George, jevneler San Fr,incisco 

LEWIS, Harrison, realtor Beverly Hills 

LEWIS, Howard S., attorney Los Angeles 

LEWIS. John M., attorney San Mateo 

LEWIS. Karl, physician, surgeon Beverly Hills 

LEWIS. Mitchell, actor Holl>-%vood 

LEWIS, Sheldon, actor Hollywood 

LIBBY. Warren E.. .nttornev Los Angeles 

LICHTENBERGER, Herman C. state official Los Angeles 

LICKLEY. Ernest J., attorney Los Angeles 

LIGGETT, Hunter, army officer San Francisco 

LILIENTHAL. Jesse W.. lawver. financier San Francisco 

LILIENTHAL, Philip N. Jr.. merchant San Francisco 

LILLEY. Vernon U',. attorney Long Beach 

LINDBLADE, Charles E.. realtor Culv ~ 

..Los Angelc; 


..Los Angeles 


-Los Angeles 
-Long Beach 

LINDEMAN. Clarence A., atto 
LINDC.REN, Axel F.. bldg. c.n 
LINHGREN. Benjamin R.. atti 

LINDLEY, Albert, farmer 

LINDQUIST. Charles A,, phv-i 
LINDSAY. Harry C. L.. phvsic 
LINDSEY. Charles A., advertisi 

LINNEY. Hartwell H.. deputy attv. gen San Fr; 

LINTHICUM. Frederick H.. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

LIPMAN. Edward C merchant _ Oakland 

LIPMAN. Frederick L.. banker _ San Francisco 

LIPMAN. Joseph C. banker Los Angeles 

LIPMAN. Robert L.. attorney San Francisco 

LIPPINCOTT. J. Bradley, San Francisco 

LIPPINCOTT. Joseph B.. hydraulic mgr Los Angeles 

LISK. An. on. agriculturist Beverly Hills 

LISSER. Hans, physician San Francisco 

LISSNER, Louis M., attorney Los Angeles 

LISSNER, Meyer, lawyer Los Angeles 

LITTLE, Rnbbins, investment banker _.Los Angeles 

LITTLE. Walter J., legislator, atty Los Angeles 

LITTLER. Archie E., telegraph Co. exec San Francisco 

LIVERMORE. Caroline S.. clubwoman San Francisco 

LLEWELLYN, David E., iron, steel mfr Los Angeles 

LLEWELLYN. Reese, iron, steel mfr.... Lns Angeles 

LLEWELLYN. William, iron, steel mfr L,s Angeles 

LLOYD. Harold, motion picture actor Hollywood 

LLOYD. John A., railroad exec San Francisco 

LLOYD. Ralph B.. oil operator, banker Los Angeles 

LOBINGIER. Andrew S.. surgeon _ Los Angeles 

LOCKE. Augustus, geologist San Francisco 

LOCKHART. Leslie M.. corpn. e.xec Los Angeles 

LOCKWOOD. Charles D.. surgeon _ Pasadei 

LOCKWOOD, Hanford N.. lawyer Pasadei 

LOCKWOOD. Harry T., 
LODGE. Edward S., physi. 
LOGAN. lacquelii " ' 

chtl. designer Los Angeles 

surgeon Los Angeles 

i _^ Culver Citv 

LOGAN. Joseph M.. comptrolIer..'."l'..'.'.-!.'.-!!.--!--.'.-'Los Angeles 

LOKRANT2. Svcn. physician Los Angeles 

LOMBARDI. Louis, attorney _ Los Angeles 

LONG. Pcrcv v.. attorney San Francisco 

LONGSTRETH. Charles, manufacturer Coronado 

LOOK. Hallcck H.. physician, surgeon Sacramento 

LOOMIS. Arthur M.. C. P. A Los Angeles 

LOOMIS, Francis B.. diplomat San Francisco 

LOOMIS. Frederick I., engr.. ..fficcr Pasadena 

LOOMIS, Levcrett M.. omitholoai.t San Fr.incisco 

LOPIZICH. John, banker - Los Angeles 

LORD. Charles C, realtor Long Beach 

LORD. James R., labor leader Francisco 

LORD. Orrin W.. insurance man Los Angeles 

LORING. William J., mining engr San Francisco 

LOTT. ClifJord. vocal teacher _.Los Angeles 

LOUCKS, John Warren, attorney Los Angeles 

LOUDERBACK. Harold, jurist _ Francisco 

LOUDON. Lotus H.. publisher _ Anaheim 

LOUGHAN. Katherine O'Ncil. educator Culver City 

LOUIS, E. J., insurance official Los Angeles 

LOUNSBERRY. Chancel R.. physician San Dieeo 

LOVEGREN. Carl N.. canncr San Francisco 

LOWE. Willis Clarence, architect Oakland 

LOW MAN, John J., writer, playwright Los Angeles 

LOWREY. Alan J., banker San Franlisco 

[■S^y§.yi^> >"'"''' D- 1'="''" Santa Barbara 

FRl\I,"'^'*' ^■^^'■" ^- ckrsvni.r, Oakland 

LUBIN. Simon J., merchant Sacramento 

LUBITSCH, Ernst, motion picture J.rcctur Los Angeles 

LUCAS, Albert K.. attorney Los Angeles 

FH^^'§; ^^''"'"" P-. physician, surgeon San Francisco 

LUCKtL, Louis, attorney _ Los Aneeles 

LUM w'n'^'-^T' '■"^■^^™K^-"' ■'="'" ■■■-■■■■■■••-■'- ^"'^'" 

LUM. William Tappan, physician, surgeon Alameda 

explorer Los Angeles 

LUMMIS, Charles F., 

Xamc City 

LUND, Fin, diplomatic rep San Francisco 

LUND, Sophus H.. investment banker Los Angeles 

LUPO. Paul F.. interior decorator, writer Hollywood 

LYDAY, Chester S.. lithographer, printer Los Angeles 

LYMAN. Edmunds, manufacturer San Francisco 

LYMAN. Frederick W.. drug merchant Pasadena 

LYMAN. Oliver B.. factory rep San Francisco 

LYMAN. William H. Jr.. investment official Los Angeles 

LYNCH. Frank W.. obstetrician, gynecologist _.San Francisco 

LYNCH. Robert N.. public officii San Francisco 

LYON. Charles W.. legislator, atty Los Angeles 

LYON. Eldridge M.. orange grower Rcdlands 

LYON. Leonard S.. patent attorney Los Angeles 

LYON. Philip H.. merchant San Francisco 

LYON. William P.. newspaper mgr San Jose 

LYONS. Harrv. legislator, atty Los Angeles 

LYONS. Ir%ing F.. traffic director San Francisco 

LYSTER. Theodore C. physician Los Angeles 

LYTELL. Bert, actor Los Angeles 


MacADAM. John M.. manufacturer Los Angeles 

MacADAM. Madalena V. B.. realtor San Francisco 

MacARTHUR. Reginald S.. surgeon Los Angeles 

MacARTHUR. Ruth A. B.. writer Long Beach 

MacARTHUR. Walter, shipping commissioner San Francisco 

MACBETH. Alexander B.. public utility official Los Angeles 

MacCAUGHEY. Vaughan. educator San Francisco 

MACDONALD. Alexander, attorney Los Angeles 

MACDONALD. Ferdinand L. W.. merchant San Francisco 

MacDONALD. I. Wiseman, attorney Los Angeles 

MacDONALD. John X.. lumberman Los Angeles 

MACDONALD. loscph Farrell. artist, actor Hollywood 

MacDONALD. Llovd M., banker Los Angeles 

MacDONALD, Matilda M., writer, musician Los Angeles 

MACDONNELL. James S.. banker Pasadena 

MacGlNLEY. John B., bishop Fresno 

MacGOWAN. Granville, surgeon In- .Angeles 

MaclNNlS. John M.. clergyman L"- Angeles 

MaclSAAC. Frederick, newspaper vwitir Hnllvwood 

MACKAILL, Dorothy, motion pictui. ,Klr.-^ Burbank 

MacKAY. Henry S. Jr.. attorney Lus Angeles 

MacKElGAN. Alexander, building, land a^^ral^c^....Los Angeles 

MACKEL, James P.. lawyer Los Angeles 

MacLAFFERTY. James H.. ex-congressman Oak.and 

M.1CLEAN. Doughs, motion picture actor Beverly Hills 

MacLEAN. R. D.. actor Hollywood 

MACLEOD. Alister D.. C. P. A Los Angeles 

MACMILLAN. Raymond S.. oil Corp. official Los Angeles 

MACOMBER, Laurence, lawyer _ Los Angeles 

MACPHERSON. Frank H.. manufacturer San Gabriel 

MACURDA. Arthur A., college dean Los Angeles 

MADDUX. I. L.. aircraft official Los Angeles 

MADISON. Frank D.. attorney San Francisco 

MADISON. Marshall P.. attorney San Francisco 

MADSEN. Leo J., physician, surgeon Santa Monica 

MAGEE. George E.. factory manager San Francisco 

MAGGARD, Edward H.. railway official San Francisco 

MAGRUDER. Thomas P.. naval officer San Pedro 

MAHL. Frederick W.. railroad official San Francisco 

MAHOOD. J. W.. evangelist Pacific Palisades 

MAHOOD, William R.. surgeon Santa Monica 

MAIDEN. William R.. dentist Los Angeles 

MAINS. George P., publishing agent Altadena 

MAITLAND. Louise K., clubwoman San Francisco 

M.AJORS. Alexander, transportation pioneer San Francisco 

MAKINSON, George A., member consular corps..San Anselmo 

MALABY. Zachary T.. physician -.Pasadena 

MALCOM, Roy, educator Los Angeles 

M.^LTMAN, John W,. deputy attorney general Los Angeles 

M.ANHEIM, George K., investment banker San Francisco 

MANHEIM, Henry, investment banker San Francisco 

MANI, Mario, artist, playwright San Francisco 

M.ANN, Charles W., pomologist Los Angeles 

M-ANN, Seth, lawyer San Francisco 

MANN. Walter L., attorney Los Angeles 

MANNING, John C. pianist, teacher San Francisco 

MANNIX. John B.. attornev San Diego 

MANNIX, Mary E. Walsh, author San Diego 

MANSFELDT. John H.. physician. sur»e..n San Francisco 

MANSON. Marsden. civil engineer San Francisco 

MANWARING. Halsey E.. hotel manager San Francisco 

MARCELLl. Nino, composer, conductor San Diego 

MARCHAND, G. W., mortgage banker Huntington Park 

MARCUS, Eugene H.. advertising official Los Angeles 

MAREK. George A., tailor Los Angeles 

MARKHAM. Henrv H., Pasadena 

MARRIN. Paul S., attornev San Francisco 

MARSH. Alice L.. educator San Francisco 

MARSH, Ge.irge T.. merchant San Francisco 

MARSH, Robert, realtor Los Angeles 

M.ARSH, Spencer M.. jurist San Diego 

MARSHALL. Donald L.. police official Oafchnd 

MARSHALL, lohn A., dental pathologist San Francisco 

MARSHALL. John M.. attorney Los Angeles 



Xamc C.ty 

MARSHALL. Ray G.. newspaperman San Francisco 

MARSHALL. Reginald M.. stock broker Oakland 

MARSHALL. Thomas C Los Angeles 

MARSHALL. Tully. actor Hollyv.-ood 

MARSHALL. Urban S.. civil engineer Francisco 

MARSTON. Edgar L., banker Los Angeles 

M.-KRSTON. George W., merchant San Diego 

MARTIN. Albert T.. physician Huntington Park 

M.-\RTIN. Anna H.. publicist Carmel 

M.^RTIN. Clarence, lawyer Los Angeles 

MARTIN. F. O.. engineer, geologist.... Los Angeles 

M.ARTIN. George C. manufacturer Los Angeles 

M.ARTIN. George H.. physician Pasadena 

M.^RTIN. George R., investment banker Los Angeles 

M.ARTIN. Harold H., architect _.Pasadena 

MARTIN. Harr>- L.. investment banker Los Angeles 

M.\RTIN. Harry \V.. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

MARTIN, John, industrial engr - San Francisco 

MARTIN. Lillien J., psychologist _ Sr.n Fr.incisco 

MARTIN. Marshall L.. physician, surgeon L.,s Angeles 

MARTIN, Walter S., capitalist San Francisco 

MARTIN. William C. auto distributor Los Angeles 

MARTINDALE. William J., claim agent San Francisco 

MARTINEZ. Mack Castillo, metaphysical healer.-Los Angeles 

MARVT.N. Frank W.. merchant _ San Francisco 

M.ARVTN. Sarah A. C. clubwoman San Francisco 

MARVIN. William G.. lawyer _.San Francisco 

MARVIN. William W., merchant Sacramento 

M.'VRYE, George T. Jr.. lawyer, banker _ San Francisco 

MASON. Albert E., auto inf. bur. owner Sacramento 

MASON. Bruce, attorney Long Beach 

MASON. Dean. b.inker. Los Angeles 

MASON. Edward W., railway official San Francisco 

MASON. J. Rupert, investment banker San Francisco 

MASON, John W., manufacturer San Francisco 

MASON, Norman T., attorney „ :. Los Angeles 

MASON, Stanley C realtor Santa Barbara 

MASON, Verne' R., physician _ Los Angeles 

MASON, Walt, humorist, poet _ La JoUa 

MASSON. Raymond S., electrical engr Los Angeles 

MATHESON, Duncan, city treasurer San Francisco 

MATHEWS, Arthur F.. artist _ San Francisco 

MATHEWS. Bryant, investment banker Los Angeles 

MATHEV\'S. Edgar A., architect. San Francisco 

M.-^THEWS. John R., banker Los Angeles 

MATHEWS, William B., attorney _ Los Angeles 

MATHEWS. William H.. corpn. exec _ Los Angeles 

M.^THIS. Elbert N.. physician, surgeon South Pasadena 

MATSON. Clarence H., chamber commerce official.Los Angeles 

MATTISON. Fitch C. E.. physician, surgeon Pasadena 

MATTOON. Everett W., atty.. county counsel Los Angeles 

MAU. William F.. whsle. grocer San Francisco 

MAULE, Ethclbert R., industrial engr Los Angeles 

MAURER, Frederick, merchant _ San Francisco 

MAURER, William P., capitalist Los Angeles 

MAXWELL, George H., lawyer, author Sonoma 

MAXWELL, George H., patent attornev Pasadena 

MAXWELL, Merritte M., dentist San Jose 

MAY. Ernest H., banker Pasadena 

MAY, J. Earle, stock broker Los Angeles 

MAY, Samuel C. university prof Berkeley 

MAYBECK. Bernard R.. architect San Francisco 

MAYCUMBER. Frank A., insurance official San Francisco 

MAYER. Louis B.. motion picture producer Culver City 

MAYHEW. Frank J., manufacturer Oakland 

MAYNARD. Arthur B.. manufacturer Coronado 

MAYN.^RD. Rea E., oil operator Los Angeles 

M.-\V0C:K. Welburn. attorney Los Angeles 

^'•^1 J*^'*^^- F"nk. attorney San Francisco 

M.AZII.\. John Joseph, attorney San Francisco 

McADOO. William Gibbs, lawyer Los Angeles 

Mc.MlOO, William Gibbs Jr., airport operator -.Culver City 

McARTHUR. William T., surgeon _.Los An.eles 

McBEAN, Atholl, manufacturer San Francisco 

McBRIDE, Hubard, attorney Los Angeles 

M'SlRf,; ^"""^ "■• physician, surgeon Pasadena 

McBRYDE, A. Douglass, railway contractor San Francisco 

McCALL. Thomas, rancher _ Santa Monica 

McCALLlSTER. Albert B., printer. LosAn°eies 

McCAN, David C, mechanical enur Los AnSeles 

McCANN, Mark A., realtor, ins. bmkcr. San Francisco 

McCarthy. Charles v.. insurance broker.;:::;:;;San Francisco 

McCarthy. Frank J.. attorney Los An"eleS 

McCarthy. Joseph M., banker _... San Francisco 

M'rA^JJt^Y. Albert J., clergyman lecturer Los Angeles 

C;''^»i,, c^' 9, "'* '.-, financial administrator San Rafael 

McCAULEY, Clayton M., orthodontist Lo^ Angeles 

McCAULEY, Edward Jr.. naval architect San Francisco 

McCLATCHY. Carlos K., newspaper editor Fresno 

McCLATCHY, Charles K., publisher Sacramento 

M'?}-pwSnj-B'^-'l?"""* S- """■•=■-" San Francesco 

McCLhLL.-XN, R. F., county supervisor Los Anoeles 

McClelland, Everett S., eye, car, nose, throat ' 

\t <-f?rxiV^"c i i" ■' a: 1-°^ Angeles 

McCLUNG, Stanley F., insurance olBcial Los Angeles 

Page Xamc City 

149 McCLURE, Frank D., attorney Los Angeles 

211 McCLURE, Henry W., investment banker - San Francisco 

223 McCLURE, Malcolm E., investment counselor Oakland 

378 McCLURE, Samuel G.. editor, publisher Glendale 

580 McCLURKIN. Arthur A., physician Los Angeles 

137 McCLYMONDS, John W., railroad official San Francisco 

261 McCLYMONDS. John W., educator ^..Oakland 

504 McCLYMONDS. Vance, attorney Oakland 

168 McCOLLOM. Charles R., geologist Los Angeles 

215 McCOMB. Marshall F.. jurist Los Angeles 

302 McCONNELL, Fred W., attorney Santa Rosa 

524 McCONNELL, Odell S., attorney Los Angeles 

162 McCONNELL. Samuel J.. C. P. A Los Angeles 

182 McCONNELL. Samuel P., lawyer Los Angeles 

634 McCONNELL, William D., municipal judge Los Angeles 

670 McCORKLE. John H., attorney Diego 

658 McCORMICK, Charles R.. steamship official San Francisco 

305 McCORMICK. Frederick, journalist Hollywood 

272 McCORMICK. Paul J., jurist _ Lo; Angeles 

111 McCOY, Charles B., municipal judge Los Angeles 

422 McCOY, John R.. orthodontist Los Angeles 

104 McCOY. Philbrick, attorney Los Angeles 

457 McCRARY. John C. accountant San Fr.ancisco 

496 McCREA. Ezra E.. realtor Los Angeles 

437 McCREERY. Lawrence B.. broker San Mateo 

457 McCULLOCH. William E.. clergyman Los Angeles 

182 McCUNE. Wilbur S., mfrs, representative Los Angeles 

437 McCUTC:HEN. Edward J., lawyer San Francisco 

381 McDANIEL. Ivan G.. attorney Los Angeles 

67 McDERMOTT, Edward J., accountant San Francisco 

105 McDILL, George W., municipal judge Los Angeles 

65 5 McDonald, Angus C, physician, surgeon Huntington Park 

274 McDonald. Carlos J., railway official San Francisco 

415 McDonald, George A., oil and inv. broker Los Angeles 

96 McDowell. Edward E.. cartoonist Los Angeles 

158 McDowell, John S., editor, publisher Alameda 

615 McDUFFIE, Duncan, realtor San Francisco 

171 McDUFFIE. William C, oil producer Los Angeles 

156 McENERNEY. Garret W'., atty., civic leader San Francisco 

515 McFADDEN, lames, agricultural organiser Altadena 

395 McFARLAND, Charles P., merchant Los Angeles 

267 McFARLANE, William A., banker Los Angeles 

514 McFIE, Mavnard, merchant. Los Angeles 

429 McGAFFEY. Elizabeth B.. mot. pict. researcher Culver City 

428 McGARRY, Daniel F., realtor Los Angeles 

426 McCAULEY, Minna H., clubwoman Oakland 

502 McGAVACK, Thomas H., physician Francisco 

512 McGEE, William M., insurance man Los Angeles 

245 McGEORGE, John, mechanical engineer Los Angeles 

471 McGETTIGAN, Charles D.. physician. surgeon....San Francisco 

682 McGILLYCUDDY, Valentine T. O'C, surgeon Berkeley 

436 McGINNlS, Felix S., railway official San Francisco 

202 McGONIGLE, John L., .attorney Los Angeles 

312 McGOVERN, Walter, attorney San Francisco 

152 McGregor, John A., investment banker..*. San Francisco 

244 McGREW, Clarence A., newspaper editor San Diego 

246 McGROARTY. John S., author. Tujunga 

571 McGUIRE, Marcus W.. lawyer Los Angeles 

246 McINTOSH, Burr W., actor, lecturer Los Angeles 

485 McINTOSH, Charles K.. banker San Francisco 

353 McKEE. John D.. banker San Francisco 

276 McKEE. William C, physician _ Los Angeles 

401 McKELVEY, Charles S.. attornev Los Angeles 

277 McKENNEY. Arthur C, physician San Francisco 

361 McKENZIE. Robert E.. manufacturer _ _ Los Angeles 

580 McKEON. John, oil Corp. official Los Angeles 

499 McKTLLOP, J. E.. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

352 McKINLEY, Howard M., dentist, realtor San Francisco 

44 McKINLEY, .fames W., attorney, state senator Los Angeles 

18 McKlNNLY. John R., insurance broker. _ San Francisco 

16 McKINNEY, Samuel P., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

256 McKINNEY, William M., lawyer San Francisco 

93 McLACHLAN, James, ex-congressman Los Angeles 

32 McLAGLEN, Victor, motion picture actor HoUywood 

553 McLANE, Charles L.. educator Fresno 

244 McLAREN. John, landscape architect San Francisco 

462 Mclaughlin, Emma M., clubwoman San Francisco 

632 McLaughlin, George A., clergyman Walnut Park 

84 McLEAN, Alexander D., physician, surgeon San Francisco 

401 McLEAN, Kathleen B., author, clubwoman Santa Ba'bara 

3,-6 McLEES, James B., county official San Diego 

361 McLEOD, John M., oil operator Los Angeles 

679 McMAHON, Arthur L., priest San Francisco 

375 McMEEN, Samuel G., consultins en-inecr Pasadena 

250 McMULLEN, Paul L., banker Los Angeles 

254 McNAB, John L., attorney. Rep. political leader.. San Francisco 

103 McNABB, Samuel W., lawyer Los .An-eles 

171 McNAIR, James B., chemist Los Angeles 

183 McNAUGHTON, John A., stock yards official Los Angeles 

197 McNEAR, Frederick W., investment banker San Francisco 

192 McNEAR, George W. Jr., importer and exporter..San Francisco 

675 McNEAR, J. Barroll. attorney San Francisco 

McNEE. Duncan, realtor .' Oakland 

108 McNEELY, Griffin T., efficiency engineer San Francisco 

642 McNeil, Murray T., dentist. Los Angeles 








Tiamc Qty 

McNElLE, Lyle G., physician Los Angeles 

Mcpherson. Aimee Semple, evangelist Los Angeles 

McPHERSON. James C, railway official.- Oakland 

McRAE. Milton A., newspaper pub., mfr San Diego 

McW'ILLIAMS. Robert L., attorney San Francisco 

MEA(>HAM. Ray. attorney Long Beach 

MEANS, Philip C physician Santa Barbara 

MEANS. Thomas H.. consulting engineer San Francisco 

MEEK. Charles A., dentist Berkeley 

MEEKER, William J., contractor Santa Rosa 

MEHL, Bert J., civil engineer San Diego 

MEIKLE, Theresa, attorney San Francisco 

MEIN, William W., mining engineer San Fr.incisco 

MEINECKE, Emilio P, M., pathologist San Francisco 

MEISEL, H.irrv A., real est.itc broker Los Angeles 

MELHEN. Charles M.. university rnsidcnt Oakland 

MELINE. Frank, realtor L,.> Angeles 

MELLENTHIN. Alfred L. banker Los Angeles 

MELLERSH. Thomas, railroad ixia.tiM San Francisco 

MELLINGER. Herbert V.. phvsuim, -nra, ,,n Los Angeles 

MELLON. Samuel W.. oil op.r,.t.i Los Angeles 

MELLUS. Orover B., merchant Los Angeles 

MENDELSSOHN, Samuel, San Fr.incisco 

MENIOU, Adolphe \.. actor Los Angeles 

MENKER, lohn C, 'manufacturer San Jose 

MENN, W'l'lliam H., insurance man Los Angeles 

MENZIES, Robert H., commission merchant San Francisco 

MERRIAM, Frank F., state senator Sacramento 

MERRICK, Harry H., realtor Los Angeles 

MERRICK. 1. Welling, investment banker Beverly Hills 

MERRILL. C. C. manufacturer Lo, .Angeles 

MERRILL. Charles W.. metallnr-i,,.! ,11.1,,, ,r S,in Francisco 

MERRILL. Elijah H., attorney Berkeley 

MERRILL. Elmer T., university iiMl,.. I . . Sim., Barbara 

MERRILL. Frank H.. manufacturer Los Angeles 

MERRILL. George A., educator San Francisco 

MERRILL. Paul W.. astronomer Pasadena 

MERRITT. Alfred L., fire insurance manager San Francisco 

MERRITT. Hulett C. financier Los Angeles 

MERRITT. Ralph P.. corporation official San Francisco 

MERWIN. Timothy D.. patent attorney Pasadena 

MERWTN. William B., realtor Los Angeles 

MESERVE, Shirley E., attorney Los Angeles 

MESSENGER, Charles B., editor Los Angeles 

METCALF. Frederick C. industtial sec San Francisco 

METCALF. Victor H.. cx-sec. of the navy Oakland 

METCALF. Winficld B.. county treasurer Santa Barbara 

MET2GER. Donald E.. building contractor Los Angeles 

MEYER. Henry D., motion picture producer Hollywood 

MEYER, Henry D.. merchant, farmer Santa Ana 

MEYERFELD. Morris Jr.. theater owner San Francisco 

MEYERS. I. Leon, physician Los Angeles 

MEYLER. Robert G.. industrial engineer Los Angeles 

MHOON. lohn Bell. Lawyer Piedmont 

MICHAELS, Charles F.. merchant San Francisco 

MICHELSON, Miriam, author San Francisco 

MIDDLECOFF, Walter W., attorney Los Angeles 

MIER. Rich J., insurance official .' Los Angeles 

MIGHELS. Ella S.. author San Francisco 

MILRANK. Nichols Jr., stock broker Los Angeles 

MILES. Ch.irlcs K., insurance man Los Angeles 

MILHAUPT. Arthur A., insurance e.iecutive Los Angeles 

MILLARD. Bailey, editor, author Eagle Rock 

MILLARD, Russ W., investment banker Los Angeles 

MILLBERRY, Guy S., dental educator San Francisco 

MILLER, Austin V., physician, surgeon Porterville 

MILLER, B. Frank Jr., investment broker Los Angeles 

MILLER, Christian O. G., utility official San Fr.incisco 

MILLER, Edwin J., attorney Los Angeles 

MILLER, Frank A., hotel owner Riverside 

MILLER, George E.. general contractor Beverly Hills 

MILLER, Harold A., attorney Los Angeles 

MILLER. Harriet F. P., clubwoman Santa Barbara 

MILLER, Helen T., social worker, clubwoman Oakland 

MILLER, Hvman. physician Los Angeles 

MILLER. Isaac J., merchant Los Angeles 

MILLER. James A., attorney Los Angeles 

MILLER, James R.. architect San Francisco 

MILLER. John B.. corporation official Pasadena 

MILLER. John H., attorney Los Angeles 

MILLER. John H.. lawyer San Francisco 

MILLER. John J., physician San Jose 

MILLER. Karl J., dentist Los Angeles 

MILLER. Kempster B.. consulting engineer Pasadena 

MILLER. Morris B., manufacturer Los Angeles 

MILLER. Robert W.. capitalist San Francisco 

MILUKAN, Robert A., physicist Pasadena 

MILLIRON. Clark J., attorney Los Angeles 

MILLS, Alexander F., capitalist Pasadena 

MILLS, Edmund M., clergyman Santa Ana 

MILLS, Edward M., paper manuLicturer San Francisco 

MILNOR, Nathan F., merchant Los Angeles 

MINER, Daniel B., advertising man Los Angeles 

MIRANDA, Thomas N., writer Hollywood 

MITCHELL, Emery F., deputy atty. general San Francisco 

P.ige Name City 

615 MITCHELL. James H.. attorney Los Angeles 

177 MITCHELL. John J. Jr.. banker Montecito 

14 MITCHELL. John P.. educator - Palo Alto 

-,;« MITCHELL. Lloyd Dan. theater represcnt..tivc Los Angeles 

.'„ MITCHELL. Marc F., attorney Los Angeles 

■"^ MITCHELL. Singleton R., consulting chemist Los Angeles 

*" MITCHELL, Thomas E.. mining engineer Los Angeles 

688 MITCHELL. Walter K., C. P. A Los Angeles 

2''1 MIX Tom, actor Hollywood 

'•to MOBLEY. William A., conttactoi Los Angeles 

" MODISETTE. Robert M.. investment banker Pasadena 

"1 MOERDYKE. Nathaniel P.. attorney Los Angeles 

392 MOFFITT. Heibert C physician San Francisco 

Z'" MOFFITT. lames K.. banker San Francisco 

20 MOGAN. Edmund P., jurist San Francisco 

647 MOIR. Wallace, mortgage banker Los Angeles 

232 MOLERA, E. Joseph, engineer, architect San Francisco 

618 MOLLER, Gustav A., investment banker San Francisco 

24 MOLLER. Karl J., contractor, manufacturer Pasadena 

427 MOLLER, Richard W., builder, contractor San Francisco 

352 MOLONY, James R.. insurance broker San Francisco 

'48 MONCADO. Hilario C, editor and publisher Los Angeles 

202 MONELL. Theodore M.. attorney Francisco 

61 MONNETTE, Mervin J., banker Los Angeles 

18 MONNETTE. Orra E., banker, lawyer Los Angeles 

66 MONSEN. Frederick I., explorer Pasadena 

'O? MONTAGNE, Edward J., writer, editor Universal City 

6>)9 MONTEVERDE, John L, importer Sacramento 

572 MONTGOMERY. Charles C jurist Los Angeles 

171 MONTGOMERY. Douglas W., physician, surgcon..San Francisco 

573 MONTGOMERY. Francis S., capitalist Los Angeles 

582 MONTGOMERY, Hugh, attorney San Francisco 

254 MONTGOMERY, John H.. educator Los Angeles 

438 MONTGOMERY. Richard J., realtor Oakland 

300 MONTGOMERY, Samuel T., clergyman Los Angeles 

693 MONTGOMERY, William F., Hollywood 

262 MOODIE. Roy L.. anatomist, paleontologist Santa Monica 

242 MOORE. Audrey C. osteopathic physician San Francisco 

696 MOORE. Charles C. engineer San Francisco 

162 MOORE. Charles I. D., insurance official Los Angeles 

141 MOORE, Colleen, actress Burbank 

689 MOORE, Douglas E. C, attorney Los Angeles 

105 MOORE. E. E., real estate broker Los Angeles 

123 MOORE. Frank W., fruit grower, shipper Redlands 

511 MOORE. James R.. alienist, ncuroio^ist Los Angeles 

363 MOORE. Joseph H.. astronomer : Mt. H.imilton 

231 MOORE. Matt, actor Santa Monica 

598 MOORE, Robert S., shipbuildet Francisco 

125 MOORE. Robert T., scientist Pasadena 

455 MOORE, Rutherford D., insurance execute ...Lns Angeles 

652 MOORE. Stanley, attorney Piedmont 

315 MOORE, Walter T., building, loan official Los Angeles 

422 MOORE, Walton N., merchant San Francisco 

615 MOORE, William H. Jr.. receiver Los Angeles 

421 MOORES. Charles W.. educator, realtor San Francisco 

692 MORA. Joseph J., sculptor, author Pebble Beach 

288 MORAN, Lois, actress Hollywood 

604 MORAN, Nathan M., attorney San Francisco 

625 MOREHOUSE, Theodore C. publisher San Francisco 

295 MORELAND. William H., bishop Sacramento 

85 MORENO. Antonio, actor Los Angeles 

658 MORGAN, Alfonso F., investment banker Hollywood 

250 MORGAN, D.ivid L.. advertising man Los Angeles 

148 MORGAN, David N., machinery jobber San Francisco 

448 MORGAN, George B., lawyer Los Angeles 

292 MORGAN, Julia, architect San Francisco 

246 MORGAN, Margaret Mary, clubwom,an San Francisco 

19) MORGAN. Oliver H.. manufacturer Los Angeles 

20 MORGAN, E., transportation official Los Angeles 

194 MORLAN. Arthur F., insurance man Los Angeles 

165 MORLEY, Frederick H.. mining engineer San Francisco 

560 MORRILL. Austin \V.. entomologist Los Angeles 

402 MORRIS. Don M.. building official Los Angeles 

.)85 MORRIS. George L.. merchant L„s Angeles 

481 MORRIS, Percy F.. food products broker .Sjn Francisco 

664 MORRISON. Alexander F.. attorney _ Sa 

474 MORRISON, lesse B., insurance broker Sa 

196 MORRISON. "May B.. clubwoman Sa 

588 MORRISON. Milton W., architect San Francisco 

311 MORRISON. Victor I., marine officer Santa Barbara 

136 MORRIS(_1N, Wavland A., physician, sur-eon Los Angeles 

293 MORROW. Willikm W., jurist S.m Francisco 

530 MORSE. Fred W.. physician, surgeon Oakland 

531 MORSE. Wellslake D.. realtor Pasadena 

242 MORTIMER. Frank C. banker, author Los Angeles 

622 MORTON. George Y.. plumber, contractor San Francisco 

350 MORTON. Harold C, attorney Los Angeles 

263 MORTON. Oakley K.. jurist Riverside 

5 56 MOSELEY. Corliss G., airway official Los Angeles 

613 MOSER. Julius G.. attorney San Francisco 

298 MOSES. Edward W.. attorney Los Angeles 

369 MOSHER. Henry M.. oil Corp. official Los Angeles 

196 MOSHER. Samuel B.. oil Corp. official Los Angeles 

346 MOSSHOLDER. William J., attorney San Diego 

697 MOTHfiRWELL, Robert B. II. banker San Francisco 

397 MOTT. lohn G.. attorney Los Angeles 







MOLXTON. Dudley, horticultural commr San Francisco 

MOLLTON. Francis, investment broker Xos Angeles 

MOULTON. Irving F.. banker - - San Francisco 

Mi^ULTON. Robert H.. investment broker _...Los Angeles 

MOUNT. Arnold J., banker - San Francisco 

MOUNT. George H.. university professor _ los Angeles 

MOW BRAY. -Albert H.. consulting actuary - Berkeley 

MOYSE, loscrh. wholesale merchant San Francisco 

MUENTER. August E., attorney, rancher San Francisco 

MULFINGER. C.irl L.. phvsician. surgeon _..Xos Angeles 

MULHALL. John J., actor - Burbank 

MULH.AUSER. Frank, attorney, capitalist Santa Barbara 

MULHOLL.AND. William, hydraulic engineer ios Angeles 

MULLALLY. Thomwell. attorney San Francisco 

MULLEN, Limes W'.. editor _ San Francisco 

MULLENDORE. William C. lawyer _ Los Angeles 

MULLER, Lewis G.. realty loan broker Los Angeles 

Louis C. architect San Francisco 

It N.. corporation officiaL Los Angeles 

attorney Los Angeles 

MUNCK-LARSENr Knud CK-e. merchant - San Francisco 

MUNGER. -Albert L.. merchant, orchardist San Francisco 

MUR-ASKY. Frank J., jurist __ San Francisco 

MUPDOCK. Charles A-. printer, publisher..... -.Piedmont 

MURPHY. Charles H.. educator. San Francisco 

MURPHY. Daniel J., banker San Francisco 

MURPHY. Edward W., merchant Xos Angeles 

MURPHY. Frank S., lumber manufacturer San Francisco 

MURPHY. Philip J., surgeon.— _ Los Angeles 

MURPHY. Thomas D., art publisher, author Los Angeles 

MURPHY. William F.. corporation officiaL Xos Angeles 

MURPHY. Wiiliam K.. life insurance official Los Angeles 

MUSTO. Laura, clubwoman _ _.._ San Francisco 

MUSTO. Margaret, clubwoman San Francisco 

MYERS. Carmel. actress _ _ Xos Angeles 

MYERS. Cortland, physician _ Los Angeles 

MYERS. Desai.\ B., geologist Los Angeles 

MYERS. Glenn E.. physician _ -.Los Angeles 

MYERS. John S.. city comptroller —Los Angeles 

MYERS. Louis W., jurist Los Angeles 

MYRICK. Donald, banker —...Santa Barbara 

MUMPER, Hewlings 

MYRICK. Orlando H.. attorney.. 

_. Los Angele 


N.AFF2IGER. Howard C surgeon _ San Francisco 

NAG.ASAW.A. Kanaye, rancher Santa Rosa 

NAGEL. Conrad, actor JBeverly Hills 

N.ANCE. Frank A., city official Los Angeles 

NASH. Charles £., clergyman Los Angeles 

N.ASH. Fred C. merchant _ Pasadena 

N-ASH. John Henry, master printer _.San Francisco 

NAYLOR. Frank L. Jr., investment banker _..JBerkeley 

N-AYXOR. Horace W.. financier - San Diego 

NEAL. Benjamin E., club organiser. Los Angeles 

NEAL. Marshall S., merchant- Jasadena 

NEBLETT. William H., attorney. Xos Angeles 

NEEDHAM, James C. jurist. J^odesto 

NEILAN. Marshall, motion picture dir Culver City 

NEILL. George W.. banker, realtor Torrance 

NEILSON. George A., banker _ _ -Ocean Park 

NEISWENDER. Chester B. miningengr.. ins. brkr...Los Angeles 

NELSON. Clyde V.. physician, surgeon — Los Angeles 

NELSON. Emil L.. druggist. __. " ~ 

NELSON. J. Frank, realtor Xos Angeles 

NELSON. Norman, govt, official _San Francisco 

NELSON. Ravmond -A., attorney -..Xos Angeles 

NELSON. William H., clergvman. editor San Francisco 

NEMETH. John, banker Hollywood 

NEUHOFF. Ferdinand B., fruit packer...- Los Angeles 

NEUST.ADTER. Newton H., manufacturer. San Francisco 

NEWBERRY. Frank J., physician, surgeon -.I-os Angeles 

NEWBY, Narhan. attorney _ Los Angeles 

NEWBY. Thomas S.. pharmacist .Ventura 

NEWCOMB. Annie S. H., clubwoman _ Berkeley 

NEW. COMB. B. M.. miner, historian. Berkeley 

NEW COMB. Ezra B.. clergyman Xindsay 

NEWH-ALL. George A., importer, exp -.San Francisco 

NEW'HALL. George A. Jr.. importer, exp -San Francisco 

NEWXIN, Gumey E,, lawyer Los Angeles 

NEWM.AN. Dora L., educator. — Los Angeles 

KEW'M.AN. Henry P.. physician, surgeon San Diego 

NEWMAN. John E.. attorney San Francisco 

NEWM.AN. Leopold, merchant San Francisco 

NEWMAN. Louis I., rabbi, author San Francisco 

NE\\"M-AN. M. Pearl, cosmetologist- - San Francisco 

NEWM.AN. Mever H.. physician, surgeon — Los Angeles 

NEW M.AN. William H., physician Long Beach 

NEWM.ARK, Marco R.. merchant, _ _.Los Angeles 

NEWM-ARK. Maurice H., merchant Los Angeles 

NEWM-ARK. Milton, attorney - . San Francisco 

NEWM.ARK. Philip, phvsician Los Angeles 

NEWSOM. John F.. geologist San Francisco 

NEWTON. Edward -A., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

NEWTON. Isaac B., banker _ -.San Francisco 


NEWTON. Walter L.. consultine .r- Lo^ Angeles 

NEYLAN. John Francis, lawyer ,-S:n Francisco 

NIBLO. Fred, motion picture dir Culver City 

NICHOLS, Charles L.. attorney Los Angeles 

NICHOLS. Franklin H., banker - Los Angeles 

NICHOLS. Walter E., physician, surgeon...- Pasadena 

NICHOLSON. Roscoe M., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

NICHOLSON. Seth B.. astronomer Pasadena 

NICKEL. J. Leroy, farmer, stock grower Saa Francisco 

NICKEL. James Lerov Jr., rancher, realtor San Francisco 

NICKERSON. Henrv C. architect _.. Pasadena 

NICKERSON. Randolph R.. airport supt Alameda 

NICOLL, Edward B.. jeweler...- Los Angeles 

NIEHAUS. Edward F., lumberman Berkeley 

NIER, Henrv V., educator - San Francisco 

NIESE. Henn- C. banker.. Los Angeles 

NIETO. Jacob, rabbi - San Francisco 

NILSSON, Anna Q.. motion picture actress Beverly Hills 

NILSSON. George W., attorney - Los Angeles 

NOBES. William P.. surgeon chiropodist Los Angeles 

NOBLE, Charles C. dentist Los Angeles 

NOBLITT, William S.. corpn. official Los Angeles 

NOE. Edward H,, optometrist Los Angeles 

NOEREN'BERG. Clarence E,. architect, engr Los Angeles 

NOLAN. Edward J., banker. - Los Angeles 

NOLTE. Leo H.. realtor Los Angeles 

NORCOP. Maurice R.. lawyer Los Angeles 

NORCROSS. Paul J., merchant Los Angeles 

NORRIS. Charles G., author. Saratoga 

NORRIS. Kathleen, author Saratoga 

NORRIS, William J., surgeon _ Los Angeles 

NORTH. Edward, public accountant Los Angeles 

NORTH. Grace M.. author Santa Barbara 

NORTH. Richard L.. anomey Los Angeles 

NORTHRUP. Fred D., physician . South Pasadena 

NORTON. Edward M.. attorney Healdsburg 

NORTON. L. A., attorney - - Healdsburg 

NOURSE. John T. Jr.. attorney San Francisco 

NOV.ARRO. Ramon, motion picture actor Culver City 

NOVILLE. George O., aeronautical engr San Francisco 

NOV\ELL. Alexander R.. investment splst -.San Francisco 

NOYES. Arthur A., chemist. Pasadena 

NUDD, Thomas L., electrical engr .Los Angeles 

NULL. Marion M.. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

NUTTER, Edward H.. mining engr _ _.San Francisco 

NUTTING. Earle M.. capitalist _ Los Angeles 

NYE. Charles N.. orange grower Los Angeles 


OBERTI, James M.. merchant - San Francisco 

O'BRIEN, Eugene, actor _ - Hollywood 

O'BRIEN. George, actor Hollywood 

O'BRIEN. Michael J., merchant Sai 

O'CALLAGHAN. Dan. realtor, ins. broker -.San Fr; 

O'CONNELL. Francis A., attorney - San Francisco 

O CONNOR. Charles H., auctioneer Los Angeles 

O'CONNOR. George R., investment banker San Francisco 

O'CONNOR, J. F. T.. attorney Xos Angeles 

O'CONNOR. James H.. surgeon San Francisco 

O'CONNOR. Jerrt- C, Jr.. mortician -.San Francisco 

O'CONNOR. J, Robert, lawyer - Los Angeles 

OCTAVE (Octave Philippet), hairdresser. San Francisco 

ODDIE. Ciarence M.. attorney -...San Francisco 

ODELL. .Arthur L., college pres - Los Angeles 

OEHMLER. Leo. music teacher, composer...- Pasadena 

OFF. Charles F.. oil operator _ - _ -Los Angeles 

O G.ARA. John, attorney San Francisco 

OGDEN. Robert C attorney - - - San Francisco 

OGDEN. William B.. lawyer Los Angele 

OLDER, Benjamin J 
OLDER. Fremont, e, 
OLDS. Reginald B.. 
OLIVER, Edwm L.. 
OLIVER, Ir\ine H.. 
OLIVER, JameS B.. 
OLIVER. John, attoi 
OLIVER. Marion F 


. coffee importer — — San Francisco 

litor, publisher San Francisco 

manufacturer. - Los Angeles 

metallurgical engr San Francisco 

school mgr Glendale 

attorney San Francis 

Los Angeles 

ufacturer. Piedmont 

OLMSTEAD. Alford P., attorney Los Angeles 

OLMSTED. James E., publisher _ Petaluma 

OLMSTED. James G., manufacturer, banker. Pasadena 

OLMSTED. John A., publisher Petaluma 

OLNEY, Warren Jr.. lawyer San Francisco 

OLSEN. Charles H.. merchant Wilmington 

OLSEN. Osmund, paint mfr _ .Los Angeles 

OLSON. Gustaf W'., hospital administrator Los Angeles 

OLSSON. Alexander, .publisher. San Francisco 

O'MELVENY, Henry W,. lawyer Los Angeles 

O'NEIL. Louis B.. oil operator - Los Angeles 

O'NEIL. Patrick H.. oil producer, banker...- Los Angeles 

O'NEILL. Mer^-vn J., realtor San Francisco 

OPHULS. William, pathologist _ San Francisco 

ORD. Edward O. C. II. army officer. Berkeley 

O'REILLY. Michael J., merchant - - San Francisco 

O'ROURKE, John Edward, investment banker. -Los Angeles 

O'POURKE. Patrick F.. attorney San Diego 





ivcstment banker. 

ORR. Harold F.. attorney. 

ORTH. John Henry, bookkeeper.......... 

ORTON. Grosvenor P., engr.. auaitoi 
OSBORN. George A. publisher........ 

OSBORNE, Henry Z. Jr.. cons. >.ngr. 

OSBORNE. James L., banker 

OSBUN, Albert, merchant. .- 

OSBURN. Willie, corpn. otticial 

OSGOOD, Robert f ■ ■f"ij!'"'\-r : ■] 

OSLER. Francis H., banker 

OSTER. Frank F., attorney.. 
OTIS. Edward G., 
OTTE, William L.. 

OTTO, Alfred P., paint mfr 

OTTO, Paul J., attorney 

OTTOFY, L. Frank, lawyer... ---■■ 

OTTOFY Louis, dental lexicographer.. 
OUSDAL'. Asbjorn P., osteopathic phy 
OVERHOLT, E. Llewellyn, attorney.... 

OVERHOLT, Miles, writer 

OVERTON. Paiil at.orney.. ....... ^--■ 

OVINGTON, Earle, .aeronautical engr. 

OWEN. Ethel D.. physician 

OWENS. James M., civil engr 

OWENS. M.idison T.. financier 

OWENS. Timon E., attorney 

OXNARD, Robert, sugar refiner 

OXTOBY, William H.. theologian 

PABST. Fred W.. auto corpn. official 

PACE. Troy, lawyer 

PACKARD. John C, attorney 

PAGE. Clarence W., physician 

PAIGE Joseph M., chamber comni.r.i -l. 

PAINE. Robert F.. new-spaperman ^- 

PALLETTE, Edward M., physic.n. ht.... 

PALLETTE, Eugene W.. actor........... 

PALMER. Andrew H., meteorologist 

PALMER, Arthur H., dentist 

PALMER, Edwin O., physician, surgeon 

PALMER. Frederick E.. realtor 

PALMER. Ralph W.. attorney 

PALMER. Warren S railway pres 

PALMER. William F., attorney 

PARDEE, George C., ex-governor 

PARENT. Jacques, financial agent 

PARKER, Claude I., attorney 

PARKER. Farrar B.. physician....-..- ■■ 

P.\RKER. Leonard W. G.. manutacturer 

PARKER Norton S.. motion picture oir 

PARKIN. Victor, physician, surgeon 

PARR, Sisson H., merchant 

PARROT. Kent K.. lawyer ; " ;;;- , -"r; 

PARROTT, William G.. mvc.lnunt 

PARSHALL, De Witt, painter 

PARSHALL, Douglass, artist 

PARSONS. Alice K. educator 

PARSONS. Edward L.. bishop .-.- ■ 

PARTON. Floyd A., bldg. loan 

PASCOE. Elmer R.. physician, surgeon 

PATEE, Eliphalet T., physician surgeon 

PATERSON, Thomas MacD., banker 

pati'gian, Haig, sculptor...- v:;-.-,;:;- 

PATTERSON. Asa T.. C S. practmoner 

PATTERSON, D,ivid H. Jr.. manutacturer. 

PATTERSON. Robert E., realtor ----- 

PATTINSON. Ismay G., pub. accountant.. 

PATTON, Charles L., attorney 

PATTON. George S., lawyer. 

PATTON, Thomas, agriculturist 

PAUL, Roland, opera lecturer 

PAULL. Allen FI.. auto dealer 

PAYNE, Frederic W., lumberman 

PEABODY. Orlcy M.. attorney. --.— - 

PEACHY, Henry K. D.. mtge. loan b.inke 

PEARCE. Albert D-, attorney... 

PEARCE. Edward H.. army officer 

PEARSON. Frank E auto dealer -..- 

PEARSON, Henry C. editor, author .-- 

PEARSON. Millicent E. T.. apt. house o> 

PEARSON. William L.. theologian 

PEASE. Clifford C. .attorney 

PEASE. Francis G.. astronomer 

PEASE. Joseph L.. dentist ■ 

PEASE Sibley G.. concert organist 

PECK Arthur R.. financier, inventor 

PEDRAZZINI. Clay A., attorney 

PEDRINI. Armando, banker :;■ ■' V " 

PELLISSIER. Frank F., creamery oil,, i .1 
PELTON, George S.. auto distribut 

PELTON. Lester A., inventor ^ 

PENDLETON. Benjamin H., merch ■ 
PENHOEL, Louis C. mining engr 


„. ..Ventura 

.....Los Angeles 

.Santa Barbara 


Los Angeles 

..San Francisco 


Los Angeles 

....San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

....Santa Barbara 


..San Fr^- , 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 


..Santa Barbara 

Los Angeles 

...San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

...Santa Barbara 
...San Francisco 
...San Francisco 


Los Angeles 

..San Francisco 
San Anselmo 

..San Francisco 

....Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 



Sm Francisco 

..L..S .Angeles 


...San Francisco 


...San Francisco 
...San Francisco 

'.-..Los Angeles 

Hollywood .Angeles 

Los A.ig.L-- 

....San Francisco 

....Santa Barbara 

Santa Barbara 


S m Francisco 

.v. San Jose 

Liif .Angeles 

....Los Angeles 
S.-m Francisco 
San Fr,.nci~co 

Los Angeles Fr.incisco 

Long Beach 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

San Marino 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 


San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

..Los Angeles 

..San Fr 

..San Francisco 


...San Francisco 


......S,m D.ego 


Los Angeles 

.Los Angeles 
....San Francisco 
...San Francisco 
Los Angeles 
Los Angeles 
I .tmptonvillc 


Los Angeles 



PEOPLES, Christian J., naval officer 

PEOPLES. S. Z.. physician, surgeon 

PERIN. Bradford, merchant 

PERKINS, Thomas A., attorney 

PERKY Kirtland I., lawyer .■ - -■ 

PERRIN, Hervey B., investment banker 

PERRIN, John, banker i-;V;;;V; 

PERRY Arthur St. C. manufacturer 

PERRY James C. sanitarian - - - 

PETERS. Churchill C. investment banker. 
PETERS, Herbert Z.. investment banker. . 

PETERSON. Ccdric \V.. lawyer -- - 

PETERSON. Ferdinand C, insurance bruk. 

PETERSON. Frederick C.. attorney 

PETTIS. lohn R.. merchant 

PETTIT. Edison, astronomer 

PETTY Alonzo McC. clergyman 

PFTTY' F Fern, dental surgeon-.-. - 

PFAENDLER, Richard L.. instr. of music 
PFAFFENBERGER, George, drug co. exe. 

PFLUEGER, Charles J., physician 

PFLUEGER, Timothy L., architL^ 

PHELAN, James D.. ex-senator 

PHELPS. Clarence L.. college rres--.- -^- 
PHELPS. John Wilson, banker, merchant. 
PHELPS, Ralph L.. engr.. corpn exec... 
PHILLIPS. Albert R.. insurance broker...- 

PHILLIPS Lee Allen, insurance official 

PHILLIPS'. Randall P.. realtor 

PHLEGER, Herman, attorney 

PICCIRILLO, Louis M., attorney^...... 

PICKERILL, Ernest F., county olhciaL 

PICKERING. William A., lumberman 

PICKFORD. Mary, actress :-r„", 

PICKRELL. Andrew J., banker, mining 

PIERCE. Harold L., industrial engr 

PIERCE, Horace F., surgeon 

PIERCE Lvman L., financier 

pierce' William H.. funeral director 

PIGEON. William G.. architect 

PIKE, Robert D.. chemical engr.---.--. 
PILLSBURY, Albert F naval architect.. 

PILLSBURY. Horace IX. lawyer.. 

PILLSBURY. Stirling G.. physician 

PILSBRY. W.. mechanical tnsr-..- 

PINKERTON, Robert E., author 

PINKERTON, Roy D., editor. 

PINKHAM, Charles B., physici..n. -uri; 

PINNEY, Warren B., attorney 

PIPHER, Joseph E., attorney. 

PIRTLE, John A., stock broker -.-- 

PLAISTED, Frederick W-. ex-governor^ 
PLAND, James A., auditor, 

PLATT, Frank L., dentist -■— 

PLAYTER, Ely W.. hardware mcrchan 
PLEASANTS. John S.. manufacturer... 

PLUGHOFF. Albert D., auto dealer 

PLUMMER, John A., jurist.. -.. 

PLUNKETT. James I., stock broker 

POMEROY, Hugh R., city planner 

POMEROY, John L., physici.m 

POND, Charles F-, n.ival office- -- 
PONTIUS, David W., railroad ..llui>l- 

POPE, Amy E., writer 

POPE, Arthur U.. museum director 

POPE, James H., municipal judge - 

POPE, RoUa D., physicuin, surgeon 

PORTER, Archie W. N.. clergyman 

PORTER, Bruce, artist 

PORTER. Edwin C. insurance mgr 

PORTER. Florence C, suffragist 

PORTER, Giles S.. physician, sutgc.m... 

POR.TER, John C mayor 

PORTER, Roscoe S., realtor 

PORTER, Sam S., hotelrnan.. 

POST. Morton E.. agriculturist 

POSTLETHWAITE. Hartley A., attorn. 
POTTENGER. Francis M.. physician. > 

POTTER. Charles F.. attorney ...-.-- 

POTTER. Clarence S.. investment bank 

potter'. George S.. educator 

POTTER. Ira H.. banker 

POTTER, Philip S.. physician 

POTTLE. Edmond W.. attorney 

' POTTS, Fred E- Jr.. contractoi 

; POULSON. Oscar, manufacturer 

POWELL, Caroline A., wood engraver.. 

POWELL, Jeremiah H., lawyer 

^ POWER, Bion M., banker - 

POWER, James E., ex-postma-iei. m.l.l 

POWER, Neal, attorney 

POWERS, Harry J..^- ■ 

FOWLEY. Ned R.. telerhone 

PR.\TT. Merritt B.. state t..n-tei 

PRATT, Ransom, optician 


San Francisco 



San Francisco 

Long Beach 


..South Pasadena 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 
■..p,,ril..nJ, Ore, 


;; Oakland 

Los Angeles 


Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

...San Francisco 
Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

...San Francisco 

...San Francisco 
....Santa Barbara 

Los Angeles 

....San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

...San Francisco 

San Francisco 


Santa Monica 

Beverly Hills 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

Santa Barbara 

San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 


3 58 


" ' 


n ^ 'n 


. L..' 

. An-.Ui 


■1 inr llto 


- Aim. l^s 


S in 





,. Anucles 

San Mateo 

Los Angeles 

..Long Beach 

...San Ftancisco 

...Santa Barb.ira 

...San Fr.ancisco 

.South Pasadena 

Los Ange.cs 

Ln> Anaeles 






.......San Francisco 

luth San Francisco 


Los Angeles 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 

Santa Monica 

Los Angeles 


\ -r, .San Francisco 

San Francisco 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 


San Francisco 



.\,„„e Cay P..>!c- 

PRATT, Robert H., railway official Los Angeles fil6 

PRAY, Russell H., lawyer Long Be.icli ';.4 

PREISTER, William, rancher b„ Ansele» 1-4 

PRHNllERGAST, Thomas F,, justice of peace S,,ii hr.incisc. 4nl 

PRKNTICE, George G., manufacturer ^ iti Uku.. ■> ^ i 

PRESCOTT, Frank C, lawyer Lu~ Angeles :.i 

PRESLEY, George J., lawyer San Frane.sco 341 

PRESSLY, Mary A. R,, clubwoman, writer La Jolla 608 

PRESSLY, Mason W., clergyman, author La Jolla 608 

PRESTON, John W., jurist San Frane.sco 19 

PREUSS, Kenneth E.. corpn. nfficil Los Angeles 108 

PRICE, Claude E., mfg. conficti.Tur San Frane.sco 684 

PRICE. Emil, manufacturer Los Angeles 172 

PRICE, Fr.incs. nttornrv S,,nta Barbara 441 

price:, HuiilJ H , ,,ll..m. ■, S.m Frane.sco 600 

PRICE, I H.A>,nJ, -InihuiU. I C),,kIanJ 4'i,5 

PRICE, W H . ....inu. 14. ""'i 5S7 

PRIDEAUX. U., atin.ncv S,in Francisco 21 

PRINCE, Frederick W,, banker Fernando 500 

PRINCLE, Aileen. actress Culver City 614 

PRIOR. Roger W., C. P, A Los Angeles 518 

PRISK, Charles H, ,JitM,, piiM.-li. I P. -.Jena n: 

PRISK, William F, ,.i,Mi-li. I. 1,,,, H.,ich 152 

PROBASCO, Ram,o, r,i,„n. v . M,Ll,,nJ 56 

PROESCH, Werner, pliv-i.iai, niu.^.n S ,,, li ,,nci~co 415 

PROUTY, Roswell W., mining en-r L,.s Angeles 420 

PROVOST. Charlotte E,. educator San Frane.sco 75 

PUETT, S, F, Max, auto financier Hollywood 511 

PULLIAM. William E., customs official Pacific Grove 254 

PULPANECK, Fritz, violinmaker Los Angeles 516 

PUTERBAUGH, Johnson W,. attorney San Diego 571 

PY2EL, Dan.el, chemical engr San Francisco 47 


QUARRY, Paul T., physician Santa Rosa 49 

QUINN, Edward M., tax consultant San Francisco 316 

QUINTON, Cornelia B, S.. art director San Francisco 286 


RAAS, Andre, capitalist San Francisco 48 

RACEK, Edward H., account,...! Los Angeles 505 

RADER, W.lliam, lecturer San F.-ancisco 295 

RADIN, Max, author Berkeley 10 

RACLAND, Dallas C, phys.c.,1.1 Los Angeles 167 

RAITT, George E., church South Pasadena 300 

RAKESTRAW, Robert R,. engineer Los Angeles 238 

RALSTON, Andrew J., smelter 0.ikland 494 

RALSTON, Jackson H.. lawyer Palo Alto 214 

RANDALL. Charles H,. ex-congressman Los Angeles 224 

RANDALL. Jay E,, banker Los Angeles 155 

RANDLES, James D,. .ittornev Los Angeles 417 

RANDLETT. Fred M,, civil engineer San Francisco 60 

RANDOLPH, Lee F., art director San Francisco 275 

RANKE, Fred H,, manufacturer Los Angeles 509 

RANSOM, J. B,. realtor Los Angeles 516 

RANSOME, Bernard, engineer Oakland 319 

RAPP, Melville B,, capital. ■^t Santa Monica 106 

RATCLIFF, Walter H., arch.t.ct Berkeley 22 

RATH, Inhn C. public ut.l.ti, - ,,IIk.,.I Los Angeles 203 

RAU. Alfred J., stock, .nv,-...., .n l^i,.!,,. San Francisco 59 

RAY. Charles D,. ... , ...1 Los Angeles 192 

RAY, Charles E. A., actor Beverly Hills 614 

RAY, Milton S., manufacti.r, r , ,.r.,,.i San Francisco 374 

RAYMOND. Maud M, W,, church, civic Ic.dc.San Francisco 292 

RE A, Robert, librarian San Francisco 350 

READ, Charles E,, dentist Los Angeles 485 

READ, George E,, real estate operator Beverly Hills 115 

RE.'KD, Mrs, William, Los Angeles 494 

READY, Lester S., consulting engineer San Francisco 309 

REAGAN, Frank J,, telephone executive San Francisco 73 

REAVIS, W, Elmo, manufacturer Los Angeles 474 

REDDING. Joseph D,. lawyer San Francisco 283 

REDEWILL. Francis H,. urologist, surgeon San Francisco 583 

REDINGTON, John P., banker S.inta Barbara 445 

REDINGTON, Sarah, writer, lecturer Santa Barbara 301 

REED, Charles A,, building contractor Long Beach 237 

REED, Fred E,. realtor OakLand 582 

REED. Howard S,. plant physiologist Riverside 253 

REED, Luther, writer, motion picture director Hollywood 544 

REED, Ralph J,, civil engineer Los Angeles 180 

REED, Thomas B., municipal judge Los Angeles 579 

REESE, Everett M,, citrus grower Whittier 524 

REEVES, John B., publisher Los Angeles 136 

REEVES, John M., physician, surgeon Oakland 37 

REEVES. Joseph M. jr., portrait painter Los Angeles 357 

REGENSBURGER, Alfred E,, dermatologist San Francisco 534 

REID, lames W., architect San Francisco 313 

REINHARDT, Aurclia H,. college president Oakland 45 

REINHARDT. Paul E,. investment banker Los Angeles 601 

REIS. Gust.iv C. investment banker Oakland 400 

REITER. Edward D., attorney _ Los Angeles 553 

REMILLARD. Peter N,. brick manufacturer San Francisco 45 

RENDLER. Joseph, electrical engineer Los Angeles 136 

.\a,..e City 

RENFREW. Francis C. physician, surgcori Long Beach 

REPPY. Roy v.. attorney Los Angeles 

REQUA. Lawrence K.. gclngi-i San Francisco 

REQUA, M,iik L., ..,.,;. .leer San Francisco 

REQUA,,.rd S,, , San Diego 

RESLEURE, lace| F., attornev San Francisco 

REYNOLDS, Charles M., mfrs, agent San Francisco 

REYNOLDS. Del Mar M,. banker Los Angeles 

REYNOLDS. Hewitt, educator Santa Barbara 

REYNOLDS. Kcnyon L,, engineer Los Angeles 

RHODES, Harry W,, siipt. U. S. lighthouses San Francisco 

RHODES, F., attorney Los Angeles 

RHODES, lohn W., insurance official Los Angeles 

RIABOOHIN, Nikander M.,, surgeon Los Angeles 

RICARD, Icrome S, ,,-,,,„.,.„,,. Santa Clara 

RICCA, Vctran, ,111 ^, .' 1 l.'i Los Angeles 

RICE, Allyn B., e...iii,M". Los Angeles 

RICE, [esse D., ck.;;v.....i. Piedmont 

RICE, Llewellvn J., t.tle insurance official Los Angeles 

RICHARDS, Charles E., building contractor Los Angeles 

RICHARDS. Frank W,, deputy attorney general Los Angeles 

RICHARDS, John E.. jurist San Francisco 

RICHARDS. John R.. attorney Los Angeles 

RICHARDS. Preston D,. attorney Los Angeles 

RICHARDSON. Eri H.. designer, manufacturer Los Angeles 

RICHARDSON. Friend W., ex-governor of California..Berkeley 

RICHARDSON. George S., municipal judge Los Angeles 

RICHARDSON, Herbert A., merchant San Francisco 

RICHARDSON. William E.. land developer Los Angeles 

RICHARDSON. William H.. merchant Los Angeles 

RICHERT. Robert C. merchant Hollywood 

RICHSTEIN, John J., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

RICHTER, Theophilus J, F.. naturopath Los Angeles 

RICKARD, James B.. lawyer, postmaster Santa Barbara 

RICKS. Eua A,, investment banker San Francisco 

RIDDELL, Arch C. manufacturer Los Angeles 

RIDER, Arthur W,, clergyman Los Angeles 

RIDGWAY, Erman J., publi, Chula Vista 

RIDGWAY, Nolo S.. invent....... h,...ker Beverly Hills 

RIES, Walter S.. industrial r,,.l.or Oakland 

RILEY. Ray L., state comp..nllei Sacramento 

RINDGE. Samuel K,, co.r".,..i.n "t'i> ...I Los Angeles 

RINEHART, lav Don, ..l. > Pasadena 

RIORDAN, lohn H,, d,r"'> nt.n,. . .^, .., ral Francisco 

RIPLEY, C, n.l .i.,." Los Angeles 

RIPLEY, Galen G,. life unJcrwr.ter San Francisco 

RITCHEY. Addison B.. attorney Pasadena 

RITCHEY. George W.. astronomer Pasadena 

RITTER. Allan G.. attorney Los Angeles 

RITTIGSTEIN, Herman, real estate broker OakLand 

RIVERS. Henry E., realtor Los Angeles 

RIX, Edward A., machinery manufacturer San Francisco 

RIX. Warren Acil, real estate broker Hollywood 

RIXFORD, Emmet, surgeon : San Francisco 

ROACH, Hal, motion picture producer Culver City 

ROBBINS, Milton H,, merchant San Francisco 

ROBERTS, Alexander C, college president Berkeley 

ROBERTS, Earle L,. financier Los Angeles 

ROBERTS, Marcus L,, attorney Los Angeles 

ROBERTSON, Alexander M.. publisher San Francisco 

ROBERTSON. Alfred W., attorney Santa Barbara 

ROBERTSON. Baldwin, attorney Los Angeles 

ROBERTSON, George D., realtor Los Angeles 

ROBERTSON. Richard F., attorney San Jose 

ROBERTSON, Robert B., railway m,an Los Angeles 

ROBINS. lohn H.. realtor Oakland 

ROBINSON. Elmer E.. attorney San Francisco 

ROBINSON. Henry M,, banker Pasadena 

ROBINSON, James N,, banker Huntington Park 

ROBINSON, Robert Rex. mechanical engineer Los Angeles 

ROBINSON. Thomas W,, attorney, librarian Los Angeles 

ROBINSON, Walter H.. attorney San Francisco 

ROBNETT. Dalv B.. attorney Los Angeles 

ROBSON. William W., realtor Los Angeles 

ROCHE, Michael J., jurist San Francisco 

ROCHE, Theodore I., attornev, police commr San Francisco 

ROCHESTER, George W.. st.ite senator. attorney.-Los Angeles 

ROCKEFELLER. Howard. Jr.. .attorney Los Angeles 

ROCKHOLD. Frank A., attorney Los Angeles 

ROCKHOLD. John E.. civil engineer Los Angeles 

RODDY. William F.. financial expert Nevada City 

RODGERS. Ernest A., auto distributor Santa Rosa 

RODGERS, John I., army officer San Francisco 

ROGERS. Arthur M., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

ROGERS, Frederick M,. clergyman Los Angeles 

ROGERS. George A., industrialist Los Angeles 

ROGERS. Henry S.. physician Pctaluma 

ROGERS, Thomas C. manufacturer Los Angeles 

ROGERS. Warren S., bookseller Los Angeles 

ROGERS, Will, actor, authnr _ Beverly Hills 

ROHE, Clifford A,, attornev Los Angeles 

ROLAND. Ruth, actress, subdivider Los Angeles 

ROLPH. James Jr., mayor, merchant S: " 

ROLPH. Thomas, importer, exporter San Franc 


\amc C.v 

ROMAN. Frederick W., lecturer, author Los Angeles 

RONCOVIERI, Alfred, physician, surgeon San Francisco 

ROOK, Charles A., journalist Pasadena 

ROOME, Clarence T., physician Santa Barbara 

ROOT, Robert C, peace advocate Stockton 

ROSE. Lou. realtor _ Beverly Hills 

ROSE. Ray C, real estate developer L,, lulla 

ROSE. William F., attorney S ,n Finui^co 

ROSEBERRV, Louis H.. banker L. < At:;Jcs 

ROSENBAUM, Mcrvin F., merchant S.m Fra.u,,co 

ROSENBURG, Rudolph, oil operator, capitalist Los Angeles 

ROSENHEIM. Alfred F., architect Los Angeles 

ROSENSHINE, Adolph, building contractor San Francisco 

ROSENSHINE, Albert A., attorney _ San Francisco 

ROSS. A. W.. realtor Los Angeles 

ROSS. Erskine Mayo, jurist --- Los Angeles 

ROSS. George B.. lawyer Los Angel 

ROSS, Herbert W.. r 
ROSS. Peter v., Christ 
ROSSETER, lohn H.. 
ROSSI, Robert D., mci 
ROTH, Lester \V., lav. 
ROTH, William P., st( 


Science Iccti 

.Beverly Hills 


iship man San Fr; 

ROTHGANGER, George, surgeon Emeryville 

ROUGH, Robert L., osteopath : Los Angeles 

ROUSE, Warren A., merchant Oakland 

ROWAN, Andrew S.. army officer, author. San Francisco 

ROWE, Leonard E., attorney _ Long Beach 

ROWELL, Chester H., editor Berkeley 

ROWELL, Joseph C, librarian Oakland 

RUCKER. George, electrical engineer San Francisco 

RUDDOCK. John C. physician Los Angeles 

RUDE, Arthur H.. mcrch,int Los Angeles 

RUDKIN. William H., rancher Fillmore 

RUDOLPH. Allen, building, loan official San Jose 

RUGGLES, Howard E.. physician _ San Francisco 

RULE. O. Rey, investment banker Los Angeles 

RUSH. John L.. attorney Los Angeles 

RUSH, ludson R.. attorney Los Angeles 

RUSHTON. Edwin E.. m.Vnuf;,a>;r. r . uvnucr. Los Angeles 

RUSS, Edmund F,. photo ensr.uu San Francisco 

RUSS, Robert R., capitalist San Francisco 

RUSSELL, John N.. life insurance manaser Los Angeles 

RUSSELL, Richard L.. civil engineer Los Angeles 

RUSSELL, Sydney K., writer Hollywood 

RUSSILL, Louis P., jurist _ Los Angeles 

RUTH, John MeP., salesman Sacramento 

RYAN, James M., insurance broker San Francisco 

RYAN, Joseph W:; attorney Los Angeles 

RYAN, Patrick L.. clergyman Francisco 

RYFKOGEL. H. A. L., physician, sure.n S.m Francisco 

RYLAND, Joseph R., corporation offici.^1 San Jose 

RYON, William A., finance corpn. ofhcul Los Angeles 

SABALOT, Jean B., roentgenologist San Francisco 

SABIN, Wallace A., organist San Francisco 

SADLER. Clarence T., attorney San Francisco 

SAHLEIN, Henry, realtor San Francisco 

SAINT, Walter M. Ir.. merchant Los Angeles 

SALEEBY. Elij.ah M'., pharmacist Jiise 

S.^^lLlSBURY, Alfred J. Jr.. consuUing .n-r L.i, .^nudcs 

SALM, George P., merchant L. .- .An-, Ic. 

SAMPSON, Samuel S., clergyman Hnninvn.n I'.irk 

SAMUEL, Lillian S., clubwoman S.,n Fr.,n,i<co 

SAMUEL, Mortimer A., hotel owner San Francisco 

SANBORN. Blanche L. H., physician San Francisco 

SANBORN. Irving H., investment banker San Francisco 

SANBORN, Winfred J., mortician Los Angeles 

SANDERS. Hugh A., attorney San Diego 

SANDERSON, Austin A., attorney San Francisco 

SANDERSON, William W., attorney San Francisco 

SANDS. Robert M.. oil operator Los Angeles 

SANFORD. Louis C. bishop Fresno 

SANSUM, D., physician, surgeon Santa Barbara 

SARGENT, E. W.. title official, attv Lo« Angeles 

SARGENT, Homer E., electrical cn^r i'- -i-a 

SARTORI, loseph F., banker • ' . 

SATTERLEE, Dwight, physician, sum 

SAULS, Willard H.. chiropractor ,. 

SAUNDERS, Charles W., steamship n,.u, .>,,!, .nuna, 

SAWYER, Edmund O. Jr.. publisher S.,n F,.,nci>co 

SAWYER, Harold M., attorney San Francisco 

SAXE. Harry A., merchant San Francisco 

SCANLON. Wiiko G., physician „ Pasadena 

SCARBOROUGH, James G.. attorney Los Angeles 

SCARBOROUGH. James G. Jr.. attorney Los Angeles 

SCARPITTA, Salvatore C. sculptor Los Angeles 

SCATENA, Lorcn:o. banker _ San Francisco 

SCATTERGOOD. Ezra F., elec. engr Los Angeles 

SCHAEFER. Glenn A., title ins. official Los Angeles 

SCHAEFLE, William J., editor, publisher Los Angeles 

SCHALLERT, Edwin F., editor, writer Los Angeles 

SCHAUER, Benjamin R.. jurist Los Angeles 

Page .\<ime City 

16j SCHAUER, Fred H.. attorney Santa Barbara 

565 SCHENCK, Joseph M., motion picture producer Hollywood 

160 SCHENCK, Paul W., attorney...^ Los Angeles 

674 SCHERER, lames A. B., educator, writer Los Angeles 

309 SCHEWE, Edward F., dentist Huntington P,irk 

697 SCHILDKRAUT, Joseph, actor ..._ Universal City 

60? SCHILLER, William A., mfg. engr Los Angeles 

698 SCHILPP. Paul A., college prof., clergyman Stockton 

111 SCHIVELY, lohn H., federation sec, editor San Francisco 

522 SCHLAGE. Walter R.. engineer San Francisco 

121 SCHLEICHER. A., rubber mfr Los Angeles 

224 SCHLEICHER. Ben F.. rubber mfr Los Angeles 

544 SCHLESINGER. B. F., merchant San Francisco 

520 SCHLOESSMANN, Carl L., banker _ Los Angeles 

549 SCHMIDT, Ruben S., jurist Los Angeles 

16 SCHNELL, Henrv F., dairyman San Diego 

186 SCHOENBORN. Albert L., mtge, banker Los Angeles 

143 SCHOLES. Robert D., attorney San Francisco 

321 SCHOLZ, Rudolph J., attorney San Francisco 

54 SCHONFELD, George W.. attorney _ San Francisco 

307 SCHREIBER, Fred C. physician San Francisco 

656 SCHREYER, William E., realtor Los Angeles 

559 SCHRODER, Howard, architect _ Oakland 

576 SCHULBERG, Benjamin P., motion picture prod Hollywood 

137 SCHULTER, Hans F., obstetrician, gynecologist Sacramento 

562 SCHULTHEIS. Henry R., attorney Los Angeles 

279 SCHUMANN-HEINK. Ernestine, opera singer Coronado 

548 SCHUSSLER. Herman Jr., physician San Francisco 

2 SCHWAB. Paul E., attorney _ Los Angeles 

258 SCHWABACHER, Albert E., investment b.inkcr..San Francisco 

54 SCHWARZ, A. L., realtor Los Angeles 

188 SCHWARZKOPF, Rudolph H.. realtor Arcadia 

567 SCHWEITZER, Dell A., attorney _ Los Angeles 

688 SCOFIELD, Edson M., consulting engr _ Los Angeles 

467 SCOFIELD, Jerome V., legislator Hintington Park 

405 SCOTT, Albert W. Jr.. merchant, kiuv.r S.m Francisco 

450 SCOTT, Alfred J. Jr., physician Los Angeles 

490 SCOTT. Bert C, manufacturer San Francisco 

67 SCOTT, Daniel L., corpn. exec Los Angeles 

428 SCOTT, George W., lawyer Los Angeles 

46 SCOTT, Harry S., steamship official _ San Francisco 

572 SCOTT, James W., attorney San Francisco 

121 SCOTT, lohn McC, attorney Los Angeles 

163 SCOTT, loseph, lawyer Los Angeles 

157 SCOTT, Ralph C. ins. corpn, exec Los Angeles 

617 SCOTT, Robert H., jurist Los Angeles 

512 SEAGER, Schuvlcr F.. mining engr., mfr Pasadena 

581 SEAMANS. William S., realtor _ Santa Barbara 

191 SEARES, Frederick H., astronomer Pasadena 

95 SEAWELL, Emmet, j 


258 SECHER, Ancher J., 

176 SEDGWICK, Allan E., 
SEE, Thomas J. J,. 

SEGERSTROM, Charles H.. banker, lawye 

I Fran 

altor _ Santa Barbara 

corpn. official San Francisco 

consulting engr., educator.—Los Angeles 

Mare Island 

er Sonora 

-San Francisco 

SEIGER, Rudolph, musical artist _...San Francis 

SELBY. lohn, attorney San Francisco 

SELECMAN. Edgar H.. realtor. _ Los Angeles 

SELIG. Willnm N,, motion picture producer Los Angeles 

SELLECK. Willard C, clergyman _ Riverside 

SELLERS, H., corpn. official Pasadena 

SELLERY, Albert C, surgeon _ Long Beach 

SELLING. Nathalie, physician San Francisco 

SEMINARIO. Jose Y., consul general San Francisco 

SENDE, lonas Arnold. C. P. A _ Los Angeles 

SERAFINO, Albert L., investment banker San Francisco 

SESNON, Porter, banker San Francisco 

SESNON, William Thomas, agriculturist San Francisco 

SESSIONS, Milton P., landscape designer - San Diego 

SEVERY, Melvin L., inventor Los Angeles 

SEWARD, George S., investment banker Los Angeles 

SEWELL, Harry F., attorney, legislat-^r Whittier 

SHAFFER. Geneve L. A., realtor, ^ Francisco 

SHAFFNER, Arthur B., rancher - Angeles 

SHAMEL. Archibald D.. phv-i ..Riverside 

SHANLEY, Francis P.. hotelman L.,, Angeles 

SHANNON, Arthur L., attorney San Francisco 

SHANNON. Michael F., attorney Los Angeles 

SHAPIRO, Aaron, attorney Los Angeles 

SHAPLEIGH. A. F. Jr., merchant Santa Monica 

SHAPLEIGH. Frederick W.. lawyer Santa Monica 

SHARP, Earl S., oil corpn. exec Los Angeles 

SHARP, George C. dental surgeon Pasadena 

SHARP, George F., attorney Oakland 

SHARP, Joseph C, attorney San Francisco 

SHARP, Joseph H., painter Pasadena 

SHARP, William F., dentist San Francisco 

SHATTUCK, Paul W., ink manuf.icturer S: Fi .-co 

SHAW, Eugene C, dentist ; \ : 1, < 

SH.AVX'. George H.. dairy mgr i \: _ us 

SHAW, George P., U. S. consul - n I n. ^o 

SHAW, Harrv C, telegraph official tr.-incisco 

SHAW, Hartley, jurist Los Angeles 






SHAW. Henry W., attorney - Los Angeles 

SHAW. James T.. telephone official San Francisco 

SHAW. Lucien. jurist Glendale 

SHA\\'. Roy A., business economist _.._ Pasadena 

SH.AW. Walter P.. merchant .- Los Angeles 

SHAY. Weston W.. dentist Los Angeles 

SHEAFOR. Martin Van B.. oil operator Los Angeles 

SHEEHAN. Edgar M.. assn. official San Francisco 

SHEEHAN. Winfield R., motion picture official Hollywood 

SHELDON. Leslie L.. investment broker Los Angeles 

SHELDON. Roy H.. insurance rep _ Los Angeles 

SHELL. W. Nelson, oil operator, publisher Los Angeles 

SHELLOOE. Daniel C. meat packer San Francisco 

SHENK, John W.. jurist _ Francisco 

SHEPHERD. Charles R.. missionary ■ . S,n Francisco 

SHEPHERD, Clifford J., banker Los Angeles 

SHEPHERD. Hovcy L.. physician Los Angeles 

SHEPPARD. James G.. hotelman Santa Barbara 

SHERIDAN, Robert M.. attorney _ Ventura 

SHERMAN. Harry D.. insurance man Los Angeles 

SHERM.AN. Julius, physician, surgeon San Francisco 

SHERMAN. Moses H.. steamship man _ Los Angeles 

SHERMAN, Wells A,, marketing specialist Sacramento 

SHERR, Harry, lawyer Los Angeles 

SHERRY. Lerov B., surgeon _ Pasadena 

SHERWIN. William A., lawyer Los Angeles 

SHIELD. George W. H., educator _ Los Angeles 

SHIELS, George F., surgeon San Francisco 

SHINN. Miliccnt W., author Niles 

SHIPLEY. Maraard. writer, lecturer San Francisco 

SHOEMAKER. Harlan, physician, surgeon Lo< An"clcs 

SHOEMAKER. William R,. naval officer _. .San Francisco 

SHONNARD. Ludlow, corpn. exec Los Angeles 

SHORTALL. Edward P.. jurist San Francisco 

SHORTRIDGE, Samuel M.. U. S. Scnator.AVaihmgton. D. C. 

SHOUP. Arthur G.. lawyer San Jose 

SHOUP. Paul, railway president San Francisco 

SHULER, Robert P., clergyman, lecturer El Monte 

SHUMAN. Blair S.. attorney...- San Francisco 

SHUMAN. lohn F.. attorney. San Francisco 

SHUMATE. Freda C. clubwoman San Francisco 

SHL'MATE. Thomas E.. physician _...San Francisco 

SHURTLEFF. Charles A., attorney San Francisco 

SHUWARGER. Morris, manufacturer Los Angeles 

SIBLEY. Josiah. clergyman _ Pasadena 

SIDEBOTTOM. Earl E.. attorney _ Los Anaeles 

SIDNEY. George, actor _ Hollywood 

SIELAFF. Gustav J., geologist.... San Francisco 

SIEMEN. Fred, manufacturer Los Angeles 

SILL. Rush T., mining engineer Los Angeles 

SILLS, Milton, actor _ Los Angeles 

SILSBEE. George S.. explorer Los Angeies 

SILSLEY. Frank M., clergyman _ Oakland 

SIMANK. Henry J., merchant.... Los Angeles 

SIMMONS. William M.. lawyer, educator. San Francisco 

SIMON. Jules, consul general San Francisco 

SIMONDS. Paul E.. physician ..Riverside 

SIMONS. Seward C. industrial engr Los Angeles 

SIMPSON. Edmund G.. advertising man Los Anieles 

SIMPSON. Frank Jr.. hotel operator Los Angeles 

SIMPSON. Harry L.. insurance co. mgr San Francisco 

SIMPSON. John Edwin, attorney Los Angeles 

SIMS, Richard M.. lawyer, banker San Francisco 

iiSSf-M^ ■'°*'" ^- »"°'"'->- San Francisco 

SINCLAIR. Neil B.. merchant Los Angeles 

SINCLAIR. Upton, author Long Beach 

SINCLAIR-COWAN. Bertha M., author Sierra Madre 

SISTROM. William, motion picture studio mgr Culver City 

SITTEL. Albert C. U. S. Marshal .!. Los Angelsi 

SKAIFE. Alfred C, attorney San Francisco 

SKEGGS. John H., civil engr San Francisco 

SKILLING. Chauncey F., architect Los Angeles 

SKINNER. John H.. banker San Frandsco 

SLACK. Charles W.. lawyer San Francisco 

SLATER. Clyde W.. broker _ _...V.V...'Lo5 Angeles 

iI-R¥9ySv J- Morns, obstetrician, gynecologist Los Angeles 

SLO.^NE, John B., physician Los Angeles 

SLOANE, Norman H., assn. general manager San Francisco 

SLOANE, William A., jurist _.... San Diego 

=t-S£F¥' ^^'■^''" ^- ^°^P"- offi^"' Los Angeles 

bLObS. Leon Jr., banker San Francisco 

SLOSS, Marcus C, attorney _ San Francisco 

SMALL. Lucian K.. produce broker Los Angeles 

SMITH. Carlin G.. realtor.... Los Angeles 

SMITH. Carroll H.. state printer, publisher Sacramento 

IMJHI' £?"°" ^^"■- 'ui'berman „ San Francisco 

SMITH. Charles F., C. P. A San Francisco 

SMITH. Clarke S.. army officer, engr Los Angeles 

SMITH. Dan M.. lecturer, lawyer Los Angeles 

SMITH. Donald J., investment banker San Francisco 

iwlJH' I''"'" "■• S"'^g<:°" San Francisco 

SMllM, Genevieve F., cosmetologist, clubwoman.. San Francisco 
SMITH, George D., hotel manager ..San Francisco 

Page .\mne City 

2S3 SMITH. George L., auditorium mgr L05 Angeles 

368 SMITH. George W.. architect.... Santa Barbara 

Ti; SMITH. Grant H.. attorney San Francisco 

:i„ SMITH. Guy E.. contractor Los Angeles 

"l" SMITH. Harold A., merchant Los Angeles 

-"' SMITH. Harold H., physician Los Angeles 

112 SMITH, Harrison B.. b.inker Berkeley 

481 SMITH, Harry E.. naval officer Shasta 

410 SMITH. Herbert B.. clergyman Los Angeles 

563 SMITH. Horace J., podiatrist, author _ San Francisco 

124 SMITH. James E.. banker Oakland 

181 SMITH. James F.. jurist Cloverdale 

581 SMITH. John B.. clergyman San Diego 

147 SMITH, Lombard J., manufacturer Los Angeles 

18 SMITH. Mary E.. organiser Los Angeles 

289 SMITH. M.iuric£. dentist - Los Angeles 

16 SMITH. Owen B.. pub. accountant San Francisco 

112 SMITH. Paul J., author Hollywood 

501 SMITH. Ralph W., atty.. taxation specialist Los Angeles 

556 SMITH. Rca Everett, surgeon Los Angeles 

489 SMITH. R. Knight, physician, obstetrician San Francisco 

461 SMITH, Robert L. I., obstetrician, gynecologist Pasadena 

16 SMITH. Sara B.. clubwoman, vineyardist San Francisco 

253 SMITH. Sarah B.. writer Los Angeles 

186 SMITH, Sidney, contractor Los Angeles 

187 SMITH, Steadman G.. attorney Los Angeles 

271 SMITH. Susan T.. librarian Sacramento 

562 SMITH. W. Gamer, gen. insurance agent San Francisco 

18 SMITH, William C, orthodontist Pasadena 

218 SMITH. William H.. corpn. official Los Angeles 

288 SMITH. William M.. attorney ....Los Angeles 

698 SMITH. Xavier M.. hydraulic engr Los Angeles 

287 SNAPE. John, clergyman Los Angeles 

696 SNEDEN. Claude M., physician, surgeon Long Beach 

581 SNOOK, Charles E., attorney Oakland 

5 SNOOK. Preston E., insurance broker San Francisco 

247 SNORTLAND. Mandius H., estate analyst Los Angeles 

6 SNOW. R. K., realtor Los Angeles 

211 SNOWDEN, Joseph A., investment broker San Francisco 

25 SNYDER. Blanchard M.. mining engr Los Angeles 

325 SNYDER. John W.. realtor, insurance man San Diego 

436 SNYDER, Meredith P.. ex-mayor, invmt. banker-...Los Angeles 

436 SOILAND. Albert, physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

380 SOLARI. Mary K., restaurateur San Francisco 

325 SOMERS, George B.. surgeon Los Angeles 

268 SOMERVILLE. George W.. attorney, financier Los Angeles 

546 SON. Charles A., oil producer, atty..... Los Angeles 

435 SONNENBERG. Otto. C. P. A San Francisco 

683 SOSNOWSKI. Julius C physician, surgeon Long Beach 

533 SOULE. Henry D. B.. musician San Francisco 

682 SOYSTER. Merwin H.. petroleum engr., geologist. .Los Angeles 

15 SPALDING. Alfred B.. prof, obstet.. gynecology. .San Francisco 

124 SP.ARLING, Maurice C. attorney Los Angeles 

221 SPEAR. Emerson, manufacturer Los Angeles 

124 SPEAR. Fred A., insurance official Los Angeles 

285 SPEARMAN. Frank H.. author Hollywood 

594 SPEARMAN. Thomas C. realtor Los Angeles 

551 SPECHT. Christian, manufacturer Los Angeles 

139 SPECIALE, Orville H.. attorney _ San Jose 

536 SPEIK, Frederick A., physician Los Angeles 

554 SPENCE. Jay. banker Los Angeles 

322 SPERRY. John A., physician _...San Francisco 

243 SPEYER. P.aul S., manufacturer. Los Angeles 

28 SPICER. Charles C. atty.. corpn. o«iei,.l Los Angeles 

309 SPICER. George M.. .attorney Long Beach 

205 SPIELMAN. Harold G., architect Los Angeles 

297 SPINDT. Alfred J., contractor Pasadena 

508 SPITZ. Samuel, engineer, inventor Los Angeles 

360 SPRECKELS. Rudolph, banker San Francisco 

563 SPROUL. Joseph P.. )urist Los Angeles 

532 SPROUL. Robert G., university president Berkeley 

68 SPROULE. William, railway official San Francisco 

176 STAATS, lohn S.. investment broker San Francisco 

450 STAATS. William R., investment banker Los Angeles 

18 STACY-JUDD, Robert B., architect Hollywood 

141 STAFFORD, Dailey S.. municipal judge- Los Angeles 

226 STAFFORD. Harry 1.. attorney San Francisco 

127 STAFFORD. Maurice L.. U. S. consul _ Coronado 

474 STAHL. Francis A., fire ins. mgr San Francisco 

254 STALDER. Walter, consulting geologist San Francisco 

522 STALEY, John E., consultant Los Angeles 

647 STANDISH, Harold S.. insurance officiaL... Los Angeles 

501 STANLEY. Edgar S.. warehouseman Los Angeles 

537 STANNARD. Milton LeR.. commercial engr Los Angeles 

168 ST.ANTON. Lewis E.. shipping broker San Francisco 

431 ST.'KNTON. Philip A., realtor Los Angeles 

534 STANWOOD. Cornelia McK., educator San Francisco 

399 STANWOOD. Samuel J., county supervisor Santa Barbara 

129 STAPLES, Robert M.. violinist Los Angeles 

226 STARKS. Harold A.. C. P. A Oakland 

307 STARR. Walter A., grain merchant San Francisco 

283 STARRETT. Theodore, architect Los Angeles 

697 STAUNTON, William F., mining engineer Los Angeles 

515 STAUNTON, William F. Jr.. archirect Los Angeles 




Kame Cny 

STEBBINS, Alfred, merchant San Francis 

STEEL, William H., sales exec San Francis 

STEELE, James K., editor, author San Fr; 

STEELE, John C, merchant Santa Monica 

STEELE. Marion L.. merchant, nilr Los Angeles 

STEELE. William R., agncultun-t Los Angeles 

STEINMAN, Bernard U., hotclman. (injncier S,in Francisco 

STENSGAARD. George L.. realtor Pomona 

STEPANEK, Bedrich, diplomat, l.iwyer San Francisco 

STEPHENS. Albert L., jurist Los Angcks 

STEPHENS. James H., auto sales mgr San Francisco 

STEPHENS. Jess £.. attorney Los Angeles 

STEPHENS. Redmond D., lawyer San Mateo 

STEPHENS. Richard T., corpn. executive San Francisco 

STEPHENS. Shelton G., auto dealer Los Angeles 

STEPHENS, William D.. ex-governor Los Angeles 

STEPHENSON. Dwight W., attorney Los Angeles 

STEPHENSON. Robert L.. insurance man San Francisco 

STERLING, Theodore K., oil corpn. attv Los Angeles 

STERN. Charles F., banker .L<.s Angeles 

STERN. Henry Armstrong, bldg. ..lii.1,,1 ( :ulver City 

STERNBERG, Charles H., naturalist San Diego 

STERRY. Norman S.. attorney Lo, Angele^s 

STETSON. Albert L., whsle. merchant L.., Angeles 

STETSON. Harrv N.. attorney S.m Francisco 

STETTHEIMER. Walter W.. merchant Francisco 

STEVENS. Charles S., physician, surgcr, Barbara 

STEVENS, Lloyd C, investment banker San Franci~co 

STEVENS. W. Bertrand, bishop L.,s Aneeles 

STEVES, Clifford M., realtor, corpn. ofhcial Oakland 

STEVICK. Guv LeR., surety official Francisco 

STEWART, Alexander B.. manufacturer Los Angeles 

STEWART. Charles B.. attorney :...Los Angeles 

STEWART. Colcm,in E., attorney Santa Barbara 

STEWART. Hugh Ford, banker Los Angeles 

STEWART, John N.. advertising man Los Angeles 

STEWART. Lee K.. dentist Pasadena 

STEWART, Lvman. oil operator Los Angeles 

STEWART. Martin L., engineer Los Angeles 

STEWART. Robert P., attorney Los Angeles 

STEWART, Steele F.. orthopedic surgeon Los Angeles 

STEWART. William L., oil producer Los Angeles 

STICK. John C. attorney Los Angeles 

STIDGER. Oliver P., attorney _ San Francisco 

STILLMAN. Stanley, surgeon San Francisco 

STILSON, Mary E. J., clubwoman Los Angeles 

STIMSON. G. Lawrence, architect, builder Pasadena 

STINCHFIELD, Herbert' C. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

STINCHFIELD, Paul, C, S. practitioner San Francisco 

STINE. Milton H., clergyman Los Angeles 

STIRDIVANT, Washburn B., life ins. gen. agt Los Angeles 

STIRES, Vern S., subdivider, b.inker Hollywood 

STITT, Edward R., naval officer San Francisco 

St. JOHN, Charles E., astronomer Pasadena 

ST. JOHNS, Adela R., author Whitticr 

STOCK, Laurence J., banker Los Angeles 

STOKES. Charles E.. dir. of toin. San Francisco 

STOLE. Horatio ?.. ruhli-h, r San Francisco 

STOLLER. Frank R., ii, in Francisco 

STONE, Frank E., K.n ,i ,,i San Francisco 

STONE. John B., chem.. ,, ,::.,:,,, San Francisco 

STONE. Willard J.. su.geon Pasadena 

STORKE. Charles A., attorney Santa Barbara 

STORKE. Thomas M., publisher Santa Barbara 

STORY. Walter P., capitalist Los Angeles 

STOVER. Warren T.. dentist Los Angeles 

STOW. Frank H.. financier Oakland 

STOWELL, John M.. physician. Mirgcn S,.n Francisco 

STRANG. Christine, caterer Los Armeies 

STRANG. Mark A., mtge. banker Fr,, 

STRATTON, Robert T., surgeon 0,,kl,,nd 

STRAUB, Paul F.. army officer H,.IKAv,»,d 

STREHLOW, Robert C. builder Alam.da 

STREIGHT, Harold H., attorney L .- 

STRICKLAND, Ervc C, laundry own, i San Jose 

STRINGFELLOW. William B., banker hi- Angeles 

STRINGHAM, Frank D.. ex-mavor, attv .s,,n Fr.incisco 

STRINGHAM, Roland I., architect San Francisco 

STROBECK, Godfrey L., banker San Diego 

STROBRIDGE, Idah M., writer Los Angeles 

STRONG, Addison G.. C. P. A San Francisco 

STRONG, Archibald McC. civil engr Los Angeles 

STRONG. Charles A., attorney San Francisco 

STRONG, Frederick F., physician Hollywood 

STROUD, William C, fruit contractor Gilroy 

ST. SURE. Adolphus F.. jurist _.San Francisco 

STUART. Holloway I., banker Pasadena 

STUART, James E.. painter San Francisco 

STUBBS. lohn C. S., railway official Los Angeles 

STURGEON, John A. H.. attorncv. iudi;c Monrovia 

STURTEVANT. Eugene R.. saK-man Oakland 

STURTEVANT. George A., mnt S,rn Francisco 

STUTSMAN. Carl A., mumcip.a judge Los Angeles 

SUDDEN, Charles E.. lumberman San Francisco 

,\,..iu- City 

SULLIVAN. Charles E.. motion picture producer Hollywood 

SULLIVAN. Jeremiah F.. jurist San Francisco 

SULLIVAN. Joseph A., priest, college pres Los Angeles 

SUMMERBELL, William J., manufacturer Los Angeles 

SUNDAY. George M.. realtor Los Angeles 

SUNDERLIN. Charles A., attorney Los Angeles 

SUTHERLAND, Ross, orthopedic surgeon Los Angeles 

SUTRO, Alfred, lawyer San Francisco 

SUTRO, Charles, stock broker San Francisco 

SUTRO, Charles W., capiralist San Francisco 

SUTRO. Oscar, attorney San Francisco 

SWAFFIELD, Phil M.. lawyer L,,nqB.,,ch 

SWAFFIELD. Roland G., attorney L,n-Bi.,ch 

SWAIN. Robert E.. acting univ. pres St,,nl,.rd LIniver-ilv 

SWANSON. Gloria, actress H..llvu..od 

SWARTHOUT. Max van L., prof, of music Lm- Anj;cles 

SWARTZ, lean, gown designer H,,;i-.^v,,..d 

SWARTZ, Wiley R., furniture m.,n L,,.- Angeles 

SWASEY. McNeal. architect Lu, Angeles 

SWAYNE. Harold E.. insurance man San Diego 

SWEET. Robert B.. physician Long Beach 

SWENSON. Anthony F., banker Los Angeles 

SWETMAN. Ralph W., college president Areata 

SWETT. T.. agriculturist San Fr.ancisco 

SWETT. W liber F.. physician, surgeon San Francisco 

SWETT. Wilbur M.. physician San Francisco 

SWIFT. Carleton B., capitalist Pasadena 

SWIFT. Theodore J., chemical engineer San Francisco 

SWINERTON, Alfred B., bldg. contractor San Francisco 

SWING. Philip D.. congressman El Centro 

SWORD. lames O., attorney, corpn. official Los Angeles 

SYMMES.' Carriek W.. dentist Los Angeles 

SYMMES, Edwin J., architect Bakersficld 

SYMMES. Leslie W.. agrl. engineer San Francisco 

SYMON. Samuel C. investment banker San Francisco 

SYMONDS, Harry C. attorney San Fr,incisco 


TAFF. Joseph A., geologist Francisco 

TAFT. Harold O.. realtor Hollywood 

TAFT. Joshua M.. merchant Oakland 

TALBOT. J. A., oil official Lns Angeles 

TALBOTT. Edward J., attorney S.m Fr.nicKco 

TALLY. L., theater and resort owner L>,- An-, les 

TALMADGE, Constance, actress _ L.i- Ane.les 

TALMADGE, Norma, actress HMllvw.iod 

TANNEHILL, Charlie C. cattle raiser, oil prod Los Angeles 

TAPPAAN. Clair S.. jurist Los Angeles 

TAUBMAN. George P., clergyman Long Beach 

TAYLER, Howard M.. merchant San Francisco 

TAYLOR. Albert H.. physician San Francisco 

TAYLOR, Augustus Jr., corpn. executive San Francisco 

TAYLOR, Elhs W., architect Ln, Angeles 

TAYLOR, Estelle, actress \ ■- Ai-.-les 

TAYLOR, F. W. Howard, phvMci.m. -nrei'' < ! - 

TAYLOR, Frank L., investment 

TAYLOR, Frederic W., agricultmi-t , , ;. - 

TAYLOR, John F., physician, surgeon ^M, i,„.,.„.o 

TAYLOR. Rex. writer Hollywood 

TAYLOR, Samuel H.. executive secret, u S,,n Francisco 

TAYLOR. Thacher. commercial ins. bo.k. r L,.- Angeles 

TAYLOR, Waller, manufacturer Lo- Angeles 

TAYLOR. William A., corp. executive San Francisco 

TEAGAR. J. Stalev. manufacturer San Franci-co 

TEGNER. Charles X., realtor , Sant,, M.aiica 

TEGNER, William E., dist. ins. agent S.m Fr.uui-co 

TELLER. Philip S., ex-shipping board eommr Al.nii, Ja 

TEMPLE, Walter P., capitalist L, ■ An^.les 

TENNEY, Charles D., member diplomatic corp- P.,l,i Alto 

TENNIS, P. Clarence, dentist Los Angeles 

TERRY. Roy A., surgeon ...Long Beach 

TERRY, Wallace I., surgeon San Francisco 

TERRY, Zebulon A., investment banker Los Angeles 

THALBERG. Irving G., motion pictun rojdnc.r... Culver City 

THATCHER, George B., realtor Los Angeles 

THAYER. Lyman E.. physician Los Angeles 

THAYER. Oscar R., archireet S m Fr.uicKCo 

THAYER, Rosalind B.. clubwoman '^ i hni na 

THEISS. John W., clergyman I \ !. - 

THELEN. Max. lawyer ■- I 

THIELER. John H s , 1 i i.-c. 

THIERBACH. George C merchant S ,11 Francisco 

THILLE, John P., rancher Ventura 

THOMAS. Everett B.. realtor, mine do.l -ixr L,,s Angeles 

THOMAS, Comer M., investment banker Los Angeles 

THOMAS, Halcott B., banker Los Angeles 

THOMAS, Howard B., mortgage b.inker Los Angeles 

THOMAS, Leonard E., attorney Los Angeles 

THOMAS, Mathonihah, attorney Long Beach 

THOMAS, Verlin C, physician, surqi-.n San Francisco 

THOMAS. William, lawyer San Francisco 

THOMPSON. Arthur C, founjrv .i«ki.,1 Alhambra 

THOMPSON, Charles E., phvsicKin. surgeon Los Angeles 

THOMPSON. David E., ex-ambassador Del Mar 



.\dme City Pjgt 

THOMPSON. Edgar I., attomev Los Angeles 48S 

THOMPSON, Fountain L., banker ...Los Angeles lis 

THOMPSON. Ira F.. jurist ~ _....Xos Angeles 45 5 

THOMPSO.N, James R.. attorney Santa Barbara 536 

THOMPSON. Mitchell, insurance broker _...San Francisco 390 

THOMPSON. Renvvick. attorney _ San Diego 562 

THOMPSON. Walter B.. municipal judge Loi Angeles 598 

THOMSON. Gordon, insurance official Francisco 38 

THOMSON. Henn- M.. C. P. A Los Angeles 618 

THORNBURGH. Lasellc. attorney -Santa Barbara 237 

THORNBURY. Delmar L., laiiTer. educator. Oakland 237 

THORNER. Mdscs. physician, surgeon Santa Barbara 671 

THORNTON. Harn- A., attomev _ San Francisco 3 56 

THORNTON. Ralph P.. insurance broker -San Francisco 391 

THORP. Willard B.. clergyman Palo Alto 210 

THRELKELD. Melville C. commissary contr San Francisco 577 

THROCKMORTON. Howard, utilities reorgani2er..Los Angeles 659 

THUNEN. Frank, attorney .— San Francisco 691 

THURLOW. Alfred A., physician _ Santa Rosa 50 

THURSTON. Theodore P., bishop _ San Diego 248 

THW'ING. Edward \\'.. missionary Los Angeles 251 

TIBBETTS. Frederick H., civil engineer.. San Francisco 281 

TIEDEMAN. Allrich S., civil engineer 5an Francisco 360 

TIETZEN, James H.. investment banker _ Los Angeles 349 

TILDEN. Douglas, sculptor San Francisco 155 

TILLMANNS. Carl S. J., physician _ Los Angeles 666 

TILLOTSON. Homer J., medical specialist.. Xos Angeles 464 

TITTLE. Horatio S.. electrical engineer...- San Francisco 299 

TITUS. Horton L., attorney. _ .San Diego 548 

TOBIN, Edward J., banker San Francisco 538 

TOBIN, Joseph O.. banker San Francisco 538 

TOBIN. Richard M.. banker, diplomat _ San Francisco 2 

TOMKIN. Charles A., real estate broker. San Jose 444 

TOMLLNSON. Charles S.. county assessor Santa Barbara 591 

TOMPKINS. Philip \V.. chemical engineer San Francisco 315 

TOMS. George P.. investment banker Xos Angeles 165 

TONER, loscph M.. physician, surgeon _ San Francisco 355 

TOPLITZKV. Bernard, real estate broker Los Angeles 529 

TOPLITZKY. Joseph, realtor .— _ Los Angeles 104 

TORCHIANA. Henri A. van C. mem. dip. cps...San Francisco 590 

TORRANO. Michael A., physician _ Oakland 22 

TORRE. Stefano. ins. and steamship agent Los Angeles 419 

TOURNOUX, Austin L., publisher. Los Angeles 525 

TOURNY. George, banker San Francisco 419 

TOURTILLOTT, True T.. state hospital mngr..._ Agnew 385 

TOWLER. Alfred F.. mfrs. agent. _ San Francisco 551 

TOWNE. Edward B.. surgeon. _ San Francisco 346 

TOW'NLEY. Sidney D.. astronomer Stanford University 5(H 

TOW'NSEXD. Albert W.. hotelman Los Angeles 200 

TOWNSEND. Charles E.. attorney _ San Francisco 320 

TOWNSEND. Charles H., publisher Los Angeles 202 

TRABUCCO. J. Eugene, patent attorney San Francisco 416 

TRAGETON. Ole O.. banker, attorney Los Angeles 200 

TRAIN. Frederick L.. banker. .Oakland 375 

TRAVERS. Fred B.. manufacturer. _ Emerwille 407 

TR.W'ERS. Harrison F.. attorney. ._ Oakland 397 

TRE.-\NOR. John, corporation official Los Angeles 114 

TRE.\T. Archibald J., attorney...- San Francisco 311 

TREAT. Charles H.. oil producer _ _... Los Angeles 570 

TREGOE. Benjamin B.. credit assn. mgr San Francisco 465 

TREW'HELLA. James S-. physician, surgeon. _ Montebello 485 

TRIGG. Lilbum S.. business adviser. Los Angeles 627 

TRIPP. Chrestus J., mining engineer. _ _ ..Redlands 478 

TRISkA. Joseph F.. lawyer _ Los Angeles 399 

TROMPETER, Oscar V., investment broker Los Angeles 182 

TROUILLET. Marie S., laundry oa-ner San Frantisco 74 

TROUTT. James M.. attorney, jurist _...San Francisco 349 

TROWBRIDGE. George E., attorney Los An»eles 489 

TRUEBLOOD. Charles L.. citrus grower Whittier 517 

TRUEBLOOD. Ralph W.. editor Los Angeles 175 

TRUEMAN, George A., surgeon, pharmacist. San Franci<co 338 

TRUMPLER. Robert J., astronomer...- JMt. Hamilton 218 

TUBBS. Alfred S.. manufacturer - San Francisco 382 

TUBBS. Tallant. state senator San Francisco 405 

TUCKER. Charles H,. investment banker. -Long Beach 650 

TUCKER. Nion R.. investment banker _ -.San Francisco 567 

TUFFIN. Arthur S.. auditor, public accountant Los Angeles 595 

TULK. Norman A., investment banker - Los An^eies 599 

TFtm V l""iL "j'H?- -r ■■ y Holly^^■ood 298 

iULLV. Kichard W .. dramatist, oroducer Sierra Madre 304 

?Hox?Jl' \'^'^° ''"■• "="=ger Publi": events -....Xos Angeles 526 

TURNER. Ethel L. T.. clubwoman - Los Angeles 456 

?^m^in• w"^' ^^ ■• 8«°'°«'«- mining engineer....San Francisco 278 

^HdMS- o''['^ E. warehouse officiaL _ Los Angeles 629 

4iHsMo- f '""''"•Ij^v atto.Tiey Xos Angeles 609 

UJRNhR. Spence D.. forester. _ Los Angeles 519 

TUR-NEY. Raymond I., judge. Los Angeles 186 

TURRILL, Gardner, banker -...Los Angeles 686 

TURRILL. Gardner S.. realtor. _...Los Angeles 686 

TUTTLE. Edward W., attorney -.-.Los Angeles 158 

TUTTLE, Frank Day, vi-riter. Santa Barbara 611 

TUTTLE, Harold \V., auto distributor Los Angeles 450 

.V-u- City 

TUTTLE. Sherman, physician, surgeon San Francisco 

TUTTLE. Sterling D.. dentist Santa Monica 

TW'AITS. Ford J., construction engineer. Los Angeles 

TWTNING. Harry LaV., educator, mnfr - Los Angeles 

TYLER. John F.. jurist - - San Francisco 

TYN.'KN. Joseph J, shipbuilder. San Francisco 

TYRRELL. Frank G., lawyer Los Angeles 

TYSON, James, steamship, lumber official San Francisco 


UHL. Adolph. merchant San Francisco 

UHLS. Russell T., phvsician, surgeon Long Beach 

UNDERHILL. Fmncis T.. architect Santa Barbara 

UNDERWOOD. Stephen H.. attorney Long Beach 

UNTEREINER. Rav E.. attorney, teacher Xos Angeles 

UPDEGR.^FF. Howard L.. surgeon - Hollywood 

UP Je GR.AFF. Thaddeus L., builder - Pasadena 

URB.'\N, Clarence, realtor -....Xos Angeles 

U'REN. Milton T., attorney - San Francisco 

UTTER. George H., mining engineer - Long Beach 


VAILE. Fred, accountant Los Angeles 

VALENTIEN, Anna M., sculptor - San Diego 

V.^LENTINE. Dudley S.. municipal judge...- Los Angeles 

V.'\LENTINE. Frederick C. jurist Los Angeles 

VAN ARSDALE, William P., retired San Francisco 

van BUSKIRK, Edward N.. realtor San Francisco 

VANCE. Jessica S.. educator _ Los Angeles 

VAN COUVERING. Martin, petroleum engineer.-Los Angeles 

VAN dc KAMP, Theodore J., wholesale baker Los Angeles 

VAN DEMAN. Ralph H.. army officer Point Loma 

VAN DEN BERG. William J., surgeon - Sacramento 

VANDERBILT. Newell F., horticulturist San Rafael 

VANDERVOORT. Ray. attorney San Francisco 

VAN DYKE, William M.. lawyer Los Angeles 

V.'\NEK. Milo, insurance man San Diego 

VAN FLEET, Alan C. attomev San Francisco 

VAN FLEET. William C, jurist _ San Francisco 

VAN GUYSLING, George E., industri,il cnsr Los Angeles 

VAN MAANEN, Adriaan, astronomer Pasadena 

V.'\N NORDEN. Rudolph W., consulting engr...San Francisco 

VAN NORMAN. Harvey A., civil engineer Los Angeles 

VAN NOSTRAN. W. D.. attorney Los Angeles 

VAN NOSTRAND. John J., jurist _ -.San Francisco 

VAN NUYS. Ezra A., clergyman _ _ San Francisco 

VAN PELT. Garrett B.. architect Pasadena 

VAN PELT. John A., subdivider. builder Los Angeles 

VAN SLOOTEN, John F.. insurance broker.-.- Los Angeles 

VAN WATERS. Miriam, social worker Los Angeles 

V.ARCONI. Victor, actor Hollywood 

VARNUM. Guy R.. production engineer Los Angeles 

VAUGHAN. Reginald L.. attorney San Francisco 

VECKI. Marion, attorney S,^n Francisco 

VECKI. Victor G.. physician, sur;.. :: San Francisco 

VEDDER, Horace E., attomey Los Angeles 

VERBECK. Blanche A. H., writer, vocalist Los Angeles 

VERCOE. Frederic H., attomey _ Los Angeles 

VERDIER. Paul, laundrv owner...- _...San Francisco 

VERNE. Victor E.. surgeon Long Beach 

VERNON. William L.. life ins. official Hollywood 

VERONDA. Maurice, educator - Pasadena 

VICKERS. Joseph W.. attorney - Los Angeles 

VICKERY, Oliver, publisher, adv. counsellor San Francisco 

VICKREY. Brenton Lee. realtor Los Angeles 

VICKREY, O. A., realtor Los Angeles 

VIDOR, King, motion picture director Culver City 

VINCENTI. Guido A., rancher. -Pasadena 

VIOLE. Pierre, physician - Los Angeles 

VLAUTIN. Anne, cosmetologist San Francisco 

VOGELEY. Edward H.. hardware merchant Long Beach 

VOGELSANG. Alexander T., lawyer San Francisco 

VOLLMER. August, criminologist Berkeley 

VOLLMER. Herman F.. realtor Los Angeles 

von DAMM, Bertram, sales manager San Francisco 

von GELDERN. Otto, construction engineer San Francisco 

von KLEINSMID, Rufus B., university president—Los Angeles 
VON STERNBERG. Josef, motion picture director-.-Hollywood 
VON STROHEIM. Erich, motion picture director....Los Angeles 

VOORHiS. Horace J., educator San Dimas 

VREELAND, Francis W.. artist Hollywood 

VRUWINK. John, phvsician, surgeon Los Angeles 

VUCHINiCH, Vuk. artist, painter, sculptor Santa Barbara 


WADDELL. William E-. physician, surgeon _ Los Angeles 

V\'ADE. C. H.. bldg. loan official _ Los Angeles 

W.ADE. Franklin S.. utility official Los Angeles 

WADHAM. James E.. attomey _ San Diego 

WADSW ORTH. Ralph G., civil engr - ....San Francisco 

WAGGONER, Waverly P.. title ins. official...- Los Angeles 

WAGNER, James R.. realtor...... Santa Barbara 

WAILES, Sydney I., realtor - Los Angeles 






.\.,„u- Cny 

WAITE. Edwin G., state oiBcial. journalist Alameda 

WAKEFIELD, Rogers F.. physician, surgeon Alhamhra 

WAKEMAN, Earl S.. attornev Los Angeles 

WAKEMAN, Helen, educator Berkeley 

WALD, Olander E., physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

WALDO, Charles L., capitalist Los Angeles 

WALDO. George E., ex-congressman Pasadena 

WALKER. Albert R., architect, engr Los Angeles 

WALKER. Arnold K., fum. salesman Los Angeles 

WALKER. Calvin A., surgeon San Francisco 

WALKER, George S., state official San Francisco 

WALKER. George W.. banker Los Angeles 

WALKER. Harley M., motion picture editor Culver City 

WALKER. Hugh K.. clergyman Los Angeles 

WALKER, Joe Edmund, physician Long Beach 

WALKER, William H.. chemical engr Pasadena 

WALKER. Willis J., lumberman San Fr.incisco 

WALL. Robert L., mfrs. salesman Los Angeles 

WALLACE. Albert J., oil operator Los Angeles 

WALLACE. Ernest L.. patent atty Los Angeles 

WALLACE. lames S.. oil corpn. official Los Angeles 

WALLACE. Mary, educator Piedmont 

WALLACE. William H.. realtor Long Beach 

WALLACE. William R. (r.. attorney San Francisco 

WALLERSTEDT. Carl E". consul San Francisco 

WALLIS. Edward J., elec. corpn. exec San Francisco 

WALLIS. Edward T., philatelist Los Angeles 

WALLIS, Joseph E., oil producer Los Angeles 

WALSH. Kenneth, stock broker San Francisco 

WALSH. Michael J., priest Healdsburg 

WALT. Joseph W.. insurance official Los Angeles 

WALTER. Edwin N.. banker .San Francisco 

WALTON, Dclvy T., attorney Los Angeles 

WANKOWSKI, Robert, banker Culver City 

WANZER, Lucv M. F., gynecologist San Francisco 

WARL5. Chandler P.. attorney Los Angeles 

WARD. Chester F.. church official San Francisco 

WARD. Clarence R.. architect San Francisco 

WARD. James W., surgeon San Fr.incisco 

WARD. Louis H.. jurist San Francisco 

WARD. Spencer, attorney Los Angeles 

WARDELL. Justus S.. editor, stock broker San Francisco 

WARE. Edward R.. physicuin Los Ange'.cs 

WARNECKE. Llovd H.. merchant Oakland 

WARNER. Albert; motion picture producer Hollywood 

WARNER. Fred S.. municipal judge Clemente 

WARNER. Glenn S.. football coach Stanford University 

WARNER. H. B.. actor Hollywood 

WARNER. Harry M.. motion picture producer Hollywood 

WARNER. Tack L., motion picture producer Hollywood 

WARNER, Manvn F., insurance broker Francisco 

WARNER, Ralph C, corpn. official S,in Francisco 

WARNER, Thor, geologist Los Angeles 

WARREN, Earl, district atty _ Oakland 

WARREN. James G.. merchant Los Angeles 

WARRINGTON. Albert P.. theosophist Oiai 

WARRINGTON. James N., engineer Los Angeles 

WASHBURN. Brvant. actor Beverly Hills 

WASHBURN, William J., banker Los Angeles 

WASTE, William H., jurist San Francisco 

WATERMAN. Truman S., attorney San Francisco 

WATERS. Dewey C, merchant San Fr,nncisco 

WATERS. James E.. auto dealer Los Angeles 

WATSON. Harold H.. constrn. engr San Diego 

WATSON. Jennie S. L.. clubwoman Santa Barbara 

WATSON. LaVcrne M., illuminating engr South Pas.adcna 

WATSON. Paul H., realtor Los Angeles 

WATSON, Robert L., dentist Los Angeles 

WATSON. Samuel N.. clergyman Santa Barbara 

WATTIS. Edmund O.. railwav contractor San Francisco 

WATTLES. Gurdon W.. banker Los Angeles 

WAYNE, Charles S., author Hollywood 

WEATHERWAX, Cliff M., lumberman San Fr,incisco 

WEAVER, Chalmcr H., surgeon Los Angeles 

WEAVER. Martha C. educator Los Angeles 

WEAVER. Robert S.. manufactuier _ Los Angeles 

WEAVER. William K.. .attorney Los Angeles 

WEBB, Arthur C, sales mgr San Francisco 

WEBB, Ulysses S.. attorney general San Francisco 

WEBB. William R.. horticulturist Los Angeles 

WEBBER. Walter, architect Los Angeles 

WEBER, Lois, motion picture director Hollywood 

WEBER, William H., realtor Pasadena 

WEBSTER, Edgar L., ins. agents' counselor Los Angeles 

WEBSTER, George A., banker San Francisco 

WEBSTER. Rav S.. C. P. A Los Angeles 

WEDEKIND, Richard E.. attorney Los Angeles 

WEEKS, Charles LeM., quantity surveyor Los Angeles 

WEEKS, Charles Peter, architect San Francisco 

WEINBERG, Emilie S., portrait painter San Francisco 

WEINSTEIN, William, attorney Los Angeles 

WEINSTOCK, Harris, merchant San Francisco 

WEIR, William B., estate executor San Francisco 

.V".c City 

WEISENHEIMER, Frederick L., civil engr Los Angeles 

WELCH. Galen H.. govt, official Los Angeles 

WELCH. Leon P.. manufacturer Los Angeles 

WELCH. Richard J., congressman Sm Fimcisco 

WELDEN, Charles R., realtor H..IKu,,od 

WELDON. William R.. investment h,,nkri L..~ A.i-clcs 

WELLBORN. Charles, attorney L.- An-clcs 

WELLER, Frank C, legislator, atty Los Angeles 

WELLINGTON. Charles H., cartoonist North Hollywood 

WELLMAN. William A., motion picture director....Hollywood 

WELLS. Bulkeley. mining engr San Francisco 

WELLS. Frank O., realtor, bldr San Diego 

WELLS, Wihiam S. Jr.. attorney Oakland 

WELSH. Joseph, manufacturer Pasadena 

WENDT. Julia B., sculptor Los Angeles 

WENDT. William, artist Los Angeles 

WERDIN. Erne-i R.. corpn. official Los Angeles 

WERNER. Erwin P., lawyer Los Angeles 

WESKE, H. W. A., attorney Santa Rosa 

WESSELS. Andrew B... physician, surgeon San Diego 

WEST. Edythe J., vocal teacher San Francisco 

WEST. George H.. chemical engr Emeryville 

WEST, J.-mes S.. clergyman San Francisco 

WESTBERG. G. Edward, contractor Los Angeles 

WESTBROOK, J. V.. oil producer Los Angeles 

WESTERFELD. Otto F., surgeon San Francisco 

WESTERING, Leonard H.. merchant Los Angeles 

WESTOVER, Mvron, jurist Los Angeles 

WETMORE, Charles A. Jr.. deputy atty. gen San Francisco 

WEULE. Ernest L.. merchant San Francisco 

WEYMOUTH. Clarence R., mech. engr Francisco 

WH.ALEtJ, James D., attorney San Francisco 

WHEAT. Carl I., lawyer San Francisco 

WHEAT. Walter R.. oil corpn. official Los Angeles 

WHEATE. lustus M.. neuropsychiatrist San Francisco 

WHEELER. Benjamin Ide. educator Berkeley 

WHEELER. Charles S. Jr., attornev San Francisco 

WHEELER, John E., financier Lo. Angeles 

WHEELER, Rovall W., realtor L.s Angeles 

WHIPPLE. Howard G.. banker Turlock 

WHITAKER. Robert, clergyman La Croccnta 

WHITE. Alice, actress H..ll.Avn.,d 

WHITE, Charles H., merchant ^ li ; .,.. 

WHITE, Charles H., geologist ^1 

WHITE, Clarence H.. physician, surgeon 1 \ k , 

WHITE, Earl L., realtor T -i -nk 

WHITE. Flovd G.. oil operator Los Angeles 

WHITE, Frank M., realtor Los Angeles 

WHITE. George L.. clergyman ^ Los Angeles 

V\'HITE. George S., physician, author Los Angeles 

WHITE, George W., clergyman Hollywood 

WHITE. Harlan, contractor San Francisco 

WHITE. James E.. attorney San Francisco 

V\H1TE. James St. P., insurance broker Los Angeles 

WHITE, John Baker, lawyer Mentone 

WHITE, John F., realtor Long Beach 

WHITE, John R., nat. parks supt Sequoia National Park 

WHITE, Lvnn T., clergyman, educator San Anselmo 

WHITE, Theodore H.. writer, educator Los Angeles 

WHITE. William K., attorney San Francisco 

WHITE, William R., manufiicturer Point Loma 

WHITECOTTON, William W., hotelman Los Angeles 

WHITED. Jesse M.. insurance broker San Francisco 

WHITEHEAD. Lewis E., attorney Los Angeles 

WHITESIDE, Walter H.. corpn. official Pasadena 

WHITMAN, George H., loan official Los Angeles 

WHITNEY, George E.. lawyer Oakland 

WHITSON. Robert A., attorney Los Angeles 

WICHER, Edward A., theologian San Anselmo 

WICKHAM, George R.. lawyer Los Angeles 

WICKLER. Jay C. ins. exec San Francisco 

WIDENHAM. Allen W.. music assn. exec San Francisco 

WIDMEYER. Charles B.. clergyman Pasadena 

WIEL. Eli H.. manufacturer San Francisco 

WIELAND. Fred, artist San Diego 

WIG. Rudolph J., engineer Los Angeles 

WIGGINS. Thomas M., rancher El Monte 

WILBUR, Bravton, importer, exporter San Francisco 

WILBUR, Curtis Dwight. jurist San Francisco 

WILBUR. Edward F.. anti-prohi. worker San Francisco 

WILBUR. Ray L., mem. cabinet, univ. pres... Washington, D. C. 

WILDEY, Otto G., contractor Los Angeles 

WILEY, Henry O., college pres Pasadena 

WILEY, Hugh, writer San Francisco 

WILHOIT. George E.. realtor, ins. official Stockton 

WILHOIT. Jessie L.. clubwoman San Francisco 

WILHOIT. Roley E., banker , Stockton 

WILKE. Fred L. J., banker Los Angeles 

WILKEY. Roscoe S.. attorney Long Beach 

WILKINSON. James W., broker Los Angeles 

WILL. Arthur P., lawyer Los Angeles 

WILLCUTT. George B.. railway official San Francisco 

WILLEBRANDT. Mabel W., lawyer Los Angeles 

WILLIAMS, Alfred M., clergyman, educator Madera 



n-mc CMy 

WILLIAMS. Ben C, hydraulic cngr Los Angeles 

WILLIAMS. Charles F., merchant San Francisco 

W ILLIAMS. Charles P., hydraulic cngr Los Angeles 

WILLIAMS. Cora L,. educator Berkeley 

WILLIAMS. Daniel R.. attorney San Francisco 

WILLIAMS. Edward H,, physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

W ILLIAMS. Ernest S., attorney Los Angeles 

A'lLLIAMS. Francis, physician, surgeon San Francisco 

WILLIAMS. Herbert O., U. S. consul Sacramento 

WILLIAMS. I. A., realtor San Francisco 

WILLIAMS, Joseph W., civil engr San Francisco 

WILLIAMS, Otho C, banker Los Angeles 

WILLIAMS, Paul R., architect Los Angeles 

WILLIAMS, Peter N.. ins. broker San Francisco 

WILLIAMS, Tcnney. stock broker Los Angeles 

W ILLIAMS. R., editor, state official Los Angeles 

WILLIAMSON, Willard F.. attorney San Francisco 

\\ ILLIS. H, B. K., physician, surgeon Hollywood 

WILLIS. Henry M.. municipal judge Los Angeles 

WILLOCK. Curtis M., manufacturer Pasadena 

WILLSON. George H.. mcteorolugist 

WILSDON, Mabel C. C. vocalist, clubwoman San Franciico 

WILSON. Arthur A., banker Sacramento 

WILSON, Charles W., realtor, bidr Los Angeles 

WILSON, Douglas, editor Los Angeles 

WILSON, Edgar M., attorney San Francisco 

WILSON, Emmctt H.. jurist ."."."...Los Angdes 

WILSON. Eric R.. physician, surgeon Los Angeles 

WILSON. Frank M.. physician, surgeon Los Anecles 

l'.\\-^9.^- '^"^"'^^ ^^■- "■"'''""' ■■■ ".".ZSanta Barbara 

W LSON. Harry H.. phys.can Los Angeles 

WILSON. Harry L.. author Monterev 

WILSON. Horace, insurance broker San Fr°nc,sco 

WILSON. John M., physician .. Pasadena 

WILSON. John W., banker ."...■.■.■.".Los Angeles 

WILSON. .Joseph R.. educator Hcmet 

WILSON. Mary E., educator Berkeley 

WILSON, Melvin D., lawyer """"Los Ange£ 

WILSON, Ramon E.. lav^^yer .".".'.".".".'.'.■.'.■.".San Francisco 

WILSON. Russell C. realtor, ins. broker San F anc co 

WILSON. V.ctor E., attorney Los Ange'les 

WINDER. A. Heber. attornev Riverside 

WING. Charles B.. c,v,i ,„„ .;:::.::::::::::.':::sa"nFrancisco 

WING. Winchester F . ..u-uuln,,,., San Francisco 

WINGER. Waldo M.. ...irn. ,JI,,,,,i Glendale 

WINKLER. Cornells Jr:. ,,a.„u,.|„,> oftci'al.".".;".".": San^^Francisco 

WINLOW. Clara V.. author San 

WINN, James W.. abstracter .■..■.■.".■."""" ' Long Beach 

WINNE. Marshall F., clergyman, educator Los Angeles 

WINNETT, Thomas B.. manufacturer ::: u; Ange c 

WINSLOW. Carleton M., architect Santa Barbara 

WINSLOW. John C, attorney PisadpnT 

WINSTANLEY, Frederick, reaItor^.'..'Z:;;::;; Los Angeles 

WINSTON. John B. Jr., realtor "los Ange e 

WINTERMUTE, George P.. Berkeley 

WIRT. Loyal L.. clergyman ■Sa"n"Franci co 

WISE. Roy T.. manufacturer .■.■.".■.■.■.■."."."."."." BcSy 

WISHART. John E.. clergyman, educator San Ansclmo 

WISHON. A. Emory, mining engr. OalhnH 

WISHON. Albert G., utilities official Fresno 

WITBECK. Ernest S.. engineer "PisiXn, 

WITMER. William S.. investment^^baniie^;:; Los Angeles 

WITTER. George F. Jr., attorney Oakland 

WITWER. Harry C. author, humorist.... Los Angeks 

WITZEL. Albert W., photographer Honvwood 

WOEHLKE. Walter V , editor ... . ^San Franosco 

WOLDEN. Russell L., county assessor... San Francisco 

WOLF. Emma, author .San Franrf„r,i 

WOLFERS. Robert C. corpn. official San Franc 5co 

WOLLENBERG, Charles M.. institutional supt^::rSan Franci'sco 

WOOD. Benton G.. investment banker San Francisco 

WOOD. Earl W., attorney Long Beach 

WOOD. Frank L., manufacturer Los Angeles 

WOOD, John H.. library sec "s"in "Franciscn 

WOOD. John P.. attorney Los An. le. 

WOOD. Robert J., banker, mfr. "Pa^adnn. 

WOOD. Walton J., lurist .".' Los AnSs 

WOOD. Will C. supt. of banks San 'FrlnSco 

WOOD. William R.. agrl. editor San D^mns 

WOODBINE. Alonjo H . naval res" 'o'ffic'e'r" Los Ani^e! 

WOODBURY, Frank R.. insurance officia Lo Anr'le! 

WOODBURY. Joan M. H.. author. clubwom'an""SanFr1ncsco 

Hamc City 

WOODHEAD. David, lumberman Los Angeles 

WOODMAN, Frederic T., attorney Los Anle es 

WtlODRUFF, Franklin E., banker BellW 

u-;;!;i;i.*"f.^ ^t,^'^ "■■ i™>'" LosAngdL 

W I KIDS. Almon V., insurance broker Los Angeles 

W OOns. Donald K.. physician, surgeon San Diego 

WOODS, .lames, hotel owner . San Francisco 

WOODS. John N.. land own, r ,.::..:". sSo" 

WOODWARD. George F.. ,.„ul„ , "Lo's Angeles 

WOODWORTH. Marshall B,. ..iiwmcv San Francisco 

W'OOLLEY, Charles H.. publisher : ""San Francisco 

WOOLLEY. Paul G.. pathologist Pasadena 

WOOLNER. Henry S., oil operator ."■..' Lm Angeles 

WORKMAN. Boyle, banker Los Ange cs 

WORKMAN. William H.. merchant, realto Lo Ange es 

WORKS. John D., atty.. ex-U. S. Senator L, '. Ange e 

WORKS, Lewis R., jurist LosAnge 

WORTH. Henry C. drayage owner.. S,n Frinc^sco 

WORTHING. Lenard A., manufacturer Los Angeles 

WORTHINGTON. William A., railway officia"l.'.".'."."."San Francisco 
WOTHERSPOON. Marion F.. author Oceano 

WREN. Ch.irlcs F., transpn. official Lo's'Angeles 

WRIGHT. Alfred, attorney U Anle e 

WRIGHT. Allen C. engineer ZZ bISc^ 

WRIGHT. Henry W., county supervisor Los Angeles 

WRIGHT, Herbert V., merchant Lo Anfe ies 

WRIGHT. Loyd E., attorney """"Lo Angee 

WRIGHT. William H., astronomer Ml HVmilton 

WRIGLEY,. Henry F.. attorney Sin Fr'incsco 

WRIGLEY. VViili"nm Jr.. manufacturer P isadena 

WUEPPER. Frederick J., motor co. official Oakland 

WULFF. Henry F. G.. realtor Sacramento 

WYLAND. Samuel I., osteopath Santa Rosa 

WyK'I^v'^"''"'' -^""""S'T'" P™*^""^ Universal City 

W YLIt. Cameron E., pub isher San Francisco 

WYNKOOP, Carl W., '^attorney llSan Frand^co 


YANKWTCH. Leon R., jurist _ Los Angeles 

YARD. Willis S.. utility official 'San 'Francisco 

YARNELL. Burton F.. contractor, appraiser Los Angeles 

YELLAND. Raymond D.. .,rti>l Oakland 

YELLl. Ralph A., gas enguuv, ""Los' Angeles 

YETTER. Mcrville A . miisicm San F™rfs ,t 

YOELL. Rodney A., surgeon s',n Fr,n- in 

YORK. Bert Starr, elcctricaren'gin'e'er ' Lns Anedes 

YORK, lohn M.. jurist [ '. Anee I,' 

YOUNG. Andrew, marine engineer w',lm,?,„V,„ 

YOUNG. C. C, Governor of Califomi'a:::.";:.:: Sacraments 

YOUNG, Charles S., newspaper publisher San Francisco 

YOUNG, fidward R., attorney Los Anseles 

YOUNG, Edward T., lawyer :.:::::;:;::"Los Angeles 

vSH^S' ^'=°'li<' G-. newspaper publisher Los Angeles 

ivJUING. George J., mining engineer S,n Fran/-,c.-n 

YOUNG. Gerald C. land co.XTal. .".'.'.'.'.'.".'.". los Angeles 

YOUNG. John S,. stock broker Los Angeles 

YOUNG. Lewis B., milling man HoUywood 

YOUNG, Lewis H.. physician, pharmacist San F andsco 

YOUNG. Lyndol L.. lawyer l" s AnSeles 

YOUNG. Robert B. Jr. ."merchant L ' W Ls 

YOUNG. William S.. clergyman I ,, 'In^'t, 

YOUNKIN. P.U1I E.. lawyer l",., 'a^^ l^t 

YOURELL. Edward C. merchand'is'e""m'an"a'g'e"r L,,< 'AnXles 

YUNDT. E. R., banker l..'.;;::"::;;:Xos Angeles 


ZAHN. L. Paul, physician I,,. Aiveles 

ZAHN. Otto J., investment manager I,,. Aii", Ics 

ZEIGLER. L. A., investment broker |,„ \„; " 

2ELLERBACH. James D.. paper manufacturer S.u, V, ,Z,.co 
ZEMANSKY, Joshua Henry, city and co official Sm Francisco 

zIegI-FR- p"7 ?•■ ■"^"'^".'''Plo-"- corps ::;:San Francisco 

ZItGLtR. Paul A., auto dealer Los Anueles 

ZIMMERMAN. William C architect La foil a 

ZINN. Aaron S.. civil engineer "."..: 'Lo's'Angeles 

ZION, Edwin Rav, eivil sJim,, ,„.pector "s'ln Francfsco 

ZIPF, Albert F.." tran<rnrl.,t,nn m m .ger Sin Fr^^.S^ 

ZITZMANN. Ernst, banker ....."'; Los AnSes 

l°f,f- Alfred J., surgeon ".".'.■.•."San FrIXo 

ZOOK. Edgar T.. attorney San Franci.sco 




HOOVER, Herbert Clark, thirty- 
first President of the United States: 
b. West Branch, la., Aug. 10. 1874; 
s. Jesse Clark and Hulda Randall 
(Minthorn) H.; A.B. in engring., 
Stanford U., 1895; hon. degrees from 
Brown U.. U. of Pa., Harvard, Yale, 
Columbia. Princeton, Johns Hopkins, 
George Washington, Dartmouth, Rut- 

gers, U. of Alabama, Oberlin, Liege, 
Brussels. Warsaw, Cracow, Oxford, 
Rensselaer, Tufts, Swarthnrore, Wil- 
liams. Manchester, Prague, Ghent, 
Lemberg, Cornell Coll.; m. Lou Henry, 
of Monterey, Calif., 1899; children — 
Herbert Clark, Allan Henry. Reared 
by relatives on farms West Branch, 
la., and Newburg, Ore., until 13 yrs. 
of age; obtained work with Louis 
Janin, mining engr., San Francisco, 
upon coll. grad.; subsequently mining 
engr. in N. Mex., Calif., and Colo.; 
went to Australia, 1897, and later 
managed mines there; named chief 
engr. of U. S. govt's, bureau of mines 
in China, 1899, where lived during 
Boxer rebellion; estab. 1st food relief 

there after rebellion; admitted as jr. 
partner firm Bewick, Moering &' Co., 
engrs., 1902; estab. own engring. firm, 
1907, with offices San Francisco, N.Y. 
City, London, etc.; mining interests 
prior to 1913 carried him into various 
parts U. S., Mexico, Can., Australia, 
Italy, Great Britain, South Africa, In- 
dia, China, Russia, etc. Represented 
Panama-Pacific Internat. Expn. in 
Europe, 1913-1914; chmn. Amer. Re- 
lief Com., London, Eng., 1914-15, 
thru which over 160,000 Americans 
benefited; chmn. Commn. for Relief 
in Belgium, thru which $1,500,000,000 
spent, 1914-19; crossed North Sea 
(war zone) 40 times, traveling be- 
tween London, Brussels, Berlin and 
Paris during relief work period; U.S. 
lood administrator, June 1917-July 1, 
1919; served as mem. War Trade 
(jouncil; created U.S. Grain Corpn., 
with capital $500,000,000, and served 
as chmn. same; created U.S. Sugar 
Equalization Bd., with capital 5 mil- 
lion, and served as chmn. same; was 
chmn. Interallied Food Council, Food 
Sect. Supreme Economic Council, 
European Coal Council; dir. various 
economic measures in Europe during 
Armistice, including orgn. of food 
supplies to Poland, Serbia, Czechoslo- 
vakia, Germany, Austria, Roumania, 
Armenia, Baltic States, etc., 1919; 
chmn. Amer. Relief Administration, 
engaged in Childrens' Relief in Eu- 
rope, 1919 — ; V. chmn. Pres. Wilson's 
2nd Industrial Conf., 1920; chmn. Eu- 
ropean Relief Council, 1920 — ; apptd. 
sec. of commerce by President Har- 
ding, Mar. ?, 1921, reapptd. by Presi- 
dent Coolidge. Chmn. President's 
Conf. on Unemployment, Sept. 20, 
1921; mem. advisory com. Limitation 
of Armaments Conf., Nov. 1921; 
chmn. Colorado River Commn.; raised 
nearly $70,000,000 for relief in Rus- 
sia, 1921; instrumental in orgn. Amer. 
Child Health Assn., of which pres.; 
chmn. Spl. Mississippi Flood Relief 
Commn., 1927; nom. candidate for 
President of the United States by Re- 
publican Nat. Conv. at Kansas City, 

Mo., June 1928, and elected Nov. 6, 
1928, term Mar. 4, 1929— Mar. 3, 
1933; took oath office Mar. 4, 1929. 
Awarded gold medals. Civic Forum, 
Nat. Inst. Social Sciences, Nat. Acad. 
Sciences, Amer. Inst. MiningyMetall. 
Engrs., Western Soc. Engrs. (all of 
U. S.); City of Lille, City of Warsaw; 
Audritfet prize, French Acad.; free- 
man, Belgian, Polish, Esthonian cities. 
Trustee Stanford U. since 1912. Mem. 
Amer. Inst. Mining 6? Metall. Engrs. 
(pres. 1920), Amer. Engring. Coun- 
cil (pres. 1921), World War Debt 
Com., etc. Author: Economics in 
Mining, 1906; Principles of Mining, 
1909; American Individualism, 1922; 
also published addresses and technical 
articles. Joint translator Agricola's De 
re Metallica. Home: 623 Mirada, 
Stanford University, Calif. Executive 
Offices: The White House, Washing- 
ton, DC. 

WILBUR, Ray Lyman, secretary of 
interior in Pres. Hoover's cabinet, 
pres. of Stanford University; b. 
Boonesboro, la., Apr. 13, 1875; s. 
Dwight Locke and Edna Maria (Ly- 
man) Wilbur: A.B., Stanford Univ., 
1896, A.M., 1897; M.D., Cooper Med. 
Coll., San Francisco, 1899; student, 
Frankfurt-on-the-Main, and London, 
1903-04, U. of Munich, 1909-10; 
LL.D.. U. of Cahf., 1919, U. of Ariz.. 
1919, U. of Pa., 1925; Sc.D., Syracuse, 
1924: m. Marguerite May Blake, oi 
San Francisco, Dec. 5, 1898; children 
— Mrs. Jessica Ely, Blake Colburn, 
Dwight Locke, Mrs. Lois Proctor Hop- 
per, Ray Lyman. Instr. physiology, 
Stanford U., 1896-97; lecturer and 
demonstrator, physiology. Cooper 
Med. Coll., 1899-1900; asst. prof. 
physiology, 1900-03, prof, medicine, 
1909-1916, Stanford U.: dean of Med. 
Sch., Stanford, 1911-16; pres. Stan- 
ford U. since Jan. 1916; sec. of in- 
terior, 1929 — . Chief of conservation 
division U.S. Food Administration, 
Washington, D.C., 1917; mem. Cahf. 
State Council Defense, 1917; regional 
ednl. dir. S.A.T.C, Dist. No. 11, 
1918. Pres. Calif. State Conf. of So- 


cial Agencies, 1919, Council of Social 
and Health Agencies, San Francisco, 
1922-25; vice pres. San Francisco 
Community Chest; del. to 6th Pan Am. 
Conf., Havana, 1928; mem. State 
Park Commn. of Calif. Trustee Rocke- 
feller Foundation, 1923 — . Fellow 

A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Acad. Medicine 
(pres. 1912-13), A.M.A. council on 
med. edn. and hosp., 1920-23, 24 — 
(pres. 1923-24), Assn. Am. Med. Col- 
leges (pres. 1924), Calif. Acad. Medi- 
cine (pres. 1917-18), Phi Beta Kappa, 
Sigma Xi. Chmn. med. council U.S. 
Vets." Bur., 1924 — ; chmn. Inst. Pa- 
cific Relations, Honolulu, 1925 — ; 
chmn. exec. com. Survey of Race Re- 
lations on Pacific Coast. Clubs.' Uni- 
versity, Commonwealth, Bohemian, 
Pacific Union (San Francisco); Cos- 
mos (Washington); Century (New 
York). Addresse!.: Dept. of Interior, 
Washington, D.C.; Stanford Univer- 
sity, Calif. 

TOBIN, Richard Montgomery, 

banker, diplomat; b. San Francisco, 
Cahf., Apr. 9, 1866; s. Richard and 
Mary (Regan) T.; ed. St. Ignatius 
Coll., San Francisco; unmarried. Dir. 
Hibernia Bank, 1889; sec. and treas. 
same, 1906; pres. Assn. Savings Banks 
of San Francisco; chmn. San Francisco 
Group of California Bankers Assn., 
1922. Commissioned It. Class 4, U.S. 
N.R.F., Dec. 19, 1917; ordered to 
Paris as rep. of U.S. Cable censorship, 
Jan. 18, 1918; assigned to additional 
duty as asst. to naval attache Am. Em- 
bassy, Paris, Oct. 13, 1918; attached 
to Am. Commn. to Negotiate Peace, 
Paris, Dec. 5, 1918, serving until of- 
ficially detached. Mar. 25, 1919; E.E. 
and MP. to the Netherlands, since 
Mar. ", 1923. Chibs: Pacific Union, 

University (San Francisco); Knicker- 
bocker (New York); St. James's (Lon- 
don). Addresses: Hibernia Savings £# 
Loan Society, San Francisco; Ameri- 
can Legation, The Hague, Nether- 

GIBSON, Hugh, diplomatic service; 
h. Los Angeles, Calif., Aug. 16, 1883; 
,\. Frank A. and Mary G.; grad. Ecole 
Libre dcs Sciences Politiques, Paris, 
1907; m. at Brussels, Belgium, Ynes 
Reyntiens, Feb. 27, 1922. Appointed 
sec. of legation at Tegucigalpa, Hon- 
duras. July 31, 1908; 2d sec. Am. 
Embassy, London, 1909-10: pvt. sec. 
to asst. sec. of state, Washington, 
DC, 1910-11; sec. of legation, Ha- 
vana, Cuba, 1911-13; mem. spl. mis- 
sion to observe elections in Santo 
Domingo, Dec. 1913: sec. of Legation, 
Brussels, 1914-16; assigned to Em- 
bassy, London, May 16, 1916, to 
Dept. of State, Feb. 28, 1917: attached 
to British sec. of state for foreign af- 
fairs during visit to U.S., Apr. -June 
1917; attached to Belgian War Mis- 
sion during visit of the Mission to 
U.S., June-Aug. 1917; apptd. 1st sec. 
Embassy, Paris, Mar. 1918; duty with 
Mr. Hoover, dir. gen. of relief, Nov. 
1918-Apr. 1919: mem. Inter-Allicd 
Mission to countries of former Austro- 
Hungarian Empire, Dec. 1918-Jan 
1919; apptd. first E.E. and M.P. t,. 
Poland, Apr. 16, 1919; apptd. E.E. 
and M.P. to Switzerland, 1924-27: 
vice-chmn. Am. delegation to Internal. 
Conf. for Control of the Traffic in 
Arms, Geneva, 1925; chmn. Am. dele- 
gation to Preparatory Commn. for Dis- 
armament Conf., 1926-27; apptd. A.E. 
and P. to Belgium and E.E. and MP. 
to Luxemburg, 1927. Del. to Cont. 
on Private Manufacture of Arms, 
1927; chmn. Am. Delegation to Conf. 
for Limitation of Naval Armament 
and chmn. of the conf., 1927; dir. 
Commn. for Relief in Belgium and 
C.R.B. Ednl. Foundation. Col. O.R.C. 
Chibs: Metropolitan (Washington); 
University, Sunset, Friday Morning 
(Los Angeles): Volney (Paris); Chas- 
seurs (Warsaw): Royal Golf (Brus- 
sels). Author: A Journal from Our 
Legation in Belgium, 1917; also oc- 
casional articles. Home: 910 W. 23d 
St., Los Angeles. Address: American 
Embassy, Brussels, Belgium. 

SPROULE, William, railway official 
(retired). Began railroading as freight 
elk., S. P. Co., 1882; asst. gen. freight 
agt., 1887-97, gen. freight agt., 1897- 
98, Pacific System; gen. traffic mgr., 
1898-1906, traffic mgr., dir. and mem. 
exec. com. Am. Smelting 6? Refining 
Co., 1906-10; pres. Wells Fargo 6? 
Co.. 1910-11; pres. S. P. Co., 1911- 
18: pres. Associated Oil Co., 1912-18; 
chmn. Western Dept., R. R. War 
Bd., Apr. 1, 1917-july 1, 1918; dist. 

dir. Central Western Region, U.S. 
R.R. Administration, July 1, 1918- 
Dec. 31, 1919; again dir. and pres. 
S.P. Co., Jan. 1, 1920 to 1929 when 
he retired. Class C dir. Federal Re- 
serve Bank (12th, San Fran- 
cisco, Jan 1, 1921-28. Clubs; Pacific 
Union, Bohemian, San Francisco Golf 
and Country: Burlingame Country; 
California (Los Angeles); Metropoli- 
tan, Down Town (New York). Home: 
1 1 50 Sacramento St., San Francisco. 

YOUNG, C(Iemcnt) C(alhoun), 

governor of California; b. Lisbon, 
N.H., Apr. 28, 1869; s. Isaac E. and 
Mary R. (Calhoun) Y.; grad. high 
schs., San Jose and Santa Rosa, Calif.; 
B.L., U. of Cahf., 1892: m. Lyla J. 
Vincent, of San Francisco, Calif., Mar. 
15, 1902: children— Barbara, Lucy. 

Teacher high sch., Santa Rosa, 1892- 
93; teacher and head English dept., 
Lowell High Sch., San Francisco, 
1893-1906; with Mason-McDutfie 
Co., suburban development, Berkeley 
and San Francisco, 1906-26. Mem. 
Calif. Assembly, 1909-19 (speaker of 
House, 1913-19); del. to Rep. Nat. 
Conv., 1912: It. gov. of Cahf., 1919- 
27: Rep. presdl. elector, 1920 (chmn. 
Calif. Electoral Bd.); gov. of Calif., 
term, 1927-30 inclusive. Ex-officio re- 
gent, U. of Cahf., 1913-27. Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Theta. 
Republican. Conglist. Clubs: Faculty 
(Berkeley): City (Los Angeles); 
Commonwealth (San Francisco). 
Author: (with Charles Mills Gayley) 
Principles and Progress of English 
Poetry, 1904. Home; Berkeley, Calif. 
Address: State Capitol, Sacramento. 

ROWELL, Chester Harvey, editor; 
b. Bloomington, 111., Nov. 1, 1867; s. 


Jiin^itlian Harvev and Maria Sanford 
(Woods) R; PhB., U. of Mich., 
1888; Krad. student same, 1888-89, 
also of univs. of Halle, Berlin. Pans 
and Rome; LL.D., College of the Pa- 
cilic, 1927; »ji. Myrtle Marie Lingle, of 
Webb City, Mo.. Aug. 1. 1897; chil- 
dren — Cora Winifred, Barbara Lois. 
Jonathan Harvey. Clerk com. on elec- 
tions. U. S. Ho. of Rep., 1889-91; 
teacher acads. Kan.. Wis. and Calif.; 
in.'^tr. in German, U. of 111., 1897-98; 
editor and pub. Fresno Republican, 
1898-1920; lecturer on journalism, U. 
of Calif., summer 1911; lecturer polit. 
sci., same, and Stanford, 1927; also 
lectures on ednl., civic and polit. sub- 
jects. Pres. and gen. mgr. Fresno Re- 
publican Pub. Co.. 1912-20. An 
organizer and pres. Lincoln-Roosevelt 
Rep. League, 1907-11; mem. Rep. 
State Com., 1906-11; chmn. Rep. 
State Conv., 1910; del. Rep. Nat. 
Conv., and Prog. Nat. Conv. 1912; 
mem. Prog. Nat. Com., 1912-16; del. 
Prog. Nat. Conv., 1916; mem. Rep. 
Nat. Campaign Com. 1916; chmn. 
Rep. State Com., 1916-18; chmn. So- 
cial Ins. Commn.; mem. Calif. State 
Council Defense, 1917-18; bd. state 
conimrs. Panama P. I. Expn.; regent 
U. of Calif.; dir. Calif. Development 
Bd.: v. p. Nat. Municipal League; mem. 
Associated Press (dir. Calif, circuit). 
Am. Newspaper Publishers" Assn. 
Mem. U. S. Shipping Bd., 1920-21; 
mem. Calif. R. R. Commn., 1921-23. 
Mem. Inst. Pacific Relations, Hono- 
lulu. 1925, 27; mem. Nat. Crime 
Commn. since 1926; mem. Calif. Tax 
Commn. since 1927; pres. Calif. 
League of Nations Non-Partisan Assn. 
since 1927. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, 
Delta Tau Delta, Golden Bear (honor 
soc. U. of Calif.). Club.s.- University, 
Country (Fresno); Bohemian, Univer- 
sity, Union League (San Francisco); 
Faculty (Berkeley). Author of Digest 
ot Contested Election Cases House 
Reps. U.S., First to Fifty-sixth Con- 
gress, 1901; also many mag. articles, 
etc. Engaged largely in foreign travel 
and newspaper syndicate writing since 
1925. Home; 149 Tamalpais Rd., 

AKED, Charles Frederic, clergy- 
man; b. Nottingham. Eng.. Aug. 27. 
1864: ,<;. Charles and Ann A.; ed- 
Midland Baptist Coll. and Univ. Coll.. 
Nottingham: D.D., Temple Coll., 
1901, Brown U., 1907; LL.D., U. of 
Nev., 191.5, Drury Coll., 1923: m. 
Anne Hithersay, of Ilkeston, Eng., 
Nov. 10, 1886. Ordained Baptist 
ministry, 1886: pastor, Syston, Leices- 
tershire, 1886-88, St. Helens and 
Earlestown, 1888-90, Pembroke 
Chapel, Liverpool, 1890-1907, Fifth 
Av. Baptist Ch., New York. 1907- 
11. First Congl. Ch.. San Francisco. 
Apr. 16. 1911-15. First Congl. Ch., 
Kansas City, Mo., 1919-24, All Souls' 

Ch., Los Angeles, since 1925. Made 
annual lecture and preaching trips to 
U.S., 1893-1907. V.p. United King- 
dom Alliance; one of the founders 
Passive Resistance League (England). 
Author: The Courage of the Coward, 
1905; A Ministry of Reconciliation, 
1907: Mercies New Every Morning, 
1907: ChrKstocentnc, 1907; Wells and 
Palm Trees. 1908; Old Events and 
Modern Meanings, 1908; The Lord's 
Prayer, 1910: The Divine Drama of 
Job, 1913. Also many social, relig- 
ious, polit. pamphlets in Eng. Home: 
7 50 S. Manpo,sa Av., Los Angeles. 

CARNAHAN, Herschel L., It. gov- 
ernor: b. Aledo, 111., Aug. 31, 1879; 
s. Porter M. and Jennie L. (Mc- 
Crory) C: ed. Monmouth (111.) Coll.; 
in. Hattie Helmcr, of Riverside, Calif, 
and Ottawa, Can., Nov. 29, 1904. 
Taught sch.. Riverside Co., Calif., 
1898-1902; studied law in office Col- 
lier 6f Evans, attys.. Riverside, 1900- 
02: admitted Calif, bar, 1903: prac- 
ticed law in partnership with Wm. 
Collier, 1903-10, and with Wm. Col- 
lier and H. H. Craig, 1910-12, River- 
side: engaged independent practice. 
Riverside, 1912-19; partner with O. O. 
Clark, atty., Los Angeles, 1919-21; 
engaged independent practice, L.A., 
1921 — : pres. Riverside municipal 
public library bd., 1907-17: chmn. 
Riverside Co. Republican central 
com., 1910-17; apptd. by Gov. Hiram 

Johnson as 1st commr. of corpns. of 
Calit. and as such organized state 
corpn. dept. and administered Calif. 
Blue Sky law, 1915; apptd. citizen 
mem. Calif. Tax Commn., to make 
recommendations in regard to tax re- 
vision, 1927; apptd. by Gov. C. C. 
Youn.2 to fill unexpired term of Buron 
Fitts (resigned) as It. governor of 

Cahf., Dec. 1. 1928: dir. Bank of 
Italy (mciii. regional bd. of southern 
div. of Cahf.), Cahf. Title Ins. Co., 
Mutual Bldg. y Loan Assn., Buckeye 
Union Oil Co., Carson Oil Co., Stew- 
art Organizations Inc., Hugh Evans 
y Co., all of L.A.; and of Hollywood- 
Clara Barton Memorial hosp. Inc., 
Hollywood. Elk. Republican. Protes- 
tant. Cliib.s; Jonathan, City, Commer- 
cial (L.A.). Home: 515 S. Harvard 
Blvd., Los Angeles. OlJiccs: 756 S. 
Broadway, Los Angeles; State Capitol 
Bldg., Sacramento. 

BEATON, Kenneth Carrol, writer; 
b. Stayner. Ont.. Oct. 30. 1871; s. 
Donald John and Mary (Ingersoll) 
B.; grad. high sch.. Orillia. Ont.: m. 
Martha Hayward Nelson, of Minne- 
apoli-s, Minn., Oct. 5, 1896 (dec): 
m. 2d, Florence Wood Clark, of Los 
Angeles, Sept. 12, 1923: step-children 
— Betsy Ann, Perry Wood. Began 
newspaper work at 18: became editor 
of The Star, Seattle, Wash.; started 
column under title of "Ye Towne Gos- 
sip"; with Post Intelligencer, Seattle, 
1914-15: with Hearst Service since 
1915. writing under initials "K.C.B." 
Episcopalian. CJtib,';; Lambs (New 
York). Family (San Francisco). Auth- 
or of books. Ye Towne Gossip and I 
Thank You. Home: Hollywoodland, 

CRANE, Frank, journahst (de- 
ceased 192H): b. Urbana. 111., May 12, 
1861: s. James L. and Elizabeth 
(Mayo) C; student 111. Wesleyan 
Univ., Ph.B., 1892: D.D., Neb. Wes- 
leyan U., 1894: m. Ellie C. Stickel, of 
Hillsboro, 111., Sept. 26, 1883. Or- 
dained M.E. ministry, 1882; pastor 
Trinity and Hyde Park M.E. chs., 
Chicago, 1896-1903; pastor Union 
Congl. Ch., Worcester, Mass., 1904- 
09. Entered journalism, 1909; edito- 
rial writer syndicate of 100 news- 
papers in the leading cities of the 
world, 1909 to demise. Editor of 
Current Opinion. Author: The Re- 
ligion of Tomorrow, 1899: Vision, 
1907; The Song of the Infinite, 1909; 
Human Confessions, 1911: God and 
Democracy, 1911; Lame and Lovely, 
1912: Foot Notes to Life, 1913; War 
and World Government, 1915; Just 
Human, 1915: Adventures in Com- 
mon Sense, 1916: The Looking Glass, 
1917: Christmas and the Year Round, 
1917; 400 Four Minute Essays (10 
vols.), 1919: The Crane Classics (10 
vols.). 1920: Why I Am A Christian, 
1924. Everyday Wisdom (10 vols.), 
1927. Home was at 546 N. McCad- 
den PI., Los Angeles. 

CULBERTSON, Henry Coc, clergy- 
man: b. Cincinnati, July 11, 1874: s. 
James Coe(M.D.)and Sarah (Pogue) 
C: A.B., U. of Cincinnati, 1895; stu- 
dent Columbia Law Sch., 1896-98; 
B.D., U. of Chicago, 1900; D.D., 


Lenox, 1910; LL.D., Mo. Valley 
1914- Litt.D., Carroll, 1919; m. Mabel 
D Freeman, of Chicago, 111., Mar 14, 
1900; children— Eleanor Pogue Mar- 
garet Freeman; m. 2d, Irene A. Blood, 
of Chicago, July 16, 1923; children- 
Horace Coe, Henry Alvin. Asst. pas- 
tor Presbvn. Ch., Lake Forest, 111., 
1901-02; ordained Presbyn. ministry, 
1901- pastor lola, Kan., 1902-07; pres. 
Coll of Emporia, 1907-17; pres. 
Ripon (Wis.) Coll., 1918-21; lecturer 
and circuit mgr. Radclitle Chautauqua 
System, 1921-23; pastor Plymouth 
Congl. Ch., Los Angeles, 1923-25, 
Mesa Congl. Ch., 1925-27. on merger 
of Plymouth and Mesa Chs., 192/, 
under name Plymouth Congl. Ch. be- 
came pastor of new organisation. 
Pres. Congl. Ministerial Union, IV^v 
26- V p Interdenominational Minis- 
terial Assn. of Los Angeles, 1927. 
Chief of sect, of co-operating organi- 
zations, U.S. Food Administration, 
Washington, D.C., 1917; lecturer for 
U S Com. on Pub. Information and 
also' lecturer for Y.M.C.A. >". France, 
1918 Mem. Beta Theta Pi. Club 
City Mason. Author: Evolution 
Helps Christianity; Songs of the 
Twelve Apostles, 1927. Home: 5111 
8th Av., Los Angeles. 

WEST, James Samuel, clergyman; 
b High Peak, Va., Mar. H, 1875; s. 
Rev William Wallace and Margaret 
Emcline (Underwood) W^; A.B., 
Denison U., 1904; grad. Rochester 
Theol. Sem., 1908; D.D., Demson U., 
1926 Berkeley Div. School, 1926; m. 
Helen Elizabeth Tufts, of Canandai- 
gua, N. Y., May 15, 1908; 1 dau., 
Virginia Aileen. State dept. field sec, 
Ohio State Y.M.C.A., 1904-05; or- 
dained Bapt. ministry, 1908; pastor 
West Union, W. Va., 1908-09, 1st 
Ch Bucyrus, O., 1909-11, 1st Ch., 
Bakersfield, Calif., 1911-15, 1st Ch., 
Tacoma, Wash., 1915-19 1st Ch., 
Middletown, O., 1919-20, Beulah Ch., 
Detroit, Mich., 1920-22, 1st Ch., San 
Francisco, .since Nov. 1922 Conduc- 
tor funeral service of President War- 
ren G. Harding, Palace Hotel San 
Francisco, Aug. 3, 1923. Pres. Calif, 
br White Cross Anti-Narcotic boc. 
of ' America, 1927—. Mem Kappa 
Sigma. Mason (K.T.), Odd Fellow, 
Moose. Clubs: Commonwealth, East 
■ Bay Country. Author: Hearts ot 
Heart-Talks, 1927. Address: First 
Baptist Church, Market and Octavia 
Sts., San Francisco. 

BARBOUR, Henry Ellsworth, con- 
gressman; h. Ogdensburg, St. Law- 
rence Co., N.Y., Mar. 8, 1877; s. Wil- 
ham J and Mary M. (Houston) B.; 
student Union Coll., Schenectady, 
NY 1898, law dept. George Wash- 
ington U.; m. Mary D. Meux of 
Fresno, Calif., Oct. 29, 1907; children 
— ^John M., Richard H. Began practice 
at Fresno, 1902; mem. firm Barbour ii 

Kellas- mem. 66th to 7l)th Congresses 
(1919-29), 7th Cahf. Dist. Republi- 
can Presbyn. Mem. Fresno Co. Bar 
Assn., Sigma Phi. Chibs: Umversity, 
Sequoia (Fresno). Home: Fresno. 

JOHNSON, Hiram Warren, 
United States senator; b. Sacramento, 
Calif., Sept. 2, 1866; s. Grove Laur- 
ence and Annie (DcMontfredy) J.; 
ed U. of Cahf., leaving in )r. yr.; m. 
Minnie L. McNeal, of Sacramento, 
Calif., 1886. Began as shorthand re- 
porter- studied law in fathers office; 
admitted to Calif, bar, 1888, and 
practKcJ in S,„;ranient.r remnved to 

San Francisco, 1902; mem. staff ol 
pros, attys. in boodling cases, involv- 
ing leading city officials and almost all 
pub. utility corpus, in San Francisco, 
1906-07- was selected to take the place 
of Francis J. Heney, after latter was 
shot down in court while prosecuting 
Abe Ruef, for bribery, 1908, and se- 
cured conviction of Ruef; gov. of 
Calif., 1911-15, re-elected for term, 
1915-19 (resigned Mar. 15, 1917); 
a founder of Progressive Party, 1912, 
and nominee for V. P. of U.S. on 
Prog ticket same yr.; U. S. senator 
from Cahf., 2 terms, 1917-29. Candi- 
date for pres., 1924. Mem. Native 
Sons of Golden West. Mason (K.T.). 
Home- 857 Green St., San Francisco. 
Address: Senate Bldg., Washington, 

FRANK, Abraham, hotelraan; b. 
Fond du Lac, Wis., April H, 1871; 
.s. Jacob and Rose (Tobias) F.; ed. 
pub schs ; m. Anna Barker, of Chi- 
cago 111 , November 18, 1890; chil- 
dren—Benjamin L., Lester E., Louise 
A Began as elk. m ry. ticket ofiice; 
associated with Fred Harvey in estab- 
lishing on the A.,T.yS.F.R.R. the 
Fred Harvey dining system, of which 

was .suDt.. 1888-1903: managing dir. 
and part owner Sherman Hotel, Chi- 
cago, 1903-08; also mgr. Rector's, Col- 
lege ' Inn and North American Res- 
taurants, Chicago: managing owner 
Oliver Hotel, South Bend, Ind., to 
1920; v.p. and gen. mgr. Ambassador 
Ho"tei Corpn., Los Angeles, since 
1921- dir. Nat. Mortgage Co., Calif. 
Funding Co., Security Housing Co. 
Large owner of real estate. Mem. bd. 
dirs. Los Angeles Nat. Horse Show, 
Los Angeles Chamber Commerce. Re- 
publican. Jewish religion. Mason 
(32°), Elk. Chibs: Commercial, Calif. 
Yacht Club, HiUcrest Country, Rancho 
Country, Santa Monica Swimming, 
All Year Club of Southern Calif, 
(dir.). Southern Cahf. Riding and 
Driving. Home: Ambassador Hotel, 
Los Angeles. 

HATFIELD, George Juan, lawyer; 
h of Am. parents traveling abroad, at 
Waterloo, Ont., Can., Oct. 29, 1887; 
s William Melancthon and Harriet 
juanita (Bingham) H.; grad. high 
"sch, Oakland, Calif., 1906; B.A., 
Stanford, 1911, M.A. in Polit. Science, 
191'' JD 1913; m. Judith Barlow, 
of San Francisco, Dec. 12, 1917; chil- 
dren — Lady Jane, Mary Elizabeth, 
Georgette Judith. Admitted to Cahf. 
bar 1912; practiced with Morns, 
Dunne S" Brobeck, San Francisco, 
1913-17; practiced alone, 1917-18, 
then McWilliams ^ Hatfield until 
1922 Sapiro, Levy, Hatfield 6? Hayes, 
1923-24, Hatfield, Wood &? Kilkenny 
since 1927; mgr., dir. James J. Stevin- 
son (corpn.); pres. East Side Canal 
y Irrigation Co. Pvt. F.A. Replace- 
ment Troops, 1918; mem. Rep. State 
Central Com., CaHf., since 1922; 
mem. San Francisco County Central 
Com., 1924-26; U. S. dist. atty.. 
Northern Dist. of Calif., since Oct. 
1, 1925. Asst. in dept. polit. econ- 
omy Stanford, 1910-11, and asst. in 
Law Sch., 1911-13; instr. Golden 
Gate Coll., 1913-17. Mem. Calif. 
State and San Francisco County bar 
assns., Calif. Acad. Science, S.A.R , 
Am. Legion, Phi Beta Kappa. Repub- 
lican Episcopalian. Mason (32 , 
K.T., Shriner), Elk, Eagle, Moose. 
Ciubs- Bohemian, Olympic (San 
Francisco); Athens Athletic (Oak- 
land). Author: Comparative Study of 
Code Pleadings in California and 
England, 1913. Author of vets.' wel- 
fare legislation. State of Cahf., under 
which 1300 vets, were educated and 
S^O 000,000 invested in homes and 
farms for 3750 vets. Home: 1247 
Chestnut St. O^ce: Chancery Bldg., 
San Francisco. 

WATTIS, Edmund Orson, ry. con- 
tractor; b. Uintah, Utah, Mar. 6, 
185 5- s Edmund and Mary Jane 
(Corey) W.; ed. pub. schs;m. Mar- 
tha Ann Bybee, of Riverdale, Utah, 
June 25 1879; children— Leland Ray, 


Matcie C. (Mrs. Wm. Henry Harris), 
Edmund Earl (dec), Ethel Mane 
(Mrs. Wm. Rice Kimball), Margue- 
rite E. (Mrs. Emil Joseph Hankc), 
Veda Ruth, Edna Orson (wife of 
Ezekicl Ricker Dumke, M.D.), Paul 
Lyman. In railroad constrn. work 
since early youth; a dir. and in charge 
constrn. work Utah Constrn. Co., 
since its orgn., 1911, vice pres. since 
1911. Prin. works: Western Pacific 
R. R. from Salt Lake City to Oro- 
ville, Calif.; Union Pacific from Salt 
Lake City to California state line; 
100-mile extension of S.P.R.R. of 
Mexico; new constrn. and re-location 
for U.P.R.R., S.P. Co., D.&?R.G.R.R., 
involving building over 200 tunnels; 
also builder of many concrete and 
earth dams for power and irrigation 
purposes, including O'Shaughnessy 
Dam, for water and power supply of 
San Francisco and American Falls 
Dam, Ida., for U. S. Dept. Interior, 

2 of largest dams in world. Repub- 
lican. Mason (32°, Shriner, K.T.). 
Home: 2540 Eccles Av., Ogden, 
Utah. Ofice: Eccles Bldg., Ogden, 
Utah, and Phelan Bldg,, San Fran- 

WEBB, Ulysses Sigel, lawyer; b. 
Flemington, W.Va., Sept. 29, 1864; 
s. Cyrus and Elizabeth (Cather) W.; 
ed. pub. schs.. Ft. Scott, Kan.; m. 
Grace Goodwin, of Quincy, Calil., 
Oct. 23, 1895. Settled at Quincy, 
1888; admitted to Calif, bar, 1889; 
elected dist. atty. Plumas Co., Calit., 
1890 (resigned); atty. gen. of Calit. 
since 1902. Progressive Rep. Home: 
3865 Clay St. Office: State Bldg., San 

WASTE, William Harrison, judge; 
b. Chico, CaUf., Oct. 31, 1868; .^. John 
Jackson and Mary Catherine (Mcin- 
tosh) W.; Ph.B., U. of Cahf., 1891. 
LL.D., 1894; m. Mary J. Ewing, of 
Maxwell, CaUf., Sept. 16, 1896; chil- 
dren — William Ewing, Mrs. Eugenia 
Mcintosh Ward. Began practice at 
Oakland, Cahf., 1894; mem. Ho. of 
Rep., Calif., 1903-05; judge Superior 
Court, Alameda Co., 1905-18; pre- 
siding justice Dist. Court of Appeal, 
1919-21; a,sso. justice Supreme Court 
of Calif., 1921-25, chief justice since 
1925. Trustee Coll. of the Pacific, 
Pacific Sch. of Religion. Pres. Berke- 
ley Y.M.C.A. since 1905. Mem. Calif, 
tive Sons of the Golden West. Re- 
publican. Methodist. Mason (K.T., 

3 2°, Shriner; Grand Commander, 
K.T. of Calif., 1922), Woodman of 
World, Moose. Clubs: Common- 
wealth, Masonic (S.F.). Home: 1172 
Spruce St., Berkeley. Address: Su- 
preme Court of Calif., San Francisco. 

FINLEY, Ernest Latimer, editor, 
pub.; b. Corvallis, Ore.,: Sept. 15, 
1875: s. William Asa and Sarah E. 
(Latimer) p.; ed. pub. schs.; m. Ruth 

Woolsey, of Portland, Ore., 1912; 
children — Ruth, Robert Woolsey. 
Owner and editor Morning Press 
Democrat, Santa Rosa, Calif., since 
1897; owner Evening Republican since 
1924. Trustee Santa Rosa Pub. Li- 
brary. Mem. North Bay Counties De- 
velopment Assn. (pres. 3 terms), 
Santa Rosa Chamber Commerce (pres. 
2 terms). Democrat, Presbyn. Elk. 
Home: 1020 McDonald Av. Office: 
The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa. 

SHORTRIDGE, Samuel Morgan, 
United States senator; b. Mt. Pleasant, 
la., Aug, 3, 1861; s. Rev. Ellas W. 
and Tabitha C. S.; ed. high sch., San 

Jose, Calil,; m. Laura Gashwciler, of 
San Francisco, Calif., Aug. 3, 1899. 
Admitted to Calif, bar, 1884, and 
since practiced at San Francisco; Rep 
pre.sdl. elector, 1884, 1900, 08; mem 
U.S. Senate, 1921-3 2. Mason, Elk, 
Red Man, etc. Clubs: Pacific-Union, 
Union League, Commonwealth, Press, 
Masonic, Menlo Country, Bohemian 
(San Francisco): Metropolitan (Wash 
ington). Widely known as orator on 
polit. topics and on popular occasions. 
Home: Camino Alago, Menlo Park, 
Calif. Office: Chronicle Bldg., San 

MOORE, Walton Norwood, dry- 
goods mcht.; b. Newton Co., Miss., 
July 10, 1864; .s. Joseph Gregory and 
Elizabeth (Glover) M.: ed. pub, schs.; 
m. Elisabeth Brown, at Kansas City, 
Mo., June 3, 1896; children— Walton 
N., Julia M. (Mrs. Sidney S. Law- 
rence), Joseph Gregory, Elizabeth. 
Began in dry goods business with 
Rice, Stix & Co., St. Louis, Mo., 
1895; sec. and office mgr. Swotford 
Bros. Dry Goods Co., Kansas City, 
Mo., 1890-1906; moved to San Fran- 
cisco, Calif., 1906, and founded, with 

others, Moore-Watson Dry Goods 
Co., name changed to Walton N. 
Moore Dry Goods Co., 1916; pres. of 
same, 1916-26, chmn. bd. since 1926: 
pres. Walton N. Moore Co. of Del.; 
dir. Federal Reserve Bank of San 
Francisco, N. Y. Reciprocal Under- 
writers, Affiliated Underwriters of 
N.Y. Mem. Calif. State Fuel Con- 
servation Bd.; mem. San Francisco 
Chamber Commerce (ex-pres.). Deco- 
rated Medal, first class (Belgian). 
Democrat. Mason. Clubs: Pacific 
Union, Bohemian, San Francisco Golf 
and Country (San Francisco): Clare- 
mont Country (Oakland); Merchants 
(New York). Home: Piedmont, 
Cahf. Office: 405 Montgomery St., 
San Franci-cu. 

KAISER, John Boynton, librarian; 
b. Cleveland, O., Jan. 1, 1887; s. Peter 
Henry and Beza N. (Boynton) K.; 
B.A.. Western Reserve U., 1908; 
B.L.S., N.Y. State Library Sch., 1910, 
M.L.S., 1917; grad. student U. of 111. 
I semester, 1912-13; m. Gertrude I. 
Swift, of Cleveland, Nov. 14, 1910; 
1 son, Boynton Swift. Asst. librarian 
Western Reserve Hist. Soc, Cleve- 
land, 1907-08; with ref. dept. Cleve- 
land Pub. Library, 1908; with law div. 
N.Y. State Library 1909-10: asst. state 
librarian in charge legislative reference 
work, Tex. State Library, Austin, 
Tex., 1910-11; lecturer U. of 111., Li- 
brary Sch., and dept. librarian eco- 
nomics and sociology, same, 1911-14; 
librarian Tacoma Pub. Library, Mar. 
18, 1914-Jan. 27, 1924; dip. of li- 
braries and Library Sch., la. State U., 
Feb. 1, 1924-1927; librarian Oakland 
Free Library, Feb. I, 1927 — . Librar- 
ian (war service). Camp Knox, Ky., 
Nov. 1918-Jan. 1919, Camp Upton, 
N.Y., Jan. -May 1919; spl. work hdqrs. 
A.L.A. War Service, Washington, 
D.C., until July 1919; chmn. sub-com. 
Wash. State Council of Defense (book 
censorship), 1918. Mem. A.L.A., Pa- 
cific Northwest Library Assn. (pres. 
1917-18), Calif. Library Assn. (pres. 
Dist. No. 1, 1927-28), Advisory Bd. 
U. of Wash. Library Sch., 1917-22, 
Wash. State Library (pres. 1916-19), 
Nat. Municipal League (council 1918- 
19): mem. Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta 
Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. Trustee Tacoma 
Chamber of Commerce, 1917-19: trus- 
tee 1st Congl. Ch., Tacoma, 1919-23. 
Dir. field work, social survey of Ta- 
coma Federation of Social Agencies, 
1921-22. Mem. Chamber Commerce 
(Oakland). Clubs: Rotarv (Inter- 
nat.); Faculty of U. of Calif. (Berk- 
eley); Commonwealth (San Fran- 
cisco). Author: Law, Legislative and 
Municipal Reference Libraries, 1914: 
Introduction to T. C. Tais Profes- 
sional Education for Librarianship, 
1925: Newer Functions of University 
Libraries, 1926. Compiler: (brochure) 
National Bibliographies of the South 


American Republics. 1913; (brochure) 
The Mountain, 1917: Survey of State 
Supported Library Activities in Wash- 
ington, 1917. Contbr. to mags. Ad- 
dress Oakland Free Library, Oakland. 

SHOUP, Paul, ry. president: b. San 
Bernardino, Calif., Jan. 8, 1874: s. 
Timothy and Sarah S. (Sumner) S.; 
ed. high sch., San Bernardino: m. Rose 
Wilson, of San Francisco, Calil., Dec. 

1, 1900: children— Carl, Jack, Louise. 
Began with A.,T.yS.F.Ry.; later tel. 
operator S.P. Co. and became asst. 
gen. pass. agt. at San Francisco: apptd. 
asst. gen. mgr. in charge of electric 
lines of the co. 1910; pres. Pacific 
Electric Ry. Co., 1912-29; vice-pres. 
S.P. Co., 1918-25; exec. v. p. S.P. Co. 
1925-29: pres. S.P. Co., 1929—; pres. 
Pacific Oil Co. Clubs; Bohemian, 
Olympic, Pacific Union (San Fran- 
cisco); Jonathan, California, Union 
League (Los Angeles). Home: Los 
Altos, Calif. Ofice: Southern Pacific 
Bldg., 65 Market St., San Francisco. 

COFFEE, Rudolph Isaac, rabbi; b. 
Oakland, Calif., July 24, 1878: s. 
Michael Harris and Rosa (Abraham- 
son) C: A.B., Columbia, 1900; rabbi, 
Jewish Theol. Sem. America, New 
York, 1904: Ph.D., U. of Pittsburgh, 
1908; m.Doris Hirshfeld,of San Fran- 
cisco, Nov. 6, 1910 (died 1916); 
children — Roger H.. Marian L.; 771. 
2d, Minnie Z. Jaffa, of Los Angeles, 
1925. Asst. in edn.. Teachers Coll. 
(Columbia), 1900-03: organized re- 
ligious work in Y.M.H. Assn., N.Y., 
and in charge of same, 1900-03; actg. 
supt. and supt. Hebrew Orphan Asy- 
lum, New York, 1903-05; rabbi "Tree 
of Life" Congregation, Pittsburgh, 
1906-15; dir. social service dept. In- 
dependent Order of Bnai B'rith, Chi- 
cago, 1915-17; rabbi Temple Judea, 

Chicago. 1917-20, Collingwood Av. 
Temple, Toledo, O., 1920-21, Temple 
Sinai, Oakland, Calif., 1921—. Mem. 
State Bd. Chanties and Corrections 
since 1924: elected chaplain Calif. 
Assembly, 1925, Chmn. Travelers Aid 
Soc, Oakland, 1921-26. Editorial 
writer The Sentinel, Chicago, 1918- 
23: editor Jewish Times, San Fran- 
cisco, 1922-24. Pres. Jewish Com. for 
Personal Service in State Instns. since 
1923. Author: Hebrew Cosmology, 
1908; Israel's Contribution to America, 
1910: Temple Judea Manual, 1919. 
Honie: 751 Warfield Av., Oakland. 

COULSTON, John Bishop, hotel- 
man: b. Ellisburg, Pa., May 22, 1869: 
.f. John and Stella (Bishop) C: ed. 
pub. schs.: m.Nora Scibert, of Couder- 
sport. Pa., Nov. 10, 1891: children — 
John T., George S., Lillian M. Bank- 
ing business since 1890; pres. Mary- 
land Hotel Co., Wildwood Ranch Co., 
Edgemont Ranch Co., Calif. Foothill 
Fruit Co. Maj. Am. Red Cross, at 
head of South Intermediate and South- 
ern zones, Lyons, France, World 
War. Ex-pres. Tournament of Roses 
Assn.. Sierra Madre Lamanda Citrus 
Assn. and Pasadena Chamber of Com- 
merce: dir. and nat. councilor to U.S. 
Chamber of Commerce. Democrat. 
Episcopalian. Mason (32°, Shriner). 
Clubs: Pasadena Golf, Pasadena Ath- 
letic, San Gabriel Country. Midwick 
Country, Overland. City (Los An- 
geles). Address: Maryland Hotel, 

BOOTH, Henry Kendall, clergy 
man: b, Peru, 111., Apr. 19, 1876: ,s, 
Sanford Samuel and Ella (Kendall) 
B.; A.B., Hamilton Coll., Clinton, 
N.Y., 1898, A.M., 1901; B.D., Chi- 
cago Theol. Sem., 1901, D.D., 1918: 
m. Olive Meats, of Winona, Minn.. 
Oct. 17, 1900 (died Jan. 3, 1921): 
m. 2d, Leona Hays, of Long Beach, 
Cahf., Nov. 6, 1922: children— Henry 
Kendall, Helen Louise. Ordained 
Congl. ministry, 1901; pastor Michi- 
gan City, Ind., 1901-02, Tucson, Ariz., 
1902-04, Sacramento, Cahf., 1904-07, 
Berkeley, 1907-09, Long Beach since 
1909. Trustee Pomona Coll. Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Delta Phi. 
Republican. Rotarian. Author: The 
Religion of an Evolutionist, 1918; 
New Testament History and Litera- 
ture, 1919: The Philosophy of Prayer, 
1921; Rehgion For Today, 1923. 
Home: 241 Cedar Av., Long Beach. 

CURRY, Charles Forrest, congress- 
man: b. Naperville, 111., Mar. 14, 
1858: ,s-. Charles Henry Madren and 
Emma Jane (Kimball) C; ed. Episco- 
palian Acad., Mineral Point, Wis.: 
m. Lillic Alice Siperly, of Butte Co., 
Cahf., Oct. 5, 1891 (died Oct. 2, 
1898); children — Florence Alice, 
Charles F. Mem. Calif. Assembly, 
1887; supt. Sta. B, postoffice, San 

Francisco, 1890-94 (resigned); county 
elk., 1894-98: sec. of state, Cahf., 
1899-1911; mem. 63d to 70th Con- 
gress (1913-29), 3d Cahf. Dist. Re- 
publican. Mason. Compiled for State 
of Calif., Corporation Laws, Election 
Laws, also Constitutions of the State 
and of the U.S. Author: Alien Land 
Laws and Alien Rights; Anthropology 
of the Japanese People. Home: Sac- 

DOLLAR, Robert, ship owner; b. 
Falkirk, Scotland, Mar. 20, 1844; s. 
William and Mary (Melville) D.: ed. 
common sch. to 11; iti. Margaret 
Proudfoot, of Ottawa, Can., 1874. 
Began active career at 13 in lumber 
camp in Can.; came to U.S., 1856; 
naturalized citizen, 1888: settled at 
San Francisco, Calif., and has engaged 
on an extensive scale in foreign trade 

and lumber business; known as the 
active octogenarian "dean of Ameri- 
can shipping"; pres. Dollar Steamship 
Co., Robert Dollar Co., Admiral Ori- 
ental Co., Dollar Portland Lumber 
Co., Canadian Robert Dollar Co.; dir. 
Am. Internat. Corpn., Anglo London 
Q? Pans Bank, San Francisco Savings 
Bank, etc. Given freedom of city and 
keys of Falkirk, Scotland, Boston, New 
York and Shanghai, also medals from 
China. Republican. Presbyn. Author: 
Memoirs of Robert Dollar (3d edit), 
1925. Home: San Rafael, Cahf. 
Ofice: Robert Dollar Bldg., San Fran- 

JEFFERSON, John Percival, mfr.; 
b. New Castle Co., Del., Mar. 11, 
1852: s. John and Sarah (Ware) J.; 
grad. U.S. Mil. Acad., 1875; assigned 
2d It. 5th Arty.; grad. U.S. Artillery 
School, 1878: m. Alice M. Wetmore, 
of Warren, Pa., June 6, 1877; m. 2d, 
Mary C. Trunkey, of Franklin, Pa.. 


Ucc. 16, 1915. Garrison duty, At- 
iantic Coast, 1875-79; head of mil. 
dept. (by assignment War Dcpt.), 
Brooks" Sch., Cleveland, 1879-80; re- 
signed 1881. Became mem. firm 
Struthers, Wells 6? Co., 1881, mng. 
partner, 1886-1902; pres. Struthers- 
Wells Co., mfrs. of gas and steam 
engines, boilers, etc., 1902 — ; was 
identified with one of first orgns. for 
transporting natural gas, 1882; inves- 
tor in timber, 188-1 — ; v. p. Warren 
Savings Bank, Redondo Development 
Co., also lumber and timber cos., Ore., 
N.M., N.C., Wash, and Pa. Republi- 
can. Presbyn. Mem. A.A.A.S., Am. 
Geog. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc, Franklin 
Inst. Cfiibs: Army and Navy (Wash- 
ington. D.C.); Santa Barbara (Cidif.). 
Home: Warren, Pa., and Santa Bar- 

WARDELL, Justus S., editor; b. 
San Francisco, Calif., June 30, 1872; 
s. Benjamin Augustus and Pauline 
(Fliess) W.; ed. pub. schs.; ni. Clara 
Louise Kellogg, of N.Y. City, July 9, 
1895; children — Benjamin Augustus, 
Virginia Pauline. Began newspaper 
work in San Francisco, 1889; assumed 
management Daily Jour, of Commerce, 
1897, owner, 1905-19. Mem. Calif. 
Ho. of Rep., 1899-1901; del. Dcm. 
Nat. Conv., 1904, 08; surveyor of cus- 
toms, San Francisco, 1913-17; collector 
internal revenue, 1st Calif. Dist., 
1917-20; Dem. candidate for gov. of 
Calif., 1926. Episcopalian. Mem. Na- 
tive Sons of the Golden West. Mason. 
Chibs: Commercial, Commonwealth, 
Bohemian (San Francisco); Nat. Press 
(Washington, D.C.). Home: 2830 
Broderick St. Office: Russ Bldg., San 

NORRIS, Charles Oilman, author; 
b. Chicago, 111., Apr. 23, 1881; s. 
Benjamin Franklin and Gertrude G. 
(Doggett) N.; Ph.B., U. of Calif., 
1903; m. Kathleen Thompson (now 
the well known author), of Mill Val- 
ley, Cahf., Apr. 30, 1909; children — 
Frank, Josephine (dec), Gertrude 
(dec). Asst. editor Country Life in 
America, 1903, Sunset Mag., 1905; 
art editor Am. Mag., 1908-13. Entered 
R.O.T.C. at Madison Barracks, N.Y., 
Apr. 1917; grad. capt. inf.; assigned 
to 15 3d Depot Brigade, Camp Dix, 
N.J.; maj. inf., Aug. 1918; resigned, 
Dec. 1918. Mem. Phi Gamma Delta. 
Clubs: Players, Dutch Treat (New 
York); Bohemian (San Francisco); 
Menlo Country (Menlo, Calif.). Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Aiitlior: The 
Amateur, 1915; Salt, or the Education 
of Griffith Adams, 1917; Brass, 1921; 
The Rout of the Philistines (poetic 
drama — "grove play" of Bohemian 
Club), 1925; Bread, 1923; Pig Iron, 
1925; Zelda Marsh, 1927; also numer- 
ous short stories in mags. Mr. Ncrris 
comes of a family of writers. He is a 

brother of the late Frank Norris who 
passed away just as he was approach- 
ing the zenith of his career. His wife is 
the celebrated Kathleen Norris. He is 
one of America's foremost novelists. 
Home: Saratoga. 

HAMMOND, Andrew B., lumber- 
man; b. St. Leonards, N.B., Can., July 
22, 1848; s. Andrew B. and Glorianna 

Harding (Coombcs) H.; m. Florence 
Abbott, of Missoula, Mont., Feb. 22, 
1879 (now dec); children — Edwina 
Clare (Mrs. Frank B. King), Florence 
(Mrs. Norman Whiteside), Leonard 
Coombes, Grace (Mrs. W. S. Bur- 
nett), Daisy Estelle. Went to Miss- 
oula, 1867, where organized Missoula 
Mercantile Co., First Nat. Bank, Big 
Blackfoot Mill Co.; built Bitter Root 
Valley and Philipburg rys.; went to 
Ore., 1895; built Astoria 6? Columbia 
River R.R.; in Calif., 1900—; now 
pres. Hammond Lumber Co. Mason 
(K.T., Shriner). Clubs; Bohemian, 
Pacific Union, Commercial, Golf (San 
Francisco); Arlington (Portland, 
Ore.); Bolsa Chica Gun. (Los An- 
geles); Rocky Mountain (New York). 
Home: 2252 Broadway. Office: 310 
Sansome St., San Francisco. 

BRIGGS, Arthur Hyslop, supt. anti- 
saloon league; b. San Francisco, Calif., 
18 58; s. Martin Clock and Ellen 
(Green) B.; A.B., Northwestern U., 
1881, A.M., 1883; S.T.B., Boston U. 
Sch. of Theology, 1887; studied Univ. 
of Berlin and London Library; D.D., 
Northwestern U., 1899; m. Edna Iliff, 
of Denver. Colo., June 26, 1897. Or- 
dained M.E. ministry, 1887; pastorates 
at San Francisco, Vallejo. San Jose, 
Grace Ch., Denver; pres. Ilitf Sch. of 
Theology. Denver, 1897-1900; pastor 
Central Ch., San Francisco, 1901-04; 

state supt. for Calif, of Anti-Saloon 
League since 1921; editor California 
Liberator since 1919. Tru.stee Coll. of 
The Pacific. Mem. Beta Theta Pi. 
Republican. Club: Commonwealth. 
Home: Los Gatos, Calif. Office: 3 
City Hall Av., San Francisco. 

PATIGIAN, Haig, sculptor; b. City 
of Van, Armenia, Jan. 22, 1876; s. 
Avedis and Marine (Hovsepian) Pati- 
gian; early education under father and 
mother (teachers in American Mission 
Sch., Van); self educated in art; later 
studied sculpture with Alix Marquet, 
Paris, France, 1906-07; m. Blanche 
Hollister, of Courtland, Calif., Jan. 1, 
1908; children — Hollis, Haig. Mem. 
Internat. Jury of Awards, Panama 
P.I. Expn., 1915; Hors Comcours. 
Principal works: McKinley Monu- 
ment, Areata, Calif., 1905; "Ancient 
History" (bronze). Salon des Artistes 
Francais, 1907; "Guardian Angel," 
Dolbecr Mausoleum, San Francisco, 
Calif.; Rowell Monument, Fresno, 
Calif.; allegoric figures of "Invention," 
"Imagination," "Steam Power," "Elec- 
trical Power," and other sculptural 
work for Machinery Palace, Panama 
P.I. Expn.; "Vanity" (marble), Apollo, 
Diana, etc.. Palace of Fine Arts, same 
expn.; Alden J. Blethen Memorial, 
Seattle. Wash.; Lt. Gov. J. M. Eshle- 
man, Univ. of Calif.; Gen. Funston, 
City Hall, San Francisco, Calif., 1917, 
pediment of Met. Life Bldg., San 
Francisco, Tympanum group and fig- 
ures, arts, sciences, etc. Memorial 
Mus., San Francisco, 1919, Wm. 
Greer Harrison, Olympic Club; heroic 
statue of General Pershing, San Fran- 
cisco, 1921; seated statue of Lincoln, 
Civic Center, San Francisco, 1926; 
symbolic fountain of "Friendship," 
1926; Dr. Taylor memorial for Pub. 
Library, San Francisco, 1927; etc. 
Mem. Calif. N.G. 5 yrs. Mem. Nat. 
Sculpture Soc, Am. Federation Arts, 
Am. Inst. Arts and Letters, Societe 
des Artistes Francais. Clubs: Bohem- 
ian (pres. 1920-22, 1926-27), Family, 
Press, Olympic. Home: 898 Francisco 
St. Studio: 3055 Webster St., San 

HALE, George Ellery, astronomer; 
b. Chicago, June 29, 1868; s. William 
Ellery and Mary S. H.; S.B., Mass. 
Inst. Tech., 1890; studied Harvard 
College Ohs., 1889-90, University of 
Berlin, winter, 1893-94; Sc.D., U. of 
Pittsburgh, 1897, Yale, 1905, Victoria 
U., Manchester, 1907, Oxford, 1909, 
Cambridge, 1911, Chicago. 1916, Col- 
umbia, 1917, Harvard, 1921; LL.D., 
Beloit, 1904, U. of Cahf., 1912, 
Princeton, 1917; Ph.D., Berlin, 1910; 
111. Evelina S. Conklin, of Brooklyn, 
June 5, 1890; children — Margaret, 
William Ellery. Dir. Kenwood As- 
trophys. Obs., 1890-96; asso. prof, 
astrophysics, 1892-97, prof., 1897- 


1905, organizer, and dir. Yerkes Obs., 
1895-1905, U. of Chicago: organizer, 
and dir. Mount Wilson Obs. of Car- 
negie Instn. of Wash., 1904-23, hon. 
dir., in charge of policy and develop- 
ment since 1923. Trustee Calif. Inst. 
Tech., Huntington Library and Art 
Gallery, Pasadena Art Inst.; mem. 
Pasadena City Planning Commn. Prin. 
scientific researches have been made in 
solar and stellar spectroscopy. Joint 
editor Astronomy and Astrophysics, 
1892-95, Astrophysical Journal since 
1895: has written many papers on the 
Sun, stellar spectroscopy, etc. Janssen 
medal, Paris Acad. Sciences, 1894; 
Rumford medal, 1902; Draper medal, 
1903; gold medal. Royal Astron. Soc, 
1904; Bruce medal, Astron. Soc. of 
the Pacific, 1916: Janssen medal, 
Astron. Soc. of France, 1917: Galileo 
medal, Florence, 1920; Actonian prise. 
Royal Instn., 1921; Arthur Noble 
medal for civic service (Pasadena), 
1927; Cresson and Franklin medals, 
Franklin Inst., 1926, 27; Comdr. Or- 
der of Leopold II (Belgium): Comdr. 
Order of the Crown (Italy). Mem. 
Am. Philos. Soc, Nat. Acad. Sciences, 
Am. Astron. Soc, Internat. Research 
Council; hon. chmn. Nat. Research 
Council. Mem. com. on intellectual 
co-operation League of Nations, 1922; 
foreign mem. Royal Soc. of London, 
Royal Soc. of Edinburgh, Royal Soc. 
of Dublin, Soc Hollandaisc des Sci- 
ences, Philos. Soc. of Cambridge, 
Acad, dei Lincei. Rome, Amsterdam 
Acad. Sciences, Norwegian Acad. Sci- 
ences, Swedish Acad. Sciences, Rus- 
sian Acad. Sciences, Soc. Imp. des 
Naturalistes. Moscow; foreign asso. Inst, 
of France (Acad, of Sciences), Italian 
Soc. Sciences, Royal Acad. Belgium, 
Royal Astron. Soc; corr. Bur. des Lon- 
gitudes, Paris; hon. mem. ViennaAcad. 
Sciences, Royal Soc, Upsala, Acca- 
demia Gioenia, Catania, Royal Acad. 
(Turin), Soc. de Physique (Geneva), 
Royal Instn. (London), London Phys. 
Soc, etc. Author: The Study of Stel- 
lar Evolution; Ten Years" Work of a 
Mountain Observatory: The New 
Heavens; The Depths of the Universe; 
Beyond the Milky Way. Address: Mt. 
Wilson Observatory, Pasadena. 

JOHNSON, Willis Ernest, college 
dean; b. Delano, Minn., Feb. 9, 1869; 
s. Jonas and Christine (Anderson) J.; 
student State Normal Sch., St. Cloud, 
Minn., 1890-94; Ph.B., 111. Wesleyan 
U., 1900, M.A., 1907; B.A. and M.A., 
U. of Minn., 1918, Ph.D., 1919; 
LL.D., Dak. Wesleyan U., 1919; 
Sc.D., S.D. State Coll., 1923; m. 
Eunice Stanley, of Delano, Apr. 2, 
1890; children— Willis LesHe, Arthur 
Lee, Stanley Clyde, Clarence Elbert, 
Aylesworth (dec). Critic teacher. 
State Normal Sch., St. Cloud, 1894- 
95; prof, history and geography. State 
Normal Sch., Mayville, N.Dak., 1895- 

1902; prof, social sciences, 1902, v. p., 
1905, pres., 1914-19, Northern Nor- 
mal and Industrial Sch., Aberdeen, S. 
Dak.; pres. State Normal and Indus- 
trial Sch., Ellcndale, N.Dak., 1913- 
14; pres. State Coll. of Agr. and Me- 
chanic Arts, . Brookings, S.D., 1919- 
23: professorial lecturer, U. of Minn., 
and prin. Univ. High Sch., 1923-24; 
dir. of edn.. State Teachers" Coll., San 
Diego, Calif., since 1924. Served on 
staff ednl. survey of Va. and Ala, Fel- 
low Am. Geog. Soc; mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa. Mason. 
Author: Mathematical Geography, 
1907; South Dakota— A Republic of 
Friends, 1911; The State and Nation, 
1917; Community Civics (with F. A. 
Ransom), 1922. Home: 2276 Hickory 
St., San Diego. 

GUGGENHEIM, Harry F., min- 
ing man: b. West End, N.J,, Aug. 23. 
1890: .s. Daniel and Florence (Schloss) 
G.: student in Yale, 1907, Pembroke 
Coll., Cambridge. Eng., 1910-13, B.A.. 
1913, M.A.. 1918: m. 2d. Caroline 
Morton, of N,Y. Citv. Feb, 3. 1923: 

1 dau., Diane; children by former 
marriage — Joan Florence, Nancy. Be- 
gan with Am. Smelting 6f Refining 
Co., at Aguascalientes, Mexico, 1907; 
mem. firm Guggenheim Bros., 1916- 
23; was exec. dir. during development 
of Chile Copper Co. which became the 
cheapest low grade copper producer 
in the world; president and directing 
genius of Daniel Guggenheim $2,500.- 
000.00 foundation, estah. in 1926, to 
aid in the advancement of aeronautics 
and aviation in the U.S.A., to pro- 
mote aeronautical education both in 
institutions of learning and among the 
general public, to assist in extension of 
fundamental aeronautical science, to 
assist in development of commercial 
aircraft and aircraft equipment, to 

further the application of aircraft in 
business, industry and other economic 
and social activity of the nation, and 
most important of all, to assist in the 
development of safety in aviation, a 
vital consideration which was empha- 
sised by Mr. Guggenheim when, in 
making a substantial cash award to 
Col. Charles A. Lindbergh in recogni- 
tion of his marvelous feat of blazing 
a new air trail from this country to 
Continental Europe, he stated that 
while Col. Lindbergh"s achievement 
was of great constructive value to the 
world he nevertheless would frown 
upon stunt flyers who attempted to 
duplicate the feat until such a time as 
safety for trans-ocean flights had been 
attained: dir. Kennecott Copper Co., 
Braden Copper Co., Utah Copper Co. 
Mem. bd. Welfare Council of N.Y. 
City: mem. com. of experts, Brussels, 
Belgium. Feb. 1927, to examine and 
report to Commn. of League of Na- 
tions upon limitation of air armaments. 
Naval aviator, U.S., World War; 
commd. It. jr. grade, final rank of It. 
comdr.: served in France, Italy and 
Eng. Mem. Am. Inst. Mining Engrs., 
Am. Soc. Internat. Law. Chtbs: Yale 
(New York); Hawks (Cambridge). 
Homes: Port Washington, N.Y., and 
Santa Barbara, Calif. Ogice: 598 
Madison Ave. New York, N,Y. 

KYNE, Peter Bernard, author: b. 
San Francisco, Calif., Oct, 12, 1880; 
s. John and Mary (Cresham) K.: ed. 
pub. sch. and business coll.: m. Helenc 
Catherine Johnston, of Des Moines, 
la., Feb, 2, 1910. Began as elk. gen. 
mdse. store, later in wholesale lumber 
and shipping offices: lumber broker, 
newspaper man. Enlisted in Co. L. 
14th U.S. Inf., 1898: mem. 3d expdn. 
to Philippine Islands: veteran of Span- 
ish-Am. War and Philippine Rebel- 
lion: capt. 144th Field Arty., World 
War. Democrat. Chibs; Bohemian, 
Family (San Francisco), Army and 
Navy (New York). Author: Three 
Godfathers, 1913: The Long Chance, 
1914: Cappy Ricks, 1916; Webster- 
Man"s Man, 1917: The Valley of the 
Giants, 1918: The Green Pea Pirates, 
1919: Kindred of the Dust, 1920: The 
Pride of Palomar, 1921; The Go-Gct- 
ter, 1922; Never the Twain Shall 
Meet, 1923; The Enchanted Hill, 
1924; The Understanding Heart, 
1926; They Also Served, 1927. Con- 
tributor short stories to mags. Home: 
Beverly Hills. 

VOLLMER, August, criminologist; 
b. New Orleans, La„ Mar, 7, 1876; s. 
John and Philippine V.; student New 
Orleans Acad.: m. Millicent Fell, of 
Dunkirk, N.Y., July 23, 1924. Served 
as pvt. G. Battery, 3d Arty., U,S,A„ 
Spanish-Am. War and Philippine In- 
surrection, June 23, 1898-Aug. 27, 
1899. Chief of police, Berkeley, Calif., 
since Apr. 9, 1905; reorganized police 


dept., San Diego, Calif., 1917, police 
dept., Los Angeles, 1923-24; police 
consultant, Havana, Cuba, and De- 
troit, Mich., 1926. Prcs. Bd. Mgrs. 
State Bur. ol Criminal Investigation 
and Identihcation, Calif. Republican. 
Unitarian. Mem. Inst. Criminal Law 
and Criminology, Nat. Mental Hy- 
.ijiene Soc, Internat. Assn. Chiefs of 
Police (pres. 1921-22). Home; 1843 
Francisco St. Address: Police Depart- 
ment. Berkeley. 

HEARST, William Randolph, 

newspaper pub.; b. San Francisco, 
Apr., 1863; s. late George (U.S. 
senator) and late Phoebe (Apperson) 

H.: student Harvard. 1882-8?; LL.D. 
Oglethorpe. 1927; m. Millicent, d 
George H. Willson, of N.Y., Apr. 28 
1903; children — George, William. 
John. Randolph, Elbert. Editor and 
propr. of S.F. Examiner, Los An 
geles Examiner, Los Angeles Herald 
Chicago Herald and Examiner, Ch 
cago American, Atlanta Georgian, and 
Sunday American, Boston American 
Boston Advertiser, New York Jour 
nal. New York American. Wisconsin 
News. Washington Times, Washing 
ton Herald. Albany Times Union 
Syracuse Journal and Sunday Ameri 
can, Rochester Journal and Sunday 
American. Baltimore American, Balti 
more News. Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph 
Detroit Times, Seattle Post-Intelli 
gencer, San Francisco Call. Oakland 
Post-Enquirer, San Antonio Light 
also magazines — Hearst's Internation 
al-Cosmopolitan. Good Housekeeping 
Harper's Bazar, Motor, Motor Boat 
ing Magazine. The American Drug 
gist. Town and Country, Internationa 
Studio associated with Connoisseur 
and The Connoisseur, Good House 
keeping. Nash's and Pall Mall Maga 

zine (all of London). Elected to 58th 
and 59th Congresses (1903-07), 11th 
N.Y. Dist.; Democrat. Candidate for 
mayor. New York, on municipal own- 
ership ticket, 1905, on Independence 
League ticket, 1909, for gov. N.Y., 
1906, on Independence League and 
Dem. tickets. His vast country estate 
at San Simeon, San Luis Obispo 
County, California, comprising 240,000 
acres running fifty miles along the Pa- 
cific and back over two mountain 
ranges, is one of the show places of 
America. Homes: 1 37 Riverside Drive, 
New York City, and San Simeon, 
Calif. Offices; 119 W. 40th St., New 
York City. 

GRAVES, Charles Hinman, diplo-; b. Springfield, Mass., Aug. 14, 
1839; s. Rev. Hiram Atwell (editor 
Christian Watchman, Boston) and 
Mary (Hinman) G.; ed. pub. schs., 
Boston, and Litchfield, Conn.; m. 
Grace, d. late Gen. Joseph G. Totten, 
U.S.A., May 20, 1873; m. 2d, Alice 
K. Trippe, of Athens, Pa., Apr. 25, 
1905. Sergt. 40th N.Y. Inf., June 27, 
1861; 2d It., Nov. 4, 1861; 1st It., 
July 8, 1862; capt. a.-a.-g. vols., Feb. 
29, 1864; maj. a.-a.-g. vols., Jan. 15, 
1865; bvtd. It. col. and col. vols., Mar. 
13, 1865, for faithful and efficient 
1 rvices during the war, and gallant 
tnnduct in the field; bvtd. maj., 
U.S.A., Mar. 2, 1867, for gallant and 
meritorious services at Gettysburg; It. 
col. U.S.A., Mar. 2, 1867, for same at 
Ft. Fisher; hon. mustered out of vol. 
service, Sept. 1, 1866: apptd. 1st It. 
14th U.S. Inf., Nov. 29, 1865; capt. 
34th Inf., July 28, 1866; hon. dis- 
charged at own request, Dec. 29, 1870. 
Officer on staffs. Gens. Phil Kearny, 
Birney, Stoneman, A. H. Terry; 
served in all operations and battles 
Army of Potomac. Settled in Minn.; 
pioneer in many of the important busi- 
ness enterprises of Duluth. Mem. 
Minn. Senate, 1875-78, Ho. of Rep., 
1889-91 (speaker); mayor of Duluth, 
1881-83; .state capitol commr., Minn., 
1893-1905; U.S. minister to Sweden 
and Norway, Mar. 1905-June 1906, 
to Sweden, 1906-14. Pres. Cottage 
Hosp., Santa Barbara. Republican. 
Companion Loyal Legion. Episcopa- 
lian. Home: Santa Barbara. 

OLNEY, Warren, Jr., lawyer; b. 
San Francisco, Oct. 15, 1870; s. War- 
ren and Mary Jane (Craven) O.; A.B., 
U. of Cahf., 1891, LL.D., 1919; A.B., 
Harvard, 1892; LL.B., Hastings Coll. 
of Law, 1894; m. Mary M. McLean, 
of Oakland, Calif., Oct. 24, 1899; 
children — John McLean, Warren, 
Constance Sarah. Practiced in San 
Francisco, formerly as Olney & Olney 
(father and son), firm of Olney, 
Pringle 6? Mannon, 1907-10, Page, 
McCutchen, Knight 6? Olney, 1910- 
12, McCutchen, Olney 6? Willard, 

1913-19; atty. for regents of U. of 
Calif., 1911-19; gen. atty., 1907-13 
gen. counsel, 1913-15, receiver, 1915 
16, again gen. counsel, 1916-19, W. P. 
Ry. Co.; asso. justice Supreme Court 
of Calif., 1919-21; mem. McCutchen 
Olney, Mannon &? Greene. 1921 — 
Asst. prof, law, Ha.stings Coll. of Law 
1895-1904; lecturer Sch. of Jurisprud 
ence, U. of Calif., 1904-07. Mem. 
State Registration Bur. having charge 
of registration for the draft in Calif, 
chmn. Dist. Exemption Bd. for Div. 1, 
1917-18; chmn. State Mil. Welfare 
Commn., 1917-18. Member Am. Bar 
Assn., Calif. State Bar Assn., Bar 
Assn. of San Francisco, Beta Theta Pi, 
Phi Delta Phi. Clubs: University (pres. 
1908-10), Claremont Country, Bohem- 
ian, Berkeley, Sutter, Commonwealth, 
Faculty, Harvard. Home: 2737 Bel- 
rose Av., Berkeley, Calif. Office: Bal- 
four Bldg., San Francisco. 

WRIGLEY, William Jr., mfr.; b. 
Phila., Pa., Sept. 30. 1861; .s. Wm, 
and Mary A. (Ladley) W.; ed. pub. 
schs.; m. Ada E. Foote. of N.Y. (iity. 
Sept. 17, 1885; children— Philip K.. 
Dorothy W. (Mrs. James R. Offield). 
Began business with father at Phila., 
1882; removed to Chicago and entered 
business for self, 1891, under firm 
name of Wm. Wrigley, Jr., 6? Co., 

mlr^. chewing gum; on Jan. 1. 1911, 
the plant of the Zeno Mfg. Co. was 
absorbed and the name of the corpn. 
changed to Wm. Wrigley, Jr., Co., 
of which is pres.; dir. First Nat. 
Bank, First Trust 6? Savings Bank, 
Boulevard Bridge Bank. Consumers 
Co. (Chicago); chmn. bd. Bon Air 
Coal y Iron Corpn. (Tenn.). Wil- 
mington Transportation Co. (Calif.), 
Santa Catalina Island Co. (Cahf.), 
Chicago Nat. League Ball Club, An- 



gel City Baseball Cluh (Los Angeles). 
Trustee Field Mus. Natural History. 
Exec. com. Chicago Chapter American 
Red Cross. Republican. Mem. Loyal 
Legion. Clubs: Chicago. Chicago 
Athletic, Glen View Golf (Chicago); 
California. Los Angeles Athletic, etc. 
(Los Angeles). Homes: 1200 Lake 
Shore Drive. Chicago: 391 S. Orange 
Or Pasadena. Calif.: Avalon. Catalina 
Island. Calif. Office: 400 N. Michigan 
Ave.. Chicago. 

RADIN, Max, author; b. Kempen. 
Poland. Mar. 29, 1880: s. Adolph 
Moses and Johanna (Thcodor) R.: 
brought to U.S., 1884:A.B., Coll. City 
of New York, 1899: LL.B., New York 
University, 1902; Ph.D., Columbia, 
1909; m. Rose JafFe, of New York 
City, July 2, 1909 (died Oct. U, 
1918); 1 dau., Rhea: m. 2d, Dorothea 
Frail, of Berkeley, Cahf., June^ 30, 
1922. Teacher pub. schs.. New York, 
1900-01; instr. Latin, DeWitt Clinton 
High Sch., 1901-07; 1st asst., New- 
town High Sch., 1907-19: instr., Col- 
umbia U., 1918-19: lecturer in Roman 
and civil law. Coll. City of N.Y., 
1917-19: prof, law, U. of Calif., 1919 
— . Admitted to N.Y. bar, 1902, 
Calif, bar, 1920. Mem. Am. Assn. 
Univ. Profs., Am. Philol. Assn., Phi 
Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Zeta Beta 
Tau, Societe d'Histoire du Droit. 
Author; The Legislation of the Greeks 
and Romans on Corporation, 1909; 
The Jews Among the Greeks and Ro- 
mans, 1916; Handbook of Roman 
Law, 1927: also numerous articles in 
philological and legal periodicals. 
Home 2683 Buena Vista Way, Berke- 

DENNEN, Jeanne Whitney, edu- 
cator; b. Watertown, Mass., Jan. 16, 
1863; d. Stephen Rollins and Clara 
Whitney (Ludwig) D.; student Brad- 
ford Acad. Founded, with Alice K. 
Parsons, and conducted pvt. sch., 
Brooklyn, N.Y., 1885-92; founded, 
with same, at Los Angeles, Calif., 
1892, the Girls" Collegiate Sch., re- 
moving sch. to estate of 50 acres over- 
looking San Gabriel Valley, in 1925. 
Christian Scientist. Club: Friday 
Morning; a founder of Ebell Club. 
Home; Glendora, Calif. 

VERONDA, Maurice, educator: b. 
Carbon Hill. Grundy Co., 111.. Nov. 
27 1892; s. Anton and Maria (Con- 
figliacco) v.; A.B., U. of 111., 1918; 
m. Carol McCauley, of Fostoria, O., 
June 7, 1919 (dec); 1 son, Carol 
McCauley. Comdt. and athletic dir. 
Los Angeles Mil. Acad., 1920-22; 
founded Oneonta Mil. Acad., South 
Pasadena, Calif., 1922, conducted 
same to 1924; founded Southwestern 
Mil. Acad.. San Marino, Pasadena, 
1924, and now conducting same. Sec- 
ond lieut., U.S.A., A.E.F., 1918-19; 
now 1st lieut. (reserve). 57th Arty. 

(Regular U.S.A.). and adj. 3rd Bn. 
same. 1924 — . Mem. Army, Navy and 
Marine Corps Assn. Republican. 
Methodist. Address: 2800 Monterey 
Rd., San Marino. Pasadena. 

HILTON, William Atwood, zoolo- 
gist: b. Vannettcn. N.Y., June 27, 
1878: s. Willard M. and Mary AHce 
(Atwood) H.; B.S., Cornell U., 1899, 
Ph.D., 1902; studied Summer Sch. 
(Cornell), Wood's Hole (Mass.) and 
Bermuda Biol. Sta.; spent 2 summers 
visiting European univs., museums 
and biol. stations: m. Emily Stella 
Boardman, of Washington, DC, 
Sept. 3, 1912: children — Dorothea 
Atwood, Eleanor Boardman. Grad. 
scholar Cornell U., 1899-1900, grad. 
fellow, 1900-01; asst. in histology, 
same univ., 1901-03; instr., asst. prof, 
and asso. prof., Pomona Coll., Clare- 
mont, Calif., 1905-08: instr. histology, 
Cornell U., 1908-11: instr. and asst. 
prof, anatomy, U. of Minn., 1911-12: 
prof, zoology, Pomona Coll., since 
1912, also editor Jour. Entomology 
and Zoology and dir. Laguna Marine 
Lab, Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Soc. 
Zoologists, Am. Assn. Anatomists, 
Am. Micros. Soc, Chi Psi, Sigma Xi, 
etc. Republican. Conglist. Contbr. 
more than 100 articles on animal dis- 
tribution, embryology, gen. morphol- 
ogy and especially on the nervous sys- 
tem. Home- Claremont. 

GARLAND, William May; b. 
Westport, Me.. Mar, 51. 1866; s. 
Jonathan May and Rebecca (Jewett) 
G.; ed. high sch., Waterville, Me.; 
m. S. Blanche Hinman, of Dunkirk, 

N.Y., Oct. 12, 1898: children -Wil- 
liam Marshall, John Jewett. With 111. 
Trust 6? Savings Bank, Chicago, till 
1890: moved to Los Angeles, Calif.; 

auditor Paci.^c Cable Co., 1890-94; 
in real estate business, since 1894; 
head of W. M. Garland ^ Co. Mem. 
Nat. Assn. Real Estate Bds. (twice 
pres.), Los Angeles Realty Bd. (3 
times pres.). Dollar a year man, 
Washington, World War. Col. on 
staff of Gov. Gillett, 1906-10; ex- 
mem. Los Angeles Bd. of Edn., Pub. 
Library Bd.; mem. Rep. Nat. Conv., 
Philadelphia, 1900, Cleveland, 1924; 
Pacific Coast del. Internat. Olympic 
Com. that went to Rome, 1923, and 
secured celebration of the X Olympiad 
at Los Angeles, for 1932; pres. Cahf. 
State Chamber of Commerce, Agncul- 
:ure and Industry. Republican. Episco- 
palian. Clubs; University, California 
(pres. 1908), Los Angeles Athletic 
(pres. ) , Los Angeles Country, Midwick 
Country, Crags Country (pres,), Bolsa 
Chica Gun (pres. 6 yrs.), Bohemian 
(San Francisco); Union Interalliee 
(Pans). Home: 815 W. Adams St. 
Office: W. M. Garland Bldg., Los An- 

BULLARD, Frank Dearborn,M.D., 

surgeon: b. Lincoln Center, Me., Dec. 
27, 1860; s. William Bradford and 
Lydia (Dearborn) B.; A.B., Colby, 
1881 (Phi Beta Kappa), A.M., 1884; 
M.D., U. of Cahf. Med. Dept., Los 
Angeles, 1888: studied in Gottingen, 
Berlin and Vienna: m. Rose Talbott, 
M D , of Los Angeles, May 3, 1888; 
1 dau., Helen: m. 2d, Kathryn Fink, 
1917. Engaged in med. practice in Los 
Angeles since 1888; specializes in 
treatment of eye, ear, nose and throat; 
instr. in ophthalmology, U. of Calif. 
Med. Dept. Consultant ophthalmolo- 
gist, U. S. Aviation Bd., Los Angeles. 
Mem. A.M. A., Med. Soc. State of 
Calif., Am. Acad. Medicine, Los An- 
geles Co. Med. Assn. (ex-pres.). 
Southern Cahf. Med. Assn. (ex-pres.), 
Los Angeles Clin, and Pathol. ^Soc. 
(ex-sec): ex-pres. Southern Calif. 
Ana:sthetists Soc. Follower of Herbert 
Spencer. Clubs: University (ex-pres.). 
Scribes. Author: Cupid's Chalice 
(poems), 1890; The Apistophilon 
(poems), 1898. Contbr. numerous 
papers on anaesthesia. Lecturer on 
biblical criticism in Unitarian Ch. 
since 1921. Home; 1317 Edgechff 
Drive. Office: 1219 Rives-Strong 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

CLINE, Walter Branks, public utili- 
ties; b. Sacramento, Calif., Nov. 15, 
1862; s. William and Maria C; ed. 
pub. schs., San Francisco; m. Clara 
Emily Smith, 1885. Broker's elk., San 
Francisco, 1878-80; accountant Pacific 
Gas Improvement Co. and its prede- 
cessors, 1882-89, also sec, mgr. Pacific 
Lighting Co.: pres. Los Angeles Gas tf 
Electric Corpn., 1889-1924, chmn. bd. 
since 1924. Mem. Nat. Electric Light 
Assn., Am. Gas Assn., Pacific Coast 
Gas Assn., Pacific Coast Elec. Assn. 
Protestant. Clubs; California, Jona- 


than, Los Angeles Athletic. Office: 
810 S. Flower St., Lo.s Angeles. 

CHANDLER, Harry, newspaper 
pub.: h. Landatr, N.H., May 17, 1864: 
■v. Muses Knight and Emma Jane (Lit- 
tle) C; ed. high sch., Lisbon, N.H.; 
married; children — (1st wife) Fran- 

ccska, AHcc May: (2d wife) Con- 
stance. Ruth, Norman, Harrison Gray, 
Helen, Philip. Began at 21 as elk. 
circulation dept., Los Angeles Times; 
pres. Times-Mirror Co. and pub. 
Times since 1917. Organized syndi- 
cate and purchased 862,000 acres of 
land in Lower Calif., 1899, and was 
made pres. Calif. -Mexico Land 6? Cat- 
tle Co., the property producing $18,- 
000,000 worth of cotton in 1919; pur- 
chased 47,000 acres of land adjoining 
Los Angeles, 1909, and organized Los 
Angeles Suburban Homes Co., entire 
area sold in 7 yrs.; organized syndi- 
cate, 1912, and purchased Tejon 
Ranch, 281,000 acres in Los Angeles 
and Kern cos., Calif., now maintain- 
ing thereon about 25,000 head of live 
stock; officer or dir. in 3 5 Calif, 
corpus., including banking, land, 
transportation cos. and oil, irrigation 
and mfg. enterprises. Trustee Cali- 
fornia School of Technology, also trus- 
tee of Stanford U. Republican. Mason 
(33°, Shriner), Elk. Chibs; Jonathan, 
University, Athletic, Automobile Club 
of Southern Calif., San Gabriel Coun- 
try, Flintridge Country. Presented 
gold watch by Los Angeles Realty Bd. 
as "the most useful citizen of Los An- 
geles for the year 1921." In 1927 
purchased Bartlett Ranch in Colo., 
famous the country over as a sports- 
man paradise, consists of 340,000 
acres. Home: 2330 Hillhurst Av. 
Office Times Office, Los Angeles. 

COOPER, Irving Steiger, bishop: 
b. Santa Barbara, Call!"., Mar. 16, 

1882; s. Augustus Steiger and Mary 
F. (Naftel) C; high sch., 1898-1901; 
U. of Calif., 1902-06; studied at Ad- 
yar, Madras, India: m. Susan L. War- 
field, Apr. 8, 1927. Nat. lecturer for 
Theos. Soc, 1908-19; nat. organizing 
sec. Order of the Star in the East, 
1912-19: ordained priest Old Cath- 
olic Ch., 1918: consecrated regionary 
Bishop of Liberal Catholic Ch. for 
U.S., 1919. Author: Methods of Psy- 
chic Development, 1911; Ways to Per- 
fect Health, 1912: The Secret of 
Happiness, 1912; Theosophy Simpli- 
fied, 1915; Reincarnation — The Hope 
of the World, 1917. Home: 2041 Ar- 
gyle Av., Los Angeles. 

CLARK, William Andrews, Jr., 
miner, capitalist; b. Deer Lodge, 
Mont., Mar. 29, 1877; s. U.S. Senator 
William Andrews and Katherine Lou- 
ise (Stauffer) C; ed. pub. schs. of 
Garden City, L.L, and Los Angeles, 
Cahf., and Drisler Sch., N.Y. City; 
B.L., U. of Va., 1899; tti. Mabel Duf- 
field Foster, of Butte, Mont., June 
19, 1901 (now deceased); 1 son, Wil- 
liam Andrews; m. 2d, Alice G. Mc- 
Manus, of Virginia City, Nev., May 
7, 1907 (now deceased). Admitted 
to bar by Supreme Court of Mont., 
1900, and practiced 7 yrs.; started, 
1905, and developed the Elm Orlu 
Mine, at Butte, Mont.; built the Tim- 
ber Butte Mill, 1911; vice pres. and 
dir. United Verde Copper Co.: pres. 
Elm Orlu Mining Co., Timber Butte 
Milling Co., Clark-Moulton Realty 
Co., Butte Electric Ry. Co., Missoula 
Pub. Service, Western Lumber Co., 
Moulton Mining Co. Founded Los An- 
geles Philharmonic Orchestra, 1919. 
Mem. Mont, and Calif. State bar 
assns.. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, 
Phi Kappa Psi. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
Silver Bow, Country (Butte): Cali- 
fornia, University, Midwick, Gamut, 
Country (Los Angeles): Lambs, Rac- 
quet (New York). Home: Butte, 
Mont. (;ilso Los Angeles.) Offtcc 
Miner Bldg., Butte, Mont, 

CASTLES, Alfred Guide Rudolph 
(surname adopted), capitalist; b. Chi 
cago. 111., Apr. 19, 1851; .s. Rudolpl. 
and Amalia (Hoffmann) Schloessci 
student Concordia Coll., Ft. Wayne, 
Ind.; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 
1871; post-grad, work in Europe: wa^ 
asst. phys. Imperial Royal Hosp., Vi- 
enna; m. Emma M. R., d. Gen. A. A. 
MacDoncIl, of Chicago, Nov. 19, 
1874; children — Amelia Jeanette 
(Mrs. J. G. Barnett), Frances Helen 
Imogene (Mrs. Carl Thomsen), Alex- 
ander Rudolph, Amalia Angela Aloy- 
sia (Mrs. Eric Earl Eastman). Prac- 
ticed as dermatologist and laryngolo- 
gist, Chicago, several yrs.; acquired 
mining property in Lassen Co., Calif., 
1894, and developed same: settled at 
Los Angeles, 1909, and engaged in 
investment business; resumed practice, 

making glandular therapy (endocrin- 
ology) his specialty; licensed to prac- 
tice in 111. and Calif. His home, C:istle 
Sans Souci, Hollywood, regarded as 
one of the most beautiful in Calif, and 
contains one of finest collections of 
paintings and works of art on Pacific 
Coast. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Mason (K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Jona- 
than, Gamut, Hollywood. On one trip 
abroad, carried letter from James G. 
Blaine (then sec. of state), recom- 
mending Am. diplomats to introduce 
him to the crowned heads of Europe; 
witnessed review of 30,000 troops 
from window of palace of Sultan of 
Turkey: in making world tour crossed 
the equator and Arctic Circle several 
times, getting within 500 miles of the 
north pole. Home-Office: Ca.stle Sans 
Souci, 1901 Argyle Av,, Hollywood. 

HALDEM AN,Harry Marston, mer- 
chant; b. Oil City, Pa., Apr. 5, 
1871: s. William and Sabra (Merri- 
dith) H.: grad. high sch.. Oil City, 
1889; m. Viola Flack, of Indianapolis, 
Ind., Dec. 31, 1894; children— Mrs. 
Josephine Fitger, Harry F., Dorothy 
E. With McElwaine-Richards Co., 
Indianapolis, 1899-1902; with Crane 
Co., Chicago, 1902-10; with Pacific 
Pipe 6? Supply Co., Los Angeles, 
Calif., 1910, pres. and gen. mgr., since 
1915. Pres, Better Am. Federation of 
Calif.: v.p. Yosemite Nat. Park Co.; 
chmn. advisory council Salvation 

Army. Republican. Presbyn. Mason 
(3 2°, Shriner). Clubs; California, 
Athletic, Uplifters, Los Angeles Coun- 
try. Presented with gold watch by 
Los Angeles Realty Bd., 1920, as "the 
most useful citizen ot Los Angeles." 
Home: 1732 North Wilton PI. Ad- 
dress: 1002 S. Santa Fe Av., Los 



BARHAM, Frank Forrest, publish- 
er; b. Anaheim, Cahf., May 24, 1879; 
s. Richard Marion and Martha Me- 
dora (Arnold) B.; prep, edn., Los 
Angeles High Sch.; Dr. medicine and 
surgery, College of Physicians ^ Sur- 
geons, U. of Southern Calif., 1906; 
m. Jessica Viola Gorham of Los An- 
geles, Jan. 31, 1908; 1 dau., Patricia 
Ann. Pres., treas. and pub. Los An- 
geles Evening Herald; propr. Guy B. 
Barham Co., gen. ins. and custom 
house brokerage: pres. Southern 
Counties Land Co., Frank F. Barham 
Co.; dir. Hearst Pubis., Inc. Mem. bd. 
dirs. Community Development Assn. 
Mason. Clubs: California, Los An- 
geles Athletic, Jonathan, Los Angeles 
Country, Calif. Yacht, Newport Har- 
bor Yacht. Home: Santa Ynez 
Rancho, Santa Monica. Office: 1243 
Trenton St., Los Angclc^. 

BODDY, Elias Manchester, editor 
and pub.; b. Lake Tapps. Wash., Nov. 
1, 1891: s. Benjamin and Susan Den- 
nis (Morgan) B.; student Wash. State 
Coll., Pullman, Wash., 1911-12, U. of 
Mont. 1913-14; m. Berenice Maud 
Klotz, of Winnetka, 111., Jan. 1, 1918; 
children — Robert Manchester, Calvin 
Jay. Dir. of sales, N.Y. City and N.E. 
territory, Ency. Britannica, 1916-18: 
mgr. of distribution. Current History 
Mag. and Mid-Weck Pictorial, 1920; 
organizer Mexican Year Book Pub. 
Co., 1920, pub. Mexican Year Book, 
1921-22; dir. of sales, printing and 
binding dept., Los Angeles Times Mir- 
ror Press, 1922-23; founder, 1923, 
since editor Calif. Commercial & 
Financial Digest; pub. since 1926, and 
prin. owner and editor Los Angeles 
Illustrated Daily News; asso. editor 
L. D. Powell Co., book pubs. Served 
as It. Inf., U.S.A., World War; dis 
abled in Argonne Forest, Oct. 8, 1918 
Dir. Council on Internat. Relations 
Los Angeles Commercial Bd. (pres.) 
Mem. Travelers' Aid Soc. (dir.) 
Conservation Assn. of Southern Calif, 
(treas.). Phi Sigma Kappa. Repub 
lican. Mason. Chibs: City, Athletic, 
Masonic, Breakfast, Calif. Country, 
The Writers (Hollywood). Author 
Japanese in America, 1921; Chief 
Brave Heart of the Woodside Tribe, 
1922: The Yellow Trail, 1922. Home: 
Canyon Rd. and Linda Vista Drive, 
Alta Canyada, Calif. Office: 123 E. 
Pico St., Los Angeles. 

COOLIDGE, Mary (Elizabeth Bur- 
roughs) Roberts, writer; b. Kingsbury, 
Ind., Oct, 28, 1860: d. Prof. Isaac 
Phillips and Margaret Jane (Marr) 
Roberts: Ph.B., Cornell, 1880, M.S., 
1882: Ph.D., Stanford University, 
1896: Litt.D., Mills College, 1927: m. 
Albert W. Smith, August 28, 1890: 
)7i. 2d, Dane Coolidge, of Berkeley, 
Cahf., July 30, 1906. On staff of the 
Rur:il New Yorker, 1880-81: teacher 

of history, Washington (D.C.) High 
Sch., 1882-84; prin. and teacher his- 
tory Miss Nourse and Miss Roberts" 
pvt. sch., Cincinnati, O., 1884-86: 
instr. of history and economics, 1886- 
90, sec. bd. examiners, 1888-90, 
Wellesley Coll.; asst. and asso. prof, 
of sociology, Stanford U., 1896-1903; 
research assistant to Carnegie Instn., 
Washington, 1904-08; head worker 
South Park Settlement, San Francisco, 
1905-06: research work, San Fran- 
cisco Relief Survey, 1909; prof, soci- 
ology. Mills Coll. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Mem. Am. Polit. Science As- 
sociation; president California Civic 
League, 1915-17; trustee of Pacific 
Colony for the Feebleminded, 1917- 
20. Mem. Calif. Acad. Social Sciences, 
Am. Assn. Univ. Profs., Nat. Econ. 
League, Nat. League of Women Vot- 
ers, Am. Assn. of Univ. Women. 
Clubs: Cahf. Writers, U. of Calif. 
Faculty Women's. Author; Chinese 
Immigration, 1909; Why Women are 
So, 1912. Reviser Warner's American 
Charities, 1908 and 1918. Contbr. of 
sociol. and econ. articles to mags. 
Home: Dwight Way End, Berkeley. 

AGGELER, 'William Tell, judge: b. 
DownieviUe, Sierra Co,, Calif., Aug. 
7, 1866: s. John Joseph and Mary 
Ann (Rinderer) A.: LL.B., U. of 
Mich., 1893; J.D., Loyola College, 
Los Angeles, Calif., 1925; m. Mar- 
garet Ann Ford, of San Francisco, 
Cahf., Sept. 14, 1897: children— 
Adele Marguerite, Leo Ignatius, Claire 
Marie, William Ford, Mervyn Aloy- 
sius. Began practice at Eureka, Calif., 
1893; chief dep. pub. defender, Los 
Angeles County, 1914-21, pub. de- 
fender. Mar. 7, 1921-Aug. 2, 1927; 
judge Superior Court, by apptmt. of 
Gov. Young, since Aug. 3, 1927: prof, 
law, Loyola Coll., since 1921. Mem. 
Calif. State and Los Angeles County 
bar assns. Democrat. Catholic. Chib: 
Newman. Home: 2896 W. 14th St. 
Address: Hall of Justice, Los Angeles. 

MacISAAC, Frederick, newspaper 
writer: b. Cambridge, Mass., Mar. 22, 
1886: s. John and Katherine (Skerry) 
M.; student. Harvard, 1904-06: m. 
Ethel Brown Marshall, of Kingston, 
N.H., Dec. 2, 1916; 1 son, Frederick 
Marshall. Successively reporter Bos- 
ton Journal, feature writer Boston 
Herald, dramatic and music editor 
Boston American, 1912-22. Repub- 
lican. Catholic. Club: Friars (New 
York). Author: Tony Sarg Marion- 
ette Book, 1921: Tin Hats, 1926: Hole 
in the Wall, 1927: Vanishing Profes- 
sor, 1927 (last 3 novels): also serial 
stories. Four Goliahs; Kidnapped by 
Request; Soft Money; Gleaming 
Blade; Rogue's Rule: etc., and many 
short stories. Home: Hollywood, Calif. Friars Club, 110 W. 48th 
St., New York, N.Y. 

LLOYD, Harold (Clayton), motion 
pictures: b. Burchard, Neb., Apr. 20, 
1894: s. J. Darsie and Sarah Eliza- 
beth (Eraser) L.; ed. high schs., Den- 
ver, Colo., and San Diego, Calif.; m. 
Mildred Davis, of Los Angeles, Calif., 
Feb. 10, 1923; 1 dau., Mildred Gloria. 
Began motion picture career as "extra" 
at 19, with the Edison Co., at San 
Diego; later with the Universal and 
other Hollywood film cos.; joined Hal 
E. Roach, 1914, starring in one- 
reel comedies known as "Lonesome 
Lukes"; leading character in "Sailor 
Made Man"; "Grandma's Boy"; "Dr. 
Jack"; "Safety Last"; "Why Worry"; 
etc.: organized Harold Lloyd Corpn., 
1923, 1st picture, "Girl Shy"; later 
pictures, "Hot Water," and "The 
Freshman," "For Heaven's Sake," 
"The Kid Brother," and "Speedy." 
Clubs: Uplifters, Los Angeles Ath- 
letic, Writers', Los Angeles Country, 
Southern Calif. Athletic, Hollywood 
Athletic; Lambs (New York). Home: 
502 Irving Boul., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Address: Metropolitan Studios, Holly- 

KENNEDY, Philip Benjamin, 
banker; b. Canton, S.D., Aug. 11, 
1882; s. Benjamin and Eva (Rowley) 
Kennedy; A.B., Beloit (Wis.) Coll., 
1905; Litt.B., Occidental Coll., Los 
Angeles, 1906: A.M., Harvard, 1911; 
m. Ethelyn Wallis, Feb. 12, 1927. 
Instructor and assistant professor Eng- 
lish, Beloit College, 1906-09; graduate 
student in economics, 1909-12, instr. 
pub. speaking, 1910-U, Harvard Uni- 
versity: instr., asst. prof, and dir. day 
div. of Sch. of Commerce, New York 
U., 1912-16; investigator, in Europe, 
of free ports, for Merchants' Assn., 
New York, 1913: apptd. commercial 
attache Dept. of Commerce, Jan. 10, 
1916, and assigned to Melbourne, 
Australia: transferred to London, 
Eng., Sept. 1, 1917; dir. U.S. Bur. 
of Foreign 6? Dome.stic Commerce, 
Washington, D.C, 1919-20; v. p. First 
Federal Foreign Banking Assn., New 
York, 1920-22: v.p. Security Trust ^ 
Savings Bank, Los Angeles, since 
1923. Chmn. Los Angeles (Chapter 
English-Speaking Union. Prcsbyn. 
Clubs: University, Los Angeles Coun- 
try (Los Angeles): Harvard (New 
York): Beach (Santa Monica). 
Contbr. articles on economic subjects. 
Home: 91 Freemont PI. Ofice: Se- 
curity Trust fe? Savings Bank, Los An- 

JAMES, William P., judge; b. Buffa- 
lo, N.Y., Jan. 10, 1870: s. David and 
Jane (Parry) J.; ed. pub. schs.: m. 
Ella V. Haas, of Los Angeles, Calif., 
1896. Began practice at Los Angeles; 
judge Superior Court of Los Angeles 
Co., 1905-10; judge Calif. Court of 
Appeals, 1910-23; U.S. dist. judge. 
Southern Dist. of Calif., by apptmt. 
of President Harding, since Mar. 



19!;?. RcpuHican. Presbyn. Mason 
(K.T.. Shnncr). Club: California. 
Home: Los Angeles. 

HUNT, Rockwell Dennis, univer- 
sity dean: b. Sacramento. Calii., Feb. 
?. 1868: .■!. Dennis Rockwell and 
Nancy Ann (Zumwalt) H.: Ph.B.. 
Napa (Calif.) Coll., 1890, A.M., 
1892: grad. Calif. Sch. of Elocution 
and Oratory, 1892; Ph.D., Johns Hop- 
kins, 1895: m. Nancy Seavy Stuart, 
of Oakdale, CaUf., July 24, 189v 
children— Paul Adams, Lloyd Free- 
man, Rockwell Dennis (dec), Clar- 
ence Stuart. Prof, history, Napa Coll., 
1891-93; prof, history and polit. 
science, U. of the Pacific, 1895-1902: 
pnn. San Jose High Sch., 1902-08: 
head of dept. economics since 1908. 
sec. of Grad. Council, 1910-19, chmn. 
since 1919, dean of Grad. Sch. since 
1920, dean of Coll. of Commerce and 
Business Administration, 1921-24, U. 
of Southern Calif. Prof, history Pa- 
cific Grove Summer Sch., 1900: lec- 
turer Stanford, 1898: prof, economics 
U. of Calif., summer. 1910. A founder 
and fellow Pacific Geog. Soc. Mem. 
Am. Econ. Assn., Am. Hist. Assn.. 
Nat. Economic League, Hist. Soc. 
Southern Calif., Calif. Acad. Social 
Sciences, X Club, Skull and Dagger, 
Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta 
Gamma Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu. Club: 
City. Author: Genesis of California's 
First Constitution: California the 
Golden: Calitornia, an American Com- 
monwealth. Contbr. on econ. and 
hist, subjects to journals and reviews. 
Editor, California and Californians, 
Commerce Journal, 1921-25. Home: 
5143 Brynhurst Av.. Los Angeles. 

HENNING, Edward J., judge: b. at 
Iron Ridge, Dodge Co., Wis., Dec. 
28, 1868: s. Gothb and Henriette 
(Erdman) H.: B.L., U. of Wis.. 1894: 
LL.B.. Columbian (now George 
Washington) U., 1896, LL.M., 1897, 
LL.D., 1925: m. Eugenia Husting, of 
Milwaukee, Dec. 7, 1898: 1 dau., 
Beatrice (Mrs. George Shaw). In law 
praaice at Milwaukee, 1897-1912: 
moved to San Diego, Calif., 1913. 
Campaign mgr. Am. Rep. Coll. 
League, 1896: asst. U.S. atty.. Eastern 
Dist., Wis., 1901-10, U.S. atty., 1910- 
11: asst. sec. of labor, 1921-25: U.S. 
dist. judge. Southern Dist. of Calif., 
by apptmt. of President Coolidge, 
since May 25, 1925. Mem. Harbor 
Commn. of San Diego. Headed Am. 
delegation to World Conf. on Emi- 
gration and Immigration, Rome, May, 
1924: mem. Am. delegation at conf. at 
El Paso, with Me.xico to draft border 
treaty, May 1925. Mem. Am. Bar 
Assn., Delta Tau Delta. Republican. 
Methodist. Mason (32°), K.P., Elk; 
Supreme Dictator Loyal Order Moose, 
1915-16; trustee Mooseheart (111.). 
Ciubs; Artland, Masonic (Los An- 
geles); San Diego Country, Old Col- 

ony; Nat. Press, Army and Navy, 
Congressional Country (Washing- 
ton). Addreas: Federal Bldg., Los 

NEWTON, Isaac Burfcett, banker; 
b. Norwich, N.Y., Sept. 7, 1861; s. 
Isaac Sprague and Jane Campbell 

(Dunlap) N.: grad. Norwich Acad 
1878: Hopkins Grammar Sch. (New 
Haven, Conn.). 1879; A.B.. Yale 
1883; m. Mary Mitchell, of Norwich 
Jan. 21, 1885 (died Sept. 1. 1900) 
children — Rowena Mitchell (Mrs. Rob 
ert L. Leonard). Burkett Dunlap; m 
2d, Winifred Randolph, of Lincoln 
111.. Dec. 31. 1910. Sec, treas. Har 
per y Reynolds Co., Los Angeles 
Calif., 1884-1919; dir. Farmers 6? Mer 
chants Nat. Bank. 1907-26; chmn. bd 
Los Angeles Br. Federal Reserve Bank 
of San Francisco, 1920-26; chmn. bd 
and federal reserve agt. Federal Re 
serve Bank of San Francisco, since 
Mar. 1, 1926; v.p. Union Oil Asso 
ciates. Commercial Ins. Co., Commer 
cial Discount Co.: dir. Union Oil Co. 
Republican. Conglist. Clubs: Califo 
nia, Los Angeles Country. Home: 379 
Loma Drive. Los Angeles. Ojjice: Fed 
eral Reserve Bank. San Francisco. 

HUGHES, Rupert, author: b. Lan 
caster. Mo., Jan. 31, 1872; s. Feli.> 
Turner and Jean Amelia (Summerlin) 
H.; A.B., Adelbert Coll. (Western 
Reserve U.), 1892, A.M., 1894: A.M., 
Yale, 1899; m. 2d, Elizabeth Patterson 
Dial, Dec. 31, 1924. Asst editor Go- 
dey's Mag., Current Lit. and The Cri- 
terion: in London, May 1901-Nov. 
1902, then in New York till 1905, 
with Ency. Britannica Co. Mem. Phi 
Beta Kappa, Delta Upsilon. Served 
pvt. to capt. N.G.N.Y., 1897-1908; 
capt. Mexican border service, 1916; 
asst. to adj. gen., N.Y., 1917; capt. 
inf., Jan. 7, 1918; maj., Sept. 4, 1918; 

hon. discharged, Jan. 15, 1919; maj.. 
Reserve Corps, Apr. 3, 1919. Deco- 
rated Order of Polonia Restituta 
(PolKsh), 1923. Ciubs: Lambs, Play- 
ers, Am. Dramatists', Authors, Writ- 
ers. Author: The Lakerim Athletic 
Club, 1898; American Composers, 
1900; Gyges Ring (verse), 1901: The 
Whirlwind, 1902; Love Affairs of 
Great Musicians, 1903; Zal, 1905; 
Miss 318, 1911: The Old Nest, 1912; 
What will People Say? 1914; Music 
Lovers' Cyclopedia, 1914: Empty 
Pockets, 1915: Clipped Wings, 1916; 
The Thirteenth Commandment, 1916: 
In a Little Town, 1917; We Can't 
Have Everything, 1917; Unpardon- 
able Sin, 1919; Long Ever Ago (Irish 
.stories), 1919; Cup of Fury, 1919; 
Fairy Detective (for children), 1919; 
What's the World Coming To? 1920; 
Beauty, 1921; Momma. 1921; Souls 
for Sale, 1922; Within These Walls, 
1923; Golden Ladder. 1924; Destiny, 
1925; (plays) Alexander the Great 
(toured U.S., 1903-04): All for a Girl 
(prod. 1908): The Bridge (prod. 
1909, later revived as The Man Be- 
tween): The Transformation (prod. 
1909, later revised as Two Women); 
Excuse Me (prod. 1911; 3 cos. toured 
U.S., 1911-12, 2 cos. 1912-14, prod, 
in Australia, 1913, London, 1915); 
Uncle Zeb (prod. 1913): The Cat 
Bird (prod. 1920); (dramatisations) 
Tess of the Storm Country (prod. 
1911); vaudeville sketches including 
"Miss 318," 1912-14. Composed A 
Riley Album, "Cain," and other songs. 
Has written and directed many motion 
pictures, including Scratch My Back, 
1920; The Old Nest, 1921: Dangerous 
Curve Ahead, 1921; Remembrance, 
1922: Souls for Sale, 1923; True as 
Steel, 1923: Excuse Me, 1924; The 
Old Home Town, 1926: We Live But 
Once, 1927; The Patent Leather Kid, 
1927; The Lovely DuckHngs, 1927; 
(biography) George Washington, 
1926, 27. Home: 4751 Los Felis 
Boul., Los Angeles. 

FLEWELLING, Ralph Tyler, cler- 
gyman, educator; b. DeWitt. Mich., 
Nov. 23, 1871; s. Francis Tyler and 
Mary Cornelia (Whitney) F.; U. of 
Mich., 1890-92; A.B.. Alma (Mich.) 
Coll., 1895; Garrett Bibl. Inst., 1895; 
S.T.B., Boston U. Sch. of Theology, 
1902; Ph.D.. Boston U.. 1909: m. L. 
Jennie Carlin. of Greenville, Mich., 
Aug. 16. 1893; children— Ralph Car- 
lin, Mrs. Cecil Richardson. Ordained 
M.E. ministry. 1896; pastor Newton 
Centre, Mass.. 1903-06. Athol, Mass., 
1906-09, Harvard Street Ch.. Cam- 
bridge, Mass.. 1909-13, Leominster. 
Mass., 1913-16. First Ch.. Boston, 
1916-17; prof, and head dept. of phil- 
osophy, U. of Southern Calif, since 
Sept. 13, 1917. At the Sorbonne, 
1918; head dept. of philosophy, A.E.F. 
Univ., Beaune, France, 1918. Mem. 



Am. Philos. Soc. (eastern and Pacific 
div.), British Inst, of Philos. Studies. 
Citib: University Club. Author: Christ 
and the Dramas of Doubt, 1913; Per- 
sonalism and the Problems of Philos- 
ophy, 1915. Contbr. to Hastings Ency. 
of Religion and Ethics, 1917; Philos- 
ophy and the War, 1918; Bergson and 
Personal Realism, 1919; The Reason 
in Faith, 1924; Creative Personality, 
1926. Founder and editor of The 
Personalist (quarterly jour, of philos- 
ophy, lit. theology), 1920. Home; 
2011 4th Av.. Los Angeles. 

GRAVES, Jackson Alpheus, bank- 
er; b. Hauntown, la., Dec. f, 1852; .s. 
John Q. and Katherine Jane (Haun) 
G.; A.B., St. Mary's Coll., San Fran- 
cisco, 1872, A.M., 1873, LL.D., 1912; 
m. Alice H. Griffith, of Los Angeles, 
Calif., Oct. 23, 1879. Admitted to 
Calif, bar, 1876; practiced in Los An- 
geles, 1876-1904; v. p. Farmers &? Mer- 
chants Bank, 1903, now pres.; largely 
interested in oil production and or- 
ange growing. Republican. Home: 320 
Huntington Drive, Alhambra, Calif. 
Office: 4th and Main Sts., Los An- 

EARL, Guy Chaffee, Jr., pub , Los 
Angeles Express; b. Oakland, Calif., 
Jan. 12, 1894; s. Guy Chatfee and Ella 
(Ford) E.; grad. A. to Zed Sch., 
Berkeley, Calif., A.B., U. of Calif., 
1916; grad. study Columbia; m. Elea- 
nor MacGowan, of Los Angeles, Calif., 
Dec. 31, 1927. With Los Angeles 
Evening E.xpress, 1920-24, gen. mgr., 
1924-25, pub. since 1925; pres, Los 
Angeles Express Pub. Co. Served as 
1st It. Air Service U.S.A., and as 
pilot, A.E.F., 1917-19. Mem. Beta 
Theta Pi. Republican. Clubs; Univer- 
sity (Los Angeles); Bohemian (San 
Francisco). Home: 3734 W. Adams 
St. Address: Los Angeles Evening Ex- 
press, Los Angeles. 

CARR, Sterling Douglas, lawyer; b. 
Monterey Co., Calif., Nov. 25, 1876; 
son of John Sterling and Florida Nich- 
ols (Carr) C; grad. Belmont (Calif.) 
Sch., 1895; student U. of Calif. 2 yrs.; 
LL.B., from Columbia Law School, 
1900; m. Mary Grayson Hinckley, July 
18, 1927. Was admitted to Calif, bar, 
1900, and began practice at San Fran- 
cisco; U.S. atty. Northern District of 
Calif., July 11, 1924-Sept. 30, 1925. 
Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Repub- 
lican. Espiscopalian. Clubs: Pacific 
Union, Commonwealth. Home: 666 
Post St. Office: 310 Sansome St., San 

CONDON, Clarence C, oil opera- 
tor; b. South Bend, Ind., June 10, 
1879; s. Edward E. and Louisa (John- 
son) C: ed. pub. gram, and high 
schs., Los Angeles, 1885-96; m. Velma 
Crocker Likens, of Denver, Colo., 
Apr. 12, 1909; children— John Likens, 
Robert Likens. Engaged in the retail 

drug bus., L.A. and Goldfield, Nev., 
1896-1910; in wholesale drug bus., 
L.A. and San Francisco, 1910-18; 
Pacific distributor for Standard 
Oil Co. of Ind., 1908—. Republican. 
Catholic. Clubs: Commonwealth 
(S.F.), Country (Berkeley). Home: 
1128 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley. Office: 
57 Post St., San Francisco. 

ROLPH, James, Jr., mayor, mer- 
chant; b. San Francisco, Aug. 23, 
1869; ,v. James and Margaret (Nicol) 
R.; ed. pub. schs. and Trinity Acad., 
San Francisco; m. Annie Marshall 
Rcid, of San Francisco, June 26, 1900; 
children— Annette Rcid (Mrs, John P. 

Symcs), James, Georgiana. Began as of- 
fice boy m shipping firm, 1888; pres. 
firm of Swett, Rolph 6? Crawford, gen. 
ins., since 1924; pres. James Rolph ^ 
Co. (shipping and commn. mchts.), 
Rolph Navigation 6? Coal Co., Rolph 
Shipbuilding Co.; dir. Ship Owners 
and Mchts. Tug Boat Co.; chmn. bd. 
Mission Savings Bank (office Am. 
Trust Co.). V.p. Panama Pacific In- 
ternat. Expn. Co.; ex-pres. Mchts. Ex- 
change, Ship Owners Assn. Pacific 
Coast. Mayor of San Francisco, Calif., 
5 terms, 1911-32. Republican. Mem. 
Native Sons of Golden West. Clubs: 
Pacific Union, Bohemian, Union 
League, Press, Commercial, Common- 
wealth (San Francisco). Episcopalian. 
Home: 288 San Jose Av. Office: City 
Hall, San Francisco. 

CREEL, Richard Henry, M.D.; b. 
Lafayette Co., Mo., July 20, 1878; s. 
Henry Clay and Virginia (Fackler) C; 
Kansas City (Mo.) High Sch.; M.D., 
Univ. Med. Coll., Kansas City, 1900; 
m. Helen Wolfarth, of Columbus, O., 
June 5, 1911; 1 son, Wylie Fackler. 
With U.S. Public Health Service since 
July 27, 1902; was stationed at Ellis 
Island Immigration Sta., New York; 

quarantine officer, Philippine Islands; 
marine hosps. at Phila., Chicago, Balti- 
more, Louisville, Evansville, Ind.: fleet 
surgeon, Bering Sea patrol, 1910; 
plague epidemic work, San Francisco, 
1907-08, Porto Rico, 1912-13, Ha- 
vana, Cuba, 1914, New Orleans, La., 
1914, 15, 16, Oakland, Calif., 1925. 
Surgeon, 1914, and asst. surgeon gen., 
1916, m charge div. of quarantine and 
immigration; later chief quarantine of- 
ficer, San Francisco; assigned to U.S. 
Marine Hosp., San Francisco, 1926. 
Research work in plague, in cholera 
and typhoid dissemination. Mem. 3d 
Mo. Vol. Inf., Spanish-Am. War. 
Mem. A.M. A., Am. Soc. Tropical 
Medicine, Am. Pub. Health Assn. 
Democrat. Episcopalian. Contbr. vari- 
ous articles on tropical diseases to med, 
jours. Addres.s: U.S. Marine Hospital, 
San Francisco. 

CHEW, Ng Poon, editor; b. Sun 
Ning, Canton Province, China, Mar. 
14, 1866; ,s-. Ng Yip and Wong (Shee) 
Hok; ed. pub. schs., San Jose, Calif., 
1880-84, Occidental Sch., San Fran- 
cisco, 1884-89, San Francisco Theol. 
Sem., 1889-92; Litt.D., U. of Pitts- 
burgh, 1913; m. Chun Fah, of San 
Francisco, May 4, 1892; children— 
Mansie C. Effie B., Rose B., Edward 
C Caroline B. Was placed by parents 
to prepare for Taoist priesthood, but 
converted to Christianity; entered min- 
istry at San Francisco; Nov. 1899, re- 
signed from ministry and pub. 1st Chi- 
nese illustrated weekly; established the 
Chung Sai Yat Po, the 1st Chinese 
daily paper in America, 1899, of which 
is mng. editor; advisor to Chinese con- 
sulate-gen., 1906-13; vice consul of 
China at San Francisco, 1913 — ; pres. 
Chung Sai Yat Po Pub. Co.; dir. Mas- 
cot Copper Co., Central Copper Co. of 
Aris. Mem. Mt. Hermon Assn., Yick 
Lung Co., Dan Sang Tong Co. Mem. 
Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science, 
Am. Econ. Assn., Chinese League of 
Justice. Presbyn. Mason (32°). Clubs: 
Common wealth , Masonic. Author: 
Non-Exclusion, 1905; Treatment of 
Exempt Classes of Chinese in America, 
1907. Regarded as authority on Chi- 
nese exclusion matters and matters per- 
taining to Chinese-Am. relations; lec- 
turer. Home: 3765 Shafter Av., Oak- 
land, Calif. Ojjice: 716 Sacramento 
St., San Francisco. 

DYER, Joseph Henry, ry. official; 
b. Colfax, Calif.. Mar. 13, 1872; s. 
John D.; ed, pub. schs.; m. Kate Mc- 
Grail of Reading, Pa., Oct. 8, 1898; 
children — Joseph H., Lorenen, Helen. 
With S.P. Ry. since June, 1888, begin- 
ning as section laborer; advanced to 
freight conductor, 1894, traveling con- 
ductor, 1900, gen. yardmaster, Sacra- 
mento, 1902, trainmaster, 1905, supt. 
Shasta div., 1908-11, Tucson div., 
1911-14, Sacramento div., 1914-16. 
asst. gen. mgr., 1916-18, gen. mgr. 



operating dept. Southern Pacific Sys- 
tem, at San Francisco, since Sept. 1918. 
Republican. Mason, Elk. Ciubs. Bo- 
hemian. Family. Home: Stanford Court 
Apts. Office- 65 Market St.. San 

CHAPIN, W. W., editor, pub.; b. 
Phila.. Pa.. Oct. n. 1874: s. W. and 
Emily C: ed. pub. schs.: m. Dorothy 
Roberts of Baltimore, Md., Nov. 4. 
1926. Was pub., owner or part owner 
Chicago Herald, Chicago Inter-Ocean, 
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, San Fran- 
cisco Morning Call. Oakland Enquirer, 
Newark (N.J.) Star and Eagle; later 
owner and pub. Sacramento Union. 
Charter mem. Associated Press. Officer 
militia 4 yrs. Republican. Episcopal- 
ian. Chib.s: Sutter (Sacramento); 
Burlingame (Calif.); Bohemian, Olym- 
pic (San Francisco); Bankers (New- 
York). Home: 2108 Washington St. 
Office: Balfour Bldg.. San Francisco. 

GWINN, Joseph Marr, superinten- 
dent schs.; b. nr. Warrcnsburg, Mo., 
Apr. 2.^. 1870; s. John Marr and Min- 
erva Jane (Jaynes) C; B.Pd., State 
Normal Sch.. Warrensburg.Mo., 1893; 
A.B.. University of Missouri, 1902, 
LL.D., same univ., 1926; A.M., Co- 
lumbia University, 1907; m. Elise 
Williams, of Warrensburg. Feb. 2, 
189"!; children— Gladys (Mrs. R. A. 
Brown). Joseph M. Teacher rural sch. 
nr. Warrensburg. 1890-91; prin. vil- 
lage sch.. Ashland, Mo., 1893-9'), Ne- 
vada (Mo.) High Sch.. 189^-97. Jop- 
lin (Mo.) High Sch., 1897-1900; supt. 
pub. schs.. Joplin, 1902-03; prof. edn.. 
State Normal Sch. .Warrensburg. 1903- 
06; prof. edn. and dir. Teachers Coll. 
(Tulane U.). 1907-10; supt. pub. 
schs.. New Orleans, Nov. 16, 1910- 
23; supt. schs., San Francisco, since 
1923. Democrat. Mem. Disciples of 
Christ. Member N.E. A. (trustee; pres. 
dept. of superintendence, 1927-28). 
National Soc. Study of Edn., Nat. 
Council of Edn. Mason (K.T.. Scot- 
tish Rite. Shriner). Club,s: Common- 
wealth. Rotary, University. Dir. Coll. 
of Edn.. A.E.F. Univ., Beaune, France, 
1919. Officier de Academic Repub- 
lique Francaise. Home: 144 Paloma 
Av. Office: City Hall. San Francisco. 
EARL, Guy Chaffee, lawyer; b. Red 
Bluff. Cahf.. May 7. 1861; s. Josiah 
and Adeha T. (Chaffee) E.; A.B.. U. 
of Cahf.. 1883; m. Ella J. Ford, of 
Oakland. Calif., Nov. 15. 1888; chil- 
dren — Mrs. Alice Wilder, Mrs. Martha 
Graham. Mrs. Elinore Henshaw, Guy 
C. Admitted to bar, 1887; associated 
in practice at Oakland with S. P. Hall 
(later judge appellate ct.), 1889-95; 
state senator. 1893-98; with Thomas B. 
Bishop and Charles S. Wheeler, San 
Francisco, 1895-1900, since alone; 
pres. and gen. counsel Great Western 
Power Co., Calif. Electric Generating 
Co.. etc. Mem. Calif. Senate. 1892- 
96; regent U. of Cahf.. terms 1902-34; 

mem. Berkeley Club (Ut.), Beta Theta 
Pi. Republican. Conglist. Clubs: Bo- 
hemian, Union League, Common- 
wealth, Claremont Country; Sequoyah 
Country. San Francsico Golf and 
Country. Home: 2914 McClure St.. 
Oakland. Office: Standard Oil Bldg., 
San Francisco. 

HANNA, Edward J., archbishop; b. 
Rochester, N.Y., July 21. 1860; .v. 
Edward and Anne (Clarke) H.; ed. 
Rochester Free Acad., Propaganda 
(Rome, Italy), U. of Cambridge, 
Eng., U. of Munich; D.D., Rome, 
1886. Ordained priest R.C. Ch.. 
1885; teacher Propaganda, 1886-87; 

prof, theology. St. Bernard's Sem., 
Rochester, 1893-Dec. 1912. Nomi- 
nated coadjutor archbishop of San 
Francisco, 1907, but failed to receive 
confirmation of Rome on account of 
charge of modernism (charge was dis- 
proved and the matter dropped). 
Apptd. by Pope Pius X auxiliary 
bishop of San Francisco, Oct. 22, 
1912, and consecrated bishop of Te- 
topolis, Dec. 4, 1912; apptd. arch- 
bishop of San Francisco, June 1, 1915. 
Apptd. commr. of immigration of 
Cahf., Sept. 16, 1913. Pres. Nat. 
Catholic Welfare Conf. Honors from 
Itahan Govt. Home: 1000 Fulton St., 
San Francisco. 

BRITTAIN, Frank Smith, lawyer: 
b. Phila.. Pa., Nov. 23. 1862; s. Dan- 
iel and Eli:a (Hart) B.; ed. pub. schs. 
Phila.; m. Mary Foltz Walshe. of Abi- 
lene, Tex.. Oct. 13. 1898; 1 son, Frank 
Walshe. Admitted to Tex. bar, 1893, 
and practiced in Abilene; removed to 
San Francisco, Calif., 1894; gen. atty, 
Panama P.I. Expn., 1912-19; asso. jus- 
tice Dist. Court of Appeal, Calif., 
1919-20; gen. atty. Calif. Farm Bur. 
Federation, 1921-22; mem. Brittain & 
Weise. 192 3 — . Served as 1st h. 2d 

Regt., U.S. Vol. Engrs., with 3d Bat- 
talion, Honolulu, H.T.. Spanish-Am. 
War. Mem. Am., Calif. State and San 
Francisco bar assns., S.A.R., Order 
Foreign Wars. Republican. Mason 
(33°). Clubs: Commercial, Common- 
wealth, Masonic. Home: 80 Cerritos 
Av. Office: Balboa Bldg., San Fran- 

BOSTWICK, Harry Rice, capital- 
ist; b. Detroit. Oct. 7, 1870; s. Henry 
Egbert and Sophia (Ashley) B.; ed. 
pvt. and pub. schs.; m. Emma Lake 
Hunt, of San Francisco, Nov. 21, 
1900: children — Florence Emma, Dor- 
othy Ashley. In conjunction with H. 
Collbran, constructed the Seoul Che- 
mulpo Ry.. the first steam ry. in Ko- 
rea. 1898: also first electric st. ry.. first 
electric lighting plant, first telephone 
service and first system of pub. water 
supply: established first Am. bank in 
Seoul: took a prominent part in recon- 
struction of San Francisco after earth- 
quake and fire, 1906. Officer or dir, 
\'arious corporations. Decorated by 
emperor of Korea with 3d Order of 
Pal Kwai. Mem. Royal Soc. Arts. Lon- 
don. Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: 
Bohemian. Family. Union League (San 
Francisco), Seoul (Seoul), Chemulpo 
(Chemulpo, Korea). Home: 2770 
Broadway. Office: 57 Post St., San 

WOODMAN, Frederic Thomas, 
lawyer; b. Concord. N.H.. June 28, 
1872; s. Alfred and Maria T. (Gallap) 
W.; grad. high sch.. White River Junc- 
tion. N.H.. 1895: studied law in office 
of Hon. John L. Spring. Lebanon, 
N.H.; m. Etta M. Sanborn, of Con- 
cord, N.H., Feb. 6. 1908. (died Apr. 
16, 1916); m. 2d, Kathenne P. Win- 
ter, Feb. 2, 1921. Began practice at 
Concord, 1889; mem. N.H. Ho. of 
Rep., 1901-03: removed to Los An- 
geles. Calif.. 1908: pres. Harbor 
Commn., 191 2-16: apptd. mayor of Los 
Angeles, 1916. and elected for term 
1917-19; resumed law practice: pres. 
Motor Finance Co.. Vista Irrigation 
Dist. Republican. Mem. Calif. State 
Bar Assn.. S.C.W., S.A.R.. Sons of 
Vets. Mason (32°), Odd Fellow. 
Clubs; Athletic, Los Angeles Country. 
Home; 514 Sholto PI. Office: 1901 W. 
Pico St., Los Angeles. 

SILLS, Milton, actor; b. Chicago, 
111.. Jan. 12, 1882: s. William Henry 
and Josephine Antoinette (Troost) S.; 
A.B.. U. of Chicago, 1903; scholar 
and fellow in philosophy same univ., 
l'/2 yrs.; m. Gwladys Edith Wynne, 
of London. Eng.. May 26. 1910 (di- 
vorced): 1 dau.. Dorothy Gardyne; m. 
2d. Doris (Margaret) Kenyon, actress, 
Oct. 12, 1926: 1 son. Kenyon Clar- 
ence. Debut in ''Dora Thorne," at 
New Palestine, O., 1906; played in 
Donald Robertson's Art Theatre, Chi- 
cago, 1907-08, later in New Orleans; 
leading man in "This Woman and This 



Man," at Maxine Elliott Theatre, New 
York, 1909. also appeared in "A 
Happy Marriage," by Clyde Fitch, un- 
der management of Charles Frohman; 
appeared in "The Servant in the 
House," Belasco's "The Fighting 
Hope"; played in "Diplomacy 
"Mother," "The Rack," under Will- 
iam A, Brady; then m "The Govern- 
or's Lady," "The Law of the Land," 
etc. First screen work, 1914, in "The 
Pit"; has taken leading parts in "Be- 
hold My Wife," "The Great Mo- 
ment," "Adam's Rib," "As Man De- 
sires," "Skin Deep," "The Sea-Hawk,'] 
"The Knock-out," "Men of Steel," 
"Hard Boiled Haggerty." etc. Also 
author "Men of Steel." Mem. Actors 
Equity Assn. (council). Delta Kappa 
Epsilon. Repubhcan. Clubs; Lambs, 
Players (New York); The Masquers 
(pres.). Lakeside Country (Holly- 
wood, Cahf.); Southern Cahf. Ath- 
letic. Frequent speaker on screen art, 
literature and religion; gave lecture at 
Coll. of Business Adminstration, Har- 
vard, 1927. Hoine: 315 Saltair Av., 
Los Angeles. 

McADOO, William Gibbs, ex-secre- 
tary of the treasury; b. nr. Marietta, 
Ga., Oct. 31, 1863; s. Judge William 

Gihbs (LL.D.) and Mary huth 
(Floyd) M.; cd. U. of Tenn.; hon. 
AM Hamilton Coll., 1909; LL.D., 
U. of N.C., 1916. U. of Southern 
Calif 1923, Mercer University, 1927, 
Tusciilum College, 1927; m. Sarah 
Hazlehurst Fleming, of Chattanooga, 
Tenn Nov. 18, 1885 (died Feb. 
19P)- children— Harriet F. (Mrs. 
Clayton Pratt, Jr.), Francis H., Nona 
H (Mrs. Edward S. Cowles). William 
G . Robert H., Sally F.; m. 2d, Eleanor 
Randolph Wilson, d. of President 
Woodrow Wilson, May 7, 1914, in 

the White House; children — Eleanor 
Wilson, Mary Faith. Apptd. dep. elk. 
U.S. Circuit Court for Southern Div., 
Eastern Dist. of Tenn., May, 1882; 
admitted to bar, 1885; practiced at 
Chattanooga until 1892, when moved 
to New York. For a number of years, 
and until 1903, was partner with Will- 
iam McAdoo in practice of law. Was 
pres. and dir. Hudson (i Manhattan 
R.R. Co., operating Hudson River tun- 
nel system, which completed. Mar. 8, 
1904. the first tunnel under the Hud- 
son River; the first Hudson River tun- 
nels (between Hoboken, N.J., and 6th 
Av. and 19th St., New York City) 
were opened for traffic, Feb. 25, 1908; 
4th tunnel under the Hudson com- 
pleted. Mar. 11, 1909. Del. Dem. Nat. 
Conv., Baltimore, 1912; vice-chmn. 
Dem. Nat. Com., 1912, and acting 
chmn. for greater part of campaign, 
1912; sec. of the treasury in cabinet of 
President Wilson, Mar. 6, 1913; also 
chmn. ex-officio Federal Farm Loan 
Bd., chmn. Federal Reserve Bd. and of 
U S sect, of Internat. High Commn.; 
dir. gen. of rys., Dec. 28. 1917; re- 
signed as sec. of the Treasury, Dec. 16, 
1918, and as dir. gen, of rys., Jan. 10, 
1919; in Dem. Nat. Conv. at San 
Francisco, 1920, developed greatest 
strength as nominee for President, in 
many ballots, although had requested 
that name be not presented to the Con- 
vention; in Dem. Nat. Conv. at New 
York, 1924, was the leading candi- 
date, but Conv. was deadlocked under 
the two-thirds rule for more than 100 
ballots, resulting in nomination of John 
W. Davis; now practicing law in Los 
Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Epis- 
copalian. Home: 1 Berkeley Sq., Los 
Angeles. Ofice: Bank of Italy Bldg., 
Los Angeles, also Investment Bldg., 
Washington, D.C. 

SHEPHERD, Clifford John, 
banker; b. Arcanum, O., Apr. 14, 
1879; s. Fremont and Minerva 
(Fleck) S.; ed. high sch., Arcanum; 
m. Rolena Bennett, of Indianapolis, 
Ind., Nov. 27, 1903; children — EUza- 
beth Edna, Lucy Bennett. Began in 
banking business, Indianapolis, Ind., 
1901; with First Nat. Bank, Rich- 
mond, CaUf., 1912-14; dir. Los An- 
geles Br. Federal Reserve Bank of 
San Francisco, 1914-25; pres. Peoples 
Nat. Bank, Los Angeles, since 1925; 
v.p. Peoples Mortgage Co., Hollywood 
Bond y Mortgage Co. Republican. 
Methodist. Mason. Home: 1312 Har- 
per Av., Hollywood, Calif. Office: 409 
S. Hill St., Los Angeles. 

ROSS, Erskine Mayo, judge; b. Bel 
Pre, Culpeper Co., Va., June 30, 
1845; s. William Buckner and Eliza- 
beth (Mayo) R.; grad. Va. Mil. Inst., 
1865; m. Inez H. Bettis, of Los An- 
geles, May 7, 1874. Admitted to 
Calif bar, 1869; justice Supreme Ct. 
of Cahf., 1879-86; U.S. dist. judge, 

Southern Dist. of Cahf., 1886-95; 
U.S. circuit judge, 9th Circuit, 1895- 
1911; judge U.S. Circuit Ct. of Ap- 
peals, Jan. 1, 1912—. Addre,s.s: Fed- 
eral Bldg., Los Angeles. 

CROCKER, William Henry, banker; 
b. Sacramento, CaUf., Jan. 13, 1861; 
s Charles and Mary Ann (Deming) 
C ; Ph.B., Sheffield Scientific Sch. 
(Yale), 1882; m. Ethel W. Sperry, 
of Stockton, Cahf., Oct. 6, 1886. En- 

gaged in banking since 1883; pres 
Crocker First Nat. Bank, Crocker Se 
curities Co., Crocker Investment Co. 
Provident Securities Co., Crocker Es 
tate Co., Pacific Improvement Co., v.p 
Humboldt Savings Bank; dir. Pac 
Telegraph o? Telephone Co., Metro 
pohtan Life Ins. Co., Pacific Mutual 
Life Insurance Co., San Francisco Re- 
medial Loan Association, Pacific Gas 
& Electric Co., Empire Mines g' In^ 
vestment Co. Member Rep. Nat 
Com. since 1916. First v.p. Panama 
Pacific Internat. Expn., 1915. Masor 
(33"). Clubs: University, Metropoli 
tan (New York); Pacific Union, Uni 
versity, Bohemian, Olympic, Union 
League (San Francisco). Home: Bur- 
Ungame, Calif. Office: Crocker First 
Nat. Bank, San Francisco. 

SHERMAN, Moses Hazeltinc, pres. 
Los Angeles Steamship Co.; b. West 
Rupert, Vt., Dec. 3, 1853; s. Enoch 
SterUng and Miranda Wright (War- 
ner) S.; grad. Oswego (N.Y.) Normal 
Sch • m. Harriet Pratt, of San Fran- 
cisco, June 2, 1885 (dec); children- 
Robert P., Hazeltine (Mrs. Frank B. 
Keever), Lucy Pratt. Teacher, pub. 
schs., Prescott, Ariz., 1874-76; Ariz, 
rep. at Centennial Expn., Phila, Pa.; 
territorial supt. pub. instruction, 
Ariz. 1878-81; adj. gen. Ariz. Ty., 
1881; organizer Valley Bank of Phoe- 



nix, 1884: moved to Los Angeles, 
Calif., 1889; with Eli P. Clark built 
Los Angeles Electric Ry. and Los An- 
geles is' Pasadena Electric Ry., 1889- 
95: with Los Angeles Steamship Co. 
since 1920, pres. since 1926: pres. El 
Tcjon Ranchos, Inc., Lower Colorado 
River Ginning Co.; v. p. Del Rey Co.; 
dir. Pacific Electric Ry., Los Angeles 
Union Terminal Co., Farmers y Mer- 
chants Nat. Bank, Yosemite Park 6? 
Curry Co., Cia. Industrial Jabonera 
del Pacifico. Republican. Mason 
(3 2°, K.T., Shriner). Chibs: Califor- 
nia, University, Los Angeles Athletic, 
Los Angeles Country, California 
Yacht: Uplifters, Bohemian (San 
Francisco). Author of the school laws 
of Arisona. Home: 601 S. Rampart 
Boul., Los Angeles. 

RIDER, Arthur William, clergy- 
man; b. Carlinvillc, 111., Mar. 31, 1863: 
s. William Harris and Esther Corinth 
(Dewey) R.; grad. high sch., Jackson- 
ville, 1881: A.B., 111. Coll., Jackson- 
ville, 1886: D.D., 111. Coll. and Red- 
lands U.. 19H: m. Ada Tuman Ham- 
lU, of Nashville, Tcnn., May 11, 1916. 
Ordained Bapt. ministry, 1889; pastor 
Los Angeles, Cahf., 1889-99: Pacific 
Coast rep. Am. Bapt. Foreign Mis- 
sionary Soc, 1900-24, field sec. same 
since 1924. Visited the Orient, igC), 
24, Europe, 1910, 25. Del. World 
Missionary Conv., Edinburgh, 1910, 
Washington, D.C., 1925. Trustee 
Berkeley (Calif.) Bapt. Div. Sch., 
Spanish-Am. Bapt. Sem., Los Angeles. 
Republican. Club: University (Los 
Angeles). Contbr. many articles to 
mags, and newspapers pertaining to 
movements in the Orient: lecturer on 
travels. Home: 612 St. Paul St. OlJlce: 
313 W. 3d St., Los Angeles. 

PALLETTE, Edward Marshall, 

M.D., surgeon; b. Wichita, Kan,. Jan. 
13, 1874: s. Samuel Drew and Caru- 
hne Elisabeth (Cartwnght) P.: Ph.B., 
Northwestern U., 1894, Ph.M., 1895; 
Oliver Marcy scholar of Northwestern 
U. at Marine Biol. Lab., Woods Hole, 
Mass., 1894: M.D., Coll. of Medicine 
U. of Southern Cahf., 1898; grad. 
work. New York Polyclinic, 1901, 
univs. of London, Vienna and Berlin, 
1902, 09, 24: m. Mary Elizabeth 
Brown, of Kernville, Calif., Sept. 16, 
1903: children — Edward Choate, War- 
ren Sumner, Drew Brown, Elizabeth 
Delight. Asst. instr. zoology. North- 
western U., 1894-95; instr. in biology, 
Los Angeles High Sch.. 1896-98: 
instr. in histology and embryology, 
Coll. of Medicine, U. of Southern 
Cahf., 1896-98: practiced at Los An- 
geles since 1898, giving spl. attention 
to gynecology: asst. health officer, Los 
Angeles. 1898-99; mem. Los Angeles 
City Bd. of Health, 1905-06; prof, 
physiology. Coll. of Dentistry, U. of 
Southern Calif., 1900-12; lecturer in 

ob.stetncs and gynecology. Training 
Sch. for Nurses, St. Vincent's Hosp.; 
examiner Calif. State Lunacy Commn., 
1905-15: mem. staffs St. Vincent's 
(ex-pres.), Hollywood, French and 
Calif. Luth. hosps.; mem. bd. dirs. Los 
Angeles County Med. Holding Corpn. 
Capt. Med. Corps, U.S.A., World 
War; served as surgeon Letterman 
Gen. Hosp., Presidio, San Francisco, 
and at Camp Crane, Allentown, Pa. 
Ex-pres. Los Angeles County Bd, of 
Edn. Mem. A.M.A., Calif. State Med. 
Assn., Los Angeles Co. Med. Assn. 
(pres.), Los Angeles Obstet. Soc. (ex- 
pres.), Los Angeles Clin, and Pathol. 
Soc, Southern Calif. Med. Alumni, 
Calif. State Soc. S.R. (pres.). Delta 
Tau Delta, Theta Nu Epsilon, Nu 
Sigma Nu, Psi Omega. Republican. 
Presbyn. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Clubs: University, Wilshire Country, 
Newport Harbor Yacht. Home: 950 
S. Hoover St. Ofice; 1501 S. Figue- 
roa St., Los Angeles. 

GILLETTE, King Camp, razor 
mfr.; b. Fond du Lac. Wis., Jan. 5, 
1855; s. George Wolcott and Fanny 
Lamira (Camp) G.: mother author of 
the White House Cook Book: ed. pub. 
schs., Chicago; m. Alanta Ella Gaines, 
of Willoughby, O.. July 2. 1890; 1 
son. King G. Inventor Gillette razor: 
organizer Gillette Safety Razor Co., 
1901, and pres. same. Republican. 
Mason (32°). Clubs: Cahfornia. Ath- 
letic. Los Angeles Country. Brentwood 
Country. Hollywood Athletic. Holly- 

wood Country. Author: Human Drift. 
1894: Gillette Social Redemption, 
1900: Gillette's Industrial Solution, 
1900: World Corporation. 1906; The 
People's Corporation, 1924. Address; 
Subway Terminal Bldg., Los Angeles. 

ODELL, Arthur Lee, coll. pres.; b. 
Excelsior Springs. Mo., Nov. 12, 1877; 
s. Joseph Titus and Lorena (Meyer) 
O.: A.B., Missouri Valley Coll., Mar- 
shall, Mo., 1904. D.D., 1914: B.D.. 
Union Theol. Sem., 1907.; m. Anne El- 
liott, of Holden. Mo., July 9, 1908; 
children — Carey Elliott, Joseph Meyer. 
Ordained ministry Presbyn. Ch., 
U.S.A., 1905; pastor Madison Sq. Ch., 
San Antonio. Tex., 1907-10. 1st Ch., 
Frankfort, Ind.. 1910-11. Kings High- 
way Ch.. St. Louis, 1911-18; pres. 
Henry Kendall Coll., Tulsa, Okla., 
1918-1920: pastor First Ch., Phoenix, 
Ariz., 1920-22, Westminster Ch., De- 
troit, 1922-26. Highland Park Ch., 
Los Angeles, since 1926. Address: 115 
North Av. 5 3. Los Angeles. 

VECKI, Victor G., M.D., surgeon; 
b. Agram, Croatia (now Zagrele, 
Jugoslavia), Dec. 8, 1857; s. John and 
Katharina Vecki de Gjurkovecki: edu- 
cated at Agram, 1863-75, Imperial 
and Royal University, Vienna, 1875- 
81, M.D., 1881. Served as capt. -sur- 
geon Austrian Hungarian Army, 
Royal Croatian sanitary councillor. 
Consulting genito-urinary surgeon to 
Mt. Zion Hosp., San Francisco. 
Author; Pathologic und Therapy der 
maennlichen Impotenz, 2d edit., 1897: 
Warum Tolstoy Aertze hasst und 
Liebe verachtet? 1892 (confiscated by 
censor in Vienna); Pathology and 
Treatment of Sexual Impotence, 6th 
edit., 1919: Prevention of Sexual Dis- 
eases, 1910; Alcohol and Prohibition 
in Their Relation to Civilization and 
the Art of Living, 1923. Address: 
Physicians Bldg.. San Francisco. 

SULLIVAN, Jeremiah Francis, 

judge (deceased 1928 A b. Litchfield 
Co., Conn., Aug. 19, 1851: s. Michael 
and Margaret (Bohane) S.: B.A., St. 
Ignatius Coll., San Francisco, 1870, 
M.A., 1872, LL.D., 1905: m. Helen 
M. Bliss, of San Francisco, Sept. 13, 
1876 (died Dec. 30, 1918): children 
—Harry F., Gertrude (Mrs. B. M. 
Breeden), Helen (wife of R. W. Schu- 
mann, U.S.N. ), Jeremiah F., Mar- 
guerite (wife of Arvid R. Croonquist, 
U.S.A.). Began practice in San Fran- 
cisco, 1874: mem. Bd. of Edn., San 
Francisco, 1877-79; judge Superior 
Court, 1880-89: apptd. asso. justice 
Supreme Court of Calif., Nov. 19, 
1927. Democrat. . Catholic. Pres. 
Calif. State Bar Assn., 1923-24, Bar 
Assn., San Francisco, 1917, 24. Home 
was at 2007 Pacific Av., San Fran- 

STILLMAN, Stanley, surgeon; b. 
Sacramento. Cahf.. Aug. 23, 1861; 
s. J.D.B. and Mary G. (Wells) S.: 
U. of Cahf., class of 1882: M.D., 
Cooper Med. Coll., San Francisco, 
1889: m. Josephine Welsh, of San 
Francisco, Feb. 26, 1894; children — 
Elisabeth Lane, Stanley. Adj. prof. 



surgery, 1895-98, prof., 1898-1909, 
Cooper Med. Coll.; prof, surgery, 
Stanford Med. School, 1909-26; now 
emeritus. Asst. visiting surgeon, 1891- 
99, visiting surgeon, 1899-1909, City 
and Co. Hosp., San Francisco; visiting 
surgeon Lane Hosp., 1898 — . Sur- 
geon U.S.N.R.F., 1917; dir. Navy 
Base Hosp. No. 2; comdr. M.C. U.S. 
N.R.F., 1919. Fellow Am. Surg. 
Assn., Am. Coll. Surgeons: mem. So- 
ciete Internationale de Chirurgie, etc. 
Home: Beach Rd., Belvedere, Calif. 
Office: Stanford University Hospital, 
San Francisco. 

SPALDING, Alfred Baker, prof, 
obstetrics and gynecology; b. Atchison, 
Kan., July 19, 1874; .s. Asel Wain- 
wright and Olivia McConnell (Par- 
ker) S.; A.B., Stanford, 1896; M.D., 
Columbia, 1900; m. Mary Polhemus, 
of San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 29, 
1902; children — Edward Polhemus, 
Alfred Baker. House surgeon Gen. 
Memorial Hosp., New York, 1900-01; 
asst. res. phys. Sloane Maternity 
Hosp., 1901-02; moved to San Fran- 
cisco, 1902, and began practice as 
obstetrician and gynecologist; instr. in 
obstetrics, 1902-05, asst. prof., 1905- 
09, prof., 1909-12, U. of Calif.; prof, 
obstetrics and gynecology, Stanford 
U. Med. Sch. since 1912. Organized 
San Francisco Maternity, Jan 1, 1904. 
Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. 
A.M.A., Calif. Med. Soc, Am. Gyne- 
col. Soc, Am. Inst. Medicine, Am. 
Social Hygiene Assn., Calif. Acad. 
Medicine, Sigma XI, Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon. Episcopalian. Club. Presidio 
Golf. Contbr. some 30 articles per- 
taining to obstetrics and gynecology. 
Home: 265 1 Green St., San Francisco. 
SLACK, Charles William, lawyer; 
b. Milroy, Mifflin Co., Pa., Dec. 12, 
1858; s. Unas and Catharine (Straley) 
S.; Ph.B., U. of Calif., 1879; LL.B., 
Hastings Coll. of Law, 1882; m. Kath- 
erine Woolsey, 1886; children — 
Edith, Mrs. Ruth S. Zook. Admitted 
to Calif, bar, 1882, and began practice 
at San Francisco; prof, law, Hastings 
Coll. of Law, 1885-1901, dean of fac- 
ulty, 1899-1901; judge Superior 
Court, San Francisco, 1890-98; re- 
sumed practice, 1898; associated in 
practice with Edgar T. Zook since 
1920. Regent U. of Calif., 1894- 
1911; dir. Hastings Coll. of Law 
since 1903, v. p. since 1918. Home: 
2224 Sacramento St. Office: Alaska 
Commercial Bldg., San Francisco. 

SHIELS, George Franklin, surgeon; 
b. San Francisco, Calif., Apr. 1 5, 
1863; s. William and Sarah Esdalc 
(Lynham) S.; student Edinburgh U., 
1878-86, degrees M.D., M.B., M.S.; 
fellow Royal Coll. Surgeons, Edin- 
burgh, 1880-86; post-grad, studies, 
Berlin, Paris, Vienna, and London; 
-m. Emily Mead, of Ossining, N.Y., 

1902 (died 1913). Began practice at 
San Francisco, 1888; lecturer on med. 
jurisprudence, U. of CaUf., 1890-92, 
prof, surgery, 1892-98; prof. clin. sur- 
gery, post-grad. dept. same univ., 
1894-98; asst. lecturer on surgery. 
New York Polyclinic, 1904-06; prof, 
surgery, Fordham U., 1905-07; dir. 
Shiels Estate Co., San Francisco. Maj. 
and brigade surgeon, Spanish-Am. 
War, 1898; on staffs of Gens. Otis, 
King, Wheaton, Grant and MacAr- 
thur; hon. mustered out 1900; maj. 
M.C, World War, 1917-19; now col. 
M.R.C. Fellow Cahf. Acad. Medicine; 
mem. A.M. A., Calif. State and San 
Francisco Co. med. socs.. Mil. Order 
Foreign Wars, Naval and Mil. Order 
Spanish-Am. War, Assn. Army of 
U.S., Mu Sigma Mu. Awarded Con- 
gressional Medal of Honor "for most 
distinguished gallantry in action"; 
Spanish-Am. War, Philippine Insurrec- 
tion, and Victory medals; 3 citations 
"for distinguished gallantry," World 
War (U.S.); Croix de Guerre with 2 
Palms, Chevalier Legion d'honneur 
(French); 3 Silver Stai mirations. Re- 
publican. Protestant. Clubs: Pacific 
Union (San Francisco): Army and 
Navy (New York). Contbr. papers 
on professional subjects. Home: Pa- 
cific Union Club, San Francisco. 

SHENK, John Wesley, judge; b. 
Shelbourne, Vt., Feb. 7, 1875: .s. John 
Wesley and Susanna Cake (Brooks) 
S.; grad. high sch., Omaha, 1895; 
A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 
1900- J.D., Univ. of Mich.; m. Lena 
R. Custer of 111., June 29, 1907; chil- 
dren — Samuel Custer, John Wesley. 
Admitted to Calif, bar, 1903, and be- 
gan practice at Los Angeles: dep. and 
asst. atty., Los Angeles, 1906-10, city 
atty., 1910-13; judge Superior Court, 
Los Angeles, 1913-24; asso. justice 
Supreme Court of Calif, since Apr. 
10, 1924, for term ending Jan. 5, 
1931. Mem. Co. K., 4th Ohio Vol. 
Inf., Spanish-Am. War; served in 
Porto Rico. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 
Bar Assn. Los Angeles Co., Calif., 
Calif. Soc. S.R., Beta Theta Pi, Phi 
Delta Phi. Republican. Methodist. 
Mason (32°, K.C.C.H., K.T., Shrin- 
er). Elk. Chibs: Jonathan (Los An- 
geles); Commonwealth (San Fran- 
cisco). Home: Los Altos, Calif. Ad- 
dress: State Building, San Francisco. 

SEAWELL,Emmet,judge; b.Yount- 
ville, Calif., Apr. 5, 1862; s. William 
N. and Sarah A. (Rickman) S.; grad. 
Pacific Meth. Coll., Santa Rosa, Calif., 
1887; m. Ida S. Graeter, of Santa 
Rosa, Mar. 20, 1892; children— Dor- 
othea, Emmett James. Admitted to 
Calif, bar, 1890, and began practice 
at Santa Rosa; dist. atty. Sonoma Co., 
1892-98; judge, Superior Court, So- 
noma Co., 1902-20; elected asso. jus- 
tice Supreme Court of Calif, for term 

1922-34. Mem. Native Sons of the 
Golden West. Democrat. Home: 3301 
Claremont Av., Berkeley. OJfice: 
State Bldg., Civic Center, San Fran- 

MAZZA, John Joseph, attorney; b. 
Tomales. Marin County, Calif., Nov. 
25, 1877; s. Frank and Maria (Zoppi) 
M.; LL.B., U. of Calif. Law Sch.; m. 
Beulah Hook, of Martinez, Calif., Dec. 
21, 1905; children — Mervyn, Muriel, 
Geraldine. Engaged in law practice, 
San Francisco, 1904 — ; lecturer on the 
Sierra Nevada Mts. Mem. North 
Beach Merchants' Assn. (pres. 1927). 
Republican. Protestant. Club: Swiss 
(vice-pres. 1926-27), S.F. Homes: 
511 Columbus Ave., San Francisco; 
(summer) Corte Madera, Marin Co., 
Cahf. Office: 535 Columbus Ave., San 

McCORMICK, Paul John, judge; b. 
N.Y. City, Apr. 23, 1879; s. Daniel 
Joseph and Catherine Mary (Cor- 
coran) McC; high sch., San Diego, 
Calif., 1887-90; student All Hallows 
Coll., Salt Lake City, Utah. 1890-91, 
St. Ignatius Coll., San Francisco, 1891- 
93- m. Mary Josephine Redmond, of 
Los Angeles, Calif., June 25, 1908. 
Asst. librarian Los Angeles County 
Law Library, 1898-1900;asst.dist. atty. 
Los Angeles Co., 1905-10; judge Su- 
perior Court, Los Angeles Co., 1910- 
24- asso. justice (pro tern.) Dist. Court 
of Appeals of Cahf., 1921; U.S. dist. 
judge. Southern Dist. of Calif., by 
apptmt. of President Coolidge, since 
Feb. 23, 1924. Presided in, and de- 
cided, case of U.S. vs. Pan Am. Pe- 
troleum Co. involving lease of 30,000 
acres of land in Naval Oil Reserve of 
Calif., and involving issue of fraud by 
Sec. of Interior Fall in making the 
lease. Instr. m law and procedure, U. 
of Southern Calif., 1912-24. Mem. 
Calif. State and Los Angeles Co. bar 
assns. Psychopathic Soc. of Calif., 
Delta Theta Phi. Republican. Elk, K. 
of C. In 1915 obtained from Commit- 
tee of American Freemasons, findings 
as to Americanism and patriotism of 
ritual and ceremonial of Knights of Co- 
lumbus, to whom he submitted entire 
K. of C. ritual while state dep. Su- 
preme Knight for Calif. Home: 3829 
Ingraham St. Address: Federal Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

MENJOU, Adolphc Jean, actor; b. 
Pittsburgh, Pa.. Feb. 18, 1890; s. Al- 
bert and Nora (Joyce) M.; student at 
Culver Military Academy, 1906-07; 
M.A., Cornell University, 1912; m. 
Kathryn Carver, May 16, 1928. Be- 
gan acting in motion pictures, 1914; 
prin. roles: "A Woman of Paris"; 
"King on Main Street"; '^Marriage 
Circle";"Forbidden Paradise"; "Grand 
Duchess and the Waiter"; "Service 
for Ladies"; "Serenade." Served as 
capt. with 5th Div., U.S.A., World 



War. Catholic. Clubs; Writers (Hol- 
lywood); Army and Navy (New 
York). Home; 2612 Nottingham Av., 
Los Angeles. 

JACKLING, Daniel Cowan, min- 
ing; b. nr. Appleton City, Bates Co., 
Mo., Aug. 14, 1869; ,s-. Daniel and 
Lydia Jane (Dunn) J.; ed. State Nor- 
mal Sch., Warrensburg, Mo.; B.S. and 
Metall.-Engr., Mo. Sch. Mines, Rolla, 
1892; in. Virginia JollifFe, of San Fran- 
cisco, 1915. Asst. prof, chemistry and 

metallurgy. Mo. Sch. Mines, 1891-93; 
chenikst and metallurgist. Cripple 
Creek District, Cole, 1894-96; in 
charge con.strn. and operation metall. 
works of Consolidated Mercur Gold 
Mines, Mercur, Utah, 1896-1900; or- 
ganized, 1903, and now pres. Utah 
Copper Co.; also pres. Nev. Consol. 
Copper Co., Butte 6f Superior Mining 
Co., Mesabi Iron Co., Bingham & Gar- 
field Ry. Co., Gallup Am. Coal Co., 
Ray and Gila Valley R.R.; v. p. Ne- 
vada Northern Ry. Co.; dir. Chase 
Nat. Bank, Pacific Steamship Co., 
Braden Copper Co., Granby Cons. 
Mining, Smelting ^ Power Co., Ltd., 
Southern Phosphate Corpn.; dir. and 
chmn. operating com. Kennecott Cop- 
per Corpn. Col. on staff Gov. J. H. 
Peabody, Colo., 1903-04, of Gov. 
William Spry, Utah, 1909-13; Utah 
commr. to Seattle Expn., 1909. Dir. 
U.S. Govt. Explosives Plants, 1917, 
18, 19; asst. to U.S. Dir. of Purchases, 
Storage and Traffic, 1918. Awarded 
D.S.M., 1919. Mem. Am. Inst, of 
Mining and Metall. Engrs., Metall. 
Soc. of America. Republican. Chibs; 
City Midday, The Links, University 
(New York); Bohemian, Pacific 
Union, University (San Francisco); 
Burlingame Country (Calif.); Menlo 

Country (Calif.); Alta (Salt Lake 
City).; Hobart Bldg., San 

PRESTON, John White, judge; b. 
Woodbury, Cannon Co., Tenn., May 
14, 1877: .S-. Hugh Lawson and Thank- 
ful Caroline (Doak) P.; A.B., Burritt 
Coll., Spencer, Tenn.; post-grad, work 
Bethany (W.Va.) Coll.; m. Sara 
Rucker. of Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 8, 
1902; children — Mrs. Elizabeth P. 
Hatch, John White, Jr. Admitted to 
Tennessee bar. 1897, and practiced in 
Woodbury; removed to Calif., 1902; 
mem. Preston 6? Preston, Ukiah and 
San Francisco; pres. Preston Loan & 
Investment Co.; dir. Ft. Bragg (Calif.) 
Commercial Bank. Chmn. Mendocino 
Co. Dem. Central Com., 1904-08; 
mem. Calif. Ho. of Rep., 1908; renom- 
inated, 1910 (declined); U.S. atty. 
Northern Dist. of Calif., Dec. 23, 
1913-July 24, 1918, resigned; spl. asst. 
U.S. atty. gen. for war work, July 24, 
1918-May H. 1919, resigned; prac- 
ticed in San Francisco; asso. justice of 
Supreme Court of State of Calif., Dec. 
27, 1926. Mem. Am., Calif. State and 
.San Francisco bar assns. Clubs: Com- 
monwealth (San Francisco), Clare- 
mont Country of Oakland (dir.). 
Home: Berkeley. Address: Supreme 
Court Chambers State Bldg., San 

ST. SURE, Adolphus Frederic, 

judge; b. Sheboygan, Wis., Mar. 9, 
1869; s. Frank A. and Ellen (Donog- 
hue) St. S.; ed. pub. schs.: m. Ida 
Laura Pettes, of Alameda, Calif., Oct. 
31, 1897; children— WiUiam Pettes, 
J. Paul. Admitted to Calif, bar 1895, 
and began practice at Alameda; served 
as city recorder and city atty., Ala- 
meda: judge Superior Court of Ala- 
meda County; asso. justice Dist. Court 
of Appeal, 1st Dist. of Calif., 1923- 
2 5: judge U.S. Dist. Court, Northern 
Dist. of Calif., by apptmt. of Presi- 
dent Coolidge, since Mar. 2, 1925. 
Mem. Phi Delta Phi. Republican. 
Clubs; Pacific Union, Union League, 
Athens Athletic. Home: Piedmont, 
Calif. Address: U.S. Post Office Bldg., 
San Francisco. 

KERRIGAN, Frank Henry, judge; 
b. Contra Costa Co., Calif., Sept. 17, 
1868: s. Patrick Henry and Elizabeth 
(Donlin) K.: ed. pub. schs.; m. Jessie 
McNah, of San Francisco, Nov. 30, 
1905; children — Stewart, Jane. Ad- 
mitted to Calif, bar, 1889; justice of 
the peace, San Francisco, 1894-1900; 
judge Superior Court, 1900-06; asso. 
justice Dist. Court of Appeals, 1906- 
22: justice Supreme Court of Calif., 
1923-24; judge U.S. Dist. Court, 
Northern Dist. of Calif., by apptmt. 
of President Coolidge, since Feb. 10, 
1924. Mem. Phi Alpha Delta. Re- 
publican. Mason, Forester, Eagle. 

Clubs; Olympic, Pacific Union. Home: 
23 3 5 Av. Address: Post Office 
Bldg., San Francisco. 

KINGSBURY, Kenneth Raleigh, 

president Standard Oil Co. of Calif.: 
b. Columbus, O., Jan. 22, 1876; s. 
Francis Homer and Mary Isabella 
(Wilson) K.: Princeton, 1896; course 
in Mining Engring., Columbia, 1896- 
97; m. Mary Bell Gwin Follis, of San 
Francisco, Calif., Mar. 14, 1917. Be- 
gan with Standard Oil Co.. m Pa., 

1897; elected v. p. Standard Oil Co. 
(Calif.), 1911, pres. since 1919; dir. 
Anglo y London Paris Nat. Bank. Del 
Monte Properties Co. Republican. 
Presbyn. Mason. Clubs; Pacific-Union. 
University, Bohemian, San Francisco 
Golf and Country (San Francisco), 
Nassau (Princeton); Princeton, India 
House (New York);Burlingame Coun- 
try, Marin Golf and Country, Mc- 
Cloud River (Cahf.). Home: 2300 
Pacific Av. O^ice; 22 5 Bush St., San 

MOORE, Robert S., shipbuilder; b. 
San Francisco. Calif., Mar. 22. 1857; 
s. Joseph and Anne M.; Ph.B., U. of 
Calif., 1881: m. Florence Howe, ot San 
Francisco. June, 1887. Engaged in 
mech. engring. since 1873; founder 
now chmn. bd., Moore Dry Dock Co 
(built 65 steamships during World 
War); pres. The Paraffine Cos., Inc. 
San Francisco: asst. to pres. Moore In 
vestment Co., Pacific Securities Co 
Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs. Repub 
lican. Mason. Clubs: Pacific Union 
Bohemian, Olympic. Home: Menlo 
Park, Calif. Office: Balfour Bldg.. San 

MOFFITT, Herbert Charles, M.D , 
b. San Francisco. Dec. 9, 1868; s. 
James and Delia (Kennedy) M.; B.S.. 
U. of Calif., 1889, LL.D.. 1919; M.D.. 



Harvard Med. Sch., 1894; D.Sc. Har- 
vard. 1921; m. Margaret Jollitfe, of 
San Francisco. June 15. 1900; children 
— James, Alice. Herbert Charles. Prac- 
ticed at San Francisco. 1898 — ; prof, 
medicine, U. of Calif. Home: 1818 
Broadway. Office: 380 Post St., San 

MILLER, Christian Otto Gerbcr- 
ding, public utility official; b. San Fran- 
cisco. Calif., Oct. 1. 1865: s. Albert 
and Mary A. (Kendall) M.; ed. U. of 
Cahf., 1885; m. Miss E. Havemeyer 
Tucker, of Oakland, Calif.. May 2. 
1889 (died Mar. 28. 1896); m. 2d, 
Janet McAlpinWatt, of Oakland. Apr. 
21. 1898. Began as treas. Pacific 
Lighting Corpn.. San Francisco. 1886. 
pres. since 1898; pres. Pacific Gas y 
Improvement Co.. 1900-03; Pres. San 
Francisco Oakland Railroad Termin- 
als, 1917-24; chairman board Key Sys- 
tem Transit Company; vice president 
American Trust Company, Realty Syn- 
dicate Co.; director East Bay Water 
Co., Kennedy Mine. Los Angeles Gas 
& Electric Co.. Pacific Gas S' Electnc 
Co.. and various other corpns. In 
charge of San Francisco office of War 
Trade Bd. during war period. Mem- 
ber Am. Gas Inst.. Pacific Coast Gas 
Assn. (pres. 1908). Am. Gas Assn. 
(v. p.). Trustee Stanford U. Repub- 
lican. Conglist. Clubs: Pacific Union. 
Bohemian. Burlingame Country. San 
Francisco Golf and Country. McCloud 
River; Montecito Country (Santa Bar- 
bara); California (Los Angeles). 
Home: 3001 Pacific Av. Office: 433 
California St., San Francisco. 

McENERNEY, Garret William, 

lawyer; b. Napa, Calif., Feb. 17, 1865; 
s. John and Margaret (Gunoude) M.; 
B.S., St. Mary's Coll., San Francisco, 
1881; (D.C.L., Catholic University of 
America, 1915); studied law at Napa, 
1882-86; m. Elisabeth Hogan, of 
Napa, Aug. 20, 1896 (died Sept. 25, 
1900); m. 2d, Genevieve, d. of Will 
S. and Josephine Armstrong Davis 
Green, Apr. 14, 1903. Practiced, San 
Francisco, 1886 — ; atty. for state and 
San Francisco bds. of health, 1896-99; 
counsel for U.S., representing arch- 
bishop and bishops of Calif, in arbi- 
tration between U.S. and Mexico at 
The Hague, in relation to the Pius 
Fund of the Californias, 1902; pro- 
moted passage by legislature, after 
San Francisco earthquake and fire, 
1906, and defended validity in courts, 
of the "McEnerney Act" to permit 
owners of real property to restore then- 
record titles which were lost by de- 
struction of the pub. records. Regent 
U. of CaUf., 1901 — . Democrat. 
CathoHc. Home: 1998 Broadway. Of- 
fice: Hobart BIdg., San Franci.sco. 

LIGGETT, Hunter, army officer; b. 
Reading. Pa.. Mar. 21, 1857; s. James 
and Margaret (Hunter) L.; grad. U.S. 

Mil. Acad.. 1879; LL.D.. U. of Calif., 
1921; m. Harriet R. Lane, of San An- 
tonio, Tex., June 30. 1881. Commd. 
2d It. 5th U.S. Inf., June 13, 1879; 
promoted through grades to maj. gen.. 
Mar. 6, 1917; retired as maj. gen., 
U.S.A., Mar. 21, 1921. Home: 2760 
Scott St., San Francisco. 

PALMER, Warren Sherman, rail- 
wav pres.; b. San Francisco. Apr. 25, 
1858; s. Edward H. and Jane B. 
(Thompson) P.; C.E.. U. of Calif.. 
1876; m. Mav H. Robertson, of Oak- 

land. Cahf.. July 19. 1883 (died 
1897); children— Edward Alexander, 
Ralph Warren. Alice Harriet: m. 2d, 
Kate B. Allen, of Oakland. Calif.. Apr. 
10. 1902. Began as apprentice in 
bridge bldg. dept.. Central Pacific 
R.R.. 1876; head of maintenance dept., 
1st div.. Southern Pac. Co.. Oakland. 
Cahf.. 1890-95, later div. engr. and 
asst. div. supt.; supt. Sacramento div., 
same rd., 1900-02, later supt. Western 
div. and gen. supt. Northern dist.; 
apptd. gen. mgr. Northwestern Pacific 
Rd.. 1907. pres. Jan. 7, 1914, and gen. 
mgr. under U.S.R.R. Administration. 
Aug. 1918-Feb. 1920. pres. and gen. 
mgr. 1920 to 1928. when he retired. 
Republican. Unitarian. Clubs: Bohem- 
ian (San Francisco); Claremont Coun- 
try (Oakland. Calif.). OiJicc. 64 Pine 
St.. San Francisco. 

MEINECKE, Emilio Pepe Michael, 

pathologist: b. San Francisco. Calif., 
July 26. 1869; s. Charles and Angelita 
(Schleiden) M.; grad. high sch.. Frei- 
burg. Germany: studied univs. of Frei- 
burg. Leipzig. Bonn and Heidelberg; 
Ph.D.. Heidelberg. 1893; post grad. 
work in various European univs.; un- 
married. Asst. Bot. Inst.. U. of Mun- 
ich. 1893. U. of Heidelberg. 1894: asst. 
Forestry Acad.. U. of Munich. 1898- 

1902; prof, botany U. of La Plata, Ar- 
gentine Republic, S.A., 1907-8: forest 
pathologist. May 1, 1910, pathologist 
since Mar. 1918, U.S. Dept. Agr.; also 
consulting pathologist to Forest Ser- 
vice dists. 4 and 5. Lutheran. Fellow 
A.A.A.S.: mem. Bot. Soc. America, 
Phytopathol. Soc. America, Soc. Amer- 
ican Foresters, Biol. Soc. Pacific Coast, 
Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science, 
Calif. Acad. Sciences, Societe d" Etudes 
Oceaniennes, Tahiti, Sigma Xi. Clubs: 
Faculty (U. of Calif.); University, 
Commonwealth. Author: Die Hefe, 
1898: Allgemeine Botanik, 1909: For- 
est Tree Diseases Common in Califor- 
nia and Nevada, 1914: Forest Pathol- 
ogy in Forest Regulation, 1916; Les 
Vanillieres de Tahiti et Moorea, 1916 
(same in Tahitian transl., 1917); also 
various papers on tree diseases. Home: 
3157 Jackson St. Ofice: Forest Ser- 
vice, Ferry Bldg., San Francisco. 

LANGDON,WiIIiam Henry, judge; 
b. Alameda Co., Calif., Sept. 25, 
1873; 5. William and Anne (Moran) 
L.; grad. San Jose Teachers Coll., 
1892: m. Myrtle McHenry, of Mo- 
desto, Cahf., Apr. 20, 1908: children 
— Merl, Lois Ann, Lawton William. 
Admitted to Calif, bar, 1896, and 
began practice at San Francisco: supt. 
pub. schs., San Francisco, 1903-06; 
dist. atty., San Francisco, 1906-10; 
pres. Calif. State Bd. of Edn., 1913- 
16; judge Superior Court, Stanislaus 
Co., Cahf., 1915-19; presiding justice 
Dist. Court of Appeals, 1919-27; jus- 
tice Supreme Court of Calif, since 
1927 for term ending Jan. 1, 1939; 
pres. Langdonmerl Co., G. P. Schafer 
Co. Trustee Fresno State Teachers 
Coll., 1913-15; mem. Cahf. State 
Land Settlement Bd., 1916-19. Re- 
publican. Catholic. As dist. atty. San 
Francisco conducted graft prosecu- 
tions which resulted in removal of 
mayor and supervisors from office. 
Home: The Regillus, Oakland. Ad- 
dress: State Bldg., San Francisco. 

IRVINE, James, capitalist: b. San 
Francisco. Calif., Oct. 16, 1867; s. 
James and Nettie H. (Rice) I.; ed. 
pub. schs.. Cleveland, and pvt. sch., 
Calif.; m. Frances Anita Plum, of San 
Francisco, Sept. 1, 1892 (died 1909). 
Early obliged, on account of death of 
father, to take charge of large family 
estate, and has been actively identified 
with many important enterprises on 
Pacific Coast; owner of more than 
100,000 acres of land, much of 
which is under cultivation, including 
3,000 acres of orchards; pres. The 
Irvine Co. (land), San Francisco, 
Napa y Calistoga R.R. Co., The 
Moraga Land Co. Mem. Calif. Pio- 
neer Society. Republican. Protestant. 
Home: 2421 Pierce St. Ofice: Crock- 
er Bldg., San Francisco. 



HUNT, William Henry, judge; b. 
New Orleans, Nov. 5, 1857; s. Wil- 
liam H. (sec. of the Navy) and Eliza- 
beth Augusta (Ridgely) H.; cd. Hop- 
kins Grammar Sch., New Haven, 
Conn.: entered Yale, class of 1878; 
ill health prevented graduation; hon. 
A.M., Yale, 1896; m. Gertrude Up- 
shur, of Brooklyn, Aug. 31, 1882; 
children— Eluabeth, William H., 
Helen Upshur, Gertrude Livingston. 
Collector of customs, Mont, and Ida., 
1881-85; atty.-gen. of Mont., 1885- 
87; mem. Mont. Constl. Conv., 1884; 
mem. legislature, 1889; dist. judge, 1st 
Jud. Dist., 1889-94; justice Supreme 
Court of Mont., 1894-1900; sec. Porto 
Rico, May 1900-Aug. 1901, gov., 
Aug., 1901 -July 4, 1904; U. S. dist. 
judge, Dist. of Mont., 1904-10; asso. 
judge U.S. Ct. of Customs Appeals, 
Jan. 1910-Feb. 1911; apptd. U.S. cir- 
cuit judge, Dec. 1910. Address: U.S. 
Court, Pan Francisco. 

HALE, Reuben Brooks, merchant; 
b. Elmira, N.V., June 11, 1869; s. 
Marshall and Prudence (Dyckman) 
H.; B.S., U. of the Pacific, San Jose, 
Calif., 1890; m. Leonetia May John- 
ston, of San Jose, Jan. 1, 1895. Exec, 
vice pres. Hale Bros. Stores, Inc., 
stores at San Francisco, Oakland, San 
Jose and Sacramento, California. Trus- 
tee San Francisco Public Library since 
1906. Member Relief Committee of 
50 and Reconstruction Com. of 40 
after disaster at San Francisco, 1906; 
originator, one of organizers, and v. p. 
Panama-Pacific Internal. Expn., 1915; 
an organizer and Pres. Calif. Develop- 
ment Assn.; pres. commn. extraor- 
dinary to Europe apptd. by the Presi- 
dent to visit foreign countries in be- 
half of Panama-Pacific Internal. Expn. 
Republican. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Chibs; Pacific Union, Bohemian, Com- 
mercial, Commonwealth, Art Assn. 
(San Francisco); Burlingame (Calif.) 
Country. Home: Fairmont Hotel. Of- 
fice 901 Market St., San Francisco. 

BLUM, Jack Samuel, merchant; b. 
San Francisco, Dec. 22, 1886: s. 
Simon and Clemence (Levy) B.; ed. 
Polytechnic High Sch., S.F., 1902-04; 
m. Lillian Julian, of Watsonville, 
Calif., Apr. 16, 1910; children-— 
Clemence, Barbara. Prop. Blum's 
Confectionery, S.F. Served U.S. 
Army, Nov. 1917-Feb. 1919; received 
President's citation. Home: 1139 Bay 
St. Addr«s: Polk 6? Calif. Sts., San 

LATIMER, Lorenzo Palmer, land- 
scape painter; b. Gold Hill, Placer 
Co., Calif., Oct. 22, 1857: s. Lorenzo 
Dow and Harriet (Needham) L.; ed. 
McClures Mil. Acad., Oakland, Calif., 
Jan. 1874-Dec. 1877; art studies 
Calif. Sch. of Design (now San Fran- 
cisco Inst, of Art); m. Jennie Evelyn 
Phelps, of Santa Rosa, Calif., June 
29, 1893; 1 son, Lorenzo Phelps. 

Teacher Mark Hopkins Inst, of Art, 
San Francisco, 1893-94; conducted 
art classes. Mechanics Inst., S.F., 
1893-1904; chosen chmn. sch. com. of 
Mark Hopkins Inst, of Art, 1899, and 
held this post approx. 20 yrs.; mem. 
bd. of dir., S.F. Art Assn., 1899- 
1917; first reached public thru paint- 
ings of Redwoods of Sonoma County, 
Calif.; subjects chosen from Lake 
Tahoe (Calif.), Sierra Mountains, 
Calif, and Nev. Paintings hang in 
Hibernia Savs. 6? Loan Soc, Mechan- 
ics Library, Art Gallery of Golden 
Gate Park Mus., Women's Bldg., and 
Bohemian Club in S.F.; Oakland Li- 
brary, Athenian Nile Club (Oak- 
land); designed curtain for S.F. Ma- 
jestic Theatre, which was destroyed 
by fire in 1906; painted curtain for 
theatre at "Veterans Home, Napa Co., 
Calif., 1917; represented at Panama- 
Pacific Expn. by 8 mural pictures, 
Columbian Expn. at Chicago by 1 pic- 
ture, St. Louis Fair by 1 picture. 
Awarded silver medals at Yukon 
Expn., Seattle, Wash., and Lewis (i 
Clark Expn., Portland, Ore. Mem. 
S.F. Art Assn. Republican. Episco- 
palian. Clubs: Bohemian (S.F.); 
Athenian Nile (Oakland). Home d>id 
studio: 2514 Woolsey St., Berkeley. 

RICARD, Jerome Sixtus, astrono- 
mer; b. Plaisians, Drome, France, Jan. 
21, 1850: s. Leger and Marianne 
(Eyssartel) R.; ed. high sch., Turin, 
Italy; came to America, 1873; student 
Woodstock Coll., Md.; joined Soc. of 
Jesus, 1872; Ph.D., U. of Santa Clara, 
California, 1887. Steadily observed 

and studied .--uiK^pots and facula:, 
1900-23, and discovered a method 
of using them in forecasting the 
weather long in advance; began with 
10 days, then took one mo., next 2 
mos., latterly one season and beyond. 

Publishes a daily forecast for Santa 
Clara Co.; a monthly long range 
weather forecast for the U.S., "The 
Sunspot"; also occasional seismo- 
graphic record. Trustee U. of Santa 
Clara. Democrat. Mem., astron. socs. 
of France, Belgium, Mexico, and the 
Pacific, Seismol. Soc. America, Me- 
teorol. Soc. America; fellow A.A.A.S. 
Contbr. to daily papers and occasion- 
ally to Popular Astronomy (mag.). 
Home: Santa Clara, Calif. 

PRIDE AUX, William Downing, at- 
torney; b. Liverpool, Eng., Sept. 28, 
1874; s. John and Mary (Downing) 
P.; ed. pvt. tutors and pvt. schs. Eng.; 
law studies U.S. Naval Forces and U. 
of Calif.; m. Nina Alice Blow, of San 
Francisco, Jan. 16, 1918; 1 son, 
George Alfred. Served in Merchant 
Marine Service, 1888-92; traveling 
salesman, 1892-94; re-entered Mer- 
chant Marine Service and served as 
officer and master of sailing vessels 
and as officer of steam vessels, 1894- 
98; holds certificate as master of sail- 
ing and steam vessels of any size and 
on any ocean; accompanied U.S. 
Squadron to Manila Bay, Apr. 1898, 
as Chief Officer of U.S.S. Zafiro; pres- 
ent at fall of Manila and bombard- 
ments of many rebel strongholds 
during Philippine, Samar and Leyte 
campaigns; promoted to command 
U.S.S. Zafiro, 1899; served in U.S. 
Naval Aux. Force, 1899-1917, in com- 
mand, except when on furlough, 1907- 
09; discovered, named and took poss. 
of several previously unknown and 
uncharted islands in name of U.S. 
while in command of U.S.S. Zafiro 
and on successful search in Philippine 
waters for a British shipwrecked 
crew; Lieut. Com., 3 yrs., and Com., 
3 yrs., U.S.N.R. Forces, 1917-22; 
made 9 trips across Atlantic as navi- 
gator or executive officer of troop 
transports U.S.S. Orizaba and U.S.S. 
Zealandia; relieved and placed on in- 
active duty June 30, 1922, while in 
command of U.S.S. Rappahannock, 
having been disabled in line of duty; 
on inactive duty list until Feb. 22, 
192 5. Awarded Dewey, Spanish- 
Amer. War, Philippine Campaign, 
Mexican Campaign and World War 
Medals. Admitted to Calif. State Bar 
in 1926 and since engaged in law 
practice in San Francisco. Republi- 
can. Episcopalian. Home: 780 Euclid 
Av., Berkeley. Office: 200 Bush St., 
.San Francisco. 

CHILD, Harold M., attorney: b. 
Fresno, Calif., Jan. 27, 1902; s. Stam- 
ford Oliver and Grace (Morrison) C; 
A.B., U. of Calif., 1924, J.D., 1926. 
Admitted Calif, state bar, 1926; prac- 
ticing atty. at Santa Clara, Calif., and 
San Francisco. Mem. Alpha Kappa 
Lambda, Phi Alpha Delta. Conglist. 
Address: Russ Bldg., San Francisco. 


KLEINSMID, Rufus Bernhard von, 

psychologist: b. Sandwich. 111.. June 
27. 1875; s. George and Augustina 
Louisa (Simon) von K.; grad. Obcrlin 
(O.) Acad.. 1897: traveling student. 
Europe. 1901: A.B.. Northwestern U., 
190'i. A.M.. 1906. LL.D.. 192?: Sc.D.. 

U. of Ariz., 1914; J.D., Nat. U. of 
Mex., 1919; Dr. en medicina, U. Cen- 
tral, Quito, Ecuador, 1920; Dr. en 
filosofia y letras, U. Major San Mar- 
cos de Lima. Peru, 1920; m. Elisabeth 
Patterson Sawyers, of Portland, Ore. 
Supt. pub. schs. in 111., 1897-1904; 
instr. Northwestern U. Acad., Evans- 
ton. 111.. 1904-05; prof. edn. and prin. 
acad. DcPauw U., 1905-09; prof. edn. 
and psychology, DePauw U., 1909- 
14; prcs. U. of Ariz., 1914-22; pres. U. 
of Southern Calif.. 1922 — . Asso. supt. 
and dir. Dept. of Research (a modern 
system for intensive study and reforma- 
tion of criminals). Ind. Reformatory, 
Jeffersonviile. 1912-14; consulting psy- 
chologist to the same, 1914-18; mem. 
Aru. State Bd. Edn.. 1914-22: prcs. 
Interstate (Ariz.. N.M.. and Western 
Tex.) Y.M.C.A.. 1914-17; mem. Nat. 
Advisory Council to Com. of 15 of 
Ednl. Preparation for Foreign Service: 
hon. v.p. Calif. Soc. for Promotion of 
Med. Research; pres. Drug Addiction 
Bur.; lyceum lecturer and teachers" 
inst. instr.. 1907—; U.S. del. 3d Pan 
Am. Scientific Congress, Lima, Peru, 
1925; dir. Child Conservation League 
of Calif.: hon. v.p. Calif. Soc. for Pro- 
motion Med. Research; mem. bd. dirs. 
Southwest Mus.: pres. Calif. Council 
on Internat. Relations. Lt. col. O.R.C. 
Fellow A.A.A.S., Am. Geog. Soc: 
mem. Nat. Com. on Prison Labor, Am. 
Assn. Clm. Criminology (a founder. 
1913, pres. 1915-18), Ariz. State 
Teachers" Assn. (pres. 1914), Ind. 
Acad. Science. Ind. Assn. Coll. Teach- 

ers of Edn. and Psychology (pres. 
1911-13). League of the Southwest 
(pres. 1917-21), Nat. Inst. Social Sci- 
ence, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Mu Alpha. 
Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Chi. Delta Phi 
Epsilon (nat. pres., 1925). Mem. 
Ariz. State Council Defense, 1917-18. 
Nat. Exec. Com. League to Enforce 
Peace. Nat. War Work Council Y.M. 
C.A. Methodist. Mason (K.T., K.C. 
C.H.). Ciiibs: Old Pueblo (Tucson); 
University. Los Angeles Athletic. 
Southern Calif. Athletic. Country (Los 
Angeles). Author numerous mono- 
graphs on edn.. applied psychology 
and criminology. Address: University 
of Southern Calif.. Los Angeles. 

RATCLIFF, Walter H., architect; 
b. London. Eng.. Feb. 2. 1881; s. Rev. 
Walter Henry and Evelyn Anne (Har- 
ris) R.; ed. Throop Poly. Inst, (now 
Calif. Inst, of Tech.); B.S., U. of 
Calif., 1903: hon. M.A.. Pacific 
School of Religion, 1926; m. Muriel 
C. Williams, of San Francisco, 1912; 
children — Robert W.. John Peter. 
Margaret A., Muriel M., Walter 
Henry. Associated with John Galen 
Howard, archt. for U. of Calif.. 1903- 
U6; studied in Rome and Pans, 1907: 
began pvt. practice in Berkeley. Calif.. 
1907: archt. for city of Berkeley. 1912- 
19; built Edison Sch. at Berkeley. S.F. 
Commercial Club. Berkeley Elks Club, 
and 7 structures for city of Berkeley, 
between 1915-19: archt. for Pac. Sch. 
of Religion, Berkeley, 1923—, Mills 
Coll.. Oakland. 1923—. Designed 
Holbrook Memorial Library at Pac. 
Sch. of Religion and Art BIdgs. at 
Mills Coll.. 1924; administration bldg. 
at Pac. Sch. of Religion and bldgs. for 
Hillside sch., Berkeley, 1925; dormi- 
tory for Pac. Sch. of Religion, and 
bldgs. for Chamber Commerce, Arm- 
strong Sch. of Business. Fidelity Bldg. 
6? Loan Assn., all Berkeley, 1926; 
Ethel Moore Hall at Mills Coll.. 1926; 
bldgs. for Day Nursery. Mercantile 
Tr. y Savs. Bank branch, Amer. 
Bank"s first branch, all Berkeley. 1927: 
Morrison Memorial Library at U. of 
Calif.. 1928. Dir. Fidelity Mtge. Sec. 
Co.. Peoples Finance &? Thrift Co., 
Berkeley Acceptance Corpn.. Berkeley 
Leasing & Realty Co.. all Berkeley. 
Mem. Sigma Xi. Elk. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Club.';: Faculty (U. of 
Calif.), Country, Tennis, Kiwanis 
(Berkeley). Home; 55 Roble Rd. Of- 
fice: Chamber Commerce Bldg., Berke- 

FORD, Arthur James, dentist; b. 
Taylorsviile. Plumas Co., Calif., Jan. 
2, 1872; s. Andrew Jackson and Mar- 
garet (Brown) F.; D.D.S., U. of Calif., 
1895: m. Helen Macquarrie, of Salt 
Lake City, Utah, 1926. Engaged in 
practice of dentistry. Quincy, Calif., 
and surrounding towns, 1895-98: pvt. 
practice, San Francisco, 1898 — . Mem. 

N.S.G.W. Republican. Club Public 
Spirit (S.F.). Home: 117 Vasquez 
Ave. OJice: Western States Life Bldg., 
San Francisco. 

TORRANO, Michael Angclo, phy- 
.sician; b. N.Y. City, Feb. 18, 1892: s. 
Guiseppe M. (dec.) and Rosaria (Ciri- 
mele) T.: M.D., U. of CaHf., 1922; 
m. Laura Mary Reali, of Oakland, 
Calif., Feb. 18, 1928. Served interne- 
ship at San Francisco Hospital, 1921- 
22; engaged in gen. practice of med., 
Oakland, 1922 — ; res. phys. to Provi- 
dence Hospital, Oakland, 1926-27, 
now mem. visiting staff same. Entd. 
Med. Corps, U.S.A., World War, and 
later trans, to S.A.T.C. Mem. Catho- 
lic Italian Federation. Republican. 
Catholic. Home: 5816 Ocean View 
Dr. Ojjice; 1624 Franklin St., Oak- 

TAYLOR, William Allen, corpn. 
executive; b. Albany, N.Y., Mar. 12, 
1876; s. Mathias and Sarah Augusta 
(Allen) T.: grad. high sch., Albany; 
m. Laurine Nell Rauch. of Mississippi, 
Apr. 17, 1916: 1 dau., Margaret. Mgr. 
Pacific coast office of Wheeling Steel 
Corp., with hdqrs. in San Francisco. 
Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: Pacific 
Union, S.F. Golf, Commonwealth, 
Public Spirit (S.F.). Home: 2375 
Vallejo St. Office: Rialto Bldg., San 

HEMPEL, Walter, realtor, broker; 
b. Dresden, Germany. Feb. 15. 1876; 
s. William Theodore August and Olga 
Augusta (Evcrth) H.; ed. pub. schs., 
Chicago: physical tr. course. Harvard 
U.; m. Rcgina Welsh, of York. Pa., 
Feb. 12. 1907; children — John Everth, 
Walter Jr. Athletic dir.. Univ. Sch.. 
Chicago, 1897-98: track coach. Knox 
Coll., Galesburg, 111., 1899; phys. dir.. 
Culver (Ind.) Mil. Acad., 1900: track 
coach. Northwestern U., 1901; ath. 
dir.. U. of N.D., 1902; ath. dir., Po- 
mona Coll.. Claremont, Calif.. 1903- 
04; football coach, Sherman Indian 
Sch.. Riverside. Calif.. 1905; ath. dir., 
St. Vincent"s Coll., Los Angeles, 1906- 
07: promotion mgr.. Manufacturers 
Aircraft Assn., N.Y. City. 1918; real 
estate and investments, Los Angeles 
and Lake Tahoe, Calif., 1919—. Re- 
publican. Protestant. Clubs Broad- 
way-Tahoe (Lake Tahoe): Westport 
Beach, Southern Calif. Athletic (i 
Country (Los Angeles). Home: 328 
Palmetto Dr.. Pasadena. OlJice: Lane 
Mortgage Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

MONTEVERDE, John Jackson, 

coffee, tea importer; b. Sutter Creek, 
Calif., June 5. 1873; .s. John and Rosa 
(Levaggi) M.; grad. Ramsey Bus. 
Coll., Stockton, Calif., Apr. 1892; m. 
Sophie M. Jones, of Sacramento, Calif., 
Apr. 12, 1899; children— Donald 
(dec), Alyse, Nan (dec), John Jack- 
son Jr.. Enola (dec). Edith Jane. Be- 



gan as office boy with Holbrook, Mer- 
rill a Stetson, San Francisco; bkpr., 
salesman, Lindley 6? Co., whsle. groc- 
ers, H yrs.: bought N. Dingley Co., 
estab. 1850, Sacramento, at court sale, 
now operates same as only exclusive 
whsle. coffee, tea firm in Sacto. Valley; 
an organizer, ex-vice-pres. Bank of 
Sacto.; vice-chmn. adv. bd.. Bank of 
Italy, Sacto.. and vice-chmn. finance 
com. of same. Mem. Amer. Red Cross; 
Past Pres. Assn. of Sacto. Co. (ex- 
pres.): Sacto. Whiskerinos (ex-vice- 
pres.). Elk, N.S.G.W. (worthy pres.. 
Sunset Parlor, Sacto., 1898; ex-grand 
tr.; ex-chmn. finance com.. Native 
Sons" Bldg. Assn., Sacto.; chmn. state 
bd. of control). Republican. Catho- 
lic. Clubs: Kiwanis (treas., chmn. 
finance com.), Del Paso Country 
(Sacto.). Home: 10?0 46th St. O^ce: 
ISI7 7th St., Sacramento. 

DIEDRICH, Ralph L., dentist; b. 
Bloomington, 111., Dec. 12, 1893; s. 
Nicholas J. and Elizabeth (Lowen- 
trout) D.; jr. coll. edn. at Joliet (111.) 
Township high sch.; D.D.S., U. of S. 
Calif., 1924; ra. Blessing Collier Bird, 
of Sacramento, Calif., Dec. 29, 1921. 
Engaged in practice of dentistry, Vaca- 
ville, Calif., 1924-25, Sacramento, 
1925—. Enli.sted Med. Corps, U.S. 
Army, Apr. 1917; assigned to 2nd 
U.S. Engrs., 2nd Div.; in France with 
A.E.F., Oct. 1917-Nov. 1918; partici- 
pated in 5 major operations — Chateau 
Thierry, Second Battle of the Marne, 
Lys-Scheldt, Meuse-Argonne, St. Mi- 
hiel; gassed, June 10, 1918; in Ger- 
many with Amer. Army of Occupation, 
Dec. 1918-July 1919; discharged Aug. 
1919. Recommended for D.S.C.. June 
6, 1918; cited for gallantry in action 
June 15, 1918. Author: The Grander 
Kingdom (4-act play of early Egypt); 
Asso. Editor: El Rodeo (U.S. Calif, 
annual publ.), 1923-24. Lecturer on 
Masonic history. Dist. chmn. U.S. Calif. 
Endowment fund campaign. Mem. 
Amer. Dental Assn., Sacramento Val- 
ley Dist. Soc, Vets. Fgn. Wars, U.S. 
Calif. Alumni Assn. Mason. Repub- 
lican. Presbyn. Ciubs: Sacramento 
Dental Study (pres. 1928), Sacra- 
mento Optimist (ex-pres.), Sacramen- 
to High Twelve. HoTTie: 1318 St. 
Otficf: Medico-Dental Bldg., Sacra- 

LYMAN, Oliver Bridgman, fac- 
tory rep.; b. Middlefield. Conn., Aug. 
23, 1892; .s. James and Anna Julia 
(Bridgman) L.; ed. Evanston (111.) 
Acad., 1908-09; Pawling (N.Y.) Sch., 
1909-12; grad. in engring., Sheffield 
Sci. Sch., Yale U., 1915. "Student" 
test man. General Elec. Co., Schenec- 
tady, N.Y., 1916-17; engr., Calif. 6? 
Hawaiian Sugar Refining Corpn., 
Crockett, Calif., 1918, and purchasing 
engr. for same, with hdqrs. in San 
Francisco. 1919-20; factory rep.. S.F., 
since 1920 for: Amer. Copper Prod. 

Corpn., Brit. -Amer. Tube Co. Inc., 
Bartlett Hayward Co., Burke Elec. 
Co., I.T.E. Circuit Breaker Co., Pitt.s- 
burgh Piping 6f Equip. Co., Sundh 
Elec. Co. Inc. Spent 3 mos. in Q.M.C., 
U.S.A., Washington, D.C., purchas- 
ing supplies, 1918. Mem. Amer. Inst. 
E.E., S.F. Elec. Development League. 
Edison Pioneers. Republican. Con- 
glist. Clubs: University, Engineers 
(S.F.). Home: University Club. Ojjice: 
74 New Montgomery St., San Fran- 

RIPLEY, Frederick Chandler, 

oil man; b. Boston, Mass., June 25, 
1877; s. Edward Payson and Frances 
(Harding) R.; ed. Shattuck Mil. 
Acad., Faribault, Minn., 1893-97; m. 
Vernette Snyder, of Riverside, 111., 
June 3, 1902; children— Edward Pay- 
son II, Frederick Chandler Jr., Forbes, 
Vernette. Asst. mgr. Petroleum De- 
velopment Co. (subsidiary of A.T. ii 
S.F. R.R.), 1903-05; in chg. San Joa- 
quin Valley fields, Chanslor Canfield 
Midway Oil Co. (subsidiary of A.T. 
y S.F. R.R.). 1907-18; mgr. all oil 
properties A.T. fe? S.F. R.R., with 
hdqrs. in Los Angeles, 1918 — . Dir. 
Calif. Chamber Mines 6? Oil. Repub- 
lican. Presbyn. Clubs: Calif., L.A. 
Country, Westport Beach, Calif. 
Yacht (L.A.). Home: 3315 W. 
Adams St. Oj^ce: Kerckhoff Bldg., Los 

CONLEY, Thomas Walter, dentist; 
b. Quincy, Plumas Co., Calif., Mar. 
13, 1893; s. James and Catherine 
(Delahunty) C; ed. Christian Broth- 
ers Coll., Sacramento, Calif., 1906- 
08; Sacred Heart Coll., San Francisco, 
1908-12; Coll. of Physicians 6? Sur- 
geons, S.F., 1912-15. Engaged in 
practice of dentistry, S.F., 1915-17, 
and since 1919, Commissioned 1st 
Lieut., Dental Corps, U.S.A., June, 
1917, and later promoted to Capt., for 
World War service; discharged Sept. 
1919; now Capt., Dental Corps Res. 
Mem. National Dental Assn., Calif. 
Dental Soc, S.F. Dist. Dental Soc. 
Club: Union League (S.F.). Horne: 
1221 Masonic Ave, O^ice: 516 Sut- 
ter St., San Francisco. 

GLADDING, Augustus Lemuel, 
manufacturer; b. Lincoln, Placer Co., 
Calif., Jan. 12, 1889; s. Albert James 
and Carrie A. (Chandler) G.; B.S. in 
ceramic engring.. Rutgers U., 1912; iii. 
Ruth Abbott Clarke, of New Bruns- 
wick. N. J., Nov. 19, 1913; children 
— Mary Abbott, Janice Chandler, Au- 
gustus Lemuel Jr., Albert James. Mem. 
Lincoln Town Council, 1914-18; dir. 
clay products sect., bldg. materials 
div. of War Industries Bd., hdqrs, 
Washington, D.C., during World 
War; sec. and dir.. Gladding. McBean 
6? Co., mfrs. of clay products, Los An- 
geles and San Francisco, 1920-23, vice- 
pres.. 1923 — . Mem. Delta Kappa Ep- 

silon. Mason. Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs; University, Commonwealth 
(S.F.); Athens Athletic (Oakland). 
Ojjiccs: 621 South Hope St., Los An- 
geles; 660 Market St., San Francisco. 

FRENCH, Leon (LeLanne), attor- 
ney; b. Washington, DC, Jan, 11, 
1879; s, Hon. John Louis and Agnes 
Laura (Channel) F. (both dec); ed. 
pvt. tutors; LL.B., Columbian U., 
Washington, 1902; m. Beatrice Rachel 
Keeler, of Fairfax Court House, Va., 
June 5, 1898 (dec); m. 2nd, Ethel 
(Greene) Tucker, of San Diego, 
Calif., Apr. 27, 1912. Admitted to 
bar, Dist. of Columbia, 1903, and 
asso. with father in practice as J.L. 
French 6? Son; practiced law. Search- 
light, Nev., 1905-11; Nev. atty. for 
Santa Fe Ry. Co., 1906-12; dep. city 
atty. and asst. spl. counsel, bd. of 
harbor commrs., Los Angeles, 1912-15; 
asst. trust officer. Citizens Tr. &? Savs. 
Bank, L.A., 1915-16; chief dep. dist. 
atty. Kern Co., Cahf., 1916-17; spl. 
asst. to atty. gen. of Calif.. 1917-18; 
dep. atty. gen., at San Francisco, 
1919—. Attended Machine Gun Of- 
ficers' tr. sch., Oct. -Dec. 1918; commd. 
maj. of inf., O.R.C., U.S. A, Mem. 
Soc. of Colonial Wars, S.A.R., S.R., 
Amer. Legion. Mason. Republican. 
Home: Menlo Park. Oifice: State 
Bldg., San Francisco. 

MORRISON, Milton William, ar- 
chitect; b. San Francisco Jan. 23, 1894; 
s. James Renshaw and Rebecca S. 
(Woebke) M,; ed, pub, schs., S.F,; 
m. Therese Elizabeth Dougherty, of 
Westerly, R.I., Sept. 26, 1914; 1 son, 
Milton W. Jr. Asso. with George W. 
Kelham, archt. and designer. S.F.,Nov. 
1911 — . Odd Fellow. Mason (master, 
M,t. Moriah Lodge 44, S.F., 1926). 
Club: Lake Merced Golf 6? Country 
(S.F.). Republican. Christian Scien- 
tist. Home: 601 42d Ave. Ojjice: 315 
Montgomery St., San Francisco. 

CORDER, Arthur Elmer, wool mer- 
chant; b. Smartville, Yuba Co., Calif., 
Feb. 28, 1874; s. Thomas WiUiam 
and Amy Antoinette (Farley) C; ed. 
pub. schs., Oakland, Calif.; m. Mary 
Louise Harrold, of Oakland, Apr. 21, 
1906; children — Marian Louise, Flor- 
ence Elma, Sec, and dir, Grayson- 
Owen Packing Co,, Oakland, 1917—; 
sec, and dir, T. W. Corder Inc., Oak- 
land, 1918 — ; v.p. and dir. Honolulu 
Plantation Co., 1922 — ; dir. 1st Nat. 
Bank of Oakland, 1923—; mem. ad- 
visory bd. San Pablo Ave. branch in 
Oakland, Bank of Italy, 1923—; mem. 
East Bay dist. com., Bank of Italy, 
Oakland. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Elk. Republican. Episcopalian. Chihs: 
Orinda Country, Sequoyah Country, 
Athens Athletic (Oakland); Mt. Di- 
ablo Country (Diablo, Calif.). Home: 
3 50 Lenox Ave. 0§ce: 67th 6? Bay 
Sts., Oakland. 



McPHERSON, James CuUen, ry. 

official; b. Ireland, Aug. 25, 1868; s. 
Samuel and Nora (Cullen) McP.; ed. 
nat. schs. of Ireland; high schs. of 
N. Mex.; m. Harriet Eliiaheth Kana- 
van, of Raton, N. M., June 7, 1887: 
children — Sam (dec), Nora. Machin- 
ists' apprentice, A.,T.yS.F. Ry., 
Raton, N.M., 1885, locomotive fire- 
man, 1886-89, locomotive engr., 
1889-95; mem. Raton (N.M.) city 
council, 1893; successively conductor, 
motorman, shop foreman, timekeeper, 
dispatcher, trainmaster, asst. supt.. Pa- 
cific Elec. Ry., Los Angeles, 1895- 
1907; supt., same ry., 1907-13: supt.. 
East Bay elec. div., S.P.Co., Oakland, 
Calif., 1913-18, 1921—: asst. gen. 
supt., Pac. Elec. Ry. (under fed. govt, 
supervision), Los Angeles, 1919-21. 
Commissioned Capt., Engring Corps, 
U.S.A., July, 1918: went immed. to 
Bassens Docks, Bordeaux, France, 
where was in charge transportation 
until armistice. Mem. East Bay 
(Calif.) Safety Council (bd. of £ovs.). 
East Bay Industrial Assn. (bd. of 
govs.), Oakland Chamber Commerce 
(dir.). Mason. Republican. Episco- 
palian. Clubs: Mt. Diablo Country 
(Diablo, Calif.), Oakland Rotary. 
Home: 1514 Alice St. Address: 337 
13th St., Oakland. 

WUEPPER, Frederick John, motor 
CO. official; b. Mich.. Jan. 26. 1892; 
s. John Henry and Lena C. (Roth) 
Wuepper: ed. pub. schs. Caro and 
Bay City, Mich.; m. Charlotte C. Con- 
ser, of Pa., Feb. 8, 1913; children- 
Robert Carl, Myra Joyce. With 
George L. Wilton 6? Co., Bay City, 
Mich., 1905-09; Buick Motor Co., 
Flint, Mich., in various capacities in 
cost, production and comptroller 
depts., 1909-16: held various offices 
and now sec. and dir. Fageol Motors 
Co., Oakland, CaUf., 1916—; also 
sec, treas. and dir. Fageol Motors 
Sales Co., Oakland: dir. Peoples Fi- 
nance 6? Thrift Co., San Leandro, 
Calif. Elk. Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs; Kiwanis (ex-pres.), Athens 
Athletic, Sequoyah Country (Oak- 
land). Home: 386 Beverly Ave., San 
Leandro. Office: 107th Ave. g" Holly- 
wood Blvd., Oakland. 

KENNEY, Franklin Rockefeller, 

oil operator; b. Pittsburgh, Pa., June 
13, 1878: ■■;. John Patton Rockefeller 
and Sarah Ann (Smith) K.; ed. Park 
Inst. Prep., U. of Pittsburgh; »n. Nelle 
Torrence, of Pittsburgh, Apr. 1902; 1 
son, William John. Pres. Kenney- 
Cleary Oil Co., associated with Mar- 
land Oil Co. interests in Okla., 1919 
— ; v.p. and dir. Marland Oil Co. of 
Del., 1921—: pres. Marland Oil Co. 
of Cahf., 1924 — . Served in P.I. in 
Span.-Amer. War; successively Capt., 
Major and Col. on statf of Gen. Persh- 
ing, France, World War, and later 

Col. U.S. Army Air Service. Mem. 
Am. Legion (1st Post, Pans, France). 
CJub,(: Racquet, Army 6? Navy, Con- 
gressional (Washington, D.C.); Lotos 
(N.Y. City): Circle Interally (Pans, 
France): Calif. (Los Angeles); Bo- 
hemian (San Francisco). Offices: Pon- 
ca City, Okla.: 417 S. Hill St., Los 

MULHOLLAND, William, hy- 
draulic engr.: b. Belfast, Ireland, Sept. 
11, 1855; .5. Hugh and Ellen ( Deak- 
ers) M.; ed. Christian Bros. Sch., Dub- 
hn; LL.D., U. of Calif., 1914; m. 
Lillie Ferguson, of Los Angeles, Calif., 
July 3, 1890. Supt. and chief engr. 
water works of Los Angeles, 1886 — : 
devised plans and estimates and super- 




^K 4# 

^^^ ^'^ 




W M -*! 9 





intended the construction of Los An- 
geles aqueduct for conveying a supple- 
mentary water supply from Sierra 
Nevada Mts., 250 miles distant, at a 
cost of $24,500,000; consulting engr. 
numerous irrigation and water supply 
projects. Chief engr. Dept. of Pub. 
Service, Los Angeles. Mem. Soc. Civil 
Engrs. Home: 426 South St. Andrews 
PL, Los Angeles. 

CROCKER, Henry Joseph, mot. 
pict. casting dir.: b. San Francisco. July 
2, 1895: s. Henry Joseph and Mary 
(Ives) C; grad. Taft sch.. Watertown. 
Conn., 1912; A.B., Yale U., 1916 
(winner Gordon Brown prize as best 
all-round athlete, student and leader 
in class). Began with H. S. Crocker, 
stationer, S.F., and later two yrs. with 
Pickard. Shaughnessy ii Anderson 
and Houseman (i Co., brokers, S.F.; 
moved to Los Angeles, 1924; on stage 
in "The Whole Town's Talking," 
"Kelly's Vacation," "The Goose Hangs 
High:" minor roles on screen in "Big 
Parade." etc.; asst. to Charlie Chaplin, 
actor, 1925; worked on story, aided in 

dir. and played lead. juv. role in "The 
Circus;" now casting dir. with Chap- 
lin. Served with U.S.N.F. during 
W'orld War. Mem. Delta Kappa Ep- 
silon. Scroll G? Key (Yale). Clubs: 
Pacific Union (S.F.), Country (Bur- 
lingame, Calif.). Home: 1612 Vista 
del Mar. Address: Chaplin Studios, 

LEONARD, Edward Michael, at- 
torney: b. Leonard Station, Santa Cru: 
Co.. Cahf.. Nov. 12. 1873: s. Thomas 
W. and Catherine Mary (Walsh) L.: 
A.B.. Santa Clara Coll., 1900; A.B., 
Stanford U., 1903; LL.B., U. of CaUf , 
Hastings Law Sch., 1909. Engaged in 
law practice, San Francisco, 1909 — ; 
asst. U.S. atty.. Northern Dist. of 
Calif., 1920-22; asst. dist. atty. and 
prosecutor in Juvenile Court, S.F. City 
and County, 1922 — . Served as over- 
seas sec, K. of C during World War; 
accompanied 363rd U.S. Inf. in three 
major engagements, St. Mihiel, Meuse- 
Argonne and Leis-Scheldt; com- 
mended for efficient service by Maj. 
Gen. Johnson. Mem. Y.M.I. (S.F.). 
K.C. Democrat. Roman Catholic. 
Home: 227 Staples Ave. Ojffice: Mills 
Bldg., San Francisco. 

MELLENTHIN, Alfred I., banker; 
h. Sleepy Eye, Minn., Aug. 10. 1885; 
.■- Carl F. W. and Mary A. (Zieske) 
M.; ed. U. of Minn.: B.Sc, South- 
western U.. Los Angeles, 1923: LL.B., 
I i. of S. Calif., 1928; m. Fern B. Gnf- 
tith. of Minn., Feb. 22, 1912; 1 dau., 
Bettv Gnffith. Asst. cashier, 1st Nat. 
Bank of Sleepy Eye, 1903-11; State 
hank exam.. Minn., 1911-14; banking, 
St. Paul, 1914-19; pres. 1st Nat. Bank 
of Monrovia, Calif., 1919-26; v.p. 
Bank of Italy, Los Angeles. 1926 — . 
Mem. Sons of Herman, Alpha Tau 
Omega, Phi Alpha Delta. Mason, 
Elk. Republican. Presbyn. Club; 
Jonathan (L.A.). Home: 168 High- 
land PI., Monrovia. Office: 752 S. 
Broadway, Los Angeles. 

HYNES, John D., insurance broker; 
b. San Francisco, Apr. 21, 1869; s. 
John and Ann (Kelly) H.; ed. pub. 
schs., S.F.; m. Florence M. McCoy, of 
S.F., Feb. 28, 1905. With Anglo- 
Calif. Bank, S.F., 1890-1906; asso. 
with Aetna Ins. Co. and engaged in 
stock, bond and ins. brokerage, S.F., 
1904 — ; now asso. with Western 
States Life Ins. Co., S.F.: orchestra 
leader, in conj. with other activities, 
25 yrs.; mem. bd. of supervisors, S.F., 
two terms, 1915-23. Mem. 250th 
Coast Arty., N.G. of Calif., 3 yrs. 
Mem. Musicians Union. Y.M.I, of 
S.F., Praetorians, Mayo Men's Assn. 
Elk, N.S.G.W., W.O.W.. F.O.A., 
K.C. Democrat. Catholic Club: Pub. 
Spirit (S.F.). Home: 821 35th Ave. 
Office: Western States Life Bldg., San 



WICKLER, Jay C, insurance exec- 
utive; fa. Minonk. HI., July 29, 1879; 
s. Jacob C. and Susan A. (Kec) W.; 
grad. high sch., Minonk; m. Mary R. 
Krater, of Sacramento, June 29, 1910; 
children — Jay Carleton, Beverly Kee. 
Entered father's fire insurance office, 
Minonk, Sept. 1900; in fire ins. office, 
Chicago, Jan. 1905-Feb. 1907; special 
agent Pacific coast for Continental 
Fire Ins. Co., and later state agent; 
became mgr. Nat. Union Fire Ins. 
Co., Aug. 1919; resigned to enter 
coast dept. Great Amer. Ins. Co. of 
N.Y. and Phoenix Ins. Co. of Hart- 
ford; asst. mgr. of same, with hdqrs. 
in San Francisco, May, 1925 — . Ma- 
son (3 2°, Shriner). Republican. 
Protestant. Cliibs: Union League 
(S.F.), Sequoyah Country (Oak- 
land). Home: 5420 Thomas St., Oak- 
land. Office: 233 Sansome St., San 

BODKIN, Henry Grattan, attor- 
ney; b. Olive. Calif.. Mar. 20. 1886; 
s. John J. and Marian (O'Brennan) 
B.; B.S.. St. Vincent's Coll.. Los An- 
geles. 1906; studied law offices Joseph 
Scott. L.A.; hon. J.D.. Loyola Coll.. 
1925; m. Ruth W. Walhs. of L.A.. 
May 29. 1918; 1 son. Henry G. Jr. 
Admitted to Calif, bar, 1910; asso. 
with law office of Joseph Scott. L.A.. 
1910-13; pvt. practice, L.A., 1913-15; 
asso. with W.J. Ford. L.A. atty.. 1915- 
19. partner Ford of Bodkin, 1919-25; 
pvt. practice. L.A.. 1925 — ; mem. L. 
A. administrative com. Calif, state 
bar; prof, probate law and negotiable 
instruments, Loyola Coll., L.A. Mem. 
Amer. Bar Assn.. L.A. Co. Bar Assn., 
N.S.G.W. (grand trustee, 2 terms). 
Rho Alpha Gamma. Elk, K.C. Re- 
publican. Roman Catholic. Clubs: 
Athletic (Hollywood). Athletic (San- 
ta Monica). Home: 2015 North Ber- 
endo St. Office: Chester Williams 
BIdg.. Los Angeles. 

WOLFERS, Robert Charles, chain 
catering corpn. official; b. Hopkins. 
Mo.. Apr. 6, 1897; s. Edward Cecil 
and Sarah EHzabeth (Peck) W.; 
Ph.B., U. of Wis.. 1918; student U. 
of 111., U. of Chicago, and U. of S. 
Calif.; in. Ruth Stromme. of Madi- 
son, Wis., May 30, 1918 (dec); chil- 
dren — Sarah Elizabeth. Julia Ann; m. 
2d, Hazel Ure, of Ogden, Utah. July 
1924: 1 dau., Mary. Asst. cashier Bank 
of Hopkins. Mo.. 1918-21; bkpr. Sou. 
Tr. y Com. Bank. San Diego. Calif.. 
1921-22; teller Citizens Tr. 6? Savs. 
Bank. Los Angeles. 1922-23; acct. for 
Don Lee Inc.. L.A.. 1923; pres. Wol- 
fers Inc.. oper. B/G sandwich shops 
in S.F. and Seattle. 1923-28; organ- 
ized. Feb. 1928. and since pres. Robert 
Wolfers Inc.. chain sandwich shops, 
oper. under name Wolfers Food Ser- 
vice, with hdqrs. in S.F. Enlisted in 
L'.S.N.R. in May 1918; served in 
World War; discharged Feb. 1919. 

Mem. Amer. Legion. Beta Theta Pi. 
Republican. Protestant. Home: 970 
Bay St. Olfice: 978 Market St.. San 

BLEDSOE, Benjamin Franklin, 

lawyer; fa. San Bernardino, Calif., 
Feb. 8. 1874; s. Robert Emmett and 
Althea (Bottoms) B.; A.B. Stanford, 
1896; LL.D.. U. of Southern Calif.. 
1920; m. Katherine Marvin Shepler. of 
Council Bluffs, la., Dec. 25, 1899; 
children — Barbara Shepler (Mrs. 
Glenn E. Pollard), Frances Pnscilla. 
Admitted to Calif, bar. 1896; engaged 
in gen. practice at San Bernardino in 
partnership with father; elected judge 
of Superior Ct. of San Bernardino 
Co.. 1900. for term of 6 yrs.. re- 

elected, 1906, and 1912; resigned. Oct. 
23. 1914, to accept appmt. by Pres. 
Wilson as U.S. dist. judge. Southern 
Dist. of Calif., resigned Mar. 24, 
1925; in gen. practice of law as mem. 
Hill, Morgan and Bledsoe; mem. bar 
Supreme Court of U.S. Mem. bd. of 
trustees City Pub. Library, San Ber- 
nardino, 1899-1913 (pres. 1905-13); 
pres. San Bernardino Y.M.C.A. 1911- 
14; mem. state exec. com. Y.M.C.A. 
of Calif, since 1912; pres. Los Angeles 
Grand Opera Assn.. 1924-26; v. p. 
Community Welfare Fed. (operating 
Los Angeles community chest). 1924- 
27; pres. Stanford Alumni Assn., 
1915. Mason (3 2° ); Grand Master of 
Masons of Calif.. 1915; Grand Com- 
mander K.T. of Cahf., 1919; Grand 
Chancellor K. of P. of Calif.. 1911. 
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Upsilon, 
Phi Delta Phi. Democrat. Conglist. 
Office: Roosevelt Bldg., Los Angeles. 

KIRKBRIDE, Charles N., attorney; 
b. Pueblo. Colo., Nov. 15. 1868; s. 
Charles Henry and Louise (Holloway) 
K.; Ph.B., Coll. of Pacific, 1887; 

LL.B., Northwestern U. Law Sch., 
1893; m. Mabel S. Goode, of San 
Mateo, Calif., May 24, 1919; chil- 
dren — Bruce C Harold E., Elizabeth 
Louise. Admitted to practice before 
supreme cts. of U.S., 111. and Calif., 
and the dist. ct. of the U.S. for the 
northern dist. of Calif.; splst. in muni- 
cipal corpn. law and spl. assessments; 
city atty.. San Mateo, Calif., 1895- 
1923; founder, San Mateo Mut. Bldg. 
6? Loan Assn.; tr., 18 yrs., San Mateo 
high sch. dist.; tr., Coll. of Pacific, 
Stockton, Calif.; mem. local adminis- 
trative com., state bar of Calif., super- 
vising law practice in Calif.; now mem. 
of law firm of Kirkbride ^ Gordon, 
San Francisco and San Mateo, and 
pres. Broadway Commercial y Sav- 
ings Bank. Burlingame. Mem. C.A.C., 
N.G. of Cahf., 1911-17; capt., C.A.C., 
U.S.A., and ordnance officer, S.F. 
coast defenses, 1917-19; major. C. A. C, 
Res., U.S.A., 1919 — . Mem. Amer. 
Bar Assn., League of Calif. Municipali- 
ties (co-founder and ex-pres.). Army 
.\ssn. ot U.S., Amer. Legion. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Club: Common- 
wealth (S.F.). Home: 360 Elm St., 
San Mateo. Offices: Chancery Bldg., Francisco, and Peninsula Bldg., Mateo. 

SHUMAN, Blair S., attorney; b 
Pitt.sburgh, Pa., June 27, 1892 
Charles Rosswell and Mary Dickey 
(Sterrett) S.; A.B., Yale U., 1915 
J.D., U. of Cahf., 1917. Engaged in 
hrw practice with the firm of Chicker 
ing 6? Gregory, San Francisco. Batln 
sergt. maj., 363rd Inf., Camp Lewis 
W.ash., Sept. 1917-June 1918; sergt. 
3 46th F.A., A.E.F., France, June 
1918-Feb. 1919. Mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa. Republican. Clubs: Univer- 
sity (S.F.); Lagunitas Country 
(Calif.); Calif. Tennis. Home: Upper 
Road, Ross. Mann Co. Ojjice: Mer- 
chants Exchange Bldg.. San Francisco. 

KLITGAARD, Christen Julius, in- 
surance broker; b. Hals, Denmark, 
Jan. 26, 1882; s. Christen Julius and 
Sophie Amalie (Larssen) K.; grad. 
gram, sch., Eng., 1896; attended Sen- 
diford Acad., 6 mos., and McGill 
Model Sch., Montreal, 4 mos., 1896; 
m. Emma Caroline Gantzel, of Copen- 
hagen, at Redwood City, Calif., Sept. 
15, 1905; children— Agnete Camilla 
(Mrs. Johansen), Christen Gantzel, 
June. Went to sea for one yr., 1896 
studied photo-engraving, Eng., 1897 
99, completing apprenticeship. Den 
mark, 1900; served in Danish navy, 
as gunnery comdr., 5 mos., 1900; en 
gaged in photo-engraving, London 
1901-02; in chg. engraving shop 
Paris, until 1904; officer of lumber 
schooner out of San Francisco, 1904 
05; photo-engraver, S.F. Examiner. 
1906; estab. the Nevada Ptg. 6? Sta- 
tionery Co., Reno, and was vice-pres. 
of same until 1911; became supt. of 



the Continental Life Ins. Co. of Utah, 
1911, gen. agt. for that co. at San 
Francisco, 1913 — ; was pres. of the 
Danish Old Peoples' Home. Alderly, 
Calif., 1927. Mem. Underwriters' 
Assn. of Calif, (pres. 1920), Dama 
Soc. of Cahf. (pres. 1919), Assn. 
Against the Prohibition Amendment, 
Soc. Lyren, Soc. Helga (trustee). 
Elk. Mason (Shriner, 32°). Clubs: 
Transportation, 12.10 (S.F.). Home: 
825 Paru St., Alameda. Office: 625 
Market St., San Francisco. 

PECK, Arthur R., financier, inven- 
tor (deceased 1927): b. Aurora. Ont., 
Can., Mar. 28. 1862; s. Rufus T. and 
Susan (Wells) P.; ed. pub. schs., 
Cortland, N.Y.; m. Carrie Aldrich, 
of Syracuse, N.Y., Nov. 1892; 1 son, 
Aldrich R. Invented Peck's cash reg- 
ister and mfd. same until 1895; or- 
ganized Barnes Cycle Co., Syracuse, 
1892, mgr. same, 1892-1900; organ- 
ized Mack-Miller Candle Co., Syra- 
cuse; dir. Syracuse Trust Co., many 
yrs.; became interested in auto indus- 
try, 1900; co-organi;er, Anaheim 
(Calif.) Sugar Co., 1910. became 
pres. same, serving to 1923. Inventor 
Peck's pressure filter (used in mining 
and sugar mfg.). Republican. Clubs: 
California. Century, Country, Ath- 
letic (L.A.); Cerritos Gun (Long 
Beach), Citizens, Onondaga Golf & 
Country (Syracuse). Home was at 
455 Irving Blvd.. Los Angeles. 

WADE, Franklin Sanborn, utility 
corpn. official; b. Kansas City, Mo., 
July 27. 1885; s. Charles J. and Mary 
Elizabeth (Howard) W.; grad. U of 
S. Cahf., 1908; m. Carol Dudley, of 
Los Angeles. Apr. 15. 1914; children 
— Franklin Russell. Mary Elizabeth. 
Chemist. L.A. Gas 6? Elec. Corpn.. 
1905-12. co-organizer of chemistry 
dept. of same and assisted in develop- 
ing system of chem. control for mfr. 
of gas from oil; supt. of operation. 
Southern Counties Gas Co.. L.A.. 
1912-25, vice-prcs. and mgr. 1925-28", 
pres. and gen. mgr. 1928 — . Mem. 
Amer. Soc. M.E., Amer. Gas Assn.. 
Pacific Coast Gas Assn. (pres. 1922- 
23). Clubs; Athletic. Wilshire Coun- 
try (L.A.); Edgewater (Santa Mon- 
ica). Home: 2026 North Hobart Blvd. 
Ofice: 810 S. Flower St.. Los Angeles. 

WOLLENBERG, Charles Maurice, 
institutional supt.; b. Castroville, 
Cahf., Mar. 13. 1873; s. Louis W. 
and Fannie (Kalischer) W.; grad. U. 
of Cahf., 1894; m. Romilda Judell of 
San Francisco, Sept. 17, 1899; chil- 
dren—Albert C. and Harold A. Prac- 
ticed pharmacy, 1894-1906; chief 
civilian aide to surgeon-gen. in chg. 
of rehcf work. San Francisco disaster, 
May-Aug. 1906; exec, officer, refugee 
camps, food and stores, and for lied 
Cross relief, S.F., Aug. -Dec. 1906; in 
chg. of refugee camps and of Camp 
Ingleside, a refugee settlement, 1907- 

June 1908; supt.. City and Co. of S.F. 
Almshouse 6? Relief Home (now La- 
guna Honda Home). July, 1908 — ; 
supt.. S.F. City and Co. Hosp. (now 
the S.F. Hosp.), Oct. 1909-May 1915; 
dir. of unemployment relief, S.F., 
1913, 1920; pres.. Masonic Orphan- 
age, Los Angeles, 1917 — ; pres.. Ma- 
sonic Home, Decoto, Alameda Co., 
Cahf., 1917—. Mem. Zeta Beta 
Theta. Mason (senior grand warden. 
Grand Lodge. Cahf., 1928). Repub- 
lican. Jewish. Chtbs: Masonic, Lake 
Merced Golf y Country (S.F.). Ad- 
dress: Laguna Honda Home, San 

HAAS, Edward F., civil engineer; 
b. Stockton. Cahf., Aug. 28. 1870; s. 
Charles and Charlotte (Merk) H.; 
B.S., U. of Cahf., 1892; C.E., Colum- 
bia U. Sch. of Mines. 1894; m. Caro- 
line Mabel Thompson, of Stockton, 
Cahf., Oct. 17. 1906; children— Ed- 
ward Thompson and Alice Charlotte. 
Asst. in engring. U. of Calif., 1892- 
93; with city engr., Stockton, 1894- 
95; pvt. practice, Stockton, 1896-97; 
with city engr.. San Francisco, 1898- 
99; in partnership with John W. Fer- 
ris, engaged in dredging and reclama- 
tion work, 1900-02; engaged in pvt. 
practice. S.F., in swamp land reclama- 
tion, irrigation and drainage projects 
and as contractor. 1902 — ; mem. of 
firm of Haas. Doughty S" Jones. S.F.; 
pres. Union Dredging Co., S.F.. and 
of the Caledonia Dredging Co. Mem. 
Sigma Chi. Republican. Clubs: Uni- 
versity. Engineers', Golf 6? Country 
(S.F.); Menlo Country (past pres.), 
Menlo. Calif.; Golf i^ Country (Stock- 
ton). Home: 2698 Vallejo St. Office: 
Merchants Exchange Bldg., San Fran- 

AUGER, Constant John, retail jew- 
eler; b. Oct. 9. 1871; s. Jean and Flor- 
entine (Drayeur) A.; ed. pub. schs., 
San Francisco; m. Harriet lanthe De- 
Lyons of Madison. Wis.. June 1, 1899; 
children — Willard, Alan. Robert. Re- 
tail jeweler, San Francisco; dir.. United 
Bank y Trust Co. (now Bank of 
Amer. of Calif.). S.F.; appointed play- 
ground commr.. S.F.. June. 1926. re- 
appointed Jan. 1928. Mem. Nat. Re- 
tail Jewelers Assn. (ex-vice pres.). Pa- 
cific Gold 6? Silversmiths Assn., S.F. 
Convention League. Boy Scouts of 
Amer. (exec, com., S.F. Council), 
Down Town Assn. of S.F. (pres.), 
French Mut. Benev. Soc. (ex-pres.), 
Ligue Henry IV, French Alliance. 
N.S.G.W. Republican. Catholic. 
Chibs: Commonwealth. Rotary (ex- 
pres.), Advertising, Lafayette (S.F.). 
Home: 3819 Jackson St. Ojjice; 178 
Geary St., San Francisco. 

LOOK, Halleck Hart, physician, 
surgeon; b. Logan, Ohio, Aug. 9, 
1862; s. Adam and Rachel (Graffis) 
L.; ed. Kansas City Med. Coll., 1 
term; M.D., Columbia U., 1887; m. 

Carrie M. Bessie Black, of Chicago 
and San Francisco, 1889 (dec); chil- 
dren — Rachel Graffis, Hilmar Daltan; 
m. 2nd, Yarda Mattson, of Sacra- 
mento, 1922. Practiced raed. and sur- 
gery, Chicago, 3 yrs.; surgeon. Pacific 
Mail S.S. Co., aboard steamer "San 
Bias," 1890-92; practice of med. and 
surgery, Sacramento, 1892 — ; traveled 
2600 miles thru Alaska by land sledge 
and row boat, 1898; served as sanitary 
inspr. for northern Calif., during 
smallpox epidemic, 1900. Capt., Hosp. 
Corps, Cahf. N.G., 1897-1911. Mem. 
S.R., Sons of St. George. Mason. 
Democrat. Protestant. Club: High 
Twelve (Sacramento). Home: 1509 
T St. Offices: 401 K St. and 1027 
4th St., Sacramento. 

BURROWS, John Wadsworth, ac- 
countant; b. Erie, Pa., Oct. 25. 1876; 
s. Frederick S. and Eva J. (Wads- 
worth) B.; ed. Lehigh U., Bethlehem, 
Pa., 1898; C.P.A., by N.Y. State 
exams.; in. Mabel Garriques, of Salem, 
O., 1901; 1 dau., Virginia (Mrs. K.C. 
Herrick); m. 2nd, Katherine Owen, of 
San Francisco, Feb. 1922. Car tracer, 
yard master, asst. train master, Penn. 
R.R., 1895-1905; clerk. Levi Strauss 
y Co.. S.F., 1905-1906; clerk, S.P. 
Co., at Oakland, 1906; cashier, S.F. 
Call, Mar. 1907-1913; jr. acct. for 
John R. Ruckstell. S.F., 1913-18; 
statistician, U.S. Shipping Board, 
Washington, D.C., part of 1919; with 
Haskins y Sells, pub. accts., N.Y. 
City, 1919-24; mem. of firm of Ruck- 
stell y Sells, C.P.A.'s, S.F., 1924—. 
Lieut., 52nd U.S. Engrs., A.E.F., Sept. 
1918-April 1919. Mem. Cahf. State 
Soc. of C.P.A.'s, Amer. Inst, of 
Accts., Psi Upsilon. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Club: S.F. Press. Home: 
3146 Divisadero St. Ojfice: 703 Mar- 
ket St., San Francisco. 

CONOVER, George Clinton, mer- 
chant; b. Cass Co.. Mo.. Aug. 10, 
1880; s. James Schooley and Vandella 
Jane (Urton) C; ed. gram, sch.. 
Pleasant Hill. Mo.; m. Mary Elizabeth 
Jackson, of Sacramento, Calif., Mar. 
22, 1904; children — Thomas Clinton 
(dec), Arthur James, Elizabeth Mar- 
della. Employed in mining co. store, 
Lehigh, Ind. Ty., 1 yr.: asso. with 
Hale Bros., Sacramento, 1899 — , 
clerk, grocery dept., 1899, chg. of 
dept., 1901-17, est. first grocerteria for 
Hale Bros, in Sacramento store, 1917, 
est. grocerterias in S.F., San Jose and 
Oakland stores, 1918, later became 
dir. of CO.; gen. mgr. of Sacramento 
store for reorganized Hale Bros. 
Stores. Inc., Jan. 1925 — . Elk, Mason 
(Shriner). Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs: Rotary (ex-dir.). Del Paso 
Country (vice-pres.). High Twelve, 
Sutter (Sacramento). Home: 1400 
40th St. Office: Hale Bros., Inc., Sac- 



CHAPLIN, Charles Spencer, co- 
median: b. London, Eng., Apr. 16. 
1889: both parents in theatrical busi- 
ness: cd. pub. schs., London: twice 
married; children — Spencer, Sydney. 
Became identified with theatre at 7 yrs. 
of age and was employed in vaudeville 
and legitimate playhouses: first ap- 
pearance was as Billy with William 
Gillette, in "Sherlock Holmes": at- 
tracted favorable notice in "A Night 
in an English Music Hall," and came 
to United States with that play, in 
which performed leading part. Screen 
debut, 1914, with Keystone Film Com- 
pany: with Essanay Company, 1915: 
Mutual Film Corporation, 1916: 
signed with new First National Ex- 
hibitors' Circuit to make eight two-reel 

pictures for $1,000,000, 1917: began 
as producer with construction of own 
motion picture studios at Hollywood, 
Calif., starring in and directing pro- 
ductions of his own creation: now 
playing and producing own pictures. 
Mem. Societe des Beaux Arts, Paris, 
France. Club: Congressional (Wash- 
ington). Address: Charlie Chaplin 
Studios, La Brea and De Longpre 
Avs., Los Angeles. 

DREW, John Sheehan, educator; 
b. San Francisco, Feb. 9, 1870: s. 
John R. and Kate M. (Roche) D.: 
Ph.B., U. of Calif., 1895: m. Theresa 
M. Fredricks, of S.F., Oct. 18, 1899: 
children — John F. (M.D.), Agatha 
G. (Mrs. Frank C. Dollard), Gerald 
A. (B.S.). Teacher of sci., Berkeley 
(Cahf.) high sch., 1893-96, and Hum- 
boldt eve. high sch., S.F., 1896-1904: 
teacher of math, and sci., San Rafael 
(Calif.) high sch., 1899-1902: teacher 
of math, and German, Calif. Sch. of 
Mech. Arts, S.F., 1902-04; prin. high 
sch. and supt. of schs., San Rafael, 

1904-08; teacher, Humboldt eve. high 
sch., S.F., 1909-12, prin., 1912-2'>: 
founded the Drew Sch., elementary, 
high, and army and navy prep., S.F., 
1908, conductor of same, 1908 — : was 
del. to world conf. of ednl. assns., 
Edinburgh, Scotland, 1925. Mem. 
S.F. Teachers' Assn. (pres. 1924). 
K.C., N.S.G.W. Republican. Catho- 
lic. Clubs: Commonwealth, School- 
masters" (S.F.). Home: 67 Pierce 
St. Ogtce: The Drew School, 2901 
Cahturnia St., San Francisco. 

HENDERSON, Charles Floyd, 
engr., mfrs. rep.; b. Johnson City, 
Tenn., Apr. 22, 1886: s. William 
Houston and Cornelia (Jones) H.: 
E.E., Va. Poly. Inst., 1906: ra. Fanny 
Rhea Dosser, of Johnson City, Tenn., 
Jan. 12, 1923; 1 dau., Martha Rhea. 
Completed elec. engring. apprentice- 
■ihip at plant of Westinghouse Elec. 
6? Mfg. Co., East Pittsburgh, Pa., 
1909: with sales dept., same co., 
Knoxville, Tenn., in chg. industrial 
and mining sales for middle and east- 
ern Tenn.: entd. employ of the Crock- 
er-Wheeler Co., Ampere, N.J., in 
chg. Atlanta (Ga.) branch, 1911, 
trans, to Pacific coast br., San Fran- 
cisco, 1912: bus. for self as mfrs. rep. 
.ind sales engr., S. F., June 1914 — ; 
now rep. for the Terry Steam Tur- 
bine Co. of Hartford, Conn., the 
Elec. Controller 6f Mfg. Co., of 
Cleveland, O., the Griscom-Russell 
Co. of N.Y. City, the Jewell Elec. 
Instrument Co. of Chicago, the How- 
ell Elec. Motors Co. of Howell, Mich., 
the Esterline Angus Co. of Indianapo- 
lis, the Elec. Machinery Mfg. Co. of 
Minneapolis. Passed 1st lieut. exams., 
1918, Engr. Corps, U.S.A.: not 
commd. due to term, of war. Inventor 
and patentee of various mech. and 
elec. devices inch automatic spark 
regulator for combustion engines. 
Mason. Democrat. Presbyterian. 
Clubs; Commercial, Lake Merced Golf 
y Country, Masonic (S.F.). Home: 
2610 Lake St. Office: 74 New Mont- 
gomery St., San Francisco. 

BAILEY, Charles Morgan, corpora- 
tion official; b. Phillipsville, Flumboldt 
Co., Calif., May 30, 1878: s. Charles 
Massey and Nancy (Hite) B.: ed. 
pub. schs. of Socorro and Kingston, 
N.M., and Redwood Valley, Mendo- 
cino Co., Calif.; grad. Heald's Bus. 
Coll., San Francisco; m. Maude Row- 
land, of Healdsburg, Calif., Nov. 27, 
1901. Asso. with engring. dept., 
Calif, y Northwestern Ry., 1899: em- 
ployed by Hutchins & DeGuis, S.F.; 
with Hughson fe? Merton, Inc., S.F., 
until 1913: estab. Paine Bailey y Co., 
1913, and asso. with same, 1913-16; 
engaged as a mfrs. rep. until 1923; 
began mfg. a complete line of steam 
spltys. in 1923, incorporated under 
the name of Charles M. Bailey Co., 
S.F., 1925, and now principal owner. 

pres. and treas. of same; pres., Atlas 
Mfg. Co., S.F., 1920—; owner, Vulcan 
Engring. Co., S.F. Served in Spanish- 
Amer. War, Philippine Insurrection, 
1898-99. Mem. U.S.W.V. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: Commonwealth, Kiwanis, 
Engineers, Pub. Spirit, H-V, (S.F.). 
Home: 1156 Amador St. Ofice: 667 
Folsom St., San Francisco. 

ANDERSON, Frank Bartow, bank- 
er; b. Macon, Ga., July 15, 1863; s. 
George Wayne and Katharine (Ber- 
rien) A.; ed. pvt. sch.. West Chester, 
Pa., and Mt. Pleasant Mil. Acad.. Os- 
sining, N.Y.; m. Elizabeth May Jad- 
win, of Brooklyn, July 27, 1887. With 
Am. Exchange Nat. Bank, New York, 
1880-1902; v.p., 1902-09, pres. 1909- 
25, chmn. bd. since Jan. 1925, Bank 

of California. N..-\.. San Francisco; 
president Natomas Company of Cali- 
fornia; dir. Firemen's Fund Insurance 
Co., Calif. G? Hawaiian Sugar Refining 
Co., Alaska Packers Assn., Miller y 
Lux. Inc., Calif. Gas y Electric Co., 
San Francisco Gas 6? Electric Co., Pa- 
cific Gas y Electric Co., Spring Valley 
Water Co., Calif. Packing Corpn., San 
Francisco Remedial Loan Assn. Trus- 
tee Leiand Stanford Jr. U. Served in 
1st Naval Batt.. New York, 9 yrs.: It. 
sr. grade U.S.N, during Spanish-Am. 
War, 1898. Episcopalian. Democrat. 
Clubs: Pacific Union, Bohemian. Burl- 
ingame. Commercial, San Francisco 
Golf and Country, Mann Golf and 
Country, Commonwealth, Press: Coun- 
try Club of Mann County; Sutter 
(Sacramento). Home: San Rafael, 
Calif. Office: Bank of California, San 

ABBOT, Samuel Leonard, Jr., 
chemical merchant; b. San Francisco, 
Oct. 27, 1890: s. Samuel Leonard and 
Jeanne (Ogden) A.; ed. Mt. Tamal- 
pais Mil. Acad., San Rafael, Calif., 



1904-08: U. of Calif., 1908-10; m. 
Martha Kittle Foster, of San Rafael, 
Nov. 4, 1914; children — Jeanie Og- 
den, Samuel Leonard III, Louisiana 
Foster. Began bus. career with Otis 
McAllister cs' Co., S.F., Nov. 1910; 
employed by S.L. Jones ^ Co., im- 
porters, S.F., Jan. -Dec. 1913; dir. of 
Mailliard 6? Schmiedell, mfrs. agts., 
S.F., and mgr. of chem. dept.. Mar. 
1914 — ; sec. and dir., North Bay 
Farm, Marin Co., Calif. Republican. 
Protestant. Chibs: Golden Gate Paint, 
Oil y Varnish, Kiwanis (S.F.); Marin 
Golf y Country (San Rafael). Home: 
1?0 Forbes Ave.. San Rafael. Office: 
203 California St., San Francisco. 

SIMS, Richard Maury, lawyer, 
banker; b. Rock Hill, S.C, Nov. 14, 
1874; s. Robert Moorman and Ada 
(Walton) S.; B.S., U. of S.C, 1893; 
m. Louise Bundschu, of San Fran- 
cisco, Sept. 9, 1904; children — Leora, 
Richard Maury Jr., Robert Lee. 
Taught sch., studied law in Calif., 
1893-95; admitted Calif, bar, 1895; 
began practice, S.F., 1898; with staff 
city atty., S.F., until 1904; pvt. prac- 
tice, S.F., 1904-06; with Morrison, 
Cope 6' Brobeck, S.F., 1906-09; trust 
olficer, Mercantile Trust Co., S.F., 
1909-26; vice-pres., trust officer 
Amer. Trust Co., successor of Mercan- 
tile Trust Co., S.F., 1927^. Mem. 
Amer. Bankers' Assn. (vice-pres. 
Calif, trust sect.; taxation com.); 
Calif. Bankers" Assn. (chmn. trust 
sect.); S.A.R. (ex-pres.). Mason. 
Cluhs: Pacific-Union, Presidio Golf 
(S.F.); Mt. Diablo Country. Home: 
36 Hillcrest Rd., Berkeley. Office: 
464 California St., San Francisco. 

JONES, Arthur Sidney, pipe line 
corpn. official; b. Swansea, Wales, 
June 3, 1878; .f. Jonah and Jane 
Ester (Saunders) J.; grad. Lick-Wil- 
merding high sch., San Francisco, 
1898; Alexander Hamilton inst. 
courses; m. Margaret Fisher, of Jack- 
son, Amador Co., Calif., May, 1905 
(dec); children — Jean Fisher, Mar- 
garet Vaughan, Arthur Sidney, Jr. 
With oil industry many years; vice- 
pres. and gen. mgr. Asso. Pipe Line 
Co., and mgr. pipe line dept. Asso. 
Oil Co. of Calif.. San Francisco. 
Mason. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Ch(b; Commonwealth (S.F. ) Home: 
3147 Claremont Ave.. Berkeley. Of- 
fice: 79 New Montgomery St.. San 

VAN NORDEN, Rudolph Warner, 
consulting cngr.: b. St. Albans, Vt.. 
Jan. 4. 1876; s. Charles and Anna 
Hubbell (Mvgatt) Van N.; ed. Cor- 
nell U.. 1892-94; A.B. in mech. eng- 
ring.. Stanford U.. 1896; m. Rowena 
Fay Jackson, of Sacramento, Calif., 
Oct. 12. 1904. Began work with 
pioneer hydro-elec. power corpn.. 
Central Calif. Elec. Co., of Sacra- 

mento; Chief Engr. and Supt. of 
same. 1899-1905; engaged consulting 
engring.. San Francisco. 1906 — ; em- 
ployed by state of Calif., cities of 
S.F'.. Oakland. Stockton. Modesto, 
Santa Cruz; designer. Hetch Hetchy 
project, power plant at state prison, 
Folsom, Calif., Coleman power house, 
N. Calif. Power Co., quarts mill. 
Mountain King Mining Co.; emer- 
gency 2400 h.p. steam plant planned 
and built within 90 days. Provident 
Irng. Dist., Glenn Co.. Calif., 1920; 
designer of city water works sys- 
tems; succeeded to good will of John 
S. Eastwood, originator of multiple 
arch dams; copyrighted Multicone 
dam, 1925, and since designed 50 of 
same; streamflow studies on 25 Calif, 
rivers; patentee magnetic rcduc. gear, 
1920: ed. staff Jour, of Electricity, 
1911-12. Fellow Am. Inst. E.E.; 
mem. Am. Soc. C.E., S.F. Dist. 
Council Boy Scouts of Amer. (vice- 
chmn. ct. of honor; chmn. troop 
com. 102), Kappa Alpha (South- 
ern). Mason (32°). Republican. 
Protestant. Club.'i: Engineers" (S.F.), 
Sutter (Sacramento). Home: 2150 
Hyde St. Office: Mills Bldg.. San 

LEVISON, Jacob Bertha, insur- 
ance official; b. Virginia City. Nev., 
Oct. 3, 1862: s. Mark and Bertha 
(Roman) L.: ed. pub. schs., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif.; in. Alice Gerstle, of San 
Francisco, July 29, 1896. Began with 
New Zealand Ins. Co., San Francisco, 
1878; later with Hutchinson y Mann 
(ins. agts.) and the Anglo-Nevada 

Assurance Corpn.; marine sec, 1890- 
1900, 2d. v.p., 1900-13, v.p., 1914- 
17, pres. since 1917, Fireman's Fund 
Ins. Co. Pres. Mt. Zion Hosp.; pres. 
Ins. Federation of Calif.; v.p. San 

Francisco Symphony Soc. Republican. 
Clubs: Commercial, Olympic. Bohe- 
mian. Family, Presidio Golf. Beresford 
Country. Home: 2420 Pacific Av. 
Office: 401 California St., San Fran- 

POTTER, PhUip Sheridan, phy- 
sician: b. Bennington. Vt.. June 26, 
1875; ,s. Andrew and Sarah (McDan- 
iels) P.: A.B.. Yale U., 1899; M.D., 
Columbia U., 1903; grad. studies Har- 
vard U.. 1909-15: m. Sadie Todd, of 
Syracuse. N.Y.. Apr. 6. 1904: chil- 
dren — John Andrew. Rhoda Agnes. 
Interne French hosp.. N.Y. City. 1903- 
04; engaged in practice North Adams, 
Mass., 1904-09; in Orient 9 mos. 
1905; pediatrist. Syracuse, N.Y., 
1909-23: chief of childrens" service. 
Hospital of the Good Shepherd. Syra- 
cuse, 1910-23; mstr. in clinical dis- 
eases of children. Syracuse U.. 1918- 
23: pediatrist. Berkeley. Calif.. 1923 — ; 
chief of children's service, Berkeley 
Health Center, 1924—; chief of Well- 
haby confs., Berkeley, 1924 — : physi- 
cian to pub. schs. and inaugurator and 
physician to Sunshine Sch. (for under- 
nourished children), Berkeley; chief 
of childrens' dept. Alta Bates hosp., 
Berkeley: attending phys. Out-Patient 
dept.. Baby Hosp. of Alameda Co., 
1924-27; pres. Berkeley Health Cen- 
ter Med. staff. Enlisted M.C., U.S. 
Army, Aug. 1917. and commd. capt.; 
sent overseas and assgd. as sanitary 
officer. Evacuation hosp. 20. in 1918; 
returned to U.S. June 1919 and now 
major U. of Calif. Med. Unit and 
holds commn. in Med. R.C.. U.S. 
Army. Author of numerous pub. ar- 
ticles on diseases of infants and chil- 
dren. Mem. Northern Berkshire Med. 
Soc. (ex-vice-pres.). New Eng. Pedi- 
atric Soc. (ex-vice-pres.). Northern 
Cahf. Pediatric Soc. (v.p. 1927), 
Omega Upsilon Phi. O.E.S. Mason 
(K.T.. Shriner). Elk. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Cliibs: Rotary. Faculty 
(Berkeley). Home: 869 Contra Costa 
Rd. Office: 2140 Shattuck Ave., 

BENNETT, Charles Vernon, mgr. 
sugar corpn.: b. Delta. O.. June 20, 
1884: s. Orra Lcroy and Cora Estelle 
B.; ed. pub. sch.. San Jose. Calif.; m. 
Kathleen J. Mahoney. of San Francis- 
co. Aug. 6. 1914; children — William 
v.. Francis L.. Barbara. Kathleen Vir- 
ginia. With Northern Commercial 
Co.. S.F.. 1906-11; with Amer. group, 
govt, loans. Pekin. China. 1912-13; 
Indianapolis (Ind.) Tel. Co.. 1914; J. 
P. Morgan 6? Co.. N. Y. City. 1915- 
22: mgr. Theo. H. Davies &f Co.. Ltd., 
sugar planters. S.F.. 1922 — : dir. Calif. 
y Hawaiian Sugar Rcfg. Corpn.. S.F.. 
1922 — . Republican. Clubs: Bohem- 
ian. Olympic (S.F. ); Sequoyah Coun- 
try (Oakland). Home: 1193 Sherman 
St.. Alameda. Office: 215 Market St., 
San Francisco. 



AINSWORTH, Frank Kenley, sur- 
geon (deceased 1929;. b. Woodstock, 
Vt., Oct. 23, 1856. M.D., U. of Vt., 
1878; M.D., University Med. Coll. 
(New York U.), 1879; unmarried. 
Began practice at Prescott, Ariz., 
1880; moved to San Francisco, 1886; 

chief surgeon and mgr, hosp. dept. 
S.P. Co., 1886 to 1926 (retired). 
Mem. A.M.A. Calif. State Med. Soc, 
San Francisco Med. Soc. Republican. 
Universalist. Clubs: Pacific Union, 
Bohemian; hon. mem. California (Los 
Angeles). Home was at 1000 Mason 
St., San Francisco. 

DENMAN, Claire H., physician, 
surgeon; b. Benton Yates, N.Y., Apr. 
8, 1867; s. Jacob Israel and Lois Ade- 
laide (Suell) D.; ed. State Normal 
Sch., Geneseo, N.Y., 1883-84, 1886; 
A.B., cum laude. Princeton U.. 1891, 
M.A., 1893; M.D., Hahnemann Med. 
Coll. of Philadelphia, 1893; m. Kath- 
erine Van Doren Andrews, of Prince- 
ton, N. J., Apr. 5, 1892; children — 
Lois Margaret, Katherine May, Clarice 
Dorothea. Interne Childrens" Homeo- 
pathic hosp., Philadelphia, 1894; or- 
dained Preshyn. minister by Rochester 
Presbytery, Scottsville, N.Y., June 
1894; med. missionary in Chieng 
Mai, Chieng Rai and Muang Nan, 
Siam, 1894-1906; estab. and built 
first hosp. at Chieng Rai, North 
Siam; sec. to Presbyn. mission in 
North Siam; editor and publisher of 
small paper in Siamese language, 1898- 
1900; lectured in N.Y., Pa., and N.J., 
1900-01; supply pastor Presbyn ch., 
Richmond. Calif., 1906; engaged in 
practice med., Berkeley, Calif., 
1907—; dir. Peoples Finance » Thrift 
Co., v. p. and dir. Berkeley Acceptance 
Corp.; mem. advisory bd., Berkeley 
branch Bank of Italy; pres. Berkeley 
Bd. of Edn., 1925-27. Mem. A.M.A. , 

Amer. Inst, of Homeopathy, Calif. 
State Med. Assn., Homeopathic State 
Soc. of Calif., Phi Beta Kappa. 
W.O.W. Republican. Presbyn. (del. 
to gen. assembly, 1917, 1921; elder 
1st Presbyn. ch., Berkeley, 1912—). 
Clubs; Ilotary, Country, Hillside 
(Berkeley). Home: 1521 Hawthorne 
Terrace. OJJice: 2422 Bancroft Way, 

BACCARI, Allesandro (Mario 
Mani), artist, playwright; b, Naples, 
Italy, Nov. 20, 1890; s. Pasquale and 
Albina (Palai) B.; student Coll. of St. 
Nofrio, Compobasso, Italy; St. Pietro 
Acad, of Mus., Italy, 7 yrs.; Lepori 
Sch. of Art, Bologna, 5 yrs.; Harvard 
U. 1 yr. Gained recognition with first 
play at age 18; successively owner and 
editor of The Sketch, weekly, Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa., and editor of The Sun, an 
Italian newspaper, Bridgeport, Conn. 
Prin. ecclesiastical decorations in 
Church of Notre Dame, Fall River, 
Mass.; has also painted portraits of 
number prominent people. Author: 
(plays) The Triumph of Tears; Mad- 
ame Rove; Riches to Poverty; Life and 
Art; The First Kiss; The French Mod- 
el. Served in Aviation Corps, U.S.A., 
World War. Mem. Internat. Art Soc. 
of London. Catholic. Address: 228 
Grant Ave., San Francisco. 

STONE, John Bear, chemical engr.; 
b. San Francisco, Jan. 13, 1902; s. 
Abraham Lincoln and Helen (Eppin- 
ger) S.; A.B. in chemistry, Stanford 
U., 1924; Chem. E.. Food Research 
Inst., Stanford U., 1925. Vice-pres. 
Stone Candy Co., S.F., 1925—; en- 
gaged in research work on Rennin co- 
agulation of milk at Dairy Delivery 
Co., S.F., Sept. 1925-Apr. 1926; head 
checker at same, May-Sept. 1926; 
cashier Nov. 1926-Nov. 1927, chemist 
and technician since Dec. 1927. Mem. 
Stanford U. Alumni Assn., Sigma Xi. 
Mason. Republican. Jewish. Clubs: 
Stanford Men's, Concordia (S.F.). 
Home: 172 16th Ave. Office: 3550 
19th St., San Francisco. 

BRIXTON, Lewis Henry, educator; 
b. San Jose, Ciilif., Jan. 14, 1881; s. 
Ephraim and Mary Jane (Montgom- 
ery) B.; A.B., Stanford U., 1905; ra. 
Mabel Lopeman, of Stockton, Calif., 
Dec. 18, 1910; children — Nellie Jane, 
Lewis Henry Jr. Principal Gonzales 
(Calif.) Union high sch., 1908-10; 
head of history dept., Stockton high 
sch.. 1910-13; prin. Live Oak Union 
high sch., Morgan Hill, Calif.. 1913- 
14, 1916-17, 1919 — ; owner and mgr. 
pear and grain ranch, Lawrence, Calif., 
1914-16. Served with 8th Calif. Vol. 
Inf., Spanish-Amer. War, 1898-99; in 
command native troops in P. I., 1905- 
08; 1st heut. and batln. adj.. 5th Calif. 
Inf., on Mexican border, 1916; capt. 
159th Inf., 40th Div., and 141st Inf.. 
36th Div.. A.E.F., 1917-19; now capt. 

Adj. Gens. Dept. Res. Mem. Santa 
Clara County High Sch. Prins. Assn. 
(pres.), Calif. State Teachers' Assn., 
United Spanish-Amer. War Vets., 
Amer. Legion. Mason (32°, Shriner), 
Elk. Republican. Clubs: Santa Clara 
County Commercial (San Jose), Ex- 
change (Morgan Hill). Home: W. 
Dunne Ave. OjJice; Monterey St., 
Morgan Hill, Cilif. 

O'CONNELL, Francis Anthony, 
attorney; b. Mountain View, Santa 
Clara Co., Calif., Sept. 20, 1892; s. 
Anthony Frederick and Mary Cath- 
erine (Murphy) O.; A.B., Stanford 
U., 1915, J.D., 1917. Engaged in 
practice of law in assn. with William 
H. Metson, San Francisco, 1923 — . 
Commissioned 2nd lieut., U.S. Air 
Service, at 2nd R.O.T.C, Presidio, 
S.F., and served with A.E.F. Roman 
Catholic. Home: 1 10 View St.. Moun- 
tain View, Calif. Ojffice: Balboa Bldg., 
San Francisco. 

BENTLEY, Robert Irving, packer; 
b. Chicago, 111., July 25, 1864; s. 
Robert and Frances Almira (Har- 
vey) B.; U. of the Pacific, San Jose, 
Cahf., 1881-83; m. Georgia Dixon, 
of San Jose, June 10, 1886; children 
— Robert Irving, Walter H., Mrs. 
Esther Powell, Mrs. Katharine 
Phelps. With San Jose Fruit Pack- 
ing Co., 1884-90; mgr. Sacramento 
Packing Co., 1890-99; v.p., gen. mgr. 
Calif. Fruit Canners' Assn., 1899- 
1916; v.p. and gen. mgr. Calif. Pack- 
ing Corpn., 1916-20, pres. since 
1920; v.p. Alaska Packers' Assn.; 
pres. San Francisco Opera Assn.; dir. 

Bank of California; dir. Calif. State 
Automobile Assn. Republican. Clubs: 
Pacific Union. Bohemian. Home: 
Chft Hotel. Office: 101 California 
St., San Francisco. 



CLAY, Harry Elwin, surgeon; b. 
Bellcvue. Kan.. May 20. 1879: s. John 
Casius and Jennie (Fish) C; M.D., 
Rush Med. Coll.. Chicago, 1904; m. 
Helen Sword, of Portland. Ore., Nov. 
27, 1907. Interne and res. surgeon, 
Passavant Memorial hosp., Chicago, 
1904-05; admitted to practice in Ore., 
1905, and practiced Salem, 1905-17; 
also asso. prof, of surgery Willamette 
U., 2 yrs., and later prof, of gyne- 
cology at same; mem. dept. of gyne- 
cology, Stanford U., 1919 — ; asst. at- 
tending gynecologist, San Francisco 
hosp., 1920—. Enlisted M.C., U.S.A., 
1917; commd. capt. June 1917, and 
later promoted to major; served as 
regtl. surgeon, 63rd U.S. Inf., Wash- 
ington, D.C., until armistice; stationed 
at Presidio, San Francisco, after armis- 
tice, as consulting surgeon at Letter- 
man Gen. hosp.; honorably discharged 
1919. Fellow A.M.A.; mem. Calif. 
State, S.F. County, and S.F. City med. 
socs.; Salem (Ore.) City and County 
Med. socs. (ex-pres.). Ore. State Bd. 
of Health ( 1917-21 ), Assn. Med. Offi- 
cers of World War. Amer. Legion, 
Alpha Kappa Kappa. Mason (K.T., 
Shrincr). Republican. Presbyn. Club,?; 
Union League, Public Spirit (S.F.). 
Home: 1900 Broadway. Office: Flood 
Bldg., San Francisco. 

STOLLER, Frank Raymond, insur- 
ance agent; b. Everett, Mo., Apr. 9, 
1871; s. John R. and Lucretia M. 
Stoller; ed. Spalding Commercial Coll., 
Kansas City; Steele &? Price Prep. 
Sch., Kansas City; Sheffield Sci. Sch., 
Yale U., 1892-93; m. Laura B. Dren- 
non, of Kansas City, Mar. 31, 1896; 
children — Raymond W., Frank D. 
Engaged in live stock commn. busi- 
ness with father, widely known 
rancher and stockman, Kansas City, 
1893-1907; organized and oper. inter- 
insurance e.xchange for autos, Kansas 
City, 1907-11, Los Angeles, 1912-26; 
gen. agent Nat. Union Fire Ins. Co. 
of Pittsburgh, Pa., with hdqrs. in San 
Francisco, 1926 — . Democrat. Chris- 
tian Scientist. Club.'i: Athens Athletic 
(Oakland), S.F. Commercial. Home: 
605 5 Rockndgc Blvd., Oakland. Of- 
fice. 461 Market St.. San Francisco. 

BISSINGER, McKinley, stock, bond 
broker; b. San Francisco, Jan. 13, 
1896; ed. pub. schs., S.F.; m. Marguer- 
ite Wolff, of San Francisco, Apr. 2. 
1919. Partner in firm Strassburger 6? 
Co., stocks and bonds, mems. N.Y. 
and S.F. Stock E.xchangcs. Aug. 
1919 — . Republican. Jewish. Cliibs: 
Beresford Country. Lakeside Colt, Ar- 
gonaut. Olympic (S.F.). Hotne: 21 
Presidio Ave. Office: 133 Montgomery 
St.. San Francisco. 

HANNA, Byron Calvin, lawyer; b. 
Kansas City. Mo.. Jan. 2. 1887; s. 
Phil K. and Florence E. (Townsend) 
H.; ed. pub. schs.. Calif.; grad. U. of 
S. Calif, law sch.; m. Daisy May Boy- 

cott, of Riverside. Calif.. June 16. 
1917; 1 dau.. Ruth. Entered employ 
Wells Fargo ^ Co. at early age and 
later with Fairbanks, Morse 6" Co.; 
admitted Calif, bar. 1908; mem. law 
firm Thorpe 6? Hanna. Los Angeles. 
1910-15. Fredericks 6? Hanna. L.A., 
1915 — ; city atty. of Venice. Calif,, 
8 yrs.; chief deputy dist. atty. L.A. 
County, 1911-13. Mem. L.A. County 
Bar Assn., Delta Chi. Elk, Mason. 
Republican. Club: Los Angeles Ath- 
letic. Office: Pacific Mutual Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

PHELAN, James Duval, ex-senator; 
b. San Francisco, Calif., Apr. 20, 
1861; s. James and Alice (Kelly) P.; 
A.B., St. Ignatius U.. 1881; Ph.D.. 
Santa Clara Coll. 1903; studied law. 

U. of Calif.; unmarried. Pre.Mdcnt 
United Bank 6? Trust Co., San Fran- 
cisco until same was merged with 
Bank of America of Calif. V.p. Calif. 
Commn. to Chicago Expn., 1893; 
mayor of San Francisco 3 terms, 1897- 
1902; pres. Relief and Red Cross 
Funds (a corpn.), after San Francisco 
disaster; was regent U. of Calif., park 
commr. and trustee Pub. Library, San 
Francisco; chmn. charter assn. which 
gave new charter to San Francisco; 
pres. adornment assn. which procured 
the Burnham plans for San Francisco; 
president Playground Commission of 
San Francisco. Received complimen- 
tary vote of Calif, legislature for U.S. 
senator, 1900; apptd. by Dept. of 
State to visit Europe, 1913, to support 
the invitation of the President to 
foreign countries to participate in Pan- 
ama-Pacific Expn.; apptd. by Dept. of 
State, under spl. authority of the 
President, to investigate the fitness of 
the Am. minister to the Dominican 
Republic 1914; U.S. senator from Cal- 

if., 1915-21; Democrat. Clubs: U 
versity. Pacific Union, Bohemian 
Olympic, Burlingame Country (S 
Francisco); Metropolitan, Racquet 
Chevy Chase ( Vv'ashington) ; Metro 
politan. Bankers (New York). Toured 
world, 1921-22, and published book 
"Travel and Comment." Home: Sara- 
toga, Calif. Office: Phelan Bldg., San 

MOYSE, Joseph, wholesale mer- 
chant; b. San Francisco. Sept. 16, 
1888; 5. Marc and Estelle (Levy) 
M.; ed. pub. schs., Calif. Business 
Coll., S.F., 1 yr.; m. Belle Ross, of 
Oakland, Feb. 26, 1913; children- 
Russell Albert, Barbara Jeanne. Bus- 
iness career devoted to wholesale prod- 
uce with firm of Jacobs ^ Malcolm, 
S.F., since 1903, mem. firm since in- 
corporation, 1911, and now vice-pres. 
Mem. N.S.G.W.. Mason (Shriner), 
Elk. Republican. Jewish. Ciub: Prod- 
uce Men's (S.F.). Home: 133 
Commonwealth Ave. Office: 101 
Washington St.. San Francisco. 

EDWARDS, Harry J., realtor, ins. 
broker; b. Ontario. Can., July 22, 
1879; .s. William H. and Mary 
(Dawe) E.; ed. Stanford U., 1897- 
1901; m. Amy P. Ferguson, of Stock- 
ton, Calif., Apr. 30, 1907; children^ 
Parker Ferguson, Amy McNeil. 
Served as grad. mgr., Stanford U., 
1901-03; mgr. Papeete, (Tahiti) 
branch Moore-Doty Co., of San 
Francisco, 1903-06; pres. Harry J. 
Edwards Co.. S.F.. 1906—; N. CaHf. 
mgr.. Mortgage Guarantee Co.. 1927 
— . Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Re- 
publican. Protestant. Clubs: Olym- 
pic. Calif. Golf. Public Spirit (S.F.). 
Home: 3838 Jackson St. Office: 
Mills Bldg.. San Francisco. 

HOOBLER, Hal Rexford, pediat- 
rist; b. Saganing, Mich., Dec. 26, 
1888; .'^. Samuel R. and Mary R. 
(Worth) H.; ed. Wabash Coll.. Craw- 
fordsville, Ind.. 1906-10; B.S.. U. of 
Calif.. 1913. M.D., 1921; m. Marian 
Louise Blankenship, of Berkeley. 
Calif., Dec. 1921; 1 dau., Eleanor 
Frances. Asst. in pediatrics to Drs. 
William Palmer Lucas and Langley 
Porter. U. of Calif., 1921-23; devel- 
oped apparatus for making of blood 
smears. 1923-24; asst. in pediatrics to 
Dr. Charles E. Fleischner. U. of Calif., 
and in pvt. practice, Oakland. 1924 — ; 
mem. staffs of Baby and Highland 
hosps.. Oakland, and Oakland and 
Alameda Health centers; med. dir. 
State Sch. for Deaf and Blind. Berke- 
ley. Served in M.C.. U.S. Army, 
World War. Mem. Sigma Nu. Ma- 
son. Elk. Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: 
Athens Athletic. Oak Knoll Golf 
(Oakland). Home: 1065 San An- 
tonio Ave.. Alameda. Oifice: 1904 
Franklin St.. Oakland. 



WANZER, Lucy M. F., physician, 
gynecologist; M.D., Trawl Inst., N. 
Y. City; M.D., U. of Calif., 1876. 
Taught sch., Alameda Co.. Calif.; 
P.O. elk., telegrapher, Santa Cruz, 
Calif.: sch. tchr., San Francisco; one 
of 2 first women grads.. U. of Calif., 
mcd. dept.; splst. gynecology, ob- 
stetrics, children's diseases, S.F., 
1876 — ; founder and dir.. Children's 
Hosp., S.F. Mem. A.M.A., Calif. 
State Med. See, S.F. Co. Med. Soc, 
Women's Nat. Mcd. Assn., Daugh- 
ters of Rchckah, Iota chap, of Epsi- 
lon fraternity. Club.s: Calif.. Century 
(S.F.). Address: :970 California 
St.. San Francisco. 

WEBB, Arthur Cleveland, sales 
mgr.; b. Hobokcn. N.J,. Mar. 4, 1883; 
5. Samuel and Clara (Taylor) W.: m. 
Margery Parker Higgins. of Brooklyn. 
N.Y.. June 28, 1905; 1 dau., Virginia. 
Pacific coast sales mgr. Amer. Can Co., 
hdqrs. in S. F., 1918—. Mem. Calif. 
Development Assn. Republican. Pro- 
testant. Clubs: Commercial, Presidio 
Golf (S.F.); San Jose Country; Mon- 
terey Peninsula (Del Monte, Calif.). 
Home 2115 Hyde St. Oflice: Hunter- 
Duhn Bldg., San Francisco. 

COLBURN, Richard Lincoln, stock 
broker: b. Mountoursville. Pa., May 
11, 1869: .5. Nathaniel Wesley and 
Mary Elizabeth C: ed. pvt. tutors, 
pub. schs.; m. Ruse Estella Butler, of 
San Francisco. May 31. 1906. En- 
gaged as stock and bond broker. S.F. 
Served as lieut. 1st. Utah Cav.. Span.- 
Amer. War. Elk. Republican. Metho- 
dist. Club,':: Olympic. Lakeside Golf 
(S.F.); Golf 6? Country (Los Altos, 
Calif.). Home: Los Altos. Ofice: 373 
Bush St., San Francisco. 

BLOCH, Ellis, art dealer; b. San 
Francisco. Feb. 23. 1860; ed. pub. 
schs.. S.F. Entered export and import 
bus. in S.F. at early age and since 
identified with it; now prop. E. Bloch 
Mercantile Co., S.F., dealers in art 
work, novelties and curios; student of 
anthropological relics and authority on 
art work of many Indian and Oriental 
tribes: patron of Japanese artists. Mem. 
S.F. Asso. Chanties. Eureka Benev. 
Soc. First Hebrew Benev. Soc. B'nai 
B'rith. Humane Soc. N.S.G.W. (1 of 
2 surviving charter mems.). Address: 
7(1 Market St.. San Francisco. 

KEITH, Isaiah D., printer; b. Pe- 
titicodiac. New Brunswick. Canada. 
July 4. 1883: s. Henry Havelock and 
Frances K.: ed. pub. schs. of Canada; 
grad. Medfield (Mass.) high sch.: m. 
Mary M. Carlyle. of Los Angeles. Feb. 
28. 1925. Served apprenticeship with 
J. S. Cushing Co.. printers. Norwood, 
Mass., becoming compositor: later op- 
erated monotype mach., Philadelphia; 
efficiency engr. for mfrs. of monotype 
machines, with hdqrs. in S. Calif., 
prior to 1920: pres. and mgr. Pacific 

Typesetting y Type Foundry Co., San 
Francisco, 1920 — . Mason. Non-par- 
tisan. Non-sectarian. Home: 2806 
Derby St.. Berkeley. Office: 442 San- 
some St.. San Francisco. 

HALE, William M., banker; b. Mar- 
tinez. Calif.. June 27. 1893: .s. William 
A. and Jennie (Ipswitch) H.: B.S.. U. 
of Calif.. 1914; m. Marion Baldwin, of 
San Francisco, May 19, 1917: children 
—William M., Robert B., John E. 
Successively held various clerical and 
official offices including asst. cashier, 
mgr. dir.. etc., Los Angeles branch 
Fed. Res. Bank: cashier. Fed. Res. 
Bank, S.F., 1914—. Mem. Kappa 
Sigma. Republican. Clubs: Diablo 
(Calif.) Country, S.F. Commercial. 
Home: Diablo, Calif. Office: Sansome 
y Sacramento Sts., San Francisco. 

HUGHES, Wilfrid Kellogg, mer- 
chant: b. Oakland, Calif., Aug. 14, 
1885: s. Hugh and Ella Howard 
(Bugbee) H.: ed. pub. schs., Oakland; 
m. Cornelia Hmchman, of Oakland, 
June 2, 1909. With Baker y Hamil- 
ton, whsle. hdw., S.F.. 1900. and 
since engaged in importing and ex- 
porting; now vicc-pres. and gen. mgr. 
Amer. Foreign Sales Co.. import and 
export merchants. S.F. Mason. Elk. 
Republican. Club- Olympic (S.F.). 
Home: 1855 Washington St. Offise: 
46 5 California St.. San Francisco. 

CUMMINGS, Tracy, ry. rep.; b. 
Salt Lake City. Utah, Jan. 21. 1881: 
.s. Melvin Elisha and Ardelle (Claw- 
son) C: grad. Agricultural Coll. of 
Utah, 1893; m. Aline Mooser, of San 
Francisco, Sept. 2, 1914; children — 
John, Margaret, Celina. With I.C.R. 
R. ofiices, San Francisco, 1900-05; 
Rock Island Lines ofiices, S.F., 1906- 
22; gen. agent Central Calif. Traction 
Co., S.F., 1922-26; Pacific coast rep. 
B. y M. R.R., with hdqrs. in S.F., 
1926—. Mem. Pacific Traffic Assn. 
Democrat. CIub.s: Commonwealth. 
Transportation (S.F.). Home: 2944 
Scott St. Office: Monadnock Bldg.. 
San Francisco. 

LYONS, Irving F., traffic director; 
b. San Francisco. Apr. 14. 1892: s. 
Daniel H. and Teresa (Nolan) L.; 
ed. Sacred Heart Coll.. S.F.. 1898- 
1906: Wilmerding high sch., 1906-10; 
Y.M.C.A. night sch., 1922-24; m. 
Alice E. Cole, of S.F., June 16, 1912; 
1 son, Irving F. Billing elk, and later 
rate revising elk. S.P. Co., S.F., 1910- 
13; rate elk. in traffic dept. Calif. 
Fruit Canners Assn. of S.F., 1913-17. 
mgr. of freight accounting dept.. 1917- 
23. asst. traffic dir.. 1923-27. traffic 
dir., 1927 — . Mem. Nat. Industrial 
Traffic League (dir.). Pacific Traffic 
Assn. (ex-dir.). Calif. Canners' League 
y Dried Fruit Assn. (traffic com.). 
Utah Canners Assn. (traffic com.). 
Northwest Canners Assn. (traffic 
com). Sigma Beta Chi. Elk. Renub- 

hcan. Catholic. Clubs: Calif. Golf, 
Transportation (S.F.). Home: 900 
Darien Wav. 0|ficf KM California 
St., San Fr.mcisco. 

BINGAMAN, Joseph Wheeler 
Dores, attorney: b. Monterey Co., 
Calif., Mar. 12, 1881; s. Joseph Dores 
and Isabella (Wiley) B.: B.L., U. of 
Calif., 1905, J.D.. 1908: m. Genevieve 
Kimball, of Healdshurg. Calif.. Sept. 
8. 1909 (dec): children— Jean Kim- 
ball, Geraldine, Barbara; m. 2nd, Dons 
Porter Merkle, Apr. 30, 1927. En- 
gaged practice law, spec, eminent do- 
main and condemnation proceeds., 
Oakland. 1908 — ; active in realty de- 
velopments in Contra Costa. El Do- 
rado. Monterey, and Fresno cos., oil 
lands in Ore., Kern co. naval reserve 
1, etc.: connected with litigation of 
U.S. vs. Midwest Oil Co. at Tea Pot 
Dome. Salt Creek Fields; atty. for 
pub. administrator of Alameda co., 
1909. Editor Calif. Law Review, 
1908. Pres. of civic clubs for city 
planning of Oakland and East Bay; 
mem. East Bay Reg. Planning Assn. 
(v.p.). Phi Delta Phi; tr. for E.A. 
Bushell estate in dev. of Bushell Home 
fur Homeless Children (Oakland); 
pres. of grad. students U. of Calif., 
1908. Mason (32°. Shriner). Repub- 
lican. Protestant. Clubs; Athens Ath- 
letic. Elks (Oakland); Bachelordon 
(Berkeley). Home; 1037 Hubert Rd. 
OlJice; Tribune Tower, Oakland. 

MORTIMER, Frank Cogswell, 
banker, author: b. Boston, Mass., Apr. 
10, 1876: s. Harry W. and Lucy Cleve- 
land (Smith) M.; academic and pub. 
sch. cdn. in Calif.; m. Clara Mae Ben- 
ton, of Los Angeles, Calif., Dec. 1917: 
children — (by first marriage) Wendell 
Reed; (by second marriage) Frances 
Charlotte, Elizabeth Jane. In banking 
business San Francisco, 1896-1907; 
executive 1st Nat. Bk. Berkeley, 1907- 
16: treas. Westinghouse Pacific Coast 
Brake Co., 1914-16; executive Nat. 
City Bank, New York. 1917-24; pres. 
Number Eight Realty Co., 1921-24; 
v.p. Citizens Nat. Bank, Los Angeles, 
1925-29; v.p. Citizens Nat. Trust & 
Savs. Bank, 1929 — ; chmn. Liberty 
Loan Com., Am. Inst. Banking, San 
Francisco. 1917: regent Am. Inst. 
Banking (nat. organization). 1918-21; 
trustee Nat. Soc. S.A.R., 1920-21: 
hon. mem. Foreign Trade Club and 
Am. Inst, of Banking, San Francisco; 
mem. greater harbor com., mfrs. and 
industries coms.. chmn. wool com. also 
chmn. cotton com. of Los Angeles 
Chamber Commerce. Clubs; Autocrat 
of San Francisco (ex-pres.); Los An- 
geles Athletic Edgewater, Reserve City 
Bankers. Author; Paragraphs on 
Thrift: The Investment of Trust 
Funds: School Savings Systems; The 
People and the Banks; War Bonds and 
the People's Purse; etc. Office: 457 S. 
Spring St., Los Angeles. 


REQUA, Mark Lawrence, mining 
engr., b. Virginia City. Nev., Dec. 25. 
1866; s. Isaac Lawrence Requa and 
Sarah J. (Mower) R.; ed. pvt. schs. 
and under tutors; m. Florence Herrick. 
of Oakland, Calif., 1895. Developed 
Nev. Consolidated Copper Co.: con- 
sulting engr. Bur. of Mines; huilt Nev. 

Northern Ry. Asst. to Herbert C. 
Hoover, U.S. food administrator, June 
1917-Jan. 1918; gen. dir. oil div., U.S. 
Fuel Administration Jan. 10, 1918- 
June 30, 1919; chmn. com. on stand- 
ardization petroleum specifications. U. 
S. Govt., 1918-19. Managed Hoover 
campaign in Calif., 1928. Mem. Am. 
Inst. Mining and Metall. Engrs. (v. p. 
1917-20), Am. Petroleum Inst, Chmn. 
valuation com. Independent Oil Pro- 
ducers Agency of California, 1915. 
Club,s; Pacific Union, Olympic (S.F.); 
Claremont Country (Oakland); Met- 
ropolitan, Chevy Chase (Washington, 
D.C.); Bankers of America (New 
York). Author of Relation of Gov- 
ernment to Industry. Home: Fairmont 
Hotel. OiJice: 111 Sutter St., San 

CHANDLER, Charles S., lawyer; 
b. Baker Co., Ore., Mar. 10, 1876; 
s. George and Adelia (Ison) C: B.S. 
in agr.. Ore. Agr. Coll., 1894; A.B. 
in law, Stanford U., 1899; LL.B., Has- 
tings Coll. of Law, San Francisco, 
1901; m. Florence P. Watson, of 
S.F., June 11, 1904. With Lindley 6? 
Eickhoff, lawyers, S.F., 1899-1905; 
gen. practice, counsel Nev. Consol. 
Copper Co. and Nev. Northern Ry, 
Co., Ely, Nev,, 1905-24; mem. firm 
Chandler 6? Quayle, lawyers, Ely, 
1907 — ; in charge S,F, offices of same 
1924 — . Aided preparation of 2nd 
edit. Lindley on Mining Law. Mem. 
Nev. State Leg., 1919-21, speaker 

1921; Bd. of Visitors, U. of Nev., 
1921-22; Nev. Rep. nominee U.S. 
Senate, 1922. Mem. Amer. and S,F. 
bar assns. Mason (32°, Shriner), 
Elk. Home: 2677 Larkin St. Office: 
582 Market St,, San Francisco, 

BECKETT, Wesley Wilbur, sur- 
geon; b, Portland, Ore., May 31, 1857; 
.•i, Lemuel Daugherty and Sarah Sprin- 
ger (Chew) B.; M.D., U. of Calif. 
Coll. of Medicine (Los Angeles Dept.), 
1888; rri. Iowa Archer, of San Luis 
Obispo, Cahf., Jan. 1, 1882. Prac- 
ticed, Los Angeles, since 1888; dir. 
and med. dir. Pacific Mut. Life Ins. 
Co.; v.p. Calif. Hosp., Los Angeles; 
dir. many corpns. including Citizens 
Nat. Trust 6? Savs. Bank, L.A, Trus- 
tee U.of Southern Calif. Mem. A.M. A., 
Med. Soc. State of Calif, (ex-pres.), 
Los Angeles County Med. Soc. (ex- 
pres.), Southern Calif. Med. Soc. (ex- 
pres.), Los Angeles Pathol. Soc. (ex- 
pres.). Pacific Assn. R.R. Surgeons, 
.Assn. Life Ins. Med. Dirs. Republi- 
can. Methodist. K.T. Clubs: Califor- 
nia, Union League, Athletic. Home: 
2218 Harvard Boul,, Los Angeles, 

WORKS, Lewis Reed, judge; b. 
Vevav, Switzerland Co., Ind,, Dec. 28. 
1869; ,^^ John D. (former U,S. Sena- 
tor) and Alice (Banta) W.; grad, San 
Diego (Calif.) Commercial Coll., 
1887; began study of law, 1890; m. 
Alice Louise Pentecost, of Los Ange- 
les, Feb. 28, 1924; 1 son (by former 
marriage). Pierce. Admitted to Calif, 
bar, 1892; mem. Calif, state legisla- 
ture, 1899-1901; first asst. city atty., 
L.A., 1907-09; mem. L.A. charter re- 
vision com., 1910-11, mem. bd. of 
freeholders to frame new charter, 
1912, and later mem, same to frame 
L.A. Co. charter; apptd. judge, su- 
perior ct. of L.A. Co., 1913, elected 
for six yr. term same, 1914; elected 
asso. justice, dist. ct. of appeals, Nov. 
1920, served short term 1921-24, 
elected to 12 yr. term, 1925; resigned 
as asso. justice Oct. 1926 to accept 
apptmt. as presiding justice, 2nd ap- 
pellate dist. ct. of appeals, Calif., and 
elected to succeed self, Aug, 1928. 
Mem. Co. A., Cahf. Naval Militia. 3 
yrs. Elk (past exalted ruler, San 
Diego lodge). Clubs; City (ex-pres.). 
University (L.A.); pres. Brentwood 
Country (Santa Monica) . Home: 244 
S. Almont Dr., Beverly Hills. Olfice: 
A.ssociated Realty Bldg,. Los Angeles. 

CARLSON, May Estelle, educator; 
b. Mich,; d, Hiram Andrew and Mil- 
lie Jean (Vader) C; ed. Pomona 
Coll., Claremont, CaHf., 1904-05; 
grad. Brownsberger Home Sch., Los 
Angeles, 1906; student Pott's Bus. 
Coll., 1908-10; U. of Cahf., exten- 
sion, 1917-18; Southwestern U., 1919- 
21; teacher's tr. cert., Dixon Sch. of 
Shorthand, 1921; passed Calif, state 
civil service accountancy exam. En- 
gaged in pub. accountancy and part 

time teaching until 1922; former dir., 
mgr. and treas. Toyon Camp for Girls; 
now dir., sec. and treas. Girls' Colle- 
giate Sch., Glendora, Calif. Mem. 
Amer. Legion Aux. Republican. 
Christian Scientist. Club: Woman's 
(South Pasadena). Home: 1640 Lau- 
rel St., South Pa.sadena. Office: Girls' 
Collegiate School. Glendora. 

McBEAN, AthoU, mfr. clay prod- 
ucts; b. San Francisco, Calif., Feb. 

11, 1879; s. Peter McGiU and Agnes 
(Perkins) M.; grad. Hotchkiss Sch., 
Lakeville, Conn., 1898; in. Margaret 
Anita Ncwhall, of San Francisco, May 

12, 1909; 1 son, Peter. Pres. Gladding, 
McBean 6? Co., mfrs. of clay prod- 
ucts; dir. Pacific Mut. Life Ins. Co. of 
Calif., Associated Oil Co., Crocker 
First Nat. Bank, Pacific Telephone 6? 

Telegraph Co. Deputy commr. Am. 
Red Cross in Switzerland during 
World War. Pres. San Francisco 
Chamber of Commerce, 1919-21, In- 
dustrial Assn. of San Francisco, 1921- 
22. Republican. Episcopalian. Chibs: 
Pacific-Union, Bohemian (San Fran- 
cisco); Sutter Club (Sacramento, 
Calif.). Home: 3742 Washington St. 
Office: 660 Market St., San Francisco. 
IVEY, Herbert Dee, banker: b. Frio 
Co.. Tex,. Sept, 10, 1885; .s. Thomas 
Edwards and Margaret Dee (Johnson) 
I.; student Spalding's Commercial 
Coll., Kansas City, Mo., 1901; law 
student (night school), U. of Southern 
Calif,; grad, Los Angeles Chapter Am. 
Inst. Banking, 1915;ra. Sybil Grant, of 
Los Angeles, July 2, 1917; children- 
John Bedford, Herbert Dee. Began 
with First Nat. Bank, Checotah, Okla., 
1901; messenger boy Citizens Nat. 
Bank, Los Angeles, 1903, v.p. 1923- 
29; v.p. and dir. Citizens Nat. Trust 
y Savs. Bank, since 1929; dir. Calif. 



Fireproof Building Co. Sec. Los An- 
gele.s Clearing House. Mem. Calif. 
Bankers" Assn. (ins. com.). Am. Inst. 
Banking, Los Angeles Clearing House 
Assn. (chmn. jr. advisory com.). 
Democrat. Baptist. Mason (32°, 
Shriner); mem. Fraternal Brotherhood. 
Club.'i: Rotary, Los Angeles Athletic, 
Hollywood Country. Author: Getting 
Ahead in the Bank, 1926. Home: San 
Marino, Calif. Office: Citizens Nation- 
al Trust 6? Savings Bank, 457 S. 
Spring St., Los Angeles. 

CODE, William Henry, civil engi- 
neer: b. Saginaw, Mich., Nov. 22, 
1865; s. James and Eluabeth C; ed. 
city schs. of Saginaw and Harrisville, 
Mich., U. of Mich., class of 1892: m. 
Martha E. Devlin, of Bay City, Mich., 
Sept. 14. 1893. On railroad work for 
U.P., Cheyenne, Wyo., 1890-91: asst. 
state engr., Wyo.. 1891-92: chief engr. 
consolidated Canal System, Salt River 
Valley, Ariz., 1892-1902: chief irriga- 
tion engr., Indian Bureau, Dept. of the 
Interior, 1902-11. Spl. agt. Dept. Agr. 
in Ariz, on irrigation investigations, 
writing several dept. bulls, on irriga- 
tion subjects, 1901-02: mem. advisory 
bd. of engrs. City of Los Angeles, 
1910. in matter of disposition of sur- 
plus waters from $25,000,000 aque- 
duct; resigned Govt. work. 1911; mem. 
Quinton, Code 6? Hill, consulting 
engrs., hydraulic work in U.S., Mcx. 
and Can.: dir. Calif. Bank of Los An- 
geles. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E.. South- 
ern Calif. Engrs. and Architects" Assn. 
Ciuks: California, Gamut. Gables, 
Beach, Engineers. Home: 7231 Hill- 
side Av.. Hollywood. Office: Hollings- 
worth Bldg., Los Angeles. 

BOVARD, Warren Bradley, comp- 
troller U. of Southern Calif.: b. Los 
Angeles. Calif., July 4. 1885: s. George 
Finley and Emma Josephine (Bradley) 
B.: student U. of Southern Calif., 
1903-06, Woodbury Business Coll., 
1907; m. at Los Angeles, Hazel Ber- 
dine, d. Wilson Wayne Jackman, of 
El Reno, Okla., Mar. 6, 1923. Asst. 
treas. U. of Southern Cahf., 1905-17. 
comptroller since 1920, and vice presi- 
dent same university since 1927: dir. 
California Bank, L.A., Maj. Air Ser- 
vice U.S.A., Sept.-Dec. 1917: with 
Gen. Staff Corps. Washington, D.C., 
Dec. 19l7-Jan. 16, 1919; exec. sec. to 
Gov. William D. Stephens, State of 
Cahf., May 1919-June 1920; It. col 
A.S.O.R.C. Mem. Bd. Park Commrs., 
Los Angeles. Mem. Sigma Chi, Skull 
and Dagger (U. of Southern Calif.). 
Mem. Native Sons of Golden West, 
Am. Legion. Republican. Methodist. 
Clubs: University, Optimists, Los An- 
geles Athletic, Surf and Sand. Break- 
fast. Hollywood Athletic. Home: 2211 
S. Budlong St.. Los Angeles. 

CIPRICO, Edmond S., Jr., transfer 
CO. official: b. San Francisco, June 17, 
1901: .5. Edmund S. and Mary H. 

(O'Neil) C: A.B., U. of Calif., 1923. 
Vice-pres. and treas. Pacific Transfer 
Co., 1923 — : vice-pres. and dir. Union 
Transfer Co. of S.F., 1925—; vice- 
pres. United Transfer Co., 1927 — . 
Mem. Zeta Psi. Clubs: Bohemian, 
Olympic, Transportation (S.F.): Zeta 
Psi of N.Y. City. Home: 30 Scenic 
Way. Office: Union Transfer Co., 
Ferry Bldg., San Francisco. 

SPRECKELS, Rudolph, civic re- 
former, banker: b. San Francisco Jan. 
1, 1872; s. Glaus and Anna C. S.: 
ed. pub. schs., San Francisco: m. 
Eleanor J. Jolliffe, of San Francisco, 
Aug. 5, 1895. At age of 17 was em- 
ployed in father's sugar refinery in 
Phila., which was constructed to fight 
the sugar trust (the latter being beaten 
and compelled to ask for terms): at 
22 became pres. of Hawaiian Commer- 
cial y Sugar Co., owner of one of the 
great sugar plantations of Hawaii, 
which had been a losing enterprise tor 
years, and was bought from father and 
two brothers by Glaus A. (a brother) 
and Rudolph, after a family disagree- 
ment; put plantation on a paying basis 
within a year and sold at a large profit 
in 1898. Bought stock m the San 
Francisco Gas Co., which became in- 
volved in a life and death struggle 
with a competing co.; went on bd. of 
directors, and the year following 
started the reorganization of the co.. 
electing new dirs. and a new mgr.. re- 
sulting m great saving in operating 

expenses, and satisfactory settlement 
ol the gas war. Was mem. of com. of 
50 at the time of the San Francisco 
fire and earthquake 1906, and was 
chosen mem. of exec. com. of five of 
the San Francisco Relief and Red 
Cross Funds which managed the en- 
tire relief fund of ,$9,000,000. Or- 

ganized and financed San Francisco 
graft prosecution m 1906, and took a 
prominent part in the political upris- 
ing against corpn. control of state and 
city govt., resulting in sweeping vic- 
tory for the people of Calif. Pres. City 
Investment Co., Universal Co., Mis- 
sion Consolidated Realty Co., Realty 
and Rebuilding Co., Pitt River Power 
Co., West Tulare Land Co., Federal 
Sugar Refining Co. (New York); 
chmn. bd. Federal-Brandes, Inc. Clubs: 
Pacific Union, University, Bohemian 
(San Francisco); Burlingame (Calif.) 
Country; Metropolitan (Washington); 
Down Town, Bankers, Turf and Field, 
Embassy (New York); pres. Pacific 
Coast Jockey Club. Home: Hillsbor- 
ough, Calif. OiJice: 625 Market St., 
San Francisco. 

DEAMONT, Maximilian P., jew- 
eler: b. Vienna, Austria, Nov. 24, 
1884: s. Anton and Emma (Prinz) 
D.: ed. Vienna U.: m. Fanchon Har- 
rison, of Kennett, Mo., Feb. 18, 1921; 
1 dau., Sue. Learned jewelry business 
in father's mfg. plant in Austria: in 
jewelry bus. for self since 1903, in San 
Francisco since 1915: now pres. Dea- 
mont 6? Siegel, creators of fine plati- 
num jewelry, S.F. Served with 63rd 
U.S. Inf. during World War. Mem. 
K.P. (past master Kansas City, Mo., 
lodge 1). Republican. Christian Sci- 
enti-st. Home: Hotel California, San 

OTTO, Alfred Paul, paint mfr.; b. 
San Francisco, July 3, 1898; s. Paul 
and Emma (Shamstrom) O.; ed. U. 
of Calif.: m. Marie S. Kinkelin, of 
S.F. and Ross, Calif., Aug. 20, 1921; 
children — Marjorie Anne, Alfred Paul 
Jr. Dept. mgr. W. P. Fuller 6? Co., 
paint mfrs., S.F. Mem. Sigma Nu. 
Republican. Clubs: Bohemian (S.F.); 
Claremont Country, Orinda Country, 
Athens Athletic (Oakland). Home: 
125 Guilford Rd.. Piedmont. Office: 
301 Mission St., San Francisco. 

BALLARD, Russell Henry, utility 
.operator: b. Hamilton. Ont., Can., July 
26, 1875; s. Walter John and Harriet 
A. (Morphy) B.; ed. pub. and high 
-chs.; m. May Spurgeon, of Santa Ana, 
Cahf., Feb. 9, 1901; 1 dau., Harriet. 
Came to U.S. 1883; began as office 
boy, Thomson, Houston Electric Co., 
Chicago, 1890; with treasury dept. 
Gen. Electric Co., Schenectady, N.Y., 
1893: in charge credits and collections 
for Southern states office Gen. Elec- 
tric Co., Atlanta, Ga., 1895-97; audi- 
tor Edison Electric Co., Los Angeles, 
Calif., 1897-1900; office mgr. Butte 
(Mont.) Electric 6? Power Co., 1900- 
04: with Southern Calif. Edison Co. 
since 1904, now exec. v. p. and gen. 
mgr.: pres. Phoenix Machinery (^ Cold 
Storage Co.. Ballard Bros. Co.. Los 
Angeles Fire Alarm Co.: v. p. Santa 
Barbara Electric Co., Shaver Lake 


Lumber Co.; dir. California Bank, 
L.A. Dir. precinct organization Lib- 
erty Loan campaigns; dir. Community 
Development Assn.; mem. advisory bd. 
Los Angeles Community Chest. Mem. 
Nat. Electric Light Assn. (pres. 1919- 
20), Franklin Inst. Republican. Ma- 
son (32°, K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Cali- 
fornia, University, Jonathan, Wilshire 
Country (Los Angeles). Home: 335 
S. June St. Office: Southern California 
Edison Co., Los Angeles. 

STEVES, Clifford Morrison, motor 
corpn. official, realtor: b. Rosedale, 
Wash., Mar. 6. 1890: s. Charles Clif- 
ford and Christina (Eraser) S.: ed. 
pub. schs.: m. Mildred Kathryn Shupe, 
of Los Angeles, July 14, 1913; 1 son, 
Clifford Durant. With DeLaval Sep- 
arator Co., L. A., 1907-10; asst. sec. 
Cement Products Constrn. Co., L.A.. 
1910-14; asso. W.C. and R.C. Durant 
in auto industry. 1914-23: sales rep., 
1915-16, br. mgr., 1917, sales mgr., 
1918-20, Chevrolet Motor Co. of 
Calif., Oakland; vice-pres., treas. and 
dir. Durant Motor Co. of Calif., Oak- 
land, 1921-June 1923; since vice-pres. 
Durant-Steves Motor Co., Inc., sec. 
Asso. Realty Operators Inc., treas, 
Franklin-Tennant Motor Co., and dir. 
in each of these Calif, corpns. Mason 
(32°, Shriner). Non-partisan. Clubs: 
Athens Athletic, Sequoyah Country 
(Oakland). Home: 1136 Clarendon 
Crescent. Office: Richfield Oil Bldg., 

FOOSHEE, R. Edward, milling 
corpn. official; b. Grassy Cove, Tenn., 
Dec. 20, 1885: s. Absalom and Emma 
(Kemmer) F.: grad. Grassy Cove 
Acad., and Mtn. City Bus. Coll., Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn., 1902; studied higher 
accountancy, night sch.. Ore. Inst, of 
Tech., Portland, 1920-21; night sch.. 
Golden Gate Coll.. San Francisco, 1 
yr.; m. Mary Glover, of Eufaula,Okla., 
June 28, 1916. Served as paymaster 
in boiler factory. 1903-06: bank em- 
ployee, 1907; cashier Epes Cotton Oil 
Co., Alabama, 1908-11, mgr., 1911- 
12; mgr. Eufaula (Okla.) Cotton Oil 
Co., 1912-19: traveling auditor and 
asst. aud. Portland (Ore.) Flouring 
Mills Co., 1919-22; with Sperry 
Flour Co., San Francisco, 1922; now 
asst. sec, gen. auditor and office mgr. 
Mem. Amer. Management Assn. 
Mason (32°, Shriner). Democrat. 
Methodist. Clubs: Commonwealth, 
Public Spirit, Shrine Luncheon (S.F.): 
Belle Monti Country (Belmont, Calif.). 
Home: 734 34th Ave. Office: 195 
Berry St., San Francisco. 

RUCKER, George, electrical engr.; 
b. Atlanta, Ga., Mar. 22, 1885: s. 
George Granbury and Sarah (Milli- 
can) R.; ed. pub. schs. and under pvt. 
tutors: m. Maud Stull, of N.J., 1919; 
1 dau.. Virginia Ricarda. Planned 
street lighting, by artificial illumina- 

tion, for numerous cities on Pacific 
coast. Patented inventions which pro- 
vide means of contr. lights on grades 
of sts. so as to give uniform ilium 
without regard to incline of st. Eel 
low engring. sec. of A.A.A.S.: mem 
Illuminating Engring. Soc. (N.Y.) 
Democrat. Clubs: Jonathan (Los An 
geles). Commonwealth (S.F.), Capu 
chino Golf (San Mateo). Home: 1229 
Paloma Ave., Burlingame. OiJicc: Call 
Bldg.. San Francisco. 

SHATTUCK, Paul William, ink 
mfr.: b. Petaluma, Calif., Mar. 13, 
1883: s. Wilham Finis and Manila 
(Camm) S.; ed. pub. schs., San Fran- 
cisco and Alameda, Calif.: m. Hazel 
Elizabeth Lutz, of S.F., Apr. 22, 1918 
1 son, William Lutz. Now vice-pres 
Calif. Ink Co., S.F. Mem. S.A.R 
Mason (32°, Shriner). Republican 
Methodist. Club: Presidio Golf (S.F.) 
Home: 162 28th Ave. Office: 426 Bat 
tery St., San Francisco, 

SHAW, Harry Qifford, telegraph 
CO. official; b. Fayette, O., Dec. 23, 
1875; s. Charles and Margaret (Pack- 
er) S.: m. Jessie Littlejohn, of III., 
1903; children — Henry, Barbara. 
Engr. and commercial supt.. Postal 
Tel. Cable Co.. Chicago. 1903-07, 
San Francisco. 1907 — ; vice-pres. 
Postal Tel. Co. of Calif. Mem. Royal 
Arcanum. Republican. Episcopalian 
Club: Commonwealth (S.F.). Home 
1037 Mariposa Ave., Berkeley. Office 
22 Battery St.. San Francisco. 

HANCOCK, (George) Allan, 
banker, oil operator: b. San Francisco, 

Calif.. July 26. 1875; ,s. Ma). Henry 
and Ida (Haraszthy) H.; father a 
Calif. "49er"; mother now Mrs. Han- 
cock-Ross; ed. Brewers Pvt. Sch., San 
Mateo, Calif.; student Belmont(Calif.) 
Coll.: studied navigation and licensed 
as master mariner: m. Genevieve Deane 

Mullen, of Los Angeles, Calif.. Nov. 
12, 1901; children — Bertram Deane 
(dec), Rosemary (Mrs. John Stephens 
Zeiser). Organizer La Brea Oil Com- 
pany, 1900; organizer, with others, 
1909, Hibernian Bank of Los Angeles, 
rc-organized as California Bank, 1920, 
of which is 1st vice president and dir.; 
organizer and president La Brea Se- 
curities Co.. Compania Agricola del 
Oeste, Mazatlan, Mexico, and West 
Coast Transportation Co.; chmn. bd. 
Calif. Trust Co.; pres. Rancho La Brea 
Oil Co., Santa Maria Valley R.R. Co., 
Rosemary Packing Co., Santa Maria, 
Calif.; vice pres. Nat. City Holding 
Co., Santa Maria Ice y Cold Storage 
Co. Former trustee Calii. Inst. Tech.; 
first pres. Automobile Club of South- 
ern Calif.; pioneer in good roads move- 
ment: mem. Greater Harbor Com. of 
200. Mem. Am. Petroleum Inst., Los 
Angeles Chamber of Mines and Oils, 
Yachtsmen's Assn. of America. Re- 
publican. Clubs: California, Gamut, 
Los Angeles Athletic, Calif. Yacht, 
Wilshire Country. Tuna of Catalina 
Island. Donor of 25 acre park to Los 
Angeles, comprising Rancho La Brea 
Fossil Pits, from which rare remains of 
Pleistocene animals have been recov- 
ered and presented to Los Angeles 
Museum. Home: 3189 Wilshire Boul. 
OUice: California Bank Bldg.. 629 S. 
Spring St.. Los Angeles. 

FOLEY, Thos. M., attorney; b. San 
Francisco. Feb. 16, 1894: s. William 
E. and Margaret (O'Brien) F.; grad. 
Hastings Coll. of Law, S.F., 1916, and 
law sch., Georgetown U.. Washington, 
D.C., 1919: m. Ruth G. Burns, of 
Seba.stopol. Calif., Aug. 13, 1927. En- 
gaged in gen. pvt. practice S.F.. 1919 
— . Served U.S.A., 1918. Mem. 
United Vets. Council (pres. S.F.), 
Amer. Legion. Elk, K.C., N.S.G.W. 
Republican. Catholic. Home: 1700 
Beach St. Office: Hearst Bldg., San 

BURKE, John P., banker: b. Durant, 
la.. Mar. 17, 1862; ed. pub. schs. 
Cashier Exchange Bank, Walnut, la., 
1880-91: moved to San Jose, Calif., 
1891; v.p. and mgr. street ry. in San 
Jose, 1891-1901; also dir. Sacramento 
St. Ry. Co.: admitted to Calif, bar, 
1901, and practiced, 1901-03: v.p. and 
mgr. Bank of San ]osi, 1903-06: v.p. 
and mgr. Central Bank. Los Angeles, 
1906-07, Southern Trust Co., 1907- 
10: v.p., dir. Los Angeles-First Nat. 
Trust y Savings Bank, 1910-29; dir. 
Security-First Nat. Bank of L.A., 1929 
— . Mem. bd. dirs. Los Angeles 
Chamber of Commerce (chmn. bldg. 
and expn. com.): dir. Los Angeles 
Chapter Am. Red Cross: dir. and 
treas. Los Angeles Tuberculosis Assn. 
K.C. Clubs: California, Los Angeles 
Athletic, Newman. Home: 505 La- 
fayette Park PI. Address: Security- 
First Nat. Bank of L.A., Los Angeles. 



DOCKWEILER, Isidore Bernard, 

lawyer, b. Los AnKclcs. Calif.. Dec. 
28. 1867: .s. Henry and Margaretha 
(Sugg) D.: A.B.. St. Vincent's Coll.. 
1887. A.M.. 1889, LL.D.. 1912; m. 
Gertrude Reeve, of Los Angeles, June 
30, 1891; children — Thomas Aloysius 
Joseph, Henry Isidore, Mary Gertrude 
D. Young, John Francis, Rosario Mar- 
garet, George Augustine, Edward Vin- 
cent, Ruth Ysidora, Robert Reeve, 
Frederick Charles, Louis Bernard. 
Bookkeeper, 1883-85; surveyor, 1887- 
88; studied law with Anderson, Fitz- 
gerald y Anderson, Los Angeles: ad- 
mitted to Calif, bar, Oct. 14, 1889, 
later to Federal Courts in Calif., U.S. 
Supreme Court and bars of Ariz, and 
Ne\.: mem. law firm Dockweiler y 
Dockweiler a? Finch. Los Angeles: dir. 
Security-First Nat. Bank of L.A. 
Dem. candidate for It. gov. of Calif., 
1902: del. Dem. Nat. Conv., Denver, 
1908: mem. Dem. Nat. Com., 1916- 
28 Trustee St. Vincent's Coll., 1890- 

1911; dir. Los Angeles Puh. Library. 
1897-99. 1901-11 (ex pres.); trustee 
State Normal Sch.. San Diego. 1898- 
1919: mem. Bd. U.S. Indian Commrs., 
by apptmt. President Wilson. 1913- 
20. Created Knight St. Gregory by 
Pope Pius XI. 1924; mem. Am.. Calif., 
and Los Angeles Co. bar assns.. Native 
Sons Golden West, K. of C, Elks. 
Democrat. Clubs: California, Los An- 
geles Country, Newman. Home: 2321 
So. Figueroa St. Office: Van Nuys 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

O'MELVENY, Henry William, 
lawyer; b. Central Citv. Marion Co., 
111.. Aug. 10. 1859; s. Harvey Kil- 
patrick Stuart and Anna Wilhelmina 
(Rose) O.; A.B.. U. of Cahf.. 1879: 
m. Marie Antoinette Schilling, of Can- 
ton, O.. May 28. 1887: children- 

Stuart. Donald. John. Admitted to 
bar. 1881. and since in practice at 
Los Angeles: mem. firm of Graves 6? 
O'Melveny, 1885-88, Graves, O'Mel- 
veny e? Shankland. 1888-1904, O'Mel- 
veny 6? Stevens. 1906-08. O'Melveny. 
Stevens e? Millikin. 1907-14, O'Mel- 
veny. Millikin 6? Tuller since 1914. 
Pres. Dominguez Water Co., Domin- 
guez Estate Co.; v. p. Los Angeles 
Trust 6? Savings Bank; dir. Farmers isf 
Merchants Nat. Bank, Security-First 
Nat. Bank of L.A., Azusa Ice d Cold 
Storage Co.; counsel and dir. Title 
Ins. y Trust Co., etc. Deputy dist. 
atty. Los Angeles Co., 1883-85; pres. 
Los Angeles Civ. Service Commn., 
1903-04; mem. Pub. Library Bd., 
1908-10: park commr. since 1910: 
Democrat. Episcopalian. Mem. South- 
west Soc. Archsol. Inst. America: a 
founder of Southwest Mus. Club.s; 
California, Sunset, Los Angeles Coun- 
try, etc. Home: 3250 Wilshire Boul. 
Ofice: Title Insurance Bldg.. Los An- 

AVERY, Moses Nathan, banker: b. 
Washtenaw Co.. Mich.. Dec. 27. 
1855; .s. Nathan and Matilda (Rock- 
well) A.; grad. high sch.. Chelsea. 
Mich.. 1875; student Eastman Busi- 
ness Coll., 1876; M.D.. U. of Mich.. 
1881; m. Sarah Elizabeth Gorton, of 
Waterloo, Mich., 1880: children- 
Lena Ethel (dec). Florence Lucile. 
Lewis Gorton. Practiced medicine at 
Niles. Mich.. 1881-89: organized Ger- 
man Am. Savings Bank, Los Angeles, 
Calif.. 1890 (original cashier, elected 
president, 1899), title was changed to 
Guaranty Trust S* Savings Bank, 
1917; v.p. and chmn. exec. com. Se- 
curity Trust y Savings Bank, into 
which Guaranty Trust c? Savings 
Bank was merged. 1921: dir. and mem. 
exec. com. Security-First Nat. Bank of 
L.A., 1929 — : v.p. Industrial Center 
Co., Washington Boul. Beach Co.; 
dir. Security Co.. Union Oil Asso- 
ciates. Mem. Los Angeles Chamber of 
Commerce. Municipal League. Repub- 
lican. Presbyn. Club,?: California, Los 
Angeles Country. Home: Chapman 
Park Hotel. Address: Security-First 
Nat. Bank, Los Angeles. 

BOWEN, William Alvin, author; 
b. Baltimore. Md.. May 15, 1877; .s. 
Jesse N. and Mary Amanda (Hall) 
B.; LL.B., U. of Md.. 1898; m. Grace 
Lee Dunan. of Baltimore, July 31, 
1902: children — Dorothy, William, 
John, Marjorie Ann. Began practice 
of law in Baltimore, 1898: moved to 
Los Angeles, Calif., 1904, and has 
continued in practice; dir. Security- 
First Nat. Bank of Los Angeles. Mem. 
Am., Calif, and Los Angeles bar 
assns. Republican. Club: University. 
Home: 1948 S. Harvard Boul. Office: 
747 Title Insurance Bldg., Los An- 

OLDER, Fremont, newspaper man; 
b. Applcton. Wis., Aug. 30, 1856; s. 
Emory and Celia M. (Augur) O.; ed. 
prep. dept. Ripon (Wis.) Coll., 1 yr.: 
m. Cora Miranda Baggerly, of New 
York. Aug. 22. 1893. Began news- 

paper work. 1884; was city editor The 
Call; mng. editor The Bulletin 24 yrs.; 
now editor The Call. Address; The 
Call, San Francisco. 

MORRISON, Jesse Bryan, insur- 
ance broker; b. Bybee, Tenn.. Feb. 14, 
1897; s. Joseph A. and Thula (Fox) 
M.; ed. Okla. A. & M. Coll., 1915-17: 
U. of Calif., 1919-23. With Spengler 
y Eraser, ins. brokers, San Francisco, 
1923-27; vice-pres. and Pacific coast 
mgr. Smyth, Sanford y Gerard of 
N.Y. City, ins. brokers, with hdqrs. 
S.F., 1927—. Served C.A.C., World 
War. Fullback, All-Pacific football 
team, 1920-22: same. Walter Camp 
All-American team, 1922; professional 
football. 1926-27. Mem. Phi Delta 
Theta. Democrat. Protestant. Clubs: 
Olympic (S.F.), Hot Springs (Calif.) 
Gun, Mt. Diablo Country. Home: 7 
3rd Ave. Office; Russ Bldg.. San 

ROBINSON, Elmer Edwin, attor- 
ney: b. San Francisco, Oct. 3, 1894; s. 
Ralph Sydney and Edyth Alice 
(Rahlves) R.; grad. Kent Law Sch., 
S.F., 1914: m. Doris E. F. Gould, of 
S.F., Sept. 1917 (dec): 1 dau., Eliza- 
beth Jane; m. 2nd. Rosemarie Kerr, of 
SF Feb. 2. 1926. Admitted to state 
bars' of Calif.. 1915, Ariz.. 1919; gen. 
pvt. practice, civil and criminal law, 
SF May 19 15 — ; with staff dist. atty., 
city and county of S.F.. 1917. 1919- 
21: candidate Calif, state senate. 1921. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Home; 32 
Taraval St. Office: Hearst Bldg., San 



HONNOLD, William Lincoln, 

mining cngr.; b. Oconee, HI., Apr. 16, 
1866; s. Rev. Robert and Sarah (Ern- 
est) H.: Knox Coll.. Galesburg, 111., 
1886-87: LL.D. from same college, 
1927: University of Michigan, 1887- 
88: E.M., Mich. College of Mines, 
Houghton, 189?: m. Caroline Burton, 
of Santa Ana, Calif., Nov. 12, 1895. 
Successively foreman, supt., mgr. and 
cons. engr. of mines, in Minn, and 
Calif., 1895-1902; went to S. Africa, 
1902, as cons. engr. Consolidated 
Mines Selection Co. (London) and 
subsidiary cos., becoming mng. dir., 
1912, also chmn. Transvaal Coal Trust, 
Brakpan Mines, Springs Mines and 
The New Era Co.: retired from S. 
Africa, 1915. Was mem. Council of 
Edn. and v. p. Chamber of Mines, 
Johannesburg, S.A. Apptd. dir. in 
London of Commn. for Relief in Bel- 
gium, 1915: trans, to New York, as 
dir. in America, Aug. 1916, continuing 
until armistice; now dir. Commn. for 
Relief in Belgium, Ednl. Foundation. 
Spl. rep. in Europe of Guaranty Trust 
Co. of New York, 1919: dir. (perman- 
ent) Anglo-Am. Corpn. of South Af- 
rica, Ltd., Security-First Nat. Bank of 
Los Angeles, Hazeltine Corpn., Cala- 
veras Cement Co., Hunt Bros. Packing 
Co. Trustee Pomona Coll., and Clare- 
mont Coll. (chmn. bd.). Member Am. 
Inst. Mining and Metall. Engrs., Min- 
ing and Metall. Soc. America, Inst, 
Mining and Metallurgy (London), S. 
Africa Engrs., Chem. and Metall. 
Soc. S. Africa. Comdr. Order of the 
Crown (Belgian): Medaille Commemo- 
rative du Comite Nat. (Belgian); 
Medaille Reconnaissance Frani,-aise 
(French). Republican. Mason. Clubs: 
Metropolitan, Bankers, Sleepy Hollow 
Country (New York); California, 
University, Los Angeles Country, Bel- 
Air Country (Los Angeles): Phoenix 
(Ariz.) Country. Home: Bel-Air, 
West Los Angeles. Oficc; Pacilic Mu- 
tual Bldg., Los Angeles. 

ELLIOTT, Edward, banker; b. 
Murfreesboro, Tenn., Aug. 3, 1874; 
s. William Yandell and Margaret Gra- 
ham (Johnston) Elliott; A.B., Prince- 
ton, 1897. A.M., 1900; studied univs. 
Berlin and Heidelberg. 1900-02; 
Ph.D.. Heidelberg, 1902: m. Margaret 
Randolph Axson, of Ga., Sept. 8, 
1910. Teacher, Bolton, Tenn., 1897- 
98: instr. in Latin, 1898-1900, in 
jurisprudence, 1902-05. preceptor in 
dept. of history, politics and eco- 
nomics, 1905-09, prof, politics, 1909- 
15, dean of the college. 1909-12, 
Princeton U.: lecturer internat. law. 
1913-16. prof. 1916-20. U. of Calif. 
Admitted to San Francisco bar, 1913; 
dir. Federal Reserve Bank of San 
Francisco, 1917-20; v. p. Security 
Trust y Savings Bank, Los Angeles, 
Calif., 1921-29; mem. exec. com. 
Securitv-First Nat. Bank of L.A., 

1929—. Author: Die Staatslehre John 
C. Calhoun's, 1903; The Biographical 
Story of the Constitution. 1910; Se- 
lected Documents in International 
Law. 1914; American Government 
and Majority Rule. 1915: State Bank 
Membership in the Federal Reserve 
System. 1919. Also numerous articles. 
Clubs: California, Los Angeles Coun- 
try, Sunset. Home: Cold Water Can- 
yon Rd., Beverly Hills. Ojfice; Secur- 
ity Nat. Bank of Los Angeles. 

BARLOW, Walter Jarvis, M D.: b. 
Ossining. N.Y., Jan. 22. 1868: s. Wil- 
liam Henry and Catherine Stratton 
(Lent) B.; A.B.. Columbia. 1889; 
M.D.. Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Colum- 
bia). 1892; M.A.. 1919; m. Marion 
Brooks Patterson, of Dunkirk. N.Y., 
Nov. 8. 1898. In practice at New 
York. 1892-95; moved to Los Angeles. 
Calif. Dir. Security-First Nat. Bank of 
L.A. Episcopalian. Home: 675 W. 
Highland Av.. Sierra Madre. Calif. 
Ojficc: Security Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

McFIE, Maynard, merchant; b. 
Clearwater. Kan., Mar. 5, 1886: s. 
William Thomas and Elizabeth Jane 
(Ross) M.: A.B., U. of Calit., 1907; 
unmarried. Mgr. W. T. McFie Supply 
Co., wholesale distributors of steel 
products, 1907-1927; dir. Globe Grain 
& Milling Co., Pacific Southwest Trust 
y Savings Bank, Security- Nat. 
Bank of L.A. V.p. for Western States, 
of Chamber Comm, U.S., 1920-21; 
pres. Los Angeles Chamber Com- 
merce. 1920. treas.. 1921. Mem. Phi 
Beta Kappa, Psi Upsilon. Republican. 
Unitarian. Mason (3 2°, Shriner). 
Clubs: California, Sunset, Los Angeles 
Athletic: Bohemian (San Francisco). 
Home: 1222 W. 29th St., Los An- 

WALKER, Calvin A., surgeon; b. 
Meyersdale, Pa., May 11, 1875; s. 
Fred F. and Rose Ann (Weimer) W.; 
ed. Meyersdale Normal Sch., 1895- 
96; M.D., Cooper Med. Coll., (now 
Stanford Med. Coll.), San Francisco, 
1905: m. Zella Zee Adair, of S.F., 
Oct. 2, 1909. Taught pub. schs., 
Somerset Co., Pa., 1895-96, Marin 
Co., Cahf., 1897-99: served U. S. Cus- 
toms, S.F., 1899-1901; gen. surg. 
practice, S.F., 1905 — ; asso. med. 
dept. Market St. Ry., S.F., 1911 — ; 
staff S.P. Gen. hosp., S.F., 191-1 — . 
Served as 1st Lieut. M.C.. U.S.A., 
World War; co. commdr. Field Hosp. 
234. 9th Div.. Camp Sheridan. Ala.. 
Aug. 1918-Feb. 1919. Mem. Amer. 
and Calif, med. assns.. Pacific Assn. of 
Ry. Surgeons, Amer. Legion (commdr. 
post 1. S.F.. 1924), Boy Scouts of 
Amer. (chmn. troop 1 com.. S.F.), 
Omega Upsilon Phi, 40/8 Society. 
Mason. Odd Fellow. Republican. 
Lutheran. Clubs: Olympic, Common- 
wealth (S.F.). Home: 1000 Francisco 
St. Office: 909 Hyde St., San Fran- 

mond, attorney; b. Shasta. Calif.. June 
9. 1857; s. Judge William Parker and 
Eliza Jane (Raymond) D.: A.B.. U. of 
Calif.. 1S7S: grad. Hastings Coll. of 
Law. San Francisco: m. Sarah Ray 
Mann, of Auburn. Calif.. Aug. 7, 
1912. Admitted to Calif, bar, 1879; 
engaged in pvt. practice, S.F., 1879- 
88: ct. commr., S.F.. 1880-88; asso. 
with Alexander F. Morrison and 
Thomas V. O'Brien in law practice, 
S.F.. 1888-91; judge, sup. ct. of S.F., 
1892-1901: lecturer on internat. langs. 
and instr. of Esperanto. U. of Calif., 
1916; vice-pres. Matson Mfg. Co.. S. 
F.; dir. MacAlpme Mining Co.. Cala- 
veras Co.. Calif. Author of numerous 
mathematical and sci. articles pub. in 
Esperanto mags.: contbr., for many 
yrs., to whist mags, and whist cols, of 
various newspapers. Mem. S.F. Law 
Library (life). Calif. State Bar Assn., 
Archaelogical Soc. of Athens (contrib- 
uting mem.). Gas Consumers Assn. of 
U.S. (dir. -sec). Universal Esperanto 
Assn. (life mem.; hon. life pres. of 
Oakland. Calif., br. ). Internacia Sci- 
enca Asocio, Co-operative Raisin 
Grower's Assn. (Fresno), Young 
Men's Democratic League (organizing 
mem.), Chi Phi (char. mem. Lambda 
chap.). N.S.G.W. Democrat. Episco- 
palian. Home: 2726 Dwight Way, 
Berkeley. Ojjice: Financial Center 
Bldg., San Francisco, 

HELLMANN, Richard Hoge, brok- 
er: b. San Francisco. Mar. 1889; s. 
Anthonv C. and Belle I. (Hose) H.; 
A.B.. Stanford U.. 1912: m. J. Mary- 
frank Gardner, of Prescott. An:.. Jan. 
19IS. Senior partner. Hellmann Wade 
y Co., stock brokers, S.F., mems. S. F. 
Stock and S. F. Curb Exchanges. Serv- 
ed as 2nd lieut.. U.S. Air Service, dur- 
ing World War. Chibs: Pacific Union 
(S.F.). Menlo Country (Menlo Park). 
Home: Woodside. San Mateo Co. Of- 
fice: 517 California St.. San Francisco. 

PROBASCO, Ramsey, attorney; b. 
Glendale. Hamilton Co.. O.. Nov. 11, 
1880: s. Harry Russell and Minnie 
(Moulton) P.: A.B.. U. of Cincinnati, 
1902. B.L.. 1904; attended U. of Va., 
1909; m. Clara Mary Tuttle, of Va., 
June 30. 1908. Practiced law with 
father as Probasco ^ Probasco. Cin- 
cinnati; atty. for Herring-Hall-Marvin 
Safe Co.. N.Y. City; engaged in law 
practice. Oakland. Calif.. 1913 — , 
mem. law firm of Sturgis, Probasco (f 
McClean. Oakland, 1928 — . Four min- 
man during World War. Mem. East 
Bay Safety Council (first pres., now 
dir.), Berkelev Camphrc Girls (dir.), 
Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Phi. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Kiwanis. Athens 
Athletic (Oakland). Faculty (Berke- 
ley). Bohemian (S.F.). Country (Mt. 
Diablo. Cahf.). Home: 2522 Warring 
St.. Berkeley. Ojjice; Central Bank 
Bldg.. Oakland. 



BROBECK, William Irvin, attor 
ney rdfccd.sfd 19:7j. b. Rochester 
Pa'.. July 17. 1869; s. Henry and Ger 
trude (Hcndrickson) B.; ed. Hasting 
Coll. of Law, San Francisco. 1889 
1892; m. Josephine Davidson, of Pet 
aluma. CaHf.. Jan. 18. 1900; 1 son 
William Morrison. Dep. city atty. 
under Harry T. Creswell. S.F.. 1892 
1900. and under Franklin K. Lane. 
1900-05: mem. law firm of Morrison 
y Cope (later Morrison. Dunne &? 
Brobeck. now Brobeck. Phleger 6? 
Harrison), S.F.. 1905-27: dir. and 
gen. counsel Key System Transit Co., 
Oakland; dir. Amer. Tr. Bank. French 
Amer. Bank. Paraffine Paint Co.. 
Parkside Co.. St. Francis Hotel Co.. 
all of S.F.: trustee Mills College. Oak- 
land. Children's Hosp.. S.F. Odd Fel- 
low. Mason. Democrat. Protestant. 
Clubs: Pacific Union. Bohemian (S. 
F.): Claremont Country (Oakland). 
Home was at 400 Hillside Ave.. Pied- 
mont. Office was in Crocker Bldg.. 
San Francisco. 

COLOMBAT, Henry, manufactur- 
er: b. San Francisco. Sept. 15. 1869; s. 
Anthony Alfred and Rosalie (Junier) 
C: ed. pub. schs.. S.F.: m. Charlotte 
May Lubbock, of San Francisco. Feb. 
7. 1897: children — Jeannette (dec). 
Georgia. Henry (dec), Edwin, Francis 
H. Fringe mfr., S.F., operating bus. 
estab. by parents in 1874: dir. and ex- 
pres. French hosp.. S.F.; has been asso. 
with various local real estate corpns. 
and is builder of several apt. houses; 
Dem. nominee for congress, 4th dist.. 
S.F.. 1914; del. to Dem. co. and state 
convs.; mem. Dem. co. com.. S.F.: 
mem. char, revision com.. S.F.; former 
dir. French Library. Mem. Calif. N.G.. 
1893-94; capt.. Park Presidio dist.. S. 
F.. during liberty loan drives. Writer 
of weekly column in English, pub. as 
Colombat's column m local French 
newspaper. Le Courrier du Pacifique. 
Mem. La Societe dc Bienfaisance Mu- 
tuelle of S.F. (ex-pres.). Ligue Nation- 
ale Francaise (ex-treas.), Acad, of 
Sciences. S.P.C.A. (S.F.). League of 
Nations Non-Partisan League. Geary 
St. Ry. Assn.. N.S.G.W. Democrat. 
Catholic. Clubs: Lafayette. Common- 
wealth. Grissly Bear. Point Lobos 
Impvt. (vice-pres.). Park Presidio Im- 
pvt. (S.F.). Home: 900 Lake St. Of- 
fice- 239 Geary St.. San Francisco. 

HOLLYWOOD, Charles Bazley, 
merchandise broker: b. Nevada City. 
Calif., Oct. 27. 1867; s. Joseph and 
Martha E. (Coe) H.: ed. pub. schs.. 
San Francisco. Oakland. Santa Rosa. 
Calif.; m. Zelda Lee. of Fruitvale, 
Calif.. Oct. 2. 1891: children— Zelda 
A. (Mrs. Long). Leonard B. (killed 
in action World War). Phelps. Jons 
W. Engaged in canned fruit bus.. 
1885-1920; sales mgr. Cutting Fruit 
Packing Co.. 1891-99: asst. mgr. Cahf. 
Fruit Canners Corpn., 1899-1917: 

div. mgr. Calif. Packing Corpn., 1917 
20- partner Fontana-Hollywood Co., 
mdse. brokers. S.F.. 1920—. Served 
Cahf. Nat. Guard. 1880-84. Mem 
Nat. Food Brokers Assn.. Asso. Gro 
eery Brokers of S. F. Elk. Mason 
(K.T.. Shriner). N.S.G.W.. Rcpub 
hcan. Clubs: Blaine Republican 
Striped Bass. Fly Casters (S.F.) 
Home: Fairfax. Mann Co.. Cahf. 
Ojjicc: 2 Pine St.. San Francisco. 

banker: b. San Francisco. Calif.. Aug. 
22. 1866: s. Aaron and Delia (Stern) 
F.: ed. pub. schs, of San Francisco: m. 
Bella Gerstle. of San Francisco. Aug., 
1904: children — Eleanor. Mortimer. 
Became partner and gen. mgr. A. 

Fleishhacker (i Co., about 1890; or- 
ganized various cos. and elected pres., 
Truckee River Gen. Electric Co.. 
1899. American River Electric Co.. 
1901, City Electric Co., 1905, Central 
Calif. Traction Co.. 1906. Great 
Western Power Co.. 1908. etc: now 
partner and gen. mgr. A. Fleishhacker 
Co.: pres. Anglo-Calif. Trust Co., 
Fleishhacker Paper Box Co.; v. p. 
Anglo fe? London Paris Nat. Bank. 
Central Calif. Traction Co.: chmn. bd. 
Great Western Electro-Chem. Co.; 
dir. Crown Zellerbach Paper Co.: 
Baker. Hamilton ^ Pacific Co.. Home 
Fire y Marine Ins. Co.. Calif. Wine 
Assn.. Pampanga Sugar Mills. Calam- 
bra Sugar Co. Served as federal me- 
diator for labor troubles. World War. 
also head of Exemption Bd. Regent 
U. of Calif. Mem. Golden Bear Soc 
(U. of Calif.). Republican. Jewish 
religion. Clubs: Family. Olympic, Ar- 
gonaut. Concordia. Bcresford Coun- 
try. Home: 2418 Pacific Av.. San 
Francisco. Calif.: (summer) Green 
Gables. Woodside. Calif. Office: 532 
Market St.. San Francisco. 

WARNER, Martyn F., insurance 
broker: b. Milwaukee. Wis.. Oct. 23, 
1872- .s. John H. and Julia Swift 
(Chapman) W.: B.S., U. of Wis.. 
1895; m. Helen A. Hasbrouck. of 
Plainlield. N.J.. Oct. 7. 1905: chil- 
dren — John Hasbrouck. Helen Louise. 
Began with Milwaukee Elec. Ry. y 
Light Co.: later employed in mfg. 
corpns.. N.Y. City; sec. Lansing B. 
Warner. Inc.. management corpn. 
operating reciprocal ins. for Canners 
Exchange. Chicago, until 1915; Pa- 
cific coast mgr. for same with hdqrs. 
in San Francisco, 1915—. Mem. 
S.A.R.. Sigma Chi. Independent Re- 
publican. Christian Scientist. Chibs: 
Commonwealth (S.F.). Berkeley 
Country. East Bay Country (Oak- 
land). Home: 1042 Oxford St., 
Berkeley. OJJice: 16 California St., 
San Francisco. 

STRANG, Mark A., mortgage bank- 
er: b. Springville. Utah. Jan. 1, 1884; 
.s James P. and Lydia (Houtz) S.; 
ed. Colo. College, 1904; U. of S. 
Calif. Law Sch., 1916-17; m. Gertrude 
Stevens, of Colorado Springs, Colo., 
May 20. 1904; children — Gerald 
Verc. Mark Jerome. Bus. career de- 
voted to mortgage banking; pres. and 
dir. Calif. Bond & Mortgage Co., San 
Francisco, 1923 — ; vice-pres. and gen. 
mgr. Nat. Mortgage Co. of Calif., 
S F., 1926 — . Mem. Mortgage Bank- 
ers Assn. of N. Calif, (vice-pres.. 
dir.). Mason (Shriner). RepuHican. 
Clubs- Commonwealth. Commercial 
(S.F.). Home: San Carlos. Ofice; 
444 California St.. San Francisco. 

WOOD, Benton G., investment 
banker; b. Leadville. Colo.. June 15, 
1884; s. Tingley S. and Leonora 
(Chesnut) W.; ed. Belmont (Calif.) 
Prep. Sch.: m. Irene Gertrude Mc- 
Cabe. of San Francisco. Jan. 9. 1926. 
Engaged in investment banking, S.F. 
Served as 1st Ueut., U.S. Air Service, 
during World War. Republican. 
Clubs Presidio Golf (S.F.): Country 
(Burlingame). Home: 1201 California 
St. Office: 485 California St., San 

REEVES, John M., physician, sur- 
geon: b. Bristol. Tenn..Sept. 16, 1890; 
; William R. and Mary (Murphy) 
K ■ attended U. of Tenn.. 1909-11; 
AB U. of Tex.. 1916; M.D.. Van- 
derbilt Sch. of Med.. 1921: post grad. 
studies. Kansas City Gen. hosp.. 1921- 
13- m Gladys Gibson, of Oakland, 
Caiif.. Mar. 2. 1925; children— John 
M Jr.. Robert Gibson. Engaged in 
med. practice. Oakland. 1923—: for- 
mer asst. autopsy surgeon. Alameda 
Co.. CaHf. Served U.S.A.. 1917-18. 
Mem Alpha Tau Omega. Phi Chi, 
O.E.S. Mason (32°). Democrat. 
Methodist. Club: Lions (Oakland). 
Home 2708 Sunset Ave. OjJice: 3022 
E. 14th St.. Oakland. 



PICCIRILLO, Louis Matthew, at- 
torney; b. San Francisco, July 31. 
1897; s. Frank D. and Paolina (La- 
rini) P.; A.B., U. of Calif., 1920, 
J.D., 1922; m. Maria Teresa Tom- 
masini, of Lanciano, Italy, Dec. 21, 
1924; 1 dau.. Laura Maria. With 
Prosper L. Wolf in gen. practice of 
law, S.F. and Martinez, Calif., 1922 
— . Author and producer plays in 
Italian and English. Mem. U. of Calif. 
Chair of Italian Culture Foundation 
(exec, com.), Dante Soc. of Contra 
Costa Co.. Calif, (pres.); Amer. Le- 
gion. Playhouse Assn. of Berkeley. 
Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi Mu Iota. Ma- 
son. Druid. N.S.G.W. Cfiibs: Faculty 
(Berkeley), U.S.I.V. (S.F.). Home: 
259 Arlington Ave.. Berkeley. Office: 
405 Montgomery St., San Francisco. 

BAKER, George W., Jr., banker; b. 
Oakland, Calif., Jan. 3, 1893; .s. 
George W. and Mary A. (Hall) B.; 
B.S., U. of Calif., 1916; m. Carmen 
Ghirardelli, of Piedmont, Calif., Aug. 
22. 1917: children— George W. III. 
Joseph Ghirardelli. Carmen Dolores. 
Now vice-pres. and Pacific coast mgr. 
Scheeline Banking d' Trust Co., of 
Reno. Nevada, with hdqrs. in San 
Francisco. Commd. 1st lieut.. 1st 
O.T.C., Presidio, S.F.. May 1917; 
served World War, Co. A, 362nd 
Inf., 91st Div.; wounded Argonne of- 
fensive; divl. citation. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Pacific-Union 
(S.F.). Trail (Piedmont). Home: 210 
Crocker Ave.. Piedmont. Office: Russ 
Bldg.. San Francisco. 

THOMSON, Gordon, insurance of- 
ficial; b. Scotland. 1882; s. William 
and Mary (Gordon) T.; ed. Hariot- 
Watt Coll., Edinburgh U., Scotland; 
m. Betty Burton, of Eng., 1919; 
children — Douglas William Gordon, 
Mary Elizabeth. Began with Life 
Assn. of Scotland, Edinburgh; ac- 
tuary, African Life Ins. Co., Johannes- 
burg, South Africa, 1906-08; with 
George King, cons, actuary, London, 
Eng., 1908-10; with West Coast Life 
Ins. Co., San Francisco, 1911 — , now 
vice-pres. and actuary of same. Lieut., 
Inf., British Army, in World War. 
Awarded Overseas and Gen. Service 
medals (British). Fellow Faculty of 
Actuaries, Amer. Inst, of Actuaries 
(gov.). Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: 
Union League, Commercial, Yacht 
(S.F.); Mann Golf y Country (San 
Rafael). Meadows Country (Marin 
Co.). Home: Laurel Grove Ave., 
Kentfield, Mann Co. Office: 605 Mar- 
ket St.. San Francisco. 

TAYLER, Howard M., steel mer- 
chant; b. San Francisco, Mar. 1, 1887; 
s. James Howard and Mary (Cortel- 
you) T.; ed. Oakland high sch.; m. 
Jane Foster, of Berkeley. Calif., Apr. 
25, 1917. Asso. with Tayler 6? Spots- 
wood Inc., wholesale distributors of 

iron and steel products, S.F., 1904 — , 
now vice-pres., treas. and dir. of same; 
dir. San Mateo (Calif.) Mut. Bldg. 
y Loan Assn. Mason (past master, 
San Mateo Lodge 226). Republican. 
Protestant. Clubs: Olympic, Rotary 
(S.F.). Home: 1948 Marin Ave., 
Berkeley. Office: 19th and Minnesota 
Sts.. San Francisco. 

COCHRAN, George Ira, life ins.; b 
Oshawa. Ont.. Can., July 1, 1863; s 
Rev. George (D.D.) and Catherine L. 
(Davidson) C; at 7 moved to Japan 
with father, and lived there 6 yrs.; ed 
Collegiate Inst, and Osgoode Hall 
Toronto; m. Alice M. McClung, ol 
Newcastle, Ont., Aug. 6, 1890; m 
2d, Isabelle May McClung, sister of 
deceased wife, Apr. 7, 1907. Admitted 
to bar, at Toronto, Can.. 1888, and 
practiced at Los Angeles, 1888-1906; 

pres. Pacific Mut. Lite Ins. Co., 19(J6 
— ; dir. Southern Calif. Edison Co., 
Security First Nat. Bank of L.A., 
Anglo Calif. Trust Co. (San Fran- 
cisco). Rosedale Cemetery Assn.. Sea- 
side Investment Co.. Pacific Finance 
Co., Long Beach Bathhouse and 
Amusement Co., Calif. Delta Farms, 
Inc., etc. Regent U. of Calif.; trustee 
U. of Southern Calif. Republican. 
Methodist. Clttbs: California, Los An- 
geles Country, Union League, Mid- 
wick Country, Los Angeles Athletic, 
University, Jonathan (Los Angeles); 
Pacific Union, Bohemian (San Fran- 
cisco). Home: 2249 Harvard Boul. 
Office: 6th and Olive Sts., Los Angeles. 
DAHLBERG, Arnold Orlando, 
dairy supt.; b. Dorchester, Wis., Aug. 

27, 1888; s. Oke Abraham and 

(Larsen) D.; B.S., U. of Wis., 1912; 
m. Catherine Louise Snook, of Min- 
neapolis. June 4. 1925. With bur. of 
dairying, U. S. dept. of agr., Wash- 

ington, D.C., engaged in research in 
dairy bacteriology, dairy mfg. and 
creamery extension in eastern. New 
Eng. and southern states, 1912-19; 
was mgr. of govtl. demonstrational 
creamery. Grove City, Pa., engaged in 
research in by-prods., cond. and evap. 
milk; asso. with Golden State Milk 
Products Co., San Francisco, 1920 — , 
lab. and plant mfg. development, 
1920-22. mgr. St. Paul (Minn.) br., 
1923-24. sales promotion, N.Y. off., 
1925-26, production supt., S.F., 1927 
— . Author of several govt, bulls, and 
contbr. author to book on casein. Ma- 
son (K.T., Shriner). Non-partisan. 
Conglist. Clubs: Athens Athletic 
(Oakland), St. Paul (Minn.) Ath- 
letic. Home: 2317 Le Conte Ave., 
Berkeley. Ofice: 425 Battery St., San 

RYFKOGEL, H. A. L., physician, 
surgeon; b. Nova Scotia, Can., Aug. 
11, 1S73; ■•.. Capt. Roger and Sarah 
D. (Yuill) R.; M.D., U. of Calif., 
1894; m. Elsie Rippe, of San Fran- 
cisco, June 23, 1923; 1 dau. (by for- 
mer marriage), Beatrice. Practiced 
medicine and surgery. S.F., 1894-95, 
Oakland, 1895-1900, S.F., 1900—; 
head bacteriology dept., U. of Calif., 
1896-1907; prof. surg. S.F., Polychnic 
Post-Giad. Med. Coll., 1905; for- 
merly bacteriologist state of Calif.; ex- 
mem, bd. of health, city of Oakland. 
Fellow Amer. Med. Assn., Amer. Coll, 
of Surgeons; mem. Calif. State Med. 
Soc. (council 1916-21; pres. 1921), 
S.F. Med. Soc, Calif. Acad, of Med^., 
Royal Order of Jesters. Mason (3 2°, 
.Shriner). Club: Bohemian (S.F.). 
Home: 23 Belmont Ave. Office: 516 
Sutter St., San Francisco. 

FONT ANA, Mark Edmund, manu- 
facturer; b. San Francisco. July 15, 
1882; s. Mark John and Nellie T. 
(Jones) F.; ed. pub. schs., Healds 
Bus. Coll., S.F.; m. Sophie Czarnecki, 
of S.F.. May 10, 1905; children- 
Mark E. Jr., Marjorie Nell. With 
Calif. Packing Corpn., 1900-23; pres. 
Fontana Food Products Co.. mfrs. and 
distributors. S.F.. 1922—; dir. Calif. 
Wine Assn., 1922—, Bank of Italy, 
S.F., 1926—. Elk, Mason (K.T., 32°. 
Shriner). Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: 
Olympic, S.F. Yacht, St. Francis 
Yacht. Corinthian Yacht, Commer- 
cial (S.F.). Home: 2440 Union St. 
Office: 2 Pine St.. San Francisco. 

COPE, Walter Burton, jurist (de- 
ceased 1909J; b. Sacramento. Calif.. 
1861; grad. Hastings Coll. of Law, 
San Francisco, 1883, and U. of Calif., 
cum laude. 1896; m. Asenath Hartson, 
of Napa. Calif.. 1903; 1 dau.. Anne. 
Entered practice of law in Santa Bar- 
bara Co., Calif.; was asso. with the 
late Judge Charles Fernald and J. J. 
Boyce; elected dist. atty.. Santa Bar- 
bara Co.; twice elected Judge of super- 



ior ct. of Santa Barbara Co., resigning 
post in 1899; practiced law in S.F. as 
mem. firm of Morri.son ii Cope (later 
Morrison. Cope 6? Brobeck). 1899- 
1909; dir. Hastings Coll. of Law, S.F., 
until 1909. Mem. S. F. Bar Assn. (ex- 
pres.), Alumni Assn. of U. of Calif, 
(ex-pres.). Mason. Club: Pacific Un- 
ion (S.F.). Resided in San Francisco. 
CAMERON, George Toland, news- 
paper pwh.. h. Red Blutf, Calif., Mar. 

16. 1873; s. James Strong and Augusta 
(Gerke) C; ed. Cogswell Polytech. 
Sch., San Francisco; m. Helen Marga- 
ret de Young, of San Francisco, Nov. 
30, 1908. Organizer, 1905, Pacific Oil 
Transportation Co., builders of pipe 
line for Associated Oil Co. from Coal- 
inga to Monterey, Calif., and from 
Bakersfield to Port Costa, Calif.; pres. 
Santa Cruz Portland Cement Co. since 
1908; organizer and pres., 1911, since 
dir. Universal Oil Co.; pub. San Fran- 
cisco Chronicle and pres. Chronicle 
Pub. Co. since 1925; trustee Cypress 
Lawn Cemetery Assn. Republican. 
Clubs: Bohemian, San Francisco Golf 
and Country, Union League, Burlin- 
game Country. Home: Burlingame, 
Calif. Ofice: Chronicle Bldg., San 

DAVIS, Elbert Willard, attorney; 
b. Houston. Tex.. Nov. 30. 1894; s. 
James Oliver and Rozina P. (Fair- 
child) D.; A.B.. cum laude, U. of 
CaHf., 1916; attended U. of Calif. 
Sch. of Jurisprudence, 1916-17; m, 
Alice Marie Kingman, of Chelan, 
Wash.. Apr. 12. 1917; children— Ken- 
neth Willard. Gertrude Ellen. Keith 
Kingman. Admitted to Calif, bar, 
Apr. 1917. and since engaged in law 
practice in San Francisco; atty. for re- 
ceivers of banks in liquidation for 
Calif, state banking dept.. 1920 — . 

Author of articles on banks and bank- 
ing, corpns., executors and adminis- 
trators, mortgages, etc.; contbr. to 
Calif. Jurisprudence, pub. by Bancroft 
Whitney Co. Awarded Carnegie med- 
al. 1920. Mem. Theta Chi, Phi Alpha 
Delta. Mason. Republican. Methodist. 
Home: 15 39 Bonita St.. Berkeley. O]- 
ftce: 111 Sutter St., San Francisco. 

OBERTI, James M., merchant; b. 
Italy, Mar. 23. 1881; s. Michael O.; 
ed. Genoa. Italy; m. Mary DeMattei, 
of San Francisco, June 20, 1908; 
children — Marcella, Aldo Ettore. 
Entd. janitor contracting bus., S.F., 
1903. grocery bus., 1911; in janitor 
supply bus., S.F., 1916 — ; also en- 
gaged in real estate operations. Mem. 
Societa Operaia Italiana (pres. 1916- 
21). Standard Mut. Service Soc. (or- 
ganizer). Societa Italiana di Mutua 
Beneficenzia. Italian Fed. of Calif., 
Inc. (embracing 48 Italian clubs and 
socs.), Italian Hosp. and Benevolent 
Assn. (owner of Dante Sanatorium, 
S.F.), Calif. State Auto. Assn., S.F. 
Real Estate Board. Republican. Cath- 
olic. Home: 904 Broadway. Otfici;: 
251 Kearny St.. San Francisco. 

HOLBROOK, James E., sales di- 
rector: b. Smartville. Calif., May 14, 
1S96; .<. Dr. E. F. and Kathleen A. 
(O'Brien) H.; ed. U. of Calif.; m. 
Elise Dctrick, of Berkeley; 1 son, 
James E. Jr. Served as adv. mgr.. As- 
sociated Oil Co., S.F.; trans, to Par- 
affine Cos. Inc., S.F., as adv. mgr.. 
now asst. dir. sales of same; dir. Bet- 
ter Business Bureau. S.F. Enlisted 
U.S.A., World War. Mem. Zeta Psi. 
Republican. Catholic. Ciubs: Union 
League, Advertising (S.F.); Tennis 
(Berkeley). Home: 156 Hillcrcst Rd., 
Berkeley. Office: 475 Brannan St., 
San Francisco. 

EASOM, Harry, whsle. lumberman; 
b. Liverpool, Eng., June 8. 1878; s. 
Thomas and Emily (Elkin) E.; ed. 
pvt. schs., Liverpool; m. Grace Clif- 
ford (dec. 1907); children— Thomas 
Harold, Mary Verna; m. 2nd, Kate 
Hansen, of San Francisco, Oct. 20, 
1911. Left post as apprentice seaman 
aboard Brit, ship in S. F., Aug. 1892; 
employed successively by Calif. Bar- 
rel Co., Union Box Factory, Commer- 
cial Box Factory (foreman), S.F.; em- 
ployed in planing mills many years; 
with J. J. Mclntire as lumber sales- 
man; partner in saw mill. Berry 
Creek, Calif.; estab. own whsle. lum- 
ber bus., S.F., 1922, and now mgr. of 
same. Republican. Christian Scientist. 
Clubs- St. Francis Yacht, Common- 
wealth (S.F.). Home: 1225 Bay St. 
Ojfice 112 Market St.. San Francisco. 
HARGEAR, William Allan, Jr., 
general ins. broker; b. San Francisco. 
Oct 7. 1900; s. William Allan and 
May (Dalton) H.; A.B.. U. of Calif.. 
1923; m. Adnelle West Robinson, of 
Idaho. Aug. 30. 1924; 1 dau.. Patri- 

cia. Estab. gen. ins. bus., San Francis- 
co, Dec. 1924; purchased, and merged 
with, Frank Dalton 6? Co.. ins. brok- 
ers, 1925, since conducted under name 
of the W. A. Hargear Jr. Co., S.F.; 
partner and mgr. Western Agency 
Co., S.F., 1925; sec, treas. and dir. 
Pacific States Finance Corpn., S.F., 
Feb. 1925 — . Mem. Alpha Sigma Phi, 
Phi Phi, Pi Delta Upsilon, Beta Tau 
(founder). Mason. Republican. Clubs: 
Bohemian, Commercial (S.F.). Home: 
65 Tunnel Road. Berkeley. Office: 
114 Sansome St.. San Francisco. 

SARTORI, Joseph Francis, banker; 
b. Cedar Falls, la., Dec. 25, 1858; s. 
Joseph and Theresa (Wangler) S.; 
B.A., Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, la., 
1879; LL.B.. U. of Mich., 1881; stud- 
ied U. of Freiburg, Germany; m. Mar- 
garet Rishel, of Le Mars, la., June 
1886. Practiced in Le Mars, 1882-87; 
cashier First Nat. Bank, Monrovia, 
Calif., 1887-88; organizer, and cashier 
Security Savings Bank, Los Angeles, 
later Security Trust and Savings Bank, 
of which he was pres. 1895-1929; 
Pres. and dir. Security-First Nat. Bank 
of L.A., 1929 — ; pres. Subway Termi- 
nal Corpn. of Los Angeles; Securities 
Co.; v.p. Central Investment Co.; dir. 
Los Angeles br. of Federal Reserve 
Bank of San Francisco, Morris Plan 
Co., of Los Angeles, Central Fireproof 
Bldg. Co., Century Fireproof Bldg. 

Co.. Chester Fireproof Bldg. Co.. Com- 
mercial Fireproof Building Company. 
President Los Angeles Clearing House 
Assn. Republican. Clubs: California 
(ex-pres.). Jonathan, Los Angeles 
Country (pres.), Los Angeles Athletic, 
Midwick Country, Crags Country, 
University, Automobile of Southern 
Calif, (dir.). Home: 725 W. 28th St. 
OlJice: Security-First Nat. Bank. Los 



HOBSON, Richmond Pearson, lec- 
turer, author: b. Greenshoro. Ala.. 
Aug. 17, 1870; s. James Marcellus and 
Sarah Croom (Pearson) H.; educated 
in private school, 1878-82. Southern 
U., 1882-85: graduate U.S. Naval 
Acad., 1889; student Ecole National 
Supericur des Mines: grad. Ecole d" 
Application du Genie Maritime, Paris: 
LL.D.. Southern U., 1906; m. Gruel- 
da Houston Hull, of Tuxedo Park, N. 
Y., May 25. 1905; children— Rich- 
mond P.. Lucia Houston. George Hull. 
Midshipman cruise with White Squad- 
ron in Mediterranean and South At- 
lantic waters, 1889-90: duty Navy 
Dept., 1894-95: on flagship New 
York, with North Atlantic Squadron, 
summer 1895; Navy Yard, New York. 
1895-96; at Newport News in con- 
struction of battleships. 1896-97; or- 
ganized and conducted post-grad, 
course for officers destined for con- 
struction corps, at U.S. Naval Acad , 
1897-98; with N. Atlantic Squadron, 
taking post-grad, students. Mar. 1898; 
served as constructor with fleets; prin. 
work on stability and fire systems of 
vessels in action, on flagship New 
York in blockade duty, in bombard- 
ment of Matanzas. in expdn. against 
San Juan de Porto Rico. Comd. col- 
lier Merrimac and sunk her in Santi- 
ago harbor: prisoner in Spanish fort- 
ress. June 3 to July 6. 1898. Insp. of 
Spanish wrecks; in charge of opera- 
tions to save same; success with Ter- 
esa; on duty in far East, 1899-1900; 
directed reconstruction at Hong-Kong 
of 3 Spanish gunboats — Isla de Cuba. 
Isla de Luzon and Don Juan de Aus- 
tria; in charge construction dept., Ca- 
vite, P.L; spl. representative Navy 
Dept.. Buffalo Expn.. 1901 Charleston 
Expn.. 1901-02; superintending naval 
construction. Crescent Shipyard. Eliz- 
abeth, N. J.. May-June 1902: resigned 
from U.S.N. Feb. 6. 1903. Presdl. 
elector-at-large from Ala.. 1904; mem- 
ber of 60th to 63d Congresses (1907- 
15), 6th Ala. Dist. lecturer, speaker, 
writer, advocating Am. naval suprem- 
acy and Am. leadership in internatl. 
movement for peace. Advocating na- 
tion-wide and world-wide prohibition; 
first to introduce in Congress and ad- 
vocate prohibition amendment to Con- 
stitution for total prohibition: organ- 
izer. 1921. and gen. sec. Am. Alcohol 
Edn. Assn.: organized. 1923. and pres. 
Internat. Narcotic Edn. Assn.; organ- 
ized, 1926, World Conf. on Narcotic 
Education, of which is sec. gen. and 
chmn. bd. govs. Author: A Study of 
the Situation and Outlook in Europe 
(U.S. Naval Inst., 1894. forecasting 
great world war and calling on Amer- 
ica to prepare): The Disappearing 
Gun Afloat; The Yacht Defender, and 
the Use of Aluminum in Marine Con- 
struction: The Sinking of the Merri- 
mac, 1900; America Must be Mistress 

of the Seas, 1902: Why America 
Should Hold Naval Supremacy, 1903; 
Paramount Importance of Immediate 
Naval Expansion, 1904; Buck Jones at 
Annapolis, 1907: Diplomacy and the 
Fleet, 1908; Arbitration and Arma- 
ments. 1908; In Line of Duty. 1909; 
America's War Policy, 1910; Fortifica- 
tion of the Panama Canal. 1911: The 
Great Destroyer (alcohol), 1911: Our 
Country's Destiny. 1913: Destroying 
the Great Destroyer. 1915: America 
and the World War. 1917; The Great 
Reform. 1918: Alcohol and the Hu- 
man Race for Truth Inoculation of 
Society. 1919; Narcotic Peril, 1925. 
Ho7>if: 1112 S. Wilton PI., Los 

LEWIS, Arthur Waldo, capitalist; 
b. Turney, Clinton Co.. Mo., Jan 30. 
1874: ,5. John Perry and Alice Jean- 
ette (Gordon) L.: ed. country schs.. 
Clinton Co.: grade schs., Whiting, 
Kan.: eve. sch., Y.M.C.A., St. Joseph, 
Mo.: m. Bessie Elwood, of Taconia,, Feb. 7, 1909; children— Ar- 
thur Waldo Jr.. Gordon Virgil. Ralph 
Emerson, Dorothy Jane. Pvt. sec. to 
pres. Continental Nat. Bank, Kansas 
City, Mo., lj/2 yrs.; engaged in native 
trading, interior South Africa, 1902- 
04; organized and exhibited, at initial 
cost of $300,000, the Great Boer War 
Spectacle at St. Louis Expn., 1904, 
cast including Gen. Piet Cronje, the 
"Hero of Paardeburg", and many 
other famous Boer War characters; dir. 
of concessions and admissions, Alaska- 
Yukon-Pac. Expn.. Seattle, 1909: asso. 
with Francisco I. Madero in Mexican 
revolution, in chg. purchase and trans- 
fer of arms and ammunition to Ma- 
dero forces, comd. arty, at Battle of 
Juarez, May, 1911; engaged in fgn. 
commerce and operated offices in all 
prin. cities of Mexico, in Havana, 
London, Rotterdam, Hamburg and 
Madrid, for many yrs., until 1921; 
now interested in beet sugar mills in 
western U.S. and cotton development 
in Sonora, Mexico. Became trooper in 
irregular cav. div., British Army, at 
Bulawayo. Rhodesia. South Africa. 
Aug. 1899: served in Boer War. 1899- 
1902: gazetted subaltern in field, Apr. 
1900; with Rhodesian forces, under 
Col. (later Gen.) Plumer. 14 mos. and 
participated in the relief of Mafeking; 
subsequently with Rand Rifles, comd. 
Squadron C, Bushveldt Carbineers, 
and later comd. Squadron D., Cana- 
dian Scouts, until end of war: disch, 
June, 1902. Decorations: Queen's 
Medal, with 5 clasps, and King's 
Medal, with 2 clasps (British). Mem. 
Calif. Indians. Elk, Mason (32°, 
Shriner). Republican. Non-sectarian. 
Chibs: Country (Berkeley), Sequoyah 
Country (Oakland), Masonic (San 
Francisco), Foreign Service (London), 
British. American (Mexico City). Ad- 
dress: 658 The Alameda, Berkclev. 

BROWN, James S., lumberman: b, 
Canada, Oct. S, 1872; ,'i. David and 
Sarah (Bremner) B.; cd. high sch., 
Reinbeck, la.: m. Mildred E. Kemp, 
of Oakland. Calif.. Sept. 1. 1921. 
Sec. Charles R. McCormick Lbr. Co. 
and McCormick S.S. Co., San Fran- 
cisco. Mem. M.W.A. Republican. 
Conglist. Club: Commercial (S.F.). 
Home: 2824 Cherry St., Berkeley. 
Office: 215 Market St.. San Francisco. 

SELBY, John, attorney: b. N. Da- 
kota. Sept. 19, 1880: s. William Al- 
bert and Adeha (Watson) S.: A,B., 
U. of N.D., 1900, LL.B.. 1904; m. 
Sade Corbet, of San Francisco. Apr. 
17. 1907. Instr. U. of N.D.. 1901-02; 
mem. law firm of Corbet ii Selby. S.F., 
1905—: instr. S.F. Law Sch.. 1923-27. 
Mem. Amer. and S.F. bar assns.. Phi 
Beta Kappa. Mason. Republican. 
Cdibs; Bohemian. Sierra. Common- 
wealth (S.F.); Menlo Country (Men- 
lo Park). Home: 644 Forest Ave., 
Palo Alto. Ojjictr: Crocker First Nat. 
Bank Bldg., San Francisco. 

ARNOLD, Lloyd Richard, banker: 
b. Vermont. 1899; .•,. Charles N. and 
Maud E, (Fuller) A,: cd. pub. schs. 
Oak Park and Chicago. Began bus. ca- 
reer as asst. auditor, Harris Tr. fei* Savs. 
Bank, Chicago. Later in succession he 
served as comptroller for Engrs. Nat. 
Bank, of Cleveland: cashier. Brother- 
hood Nat. Bank, Spokane, Wash.: and 
during 1928 was vice-pres., dir. and 
cashier. Brotherhood Nat. Bank of 
San Francisco, which since has 
changed its name to City Nat. Bank 
of San Francisco. Address: 26 OFar- 
rell St., San Francisco. 

DOE, Charles Webster, lumberman 
(deceased I928J. b. Parsonticld, Mc, 
Apr. 25, 185 5; s. Alvah and Martha 
(Leavitt) D.; ed. pub. schs. of Par- 
sonfield and Boston; m. Laura Mitch- 
ell, of San Francisco, Jan. 13, 1885; 
children — Alvah, Charles Jr. Became 
asso. with B. y J.S. Doe Co., whole- 
sale lbr., S.F. 1877, which changed 
name to Calif. Door Co. in 1900, 
with planing mill and door factory at 
Oakland and pnn. sawmill at Diamond 
Spgs., Eldorado Co. and logging camps 
and timber lands elsewhere: was exec, 
head of same. Resided at S.F. 

STAATS, John S., stock, bond 
brt)kcr; b. Pasadena. Calif.. Feb. 1, 
1890; s. Henry T. and Martha L. 
(Stearns) S.; m. Louise W. Roberts, 
of San Francisco. Engaged in bond 
and investment banking bus, for 18 
yrs.; now. and for many yrs., sec. and 
dir. William R. Staats Co.. municipal 
and corpn. bonds. S.F. Served in 
U.S.A.. World War; participated in 
Meuse-Argonne offensive. Republican. 
Clubs: Commercial (S.F.). Meadow 
(Tamalpais. Calif.), Monterey Penin- 
sula Country (Calif.). Home: 2833 
Vallcjo St. Office: 155 Montgomery 
St., San Francisco. 



DAWSON, H. Ward, hldg. owner 
and operator: b. Iowa. Nov. 6, 1890; 
s. John and Mabel (Walker) D.: ed. 
Stanford U.: m. Eleanor Uhl, of San 
Francisco. Oct. 30. 1917; children- 
Eleanor Toddy. Ward Jr., Barbara. 
With Mexican Petroleum Co., Tam- 
pico, Mexico, 8 mos.; engaged in real 
estate bus., Los Angeles, and was 
owner and builder of various bus. and 
residence properties, sold interests in 
1917; in real estate bus., S.F., 1917—; 
pres. Securities Investment Trust Co., 
vice-pres. Geary-Powell Investment 
Co., sec. Uhl Estate Co. and Uhl 
Bros. Inc., paints, all of S.F.; mgr. 
Etna Investment Co., Mercantile 
Realty Co., and of the Garfield and 
Kamm bldgs., all of S.F.; mem. Pied- 
mont (Cahf.) sch. bd. and chmn. on 
bldgs. and supplies. Served in U.S.N., 
World War. Mason. Republican. 
Home; Piedmont. Office: 853 Market 
St., San Francisco. 

POULSON, Oscar, manufacturer; 
b. Denmark, July 2, 1883; s. A. C. and 
Litta (Krogh) P.; ed. Danish Real 
Sch.; Tech. Coll. of Copenhagen; 
grad- mech. engr.; m. Anna Starfeldt, 
of Copenhagen, June 24, 1911; chil- 
dren — Ruth, Frank. Pres. Krogh 
Pump y Machinery Co., San Fran- 
cisco, July, 1919 — . Mason. Repub- 
lican. Lutheran. Home: 1300 Grove 
St., .Mameda. Office: 149 Beale St., 
San Francisco. 

FISHER, Robert Earl, utility corpn. 
official; b. Elsworth. Kan., Sept. 4, 
1882; s. James Curtis and Melvina 
(Moore) F.: grad. Poly. Sch. of Eng- 
ring.; m. Edna Bane, of Oakland, 
Calif., 1908; children — Marion. James 
Curtis. Pres. Thaden Metal Aircraft 
Corpn. and vice-pres. Pacific Gas cs" 
Elec. Co.. both of San Francisco. Vice- 
pres. and dir. Calif. Development 
Assn. (chmn. state com. on aviation). 
Mason. Republican. Clubs: Bohemian. 
Engrs.. Commonwealth. Commercial 
(S.F. ); Sutter (Sacramento). Orinda 
Country* (Oakland). Country (Berk- 
eley). Home: 39 Parkway, Piedmont. 
Office: 241 Market St.. San Francisco. 

AINSWORTH, Frank Harrison, 

federal advisor; b. X.Y. Citv. Nov. 19. 
1865; s. Alonzo and Eliza (Dillon) 
A.; ed. City Coll. of N.Y.; m. Lucy 
Lee Harris, of Baltimore, Sept. 15. 
1898; children— Lucy Gladys. Frank 
H. Jr., Donald D. Immigration inspr., 
1910-12, conducting successful cam- 
paign to stop Hindu immigration to 
U.S.; was inspr. in chg. at San Fran- 
cisco; field asst. U. S. geol. survey; 
watch officer. U. S. coast and geodetic 
sur\ey; field inspr. and asst. guardian- 
ship officer, U.S. vets, bur.; wrote 1st 
minimum wage bill for federal em- 
ployees which passed Ho. of Rep., 
three times, and Senate, once. Ensign, 
U.S.N.. Spanish-Amer. War, instru- 

mental in preparing and assisting 
Capt. Draper, U.S.M.C., in raising 
first U.S. flag at Guantanamo, Cuba, 
June 22, 1898; lieut-comdr., U.S.N.R. 
p.. World War. 1917-21. on duty at 
S.F. Naval Sta.. master of Hosp. Ship 
Comfort, commodore of merchant con- 
voy and comdr. U.S.S. Tjisonderi. 
Mem. Fed. of Federal Employees (or- 
ganizer 1912. and 1st pres.). Federal 
Employees Assn., Amer. Legion, Eng. 
Speaking Union. Republican. Club: 
Army & Navy (Washington. D.C.). 
Home: 2609 Fillmore St. Office: Russ 
Bldg.. San Francisco. 

AINSWORTH, Frank Harrison 
Jr., attorney: b. Baltimore, July 22, 
1900; s. Frank Harrison and Lucy Lee 
(Harris) A.; LL.B., St. Ignatius Law 
Sch.. San Francisco. 1921. Asso. with 
law dept. S.P. Co.. 1916-21; engaged 
in pvt. law practice. S.F.. July, 
1925—. Mem. R.O.T.C. 1918. Re- 
publican. Protestant. Club: Olympic 
(S.F.). Home: 2609 Fillmore St. Of- 
fice: Russ Bldg., San Francisco. 

KOSTERLITZ, Erich, surgeon; b. 
Schlesien. Germany. Aug. 5. 1889; s. 

Adolph and (Liebes) K.; 

ed. gymnasium. Berhn. 1896-1908; 
Univs. of Munich and Berlin, to 
1913; licentiate, state bd. of med.. 
Berlin. Aug. 1913; M.D., approba- 
tion, Berlin, Aug. 1914; post grad. 
studies in chest surg., under Sauer- 
bruch. Munich, and in gen. surg. un- 
der Enderlcn. Heidelberg. Asst. to 
Dr. Robert Koch, working with Prof. 
Otto on heredity and immunity. Ber- 
lin, 1913; asst. in surgery, to Prof. 
Bier. Berlin. 1914: German army sur- 
geon in Russia, working on febris 
wolhynia, 1914-18, results later pub.; 
asst. in path, anatomy, to Prof. Lu- 
barsh, Berlin. 1918-19; engaged in 
pvt. med. and surg. practice, Grausee, 
near Berlin, 1919-21: surg. asst. to 
Prof. Krause. brain surgeon, and to 
Dr. Heymann, gen. surgeon, in Au- 
gusta hosp.. Berlin, working on epi- 
lepsy and brain pressure, 1921-23; 
asst. in path. anat. to Dr. Rusk. Af- 
filiated Colls.. San Francisco. 1924- 
26; pres. Humboldt hosp., Albany, 
Calif. Officer. Med. Corps. German 
Army. 1910-18. Awarded Iron Cross. 
1915 (Germany). Mem. Alameda 
Med. Assn.. Hermans Sons" Lodge 
(West Berkeley). Club: German 
(Oakland). Address: Humboldt Hos- 
pital. Albany. 

DE FREITAS, Edmund, attorney; 
b. San Francisco. Sept. 2. 1898; s. 
Frank L. and Rose (Crabb) de F.; 
ed. U. of Calif.. 1916-20. J.S.. 1922; 
m. Alice Jane Nielsen, of Piedmont. 
Cahf., Oct. 15. 1924; 1 dau., Carol 
Jane. Engaged in law practice. Oak- 
land. Aug. 1922 — , mem. of firm de 
Freitas if de Freitas, attys. Commd. 
2nd lieut.. Mach. Gun Corps, at 

Camp Hancock. Ga.; mach. gun instr., 
for 73rd Co., Mach. Gun Tr. Centre, 
6th Group, Camp Hancock. Mem. 
Amer. Legion. Winged Helmet, 
U.P.E.C. Pi Kappa Alpha. Phi .-Mpha 
Delta. W.O.W. Republican. Con- 
glist. Home: 6 Pacific .Ave., Pied- 
mont. Office: Easton Bldg.. Oakland. 

FLAMM, Roy Harrison, industrial 
expert (retired); b. Farmington. la., 
-Aug. 18. 1890; s. Purl E. and Emma 
(Cochran) F.; ed. U. of Colo.. 1919- 
20; Georgetown U., Washington, D. 
C. 1920-22; m. Iva Lois Poynter. of 
Santa Fe. N.M.. May 15, 1917; 1 son, 
Roy H. Jr. Mining and highway engr., 
Mexico, prior 1917; expert, Latin- 
.•\mer. div., U.S. dept. of commerce, 
conducted petroleum survey in Mex. 
and Colombia, results pub. in docu- 
ments by Mex. and U.S.; county road 
engr., Otero Co., N.M.; capt. mtd. 
police and dep. game warden, N.M.; 
since retirement active in disabled ex- 
service mens welfare work; ragr. in- 
dustrial bur., Sacramento, 1923. con- 
ducted industrial survey of Sacramen- 
to valley. Cahf. Col. N.G. of N.M.; 
with Mex. Punitive Expdn.. under 
Pershing. 1916-17; pvt. and commd. 
officer. Engr. Corps. U.S.A., A.E.F.; 
wounded in action. Citation and 
awarded Croix de Guerre (France). 
Author of treatise on mining laws of 
Mex. Mem. Amer. Soc. of Mil. Engrs., 
Amer. Legion. Disabled Amer. Vets. 
(Calif, state sr. vice-comdr.. 2 yrs.). 
Mil. Order of World War. Asso. War 
Vets., Vets, of Fgn. Wars, United 
Vets, of Rep., Disabled Emergency Of- 
ficers" Assn., Amer. Chamber Com- 
merce in Mex. (life), S. of V., Delta 
Sigma Pi (headmaster, Mu chap.). K. 
P. Non-partisan. Unitarian. Clubs: 
S. F. Sutro Hgts. Impvt. (pres), Rio 
del Mar Country (Santa Cru: Co., 
Cahf.), Juarez (Mex.) Jockey (life). 
Address: 607 42nd Ave.. San Fran- 

BRODIE, Louis Frederick, banker; 
b. Oakland, Calif., Jan. U, 1887; s. 
Charles A. and Blanche E. (Oilman) 
B.: ed. St. Ignatius Coll.. San Fran- 
cisco; U. of Pa.; m. Helen Henry, of 
N.Y. City. May 1. 1914 (dec); 1 
dau.. Helen L. Enlisted U.S. Navy, 
1903, as apprentice and grad. in phys. 
tr. class U.S. Naval Acad., 1913; 
served aboard Atlantic flagship U.S.S. 
Wyoming during Vera Cruz insurrec- 
tion. 1914; commd. officer during 
World War comdg. armed guard on 
U.S.S. Sylvanarrow; trans, to N.R.F., 
1922; awarded 4 service medals. With 
Equitable Life Assur. Soc. N.Y.. at 
San Francisco, spec, in bus. and life 
insurance trust service. 1923-28; with 
insur, trust dept. Wells Fargo Bank 
y Union Tr. Co.. S.F.. 1928—. Club: 
Commonwealth (S.F.). Home: 1155 
Jones St. Office: 14 Montgomery St., 
San Francisco. 



LAW, Herbert Edward, financier; 
b. Sheffield. Epk-. Dec. 5. 1864; s. 
Crossley and Rebecca (Brown) L.; 
brought to U.S.. 1866; ed. pub. schs. 
and German Am. Inst.. Chicago, 111. 
Began as instr. German, Am. Inst., at 
18; joined brother in selling subscrip- 
tion books in San Francisco. 1884; en- 
tered mfr. proprietary medicines, 
1889, later incorporating as The Viavi 

Co.: sold out, 1914; with others built 
the Crossley Bldg., Rialto Bldg., Mo- 
nadnock Bldg., etc., in San Francisco; 
as pres. of Western Steel Corpn. nego- 
tiated, 1910, the largest coal and steel 
contract the Chinese Govt, had ever 
made up to that time; operates ex- 
tensively in raising medicinal plants on 
large country estate in Calif. Member 
Citizens" Com. which framed present 
charter of City and Co. of San Fran- 
cisco, 1897-98: police commr. City and 
Co. of San Francisco, 1906; mem 
Com. of 50 which had charge of re 
lief measures following earthquake and 
fire of 1906; an organizer San Fran 
Cisco Merchants" Assn. (now Chamber 
of Commerce); a founder San Fran 
Cisco Symphony Assn. Fellow Chem 
Soc. of London. Republican. Baptist 
Aiitlior: The Power of Mental De 
mand and Other Essays. 1913. TranS' 
lator; (with Charles Lincoln Rhodes) 
Napoleon in His Own Words, 1916 
Home: 1021 California St., San Fran 
Cisco, and Lauriston, Willow Brook 
Farm, R.F.D. No. 1, Redwood City 
Office: Monadnock Bldg., San Fran 

SWETT, Wilber Frank, physician, 
surgeon; b. San Francisco, Feb. 12, 
1894; s. Wilber Maurice (M.D.) and 
Alice May (Thomas) S.; A.B., Stan- 
ford U., 1917, M.D., 1922; post grad. 
studies, U. of Vienna, 1925-26, Ox- 

ford U., 1926; licentiate, Nat. Bd. 
Ophthalmic Examiners, 1926. Interne. 
S.F. hosp., 1921-22, Lane-Stanford 
hosp., S.F., 1923-24; res. surgeon, in 
Ophthalmology, Stanford hosp., 1924- 
25; instr. in surgery, Stanford U., 
1925-28, asst. clin. prof, of surgery, 
1928-29; visiting and cons, ophthalo- 
mologist, Mary"s Help hosp., S.F., 
1928 — ; practicing phys. and surgeon, 
S.F. Commd. 1st lieut. of inf., U.S.A., 
Aug. 1917, and lieut. field arty.. Nov. 
1917; grad. Samur sch. of fire, France, 
Apr. 1918; with French 5th Army, 
May-June, 1918. U.S. r. r. arty.. July- 
Aug. 1918. and 44th U.S. (heavy) 
arty., Sept. -Nov. 1918. participated St. 
Mihiel and Woevre otfensive; disch. 
as 1st lieut, C.A.C., Feb. 1919; now 
lieut., Med. Corps, U.S.N.R. Mem. 
Pacific Coast Oto-ophthal. Assn., Sig- 
ma Nu, Nu Sigma Nu. Mason. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. CJiib: Olym- 
pic (S.F.). Home: 1370 Taylor St. 
Office: 693 Sutter St., San Francisco. 

MURPHY, Daniel J., banker; b. 
Ireland. Dec. 15, 1883; s. John and 
Ellen (Collins) M.; ed. pub. schs., 
San Francisco; m. Josephine Feely, of 
S.F.. Apr. 15, 1921. Vice-pres. Crock- 
er 1st Nat. Bank. S.F.; pres. and dir. 
Parkside Realty Co., S.F.; vice-pres. 
and dir. Crocker 1st Co., Crocker In- 
N'estment Co., Santa Cruz Portland 
Cement Co., Bunker Hill 6? Sullivan 
Mining y Concentrating Co., Alaska 
Juneau Gold Mining Co., Sierra Ry. 
Co. of Calif.. Universal Consol. Oil 
Co., all with hdqrs. m S.F.; sec. and 
dir. Provident Securities Co.. and In- 
vestment Properties Corpn., both of 
S.F.; sec. Childrens" Hosp., S.F.; asst. 
sec. and dir. Crocker Securities Co., 
S.F.; dir. Crocker Estate Co. and 
Crocker Huffman Land 6f Water Co.. 
both of S.F.; trustee Old Peoples" 
Home, S.F. Republican. Roman Cath- 
olic. Club.'^: Bohemian. Olympic, 
Commercial. Family (S.F.); Burlin- 
game (Calif.) Country. Home: 2251 
Jackson St. Office; Crocker First Na- 
tional Bank. San Francisco. 

GRAHAM, Harrington Bidwell, 
aurist, laryngologist; b. Santa Barbara, 
Cahf.. Apr. 9, 1876: s. Edward and 
Jane Harrington (Brown) G.; B.S., 
U. of Calif., 1896. M.D.. 1899; post 
grad. studies, U. of Vienna, 1901-02, 
1908-10, and at Berlin and Griefs- 
wald, Germany. Interne St. Luke"s 
hosp., San Francisco, 1899: supt. Wal- 
dick Sanitarium, S.F., 1900; san. 
inspr., S.F., 1900: med. practice. La 
Moine, Calif., 1902, S.F., 1902-06: 
splst. ear, nose and throat, S.F., 
1908 — ; asso. clin. prof, of surgery, 
Stanford U, Med. Sch.; chief of ear, 
nose and throat clinic, S.F. hosp. and 
S.P. Gen. hosp., S.F. Lieut., med. 
dept., U.S.N.R.F., World War. Fel- 
low A.C.S.: mem. A.M. A. (vice- 
chmn. ear. nose and throat sec). 

Amer. Oto-rhino-laryngol. Soc, Amer. 
Acad. Oto-laryngology, Calif. State 
Med. Soc. (chmn. ear, nose and throat 
sec). Pacific Coast Oto-ophthal. Soc, 
Belgian Otol. Soc (corr. mem.), S.F. 
League for Hard of Hearing (ex- 
pres.). Delta Kappa Epsilon. Repub- 
lican. P-otestant. Chibs; Bohemian, 
Olympic (S.F. ). Home: Olympic Club. 
Office: 490 Post St., San Francisco. 

HELLER, Edward H., investment 
banker; b. San Francisco. Mar. 15, 
1900: s. Emanuel S. and Clara (Hell- 
man) H.: grad. U. of Calif.. 1921, Har- 
vard U. Law Sch., 1924; m. Elinor 
Raas, of S.F., 1924: 1 son, Emanuel 
Clarence. Employed, investment dept,. 
Wells Fargo Bank y Union Trust Co., 
S.F., 1924-25: partner, Schwabacher 
y Co., investment bankers, S.F,, 
1925 — . Democrat. Jewish. Clubs: 
Olympic, Commercial, Lakeside Golf 
y Country, Argonaut (S.F.): Beres- 
ford Country: Los Altos Country. 
Home: Menlo Park. Office: 665 Mar- 
ket St., San Francisco. 

FISHBURN, John Eugene, banker 
Idee. Mdv 9. 1929): b. Joliet, 111., 
Sept. 13, 1859; s. Daniel G. and Ellen 
(Burson) F.: student U. of Notre 
Dame, U. of Mich.: LL.B., U. of 
Mich., 1879: m. Gertrude E. Toles, 

of San Diego, Calif., Sept. 5, 1900; 
children — John E.; Dons C. Book- 
keeper Crete (Neb.) State Bank, 1881 
to 1883: removed to Calif., 1887; 
cashier 1st Nat. Bank of San Diego, 
1889-98: asst. cashier Calif. Bank, Los 
Angeles, 1898: cashier Nat. Bank of 
Cahf., 1898-1912, pres. 1912-17: pres. 
Merchants Nat. Bank, L.A., 1917-23; 
chmn. bd. same. 1923-28; vice-chmn. 
bd. Bank of America of Calif., 1928 
to demise. Republican. Mason. Home 
was in Los Angeles. 



HUNT, Myron, architect; b. Sun- 
derland, Mass., Feb, 27, 1868: s. My- 
run A. and Hannah (Miller) H.: ed. 
Northwestern Univ., Chicago, 1888- 
90; Mass. Inst. Tech., 1890-92; Boston 
and Chicago architects' offices, 1892- 
94; in Europe, 1894-96; m. Harriettc 
Boardman, of St. Paul and Phila., May 
30, 1894 (died Oct. 27, 1913); chil- 
dren—William (dec), Charles, Har- 
riet, Hubbard, Robert; m. 2d, Virginia 
Pease, of San Diego and Pasadena, 
Calif., July 3, 1915. Practiced in Chi- 
cago 5 years; moved to Los Angeles, 
1903; partner in Los Angeles for 5 
yrs., with Elmer Grey; alone, 1908-20; 
partner with H. C. Chambers, firm 
name Myron Hunt and H. C. Cham- 
bers. Architect for Occidental ColL, 
Los Angeles, and three other coll. 
groups; H. E. Huntington, and Pasa- 
dena pub. library bldgs.; First Congl. 
Church, Rive side; County National 
Bank and San Marcos Building, Santa 

Barbara; Los Angeles Ambassador and 
six other hotels; Pasadena, Riverside, 
Rcdlands and Upland hospitals; resi- 
dences, including their landscaping. 
Member California State Board of Ar- 
chitecture. Fellow A. LA. (dir.);mem. 
So. Calif, chapter A. LA. (ex-pres.), 
Sigma Chi. Clubs: University (Los 
Angeles and Pasadena); Valley Hunt, 
Overland, Flintridgc (Pasadena); 
California (Los Angeles) ; San Gabriel 
Golf; Surf and Sand (Hermosa 
Beach). Home: 200 N. Grand Av., 
Pasadena. Office: Hibernian Bldg., Los 

MANNING, John Croghan, pian- 
ist, teacher: b. Dunkirk, Ind.: s. Wil- 
liam and Letitia (Buckles) M.; grad. 
in music, U. of Kan.. 1889, hon. Mus. 
B.. 1900; student. New Eng. Conserv- 
atory of Music, part 1890-91: studied 
with Homer Norris, E. A. MacDowell 

(piano), Percy Goetschius (harmony), 
all of Boston, Carl Faelton of Paris, 
and with Isador Philipp, Paris; m. 
Maude B. Parks, of Garnett, Kan., 
1892; children — Helen Rosalie, 
Charles Ignaz. Traveled as concert 
pianist, 3 yrs.: has appeared with Bos- 
ton Symphony Orchestra, in Boston, 
Providence, and at P.P.LE., San 
Francisco (1915), and in concert with 
Mme. Melba, Emma Juch, Lillian 
Blauvelt, Kneisel String Quartette, 
Boston String Quartette, Hoffmann 
String Quartette and Chamber Music 
Soc. of S.F.; has given recitals in near- 
ly every coll. and univ. in New Eng. 
and in many New Eng. cities; con- 
ducted the Students" Chamber con- 
certs, S.F., 3 yrs.; now conducts the 
Manning Sch. of Music, S.F. Mem. 
Music Teachers' Assn. of Calif, (pres. 
1928), S.F. Music Teachers' Assn. 
(pres. 1914-16, 1925-27), Pro Mu- 
sica. Phi Delta Theta. Republican. 
Christian Scientist. Clubs: Common- 
wealth, Musicians' (S.F.). Address: 
3 242 Washington St.. San Francisco. 
PAGE, Clarence W., physician; b. 
Oakland, CaHf., Feb. 20, 1879; s. 
Francis Stoddard and Emily Morrell 
(Arms) P.; A.B.. Stanford U., 1901: 
M.D., Cooper Med. Coll. (now Stan- 
ford Med. Sch.), 1904; m. Juha Phil- 
lips,of Berkeley, Calif., Oct. 8, 1908; 
children — Ernest W., Emery P., Mi- 
riam F., Clarence W. Jr., Interne, St. 
Luke's Hosp., San Francisco, 1904-05; 
pvt. practice, Calistoga, Calif., 1905; 
Berkeley, 1906 — , splst. in obstetrics 
and gynecology, Jan. 1, 1922 — ; mem. 
nied. staff, Alta Bates Hosp., Berkeley, 
(pres. 1928), and of Highland and 
Fabiola hosps., Oakland. Mem. Calif. 
Med. Assn., Calif. Acad, of Med., Ala- 
meda Co. Med. Assn. (ex-pres.). Ma- 
son. Republican. Presbyn. Clubs; 
Rotary (pres. 1928-29), City Com- 
mons (Berkeley): Athens Athletic 
(Oakland). Home: 2747 Derby St. 
Office: 2490 Channing Way, Berkeley. 

BROADWATER, Charles C, engi- 
neer; b. Helena, Mont., Nov. 17, 1875; 
s. Charles A. and Julia K. (Chumas- 
ero) B.: ed. Royal Sch. of Mines, Ber- 
lin, 1898-1900; Royal Sch. of Mines, 
London, 1900-03; m. Edna M. Ong, 
of Cleveland; children — Elizabeth M., 
A. Wilder. Asso. with Anaconda 
Mining Co., 1903-04; Bald Butte Min- 
ing Co., 1904, Homestake Mining Co., 
1904-06; vice-pres. and dir. The Mer- 
rill Co., engrs., San Francisco, 1907—, 
and Broadwater Co., 1923 — ; pres. 
and dir. Merco Nordstrom Valve Co., 
S.F., 1924 — . Republican. Episcopa- 
lian. Clubs: Bohemian, Olympic, 
Engrs., Commonwealth (S.F.): Clare- 
mont Country (Oakland). Home: 27 
Highland Ave.. Piedmont. OlJice: 121 
2nd St., San Francisco. 

KELLEY, Philip John, merchandise 
broker: b. Seattle, Wash., Apr. 24, 

1896: s. Philip Francis (dec.) and 
Susan A. (Murphy) K.; ed. Harvard 
U.; m. Hannah Fisher, of Evanston, 
111., June 1921: 1 son, Philip Francis. 
Now asso. with Kelley-Clarke Co., 
mdse. brokers, San Francisco. Clubs: 
University, Harvard, Bohemian (S.F.); 
Tennis (Berkeley). Home: 1040 Ard- 
more Ave., Oakland. Office: 2 Pine 
St., San Francisco. 

HELLMAN, Marco H., banker; b. 
Los Angeles, Sept. 4, 1878: s. Herman 
W. and Ida (Heimann) H.: ed. pub. 
schs. and Stanford U.; m. Reta Levis, 
of Visalia, Calif., 1908. Began as elk. 
in employ of Farmers 6? Merchants 
Nat. Bank, Los Angeles, 1901; apptd. 

asst. cashier Merchants, Bank, 
1903, elected v. p. 19U9; pres. Hell- 
man Commercial Trust 6? Savings 
Bank, 1918, chmn. bd. 1925-29 when 
bank was merged into Bank ot Amer- 
ica of Calif.; vice-pres. Bank Am. of 
Calif, since 1929. Mem. bd. dirs. Los 
Angeles Chamber Commerce. Los An- 
geles Nat. Horse Show. Inc. Jewish 
religion. Clubs: Los Angeles Riding 
(pres.), Los Angeles Athletic, Break- 
fast, Concordia, Uplifters, Hollywood 
Country, San Gabriel Country, Calif. 
Yacht. Home: 3 3 50 Wilshire Blvd. 
Office: Bank of Am. of Calif., Los 

JORGENSEN, Lars R., cons, engr.; 
b. Denmark, Apr. 2 5, 1876; s. Carl F. 
and Petra (Yensen) J.: grad. as elec. 
and mech. engr., Mittweida and Char- 
lottenburg, Germany, 1900: m. Karen 
Herskind, of Fresno, CaHf., May 25, 

1909: 1 son, Ralph A. Draftsman and 
constrn. engr. Los Angeles Edison 
Elec. Co. (now Southern Calif. Edison 
Co.), 1903-05: hydro-elec. engr., P. G. 
y E. Co., 1905-07; mem. F. G. Baum 
& Co., elec. engrs, San Francisco, 

1907-14; cons. engr. and owner. Con- 



stant Angle Arch Dam Co., S.F., chief 
engr. and vice-prcs. Feather River 
Power Co., S.F. Author engr. papers 
and inventor constant angle arch dam. 
Awarded Norman medal by Amer. 
Soc. of Civil Engrs., 1918. Mem. 
Amer. Inst, of Elec. Engrs., Amer. 
Soc. Civil Engrs., Amer. Concrete 
Inst. Republican. Protestant. Club: 
Engrs. (S.F.). Home: 90 El Camino 
Real, Berkeley. Ofice: Hobart Bldg., 
San Francisco. 

ROGERS, Henry S., physician; b. 
Hcyworth, 111., Aug. 12, 1884; .s. Aus- 
tin Wilbur and Ida (Moots) R.; M.D., 
Creighton U., 1915; post grad. study, 
Baltimore; m. Jean Frances deHart, 
July 9, 1917. Interne, Lord Lister 
Hosp., Omaha, Neb., and Santa Fe 
Hosp., Topeka, Kan.; served in U.S. 
M.C., in Philippines and Japan, 1904- 
07; now practicing med. in Petaluma, 
Calif. 1st heut., Med. Corps, U.S.A., 
World War. Mem. Amer., Calif, and 
Sonoma Co, med. assns., Amer. Legion 
(40 6? 8). K.P. Mason. Clubs: Lions, 
Exchange, Golf (i Country (Peta- 
luma). Address: 159 Kentucky St., 

WITTER, George Franklin Jr., at- 
torney; b. Grand Rapids (now Wis. 
Rapids), Wis., Nov. 8, 1863; .s. 
George Franklin (M.D.) and Frances 
Louise (Phelps) W.; ed. Northwest- 
ern Bus. Coll., 1882; B.S., U. of Wis., 
1887, LL.B., 1889; m. Mary A. Carter, 
of Humhird, Clark Co., Wis., Jan. 22, 
1891; children — Jean Carter, Esther 
Louise (Mrs. Janney), George Frank- 
lin III (dec), Edwin Damon, Guy 
Phelps, Wendell Winship. Prin. Hum- 
bird, Wis., high sch., 1884-85, pub. 
schs. of Merrill, Wis., 1887, and 
Marshfield, Wis., 1887-88; practiced 
law in Wis. and Wallace, Ida., until 
1892, and Paso Robles, Calif., 1892- 
1900; city atty. Paso Robles, 1897-98; 
practiced law, San Francisco. 1900-06, 
and Oakland, 1906 — ; candidate for 
city atty., Oakland, 1909. During 
World War was lieut., Amer. Protec- 
tive League, aux. of U.S. dept. of jus- 
tice. Mem. Oakland Civic Council, 
Peralta-Claremont Impvt. Club (ex- 
pres.), A.O.U.W., W.O.W., Elk, Odd 
Fellow, Owl, Maccabee. Republican. 
Conghst. Address: 1 624 Franklin St., 

COTTON, Aylett R., attorney; b. 
Clinton, Li., Dec. 29, 1874; ,■;. Aylett 
R. and Hattie E. (Walker) C; A.B. 
Stanford U., 1894; LL.B., Hastings 
Coll. of Law, San Francisco, 1896; 
m. Alice Borel, of S.F. and San Mateo, 
Dec. 4, 1907; 1 son, Aylett Borel. 
Practiced law, S.F., 1896-1900; asst. 
sec. to U.S. Philippine Commn., under 
Gov. Gen. Taft, 1900; practiced law, 
Philippine Islands, 1900-07; prosecut- 
ing atty. city of Manila, P. I., 1906-07; 
practice of law, S.F., 1907 — ; asst. 

dist. atty. city and co. S.F., 1910-20; 
councilman, city of San Mateo, 1927- 
28. Elk. Republican. Protestant. 
Cfub.s: Bohemian (S.F.), Burlingame 
Country. San Mateo-Burhngame Polo. 
Home: Borel Ave., San Mateo. Ojjice: 
Kohl Bldg., San Francisco. 

MAYTHAM, Frank, attorney; b. 
Buffalo. N.Y., Mar. 31, 1875; s. 
Thomas and Ann E. (Green) M.; 
B.S., Cornell U., 1900; LL.B., U. of 
Buffalo, 1914; m. Jessie H. Jackson, 
of Buffalo, June 28. 1900; 1 son, 
Frank Jr. Has specialized in admiralty 
law many yrs., practicing same in San 
Francisco, 1924 — ; spl. asst. in admi- 
ralty to U.S. atty. gen., 1922-25; asst. 
U.S. atty. at S.F., 1925; asst. prof, of 
law. Lincoln Univ. S.F. Mem. N.Y. 
Naval Mihtia, 1910-17; lieut. U.S.N., 
1917-20. Mem. Amer. Legion. Kappa 
Sigma (estab. chap, at Stanford U. 
1899). Republican. Protestant. Home: 
Menlo Park. Office: 369 Pine St., 
San Francisco. 

ALLARDT, Charles Ferdinand, 
mech. engr.; b. San Francisco, Nov. 
27, 1866; s. George Frederick and 
Emma (Kluegel) A.; B.S. in mechan- 
ics, U. of Cahf., 1888; m. Caroline 
Barnard Clisby, of Oakland, June 5, 
1901; 1 dau., Marian. Draftsman, 
S.F. Tool Co., engrs., machinists, gen. 
contractors, 1889-93; engaged in ry. 
location. Oahu Ry. £s? Land Co., Hon- 
olulu, 1894-95; marine and mining 
machinery designer, Fulton Engring. 
6? Shipbldg. Works. S.F.. 1896-97; 
supt. Krogh Pump 6? Machinery Co., 
S.F., 1898-1901; chief draftsman, 
Chas. C. Moore 6? Co., engrs., S.F., 
1902-06; pvt. mech. engring. practice. 
Oakland. 1907-17; cons. engr. on high 
pressure aux. fire plant, for city of 
Oakland, several yrs.; mech. engr., 
Chas. C. Moore 6? Co., engrs., S.F.. 
1918 — ; pres. and owner. Jenkins Ma- 
chine Works, engrs. and machinists, 
S. F. Mem. Phi Delta Theta. Demo- 
crat. Unitarian. Homes: 780 Kingston 
Ave., Piedmont; (summer) Brookdale. 
Santa Cruj Co. Oflice: Sheldon Bldg., 
San Francisco. 

CALIFRO, Thomas T., attorney; b. 
Badger Flats, Merced Co., Calif., Apr. 
8, 1896; s. Rafael and Carmela (Tos- 
cano) C: ed. pvt. med. and pharm. 
tutors, 1913-14; pvt. and San Fran- 
cisco law schs., 1914-17; pvt. engring 
courses. As engr., early in career, re- 
claimed Calif, waste lands, asstd. in 
constrn. of Oakland quay walls and 
bridges; admitted to Calif, and Nev. 
state bars; apptd. spl. asst. to U.S. 
atty. at S.F., 1920; asst. U.S. atty. at 
S.F., in chg. U.S. govt, litigation in 
northern dist. of Calif., 1921-24; pvt. 
law practice, S.F., specializing in in- 
ternat., maritime, land and corpn. law, 
1924 — ; counsel. Hungarian Relief of 
Tubercular Children: dir. Physiol. 

Labs, and Calif. Pure Fruit Syrups 
Corpn., S. F. With Intelligence Dept., 
U.S.A., 1918-19; served in Battery 
A., 64th Inf. and Provisional Co. A., 
17th Recruits. Mem. Amer. Inst, of 
Banking, Calif. Bar Assn., Calif. Anti- 
Narcotic Assn. (organizer 1920), 
Calif. Assn. for the Prevention of 
Tuberculosis (dir.), Amer. Legion 
(co-organizer and 1st sec. Calif, dept.; 
del. S.F. CO. council; 1st vice-pres. 
Blackstone Post; officer, 40 6? 8 and 
dir. drum corps). Mason (K.T., 32°, 
Shriner; adj. drill corps. Golden Gate 
Commandery, K.T.). Republican. 
Club: South End Rowing (S.F.). 
Home: 271 Mallorca Way. Office: 
DeYoung Bldg., San Francisco. 

MORGAN, David Naffziger, ma- 
chinery Jobber; b. Nevada City, Calif., 
Dec. 9, 1886; s. David Eddy and 
Helen Gertrude (Naffziger) M.; B.S., 
U. of Cahf., 1909; m. Georgia Holt 
Strohmeier, of Stockton, Calif., Dec. 
18, 1912; children — Helen Jane, 
Anne. Head of agrl. depts. Imperial 
(Cahf.) high sch., 1909-10, and Stock- 
ton (Calif.) high sch., 1910-H; farm- 
er. Imperial Valley, 1911-13; asso. 
prof, of agr., U. of Calif., 1913-18; 
acting dean, and dir. agrl. expt. sta.. 
Coll. of Agr., U. of Calif., 3 mos., 
1917; sec. Calif, state commn. on land 
colonization and rural credits, 1916; 
elected dir. Tranquillity (Calif.) Union 
high sch. dist., 1918; gen. mgr. San 
Joaquin Valley (Calif.) Farm Lands 
Co., 1918-19; mgr. Woodward Co., 
machinery, Fresno, Calif., 1919-23; 
ed. Pacific Rural Press, San Francisco, 
1923-24; engaged in machinery and 
pump mfg., S.F., 1923 — ; owner, ma- 
chinery exchange, S.F., 1927 — ; dir. 
Nevada Co. Oil Co., Silver Creek 
Land Co., Atlas Rock Co. During 
World War was dir. of state wide 
food survey for Calif. State Council of 
Defense. Mem. Western Irrigation 
Equipment Assn., Theta Delta Chi, 
Alpha Zeta. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Com- 
monwealth, Masonic (S.F.). Home: 
2401 Hillside Ave., Berkeley. Office: 
533-39 Market St., San Francisco. 

BUCHER, Carroll S., attorney; b. 
Mt. Carroll, 111., Oct. 16, 1882; s. 
George F. and Flora L, (Strickland) 
B.; ed. Northwestern U., Evanston, 
111., 1900-01; Stanford U., 1902-03; 
Wash. U., St. Louis, 1903-05; m. 
Elizabeth C. Tooley, of Purcell, Okla., 
Oct. 14, 1909; children — Mary Elisa- 
beth, Caroline, Barbara. Dep. elk. 
U.S. ct., Muskogee, Okla., 1905-07; 
CO. elk. Muskogee Co., 1907-09; pres. 
Muskogee Library Board, 1907-11; 
atty. St. Louis and San Francisco Ry. 
Co., at Muskogee, 1909-13; atty. for 
Denver fe? Salt Lake Ry. Co., Salt 
Lake City, Utah, 1913-15; engaged in 
law practice, San Francisco, 1915 — . 



Mem. S.A.R., Sigma Nu, Delta Chi. 
B.P.O.E. (past exalted nilcr at Musko- 
gee; mem. grand lodge com. on state 
assns.). Mason {K.T., Shriner). Re- 
publican. Prcshyn. Home: 3 59 28th 
Ave. Office: Russ Bldg., San Fran- 

REMILLARD, Peter Nicholas, 
brick mfgr. (deceased T904); b. Mon- 
treal. Can.. Apr. 1837; ed. Montreal: 
m. Cordule Laurin. of Montreal and 
San Francisco. Jan. 1867; children — 
Phihp (dec). Emma. Walter (dec). 
Lillian. Engaged in gold mining oper- 
ations. Calif.. 1854; entd. brick mfg. 
bus.. Oakland. 1861; later est. (with 
bros.) firm of Remillard Bros., owning 
and operating three mfg. plants and a 
contracting bus.. East Bay dist.; inc. 
under name of Remillard Brick Co.. 
1879. est. yds. in Pleasanton. Alame- 
da Co., 1882. Greenbrae. Mann Co.. 
1890, San Jose. 1892; Remillard 
Brick Co. operated by widow and 
dau.. Lillian. 1904 — . (now sole own- 
ers), with office in S.F. and plants in 
Oakland. Pleasanton and San Jose. 
Unitarian (founder 1st Unitarian ch.. 
Oakland). Club: Athenian (Oak- 
land). Resided m San Francisco. 

CLEAVELAND, Robert F., mer- 
chant; b. Kansas City. Kan., 1887; .s. 
O. K. and Bertha (Koenig) C; ed. 
pub. schs., Santa liosa, Calif., and 
Sweet's Bus. Coll.; 711. Mrs. Ida Laugh- 
lin (nee Tarwater), of Santa Rosa. 
1909; children — Lauren, Loraine. Be- 
came elk. Cnopius ^ Co., grocers, San- 
ta Rosa. 1908. CO. acquired by F. W. 
Hall and Carl Sherman, 1911, he pur- 
chased Hall interests, 1913, Sherman 
interests, 1919, took brother into part- 
nership, 1920, and since conducts bus. 
under name Cleaveland Bros. Mason 
(K.T., 3 2°, Shriner). Odd Fellow. 
Republican. Home: 423 Beaver St. 
Ojjice: 522 3rd St., Santa Rosa. 

CASSIN, John M., priest; b. N.Y. 
City, June 11. 1847; s. Martin and 
Mary (Conroy) C; ed. Gonzaga Coll., 
Washington, D.C.; All Hallows Coll., 
Dublin, Ireland. Ordained R.C. 
priest, 1874, and assigned to dioceses 
of Calif.; engaged in mission work. 
San Francisco; was chaplain and col- 
lector of funds. St. Vincent's Orphan- 
age. Marin Co.; pastor, at Bodie, 
Mono Co., Calif., 1878-83. where 
erected ch.; pastor. Linden. San Joa- 
quin Valley. 1883-90, erected ch.; rec- 
tor, St. Rose's parish. Santa Rosa 
(originally included missions at Se- 
bastopol and Guerneville). 1890—; 
erected St. Rose's R.C. ch., 1900; cele- 
brated golden jubilee, Santa Rosa, 
1924, at which time his religious work 
in community was commended by 
Mayor Dunbar, Congressman Lea, Su- 
preme Ct. Justice Seawell, Archbishop 
Hanna, head of Catholic hierarchy of 
Calif., etc. Address: 547 B St., Santa 

REINHARDT, Aurclia Henry 
(Mrs. George Frederick Reinhardt), 

cull, prcs.; b. San Francisco, Calif., 
Apr. 1, 1877; d. of William Warner 
and Mary Rogers (Merritt) Henry; 
B.L., U. of Cahf., 1898; scholar in 
English, 1901-02, fellow in English, 
1902-03, Yale Univ., Ph.D., 1905; 
LLD., U. of Cahf., 1919; Litt.D., U. 
of Southern Cahf., 1924; m. Dr. 
George Frederick Reinhardt, of Berk- 
eley, Cahf., Dec. 4, 1909 (died June 
7. 1914); children — George Frederick, 
Paul Henry. Instr. English, U. of Ida., 
1898-1901, Lewiston (Ida.) State 
Normal Sch., until June 1908; lecturer 
in English. U. of Calif.. 1914-16; prcs. 
Mills Coll.. Oakland. Calif., May 
1916 — . Unitarian. Editor; (with 
transl. and notes) The Monarchia of 
Dante Aligbien, 1904; (with glossary) 
Epicocnc, or The Silent Woman, by 
Ben Jonson. 1906; Yale Studies in 

English XXXI; also contbr. of some 
transls. in Select Translations from 
Old English Poetry (Cook and Tin- 
ker, editors), 1903. Contbr. to jours, 
and mags. Mem. Dante Soc, Concor- 
dance Soc, Philol. Assn. Pacific Coast. 
Am. Assn. Univ. Women (pres. 1923- 
27), Association American Colleges, 
Phi Beta Kappa, Colonial Dames, 
D.A.R. Clubs; Book of Calif., San 
Francisco Mills, Sorosis, Ebell, Town 
and Gown. Address: Mills College, 

KELLOGG, Harold A., C.P.A.; b. 
San Francisco, Sept. 22, 1887; s. Adel- 
bcrt Everton and Amelia (Chapman) 
K ; ed. Pace Inst, of Accountancy, 
S.F.; received degree of C.P.A., 1919; 
m. Helen Frisbic. of Berkeley. Calif., 
Sept. 30, 1913; children — Barbara, 
Anne Northam, Edward Frisbie. Asst. 
supt. of accounts, Calif, state bd. of 

control, 1913-17; engaged in practice 
of profes,sion, 1921 — ; now mem. firm 
Bullock, Kellogg 6? Mitchell, pub. ac- 
countants, S.F., Los Angeles and Oak' 
land; mem. faculty. Golden Gate Coll., 
S.F. Mem. Amer. Soc. of C.P.A.'s., 
Calif. State Soc. of C.P.A.'s. Mason 
(Shriner). Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs: Kiwanis (Oakland), Carquinez 
Golf. Home: 72 Plaza Dr., Berkeley. 
OiJice: Tapscott Bldg., Oakland. 

WHITE, Harlan, contractor; b. 
Iowa. Apr. 30. 1890; s. Oscar S. and 
Eva (Jordan) W.; ed. Howe Acad., 
Sacramento; elec cngring., U. of 
Calif., 1 yr. Founded town of Chilo- 
quin. Ore.; owner, Chiloquin Lbr. Co. 
and Chiloquin Mercantile Co., 1912- 
14; asso. with Erickson 6? Petterson, 
Inc., ry. contractors, San Francisco, 
1914 — , dir. 1914-26. Capt. Engr. 
Corps, U.S.A., 1917-18. Elk. Repub- 
lican. Christian Scientist. Club: 
Union League (S.F.). Home: 344 
Jones St. Ogtce: 681 Market st., San 

ROBBINS, Milton Holley, mer- 
chant; h. Lakeville. Conn.. 1871; s. 
Milton H. and Anna E. (Bostwick) 
R ; Ph.B., Yale U., 1891; m. Annie E. 
Stayner, of N.Y., 1894 (dec); m. 2nd, 
Adelaide E. Grady, of Chicago, 1920; 
children — Mrs. C. A. Osgood, Mrs. 
Norman Ogilvie, Isabelle, Adelaide. 
Asso. with Otis Elevator Co., 20 yrs.; 
now pres. and gen. mgr. Union Ice 
Co., San Francisco. Mem. S.F. Cham- 
ber Commerce (ex-pres.), Mchts. 
Assn. of S.F. (ex-pres.), Theta Delta 
Chi. Republican. Conglist. Clubs: 
Pacific Union, Commercial (S.F.). 
Home: 1033 Ashmount Ave., Oak- 
land. Ojjice; 3 54 Pine St., San Fran- 

BEATTY, James, theatrical man; 
b. Blackburn, Eng., July 3, 1868; s. 
William John and Martha (Neal) B.; 
ed. Trinity sch., Derby, Eng., West 
Chester (Pa.) Normal sch.; in. Hen- 
rietta K. Colkett, of Philadelphia, Pa., 
June 22, 1893; children — Henrietta 
V„ William John. Malva G.. Martha 
Maude (dec). Engaged in tailoring 
bus., Philadelphia, 1882-1903; after 
removal to Calif, in 1903 operated 
tailoring and real estate establish- 
ments; organized Liberty Amusement 
Co. of Calif., and now pres. and gen. 
mgr. of same; organ. Liberty Theatres 
Co., which built Liberty Theatre, 
Fresno, Calif.; now pres. and gen. 
mgr. Nat. Theatres Syndicate, which 
operates 14 Calif, theatres from its 
hdqrs. in San Francisco. Mem. San 
Jose Chamber of Commerce (ex-vice- 
pres.); San Jose Community Chest 
(dir.). Elk, Mason (life mem. San 
Jose S.R. Consistory; Shriner). Re- 
publican. Protestant. Home: Hotel 
Vendome, San Jose. Office: 25 Taylor 
St., San Francisco. 



CAMPBELL, William Wallace, as- 
tronomer: h- on farm, Hancock Co., 
O Apr 11, 1861; s. Robert Wilson 
and Harriet (Welsh) C: B.S., U. of 
Mich., 1886: hon. M.S., 1899; ScD., 
Western U. of Pa., 1900; U. of Mich., 
1905, U. of Western Australia, 1922, 
Cambridge U., 1925: LL.D., U. of 
Wis., 1902; m. Elisabeth Ballard 
Thompson, of Grand Rapids, Mich., 
Dec. 28, 1892. Prof, mathematics, U. 
of Colo., 1886-88: instr. astronomy. 
U. of Mich., 1888-91; astronomer 
since 1891, acting dir., 1900, dir. since 

Jan 1, 1901, Lick Observatory; pres. 
U. of Cahf., 1923 to 1929 when he 
retired from that office. In charge Lick 
Obs. eclipse expdn. to India, Jan. 
1898, to Ga., May 1900, to Spain, 
Aug. 1905, to Flint Island, Jan. 1908, 
to Kiev, Russia, Aug. 1914, Golden- 
dale, Wash., June 1918, Wallal, West- 
ern Australia, Sept. 1922, Lower Calif., 
Mexico, Sept. 1923. Silliman lecturer, 
Yale, 1909-10; William EUery Hale, 
lecturer, Nat. Acad. Sciences, Dec. 
1914; Halley lecturer, Oxford, 1925. 
Received Lalande prise (gold medal). 
Pans Acad, of Sciences, 1903; gold 
medal, Royal Astron. Soc, 1906; Dra- 
per gold medal, Nat. Acad. Sciences, 
1906; Janssen prize (gold medal), 
Paris Acad. Sciences, 1910; Bruce gold 
medal, 1915. Comdr. Order of Leo- 
pold II, 1919; Officer Legion of Honor 
(France), 1927. Pres. A.A.A.S., 1915 
(also first pres. Pacific Div., 1915 
mem. Nat. Acad. Sciences, Astronom 
ische Gcsellschaft, Am. Astron. Soc 
(pres., 1922-25), Astron. Soc. Pacific 
Am. Philos. Soc, (v.p. 1924 — ) 
Washington Acad. Sciences, Internat 
Astron. Union (v.p. 1919, pres. 1922 
25), Soc. of ItaHan Spectroscopists 
Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences, Royal 
Acad. Science of Upsala, Royal Swed 

ish Acad., Stockholm, Royal Acad. 
Sciences, Madrid, Russian Astron. 
Soc, Phi Beta Kappa; foreign asso. 
Royal Astron. Soc, Russian Acad. 
Sciences; foreign mem. Royal Soc; 
corr. mem. de I'lnstitut de France 
(Acad, of Science), Bureau des Longi- 
tudes; foreign mem. Royal Soc. Edin- 
burgh; hon. mem. Calif. Acad. Sci- 
ences, Royal Instn., London; hon. fel- 
low Royal Astron. Soc, Can., Acad, 
dci Lincei Rome, 1924; etc. Author: 
The Elements of Practical Astronomy, 
1899: Stellar Motions, 1913. Also 
numerous papers in astron. jours. 
Home: President's House, Berkeley, 
Calif, (also Lick Observatory, Mt. 
Hamilton, Calif.). 

merchant; b. Copenhagen, Denmark, 
May 31. 1892; ,<. Poul and Amalie 
(Munck) L.; ed. pvt. schs.. Copen- 
hagen; grad. U. of Copenhagen, 1908; 
m. Frances E. Reid, of Richmond Hill, 
N.Y., Jan. 22, 1921; 1 dau., Lola. Be- 
came asso. with The East Asiatic Co., 
Ltd., Copenhagen, 1908, trans, to 
Bangkok, Siam, br., 1914, worked be- 
tween Bangkok and Bandon, 1914-19, 
with N.Y. City office, 1919-21, San 
Francisco office, 1921 — ; vice-pres. 
and dir. The East Asiatic Co., Inc., 
importers, exporters, S.F. and Seattle, 
1925 — . Non - partisan. Lutheran. 
Club: Commercial (S.F.). Home: 151 
Pepper Ave., Burlingame. Office: 43 3 
California St., San Francisco. 

RUSS, Edmund Francis, photo en- 
graver, commercial artist: b. San Fran- 
cisco, Aug. 20, 1879; s. Henry B. and 
Anne L. (Sievers) R.; ed. pub. schs., 
S.F.; student, Hopkins Art Sch., 1898- 
1903: m. Edna L. Mohr, of S.F., Aug. 
15. 1906: children — Verdelle E., Ruth 
M. Organised Sierra Art y Engraving 
Co., S.F., 1903, pres. same until 1926 
when consol. with Commercial Art £# 
Engraving Co., S.F., and now vice- 
pres. latter; pres. Russ Estate Co., 
1912 — , represented this co. in all 
negotiations and signing of the 99-yr. 
lease for Russ bldg., S.F. Amateur 
bicycle champion, 1896-1900; repre- 
sented Olympic Club, S.F.; estab. 2 
world's records and several coast rec- 
ords; twice won 100 mile relay race. 
Mem. Calif. Soc. of Pioneers, Execu- 
tives" Assn. Mason (K.T., 32°, 
Shriner). Republican. Clubs: Olym- 
pic (life), Mut. Bus. Men's (S.F.). 
Home: 76 Jordan Ave. Office: 343 
Front St., San Francisco. 

BAILEY, Lloyd Charlesworth, den- 
tist; b. Rose Hill, Tex., Aug. 22, 
1872; 5. George Henry and Sophia 
(Emsler) B.; ed. pub. schs. Anaheim, 
(ialif., bus. coll.. Orange, Calif.; m. 
Margaret Jewell Trower, of Anaheim, 
June 20, 1894; children — Louis 
Charlesworth, Miriam Jewell. Con- 
ducted whsle. and retail meat bus., 

Anaheim, 1891-96; studied dentistry 
in Los Angeles, 1897-98; practiced 
dentistry, Mazatlan, Mexico, 1899- 
1913; admitted to practice in Calif., 
1901; practiced L.A., 1913-14; man- 
aged ranch, VictorviUe, Calif., 1914- 
16- practiced Berkeley, Calif., 1916- 
19; San Francisco, 1919—. K.P. 
(past chancellor commdr. Park Pre- 
sidio council, S.F.). Democrat. Meth- 
odist (Sunday sch. supt. Fitzgerald 
Memorial Meth. Ch., S. S.F.). Club: 
Belle Monti Country (Belmont). 
Home: 127 Mallorca Way. Ojjice: 
209 Post St., San Francisco. 

DAY, John Dabney, banker (de- 
ceased 1929): b. Ladonia, Tex., Nov. 
19, 1872; s. Samuel and Nancy (Bour- 
land) D.; grad. high sch., Ladonia; 
grad. Hill's Business Coll., Waco, 
Tex.; completed course in law; m. 
Nancy Adams Hayden, of Dallas, 
Tex., Feb. 9, 1902. An organizer, 
1907, and cashier Traders State Bank, 
Dallas; bank consolidated, 1910, with 
First State Bank, of which was cashier 
and mng. dir.; 1st v.p. City Nat. Bank, 

Dallas, 1915-20; v.p. First Nat. Bank, 
Los Angeles, CaHf., 1920-22; pres. 
Citizens Nat. Bank, 1922-29; pres. 
Cit. Tr. y Sav. Bank. 1922-29; pres. 
Cit. Nat. Co., 1922-29; pres. Citizens 
Nat. Trust y Savings Bank, rep. mer- 
ger former institutions, 1929 to de- 
mise. Dir. Equitable Eastern Bank- 
ing Corpn. (New York); mem. South- 
ern Calif. Bd. of Nat. Surety Co. 
Chmn. for Tex. of com. to procure 
Red Cross nurses. World War, and 
active in Liberty Loan drives. Mem. 
Calif. Bankers Assn. (exec, council). 
Democrat. Baptist. Clubs; California, 
Jonathan, Los Angeles Athletic, Los 
Angeles Country. Home: 129 Fre- 
mont PI.. Los Angeles. 



RODGERS, Ernest A., auto distrib- 
utor; b. near Sebastopol, Sonoma Co., 
Calif., 1890; ed. pub. schs., Santa 
Rosa, Calif.; m. Bernedena Steele, Apr. 
1921; 1 son, Ernest A. Jr. With asso- 
ciates estab. first taxi service in Santa 
Rosa, 1911, operated same until 1921; 
partner Santa Rosa Buick sales agency 
under firm name Jackson 6? Rodgers, 
1921-24; sole owner of same, now 
known as E. A. Rodgers 6? Co., 
1924—. Elk, W.O.W. Ciiib Rotary 
(Santa Rosa). Home: Steele Lane. 
Ofcf 3rd 6? B Sts., Santa Rosa. 

KOSTER, Frederick Jacob, barrel 
mfr.; b. San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 28, 
1868; s. John L. and Berta Lisette 
(Wagener) K.; ed. high sch. and un- 
der pvt. tutors; m. Ida Louise Field, 
of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Mar. 12, 
1908; children— Jane, Ann, Lisette, 

Louise. Began with Coos Bay Stave 
6f Lumber Company, San Francisco, 
1884; became superintendent, 1887, 
California Barrel Co. (now Calif. Bar- 
rel Co., Inc.). pres. since 1905. Mem. 
Nat. Foreign Trade Council. Pres. 
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce 
(3 terms), also chmn. law and order 
com. same; mem. exec. com. San Fran- 
cisco War Camp Community Service; 
chmn. San Francisco campaign for Ar- 
menian and Syrian relief, etc.; mem. 
European Relief Administration. Re- 
publican. Clubs; Pacific Union, Bohe- 
mian (life), Olympic, San Francisco 
Commercial. Commonwealth. Home: 
3383 Washington St. Office: Insur- 
ance Exchange Bldg.. San Francisco. 

GARNETT, Percy F., public rela- 
tions mgr.; b. N.Y. City, July 28, 
1880; s. Frederick Edward and Alice 
Camille (Wood) C; ed. pub. schs. 
N.Y. City; m. Daisy Emory, of New- 
ark, N.J., June n, 1904; children- 

Mabel Louise (Mrs. Meek), Helen 
Beresford. Entered banking bus. 
1899; admitted prac. of law, N.Y., 
1902; paying teller Internal. Bank, 
N.Y. City, 1903; organizer Northern 
Bank 6? Tr. Co., Seattle, Wash., Spo- 
kane (Wash.) County Savs. Bank, 
Keith-O'Bricn Bank, Salt Lake City, 
Utah, etc., 1905-10; chief acct. In- 
dustrial Accident Commn., state of 
Wash., 1913-14; sec. and organizer 
Industrial Accident Commn., state of 
Ore., 1914-15; now mgr. public re- 
lations dcpt., Bd. of Fire Underwrit- 
ers of the Pacific, with hdqrs. in San 
Francisco, and as such engaged in pub- 
licity through many media for im- 
proved fire safeguards. Ex-mem. N.Y. 
N.G. Mem. Fire Underwriters assn. 
of Pacific, Typographical Union 
(hon.), S.F. Chamber of Commerce 
(municipal affairs com.). Pacific coast 
and Ore. assns. of Fire Chiefs. Hon. 
fire chief, Carmel, Calif. Mason (32°, 
Shriner). Club: Commonwealth, (S. 
F.). Home: 871 32nd Ave. Office: 
Merchants Exchange Bldg., San Fran- 

RICHARDSON, Eri Horner, de- 
signer, mfr.; b. Rutland, Vt., 1885; s. 
George Edward and Eva Elizabeth 
(Horner) R.; ed. Stanford U.; m. Le- 
ona Lyle Jones, of San Francisco and 
Alameda, Cahf., 1908: 1 son, Eri Hor- 
ner Jr. Began as student forester, 
Pike's Peak (Colo.) Res., 1905; U.S. 
Forestry Service, 1905-08; splst. in de- 
sign, constrn. and repair of fireplaces, 
(jalif., 1908 — ; ornamental tile de- 
signer for Owl Drug stores. Mission 
Dolores (S.F.), Granada Theatre 
(S.F.), etc.; patentee and mfr. Rich- 
ardson Fireplace Form. Mem. Sigma 
Nu, Beta Chi. Christian Scientist 
(successively 2nd reader, 1st reader 
and pres.. First Ch., Burlingame, 
Calif.). Ofices: 506 9th St., San 
Francisco; 1317 Willow St., Los An- 

HITTELL, Emily Reynolds Coey 
(Mrs. Franklin Theodore Hittell) ; b. 
San Francisco; d. Gen. James (award- 
ed Congl. Medal) and Maria Louise 
(Reynolds) Coey; grad. Denman sch., 
1891, Girls' high sch., 1895, S.F.; spl. 
work U. of Calif., 1906-07; m. Frank- 
lin Theodore Hittell, of S.F., July 10, 
1918. Engaged in perpetuation of 
Hittell residence in S.F., where Hit- 
tell's famous History of Calif, was 
written, as library of Californiana. 
Mem. Channing Auxiliary. Clubs: 
Woman's City, Century (S.F.). Ad- 
dress: 808 Turk St., San Francisco. 

YARD, Willis Stuart, utility corpn. 
official; b. San Francisco, July 10, 
1883; s. Edward J. and Hattie W. 
(Wells) Y.; ed. U. of Utah, 1899- 
1902, Cornell U. 1904-05; m. Gene- 
vieve T. Loyd, of Athens-on-Hudson, 
N.Y., Aug. 15, 1906; children— Mrs. 
Marjory Pinther, Janice. With Pacific 

Gas y Elec. Co., San Francisco, 
1912 — , fitter's helper, 1912, cadet 
engr. at Potrero plant, 1913, asst. 
supt. of same, 1914-17, supt., 1917- 
20, gas engr., 1920-23, vice-pres. in 
charge gas constrn. and operation, 
1923—. Mem. Amer. Gas Assn., Pa- 
cific Gas Assn. (pres., 1926-27). Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Engi- 
neers, Commonwealth, S.F. Golf y 
Country (S.F.). Home: 14 Santa 
Clara Ave. Office: 245 Market St., 
San Francisco. 

PYZEL, Daniel, chem. engr.; b. 
Amcrsfoort. Holland, Feb. 10, 1877; 
,s. Dr. Ewald Daniel and Johanna Dor- 
othea (Murling) P.; Chem. E., Tech. 
U., Delft, Holland, 1897; m. Maria 
Catharina von Glahn, of Haarlem, 
Holland, Aug. 10, 1899; children 

Ewald, Johan Frederik Marinus, Rob- 
ert Felix, Daniel Jr. Entered employ 
of a subsidiary oil company of the 
Royal Dutch Shell Concern, Java, 
1897, retd. to Holland, 1901; with 
Royal Dutch Shell Concern, Sumatra, 
1901-06, Borneo, 1907-11, at head of- 
fice, in chg. mfg. dept.. The Hague, 
Holland, 1911-18; asso. with the Shell 
Co. of Calif., San Francisco, 1918 — , 
dir. 192 5 — : dir. Simplex Refining Co., 
S.F., 1923—. Protestant. Home: 117 
Sheridan Ave.. Piedmont. Office: 200 
Bush St., San Francisco. 

SCHOLES, Robert Dean, attorney; 
b. Red Bluff, Cahf., Nov. 23, 1902; s. 
George Wince (dec.) and Sadie A. 
(Snelling) S.; ed. pub. schs., Tamal- 
pais (Calif.) Mil. Acad.; LL.B., San 
Francisco Law Sch., 1927. Engaged 
prac. law in S.F., 1927 — . Mem. Sig- 
ma Delta Kappa (chancellor Rho 
chapt. 1925-26. nat. v.p. 1927-29). 
Republican. Episcopalian. Home: 
1545 Green St. Office: 68 Post St., 
San Francisco. 



COFFIN, James, merchant (de- 
ceased 1906;,- b. N.Y. City. Oct. 
1849: s. Edmund and Sarah (Lam- 
din) C: ed. Yale U.; m. Sarah Lucia 
Allen, of San Francisco, Dec. 1878; 
children — Marion (Mrs. Eells), Na- 
talie (Mrs. Greene). Sarah DeWitt. 
Asso. with the Union Sugar Co., S.F., 
many yrs. Resided at Ross. 

COFFIN, Sarah Lucia Allen (Mrs. 
James Coffin); b. West Point, NY.; 
d. Lucius Hamilton and Sarah (Dc- 
Witt) Allen; ed. in San Francisco; m. 
James Coffin, of S.F.. Dec. 5, 1878 
(dec); children — Marion (Mrs. 
Eells), Natalie (Mrs. Greene), Sarah 
DeWitt. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Club Town y Country (S.F.) Ad- 
dress: Ross, Marin Co. 

LIVERMORE, Caroline Sealy 
(Mrs. Norman B. Livermore), club- 
woman; b. Galveston, Te.\.; d. George 
and Magnolia (Willis) Scaly; A.B., 
Vassar Coll., 1905; m. Norman Banks 
Livermore, of San Francisco. Jan. 5, 
1910; children — Norman Banks Jr., 
George Sealy, John Sealy, Horatio 
Putnam, Robert, Active in charity, 
civic and church work; one of group 
instrumental in forming civic opera 
and childrens" symphony; del. to Epis- 
copal convention, Washington, 1928; 
chmn. woman's com. for Grace Ca- 
thedral bldg. fund. S. F. Mem. Amer. 
Genetic Soc, Assn. of Univ. Women, 
Calif. Botanical Soc. Save the Red- 
woods League. S.F. Community Chest, 
Woman's Aux. of Episcopal Ch. in 
Calif, (vice-pres.). Republican. Epis- 
copalian. Clubs: Town if Country, 
Century, Woman's Athletic, Woman's 
City, Vassar, Garden (S.F. ); Meadow 
(Tamalpais). Homes: 1045 Vallejo St., 
San Francisco; (country) Ranch Mon- 
tesol. Calistoga. 

OSBURN, Willie, corporation offi- 
cial; b. Willard. Kan.. Oct. 16. 1894; 
s. Delancy and Melvina Jane (Lane) 
O.; ed. pub. schs.. Kan.; m. Margaret 
lack Greathead, of Vallejo, Calif., 
Oct. 16, 1924; 1 dau., Jacciuelinc Win- 
ifred. Sec. and trcas. Amer. Brass if 
Copper Supply Co.. Oakland, Calif. 
Enlisted in U.S.N.. Dec. 1917; served 
as chief yeoman in Tutuila. Samoa; 
disch. Feb. 1920. Mem. O.E.S. Ma- 
son (K.T., 32°, Shriner). Republican. 
Presbyn. Home: 1066 Trestle Glen 
Rd. OJJice: 523 4th St., Oakland. 

POTTER, Ira H., banker; b. Rose- 
dale, Kan., Apr. 5, 1889; s. Fred L. 
and Ida Jane (Keevcr) P.; grad. Chris- 
tian Bros. Coll.. St. Joseph, Mo.. 1906; 
m. Fannie Maud Sparks, of St. Jo- 
seph, July 2, 1913; children — Harold 
L., Dorothy Fay. Entered employ St. 
Joseph Stock Yards Bank, So. St. Jo- 
seph, Mo., as office boy, 1906, held 
various posts to vice-pres. and dir., 
1906-20; elec. sec. St. Joseph Cattle 
Loan Co., So. St. Joseph, 1915, later 

vice-pres. and dir. and still later sec. 
and dir. Mo. River Investment Co., all 
interests of Swift of Chicago; became 
pres. San Francisco Cattle Loan Co., 
1921; pres. and dir. Bank of South 
San Francisco, 1922 — . Mem. San 
Mateo Co. Chamber Commerce (vice- 
pres. and dir.). So. S.F. Chamber 
Commerce (vice-pres.). So. S.F. Com- 
munity Chest (pres.), L.O.M. Elk, 
Odd Fellow, Mason (K.T.. Shriner). 
Republican. Methodist. Home: 750 
Grand Ave. Olfice: Bank of South San 
Francisco. South San Francisco. 

FITCH, Virginia, clubwoman; b. 
San Francisco: d. George Kcnyon and 
Clara Virginia (Duvall) F.; ed. pvt. 
sch., S.F.; spl. student, U. of Cahf. 
Mem. Asso. Chanties of S.F. (dir.). 
Golden Gate Kindergarten Assn. 
(mem. bd. of mgrs. since orgn.; pres. 
1905 — ). Republican. Conglist. Club: 
Century (S.F.). Address: 1940 Broad- 
way, San Francisco. 

TERRY, Wallace Irving, surgeon; 
h. Sacramento, Calif., Nov. 26, 1868; 
s. Wallace Emmet and Laura Abigail 
(Morrill) T.; B.S., U. of Calif., 1890, 
M.D., 1892; univs. of Berlin and Par- 
is. 1894-96; m. Mary Frances Dudley, 
of Stockton, Calif.. Apr. 19, 1898; 
children — Elizabeth Dudley (Mrs. 
Robertson Ward). Wallace Irving. 
Interne. St. Luke's Hosp.. San Fran- 
cisco. 1892-93; city phys., Sacramento. 
1893: asst. in surgery. 1899-1903, 
instr., 1903-07, asst. prof., 1907-12, 
prof, since 1912. U. of Calif. Fellow 
Am. Surg. Assn., A.M. A.; mem. Calif. 
Med. Assn., Am. Coll. Surgeons, Pa- 
cific Coast Surg. Assn., Zeta Psi, Nu 
Sigma Nu. Alpha Omega Alpha, Sig- 
ma Xi. Republican. Unitarian. Ma- 
son. Clubs: Pacific Union. University. 
Home: 2712 Broadway. Office: 384 
Post St.. San Francisco. 

JACKSON, Charles Benton, corpn. 
official; b. Sutter Co., Calif., Nov. 23, 
1875; s. Amer Thomas and Nancy 
Jane (Hudson) J.; ed. U. of Calif., 2 
yrs.; engring. sch., 1 yr.; m. Lillian 
Dennis, of San Francisco, May 30, 
1927; children (by former marriage) 
— Virginia, Mary Louise, Geraldine. 
Early in career engaged in grain farm- 
ing. Calif., and stevedoring. S.F.; line- 
man. Mt. Whitney (Calif.) Power 
Co.. later dist. agt. for same at Por- 
terville, Calif., until 1904; inspr. and 
surveyor, San Joaquin Light if Power 
Co., Fresno, Calif., later supt. Fresno 
Traction Co., a subsidiary; next en- 
gaged in orange growing, Lindsay. 
Calif., 4 yrs.; retd. to San Joaquin 
Light y Power Co., 1915; supt. Fres- 
no City Water Co., 1915-Oct. 1926. 
when CO. was acquired by the Federal 
Water Service Co. of N.Y.. together 
with Hermosa - Redondo - Belvedere. 
Bakersfield. Visalia. Hanford, Stock- 
ton, Oroville, Chico, Redding, Wil- 

lows, Livermore, Petaluma and Port 
Costa (Calif.) system, and became the 
Calif. Water Service Co., with hdqrs. 
S.F., vice-pres. and gen. mgr. same, 
1926 — ; chmn. Fresno Co. probation 
com. Four min. speaker. Liberty loan 
drives. World War. Commr. for Fres- 
no. Boy Scouts of Amer.; mem. Fresno 
Co. Chamber Commerce (industrial 
com.). Mason (Shriner). Presbyn, 
Clubs: Lions (S.F.), Fresno Commer- 
cial (ex-pres.). Home: 501 Urbana 
Dr. Ofice: Hunter-Dulin Bldg.. San 

RAAS, Andre, capitalist; b. Strass- 
burg, Alsace, France, Apr. 6, 1869; 
s. Charles and Sarah (Blum) R.; ed. 
Imperial Lyceum, Strasshurg, 1874-84; 
Coll. City of N.Y., 1885-86; Packard's 
Bus. Coll.. N.Y. City, 1886-87. En- 
tered employ of gen. merchandise 
store, San Angelo, Tom Green Co., 
Tex., as clerk. 1887, later bookkeeper; 
later asst. cashier, San Angelo Nat. 
Bank, and engaged in wool commn. 
bus. prior to 1893; became asso. with 
Lyons if Co. (later Lyons if Raas 
Co.), whsle. wine dealers, San Fran- 
ci.sco. which later became the Lyons 
Calif. Glace Fruit Co.. and was vice- 
pres. of both corpns.; retired 1925. 
Mason (32°, Shriner). Republican. 
Free Thinker. Home: 940 Bay St. 
Office: 2545 16th St.. San Francisco. 
MACDONALD, Ferdinand Lode- 
ivyk Willekes, merchant: b. Santa Rosa, 
Cahf., Sept. 8, 1874; s. Eli:a Christi- 
nus Willekes and Catherina Frederica 
Elizabeth (Wagenaar) M.: ed. high 
sch.. Den Hclder. The Netherlands; 
corr. schs.; m. Madeleine Pruisette 
Delprat, Melbourne. Australia, Mar. 
9. 1920. Organized fruit packing and 
shipping bus.. Watsonville. Calif., 
1898, inc. same as Macdonald if Sons, 
1902, and estab. brs. at Aptos and 
Sebastopol. Calif., and Wenatchee, 
Wash.: estab. export office. San Fran- 
cisco, 1910; estab. Macdonald if Co., 
importers and exporters. S.F.. 1912, 
estab. agencies and affiliations abroad, 
1919-20, liquidated assets of bus., on 
death of partner. 1921. continued as 
sole owner of same, 1922 — ; mem. 
Netherlands com., P.P.I.E., S.F., 1914, 
commr. of Netherlands East Indies, at 
P.P.I. E.. 1915; actg. hon. consul gen. 
of Netherlands, and estab. office in 
N.Y., 1918; organized and conducted 
first traveling trade exhibit, from S.F. 
to Australia. 1927. Mem. Holland- 
Amer. Chamber Commerce (co-found- 
er, 1913, vice-pres. and sec. to 1917), 
111. Commercial Mens' Assn. Inde- 
pendent Republican. Theist. Clubs: 
Union League, Commonwealth (S.F.). 
Home: Acorn Cottage, Valparaiso 
Ave.. Menlo Park. Office: 373 Bran- 
nan St.. San Francisco. 

BOYD, Una Ruple (Mrs, Charles 
Johnston Boyd), child well arc worker; 



b. Oskaloosa. la.: d. Lieut. George 
Hardy and Laura Euj;cnia (Bussey) 
Ruple; ed. pub. schs.. Denver: m. 
Charles Johnston Boyd, of Denver, 
Apr. 2, 1896. Active in child welfare 
work, Denver, 1890-1908; vice-pres. 
Flower Mission, 1890-95; chmn. Penny 
Provident Fund, 1900-06; del. to Nat. 
Congress of Mothers, Des Moines, la., 
1900; supt. day nursery, Denver Wo- 
man's Club. 1906-08; supt. Happy 
Day Home. San Francisco. 1914. Dur- 
ing Spanish-Amer, War was chmn. of 
Colo. Soldier's Aid Soc. Mem. D.A. 
R., Calif. Soc. Dames of the Loyal 
Legion (char. mem.). Calif. Nat. 
League for Women's Servnce. Repub- 
lican. Christian Scientist. Clubs: Wo- 
man's (corr. sec. 1905), Denver; 
Girls' Musical (S.F.). Home: 6HI Ma- 
son St., San Francisco. 

McLaughlin, Emma Moffat 
(Mrs. Alfred McLaughlin), clubwo- 
woman; b. San Francisco, Sept. 21, 
1880: d. Henry and Adrianna G. 
(Swett) Moifat: A.B., U. of Cahf., 
1902; m. Alfred McLaughlin (M.D.), 
of S.F., Oct. 29, 1904 (dec); 1 dau., 
Jean (Mrs. Jefferson Jennings Doolit- 
tle). Mem. Amer. Assn. Univ. 
Women (chmn. baby hygiene com., 
1916-18, chmn. nat. com. of internal, 
co-operation); Nat. Council of De- 
fense (S.F. chmn. children's com., 
1918); Cahf. League of Women Vot- 
ers (pres. S.F. center, 1918-19, inter- 
nat. chmn. 1927-28): S.F. Commun- 
ity Chest (dir. 1922-25, chmn. co- 
ordination com. of dept. of social 
work, 1922-26); Inst, of Pacific Rela- 
tions (mem. Amer. group, 1927, sec. 
S.F. bay region br. of Amer. council, 
1928). Non-partisan. Unitarian. 
Home: 3575 Clay St. Address: c/o 
H. Moffat Co., Crocker First National 
Bank Bldg., San Francisco. 

QUARRY, Paul T., physician; b. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 30, 1898: s. 
James J. and Josephine (Harrison) Q.; 
B.S., U. of Mich., 1919, M.D., 1923; 
m. Mabel Shoemaker, of Fresno, 
Cahf., Aug. 30, 1923; children^ 
James Lee, Robert W. Practiced in 
Fresno, Calif., 1 yr.; now asso. (as spe- 
cialist in obstetrics and surgery) with 
Drs. Samuel S. Bogle and Allen M. 
Thomson in conducting Santa Rosa 
(Calif.) Clinic: asst. co. health of- 
ficer and CO. phys., Sonoma Co., 
1925—. Served in U.S.N., World 
War, Mem. Kappa Sigma. Elk, K.C. 
Democrat. Catholic. Clubs: Kiwanis, 
Country (Santa Rosa). Home: 913 
St. Helena Ave. OJice; 313 A St., 
Santa Rosa. 

BOGLE, Samuel S., physician, sur- 
geon: b. Maryville. Blount Co., Tenn., 
Aug. 22, 1867; s. John C. M. and 
Elizabeth (Safell) B.; M.D., U. of 
Tenn., 1891: m. Bess Woodward, of 
Santa Rosa, Calif., 1916. Surgeon, 

Nashville (Tenn.) City hosp., 1891- 
92: practiced in Chattanooga, Tenn., 
1891-92; Monterey, Calif., 1893-98, 
Santa Rosa, 1898-1 5; asst. to chief sur- 
geon, Northwestern Pacific Co., San 
Francisco, 1915-17: mgr. Santa Rosa 
Clinic, which is oper. in asso. with 
Drs. Paul T. Quarry and Allen M. 
Thomson, 1925 — : co. phys., Sonoma 
Co., 1910—. Mem. Amer., Cahf. 
State and Sonoma Co. med. assns., 
Amer. Assn. of Ry. Surgeons. Pacific 
Ry. Surgeons Assn. (ex-pres.), Santa 
Rosa Chamber Commerce (ex-pres., 
and dir. 10 yrs.), B.P.O.E. (life mem. 
Santa Rosa Lodge, pres. Elks' Bldg. 
Assn. 10 yrs.). Mason (K.T., 3 2°, 
Shriner). Club: Golf y Country 
(Santa Rosa). Address: 313 A St., 
Santa Rosa. 

O'GARA, John, attorney: b. Mtn. 
View, Santa Clara Co., Calif., Sept. 
25, 1869; s. Michael and Margaret 
(Halligan) O.; A.B., Santa Clara 
Coll., 1892, A.M., 1893: LL.B., Hast- 
ings Coll. of Law, San Francisco, 
1896; hon. LL.B.. St. Ignatius U., S. 
F.: m. Antoinette M. Tohin. of S.F, 
July 20, 1898; children— Minam A., 
Gerald J., James A., Edward V., Paul 
F., Jane M., Louis A., Charles H., 
Mary A.T. Student telegrapher. Cen- 
tral Pacific R.R. (now S.P. Co.), 
Yountville, Calif., and telegrapher at 
Goodyear and Summit, Calif., stas., 
1884, telegrapher and asst. agt., at 
South Vallejo. Calif.. 1885-87; teleg- 
rapher and ticket elk., S.P. Co., at 
Stockton, 1887, cashier and asst. agt., 
1888-89. temp. actg. agt., 1889: prac- 
ticed law. S.F.. 1897—. mem. law firm 
Barrett e? O'Gara. S.F.. 1897-99: asst. 
dist. atty., S.F., 1906-10; asso. in law 
practice with Walter J. DeMartini, S. 
F., 1910 — ; spl. counsel, apptd. by 
atty. gen. of Calif., People vs. Ruef, 
1910-11; instr. in law, St. Ignatius U., 
S.F., 1913—. Mem. S. F. Bar Assn., 
Ancient Order of Hibernians. Phi Del- 
ta Phi. N.S.G.W., K.C. Democrat. 
Roman Catholic. Club: Common- 
wealth (S.F.). Home: 1142 Filbert 
St. Office: Mills Bldg., San Francisco. 

FOWLER, Frederick HaU, civil 
engr.; b. Fort Custer, Mont., Mar. 30, 
1879: s. J.L. and Marion (Hall) F.: 
A.B., Stanford. 1905: m. Elsie Bran- 
ner, of Stanford, Dec. 20. 1909. Engr. 
in charge constrn. Calif, sect. Laguna 
dam, Colo. River, 1905-06; engr. on 
surveys for proposed American River 
water supply for San Francisco, 1906- 
07: instr. in civ. engring.. Stanford, 
1907-08; in Europe and Egypt, 1908- 
09: engr. on topographic surveys, 
Mich., 1909; same on sewer constrn., 
Calif, 1910: hydro-electric engr. and 
dist. engr. U.S. Forest Service, San 
Francisco, 1910-22: engring. rep. in 
Calif, and Nev. of Federal Power 
Commn.. 1920-22. and cons. civ. engr.. 

San Francisco, since 1922. Adviser for 
U.S. Fuel Administration, Calif., 
1917-18: capt. and topographic officer 
211th Engrs., U.S.A., Camp Meade, 
Md., 1918. Mem. cons. bd. San Ga- 
briel River Flood Control, 1927; 
chmn. com. on sanitation, Palo Alto 
Regional Plan, financial com. sewage 
disposal research com., northern Calif.; 
mem. Calif. Forest Research advisory 
com. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E. (dir.), 
Soc. Am. Mil. Engrs., Seismological 
Soc. of America, Am. Ornithologists 
Union, Cooper Ornithol. Club, Stan- 
ford Alumni Assn. (ex-pres.). Delta 
Upsilon. Clubs: University, Engineers, 
Commonwealth. Author: Hydro-elec- 
tric Power Systems of California, 
1923; and of various papers on power 
development, flood control, dam de- 
sign, Colo. River, etc. Home: 221 
Kingsley Av.. Palo Alto. Office: 
Crocker First Nat. Bank Bldg.. San 

DENNISON, William E., commn. 
mcht., ins. broker (deceased): b. Sac- 
ramento, Cahf.. May 26, 1856: s. Ezra 
Farris and Mary Lucinda (Staige) D.; 
ed. pub. schs., San Francisco, and Mc- 
Clure's Calif. Mil. Acad., Oakland; m. 
Augusta Sumner Taylor, of S.F., Mar 
20, 1890. Cashier and chief acct. John 
Taylor ii Co., wholesalers, S.F., 1874- 
80: accepted same pos. with Hulme y 
Hart, wholesale wool and grain, S.F., 
1880, and later mem. of firm: subse- 
quently sr. mem. of Dennison Felling 
y Co. and W. E. Dennison & Co., 
commn. mchts., S.F.; interested in ins. 
bus., 23 yrs. Mem. N.S.G.W. (or- 
ganizer Verba Buena Parlor). K.P. 
Republican. Protestant. Club: Olym- 
pic (S.F. ). Home was at 26 Brodenck 
St., San Francisco. 

KEMP, Theodore, univ. pres.: b. 
near Rising Sun. Ind., Apr. 16, 1868; 
s. George C. and Minerva Dora 
(Stone) K.: A.B.. DePauw U., Ind., 
1893; Garrett Bibl. Inst., Evanston, 
111.. 1885-87: sch. of theology (former- 
ly at DePauw U.), 1891-93; D.D., 111 
Wesleyan. 1907, LL.D., 1911; m. 
Flora B. Truitt, of Indianapolis, Nov. 
28, 1893. Ordained M.E. ministry, 
1895; pastor, Allerton, 111., 1893-96, 
Petersburg, 1896-1900, Grace Ch., 
Jacksonville, 1900-02, Charleston, 
1902-5, Grace Ch., Bloomington, 
1905-08: teacher English Bible and 
ethics, 1906-07, pres., 1908-22, 111. 
Wesleyan U.: asso. sec. Commn. In- 
ternal. Justice and Goodwill of Fed- 
eral Council of Chs., 1923-24; pastor 
Hollywood M.E. Ch., South Los An- 
geles, 1924-26. Mem. Religious Edn. 
Assn., Am. Geog. Soc, Assn. of Meth- 
odist Coll. Presidents; fellow Royal 
Soc. Arts, London. Mason (32°). 
Republican. Club.?; Artland (mgr. 
1927), Rotary, City. Home: 806 N. 
June St.. Los Angeles. 



ZIPF, Albert F., transportation 
mgr.; b. Idaho City, Idaho, Jan. 22. 
1878; s. Herman and Ehzabeth Caro- 
lyn (Halpin) Z.; ed. pub. schs., Idaho; 
m. Saidee E. Walsh, of San Francisco, 
Apr. 10, 1901 (dec); children — Laska 
C (dec), Albert F. Jr., Carolyn C. 
With Wells Fargo ^ Co., S.F., 1892- 
98: Purser, Alaska Commercial Co., 
1898-1900; agent Northern Commer- 
cial Co., Alaska, 1900-04; traffic mgr. 
Northern Navigation Co., 1904-14, 
White Pass ^ Yukon Route, 1914-19, 
Pacific Steamship Co., S.F., 1919-20; 
gen, mgr. Carlisle Packing Co.. salm- 
on packers, S.F.. 1920-25; v.p. and 
Pacific coast mgr. Williams Steamship 
Co., S.F., 1924 — . Mason (32°, 
Shriner). Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs- Transportation. Commercial, 
Family (S.F.); Arctic (Seattle, 
Wash.). Home: 1127 Greenwich St. 
Ofice: 110 California St., San Fran- 

BEHRENS, Albert P., banker; b. 
San Mateo Co., Calif., Mar. 19, 1887 
s. H. J. and Alice (Nisson) B.; ed 
pub. schs. and bus. coll.: m. May Cole 
Sept. 16, 1914; children— May Beth 
Albert P. Jr. Became stenographer 
Petaluma (Calif.) Savs. Bank. 1908 
teller, 1911, asst. cashier, 1912, cash 
ier, 1921 — ; cashier, Sonoma Co. Nat 
Bank. Petaluma. 1921 — ; elec vice 
pres. and mgr. both banks, 1928. N.S 
G.W.. Odd Fellow, Mason. Republi 
can. Address: Petaluma. 

DENMAN, Frank H., banker; b. 
Petaluma. Calif.. Aug. 7. 18i6; s. Eze- 
kiel and N. Louise (Hardenbergh) D.: 
Ph.B., U. of Calif., 1877; m. Char- 
lotte Edwards, 1885. Engaged in agr. 
until 1880; co. surveyor. Sonoma Co., 
Calif., 1880-86; became cashier, Sono- 
ma Co. Nat. Bank, Petaluma, 1886, 
now pres. of same; pres. Petaluma 
Savs. Bank. Elk, Mason (K.T., Shri- 
ner). Republican. Clubs: Country, 
Rotary (Petaluma); Country (Santa 
Rosa, Calif). Address; Petaluma. 

MOULTON, Irving Farrar, banker 
(retired); b. Boston, Feb. 12. 1857; s. 
Jotham Tilden and Charlotte (Fenno) 
M.; ed. pub. schs.. Boston. Roxbury 
(Mass.) Latin Sch.; m. Ann Schol- 
field, of Butte Co.. Calif.. Dec. 12, 
1880; children — Harnette Wing. 
Brooks Fenno (dec); m. 2nd. Frances 
Hovey Spafford, of San Francisco, 
Sept. 4, 1923. Asso. with Kidder. Pea- 
body y Co., bankers, Boston. 187 3- 
78: with Nevada Bank. S.F.. 1878- 
1881; with the Bank of Calif., S.F., 
serving successively as bookkeeper, 
asst. cashier (1890). cashier, vice- 
pres. and dir., 1881-1919, still mem. 
bd. of dirs. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Commonwealth. Commercial 
(S.F.). Home: 2199 Divisadero St., 
San Francisco. 

ATHERTON, Gertrude Franklin, 

author; b. San Francisco. Oct. 30. 
1857; d. Thomas L. and Gertrude 
(Franklin) Horn; pvt. schs. and under 
pvt. teachers: m. George H. Bowen 
Atherton. of Menlo Park. California 
(died 1887). Has lived abroad much 
of time. Chevalier Legion of Honor 
(French). 1925. Author: The Dooms- 
woman, 1892; A Whirl Asunder, 
1895; Patience Sparhawk and Her 
Times, 1897: His Fortunate Grace. 
1897; American Wives and English 
Husbands. 1898; The Californians. 
1898; A Daughter of the Vine. 1899; 
The Valiant Runaways. 1899; Sena- 
tor North. 1900; The Aristocrats. 
1901: The Conqueror. 1902; The 
Splendid Idle Forties, 1902: A Few of 
Hamilton's Letters, 1903; Rulers of 

Kings. 1904: The Bell in the Fog. 
1905: The Traveling Thirds, 1905; 
Rezanov, 1906: Ancestors, 1907; The 
Gorgeous Isle, 1908; Tower of Ivory, 
1910; Julia France and Her Times. 
1912; Perch of the Devil, 1914; Cali- 
fornia — an intimate History, 1914: 
Before the Gringo Came, 1915; Mrs. 
Balfame. 1916: The Living Present. 
1917: The White Morning. 1918; The 
Avalanche. 1919; Sisters in Law. 
1921; Sleeping Fires. 1922; Black Ox- 
en. 1923; The Crystal Cup. 1925; 
The Immortal Marriage, 1927. Ad- 
dress: 2101 California St., San Fran- 

THURLOW, Alfred Amos, physi- 
cian: b. Battle (ircck. Mich.. Sept. 28, 
1884: s. John H. and Mary (Con- 
stance) T.: M.D., U. of Mich., 1909; 
m. Evelyn Fuller, of Cullman, Ala., 
1910: children — John, Jeanne Con- 
stance, Alfred Amos Jr. Interne. N. 
P. Ry. hosp.. Missoula. Mont., and 
City hosp.. Seattle. Wash.: practiced 

in Cullman. Ala.. 2 yrs.. Okla.. 6 yrs.; 
asst. to dir. of Calif. State Home, So- 
noma Co., 1919-22; practicing phys., 
splst. gynecology and obstetrics, Santa 
Rosa. Calif.. 1922 — . 1st lieut., Med. 
Corps. U.S.A.. World War. Mem. 
Amer. and Calif. State med. assns., 
Sonoma Co. Med. Soc. (pres.). Amer. 
Legion. Beta Epsilon. M.W.A.. Elk. 
Address: 505 B St.. Santa Rosa. 

PEOPLES, S. Z., physician, sur- 
geon; b. Sonoma Co., Calif.. Apr. 19, 
1878; s. Andrew and Mary E. 
(Worth) P.: M.D., U. of Cahf., 1904; 
m. Helen Anderson, Feb. 1906: chil- 
dren — Stuart Anderson. Janet Lucille. 
Practiced med., Petaluma, Calif., 
1904 — : mem. Petaluma bd. of edn., 
21 yrs., now pres. of same. Enlisted 
m Med. Corps.. U.S.A.. World War, 
later commd. 1st lieut; sta. Camp Lew- 
is base hosp.. Wash., 1918-19. Mem. 
Sonoma Co. Tuberculosis Soc. (pres.), 
Amer. Legion. I.O.R.M. N.S.G.W., 
Odd Fellow. Mason. Democrat. Club: 
Golf y Country (Petaluma). Address; 

LISSNER, Meyer, lawyer; b. San 
Francisco, Calif.. June 16, 1871: s. 
Louis and Mathilda (Block) L.: ed. 
pub. grammar and high schs.. Oak- 
land, Calif.; Los Angeles Law Sch., 
1898-99: m. Ermine Greenhood. of 
Oakland, Aug. 12, 1896; children- 
Louis Meyer, Jay Greenhood. Aline 
Mathilda. In practice at Los Angeles, 
1899 — . Organizer and sec. Non-Par- 
tisan City Central Com., 1906: an or- 
ganizer, Lincoln-Roosevelt Republican 
League in Calif., 1907 (chmn. Los 
Angeles County exec, com., 1908, v.p., 
1910): organized City Club. Los An- 
geles. 1907 (pres.. 1911); pres. Good 
Govt. Organization. 1909; organizer 
and sec. Good Govt. Fund. 1909-11; 
mem. exec. com. Direct Legislation 
League. Calif., 1909-11, Nat. Munici- 
pal League. 1909-16. v.p., 1917—. 
Chmn. Calif. Rep. State Central Com., 
1910-11; mem. exec. com. Prog. Nat. 
Com., 1912-16. Pres. Bd. of Pub. 
Utihties, City of Los Angeles, 1909- 
11: mem. Calif. Industrial Accident 
Commn.. 1915-19. Editor California 
Outlook. 1914-17: mem. U.S. Ship- 
ping Bd.. June 16. 1921-Dec. 31, 1925 
(resigned). Clubs: City (Los Ange- 
les); Commonwealth (San Francisco), 
Office: Roosevelt Bldg., Los Angeles. 

DEVOTO, Anthony Stephen, at- 
torney: b. San Francisco. May 24, 
1885; s. Antonio and Catherine (San- 
toccoli) D.: B.L.. U. of Calif.. 1908, 
J.D.. 1910: m. Dorothy Jennings, of 
S.F., Nov. 24. 1920: children — Jus- 
tin Anthony, Donald Jennings. Mem. 
firm Devoto. Richardson 6? Devoto, 
attys., S. F. Mason. N.S.G.W. Re- 
publican. Clubs: Olympic. Twelve 
Ten (S.F.). Home: 221-12th Ave. 
Office: Foxcroft Bldg.. San Francisco. 


OXNARD, Robert, sugar refiner; b. 
La.. Oct. 9. IS'iJ; ,n\ Thomas and Lou- 
ise Adeline (Brown) O.: cd. pub. 
schs.; m. Nellie Stetson, of San Fran- 
cisco, Calif.. Apr. 28. 1891. Began 
as corr. elk. with Zaldo & Co.. sugar 
exporters. Havana. Cuba, 1872; sugar 
refiner. Brooklyn. N.Y.. 1876-87; 
pres. Am. Sugar Refinery Co.. 1888- 

1904. also sec. Western Sugar Refin- 
ery Co., both of San Francisco; pres.. 
later v. p. Am. Beet Sugar Co.. 1905- 
22; now chmn. bd. Calif. Sea Prod- 
ucts Co.; dir. Savannah Sugar Refin- 
ing Corpn. Republican. Catholic. 
Chib.s: Pacific Union (San Francisco); 
Union (New York). Home: 2104 
Broadway. Office: Mills Bldg.. San 

DENNISON, Walter Emerson, 

mine operator; b. Kankakee Co.. Illi- 
nois, Aug. 17, 1856; s. Walter Horace 
and Nancy Jane (Ransom) D.; A.B., 
Ohio Wesleyan U.. 1877; student 
Cincinnati Law Sch.. 1879-80; m. 
Isabella Baxter Richardson, of Dela- 
ware, O.. Nov. 2, 1882; children — 
Isabel. Leonidas Richardson. Estelle 
(dec). Margaret. Walter Emerson. 
Principal Upper Sandusky (O) high 
sch., 1877-78, supt., 1879; agent Con- 
tinental Oil 6? Transportation Co., 
Los Angeles, 1880; supt. Sacramento 
y Stockton agencies CO. H T. Co., 
Sacramento. 1881. supt, agencies at 
San Francisco, 1882-84; guardian Yo- 
semite Valley, 1884-87; mgr. south- 
ern div. Elec. Dev. Co., Los Angeles. 
1888; hydraulicking on Coffee Creek. 
Trinity co.. Calif.. 1889; supt. Taylor 
Mine (quart:). El Dorado co.. Calif., 
1890;organ. City St. Impvt. Co., S,F., 
and sec. and dir. same. 1891; sec. and 
dir. Calif. Bituminous Block Mfg. Co. 
and converted Stockton horse car lines 

to elec. lines for City St. Impvt. 
Co., 1892: paved J and K Sts., 
Sacramento, for City St. Impvt. Co., 
1892-93, mgr. Humboldt jetties const, 
at Humboldt Bay for same, 1893-98, 
built section of breakwater at Port 
Harford, Calif., for same, 1898, 
paved Riverside Ave., Spokane, 
Wash., for same. 1898; pres. and gen. 
mgr. Steiger Terra Cotta & Pottery 
Wks.. S.F., 1898-1922; sec. New 
Hope Oil Co., 1899-1918, dir. 1899- 
1926; mem. S.F. com. for removal of 
debris from prin. sts. s. of Market 
St. after fire. 1906; mem. exec, 
com. Citizens" Alliance. S.F., 1907; 
State Harbor commr.. S.F.. 1907-11; 
owner Kankakee ranch, Merced co., 
Calif., 1917-26; pres. Bolivar Mines 
Inc., oper. in Venezuela, with hdqrs. 
in S.F., 1927—. Mem. Nat. Terra 
Cotta Soc. (charter and hon. life 
mem.), Amer. Red Cross (life), 
S.A.R. (life), Calif. Soc. of May- 
flower Descendants (life). Calif. 
Genealogical Soc. Beta Theta Pi 
(life). Merced Co. Farm Bureau. Re- 
publican. Clubs, Commonwealth 
(life). Merchants" Exchange (S.F.). 
Home: 2150 Santa Clara Ave.. Ala- 
meda. Ofice: 582 Market St.. San 

STAHL, Francis Albert, fire ins. co. 
mgr.; b. San Francisco, Feb. 4, 1882; 
.<;. Arnold and Louisa (Lanenstein) 
S.; ed. Calif. Sch. of Mech. Arts, 
S.F.; m. Florence McDonnell, of Ala- 
meda, Calif.. Jan. 5. 1906; 1 dau., 
Virginia Florence. Draftsman, Bd. of 
State Harbor Commrs., 1898; asso. 
with Edward Brown 6? Sons, fire ms., 
S.F.. 1898-1900; with Bd. of Fire Un- 
derwriters of the Pacific. 1900-15; 
spl. agt. for northern Calif.. Union 
Assurance Soc. and Law Union 6? 
Rock Ins. Co., 1915-20; asso. with 
New Hampshire Fire Ins. Co., 1920- 
25; Calif, state mgr. Vulcan Under- 
writers, hdqrs. S.F., 1925 — . Mem. 
Fire Underwriters Assn.. Ancient Or- 
der of Blue Goose. N.S.G.W.. Elk. 
Republican. Clubs: Encinal Yacht 
(dir.). Rod y Gun (Alameda); Ath- 
ens Athletic (Oakland), Western 
Gun, Golden Gate Gun. Home: 2012 
Alameda Ave., Alameda. Ojjice: 216 
Pine St., San Francisco. 

SAWYER, Harold M., attorney; b. 
Troy, N.Y., June 2 1882; .•;. Walter 
W. and Alice L. (Merriam) S.; A.B., 
Yale U., 1903. M.A.. 1906; student 
U. of Berlin. 1903-04; LL.B.. Harvard 
U. Law Sch.. 1907; tn. Eleanor Ecob, 
of Flushing. L.I., N.Y., Apr. 10, 1913. 
Practiced law in Portland, Ore.. 1908- 
1919 San Francisco, 1920—. special- 
izing in admiralty and maritime law 
and marine ins. Mason. Clubs: Com- 
mercial. Commonwealth. Calif. Cam- 
era. Fgn. Trade. Public Spirit (S.F.). 
Home: 180 Stonewall Rd.. Berkeley. 
Office: Mills Bldg.. San Francisco. 

DRUM, John Sylvester, banker; b. 
Oakland. Calif.. Apr. 16, 1872; s. 
John Sylvester and Sarah Jane (Gass) 
D.; A.B., St. Ignatius Coll., San Fran- 
cisco, 1891; Hastings Coll. of Law (U. 
of Calif.), 1894; m. Georgie A. Spie- 
ker, of San Francisco, Apr. 22, 1908; 
1 .son, John. Admitted to Calif, bar, 
1894, and practiced in San Francisco, 
until 1909; pres. Savings Union Bank 
y Trust Co., 1910-20, Mercantile 
Trust Co. of Calif, (name after mer- 
ger with Union Bank y Trust Co.), 
1920-27, Am. Trust Co. (name after 
merger with Mercantile Trust Co.), 
1927 to 1929 when he retired; dir. Pa- 
cific Gas y Electric Co.. Calif. Gas « 
Electric Corporation, San Francisco 
Gas y Electric Co., San Francisco- 
Oakland Terminal Rys., East Bay Wa- 
ter Co. (Oakland). Calif. Pacific Title 
Ins. Co.. Columbia Steel Corpn.. Yo- 
semite Valley R.R. Co. Apptd. by 
Sec. McAdoo. Nov. 1917, as state dir. 
for war savings in Northern Calif.; 
apptd. by Pres. Wilson mem. Capital 
Issues Com. under the War Finance 
Corpn. Act of Apr. 5, 1918. Pres. Am. 
Bankers' Assn.. 1920-21. Democrat. 
Catholic Clubs: Pacific Union. Uni- 
versity, Olympic, Bohemian, Burlin- 
game Country. Addresses: Hillsbor- 
ough. Calif., and Fairmont Hotel, San 

COFFEY, Walter Bernard, surgeon; 
b. 1868; M.D., Cooper Med. Coll. 
(now Stanford Med. Dept), San 

Francisco, 1889; LL.D., St, Mary"s 
Coll., Oakland, Calif.; m, Laura E. 
Terry, 1902. Chief surgeon and mgr. 
Hosp. Dept.. S.P. Co. Mem. bd. St. 
Francis Hosp. Fellow Am. Coll. Sur- 
geons; mem. A.M. A., Calif. Med. Soc, 
etc. Home: 2340 Vallejo St. Office: 
Medical Bldg. Bush and Hyde Sts,, 
San Francisco. 



FRISBIE, Gcraldinc Elizabeth Sul- 
ton (Mrs. William Frisbie), clubwo- 
man; b. Rochester. N.V.: d. Hiram D. 
and Sarah Beals (Hall) Sulton; ed. 
pvt. and puh. schs., Rochester; m. Les- 
ter Philip Cooley. of San Francisco, 
Mar. 20. 1866 (dec); children— Wil- 
liam Lester. Charles Philip, Frank Sul- 
ton. Harold Mortimer (dec); ra. 2nd, 
William Frisbie, of Redwood City, 
Calif., Nov. 29, 1883 (dec). Oper- 
ated ranch near Menlo Park. Calif., 
until 1903; supt. Sunday sch. and sec. 
bd. of trustees of former Presbyn ch., 
Menlo Park; organised Ladies' Aid soc 
(pres.) and pub. library Menlo Park, 
and estab. kindergarten (later acquired 
by city sch. system). Redwood City; 
active in woman's suffrage campaigns; 
chmn. San Mateo Co. exhibit for St. 
Louis E.xpn., 1904. Active in Red 
Cross work. Spanish-Amer. War. 
Mem. Order of Pocahontas (ex-pres.), 
San Mateo Co. Sunday Sch. Assn. 
(ex-sec). Fed. of Woman's Relief 
Corps (vice-pres. Fed. 9), Woman's 
Relief Corps (pres. Gen. Geo. S. Ev- 
ans Relief Corps 36. Redwood City, 
1887-88; Calif, and Ncv. dept. service 
pres. 1888, dept. pres. 1889; nat. pres. 
1912; mem. W.R.C. Home Board, 
1887 — , treas. 3 yrs., vice-pres., pres. 
1898-1903, 1916—; pres. McKinley 
Rehef Corps 103, Palo Alto, 1905- 
07). Republican. Presbyn. Clubs. 
Menlo Park (Calif.), Womans' (Palo 
Alto and San Mateo), Calif. Womans' 
(S.F.). Address: 460 Wisnom Ave., 
San Mateo. 

NEWMARK, Maurice Harris, mer- 
chant (deceased ]ul\. 1929): b. Los 
Angeles, Calif., Mar. 3, 1859; s. Har- 
ris and Sarah (Newmark) N.; ed. pvt. 
acads., Los Angeles, N.Y. City and 
Paris. France; m. San Francisco, July 
3, 1888, Rose, d. Joseph P. Newmark; 
1 dau., Florence (Mrs. S. S. Kauff- 
man). Began, 1876, with H. New- 
mark 6? Co., wholesale grocers, Los 
Angeles (ex-v.p.); ex-pres. Los An- 
geles Brick Co.; pres. Harris New- 
mark Co. (real estate, etc); dir. Farm- 
ers y Merchants Nat. Bank; was mem. 
commn. that consolidated harbor 
towns with Los Angeles; harbor com- 
mr., 1909. Pres. Associated Jobbers, 
1899-1912; pres. Southern Calif. 
Wholesale Grocers' Assn., 1905-17; 
ex-dir. Bd. of Trade: former dir. and 
v.p. Mchts.' and Mfrs.' Assn.: former 
dir. Chamber Commerce. Trustee 
Southwest Mus., Los Angeles. Mem. 
Hispanic Soc. of California, Los An- 
geles County Pioneers" Society, Amer- 
ica Philatelic Society, California His- 
torical Society, Southern California 
Historical Society, American Associa- 
tion for Internat. Conciliation, Zionist 
Orgn. of America, B'nai B'rith. Nat. 
League of Masonic Clubs. Republican. 
Jewish. Scottish Rite Mason (Shriner). 
Clubs: Hillcrcst, Jonathan, Los Ange- 

les Athletic. Book Club of Calif., Au- 
tomobile of Southern Calif., Uplifters, 
Gamut. An editor of Harris New- 
mark's Sixty Years in Southern Cali- 
fornia, 1915. 2d edit., 1925. Collector 
postage stamps for 50 years and owned 
a notable collection. Home was at 905 
Beacon St., Los Angeles. 

HALE, Marshal, merchant: b. 
Schoolcraft, Mich., Feb. 14. 1866; s. 
Marshal and Prudence T. (Dyckman) 
H.; B.S., U. of Pacific, 1886; m. Mae 

Miller of San Francisco. Calif.. Jan. 
19, 1898. Began in dry goods busi- 
ness, Sacramento. 1886; moved to San 
Francisco. 1894; exec, vice pres. Hale 
Bros. Stores, Inc. (dept. store); ex- 
pres. Liberty Bank (San Francisco): 
dir. Bank of Italy (San Francisco), 
Calif. Nat. Bank (Sacramento). Hale 
Real Estate Co., Residential Develop- 
ment Co., Down Town Assn., Whitt- 
horne Es" Swan. Victory Highway: 
treas. Panama Realty Co. Was pres. 
Hahnemann Med. (I)oll. and Hahne- 
mann Hosp. 10 yrs.; playground com- 
mr., San Francisco, 6 yrs.; pres. State 
Bd. Harbor Commrs., Calif., 1911. 
Chmn. San Francisco Chapter Am. 
Red Cross, mgr. Pacific div. Am. Red 
Cross, 1917-18: in France for Am. 
Red Cross as mgr. S. Intermediate 
Zone, hdqrs. Lyons. 1918, rank of 
maj. Pres. San Francisco Retail Dry 
Goods Assn., 1914, Calif. Retail Drv 
Goods Assn., 1915; dir. Merchants 
Assn. of San Francisco, 5 yrs.: pres 
Retail Merchants' Assn.: v.p. Nat 
Retail Dry Goods Assn. Republican 
Mason. C/iibs: Bohemian. Common 
wealth. (3ommeraal, Presidio Golf 
Sutter (Sacramento). Home: 26 Pre 
sidio Terrace. Address: Hale Bros. 
Inc. San Francisco. 

BRINSTAD, Lillie May Bower 
(Mrs. Charles W. Brinstad), social 

welfare worker; b. Madison, Wis.; d. 
William G. and Julia Minerva (Mor- 
row) B.; grad. U. of S.D., 1892; m. 
Charles W. Brinstad (D.D.), of Ver- 
milion. S.D.. May 27. 1893; 1 son, 
Paul E. Pres. Baptist Women's Bay 
Cities (Calif.) Quarterly; chmn. Mt. 
Hermon Federate Sch. of Missions; 
mem. Women's Commn. and Bay Cit- 
ies Baptist Board. Mem. Northern 
Calif. Baptist Women's Missionary 
Soc (treas.). W.C.T.U. (pres. Cen- 
tral Union. S.F.). G.A.R. Aux. Re- 
publican. Baptist. Clubs: Calif. Wo- 
men's, Musical (S.F.). Homes: 2929 
Lincoln Wav. San Francisco; (coun- 
try) Healdsb'urg. 

GRAHAM, W. Herbert, plumbing 
contractor; b. England. Sept. 26. 1880; 
s. William John and Harriett (Bur- 
ton) G.; ed. puh. schs., Oakland, 
Calif.: m. Eluabeth Edna McCutch- 
eon, of Oakland. Dec. 16. 1903: chil- 
dren — Ewart Brown (dec), W. Her- 
bert Jr., Howard F., Dudley B. En- 
gaged in plumbing bus. in Oakland, 
1902 — ; v.p. and hldg. appraiser Ckis- 
mopolitan Bldg. 6? Loan Assn., Oak- 
land. 1912 — ; mem. advisory commn. 
Oakland Bd. of Edn., 1922, Bd. of 
Freeholders which drafted proposed 
city and co. charter (Alameda co.), 
1923, candidate for State senate. 1926, 
pres. Telephone Users Protective Assn. 
(citizens' com. investigating proposed 
$7,000,000 increase in rates), 1928 — ; 
also identified with movements spon- 
soring Blue Sky law. Alien Land law. 
Civil Service law-. Free Text Books act. 
Good Roads law. Mothers' Pension 
act. Sanitation Bill for Labor camps. 
Compensation act. Workmen's Com- 
pensation act. Child Labor law. Mini- 
mum Wage for Women law, 8 Hour 
Law for Women: also mem. Citizens' 
Water com. (which laid foundation 
for Mokelumnc project), etc. Mem. 
State Assn. of Master Plumbers (pres. 
1921. chmn. state legislative com.). 
Master Plumbers' Assn. of Oakland 
(pres. 1920). Merchants' Exchange of 
Oakland (dir. 1910—, chmn. munici- 
pal water com.). Mason. W.O.W, 
Republican. Methodist. Club: East 
Bay Country (Oakland). Home: 826 
E. 20th St. Office: 1120 Webster St., 

ANDERSON, Oscar, master mar- 
iner; b. Norway; s. Anders Olson and 
Helen (Hanson) A.; grad. as master 
of ocean steamships, Capt. Henry 
Taylor's Nautical Acad.. San Fran- 
cisco, 1902; m. Neile Messerle, of 
Santa Rosa, Calif.. Dec 4, 1898 
(dec); children — Oscar Sextus, Helen 
Georgina Geneva (dec). Master mari- 
ner for 3 5 yrs. Mem. Master Mari- 
ners' Bcnev. Assn. (pres. 1926. jr. 
commodore 1927). Republican. Pen- 
tecost. Address: 2295 Geary St., San 


STRICKLAND, Erve C, laundry 
owner: b. Athens. Mieh.. Nov. 29, 
1874: .<. C. E. and Sarah (Cullcn) S.; 
cd. pub. schs.. Johnson's Bus. Coll.. 
Topeka. Kan. Engaged mercantile bus. 
in Kansas prior to 1897. opcr. 4 es- 
tablishments: mercantile bus. in San 
Francisco. 1901; contractor, San Luis 
Obispo. Calif., 1901-12; acquired 
Temple Laundry Co. Inc., San Jose, 
Calif., 1912, and now owner and mgr. 
of same. Enlisted as pvt. 20th Kan- 
sas Vol. Inf.. 1897. subsequently be- 
coming bandmaster; served under Gen. 
Funston in 16 engagements in Philip- 
pine Islands; mustered out at Presidio, 
S.F., Oct. 1899: military instr. and 
bandmaster at Haskell Inst., Lawrence, 
Kan., 1899-1901. Decorations: Med- 
als of honor from state of Kansas and 
from U.S. govt, by spl. act of Con- 
gress and commended by Pres. Mc- 
Kinley. Mem. Nat. Inst, of Laundry 
men. Calif. State Laundry Owners' 
Assn., Santa Clara Laundry Owners' 
Assn. (pres.). United Span.-Amer. 
War Vets.. Vets, of Fgn. Wars, Loyal 
Order Moose. Mason (32°). Repub- 
lican. Clubs; Commercial (charter 
mem.). 100 Percent (San Jose). Ad- 
dress: Hth cj" John Sts.. San Jose. 

DICKINSON, Henry James, ins. 
broker: b. Lock Haven. Clinton Co.. 
Pa., July 22, 1860; s. Col. Peter Tracy 
and Elizabeth Moore (Jefferis) D. 
(both deceased); ed. pvt. schs.; Chel- 
tenham Acad.. Ogontz. Pa.; m. Bertha 
Mae Larrabee. of Buffalo, N.Y.. Api 
2'>. 1892: children — Edward Lari.i- 
hee. Elizabeth (Mrs. Clarence Peyton 
Kane). Henry James Jr. Chief elk. 
Erie R.R. at Buffalo. 1881; sub-c 
quently accountant. Pullman Co., Bui 
falo: engaged as corpn. accountant. 
Buffalo: cashier, paymaster, supply 
agt. Lehigh Valley Transportation Co.. 
Buffalo: engaged in ins. bus. 1906 — . 
at Burlingame, Calif. 1924 — . Was 
supt. Layman's League (Episcopal ch.) 
of Western N.Y., sec. Seamcns' Home 
Assn. and chmn. Colored Social Cen- 
ter, both of Buffalo: mem. Soc. of 
Native Born Pennsylvanians (first 
pres.). Historical Soc. of Clinton Co. 
(Pa.). Layman's League (Episcopal 
ch.) of Calif. Republican. Episcopa- 
lian. Home: 815 Edgehill Dr. Office: 
1223 Burlingame Ave.. Burlingame. 

WOODWORTH, Marshall B., at- 
torney: b. Gold Hill. Nev.. Dec. 18, 
1874; s. Joseph and Rose (Borel) W.; 
LL.B.. Hastings Coll. of Law, San 
Francisco. 1894: m. Charlotte Schrage, 
of Kansas City. Mo.. Feb. 15, 1902; 
1 son. Marshall B. Jr. Successively 
cash boy. dry goods store. S.F.; office 
boy. Milton Andros, atty., S.F.: 4 yrs.; 
attache. U.S. dist. ct.. S.F.; sec. to 
U.S. Dist. Judge W.W. Morrow, S. 
p.; apptd. 1st asst. U.S. dist. atty. at 
S.F., 1898; U.S. atty., S.F., igOl-O?; 
in practice, federal cts.. S.F.. 

1905 — . Mem. Cercle de L'Union. 
Mason. Republican (former mem. 
Calif. Rep. state central com.). Cong- 
list. Home: 1156 Sutter St. Office: 
519 California St., San Francisco. 

CLARK, Eli P., capitalist; b. Solon, 
la Nov 25. 1847; s. Timothy B. and 
Elvira E. (Calkin) C; ed. la. Coll.; 
7)1. Lucy H. Sherman, of Prescott. 
Ariz., Apr. 8, 1880; children — Cath- 
erine (Mrs. Barnard), Mary (Mrs. 
Eversole), Lucy Mason, Eugene Pay- 
son. Taught sch., la. and Mo.; en- 
gaged in farming. Mo., 1867-75; suc- 
cessively mcht., actg. post master and 
territorial auditor (1877-87), Prescott. 
Ariz., 1875-87; organized firm of 
Clark y Adams, sawmill and Ibr. 
mchts., 1878; became sec.-treas. of 
Prescott y Ariz. Central R.R. (now 
part of Santa Fe system), 1885; asso. 
in the orgn. of Los Angeles Consol. 
Elec. Ry. Co., 1891, becoming vice- 
pres. and mgr. of operations; acquired 
horse power lines in Pasadena, Calif., 
and began operation of the Pasadena 
y LA. Interurban. 1895; rebuilt and 
electrified ry. between Santa Monica 
and Los Angeles, under name of L.A. 
Pacific, 1896, pres. and mgr. same 
until 1909, when acquired by S.P. 

Co : organized Mt. Hood Ry. ^ Pow- 
er Co., Portland. Ore., 1906: built 
Hotel Clark, L.A.. 1913; former pres. 
Clark ci Sherman Land Co., Main St 
Co., Sinaloa Land Co.; now pres. El 
P. Clark Co.. lands. L.A.; vice-pres 
bds. of trustees. Pomona Coll., Clare 
mont, and L.A. Y.M.C.A. Mem. Soc 
Colonial Wars. S.R. Conglist. (ex 
pres., bd. of trustees, 1st Congl. ch. 
L.A.). Clubs: Athletic. Country, Up 
lifters. University (L.A.). Home: 9 
St. James Park. Ofice: Subway Ter- 
minal Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

DREW, Frank C, attorney (de- 
ceased 1924;; b. San Jose, Calif.. May 
31, 1861: s. John R. and Mary Fran- 
ces (Dowhng) D.; ed. pub. schs., San 
Francisco: m. Mrs. Helen P. White 
(nee Ramsay), of S.F., Apr. 7, 1900. 
Entered pub. bus. with Ba<on y Co. 
as book and job ptr. and proofreader 
at 17 yrs. of age; amanuensis with Ep- 
pinger 6? Co., wheat mchts., S.F., 1883- 
87, with Siegfried tf Brandenstein, tea 
importers, 1887-89; compositor and 
proofreader S.F. Call, 1889-91 : stenog. 
in law office Patrick Reddy, 1891-94; 
apptd. stenog. to Gov. James H. Budd, 
1894, and was political advisor to him 
many years; official shorthand reporter 
dept. II, S.F. superior ct. under 
Judges Rhodes Borden and Lawlor, 
dur. which time handled campaigns of 
Borden and Lawlor, prior to 1903; 
admitted to Calif. State bar, 1903, and 
became mem. law firm Campbell, Met- 
son 6? Drew (later Metson, Drew ii 
McKenzie), S.F.; later pres. and supt. 
L. E. White Lbr. Co., increasing as- 
sets from 1 to 5 million. Mem. S.F. 
Bar Assn., International Assn. of Es- 
peranto Jurists, French Soc. for Dev. 
of Phonetics, Amer. Geog. Soc, Amer. 
Esperanto Assn. I.O.R.M., F.O.E., 
N.S.G.W. Clubs: Bohemian, Family, 
(S.F. ); Dec. May 17, 1924. Widow re- 
sides 581 Dewey Blvd.. San Francisco. 
banker; b. San Jose. Calif.. Mar. 22, 
1S79; s. Peter and Poalina G.; ed. 
Santa Clara (Calif.) Coll.. and bus. 
coll in San Jose; m. Amelia Ramelli, 
uf Santa Clara co., Calif.. 1899; 1 
dau., Elsie. Spent early yrs. as mer- 
chant at Soledad, Monterey co., Calif.; 
later bkpr. Spreckels Sugar Co., 
Spreckels. Cahf.. 1 yr.; with father 
,ind Felix Maggini in gen. mdse. store, 
S:in Jose. 4 yrs.: owner gen. mdse. 
store at Milpitas, Calif., 1903; apptd. 
postmaster Milpitas. 1905. also dep. 
CO. elk. under Henry Pfister; founder 
Bank of Milpitas, 1911; dir. of same, 
19n__, and pres. 1917—. Elk. Re- 
piiblican. Address: Milpitas. Calif. 

LUND, Fin, diplomatic rep.; b. Fin- 
land. Aug. 6, 1884; s. Erik and Ger- 
trude (Sarauw) L.; grad. Soro Acad., 
Denmark. 1900; attended univs. in 
England. Germany, France, United 
States; M.A.. U. of Calif., 1916; m. 
Grace M. Breen, of San Francisco, 
Sept. 19, 1911. Entered Danish fgn. 
service in 1908 and since served in 
fgn. service in Copenhagen, Ham- 
burg, Paris, West Indies, and U.S.; 
now His Danish Majesty's consul at 
San Francisco. Apptd. Knight of Dan- 
nebrog by King of Denmark. July 7, 
1924. Mem. Amer. and Fgn. Eco- 
nomic y Charitable Assns. Mem. Dan- 
ish State church. Clubs: Bohemian, 
Olympic. Commercial (S.F.). Home; 
2509 Pacific Ave. Address: 487 Mills 
Bldg.. San Francisco. 



CROZIER, Herbert William, con- 
sulting cngr.; b. San Francisco, June 
28, 1875; s. W. J. and Elizabeth 
(Mackoen) C; B.S.. U. of Calif., 
1899; m. Mary E. Sevison, of S.F., 
Feb. 22, 1925. Engaged in engnng. 
work on Kaweah, Mokelumne. San 
Gabriel, Santa Ana, Mentone, and San 
Joaquin rivers, 1899-1905; installed 
elec. apparatus for Pacific Elec. Ry., 
rys. at Vallejo-Napa and Stockton- 
Sacramento, and Ore. Elec. Ry., 1905- 
07; hydro-elec. work on Stanislaus 
river, making 1st commercial use of 
110,000 volts for transmission, 1908- 
09; devised admin, and estimate re- 
ports, 1910-12; devised new math, 
treatment for flow of oil, 1912-15; 
hydro-elec. explor. work on Klamath 
river, 1922; discovered and dev. hy- 
dro-elec. power sites on Hoh, Queets, 
Cowlitz, North and Columbia rivers in 
Wash., 1923-26; cons. engr. State of 
Nevada, mem. Arizona-Nevada engrs. 
conf., Arizona, Calif., and Nevada 
engrs. conf., and otherwise interested 
in Boulder Canyon Project, 1927-28; 
now appraisal commr. Islais Creek rec- 
lamation dist., S.F., and cons. engr. 
Nevada-Colo, river commn. Mem, 
Amer. Soc. Mech. Engrs., Amer. Inst. 
E.E., Nat. Elec. Light Assn., S.F. 
Elec. Dev. League, Exec Assn. of S.F., 
Mechanics' Inst, of S.F. (trustee). 
Mason. Republican. Presbyn. Clubs 
Engineers", Commonwealth (S.F.). 
Home. 1990 Great Highway. Ad- 
dress: 58 Sutter St., San Francisco. 

BELL, Newton Hereford, life ins. 
counselor; b. San Francisco, Apr. 26, 
1893; s. Daniel Peter and Mabel 
(Newton) B.; ed. pub. schs., Oakland; 
m. Dorothy True, of Oakland, June 6, 
1920. With U.S. po,st office dept. and 
customs service, prior to 1917; life ins. 
counselor. Provident Mut. Life Ins. 
Co. of Philadelphia, at S.F. 1920—; 
has lectured on European conditions 
before bus. and educational orgns.; 
has made four trips to Europe, visiting 
the Balkan States, Italy, Germany, 
Austria, Morocco, Finland, Esthonia, 
Russia, Poland and later North Africa. 
With machine gun batln., A.E.F., 2 
yrs.. World War; later served as 
French interpreter. Fellow of Royal 
Geographical Soc. of London, since 
1926; mem. Amer. Legion. Mason. 
Protestant. Club: Union League 
(S.F.). Home: 155 Magee Ave., Mill 
Valley. Ojffice.- Claus Spreckels Bldg., 
San Francisco. 

SCHULTER, Hans Frank, obstetri- 
cian and gynecologist; b. Artois (for- 
merly Germantown), Calif., Jan 1, 
1894; .5. Claus and Charlotte (Jens) 
S.; A.B.. U. of Calif., 1918, M.D., 
1922. Interne, U. of Calif, hosp., San 
Francisco, 1922. asst. resident obstet- 
rician and gynecologist, 1923, later 
resident obstetrician and gynecologist; 

asst. resident obstetrician and gyne- 
cologist New Haven hosp.; now prac- 
ticing as splst. in Sacramento. Served 
in U.S.N.R.F.. 1917-18. Mem. O.E. 
S.. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Elk, Mason. 
Republican. Lutheran. Club: Del Rey 
(U. of Cahf.). Home: Senator Hotel. 
Office: 1127 Uth St., Sacramento. 

VAN ARSDALE, William Palmer, 

(retired); b. Howell. Monmouth Co., 
N.J., Sept. 8. 1854; s. Thomas Coffin 
and Mary (Hagerman) Van A.; ed. 
dist. schs., Howell and Cedar Creek, 
N.J.; m. Leonie Hortance Lehousse. 
of Herbeumont. Belgium, and San 
Francisco, Jan. 17. 1886; children — 
Leon Vasseur (dec). Inez Mane Ade- 
line, Maebelle Anita Elizabeth. Mem. 
Ancient Order of Foresters, Royal Ar- 
canum, I.O.R.M., W.O.W. Demo- 
crat. Address: 1700 Golden Gate 
Ave., San Francisco. 

ROSSETER, John Henry, mer- 
chant; b. N.Y. City. Aug. 9. 1869; s. 
John H. and Winifred (Commin) R.; 
ed. St. Ignatius Coll.. San Francisco, 
Calif.; m. Jane Gilchrist, of Berkeley, 
Calif., June 6, 1906 (died Aug. 29, 
1913); m. 2d, Alice Gertrude May, of 
San Francisco, Sept. 7, 1916. Pres. 
John H. Rosseter Co., San Francisco. 
Clubs: Pacific Union, Bohemian, 
Olympic (San Francisco); India House 
(New York); Chevy Chase, Washing- 
ton Country (Washington). Home: 
945 Green St.. San Francisco; (coun- 
try) Rancho Wikiup, nr. Santa Rosa. 

Olfice: 354 Pine St.. San Francisco. 

DAY, George F., dairyman; b. Ala- 
meda Co.. Cahf.. 1880; s. Albert and 
Cecilia (Abbrott) D.; ed. pub. sch.; m. 
Elizabeth Dickey, Sept. 26, 1908 
(dec); children — Evaline, Albert, An- 
nie. First engaged in bldg. and con- 
tracting and later entered dairy bus.; 

estab. Home Dairy 6? Ice Works, 
Healdsburg, Calif., 1918, and since 
operates same; owner auto tourist 
camp. Mem. M.W.A. Elk, Forester. 
Club: Kiwanis (Healdsburg). Address: 

HILP, Harry H., contractor; b. San 
Francisco. Aug. 1. 1888; s. Henry and 
Emma (Greenberg) H.; ed. Calif. Sch. 
Mech. Arts. S.F.; U. of Calif.; m. Ade- 
laide Wollenberg. of S.F.. Sept. 3, 
1916; children — Barbara, Harry H. 
Jr.. Marjorie. Asso. with Mahony 
Bros., bldrs.. S.F., 1906-09; time- 
keeper. Palace Hotel. S.F.. 1908-09; 
supt. of bldgs. Lachman Estate, 1910- 
12; supt. of constrn. Mt. Zion hosp., 
S.F. 1912; formed partnership. Bar- 
rett y Hilp. contractors. S.F.. 1913, 
gen. contracting. 1915 — . Elk. Mason 
(32°. Shriner). Republican. Jewish. 
Clubs: Civitan (dir. 1924-26), Lake 
Merced Golf ^ Country (dir. 1927- 
28), Concordia (pres. 1928). Argo- 
naut (S.F.); Country (Beresford, 
Calif.). Home: 139 Cherry St. Of- 
/ice: 918 Harrison St.. San Francisco. 


banker; b. Mayence-on-Rhine, Ger- 
many, May 30, 1882; s. Carl and Her- 
mine (Maisch) S.; ed. Germany, 
Switzerland, and Paris, France; m. 
Anna Wichers, of Anaheim, Calif., 
July 15, 1922. Began banking career 
with Wells Fargo Nevada Nat. Bank, 
San Francisco, 1905; with German 
Amer. Trust Co. of Denver, Colo., 
1906, for which organ, its Italian dept. 
and became rep. of the Banco di Na- 
poli. Italy; later apptd. rep. of Amer. 
and fgn. periodicals in Paris. France; 
apptd. asst. cashier Kaspare Cohn 
Bank (now Union Bank y Trust Co.), 
Los Angeles, spec, in German banking 
bus., 1914; later organized Schloess- 
mann S.S. Agency and still later the 
German-Amer. Savs. Bank (which 
opened in Mar. 1927 as first German- 
Amer. bank in U.S.), LA., of which 
is now pres. Mem. many German 
socs. Elk. Mason. Republican. Prot- 
estant. Home: 822 Cavanagh Rd., 
Glendale. Office: 200 W. 8th St., Los 

NICKEL, James Leroy Jr., rancher, 
realtor; b. Menlo Park, Calif., May 21, 
1895; s. James Leroy and Nellie (Mil- 
ler) N.; ed. Yale U.. 1914-17; tti. 
Gladys Williams, of Sacramento, Feb. 
24, 1925. Became asso. with Miller y 
Lux Inc., packers. San Francisco, Oct. 
1919. vice-pres. and dir.. June, 
1920 — . Served in French Army, 
Aug. -Dec. 1917, and Intelligence 
Corps, U.S.A., Dec. 1917-May 1919. 
Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Repub- 
lican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Pacific 
Union (S.F.). Country (Burlingame). 
Home: 1201 California St. Office: 
Merchants Exchange Bldg.. San Fran- 



DOHENY, Edward Laurence, dean 
ot western petroleum producers: b. 
Fond du Lac, Wis., Au^;. 10, ISSb: ,s. 
Patrick and Eleanor Elizabetli (Quig- 
Icy) D,; grad. Fond du Lac high 
school, 1872: m. Carrie Estellc Bet- 
zold, of Marshalltown, Iowa. As a 
young man prospected for gold and 
silver for twenty years, and in 1892, 
turning his attention to oil prospecting 
in California and Mexico, became one 
of the World's outstanding petroleum 
producers. Discovered several of the 
most productive oil fields in California 
and Mexico. Established Pan-Ameri- 
can Petroleum & Transport Co.: es- 
tablished, and became Chairman of the 
Board of. Pan American Western 
Petroleum Company, also Mexican 
Petroleum Company of Calif., and 
Pan American Petroleum Company of 
Calif.: established and is President to 
date of Petroleum Securities Co., and 

of Doheny-Stone Drill Co. Disposed 
of his interests in Pan-American Petro- 
leum 6? Transport Co., Pan American 
Western Petroleum Company, Mexi- 
can Petroleum Company of Calif., 
and in Pan American Petroleum Com- 
pany of Cahf. in 1928. During World 
War he served as a member of the 
sub-committee on oil of the U.S.A. 
Council of National Defense. Clubs: 
California, Jonathan, California Yacht 
(Los Angeles): Bohemian (San Fran- 
cisco): Union League (Chicago); At- 
lantic Yacht, of which he is commo- 
dore (Brooklyn, N.Y.): Columbia 
Yacht (New York), Home: 8 Chester 
Place, L.A. Office: Petroleum Securi- 
ties Building, Los Angeles. 

SALEEBY, Elijah M., pharmacist: 
b. Mt. Lebanon. Syria, Apr. 8, 1878: 
s. Mitry and Helena Saleeby: ed. pub. 
schs., Mt. Lebanon: Ph.M.. Amer, 
Coll. of Pharmacy, Beirut, Syria, 1900: 

post. grad. studies N.Y. Coll. of Phar- 
macy; m. Laura Teeter, of Altoona, 
Pa., at Manila, P. I., Dec. 27, 1917; 
2 sons — Charles, Robert. Engaged in 
pharmacy, Egypt, 1901-03, N.Y. City, 
1903-07: chief pharmacist, U.S. civil 
service hosp. in P. I., 1907, and at 
Philippine Gen. hosp., 1907-09; oper- 
ated own drug store, Zamboanga, P. 
L, 1909-17: mgr. Martini Drug Co., 
Manila, 1918: acquired University 
Drug Co. (now Growers Drug Co.), 
San Jose, Calif., 1919; later sold this 
store but re-purchased it and now op- 
erates under name Growers Drug Co. 
Mason (32°, Shriner). Republican. 
Home: 1188 E. Santa Clara. Addreiis: 
123 W. Santa Clara, San Jose. 

HUNTER, Lida Mae Bosler (Mrs. 
Calvin Fillmore Hunter), genealogist; 
b. Farmer City, 111.: d. Thompson Jr. 
and Permelia Almina (Nagely) Bos- 
ler; A.B., DePauw U.: m. Calvin Fill- 
more Hunter, of Los Angeles, Dec. 
10, 1895. Capt. in reclamation dept. 
Amer. Red Cross during World War. 
Author: The Rainbow of Romance 
(genealogical study of her parents' 
ancestors). Mem. Calif. State Genea- 
logical Soc. Alpha Chi Omega (spon- 
sor of Pi chapt. at U. of Calif.: mem. 
Theta Thcta chapt.). Republican. 
Presbyn. Ciub: Western Women's 
(S.F.). Home: 1020 Bush St., San 

KEESLING, George H., insurance 
broker: b. San Jose, Calif., Mar. 30, 
1898; ,s-. George Lincoln and Lila 
Mae (Hodges) K.; ed. pub. schs., San 
Jose. Office boy General Accident 
Fire 6? Life Assurance Corpn. Ltd., 
1916-19. cashier Pacific coast branch 
office of same, 1919-20: dept. mgr. 
Behrens (i Co. (reorganized into 
Calif. Agencies Inc. in 1922), gen. 
agents, 1920-22, and mgr. casualty 
dept. and asst. sec. of same, with 
hdqrs. in San Francisco, 1922 — . 
Mem. Pac. Interclub Yacht Assn. 
(sec. 1926). Mason. Republican. 
Club; S.F. Yacht. Home: 97 5 Bush 
St. Ofice: 114 Sansome St., San 

CHUNG, Margaret, physician, sur- 
geon: b. Santa Barbara, Calif.; d. 
Wong and Minnie (Chan) C; ed. 
U. of S. Calif.; M.D., Coll. of Phys. 
y Surgs., San Francisco. Interne 
Women's ^ Childrens' hosp., Chi- 
cago. 1916: mem. staff Kankakee 
(111.) State hosp., 1917: res. staff 
phys. Juvenile Psychopathic Inst., 
dept. of criminology. Cook County 
(111.) hosp., 1918; now chmn. exec, 
staff Chinese hosp., S.F., and res. surg. 
Hotel Wiltshire, S.F. Mem. Chicago 
Med. Soc. Nu Sigma Phi. Repub- 
lican. Protestant. Clubs: S.F. Medi- 
cal Women's. S.F. Women's City. 
Home: Hotel Wiltshire. Office: 770 
Sacramento St., San Francisco. 

ROBINS, John Harvey, realtor: b. 
San Francisco, Mar. 26, 1874; s. 
George and Angclle E. (Job) R.; ed. 
pvt. and pub. schs.; Boone's U. Sch., 
Berkeley; Oakland Poly. Bus. Coll.; 
U. of Calif.; m. Celestia Disney, of 
Stuart, la., June 14, 1904 (dec); 
children — Harvey R., Marjorie A.: m. 
2nd, Emma Disney, of Stuart, la., 
Sept., 1918. Engaged in real estate 
brokerage bus. in Oakland. Mem. 
Oakland Pub. Welfare League (pres. 
1927-28). Mason (Grand Chief 
Templar, 1913: High Priest, 1921). 
Republican. Conglist. Home: 2739 
Webster St., Berkeley. Office: Fed- 
eral Telegraph Bldg., Oakland. 

PLUGHOFF, Albert David, auto 
dealer: b. San Francisco, Oct. 21, 
1881; s. William and Madelein (Vidy) 
P.: ed. pub. schs., S.F.,; m. Myrtle 
Ruby Smith, of S.F., Dec. 30, 1903. 
Entered bicycle bus., 1897, with Leav- 

itt 6? Bill (now J. W. Leavitt c^ Co., 
auto distributors), S.F., vice-pres. and 
gen. mgr. same, 1912 — ; dir. Teal Co., 
land holding co. Member S.F. Motor 
Car Dealers (treas.), Nat. Auto Assn. 
(dir.), Jesters. Elk, Mason (Shriner). 
(ilubs: Olympic, Corinthian Yacht, 
Family (S.F.) : Athletic (Los Angeles). 
Hoine: 1275 Greenwich St. Ofice: 
1414 'Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. 

EVANS, E. W. Mervin, monument 
mfr.: b. Ireland. May 30. 1861; s. E. 
K. and Jane B. (Scriven) E.: ed. pub. 
schs.: m. Martha Ellen Tupper, 1882; 
children — Vivian M., Edward Esley, 
Arthur B.. Alma M., Virginia, Roy 
M.. Roscoe D. Became expert worker 
in stone and marble at granite, marble 
and monument works of W.S. Brown, 
Petaluma, Calif., purchased bus. 1888, 
and still conducts same, with br. in 
El Cerrito. Republican. Mason (32°). 
Address: 122 F St., Petaluma. 



BRADLEY, Frederick Worthen, 

minint^ man: b. Ne\ada Co.. Calif.. 
Feb. 21. 1S63: .s. Henry Sewall and 
Virginia (Shearer) B.: student Coll. 
of Mining. U. of Calif.. 1882-84 in- 
clusive; m. Mary Parks, of Jackson. 
Amador Co.. Calif.. Sept. 26, 1901: 
children — Frederick Worthen, James 
Parks, Henry Sewall. John Davis. Be- 
gan mining in Calif., 1884: now pres. 
Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Co., Alas- 
ka Mexican Gold Mining Co., Alaska 
Trcadwell Gold Mining Co.. Alaska 
United Gold Mining Co., Bunker Hill 
& Sullivan Mining ^ Concentrating 
Co., Ocean Shore R.R. Co.. Registra- 
tion y Securities Co., Treadwell Yu- 
kon Co.; v.p. Atolia Mining Co.; di- 
rector Golden Gate Gold Mining Co., 
First National Bank of Juneau, Jun- 
eau Realty Company. American Trust 
Co., Pacific Steel 6? Wire Co.. San 

Francisco Commercial Co., Spanish 
Mining Co., Sullivan Mining Co. Dir. 
or trustee San Francisco Chamber 
Commerce, The Tamalpais Sch., Old 
People's Home, Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A. 
Mem. Am. Inst. Mining and Metall. 
Engrs., Mining and Metall. Soc. Amer- 
ica, Alaska Mining and Engring. Soc, 
Calif. Acad. Sciences, Mechanics" Inst., 
Instn. of Mining and Metallurgy 
(London). Republican. Presbyn. 
Clubs; University, Pacific Union, 
Olympic. Bohemian. Engineers', Com- 
monwealth. Commercial, Presidio Golf, 
San Francisco Golf and Country. 
Home: 2716 Pacific Ave. Ofice: 
Crocker Bldg., San Francisco. 

WESKE, H. W. A., attorney; b. 
Germany, Apr. 26, 1877; s. Alwin and 
Betti (Meyer) W.; ed. pub. schs., San 
Francisco and Santa Rosa, Calif.; Mor- 
rison's Bus. Coll., Santa Rosa. Read 
law office John Tyler Campbell. Santa 

Rosa, admitted to Cahf. bar, 1898; 
dep. dist. atty., Sonoma Co., 1899- 
1902; asso. with O. O. Webber and 
T. J. Butts, attys., Santa Rosa, 1902 
until their deaths, and since engaged 
in independent practice; sec. Sonoma 
Co. Rep. central com., 1902-06; 
chmn. 1920, 1922; elec. to Cahf. state 
assembly, rep. 14th dist., 1906; sec. bd. 
mgrs. and treas. Sonoma State Home, 
1908-12; sec. Santa Rosa Elks Bldg. 
Assn. Mem. W.O.W., Herman's Sons 
(ex-pres. grand lodge, Calif.). Elk 
(charter mem. and e.x-chaplain, Santa 
Rosa lodge). Republican. Address: 
Exchange Bank Bldg., Santa Rosa. 

COMSTOCK, Hilliard, attorney; 
b. Evanston, 111., Feb. 25, 1891; stud- 
ied law office James W. Oates, Santa 
Rosa, Calif.; post grad. law studies, 
Oxford, U., Eng., 1919; m. Helen 
Finley, of Sonoma Co., Calif., 1918: 
children — James Hilliard, Helen Mar- 
s;aret. Marshall Hurd, Harrison Fin- 
ley. Admitted to CaHf. bar, 1912; 
succeeded to practice late James W. 
Oates, Santa Rosa: former U.S. 
commr., northern dist. of Calif.; pres. 
Santa Rosa bd. of edn., 1920 — ; co' 
organizer and now dir. Northern 
Calif. Mtge. Co.; interested in ranch, 
Napa Co., Calif. Pvt. to capt. 5th 
Inf.. Cahf. N.G., 1912-14; comd. Co. 
E., 5th Inf., Cahf. N.G., Mexican bor- 
der, 1916; comd. Co. E., 159th U.S. 
Inf. and M.G. Co. same, and was 
instr. automatic arms, 40th Div., 
Camp Kearney, Calif., 1917; pro- 
moted to maj. and comd. 3rd Batln. 
159th Inf., A.E.F., with which served 
in Somme offensive: later comd. 2nd 
Batln. 120th U.S. Inf., A.E.F., 1918; 
disch. 1919; now It. col. O.R.C., 
U.S.A. Mem. Amer. Legion, Sonoma 
Co. Bar Assn. (co-organizer, sec), 
Santa Rosa Chamber Commerce (ex- 
dir.). Mason (32°, Shriner). Club: 
Santa Rosa Golf and Country (pres. 
1925-26). Home: Spring and 16th 
Sts. Ojjice: Rosenberg Bldg., Santa 

FOLSOM, Frederick N., physician: 
b. nr. Marysville, Yuba Co., Calif., 
1871: s. Hiram and Harriett (Jarrad) 
F. (both dec): grad. Calif. Med. Sch., 
San Francisco, 1896: 1 son, Ortis F. 
Practiced med. La Porte, Plumas Co.. 
and in Meridian, Sutter Co., Calif., 
until 1902, in Santa Rosa, 1902—, 
now specializing in chronic diseases. 
Republican. Address: 804 4th St., 
Santa Rosa. 

KINLEY, Fred J., dentist: b. Jan. 
18, 1875; s. B.C. and Mary C. (Mil- 
ler) K.; grad. U. of Calif., dental 
dept., 1903; m. Mabel Parker, Nov. 
15, 1904; 1 dau., Clarisse. Practiced 
dentistry, Utah. 1903, and Healds- 
burg. Cahf.. 1903—. Mem. I.O.R.M. 
(past sachem. Sitting Bull Tribe 108), 
Vet. Scouts Assn. of Amer. (life 

mem., awarded 1 5 yr. vet. scout 
badge. 1928). Mason (K.T.), Odd 
Fellow (past noble grand). Clubs: 
Country. Kiwanis (Hcaldsburg). Ad- 
dress; 309 West St.. Hcaldsburg. 

SPROUL, Robert Gordon, pres. 
Univ. of Calif.: b. San Francisco, 
Cahf., May 22. 1891; s. Robert and 
Sarah Elizabeth (Moore) S.: B.S., U. 
of Cahf., 1913: LL.D., Occidental 
Coll., Los Angeles. Calif., 1926: m. 
Ida Amelia Wittschen, of Oakland, 
Calif., Sept. 6, 1916; children— Mar- 
ion Elizabeth. Robert Gordon. John 
Allan. Comptroller U. of Calif, and 
sec. of regents since 1920, v.p. 1925 
to 1929. pres. since 1929: pres. Perry 
Lumber Co.; gen. mgr. Bear Gulch 
Water Co.; dir. Berkeley Guarantee 
Bldg. e? Loan Assn. Mem. Cahf. State 
Commn. on Agrl. Edn., 1921-23: 
treas. Save the Redwoods League since 

1921; pres. Berkeley Community 
Chest, 1925-27. Trustee Pacific Sch. 
of Religion. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa. 
Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: Faculty, 
Rotary. Abracadabra, Berkeley Tennis. 
Home: 2239 Piedmont Ave.. Berkeley. 
O'REILLY, Michael Joseph, mer- 
chant; b. San Francisco. Aug. 10, 
1860; s. Michael and Jane (McCar- 
thy) O.; ed. pub. schs., Salada Beach, 
San Mateo co., Calif.; m. Nellie 
O'Connor, of S.F., 1890: children- 
Angela, Ethyl. Began as porter in 
S.F. whsle. house in 1878; later work- 
ed as porter, salesman, and buyer for 
Erlanger 6? Golinger. whsle. produce 
mchts., S.F.: sec and asst.mgr.Schultz- 
Hansen Co. in S.F., 1903-06, in Oak- 
land. 1906, in S.F.. 1907-10; engaged 
in oper. own import and export whsle. 
brokerage bus., S.F.. 1910—. K.C. 
Democrat. Catholic. Home: 650 Ma- 
.sonic Ave. Ojjice: 310 Clay St., San 



NORTON, Edward M., attorney; 
b. Healdsburg, Calif., Sept. 17, 1868: 
s. Capt. L. A. and Minnie (Malloy) 
N.; ed. puh. schs., U. of Calif.; stud- 
ied law in father's office; m. Marion A. 
Marshall, of Healdsburg, Nov. 29, 
1899; children — Lewis M., Marion M., 
Edward Rolla. Admitted to CaUf. 
State bar, 1900, and since pract. law 
in Healdsburg; city atty. Healdsburg 1 
term; mem. bd. of mgrs. Sonoma 
County Home; an organizer Healds- 
burg Nat. Bank and was v. p. and dir. 
of same many yrs. Founder mem. So- 
noma County Bar Assn. (ex-pres). 
Mason. Republican. Address: Healds- 
burg. Calif. 

NORTON, L. A., attorney (de- 
ceased 1891): h. Chautauqua, N.Y.. 
Aug. 16, 1819; self educated; m. Min- 
nie Malloy, 1865; children — Edward 
M., Lewis A., May E. (Mrs. J. B. 
Nevin). Left home at age of 8 yrs., 
and successively engaged farming, 
army service, sawmill and Ibr. opera- 
tions, etc.; studied law in office in St. 
Charles, 111.; arrived Placervillc, Calif., 
in gold rush July, 18 50; subsequently 
pract. law, conducted auction house, 
staked mine claims, mined, etc.; later 
apptd. asst. U.S. atty. in Nevada; en- 
gaged pract. law Healdsburg, Sonoma 
Co., Cahf., 1856-91. Enlisted Spartan 
Rangers, 1835; served Duncomh's re- 
bellion against Canadian govt.; cap- 
tured and held prisoner New London 
(Can.) 1 yr.; organ, and served as 
capt. company volunteers under Gen. 
Scott in Mexican War. Home was at 

DANIELS, Roy A., mgr. music 
store; b. Muskegon, Mich., June 28, 
1863; s. Dr. B. J. and Vesta M. 
(Eaton) D.; m. Fannie J. Terwilliger, 
of Kansas, 1889; children— Lloyd R.. 
Norma C. Homesteaded in Dakotas, 
1882-84; piano salesman, Dakotas. 
1884-89, San Diego. Calif.. 1889-91. 
with A. L. Bancroft 6? Co., music 
dealers, San Francisco, 1891-1915: 
rngr. sales and distribution in Nevada 
for Sherman Clay 6? Co., music deal- 
ers, S.F., 1915-17, mgr. Santa Rosa, 
Calif., branch, 1917—. Elk, Mason 
(K.T., 32°, Shriner). Club: Lions 
(Santa Rosa). Home: 826 Third St. 
Office: 325 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 

MEEKER, William Job, contractor; 
b. near Milhurn. N.J.. Apr. 16, 1871; 
s. Stephen A. and Sarah Elizabeth 
(Woodruff) M. (both dec); ed. 
Sweet's Bus. Coll., Santa Rosa, Calif.; 
™. Caroline B. Smith, 1895; 3 sons — 
Merton L., Sheldon E., Merlin W. 
(dec). Began apprenticeship in bldg. 
trades at 14 and since engaged in 
const, work; estab. own bus. in Santa 
Rosa, 1901, where has since designed 
and built many bus. bldgs., homes, 
churches, schools, etc.; elected mem. 
Santa Rosa city council, 1924. Odd 
Fellow, W.O.W. Address: 809 Or- 
chard St., Santa Rosa. 

WALLACE, Mary, educator; b. 
N.Y. City: d. John Duff and Nannie 
(Carter) W.; ed. London and Chi- 
cago. Engaged in character develop- 
ment as head of ednl. instns.; now con- 
ducting Miss Wallace's Sch. for Girls, 
Piedmont, Calif.; has traveled in 
Europe and Australasia. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Address: 30.3 Pacific 
Ave.. Piedmont. 

DORN, N. A., jurist (deceased 
I926J, b. Council Bluffs, la.. May 
27. 1852; s. Nicademus Andrew 
Jackson D.; ed. country sch. and self 
instrn.; m. Josephine McCusker, of 
Monterey Co., Calif., 1873; m. 2nd, 
Sarah J. de la Montanya, of San 
Francisco. 1902: children — Mabel 
(Mrs. Early), Carl D., Ethel (Mrs. 
Ruff). Marcella (Mrs. Fnzzi). Ad- 
mitted to Calif, state bar. 1874: entd. 
practice in Salinas. Monterey Co.: 

dist. atty. Monterey Co., 1876-78; 
judge, superior ct. of Monterey Co. 
and conducted cattle ranch, 1890- 
1902; gen. law practice, asso. with 
bro.. late D. S. Dorn, S.F.. 1902-06, 
when retired. Mem. F.O.E. (ex-prcs. 
Salinas Aerie). Elk, Druid. Repub- 
lican. Cbib: Sequoia (S.F. ). Home 
was at 1802 Pacific Ave., San Fran- 

FISHER, Henry B., surveyor, civil 
engr.: b. Port Washington, Wis., Sept. 
17. 1866: s. William F. and Emeline 
(Beach) F.; ed. pub. schs., St. Paul 
(Minn.) Bus. Coll., and civil engring. 
course I.C.S.; ni. Laura Lacey. of Wis- 
consin; children — Raymond W., Hel- 
en (Mrs. J. H. Lackey), Florence. 
Spent early yrs. as deputy co. surveyor 
of Ramsey co., St. Paul: later asst. 
engr. of const, of Woods Harvester 
Wks.. and engaged river and harbor 
wk. for U.S. war dept.: prac civil 
engring. in San Jose. Calif., 1893 — : 

now city engr. for Santa Clara, Gilroy, 
Morgan Hill, Alviso, and Carmel-by- 
the-Sea. Mem. Sons of Vets., Royal 
Arcanum, I.O.O.F., W.O.W. Mason 
(32°). Republican. Conglist. Home: 
60 S. 11th St. Address: Growers Bank 
Bldg.. San Jose. 

PA'VNE, Frederic Witter, lumber 
man; b. Minnesota. Oct. 2. 1881; s 
George Washington and Emma (Tow 
er) P.; A.B., U. of Minn., 1906 
later law student at same: m. Anna 
Melrose Browning, of Washington 
D.C., Aug. 29, 1913; children—" 
bara (dec), Fred (dec), Nancy 
Browning, Frederic Witter Jr. En 
gaged Ibr. bus., Minneapolis, 1906 
08, Marshfield. Ore.. 1908-17; mgr., 
sec. and dir. Western Lbr. Mfg. Co. 
with hdqrs. in San Francisco, 1917 — 
v.p. and dir. Western Plywood Co. 
pres. and dir. Payne Mfg. Co. Mem 
Beta Theta Pi. Mason. Republican 
Episcopalian. Home: 22 Bridge Rd. 
Berkeley. OUice: Balfour Bldg., Sar 

LASTRETO, Emilio, attorney; b 
San Francisco. Feb. 25, 1869; s 
Luigi F. and Charlotte (Parrain) L. 
ed. pub. schs., S.F.: m. Goldie Cuf 
field, of S.F., June 6, 1906: children 
— Eva, Emilio, Carlo, Philip, Rene 
Engaged pract. of law, S.F. Mem 
North Beach Impvt. Assn., I.O.R.M. 
N.S.G.W., Royal Arcanum. Repub 
lican. Roman Catholic Club: Olym 
pic (S.F.). Home: 125 Alton Ave 
Olfice: de Young Bldg.. San Francisco 

HEINZMAN, William H., physi 
cian. surgeon: b. Germany. Aug. 15 
1876; s. Wilhclm and Hermine (Mey 
er) H.; M.D., Coll. of Phys. 6? 
Surgeons. San Francisco. 1902: m 
Cordelia Clopton Hewlett, of S.F. 
1918. Admitted pract. of dentistry 
Calif., 1901; interne German hosp. 
S.F., 1902-03; county health officei 
and pract. med. and surgery. Austin 
Nev., 1903-11: post grad. work and 
vol. asst. at Charite, U. of Berlin, Ger 
many, 1911-13; adjunct surgeon 
Frankhn hosp., S.F.. 1913-25; en 
gaged pract. med. and surgery, S.F. 
1913 — . Mem. A.M. A., Anglo-Amer 
Med. Assn. (pres. 1913). S.F. Co 
Med. Soc Mem. Med. Exam. Bd. at 
S.F. during World War. Elk, Mason 
(K.T., Shriner; Past Master Lander 
lodge and Past High Priest, R.A.M. 
Austin. Nev.). Republican. ProteS' 
tant. Clubs: Olympic, Lakeside Golf 
(S.F.). Home: 1275 Greenwich St 
Ojjice: 177 Post St.. San Francisco. 

KLINKER, Thomas Roy, lumber 
man: b, Aug. 10. 1895; s. C. J. and 
Anna Klinker; ed. eve. schs.; m. Em 
ma Craig Decker; children — Craig 
Mary Jane, Thomas Roy Jr. Entered 
employ of the Henry Hess Lbr. Co. 
Sebastopol, Calif.. 1914. mgr. 1921— 
Address: Sebastopol. 



KELLY, Richard P., educator; b. 
Waterford, Saratoga co.. N.Y.: s. John 
Edward and Charlotte (Anderson) 
K.: grad. Troy (N.Y.) Mil. Acad.. 
1892: Ph.B.. Cornell U.. 1896: m. 
Helen Johnson, of Rochester, N.Y., 
1902: children — Mary Georgia (dec), 
Richard Daniels. Donald Anderson. 
Successively commandant of cadets N. 
Y. State Industrial Sch., Rochester, 
and at Vashon Coll., Burton, Wash.; 
supt. Harvard Sch. and of Urban 
Acad-, Los Angeles, supervisor phys. 
training Tacoma (Wash.) pub. schs., 
acting supt. Page Mil. Acad., L.A.: 
now supt. and prop. Palo Alto (Calif.) 
Mil. Acad. Served as colonel N.Y. 
Nat. Guard, 1896. Mem. Phi Gamma 
Delta, Sphinx Head Honor Soc. (Cor- 
nell U.). Presbyn. Address: Palo 
Alto Military Academv, Alba Park, 
Palo Alto. 

NEWMAN, Leopold, merchant 
(deceased): h. Germany. Feb. 28, 
1855; in. Sophie L. Cohn, of San Fran- 
cisco, Apr. 10. 1891; children — Rose 
(Mrs. William L. McClintoclc), Mar- 
ion (Mrs. Benno M. Abraham). Pres. 
of Rathjen Brothers Inc., whsle. gro- 
cery and drug supplies, San Francisco, 
for many yrs. Mem. O.E.S. Mason 
(32°, Shriner). Cliib,9: Union League, 
Press, Concordia ( S.F. ) . Resided in S.F. 

COFFMAN, James T., attorney: b. 
Sept. 15, 1860: s. James and Eliza- 
beth (Trisler) C: B.S., Nat. Normal 
U., Lebanon, O., 1882: read law in 
office Rutledge 6? McConnell. Santa 
Rosa, Calif., 1883-85; m. Jennie 
Luce, 1893: children— Marian, Mil- 
dred, Dons. Admitted to Calif. State 
bar in May, 1885, and since engaged 
in law practice at Hcaldshurg, Calif. 
Mem. Amer. Bar Assn., Sonoma 
County Bar Assn. (ex-v.p.). Odd 
Fellow, Mason (32°, Shriner), Sciot, 
Woodman. Chib: Healdsburg Ki- 
wanis. Address: Healdsburg, Calif. 

LEE, Augustus L., warehouseman; 
b. Santa Rosa. Calif., Dec. 7, 1888: 
s. Charles E. and Theresa (Schulte) 
L.: grad. Sweet's Bus. Coll., Santa 
Rosa, 1909: m. Isabel Tevendale, of 
San Francisco, June 20, 1911. En- 
gaged in warehouse operations, dray- 
age and transp., Santa Rosa, 1909 — ; 
prop. Lee's warehouse and oper. Lee's 
vans and trucks, 1919 — . Mason 
(K.T., 32°), N.S.G.W., Elk. Odd 
Fellow. Democrat. Clubs: Santa Rosa 
Golf y Country (dir.). Rotary. Ad- 
dress: Santa Rosa. 

LEE, Charles E., warehouseman; s. 
William H. Lee. Engaged in drayage, 
transp., storage and warehousing, 
Santa Rosa, Calif., 1875-1914, oper. 
under own name: now retired. Ad- 
dress: Santa Rosa. 

HERRON, Willard G., aircraft 
corpn. official; b. Jackson, O., Jan. 
19, 1895; s. Charles Ellison and Es- 

tey Alice H.: B.S., U. of Wash., 
Seattle, 1920; m. Osceola Louise 
House, of Port Townsend, Wash., 
June 4, 1921: children — Osceola 
Elizabeth, Molly Augusta, Stephen 
House. Publisher Alaska Daily Capi- 
tol, Juneau, Alaska. 1921; asst. mgr. 
Seattle (Wash.) Chamber Commerce, 
1921-27; v.p. Boeing Air Transport 
Inc., oper. daily air mail, passenger 
and express service, with hdqrs. in 
San Francisco, 1927 — . Commnd. 
2nd heut., 1st O.T.C., Presidio, 
S.F., 1917; served 6 mos. as 1st lieut. 
Battery A, 69th Art., C.A.C., A.E.F., 
in France, World War. Mem. Amer. 
Air Transport Assn. (sec.-treas., 
1927-28), S.F. chapt. Nat. Aeronau- 
tic Assn. (dir., 1927-28). Phi Gamma 
Delta. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: University, Transportation 
(S.F.). Ho7ne: 820 Crescent Ave., 
San Mateo, Calif. Office: Balboa 
Bldg., San Francisco. 

LAUMEISTER, Delfina Bernal 
(Mrs. Anton Laumeister), ranch 
owner: b. Pleasanton, Alameda Co., 
Calif.; d. Francisco and Maria 
(Thompson) Bernal; ed. Miss Bis- 
bee's Sem., Oakland, and Notre Dame 
Convent, San Jose, Calif.; m. Anton 
Laumeister, of San Francisco, Jan. 8 
1883 (dec): children— Myrtle F 
ces (dec), Clarence Filbert. Active 
in social, musical and fraternal circle 
in addit. to oper. large ranch. Mem 
O.E.S., S.F. Choral Soc. Republican 
Chtbs: Calif., La Mesa Redondo 
Treble Clef (S.F.). Home: 365 Fred 
erick St.. San Francisco. 

BACHELDER, Carl Ames, manu 
facturer (retired): b. Concord. N.H. 
Dec. 16, 1875; .s-. Alvah Harris and 
Harriet Lurena (Holt) B.; grad. Oak 
land (Calif.) high sch., 1894: m 
Ethel Glover Dowus, of Alameda 
Calif., Apr. 15, 1901; 1 son, Carl 
Ames Jr. Spent entire bus. life in 
mfg. caterpillar tractors and harvest 
ing mach. as v.p. and dir. Holt Mfg 
Co. (now Caterpillar Tractor Co.) 
Mem. S.F. Chamber Commerce (fgn 
trade com.), China Commerce Club 
Republican. Protestant. Clubs; Trans 
portation (S.F. ), Sequoyah Country 
(Oakland), Monterey Peninsula 
Country. Home: 2205 Sacramento 
St. Office: Mills Bldg., San Francisco. 

DETRICK, George Frederick, ry. 
official: b. San Francisco, May 25, 
1870: s. Eddington and Elise (Ra- 
leigh) D.: ed. pub. schs., S.F.; m. 
Sally Kaime, of St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 
18, 1894: children— David Kaime 
(dec), Raleigh Kaime (dec). Pres. 
Sacramento Northern Ry., San Fran- 
cisco. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Family, Presidio, Calif. (S.F); 
Sutter. Del Paso (Sacramento). Home: 
545 Powell St. OJJice: 220 Montgom- 
ery St., San Francisco. 

WYLIE, Cameron Ellsworth, pub- 
lisher; b. Helena. Mont., Feb. 25, 
1896: s. Cameron C. and Olive Deane 
(Lamont) W.; ed. pvt. tutors, pvt. 
schs., U. of Calif., U. of Beaune 
(France); in. Margaret Nita Robert- 
son, of Dallas, Tex., Dec. 10, 1927. 
Editorial dept., S.F. Examiner, 1918- 
20; v.p. Emil Brisacher and Staff, 
adv., 1921-26; bus. mgr. and asso. 
editor Game and Gossip, S.F., 1926 
— . Served with A.E.F. in France 1 
yr. World War. Mem. Phi Chi, 
Club; Bohemian (S.F.). Home: 900 
Chestnut St. OjJice: Crocker Bldg., 
San Francisco. 

DRAPER, Ross, printer: b. Mt. Ayr, 
Iowa, Apr. 2. 1883: s. Isaac and Sarah 
E. (Johnson) D.: ed, pub. sch., Mt. 
Ayr: m. Adelaide E. Heffron, of Ar- 
dock. N.D.. Dec. 27. 1927. Appren- 
ticeship as printer in Iowa; later in 
newspaper and commercial ptg. Wyo- 
ming, Utah, Alberta (Can.), Calif.; 
successively editor and mgr. The Re- 
publican, Rawlins, Wyo., mgr. The 
Boomerang, Laramie. Wyo., mgr. The 
Daily Record, Provo, Utah; mem. 
Wyo. legislature. 1907; spl. rep. Mer- 
genthaler Linotype Co.. S.F., 1921-28; 
owner (with James M. Melvin) Lino- 
type Printers Inc., S.F., Apr. 1928 — . 
Republican. Chib: Commercial (S.F.). 
Address: 32 Commercial St., San 

DUNN, Frank Marion, mfrs. rep.; 
b. Oakland, Calif., Mar. 24, 1881; s. 
Samuel Wilbur and Matilda (Diemer) 
D.; ed. Poly. Coll., Oakland, 1897- 
98: m. Violet Lila Clark, of Kansas, 
Nov. 6, 1922; 1 son, Frank M. Jr.; 
1 son by former marriage, Leland M. 
Successively, since 1898, stenogra- 
pher, salesman, trav. rep. and now 
mgr. Pacific coast office U.S. Glass 
Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa., with hdqrs. in 
San Francisco; also extensively en- 
gaged in bldg. operations and owner 
orange grove at Lindsay, Tulare co., 
Calif.; stockholder Hillside Pack, 
Corpn., Lindsay. Mem. Calif, div. bd. 
Pottery Glass y Brass Salesmen's 
Assn. of N.Y,; mem. U.C.T., C.T.A. 
Mason. Republican. Protestant. 
Home: 5452 Carlton St., Oakland. 
Office: 682 Mission St.. San Francisco. 

MARSH, Alice Louise, educator; 
b. Oakland, Calif.; d. George Henry 
and Maria Nicasia (Silva) M.; ed. 
S.F. Normal Sch., 1896-97: U. of 
Calif., 1898-1902. Teacher in pub. 
schs. of San Francisco. Mem. Acad. 
Polit. Science of Columbia U., W.C. 
T.U., Prytanean Honor Soc (charter 
mem. U. of Calif, chapt), S.F. Grade 
Teachers' Assn., Speech Arts Assn. 
(dir. 1928-29). Republican. Con- 
glist. Clubs: Calif., English Speaking 
Union. Western Women's, Pacific 
Musical (S.F.). Home: 1045 Church 
St. Olfice: Bay View Grade School, 
San Francisco. 



RAU, Alfred J., stock, investment 
broker; b. Nuremberg, Germany, Dec. 

9, 187i: ^. Josef and (Leh- 

mann) R.; ed. Royal Gymnasium. Nu- 
remberg. Employed by H. P. Gold- 
schmidt &? Co., bankers, N.Y. City, 
1900-14, partner in same 1914-17; 
partner .Sutro Bros. & Co., bankers, 
N.Y. City. 1917-20: retired 1920; re- 

entered linancial bus. with Sutro 6? 
Co., investment security brokers, San 
Francisco, 1925; partner in same, 
1927 — . Republican. Jewish. Home: 
115 2 Sacramento St. Office: 407 
Montgomery St.. San Francisco. 

LOWREY, Alan J., banker; b. 
Honolulu, T.H., Jan. 15. 1890; .s. 
Frederick Jewett and CheriUa (Storrs) 
L.; grad. Punahou Acad., Honolulu. 
1908, Harvard U., 1913: m. Mary 
Louise Black, of N.Y. City, June 11. 
1919: children— Helen Virginia. Pa- 
tricia Rose. Charles Frederick. Mgr. 
shipping dept. Lewers ^ Cooke Ltd.. 
Ibr. merchants. 1913-16; mgr. stock 
and bond dept. Henry Waterhouse 
Tr. Co.. 1916-17; foreign dept. Nat. 
City Bank. N.Y. City, 1919; mgr. 
bond dept. Tucker, Anthony 6? Co., 
1919-22: Pacific coast sales mgr. for 
Blair 6? Co.. Inc., bankers, N.Y. City, 
with hdqrs. in San Francisco, 1922- 
24; S.F. rep. First Securities Co., Los 
Angeles. 1925-26; mgr. securities 
dept. Crocker 1st Nat. Bank, S.F., 
1926—; tr. Tamalpais Sch., San Ra- 
fael, Calif. Served as capt. Nat. 
Guard of Hawaii, 1913-16; qualified 
pilot U.S.N. Air Service and later 
commd. lieut., sr. grade, in World 
War. Republican. Conglist. Clubs: 
Pacific Union, Harvard (pres.), Bo- 
hemian. Tennis, Golf (S.F.); Country 
(Burlingame. Calif.), Harvard (Bos- 
ton and N.Y. City). Home: 2006 

Washington St. Addre.s.s; Crocker Bank, San Francisco. 

McCONNELL, Fred W., attorney; 
b. Santa Rosa, Calif., Jan. 11, 1888; .s, 
Wilham E. M. (dec): grad. U. of 
Calif. Law Sch., 1910; m. Gladys Hall, 
of Healdsburg, Calif., June, 1915; 
children — William H., Margaret, Lcla. 
Mem. faculty, Santa Rosa high sch., 
1910-12; read law office of father and 
admitted to Calif, bar, 1911; asso. with 
Edward M. Norton, Healdsburg, 1913- 
25; city atty. Healdsburg, 1915 — ; 
vicc-pres. and dir. Healdsburg Nat. 
Bank and Healdsburg Savs. Bank, sev- 
eral yrs.; pres. bd. trustees, Healdsburg 
Lhiion high sch. dist., 5 yrs.; now mem. 
adv. bd. Healdsburg br.. Bank of 
Italy; asso. with R. M. Barrett, atty., 
Santa Rosa, 1925 — . Mem. Amer. Bar 
Assn., Sonoma Co. Bar Assn. (pres. 
1927), Healdsburg Chamber Com- 
merce (ex-dir.), Sigma Nu. Odd Fel- 
low. Club: Ex-pres. Kiwanis (Healds- 
burg). Home: 1003 Morgan St. Of- 
fice: Bank of Italy Bldg., Santa Rosa. 

LYMAN, Edmunds, manufactur- 
er: b. San Francisco, Sept. 19, 1891; 
.s'. Charles George and Edith (Clarke) 
L.: ed. in France and Switjerland: m. 
Genevieve Bothin, of San Francisco, 
Apr. 30, 1919; 1 dau., Genevieve. 
Began with W. R. Grace 6f Co., ship- 
ping and commn. mchts., S.F., 1914, 
as freight elk. S.A. trade ships; later 
transf. to Pacific S.S. Co. by employ- 
er, remaining until World War: v. p. 
Judson Mfg. Co., iron and steel dlrs., 
S.F., 1919 — ; also treas. and dir. Bo- 
thin Real Estate Co., trustee Bothin 
Helping Fund, dir. Union Sugar Co., 
pres. and dir. Lyman Investment Co. 
— all S.F.; dir. Hemet Town Water 
Co. of Riverside County; dir. Lake 
Hemet (Calif.) Water Co., dir. and 
auditor Sausalito (Calif.) Land 6? 
Ferry Co. Enlisted U.S. Army and 
commd. 2nd lieut., 63rd U.S. Inf., 
1917: later trans, to staiT 11th Div. 
as 1st lieut. Republican. Roman 
Catholic. Clubs: Pacific-Union (S.F.), 
Country (Burlingame, Calif), San Ma- 
teo-Burlmgame Polo, Cercle de TUn- 
ion. Home: Burlingame, Calif. Ojfice: 
604 Mission St.. San Francisco. 

FORD, Alfred Bernard, banker f de- 
ceased ^ b. London, Eng., Aug. 14, 
1860; s. James Ford; ed. Beaumont 
Coll., Eng., and in France and Gei 
many; tn. Hilda, d. late Sir Sydney H 
Waterlow, Baronet, of London. Eng 
May 12, 1886; children— Edmund 
Waterlow (dec); Sydney Waterlow, 
Bernard Waterlow, Arthur Water- 
low, Norman Waterlow, Geoffrey Wa- 
terlow (all in U.S. Army or Navy dur- 
ing World War). Became naturalized 
citizen U.S. 1886; many yrs. in fgn. 
dept. Crocker Nat. Bank, San Fran- 
cisco. Republican. Catholic. Club: 
Founder, see. 16 yrs., pres. 1 yr. Bur- 
lingame (Calif.) Country. Home was 

at San Mateo. Widow, Mrs. Hilda 
Ford now resides at Stanford Ct.Apts., 
San Francfsco. 

EAMES, Alfred W., packer; b. Los 
Angeles, May 3, 1886: s. Alfred W. 
and Anna (Alward) E.: ed. Pomona 
Coll.. Claremont, C;dif.; Stanford U., 
1908-10; A.B., Cornell U., 1911: m. 
Carrie McLean, of Honolulu, T.H., 
Oct. 7, 1913; children— Alfred War- 
ner Jr., Janet Audrey, Francis Alward. 
Mgr. Hawaiian Islands Packing Co., 
Ltd., 1912-14, pres. and mgr. 1914- 
17; treas. Republican Territorial Cen- 
tral Com., T.H., 1915-18; mgr. Ha- 
waiian interests for the Calif. Packing 
Corpn., San Francisco, 1917-20; dir. 
Home Ins. Co. of Hawaii, 1917-28, 
and of the 1st Nat. Bank of Hawaii, 
1918-20; dir. and vice-pres., in chg. of 
production, Calif. Packing Corpn., 
S.F., 1921—, Mem. of draft bd., T.H., 
1917-18. Mem. Chi Psi. Mason 
(Shriner). Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs: Pacific Union, Golf (S.F.); 
Menlo Golf 6? Country (San Mateo 
Co.), University (Hawaii). Home: 
3498 Jackson St. Office: 101 Califor- 
nia St.. San Francisco. 

ABBOTT, William Martin, lawyer; 
b. San Francisco, Calif., Mar. 17, 
1872; s. William and Anna Bell (Cas- 
selman) A.; LL.B., U. of Calif., 1893; 
m. Annie Josephine McVean, Aug. 3, 
1895. Practiced at San Francisco since 
1893; asst. atty. gen. of Calif., 1898- 
1902. V.p., gen. counsel. Market St. 
Ry. Co., S.F.: pres. San Mateo Elec- 

tric Ry. Co.. Sutro Ry. Co.. Met. Ry. 
Co., S.F., Elks Bldg. Assn.: gen. atty. 
United Railroads of San Francisco. 
Mem. Am., Calif, and S.F. bar assns.. 
Native Sons of Golden West. Repub- 
lican. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Clubs: 
Pacific Union, Bohemian, Olympic, 
Commercial, Railroad, Elks, Montecito 



Country. Lakeside Gulf and Country, 
Presidio Golf. Address: 58 Sutter St., 
San Francisco. 

MOULTON, Dudley, horticultural 
commr.; b. San Jose, Calif.. Dec. 29, 
1879: s. Stillman Augustus and Lydia 
Frances (Dudley) M.; ed. Acad, of U. 
of Pacific, 1895-97; A.B.. Stanford 
U., 1903, M.A., 1906: m. Maude N. 
Chidester. of Eureka, Calif., Aug. 15, 
1915: children — Robert Chidester, 
Kenneth Stillman. Entomologist en- 
gaged in research work on pear thrips 
taeniothrips inconsequens, Santa Clara 
Co., Calif., 1904-05: expert, U.S. 
dept. of agr., Washington, D.C., 
1906-08; research on codling moth in 
Neb. and Ark. and again in Calif, on 
pear thrips, 1908; deputy state commr. 
of hort., insp. vessels for fgn. pests 
and diseases, San Francisco, 1908-11; 
hortl. commr. city and co. of S.F., 
1915 — ; specialist in thysanoptera mi- 
croscopic insects, includ. many of most 
import, agrl. pests: his collection rated 
among largest in U.S. and 3rd largest 
in world. Author articles on thrips 
pub. by U.S. dept. of agr., British 
Museum, Linnean Soc. of Sydney, 
Australia, Sapporo Soc. of Japan, 
Bishop Museum of Honolulu, etc. 
Mem. Sigma Xi. Republican. Pro- 
testant. Home 3 5 Elwood St., Red- 
wood City. Ofice: 244 California St., 
San Francisco. 

NOURSE, John Thomas Jr., at- 
torney; b. Academia, Pa.. Mar. 3, 
1877; s. John Thomas and Eleanor 
(Pomeroy) N.; A.B., Stanford U., 
1900, law student at same 1 yr.; m. 
Ruth Hopkins, of San Francisco, June 
11, 1908; children — John Lincoln, 
Elizabeth. Entered law office Major 
C. L. Tilden, S.F., Oct. 1901, and 
admitted to Calif. State bar Mar. 
1902: asst. in city attys. office, S.F., 
and handled matters re Hetch Hetchy 
water rights and right of city to oper. 
munic. ry. on certain sts.; with atty. 
gen's, office later and handled all sch. 
and state bond issues and pub. land 
litigation; also advisor to Govs. John- 
son and Stephens; asst. city atty. S.F., 
1904-06, 1908-11: deputy atty. gen. 
of Calif., 1911-17: judge of superior 
ct., S.F., 1917-19; justice of Calif, 
dist. ct. of appeals, 1919 — . Trustee 
Stanford U. Republican. Clubs: 
Commonwealth (ednl. section). Ma- 
sonic (S.F.); Faculty (Stanford U.). 
Home: 666 Tennyson Ave., Palo Alto. 
OJfice: State Bldg., Civic Center, San 

RANDLETT, Fred Morse, civil 
cngr.: b. Lawrence. Mass., June 3, 
1876; s. Oran J. and Ella A. (Morse) 
R.; B.S. in engring.. Tufts Coll., 
1897; m. Mae L. Lockwood, of Bos- 
ton, Mass., Sept. 1902. With div. 
engrs. office N.Y., N.H. 6? H.R.R., 
1898; teacher of science, Lexington 
(Mass.) high sch.. 1899: teacher phy- 
sics, mech. drawing and surveying. 

Williston Sem.. Easthampton. Mass., 
1899-1900; engr. of construction. 
Stone 6? Webster, Sydney, Cape Bre- 
ton, Can., 1900-03; civil engr. Mass. 
Elcc. Co. of Boston, 1903; engr. War- 
ren Bros. Co. of Boston, and Warren 
Const. Co. of Portland, Ore., 1904- 
06; asst. chief engr. water dept., Port- 
land, 1906-17, chief engr., 1917-25: 
Pacific coast mgr. Robert W. Hunt 
Co., engrs., with hdqrs. in San Fran- 
cisco, 1925 — . Mason (32°, Shrincr). 
Republican. Protestant. Clubs: Pacific 
Railway, Public Spirit (S.F.): City 
(Portland, Ore.). Home: 1320 Lom- 
bard St. Ojjice: 251 Kearny St., San 

LYNCH, Frank W., obstetrician, 
gynecologist: b. Cleveland, O., Nov. 
5, 1871; s. Frank W. and Rebecca 
(Nevin) L.: A.B., Western Reserve 
U., Cleveland, 1895: M.D., Johns 
Hopkins U., 1899: post grad. studies 
Munich. Germany, and Vienna, Aus- 
tria, 1910-12; m. Rowena Tyng Hig- 
ginson, of Omaha, Neb.. 1904: 1 son, 
Frank W. IIL Teacher Johns Hopkins 
U. med. dept., 1899-1904, resident 
obstetrician Johns Hopkins hospital, 
Baltimore, 1901-04; asst. prof, gyne- 
cology and obstetrics Rush Medical 
hosp., Chicago, 1904-15: asst. attend- 
ing and later att. gynecologist and ob- 
stetrician Presbyn. hosp., Chicago, 
1904-15; obstetrician and gynecolo- 
gist-in-chief St. Joseph's hosp., Chica- 
go, 1912-15; prof, of obstetrics and 
gynecology U. of Calif, med. dept., 
1915 — : obstetrician and gynecologist- 
in-chief U. of Calif, hosp., San Fran- 
cisco, 1916 — . Author of a mono- 
graph on tumors; chapts. in the Bry- 
ant and Buck, Oxford, and Nelson 
Systems of Surgery: 75 articles pub. 
in Amer. and German med. jours.; 
asso. editor Amer. Jour, of Obstetrics, 
Amer. Jour, of Syphilis, and Interna- 
tional Abstracts of Surgery, Gynecol- 
ogy and Obstetrics. Mem. Amer. Coll. 
of Surgeons (bd. of govs. 1913— ). A. 
M.A. (chmn. obstetrics and gynecol- 
ogy sec. 1924), Amer. Gynecological 
Soc. (2nd v.p. 1923, 1st v. p. 1926), 
Chicago Gynecological Soc. (pres. 
1913), Pacific Surgical Assn., Calif. 
Med. Soc, Los Angeles Obstetrical 
Soc. (hon.), Seattle Surgical Soc. 
(hon.), Chicago Library Soc, Alpha 
Delta Phi, Nu Sigma Nu. Republi- 
can. Episcopalian. Cliib: S. F. Golf 
6? Country. Home: 2505 Broadway. 
Office: U. of California Hospital, San 

HEILIG, Reed W., attorney: b 
Tacoma, Wash., 1890: s. Albert R, 
and Lilian (Whitaker) H. (both 
dec); ed. Whitworth Coll. Prep 
Sch., Tacoma, 1905-08; LL.B., U. o 
Wash. Law Sch., 1912; m. Lillian J 
Gross, of Conneaut. O.; children — 
Margaret Helen. Lillian Ruth. Ad 
mitted to Wash, state bar, 1912, Alas 
ka bar, 1912: a.sst. U.S. atty. at Fair- 

banks, 4th Division of Alaska, 1915- 
16; U.S. commr. and ex-officio pro- 
bate judge, j.p. and recorder at Fair- 
banks precinct, Alaska. 1916-22; ad- 
mitted Ore. bar, 1922, Calif, bar, 
1923, U.S. cts. in Ore., Alaska and 
Calif., 1923: atty. at law San Leandro, 
Calif., 1923 — . Four min. man, lib- 
erty loan drives. World War. Mem. 
San Leandro Chamber Commerce (ex- 
pres. ). Boy Scouts of America (troop 
committeeman. San Leandro), Delta 
Chi. Mason. Democrat. Protestant. 
Club: Kiwanis (San Leandro). Home; 
817 Woodland Ave. Ofice: Thomas 
Bldg.. San Leandro. 

WILEY, Henry Orton, coll. pres.; 
b. Marquette, Neb.. Nov. 15, 1877; 
s. John Thompson and Alice Chloe 
(Johnston) W,; grad. Ore. State Nor- 
mal Sch.. Ashland, Ore.. 1898: A.B., 
U. of the Pacific, San Jose, Calif., 
1910: B.D., Pacific Theol. Sem., Se- 
attle, Wash., 1910. S.T.M., 1916; D. 
D.. Pasadena (Calif.) Coll., 1925; m. 
Alice May House, of Berkeley, Calif., 
Nov. 8, 1902: children — Alma Pearl, 
Lester Vernon, Henry Ward, Alice 
Ruth. Ordained ministry Ch. of the 
Nazarene, 1909: pastor Berkeley 
(Calif.) Ch. of the Nazarene, 1905- 
09; pres. Pa.sadena Coll., 1910-16 and 
since 1926: pres. Northwest Nazarene 
Coll.; Nampa, Ida., 1916-26. Sec. 
Gen. Bd. of Edn.. Ch. of the Naza- 
rene, since 1915. Home; 1580 Wes- 
ley Ave., Pasadena. 

EARLL, Arthur Nelson, broker: b. 
Paso Rubles, Calif., Aug. 31, 1893; 
s. Frederick Augustus and Ida Fran- 
ces (Barnes) E.; grad. Berkeley 
(Calif.) high sch., 1913; stud. U. of 
Calif., 1913-15: m. Madeline Veda 
MacMahon, of Berkeley, Jan. 1, 
1920; children — Arthur Edwin, Fred- 
erick Nelson. Entered bond bus. as 
salesman, 1917; opened branch house 
for San Francisco bond company in 
Seattle, Wash., 1920; salesman with 
Blyth Witter 6? Co., S.F.. 1921-23; 
asso. with Walsh O'Connor ^ Co., 
brokers, S.F., 1923, partner in same, 
1925 — , mgr. Los Angeles oflice for 
same, 1927 — . Mem. Zeta Psi. Re- 
publican. Protestant. Club: Los An- 
geles Athletic. Home: 1137 S. Duns- 
muir Ave. Office: 542 W. 6th St., Los 

■WEAVER, Martha Collins; b. 
Beardstown, 111., Dec. 25, 1865; d. 
Joseph and Mary Ann (Collins) W.; 
grad. Beardstown High Sch., 1882; 
A.B., McKendree Coll., Lebanon, 111., 
1889; post-grad, work, U. of Chicago. 
Began as teacher in Decatur (111.) 
High Sch.: prin. 111. Woman's Coll.. 
Jacksonville, 1896-1910: dean of 
women. Upper la. U., 1910-14: prin. 
Cumnock Sch. of Expression, Los An- 
geles, 1914-17; prin. and owner El- 
liott Sch. for Girls, Los Angeles, Calif., 
since 1919. Home: 1303 S. Gramercy 
PI., Los Angeles. 


DUISENBERG, Charles August 

Christian, merchant < deceds<:d J.SV4;, 
b. Bremen, Germany. July 2(1. 1825; 
m. Minna Gross Schupff. of Germany, 
Dee. 7. 1868; children— Augusta, 
Charles. Edward, Virginia (Mrs. Isen- 
berg). Left Germany for Valparaiso. 
Chile, Dec. 1847; left Chile and ar- 
rived San Francisco. 1849; est. (with 
C.F. Mcbius) firm of Mebius 6? Dui- 
senberg, mchts., Kearny St., S.F., 
1849: visited native land, 18')4, but 

soon returned to S.F. as German Con- 
sul and remained in diplomatic service 
many yrs.; also agent German Lloyd 
S.S. Co.. S.F., many yrs. Mem. Soc. 
of Calif. Pioneers (ex-v.p. and dir.), 
German Benevolent Soc. (ex-pres.). 
Lutheran. Home was at 3216 Jackson 
St., San Francisco. 

GRANT, Wilbur Henry, geologi- 
cal, mining engr.; b. Aurora. 111., Nov. 
11. 1879; .s. Henry Milton and Lydia 
Carrie (Hawthorne) G.: ed. Colum- 
bian U. Night Sch., Wash.. D.C., 
1900; U. of Mich., 1902-04: E.M.. 
Mich. Coll. of Mines. 1906; m. Ivy 
Beryl Clark, of San Francisco. Apr. 
11. 1917; children — Eliiabeth Louisa, 
Clark Hawthorne, Wilbur John. Clk. 
office auditor U.S. war and treasury 
depts.. Washington, 1899-1902: instr. 
dept. of geology, Mich. Coll. of Mines, 
1906-08: geologist Van Ordcn Pros- 
pecting Co., Cobalt Dist.. Canada, 
1907; mining engr.. surveyor and as- 
sayer near Globe. Arizona. 1908-09; 
draftsman for H. Kenyon Burch. de- 
signing Miami Mill. 1909: geologist, 
Spurr y Cox Inc., N.Y. City, 1909- 
11, Amer. Smelting fe? Rclrning Co., 
N.Y. City. 1912-13; cons, geological 
and mining engr., with hdqrs. in San 
Francisco. 1914 — ; also, at various 
times, worked in mining dists. western 

U.S., B.C.. Canada. Mexico, Cuba, 
etc. Engaged prod, of minerals for 
Allies, World War. Author: Scien- 
tific Prospecting, pub. Engring. &? 
Mining Jour., Apr. 1920; Valuation 
of Placer Deposits, pub. in same, Feb. 
1922; Resume of Geology of United 
Comstock Mines, pub. Mining G? Met- 
allurgy. Nov. 1922. Mem. Amer. 
Mining 6f Metall. Engrs. (chmn. San 
Francisco sect.), Engring. Socs. Em- 
ployment Service (mem. advisory 
com.), Soc. of Economic Geologists. 
Calif, Dev. Assn. (mem. mineral 
com.), S.F. Engring. Council, S.F. 
Chamber Commerce (ex-mem. hospi- 
tality com.: now mem. industrial 
com.), Mich. Coll. of Mines Alumni 
-•Kssn. (life). Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs: U. of Mich., Mich. Coll. of 
Mines. Big Ten. Engineers', Common- 
wealth (S.F.). Home: 260 San Lean- 
dro Way. Office: 582 Market St., San 

SAWYER, Edmund Ogden Jr., 
publi.sher: b. Point Pleasant. W. Va., 
May 5. 1883; ,'i. Edmund Ogden and 
Sarah (Hall) S.; both parents physi- 
cians; grad. Long Beach (Calif.) High 
Sch.. 1901; m. Louisa Alice Harvey. 
of Los Angeles. Calif., June 3. 1908; 
children — Helen Alice, Robert Os- 
born. Edmund Ogden. Newspaper 
photographer and later writer, to 
1909; city editor Los Angeles Record, 
1909-10; editor Portland (Ore.) 
News, 1911-12; asst. editor Seattle 
Star, 1913-14; pres. Post Pub. Co.. 
editor Alaska Evening Post and Alas- 
ka Weekly Post. Seward. Alaska, 
1915-17; editor Seward (Alaska) 
Gateway-Post, 1917. Originated plan 
for mining Alaska coal lands and 
building of necessary railroads through 
Govt, commission and submitted to 
Congress petition signed by 40,000 
citizens of Ore.; mem. state exec. com. 
for Pub. Lands Conv.. Ore., 1911; 
mem. Vice Commn.. Portland, 1911- 
12. Toured Alaska, writing in interest 
Govt, railroad bill. 1913, centered ef- 
forts securing selection Scward-Fair- 
banks route. 1913-14. Asst. supt. fish 
sect. Can. Food Bd.. 1918; supt. fish 
sect. Canadian Trade Commn., 1919. 
Editor Fishing Gazette, New York, 
1920-21; publisher of western trade 
papers, San Francisco, 1922 — . Home: 
1530 Hawthorne Terrace, Berkeley, 
Calif. Addres.'i; 323 Sansome St., San 

WHEATE, Justus Marchal, army 
officer (retired), neuropsychiatrist; b. 
Kent, Ind., Sept. 30, 1864; s. David 
and Sarah (Chambers) W.; grad. in 
pedagogy. Southern Normal Coll. of 
Ky., 1884; M.D., U. of Louisville, 
Ky., 1893; m. Margaret T. McCoy, of 
Charlestown, Ind., Aug. 2, 1894: chil- 
dren — Lawrence Stanley, Floyd Bev- 
erly (dec). Pub. sch. teacher, 4 yrs.; 
served one enlistment in Ind. N.G.; 

asst. army surgeon, U.S. and Cuba, 
Aug. 1898-Feb. 1901; capt. asst. sur- 
geon, U.S. Vols, in Philippines, to Feb. 
1903; capt., surgeon, Philippine Con- 
.stabulary, to July, 1906, resigned due 
to illness and retd. to U.S.; was one of 
3 army trained surgeons selected by 
Philippine Commn. to organize med. 
dept. of Philippine Constab. and was 
first dist. surgeon as.signed to duty; 
organized and trained med. dept. de- 
tachments and estab. hosps. in south- 
ern Luzon; retd. to duty as contract 
surgeon, serving as such to July, 1908; 
1st lieut., Med. R.C., July 1908-Apr. 
1917: served in successive grades from 
Iieut. to lieut. -col., 1917-18; instr. 
med. officers' training camp, Ft. Rus- 
sell; organized med. service of "Calif. 
Grizzlies" at Tanforan, Calif.; c. o. Ft. 
Russell Hosp.: asst. to dept. surgeon, 
western dept., U.S.A., part 1918; 
camp surgeon. Camps Oglethorpe and 
Wheeler, Ga.; surgeon, port of em- 
barkation, Charleston, S.C.; c. o.. 
Camp Beauregard Base Hosp., La., un- 
til Its trans, as vets. hosp. to U.S. P. 

H.S.; was first U.S. Vets. Bur. officer 
in chg. Palo Alto (Cahf.) Hosp. and 
instrumental in converting same from 
tuberculosis to neuropsychiatric hosp.; 
now neuropsychiatrist at regional of- 
fice, San Francisco, of U.S. Vets. Bur. 
Writer of fiction. Mem. Heroes of 76. 
Mason (K.T., Shriner). Democrat. 
Presbyn. Club: Sojourners (S.F.). 
Home: 1309 Bayswater ave., Burlin- 
game. Oficc: U.S. Veterans" Bureau, 
812 Mission St., San Francisco. 

MENDELSSOHN, Samuel, physi- 
cian; b. Leipsic. Germany. Dec. 22, 
1874; s. Mendel and Basha (Linden- 
stein) M.; grad. Kiskin Rabbinical 
Coll.. Palestine; medical studies Glas- 
gow U., Scotland: m. Ammellia With- 
rell, of Boston, Mass., 1914. Spent 



early yrs. traveling in Europe, Asia, 
Africa and America; engaged institu- 
tional wk. in Canada prior to 1907; 
del. by Canadian organi;;ations to visit 
scenes of massacre in Kishenov, Odessa 
and St. Petersburg {now Leningrad) 
dur. pogroms in Russia, 1906; sent by 
Masonic order to S. Africa dur. Boer 
War to aid wounded; later returned 
to England and attended coronation 
dinner of King Edward VII as invited 
guest; asso. with various sanatonums 
and hospitals in Calif, many yrs.; now 
conducts as owner Mendelssohn San- 
atorium. San Francisco. Mem. B'nai 
B'rith, S.F. Chamber Commerce. Ma- 
son (life). Republican. Jewish. Ad- 
dreis: 860-70 Fell St., San Francisco. 

KENNEDY, Clyde Charles, cons, 
civil engr.; b. Rushville, Ind., 1881; 
s. Robert and Mary Frances Kennedy; 
grad. Friends' Acad.. Spiceland, Ind., 
1900; B.S., Earlham Coll., Richmond, 
Ind., 1904; M.S., U. of Calif., 1912; 
m. Mabel Roberts, of Noblesville, 
Ind., Jan. 20, 1906; children — Frances 
Rhoda (dec), Richard Roberts, Lou- 
ise, Robert Malcolm, Mary Jean, Car- 
olyn Clare. Asst. engr. Indianapolis 
i^ Cincinnati Traction Co., 1904, Pa. 
R.R., 1904-07. Mo. P. Ry. (now Mo. 
P. R.R.), 1907; asst. city and county 
engr. Rushville, Ind., 1907-08; coun- 
ty surveyor and engr., with hdqrs. 
Rushville, 1909-10; successively 1st 
asst. engr. and city engr. Berkeley, 
Calif., designing many impvts., 1912- 
19; cons. engr. in pvt. practice, mu- 
nicipal impvts. etc., San Francisco, 
1919 — ; also, at various times, engr. 
28 other municipalities in Calif. Asso. 
editor of Western Construction News, 
S.F. Commd. capt.. Sanitary Corps, 
U.S.A., World War. Mem. Amer. 
Soc. C.E. (chmn. sanitary com., S.F. 
sect.), Amer. Water Wks. Assn.. 
Amer. Pub. Health Assn. Mason (K. 
T., Shriner). Republican. Mem. 
Friends" Society (ex-presiding elk. at 
Berkeley Meeting; now deacon. Fed- 
erated Ch., Saratoga, Calif.). Club.s: 
Engineers', Masonic, Commonwealth 
(S.F.); Jonathan (Los Angeles). 
Home. Los Gatos, Calif. Office: Call 
Bldg., San Francisco. 

HALL, Jennison Clifton, lithog- 
rapher (deceased I898J, b. Marion, 
Mass., Mar. 22, 1840; s. Daniel 
Hall; ed. pub. schs.. Marion; m. 
Elizabeth Spicer. of Providence, R.I., 
1873 (dec); two children (dec); m. 
2nd, Emma M. Wiggins, of San Fran- 
cisco, Apr. 20, 1887; children — Ame- 
lia Spicer (Mrs. Fred Patterson, dec), 
Caroline C. (Mrs. Alan D. Field), 
Jessie M. (Mrs. H. Seldon Brown), 
Wilfred F., Jennison C. Estab. J.C. 
Hall Lithograph Co., Providence, R. 
I., prior to 1870. oper. same until 
1886; pres. and gen. mgr. Union Lith- 
ograph Co., San Francisco, 1886-98; 
pioneer master lithographer in west. 

Republican. Episcopalian (vestryman 
Christ Epis. Ch., Alameda). Home 
was at 1800 Franklin St., San Fran- 

WAKEMAN, Helen, educator; h. 
London, Eng., d. Hubert J. and Helen 
(Crossley) W.; ed. pvt. tutors; colls, 
in Brussels, Paris, Hanover and Ber- 
lin. Prin. Helen Wakeman's Sch., 
Berkeley, Calif. Republican. Episco- 
palian. Clubs, City Women's, Bus. 
and Prof. Women's (Berkeley). 
Home: Whitccotton Hotel. 0|ficc: 
Eastman Bldg., Berkeley. 

MacADAM, Madalena Victoria 
Brocklebank (Mrs. George Harrison 
MacAdam), realtor (retired); b. N. Y. 
City; d. John Wesley and Catherine 
(Waugh) Brocklebank; ed. Miss Ran- 
ncy's Sem., N.Y. City; Binghamton 
(N.Y.) Coll.; m. George Harrison 

MacAdam, Feb. 28, 1889; 1 dau., 
Katherine Madalena (Mrs. Martin 
Jonas Peterson). Engaged in real es- 
tate operations, San Francisco, 1902- 
23; inc. the M.V.B. MacAdam Co., 
real estate, S.F.. in 1910; built and 
owns The Brocklebank apt. hotel. 
Nob Hill. S.F. Mem. D.A.R., Colo- 
nial Dames. Societe de Noblesse. Ad- 
dress: 1000 Mason St.. San Francisco. 
CRAVATH, James Raley, cons, 
elcc. engr.; b. Gnnnell, la., July 11, 
1872; s. Samuel Austin and Mary 
(Raley) C; B.S., Gnnnell Coll., 1892; 
m. Myra Rew, of Grinnell, Apr. 19, 
1899; children — Austin Melville, 
Ruth (Mrs. Wakefield). Spent many 
yrs. in clec. journalism; mem. editorial 
.staff Electrical World, Chicago, 1900- 
10; oper. own office as cons, engr., 
Chicago, 1910-21; pres. Pioneer Elec. 
Co., engrs. and contractors, Rich- 
mond, Calif., 1920-25; cons, ilium, 
engr., with hdqrs. in San Francisco, 
1925 — ; widely known for wk. in ilium. 

engring.; pioneer wk. in lighting has 
incl. design of reflectors of many new 
types for direct and indir. lighting, 
invention of lighting units, reduction 
of ilium, calculations to more definite 
basis, invest, eye strain under diff. 
lighting conditions, impvt. auto head 
lighting, etc. Author of many papers 
and sev. books on illumination. Mem. 
Amer. Inst. E.E., Illuminating Eng- 
ring. Soc. (charter mem. and chmn. 
S.F.-Bay Cities chap. 1924-25), S.F. 
Elec. Dev. League. Conglist. Home: 
1139 Oxford St., Berkeley. Ofce: 
Call Bldg., San Francisco. 

SHARP, William Fuller, dentist; b. 
Sacramento. Calif., Sept. 21, 1866; s. 
William and Margaret (Graham) S.; 
D.D.S.. U. of Calif., 1890; D.M.D., 
Harvard, 1891; m. Grace Bradford, of 
San Rafael, Calif., Sept. 15, 1897; 
children — Margaret (Mrs. Gerald De 
Graf), Pauhne Olmstead. Dorothy 
Minton, Evelyn Bradford. Mem. fac- 
ulty coll. of dentistry, U. of Calif., 
1891-1921, now prof, prosthdontia, 
emeritus; treas. U. of Calif, faculty 
many yrs.; sponsored bill before legis- 
lature prov. for U. of Calif, bldgs.; 
active in U. of Calif, affairs many yrs. 
Mem. Amer. Dental Assn., Calif. 
State Dental Assn., S.F. Dental Soc, 
Harvard Odontological Soc, First 
Dist. Dental Soc. of N.Y., Epsilon 
Alpha, Delta Sigma Delta, Down 
Town Assn. (S.F.). Mason. Inde- 
pendent. Episcopalian. Clubs: Family 
(S.F.), Marin Golf 6? Country (San 
Rafael). Home: 333 G St., San Ra- 
fael. Office: 350 Post St., San Fran- 

FULMER, Grace, educator; b. 
Chambersburg, Pa.; d. William Alex- 
ander and Rebecca Susanna (Knise- 
ley) F.; grad. Chicago Kindergarten 
Coll., 1893, Teachers" Coll., Columbia 
U., 1912; 1 adopted dau., Mary Jane. 
Instr. Chicago Kindergarten Coll. 
prior to 1903; teacher Dewey Sch., 
Chicago U., 1901-03; travel and study 
in Europe, 1903-04; instr. Phoebe 
Hearst Kindergarten Coll., Washing- 
ton, D.C., 1904-05; organized kinder- 
garten tr. dept. Washington (D.C.) 
Normal Sch., 1905, and with same, 
1905-08; asst. prof, kindergarten edn. 
Teachers" Coll., Columbia U., 1906- 
12; supervisor kindergarten primary 
grades Los Angeles city schs., 1912- 
15; asst. supt. schs., Los Angeles, 
1915-16; instr. San Francisco Normal 
Sch., 1916-17; est. Miss Fulmer's Open 
Air Sch. for Girls, Los Angeles, 1917, 
and now prin. of same. Mem. Inter- 
nat. Kindergarten Union, S. Calif. 
Teachers" Assn. Author: The Use of 
the Kindergarten Gifts. Presbyn. 
Clubs: Ebell. Women"s University, 
Women"s Athletic. Surf fe? Sand (Los 
Angeles). Address: 627 South St. 
Andrews PI., Los Angeles. 



JOHNSTONE, William Arthur, 

citrus grower, hanker, state official; b. 
Canada, Dec. If, 1869; ,<. James Ar- 
thur and EUina Sophronia (Way) J.; 
ed. McGill U., Can., 1886-88; m. Alice 
Eugenia Best, of Pomona, Calif., Dec. 
20, 1902; children — Margaret Alice. 
Dorothy Adele, Jean Elizabeth. En- 
gaged in citrus growing. Imperial \'al- 
ley, Calif., 1890 — ; ex-dir. Fruit 
Growers Supply Co.: organized 1st 
Nat. Bank of San Dimas, Cahf., 1903, 
and later the San Dimas Savs. Bank, 
pres. of both banks since orgn.; mem. 
Calif. State assembly, 1903, 1905, 
1913, speaker, pro-tem, 1913; pres. 
Cahf. State Water Commn.. 1913-15, 
mem. until 1920; trustee. Bonita 
(Cahf.) Union high sch., 1920—; 
apptd. mem. of Calif. State Bd. of 
Control, div. of purchases and custody, 
1927: pres. CaUf. State Civil Service 
Commn., 1927 — : chmn. Calif. State 
Pension Commn., 1927 — ; mem. Re- 
publican state central com., 1927-28; 
dir. of San Dimas Water Co., and San 
Dimas Charter Oak Domestic Water 
Co. Mem. Calif. Fruit Growers" Assn. 
(ex-dir.), Calif. Farm Bur. Fed. (dir. 
1927), San Dimas Orange Growers' 
Assn. (dir.), Los Angeles ChamKer 
Commerce (mem. agrl. com., 1927- 
28). Mason (K.T., 32°, Shnner). 
Republican. Conglist. Club.';; City 
(L.A.), Mountain Meadows Country 
(Pomona). Home: Glenway Ranch, 
San Dimas. Offices: First National 
Bank, San Dimas, and Forum Bldg , 

WILSON, Horace, insurance brok- 
er (deceased 1927), b. Gorham, Me.. 
Feb. 10, 1843: s. Hubbard and Eliza- 
beth (Allen) W.; grad. Coll. of Lafay- 
ette: m. Mary Agnes Lord, of Maine, 
Feb. 6, 1868: two sons — Harry L. 
(dec), Allan K. In Japanese govt, 
service, Tokio, 1871-77, receiving Im- 
perial decoration, the Order of the 
Rising Sun; librarian and trustee. Me- 
chanics" Inst., San Francisco, 20 yrs.; 
mem. com. which drafted first charter 
of S.F.; mem. S.F. bd. of Supervisors, 
1900-03; apptd. mem. bd. of mgrs. 
Agnew State hosp., by Gov. Gillett, 
1909, and re-apptd. by Gov. Johnson, 
1912. Served with Union Army dur- 
ing Civil War: dischgd. Savannah, 
Ga., Mar. 1868. Mem. G.A.R. 
(comdr. Geo. H. Thomas post 2, 
dept. of Cahf. and Nev., 1906); Mil. 
Order of Loyal Legion of U.S. 
(comdr. Cahf. Commandery. 1909- 
10). Republican. Unitarian. Chibs: 
Army y Navy of Calif., Bohemian 
(S.F.). Resided in San Francisco. 

GOULD, Ralph Amos, chemical 
engr. (deceased 1928 ); h. Ortonville. 
Mich.. Mar. 7. 1876; s. Albert Byrun 
and Jennie M. (Heath) G.: B.S.. U. 
of Calif.. 1897: m. Rose Raymond 
Barkley. of San Francisco, Dec. 10. 
1918. Asst. chemist S.F. bd. of health, 

1896-98: chemist U.S. Navy Yard. 
Mare Island, Cahf., 1898-1904; chief 
of U.S. food and drug inspection lab., 
S.F.. 1904-12: mem. firm Gould, Free 
tf Ash, chem. engrs., S.F., 1912-14, 
Gould 6? Ash, 1914-19, Gould & 
Drake, 1920-26: sec. and dir. sci. field 
work of Selby Smelter Commn., 1913- 
14: worked on processes for utilizing 
pineapple waste, estah. plant for that 
purpose in Hawaii, and on processes 
and plant for producing citric acid di- 
rect from lemons, estab. 1st Calif, 
plant for that purpose, 1913-15. Mem. 
Amer. Chem. Soc. (chmn. Cahf. sect. 
1911, councillor Calif, sect. 5 terms), 
Amer. Inst. Chem. Engrs., A.A.A.S., 
Sigma Xi. Republican. Home was at 
2742 Pierce St. Office was at 216 
Pine St., San Francisco. 

CANTWELL, John Joseph, bishop; 
b. Limerick. Ireland. Dec. 1. 1874; s. 

Patrick and Ellen (O'Donnell) C; ed. 
Sacred Heart Coll., Crescent, Limer- 
ick, and St. Patrick's Coll., Thurles, 
Ireland. Ordained priest R.C. Ch., 
1899: came to U.S., 1899; curate, 
Berkeley, Cahf., 1899-1904: sec. to 
archbishop of San Francisco, 1904-14; 
vicar gen. San Francisco Diocese, 
1914-17: consecrated bishop. Diocese 
of Monterey and Los Angeles, Dec. 5, 
1917. Mem. hd. dirs. Extension Soc, 
U. of Calif.; founder Newman Club, 
U. of Cahf. Home: 100 Fremont PI. 
Address: 108 W. Second St., Los An- 

GALLI, Joseph, priest; b. Varese, 
Province of Lombardy, Italy. Apr. 18, 
1877: s. John Baptiste and Antonietta 
(Marone) G.: ed. gram, schs., Varese: 
Oratory of the Ven. Don John Bosco; 
mission houses in Foglizzo and Val- 
salice, Turin; sent with 1st Salesian 
expedition to Braga. northern Portu- 
gal. 1894, where studied theology and 

Portuguese and was teacher and asst. 
to students at Coll. of San Cactano: 
later studied in Lisbon; ordained 
priest, 1903. Sent to Oakland, Calif., 
with 1st Salesian expedition of Father 
A. Bergeretti, E. Pavan and Bro. John 
Bovio: returned to Italy for extended 
visit, 1911: pastor St. Jo5eph"s (Por- 
tuguese) R.C. ch., one of largest par- 
ishes of its kind in U.S., and Mary 
Help of Christian"s ch., Oakland, 
1912 — . Chaplain St. Joseph's Inst. 
60, Y.L.I., and Cabrillo Council 614, 
Y.M.I., Oakland. 1909 — : also found- 
er (1910) Catholic Ladies' Aid Soc. 
branch 33, ;nd now chaplain same. 
Served 18 mos. Italian Army, 1898- 
99. Address: 1128 7th St., Oakland. 
MOULTON, Robert Harrison, in- 
vestment broker; b. Galesburg. 111., 
Sept. 10. 1888: s. Ernest S. and Julia 
(Ferris) M.; A.B., U. of Cahf.. 1911; 
m. Florence H. Wachter. of Los An- 
geles, Oct. 3, 1914: children— Donald 
Wachter. Robert H. Jr., Franklin Fer- 
ns. Asso. with Louis Sloss ii Co.. San 
Francisco. 1911-14, southern Cahf. 
rep., at L.A., for same. 1912-14; 
founded R. H. Moulton 6? Co., bonds, 
(now of S.F., L.A. and N. Y. City), 
1914, now pres. same. Govt. mgr. 
southern Calif, dist.. Liberty Loan 
drives. World War. Mem. Theta Del- 
ta Chi. Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: 
LA. Country, California (L.A.); Uni- 
versity (L.A. and S.F.), Midwick 
Country (Pasadena). Home: 543 S. 
Wilton Ave. Ofice; 510 South Spring 
St., Los Angeles. 

MOULTON, Francis, investment 
broker; b. Riverside, Cahf., Jan. 16, 
1892; s. Ernest Smith and Julia (Fer- 
ns) M.: B.S.. U. of CahL, 1913: m. 
Gladys Rohh. of Riverside, Mar. 6, 
1915: children— John Russell, Ann. 
Entered employ of R.H. Moulton 6? 
Co., bonds. San Francisco, Los Ange- 
les and N.Y. City, as salesman. 1914, 
vice-pres.. in chg. L.A. office, 1920 — . 
Republican. Presbyn. Chibs: Califor- 
nia, Country. University (L.A.); 
Westport Beach (Venice). Montana 
Gun. Home: 519 S. Arden Blvd. Of- 
fice: 510 S. Spring St., Los Angeles. 
BARKER, Clarence Alfred, mer- 
chant: b. Los Angeles, Jan. 15. 1890; 
s. Charles Horace and Nellie (Palmer) 
B.: ed. pub. schs., Los Angeles: Occi- 
dental Coll., 1910-11: m. Ava Lou 
Hill, of Pasadena, Cahf., 1911 (dec): 
children — Edward Hill, Robert Tru- 
ax: m. 2nd, Lolita Marguerite De 
Lape. 1920; 1 son, Clarence Alfred 
Jr. Entered employ Barker Brothers 
Inc., furniture merchants, L.A., 1911, 
and v.p. in charge buying and selling, 
same, 1924 — . Republican. Chibs: 
Jonathan, Tennis, S. Calif. Athletic 
(L.A.): Valley Hunt, Flintridge 
Country (Pasadena). Home: 1950 
Oak St.. South Pasadena. Address: 
Barker Brothers. Los Angeles. 


DRISKO, Milton C, educator; h. 
Addison, Mc, Oct. 8, 1877; s. Almon 
R. and Orne Anna (Crowley) D.; 
ed. Maine Wesleyan U., Kents Hill. 
Me., 1897-1901; grad. studies in edn. 
Yale U., 1910-12; m. Minnie Down- 
ing, of Meriden, Conn., Jan. 1, 1908; 
children — Grenfell Downing, Barbara. 
Spent 4 yrs. teaching ungraded schs. 
of Me.; prin. Addison (Me.) high 
sch.. 1901-02, Union (Me.) high sch., 
1902-03, North Andover (Mass.) 
gram,, sch., 1903-04, New Britain 
(Conn.) gram, sch., 1904-07; teacher 
south sch., Hartford, Conn., 1907-11, 
vice-prin. same, 1911-12; mem. fac- 
ulty Los Angeles State Normal Sch., 
1913-19, U. of Calif, at L.A., 1919- 
20; est. (with A. A. Macurda) Los 
Angeles Coaching Sch., 1920, and 
now dir. and half owner same; est. 
Los Angeles Pvt. Jr. Coll., 1928. 
Mason (K.T., Shriner). Republican. 
Clubs; Deauville Beach (Santa Mon- 
ica), Hollywood Masonic. Home: 2511 
Hermosita Dr., Glendale. Address: 
1609 W. 9th St., Los Angeles. 

MACURDA, Arthur A., college 
dean: b. Fitchburg, Mass., Aug. 1, 
1873; s. William Augustus and Fran- 
ces Elizabeth (Burdett) M.; A.B., 
Brown U.. 1895; M.A., U. of Calif., 
1902; m. Rose D. Johnson, of Los An- 
geles Sept. 2, 1898;children— Malcolm 
Maurice, Meredith, Muriel, Mignon. 
Began as elk., Boston, 1895; teacher 
Kamehameha Schs., Honolulu, T.H., 
1896-98; teacher and pres. Cogswell 
Poly. Coll., San Francisco, 1898- 
1901; ednl. dir. S.F. Y.M.C.A., 1899- 
1903; deputy supt. schs., S.F., 1903- 
07; pres. Calif. Coll., Oakland, 1907- 
09; with Silver, Burdett Book Co., 
1909-10, Los Angeles State Normal 
Sch. and U. of Calif, at L.A., 1910 
20; est. (with Milton C. Drisko) Los 
Angeles Coaching Sch., 1920, and 
now dir. and half owner same; dean 
L.A. Pvt. Jr. Coll., 1928—. Former 
act. gen. sec. S. Calif. Sunday Sch. 
Assn. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Delta 
Upsilon. Mason. Republican. Cong- 
list. Clubs: Sea Breese Beach (Santa 
Monica), L.A. Masonic, Home: 1811 
Harvard Blvd. Address; 1609 W. 9th 
St., Los Angeles. 

KING, Joseph H., engineer; b. 
Oakland. Calif., Apr. 17, 1879; s. 
Charles Henry and Kate (Brown) K.: 
ed. U. of Calif. Chief cngr. Philip- 
pine E.xploration Co., 1903-05; now 
mgr. C. H. King Estate Co., Oakland; 
pres. and gen. mgr. Amer. Heat 6? 
Power Co., and Marchant Calculating 
Machine Co., Emeryville, Calif.; dir. 
Hotel Oakland and Vulcan Fire Ins. 
Co., Oakland; trustee. Mills Coll., 
Oakland; chmn. Alameda Co. instns. 
commn., in chg. of bldg. and operat- 
ing hosps. for CO.; chmn. airport 
commn., Oakland, 1928. Chmn. Lib- 
erty loan drives and Red Cross, Oak- 

land. World War. Mem. Oakland 
Chamber Commerce (pres.). Elk. Re- 
publican. Protestant. Clubs: Athen- 
ian Nile (dir.), Athens Athletic, Se- 
quoyah Country (Oakland). Home: 
3900 Harrison St., Oakland. Olfices: 
1475 Powell St., Emeryvaie; 308 12th 
St., Oakland. 

DE LAGUNA, Frederica, educa- 
tor; b. Oakland, Calif.; d. Alexander 
and Frederica DeL.; A.B., Stanford, 
1896, A.M., Columbia, 1904. Succes- 
sively teacher English lit., Sacramento 
High Sch., Chaffey Coll. (Ontario, 
Calif.), U. of Southern Calif.; asso. 
prin, Westlake Sch. for Girls since 
1904, also Westlake Junior Coll. since 
1924. Presbyn. Clubs: Friday Morn- 
ing, Ebell, Woman's Athletic, Pro 
Musica. Author: Opportunity, 1921; 
Work, 1922; Obedience, 1923; Re- 
sponsibility, 1925; The Power of Re- 
straint, 1926; The Miracle of Growth, 
1927. Home: 333 S. Westmoreland 
Ave., Los Angeles. 

WIEL, Eli H., manufacturer; b. 
Baltimore, Md., July 17, 1873; s. 
Lewis P. and Henrietta (Hecht) W.; 
ed. pub. schs., San Francisco; tn. Elsa 
Rosenbaum, of S.F., June 1, 1910; 
1 dau., Elizabeth. Pres. Buckingham 
y Hecht Co. of Calif., 1914—, Nap A 
Tan Shoe Co., 1914 — , Juvenile Shoe 
Corpn. of Mo., 1925—, William 
Marvin Co., 1926 — , Starnes Co. 
1926—, United Shoe Co., 1926— 
Honduras Products Co., 1927—, S.O 
S. Mfg. Co. of Dela., 1928—; vice 
pres. Dumbarton Bridge Co., 1928 — 

dir. North Amer. Oil Co., 1924— 
Isleton Canning Co., 1925 — . Repub 
lican. Jewish. Clubs: Lakeside Golf. 
Los Altos Golf, Beresford Golf, Argo 
naut, S.F. Commercial, Common 
wealth of Calif. Home: Atherton 
Addrcw: 2 5 First St., San Francisco 

SNOOK, Charles E., attorney; b, 
San Francisco, Feb. 19, 1863; s. Wil 
liam Sayer and Susan Helen (Loch 
ran) S.; ed. pub. schs., Oakland; m 
Jennie Wade, of Oakland, Feb. 21 
1888; children— Charles Wade, Pres 
ton Edward, Helen Jean. J. p.. Oak 
land Twp., Calif., 1888-92; dist. atty, 
Alameda Co., 1893-99; engaged in 
gen. law practice, Oakland, 1900 — 
atty. for Regents, U. of Calif., 1903 
08. Mem. Pub. Health Center of Ala 
meda Co., Tuberculosis Assn. of Ala^ 
meda Co., L.O.M. Mason (K.T, 
Shriner), N.S.G.W. Republican 
Conglist. Clubs: Athenian Nile, Ath 
ens Athletic, Sequoyah Country (Oak 
land). Home: 813 Rosemount Rd 
Office: Central Bank Bldg., Oakland, 

FREEDMAN, Leo, educator; b 
Hungary, Jan. 15, 1884; s. Mor and 
Dorothea (Edelman) F.; brought to 
U.S. 1899; ed. m New York and 
abroad; student Columbia Univ., 
1904-5, 1906-08 (Moore scholarship, 
1907-08), B.S. and B. Ed., 1908, post- 
grad, work, lit. and philology, 1920- 
24; student New York U., 1905-06; 
m. Carolina Berger, of Hungary, Sept. 
25, 1908; children— Edna Grace, Hor- 
tense Josefa. Teacher pvt. sch., N.Y. 
City. 1906-08; instr. in pedagogy, 
Porto Rico, 1908-09; founder, 1910, 
pres. and headmaster until 1924, 
Rhodes Prep. Sch., N.Y. City; found- 
er, 1926, and pres. since Beverly 
School for Boys. Los Angeles. Calif. 
Fellow Am. Geog. Soc; mem. A. A. A. 
S., Metropolitan Mus. Art, Am. Mus. 
Natural History. Modern Language 
Assn. America. Republican. Club; 
Concordia Athletic. HotTie: 1112 S. 
Manhattan PI,, Los Angeles. 

CARPENTER, Frank Benton, phy- 
sician (deceased 1928). b. Wis., Dec. 
29, 1858; s. Charles and Linnie (Fer- 
guson) C; M.D., Columbia Coll., 
1883; TO. Nettie M. Pepper, of St. 
Paul. Minn.. May 25, 1883. Attend- 
ing physician, Hosp. for the Insane, 
Honolulu, T.H., 1884-85; practiced 
med., San Francisco, 1885-1928: actg, 
autopsy surgeon, S.F., 1887-88. Mem. 
Amer. Coll. of Surgeons, A.M. A., 
Calif. Med. Assn., S.F. Co. Med. Soc, 
Republican. Protestant. Club; Union 
League (S.F.). Home was at 3966 
Washington St. Office was at 209 
Post St.. San Francisco. 

LLOYD, John Augustus, railroad 
e.Nec; b. Pittsburgh, Pa.. May 26, 
1884; s. John Denham and Catherine 
(Farmer) L.; ed. high sch.; m. Rae 
Bartch. of Salt Lake City, Sept. 8, 
1908; children — Alice Catherine, Rae 
Bartch, John Augustus Jr., William 
David. Gen. agt. at San Francisco, 
Erie R.R. Co. Mason. Protestant. 
Clubs: Commercial, Commonwealth, 
Traffic, Transportation (S.F.). Home: 
3 30 Minnie St., San Mateo. Office: 
681 Market St.. San Francisco. 



DAVIS, Arthur Powell, civil engr.: 
b. Decatur. 111.. Feb. 9. 1861; s. John 
and Martha P. D.; grad. State Normal 
Sch.. Emporia. Kan.; B.S., Columbian 
(now George Washington) U., 1888, 
Sc.D.. 1917; D. Eng.. la. State Coll.. 
1920; m. Elizabeth Brown of Wash- 
ington, D.C.. June 20, 1888 (died 
Apr. 13. 1917); children — Mrs. Rena 
Peck. Mrs. Florence Eslin, Mrs. Dor- 
othy Smith. Mrs. Elizabeth Smith; m. 
2nd. Marie MacNaughton, of Wash- 
ington. DC. June 19. 1920. Topog- 
rapher U.S. Geol. Survey, 1884-94, 
conducting surveys and explorations 
in Ariz.. N.M., and Calif.; hydrogra- 
pher in charge of all govt, stream 
measurements, 1895-97; hydrographer 
in charge hydrographic exam, of Nic- 
aragua and Panama canal routes. 1898- 
1901; chief engr., U.S. Reclamation 
Ser\-ice. 1906-14. dir. same 1914-23. 
Consulting engr., Panama Canal, 
1909. Examined and reported on irri- 

gation in Porto Rico, 1909: in Turk- 
estan, 1911; mem. bd. of engrs. re- 
porting on flood control in China, 
1914; cons. engr. on many high dams; 
mem. joint conf. on standard specifica- 
tions for Portland cement. 5 yrs.; 
technical adviser to U.S. on Pecuniary 
Claims Arbitration. London. 1923. 
Chief engr. and gen. mgr. East Bay 
Municipal Utihty Dist., Oakland. 
Calif.; built aqueduct and tunnel. 94 
miles long, for 9 cities, on E. shore 
San Francisco Bay. Member American 
Society C.E. (pres.. 1920). Washing- 
ton Academy Sciences (v. p. 1908), 
Washington Soc. Engrs. (pres. 1907); 
hon. mem. 1923, etc. Author Eleva- 
tion and Stadia Tables. 1893; Progress 
of Stream Measurements, 1897; Irri- 
gation near Phoenix, Ariz., 1897; Ir- 
rigation Investigation in Arizona. 
1898; Hydrography of Nicaragua, 

1899; Hydrography of the American 
Isthmus. 1902; Water Storage on Salt 
River, Ariz., 1903; Irrigation Works 
Constructed by the U.S. Government, 
1917; treatise on irrigation engineer- 
ing; also articles in mags, on irriga- 
tion, the Isthmian canals and other 
hydrographic subjects. Home: 505 
Santa Ray Ave. Ojjice: 1924 Broad- 
way. Oakland. 

NEWMAN, Dora Lee, educator; 
b. Moundsville, W.Va., Sept. 5, 1876; 
d. Lewis Steenrod and Clementine 
(Pickett) N.; grad. high sch., Mounds- 
ville 1893; student W.Va. U. Teacher 
pub. schs., Moundsville, 1902-07; head 
of English and history depts., high 
sch., Cameron, W.Va., 1907-12; head 
of history and civics dept., high sch., 
Fairmont, W.Va., 1912-20; instr. in 
history and govt., Fairmont State Nor- 
mal Sch., 3 summers; prin. Cathedral 
Sch. for Girls, Orlando, Fla., 1922-23; 
prin. Brovvnell Hall, Omaha, Neb. ,1923- 
25; dir. Cumnock Sch., Los Angeles, 
Calif., since 1927. Served in France 
with Am. Red Cross, 1918, Y.W.C.A.. 
1919; on hdqrs. staff Penn.-Del. div. 
Am. Red Cross, 1920-21; asso. dir. 
Junior Am. Red Cross, Atlantic div., 
1921-22. Mem. W.Va. Hist. Soc. (1st 
sec.-treas.), Assn. Head Mistresses of 
Pacific Coast. Episcopalian. Author; 
Marion County in the Making, 1916. 
Home: 53 53 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles. 

ST.A.NWOOD, Cornelia (Terry) 
McKinne ( Mrs. Edward Babson Stan- 
wood), educator: b. Stockton, Calif., 
Oct. 5, 1875; d. Barna and Mary (Pat- 
terson) McKinne; grad. Lowell High 
Sch., San Francisco, Calif.. 1895; B.L., 
U. of CaUf., 1898; m. Edward Bahson 
Stanwood, of Marysville, Calif., June 
28, 1911; 1 dau., Mary Elizabeth. 
Teacher of English, high sch., San Ra- 
fael, Calif., 1899-1905, The Sarah Dix 
HamHn Sch., San Francisco, 1906-10; 
condr. classes in history of art and of 
Cahf. missions, 1907-11; headmistress 
The Sarah Dix Hamlin Sch. since 
1927. Rep. on Yuba Co. Council of 
Defense, 1917-18. Exec, officer CaUf. 
State Bd. Charities and Corrections, 
1918-24. Pres. Calif, br. Assn. Colleg- 
iate Alumnae, 1907-09; state chmn. 
art, Calif. Federation Women's Clubs, 
1911-12; v. p. Northern Calif, br. Coll. 
Equal Suffrage League, 1910-12; pres. 
Calif, br. Am. Assn. Univ. Women, 
1921-22. Mem. Kappa Kappa Gamma. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Century, Town 
and Country; Women's Faculty (U. of 
Calif.). Home: 2120 Broadway, San 

CHAPMAN, Charles C(larke), 

capitalist; b. Macomb. 111.. July 2, 
1853; s. Sidney S. and Rebecca Jane 
(Clarke) C; ed. common schs.; m. 
Lizzie Pearson, of Austin, Tex., Oct. 
23, 1884 (died Sept. 19, 1894); chil- 
dren — Ethel Marguerite (v>.ife of Dr. 

Wm. Harold Wickett), Charles Stan- 
ley; m. 2d, Clara Irvin, of Los Ange- 
les, Calif.. Sept. 3, 1898, 1 son, Irvin. 
Learned bricklayer's trade; supt. erec- 
tion of bidgs. in Chicago, 1871-73; in 
mercantile business. 1873-76; canvass- 
er for hist. work. 1876-77; founder 

pub. business, Galesburg. 1878, moved 
to Chicago, 1880, in partnership with 
brother, Frank M., as Chapman Bros. 
Moved to Los Angeles. 1894; orange 
grower since 1894 and has developed 
several large ranches. Builder of hosp. 
at Nantungchow, China. Chmn. bd. 
Bank of Italy, Fullerton branch; pres. 
Chapman Bros. Co., Chas. C. and S.J. 
Chapman Co.. Chapman Orchards 
Co.. Southern Meat Co., Community 
Hotel Co.; vice chmn. advisory bd.. 
Bank of Italy. Los Angeles; dir. Bank 
of Italy. San Francisco. Mem. Calif. 
State Immigration and Housing Com- 
mn.; trustee Pomona Coll.. 1907-15; 
pres. Calif. Christian Mission Soc, 
1901-19; dir. Christian Bd. of Pub., 
St. Louis. Mem. Am. Acad. Polit. and 
Social Science, Chicago Hist. Soc. Re- 
publican. Mason (32°, K.T., Shriner). 
Clubs: Los Angeles City. Los Angeles 
Athletic. Pacific Coast (Long Beach). 
Ojjices: Fullerton. Calif., and Charles 
C. Chapman Bldg., Los Angeles. 

SCHREIBER, Fred C, physician; 
b. Leavenworth. Kan.. Oct. 25, 1893; 
s Fred and Rosa (Strecker) S.: A.B., 
U. of Kan.. 1920, M.D., 1926; tn. 
Grace Longstreth Coleman, of Lea- 
venworth, Apr. 3, 1926. Interne 
Franklin hosp., San Francisco, 1926; 
engaged gen. practice raed., S.F., 
1927"—. Served with 7th Engrs.. 5th 
Div., U.S.A., World War; with A. 
E.F. in Europe 18 mos. Mem. Phi 
Beta Pi. Republican. Home: 400 
Duboce St. Office: 177 Post St., San 



MENKER, John C, manufacturer 
(retired); b. Mecklenburg. Germany. 
Dec. 30. 1847; grad. Bryant 6? Strat- 
ton Bus. Coll.. Buffalo. N.Y.. 1869; 
m. Jennie Mitchell, of Buffalo. Apr. 
21. 1881 (dec); children— Rev. Ray- 
mond C Earl L.. Edith M. (Mrs. 

Charles Piper Smith). With large 
whsle. confectionery house, Chicago, 
prior to fire, 1871; dairy business near 
Carmel. Monterey co.. Calif.. 1872- 
78; mem. Menker 6? Barnes, confec- 
tioners, Buffalo, 1878-83. H.A. 6? J.C. 
Menker, confectioners. Buffalo. 1883- 
86; owner ranch near Berryessa. Santa 
Clara co., Calif., 1886; ranch near 
Watsonville, Calif., 1887-96; subse- 
quently in confectionery bus. with 
brother in Buffalo 5 yrs., owner of 
ranch near Agnew, Calif., ranch on 
Steven's Rd. near San Jose, and now 
owner of ranch near Cypress, Orange 
CO., Calif.; also dir. and stockholder 
Anderson-Barngrover Mfg. Co., mfrs. 
of canning machinery. San Jose, Calif. 
Republican- Prohibitionist. Methodist. 
Home; 3 54 S. 10th St.. San Jose. 

SHANNON, Michael F., attorney; 
b. July 28, 1887; s. Michael and Nel- 
lie (Holmes) S.; ed. St. Vincent's 
Coll., Los Angeles; LL.B., U. of Mich., 
1909; m. Agnes G. Brown, of L.A., 
Oct. 21, 1911; children— Aileen Ag- 
nes, Michael F. Jr., Patricia Louise. 
Admitted to Mich, bar, 1909; with 
law firm Hunsaker 6? Britt. L.A., 
short time, then engaged pvt. prac- 
tice; in office dist. atty. L.A. County 
under Capt. J.D. Fredericks; resumed 
pvt. practice, 19 H; mgr. Shannon 
properties, L.A. Pres. Citizens Com. 
of 10,000 (non-partisan political 
body in L.A.); mem. Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon. Elk (past E.xalted Ruler 
L.A. lodge 99). Mason (K.T„ Shri- 
ner). Home: 4311 Victoria Park 

Dr. Office: Citizens Nat. Bank Bldg.. 
Los Angeles. 

PALMER, William Fleet, attorney; 
b. CHnton Co., Ind.. Jan. 18. 1862; 
s. Truman Henry and Margaret Ann 
(Moore) P.; ed. pub. schs., Clinton 
Co.; studied law office of father (cir- 
cuit ct. judge) and St. Louis Law Sch.; 
m. Florence Ella Ewing, of Crawfords- 
ville. Ind., Oct. 15, 1889; children- 
Florence Conant (Mrs. Charles W. 
Cooper). Margaret Olive (Mrs. 
Claude C. Coffey). Elizabeth Ewing 
(Mrs. John S. Lay). William Fleet 
Jr.; TO. 2nd. Bessie Pryor Fletcher, of 
Los Angeles, Nov. 9. 1921. Admitted 
to Indiana bar. 1883. and practiced 
law with father at Frankfort, Ind., 
1883-93, 1894-1906; pvt. practice 
Riverside. Calif. 1893-94; pros. atty. 
45th judicial circuit Indiana, 1896-98; 
pvt. practice Los Angeles. 1906-20; 
asst. U.S. atty. southern dist. of Calif., 
1916-20; with firm Newby ^ Palmer, 
L.A.. 1920-27; mem. firm Jones, Ste- 
phenson, Palmer 6? Moore, L.A., 
1927 — ; also city atty. Monrovia, Calif. 
Mem. O.E.S. (past worthy patron). 
Mason (Past Master). K.P. (past 
chancellor comdr.). Democrat. Chris- 
tian. Clubs: Commercial, City (L.A.); 
University (Monrovia). Home: Mon- 
rovia. Calif. Office: Citizens Nat. Bank 
Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

SMITH, George Leslie, auditorium 
mgr.; b. Hampden. Me.. Dec. 18, 
1873; s. Horace Edgar and Mary Ella 
(Kenney) S.; ed. pub. schs.. Hamp- 
den, and Hampden Acad.; m. Caroline 
M. Estes, of Winn.. Me., Oct. 2. 1899; 
1 son, George Leslie Jr. Began car- 
penter's trade at early age. and suc- 
cessively archtl. draftsman at Bangor, 
Me., and constr. supt. prior to 1902; 
with Henry R. Angelo, contractor, in 
Calif., 1902; supt. of constr. for Bent 
Bros., contractors, 1903-20, and su- 
pervisor constr. of foundation and su- 
perstructure. Philharmonic Auditor- 
ium, Citizens Bank Bid., etc., Los An- 
geles; mgr. Philharmonic Auditorium, 
Los Angeles, 1920 — . Considered au- 
thority on wks. Robert Louis Steven- 
son. Mem. Theatrical Mgrs. Assn. of 
L.A., L.A. Music Fed. Mason (32°, 
Shriner). Clubs: Rotary (round table 
and fellowship coms.. 1924), Uplift- 
ers. Athletic, S. Calif. Athletic 6? 
Country (L.A.); Writers' (Holly- 
wood). Home: 1237 S. Gramercy PI. 
Office: 5th & Olive Sts.. Los Angeles. 

NIER, Henry Victor, educator; b. 
Bassecourt. Dist. of Delemont, Jura 
Bornois, Switzerland, Jan. 2, 1895; s. 
Henri and Julia (Wiser) Nia.; ed. ele- 
mentary schs., Switzerland, 1901-09; 
grad. Gerber Bros. Tr. Sch., Delemont, 
Switzerland, 1912; law study under 
Judge Charles Citherlet, Delemont, 
1917-19; pvt. sch., Benton Harbor, 
Mich., 1919; studied nursing and sur- 
gery. Providence Hosp.. Seattle. Dir. 

San Francisco Acad, of Physical Cul 
ture, 1924 — ; owner. Modern Perfum 
ery Co.. S.F.. 1923 — . Served in Ma 
chine Gun Corps. Swiss Army. 1914 
16; in F.A. and C.A.C.. U.S. Army 
1920-21. Republican. Clubs: Lafayette 
Public Spirit (S.F.). Home: 721 Wal 
nut Ave.. Burlingame. Oficc: 46 
Post St.. San Francisco. 

LAPEGUE, Marcelle, modiste; I 
Bordeaux. France; d. Jean and Mada 
leine (Damertoy) L.; ed. in France 
Partner Lucien Labaudt, creator 
individual designs for gowns, coS' 
tumes and stage settings, San Francis- 
co. 1916 — . Mem. Oakland Art 
League. Republican. Catholic. Horn 
1824 Larkin St. Address: 5 28 Powell 
St., San Francisco. 

TALBOTT, Edward James, attor 
ney; b. Santa Barbara Co., Calif., Aug 
9, 1878; s. William Lynam and Ame 
lia (Irwin) T.; B.C., U. of CaHf. 

19U0; LL.B.. Hastings Coll. of Law, 
San Francisco, 1902; m. Lillie V. 
Rose, of St. Paul, Mmn., Dec. 25, 
1906; 1 dau., Lillie Irene. Engaged 
practice of law, S.F., 1902 — . Mason. 
Republican. Clubs: Elks, Common- 
\{.'ealth (S.F.). Home: 163 2nd Ave., 
San Mateo. Office: 704 Market St., 
San Francisco. 

VAN FLEET, William Gary, judge 
(deceased J 923); b. Maumee City, 
O., Mar. 24, 1852; s. Cornelius and 
Julia Anna (Runyon) V.; m. Mary 
Isabella Carey, of Sacramento, Calif., 
Apr. 12, 1877 (dec); m. 2nd, Eliza- 
beth Eldndge Crocker, of San Fran- 
cisco, Jan. 19, 1887; children — Alan 
Crocker, Clarke Crocker, William 
Gary, Julia Crocker. Admitted to 
Calif, bar, 1873; asst. dist. atty., Sac- 
ramento. 1878; mem. Ho. of Reps., 
1881-82; judge, superior ct., 1884- 
92; justice, supreme ct. of Calif., 



1894-99; mem. Calif, code commn.. 
1899-1903; Rep. nat. committeeman. 
1900-04; apptd. U. S. dist. judge, 
northern dist. of Calif., by Pres. 
Roosevelt. 1907: was life mem. bd. of 
trustees. Hastings Coll. of Law. San 
Francisco: trustee, Calif, state library. 
Republican. Home was at 2020 Pa- 
cific .*\ve. Chambers were in the Fed- 
eral Bldg.. San Francisco. 

McNAUGHTON, John A., stock 
yards official; b. Chautauqua Co.. N. 
Y.. Aug. 8, 1868; s. William Henry 
and Esther McNaughton: reared in 
Atchison. Kan.: m. Eliiabeth Graham 
Lindsey. of Atchison. Mar. 14. 1891: 
children — Ruth Milner. Elizabeth. 
John Lindsey. Began as newsboy on 
sts. of Atchison, later becoming Wes- 
tern Union messenger: engaged in 
railroad yard, local and freight office 
work, etc.: commercial agent Mo. P. 
R. Ry. (now Mo.P.R.R.), Omaha, 
Neb., 189?-1900: asst. traffic mgr. and 
later gen. traffic mgr. Cudahy Packing 
Corpn., 1900-21; dir. Nat. Bank 6? 
Cattle Loan Co., Wichita. 1907 — ; 
vice-pres. and gen. mgr. Los Angeles 
Union Stock Yards and of Los Ange- 
les Junction Ry., L.A., 1921 — ; vice- 
pres. and mem. exec. com. East Side 
Organization (L.A.): mem. advisory 
council LaSalle Ext. U. Mem. May- 
wood Chamber Commerce (dir.). Re- 
publican. Clubs: Central Mfg. Dist. 
of L.A. (dir.). Brentwood Country 
(Santa Monica), L.A. Athletic. Ad- 
dress: 201 N. Van Ness Ave., Los 

VICKERY, Oliver, publisher, ad- 
vertising counsellor: b.Monticello.Ky.. 
Dec. 30. 1896; s. George Sidney and 
losephme (Hurt) V.; ed. pub. schs., 
ky.: Stanford U.: B.S., U. of Calif., 
1925: w.. Inez Consley, of Berke- 
ley. Calif.. June 20, 1925. Began 
as employe Hotel Ansonia. N.Y. City; 
later elk. in library Union League 
Club, Chicago; now pres. Financial 
Newspaper Synd., financial news ser- 
vice for small town papers. San Fran- 
cisco: pub. The Greenback. S.F.: pres. 
Family Films Inc.. makers of family 
movies for archives. S.F.; pres. finan- 
cial Who's Who in America; mgr. 
Rudolph Guenther-Russell Law Inc., 
financial advertising, S.F.; lecturer on 
economic and banking subjects. Mem. 
Amcr. Inst. Banking. Theta Chi Alpha 
(founder and nat. pres.). Phi Pi Phi, 
Theta Chi Alpha. Republican. Pro- 
testant. Clubs; Union League, Com- 
mercial (S.F.); Intra-fraternity (Chi- 
cago). Artists" Social. Western Uni- 
versities (N.Y. City). Home: 2321 
Dw^ight Way, Berkeley. Office: Hun- 
ter-Dulin Bldg.. San Francisco. 

HERZ, Francis J., dentist: b. San 
Francisco. Apr. 6. 1894: s. Joseph and 
Julia (Schraft) H.; D.D.S.. Coll. of 
Phys. c? Surg., 1918. Asso. with 
wholesale hardware and grocery firms. 

S.F., 5 yrs.; engaged in practice of 
dentistry. S.F., 1919 — . Mem. Psi 
Omega. Elk, Mason (K.T., Shrincr). 
Republican. Protestant. Home: 634 
Powell St. Office: 291 Geary St., San 

VANCE, Jessica Smith, educator: 
b. in Calif.: d. Thomas and Sophia 
Jane (Smith) V.; A.M.. Stanford, 
1896. Instr. Prep. Sch., Mills Coll.; 
later instr. at Stanford U.; prof. lit. 
and philology, U. of Southern Calif., 
1900-04: prin. Westlake Sch. for Girls 
since 1904. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Oubs: Ebell. Pro Musica. Home: 3 33 
S. Westmoreland .Ave.. Los Angeles. 

NEWMARK, Marco Ross, mer- 
chant: b. Los Angeles, Calif.. Oct. 8, 
1878: s. Harris and Sarah (New- 
mark) N.; A.B., U. of Cahf.. 1902; 
studied polit. economy and philosophy, 
U. of Berlin, Germany: m. Constance 
Meyberg, of Los Angeles, June 6, 
1906: children — Harris, Eleanor. V.p. 
M.A. Newmark ii Co., wholesale groc- 
ers, since 1904, partner since 1908; 
sec. Harris Newmark Co. Mem. Los 
Angeles Mchts." and Mfrs.' Assn. 
(treas. 1916-1919), Los Angeles 
Chamber Commerce: pres. Los An- 
geles Produce Exchange, 1920. Chmn. 
exec. com. Southern Calif, div.. Camp 
Library Fund, U.S.A. Organizer and 
ex-pres. Nathan Straus Palestine Ad- 
vancement Soc: hon. dir. Southern 
Calif. Jewish Orphans" Home (ex- 
sec). Ex-pres. Los Angeles dist. Zion- 
ist Orgn. America. Formerly asso. 
editor, dir. Masonic Digest. Mem. 

Native Sons of the Golden West, Zeta 
Beta Tau (hon.), B'nai B'rith (pres. 
Los Angeles Lodge 1906 and 1920). 
RepubHcan. Mason (32°. K.C.C.H., 
Shriner): former librarian Los Angeles 
Scottish Rite Library. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Los Angeles Athletic, Uplifters, 

Hillcrest Country, Gamut, Automobile 
of Southern Calif., Town, Southern 
Calif. Rod and Reel. Co-Editor: Sixty 
Years in Southern California (by Har- 
ris Newmark), 1915, 2d edit., 1925. 
Contbr. to mags. Home; 977 Arapa- 
hoe St. Olficc: 1248-1264 Wholesale 
St., Los Angeles. 

GIBSON, Willis E., educator: b. 
Brow^ning. Mo., Jan. 29, 1870: s. Dan- 
iel R. and Frances (Jacobs) G.; ed. 
Huston Normal Sch.; Gem City Coll., 
Quincy, 111.: m. Rose Stanley, of 
Mont.. 1894: children— Gladys (Mrs. 
Robert Hartford), Howard D., Deane 
S., Donald L. Pub. sch. teacher. Mo., 
Billings, Mont., Cleveland, O., and 
Oakland, Calif., prior to 1898; estab. 
Poly. Coll. of Engring.. Oakland, 
1898, and since pres. and mgr. same: 
owner and operator of two fruit 
ranches. Butte Co., Calif. Mem. Oak- 
land Chamber Commerce (dir. 10 yrs., 
pres. 1912-13). Elk, Mason. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Home: Mountain 
Blvd. and Pinewood Rd. Ojffice; 1310 
Madison St.. Oakland. 

RUSH, Judson Randolph, attorney; 
b. Greene Co.. Pa.. Mar. 9. 1865; s. 
John L.S. and Dorcas (Parcel) R.; 
ed. pub, schs., la. and Calif.; in. Au- 
gusta D. Von Solzen, of Glendora, 
Calif.. Mar. 18, 1918. Was identified 
with the development of the Fullerton 
(Cahf.) oil field; j.p.. El Monte, 
Calif., 1890-92: engaged in law prac- 
tice, Los Angeles, 1893 — ; dep. dist. 
atty., L.A. Co.. until 1895; mem. law 
firm of Davis, Rush &? Willis, 18 yrs., 
later mem. Rush &? McCormick, L.A., 
(now Rush 6? Beirne): was Dem. nom- 
inee for congress, 7th Calif, dist., 
1908. Mem. L.A. Co. Bar Assn. Ma- 
son (32°, Shriner). Democrat. Pro- 
testant. Home: 609 Inverness Dr., 
Flintridge. Ofice: Washington Bldg,, 
Los Angeles. 

MASON, Albert E., auto inf. bur, 
owner: b. Valley City, N. D., Oct. 2, 
1883: s. Sim and Anna (Simons) M.; 
ed. U. of N.D., 1906-07; Mich. State 
U., 1907-08; m. Mary Agnes Shulte, 
of Sacramento, 1924; 1 dau.. Alberta 
Jean. Engaged in constrn. work. Wolf 
Artificial Ice Co., Chicago, 1907; 
mech. expert, Chalmers Motor Co., 
1908-14, sales rep. for part of U.S. 
and Can., 1914-18; with exptl. engring. 
dept., U.S. govt., 1918-Jan. 1919; 
with Maxwell-Chalmers Motor Co., 6 
mos., 1919: gen. supt. at Omaha, 
Western Motor Car Co., 1919-21: 
dist. sales rep. for Mich., Wis. and 
later Calif., Mitchell Motor Car Co., 
1921-22: dist. sales rep. for northern 
Cahf., Oakland Motor Car Co., 1922- 
23: engaged in direct-by-mail adv. and 
auto inf. service, Sacramento, 1923 — . 
Mem. N.D.N.G., 1899-1903. Mason 
(32°, Shriner). Republican. Episco- 
palian. Home: 3742 19th St. Oljice: 
1105-07 P St.. Sacramento. 



SKEGGS, John Hunt, civil engr.; 
b. Soraerville. Morgan Co., Ala., Mar. 
16, 1882: s. Judge William E. and 
Celia E. (Bean) S.; B.S., in civil 
cngring., Ala. Poly. Inst., Auburn, 
1901, hon. C.E., 1920: m. Florence 
Reed Fairchild, of San Francisco, 
1909. Minor engring. work, Ala., 
1901-03; location and constrn. engr. 
Pacific Elec. R.R., Los Angeles, 1903- 
07; asst. engr. L.A. aqueduct, 1908; 
dep. CO. surveyor, L.A., 1909-13; 
maintenance engr. L.A. co. road dept., 
1914-17; dist. engr. S.F. dist., state 
dept. of pub, works, div. of highways, 
1919 — ; instrumental in the develop- 
ment of the state highway system, 
particularly in S.F. bay dist. Commd. 
capt., U.S. Engrs., Sept. 1917, pro- 
moted maj. Dec. 1917; with A.E.F., 1 
yr.; participated St. Mihiel and Meuse- 
Argonne offensives; now It. -col. Engrs. 
R.C., U.S.A. Mem. Soc. of Amer. 
Mil. Engrs. (nat. dir. 1928-31), Kap- 
pa Alpha. Mason (officer of divan. Is- 
lam Temple, Shrine; tr. and vice-pres. 
Islam Redwoods Shrine; 32°). Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Home: 101 
Ashbury St. Ojjice; State Bldg., San 

COSBY, Hogan Douglas, colonizer 
(deceased I92H): b. Bowling Green, 
Ky., Feb. 14. 1861; .■;. Wilson Benja- 
min and Indiana (Wallace) C: ed. 
pub. schs.. Ky.; Mitchell's Bus. Coll., 
Owensboro, Ky.; in. Lois Emma Stan- 
ley, of Chicago, Sept. 25. 1889: chil- 
dren — Stanley Wallace, Clifford Hos- 
kins (dec), Wilson Benjamin. Be- 
came certified pilot on Ohio river at 
early age; later engaged railroad work 
in Chicago prior to 1902; active col- 
onization work in Calif.. 1902-28: 
promoted Sutter-Butte Canal Co., 
Gridley colonies in Butte Co., Sunset 
and Live Oak colonies, Sunnyland 
tract in Yuba Co., etc: planted and 
harvested 1st rice crop in Calif., 1906. 
Mason (charter mem. and treas. until 
death Berkeley lodge 573). Republi- 
can. Methodist. Chibs: Common- 
wealth (San Francisco), Claremont 
(ex-pres.), Benedicts (Berkeley). 
Home was at 86 Eucalyptus Rd., 
Berkeley. Office was at 10 Embarca- 
dero, San Francisco. 

BLODGET, Rush M., attorney; b. 
Youngsville. Pa., Dec. 3. 1881; s. 
Spencer L. and Carra M. (Belnap) 
B.; LL.B.. Stanford U., 1907; m. 
Beryl French. May 29, 1911 (dec); 
1 son. Rush M. Jr.; m. 2nd, Ruth V. 
Deeds, of Los Angeles; 1 son. Arba. 
Admitted Calif, bar, 1907; practiced 
law with Victor T. Watkins, Los An- 
geles, 1907-12; later with brother, 
Lewis, in gen. practice, under name 
Blodgct ^ Blodget. L.A.; formerly 
city atty. Huntington Beach and Ven- 
ice, Calif.; now gen. counsel for 
George F. Getty Inc., L.A. Former 
mem. sch. bd. Venice. Mem. Co. G, 

6th Regiment. Cahf. N.G.. 7 yrs. 
Mem. Delta Chi, S.A.R. Mason. Club: 
L.A. Athletic. Office: Subway Ter- 
minal Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

BARNESON, Capt. John, capital- 
ist: b. XV'ick, Scotland, Jan. 1, 1S62; s. 
James and Elizabeth Rose (Brenner) 
B.; ed. Australia: m. Harriet Emily 
Harris, of Sydney, Australia, 1886: 
children — Muriel E., John Leslie, Nor- 
man James (dec), Lionel Lucien, Har- 
old James. At sea, 1876-90, became 3rd 
officer, 1879. 2nd officer, 1880, 1st of- 
ficer, 1881, master, 1883: comd. British 
ship, George Thompson, 1885: iden- 
tified with shipping bus., on Puget 
Sound, Wash.. 1890-98, in San Fran- 
cisco, 1898. 1901 — ; became identi- 
fied with oil bus., 1902: dir. Union 
Oil Co. of Cahf.. 1910-12: pres. Gen. 
Petroleum Corpn. of Calif., 1910-28, 
Gen. Pipe Line Co. of Cahf., 1912-28, 
Brookline Oil Co., 1912 — ; vice-pres. 
and dir. Standard Oil Co. of N.Y., 
1926-28: dir. Bank of Calif., N.A., 
Dollar S.S. Co., S.F.: former dir. P.P. 
I.E., S.F. ; hon. consul., Dominican Rep. 
Comd. troop ship, Arizona, Spanish- 
Amer. War: marine supt. Army Trans- 
port Service, 1899-1901; mem. pe- 
troleum war service com., 1915- 
21. Mem. English Speaking Union, 
Amer. Petroleum Inst. (dir.). Repub- 
lican. Protestant. Clubs: Pacific Un- 
ion, Bohemian, Olympic, Common- 
wealth. Yacht (S.F.): California, 
Athletic (Los Angeles). Yacht (San 
Diego). Country (Burlingame). Met- 
ropolitan. Congl. Country (Washing- 
ton. D.C.). Home: Hillsborough. Of- 
fice: 310 Sansome St., San Francisco. 
CADWALADER, George Lyell, 
auto distributor (deceased 1919): b. 
Sacramento. Calif.. Sept. 1, 1876: s. 
George and Eliza (Bowen) C: ed. 
Chateau de Lancey. Geneva. Switzer- 
land; pvt. tutors, Hanover, Germany; 
Yale U., 1900: m. Charlotte Wilson, 
of San Francisco, Mar. 2. 1907; 1 son, 
George Lyell Jr. Distributor of Velie 
cars, under firm name of Logan d 
Cadwalader (later Cadwalader y 
Clease), S.F., 1912-19. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: University, Olympic (S.F.); 
Country (Burlingame). Home was at 
1942 Pacific Ave. Office was at 1301 
Van Ness Ave.. San Francisco. 

BRIGGS, William Ellery, physician; 
b. Sharon Center, Medina Co., O., 
Mar. 31, 1853: s. Abial and Harriett 
Conelia (Dinsmore) B.; ed. Buchte! 
Coll. (now Akron Un), O.: nied 
dept. U. of Mich.: M.D., U. of Woos^ 
ter, O., and Western Reserve U 
Cleveland: post-grad, studies, eye, ear, 
nose and throat, London hosp., 1 yr.. 
Royal Ophthalmic hosp., Vienna eye 
ear, nose and throat clinics, 1 yr.: m 
Grace Rideout, of San Francisco. 
1891; children— Phebe (Mrs. Carlos 
K. McClatchy), Wallace Rideout 
(M.D.). Splst. eye, ear, nose and 

throat diseases, Sacramento, 1879 — ; 
asso. with Dr. Parkinson in publ. of 
the Occidental Med. Times, 12 yrs.; 
pres. Sacramento park bd., 8 yrs.; 
elected freeholder to devise new Sac- 
ramento CO. charter; apptd. mem. Calif. 
state reclamation bd., 1927. First to 
report removal of steel from eye by 
magnet, and among first med. men to 
report cases of radical mastoid opera- 
tions with skin grafts. Mem. Calif. 
State Med. Soc. (first pres. sect, of 
ophthalmology). Pacific Coast Eye, 
Ear, Nose and Throat Soc. (co-organ- 
izer), Save the Redwoods League 
(life). Mason. Republican. Clubs: 
Sutter. Sierra (Sacramento). Home: 
2209 M. St. OjlJice: 1027 10th St., 

HUNT, Joseph Frederick, merch- 
ant; b. Oakland, Cahf., May 23, 1891; 
s. Charles Walter and Margaret G. 
(Wilson) H.; ed. U. of Calif., 1911- 
15; m. Zadu Hay, of Portland. Ore., 
Jan. 22, 1922: 1 son, Joseph Charles. 
Vice-pres. Hunt Hatch 6? Co.. produce 
mcht. shippers, San Francisco, and v, 
p. Hunt Hatch Transportation Co. 
oper. own river steamers. S.F. Mem 
Beta Theta Pi. Republican. Protes- 
tant. Home: 110 Monte Ave., Pied 
mont. Office: 501 Front St., San Fran- 

COGHLAN, John P., utility corpn. 
official; b. North Columbia, Nevada 
CO., Cahf.. Nov. 25. 1876; s. Daniel 
C. and Mary Catherine (Deasy) C; 
ed. pub. schs.. Calif.: attended night 
sch.. S.F., two yrs.; studied law pri- 
vately; m. Ann Mabel Kearney, of 
Holhster, Calif., Apr. 25, 1911; chil- 
dren — Ehzabeth Ann. John Phihp, 
Virginia Lee. Jean Ellen. Entered em- 
ploy San Francisco Evening Post at 
age of 15, becoming reporter after 2 
yrs.; successively mem. city news staff 
S.F. Daily Report and S.F. Bulletin; 
admitted to Calif. State bar. 1898; 
asst. city atty.. S.F.. 1904-06: with 
legal dept. P.G. H E. Co.. S.F.. 1906- 
23, asst. to pres. 1923-27. 2nd v. p. 
1927 — : receiver for Northern Elec. 
Ry. and asso. cos.. 1914-18 (until re- 
organization as Sacramento Northern 
railroad). Mem. National Elec. Light 
Assn., Pacific Coast Gas Assn. Elk, 
N.S.G.W. Chibs: Bohemian, Com- 
monwealth (S.F. ): Sutter (Sacramen- 
to). Home: 2813 Scott St. Office: 
245 Market St.. San Francisco. 

BLACKWELL, Mrs. J. E. (nee Law- 
rence); educator; b. Warwickshire, 

Eng.: d. Frederick and (Lever) 

Lawrence; ed. pvt. tutors. Eng.; also 
Brussels and Paris; m. in Eng.. 1903; 
m. 2nd. Prof. J. E. Blackwell. of Los 
Angeles. Dec. 1917 (dec). Assisted 
late husband in conducting the Long 
Beach (Calif.) Mil. Acad.; and head 
of same 1925 — . Mem. Ch. of Eng. 
Address: Long Beach Mil. Acad., 
Long Beach. 



WING, Charles Benjamin, cons, 
civil cngr.; b. Clinton Corners, N.Y., 
Jan. 18, 1864; .s. Phineas Rice and 
Mary (Sands) W.; ed. Poughkeepsie 
(N.Y.) Mil. Inst., 1880-81; C.E., Cor- 
nell U , 1886; m. Anna Maria Pad- 
dock, of Auburn, N.Y.. Sept. 19, 1888 
(dec); children — Sumner P., Win- 
chester P., Charles P., Robert L.; m. 
2nd, Mrs. Marian (Colt) Browne, ol 
Medina, O., Feb. 20, 1908. Fellow in 
civil engring., Cornell U., 1886-87, 
instr. civil engring., 1887-90, asst. 
prof, same, 1890-91: asst. engr., in 
constrn. and design, powder mills, 
Compton and Farmingdale, N.J., 1887- 
88; asst. engr, Berlin Iron Bridge Co., 
Conn., 1889-90: prof, of engring., U. 
of Wis., 1891-92; gen. cons, struc- 
tural engr., 1892 — : prof, of structural 
engring., Stanford U., 1892 — , exec, 
head, dept. of civil engring., 1924 — : 
pres. and dir. Mut. Bldg. (i Loan 
Assn. (now Calif. Mut. Bldg. (i Loan 
Assn., of San Jose and San Francisco), 
San Jose, 1892-1917; evec. officer, 
commn. of engrs., in rebldg. of Stan- 
ford U. structures destroyed in S.F. 
earthquake, 1906-09; mem. city coun- 
cil, Palo Alto, Calif., (1 yr. mayor), 
1909 — ; vice-chmn. and exec, officer, 
Calif. Redwood park commn., 1911- 
26; chief of div. of parks, Calif, state 
dept. of natural resources, 1928 — : de- 
signed 1000 ft. towers for Federal Tel- 
egraph Co., S.F. Commd. maj., Engr. 
R.C., U.S.A., May, 1917, ordered to 
active duty, Sept. 1917; maj. and 
heut.-col. 23rd U.S. Engrs., Oct. 1917- 
June 1919: on ry. and bridge constrn., 
Nievre and Indre, France, Apr. -Oct. 
1918, with 1st Army in Meuse-Ar- 
gonne offensive, Oct. -Nov. 1918, with 
line of communications, Verdun sector, 
Nov. 1918-May 1919. Mem. Amer. 
Soc. C.E., Amer. Soc. for Testing Ma- 
terials, Soc. of Amer. Mil. Engrs., Pa- 
cific Assn. of Cons. Engrs., Save the 
Redwoods League. Republican. Con- 
glist. Clubs; Commonwealth, Engrs. 
(S.F.); Sempervirens (San Jose). 
Home: 345 Lincoln Ave., Palo Alto. 
Ojjice.s; State Div. of Parks, Sacra- 
mento: Mills Bldg., San Francisco. 

HAGGARTY, John Joseph, mer- 
chant: b. London, Eng., May 25, 
1864: s. John and Elizabeth Ann (At- 
kinson) H.; ed. pub. schs., London; 
pvt. sch., Richmond, Yorkshire; m. 
Bertha M. Schneider, of St. Paul, 
Minn., Aug. 24, 1901. Began ap- 
prenticeship in dry goods store, Lon- 
don, 1883: came to U.S., 1887; buyer 
garment dept., Nugent Brothers, St. 
Louis, 1887-91; asst. buyer Scruggs, 
Vandervoort 6? Barney, St. Louis. 
1891-93: buyer Silverstein 6? Bondy, 
Duluth, Minn., 1893-1902; buyer and 
mgr. garment dept., Jacoby Brothers, 
Los Angeles, 1902-06: engaged bus. 
on own account, LA.. 1906, and later 
incorporated N.Y. Cloak ii Suit 

House. L.A.. of which now pres. and 
chief stockholder; also controls Paris 
Cloak y Suit House, L.A. Clubs; Ga- 
mut, Athletic, Calif. Athletic (L.A.): 
Edgewater Beach (Santa Monica), 
Pacific Coast (Long Beach). Homes: 
3330 W. Adams St., L.A.: (summer) 
Long Beach, Calif. Address: N.Y. 
Cloak 6? Suit House, Los Angeles. 

ANTHONY, Edwin Requa, ry. offi- 
cial; b. Sacramento, Calif.. Nov. 27, 
1860; s. John Alexander and Lydia 
(FitzGerald) A.; ed. pub. schs., Sac- 
ramento and San Francisco; m. Nelle 
V. Hitchcock, of Alameda, Calif., 
June 20, 1883; children — Gerald. 
Helen V., Edwin Requa Jr. Employed 

for many yrs. by Pacific Ry. 
and its successor. Southern Pacific Co. 
of Ky., being successively paymaster 
and in operating dept.; now supt. of 
coast div. S.P. Co., with hdqrs. in 
S.F. Received Order of Leopold II 
(Belgium). Mason (32°, Shriner). 
Republican. Protestant. Club: Ala- 
meda Republican (pres. 20 yrs.). 
Home: 1630 Central Ave., Alameda. 
Office: 3rd ^ Townsend Sts., San 

PIPHER, Joseph Elmer, attorney; 
b. Monticcllo, 111., Dec. 1, 1876: s. 
Alonzo Tecumsch and Mary Jose- 
phine (Myres) P.: ed. pub. schs., Mo- 
desto, Calif.: tn. Louise Mason, of Sac- 
ramento, Feb. 14, 1900 (dec); chil- 
dren — Mrs. A. A. Astrom, Mrs. War- 
ren A. Cottle; m. 2nd. Emma Ander- 
son, of Sacramento. Oct. 22, 192L 
Studied law in offices McKune 6? 
George, Sacramento: admitted to Calif, 
bar, 1897: dep. dist. atty., Sacramento 
Co., 1899-1903: official reporter, su- 
perior ct., Sacramento Co., 1903-07, 
ct. commr., 1907 — ; operates almond 
and olive orchards. Bugler, Co. D., 
6th U.S. Inf., at Modesto, 1894-96. 

Mem. F.O.E. Elk, Mason (K.T., 
Shriner), Sciot. Republican. Mem. 
M.E. Ch. Club: Sutter (Sacramento). 
Home: 1618 27th St. Olficc Court- 
house, Sacramento. 

WALTER, Edwin N., banker; b. 
Virginia City, Nev., Jan. 24, 1870; s. 
William Addison and Cynthia (Nel- 
son) W.; ed. pub. schs.. Oakland. 
Calif. Entered employ Wells Fargo 6? 
Co., Oakland, when 16 yrs. of age; 
with First Nat. Bank of Oakland, fill- 
ing many posts includ. vice-pres. 1888- 
1914; organized Clorox Chem. Co. 
(now Clorox Corpn.), Oakland, 1914, 
and financed same, 1914-18; mgr. Liv- 
ermore (Calif.) branch Bank of Italy, 
1918-19, in credit dept. at head office. 
San Francisco, for some months and 
now asst. v. p. in charge credits at 
Montgomery St. branch, S.F. Pres. 
Oakland baseball club 6 yrs. Mem. 
Oakland Chamber Commerce (dir. 
1909-10). Elk, Mason. Republican. 
Protestant. Club: S.F. Yacht. Home: 
2120 California St. Ofce; 485 Cali- 
tornia St.. San Francisco. 

MOTT, John Griffin, attorney; b. 
Los Angeles. Aug. 3. 1874: s. Thom- 
as D. and Ascension (Sepulveda) M.; 
ed. St. Vincent's Coll.. L.A.: B.L.. 
LL.B.. Notre Dame U.. 1896; M.L., 
Catholic U. of Amer.: m. Lila Jean 
Fairchild, of L.A., Feb. 23, 1905. 
Engaged pvt. practice corpn. and pro- 
bate law. L.A., 1896 — : sr. mem. firm 
Mott 6? Dillon (later Mott. Vallec 6? 
Grant) many yrs.; leader move to con- 
s(]lidate L.A. and portion San Pedro; 
aided campaign to finance Owen River 
aqueduct const.; appeared before 
congl. com. and Pres. Roosevelt as 
advocate site for fed. bldg. in L.A.; 
leader Republican party in Calif.: del. 
Rep. Nat. conv., Chicago, 1916. Mem. 
Amer. Bar Assn., Calif. State Bar 
Assn. (ex-v.p.). L.A. County Bar 
Assn. (pres. 1925), S.R.: chmn. Bu- 
reau of Catholic Charities (L.A.), or- 
ganizer and v. p. Community Chest 
(L.A.). N.S.G.W., Elk (past exalted 
ruler L.A. lodge 99), K.C. Republi- 
can. Catholic Clubs: Midwick Coun- 
try (Monterey Park). California (L. 
A.). Office: Citizens Nat. Bank Bid;;., 
Los Angeles. 

LOCKWOOD, Harry T., decorator, 
archtl. designer: b. N.Y. City. Dec. 
5. 1874: s. Frederick William and 
Emily (Sargent) L.; ed. Acad, of Fine 
Arts; m. Faith Huntington, of N.Y. 
City, Jan. 27, 1914; 1 son, Ralph 
Huntington. Began career with Trimby 
Hunt 6? Co., interior decorators, Phila- 
delphia: in bus. for self, Phila., 1904- 
09; entd. bus. in Los Angeles. 1909, 
organized firm of Harry T. Lockwood 
Inc.. interior decorators. L.A., 1925, 
and since pres. same. Mason. Clubs: 
Jonathan. Pasuza Hunting (L.A.). 3146 Wilshire Blvd., Los 



fred, railway official; b. X'allejo. Calif., 
June 18, 1872: s. J. A. and Kate 
(Murphy) W.: ed. pub. schs., Sacra- 
mento; m. Sare M. Breen, of Sacra- 
mento, Apr. 27, 1905. Stenographer 
and clerk supt."s office, S.P. Co., Sac- 
ramento, 1887-88; chief elk. to engr. 
maintenance of way, same rd., S.F., 
1888-93; statistician in gen. mgr.'s of- 
fice, 1893-9'i; chief elk. same office, 
1S9';-1901; exec. sec. to asst. to pres.. 

1901-04; chief elk. in office of dir. 
maintenance and operation U.P. Sys- 
tem and S.P. Co.. Chicago. 1904-07; 
assts. to dir. maintenance and opera- 
tion, same, 1907-12; asst. dir. main- 
tenance and operation same rds.. New 
York, 1912-13; same, S.P. Co., 1912- 
1915: v.p. S.P. Co. since Jan. 31. 
1913; also chmn. com. on Ry. Mail 
Pay; vice chmn. transportation div. 
Amer. Ry. Assn.; v.p. bur. for the 
safe transp. of explosives and other 
dangerous articles: dir. S.P. Co. of 
Mex. Mem. S.A.R. K.C. Repubhcan. 
Catholic. Chibs: Bohemian, Commer- 
cial, Cahf. Golf (S.F.). Home: 220 
San Anselmo Ave. Office: S.P. Bldg., 
San Francisco. 

DULIN, Edgar Shelton, investment 
banker: b. San Diego, Nov. 4. 1892: s. 
Edgar G. and Jean (Garreltson) D.: 
ed. U. of Cahf., 1912-14; ra. Sueadele 
Miles, of Los Angeles. Nov. 10, 1915: 
children — Marjorie Jane. Sueadele. 
Vice-pres. Hunter, Dulin & Company, 
investment brokers, San Francisco and 
L.A., with his hdqrs. in L.A. Mem. 
U.S. Naval Res. Flying Corps. Mem. 
Delta Kappa Epsilon. Republican. Pro- 
testant. Clubs: California. Wilshire 
Country (LA.): Midwick Country 
(Monterey Park), Montana Gun. 
Home: 332 South Plymouth Blvd. Of- 

fice: California Bank Bldg.. Los An- 

HARSHBARGER, Asa Foster, at- 
torney: b. Klamath Falls, Ore.. Sept. 
21, 1894: s. Oswald Horatio and 
Sarah Emma (Foster) H.: A.B., U. of 
Calif., 1918, J.D., 1921: Harvard U. 
Sch. of Law. 1921-22; m. Helen Grace 
Davie, of Berkeley, Calif., June 21, 
1925. Teaching fellow, in polit. sci., 
U. of Cahf., 1919-20: admitted to 
Calif, bar, and practiced in San Fran- 
cisco, 1921: admitted to the federal 
cts. in Mass., 1921: practiced law. 
Mass., 1921-22; mgr. O. H. Harshbar- 
ger estate, Tulare, San Joaquin Val- 
ley, Cahf., 1922-23: pvt. law practice, 
S.F., 1923-26: dep. corpn. commr., at 
Los Angeles, for the state of Calif., 
1926 — , now in chg. of complaints and 
investigations dept.: identified with 
Neighborhood Settlement (Episcopal 
ch.), L.A., 1927-28. Grad. R.O.T.C, 
Presidio of S.F.. 1918. Mem. Calif. 
State Bar Assn., North Central Impvt. 
Assn. of S.F. (asst. sec. 1923-26), 
Order of the Lion. S.A.R. . O.E.S. 
Mason. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Chibs: Masonic, Shakespeare Study 
6? Dramatic (L.A.). Home: 1320 Wil- 
son St. Office: Sun Finance Bldg., Los 

SELLING, Nathalie, physician: b. 
Sonoma. Calif., Apr. 13. 1867: d. 
John and Sophie (Dreyfus) S.: cd. San 
Jose (Cahf.) Norma! Sch., 1883-85; 
M.D., U. of Cahf.. 1894; post grad. 
studies, Johns Hopkins Med. Sch.. and 
in Boston and N.Y. City. Engaged in 
med. practice. San Francisco. Office: 
177 Post St., San Francisco. 

OGDEN, Robert Clarence, attor- 
ney; b. Oakland. Calif., Dec. 7, 1889: 
s. Frank Burroughs and Laura Irene 
(Macdonald) O.: ed. Belmont (Cahf.) 
Mil. Acad.; B.S.. U. of Cahf.: ra. Mary 
McLean, of San Francisco, July 9, 
1920. Mem. firm Treat y Ogden. 
attys., S.F. Mem. Delta Upsilon. Phi 
Alpha Delta. Mason. Republican. 
Club: Commercial (S.F.). Home: 358 
Camino del Mar. Ojfice: Standard Oil 
Bldg.. San Francisco. 

CUMMINS, William Taylor, phy- 
sician: b. Media. Pa.. May 17. 1879: 
s. Joseph Grubb and Sarah Jane (Ot- 
ley) C: ed. biol. dept.. U. of Pa.. 
1897-98. M.D.. 1902; m. Josephine 
Widdicombe. of West Chester. Pa.. 
Sept. 9. 1908. Asst. demonstrator of 
pathology. U. of Pa.. 1903-11; phys. 
Henry Phipps Inst.. Phila.. 1905-10: 
pathologist. Northwestern Gen. hosp.. 
Phila.. 1907-08; demonstrator of path- 
ology. Women's Med. Coll.. Phila.. 
1908-11: phys. White Haven Sanitor- 
ium. Pa.. 1909-10: bacteriologist, re- 
search labs.. N.Y. City health dept.. 
1911; dir. Harriman research and elm, 
labs.. S.P. Gen. hosp.. San Francisco. 
1911 — . Author: Syllabus of Path- 
ology. 1908. Mem. .\.M..\.. Amer. 

Assn. of Pathologists C^ Bacteriolo- 
gists, Amer. Pub. Health Assn., Amer. 
Soc. of Clin. Pathologists. Amer. See. 
for Study of Internal Secretions, 
Calif. Acad, of Medicine. Calif. Med. 
Assn., Pacific Assn. of Ry. Surgeons, 
Northwestern Pacific R.R. Med. Assn., 
S. F. Co. Med. Assn., Coll. of Phys. 
(Phila.). Path. Soc. of Phila.. Alpha 
Kappa Kappa. Republican. Presbyn. 
Clubs: Commonwealth. Olympic. 
Transportation (S.F.). Home: 107 
Ashbury St. Office: S.P. Gen. Hos- 
pital. San Francisco. 

PILLSBURY, Horace Davis, law- 
yer; b. Stockton, Cahf.. Oct. 9, 1873; 
s. Evans Searle and Estelle (Davis) P.: 
A.B., Harvard, 1895; m. Ehzabeth 
Taylor, of Boston, Mass., May 4, 
1898: children — Mrs. Olivia Gibson, 
Evans S., Taylor. Margaret. Admitted 
to Calif, bar, 1898, and has been con- 
tinuously connected with legal dept. 
Pacific Telephone ^ Telegraph Co., 
now pres. of company: also pres. 
Southern Calif. Telephone Co., Home 
Telephone Co. of Spokane, U.S. Long 
Distance Telephone and Telegraph 
Company; vice pres. Richmond Belt 
Ry., Snow Mountain Water y Power 
Co.; mem. law firm of Pillsbury, Madi- 
son 6? Sutro. Republican. Episcopal- 
ian. Clubs: Pacific Union, University. 

Harvard (San Francisco); University, 
Harvard (New York). Home: 2838 
Pacific Ave. Office: 140 New Mont- 
gomery St., San Francisco. 

LEHMANN, Armand, produce 
shipper (deceased 1927): b. Obcran- 
heim, France. May 11. 1867: s. Moise 
and Estelle (Weill) L.; ed. schs. of 
Oberanheim and Strassburg. Alsace- 
Lorraine; m. Audree Dlochman. of 
San Diego. Calif.. July. 1900: chil- 
dren — Marcelle. Lucien. Began as 



elk. in gen. mdse. bu.s.. Lompoc, 
Calif., later became owner of gen. 
mdse. store: next entered produce bus. 
in Lompoc: was pres. of Lompoc high 
sch. bd.: estab. the Lompoc Produce 
Co., San Francisco, 1920. and became 
pres. of same. Mem. Home Guards, 
Calif., World War. Mem. Amer. Red 
Cross A,ssn. (ex-pres. Lompoc chap.), 
S.F. Bean Dealers" Assn. (ex-pres.), 
S.F. Mchts. Exchange, O.E.S. K.P., 
Mason (past master, past high priest, 
Shriner), Republican. Jewish. Chib: 
Concordia (S.F.). Home was at 186 
29th Ave. Office was at 149 California 
St.. San Francisco. 

WALSH, Kenneth, broker: b. Oak- 
land. Calif.. Dec. 31, 1898; .■;. Edward 
M. and Hattie (Sproule) W.: A.B., 
U. of Calif.; m. Eleanor Spreckels, of 
San Francisco, Sept. 27, 1924: 1 son, 
Edward Spreckels. Est. Walsh O'Con- 
nor y Co., brokers, S.F., with George 
R. O'Connor, June, 1923; firm main- 
tains br. offices in Oakland and Los 

Angeles, mems. N.Y. and S.F. stock 
exchanges, N.Y. Curb Market and S. 
F. Curb Exchange; dir. United Bank 
S' Tr. Co. (now Bank of Amer. of 
Calif.), S.F. A.B. seaman, U.S.N., 
May-Dec. 1918. Republican. Cong- 
list. Clubs; Pacific-Union, University, 
Olympic (S.F.); Burlingame (Calif.) 
Country (dir.); San Mateo-Burlin- 
game Polo. Home: Brewer Dr., Hills- 
borough. Office: 225 Montgomery St., 
San Francisco. 

GARDNER, Sterling M.,elec. engr., 
mfr.; b. Weeping Water, Neb., Oct. 
6, 1885; s. Charles M. and Emma G.; 
ed. Poly. Coll. of Engring., Oakland, 
Calif.: m. Elizabeth A. Wooley. of 
Eng. and Oakland, Jui.e 30, 1910: 
children — Norma A., Iva E. Employ- 
ed by elec. contractors. 1906-09; pres. 
and engr. Western Transformer 6? 

Illuminating Co., East Oakland, 1909- 
16: supt. and engr. Bay Point Light 6? 
Power Co., 1916-18: engr. and part- 
ner, Gardner Elec. Mfg. Co., Emery- 
ville, Calif., 1916-18, pres. and chief 
engr. same, 1918 — . Committeeman 
and examiner for Boy Scouts of 
Amer.: leader and teacher. Pioneers 
(a boys' organization): mem. Amer. 
Inst, of Elec. Engrs., Pacific Coast 
Elec. Assn., Y.M.C.A. Republican. 
Baptist. Home: 4424 View St., Oak- 
land. Ojjice: 4227 Hollis St., Emery- 

HOOD, William, civil engr. (de- 
ceased 1926); b. Concord, N.H., Feb. 
4, 1846; s. Joseph Edward and Maria 
(Savage) H.; B.S., Dartmouth Coll., 
1867, hon. Sc. D., 1923; m. Annie A. 
Bolinger, Aug. 13, 1873 (dec); m. 
2nd, Josephine Heator, Feb. 2, 1878 
(dec); m. 3rd, Mrs. Lucia O. Getzler, 
Sept. 13, 1913. Began as rodman, 
Summit-Donner Lake sect.. Central 
Pacific R.R.,asst. engr. during constrn. 
of Central Pacific R.R. to connect 
with U.P. R.R., at Promontory, Utah, 
completing first transcontinental r.r., 
1868-70; asst. engr. S.P. Co., and de- 
signed and built the Tehachapi loop, 
1872-75, chief asst. engr. during 
constrn. of road thru Mojave and 
Colo, deserts, Ariz., N.M., to San An- 
tonio, Tex., 1875-83; chief asst. engr. 
and chief engr. Central Pacific R.R., 
1883-85; chief engr. of Pacific system, 
S.P. Co., during various Pacific coast 
constrn. operations, 1885-1900, chief 
engr. of CO., 1900-21. Pvt. 46th 
Mass. Vols., Civil War. Home was in 
San Francisco. 

COE, Ira Judson, cons, engr.; b. 
Dover, N. J., Sept. 26, 1870; s. A. 
Judson and Elizabeth (Dickerson) C; 
ed. Morris Acad., Morristown, N.J.; 
C.E., Cornell U., 1894; m. Harriet W. 
Halloway, of Dover, N.J., Oct. 14, 
1896: children — Kathryn Coe (Mrs. 
R. R. Rohlfing), Marion (Mrs. Willis 
H. Palmer Jr.), Anna Halloway. City 
engr. Dover. N.J.. 1895-96; asst. co. 
engr. Morris Co., N.J., 1894-96; 
constrn. engr. East Jersey Water Co., 
Paterson, N.J., 1897-98; constrn. 
engr., cement industry, Nazareth, Pa., 
1899-1901, Easton, Pa., 1901-02; 
cons, engr., San Francisco, 1903-28. 
Mem. Amer. Inst. Mining G? Metall. 
Engrs., A.A.A.S., Cornell Soc of 
Engrs. Elk. Republican. Conglist. 
Ciubs: Athenian Nile (Oakland), 
Jonathan (Los Angeles). Home: 67 
Santa Clara Ave., Oakland. Ojfice: 
Mills Bldg., San Francisco. 

CHANDLER, Jefferson Paul, at- 
torney; b. St. Joseph, Mo., Jan. 6, 
1873; s. Jefferson and Katherine (O'- 
Toole) C: ed. Georgetown U., Wash- 
ington; A.B., Princeton U., 1893; 
Columbian Law Sch., Washington; m. 
Elizabeth Shankland, of Los Angeles. 
June 1, 1904. Admitted to the Calif. 

state bar, 1895; pvt. law practice, spe- 
cializing in corpn. law, L.A., 1895- 
1904; mem. law firm of Shankland ii 
Chandler, L.A., 1904-14; pvt. prac- 
tice, L.A., 1914-23; sr. mem. Chand- 
ler, Wright y Ward, attys., L.A., 
1923—; dir. Cahf. Tr. Co., Calif. 
Portland Cement Co., Superior Oil 
Co., all of LA. Mem. Calif. Bar 
Assn. (ex-pres.), L.A. Co, Bar Assn. 
(ex-pres.). Catholic. Club,';: Califor- 
nia, University (L.A.); L.A. Country 
(Beverly Hills), Midwick Country 
(Monterey Park, Calif.). Address: A. 
G. Bartlett Bldg., Los Angeles. 

WEATHERWAX, Cliff M., lum- 
berman: h. Michigan. Sept. 3, 1878: 
,s. John M. and Martha (Kcyes) W.; 
ed. U. of Wash., 1896-98, Stanford 
U., 1898-99, Harvard U., 1899-1901: 
m. Auli M. Giddings, of Portland, 
Me., and Seattle, Wash., Dec. 17, 
1902. Pres. C. M. Weatherwax ^ 
Co., lumber dealers, San Francisco. 
Clubs: Pacihc-Union, Golf & Coun- 

try (S.F.): Country (Burlingame), 
San Mateo-Burlingame Polo; Arling- 
ton, University (Portland, Ore.). 
Home: Hillsborough, Calif. Address: 
210 California St., San Francisco. 

ANDERSON, Andrew C, automo- 
tive engr.; b. San Leandro, Calif., 
Sept. 3, 1890; s. Frederick and Chris- 
tine (Rodemayer) A.: Asso. Sci., 
Poly. Coll. of Engring, Oakland, 
1909: m. Una V. Williams, of Healds- 
burg, Cahf., Mar. 4, 1911; children- 
William D. (dec), Harold C, J. 
Frederick. Employ U.S. govt, at Mare 
Island. Calif., 1909-13; partner in au- 
to bus., Healdsburg, 1913-15; service 
mgr. Willys-Overland Co., Oakland, 
1915; supt. automotive equipment 
Shell Oil Co. of Cahf., with hdqrs. in 
San Francisco, 1916 — . Mem. Corpn. 



of Automotive Engrs.. Soc. of Auto- 
motive Engrs. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Republican. English Lutheran. Club: 
Union League (S.F.). Home; 638 
40th Ave. Office: 200 Bush St., San 

BARR, William, artist, painter; b. 
Glasgow, Scotland, Apr. 26, 1867; .s. 
William and Annie (Beaton) B.; ed. 
Paisley (Scotland) Sch. of Art; art 
teachers and art masters certihcates. 
London, 1895; Glasgow Sch. of Art, 
1895-98; Acad. Julicn, Pans, 1904; 
m. Elisabeth Stevenson Smith, of 
Paisley, Scotland, Sept. 9, 1908; chil- 
dren — Margaret McKechnie, Annie 
Beaton. Teacher of drawing and 
painting, Paisley Sch. of Art, Scot- 
land, 10 yrs.; landscape and portrait 
painter, San Francisco. Work in- 
cludes, portrait group. Paisley Cross 
1910 (in Paisley art gallery); paint- 
ings, Galatea and Tomales Bay; por- 
traits, John L. McNab (in Union 
League Club, S.F.); Thomas F. Boyle, 
S.F. city auditor, (in S.F. city hall); 
late John D. McGilvray; Hobart Bos- 
worth; Mrs. Frederick E. Barkelew: 
Gilbert D. Ferrell and others (for Bur- 
lingame Masonic lodge). Mem. Pais- 
ley (Scotland) Art Inst. (mem. com. 
of management, 14 yrs.), St. An- 
drews' Soc. of S.F. (pres. 1922-23). 
Mason. Presbyn. Clubs: Paisley Art 
(vice-pres. 1906, pres. 1907-08), 
Glasgow Art (Scotland). Home and 
studio: 311 Lyon St., San Francisco. 

BARKER, Charles Horace, mer- 
chant; b. Kentucky Ridge, Green Co 
Ind., June 27, 1860; s. Obediah Tru- 
ax and Nancy Arreen (Records) B.; 
ed. pub. schs.; William Jewell Coll., 
Liberty, Mo.; U. of Calif.; m. Nellie 
Palmer, of Batavia, N.Y., and Los 
Angeles, Oct. 23, 1883; children- 
Clarence Alfred. Erie Palmer. Chmn. 
bd. of dir. Barker Brothers Inc., furni- 
ture merchants, L.A.; vice-pres. Mc- 
Clellan Mfg. Co., L.A. Moderator 
Pasadena Baptist Conv., treas. and 
dir. S. Calif. Sunday Sch. Council of 
Religious Edn., mem. U. of S. Calif, 
branch of University Religious Conf. 
Mem. Phi Gamma Delta. Republican. 
Baptist. Clubs: City (L.A.), Flintridge 
Country (Pasadena). Home: 1950 
Oak St.. South Pasadena. OJfice: 840 
W. 7th St.. Los Angeles. 

CASS, Quincy, investment banker; 
b. Los Angeles. Oct. 21, 1894; s. 
Alonzo Beecher and Emily T. C; A. 
B., Stanford U., 1916, J.D., 1919; 
m. Marjorie Stuart Wilkins, of Des 
Moines, la., Oct. 14, 1920; 1 dau., 
Martha Ann. With Blyth-Witter 6? 
Co., bonds, San Francisco and Los 
Angeles, 1919-22; organized (with 
father and brother Louis) Cass Co., 
municipal and corpn. bonds, L.A., 
1922, which incorporated as Cass, 
Howard ^ Sanford (now Cass, How- 
ard 6? Co.), and now pres. same. Mem. 

Zeta Psi. Presbyn. Clubs: University, 
Country (Los Angeles). Home: 434 
N. Citrus. Office: Security Title Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

CAMERON, Ida B., physician; b 
San Francisco, Mar. 13. 1866; d. An 
gus and Margaret (McKay) C; M.D. 
Hahnemann Med. Coll., S.F., 1895 
Engaged in med. practice, S.F. Mem 
Amer. Inst, of Homoeopathy, Calif 
Homeo. Soc. Republican. Protestant 
Club: Women's City (S.F.). Address 
209 Camino del Mar. San Francisco 

FLEISHHACKER, Herbert, bank 
er; b. San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 2 
1872; s. Aaron and Delia (Stern) F. 
ed. pub. schs. and business coll.; m 
Mary Belle Greenbaum, of San Fran 
Cisco, Aug. 9, 1905. Began as book 
keeper, father's paper business. 1887 
later salesman ivr the house and es 

tablished paper mills in Ore. and elec- 
tric power plants in Calif.; became 
mgr. London, Paris is' Am. Bank, San 
Francisco, 1907, title later Anglo (i 
London Paris Nat. Bank of which has 
been pres. since 1911; officer or dir. 
various other corpns. OJJice: 1 San- 
some St., San Francisco. 

ABBOTT, Carl H., attorney; b. 
Boston, Aug. 4, 1867; s. Granville and 
Susan (Davis) A.; A.B., Brown U., 
Providence, R.I., 1888; LL.B., Hast- 
ings Coll. of Law, San Francisco, 1891. 
Admitted to Calif, bar, 1891, and en- 
tered practice of law in Oakland; be- 
came partner law firm of Fitzgerald 6? 
Abbott, attys.. Oakland, 1895. which 
later moved to S.F., becoming Camp- 
bell, Fitzgerald, Abbott & Fowler, and 
dissolved in 1905; organized law firm 
Fitzgerald ^ Abbott, S.F., 1905, 
moved to Oakland 1906, changed 
name to Fitzgerald, Abbott 6? Beards- 
ley, 1913, and has continued to date. 

Club: Athenian (Oakland). Home: 
Hotel Oakland. Olfice: Central Bank 
Bldg., Oakland. 

WILLIAMS, Cora Lenore, educa- 
tor; b. Pleasant Valley, Minn., Jan. 20, 
1865; d. John P. and Irene (Dutton) 
W.; Ph.B., U. of Calif., 1891. For- 
mer instr. math., Santa Ana and Oak- 
land high schs. and U. of Calif.; 
founded the Cora L. Williams Inst., 
Berkeley, 1917, and since pres. same. 
Author: Introduction to Absolute 
Geometry, 1905; As If, 1914; Four 
Dimensional Reaches, 1915; Creative 
Involution, 1916. Mem. League of 
Amer. Pen Women (hon. pres. Ber- 
keley br.). Clubs: Coll. Women's, 
Women's Faculty, University, Wo- 
men's City (Berkeley). Address; 

VAN DEN BERG, William John, 
surgeon; b. Menominee, Mich., Feb. 
22, 1891; s. Martin and Adeha (Meu- 
lemans) V.: B.S., U. of Wis., 1918; 
M.D., Harvard U., 1920; m. Ruth 
Amelia Griffiths, of N.Y. City, Dec. 
11, 1922; children — William John Jr., 
Carol Ann. Licensed by the nat. bd. 
of med. examiners; mem. surg. staff, 
Bellevue hosp., N.Y. City, 2 yrs.; staff 
mem. St. Margaret's and St. Mary's 
hosps., Boston, 18 mos.; now practic- 
ing surgery, Sacramento. Served in 
Med. Corps, U.S.A., World War. 
Fellow A.M. A.; mem. Calif. State 
Med. Soc, Sigma Sigma. Republican. 
Christian. Home: 4457 I St. Office: 
928 J St., Sacramento. 

HARGEAR, Frank Foli, broker; b. 
San Francisco, Nov. 18, 1897; s. Will- 
iam Allan and May (Dalton) H.; A.B., 
U. of Cahf., 1919. Partner, Sutro ^ 
Co., .stock and bond brokers, S. P.; 
dir. Haiku Pineapple Co. Ltd., Ha- 
waii. Elk, Mason (32°, Shriner). 
Clubs: Commercial, Investment Bank- 
ers (S.F.); Country (Berkeley), 
Athenian Nile (Oakland). Home: 
2928 Derby St., Berkeley. Office: 407 
Montgomery St., San Francisco. 

FISCHER, Emil A., engraver; b. 
San Francisco, July 22, 1882; s. Eu- 
gene E. and Clara (Podd) F.; ed. pub. 
and bus. schs., S.F.; m. Marie Hen- 
riette Paul, of S.F., 1907; 1 son, Emil 
A. Jr. Asso. with S. F. Fischer if Co., 
engravers, S.F., 1898 — , now mgr. of 
same. N.S.G.W. Republican. Epis- 
copalian. Home: 879 56th St., Oak- 
land. Ofice: 461 Bush St., San Fran- 

NEWCOMB, Annie S. Harkness 
(Mrs. B. M. Newcomb), clubwoman; 
b. Belfast, Me.; d. Thomas and Susan 
Gross (Hall) Harkness; grad. pub. 
schs., Belfast; m. B.M. Newcomb, of 
Burnham, Me., Nov. 12, 1871 (dec): 
children — Ralph Pitcher, Earlbert 
(dec). Mem. O.E.S. Clubs: 20th 
Century. City Women's (Berkeley) 
Home: 2309 Vine St., Berkeley. 



WILSON, Arthur Ailing, banker; 
b. Walkcrton, Can.. Apr. 10, 1881; 
s. Horace Ailing and Elizabeth Lu- 
cinda (Mackintosh) W.; cd. Toronto 
Model Sch. (winner of gen. scholar- 
ship, 1894), Harbord Collegiate Inst., 
Toronto; m. Lucie Nenon (dec); 
children — Arthur John, Robert Rut- 
tan; m. 2nd. Caroline Allen, of N.Y. 
City, Dec. 12, 1925. Became asso. 
with the Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce, Toronto, Feb. 1899, served in 
various capacities for same in London, 
Eng., 1904-06, N.Y. City, 1906-07, 
apptd. mgr, at Ft. William, Can., 
1907, asst. mgr. at San Francisco, 
1915-19; mgr., Park-Union Foreign 
Banking Corpn., S.F., 1919-22; pres., 
Morris Plan Co., S.F., 1920-22; apptd. 
vice-pres.. Bank of Italy, S.F., Mar. 
1922, mgr. Bank of Italy, at Sacra- 
mento, Mar. 1924 — . Pres. Board of 
Trade, Ft. WiUiam, Can., 1909-10; 
mem. Sacramento Chamber Com- 
merce (dir. 1927-28), Sacramento 
Community Chest (dir. 1925). AngH- 
can. Clubs: Sutter (dir. 1927-28), 
Del Paso Golf 6? Country (Sacra- 
mento); Canadian (pres. 1916-17), 
Bohemian (S.F.); Royal Canadian 
Yacht (Toronto). Home: 2901-22nd 
St. Ofjice: 6th and K Sts., Sacramento. 

CARR, Henry Walter, research 
chemist; b. Dunville, Ont., Can., Dec. 
17, 1862; s. William and Elizabeth 
(Henry) C; ed. pub. sch., Saginaw, 
Mich.; m. Ida Forbes, of Saginaw, 
June, 1888; 1 dau., Elizabeth H. With 
Merchants Nat. Bank of Saginaw 
prior to 1891; operated flour mill, 
1891-93; organized Saginaw Milling 
Co., 1893, gen. mgr. of same, 1893- 
1909; Henry W. Carr ^ Co.. whlsle. 
grain. 1909-15; discovered potash de- 
posit. Deep Springs Valley, Calif., 
1917; organ. Inyo Chemical Co., 
1917, pres. and gen. mgr. of same, 
1917-24; estab. Industrial Research 
Co., chems., San Francisco, 1917, 
pres. of same, 1917 — ; patentee of 
equips, and processes of mineral re- 
covery. Author: Hiram of Mono — a 
Study in Human Philosophy. Elk 
(life). Republican. Presbyn. Club: 
Commonwealth (S.F.). Address: 728 
Montgomery St.. San Francisco. 

YOELt, Rodney Alexander, sur- 
geon; b. San Jose, Calif., July 19, 
1893; s. John Hampden and Mary 
Ellen (O'Keefe) Y.; B.L., Santa Clara 
U., 1914; B.S., St. Louis U., M.D.. 
1918;. g^rad. studies St. Louis and Eu- 
rope, 3 yrs.; m. Helen Catherine 
Fischer, June 28, 1926; 1 son, John 
Hampden. Engaged in practice sur- 
gery continuously in San Francisco 
since completing European study. 
Served Med. R.C., U.S.A., 1917-18. 
Mem. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Republi- 
can. Catholic. Home 14 7th Ave. 
Ofice: 490 Post St., San Francisco. 

BOYD, James Odington, credit 
assn. c.xcc; b. Charlottesville, Va., 
May 15, 1875; s. James Henry and 
Sarah Ehzabeth (Duke) B.; ed. pvt. 
schs. Charlottesville; grad. Miller 
Sch., Crazet, Va.; m. Maud Mildred 
Davis, of Sacramento, Calil., Oct. 1, 
1910; children — Robert Duke, Vir- 
ginia Lee, Judenia Garner, Marian 
Jean. Organized the Wholesalers' 
Credit Assn. of Sacramento, April, 
1913. Mason (32°, Shriner). Repub- 
lican. Protestant. Club: Sutter (Sac- 
ramento). Home: 2919 Beakin St., 
Berkeley. Ofjice: Russ Bldg., San 

CRYER, George Edward, ex-mayor; 
b. Douglas Co., Neb., May 13, 1875; 
s. John B. and Elizabeth (Grange) 
C; ed. Los Angeles high sch.; LL.B., 
U. of Mich., 1903; m. Isabel Gay. of 

Franklin, Pa., Sept. 5, 19U6; children 
— Edward Gay, Catherine Christine. 
Began practice of law at Los Angeles, 
1903; 1st asst. U.S. atty. Southern 
Dist. of Calif., 1910-11; 1st asst. city 
atty. Los Angeles, 1912-13; chief dep. 
dist. atty., Los Angeles Co., 1915-19; 
mayor of Los Angeles, 1921 to 1929. 
Served as pvt. and sergt. Co. G, 7th 
Calif. Inf., U.S.V., May 1, 1898-Jan 
1, 1899, Spanish-Am. War. Republi 
can. Presbyn. Mason, K.P., Elk 
Moose. Clubs: Commercial. El Cabal 
lero. Home: 530 Shatto PL, Lo 

SANBORN, Irving Howard, in- 
vestment banker; b. San Francisco. 
June 21, 1879; s. Albion Irving and 
Maria Jane (Clark) S.; grad. Lowell 
high sch., S.F., 1897; m. Bessie Edith 
Pennington, of S.F., Sept. 23, 1903; 
children — Dorothy Edith. Carol Vir- 
ginia, Elizabeth Jane. Began as elk. 
in S.F. law office; elk. Amer. Nat. 
Bank of S.F., Nov. 1903-Feb. 1911; 

asst. cashier and loan officer, First 
Nat. Bank, Oakland, 1911-12; asst. 
cashier 1912-18, cashier and vice- 
pres. 1918-26, Amer. Nat. Bank, 
S.F.; pres. Sanborn Fuller d Co., in- 
vestment bankers, S.F., 1926 — . 
Mem. Amer. Inst, of Banking (bd. 
of govs., S.F. chap., 6 yrs.; nat. 
treas., 1 yr.), Y.M.C.A. of S.F. (dir. 
5 yrs.), N. Central Improvement 
Assn. (pres.). Mason (K.T., Shri- 
ner). Republican. Methodist (treas. 
S.F. ch. extension soc. of M.E. Ch., 
8 yrs.; tr. Grace M.E. Ch., S.F., 15 
yrs.). Clubs: Kiwanis (dir. 1 yr., 
vice-pres. 2 yrs.). Commonwealth, 
Masonic, Presidio Golf (S.F). 
Home: 16 W. Clay Park. Oficc: Fi- 
nancial Center Bldg., San Francisco. 
REAGAN, Frank J., telephone com- 
pany mgr.; b. Natick, Mass., Nov. 24, 
1884; s. William R. and Mary C. 
(Covcney) R.; grad. Phillips Acad., 
Andover, Mass., 1905; B.S., Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1909; m. Marguerite M. 
Shipman, of Berkeley, Cahf., July 12, 
1925. With N.E. Tel. 6? Tel. Co., 
Boston, 1909; gen. supervisor traffic 
and div. supt. traffic. Pacific Tel. (i 
Tel. Co., San Francisco, 1910-25; gen. 
traffic mgr.. New York Tel. Co., 1925- 
;6; gen. commercial mgr.. Pacific Tel. 
W Tel. Co., S.F., 1926^. Mem. Phi 
Gamma Delta. Republican. Clubs: 
Clarcmont Country, Sequoyah Coun- 
try, Orinda Country (Oakland). 
Home: 16 Brookside Ave., Berkeley. 
Office: 140 New Montgomery St., 
San Francisco. 

LANGNECKER, Harry Leslie, or- 
thopaedic surgeon; b. New Brighton. 
Pa.. Sept. 4. 1878; s. Frank Miller and 
Mary Jane (Ferguson) L.; A.B., 
Stanford U., 1901; M.D.. Johns Hop- 
kins U., 1906; m. Joan Roome Mac- 
Donald, of Halifax, N.S.. and Boston, 
Mass., Jan. 28, 1914; children— Jane 
Scott, Leslie Ferguson. Served as asso. 
clinical prof, orthopaedic surgery, 
Stanford U. Med. Sch., San Francisco, 
1915 — . Assigned overseas as lieut., 
M.C., U.S.N.R.F., 1917-19. Author 
of numerous contbns. in orthopaedic 
surgery and rehabilitation. Mem. Del- 
ta Upsilon. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Republican. Protestant. Club: Com- 
monwealth (S.F.). Home: 1711 Web- 
ster St., Palo Alto. Ofice: Stanford 
U. Hosp., Clay y Webster Sts., San 

PROVOST, Charlotte E., educator 
(retired); b. San Francisco; d. Daniel 
Rufus and Mary Ann (Sherry) P.; ed. 
Harmon pvt. sch., Oakland; Denman 
sch.. Girls" high sch., S.F. Taught 
number of years in S.F. public schools; 
attached Lincoln sch. at time of S.F. 
fire in 1906; active in Susan B. An- 
thony campaign for woman suffrage. 
Clubs: California (a founder). Wo- 
men's City (S.F.). Address: 722 Fell 
St., San Francisco. 



CRAIL, Joe, congressman; b. Fair- 
field, la., Dec. 24, 1877; s. Benjamin 
Franklin and Nancy Ralston (Mc- 
Crackin) C; grad. high sch., Fair- 
field, 1894; A.B., Drake U., Des 
Moines, la., 1898; student la. Coll. of 
Law, Des Moines, la.; m. Gladys Ade- 
laide Schmidt, of Berkeley, Calif., 

Feb. 10, 1920; 1 dau., Gladys Ade- 
laide. Admitted to Calif, bar, 1902, 
and since practiced at Los Angeles; as- 
sociated with twin bro., Charles S., un- 
til latter was elected to bench of Supe- 
rior Court of Los Angeles Co., 1918. 
Served as vol. Spanish-Am, War, 
1898, and continued until evacuation 
of Cuba by U.S. Army, 1902; chmn. 
Rep. State Central Com. for Southern 
Cahf., 1918-20; mem. 70th Congress 
(1927-29), 10th Cahf. Dist. (largest 
population (1,2?0,000) of any con- 
gressional dist. in U.S.). Mem. Chris- 
tian (Disciples) Ch. Clubs: Los An- 
geles Country; Chevy Chase (Md.). 
Home: 21 f W. 7th St. Office: A. G. 
Bartlett Bldg., Los Angeles. 

SCHIVELY, John Hcllings, fed- 
eration secretary, editor; b. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., Sept. 28, 1858; s. Eh Trego 
and Martha (Gibbons) S.; A.B., Dick- 
inson Coll., 1886, M.A.; m. Carrie 
Dixon, of Denton, Caroline County, 
Md., Sept. 23, 1886: children— Hugh 
Pitcairn, Flora Izset, Annie Cunning- 
ham, Edward Dixon, Charles Stock- 
lem. Printer on Congr. Record and in 
Rebellion Record Office, War Dept., 
Washington, D.C., 1876-81: taught 
Meth. Ch. Schs., Santiago, Chile, and 
Lucknow, India; state legislator. 
Wash., 1895-97; Rep. state chmn.. 
Wash., 1898-1901; dep. ins. commr., 
1901-09, and commr., 1909-13, 
Wash.: edited ins. pubis., 1901 — ; 
now sec, Ins. Federation of Calif., 

San Francisco. Served Queen's R. C, 
Lucknow, India. Mem. Pacific 
Assn. of Fire Chiefs (chaplain). Blue 
Goose, F.O.E., W.O.W., I.O.F.. Ma- 
son. Republican. Methodist. Home: 
292 22nd Ave. Office: Insurance Ex- 
change Bldg., San Francisco. 

MAITLAND, Louise Kellogg, club 
woman: b. San Francisco: d. Marma- 
duke Burnell (dec.) and Mary Louise 
(Adams) Kellogg: father many years 
counsel for Spring Valley Water Com- 
pany, S.F.; ed. Miss Murison's Sch., 
S.F., and Blanchard-Gamble Sch., 
Santa Barbara. Prominently identified 
with club and social activities of San 
Francisco District. Republican. Epis- 
copalian. Club.s: Century of Califor- 
nia, Town &? Country, Woman's City 
(S.F.). Address: Stanford Court 
Apartments, San Francisco. 

NEWCOMB, B. M., miner, histor- 
ian (deceased 1924): h. Burnham, 
Me.. Aug. 14, 1848; s. Jediaha New- 
comb; ed. pub. schs., Gloucester, 
Mass.: m. Annie S. Harkness, of Bel- 
fast, Me., Nov. 12, 1871: children- 
Ralph Pitcher. Earlbert (dec). Teach- 
er pub. schs.. Gloucester, at early age: 
later bkpr. short time at Belfast: be- 
gan career in metallurgy and mineral- 
ogy. Leadville, Colo., 1878, later oper. 
mines Sonora, Mex., 1884-86, quick- 
silver mines at Oak Hill, Calif., 1886, 
etc.: also oper. in Breckenridge min- 
ing dist., Colo.; devised important ore- 
reducing methods; retired about 1918: 
historian Mayflower Soc, San Fran- 
cisco, until death, 1924. Mason (K. 
T., 32°. Shriner). Home was at 2309 
Vine St., Berkeley, Calif. 

TROUILLET, Marie Serres (Mrs. 
Jules Pierre Trouillet), laundry owner; 
b. Basses Pyrenees, France. Oct. 24, 
1886: d. Jean and Mane (Fanfelle) 
Serres; ed. pub. schs., Ferrieres. 
France; m. Jules Pierre Trouillet, of 
San Francisco. Dec. 29. 1906 (dec): 
I dau., Caroline Elisabeth. Estah. 
Trouillet's French Laundry, with late 
husband. S.F., 1907, sole owner same. 
1909 — ; pres. French relief fund, 
1914-19. Awarded Reconnaissance 
Medal of Honor (France). Mem. Al- 
liance Francaise. Dames Francaise, 
Druids. Republican. Catholic. Club: 
Western Woman's (S.F.). Address: 
2131 Fillmore St., San Francisco. 

BLACK, Fannie Jean Lyne (Mrs. 
Alfred Pressley Black), social worker; 
b. San Francisco: d. William and 
Catharine (Young) Lyne: grad. Broad- 
way gr. sch., 1876, Girls' high sch., 
1879, Normal, 1880. S.F.; ra. Alfred 
Pressley Black, of S.F., Aug. 25, 1887: 
children — Emma Frances (Mrs. W. S. 
W. Kew), Harold, Marion Alice 
(Mrs. Carroll M. Wagner), William 
Lyne (dec). Mem. Alumnae Assn. 
Girls' high sch. (pres., 1905); San 
Francisco County Women's Auxiliary 
of Panama-Pacific Internal. Expn. 

(chmn. 1915); Belgian Relief Com- 
mittee; Travelers' Aid Soc. of S.F. 
(sec. since 1918). Republican. Prot- 
estant. Clubs: Woman's City (pres.); 
California (pres., 1912-14); Calif. 
Fed. Women's (chmn. press dept., 
1909): S.F. Dist. Calif. Fed. Women's 
(pres. 1910-12). Address: 1260 
Chestnut St.. San Francisco. 

FAIRBROTHER, Mary, editor; b. 
Chariton, la.: d. Francis Marion and 
Charlotte A. (Cameron) F.: ed. pub. 
schs., Chariton, and Tecumseh. Neb. 
Edited and owned Woman's Weekly, 
Omaha, Neb.. 1891-1901: engaged in 
newspaper work and instructed in par- 
liamentary practice, San Francisco, 
1901-23; mgr. Author's SeUing Ser- 
vice, S.F., 1923 — . Author: (essays) 
People and Perplexities. Mem. Cahf. 
Equal Suffrage Assn. (ex-dir.). Wo- 
man's Dem. League (organizer and 
pres.). Pacific Coast Women's Press 
Assn. Clubs: Calif. State Dem. Wo- 
man's (corr. sec), California (S.F.). 
Home: 1081 Treat Ave. Office: Phe- 
lan Bldg.. San Francisco. 

LUBITSCH, Ernst, moving picture 
dir.: b. Berlin, Germany. Jan. 29, 
1892; 5. Simon and Anna (Linden- 
stedt) L.; grad. high sch., Berlin, 
1908; m. Leni Krauss, of Wiesbaden, 
Aug. 22, 1922; children— Ernst, Edi. 
Began as actor in Germany, 1911; 
came to U.S., 1922, to direct Mary 
Pickford: with Warner Bros. 3 yrs., 
later with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; en- 
tered into contract with Famous Play- 

ers-Lasky Corpn., 1927: has made fol- 
lowing pictures: Passion: Deception; 
Gypsy Blood; One Arabian Night: 
The Marriage Circle: Kiss Me Again: 
Forbidden Paradise; Lady Winder- 
mere's Fan; Old Heidelberg. Home: 
Beverly Hills. Address: Lasky Studio, 
5451 Marathon, Los Angeles. 



WILSON, Mary Elizabeth, educa- 
tor; b. Helena, Mont., 1S69: d. Enoch 
Heni-v and loanna Halstcd (Mcln- 
tire) W.; yrad. Oakland (Calif.) High 
Sch., 1887; B.L., Smith Coll., Mass., 
1891; M.L., U. of Calif., 1896; un- 
married. Teacher of English, Miss 
Murison's Sch., San Francisco, 1895- 
1906; teacher Enghsh, 1907-09, prin. 
and owner 1909 — .Anna Head School. 
Presbyn. Mem, Am. Assn. Univ. Wo- 
men; sectional v. p. for Pacific coast, 
Assn. Collegiate Alumnae, 1912-15. 
Translator: Intellectual and Moral 
Development of the Child, 1896; Lat- 
er Infancy of the Child, 1902. Clubs- 
Smith Coll. of Northern Calif, (pres. 
1915-18); Fortnightly (pres. 1922 
24), Women's City (San Francisco): 
Women's City, Town and Gown of 
Berkeley (pres. 1925); Woman's Ath- 
letic (Oakland); Claremont, Diablo. 
Orinda Country. Home: 2538 Chan- 
ning Way, Berkeley. 

CAMPBELL, "William Harrison, 
attorney; b. Johnson City, Tenn.; .s. 
John Calhoun and Hasseltyne Judson 
(Nelson) C: A.B.. Yale U.; LL.B., 
U. of Md.; m. Irene Kathryn Hanson, 
of Salt Lake City, Apr. 26, 1924: 1 
dau.. Mary Patricia. Admitted to 
Md. state bar, 1916: served as j.p., 
Md.; practiced law in Md. until 1922; 
gen. law practice, Los Angeles, 
1922 — , now mem. firm Evans. Pearce 
6? Campbell, L.A.: dir. and atty. for 
several Calif, corpns. Served U.S.A., 
World War, 2 yrs. 4 mos., 14 mos. 
overseas: capt. F.A., 79th Div., A.E. 
F. Awarded medal, Universite de 
Clermont-Ferrand. Puy de Dome, 
France, for promotion of Amer- 
French goodwill. Mem. Amer. and 
L.A, Co. bar assns.. Psi Upsilon. Re- 
publican. Methodist. Cliib.s: Jona- 
than (L.A.), Ehhu (Yale Univ.). 
Home: 500 Rosewood Ave. Office: 
Van Nuys Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

HEUSTIS, Robert Liston, banker: 
b. Mobile. Ala.. Nov. 27, 1875: s. 
James Fountain (M.D.) and Rachel 
(Lyons) H.; grad. Barton Acad.. Mo- 
bile. 1889; m. Norah Kathleen Frank- 
lin, of Dublin. Ireland. Aug. 10. 1907; 
children — Rachel. Robert Liston Jr. 
Engaged cotton bus., 1889-1902: or- 
ganizer and charter mem. Merchants 
Bank of Mobile, 1902; later organized 
first Bank of British Honduras at 
Belize for Mobile and New Orleans 
bus. interests and was managing dir. 
of same 10 yrs.: selling interests to 
Royal Bank of Canada, moved to Port- 
land, Ore., to care for property hold- 
ings: organized (with J. N. Casady 
and B. R. Brundage) Western State 
Bank, Los Angeles, 1921, and cashier 
same, 1921-23: organized (with J. N. 
Casady) Nat. Bank, L.A., 
1923. and since v. p. of same:. also pres. 
Hohm Corpn. Bldg. Vice-pres. Inde- 
pendent Bankers Assn. of L.A. Coun- 

ty. Republican. Episcopalian. Ciiib.s: 
Wilshire Country, S. Calif. Athletic, 
Gables (L.A.). Home: 114 S. Norton 
Ave. OJJicc: 461 S. Western Ave., 
Los Angeles. 

KENNEDY, Dean Madison, invmt. 
banker: b. Madison, S.D., Jan. 3, 
1887; s. Charles Bartlet and Ella 
(Williamson) K.; Ph.B.. U. of Chica- 
go. 1909: m. Dorothy Parker Butler, 
of Boston. Nov. 19, 1914; children — 
Janet Ann (dec). Dean M. Jr., 
Charles P. Employed by Pacific Tel. 
6? Tel. Co., traffic dept., 1910-19; 
treas. Los Angeles Finance Co., 1 yr.; 
asso. with Blyth Witter 6? Co., bonds. 
L.A., 1921 — , now asst. sales mgr. of 
L.A. office same. Mem. Delta Upsilon. 
Mason (K.T.. Shriner). Republican. 
Protestant. Clubs: University (L.A.), 
Beach (Santa Monica). Home: 717 
Foothill Rd.. Beverly Hills. Office: 
215 W. 6th St.. Los Angeles. 

BABCOCK, David Thornton, invmt. 
banker: b. Rock Island. 111.. Aug. 7, 
1886: s. Arnold Edgar and Edith L. 
(Dimick) B.; ed. Pomona Coll.. 1904: 
Stanford U.. 1907-08: B.S., U. of 
Calif.. 1911: m. Hazel E. Donoho. of 
San Francisco. Jan. 1, 1914: children 
— Maryedith. Esther. Asso. with Blyth 
Witter y Co.. bonds, Los Angeles, 
1914 — , became mgr. southern Calif, 
office, 1917, vice-pres. 1924 — ; pres. 
Episcopal Ch. Home for the Aged, 
L.A. Mem. L.A. Grand Opera Assn. 
(chmn. finance com.). Delta Upsilon. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Club.5; 
California, Country, Crags Country 
(L.A.): Westport Beach (Venice). 
Beach (Santa Monica). Home: 625 
S. Kingslcy Dr. Ojfice: 215 W. 6th 
St.. Los Angeles. 

KERFOOT, Everett E., corpn. exec ; 
b. Butler. Mo.. June 10. 1889: s. J. 
Mason and Mary E. (Cathey) K.; ed. 
Ore. Agrl. Coll.; Los Angeles Bus. 
Coll.: m. Inez Johnson, of Ohio. 1925. 
In U.S. govt, service prior to 1919: 
sec. treas. and dir. Axelson Machine 
Co.. mfrs. oil well pumps, etc., L.A., 
1919 — . Master signal electrician, 
World War. Mem. L.A. Chamber 
Commerce (mfg. com.). Methodist. 
Clubs: Jonathan (L.A.), Rio Hondo 
Country (Huntington Park). Home: 
811 South Sierra Bonita Ave. Olfice: 
6160 S. Boyle Ave, Los Angeles. 

CARSON, George Earl, corpn. offi- 
cial: b. Los Angeles Co., Oct. 18, 
1895; s. John Manuel and Katherine 
E. (Smyth) C: ed. U. of Calif. 
Asso. with the Carson Estate Co., 
L.A., 1918-21: officer and dir. Rotary 
Supply Co., oil well supplies, L.A., 
1921 — ; also active in the manage- 
ment and direction of the John Car- 
son estate. Enlisted in U.S.N., 1917: 
commd. and disch. 1919: now an offi- 
cer in U.S.N.R.F. Mem. Amer. Le- 
gion, Zeta Psi. N.S.G.W. Republican. 
Catholic Club.5: University (L.A.), 

Surf & Sand (Hermosa Beach). Home: 
Dominguez Ranch, Gardena. Ojficc: 
766 Kohler St., Los Angeles. 

DISS, John Wallace Fox, ins, 
broker: b. San Francisco, Sept. 22, 
1860; s. Frank Andrew Jackson and 
Elizabeth Cornelia (Allen) D.; ed. 
pub. schs., S.F.; m. Amelia Guest, of 
Los Angeles, Jan, 23, 1923. Asso. 
with S.F. Examiner, until 1889; was 
western corr. of Chicago Horseman 
and of Turf, Field and Farm. N.Y.; 
engaged in orange growing. Redlands, 
Cahf.. 1889: county elk., auditor and 
recorder. San Bernardino Co.. Calif., 
1894-98: was mem. of the Redlands 
Union high sch, dist." engaged in gen. 
ins. bus.. L.A.. 1907—. Served in 
Spanish-Amer. War, 1898-99. disch. 
as capt. Battery D.. 1st Calif. Arty.; 
served in first Philippine expedition: 
co-orgamser cadet corps, 2nd Arty., 
N.G. of Calif.; was mem. of Co. P., 
1st. Inf., capt. Co. G., 9th Inf. and 
maj. and inspr. 1st Brigade, N.G. of 
Calif.: served 30 yrs. in Calif. N.G.. 
and retired as chief engr. with rank 
of col. Awarded all decorations of 
artillery arm of mil. service. Mem. 
Naval and Mil. Order of the Spanish- 
Amer. War (past comdr. Calif, com- 
mandery), U.S.W.V., Masonic Vets, 
of Pacific Coast (life), Redlands Hor- 
ticultural Soc (first sec. and treas.). 
Gamma Eta Kappa. Redlands Cham- 
ber Commerce (first treas.). N.S.G.W. 
(past pres.). Mason. Republican. Pro- 
testant. Club; Charter mem. Jonathan 
(L.A). Home: La Crescenta. Office: 
Pacific Nat. Bank Bldg., Los Angeles. 

KELLER, David Henry Esten, ins. 
broker: b. Thurber, Tex., Aug. 6, 
1900;. S.David Henry (M.D.) and Ann 
Lee (Beach) K.; grad. U. of Tex., 
1923. Ins. broker, Los Angeles, 2 yrs., 
now engaged in claims work; dir. Pol- 
icyholders Service Corpn., 1928 — . 
Attended officers' tr. camp, U.S.A., 
World War. Mem. Chi Phi. Delta 
Sigma Chi. Democrat. Anglo-Catho- 
lic Clubs: Jonathan (L.A.): Fox 
Hills Country (Culver City). Home: 
Jonathan Club. Office: W. M. Garland 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

GARRETSON, Samuel Wesley, 
mech. engr. (retired); b. Jersey City, 
N.J., June 5, 1844; s. Hiram and 
Charlott C. (Moulds) G.: ed. pub. 
schs., Jersey City: m. Mattie G. Max- 
well, of Richmond, CaUf., Sept. 30, 
1891. Chief engr. on steamships, 
China and Japan, 1867: engaged in 
bldg. gas works on Atlantic and Pa- 
cific coasts: supt. Los Angeles gas 
works, 20 yrs., retiring in 1903. En- 
listed in Co. A, 21st N.J. Inf., 1862; 
participated in battles of Antietam, 
Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville; 
helped build the "monitors" in Jersey 
City. Republican. Club: City (L.A.). 
Address: 1756 Sierra Bonita Ave., 



ANDREWS, William Samuel, law- 
yer; b. San Fi-ancisco, Sept. 13. 1883; 
s. James and Mary (Breeje) A.; A.B.. 
U. of Calif., 1906, J.D., 1908: m. 
Anne Dale Biddlc, of Hanford, Calif., 
Oct. 7, 1912; children— Wilhelmine 
Dale, William Samuel Jr. Engaged in 
law practice in S.F., specializing in 
corpn. and commercial matters. 
1909—. Mem. Phi Delta Phi. Mason. 
Republican. Presbyn. Chib,sv Uni- 
versity (S.F.). Faculty (Berkeley). 
Orinda Country (Oakland). Home: 65 
Domingo Ave.. Berkeley. Office: 260 
California St.. San Francisco. 

PALMER, Edwin Obadiah, phy- 
sician, surgeon (retired); b. Schenec- 
tady, N.Y., June 17, 1872; s. William 
Henry and Mary (Leavenworth) P.; 
M.D., Coll. of Phys. y Surgeons. N. 
Y. City. 1896; student Sloane Mater- 
nity and N.Y. City Maternity hosps.; 
TO. Genevieve O'Brien, of Hollywood. 
Calif.. Feb. 14. 1903; children— Cath- 
erine (Mrs. Mortimer A. Kline). Wil- 
liam. Interne Lebanon hosp.. 1897- 
98; attendant in med. and surgery 
out-patient dept. Roosevelt hosp. and 
engaged pvt. practice. N.Y. City, 
1898-1900; engaged gen. practice med. 
and surgery and spec, in medical and 
surgical diagnosis, Hollywood, Calif.. 
1900-27; asst. county health officer, 
Los Angeles Co.. 1900-10; organizer 
190?, Hollywood Nat. Bank and Cit- 
izens Savs. Bank, and pres. of both, 
1905-18; promoter and mgr. Holly- 
wood Citizen (newspaper). 1906-15; 
pres. Hollywood Med. (jroup. 1922 — ; 
mem. cons, staff St. Vincent's hosp.. 
where also lecturer Nurses' Tr. Sch. 
many yrs.; founder and since pres. 
Hollywood Hospital Co.. which owns 
and maintains Hollywood hosp.; pres. 
Federal Bldg. Co. of Hollywood. Lec- 
turer on hygiene before recruits in 
Hollywood Div. and in charge Div. 1. 
L.A. County Selective Bd.. during 
World War. Mem. Amer., Calif, and 
L.A. County med. assns.; Assn. of 
Approved Hosps. of L.A. County 
(pres.), Mental Hygiene Assn. of 
Hollywood (pres. and dir.), Munici- 
pal League of L.A. Clubs: Masonic, 
University. Athletic (Hollywood); 
Wilshire Country (L.A.); Tuna, San- 
ta Gatalina Light Tackle, Catalina 
Three Six (Catalina): del Mar 
(Santa Monica). Home: 1745 Camino 
Palmero, Hollywood. 

PEARCE, Albert D., attorney: b. 
Champion, Mich., Oct. 24. 1883; s. 
Edward and Margaret (Mundy) P.; 
A.B.. U. of Mich., 1908. LL.B.. 1909; 
TO. Esther Lewis, of Pentwater, Mich.. 
Oct. 24. 1910; 1 dau.. Jean Esther. 
Admitted to practice before supreme 
ct. of Mich., 1909. in all Calif, cts. 
and U.S. dist. ct. of Calif., 1913; en- 
gaged in gen. law practice. Los An- 
geles, 1913 — , now mem. firm Evans. 
Pearce ^ Campbell. L.A.; mem. Glen- 

dale (Calif.) Union high sch. dist., 
1922 — , served as pres. same; trustee, 
Glcndale Union Jr. Coll. dist. Mem. 
Amer., Calif, and L.A. Co. bar assns., 
Univ. of Mich. Alumni Assn. of 
Southern Calif, (ex-pres.). Delta Sig- 
ma Rho. Elk (past exalted ruler. Glen- 
dale Lodge), Mason (K.T,. Shriner). 
Republican. Episcopalian. Club: Uni- 
versity (L.A.). Home: 119 W. Lex- 
ington Dr., Glendale. Office: Van 
Nuys Bldg., Los Angeles. 

FAIRBANKS, Douglas, actor; b. 
Denver. Colo.. May 23. 1883; s. John 
and Ella Adelaide (Marsh) F.; Jarvis 
Mil. Acad.. Denver; East Denver High 
Sch.; Colo. Sch. of Mines; m. Anna 
Beth Sully, of Providence, R.I., July 
11. 1907 (divorced, 1918); m. 2d, 
Mary Pickford. actress. Mar. 28, 1920. 
First appearance in New York, 1901; 
starred in Hawthorne of the U.S.A., 

Frenzied Finance. All for a Girl. A 
Gentleman from Misissippi. The Cub. 
Gentleman of Leisure. Comes up Smil- 
ing. Henrietta. Show Shop. Starred in 
motion pictures since 1916; later pro- 
ductions: His Majesty the American; 
When the Clouds Roll By; The Molly- 
coddle; The Mark of Zorro; The Nut; 
The Three Musketeers; Robin Hood; 
The Thief of Bagdad; Don Q. son of 
Zorro; The Black Pirate; The Iron 
Mask. One of the owners of United 
Artists Studios of Hollywood. Clubs: 
Lambs, Green Room, Friars (New 
York): Home: Beverly Hills, Calif. 

GREEN, Allan Lee, hardware 
mcht.; b. San Francisco, Jan. 14, 1886; 
s. Charles E. and Mary E. (Eldridge) 
G.; ed. Belmont (Calif.) Mil. Acad.; 
Stanford U.; m. Alice L. Doe. of S. 
F., Mar. 1, 1910; 1 son. Arthur, Pres. 
and dir. Gen. Machinery y Supply 
Co.. S.F.; dir. Green Investment Co.. 
and Marine View Apts. Co., S.F. Re- 

publican. Clubs: Pacific Union, Olym- 
pic, Commercial, Golf, Family (S.F.). 
Home: Pacific Union Club. Ojfice: 39 
Stevenson .St . San Francisco. 

PARSONS, Alice Knight, educa- 
tor: b. Brooklyn. N.Y.. Nov. 5. 1855; 
d. Samuel Miller and Virginia (Whit- 
well) P.; B.A.. Wells Coll.. N.Y., 
1875; studied langs. abroad. Founded, 
and with Miss Jeanne W. Dennen 
conducted a pvt. sch. at Brooklyn, 
1885-92; with her founded, at Los 
Angeles. 1892. the Girls' Collegiate 
Sch.. which was moved to estate of 
50 acres overlooking the San Gabriel 
Valley. 1925. Presbyn. Club: The 
Ebell (a founder). Home: Glendora, 

EVANS, William E., congressman, 
attorney; b. Laurel Co., Ky., Dec. 14, 
1877; s. P. M. and Bina Catherine 
(Jones) E.; ed. Sue Bennett Mem. 
Coll.. London. Ky.; m. Cecil C. Smith, 
of Ky.. Apr. 18, 1907; 1 dau., Cath- 
erine. City atty. Glendale. Calif., 
1911-20; del. Rep. Nat. Convention, 
1924; mem. 70th U.S. Congress. 1927- 
29; mem. law firm Evans. Pearce S 
Campbell. Los Angeles. Republican. 
Baptist. Home: 625 Cumberland Rd., 
Glcndale. Office: Van Nuys Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

SADLER, Clarence T., attorney; 
b. Eureka. Ncv., May 24, 1891; s. 
Rcinhold (Gov. of Nevada 1898- 
1904) and Louisa (Zadow) S.; LL.B., 
Georgetown U. Law Sch., 1916; m. 
Doris Reba Smoak, of Jacksonville, 
Fla., Nov. 4, 1922. Attorney and ex- 
aminer Fed. Trade Commn., Wash- 
ington, D.C., with hdqrs. in San 
Francisco, 1917 — . Served as pvt., 1st 
class. Aviation Sect., Signal Enlisted 
R.C., U.S. Army, World War; now 
sergt., Reg. Hdqrs. Detachment, 40th 
Arty., C.A.C. Mason. Protestant. 
Home: 2444 Highland Ave.. Berkeley. 
OfJiLc: Flatiron Bldg., San Francisco. 

DEXTER, Walter Friar, coll. pres.; 
b. Chicago. 111.. Nov. 21, 1886; s. 
Harry and Margaret (Bell) D.; A.B., 
Penn. Coll.. Oskaloosa, la., 1916; 
orator and undefeated debater in un- 
dergrad. course; studied Union Theol. 
Sem.; A.M., Columbia, 1919; Ed. M. 
and Ed. D.. Harvard. 1921; m. Ethel 
Lenore Smith, of Ackworth, la., Aug. 
25, 1910; 1 son, Walter Franklin. 
Head Dept. of Edn., Earlham Coll., 
Richmond. Ind.. 1921-23; lecturer U. 
of Va.. summer 1923; pres. Whittier 
Coll. since Aug. 1, 1923. Organized 
Whittier Birthday Banquet, Los Ange- 
les, known as the "One Hundred 
Thousand Dollar Banquet." because 
more than 1,000 plates were sold at 
$100.00 each. Mem. bd. dirs. Whit- 
tier Chamber Commerce. Whittier 
Y.M.C.A. Mem. Phi Delta Kappa, 
Phi Beta Kappa. Republican. Quaker. 
Club: Lions. Lecturer on education. 
Home: Whittier College. Calif. 



ADAMS, Elizabeth S. (Mrs. Willis 
Adams), educator: b. Lancaster, Ky.; 
ci L. R. Schuyler: grad. Potter Coll.. 
Bowling Green, Ky.; m. Willis Adams, 
of Mt. Vernon, Ky.; children — Lytle. 
Jack. Ida May. Elizabeth. Conducted 
Welsh Morrow Sch.. Mt. Vernon, Ky.. 
until 1912: estab. the Elizabeth Ad- 
ams' Sch., for children, Los Angeles, 
1912, and since prin. same. Democrat. 
Address: 2677 Orchard Ave., Los 

ROBERTSON, George Domville, 
realtor; b. Norton. N.B.. Can,. Sept 
8, 1880: ,s. Joseph Douglas and Fran 
ces (Floyd) R.; rti. Annie E. David 
son. of Gait, Ont.. Can., Dec. 2'i 
1903; children — George D. Jr.. Fran 
ces Jean. Pres. and dir. G.D. Robert 
son S' Co., realtors, L.A., and Monte 
Rio Corpn.; vice-pres. and dir. Lin 
coin Mtge. Co. of Calif., L.A.; mem 
regional bd.. Bank of Italy, L.A.: dir 
Fnidential Bldg. ^ Loan Assn., L.A. 
Wilshire Masonic Bldg. Corpn.. L.A 
Orthopedic hosp. Mem. Nat. Assn 
of Real Estate Eds., Calif. Real Estate 
Assn. (vice-pres. and dir.), L. A 
Realty Bd. Mason. Cliib.s; Athletic 
Masonic. Wilshire Country (L.A.) 
Home: 403 S. Serrano Ave. Office 
HoUingsworth Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

WORKS, John Downey, attorney, 
ex-U.S. Senator (deceased 1928^; b, 
Ohio Co.. Ind.. Mar. 29. 1847; s 
James Ale.xander and Phebe (Dow- 
ney) W.; ed. pub. schs.: m. Alice 
Banta, of Vevay, Ind., Nov. 1868 
(dec): children — Lewis R.. Thomas 
L.. Ida (Mrs. Darling), Laura (Mrs. 
Betts), Ethel (Mrs. Bancroft), Isabel 
(Mrs. Paris), Josephine Isora (dec). 
Mem. lower house, Ind. legislature, 
1880; city atty. San Diego, Calif.. 
1885; judge, superior ct. San Diego 
Co., 1886; asso. justice, supreme ct. 
of Calif.. 1888-91: pres. Los Angeles 
city council. 1910: U.S. Senator from 
Calif., 1911-17. Author: Indiana 
Practice and Pleading: Judicial Re- 
form: Man's Duty to Man: What's 
Wrong With the World? Sergt.. 10th 
Ind. Cav.. Civil War. Mem. Amer., 
Cahf. and L.A. Co. bar assns., G.A. 
R. Republican. Christian Scientist. 
Clubs; Athletic. City (L.A.). Home 
was at Hotel Normandie. Los Angeles. 

ALBEE, Merton Aurel, attorney: b. 
Moscow. Ida., Nov. 16, 1887; s. Wil- 
liam R. and Ada V. (Wilson) A.: 
J.D.. U. of Calif., 1910: m. Elizabeth 
White, of Syracuse, N.Y.. Dec. 11, 
1917. Admitted to Calif, state bar, 
1912; asso. with Porter & Sutton, 
attys., L.A., 1912-17; asso. in prac- 
tice with William Hazlett, following 
mil. service; now sr. mem. Albee ^ 
Watkinson. L.A.: admitted to prac- 
tice before U.S. supreme ct.; instr. in 
internat. law. Univ. of S. Calif.. 3 yrs. 
Attended O.T.C.. Presidio of San 
Francisco, and commd. 2nd lieut.. 

1917: a.s.signed to 91st Div., Camp 
Lewis, Wash.: promoted to 1st lieut., 
1918, and assigned to Co. I., Ttth 
U.S. Inf., 13th Div.: trial judge advo- 
cate, 13th Div.: disch. 1919; now 
capt., O.R.C., 91st Div. Mem. Amer. 
Bar Assn.. Amer. Legion. S.R.. Bro- 
therhood of St. Andrew. Lay reader 
and sec. Ch. Corpn. of Episcopal Ch., 
.sec. Ch. Extension Soc, and mem. bd, 
of govs. Diocesan Men's Club. Clubs: 
Commercial (L.A.), Surf 6? Sand 
(Hermosa Beach). Home: Redondo 
Beach. Office: Merchants Nat. Bank 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

PICKFORD, Mary (Mrs. Douglas 
Fairbanks), actress: b. Toronto, Can., 
Apr. 8. 1893 (family name Smith); 
mother a character actress: m. Owen 
Moore, actor (divorced. Mar. 1920); 
m. 2d. Douglas Fairbanks. Mar. 28. 
1920. Debut on stage at 5: first marked 

success was in motion pictures, in 
"Hearts Adrift"; returned to stage, 
playing in "A Good Little Devil": 
then appeared as leading woman and 
finally as star in motion pictures, 
among the best known being "Tess of 
the Storm Country," "Stella Maris," 
"Daddy Long Legs," "Pollyanna," 
"Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm," 
"Poor Little Rich Girl," "Little Lord 
Fauntleroy," "Coc|uette." etc. Part 
owner of United .Artists Studios. Hol- 
lywood. Home: Beverly Hills. Calif. 
FORD, W. Joseph, attorney; b. 
Oakland, Calif., Aug. 2, 1877; s. John 
J. and Mary B. (Mahoney) F.: ed. 
U. of Cahf.. 1897-98; m. Maude M. 
McCarthy, of San Diego. Nov. 29, 
1906 (dec): m. 2nd, Cecily M. Cham- 
bers, of Los Angeles. July 14. 1913: 
children — John. Robert. Margaret. 
William. Patrick. Joseph. Moira, Dec- 
Ian, James. Dermot. Admitted to 
Cahf. state bar, 1899; sec judicial 

com., state senate of Calif., Jan. -Mar. 
1907; dep. city prosecutor, L.A., 
1907-08, dep. dist. atty, 1908-10: 
chief asst. dist. atty., L.A. Co., 1910- 
14; prof, of evidence, and dean of St. 
Vincent Sch. of Law, Loyola Coll., 
L.A., 1920-28; now engaged in gen. 
law practice, L.A. Pvt., Co. H., 
Calif. Inf., Spanish-Amer. War; 1st 
lieut., 6th Co., Arty., Calif. N.G., 
1913. Mem. Amer., Calif, and LA. 
Co. bar assns., U.S.W.V. Elk. N.S. 
G.W. Republican. Clubs: Jonathan, 
California. City (L.A.). Home: 1605 
Arbor Dr.. Glendalc. Ojjice: Rowan 
Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

ERODE, Alexander Charles, manu 
facturcr: h. Los Angeles, Mar. 2 
1875: s. Charles and Clara (Alexan 
der) B.: ed. St. Vincent's Coll., L.A 
Asso. with Saginaw Lbr. Co., at Wil 
liams, Ariz., 2 yrs., and with Simon 
Maier Co., whsle. meat packers, L.A., 
3 yrs.: began as salesman, L.A. Soap 
Co., 1899, now partner, vice-pres. and 
dir. same.; dir. L.A. Invmt. Co. Elk 
Mason (32°, Shriner). Republican 
Clubs: Jonathan (L.A.). Tuna (pres 
1928), Yacht (Catalina Island), Flint 
ridge Country (Pasadena). Home 
725 S. Vermont Ave. Office: 617 E 
First St.. Los Angeles. 

COFFIN, Joseph Herschel, author 
b. Thorntown. Ind,. Jan. 12, 1880; s, 
Thomas Elihu and Ella (Cook) C. 
B.S.. Penn. Coll., Oskaloosa, la., 
1902: Ph.D., Cornell U., 1908; m. 
Viva Pearl Dean, of Oskaloosa, Aug 
24, 1904; children — Thomas Erwin 
Joseph Herschel. Instr. psychology 
1907-08, prof, philosophy, 1911-23 
sec, 1918-23, Earlham Coll., Rich 
mond. Ind.; acting prof, psychology 
Mt. Holyoke Coll., 1917; dean Whit 
tier Coll., Cahf., since Aug. 1, 1923 
Mem. Am. Assn. Univ. Profs. Quaker 
Author: Socialized Conscience, 1913 
Personalitv in the Making, 1923 
Home: W'hittier. Calif. 

EDSON, William B., financial sec 
retary: b. Canisteo, N.Y., July 18 
1872; s. Charles H. and Mary (Man 
ler) E.; grad. Elmira (N.Y.) Acad. 
1888: m. Margaret H. Skinner, of El- 
mira. Sept. 19, 1904; 1 son, Thomas 
Farrer. Accountant, H.C. Spaulding 
Co., Elmira, 5 yrs., for Elmira Nat. 
Bank, 5 yrs., 2nd Nat. Bank. Elmira, 
1 yr., and for 1st Nat. Bank. Bing- 
hamton. N.Y., 1 yr.; branch cashier. 
Armour & Co., Elmira and Bingham- 
ton. 2 yrs.: sec. Amer. La France Fire 
Engine Co., Elmira, 12 yrs.; sec. of 
the Crescent Creamery Co., Los An- 
geles, 1918 — . Mem, Nat. Assn. of 
Cost Accountants (sec. L.A. chap. 3 
yrs., pres. 1 yr. ), Southern Calif, Soc. 
of Safety Engrs. (pres. 1 yr. ). Mason. 
Republican. Baptist. Club: Pacific 
Coast (Long Beach). Home: 721 S. 
Mentor Ave.. Pasadena. Office: 237 
Winston St., Los Angeles. 



STEPHENS, William Dcnnison, 

ex'govcrnor of California; b. Eaton, 
Preble Co.. O., Dec. 26, 1859: s. Mar- 
tin F. and Alvira (Leibee) S.; grad. 
Eaton High Sch.: taught sch. and read 
law; m. Flora Rawson, of Los Angeles, 
June 17, 1891; 1 dau., Barbara (Mrs. 
John N. Osburn). Mem. engring. 

corps, on ry. constrn. in Ohio, Ind., 
la. and La., 1880-87; removed to Los 
Angeles, 1887; mgr. and traveling 
salesman. 1888-1902; mem. firm Carr 
y Stephens, grocers, 1902-09. Mem. 
Los Angeles Bd. Edn., 1906-07; mayor 
of Los Angeles, 1909; pres. board 
water commrs. and mem. advisory 
com. for bldg. Los Angeles aqueduct, 
1910; mem. 62d Congress (1911-13), 
7th CaHf. Dist., and 63d and 64th 
Congresses (1913-17), 10th Dist.; re- 
signed from 64th Congress, 1916, and 
was apptd. It. gov. of Calif.; became 
gov. of Calif., Mar. 15, 1917, upon 
resignation of Gov. Johnson (elected 
to U.S. Senate), for term expiring 
Jan. 1, 1919; elected gov. for term, 
1919-23. Republican. Admitted to 
bar, 1919. Mem. Los Angeles Cham- 
ber Com. (dir. 1902-11, pres. 1907). 
Maj. and commissary 1st Brigade 
CaHf. N.G., 1903-13. Mason (33°, 
Grand Comdr. K.T. of Calif., 1908; 
charter mem. Red Cross of Constan- 
tine and Shrine Potentate, 1904). 
Home: Los Angeles. 

SCOTT, Ralph Cook, ins. corpn. 
exec; b. Beatrice. Neb., Aug. 27, 
1891; s. Walter Winfield and Mabel 
Harvey (Cook) S.; ed. St. John's Mil. 
Acad., Delafield, Wis., 1912-13; m. 
Anne E. Simpson, of Phila., Oct. 19, 
1918. Entered furniture bus. of father. 
Beatrice, Neb., 1914, later becoming 
mem. of firm: west coast distributor, at 
Los Angeles, for Erskine-Danforth 
Corpn. of N.Y. City, furniture mfrs.. 

1921-1928; asst. trust officer. L.A. 
branch Penn Mut. Life Ins. Co. of 
Phila., 1928—. Mem. Neb. N.G.. 4 
yrs.; attended O.T. sch. Camp Dodge, 
la., 1917, and ordnance officers' sch., 
Raritan Arsenal, Mutchen, N.J. Mem. 
Res. Officers' Assn. of U.S. (sec.-treas. 
L.A. chap. 4 yrs.). Amer. Legion, 
S.A.R., English Speaking Union, 
Brotherhood of St. Andrew, Nat. So- 
journers. Mason (life Shriner, K.T.). 
Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
Athletic, Country (L.A.); Casa del 
Mar (Santa Monica): Pacific Coast 
(Long Beach): CaHf. Yacht (San 
Pedro). Home: 2146 W. Adams St. 
Office: Security Title Ins. Bldg.. Los 

HEATHCOTE, Frederick William, 
banker: b. London. Eng. (now natur- 
alized Amer. citizen ). Feb. 11. 1882: s. 
Augustus Frederick and Minnie Ger- 
trude (Day) H.: ed. thru self-study; 
awarded degree of Asso. Canadian 
Banker's Assn.. Queens Univ.. 1915; 
m . Francesca Louise Dorothea Kraemer. 
of Mission City. B.C.. Aug. 19. 1913; 
1 dau., Phyllis Truelove Dorothea. Clk. 
in broker's office, London. 1894-99, 
and in civil engrs. office. Victoria, B.C., 
1900-04: clk. to branch mgr., various 
brs. of Canadian Bank of Commerce. 
Vancouver, B.C., 1905-17: chief ac- 
countant, Bank of Italy. San Francisco. 
1918-20; became chief acct. and audi- 
tor, Los Angeles- 1st Nat. Tr. y Savs. 
Bank, Los Angeles. 1920. later asst. 
vice-pres. same, in chg. all brs. until 
1929 when same became part of Secur- 
ity-First National Bank of Los Ange- 
les with which he is now associated; 
lecturer at L. A. high schs. and ac- 
counting schs.; has assisted numerous 
banks in an advisory capacity. Staff 
sergt. 5th Regt. Arty.. Canadian Mili- 
tia, 4 yrs.: Four min. speaker Liberty 
loan drives. World War. Writer on 
banking and accounting subjects for 
newspapers and mags. Mem. Amer. 
Bankers' Assn. (mem, L.A. com. on 
pub. edn. 1922, chmn. same 1923; 
mem. state com. 1924-25), Amer. 
Inst, of Banking. CaHf. Bankers' Assn. 
(mem. state com. on pub. edn. 1924- 
25). Calif. Assn. of Bank Auditors 
(ex-pres.). Calif. Development Assn., 
Arctic Brotherhood. Mason (master. 
Truth Lodge. 1927: mem. Southern 
CaHf. Past Masters' Assn. and of Mas- 
ters y Wardens Assn. of L.A.). Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Ma- 
sonic. Bankers' Masonic (L.A.): Sea 
Breeze Beach (Santa Monica). Home: 
522 N. Crescent Dr.. Beverly Hills. 
Ojfficc; Pacific Southwest Bank Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

BRUNNING, John Richard, in- 
come tax counsel: b. London. Eng., 
Dec. 7. 1886: s. James Smith and Eliz- 
abeth (Windall) B.: ed. Eng.; m. Ruth 
Evelyn Smith, of Los Angeles. Sept. 
17. 1913: 1 dau.. Winifred W. Asso. 

with Scholl. Judd 6? Co.. accountants, 
London. 1906-08; worked for various 
accounting iirms in Los Angeles: en- 
tered pvt. practice as auditor and ac- 
countant. L.A.. 1911. specializing as 
income tax counsel. 1918 — ; was ap- 
ptd. U.S. internal revenue agt. at San 
Francisco. 1917. Mason (32°, Shrin- 
er). Republican. Christian. Home: 
1600 W. 48th St. Office: Bradbury 
Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

RICHARDS, John E., judge; b.San 
Jose, Calif., July 7. 1856: .*. Richard 
Evan and Mary (Hamilton) R.; B.A. 
U. of the Pacific. 1877, M.A., 1915 
LL.D., 1924: LL.B., U. of Mich. 
1879; 111. Mary Wallace, of San Jose 
Nov. 23, 1881. Admitted to Calif, 
bar, 1879, and practiced in San Jose 
and San Francisco: apptd. judge Su 
perior Court of Santa Clara Co 
1907, and served until 1913: asso 
justice Dist. Court of Appeal. 1913 

23: asso. justice Supreme Court of 
CaHf., since Feb. 11, 1924, for term 
which expires Jan. 1, 1935. Repub- 
lican. Episcopalian. Mem. Native 
Sons of the Golden West. Mason, 
Red Man. Club: Commonwealth (San 
Francisco). Author: Idylls of Mon- 
terey and Other Verses, 1910; The 
Trial of Jesus, 1915. Home: San Jose. 
Address: State Bldg., San Francisco. 

SCOTT, John McConnell, attor- 
ney; b. Los Angeles, Sept. 20, 1898; 
s. Jonathan Rensselaer and Lucy (Mc- 
Connell) S.: A.B., U. of CaHf., 1921; 
studied law U. of S. CaHf.. 1922-23. 
Admitted Calif, state bar. 1923: mem. 
law firm Lovett, Hervey 6? Scott, L.A., 
1923—. Served U.S.N.R.F. during 
World War. Mem. Psi Upsilon. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Club: Uni- 
versity (L.A.). Home: 1275 West- 
chester PI. Ojjice: 530 W. 6th St., 
Los Angeles. 



CAMPBELL, Kemper, attorney; b. 
Add. Dallas Co., la., July 1. 1881: s. 
Dr. Solon B. and Came (Otterman) 
C; grad. Williams' Bus. Coll., 1900, 
Brownsberger Home Sch., Los An- 
geles, 1902, and U. of S. Calif., law 
dept., (awarded alumni gold medal for 
scholarship), 1907, LL.M., 1909; m. 
Litta Belle Hihben, of L.A., Aug. 31, 
1916; children — Kemper Jr., Jean, Jo- 
seph Ballengcr. Admitted to Calif, 
bar, 1907; instr. in real property, torts 
and damages, law dept., U. of S. Calil., 
1908-18, was presiding judge of the 
practice ct.; atty. Calif, state bd. of 
health, 191').19; mem. Calif, state bar 
commn., 1927; mem. 1st bd. of govs. 
Calif, state bar, until Oct., 1928. Was 
sec. and campaign mgr. L.A. Co. for 
Lincoln-Roosevelt League, 1910, and 
campaign mgr. Progressive-Rep. orgn., 
L.A. Co., 1914. Mem. Amer. Bar 
Assn. (vice-pres. for Calif., 1927-28), 
L.A. Co. Bar Assn. (pres. 1927), L.A. 
Municipal League, Phi Delta Phi. 
Alumni of Coll. of Law at U. of S. 
Calif. (prcs. 1918). Republican. 
Home: 325 Roads End. Glendale. Of- 
fice: Chapman BIdg.. Los Angeles. 

KENNEDY, William Howe, ins. 
corpn. exec; b. Des Moines, la., Feb. 
12, 1872: .s. Josiah Forest and Mary 
Katherine (Reigart) K.; ed. Baptist 
Coll. and Highland Park Coll., Des 
Moines; m. Mary Adelle Satterlee, of 
Dunlap, La., June 16. 1897; children 
— Donald Satterlee, William Howe 
Jr. Supt. of agts. and dir. Northwest- 
ern Life y Savs. Co., Des Moines, 7 
yrs.; mgr. at Phila. for Nat. Life Ins. 
Co., 2 yrs.; mgr. Middlese.x Banking 
Co., N.Y. City, 7 yrs.: operated on 
N.Y. Stock Exchange, 4 yrs.; dealt in 
listed securities, Los Angeles, 1911- 
1928; trust agt. Penn Mut. Life Ins. 
Co., at L.A., 1928—. Mem. S.A.R. 
Republican. Clubs: Athletic (LA). 
Casa del Mar (Santa Monica). Home: 
140 S. Mansfield Ave. Office: Secur- 
ity Title Ins. Bldg., Los Angeles. 

GIMBAL, Harry Richard, oil op- 
erator: b. Santa Cruz, Calif., Oct. 27, 
1888; s. Henry and Pearl A. (Hal- 
lock) C; ed. U. of Calif, at L.A.; m. 
Ada Adele Graves, of Flint, Mich., 
July 11, 1923. Reporter and outing 
editor, Sacramento Bee; engaged in oil 
operations, Los Angeles, 1922 — : 
pres. Courtney Petroleum Co. and 
Angelus Petroleum Co.; asst. sec. 
Coastal Oil Co., LA. Officer, Calif. 
N.G., 10 yrs.; served on Mexican bor- 
der, 1916, and as capt. of inf., World 
War; 1 yr. with A.E.F.: served with 
145th Machine Gun Bn. and with 1st 
Army hqrs. and 3rd Army: attended 
1st Cav. sch., U.S.A. Mem. Amer. 
Legion (co-organiser and former adj. 
and comdr. Sacramento Post), Vets, 
of Fgn. Wars, Amer. Red Cross (ex- 
dir. Sacramento chap.). Phi Sigma 
Chi. Elk. Republican. Episcopalian. 

Club,';: Jonathan (L.A.): Gables, Casa 
del Mar (Santa Monica). Home: 109 
N. Maple Dr., Beverly Hills. Office: 
Kent Bldg., Long Beach. 

DELAMER, Gerald F. H., attor- 
ney; b. San Diego, Calif., Apr. 2, 
1892; s. Herbert J. and Anna Marie 
(Phelan) D.; ed. Belvedere Coll. and 
Dublin U.. Ireland: U. of S. Calif. 
Law Sch.; degrees. A.B.. M.A.. LL.B., 
LL.D. Engaged in law practice. Los 
Angeles. Served in U.S. Field Arty, 
1917-20; with 11th U.S.F.A., France, 
1918-20. Mem. Amer. Legion. Elk, 
K.C. Republican. Catholic. Clubs; 
Jonathan (L.A.). Brentwood Country 
(Santa Monica). Home: 1801 S. Har- 
vard Blvd. Office: Title Ins. Bldg., 
L,s Angeles. 

SWAIN, Robert Ecklcs, acting pres. 
Stanford University; b. Hollrster, 
Calif., Jan. 5, 1875; s. Thomas Henry 
and Leila Belle (Gilbert) S.; A.B., 
Leland Stanford Jr. U., 1899; M.S., 
Yale. 1901, Ph.D.. 1904: studied 
Strassburg, Germany. 1901-02. Heidel- 
berg, 1902; m. Harriet King Cuth- 
bertson, of Palo Alto, Calif., Aug. 
22, 1900; children — Dorothy Muriel, 
Robert Cuthbertson. At Stanford 
since 1898; instr. chemistry, 1900, 
asst. prof.. 1902, assoc. prof., 1907, 
prof, since 1912, also exec, head of 
dept. since 1917; acting pres. Stanford 
Univ. during leave of absence of Dr. 
Ray Lyman Wilbur, 1929—. Spl. 
agt. U.S. Dept. of Justice, in smelter 
smoke investigations, 1909-11; expert 

chemist with Referee Bd. of Consult- 
ing Scientific Experts, U.S. Dept. 
Agr., 1910-12. Fellow A. A. A. S.; 
mem. Am. Assn. Biol. Chemists, Soc. 
Exptl. Biology and Medicine, Am. 
Chem. Soc, Am. Assn. Univ. Profs., 
Western Soc. Naturalists, Sigma Xi, 
Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Lambda Up- 

silon. Alpha Chi Sigma. Republican. 
Methodist. Commr. U. S. Federal 
Court in settlement smelter smoke 
litigation. Salt Lake Valley, 1920-21. 
Lecturer and medalist, Charles Fred- 
erick Chandler Foundation, Columbia 
U., 1923; visiting lecturer, U. of Ariz., 

1925. Home: 2 Mirada, Stanford 
University, Calif. 

ELLIS, Joel P., trust co. exec; b. 
San Dimas, Calif., Jan. 3, 1897: s. 
William D. and Amelia S. (Pratt) E.; 
ed. U. of S. Calif., 1915-18: grad. 
Amer. Inst, of Banking, 1927; m. 
Gladys S. Mott, of Los Angeles. Feb. 
12, 1921; 1 dau., Geraldine Marie. 
Asso. with legal, escrow and trust 
depts.. Title Guarantee G? Tr. Co., 
L.A., 1917 — . now asst. trust officer 
same. Enlisted in U.S.N. Air Service, 
1918; disch. 1919. Mem. Delta Theta 
Phi. Republican. Mem. M. E. Ch. 
Home: 5326 Monte Vista St. Ofice: 
220 W. 5th St., Los Angeles. 

GILES, Milton Eldridge, estate 
exec: b. Brooklyn. N.Y.. Dec. 30, 
1892; ,s. Louis Brockhurst and Harriet 
S. (Buffet) G.; ed. pub. schs., N.Y. 
and N.J.; U. of S. Calif., extension; 
m. Sara Elizabeth Wolcott. of Eaton- 
town, N.J., Oct. 9, 1914; children- 
Marlowe Elizabeth, Robert Wolcott, 
Wallace Edmund. Paul Eldridge. Em- 
ployed in accounting dept.. N.Y.C.R. 
R at N.Y. City. 1910-12: chief elk., 
office of pres., N.Y., N.H. « H. R.R., 
1912-21; during World War period 
was spl. asst. on federal mgrs. staff, 
N.Y. Central lines: exec. asst. to Mar- 
co H. Hellman. Herman W. Hellman 
Estate. Los Angeles, 1921—: organ- 
ized Altadena (Calif.) Nat. Bank, 

1926, and since dir. same; pres. and 
dir. S. Sweet Co.. dept. store. Visalia, 
Oahf.; dir. Calif. Citrus Lands fs" 
Packing Co., Tulare Co.. Calif., 
1927 — : asso. with other Hellman in- 
lerests: hon. batln. chief. L.A. fire 
dept. Mem. Royal Arcanum. Mason 
(3 2°. Shriner). Republican. Baptist. 
Clubs' Jonathan. Commercial. Shrine 
Stage (LA.). Home: 1099 Oakland 
Ave., Pasadena. OJjice: H. W. Hell- 
man Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

CASS, Robert T., investment bank- 
er: b. Los Angeles, Mar. 26, 1902; s. 
Alonzo Beecher and Martha (Tufts) 
C; A.B.. U. of Cahf. at L.A., 1925; 
711. Gertrude I. Jones, of L.A., Aug. 
1925; 1 son, Robert Gordon. Asso. 
with firm Cass, Howard & Sanford, 
Inc., stocks and bonds. L.A. Mem. 
Zeta Psi. Club,5: University (L.A.), 
Deauville Beach (Santa Monica). 
Home: 1475 Wooster St. OjJice: Se- 
curity Title Bldg., Los Angeles. 

KANE, Arthur G., investment bank- 
er: b. Port Carbon, Schuylkill Co., 
Pa., Aug. 23, 1890; s. Charles and 
Laura (Reno) K.; ed. Girard Coll., 
Phila., 1898-1908: U. of Pa., 1913; 
VI. Eleanor E. Evans, of Phila.. Apr. 



25. 1917; 1 son, Arthur G. Jr. Free 
lance writer, Phila. Pub. Ledger; sales- 
man, Nat. City Co. of N.Y.. at Cleve- 
land. 1918. Ohio sales mgr. 1924. 
asst. ?en. sales mgr. Nat. City Co. of 
Calif."; at Los Angeles, 1927—. Ma- 
son. Republican. Presbyn. Clubs. 
Country. Athletic (L.A.); Hermit. 
Mid Day, Cleveland City Cavalry. 
Nat. Town &? Country. Cleveland U. 
of Pa. (Cleveland). Home: 716 Al- 
pine Dr.. Beverly Hills. Ofjice: 516 
W. 6th St.. Los Angeles. 

DEMPSEY, Thomas Riggs, attor- 
ney. C.P.A.; b. Bakersficld. Calif., 
Sept 27, 1891; s. Grant and Nellie 
C. (Blythe) D.; ed. U. of S. Cahf. 
Law Sch.; m. Elizabeth Howley, of 
Covington. Ky., Oct. 12. 1910; chil- 
dren — Mary Virginia. Ida Theresa. 
Engaged in law practice, specializing 
in federal taxation, Los Angeles. Mem. 
Amer. Inst, of Accountants, Amer. 
Soc. of C.P.A's, Cahf. State Soc. of 
C.P.A's, LA. Co. Bar Assn. Demo- 
crat. Presbyn. Chibs: Jonathan, Wil- 
shire Country (L.A.). Home: 1017 
Arhngton Ave. Office: 510 S. Spring 
St.. Los Angeles. 

KNEWBOW, William, clothing 
mfr.; b. Poland. Feb. 1=:, 1895; ,s. Jo- 
seph and Silvia K.; ed. Lane Jr. Coll., 
Chicago, 1916; Armour Inst, of Tech., 
1917; ra. Bessie Rubin, of Oakland, 
Calif., July, 1919; children — Sylvia, 
Dorris. Estab. the Boys" Clothing Co., 
Los Angeles, 1920; later inc. same as 
Topper-Knewbow & Co., clothing 
mfrs., of which vice-pres. 1922-24, 
pres. 1924 — : dir. West Side State 
Bank and Silver Mines Consol., both 
L.A.; former dep. sheritf, L.A. Co.; 
asso. mem. Hollywood Playhouse: 
vice-chmn. Dcm. finance com. of 
southern Calif., 1928. Chemist, med. 
dept., U.S.A.. 1918-19. Mem. I.O. 
B.B. Elk. Mason. Democrat. Jewish. 
Chibs: Ante (L.A.). Breakers, Sea 
Breeze (Santa Monica). Home: 324 
N. Mathews St. Office: 308 E. 9th 
St., Los Angeles. 

CHASE, George H., corpn. official; 
b. Concord, Mass., May 10, 1868; s. 
Josiah H. and Anna F. (Noyes) C; 
ed pub. schs.. Concord, Mass.; m. 
Anna Porter, of N.Y. City, Oct. 18, 
1900; children — Lucy Porter, Porter. 
Engaged in banking, Boston, Mass., 
1888-91, 1893-99, and San Antonio, 
Tex., 1891-92; asst. treas. U.P.R.R., 
at NY. City, 1899-1904; sec, treas. 
and dir. of approx. 25 corpns., Los 
Angeles, 1905—; vice-pres. U.S. Oil 
6" Royalties Co., L.A. Mem. Mass. 
Vol. Mihtia, 1888-91, 1893-99, capt. 
1896-99; Tex. N.G.. 1891-92; capt. 
and maj. Q.M.C., U.S.A., 1917-20; 
now lieut.-col., O.R.C.. asst. chief of 
staff, G.4, 91st Div. Mem. Amer. Le- 
gion, Army, Navy and Marine Corps 
Assn. (ex-pres.). Heroes of "76 
(comdr. Concord Camp. L.A.). Res. 

Officers" Assn. of U.S. (vice-pres.). 
Mason (32°. Shriner). Republican. 
Protestant. Clubs: City, Sojourners 
(L.A.); Fox Hills Country (Culver 
City). Home: 2842 Sunset PI. OlJice: 
Rives-Strong Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

JORDAN, David Starr, educator, 
author, naturalist; b. Gainesville. N. 
Y.. Jan. 19. 1851; s. Hiram and Hul- 
dah Lake (Hawley) Jordan; M.S. Cor- 
nell. 1872; M.D.. Ind. Med. Coll., 
1875; Ph.D., Butler U.. 1878; LL.D., 
Cornell. 1886. Johns Hopkins, 1902, 
111. Coll.. 1905. Ind. U., 1909, U. of 
Calif., 1913; m. Susan Bowen, of Peru, 
Mass., Mar. 10. 1875 (died 1885); 
2d. Jessie L. Knight, of Worcester, 
Aug. 10, 1887; children — Edith, Har- 
old, Thora (dec), Knight. Barbara 
(dec). Eric Instr. botany. Cornell. 

1871-72; prof, natural history Lom- 
bard Ui, 1872-83; prin. Appleton 
(Wis.) Collegiate Inst., 1873-74; 
teacher Indianapolis High Sch., 1874- 
75; prof, biology. Butler U.. 1875-79; 
prof. zo61ogy, 1879-85, pres., 1885- 
91, Ind. U.: pres. Stanford, 1891- 
1913, chancellor, 1913-16, now emer- 
itus. Cooperating asst. to U.S. Fish 
Commn., 1877-91, 1894-1909; also 
U.S. commr. in charge of fur seal and 
salmon investigations; internal, com- 
mr. of fisheries, 1908-10. Chief dir. 
World Peace Foundation, 1910-14; 
pres. World's Peace Congress. 1915; 
v. p. Am. Peace Soc Pres. A.A.A.S., 
1909-10, N.E.A., 1915; mem. Am, 
Philos. Soc, Am. Ornithologists' Un- 
ion, Biol. Soc. Washington, Calif. 
Acad. Sciences (pres. 1896-1904 and 
1908-12), Simplified Spelling Board 
(advisory council), Cobden Club, 
London Zool. Soc, London, Natur- 
alists" Club, Sydney, N.S.W.. Acad. 
Sciences of Sweden; v. p. Eugenic 

Edn. Soc. London, Royal Brit. 
Commn. of Nat. Welfare; pres. Calif. 
Audubon Soc; hon. mem. various 
assns. Clubs: University. Bohem- 
ian (San Francisco). Author: Manual 
of Vertebrate Animals of Northern 
United States, 1876-1927; Science 
Sketches. 1887; Fishes of North and 
Middle America, 4 vols, (with B. W. 
Evermann). 1896; Care and Culture 
of Men. 1896; The Innumerable Com- 
pany, 1896; To Barbara (verse), 
1897; Footnotes to Evolution, 1898; 
The Story of Matka, 1898; Book of 
Knight and Barbara (stories), 1899; 
Imperial Democracy, 1899; The 
Strength of Being Clean, 1900; Stand- 
eth God Within the Shadow, 1900: 
Animal Life, 1901; The Philosophy of 
Hope, 1902: The Blood of the Nation, 
1902: Animal Forms (with V. L. Kel- 
logg, and H. Heath). 1903: Voice of 
the Scholar, 1903: Food and Game 
Fishes of North America (with B. W. 
Evermann). 1905; A Guide to the 
Study of Fishes, 1905; The Call of 
the Twentieth Century. 1905: The 
Human Harvest, 1907; Evolution and 
Animal Life (with V. L. Kellogg), 
1907; Fishes, 1907; Life's Enthusi- 
asms, 1907: College and the Man, 
1907: The Higher Sacrifice, 1908; 
Fish Stories (with C. F. Holder), 
1908: The Religion of a Sensible 
American, 1909; The Stabihty of 
Truth. 1909; The Fate of Iciodorum, 
1909; Unseen Empire, 1912: War's 
Aftermath (with Harvey E. Jordan), 
1912; War and Waste. 1913; Eric's 
Book of Beasts (children), 1913; 
World Peace and the College Man, 
1914; War and the Breed, 1915; 
Ways to Lasting Peace. 1915; Alsace- 
Lorraine, a Study in Conquest, 1915; 
The Genera of Fishes, 1918-1927, 5 
parts: Democracy and World Rela- 
tions. 1918; Fossil Fishes of Southern 
Cahfornia, 1919-1926, 9 parts; The 
Days of a Man, 1922; Autobiography 
(2 vols.); Classification of Fishes, 
1922; The Higher Foolishness, 1927. 
Contbr. to mags. Home: Stanford Uni- 
versity, Calif. 

ENGLISH, James George, elec 
contractor; b. Colorado Springs. Colo., 
Nov. 19, 1881; s. George and Cath- 
erine (Glenn) E.; ed. Boulder (Colo.) 
U.; m. Anna Lyons, of Los Angeles, 
Nov. 17. 1913; children — Marjorie, 
Lorraine. James George Jr. Co-founder 
Golden State Elec. Co.. Los Angeles, 
1917; founder English Elec. Co., con- 
tractors, L.A.. 1922, now owner of 
same. Mem. Elec. Contractors y Deal- 
ers Assn. (pres. 1927-28). Mchts. ^ 
Mfrs. Assn. Elk. Democrat. Roman 
Catholic. Clubs: Jonathan. Kiwanis, 
Electric (L.A.): Edgewater, Synchro- 
nous (Santa Monica). Home: 1855 
E. 64th St. Office: 1571 W. Jefferson 
St.. Los Angeles. 


LUMMIS, Charles Fletcher, Amor- 
iciinist, author, explorer; b. Lynn, 
Mass., Mar. 1, ISfV; ,<;. Henry and 
Harriet Waterman (Fowler) L.; ed. 
Harvard, class of 1881; (Litt.D., Santa 
Clara Coll., 1903); A.B., Harvard 
University, 1906; married 3 times; 
children — Bertha, Turbese, Amado 
(dec), Quimu Jordan, Keith. Edited 
newspaper in Ohio, 1882-84; in 1884 
walked from Cincinnati to Los An- 
fjeles, Calif., by roundabout route, 
purely for pleasure, 3,507 miles, 143 
days. City editor Los Angeles Daily 
Times, 188 5-87; lived T yrs. in Indian 
pueblo of Isleta, N.M., learning In- 
dian languages and customs; traveled 
all over Southwest on horseback; also 
in Mexico, Central and S.A.; has ex- 
plored continent from Canada to 

Chile. Founder, and editor, 1894- 
1909, Out West Mag.; librarian Los 
Angeles Pub. Library, June 21, 1905- 
Apr. 1, 1910. Founder and pres. 
Landmarks Club (to preserve historic 
landmarks, CaHf.), 1895; has pre- 
served Missions San Juan Capistrano, 
Pala and San Fernando; founder, 
1902, and chmn. exec. com. Sequoya 
League (to make better Indians); 
pres. Warner's Ranch Indian Commn., 
which secured better homes for 300 
evicted Indians. Founder and sec. 
Southwest Soc. Archa:ol. Inst. Amer- 
ica, 1903; one of incorporators, 1906, 
and life mem. Archaeol. Inst. Amer- 
ica; founder The Southwest Museum, 
1907, and its unique 125-ft. tower 
named, ''Lummis Caracol Tower"; 
hon. mem. Davenport (la.) Acad, of 
Sciences; mem. Nat. Inst. Arts and 
Letters; charter regent Mus. of N.M., 
till 1912; mem. mng. bd. and exec, 
com. Sch. of Am. Research; an incor- 
porator Modern History Records 
Assn.; hon. mem. Calif. Writers' 

Club. First life mem. Hidalgos of 
America; hon. mem. Hispanic So- 
ciety of Calif.; 1st hon. life member 
Gamut Club; corr. mem. Royal Acad, 
of Spain; knighted by King of Spain, 
1915, for researches in Spanish-Am. 
history, as comendador con placa de 
la Real Orden de Isabel la Catolica; 
Socio de Honor, Casa de Espaiia en 
Porto Rico; corr. mem. Royal Acad- 
emy of History, Spain; corr. mem. 
Hispanic Society of America; mem. 
Authors' League America. Made, 
since 1905, phonographic records of 
550 old Spanish songs of Southwest 
and 425 Indian songs in 37 langs. 
Author: Birch Bark Poems, 1879 (on 
real bark); A New Mexico David, 
1891; A Tramp Across the Continent, 
1892; Some Strange Corners of Our 
Country, 1892; The Land of Poco 
Tiempo, 1893; The Spanish Pioneers, 
1893, 16th edit. (Spanish transl. 
1915); The Man Who Married the 
Moon, and Other Pueblo Indian Folk- 
Stones, 1894; The Gold Fish of Gran 
Chimu, 1896; The King of the 
Broncos, 1897; The Enchanted Burro, 
1897; The Awakening of a Nation, 
Mexico To-day, 1898; My Friend 
Will, 1911; Spanish Songs of Old 
California, 1923, 2d hook, 1928; 
Mesa, Carion and Pueblo, 1925; also 
critical articles in Ency. Britannica, 
Ency. Americana, The Nation, etc., 
and hist, and lexicographic work on 
Spanish America, popular science ar- 
ticle-., stories, and poems in leading 
periodicals. Address: 200 E. Av. 43, 
Los Angeles. 

BABCOCK, Ernest S., investment 
broker; b. Manning, la.. Oct. 12. 
1883; s. C. W. and Margaret (Smith) 
B.; ed. Lincoln (Neb.) Agricultural 
Coll.; m. Elsie M. Wilson, of Man- 
ning, May 21, 1905; children— Flor- 
ence Rose, Lyle Wilson, Ray Harrold. 
Engaged in ranching m 111., la., Minn., 
and Neb., until 1922; one time supt. 
of 500-acre stock farm (Brookline), 
Aurora, 111., which was later sold to 
Moose Lodge and became childrens' 
home of that order; acquired 200-acrc 
site n. of Hollywood (now site of 
Hollywood dam), 1922, and since en- 
gaged investment bus. in Hollywood 
and Los Angeles. Dir. Wilshire Cham- 
ber Commerce. Elk, Mason. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Chib: Hollywood 
Ath'etic (L.A.). Home: 411 S. Kings- 
ley Dr. Office: 3212 Wilshire Blvd., 
Los Angeles. 

WESTBROOK, J. V., oil producer; 

b. Feb. 22, 1890; .s-. John R. and 

(Graham) W.; ed. pub. schs.; m. Ella 
Rudolph, of Los Angeles; 1 dau., 
Vivian May. Began bus. career with 
S.P. Co., holding various posts until 
resigning as engr. in 1920; started oil 
operations as supt. for McKeon Drill- 
ing Co.; elected pres. Monrovia Oil 
Co., 1926; part owner, v. p. and gen. 

mgr. Brown-Moore Oil Co. until sold 
to Italo Petroleum Corpn. of America 
in 1928; now dir. Italo Petroleum 
Corpn. of America, Rio Grande Oil 
Co. of Santa Barbara, and interested 
in pvt. oil operations. Elk, Mason 
(K.T., Shriner). Republican. Protes- 
tant. Home: 1501/2 S. Berendo St. 
OJfice. Stock Exchange Bldg., Los An- 

HERVEY, William Rhodes, lawyer, 
banker; b. Somerville, Tenn., Mar. 26. 
1870; s. William Blount and Joanna 
(Rhodes) H.; A.B., U. of Ark.. 1890; 
LL.B.. U. of Mich., 1894; m. Brown- 
ing Clarke, of Los Angeles. Calif.. 
June 1. 1907; 1 son. William Rhodes. 
Practiced in Los Angeles, 1894-1907; 
v.p. Am. Nat. Bank of Los Angeles, 
1907-09; pres. Am. Savings Bank, 

IVnSlI: judge Superior Court of 
Cahf., 1909-11; exec. v.p. Los Ange- 
les-First Nat. Trust 6? Savings Bank, 
also atty. for the bank; trustee numer- 
ous corpns. Mem. Am., Calif. State 
and Los Angeles bar assns. Republi- 
can. Episcopalian. Clubs: California, 
Jonathan, Los Angeles Country, Flint- 
ridge Country, Sunset. Home: 601 
Shatto PI. Address: Los Angeles Trust 
6? Savings Bank, Los Angeles. 

BARNES, Samuel Denham, phy- 
sician; b. Morley, Mo., Nov. 7, 1869; 
s. Charles Montgomery and Ellen 
(Moore) B.; ed. Beloit Coll., 1890- 
92; B.S.. U. of Chicago, 1894; M.D., 
Dunham Med. Coll., 1901; post grad. 
studies. Vienna. 1901-02; ni. Martha 
Ann Williams, of Pans. 111.. Mar. 27, 
1905. Practiced m Chicago, 1902-05, 
Seattle. 1906-10. and Honolulu, T.H.. 
1911-17; govt, physician. Kauai and 
Kohala (and quarantine officer latter), 
1911. and at Lahaina. Maui, 1912; 
mem. commn. to examine lepers for 



disch, from Molokai leper settlement. 
1914; engaged in practice, Los Ange' 
les, 1918—. 1st lieut. Med. R.C., 
U.S.A., 1917; served with 21st U.S. 
Inf. on southern Calif, border. Mem. 
Amer., Qilif. and L.A. Co. med. 
assns.. Army, Navy 6? Marine Corps 
Assn., S.A.R. (pres. Hawaiian State 
Soc. same, 1914-16, and of L.A. chap, 
of CaHf. State Soc, 1926-28), Inst, 
of Amer. Genealogy (mem. nat. coun- 
cil), L.A. Asso. Patriotic Agencies 
(vice-pres. 1927, pres. 1928). Repub- 
lican. Conglist. Clubs: University (L. 
A.), Sunset Canyon Country (Bur- 
bank). Home: 7416 Rosewood Ave. 
Office: 607 S. Hill St., Los Angeles. 

CRUTCHER, John Page, attorney; 
b. Los Angeles, May 18, 1901; s. Al- 
bert Hodges and Kate Porter (Page) 
C; A.B., U. of Calif., 1922; studied 
Harvard U. Law Sch., 1922-23; J.D., 
U. of Cahf., 1926; m. Margaret Ful- 
ton, of L.A., Feb. 16, 1927. Mem. 
law firm Gibson, Dunn 6? Crutcher, 
L.A., specializing in corpn. law. Epis- 
copalian. Home: 2404 6th Ave. Oflice: 
Merchants Nat. Bank Bldg., Los An- 

CORTELYOU, Spencer Van 
Zandt, civil cngr.; b. Harhngcn, N.J., 
Feb. 17. 1881: s. John Gardner and 
Mary (Van Zandt) C; B.S. in civil 
engring., U. of Neb., 1902; m. Ruth 
Powers Messenger, of Los Angeles, 
June 24, 1909; children— Curtis Gard- 
ner, Betty Ruth. Rodman and drafts- 
man, L.A. Pacific Ry., 1902-03; 
draftsman, L.A. ii S.L.R.R., 1903; 
surveyor, provincial supervisor, dist. 
engr. and actg. 1st asst. dir. of pub. 
works, dept. of pub. works, Philip- 
pine Islands, 1903-07; pvt. engnng. 
practice, L.A. and Imperial Valley, 
1908; chief surveyor, office engr. and 
asst. chief engr. L.A. Co. highway 
commn., 1909-12; asst. div. engr., div. 
engr. and now dist. engr. of dist. 7, 
div. of highways, state dept. of pub. 
works, Calif., 1912—. Mem. Amer. 
Soc. C.E., Amer. Assn. of Engrs. Re- 
publican. Methodist. Chib: City (L. 
A.). Home: 13T S. Ave. 54. Oflice: 
Associated Realty Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

BOBERTZ, Charles Henry, consul 
ad hon.; b. Blumenthal, Germany, July 
12, 1868; s. Charles Gustav Henry and 
Gesiene (Hashagen) B.; ed. elemen- 
tary schs. and under pvt. tutors, Ger- 
many, 1874-88; m. Mary M. Deters, 
of Pacuanto, Republic of Costa Rica, 
Sept. 23, 1895; children — Annie Lou- 
ise (Mrs. J. C. Olsen), Myrtle Alice 
(Mrs. Robert E. Ruhl). Apprentice- 
ship mercantile bus., Germany, 1882- 
85; came to Brooklyn, N.Y.. 1885, 
and later granted citizenship papers; 
mercantile bus. at Pacuarito, Costa 
Rica, 1891-1912; acquired Pacuarito, 
Bremen, Klondike, Livingston. Barns- 
torf and half interest in Monte Verde 
farms in Costa Rica; also j.p. and dir. 

Commercial Bank in Costa Rica; con- 
sul at Los Angeles for Costa Rica, 
1912 — . and vice-consul for Guate- 
mala, 1917 — ; dean of consular corps 
in L.A., 1927. Mem. German Aid 
Soc, Deutscher Verein, Amer. Aid 
Soc. in Costa Rica. Republican. Lu- 
theran-Evangelical (trustee Ch. of 
England). Clubs: Consular Corps, 
City. Commercial (L.A.). Home: 424 
S. Occidental Blvd. Consulate: San 
Fernando Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

HERVEY, Edward (surname of 
stepfather adopted), attorney; b. Los 
Angeles, Nov. 30, 1895; s. Edward K. 
and Browning (Clark) Blades; A.B., 
U. of Calif., 1917; studied law Calif. 
Sch. of Jurisprudence, 1919, Harvard 
Law Sch., 1919-20; m. Mary Patter- 
son, of L.A., June 16, 1922; chil- 
dren — Mary Patricia, Nancy. Organ- 
ized (with William W. Lovett Jr.) 
law firm Lovett 6? Hervey (now Lov- 
ett, Hervey y Scott), L.A., 1920, and 
since identified with same. Attended 
R.O.T.C. at Presidio of San Francisco, 
May-July, 1917: commd. 2nd. lieut. 
and served with 363rd Inf., 91st Div., 
Aug. -Dec. 1917, with 166th Tr. Batln. 
Jan. -June 1918; promoted 1st lieut. 
and served as adj. 39th Mach. Gun 
Batln., I3th Div., July 1918-Mar. 
1919. Mem. Psi Upsilon, Phi Delta 
Phi. Mason (past master, 32°). Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Club: L.A. 
Country (Beverly Hills). Home: 612 
Bedford Dr., Beverly Hills. Office: 
Security Title Ins. Bldg., Los Ang- 

BLODGET, Ward Belnap, engr 
and geologist: b. Bakersfield, Calif., 
Dec. 29, 1890; s. Spencer Langdon 
and Cara (Belnap) B.; A.B. in 
engring. and geology, Stanford U., 
1916; m. Julia Elizabeth Schoals, of 
Boston, Mass., Mar. 4, 1919; 1 dau., 
Barbara Anne. Engr. Kern Co. 
(Calif.) highway commn., 1917; held 
engr. Chanslor-Canfield Midway Oil 
Co. at Fellows, Calif., and Midway 
oil fields, 1917; promoted to chief 
engr. of same, 1918, chief geologist 
and asst. mgr., with hdqrs. in Los 
Angeles, 1919 — ; instrumental in dis- 
covering and locating Torrance oil 
field of Los Angeles Basin and Rincon 
oil field, Ventura Co., Calif., 1927. 
Served with 23rd U.S. Engrs. during 
World War. Mem. Amer. Inst. Min- 
ing 6? Metall. Engrs., Amer. Assn. 
Petrol. Geologists, Amer. Petrol. Inst., 
L.A. Chamber of Mines 6? Oil. Ma- 
son. Republican. Clubs: Jonathan, 
Athletic (L.A.); Pacific Coast (Long 
Beach), Bel Air Country (Santa Mon- 
ica). Home: 6443 Moore Dr. Ofice: 
Kerckhoff Bldg., Los Angeles. 

HEFFNER, Harry Landon, ranch- 
er: b. Columbus, O., Feb. 10, 1874; s. 
Robert Armstrong and Flora Porter 
(Ramsey) H.: cd. pub. schs., Los An- 
geles; m. Bertha Sanborn, of Chicago 

and Tustin, Calif., Mar. 2, 1907; 
children — Robert Armstrong, Landon 
Hyatt, Rufus Sanborn, Edith Ramsey. 
With First Nat. Bank of Los Angeles, 
1890-93; engaged in ranching, Ariz, 
and Cahf., 1893—; pres. Valley Irri- 
gated Farms, L.A.; vice-pres. Gates 
Investment Co., L.A.; dir. German 
Amer. Savs. Bank of L.A. and Chiri- 
cahua Ranches Co. of Phoeni.x, Ariz. 
Mason (K.T., Shriner). Democrat. 
Protestant. Clubs: California (L.A.), 
Country (San Gabriel). Home: 1700 
East Dr., San Marino. Office: 458 S. 
Spring St., Los Angeles. 

BRADNER, B. J., attorney; b. Ply- 
mouth, Mich., Feb. 9, 1874; s. Joel G. 
and Antoinette (Johnson) B.; ed. high 
schs., Mich., and U. of Mich.; m. Ma- 
belle L. Mack, of Lansing, Mich., 
Dec. 20, 1910. Asst. cashier North- 
ville (Mich.) State Savs. Bank, 1894; 
engaged practice law, Chicago, 1899; 
city credit mgr. Swift &? Co., Chicago, 
1900, export credit mgr., 1900-04; 
engaged practice law, spec, oil and 
corpn. law, Los Angeles, 1904 — . 
Mem. Amer., Calif, and L.A. bar 
assns.; Zeta Psi (v. p. for Pacific coast). 
Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: Califor- 
nian. Athletic, University, Wilshire 
Country (L.A). Home: 237 N. Arden 
Blvd. Office: Security Bldg., Los An- 

ENGSTRUM, Edgar F., structural 
engr.; b. Los Angeles, May 13, 1901; 
s. Frederick E. and Lydia (Maulhardt) 
E.; B.S. in civil engring., U. of N.C., 
1923; m. Lillian Brandt, of Greens- 
boro, N.C., June 17, 1924; children- 
Lillian, Edgar F. Jr. Structural engr. 
Newport Shipbuilding Co., Newbern 
and Wilmington, N.C., 1923-24; pres. 
Engstrum Constrn. Co., bldrs. of 
bridges and reinforced concrete struc- 
tures, L.A., 1924 — . Mem. Phi Delta 
Theta. Mason. Republican. Protestant. 
Club.s: L.A. Athletic, L.A. Country. 
Home: 5108 Franklin Ave. Office: 
495 3 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles. 

DULIN, Garrcttson, investment 
banker; b. St. Louis, May 24, 1889; s. 
Edgar G. and Jean B. (Garrettson) 
D.; ed. U. of Cahf. and Cornell U.; 
m. Jane Stimson, Feb. 14, 1920; chil- 
dren — Ethlyn, Garrettson Jr., Robert 
Stimson. Vice-pres. Hunter Dulin £# 
Co., invmt. bankers, Los Angeles and 
San Francisco; dir. Pacific Lighting 
Corpn. (S.F.), S. Calif. Gas Co. 
(LA.), Richfield Oil Co. of Calif. 
(L.A. y S.F.), Union Bank ^ Trust 
Co. (L.A.), North Amer. Aviation 
Inc., and Petroleum Corpn. of Amer. 
Second lieut. A.S., U.S.A., flying instr. 
at March Field, Calif., World War; 
now lieut. Air Corps Res., U.S.A. 
Clubs: California (L.A.), Midwick 
Country (Pasadena), Broad St. (N.Y. 
City). Home: 20 Oak Grove Ave., 
Pasadena. Office: 629 S. Spring St., 
Los Angeles. 



BLAIR, Frederic Howes, clergy- 
man; b. Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. T, 
1S87; s. Lemuel P. and Alice S. 
(Howes) B.; A.B., U. of Minn., 1911; 
S.T.B., Boston U. Sch. of Theology, 
1916; m. Josephine Dayton, of Min- 
neapolis, Minn., Dec. 29, 1913: chil- 
dren — Alice Howes (dec), Bonney 
Willard, David Dayton, Frederic Dra- 
per. Sec. Denver U. Y.M.C.A., 1911- 
12, U. of Minn. Y.M.C.A., 1912-13; 
missionary to Japan for M.E. Ch., 
1916-19; supervisor of relig. and ednl. 
wk. lor Goodwill Industries of S. 
Calif., 1919-2?, and supt. of same, 
with hdqrs. in Los Angeles, 1925 — . 
Mem. S. Calif. Conf. of M.E. Ch. Re- 
publican. Methodist Episcopal. Clubs.' 
University, City, Artland (L.A.); 
Country (San Gabriel), Casa del Mar 
(Santa Monica). Home: 1800 Milan 
Ave., South Pasadena. OlJice: 342 N. 
Main St., Los Angeles. 

BLAIR, John Hoxie, realtor; b. 
Waco, Tex., Mar. 25, 1881; s. Thomas 
Alexander and Elizabeth (Darrow) 
B.; ed. Baylor U., Waco; m. Velma 
Dyer, of Houston, Tex., Dec. 1905; 1 
dau., Marian Elizabeth. Salesman 
bldg. materials, Houston, 1905-07; 
contractor, Houston, 1907-16; engaged 
ranching nr. Houston, 1916-19; part- 
ner !irm DeWitt-Blair Realty Co., Los 
Angeles, 1919-24; now pres. Blair if 
Lyle Co., realtors, L.A., Oakwood 
Cemetery Assn., Blair Mortgage 6? 
Realty Corpn., and San Fernando Val- 
ley Inc.; developer of principal resi- 
dential sectors in L.A. Mem. Ventura 
Blvd. Chamber of Commerce (pres.). 
Greater L.A. Assn. (pres.), L.A. Real- 
ty Bd. Independent. Protestant. 
Chibs; Jonathan, Elks, S. Calif. Ath- 
letic y Country, Hollywood Athletic, 
El Caballero Country (L.A.): Surf y 
Sand (Redondo). Home: 1760 Court- 
ney Ave.. Hollywood. OiJiLe.- Union 
Bank Bldg., Los Angeles. 

EKLOF, Albin, realtor; b. Varm- 
land, Sweden. Apr. 27, 1879; s. Sven 
P. and Hedvig (Erikson) E.; ed. 
Karud Prep. Sch., Sweden; m. Gina 
Brandvold, of Norway and Los Ang- 
eles, Jan. 10, 1907; children— Sigrid 
Hulda, Theodore Herman. Began bus. 
career as photographer in Boston, 
Mass.; later in art dept. Los Angeles 
Times 6 yrs.; organized College Realty 
Co., L.A., 1909, and since pres. of 
same; organized York Blvd. State 
Bank, L.A., 1925, and since dir. of 
same; erected York Professional 
Bldg., L.A., 1925. Mem. 14th Dist. 
Federated Assn. (1st v. p.), I.O.O.F., 
Vasa Order. Republican. Lutheran. 
CUibs: Highland Park Commercial (1st 
v.p. 1927—), Highland Park Kiwanis, 
L.A. Home 5001 Lincoln Ave. Oifice: 
5004 York Blvd.. Los Angeles. 

ADAMS, William P., attorney; b. 
Rochester. Wis,, Oct. 10, 1877; s. 
Henry R. and Lillian (Frazier) A.; 

ed. Carroll Coll., Waukesha, Wis., 
1893-96; A.B., U. of Wis., 1900; 
LL.B., George Washington U. Coll. 
of Law, 1903 (debater and orator of 
note); m. Corinne Byrne, of Wau- 
watosa, ^^'is., June 11, 1912; 1 son, 
Henry R. Mem. law firm Miller, Mack 
6? Fairchild, Milwaukee, 1903-15; 
asso. in various capacities in law prac- 
tice with Francis J. Heney, William J. 
Carr, and Howard J. Fish, Los Ang- 
eles, 1915 — . Mem. legal advisory bd. 
and chmn. precinct Liberty bond com. 
during World War. Mem. Amer. Bar 
A.ssn., Equitable Fraternal Union (su- 
preme rep. in Calif.), Theta Delta 
Chi, Phi Delta Phi, the Maccabees. 
Republican. Club.s: L.A. 
City; Deauville Beach (SantaMonica). 
Home: 1237 N. Orange Ave. Office: 
Rowan Bldg., Los Angeles. 

COWAN, Lynn, musical director; 
b. Iowa Falls, la., June 8, 1888; s. John 
David and Margaret May (Pierce) C; 
studied Ellsworth Coll. Sch. of Mus.; 
B.C.E., Iowa State Coll., 1909; post 
grad. work U. of Wis., 1909; m. Lil- 
lian Estelle Davis, of Missoula, Mont., 
June 27, 1911. Engr. in charge con- 
crete constr. Chicago, Milwaukee if 
Puget Sound R.R., with hdqrs. in 
Missoula, 1910; later mgr. Mont. 
Amusement Co., with hdqrs. in Great 
Falls, Mont., and still later acquired 
chain of these theatres; sold interest 
and moved to Spokane, Wash., where 
met Bill Bailey, vaudeville artist, and 
formed vaudeville team Bailey ef Cow- 
an; played B. F. Keith and Orpheum 
circuits 10 yrs.; made complete tour of 
world, 1920, second tour, 1923; Bailey 
y Cowan team disbanded in Los An- 
geles, 1924, Cowan going with Wil- 
liam Fox Studios as actor for 3 yrs.; 
created comedy relief role in Van Bib- 
ber comedies opposite Earle Foxe; 
now master of ceremonies and mus. 
dir. for Fanchon 6? Marco, producers 
for West Coast Theatres Inc.; ap- 
peared frequently Boulevard, Loews" 
State and Egyptian theatres, Los An- 
geles; Colorado theatre. Pasadena; T. 
6? D. theatre. Oakland. Author: 
(songs) Cross Roads; Secrets; Buenos 
Ayres; Love; Kisses; Dream House, 
etc.; also composed for musical com- 
edy "Monkey Business." the original 
score to "Pomander Walk," "From 
Hell Came a Lady," etc.; now writing 
original theme songs for talkies and 
scores for synchronizing talking pic- 
tures. Mem. Actors" Equity Assn., 
Kappa Sigma. Elk. Republican. Chris- 
tian Scientist. Chibs: Masquers, 
Breakfast (Hollywood). Home; 4213 
Dundee Dr., Hollywood. Office: 1609 
W. ^^'ashlngton St.. Los Angeles. 

DRYER, George William, attorney; 
b. Placerville. Calif., Feb. 12. 1881; s. 
John Lewis and Mary Luella (Alex- 
ander) D.; A.B., Stanford U.. 1902, 
law studies at same, 1903-04; m. 

Louise Dickson, of Los Angeles, Sept. 
18, 1915; children — Mary Louise, 
John Lewis. Admitted Calif, bar, 
1904; asso. with S. P. Mulford in 
practice law, Los Angeles, 1904-08, 
mem. law firm Mulford if Dryer.L.A., 
1908-22; organized law firm Dryer, 
Castle, McConlogue if Richards, L.A., 
1925, and now mem. same; pres. L.A. 
Orthopaedic Foundation, which con- 
ducts Orthopaedic hosp. sch. for crip- 
pled children, 1917—. Mem. L.A. 
Community Chest (dir.), S.R., N.S. 
G.W., Mason. Republican. Metho- 
dist Episcopal. Club.s: University, 
Country (L.A.). Homt; 133 S. Las 
Palmas Ave. Office: Van Nuys Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

ANDERSON, William Henry, at- 
torney; b. Memphis. Tenn., Dec. 31, 
1866; .s. James Archibald and Louise 
Catherine (Trent) A.; ed. Southwest- 
ern U., Georgetown, Tex., 1884-86; 
m. Jessie Isabel Calhoun, of San Fran- 
cisco, Mar. 5, 1895; children — Laura 
Calhoun (Mrs. Lee Schlessinger), 
Eleanor Calhoun (Mrs. Edward K. 
Sheahan), Virginia Calhoun (Mrs. 
Lynn H. Hays). Asso. with law firm, 
Estee, Fitzgerald 6? Miller (later Estee 
6? Miller). San Francisco, 1892-95; 
asst. atty. gen. of Calif., 1895-99; asso. 
in law practice with W. F. Fitzgerald 
(former atty. gen. and mem. supreme 
ct.), 1899-1901; mem. law firm Ander- 
son of Anderson, Los Angeles, 1901 — . 
Mem. Phi Delta Theta. Elk. Non- 
partisan. Episcopalian. C!ubs: Jona- 
than, Scribes" (L.A.); Casa del Mar 
(Santa Monica). Home: 21 Ave. 41, 
Venice. Oifice; Black Bldg., Los An- 

BARKER, Lawrence, investment 
broker; b. Los Angeles, Feb. 14, 1890; 
s. William Alfred and Pauline (Ber- 
man) B.; ed. Andover Acad., 1909-1 1; 
Ph.B., Yale U., 1914; m. Nathalie 
Cole, of L.A., June 24, 1914 (dec); 
children— Betty, William Alfred II, 
Lawrence Jr. Vice-pres. in charge sales 
and operating divs. and dir. Barker 
Brothers Inc., furniture and mus. in- 
struments, L.A., 1914-24; pres. Law- 
rence Barker Inc., investments, L.A., 
1924 — ; pres. Frost Eliminator Inc., 
1922—; dir. Pacific Southwest Bank, 
L.A., 1923 — , Cinema Finance Corpn., 
L.A., 1924-27; officer and dir. Temes- 
cal Petroleum Co., 1924 — , Corbett if 
Langenheim Inc., chemicals, L.A., 
1925 — ; dir. Pacific Southwest Realty 
Co., L.A., 1927 — . Deputy state fire 
marshal of Calif. Ensign U.S.N.R.F. 
during World War. Mason (32°, 
Shriner). Republican. Episcopalian. 
Ch(bs; California, Uplifters, Break- Country, Athletic (L.A.); Cer- 
ritos Gun (Long Beach), Flintridge 
Country (Pasadena), Casa del Mar, 
(Santa Monica). Home: 3300 W. 
Adams St. Ofice: Van Nuys Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 



McCALLISTER, Albert Bruce, 

printer; b. Madison, S.D.. July 7,1881; 
5. Alon~o Monroe and Adelia (Dim- 
ock) M.; ed. MacAlester Coll., St. 
Paul, Minn.: m. Elaine Josephine 
Johnson, of St. Paul, July 21, 1908; 
children — Virginia Anne, Stuart John- 
son, Donald Bruce, Donna Mane. 
Successively ptr. Madison (S.D.) 
Weekly Sentinel, and supt. Louis F. 
Dow y Co., ptrs., St. Paul; gen. mgr. 
Ncwitt Advertising Co., Los Angeles, 
1907; organizer Young y McCallister, 
ptrs., L.A., 1912, now pres. of same. 
Mem. Internal. Direct Mail Adv. 
Assn. (ex. mem. bd. of govs.). Am. 
Inst, of Graphic Arts (ex. v. p.). Ma- 
son (32°). Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs: Jonathan, Wilshire Country, 
Advertising, Printing House Crafts- 
men (L.A.); Casa Del Mar (Santa 
Monica). Home: 1818 N. Kenmore 
Ave., Hollywood. Ofice: 1300 Santee 
St., Los Angeles. 

COLE, Lynn Rosevear, dentist: b. 
Brandon, Can., Nov. 14, 1885; s. 
Nathaniel N. and Adelaide V. (Clem- 
ens) C; L.D.S., U. of Manitoba, 1907; 
student U. of Toronto, 1907-09; 
D.D.S., U. of Pa., 1910; m. Isabel 
Wallace Peebles, of Winnipeg, Can., 
Oct. 2, 1926 (dec): children— Alan 
Wallace, John Rosevear, Practiced 
dentistry, Winnipeg. 1910-12; toured 
Europe and Near East, practicing 
several months in Lausanne, Swit- 
zerland, 1912-14: practiced Win- 
nipeg, 1914-17, London, Eng., 1919- 
20; moved to Cahf. Nov. 1921, 
licensed by Calif, dental bd., and since 
practiced in Los Angeles. Served 
with Canadian Expeditionary Forces, 
World War. Mem. Canadian Soc, 
English Speaking Union, Xi Psi Phi. 
Mason. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Ciiib: Empire (British). Home: 120 N. 
Primrose Ave., Alhambra. Office: 610 
S. Broadway. Los Angeles. 

COPP, William Whipple, petro- 
leum engr.; b. Millerton, N.Y., Feb. 
22, 1882; s. Andrew James and Car- 
rie (Bostwick) C: A.B., Stanford U., 
1903: r)i. Marguerite Bowen, of Los 
Angeles, Nov. 20, 1912: children (by 
adoption) — Llewellyn B., William. En- 
gaged mining cngring., 1903-20; pe- 
troleum engr. Calif. State Mining 
Bureau, 1920-24. Marland Oil Co. of 
Calif., with hdqrs. Los Angeles, 
1924 — . Commd. 1st lieut., Engrs. 
Corps, U.S. Army, 1918, at Camp 
Humphrey, Va. Mem. Amer. Inst. 
Mining 6? Metall. Engrs., Amer. Pe- 
troleum Inst. (div. of production and 
engring.). Mason (32°, Shriner). Re- 
publican. Protestant. Clubs: L.A. 
Athletic, Hollywood Country. Home: 
103 5 Kings Rd., Hollywood. Office: 
Subwav Terminal Bldg., Los Angeles. 

MORROW, William W., judge 
(deceased 1929 J: b. nr. Milton. Wayne 
Co.. Ind.. July 15, 1843; s. William 

and Margaret (Hood) M.; removed 
with parents to Adams Co., 111., 1845; 
removed to Santa Rosa, Calif.. 1859; 
ed. pub. grammar and high schools: 
LL.D.. Wabash Coll.. Ind., 1899. U. 
of Cahf.. 1913: m, Margaret Hulbert. 
of Santa Rosa, Calif.. June 18. 1865 
(dec. 1926): children— William Hul- 
bert. Maud (wife of late Rear Adm. 
Augustus F. Fechteler). Eleanor (Mrs. 
Harry L. Roosevelt); m. 2nd. Julia E. 
Ncill. 1928. Admitted to bar. 1869: 
asst. U.S. atty. for CaUf.. 1870-74: 

chmn. Rep. State Central Com., 1879- 
82: atty. State Bd. Harbor Commrs., 
1880-83; spl. counsel for U.S. before 
French and Am. Claims Commns., 
1881-83: same before Alabama Claims 
Commn.. 1882-85; chmn. Calif, dele- 
gation Rep. Nat. Conv., 1884: mem. 
49th to 51st Congresses (1885-91); 
U.S. dist. judge. Northern Dist. of 
Cahf.. 1891-97: judge U.S. Circuit Ct. 
and U.S. Circuit Ct, of Appeals. 9th 
Jud. Circuit. 1897. until retired in 1923. 
Trustee Carnegie Instn.. Washington; 
incorporator Am. Nat. Red Cross Soc, 
1905 (mem. Central Com.). Pres. San 
Francisco Bar Assn., 1891-92; v. p. 
Am. Soc. Internat. Law; mem. Simpli- 
fied Spelling Bd.; hon. v. p. San Fran- 
cisco Council Boy Scouts of America; 
v.p. Nat. Assn. for Constl. Govt. 
Conglist. Clubs: Pacific Union. Olym- 
pic (San Francisco); Faculty (Berke- 
ley). Author: Introduction to Califor- 
nia Jurisprudence. Mrs. Morrow re- 
sides at Hotel St. Francis, San Fran- 

CUTHBERT, Walter Rush, finan- 
cial investigator; b. Philadelphia, Pa., 
Sept. 30, 1874; s. Richard Williams 
and Mary Elizabeth (Francis) C; 
A.B.. U. of Pa., 1895 (awarded Geo. 
W. Childs prize for best entrance 
exam., 1891): post grad. work in 

chemistry at same, 1895-98; m. Bertha 
Melita Brooks, of Los Angeles. 1908 
(dec): 1 dau., Miriam; m. 2nd, Mar- 
garet J. Barnes, of L.A., Nov. 1925. 
Engaged certified milk bus.. Philadel- 
phia, 1898-1904: collection agency 
bus., 1904 — : now mgr. and prop. Fi- 
delity Mercantile Agency, collections 
and investigations, L. A. Mem. Pacific 
Coast Assn. of Collection Agencies, 
Calif. Assn. of Mercantile Agencies, 
Southern Calif. Collectors" Assn., Phi 
Beta Kappa. Republican. Baptist 
(trustee, deacon, etc., 1st Bapt. Ch., 
Pasadena). Clubs: Lions, Advertising, 
Sunset Canyon Country (L.A.). 
Home; 1010 N. Garfield Ave., Alham- 
bra. Office: 424 Broadway, Los An- 

DILLINGHAM, Frank Stinson, 
physician; b. Spring Lake Beach, N.J., 
Dec. 15, 1878; s. Charles Henry and 
Maria Chase (Gifford) D.: ed. Occi- 
dental Coll., Los Angeles: M.D., U. of 
S. Cahf.. 1900; m. Madeleine E. Bur- 
ger, of Cleveland, O., Oct. 6, 1926. 
Licensed to practice med. in Calif., 
1900: asst. surgeon Pacific branch of 
Soldier's Home, Sawtelle, Calif., 
1900-03; engaged pvt. practice, Los 
.\ngeles, 1903 — : lecturer on urology 
and dermatology, U. of Calif, at L.A., 
1909 — ; cons, to Urology-Orthopedic 
and L.A. Receiving hosps.; mem. 
staffs Calif. Lutheran hosp., L.A., and 
Hollywood hosp., 1923-28. Mem. 
Amer. Urologic Assn. (ex-chmn. 
Calif, state and L.A. County urological 
sects.), Amer. and Calif, med. assns., 
Med. Symposium Soc, L.A. County 
Med. Soc. (urologic sect.), Theta Nu 
Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu. Elk, Mason 
(K.T.. 32°, Shnner). RepuHican. 
Presbyn. Clubs: Deauville Beach (San- 
ta Monica), Peter Pan Woodland (Big 
Bear City). Home: 425 S.Irving Blvd. 
Ojjice: 548 S. Spring St., Los Angeles. 

HUBBARD, William B., invest- 
ment banker:b. Pipestone. Minn.. May 
2, 1891: s. Joseph R. and Jennie A. 
(Bonine) H.; B.S. in agriculture, U. 
of Calif., 1915; m. Helen Geary, of 
Santa Rosa, Cahf., June 19, 1920; 
children- -Jean Geary, Helen Geary, 
Joseph Allan. Spent early bus. yrs. 
as rancher in Minn.; asso. with R. H. 
Moulton &f Co., municipal bonds, Los 
Angeles, 8 yrs.: now pres. Jones, Hub- 
bard 6? Donnell Inc., stocks, bonds, 
diversified trustee shares and mems. 
L.A. Stock and L.A. Curb Exchanges; 
dir. Seaboard Nat. Bank, L.A., West- 
ern Mortgage Corpn., L.A., and Com- 
munity Securities Corpn., Hollywood. 
Asso. with U.S. Food Administration 
during World War. Mem. Alpha Delta 
Phi. Sigma Xi. Mason. Republican. 
Presbyn. Clubs: University, Holly- 
wood Athletic, Wilshire Country 
(L.A.). Home: 700 Burleigh Dr., 
Pasadena. Ofice: 210 W. 7th St., Los 



BULLIS, William S., corpn. official 
(retired): b. Grecnhush, N.Y., Dec. 
19. 1859; .s. Omri J. and Mary (Con- 
rcy) B.; cd. pub. and pvt. schs., Calif.; 
.student Wil-son Coll., Wilmington, 
Calif., 1875-78; m. Annie M. Steven- 
son, of Bloomington, 111., Oct 10, 
1889 (dec); children — Ilecn, James 
Stevenson, Richard Omri, William 
Adlai, John Albert. Learned teleg- 
raphy at National City, Calif., while 
employed by Calif. Southern Ry. Co., 
1881; 1st agent for same at San Diego, 
Calif., 1882-85; apptd. as expert ac- 
countant to examine books and rec- 
ords San Bernardino Co., Calif., 1885; 
agent Wells Fargo Express Co., Col- 
ton, Cahf., 1885-94, and in charge 126 
offices for same in southern Calif. .with 
hdqrs. in Los Angeles, 1894-1906; 
mgr. of properties of Francesca A. 
Jesurun, 1913-17, dur. which erected 
Hotel Javita, L.A.; incorporator, dir. 
and gen. mgr. Standard Leasing Co., 
L.A.; 1st chmn. bd. of trustees of Col- 
ton, Calif.; dir. Colton Fruit Exchange 
and its rep. on bd. of Southern Calif. 
Fruit Exchange at L.A., 2 yrs.: pres. 
Terrace Water Co. of Colton 10 yrs.; 
appraiser in bankruptcy ct., 1922 — ; 
trustee Keystone Iron & Steel Wks. 
Inc. (bankrupt), L.A. Mason (K.T., 
32°, Shriner: past comdr. San Ber- 
nardino Commandery; past patron Pa- 
cific chapt. O.E.S., L.A.). Republican. 
Home 345 S. Kenmore Ave. Office: 
3601 Santa Fc Ave., Los Angeles. 

GODSHALL, William Arthur, gen- 
eral sales mgr.; b. Everett, Wash., Jan. 
13, 1896; ■■;. Lincoln Derstine and Es- 
telle Brewster (Hall) C; ed. U. of 
Calif., 1914-16; m. Frances Elizabeth 
Gardner, of Hollywood, Calif., Sept. 
24, 1921; children— Elizabeth Elinor, 
Marilyn Alberta. Asst. mgr. and gen. 
supt. Ivanpah Copper Co., San Ber- 
nardino Co., Calif., 1916-19; asst. gen. 
mgr. Tecopa Consol. Mining Co., Inyo 
Co., Cahf., 1919-20; gen. sales mgr. 
Blue Diamond Co., distrs. and mfrs. 
rock products, bldg. materials, Los An- 
geles, 1921 — . Mem. L.A. Builders" 
Exchange (dir.). Phi Kappa Sigma. 
Mason. Republican. Presbyn. Cliib: 
University (L.A.). Home: 110 S. Vir- 
gil Ave. Office: 1650 S. Alameda St., 
Los Angeles. 

MILBANK, Nichols Jr., stock 
broker; b. Montclair, N.J., Mar. 23, 
1903; s. Nichols and Frances Barnes 
(Blake) M.: B.S., U. of Cahf., 1924; 
■m. Dorothy B. Kinney, of Berkeley, 
CaUf., Sept. 27, 1924; 1 child, Jeremy. 
Asst. statistician Los Angeles branch 
A. A. Housman 6? Co. (later E. A. 
Pierce & Co.), mems. N.Y. Stock Ex- 
change, 1924-27; asso. with Stevens, 
Page y Sterling, mems. L.A. Stock Ex- 
change, 1927; partner and later sec, 
treas. and dir. Jones, Hubbard & Co. 
Inc. (now Jones, Hubbard 6? Donnell 
Inc.), mems. L.A. Stock and L.A. 

Curb Exchanges, L.A., 1927—; v.p., 
treas., dir. and mem. exec. com. In- 
vestment Group Corpn., L.A., 1927 — ; 
dir. Continental Products Corpn. (now 
Tri-Tex Inc.), L.A., 1928—. Mem. 
Sons Colonial Wars, Alpha Delta Phi. 
Club;;: University, Country (L.A.); 
Wcstport Beach (Venice). Home: 4 
Halsted Circle, Alhambra. Office: Van 
Nuys Bldg., Los Angeles. 

COOLIDGE, Dane, novelist, natu- 
ralist; b. Natick, Mass., Mar. 24, 1873; 
s. Francis and Sophia (Whittemore) 
C; A.B., Stanford U., 1898; Harvard, 
1898-99; m. Mary E. B. Roberts, July 
30, 1906. Field collector (mammals) 
for Stanford U., in Nev., summer 
1895, for British Mus., in Lower 
Calif., summer, 1896, for U.S. Biol. 
Survey, in Southern Calif., summer, 
1897; field collector (live animals, 
birds, reptiles) for U.S. Nat. Zool. 
Park, in Calif., 1898, for New York 
Zool. Park, in Ariz, and Calif., 1899; 
field collector (mammals), for U.S. 
Nat. Museum in Italy and France, 
1900. Republican. Unitarian. Autlior; 
Hidden Water, 1910; The Texican, 
1911; The Land of Broken Promises, 
1913; Bat-Wing Bowles, 1914; The 
Desert Trail, 1915; Rimrock Jones, 
1916; The Gold-Rod, 1916; The 
Soldier's Way, 1917; Shadow Moun- 

tain, 1917; The Fighting Fool, 1918: 
Silver and Gold, 1918; The Wild 
Bunch, 1919; Wunpost, 1919; The 
Man Killers (Maverick Basin), 1920; 
Lost Wagons, 1920; From Bitter 
Creek, 1921; The Scalplock, 1922; 
Not Afraid, 1923; The Hawk, 1923; 
Lorenzo the Magnificent (The Riders 
From Texas), 1924; The Law West of 
the Pecos, 1924; The Fighting Dan- 
ites, 1925; Two-Guns, 1925; The Gate- 
way of The Sun, 1926; Gun Smoke, 
1927. Mem. Author,s" League Am- 

erica, Am. Soc. Mammalogists. Contbr. 
short stories to Youth's Companion, 
1900-08, short stories and illu.strated 
articles to Independent, Outing, Sun- 
set, Red Book, Short Stories Mag., 
and novels to Popular Mag.,Munsey"s, 
Blue Book, Short Stories. Clubs: 
Faculty, Calif. Writers. Home: Dwight 
Way End, Berkeley. 

SYMMES, Edwin Joseph, archi- 
tect: b. Livermorc, Alameda Co., 
Cahf., Feb. 14, 1883: s. Charles Henry 
and Elizabeth Sarah Symmes; B.S., U. 
of Cahf., 1909; m. Minnehaha Har- 
ris, of San Francisco, July 9, 1913; 
children (adopted) — Robert Edward 
and Barbara Eleanor. Employed offices 
Bhss &? Faville, archts., S.F., 1910-12, 
William Charles Hays, archt., S.F., 
1912-13; supervising archt. of conces- 
sions, Panama-Pacific Internat. Expn., 
S.F., 1915; archt. and engr. Yosemite 
Nat. Park Co., 1916-23, mem. bd. 
mgrs. of same, 1921-23; supervising 
archt., Fernside, 75-acre restricted res- 
idential tract, Alameda, Calif., 1925- 
27; mem. city planning commn., Ala- 
meda, 1926-27, v.p. and later pres. of 
same, 1927; now practicing architec- 
ture as partner in firm Symmes & 
Cullimore, Bakersfield, Cahf. Archt. 
of Montana State bldg.; Carnation 
milk condensory; Neptune Beach. Ala- 
meda; Seal Beach. Orange County; 
Masonic Temple and Municipal Elec. 
Light Co. plant, Alameda; Glacier 
Point hotel, Yosemite; etc. Chief 
draftsman for Monks 6? Johnson, 
archts. and engrs. for Liberty Ship- 
building Plant, Alameda, during 
World War. Awarded bronze medal 
as supervising archt. of concessions 
and silver medal for Montana State 
bldg. at P.P.I. E. Mem. A. LA., Cahf. 
Development Assn.. Alumni Assn. U. 
of Cahf. Mason (K.T.). Republican. 
Protestant. Clubs: Commonwealth 
(S.F.). Exchange. Civic Commercial 
(Bakersfield). Home: 1912 Verde St. 
Ojjice: Haberfelde Bldg.. Bakersfield. 

LEONARD, Robert L., merchant; 
b. Atchrson. Kan., Feb. 27, 1885; s. 
Rt. Rev. Abiel and Flora T. (Thomp- 
son) L.; ed. pub. schs.. Salt Lake City; 
St. Matthew's sch., San Mateo, Calif., 
1897-99; St. Paul's sch.. Concord, 
N H., 1901-02; m. Rowena Newton, 
of Los Angeles, July 1, 1911; chil- 
dren — Mary Elizabeth, Winifred Cam- 
eron. Pres. Harper y Reynolds Corp., 
hardware, plumbing and sporting 
goods mchts., L.A.; dir. West Ameri- 
can Commercial Ins. Co., Commerce 
Discount Co., and Fidelity Underwrit- 
ers Inc., L.A. Mason (32°, Shrincr). 
Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
Cahfornia (L.A.), Riding (Flint- 
ridge), Midwick Country (Pasadena), 
Monterey Peninsula Country (Del 
Monte). Home: 203 3 Monterey Rd., 
S. Pasadena. Of ce: 152 N. Main St., 
Los Angeles. 



DONNELL, John Tilden, realtor; 
b. St. Louis. Mo.. Dec. 8. 1878: s. 
John Walter and Maria (Tilden) D.; 
ed. Smith Acad., St. Louis; Washing- 
ton U., St. Louis; m. Stella M. Hunk- 
ins, of St. Louis. Jan. 1900 (dec); 
children — John Tilden Jr., Franklin 
H., Frances H., Carol. Engaged realty 
and mortgage bus., Los Angeles, 
1903 — ; mining operations, Goldfield, 
Nev., 1908. Sec. in charge all real 
estate opcr. of Y.M.C.A. for A.E.F., 
1918-19. Mason. Republican. Protes- 
tant. Home: 919 S. Kingsley Dr. 
Ofice Homer Laughlin Bldg., Los 

KRISTOVICH, Thomas M., res- 
taurateur; b. Rijeka, Jugo-Slavia, Dec. 
20. 1876; s. Mann and Frances (Pav- 
lovich) K.; ed. gram. schs.. Rijeka; m. 
Madeline Kljunak. of Rijeka. Nov. 8, 
1908; children — Frances. Anna 
(dec). Marin. Baldo. Began as waiter 
in restaurant; tavern keeper. 1898-99; 
mem. Los Angeles police dcpt.. 1900- 
05; co-organiser Internat. Savs. d Ex- 
change Bank. L.A., 1904. and dir. 
same many yrs. ; estab. own restaurant. 
L.A.. 1905. and now owner of chain 
of restaurants; mem. advisory bd. In- 
ternat. branch of Bank of Italy. Mem. 
United Ancient Order Druids (held 
various offices). Slavonian Amer. Be- 
nevolent Soc. (ex-sec. ex-pres.). Dem- 
ocrat. Roman Catholic Club: Peter 
Pan Woodland (Big Bear City). 
Home: 7315 S. Hoover St.. Los An- 
geles. Address: 4517-19 Produce 
Pla;a. Vernon. Calif. 

BURNETT, Charles E. C, realtor: 
b. England. 1885; s. James Compton 

and (Thomas) B.: ed. London 

U.. Eng. Pres. Urban Mil. Acad.. Los 
Angeles. 1907-17: engaged realty bus., 
L.A.. 1917 — . Served as 1st Heut. in 
Adj. Gens. Dept.. O.R.C.. U.S. Army, 
World War. Mem. Res. Officers' 
Assn. Mason (Shriner). Republican. 
Clubs: Jonathan (L.A.), Bel- Air 
Country (Santa Monica). Home: 
1432 N. Formosa Ave. Office: 10601 
Chalon Rd.. Bel-Air. Los Angeles. 

CHESSMAN, Frank Ncwhall, phy- 
sician: b. Helena. Mont.. May 5. 1877: 
s. William Allen and Penelope Vir- 
ginia (Newhall) C; ed. St. Paul's 
Sch.. Concord. N.H.. 1893-96: Har- 
vard U.. 1896-1900; M.D., Columbia 
U.. 1904: m. Marvel White, of Chi- 
cago, June 16, 1909; 1 dau., Jane 
Newhall. Mem. staff St. Luke's hosp., 
N.Y. City, 1905-07, Sloane Hosp. for 
Women. N.Y. City, 1907; engaged 
practice gynecology and obstetrics. Se- 
attle. Wash.. 1908-16; pres. and pub. 
Banker's Register (Blue Book). Chi- 
cago. 1916-18: practice gynecology 
and obstetrics, Los Angeles. 1919 — . 
Served as capt.. M.C.. U.S. Army, in 
charge gen. surgical service at Letter- 
man Gen. hosp.. Presidio of San Fran- 
cisco, 1918-19: now holds commn. 

major. M.R.C.. U.S.A.. and is as- 
signed to Branch Assignment Group, 
M.R., directly under surgeon general. 
Mason. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: (California. Country (L.A.). 
Home; 464 N. June St. Ojffice: 1052 
W. 6th St.. Los Angeles. 

BARD, Samuel F., builder, con- 
tractor: b. N.Y. City. Sept. 23. 1896; 
s. Joseph and Esther (Kraft) B.: ed. 
pub. schs.. N.Y. City, and U. of S. 
Calif.; m. Ruth Rosen, of N.Y. City, 
Oct. 11, 1916: children— Evelyn, Vir- 
ginia. Engaged contracting bus.. Los 
Angeles, oper. under name Samuel F. 
Bard (f Co. and spec, in erection of 
apts. : has constructed 15 of most fash- 
ionable apts. in southern Calif, since 
1926. Mem. Nat. Congress of Par- 
ents y Teachers. Southern Pacific 
Assn.. Builders' Exchange. U. of S. 
Calif. Alumni Assn.. several chambers 
commerce, etc. Elk. Republican. Jew- 
ish. Clubs: Elks. City (L.A.): Break- 
ers" (Santa Monica). Home: 6227 
Warner Dr. Ojjicc: Chamber Com- 
merce Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

GAFFEY, John Tracy, estate 
exec: b. Galway. Ireland. Nov. 1. 
1859: s. Thomas and Anne Elizabeth 
(Tracy) G.: ed. pub. schs., California: 
m. Arcadia Bandini, of Los Angeles 
Co., June 1, 1887; children— William 
Tracy, Margaret (Mrs. John Mel). 
Editor and prop. Santa Cruz Herald, 
1879-80; under-sheriff Santa Cruz Co., 
1880-81; deputy elk. supreme ct. for 
southern dist. of Calif.. 1882-86: mem- 
ber (by election) State Bd. of Equali- 
zation. 1886-90: mem. Los Angeles 
city council. 1893: managing editor 
L.A. Herald. 1893-94; collector of 
customs, southern dist. of Calif., 1896- 
1900: traveled extensively as rep. 
mining interests in Mexico. 1884- 
1900: now pres. Bandini Estate Co.. 
L.A. Democrat. Catholic Clubs: Bo- 
hemian (S.F.). California (L.A.). 
Tuna (Catalina Island). Home: 526 
Lafayette Park PI. Office: Title In- 
surance Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

HAMILTON, John Judson, au 
thor: b. Harrisville. Pa.. Nov. 10. 
1854: s. William and Catharine (Lo- 
gan) H.; A.B.. U. of la.. 1877, M.A., 
1880; m. Margaret George, of Dcs 
Momcs, la., Oct. 26. 1893: children- 
George Chase (dec). Catherine (Mrs. 
Aubrey Devine). John Judson Jr. 
Farmer and country sch. teacher. 1870- 
72; asso. editor University Reporter. 
U. of la., 1872, mgr. 1873; asst. li- 
brarian U. of la., 1873-78; tutor in 
Latin. 1873-75; teacher. Iowa City 
high sch.. 1877-78: made survey race 
conditions in south. 1877. and socio- 
logical survey negro population Row- 
anty Twp.. Dinwiddie Co.. Va.. 1878: 
editor Davis Co. (la.) Republican. 
1879-82. Des Moines Daily News. 
1883-97. and editor and pub. of lat- 
ter. 1897-1904: economic editor and 

asst. gen. mgr. Iowa Homestead. Wis- 
consin Farmer and Kansas City Farm- 
er y Stockman. 1904-08: pub. Liter- 
ary Magazine (supplement to Sunday 
newspapers). 1908-09; made prelimi- 
nary survey for Los Angeles Tribune, 
1911; sec L.A. charter revision com- 
mn. and bd. of freeholders. 1912; 
apptd. mem. Pasadena bd. of edn., 
1913; made survey Pasadena sch. sys- 
tem, 1914: mem. L.A. County bd. of 
supervisors, 1915-18 (chmn. 1917- 
18); park commr. Pa.sadena city com- 
mn.. 1919-21: research and writing on 
social economics. Pasadena. 1925 — . 
Author: The Dethronement of the 
City Boss. 1910. Mem. Public Power 
League (exec. sec). S.R.. Sons of 
Vets.. Phi Beta Kappa. Republican. 
Presbyn. Club: New Century (Pasa- 
dena). Address: 483 S. Los Robles 
Ave. Pasadena. 

EISEN, Percy A., architect; b. San 
Francisco. Dec. 17. 1885; s. Theodore 
Augustus and Annie (Bennett) E.; 
ed. S.F. high schs.: m. Ruth Fairbanks 
Pierce, of S.F.. Oct. 16. 1913: chil- 
dren — Jack Augustus. William Cutler, 
Jeanne Babitte, Ruth Fidelity. Ap- 
prenticeship in office Theodore A. Ei- 
sen, archt., and received license to 
practice at age 21; jr. mem. firm Eisen 
y Son, archts.. Los Angeles. 1906-14: 
practiced independently. L.A.. 1914- 
19; formed partnership Walker y 
Eisen. archts.. L.A.. 1919. and since 
engaged in this capacity: also stock- 
holder Nat. Bank of Commerce Bldg., 
L.A.. El Mirador Hotel. Palm Springs, 
El Cortez Hotel. San Diego, etc Firm 
designed Fine Arts bldg.. Edwards d 
Wildey bldg.. Merchants Nat. Bank 
bldg., James Oviatt bldg., Gaylord 
apts.. Security Title bldg.. Taft bldg., 
(all L.A.) etc. Served C.A.C.. U.S. 
Army. World War. N.S.G.W.. Elk, 
Mason. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Jonathan (L.A.). Flintridge 
Country (Pasadena). Surf 6? Sand 
(Redondo). Saddle ^ Sirloin (Riga- 
li). Royal Palms Country. Home: 4410 
Woodleigh Lane, Flintridge. Ofice: 
1031 S. Broadway, Los Angeles. 

HOOBLER, George William, in- 
vestment banker; b. Wood Co., O., 
June 18, 1862: s. George Welcome 
and Elizabeth Alvira (Hale) H.: ed. 
pub. schs.. Ohio; m. Julia Maud Cris- 
sey, of Omaha, Neb., Dec 5, 1894 
(dec). Began as grocery elk., To- 
ledo, O.; cashier and later credit mgr. 
and treas. Richardson Drug Co., 
Omaha; engaged in pvt. trading of 
bonds, Omaha; rep. and later Pacific 
coast mgr. N. W. Halsey & Co. (later 
Halsey, Stuart y Co.), investments, 
Chicago, 1909-27: on vacation, 1928- 
29. Mason (K.T., 32°, life mem. 
Shrine). Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs; Jonathan (Los Angeles). Union 
League (Chicago). Address: Jonathan 
Club, Los Angeles. 



PONTIUS, David Willard, rail 
ruad officuil: b. Upper Sandusky. O.; 
s. Adam and Eli;ahcth (Winstcad) 
P.: cd. high sch. and Ada (O.) Nor- 
mal Sch.: m. Alice Malina Banfill, of 
Can. and Calif.. 1892. Began as elk. 
in track supervisor's office. Pa. R.R.; 
successively with C.G.W. R.R.. N.P. 
Ry.. O.W.R.R. y N. Co., S.P. Co. 
and San Diego y Ariz. Ry.. as tele- 

graph operator, agt. and trainmaster, 
dist, freight and pass, agt., traffic mgr. 
and gen. mgr.: pres. and dir. Yuma 
Mesa Grapefruit Co., 192 1—; dir. Pa- 
cific Elec. Ry. Co., Los Angeles, 1921 
— , vice-pres. and gen, mgr,, 1922-29, 
and pres. same, 1929 — ; exec, vice- 
pres. Mission Playhouse Corpn., Al- 
hambra, 192 5 — ; dir. Pacific Elec. 
Land Co., L.A., and of L.A, traffic 
commn., 1921 — ; mem. L.A. health 
commn., 1925 — . pres. same. 1927 — ; 
dir. L.A. Public Market Co., 1927—, 
and of U.S. Nat. Bank, L,A., 1928—. 
Mem. L.A. Municipal League, L.A. 
Community Chest (chmn. advance 
gifts com., 1927—), Mason, Odd Fel- 
low. Republican. Protestant. Clubs- 
Jonathan. City, California, S. Calif. 
Athletic 6? Country, Electric (L.A.): 
Transportation (L.A. and San Fran- 
cisco), Gables (Santa Monica). Home: 
6546 Cahuenga Terrace. Ojfice: Pa- 
cific Electric Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

BARRY, Thomas Emmett, lith- 
ographer: b. Elkhart, 111,, June 13, 
1874: s. Henry Emmett and Mary 
Susan (Gelwicks) B.; ed. pub. schs., 
111.: Springfield (111.) Bus. Coll.; 
m. Anna Ethel Godfrey, of St. Louis, 
Mo.. Dec. 16. 1907. Asst. to vice- 
pres. Jeffries Bank Note Co., mfrs. 
bonds and securities, Los Angeles, 
1919 — : assisted in orgn. Placentia 
Nat. Bank of Orange County and was 
active v. p. of same 2 yrs. Mem. Royal 

Arcanum (past regent). Legion of 
Honor (past chancellor). Purchasing 
Agents' Assn. of L.A. Mason. Dem- 
ocrat. Protestant. Clubs: Jonathan, 
Printing House Craftsmen (L.A.); 
Edgewater (Santa Monica). Home: 
4125 S. Figueroa St. Office: 117 
Vk'inston St., Los Angeles. 

ALDRIDGE, Eugene Talbcrt, 
manufacturer: b. Hampton, Washing- 
ton Co., Miss., June 13, 1898; .s. Jo- 
seph Eugene and Minnie Louise (Tal- 
hert) A.: ed. pub. schs.. Miss.: Miss. 
Coll., Clinton, 1915-16; R. Wcrntz 
Prep. Sch,, 1916: grad. U.S. Naval 
Acad., 1919: m. Adelaide Helen Mar- 
tin, of San Marino, Calif., Nov. 3, 
1923: children — Eugene Talbert Jr., 
Margaret Helen. Ensign U.S.N., 
1919-22: lieut., jr. g., U.S.N., 1922- 
24; served on U.S.S. Columbia, 1919- 
21, U.S.S. Pennsylvania, 1921-24; 
was attached to both Atlantic and 
Pacific fleets: asst, supt. Martin Iron 
Wks,, mfrs. concrete pipe machinery, 
etc, Los Angeles, 1924-26, supt, 
1926 — , dir, 1928 — , Mem. U.S. Na- 
val Acad. Grad. Assn. of S. Calif. 
Republican. Baptist. Chib: Jonathan 
(L.A.), Home: 1700 Euchd Ave., 
San Marino. Office: 1222 E. 28th St., 
Los Angeles. 

ARCHER, Richard Todd, attorney; 
b. St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 25. 1869; s, 
Richard Pinckney and Florence Dun- 
reith (Todd) A.; ed. Foster Acad., 
St. Louis, 1885-87: Woodburv Bus. 
Coll., Los Angeles, 1889; LL.B., Chi- 
cago Coll, of Law, Lake Forest U., 
1900 (awarded Thompson prize for 
best grad. thesis); m. Frances C. Rod- 
gers, of Denver, Colo., and Los An- 
geles, Feb. 24, 1926, Spent early life 
in engring. dept. Bear Valley Land c? 
Water Co., Redlands, Calif,; later 
with Continental Fire Ins. Co. number 
yrs.; admitted to practice law before 
U.S. supreme ct., 1926: now engaged 
practice law, spec, in ins. law and ad- 
justments, Los Angeles, Served U.S. 
Army during Spanish-Amer. War, 
1898. Mem. Calif. State and L.A. bar 
assns. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Inde- 
pendent. Protestant. Clubs: Jonathan, 
University (L.A.): Marquette (Chi- 
cago). Home: 168 N. Sycamore Ave. 
OiJice: Insurance Exchange Bldg., Los 

GRANT, Arthur S., decorator, 
painter; b. Louisville, Ky., June 16, 
1883; s. James T. and Fannie S. 
(Fowler) G.; ed. pub. schs., Louis- 
ville; m. May L. Crosier, of Louis- 
ville, Apr. 26, 1905: children — Clover 
Mae (Mrs. Wallace F. Cornell), James 
A. Began as journeyman painter; 
owner and oper. A. S. Grant Co., 
commercial and residential painting 
and decorating, Los Angeles, 1919 — ; 
mem. advisory council Frank Wiggins 
Trade Sch.. L.A. Mem. Master Paint- 
ers 6? Decorators (pres. L.A. chapter. 

1928). Mason (K.T., Shriner). Re- 
publican. Protestant. Clubs: Jona- 
than, Rotary (L.A.); Rainbow Ang- 
ling (Redlands), San Joaquin Gun. 
Home: 2801 S. Flower St. Ofice: 510 
W. 28th St., Los Angeles. 

SCOTT, Joseph, lawyer; b. Penrith, 
Cumberland Co., Eng., July 16, 1867; 
s. Joseph and Mary (Donnelly) S.:ma- 
triculated in honors London U., 1887; 
came to America, 1889; A.M., St, 
Bonaventure's Coll., Allegany, N.Y., 
1893; (hon. Ph.D., Santa Clara Coll., 
Calif.. 1907; LL.D., St. Bonaventure 
College, Allegany, N,Y., 1914, Notre 
Dame U., Ind., 1915);m. Bertha Roth 
of San Francisco, June 6, 1898. Ad 
mitted to bar, 1894, and since in prac 
tice at Los Angeles. Mem. Sch. Bd. 
1904-15, pres, board, 1906-11, Mem 
bd. dirs. Los Angeles Chamber Com 
merce, 1907-18 (pres. bd. 1910): hon 
v.p. Panama P.I. Expn., San Francisco 
1915: mem. Charter Revision Com. 
1902: v.p. Southwest Museum; apptd 
receiver for Julian Petroleum Corpn. 
1927. Mem. Los Angeles, Calif, and 
Am. bar assns. Chairman Dist. Draft 
Bd. Div. 1, Southern Dist. of CaUf. 
1917-18. Spl. commr. for Knights ol 
Columbus on duty in France and Eng. 
1918. Awarded La-tare medal by U 
of Notre Dame, 1918, for "conspicu 
ous work in the cause of edn., public 
service and nation-wide platform cam 
paign to eliminate religious prejudice.' 

One of four internat. lay speakers at 
Eucharistic Congress, Chicago, 1926. 
Created Knight of St. Gregory by 
Pope Benedict, 1920, for work during 
World War. Catholic. Clubs: Cali- 
fornia, Newman, Sunset (pres, 1923- 
24), Flintridge Country, Uplifters, 
Celtic, Los Angeles Athletic. Home: 
1 1 99 S. Orange Grove Ave., Pasadena. 
Ojjice: Black Bldg., Los Angeles. 


MOORE, Charles Irwin Douglas, 

insurance official: b. Islington. Ont.. 
Can.. Feb. 16. 1865: .s. James and 
Jacobina Drummond (Campbell) M.; 
A.B., Victona U., Cobourg, Ont. 
(now at Toronto), 1888 (awarded 
Prince of Wales gold medal); m. Em- 
ily Maud Cochran, of Canada and 
Japan, Dec. 26. 1892: children- 
Douglas E. C, Rutherford D., Cath- 
erine Isabelle. Teacher in boys' sch., 
Tokyo, Japan, 1888-91: teacher Calif, 
pub. schs., 1891-1902; supervising 
prin. Santa Monica schs.. 1900-02; 
asst. sec. Pacific Mutual Life Ins. Co. 
of Calif., Los Angeles, 1906-08, sec. 
1908 — , v.p. and asst. supt. agencies, 
1920 — ; editor Pacific Mutual News 
(monthly). L.A.. 1908—. Author 
numerous articles on nature and trav- 
el: also contbr. dissertations on every- 
day life, verse, etc.; pub. history and 
development Pacific Mutual Life Ins. 
Co., 1928. Mem. Life Agency Offi- 
cers" Assn. of U.S. and Canada (vice- 
pres.), L.A. Community Welfare Fed. 
(vice-pres. and dir.), Y.M.C.A. (mem. 
nat. council 3 yrs.; now mem. Calif, 
and L.A. bds.). University Religious 
Conf. of U. of Calif, at L.A. (incor- 
porator). Republican. Methodist. 
Clubs: California (L.A.), Westport 
Beach (Venice). Home: 2242 S. Ho- 
bart Blvd. Office: Pacific Mutual Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

CASWELL, William Mitchell, 
banker (retired); b. Nevada Co., 
Calif., June 24. 1857; s. Samuel Brad- 
ford and Mary Bradford (Gibbs) C; 
ed. Calif. Mil. Acad., Oakland, 1871- 
73; U.S. Mil. Acad., West Point. 
N.Y., 1874-77; m. Cora Lydia Tubbs, 
of Los Angeles, Oct. 29, 1890; 1 son, 
George Bradford. Employed railway 
mail service, 1879-82; bkpr. First Nat. 
Bank of Los Angeles. 1882-87; sec. 
L.A. Savs. Bank, 1887-1906; sec. Se- 
curity Trust 6f Savs. Bank. L.A., 1906- 
20. Mem. S.R. Mason (K.T., 32°; 
past comdr. K.T. ). Republican. Epis- 
copalian. Club: Jonathan (L.A.) Ad- 
dress: 320 S. Westlake Ave., Los 

FISCHER, Will H., corpn. official; 
b. Yolo Co., Cahf., Sept. 11. 1875; 
s. Peter Wood and Rhoda Matilda 
(Howard) F.; ed. Hesperian Coll.. 
Woodland. Calif.; m. Jeannette EHse 
Parrot, of San Francisco, Jan. 1. 1898. 
Engaged newspaper wk., being suc- 
cessively reporter, city editor or editor 
of S.F. Report, S.F. Post, S.F. Bulle- 
tin, Spokane Press, Humboldt Times, 
California Outlook, Los Angeles Ex- 
press, etc., 1896-1915; asst. dir. Tax- 
payers' Assn. of Calif., 1915-16. and 
dir. 1917-21, with hdqrs. in S.F. and 
L.A.; mgr. dept. of greater service. 
Southern California Edison Co. of 
L.A., 1921. later apptd. asst. vice- 
pres. of same and now asst. to pres.; 
i.lso vice-pres. Surety Mortgage Co. 

of L.A. Mason (grand master of 
Calif.. Oct. 1927-Oct. 1928). Repub- 
lican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Jonathan, 
Wilshire Country. L.A. Athletic, Ma- 
sonic (L.A.); Masonic (S.F.); Pacific 
Coast (Long Beach). Home: 123 S. 
Mariposa Ave. Office: Edison Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

DOWELL, aififord H., stock bro- 
ker; b. Cuba. Kan.. Mar. 4. 1891; s. 
William Calvin and Orilla (Hay- 
worth) D.; ed. pub. schs.. Los Ange- 
les; m. Hallie Mae Futrelle, of Padu- 
cah, Ky.. Oct. 9, 1916; 1 dau., Betty 
Jeanne. Began as office boy L.A. 
Stock Exchange, 1907, and succes- 
sively caller, active asst. sec, and mgr. 
1907-20; mgr. trading and stocks 
dept.. Hunter-Duhn Co.. L.A., 1920- 
27; co-founder, partner Dowell & 
Hull, investment brokers. L.A., 
1927—. Republican. Clubs: Athletic 
(L.A.), Bel-Air (Santa Monica). 
Home: 3 24 S. Elm Dr., Beverly Hills. 
Office: \'an Nuys Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

RICHARDSON, Friend William, 
ex-governor of California; b. in Mich., 
1865; s. Wilham and Rhoda (Dye) 
R.; ed. pub. schs., San Bernardino 
(Calif.) Coll.; 111. Augusta Felder, of 
San Bernardino: children — Ruth, Paul 
W., John A. Newspaper publisher, at 
San Bernardino, 1896-1910, at Berke- 
ley, 1901; apptd. state printer, 1912; 
elected state trcas.. 2 terms, 1915-23: 

gov. of Cahf., term Jan. 1923-Jan. 
1927. Pres. Cahf. Press Assn. 20 yrs. 
Quaker. Republican. Mason (K. T., 
Shriner), Odd Fellow, Elk, Modern 
Woodman. Clubs: Sutter, Rotary 
(Sacramento); Press (San Francisco); 
Athletic (Los Angeles); Kiwanis 
(Long Beach). Home: 2087 Delaware, 
Berkeley, Calif. Address: Berkeley 
Daily Gazette, Berkeley. 

GRANT, John, manufacturer; b. 
Scotland. Dec. 2. 1884; s. William and 
Helen (Dunsmuir) G.; ed. gram, schs., 
Scotland; Sch. of Science & Art; m. 
Ruth Campbell, of Port Huron, Mich., 
and Los Angeles, Jan. 1, 1914; chil- 
dren — Jewel Helen, Roberta. Worked 
in diamond mines. South Africa, 1905- 
08; employed Leyner Engring. Wks., 
Littleton, Colo., and by city of Los 
Angeles, 1909-15; engaged manufac- 
ture tools. L.A., 1915 — ; vice-pres. 
Grant Tool Co., L.A.. 1917-19; owner 
Grant Oil Tool Co., L.A., 1919—. In- 
ventor of many implements manufac- 
tured by own company. Served as 
trooper. South African Light Horse, 
1906-08. Protestant. Oubs: Jonathan, 
Athletic, California Gun (LA); Pa- 
cific Coast (Long Beach). Home: 200 
N. Catalina St. Olfice: 2042-44 E. 
Vernon Ave.. Los Angeles. 

MONTAGNE, Edward Joseph, 
writer, editor: b. London. Eng.. May 
18. 1888; .s. Alphonse and Mane Mon- 
tagne; ed. pub. schs.. Brooklyn. N.Y.; 
Cooper Union Inst.. N.Y. City; m. 
Agnes V. Phalen. of Brooklyn, May 
1910; children — Edward Joseph Jr., 
Marie Frances. Apprenticed as printer 
in youth; later writer for newspapers 
and editor periodicals and magazines; 
entered motion pictures as writer, 
1915; successively editor at Vitagraph, 
Selznick. F.B.O.. and Universal stu- 
dios. N.Y. and Calif.; editor-in-chief 
Universal Pictures, Universal City, 
Cahf.. and N.Y. City. 1924 — . Con- 
tbr. more than 200 original stories to 
screen, made more than 1 50 adapta- 
tions of plays and books for screen 
use. author of sketches produced on 
vaudeville stages, etc. Mem. Acad. 
Arts 6? Sciences, Hollywood Commun- 
ity Chest, Florence Nightingale Assn. 
of Hollywood, etc. Independent. Cath- 
olic. Clubs: Writers". Beach. Athletic 
(Hollywood); Fnars" (N.Y. City). 
Home: 1938 N. Vine St., Hollywood. 
Address: Universal Pictures Co.. Uni- 
versal City, Calif. 

JONES, Charles Colcock, mining 
and metall. engr.; b. Augusta, Ga., 
July 28, 1865; s. Joseph and Caroline 
Susan (Davis) J.; grad. in mechs., U. 
of La., 1884: B.S. in mining and met- 
allurgy. Lehigh U., 1887; m. Elizabeth 
Clayton King, of Augusta, May 21, 
1898. Began as learner blast furnace 
dept.. Pa. Steel Co., Steelton, Pa., asst. 
supt., 1887-89; supt. and chemist Va. 
Nail y Iron Wks., Lynchburg, Va., 
1890-91; mining and civil engr. 
Cranes" Nest Coal y Iron Co., s.w. 
Va. and eastern Ky., 1891-92: oper- 
ated mines of Clinch Valley field. Wise 
County, Va., v.p. and gen. mgr.. Pine 
Run Coal 6? Coke Co. and Coeburn 
CoUiery Co., of Va., 1892-96; exam. 
mines in So. and Cen. America, 1896- 
97; operated gold mines in Ga.. 1897- 
99: cons, mining engr. and mgr. for 



Edward N. Breitung, of Marquette, 
Mich., 1899-1902: mining and exam, 
engr. Mt. Copper Co. Ltd., Shasta Co., 
Calif., 1902-05; engaged as pvt. cons, 
engr.. Salt Lake City, 1905-06; cons, 
mining and metall. engr. Los Angeles, 
1906 — . Aiitfior: The Opening of a 
New Phosphate Field in the U.S.. pub. 
Trans. Amer. Inst. M. 6? M.E., 1906: 
An Iron Deposit in the Calif. Desert 
Region, puh. Engring. 6? Mining Jour., 
1909: Iron Ores of the Southwest, 
pub. Amer. Mining Congress Proc., 
1910; The Pac. Coast Iron Situation, 
pub. Trans. Amer. Inst. M. 6? M. E., 
1915. Mem. Amer. Inst. M. 6? M. E., 
L.A. Chamber Mines 6? Oils, S.R. in 
Calif., S.C.W. in Cahf., Kappa Alph;; 
(So.). Episcopalian. Clubs: Engineers" 
(LA.). Home: 102 S. Occidental 
Blvd. Office: Quinby Bldg., Los An- 

KELLER, Will E., officer corpns.; h. 
VVocdville, Miss.. Ian. 30. 1868; .s. 

Charles E. and Agnes M. (Phares) 
K.; ed. pvt. schs. until 14; m. Mrs. 
Helen M. Fife (nee Bush), of Nash- 
ville, Tenn., May 19, 1912. Became 
pres. Globe Gram 6? Milling Co., 
1902, retired, Aug. 1, 1926; pres. 
Globe Ice Cream Co., El Paso Grain 
6? Milling Co.; v.p. Globe Ice 6? Cold 
Storage Co. of El Paso; dir. South- 
west Portland Cement Co. Commr. 
of Water and Power Bur. of City of 
Los Angeles. Republican. Mason 
(K.T., Shriner). Home: 54} Shatto 
PL, Los Angeles. 

ATKINSON, Lynn Samuel Jr., 
engnng. contractor; b. Kokomo. Ind.. 
Aug. 28. 1894: s. Lynn Smith and 
Mary (Marks) A.: ed. New Mex. Mil. 
Inst.. Roswell. N.M.: m. Bernice Eli:- 
abeth Stephens, of Corsicana. Tex., 
May 9. 1916: children — Doris Marie. 
Jeanne Bernice. Pres. Atkinson Con- 

str. Co.. Atkinson Spicer Co.. Atkin- 
son. Kier Bros. Spicer Co., all con- 
tractors, bldrs. and engrs., of Los An- 
geles. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., Constrn. 
Industries Joint Com. of Calif, (cx- 
pres.), L.A. Bldrs. Exchange (ex- 
pres.), Asso. Gen. Contractors of 
America, L.A. Museum Patrons" Assn.. 
Council for Promotion of Boys Wel- 
fare. Mason (32°, Shriner). Repub- 
lican. Protestant. Clubs: Jonathan. 
City (L.A.); Athens Athletic (Oak- 
land). Home: 324 Muirfield Rd. Of- 
jice: Edwards y Wildey Bldg., Los 

DODGE, Jonathan S., attorney; b. 
Portsmouth, O., Apr. 9, 1867; .^. 
George Lyons and Sarah Louise 
(Tibbs) D.; A.B., Lebanon (O.) U., 
1890: LL.D., U. of Cincinnati, 1892; 
m. Amelia Fritz, of Arcanum, O., Jan. 
17, 1892: children — Alice Cora (Mrs. 
Franklin Padan), Anna Louise (Mrs. 
F. C. Liebhardt). Charles Anderson. 
Practiced law Portsmouth. O., 1892- 
98, El Paso, Tex., 1898-1903; en- 
gaged in banking, real estate and prac- 
tice of law, Los Angeles, 1903 — : ex- 
pres. First Nat. Bank of So. Pasadena, 
Calif., So. Pasadena Savs. Bank, Union 
Mortgage Co., and Calif. Bldg. ^ Loan 
Assn., L.A.; state supt. of banks in 
Calif., 2 yrs,; chmn. L.A. county bd. 
of supervisors, 5 yrs.; chmn. So. Pasa- 
dena bd. of city trustees, 2 terms; now 
sec. and treas. Calif. Realty Corpn., 
L.A. Mason. Republican. Presbyn. 
Clubs: Jonathan (L.A.), Oneonta (S. 
Pasadena). Home: 3071 N. Marengo 
Ave., Altadena. Ofice: Pershing 
Square Bldg., Los Angeles. 

GUEDEL, Walter M., manufac- 
turer: b. Dover, O., Jan. 1, 1886: s. 
John and Mary (Lennes) G.; ed. U. 
of Ind., 1904-08; m. Hazel McKee 
Bimcl, of Portland, Ind., Oct. 12, 
1910: children — John B., Barbara. En- 
gaged U.S. Govt, service Philippine 
Islands, 1908-10; successively sec. and 
treas. Bimel Spoke ^ Auto Wheel Co., 
Portland, Ind., and gen. mgr. Guedel 
Mfg. Co., Portland; now treas. Las 
Pilas Mines Inc., with hdqrs. in Los 
Angeles, dir. Calif. Vegetable Prod. 
Corpn., L.A., and partner Sims-Gue- 
del Co., bldrs. of homes in Beverly 
Hills and Bel-Air, Calif. Mason (32°). 
Republican. Protestant (pres. bd. of 
trustees Beverly Hills Community 
Presbyn. Ch.). Clubs: Beverly Hills, 
Bel- Air Country (L.A); Casa Del 
Mar (Santa Monica). Address: 10840 
Bellagio Rd.. Bel-Air. Calif. 

CRISPIN, Egerton Lafayette, phy- 
sician, surgeon; b. Salem Co., N.J., 
Oct. 10, 1877; s. James Hewes and 
Anabel (Swing) C; Ph.B., cum laude. 
111. Coll., Jacksonville, 111., 1902; M.D., 
Johns Hopkins, 1906; post-grad, work, 
London, 1910; M.Sc. in Medicine, U. 
of Minn., 1917; in. Angela Shipman, 
of Santa Monica, Calif., 1913: chil- 

dren—Charles Honnold, James Hewes, 
Thayer, Elizabeth. With Pa. Hosp., 
Phila., pathologist, med. and surg. res- 
ident, roentgenologist, 1906-10: diag- 
no.stic staff, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 
Minn., 1913-16; practiced at Los An- 
geles, Calif., since 1916; mem. sr. .staff 
Los Angeles Gen. Hosp.; staff Holly- 
wood Hosp., Good Samaritan Hosp.; 
consultant Orthopedic Hosp.; prof 

clin. medicine, U. of Southern Calif., 
1919-21. Comdr. M.C., U.S. Navy, 
and chief of med. div., Naval Base 
Hosp. No. 3, Leith, Scotland, World 
War, Mem. A.M.A., Cahf. Med. 
Assn., Southern Calif. Med. Assn. (ex- 
pres.). Los Angeles Co. Med. Assn., 
Los Angeles Clm. and Pathol. Soc, 
Assn. of Resident and Ex-resident Phy- 
sicians of Mayo clinic. Am. Congress 
Internal Medicine, Am. Coll. Physi- 
cians, Am. Acad. Medicine, Am. Heart 
Assn., A.A.A.S., Am. Assn. for Study 
of Internal Secretions, Assn. Mil. Sur- 
geons of U.S., Mil. Order Fgn. Wars, 
Mil. Order World War, Am. Legion, 
Nu Sigma Nu, Baronial Order of Run- 
nemede, Soc. Colonial Wars, S.R. 
(dir.), etc. Mason (K.T., 32°, Shrin- 
er). Clubs: California, University, Los 
Angeles Athletic, Los Angeles Coun- 
try: Sierra (San Francisco). Home: 
2130 W. 21st St. Office: Pacific Mu- 
tual Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

MacKAY, Henry Squarebriggs Jr., 
attorney: b. Longwood, Mass., Oct. 17, 
1891; s. Henry Squarebriggs and Ro- 
bena MacKay; ed. Harvard Mil. Sch., 
1902-05, 1907; St. Paul's Sch., Long 
Island, N.Y., 1906; University Sch., 
San Francisco. 1908; U. of Va., 1909- 
14; rrl. Katharine P., d. of former U.S. 
Senator Frank P. Flint, of Los An- 
geles, Oct. 6, 1914; 1 son, Sandy Mac- 
Kay. Began as mem. law firm of Flint 
6? Sutter, Los Angeles; now partner 



law firm of Flint ^ MacKay, L.A. 
Stationed at Central Machine Gun 
Officers" Tr. Sch., Camp Hancock, 
Baltimore, World War; commd. 2nd 
lieut.. Inf. Res.. Machine Gun Sect., 
Dec.,' 1918. Mason (32°, Shriner). 
Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
Calif., University (L.A.); Flintridge 
Country, Flintridge Riding (Pasa- 
dena); Tuna (Catahna Island), New- 
port Harbor Yacht (Balboa), Montana 
Gun (L.A. County). Home: 810 
Highland Dr., Flintridge. Office; 
Rowan Bldg., Los Angeles. 

McNABB, Samuel W., lawyer: b. 
Andrew, la.. Dec. 18, 1868: s. James 

and Marv (Hogg) McN.; ed. grade 
schs. and high sch., Maquoketa. la.; 
m. 2d, Alice L. Thompson, of Los 
Angeles, CaHf., June 16, 1916; chil- 
dren — (by 1st marriage) Mary Vera 
(Mrs. Paul N. McCloskey); (by 2d 
marriage) James Wylie. Admitted to 
Cahf. bar, 1909, and began practice 
at San Bernardino; mayor of San Ber- 
nardino 5 terms of 2 yrs. each, be- 
tween 1909-25; U.S. dist. atty. for 
Southern Dist. of Calif., by apptmt. of 
President Coolidge, since Feb. 16, 
1925. Republican. Conglist. Mason, 
Elk. Home: 1704 Ramona Av., South 
Pasadena, Calif. Office: Federal Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

JESBERG, Paul A., merchant; b. 
Franklin, la.. June 16. 1884; s. 
Henry and Elizabeth (Berger) J.; ed 
McPhcrson Coll.: m. Edith Allison, of 
McPherson, June 22, 1912: children 
—Marianne, Paul A. Jr. Buyer and 
mgr. shoe dept. Rorabough's, Wichita, 
Kan , 1903-05; mgr. and buyer Walk- 
Over Shop, Los Angeles, 1905-07, jr. 
mem. firm, 1908, elected v.p. 1910; 
pres. and gen. mgr. Jesberg's Walk- 
Over Shops, L.A., 1917—; also v.p. 
and dir. McKinley Industrial Soc. 

Mason (K.T., Shriner). Republican. 
Conghst. Clubs: L.A. Athletic, Kiwa- 
nis (ex-pres.), Pac. Beach (L.A.); 
Edgewater (Santa Monica), L.A. 
Country (Beverlv Hills). Home: 932 
4th Ave. Office: 716 S. Broadway, 
Los Angeles. 

BARTON, Loren Roberta, artist; 
b. Oxford, Mass.: d. Loren Chandler 
and Jessie (Woodbury) B.; ed. U. of 
S. Calif. Represented permanently 
by works at the Nat. Gallery and 
Nat Library, of France. Met. Mus., 
NY, Brooklyn (N.Y.) Mus., Art 
Inst., Chicago, Calif. State Library, 
Municipal Collection of Phoenix, 
Ariz., Los Angeles Mus. Awarded 
1st prize, Ariz, state fair, for etching, 
1920, 1st prize etching and figure 
painting, 1922, 1st prize etching and 
2nd prize water color, 1923; silver cup 
for best work and 1st prize water 
color, Arcadia Exhbn., 1924; Joan of 
Arc silver medal from Nat. Assn. of 
Women Painters & Sculptors, 1926; 2 
hon. mentions, Ariz. State Exhbn 
1926- 3rd prize oil painting. Calif. 
State Exhbn., 1927; 1st prize water 
color, Ariz. State Exhbn., 1927: 3rd 
prize water color, Pomona (Calit.) 
Fair 1927; hon. mention, Calif. Water 
Color Soc, 1927; Pac. S.W. Expn. 
water color prize, 1928; 3rd prize 
water color, Pomona Fair, 1928. Mem. 
Nat. Assn. Women Painters ^ Sculp- 
tors, Calif. Water Color Soc, Calif. 
Soc Print Makers, Calif. Soc. Etchers, 
Brooklyn Soc. Etchers, N. Shore Art 
Assn. of Chicago, Print Soc. of Eng. 
Clubs- Women's Athletic, Calif. Art 
(L.A.); Pen ^ Brush (N.Y.). Ad- 
dress- c/o Kennedy S" Co., 785 5th 
Ave., N.Y., or 3840 Wilshire Blvd., 
Los Angeles. 

AMELUNG, Heinrich Wilhclm, 
merchant: b. Lemgo, Germany, June 7, 
1887; s. Wilhclm Heinnch A.; ed. 
navigation sch., Hamburg, Germany, 
1908- m Pearl Elizabeth Miller, of 
Spokane, Wash., July 25, 1917 
(dec); 1 dau., Elizabeth Pearl. Sea- 
man, 1901-08, 1909-10: sailor, Ger. 
Navy, 1910-11; seaman, 1911-17; 
trucker Poultrymen's Co-op. Milling 
Assn., Los Angeles, 1918-19, foreman 
and other positions including gen. 
mgr., 1919-27: elected gen. mgr. Poul- 
try Prods, of So. Cahf., Inc., Mar. 
1927- elected pres. L.A. Grain Ex- 
change, July 1927, re-elected 1928; 
dir and sec. Poultry Pathological Lab. 
of So. Cahf., 1927-29; elected dir. 
Nat. Mills, Oct. 1928. Mem. Agrl. 
Leg. Com. State of Calif. Republican. 
Lutheran. Clubs: Jonathan (L.A.) 
Gables (Santa Monica), Urban Golf 
(Whittier). Home: 968 Grande Vista 
Dr. Office: 1513 Mirasol St., Los An- 

JONES, Byron McCray, ry. oth- 
cial, writer: b. Indianapolis, Dec 3, 
1878; s. James Simeon and Lyde (Mc- 

Cray) J.; ed. Butler Coll., Irvington 
(now Indianapolis) Ind.; m. Maude 
Johnson, of Epping, N.H., July 31, 
1901 (dec); 1 son, Franklin; m. 2nd, 
Florence Issac, of JanesviUe, Wis., Jan. 
1, 1906; 1 dau., Florence Helen. En- 
gaged in ry. work, Epping, N.H., and 
Sidney, Cape Breton Island, 1899- 
1901. Indianapolis. 1901-03, Janes- 
viUe Wis., and Chicago, 1903-04, 
Chicago, 1904-06, Cahf., 1906—; now 
asso. with U.P.R.R.. in Los Angeles 
as traveling freight agt. Prominent as 
writer of verse. Author; (poems) Blue 
Lake; Areas: Tahoe: Mary and Ma- 
mie; My Galley; Fallen Leaf; San Ga- 
briel, a Ballad. Mason (32°). Re- 
publican. Presbyn. Home: 503 5 Na- 
varro St. Ofice; Pac. Elec. Bldg., Los 

GILLETT, James Norris, ex-gover- 
nor of California: b. Viroqua, Wis., 
Sept. 20, 1860; s. Cyrus L. and Sarah 
J. G.: ed. high sch., Sparta, Wis.; m. 
Isabella Erzgraber, of San Francisco, 
May 8 1898. Admitted to bar, 1881; 
mem. Calif. Senate, 1897-99: mem. 
57th and 58th Congresses (1903-07), 
1st Calif. Dist.; gov. of Cahf., 1907- 
11: resumed practice of law. Republi- 

can. Home: 2437 Piedmont Av., 
Berkeley, Calif. Office: Merchants 
Exchange Bldg., San Francisco. 

BINKLEY, Charles Frederick, 
banker, invmt. broker (retired): b. 
Vigo Co., Ind., July 16, 1869: s. John 
L. and Mary (Bundy) B.; ed. Cornell 
U.; in. Josephine C. Trout, June 10, 
1896 (divorced); 1 son, John T. En- 
gaged in banking and invmt. brokerage 
bus. until retirement. Mason. Repub- 
lican. Christian Scientist. Clubs: Jon- 
athan (Los Angeles), Country (San 
Gabriel ) , Masonic, Commonwealth 
(San Francisco). Address; Jonathan 
Club, Los Angeles. 



WATTLES, Gurdon Wallace, 

hanker; b. Richford. N.Y.. May \2. 
18^1; s. James and Betsy Ann (Whit- 
ing) W.: la. State Coll., Ames, leav- 
ing coll. jr. yr. on account of illness: 
(hon. M.Ph.. same, 1906): m. Jennie 
Leete, of Clarksville, la., Oct. 20, 1881: 
m. 2d, Julia Vance, June, 1918. Ad- 
mitted to Iowa bar, 1880: commenced 
banking as cashier. Farmers Bank, Car- 
roll, la., 1882; pres. First Nat. Bank. 
Carroll, 1886-92; v.p., 1892-1901, 
pres., 1901-06, Union Nat. Bank, 
Omaha: became vice-president U.S. 
National Bank, Omaha, 1906, and 
chmn. bd., 1916: western mgr. of 
Rochester (N.H.) Loancf Banking Co., 
1886-1922: pres. Omaha & Council 
Bluffs St. Ry. Co., 1906-20: dir.C.G.W. 
Ry. Co.: pres. Keller- Wattles Co., Los 
Angeles, Calif., since 1922; chmn, bd. 
Municipal Bond Co. County supt. 
schs., Carroll Co., la., 1879-81; pres. 

Omaha E.\pn.. 1898; pres. Neb. State 
Commn. to St. Louis Expn., 1904; del. 
Rep. Nat. Conv., 1904: pres. Omaha 
Grain Exchange, 1904-09; pres. Ak- 
Sar-Ben. Omaha, 1905, 06, 07; trustee 
Bellevue Coll., since 1909: federal food 
administrator for Nebraska, 1917-20, 
Mem. Delta Tau Delta. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Omaha: Writers, 
Uplifters (Los Angeles); Bankers 
(New York): etc. Wrote: "A Crime 
Against Labor," 1909, a brief history 
of the Omaha street car strike: Auto- 
biography and Genealogy, 1922. 
Home: Hollywood. Office: 1110 Hell- 
man Bank Bldg., Los Angeles, 

HARRIS, Irving C, consulting 
engr.; b. Peabody, Kan., Dec. 21, 
1877; s. Lavander L. and Clara Ella 
(Harmon) H.: A.B. in clec. engring., 
Throop Poly. Inst, (now Calif. Inst, 
of Tech), Pasadena, 1900; m. Mary 
Agnes Craig, of Neb. and Pomona, 

Calif., Jan. ?, 1902; children— Craig, 
Mary Louise. Operator of Mill Creek 
No. 1 Hydro-elec. plant for Redlands 
(Calif.) Elec. Light 6? Power Co. 
(later consol. with Edison Elec. Co.), 
1900-01; operator and later chief 
operator, Pasadena Steam Power 
Plant and Sub-station, Edison Elec. 
Co. (now Southern Calif. Edison Co.), 
1901-04; supt. of shop dept. S. Calif. 
Edison Co., 1904-09; engr. in chg. 
power div., U.S. Reclamation Service, 
Salt river project, 1909-13, in chg. of 
inspn. of machinery, 1914-16; mem. 
engring. firm Cone y Harris, Los An- 
geles, 1917-27: pvt. cons, engr., L.A., 
1928—. Mem. Hist. Soc. of S. Calif. 
Mason. Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs: Engineers", Commercial of S. 
Calif. (LA.). Home: 356 S. Reno 
St. Office: Standard Oil Bldg., Los 

APPLETON, Harold Gilman, 
realtor, trucking exec; b. S. Dakota, 
July 24, 1889: .•;. Fayette G. and 
Ella Louise (Wirt) A.: ed. Throop 
Poly. Inst, (now Calif. Inst, of Tech.), 
Pasadena; m. Cecile Dudley, of San 
Francisco, July 31, 1918. Designer of 
bank and store fixtures, Pasadena, un- 
til 1911: mgr. Los Angeles Furniture 
Factory, 1911-13: organized Advance 
Truck Co. (inc. 1923), L.A., 1913, 
,ind now pres. same; inc. Advance 
Holding Co., real estate dealers, L.A., 
1923, and now pres. same; also pres. 
Automotive Council, L.A. Mason 
(K.T., Shriner). Mem. Calif. De- 
velopment Assn., Masters' ii' Ward- 
ens" Assn. Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs: S. Calif. Athletic, Ramblers" 
(L.A). Home 111 Edgcmont Ave. 
Olfice: 801-07 Yale St., Los Angeles. 

INGOLDSBY, William Arthur, 
advertising agency official; b. West- 
held, Mass., Sept. 7, 1877: s. John 
and Bridget (Donohue) I.; ed. West- 
field high sch., 1889-93; m. Nellie 
May Wilbur, of Orange, Mass., July 
13, 1904; children — James Wilbur, 
Arthur William. Employed by U.S. 
Whip Co., Westfield, 1893; N.Y. of- 
fice Cambria Steel Co., of Johnstown, 
Pa., 1896-98; with New Home Sewing 
Machine Co., Orange, Mass., 1898- 
1908: became asso. with Read Adv. 
Agency (later Read-Miller Co.), Lo: 
Angeles, 1908; later purchased con 
trol of CO. and formed William A. In 
goldsby Co., nat. adv. agency, L.A. 
of which he is now pres. Mem. Inter 
nat. Adv. Assn., Calif. Adv. Assn. 
Pac. Geog. Soc, U.S. Chamber Com 
merce, Calif. Development Assn. Re 
publican. Christian Scientist. Clubs 
Jonathan (L.A), Oakmont Country 
(Glendale), Sunset Canyon Country 
(Burbank), Oneonta (S. Pasadena). 
Home: 831 Milan Ave., S. Pasadena. 
Ojjice: 130 S. Broadway, Los Angeles. 

BALDWIM, James Pierce, manu- 
facturer; b. Washington, Ind., Mar. 9, 

1877; s. Cornelius Vancy and Alice 
(Pierce) B.; grad. U. of Pa., 1901: m. 
Gertrude Mason, of Los Angeles. July 
19, 1905; children — William Pierce, 
Mary Alice. Engaged mfg. bus. under 
firm name Pierce Baldwin, mfrs. shock 
absorbers, Los Angeles. Republican. 
Methodist. Clubs: California, Uni- 
versity (L.A.): Beach (Santa Mon- 
ica). Homes: 1740 N. Harvard Blvd., 
L.A., (country) San Simeon, Calif. 
Ofice: 5816 Hooper St., Los Angeles. 
LEAF, Erie Mervin, banker: b. 
Idaho Falls, Ida., Dec. 25, 18S6: s. Ed- 
ward George and Madge (Mann) L.: 
grad. high sch., Fresno, Calif., 1906: 
A.B.. Stanford, 1910. J.D.. 1912; m. 
Italja M. Bower, of Los Angeles. Calif.. 
Oct. 8. 1913; children— Gordon Eric. 
Harriet Italja, Erlda. Admitted to 
Calif, bar, 1912, U.S., Supreme Court, 
1921: practiced with Charles L. Bach- 
elor, Los Angeles, until 1916; apptd. 

trust counsel Title Ins. 6? Trust Co. 
Los Angeles, 1916; organized Los An 
geles Shipbuilding ii Dry Dock 
Corpn., 1917, elected pres. m 1920; 
an organizer, 1919, dir. and sec. Los 
Angeles Steamship Co., of which is 
now v.p.; an organizer, 1922. Los An- 
geles Lumber Products Co. and elected 
exec. v.p. of this and of 7 subsidiary 
COS., pres., 1923-25 (resigned); elected 
pres. and dir. Nat. Bank of Commerce, 
L.A.. May 1928. and later in same 
year pres. Calif. United States Bond 
o" Mortgage Corpn.. and dir. United 
States Bond 6? Mortgage Corpn. of 
N.Y. Mem. Calif. State and Los An- 
geles bar assns.. Delta Chi. Republi- 
can. Conglist. Mason. Clubs; Cali- 
fornia, University, Uplifters, Los An- 
geles Country. Virginia Country. 
Home: 831 Fifth Ave.. Los Angeles, 
Office: 439 S. Hill St., Los Angeles. 



BROOKS, Lon A., attorney; b. 
Whitney, Tex., Dec. 8, IBS'); s. J.R. 
and Lulu (Meals) B.; grad. Sam 
Houston Normal Coll., Huntsville, 
Tex., 1905; A.B. and LL.B., U. of S. 
Calif.; m. Nora Roche, of Ft. Worth, 
Tex., Dec. 26, 192'). Taught sch. and 
worked in banks and corpns. while 
completing college studies; engaged in 
pvt. practice of law, Los Angeles, 1921 
— ; also mgr. estate of father, 1926 — ; 
dir. and atty. for Masonic Library of 
S, Cahf., 1928—. Mem. Amer. and 
L.A. bar assns. Mason (K.T., 32°; 
life mem. S.R. and Shrine). Repub- 
lican. Protestant. Home: 536 N. Ply- 
mouth Blvd. Office: Chapman Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

ELLIOTT, John B., oil corpn. of- 
ficial; h. Ft. Scott, Kan., July 29, 1878; 
s. Chaunccy Record and Caroline M. 
(Baker) E.; ed. pub. schs., Kan.; m. 
Estelle Shcrwin, of Los Angeles., 
1911; 1 son, John. Worked on farm 
until 17 yrs. of age; successively 
printer, reporter, corr. and newspaper 
editor; corr. St. Joseph (Mo.) News 
and Kan. City Times; reporter, St. 
Louis Globe-Dispatch; editorial writ- 
er, Los Angeles Times, 1901-03; estab. 
world's first "wireless" newspaper, for 
L.A. Times, on Catalina Island, Calif.; 
later staff mem. Associated Press, 
southwest div.; polit. writer for A, P. 
and corr. at Washington, DC; 
founder and 1st mng. editor, LA. 
Daily Tribune: managed southern 
Calif, campaigns for Woodrow Wil- 
son, 1912, 1916; U.S. collector of cus- 
toms for southern Calif., 1913-22; has 
held numerous posts in Dcm. nat., 
state, CO. and city orgns., Kan. and 
Calif.: Dem. and Prohibition candi- 
date for senator from Calif., 1926, re- 
ceiving largest vote ever accorded 
Dem. cand. in Calif.; interested in oil 
industry, 1921 — ; exec, vice-pres. 
Jameson Petroleum Co. and Bolsa 
Chica Oil Co., L.A., and dir. other 
corpns. Democrat. Clubs: Jonathan, 
Squirrel Inn (L.A.); Rainbow Ang- 
ling (Redlands), Surf 6? Sand (Hcr- 
mosa Beach), Palos Verdes Golf (Re- 
dondo). Golf (San Gabriel), Ojai 
Golf (Ojai), Vermejo Park (N.M.), 
Nat. Press (Washington, D.C.). 
Homes: 901 N. Marguerita Ave., Al- 
hambra; 2330 Strand, Hermosa Beach. 
Offices: Spring Arcade and Roosevelt 
Bldgs.. Los Angeles. 

FLOERCKY, Herbert Edward, 
whsle. paper mcht.; b. Phila, Pa., May 
30, 1889; s. Edward T. and Dora 
(Barrels) F.: ed. Penn. State Coll., 1 
yr.: U. of W.Va., 2 yrs.; m. Eleanore 
S. Milham, of Kalamazoo, Mich., Aug. 
21, 1922: children— Elizabeth Milham, 
Nancy Jane, Bartel Herbert. Inspr. 
and mem. exec. com. Griffin Wheel 
Co., Chicago, 1911-16: salesman, M. 
Castle Steel Co., Chicago, 1916-17. 
1919-21; gen. mgr. and dir. Dearborn 

Equipment Co., Kalamazoo, 1921-24; 
owner, Floercky Paper Co., Los An- 
geles, 1924 — : former dir. MacKay 
Wire Works, Kalamazoo; now dir. 
Bryant Paper Co., Kalamazoo. Mem, 
Sigma Chi. Republican. Mem. M.E. 
Ch. Clubs: Advertising, El Caballero 
(L.A.); Beach, Gables (Santa Mon- 
ica); Rancho Golf (Culver City). 
Home: 913 Bedford Dr., Beverly 
Hills. Office: 320 Omar St., Los An- 

DENNY, Reginald Leigh, actor: b, 
Richmond, Surrey, Eng., Nov. 20, 
1891; s. William Henry and Georgina 
(Pike) D.; father with Gilbert and 
Sullivan Opera Co.; ed. St. Francis 
Xavier's Coll., Mayfield, Sussex, Eng.; 
passed Oxford exams.. London Cham- 
ber Commerce, and The Society of 
Arts, degree of A, A.; m. in Calcutta, 
India, Irene Haisman, of Rochester, 
Kent. Eng., Jan. 28. 1913; 1 dau., Bar- 

bara. Began on stage as a child: played 
in London and provinces: came to U.S. 
with "The Quaker Girl," 1912; lead- 
ing baritone with the Bandman Opera 
Co. on tour of India and the Orient; 
leading man in summer stock cos., in 
Syracuse, Rochester. Newark, N.J., 
and Oakland, Calif., 1914-17. playing 
in "Rosalind," "Twin Beds." "Paga- 
nini." "The Professor's Love Story." 
Served with 28th London Territorials 
and Royal Air Force. World War. 
1917-19. Entered moving pictures in 
U.S., 1919, but returned to stage in 
"The Passing Show." later with Barry- 
more in "Richard the Third"; again in 
moving pictures with Alice Brady. 
Constance Binney. George Arliss. etc.; 
with independent co. making "The 
Leather Pushers." taken over by Uni- 
versal Picture Corpn. Mem. Actors' 
Equity Assn.. Nat. Aeronautical Assn. 
Clubs: Los Angeles Athletic, Holly- 

wood Athletic, Catalina Yacht, Ri- 
viera Golf and Country. Newport Har- 
bor Yacht. Winner of brigade heavy- 
weight boxing championship of R.A.F., 
at Hastings, Eng.. May. 1918. Home: 
2060 N. Vine St.. Hollywood. Ad- 
dress: Universal City. 

NEUHOFF, Ferdinand B., fruit 
packer: b. Ann Arbor, Mich., May 28, 
1875; 5. Henry A. and Sophia N,; ed. 
pub. schs., Ann Arbor; ra. Emalina G. 
Gourdeau, of Detroit, Jan. 7, 1913; 
children (by former marriage) — Ches- 
ter F., Edward D. Pres. F. B. Neu- 
hoff Co., fruit jobbers and brokers, De- 
troit, and prop. Chester Packing Co., 
Detroit, 1899-1918: became owner of 
the Fred B. Neuhoff Co., canned 
goods distributors, Los Angeles, 1918 
and of the Van Nuys (Calif.) Pack 
ing Co., 1920: inc. the Fred B. Neu 
hoff Co, and purchased the Consol 
Canneries Co. of Porterville, Calif.. 
1924, all interests transferred to the 
corpn.; co. purchased the Arlington 
(Cahf.) Canning Co., 1927; now 
pres. Fred B. Neuhoff Co., Inc., Los 
Angeles. Mason (Shriner). Repub- 
lican. Lutheran. Clubs: Jonathan, 
Country (L.A.); Casa del Mar (San- 
ta Monica), Home: 617 S. Irving 
Blvd. OiJice: 3923 W. 6th St., Los 

capitalist: b. N.Y.City, June 10, 1883; 
s. Lt. Col. Herman and Ann (Nauert) 
H.; ed. Anglo-Amer. Coll., Pans, 
France: Harvard U.; m. Vera Jevne, 
of Los Angeles, June 14, 1906; chil- 
dren — Vera, Genevieve, Barbara. Be- 
came jr. mem. Henneberger y Co., 
brokers. N.Y. City, 1905, and treas. 
H. Jevne Co., L.A., 1906: treas. Chil- 
dren's hosp., L.A., 1921-22: pres. Dis- 
count Corpn. of Calif, and vice-pres. 
Mortgage Finance Corpn. of Calif., 
1922-24: pres. Henneberger-Hartley 
Realty Corpn., N.Y. City, 1924—. 
Clubs: California, L.A. Country (L. 
A.): Bel- Air Country. Beach (Santa 
Monica); Harvard (N.Y. City). 
Home: 627 S. Irving Blvd., Los Ange- 
les. Office: 32 Broadway, New York 

MacADAM, John M., manufac- 
turer: b. Washington, Pa., Sept. 13, 
1879: s. Dunlap J. (LL.D.) and Kate 
(Wishart) M.; A.B., Washington 
Jefferson Coll.: m. Lois E. Salisbury, 
of Los Angeles, Sept. 28. 1926. City 
engr., Washington. Pa.. 1900-05; gen 
mgr. Pennsylvania-Indiana Coal Co. 
1905-15; sec, treas. and engr. West 
ern Concrete Pipe Co., LA., 1917— 
Pvt., Co. H., 10th Pa. Vols.. Spanish 
Amer. War; Philippine service. 1898 
99. Mason. Republican. Protestant 
Clubs: California. University. Engrs 
(L.A.); Casa del Mar (Santa Mon 
ica), Country (San Gabriel). Home 
201 S. Lucerne Blvd. Office: Atlantic 
6? Firestone Blvds., Los Angeles. 



McARTHUR, William Taylor, sur- 
geon: b. Mooreheld. Ont., Can., Dec. 
31. 1866; s. Duncan and Eluabeth 
(Taylor) McA.: grad. Owen Sound 
(Ont.) Collegiate Inst., 1891; M.B.. 
Toronto U., 1895; post-grad, study 
London and Edinburgh; m. Mary De- 
lia Smith, of York, Pa.. June 16, 
1904; children — Elizabeth. Mary 
Seauchamp. William Taylor. Duncan 

Donald. Came to U.S., 1895; natur- 
alized citizen, 1904. Began practice at 
Los Angeles, Calif., 1895; attending 
surgeon Los Angeles Gen. Hosp.. 
1914-19; prof. surg. anatomy, Los An- 
geles dcpt. U. of Calif., 1907-11; lec- 
turer, artistic anatomy, Los Angeles 
Sch. of Art and Design; ex-dir. "Bet- 
ter Health," pub. of Calif. Hosp.; 
mem. staff Calif. Lutheran Hosp. Ex- 
aminer for pensions, Brit. Govt, and 
for U.S. Draft Bd., World War. Fel- 
low Am. Coll. Surgeons. Royal Coll. 
Surgeons. Edinburgh: mem. A.M. A., 
Med. Soc. State of Calif, (pres., 1926- 
27), Los Angeles County Med. Soc. 
(pres. 1919). League for Conserva- 
tion of Pub. Health (sec). Am. Pub. 
Health Assn.. Osier Memorial Soc. 
(pres.), Los Angeles Pathol. Soc, Ed- 
inburgh Obstet. Soc. Republican. 
Presbyn. Mason. Clubs: California, 
Sunset (pres., 1925). Celtic. Los An- 
geles Athletic. Los Angeles Country 
(L.A.); Beach (Santa Monica). Home: 
2025 South Western Ave. Office: Pa- 
cific Mutual Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

CALLAHAN, Ezra Leo, architect; 
b. Burning Springs. Ky.. July 8. 1901: 
s. Lee and Lou Ellen (Jones) C: ed. 
pub. schs.. Los Angeles; spl. courses in 
architecture. U. of S. Calif.: m. Alta 
True Clark, of L.A., June 17, 1925. 
Granted certificate to practice archi- 
tecture in Calif.. 1924: archt.. sec. and 
treas. Lee Callahan if Sons Inc.. archts. 

and constr. engrs., L.A.; designer 
many apts. and prominent bldgs. in 
southern Calif. Mem. International 
Gyro. Republican. Methodist. Club: 
Gamut (L.A.). Hotne: 518 S. Caron- 
delet St. Office: 609 S. Grand Ave., 
Los Angeles. 

DOLPH, Florence E., property 
owner: b. Scranton, Pa.; d. Edward 
and Elizabeth Wadhams (Kocher) D.; 
ed, pub. schs., Scranton; Bucknell Col- 
lege, Lewisburg, Pa. Located in Calif, 
with her sister, Blanche L., 1907; ac- 
quired property in Los Angeles and 
since resident that city. Home: 2021 
Ocean \'iew Ave., Los Angeles. 

FORWARD, Arthur, builder; b. 
San Jose, Calif., July 30, 1896: s. 
James Alexander and Edna M. 
(Walker) F.; ed. pub. schs., San Jose; 
m. Ruth Russell, of Los Angeles, 
Sept. 4, 1927. Winner Pacific coast 
high sch. championship, 1 mile, 
P.P.I.E.. San Francisco, 1915; Pacific 
.Assn. A.A.U., 1 mi., Berkeley; Lake 
Merritt Tribune championship, 6'/4 
mi., Oakland, 1920, and nat. jr. cham- 
pionship, 1 mi., L.A., 1921: rep. Olym- 
pic Club, 880-yd.-8 mi. events, 1920- 
22: as rep. of L.A. Athletic Club won 
S. Calif, cross country championship, 
L.A., 1923, S. Calif. Olympic game 
tryouts, 10,000 meters, and S. Calif. 
.•\.A.U. championship, 2 mi., 1925; 
awarded 13 cups and numerous med- 
als. Engaged in real estate and bldg. 
bus., L.A., 1922 — . Served with 
81st F.A., 8th Div., A.E.F., World 
War. Mem. Amer. Legion. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Clubs; Sierra, Ath- 
letic (L.A.). Address; 1203 S. Nor- 
mandie Ave., Los Angeles. 

NEMETH, John, banker (retired ) ; 
b. Garadna, Hungary, Nov. 16. 1861; 
s. Louis and Anna (Lajcsak) N.: m. 
Helen Deutsch, of Garadna. Hungary, 
Aug. 10. 1888; children — John Louis, 
Ida Maria (dec). Laurel Ida, Walter 
Russell, Milton Joseph. Raymond 
Robert, Oscar George. Coal miner and 
store elk.. Hazleton. Pa., 1889-93; co- 
owner store. Hazleton, 1893-1902; 
hon. consular agt., Austria-Hungary, 
for 21 Pa. COS., 1896-1902; entered 
fgn. exchange banking bus.. N.Y. 
City, 1902: organized the John Ne- 
meth State Bank (later Amer. Union 
Bank), N.Y., 1917, sold interest in 
same 1923. Awarded Hungarian Red 
Cross, for post war relief work, 1925. 
Independent. Catholic. Club: Edge- 
water (Santa Monica). Address: 1316 
Hayworth Ave., Hollywood. 

ANDREWS, George Lindley, pe- 
troleum engr.: b. Norwalk. O., May 
20, 1898: s. Amencus V. and Edna G. 
(Hayden) A.; ed. U. of Calif., 1916- 
20: U. of Kan., 1920-22; m. Isabel C. 
Anderson, of Santa Ana. Calif., June 
27, 1924; children— Robert L., Alan 
V. Engaged in petroleum engring. for 
Standard Oil Co. of Calif., 1922—, 

now dist. petroleum engr., southern 
div., producing dept., same. Mem. 
Alpha Delta Phi. Sigma Gamma Ep- 
silon. Republican. Home: 525 N. 
Alta Ave., Whittier. Office; Standard 
Oil Co. of Calif., Whittier. 

COYLE, Harold H., attorney: b. 
Chicago, 111., Dec. 19, 1890; s. Robert 
Francis and Joanna Adella (Haviland) 
C: ed. pub. schs.. N.J., Princeton U., 
and U. of S. Calif. Law Sch.: m. Gene- 
vieve Creswell Bogue, of Denver, 
Colo., May 29, 1911. Admitted Calif, 
bar, 1915; engaged pvt. practice law, 
Fullerton, Calif., 1915-18; city atty. 
of Fullerton, 1917-18; fed. atty. for 
northern dist. of Orange Co., 1917- 
18: mgr. bond dept. International 
Trust Co. of Denver, 1919-21; with 
Blyth Witter 6? Co., municipal and 
corpn. bonds, Los Angeles, 1921-22; 
pres. Coyle, Gillette ii Mclntyre, in- 
vestments, L.A., 1922-24; mem. law 
firm Bauer, Wright ^ Macdonald, 
L.A., 1924 — . Served as lieut., C.A.C., 
U.S. Army, World War. Mason. Re- 
publican. Presbyn. Chibs: University 
(LA.) Beach, (Santa Monica). Home: 
384 S. Westmoreland Ave. Office; 
629 S. Spring St.. Los Angeles. 

RYAN, Patrick L., clergyman; b. 
Limerick, Ireland, Apr. 29, 1876: s, 
Thomas and Mary Crcagh R.; ed. St. 
Patrick's Coll.,Carlow, Ireland, and St. 
Paul's Seminary, St. Paul. Minn. Came 
to U.S.. 1898. n.ituralized citizen. 1915. 

Ordained priest R.C. Ch., lS99:arptd. 
curate Holy Cross Ch.. San Francisco, 
Calif.. 1899: gen. dir. Affiliated Cath. 
Charities, 1911-16: pastor St. Ed- 
ward's Ch., San Francisco, 1916; vicar 
gen. Archdiocese of San Francisco 
since 1917; pastor Star of the Sea Ch., 
San Francisco, since 1920. Republican. 
Home: 4420 Geary St. Office: 1100 
Franklin St.. San Francisco. 



HOWSE, Paul David, manufac- 
turer: b. Champaign, 111., Feb. 20, 
1874; s. David B. and Mary Catherine 
(Harris) H.; ed. pub. schs.. Cham- 
paign; m. Catherine Isabel Sweeney, of 
Chicago, Oct. 27, 1899; 1 son, Paul 
David Jr. Pres. Claude Neon Elec. 
Products Inc. (Ariz, corpn.), Elec. 
Products Corpn. of Calif., Permoid 
Process Co., Crystalite Products 
Corpn. and of the Diamond Elec. Mfg. 
Co. Mem. L.A. Chamber Commerce 
(industries com.). Royal Arcanum. 
Mason (Sciot, 32°, Shriner), Elk. Re- 
publican. Protestant. Clubs: Jonathan 
(L.A.), Calif. Country (Culver City). 
Home: 2429 Ninth Ave. Office: 1128 
Venice Blvd., Los Angeles. 

PATTERSON, Robert E., realtor; 
b. Kenosha Co., Wis., June 16, 1884; 
s. Robert W. and M. Adaline (Smith) 
P.; ed. Throop Poly. Inst, (now Calif. 
Inst, of Tech.), Pasadena. Engaged 
in real estate. Long Beach, Calif., 1914 
— , now developing 40 acre estate in 
Sycamore Canyon, Los Angeles Co., 
dir. Bank of North Long Beach, 1922- 
25. Mem. North Long Beach Impvt. 
Assn. (dir. 1922-25). Elk (hfe). Re- 
publican. Presbyn. Clubs: Athletic 
(L.A.), Pacific Coast (Long Beach). 
Home: 2700 Elm St. Office: 535 Amer- 
ican Ave,, Long Beach. 

CARTER, Otis Edwards, insurance 
counselor; b. Texas, Apr. 1, 1879; s. 
James William and Avonia Belle 
(Camp) C; grad. Hope Inst., Ellis 
Co., Texas, 1893; student Baylor U., 
1898-99; Th. C, Baptist Theological 
Sem., Louisville, Ky., 1903: spl. law 
studies U. of Tex., 1905-06; m. Vir- 
ginia E. Cloud, of Austin, Tex., 1908; 
1 dau., Catherine C. Served appren- 
ticeship in ptg. office, Gonzales, Tex., 
in youth, editing and pub. Town Top- 
ics; later founded and edited Bosque 
County Banner, Clifton. Tex., and 
continued newspaper work until 1901 
pastor-evangelist in Texas, 1904-12 
serving several large churches, includ 
ing Second St. Baptist at Austin and 
Brenham First Baptist; vice-pres. Call 
fornia Granitoid Co., Los Angeles 
1912-14; independent life ins, coun 
selor, L.A., 1914 — : also pres. Ap 
pliance Corpn. of America, mfrs. elec 
irons, L.A. Formerly lieut. Tex. Nat 
Guard. Mem. Knights of the Round 
Table. Democrat. Baptist. Club 
Deauville Beach (Santa Monica) 
Home: 920 S. Hobart St. Office 
Pershing Square Bldg., Los Angeles. 

CALDWELL, Richard Elmer, en 
gineer; h. St. John, Tooele Co., Utah 
Sept. 27, 1874; s. Isaac James and Eliza 
Ann (Russell) C; ed. B.Y. Coll. of 
U., Logan. Utah, 1890-91; Normal 
Sch. of Utah, 1891-95; B.S. in mech. 
engring., U. of Utah, 1904; m. Lillian 
Estelle Neff, of Salt Lake City, June 
30, 1905; children— Richard Elmer 
Jr.. Mary, Eliza-Beth. Engaged prac- 

tice civil engring., 1904 — ; designed 
municipal water and irrigation syi 
tems, Utah, 1904-08: sr. mem. engring 
firm Caldwell & Richards. Salt Lake 
City and Los Angeles, 1908—; d 
signed and supervised drainage sys 
tems for 125,000 acres at cost 4 mil 
lion, 1917-20: state engr. of Utah, 
1920-24: apptd. Utah commr. on Colo 
River Commn., 1921; engaged pvt 
practice civil engring.. Salt Lake City 
and Los Angeles, 1924 — . Mem. Utah 
Soc. of Engineers, L.A. Chamber 
Commerce (chmn. Utah com. on inter- 
regional relations). Republican. Mem. 
Ch. of Latter Day Saints (presiding 
officer of ecclesiastical div. of L.A. 
ch.). Home: 2923 S. Hoover St., Los 
Angeles. Ofices: Templeton Bldg., 
Salt Lake City; Hibernian Bldg., Los 

LASKY, Jesse L., motion pictures 
producer: b. San Francisco, Sept. 13, 
1880: s. Isaac and Sarah (Piatt) L.; 

grad. high sch., San Francisco; m. 
Bessie Ginzberg, of Boston, Mass., 
Dec. 1909. Formerly reporter on San 
Francisco newspaper, gold hunter, 
Nome, Alaska, leader Royal Hawaiian 
Band, Honolulu; began theatrical ca- 
reer as mgr. of Hermann, the magi- 
cian; associated with B. A. Rolfe, as 
Lasky, Rolfe Co., 1902. in producing 
vaudeville acts; with Henry B. Harris 
in building and operating the Follies 
Bergere. New York. 1911; organizer. 
1914, and later pres. Jesse L. Lasky 
Feature Play Co.. with studios at Hol- 
lywood, Calif.; v.p. Paramount Fa- 
mous Lasky Corpn. Elk. Clubs: Elks, 
Friars (New York). Offices: Para- 
mount Bldg.. New York City, and 
Paramount Famous Lasky Studios. 

McKINLEY, James Wilfred, attor- 
ney, state senator: b. Los Angeles, July 

8, 1891: s. James Wilfred and Lillian 
(Elder) McK.; A.B., U. of Calif., 
1913: LL.B., Harvard U., 1916. Ad- 
mitted to Calif, bar, 1916: engaged 
pvt. practice law, L.A., 1916 — ; state 
senator of Calif., 1927 — ; alternate 
del. Rep. Nat. Conv., Kansas City, 
Mo., 1928. Commd. 2nd lieut., F.A., 
U.S.A., Nov. 1917; served with A.E.F. 
Jan. 1918-Feb. 1919. Mem. Phi Kap- 
pa Sigma. N.S.G.W. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: California, Uni- 
versity (L.A.). Home: 508 W. Adams 
St. Ofice: Security Bldg., Los An- 

BOYD, Robert Gordon, attorney; 
b. Brockville, Can,, Sept, 22, 1887; s. 
John and Jane (Buick) B,: LL.B., U. 
of Syracuse, 1910; m. Minnie Ruth 
Snook, of Syracuse, N.Y., June 18, 
1912; children — Dorothy Esther, Vir- 
ginia Jane. Engaged pvt. practice law, 
Syracuse, 1910-14; owner and mgr. 
Nick Harris Police Inc., pvt. police 
and detective bureau, Los Angeles, 
1914—. Mem. Delta Chi. Republi- 
can. Presbyn. (trustee 1st Presbyn. 
Ch., Hollywood: pres. Macsmcn Club 
of same). Club: Jonathan (L.A.). 
Home: 415 N. Plymouth Blvd. Office: 
4015 3rd St., Los Angeles. 

HALL, John M., lawyer; b. Dover, 
N.H., June 20, 1891: s. George E. and 
Elizabeth K. (MacFarland) H.: A.B., 
Oberlin Coll., 1913; LL.B., Harvard 
U. Law Sch., 1916; m. Genevieve 
Stehman, of Pasadena. Calif., Nov. 
11.1925. Admitted to Calif, bar, 1916; 
engaged pvt. practice law, Los An- 
geles. 1916-2 3; asso. with Judge Mar- 
shall F. McComb in practice, L.A., 
1923-27; engaged pvt. practice law, 
L.A., 1927 — . Mem. American Legion. 
Republican. Clubs: California, Har- 
vard of Southern California (L.A.); 
Annandale Golf., Valley Hunt (Pasa- 
dena). Home: 281 Wigmore Dr., 
P:isadcna. Office: Standard Oil Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

ARMSTRONG, Ervin Scott, min- 
ing engr.; b. Bryn Mawr, Pa., Aug. 
16, 1883; s. Lewis Descaret and Ida 
May (Kelly) A.: grad. in mech. 
engring., Cornell U.; m. Katherine 
Graves, of Alhambra, Calif., May 28, 
1910; children— Elizabeth S., Kathar- 
ine S., Ervin S., Jackson Graves, Ruth 
S. Has conducted mining and oil 
investigations in Chile, Peru and Vene- 
zuela, S.A.; Honduras and other C.A. 
countries, and in Mexico, British Col- 
umbia, Alberta, Alaska and western 
U.S.; now engaged as pvt. mining 
engr. in Los Angeles. Bus. mgr. U.S. 
Govt, loading plant at Amatol, N.J., 
during World War. Mem. Sphinx 
Head Sr. Soc, Zeta Psi. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: California, L.A. 
Country (L.A.): Midwick Country 
(Pasadena), Cornell. Home: 1200 
Wilson Ave., San Marino. Ofice: 
Rives-Strong Bldg., Los Angeles. 



MORGAN, Oliver H., man ir.ic 
tiircr; h. Ellsworth, Kan.. Jan. 11. 
1878; s. William A. Morgan; cd. pub. 
schs., Los Angeles: m. Blanche Hardy, 
of L.A., June, 1906; 1 son. Jack Har- 
dy. Successively stenographer, asst. 
mgr., mgr. and vice-pres. Globe Grain 
6? Milling Co., L.A., 1898-1926; pres. 
and dir. same, 1926 — . Pres. and dir. 
Asso. Jobbers 6? Mfrs. of L.A. Repub- 
lican. Protestant. Clubs: Commercial 
(dir.), Malibou Lake (L.A.): Edge- 
water (Santa Monica). Home: 343 S. 
Virgil St. Ofice: 907 E. 3rd St., Los 

JOHNSON, John, corpn. official; 
b. Mariahamn, Finland, June 23, 1886; 
s. August and Evelyn (Bjorklund) J.; 
m. Enga Elvira Swanson, of Los An- 
geles, Dec. 12. 1907; children — Bern- 
hard. Wilbur. Eldon. Virginia. Pres. 
John Johnson Flooring Co., Inc., 
hardwood flooring, L.A. Clubs: Break- 
fast, Optimists, Noah Beery's Trout 
(L.A.); Athletic, Exchange (Holly- 
wood); Casa del Mar, Brentwood 
Country (Santa Monica); Rainbow 
Angling (Redlands). Home: 952 S. 
Westmoreland Ave. Office: 6812 San- 
ta Monica Blvd.. Los Angeles. 

HORNBECK, Russell Wright, hro 
kcr; b. Ridgcway, Pa., June 28, 1888; 
s. Charles Henry and Elida (Wright) 
H.: ed. pub. schs., N.Y. City; m. Jean 
Belle Kentle, of Pasadena. Calif., Apr. 
10, 192'). Engaged in brokerage bus., 
Los Angeles; also mgr. R. W. Horn- 
beck Co., lithographers, L.A. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Clubs: City, Adver- 
tising (L.A.); Deauville Beach (San- 
ta Monica), Royal Palms (San Pedro). 
Home: 739 N. Occidental Blvd. Of- 
fice: 257 S. Spring St., Los Angeles. 

HUGHES, Henry West, physician, 
surgeon (retired); b. TuHp, Dallas 
Co., Ark., Apr. 3. 1858; s. George W. 
and Martha Wyche (Butler) H.; 
A.M., U. of Va., 1879; studied in 
Paris, Berlin, Goettingen, Vienna and 
at Harvard U. Med. Sch.; M.D., 
Coll. Phys, 6? Surgeons, N.Y.; m. 
Cora Jarvis, of Louisville, Ky., June 8, 
1892. Mem. surgical staff N.Y. hosp. 
1884-87; in chg. of control smallpox 
epidemic, San Fernando, Calif., 1888; 
splst. in medico-legal work in Los An- 
geles, 15 yrs.; performed one of 1st 
gall-bladder operations reported in 
surg. hist. Mason (32°). Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Country, Scribes (L.A.); Bel- 
Air Country, Casa Del Mar (Santa 
Monica); Annandale Golf (Pasadena). 
Home: 500 W. 23rd St. Office: 432 
S. Main St., Los Angeles. 

EVANS, Chauncey John, manu- 
facturer; b. Sioux City, la., Oct. 12, 
1884; s. Peter Thomas and Maria 
(McFadden) E.; ed. Brown's Bus. 
Coll., Sioux City, 1900; m. Margaret 
Mary Galvin, of St. Paul. Minn., Aug. 
10, 1909. Stock elk. Cudahy Packing 
Co., Sioux City, 1900-03; sr. mem. 

firm Evans &? Lauderdale, livestock 
brokers, S. St. Paul, 1903-10; engaged 
in stock and wheat ranching, Ryegate, 
Mont., 1910-19; traveled, 1919-22; 
owner Cactus Mfg. Co., mfrs. auto, 
accessories, Los Angeles, 1922 — . 
Mem. Calif. Mfrs. Assn., L.A. Com- 
mercial Bd. Republican. Methodist. 
Club: Calif. Country. Home: 4812 
Angeles Mesa Dr. Office: 914 E. 59th 
St., Los Angeles. 

NEYLAN, John Francis, lawyer; 
b. N.Y. City, Nov. 6, 1885; s. John 
Francis and Margaret (Rinn) N.; 
student Seton Hall Coll., N. J,, 1899- 
1903: m. Gertrude Wiseman, of Sac- 
ramento, Calif., May 7, 1911; 1 dau.. 
Jane Frances. Chmn. State Bd. of 
Control, Calif., 1911-17; admitted to 
Calif, bar, 1916, and practiced at San 
Francisco since 1917: pres. Am. Paper 
Co.; v. p. Hearst Publications, Inc. 
Mem. Am. and Calif, bar assns. Cath- 
olic. Clubs: Olympic. Press. San 

Francisco Golf and Country. Home: 
80 San Fernando Way. Office: 
Crocker First Nat. Bank Bldg., San 

HEDEKIN, Bernard, realtor; b. 
Fort Wayne, Ind., Apr. 7, 1879; s. 
Thomas B. and M. Cornelia (O'Con- 
nor) H.; cd. St. Mary's Coll.. 1896- 
1900; m. Anna Phibbs.of Mich., Apr., 
1903 (dec); children— John B., Wal- 
ton C. Real estate business, Ind., 
1900-12; sec. and treas. Hedekin Land 
6? Impvt. Corpn.. Ind.. 1912-23; now 
mgr. personal real estate holdings in 
Los Angeles. Served U.S. Army dur- 
ing Span.-Amer. War. Elk. Republi- 
can. Catholic. Address: 65 5 S. Union 
Ave.. Los Angeles. 

OLSEN, Osmund, paint mfr.; b. 
Chicago. Apr. 21, 1887; s. Ole M. and 
Alexiana (Halvorsen) O.; ed. W.S. 
Schley Sch. and Louis Inst., Chicago; 

m. Leon Rose Maben, of Los Angeles, 
May 26, 1906; 1 dau., Nelda Kather- 
ine. Employed in factory of Sunset 
Paint Co., Chicago, 1907-12; partner 
Osmund Olsen Co., brokers, 1912-13; 
salesman Brinstool Co., Los Angeles, 
later rep. Moller 6? Schumann, of 
N.Y., in S. Calif., 1913-15; organized 
Columbia Varnish Co., L.A., 1915, 
now mgr. of same. Mason (K.T.). 
Lutheran. Clubs: Casa Del Mar (San- 
ta Monica), Calif. Country (Culver 
City), life mem. Newport Harbor 
Yacht (Balboa). Home: 1422 S. Wil- 
ton PI. Office: 2460 E. 24th St., Los 

DONAHUE, James Joseph, real- 
tor; h. Albany, N.Y., Apr. 20. 1886; 
s. James Anthony (dec.) and Mary 
(Brennan) D.; ed. Union Coll., Al- 
bany, St. Vincent's Coll., Los An- 
geles; children — Genevieve, James J. 
Price elk. Pac. Light 6? Power Co., 
L.A., 1909; price elk. HomeTelephone 
Co. and employed by Wells Fargo 
Nat. Bank, San Francisco, 1910; in 
chg. sales div. Pac. Coast schs. and 
colls, for A. G. Spaulding Bros., 1911; 
engaged in realty business, L.A., 1912- 
28: engaged in property analysis, syn- 
dicating and gen. ins. brokerage, 
1928 — ; pioneered dev. of Wilshire 
Blvd., L.A., for many motion picture 
clients. Mem. 10th Regt.. N.Y. Nat. 
Guard, 1904-09; 1st. It., R.M.A., 
U.S. Air Service, instr. and morale 
officer, Mather field, 1918-19. Won 
2nd place in decathlon and pentathlon 
championships at Olympic games, 
Stockholm, Sweden, 1912; 5 times 
Calif, champion in various track and 
field events. Mem. Nat. and Calif. 
assns. Real Estate Bds.. L.A. Realty 
Bd., A.A.U. Elk, K.C., A.O.H. 
Catholic. Chihs: L.A. Athletic, L.A. 
Country, Commercial of S. Calif., El 
Caballero Country (L.A.); Beach 
(Santa Monica). Home: Elks Temple. 
Office: 3723 Wilshire Blvd., Los 

HAYWARD, Samuel T., lumber- 
man; b. Mt. Vernon, 111.. Feb. 22, 
1893: s. Charles A. and Ruby G. 
(White) H.: ed. Occidental Coll., 
LA., A.B., Stanford U.; m. Andrea 
M. Kirkes, of Paris, Tex., June 23, 
1925; children— Robert D., William 
C, Ruby Jane. Vice-pres. and dir. 
Hayward Lbr. (s' Inv. Co., Home Fi- 
nance 6? Mtge. Co., Hayward Capital 
Corpn.; sec. and dir. Southwest Fi- 
nance Co.: dir. Internal. Indemnity 
Co.: mem. so. reg. bd. of the Bank of 
Italy, all of Los Angeles. Served with 
1st Div. U.S.A., A.E.F., World War. 
Mem. American Legion, Alpha Tau 
Omega. Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: 
Jonathan (L.A.), Hoo Hoo. Home: 
1825 Diamond Ave., S. Pasadena. 
Office: 410 San Fernando Rd., Los 



HAYWARD, Max, lumberman, 
invmt. hanker; b. Mt. Vernon III, 
Mar. 10, 1895; s. Charles A. and Ruby 
G (White) H.; ed. Occidental Coll., 
Los Angeles; Stanford U.; m Char- 
lotte Blow (dec); 1 son, Charles Aus- 
tin- m 2nd, Virginia Schaul, of Pasa- 
dena, Cahf., July 18, 1922; 1 dau., 
Mary Ellen. Gen. mgr. Internat. in- 
demnity Co., L.A., 1922-27, pres.-gen. 
mgr 1927-28; now exec. v. p. ttay- 
ward Lumber d Invmt. Co. and v. p. 
Home Finance & Mtge. Co., both o 
LA • also dir. S.W. Finance Co. and 
trustee Occidental Coll. Club.s: Jona- 
than (LA.). Annandale Golf (Pasa- 
dena); Golf (San Gabriel). Home: 
1620 Milan Ave., S. Pasadena. Oijice: 
410 San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles. 
HAYWARD, Charles A., corpn. 
official (retired); b. Flora 111., July 
14 1868- s. Thomas E. and Katharine 
(Reed) H.; ™. Ruby G. ^h'te, of 
Flora, 111., Feb. 18, 1891 (dec); chil- 
dren^Samuel T. and Max E.; m. 2nd, 
Nancy McFarland Baker, of Spring- 
field 111., Feb. 1, 1926. Formerly pres. 
and dir. Hayward Lumber £=? Invmt. 
Co and Home Finance 6? Mtge. Co., 
and dir. S. W. Finance Co., all ot Los 
Angeles. Republican. Presbyn. Home: 
5515 Ash St.. Los Angeles. 

GIBSON, James Alexander Jr., at- 
torney; b. San Bernardino, Calit., Jan^ 
T4 1885- s James Alexander and 
Sarah (Waterman) G.; ed. Harvard 
Mil Acad.. Los Angeles. Stanford U_; 
m Doris Davidson, of L.A.. Sept. 17, 
1913- children— Jean. Sally. Mem. 
law firm Gibson. Dunn ii Crutchcr 
LA.; also dir. Mchts. Nat. Trust ^ 
Savs. Bank. Mortgage Guarantee Co., 
Santa Catalina Island Co., all L.A. 
Republican. Clubs: California, Coun- 
try (LA.); Midwick Country (Pasa- 
dena). Tuna (Catalma). Home: 524 
S. Lorraine Blvd. OlJice: 548 S. Spring 
St.. Los Angeles. 

CRAIG, William Talton, attor- 
ney (deceased July, 1929 J, b. Wat- 
sonville. Calif.. Mar. 8. 1866; s^ 
Andrew and Mary Catherine (Pace) 
C- Ph B U. of Cahf., 1889; att. 
Hastings Law Sch., San Francisco, 
1889-90; m. L. Etta Brown, ot Si.t., 
Nov 20, 1895; children— Earl H. 
(dec), Bert H. (dec). Admitted to 
Calif, bar 1890; practiced law with 
father under firm name Craig &? Craig, 
SF 1890-93; engaged in pvt. prac- 
tice in Los Angeles, 1893-1929, chief 
atty. L. A. Wholesalers Bd. ot Trade, 
1900-29; L.A. Credit Men's Assn.. 25 
yrs • lecturer on bankruptcy. U. of S. 
Calif., 1910-18; dir. U.S. Nat. Bank 
of LA 1916-29; treas. and dir. Whit- 
tier(Cahf.) Oil &? Dev. Co., 1900-29; 
civil service commr. city of L.A., 1914- 
18- partner in law firm W.T. Craig 
y Frank C. Weller, L.A., 1925-29. 
Mem. Amer., Calif, and L.A. bar 
assns., Commercial Law League ot 

Amer , League of Nations Assn., S. 
Calif. Civil Service League, Nat. Panel 
of Arbitrators. Mason (33°. Shriner), 
N S G.W. Democrat. Protestant. 
Clubs "Vacht, Masonic, University 
(LA.); Cahf. Yacht (San Pedro). 
Home was at 528 S. Harvard Blvd., 
Los Angeles. 

MASON, John William, manufac- 
turer; b. St. Charles Co., Mo., Apr. 
T3 1862; s. John William and Sarah 
Ann M.; ed. pub. schs., St. Charles, 
Mo - m. Rosanna McGuire, of St. 
Charles and Jefferson City, Mo., Jan. 
8, 1885; children — Gertrude A., 
Maude L., Imogene, Katherine. Trav- 
eling rep. clothing house, Chicago, 
1881-86: gen. agt. Equitable Life As- 
surance Soc of N.Y., at Ft. Worth, 
Tex 1887-89; negotiated sale of silver- 
lead mine at Trout Lake, Colo., to an 
English syndicate (1889) which or- 
ganized San Bernardino Silver Mines 
Ltd and of which he served as man- 
aging dir. until 1892; obtained Ha- 
waiian land grant and organized the 
Kona Coffee &? Commercial Co., Olaa, 
TH, 1892, was pres. and gen. mgr. 
same! 1892-95; pres. and gen. mgr. 
Hilo Mercantile Co., plantation sup- 
ply dealers, until 1906; pres. Amer. ts" 
Hawaiian Engring. 6? Constrn. Co., 
Calif., 1906-10; became treas. Western 
Pipe 6? Steel Co. of Calif., hdqrs. San 
Francisco. 1910. pres. same, 1912 — ; 

pres. Western Invmt. Co. and Parker- 
Regan Mfg. Co., both of S.F.; dir. 
Pacific Nat. Bank of S.F. Ex-pres. 
Mchts y Mfrs. Assn. of S.F. (now 
Industrial Assn. of S.F.). Clubs: Bo- 
hemian, Olympic, Commonwealth, Old 
Colony (S.F.); Claremont Country 
(Oakland). Home: 2931 Avalon Ave, 
Berkeley. Office: 444 Market St., San 

NUTTING, Earle M., capitali.-it; 
b Maiden Mass., Sept. 5, 1879; s. 
Wilham Rufus and Celia (Frenyear) 
N.; ed. U. of Calif., 1900-03; m. Mm 
Robertson, of Marshall, Mo., June 
3, 1914 (divorced); children — Kath- 
ryn May, Dana Robertson. Asst. 
mgr. Big Creek Power Plant, Fresno 
Co Calif., 1903; asst. engr. harbor 
impvts.. Manila, P.I., 1904-06; en- 
gaged bus. invmts., Los Angeles and 
Hollywood, 1906—; engaged in wk. 
on gas engine problems for Bureau 
of Standards. 1917; chmn. ways and 
means com. during constr. University 
Club house, L.A., 1920-21; pres. In- 
vestment Assur. Corpn., L.A., 
1926 — ; 1st v.p. and chmn. finance 
com Seaboard Acceptance Corpn , 
loans. L.A., 1926—. Served with 
U.S. Army during Span. -Amer. War; 
with 1st expedition to P.I. dur- 
ing insurrection. Author: Flow ot Air 
Through Poppet Valves, 1917. Win- 
ner all-round trap-shooting cham- 
pionship of Cahf.. 1923, 1927, west- 
ern championship at Denver, Go.o., 
1925, and 3rd high score nat. cham- 
pionship meet, Dayton, O., 1927. 
Mem. sub-com. on gas engine prob- 
lems of Nat. Advisory Com. for Aero- 
nautics. 1917. Life mem. Amer., West- 
ern, and Calif, trap-shooting assns., 
Nat. Rifle Assn., L.A. Rifle ^ Re- 
volver Assn.; mem. Pacific Co-op 
Wool Growers" Assn., Calit. Wool 
Growers' Assn., Game Preservation 
League, Calif. Alumni Assn.. Cahf. 
Indians (charter). Repubhcan. Pro- 
testant. Clubs: University. Athletic, 
Gun (L.A.); P^'^i')^ C°<ist (Long 
Beach), Bear River (Utah), Old Col- 
ony (life), Greenwich Colony (lite). 
Homes: University Club, Los Angeles; 
(country) Las Encinas Ranch Santa 
Barbara. OJJice: 117 W. 9th St.. Los 
Angeles. _ 

HIBBARD, John Denison, engr., 
corpn. ofl^cial (retired); b. Chicago, 
Dec T 1864; s. Homer Nash (A.M., 
LL.D.)' and Jane (^Me) H., B^S 
,n mech. engring., U. of Mich 1887, 
m josie Wilson Davis, of Chicago, 
Dec 11. 1889 (dec); children-— 
Helen (Mrs. Charles Brown). John 
Davis Entered employ John Davis 
Co Chicago. 1887, vice-pres. 1889- 
1901 pres. 1901-09; pres. Davis Con- 
str. Co., Chicago, 1900-09; pres_ 
North Amer. Securities Co. (affiliated 
with Farwell Trust Co.). Chicago, 
1909-13; commr. Nat. Metal Trades 
. Assn., Chicago, 1913-24. Mem Chi- 
, cago Metal Trades Assn. (pres. 1903- 
04). Central Supply Assn. (ex-pres ), 
Chicago Engring. Alumni Assn. ol U. 
of Mich. (pres. 1904-05), Sigma Phi. 
Republican. Episcopalian (vestryman 
St. Stephens Episcopal ch., Holly- 
wood). Clubs: Los Angeles Country 
(LA ); Union League (Chicago). Ad- 
dress' 1805 N. Fuller Ave., Hollywood. 



FREDERICKS, John Donnan, con- 
grcssnuin; b. Burscttstown, Pa., Sept. 
10, IS69; .s. James T. and Mary (Pat- 
terson) F.; Washington and Jefferson 
Coll., 1891; m. Agnes M. Blakeley, of 
Los Angeles, Calif., 1896; children— 
Mrs. Doris Toney, John D., Deborah, 
James B. Admitted to Calif, bar, 189'), 
and since practiced in Los Angeles; 
deputy di'it, atty., Los Angeles Co., 

1899-1903, dist. atty. 3 terms, 1903- 
H; in charge, 1911, of case against 
the McNamara brothers, for blowing 
up Los Angeles Times Bldg., resulting 
in confession of guilt on part of de- 
fendants and their sentence to peni- 
tentiary. Served as adj. 7th Regt. 
Calif. Vols., Spanish-Am. War. Pres. 
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, 
1922. Mem. 6Sth and 69th Congresses 
(1923-27), 10th Calif. Dist. Republi- 
can. Presbyn. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Chibs: Los Angeles Athletic, Southern 
Cahf. Athletic and Country, Califor- 
nia, Los Angeles Country. Home: 
10778 Chalon Rd., Bel Air. Office: 
Pacific Mutual Bldg., Los Angeles. 

NEBLETT, William Haynie, attor- 
ney; b. Lunenburg Co., Va., Aug. 21, 
1889; s. Norman Henry and Lillian 
Henry (Hite) N.; A.B., William 6? 
Mary Coll.. Williamsburg, Va., 1912; 
LL.B., Washington &? Lee U., Lex- 
ington, Va., 1914; m. Leona Walton, 
of Silver City, N.M., Nov. 20, 1916; 
1 son, Norman Henry. Prin. schs., 
Santa Rita, N.M., 1914; pvt. practice 
of law. Silver City, 1915-17; asso. with 
Donald Baker in law practice, Los An- 
geles, 1919-22; became partner of 
William G. McAdoo in law firm Mc- 
Adoo 6? Neblett, L.A., 1922; now 
partner law firm McAdoo, Neblett, 
O'Connor 6? Claggett, L.A. Served 
with N. Mcx. Nat. Guard, Columbus, 
1916; att. French arty, sch., Saumur, 

France, 1917; Capt. F.A., A.E.F., 
World War; received citation, signed 
hy Gen. Pershing, and citation, signed 
hy Maj. Gen. George Bell Jr., Nov. 1, 
1918. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Del- 
ta Phi and Kappa Sigma. Democrat 
(chmn. L.A. Dem. central com., 1924- 
28). Episcopalian. Club: Jonathan 
(L.A.). Home: 901 S. Manhattan PI. 
Office: 649 S. Olive St., Los Angeles. 

COCKINS, William Welch, ranch- 
er; b. Lawrence, Kan.. July 2, 1878; 
,s. William Wylie and Sarah Ann 
(Welch) C: ed. Occidental Coll., 
Los Angeles, 1893-95, Kan. U., 
1896-98; m. Olga Doughty, of 
Meade, Kan., May 25, 1910; chil- 
dren — ^^' illiam Jr., Robert Goold, 
Antonia Doughty, Martha Doughty. 
Owner of Crooked L Ranch, West- 
ern Kan.; developer and owner Cock- 
ins Orchards, Winevillc, Calif. Field 
dir. Amer. Red Cross, World War. 
Mem. Phi Kappa Psi. Mason. Re- 
publican. Clubs: Cahf. (L.A.), 
Overland (Pasadena), Miramar 
Beach (Santa Monica). Home: 425 
Pali^.idcs Ave., Santa Monica. 

BROWNING, William Conrad, 
cons, mining engr.; b. Salt Lake City, 
Utah, Feb. 17, 1886; s. William James 
and Virginia (Conrad) B.; B.S., Utah 
Sch. of Mines, 1907, post grad. wk. at 
same, 1908; m. Norma Fenton, of Salt 
Lake City, Sept. 1, 1909. Mining 
engr. Silver King Consol. Mine, Park 
City, Utah, 1908; chief mining engr. 
and asst. mine supt. Inspiration Cop- 
per Co., Miami. Aris., 1909-12; field 
engr. Gunn-Thompson Co., 1912-13; 
gen. mgr. Magna Copper Co., Supe- 
rior, Ariz., 1913-25; cons, mining 
engr., with hdqrs. in Los Angeles. 
1925 — . Mem. Amer. Inst. Mining y 
Metall. Engrs., Mining 6? Metall. Soc. 
of America, Amer. Mining Congress. 
Sigma Xi. Republican. Clubs: Coun- 
try (L.A.), Arizona (Phoenix). Alta 
(Salt Lake City). Home: San Fer- 
nando. OIJicc: Pacific Mutual Bldg.. 
Los Angeles. 

HEATH, John Russell, manufac- 
turer; b. Cheyenne, Wyo., Aug. 11, 
1890; s. Robert Newton and Clara 
(Graham) H.; grad. Kemper Mil. 
Sch.. Boonville, Mo., 1908; C.E . 
Rensselaer Poly. Inst., Troy, N.Y., 
1914; m. Emma Mac McKinnon. d 
Buffalo, N.Y., June 28, 1916; 1 dau,. 
Ester Graham. Asst. production engr. 
A.M. Byers Wrought Iron Pipe Co.. 
Pittsburgh. Pa., 1914-16; designing 
engr. Pressed Steel Car Co.. Pitts- 
burgh, 1916-17; production and stan- 
dardization engr. McKinnon Indus- 
tries Ltd., mfrs. auto parts, St. Cath- 
erine's. Ont.. Can., 1919-21; mem, 
firm Heath y Heath Inc., mfrs. reps, 
and mfrs. auto radiators, etc., Los 
Angeles, 1921 — . Commd. 2nd lieut. 
of Inf., U.S. Army. 1917; later pro- 
moted 1st heut., 2nd Batln.. C.W.S., 

and stationed at Edgcwood (N.J.) 
Arsenal, 1918-19; now capt. O.R.C., 
adj. 2nd Batln., 302nd Gas Regt., 
C.W.S., U.S.A. Mem. Chi Phi. Ma- 
son (K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Univers- 
ity, Lions (L.A.); Edgewater (Santa 
Monica). Home: 626 N. Las Palmas 
Ave., Hollywood. Ojjice: 1705 S. 
Hope St., Los Angeles. 

FOX, Charles Albert, hotel owner 
(retired); b. Cass City, Mich.; ed. 
pub. schs. Tex.; m. Maud Roney, of 
Minn., July 1, 1900; reared and edu- 
cated eight nephews and nieces. For- 
merly one of prominent hotel owners 
and horticulturists of Calif. Elk. Re- 
publican. Home: 1951 Elevado St., 
Los Angeles. 

HANSON, Ole; b. Racine Co., 
Wis., Jan. 6, 1874; s. Thorsten and 
Goro (Tostofson) H.; ed. pub. schs., 
under pvt. tutors, and grad. business 
coll.; studied law in office of J. R. 
Dyer, Racine, Wis., 1890-94; m. Nel- 
lie Rose, of Racine, May 12, 1895. 
Settled in Seattle, Wash., 1902, and 
engaged in real estate and investment 
business. Mem. Ho. of Rep., Wash., 
1908, 09; sponsor of labor measures, 
mem. labor com., and leader in secur- 
ing passage of anti-race track gambling 
act; defeated for U.S. Senate on state- 
wide issue of rural credit bank, of 
which he was advocate; elected mayor 
of Seattle. 1918, for term ending 1920. 

Gained nat. prominence by prompt 
and decisive measures in meeting and 
overcoming general strike at Seattle, 
Feb. 1919. Now engaged in building 
2,000-acre Spanish Village called San 
Clemente, Calif. Has lectured widely 
in U.S. Mason, Elk. Author: Ameri- 
canism vs. Bolshevism, 1920. Home: 
331 S. New Hampshire Ave. Office' 
Sun Finance Bldg., Los Angeles. 


McCOY, John Rush, orthodontist; 
b. Orange, Calif,, Aug. 15, 18S9; s. 
Dr. John Craig and Mary Hester 
(Rush) M.; D.D.S., U. of S. Cahf., 
1911; m. Aleen Griswold, of Denver. 
Colo., July 24, 1920; children — John 
Hollister, Joanna Marie, David Rush. 
Began practice orthodontia, Los Ange- 
les, 1911; later asso. prof, of ortho- 
dontia, U. of S. Calif., 15 yrs.; now 
engaged in practice, L.A.; also devel- 
oper in real estate in L.A. Mem. 
Amer. Soc. of Orthodontists, Pacific 
Coast Soc. of Orthodontists (assisted 
in organizing, first sec. 1913, pres. 
1919), Wilshire Dist. Chamber Com- 
merce (dir.), Psi Omega. Democrat. 
Protestant. Clubs: University, Wil- 
shire Country, Country (L.A.); Casa 
del Mar (Santa Monica). Home: 326 
S. Hudson Ave. Office: 3839 Wilshire 
Blvd., Los Angeles. 

McGregor, John A., vice pres. 
Peircc. Fair &? Co.; m. EHsa H. Taylor. 

Clubs: Paciiic Union, Francisc 
hemian, San Francisco Golf. Home: 
2800 Pacific Av. Office: 432 Cahfor- 
nia St.. San Francisco. 

GORDON, R. Clifford, banker; b. 
Deavertown, O., Sept. 12, 1876; s. 
James Roswell and Theresa (Conn) 
C; ed. Kansas State Normal Sch., 
Emporia, 1896-99; m. Addie Brown, 
of Macomb, 111., Feb. 1, 1911. Asso. 
in clothing business with uncle, John 
H. Gordon, Galesburg, 111., 1899- 
1903; order elk. Swafford Brothers, 
whsle. dry goods, Kansas City, Mo., 
1903-05; mgr. order dept. Rice-Stix 
Dry Goods Co., St. Louis, Mo., 1906; 
salesman and asst. credit dept. Detmer 
Woolen Co., Kansas City, 1906-18, 
city salesman for same, Los Angeles, 
1918-22; engaged real estate opera- 
tions, L.A., 1922 — ; dir. Bank of Hol- 
lywood, 1926—. Mem. U.C.T. Re- 

publican. Presbyn. Clubs: Breakfast 
(L.A.), Hollywood Macsmen (dir.). 
Home: 18291/2 Tamarind Ave. Office: 
6263 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles. 
DONLEY, Roy Laurence, mdse. 
broker;b. Kenosha. Wis., Jan 15, 1885; 
s. William J. and Catherine (Weller) 
D.; ed. pub. schs., Kenosha; m. Sophia 
Anna Wensler, of Seattle, Wash., 
Sept. 14, 1910; children — John Rob- 
ert, Evelyn Elisabeth. Asst. purchasing 
agent raw hide div. N.R. Aliens Sons 
Co., leather mfrs., Kenosha, 1903-07. 
mgr. Paciiic coast purchasing dept. of 
same, San Francisco. 1907-12; engag- 
ed own business as hide and skin brok- 
er, rep. principally fgn. accounts, S.F., 
1912-21, Los Angeles, 1921 — ; now 
pres. Roy L. Donley Co., hides, L.A.; 
mem. bd. of park commrs.. Berkeley, 
Calif.. 3 yrs. Independent. Roman 
Catholic. Club: Jonathan (L.A.). 
Home: 2324 4th Ave. Office: 407 E. 
Pico St.. Los Angeles. 

HAMILTON, Thomas Wallace, 
mining engr.: b. Linden. Genesee Co,. 
Mich.. July 17, 1874; s. Rev. John 
and Margaret (McCormick) H.; ed. 
pub. schs., Mich.; m. Mercedes Mar- 
ohl. of Los Angeles, Sept. 7, 1913; 1 
son, Thomas Wallace Jr. Mgr. at va- 
rious times of coal, copper and gold 
mines in U.S.. Can., and Mexico; one- 
time personal rep., engr. and gen. mgr. 
at Wichita Falls. Tex., to receiver in 
Red River Receivership litigation, in- 
volving states of Okla. and Tex., 
which was carried to U.S. supreme 
ct.; now engaged practice as mining 
engr., with hdqrs. in L.A. Served 
as sergt., Co. A, 33rd Mich. Vol. Inf.. 
Spanish-Amer. War, 1898; also en- 
gaged as engr. on bridge and dock 
constr. at Siboney and Sardinaris, 
Cuba. Mem. U.S.W.V. Republican. 
Methodist. Club: Jonathan (L.A.) 
Home: 1702 Wayne Ave., S. Pasa- 
dena. Office: 323 W. 6th St., Los 

BEAKBANE, Thomas William, 
rancher (retired); b. Liverpool, Eng., 
April 12, 1854; s. Edward Frankland 
and Elisabeth (Ocklcston) B.; ed. pvt. 
schs.. Rev. Dr. Page's Fairfield Acad., 
and Dr. Steele's Strathallon Acad.. 
Douglas. Isle of Man; m. Margaret 
Harvey, of Bridgenorth. Shropshire. 
Eng., 1878 (dec); children— Marga- 
ret Harvey (Mrs. Arthur Bowring), 
Manzanita Harvey (Mrs. Bernard G. 
Allen). Owner and operator ranch 
on shore Clear Lake, Lake Co.. Calif.. 
1881-1920. Became naturalized citi- 
zen of U.S.. 1901. Served as volun- 
teer ammunition maker at West Der- 
by, nr. Liverpool. Eng.. during World 
War. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
California (Los Angeles). Overseas 
League (London). Home: 4125 Figu- 
eroa St.. Los Angeles. 

BOYD, Trustin Brown, merchant 
(retired); b. Indianapolis, Dec. 25, 

1853; 5. David Milton and Elizabeth 
Boyd; ed. Indianapolis pub. and pvt. 
schs.: m. Emily Tousey, of Indianapo- 
lis, Sept. 20, 1876; children— David 
Milton, Ingram Fletcher. Active in 
commercial circles of Indianapolis, as 
mcht., banker and economist; pres. St. 
Louis Annual Exposition. 1893-94. In 
recognition of services volunteered dur- 
ing World War. was apptd. life mem. 
Navy League of U.S. Independent 
Republican. Modernist. Clubs; Coun- 
try (Los Angeles), life mem. Algon- 
quin Golf (St. Louis, Mo.). Home: 
765 S. Windsor Blvd.. Los Angeles. 
MONTGOMERY, Charles Carroll,, 
jurist; b. Lincoln. Neh.. Apr. 6. 1876; 
s. Carroll Sinclair and Anna Martha 
(Gray) M.; Shattuck Mil. Sch.. Fari- 
bault. Minn.. 1891-92; A.B., U. of 
Wis.. 1897, LL.B.. 1900; m. Mona, d. 
Euclid Martin, of Omaha, Neb., Sept. 
1, 1903; children — Charles Carroll, 
Helen Mona. Began in office of Jones 

Stevens, Madison. Wis.. 1900; moved 
to Omaha. 1901. to Los Angeles, 
Calif.. 1909; mem. Groff & Montgom- 
ery. 1909-14, alone. 1914 — ; city atty.. 
Sierra Madre, Calif., 1912-18. Served 
as prof, constl. law, Creighton U., 
Omaha; formerly prof, equity and 
other subjects; instr. federal practice. 
Law Sch. of U. of Southern Calif.; 
late standing master U.S. Dist. Court; 
now judge Superior Court of Los An- 
geles County, Calif. Mem. Am. Bar 
Assn., Calif. Bar Assn., Delta Tau 
Delta, Phi Alpha Delta. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mason. Clubs: Annan- 
dale Golf, Los Angeles Athletic, Cali- 
fornia Club, Casa Real, Professional 
Men's. Author: Montgomery's Manu- 
al of Federal Procedure, 1914, 18. 
Home: 1517 N. Wilson Ave., San 
Marino. Calif. Address: Superior 
Court. Los Angeles. 



BROOMFIELD, Raymond A., oil 

prciduccr; h. Altouna, Pa., Oct. 20, 
1871; s. Tlicoduic L. and Ellen 
(App.s) B.; ed. Brantford (Ont.) hit;h 
sch.: m. Carrie C. Snider, ot Brant- 
ford, Ont., Can., Oct. 26, 1902; chil- 
dren — Raymond A. Jr., Helen M., 
Marthaellen, William A. Pres. Barns- 
dall Oil Co., of Calif., vice-pres. and 
dir. Barnsdall Corpn. of N.Y. City, 
dir. Acme Ins. Co. of Los Angeles, 
and U.S. Nat. Bank of L.A. Mem. 
L.A. Chamber of Mines &? Oils (dir.). 
Mason (K.T., 32°, Shnner). Repub- 
lican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Jonathan, 
Country, Athletic (L.A.); Family 
(San Francisco), Bakersfield (Calif.). 
Home: 1006 Roxbury Dr., Beverly 
Hills. Ojficc,' Commercial Exchange 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

MONTGOMERY, William Fletch- 
er, lumberman; b. Kewanee, 111., Feb. 
15, 1862; s. Joseph Vaill and Anna 
(Brookman) M.; ed. pub. schs., To- 
ledo, O.; m. Miriam Wells, of Los 
Angeles, 1890 (dec); 1 son. Ward 
W.; m. 2nd, N. Edna Dunbar, of 
Kalamazoo, Mich., and L.A., 1908. 
Successively office boy, hkpr. and sales- 
man, Maclaren 6? Sprague, whsle. Ibr. 
dealers, Toledo, 1879-84; bkpr. and 
later sec. Ganahl Lbr. Co., L.A., 1884- 
88: assisted in orgn. Western Lbr. Co., 
L.A., 1888, and asst. sec. same, 1888- 
90; bkpr. and salesman. Bridal Veil 
(Ore.) Lbr. Co., 1890-92; entered lbr. 
brokerage bus. on own account, L.A., 
1892; organized (with J. F. Mullin) 
Montgomery 6? Mullin Lbr. Co., Rc- 
dondo, Calif., with branch offices in 
southern Calif, and Ariz., 1900. and 
oper. same, 1900-18; now pres. Holly- 
wood Lbr. Co., L.A., vice-prcs. Pres- 
cott y Jerome Lbr. Co. of Ariz., and 
stockholder various industrial firms, 
Hollywood and L.A. Republican. 
Clubs: City (L.A.), Hollywood Busi- 
ness Men's, Wheelsmen of Last Cen- 
tury. Homes: 8401 Fountain Ave., 
Hollywood; (country) Laguna Beach. 
Office: 6609 Santa Monica Blvd., 

ABERNETHY, William W., steam 
engr. (retired); b. Mecklenburg Co., 
N.C., Sept. 5, 1862; s. Rev. John W. 
and Martha A. (Rea) A.; ed. Ruther- 
ford Coll., N.C.; m. Harriette A. 
Swyggert. of Aiken Co., S.C, Feb. 17, 
1897; 1 dau., Eunice A. Farmed in 
N.C. until 1897; assisted in constrn. 
of Astoria y Columbia River R.R., 
1897-98; employed in roundhouse. As- 
toria, and shops at Warrenton, Wash., 
1898-99; engaged in grocery bus., 
Portland, Ore., 1899-1901; employed 
by Western States Constrn. Co., 
bldrs. of Bay Shore Cut-off at San 
Francisco for the S.P. Co., 1901-06: 
asso. with Pac. Elec. Ry., constrn. 
dept., L.A., 5 yrs.; formerly engr. on 
some of the largest office bldgs. in L. 
A. K. of P. (charter mem., chancellor 

comdr. Lodge No. 77, N.C), Mason. 
Republican. Methodist (S.). Address: 
6028 Barton Ave., Los Angeles. 

PEDRINI, Armando, banker; b. 
Bologna, Italy, Nov. 30, 1870; s. In- 
nocenzo and Assunta (Righi) P.; grad. 
Royal Tech. Inst., Bologna, 1890; m. 
Inez Siccardi, of San Francisco, Calif., 
June 15, 1912. Came to U.S., 1901, 
naturalized citizen, 1910. A founder 
Bank of Italy, San Francisco, 1904, 
now v. p., treas., mem. exec. com. and 
bd. dirs.; sr. v. p. Nat. Bankitaly Co.; 
sr. v.p. and dir. Bankitaly Co. of 
Amer.; v.p., dir. and vice chmn.Trans- 
america Corpn.; v.p. and dir. Bank- 
italy Agrl. Credit Corpn.; dir. Calif. 
Joint Stock Land Bank (S.F.) and 
Banca d' America e d'ltalia (Rome). 
Pres. Italian Chamber Commerce San 
Francisco; acting consul gen. of Italy, 
at San Francisco, Jan. -Apr. 1921 and 
Jan. -Feb. 1923; pres. of com. organized 
to collect $100,000 to endow chair of 

Italian culture at U. of Calif. Mem. 
San Francisco br. Italy-America Soc. 
(exec. com.). Decorated Knight 
Comdr. Crown of Italy, 1924. Hon. 
mem. Pi Mu Iota. Republican. Cath- 
olic. Clubs: Commonwealth. Olympic, 
Sierra, Foreign Trade Club. Home: 
2629 Larkin St., San Francisco; (coun- 
try) Oak Glen Park, Los Gatos, Calif. 
Office: Bank of Italy, Market and Pow- 
ell Sts., San Francisco. 

BEERS, Frank, mcht., stockman (re- 
tired); b. Mt. Pleasant, la., Feb. 12, 
1858: s. Elijah and May A. (Long) 
B.; ed. pub. schs., la.; m. Mary Sal- 
mon, in la.; m. 2nd, Lizzie C. Wilson, 
of Pans, Ind., 1889; 1 son, Bert C. 
Engaged in farming until 1886; oper- 
ated gen. mdse. store, Scotts' Bluff 
Co., Neb., 1886-89; Scotts' Bluff Co. 
treas., 2 terms; later operated hdwe. 
and implement store: conducted retail 

lumber bus., Mitchell, Neb., 5 years; 
elected co. commr., Mitchell, 1904; 
employed in Denver, Colo., 1907-09; 
organized 1st Nat. Bank of Heber, 
Calif., 1914; later sold same and 
bought 1st Nat. Bank at Oceanside, 
Calif., which was also later sold; en- 
gaged real estate dev. in Hollywood; 
now owner several large bldgs. in 
Hollywood, 160-acrc sugar beet farm, 
and 160-acre wheat farm; also leader 
in live stock industry in Neb. Mem. 
Scott's Bluff Co. Agrl. Soc. (organizer, 
1891, pres. 20 yrs.), M.W.A., Odd 
Fellow. Democrat (many yrs. chmn. 
CO. com.. Neb.). Clubs: S. Calif. Ath- 
letic, Country (L.A.). Home: 1516 
Gordon St., Hollywood. 

LE MOINE, Earl Hus, designer, 
builder; b. Downey, Calif.. May 28, 
1882; 5. Antoine Hus and Annie 
(Russell) Le M.; ed. pub. schs., Los 
Angeles; corr. course in archtl. draw- 
ing; m. Annabelle Fishel, of L.A., 
Aug. 3, 1911. Employed by Stewart 
& Montgomery, bldrs., L.A., 1904-06; 
foreman with father, a bldr., L.A., 
1906: travel, 1906-08; supt. Cook, 
Truitt Constr. Co., L.A., 1908-11; 
constr. engr. The Consolidated Bldrs., 
L.A., 1911-14; mem. staff Colorado 
Pacific Co., bldg. contractors, 1914- 
15; engr. Atlas Constr. Co., L.A., 
1915-17; engaged constr. business on 
own account, bldg. many hospitals, 
etc., L.A., 1917 — . Estab. new world's 
record for ^-mile in bicycle race, L. 
A., 1900. Lecturer on history, gene- 
alogy, and Calif, history in U.S., Can., 
Mexico, European countries. Ex-pres. 
and now mem. history and landmarks 
com. N.S.G.W. Republican. Protes- 
tant. Home: 846 S. Longwood Ave. 
Office: 857 S. Vermont Ave., Los 

HEPINSTALL, Jack, contractor; 
b. St. Thomas, Ont., Can.; s. C.H. and 
Sophie (Jones) H.; ed. St. Thomas 
Coll. Inst.; Queens U., Kingston, 
Can.; B.S., Harvard U., and Mass. 
Inst, of Tech. Engaged as civil engr. 
and bldg. designer until 1920; asso. 
with Weymouth Crowell Co., gen. 
contractors, Los Angeles, 1920 — . 
Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Republi- 
can. Clubs: University, Jonathan (L. 
A.); Calif. Country (Culver City). 
Home: 224 S. Benton Way. Ofice: 
2104 E. 15th St.. Los Angeles. 

GRIMM, Herbert Paul, oil corpn. 
official; b. Franklin, Pa., June 5, 1886; 
s. Lewis and Mary (Sutley) G.; ed. 
pub. schs., Colo., Pa. and Calif.; m. 
Sarah McFarland, of Los Angeles, 
June 3, 1914. Vice-pres. and gen. 
mgr. George F. Getty, Inc., oil, L.A. 
Lieut. U.S.A. Air Service, World 
War. Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: 
California (L.A.). Midwick Country 
(Pasadena). Beach (Santa Monica). 
Home: 2118 S. Harvard Blvd. Ojjice: 
Subway Terminal Bldg., Los Angeles. 



BEIDLER, George, financier and 
realtor; b. Chicago, Oct. 28, 1864; .s. 
Jacob and Mary Ann (Funk) B.; ed. 
Skinner Sch. and Bryant y Stratton 
Bus. Coll.. Chicago; m. Margaret E. 
Young, of Chicago, Feb. 22, 1900; 
children — John Jacob, Virginia (Mrs, 
William C. Gatlin), Dorothy. Marion 
(dec). Paul W., Marjorie. Served 4 
yrs. as bkpr. for father and asstd. in 
placing 60 lumber yards; mgr. estate 
of father until 1898; operated realty 
and invmt. firm of George Beidler 6? 
Co., 1898-1922; now controls proper- 
ties in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and 
Torrence, Calif.; interested in many 
financial, commercial and banking 
corpns. in Calif.; dir. West Town 
State Bank of Chicago. Mem. Nat. 
Assn. Real Estate Bds.. Chicago Real 
Estate Bd.. Chicago Plan Com. (origi- 
nal mem.). Bay Cities (Calif.) Real 
Estate Bd.. Y.M.C.A. (Santa Monica). 
Odd Fellow (past grand master). Re- 
publican. Presbyn. Clubs: Jonathan, 
Athletic (L.A.); Beach, Brentwood 
Country, Athletic (Santa Monica), 
Athletic (Chicago), Home: 444 S. 
Irving Blvd., L.A. Office: 1525 Ocean 
Ave., Santa Monica. 

LaROCQUE, Roderick Ross, actor; 
b. Chicago, Nov. 29, 1898; ,s. Edward 
Andrew and Anna (Rice) L.; ed. pub. 
schs. 111., Minn., Neb., and O.; m. 
Vilma Banky, of Los Angeles. June 
26, 1927. Began stage career when 7 
yrs. of age in Willard Mack Co. in 
production of "Salome Jane"; spent 
most of childhood on stage; entered 
motion pictures at Essanay Studio, 
Chicago; alternated stage and screen 4 
yrs.; returned to stage in N.Y., played 
with Alice Brady. Mary Nash and 
Francine Larrimore; later moved to 
Hollywood to appear in "The Ten 
Commandments" and to star for Cecil 
De Mille. Republican. Catholic. 
Clubs: Hollywood Athletic (L.A.). 
Rancho Golf (Culver City). Lambs" 
(N.Y.). All Sports" (London. Eng.). 
Addre.w. 7056 Lanewood Ave.. Holly- 

BANKY, Vilma (Mrs. Rod La- 
Rocque), motion picture actress; b. 
Budapest, Hungary; d. John and Kat- 
alin (Ulbert) Banky; ed. Zugloi Sch. 
and Budapest Coll., Hungary; m. Rod 
LaRocque, of Beverly Hills. Calif.. 
June 26. 1927. Entered motion pic- 
tures in 1922. playing in studios of 
Budapest. Vienna and Berlin; brought 
to America by Samuel Goldwyn in 
1925, to play in his prod, of "The 
Dark Angel""; has since been with 
United Artists, under contract to Sam- 
uel Goldwyn, Catholic. Home: 7056 
Lanewood Ave, Studio: United Art- 
ists Studio-Samuel Goldwyn Corpn., 

MOIR, Wallace, mortgage banker; 
b. A.shland, Wis., Mar. 14, 1900; s, 
William Henry and Ada Belle (Lyon) 

M.; ed. Calif. Inst, of Tech.. 1918-20; 
A.B.. Stanford U., 1922; m, Phyllis 
Elizabeth Kemp, of Los Angeles. Sept. 
20. 1926. Appraiser. Mortgage Guar- 
antee Co., L.A., 1922-27; sec. and 
appraiser. Pacific Mortgage Guaranty 
Co.. L.A., 1927. treas. 1928—; treas 
Belmont Co., 1928 — ; pres. and dir 
Investment Group Corpn.. L.A. 
1928—. Served Engring. Corps. U 
S. Army. World War. Mem. Alpha 
Tau Omega. Republican. Chibs: Uni 
versity (L.A.). Beach (Santa Mon 
ica). Home: 1115 Redondo Blvd. Of 
fee: 629 S. Spring St.. Los Angeles 
KAHN, Florence Prag, congress 
woman; b. Salt Lake City. Utah; d 
Conrad and Mary (Goldsmith) Prag 
A.B,. U. of Calif.; m. Julius Kahn. of 
San Francisco. Calif., Mar. 19, 1899 

(died 1924); children — Julius. Con- 
rad P. Succeeded husband as mem. 
69th Congress (1925-27); also elected 
to 70th Congress (1927-29), 4th 
Calif. Dist. Republican. Home: 2712 
Webster St., San Francisco. 

BRAUNTON, Ernest, horticultur- 
ist; b. London, Eng., Aug. 21, 1867; 

s. William and (Haslett) B.; 

ed. pub. schs., Iowa; studied night 
schs. and under pvt. tutors many yrs.; 
m. Addle May Kirkpatrick. of Neb.. 
May 17. 1899; children — Bertram, 
Helen. Marian. Stanley, Ernestine. 
Horticulturist in Calif, more than 40 
yrs.; asso. and contributing editor 
California Cultivator. 1901 — ; south- 
ern Calif, collaborator on Standard 
Cyclopedia of Horticulture and inst. 
lecturer on plant life for U. of Calif.. 
1901-13; editor garden beautiful dept. 
Los Angeles Times. 1907 — ; mem. L. 
A. County bd. of forestry. 1911-12: 
prof, landscape gardening at U. of 
S. Calif., 1914-19; mem. L.A. park 

commn., 1917-18; Calif, editor many 
yrs. Country Life in America; contr. 
many yrs. to The Garden Magazine; 
also now engaged as landscape archt., 
L.A. Author: Garden Beautiful m 
California, 1915. Collector and breed- 
er of plants; has discovered several 
new plants which have been named in 
his honor. Mem. Araer. Pomological 
Soc, Calif. Assn. of Nurserymen, 
Calif. Avocado Assn.. Pasadena Hor- 
ticultural Soc. Republican. Clubs: 
Nature of S. Calif,, City (L.A.). 
Home: 6410 Elgin St, Study: 317 
Central Ave., Los Angeles. 

FREEMAN, Hascle L., realtor; b. 
Des Moines, la.. Mar. 4. 1877; s. Ab- 
raham and Libby (Parshall) F.;' ed. 
pub. schs., Ida Grove, la.; m. Marian 
Thomson von Rumpff. of N.Y. City. 
Engaged mercantile business with 
father in la. until 1909; gold prospec- 
tor. Calif, and Ncv., 1909-12, during 
which discovered jewelry rock known 
as Creolite; deputy sheriff Sunset and 
El Dorado mining dists., San Bernar- 
dino Co., Calif.. 1910; pres. Amer. 
Sales Co. of Los Angeles, 1911-13; 
engaged realty business, L.A., 1913 — , 
now asso. with W.I. HoUingsworth 6^ 
Co.; pres. Amer. Colonization Co. 4 
yrs.. during which colonized N. and S. 
Dakota; also now pres. Southwestern 
Iowa Baseball League. Mem. L.A. 
Realty Bd.. Illinois Trav. Men's Assn., 
O.E.S., B'nai B"rith. Mental Hygiene 
Soc. of L.A. (pres. 1925). K.P.. Odd 
Fellow (v. p. southwest assn. of I.O. 
O.F. in la.). Mason. Republican. 
Jewish. Clubs: City (L.A.); Sunset 
Canyon Country (Burbank), Sea 
Breeze (Santa Monica). Home: 4655 
Maubert Ave. Oflice: 601 S, Hill St., 
Los Angeles. 

REPPY, Roy Valentine, attorney; 
b. Rushford, Minn., Sept. 3, 1878; s. 
John Henry and Effie (Valentine) R,; 
A.B., Stanford U., 1902; LL.B., cum 
laude. Harvard Law Sch., 1905; m. 
Agnes Lawton Arneill. of Ventura, 
CaHf., Sept. 16. 1909; children— Joan, 
Wilham. Admitted Calif, bar, 1905: 
asso. with law firm Stoney, Rouleau & 
Stoney. San Francisco, 1905-07; part- 
ner with Gurney E. Newlin. atty., Los 
Angeles, 1908-14; asst. county counsel, 
L.A. Co., 1914-17; with law firm 
0"Me!veny, Milliken W Toiler, LA., 
1917-19; gen. counsel Southern CaHf. 
Edison Co., L.A., 1919—, v.p. 1925—. 
Mem. Amer, Bar Assn. (mem. exec, 
com. of sect, on public utilities law 
and spl. com. on legal aid, 1928), 
Calif. State and L.A. bar assns.; Phi 
Beta Kappa, Beta Theta Pi. Mason 
(32°). Republican. Unitarian. Chibs: 
California, University, Wilshire Coun- 
try (L.A.); Bel-Air Country. Beach 
(Santa Monica). Home: 129 Stone 
Canyon Rd.. Bel-Air. Office: Edison 
Bldg.. Los Angeles. 



NORRIS, Kathleen, author; b. San 
FranciscLi, July 16, 1880; d. James 
Alden and Josephine (Moroncy) 
Thompson; ed. pvt. teachers and by 
parents; spl. course of few mos. U. of 
Cahf.; m. Charles G. Norris (author), 
of San Francisco, Apr. 30, 1909; chil- 
dren — Frank, Josephine (dec), Ger- 
trude (dec). Began writing short 
stories, 1910, and has since contbd. to 
various standard mags. Catholic Au- 
thor: Mother, 1911; The Rich Mrs. 

Burgoyne, 1912; Poor Dear Margaret 
Kirby, 1912; Saturday's Child, 1914; 
The Story of Julia Page, 19H; The 
Heart of Rachael, 1916; Martie, the 
Unconquered, 1917; Undertow, 1917; 
Josslyn's Wife, 1918; Sisters, 1919; 
Harriet and the Piper, 1920; Beloved 
Woman, 1921; Certain People of Im- 
portance, 1922; Butterfly, 1923; The 
Callahans and the Murphys, 1924; 
Noon, 1925; Little Ships, 1925; The 
Black Flemings, 1926; Hildegarde. 
1926; The Sea Gull, 1927; Barberry 
Bush, 1927; The Fun of Being a Moth- 
er, 1927. Home: Saratoga, Calif. 

HALL, Charles Joseph, banker; b 
Charlotte, Mich.. Oct. 1, 1866; s, 
Charles Abel Thomas and Laura 
(Lacey) H.; ed. pub. schs., Charlotte 
m. Martha W. Crews, of Phoenix 
Ari:.. June 3. 1905; children — Jean 
Lacey C. Collection elk. First Nat 
Bank. Charlotte, 1883-92, asst. cash 
ler 1892-95; trustee pub. library. Char 
lotte, 1894-95; cashier and later v.p 
Phoenix (Ariz.) Nat. Bank. 1895 
1901; trustee pub. library. Phoenix 
1898-1900; receiver Ariz. Impvt. Co 
and Ariz. Canal Co., 1896-99; v.p 
and mgr. Ariz. Water Co., effecting 
reorgn., 1899-1904. receiver for same 
until sale to fed. govt, under Roose- 
velt reclamation project; v.p. Home 
Trust y Savs. Bank of Phoenix, 1904- 

07, San Gabriel Valley Bank, Pasa- 
dena, Cahf., 1907-12; v.p. Union 
Trust y Savs. Bank and Union Nat. 
Bank (with which San Gabriel Valley 
Bank merged), Pasadena, 1912-21; 
v.p. Los Angeles Trust & Savs. Bank 
(successively Pacific-Southwest Trust 
6? Savs. Bank and L.A. First Nat. 
Trust 6? Savs. Bank and with which 
Union Trust & Savs. Bank and Union 
Nat. Bank merged). 1921-29; now as- 
so. with Security-First Nat. Bank of 
L.A.; also v.p. Wetherby-Kayser Shoe 
Co.. Arrowhead Realty Corpn.. Red- 
land Heights Ranch Co., all of L.A.. 
and Pasadena Community Guild; pres. 
R.Schiffmann Inc.,L.A.;dir. R. Schiff- 
niann Co.. L.A., and Pasadena Furni- 
ture Co.; treas. Mountain View Mau- 
soleum Assn., L.A. Paymaster-general 
Ariz. Nat. Guard, 1900-01. Mem. S. 
R. Republican. Clubs: Athletic 6? 
Country, Overland, Twilight (Pasa- 
dena); California, Gamut (L.A.); 
Gables (Santa Monica). Newport 
Harbor Yacht (Balboa). Home: 619 
S. Grand Ave. Office: 230 E. Colo- 
rado St., Pasadena. 

BADHAM, Byron James, hard- 
ware man: b. Shenandoah. la., Jan. 
12, 1878; s. James R. and Eliza 
C. (Fisher) B.; grad. Los Angeles 
State Normal Sch., 1896; in. Jessie M. 
Hoffman, of L.A., July 22, 1902; 
children— Byron Jack. E. Dick, Kle- 
va. Pres. Hoffman Hardware Co.. 
whsle. hdw. dealers. L.A.; dir. Cali- 
fornia Bank, L.A. Republican. Prot- 
estant. Clubs: Country, Athletic, Ro- 
tary, Ellis (L.A.); Dcauville Beach 
(Santa Monica). Home: 238 S. Lor- 
raine Blvd. Office: 229-35 S. Los An- 
geles St.. Los Angeles. 

HATCH, John Ellsworth, banker; 
b. Kenesaw, Neb., Aug. 15, 1890; s. 
Philander Ellsworth and Elouise C. 
(Norton) H.; ed. pub. schs.. Long 
Beach, Calif.; Pomona Coll.. Clare- 
mont, Calif.; m. Amelia May Grundy, 
of Winnipeg. Can., Sept. 11, 1908. 
Began with Nat. Bank of Long Beach 
as messenger, 1908, and successively 
held various posts, becoming asst. cash- 
ier, 1915, and cashier, 1920; cashier 
Long Beach Trust ^ Savs. Bank (with 
which Nat. Bank of Long Beach 
merged), 1921; asst. v.p. Security 
Trust y Savs. Bank of Los Angeles 
(with which Long Beach Trust y 
Savs. Bank cons.), 1921-23; v.p. Se- 
curity Trust a Savs. Bank of L.A. and 
in charge Long Beach branch, 1923 — . 
Enlisted C.A.C., U.S. Army, June 
1917; disch. with commn. 1st lieut., 
C.A.C., Dec. 1918. Mem. Amateur 
Trapshooting Assn. (life). Amateur 
Athletic Union (Long Beach rep.) 
Long Beach Chamber Commerce (ex 
dir., now treas.). Long Beach Com 
munity Chest. Elk (life). Mason (32° 
Shriner, Sciot — all life). Republican 
Protestant. Clubs: Farmers Gun, Pa 

cific Coast (life), Virginia Country 
(Long Beach). Home: 1165 E. Ocean 
Ave. Ojjicc: Security Trust (f Savs. 
Bank, Long Beach. 

BEDELL, Nelson Henry, insurance 
exec; b. Freeport, N.Y., Jan. 19, 1879: 
s. Henry T. and Elizabeth Bedell; ed. 
U. of Neb., 1895-97; m. Myrtle A. Al- 
bee, of Lincoln, Neb., Sept. 26, 1926. 
Engaged in planing mill and whsle. 
sash and door bus., Lincoln, 1900-17; 
sec. Union Auto. Ins. Co., Lincoln, 
(transferred to Los Angeles with firm, 
1923), 1919 — ; sec. Union Auto. 
Club, L.A., 1924—; sec. Calif. Union 
Fire Ins. Co., L.A., 1928—. Served 
U.S.A. Air Service, 3 mo. ground 
sch., Atlanta, Ga.; commd. 2nd lieut., 
1918; served on hdqrs. staff 1st pro- 
visional wing, U.S.A.A.S., Hazelhurst 
Field, World War. Mason (3 2°, 
Shriner). Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs: Jonathan. Lions (L.A.); Fox 
Hills Country (Culver City). Home: 
500 S. Westmoreland Ave. Oifice; 
Union Insurance Bldg., Los Angeles. 

CRARY, Clarence S., hanker; b. 
la.. Mar. 30, 1879; s. M. S. and Mar- 
tha (Leonard) C; ed. Grinnell Coll., 
la.; A.B., Stanford U., 1903; m. Edith 
Slifer, 1912;children — Leonard, Mary, 
Margaret, Martha. Began hanking ca- 
reer. 1903: was cashier, Mayfield 
(Calif.) Bank 6? Tr. Co.; next with 

the Merchants Nat. Bank, San Fran- 
cisco; later identified with the banking 
bus. in the Bakersfield dist. oil fields, 2 
yrs.: became asso. with the Bank of 
Burlingame, Calif., 1906, (now a br. 
of the Amer. Tr. Co.), of which he is 
now a vice-president. Former mem. la. 
N.G.; had chg. local Liberty loan 
drives. World War. Mem. Burlingame 
Chamber Commerce (sec. 1924). Elk. 
Republican. Address: American Trust 
Co., Burlingame. 



PATTINSON, Ismay Graham, 

public accountant; b. High Wycombe, 
Eng., 1885; s. John and Martha (Gra- 
ham) P.; ed. pvt. tutors, Eng.; m. 
Marion Allen Day, of Providence, 
R.I., June 14, 1910; children— Gra- 
ham, Joan, Paul, Susannc. Articled 
to James Watson Jr., Esq., A.C.A., 
Carlisle, Eng., 1902; admitted to Inst, 
of Chartered Accountants, Eng. and 
Wales, 1907; joined staff of Price, 
Waterhousc 6? Co., C.P.A's., N.Y., 
1907; became mem. firm in Los An- 
geles office, 1920, and since practiced 
as C.P.A. with same in L.A. Mem. 
Amer. Inst, of Accountants, L.A. Dist. 
Council of Boy Scouts of Amer. (trus- 
tee). Republican. Protestant. Clubs: 
Calif. (L.A.), Flintridge Riding 
(Flintridge), Valley Hunt, Midwick 
Country (Pasadena). Home: 1224 Ar- 
den Rd., Pasadena. Office: 530 W. 
6th St., Los Angeles. 

RIDDELL, Arch Cleveland, manu- 
facturer; b. Casselton, N. Dak.. Feb. 1, 
1886; .■;. Robert and Georgia (Cleve- 
land) R.; ed. pub. schs.; U. of Minn. 
Law Sch.; m. S. Alice Rowley, of Van- 
couver, B.C., Feb. 26, 1913; children — 
Robert Rowley, Arch Cleveland Jr. 
Mgr. for creditors (under informal 
receivership) of Co-Operative Glass 
Co., Los Angeles, 1925; v. p. and trus- 
tee Kendrick Mercantile Co. of North- 
port, Wash., 1926 — ; v. p. and dir. 
Aneta Mercantile Co. of Aneta, N. 
Dak., 1926 — ; v. p. and dir. Home 
Owners Finance Corpn. of L.A., 
1927 — ; prin. business now is mgr. 
Pacific Coast div. of Amer. Metal 
Cap Co., with hdqrs. in L.A. En- 
listed as pvt. in Ordnance dept., 
U.S.A., 1917; comd. Nov. 1918. Mem. 
Zeta Psi, Delta Chi. Mason (Shriner). 
Republican. Congregationalist (trus- 
tee Neighborhood Ch., Pasadena). 
Home: 274 Palmetto Dr.. Pasadena. 
Office: 324 N. San Pedro St., Los An- 

BLACK, Frank Willis, corpn. offi- 
cial; b. New Castle, Pa., Nov. 26, 
1869; s. William and Annie M. (Al- 
len) B.; ed. Grove City, (Pa.) Prep. 
Sch., Allegheny Coll., Meadville, Pa., 
1892; m. Mane J. Mahon, of Los An- 
geles, Feb. 28, 1917. Sec. and treas. 
Nat. Supply Co., of Calif., 1909—; 
sec. and treas. Union Tool Co., of Los 
Angeles, Dec. 1920 — . Dir. L.A. 
Whsle. Credit Men's Assn. (pres. 
1920), Mchts. and Mfrs. Assn., of 
L.A. (v. p. 2 terms). Mem. Phi Delta 
Theta. Mason (K.T., 32°, Shriner). 
Republican. Methodist. Clubs: Jona- 
than, Athletic (L.A.); Valley Hunt 
(Pasadena), San Gabriel Country 
(pres. 1924-25, dir.). Home: 841 S. 
Oak Knoll Ave., Pasadena. Office: 
147 N. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles. 

LEWIS, Howard S., attorney; b. 
Glenwood, Mo., Nov. 16, 1879; s. 
Thomas and Geraldine (Justice) L.; 

B.L., George Washington U., 1898; 
ra. Diadamia Bigger, of Hutchinson, 
Kan. Admitted to Kansas bar, 1897; 
practiced law, Hutchinson, 1897-1920; 
admitted to practice before U.S. su- 
preme ct., 1907; admitted dist. ct. of 
appeals of Calif., 1920; mem. law firm 
Stanley & Lewis, Los Angeles, 1920 — . 
Mem. Calif., Reno County-Kansas, 
Kansas and L.A. bar assns. Republi- 
can. Club: Country (L.A.). Home: 
611 N. Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills. 
Office: Merritt Bldg., Los Angeles. 

ELLIOTT, Paul Clinton, clergy- 
man; b. Carson, la., Sept. 29, 1885; 
s. Orrin A. (Ph.D.) and H. Belle 
(Lowne) E.; A.B., Occidental Coll., 
Los Angeles, 1909; grad. McCormick 
Theol. Sem., Chicago, 1913; M.A., 
Washington U.. 1914; m. Mary Lynn, 
d. Hugh K. Walker, D.D., LL.D., 
Moderator of Presbyn. ch. of U.S.A. 
1928, of L.A. June 1, 1922; children- 
Hugh Walker, Paul Clinton Jr. Pas- 
tor, Winstanley Presbyn. Ch., East St. 
Louis, 111,, 1913-16, La Jolla (Cahf.) 
Presbyn Ch., 1916-19, Pomona 
(Calif.) Presbyn. Ch., 1919-21; asst. 
pastor. First Presbyn. Ch., L.A., 1821- 
28; exec. sec. and business mgr. Olm- 
sted Memorial Presbyn. hosp.. L.A., 
July 1928 — . Conducted study of ruins 
of ancient civilisation and modern 
sociological conditions, Mexico, 1910, 
Hawaiian Islands, 1921; investigated 
missionary work, Alaska, 1925; made 
missionary tour of world, 1928. Iden- 
tified with Y.M.C.A. at Camp Kearney 
during World War. Former mem. fac- 
ulty Occidental Coll. during Young 
Peoples" Summer Conf.; frequent lec- 
turer before clubs, churches, societies, 
etc. Mem. Amer. Sociological Assn., 
Presbyn. Ministers of San Diego (pres. 
1918), Presbyn. Ministers of L.A. 
(pres. 1924), Municipal League of 
L.A., Alpha Kappa Delta (hon.). Ma- 
son. Republican. Clubs: Sunday Eve- 
ning of San Diego (ex-prcs.), 
Presbyn. Ministers' of San Diego (ex- 
pres.). City (L.A.). Home: 1926 W. 
20th St. Study: Detwiler Bldg., Los 

DAVIDSON, Robert Preston, con- 
tractor; b. Cass Co., Mo., Feb. 18, 
1866; s. Daniel and Mary (Mullen) 
D.; ed. country schs.. Mo.; m. Lizzie 
E. Jackson, of Andrew Co., Mo., Apr. 
3, 1889; children— Glenn A., Lotus E. 
Engaged gen. contracting. Culver City, 
Cahf, 1918—; founder (with Harry 
H. Culver) of Culver City, Calif., 
aiding in securing charter, 1918; 
mayor. Culver City, 1918-19; co-or- 
ganizer First Nat. Bank, Culver City, 
1919, dir. 1920 — ; co-organizer Pa- 
cific Bldg. 6? Loan Assn., Culver City, 
1919, dir. 1920-27, v.p. 1926-27; con- 
.structed city hall. Culver City, 1928. 
Elk, K.P., Odd Fellow. Republican. 
Protestant. Club: Culver City Lions. 
Home: 3745 Bagley Ave., Palms, 

Calif. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg., 
Culver City. 

BALZER, Albert Taylor, merchant; 
b. Burlington, la., Aug. 26, 1877; s. 
Florian John and Ida May (Kelley) 
B.; ed. Capitol City Commercial Coll., 
Des Moines, 1903-04; in. Selma Olivia 
Peterson, of Des Moines, July 7, 1904; 
children — Helen Lorraine, RobertLaw- 
rence. Organized (with Albert H. 
Tuttle) firm of Balzcr 6? Tuttle, Des 
Moines, 1907, and mgr. same, 1907- 
10; acquired sole ownership Balzer y 
Tuttle, 1910, and oper. under own 
name, 1910-20; co-organizer Grocer's 
Wholesale Co., Des Moines, 1917, 
and dir. same, 1917-19; mgr. teachers' 
cafeteria, Los Angeles, part 1920 and 
again 1921; gen. mgr. of cracker and 
biscuit company, L.A., 1922; est. 
A. T. Balzer & Co., grocers, L.A., 
1923, and since oper. same. Mem. Re- 
tail Credit Men's Nat. Assn. of L.A., 
Larchmont Business Assn. of L.A. 
(dir.). Mason (32°, Shriner). Re- 
publican. Christian. Home: 540 S. 
St. Andrews PI. Oifice: 133-35 N. 
Larchmont Blvd.. Los Angeles. 

BAYLY, Harold, investment bank- 
er; b. Denver, Colo., Jan. 11, 1890; s. 
George W. and Cora (Downer) B.; 
ed. Stanford U.; m. Helen Brant, of 
Los Angeles; children — Susan Elise- 
beth, Phoebe Diana, Harold Jr. Pres. 
Bayly Brothers Inc. (mems. LA. Stock 
Exchange), stocks and bonds, L.A.; 
pres. West Amer. Commercial Ins. Co., 
L.A., Santa Barbara Securities Co., 
Fidelity Underwriters Inc., L.A.; 
treas. Commercial Discount Co., L.A. 
Clubs: California, University (L.A.); 
Midwick Country (Pasadena), Beach 
(Santa Monica), Country, Riding 
(Flintridge); Los Patos Gun. Home: 
3131 S. Figueroa St. Office: Roosevelt 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

HARVEY, Earl M., merchant; h. 
Garretsville, O., Apr. 28, 1892; s. 
James B. and Dora (Munn) H.; B.S., 
Mich. State Coll., Lansing, 1915. M.S., 
1916; m. Blanche W. Harvey, of Glen- 
dale, Calif., Sept. 27, 1920; children- 
David W., Frances Betty, James B. 
Asso. with C.P. Day in practice land- 
scape architecture in Southern Calif., 
19i9-21; appliance sales mgr. Woodill 
6? Hulse Elec. Co., whsle. elec. sup- 
plies, Los Angeles, 1921. sec. 1922, 
gen. mgr. 1923; mgr. factory branch 
at L.A. for Eureka Vacuum Cleaner 
Co., Detroit, Mich., 1925—. Enlisted 
Air Service; U.S. Army, June 1917; 
commd. 1st lieut., Nov. 1917, capt. 
June 1918; in charge flying at Eberts 
Field, Lonoke, Kan., World War. 
Mem. L.A. Community Chest (dist. 
keyman 1927). Mason (32°, Shriner). 
Republican. Methodist. Clubs: Jona- 
than, Advertising, Electric, Shrine 
(L.A.). Home: 429 N. Mansfield Ave. 
Ofjice: 814 S. Figueroa St., Los An- 



CARLSON, Milton, handwriting 
expert; b. Ripley Co., Ind., Dec. 8, 
1870; 5. John August and Hilma Au- 
gusta (Dahlstrom) C; ed. in acads. 
and under pvt. tutors; m. Corrine 
Frances Dotter, of Los Angeles, July 
1, 1898; 1 dau., Eulalia Charlotte 
(Mrs. Hugh H. Logan). Examiner 
and photographer of questioned docu- 
ments and handwriting expert more 
than 40 yrs.; founder and first teacher 
commercial dcpt. Los Angeles high 
sch., 1895; royal vice-consul for Swed- 
en, 1909-14; credited with shattering 
theory that fingerprint cannot be 
forged; appeared in many important 
legal battles as expert on handwriting, 
fingerprinting, etc.; frequently ad- 
dresses convs., bar assns., etc. Author 
of numerous articles on technical as- 
pects of handwriting. Homes: 535 S. 
Johnston St., Los Angeles; 47 West- 
minster Ave., Venice. Ofice: Law 
Bldg.. Los Angeles. 

NOBLE, Charles C, dentist; b. De- 
troit, Mich., June 19, 1861; s. Garry 
B. and Elizabeth (Crosman) N.; 
D.D.S., Detroit Coll. of Med., 1897; 
•m. Mrs. Nellie M. Carlisle, of Los 
Angeles, 1907. Practiced dental surg- 
ery, Detroit, 1897-1907, Los Angeles, 
1907 — . Mem. Nat. and Calif. State 
dental assns., Mich. State Dental 
Assn. (ex-pres.), S. CaHf. Dental 
Assn. (ex-pres.), Pan-Pacific Assn. for 
Mutual Understanding, Delta Sigma. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Club: Uni- 
versity (L.A.). Address: 1741 Cren- 
shaw Blvd., Los Angeles. 

McCAULEY, Clayton M., ortho- 
dontist; b. Humphreys Co., Tenn., 
Nov. 15, 1876; s. George Dallas and 
Nancy Adeline (Albright) M.; ed. 
Yonley Coll., 1893-94; B.S., Valpa- 
raiso U., Ind., 1897; D.D.S., U. of 
111., 1901; m. Blanche Ramsey, of Cal- 
lahan Co., Tex., Oct. 11, 1899; chil- 
dren — Dallas Ramsey, George Elmer. 
Prof, physiology and math.. Crooks- 
ton (Minn.) Normal Coll., 1898-99; 
asso. prof, operative technique dental 
dept. U. of 111., 1903-04; mem. Tex. 
state bd. of dental examiners, 1907- 
19; specialist in orthodontia, 1914 — ; 
organizer Guaranty Bank 6? Trust Co., 
Dallas, Tex., 1920, dir. 1920-21; sec. 
Golden State Securities Co., Los An- 
geles, 1928 — . Del. to Nat. Demo- 
cratic Conv., Baltimore, 1912. Apptd. 
civihan examiner U.S. Army Dental 
Corps, World War; commd. major. 
Dental R.C., U.S.A., 1918. Author 
number articles on dental amalgam al- 
loys, 1911-13. Mem. Nat. Assn. of 
Dental Examiners (pres. 1917), Amer. 
Dental Assn., Amer. Soc. of Ortho- 
dontists, Pacific Coast Soc. of Ortho- 
dontists (pres. 1928), Tex. State Den- 
tal Assn. (pres. 1914-15), Neb. State 
Dental Soc. (hon.), L.A. County Den- 
tal Soc, Xi Psi Phi. Mason (32°, 
Shriner). Democrat. Mem. Chris- 

tian Ch. Chibji: Casa Del Mar (Santa 
Monica), Surf 6? Sand (Hcrmosa 
Beach). Home: 3695 Shannon Rd., 
Los Feb: Hills, Hollywood. Office: 609 
S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles. 

GIANNINI, Amadeo Peter, bank- 
er; b. San Jose, Calif., May 6, 1870; s. 
Luigi and Virginia (Demartini) G.; 
ed. pub. schs. and business coll.; m. 
Clorinda Agnes, d. Joseph Cuneo, of 
San Francisco, Sept. 14, 1892; chil- 
dren~L. M., V. D., Claire E. Began 
at 12 yrs. of age with L. Scatena S' 
Co., wholesale commn. mchts., San 
Francisco, and at 19 was admitted to 
firm; became mgr. Estate of Joseph 
Cuneo. and dir. Columbus Savings 6? 
Loan Soc; chmn. advisory com.. Bank 
of Italy, Nat. Tr. y Sav. Assn. which, 
in conjunction with his step-father Lo- 
renzo Scatena, he founded in 1904; 

pres. Transamerica Corpn. which he 
founded in 1928; founded and is 
chmn. Bankitaly Company of Amer- 
ica; founded and is chmn. Nat. Bank- 
italy Company; founded and is pre- 
vailing spirit in numerous other cor- 
porations including The Bank of 
America, N.A., New York; Bank of 
America, of California; Calif. Joint 
Stock Land Bank: Bankitaly Mort- 
gage Co.; Blair-Bankamerica Corp., 
New York; Pac Nat. Fire Ins. Co.; 
Bankitaly Agricultural Credit Corpn.; 
Commercial Holding Co.; Corporation 
of America; French-American Corp.; 
Merchants National Company. Dir. 
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce 
3 terms; mem. Native Sons of Golden 
West. Republican. Roman Catholic. 
Clubs: Olympic, Bohemian, Common- 
wealth, San Francisco Commercial, 
Union League (San Francisco); Coun- 
try, Athletic, California (Los An- 
geles); Congressional Country (Wash- 
ington, D.C.); Union Interalliee 

(Pans). Donated $1,500,000 to U. of 
CaUf., 1928. Home: Fairmont Hotel, 
San Francisco; (summer) "Seven 
Oaks," San Mateo, Cahf. Ofice: Bank 
of Italy, San Francisco. 

BENNETT, Harold Chisus, manu- 
facturer; b. El Paso, 111., Jan. 4, 1884; 
s. Walter and Emma (Waite) B.: grad. 
Phoenix (Ariz.) high sch., 1903; m. 
Ella Kirk Eyer, of Phoenix, 1910; 
children — Frank Kirk, John Chisus, 
Walter. Carried rural mail route out 
of Phoenix, 1904-06; guard Ariz. 
State Penitentiary, Yuma, 1906-08; 
acquired T.W. Chamberlain Lbr. Co., 
Phoenix, 1908, changed it to Bennett 
Lbr. Co. and mgr. same until 1915; 
engaged as mfr. trailers, Los Angeles, 
1915-19; asso. with Utility Trailer 
Mfg. Co., L.A., 1919—, sec and 
treas. same, 1922 — . Republican. Prot- 
estant. Clubs: Country, Rotary, Del 
Mar Corpn. (L.A.). Home: 10372 
Strathmore Dr. Ofice: Medford d 
Knowles Sts., Los Angeles. 

FONTRON, Louis E., merchant; b. 
Hutchinson, Kan., Jan. 28, 1879; s. 
loseph A. and Anna (Feltes) F.; grad. 
Hutchinson high sch., 1898; m. Mary 
Bigger, of Hutchinson, Oct. 22, 1902; 
two children — Elizabeth, Anna. En- 
gaged farm loan wk. in central Kan- 
sas, 1898-1915; mayor of Hutchinson, 
Kan.. 1913; organizer Fontron Loan y 
Trust Co., Hutchinson, 1915, and pres. 
same. 1915-20; asst. trust officer Pa- 
cific-Southwest Trust 6? Savs. Bank, 
Los Angeles, 1920-23; sec. and treas. 
Martin Music Co., whsle. and retail 
music dealers, L.A., 1923 — . Chmn. 
Reno County (Kan.) chap. Amer. Red 
Cross and auditor of magazine sub- 
scriptions at Garden City, L.I., N.Y., 
during World War. Mem. Music 
Trades Assn. of S. CaUf. (pres. 1925- 
27). Mason. Republican. Presbyn. 
Club: Country (L.A.). Home: 1242 
Comstock, Westwood Hills. Ofice: 
734 S. Hill St., Los Angeles. 

DUNCAN, Paul James, architect; 
b. Ont., Can., Oct. 1, 1887; s. Will- 
iam and Sarah (Rowe) D.; ed. pub. 
schs.. Ont.; pvt. instrn. in architecture; 
m. Alice M." Bailey, of St. Louis, Mo., 
1913. With bridge and bldg. dept.. 
Grand Trunk Ry., 1903-06; in chg. of 
design and supervisor of plants, Can- 
ada Iron 6? Foundry Co., Montreal, 
1906-08; head draftsman, Robert H. 
Orr. archt., Los Angeles, and asso. in 
designing and erection of Calif. Chris- 
tian Coll. group, Hollywood hosp., 
Wilshire Blvd. (Christian ch., Pomona 
high sch., etc., 14 yrs.; licensed as 
architect, Calif, state bd. of archi- 
tecture, 1926; engaged in pvt. archtl. 
practice, L.A., 1926 — . Mem. A. LA. 
Republican. Protestant. Chibs: Civi- 
tan (L.A.), Oakmont Country (Glen- 
dale). Home: 734 S. Detroit St. Of- 
fice: Pacific National Bank Bldg., Los 



TOPLXTZKY, Joseph, realtor: 
b. New Haven, Conn., Dec. 25, 1886; 
s. Meyer and Ida T.: ed. common 
schs.; m. Elsie B. Crossley, July 10, 
1912; children— Beth, Elsie. Began 
stage career, at age of 14. asso. with 
COS. of Henry Irving, Ellen Terry, Otis 
Skinner, Chauncey Olcott, Florence 
Roberts, Ralph Stuart and Andrew 
Mack, 1900; errand boy. Hamburger 
6? Sons, dept. store, Los Angeles, 

1900; in theatrical bus., L.A., from 
check boy to theatre treas.. 1902-11; 
engaged in real estate, L.A., 1911 — ; 
co-owner, Girard City, San Fernando 
sect., L.A.; assisted in financing 
constrn. of Hotel Biltmore and Bilt- 
more Theatre, L.A.; interested in oil 
development, southern Calif. Republi- 
can. Address H. W. Hellman Bldg., 
Los Angeles. 

COLBURN, George Lowry, trans- 
portation official; b. Loami, 111., Feb. 
19, 1893; s. William Ernest and Mary 
(Lowry) C; ed. pub. schs., Spring- 
field, 111.; m. Muriel Cecelia Fuller, of 
Los Angeles, Dec. 30, 1914; children — 
Rhea Ruth, Georgina Lowry. Asso. 
with 111. State Journal, Springfield, 
1906-10, George E. Coe Produce Co., 
Springfield, 1910-11; identified with 
Pioneer Truck 6? Transfer Co., Los 
Angeles, 1911 — , gen. mgr. 1919-21, 
sec. and gen. mgr. 1921-22, vice-pres. 
and gen. mgr. 1922-27, pres. 1927 — . 
Mason (32°, Shriner). Republican. 
Methodist. Clubs: Masonic (charter), 
Jonathan, Transportation, Uplifters 
(L.A.); Fox Hills Country (Ingle- 
wood), Gables (Santa Monica). 
Home: 4922 W. 8th St. Ojjice: 472 N. 
Alameda St., Los Angeles. 

DUNSMORE, W. Rowland, ranch- 
er; b. Pa., Aug. 1, 1887; s. William M. 
and Hannetta (Morris) D.; A.B., Lake 
Forest (111.) Coll., 1913; m. Marjorie 

Proctor, of Proctor, Vt., Aug. 26, 
1916; children — Jane, Bruce. Owner 
and operator, Dunsmore Ranch, San 
Fernando Valley, Calif.; mem. bd. of 
govs.. San Fernando Valley; dir. 
Southern Properties Inc., Los Angeles. 
During World War engaged in auxil- 
iary work for U.S.A. at Gellesburg. 
Pa., and for U.S.N, at Cape May, 
N.J. Mem. Poultry Producers of S. 
Calif. (1st vice-pres., mem. exec, bd., 
chmn. marketing com). San Fernando 
Walnut Growers" Assn. (vice-pres.). 
L.A. Chamber Commerce (chmn. small 
live stock com.. San Fernando Valley 
br,; mem. agrl. com.). Mason (32", 
Shriner). Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: 
Kiwanis (chmn. agrl. com.) .California 
(L.A.); Country (Hollywood); Casa 
del Mar (Santa Monica). Home: 376 
S. Hudson Ave.. Los Angeles. Office: 
6610 Haskell Ave., Van Nuys. 

BAILEY, Edward P., physician, 
writer; b. Kilmore, Victoria. Australia, 
May 7. 1867; s. John and Clara 
(Minty) B.; F. of Arts. Gordon Coll.. 
Sydney. Australia. 1896; grad. Buck- 
nell's Med. Course. 1899; post grad. 
studies in naturopathic therapeutics, 
Los Angeles. 1907; attd. McCormick 
Med. Coll. and Sheldon-Levitt Sch., 
Chicago. 1910; p.g. course. Pac. Med. 
Coll.. Calif.. 1915; grad. Coll. of Op- 
tics. South Bend. Ind.. 1916; m. Lou- 
ise Enger. of Seattle. Wash. Supt. 
ambulance work and brigade. Sydney. 
Australia, 1901-07; made exploration 
trip on horseback to Guadalajara, 
Mex., 1907; engaged in journalistic 
work, L.A., 1908-09; licensed as phy- 
sician in Calif.. 1909; practiced med. 
in Calif., 1910-26; led exploration ex- 
pedition into Australian bush lands, 
1926-27; engaged as physician, writer, 
lecturer, organizer in Calif.. 1927 — 
Apptd. med. officer for Brit, and Can. 
authorities at Long Beach. Calif.. 
1916; apptd. depth inspr. for Calif, 
in 1919. commd. maj. and later It. col. 
Fellow Royal Geog. Soc. of Australia; 
mem. Internat. Alliance Phys. y Surg.. 
Nat. Assn. Prog. Med.. Allied Med. 
Assns., Electic Med. Soc. of L.A.. 
Execs. Assn. (internat. dir. 1923, 
dist. gov. 1924), Adventurers of the 
World (founder 1926. pres. 1926-28). 
Allies Aid Assn. (dir. 1916). British- 
Amer. League (founder 1915). Brit- 
ish-Canadian Soc. (pres. 1920). Fed- 
eration of French War Vets. (hon. 
mem.). Army fe? Navy Vets, of Can- 
ada, World War Vets, (ex-post 
comdr.). Fed. of States Socs. (dir. 
1915). Northern Terr. Assn.. Legion 
of Frontiersmen of S. Calif, (organizer 
and comdr. 1923). Mason. Republi- 
can. Protestant. Clubs: Lions", City 
(San Marino); Canadian (pres, 1912- 
14), Adventurers" (char. mem. No. 4, 
sec. 1922-23, v.p. 1924. L.A. chap.) 
— both of L.A.: United Soccer Foot- 
ball (pres. 1921-23), Adventurers' 

(founder 1923. pres. 1923-28), Elec- 
tric (pres. 1925) — all of Long Beach; 
Explorers" (N.Y.). Address: 660 Her- 
mosa St.. San Marino. Calif. 

MARTIN, William Corning, auto 
distributor; b. Mt. Wilson. Calif.. Aug, 
17. 1892; s. Clarence Sinclair and 
Mary (Bradley) M.; ed. pub. schs., 
Pasadena; m. Mae Holt Webster, of 
Hollywood. Nov. 26. 1912; 1 son, 
William Corning Jr. Employed by 
Title Guarantee 6? Tr. Co.. L.A., 
1909-11; asso. with Studebaker Corpn. 
of Amer.. 1911 — . partner and dept. 
mgr. Paul G. Hoffman Co., Inc. (dis- 
tributors for Studebaker Corpn. in L. 
A.). 1918 — . Republican. Protestant. 
Club: Jonathan (L.A.). Home: 1818 
N. New Hampshire Ave.. Hollywood. 
Office: 1250 S. Figueroa St., Los 

BEHYMER, Lynden E., impre- 
sario; b. Ohio; s. Aaron S. B.; ed. in 
Shelbyville. 111.; hon. M.B.A.. U. of 
S. Calif.; m. Menettie Sparks, of High 
more. Hyde Co.. Dak. Ter.. Jan. 3 
1886; children— Enid (Mrs. Roy Mai 
colm). Elsie Olive (Mrs. Egbert Earl 
Moody). In mercantile bus.. High 
more, until 1886; mgr. book dept 
Stoll y Thayer, stationers, Los Ange 
les, 1886; was literary ed. L.A. Daily 
Herald; assisted in bringing first im 
portant operatic orgn. to L.A. (Nat 
Grand Opera Co. with Theodore 

Thomas, conducting), 1886; managed 
Pattfs concert. L.A., 1887, and ex- 
plorer Stanley's lectures. 1888; pre- 
sented Bernhardt in "La Tosca"", 
Grand Opera House. L.A., 1888; 
identified with premier performance in 
U.S. of "La Boheme"". by Metropoli- 
tan Opera Co.. with Melba. in N.Y. 
City, 1891; presented first perform- 
ance of "La Boheme"" in L.A., 1898; 
mgr. Simpson"s Auditorium. L.A., 



1904; managed Calif, tour of Bern- 
hardt, 1906: mgr. Temple Auditori- 
um, L.A., 1909; secured Chicago 
Grand Opera Co. for 8 performance;;, 
L.A., 1913, and since has retd. co. 
many times to Pacific coast; mgr. Trin- 
ity Auditorium, L.A.. 1914; formed 
present L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra, 
1918; presented Eleanor Duse, on 
farewell tour, in L.A., 1923, also Ma.x 
Reinhardt's "The Miracle" and Bal- 
ietf's "Chauve Souris"; formed phil- 
harmonic course in larger cities of 
southwest in connection with local 
music clubs; organized (with Harley 
Hamilton and Joscphy Dupuy) L.A. 
Symphony Orchestra, and was mgr. 
same 18 yrs.; advisor and mgr. L.A. 
Woman's Orchestra and L.A. Ora- 
torio Assn.; mem. L.A. playground 
and city planning commns.; trustee, U. 
of S. Calii. Decorations: Order of 
Palms, and Officer French Acad, of 
Pub. Instrn. (France); Royal Order 
of Redeemer (Greece); cavaliere. Or- 
der of Crown of Italy; Order of St. 
Stanislaus (Poland); Golden Palms of 
Crown of Belgium. Mem. Drama 
League of Amer. (officer, L.A. sect.), 
Nat. Concert Mgrs. Assn. of Amer. 
(hon. pres.), Internat. Artists (pres.). 
Arts Alliance, Hollywood Bowl Assn., 
Wagner Opera League of Bayreuth. 
Elk, Mason (K.T., 32°, Shriner). 
Clubs: Gamut (pres.). Athletic, Uni- 
versity, Breakfast, Uplifters, City (L. 
A.); Edgewater (Santa Monica), Sav- 
age (London). Address: Auditorium 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

MURPHY, William Keenan, life 
ins. official; b. Madison, Wis., Nov. 7, 
1880; s. Daniel Edward and Rosalie 
Gertrude (Maher) M.; grad. U. of 
Wis., 1903; m. Vivian Lamoreux, of 
Beaver Dam. Wis., June 30, 1909; 
children — Gertrude H., Helen L.. 
Daniel E., William K. Jr., Barbara V., 
M. June. Employed in office of father, 
gen. agent for Northwestern Mutual 
Life Ins. Co. for Wis. and Mich., 
1903-06; reorganized office (upon 
father's death) and continued to op- 
erate same, 1906-16; gen. agent for 
Northwestern Mutual in S. Calif., 
with hdqrs. in Los Angeles, 1916 — . 
Republican. Catholic. Clubs: Coun- 
try, University (L.A.); Athletic (Hol- 
lywood), Newport Harbor Yacht 
(Balboa), University (Milwaukee). 
Home: 1757 Camino Palmero. OJfice: 
609 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles. 

ARNOTT, Willard, oil operator; b. 
Grand Rapids, Mich., Feb. 2, 1881; 
s. George and Helen (Pitman) A.; ed. 
pub. schs.; m. Bessie May Rowntree, 
of Los Angeles, Oct. 25, 1905; chil- 
dren— Willard Jr., Mary Helen. Be- 
gan with father in firm Mathews 6? 
Arnott Co., whsle. agrl. implements, 
Los Angeles; later mem. with father 
in firm of Arnott 6? Co., jobbers of 
agrl. implements, L.A., pres. same. 

1906 — ; became interested in oil op- 
erations, 1922; now pres. L.A. -New 
Me.\. Oil Co. and Elwood Pet. Corpn., 
vice chmn. Welton Oil Syndicate, and 
dir. Wellington Oil Co., all of L.A. 
Mem. S. R. Republican. Conglist. 
Clubs: Calif., Athletic, Country (L. 
A.). Home: 640 S. New Hampshire 
Ave. Olfice: Security Bldg., Los 

INGOLD, Reuben Frederick, 
invmt. banker; b. Monroe, Wis., May 
6, 1893; s. Frederick and Emma 
(Blumer) I.; ed. gram, sch.; m. Dorris 
Mae Abbott, of Los Angeles, Aug. 8, 
1912; children — Rowena Mae, Robert 
Frederick, Margaret Elizabeth. Be- 
came elk. Title Ins. 6? Tr. Co., L.A., 
1905, bookkeeper for Western Rubber 
& Supply Co., 1911; pres. Long Beach 
(Calif.) Motor Supply Co., 1913; aud- 
itor, L.A. Invmt. Co., 1914, vice-pres. 
and dir., 1927 — ; pres. Invmt. Ins. 

Agency, L. A., 1928 — ; exec, vice- 
pres. and dir. Invmt. Bldg. 6? Loan 
Assn., L.A., and L.A. Invmt. Tr. Co 
1926 — ; vice-pres. and dir. L.A 
Invmt. Securities Corpn., 1924 — , and 
L.A. Invmt. Bldg. Co., 1926—; d 
Consol. Title Securities Corpn., Secur^ 
ity Title Ins. fe? Guarantee Co. and P, 
cific Factors Inc., financial agts., al 
of L.A., 1927—, and of W. J. Latch 
ford Co., glass, and J. D. Halstead 
Lbr. Co., both of L.A., 1928— 
Mason (32°, K.T., Shriner). Repub 
lican. Protestant. Club,^: Jonathan 
Commercial (L.A.), Flintridge Coun 
try (Pasadena), Mecca Gun (Imperia: 
Valley). Home: 5107 Angeles Mesa 
Dr. Office: 103 5 S. Broadway, Los 

DA VIES, Hugh Robert, architect; 
b. St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 21, 1884; s. 
John David and Jeannie (Kirkwood) 
D.; ed. Wilmerding Sch. of Industrial 

Arts, San Francisco, 1901-02; Throop 
Poly. Inst, (now Calif. Inst, of Tech.), 
Pasadena, 1902-03; U. of Calif., spl. 
course, 1915-16; U. of S. Calif., 1921; 
studied abroad, 1927. Engaged in 
practice of architecture. Long Beach, 
Calif., 1916 — ; apptd. architect for 
Pac. S.W. Expn., Long Beach, 1928; 
apptd., Dec. 1928, to do all archtl. 
work for Internat. Expn. of Mexico. 
Designed Long Beach Community 
hosp. and Nurses" Home, 1922-23, 
Mottell Funeral Chapel 6? Mortuary 
at Long Beach, and main bldgs. of 
Angeles Abbey (a mausoleum) at 
Compton; awarded spl. diploma of 
honor and gold medal by Dept. of 
Fine Arts, for work of design of Pac. 
S.W. Expn. Mem. A. I. A., Long Beach 
City Plan Commn., 1924-27. Mason 
(K.T.), Republican. Christian Scien- 
tist. Clubs: Pacific Coast, Architec- 
tural (Long Beach). Home: 247 E. 
Seaside Blvd. Office: Farmers y Mer- 
chants Bank Bldg., Long Beach. 

MASON, Bruce, attorney; b. Iowa 
City, la., Feb. 3, 1893; s. Oscar Henry 
Leonidas and Dora (Reno) M.: ed. 
Occidental Coll., Los Angeles, 1910- 
11; Johns Hopkins U., 1911-12; B.L., 
U. of Calif., 1914; J.D., U. of S. 
Calif., 1917; m. Kathleen Davies, of 
Long Beach, Calif., Aug. 1, 1917; 1 
dau., Janet Davies. Engaged in prac- 
tice of law. Long Beach, 1917 — ; asst. 
city atty.. Long Beach, 1920-23, city 
atty., 1924-27: now represents cos. 
operating bus lines in Long Beach. 
Second lieut. 12th U.S. Inf., 1917: 1st 
lieut. C.A.C., U.S.A., 1918-19; served 
the coast defenses L.A., and with 
15th anti-aircraft sector; now 1st lieut. 
Judge Adv. Gen's. Dept. Res. Mem. 
League of Calif. Municipalities (chmn. 
of com. for drafting model zoning or- 
dinance for 5th class cities, 1926), 
Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Phi. Elk, 
Mason (K.T., 32°). Republican. 
Presbyn. Clubs: Long Beach, Pacific 
Coast (Long Beach). Home: 4104 
Colorado St. Office: Security Bldg., 
Long Beach. 

MERWIN, William Burnham, real- 
tor, mtge. loan broker: b. Valparaiso, 
Chile, Mar. 1, 1879: s. Alexander 
Moss and Elizabeth (Burnham) M.; 
ed. Williams Coll., WiUiamstown, 
Mass.: m. Priscilla McDougall, of Cin- 
cinnati, July 28, 1907; children — 
Mary Bell, Elizabeth, Margaret, Pris- 
cilla. Mgr. W.B. Merwin 6? Co., real 
estate and loan brokers, Los Angeles. 
Republican. Clubs: Calif. (L.A.), 
Valley Hunt (Pasadena). Home: 555 
W. Calif. St., Pasadena. Office: H.W. 
Hellman Bldg., Los Angeles. 

DOHRMANN, Fred W. Jr., mer- 
chant. Vice-pres. Dohrmann Commer- 
cial Co., and the Dohrmann Hotel Sup- 
ply Co., both of San Francisco. Home: 
3636 Washington St. Office: Stockton 
and Geary Sts., San Francisco. 



RAPP, Melville Benjamin, capital- 
ist; b. N.Y. Citv. Apr. 17, 1886; s. 
Abram and Phyllis (Seldner) R.; ed. 
Coll. of the City of N.Y.; m. Beulah 
Tuttle, of Calif., May 5, 1920; chil- 
dren—Melville B. Jr., Phyllis Cather- 
ine. Engaged in mining at Cripple 
Creek, Colo, (most notable efforts be- 
ing with the C.K. y N. Mine, 1911. 
Dane Mine, 1912, Last Dollar Gold 
Mine, 1913); discovered one of great- 
est molybdenum deposits in Amer., 
1918; formed Molybdenum Corpn. of 
America (which purchased the Elec. 
Reduction Co. of Washington, Pa.), 
1918, was v.p. and dir. same. 1918- 
21; purchased land in Santa Monica, 
Calif., for sub-div.. 1921; now engaged 
in real estate operations in Santa Mon- 
ica and active in dev. of aviation; or- 
ganized Mutual Aircraft Corpn., Mu- 
tual Inland Airlines and Shore Mutual 
Airlines (pres.); also dir. Douglas Air- 
craft Co. of Santa Monica. Mem. Santa 
Monica Bay Realty Bd. (pres. 1928). 
Elk. Mason (life mem. 32° and 
Shrine). Republican. Protestant. Clubs; 
Brentwood Country, Beach, Athletic, 
Gables (Santa Monica); Uplifters, 
Athletic (L.A.); Calif. Yacht (San 
Pedro). Home: 518 Georgina Ave. 
Ofice: 1415 Montana Ave., Santa 

ROGERS, Thomas Carlton, manu- 
facturer; b. Platt.sburg, N.Y., June 28, 
1887; s. Robert H. and Hattie 
(Schutt) R.; ed. Plattsburg Normal 
Sch.; m. Isabel Mulcahey, of Tulare, 
Cahf., Oct. 15. 1913; 1 son. Carlton 
M. Vice-pres. Rogers Bros., contract- 
ors, Los Angeles, 20 yrs.; purchased 
Union Rock Co.. LA., 1922, since 
treas. same; pres. Citizens" Bank, Mon- 
rovia, Calif., 1926 — ; treas. Builders" 
Rock Co., Azusa, Calif., 1928—; v.p. 
Sunset Rock Co., Hollywood, Calif., 
1928—. Elk, Mason. Republican. 
Methodist. Clubs; Jonathan, Athletic 
(L.A.). Home; 428 Myrtle Ave., 
Monrovia. Office: 7th ^ Los Angeles 
Sts., Los Angeles. 

MacDONALD, Matilda Marly 
(Mrs. John X. MacDonald), writer, 
musician, artist; b. St. Ignace, Mich., 
Mar.8,1865;d.Michael and SophieMar- 
tin (Trottier) Marly; ed. St. Mary"s 
Acad., Notre Dame, Ind.; Sorbonne 
U., France; studied under pvt. tutors 
abroad; m. John X. MacDonald, of 
Grand Rapids, Mich,, 1882; 2 children 
(dec). Represented State of Calif, at 
convention of Mich. Authors 6? Hist. 
Soc, Mackinac Island, 1927; assisted 
in ceremony commemorating 250th an- 
niversary of burial of remains of 
Father Marquette at St. Ignace (also 
marked 50th anniversary of excavation 
of his remains, of which she was an 
eye witness), St. Ignace, Mich., 1927; 
attended Govs. Conference, Mackinac 
Island, 1927; has frequently sung in 
church choirs and at social events in 

various parts world; prominent in 
music and art circles. Fellow, founder 
and life mem. Pac. Geog. Soc; mem. 
League of Amer. Penwomen (2nd v.p. 
Los Angeles branch), Assn. of Con- 
certs Spirituels of the Sorbonne (hon. 
mem.), Paris, France; Alliance Fran- 
i;aise (charter mem.), Pro Musica 
(mem. bd., L.A. chapter), Mich. 
-Authors" Assn. and Hist. Soc. Demo- 
crat. Catholic Clubs; Cahf. Hist. £=? 
Landmarks (mem. bd.). Opera ^ Fine 
Arts, Euterpe Opera Reading, Shakes- 
peare, Cadman Creative, Friday Morn- 
ing, S. Calif. Women's Press (all of 
L.A.). Address; 620 E. Adams St., 
Los Angeles. 

NOLTE, Leo Henry, realtor; b. Los 
Angeles, Feb. 3, 1880; s. Carl Adolph 
and Louise (Schultz) N.; grad. Wood- 
bury Bus. Coll., L.A., 1901; m. Hattie 
A. Lux, of L.A., Aug. 1906; children 
— Agnes L. (dec), Florence E., Leo 
E., Louise A. Asso. in various capaci- 
ties with Zcllncr Piano Co., L.A., 
1902-09, gen. mgr., 1909-15, became 
'/i owner and incorporated firm 
(1915) and served as sec, treas. and 
gen. mgr., 1915-19; changed name to 
Story & Clark Music Co., 1919, later 
became '/2 owner and continued as 
sec, treas. and gen. mgr. until 1923; 
engaged in real estate operations, LA., 
1923 — ; now sec. and treas. C. A. 
Nolte Estate Inc., L.A. Republican. 
Home: 815 W. 17th St. Office: Chas. 
C. Chapman Bldg., Los Angeles. 

de ROULET, Henry, realtor; b. 
Los Angeles, July 2, 1900; s. Charles 
Henri Paul Gaston and Marie Louise 

(Pellissier) de R.; B.S., U. of Calif., 
1922; m. Nancy Caroline Bilicke, of 
L.A., July 17, 1923 (divorced); 1 
dau., Joan. Entered realty bus. in 
L.A., 1922; formed Henry de Roulet 
Co., real estate, 1923; developed Wil- 

shire Blvd., L.A., 1924; dir. Whiting 
Bond 6? Mortgage Co., L.A., 1924 — , 
Beverly Wilshire Investment Co., L.A., 
1926 — ; Henry de Roulet Co. now ex- 
clusive agents for Beverly Wilshire 
Investment Co., developed compact 
shopping area for outlying shopping 
dists. in L.A., 1926-29. Served 3 mos 
U.S. Army as pvt., 1919. Mem. Ph 
Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi. Re 
publican. Clubs: University, Com 
mercial. Athletic (L.A.); Beach (San 
ta Monica); Midwick Country (Pasa 
dena). Ho7ne: 530 N. June St. Of 
/ice; Wilshire Blvd. at Western, Los 

MacDONALD, John X., lumber- 
man (retired); b. Ottawa, Can., Nov. 
3, 1852; s. Alexander Archibald and 
Elizabeth (McDougall) M.; ed. pub. 
schs. Ottawa; m. Matilda Marly, of 
Grand Rapids. Mich., 1882; 2 children 
(dec). Engaged in lumber and ry. 
bus. Ariz., N.C., S.C, Fla., for 45 yrs. 
Democrat. Catholic Club: Seminole 
(Fla.). Address: 620 E. Adams St., 
Los Angeles. 

BRANDON, John Raymond, edu 
cator; b. Derby, Conn., Jan. 23, 1887 
s. Timothy and Mary (Nolan) B. 
A.B., Yale U., 1906; M.A., St. Louis 
(Mo.) U., 1908; in residence for 
Ph.D., Columbia U., NY., 1926-28; 
grad. studies Loyola U.. L. A. ; m. Georgia 
Cheesman Durand, of Derby, Conn., 
June 17, 1915. Began as asst. prof., 
St. Louis U., later instructor until 
1911; asso. with bd. of edn. Los An- 
geles, as teacher in high schs. ,191 1-26. 
Served as maj. cadet batln., L.A. high 
sch., World War, later commd. capt. 
C.M.R. attached to Adjutant Gen. 
Staff. Mem. N.E.A., Calif. Teachers" 
Assn., High Sch. Teachers" Assn., 
English Graduate Union of Columbia 
Coll., Phi Beta Pi. Repubhcan. Clubs: 
Yale of S. Cahf., Peter Pan, Artland 
(L.A.); Sunset Canyon Country 
(Burbank), Deauville Beach (Santa 
Monica). Home: 5042 Los Felis 
BKd . Hollywood. Ojjice: Geo. Wash- 
ington High School, Los Angeles. 

HAWPE, Mason Hall, investment 
broker; b. Marshall, Mo., Nov. 18, 
1S81; s. James Rector and Mary El- 
len (Lewis) H.; ed. pub. schs., Kansas 
City, Mo.; m. Amelia de Saracho, of 
Choix, Sinaloa, Mexico., Dec. 27, 
1905; children — Mary Amelia, Amor- 
ita. Mason Hall Jr. (dec). Civil engr. 
during constrn., K.C.M. ^ O. Ry., 
Mexico, later trans, to gen. offices as 
asst. to mgr. same; in chg. marketing 
dept. western Mexico for Pierce Oil 
Co.; engaged in grain bus., St. Louis, 
Mo., and was dir. St. Louis merchant"s 
exchange, 1916-20; engaged in gen. 
investment bus., buying and selling for 
own acct.,Los Angeles, 1920 — . Clubs: 
Jonathan. Country (L.A.); Casa del 
Mar (Santa Monica). Address: 817 
Tremaine Ave., Los Angeles. 



HALL, Frank Hurlburt, invest- 
ment broker: b. Akron, O,, Nov. 23, 
1899; s. Philander Dorn and Eva 
(Grout) H.: ed. Princeton Prep. Sch., 
Princeton U.; m. Marion Cheesman, 
of Pasadena, Calif., Mar. 15, 1923: 1 
son. Frank H. Jr. Pres. Hall. Wood &? 
Hale Inc., Pasadena, 1926: dir. S. 
Pasadena Nat. Bank, 1926; now en- 
gaged as investment broker in Pasa- 
dena. Republican. Episcopalian. Club.s: 
Athletic, Midwick Country (Pasa- 
dena). Home: 331 S. Hill Ave. Of- 
fice: Singer Bldg., Pasadena. 

ASBURY, Frank H., transporta 
tion e.xec; h. Macon, Mo., Jan. 17 
1883; s. Andrew J. and Jenne (Flem 
ing) A.: ed. pub. sch.; m. Bertha Oli 
Chapman, of Fresno, Calif., Oct. 12 
1904: 1 dau., Ruth Rebecca. Messen 
ger Western Union Tel. Co., Macon 
Mo., 1895-97: employed in brick yd. 
Macon, 1897-98, and by Bleese Car 

riage Factory, Macon, 1898-99: with 
W.U. Tel. Co., Galveston, Tex., 1899; 
built first elec. light plant, Tucson, 
Aru., 1901, and first telephone system. 
Globe, Ariz., 1902: supt. San Joaquin 
Light 6? Power Co., Fresno, 1903-08; 
entd. employ Los Angeles Gas & Elec. 
Co., 1908, resigned as constrn. engr. 
same, 1923: estab. freight transporta- 
tion bus., L.A., 1923, now known as 
Boulevard Freight Forwarding 6? Dis- 
tributing Co., L.A. and San Diego, 
mgr. same. Made survey of iron sup- 
ply in Cahf., World War. Mem. 
Amer. Soc. M.E. Mason (mem. Calif, 
grand lodge). Republican. Clubs; 
Engrs., Jonathan, Masonic (L.A.); 
Athletic (San Diego), Casa del Mar 
(Santa Monica). Home: 800 N. Ken- 
more Ave., Los Angeles. Offices: 422 
S. Alameda St., LosAngeles; 335 West 
G St., San Diego. 

BERGER, Morris Edward, manu- 
facturer; b. Chicago, Dec. 29, 1892: s. 
George Leidy and Alice Irene (Mc- 
Grath) B.; ed. U. of S. Cahf., 1912- 
15; m. Margaret Jameson, of San 
Francisco, June 15, 1915; children — 
Florence Elizabeth and George Ed- 
ward. Began as newsboy, Los Angeles; 
mem. editorial staff, L.A. Eve. Her- 
ald, L.A. Express and L.A. Times, 
1912-15; became asso. with Western 
Whsle. Drug Co., 1915, joined sales 
staff, 1917, asst. dept. mgr. in chg. of 
sales force, 1922-25; sec. and treas. 
Vernon Fixture 6? Cabinet Co., L.A., 
1926 — : v. p. Consolidated Store Fix- 
tures Inc., 1928 — . Mem. Phi Delta 
Phi, Loyal Knights of Round Table. 
Mason. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs; Athletic, Calif. Country, Mu- 
tual (L.A.): Pacific Coast (Long 
Beach), Gables (Santa Monica). 
Home: 320 N. Plymouth Blvd.. Los 
Angeles. Office: 2044 Audrey St., 
Vernon, Calit. 

GRAVES, Byron Leslie, corpn. offi- 
cial: b. Gowanda. N.Y., Sept. 3. 
1883: s. Burt H. and Jennie (Stilson) 
G.: grad. Chamberlain Inst., 1902; 
attd. Syracuse (N.Y.) U., 1903-04; m. 
Leah Francis Searle, of Perrysburg, 
N.Y., Jan. 1, 1907; children— Helen 
Elizabeth, John Atwood, Dorothy E., 
Virginia. Employed in engring. and 
sales dept., Olds Motor Works, Lans- 
ing, Mich., 1904-06; asso. with Ford 
Motor Co., Detroit, Mich., 1907, asst. 
mgr. Cleveland (O.) branch, 1907-08, 
mgr. Detroit branch, 1908-09, Dallas 
(Tex.) branch, 1909-11, Los Angeles 
branch, 1912-25; v. p. in chg. sales 
western dist., Amer. Car ^ Foundry 
Motors Co., of N.Y., with hdqrs. in 
L.A., 1925 — ; founder Western Air 
Express, L.A., first successful commer- 
cial air line in Amer., 1926, now v. p.; 
also v.p. Kinner Motors Co., L.A. 
Mason (K.T., 32°). Republican. 
Methodist. Clubs: Jonathan, Uplift- 
ers. Athletic, El Caballero Country, 
Rifle 6? Revolver, Country (L.A.); 
Tuna (Catalina Island). Home: 209 
S. Wilton PI. Office: 210 E. 10th St., 
Los Angeles. 

LEWIS, Mitchell, actor; h. Syra- 
cuse, N.Y., June 26, 1888: s. Samuel 
Henry and Rose (Black) L.; ed. Syra- 
cuse (N.Y.) U., 1906-07: U.S. Naval 
Acad., Annapolis, Md., 1907-11; m. 
Nan Francis Ryan, of N.Y. City, Nov. 
1918. Co-founder and now exec, of- 
ficer Motion Picture Relief Assn.: also 
exec, officer Actors' Equity Assn. 
Served U.S.N. 6 yrs. and as capt. of 
arty., U.S.A., 2 yrs. Mason (32°, 
Shriner). Republican. Protestant. 
Clubs; Masquers, Athletic (Holly- 
wood); Writers' (L.A.), S. Calif. 
Yacht (San Pedro), Lambs (N.Y.). 
Home: 1032 S. Arlington Ave., Los 
Angeles. Office: 1785 N. Sycamore 
St., Hollywood. 

HAAS, Walter F., attorney; b. 
California. Mu., Nov. 12, 1869: s. 
John B. and Lena W. (Bruere) H.; 
ed. pub. schs.. Mo. and Los Angeles; 
studied law office Houghton, Silent 6f 
Campbell, L.A. Admitted Calif, bar. 

1891, fed. cts.. 1892; city atty. of 
L.A., 1899-1900: partnership with 
Frank Garrett, 1901. admitted Harry 
L. Dunnigan. 1906; mem. law firm 
Haas 6? Dunnigan, L.A., 1911—: also 
pres. Tampico Land, Lbr. & Dev. Co.; 
dir. Security-First Nat. Bank of L.A.; 
considered authority on water rights 
and corpn. law. Mem. Amer. .Calif, and 
L.A. bar assns. Mason (K.T.. 33°, 
K.C.C.H., past master Palestine lodge 
351, L.A.; chmn. com. of grievances 
and appeals. Grand Lodge, Calif., au- 
thority on Masonic history and ritu- 
als). Clubs: Jonathan, Masonic, Gam- 
ut (L.A.). Home: Alhamhra. Office: 
Citizens Nat. Bank Bldg., Los Angeles. 
BROWN, Ralph W., mfr.; b. Wat- 
sonville, Calif., Oct. 19, 1890; s. Peter 
C. and Katie S. (Boyd) B.; grad. Poly 
Bus. Coll.. Oakland, Calif.. 1910; B 
S., U. of Calif., 1914; m. France 
Cleveland, of Davenport, la.. June 21 
1919; children — Agnes Catherine and 
Betty Frances. Engaged in land de 
velopment, 1914-15; asso. with Par 
aifinc Cos.. Inc., Los Angeles, 1915 
24, and Sunset Paper Mills. 1924-26 
mgr. and co-owner, Vitrefrax Corpn. 
refractories mfrs., L.A., 1926 — ; pres 
Shelley Amusement Co.; vice-prcs, 
Amer. Fire Clay Co., Capistrano 
Calif. In spl. recruiting service. World 
War, 6 mos. Ex-vice-pres. San An 
tonio Council, Boy Scouts of Amer, 
Mason. Elk. Republican. Conglist 
Club: Rotary (Huntington Park 
Calif.) Home: 2640 Live Oak St 
Huntington Park. Office: 5050 Pacific 
Blvd., Los Angeles. 


HOLLZER, Harry Aaron, jurist: b. 
N.Y. City, Nov. 4. 1880; s. Joseph 
and Anne (Gray) H.; B.L., U. of 
Calif., 1902, LL.B., 1903: m. Louise 
Green, of Los Angeles, May 5, 1907: 
children — Alma, Herbert. Engaged in 
practice of law, Los Angeles, 1902- 
24: apptd. superior judge, L.A. Co., 
1924 (to fill unexpired term), elected, 
1926: apptd. mem. Judicial Council of 
CaUf., by Chief Justice of State, (2 
yr. term), 1926, reapptd. 1928: now 
acts as dir. of survey and research, 
Calif. Judicial Council, conducting re- 
-search of judicial systems of U.S. and 
Can. Mem. advisory bd. in connec- 
tion Calif, military draft bd., 1917- 
18. Elk, Mason (32°, Shriner). Re- 
publican. Jewish. Clubs: Hillcrest 
Country (Culver City), Swimming 
(Santa Monica), Commercial of S. 
Calif. Home: 245 S. Norton Ave. 
Ojfice: Associated Realty Bldg., Los 

TAYLOR, Thacher, commercial 
ins. broker: b. Los Angeles, May 16, 
1899: s. William Henry and Catherine 
(Mulricn) T.: ed. U. of S. Cahf., 
1920: Stanford U., 1921-22; m. Es- 
ther Hackley, of Muskegon, Mich., 
Nov. 17, 1925; 1 dau., Charlene. Pres. 
Thacher Taylor 6? Co., commercial ins. 
brokers, L.A., since 1923. Served 
U.S.A. inf. officers' tr. camp, Waco, 
Tex. Mem. Thcta Psi, Kappa Alpha 
Pi, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Republican. 
Protestant. Clubs: University (L.A.), 
Chevy Chase Country (Glendale). 
Hoyne: 136 S. Fuller Ave. Office: In- 
surance Exchange Bldg., Los Angeles. 

LIPPINCOTT, Joseph Barlow, hy- 
draulic engr.; b. Scranton, Pa., Oct. 
10, 1864: s. Joshua Allen (LLD.) 
and Harriet Phillips (Barlow) L.: stu- 
dent Dickinson Coll., 1880-82:A.B.,U. 
of Kan., 1886, hon. C.E., 1914: m. at 
Beverly, N.J., Josephine Phillips Cook, 
of Kansas City, Mo., Apr. 1890; chil- 
dren — Rose (dec), Joseph Reading. 
With Santa Fe R.R. System, 1886-88; 
topographer U.S. Geol. Survey, 1888- 
92; asst. engr. Bear Valley Irrigation 
Co., 1892; in charge various irrigation 
investigations in Calif., 1893-94; hy- 
drographer U.S. Geol. Survey for 
Cahf., 1895-1902: supervising engr. 
for Pacific Coast dist., with U.S. Rec- 
lamation Service, 1902-06: asst. chief 
engr., Los Angeles Aqueduct, 1906- 
13: cons, engr., Los Angeles, 1913 — . 
Cons. engr. for municipal water works 
in San Francisco, Fresno, Santa Bar- 
bara, Los Angeles and other Calif, 
towns, Denver, El Paso, Phoenix, and 
Los Angeles County, Hawaiian Isl- 
ands, Mexico and Alaska: engr. and 
mgr. construction of Camp Kearney, 
Nat. Guard Camp, San Diego County, 
Calif., also Rockwell Field, San Diego, 
1917-18; supervising engr. U.S. Hous- 
ing Corpn., Pittsburgh and Bethlehem, 
Pa., 1918, civil service commr. for Los 

Angeles; park commr., 1910 — ; state 
commr., 6th Dist. Agrl. Assn., 1911 
— ; consulting engr., 1925, for State 
of Calif., Tri-County Flood Control 
Bd., City of Los Angeles and several 
cities and irrigation dists. Awarded 
James R. Croes medal by Am. Soc. 
C.E., 1914. Mem. Amer. Soc. C.E., 
Am. Assn. Engrs. Clubs: California, 
Los Angeles Country. Author of num- 
erous papers and reports on water sup- 
ply and irrigation topics. Home: 12 56 
W. Adams St. Ojjice: 543 Petroleum 
Securities Bldg., Los Angeles. 

LAWYER, Jay, b. Sycamore, 111., 
Mar. 19, 1866; s. Peter H. and Eva 
(Schoolcraft) L.; ed. pub. schs.; m. 
Margaret Kenyon, of Sycamore, 111., 
1889 (died 1903); children— Donald 
Kenyon, Morris Chester (dec); m. 2d, 
Marion Evans of San Francisco, Calif., 
July 11, 1906: children — Jean, Mar- 
ion. Associated with Frank A. Van- 
derlip interests in development of 
Marshfield, Ore., and Los Molinos and 
Los Angeles County, Calif., since 
1912: gen. mgr. Palos Verdes Project, 
a tract of 16,000 acres under develop- 
ment for modern homesteads: mem. 
Palos Verdes Art Jury. Republican. 
Methodist. Clubs: Jonathan, Los An- 
geles City, Los Angeles Country. Surf 
and Sand, Palos Verdes Golf. Home: 
3 32 S. Kingsley Drive. Office: Lane 
Mortgage Bldg., Los Angeles. 

HARP, Charles B., builder: b. Ky., 
Oct. 9, 1881: s. Charles Conrad and 
Ella B. (New) H.: ed. Southern Nor- 
mal U., Huntington, Tenn.; m. Ethel 
Perry, of Milburn, Ky., June 15, 1904. 
Maintenance man, elec div., St. Louis 
Expn. Co., 1902-04; carpenter, Alta 
Planing Mil! Co., Los Angeles, 1905- 
06; gen. bldg. contractor. Long 
Beach, 1906-08, and L.A., 1908—; 
has perfected de-silting machinery. 
Mason. Republican. Methodist. Home: 
3653 7th Ave. Office: 1151 South 
Broadway, Los Angeles. 

LEISTIKOW, Frederick William, 
lumberman, banker: b. Grafton, N.D., 
Aug. 26, 1887; s. William Charles 
and Rosalie (Bettingen) L.; ed. Har- 
vard Mil. Sch., Los Angeles: Throop 
Coll., Pasadena; m. Esther E. Isgrigg, 
of L.A., Jan. 11, 1913: children- 
Margaret Elizabeth, Rosalie Jean, 
Edith Jane, Esther Patricia, Louie Vir- 
ginia. Engaged in Ibr. bus. since grad. 
from sch.: now head of Imperial Lbr. 
Yards Inc., western Can.; dir. of sev- 
eral mtge. and loan cos. and inter- 
ested in several banks, in timber lands 
and real estate. Mason (K.T., 32°). 
Republican. Mem. Ch. of Eng. Chibs: 
Jonathan (L.A.). Midwick Country. 
Annandale Golf (Pasadena). Homes: 
5 54 S. Lorraine Blvd., Los Angeles; 
(country) Kenora, Ont., Canada. Of- 
ficer: Imperial Lumber Yards, Moose- 
Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada; Westlake 
Professional Bldg., Los Angeles. 

PREUSS, Kenneth Edward, corpn. 
official: b. Los .■\ngeles, Nov. 28, 1878; 
s. Edward Anthony and Mary (Schu' 
macher) P.: ed. high sch.; m. Edith 
Terry, of Louisville, Ky., Nov, 30, 
1907. Formerly engaged in bldg. con- 
tracting and ins. bus.; now pres. Nel- 
son Ice Cream Co., Los Angeles, and 
Sequoia Land H Water Co.: vice-pres. 
Halbriters Inc., men's furnishings, 
L.A., and Spencer Kennelly Co., auto 
dealers, LA. and Long Beach. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Chibs: Califor- 
nia, Country, Athletic (L.A.): Beverly 
Duck, and Sequoia Duck. Home: 7 
Laughhn Park. Office: 633 S. Olive 
St., Los Angeles. 

McClelland, Everett slater, eye, 
ear, nose and throat splst.: b. Nor- 
wood, 111., Nov. 18, 1873; s. Carson 
Richard and Martha (McCutchan) 
M.: B.S., Northern 111. Normal Sch., 
1897: A.B., Monmouth (111.) Coll., 
1899, hon. A.M., 1904; M.D., U. of 
Chicago, Rush Med. Coll., 1909; post 
grad. studies U.S.A. Med. Sch., Wash- 
ington, D.C., 1910 and Univs. of Chi- 
cago and Calif.; m. Nancy Archer 
Marquis, of Burgettstown, Pa., Sept. 

3, 1903. Prof, and head chem. dept.. 
Occidental Coll., Los Angeles, 1901- 

04, prof, and head biological dept. 
same, 1904-07: engaged in hosp. work, 
Chicago, N.Y. City and at U. of Mo.; 
house surgeon, N.Y. City workhouse 
hosp., 1910; in gen. practice, Desloge 
and Flat River, Mo., 1910-15; splst. 
in eye, ear, nose and throat diseases, 
L.A., 1915 — : asso. with eye, ear, nose 
and throat clinic. White Memorial 
hosp., L.A., 1915-16, and with pub. 
sch. cHnic, L.A., 1917-18. Mem. 
Amer., Calif, and L.A. Co. med. assns.. 
Pacific Coast Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat Assn. Republican. Protestant. 
Home: 510 Cahuenga Ave. Office: 
Consolidated Realty Bldg., Los An- 

DURST, Willis Henry, investment 
broker: b, Monroe. Wis.. Aug. 2 1 , 1 892; 
s. John Henry and Mary (Isely) D.; 
ed. U. of Wis., 1914-17. Employed 
by Minn. Loan & Trust Co., Minneap- 
ohs, 1910-14, and by Los Angeles 
Trust y Savings Bank, 1917: asso. 
with the Security Mtge. Co. (now 
Banks, Huntley 6? Co.), bonds, 1919 
— , now sales mgr. latter firm. En- 
listed in Med. Corps, U.S.A., 1917; 
trans, to U.S.A. Air Service, 1918, 
and commd. 2nd lieut. same; disch. 
1919. Mem. L.A. Grand Opera Assn. 
Republican. Presbyn. Clubs: Univer- 
sity. Wilshire Country (L.A.);Bel-Air 
Country (Santa Monica). Home: 427 

5, Normandie Ave. Office: Stock Ex- 
change Bldg., Los Angeles. 

BLOESER, William Hargrave, 
bldg. contractor: b. Los Angeles, Oct. 

6, 1890: s. John and Adell (Condit) 
B.; A.B., Stanford U., 1915; m. 
Georgia H. Hatfner, of Santa Monica, 



Calif., Oct. 22, 1920: children— Del- 
phine, Marion. Engaged in real es- 
tate and bldg. bus., L.A., 1923—. En- 
listed U.S.N., 1917: sent to Annapolis 
and commd. lieut., j.g., 1918: attended 
submarine sch.. New London, Conn.: 
served in U.S.N, submarine service, 3 
yrs. Author: Life History of Siphona 
Phisia. pub. in the annals of the Ento- 
mol. See. of Amer., 191 ■). Mem. Kap- 
pa Alpha (Southern). Mason. Demo- 
crat. Home: 1117 S. Manhattan PI. 
Office: Wilshire-Preuss Bldg., Los An- 

CANNELL, S. Hartley, merchant; 
b. Liverpool, Eng., Aug. 8, 1869; j^. 
S. Hartley and Luna (Shakespeare) 
C: ed. pvt. and gram, schs., Eng.; m. 
Laila P.. Knapp, of Seattle, Nov. 24, 
1905; children — S. Bartlcy jr., Joseph 
Knapp, Philip S., Elizabeth Laila. Co- 
organizer, Wheeler Pub. Co., Denver, 
Colo., vice-pres. same, 1900-05; in 
bus. for self, San Francisco and Los 
Angeles, 1905-06, and in L.A., 1906- 
1916: organized and inc. Cannell tf 
ChalEn, art dealers and importers, 
L.A., 1916, and since pres. same: 
stockholder in various Calif, banks and 
corpns. Mason (K.T., 32°, Shriner). 
Republican. Protestant. C!ub.9: L.A. 
Country, California (L.A.): Gablc^ 
(Santa Monica). Home: 100 S. Wind- 
sor Blvd. Olfice; 720 W. 7th St., L... 

SCOTT, Daniel Lash, corpn. exec- 
utive: b. Pa.. Jan. 23. 1880: s. Jacob 
Ressler and Amanda (Lash) S.; grad. 
Pa. State Normal Sch., 1896: m. Mary 
Ellen Lenhart, of Pa., June 22. 1904: 
1 dau., Mary Frances. Sch. teacher. 
Pa., 1897-1902: in specification and 
cngring. depts., Westinghousc Elec. 6? 
Mfg. Co., East Pittsburgh, Pa., 1902- 
08, engring. dept. same, 1910-12: with 
sales dept. Los Angeles Gas £# Elec. 
Corpn., 1908-1910, new bus. dept. 
1912-17; chief elk. to sec. 1917-20, 
statistician 1920-24, adv. mgr. 1924, 
mgr. pub. relations dept. 1925 — . 
Mem. Pacific Coast Gas Assn., Pacific 
Coast Elec. Assn. Republican. Mem. 
M.E. Ch. Clubs: City, Electric. Adver- 
tising (dir.), Kiwanis (L.A.). Home: 
404 N. Curtis Ave., Alhambra. Office: 
810 S. Flower St., Los Angeles. 

DAY, Addison B., corpn. official; 
b. Chicago, Mar. 19. 1874: s. Alphon- 
so C. and Elnora (Blanchard) D.: ed. 
pub schs., Chicago and Los Angeles; 
m. Mabel C. Godfrey, of L.A., Mar. 
14, 1900; children — Herbert Godfrey, 
Robert Addison. Successively sales- 
man, bkpr.. chief elk. gas and elec. 
depts., mgr. appliance dept., auditor, 
asst. sec, mgr. of operation, gen. supt., 
vice-pres., exec, vice-pres. and gen. 
mgr., LA. Lighting Co. (now the L.A. 
Gas y Elec. Corpn.), pres. and gen. 
mgr. same, 1928 — . Mem. Amer. Gas 
Assn., Amer. Inst, of Elec. Engrs., 
Better Amer. Fed. Assn., Pacific Coast 

Elec. Assn., Pacific Coast Gas Assn., 
Commercial Bd. of L.A., LA. Realty 
Bd. Republican. Protestant. Clubs: 
Jonathan, California, City, Electric 
(LA.). Home: 118 N. June St. Of- 
fice 810 S. Flower St., Los Angeles. 

GRAVES, Francis P., invmt. brok- 
er- b Alhambra, Calif., Mar. 15, 1895; 
s. Jackson A. and Alice H. (Griffith) 
G.: ed. U. of Calif.; m. Katharine M. 
Banning, of Los Angeles, July 19, 
1922; children — Francis P. Jr., Jane 
Banning, Selwyn Jackson. Sr. partner. 
Graves, Banning 6? Co., invmt. bonds, 
L.A. Served in U.S.N., 1917-19. Re- 
publican. Clubs: California, Yacht 
(L.A.); Cahfornia Yacht (San Ped- 
ro), Mid wick Country (Pasadena), 
Bohemian (San Francisco). Home: 
1012 W. 31st St. Ofice: 629 S. 
Spring St., Los Angeles. 

BACIGALUPI, James Augustus, 
banker: b. Santa Clara, Cahf., Aug. 2, 
1882: s. Angelo and Luigia (Nascio) 

B.; A.B., Santa Clara Coll., 1903: 
LL.B., Hastings Coll. of Law (U. of 
Cahf.), 1907: LL.D., University of 
Santa Clara, Cahf., 1926: m. Mary 
Ellen Jones, of Santa Clara, July 20, 
1909; children — Louise Catherine, Eu- 
genia Mane, James Augustus, Mary 
Anne. Admitted to Cahf. bar, 1907, 
and began practice at San Francisco; 
served as counselor Bank of Italy, rep- 
resenting the bank in purchase of 
banks acquired in creating the Branch 
Bank orgn.; v.p. Bank of Italy, 1917, 
and organized its trust dept., pres. 
since Oct. 1924: pres. Bankitaly Mort- 
gage Co.; v.p. Nat. Bankitaly Co., 
Calif. Joint Stock Land Bank. Trans- 
america Corporation: dir. Nat. Fire 
Ins. Co. Past dir. San Francisco 
Chamber of Commerce and San Fran- 
cisco Community Chest. Mem. Native 
Sons of the Golden West, Young 

Men's Inst., K.C. Democrat. Catho- 
lic. Clubs; San Francisco Commercial, 
Olympic. Home: Oak Glen Park, Los 
Gatos. Address: Bank of Italy, San 

HAMBROOK, Richard Edward, 
engineer: b. Phoenix, Ariz., Oct. 29, 
1899; s. Richard John and Stella 
(Bowers) H.; B.S. in elec. engring., 
Calif. Inst, of Tech., 1921; m. Mignon 
Hamilton, of Los Angeles, June 2, 
1926. Formerly engr. and economist. 
Southern Calif. Telephone Co., Los 
Angeles, now gen. plant supervisor, in 
chg. all methods and stall work. Pvt., 
U.S.A., World War; now 1st lieut., 
Engr. R.C., U.S.A. Repubhcan. 
Presbyn. Home: 837 Dunsmuir Ave. 
Ol^ce; 740 S. Olive St., Los Angeles. 
MAIDEN, William Rafter, dentist; 
b Alpena, Mich., Dec. 24. 1868; s. 
WiUiam Perry (M.D.) and Cly 
(Spaulding) M.; studied medicine un- 
der father's instrn., 3 yrs.; m. May 
Gould Chapman, of Long Beach, 
Calif., 1914; 1 son, Elmer Chapman. 
Licensed to practice dentistry, Calif., 
1904, since practicing in Los Angeles. 
Served in N.G., 9 yrs. Mem. Dental 
Golf Assn., of S. Calif, (pres.). Elk, 
Mason (Shriner). Republican. Clubs: 
Commercial (L.A.), Calif. Country 
(Culver City). Home: 163 3 Cim- 
arron St. Office: 412 W. 6th St., Los 

COLYER, Leslie S., banker; b. 
Brooklyn, N.Y., July 27, 1890; s. 
I-aac S. and Rose E. (Staples) C; 
LL.B., Hastings Coll. of Law, 1913: m. 
Margaret L. Holmes, of Los Angeles, 
Nov. 12, 1919. Stenographer, law of- 
fice, N.Y. City; stenog. and bkpr. 1st 
Nat. Bank. Bakersfield, Cahf., 1909- 
10:admitted to,1913; dep. elk. 
U.S. dist. ct., southern dist. of Calif., 
1913-17: admitted to Ariz, bar; asso. 
with Townsend ^ Stockton, attys.. 
Phoenix, Ariz., 1917-18; asst. cashier. 
Farmers fe? Merchants Bank, Tempe, 
Ariz., 1918-19: became asso. with trust 
dept., Hellman Commercial Trust ^ 
Savs. Bank (later Merchants Nat. 
Trust Q? Savs. Bank, now Bank of 
Amer. of Calif.), L.A., 1920, asst. 
trust officer same, 1924 — . Mem. L.A. 
Co. Bar Assn. Republican. Conglist. 
Clubs: University, City, Tennis (L.A.) . 
Home: 2429 Argosy Way. Oifice; 650 
S. Spring St., Los Angeles. 

HUBBARD, Walton, Christian 
Science lecturer: b. Manitowoc, Wis., 
Oct. 25. 1873; s. Harvey Fitzland and 
Anne Halsted (Warbasse) H.; student 
Rose Poly. Inst.. Terre Haute, Ind., 
1 yr.: M.D.. Chicago Homoe. Med. 
Coll., 1901: m. Maude Chase, of Mar- 
inette, Wis., Nov. 23, 1898; 1 son, 
Walton. Practiced medicine at Buck- 
ley. Wash., and Manitowoc. Wis., 
1901-10: Christian Science practition- 
er, 1910-16. lecturer since 1916. Ma- 
son. Home: 444 S. Serrano Ave., Los 



BOWMAN, Denis Evarts, attor- 
ney; b. Sidney, Kennebec Co., Me., 
Nov. 10, 1871; s. Frank and Augusta 
(Heath) B.: A.B., Colby Coll., 1895, 
Hon. A.M. (was editor Colby Oracle); 
m. Florence M. Perkins, of Waterville, 
Me., Feb. 1, 1913. Prin. Waterville 
(Me.) high sch., later as supt. of city 
schs. compiled course of study for 
common schs.; Latin master, William 
Pcnn Charter sch., Phila., 1900-03; 
engaged in law practice. Me., 1903- 

10, and Los Angeles, 1910 — . Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa, Zeta Psi. Democrat. 
Club: University, (L.A.). Home: 401 
S. Grand Ave. Office: 417 S. Hill St., 
Los Angeles. 

HERTZ, Thomas M., auto finan- 
cier; b. Baltimore, Mar. IT, 1895; s. 
Israel and Lena (Bahn) H.; grad. 
Spencerian Bus. Coll., Baltimore; 
Drake's Coll., Newark, N.J. Succes- 
sively dir. Crescent Amusement Co., 
Los Angeles, 1915; vice-pres. Pruden- 
tial Auto Finance Co., L. A., 1923; 
propr. Calif. Auto Exchange, 1920 — , 
and Nat. Auto Finance Co., 1927 — , 
both of L.A.; interested in developing 
vanadium-gold mine in Ariz. Elk. Re- 
publican. Jewish. Home: 215 W. 
50th St. Office: 1306 S. Main St., Los 

LAWYER, Donald K., realtor; b. 
Spokane, Wash., Sept. 26, 1894: .5. 
Jay and Margaret (Kenyon) L.; ed. 
Phillips Exeter Acad., Exeter, N.H., 
1911-13; Dartmouth Coll., 1913-14; 
U. of Cahf., 1914-15; m. Constance 
Brown Guthrey, of Los Angeles, Oct. 

11, 1917; children — Constance, Jay 
IL Sales mgr. Palos Verdes Project; 
vice-pres. and gen. mgr. Estates Mtge. 
6? Bldg. Co.; asst. sec. of Palos Verdes 
Corpn. and Reynolds Development 
Co., all of L.A. Served with U.S.N, 
R.F., World War. Mem, Chi Phi. 

Mason, Republican, Protestant, Clubs: 
University, Country (L.A,); Palos 
Verdes Golf (Redondo), Pacific Syn- 
dicate Beach, Home: 909 Via Coro- 
nel, Palos Verdes Estates. Office: 208 
W. 8th St., Los Angeles. 

COFFIN, Harry Wclrose, physi- 
cian; b. Minneapolis, Aug. 21, 1880; s, 
Charles W. and Emma F. (Cook) C; 
B,S„ Penn Coll,, 1907, M.A., 1908; 
M.D., U. of la., 1917; m. Lillian By- 
ers Moore, of Mahaska Co., la., Dec, 
29, 1909; children — Lillian Welrose, 
Kathleen, Asst, in physiology and 
pharmacology, U. of Mo., 1908-09; 
instr, in physiology, U. of la,, 1909- 
17; asst, prof, bacteriology, pathology 
and clin, microscopy, U, of S, Calif,, 
1917-18; asst, prof, clin, medicine, U. 
of Ore,, 1918-19: now in pvt. prac- 
tice, specializing in internal medicine, 
Los Angeles; mem. faculty, post grad, 
med, sch,, U, of Calif,, at L.A., 1919 
— ; asst. prof, of tuberculosis. Coll, of 
Med. Evangelists, L.A., and mem. tu- 
berculosis staff L.A. Gen. hosp., 1926 
— . Mem, consultation bd.. Ore,, 
World War, Fellow A.M. A.; mem. 
Cahf. State, Southern Calif,, L,A, Co, 
med, assns., Trudeau Tuberculosis 
Soc, S,R.. Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha 
Kappa Kappa, Mason, Republican, 
Presbyn, Clubs: S, Calif. Athletic 6? 
Country (L.A.), Sunset Canyon 
(Burbank), Sea Breeze Beach (Santa 
Monica). Home: 957 4th Ave. Of- 
fice; 307 W. 8th St.. Los Angeles. 

HICKERSON, George X., realtor, 
broker: b. Vinton, Gallia Co., O., Feb. 
28, 1877; s. Flemming Mansfield and 
Julia Armina (Hawk) H.; ed. pub. 
schs., Mt. Ayr, la.; m. Olive Mae Kun- 
dert, of N.Y. City, June 23, 1909; 1 
son, George X. Jr. Asso. with M. E. 
Smith y Co.,whsle. dry goods, Omaha, 
1897-1900; night mgr. Hyde Park 
(Chicago) telephone exchange, 1901; 
salesman, King-Graham Mfg. Co., 
Omaha, 1902-06, M, E, Smith & Co., 
1906-07; co-organizer, Trussell Mfg. 
Co,, loose leaf book mfrs,, N,Y, City, 
1907; sec-treas, same, 1907-13; co-or- 
ganizer, Hampden Mfg. Co., house- 
hold spltys., N.Y. City, treas. 1913- 
15; real estate salesman, Janss Invmt, 
Co,, Los Angeles. 1915-18; in bus, for 
self, realtor and oil leaser, L.A,, 1919- 
20; co-organizer, Amer. Mtge. Co., 
L.A,, 1920 and since vice-pres, same; 
co-organizer, Amer, Loan Soc, L,A,, 
1922, and since vice-pres, same. 
Mason, Republican, Methodist, (mem, 
bd. Wilshire M,E, ch„ L.A., 1921—; 
ex-vice-pres, and ex-sec. Men's Club 
of same). Homes: 5022 Rosewood 
Ave,, Los Angeles; (country) 720 
Manhattan Ave,, Manhattan Beach. 
Office: 1047-49 S, Hill St., Los An- 

NELSON, Raymond Alexander, 
attorney; b. Los Angeles, Aug. 18, 
1899; s. Alexander Philip and Amy 

Amanda (Stephens) N.; ed. U. of S 
Calif. Coll. of Law. Observer, L.A, 
sta., U.S. weather bur., 1917-20; me^ 
teorologist, dept. of meteorology, L.A, 
Chamber of Commerce, 1920-24; en 
gaged in law practice, L.A., 1927 
vice-pres., dir. and counsel, Preswin 
Invmt. Co., L.A. In tr. during World 
War, while in civil service of U.S 
capt. Signal Corps Res., U.S.A., 1923 
— . Author of various papers on me^ 
teorology. Mem. Amer. Meteorol 
Soc, S. Calif. Acad, of Sciences, L.A 
Co. Bar Assn., S.A.R. (charter mem 
L.A. chap.), Res. Officers' Assn. of 
U.S., Army, Navy & Marine Corps 
Assn. N.S.G.W, Republican, Prot- 
estant, Clubs: City (L.A.), Nat. 
Travel (N.Y, City), Home: 312 N. 
Juanita Ave, OlJice: Pershing Square 
Bldg., Los Angeles. 

GUASTI, Secondo Jr., vineyard- 
ist; b. Los Angeles, Apr. 14. 1891; s. 
Secondo and Louisa (Amillo) G.; ed. 
Belmont (Calif.) schs.; m. Gertrude 
L. Orcutt, of L.A., Sept. 19, 1923; 
children — Secondo III, William Or- 
cutt. Entered employ Italian Vineyard 
Co., L.A. and Guasti, Calif., 1912, 
and became vice-pres. and asst. mgr., 
1919, pres. and gen. mgr. 1927 — ; 
manages company's 5000 acre vine- 
yard at Guasti; pres. Guasti-Giulii, 

Inc., auto tire distributors, L.A.; mem. 
regional bd. Bank of Italy. Mem. 
Calif. Vineyardists' Assn. (dir.), 
Mchts. & Mfrs. Assn., L.A. hd. of 
Trade, L.A. Realty Bd. Republican, 
Catholic, Clubs: California, Jonathan, 
Uphfters (L,A,); Beach (Santa Mon- 
ica), Rainbow Angling (Redlands), 
Lomita Gun (Sunset Beach), LaGrulla 
Gun (Ensenada, Mexico), Bear River 
Gun, Home: Guasti, Office: 1248 
Palmetto St., Los Angeles, 



McNAB, John L., at