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920.079 W617- 



FORM 3A27 5M 12-39 

Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 witii funding from 

San Francisco Public Library 





Los Angeles — California 









Edited By 


Los Angeles — California 

Copyright 1941 



All Rights Reserved 



In Appreciation 

■pOR THEIR nominations, suggestions — and friendly 
■*■ cooperation through many trying months — the Editor 
wishes to express his sincere thanks to the following: 

Professor Russell Andrus, Ph.D. 

Gertrude F. Atherton. LL.D., Litt.D. 

Markell Craig Baer, B.L., J.D. 

Martha Wheeler Baxter 
Mrs. Queen Walker Boardman 

I. George Dobsevage, Esq. 
Laura Bell Everett, A.B., M.L. 

Donald Gledhill, Esq. 
Frederick M. Hall, LL.B. 
Mrs. Leiland Atherton Irish 

Florence R. Keene 

John Boynton Kaiser, M.L.S. 

Professor Frank J. Klingberg. Ph.D., F.R.H.S. 

Richard Lert, Esq. 

Mary Carr Moore, Mus.D. 

The Honorable J. F. T. O'Connor, LL.B., LL.D. 

(Henry) Lee Shippey, Esq. 

E. Carroll Sibley. Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D., D.D. 

Perry Worden, Ph.D. 


This volume of biographies, now in its first biennial 
edition, was originated by the editor in the hope that it 
would prove to be an authentic guide to the achievements 
of Notable Living Men and Women of the State of Calif- 
ornia, for use in the libraries and schools of the state. 

We do not claim that the volume is perfect — it is 
doubtless true that errors will be found; undoubtedly there 
will be some inconsistencies; errors will be found in both 
inclusion and exclusion. When one takes into consider- 
ation the amount of time and effort involved in the 
preparation of such a work, especially the first edition, 
perhaps one will prove a little lenient toward the editor. 

We do not claim that the volume is complete — repeated 
requests for data from certain individuals have failed to 
elicit any response. 

We do claim, however, that each and every name appear- 
ing in this volume was nominated for that distinction 
by one, or more, whose name had already been accepted 
for inclusion by our Committee of Ten. 

It is hoped that the pages of this edition will bear 
their own testimony to the sincere efforts of the editor 
to present a volume com.pletely different to any biograph- 
ical work ever attempted in the United States. We refer 
particularly to the name, title and degrees being at the 
top of the biography — where they belong. We have, also, 
in mind the paragraphing of each separate phase of an 
individual's career (headed in italics). 

While every human effort will be spent to improve each 
succeeding edition, the fondest hopes of the editor will be 
realized if this volume serves in a small measure, the pur- 
pose for which it was intended, that of a quick and ready 
reference to the Notable Living Men and Women of the 
State of California. 


In Appreciation v 

Preface vii 

Contents ^ 

Qualifications for admission to Who's Who in California xi 

Abbreviations xiii 

County and City Index xiv 

Professional and Business Index xix 

Addenda (biographies received too late for 

insertion in regular order) Lxxxiii 

Biographies 1 


The individuals whose names appear in Who's Who in 
California were nominated as being among the leader? 
in their profession, occupation or locality. 

The standards of admission divide the eligibles into 
two classes: (1) those who are nominated owing to spe- 
cial prominence in various lines of endeavor, making them 
subjects of interest throughout the state; and (2) those 
whose official position — civil, naval, military, educational 
or religious, would arbitrarily result in their inclusion. 

It is hoped that in due time this volume will present 
the biographies of every outstanding California Notable 
whose achievements make him, or her, a subject of 
interest. With this thought in mind the editor would 
appreciate the names, addresses and reason for inclusion 
of those who should be, but are not, in this volume so 
they may be in subsequent editions. 

"No one has paid, or can pay, for inclusion in 
Who's Who in California." 

List of Abbreviations 

A.A. — Degree of Associate cf 

A.A. A. — Agricultural Adjust- 
ment Administration. 
A.A.A.S. — American Associ- 
ation for the Advancement 
of Science. 
A.a.g. — Assistant adjutant- 
A. and M. — Agricultural and 

A.A.O.N.M.S. — Ancient Ara- 
bic Order of the Nobles of 
the Mystic Shrine (Mason- 
A.A.S.R. — Ancient Accepted 

Scottish Rite (Masonic). 
A.B. (also B.A.) — Bachelor of 


A.C. — Analytical Chemist; 

Air Corps; Army Corps. 

Acad. — Academy; Academic. 

A.C.P. — American College of 

A.C.S. — American College of 

A.C.S.A. — American Schools 

of Architecture. 
Aclg. — Acting. 
A.d.c. — Aide-de-camp. 
Add. — Additional. 
Adj. — Adjutant; Adjunct. 
Adj. Gen. — Adjutant General. 
Adm. — Admiral. 
Adminstr. — Administrator. 
Adminstrn. — Administration. 
Adv. — Advertising; Advo- 
cate; Advisory. 
A.E. — Agricultural Engineer. 
A.E.F. — American Expedi- 
tionary Forces. 
A.F.D. — Doctor of Fine Arts. 
A.F. and A.M. — Ancient Free 

and Accepted Masons. 
AJ". of L. — American Federa- 
tion of Labor. 
Agr. — Agriculture. 
Agrl. — Agricultural. 
Agl. — Agent. 
A.I.A. — American Institute of 

A.L.A. — American Library 

A.L.I. — American Library In- 
A.M. (also M.A.)— Master of 

A.M.A. — American Medical 

Am. Inst. E.E. — American In- 
stitute of Electrical Engi- 
Am, Soc. C.E. — American So- 
ciety of Civil Engineers. 
Am. Soc. M.E. — Amciican So- 
ciety of Mechanical Engi- 
A.N.A. — Associate National 

Anat. — Anatomical. 
Ann. — Annual. 
Anthrop. — Anthropological. 
Antiq. — Antiquarian. 
A.O.H. — Ancient Order of Hi- 
Apptmt. — Appointment. 
Apptd. — Appointed. 
A.Q.M. — ■ Assistant quarter- 
A.R.A. Assn. — Am. Relief 

Administration Assn. 
A.R.C. — Am. Red Cross. 
Archaeol. — Archaeological. 
Archtl. — Architectural. 
Ariz. — Arizona. 
Ark. — Arkansas. 
Arty. — Artillery. 
A.S.S.C. — Air Service Signal 

Assn. — Association. 
Asso. — Associate; Associat- 
Asst. — Assistant. 
Astron. — Astronomical. 
Astrophys. — Astrophysical. 
Atty. — Attorney. 
Aug. — August. 
Ave. — Avenue. 

b. — Born. 

B.A. (also A.B.) — Bachelor cf 

B.Agr. — Bachelor of Agricul- 

Bapt. — Baptist. 

B.Arch. — Bachelor of Archi- 

B.B.A. — Bachelor of Business 

Batt. or Bn. — Battalion. 

B.C. — British Columbia. 

B.C.E. — Bachelor of Civil En- 

B.Chii. — Bachelor of Surgery. 

B.C.L. — Bachelor of Civil Law. 

B.C.S. — Bachelor of Commer- 
cial Science. 
Bd. — Board. 

B.D. — Bachelor of Divinity. 
B.Di. — Bachelor of Didactics. 
B.E. — Bachelor of Education. 
B.E.F, — British Expeditionar/ 

Bet. — Betv/een. 
B.F.A. — Bachelor of Fine 

Bibl.— Biblical. 
Bibliog. — Bibliographical. 
Biog. — Biographical. 
Biol. — Biological. 
B.J. — Bachelor of Journalism.. 
B.L. (or Litt.B.) — Bachelor of 

Bldg. — Building. 
Blk.— Block. 
B.L.S. — Bachelor of Library 

Bn. — Battalion. 
B.O. — Bachelor of Oratory. 
Bot. — Botanical. 
B.P. — Bachelor of Painting. 
B.P.E. — Bachelor of Physical 

B.P.O.E. — B e n e V o 1 e n t and 

Protective Order of Elks. 
B.Pd. (or Pd.B.)— Bachelor of 

B.Py. — Bachelor of Pedagogy. 
Brig. — Brigadier; Brigade. 
Brig. Gen. — Brigadier Gener- 
Brit. — British; Britannica. 
Brit. Assn. Adv. Sci. — British 
Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science. 
B.S. (also S.B. or Sc.B.)— Bach- 
elor of Science. 
B.S. in Ry. M.E. — Bachelor in 
Railway Mechanical Engin- 
B.S.A. — Bachelor of Agricul- 
tural Science. 
B.S.D. — Bachelor of Didactic 

B.Th. — Bachelor of Theology. 
Bull.— Bulletin. 
Bur. — Bureau. 
Bus. — Business. 
Bvt. — Brevet. 
B.W.I. — British V/est Indies. 

C.A. — Central America. 


C.A.C. — Coast Artillery 

Calif. — California. 
Can. — Canada. 

Cantab. — of or pertaining to 
Cambridge University, 
Capt. — Captain. 
Cath. — Catholic. 
Cav. — Cavalry. 
C.E. — Civil Engineer. 
C.E.F. — Canadian Expedition- 
ary Forces. 
Ch.— Church. 

Ch.D. — Doctor of Chemistry. 
Chem. — Chemical. 
Chem.E. — Chemical Engin- 
Chirurg. — Chirurgical 
Chmn. — Chairman. 
C.I.C. — Commander in Chief. 
Civ. — Cicil. 

Climatol. — Climatological. 
Clin. — Clinical. 
C.L.S.C. — Chautauqua Liter- 
ary and Scientific Circle. 
CM. — Master in Surgery. 
Co.— Company; County. 
CO. — Commanding Officer. 
CO.F. — Catholic Order of 

Col. — Colonel. 
Coll. — College. 
Com. — Committee. 
Comd. — Commanded. 
Comdg. — Comanding. 
Comdr. — Commander. 
Comdt. — Commandant. 
Commd. — Commissioned. 
Commn. — Commission. 
Commr. — Commissioner. 

Condr. — Conductor. 

Coni. — Conference. 

Conied. — Confederate. 

Congl. — C ongregational; 

Conglist. — Congregationalist. 

Conn. — Connecticut. 

Cons. — Consulting. 

Concertm. — Concertmaster. 

Consol. — Consolidated. 

Constl. — Constitutional. 

Constn. — Constitution. 

Constrn. — Construction. 

Contbd. — Contributed. 

Contbg. — Contributing. 

Contbns. — Contributions. 

Contrbr. — Contributor. 

Conv. — Convention. 

Coop. — Cooperative. 

Corpl. — Corporal. 

Corpn. — Corporation. 

Cos. — Companies; Counties. 

C.O.T.S. — Central Officers' 
Training School. 

CP.A. — Certified Public Ac- 

C.P.H.— Certificate of Public 

CS. — Christian Science. 

C.S.A. (or CS.Army) — Con- 
federate States Army. 

C.S.B. — Bachelor of Christian 

C.S.D. — Doctor of Christian 

C.S.N, (or CS. Navy) — Con- 
federate States Navy. 

CS.R. — Certified Shorthand 

Ct. — Court. 

C.W.S.— Chemical War Serv- 

Cyclo. — Cyclopedia. 

d. — Daughter. 

D.Agr. — Doctor of Agricul- 

D.A.R. — Daughters of the 
American Revolution. 

D.CL. — Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.CS. — Doctor of Commercial 

D.D. — Doctor of Divinity. 

D.D,S. — Doctor of Dental Sur- 

Deg. — Degree. 

Del. — Delaware; Delegate. 

Dem. — Democratic. 

D.Eng. (also Dr. 

Engring., or E.D.) — Doctor 
of Engineering. 

Denom. — Denominational. 

Dep. — Deputy. 

Dept. — Department. 

Dermatol. — Dermatological. 

Desc. — Descendant. 

D.H.L. — Doctor of Hebrew 

Dir. — Director. 

Dist. — District. 

Div. — -Division; Divinity. 

D.Litl. (also L.H.D.)— Doctor of 

D.M.D. — Doctor of Medical 

D.O. — Doctor of Osteopathy. 

D.P.H. (also Dr. P.H.) — Diplo- 
ma in Public Health or Doc- 
tor of Public Health or Doc- 
tor of Public Hygiene. 

Dr. — Doctor. 

D.R. — Daughters of the Revo- 

D.R.E. — Doctor of Religious 


D.Sc. (or ScD.)— Doctor of Sci- 

D.S.C — Distinguished Serv- 
ice Cross. 

D.S.M. — Distinguished Serv- 
ice Medal. 

D.S.T. — Doctor of Sacred 

D.T.M. — Doctor of Tropical 

D.V.M. — Doctor of Veterinary 

D.V.S.— Doctor of Veterinary 

E. — East. 

E. and P. — Extraordinary and 

Ecol. — Ecological. 

Econ. — Economic. 

Ed. — Educated. 

E.D. (also D.Eng.. 

or Dr. Engring.) — Doctor of 

Ed.B. — Bachelor of Education. 

Ed.D. — Doctor of Education. 

Edit. — Edtion. 

Ed.M. — Master of Education. 

Edn. — Education. 

Ednl. — Educational. 

E.E. — Electrical Engineer. 

Elec. — Electrical. 

Electrochem. — Electrochemi- 

Electrophys. — Electrophysi- 

E.M. — Engineer of Mines. 

Ency. — Encyclopaedia. 

Eng. — England. 

Engr. — Engineer. 

Engring. — Engineering. 

Engr. O.R.C — Engineer Of- 
ficers' Reserve Corps. 

Engr. B.C. — Engineer Re- 
serve Corps. 

Engrs. — Engineers. 

Entomol. — Entomological 

e.s. — Eldest son. 

Ethnol. — Ethnological. 

E van g. — Evangelical. 

Exam. — Examination; Exam- 

Exec. — Executive. 

Exhbn. — Exhibition. 

Expdn. — Expedition. 

Expn. — Exposition. 

Expt. — Experiment. 

Exptl. — Experimental. 

F.— Fellow. 
F.A.— Field Artillery. 
F.A.C.P. — Fellow American 
Colleges of Physicians. 


F.A.C.S. — Fellow American 
Collage of Surgeons. 

Fed. — Federation. 

Fgn. — Foreign. 

Frat. — Fraternity. 

F.R.C.P.— Fellow Royal Col- 
lege of Physicians (Eng- 

F.R.C.P.E. — Fellow Royal 
College of Physicians of 

F.R.C.S,— Fellow Royal Col- 
lege of Surgeons (England). 

F.R.S.E. — Fellow Royal So- 
ciety of Edinburgh. 

Ft.— Fort. 

G.-l (or other num- 
ber—General Staff Officer 

G.A.R. — Grand Army of the 

G.D. — Graduate in Divinity. 

g.d.— Grandaughter. 

Gen. — General. 

Geneal. — Genealogical. 

Geod. — Geodetic. 

Geog. — Geographical; Geo- 

Geol. — Geological. 

Geophys. — Geophysical. 

G.H.Q. — General Headquart- 

Gov. — Governor. 

Govt. — Government. 

Grad. — Graduated; Graduate. 

Gt.— Great. 

Gynecol. — Gynecological. 

Hdqrs. — Headquarters. 

H.G. — Home Guard. 

H.I. — Hawaiian Islands. 

H.Ty. (orT.H.)— Hawaiian Ter- 

Hist. — Historical; Historic. 

Hon. — Honorary; Honorable; 

Ho. of Reps. — House of Rep- 

Hoit. — Horticultural. 

Hosp. — Hospital. 

Hts. — Heights. 

Hydrog. — Hydrographic. 

lUus.— Illustrated. 

Inc. — Incorporated; Inclusive. 

Ind. — Indiana; Independent. 

Ind. Ty. — Indian Territory. 

Inf. — Infantry. 

Ins. — Insurance. 

Insp. — Inspector. 

Insp. Gen. — ^Inspector Gener- 

Inst. Institute. 

Instn. — Institution. 

Inslr. — Instructor. 

Instrn. — Instruction. 

Internat. — International. 

Intro. — Introduction. 

I.O.B.B. — Independent Order 
of B'nai B'rith. 

I.O.G.T. — International Order 
of Good Templars. 

I.O.O.F. — Independent Order 
of Odd Fellows. 

I.C.B.— Juris Canonici Bach- 

J.C.L. — Juris Canonici Lector. 

J.D. — Doctor of Jurisprudence 

Jour. — Journal. 

Jr. — Junior. 

J.S.D. — Doctor of Juristic Sci- 

Jud. — Judicial. 

K.C. — Knight of Columbus. 
K.C.C.H. — Knight Command- 
er of Court of Honor. 
K.P.— Knight of Pythias. 
K.T.— Knight Templar. 

Lab. — Laboratory. 

Lang. — Language. 

Laryngol. — Laryngological. 

Lbr. — Lumber. 

L.H.D. — Doctor of Letters of 

Lit. — Literary; Lterature. 

Lit. Hum. — Literae Human- 
ores (classics, Oxford 
Univ., Eng.). 

Litt.B. (or B.L.) — Bachelor of 

LL.B. — Bachelor of Laws. 

LL.D. — Doctor of Laws. 

L.O.M. — Loyal Order of 

L.R.C.P. — Licentiate Royal 
Coll. Physicians. 

L.R.C.S. — Licentiate Royal 
Coll. Surgeons. 

L.S.A. — Licentiate Society of 

Lt. (or Lieut.) — Lieutenant. 

Lt.CoL — Lieutenant Colonel. 

Lt.Gen. — Lieutenant General. 

Lt.Gov. — Lieutenant gover- 

Ltd. — Limited. 

m. — Married. 

M.A. (or A.M.) — Master of 

Mag. - -Magazine. 
M.Agr. — Master of Agricul- 
Mai. — Major. 

Maj.Gen. — Major General. 
Math. — Mathematical. 
M.B. — Bachelor of Medicine. 
M.B.A. — Master of Business 

M.C. — Member of Congress, 

Medica Corps. 
M.C.S. — Master of Commer- 
cial Science, 
Mcht. — Merchant. 
Md. — Maryland. 
M.D. — Doctor of Medicine. 
M.Di. — Master of Didactics. 
M.Dip. — Master in Diplom- 
Mdse. — Merchandise. 
Me. — Maine. 
M.E. — Mechanical Engineer: 

Methodist Episcopal. 
Mech. — Mechanical. 
M.E.Ch. — Methodist Episco- 
pal Church. 
Med. — Medical. 
Med.CR.C. — Medical Offi- 
cers' Reserve Corps. 
Med.R.C. — Medical Reserve 

M.E.E. — Master of Electrical 

Mem. — Member. 
Met. — Metropolitan. 
MetalL — ^Metallurgical 
Meteorol. — Meteorological. 
Meth. — Methodist. 
Metrol. — Metrological. 
M.F. — ^Master of Forestry. 
M.F.A. — Master of Fine Arts 

(carries title of Dr.) 
Mfg. — Manufacturing. 
Mfr. — Manufacture; Manufac- 
Mfrs. — Manufacturers. 
Mgr. — Manager. 
M.I. — Military Intelligence. 
Mich. — Michigan. 
Micros. — Microscopical. 
Mil. — Military. 
Mineral — Mineralogical. 
Minn. — Minnesota. 
Miss. — Mississippi. 
M.I.T. — Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology. 
MX. (or LL.M.) — Master of 

M.Litt. — Master of Literature. 
Mile. — Mademoiselle (Miss). 
Mme. — Madame. 


M.M.E. — Master of Mechan- 
ical Engineering. 
Mng. — Managing. 
Mo. — Missouri. 
Mont. — Montana. 
M.P.— Methodist Protestant. 
M.Pd. — Master of Pedagogy. 
M.P.E. — Master of Physical 

M.P.L. — Master of Patent 

M.R.C.P. — Member Royal 

College of Physicians. 
M.R.C.S. — Member Royal 

Coll. Surgeons. 
M.R.E. — Master of Religious 

M.S. (or M.Sc.) — Master of 

M.S.F. — Master of Science of 

M.S.T. — Master of Sacred 

Mt. — Mount. 
Mtn. — Mountain. 
Mus. — Museum; Musical. 
Mus.B. — Bachelor of Music. 
Mus.D. (or Mus.Doc.) — Doctor 

of Music. 
Mus.M. — Master of Music. 
M.V.M. — Massachusetts Vol- 
unteer Militia. 
M.W.A. — Modern Woodmen 

of America. 
Mycol. — Mycological. 

No.— North. 

N.A. — National Academician; 

North America; National 

N.A.D. — National Academy 

of Design. 
Nat. — National. 
Nav. — Navigation. 
N.B. — New Brunswick. 
N.C. — North Carolina. 
N.D.— North Dakota. 
N.E. — Northeast, also New 

N.E.A. — National Educational 

Neb. — Nebraska. 
Nev. — Nevada. 
N.G. — National Guard. 
N.G.N.Y.— National Guard of 

New York. 
N.H. — New Hampshire. 
N.J. — New Jersey. 
N.M. — New Mexico. 
N.Ph.D. — Doctor of Natural 

Nov. — November. 
Nr. — Near. 

NRA — National Recovery 

N.S. — Nova Scotia. 
N.T. — New Testament. 
N.W.— Northwest. 
N.Y.— New York (state). 

O.— Ohio. 

Obs. — Observatory. 

Obstet. — Obstetrical. 

Oct. — October. 

O.E.S. — Order of the Eastern 

OfcL— Official. 

Okla. — Oklahoma. 

Ont. — Ontario. 

OphthaL — Opthalmological. 

O.Q.-M.G. — Office of Quar- 
termaster General. 

O.R.C. — Officers' Reserve 

Orgn. — Organization. 

OrnithoL — Ornithological. 

O.S.B. — Order of Saint Bene- 

O.T.— Old Testament. 

O.T.C. — Officers' Training 

Otol. — Otological. 

O.T.S. — Officers' Training 

O.U.A.M. — Order United 
American Mechanics. 

Path. — Pathological. 

Pd.B. (or B.Pd.) — Bachelor of 

Pd.D. — Doctor of Pedagogy. 

Pd.M. — Master of Pedagogy. 

P.E. — Protestant Episcopal. 

P.E.N. — Poets, Playwrights, 
Editors, Essayists and Nov- 
elists (Internat. Assn.) 

PenoL — Penological. 

Pharm. — Pharmaceutical. 

Pharm.D. — Doctor of Pharm- 

Pharm.M. — Master of Pharm- 

Ph.B. — Bachelor of Philoso- 

Ph.C. — Pharmaceutical Chem- 

Ph.D. — Doctor of Philosophy; 
Doctor of Pharmacy. 

Ph.G. — Garduate in Pharm- 

Phila. — Philadelphia. 

PhiloL — Philological. 

Philos. — Philosophical. 

Photog. — Photographic. 

Phys. — Physician, Physical. 

Phys. and Surg. — Physicians 
and Surgeons. 

PhysioL — Psychiological. 

P.L — Philippine Islands. 

PL— Place. 

P.-M. — Paymaster. 

Polit. — Political. 

Poly. — Polytechnic. 

PomoL— Pomological. 

P.R.— Porto Rico. 

Prep. — Preparatory. 

Pres. — President. 

Presbyn. — Presbyterian. 

PresdL — Presidential. 

Prin. — Principal. 

Proc. — Proceedings. 

Prod. — Produced (for produc- 
tion of play). 

Prof. — Professor. 

Prog. — Progressive. 

Propr. — Proprietor. 

Pros. Atty. — Prosecuting At- 

Pro Tem — Pro tempore (for 
the time being). 

Phychial. — Psychiatrical. 

PsychoL — Psychological. 

Pub. — P u b 1 i c; Publisher; 
Publishing; Published. 

PubL — Publication. 

Pvt. — Private. 

Q.M. — Quartermaster. 

Q.M.C. — Quartemaster Corps. 

Q.M. Gen. — Quartermaster 

Q.M.O.R.C. — Quartermaster 
Officers' Reserve Corps. 

Q.M.R.C. — Quartermaster Re- 
serve Corps. 

Quar. — Quarterly. 

Que. — Quebec (province). 

q.v. — quod vide (which see). 

(R.) — Reserve. 

(R.F.) — Reserve Force. 

R.A.M. — Royal Arch Mason. 

R.C. — Roman Catholic; Re- 
serve Corps. 

R.C.S. — Revenue Cutter Ser- 

Rd.— Road. 

R.D. — Rural Delivery. 

R.E. — Reformed Episcopal. 

Rec. — Recording. 

R.F.D. — Rural Free Delivery. 

Regt. — Regiment. 

RegtL — Regimental. 

Rep. — Republican; Represen- 

Rept. — Report. 

Res. or (Res.) — Reserve. 

Ret.— Retirei 


Rev. — Review; Rovorend; 

R.F.C. — Reconstruction Fi- 
nance Corpn. 

R,I. — Rhole Island. 

R.M.S. — Railway Mail Ser- 

Rontgenol — Rontgenologic \\. 

R.O.S. — Royal Order of Scot- 

R.O.S.C. — Reserve Officers' 
Sanitary Corps. 

R.O.T.C. — Reserve Officers' 
Training Corps. 

R,P, — Reformed Presbyterian. 

R.R. — Railroad. 

R.T.C. — Reserve Training 

Ry. — Railway. 

s. — Son. 
So. — South. 
S.A. — South America. 
San. — Sanitary. 
S.A.R.— Sons of the Am. Rev- 
S.A.T.C. — Students' Army 

Training Corps. 
Savs. — Savings. 
S.B. (also B.S. or Sc.B.)— Bach- 
elor of Science. 
S,C. — South Carolina; Sani- 
tary Corps. 
ScJD. (or D.Sc.>— Doctor of 

S.C.D. — Doctor of Commercial 

Sch. — School. 
Sci. — Science; Scientific. 
S.C.V. — Sons of Confederate 

S.C.W.— Society of Colonial 

S.D.— South Dakota. 
S.E. — Southeast. 
Sec. — Secretary. 
Sect. — Section. 
Seismol. — Seismological. 
Sem. — Seminary. 
Sept. — September. 
Sergt. — Sergeant. 
S.I.— Staten Island. 
S.I. — Society of Jesus (Jesuit). 
S.J.D. — Doctor Juristic Sci- 
S.M. — Master of Science. 
Soc. — Society. 
Sociol. — Sociological. 
S. of V. — Sons of Veterans. 

S.O.R.C— S i g n a 1 Officers' 
Reserve Corps. 

S.O.S. — Service of Supply. 

Spl. — Special. 

Splty. — Specialty. 

Sq. — Square. 

Sr. — Senior. 

S.R. — Sons of the Revolution. 

S.R.C. — Signal Reserve 

S.S. — Steamship. 

St. — Saint; Street. 

Sta. — Station. 

Statis. — Statistical. 

S.T.B. — Bachelor of Sacred 

S.T.D.— Doctor of Sacred The- 

S.T.L. — Licentiate in Sacred 
Theology; Lector of Sacred 

Supt. — Superintendent. 

Surg. — Surgical. 

S.W.— Southwest. 

Symph. — Symphony. 

T. and S. — Trust and Savings. 

Tech. — Technical; Technol- 

TechnoL — Technological. 

Temp. — Temporary, Temper- 

Tenn. — Tennessee. 

Ter. (or Ty.) — Territory. 

Tex. — Texas. 

T.H. (or H.T.)— Territory of 

Th.D. — Doctor of Theology. 

Th.M. — Master of Theology. 

Theol. — Theological 

Topog. — Topographical. 

Tp. (or Twp.) — Township. 

T.P.A. — Travelers' Protective 

Tr. — Training. 

Trans. — Transactions; Trans- 

Transl. — Translation, Transla- 

Treas. — Treasurer; Treasury. 

Twp. (or Tp.) — -Township. 

Ty. (or Ter.) — Territory. 

Typog. — Typographical. 

U. — University. 

U.B. — U n i t e d Brethren in 

U.C.T. — United Commercial 

U.C.V. — United Confederate 


U.D.C.— United Daughters of 
tho Confederacy. 

Univ. -University. 

U.P. - United Presbyterian; 
Union Pacific. 

Urol. — Urological. 

U.S.— United States. 

U.S.A.— United States Army. 

U.S.C.G.— United States Coast 

U.S.C.T.— U. S. Colored 

U.S.H.G. — United States 
Home Guard. 

U.S.M.C.— United States Ma- 
rine Corps. 

U.S.M.H.S.— U n i t e d States 
Marine Hospital Service. 

U.S.N.— United States Navy. 

U.S.N.A.— United States Na- 
tional Army. 

U.S.N.G.— United States Na- 
tional Guard. 

U.S.N.R.F.— U n i t e d States 
Naval Reserve Force. 

U.S.P.H.S.— U n i t e d States 
Public Health Service. 

U.S.R. — United States Re- 
U.S.R.C.S.— U. S. Revenue 

Cutter Service. 
U.S.S.R. — Union of Soviet So- 
cialist Republics. 
U.S.V.— United States Volun- 

V. — vice. 
Va. — Virginia. 
Vet. — Veteran; Veterinary. 
Vice-pres. (or v.p.) — Vice- 
Vol. — Volunteer; Volume. 
Vs. — Versus (against). 
Vt. — Vermont. 

W.— West. 

Wash. — Washington (state). 

W.C.T.U. — Woman's Chris- 
tian Temperance Union. 

W.D.C.— War Department Ci- 

Wis. — Wisconsin. 

W.Va.— West Virginia. 

Wyo.— Wyoming. 

Y.M.C.A. — Young Men's 
Christian Assn. 

Y.M.H.A.— Young Men's He- 
brew Assn. 

Yrs. — Years. 

Y.W.C.A. — Young Women's 
Christian Association. 

Zool. — Zoological. 

City and County Index 

The rigurcs under the County heading show: 
(1) the 1940 Census Bureau i^;opulation; and (2) the 
number of biographies of individuals in that County. 


f /'()/). ; l.i.Oll- liUXJH. /,16) 

Alameda — 

Brown, Marion, U.S. Principal 122 

Clcland, Chaplain G., Clergyman 181 

Forrier, Wm. Warren, Clergyman 298 

Johansen, Agente K.. Actress 456 

Spenco, Homer R., Jurist 853 

Strait, Louis A., Bio-Physicist 878 

Swart, Walter G., Cons. Engr 885 

Tibbetts, John P., Fed. Exec 906 

Tilden, Charles Lee, Lawyer 907 

Albany — 

Graeber, Chas F., Mayor 352 

Yovino- Young, Jos. John, Lawyer 1022 

Berkeley — 

Adams, Frank, Prof. Irrig 6 

Adams, Geo. P., Prof. Philosophy 6 

Allen, James T., Prof. Greek 14 

Alsberg, Carl Lucas, M.D 18 

Altrocchi, Julia C, Poet 19 

Altrocchi, Rudolph, Prof. Italian 19 

Babcock, Ernest B., Prof. Genetics 36 

Babington, Suren H., M.D 37 

Bailey, John Wm., Theologian 41 

Ballantine, Henry W., Prof. Law 44 

Barber, Oscar T., Lawyer 46 

Barker, H. A., Prof. Soil Microbiology.... 47 

Beach, Jerry R., Prof. Vet. Science 57 

Beals, Carleton, Author 58 

Beck, Anna Rearden, Writer 60 

Benedict, Murray R., Prof. Agrl. Eco 68 

Bernstein. Ben. A., Prof. Math 74 

Bissau, Clifford H., Prof. French 79 

Black, Ben. W., M.D., Med. Dir 81 

Blaisdell, Allen C, Educator 83 

Blish, Morris J., U.S. Dept. Agri 87 

Blochman, Lazar E., Meteorologist 89 

Blythe, Stuart Oakes, Writer 90 

Bolton, Herbert E., Historian 94 

Bowie, Clifford P., Mining Engr 102 

Breckenfeld, Gurney, Editor Ill 

Bronson, Bertrand H., Prof. Eng 117 

Bronson, Thomas B., Educator 118 

Bruman, Henry J., Coll. Instr 125 

Buckham, John W., Theologian 127 

Bugbee, Jr., Henry G., Educator 129 

Bullwinkel, Clarence A.. Merchant 130 

Calkins, Robt. D., Economist 143 

Carmody, Francis J., Prof. French 150 

Carter, Harold D., Prof. Eng 153 

Cassidy, Harry M., Prof. Soc. Welfare.... 159 

Castle, Wm. E., Prof. Genetics 160 

Chaney, Ralph W., Prof. Paleontology.... 166 

Chevalier, H. M.. Prof. French 170 

Clark, Nalbro B.. Author 178 

Condliffe, John Bell, Prof. Economics 194 

Cooksey, Donald Physicist. 198 

Coolidge, Mary E. B. R., Prof. Sociology.. 198 

Corbett, Laurence J., Elec. Engineer 201 

Coryell, May M. H., Pianist 203 

Crawford, Russell T., Prof. Astronomy.... 211 

Cross, Ira B., Prof. Economics 215 

Cross, Ralph H., Lawyer 215 

Daggett, Stuart, Educator 223 

Darling, Esther B., Author 225 

Davis, Wm. C, Armv Officer 234 

Dennes, William R., Prof. Philosophy 242 

Deutsch, Monroe E., Univ. Exec 244 

Dickinson, Edwin D., Prof. Law 246 

Dinwiddle, John E., Architect 249 

Dobbins, Hugh T., Clergyman 251 

Downs, Francis S., Clergyman 260 

Doyle, Helen M., M.D 262 

Driver, John, Institution Exec 263 

Dunscomb, George B., Publisher 268 

Eaton. J. Lloyd, M.D 272 

Elkus, Albert I., Composer 276 

Ellis, Howard S., Prof. Economics 278 

Ellsworth, Von Theurer, State Exec 279 

Erdman, Henry E., Prof. Agrl. Econs 282 

Essig, Edward O., Prof. Entomology 284 

Evans, Herbert M., M.D., Prof. Anatomy 287 

Everett, Elizabeth A., H.S. Teacher 288 

Everett, Laura Bell, Writer 289 

Farquhar, Francis P., Accountant 293 

Farquhar, Samuel T., Publishing Exec 293 

Faught, Willis E., Sch. Superintendent.... 295 

Fisk, Chester C, City Exec 303 

Fleming, Sandford, Sch. Pres 307 

Freeborn, Stanley B., Prof. Entomology.. 316 

Freeman, Frank N., Educator 316 

Fry, John, Clergyman 319 

Gamon, John Arthur, Diplomat _. 324 

Garrison, James Boyd, State Exec 327 

Gaylord, Robert B., Lawyer 331 

Gessler, Clifford. Author 335 

Gettel, Nelene G., Dramatic Reader 335 

Gettell, Raymond G., Prof. Pol. Science.. 336 
.Gifford, Edward W., Museum Curator.... 339 

Goodspeed, Thos. H., Prof. Botany 348 

Graham, Alexander E., Federal Exec 352 

Gray, Harold F., Hydraulic Engr 354 

Greenberg, David M., Prof. Biochem 356 

Gregg, John W., Prof. Landscape Design.. 357 

Gudde, Erwin G., Prof. German 361 

Gudmunds, Thordis L. O., Composer 361 

Hagar, Gerald H., Lawyer 366 

Hall, Ansel F., Nat. Park Admr 370 

Haring, Clarence M., Prof. Vet. Sc 380 

Harris, Grace Griffith, Artist 383 

Harron, Marion J., Lawyer 384 

Hauswirth, Frieda, Writer 389 

Hawthorne, Hildegarde, Author 391 

Hennessey, Denis L., Educator 400 

Herms, Wm. B., Prof. Parasitology 402 

Herrick, Benita A., City E.xecutive 403 

Hickok, Clifton E., Civil Engineer 406 

Hildebrand, Joel H., Univ. Admstr 407 

Hoagland, D. R., Prof. Plant Nutrition... 411 

Holmes, Samuel J., Prof. Zoology 419 

Homan, Walter J., Educator 420 

Howell, John Gilson, Bookdealer 428 

Hoyt, Carrie Lucretia, City Exec 429 

Hunter, Stanley A., Clergyman 437 

Huntington, Arthur F., Navy Officer... 438 

Hutchison, Claude B., Agronomist •3^1 

Hyde, Charles G., Prof. San. Engrg 442 

Hyde, Theophilus R., Educator 442 

Jackson, Joseph H., Literary Editor 447 

Jacobs, Helen Hull, Tennis Player 448 

Jenny, Hans, Prof. Soil Chemistry 453 

Jepson, Willis L., Prof. Botany 454 

Johnson, Gardiner, Law>'er 457 

Johnson, Sargent C, Sculptor 460 

Jones, Emma McCune, Artist 463 

Jones, Harold E., Prof. Psychology 463 

Joralemon, Ira Beaman, Mining Engr 467 

Kaun, Alexander, Prof. Slav. Languages.. 472 

Keeler, Ormeida, Bus. Exec 473 

Kelley, Walter P., Prof. Soil Chem 476 

Kellogg, Wilfred H., M.D., Surgeon 477 

Kemp, William W., Prof. Education 478 

Kennedy, Harry E., Research Engr 481 


Kerner, Robt. J., Historian 483 

Keys, Noel, Prof. Education 485 

Kitts, Joseph A., Cons. Engr 492 

Knight, Melvin M., Economist 498 

Kofold, Charles A., Prof. Zoology 502 

Kotok, Edward I., Cons. Forester 504 

Kraebel, Chas. J., Forest Research 505 

Kroeber, Alfred L., Scientist 507 

Krueger, Albert P., Bacteriologist 508 

Kyte, Geo. C, Prof. Education 511 

Labarthe, Jules, Metall. Engr 511 

Landauer, Carl, Prof. Economics 514 

Latimer, Wendell M., Prof. Chem 521 

Lawrence. Carl G., Coll. Pres 523 

Lawrence, Ernest O., Physicist 523 

Lawrence, Raymond D., Writer 524 

Leavens. Robt. F., Clergyman 528 

Legge, Robert Thomas, M.D 531 

Lehmer, Eunice M., Poet 532 

Lessing, F. D., Prof. Oriental Langs 537 

Leupp, Harold L., Librarian 538 

Leuschner, Armin O., Astronomer 538 

Lewis, Edward M., Army Officer 540 

Lipman, Chas. B., Prof. Plant Physlgy 548 

Lipman. Frederick L., Banker 548 

Lloyd, Rosemary D., Bus. E.xec 550 

Loeb, Lennard B., Prof. Physics 553 

Loper, Vere V., Clergyman 556 

Louderback, Harold, Jurist 557 

Lowie, Robert H., Anthropologist 558 

MacCaughey, Vaughan, Editor 568 

Macdonald, Austin F., Prof. Pol. Sci 569 

Mackay, Donald S., Prof. Philosophy 572 

Manchester, Genevieve S., Sch. Prin 578 

Manning, Paul De Vries, Engineer 579 

May, Samuel Chester, Prof. Pol. Sci 592 

McBaine, James P., Prof. Law 595 

McCall, Eileen L., Prof. Music 596 

McCown, Chester C, Theologian 601 

McGiffert, Jr., Arthur C, Theologian 607 

McGovney, Dudley O., Prof. Law 607 

McKee. John R., Corpn. Exec 610 

McMillin, May Walker, Civic Worker 616 

Mearns, Robert W., Army Officer 620 

Meiklejohn, Alexander, Writer 621 

Metcalf, Woodbridge, Prof. Forestry 627 

Milburn, Leigh Hope, Astrologer 631 

Miller, Alden H., Museum Dir 632 

Mitchell, Sydney B., Lib. Sch. Dir 645 

Mood, Fulmer, Educator 649 

Morgan, William S., Theologian 656 

Morlev, Sylvanus G., Prof. Spanish 657 

Morris, William A., Prof. Eng. History.... 659 

Morrish, William F., Banker 660 

Mount, Arnold J.. Banker 664 

Muilenburg, James, Theologian 665 

Mulford, Walter, Prof. Forestry 666 

Murphey, John D., Jurist 667 

Neuhaus, Eugen, Prof. Art 676 

Newlon, W. E., Poultry Extn. Spclst 677 

Neyman, Jerzy, Prof. Mathematics 678 

Niehaus, Anne M., Clubwoman 680 

Novy, Jr., Frederick G., M.D 686 

Noyes, Geo. R., Prof. Slav. Languages.... 686 

Offord, Lenore G., Author 688 

Olmsted, James M. D., Prof. Physiology.. 691 
Paget-Fredericks, Baron J.R.-M., Artist 69? 
Palm, Franklin C, Prof. Mod. Eur. Hist. 699 

Parker, Peter P., Clergyman 702 

Parkinson, Roy Harvey, M.D 703 

Parsons, Marion R., Writer 704 

Patterson, Mary F., Prof. Art 706 

Patton, James L., Clergyman 707 

Peirce, John M., Tax Economist 713 

Pepper, Stephen C, Prof. Philosophy... 714 

Peters, Donovan O., Lawyer 717 

Pettygrove, George C, Banker 719 

Pickett, John E., Editor 723 

Pillsbury, Warren H., Lawyer 725 

Price, Lawrence M., Prof. German 739 

Priestley, Herbert I., Prof. History 740 

Putnam, Thos. M., Prof. Mathematics... 746, J. W., M.D., Prof. Aslron. 747 

Raab, Alexander, Pianist 748 

Randall, Merle, Research Chem 757 

Ratcliff, Walter H., Architect 753 

Rav, P. Orman, Prof. Pol. Sci 755 

Reed, H. S., Prof. Plant Physiology 759 

Reed, Thomas R., Meteorologist 760 

Richardson, Leon J., Prof. Emeritus 767 

Riehle, Eva, Violinist 768 

Rose, Galen Lee, Clergyman 783 

Rowell, Chester H., Editor 789 

Russell, Frank M., Prof. PoL Sci 793 

Sauer, Carl, Prof. Geography 801 

Schmidt, Carl Louis A., Biochemist 807 

Schmitz, Friedrich, Univ. Instr 807 

Schuler, Loring A., Editor 810 

Schulz, Edward H., Army Officer 811 

Schuster, A. B., Editorial Writer 812 

Setchell, Wm. A., Prof. Botany 821 

Shane, Chas. D., Prof. Astrophysics 822 

Shear, Fera Webber, Painter 825 

Shear, Sherwood W., Agrl. Economist 825 

Shepherd, Chas. R., Social Worker 828 

Shires, Henry H., Theologian 831 

Simpson, Elizabeth, Teacher Piano 836 

Simpson, Emma L., High Sch. Teacher. .. 837 

Simpson, Lesley B., Prof. Spanish 837 

Sizer, Frank L., Mining Engr 839 

Skinner, George A., M.D., Army Officer.. 840 

Slenczvnski, Ruth, Pianist 840 

Sorber, Daniel G., Chemist 851 

Spero, Anna K., Editor 855 

Sproul, Ida A., Red Cross Exec 856 

Sproul, Robert G., Univ. Pres 856 

Stevens, Ida M., State E.xec 868 

Stevens, Thad W., Sch. Principal 868 

Stewart. Geo. R., Prof. English 871 

Stockwell, Palmer, Cytogeneticlst 873 

Stokdyk, Ellis A., Agr. Economist 873 

Stratton, Geo. M., Prof. Psychology 879 

Strieker, Edwin W., Clergyman 879 

Swartz, Herman Frank, Theologian 886 

Swift, Fletcher H., Prof. Edn 887 

Taylor, Lewis W., Lecturer 893 

Taylor, Paul S., Prof. Economics 894 

Tibbetts, Edith M. K., Educator 905 

Torossian, Aram, Prof. Architecture 912 

Torrey, Harry B., M.D., Prof. Biology.... 913 

Towar, James D., Agriculturist 914 

Traynor, Roger J., Jurist 915 

Trumpler, Robert J., Prof Astronomy.... 920 
Valentine, Percy F., Prof. Psychology ... 929 

Vandegrift, Rolland A., Ins. Exec 930 

Van Dyke, Edwin C, Prof. Entomology.... 931 

van Wyck, William, Author 934 

Verkuyl, Gerrit, Theologian 937 

Walter, Chesley M., Lawyer 949 

Wernecke, Livingston, Corpn. Exec 967 

Whitney, Margaret M., Editor 976 

Wilbur, Earl M., Theologian 981 

Williams, E. T., Prof. Oriental Langs 986 

Williamson, Jessie S., Clubwoman 989 

Wilson, Mary E., Educator 993 

Witkin, Bernard E., Lawyer 999 

Wolfe, Linnie M., Librarian 1000 

Woods, Baldwin M., Prof. Mech. Engrg. 1006 

Woolley, Charles H., Publisher 1010 

Wright, Geo. C, Violinist 1013 

Wvllie, Robert E., Army Officer 1016 

Wynne, Leslie B., Writer 1016 

X, Stuart, Philosopher 1017 

Centerville — 

Dusterberry, Frank T., Co. Exec 268 

Dusterberry, Margared C, Clubwoman... 269 

Emeryville — 

Michener, Harry V., Corpn. Exec 630 

Hayward — 

Kaye, Katherine, Librarian 472 

Livermore — 

Bush, Chesley, M.D., Surgeon 136 


Niles — 

Bcndfl, VVinirrcl II.. Civic Worker 67 

KimlHT, John K., Poultry lireeder 487 

Williainsdii, Cladys P., Writer 988 

Oakland — 

Armstrong, J. Evan, Bus. Exec 28 

Baer, M:ul<ell C, Lawyer 39 

Battram, Florence C, Composer 55 

Beardslev, Charles, Lawyer 59 

Bigelow, Archihald P., Hanker 77 

Breed, Jr., Arthur II., State Senator Ill 

Buckley, Homer W., Lawyer 12S 

Carlson, Fred, Fire Mar.shal 149 

Carter, All)crt E., Lawyer IS.'i 

Ca.ssidy, Ro.salind, Prof. Education 159 

Church, Lincoln S., Jurist 174 

Clark, Addison N., Mining Engineer 175 

Crane, Clarkson, Writer 209 

Cross, Robert B., Organist 216 

de Menezes, Sr., Joaquim B., Editor 241 

Diller, Elliot V., Prof. Religion 248 

Donohoe, Nellie G., Postmaster 257 

Encell, Harrv Albert, Lawyer 281 

Evans, Jr., John W., Coll. Instr 287 

Fisher, Ralph T., Banker 303 

Fisher, Ray Wall, Educator 303 

Foote, Philip M., Pianist 309 

Furbay, John H., Author 320 

Goodrich, Leroy R., Lawyer 347 

Goodwin, Cardinal L., Prof. Amer. Hist. 349 

Gray, Leon E., Jurist 355 

Gulick, Jr., Sidney L., Prof. Eng 364 

Harvey, Galen M., Organist 387 

Hedley, Geo. P., Prof. Sociology 395 

Hubbard, Samuel, Achaeologist 431 

Kaiser, John B., Librarian 469 

Keep, Rosalind A., Educator 474 

Kendall. Carlton, Author 479 

Knickerbocker, Paine, Coll. Dir 497 

Knowland, Joseph R., Newspaperman 500 

Knox, John B., Inv. Banker 500 

Knox, Minnie Faegre, Poet 501 

Knox, Walter K., Ins. Broker 501 

Lamb, Woodburn K., M.D., Obstetrician.. 513 

Lambson, Robin, Editor 513 

Leet, Robert A., Bus. Exec 530 

Linslev, Earle G., Astronomer 546 

LinsleV, Earle Gorton, Univ. Instr 546 

Lundberg, Alfred J., Corpn. Exec 561 

Macdonald, Augustin S., Indus. Devlpr 569 

Madison, Elizabeth S., Library Supvr 574 

Mc Cracken, William J., Dental Surg 602 

Meek, Tom Jones, Bus. Exec 621 

ISIelden, Charles M., Clergyman 621 

Milhaud, Darius, Prof. Composition . 631 

Miller, George A., Bishop 634 

Miller, Juanita, Poet 634 

Miller, Nathan H., Lawj'er 636 

Morrow, Irving F., Architect 661 

Mvers, Romaine W., Cons. Engr 672 

Parker, Stan. Vine, Coast Guard Offer. 703 

Partridge, Roi, Prof. Art 705 

Payne, Philip F., Clergyman 709 

Penter, Morris A., Publisher -714 

Peters, Raymond E., Jurist 717 

Phillips, James Henry, Lawyer 722 

Provines, Mary Virginia, Librarian 743 

Reese, Lowell O., Writer 760 

Reinhardt, Aurelia H., Educator 762 

Robinson, Bestor, Lawyer 773 

Robinson, Wilfred H., Dental Surgeon. . 776 

Rotunda, Dominic P., Prof. Spanish 788 

Schreiber, Hazel Snell, Writer 809 

Sheridan, Bernard A., Assemblyman 829 

Smale, Lola Gwin, Pianist 840 

Smale, Rudolph, Writer 841 

Spencer, Blake W., Univ. Supvr 853 

Taylor, Fletcher B., M.D 891 

Thomas, Edgar S., Muse. Inst. Admstr 900 

Turnbow, Grover D., Corpn. Exec 922 

Vail, Elbert M., Civic Worker 928 

Van Tuyl, Marian, Prof. Physical Edn... 934 

von Morpurgo, Henry W.. Pub. Rel8t JMl 

Wagler, S. Victor, Jurist 942 

Walnright, Samuel H., M.D iM.'l 

Warren, Karl, Lawyer JJTyl 

Wal.son, Donald, Corpn. Exec 957 

White, Walter T., Bus. Exec 976 

WlUoughby, Howard. Corpn. Exec 990 

Yee Yin Ng, Editor 1018 

Piedmont — 

Berger, Evelyn M., Psychologist 72 

Ho.s.semcyer, James Lee, Bus. Exec 98 

Brann, Walter S., Lawyer 110 

Breed, Herbert L., Lawyer Ill 

Breuner, Louis J., Bus. Exec 113 

Bronson, Roy A., Lawyer 118 

Burr, Holland F., Clergyman 134 

Carlson, Arthur William, Lawyer 148 

Cook, Florita D., Author 197 

Evans, Charles J., U.S. Customs Offcl... 286 

Gibson, Maurice E., Lawyer 338 

Harshman, Charles Wm., Clergyman 385 

Harshman, Clarence C, Army Officer 385 

Jackson, Frank K., Bus. Exec 446 

Jones, Harry W., Educator 464 

Lamb, Harold Albert, Writer 513 

Milligan, Roy Sheldon, Corpn. Exec 640 

Moffitt, James K., Banker 647 

Ogden, Frank M., Jurist 689 

Rcagor, William P., Clergyman 756 

Schmidt, Alexander R., Writer 807 

See, Orley, Violinist 818 

Stevens, Samuel S., Lawyer 868 

Thornton, Harry A., Lawyer 904 

Trimble, Harold G., M.D 918 

Wishon, A. Emory, Corpn. Exec 998 

Wittschen, Theodore P., Lawj-er 999 

Wood, George U., Hosp. Supt 1003 

Pleasanton — 

Nilson, Walter T., Lawyer 681 

San Leandro — 

Chapel, Charles E., Author 167 


(Pop. 8,973^Biogs. 1) 

lone — 

Martin. Allen Lincoln, Lawyer 585 


(Pop. 42,8JtO—Biogs. 10) 

Chico — 

Enloe, Newton Thos., M.D., Surgeon 282 

Hamilton, Aymer J., Coll. President 373 

Hume, Harry Harlan, City Manager 434 

Morony, Jean, Lawyer 658 

Price, Grayson L., City Atty 739 

Richards, Mabel Kimball, Clubwoman 766 

Durham — 

Jordan-Pray, Ada G., Pianiste 467 

Gridley — 

Wisher, Ray B., Agricultural Dir 988 

Oroville — 

Beebe, Dan L., Publisher... 62 

Wilson. Arthur R., Army Officer 9D0 


(Pop. 8,221 - Biogs. 1) 

San Andreas — 

Airola, Virgil Marion, Dist. Atty 10 


(Pop. 100,1,50 - Biogs. 27> 

Brentwood — 

Allen, Edgar Marion, Publisher 14 

El Cerrito — 

Almquist, Herman James, Prof. Agr.. 18 

Duckies, Frederic Monroe, YMCA Exec... 264 
Hart, Frank Wm., Prof. Educn 385 


Hercules — 

Huxter, Frederick G., Chem. Engr 442 

Lafayette — 

Garrett, iManuel Mordecai, Realtor 327 

Lvon, Ilarvev Blanchard, Bus. Exec 566 

Morse, C. C., Editor 661 

Rice, George Arthur, Educator 765 

Martinez — 

Bray, Absalom Francis, Jurist IH 

Hobart, Earle Tisdale, Bus. Exec 412 

John.son, Kaymond Bertram, City Exec... 459 

Orinda — 

Chapman, Charles Edward. Prof. Histy... 168 

Fi.scher, Galen Merriam, Sociologist 302 

Merrill, Chas. W., Metall. Engr 624 

Vaughan, Herbert H., Prof. Italian 935 

Yeager, Dorr Graves, Naturalist 1018 

Pinole — 

Brombacher, Gilbert Elton, Publisher 117 

Pittsburg — 

Rouner, Vernon Chipman, City Judge... 788 

Richmond — 

Collidge, Coit, Librarian 198 

Dondo, Mathurin, Author 256 

Meston, Leta R., Poet 627 

Miller, Agnes Oppel, Composer 632 

Sawallisch, Harold F., Legislator 803 

St. Mary's College — 

Albert, Rev. Brother, College Pres 11 

Walnut Creek — 

Adams, Lucy Lockwood, Prof. English 7 

Bancroft, Philip, Farmer 45 


(Pop. ns,565 - Biogs. 1,9) 

Clovis — 

Case, May L., Newspaperwoman 157 

Coalinga — 

Butler, Fred Eugene, Lawyer 137 

Cheney, Annie Elliott, Civic Worker 170 

Cox, J. Emit, M.D 207 

Ellestad, Theodore Alfred, Sch. Supt 276 

Geer, Charles Lester, Lecturer 332 

Gilliatt, Wm. Henry, M.D 340 

McCollum, Fav James, Editor 599 

Ralston, Lee Walter, Coll. Admstr 749 

Fresno — 

Austin, Herbert Z., Jurist 34 

Aynesworth, George Levin, Lawyer 35 

Beaumont, Campbell E., Jurist 60 

Berdahl, Arthur Clarence, Prof. Music 72 

Briggs, Mitchell P., Prof. Social Sci 115 

Camy, Leon H., Bus. Exec 147 

Collins, Wm. Alfred, County Exec 192 

Conley, Matthew, Lawyer 194 

Conley, Philip, Lawyer 194 

Conley, Wm. Maxwell, Lawyer 194 

Dwelle, Harold Edward, Lawyer ,.. 269 

Fenston, Earl J., Lawyer 296 

Frisselle, Samuel Parker, Bus. Exec 319 

Gearhart, Bertrand W., Congressman 331 

Ginsburg. Hyman Milton, M.D 342 

Halliburton, Clair Emory, Mining Exec 372 

Harris, Morris Bedford. Lawyer 384 

Kaupke, Chas. Lewis, Civil Engr 472 

Klette, Ernest, Jurist 494 

Lang, Albert Ray, Coll. Admstr 516 

McGuire, Alfred Russel, Mining Exec 608 

McLane, Charles Lourie, Educator 613 

Ozias, Christian Markey, Lawyer 696 

Phillips, Hubert, Prof. Social Sci 721 

Radulovich, Smilka, Writer 749 

Shepard, Arthur Cyrus, Lawyer 827 

Stammer, Walter Henry, Lawyer 858 

Thomas, Frank Waters, Educator 900 

Thomson, Thomas Rogers, Jurist 903 

Withrow, Miriam Fo.x, Pianist 999 

Kingsburg — 

Carlson, Elmer Edwin, Jurist 149 

Jacobs, Jr., Edwin E., Publisher 447 

Lindquist, Knute Gottfred, Mayor 544 

Lundberg, Frank A., M.D., Clergyman... 561 

Pierce, Jr., John Franklin, H.S. Prin 724 

Reedley — 

Fairweathcr, Jr., J. H., Newspaperman.... 291 

Langenwalter, Jacob H., Clergyman 516 

McLaughlin, James O., Coll. Prin 614 

Wolfson, Leo, Coll. Admstr 1001 

Selma — 

Rupel, Claude M., Educational Adm 792 


(Pop. 12,195 - Biogs. 9) 

Hamilton City — 

Mills, Jr., James McVicar, Corpn. Exec... 642 

Shanks, Frederick L., Ranch Manager.... 822 
Orland — 

Coffey, Stanley Edward, M.D 188 

Fallings, John Elmer, Bus. Exec 291 

Price, Charles Kirby, Sch. Supt 738 

Wigmore, Leslie Warren, Publisher 981 

Williams, H. O., Sch. Supt 987 

Willows — 

Gambell, Francis H., M.D 324 

Larimer, Clyde H., District Attorney 518 


(Pop. 1(5,812 - Biogs. llf) 

Areata — 

Balabanis, Homer Paul, Prof. Economics.. 43 

Gist, Arthur Stanley, Coll. Exec 342 

Graves, C. Edward, Librarian 353 

Tolle, Vernon Ottis, Coll. Director 911 

Eureka — 

Ayer, J. Warren, Sch. Supt 35 

Crothers. John H., Bus. Exec 216 

Falk, Harry Wilson, Jurist 291 

Lebenbaum, Leo, Hotel Exec 528 

Moore, Jr., Fred J., County Exec 651 

Quinn, Erwin T., State Senator 748 

Scott, Jeremiah Ronald, Lawyer 814 

Simmonds, Harris Raymond, Mayor 835 

Ferndale — 

Blackburn, Arthur W., Lawyer 82 

Willow Creek — 

Delaney, Robert Mills, Composer 240 


(Pop. 59,71,0 - Biogs. 5) 

Calipatria — 

Fowler, Wm. Thomas, City Attorney 312 

El Centro — 

Henderson, Randall, Editor 399 

Hulse, Ben, Rancher 434 


Jessen, Lowell Everett, Editor — 454 

Imperial — 

Stewart, Dorman V., Agrl. Exec 870 


(Pop. 7,625 - B(iogs. 10) 

Bishop — 

Chalfant, Will Arthur, Publisher 163 

Morhardt, Josef Emil, Music Instr 656 

Death Valley — 

Goodwin, Theodore R., Nat. Park Supt 349 


Deep Springs — 

K(>llv. Ann.iiKl W., Kdiicilor y7 

Klm|)li>n. Lawiciico A., Coll. Dlr 487 

Independence — 

Anthony. Sel(l;i Kldrod, M.D 2f> 

Francis, George, Distrlcl Attorney 31.5 

Margrave, Anne. 582 

Richards, Jr., Robert 11., County Exec 76fi 

Savage, George Walden, Publisher 802 


(Poi). l:ir>,li;', - Biogs. !>) 

Bakersfield — 

DriKKer.s, Roy L., County Exec 263 

Eckhardt. John \V.. County Exec 27.1 

Rinear, Roberta, Poet .-. ^o-' 

Stockton. Francis Warren. Jurist si'i 

A'ilson. Edward Ellis, Meteorologist 991 

Delano — „„, 

Turner. Rodney L.. Assemblyman »24 

Mojave — 

Knight. Jess, Mine Operator 4J» 

Shatter — 

Latta. Frank Forrest, H.S. Teacher 521 

Taft— „ 

Abel, Stanley, County Supvr -^ 


(Po}]. 35,168 - Biogs. 3) 


Folsom, David Stone, Lawyer ^iuy 

Hanford — „„. 

Neighbor, Jacob Lyman, H.S. Prm 6r4 

Smith, James Laurence, Publisher 842 


(Pop. 8.069 - Biogs. 1) 

Lower Lake — 

Allen, Ben Shannon, Publicist l-J 


(Pop. HA^S — Biogs. Z) 

Susanville — 

Arnold, Medford R., H.S. Instr 29 

Westwood — 

Walker, Theodore S., Bus. Exec 947 


(Pop. S,785.6JtS— Biogs. 2,237) 


Worley, O. Benton, Lawyer -luiz 

Alhambra — 

Brown, Margaret J. E., H.S. Teacher 121 

Carter, Ray A., M.D 155 

Cornell, Ruth Reed, Editor ^0^ 

Farrar, Hal Gordon. Hotel Exec 294 

French, Roy La Verne, Univ. Exec 318 

Harvey, Ell, Sculptor 387 

Houser, Frederick Francis, Lawyer 425 

McKnight, Eugene C, Librarian 612 

Phillips, Mabel W., Poet 722 

Stone, Raymond Van B., Bacteriologist.... 875 

Vradenburg, Jean W., Newspaperwoman. 942 

Wallace. Rose B., Prison Reform Work.... 948 

Ward. Clair V., Merchant 951 

Weber, Milton Silas, Clergyman 961 

Weisman, Joseph, Artist 964 

Zellhoefer, Mildred Louise, Coll. Instr 1024 

Alta Canada — 

Aberle, Fred, Lawyer 3 

Altadena — 

Atkinson, Agnes Akin, Writer 31 

Atkinson, Spencer R., Prof. Orthodtcs 32 

Atwood, Robert C. O., Literary Critic 32 

Hii.uio, Walter, Astronomer 36 

Brown, Stanley Keller. Lawyer 122 

Brydolf. Vernon Mars. Lawyer 127 

Dock. O'orge. M.D.. Prof. Medicine 252 

Doerschlag. Albert Ray, Banker 254 

Durden. Charles, Clergyman 268 

Farnsworth. Chas. Stewart, Army Offer. 293 

Planner. June llildegarde, Writer 305 

(iib.son. Charles B., M.D., .'«7 

(Joelz, Alexander. Prof. Physics 345 

Grose. Geo. Richmond, Clergyman 361 

Hodgkin, Geo. Barclay, Bus. Exec 414 

James, Harry Clebourne, Educator 449 

John.son, Paul Franklin. Radio Pioneer ... 459 

Kolghley. Geoffrey L.. Physiologist 475 

Kremers. Marshall Yates, M.D 506 

Lei.shman, Lalhrop King, Bus. Exec 533 

Lundmark, Leon, Painter 561 

McBride, Clifford, Cartoonist 595 

McCarty, Janie Belle. Editor 597 

Merrill. Paul Willard, Astronomer 624 

Merriman, Lee Mills, Editor 624 

Monhoff, Frederick, Architect 648 

Nielsen, Kay, Artist 680 

Pemberton, John R., Petrol. Geologist... 713 

Popenoe, Paul, Lecturer 730 

Prickett, Charles F., Theatre Exec 740 

Rasey, Jean, Clubwoman 753 

Reed. Jas. R., M.D., Ophthalmologist 759 

St. Clair, Robert Ray, Playwright 798 

Schleicher, Wm. Paul, Educator 807 

Scares, Theodore Gerald, Theologian 848 

Taylor, Wendell B. B., Lawyer 894 

Toor, Nishan, Sculptor 912 

Turner, Max H., Mortuary Exec 923 

Weed. Walter Harvey. Geologist 962 

Weigle. Fred H., Publisher 963 

Wotherspoon. Marion Foster, Writer 1012 

Arcadia — 

Boiler, Ardene D., City Judge 93 

Boiler, Florence G., Lawyer 93 

Ray, David H., Struct. Engr 754 

van Overbeek, J., Prof. Plant Physiol 933 

Azusa — 

Macneil, Sayre, Lawyer - 573 

Van Sooy, Neal E., Publisher 934 

Wagner, Thelma, Social Serv. Worker 943 

Bel-Air — 

Ahern, Eugene L., Cartoonist 9 

Bryan, Jr., Wm. J., Lawyer 126 

Castera, George, Investment Broker 160 

Davis, M. Philip, Lawyer 232 

Douglas, Lloyd C, Author 259 

Fitch, Richard Cooper, Bus. Exec 304 

Goodspeed, Edgar J., Lecturer 348 

Kellems, Jesse R., Clergyman 475 

Lindsey, Ben B., Jurist 545 

Loeb, Amy K., Civic Worker 552 

Loeb, Joseph P., Lawyer 552 

Morgan, John A.. Writer 655 

Stoloff, Morris, Music Director 874 

Walker, Irving M., Lawyer 946 


Casjens, Carlton H., Lawyer 158 

Ross, William G., Banker 786 

Wheeler, George O., Columnist 971 

Bellflower — 

Simms, Fena B., Family Relationist 838 

Belvedere — 

Heakin, Harold L., Sales Engr 394 

Hutson, Esther M., Social Worker 441 

Beverly Hills — 

Aikin-Smith, Pearle, Educator 9 

Austin. Glenn B.. Merchant 33 

Balderston. John L., Newspaperman 44 

Bartlett. Gray P.. Artist 52 

Benny. Jack. Radio Comedian Addenda 

Black, Milton M., Lawyer 82 

Block, Ralph J.. Writer 89 



Brody, Alton A., Bus. Exec 117 

Bruce, Nigel, Actor 125 

Burnaby, Frank H., Bus. E.xec 132 

Butler, Walter H., Corpn. Exec 138 

Caldwell, Wiley N., Investment Exec 143 

Call, Asa V., Lawyer 143 

Chandler, William H., Prof. Hort 166 

Chiappero, Aldo J., Photographer 172 

Clarv, William W., Lawyer 180 

Collings, Clyde W., Prof. Urol. Surg 190 

Colman, Ronald C, Actor 192 

Connell, Richard, Author 195 

Cook, Ted, Editor 197 

DLx, Beulah Marie, Author 251 

Downs, Lawrence, M.D Addenda 

Ellsworth, Jay H., Architect 279 

English, Harold M., Painter 282 

Factor, Jr., Max, Cosmetic Chem 290 

Fleetwood, William W., Clergyman 306 

Fontaine, Joan, Actress 309 

Frisbee, Ira N., Prof. Acctg 318 

Garmes, Lee D., Photographer 327 

Guedel, John Bimel, Advtg. Exec 362 

Haugwitz-Reventlow, Countess Barbara 

Woolworth, Patron of Arts 329 

Hellman, Sam, Writer 398 

Hempstead, Jr., D. B., Mot. Pic. Prod... 398 

Herzbrun, Henry, Lawyer 405 

Hilborn, Walter S., Lawyer 407 

Hindin, Maurice J., Lawyer 410 

Hinds, Julian, Designing Engineer 410 

Hopper, Charles B., Realtor 422 

Hornblow, Jr., A., Mot. Pic. Prod 423 

Hummel, Edward J., Supt. Schs 435 

Janis-Wilson, Elsie, Actress 450 

Lachman, Harry, Mot. Pic. Dir 511 

Larson, Christian Daa, Writer 520 

Lawler, Hilda Erode, Civic Worker 523 

Leisen, James M., Mot. Pic. Dir 533 

Levy, Bessie, Pianiste 539 

Levy, Ellis, Composer 539 

Lohn, Winifred M., Clubwoman 554 

Magnin, Edgar F., Clergyman 575 

Mamoulian, Rouben, Stage Director 577 

McKinley, James W., Lawyer 611 

McQueen, E. L., Fdr. Pan. Amer. League 619 

Meehan, John E., Clergyman 620 

Miller, Marie D., Designer 636 

Milliken, John B., Lawyer 641 

Moore, Lucella M., Educator 652 

Moore, Pryor, Violinist 652 

Morgan, Geoffrey F., Educator 655 

Mowbray, Allan C, Actor 664 

Mudd, Mildred E., Civic Worker 664 

Nelson, Charles F., M.D 675 

Noble, Howard Scott, Accountant 682 

Noe, James Thomas Cotton, Author 683 

Nordskog, John Eric, Prof. Sociology 683 

O'Keefe, James Conrad, Composer 690 

Powers, Edward Sharpe, M.D., Surg 736 

Rarity, Wm. Weaver, Corpn. Exec 752 

Reynolds, Thomas, Lawyer 764 

Rittenhouse, N.A., Metaphysician 770 

Robinson, Edward G., Actor 775 

Rodriguez, Jose, Editor 778 

Ryskind, Morrie, Writer 796 

Sheranian, H. N., M.D., Surgeon 828 

Singer, Mortimer H., Theatre Prod 838 

Smith, C. Aubrey, Actor 841 

Steiner, M. R., Composer 863 

Stokowski, Leopold, Orchstl. Cond. Addenda 

Talley, Marion, Singer 889 

Tannenbaum, David, Lawyer 889 

Tugend, Harry, Writer 922 

Vadnai, Laszlo, Playwright 928 

Wagner, Rob, Editor 942 

Walker, Stuart, Playwright 946 

Warner, Jack L., Mot. Pic. Prod 953 

White, F. G., Oil Producer 973 

Whittle, H. F., Inv. Banker 978 

Willson, Meredith, Conductor 990 

ZoeDner, Amandus Carl, Violinist 1025 

Brentwood — 

Allen, E. M. Newspaperman 14 

Lasky, Bessie, Artist 520 

Norton, Philip, Realtor 685 

Brentwood Heights — 

Elliott, Ruth Cass, Artisi 277 

Kindelberger, J. H., Aircraft Mgr 487 

Klausen, E. Wessel, Bus. t-xec 493 

Miller, Wesley C, Sound Engr 639 

Perret, Ferdinand, Art and Sc. Liby. Dir. 716 

Sinclair, John F., Lawyer 838 

Brentwood Park — 

Schoenberg, Arnold, Prof. Music 809 

Burbank — 

Abell, Theodore Curtis, Educator 3 

Disney, Walt, Mot. Pic. Producer 250 

Duncan, Frances, Journalist 265 

Hamner, Wm. Marion, Art Instr 375 

Hicks, Charles H., Research Associate... 406 

Lasky, Jesse L., Mot. Pic. Producer 520 

Levinson, Nathan, Mot. Pic. Engr. E.xec. 538 

Pearson, Stanley Grisso, Lawyer 710 

Proctor, Marian Alton, Lawyer 742 

Tillson, Frank C, Dental Surgeon 908 

Canoga Park — 

Burns, Colette M., Writer 134 

Clements, Colin, Author 183 

Goodall, S. Erie, County Exec 347 

Lintner, James Edward, Publisher 547 

Miller, Viola Jane, Author 638 

Ryerson, Florence, Author 795 

Tully, Jim, Writer 922 

Chatsworth — 

Bibo, Irving, Composer 76 

Cheviot Hills — 

Rosten, Leo C, U.S. Defense Worker 787 

Valentine, Joseph A., Photograph Dir 929 

Claremont — 

Alf, Raymond Manfred, Sch. Teacher 13 

Allen, Walter Alfred, Prof. Music 15 

Ames, Arthur Forbes, Artist 20 

Ames, Jean Goodwin, Pianist 21 

Baber, Ray Erwin, Prof. Sociology 37 

Barrett, Clifford, Prof. Philosophy 50 

Bergstraesser, Arnold, Prof. Eur. Hist 73 

Bernard, Robert James, Coll. Admstr 74 

Blaisdell, James A., Citrus Rancher 84 

Blanchard, Wm. Godwin, Prof. Music 86 

Bruce, Aubert Edgar, Poet 124 

Cailliet, Emile, Prof. French 141 

Coe, George A., Educator 187 

Cooke, Wm. Henry, Prof. History 197 

Coons, Arthur Gardiner, Prof. Econ 198 

Davis, Harold Hess, Prof. English 230 

Duncan, Kenneth, Prof. Economics 265 

Dunn, Waldo H., Prof. English 267 

Edmunds, Charles K., Coll. Pres 274 

Esterly, Virginia J., Coll. Admstr 284 

Ewer, Bernard C, Prof. Psychology 289 

Garner, Bess Adams, Writer 327 

Hallenbeck, Edwin F., Clergyman 372 

Hilton, William A., Prof. Zoology 410 

Hirsbrunner, John G., Sch. Instr 411 

Howell, David H., Mineralogist 427 

Hume, Theodore C, Clergyman 434 

Hunter, George W., Educator 436 

Jaqua, Ernest J., Educator 451 

Jones, Maro B., Prof. French Lit 465 

Kelly, Robert L., Educator 478 

Kennard, Theodore G., Chem. Conslt 480 

Kerr, Willis H., Librarian 484 

Kirk, William, Prof. Sociology 490 

Larson, Stanley W., Publisher 520 

Laudermilk, J. D., Res. Asso. Geochem.... 522 

Lyman, Ralph H., Choral Dir 563 

Lyon, David W., Lecturer 565 

Martin, E. D., Prof. Social Philosophy.... 587 
McCutchan, Robert G., Music Lecturer.... 603 
McKenna, George A., Citrus Grower 611 


Munz, rhillp A., Prof. Botany 667 

Nicholl, William E., Educator 67'J 

Nixon. Eugene W., Prof. Phys. Etln 682 

Norton. Eciwin Clarence. Educator ««5 

Kobt)ins. Homer E., Prof. Class. Hist 771 

Kobinson, Charles J., Prot. Chem 774 

Ruble. Uuna B.. Writer 792 

Russell. William P.. City Judge 794 

Salt. Edward M., Editor 798 

Sait. Una B.. Prof. Social Ethics 798 

Sarafian. Kevork A., Coll. Admstr 801 

Scott, David W.. Coll. Teacher 813 

Scudder. Doromus, M.D., Clergyman 815 

Sheets, Millard. Artist 825 

Spencer. Peter L.. Prof. Education 854 

Story, Russell M.. Educator 877 

Strathmann. Ernest A.. Prof. English 879 

Sumner. George S., Coll. Exec 882 

Redder, Glenn E., Sch. Admstr 936 

vVebb. Thompson, Sch. Headmaster 960 

Westbrook. H. T., Prof. Hist, and Litt... 968 

Whitney, Walter T., Prof. Astronomy... 977 

Whvte, James G., Lawyer 979 

Wild, Laura H., Prof. Emeritus 983 

Wilson. Gordon A.. Teacher Languages .... 992 

Wirt. Loyal L., Clergyman 998 

Wood. J. Perry, Lawyer 1004 

Woodward. Comer Vann, Prof. History.. 1008 

Wooton. Flaud Conaroe, Prof. Edn 1010 

Compton — 

Aylmer, Albert Leroy, Lawyer 35 

Derr, H. M., Engrg. Geologist 243 

Holmes. Earle J., Dlr. Athletics 419 

Park, James Hall, City Mgr 701 

Covina — 

Beveridge, James. History Dir 75 

Brush, M. P., Sch. Headmaster 126 

Burns, Robert W'ayne, State Exec 134 

Coles, Joseph D., Banker 190 

Coman, Mary Meriam. Editor 193 

Downen. J. M.. Institutional Exec 260 

Ernsberger, G. H., M.D., Surg 283 

Johnson, Reginald Perry, Painter 460 

Miller, Carl Patterson, Editor 632 

Ross, V. R., High Sch. Principal 786 

Samuels, Charles Danziger, Chemist 799 

Warr, Wilbur Earle, Editor 953 

Yaw, Ellen Beach, Singer 1017 

Culver City — 

Aguilar, Juan Adame, Pianist 8 

Paul, Elliot, Writer 708 

Selwyn. Edgar, Mot. Pic. Producer 820 

Taurog, Norman Rae, Mot. Pic. Dir 891 

Waxman, Franz, Composer 958 

Downey — 

Legg, Hervert Curtis, State Exec 531 

Weiss, Knowles C, Publisher 964 

Duarte — 

Morrison, W. A., M.D., Surgeon 661 

Eagle Rock — 

Farnham. Elbert Charles, Clergyman... 292 

Garbutt, Katharine Kendig, Librarian... 325 

Hamilton. Genevieve B., Sculptor 373 

Hamilton. IMay Stuart. Sculptor 374 

Hamilton. Minerva Bartlett, Painter 374 

Howell, Julia, Prof. Theory 428 

Lawson. Harrv Alexander. Publisher 525 

Schumacher, T. H. C, Assn. Exec 812 

El Monte — 

Leffler, Nellie Estelle, Bus. Exec 530 

Mac-Gurrin, Buckley, Artist 571 

Millier, Arthur, Etcher 639 

Wright, Frank M., Sch. Supt 1013 

El Segundo— 

Broadwater, Chas. Lester, Sch. Supt 117 

Fugitt, Don C, City Judge 319 

Halley, Mary Belle, Librarian 372 

McCarthy, Victor Dennis, City Exec 597 

Encino — 

Hcrk.sdn. Maurice, Lawyer 73 

KKoney. Mickey McGuire, Actor TO2 

Sliinc, Irving. Author 874 

TeaKue. Donald. Artist 895 

Flintridge — 

Walker. Edwm F.. ArchaeolOo'ist 944 

Gardena — 

(Jcscf. Lee E., Congressman 336 

Guild. Jr.. Lewis Tnurber, Editor 363 

MacDonneil, Patrick, Fig Rancher 570 

Glendale — 

Abel, Christine Jeannette, Art Instr 2 

Allen, S. A., Dentist 15 

Bledsoe. Huntington P., Lawyer 86 

Bonham. Cecil Capron. Poet 96 

Hrennan, Bernard Clark. Lawyer 112 

Brougher. Jr., J. W., Clergyman 119 

Cadman, Charles Wakefield, Composer.... 140 

Castle, Clarence V., Farm Advisor 160 

Clemens. Wayne, Lawyer 183 

Cole, Clifford Alonson, Clergyman 189 

Cunningham. W. M., Economist 221 

Daniels, B. J.. Dep. Atty. Gen 225 

Darsie. Darsie L., Columnist 22b 

Davenport, A. G., Real Estate Inv 227 

Ford, Willard Stanley, Sch. Supt 311 

Geyer, George H., Coll. Director 336 

Gillan, Silas Lee, Cons. Engr 339 

Green, Frank Willard, Architect 355 

Hanson, Peter, R.E. Appraiser 378 

Hawkes, Ernest Wm., Biologist 390 

Ingham, Edwin Ambler, City Mgr 444 

Irwin, Aubrey N., City Atty 445 

Johnson, Jay Milton, H.S. Admr 458 

Jones, Mattison Boyd, Lawyer 465 

Knott, James Proctor, Prof. History 500 

Knott, Lucy Pierce, Clergyman 500 

Lawrence, L. H., Insurance Exec 524 

Loban, Ethel, Writer 551 

Luddy, Michael G., Lawyer : 559 

Lytle, Marcus Zearing, Editor 566 

Mader. Clarence, Organist 5(4 

McCuUey, Johnston, Novelist 602 

Mohler, Orville Ernest, Corpn. Exec 647 

Morrill, A. W., Entomologist 658 

Robertson, R. J., Veterinary Insp 773 

Rood, Paul Wm., Clergyman 781 

Shaw, Hartley, Jurist 824 

Stephenson, Dwight W., Lawyer 866 

Stern, Chas. Frank, Corpn. Exec 866 

Thienes, C. H., M.D., Prof. Pharmlgy 899 

Thomason, George, M.D., Surgeon 902 

Thorpe, Louis Peter, Prof. Edn 904 

Tiegs, Ernest Walter, Prof. Edn 907 

Updegraff, Winston R., Editor 926 

Utt. Max Eddy, Lawyer 927 

Watson, Jesse Nelson, Architect 957 

Wayland. R. T., M.D., Surgeon 958 

Welch. Claude L., Lawj'er 965 

Wiese, H. F., Dental Surgeon 980 

Glendora — 

Carson, John Elmer, Law>'er 153 

Rinehart, Geo. Franklin, Journalist 769 

Stanton, Elvin Heath. M.D., Surgeon 860 

Hawthorne — 

Anderson, Glenn M., Mayor 23 

Hermosa Beach — 

Lawrence, Gladys W., Philanthropist 524 

Hollywood — 

Achron, Joseph, Violinist 3 

Antheil, George, Composer 26 

Arensberg, Walter Conrad, Poet 27 

Bachenheimer, Wm., Voice Teacher 38 

Bakaleinikoff, C. R.. Musical Dir. Addenda 

Barnes. Forrest. Writer 49 

Bassett, Lee Emerson. Univ. Prof 54 

Bauersfeld, Marjorie Edith O., Actress.... 55 


Baxter, Martha Wheeler, Painter 56 

Beall, Harry Hammond, Bus. Exec 58 

Bennett, Raine, Author ™ 

Bensco, Charles, Painter '^ 

Herman, Eugene, Muralist ^ ';? 

Bisliop, Samuel Adgerson, Corpn. Exec 79 

Bissell, K. M., Prof. French '» 

Blickfelt, Frederil< E., Voice Teacher »7 

Bohnstedt, Gottfried W., Bus. Exec 9d 

Bolm, Adolph, Dancer ^^ 

Bonestell, Chesley, Artist »° 

Bonpane, Blase A., Lawyer «' 

Boone, J. Allen, Author «' 

Boutnikotf, Ivan, Composer iw 

Boyd, Eunice, Violinist 1^;^ 

Bovd, Mary T., Singer 1U4 

Braden, Paul Maerker, Author lua 

Brennan, Ra.vmond Louis, Lawyer li^ 

Brininstool, Earl Alonzo, Writer 115 

Brodetskv, Julian, Violinist 117 

Brooke, Mary Rucker, Composer 118 

Browda, Morris, Pianist •■•■-■ 11^ 

Brown, Bernard B Addenda 

Buchanan, Ella, Scultpor 1^7 

Buckland, Wilfred, Artist l^» 

Bush, Gladvs Lewis, Sculptor IJb 

Caldwell, George W., M.D., Physician.... 142 

Caldwell, Gladys, Librarian 14^ 

Campbell, Frederick, Army Offer 145 

Canfield, Raymond Arthur, Clergyman... 147 

Carr, Arthur George, Prof. Piano 151 

Carson, Hersee Moody, Philanthropist 15^ 

Casey, Hiram Elbert. Lawyer 157 

Clemens, Hans, Singer 1«-^ 

Clements, Thomas, Prof. Geology 184 

Cleminshaw, C. H. Prof. Astronomy 185 

Collins, James H., Writer -■■ 191 

Conklin, Frank Rowland, Author Addenda 

Cooper, Roy, Pianist 200 

Cornell, Ralph D., Landscape Arch 201 

Coslow, Sam, Song Writer ^03 

Costello, John Martin, Lawyer 203 

Creelman, James Ashmore, Writer 212 

Culver, Harry H., Banker 219 

Curtis, Louis Woodson, Composer 222 

Cutter, Belle Forbes, Singer 222 

d'Auria, Gemma Abkazoff, Playwright... 227 

Davis, Warren Jefferson, Lawyer 233 

De Cou, Branson, Lecturer 238 

De Keyser, John, Music Dealer 239 

deMille, Cecil B., Mot. Pic. Prod 241 

Dieterle, William, Mot. Pic. Dir 247 

Diskay, Joseph, Singer 249 

Dreier, Hans, Art Director 2io2 

Eastman, Geo. L., Bus. Exec 271 

Elwood, Maren, Writer 280 

Euwer, Anthony, Illustrator 285 

Ferguson, Helen, Pub. Rel. Counclr 297 

Fergusson, Harvey, Author 297 

Field, Alice Evans, Mot. Pic. E.xec 298 

Finkle, Frederick Cecil, Civil Engr 299 

Fortman, Edward Jerome, Pub. Rel 311 

Freeman, Y. Frank, Mot. Pic. Exec 317 

Fuller, B. A. G., Prof. Philosophy 319 

Fulton, Kenneth Isaac, State Exec 320 

Gage, Alan Edw., M.D., Physician 321 

Gamauf, Ladislaus, Composer 323 

Garton, George, H.S. Instructor 329 

Gentle, Alice, Singer 334 

Gibney, Sheridan DeR., Playwright 337 

Giffen, Frank Carroll, Singer 338 

Gimpel, Bronislaw, Violinist 342 

Glazer, Benjamin, Writer, Mot. Pic 343 

Gledhill, Donald, Mot. Pic. Acad. Exec. 344 

Gledhill, Margaret Buck, Librarian 344 

Golubeff, Gregory W., Author 346 

Goodman, Lillian R., Voice Teacher 347 

Greusel, John Hubert, Journalist 358 

Haas, Chas. Edmund, Jurist 365 

Hall, Frederick Manning, City E.xec 371 

Hardwicke, Sir Cedric W., Actor 379 

Harker, Ray Clarkson, Clergyman 380 

Hassenstein, W. K. Max, Bus. Exec 388 

Hilar, Hilaire, Artist 407 

Hinman, Mary Wood, Writer on Dance.... 411 

Hoffmann, Gertrude W., Actress 415 

Holland, L. F. S., Mining Exec 417 

Horton, Russell Everard, Singer 424 

Houston, Percy Hazen, Prof. English 425 

Howard, Clifford, Coll. Instr 426 

Howard, Kathleen, Singer 426 

Howell, Eugenia James, Painter 427 

Howell, Sr., Harry D., Writer 428 

Hoyt, Helen, Poet 430 

Hurlbut, Harold, Singing Teacher 439 

Jensen, Joseph, Petroleum Engr 454 

Johnstone, George Rufus, Prof. Botany... 462 
Jorgenson, Geo. E., M.D., Bacteriologist 467 

Jorgenson, Nora Bertina, Musician 468 

Kerr, Clarence Bowman, Corpn. E.xec 483 

Kirkbride, Ronald, Author 490 

Kitchell, Joseph Gray, Army Officer 492 

Konevsky-Lennard, Leonard F., Musician 503 
Koverman, Ida Ranous, Civic Worker... 504 
Laemmle, Carrie B. N., Patron of Arts... 512 

Lane, Katharine A., Clubwoman 515 

Lash, James Hamilton, Clergyman 520 

Lebedeff, Ivan Basil, Actor 528 

Lewyn, Helena, Pianist 54J 

Liebling, George, Pianist 54d 

Lobdell, Avis, Corpn. Exec aa^ 

Lockhart, Eugene, Actor ag-^ 

Lufkin, Arthur Ward, Educator 5b0 

Lyman, Wm. Wittingham, Coll. Instr 564 

Lynn, Edward, Writer 5b4 

MacDonald, Jeanette, Singer ob» 

Marion, Frances, Author o»^ 

Marton, Geo., Authors Representative.... 589 

Marvin, Virginia Ellen, Singer 589 

Mason-Hohl, Elizabeth, M.D., Physician 590 

Matheny, Alice Marjorie, Music Supvr 590 

Mays, Monica Celia M., Poet 594 

McKean, Frank Chalmers, Clergyman.... 612 

Mershon, Bernice, Singer ^25 

Metzger, Chas. Robert, Lawyer 628 

Miller, Ruthellen, Singer 638 

Mitchell, G. S., Mot. Pic. Acad. Exec 644 

Mitchell, Grant, Actor 644 

Montedro, Marco, Costume Designer 649 

Montgomery, Ruby S., Clubwoman 649 

Morgan, Ann Elizabeth, Writer 654 

Neff, William H., Clergyman... 674 

Ohman, Fillmore W., Orchestra Leader... 689 

Olesen, Otto K., Illuminating Engr 690 

Ouspenskaya, Maria, Actress 695 

Parshalle, Eve, Writer 704 

Penha, Michel, Musician 714 

Perigord P., Prof. French Civilization.... 715 

Philbrick, Howard R., Mot. Pic. Exec 719 

Phillips, Glenn Randall, Clergyman 721 

Pierre, Dorathi Bock, Editor 72j 

Plummer, Elmer Ginzel, Artist 72^ 

Pollak, Robert, Violinist '2y 

Porter, Rebecca N., Author 7di 

Post, Guy Bates, Dramatic Dir 732 

Prinz, Le Roy Jerome, Dance Dir 740 

Purcell, Arthur, Writer 745 

Purdy, Constance, Singer 745 

Putnam, Nina Wilcox, Writer 74b 

Rachmilovich, Giacomo, Pianist 748 

Randall, Charles Hiram, Legislator 751 

Rauch, Mabel Thompson, Writer 753 

Rich, John Hubbard, Art Instr 766 

Rogers, Celeste Durand, Social Leader.... 779 

Rogers, Ginger, Actress 780 

Rogers, John Millard, Bus. Exec 780 

Rosing, Vladimir, Opera Dir 785 

Rozsa, Miklos, Composer 790 

Ruger, Morris Hutchms, Composer 791 

Ryus, Celeste Nellis, Concert Pianist 796 

Samuels, Maurice V., Playwright 800 

Saunders, Laura Nemeth, Singer 802 

Saunders, Richard Drake, Writer 802 

Schubert, Bernard «., Dramatist 810 

Scully, Frank, Author 816 

Sheftel, A. Geo., M.D., Scientist 825 



Sllsby, Wilson, Painter 8.>1 

Snydor, Louise May, Coll. Counclr MH 

Stechan, H. ()., Writer 8fi^ 

SIcore, Lora W., Sculptor 862 

Szekely, It. U., Music Educator «HK 

Taylor, Marion Saylc, Lecturer 89.1 

Terry, Howard Leslie, Writer 898 

Thornton, Kita Green, Poet 904 

Tobias. Harry, Songwriter 910 

Tryon, Glenn, Mot. Pic. Prod 920 

Ussher, Bruno David, Music Critic 927 

van Loeuwen, Ary, Musician 932 

von Schneidau, Cliristian, Painter 941 

Walker, George Parot, Singer 945 

Walker, Joseph B., Mot. Pic. Tech 946 

Walsh, Marie Toma, Author 949 

Washington, Ned, Song Writer 955 

Weiss, Adolph, Composer 964 

White, J. Andrew, Author 974 

Williams, Marjorie B., YWCA Exec 988 

Wood, Sherwin F., Coll. Instr 1004 

Woodruff, J. L., M.D., Physician 1006 

Woolfolk, Josiah Pitts, Novelist 1009 

Woolfolk. Louella Annette P., Novelist.. 1009 

Zador, Eugene, Composer 1023 

Zukor, AdolpSi, Mot. Pic. Exec 1026 

Zwoig, Fritz, Opera Conductor 1026 

Holmby Hills- 
Bennett, Constance, Actress Addenda 

Hondo — 

Ilarriman, William R., Instn. E.xec 382 

Huntington Park — 

Cooper, Finis G., M.D., Surgeon 200 

Griffin, Christopher J., City Atty 359 

Hedgcock, Charles G., City Judge 395 

Paine, Arthur E., Educator 698 

Smith, Leslie R., Clergyman 843 

Trotter, Frederick B.. Clergyman 919 

Inglewood — 

Chapman, R. E., Chinchilla Breeder 169 

Cralle, Robert E., Sch. Supt 209 

Davis, Martha E., Economist 232 

Evans, Ralph W., State Exec 288 

Farrow, William W., Lawyer 295 

Lechner, John Robt., Lecturer 529 

Parent, Frank D., Lawyer 701 

Rosenberg, James L., Editor 784 

Simmons, Homer A., Pianist 836 

Spears, Raymond S., Writer 853 

Spencer, Vernon P. I., Lawyer 854 

Steinbarger, John L., Banker 863 

Woodworth, Clyde, Lawyer 1008 

La Canada — 

Ahlport, Brodie, Lawyer 9 

Ayres, Jr., Samuel, Prof. Dermatology 36 

Boddy, E. Manchester, Publisher 91 

Bosworth, Hobart V., Actor 99 

Carpenter, Grace M. Publisher 151 

Clements, Geo. P., M.D., Agrl. Counclr... 184 

Cresse, Mary B, Religious Worker 212 

Hansen, Victor R., Lawyer 378 

Hazelton, Alan W., Bus. Exec 393 

Hole, J. Wesley, Church E.xec 416 

Knight, Thomas F., Assemblyman 499 

Redwine, Kent Hiram, Lawyer 757 

Shrader, Edwin Roscoe, Artist 833 

Warner, Nell Walker, Artist 953 

La Crescenta — 

Larkey, Marie A., Educational Supvr 519 

Risher, Anna Priscilla, Composer 769 

Thomas, Helen Haskell, Artist 900 

Thomas, Stephen S., Painter 901 

Laurel Canyon — 

Paval, Philip Kran, Silver Craftsman 708 

La Verne — 

Bell, George H., H.S. Principal 66 

Brandt, Jesse C, Prof. Mathematics 110 

Davis, Charles E., Coll. Pres 230 


Downs, WalkiT W., Lawyer 261 

Kurtz,'l Webster, Clergyman 508 

Long Beach — 

Amar, Elol J., Port Manager 20 

lionwell, Leon, Lawyer 71 

Bradley, Jr., Willis W.. Navy Officer... 107 

Brcwitt, Theodora Root, Librarian 113 

Brown, Donald Kennedy, Bus. Exec 120 

Cartwrlght. Peter L., Author 155 

Case, Walter H., p:dltor 157 

Cassaday, Louis Vail, Bus. Exec 1.58 

Davisi, Julian R., Banker 231 

Davis, Warren B., Osteopathic Phys 2.'i3 

Doyle, Clyde, Lawyer 261 

Edson, Winfield, Clergyman 274 

Eusden, Isabel M., Civic Worker 285 

Grafman, L. Elliot, Clergyman 352 

Green, Raymond IL, Bus. Exec 356 

Gunsul, Myrtelle L., City Auditor 364 

Hester, James Montgomery, Clergyman.... 405 

Hunting, Gardner, Writer 4.38 

Jones, Jr., Jonah, Lawyer 464 

Kessler, Kenneth O., Bus. Exec 485 

Landreth, Orian M., Athletic Coach 514 

MacArthur, Ruth A. B., Author 567 

Martin, Walter R., Corpn. Exec 588 

McCord, Clare, Advertising Exec 600 

McMillan, Roy A., Coast Grd. Offer 616 

Meadows, Donald C, Naturalist 620 

Middough, Lome D.. Assemblyman 6.30 

Middough, Robert Hunter, Merchant 630 

Nagel, Nathan, Lawyer 673 

Pfanastiel, Thomas F., Publisher 719 

Pike, Leslie E., Veterinarian 725 

Pray, Russell Honore, Lawyer 737 

Ravetch, Isadore S., Clergyman 754 

Rogers, Julia E., Author 780 

Sutter, Lyman Boniface, Lawyer 883 

Swaffield, Phil M., Lawyer 884 

Swiggett, Jean Donald, Art Instr 887 

Wieczorek, Max, Artist 980 

Williams, Julius Elymas, Clergyman 988 

Los Angeles — 

Acret, Geo. Edw., Lawyer 4 

Adams, Edw. Aug., Lawyer 5 

Adams, Fay Greene, Educator 6 

Adams, Lady, Journalist 6 

Adams, Morgan, Exec 7 

Agnew, Sara Thomas, Pianist 8 

Aked, Charles F., Clargyman 10 

Alden, Eliot, M.D 12 

Alderman, Pauline, Prof. Music 12 

Alderson, John H., Fire Dept. Engr 12 

AUard. Romeo Paul, Chmn. Chem. Dep 13 

Allen, Bennet Mills, Prof. Zool 13 

Allen, Jean, Loose, Writer 15 

Allen, Roy Emerson, Fiduciary 15 

Alter, Dinsmore, Obsvty. Dir 18 

Alvord, Frank R., Banker 19 

Amfitheatrof, Daniele, Composer 21 

Anderson, Benj. M., Phof. Econ 21 

Andrews, Lewis Whiting, Lawyer 25 

Arbogast, Glen Elven, Bus. Exec 26 

Arlt, Gustave Otto, Prof. German 27 

Armstrong, Paul Stuart, Bus. Exec 28 

Arnn, Chas. Edward, Bus. Exec 28 

Arvey, Verna, Pianist 29 

Ashley, Chester C, Ins. Broker 30 

Ashley, Grace Bosley, Civic Worker 30 

Atkinson. Lynn, Engineer 32 

Aubert, Roger Stephen. Pianist 33 

Austin, Alma H., Hi. Sch. Instr 33 

Austin Effie A. P., Clubwoman 33 

Austin, Herbert D., Prof. Ital. and Fr 34 

Avin, Elijah, Librarian 35 

Babcock, David T., Corp. Exec 36 

Badham, Byron J., Bus. Exec 38 

Bailie, Norman A., Lawj'er 41 

Ballard, B. Ernest, Music Dir 44 

Banks, Florence Estelle, Cr. Mgr 45 

Banks, Lionel C. Mot. Pic. Art Dir. Addenda 
Banton, Travis, Costume Director 45 


Barnett, Samuel J., Pror. Physics 50 

Barney, Kate S., Publisher 50 

Barry, J. M., Athletic Coach 51 

Bartlett, Alfred Lewis, Lawyer 52 

Barton, Loren, Painter 53 

Baruch, Dorothy W., Prof. Educn 53 

Bashor, Ernest George, M.D 54 

Baughman, Imo P., Chemist 55 

Baum, Vicki, Author ^ 

Bauman. Jacob, Clergyman 5° 

Beaumont, Arthur Edwaine, Artist 59 

Beaumont, Dorothy D., H.S. Counslr 60 

Beecher, Daniel, Lawyer o3 

Beecher. Genevieve T., Painter b6 

Beers, Catherine V., Pror. Zool 64 

Belding, Don, Advtg. Exec 64 

Bell, Archibald Weir, Educator o5 

Belt, Elmer, M.D., Urologist 67 

Belt, Marv Ruth, Library Exec 67 

Benjamin, Gilbert G., Prof. Histy 68 

Benson, Ivan, Prof. Journalism 71 

Benton, Ralph, Zoologist. 71 

Piegler, Philip S., Prof. Elec. Engr 76 

Bietrv, J. Richard, Prof. Speech 76 

Bigelow, Jane K., Publicist 77 

Bird, Remsen DuBois, Coll. Pres 78 

Bitter, Marguerite Irene, Pianist 80 

Bjork, David Knuth, Prof. Histy 80 

Black, Elizabeth, Art Curator 81 

Black, Geo. Nathan, Real Est. Broker 81 

Blake, Ada Swasey, Sch. Princp 84 

Blake, Charles Ellwood, Writer 84 

Blake, Samuel Richardson, Jurist 84 

Blanchard, Frederic T., Prof. Eng. Lit 85 

Blight, Reynold E., Accountant 87 

Blincoe, Edward Lee, Re. Est. Counslr 87 

Bloy, Francis Eric, Clergyman 89 

Boardman, Queen W., Patron of Arts 90 

Boden, Reynold B., Clergyman 91 

Bogardus, Darrell Jos., Stock Broker 91 

Bogardus, Emory S., Prof. Soclgy 92 

Bogert, Chas. M., Museum Curator 93 

Bonner, Richard Lee, City Exec 97 

Bovard, John Freeman, Educator 100 

Bowen, Isabel Nelson, Ch. Worker 101 

Bowerman, Paul, Writer 101 

BowTnan, John F. E., Prof. Histy 103 

Bowron, Fletcher, Mayor 103 

Boyce-Smith, John, Lawyer 103 

Boyce-Smith, II, Mrs. John, Arts Patron.. 103 

Boyd, Lelia Trundle, Ch. Worker 104 

Boyes, Shibley, Pianist 104 

Braden, Arthur, Clergyman 105 

Braden, William Wallace, Co. Exec 106 

Bradley, Bernard A., Football Coach 106 

Brady, Florence N., Coll. Instr 108 

Brady, Joseph Donald, Lawyer 108 

Brandt, John Lincoln, Clergyman 110 

Brennan, Robert E., Music Dir 112 

Briggs, Arthur E., City Cnclmn 114 

Briggs, Leslie B., Probation Offer 114 

Brill, Martin, Football Coach 115 

Brittingham, Le Roy, City Exec 116 

Broadbent, John H., Sch. Prin 116 

Brockwav, Stella, Editor 117 

Brooks, Milo B., Prof. Pediatrics 118 

Brooks, Raymond C, Sch. President 119 

Brown, Edwin Ransom, Theologian 120 

Brown, Eva, Singer 120 

Brown, Joe E., Actor 121 

Brown, Norma Alice, Pianist 122 

Brown, Wm. Bartholomew, Sch. Dir 123 

Bruce, Henry Wm., Univ. Exec 124 

Bryan, Gerald B., Chiropractor 126 

Bryant, Carrie Parsons, Philanthropist.... 126 

Buerger, Leo, M.D., Surgeon 128 

Buff, Conrad, Artist 129 

Buhlig, Richard, Pianist 129 

Bullock, Georgia P., Jurist 129 

Bumpus, Hermon C, M.D., Urologist 130 

Burke, John P., Lawyer 131 

Burnell, Charles Smith, Jurist 132 

Burns, Robert L., City Exec 134 

Burrell, Howard Leslie, Lawyer 135 

Burrows, Montorose T., M.D., Surg 135 

Burtchett, Floyd F., Prof. Banking 136 

Bu-ss, Claude A., Prof. Inter. Rel 137 

Cagli, Corrado, Muralist 141 

Cailliet, Lucien, Prof. Orchestrn 142 

Caldecott, Ernest, Clergyman 142 

Caldwell, Hugh Milton, Lawyer 142 

Camp, Edgar Whittlesey, Lawyer 144 

Campbell, Fay Strawn, Editor 144 

Campbell, John B. T., Newspaperman... 145 

Campbell, John Jos., Tax Admstr 145 

Campbell, Lily, Prof. English 147 

Canepa, Louis J., Lawyer 147 

Cantwell, John Jos., Archbishop 148 

Carlyle, Richard Frederic, Author 149 

Carpenter, Chas. E., Prof. Law 150 

Carpenter, Ford A., Meteorologist 150 

Carroll, Harrison, Dramatic Edtr... Addenda 
Carroll, R. L., M.D., Orthopaedic Surg... 153 

Carter, James Marshall, State Exec 154 

Carter, Mark, Bus. Exec 154 

Carter, Mary D., Libry. Sc. Dir 154 

Carus, Clayton D., Prof. Fgn. Tr... Addenda 
Casassa, Chas. Stephen, Prof. Ethics... 156 

Case, Clarence M., Prof. Sociology 156 

Case, Ethel T., Patron of Arts 156 

Case, Fox, Pub. Relationist 156 

Case, Paul Foster, Writer 157 

Ca-ssidy, Edwin Burke, Accountant 159 

Caughey, John W., Prof. Histy 161 

Chace, Edw. Mackay, Chemist 162 

Chambers, Jos. Fleischman, Jurist 165 

Chamlee, Mario, Singer 165 

Chamlee, Ruth Miller, Singer 165 

Chandler, Harry, Publisher 165 

Chandler, Louis Charles, M.D... 166 

Chapman, Gordon C, Clergyman 168 

Chase, ISIary Wood, Pianist 169 

Cheverton, Cecil F., Theologian 171 

Christensen, Parley P., Lawyer 173 

Christeson, Frances M., Librarian 173 

Christiason, Helen M., Sch. Supvr 173 

Church, Calvin G., Agrl. Chemist 174 

Cimini, Pietro, Symph. Conductor 175 

Clark, Margarete L., Educator 177 

Clark, Theron. Univ. Exec 178 

Clark, Willis W., Educator 178 

Clarke, Chas. Galloway, Photographer.... 179 

Clarke, Dwight L., Ins. Exec 179 

Clarke, R. Manning, M.D., Prof. Med 179 

Clay, Russell Emerson, Clergyman 180 

Cleland, Robert Glass, Historian 181 

Clements, Grace, Painter 184 

Clifton, A R., Sch. Supt 185 

Clute, Walker S., Cons. Geologist 185 

Coate, Lowell Harris, Sociologist 186 

Coblentz, Stanton A., Author 186 

Cochran, George Ira, Corp. Exec 186 

Cochran, Helen Eaton, H.S. Teacher 186 

Code, Wm. Henry, Consultant Engr 187 

Cogswell, Horatio, Prof. Voice 189 

Collins, Victor Ford, Lawyer... 191 

Comstock, John Adams, M.D., Mus. Dir... 193 

Condee, Newcomb, Jurist 194 

Conn, Petway C Prof. Music 195 

Connolly, John Francis, S.J., Theol 195 

Conrad, Chas. Louis, Optometrist 196 

Conroy, Chas. Clifford, Historian 196 

Cooke, John Daniel, Proi. Engl 197 

Cormack, Jos. Marshall, Prof. Law 201 

Cory, Harry Thos., Consulting Engr 202 

Coryell, Chas. DuBois, Prof. Chem 203 

Costolow, Wm. Evert, M.D 204 

Cottam, Nephi Livsey, Chiropractor 204 

Coy, Owen Cochran, Prof. Histy 207 

Cozens, Frederick W., Prof. Phys. Edn 207 

Craig, Thos. Theodore, Art Instr 209 

Crawford, Claude C, Prof. Educn 210 

Crawford, Mary Sinclair, Prof. French... 211 
Crawford, Robt. Murry, N.Y.A. Admstr... 211 
Crittenden, Ray Howard, Singer 213 



Cross, Kslcllc A. C, WrRor :il4 

Cross, \Vm. Samuel, I'harmuclst '21G 

Crow, Geo. Arnold, Oplomelrlst 216 

Crowe, Harolci K., M.U., Orlho. SurR 217 

Crowoll. BfUlah lUitrher, Voice Teach. .. 217 
Crowell, \Vm. Ransom, I'rof. Chemistry ... 217 

Crown, John Robert, I'ianist 218 

Crutchcr. Roberta, M.D., Psychiatrist 218 

CuHey, John Henry, Writer 219 

Culter, Mabel Mildred. Sch. Supt 219 

Cunnane, Philip J., M.D., Surgeon 220 

Cunningham, Thomas J., Lawyer 221 

Curry, Kvangeline CJingras, Clubwmn. .. 221 

Cushman. Mae I\I., Clubwoman 222 

Daingerlield, L. H., Meteorologist 223 

Daingerfield, Mrs. L. H., Teacher 223 

Danenberg, Emil Chas., Pianist 224 

Dann, Frode Nielsen, Artist 225 

Darvas, Franz, Prof. Fgn. Languages 226 

Davenport, Wm. Henry, Prof. Engl 227 

David, Annie Louise. Harpist 227 

Davidson, George, Clergyman 228 

Davies, John T., Publisher 229 

Davies, Paul Armstrong, Clergyman 230 

Davise, Hugo, Composer 234 

Dawson, Ernest, Bookdealer 235 

Day, Richard. Art Director 236 

De Avirett, Abbv, Teacher of Piano 237 

DeAvirett, Elizabeth, Teach. Piano 237 

De Forest, Lee, Inventor 239 

De Laguna, Frederica, Educator 240 

Del Mar, Eugene, Corp. Exec 240 

Der Ling, Princess, Author 243 

DeSvlva. George Card, Producer 243 

Deuel, Jr.. Harry Jas., Prof. Bio-Chem... 243 

Dewart. Frederick Wesley, Lawj-er 244 

Dick, Christian R., Librarian 246 

Dickson, Edward Augustus, Banker 247 

Diggle, Roland, Organist 248 

Dillon, Fannie Charles, Pianist 249 

Dispensa, Johnette G., Coll. Instr 251 

Dixon, Thomas J., Lawyer 251 

Dobsevage, I. George, Editor 252 

Doclcweiler, Henry I., Lawyer 253 

Dockweiler, John Francis, Dist. Atty... 253 

Dodd, Laurence E., Prof. Physics 253 

Dodd, Paul Albert, Prof. Economics 253 

Dodson, Leigh Marian, Coll. Instr 254 

Dominguez-Araujo, Arturo. Diplomat 255 

Donner, John Whakely, City Exec 257 

Donovan, Eugene. Publisher 257 

Dorcus, Roy M., Prof. Psychology 257 

Dorsey, Susan Miller, Educator 258 

Douglas, Claude C, Prof. Greek 258 

Douglas. Melvin, Actor Addenda 

Draa, Chas. Clifton, Pianist 262 

Driggs, Alice A., Patron of Arts 263 

Dryer, Geo. William. Lawyer 264 

Dulin. Edgar Shelton, Corp. Exec 265 

Dunlap, Knight, Prof. Psychology 266 

Dunlap, Mary Knight, Veterinarian 266 

Dunn, Max Shaw, Prof. Chemistry 267 

Eaton, Hubert, Corp. Exec 272 

Eddy, Nelson, Singer 273 

Edington, Arlo Channing. Writer 273 

Ehlers, Alice, Harpsichordist 275 

Eitzen, David D., Psvchologist 275 

Eldridge. Arthur, City Exec 276 

Ellis. Dorothy Louise, Pianist 277 

Ellis. Jos. Wesley. Prof. Phvsics 278 

Elvrum. Leora Powell. Clubwoman 280 

Emerson, Wallace Leroy, Coll. Pres 281 

Enderly, May Shumway, Clubwoman 281 

Enstam, Carl H., M.D., Physician 282 

Espey. John Jenkins, Prof. Engl 284 

Evans, Lucille, Poet 288 

Eyre, Thomas T.. Pfof. Mech. Engrg 289 

Fagerburg, Frank Benjamin, Clgj'mn 290 

Faries, David Reid. Lawyer 291 

Farrell, Pat. Jos. H., M.D., Army Officer 294 

Fendler, Harold Altman, Lawyer 296 

Fernald. Grace M., Prof. Psychology 297 


Field, Hon(Jamlni, Writer 298 

Findlay, Bruce Allyn, Sch. .Supvr 299 

Finkonstcin, Harry Aaron, Lawyer 299 

Finkcnstoln, Maurice J., Lawyer 299 

Flnston, Nat W., Music Director 301 

Flnta, Alexander, Artist 301 

Fish, Merle Edi.son, Clergyman 302 

Fltzslmmons, Courtland, Author 305 

Flewelllng, Ralph Tyler, Sch. Dlr 307 

FMcklnger, Lillian Wiesike, Singer 308 

Flude, John Meredith, M.D., Physician... 308 

Fonda, Henry (Jaynos), Actor 309 

Ford, John Anson, Co. Supvr 310 

Ford, Thos. Francis, Congressman 311 

Fox, Christy, Society Editor 313 

Fox, Robert Myron, Prof. Civ. Engrg 313 

Fracker, Ruth Miller. 313 

Frederick. Pauline M., Prof. Phys. Edn... 315 

Freund. Leo. Jurist 318 

Frick, Mary Elizabeth, H.S. Teacher 318 

Fuller, Ruth Cornell, Author 320 

Gahagan, Helen Actress 321 

Gair, Colin Munro, Mdse. Broker 322 

Galbreth, Ross Morgan, Jurist 322 

Gale, Hoyt Stoddard, Geologist 322 

Gamble, Wm. Elliott, M.D., Phys 324 

Ganey, Annie T., Social Service 324 

Gans, Robert J., Bus. Exec 325 

Garcia, Benito E., Clergvman 325 

Garland, William May, Corp. Exec 326 

Garrowav, Will, Pianist 328 

Garstang", Donald Buie, M.D., Phys 328 

Garth, John Shrader, Zoologist 329 

Gaston, Vernon H., Int. Rev. Exec 329 

Gastren, Allan John, Pianist 330 

Gavv, Allison, Prof. English 330 

Gaw. Ethelean Tyson. Author 331 

Geffen. Harold David. Lawyer 332 

Geissman, Theodore A., Instr. Chem 333 

Gellert, Emery, Artist 333 

Gengerelli, J. J., Prof. Psychology 333 

Gerdine, Lynn van Horn. M.D., Phys 334 

Geritz, Franz, Artist 334 

Geritz. Josephine H., Teacher Piano 334 

Gibbs, Robert Adams, Mil. Acad. E.xec 337 

Gillies, James Lewis, Clerg\-man 340 

Gillulv. James. Prof. Geology 340 

Oilman. Don Earl. Corp. E.xec 340 

Gilmore, Betty, Writer 341 

Gleason, George, Church Coordinator 343 

Gleason, J. Duncan, Artist 343 

Glendinning, Robt. Morton, Prof. Geog 344 

Goetz, William, Mot. Pic. Exec 345 

Goin, Lowell, Sidney, M.D., Phys 345 

Goldsmith, Lillian Burkhart, Author 345 

Gompert, Frank B.. Criminologist 346 

Goodnow. Marc N.. Lecturer 347 

Goodwin. John Edward, Librarian 349 

Gordon, Kate. Prof. Psychology 350 

Gould. Arthur, Sch. Supt 350 

Grant, Jessie K., Editor 353 

Grant, Ulysses S.. Prof. Geology 353 

Gray. Alan Egleston, Lawyer 354 

Graydon, Betty Marshall. U.S. Atty 355 

Green, Bertha. Educator 355 

Green. Julia Bojnton. Poet 355 

Greenburg, Jack Carl, State Exec 356 

Greenwood, Barbara, Early Cliild. Edn... 356 

Greer, S. Allan, Bus. Exec 357 

Greever, Garland, Prof. English 357 

Griffin, Clementina de F.. H.S. Prin 359 

Griffin, John Alden, Cons. Engr 360 

Griffin, Z. Wayne. Radio Dir. 360 

Grinstead. Durward. Author 360 

Grut. Ryan A., Contg. Engr 361 

Guerin, Arthur Somers. Jurist 362 

Guild. Lewis Thurber. Clerg\'man 362 

Guilford, Joy Paul. Prof. Psvchol... 363 

Gummess, Karl Chester. M.D.. Sure 364 

Haenel, Irene H., M.D.. Psychoanalyst.... 366 

Haenel, Joachim Adolph. M.D., Phys 366 

Haines, Chas. Grove, Prof. Pol. Sc 368 

Hale, Wm. Green. Prof. Law 369 


Hall, Alta B., Prof. Speech 370 

Hall, Manly Palmer, Author 372 

Hampton, Charles, Bishop 375 

Hampton, Hoy, Lawyer 376 

Handsaker, John iM., Prof. Economics 376 

Hanna, Bvron C, Lawyer 376 

Hanna, Phil Townsend, Editor 376 

Harbv, Harold, Councilman 379 

Hardin, Willett L., Consltng. Engr 379 

Hardy, Osgood, Prof. History 379 

Hargear, Frank Foli, Bus. Exec 380 

Harley, John E., Prof. Polit. Science 380 

Harney, Sister Mary Eucharia, CoU.Pres. 381 

Harper, Lawrence A. Publisher 381 

Harris, Harwell H., Arch. Designer 384 

Hartley, Edith Dykstra, Voice Teach 386 

Hartley, Jos. Alexander, Corp. Exec 386 

Hartley, Walter E., Music Dir 386 

Hartshorn, Wm. Coleman, Music Supvr... 387 

Hasbrouck, Gertrude S., Family Rel 388 

Hatfield, Dalzell H., Art Gallery Dir 388 

Havenstrite, Russell E., Oil Prodcr 390 

Hawkinson, Lily O., H.S. Teacher 391 

Helms, Elmer Ellsworth, Clergyman 398 

Helvenston, Harold Finley, Author 398 

Hennessy, Harold Richard, M.D 400 

Hennessy, Harry T., Lawyer 400 

Henry (Bill) Wm. Mellors, Columnist 401 

Herbst, Ina Wright, Voice Teacher 402 

Herrick, Jr., Samuel, Univ. Instr 403 

Hertzog, Walter S., Historian 404 

Hervey, Harcourt, Soc. Welf. Wrkr 405 

Higgins, Katherine B., Soc. Welf. Wrk 407 

Hill, Herbert W., Prof. Engl 408 

Hill, John G., Prof. Biblical Lit 408 

Hilsberg, Ignace, Pianist 409 

Hinchman, Fred K., Museum Exec 410 

Hobart, Chas. Edwin, Lawyer 412 

Hodgson, Robt. W., Prof. Subtrop. Hort... 414 

Hogan, Dana, Oil Operator 415 

Hohmann, Arthur C, Police Official 416 

Holden, Thomas, Clergyman 416 

Hollenbach, Marion G., Lecturer 417 

Holleran, Walter Martin, M.D 417 

Hollzer, Harry Aaron, Jurist 418 

Holmes, Ralph, Art Instr 419 

Holt, Frank Lee, Lawyer 419 

Honnold, Wm. L., Mining Engr 421 

Horrell, Edwin C, Football Coach 423 

Horton, Lester I., Choreographer 424 

Householder, Donnell H., Clergyman 424 

Howard, Eric, Writer 426 

Howard, Hildegarde, Museum Curator 426 

Huberty, Martin R., Prof. Irrigation 431 

Hughes, Rupert, Author 432 

Hull, Osman Ransom, Univ. Admstr 433 

Humm, Doncaster G., Psychologist 435 

Hunt, Reuben G., Lawyer 436 

Hunt, Rockwell D., Prof. Economics 436 

Hunter, Allen Armstrong, Clergyman 436 

Hunter, Rebecca A., Humanitarian 437 

Hunter, Willis O., Athletic Dir 438 

Huse, Emery, Mot. Pic. Technician 439 

Hutchinson, Mary E., Pub. Health Nurse 441 

Hyers, Faith H., Library Publicist 443 

Hyland, Clarence M., M.D., Mfgr 443 

Hyland, Richard "Dick" F., Columnist.... 443 

Jacobs, Jay B., Bus. Exec 448 

Jacobs, Melville, Leonard, M.D 448 

Jacobs, Thomas Lloyd, Chemist 448 

Jacobs-Bond, Carrie, Composer 448 

Jacobson, Harry Pincus, M.D 449 

Jamison, Abbie Norton, Musician 450 

Janovsky, Felix B., Diplomat 450 

Janson, Ellen Margaret, Poet 451 

Janssen, Werner, Symphony Conductor.... 451 

Jeffers, G. T., Collector Int. Rev 452 

Jessup, Jos. John, Cons. Engr 455 

Jijon y Caamana, Jacinto, Mfgr 455 

Jijon y Caamano, Maria Luisa Flores de. 

Clubwoman 455 

Johnson, Arlien, Prof. Social Work 456 

Johnson, Arthur M., Prof. Botany 456 

Johnson, Chas. Millard, Lawyer 456 

Johnson, Roswell H., Family Rel 460 

Jones, Isabel Morse, Music Edctr 464 

Jones, Vincent, Prof. Music Educn 466 

Joy, Jason S., Public Relationlst 468 

Kahn, Maurice G., M.D., Prof. Clin. Surg. 469 

Kail, Alexis, Piano Teacher 469 

Katz, Ernst H., Symphony Cond 470 

Kauffman, Rachel L., Soc. Serv. Work 471 

Kaufman, Louis W., Jurist 471 

Kaufmann, Gordon B., Architect 471 

Keeler, Fred Elbridge, Corp. Exec 473 

Keller, Helen Bass, Univ. Supvr 475 

Kelley, H. Roy, Architect 476 

Kelley, Tom, Photographer 476 

Kendall, Chas. Shilling, Clergyman 479 

Kendig, Francis W., Music Teacher 480 

Kennedy, Philip B., Banker 481 

Kepsel, Louis Herman, Clergyman 482 

Kern, Corinne Johnson, Author 483 

Kert, Max H., Clergyman 484 

Kessel, John F., Prof. Bacteriology 484 

Kiger, Wm. Henry, M.D 486 

Kincaid, Clarence Leslie, Jurist 487 

King, Foster Robt., City Exec 488 

King, Maxwell Clark, Financier 489 

Kirkpatrick, Harry Allister, Physicist 491 

Klingberg, Frank J., Prof. History 494 

Klinker, Orpha, Artist 495 

Knezevich, John J., Editor 496 

Knezevich, Laurel A. O., Sch. Teacher 497 

Knight, Clifford Reynolds, Author 497 

Knight, Goodwin J., Jurist 498 

Knopf, Carl Sumner, Archaeologist 499 

Knudsen, Vern O., Prof. Physics 501 

Koldehofe, Dolf, Architect 503 

Kopenhaver, Josephine Young, Artist 503 

Kosa, Jr., Emil Jean, Painter 504 

Kramer, George N., Prof. Polit. Science.. 505 

Krauss, Edw. Campbell, Editorial Wr 505 

Krock, Helen Lucile, Artist 506 

Krone, Max Thomas, Music Dir 507 

Krumb, Henry, Mining Engr 508 

Kyser, Edward Vernon, Chemist 510 

LaGier, Honorine, Writer 512 

Lambeau, Russell K., U.S. Attorney 513 

Landacre, Paul Hambleton, Artist 514 

Lange, Arthur, Composer 516 

Lantz, C. M. Beatrice, Cons. Psychol 517 

Lanyi, Dezso, Sculptor 517 

LaPorte, Wm. Ralph, Prof. Phys. Edn 518 

Larrabee, Lawrence Lyle, Lawyer 519 

Latham, Emily Dwight. Parole Officer 521 

Laughlin, Helen M., Univ. Admstr 522 

Lauritz, Paul, Artist 522 

Lavayea, Grace White, H.S. Teacher 522 

Lawrence, John, Dance Director 524 

Leath, Robt. Neal, Writer 527 

Lee, Edwin A., Prof. Educn 529 

Leginska, Ethel, Pianist 531 

Lehr, Abraham, Artists Representative.... 532 

Lehr, Anna Neill, Priv. Charities Orgn 532 

Leighton, Kathryn Woodman, Artist 532 

Lennen, Elinor, Writer 534 

Leonard, Joy Luther, Prof. Economics... 535 

Le Serrac de Kervily, Comte, Artist 537 

Levy, Therese, Soc. Serv. Worker 540 

Lewerenz, Alfred S., Educnl. Research... 540 

Lewis, Silas Arthur, M.D 541 

Lieberman, Jacob J., Lawyer 542 

Lindquist, R. Jerome, Inventor 545 

Lindsley, Chas. Frederick, Prof. Speech.... 545 

Linton, Robert, Consltg. Engr 547 

Lion, Henry, Sculptor 547 

Lippincott, Jos. B., Cons. Hydr. Engr 548 

Lissner, Henry H., M.D 549 

Lissner, Jr., Henry H., Musicologist 549 

EToyd, Caroline Alma, Sculptor 550 

Lloyd, Lucile, Muralist 550 

Loeffler, Albert Henry, Corp. Exec 553 

Long, John Budd, Newspaperman 554 


UnvA. Wilbur II.. Prof. Philosophy 

LoiiKli'V, K\v(l. Hoy, City Exec 

Lolt. Cliffonl, SiiiKor 

Louis, Kmanucl J.. In.s. Exec 

Lowery, Jos. M., County Exec 

Lubovl.skl, Calmon, Violinist 

Lutz, Dan S.. Art Director 

Maas, Arthur Richard, Pharmacist 

Mabee, CIrace Wklnoy, Singer 

Maclicth, Gol)crt Eliot, Lawyer 

Macbeth, Hugh EUwood, Lawyer 

Mackav, Donald, Lawyer ■•;- 

Maclennan, Francis Wm. Mining Engr 

Macurda, Arthur Am.sden, Educator 

Majcr, Robert George, M.D 

Malcolm, Rov, Prof. Polit. Science 

Mallon, Marguerite G., Nutritionist 

Malone, Joseph J., Corp. Exec 

Manchester, Frederick, Writer 

Mangold, Geo. Benj., Prof. Sociology 

Mannix, Sister Mary Dolorosa, Eductr 

Manspoaker, C. O., Restauranteur 

Marble, Alice Singer, 

Marchetti, Joseph, Jurist 

Markey, Gene, Motion Pic. Producer 

Marquis, Neeta, Poet ■■■■ 

Marshall, Thos. Chalmers, Clergyman 

Martin Wm. McKelvy, Concert Mgr 

Martin, Willsie Manning, Clerg>'man 

Masser, Harry L., Corpn. Exec 

Matchan, Wm. Roy, Smger ■ 

Maverick, Lewis A., Prof. Economics 

Maxwell, Everett C, Art Director 

Mavers, Henry, Publisher 

McCandless, James W., YMCA Exec 

McCardle, Leon Vincent, City Exec 

McCauIev, Clayton M., Orthodontist 

McClenahan, Bessie A., Prof. Sociology.... 

McClung, Reid Lage, Educator 

McComb, Marshall F., Jurist ..-^ 

McCombs, Vernon Monroe, Church Exec... 

Mccormick, Jr., Chas. S., City Exec 

McCreery, Elbert L., Prof. Religion 

McDowell, Chas. Edward, Lawyer.. 

McGuire, John A., Investment Broker. 

McHenry, Dean Eugene, Prof. Polit. Sc... 

McHenry, Frances, Actress......... .- 

McKibben, Paul Stilwell, Prof. Anat 

McKinlev, Maytor H., Bus. Exec 

McLain, Fred French, Coll. Exec. 

McLaughlin, Katherine L., Prof. Educn... 

McLean, Donald, Prof. Neuro-Psychiatry 

McManus, Elizabeth E., Social Worker.... 

McManus, Geo. Stewart, Prof. Music 

McNair, Jas. Birtley, Botanist 

McNeely, Perry May, Artist 

McNeil, J. Charles, Composer 

McNeill, Mary Tylene, Book Reviewer 

Merrild, Knud, Artist 

Messick, Ben(jamin), Artist 

Metfessel, Milton F., Prof. Psychology.... 

Mier, Millard M., Lawyer 

Mikova, Marie, Pianist 

Miller, Clinton Ellis, Corpn. Exec 

Miller, Earl Joyce, Prof. Economics 

Miller, Evylena Nunn, Artist 

Tvliiler, Justin, Jurist 

Miller, Loye Holmes, Prof. Biology — 

Miller, May Merrill, Author 

Miller, Ray Oakley, Clergyman 

Miller, W^endell LeRoy, ClergjTnan 

Miller, Wm. J., Prof. Geology 

Mills, Lloyd, M.D 

Milroy, Wm. Forsyth, M.D 

Miner, Daniel B., Advtg. Exec 

Mitchell, Broadus, Prof. Economics 

Mitke, Chas. A., Mining Engr 

Mohme, Erwin Theodor, Prof. German.... 

Moidel, J. J., Lawyer 

Molony, Sr., Wm. Richard, M.D 

Moore, AUie Smith, Libry. Supvr 

Moore, Chas. Barclay, Sch. Supt 



















































































Moore, (Jlcnn Warner, Clergyman 651 

Moore, J. lioss, M.D., Ncuropsychlatrlst.. 651 

Moore, Mary Carr, Com|)osor (Jy2 

Morgan, Clinton, Emory, Corpn. Exec 654 

Morgan, Cosmo J., Literary Counsellor.... 655 

Morkovin, Boris V., Prof. Comp. Lit 6.^7 

Moross. Jerome, Compo.ser 6o8 

Morris, Eugene Ralph. Journalist bo J 

Morrison, Luclle Phillips, Author 660 

Mortimer, Frank Cog.swell, Fed. Recvr 662, Edw. Walter, Lawyer .......... 662 

Mount, Geo. Haines, Cons. Psychologist.... 664 

Mowrer, Frank Roger, Diplomat...... 664 

Muelder, Walter Geo.. Prof. Theology.... 66.5 

Mueller. Leo, Conductor ^ |65 

Mulfinger, Carl Leonard, M D bbb 

Murphy, Edw. W., Corpn. Exec. 668 

Murray, Frederic Seymour, Cartoonist.... bbs 

Muse, Clarence, Composer 669 

Musick, Charles Elvon, Lawyer ............... 669 

Myers, Glenn Edwin, M.D., Psychiatrist.... 671 

Myers Harriet Williams, Bird Authority.. 671 

Myers, Louis Wescott, Lawyer 671 

Nadejcn, Theodore, Artist ^^ 

Neblett, Leona, Violinist b(J, 

Nelli. Guido, Bronze Caster br4 

Neumeyer, Martin H., Prof. Sociology 676 

Newlin, Gurney Elwood, Lavvyer 676 

NeNvmark, Marco R., Copn. Exec 678 

Nicholas, Wm. Howard, Lawyer bra 

Nichols, J. Norton, M.D.. Prof Surg 680 

Nickel, George D., Social Worker 680 

Nimmo, Louise Everett, Artist 681 

Nimmo, Ray Everett, Lawyer b»i 

Noonan, Joe Theodore, Artist bH^ 

Nordli, Ernest, Artist "••-;—•• 5~ 

Norris, W. Jonathan, M.D. Prof. Surg... 684 

Norton, Samuel Tilden, Architect 686 

Nve, Clement De\Vitt, Jurist b«7 

O'Connor, J. F. T., Jurist bST 

O'Connor, William V., Lawyer b88 

Ogden, Wm. Brayton, Lawyer... ^9 

Olson, Emery Evan. Univ. Admstr 691 

Olson, Richard Culbert, La%vyer 692 

O'Melvenv, Henry Wm., Lawj'er 692 

Ord, Sr., Whetsel, Banker 693 

Paine, Robert T., Sculptor. 698 

Palmer, Edwin O., M.D., Surgeon 699 

Palmer, Wm. Judson, Jurist 7UU 

Patrick, Howard Allen, Lawyer.. 706 

Patterson, Ellis Elwood, Lieut. Gov 70b 

Patterson, Vernon, Writer 7U7 

Pavne. Theodore, Landscape Architect.... 7U9 

Pedell, Kav Clement, Plaj'wright 711 

Pegrum, Dudley Frank, Prof. Economics.. 712 

Pence, Sara Bundy, Poet 713 

Pepperdine, George, Philanthropist 715 

Peralta, Maria Celia, Singer 715 

Perez, Luis, Writer ■-.-"-; V-^ 

Perry, Adelaide Trowbridge, Prof. Piano.. 716 

Perrv, Irvin David, Teacher 716 

Peterson, Walter Conrad, City Exec 718 

Peterson-Foss, Edna Gunner, Pianist 718 

Pfiffner, John McDonald, Prof. Govt 719 

Phillips, James David, Univ. Exec 721 

Pierce, Mark Alfred, Mortuary Exec 724 

Pipal, Joseph Amos. Prof. Phys, Educn... 726 
Pohlman, Augustus G., M.D., Prof. Surg. "^ 

Politi, Leo. Illustrator 729 

Popenoe, Herbert. Statistician 729 

Porter, William Stratton, Corpn. Exec 731 

Porter, II, Wm. Woods, Cons. Geologist.... 731 

Powell, Lawrence Clark, Librarian 735 

Power, Ralph L., Radio Counsellor 735 

Prabhavananda, Swami, Clerg\Tnan 736 

Pritchard, Wm. Watkins W., Osteo. Phys...741 

Proctor, Minnie. M.S., Dental Surg 742 

Proppe, Harold Louis, Clerg>Tnan 742 

Pullias. Earl Vivon, Coll. Admstr 745 

Rand, Carl Wheeler, M.D 750 

Rapf, Harry, Motion Pic. Producer 752 

Raubenheimer, Albert S., Univ. Admstr... 753 
Raulston. Barrel! Otto, M.D., Prof. Med. 754 



Ray. Ra>'mond FranWin, Lawyer 755 

Read, Harlan Eugene, Writer 756 

Reichard, E. Wayne, Publisher 760 

Reichler, Samuel, Lawyer 761 

Ret, Etienne, Artist 763 

Reuter, Herman, Art Critic 763 

Rew, Tacle Hanna, Educator 763 

Riche, Aaron, Real Estate Broker 767 

Rilev, James Sheldon, Invest. Banker 768 

Ritchie, Ward, Publisher 769 

Roberts, Eugene L., Prof. Physical Edn... 772 

Robertson, Geo. Domville, Realtor 772 

Robertson, Howard, Lawj'er 773 

Robin.son, Jeanette, Clubwoman 776 

Robinson, Jr., Wm. Webb, Chief Chem 777 

Robinson, Wm. Wilcox, Writer 777 

Rodman, Ann Arabella Page, Writer 778 

Rogers, Frank, Realtor 779 

Rogers, Harold M., Music and Art Instr. 780 

Rogers, Lester Burton, Educator 781 

Rorke, Hal, Publicity Director 782 

Rosecrans, Wm. Starke, Corpn. Exec 783 

Rosenberg, Augusta, Lawyer 783 

Rosenblum, Arthur, Lawyer, Lawyer 784 

Rosenheim, Alfred Faist, Architect 785 

Ross, Thurston H., Prof. Bus. Mgmt 786 

Rossiter, Frederick McGee, M.D., Author 787 

Roth, Lester Wm., Lawyer 788 

Rowan, Harriett Evelyn, Lawyer 789 

Rowland, Donald Winslow, Prof. Hist 790 

Rude, Anna E., M.D 791 

Ruess, Christopher G., Prob. Officer 791 

Ruess, Stella Knight, Writer 791 

Rush, John Andrew, Lawyer 792 

Russell, Bruce Alexander, Cartoonist 793 

Saeta, Maurice, Lawyer 797 

Sample, James Wm., Symphony Condr 799 

Samson, Maria, Singer 799 

Sapiro, Aaron, Lawyer 801 

Saw>'er, Jr., Edmund Ogden, Publisher... 803 

Sayers, Jack C, Publicity Director 803 

Scarbrough, Hartwell E., Psychogolist... 804 

Scattergood, Ezra Frederick, Advy.Engr. 804 

Schaper, Wm. Charles, Lawyer 804 

Schauer, B. Rey, Jurist 805 

Scheck, Alice M., Librarian 805 

Scheuer, Philip K., Mot. Pic. Editor 806 

Schewe, Edward F., Dental Surgeon 806 

Schieman, Henry Robt., Prof. Accntcy 806 

Schindler, R. M., Achitect 807 

Scholl, Frederic Burr, Music Supvr 809 

Schultz, James Willard, Author 811 

Scott, Geo. Winfield, Lawyer 814 

Searles, Anna Hawley, Author 817 

Searles, Herbert Leon, Prof. Philosophy.... 817 

Seidel, Toscha, Violinist 819 

Sellery, C. Morley, M.D., Health Dir 820 

Serisawa, Sueo, Painter 820 

Shattuck, Edw., Stevens, Lawyer 824 

Sheldon, Roy H., Ins. Exec 826 

Shelton, E. K., M.D., Endocrinologist 826 

Sherer, Lorraine Miller, Sch. Dir 829 

Showman, Harry Munson, Univ. Admstr. 833 

Sibley, Edward Carroll, Author 833 

Silsby, Clifford, Landscape Architect 834 

Simmel, Ernst, M.D 835 

Simpson, John Edwin, Lawyer 837 

Sinclair, James Huntley, Prof. Educn 837 

Siple, Allen Geo., Architect 838 

Slemons, J. Morris, M.D., Obstrn 840 

Smith, Dorothy Wysor, Social Worker 842 

Smith, Nila Banton, Author 844 

Smith, Paul Jordan, Literary Editor 845 

Smither, Gertrude C, Clubwoman 846 

Smoot, Stephen I., City Exec 847 

Snider-Turner, Elthea, Organist 848 

Solloway, Harry, Violinist 849 

Soltau, David Livingstone, Educator 850 

Sonderling, Jacob, Clergyman 850 

Soper, Edgar Kirke, Prof. Geology 851 

Spalding, Wm. Andrew, Civic Official.... 852 

Spaulding, Frank Ellsworth, Educator... 852 

Spearman, Arthur D., S.J., Theologian.... 852 

Spencer, Vernon, Composer 854 

Spiegleman, Maurice H., Ins. Exec 855 

Sponsler, Olenus Lee, Prof. Botany 856 

Stafford, Dailey S., Lawyer 857 

Stanley, Irene, Poet 859 

Stanton, Ida Dobson, Homemaker 860 

Starbuck, Edwin Diller, Prof. Psychol 861 

Steeb, Olga, Pianist 862 

Stelter, Benjamin F., Prof. Engl 864 

Stephens, Albert Lee, Jurist 865 

Stephens, Jess E., Jurist 865 

Stephens, Ronald Francis, Artist 865 

Stephens, Wm. Dennison, Lawyer 865 

Stern, Marion Levi, Civic Worker 866 

Steuber, Lillian, Pianist 867 

Steunenberg, George, Army Officer 867 

Steven, John Boardman, Lawyer 867 

Stevenson, Jos. Albert, Clergyman 869 

Stevenson, Lionel, Prof. English 869 

Stewart, Frank Mann, Prof. Polit. Sci 870 

Still, William Grant, Composer 872 

Stimson, Marshall, Lawyer 872 

Stojana, Gjura, Artist 873 

Srrasburg, Max, Merchant 878 

Stubergh, Katherine Marie, Sculptor.... 881 

Stylianou, Demetrios Steiner, Sch. Dir 881 

Sullivan, Ellen Blythe, Prof. Psychol 881 

Sunderlin, Chas. Algernon, Lawyer 882 

Sutherland, Ida Mary Thompson, Editor.. 882 

Sutherland, Lora Henion, Sch. Teacher.... 883 

Swan, Howard Shelton, Coll. Dir 885 

Swarthout, Max van Lewen, Music Dir 886 

Swift, Richard H., Diagnostician 887 

Tarbell-Baxter, Frances Evalyn, Artist... 890 

Tatum, Clifford C. C. Realtor 891 

Taylor, Ellis Wing, Struct. Engr Addenda 

Taylor, Frederic W., Agriculturist 892 

Taylor, F. W. Howard, M.D., Surgeon.... 892 

Tenney, Jack Breckenridge, Assemblymn. 896 

Tennyson, Diane Van D., Patron of Arts.. 897 

Terhaar, Ferdinand H., Inventor 897 

Thayer, Carrie Field, Clubwoman 899 

Thiel, Albert Willem R., Bacteriologist... 899 

Thomas, Tracy Yerkes, Prof. Math 901 

Thomson, Henry Sears, Clergyman 903 

Thomson, Rex, Cham, of Com. Exec 903 

Thorne-Rider, Count Frederic, Lawyer.... 904 

Thorpe, Carlyle, Bus. Exec 904 

Thwing, Edw. Waite, Missny. Statesmn... 905 

Tiner, Hugh M., Educator 909 

Tippett. Donald Harvey, Clergyman 909 

Titus, Chas. Hickman, Prof. Polit. Sci 909 

Touton, Edith Cammack, Educn. Worker 913 

Touton, Harriet Louise, H.S. Teacher 913 

Trageton, Ole O., Lawyer 914 

Trattner, Ernest Robert, Clergyman 915 

Travers, Louis B., Sch. Supt 915 

Travnikoff, Basil, Writer 915 

Tree, Dolly, Mot. Pic. Costume Desgr 916 

Tremblay, George Amadee, Pianist 916 

Trenham, N. Bradford, Economist 917 

Trippet, Oscar A., Lawyer 918 

Tufts, Albert, Organist 921 

Turnbull, Gale, Artist 923 

Turner, Ethel Louise, Civic Leader « 923 

Urban, Clarence, State Exec 926 

Vaile, Fred, Tax Consultant 928 

Valentine, Dudley Scott, Jurist 928 

Vallely, Lorita Baker, Lecturer 929 

Van Buskirk, Guy, Dental Surgeon 929 

Varga, Emery Elmer, Diplomat 935 

Vaughan, Earle Russell, Lawyer 935 

Vaughan, Jos. A., S.J., Prof. Soc. Ethics 935 

Veazey, Jr., I. Parker, Lawyer 936 

Venator, Louis C, State Exec 936 

Verbeck, Blanche A. H., Writer 936 

Vickers, Jos. Wm., Jurist 938 

Violin, Mischa, Violinist 938 

Vogleson, Helen E., Library Dir 938 

von Borosini, August Joseph, Writer 939 

von Bulow, Celestine, Ind. Rights Worker 939 

von KleinSmid, Rufus B., Educator 939 


WiiKUoncr. I.ucy Cone. Interior Decorator..9'12 

Walker. Kdwarci ICverett, Wriler 9;14 

Walker, Halpli Curry, ClorKyman 9'1<> 

Wallln, Henry Bradford, ClerRyninn iMK 

Walter. Zaehary T., Cons. Chemist O.iO 

Wank'er. Waller K.. Mot. Pic. Producer.. . 9.> 

Wann. Louis, Prof. Eng. Lit So 

Warmer, .Jr., GcorKe Albert. Clergyman.. TO2 

Warren. Althea. City Librarian a^.s 

Warren. ?:ilnor Hemlck, Composer M 

Warren, Nell D., Prot. Psychology 954 

Warshawsky. Alexander. Artist 9j4 

Waters. Crystal, SinRer 9S5 

Waters. Sara Maynadler, Clubwoman 956 

Watkins, Gordon S.. Prof. Economics 95(5 

Watson. Claude A.. Lawyer 957 

Weatherhead, Arthur Clason, Architect.... 959 

Webb. Edith. Artist 959 

Webb. H. Pascal. Mathematician 9bJ 

Webster, Lloyd E.. Prof. Health and P.E. 962 

Wecker, Karl. Music Dir 962 

Weimar. Jessie. Voice Teacher 963 

Weinstock. Matt. Columnist 964 

Weissman. David. Author 965 

Weitkamp. Alfred Henry, M.D., Surg 965 

Wendt. Alvin Wm., Lawyer 966 

Westergaard, Waldemar. Prof. History.... 969 

Whelan. Edw. Joseph, S.J., Educator 972 

Whelan, Francis C, Lawyer 972 

Wherry, Margaret J.. Hospital Supt 972 

White. Robert P., Playwright 975 

Whittaker, George Simon. Poet 978 

Whyburn. Wm. Marvin, Prof. Math 978 

Wilde, Irene. Poet 983 

Willaman, Glenn Dresher, Editor 984 

Wiilett. George, Museum Curator 985 

Williams, Edward H., M.D 986 

Williams. Frank D., Mot. Pic. Photog 987 

Williams. J. Harold. Univ. Admstr 987 

Wilson, David M., Prof. Civil Engrg 991 

Wilson, Emmet H.. Jurist 991 

Wilson. Harry Hults. M.D 992 

Wilson, Olah Mendenhall, Lecturer 993 

Wilson, Verne E., Cons. Psychologist 994 

Winkler, Mayer. Clergyman 995 

Winslow, Carleton Monroe. Architect 996 

Winstein, Saul. Univ. Instr 997 

Wirin, Abraham Lincoln. Lawyer 997 

Wirsching, Carl B., City Exec 997 

Witherspoon. Thomas C, M.D., Surg 999 

Woellner, Frederic P., Prof. Educn 1000 

Wolfe, Paul T., State Fire Marshal 1001 

Woodbridge. Frederick W., Prof. Accty. 1005 

Woodman, Frederic T.. Civic Leader 1005 

Woods, Elizabeth Lindley, Sch. Supvr 1007 

Woodward, Albert Arthur, Museum Dir. 1007 

Woodward. Lawrence Newell, Banker.... 1008 

Woodworlh, Mabel. Prof. Harmony 1008 

Workman. Boyle, Corpn. Exec 1011 

Wright, Norman Soreng, Author 1015 

Wyant. George Glendining, Ch. Exec 1015 

Yankwich. Leon R., Jurist 1017 

Yates. Franklin G.. Author 1017 

Yeomans, Patricia H., Indstl. Designer.. 1018 

Yorty. Samuel Wm.. Lawyer 1019 

Yost. Paul K., Banker 1019 

Young. Erie Fiske. Prof. Sociology 1021 

Young, Pauline V., Author 1022 

Young, Wm. Gould. Prof. Chemistry 1022 

Zeitlin, Ida. Writer 1024 

Zeitlin. Jacob I., Rare Book Expert 1024 

Zierer, Clifford M., Prof. Geography.... 1024 

Lynwood — 

Ruby, Charles A., Lawyer 791 

Wright. Paul, Newspaperman 1015 

Malibu Beach — 

Seller, Lewis. Mot. Pic. Dir Addenda 

Manhattan Beach — 

Eckels, Lulu E., Adv. Exec 273 

Fitzsimmons. Cortland. Author 305 

Hageman. Frederick C., Architect 367 

Vouni:, (;i'i)ii;e ('.., New.spapermun 1021 

Maywood — 

KclloKK, Ben M.. Publisher 476 

King. Frank Marlon. Author ''HH 

Monrovia — 

Blssell, (Jeorge W., Mec. Engr 79 

Burr. Myron C. In.surance Broker 1^ 

Bynum. Llndloy. Library Exec 139 

Fitts. Marlon L.. Clubwoman -^W 

Harbert. Helen R.. Singer 378 

Harvey. Gerald B., Clergyman 38« 

Palmer, William Fleet, U.S. Attorney 700 

Pottenger, Jr., Francis M., M.D 7.34 

Scott, Harold H.. Music Dir 814 

Scott. Walter Canfield, Clergyman 815 

Williams, Carl J., Fed. Exec 985 

Montebello — 

Brundin, Ernest W., Engineer 126 

Burke, Louis H., Lawyer 131 

Currier, Richard E.. School Dir 221 

Morrow, Beth P., Editor 661 

Price. Lucy Jeanne. Editor 739 

Shelley. Chesney W., Mayor 826 

Monterey Park — 

Parks. Norman H., Newspaperman 703 

Redner, Edna G.. Writer 757 

Redner, Jr., L. Robert. M.D 757 

Redner, Leo Robert, M.D 757 

Newhall — 

Johnston, W. Ray, Bus. Exec 462 

Thatcher, Almon B., Newspaperman 898 

North Hollywood — 

Autry. Gene. Actor Addenda 

Bauchens, Anne Addenda 

Caldwell. Hugh M., Lawn/er 142 

Cams, Charles N., Jurist 150 

Carter. Pruett, Art Director 155 

Chevigny de la Chevrotlere, Hector Louis, 

Writer l"!"! 

Conley, Renie Broulllet, Designer 194 

Conroy, Don, Lawyer 196 

Crosby. Jr.. Harry L. (Bing), Singer 214 

Dietrich. Helen J., Pianist 247 

Dietrich. James C. Pianist 248 

Eldredge. Delmer G.. Writer 275 

Ellingson. Gil. E.. Real Estate Exec 277 

Erickson. Thelma Holm, Pianist 282 

Korngold. Erich W.. Composer 504 

Mackay, John Victor, Architect 573 

McCollum. Hugh. Mot. Pic. Prod 599 

Montgomery. Elizabeth R., Writer 649 

Nicola, Blanche N., M.D 680 

Quigley. George P., Insurance Exec 747 

Stark, Heman G.. Sociologist 861 

Tavlor, Glenhall E.. Radio Producer 892 

Tunheim. Thorval. Editor 922 

Vanda. Charles, Radio Program Dir 930 

Northridge — 

Pratt, George Collins, Lawyer 737 ' 

Stewart, Wendy, Lawyer 871 

Olive View — 

Bogen, Emil, M.D., Pathologist 92 

Skillen, Jane, M.D., Surgeon 839 

Pacific Palisades — 

Bailey, Cornelius O., M.D 40 

Ballin. Hugo. Artist 44 

Bonner. Charles W.. Writer 96 

Brewster. Margaret, Dir. Am. Yth. Hos... 113 

Childs. Frank H., Author 172 

Clark, Frank C, Osteopath 176 

Clearwater, Clifford D., Publisher 181 

Graham, William A., Army Officer 352 

Hersch, Lee. Artist 403 

Hersch, Virginia. Author 403 

Huxley. Aldous L., Author 441 

Lert. Richard, Concert Conductor 536 

Mankiewicz, Joseph L., Writer 578 

Matson, Clarence H., Exec. Cham. Com. 591 



McBride, George M., Prof. Geography... 595 

McCullough, James D., Prof. Chem 603 

McEvoy, Joseph P., Writer 605 

Pacht, Isaac, Lawyer 697 

Raphaelson, Samson, Author 752 

Toch, Ernst, Prof. Composition 910 

Tomson, Tommy, Landscape Architect.... 911 

Van Buren, Lotta, Authority Old Muse 929 

Webb, Robert W., Prof. Geology 959 

Whelan, Jr., Daniel E., Univ. Admstr 972 

Pacoima — 

Blanchard, Porter, Silversmith 85 

Palms — 

Voigt, Ernest O., Realtor 938 

Palos Verdes Estates — 

Albee, Merton Aurel, Lawyer 10 

Dorr, Dorothy Countryman, Poet 258 

Dorr, II, William R., Choir Condr 258 

Gates, Samuel Elverton, Corpn. Exec 330 

Piastro, Josef, Violinist 722 

Ross, Floyd Hiatt, Prof. Religion 785 

Scott, Walter V., Realtor 815 

Pasadena — 

Akins, Zoe, Playwright Addenda 

Allen, Jr., William H., Banker 16 

Anderson, Hugh Stacey, Bus. Exec 23 

Ashley, Roscoe L., Historian 30 

Austin, John C. W., Architect 34 

Baermann, Walter, Prof. Indusl. Design.... 39 

Baker, James Chamberlain, Bishop 42 

Barber, Allyn Herschel, Corpn. Exec 46 

Barber, John Edwin, Corpn. Exec 46 

Barnard, Archer F., Cons. Engr 48 

Barstow, Vera, Violinist 51 

Bartlett, Maxine E., Columnist 52 

Barton, William S., Writer 53 

Batchelder, Alice C, Music Dir 54 

Baxter, Frank Condie, Prof. Eng 56 

Beach, John Parson, Composer 57 

Beach, Lansing Hoskins, Army Officer 57 

Bedell, Frederick, Physicist 62 

Belden, Henry E., Insurance Exec 64 

Bell, William Park, Turf Cons 67 

Bennett, Margaret E., School Director 69 

Bishop, Bennett L., M.D 78 

Blair, William L., Editor 83 

Blake, Eugene Carson, Clergyman 84 

Borsook, Henry, M.D., Prof. Biochem 98 

Bouton, Archibald Lewis, ii,ducator 100 

Bowen, William H., Aeronautical Supt 101 

Boynton, Alary Louise, Librarian 105 

Bragdon, Sarah C, Composer 108 

Brand, Lillian, Writer 109 

Breslow, David S., Chem. Research 112 

Breyer, John H., M.D., Surgeon 113 

Brinton, Paul Henry M-P., Prof. Chem... 116 

Brown, Gilmore, Theatre Dir 120 

Brown, Scott, Lawyer 122 

Burnett, Clair Lee, Consulting Engr 133 

Burnette, Mabel Bird, Artist 133 

Burt, Robert C, Manufacturer 135 

Buwalda, Imra Wann, Writer 138 

Buwalda, John Peter, Prof. Geology 139 

Cahill, Arthur James, Artist 141 

Campbell, Ian, Prof. Petrology 145 

Campbell, Robert W., Lawyer 146 

Campbell, Susan Palmer, Librarian 146 

Chamberlain, Arthur H., Educator 163 

Chamberlain, James F., Educator 163 

Chamberlin, F. Tolles, Painter 164 

Chapman, Levi S., Lawyer 168 

Cherrington, Edith, Poet 170 

Cheyney, Ralph, Poet 171 

Church, Archibald, M.D 173 

Clapp, Wm. Howard, Prof. Mach. Dsgn... 175 

Clark, Alson S., Artist 176 

Clark, Wm. A., M.D., Prof. Orth. Surg. 178 

Coleman, Isabella S., Designer 190 

Colwell, Max Fowler, Editorial Writer.... 192 
Connor, Elizabeth, Librarian 195 


Connor, Rose, Architect 196 

Corning, Gertrude T., Pianist 202 

Croissant, Albert, Prof. English 213 

Daugherty, Robt. L., Prof. Mech. Engrg. 226 

Davies, Godfrey, Historian 229 

Davis, Dorothy Marie, Writer 230 

Davis, Wilbur L. Y., Clergyman 234 

Dawson, Glen, Bookdealer 235 

Dawson, Grace S., Poet 235 

Day, Albert E., Clergyman 235 

De'ak, Imre Eric, Pianist 236 

De'ak, Stephen, Violincellist 236 

Deisenroth, James Bruce, Bus. Exec 239 

de Laubenfels, Max W., Coll. Prof 240 

Dember, Alexis Berthold, Physicist 241 

Dinning, Robert J., Painter 249 

Dowd, Helen Lietta, Artist 259 

Dubnoff, Jacob William, Biochemist 264 

Dunn, Harry Lippincott, Lawyer 266 

Dunn, Louis G., Univ. Instr 267 

Dutcher, Patricia O., Librarian 269 

Eagleson, Harvey, Prof. English 270 

Edler, William, M.D., Prof. Psychiatry.... 273 

Elliott, Edward, Banker 277 

Emerson, Robert, Prof. Biophysics 281 

Eriksson, Erik M., Prof. History ^S3 

Evans, Frederick V., Music Dir 287 

Fleetwood, Margaret E. T., Publisher 306 

Fleetwood, Wm. Ogden, Publisher 306 

Fogg, Philip S., Prof. Bus. Economics... 308 

Forman, Edward S., Research 311 

Fowler, William A., Prof. Physics 312 

Francisco, Don, Advtg. Exec 313 

Freeman, Breo, Arch 316 

Freeman, Lewis Ransome, Author...... 317 

Gearhart, May, Artist 332 

Gianetti, Humbert L., Realtor 336 

Gifford, Robert Ladd, Corpn. Exec 339 

Grey, Elmer, Architect 358 

Gutenberg, Beno, Prof. Geophysics 365 

Haagen-Smit, Arie Jan, Prof. Chem 365 

Hague, Eleanor, Musician 367 

Hahn, Edwin Franklin, Lawyer 367 

Hansen, Ejnar, Artist 377 

Harbeson, John Wesley, Educator 378 

Harris, Franklin S., Jr., Lab. Rsch 383 

Hattersley, Linn W., Prof. Philosophy... 389 

Hay, Abraham J., Banker 391 

Heicher, Merlo Karl W., Clergyman 396 

Hillyer, Rupert J., Writer 409 

Hinshaw, Virgil G., Prohibition Wrkr 411 

Hodge, Frederick W., Ethnologist 413 

Houston, William V., Prof. Physics 425 

Huls, Harold P., Lawyer 434 

Huse, William, Prof. English 440 

Ingham, James K., Insurance Exec 444 

Jardine, John Earle Bus. Exec 451 

Jenney, Ralph Edward, Jurist 452 

Johnson, Josef J., Astronomsr 458 

Johnson, Milbank, Social Economist 45S 

Johnson, Reginald D., Architect 460 

Kamps, Norman H., Artist 470 

Kendall, William R.. Prof. Music 479 

Kester, Tom Marshall, Columnist 485 

Kirchner, J. G., Bio-organic Chem 489 

Kleinpell, Robt. M., Geologist 495 

Koiner, C. Wellington, City Manager 502 

Krick, Irving P., Prof. Meteorology 506 

Kybal, Ana Saenz de. Painter 509 

Kybal, Milic, Economist 509 

Kybal, Vlastimil, Diplomat 509 

Landrith. Ira, Clergyman 514 

Lane, Virginia T., Writer 515 

Langsdorf, William B., Educator 517 

Lawson, Robert M., Accountant 525 

Leeds, Charles T., Cons. Engr 529 

LeRosen, Arthur L., Chemist 536 

Liepmann, Hans W., Resch. Fell. Aero 543 

Linsley, Ralph Eggleston, Pianist 546 

Linton, Clarence M., Lawyer 547 

Ludovici, Alice E., Artist 560 

Lyon, Harley W., Sch. Prin 565 

Macdonald, Alexander, Lawyer 569 


Mackcown, S. Sluart, I'ror. Klec. Engrg. 57|J 

Maize. Lillian T., Wrllcr 57o 

Marslon, Sylvanu.s H.. Aichilect.... &»& 

Martcl. Uomeo U., Consulting Kngineer... 5Hj 

Mason. Klmor Brown. Corpn fc;xec.....^. 5»J 

Maxsladl, Francis W.. I'rof hlec. Eng. 5 2 

McCurdy, Robert M.. Civic Worker 60J 

McDuffie, William C. Oil Operator 605 

Mead. Rufus, Coll. Prin bVJ 

Merriam. Ralph T., Lawyer b2J 

Merritl, Hulett C. Financier b25 

Metzc, Kurt. Dancer .^ .... b28 

Meyers, Thomas J.. Cos. Psychologist... 629 

Michael. William W., Civil Engr 630 

Millar, Richard W., Aircraft Mtgr 631 

Millikan, Clark B., Prof. Aeronautics 640 

Millikan, Greta B., Civic Worker 640 

Millikan, Robert Andrews, Educator 640 

Mills, Harlow J., Composer 642 

Mitchell, Chas. B., Bishop 644 

Monsen, Courtenay, Pub. Relatiomst 648 

Moon, Carl, Author 650 

Moon, Grace, Author b|U 

Moore, Robert T., Zoologist 65J 

Morgan. Thomas H.. Zoologist 656 

Muir, Gladdys E., Prof. History 665 

Munro, William B., Prof. History 667 

Musselman, Harold Z., Athletic Dir 670 

Neff, Andrew M., Investment Broker 674 

O'Neill, James Pat, Research Engr 692 

Paddock, Charles W., Newspaperman 697 

Parker, Anne F., Sch. Headmistress 702 

Payne, Eugene L., Bus. Exec 708 

Peabody, Henry G., Photographer 709 

Phillipps, Miner B., Prof. Gov. Acctg 720 

Phillips, Catherine C, Writer 720 

Plumb, Roselle J., Clergyman 727 

Polgar, Andor, Chem. Research 729 

Popenoe, Willis P., Geologist 730 

Potapenko, Gennady W., Prof. Physics.... 733 

Pottenger, Francis M., M.D 733 

Praeger, Arnold, Lawyer 736 

Prichard, Augustus B., Clergyman 739 

Prichard, Samuel V., Lawyer 740 

Pryor, Leland M., Coll. Dir 744 

Ramsay, Robert E., M.D., Prof. Ped 750 

Rankin, James D., Clergyman 751 

Reims, Alf O., Chem. Research 762 

Richter, Charles F., Prof. Seismology.... 767 

Riley, Alice C. D., Writer 768 

Rittenhouse, Daniel F., Clergyman 769 

Robinson, Reuben "Bud," Clergyman 776 

Rockefeller, William C, Aero. Engr 778 

Rogers, Calista, Singer 779 

Rose, Ethel B., Artist 782 

Ross, Frank E., Prof. Astronomy 785 

Salisbury, Harold E., Artist 799 

Sanford, Roscoe F., Astronomer 800 

Sanner, Asa E., Church Exec 800 

Saunders, Charles F., Author 802 

Schomaker. Verner, Chem. Research 809 

Schulz, Herbert C, Lib. Curator 812 

Scott, John F., Clergyman 814 

Scriver, Helen, Teach. Lip Reading 815 

Seager, Marguerite L., Tchr. Lip Reading 816 

Sechler, Ernest E., Prof. Aeronautics 818 

Sexson, John Amherst, Sch. Supt 821 

Shaler, Clarence Addison, Sculptor 822 

Shanewise. Lenore, Drama Instr 822 

Sharp, Geo. Stevenson, M.D., Surg 823 

Sinclair, Upton, Author 838 

Sinnette, Sr., John Townsend, Pianist 838 

Smith, Carl Frederick, Artist „... 841 

Smith, Merle Negley, Clergyman 844 

Sorensen, Royal W., Prof. Elec. Engrg 851 

Stanton, Roger, Prof. English 860 

"Stevens, Frank G. H., Clergyman. - 868 

Stewart, Virginia, Writer 871 

Stock, Chester, Prof. Paleontology 872 

Stone, Willard J., M.D 875 

Stong, Audre L., Music Director 875 

Stromberg, Gustaf, Astronomer 880 

.Strong, .John U.. I'rol. i'hy.sjcs 

Swift, Ernest H., Prof. Anyl. Chem 

Thoma.s, Franklin, Prof. Civ. Engrg 

Thurston, Carl, Author 

Thurston, Jane McDuffie, Painter 

Tolman, Richard C, Prof. Phys. Chem 

Trent, Lucia, Poet 

Tyler, Alljort, Coll. Admr 

Tyson. Howell N., Prof. Mech. Engrg 

Untereiner, Ray E., Prof. Hist 

Updegraff, Harlan, Prof. Physiology 

van Harreveld, Anthonio, M.D., Prof. 

Vestal, Samuel C, Army Officer 

Volk, Edwin, Philologist 

Walkup, Fairfax P.. Theatre Dir 

Walter, Nina W., Lecturer 

Watkins, Louise W., Civic Leader 

Weinbaum, Sidney, Chem. Research. 

Went, Fritz W., Prof. Plant Physgy 

White, Orrin Augustine, Artist 

Widmeyer, Charles B., Theologian 

Wiersma, Cornells, Prof. Physiology 

Wilcox, Burton B., Philanthropist 

Wiley, H. Orton, Coll. Pre.s 

Williams, Frank A., Dental Surgeon. 

Willis, Cornelius G., Geologist 

Wilson, Henry D., Corpn. Exec 

Wilson, John N., Inst. Indus. Chem 

Wilson, Ralph E., Writer 

Winchester, Olive M., Coll. Admstr 

Winn, Charles V., Christn. Sci. Practnr. 

Winter, Alice A., Bus. Exec 

With, Karl E., Author 

Wood, Casey A., M.D., Surgeon 

Wood, Henry O., Geologist 

Worden, Perry, Author 

Wright, Louis B., Libr. (research) 

Wynlvoop, Asa, Librarian 

Yost, Bartley F., Diplomat 

Young, Archibald B., Lawyer 

Young, Arthur H., Indusl. Relationist... 

Young, John P., Prof. Econ 

Yuan, Luke C, Research Physics 

Zechmeister, Laszlo, Prof. Orgnc. Chem. 

Zornes, James M., Artist 

Zwicky, Fritz, Astronomer 

Playa Del Rey — 

Beranger, Clara, Author 

McGuiness, James Kevin, Mot. Pic. Dir.. 
Zacsek, Anna, La\\yer 

Pomona — 

Freeman, Luther, Clergyman 

Garr, Turner Mathias, City Atty 

Hickson, Alonzo Loyd, Lawyer 

Nichols, Allen Penheld, Lawyer 

Price, Geo. McCready, Author 

Reed, Cass Arthur, Educator 

Reeves, Geo. Newton, Clergyman 

Warner, Ira David, Bishop , 

Puente — 

Woodson, Tennessee, Writer 


. 989 

.. 72 

. 608 


. 317 

. 327 

. 406 

. 679 

. 738 

. 758 

. 760 

. 953 


Redondo Beach — 

Austin, Blanche Friend, Editor 33 

Austin, Samuel G., Police Judge 34 

Bell, Colfax, Mayor 65 

Bundy, Delos Lester, City Engr _... 130 

Dodge, Louis, Author 254 

Fisher, Lillian Estelle, Educator 303 

Irish, Florence M., Patron of Arts 444 

Lick, Rosemary, Dancer 542 

Molnar, Louis, Writer 648 

Schnetzler, Stanley Stolz, Writer 808 

von Koerber, Hans N. F.. Educator 940 

Walker, Claud Vivian, Banker 944 

Rolling Hills — 

Snow, Harold Lee, M.D., Ophthalmologist 848 
Wallbank, Thomas Walter, Prof. Hist 948 


Rosemead — 

Davis, Ward B., Agr. Chemist ^^ 

San Dimas — 

Churcli, Virginia Woodson, Writer ITl 

Oilman, Herbert S., Bus Exec 341 

Kennedy, Jr., Frederick Hunt, Arch 480 

Mann, Chas. Wm., Pomologist 579 

Voorhis, H. Jerry, Educator a^i 

Son Fernaiuic— 

Bower, Albert G., M.D., Prof Medicine.. 101 

Browning, Wm. C, Mining Engr...^. 124 

Harrington, Mark Raymond, Mus. Cur... 383 

San Gabriel— 

Berkov, Robert H., Publisher. l^ 

Elson, Eugene M., Dep. Dist. Atty 279 

Temple, 11, Thomas W., Historian eao 

San Marino — 

Adams, Annette Abbott. Lawyer 4 

AUes, Gordon Albert, Res. Chem io 

Anderson, Evald, Chem. Engr ^-i 

Anderson, Leo Ellis, Lawyer ^4 

Archbald, Harry Ruthven, Jurist ^< 

Arndt, Stanley M., Lawyer.... ...^. -fo 

Baker, James Chamberlain, Bishop 4^ 

Beebe, James Lyndon, Lawyer fa^ 

Bell, Clark E., Ins. Exec b& 

Bliss, Leslie Edgar, Librarian »» 

Brittingham, Louis Geo., Banker lib 

Bruce, James Latimer, Mining Exec 1^5 

Bruck, Porter, Ins. Exec l^a 

Carver, Kauffman Lowell, Banker 155 

Chadwick, Wallace Lacy. Civil Engr 162 

Clark, D. S., Prof. Mech. Engrg Ib^ 

Collins, Franklin Wallace, Lawyer 191 

Crotty, Homer D., Lawyer 21b 

Duff, James Leo, Corpn. Exec ^b4 

Ellis, Leland W., M.D., Prof. Surgery.... 278 
Fain, Sarah Lee Oden d'hal, Teacher.... 290 

Faries, Mclntyre, Lawyer 291 

Farrand, Max, Library Dir 294 

Ferrier, P. A., M.D., Prof. Clin. Surg 297 

Garland, John Jewett, Realtor 326 

Garretson, Herman John, Ins. Exec 327 

Gaylord, James Mason, Elec. Engr 331 

Haake, Harry G., Corpn. Exec 365 

Hill, Raymond Alva, Cons. Civ. Engr 409 

Hockey, Wm. Edward, Corpn. Exec 412 

Hoffman, John Washington, Educator 414 

Howson, Carl Robert, M.D 429 

Hubble, Edwin P., Astronomer 431 

Jeffreys, Cecil Edward, Dir. Research.. 452 

Kerns, Fannie M., Painter 483 

Loud, Harlan Grant, Corpn. Exec 557 

Magan, Percy T., M.D 574 

Mauger, Geo. Levan, Nat. Park Admstr... 591 
Miller, Howard A., Ch. of Com. Exec... 634 

Moore, Roy Webb, Mining Engr 653 

Pascoe, Geo. Lahey, Ch. of Com. Exec 705 

Powell, Herbert J., Architect 735 

Sellers, Clark, Exmnr. Questd. Docmts... 819 

Sheppard, James C, Lawyer 828 

Smith, Lewis Howell, Jurist 843 

Smith, Oscar Alpheus, Corpn. Exec 845 

Stever, Ron, Ins. Exec 869 

Strack, Lilian Holmes, Author 877 

Turner, Richard Admyre, Lawyer 924 

Vanderhoof, Ralph Scovell, Realtor 931 

Veronda, Maurice, Acad Admstr 937 

Wagner, Blanche Collet, Artist 942 

Wallace, Mary Blair, Lecturer 947 

Watts, Vervon Orval, Econ. Counsel 958 

Weymouth, Frank Elwin, City Engr 970 

Wilco.x, Francis R., Bus. Exec 983 

Wood, Herbert Sidney, H.S. Prin 1003 

Wood, James Theodore, Geologist 1004 

Wood, Walton Jones, Jurist 1005 

Young, Arthur Nichols, Economist 1020 

San Pedro — 

Becker, Roy J., Ins. Agent 61 

Kimberly, Allen, Army Officer 487 

McCracken, Jr., J. H., M.D., Surgeon 602 

Sale, Bettie, Poet 799 

Santa Monica — 

Bagdatopoulos, Wm. Spencer, Painter 39 

Bainter, Fay, Actress Addenda 

Beals, R. L., Anthrop. and Sociol 58 

Beckwith, T. D., Prof. Bacteriology 61 

Biscailuz, Eugene Warren, Sheriff 78 

Borisoff, Alexander, Cellist 98 

Brown, Verne Brainard, Coll. Instr 122 

Browne, Lewis, Author 124 

Carrillo, Leo, Actor .•- 152 

Carver, Thomas Nixon, Economist 156 

Dobson, Margaret A., Artist 252 

Donnan, David John, Clergyman 256 

Douglas, Donald W., Des. Engr 258 

East, Anna Merritt, H.S. Instr 270 

Emerson, John, Playwright 281 

Evans, Hugh, Bus. Exec 287 

Fox, Herbert Wright, Chem. Engr 313 

Frankel, Bessie Bartlett, Composer 314 

Gruenberg, Louis, Pianist 361 

Hendriks, Francis Milton, Pianist 400 

Kemp, Alexander Nesbitt, Ins. Exec 478 

Leslie, Grant, Welfare Worker 537 

Lewin, Albert, Mot. Pic. Prod 540 

Lucas, Mercer Watson, Librarian 559 

Malcolmson, David, Writer 577 

Martin, Edward Clifford, Clergyman 586 

Mayer, Louis B., Mot. Pic. Exec 593 

Mclnerny, Jr., Cornelius Wm., Lawyer.... 609 

Misselwitz, Henry Francis, Author 643 

Morgan, Ainsworth, Writer 655 

Morse, Charlotte Brimmer, Clubwoman.... 661 

Murray, David Ambrose, Theologian 668 

Pollard, Patience, Poet 729 

Rhodes, Orlando H., Lawyer 765 

Selvig, Conrad Geo., Educator 820 

Smith, Wm. A., Prof. Education 845 

Stackpole, Peter, Photographer 857 

Stockwell, Marvel Marion, Prof. Econ 873 

Stone, Hosmer Ward, Prof. Chemistry.... 874 

Taylor, Wm. Treat, Corpn. Exec 895 

Thompson, Helen B., irof. Home Econ 902 

Wilkinson, M. W., Mfrg. Metallgcl 984 

Wright, Stanton M., Artist 1015 

Saugus — 

Bonelli, Wm. George, Lawyer 95 

Palmer. Paul Ellis, Lawyer 700 

Sherman Oaks — 

Hoijer, Harry, Prof. Anthropology 416 

Sierra Madre — 

Addis, H. A. Noureddin, Writer 8 

Bush, Ella Shepard, Artist 136 

Chandler, Norman. Publisher 166 

Dewey, Alfred James, Painter 244 

Gegna, Jascha, Violinist 332 

Hersey, Henry B., Meteorologist 404 

Hoover, Jr., Herbert, Engineer 421 

Hurt. Leslie Milton, Veterinarian 439 

McCarthy, John Russell, Poet 597 

Myers, Ethel Frances, Teacher 670 

Page, Elizabeth, Author 697 

Purnell, Idella, Editor 746 

Selling, Oskar, Violinist 819 

Shippey, Lee, Columnist 831 

Smythe. Wm. Ralph, Prof. Physics 847 

South Gate — 

Boyle, Edna Lewis, Clubwoman 105 

Doyle, Grace Evelyn, City Exec 261 

Fredrickson, John Walter, Bus. Exec 315 

Heacock, Joel Gale, Publisher 394 

Kirk, Dean Hollis, Realtor 490 

Osborne, Frederick B., Clergyman 694 

South Pasadena — 

Adams, Charles Gibbs, Landscape Arch 5 

Ainsworth, Edw. Maddin, Columnist 9 

Arthur, Chas. Walter, Bacteriologist 29 



Baer, Francis Shaw. Corpn. Exec 38 

Blaine, Edw. Smith, M.D 83 

ChoulnanI, Nelbert Murphy, Art Dlr 17-J 

Crow. Nelson Havment, Editor 217 

Evans. Newton, M.D., Proi. Talhology.... 288 

Hammack, Daniel Stewart, Lawyer 375 

Henderson. Harry Flnley. Lecturer 399 

Herbert, Joseph C. Bus. Exec 402 

Hill. Raymond K. F. J., Organist 408 

HollliiRsworth. Josephine B., Llbrn 418 

Kvropoulos, Splro, Hesearrh Physicist... 510 
Mactarland, Eleanor B.. Civic Worker.... 570 

Marble. John Maclaren, Banker 581 

McLean. David W., Dental Surgeon 614 

Paradise, Phil, Artist 701 

Partsoh, Joseph C, Civic Worker 705 

Philippi, R. L., Pub. Relationist 720 

Porter. Andrew Oliphant, Lawyer 730 

Robinson. Verne c, Lawyer 776 

Ryan. Harold Joy. Agrl. Commr 794 

Spencer. Lynn, Society Editor 854 

Stevens, W. Bertrand, Bishop 868 

Truesdail, Roger Wm., Cons. Nutrnst 920 

Upjohn, Hubert S.. Educator 926 

Wright, Henry Ward. Realtor 1014 

Toluca Lake — 

Mahoney, Wilkie Courter, Scenarist 575 

Torrance — 

Lessing, Robert Fredrick, Jurist 537 

Tujunga — 

Plalsted, Frederick W., For. Gov 727 

Shontz. Orfa Jean, Jurist 832 

Universal City — 

Jackson, Felix. Writer 446 

Lloyd. Frank W. G., Mot. Pic. Dir 550 

Van Nuys — 

Baldv\dn. Earl W., Writer Addenda 

Boardman, True E., Writer 90 

Buckish, Walter G. M., Educator 127 

Cykler. Edmund A.. Music Teacher 222 

Mann, Geo. Carlisle, Educator 579 

Mitchel. Helen Alberta, Poet 643 

Ogden, Geo. Washington, Author 689 

Starr, James Atherton, Mot. Pic. Editor.. 861 

Storm, Hugo, Poet 877 

Wallis, Hal B., Mot. Pic. Exec. Prod 949 

Wilbur, Crane, Radio Prod 981 

Venice — 

Galentine, Florence Rose S., Teacher.... 323 
Halsey, Wm. Forrest, Writer 372 

Walnut Park— 

Lefever, David Welty, Prof. Edn 530 

West Los Angeles — 

Allen, Leroy Walton, Prof. Music 15 

Arnold, Edward. Actor Addenda 

Beebe, Elinor Lee, Prof. Pub. Hlth.. Nurs. 62 

Bennett, Joan, Actress Addenda 

Blacet, Francis Edw., Prof. Chem 80 

Bodkin, Henry Grattan, Lawyer 91 

Bowers, Walter L., Dep. Atty. Gen 102 

Butler. Percy Bennett, Mining Engr 138 

Carbonara, Gerard, Composer 148 

David, Leon Thomas, Lawyer 228 

Davidson, J. R., Architectural Des 229 

Deane, Martha B., Supvr. Phys. Edn 237 

Edwards, Hiram W., Physicist 274 

Etienne, Myron Edouard, Inv. Counclr... 285 

Heineman, Irene Taylor, Sch. Admstr 397 

Hoyt. Vance Joseph. Teacher 430 

Jennings, Herbert Spencer. Zoologist 453 

Kanin, Garson, Mot. Pic. Prod 470 

Kaplan, Joseph, Prof. Physics 470 

Kaufman, Louis, Violinist 471 

Larrinaga, Juan B., Artist 519 

Lengyel, Melchoir Menyhert. Plaj-wright.. 534 
Leonard. Frederick Chas., Astronomer.... 534 

Mc Coy. Herschel, Costume Designer 601 

McCune, Richard Stanley, Corpn. Exec... 603 

Mitchell, Raymond A.shton, In.s .Exec 

Morcman, Raymond, Music Lecturer 

Moulton, Thorn. T., Mot. Pic. Sound Dlr. 

O'Donnol. Dion. Editor 

Oertel. Daniel Theodore. Inv. Mgmt 

Panunzlo. C. M.. Prof. Sociology 

Robertson. G. Ross, Prof. Organic Chem. 

Rosenborg, Aaron, Dlr. Mot. Pic 

Rubin, David R.. Lawyer 

Samuels, Homer, Pianist 

.Schary. Dore, Writer 

.Scott. Clyde Eugene. Artist 

.Seagoe. May V.. Prof. Edn 

Tidd, Chas. Wharton. M.D 

Whitworth, Pegram. Army Officer 

Westwood — 

Cooper. Chas. Martin. Bus. Exec 

Westwood Hills — 

Weiss. Lewis, Allen, Radio Exec 





Westwood Village — 

Lloyd-Jones, Orren. M.D - 551 

Roney, Henry C, Family Relationist 781 


Baldwin, Onias B.. Prof. Psychology 44 

Bewley, Thomas W., Lawyer 7b 

Coffin, J. Herschel, Prof. Psychology.... 188 

Cooper, Charles Wm., Prof. English. 199 

Haig, Mabel George, Painter 368 

Harris, Herbert E., Coll. Dir 384 

Holton, Charles Rufus, Lawyer 4^ 

Kepple, Gerald C, Lawyer 48^ 

Martin, Burl G.. Bus. Exec 5»6 

Mendenhall, William O., Educator 622 

Hunger, Frances H., Bus. Exec 66b 

Nerhood. Harry Warren, Coll. Instr 67b 

Newman, Wallace, Coll. Instr 677 

Palmer, Richard W., Aircraft Engr 700 

Rice. Mabel Frances. Educator 765 

Smith. Wm. Allan. Co. Supervisor 846 

Tebbetts. Herbert Edwin. Surgeon 89b 

Wheatley, R. A., Citrus Assn. Exec 971 

White, J. Gustav, Prof. Appld. Soclgy... 974 

Wiley, Will E., Sch. Supt 984 


(Pop. £3,314 — Biogs. 5) 

Chowchilla — 

Burcher. James F., Publisher 131 

Madera — 

Bailey. Mason A., Lawyer 41 

Conley, William M., Lawyer 194 

Gordon, John Bowen, City Exec 350 

Mordecai, George, Lawyer 653 


(Pop. 52,90y—B/iogs. kk> 

Belvedere — 

Heakin, Harold L., Sales Engr 394 

Hutson, Esther M.. Social Worker 441 

Bolinas — 

Dibblee, Harrison, Author 245 

Lagunitas — 

Silva. Giulio. Coll. Admstr 835 

Larkspur — 

Marmur, Jacland. Author 583 

Mill Valley- 
Baker, John Earl, Relief Exec 43 

Clement, Ada, Pianist 183 

Folger, Arthur H., Farm Sec. Admstr 309 

Hodghead, Lillian K., Mus. Dir 413 

Krag, Erik, Corpn. Exec 505 

Symonds, Harry C, City Atty 888 

Ross — 

Browne, Belmore, Artist 123 

Esberg, Caroline L., Clubwoman. 284 



Howells, Naomi, Sch. Teacher 428 

Livermore, Norman B., Civil Engr 549 

Pillsburv, George B., Army Officer 725 

Silverman, Millon, Reporter 835 

San Anselmo — 

Baird. Jesse Hays, Theologian 42 

Carpenter, Fred \V., Lawyer 151 

Carter, Jesse W., Jurist 154 

Drury, Clifford M., Theologian 263 

Myers, Wallace S., Lawyer 672 

Oxtoby, Gurdon C Theologian 696 

Smith, Dorman H., Artist 842 

Tappan, Margaret, Lecturer 890 

Ungersma, Aaron J.. Theologian 925 

White, L. T., Prof. Christian Soc. Ethics.. 975 

Wicher, Edward A., Theologian 979 

San Quentin— 

Duffy, Clinton T., Institution Exec 265 

San Rafael — 

Boyd, Louise A., Explorer 104 

Coman, Edwin T., Banker.; 19^ 

Holt, Marshall K., Chem. Engr 420 

Horn, John L., Prof. Education 423 

Jones, George S., County Exec 463 

Sellmer, Walter B., Sheriff 820 

Small, Sidney Herschel. Author 841 

Stewart, Alpheus L., Acad. Supt 870 

Sausalito — 

Anderson, Frank B., Type Metal Mfgr 23 

Edmonds, Douglas L., Jurist 274 

Faville, William Baker, Architect 295 

Loomis, Frederic M., M.D., Gynecologist.. 555 

Temianka, Henri, Violinist 896 

Van den Burg, Willem, Conductor 930 

Tiburon — 
Bate, Dayrell M., Corpn. Exec 55 


(Pop. 5.605— Biogs. 1) 

Yosemite Natl. Park — 

Merriam, Lawrence C, Nat. Pk. Exec 623 


(Pop. 27,86i— Biogs. S) 

Covelo — 

Murphey, Edith V., Educational Advsr... 667 


O'Brien, A. R., Newspaperman 687 


Whitney, William F., Fed. Exec 977 


(Pop. Jf6,988 - Biogs. S) 

Livingston — 

Adams. Klbert G., Newspaperman 6 

Merced — 

Lilley, Walter E., M.D 544 

Robinson, C. Ray, Lawyer 774 


(Pop. SJ13 - Biogs. 3) 

Alturas — 

Bonner, Ernest C, Lawyer 96 

Morgan, Oliver D., Lawyer 655 

Walkington, Margaret G., Librarian 947 


(Pop. 2,S99 - Biogs. 5) 

Bridgeport — 

DeChambeau, Dewey C, Publisher 238 

Delury, Jr., George C, Auditor 241 

Evans, Walter R., Dist. Atty 288 

Russell, William M., M.D., Surgeon 794 

Mono Lake — 

McPherson, Venita R., Civic Worker 619 


(Pop. 73,032 — Biogs. iZ) 

Carmel — 

Bechdolt, Freedrick R., Author 60 

Coughran, Tom B., Banker 205 

Denny, Dene, Pianist 242 

Flanders, Paul, Bus. Exec 305 

Garrott, Hal, Author 328 

Hopper, James M., Writer 422 

Jeflers, Robinson, Poet 452 

Kellogg, Charlotte n., Writer 477 

MacDougal, Daniel T., Bot. Research 570 

Mays, Paul K., Artist 594 

Rowntree, Gertrude K. L., Author 790 

Stewart, Donald O., Author 870 

Tickle, Edward H., State Senator 906 

Weston, Edward, Photographer 969 

Carmel-by-the-Sea — 

Gray, Henry David, Prof. Eng 354 

Hagemeyer, Dora, Poet 367 

Martin, Anne H., Writer 586 

Messer, Mary B., Christian Sci. Practnr. 626 

Potter, Mirriam C, Author 734 

Potter, Zenas L., Corpn. ii;xec 734 

Pulliam, William E., Treaty Official 745 

Ryan, Shane, Publicity Dir 794 

Shore, Henrietta, Artist 832 

King City — 

Thompson, Cecil A., H.S. Admstr 902 

Vivian, Frederick G., Editor 938 

Monterey — 

Gilbert, Arthur H., Artist 339 

Hansen, Armin, Artist 377 

Kiernan, Jessie F., Sch. Teacher 485 

McMenamin, Bernard V., Hotel Exec 616 

McMenamin, Emmet G., Mayor 616 

Westfall, Tulita Boronda, Artist 969 

Wright, Benjamin F., Bus. Exec 1013 

Pacific Grove — 

Fisher, Anne Benson, Writer 302 

Fisher, Walter K., Prof. Biology 304 

Gould, William E., Editor 351 

Heath, Harold, Prof. Embryology 395 

Ingham, Arthur B., H.S. Prin 443 

Woodruff, James H., Clergyman 1006 

Pebble Beach — 

Mora, Jo. Sculptor 653 

Salinas — 

Buntin, William H., Editor. 130 

Jorgensen, Henry G., Jurist 467 

Soledad — 

Giacomazzi, Con J., Newspaperman 336 

Weybret, Fred, Assemblyman 970 


(Pop. 28,503 - Biogs. 9) 

Calistoga — 

Weil, Jr., Conrad, City Atty 963 

Napa — 

Brown, Clyde E., Railroad Exec 119 

Everett, Jr., W. W., Dist. Atty 289 

King, Percival Simpson, Jurist 489 

Lawton, Vingie E. Roe, Novelist 526 

Northrop, Robert Starr, M.D 685 

Peat, Evalyn, Librarian 710 

Rogers, John Belcher, M.D 780 

Sanitarium — 

Abbott, Geo. Knapp, M.D 1 


(Pop. 19,283 - Bfogs. 1) 

Grass Valley — 

Wolflin, Hugh Maupin, Corpn. Exec 1001 




Anaheim — 

Johnston. llcil)erl Allan, M.D 

Balboa — 

Beok, Joseph Allan, State Exec 

Balboa Island — 

}}racl<ott, Frank P., Prof. Astronomy.... 
Williamson, Hany Hays, Mayor 

Corona Del Mar — 

MacCinitie. Coo. Eber, Prof. Biol 

Richant.son. Ralph Fellon. Artist 

Fullerton — 

Allen, Clifton Royal, Lawyer ............ 

Chapman, Chas. Clarke. Citrus Cultrst... 

Hunter, Graham C. Clergyman 

Litchfield, Esther C, Drama Dir 

Prizer, John Alfred, Bus. Exec 

Wolf, Carl Brandt, Botanist 

Harbor Island — 

Heifetz, Jascha. Violinist 

Huntington Beach — 

Overacker, Ray Howard, Lawyer 

Laguna Beach — 

Billings, Frdk. Horatio, Prof. Botany 

Brahams, Raymond Irving, Clergyman.... 

Cuprien. Frank Wm., Painter 

Dyer M-abell Monroe, Composer 

Glasscock, Carl Burgess, Newspaperman.. 

Grier, Albert Cotton. Clergyman 

Newman, Carl Vincent, Corpn. Exec 

Watson, Robert, Autnor 

Weber, Carolyn. Bus. Exec 

Wire, Harold Channing, Writer 

Yens, Karl, Artist 

Newport Beach — 

Lockwood, Ethel Keifer, Writer 

Bond, Lee, Writer ■_- 95 

Potter, Alfred Claghorn, Librarian i-i-i 

Santa Ana — 

Blodget, Lewis Wm., Lawyer.... - »« 

Coulter, Bessie Beth R., Mus. Curator.... 205 

Elston, Allan Vaughan, Author ^^8" 

Finley, Solomon H., State Engr 300 

Harvey, Milburn Gregory, Lawyer g«» 

MacKay, Jr., Henry S., Lawyer 572 

Marks, Emerson J., Jurist o»- 

Mav, Beulah, Sculptor -^ 59^ 

McFadden, Arthur James, Bus. Exec 606 

McFarland, O. Scott, Clergyman 606 

McKinney, B. Z., Lawyer 61^ 

Russell, Edw. Lee, M.D ^a^ 

Schostag, Robert. Editor 809 

Shafer, Mina, Columnist »-- 

Stephenson, lerry Elmo, Co. Exec 866 

Tessmann, Jennie L., Coll. Instr 898 

Wahlberg, Harold E., Agriculturist 943 

Walker, Ethel, Librarian 944 

White, Everett Augustus, Realtor 973 

Zimmerman, Carma R., Librarian 1025 

South Laguna — 

Harling, W. Franke, Composer 381 

Olive, Everett Samuel, Prof. Piano 691 

Sunset Beach — 

Donaldson, Joseph Everett, Lecturer 256 

Tustin — 

Hoxie, Wyckoff, Lawyer 429 

Utt, Chas. Edw., Agriculturist 927 


(I'op. j;h,ios lii'iiju. 'J) 

Auburn — 

Cassidy, Bert A., Newspaperman IM 

(Jregory, Jack.son, Author ^ 

Smith, A.shton. Writer 842 

Stanley, Frank Arthur, Author »5M 

Colfax — 

Peers, R<)t)ort Alway, M.D '•'■^ 

Lake Tahoe — 

Wallace, Frances Revett, Poet iW' 

Lincoln — 

Ahart, Mabel Dodge, Farm Homemaker 9 

Roseville — u ^m 

Perry, Maude B. B., GeneaL Research.... 718 
Woodbridge, Cora May, Civic Worker.... 1005 


(Pop. 11,51,8— Bioga S) 

Portola — ^ 

Blizzard, Wm., Publisher o° 

Quincy — „^ .„ if« 

Braden, Louis Archibald, Sheriff li» 

Vinton — ^ ^ ,, rjt^r. 

Ramelli, Rudolph F., Libr. Custodian 750 


(Pop- 105,521,— Biogs. 6V 

Banning — , . ^, t^ 31 

Atkinson, Chas. Edwin, M.D .^- ^^ 

Barkow, Carl G., Newspaperman ^a 

Miller, Frank L., City Atty *^ 

Beaumont — 07 

Bogart, Guy, Writer....^...-. ^ 

Bo^art R. Parkman, Poet - ^ 

Morrison. Herbert Wendell Banker 660 

Ostling, Ivan Gerald, Editor.. ^ 

Stahl, Edwin D., Agriculturist »&» 

Truby, PhHip, City Judge 






Williams, Edwin Flint, Bus. Exec 

Cathedral City— 

Price, Willard DeMille, Writer 

Corona — 47 

Barker, George. Artist...-..-.. ^^ 

Rarker Olive Ruth, Painter ^A 

?lavson. Walter Scott, City Atty 180 

Gould, Janet W., Lecturer 

Desert Center— 

Ragsdale, Stephen Albert, Writer 

Hemet — „, _„„ 94 

Anderson, Lewis Calvin, Clergyman ^^ 

DuSh Nelson Smith, Assemblyman.... 249 

Palm Springs— „„ 

Bedford-Jones, Harry, Writer. .- ^^ 

Bennett Melba Berry, Ranch Ovvner 70 

Cha«ev John Richards E., Publisher. ... 163 
Cregar: Richard Bruce, Indian Trader.... ^ 
Wmard, Theodore Arthur, Inventor 984 

Riverside — 5 

Itrod ""Ann^'Ml'rSretV'-photographer::::"" 32 
tanho1om'^ew,'E. T.%rof. Pl-t Physlgy. g 

Batchelor, Leon D., Horticulturist 54 

Benner, Harvey Drowne, Bus Exec ba 

Bennett, Carlyle Wilson, Pathologist 69 

Bennett, Dorothy Evelyn Writer 69 

Bennett, John Coleman, Theologian 69 

Card, Thomas Adam, M.D. .....-- —■• ^"^ 

Chapman, H. W., Prof. A^l. Chern 168 

Cooper, Lawson P., Prof. Humamties.... 200 
Craft, Marcella, Singer -- ^° 


Cress, Carl Chester, Sch. Supt 212 

Dammers, Chas. Montagu, Entomologist.. 224 

D'EIiscu, Edith Louise, City E.xec 240 

Ellis, Francis Crispin, Clergyman 278 

Fawcett, H. S., Prof. Plant Pathology.... 296 

Fraser, Frances M., Coll. Admstr 314 

Gabbert, John Raymond, Advtg. Exec 321 

Gordon. Arthur, Pub. Relationist 350 

Havs, Howard H., Nat. Park Exec 393 

Hutchings, Allis H. M., Hotel Exec 440 

Hutchings, DeW. V., Hotel Exec 440 

Jaeger, Edmund Carroll, Coll. Admstr 449 

Lerner, Moses Harry, Bus. Exec 535 

Linhart, Geo. A., Coll. Instr 545 

Martin, Hugh Hudson, M.D 587 

McCarty, Ray Bardwell, M.D., Surg 598 

McKee, Stanley Sperry, Clergyman 610 

Morton, Oaklev Kendall, Jurist 662 

Redwine, Wendell Earl, Dist. Atty 758 

Roblee, Wm. Wallace, M.D., Surg 777 

Sperry, John Lovell, Entomologist 855 

Webber, H. J., Prof. Subtropical Hort 960 

Webber, Irma H,., Botanist... 960 

Webber, John Milton, Fed. Exec 961 

West, Arthur Benjamin, Corpn. Exec 968 

Wheeler, Omer Wm., M.D., Surgeon 972 

Woods, Chas. Franklin, Librarian 1007 

San Jacinto — 

Kline, Chester M., State Senator 494 

Temecula — 

Gardner, Erie Stanley, Author ., 326 

Thermal — 

Hilton, John Wm., Artist 409 


(Pop. nO,333—Biogs. 99) 

Fair Oaks — 

Codman, Winnifred R., Soc. Welf. Wrkr. 187 

North Sacramento — 

Holden, John Trusty, Editor 416 

Sacramento — 

Albouze, A. R., Soc. Welf. Exec 11 

Anderson, Alden, Banker 21 

Ankele, Cordes W., M.D., Surgeon 26 

Atkinson, Frank Freeman, Lawyer 31 

Avin, Benjamin Herzl, Librarian 34 

Babcock, Otis Daniel, Lawyer 37 

Baggelmann, Theodore, Artist 40 

Barton, Alexander Monro, Engineer 53 

Beal, Nova June, State Exec 57 

Brown, John Q., Dep. Atty. Gen 121 

Burkhard, Wm. John, Supt. Schs 132 

Burkman, Joel Andrew, Educator 1.32 

Busick, Jr., Chas. O., Lawyer 137 

Butler, John W. S., Lawyer 137 

Carpenter, John E., Educnl. Dir 151 

Cato, E. Raymond, State Exec 161 

Chickering, Martha A., Soc. Welf. Wrkr. 172 

Cooledge, Belle Coolidge, Educator 198 

Copeland, Herbert F., Coll. Instr 200 

Cowing, Ralph H., Dep. Atty. Gen 206 

Cox, H. L., Indentification Expert 206 

Dart, Robert H. A., Fruit Shipper 226 

Dean, James S., City Manager 237 

Deems, Howard Earl, State Exec 238 

Dexter, Walter Friar. Educator 245 

Douglass, A. A., State Exec 259 

Downey, Stephen Wheeler, Lawyer 260 

Eaton, Courtlandt, Cons. Engr 272 

Evans, F. N., Landscape Arch 286 

Ferguson, Lauretta M., H.S. Admstr 297 

Gartler, Simon, Insurance Exec 329 

Glenn, Malcolm C, Jurist 344 

Grant, Alsie Raymond, Clergyman 353 

Gundrum, Elizabeth Adams, Clubwoman.. 364 

Hale, Nathan Geo., M.D., Urologist 369 

Hall, Geo. Joyce, M.D., Gynecologist.... 371 

Hamilton, Guy Clarence, Radio Exec 374 

Hession, Jess, Asst. Atty Gen 405 

Honnold, Arthur Rankin, Lawyer 420 

Hullin, Philip Ross, Realtor 433 

Jacobsen, Wm. Cornelius, Agriculturist.. 449 

Jensen, Geo. Chas., Educator 453 

Jones, Chris R., Realtor 462 

Jones, Walter Parker, Editor 466 

Killick, Victor \^., State Eec 486 

Kimber, Geo. Card, Coll. Instr 486 

Kroeger, Louis Jerome, State Exec 507 

Lacy, Orlando Joseph, Bus. Exec 512 

Lawson, F. Melvyn, H.S. Prin 524 

Lawson, Verna M., Music Teacher 525 

Leavey, H. Harold, Lawyer 528 

Lefors, A. Olin, Govmtl. Research 530 

Lillard, Jeremiah Beverly, Coll. Admstr... 544 

Lusk, Hilton Frank, Coll. Dir 562 

Mellin, Gilbert Francis, Civil Engr 622 

Miller, Willis H., Planning Tech 639 

Morgan, Walter Emmett, Educator 656 

Mosk, Morey Stanley, Lawyer 663 

Mott, Albert G., State Exec 663 

Nielsen, Roy J., State Senator 681 

Olson, Culbert L., Chief State Exec 691 

Ottem, Arthur John, Realtor 695 

Peek, Paul, Secy, of State 711 

Pennington, Maitland Smart, Publisher.. 714 

Pierce, Dixwell Lloyd, Lawyer 723 

Pierce, Frederic R., Law^'er 724 

Porter, A. W. Noel, Bishop 731 

Pratt, Antionita C. G., Lecturer 737 

Pratt, Harry Noyes, Art Gallery Dir 737 

Pratt, Merritt B., State Forester 737 

Provines, Cornelia Douglas, Librn 743 

Pullen, John Francis, Jurist 745 

Purves, Wm. Kirkwood, Coll. Instr 746 

Read, Frederick Wm., Bus. Exec 756 

Rohwer, Otto, Lawyer 781 

Rosanoff, Aaron J., M.D., Neuropsychtr. 782 

Scofield, Ronald Dickey, Lit. Editor 813 

Seawell, Emmett James, Lawyer 818 

Seymour, John Laurence, Composer 821 

Shields, Irvine, Coll. Instr 830 

Shields, Peter J., Jurist 830 

Smith, Wm. Kingwell, Personnel Tech... 846 

Stewart, Winifred Gray, Poet 871 

Swan, John Harold, Coll. Instr 885 

Taylor, Grace Rackliffe, Librarian 893 

Taylor, Ralph H., Agriculturist 894 

Thompson, Rolfe Lyon, Jurist 903 

Trivas, Numa S., Art Research 918 

Tuttle, Raglan, Jurist 924 

Tyler, Harry Edw., Coll. Admstr 924 

Waterman, Ivan Russell, Educator 955 

Wenzel, Caroline, Librarian 967 

West, Thomas Reginald, YMCA Exec 968 

Winlow, Anna Constance, Author 995 

Winlow, Clara Vostrovsky, Author 996 

Woodin, Irving J., Bus. Exec 1005 


(Pop. 11,392 - Biogs. 3) 


Davis, James P., Sch. Supt 231 

Lewis, John T., District Attorney 541 

San Juan Bautista — 

Anderson, John Z., Congressman 23 

Barstow — 

(Pop. 161,108— Biogs. St) 

Henderson, Lubin J., Jurist 399 

Koeneman, John K., Corpn. Exec 502 

Krouser, Caryl, Publisher 507 

Colton — 

Allison, Tempe E., Coll. Dean 17 

Hanna, Wilson C, Chem. Engr 377 

Willhoft, Waldo, Lawyer 985 


De Bakcsy, Cornelius, Editor 237 


Highland — 

BoattiL-, Ci-orfc W., Educator 59 

Loma Linda — 

Bowers. Marian H., Coll. Dlr 102 

Mentone — 

Hnrrawood, Harold O., Lawyer ^^ 


Fogg, Edward P.. City Judge. 308 

Goodwill. Glen T.. School Supt 349 

I'ayne, Harold. City Attorney 70b 

Newberry — ^ „_ 

Beverstock. Roswell C. Diplomat o 

Ontario — „„ 

Armstrong. John S., Nurseryman ^ 

Bailey. Herbert S., Chemist. ^i 

Blakeslee. Earle B., Voice Dir. »& 

Fleming. Harriet S.. Coll. Teacher 306 

Langsner, Isadore. Chiropractor 517 

Mitchell. Archie D.. Lawyer b44 

Northe. James N.. Musician ^ 

Smith. Neal D.. City Manager 844 

Wilson. Clarence P., Agrl. Chem S90 

Redlands — ^ , ^ 

Abbott, Charles H., Prof. Zoology 1 

Anderson, Elam J., Univ. Pres.-... ^^ 

Andrus, James R., Prof. Economics ^ 

Ataloa, Lecturer ..-■^ - 9" 

Baccus, Joseph H., Prof. Speech d» 

Berry, S. Stillman, Zoologist '» 

Carlson, Glen E.. Prof. Sociology 149 

Cole. G. Herbert, Educator 1»9 

Collins. Ansley H., Historian 191 

Cranston. Earl. Historian ^ 

Cranston. Mildred W., Educator 210 

Crim, Arthur P., Orange Grower 213 

Dibble, Barry, Con. Engr ^« 

Dole. Kenneth L., M.D ;^. ■^ 

Hentschke. Walter G., Bus. Exec 401 

Hollenberg, George J., Prof. Botany 417 

Ide, Herbert C, ClergyTnan 443 

Jones, Louise S., Writer 464 

Jones, Lynn W., Prof. Physics 465 

King. Lyman M., Financier 4»8 

Leach, Rowland E.. Conductor 52b 

Lynn. Robert H., Theologian 564 

Marsh, Herbert E., Physicist 584 

Marsh, Lucile C, Composer 584 

Mattingly, Caroline, Prof. Eng 591 

McDaniel, Bruce Wm., Bus. Exec 604 

Merlins, Louis, Poet 626 

Mullen, Grace S., Civic Worker 6bb 

Nelson, Lawrence E.. Prof. Eng 675 

Nichols. Egbert R., Prof. Speech 679 

Olds, William B., Music Dir 690 

Pisk, Paul A., Prof. Music V26 

Sales, Fred J., Prof. Education 799 

Sexton, Jay C, Lawyer 821 

Shirk, Mary K.. Clubwoman 831 

Smith, Maurice M., Educator 844 

Spelman, Leslie P., Prof. Music 853 

Strait, John H., Citrus Exec 878 

Van Osdel, Edgar B., Prof. Geology 9.33 

Watchorn, Robert, Philanthropist 955 

Westerberg. Iwar S., Dir. Sch. Edn 968 

Wilcox, Floyd C, Univ. Admstr 982 

San Bernardino— 

Andreson, Jr., John, Banker 25 

Coy. Nora P., Prof. Eng 207 

Davis. Ralph W.. Editor 232 

Griffin. H. R., City Atty 359 

Hertzler, Alverda E., H.S. Admstr 404 

Ricciardi, Nicholas. Educator 765 

Stiles. Pauline. Writer 872 

Tatro. Raymond F., M.D., Surgeon 890 

Van Luven, Donald E.. Police Ct. Judge 932 

Twenty-nine Palms — 

Campbell. William H., Archaeologist 146 

Jones. Harlow W., Photographer 463 

Upland — 

Tracy, lllram H., Coll. Admstr 914 

WangcT. Viola P., Writer 950 

Whilf, Kr.mci.s J., Univ. Fres 973 

Victorville — 

Bondl, Beulah, Actress Addenda 


(Pop. 289,S'i8—Biog8. 116) 

Bonsall — 

Cooper, Chas. Edw., Oil Prod 199 

Chula Vista — 

Lane, Frank Hardy, Educator 515 

Lynch, Louise Ward. Pianist 564 

Phillips, Madalyn, Organist 722 

Coronado — 

Burnham, Agnes Florence, Civic Worker.. 133 

Crosby, Walter Wilson, Civil Engr 214 

Davidson, Gilbert Aubrey, Banker 228 

Fischer, Chas. Fink, Navy Officer 301 

Kindleberger, Chas. P., Navy Officer 488 

EI Cajon — 

Diffin, Chas. Willard. Writer 248 

Reed. Henry Carlyle, Newspaperman. 758 

Escondido — 

Evans, Chas. Percy, Editor 286 

Wright, Harold Bell, Author 1013 

Fallbrook — 

Bandinl, Ralph, Lawyer 45 

Barkow. Walter Herman, Newpaperman.... 48 
Sachse, Richard, Civil Engr 979 

Grossmont — 

Booth, Chas. Gordon, Writer 97 

La JoIIa — 

Alderson. V. C. Cons. Mining Engr 1^ 

Casto, Frank M., Orthodontist 160 

Casto, Wm. Andrus, Dental Surgeon 160 

Elson, Edw. L. R., Clergyman 279 

Furnas, I. Lester, Dental Surgeon 321 

Gray, Gordon, Lawyer 354 

Hottes, Alfred Carl. Garden Advsr 424 

Inskeep, Annie D.. Child Psychologist... 444 

Irwin, Walter Mc. Clergynnan 445 

Kaulfers, Walter V., Prof. Education.... 472 

Kellogg, Wm. Scripps, Bus. Exec 477 

Knibbs, Henrv Herbert, Writer 497 

MacDonald. Wm. T.. Mining Engr 570 

McEwen, Geo. F.. Prof. Phys. Oceanogry. 606 

Messer. Thomas Harold, Cons. Engr 626 

Miller, Max. Author 636 

Northup, Geo. Tyler, Prof. Spanish Lit. 685 

Sabin, Edwin L., Writer 797 

Stephan. George. Lawyer 864 

Sumner, Francis B., Prof. Biology 882 

Sverdrup, Harald U., Meteorologist 884 

Wood, Francis Asbury, Educator 1002 

Lakeside — 

Van der Veer, Judy, Writer 931 

La Mesa- 
Campbell, Roy Hilton. Clergyman 146 

Earhart, Will. Music Educator 270 

Reed. Henry Clay, Newspaperman 758 

Triggs, Lovell Beall, Sch. Teacher 917 

Loma Porta — 

Rynning, Thomas H., U.S. Marshal 796 

Mission Beach — 

De Vol, Pauline Hamill. Painter 244 

North San Diego^ 

Lyle, III, Eugene Perry, Writer 563 

Oceanside — 

Hart, Wm. LeRoy, City Judge 386 

Heindel, Augiista Foss, Author 397 

Martin, Chas. Morris, Author 586 



Pacific Beach — 

Davis, Thomas Alderson, Sch. Exec 233 

Point Loma — 

Davicison, Winifred, Historian 229 

de Purucker, H. L. G., Writer 242 

Fussell, Joseph Hall, Relig. Exec 321 

Ramona — 

Hopkins. Wm. Henry, Clergyman 4^^ 

San Diego — 

Abbev, James B., Dist. Atty..^.. a 

Abbott, Clinton Gilbert. Mus. Dir 1 

Adams, Burton A.. M.D ^. -■--■- » 

Andrews. Stanley Phillips, Bus. Exec 25 

Ault, J. W., Prof. Education ^^ 

Barnes, Canon C. Rankin, Clergyman 48 

Beck, Paul Ralph, Publisher bU 

Bradley, Lester G., Newspaperman, lUb 

Braun, Maurice, Painter lii 

Brownhill, Timothy, Lawyer ^^ 

Burch. Jr., Chas. ii... Lawyer 1^1 

Churchill, James F., M.D i;^4 

Clark, Harry Camp, Lawyer 1^' 

Clarke, John Hessin, Jurist... 179 

Cole, Cyrus Willard, Navy Officer 189 

Crawford, Will Clark, Sch. Supt 211 

Dickey, Dan Ellsworth, Artist .-.- ^4fa 

Dieckmann, Edw. Adolph, Writer 247 

Douglas, John Scott, Writer 259 

Eastman, Eric Eyre, Agr. Specialist 271 

Farnham, Herbert H., Dental Surgeon.... 293 

Forward, Frank G., Ins. Exec 312 

Franovich, Dorothy M., Soc. Welf. Wrkr. 314 

Frazer, Wm. Edw., Writer 315 

Goodman, Frank Bartlett, Editor 347 

Grandier, Lydia Landon, Editor 353 

Green, Benjamin Bristow, Writer 355 

Haines, Chas. Conklin, Jurist 368 

Hall, Chas. Wesley, Invest. Banker 371 

Hamilton, Marion Ethel, Poet 374 

Harper, Wm. Edwin, Realtor 382 

Hayler, Florena Agnes, Writer 392 

Hayler, Geo. Rex, Civil Engr 392 

Hazen, Irwin R., Lawyer 394 

Hepner, Walter Ray, Coll. President 401 

Herreshoff, Chas. Frederick, Inventor.... 403 

Hoffman, Frdk. Ludwig, Cons. Statisn... 414 

Houghtaling, Edw. B., Osteo. Phys 424 

Hoyt, Roland Stewart, Landscape Arch... 430 

Izac, E. V. M., M.D., Congressman 445 

Jackson, Everett Gee, Prof. Art 446 

Johnson, Wm. T., Architect 460 

Kellv, Edward J., Jurist 478 

Klauber, L. M., Elec. Engr 492 

Kobler, Marjorie Helen, Librarian 502 

Kuykendall, Dan S., Fed. Exec 509 

Lesem, Alexander M., M.D 536 

Lindley, Fred E., Lawyer 544 

Lyle, Jr., Eugene P., Writer 562 

Lyle, Gwladys M., Osteo. Phys 563 

Marcelli, Nino, Music Dir 581 

Marsh, Chas. Howard, Organist 583 

Marston, Geo. White, Merchant 585 

Messenger, Ivan, Artist 626 

Miller, Johnston O., Banker 634 

Mintzer, Murney, Writer 643 

Mossholder, Wm. John, Lawyer 663 

Nasatir, Abraham P., Prof. History 673 

Outcalt, Irving Erastus, Educator 695 

Overmiller, John Raymond, Clergyman.... 696 

Pascarella, Enzo, Music Instn. Dir 705 

Pfaff, Paul L., Coll. Teacher 719 

Plaister, Cornelia Dyer, Librarian 727 

Poland, Reginald, Art Educator 728 

Porterfield, Lotta B., Clubwoman 732 

Reiffel, Charles, Painter 761 

Requa, Richard S., Architect 763 

Routh, James Wynbourne, Economist 788 

Ryan, T. Claude, Aircraft Mfgr 795 

Safley, James Clifford, Editor 797 

Scott, Geo. Alexander, Bus. Exec 813 

Shell, Joseph L., Jurist 826 

Smith, John Bunyon, Clergyman 843 

Smith, Leila Deborah, Prof. Music 843 

Standlev, Wm. Harrison, Navy Officer.... 858 

Steinmetz, Harry Chas., Prof. Psychol 863 

Swing, Philip David, Lawyer 888 

Terry, Clarence Frank, Jurist 897 

Thurston, Theodore Payne, Bishop 905 

Torrey, Elliott, Artist 913 

Valentien, Anna M., Sculptor 928 

Van Norman, Louis Edwin, Bus. Exec 933 

Wangenheim, Julius, Corpn. Exec 950 

Warmer, Geo. Acheson, Clergyman 952 

Weinberger, Henry, Invest. Broker 963 

Worcester, Daisy Lee W., Coll. Instr 1010 

Worcester, W. Frank, Probation Offer... 1010 
Wright, Leroy A., Lawyer 1014 


(Pop. 63^,536— Biogs. 323) 

San Francisco — 

Abbott, Jr., Frank H., Printer 1 

Abbott, Wm. Martin, Lawyer 2 

Adams, Ansel, Photographer 4 

Addis, Thomas, M.D., Prof. Med 8 

Aird, Robert Burns, M.D 10 

Aitken, Jr., Thomas, Advtg. Exec 10 

Altman, George J., Dramatics Dir 19 

Alvord, Raymond Martin, Elec. Engr 20 

Anderson, A. Van Patten, Army Officer.... 21 

Anderson, Wm. Charles, Editor 24 

Archer, Kate Rennie, Poet 27 

Ashe, Elizabeth Haywood, Soc. Worker.... 29 
Ashokananda, Swami, Clergyman... Addenda 

Atherton, Gertrude Franklin, Author 31 

Barkan, Hans., Prof. Ophthalmology 46 

Barker, Helen Gordon, Art Lecturer 47 

Barrett, Marguerite Elma, H.S. Teacher.... 50 

Beckley, Wm. Bruce, Lawyer 61 

Belgrano, Jr., Frank N., Ins. Exec 64 

Bell, Newton Hereford, Lecturer 66 

Berman, Louis, Coll. Instructor 74 

Bernstein, Abraham, M.D 74 

Black, Byers James, Corp. Exec 81 

Blanchard, Evelyn Lyman, Biologist 85 

Blackenburgh, Emilie J., Music Teacher.... 86 

Bloch, Louis, Corp. Exec 88 

Bloomfield, Arthur L., M.D., Prof. Med 89 

Boicelli, Anthony E., State E.xec 93 

Bothwell, Dorr Hodgson, Artist 99 

Bowman, Lillie L., Sch. Supvr 103 

Bradley, H., Sewall, Mining Exec 106 

Bradley, Philip Read, Mining Engr 107 

Bradley, Walter W., Mineralogist 107 

-v-Brady," Matthew F., Dist. Atty 108 

Bridgman, Olga L., Prof. Psychology 114 

Brier, Royce, Columnist. 114 

Brinstad, Charles W., Clergyman 115 

Budde, Henry Ferdinand, Publisher 128 

Bullock, Fred W., Landscape Engr 129 

Bush, Philip Lee, Cons. Engr.. 137 

Butts, Edmund Luther, Army Officer 138 

Byington, Lewis Francis, Corp. Exec 139 

Caddow, Harry Arthur, Bus. Exec 140 

Cadorin, Ettore, Artist 140 

Caen, Herbert Eugene, Newspaperman.... 141 
Carrasco, Herbert C, St. Lbr. Commr... 152 

Cauthorn, Joseph L., Publisher 162 

Chapin, W. W., Newspaperman 167 

Chase, Richard L., Author 170 

Church, T. D., Landscape Architect 174 

Clark, John Gee, Lawyer 177 

Clarvoe, Frank Auld, Editor 180 

Clemens, Mildred L., Pub. Relationist 182 

Coffee, Rudolph L., Religious Exec 187 

Connollv, Thomas Arthur, Bishop 195 

Cotton, Ethel, Teacher Speech 204 

Cowerd, Mary Cook, Singer 206 

Cravath, Ruth, Sculptor 210 

Cummins, Wm. T., Patholgoist 219 

Cunha, F., M.D., Gastro-Enterologlst 219 

Cunningham, Eugene, Writer 220 


CunnlnKhiim, Nell, Dep. Ally. Gen 220 

Culler, Leland Whilmiin. lius. hxcc 2.ZZ 

Davles, Ralph K., Corp. Kxec 230 

Deakyne, Herbert, Army Officer ^-w 

deFonl, Miriam Allen, Writer ;"» 

de Kremery, Herman, Psychologist 2JJ 

Dennis, Charles M., Music Dlr 242 

Derby, Stephen H., Lawyer 24J 

Dey, Henjamin C, Lawyer 24j 

De Yo, Anna M., Temperance Worker 245 

Dobbins, Natalia Potter, Writer 251 

Dolan, Jr., Arthur J., Stock Broker 255 

Dole, James DrummonU, Corp. Exec 255 

Downing, Paul Milton, Corp. E.xec 260 

Dreher, Fred L., Lawyer 262 

Dunne, Arthur Berlin, Lawyer 267 

Dunne. Peter Maslen, Historian 267 

Dunne, William J., Educator 268 

Eastwood, Alice, Botanist 271 

Eckbo, Garrett, Landscape Architect 272 

Edmondson, Clyde M., State Exec 274 

Elder, Paul, Book Dealer 275 

Eldridge, Anita, Social Worker 275 

Elwell-Onions, Marie E., Editor Addenda 

Estavan, Lawrence, Writer 284 

Everson, George, Corp. Exec 289 

Falk, Adrien J., Corp. Exec 291 

Farlow, Arthur Clark, Corp. Exec 292 

Feely, Raymond T., Educator 296 

Finn, Eugenia T., Writer 300 

Fisher, Marjorie M., Music Editor 303 

Foley, Thomas Martin, Jurist 308 

Forbes, Helen K., Artist 310 

Ford, Helen Louise, Writer 310 

Fowler, Wm. H. B., Corp. E.xec 312 

Frankenstein, Alfred V., Music Ed 314 

Fredericks, Jessica M., Muse. Libn 315 

Fried, Alexander, Editor 318 

Galpern, Lasar, Balietmaster 323 

Geiger, Jacob C, Dir. Pub. Health 332 

Gerstle, William L., Bus. Exec 335 

Gibney, Luke E., Artist 337 

Gidlow, Elsa, Poet 338 

Gilcreest, Edgar L., M.D., Surgeon 339 

Girdner, Margaret V., Sch. Supvr 342 

Goldstein, Morris, Clergyman 346 

Goldstine, E. N., Cons. Safety Engr 346 

Gottesfeld, Harry, Lawyer 350 

Grady, Henry Francis, Corp. Exec 351 

Greene, A. Crawford, Lawyer 356 

Haas, Louis S., Broker 366 

Haig, Rena, Pub. Health Dir db8 

Hale, Marshal, Bus. Exec 369 

Haley, Philip S., Dental Surgeon 369 

Haley, Phylis, Lecturer 370 

Harris, George A., Artist ^»^ 

Hart, Ann Clark, Writer 385 

Hawxhurst, Jr., Robt., Mining Engr 391 

Hayler, Guy Wilfrid, Civil Engr 392 

Hayler, MoUie B., Lecturer 393 

Heil, Walter, Museum Dir 397 

Herbert, Walter, Orchestra Dir 402 

Hertz, Alfred, Symphony Conductor 404 

Hewes, Agnes Danforth, Author 406 

Hill, Edward Coke, Lawyer 408 

Hilp, Harry H., Contractor 409 

Hobbs, Charles S., Sales Dir 412 

Hoffman, Lawrence H., M.D., Surgeon.... 414 

Holman, Emile F., M.D., Surgeon 418 

Howard, Robert B., Prof. Pomology 427 

Howitt, Beatrice Fay, Bacteriologist 429 

Hubner, Adolph, Confectioner 431 

Hudnall, Floris S., Composer 432 

Huggins, Ted, Public Relationist 432 

Hughson, William L., Corp. Exec 433 

Humphreys, Wm. P., Lawyer 435 

Hutchinson, J. A., Deputy Atty. Gen 441 

Jamieson, Edith, Bus. Exec 450 

Janin, Henry C, Investment Exec 450 

Johnson, Ernest L., Orthodontist 457 

Johnson, Hiram W., U.S. Senator 457 

Johnstone, Ernest K., M.D., Surgeon 462 

Kahn, Ed^ar M., Writer 468 

Kalz, Phil C, Public Administrator 470 

Keenan, Alexander S., M.D.. Surgeon... 473 

Keene, Florence R., Editor 473 

Kccsllng, Francis V., Lawyer 474 

Kent, Adallne, .Sculptor 481 

Kent, Arthur H., Lawyer 482 

Kent, Fasten, Voice Teacher 482 

Kingman, Dong, Artist 489 

Klein, Walter, Lecturer 493 

Klumpkc, Anna Elizabeth, Painter 495 

Klumpkey, Julia, Violinist 496 

Knight, Helen M., Civic Worker 498 

Knuth. Wm. E., Prof. Music 501 

Kolster, Frederick A., Cons. Engr 503 

Kress, George IL, M.D., Oculist 506 

Kumler, Warren D., Prof. Chemistry 508 

Labaudt, Lucien, Muralist 511 

Lane, Lawrence W., Publisher 515 

Langendorf, Stanley S., Corp. Exec 516 

Lapham, Roger D., Corp. Exec 518 

La Violette, Wesley, Composer 522 

Lawrence, Andrew M,, Publisher 523 

Layman, Mary H., M.D., Clin. Prof. Fed. 526 

Leake, Chauncey D., Physiologist 527 

Leale, Marion W., Editor 527 

Leonard. Alex. T., M.D., Surgeon 534 

Leplin, Emanuel B., Composer 535 

Levison, Jacob Bertha, Ins. Exec 539 

Levit, Bert W., Lawyer 539 

Lewis, J. Volney, Geologist 541 

Lewis, Oscar, Author 541 

Liebes, Dorothy W., Desgr. Textiles 543 

Lilienlhal, Max Philip, Banker 543 

Linkletter, Arthur G., Radio Prod 546 

Lipman, George M., Lawyer 548 

Loeber, Charles S., Photographer 553 

Lord, Jack, Writer 556 

Loveland, Chester H., Cons. Engr 557 

Lowther, Edgar A., Clergyman 558 

Luckey, David B., Lawyer 559 

Lum, Walter Uriah, Publisher 560 

Lurie, Louis R., Bus. Exec 561 

Lyman. George D., M.D., Surgeon 563 

Mansfield, Lewis P., Ins. Exec 580 

Marshall, John A., Prof. Dental Path 584 

Mason, Edward W., Corp. Exec 589 

Mathews, Clifton, Jurist 591 

McEnerney, Garret W., Lawyer 605 

McGaw, Blanche E. B., Artist 607 

McGettigan, Francisca V., Composer 607 

Mcintosh, Charles K., Banker 609 

McLaren, John. Park Supt 613 

McLaughlin, D. H., Prof. Ming. Geoly 613 

McLaughlin, Emma M., Civic Worker 613 

McPheeters, Julian, Clergyman 618 

McWilliams, Robt. L., Jurist 619 

Meller, Sidney, Author 621 

Meyer, Karl F., Bacteriologist 628 

Meyer, Milton, Ins. Broker 628 

Mezquida, Anna Blake, Author 629 

Miller, Lilian May, Artist 635 

Miller, Robt. C, Biologist 638 

Mitty, John J., Archbishop 646 

Moeller, Eric, Coll. Instr 646 

Moffitt, H.C., M.D., Physician 647 

Morlev, Grace L. M., Museum Dir 657 

Naffziger, H. C, M.D., Prof. Surgery.... 673 

Nelson, Wm. H., Clergyman 675 

Newman, Edwin S., Bus. Exec 677 

Noble, Glenn A., Coll. Instr 682 

Norton, Richard H., Corp. Exec 686 

O'Day, Edward F., Editor 688 

Ogden, Robert C, Lawyer 689 

Oldfield, Otis W., Art Teacher 690 

Olsson-Seffer, Irma E., Pianist 692 

Oneto, John F., Prof. Pharm. Chem 693 

Orr, Hugh R., Coll. Teacher 693 

O'Toole, John J., City Attorney 694 

Parsons, Edward L., Bishop 704 

Pasmore, Mary. Violinist 706 

Peckham, Ignatius M., Lawyer 711 

Petersen, Carl Edward, Navy Officer 718 


Philipp, Werner. Painter.......... 720 

Phillips, Esther B.. U.S. Attorney 721 

Piazzoni, Gottardo, Artist <^ 

Porter, Bruce, Painter....... '^^ 

Posin, Daniel Q., Univ. Admr '■i^i 

Posin, Jack A.. Univ. Instr.. '^^ 

Post, George B., Landscape Painter Td^ 

Prior, Beatrix, Writer ...^ J^i^ 

Pruett, Alvin W., Dental Surgeon 743 

Puccinclli, Dorothy W., Painter 744 

Puccinelli, Raymond, Sculptor '-i^ 

Ramp, James H., State Exec 750 

Ray. Milton S., Poet '^t 

Rea, Robert. Librarian.... ........-.....■■- -■-■ J9^ 

RedewiU. Francis H.. M.D.. Urologist... 757 

Reed, Merrill A.. Publisher 759 

Reichert. Irving F.. Clergyman. 761 

Reillv. George Raphael. State Exec 761 

Rexroth, Andree, Artist '^ 

Robb, Robert Wooster, Publicist TU) 

Roberts, Alexander C. Educator 771 

Roberts, Dorothea K.. Astronomer 7^^ 

Robinson, Elmer Edwin. Jurist ''o 

Robinson, Elsie, Author ''» 

Roche, Michael Joseph, Jurist.... ''» 

Rodin, Frank H., M.D.. Physician 778 

Rosenblatt. Girard B.. Elec. Engr. 784 

Rosencrantz, Esther, M.D., Physician 784 

Ross-de River, Jessie. Playwright 7»b 

Rossi, Angelo Joseph, Mayor ...^ 787 

Rowan, Andrew Summers, Author 789 

Ryckman, Chas. S., Editorial Writer 795 

Sadowski, Reah, Pianist '^' 

Sandona, Matteo. Astronomer 800 

Sayre, Jane, Poet ......^ »^^ 

Sacherer, James A. B.. Author 806 

Schmulowitz. Nat, Lawyer 808 

Schnier, Jacques, Univ. Instr .^. 808 

Schuette, Curt Nicolaus. Metall. Engr 810 

Schweigardt, Frederick W., Sculptor 812 

Schwartz, Sidney L., Inv. Broker 813 

Search, Frederick P.. Violoncellist 81fa 

Seckels. Alice. Impressario 818 

Sharp. Joseph C., Lawyer o26 

Sherman, Julius, M.D 829 

Shipman, Sidney J., M.D., Prof. Med 831 

Signer, John J. B., Recording Dir 834 

Simonton, F. Vance, Dentist 836 

Skarstedt, Marcus, Librarian 839 

Sloman, Ernest G., Dental Educator 840 

Smith. Paul Clifford. Editor 845 

Sober. Hubert J.. Banker 849 

Sommer. Peter S., Lawyer 850 

Sontheimer, Morton. Editor 850 

Sotomayor, Antonio, Artist 852 

Spohn, Clay Edgar, Artist 855 

Stage. Florence, Pianist 858 

Stanwood, Cornelia M., Sch. Hdmstrs 860 

Steele, Gladys T., Pianist 862 

Steinhart. Jesse H., Lawyer 863 

Stephens, Richard T., Corp. Exec 865 

Stern, Ralph J. A., Manufacturer 867 

Storm, Hans Otto, Novelist 877 

Strahorn, Robt. E., R.R. Builder 878 

Sultan. Ernest J.. Civic Worker 881 

Swayne. Wager, Music Teacher 886 

Talbott, E. Guy. Writer 889 

Tilly, Margaret, Pianist 908 

Tobias, Harold A., Civic Worker 909 

Tobriner. Mathew O.. Lawyer 910 

Trimble, Sinclair G.. Editor 918 

Trood. Wm. Edward. Corp. Exec 919 

Trowbridge. Charles C. Bus. Exec 919 

Truby, Albert E.. M.D.. Army Officer 919 

Tubbs. Tallant, Bus. Exec 921 

Turner, Ethel, Writer 923 

Usigli, Gaston, Composer 926 

Van Norden, R. W., Cons. Elec. Engr 932 

Van Nuys, Ezra Allen, Clergyman 933 

Voorsanger. Wm. C, M.D 941 

Ward. Stuart R.. Bus. Exec 951 

Warden. Justus S.. Newspapennan 951 


Watkins, Eleanor P., M.D 956 

Weeks, Alansan, M.D.. Prof. Surgery 962 

We.sson. Miley B.. M.D.. Urologist 967 

White, Saul E., Clergyman 975 

Wiboltt, Aage Christian, Artist 976 

Willets, Gilson V., Author 985 

Winkler, Otto, Arch. Designer 995 

Wobber, Wm. P.. Bus. E.xec 1000 

WoUenberg. Chas. M.. County Exec 1001 

Wood, Henry. Journalist 1003 

Woolf. Montague S., M.D., Prof. Surg... 1009 

Wright, Allen G., Lawyer 1012 

Young, Clarence M., Lawyer 1020 

Zarchin, Michael M.. Coll. Instr 1023 

Zimmerman, Hazel L.. Poet 1025 


(Pop. 131f,20y—Biogs. 3J,) 

Escalon — 

Barton, Roy F., Anthropologist Addenda 

Linden — 

Miller, Raymond W., Economist 637 

Ripon — 

McBrian, Charles A., Publisher 595 

Stouffer, Weslie A., Sch. Prin 877 

Stockton — 

Allin. Benjamin C. Cons. Engr 16 

Bawden, Arthur T., Prof. Chem 56 

Betz, Edward S., Prof. Speech 75 

Blewett, Stephen N.. County Exec 86 

Brown, DeMarcus, Prof. Dramatics 120 

Clark, Robert D.. Coll. Instr 178 

Corson. James H., Coll. Instr 202 

Dashiell, Douglas, Prof. Speech. 226 

Eagal, John Henry, Bus. Exec 270 

Farley, Fred Long. Coll. Admstr 291 

Foote. Arthur. Clergyman 309 

Gerould. Albert C. Librarian 335 

Honey, Len H., Lawyer 420 

Jantzen. John Marc. Prof. Edn 451 

Johnson. J. Leroy, Lawyer 457 

Jonte, John Herbert. Prof. Chem 466 

Knoles, TuUy Cleon. Educator 499 

Long. Ward Willis, Clergyman 554 

Louttit. Tom Hunter, Lawyer 557 

McCall, Roy Clyde, Prof. Speech 596 

McCall, Velma Hooper. Coll. Instr 596 

Orton. Dwayne. Coll. Pres 694 

Rendon, Cecil Paul, Lawyer 763 

Ritter. Ovid H.. Coll. Exec 770 

Robinson, Jr., Isaac N.. Farm Devmt 776 

Shrodes, Caroline. Coll. Instr 833 

Stanford. Ernest E., Prof. Botany 859 

Van Gundy, Justine, Coll. Instr 931 

Werner. Gustav A.. Prof. History 967 


(Pop. 33M6—Bioga. 21) 

Atascadero — 

Blades, Edith H., Educator 82 

Blades, Leslie B., Educator 83 

Brown. James M., Newspaperman 121 

Morro Boy — 

Knott. Arthur Harold. Artist 500 

Ranney, Leo. Cons. Engr 752 

Robinson. Charles H., Artist 774 

Skinner. Charlotte B.. Painter 839 

Oceano — 

Arthur III. Chester A., Journalist 29 

Young. Ella, Writer 1020 

Paso Robles — 

Pori, Hugo Aristide, Publisher 730 

San Luis Obispo — 

Bartle, Ira Bennett, M.D 52 

Bird, Robert L., Supt. Schs 78 

Cross. Henry A.. Educator 215 

Fitzgerald. Miles A., City Atty 305 


Kininnd, Howard B., Dental Surgeon 491 

Lyon, Ray B., Jurist 806 

McPheo, Julian A., Sch. I'res bio 

North-Monforl. Grace M., Author 684 

Nuss, Jr., William li.. Banker 687 

Teach, Charles K., Sch. Supt 895 

Thompson, John Irwin, Livestock Spec 902 


(Pop. 111.182 -Biogs. 69) 

Atherton — 

Downey, Sheridan, U.S. Senator 260 

Hunter, Phelps Stokes. Bus. E.xec 437 

Wiel, Eli Hecht, Manufacturer 980 

Burlingame — 

Daniels, Troy Cook, Prof. Pharm. Chem. 225 

Henderson, Lester D., Sch. Supt 399 

Loomis, Francis B., Diplomat 555 

McMillan, Calif. C, Coast Guard Ofcr... 616 

Nichols, Clark A., Writer 679 

Pierce, Lyman L., tinancial Exec 724 

Walker. Frank F., Banker 945 

White, Stewart K., Author 976 

Whitsell, Betty Loren, Author 977 

Whitsell, Leon O., Lawyer 977 

Colma — 

Geeting, Baxter M., Prof. English. 332 

Hillsborough — 

Bourquin, M. Mitchell, Lawyer 100 

Hellman, Isaias W., Banker 397 

Knight, Samuel, Lawyer 499 

Treadwell, Edward F., Lawyer 916 

Menlo Heights — 

Rich, Willis H., Prof. Biology 766 

Menlo Park — 

Bloch, Felix, Prof. Physics 88 

Cooper, James E., Civic Leader 200 

Fenner, Marie M., Prof. Phys. Edn 296 

Howard, Lowry S., Coll. Pres 427 

Jewell, Margaret E., Prof. Phys. Edn 455 

Park, Katherine B., Sch. Dir 702 

Park, Royal Wheeler, Sch. Hdmstr 702 

Shapovalov, Leo, Fisheries Biologist 823 

Strickland, Fraincis C, Univ. Teacher.... 879 

Palo Alto— 

Stellman, Louis John. Author 864 

Wiggins, Ira L., Proi. Biology 980 

Pedro Valley — 

Dane, George E., Lawyer 224 

Redwood City — 

Barron, George H., Museum Curator 51 

Harper, Wilhelmina, Librarian 381 

Wyatt, Roscoe D., Cham. Comm. Exec. 1015 

San Carlos — 

Anderson, Carl William, Lawyer 22 

Willoughby, Barrett, Writer 990 

San Mateo — 

Blois, Marsden S., Banker 89 

Chace, Henry U., Insurance Broker 162 

Cotton, Aylett R., Jurist 204 

Courtright, Hernando W. de Vos, Banker 206 

Dickey, W. Laurence, Bus. Exec 246 

Giannini, Amadeo P., Banker 337 

Golden, Dios E., Bus. Exec 345 

Hoffmann, Floyd E., Lawyer 415 

Kahn, Samuel, Corpn. Exec 469 

Kerr, William John, M.D 483 

Keyston, George N., Stock Broker 485 

Kirkbride, Charles N., Lawyer 490 

Kleiser, George W., Advertising Exec 494 

Lanphier, Virginia H., Univ. Assoc. Dir... 517 

Macauley, Edward, isavy Officer 567 

McKinney, William Mark. Lawyer 612 

Morris, Charles S., Lecturer 659 

Musselwhite, Harry W., Newspaperman.... 670 

Pinkham, Charles B., M.D., State Exec._ 726 

Powloy, Ned R., Corpn. Exec 736 

Queen, Clyde L., Corpn. Exec............ 747 

Soley, Mayo H., M.D., Prof. Medicine... 849 
Wheeler. John E., Lumber Manufacturer 971 
Wright, Irwin Dodge, Bank E.xamlner.... 1014 
South San Francisco— 

Bramble, Aileeti K., I'ublisher. lOS 

Mc Clung, Emmons, Advlg. Exec 59» 

Weller. George C. H.S. Prln 9^ 

Weller, Margaret D.. Psychologist 96b 

Woodside — 

Clark, Hervey P., Architect........ 1'' 

Jackling, Daniel C, Metallurgist 445 

Mein, William W.. Mining Engineer 621 

Neylan, John Francis, Lawyer b78 

Pickering. Loring, Editor '■" 


(Pop. 10,555 — Biogs. k3) 

Carpinteria — 

Clark, Arthur Miller, Publisher 176 

Yule, William, Citrus Rancher 1023 

Gaviota — 

Hollister, John Jas.. Farm, Cattle Exec. 419 

Lompoc — 

Adam, Ronald McDonald, Co. Supvr 4 

Los Olivos— 

Chamberlin, Jr., Theodore. Rancher 165 

Squibb, Paul, Sch. Headmaster 857 


Larned-Massey, Beatrice, C.S. Pract 519 

Ludwig, Emil. Biographer 560 

Peattie, Donald Culross, Writer 710 

Peattie, Louise Redfield. Writer 711 

Robbins. Reginald Chauncey, Author 771 

Ryon. Harrison, Lawyer 796 

Santa Barbara — 

Addicott, Fredrick T., Coll. Instr .7 

Chase. Harold Stuart, Corpn. Exec 169 

Chatfield-Ta>ior, Hobart C. Author 170 

Clements, Edith Schwartz, Ecologist 183 

Clements, Frederic Edw., Ecologist 183 

Coggeshall, Arthur S., Paleontologist 188 

Couper, Mildred, Pianist 205 

Cram, Mildred. Writer 209 

Dreyfus. Jr., Louis G., Diplomat 263 

Evans. Arthur W., Parole Officer 286 

Hamilton. Gilbert, M.D., Psychiatrist 373 

Headley, Hubert Klyne, Prof. Music. 394 

Heaney, John Wm.. Lawyer 394 

Hoffmann. Eleanor, Author 415 

Hopkins, Pryns, Editor 422 

Hunter, Robert. Sociologist 437 

Jacobs. Harold Duane. Fed. Exec 447 

Lassiter, Wm., Army Officer 521 

McLean, Robert Norris, Clergyman. 615 

McMahon, Leo Thomas, Lawyer 615 

Murphy, Dwight, Rancher 668 

Noble, Elmer Ray. Prof. Biology 682 

O'Neill, Owen Hugh, Co. Surveyor 693 

Parma, Harold Arthur, Lawyer 703 

Parshall, Douglass Ewell. Artist 704 

Perkins. Chas. Elliott. Writer 716 

Price, Francis, La\vier 738 

Rea, Paul Marshall, Mycological Res 755 

Riggs, Lutah Maria. Architect 768 

Ripley, Thomas Emerson, Artist 769 

Rogers, David Banks, Archaeologist 779 

Smith, Leo A.. Publisher 843 

Stanwood. Samuel J., Co. Supvr 860 

Starbuck, Edw. Baxter, Banker 861 

Storke, Thomas M.. Publisher 876 

Watson. Samuel N.. M.D.. Clergyman.... 958 

Summerland — 

Hathaway, Jr., Chas. M., Diplomat 389 



(Pop. i74,9-i9— Biosr?. 170) 

Cupertino — 

Anderson, Dewey, Fed. Exec -^^ 

Marmaduke. James Morgan, Publisher.... 582 

Los Altos — „ „ T 11 

Albertsworth, Edwin F., Prof. Law 11 

Euricli, Alvin Christian. Prof. Edn ^85 

Gantvoort, VVm. F., Bacteriologist ^^5 

Shenk, John Wesley, Jurist »^' 

Shoup, Paul, Bus. Exec »^^ 

Taylor, Frank John, Writer »«! 

Los Gatos — „ 

Davis, Richard J.. Teacher ^^^ 

Hanson, Miles, Clergyman ...^...^.. ^'» 

Kennedy, Clyde, Chas., Cons. Civil Engr. 480 

MacGowan, Alice, Writer.. 3';^ 

Menuhin, Yehudi, Violinist... b-^ 

Rogers, Ernest Andrew, Sch Pres 779 

Welch, Marie de Laveaga, Poet 9b& 

Whitaker, Robert, Clergyman 9'^ 

Mt. Hamilton— . ^^o 

Jeffers, Hamilton Moore, Astronomer.... 452 
Moore, Joseph Haines, Astronomer b&l 

Palo Alto — .„ 

Allen, Ben S., Newspaperman ^^ 

Bell Reginald, Prof. Edn oo 

lenkett! Merrill Kelley, Prof. Econ. Geog. 70 

Bingham. Joseph Walter Prof. Law 77 

Blichfeldt, Hans Frederik, Prof. Math 87 

Brandt, Karl, i:.conomist... jju 

Brenner, James Emmet, Prof Law 11^ 

Brown, Walter Henry, Prof. Hygiene ^2S 

Bush, Chilton R., Prof. Journalism 13b 

Byrd, Oliver E., Prof. Hygiene.. -.....-.- 139 
Carlisle, Chester Lee, M.D., Psychiatrist 148 

Ely L W., M.D., Prof. Surgery 280 

Fields, Ralph Raymond, Prof. Edn 298 

Fish, John Chas. L., Prof. Civ. Engrg 301 

Fisher, Harold Henry, Prof. History 302 

Fuller, Leonard Franklin, Univ. Exec 31J 

Gros, Robert R., Pub. Relationist. 360 

Heffner, H. C. Proi. Dramatic Lit.. 396 

Hyde James Macdonald, Mine Operator.. 442 

Keen, Angeline Myra, Paleontologist. 473 

Kennedy, Arthur G., Prof. Eng. Philol 480 

Kinney, Lucien Blair, Prof. Edn 489 

Kirkwood, Marion Rice, Prof. Law 491 

Kittredge, Frank Alvah, Civil Engr 492 

Knapp, Maud Lombard, Prof. Phys. Edn. 496 

Lakin. Egerton Drew, Lawyer 512 

Lemos, Pedro Joseph de, Mus. Dir 533 

Lory, Hillis, Lecturer 556 

Lyon, Dorsey A., Metallurgist 565 

Manwaring, Wilfred H., Pathologist 580 

Martin, Ernest W., Prof. Classics 587 

McFadden, Effie Belle, Educator 606 

Mendelowitz, Daniel Marcus, Prof. Art.... 622 

Meredith, Wm. John, Educator 623 

Mitchell, John Pearce, Prof. Chemistry.... 645 
Morris, Samuel Brooks, Prof. Civ. Engrg. 659 

Morrison, Stanley, Prof. Law 660 

Mussatti, James, State Exec 669 

Myers, Geo. Sprague, Ichthyologist 670 

Patrick, Geo. T. W., Educator 706 

Paul, Louis, Author 708 

Pease, Howard, Writer 710 

Peirce, Geo. James, Prof. Botany 712 

Peters, Aimee Marguerite, Libry. Catlgr. 717 
Pryor, Helen B., M.D., Prof. Hygiene.... 743 

Ralston, Jackson Harvey, Lawyer 749 

Runyon, Everett Malachi, Bus. Exec 792 

Russell, Francis Wayland, Clergyman.... 793 

Schenck, Hubert G., Prof. Geology 805 

Sears, Jesse Brundage, Author 817 

Shaughnessy, C. D., Football Coach 824 

Shepard, Orson Cutler, Metall. Engr 827 

Shepard, Wm. Peacey, M.D 828 

Sherman, Roger, Lawyer 830 

Show, Stuart Bevier, Regnl. Forester 832 

Smith, Gilbert M., Prof. Biology 842 

Snedden, David, Writer 847 

Stellman, Louis John, Author 864 

Stone, Calvin P., Prof. Psychology 874 

Taft, Alan C, Fisheries Biologist 888 

Tapp, Jesse W., Agr. Economist 890 

Taylor, Samuel Woolley, Writer 894 

Thomas, Lawrence G., Prof. Edn 901 

Tickell, Fredk. G., Prof. Petrol. Engrg... 906 

Timoshenko, V. P., Prof. Commod. Econ. 908 

Tucker, Richard H., Prof. Astronomy 921 

Wallick, Guy Philip, Corpn. E.xec 948 

Warner, Glenn S., Football Coach 952 

Wheat, Carl Irving, Lawyer 971 

White, John Roberts, Nat. Park Exec 974 

Williams, Mary Wilhelmine, Historian.... 988 

Winbigler, Hugh Donald, Prof. Speech.... 994 

Wing, Charles Benjamin, Civil Engr 994 

Winn, Frank L., Army Officer 996 

Worthingham, Catherine A., Prof. P. E. 1012 

Saratoga — 

Dver, Elizabeth Ralph, Clubwoman 269 

Hutcheson, Grote, Army Officer 440 

Shepherd, Frederick N., Rancher 828 

San Jose — 

Baker, Joseph John, Naturalist 43 

Beall, Albert Wm., Bus. Exec 57 

Brant, LeRoy Verne, Music Dir 110 

Daley, Edith, Librarian 223 

FitzGerald, James Edw., Life Ins. Exec. 305 

tree, Arthur Monroe, Lawyer 316 

Hayes, Jay Orley, Publisher 392 

Johnson, Rector Wm., Clergyman 459 

Johnston, Faber Laine, Lawyer 461 

Josephson, Joseph B., M.D., Surgeon 468 

Kaucher, Dorothy M., Educator 471 

Lawson, Lucie Isabelle, Coll. Instr 525 

Levitt, Joe E., Radio Exec 539 

Maynard, Merlin T. D., M.D., Prof. Med. 593 

O' Connor, Percy, Lawyer 688 

Otterstein, Jr., A. W., Prof. Music 695 

Staffelbach, Elmer H., Coll. Admstr 857 

WardrTp, Buford Haven, M.D 952 

Wright, Jack, j^ditor 1014 

Santa Clara — 

Castro, Clarence A., Mayor 161 

Craig, Hardin, Prof. English 208 

Hubbard, Bernard R., Explorer 430 

Stanford University — 

Abrams, LeRoy, Prof. Botany 3 

Allen, Warren Dwight, Prof. Music 16 

Almack, John C, Prof. Edn 18 

Barclay, Thomas Swain, Prof. Pol. Sci 46 

Barnett, Geo. DeForest, Prof. Med 49 

Bassett, Lee Emerson, Univ. Prof 54 

Blackwelder, Eliot, Prof. Geology 82 

Campbell, Douglas H., Prof. Botany 144 

Cannon, Wm. Austin, Lecturer, Botany.... 147 

Cathcart, Arthur Martin, Prof. Law 161 

Cottrell, Edwin A., Prof. Pol. Sci 205 

Crook, Welton Joseph, Metallurgist 213 

Cubberley, Ellwood P., Educator 218 

Danforth, Chas. Haskell, Prof. Anatomy 224 

Davis, Joseph S., Economist 231 

Dodds, Wendell, Prof. English 254 

Domonoske, Arthur B., Univ. Exec 255 

Duniway, Clyde Augustus, 'Educator 266 

Guerard, Albert, Teacher 362 

Hanna, Paul Robert, Prof. Edn 376 

Hansen, Hazel Dorothy, Prof. Classics.... 377 
Hoover, Herbert Clark, Humanitarian.... 421 

Hoover, Lou Henry, Writer 422 

Jackson, J. Hugh. Univ. Admstr 446 

Johnston, Oliver Martin, Educator 461 

Jones, Eliot, Prof. Economics 463 

Kefauver, Grayson Neikirk, Educator.... 474 
Lemaitre, Georges Edouard, Educator.... 533 
Leonard, John Paul, Prof. Edn 535 


Lutz, Ralph Ilazwell, Frof. History.. ... 
MacKarlamI, KranU Mace, Trof. lllslol... 

Muilin, IVrcv Alvin, Prof. History 

Mi'Hain, James Win.. Prof. Chemistry 

McBain. Mary KAel.\n h., Prof. Chem 

MeCracken, Isabel, Kntomologlst 

Mears, Eliot Griniiell, Author 

QulUen, Isaac James, Prof. Edn 

Reynolds, Chas. Nathan, Prof. Soclol 

Rich, Willis llorlon, Prol". Biology 

Robin.son, Edgar Eugene, Prof. Am. Hist. 

Schultz, Edwin VVm., Prof. Bactlgy 

Storey, Thomas Anilrevv, Educator 

Strong, Margaret Hart, Civic Worker 

Stuart, Graham H., Prof. Pol. Sci 

Swain, Robert Eckles, Prof. Chem 

Terman, Lewis Madison, Author 

Townlev, Sidney Dean, Prof. Astronomy- 
Treat, i'ayson Jackson, Prof. History 

Trueblood, David Elton, Theologian 

Van Patten, Nathan, Library Dir 

Vernier, Clioster Garfield, Prof. Law 

Webster, David Locke, Prof. Physics 

Wilbur, Ray Lyman, M.D., Univ. Pres 

Willis, Bailey, Prof. Geology 


(Pop. 45,057— Bfiogs. 6) 

Davenport — 

Hoover, Theodore Jesse, Univ. Admstr. 

Santa Cruz — 

Bonner, Arthur, Clergyman 

Soquel — 

Barrett, Edward J. B., Writer 

Watsonville — 

Gardner, Jonathan E., Lawryer 

Lester, Francis E., Writer 

MacQuiddy, Thomas S., Sch. Supt 



, 96 
. 50 


(Pop. 28,S00—Biogs 5) 

Redding — 

Bostwick, Jr.. Harry O., Newspaperman.. 

Carr, Francis, Lawyer 

Carr, Laurence W., Dist. Attorney 

Carter, Oliver J., State Senator 

Stanley, Thomas L-, Bus. Exec 





(Pop. 3,025 — Biogs. 1) 

Downieville — 

Mcintosh, Raymond, Jurist 609 


(Pop. 2S,598 — Biogs. 20) 

Dorris — 

Hagelstein, William G., Mayor 367 

Etna — 

Cory, Lewis H., Justice of the Peace.. 

Hornbrook — 

Jacobs, Gordon M., County Exec 447 

Mt. Shasta — 

Apperson, Orbell O., Editor 26 

Booth, Thomas W., Meteorologist 98 

Davis, Mayhew H., Forest Supvr 232 


Allen, James M., Jurist 14 

Collier, Randolph C, Land Title Exec 190 

Smith, Willis E., Publisher 846 

White, Harry A., Army Officer 973 


(Pop. 49,118 — Biogs. 10) 

Dixon — 

Vaughn, Howard, Live Stock Farmer 935 

Fairfield — 

Weiiiincr. Frederick A., Librarian 

Mare Island — 

Baglev. David Worth, Navy omcer 

Shepa'ni. (leorge W., M.D., Naval Surg. 

Rio Vista — 

Rol)ins()n, Ethel A., Clubwoman 


Alltucker, John Ray, Sch. PrJn 

Gibs(jii, Luther E.. Newspaperman 

Jones. Robert Letts. Editor 

Myers, Raymond E., Radio Engr 

Soanes, Harry V., Bus. Exec 






(Pop. 69,052— Biogs. 17) 

Cloverdale — 

Cannelora, Louis R., Lawyer 147 

Glen Ellen — 

London, Charmian K., Author 554 

Healdsburg — 

Adams, Marvin Earle, Newspaperman 7 

Coffman, James T., Lawyer 188 

Haley, William R., Banker 370 

Mann, Frederick M., Prof. Arch 579 

McKee, Ruth Eleanor, Novelist 610 

Rosenberg, Harold B., Merchant 783 

Kenwood — 

Baker, Milo S., Coll. Instr 43 

Wilson, Nell G., Playwright 993 

Santa Rosa — 

Barnett, Ellsworth L., Bus. Exec 49 

Comstock, Hilliard, Jurist 193 

Farquar, Agnes S., City Exec 293 

Hawkes, Edith G., Editor 390 

Lea, Clarence F., Lawyer 526 

Lehman, Helen M., Writer 531 

Sonoma — 

Cadorin, Ertore, Artist 140 


(Pop. 74,866— Biogs. 12) 

Ceres — 

Calkins, Robert R., Newspaperman 143 

Modesto — 

Bomberger, Paul S., Realtor 95 

Broughton, Esto B., Lawyer 119 

Cleary, Leslie A., District Attorney 181 

Garrison, James C State Senator 328 

Hall, Margaret G., City Attorney 372 

Hawkins, Bellwood Cnase, Jurist 390 

Hawkins, Nicholas a., Lawyer 390 

Kimber, Benjamin J., Editor 486 

Newman — 

Newman, Louis J., City Exec 677 

Turlock — 

Cook, W. Coburn, Lawyer 197 

McDowell, W. Clifford, Publisher 605 


(Pop. 18,6S0—Biogs. 2) 

Robbins — 

Duffy, Jr., William J., Agriculturist 265 

Yuba City— 

McBride, James R., Lawyer 596 


(Pop. 14,316 - Biogs. 8) 

Corning — 

Randall, Edward L., Lawj'er 751 

Gerber — 

Spencer, A. T., Live Stock Breeder^ 853 


Red Bluff— 

EUenwood. Fred Alden, Bus. Exec 276 

Cans, Herbert South, Jurist 324 

Pendleton, Barbara Eye, Poet 713 

Pendleton, Emmet, Pianist 713 

Pugh, Jr., Fred C, Legal Res. Spclst 744 

Wetter, Curtiss Earle, City Atty 970 


(Pop. 107,152 - Biogs. S9) 

Dinuba — 

Burt, James Elbert, Music Dir 135 

Greene, Joe E., City Atty 356 

Seligman, Milton, Mayor 819 

Exeter — 

Clawson, Watson Swarty, Publisher 180 

Fauver, James Ray, Fruit Grower 295 

Mixter, Francis W., State Senator 646 

Lemon Cove — 

Pogue, Jonathan Earl, Citrus Grower V28 

Lindsay — 

Daniels, Ernest L., Corpn. Exec 224 

Evans, Aaron Loyd, Newspaperman 286 

Hunting, Walter Judson, H.S. Teacher.... 438 

Orosi — 

Clapp, Chas. Francis, Grape Grower 175 

Henkel, Elmer Earl, Publisher 400 

Porterville — 

Miller, Austin Vicente, M.D., Surg 632 

Miller, Newton, M.D 637 

Wood, Homer W., Lawyer 1004 

Sequoia NatL Park — 

Scoyen, Eivend T., Nat. Park Admstr... 815 

Tulare — 

Ham, Israel Hayes, City Attorney 373 

Maizlish, I. Paul, Prof. Physics 576 

Maizlish, Yetta V., Teacher 576 

Merritt, Jr., H. C. Corpn. Exec 625 

Whiteside, Percy Marion, Publisher 976 

Visalia — 

Bradley, Nathaniel F,, City Exec 106 

Burnett, Clarence M., Bus. Exec 133 

Crowe, J. Thomas, Lawyer 217 

Dayton, Wm. H., Bus. Exec 236 

Gannon, Joseph Pierce, Banker 324 

Hammer, Chas. Joseph M., Bus. Exec 375 

Houk, Gareth Wesley, City Judge 424 

Woodlake — 

Vanderhoof, F. E., Cattle Breeder 931 


Pop. 10.887 - Biogs. If) 

Sonora — 

Dambacher, Charles A., Auditor 223 

Johnson, Ben, Lawyer 459 

Taylor, Edith W., Librarian 891 

Tuolumne — 

Hodge, Ernest H., Corpn. Exec 413 


(Pop. 69, 685 - Biogs. 28) 

Monvalvo — 

Blanchard, Vincent F., Farm Adviser 86 

Ojai — 

Barnes, Morgan, College Prof 49 

Drapeau, Louis C, Jurist 262 

Everett, Eugenia, Sculptor 289 

Fletcher, Frank M., Artist 307 

Thacher, Anson S., Sch. Headmaster. 898 

Oxnard — 

Guyer, W. Roy, Mayor 365 

Woodworth, Frances A., Librarian 1008 

Santa Paula — 

Botke, Cornells, Painter 99 

Botke, Jessie A., Painter 100 

Clunie, Robert, Painter 185 

Freeman, Vernon M., Civil Engineer 317 

Harpold, Gertrude M., Artist 382 

Kennedy, Gladys Brownson, Librarian 481 

McKeown, Lawrence G., Bus. Exec 611 

Shively, Douglas, Banker 831 

Strong, Artemus J., M.D 880 

Teague, Milton M., Farm Management.... 895 

Thomas, Edward C, Editor 900 

Weaver, Harriett E., Educator 959 

Ventura — 

Durley, L. Howard, Sheriff 268 

Fourt, Walter J., Lawyer 312 

Johnson, Marcus S., Mayor 458 

Pinkerton, Roy D., Editor 726 

Randall, George A., Artist 751 

Rogers, Merle J., Lawyer 781 

Topping, Elizabeth R., Librarian 912 

Waite, Milo A., Lawyer 944 


(Pop. 27,243— Biogs. 35) 

Clarksburg — 

Wilson, George E. 

Agriculturist 991 

Davis^ — 

Allen, Frank W., Prof. Pomology 14 

Amerine, Maynard A., Prof. Enology 20 

Brady, Caroline, Coll. Instr 107 

Cole, Harold H., Prof. Animal Husbandry 190 

Covell, Calvin A., Mayor 206 

Davis, Luther D., Prof. Pomology 231 

Esau, Katherine, Prof. Botany 283 

Gilmore, John W., Prof. Agronomy 341 

Gittinger, James Price, Univ. Supvr 342 

Griffin, Frederick L., Prof. Agrl. Edn 359 

Howard, Walter L., Prof. Pomology 427 

Hughes, Elmer H., Prof. Animal Hus 432 

Jukes, Thomas H., Biological Chem 468 

Kleiber, Max, Prof. Animal Husbandry.... 493 

Marshall, Delmer B., H.S. Prin 584 

McDonald, Alexander, Livestock Specst. 604 

Miller, Robert F., Prof. Animal Hus 638 

Needham, Gwendolyn B., Univ. Instr 674 

Peterson, Basil H., Univ. Admstr 718 

Proebsting, Edward L., Prof. Pomology.. 742 

Regan, William M., Prof. Animal Hus 760 

Roadhouse, C. L., Prof. Dairy Industry.... 770 

Robbins, Wilfred W., Prof. Botany 771 

Ryerson, Knowles A., Coll. Admstr 795 

Storer, Tracy I., Prof. Zoology 876 

Sutherland S., Univ. Admstr 883 

Tufts, Warren P., Prof. Pomology 921 

Usinger, Robert L., Eontomologist 927 

Veihmeyer, Frank J., Prof. Irrigation.... 936 

Walker, Harry B., Prof. Agrl. Engrg 945 

Wilson, James F., Prof. Animal Hus 992 

Winkler, Albert J., Viticulturist 995 

Wright, Celeste T., Editor 1013 

Woodland — 

Hecke, George H., Bus. Farmer 395 


(Pop. 17,034— Biogs. 3) 

Marysville — 

Ellis, William T., State Exec 278 

Kynoch, Walter A., Mayor 510 

Thomas, Horace E., Publisher 901 





Boulder — 

Bilker, G. Deiwootl, Supt. Schs 



Anderson, Dewey, Economist 22 

Bagley, David VV., Navy Officer 40 

Guill, John H., Kederal Exec 363 

Lane, Jr., Franklin K., Lawyer 515 


Lake Alfred — 

Camp, Arthur F.. Horticulturist 144 

St. Petersburg — 

MacFarlane, Kathryn Jean, Writer 571 


Honolulu — 

Crawford, D. L., Entomologist 210 

Norris, Ben, Artist 684 


Champaign — 

Young, Paul T., Prof. Psychology 1021 

Chicago — 

Palmer, Albert \V., Theologian 699 

Evanston — 

Gurley, Fred G., R.R. Exec 364 

Todd, Arthur J., Prof. Sociology 910 

Lake Forest — 

Barnes, Clifford W., Educator 48 

Northbrook — 

Patterson, William A., Air Line Exec 707 

Rantoul — 

Lincoln, Rush B., Army Officer 544 

Urbana — 

Taylor, George F., Aerological Technst... 892 


Bar Harbor — 

Farrand, Beatrix, Landscape Architect.. 294 


Boston — 

Beckett, W. M. A., Conductor-Composer 

Oxnam, G. Bromley, Bishop 

White, Hugh Vernon, Clergyman 974 

Brookline — 

Goodsell, Fred Field, Church Exec 348 

Cambridge — 

Palache, Charles, Mineralogut 698 


Minneapolis — 

Worley, James F., M.D., Med. Dir 1011 


Springfield — 

Cason, Hulsey, Psychologist 158 


Glenbrook — 

Bartholomew, Frank H., Newspaperman.. 51 



Englewood — 

Cumberland, Wm. W., Economi.-it.... Addenda 
Mill.s, Frederick C, Prof. Econ 641 

Madison — 

Hopper, .Stanley R., Educator 423 

Montclair — 

Aniler.son, ]{obert V., Geologist 24 

Rumson — 

Percival, Gertrude, Commercial Dsgnr 715 

Woodridge — 

Baker, Joseph J., E.xplorer 43 

Ithaca — 

Daniels, Bess, Prof. Music 225 

Leschin, Joana, Pianist 536 

Leschin, Louise, Pianist 536 

New Rochelle — 

Albright, Horace M., Corpn. E.xec 11 

New York — 

Chamberlain, Thos. G., Lawyer 164 

Harris, Roy, Composer 384 

Rembao, Alberto, Editor 762 

Shilkret, Nathaniel, Composer 830 

Taggard, Genevieve, Writer 889 

Wetjen, Albert R., Author 970 


Cincinnati — 

Tietz, Esther B., M.D 



Eugene — 

Walker, Franklin D., Prof. Eng 945 

Portland — 

Sharp, James B., Economist 823 

Philadelphia — 

Rachlin, Ezra, Pianist 748 


Dallas — 

Muskavitch, Charles M., Museum Dir 669 




Jijon, y Caamano Jacinto, Mfgr 455 

Jijon, y Caamano Marie L., Clubwoman.. 455 


London — 

Hardwicke, Sir Cedric W., Actor 379 

Haugvvitz-Reventlow, Countess Barbara 

Woolworth, Patron of Arts 389 


Tokyo — 

Makinson, George A., Diplomat 576 


Mexico City — 

Shaw, George P., Diplomat 824 

Toor, Frances, Prof. Mex. Folklore 912 


Professional and Business Index 


Accountants — 

BliKlit, lU-ynoUi K 87 

Cassidy, Kdwin Uurke 159 

Farquluir, Francis P 293 

Frisbee, Ira Nobles 318 

Jackson. J. Hugh 446 

Lawson, Robert Mackay... 525 

Lowery, Joseph 558 

McKee, John H 610 

Noble, Howard Scott 682 

Auditors — 

Dambacher, Chas. Arthur 223 

Delury, Jr., George C 241 

Gunsul, MyrtcUe L 364 


Farm Security 
Administrator — 

Folger, Arthur Herbert.... 309 

National Park 
Administrators — 

Hall, Ansel F 370 

Kittredge, Frank Alvah.... 492 

Mauger, George Levan 591 

Scoyen, Eivind T 815 

Nat. Youth 
Administrator — 

Crawford, Robert Murry... 211 

Tax Administrator — 

Campbell, John Joseph 145 

WPA Administrator — 

Legg, Herbert Curtis 531 


Technologist — 

Taylor, George Frederic.... 892 

Engineers — 

Douglas, Donald Wills 258 

Dunn, Louis G 267 

Fischer. Charles Fink 301 

Kindelberger, Jas. Howard 487 

Lusk, Hilton Frank 562 

Rockefeller, William C 778 

Research — 

Forman, Edward Seymour 311 
Liepmann, Hans Wolfgang 543 

Superintendent — 

Bowen, William Harold ... 101 

Manufacturers — 

Douglas, Donald Wills 258 

Kindelberger, Jas. Howard 487 

Millar, Richard W 631 

Ryan, T. Claude 795 

Chemists — 

Church, Calvin Grant 174 

Davis, Ward B 233 

Wilson, Clarence P 990 

Commissioner — 

Ryan, Harold Joy 794 

Counselor — 

Clements, (Jeorge P 184 

Engineer — 

Walker, Harry Bruce 945 

Agriculture Speciaist — 

Eastman, Erie Eyre 271 

U.S. Dept, of 
Agriculture — 

Blish, Morris Joslin 87 

Agriculturists — 

Duffy, Jr., Wm. Jo.seph.... 265 

Folger, Arthur Herbert... 309 

Jacobsen, Wm. Cornelius.. 449 

^lille^, Howard A 634 

Stahl, Edwin D 858 

Stewart, Dorman V 870 

Taylor, Frederic Wm 892 

Taylor, Ralph H 894 

Towar, James DeLoss 914 

Utt, Charles Edward 927 

Wahlberg, Harold E 943 

Agronomist — 

Hutchison, Claude Burton.. 441 

Anthropologists — 

Barton, Roy Franklin Addenda 

Harrington, Mark Ray 383 

Hollenbach, Grace M 417 

Lowie, Robert H 558 


Archaeologists — 

Allen, James Turney 14 

Campbell, Wm. Henry 146 

Hodge, Frederick Webb... 413 

Hubbard, Samuel 431 

Knopf, Carl Sumner 499 

Rogers, David Banks 779 

Walker, Edwin F 944 


Architects — 

Austin, John Corneby W 34 

Clark, Hervey Parke 177 

Connor, Rose 196 

Dinwiddle, John Ekin 249 

Ellsworth, Jay Herbert 279 

Faville, William Baker 295 

Freeman, Breo 316 

Green, Frank Willard 355 

Grey, Elmer 358 

Hageman, Frederick Chas. 367 

Johnson, Reginald Davis.... 460 

Johnson, William T 460 

Kaufmann, Gordon Bernie 471 

Kelley, H. Roy 476 

Kennedy, Jr., Frederick H. 480 

Klausen, E. Wessel 493 

Koldehofe, Dolf 503 

Mackay, John Victor 573 

Marston, Sylvanus B 585 

Monhoff, Frederick 648 

Morrow, Irving Foster 661 

Norton, Samuel Tilden 686 

Powell, Herbert J i35 

Katcliff, Walter Harris... 753 

Ray, David H 754 

Requa, Richard S 763 

Riggs, Lutah Maria 768 

Rosenheim, Alfred Faist.... 785 

Schlndler, R. M 807 

SIple. Allen George 838 

Watson, Nelson 957 

WeathiThead, Arthur C 959 

Winslow, Carlclon Monroe 996 

Landscape Architects — 

Adams, Charles Gibbs 5 

Church, Thomas Dolliver.. 174 

Cornell, Ralph D 201 

Eckbo, Garrett 272 

Hoyt, Roland Stewart 430 

Payne, Theodore 709 

Payne, Theodore 709 

Porter, Bruce 731 

Rowntree, Gertrude Ellen 790 
Tomson, Tommy 911 

Naval Architect — 

Petersen, Carl Edward 718 


Art Appraiser — 

von Schneidau, Christian.. 941 

Art Collector — 

Robinson, Edward G 775 

Art Critics — 

Millier, Arthur 639 

Reuter, Herman 763 

Art Curators — 

Black, Elizabeth 81 

Trivas, Numa S 918 

Art Directors — 

Banks, Lionel C Addenda 

Carter, Pruett 155 

Chouinard, Nelbert M 172 

Kerns, Fannie M 483 

Lemos. Pedro Joseph de.... 533 

Lutz, Dan S 562 

Mackay, John V 573 

Maxwell, Everett Carroll.. 592 

Pepper, Stephen Coburn.... 714 

Shrader, Edwin R 833 

Art Educator — 

Poland, Reginald 728 

Art Gallery Directors — 

Farrand, Max 294 

Hatfield, Dalzell H 388 

Poland, Reginald 728 

Pratt, Harry Noyes 737 

Art Library Founder — 

Perret, Ferdinand 716 

Art Restorer — ^^ 

Dann, Erode Nielsen 225 

Art Teachers — 

Abel, Christine Jeannette... 2 

Craig, Thomas Theodore... 209 

Crittenden, Ray Howard.... 213 

De Vol, Pauline Hamill.... 244 

Dowd, Helen Lietta 259 

Hamner, William Marion.. 375 

Holmes, Ralph 419 

Kopenhaver, Josephine Y. 503 

Miller, Evylena Nunn 633 

Monhoff, Frederick 648 

Norris, Ben 684 

Oldfield, Otis William 690 

Rich, John Hubbard 766 

Rogers, Harold Madison... 780 

Scott, David Winfield 813 

Swiggett, Jean Donald 887 

Valentien, Anna M 928 

von Schneidau, Christian.. 941 


Warner, Nell Walker 953 

Artists — 

Ames, Arthur Forbes 20 

Ames, Jean Goodwin 21 

Ataloa 30 

Baggelmann, Theodore 40 

Ballin, Hugo 44 

Barker, George 47 

Bartlett, Gray Phineas 52 

Beaumont, Arthur Edwaine 59 

Berman, Eugene 73 

Bonestell, Chesley 96 

Bothwell, Dorr Hodgson 99 

Browne, Belmore 123 

Buckland, Wilfred 128 

Buff, Conrad 129 

Burnette, Mabel Bird 133 

Bush, Ella Shephard 136 

Cadorin, Ettore 140 

Cahill, Arthur James 141 

Caldwell, George Walter.... 142 

Clark, Alson Skinner 176 

Dann, Erode Nielsen 225 

Dickey, Dan Ellsworth 246 

Disney, Walt 250 

Dobson, Margaret A 252 

Dowd, Helen Lietta 259 

Elliott, Ruth Cass 277 

Finta, Ale.xander 301 

Fletcher, Frank Morley.... 307 

Forbes, Helen K 310 

Ford, Helen Louise 310 

Fracker, Ruth Miller 313 

Gearhart, May 332 

Gellert, Emery 333 

Geritz, Franz 334 

Gibney, Luke Edmond 337 

Gilbert, Arthur Hill 339 

Gleason, J. Duncan 343 

Hansen, Armin 377 

Hansen, Ejnar 377 

Harpold, Gertrude M 382 

Harris, George Albert 383 

Harris, Grace Griffith 383 

Helvenston, Harold Finley 398 

Hersch, Lee 403 

Hiler, Hilaire 407 

Hilton, John William. 409 

Holmes, Ralph 419 

Jones, Emma McCune 463 

Kamps, Norman H 470 

Kingman, Dong 489 

Klinker, Orpha 495 

Knott, Arthur Harold 500 

Kopenhaver, Josephine Y. 503 

Krock, Helen Lucile 506 

Landacre, Paul Hambleton 514 

Larringa, Juan B 519 

Lasky, Bessie 520 

Lauritz, Paul 522 

Leighton, Kath. Woodman 532 
Le Serrac de Kervily, 

Comte 537 

Ludovici, Alice E 560 

Mac-Gurrin, Buckley 571 

Mays, Paul Kirtland 594 

McGaw, Blanche Evelyn B. 607 

McNeely, Perry M 617 

Merrild, Knud 623 

Messenger, Ivan 626 

Messick, Ben 627 

Miller, Evylena Nunn 633 

Miller, Lilian May 635 

Nadjen, Theodore 672 

Neuhaus, Eugen 676 

Nielsen, Kay 680 

Nimmo, Louise Everett 681 

Noonan, Joe Theodore 683 

Nordli, Ernest 683 

Norris, Ben 684 

Paget-Fredericks, Baron J. 697 

Paradise, Phil 701 

Parshall, Douglass Ewell.... 704 

Piazzoni, Gottardo F. P... 723 

Plummer, Elmer Ginzel 727 

Randall, George Archibald 751 

Ret, Etienne 763 

Rexroth, Andree 764 

Richardson. Ralph Felton.. 767 

Robinson, Chas. Hoxsey.. 774 

Rose, Ethel Boardman 782 

Salisbury, Harold E 799 

Sandona. Matteo 800 

Scott, Clyde E 813 

Shear, Fera Webber 825 

Sheets, Millard 825 

Shore, Henrietta 832 

Shrader, Edwin Roscoe 833 

Smith, Carl Frederick 841 

Smith, Dorman H 842 

Sotomayor, Antonio 852 

Spohn, Clay Edgar 855 

Stephens, Ronald Fracis... 865 

Stojana, Gjura 873 

Tarbell-Baxter, Frances E. 890 

Teague, Donald 895 

Thomas, Helen Haskell 900 

Torrey, Elliot 913 

Turnbull, Gale 923 

Wagner, Blanche Collet.... 942 

Warner, Nell Walker 953 

Warshawsky, Alexander.... 954 

Weaver, Harriett Eilene.... 959 

Webb, Edith 959 

Weisman, Joseph. 964 

Westfall, Tulita B 969 

White, Orrin Agustine 975 

Wiboltt, Aage Christian.... 979 

Wieczorek, Max 980 

Wright, Stanton Macd 1015 

Yens, Karl 1018 

Zornes, James Milford... 1025 

Cartoonists — 

Ahern, Eugene L 9 

Lanyi, Dezso 517 

McBride, Clifford 595 

Murray, Frederic Seymour 668 

Russell, Bruce Alexander 793 

Smith, Dorman H 842 

Etchers — 

Botke, Cornells 99 

Dewey, Alfred James 244 

Klinker, Orpha 495 

Millier, Arthur 639 

Silsby, Wilson 834 

Skinner, Charlotte B 839 

Illustrators — 

Browne, Belmore 123 

Clements, Edith Schwartz.. 183 

De Vol, Pauline Hamill.... 244 

Euwer, Anthony 285 

Krock, Helen Lucile 506 

Nielsen, Kay 680 

Politi, Leo 729 

Muralists — 

Barton, Loren 53 

Berman, Eugene 73 

Buff, Conrad 129 

Cagli, Corrado 141 

Dobson, Margaret A 252 

Forbes, Helen K 310 

Harris, George Albert 383 

Holmes, Ralph 419 

Kosa, Jr., Emil Jean 504 

Labaudt, Lucien 511 

Lloyd, Lucile 550 

Mac-Gurrln, Buckley 571 

Politi, Leo 729 

Puccinelli, Dorothy W 744 

Spohn, Clay Edgar 855 

Painters — 

Ames, Jean Goodwin 21 

Bagdatopoulos, William S... 39 

Barker, Olive Ruth 47 

Barton, Loren 53 

Baxter, Martha Wheeler.... 56 

Beecher, Genevieve T 63 

Bensco, Charles 71 

Botke, Cornells 99 

Botke, Jessie Arms IOC 

Braun, Maurice Ill 

Chamberlin, F. ToUes 164 

Clements, Grace 184 

Clunie, Robert 185 

Cuprien, Frank William.... 221 

d'Auria, Gemma Abkazoff 227 

De Vol, Pauline Hamill.... 244 

Dewey, Alfred James 244 

Dinning, Robert J 249 

Dondo, Mathurin 256 

English, Harold M 282 

Gerstle, William Lewis... 335 

Haig, Mabel George 368 

Hamilton, Minerva B 374 

Hauswirth, Frieda 389 

Howard, Robt. Boardman 427 

Howell, Eugenia James... 427 

Johnson, Reginald Perry... 460 

Kerns, Fannie M 483 

Klumpke, Anna Elizabeth 495 

Kosa, Jr., Emil Jean 504 

Kybal, Ana Saenz de 509 

Ludovici, Alice E 560 

Lundmark, Leon 561 

Mays, Paul Kirtland 594 

Merrild, Knud 623 

Millier, Arthur 639 

Moon, Carl 650 

Moon, Grace 650 

Mora, Jo 653 

Philipp, Werner 720 

Porter, Bruce 731 

Post, George Booth 732 

Puccinelli, Dorothy W 744 

Reiffel, Charles 761 

Serisawa, Sueo 820 

Shear, Fera Webber 825 

Shively, Douglas 831 

Silsby, Wuson 834 

Skinner, Charlotte Butler 839 

Thomas, Stephen Seymour 901 

Thurston, Jane McDuffie 905 

Turnbull,, Gale 923 

Valentien, Anna M 928 

von Schneidau, Christian.. 941 

Warner, Nell Walker 953 

Watson, Jesse Nelson 957 

Weisman, Joseph 964 

Westfall, Tulita Boronda 969 

Yeomans, Patricia Henry 1018 

Zornes, James Milford... 1025 

Patrons of the Arts — 

Boardman, Queen Walker.... 90 
Boyce-Smith, II, Mrs. John 103 

Case, Ethel Thompson 156 

Driggs, Alice A 263 

Haugwitz-Reventlow, Countess 

Barbara Woolworth 389 

Howell, Eugenia James.... 427 
Irish, Florence Mathilde... 444 
Jijon y Caamano, Maria L. 455 
Laemmle, Carrie Belle N... 512 

Levy, Bessie 539 

Robinson, Edward G 775 

Tennyson, Diane Van D 897 

Sculptors — 

Buchanan, Ella 127 

Bush, Gladys Lewis 136 



Ciulorin, Kttoro 140 

Chaml)(<rlln, K. Tolles 164 

Cravath, Uuth 210 

Dewcv. Alfred James 244 

Everett, Eugenia 289 

Finta, Alexander 301 

Hamilton, Genevieve B 373 

Hamilton, May Stuart 374 

Harvev, Eli 387 

Howard, Robert B 427 

Johnson, Sargent Claude.... 460 

Kent, Adaline 481 

Lanyi, Dezso 517 

Lioii, Henry 547 

Lloyd, Caroline Alma 550 

Mac-Gurrin, Buckley 571 

May, Beulah 592 

Merrild, Knud 623 

Miller, Juanita 634 

r/iOra, Jo 653 

Paine, Robert T 698 

Politi, Leo 729 

Puccinelli, Raymond 744 

Schweigardt, Frederick W. 81? 

Shaler, Clarence Addison.. 822 

Steere, Lora W 862 

Stubergh, Katherine Marie 881 

Toor, Nishan 912 

Turnbull, Gale 923 

Valentien, Anna M 928 

Wilbollt, Aage Christian... 979 

Artist's — 

Lehr, Abraham 532 

Astrologer — 

MUburn, Leigh Hope 631 


Astronomers — 

Alter, Dinsmore 18 

Baade, Walter 36 

Evans, Jr., John W 287 

Herrick, Jr., Samuel 403 

Hubble, Edwin P 431 

Jeffers. Hamilton Moore.... 452 

Johnson, Josef Jerome. ... 458 

Leonard, Frederick Chas... 534 

Leuschner, Armin Otto... 538 

Linsley, Earle Garfield... 546 

Merrill, Paul Willard 624 

Moore, Joseph Haines 651 

Roberts, Dorothea K 772 

Sanford, Roscoe F 800 

Stromberg, Gustaf 880 

Wilson, Ralph E 993 

Zwicky, Fritz 1026 

Athletic Coaches — 

Barry, J. M. "Sam" 51 

Bradley, Bernard Alovsius 106 

Brill, Martin 115 

Horrell, Edwin C 423 

Landreth, Orian Marion.... 514 

Shaughnessy, Clark Dan. 824 

Warner, Glenn S. "Pop" 952 

Athletic Directors — 

Holmes, Earl J 419 

Hunter, Willis Omenn 438 

Musselman, Harold Zuck.. 670 

NewTnan, Wallace 677 

Tennis Players — 

Jacobs, Helen H 448 

Marble, Alice 580 

Consultant — 

KruoKLT, Albert Paul 508 

Bacteriologists — 

Arthur, Chas. Walter 29 

Billings, Frederick Horatio 77 

Cummins, Wm. Taylor 219 

Gantvoort, Wm. F 325 

Harlng, Clarence M 380 

Howitt, Beatrice F 429 

Jorgenson, Geo. E., M.D... 467 

Krueger, Albert Paul 508 

Meyer, Karl Frledrich 628 

Stone, Ray. Van Buren.... 875 

Thiel, Albert Willem R 899 

Attorney General, 

Warren, Earl 945 

Assistant Atty. Genl., 

Hession, Jess 405 

Deputy Attys. Genl. — 

Bowers, Walter L 102 

Brown, John Quincy 121 

Cowing, Ralph Huffaker.... 206 

Cunningham, Neil 220 

Daniels. Burdette Julian.... 225 

Elson, Eugene McClellan.... 279 

Hutchinson, J. Albert 441 

City Attorneys — 

Buckley, Homer W 128 

Casjens, Carlton Herman.. 158 

Cook, W. Coburn 197 

Fitzgerald, Miles A 305 

Folsom, David Stone 309 

Fowler, Wm. Thomas 312 

Garr, Turner Matliias 327 

Greene, Joe 356 

Griffin, Christopher J 359 

Griffin, Howard R 359 

Hall, Margaret G 372 

Ham, Israel H 373 

Huls, Harold P 434 

Irwin, Aubrey N 445 

Mclnerny, Jr., Cornelius.. 609 

McKinney, B. Z 612 

Miller, Frank L 634 

Mitchell, Archie D 644 

Myers, Wallace S 672 

Nilson, Walter Thure 681 

Overacker, Ray Howard... 695 

Ozias, Christian Markey.... 696 

Payne, Harold 709 

Price, Grayson L 739 

Randall, Edward L 751 

Ruby, Charles A 791 

Stafford, Dailey S 857 

Sutter, Lyman Boniface... 883 

Symonds, Harry Clinton... 888 

Weil, Jr., Conrad 963 

Wetter, Curtis Earle 970 

Woodworth, Clyde 1008 

Yovino- Young, Joseph J. 1022 

District Attorneys — 

Brady, Matthew F 108 

Carr, Laurence William... 152 

Cleary, Leslie Alan 181 

Dockweiler, John Francis 253 

Evans, Walter Ross 288 

Everett, Jr., Wallace W 289 

Francis, George 313 

Larimer, Clyde H 518 

Lewis, Jotin T 541 

Martin, Allen L 585 

McBrlde, James R 596 

MllliT, Nathan II 636 

Moniccii, (k'orge 653 

Ucilwine. Wendell E 758 

Scott, Jeremiah R 814 

Walte, Mllo Arthur 944 

Lawyers — 

Abbey. James Brown 1 

Abbott, William Martin 2 

Aberle, Fred 3 

Acret, George Edward 4 

Adams, Annette Abbott 4 

Adams, Edward August 5 

Ahlport, Brodie 9 

Airola, Virgil Marion 10 

Albee, Merton Aurel 10 

Allen, Clifton Royal 14 

Anderson, Carl William 22 

Anderson, Leo Ellis 24 

Andrews, Lewis Whiting.... 25 

Arndt, Stanley M 28 

Atkinson, Frank Freeman.. ..31 

Aylmer, Albert Leroy 35 

Aynesworth, George Levin 35 

Babcock, Otis Daniel 37 

Baer, Markell Craig 39 

Bailey, Mason A 41 

Bailie, Norman A 41 

Bandini, Ralph 45 

Barber, Allyn Herschel 46 

Barber, Oscar Thomas 46 

Bartlett, Alfred Lewis 52 

Beardsley, Chas. A 59 

Beckley, Wm. Bruce 61 

Beebe, James Lyndon 63 

Beecher, Daniel 63 

Benwell, Leon 71 

Berkson, Maurice 73 

Bewley, Thomas W 76 

Black, Milton M 82 

Blackburn, Arthur W 82 

Bledsoe, Huntington P 86 

Blodget, Lewis Wm 89 

Bodkin, Henry Grattan 91 

Boiler, Florence Galentine.. 93 

Bonelli, Wm. George 95 

Bonner, Ernest Chappell 96 

Bonpane, Blase A 97 

Bourquin, M. Mitchell 100 

Boyce-Smith, John 103 

Brady, Joseph Donald 108 

Brann, Walter Scott 110 

Breed, Herbert Lincoln Ill 

Brennan, Bernard Clark... 112 
Brennan, Raymond Louis 112 

Briggs, Arthur Elbert 114 

Bronson, Roy A 118 

Broughton, Esto Bates 119 

Brown, Scott, 122 

Brown, Stanley Keller.... 122 

Brownhill, Timothy 124 

Bryan, Jr., Wm. Jennings 126 

Brydolf, Vernon Mars 127 

Buckley, Homer W 128 

Burch, Jr., Chas. E 131 

Burke, John P 131 

Burke, Louis H. 131 

Burrell, Howard Leslie 135 

Busick, Jr., Chas. 137 

Butler, Fred Eugene 137 

Butler, John Winchel S 137 

Caldwell, Hugh Milton.... 142 

Call, Asa Vickrey 143 

Camp, Edgar Whittlesey.... 144 
Campbell, Robert Willis.... 146 

Canepa, Louis J 147 

Cannelora, Louis Richard 147 

Carlson, Arthur Wm 148 

Carpenter, Fred Warner 151 

Carr, Francis 152 



Carson, John Elmer 153 

Carter, Albert E 153 

Carter, Oliver Jesse 155 

Casey, Hiram Elbert 157 

Casjens, Carlton Herman.. 158 
Chamberlain, Thomas G. 164 

Chapman, Levi S 168 

Christensen, Parley Parker 173 

Clark, Harry Camp 177 

Clark, John Gee 177 

Clary, William W 180 

Clayson, Walter Scott 180 

Cleary, Leslie Alan 181 

Clemens, Wayne 183 

Coffman, James Trisler... 188 
Collins, Franklin Wallace 191 

Collins, Victor Ford 191 

Conley, Matthew 194 

Conley, Philip 194 

Conley, Wm. Maxwell 194 

Conroy, Don 196 

Cook, W. Coburn 197 

Costello, John Martin 203 

Cross, Ralph Herbert 215 

Crotty, Homer D 216 

Crowe, J. Thomas 217 

Cunningham, Thomas J... 221 

Dane, Geo. Ezra 224 

David, Leon Thomas 228 

Davis," M. Philip 232 

Davis, Warren Jefferson.... 233 

Derby, Stephen Hasket 243 

Dewart, Frederick W 244 

Dey, Banjamin Clifford.... 245 

Dixon, Thomas J 251 

Dockweiler, Henry 1 253 

Dockvveiler, John Francis.. 253 
Downey, Stephen Wheeler 260 
Downs, Walker Wallace.... 261 

Dovle, Clyde 261 

Dreher, Fred L 262 

Dryer, George Wm 264 

Dunn, Harry L 266 

Dunne, Arthur Bergin 267 

Dwelle, Harold Edward 269 

Encell, Harry Albert 281 

Faries, David Reid 291 

Faries, Mclntyre 292 

Farrow, Wm. Wellington.. 2t)5 
Fendler, Harold Altman.... 296 

Fenston, Earl J 296 

Finkenstein, Harry Aaron.. 299 

Finkenstein, Maurice J 299 

Fitzgerald, Miles 305 

Folsom, David Stone 309 

Fourt, Walter J 312 

Fowler, Wm. Thomas 312 

Francis, George 313 

Free, Arthur Monroe 316 

Gardner, Erie Stanley 326 

Gardner, Jonathan Edw ^^26 

Garr, Turner Mathias 327 

Gaylord, Robert B 331 

Geffen, Harold David 332 

Gibson, Maurice Embry... 338 

Goodrich, Leroy R 347 

Gottesfeld, Harry 350 

Gray, Alan Egleston 354 

Gray, Gordon 354 

Graydon, Betty Marshall.. 355 

Greene, A. Crawford 356 

Greene, Joe E 356 

Griffin, Christopher John 359 

Griffin, H. R 359 

Hagar, Gerald Hanna 366 

Hahn, Edwin Franklin 367 

Hall, Frederick Manning... 371 

Hall, Margaret Gettys 372 

Ham, Israel Hayes 373 

Hammack, Daniel Stewart 375 

Hampton, Roy 376 

Hanna, Byron C 376 

Hansen, Victor R 378 

Harrawood. Harold 382 

Harris, Morris B 384 

Harron, Marion J 384 

Harvey, Milburn Gregory 388 

Hawkins, Nicholas A 390 

Hayes, Jay Orley 392 

Hazen, Irwin R 394 

Heaney, John Wm 394 

Hedgcock, Charles G 395 

Hennessy, Harry T 400 

Herbert, Joseph C 402 

Herzbrun, Henry 405 

Hession, Jess 405 

Hickson, Alonzo Loyd 406 

Hilborn, Walter Stern 407 

Hill, Edward Coke 408 

Hindin, Maurice Jacob 410 

Hobart, Charles Edwin.... 412 
Hoffmann, Floyd Edward 415 

Holt, Frank Lee 419 

Holton, Charles Rufus 420 

Honey, Len H 420 

Honnold, Arthur Rankin.. 420 

Houk, Gareth Wesley 424 

Houser, Frederick F 425 

Ho.xie, Wyckoff 429 

Huls, Harold Phillips 434 

Humphreys, Wm. Penn.... 435 

Hunt, Reuben G 436 

Hutchinson, J. Albert 441 

Irwin, Aubrey N 445 

Johnson, Chas. Millard... 456 

Johnson, Gardiner 457 

Johnson, J. Leroy 457 

Johnston, Faver Laine.... 461 

Jones, Jr., Jonah 464 

Jones, Mattison Boyd 465 

Keesling, Francis V 474 

Kent, Arthur H 482 

Kepple, Gerald C 482 

Kirkbride, Charles N 490 

Knight, Samuel 499 

Lakin, Edgerton Drew 512 

Lambeau, Russell Kent.... 513 

Lane, Jr., Franklin K 515 

Larimer, Clyde H 518 

Larrabee, Lawrence Lyle.. 519 
Lea, Clarence Frederick.. 526 

Leavey, H. Harold 528 

Levit, Bert William 539 

Lewis, John Thomas 541 

Lieberman, Jacob J 542 

Lindley, Fred E 544 

Linton, Clarence McC 547 

Lipman, George Morris... 548 

Loeb, Joseph Philip 552 

Louttit, Tom Hunter 557 

Luckey, David Burr 559 

Luddy, Michael G 559 

Macbeth, Gobert Eliot 567 

Macbeth, Hugh Ellwood... 568 

Macdonald, Alexander 569 

Mackay, Donald 572 

Mackay, Jr., Henry S 572 

Macneil, Sayre 573 

Martin, Allen Lincoln 585 

McBride, James Russell.... 596 

McDowell, Charles Edw 604 

McEnerny, Garret Wm 605 

Mclnerny, Cornelius Wm. 609 
McKinley, Jas. Wilfred.... 611 

McKinney, B. Z 612 

McKinney, Wm. Mark 612 

McMahon, Leo Thomas... 615 
Merriam, Ralph Truman... 623 
Metzger, Charles Robert.. 628 
Mier, Millard M 631 

Miller, Frank L 634 

Miller, Nathan Harry 636 

Milliken, John Barnes 641 

Mitchell, Archie D 644 

Moidel, J. J 646 

Mordecai, George 653 

Morgan, Oliver Delbert.... 655 

Morony, Jean 658 

Moses, Edward Walter.... 662 

Mosk, Morey Stanley 663 

Mossholder, Wm. John 663 

Music, Chas. Elvon 669 

Myers, Louis Wescott 671 

Myers, Wallace S 672 

Nagel, Nathan... .-- ^r^ 

Newlin, Gurney Elwood.... 678 

Neylan, John Francis.. .... 678 

Nicholas, Wm. Howard.... 678 

Nichols, Allen Penfield 679 

Nilson, Walter Thure 681 

Nimmo, Ray Everett 681 

O'Connor, Percy b»a 

O'Connor, William V b8» 

Ogden, Robert Clarence.... 689 
Ogden, William Brayton.. 689 
Olson, Richard Culbert.... 692 

O'Melveny, Henry Wm 69^ 

O'Toole, John Joseph 694 

Overacker, Rav Howard.... 695 
Ozias, Christian Markey.... 696 

Pacht, Izaac "9^ 

Palmer, Paul Ellis 700 

Palmer, William Fleet 700 

Parent, Frank Dyal 7U1 

Parma, Harold Arthur.... 703 
Patrick, Howard Allen... 706 

Payne, Harold ^-.. 709 

Pearson, Stanley Gnsso.... 710 

Peckham, Ignatius M 711 

Peters, Donovan 717 

Phillips, Esther B 721 

Phillips, James Henry 7^2 

Pierce, Dixwell Lloyd 723 

Pierce, Fredric R 724 

Pillsbury, Warren H 725 

Porter, Andrew Oliphant.. 730 

Praeger, Arnold 736 

Pratt, George Collins 737 

Pray, Russell Honore 737 

Price, Francis 738 

Price, Gravson L 739 

Prichard, Samuel Van O. 740 
Proctor, Marian Alton.... 742 

Pugh, Jr., Fred C 744 

Quinn, Irwin T 748 

Ralston, Jackson Harvey.. 749 

Randall, Edward L 751 

Ray, Raymond Franklin.. 755 

Redwine, Kent Hiram 757 

Redwine, Wendell Earl... 758 

Reicheler, Samuel 761 

Rendon, Cecil Paul 763 

Reynolds, Thomas 764 

Rhodes, Orlando H 765 

Robertson, Howard 773 

Robinson, Bestor 773 

Robinson, C. Ray 774 

Robinson, Verne E., 776 

Rogers, Merle J 781 

Rohwer, Otto 781 

Rosenberg, Augusta 783 

Rosenblum, Arthur 784 

Roth, Lester William 788 

Rowan, Harriett Evelyn.... 789 

Rubin, David R 790 

Ruby, Chas. Augustus.... 791 

Rush, John Andrew 792 

Ryon, Harrison 796 

Saeta, Maurice 797 

Sapiro, Aaron 801 

Sawallisch, Harold F 803 



Schaper, Wm. Charles 804 

Schmulowilz, Nal 808 

Scott, George Winfleld 814 

Scott, Jeremiah Ronald... 814 
Seawell, Emmelt James... 818 

Se.xton, Jay Corwln 821 

Sharp, Joseph C 823 

Shattuck, Edw. Stevens... 824 
Shepard, .Arthur Cyrus.... 827 

Sheppard, James C 828 

Sheridan, Bernard A 829 

Sherman, Roger 830 

Simpson, John Edwin 837 

Sinclair, John Franklin.... 838 

Sommer, Peter S 850 

Spencer, Vernon Percival 854 

Stafford, Dailey S 857 

Stammer, Walter Henry.... 858 
Starbuck, Edw. Baxter.... 861 
St.mhart, Jesse Henry.... 863 

Stephan, George 864 

Stephens, Wm. Dennison.. 865 

Stephenson, Dwight W 866 

Steven, John Boardman.... 867 
Stevens, Samuel Stancliff 868 

Stewart, Wendy 871 

Stimson, Marshall 872 

Sunderlin, Chas. Algernon 882 
Suiter, Lvman Boniface.... 883 

Swaffield, Phil M 884 

Swing, Philip David 888 

Symonds, Harry Clinton.... 888 

Tannenbaum, David 889 

Taylor, F. W. H., M.D 892 

Taylor, Wendell B. B 894 

rennev, Jack Breckenridge 896 

Thome-Rider, Count F 904 

Thornton, Harry Albert.... 904 

Tilden, Charles Lee 907 

Tobriner, Mathew Oscar.... 910 

Trageton, Ole 914 

Treadwell, Edw. Francis.... 916 

Trippet, Oscar A 918 

Turner, Richard A 924 

Utt, Max Eddy 927 

Vaughan, Earle Russell.... 935 

Veazey, Jr., I. Parker 936 

Waite, Milo Arthur 944 

Walker, Irving Miller 946 

Walter, Chesley iSIathew.... 949 

Warren, Earl 954 

Watson, Claude A 957 

Weil, Jr., Conrad. 963 

Welch, Claude L 965 

Wendt, Alvin Wm 966 

Wetter, Curtiss Earle 970 

Wheat, Carl Irving 971 

Whelan, Francis C - 972 

Whitsell, Leon Otto 977 

Whvte, James Gordon. 979 

WUihoft, Waldo 985 

Wirin, Abraham Lincoln.... 997 

Witkin, Bernard E 999 

Wittschen, Theo. Peter.... 999 

Wood, Homer W 1004 

Wood, J. Perry 1004 

Woodman, Frederic Thos. 1005 
Woodward, Lavwence N. 1008 

Woodworth, Clyde 1008 

Worley, O. Benton 1012 

Wright, Allen Garwood.... 1012 

Wright, Leroy A 1014 

Yorty, Samuel Wm 1019 

Young, Archibald B 1019 

Young, Clarence Marshall 1020 

Yovino-Young, Jos. J 1022 

Zacsek, Arma 1023 

U. S. Attorneys — 

Graydon, Betty M 355 

Lambeau, Russell K 513 

Palmer, William Fleet... 700 

Phillips, Esther B 721 

Seawell, Emmet J 818 

Jurists — 

Allen, James Michael 14 

Archbald, Harry Ruthven 27 

Austin, Herbert Z 34 

Beaumont, Campbell E 60 

Blake, Samuel Richardson 84 
Bray, Absalom Francis.... Ill 

Bullock, Georgia P 129 

Burnell, Charles Smith.... 132 

Carlson, Elmer Edwin 149 

Cams, Chas. Newell 150 

Carter, Jesse Washington 154 

Chambers, Joseph F 165 

Church, Lincoln Sheridan.. 174 

Clarke, Jolin Hessin 179 

Comstock, Hilliard 193 

Condee, Newcomb 194 

Cotton, Aylett Rains 204 

Drapeau, Louis C 262 

Edmonds, Douglas LjTnan 274 

Falk, Harry Wilson 291 

Foley, Thomas Martin 308 

Freund, Leo 318 

Galbreth, Ross Morgan.... 322 

Gans, Herbert South 325 

Glenn, Malcolm C 344 

Gray, Leon E 355 

Guerin, Arthur Somers.... 362 
Haas, Charles Edmund.... 365 
Haines, Chas. Conklin.... 368 
Hawkins, Bellwood Chase 390 

Henderson, Lubin J 399 

Hollzer, Harry Aaron 418 

lenney, Ralph Edward 452 

Jorgensen, Henry Garfield 467 

Kaufman, Louis W 471 

Kelly, Edward J 478 

Kincaid, Clarence Leslie.... 487 

King, Percival S 489 

Klelte, Ernest 494 

Knight, Goodwin J 498 

Lessing, Robert Fredrick.. 537 

Lindsey, Ben B 545 

Louderback, Harold 557 

Lyon, Ray Blanchcird 566 

Marchetti, Joseph. 581 

Marks, Emerson J 582 

Mathews, Clifton 597 

McComb, Marshall F 600 

Mcintosh, Raj-mond 609 

McWilliams, Robert L 619 

Miller, Justin 635 

Morton, Oakley Kendall.... 662 
Murphey, John Douglass.... 667 

Nye, Clement DeWitt 687 

O'Connor, J. F. T 687 

Ogden, Frank McDonald.... 689 
Palmer, William Judson.... 700 
Peters, Raymond Elmer.... 717 

PuUen, John Francis 745 

Robinson, Elmer Edwin.... 775 

Roche, Michael Joseph 778 

Schauer, B. Rey 805 

Shaw, Hartley 824 

Shell, Joseph L : 826 

Shenk, John Wesley 827 

Shields, Peter J 830 

Shontz, Orfa Jean 832 

Smith, Lewis Howell 843 

Spence, Homer Roberts.... 853 

Stephens, Albert Lee 865 

Stephens, Jess E 865 

Stockton, Francis Warren 873 
Terry, Clarence Frank 897 


Thomp.son, Rolfe Lyon... 903 
Thom.v)n. Thomas Rogers.. 903 

Traynor, Roger John 915 

Tuttle, Raglan 924 

Valentine, Dudley Scott... 928 

Vlckers, Joseph Wm 938 

Wagler, S. Victor 942 

White. Harry Alexander.... 973 

Wilson, Emmet Homer 991 

Wood, Walton Jones 1005 

Yankwich, Leon R 1017 

City Judges — 

Austin, Samuel Goddard 34 

Boiler, Ardene Donovan... 93 

Collins, Ansley Harvey 191 

Fogg, Edward Park. 308 

Fugitt, Don C 319 

Giacomazzi, Con J 336 

Harrawood, Harold 382 

Hart, William LeRoy 386 

Hedgcock, Charles G 395 

Houk, Gareth W 424 

Rouner. Vernon Chipman 788 

Russell, Wm. Polk. 794 

Truby, Philip 919 

Police Judges — 

Morony, Jean 658 

O'Connor, Percy 688 

Parent, Frank Dyal 701 

Van Luven, Donald Earl.... 932 

Justices of the Peace — 

Cory, Lewis H 203 

Giacomazzi, Con J 336 

Pugh, Jr., Fred C 744 

Rhodes, Orlando H 765 

Worley, O. Benton 1012 

Biologists — 

Addicott, Frederick Taylor_ 7 

Blanchard, Evelyn Lj-man ..85 

Clements, Edith Schwartz 183 

Clements, Frederic Edw 183 

Evans, Herbert McLean.... 287 

Hawkes, Ernest William.. 390 

Hollenberg, George Jacob.. 417 

Miller, Robt. Cunningham.. 638 

Shapovalov, Leo 823 

Taft, Alan C 888 

Tyler, Albert 924 

Biophysicist — 

Strait, Louis 878 

Paleontologists — 

Coggeshall. Arthur Sterry 188 

Howard, Hildegarde 426 

Keen, Angeline MyTa 473 

Rogers, David Banks 779 

Physiologists — 

Dispensa, J. G., M.D 251 

Keighley, Geoffrey L 475 

Leaike, Chauncey D 527 


Botanists — 

Abrams, LeRoy 3 

Eastwood, Alice 271 

McNair, James Birtley 617 

Munz, Philip Alexander.... 667 

Webber, Irma E 960 

Wolf, Carl Brandt 1000 


Brokers — 

Haas, Louis Solomon 366 

Warden, Justus S ~ 951 


Insurance Brokers — 

Ashley, Chester Carlisle 30 

Burr, Mvron C „ 134 

Chace. Henry Underhill.... 162 

Garland, John Jewett 326 

Gianetti, Humbert L 336 

Knox, Walter Kincald 501 

Meyer, Milton 628 

Investment Brokers — 

Field, Ben 298 

McGuire, John A 608 

Neff, Andrew McNally 674 

Schwartz, Sidney L 812 

Weinberger, Henry 963 

Merchandise Brokers — 

Gair, Colin Munro 322 

Murphy, Edward W 668 

Real Estate Brokers — 

Black, George Nathan 81 

Field, Ben 298 

Gianetti, Humbert L 336 

Riche, Aaron 767 

Stock Brokers — 

Bogardus, Darrell Joseph.... 91 
Dolan, Jr., Arthur Joseph 255 

Kahn, Edgar 468 

Keyston, George Noel 485 

Rogers, John Millard 780 

Sober, Hubert J 849 


Bronze Caster — 

Nelli, Guido 674 

Bulb Culturist — 

Berry, S. Stillman 75 


Cattle Breeders — 

Murphy, Dwight 668 

Vanderhoof, Frederick E... 931 


Biochemists — 

Blanchard, Evelyn LjTiian.. 85 

Biological Chemist — 

Jukes, Thomas Hughes.... 468 

Bio-organic Chemist — 

Kirchner, Justus George.. 489 

Chemists — 

Bailey, Herbert S 41 

Baughman, Imo P 55 

Chace, Edward Mackay.... 162 

Gibson, Chas. Brockway.... 337 

Graham, Alexander Edw... 352 

Hoagland, Dennis Robt 411 

Jacobs, Thomas Lloyd 448 

Kyser, Edward Vernon.... 510 

LeRosen, Arthur L 536 

McNair, James Birtley 617 

Robinson, Jr., Wm. Webb 776 

Samuels, Chas. Danziger.. 199 

Sorber, Daniel Glenn 851 

Consulting Chemists — 

Hardin, Willett Lepley 379 

Jeffreys, Cecil Edw. P 452 

Kennard, Theo. Gladden.... 480 
Walter, Zachary Taylor.... 950 

Cosmetic Chemist — 

Factor, Jr., Max 290 

Industrial Chemist — 

Wilson, John Norton 992 

Organic Chemist — 

Brcslow, David S 112 

Physical Chemists — 

Anderson, Evald 23 

McBain, James William.... 594 

Research Chemists — 

AUes, Gordon Albert 16 

Breslow, David S 112 

LeRosen, Arthur L 536 

McBain, Mary Evelyn L 595 

Polgar, Andor 729 

Randall, Merle 751 

Reims, Alf Ove 762 

Schomaker, Verner 809 

Weinbaum, Disney 963 



Chinchilla Breeder — 

Chapman, Reg. Eugene.... 169 

Chiropractors — 

Bryan, Gerald Barbee 126 

Cottam, Nephi Livsey 204 

Langsner, Isidore 517 

Christian Science 
Lecturer — 

Winn, Chas. Vanderbilt 996 

Christian Science 
Practitioners — 

Davis, Richard J 232 

Larned-Massey, Beatrice.... 519 

Messer, Mary Burt 626 

Church Workers — 

Gleason, George 343 

Bowen, Isabel Nelson 101 

Boyle, Edna Lewis 104 

Thomas, Helen Haskell 900 


Citrus Growers — 

Barber, Oscar Thomas 46 

Beattie, Geo. Wilyliams 59 

Carson, John Elmer 153 

Chapman. Charles Clarke 167 

Coman, Mary Meriam 193 

Crim, Arthur Preston 213 

Fauver, James Ray 295 

Knight, Thomas Fenton.... 499 

Lerner, Moses Harry 535 

McKenna, Geo. Alexander 611 

Pogue, Jonathan Earl 728 

Watson, Clyde Allen 957 

White, Everett Augustus.... 972 

Yule, William H 1023 

Orchardists — 

Davis, James P 231 

Gould, Janet Williams.... 351 

City Managers — 

Dean, James Somerville 237 

Fisk, Chester C 304 

Hume, Harry Harlan 434 

Ingham, Edwin Ambler.... 444 

Koiner, C. Wellington 502 

Park, James Hall 701 

Smith, Neal D 844 

City Mayors — 

Anderson, Glenn M 23 


Aylmer, Albert Leroy 35 

Bell, Colfax 65 

Bowron, Fletcher 103 

Castro, Clarence A 161 

Covell, Calvin Arthur 206 

Gannon, Joseph Pierce 324 

Gordon, John B 350 

Graeber, Charles F 352 

Guyer, W. Roy 365 

Hagelstein, Wm. G 367 

Haley, William Roy 370 

Johnson, Marcus S 458 

Kynoch, Walter A 510 

Mc Cracken, Wm. J 602 

McMenamin, Emmet G 616 

Lindquist, Knute G 544 

Morgan, Oliver Delbert 655 

Newman, Louis J 677 

Peers, Robert. Alway 712 

Porter, Andrew 730 

Robbins, Homer E 771 

Rossi, Angelo J 787 

Seligman, Milton 819 

Shelley, Chesney W 826 

Simmonds, Harris R 835 

Tillson, Frank Cephas 908 

Williamson, Harry Hays... 989 

Civic Leaders — 

Coman, Edwin Truman 192 

Cooper, James E 200 

Garland, Wm. May 326 

Haas. Louis S 366 

Palmer, Edwin O., M.D... 699 

Turner, Ethel Louise 923 

Watkins, Louise Ward 956 

Woodman, Frederic T 1005 

Civic Workers — 

Ashley, Grace Bosley 30 

Bendel, Winifred Handley.... 67 

Burnham, Agnes F. K 133 

Cassidy, Edwin Burke 159 

Chase, Harold Stuart 169 

Cheney, Annie Elliott 170 

Collins, William Alfred 192 

Eudsen, Isabel Meredith... 285 

Gahagan, Helen 321 

Ganey, Annie T 324 

Goldsmith, Lillian B 345 

Grafman, L. Elliott 352 

Gundrum, Eliz. Adams.... 364 

Hayler, Mollie B 393 

Heineman, Irene T 397 

Hodge, Ernest Havilah 413 

Knight, Helen M 498 

Kovermaii, Ida Ranous 504 

Lawler, Hilda Brode 523 

Lloyd, Rosemary Dobbins.. 550 

Loeb, Amy Kahn 552 

Mabee, Grace Widney 566 

Macfarland, Eleanor B 570 

Marble, John Maclaren 581 

Martin, Anne Henrietta.... 586 

Mayer, Louis Burt 593 

McCurdy, Robt. Mansfield 603 

McLaughlin, Emma M 613 

McMillin, May Walker 617 

McPherson, Venita Reche 619 

Michener, Harry V 630 

Millikan, Greta Blanchard 640 

Miner, Daniel Barlow 643 

Mudd, Mildred Esterbrook 664 

Mullen, Grace Stewart 666 

Parks, Norman H 703 

Partsch, Joseph C 705 

Ragsdale, Stephen A 749 

Reilly, Geo. R 761 

Robinson, Jeannette 776 

Smither, Gertrude Clough.. 846 

Spiegleman, Maurice H 855 

Stanwood, Cornelia McK. 860 


86r Guild. Lewis Thurber 362 Stevens, W. Bcrtrand 868 

StnusDuiK'. max 878 Hallonbcck. Edwin Forrest 372 Steye"sonJo!veph Albert.... 8f,9 

StroHK. Ma,-.aret Hart 880 Hampton Charles 375 ^^^n.'^lZ.'La^Z:::. ^« 

Hanson, Miles 378 y^^^^^^^^ T^^eo. Payne 9fJ5 

Harkor, Ray Clarkson 380 .,.,11, Donald Harvey. .. 909 

Harshman, William .385 . _ .. 

Harvey, Gerald nushnell 

Helchcr, Merlo K. W 396 

Helms, Elmer Ellsworth.. .398 

He.sler. .Tas. Montgomery.. 405 

Stern. Marlon Levi 
Stra.sburK'. Ma.\ 

StronK, Margart 

Sultan, Ernest J 881 

Tobias. Harold Asher iM)!) 

Vail, Elbort Morrllt 928 

Welch, Clnude L 965 

Whitney, Margaret Mason 976 

WoodbridRe, Cora May... 3005 

Police Commissioners — 

Whitworth, Pogram 978 Holden, Thomas 416 

Wobber, Wm. Peter 1000 Hopkins, Wm. Henry 42" 

fraltner, Ernest Robt 915 

.388 Trotter, Frederick B 919 

Van Nuys, Ezra Allen 9.'W 

Walnright, Sam. Hayman M3 

Walker, Ralph Curry 846 

Wallln, Henry Bradford.... 948 

Warmer, Geo. Acheson ?»52 

Warmer, Jr., Geo. A 9.^32 

Archbishops — 

Householder, Donnell H 425 ^ .. ^ 

Hume, Theodore Car.swell.. 434 Warner, Ira David 9&d 

Hunter. Allen Armstrong.. 4.36 Watson, Samuel Newell.. 958 

/*rcn«i:..iv.H-— Hunter, Graham C 437 Weber Milton S las 961 

aantwelljX Joseph 148 Hunter, Stan. Armstrong 437 Wh. aker, Robc'^^-^ ^^ 

MUty John Joseph.. 646 Ide, Herbert Chandler 443 Whi e, Hugh Vernon 974 

Mitty. Jonn p ^^^^^^ McMaster.. 445 White, Saul Elchanan 975 

Bishops— „ Johnson, Recter Wm 459 Widmeyer, Chas Brenton 979 

Baker, James Chamberlain.. 42 Kellems, Jesse Randolph... 475 Wi d, Laura Hulda 9M 

Connolly, Thomas Arthur.. 195 Kendall, Chas. Shilling ... 479 Williams, Julius Elymas.. 9^ 

Hampton, Charles 375 ^epsel, Louis Herman 482 tinkler. Mayer. 99d 

Miller, George Amos 634 ^ert Max H 484 Wirt, Loyal Lincoln ...... 998 

Mitchell, Chines Bayard.... 644 Knott, Lucy Pierce 500 Woodruff, James Henry.. 1006 

Oxnam, G. Bromley.... 696 Kurtz, Daniel Webster 508 Missionaries — 

Parsons, Edward Lambe... 704 Landrith, Ira 514 '^^^^^S," t,_,„„ .oo 

Porter, A. W. Noel 731 Langenwalter, Jacob H 516 Brown, Edwin Ransom.... 120 

Stevens. W. Bertrand 868 L^sh, James Hamilton 520 Goodsell. Fred Field ..^.... 348 

Thurston, Theodore Payne 905 Leavens. Robert French... 528 Thwing. Edward Waitf.... 90D 

Warmer. Ira David 953 Long. Ward Willis 554 Wainright. S. H., M.D 94,i 

^m Loper Vere V 556 

. ,^1®'J?J^^®"^ in Lowther. Edgar Allan 558 

Aked. Charles F.. ......_. 10 Lundberg, Frank A., M.D. 561 

Anderson, Lewis Calym . - 24 ^^ ■ %^ pogei 575 

Ashokananda^ Swami....Addenda ^^fg^^^ii^'^^los. Chalmers 585 - ^ 

Barnes, C Rankin 48 . j,^ j„ Clifford 586 Brown. Edwin Ransom... 120 

Bauman, Jacob..^ 56 fi|^i n. ^ Manning 588 Buckham, John Wright.... 1^7 

Blake. Eugene Carson 84 JJ^^^y AXrt F. B. .^.. 594 Cheverton. Cecil Frank.... 171 

Bloy. Francis Eric 89 ^^^.g^^'^^^-J^QScott 606 Connolly. John Francis 195 

Boden. Rejrnold Blomerley 91 ^^^^^ ^V°nk Chaimers:: 610 Drury. ^Clifford Merrill.... 263 

Bonner, Arthur 96 ^^^pp"'c;f„_,„„ Sneers 610 Eitzen. David D 275 

Braden. Arthur ...... 105 5J^^||;,^*^^^|^t NoTri's ' 615 FlemiAg. Sandford 307 

Brahams RajTiiond Irvmg 108 J^^^^^^i^fs Ju ian C .. bl8 Hedley, George Percy 395 

Brandt John Lmcoln 110 ^an John Edwin 620 Hopper. Stanley R. 423 

Theologians — 

Bailey. John Williams 41 

Baird, Jesse Hays 42 

Bennett, John Coleman 69 

Brougher,j;,ias., w::::: 119 ^j^'^t!^:::::::: Wr McCown. Chester C 


Burr. Holland Field 134 ^j^f^ f,' ^t^^ell Leloy.:::::. ^8 McCr^ery. Elbert l:::::: 602 

Caldecott. Ernest 142 Miner, wenue >, McGiffery. Jr.. Arthur C... 607 

Campbell, Roy Hilton .... 146 ™^'^%^i^^ ^'"'^''^'^ 674 Morgan. William S 656 

Canfield. Raymond Arthur 147 ^e « . wm am H^„.^....^.^^ ^^^ ^^^^g^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^ «,, 

Chapman, Gordon Clarke.. 168 ' • Frederick Beni... 694 Muilenburg, James_ 


(.jnapman, vjuiuuji v^icii..^.. ^^^ Oqhorne Frederick Beni. . 694 MulienDurg, james 665 

Clay. Russe Emerson 180 §fe?mnier Iota Ra^nond 696 Murray. David Ambrose.... 668 

Cleland, Gail...... i»^ Parker Peter Pierson 702 Oxtoby. Gurdon C 696 

Cole, Clifford Alonson 189 Parker, je^er ^f^^"^- •• ^^^ p^in^er. Albert W 699 

Connolly. Thomas Arthur.. 195 Patton, J^^J^ Linasay.... u ^ ^ ^^^ 

Davidson. George.... 228 ^^fi^% genn Randal . 721 Shires. Henry Herbert 831 

Savlf 'V^^lbur lT''°"°- 1° Pmmb'Rosenefota' 727 Soares, Theo. Gerald 848 

S AS^dbjH 235 Prabhavananda, Swami.... 736 Spearman Arthur D. 852 

Day, Albert Edward 2^& Prichard Augustus B 739 Swartz, Herman Frank 886 

Dobbins. H. Trowbridge.... 251 P^'^'hS Louis 742 Trueblood. David Elton.... 920 

Donnan, David John. 25b ^ 'J^j ' j jj^ig 75I ungersma. Aaron J 92o 

Downs, Francis Shunk 260 g|^^'5;/Sre Shalom.. 754 Verkuyl. Gerritt 937 

Sk,lZ^6^i:^:::::::. f^l ReIv^s;^;!Lorge Newton.. 760 Wild. Laura Hulda. 983 

ISar'ES^ChlrJes- '292 S'nhlusrD^ie^F::::::: 769 CLUBWOMEN ^^ 

Ferrer William Warren 298 Robinson. Reuben 776 Austin, Effie Adelaide P... 33 

FfJhM^le Edison 302 Rood. Paul Wm 781 Bendel. Winifred Handley.... 67 

Flletw^od Wm fcter" 306 Rose. Galen Lee 783 Boardman. Queen Walker.... 90 

Foote Arthur ^^'''^^'^•- 309 Russell, Francis Wayland 793 Boyle, Edna Lewis 105 

Freeman Luther 317 Sanner. Asa E 800 Bryant. Carrie Parsons.... 126 

F^^ohA 319 Scott. John Frank 814 Curry. Evangeline Gingras 221 

r^rVia BenitoE 325 Scott. Walter Canfield 815 Cushman. Mae M 222 

Gmfes ' Jl^es iJwis 340 Scudder. Doremus. M.D... 815 Daingerfield. Mrs. L. H 223 

Goldstein Morrir 346 Smith. John Bunyon 843 Dobbins. Natalia Potter 251 

F^ifrnpn' T F lint 352 Smith Leslie R 843 Dusterberry, IMargaret C... 269 

SS Aisie •RSmond.::::::: H Imfth. SI Negley 844 Dyer. Elizabeth Ralph 269 

Grier Albert Cotton . 358 Sonderling. Jacob 850 Elvrum. Leora Powell 280 

Grose, Geo Ricirniond::::::: 361 Stevens, Frank Gilbert H... 868 Enderly, May Shumway.... 281 



Esberg, Caroline Lilienthal 284 

Fitts, Marion Lucile 304 

Guntlrum. Eliz. Adams.... 364 

riarbert, Helen Ryan 378 

Hawkes, Edith Granger.... 390 

Irish, Florence M 444 

Jijon y Caamano, Maria 

Luisa Flores de 455 

Lane, Katharine A 515 

Lohn, Winifred Muriel 554 

Montgomery, Ruby S 649 

Morse, Charlotte Brimmer 661 

Niehaus, Anne Marigold.... 680 

Porterfield, Lotte B 732 

Rasey, Jean 753 

Richards, Mabel Kimball 766 

Robinson, Ethel Akers 775 

Robinson, Jeannette 776 

Shirk, Mary Kimberly 831 

Smither, Gertrude C 846 

Stern, Marion Levi 866 

Thayer, Carrie Field 899 

Turner, Ethel Louise 923 

Waters, Sara Maynadier.... 956 

Williamson, Jessie Sinclair 989 

Winter. Alice Ames 997 


Craftsmen — 

Pavel, Philip Kran 708 

Richardson, Ralph F 767 

Ripley, Thomas E 769 


Criminologists — 

Antheil, George 26 

Buwalda, Imra Wann 138 

Gompert, Frank Brainard 346 

Choreographers — 

Bolm, Adolph 94 

Horton, Lester Iradell 424 

Prinz, Le Roy Jerome 740 

Dance Authority — 

Pierre, Dorathi Bock 725 

Dance Directors — 

Lawrence John 524 

Prinz, Le Roy Jerome 740 

Dancers — 

Bolm, Adolph 94 

Lick, Rosemary 542 

Marvin, Virginia Ellen 589 

Metze, Kurt 628 

Van Tuyl, Marian 934 


Army Officers — 

Anderson, Brig. Gen. A. V. 21 

Beach, Maj.Gen. L. H 57 

Butts, Brig. Gen. E. L 138 

Campbell, Maj. Frederick.. 145 

Carpenter, Lieut. Col. F. A. 150 

Crook, Lieut. Col. W. J 213 

Davis, Brig. Gen. Wm. C 234 

Deakyne, Brig. Gen. Herb. 237 

Domonske, Lt.Col. A. B... 255 

Farnsworth, Maj.Gen. C... 293 

Farrell, Brig.Gen. P. J. H. 294 

Graham, Col. Wm. A 352 

Harshman, Lt.Col. C. C 385 

Hutcheson, Maj.Gen. Grote 440 

Kimberly, Col. Allen 487 

Kitchen, Maj. Joseph Gray 492 

Lasslter, Maj.Gen. Wm 521 

Leeds, Maj. Chas. T 529 

Lewis, Maj.Gen. Edw. M... 540 

Lincoln, Brig.Gen. Rush B. 544 

McCurdy, Capt. Robt. M... 603 

McMillan, Maj. Roy Allen.. 617 

Mearns, Brig.Gen. R. W... 620 

Messer, Capt. Thorn. H 626 

Park, Maj. Royal Wheeler 702 

Pillsbury, Brig.Gen. Geo... 725 

Rowan, Lt.Col. Andrew S. 789 

Schulz, Col. Edw. Hugh.... 811 

Skinner, Col. Geo. A 840 

Steunenoerg, Maj. G. E... 867 

Trubv, Brig.Gen. A. E 919 

Vestal, Col. Samuel C 937 

White, Maj. Harry Alex 973 

Whitvvorth, Brig.Gen. P 978 

Wilson, Lt.Col. Arthur R... 990 

Winn, Maj.Gen. Frank L... 996 

Wyllie, Brig.Gen. R. E... 1016 

Coast Guard Officers— 

McMillan, Capt. Calif. C... 616 
Parker, Capt. Stanley V 703 

Government Defense 
Workers — 

Francisco, Don 313 

Rosten, Leo Calvin 787 

Navy Officers — 

Bagley, Rear Admrl. D. W. 40 
Bradley, Jr.. Capt. W. W. 107 
Brenner, Lt. Comdr. J. E. 112 
Chapel, Lieut. Chas. Edw. 167 
Cole, Rear Admrl. C. W. 189 
Dammers, Commdr. C. M. 224 
Davenport, Lt.Cmdr. A. G. 227 
Fischer, Lieut. Charles F. 301 
Huntington. Rear Ad- 
miral A. F 438 

Kndleberger, Rear Ad- 
miral C. P 488 

Macauley. Capt. Edward.. 567 
Shepard, Capt. George W. 827 
Standley, Admiral Wm. 
Harrison 858 

Dental Surgeons — 

Allen, S. A 15 

Casto, William Andrus 160 

Farnham, Herb. Hamilton 293 

Furnas, I. Lester 321 

Haley, Philip Sheridan 369 

Kirtland, Howard Buckley 491 

McCracken, William J 602 

McLean. David W 614 

Proctor, Minnie M. S 742 

Pruett, Alvin William 743 

Robinson, Wilfred Henry.... 776 

Schewe, Edward F 806 

Simonton, F. Vance 836 

Tillson, Frank Cephas 908 

Van Buskirk, Guy 929 

Wiese, Herbert Frederick.. 980 

Williams, Frank A 987 

Orthodontists — 

Casto, Frank M 160 

Johnson, Ernest Leroy 457 

McCauley, Clayton M 598 

Designers — 

Bonestell, Chesley 96 

Architectural — 

Davidson, J. R 229 

Harris, Harwell Hamilton 384 
Winkler, Otto 995 

Commercial — 

Percival, Gertrude 715 

Designers, Costume — 

Banton, Travis 45 

Mc Coy, Herschel Denman 601 
Tree. Dolly 916 

Designer, Decorative — 

Coleman, Isabella S 190 

Designers, Industrial — 

Harris, Harwell Hamilton 284 
Yeomans, Patricia Henry 1018 

Designer, Mannequin— 

Stubergn, Katherine Marie 881 

Designer, Motion — 
Picture Set — 

Koldehofe, Dolf 503 

Designer, Scenic — 

Berman, Eugene 73 

Designers, Stage — 

Montedoro, Marco 649 

Nielsen, Kay 680 

Designer, Textile — 

Liebes, Dorothy Wright 543 

Designer, Yacht — 

Goodwin, Theo. Raymond.. 349 


Diagnosticians — 

Burrows. Montorose T 135 

Swift, Richard H 887 


Diplomats — 

Beverstock. Roswell Chas... 75 

Dominguez-Araujo. Arturo 255 

Dreyfus. Jr., Louis G 263 

Gamon, John Arthur 324 

Grut, Ryan A 361 

Hathaway, Jr., Chas. M. 389 

Janovsky, Feliv Bohumil.. 450 

Kybal. Vlastimil 509 

Loomis, Francis Butler.... 555 

Macbeth. Hugh E 568 

Makinson, George Albert.... 576 

Mowrer, Frank Roger 664 

Nasatir. Abraham P 673 

Shaw, George Price 824 

Varga, Emery Elmer 935 

Yost, Bartley F 1019 

Economic Counselor — 

Watts. Vervon Orval 958 

Economists — 

Ashley. Roscoe Lewis 30 

Brandt, Karl 110 

Calkins, Robert D 143 

Carver, Thomas Nixon.... 156 
Cumberland. W. W... Addenda 
Davis. Joseph Stancliffe.... 231 

Grady, Henry F 351 

Knight, Melvin M 498 

Kybal, Milic 509 

Miller Raymond Wiley 637 

Routh, James Wynbourne 788 
Sharp, James Benjamin.... 823 
Timoshenko. Vladimir P. 908 

Trenham. N. Bradford 917 

Young, Arthur N 1020 


Agricultural — 

EIIswoilli, VoM 'riu-uror.... 270 
Shear, Sherwood William 825 
Tapp, Jesse W 890 

Economist, Home — 

Davis, Martha Kllon 232 

Irrigation — 

Adams. Frank 6 

Economist, Social — 

Johnson, Milbank 458 

Economist,Tax — 

Peirce, John Morgan 713 


Editors — 

Addis, H. A. Noureddin 8 

Allen, Edgar Marion 14 

Anderson, William Charles 24 

Austin, Blanche Friend 33 

Bedell, Frederick 62 

Benton, Ralph 71 

Blair, William Leeper 83 

Blizzard, William 88 

Blythe, Stuart Oakes 90 

Boddy, E. Manchester 91 

Branden, Paul Maerker... 109 

Breckenfeld, Gurney HI 

Brockway, Stella HV 

Buntiii, William Harve 130 

Cadman, Chas. Wakefield.. 140 

Calkins, Robert Reid 143 

Campbell, Fay Strawn 144 

Campbell, John B. T 145 

Case, Walter Hodgin 157 

Cherrington, Edith 170 

Chevney, Ralph 171 

Ciark, Arthur Miller 176 

Chevnuey, Ralph 171 

Clark, Robert Donald 178 

Clarvoe, Frank Auld ISO 

Coblentz, Stanton A 186 

Collins, Franklin Wallace.. 191 

Coman, Mary Meriam 193 

Cook, Ted •. 197 

Cornell, Ruth Reed 202 

Crow, Nelson Rayment 217 

Cunningham, Eugene 220 

Cunningham. Wallace M. 221 

Davis. Ralph W 232 

De Bakcsy, Cornelius 237 

de Menezes, Sr., Joaquim 241 

Dobsevage, I. George 252 

Elwell-Onions, M. E. Addenda 

Evans, Aaron Loyd 286 

Evans, Charles P 286 

Fairweather, Jr., John H. 291 

Fried, Alexander 318 

Gaw, Ethelean Tyson 331 

Gledhill, Donald 344 

Goodman, Frank B 347 

Gould, William Ellis 351 

Grandier, Lydia Landon.... 353 

Grant, Jessie K 353 

Guild, Jr., Lewis Thurber 363 
Hanna, Phil Townsend... 376 

Hardin, Willet Lepley 379 

Harper, Lawrence A 381 

Hawkes, Edith Granger.... 390 

Henderson, Randall 399 

Holden, John T 416 

Hopkins, Pryns 422 

Howard, Eric 426 

Jessen, Lowell E 454 

Jones, Robert Letts 466 

Jones, Walter Parker 466 

Jorgenson, Nora Bertina.... 468 

Keene, Florence R 473 

KImber. H. J 486 

King, Frank Marlon 488 

Knezevlch. John J 496, George H 506 

Lampson, Robin 513 

Lawrence, Andrew M 523 

Leale, Marlon Whitfield.... 527 

Leonard, Frederick 5.34 

Lewis, Oscar 541 

Lintner, James E 547 

Lord, Jack 556 

Lytle. Marcus Zearlng 566 

McCaughey, Vaughan 658 

Manchester, Frederick 578 

Manning, Paul De Vries.... 579 

McBrian, Charles A 595 

McCarty, Janie B 597 

McCollum, Fay J 599 

Merriam, Lee M 624 

Miller, Carl Patterson 632 

Morris, Eugene Ralph 659 

Morrow, Beth Price 661 

Morse, C. C 661 

Northe, James Neill 684 

O'Connor, William V 688 

O'Day, Edward Francis.- 688 

O'Donnol, Dion 688 

Ostling, Ivan Gerald 694 

Pickering, Loring 723 

Pickett, John Erasmus.... 723 

Pierre. Dorathi Bock 725 

Pinkerton, Roy D 726 

Price, Lucy J 739 

Purnell, Idella 746 

Rasey, Jean 753 

Rankin, James Doig 751 

Rembao, Alberto 762 

Reuter, Herman 763 

Ritchie, Ward 769 

Rodriguez, Jose 778 

Rosenberg, James Le R 784 

Rowell, Chester Harvey... 789 

Safley, James C 797 

Salt, Edward McChesney.. 798 

Sarafian, Kevork A 801 

Savage, George W 802 

Schostag, Robert James... 809 

Schuler, Loring Ashley 810 

Smith, Paul C 845 

Sontheimer, Morton 850 

Smith, Willis E 846 

Spero, Anna Kalfus 855 

Stanley, Frank Arthur 859 

Storm, Hugo 877 

Sutherland, Ida Mary T 882 

Thomas, Edward Churchill 900 

Toor, Frances 912 

Trimble, Sinclair G 918 

Trueblood, David Elton... 920 

Updegraff, Winston R 926 

Trunheim, Thorval. 922 

Van Norman, Louis Edwin 9.33 
Vivian, Frederick Godfrey 9.38 

Wagner, Rob 942 

Walker, Edward Everett.. 944 

Walter, Nina Willis 949 

Warr, Wilbur Earle 953 

Watson, Robert 957 

White, Robert P 975 

Whittaker, George Simon.. 978 
Whitnev, Margaret Mason 976 
Willaman, Glenn Dresher 984 
Wright, Celeste Turner .. 1013 

Wright, Jack 1014 

Yee Yin Ng 1018 

Editor, Drama — 

Carroll , Harrison Addenda 

Editors, Literary — 

Jackson, Joseph Henry 447 


Scorield. Ronald D 813 

Smith, Paul .1. 845 

Editors, Motion 
Picture — 

Schour. Philip K 806 

.Starr, James Atherton 861 

Editor, Motion 
Picture Film — 

i;au<-hcns, Anne Addenda 

Editors, Music — 

Fisher, Marjory Marckres.. .303 

Frankenstein, Aflred V 314 

Jones, Isabel Morse 464 

Editor, Radio — 

Wilber, Crane 981 

Editor, Science — 

Silverman, Milton 835 

Editors, Society — 

Fox, Christy 313 

Spencer, Lynn 854 

Administrators — 

Allison, Tempe Elizabeth... 17 

Bernard, Robert James 44 

Esterly, Virginia Judy 284 

Farley, Fred Long 292 

Eraser, Frances Maxwell.. 314 

Green, Bertha 355 

Hawkes, Erne-st W 390 

Homan, Walter J 420 

Jackson, Everett G 446 

Jaeger, Edmund C 449 

Jantzen, John M 451 

Lang, Albert Ray 516 

Lillard, Jeremiah Beverly.. 544 

NichoU, Wm Evan 679 

Phillips, Hubert 721 

Pullias, Earl Vivon 745 

Ralston. Lee V/ 749 

Ryerson, Knowles A 795 

Rarafian, Kevork Avedis.. 801 

Shires, Henrv H 831 

Silva, Giulio 835 

Sloman, Ernest G 840 

Staffelbach, Elmer H 857 

Stong, Audre L 875 

Tracj', Hiram Harwood 914 

Tyler, Harry Edward 924 

Valentine, Percy Friars... 929 

Winchester, Olive May 994 

Wolfson, Leo 1001 

College Counselor — 

Snyder, Louise May 848 

College Directors — 

Bowers, Marian Howe 102 

Cheverton, Cecil Frank 171 

Gever, George H 336 

Harris, Herbert E 384 

Kimpton, Lawrence A 487 

Lusk, Hilton F 562 

Lvman, Ralph H 563 

Pollak, Robert 729 

Pryor, Leland McL 744 

Swan, Howard Shelton 885 

ToUe, Vernon Ottis 911 

College Founder — 

Pepperdine, George 715 

College Instructors — 

Baker, Milo Samuel 43 

Berman. Louis 74 

Brady, Caroline 107 

Brown, Verne Brainard 122 

Bruman, Henry John 125 


Copeland, Herbert F 200 

Corson. James Hunt 202 

Dispensa, Johnette Gert 251 

Dodson, Leigh Marian 254 

Evans, Jr., John W 287 

Howard, Clifford 426 

Howell, David H 427 

Kimber, George Card 486 

Lawson, Lucie Isabelle 525 

Linhart, George Augustus 545 

Litchfield. Esther C 549 

Lvman ,Wm. Wittingham.. 564 

McCall, Velma H 596 

Moeller, Eric 646 

Nerhod, Harry Warren 676 

Newman, Wallace 677 

Noble, Glenn Arthur 682 

Purves, William Kirkwood 746 
Seymour, John Laurence ... 821 

Shields, Ivine 830 

Shrodes, Caroline 833 

Swan, John Harold 885 

Tessman, Jennie Lasby 898 

Van Gundy, Justine 931 

Wood, Sherwin Francis... 1004 
Worcester, Daisy Lee W. 1010 

Zarchin, Michael M 1023 

Zellhoefer, Mildred Louise 1024 

College Presidents — 

Albert, Brother 11 

Armstrong, J. Evan 28 

Bird, Remsen DuBois 78 

Davis, Charles Ernest 230 

Edmunds, Charles Keyser.. 274 

Emerson, Wallace Leroy.. 281 

Gist, Arthur Stanley 342 

Hamilton. Aymer J 373 

Harney, Sister Mary Euch. 381 

Hepner, Walter Ray 401 

Howard, Lowry S 427 

Jaqua, Ernest J 451 

Knoles, Tully Cleon 499 

Lawrence, Carl G 523 

Magan, Percy T 574 

Manni.x, Sister Mary D 580 

McGiffert, Jr., Arthur C. 607 

Mendenhall, Wm. 622 

Morris, Charles S 659 

Orton, Dwayne 694 

Palmer, Albert Wentworth 699 

Reinhardt, Aurelia Henry.. 762 

Ricciardi, Nicholas 765 

Roberts, Alexander C 771 

Story, Russell McCulloch.. 877 

Thomas, Frank Waters 900 

Tiner, Hugh M 909 

Wiley, H. Orten 983 

College Principals — 

McLaughlin, James 614 

Mead, Rufus 619 

College Teachers — 

Clark, Robert Donald 178 

Fleming, Harriet Sonn 306 

Maizlish, Yetta V 576 

Orr, Hugh Robert 693 

Pfaff, Paul L 719 

Scott, David W 813 

Stanley, Richard Byron... 859 

Wildenhain, Marguerite 983 

Educational Advisors — 

Murphey, Edith Van Allen 667 
Simms, Fenna Beeler 836 

Consultants — 

Updegraff, Harlan 925 

Wallace. Mary Blair 947 

Educational Research — 

Lewerenz, Alfred S 540 

Supervisor — 

Larkey, Marie A 519 

Educational Worker — 

Touton, Edith Cammack... 913 

Educators — 

Abell, Theodore Curtis 3 

Adams, Fay Greene 6 

Adams, George Plimpton 6 

Adams, Lucy Lockwood 7 

Aikin-Smith, Pearle 9 

Albert, Reverend Brother.... 11 

Allen, James Turney 14 

Allison, Tempe Elizabeth.... 17 

Almack, John C 18 

Almquist, Herman James.... 18 

Alsberg, Carl Lucas 18 

Altrocchi, Rudolph 19 

Anderson, Elam Jonathan.... 22 
Barnes, Clifford Webster.... 48 

Beattie, Geo. William 59 

Bell, Archibald Weir 65 

Benton, Ralph 71 

Blades, Edith Hawley 82 

Blades, Leslie Burton 83 

Blaisdell, Allen Carrier 83 

Bolton, James Arnold 84 

Bolton, Herbert Eugene 94 

Bonner, Arthur 96 

Bouton, Archibald Lewis.... 100 

Bovard, John Freeman 100 

Bronson, Thomas Bertrand 118 

Bukisch, Walter G. M 127 

Burkman, Joel Andrew 132 

Chamberlain, Arthur H 163 

Chamberlain, James F 163 

Chase, Mary Wood 169 

Clark, Margarete L 177 

Clark, Willis W 178 

Coe, George A 187 

Cole, G. Herbert 189 

Cooledge, Belle Coolidge... 198 
Cranston, Mildred Welch... 210 

Crook, Welton Joseph 213 

Cross, Henry Aaron 215 

Cubberley, Ellwood P 218 

Daggett, Stuart 223 

Davis, Charles Ernest 230 

De Laguna, Frederica 240 

Dexter, Walter Friar 245 

Dorsey, Susan Miller 258 

Douglass, Aubrey. A 259 

Dunne, Peter Masten 267 

Duniway, Clyde Augustus 266 

Dunne, William J 268 

Edmunds, Charles Keyser 274 
Emerson, Wallace Leroy.... 281 

Feely, Raymond T 296 

Fisher, Lillian Estelle 303 

Freeman, Frank N 316 

Goodsell, Fred Field 348 

Goodspeed, Edgar J 348 

Greenwood, Barbara 356 

Gray, Henry David 354 

Green, Bertha 355 

Harbeson, John W 378 

Harris, Herbert E 384 

Hennessey, Denis L 400 

Hepner, Walter Ray 401 

Hertzog, Walter Sylvester 404 

Hill, John Godfrey 408 

Hoffman, John W 414 

Homan, Walter Joseph 420 

Hoover, Lou Henry 422 

Hopper, Stanley R 423 

Horn, John Louis 423 

Howard, Lowry Samuel.... 427 

Hunt, Rockwell Dennis... 436 

Hunter, Geo. W 436 

Hyde, Theophilus Rodgers 442 
James, Harry Clebourne.... 449 

Jaqua, Ernest James 451 

Jennings, Herbert Spencer 453 
Johnston, Oliver Martin... 461 

Jones, Harry William 464 

Kaucher, Dorothy M 471 

Keep, Rosalina A 474 

Kefauver, Grayson Neikirk 474 

Kelly, Armand W 477 

Kelly, Robert Lincoln 478 

Kimpton, Lawrence A 487 

Knickerbocker, Paine 497 

Knoles, Tully Cleon 499 

Kybal, Vlastlmil 509 

Lane, Frank Hardy 515 

Langsdorf, William Bell.... 517 
Lawrence, Carl Gu,stavus.. 523 

Lemaitre, Georges E 533 

Lillard, Jeremiah B 544 

Lowie, Robert H 558 

Lufkin, Arthur Ward 560 

Mac Caughey, Vaughan 568 

MacDougal, Daniel T 570 

Macurda, Arthur Amsden 574 

Magan, Percy Tilson 574 

Manchester, Frederick 578 

Mann, George Carlisle 579 

Mannix, Sister Mary D 580 

Martin, Ernest Whitney... 587 

Martin, Everett Dean 587 

McClung, Reid Lage 599 

Mc Cracken, Isabel 602 

McFadden, Effie Belle 606 

McLane, Chas. Lourie 613 

McPhee, Julian Aeneas 618 

Mears, Eliot Grinnell 620 

Meiklejohn, Alexander 621 

Melden, Charles Manly 621 

Mendenhall, Wm. Orville... 622 

Meredith, Wm. John 623 

Messer, Thomas Harold... 626 

Metzger, Chas. Robt 628 

Miller, Robt. Cunningham 638 
Millikan, Robert Andrews 640 

Mood, Fulmer 649 

Moor, Lucelia Miller 652 

Morgan, Geoffrey F 655 

Morgan, Walter Emmett, 656 

Nicholl, William Evan 679 

Noe, James Thos. Cotton.. 683 
Norton, Edwin Clarence.... 685 

Orton, Dwayne 694 

Outcalt, Irving Erastus... 695 

Paine, Arthur E 698 

Patrick, George Thos. W. 706 

Reed, Cass Arthur 758 

Reinhardt, Aurelia Henry 762 

Ricciardi, Nicholas 765 

Roberts, Alexander C 771 

Rogers, Lester Burton 781 

Ross, Floyd Hiatt 785 

Rotunda, Dominic Peter.... 788 

Russell, William P 794 

Schleicher, Wm. Paul 807 

Selvig, Conrad George 820 

Sibley, Edward Carroll 833 

Smith, Maurice Merle 844 

Soltau, David L 850 

Spaulding, Frank E 852 

Spencer, Blake W 853 

Sproul, Robert Gordon.... 856 

Staffelbach, Elmer H 857 

Stanwood, Cornelia McK... 860 

Steinmetz, Harry Chas 863 

Storey, Thomas Andrew.. 876 
Story, Russell McCulloch 877 

Swain, Robert Eckles 884 

Swartz, Herman Frank.... 886 


Thm-po, l.oiiis I'etcr 9(>-l 

Tlbbclts, Edith M. K 5)05 

Tinor, Hugh M 909 

Thomas, Frank Waters SKX) 

Upjohn. Hubert S 926 

von KlolnSmki, Rufus B... 939 

von Koerbcr, Hans N. F 910 

Voorhis. H. Jerry 941 

Waterman, Ivan Russell.... 955 

Weller, Margaret Davis... 966 

Whelan, Edvv. Joseph, S.J. 972 

White, Francis Johnstone.. 973 

Wilbur, Ray Lyman 981 

Wiley, H. Orton 983 

Wilson, Mary Elizabeth.... 993 

Wood, Francis Asbury... 1002 

Young, Archibald B 1019 

Professors of 
Accounting — 

Frisbee, Ira Nobles 318 

Phillipps, Miner Bruce 720 

Scheiman, Henry Robert.. 806 
Woodbridge, Frederick.... 1005 

Professors of 
Aeronautics — 

Millikan, Clark Blanchard 640 
Sechler, Ernest Edwin 818 

Professor of Agri- 
cultural Chemistry — 

Chapman, Homer Dwight.. 168 

Professors of Agri- 
cultural Economics — 

Benedict, Murray Reed 68 

Brandt, Karl 110 

Erdman, Henry Ernest 282 

Professor of Agri- 
cultural Education — 

Griffin, Frederick L 359 

Professor of Agri- 
cultural Engineering — 

Walker, Harry Bruce 945 

Professor of 
Agronomy — 

Gilmore, John Washington 34 

Professors of 
American History — 

Goodwin. Card. Leonidas.. 349 
Robinson, Edgar Eugene.... 774 

Professor of Ana- 
lytical Chemistry — 

Swift, Ernest Haj-wood 886 

Professors of 
Anatomy — 

Danforth, Chas. Haskell.. 224 
Evans, Herbert McLean.. 287 
McKibben, Paul Stillwell.. 611 

Professors of 
Animal Husbandry — 

Cole, Harold Harrison 190 

Hughes, Elmer Howard 432 

Kleiber, Max 493 

Miller. Robt. Frederick 638 

Regan, Wm. Michael 760 

Wilson, James French 992 

Professors of 
Anthropology — 

Beals, Ralph Leon 58 

Gifford, Edward Winslovv 339 

Hoijer. Harry 416 

Kroeber, Alfred L 507 

Professor of 
Applied Sociology — 

White, J. Gustav 974 

Professor of 
Asiatic Studies — 

von Kocrber, llaii.s N. S 940 

Professor of 
Archaeology — 

Knopf, Carl Sumner 499 

Professors of 
Architecture — 

Mann, Frederick Maynard 579 

Torossian, Aram 912 

Professors of Art — 

Jackson, Everett Gee 446 

Mendelowitz, Daniel M 622 

Neuhaus. Eugen 676 

Partridge, Roi 705 

Patterson, Mary Frances.. 706 

Professors of 
Astronomy — 

Brackett, Frank P 105 

Cleminshaw, Clarence H. 185 

Linsley, Earle G 516 

Quackenbush, J. Warren.... 747 

Ross, Frank Elmore 785 

Trumpler, Robert Julius.. 920 

Townley, Sidney Dean 914 

Tucker, Richard Hawley.... 921 

Whitney, Walter Ticknow.. 977 

Professor of 
Astrophysics — 

Shane. Charles Donald 822 

Professors of 
Bacteriology — 

Beckwith, Theodore Day.... 61 

Kessel. John Flenniken.... 484 

Kreuger, Albert P 508 

Maver. Karl F 628 

Schultz, Edwin W.. M.D. 810 

Professor of Banking — 

Burtchett. Floyd Franklin 136 

Professor of 
Biblical History — 

Murray, David Ambrose.... 668 

Professors of 
Biochemistry — 

Borsook, Henry 98 

Deuel. Sr.. Harry James... 243 

Greenberg, David Morris.... 356 

Schmidt, Carl Louis A 807 

Professors of Biology — 

de Laubenfels, M. Walker 240 

Fisher, Walter Kenrick. ... 304 

MacGinitie, George Eber.. 571 

Miller, Loye Holmes 636 

Noble, Elmer Ray 6S2 

Rich, Willis Horton 766 

Smith, Gilbert Morgan 842 

Sumner, Francis Bertody 882 

Torrey, Harry Beal 913 

Wiggins. Ira Loren 980 

Professor of 
Biophysics — 

Emerson, Robert 281 

Professors of Botany — 

Billings, Frederick H 77 

Camubell, Douglas H 144 

Esau. Katherine 283 

Goodspeed ,Thos. Harper.. 348 

Hollenberg. George Jacob.. 417 

Jepson, Willis Linn 545 

Johnson, Arthur Monrad.... 456 

Johnstone. George Rufus 462 

Peirce, George James 712 

Robbins, Wilfred Wm 771 

.Sctcholl, William Albert... 821 

.Sponsler, Olenus Leo 856 

Stanford, Finest Ell wood.... 859 

Professor of 
Business Economics — 

Fogg, Phili|) Shearer 308 

Professor of Busi- 
ness Management — 

Ross. Thurston Howard ... 786 

Professors of 
Chemistry — 

Allard. Romeo Paul 13 

Bawden. Arthur Talbot 56 

Blacet, Francis Edward.... 80 
Brinton, Paul Henry M. 115 
Coryell, Charles DuBois.. 203 
Crowell, William Ransom.. 217 

Dunn ,Ma.x Shaw 267 

Haagen-Smit. Arie Jan 365 

Hildebrand, Joel Henry 407 

Jonte, John Herbert 466 

Kumler, Warren Donald... 508 
Latimer, Wendell Mitchell 521 

MclBain. James W 594 

McCuUough, Jas. Douglas 603 

Mitchell, John Pearce 645 

Randall, Merle 751 

Robinson, Chas. Judson... 774 

Swain. Robert Eckles 884 

Young. William Gould ... 1022 

Professor of Christian 
Social Ethics — 

White, Lynn Townsend ... 975 

Professor of 
Christian Theology — 

Muelder, Walter George... 665 

Professor of 
Church History — 

Drury, Clifford Merrill... 263 

Professors of 
Civil Engineering — 

Fish, John Charles L 301 

Fox. Robert Myron 313 

Michael. William W 630 

Morris. Samuel Brooks 659 

Thomas. Franklin 900 

Wilson, David Mathias 991 

Professor of 
Classical History — 

Robbins, Homer Elmer 771 

Professor of 
Classical Languages — 

Barnes. Morgan 49 

Professors of Classics — 

Hansen, Hazel Dorothy 
Martin, Ernest W 587 

Professors of 
Clinical Surgery — 

Ferrier. Paul Alexander.. 297 
Kahn. Maurice Guthman.... 469 

Professor of Com- 
modity Economics — 

Timoshenko, Vladimir P... 908 

Professor of Com- 
parative Literature — 

Morkovin, Boris V, 657 

Professors of 
Composition — 

Milhaud. Darius 631 

Toch. Ernst 910 


Professor of 
Dairy Industry — 

RodahouKe, Chester L 770 

Professor of 
Dental Pathology — 

Marshall, John Albert 584 

Professors of 
Dermatology — 

Ayres, Jr., Samuel, M.D 36 

Jacobson, Harry P., M.D. 449 

Professor of 
Dramatic Literature— 

Ileffner, Hubert Crouse.... 396 

Professor of 
Dramatics — 

Brown, DeMarcus 120 

Professor of Eco- 
nomic Geography- 
Bennett, Merrill Kelley 70 

Professors of 
Economics — 

Anderson, Benjamin M 21 

Andrus. James Russell 25 

Balabanis, Homer Paul 43 

Condliffe, John Bell 192 

Coons, Arthur Gardiner 198 

Dodd, Paul Albert 253 

Cross, Ira Brown 215 

Duncan, Kenneth 265 

Ellis, Howard Sylvester 278 

Handsaker, John Morrison 376 

Hunt, Rockwell D 436 

Jones, Eliot 463 

Knight, Melvin M 498 

Landauer, Carl 514 

Leonard, Joy Luther 535 

Maverick, Lewis A 592 

Miller, Earl Joyce 633 

Mills, Frederick Cecil 641 

Mitchell, Broadus 644 

Pegrum, Dudley Frank 712 

StocKwell, Marvel Marion 873 

Taylor, Paul Schuster 894 

Watkins, Gordon S 956 

Young, John Parke 1021 

Professors of 
Education — 

Ault, J. W 33 

Baruch, Dorothy Walter.... 53 

Bell, Reginald 66 

Carter, Harold Dean 153 

Cassidy, Rosalind 159 

Crawford, Claude C 210 

Eurich, Alvin Christian.... 285 

Fields, Ralph Raymond. ... 298 

Furbay, John Harvey 320 

Hanna, Paul Robert 376 

Hart, Frank William 385 

Horn, John L 423 

Hull, Osman Ransom 4.33 

Jantzen, John Marc 451 

Kaulfers, Walter V 472 

Kefauver, Grayson Neikirk 474 

Kemp, William Webb 478 

Keys, Noel 485 

Kinney, Lucien Blair 489 

Kyte, George Cleveland.... 511 

Lee, Edwin A 529 

Lefever, David Welty 5.30 

Leonard, John Paul 535 

McLaughlin, Katherine L... 614 

Quillen, Isaac James 747 

Rice, George Arthur 765 

Rice, Mabel Frances 765 

Sales, Fred John 799 

Seagoe, May V 816 

Sears, Jesse Brundage 817 

Sinclair, James Huntley.... 837 

Smith, Nila Banton 844 

Smith, William A 845 

Snedden, David 847 

Spencer, Peter Lincoln 854 

Seift, Fletcher Harper 887 

Thomas, Lawrence Gregg.. 901 

Tiegs, Ernest Walter 907 

Westerberg, Iwar Sigurd.. 968 

Williams, J. Harold 987 

Woellner, Frederic P 1000 

Woolon, Flaud Conaroe... 1010 

Professors of Elec- 
trical Engineering — 

Biegler, Philip Sheridan 76 

Mackeown, S, Stuart 573 

Ma.xstadt .Francis William 592 
Sorensen, Royal Wasson 851 

Professors of 
Embryology — 

Heath, Harold 395 

Tyler, Albert 924 

Professors of English — 

Baxter, Frank Codil 56 

Blanchard, Frederic Thos... 85 

Bronson, Bertrand Harris.. 117 

Campbell, Lily 145 

Cooke, John Daniel 197 

Cooper, Charles Wm 199 

Coy, Nora Parker 207 

Craig, Hardin 208 

Croissant, Albert 213 

Davenport, Wm. Henry.... 227 

Davis, Harold Hess 230 

Dodds, John Wendell 254 

Dunn, Waldo Hilary 267 

Eagleson, Harvey 270 

Espey, John Jenkln 284 

Gaw, Allison 330 

Geeting, Baxter M 332 

Gray, Henry D 354 

Greever, Garland 357 

Gulick, Jr., Sidney L 364 

Hill, Herbert Wynford 408 

Houston, Percy Hazen 425 

Huse, William 440 

Keep, Rosalind A 474 

Morris, William Alfred 659 

Mattingly, Caroline 591 

Lawrence Emerson 675 

Stanton, Roger 860 

Stelter, Benjamin F 864 

Stevenson, Lionel 869 

Stewart, George Rippey.... 871 

Strathmann, Ernest Albert 879 

Walker, Franklin D 945 

Wann, Louis 950 

Wright, Celeste Turner.... 1013 

Professors of 
Entomology — 

Van Dyke, Edwin Cooper 931 
Freeborn, Stanley Barron.. "3T6 

Essig, Edward Oliver 284 

Soares, Theodore G 848 

Professors of Ethics — 

Casassa, Chas. S., S.J 156 

Professors of 
European History — 

Bergstraesser, Arnold 73 

Palm, Franklin Chas 699 

Professor of 
Fine Arts — 

Lutz, Dan S 562 


Professor of 
Foreign Languages — 

Darvas, Franz 226 

Professor of 
Foreign Trade — 

Carus, Clayton D Addenda 

Professors of 
Forestry — 

Metcalf, Woodbridge 627 

Mulford, Walter 666 

Professors of French — 

Bissell, Clifford H 79 

Bissell, Kenneth McLeod 79 

Carmody, Francis Jas 150 

Chevalier, Haakon M 170 

Crawford, Mary Sinclair.... 211 

Professor of French 
Civilization — 

Perigord, Paul 715 

Professors of French 
Literature — 

Cailliet, Emile 141 

Jones, Maro Beath 465 

Professors of 

Babcock, Ernest Brown 36 

Castle, William Ernest 160 

Professors of 
Geography — 

Glendinning, Robert M 344 

McBride, Geo. McCutchen 595 

Sauer, Carl 801 

Zierer, Clifford M 1024 

Professors of 
Geology— ^„ 

Blackwelder, Eliot »^ 

Buwalda, John Peter 139 

Clements, Thomas 184 

Gilluly, James 340 

Grant, Ulysses B 3&d 

Miller, William J ody 

Schenck, Hubert G 805 

Soper, Edgar K ^..... 851 

Van Osdel, Edgar Bates.... 933 

Webb, Robert Wallace 959 

Willis, Bailey 989 

Professor of 
Geophysics — 

Gutenberg, Beno 365 

Professors of 
German — 

Arlt, Gustave Otto 27 

Gudde, Erwin Gustav 3bl 

Mohme, Erwin Theodor 647 

Price, Lawrence Marsden.. 739 

Professors of 
Government — 

Pfiffner, John McD 719 

Sait, Edward McChesney.... 789 

Professor of Greek — 

Douglas, Claude C 258 

Professor of Harmony — 

Woodworth, Mabel 1008 

Professor of Health — 

Webster, Lloyd Eugene 962 

Professors of 
Histology — 

Lufkin, Arthur W 560 

MacFarland, Frank Mace 571 

Professors of History — 

Benjamin, Gilbert Giddings 68 


IJJork, David Knulh 80 

Bowman, .lolin Francis E. lO.'J 

CauRlicv, .John Walton 101 

Chapman, Charles Edward 168 

Cooko. William Homy I'.IT 

Cov, Owen Cochran 207 

Eriksson, Erik McKlnley.. 28.3 

Fisher, Il.irokl Henry 302 

Hardv, Osgood 379 

KlingbcrK, Frank .1 494 

Knott, James Proctor 500 

Lutz, Ralph H 562 

Martin, Percy Alvin 588 

Muir, Gladdvs Esther 665 

Munro, William Bennett.... 667 

Nasatir, Abraham P 673 

Priestley, Herbert Ingram 740 

Rowland, Donald Winslow 790 

"'reat, Payson Jackson 916 

Untereiner, Ray Edward.. 925 

Wallbank. Thomas Walter 948 

Werner, Gustav Adolph 967 

Westbrook, H. Theodric... 968 

Westergaard, Waldemar.... 969 

Woodward, Comer Vann 1008 

Professors of 
Home Economics — 

Mallon, Marguerite G 577 

Thompson, Helen Bishop.... 902 

Professor of 
Horticulture — 

Chandler, William Henry.. 166 

Professor of 
Humanities — 

Cooper, Lawson Pendleton 200 

Professors of Hygiene — 

Brown. Walter Henry 123 

Bvrd, Oliver Erasmus 139 

Legge, Robert T 531 

Pryor, Helen Brenton 743 

Professor of 
Industrial Design — 

Baermann, Walter 39 

Professor of Interna- 
tional Relations — 

Buss, Claude A 137 

Professors of Italian — 

Austin, Herbert Douglas.... 34 
Vaughan, Herbert H 935 

Professors of 
Irrigation — 

Huberty, Martin Richard.. 431 
Veihmeyer, Frank J 936 

Professors of 
Journalism — 

Benson, Ivan 71 

Bush, Chilton Rowlette.... 136 

Professor of 
Landscape Design — 

Gregg, John William 357 

Professor of Latin — 

Richardson, Leon Josiah.... 767 

Professors of Law — 

Ballantine, Henry Winthrop 44 
Bingham, Joseph Walter.... 77 
Brenner, James Emmet.... 112 

Carpenter, Charles E 150 

Cathcart, Arthur Martin.... 161 
Cormack. Joseph Marshall. .201 
Dickinson. Edwin DeWitt 246 

Hale, William Green 369 

Kirkwood, Marion Rice.... 491 
McBaine, James Patterson 595 
McGovney, Dudley OdelL... 607 

Morrison, .Stanley 66(J 

Vernier, Chester Garfield 937 

Professor of 
Librarianship — 

Mood, l'"ulmcr 649 

Professor of 
Literature — 
Guorard, Albert 362 

Professor of 
Machine Design — 

Clapp, Wm. Howard 175 

Professors of 
Mathematics — 

Bell, Erie Temple 65 

Bernstein, Benj. Abraham 74 
Blichfeldt, Hans Frederik 87 
Brandt, Jesse Christian.... 110 

Neyman, Jerzy 678 

Putnam, Thomas Milton.... 746 
Thomas, Tracy Yerkes.... 901 
Whyburn, William Marvin 978 

Professors of Mechan- 
ical Engineering — 

Clark, Donald Sherman.... 176 
Daugherty, Robert Long.... 226 

Eyre, Thomas T 289 

Tyson, Howell Newbold.... 925 
Woods, Baldwin Munger 1006 

Professors of 
Medicine — 

Bloomtield, Arth. L., M.D. 89 

Bower, Albert G., M.D 101 

Clarke, R. Manning, M.D. 179 

Dock, George, M.D 252 

Kerr, Wm. John, M.D 483 

Mavnard, Merlin, M.D 593 

Raulston, B. O., M.D 754 

Rosencrantz, Esther, M.D. 784 

Sheftel, A. George, M.D... 825 

Shelton, Eberle K., M.D... 826 

Shipman, Sidney J., M.D... 831 

Soley, Mavo H., M.D 849 

Stone, Willard J., M.D 875 

Professor of 
Meteorology — 

Krick, Irving P 506 

Professor of 
Mexican Folklore — 

Toor, Frances 912 

Professor of 
Micropaleontology — 

Kleinpell, Robert M 494 

Professor of 
Mining Geology — 

McLaughlin, Donald H 613 

Professors of Music — 

Berdahl, Arthur Clarence.. 72 
Blanchard, Wm. Godwin.... 86 

Daniels, Bess 225 

Headley, Hubert Klyne.... 394 

Jones, Vincent 466 

Kendall, Wm. Raymond.... 479 

Knuth, Wm. Kdward 501 

McCall, Eileen Louise 596 

McManus, Geo. Stewart.... 616 

Pisk, Paul Amadeus 726 

Schoenberg, Arnold 809 

Smith, Leila. Deborah 843 

Spelman, Leslie P 853 

Professor of 
Neuropsychiatry — 

McLean, Donald 615 

Professors of 
New Testament — 

McCowu. rtii'sIrT (,' fiOl 

WIcher, Kdward Arthur.. 979 

Professor of 
Oceanography — 

Svordrup, Ulrlk.... 884 

Professor of 
Orchestration — 

Cailllot, Lucien 142 

Professor of Organ — 

Hartley, W.iltcr E 386 

Professors of 
Organic Chemistry — 

Robertson, G. Ross 773 

2echmeister, Laszlo 1024 

Professors of 
Oriental Languages — 

Lessing, Ferdinand D 537 

Williams, Edward Thomas 986 

Professor of 
Ophthalmology — 

Barkan, Hans, :\I.D 46 

Professor of 
Orthodontics — 

Atkinson, Spencer Roane.... 32 

Professor of 
Orthopaedic Surgery — 

Clark, Wm. Arthur, JNLD.. 178 

Professors of 
Paleontology — 

Chaney. Ralph Works 166 

Stock, Chester 872 

Professor of 
Parasitology — 

Herms, William B 402 

Professor of 
Pathology — 

Evans, Newton, M.D 288 

Professors of 
Pediatrics — 

Brooks, -Milo B., M.D 118 

Layman, Mary H., M.D 526 

Ramsay, Robert E., M.D. 750 

Professor of Petro- 
leum Engineering — 

Tickell, Frederick G 906 

Professor of 
Petrology — 

Campbell, Ian 145 

Professor of Pharma- 
ceutical Chemistry — 

Daniels, Troy Cook 225 

Oneto, John Francis 693 

Professors of 
Pharmacology — 

Leake, Chauncey D 527 

Thienes, Clinton H., M.D... 899 

Professor of 
Philology — 

Kennedy, Arthur Garfield„ 480 

Professors of 
Philosophy — 

Barrett, Clifford 50 

Dennes, William Ray 247 

Flewelling, Ralph Tyler.... 307 

Fuller, Benjamin A. G 319 

Hattersley, Linn W 389 

Long, Wilbur Harry 555 


Mackay, Donald Sage 572 

Pepper, Stephen Coburn.. 714 

Searles, Herbert Leon 817 

Spearman. Arthur D 852 

Trueblood, David E 920 

Professor of 
Physical Chemistry — 

Tolman, Richard Chace 911 

Professors of 
Physical Education — 

Cozens, Kredericl< Warren 207 

Fenner, Marie Manchee.... 296 

Frederick, Pauline Marie.. 315 

Jewell, Margaret E 455 

Knapp, Maud Lombard... 496 

LaPorte, William Ralph ... 518 

Nixon, Eugene White 682 

Pipal, Joseph Amos 726 

Robert, Eugene L 772 

Van Tuyl, Marian 934 

Worthingham, Catherine.. 1012 

Professor of Physical 
Oceanography — 

McEwen, Geo. Francis 606 

Professors of 
Physics — 

Barnett. Samuel Jackson.. 50 

Bloch, Feli.x 88 

Dodd, Laurence Ellsworth 253 

Ellis, Joseph Wesley 278 

Fowler, William Alfred.... 312 

Goetz, Alexander 345 

Houston, William V 425 

Jones, Lynn William 465 

Kaplan, Joseph 470 

Kirkpatrick, Harry A 491 

Knudsen, Vern 501 

Lawrence, Ernest 523 

Loeb, Lennard B 553 

Maizlish, I. Paul 576 

Potapenko, Gennady W 733 

Smythe, William Ralph.... 847 

Strong, John Donovan 880 

Webster, David Locke 961 

Zwicky, Fritz 1026 

Professors of 
Physiology — 

Olmsted, James Montrose 691 
van Harreveld, Anthonie 932 
Wiersma, Cornells A. G... 980 

Professors of Piano — 

Carr, Arthur George 151 

Olive, Everett Samuel 691 

Perry, Adelaide T 716 

Withrow, Miriam Fox 999 

Professors of 
Plant Nutrition — 

Hoagland, Dennis R 411 

Professor of 
Plant Pathology — 

Fawcett, Howard S 296 

Professors of 
Plant Physiology — 

Bartholomew, Elbert Thos. 51 
Llpman, Chas. Bernard.... 548 
Reed, Howard Sprague 759 

van Overbeek, J 933 

Went, }-Tits Warmolt 966 

Professors of 
Political Science — 

Barclav, Thomas Swain 46 

CottreU, Edwin Angell 205 

Gettell, Raymond G 336 

Haines, Chas. Grove 368 

Harley, John Eugene 380 

Kramer, Geo. Nicholas... 505 

MacDonald, Austin Faulks 569 

Malcolm, Roy 576 

May, Samuel Chester 592 

McHenry, Dean Eugene 608 

Ray, P". Orman 755 

Russell, Frank Marion 793 

Stewart, Frank Mann 870 

Stuart, Graham H 880 

Titus, Chas. Hickman 909 

Professors of 
Pomology — 

Davis, Luther Dent 231 

Howard, Walter Lafayette 427 

Proebsting, Edw. Louis 742 

Tufts, Warren Porter 921 

Professor of 
Practical Theol. — 

Wilber, Earl Morse 981 

Professor of 
Psychiatry — 

Edler, William 273 

Professors of 
Psychology — 

Baldwin, Onias Barber 44 

Dorcus, Roy Melvin 257 

Dunlap, Knight 266 

Ewer, Bernard Capen 289 

Fernald, Grace Maxwell.... 297 

Gengerelli, J. A 333 

Gordon, Kate 350 

Guilford, Joy Paul 363 

Jones, Harold Ellis 463 

Metfessel, Milton F 627 

Starbuck, Edwin Diller.... 861 

Steinmetz, Harry Chas 863 

Stone, Calvin Perry 874 

Stratton, Geo. Malcolm 879 

Sullivan, Ellen Blythe 881 

Terman, Lewis Madison.... 897 

Valentine, Percy Friars 929 

Warren, Neil D 954 

Young, Paul Thomas 1021 

Professor of Public 
Health Nursing — 

Beebe, Elinor Lee 62 

Professors of 
Religion — 

Diller, E. Van Nostrand.... 248 

Douglas, Claude C 258 

Lynn, Robert H 564 

McCreery, Elbert L 602 

Ross, Floyd H 785 

Professor of 
Romanic Languages — 

Lemaitre, Georges E 533 

Professor of Sanitary 
Engineering — 

Hyde, Charles Gilman 442 

Professor of 
Seismology — 
Richter, Chas. Francis 767 

Professors of Slavic 
Languages — 

Kaun, Alexander 472 

Noyes, Geo. Rapall 686 

Professors of 
Social Ethics — 

Sait, Una Bernard 798 

Vaughan, Joseph A., S.J... 935 

Professor of Social 
Philosophy — 

Martin, Everett D 587 


Professors of 
Social Science — 

Briggs, Mitchell Pirie 115 

Langsdorf, William B 517 

Phillips, Hubert 721 

Professors of Social 
Welfare — 

Cassidy, Harry Morris 159 

Johnson, Arlien 456 

Professors of 
Sociology — 

Baber, Ray Erwin 37 

Bogardus, Emory S 92 

Carlson, Glen Everett 149 

Case, Clarence Marsh 156 

Coolidge, Mary E. B. R 198 

Hedley, George Percy 395 

KirK, William 490 

Mangold, Geo. Benjamin.. 578 
Neumeyer, Martin Henry 676 

Nordskog, John Eric 683 

Panunzio, Constantine M. 700 
Reynolds, Charles Nathan 764 

Todd, Arthur James 910 

Young, Erie Fiske 1021 

Professors of 
Soil Chemistry — 
Jenny, Hans 453 

Kelley, Walter Pearson.... 476 

Professors of Spanish — 

Morley, Sylvanus Griswold 657 
Northrup, George Tyler.... 685 

Rotunda, Dominic P 788 

Simpson, Lesley Byrd 837 

Professors of Speech — 

Aikin-Smith, Pearle 9 

Baccus, Joseph Harold 38 

Bassett, Lee Emerson 54 

Betz, Edward S 75 

Bietry, J. Richard 76 

Dashiell, Douglas 226 

Hall, Alta B 370 

Kaucher, Dorothy M 471 

Lindsley, Chas. Frederick 545 

McCall, Roy Clyde 596 

Nichols, Egbert Ray 679 

Rew. Tacie Hanna 763 

Winbigler, Hugh Donald.... 994 

Professor of Structural 
Engineering — 

Martel, Romeo R 585 

Professors of 
Horticulture — 
Hodgson, Robert W 414 

Webber, Herbert John 960 

Professors of Surgery — 

Ellis, Leland W., M.D 278 

Ely, Leonard W., M.D 280 

Naffziger, Howard, M.D... 673 

Nichols, J. Norton, M.D 680 

Norris, W. Jonathan, M.D. 684 
Pohlman, Augustus M.D... 728 

Weeks, Alanson, M.D 962 

Woolf, Montague, M.D... 1009 

Professor of 
Systematic Theology — 
Ungersma, Aaron J 925 

Professor of 
Theoretical Music — 

Moore, Mary Carr 652 

Professor of 
Tuberculosis — 

Howson, Carl R 429 


Professor of 
Veterinary Science — 

Beach, .li'i !>' Ka.Ninoiid ... T)? 
llariiiK. Clairiici- Mfhiii . 380 

Professors of Violin — 

Leach, Rowland Edgar 526 

Selling. Oskar 819 

Professor of 
Viticulture — 

WinkliT. Albert Julius 995 

Professor of Voice — 

Cogswell, Horatio 189 

Professors of Zoology — 

Beers, Catherine VirRinia.. fil 
Hilton, William Alwood.... 410 
Knlmes, Samuel Jackson.... 419 
Kofoid, Charles Atwood.... 502 

Miller, Alden Holmes 6,32 

Storer, Tracy Irwin 876 

Administrators — 

Eckhardt, ,Iohn W 273 

Ferguson, Lauretta M 297 

Heineman, Irene T 397 

Hertzler, Alverda E 404 

Hvde, Theophilus R 442 

Johnson, Jay Milton 458 

Thompson. Cecil A 902 

Vedder, Glenn E 936 

Veronda, Maurice 937 

School Directors — 

Bennett, Margaret Elaine.. 69 

Brown, VVm. Bartholomew 123 

Currier, Richard Essex.... 221 

Driggers, Roy L 263 

Flewelling, Ralph Tyler.... 307 

Kyte, George C 511 

Park. Katherine Blake.... 702 

Sherer, Lorraine Miller.... 8j29 

Steven, John B 867 

Stylianou. Demetrios S 881 

School Headmasters — 

Brush, Murray Peabody.... 126 

Park, Royal Wheeler 702 

Squibb. Paul 857 

Thacher, Anson Stiles 898 

Vaughan, Earle Russell.... 935 

Webb, Thompson 960 

Headmistress' — 

Parker, Anne Fitzhugh 702 

Stanwood, Cornelia 860 

School Presidents — 

Brooks, Raymond C 119 

Fleming. Sanford 307 

McPhee. Julian A 618 

Morgan, William S 656 

Rogers. Ernest Andrew.... 779 

School Principals — 

Alltucker, John Ray 17 

Bell, George Henry 66 

Blake. Ada Swasey 84 

Broadbent. John Howard.... 116 

Brown. Marion 122 

Griffin. Clementina de F... 359 

Harbeson, John Wesley 378 

Ingham. Arthur B 443 

Lawson, F. Melvyn 524 

L.yon, Harley Wesley 565 

Manchester, Genevieve S... 578 

Marshall, Delmer B 584 

Neighbor, Jacob Lyman.... 674 

Pierce, Jr., John F 724 

Ross, Verne Ralph 786 

Rupel. Claude Merrill 792 

Stevens, Thad Walker HG8 

Slouller, Weslle Aiidcr.son K77 

Weller, George Carl 965 

Wood, Ilerhcrt Sidney 1003 

Superintendents — 

Aver, ,1. W,Lricti 35 

Baker, (;. Derwood 42 

Bird, Robert 1 78 

Broadwater, Chas. Lester 117 

Burkhard, Wm. John 132 

Clifton. A. R 185 

Cralle. Robert Elza 209 

Crawford, Will Clark 211 

Cress. Carl Chester 212 

Culter. Mabel Mildred 219 

Davis, James P 231 

EUe.stad, Theo. Alfred.... 276 

Faught, Willis Ellsworth 295 

Findlay, Bruce Allyn 299 

Ford, Willard Stanley 311 

Geer. Charles Lester 3.32 

Goodwill. Glen Taylor 349 

Gould. Arthur 350 

Henderson, Lester D 399 

Hummel, Edward John 435 

Jensen. Geo. Charles 453 

Jones. Harry William 464 

MacQuiddy, Thomas Smith 573 

Moore. Chas. Barclay 650 

Price. Charles Kirby 738 

Sexson. John Amherst 821 

Teach. Charles Elden 895 

Travers, Louis B 915 

Wiley, Will E 984 

Williams. H. 987 

Wright. Frank M 1013 

Supervisors — 

Bowman, Lillie Lewin 103 

Christianson, Helen M 173 

Girdner. Margaret V 342 

Lewerenz. Alfred S 540 

Woods. Elizabeth Lindley 1007 

School Teachers — 

Alf. Ravmond Manfred 13 

Arnold. Medford R 29 

Austin. Alma Harriet 33 

Barker. George 47 

Barrett. Marguerite Elma 50 

Brand. Lillian 109 

Brown. Margaret 121 

Church. Virginia Woodson 174 

Cochran. Helen Eaton 186 

Everett. Elizabeth A 288 

Fain. Sarah Lee O. d'hal 290 

Fisher. Ray Wall 303 

Frick, Mary Elizabeth 318 

Galentine, Florence Rose.... 323 

Garton, George 329 

Griffin, Christopher J 359 

Hawkinson, Lily 391 

Howells. Naomi 428 

Hoyt. Vance Joseph 430 

Hunting. Walter Judson.... 438 

Kiernan, Jessie Frances.... 485 

Knezevich. Laurel A. 497 

Latta. Frank Forrest 521 

Lavayea, Grace White 522 

Macbeth. Gobert Eliot.... 567 

Marquis. Neeta 583 

Meadows, Donald Chas... 620 

Morhardt, Josef Emil 656 

Myers, Ethel Frances B... 670 

Perry. Irvin David 716 

Rupel. Claude Merrill 792 

Scriver. Helen 815 

Simpson, Emma L 837 

Smither, Gertrude C 846 

Sutherland, Ida Mary T.... 882 

Sutherland, Lora Ilcnlon.. 883 

'I'outon, ll.irriel Louise... 913 

Trent, Lucia 917 

Trigg.s, Lovell Beall 917 

Waller, Nina Willis 949 

Weaver, Harriett Ellene.... 959 

Wilson, Gordon Allen 992 

Administrators — 

Feely, liaymond T 296 

Freeborn, Stanley Barron 316 

Freeman, Frank N 316 

Hale, William Green 369 

Hildebrand, Joel Henry.... 407 

Hoover, Thoo. J 422 

Hull, Osman R 433 

Hutchison, Claude B 441 

Jackson, J. Hugh 446 

Jones. Vincent 466 

Laughlin. Helen M 522 

Lipman, Charles B 548 

Marsh. Herbert E 584 

McClung, Reid Lage 599 

McKibben, Paul S 611 

Mitchell. John P 645 

Noble. Howard Scott 682 

Olson. Emery Evans 691 

Peterson. Basil Hyrum.... 718 

Posin. Daniel Q 732 

Raubenheimer. Albert S. 753 

Rogers, Lester B 781 

Schieman. Henry R 806 

Schmidt. Carl L. A 807 

Showman. Harry Munson 833 

Sutherland. Sidney S 883 

Todd. Arthur James 910 

Tolman, Richard Chace.... 911 

Walker, Frank Fish 945 

Warren, Neil D 954 

Weatherhead. Arthur C 959 

Whelan, Jr., Daniel 972 

Wilcox, Floyd Cleveland.. 982 

Williams, J. Harold 987 

University Directors — 

Starbuck, Edwin D 861 

Swarthout, Max van L 886 

Tiegs, Ernest Walter 907 

Executives — 

Bruce, Henrv William 124 

Clark, Theron 178 

Deutsch, Monroe Emanuel 244 

Domonoske, Arthur B 255 

Fogg. Philip Shearer 308 

French, Roy La Verne.... 318 

Fuller, Leonard F 319 

Heffner, Hubert C 396 

Lanphier. Virginia Hall.... 517 

Phillips. James David 721 

University Instructors — 

Dunn, Louis G 267 

Geissman. Theodore A 333 

Haley. Phylis 370 

Hartshorn, William C 387 

Herrick. Jr.. Samuel 403 

Jacobs. Thomas L 448 

Lampson, Robin 513 

Linsley, Earle Gorton 546 

Needham. Gwendolyn B 674 

Posin, JacK A 732 

Post, George Booth 732 

Schmitz, Friedrich Josef.... 807 

Schnier. Jacques 808 

Sherman, Julius 829 

Strait, Louis 878 

Swiggett, Jean Donald 887 

Uslnger, Robert Leslie 927 

Wilson, Jonn Norton 992 


Winstein, Saul 997 

University Piesidents — 

Anderson, Elam Jonathan.. 22 
Crawford, D. Livingston.. 210 

Dunne, Wm. J 268 

Sproul, Robert Gordon 856 

von KleinSmid, Rufus B. 939 
White, Francis Johnstone 973 
Wilbur, Ray Lyman 981 

Supervisors — 

Gittinger, James Price 342 

Keller, Helen Bass 475 

Spencer, Blake W 853 

University Teachers — 

Lawrence, Raymond D 524 

Mount, George Haines 664 

Strickland, Francis C 879 


Engineers — 

Alderson, John Hartzell.... 12 

Atkinson, Lynn 32 

Barton, Alexander Monro.. 53 
Clute, Walker Stillwell.... 185 
Finley, Solomon Henderson 300 
Goodwin, Theo. Raymond.. 349 
Manning, Paul De Vries.... 579 
Routh, James Wynbourne 788 
Masser, Harry L 590 

Engineer, Advisory — 

Scattergood, Ezra Fred... 804 

Engineers, Aircraft — 

Douglas, Donald W 258 

Dunn, Louis G 267 

Fischer, Charles Fink 301 

Kindelberger, Jas. Howard 487 

Lusk, Hilton Frank 562 

Palmer, Richard Walter.. 700 

Rockefeller, Wm. Curtis.... 778 

Engineers, Army — 

Pillsbury, Brig.Gen. Geo. 725 
Schulz, Col. Edward H 811 

Engineers, Chemicol — 

Fox, Herbert Wright 313 

Hanna, Wilson Creal 377 

Holt, Marshall Keyser 420 

Huxster, Frederick G 442 

Engineers, Civil — 

Chadwick, Wallace Lacy.... 162 

Crosby, Walter Wilson 214 

Finkle, Frederick CeciL... 299 

Freeman, Vernon Marlon 317 

Gilman, Herbert S 341 

Hayler, George Rex. 392 

Hayler, Guy Wilfred 392 

Hickok, Clifton Ewing 406 

Hilp, Harry H 409 

Kaupke, Charles Lewis 472 

Kittredge, Frank Alvah.... 492 

Livermore, Norman B 549 

Mellin, Gilbert Francis 622 

Michael, William W 630 

Sachse, Richard 797 

Whelan, Jr., Daniel E 972 

Wing, Charles Benjamin.. 994 

Engineers, Consulting — 

Allin, Benjamin Casey 16 

Barnard, Archer Fortescue 48 

Bush, Philip Lee 137 

Burnett, Clair Lee 133 

Code, William Henry 187 

Cory. Harry Thomas 202 

Dibble, Barry 245 

Eaton, Courtlandt 272 

Gillan, Silas Lee 339 

Goklstine, Edgar Nathan.... 346 

Griffin, John Alden 360 

Hoover, Jr., Herbert 421 

Hill, Raymond Alva 408 

Jessup, Joseph John 455 

Kennedy, Clyde Charles.... 480 

Kitts, Joseph Arthur 492 

Kolster, Frederick A 503 

Leeds, Chas. Tileston 529 

Linton, Robert 547 

Lippincott, Joseph Barlow 548 

Loveland, Chester H 557 

Martel, Romeo Raoul 585 

Messer, Thos. Harold 626 

Myers, Romaine Wright.... 672 

Ranney, Leo 752 

Sachse, Richard 797 

Swart, Walter Goodwin.... 885 

Van Norden, Rudolph W. 932 

Contracting — 

Grut, Ryan A 361 

Hilp, Harry H 409 

Engineers, Designing — 

Douglas, Donald W 258 

Hinds, Julian 410 

Electrical — 

Alvord, Raymond Martin.... 20 

Corbett, Laurence Jay 201 

Fuller, Leonard Franklin 319 

Gantvoort, William F 325 

Gaylord, James Mason.... 331 

Kahn, Samuel 469 

Klauber, Laurence M 492 

Mackeown, S. Stuart 573 

Mott, Albert G 663 

Rosenblatt, Girard B 784 

Hydraulic — 

Gray, Harold Farnsworth 354 

Illuminating — 

Olesen, Otto Knudsen 690 

Engineer, Industrial — 

Mohler, Orville E 647 

Irrigation — 

Veihmeyer, Frank J 936 

Mechanical — 

Bissell, George W 79 

Stanley, Frank Arthur.... 859 

Metallurgical — 

Hoover, Herbert C 421 

Labarthe, Jules 511 

Macdonald, Wm. Townley 570 

Merrill, Charles W 624 

Schuette, Curt Nicolaus.... 810 

Shepard, Orson Cutler 827 

Engineers, Mining — 

Alderson, Victor Clifton.... 12 

Bowie, Clifford P 102 

Bradley, Philip Read 107 

Browning, William C 124 

Butler, Percy Bennett 138 

Clark, Addison N 175 

Hawxhurst, Jr., Robert 391 

Holland, Laurier F. S 417 

Holt, Marshall Keyser 420 

Honnold, William L 421 

Hoover, Herbert Clark.... 421 

Joralemon, Ira Beaman.... 467 

Krumb, Henry 508 

i^abarthe. Jules 511 

Macdonald, Wm. Townley 570 

Maclennan, Francis Wm... 573 

Mein, William Wallace 621 

Mitke, Charles A 646 

Moore, Roy Webb 653 

Schuette, Curt N 810 

Shepard, Orson C 827 

Sizer, Frank Leonard 839 

Woltlin, Hugh Maupin.... 1001 

Petroleum — 

Jensen, Joseph 454 

Pemberton, John Roy 713 

Engineers, Recording — 

Lange, Arthur 516 

Signer, John Jo-seph B 834 

Engineer, Sanitary — 

Gray, Harold Farnsworth 354 

Engineer, Soil — 

Brundin, Ernest Walfrid.. 126 

Engineers, Structural — 

Ray, David H 754 

Taylor, Ellis Wing... Addenda 


Enologist — 

Amerine, Maynard Andrew.. 20 


Entomologists — 

Crawford, D. Livingston.. 210 

Dammers, Chas. Montagu.. 224 

Essig, Edward Oliver 284 

Herms, William Brodbeck 402 

McCracken, Isabel 601 

Morrill, Austin Winfield.. 658 

Sperry, John Lovell 855 

Usinger, Robert Leslie 927 


Sellers, Clark 819 

Executives — 

Aitken, Jr., Thomas 10 

Belding, Don 64 

Benwell, Leon 71 

Eckels, Lulu E 273 

Farlow, Arthur Clark 292 

Francisco, Don 313 

Gabbert, John Raymond.... 321 

Guedel, John Bimel 362 

Kleiser, George W 494 

Mayers, Henry 593 

Mc Clung, Emmons 599 

McCord, Clare _ 600 

Miner, Daniel Barlow 643 

Airways Executives — 

Patterson, William Allan 707 

Standley, William H 858 

Young, Clarence Marshall 1020 

American Red 
Cross Executive — 

Sproul, Ida Amelia 856 

American Youth 
Hostels Executive — 

Brewster, Margaret 113 

Executives — 

Manspeaker, C. 580 


ScluimiK'hcr. 'I'hos. 11. C... fil'J 

Strait, .lolin lloiaci' H7H 

Whi-atley, Raymond A 971 

Business Executives — 

AlbriKhl, lloraco Marden.... 11 

Anderson, UukIi Stacey 23 

Baclham, Byron J 38 

Banks, Florence Estelle.... 45 

Bcall, Albert William 57 

Beall, Harry Hammond 58 

Benner, Hervev Drowne.... 69 

Bohnstedt, Gottfried W 93 

Bossemoyer, James Lee 98 

Boyd, Louise Arner 104 

Breuner, Louis John 113 

Brody, Alton A 117 

Brown, Donald Kennedy... 120 
Bunaby, Frank Harding.... 132 

Lurnett, Clarence M 133 

Caddovv, Harry Arthur.... 140 

Camy, Leon H 147 

Carter, Mark 154 

Cassaday, Louis Vall 158 

Cooper, Chas. Martin 199 

Crothers. John H 216 

Cutler, Leland Whitman.. 222 

Dayton, William H 236 

Deisenroth, Jas. Bruce... 239 

Dickey, W. Laurence 246 

Dulin^ Edgar Shelton 265 

Eagal, John Henry 270 

Eastman, George L 271 

Edmondson, Clyde McI 274 

Elder, Paul 275 

Ellenwood, Fred Alden 276 

Evans. Hugh 287 

Fallings, John Elmer 291 

Farrar, Hal Gordon 294 

Fitch, Richard Cooper 304 

Flanders. Paul 305 

Fredrickson, John W 315 

Frisselle, Samuel Parker 319 

Gans, Robert J 325 

Gerstle, William Lewis.... 335 

Gilman, Herbert S 341 

Golden, Dios Edward 345 

Green, Raymond H 356 

Greer, S. Allan 357 

Guedel, John Bimel 362 

Hale, Marshal 369 

Hall, Charles W 371 

Hammer, Charles J. M 375 

Hargear, Frank F 380 

Hassenstein, W. K. Meix.. 388 

Hazelton, Alan W 393 

Hentschke, Walter G 401 

Herbert, Joseph C 402 

Hobart, Earle Tisdale 412 

Hobbs, Charles S 412 

Hodgkin, George Barclay 414 

Hulse, Ben 434 

Hunter, Phelps S 437 

Ingham, James K 444 

Jackson, Frank Kennedy.. 446 

Jacobs, Gordon M 447 

Jacobs, Jay B 448 

Jamieson, Edith 450 

Janovsky, Felix Bohumil.. 450 

Jardine, John Earle 451 

Johnson, Paul Franklin.... 459 

Johnston, W. Ray 462 

Keeler, Ormeida 473 

Kellogg, Wm. Scripps 477 

Kemp, Alexander Nesbitt.. 478 

Kessler, Kenneth Oneal 485 

Klausen, E. Wessel 493 

Lacy, Orlando J 512 

Lapham, Roger D 518 

Leet, Robert Andrew 530 

Leffler, Nellie Estelle 530 

Lclshman, Lelhrop King ... 5.'53 
Lcrncr, Mo.scs ll.irry .. 5:?5 

Lloyd. Ho.somary Dobbin.s 550 

Lochcr. Charles S 553 

Lurie. Louis R 561 

Lyon, Harvey Blanchard.... 566 

Maas, Arthur R 566 

Martin, Burl G 586 

McDaniel, Bruce Wm 601 

McFadden, Arthur James.. 606 

McKenna, George A 611 

McKeovvn, Laurence G 611 

McKinley, Maytor H 611 

Meek, Tom Jones 621 

Munger, Frances Harriet 666 

Newman, Edwin S 677 

Ottem, Arthur John 695 

Paddock, Charles Wm 697 

Payne, Eugene Lee 708 

Prizer, John Alfred 741 

Randall, George A 751 

Ray, Milton S 754 

Read, Frederick Wm 756 

Rogers, John M 780 

Rosenberg, Harold B 783 

Runyon, Everett Malachi.. 792 
Scott, George Alexander.. 813 

Shoup, Paul 832 

Soanes, Harry V 848 

Stanley, Thomas L 860 

Thorpe, Carlyle 904 

Tilden, Charles Lee 907 

Trowbridge, Charles C 919 

Tubbs, Tallant 921 

Utt, Charles Edw 927 

Walker, Theodore S 947 

Ward, Stuart Richardson 951 

Weber, Carolyn 961 

Wheeler, John Egbert 971 

White, Walter Thessing 976 

Wiel, Hecht 980 

Wilco.x, Francis R 983 

Williams, Edwin Flint 986 

Wilson, Clarence P 990 

Winter, Alice Ames 997 

Wobber, William Peter.... 1000 

Woodin, Irving J 1005 

Wright, Benj. Franklin.... 1013 

Chambers of Commerce 
Executives — 

Matson, Clarence Henry.... 591 

Miller, Howard A 634 

Pascoe, George Lahey 705 

Peirce, John Morgan 713 

Thomson, Rex 903 

Watts, Vervon Orval 958 

Wyatt, Roscoe D 1015 

Church Executives — 

Cole, Clifford Alonson 189 

Farnham, Elbert Chas 292 

Hole, J. Wesley 416 

Irwin, Walter McM 445 

McCombs, Vernon Monroe 600 

Moore, Glenn Warner ^651 

Sanner, Asa Everette *800 

Wyant, Geo. Glendining.... 1015 

City Executives — 

Amar, Eloi J 20 

Bonner, Richard Lee 97 

Bradley, Nathaniel F 106 

Brittingham, Le Roy 116 

Burns, Robert L 134 

Carlson, Fred 149 

Dean, James Somerville... 237 

D'eliscu, Edith Louise 240 

Donner, John Whakely.- 257 

Doyle, Grace Evelyn M. 261 

Eldridge, Arthur 276 

Fisk, Chester C 304 

Far(|uar, Agnes StephcnH 293 

(Jordon, John Bowcn 3.5f) 

Graeber, Charles F .352 

Guver, W. Roy 365 

Ilagelstein, William G.N.. 367 

Haley, William Roy 370 

Hall, Frederick M 371 

llarby, Harold 379 

Hayler, George R 392 

Ilerrick, Bonita Adams 403 

Iloyt, Carrie Lucretia 429 

Hume, Harry H 4.'i4 

Ingham, Edwin A 444 

Johnson, Marcus S 458 

Johnson, Raymond B 459 

King, Foster Robert 488 

Koiner. C. Wellington 502 

Kynoch, Walter A 510 

Lindquist, Knute Gottfred 544 

Longley, Edward Roy 555 

McCardle, Leon Vincent... 597 
McCarthy, Victor Dennis 597 
McCormi'ck, Jr., Chas. S. 601 
Mc Cracken, Wm. James 602 

McLaren, John 613 

McMenamin, Emmet G 616 

Morgan, Oliver Delbert... 655 

Newman, Louis J 677 

Park, James Hall 701 

Peers, Robert Alway, M.D. 712 
Peter.son, Walter Conrad... 717 
Porter, Andrew Oliphant 730 

Robbins, Homer Elmer 771 

Rossi, Angelo Joseph 787 

Seligman, Milton 819 

Shelley, Chesney Ward 826 

Simmonds, Harris R 835 

Smith, Neal Deffebach 844 

Spalding, Wm. Andrew.... 852 
Tillson, Frank Cephas.... 908 

Ward, Clair V 951 

Williamson, Harry Hays.... 989 
Wirsching, Carl B 997 

College Executives — 

Brady, Florence Norma.... 108 

Gever, George H 336 

Gist, Arthur Stanley 342 

Hamilton, Aymer Jay 373 

McLain, Fred French 612 

Ritter, Ovid Herbert 770 

Sumner, Geo. Stedman.... 882 

Executives — 

Albright, Horace Harden.. 11 

Arbogast, Glen Elven 26 

Babcock, David Thornton.... 36 

Baer, Francis Shaw. 38 

Barber, John Edwin 46 

Barnett, Ellsworth Lansing 49 

Bate, Dayrell M 55 

Bishop, Samuel Adgerson.... 79 

Black, Byers James 81 

Bloch, Louis 88 

Butler, Walter Hughes 138 

Byington, Lewis Francis.... 139 

Chase, Harold Stuart 169 

Cochran, George Ira 186 

Daniells, Ernest L 224 

Davies, Ralph Kenneth.... 230 

Del Mar, Eugene 240 

Dickson, Edw. Augustus.... 247 
Dole, James Drummond.... 255 

Douglas, Donald W 258 

Downing, Paul Milton 260 

Duff, James Leo 264 

Dulin, Edgar Shelton 265 

Eaton, Hubert 272 

Everson, George 289 

Falk, Adrien J 291 


Fallow, Arthur Clark 292 

FisKer, Ralph Talcott 303 

Fowler, Wm. Henry B 312 

Garland, Wm. May 326 

Gates, Samuel Elverton.. 330 

Giannini, Amadeo P 337 

Gifford, Robert Ladd 339 

Gilman, Don Earl 340 

Grady, Henry Francis 351 

Gurlev, Fred G 364 

Haake, Harry G 365 

Hartley, Josepii Alexander 386 
Hockev, William Edward.. 412 
Hodge, Ernest Havilah.... 413 

Hogan, Dana 415 

Hubbard, Samuel 431 

Hughson, William Leonard 433 

Hullin, Philip R 433 

Johnson. Ben 456 

Jones, Chris R 462 

Kahn, Samuel 469 

Keeler, Fred Eldridge 473 

Kerr, Clarence Bowman.... 483 
Kindelberger, Jas. Howard 487 

King, Maxwell Clark 489 

Klauber, Laurence M 492 

Kleiser, George W 494 

Koeneman, John Kentner 502 

Krag, Erik... 505 

Langendorf, Stanley S 516 

Lapham, Roger D 518 

Levison, Jacob B 539 

Livermore, Norman Banks 549 

Lobdell, Avis 551 

Loeffler, Albert Henry 553 

Loveland, Chester H 557 

Loud, Harlan Grant 557 

Lundberg, Alfred J 561 

MacKay, Jr., Henry S 572 

Malone, Joseph J 577 

Martin, Walter Randall.. 588 

Mason, Edward Wilson 589 

Mason, Elmer Brown 589 

Masser, Harry L 590 

McCune, Richard Stanley.. 603 

Mcintosh, Charles K 609 

McKee, John Ritchie 610 

Merritt, Hulett C 625 

Merritt, Jr., Hulett C 625 

Michener, Harry V 630 

Millar, Richard W 631 

Miller, Carl P 632 

Miller, Clinton E 633 

Milligan, Roy Sheldon 640 

Mills. Jr., Jas. McVicar.... 642 

Moffitt, James K 647 

Mohler, Orville Ernest... 647 
Morgan, Clinton Emory.... 654 

Morrish, Wm. Francis 660 

Murphy, Edward W 668 

Newman, Carl Vincent 677 

Newmark, Marco R 678 

Norton, Richard Henry.... 686 

Oleson, Otto Knudsen 690 

Palmer, Richard Walter.... 700 
Perkins, Charles Elliott.... 716 

Porter, Wm. Stratton 731 

Potter, Zenas L 734 

Powley, Ned Ransom 736 

Queen, Clyde Lorentz 747 

Rairty, William Weaver.... 752 
Rosecrans, Wm. Starke.... 783 

Smith, Oscar Alpheus 845 

Sperry, John L 855 

Stephen.s, Richard Tracy.... 865 

Stern, Chas. Frank 866 

Stern, Ralph J. A 867 

Strahorn, Robt. Edmund.... 878 

Taylor, Wm. Treat 895 

Terhaar, Ferdinand H 897 

Trood, William Edward.... 919 

Turnbow, Grover Dean... 922 

Wallick, Guy Philip 948 

Walter, Zachary Taylor.... 950 

Wangenheim, Julius 950 

Watchorn, Robert 955 

Watson, Donald 957 

Wernecke, Livingston 967 

West, Arthur Benjamin... 968 

Willis, Cornelius Grinnell 989 

Willoughbv, Howard 990 

Wilson, Henry Dalzell 992 

VVishon, A. Emory 998 

WoU'lin, Hugh Maupin.... 1001 

Workman, Boyle 1011 

County Executives — 

Abel, Stanley 2 

Adam, Ronald McDonald 4 

Blewett, Stephen Noall 86 

Braden, William Wallace 106 

Collins, Wm. Alfred 192 

Delury, Jr., George C 241 

Driggers, Roy L 263 

Dusterberry, Frank T..... 268 

Eckhardt, John W 273 

Ford, John Anson 310 

Gleason, George 343 

Goodall, S. Erie 347 

Goodsell, Fred Field 348 

Hurt, Leslie M 439 

Jacobs, Gordon Morse 447 

Jones, George S 463 

Katz, Phil C 470 

Lilley, Walter E 544 

Lowery, Joseph M 558 

Moore, Jr., Fred J 651 

O'Neill, Owen Hugh 693 

Prichard, Samuel V. 740 

Richards, Jr., Robt. H 766 

Russell, Edward L 793 

Smith, William Allan 846 

Stanwood, Sam. Jameson.. 860 

Stark, Heman G 861 

Stephenson, Terry Elmo.... 866 
Stone, Raymond Van B... 875 

Whitsell, Leon Otto 977 

Wollenberg, Chas. M 1001 

Federal Executives — 

Anderson, Dewey 22 

Bryan, Jr., Wm. Jennings 126 
Evans, Charles James.... 286 

Graham, Alexander E 352 

Guill, John Hudson 363 

Harvev, Milburn G 388 

Jacobs, Harold Duane 447 

Kraebel, Charles J 505 

Kuvkendall, Dan S 509 

Meilin, Gilbert F 622 

Pillsbury, Warren Hobart 725 
Sinclair, John Franklin.... 838 

Tibbetts, John Palfrey 906 

Webber, John Milton 961 

Whitney, William F 977 

Williams, Carl J 985 

Wright, Irwin Dodge 1014 

riotel Executives — 

Farrar, Hal Gordon 294 

Hutchings, Allis H. M 440 

Hutchings, DeWitt V 440 

Lebenbaum, Leo 528 

McMenamin, Bernard V 616 

Institution Executives — 

Downen, John Mosser 260 

Driver, John Rush 263 

Duffy, Clinton Truman.... 265 
Harriman, William R 382 

Insurance Executives — 

Becker, Roy J 61 

Belden, Henry Evelyn 64 

Belgrano, Jr., Frank N 64 

Bell, Clark E 65 

Bruck, Porter 125 

Call, Asa Vickery 143 

Clarke, Dwight L 179 

FitzGerald, Jas. Edward.. 305 

Forward, Frank G 312 

Fulton, Kenneth Isaac... 320 
Garretson, Herman John... 327 

Gartler, Simon 329 

Gordon, John Bowen 350 

Ingham, James King 444 

Kemp, Alexander Nesbitt 478 

Kirk, Dean HoUis 490 

Lacy, Orlando Joseph 512 

Lawrence, L. H 524 

Levison, Jacob Bertha 539 

Louis, Emanuel J 557 

Mansfield, Lewis Pierce.. 580 
Mitchell, Raymond Ashton 645 

Quigley, George P 747 

Sheldon, Rov H 826 

Smale, Rudolph 841 

Spiegleman, Maurice H 855 

Stever, Ron 869 

Vandegrift, Rolland 930 

Executives — 

Caldwell, Wiley North 143 

Janin, Henry Covington.... 450 

Mining Executives — 

Bradley, H. Sewall 106 

Bruce, James Latimer.... 125 

Halliburton, Clair Emory 372 

Holland, Laurier Fox-S 417 

Jackling, Daniel Cowan 445 

Maclennan, Francis W 573 

McGuire, Alfred Russel.... 608 

Moore, Roy Webb 653 

National Park 
Executives — 

Hays, Howard H 393 

Lewis, J. Volney 541 

Merriam, Lawrence C 623 

White, John Roberts 974 

Railroad Executives — 

Brown, Clvde E 119 

Gurley, Fred G 364 

Real Estate Executives 

EUingson, Gil E 277 

Willaman, Glenn Dresher.. 984 

State of California 
Executives — 

Beals, Nova June 57 

Beek, Joseph Allan 63 

Boicelli, Anthony E 93 

Burns, Robert Wayne 134 

Carrasco, Herbert C 152 

Carter, James Marshall.... 154 

Cato, E. Raymond 161 

Craemer, Justus F 208 

Deems, Howard Earl 238 

Dexter, Walter Friar 245 

Douglass, Aubrey A 259 

Eldridge, Anita 275 

Ellis, William Turner 278 

Ellsworth, Von Theurer.... 279 

Evans, Ralph Willard 288 

Finley, Solomon Henderson 300 

Fulton, Kenneth Isaac 320 

Garrison, James Boyd 327 

Greenburg, Jack Carl 356 

Haig, Rena 368 

Killick, Victor W 486 

Legg, Herbert C 531 

McNeely, Perry May 617 

Miller, Willis Hamilton... 639 


Mosk, Morey Stanley 663 

Molt, Albert C 663 

MussaUi, James 669 

Olson, Culbcrt L 691 

Patterson. Ellis Elwood.... 706 

Peek, Paul "^H 

Pierce, Dixwell Lloyil 7-3 

Pinkham, Chas. Bradley.... 726 

Ramp, James Henry 750 

Rcilly, George Raphael... 761 

Rosanoff, Aaron J 782 

Sachse. Richard 797 

Smith, William K 846 

Stephenson, Dvvight W 866 

Stevens, Ida May 868 

Taft, Alan 888 

Taylor, Ralph H 894 

I'.-ban, Clarence 926 

Venator, Louis C 936 

Waterman, Ivan Russell... 955 

YMCA Executives — 

Duckies, Frederic Monroe 264 
McCandless, Jas. Wilbur.... 597 
West, Thos. Reginald 968 


Explorers — 

Baker, Joseph John 43 

Bolton, Herbert Eugene 94 

Boyd, Louise Arner 104 

Freeman, Lewis Ransome.. 317 

Hubbard, Bernard R 430 

McGuire, John A 608 

Ray, Milton S 754 

Explorer. Agricultural — 

Ryerson, Knowles A 795 

Explorer, Desert — 

Hilton, John William 409 


Family Relationists — 

Hasbrouck, Gertrude S 388 

Johnson, Roswell Hill 460 

Popenoe, Paul 730 

Roney, Henry Catlett 781 

Simms, Fenna B 836 


Farm Advisors — 

Blanchard, Vincent Frank 86 

Castle, Clarence V 160 

Eastman, Eric Eyre 271 

Farm Developer — 

Robinson, Jr., Isaac N 776 

Farm Owner — 

Mershon, Bernice 625 

Farm Manager — 

Teague, Milton McKevett.. 895 

Farmers — 

Bancroft, Philip 45 

Hecke, George Henry 395 

Miller, Raymond Wiley.... 637 

Morse, Charlotte Brimmer 661 

Newman, Carl Vincent 677 

Turner, Rodney L 924 

Wilson, George H 991 

Wisher, Ray B 998 


Bankers — 

Allen, Jr., William H 16 

Alvord, Frank R 19 

Anderson, Alden 21 

Andreson, Jr., John 25 

Bigelovv, Archibald P 77 

Blols, Mar.sden Scott 89 

Brlttlngham, Louis Geo... 116 

Burke, John P 131 

Canci)a, Louis J 147 

Carver, Kauffman Lowell.. 155 

Coles. Joseph D 15K) 

Coman, Edwin Trueman ... 192 

Coughran, Tom Bristol 205 

Courlright, H. W. de V... 206 

Culver, Harry H 219 

Davidson, Gilbert Aubrey 228 

Davis, Julian Ralph 231 

Dickson, Edw. Augustus.. 247 

Doerschlag, Albert Ray 254 

Elliott, Edward 277 

Fisher, Ralph Talcott 303 

Gannon, Joseph Pierce 324 

Giannini, Amadeo P 337 

Haley, Wm. Roy 370 

Hay, Abraham Jones 391 

Hellman, Isaias Warren ....397 

Kennedy, Philip B 481 

Lilienthal, Max Philip 543 

Lipman, Frederick L 548 

Marble, John Maclaren.... 581 

Mcintosh, Chas. Kenneth 609 

Miller, Johnston 634 

Moffitt, Jas. Kennedy 647 

Morrish, Wm. Francis 660 

Morrison, Herbert Wendell 660 

Mount, Arnold John 664 

Nuss, Jr., William H 687 

Ord, Sr., Whetsel 693 

Pettygrove, George C 719 

Radulovich, Smilka 749 

Ross, William Garner 786 

Schwartz, Sidney L 812 

Shepherd, Frederick N 828 

Shively, Douglas 831 

Starbuck, Edward Baxter.. 861 

Steinbarger, John L 863 

Stokdyk, Ellis Adolph 873 

Tapp, Jesse W 890 

Walker, Claud Vivian 944 

Walker, Frank Fish 945 

Woodward, Lawrence N. 1008 

Yost. Paul Kirkwood 1019 

Bank Examiner — 

Wright, Irwin Dodge 1014 

Financiers — 

King, Lyman Maurice 488 

King, Maxwell Clark 489 

Merritt, Hulett C 625 

Investment Bankers — 

Castera. George 160 

Hall, Charles Wesley 371 

Knox, John Bryant 500 

Riley, James S 768 

Sober, Hubert J 849 

Whittle, Harold Floyd 978 

Foriegn Trade 
Advisor — 

Loomis, Francis Butler.... 555 


Foresters — 

Kotok, Edward 1 504 

Pratt, Merritt Berry 737 

Show, Stuart Bevier 832 

Geologists — 

Anderson, Robt. Van Vleck 24 

Clark, Addison N 175 

Clements, Thomas M 184 

Clute, Walker Sllllwell .. 185 

Derr, Homer Munro 243 

Flnkle, Frederick Cecil... 299 

(;alc, Hoyt Stoddard 322 

Ilawxhurst, Jr., Robert... 391 

Hubbard, Bernard 430 

Jensen. Jo.seph 454 

Joralcmon, Ira Beaman.... 467 

Kleinpell, Robert Mlnssen 494 

Lewis, J. Volney 541 

Pemberton, John Roy 713 

Popenoe, Willis Parklson 730 

Porter II, Wm. Woods 731 

Sopor, Edgar Kirke 851 

Tickell, Frederick Geo 906 

Weed, Walter Harvey 962 

Wernecke, Livingston 967 

Willis, Cornelius Grinnell 989 

Wood, Harry 1003 

Wood, Jr., Jas. Theodore 1004 


Historians — 

Ashley, Roscoe Lewis 30 

Bolton, Herbert Eugene.... 94 

Cleland, Robert Glass 181 

Collins, Ansley Harvey.... 191 
Conroy, Charles Clifford 196 

Cranston, Earl 209 

Davidson, Winifred 229 

Davies, Godfrey 229 

Dunne, Peter Masten 267 

Hertzog, Walter Sylvester 404 

Kerner, Robert Joseph 483 

Latta, Frank Forrest 521 

Leonard, Alexander Thos. 5.34 

Lutz, Ralph Haswell 562 

Mood, Fulmer 649 

Temple II, Thos. Workman 896 

Watson, Robert 957 

Williams, Mary W 988 


Horticulturists — 

Batchelor, Leon D 54 

Camp, Arthur Forrest 144 

Hodgson, Robert Willard.... 414 
Rowntree, Gertrude E. L. 790 


Inventors — 

Bedell. Frederick 62 

Brundin. Ernest Walfrid.. 126 

De Forest, Lee 239 

Edwards. Pliram W 274 

Herreshoff, Chas. Fred 403 

Jones, Harlow Wellesley.... 463 

Lindquist, R. Jerome 545 

Miller, Wesley C 639 

Shaler, Clarence Addison.. 822 

Terhaar, Ferdinand H 897 

Willard, Theo. Arthur 984 


Columnists — 

Ainsworth. Edward Maddln 9 

Bartlett, Maxine Eliz 52 

Brier, Royce 114 

Carroll, Harrison Addenda 

Chase, Richard L 170 

Cook, Florita Damron 197 

Darsie, Darsie L 226 

Henry, William Mellors.... 401 

Hyland, Richard "Dick".. 443 

Kauffman, Rachel Levy.... 471 

Kester, (Tom) Marshall.... 485 

Lawrence, Raymond D 524 


Robinson, Elsie 7~5 

Scheuer, Philip K 806 

Shafer, Mina 822 

Shippey. Lee 831 

Weinstock, Matt 964 

Weissman, David 965 

Wheeler, George 971 

Correspondents — 

Henrv. \Vm. Mellors 401 

O'Brien, A. R 687 

Wood, Henry 1003 

Journalists — 

Adams. Lady 6 

Arthur III, Chester Alan.... 29 

Arvev, Verna 29 

Collins, James H 191 

Duncan, Frances 265 

French, Roy La Verne 318 

Gidlovv, Elsa 338 

Goodnow, Marc N 347 

Greusel, John Hubert 358 

Morris, Eugene Ralph 659 

Rinehart, George Franklin 769 

Stellman, Louis John 864 

Taylor. Wendell Barker B. 894 

Willets, Gilson V 985 

Wood, Henry 1003 

Newspapermen — 

Adams, Elbert Garnette 6 

Adams, Marvin Earle 7 

Allen, Ben Shannon 13 

Allen, Edgar Marion 14 

Apperson, Orbell Oakes 26 

Balderston, John Lloyd 44 

Barkow, Carl G 48 

Barkow, Walter Herman.... 48 

Bartholomew, Frank H 51 

Beck, Paul Ralph 60 

Beebe, Dan L 62 

Berkov, Robert H 73 

Blair, William Leeper 83 

Blake, Chas. Elvvood 84 

Blizzard, William 88 

Boddy, E. Manchester 91 

Bostwick, Jr., Harry 99 

Bradley, Lester Goodwin.... 106 

Breckenfeld, Gurney Ill 

\^rier, Royce 114 

Brombacher, Gilbert E 117 

Brown, Jas. Montgomery.. 121 

Buntin, William Harve 130 

\ ,Burcher, James Frederick.. 131 

^Caen, Herbert Eugene 141 

, Calkins, Robert Reid 143 

1^ Campbell, John B. Taylor 145 

Carroll, Harrison Addenda 

Case, Walter Hodgin 157 

Cassidy, Bert A 158 

Cauthorn, Joseph Lurton.... 162 
Chaffey, John Richards E. 163 

Chalfant, Will Arthur 163 

Chandler, Harry 165 

Chandler, Norman 166 

Chapin, W. W 167 

Chase, Richard L 170 

Clark, Arthur Miller 176 

"^ Clarvoe, Frank Auld 180 

Clawson, Watson Swarty.. 180 
Clearwater, Clifford D...... 181 

Colwell, Max Fowler 192 

Davis, Ralph W 232 

De Bakcsy, Cornelius 2.37 

DeChambeau, Dewey C 238 

Donovan, Eugene 257 

Evans, Aaron Loyd 286 

Evans, Charles Percy 286 

Fairweather, Jr., John H. 291 
Fleetwood, William 306 

Fowler, W. Henry Begbie 312 

Fried, Alexander 318 

Gage, Alan Edward, M.D. 321 

Giocomazzi, Con J 336 

Gibson, Luther Earl 338 

Glasscock, Carl Burgess... 343 
Goodman, Frank Bartlett 347 

Gould, William Ellis 351 

Guild, Jr., Lewis Thurber 363 

Hamilton, Guy C 374 

Hayes, Jay Orley 392 

Hays, Howard H 393 

Heacock, Joel Gale 394 

Hellman, Sam 398 

Henderson, Randall 399 

Henkel, Elmer Earl 400 

Henry, (Bill) Wm. M 401 

Hicks, Chas. Henry 406 

Holden, John Trusty 416 

Hyland, Richard "Dick".. 443 

Jackson, Joseph H 447 

Jessen, Lowell Everett 454 

Jones, Robert Letts 466 

Jones, Walter Parker 466 

Kellogg, Bert Morell 476 

Kester, Tom Marshall 485 

Kimber, Benjamin Jones... 486 

Kline, Chester M 494 

Knezevich, John J 496 

Knowland, Joseph Russell 500 

Krauss, Edward C 505 

Krouser, Caryl 507 

Larson, Stanley Warren.... 520 

Lawrence, Andrew M 523 

Lawrence, Raymond D 524 

Lawson, Harry Alexander 526 
Lintner, James Edward... 547 

Long, John Budd 554 

Lum, Walter Uriah 560 

Lytle, Marcus Z 566 

M"armaduke, Jas. Morgan 582 
McBrian, Charles Allen.... 595 

McBride, Clifford 595 

McCoUum, Fay James.... 599 
McDowell, W. Clifford... 605 
McKeown, Lawrence Geo. 611 

Merriman, Lee Mills 624 

Millier, Arthur 639 

Morris, Eugene Ralph 659 

Musselwhite, Harry W 670 

O'Brien, A R 687 

O'Day, Edw. Francis 688 

Ostliiig, Ivan Gerald 694 

Paddock, Chas. William ... 697 

Renter, Morris A 714 

Pennington, Maitland S 714 

Pfanastiel, Thomas F 719 

Pickering, Loring 723 

Pickett, John E 723 

Pinkerton, Roy David 726 

Pori, Hugo Aristide 730 

Reed, Henry Carlyle 758 

Reed, Henry Clay 758 

Rembao, Alberto 762 

Reuter, Herman 763 

Richards, Virgil Chesley.. 767 
Rosenberg, Jas. LeRoy.... 784 
Rowell, Chester Harvey.... 789 

Safley, Jas. Clifford 797 

Saunders, Richard D 802 

Savage, Geo. Walden 802 

Scheuer, Philip Katz 806 

Schuster, Addison B 812 

Scofield, Ronald Dickey.... 813 

Shippey, Lee 831 

•Silverman, Milton 835 

Smith, Dorman H 842 

Smith, James Laurence.... 842 

Smith, Leo A 843 

Smtih, Paul Clifford 845 

Smith, Paul Jordan 845 

Smith, Willis Earl 846 

Sontheimer, Morton 850 

Spencer, Lynn 854 

Starr, James Atherton 861 

Storke, Thomas M 876 

Taylor, Wendell Barker B. 894 

Thatcher, Almon B 898 

Thomas, Edward Churchill 900 

Thomas, Horace Estes 901 

Trimble, Sinclair G 918 

Tunheim, Thorval 922 

Ussher, Bruno David 927 

Van Soov, Neal Edgar 934 

Vivian, Fred. Godfrey 938 

Warden, Justus S 951 

Warr, Wilbur Earle 953 

Weigel, Fred H 963 

Weinstock, Matt 964 

Weiss, Knowles C 964 

Weissman, David 965 

Weybret, Fred 970 

Wheeler, George 971 

White, Robert P 975 

Whiteside, Percy Marion.... 976 
Wigmore, Leslie Warren.... 981 

Wood, Homer W 1004 

Wright, Jack 1014 

Wright, Paul 1015 

Yee Ying Ng 1018 

Young, George Gilroy 1021 

Newspaperwomen — 

Austin, Blanche Friend 33 

Barney, Kate S 50 

Bartlett, Maxine Elizabeth 52 

Bramble, Aileen Franklin 109 

Campbell, Fay Strawn 144 

Carpenter, Grace Marion.... 151 

Case, May L 157 

Cornell, Ruth Reed 202 

Cross, Esielle 214 

Fisher, Marjorie Marckres 303 

Fleetwood, Margaret Eliz. 306 

Fox, Christy 313 

Grandier, Lydia L 353 

Jones, Isabel Morse 464 

McCarty, Janie Belle 597 

Morrow, Beth Price 661 

Parks, Norman H 703 

Price, Lucy Jeanne 739 

Robinson, Elsie 775 

Vradenburg. Jean Ward .... 942 

Williamson, Gladys Parker 988 


Laboratory Directors — 

Hyland, Clarence M 443 

MacGinitie, George E 571 

Morgan, Thomas Hunt 656 

Thiel, Albert W. Rudolph 899 
Truesdail, Roger W 920 


Lecturers — 

Addis, H. A. Noureddin 8 

Aiken-Sm.ith, Pearle 9 

Ames, Jean Goodwin 21 

Ataloa 30 

Atwood, Robt. C. O'Cathal 32 

Bachenheimer, William 38 

Etandini, Ralph 45 

Barker, George 47 

Barker, Helen Gordon 47 

Beals, Carleton 58 

Bell, Archibald Weir 64 

Bell, Newton Hereford 66 

Bennett, Raine 70 

Berkov, Robert H 73 

Branden, Paul Maerker.... 109 
Brandt, John Lincoln 110 



Browne, Lewis 12-1 

Bryan, OeraUl Barbee 12G 

Cannon, \Vm. Austin 147 

Carlyle, Richard Fredrlc .. 1-19 

Carpenter, K. A ISO 

Chamberlain, Arthur H 163 

Chapel, Charles Edward... 167 

Cheyney, Ralph 171 

Clemens. Mildred Leo 182 

Collins, Franklin Wallace.. 191 

Cross, Estelle 214 

David, Leon Thomas 228 

Davidson, George 232 

Davis, Richard J 232 

Davis, Warren Jefferson... 233 

De'ak, Imre Eric 236 

De Cou. Branson 238 

d" Purucker, Hobart L. G. 242 

Dobsevage, I. George 252 

Donaldson, Joseph Everett 256 

Dowd, Helen Lietta 259 

Elwood, Maren 280 

Erickson, Thelma Holm.... 282 

Euwer, Anthony 285 

Fain, Sarah Lee O. d'hal.. 290 

Ford, Helen Louise 310 

Frankenstein, Alfred V 314 

Fuller, Ruth Cornell 320 

Furbay, John Harvey 320 

Gaw, Ethelean Tyson 331 

Gearhart, May 332 

Geer, Charles Lester 332 

Geritz, Josephine Heintz.... 334 

Gessier, Clifford 335 

Gettell, Nelene Groff 335 

Goldsmith, Lillian B 345 

Golubeff, Gregory W 346 

Goodnow, Marc N 347 

Goodspeed. Edgar J 348 

Gould, Janet Williams 351 

Guerard, Albert 362 

Haig, :Mabel George 368 

Halev, Phylis 370 

Hall, George Joyce, M.D. 371 

Hall, Manlv Palmer 372 

Hayler, Mollie B 393 

Heindel, Augusta Foss 397 

Henderson. Harry Finley.... 399 

Hester, James M 405 

Hinchman, Fred Kimpton 410 

Hobart, Chas. Edwin 412 

Hollenbach, Marion Grace.. 417 

Hottes, Alfred Carl 424 

Howell, John Gilson 428 

Hunter, George W 436 

Hurlbut, Harold 439 

Jamison, Abbie Norton 450 

Johnson, Arthur M 456 

Jones, Mattison Boyd 465 

Kail, Alexis 469 

Kellogg, Charlotte H 477 

Kent, Arthur H 482 

Kevs, Noel 485 

Klein, Walter 493 

Klinker, Orpha 495 

Kybal, Milic 509 

Kyser, Edward Vernon 510 

Landrith, Ira 514 

Larson, Christian Daa 520 

La Violette, Wesley 522 

Lawson, Verna M 525 

Lechner, John Robert 529 

Lory, Hillis 556 

Lufkin. Arthur Ward 560 

Lyon, David Willard 565 

MacCaughey, Vaughan 568 

McCutchan. Robert Guy.... 603 

McLean, Donald 615 

McNeill, Mary Tylene 618 

Mertins, Louis 626 

-Milburn, Leigh Hope 631 

Miller, Kvylona Nunn G33 

Miller, Lilian May 635 

Moremcn, Raymond 654 

Morgan, Ann p:iizabeth ... 654 

Morgan. Geoffery F 655 

Morris, Charles S 659 

Nimmo, R.iy Everett 681 

Northe, James Neill 684 

Ols.son-.Seffer, Irma E 692 

Paget-Fredericks, Baron J. 697 

Paval, Philip Kran 708 

Poabody, Henry G 709 

Peterson, Basil Hyrum 718 

Pierre, Dorathi Bock 725 

Popenoe, Paul 730 

Posin, Jack A 732 

Pratt, Antoinita Cosby G. 737 

Rodman, Ann Arabella P... 778 

Rogers, Julia Ellen 780 

Rowel!, Chester Harvey... 789 

Rowntree. Gertrude E. L. 790 

Sarafian. Kevork A 801 

Scattergood, Ezra Fred 804 

Schleicher, William Paul.. 807 

Schumacher, Thos. H. C 812 

Scott, Walter Canfield... 815 

Sevmour, John Laurence.... 821 

Sibley, Edward Carroll 833 

Silverman, Milton 835 

Smith, Maurice M 844 

Solev, Mavo H., M.D 849 

Spencer, Blake W 853 

Stephens, Ronald Francis 865 

Stewart, Wendy 871 

Stone, Irving 874 

Sunderlin, Chas. Algernon 882 

Talbott, E. Guy 889 

Tappan, Margaret 890 

Taylor, Marion Sayle 893 

Tennvson, Diane Van D 897 

Tibbetts, Edith M. K 905 

Trattner, Ernest Robt 915 

Ussher, Bruno David 927 

Vallely, Lorita Baker 929 

van Wyck, William 934 

Wagner, Blanche Collet 942 

Walker, George Parot 945 

Wallace, Marv Blair 947 

Wallbank, Thos. Walter.... 948 

Walter, Cheslev Mathew.... 949 

Walter, Nina Willis 949 

Waters, Crystal 955 

Watkins, Louise Ward 956 

Webb, H. Pascal 959 

Westergaard, Waldemar.... 969 
Willets, Gilson Vanderveer 985 
Wilson. Olah Mendenhall ... 993 

With, Karl E 999 

Woodruff, Jas. L., M.D. 1006 

Worden, Perry 1011 

Wright. Stanton McDon. 1015 

Young, Arthur Howland.. 1019 

Young, Ella 1020 

Young, Pauline 1022 


Librarians — 

Avin, Benj. Herzl 34 

Avin, Elijah 35 

Bliss, Leslie Edgar 88 

Bovnton, Mary Louise 105 

Brewitt, Theodora Root.... 113 

Caldwell, Gladys 142 

Campbell, Susan Palmer.. 146 
Christeson, Frances Mary.. 173 

Connor, Elizabeth 195 

Coolidge, Colt 198 

Daley, Edith 223 

Dick, Christian Robertson 246 
Dutcher, Patricia 269 


Fredrlcks, Jessica Mary... 315 

C;arbutl. Katharine Kendlg 325 

(Icrould, Albert C 3.35 

(;irdncr, Margaret Vlrlnda 342 

(;iedhlll. Margaret Buck.. 344 

CJoodwln, John Edward 349 

Graves, C. Edward 3,53 

Hallev, Mary Belle 372 

Harper. Wilhelmlna 381 

Hollingsworth, Josephine.. 418 

Kaiser, John Boynton 469 

Kaye, Katherlne 472 

Kennedy, Gladys Brownson 481 

Kerr, Willis Holmes? 484 

Kobler, Marjorle Helen 502 

Leupp, Harold Lewis 538 

Lucas, Mercer Watson 559 

Madison, Elizabeth S 574 

Margrave, Anne 582 

McKnight, Eugene C 612 

Mood, Fulmer 649 

Peat, Evalyn 710 

Plaister, Cornelia Dyer 727 

Potter, Alfred Claghom.. 734 

Powell, Lawrence Clark.... 735 

Provines, Cornelia D 743 

Provines, Mary Virginia.... 743 

Rea, Robert 756 

Scheck, Alice M 805 

Skarstedt, Marcus 839 

Taylor, Edith Winifred.... 891 

Taylor, Grace Rackliffe... 893 

Topping, Elizabeth Russell 912 

Walker, Ethel 944 

Walkington, Margaret G... 947 

Warren. Althea 953 

Wemmer, Frederick A 966 

Wenzel, Caroline 967 

Wolfe, Linnie Marsh 1000 

Woods, Chas. Franklin.... 1007 

Woodworth, Frances A 1008 

Wynkoop, Asa 1016 

Zimmerman, Carma R 1025 

Library Catalogers — 

Peters, Aimee Marguerite 717 

Provines, Mary V 743 

3eager, Marguerite Laura.. 816 

Library Commissioner — 

Blight, Reynold E 87 

Library Curator — 

Schulz, Herbert C 812 

Library Custodian — 

Ramelli, Rudolph F 750 

Library Directors — 

Farrand, Ma.x 294 

Perret, Ferdinand 716 

Spearman, Arthur D 852 

van Patten, Nathan, 934 

Vogleson, Helen E 938 

Library Executive — 

Belt, Mary Ruth 67 

School Director — 

Mitchell, Sydney Bancroft 645 

Science Director — 

Carter, Mary Duncan 154 

Library Supervisors — 

Madison, Elizabeth Syle.. 574 
Moore, Allie Smith 650 


Authors — 

Arensberg, Walter Conrad 27 

Atherton, Gertrude F 31 

Baum, Vicki 55 


Seals Carleton 58 Martin, Charles Morris 586 

Bech(iolt, Frederick R 60 Maxwell, Everett C 592 

Bedell, Frederick 62 McHenry, Frances 609 

Bennett Raine TO Mears, Eliot Grinnell 620 

Beranger, Clara 72 Meller, Sidney 621 

Block, Ralph Joseph 89 Mezquida, Anna Blake 629 

Boone, J. Allen 97 Miller, Max 636 

Brandon, Paul Maerker... 109 Miller, May Merrill 636 

Browne, i^ewis 124 Miller, Viola Jane 638 

Campbell, Lily 145 Misselwitz, Henry Francis 643 

Carhie, Richard Fredric. 149 Moon. Carl 650 

Cartwright, Peter Leroy.... 155 Moon, Grace 650 

Chapel, Charles Edward.... 167 Morrison, Lucile P 660 

Chatfield-Tavlor H. C 170 Mowbray, Alan Cedric 664 

Childs Frank Hall 172 Nelson, Wm. Hamilton.... 675 

Clark' Nalbro Hartley 178 Neuhaus, Eugen 676 

Clements Colin 183 Noe, Jas. Thos. Cotton 683 

Clements' Edith Schwartz.. 183 North-Monfort, Grace May 684 

Coblentz,' Stanton A 186 Oftord, Lenore Glen 688 

Collins Franklin Wallace 191 Ogden, Geo. Washington.... 689 

Conklin, Frank R Addenda Page, Elizabeth 697 

Connell, Richard 195 Paul, Louis 708 

Cook, Florita Damron 197 Politi, Leo 729 

Darling, Esther Birdsall.... 225 Porter, Rebecca N 731 

Dawson, Grace Strickler.... 235 Potter, Miriam Clark 734 

Der Ling, Princess 243 price, George McCready... 738 

Dibblee, Harrison 245 Prichard, Augustus B 739 

Dix, Beulah Marie 251 Raphaelson, Samson 752 

Dobsevage, I. George 252 Ripley, Thos. Emerson 769 

Dodge, Louis 254 Rittenhouse, Norman A 770 

Dondo, Mathurin 256 Robbins, Reginald C 771 

Douglas, Lloyd C 259 Robinson, Elsie 775 

Doyle, Helen MacK., M.D. 262 Rogers, Julie Ellen 780 

Duncan, Frances 265 Rossiter, Frederick McGee 787 

Elson, Allan Vaughan 280 posten, Leo C 787 

Elwell-Onions, M. E. Addenda powan, Andrew Summers 789 

Fergusson, Harvey 297 Rowntree, Gertrude E. L. 790 

Ferrier, Wm. Warren 298 Ryerson, Florence 795 

Fitzsimmons, Cortland 305 Saunders, Chas. Francis.... 802 

Freeman, Lewis R 317 Scherer, Jas. Augustin B. 806 

Fuller, Ruth Cornell 320 Schultz, Jas. Willard 811 

Furbay, John Harvey 320 Scully, Frank 816 

Gardner, Erie Stanley 326 Searles, Anna H 817 

Garrott, Hal 328 

Gaw, Ethelean Tyson 331 

Gessler, Clifford 335 

Sears, Jesse Brundage 817 

Selwyn, Edgar 820 

Sibley, Edward Carroll.... 833 

Glasscock, Carl Burgess.. 343 Sinclair, John Franklin 

Goldsmith, Lillian B 345 Sinclair, Upton 838 

Golubeff, Gregory W 346 gmall, Sidney Herschel.... 841 

Gregory, Jackson 358 smith, Nila Banton 844 

Grinstead, Durward 360 

Hall, George J., M.D 371 

Hall, Manly Palmer 372 

Hanson, Miles 378 

Howthorne, Hildegarde 391 

Heindel, Augusta Foss 397 

Stanley, Frank Arthur. ... 859 

Stellman, Louis John 864 

Stephens, Ronald Francis 865 

Stewart, Donald Ogden.... 870 

Stone, Irving 874 

-, ,_, ^. , „„o Strack, Lilian Holmes 877 

Helvenston, Harold Fmley 398 German, Lewis Madison.... 897 

Hersch. Virginia.. 403 Thurston, Carl 905 

Hewes, Agnes Danforth 406 

Hoffman, Eleanor 415 

Hoover, Theo. Jesse 422 

Hoyt, Vance Joseph 430 

Toor, Frances 912 

Trattner, Ernest Robt 915 

van Wvck, William 934 

Wallbank, Thos. Walter.... 948 

Hubbard, Bernard R 4.30 walsh, Marie Toma 949 

Hughes, Rupert 432 

Huxley, Aldous Leonard... 441 

Kamps, Norman H 470 

Kaucher, Dorothy M 471 

Kendall, Carlton 479 

Kern, Corinne Johnson 

King, Frank Marion 

Kirkbride, Ronald 490 

Knight, Clifford R 497 

Watson, Robert 957 

Weissman, David 965 

Wetjen, Albert Richard... 970 

White, J. Andrew 974 

.„_ White, Stewart Edward.... 976 

Z„i Whitsell, Betty Loren 977 

Willard, Theodore Arthur 984 

Willets, Gilson Vanderveer 985 

Williams, Ed. Huntington 986 

Kyser, Edward Vernon 510 wilson, Arthiir Riehl 990 

Winlow, Anna Constance.... 995 
Winlow, Clara Vostrovsky 996 

Winter, Alice Ames 997 

With, Karl E 999 

Wood, C. A., M.D 1002 

Lawrence, John 524 

Lewis, Oscar 541 

London, Charmian K 554 

MacArthur, Ruth A. B 567 

Mahoney, Wilkie 575 

VTarion, Frances 582 Worden, Perry 1011 

Marmur, Jacland 583 Wright, Harold Bell 1013 

Wright, Norman Soreng.. 1015 

Wright, Stanton McD 1015 

X, Stuart 1017 

Yates, Franklina Gray.... 1017 

Young, Pauline 1022 

Representatives — 

Lehr, Abraham 532 

Marton, George 589 

Biographers — 

Greusel, John Hubert 358 

Hughes, Rupert 432 

Ludwig, Emil 560 

Book Collectors — 

Dawson, Ernest 235 

Mason, Elmer Brown 589 

Book Dealers — 

Dawson, Ernest 235 

Dawson. Glen 235 

Elder, Paul 275 

Howell, John Gilson 428 

Book Expert — 

Zeitlin, Jacob Israel 1024 

Book Reviewers — 

Everett, Laura Bell 289 

McNeill, Mary Tylene 618 

Literary Counselor — 

Morgan, Cosmo Jennings.... 655 

Literary Critics — 

Atwood, Robt. C. O'Cathal 32 

Sabin, Edwin Legrand 797 

Searles, Anna Hawley 817 

Yates, Franklina Gray... 1017 

Novelists — 

Akins, Zoe Addenda 

Lawton, Vingie E. R 526 

McCulley, Johnston 602 

McKee, Ruth Eleanor 610 

Storm, Hans Otto 877 

Wool folk, Josiah Pitts.... 1009 
Woolfolk, Louella A. P 1009 

Poets — 

Akins, Zoe Addenda 

Altrocchi, Julia Cooley 19 

Archer, Kate Rennie 27 

Bogart, R. Parkman 92 

Bonham, Cecil Capron 96 

Bruce, Aubert Edgar 124 

Cherrington, Edith 170 

Cheyney, Ralph 171 

Dawson, Grace Strickler ... 235 

Dorr, Dorothy C 258 

Evans, Lucille 288 

Finn, Eugenia Townsend... 300 

Gidlow, Elsa 338 

Golubeff, Gregory 346 

Green, Julia Boynton 355 

Hagemeyer, Dora 367 

Hamilton, Marion Ethel.... 374 

Hovt, Helen 430 

Hudnall, Floris Smith 432 

Hughes, Rupert 432 

Janson, Ellen Margaret.... 451 

Jeffers, Robinson 452 

Keene, Florence R 473 

Kirkbride, Ronald 490 

Knox, Minnie Faegre 501 

Lane, Frank Hardy 515 

Lasky, Bessie 520 

Lehmann, Helen Miller.... 531 

Lehmer, Eunice Mitchell.. 532 

Marquis, Neeta 583 

May, Beulah 592 

Mavs, Monica C. M 594 

McCarthy, John Russell.... 597 



McG.uv. nianclio Evelyn . 607 

McCJoUlKun, Franolsca V. 607 

Merlins, Louis 626 

Meslon, Lela H 627 

Miller. Juanita 6;M 

Mitchel, Helen Alberta... 643 

Mvers. Ethel Frances B. 670 

Northe, James Neill 684 

Pence. Sara Huncly 71,3 

Penilleton. Barbara Eye.... 71.3 

Phillip.s, Mabel W 722 

Pollard. Patience 729 

Prior. Beatrix 741 

Purnell. Iciella 746 

Rasev. Jean 753 

Ray, Milton S 754 

Ret. Etienne 763 

Rinear, Roberta 769 

P jss-iie River, Jessie 786 

Sale. Bettie 799 

Sayre. Jane 803 

Shafer, Mina 822 

Stanley, Irene 859 

Stephens. Ronald Francis 8(i5 

Steunenberg, George E 867 

Stewart, Winifred Gray.... 871 

Storm. Hugo 877 

Thornton. Rita Green 904 

Tree, Dolly 916 

Trent. Lucia 917 

Wallace, Frances Revett... 947 

Walter, Nina Willis 949 

Watkins, Eleanor P., M.D. 956 

Welch, Marie de Laveaga 965 

Whitaker, Robert 972 

Whittaker, Geo. Simon.... 978 

Wilde, Irene 983 

Wilson, Nell Griffith 993 

Young, Ella 1020 

Zimmerman, Hazel L 1025 

Publishers — 

Allen, Edgar Marion 14 

Barkow, Carl G 48 

Barkow, Walter Herman.... 48 

Barney, Kate S 50 

Beck, Paul Ralph 60 

Beebe, Dan L 62 

Berkov, Robert H 73 

Blizzard, William 88 

Boddy, E(lias) Manchester 91 
Bramble, Aileen Franklin.. 109 
Brombacher, Gilbert Elton 117 
Brown, Jas. Montgomery 121 

Brownhill, Timothy 124 

Budde, Henry Ferdinand.... 128 
Burcher, Henry Frederick 131 

Calkins, Robert Ried 143 

Carpenter, Grace Marion 151 
Cauthorn, Joseph Lurton 162 

Chaffev, John R. E 163 

Chalfant, Will Arthur 163 

Chamberlain, Arthur H 163 

Chandler, Harry 165 

Chandler, Norman 166 

Chapel, Chas. Edward 167 

Chapin, W. W 167 

Clark, Arthur Miller 176 

Clawson, Watson Swarty.. 180 
Clearwater, Clifford D... 181 
Crow, Nelson Rayment... 217 

Davies, John T 229 

De Bakcsy. Cornelius 237 

De Chambeau, Dewey C 238 

de Menezes, Sr., Joaquim 241 

Donovan, Eugene 257 

Dunscomb, Geo. Baker... 268 
Elwell-Onions, M. E. Addenda 

Evans, Chas. Percy 286 

Field, Ben 298 

Fleetwood, Wm. Ogden.... 306 

Gabbert, John Raymond ... .T21 

(Jiacoma/.zl, Con J 3.'!6 

Gih.son. Luther Earl 3.'{8 

Gould. William EllLs 351 

Harper. Lawrence A 381 

Hayes. Jay Orley 392 

Hays. Howard H .393 

Heacock. Joel G 394 

Henkel. Elmer E 400 

Holdcn. John T 416 

Hopkins. Pryns 422 

Howell. John Gilson 428 

Jacobs. Jr.. Edwin E 447 

Jessen, Lowell E 454 

Jones. Robert Letts 466 

Jorgcnson. Nora Bertina... 468 

Kamps. Norman H 470 

Kellogg, Bert Morell 476 

Kimbor, B. J 486 

Kline, Chester M 494 

Knezevich, John J 496 

Knowland, Joseph Russell 500 

Krouser, Caryl 507 

Lane, Lawrence William.. 515 

Larson, Stanley W 520 

Lawrence, Andrew M 523 

Lavvson, Harry A 525 

Lintner, James E 547 

Lum, Walter U 560 

Marmaduke, Jas. M 582 

Mayers, Henry 593 

McBrian, Charles A 595 

McCarty, Janie B 597 

McDowell, W. Clifford 605 

Miller Carl Patterson 632 

Morris, Eugene Ralph 659 

Morse, C. C 661 

Norton, Richard Henry.... 686 

Ostling, Ivan Gerald 694 

Parshalle, Eve 704 

Penter, Morris A 714 

Pfanstiel, Thomas F 719 

Pori, Hugo A 730 

Reed, Merrill Alonzo 759 

Reichard, E. Wayne 760 

Richards, Virgil C 767 

Ritchie, Ward 769 

Savage, Geo. W 802 

Sawyer, Jr., Edmund 803 

Smith, James L 842 

Smith, Leo A 843 

Smith, Willis E 846 

Storke, Thomas M 876 

Thomas, Horace Estes 901 

Trimble, Sinclair G 918 

Van Sooy, Neal Edgar 934 

Wagner, Rob 942 

Weigel, Fred H 963 

Weiss, Knovvles C 964 

Wheeler, George 971 

Whiteside, Percy Marion.... 976 
Whittaker, George Simon 978 
Wigmore, Leslie Warren.... 981 

Wood, Homer W 1004 

Woolley, Charles K 1010 

Writers — 

Addis, H. A. Noureddin 8 

Ainsworth, Edward Maddin.. 9 

Allen, Jean Loose 15 

Anderson, William Chas 24 

Antheil, George 26 

Archer, Kate Rennie 27 

Ataloa 30 

Atkinson, Agnes Akin 31 

Atwood, Robert Cavan O'C. 32 

Baldwin, Earl W Addenda 

Bandini, Ralph 45 

Barnes, Forrest 49 

Barrett, Edw. John Boyd.. 50 
Barton, William Sidney 53 

Beaumont, Arthur Edwalne 59 

lierk, Anna Reardon 60 

Ued ford -.(ones, Harry 62 

Bennett. Dorothy Evelyn.... 69 

Merkov. Robert H 73 

Bishop. Bennett Louis 78 

Blake. Charles Elwood 84 

Block Ralph Jo.seph 89 

Blythe. Stuart Oakes 90 

Boardman. True E 90 

Bogart. Guy 92 

Bond. Lee 95 

Bonner, Charles William... 96 

Booth. Charles Gordon 97 

Boworman. Paul 101 

Brand. Lillian 109 

Brininstool, Earl Alonzo.... 115 

Brooke. Mary Rucker 118 

Broughton. Esto Bates 119 

Browne. Belmore 123 

Brownhill. Timothy 124 

Bryan. Gerald Barbee 126 

Burns. Colette M 134 

Buwalda, Imra Wann 138 

Caldwell, George Walter.... 142 

Case, May L 157 

Case, Paul Foster 157 

Chamberlain, Arthur H 163 

Chamberlain, Jas. F 163 

Chevigny de la Chevrotiere, 

Hector Louis 171 

Church, Virginia W 174 

Clark, Addison N 175 

Clemens, Mildred Leo 182 

Collins, James H 191 

Colwell, Ma.x Fowler 192 

Corbett, Laurence Jay 201 

Cottam, Nephi Livsey 204 

Cram, Mildred 209 

Crane, Clarkson 209 

Cranston, Mildred Welch.... 210 
Creelman, Jas. Ashmore.... 212 

Cross, Estelle 214 

Culley, John Henry 219 

Cunningham, Eugene 220 

Davis, Dorothy Marie 230 

Davis, Warren Jefferson.. 233 

Davis, Wilbur L. Y 234 

deFord, Miriam Allen 238 

Del Mar, Eugene 240 

de Purucker, Hobart L 242 

Dieckmann, Edw. Adolph.. 247 

Diffin, Chas. Willard 248 

Dobbins, Natalia Potter.... 251 

Douglas, John Scott 259 

Duncan, Frances 265 

Edington, Arlo Channing.... 273 
Eldredge, Delmer Gilbert 275 

Elwood, Maren 280 

Estavan, Lawrence 284 

Euwer, Anthony 285 

Everett, Elizabeth Abbey.. 288 

Everett, Laura Bell 289 

Field, Ben 298 

Finn, Eugenia Townsend.... 300 

Finta. Alexander 301 

Fisher. Anne (Benson).... 302 

Fisher, Lillian Estelle 303 

Fitzsimmons, Cortland 305 

Planner, June Hildegarde.. 305 

Ford, Helen Louise 310 

Frazer, William Edward.. 315 

Garner, Bess Adeuns 327 

Gilmore, Betty 341 

Glazer, Benjamin 343 

Goodnow, Marc N 347 

Gordon, Arthur 350 

Graham, Wm. Alexander.. 352 

Green. Benj. Bristow 355 

Guerard, Albert 362 

Halsey, Wm. Forrest 372 



Hanna, Phil T 376 

Hart, Ann Clark 385 

Hauswirth, Frieda 389 

Hayler, Florena Agnes 392 

Hayler, MoUie B 393 

Hel'lman, Sam 398 

Hicks, Charles Henry 40b 

Hill, John Gadfrey 408 

Hillyer, Rupert James 409 

Hilton, John William 409 

Hinman, Mary Wood 411 

Hoffman, Fred L 414 

Hoover, Lou H 4J/ 

Hopper, James Marie 4^^ 

Howard, Clifford 426 

Howard, Eric 4Jb 

Howard, Kathleen 4^6 

Howell, St., Harry D 42» 

Hoyt, Roland Stewart 430 

Hunting, Gardner 438 

Hyers, Faith H 443 

Hyland, Richard F 443 

Inskeep, Annie Dolman.... 444 

Izac. Edouard V. M 445 

Jackson, Felix 446 

Jacobs, Helen Hull 448 

Jacobs-Bond, Carrie 448 

James, Harry Clebourne.... 449 

Janis-Wilson, Elsie 450 

Janson, Ellen Margaret.... 451 

Jones, Louise Seymour 464 

Jones, Lynn William 465 

Kahn, Edgar M 468 

Kellogg, Charlotte H 4(7 

Kepsel, Louis Herman 482 

Kitchell, Joseph Gray 492 

Knibbs, Henry Herbert 497 

Krauss, Edward Campbell 505 

Kybal, Vlastimil 509 

LaGier, Honorine 512 

Lamb, Harold Albert 513 

Lane, Virginia Thoine 515 

Larson, Christian Daa 520 

Laudermilk, Jerome D 522 

Lawrence, Raymond D 524 

Lawton, Vingie E. Roe 526 

Leale, Marion Whitfield.... 527 

I,eath, Robert Neal 527 

Lebedeff, Ivan Basil 528 

Lehman, Helen Miller 531 

Lengyel, Melchoir M 534 

Lennen, Elinor 534 

i^ester, Francis Edward.... 537 

Linkletter, Arthur G 546 

Lissner, Jr., Henry H 549 

Loban, Ethel 551 

Lockhart, Eugene 551 

Lockwood, Ethel Kelfer.... 552 

Lord, Jack 556 

Lowie, Robert H 558 

Ludwig, Emil 560 

Lyle, Jr., Eugene P 562 

Lyle, HI, Eugene Perry.... 563 

Lynch, Louise Ward 564 

Lynn, Edward 564 

MacCaughey, Vaughan 568 

MacFarlane, Kathryn Jean 571 

MacGowan, Alice 571 

Maize, Lillian Taft 575 

Malcolmson, David 577 

Manchester, Frederick 578 

Mankiewicz, Joseph Leo.... 578 

Markey, Gene 582 

Marquis, Neeta 583 

Marsh, Lucile Crews 584 

Martin, Anne Henrietta.... 586 

Martin, Everett Dean 587 

Mason, Elmer Brown 589 

Mays, Monica Celia M 594 

McEvoy, Joseph Patrick.... 605 
McGettigan, Francisca V... 607 

McGuinness, Jas. Kevin... 608 

McLean, Donald 615 

McManus, Elizabeth E 615 

Meiklejohn, Ale.xander 621 

Merrild, Knud 623 

Messer, Mary Burt 626 

Meston, Leta R. 627 

Milburn, Leigh Hope 631 

Miller, Raymond Wiley.... 637 

Mintzer, Murney 643 

Molnar, Louis 648 

Monsen, Courtenay 648 

Montgomery, Eliz. Rider.... 649 
Morgan, Ann Elizabeth... 654 
Morgan, John Ainsworth.... 655 
Morkovin, Boris Vladimir 657 

Moses, Edward Walter 662 

Nichols, Clark Asahel 679 

Noyes, George Rapall 686 

Paget-Fredericks, Baron J. 697 

Parshalle, Eve 704 

Parsons, Marion Randall 704 

Patrick, George Thom. W, 706 

Patterson, Vernon 707 

Paul, Elliot 708 

Pease, Howard 710 

Peattie, Donald Culross.... 710 
Peattie, Louise Redfield.... 711 

Perez, Luis 715 

Perkins, Chas Elliott 716 

Phillips, Catherine Coffin 720 

Posin, Jack A 732 

Price, Willard DeMille.... 739 

Prior, Beatrix 741 

Purcell, Arthur 745 

Purnell, Idella 746 

Putnam, Nina Wilcox 746 

Ragsdale, Stephen Albert 749 
Rauch, Mabel Thompson.... 753 

Read, Harlan Eugene 756 

Redner, Edna Gregg 757 

Reese, Lowell Otus 760 

Riley, Alice Gushing D 768 

Robinson, Wm. Wilcox.... 777 
Rodman, Ann Arabella P. 778 

Ross-de River, Jessie 786 

Routh, James Wynbourne 788 

Ruess, Stella Knight 791 

Ruble, Runa B 792 

Ryckman, Chas. Silcott.... 795 

Rvskind, Morrie 796 

Sabin, Edwin Legrand 797 

Salt, Edw. McChesney 798 

Sale, Bettie "799 

Saunders, Richard Drake.. 802 

Schary, Dore 804 

Schmidt, Alexander R 807 

Schnetzler, Stanley Stolz.. 808 

Schreiber, Hazel Snell 809 

Schuler, Loring Ashley 810 

Schuster, Addison B 812 

Smale, Rudolph 841 

Smith, Clark Ashton 842 

Snedden, David 847 

Spears, Raymond S 853 

Stechan, H. 862 

Stewart, Virginia 871 

Stiles, Pauline 872 

Storm, Hugo 877 

Taggard, Genevieve 889 

Talbott, E. Guy 889 

Taylor, Frank John 891 

Taylor, Glenhall Elmer 892 

Taylor, Marion Sayle 893 

Taylor, Samuel WooUey.... 894 

Tennyson, Diane Van D 897 

Terry, Howard Leslie 898 

Thorne-Rider, Count Fred. 904 

Tibbetts, Edith M. K 905 

Tobriner, Mathew Oscar.... 910 
Travnikoff, Basil 915 

Treadwell, Edw. Francis.... 916 

Tree, Dolly 916 

Trlvas, Numa S 918 

Tugend, Harry 922 

Tully, Jim 922 

Turner, Ethel 923 

iJssher, Bruno David 927 

Vadna, Laszlo 928 

Van der Veer, Judy 931 

van Patten, Nathan 934 

Verbeck, Blanche A. H 936 

Verkuyl, Gerrit 937 

Vestal, Samuel CurtLs 937 

von Borosini, August Jos. 939 

Wagner, Blanche Collet... 942 

Walker, Edward Everett 944 

Walkup, Fairfax Proudfit 947 

Wanger, Viola Perry 950 

Weaver, Harriett Eilene.... 959 

Whitaker, Robert 972 

Williamson, Gladys Parker 988 

Willoughby, Barrett 990 

Wilson, Nell Griffith 993 

Wilson, Ralph E 993 

Winlow, Anna Constance.... 995 
Winlow, Clara Vostrovsky 996 
Wire, Harold Channing.... 997 

Woodruff, Jas. Lloyd 1006 

Woodson, Tennessee 1007 

Wotherspoon, Marion F... 1012 

Wynne, Leslie Bernard.... 1016 

Young, Ella 1020 

Zeitlin, Ida 1024 

Zimmerman, Hazel Louise 1025 


Livestock Producers — 

Keyston, George Noel 485 

Spencer, Allan Thos 853 

Vaughn, Howard 935 

Livestock Specialists — 

McDonald, Alexander 604 

Thompson, John Irwin 902 


Manufacturers — 

Anderson, Frank Bolander 23 

Burt, Robert C 135 

Hyland, Clarence M., M.D. 443 

Jijon y Caamano, Jacinto 455 

Lindquist, R. Jerome 545 

Partsch, Joseph C 705 

Stern, Ralph Joel Anthony 867 

Wheeler, John Egbert 971 

Wiel, Eli Hecht 980 

Wilkinson, Mearle W 984 


Anatomist — 

Pohlman, Aug. G., M.D 728 

Gynecologists — 

Hall, Geo. J., M.D 371 

Lamb, W. K., M.D 513 

Loomis, Frederic M., M.D. 555 

Slemons, J. Morris, M.D. 840 

Superintendents — 

Adams, Burton A., M.D 5 

Russell, Wm. McK 794 

Wherry, Margaret J 972 

Wood, George Uniac 1003 

Medical Directors — 

Black, Benj. W., M.D 81 

Myers, Glenn Edwin 671 

Worley, Jas. F., M.D 1011 

Neuropsychiatrists — 

Moore, J. Ross, M.D 651 

Rosanoff, Aaron J., M.D. 782 



Obstetricians — 

Bashor, Kiiu-st C, M.D 54 

Lamb, \V(>()<ibuin K., M.D. 513 
Loomi.s. Kicderic M., M.D. 555 
Slemons, J. Morris, M.D. 840 

Ophthalmologists — 

Reed, Jas., M.D 759 

Snow, Haiolii Leo, M.D 818 

Orthopaedic Surgeons — 

Carroll, ){obert Liile, M.D. 15:3 
Crowe. Harold E., M.D. 217 

Otologist — 

Pohlman, Aug. G., M.D. 728 

Pathologists — 

Bennell. Carlvle Wilson 69 

Bogen, Emil, ]\LD 92 

Jummins, Wm. T., M.D 219 

Jorgenson, Geo. E., M.D. 467 
Manwaring, W. H., ^LD. 580 
Raulston, Burrell O., M.D. 754 
Swift, Richard H 887 

Physicians — 

Abbott. Geo. K., M.D 1 

Anthonv, Selda E., M.D... 26 
Atkinson. Chas. E., M.D. 31 
Babington, Suren H., M.D. 37 
Bailev, Cornelius O., M.D. 40 

Barnett, Geo. D., M.D 49 

Bartle, Ira B., M.D 52 

Bashor, Ernest Geo., M.D... 54 
Bernstein, Abraham, M.D... 74 
Bisliop, Bennett L., M.D. 78 

Blaine, Edw. S.. M.D 83 

Bumpus, Hermon C, M.D. 130 

Caldwell, Geo. W., M.D 142 

Card, Thos. A., M.D 148 

Chandler, Louis C, AI.D. 166 
Church, Archibald, M.D. 173 

Churchill, Jas. F., M.D 174 

Coffev, Stanley E., M.D. 188 

Costoiow, Wm. E., M.D 204 

Co.x, J. Emit, M.D 207 

Dole, Kenneth L., M.D 255 

Downs, L., M.D Addenda 

Doyle, Helen M., M.D 262 

Eaton, J. Lloyd, M.D 272 

Enstam, Carl H., M.D 282 

Flude, John M., M.D 308 

Gambell, Francis H., M.D. 324 

Gamble, Wm. E., M.D 324 

Garstang, Don B., M.D 328 

Geiger, Jacob C, M.D 332 

Gerdine, L. van H., M.D. 334 

Gilliatt, Wm. H., M.D 340 

Ginsburg, H. M., M.D 342 

Goin. Lowell S., M.D 345 

Haenel, Joachim A., M.D. 366 
Hennessv, Harold R., M.D. 400 
HoUeran, Walter M.. M.D. 417 

Howson, Carl R., M.D 429 

Jacobs, Melville L., M.D. 448 
Jacobsen, Harry P., M.D. 449 
Johnston, Herb. A., M.D. 461 

Kerr, Wm. J., M.D 483 

Kiger, Wm. H., M.D 486 

Kremers, M. Y., M.D 506 

Legge, Robert T., M.D 531 

Lesem, Alex. U.. M.D 536 

Lewis, Silas A., M.D 541 

Lilley, Walter E., M.D., ....544 

Lissner. Henry H., M.D 549 

Llovd-Jones. Orren, M.D. 551 

L^•man, Geo. D., M.D 563 

Magan, Percv T., M.D., 574 

Majer, Robt. G., ISLD 576 

Martin. Hugh H., M.D 587 

Mason-Hohl, Eliz., M.D. 590 
McCracken, Jr., Jacob H. 602 

Miller, Newton. M.D 637 

Mills, Llovd, M.D 642 

Mllroy, Wm. F., M.D M-i 

Moffitt. Herbert C, M.D. 647 
Molony. Sr., W. R., M.D. G18 
Mulfinger, Carl L.. M.D. 666 

Myers, Glenn E.. M.D 671 

Nelson, Chas. F., M.D 675 

Nicola, Blanche N., M.D. 680 
Northrop, Robt. S., M.D. 685 
Novy. Jr., Fred G., M.D. 686 

Parkinson, R. H., M.D 703 

Peers, Robt. A, M.D 712 

Pottenger, F. M., M.D 733 

Pottenger, Jr., M.D 734 

Powers, Edw. S., M.D 736 

Rand. Carl W.. M.D 750 

Redner, Leo R., M.D 757 

Redner, Jr., L. R., M.D 757 

Roblee, Wm. W., M.D 777 

Rodin. Frank H.. M.T> 778 

Rogers. John B., M.D 780 

Rosencrantz, E., M.D 784 

Rude, Anna E., M.D 791 

Russell, Edw. L.. M.D 793 

Shelton, Eberle K., M.D. 826 

Shepard. Wm. P.. M.D 828 

Sheranian. H. N., M.D 829 

Sherman, Julius, M.D 829 

Simmel. Ernst, M.D 835 

Skillen, Jane, M.D 839 

Stanton, Elvin H., M.D 860 

Stone, Willard J.. M.D 875 

Strong, Artemus J., ALD. 880 
Tavlor, Fletcher B., M.D. 891 

Taylor, F. W. H., M.D 892 

Tebbetts, Herb E., M.D. 896 

Tidd, Chas. W., M.D 907 

Tietz, Esther B., M.D 907 

Torrev, Harry B., M.D 913 

Trimble, Harold G., i\LD. 918 
Voorsanger. Wm. C, M.D. 941 
Wainright, Sam. H., i\LD. 943 
Wardrip, Buford H., i\LD. 952 
Watkins, Eleanor P., M.D. 956 
Weitkamp, Alf. H., M.D. 965 
Williams. Edw. H., M.D. 986 
Wilson, Harry Hults, M.D. 992 
Woodruff, Jas. L., M.D. 1006 

Psychiatrists — 

Carlisle, Chester Lee, RLD. 148 

Crutcher, Roberta, M.D 21S 

Hamilton, G. V. T., M.D. 373 

Meyers, Thomas J 629 

Myers, Glenn Edwin, M.D. 671 

Rogers. John B., M.D 780 

Public Health Directors 

Geiger, Jacob C. M.D 332 

Haig, Rena 368 

Public Health Nurses — 

Fleming. Harriet Sonn 306 

Hutchinson. Mary Edna 441 

Kern. Corinne Johnson... 483 

Roentgenologists — 

Blaine, Edw. Smith, IVLD. 83 

Carter, Rav A., M.D 155 

Swift, Richard H 887 

Surgeons — 

Abbott, Geo. K.. M.D 1 

Adams. Bon O., M.D 5 

Aird, Robert Burns. M.D 10 

Alden. Eliot, M.D 12 

Ankele, Cordes W., M.D 26 

Babington, Suren H., M.D. 37 

Belt, Elmer, M.D 67 

Bernstein. Abraham 74 

Breyer, John H.. M.D 113 

Buerger, Leo. M.D 128 

Burrows. M. T.. M.D 135 

Bush, Chesley. M.D 136 

Caldwell. Geo. W.. M.D 142 

Card, Thos. A., M.D 148 

Chandler. Louis C. M.D. 166 
Coffey. Stanley E.. M.D. 188 
CoUings. Clyde W.. M.D. 190 

Cooper. Finis G., M.D 200 

Cox. J. Emit. M.D 207 

Cunnane. Philip J.. M.D. 220 

Enloe. N. Thos., M.D 282 

Ernsberger. Geo. H.. M.D. 283 

Gage. Alan Edw.. M.D 321 

Gambell. Francis H.. M.D. 324 
Gamble, W. Elliot. M.D. 324 
Gerdine, L. van H.. M.D. 334 
Gilcreest, Edgar L.. M.D. 339 

Gilliatt. Wm. H.. M.D 340 

Ginsburg. H. M.. M.D 342 

Gummess. Karl C, M.D 364 

Haenel. Joachim A., M.D. 366 

Hall. Geo. J., M.D 371 

Hennessy, Harold R.. M.D. 400 

Hoffman, L. H.. M.D 414 

Holleran. Walter M.. M.D. 417 
Holman. Emile F.. M.D. 418 
Johnston. Herb. A., M.D. 461 

Johnstone. E. K., M.D 462 

Josephson. Jos. B., M.D. 468 

Keenan, Alex. S.. M.D 473 

Kellogg, Wilfred H.. U.D. All 

Kiger. Wm. H.. M.D 486 

Leonard. Alex T., M.D 534 

Lesem. Alex. M.. M.D 536 

Lewis. Silas A.. M.D 541 

Lillev, Walter E., M.D 544 

Majer. Robt. G., M.D 576 

Martin, Hugh H.. M.D 587 

Mason-Hohl, Eliz.. M.D. 590 

McCarty, Ray B., M.D 598 

McCracken. Jr., J., M.D. 602 

Miller. Austin V.. M.D 632 

Miller, Newton. ISLD 637 

Mills, Llovd. M.D 642 

Morrison. W. A.. M.D 661 

Mulfinger, Carl L., M.D. 666 

Palmer, Edwin O., M.D 699 

Powers. Edw. S.. M.D 736 

Rand. Carl W.. M.D 750 

Roblee. Wm. W.. M.D 777 

Russell. Wm. ]\L, :M.D 794 

Sharp, Geo. S., M.D 823 

Shepard, Geo. W.. M.D 827 

Shepard, Wm. P.. M.D 828 

Sheranian, H. N., M.D 829 

Skillen, Jane, M.D 839 

Stanton, Elvin H., M.D 860 

Strong, Artemas J.. M.D. 880 
Tatro. Raymond F.. M.D. 890 

Taylor, F. W. H., M.D 892 

Tebbetts, Herb. E., M.D. 896 
Thomason, George. M.D.„ 902 

Wavland, Ray. T., M.D 958 

Weeks, Alanson. M.D 962 

Weitkamp. Alf. H.. M.D. 965 
Wheeler, Omer W., M.D. 972 
Witherspoon, T. C, ISLD. 999 
Wood, Casey A., M.D 1002 

Toxicologists — 

Gibson, Chas. B., M.D 337 

Thienes. C. H.. M.D 899 

Urologists — 

Belt. Elmer. M.D 67 

Bumpus, Herman C. M.D. 130 

Collings. Clyde W.. M.D 190 

Garstang. Don. B.. M.D. 328 

Hale, Nathan G., M.D 369 

Redewill. F. H.. M.D 757 

Wesson. Milev B., M.D 967 




Merchants — 

Andrews, Stanley Phillips.... 25 

Austin, Glenn B 33 

Bullwinkel, Clarence A IdU 

Burnett, Clarence M 133 

Marston, George White.... 585 

Middough, Lome Dunkin .... 630 

Middough, Robt. Hunter.... 630 

Moffitt, Jas. Kennedy 647 

Rosenberg, Harold Bush.... 783 

Soanes, Harry Vincent 848 

Strasburg, Ma.x 878 

Ward, Clair V 951 


Metallurgists — 

Crook, Welton Joseph ^13 

Gibson, Chas. B., M.D 337 

Jackling, Daniel Cowan.... 445 

Lyon, Dorsey A 565 



Rittenhouse, Norman A 77U 

Tennyson, Diane Van D 897 


Meteorologists — 

Blochman, Lazar E 89 

Booth, Thomas William 98 

Carpenter, F. A 150 

Daingerfield, Lawrence H. ZA6 
Hersey, Henry Blanchard 404 
Krick, Irving Parkhurst.... 506 

Reed, Thomas Roger 760 

Sverdrup, Harald Ulrik.... 884 

Tavlor, Geo. Frederic 892 

Wilson, Edward Ellis 991 

Mineralogists — 

Bradlev, Walter W 107 

Howell, David H 427 

Palache, Charles 698 

Mine Operators — 

Hyde, Jas. Macdonald 442 

Knight, Jess 498 

Academy of Motion 
Picture Arts and 
Sciences Executives — 

Gledhill, Donald 344 

Mitchell, Gordon S 644 

Motion Picture 
Art Directors — 

Banks, Lionel C Addenda 

Day, Richard 236 

Dreier, Hans 262 

Motion Picture Art 
Technician — 

Scott, Clyde Eugene 813 

Motion Picture 
Directors — 

Dieterle, William 247 

Disney, Walt 250 

Kanin, Garson 470 

Lachman, Harry 511 

Leisen, Jas. Mitchell 533 

Lloyd, Frank W. G 550 

Mamoulian, Rouben 577 

Rosenberg, Aaron 783 Mahoney, Wilkie Courier 575 

Seller, Lewis Addenda St. Clair, Robert Ray 798 

Taurog, Norman Rae 891 Motion Picture 

Tryon, Glenn 920 

Motion Picture 
Executives — 

Field, Alice Evans 298 

Freeman, Y. Frank 317 

Set Designers — 

Bonestell, Chesley 96 

Koldehofe, Dolf 503 

Motion Picture 
Sound Directors — 

Goetz, William 345 ^^own Bernard B Addenda 

Johnston, W. Ray 462 Levinson, Nathan 538 

Joy, Jason Shepherd 468 Miller, Wesley Clifton 639 

Kanin, Garson 470 Moulton, Thomas Truman 663 

Koverman, Ida Ranous... 504 •n--*„,o, 

Levinson, Nathan 538 Motion Picture 

Lloyd, Frank w. G 550 Technicians — 

Mayer, Louis Burt 593 Huse, Emery 439 

Philbrick, Howard R 719 Valentine, Joseph A 929 

Selwvn, Edgar 820 Walker, Joseph B 946 

Wallis, Hal Brent 949 

Wanger, Walter F 950 

Warner, Jack Leonard 953 

Museum Directors — 

Zukor. Adolph 1026 ^bZU CHnt on Gilbert 1 

Motion Picture 
Film Editor — 

Comstock, John Adams.... 193 
Heil, Walter 397 

Bauchens, Anne Addenda Hodge, Fredr. W 413 

_, ^. _. . Lemos, Pedro J o66 

Motion Picture Miller, Alden H 632 

Music Directors — Miller, Robert C 638 

Bakaleinikoff, Constantin Morley, Grace L. McCann 657 

Roman Addenda Muskavitch, Charles M 669 

O'Keefe. Jas. Conrad 690 Wiggins, Ira Loren 980 

Steiner, Maximilian R 863 Woodward, Albert Arthur 1007 

stoioff, Morris W 874 ^^^^^^ Curators— 

Wa.xman, Franz 958 j^^^^^^_ q^^ Haviland 51 

Motion Picture Bogert, Chas. Mitchell 93 

Photographers— Coulter, Bessie Beth R 205 

Clarke, Chas. Galloway.... 179 Gifford, Edward W 339 

Garmes, Lee D 326 Harrington, Mark R 383 

Valentine. Joseph A 929 toward, Hildegarde 426 

Walker, Joseph B 946 Myers George Sprague.... 670 

Williams, Frank D 987 Willett, George 985 

Motion Picture Museum Executive — 

Producers— Hinchman. Fred Kimpton 410 

Bosworth, Hobart Van Z 99 ivATT<;Tr' 

Coslow, Sam 203 MUbit, 

deMille, Cecil Blount 241 Choral Directors — 

DeSylva, George Gard 243 grant, Leroy Verne 110 

Dieterle, William 247 Diggle, Roland 248 

Disney, Walt 250 porr, II, Wm. Ripley 258 

Emerson, John 281 Gamauf, Ladislaus 323 

Glazer, Benjamin 343 m\\^ Raymond R. P. J 408 

Goetz, William 345 Lott, Clifford 556 

Hempstead, Jr., David Bill 398 Lyman, Ralph Haine 563 

Hornblow, Jr., Arthur 423 Mader, Clarence 574 

Sst: ?eS°"L;;;:::::;;::::;:::::: S compose,^ 

E ieS-ipl.-S::: SS A^mhea.™. Canwe 21 

KS„°%us::::;::::;;;::;; ii ^^^^.'^"-See-covs:;;: i 

SS'S, tXV-p::::::::::::: S K°"w%™!;„S°r^" Si 

Warner, Jack Leonard.... 953 
Zukor, Adolph 1026 

Motion Picture 
Recording Director — 

Browda, Morris 119 

Cadman, Chas. Wakefield 140 

Cailliet, Lucien 142 

^^^^^^^.„^ „ Carbonara, Gerard 148 

Signer, John J. B 834 Couper, Mildred... 205 

^ Curtis, Louis Woodson 222 

Motion Picture 
Scenarists — 

Davise, Hugo 234 

Delaney, Robert Mills 240 

Fergusson, Harvey 297 Dietrich, James Claire 248 

Gibney, Sheridan DeR 337 Dillon, Fannie Charles.... 249 



Dycr, M-nl)ollc Monroe 269 

Elkus, AllKMt 1 276 

Ellis, DoroUiy Louise 277 

Footo. Philip Mauro 309 

F'rankol, Bessie Barllelt. ... 314 

Gamauf. I.adislaus 323 

Garrott, Hal 328 

Gruenbeig, Louis 3fal 

(Juilmunds. Thordis L. O. 361 

Hague, Eleanor 367 

Harlin. W. Franke 381 

Harris, Roy 384 

Heiletz, Jascha 396 

[ilenclriks, Francis Milton... 400 

Hudnall, Floris Smith 432 

Jacobs-Bond, Carrie 448 

Jordan-Pray, Ada G 467 

Jorgenson, Nora Bertina... 468 

V itz, Ernst Herbert 470 

Klein, Walter 493 

Korngold, Erich W 504 

Lange, Arthur 516 

La Violette, Wesley 522 

Leach, Rowland Edgar 526 

Leginska. Ethel 531 

Leplin, Emanuel B 535 

Levy, Ellis 539 

Lynch, Louise Ward 564 

Marcelli, Nino 581 

Marsh, Charles Howard.... 583 

Marsh, Lucile Crews 584 

McGettigan, Francisca V. 607 

McNeil, J. Charles 618 

Mershon, Bernice 625 

Milhaud, Darius 631 

Miller, Agnes Oppel 632 

Mills, Harlow John 642 

Moore, Mary Carr 652 

Moross, Jerome 658 

Muse, Clarence 669 

Ohman, Fillmore W 689 

O'Keefe, James Conrad.... 690 

Pendleton, Emmet 713 

Phillips, Madalyn 722 

Piastre, Josef "722 

Risher, Anna Priscilla 769 

Robbins, Reginald C 771 

Rozsa, Miklos 790 

Ruger, Morris Hutchins... 791 

Sadowski, Reah 797 

Schoenberg, Arnold 809 

Search, Frederick Preston 816 
Seymour, John Laurence... 821 

Shilkret, Nathaniel 830 

Simmons, Homer Alfred.... 836 

Snider-Turner, Elthea 848 

Spencer, Vernon 854 

Steiner, Maximilian R 863 

Still, William Grant 872 

Toch, Ernst 910 

Tremblav, George Amedee 916 

Tufts, C. Albert 921 

Usigli, Gaston 926 

Warren, Elinor Remick.... 954 

Waxman, Franz 958 

Weiss, Adolph 964 

Willson, Meredith 990 

Zador, Eugene 1023 

Concert Managers — 

Denny, Dene 242 

Martin, William McKelvy 588 

Conductor, Band — 

Search, Frederick Preston 816 

Conductor, Concert — 

Lert, Richard 536 

Conductors, Musical 

Bachenheimer, William 38 

Beckett, Wheeler Martin 61 

Berdahl, Arthur Clarence.. 72 

Brodelsky, Julian 117 

Curtis, Louis Woodson 222 

Elkus, Albert 1 276 

Hudnall, Kloris Smith 4.T2 

Kendall. Wm. Raymond . 479 

Korngokl, Erich Wolfgang 504 

PoUak, Robert 729 

Risher, Anna Priscilla 769 

Scott, Harold H 814 

Conductor, Orchestral — 

Slokowski, Leopold . Addenda 

Conductors, Symphony 

Amlilhoatror, Daniele 21 

Boutnikoff, Ivan 100 

Cailliet, Lucien 142 

Finston, Nat W 301 

Gimpel, Bronislaw 342 

Hertz, Alfred 404 

Janssen, Werner 451 

Katz, Ernst Herbert 470 

Lange .Arthur 516 

Leach, Rowland Edgar.... 526 

Leginska. Ethel 531 

Leplin, Emanuel B 535 

Marcelli, Nino 581 

Muellar, Leo 665 

Piastre, Josef 722 

Sample, Jas. William 799 

See, Orley 818 

Shilkret, Nathaniel 830 

Steiner, Maximilian R 863 

Stokowski, Leopold.... Addenda 

Usigli. Gaston 926 

Van den Burg, Willem 930 

Willson, Meredith 998 

Music Critics — 

Frankenstein. Alfred V 314 

Saunders, Richard Drake 802 

Ussher. Bruno David 927 

Music Directors — 

Bakaleinikoff, Constantin 

Roman Addenda 

Ballard, B. Ernest 44 

Batchelder, Alice C 54 

Brennan, Robert 112 

Burt. James Elbert 135 

Dennis, Charles Maschal.... 242 

Evans, Frederick V 287 

Finston, Nat W 301 

Hartley, Walter E 386 

Hodghead, Lillian King.... 413 

Marcelli, Nino 581 

Moore, Pryor 652 

Olds, William Benj 690 

Rachlin, Ezra 748 

Rozsa, Miklos 790 

Scott, Harold H 814 

Stoloff, Morris 874 

Stong, Audre L 875 

Swarthout, Max v. Lewen 886 

Violin, Mischa 938 

Wecker, Karl 962 

Willson, Meredith 990 

Music Educators — 

Alderman, Pauline 12 

Allen, Leroy Walton 15 

Allen, Walter Alfred 15 

Allen, Warren Dwight 16 

Brant, LeRoy Verne 110 

Conn, Petway C 195 

Earhart, Will 270 

Elkus, Albert 1 276 

Howell, Julia 428 

Krone, Max Thomas 507 

Otterstein Jr., Adolph W. 695 

Silva, Giulio 835 

Szekeley, Rudolph Rezso.. 888 

Music Institute 
Directors — 

Pa.srarcll.i. Kn/.o 705 

Stoch, Oiga 862 

Music Supervisors — 

Hartshorn, William C 387 

Matheny, Alice Marjorle.... 590 

Scholl, Frederic B 809 

Music Teachers — 

Arhron, Joseph 3 

Aguilar, Juan Adame 8 

Aubert, Roger Stephan 33 

Barstow, Vera 51 

Blanckenburg, Emilie J 86 

Borisoff, Alexander 98 

Boyd, Eunice 103 

Bragdon, Sarah C 108 

Browda, Morris 119 

Brown, Eva 120 

Brown, Norma Alice 122 

Clement, Ada 183 

Corning, Gertrude T 202 

Coryell, May Hope 203 

Couper, Mildred 205 

Curtis, Louis Woodson 222 

Cykler, Edmund A 222 

David, Annie Louise 227 

De'ak, Imre Eric 236 

De'ak, Stephen 236 

De Avirett, Abby 237 

DeAvirett, Elizabeth 237 

Dietrich, Helen Jenks 247 

Dillon, Fannie Chas 249 

Diskay, Joseph 249 

Erickson, Thelma Holm.... 282 

Foote, Philip Mauro 309 

Gamauf, Ladislaus 323 

Garroway, Will 328 

Gastren, Allan John 330 

Gegna, Jascha 332 

Geritz, Josephine H 334 

Jamison, Abbie Norton.... 450 

Kail, Alexis 469 

Kendig, Francis Wilson.. .. 480 

Klein, Walter 493 

Klumpkey, Julia 496 

Konevsky-Lennard. L. F. 503 

La Violette, Wesley 522 

Lawson, Verna M 525 

Leschin, Joana 536 

Leschin, Louise 536 

Lewyn, Helena 542 

Liebling, George 543 

Marsh, Chas. Howard 583 

Mikova, Marie 631 

Neblett, Leona 673 

Northe, James Neill 684 

Olsson-Seffer, Irma E 692 

Pollak. Robert 729 

Rachmilovich, Giacomo 748 

Ruger, Morris H 791 

Scholl, Frederic Burr 809 

Simpson, Elizabeth 836 

Sinnette. Sr., John T 838 

Smale, j..ola Gwin 840 

Steeb, Olga 862 

Swavne, Wager 886 

Tilly, Margaret 908 

Tremblay, Geo. Amedee... 916 

Tufts, C. Albert 921 

Wright. Geo. Cedric 1013 

Zoellner, Amandus C 1025 

Musicians — 

Achron, Joseph 3 

Agnew, Sara Thomas 8 

Aguilar, Juan Adame 8 

Arvey, Verna 29 

Aubert, Roger Stephan 33 

Ballard, B. Ernest 44 


Barstow, V'era 51 

Batchelder, Alice Coleman 54 
Bitter, Marguerite Irene.... 80 

Borisoff, Alexander 98 

Bovd, Eunice 103 

Boves, Shibley 104 

Bragcion, Sarah C 108 

Brant, LeRoy Verne 110 

Brocietsky, Julian 117 

Browda, Morris 119 

Brown, Bernard B Addenda 

Brown, Norma Alice 122 

Buhlig. Richard 129 

Cadman, Chas. Wakefield 140 

Carr, Arthur George 151 

Chase, Marv Wood 169 

Clement, Ada 183 

Cooper, Roy 200 

Corning, Gertrude T 202 

Coryell, May Hope 203 

Couper, Mildred 205 

Cross, Mildred 205 

Cross, Robert Brandt 216 

Crown, John Robert 218 

Dannenberg, Emil Chas 224 

David, Annie Louise 227 

De'ak, Imre Eric 236 

De'ak, Stephen 236 

Denny, Dene 242 

Dietrich, Helen Jenks 247 

Dietrich, James Claire 248 

Diggle, Roland 248 

Dillon, Fannie Chas 249 

Draa, Chas. Clifton 262 

Ehlers, Alice 275 

Ellis, Dorothy Louise 277 

Erickson, Thelma Holm.... 282 
Evans, Frederick Vance.... 287 
Fisher, Marjory Marckres 303 

Foote, Philip Mauro 309 

Garroway, Will 328 

Gastren, Allan John 330 

Gegna, Jascha 332 

Gimpel, Dronislaw 342 

Gruenberg, Louis 361 

Hague, Eleanor 367 

Harvey, Galen Miller 387 

Heifetz, Jascha 396 

Hendriks, Francis Milton.. 400 

Hill, Raymond R. P. J 408 

Hilsberg, Ignace 409 

Jamison, Abbie Norton.... 450 

Johansen, Agnete K 456 

Jordan-Pray, Ada G 467 

Jorgenson, Nora Bertina.... 468 

Katz, Ernst Herbert 470 

Kaufman, Louis 471 

Kendall, Wm. Raymond.... 479 

Klumpkey, Julia 496 

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang 504 

Lasky, Bessie 520 

Leginska, Ethel 531 

Leschin, Joana 536 

Leschin, Louise 536 

Levy, Bessie 539 

Levy, Ellis 539 

Lewyn, Helena 542 

Liebling, George 543 

Linsley, Ralph E 546 

Luboviski, Calmon 559 

Lynch, Louise Ward 564 

Mader, Clarence 574 

Marsh, Chas. Howard 583 

McCall, Eileen Louise 596 

McGaw, Blanche E. B 607 

Menuhin, Yehudi 622 

Mikova, Marie 631 

Moore, Pryor 652 

Neblett, Leona 673 

Northe, James Neill 684 

Ohman. Fillmore W 689 

Olsson-Seffer, Irma E 692 

Pasmore, Mary 706 

Pendleton, Emmet 713 

Penha, Michel 714 

Peterson-Foss, Edna G 718 

Phillips, Madalyn 722 

Piastre, Josef 722 

Pollak, Robert 729 

Raab, Alexander 748 

Rachlin, Ezra 748 

Rachmilovich, Giacomo 748 

Redner, Edna Gregg 757 

Riehle, Eva 768 

Ryus, Celeste Nellis 796 

Sadowski, Reah 797 

Samuels, Homer 800 

Scholl, Frederic Burr 809 

Search, Frederick P 816 

See, Orley 818 

Seidel, Toscha 819 

Selling, Oskar 819 

Simmons, Homer Alfred.... 836 

Sinnette, Sr., John T 838 

Slenczynski, Ruth 840 

Smale, Lola Gwin 840 

Snider-Turner, Elthea 848 

SoUoway, Harry 849 

Stage, Florence 858 

Steeb, Olga 862 

Steele, Gladys Tilton 862 

Steuber, Lillian 867 

Temianka, Henri 896 

Tilly, Margaret 908 

Tremblay, Geo. Amedee.... 916 

Tufts, C. Albert 921 

Van den Burg, Willem 930 

van Leeuwen, Ary 932 

Violin, Mischa 938 

Warren, Elinor Remick.... 954 

Weiss, Adolph 964 

Wright, Geo. Cedric 1013 

Wright, Norman Soreng 1015 
Zoellner, Amandus Carl.. 1025 

Singers — 

Boyd, Mary Teitsworth.... 104 

Brown, Eva 120 

Chamlee, Mario 165 

Chamlee, Ruth Miller 165 

Clemens, Hans 182 

Cowerd, Mary Cook 206 

Craft, Marcella 208 

Crittenden, Ray Howard.... 213 

Crosby, Jr., Harry L 214 

Cutter, Belle Forbes 222 

Diskay, Joseph 249 

Eddy, Nelson 273 

Flickinger, Lillian Wiesike 308 

Gahagan, Helen 321 

Gentle, Alice 334 

Giffen, Frank Carroll 338 

Harbert, Helen Ryan 378 

Horton, Russell Everard.... 424 

Howard, Kathleen 426 

Lott, Clifford 556 

Mabee, Grace W 566 

MacDonald, Jeanette 569 

Marble, Alice 580 

Marvin, Virginia E 589 

Matchan, William Roy.... 590 

Mershon, Bernice 625 

Miller, Ruthellen 638 

Muse, Clarence 669 

Peralta, Maria Celia 715 

Purdy, Constance 745 

Rogers, Calista 779 

Samson, Maria 799 

Saunders, Laura Nemeth 802 

Swan, Howard Shelton.... 885 

Talley, Marion; 889 

Verbeck, Blanche A 936 

Walker, Geo. Parot 945 

Waters, Crystal 955 

Yaw, Ellen Beach 1017 

Song Writers — 

Autry, Gene Addenda 

Coslovv, Sam 203 

DeSylva, George Card 243 

Tobias, Harry 910 

Washington, Ned 955 

Voice Teachers — 

Bachenheimer, William 38 

Blakeslee, Earle B 85 

Blanckenburg, Emilie J 86 

Blickfeldt, Fredrik E 87 

Brown, Eva 120 

Chamlee, Ruth Miller 165 

Cimini, Pietro 175 

Clemens, Hans 182 

Crowell, Beulah Butcher.... 217 

Cutter, Belle Forbes 222 

Flickinger, Lillian W 308 

Giffen, Frank Carroll 338 

Goodman, Lillian Rosedale 347 

Hartley, Edith Dykstra.... 386 

Herbst, Ina Wright 402 

Hurlbut, Harold 439 

Kent, Easton 482 

Lott, Clifford 556 

Marvin, Virginia Ellen 589 

Matchan, Wm. Roy 590 

Rogers, Calista 779 

Samson, Maria 799 

Thomas, Edgar Standard 900 

Walker, George Parot 945 

Waters, Crystal 955 

Weimar, Jessie 963 


Naturalists — 

Baker, Joseph John 43 

Hall, Ansel F 370 

Heath, Harold 395 

Hoyt, Vance Joseph 430 

Meadows, Donald Charles 620 
Peattie, Donald Culross.... 710 
Yeager, Dorr Graves 1018 


Nurserymen — 

Armstrong, John S 28 

Evans, Hugh 287 

Payne, Theodore 709 


Nutritionists — 

Blades, Edith Hawley 82 

Blanchard, Evelyn Lyman 85 

Mallon, Marguerite G 577 

Truesdail, Roger Williams 920 


Astronomers — 

Alter, Dinsmore 18 

Baade, Walter 36 

Evans, Jr., John W 287 

Herrick, Jr., Samuel 403 

Hubble, Edwin P 431 

Jeffers, Hamilton Moore 452 

Johnson, Josef Jerome.... 458 

Leonard, Frederick Chas. 534 

Leuschner, Armin Otto.... 538 

Linsley, Earle Garfield.... 546 

Merrill, Paul Willard 624 

Moore, Joseph Haines 651 

Roberts, Dorothea K 772 


Sanford. Roscoe F 800 

Strombort,'. Gustaf 880 

Wilson. ){.ilph E 993 

Zwicky. Krilz 1026 

Observatory Directors — 

Leuschner, Armin 538 

Linsley, K;ule G 5-16 

Moore, Joseph Haines 651 

Whitney, Walter Ticknor.. 977 


Oil Operators — 

Hogan. Dana 415 

Johnson, Marcus S 458 

McDul'fie, William Chester 605 

Oil Producers — 

Cjoper. Chas. Edward 199 

Havenstrite, Russell E 390 

White, Floyd Garrison 973 


Optometrists — 

Conrad, Charles Louis... 196 
Crow, George Arnold 216 


Ornithologists — 

Bishop. Bennet L., M.D 78 

Ray, Milton S 754 

Osteopathic Physicians 
and Surgeons — 

Chandler, Louis C, M.D. 166 

Clark, Frank Chas 176 

Davis, Warren Bartlett.... 233 
Houghtaling, Edw. Butler 424 
Lyle, Gwladys Morgan... 563 
Pritchard, Wm. Watkins 741 


Parole Officers — 

Evans, Arthur W..., 286 

Latham, Emily D 521 

Probation Officers — 

Briggs, Leslie Burdette.... 114 

Ruess, Christopher G 791 

Worcester, Wood Frank.... 1010 

Philanthropists — 

Blaisdell, Jas. Arnold 84 

Bryant, Carrie Parsons.... 126 

Carson, Hersee Moody 153 

Haugwitz-Reventlow, Countess 
Barbara Woolworth.... 389 

Hoover, Herbert Clark 421 

Hoover, Lou Henry 422 

Lawrence, Gladys W 524 

Lehr, Anna N 532 

Pepperdine, George 715 

Watchorn, Robert 955 

Wilco.x, Burton Bernard.... 982 

Philosopher — 

X, Stuart 1017 

Photographers — 

Adams, Ansel 4 

Atvvood, Anne Margaret.... 32 

Bogart, R. Parkman 92 

Chiappero, Aldo Joseph.... 172 

Dc Cou, Branson 238 

CJarmes, Lee D 326 

Jones, Harlow Wellesley.... 463 

Kelley. Tom 476 

Loebor, Chas. Stanton 553 

Moon, Carl 650 

Peabody, >lcnry G 709 

Slackpole, Peter 857 

Webb, H. Pascal 959 

We.slon, Edward 969 

Whitney, Walter Ticknor.... 977 

Wright, Geo. Ccdric 1013 


Physicists — 

Bedell, Frederick 62 

Cooksey, Donald 198 

Dember, Ale.xis Berthold... 241 

Edwards, Hiram W 274 

Kirkpatrick, Harry A 491 

Lawrence Ernest 523, Herbert Eugene.... 584 

Millikan, Robert Andrews 640 

Soltau, David L 850 


Pomologists — 

Allen, Frank W 14 

Mann, Chas. William 579 

Psychologists — 

Berger, Evelyn Miller 72 

Bridgman, Olga L., M.D. 114 

Cason, Hulsey 1-58 

Coffin, J. Herschel 188 

De Fremery, Herman 239 

Eitzen, David D 275 

Haley, Phylis 370 

Humm, Doncaster G 435 

Inskeep, Annie Dolman... 444 

Lantz, C. M. Beatrice 517 

Mount, George Haines 664 

Popenoe, Herbert 729 

Rittenhouse, Norman A 770 

Scarbrough, Hartwell E 804 

Weller, Margaret Davis.... 966 

W'ilson, Verne Edmund.... 994 

X. Stuart 1017 


Publicists — 

Allen, Ben Shannon 13 

Bigelow, Jane K 77 

Bogart, Guy 92 

Eckels, Lulu E 273 

Gros, Robert Richart 360 

Hyers, Faith Holmes 443 

Lindsev, Ben B 545 

Robb, Robert W 770 

Publicity Directors — 

Rorke, Hal V82 

Ryan, Shane 794 

Sayers, Jack C 803 

Public Relationists — 

Case, Fox 156 

Clemens, Mildred Leo 182 

Ferguson, Helen 297 

Fortman, Edward Jerome 311 

Gordon, Arthur 350 

Gros, Robert Richart 360 

Huggins, Ted 432 

Joy, Jason Shepherd 468 

Monsen, Courtenay 648 

Philippi, Robt. Louis 720 

von Elorpurgo, Henry Wm. 941 


Radio Announcer — 

Say.Ts. .I.Kk C. 803 

Radio Broadcasters — 

Jack.son, Jo.seph H 447 

Rodriguez, Jose 778 

Sale. Bettle 799 

Taylor, Marlon Sayle 893 

Radio Commentators — 

Caen, Herbert Eugene 141 

Cook, Ted 197 

van Wyck, William 934 

Radio Counselor — 

Power, Raljih Lester 735 

Radio Directors — 

Griffin, Z. Wayne 360 

Teuton, Harriet Louise 913 

Radio Engineers — 

Mevers, Raymond Edwin.... 629 

Storm, Hans Otto 877 

Radio Executives — 

Gilman, Don 340 

Hamilton, Guy Clarence.... 374 

Levitt, Joe E 539 

Rorke, Hal 782 

Weiss, Lewis Allen 964 

Musical Director — 

Willson, Meredith 990 

Radio Producers — 

Barnes, Forrest 49 

deMille, Cecil Blount 241 

Lasky, Jesse L 520 

Linkletter, Arthur G 546 

Taylor, Glenhall Elmer.... 892 

Wilbur, Crane 981 

Program Director — 

Vanda, Charles 930 


Ranchers — 

Bennett, Melba Berry 70 

Blaisdell, Jas. Arnold 84 

Chamberlin, Jr., Theo 165 

Delaney, Robt. Mills 240 

Hulse, Ben 434 

Leonard, Alex. T., M.D 534 

MacDonneil, Patrick 570 

Marble, John Maclaren 581 

Murphy, Dwight 668 

Shepherd, Frederick N 828 

Storke, Thomas 876 

Thorne-Rider, Count Fred. 904 

Van der Veer, Judy 931 

Ranch Managers — 

Mav. Beulah 592 

Shanks, Frederick Lewis.... 822 

Real Estate Appraiser 

Hanson. Peter 378 

Real Estate Counselor 
Blincoe, Edw. Lee 87 

Realtors — 

Andreson, Jr., John 25 

Bomberger, Paul Spayd.... 95 
Chapman, Chas. Clarke.... 167 

Chase, Harold Stuart 169 

Culver, Harry H 219 

Garland, William May.... 326 

Garrett, Manuel M 327 

Hanson, Peter 378 


Harper, William Edwin.... 382 

Hopper, Chas. Blauvelt... 422 

HuUin, Philip R 433 

Jones, Chris R 462 

Kirk, Dean Hollis 490 

Lurie, Louis R 561 

Miller, Clinton E 633 

Norton, Philip 685 

Ottem, Arthur John 695 

Robertson, George D 772 

Rogers, Frank 779 

Scott, Walter Vaughn 815 

Tatum, Clifford C. C 891 

Towar, James DeLoss 914 

Vanderhoof, Ralph Scovell 931 

Voigt, Ernest 938 

White, Everett A 973 

Workman, Boyle 1011 

Wright, Henry Ward 1014 

Animal Husbandry — 
Research — 

Cole, Harold Harrison 190 

Miller, Robt. Frederick.... 638 

Art Research — 

Trivas. Numa S 918 

Botanical Research — 

MacDougal, Dan. Trembly 570 
Director of Research — 

Jeffreys, Cecil E. P 452 

English Literature 
Research — 

Wright, Louis Booker.... 1014 
Government Research — 

Lefors, A. Olin 530 

Laboratory Research — 

Harris, Jr., Franklin S 383 

Legal Research — 

Pugh, Jr., Fred C 744 

Library Research — 

Wright, Louis Booker.... 1014 
Medical Research — 

Hewitt, Beatrice Fay 429 

Museum Research — 

Walker, Edwin F 944 

Mycological Research— 

Rea, Paul M 755 

Protein Research — 

Blish, Morris Joslin 87 

Tax Research — 

Lefors, A. Olin 530 

Research Associates — 

Hicks, Charles Henry 406 

Laudermilk, Jerome D 522 

Research Engineers — 

De Forest, Lee 239 

Kennedy, Harry E 481 

Manning, Paul de V 579 

O'Neill, James Pat 692 

Research Historian — 

Webb, Edith 959 

Research Investigator — 

Miller, Robert F 638 

Research Physicists — 

Kyropoulos, Spiro 510 

Yuan, Luke Chia-Liu 1023 

Research Specialist — 

Kendall, Carlton 479 

Scientists — 

Burt, Robert C 135 

Kroeber, Alfred L 507 

Sheftel, A. Geo., M.D 825 

Stratton, Geo. Malcolm.... 879 


Governor — 

Olson. Culbert L 691 

Lieutenant Governor — 

Patter.son, Ellis E tv6 

Secretary of State — 

Peek, Paul 711 

U. S. Senators — 

Downey, Senator Sheridan 260 

Johnson, Senator Hiram.... 457 

State Senators — 

Breed, Jr., Arthur H Ill 

Carter, Oliver Jesse 155 

Garrison, Jas. Charles 328 

Kline, Chester M 494 

Mixter, Francis Wilber.... 646 

Nielsen, Roy J 681 

Quinn, Irwin T 748 

Tickle, Edward H 906 

Congressm en — 

Anderson, John Z 23 

Carter, Albert E 153 

Costello, John Martin 203 

Ford, Thomas Francis 311 

Gearhart, Bertrand W 331 

Geyer, Lee E 336 

Izac, Edouard Victor M 445 

Lea, Clarence Frederick.. 526 

Voorhis, H. Jerry 941 

Assemblymen — 

Carlson, Arthur William... 148 

Dilworth, Nelson Smith.... 249 

Houser, Frederick Francis 425 

Johnson, Gardiner 457 

Kepple, Gerald C 482 

Knight, Thomas Fenton.... 499 

Middough, Lome Dunkin.... 630 

Redwine, Kent Hiram 757 

Sawallisch, Harold F 803 

Sheridan, Bernard A 829 

Tenney, Jack B 896 

Turner, Rodney L 921 

Voigt, Ernest 938 

Watson, Clyde Allen 957 

Weybret, Fred 970 

Social Workers — 

Abell, Theo. Curtis 3 

Ashe, Elizabeth H 29 

Bigelow, Jane K 77 

Codman, Winnifred Radke 187 

Douglas, Melvyn Addenda 

Eldridge, Anita 275 

Franovich, Dorothy M 314 

Ganey, Annie T 324 

Henderson, Harry F 399 

Hervey, Mrs. Harcourt.... 405 

Higgins, Katherine B 407 

Hutson, Esther McC 441 

Kauffman, Rachel Levy.... 471 

Leslie, Grant 537 

Levy, Therese 540 

McManus, Elizabeth E 615 

Middough, Robert Hunter 630 

Nickel, George D 680 

Shepherd, Chas. R 828 

Smith, Dorothy Wysor 842 

Stylianou, Demetrios S 881 

Tibbetts, Edith M. K 905 

Wagner, Thelma 943 


Sociologists — 

Clark, Willis W 178 

Coate, Lowell H 186 

Esterly, Virginia J 284 

Fisher, Galen M 302 

Hunter, W. Robert 437 

McClenahan, Bessie A 598 

Stark, Heman G 861 


Actors — 

Arnold, Edward Addenda 

\utry, Gene Addenda 

Benny, Jack Addenda 

Boardman, True E 90 

Bosworth, Hobt. Van Zandt 99 

Brown, Joe E 121 

Bruce, Nigel 125 

Carrillo, Leo 152 

Colman, Ronald Chas 192 

Conklin, Frank R Addenda 

Crosby, Jr., H. L. (Bing).. 214 

Douglas, Melvyn Addenda 

Fonda, Henry Jaynes 309 

Hardwicke, Sir Cedric W... 379 

Lebedeff, Ivan Basil 528 

Lockhart, Eugene 551 

Metze, Kurt 628 

Mitchell, Grant 664 

Mowbray, Alan Cedric 664 

Muse, Clarence 669 

Post, Guy Bates 732 

Robinson, Edward G 775 

Rooney, Mickey McGuire.. 782 

Smith, C. Aubrey 841 

Stewart, Donald Ogden 870 

Actresses — 

Bainter, Fay Addenda 

Bauersfeld, Marjorie E. O... 55 
Bennett, Constance.... Addenda 

Bennett, Joan Addenda 

Bondi, Beulah Addenda 

Fontaine, Joan 309 

Gahagan, Helen M 321 

Hoffman, Gertrude W 415 

Howard, Kathleen 426 

Janis-Wilson, Elsie 450 

Johansen, Agnes K 456 

MacDonald, Jeanette 569 

McHenry, Frances 609 

Ouspenskaya, Maria 695 

^leynolds, Barbara 764 

Rogers, Ginger 780 

Drama Directors — 

Altman, George J 19 

Helvenston, Harold F 398 

Litchfield, Esther Gulp.... 549 

Post, Guy Bates 732 

Stanley, Richard Byron.... 859 

Strickland, Francis C 879 

Sutherland, Lora Henion.... 883 

Drama Teachers — 

McNeill, Mary Tylene 618 

Shanewise, Lenore 822 

Dramatic Reader — 

Gettell, Nelene Groff 335 

Dramatists — 

Kirkbride, Ronald 490 

McCuUy, Johnston 602 

Purcell, Arthur 745 

Schubert, Bernard S 810 



Opera Conductors — 

Bachonhoimcr, William 38 

Cimini. I'ietro 175 

Lcrt. Richard 536 

ZvveiK, Fritz 1026 

Playwrights — 

Aklns. Zoo Addenda 

BaUlerston, John Lloyd 44 

Baldwin, Earl W Addenda 

d'Auria, Gemma Abkazoff 227 

Dix, Beulah Marie 251 

Emerson, John 281 

Gibney, Sheridan DeR 337 

Jackson, Felix 446 

Lengyel, Melchior M 534 

Mahoney, Wilkie Courier 575 

Peddell, Kay Clement 711 

'.oss-de River, Jessie 786 

Rvskind, Morrie 796 

St. Clair, Robt. Ray 798 

Samuels, Maurice V 800 

Vadnai, Laszlo 928 

Walker, Stuart 946 

White, I{()bcrt I' 975 

Wilson, Nell Griffith 993 

Theatre Directors — 

Brown, Dc Marcus 120 

Brown, Gilmoro 120 

Cooper, Charles William .. 199 

(Jarner, Bess Adams 327 

Shanewlse, Lcnore 822 

Walkup, Fairfax P 947 


Translators — 

Branden, Paul M 109 

Lyon, David Willard 565 

Noyes, Geo. Rapall 686 


Travelers — 

De Cou, Branson 238 

Der Ling, Princess 243 

Douglas, John Scott 259 

Rodman, Ann A. P 778 

Talbolt. E. Guy 889 

Willel.s. Gll.son V 985 

Veterinarians — 

Beach, Jeriv liaymrind .57 

Dunlap. Mary Knight 266 

Hurt, Leslie Milton 439 

Pike, Leslie i:verett 725 

Robertson, Robert James 773 

Zoologists — 

Abbott, Chas. Harlan 1 

Allen, Bennet Mills 13 

Benton, Ralph 71 

Berry, S. Stillman 75 

Garth, John Shrader 329 

Jaeger, Edmund Carroll ... 449 

Jennings, Herbert S 453 

Kofoid, Charles Atwood.... .502 

Moore, Robert Thomas 652 

Morgan, Thomas Hunt 656 




l'l;i>wriKlit, I'oct, Novelist. 

Born; Ilumansville (Mo.); (1. ot Elizabeth 
(Greene) and Thomas J. Akins. 
Education: I'vt. schools. 

Married: Hugo Cecil Levlnge Rumbold (dec); 
formerly Capt. In the Grenadier Guards, Lon- 

Literary Record: Began her career by writing 
poetry and criticism for Reedy's Mirror, and 
soon became identified with writers such as 
Sara Teasdale, Edgar Lee Masters, and Carl 
Sandburg (who contributed largely to the 
renaissance ot Amer. Poetry In the period 
preceding World War I) ; pub. Interpretations 
(a book of first poems, in London and later in 
Amer.), then Papa (a comedy, pub. in book 
form); then Magical City (a modern play in 
verse; her first to be produced on the New 
York stage) ; wrote a number of short stories 
which appeared from time to time in leading 
mags. ; Ddclass^e, in 1919 launched her on a 
career in the theatre which left her little time 
for other work; wrote ana had produced in 
New York: The Furies, The Texas Nightin- 
gale, A Royal Fandango, The Varying Shore, 
and a number of other original plays and 
adaptations; then turned to motion pictures, 
about 1930. Originated the phrase The Greeks 
had a Word For It, which also was the title 
of her play (produced in New York, 1930) ; 
dramatized Edith Wharton's story The Old 
Maid, 1934-35 (which had 305 performances 
in New York, and was also on tour, and later 
made into a motion picture) ; dramatized 
Somerset Maughan's story The Human Ele- 
ment (produced in Budapest and Paris, 1938) ; 
adapted The Happy Days from the French of 
Claude and Andre Puget (prod, in N.Y., 1941). 
Recent publications are The Little Miracle 
(deals with the childhood of Christ), The Hills 
Grow Smaller (a collection of poems), (both 
pub. by Harpers), Forever Young, a novel 
(Scribners), 1941. Other plays are: Babylonian 
Lullaby and Starvation on Red River (sched- 
uled for production, autumn, 1941). 
Awards: Academy Award for Morning Glory; 
Pulitzer Prize for drama. The Old Maid. 
Memberships: Poetry Soc. of Amer.; Artists' 
Guild of St. Louis; Amer. Dramatists and 
Composers Soc. ; Amer. Author's League of 

Home Address: Green Fountains, Pasadena, 

ARNOLD. Edward 


Born: New York, Feb. 18, 1890; s. of Eliza- 
beth (Ohse) and Charles Arnold. 
Education : Pub. schools of New York. 
Married: Olive Emerson (Concert Soprano), 
d. of Edward Emerson, in New Jersey, Dec. 
1928: ch.: Betty Orlando, Wm. Edward, and 
Dorothy Jane. 

Prof. Record: Has appeared in the following 
productions: Idiot's Delight, Let Freedom 
Ring, Earl of Chicago (M-G-M), Man About 
Toivn (Paramount), and Mr. Smith Goes to 
Washington (Columbia), all in 1939; Meet John 
Doe (Frank Capra Prod.), Lady From Chey- 
enne (Frank Lloyd Prod.), Nothing But the 

Truth (Paramount), The Devil and Daniel 
Webster (William Dleterle Prod., KKO), 1941. 
Directorships: Pres., Screen Actors' Guild; 
Nat. Bd. Mem., Amer. Federation of Radio 
Artists; Mem., Defense Com., South American 
Relations; Exec. Chmn., Permanent Charities 
Com., Motion Picture Industry; Exec. Chmn., 
Com. to supply talent for entertainment of 
soldiers in camps west of the Mississippi. 
Publications: Autobiography, Lorenzo Goes to 
Hollywood (pub., Horace Liveright), 1940. 
Memberships: Acad, of Motion Picture Arts 
and Sciences. Clubs: Players' (New York 
City). Bel-Air (Los Angeles), Bohemian (San 
Francisco), Uplifters' (Santa Monica, Calif.). 
Masquers' (Hollywood). 
Religion: Lutheran. 

Home Address: 10425 Bainbridge Ave., W. 
Los Angeles, Calif. 


Minister, Vedanta Society of Northern Cali- 

Born: Sylhet (A.ssam, India), Sept. 23, 1893; 
s. of Sushila S. (Dhar) and N. C. Datta. 
Education: Calcutta Univ. 
Degrees: B.A., Calcutta Univ., 1917. 
Prof. Record: Entered the Ramakrishna Or- 
der of Belur (Bengal, India) as a novice, 
1920, took his monastic vows, 1923; for several 
yrs., was Editor of Prabuddha Bharata or 
Awakened India (one of the Order's monthly 
publications) ; under his Editorship the mag- 
azine was acknowledged by its contemporaries 
to be the leading philosophical publication in 
India. Came to the United States in 1931; has 
been head of the Vedanta Society of Northern 
Calif., since 1932; established a branch center 
of the Society near the Univ. of Calif. In 

Publications: Spiritual Practice, under the 
pseudonym "Ananda" (pub., Advaita Ash- 
rama, India) ; author of several other philo- 
sophical and cultural writings; rendered valu- 
able assistance to M. Romain Rolland in the 
preparation of his book. Prophets of the New 

Religion: Vedantist (the Ramakrishna Order 
is an order of Vedantic Monks) . 
Bus. Addresses: 2963 Webster St., San Fran- 
cisco and 2445 Bowditch St., Berkeley, Calif. 
Home Address: 2963 Webster St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

AUTRY. (Orvon) Gene 

Western Singing Actor, Song Writer. 
Born: Tioga (Texas), Sept. 29, 1907; s. of 
Nora (Ozment) and Delbert Autry. 
Education: Pub. and high schools (Tioga, 

Married: Ina Mae, d. of Mr. and Mrs. Barney 
S. Spivey, in St. Louis (Mo.), Apr. 1, 1932. 
Prof. Record: Telegraph Operator (Okla.), 
1925; made first recordings of cowboy songs, 
1929; radio artist, 1930-34; motion picture 
actor since 1934; first picture hi Old Santa 
Fe; since then has starred in many pictures 
among which have been Home on the Prairie, 



Mexican Rose. Blue Montana Skies, Mountain 
Rhythm, In Old Monterey, and Rovin' Tumble 
weeds, all 1939. 

Memberships: Scottish Rite, Shriner, Mason; 

Religion: Protestant. 

Recreations: Riding, swimming, and golf. 
Home Address: 10985 Bluffside Dr., No. Holly- 
wood, Calif. 



Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), 1893; d. of Mary 
(Okell) and Charles Francis Bainter. 
Education: Los Angeles public school; Girls 

Married: Comdr. Reginald S. H., s. of Lillian 
(Hulin) and Joseph Evans Venable; ch. : Reg- 
inald S. H., Jr. 

Prof. Record: Made stage debut in New York, 
Arnrs and the Girl, 1916; starred in East is 
West; The Dream Girl; Jealousy; Dodsworth; 
The Willow Tree. Has appeared in the follow- 
ing motion picture productions: The Lady and 
The Mob (Columbia), Yes, My Darling Daugh- 
ter, Daughters Courageous (Warner Bros.), 
Our Neighbors the Carters (Paramount), 
Young Tom Edison (M-G-M), Bill of Divorce- 
ment (RKO), all in 1939; Our Town (United 
Artists), Maryland (20th Century-Fox), in 
1940; White Banners, Jezebel (Warner Broth- 
ers), 1938 (Academy Award). 
Awards: Acad, of Motion Picture Arts and 
Sciences Award "for best supporting perform- 
ance" (Jezebel), 1938. 
Religion: Episcopal. 

Bus. Address: 8555 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 1024 Ocean Front, Santa Mon- 
ica, Calif. * 

BAKALEINIKOFF, Constantin Roman. 


Musical Director; Head of Music Dept., RKO 
Radio Pictures, Inc. 

Born: Moscow (Russia), Apr. 26, 1896; s. of 
Vera and Roman Bakaleinikoff. 
Education : Moscow Conservatory. 
Degrees: Mus.D., Moscow Conservatory, 1916. 
Married: Fritzi (Ridgeway). 
Prof. Record: Has directed musical scores: 
Fast and Furious (M-G-M), 1939; So Ends 
Our Night (Loew-Lewin Prodns.; Universal); 
The Howards of Virginia (Frank Lloyd Pro- 
dns.) ; Adam Had Four Sons (Columbia; Steph- 
ens-Lang Prodns.); six Dr. Christian pictures 
(for RKO Stevens-Lang Prodns.); six Scat- 
tergood Baines pictures (for RKO); and is 
now with RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. 
Bus. Address: RKO Radio Pictures, Inc., 780 
No. Gower St., Hollywood, Calif. 
Home Address: 2836 No. Beachwood Dr., Hol- 
lywood, Calif. 

Married: Mildred E., d. of Henry G. Lamb, 
in Redwood City (Calif.), 1927; ch.: Phyllis 
E. (b. 1934) and Suzanne M. (b. 1941). 
Prof. Record: Has written musical tabs, re- 
vues, sketches, and sixty-four screen plays; 
among recent credits are: Screen Plays: 
Golddiggers in Paris, Wonder Bar, Cowboy 
from Brooklyn, The Irish in Us, and Six Day 
Bike Rider (all for Warner Bros.), 1938; 
collaborated on screen plays. Slight Case of 
Murder, Off the Record, My Love Came Back 
(all for Warner Bros.), 1939; screen plays, 
Brother Orchid, Honeymoon for Three (both 
for Warner Bros.), 1940; recently completed 
screen play. New York Heartbeat (Metro-Gold- 
wyn-Mayer) . 

Directorships : Treas. and Mem., Bd. of Dlrs., 
Lakeside GoU Club. 

Army Service: Served in 102nd Cavalry, N.J. 
Nat. Guard. 

Memberships: Shriner, Al Malaikah Temple; 
Lakeside Golf and Craftsman's Club. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations : Golf and fishing. 
Bus. Address: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio, 
Culver City, Calif. 

Home Address: 5251 Woodman Ave., Van 
Nuys, Calif. • 

BANKS. Lionel Cornelius. B.S. 
Supervising Art Dir., Columbia Studio. 
Born: Salt Lake City (Utah), June 22, 1901; 
s. of Mattie Louella (Bess) and Cornelius 
H. Banks. 

Education: Latter Day Saints Univ. (Salt 
Lake City, Utah) ; Univ. of So. Calif. (Los 
Angeles) . 

Degrees: B.S. in Arch., Univ. of So. Calif., 

Married: LaVee, d. of Daniel Peterson, In 
Richfield (Utah), Feb. 10, 1929; ch: Lionel 
Cornelius, II (Neil) (b. 1933), Robin Victor 
(b. 1935). 

Prof. Record: Practiced architecture (Salt 
Lake City) ; Director of permanent construc- 
tion, Warner Bros. Studio; Unit Art Dir., 
M-G-M; Asst. Supervising Art Dir., 1930-37, 
and Supervising Art Dir., since 1938, Colum- 
bia Pictures, Inc.; his outstanding pictures 
are: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Arizona, 
Penny Serenade, Our Wife, Adventure in 
Washingto7t, She Knew all the Answers, Mr. 
Jordan Comes to Town, and Ladies in Retire- 

Memberships: Acad, of Motion Picture Arts 
and Sciences; Asso. Mem., Amer. Inst, of 
Architects; Alpha Rho Chi (Andronicus Chap- 

Religion: Latter Day Saints. 
Recreations: Bowling, swimming, fishing, and 

Bus. Address: Columbia Studio, 1438 No. (Sow- 
er St., Hollywood, Calif. 

Home Address: 1943 Mandeville Canyon Rd., 
Los Angeles, Calif. * 


Writer, Screen Playwright. 
Born: Newark (N.J.), Jan. 11, 1903; s. of 
Ella Mae (Young) and Edward James Bald- 

Education: West Orange (N.J.) High School; 
Amer. Inst, of Banking CN.Y.). 

BARTON. Roy Franklin. D.D.S., M.Sc. 

Born: Pleasant Hill (111.), Feb. 25, 1883; s. of 
Elizabeth (Wells) and P. F. Barton. 
Education: Illinois State Normal Univ.; In- 
stitute of Anthropology and Ethnography 


(Univ. of Calif.); Aaulemy oC Sciences (Len- 
ingrad, Russia). 

Degrees: D.D.S., Univ. of Calif., 1919; M.Sc, 
Inst, of Anthropology and ICthnography. 
Married: Nina L., d. of Lev A. ISrun, in Len- 
ingrad (Ru.ssiat, 19:il; ch.: Harold D., Roy 
Franklin, Jr., Erica. 

Prof. Record: Superintendent of schs., (Chan- 
dlervllle, IlL), 1905-06; Supervising Teacher, 
Philippine Bureau of Edn., 190(M6: practice 
of dentistry, 1920-29; Curator, Dept. of 
Indonesia, in Museum of Anthropology and 
Ethnography, 19.35-40; anthro|)Ological field in- 
vestigations: Ifugaoland (P.I.), (sponsored by 
the Social Science Research Council and Nat. 
Research Council), 1937; Kaiinga (P.I.), 
(sponsored bv Dr. H. O. Beyer), 1940; Luzon 
East Coast (sponsored by Dr. C. S. Chard), 
-341; for recording Ifugao epics (as Fellow 
of the ,1. S. Guggenheim Memorial Founda- 
tion), 1941-42. 

Publicatiotis: Ifngao Law (Univ. of Calif. 
Publ. in Amer. Archeology and Ethnology, 
vol. 15, No. 1), 1919; Ifugao Economics (same 
vol. 15, No. 4) ; The Half Way Sun (Brewer 
and Warren), 1930; Philippine Pagans (Rout- 
ledge & Sons), 1938; Ifugao- English Wordbook 
4000 roots and affixes, with texts (Bureau of 
Science, Manila), 1941; also numerous scien- 
tific papers. 

Memberships: Psi Omega. 
Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Mountain hiking, chess. 
Bus. Address: c /o Philippine Magazine, 217 
Dasmarinas, Manila, P.I. 
Home Address: Escalon, Calif. * 


Film Editor, Paramount Studio. 

Born: St. Louis (Mo.), Feb. 2; d. of Luella 
(McKee) and Otto Bauchens. 

Education: St. Louis (Mo.), elem. and high 
schs.; bus. coll. in New York City. 

Prof. Record: Secretary to William deMille 
(Pla^'wright) in New York City, 1911-14; 
came to Calif, with ]\Ir. deMille and helped to 
create the first Scenario Dept. at Famous 
Players Lasky Studio (later known as Para- 
mount) ; started editing films for Cecil B. 
deMille in 1916, and have been with him since. 
Among numerous films edited: King of Kings, 
1928; Sign of the Cross, 1932; The Buccan- 
neer. Hunter Men, Bulldog Drummond in Af- 
rica, Sons of the Legion, 1938, Television 
Spy, 1939, Union Pacific and Northwest 
'Mounted Police, 1940 (all Paramount). 

Publications: Chapter on film editing in We 
Make the Movies (W. W. Norton & Co., Inc.). 

Memberships: Acad, of Motion Picture Arts 
and Sciences; Film Editor's Guild. 

Awards: Acad, of Motion Picture Arts and 
Sciences Award for Film Editing of North 
West Mounted Police (Feb., 1941). 

Religion: Unity. 

Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Music, reading, and theatre. 

Bus. Address: Paramount Studio, 5451 Mara- 
thon St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 3843 Mound View Ave., No. 
Hollywood, Calif. 

BENNETT, Constance 

Actress (Motion Pictures, Radio, Stage). 
Born: New York, Oct. 22; d. of Adrlenne 
(MorrLson) and Richard Bennett. 
Education: Chamllcr's Sch. (N.Y.); Miss 
Merrill's Sch. ("Oaksmere," Mamaroneck, 
N.Y.); Madame Balsan's .Sch. (Versailles. 

Married: (1) Philip Plant (div.); (2) Mar- 
quis Henri dc la Falaise do la Coudraye. 1931 
(div.); (3) Gilbert Roland, 1941. ch.: Peter 
Bennett Plant, Linda Alonzo. 
Prof. Record: Received first screen offer 
from Samuel Goldwyn, as a result of test 
given by him was given part in Cytherea 
went to Hollywood where she became recog- 
nized as one of the most talented of the 
younger players; appeared in Into the Net 
(Pathe), The Goose Hangs High (Paramount), 
My Wife and I (Warner Bros.), The Goose 
Woman (Universal), Sally, Irene and Mary 
(M-G-M). Among her many pictures are 
Moulin Rouge, The Green Hat, What Price 
Hollywood? Lady with a Past, After Office 
Hours, Everything is Thunder, Ladies in 
Love, Topper Series, Tailspin, Service De- 
Luxe, Passage West, Law of the Tropics, 
etc. Toured with the Noel Coward play Easy 
Virtue. Named "one of the World's ten best 
dressed women." Has been a tireless worker 
for various charities and her private philan- 
thropies are many. 

Bus. Address: c/o Rex Cole, 519 Equitable 
Bldg., 6253 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 

Home Address: 280 Carohvood Dr., Holmby 
Hills, Calif. * 



Born: Palisades (N.J.), Feb. 27, 1910; d. of 
Adrienne (Morrison) and Richard Bennett. 
Education: Private tutors; St. Margaret's 
Boarding Sch. (Waterbury. Conn.); finishing 
sch., L'Ermitage (Versailles, France). 
Married: (1) John Martin Fox; ch.: Diana. 
(2) Gene Markey (div.); ch.: Melinda. (3) 
Walter Wanger. 

Prof. Record: Has appeared in the follow- 
ing recent productions: Man in the Iron Mask 
(United Artist-Small), Housekeeper's Daugh- 
ter (United Artist-Roach), both in 1939; Green 
Hell (Universal), 1940: House Across the Bay 
and Man I Married (Fox), both in 1940; Son 
of Monte Cristo (Edw. Small), 1940; She 
Knew all the Answers (Columbia), 1941; Man 
Hunt (Fox), 1941; Wild Geese Calling (Fox), 

Home Address: 515 So. Mapleton Dr., W. 
Los Angeles, Calif. • 

BENNY. Jack 

Actor, Radio Comedian. 

Born: Waukegan (111.), Feb. 14, 1894; s. of 
Emma (Sachs) and Mayer Kubelsky. 
Education: Public and high schools of Wauke- 
gan and Chicago (111.). 

Married: Mary. d. of Esther and David Liv- 
ingstone (Waukegan, 111.); ch.: Joan Naomi. 

Prof. Record: In addition to his fame as a 
Radio Comedian (now in his eighth consecutive 
year for Jello), Mr. Benny has starred in the 
following pictures for Paramount Studios: 
Artists and Models, 1937, Artists and Models 


Abroad. 1938, Man About Town. 1939, Buck 
Benny Rides Again, 1940, Love Thy Neighbor, 
1940, Charley's Aunt for 20th Century-Fox, 

Navy Service: Naval Training Station (Great 
Lakes, 111.), 1917-18. 

Recreations: Golf, movies and theatre, fights 
and wrestling matches. 

Bus. Address: California Bank Bldg., Beverly 
Hills, Calif. 

Home Address: 1002 No. Roxbury Dr., Bev- 
erly Hills, Calif. 

BONDI, Beulah. M.O. 


Born: Chicago (111.), May 3, 1895; d. of Eva 
Suzanna (Marble) and Abram O. Bondy. 
Education: Hyde Park High Sch.; Frances 
Shimar Acad.; Convent of the Holy Name of 
Jesus and Mary (Montreal) ; Valparaiso Univ. 
Degrees: Master of Oratory, Valparaiso Univ., 

Prof. Record: Was on the New York stage 
eight yrs. before entering motion pictures. 
First picture. Street Scene (Gtoldwyn), 1931, 
in role of Emma Jones, which she created in 
the play (N.Y.C.), 1929; among other pic- 
tures: Strangers Return, Gorgeous Hussy. Of 
Human Hearts, On Borrowed Time (all for 
M-G-M); Good Fairy, The Under-Pup (Uni- 
versal) ; Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 
Penny Serenade (Columbia) ; Remember the 
Night, Shepherd of the Hills (Paramount) ; 
Vivacious Lady (RKO) ; Our Town (Lessor). 
Memberships: Tri Kappa (philanthropic club 
of Indiana) ; Crippled Children's League (Los 
Angeles); Allied Arts (Denver, Colo.). 
Recreations: Reading, gardening, riding, and 

Home Address: Rancho Yucca Loma, Victor- 
ville, Calif. • 

BROWN. Bernard B. 

Musician; Sound Director, Universal Pictures. 

Born: La Farge (Wis.), July 24, 1898; s. of 
Ida M. (Millison) and Chas. S. Brown. 
Education: Hollywood High Sch.; Los Angeles 
Music Consv. 

Married: Mildred K. O'Brien, d. of William 
Brown, in Santa Barbara (Calif.), Nov. 22, 
1936; ch.: Betty Jane. 

Prof. Record: Unit Mixer for Top of the Town 
(Universal), 1937; collaborated on sound. 
Wings Over Honolulu, The Road Back, One 
Hundred Men and A Girl (Universal) ; is the 
only Musician-Sound Dir. in the motion pic- 
ture industry. 

Publications: Numerous articles on soimd and 
the movie industry in such newspapers and 
mags, as: Citizen-News, Picture Play, Phila- 
delphia Record, Popular Science, Women's 
Magazine of Australia, and Ken. 
War Service: Musical Dir., World War I, 

Awards: Award for sound in When Tomorrow 
Comes, 1939. 

Memberships: Acad, of Motion Picture Arts 
and Sciences; Soc. of Motion Picture Engrs.; 
Mt. Olive Lodge No. 506, K.&A.M. 
Religion : Christian Science. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Tennis (won second place in 
doubles in Studio Tennis Tournament) and 
horseback riding. 

Bus. Address: Universal Pictures, Inc., Uni- 
versal City, Calif. 

Home Address: 2800 Beachwood Dr., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

CARROLL, Harrison, B.A. 

Dramatic Editor, Los Angeles Evening Her- 
ald and Express. 

Born: Waco (Texas), June 23, 1901; s. of 
Hallie (Harrison) and Benajah Harvey Car- 

Education: Rice Inst. (Houston); Columbia 
Univ. (N.Y.C.). 

Degrees: B.A., Columbia, 1922. 
Married: Corrine Minerva, d. of Albert Smith 
in Nelson (Neb.), Apr. 6, 1900; ch.: Har- 
rison, Jr. 

Prof. Record: Reporter on Los Angeles Times, 
L.A. Examiner until made Dramatic Editor 
of L.A. Evening Herald & Express; Writer 
of syndicated motion picture column for King 
Features Syndicate. 
Memberships: Sigma Ciii Frat. 
Bus. Address: Los Angeles Evening Herald & 
Express, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 326 No. Harper Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. • 

CARUS, Professor Clayton Douglas, 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of Foreign Trade and Chairman, 
Dept. of Trade and Transportation, University 
of Southern California. 

Born: Battle Creek (Mich.), Oct. 10, 1888; s. 
of Harriet (Hunt) and Charles S. (jarus. 
Education: Occidental Coll.; Stanford Univ.; 
Univ. of Virginia. 

Degrees: A.B., 1913, M.A., 1917, Stanford 
U.; Ph.D., U. of Va.. 1930. 
Married: Vallance, d. of Virginia (Catlin) 
and John Arnott, m Calif., May 14. 1913; 
ch. : Virginia Harriet and Carol Paula. 
Prof. Record: Instructor, Calif. Polvtechnic 
Sch., 1914-16, 1917-19; Instr., Washington 
State Coll., 1919-20; Asst. Prof., 1920-21, 
Asso. Prof., U. of So. Calif., 1921, Prof., since 
1931. Summer sessions: Instr., U. of Washing- 
ton, 1920; Adjunct Prof., U. of Texas, 1922; 
Asso. Prof., 1929, Prof., 1934, U. of Vir- 
ginia; Prof., Oregon State Coll., 1940. 
Publications: 46 articles in Annals of the 
American Academy, Proceedings of the Pacific 
Coast Economics Association, Commerce Jour- 
nal, Southern California Business Review, 
Los Angeles Times, Southern California Pur- 
chasing Agents Journal, World Affairs Inter- 
preter, Proceedings of the Institute of World 

Memberships: Mem., Economists Com., and 
Hon. Mem., Foreign Commerce Com., Los 
Angeles Chamber of Commerce; Founder 
Mem., Pacific Geographic Soc; Pacific Coast 
Economics Assn. ; Nat. Vice-Pres., Delta Phi 
Epsilon (Honor Key, awarded by Nat. Bd. of 
CJovs.); Phi Delta" Kappa. Delta Si^ma Pi, 
Beta Gamma Sigma; So. Calif. Foreign Trade 

Religion : Protestant. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations : Gardening, chess, and lawn bowl- 



Hus. AildriNn: Uiiiv. of .Southern California, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Addifsii: 3153 West 76lh St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. • 

CONKLIN, Frank Roland 

Aullior. Actor. 

Born: Atchi.son (Kan.), April 5, 1886; s. of 
Anna Adams Ule.sccndant of John Quincy 
Adams) and Stanley L. Conklin. 
Educated: Haverford College (special course 
In English and writing), 1908-10. 
Married: Grace, d. of M. H. Haskins, in 
Hollywood (Calif.), Nov. 14, 1925. 
Prof. Record: Copy Writer, Frank Presbrey 
Co. (N.Y.), 1914-15: writing, acting and 
producing plays (N.Y.), 1915-17. In France, 
1917-18. Scenario Editor, The Christie Film 
Co., 1918-32; since then has been free lance 
writing and acting. Author of over 500, one, 
two, and five-reel produced motion pictures. 
Starred in own farce-comedy Not So Dumb. 
Directorships: Co-Producer, Not So Dumb 

Publications: Short stories and novel Mexican 
Knights (Commercial Printing and Publish- 
ing House, Los Angeles). 

Army Record: American Ambulance Field 
Service with French Army, 1917; Capt., 
Amer. Red Cross Foreign Service, 1918. 
Awards: Victory Medal, Amer. Field Ser. 
from the French (3ovt. ; Croix de Guerre. 
Recreations: Golf. 

Bus. and Home Address: 8334 Kirkwood Dr., 
Hollywood,' Calif. 

CUMBERLAND, William Wilson. A.B., 
A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. 

Born: La Verne (Calif), Jan. 2, 1890; s. of 
Clara Euphemia (Huggins) and Julian Fee 

Education: Occidental Coll.; Columbia Univ.; 
Princeton Univ. 

Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1912; A.M., 
Columbia Univ., 1913; Ph.D., Princeton U., 
1916; LL.D., Occidental Coll., 1937. 
Married: Edith Griffith Osmond, in Los An- 
geles (Calif.), Sept. 14, 1916; ch.: Mary 
Catherine, Julian Osmond, William Wilson, 

Prof. Record: Supt., Chrystie Street House 
(N.Y.), 1914; Instr., Asst. Prof., Asso. ProT. 
and Chief Div. of Research in Agrl. Econom- 
ics, U of Minn., 1916-19; leave of absence, 
1917-19; Research Assoc, U. of Calif, and Do- 
heny Research Foundation, 1917-18; Trade 
Expert, War Trade Bd., Washington (D.C.), 
1918; Economic Expert with Reparation and 
Financial Commns., Amer. Commn. to Nego- 
tiate Peace (Paris, France), 1919; Financial 
Expert, Amer. Mil. Mission to Armenia (Har- 
bord Commn.), 1919; Financial Expert with 
U.S. High Commn., Amer. Embassy (Constan- 
tinople, Turkey), 1919-20; Asst. Fgn. Trade 
Adviser and Fgn. Trade Adviser, Dept. Of 
State (Washington, D.C.), 1920-21; Financial 
Commr. and Supt. Gen. of Customs, Republic 
of Peru, 1921-23; Gov., Reserve Bank of 
Peru, 1923-24; Financial Adviser, Gen. Receiv- 
er of Republic of Haiti, 1924-27; Financial Ex- 
pert for Dept. of State (Nicaragua), 1927-28; 
Partner, Wellington c& Co., Firm Mem., N.Y. 
Stock Exchange since 1928; Dir., St. Louis 

.Southwestern HH.. Warren Foundry & Plf)e 
Corp. Economist with NRA (Washington), 
19.i.i. Amer. Del. to Conf. on Germany Ixjng- 
Term Debts (Berlin), 1934. 
Publications: Cooperative Marketing, 1918; 
Nicaragua — An Economic and Financial Sur- 
vey. 1928. 

Memberships: Mem., Economic Advisory Com. 
Nat. Industrial Conf. Bd. and Nat. Assn. of 
Mfrs. ; Dir., Amer. Hosp. (Istanbul, Turkey): 
Mem, Acad, of Polit. .Science, Foreign I'ol- 
icy A.ssn., Pan American .Society, The Pil- 
grims, Amer. Econ. Assn., Amer. Statls. 
A.ssn. (Pres., N.Y. chapter, 19.38-.'W), Eco- 
nomists Nat. Com. on Monetary Policy; Phi 
Beta Kappa: Downtown Athletic (N.Y.), 
Englewood Field (N.J.) clubs. 
Bus. Address: 120 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 
Home Address: 349 Booth Ave., Englewood, 
N.J. • 

DOUGLAS. Melvyn 

Actor, Active in Social Welfare Work. 
Born: Macon (Ga.), Apr. 5, 1901; s. oi Lena 
(Shakelford) and Edouard G. Hesselberg. 
Education: High School. 

Married: Helen Gahagan (Stage Actress), d. 
of Lillian Rose (Mussen )and Walter Hammer 
Gahagan (Brooklyn, N.Y.). Apr. 5, 1931; ch.: 
Peter Gahagan and Mary Helen; Gregory (by 
a former marriage). 

Prof. Record: Has appeared in numerous mo- 
tion pictures among which have been Tell No 
Tales, Ninotchka (M-G-M), 1939; Good Girls 
Go to Paris, Amazing Mr. Williams (Colum- 
bia), 1939: Too Many Flusbands and He Stayed 
for Breakfast (Columbia), 1940; Third Finger, 
Left Hand (M-G-M), 1940; That Uncertain 
Feeling (United Artists), 1941; A Woman's 
Face (M-G-M), 1941. Has done considerable 
social welfare work in the State of California 
and was appointed a Mem. of the Board, Calif. 
Dept. of Social Welfare by Governor Olson. 
Army Record: Medical Corps, U.S. Army, en- 
listed 1917. 
Religion: Christian. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Walking, reading, and swim- 

Bus. Address: 9484 Wilshire Blvd., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

Home Address: 7141 Senalda Rd., Outpost 
Estates, Los Angeles, Calif. • 

DOWNS. Lawrence, M.D. 

Born: Conway (Ark), Sept. 3, 1883; s. of 
Martha J. (Munn) and Wm. J. Downs. 
Education: Hendrix Coll. (Conway, Ark.); 
Vanderbilt Univ. (Nashville, Tenn.); Univ. 
of Louisville, Med. Dept. (Ky.). 
Degrees: M.D., Univ. of Louisville, 1912; Cer- 
tificate for Post-Graduate work, P. G. Med. 
Sch. and Hosp. (N.Y.C.). 

Married: Elizabeth Irene, d. of Judge and 
Mrs. Thomas Ryan (Louisville, Ky.), June 16, 

Prof. Record: Practiced in Georgetown (Ky.), 
1913-15. Manhattan (Kan.), 1915-21, Holly- 
wood (Calif.), 1921 to the present, specializing 
in eye, ear, nose and throat. 
Publications: Book of poems. Along the Way 
(The Pyramid Press, N.Y.C.), 1938. Articles 
in medical journals. 



Army Record: Mem., Medical Advisory Staff 
at Ft. Riley and Camp Funston (Kan.), 
during World War I. Mem., Medical Advisory 
Staff in Hollywood at present time. 
Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Votes for tlie man, but with Demo- 
cratic preference. 

Recreations: Gardening and writing. 
Bus. Address: 6777 Hollywood Blvd., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

Home Address: 704 No. Crescent Dr., Beverly 
Hills, Calif. * 

ELWELL-ONIONS. Marie Elizabeth, 

A.B. (Pen name, Elizabeth Field) 
Editor, Publisher, Author. 
Born: Liverpool (England), 1905, d. of Eliz- 
abeth (Oliver) and William Elwell-Onions 
(is also related to England's author Oliver 
Onions and a long Une of English writers). 
Education: Schs. of England, Utah; Univ. of 
Calif. (Berkeley). 

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1925. 
Prof. Record: Five yrs. newspaper exper- 
ience in Calif. ; five yrs. in New York writing 
for magazines, and in publicity, including 
Paramount Pictures; past year, Editor of the 
San Francisco Russian Hill Runt Magazine 
(with a circulation all over the country). 
Writes under the names of Elizabeth Field, 
Jenn Shaw, Elizabeth Elwell, Marie Elwell- 

Publications: Let's Have Fun in San Fran- 
cisco (pub. S.F.), 1939; Editor, Publisher, 
Russian Hill Runt (S.F.). 
Religion: Liberal. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Swimming, tennis, horseback 
riding, golf, reading, theatre, music, and art. 
Bus. and Home Address: 1084 Broadway, Rus- 
sian Hill, San Francisco, Calif. 

SEILER, Lewis 

Motion Picture Director, Warner Bros. Stu- 

Born: Austria (Hungary), Sept. 30, 1890; s. 
of Rose (Zelmanowitz) and Herman Seller. 
Education: New York Training School for 

Married: Nettie, d. of Max and Rebecca 
Himelstein, in New Orleans (La.), Sept. 23, 
1911; ch.: Rita and Michael Howard. 
Prof. Record: Teacher in public schs. of 
N.Y.C., seven years. Entered motion pictures, 
1917; Asst. Gen. Supt., Fox West Coast 
Studios, five years; Supervisor of Sunshine 
Comedies, two years; Dir., Sunshine Com- 
edies, four years; Dir., feature pictures, in- 
cluding some westerns, three years; now 
asso. with Warner Bros. Studio and has been 
for past four years. 
Memberships: B'nai B'rith (Calif.). 
Religion: Jewish. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Tennis, golf, fishing. 

Bus. Address: Warner Bros. Studio, Bur- 
bank, Calif. 

Home Address: 80 Malibu, Malibu Beach, 

(Antoni Stanislaw Boleslawowicz) 

Orchestral Conductor. 

Born: London (Eng.), April, 1887 (natural- 
ized American citizen); named after grand- 
father, Leopold Stokowski, of Lublin and 
Krakow (Poland); father's name, Boleslaw 
Kopernik Stokowski. 

Education: Royal Coll.; studied in France, 
Germany and England. 

Prof. Record: Conductor, Philadelphia Orch- 
estra, 1913-36; nation-wide radio broadcasts on 
NBC and CBS; motion picture musical con- 
ducting, arranging and composing in follow- 
ing productions: Big Broadcast of 1937 (Par- 
amount), 100 Men and a Girl (Universal), 
Fantasia (Disney); at present Conductor, Ail- 
American Orchestra; first tour, South Amer- 
ica, summer, 1940, second tour, U.S. and 
Canada, spring and summer, 1941, third 
tour, South America, summer, 1942. Records 
with Philadelphia Orchestra (RCA Victor), 
All-American Orchestra (Columbia). His sym- 
phonic transcriptions of works of Bach in- 
clude: Bourree; Passacaglia in C Minor; Pre- 
lude in B Minor; Choralvorspiel Aus der 
Tiefe; Choralvorspiel Ich ruf zu dir; Choral- 
vorspiel Wachet Auf ; Toccata and Fugue in 
D Minor; Prelude in E Flat Minor; Chaconne 
in D Minor; Fugue in G Minor (Shorter) ; 
Choralvorspiel ^Ims tiefer Noth; Choralvor- 
spiel Christ lag in Todesbanden; Siciliano; 
Choralvorspiel Nun Komin der Heiden Hei- 
land; Adagio from Tocatta and Ftigue in C; 
Komm Silsser Tod; Sarabande; Choralvor- 
spiel Wir glauben Alle; Fugue in C Minor; 
Es ist Vollbracht; Choral from the Easter 
Cantata; Aria in D Major; Fugue in G Minor 
(Longer) ; My Soul is Athirst; Soul Agony of 
Christ in Gethsemane (Mein Jesu, was fuer 
Seelenweh) ; Prelude and Fugue in E Minor; 
First movement of the Sonata in E Flat for 
Pedal-Clavier (composed for Friedmann 
Bach); Preludio (Partita in E) ; Arioso (Con- 
certo for Cembalo in F Minor) ; Andante 
(Sonata in A Minor for Violin). 
Memberships: Academy of Motion Picture 
Arts and Sciences. 
Home Address: New Milford, Conn. 

TAYLOR. Ellis Wing. B.S. 


Born: Chicago (111.), Oct. 2, 1887; s. of 
Minnie (Cray) and Frank Wing Taylor, bnkr. 
Education: Los Angeles pub. schs.; Columbia 
Univ. Sch. of Engineering, 1908-09. 
Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1912. 
Married: (1) Feb., 1922; (2) Aug., 1931; 
(3) Elma (Ficks), Feb., 1941; ch.: Ellis 
Wing, Jr., Peter Tracy. 

Prof. Record: Gen. practice, architecture, 
structural engineering, 1913, Partner, Ed- 
ward Cray Taylor, Architect (Los Angeles) ; 
designed some of the largest aircraft plants 
in So. California, including Douglas (Long 
Beach), Consolidated (San Diego), and Con- 
sulting Engineer for plant in England, 1936. 
Directorships: Taylor Hldng. & Inv. Corpn. 
Navy Record: Ensign, Lieut. (J.G.), 2nd Of- 
ficer, Temp. Comdr., U.S. Sub. F2, Comdr., 
U.S. Sub. F3, 1916-19. 

Memberships: Amer. Soc. of Civil Engrs. ; 
Structural Engrs. As-sin. (So. Calif.); State 
Assn. Calif. Architects; Phi Kappa Sigma. 
Clubs: Jonathan, Santa Monica Swimming, 
Los Angeles Yacht, Transpacific Yacht. 
Bus. Address: 803 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles. 
Home Address: 1827 Midvale, Los Angeles. * 



The asterisk (M rollowiiiK' a skclcli itself indicnles that the sketch could not be veriflefl. 

ABBEY, James Brown, LL.B. 
District Attorney of San DleRO County, Calif. 
Bom: Pittsburgh (Pa.), Sept 17, 1899; s. of 
Edna (Steen) and Jacob W. Abbey. 
Education: Alhambra High School, Alhambra 
(Calif.); U. of Calif, at Los Angeles. 
Degrees: LL.B., Southwestern U., 1926. 
Married: Florence C. Berry, d. of C. Spen- 
cer Berry, Alhambra (Calif)., June 20, 1928; 
ch.: Nancy Gail, Peter Kendall, Josephine. 
Prof. Record: Practiced law in San Diego 
(Calif.) from 1927 to 1929, and during 1929 
and 1930 was a Special Agent for Venezuela 
Gulf Oil Company at Maracaibo (Venezuela). 
In 1931 was connected with the Legal De- 
parent of the Union Title Company of San 
Diego. In 1932 joined the staff of the 
District Attorney of San Diego County, and 
served in that capacity until he became 
District Attorney in March, 1938, which 
office he now holds. 

Memberships: Cuyamaca, La Mesa Country, 
San Diego, and Republican Men's Clubs; Bar 
Assn. of San Diego. 

Religion : Presbyterian. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Golt and hunting. 

Bus. Address: Court House, San Diego, Calif. 

Home Address: 4430 Longbranch Ave., San 
Diego, Calif. 

ABBOTT. Professor Charles Harlan, 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 
Professor of Zoology, U. of Redlands. 

Born: Antrim (N. H.), March 1, 1889; s. of 
Clara Mabel (Hurlin) and John Gano Ab- 

Education: Colby Academy, New London 
(N. H.); Brown U., Providence (R. I.) 

Degrees: A.B., Brown U., 1913; M.A., 
Brown U., 1914; Ph.D., Brown U., 1918. 

Married: Elizabeth Louise, d. of Martha 
Elizabeth (Washburnl and Wilbur Fisk 
Nichols, Belchertown (Mass.), July 2, 1918; 
ch. : John Wilbur and Nancy Elizabeth. 
Prof. Record: Instructor in Zoology, State 
Coll. of Wash. (Pullman, Wash.), 1914-15; 
Instructor in Biology, Haverford Coll. (Hav- 
erford. Pa.), 1916-17; Instructor in Zoology, 
Mass. State Coll. (Amherst, Mass.), 1919-22; 
Professor of Zoology, U. of Redlands (Red- 
lands, Calif.), 1922. 

Publications: Reactions of Land Isopods to 
Light, Jour. E.xp., Zool., Vol. 27, 1918-19. 

Army Record: 2nd Lieut., San. Corps, U. S. 
Army, 1918. 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Sigma. 

Religion : Congregationalist. 

Bus. Address: U. of Redlands, Redlands, 

Home Address: 28 So. University St., Red- 
lands, Calif. 

ABBOTT, Clinton Gilbert, A.B. 

Director, Natural History Museum. 
Born: Liverpool (Eng.), Apr. 17, 1881; s. of 
Grace (Van Du.sen) and Lewis Lowe Abbott. 
Education: Uppingham Sch. fEng.); Poly- 
technic Preparatory .Sch., Brooklyn (N. Y.); 
Columbia U.; Cornell U. 
Degrees: A.B., Columbia U., 1903. 
Married: Dorothy Clarke, d. of Virginia 
(Vilas) and William H. Clarke, New York 
(N. Y.), May 18, 1915; ch.: Dorothea, Lois 
and Lucia. 

Prof. Record: Conservation Commn., State of 
N Y., 1918-21; in charge of Ednl. Activi- 
ties, Natural Hist. Mus., San Diego, 1921-22; 
Dir., Natural Hist. Mus., San Diego (Calif.), 
since 1922. 

Directorships: Director of the following: 
San Diego Soc. of Natural Hist., San Diego 
Scientific Libr. Assn., Fine Arts Soc. of 
San Diego, University Club of San Diego, 
and Bishop's Sch., La Jolla. 
Publications: Home Life of the Osprey and 
other ornithological publications. 
Memberships: Alpha Delta Phi and Phi Beta 

R eligion : Episcopal . 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Photography, swimming. 
Bus. Address: Natural History Museum, Bal- 
boa Park, San Diego, Calif. 
Home Address: 4499 Hermosa Way, San 
Diego, Calif. 

ABBOTT, Jr. Frank H. 

President, Sunset Press. 

Born: San Francisco, s. of Frank H. Abbott. 
Education: Stanford U., 1908. 
Bus. History: Pres., Sunset Press, 20 years. 
Directorships: Sunset McKee Salesbook Co. 
Memberships: Bohemian Club; Masons. 
Bus. Address: 1045 Sansome St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 3090 Pacific Ave.. San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

ABBOTT, George Knapp, A.B., M.D. 
Medical Dir. and Surgeon, St. Helena San- 
itarium and Hosp. 

Born: Spirit Lake (Iowa), Jan. 4, 1880; s. 
of Ellen (Green) and C^iarles Edwm Ab- 

Education: Spirit Lake High Sch.; Amer. 
Med. Missionary Coll., Chicago (111), 1903; 
Coll. of Med. Evangelists, Calif., 1913. 
Degrees: M.D., Amer. Med. Missionary Coll., 
1903- A.B., Coll. of Medical Evangelists, 
(Calif.), 1913. 

Married: Cora Richards, d. of John Rich- 
ards, College View (Neb.), July 5, 1906; ch.; 
Richard Edward, Donald Humphrey and 
Merrill Frederic. 

Prof. Record: Med. Supt., Glendale Sani- 
tarium and Hosp., Glendale (Calif.), 1905; 
Med. Supt., Loma Linda Sanitarium and 
Hosp., 1905-14; Med. Dir. and Surgeon, St. 
Helena Sanitarium and Hosp., 1919-25; Med. 



Dir. of Washington (D.C.I, Sanitarium and 
Hosp.. 1925-28; Surgeon, Glenclale Sanitarium 
and Hosp., Glendale (Calif.), 1928-34; Sur- 
geon and Medical Dir., St. Helena Sani- 
tarium and Hosp. at present. 
Directorships: Med. Dir. and Mem., Bd. of 
Trustees, St. Helena Sanitarium and Hosp. 
Publications: Principles atid Practices of 
Hydrotherapy for Students and Practition- 
ers of Medicine, 1911; Elements of Hydro- 
therapy for Nurses, 1913; Medical Electricity 
for Students and Nurses, 1914; High Blood 
Pressure and Degenerative Diseases of the 
Heart, Blood Vessels and Kidneys, 1928 and 
1937; Physical Therapy for Nurses, 1930 and 
in press now. 

Religion: Seventh-day Adventist. 
Recreations: Mountain climbing. 
Poli tics : Republican . 

Bus. Address: St. Helena Sanitarium and 
Hosp., Sanitarium, Calif. 

ABBOTT. William Martin, LL.B. 

Senior Member of Abbott, Appel & Dains. 
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Mar. 17, 1872; 
s. of Anna Bell (Casselman) and William 

Education: San Francisco Pub. Sch.; Hast- 
ings Law Coll. (U. of Calif). 
Degrees: LL.B., Hastings Law Coll., 1893. 
Married: Annie Josephine, d. of D. M. Mac- 
Vean, San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 3, 1895; 
ch.: William Lindley and Tirey Casselman. 
Prof. Record: Practiced law in San Fran- 
cisco (Calif.), since 1893; admitted to prac- 
tice in Supreme Ct. of Calif., May 18, 1893; 
admitted to practice Supreme Ct. of U. S., 
Apr. 9, 1900; admitted to practice in U. S. 
Circuit Ct. of Appeals, Oct. 8, 1910; was 
Asst. Atty. Gen. of Calif., 1898-1902. 
Directorships: R. G. Hamilton & Co., of 
San Farncisco, (Dir.); Vice-Pres. and Gen. 
Counsel of Market St. Ry. Co. ; Vice-Pres. 
of San Mateo Elec. Ry. Co., Sutro Railroad 
Co., and Metropolitan Ry. Co. 
Memberships: B. P. O. Elks (Grand Exalted 
Ruler (U. S.) 1920-21); Masons (Knight 
Templar and Shriner) ; Native Sons Golden 
West; Bohemian Club, San Francisco (Pres. 
1924-25) ; San Francisco CJolf, Olympic, Lake- 
side Golf & Country (San Francisco), Valley 
Club of Montecito (Santa Barbara), and 
Rio Del Mar GoH & Country Clubs; mem- 
ber, San Francisco (Calif.), and Amer. Bar 
Assn.: member, Pomeroy Chapter, Phi Delta 
Phi Fraternity. 
Religion : Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: CJolf, hunting. 
Bus. Address: 58 Sutter St., San Francisco, 

Home Address: Bohemian Club, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

ABEL, Christine Jeannette (Jean Abel) 

Art Instructor, Glendale Junior College. 
Born: Poplar Shade Ranch, Maxwell, Colusa 
Co. (Calif.); d. of Sidney Florence (Ham- 
blen) and Frank Henry Abel. 
Education: Calif. Sch. of Fine Arts (San 
Francisco); U. of Calif.; U. of Calif, at Los 
Angeles; U. of So. Calif.; Columbia U.; 
Chouinard Art Inst. (Los Angeles) ; Art Cen- 
ter (Los Angeles) ; Rudolph Schaeffer Sch. 
of Desigrn (San Francisco) ; Pupil of Armln 
Hansen (Monterey); Xavier Martinez ,Adolfo 
Best-Maugard and Ramos Martinez. 
Prof. Record: From 1916-18 Miss Abel was 

a designer for Schussler Bros, in San Fran- 
cisco; 1919, Reconstruction Aide in Occu- 
pational Therapy, Base Hospital No. 1, Ft. 
Sam Houston (Texas) ; 1920-21, Art Super, 
and Art Teacher, Visalia High and grade 
schs., Visalia (Calif.); 1921-38, Art Teacher, 
Glendale High Sch., Glendale (Calif.); 1938 
to 1941, Art Instr., Glendale Jr. Coll.; 
Exhibitor of ceramics and sculptored por- 
traits in Gold Hill Studio, Monrovia; Ex- 
hibitor in the Fine Arts, San Francisco Mus., 
San Francisco Soc. of Women Artists 
exhbns., Los Angeles Expn. Park Mus., Los 
Angeles Co. Fair, Los Angeles Libr. (Oil 
Portrait), and First Calif. Ceramic Travel- 
ing Exhbn. Honorable mention in water 
colors at Palace of Fine Arts in 1924. 

Directorships: Past Pres., Art Teachers 
Assn. of So. Cailf.; Council Member-Pacific 
Arts Assn., 1940-1942; Program Chmn., Art 
Teacher's Assn. of So. Calif., 1941; Foothill 
Chapter Program Chmn., 1941; Chmn., Art 
Sect, of So. Calif. Jr. Coll. Assn., 1941. 

Publications: An Explanation of Modern Art 
in Its Relation to Industrial Design (an ar- 
ticle for Art and Architecture), June, 19.30; 
Relating Art to Other Areas of Human En- 
deavors," Calif. Journal of Secondary Edu- 
cation., Jan., 1940. 

Arm.y Record: Reconstruction Aide in Occu- 
pational Therapy, Base Hosp. No. 1, Ft. Sam 
Houston, Texas, 1919. 

Memberships: Delta Epsilon; Pacific Arts 
Assn., Art Teachers Assn. of So. Calif., 
Amer. Fedn. of Arts, Washington, D.C.), 
Glendale Art Assn., San Francisco Soc. of 
Women Artists, Calif. Teachers Assn., Nat. 
Ednl. Assn. 

Religion: Christian Science. 
Recreations: Music, theatre, dancing, horse- 
back riding, swimming, tennis, hiking, and 

Bus. Address: 1500 No. Verdugo Road, Glen- 
dale, Calif. 

Home Address: 3796 Lakeshore Avenue, Oak- 
land Calif.; 1309 E. Wilson Avenue, Glen- 
dale, Calif. 

ABEL, Stanley, Ph.D. 

Supervisor, Fourth District, County of Kern. 

Born: Bloomington (Calif.), Dec. 22, 1891; 
s. of Dora Alice (Leffingwell) and Lindley 
Scoville Abel. 

Education: Pub. Schs., San Bernardino and 
Riverside Cos. 

Degrees: Ph.D., Pacific Coast U., 1939. 

Married: Thelma Clair (Leverette), in Bak- 
ersfield (Calif.), Oct. 14, 1918. 

Prof. Record: First elected Supr., 1917; 
Sect. Co. Suprs. Assn. of San Joaquin Val- 
ley, 1922; Secty., Co. Suprs. Assn. of Calif., 
1922; Vice-Pres., Co. Highway Officials Div., 
A.R.B.A.; Vice-Pres., Western Dist., A.R. 
B.A., 1932; Calif. Coordinating Councils, 
Vice-Pres. 1936; West Side Oilfields Co- 
ordinating Council, Pres., 1931; Calif. Conf. 
of Social Work, Regional Vice- Pres., 1937. 

Memberships: Taft Kiwanls (Pres., 1926); 
Taft Pyramid No. 12, A.E.O.S. (Toparch, 
1923-24) ; Taft Chamber of Commerce (Pres., 
1925) ; Taft Commandery No. 65. 

Religion : Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 
Bus. Adrdess: Bin NN, Taft, Calif. 

Home Address: Surprise Oil Lease, Taft, 



ABELL, Theodore Curtis. A.B., B.D., 

DIreclor, Tlu" lUimanist Society. 
Born: Wntcrbury (Conn.), Nov. 12, 1891; 
s. of Mary I.sabelle (Blakeslee) and Hiram 
Irvln Abel. 

Educniion: Cro.sbv High Sch., 1909; Ohio 
VVe.sIeyan U., 1916; Garrett Blbl. Inst.; 
Northwestern U. 

Degrees: A.B. (cum laude) , Ohio Wesleyan 
U.. 1916; B.D., Garrett Blbl. Inst.. 1920; 
R.S.W. , Calif. Conf. of Social Workers, 

Married: Louella (Reed) Hastings, d. of 
Jessie (Crissman). and George Wa.shington 
Reed, in Glandale (Calif.), Apr. 9, 19.35; 
ch. : George Ogden and Marylou Hastings 
A'^ell (adopted). 

Bti.s Recoi-d: Asst. Billing and Shipping 
Clerk, Waterburv Brass Goods Corp.. 1909- 
11; Stu. Pastor, Hvattville M. E. Church, 
1913-1(^: Minister, Reeb Ave. M. E. Church, 
Columbus (Ohio), 1916-17; Stu. Pastor, 
Granville McNabb M. E. Church, Granville 
(in.). 1917; Minister, Kirkland M. E. 
Church. Kirklin (Ind.). 1919; Stu. Pastor, 
Wheatfield-Tefft M. E. Church, Wheatfield 
(Ind.); 1919-21; Instr., Claremont Sch. for 
Boys, Claremont (Calif.). 1921; Minister, 
Hollywood (Calif.) Unitarian Church. 1922- 
28; Founder and since Minister and Dir., 
The Humanist Soc, 1929; Case Worker, 
State Relief Administran. since 1934. 
Publications: Pamphlets; Does Science Af- 
ford An Adequate Basis for Religionf, 
Humanism and Christianity, The Bible in the 
Public Schools, The Meaning of Easter. 
Army Service: Enlisted U. S. Army at 
Evanston (111.), May 25, 1918; Commd. 2nd 
Lt., U. S. R., Nov. 30, 1919. 
Memberships: Severance. X, Twenty, and 
Curfew Clubs. 

■Religion: Unitarian Humanist. 
Politics : Democrat . 
Recreations: Hiking and gardening. 
Bus. and Home Address: 918 No. Lima St.. 
Burbank, Calif. Other Address; Box 605, 
Hollywood, Calif. 

ABERLE, Fred. LL.B. 

Boms Owosso (Mich.), Dec. 20, 1897; s. of 
Caroyln (Gabler) and Fred Aberle. 
Education: Manual Arts High Sch.; Los An- 
geles Jr. Coll.; U. of So. Calif., 1919. 
Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1919. 
Married: Marcella, d. of Mary and Edwin 
Potter, in Los Angeles (Calif.) ( Feb. 19, 
1921; ch.: Carolyn and Fred, Jr. 
Prof. Record: Admitted to practice, State of 
Calif., 1921; Member. Hardy, Elliott & Ab- 
erle, 1925-30; Member, Elliott & Aberle, 
1930-1935; practicing alone since 1935. 
Army Service: Attended Officers Training 
Camp, for Commn. 2nd Lt. 
Clubs: Phi Alpha Delta (legal frat.); L. A. 
Country, Flintridge Country and Jonathan 
clubs; Member of Masonic bodies, Al Malai- 
kah Shrine Temple. 
Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: GoU. 

Bus. Address: Van Nuys Bldg., 210 W. Sev- 
enth St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Addres: 2000 Tondolea Lane, Alta 
Canada, Calif. 

ABRAMS, Professor LeRoy. A.B., A.M., 
Ph.D., K.A.A.A.S., F.C.A.S. 
I'rof. f)f liotany. Emeritus. 
Horn: Sheffield (Iowa), Oct. 1, 1874; 8. of 
Almina Barbara (.Shoudy) and James De- 
Wltt Abrams. 

Education: Stanford U.; Columbia U. 
Degrees: A.B., 1899, and A.M.. Stanford U.. 
1902; Ph.D., Columbia U.. 1910. 
Married: Letitla. d. of Frances (Hooker) 
and Samuel A. Patterson. In Palo Alto 
(Calif.), Mar. 29, lf)09. 

Prof. Record: Acting Prof, of Botany, U. 
of Ida., 1899-1900; Asst. in Botany, Stan- 
ford U., 1900-1902; Instr. 1902-04; Fellow. 
Columbia U.. 1904-05; Ast. Curator of 
Plants, Nat. Museum, 1905-06; Asst. Prof, of 
Botany, Stanford U., 1906-12; Assoc. Prof., 
1912-20; Prof., 1920-40; Dir. Natural Hist. 
Mus., 19.33-40; Prof. Emeritus since 1940; 
Botl. Investigator, San Francisco Hosp. of 
So. Pac. Railway Co. since 1928. 
Publications: Flora of Los Angeles and Vi- 
cinity (Stanford U. Press), 1904; second 
edit., 1911; third edit., 1917; Trees and 
Shrubs of So. Calif., bull.. New York Botl. 
Garden No. 21, 1910; Deserts and Desert 
Flora, in Nature and Science on the Pac. 
Coast (Elder, San Francisco), 1915; Illus- 
trated Flora of the Pac. States, four vols. 
(Stanford U. Press), vol. 1, 1923 and 1940, 
vol. 2, 1941; vol. 3 and 4 in preparation; 
many papers in various scientific jours, and 
proceedings of learned societies. 
Memberships: Sigma Xi; Fellow, Amer. 
Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow, 
Amer. Assn. for the Advancement of Science, 
Fellow, Calif. Academy of Science. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif. 
Home Address: 653 Cabrillo, Stanford Uni- 
versity, Calif. 

ACHRON, Joseph 

Composer, Violinist, Teacher. 
Born: Lozdzeye (Russia), May 1. 1886; s. of 
Berta (Mahram) and Julius Achron. 
Education: Warsaw, under Michalowich. and 
Isidor Lotto (violin) ; later at Petersbourg 
(now Leningrad) State Consv. under Leopold 
Auer (violin), Anatoly Liadov (harmony), 
graduating with Gold Medal and Michel 
Palais Prize (1200 Roubles). 
Degrees: "Free Artist" (equivalent to U. 
Deg.), 1904. 

Married: Marie, d. of Eugene Rap-hoph, in 
Leningrad (Russia), June 2, 1920. 
Prof. Record: At the age of two received 
first violin made by father — already played 
own first melody of rhythmical character 
and recognized correct pitch; at age of five 
received first violin lesson from father and 
Michaolwich, then spent five years under 
Lotto in Warsaw; first concert tour when 
eight, second tour at 10 (both in Russ.), 
ending with an appearance at the Gatchlna 
Palais before Czar Nicolas II and Dowager 
Czarina; in 1899 entered Petersbourg Con- 
Czarina; in 1889 entered Petersbourg Con- 
servatory, graduated, 1904, with Gold Medal 
and Michel Palais Prize; Concertized in 
Ger., 1904-07, concentrated on counter-point, 
canon, fugue and form (self-instructed), and 
took orchestration from Ma.xlmilin Stein- 
berg — after completing these studies, re- 
sumed concert activity and intensive com- 
posing; in 1911 was elected Chmn. of Mu- 



sic Com. of Soc. for Hebrew Music in 
Leningrad: Head of Violin and Chamber 
Music classes at Khardov Conservatory 
(Russ.), 1913-16; extensive concertizing 
(over 1000), 1918-22; also Head of Violin 
Master Class and Chamber Music Dept. of 
Leningrad Artists' Union; at end of 1922, 
left Russia for tour through Latvia (Ger.); 
visited Austria, Italy, Egypt, Palestine, 
and France; lived in Berlin till the end 
1924; came to U. S. A.. Jan. 1, 1925 (in 
New York till Aug. 1934 — then in Holly- 
wood) ; composed over eighty original works 
and over seventy free transcriptions for 
orchestra, chamber music, chorus, vocal and 
instrumental solos: stage and screen music; 
translated into Eng., Rimsky-Korsakov's 
Practical Manual of Harmony. Compo- 
sions have been performed in most of 
the countries of the world — U. S. A., 
by the Boston Symphony Orchestra (Kous- 
sevitsky), Los Angeles (Klemperer) and 
Usigli), Solo pieces played by: Heifetz, 
Zim.balist. Szigeti, Menuhin, Nina Koshetz, 
Sophie Braslau and many others; Fritz 
Reiner introudced an orchestral work (Golem- 
Suite) at the Internat. Festival. Venice 
(It) ; Pro Arte Quartet introduced in Los 
Angeles the Sinfonietta for string quartet 
(commd. by League of Composers). Third 
Concerto for Violin played by the Composer 
with the Los Angeles Symphony (commd. by 

PubJications: Publishers: Universal Edition 
(Vienna), Belaieff (Leipzig), Edit. Russe de 
Musique (Paris), Jibneh, Juwal (Palestine). 
Carl Fischer. G. Schirmer (New York), Bloch 
Pub. Co. (New York), Zimmerman (Leip- 
zig. Jurgenson, Johansen (Russ.); New Mu- 
sic (Calif.), etc. 

Army Service: Russian Army, 1916-18. 
Memberships: Bohemians (New York), Cres- 
cendo Club (L. A.); Mailamm-Amer. Pales- 
tine Mus. Soc. (Hon. Chmn. of L. A. Chap.); 
Amer. Soc. of Composers, Authors and Pub- 
lishers, Amer. Composers Alliance, Amer. 
Guild of Mus. Artists, Amer. Fedr. of Mu- 
sicians, Musicological Soc, Pro Musica Soc. 
(Los Angeles). Amer. Soc. of Music Ar- 

Religion: Hebrew. 

Home Address: 2621 No. Beachwood Dr., 
Hollywood, Calif. 

ACRET, George Edward. 


Born: Brooklyn (N. Y.), Dec. 23, 1886; s. of 
Kate (Franklin) and George W. Acret. 
Education: Brooklyn Pub. Schs. ; U. of Wis. 
Married: Virginia R., d. of Hoyt Evans, in 
Santa Monica (Calif.), Sept. 23, 1932; ch.: 
Mary and John (by former mariage). 
Prof. Record: Engaged in practice of law 
since 1919; admitted to bar of State of 
Wash., 1919, Calif., 1923, Wash., D. C, 
1937; was Dist. Atty. of Grays Harbor Co. 
(Wash.), 1920-22; City Atty. of Venice 
(Calif.), 1923-25; Mem. of Nat. Bituminous 
Coal Com., 1935-37. 

Army Service: Overseas during World War I 
with Amer. Air Serv., 1917-19; commd. 2nd 
Lt., July, 1918, at Saumur (France) : commd. 
Capt., Wash. Nat. Guard, July, 1920. 
Religion: Episcopal. 

Recreations: Gadrening, swimming, and golf. 
Bus. Address: 650 So. Grand Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Adrdess: 605 So. Irving Blvd., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

ADAM, Ronald McDonald. 

Supervisor of Santa Barbara Co. 
Born: Santa Maria (Calif.), Sept. 8, 1884; 
s. of Esther (Spencer) and Alexander Adam. 
Education: Schools of Lompoc, Calif. 
Married: Linda J., d. of C. K. Hardenbrook, 
in Lompoc (Calif.), Nov. 8, 1905; ch.: Ka- 
thryn (Mrs. Conner), J. Donald, and Ken- 
neth L. 

Bus. Record: Owner and Publisher of the 
Lompoc Record since Sept. 22, 1912. 
Directorships: Chairman of Advisory Ed., 
Bank of America, Lompoc Branch. 
Memberships: Masons, Lompoc Lodge F. & 
A.M., La Purisima (Chapter R.A.M., (Past 
Master and Past High Priest of these 
bodies*; Member St. Omer Commandery, 
Knights Templar: Member of Al Malaikah 
Shrine Temple and Potentate's Ambassador; 
Eagles; Lompoc Rotary (Past Pres.) 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Horseback riding at ranch. 
Bus. Address: Lompoc, Calif. 
Home Address: 112 E. Ocean Ave., Lom- 
poc, Calif. 

ADAMS. (Mrs.) Annette Abbott. 

B.L., J.D. 


Born: Prattville (Calif.); d. of Annette Fran- 
ces (Stubbs) and Hiram B. Abbott. 
Education: U. of Calif. 

Degrees: B.L., 1904, and J.D., 1912, U. of 

Prof. Record: Principal, Modoc County High 
School, 1907-10; Asst. U.S. Attorney, North- 
ern Dist. of Calif., 1914-18: U.S. Attorney, 
Northern Dist. of Calif., 1918-20; Asst. U.S. 
Attorney General (Wash., D.C.), 1920-21; 
private law practice (San Francisco), 1921- 
35; Asst. Special Counsel for the U.S., since 
1935; Special Asst. to the Attornev General 
(U.S.), since 1940. 

Memberships: Delta Delta Delta; Amer. Bar 
Assn., Amer. Institute of Law, Amer. Assn. 
of Univ. Women, Women's Athletic Club (San 
Francisco) ; Native Daughters of the Gold- 
en West; Hon. member, Amer. Women's 
Assn. (N. Y.); Calif. Club. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. Address: 1031 Rowan Bldg., Los An- 
geles, Calif.; 1320 Ballour Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 1271 Sherwood Rd., San 
Marino, Calif. 

ADAMS. Ansel (Easton). 


Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Feb. 20, 1902; 
s. of Olive (Bray) and Charles H. Adams. 
Education: San Francisco. 
Married: Virginia, d. of Harry Best, in Yo- 
semite (Calif.), Jan. 2, 1928; ch. : Michael 
and Anne. 

Prof. Record: Educated as a musician: en- 
tered protography as a profession in 1930; 
exhibited in New York, Paris, CJhicago, San 
Francisco, Detroit, Columbus, etc. ; contri- 
buted extenisvely to various photographic 
journals; Editor, V. S. Camera Magazine; 
Member, Committee of Photography, Muse- 
um of Modern Art (N.Y.). 
Directorships: Dir., Sierra Club of Calif. 
Publications: Taos Pueblo, original photo- 
graphic prints as illustrations (Grabhorn 



Press) Mary Austin Text, lO.'iO; Makirif; a 
Photograph. I'holoKraphic Text Book (Lon- 
don Studio) lairi; Sicn-d Nrvddd (Tlie Ar- 
chltype Press), i;);{8: Illuxtratcd Guide To 
Yostcmite Valley (with Virginia Adams; 
Crocker-Union), 1040. 

Memberships: Sierra and Uoxliurgii (San 
Francisco) Clubs. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Reci-eations : Mountaineering, photography. 
Home Address: 131 - 24th Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif, and Yosemite National Park, 

ADAMS, Bon O., B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. 

B rn: Marion (Kan.), Sept. 17, 1872; s. 
of Mary Elizabeth (Lowe) and Godfrey 

Education: Public Schools of Eaton and 
Volporiso (Ind.); Nat. Normal U., Lebanon, 
Ohio) ; U. of Ind., Med. Coll. 
Degrees: B.S., Nat. Normal U., 1898; M.D., 
U. of Ind. Med. Coll., 1901. 
Married: Jean, daughter of Ethan Allen 
Andrews, in Deadwood, (S.D.), Oct. 6, 
1902; ch.: Donald Galen (Atty.) and Mary 
Elizabeth (Mrs. McCarty). 
Prof. Record: Taught school for eight years; 
Surgeon, Home Stake Gold Mining Co., 1902; 
Asst. Chief Surgeon of Minnequa Hosp., 
Colorado Fuel and Iron Co., at Pueblo 
(Colo.) for ten years. Private practice of 
surgery since 1916 in Riverside (Calif.); read 
numerous papers before med. societies. 
Directorships: Member, Board of Governors, 
Amer. Coll. of Surgeons. 

Army Service: Ind. Nat. Guard, 1901-02; 
Capt. Med. Corps. U.S. Army, 1917. 
Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Coll. of Sur- 
geons, 1921; Riverside Rotary (Founder 
Member and Past. Pres.); Mason 32°, Knight 

Religion : Protestant-Methodist. 
Politics: Independent Republican. 
Recreation: Travel. 

Bus. Address: 3616 Main St., Riverside, 

Home Address: 3712 Central Ave., River- 
side, Calif. 

ADAMS. Burton A.. B.S., M.D. 
Supt., San Diego County Hospitals 
Born: Burritts Rapids (Ont., Can.), April 
2, 1879; s. of Esther Elizabeth (Howe) and 
Ezra Adams. 
Education: U. of Neb. 
Degrees: B.S., M.D., U. of Neb. 
Married: Nelle, d. of Barney Elias, in Bris- 
tol (S.D.), June 7, 1907; ch.: Burton E.E., 
M.D., Robert M.E., M.D. ; Elizabeth Esther; 
Davide Burdette E. Adams. 
Prof. Record: General practice from 1905-29; 
Hospital Administration since Jan., 1922. 
Directorships : Supt., San Diego County Hosp. 
Army Service: Selective Service Board, Vol- 
unteer Med. Corp. World War I. 
Memberships: Mason, Odd Fellow, Shrine, 
Civ. Legion; San Diego Club and University 

Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, golf, hand 
ball, and all outside sports. 

Bu.i. Address: San Diego County Ho.sp., San 
Diego, Calif. 

H'ime Address: 350 Front St., San Diego, 

ADAMS. Charles Gibbs. 

Land.scape Architect. 

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.); s. of Caroline 

Ilalscy (Gibbs) and Count Louis Theodore 


Education: Grad., Bus. Coll.; Merrill-Mil- 
ler Coll. (San Francisco) ; spl. .study, U. of 
Calif.; studied landscaping in U.S. and 

Prof. Record: Began as Landscape Architect, 
Los Angeles, 1916; now engaged in city 
planning and tree surgery; Land.scape Archi- 
tect for Pilgrimage Play (Hollywood) and 
Mission Play, San Gabriel (Calif.); principal 
works: Mountain Estate (1000 acres) of 
George Owen Knapp; Paradise, 1300 acre 
estate of Cecil B. DeMille; La Cuesta En- 
cantada, 300,000 acre estate of William Ran- 
dolf Hearst; Arabian Horse Ranch, 802 acre 
estate of W.K. Kellogg; Sch. Grounds. Hol- 
lywood, Whittier, Covina, Sierra Madre, 
Pasadena; Parks of Azusa, Glendale. Co- 
vina, .So. Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Rancho 
Santa Fe, Alhambra, etc. ; Gardens of Con- 
rad Nagel, Jack Holt, Milton Sills, Mrs. 
Leslie Carter, Adela Rogers St. Johns, Al 
Christie. Carrie Jacobs Bond, Loretta Young, 
Ruth Chatterton; Desert Botanic Garden, 
Phoenix (Ariz.), etc. 

Directorships: Mem. of Bd. Landscape Ar- 
chitects, Hollywood Bowl; Dir., City Plan- 
ning Assn.; Vice-Pres., Nat. Plant, Flower 
and Fruit Guild ; Dir. Amer. Green Cross. 
Memberships: Citizens' Com. on Parks, 
Playgrounds and Beaches: Bd. of Archs. U. 
of So. Calif.; Artists Council of So. Calif. 
(Chmn.); Amer. Reforestation Assn.: Cac- 
tus and Succulent Soc. of Amer. (Ex-Nat. 
Pres.); Hist. Soc. of So. Calif. (Pres.); Ma- 
son; Garden Club of So. Pasadena (Dir., 
Ex-Pres.); Jonathan; Los Fiesteros (Pres.); 
Rotary of L.A. (Chmn.). 

Publication: The Treasure Trees of Calif or- 
nia; Contributor to Los Angeles Times, 
Country Life, House and Garden, Architec- 
tural Record, Architectural Digest, Architect 
& Engineer, etc. 

Bus. Address: 440 Arroyo Dr., South Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

Home Address: 919 Palm Ave., So. Pasa- 
dena (Calif.) 

ADAMS. Edward August. Ph.B., LL.B. 

Born: Spencer (Iowa), Mar. 29, 1885; s. of 
Katherlne (Neuman) and John B. Adams. 
Education: Oberlin Acad.; Brown U.; U. of 

Degrees: Ph.B., Brown U., 1912; LL.B., 
U. of Iowa, 1916. 

Prof. Record: Practice of law, banking, 
and farming in Iowa, 1916-26, spending the 
last three yrs. in Des Moines (Iowa) ; has 
been engaged in the gen. practice of law 
in Los Angeles (Calif.) since 1926; is inter- 
ested in oil development; was a Mem., Hen- 
ry Ford Peace Expdn. 

Directorships: Life Trustee, Brown U. and 
Dir., Hollywood Turf Club. 
Army Service: Officers Training Sch., Camp 
Taylor at close of World War I. 
Memberships: Brown U. and U. of Iowa 
Alumni; Brown Western Region Alumni; 



Assn. (Vice-Pres.) ; Order of Coif; Bel-Air 
Country Club; Beta Theta PI, Phi Delta Phi. 
Religion : Baptist. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Gardening, golf, and general 

Bus. Address: Rowan Bldg., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 838 Malcolm Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

ADAMS, Elbert Garnette. 

Owner, Livingston Chronicle, and Hilmar En- 

Born: Elizabeth (Colo.), Aug. 11, 1889; s. 
of Mertie (Dratt) and Charles Henry Adams. 
Education: Santa Rosa and Auburn (Calif.) 
Married: Mayme, d. of Lillie and Elias W. 
Hamlett, in Stocl^ton (Calif.), Oct. 25, 1911; 
ch.: Vernon Hamlett and Udell (Mrs. Roy). 
Bus. Record: Entered newspaper work as 
Reporter in Sacramento in 1906; nine years 
with daily papers of Sacramento, San Fran- 
cisco and Fresno; past twenty- five yrs. Edi- 
tor and Owner of Livingson Chronicle: Mem. 
Calif. State Asembly, representing Merced 
and Madera Cos., 1925-31. 
Memberships: Livingston Lodge F. & A.M.; 
Merced Lodge, L.O.O.M. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. Address: Livingston, Calif.; Hilmar, 
Home Address: Livingston, Calif. 

ADAMS. Professor Fay Greene, A.B., 

M.A., Ph.D. 
Director of Student Teaching, U. of So. Calif. 
Born: Calif., d. of Lulu J. (Harper) and 
Samuel K. Greene. 

Education: Columbia U. (N.Y.); U. of So. 

Degrees: A.B., 1926, M.A., 1929, U. of So. 
Calif.; Ph. D., Columbia U., 1934. 
Married: William Douglas, s. of Rev. Wil- 
liam T. Adams, in Calif., 1924; ch. : Mari- 

Prof. Record: Elem. Teacher in L. A. City 
Schools, 1924; 1926 worked in Secondary 
Field and in Teacher Training Dept., U. of 
Calif, at L.A.; 1929 became Mem. of Edn. 
Dept., U. of So. Calif., in charge of Elem. 
Teacher Training. Established elementary 
training sch., 1932; has written in the 
fields of elem. edn. and social studies. 
Publicatiojis: Author or Co- Author of Teach- 
ing the Bright Pupil (Henry Holt & Co.), 
1930; Story of Nations (Henry Holt & Co.), 
1934, enlarged edit., 1940; Initiation of Ac- 
tivity Program into the Public School (Co- 
lumbia U. Press), 1934; Problems of Educa- 
tion (So. Calif. Sch. Book Depository), 1938; 
Man, the Nature Tamer (Henry Holt & Co.), 

Memberships: Pi Lambda Theta, Delta Kap- 
pa Gamma, Kappa Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Religion: Christian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: University of Southern Cali- 
fornia, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 10307 Lorenzo Dr., Los 
Angeles Calif. 

ADAMS, Professor Frank, A.B., M.A., 
Professor of Irrigation; Irrigation Economist 
in the Experiment Station; Irrigation Econo- 

mist in the Giannini Foundation, U. of 

Born: Chicago (111.), Sept. 19, 1875; s. of 
Delia Ray (Cooper) and Edward Francis 

Education: Stanford U. and U. of Neb. 
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1901; M.A., U. 
of Neb., 1906. 

Married: Amy B., d. of Ellen M. and Pier- 
son P. Hill, in Montoursville (Pa.), June 20, 
1906; ch.: Helen M. (Mrs. Percy M. Barr) ; 
Francis E. ; David H. ; Thomas C. 
Prof. Record: Prof. Irrigation Investigations 
and Practice, Coll. of Agri., U. of Calif., 
since 1916; also Irrigation Economist in 
Calif. Agrl. Expt. Sta. ; successively, 1900-06, 
and 1910-39, Agt. and Expert, Irrigation 
Asst., Irrigation Engr., Irrigation Mgr. and 
Collaborator in Irrigation investigations, U. 
S. Dept. Agr.; Cons. Engr. U.S. Bureau of 
Reclamation 1926-40; Cons. Irr. Economist, 
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, 1940 to date; 
Cons. Engr., Internat. Water Com., U.S. 
and Mex., 1928-30.; Consultant, Nat. Re- 
sources Planning Board (Water Resources 
Com.) since 1936. 

Publications: Numerous Govt., State of 
Calif., U. of Calif, reports and bulletins. 
Anyiy Service: Army Ednl. Corp. (France), 
Mar. -June, 1919. 

Memberships: Commonwealth and Faculty 

Bus. Address: University of California, Ber- 
keley, Calif. 

Home Address: 1831 San Juan Ave., Ber- 
keley, Calif. 

ADAMS, Professor George Plimpton, 

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 
Mills Prof, of Mental and Moral Philosophy 
and Civil Polity, U. of Calif. 
Born: Northboro (Mass.) Oct. 7, 1882; s. 
of Caroline Amelia (Plimpton) and Edwin 
A. Adams. 

Education: Lewis Inst. (Chicago); Harvard 

Degrees: B.A., 1904, M.A., 1908, Ph.D., 
1912, Harvard U. 

Married: Mary K., d. of Rev. Allan Shel- 
don Woodle, Narberth (Pa.), 1908; ch.: 
George P., Jr., Cornelia (Mrs. Lonnberg), 
and John. 

Publications: Idealism and the Modern Age, 
1918; contributions to U. of Calif. Publica- 
tions in Philosophy. 
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. Address: Univeristy of California, Ber- 
keley, Calif. 

Home Address: 745 Santa Barbara Rd., Ber- 
keley, Calif. 

ADAMS, Lady. 


Born: Ashley House near Aberdeen (Scot- 
land), d. of Margaret (Milne) and John 

Education: In Scotland, and in Geneva 

Married: The Late Sir John Adams, M.A., 
B.Sc, F.C.P., LL.D. 

Prof. Record: Contributor to The Atlantic 
Monthly, Christian Science Monitor, London 
Times, News Chronicle, Herald (Glasgow), 
Bulletin (Glasgow), Star (London), West- 
minster Gazette, Punch, Manchester Guar- 



dian, Sunday Tiincn, liookmiin, Nrw Zea- 
land Ilriald. ainr (Auckland, Now Zi'iiland), 
Cape Timrs, most of llio Educational maga- 
zines In (Jrcal Hiilaln: Fnrlninhlli/, Coun- 
tryman, Quern. Lady. Cornhill-Siwclator. 
Decoration: Modaille do La Uoine Elizabeth 
Home: Hollywood Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif. 

ADAMS, Professor Lucy Lockwood, 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 
Asso. Prof, of English, Mills Coll. 
Born: New Haven (Conn.), Doc. 9, 1890; d. 
of Sara Elizabeth (Husted) and William 
Ellison Lockwood. 

Education: Redlands High Sch.; U. of Red- 
Irnds; U. of Calif. 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Redlands, 1916; M.A., 
1917. P.hD., 1925, U. of Calif. 
Married: Bertram Martin, s. of Francis 
Adams, in Dutch Flat (Calif.), June 11, 
1936; ch.: Ellison Lockwood Hazard, Adel- 
heid Elizabeth and Jacqueline Noel. 
Prof. Record: High sch. Teacher, Hilo (Ha- 
waii), and Redlands; Coll. Teacher U.of Red- 
lands, St. Mary of the Wasatch (Utah) ; 
Member of English Dept., Mills Coll., since 
1920; extension teaching, U. of Utah: sum- 
mer session teaching, U. of Calif, (both in 
Berkeley and Los Angeles), U. of Colo., 
Holy Rosary Coll., U. of N. Mex.; Lecturer 
for women's clubs around Bay Region. 
Publications: The Frontier in American Lit- 
erature (Crowell), 1927; In Search of Amer- 
ica (Crowell), 1930; The Roan Pegasus (a 
study of proletarian literature), in Mills 
Faculty Studies (Eucalyptus Press), 1937; 
Editor, Plays from the Drama Workshop 
(Eucalyptus Press), 1937; magazine articles 
in Catholic World, English Journal, Poet 
Lore, etc. 
Religion: Catholic. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Gardening, children, radio, thea- 
ter, and chamber music. 

Bus. Address: Mills College, Oakland, Calif. 
Home Address: "Oakcroft", Lucy Lane, Wal- 
nut Creek, Calif.; Summer home: "High 
House" Dutch Flat, Calif. 

ADAMS, Marvin Earle. 

Publisher, Healdsburg Tribune and Enterprise. 
Born: Chicago (111.), June 3, 1889; s. of 
Ruth (Miner) and Marvin Osborne Adams. 
Education: Mount Vernon Elem. Schl. (N.Y.) 
Mountain View High Sch. (Calif.). 
Married: Agones, d. of Josefa and Frank 
Urban, Los Altos (Calif.), June 25, 1913; 
ch.: Ruth (Mrs. East), Marjorie and Doro- 

Prof. Record: In July, 1908 became Pub- 
lisher, May field (Calif.) Republican; bought 
Campbell (Calif.) Interurban Press, April 1, 
1909, ran it until Jan., 1910, when sold it 
to become Foreman of Lamar (Colo.) Daily 
News; returned to Calif, in Dec, 1910, 
to become Newspaper Foreman of Palo Alto 
Times; joined engineering crew. So. Pac. Ry., 
Apr. 1, 1912-13; became Publisher, Ukiah 
Times, Feb. 1913, resigned Sept. 1913; Pub- 
lisher, Sonoma County News (Sebastopol, 
Calif.), Nov., 1913 to Dec, 1914; bought 
half interest in Lake County Bee (Lake- 
port (Calif.) and became Publisher, July 
1. 1915; sold interest Mar. 1, 1918; Business 
Mgr., Palo Alto Times until Oct., 1918; 
leased Healdsburg Tribune (weekly), Nov. 
1, 1918; bought Tribune, Nov. 1, 1919; 

bought Heald.sburK Enlerprise, 1929, and 
still o|)erallnt; Healrlsburg Enterprine and 
Tribune (seml-wockly since Jan. 1, 1938). 
Membrrships: Pro.s., Healdsburg KIwani.s, 
1910; Keeper of Records and Seal, Friend- 
ship Lodge No. 91, and Past Grand Trus- 
tee of Calif. Domain, Knights of Pythias; 
Hon. Mem. Healdsburg 20-.'50 fholped or- 
ganize it;; Healdsburg Golf Culb. Chamber 
of Commerce. 

Religion: Presbyterian (Trustee of Healds- 
burg church). 

Politics: Rei)ublican (Vice-Chmn. Co. Central 

Recreations: Fishing, golf and travel. 
Bus. Address: Healdsburg Tribune and En- 
terprise, Healdsburg, Calif. 

Home Address: 428 Tucker St., Healdsburg, 

ADAMS, Morgan, A.B. 
President, Mortgage Guarantee Company. 
Born: Dayton, O., Apr. 14, 1886; s. of Lillian 
T. (Turner) and James H. Adams. 
Education: Thatchers School, Ojai (Calif.); 
Amer. Coll., Strasburg (Germany); Stan- 
ford U. 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1908. 
Married: Virginia; d. of Virginia H. (Bell) 
and James A. Phillips; ch.: two sons. 
Bus. Record: Went into bond business In 
1908 (Los Angeles) with father under name 
of James H. Adams & Co.; Vice-Pres., Mort- 
gage Guar. Co., L.A., 1913; Pres. of same 
in 1922. 

Navy Service: U. S. Navy, Apr. 6, 1916, until 
close of war; retired as Lt. Commander, 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa 
Epsilon; Calif., L. A. Yacht, L. A. Stock 
Exchange, N. Y. Yacht and L. A. Country 

Recreations: Yachting, golf. 

Bus. Address: 626 So. Spring St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: Talmadge Apts., Los Ange- 
les, Calif. 

ADDICOTT, Fredrick Taylor, A.B., Ph.D. 

Instructor in Biological Sciences, Santa Bar- 
bara State College. 

Born: Oakland, Calif., Nov. 16, 1912; s. 
James Edwin Addicott and Ottilia (Klein). 

Education: Stanford U.; Calif. Inst, of Tech. 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford, 1934; Ph.D., Calif. 
Inst, of Tech., 1939. 

Married: Alice, d. of Otis D. Baldwin (of 
San Jose), Stanford Chapel, Aug. 11, 1935; 
ch.: Donald James. 

Prof. Record: Research Asst., Carnegie Inst, 
of Wash., Stanford Lab., 1933-34; Teach- 
ing Asst., School of Biological Sciences, 
Stanford U. 1934-37; Teaching Fellow, Calif. 
Inst, of Tech., Div. of Biology, 1937-39; In- 
structor in Biological Sciences, Santa Bar- 
bara State Coll., 1939—. 

Directorships: La Primavera (Spring Flow- 
er Festival) of Santa Barbara. 

Publications: Has written several scientific 
papers in the field of Plant Growth Sub- 

Memberships: Sigma XI; Alpha Phi Omega; 
Botanical Soc. of Amer. ; Amer. Soc. of Plant 



Physiologists; Amer. Assn. for the Adv. of 


Recreations: Hiking, fishing, camping. 

Bits. Address: Santa Barbara State College, 

Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Home Address: 1751 Grand Ave., Santa 

Barbara, Calif. 

ADDIS. H(arold) A(hmed) Noureddin. 

Writer, Editor, Lecturer. 

Born: Washington Co. (Ohio), Aug. 6. 1884; 
s. of Eleanor Mathews (Peebles) and Her- 
schel Leander Addis. 

Education: Chesterhill High Sch., Chester- 
hill (Morgan Co., Ohio) ; Ohio State U. (Col- 
umbus, O. ) ; private instructors. 
Married: Marguerite Lynch O'Vens, d. of 
Annie (Whittingham) and Alfred Luis O'- 
Vens, Paris (France), Dec. 27, 1906; ch.: 
Halid Samuel, Hugh A., Haidee Elinor, m. 

Prof. Record: Studied extensively and has 
done considerable research in Southeastern 
Europe and Asia Minor, chiefly historical, 
racial, philological, and anthropological work; 
has written a considerable amount of fic- 
tion with settings mainly in the above 
mentioned districts; much of his writmgs 
have been published in magazines; has also 
investigated at great length the problem of 
Atlantis, the sunken continent; has written 
some and lectured extensively on that sub- 
ject. Speaks on poetry and fiction tech- 
nic. On acount of ill health writings have 
not been quite so frequent of late. 
Memberships: Masonic Order; also Descend- 
ants of the Amer. Revolution. 
Religion: Muslim. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Swimming. 

Bus. and Home Address: 320 W. Grand View 
Ave., Sierra Madre, Calif. 

ADDIS, Profesor Thomas, M.B., Ch.B., 
M.D., M.R.C.P. 
Professor of Medicine, Stanford University, 
Medical School. 

Born: Edinburgh (Scotland), July 27, 1881; 
s. of Cornelia Beers (Campbell) and Thom- 
as Chalmers Addis. 

Education: Watson's College (Edinburgh) 
and Edinburgh U. 

Degrees: M.B., Ch.B., 1905, M.D., M.R.C.P., 
1908, all Edin. 

Married: Elesa Bolton, d. of John Partridge, 
San Francisco, 1914; ch. : Elesa Campbell 
and Jean Thorburn. 

Prof. Record: Carnegie Research Scholar and 
Fellow, 1908-11; Registrar, Leith Hosp. 
(Scot.), 1911; Clinical Asst., Edinburgh 
Royal Infirmary (Scot.), 1911; Asst. Prof, 
of Medicine, Stanford U., Med. Schl.. 1911; 
Assoc. Prof, of Medicine, Stanford U., Med. 
Schl., 1913; Prof, of Medicine, 1916 — . 
Publications: Renal Lesion in Bright' s Dis- 
ease (Hueber), 1933. 

Army Service: Capt., U.S. Med. Corps., 

Bus. Address: Stanford University Medical 
School, Stanford University, Calif. 
Home Address: 2160 Pacific Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

AGNEW, Sara Thomas. 

Pianist- Accompanist. 

Born: Cleveland (Ohio), May 22, 1886; d. of 

Jane (Russell) and Richard Thomas. 

Education: School of Education, Cleveland 

Married: John Dewar Agnew, s. John Ag- 
new, Cleveland (Ohio), July 17, 1917; ch.; 

Prof. History: Mrs. Agnew, while chiefly a 
pianist-accompanist, is also a music teacher, 
organist-accompanist, and viola player. 
Taught in public schools of Cleveland (Ohio), 
for ten years and has done orchestra work 
for piano and viola, symphony and cham- 
ber music, as well as having played church 
organ in Cleveland; was also accompanist 
at radio stations in Cleveland and director 
of musical comedies for children. Played 
in young people's symphony under the ba- 
ton of Walter Logan in Cleveland. 
Memberships: Daughter of British Empire; 
Hollywood Women's Republican Club; Wom- 
en's Auxiliary; Schubert Club; Opera and 
Fine Arts. 
Religion: Christian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Ho7ne Address: 6327 W. 6th St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

AGUILAR, Professor Juan Adame, 

M.A., Mus.D. 
Teacher-Composer, Pianist. 

Born; Pueblo de Cosio, Zacatecas (Mex.), 

July 1, 1883; s. of Dominga (Adame) and 

Faustino Aguilar. 

Education: Academy of Music, Aguascalien- 

tes; Coll. of Our Lady of Guadalupe; private 

pupil of Francisco CJodinez, and Arnulfo 


Degrees: Master's Degree, Coll. of Our Lady 

of Guadalupe; Honorary Doctor's Degree at 

Los Angeles. 

Married: Soledad, d. of Higinio Gomez, Gua- 
dalajara (Mex.), 1911; ch.; Beatrice, Esther, 

Prof. Record: Composer, Concert Pianist, 
Head of Music Dept. of Coll. of Our Lady 
of Guadalupe, Mex., prior to 1919; Pianist 
and Arranger for Pryor Moore's Orch. since 
1919; Organist, Sacred Heart Church, 1926; 
Organist, Church of Precious Blood, 1929; 
original works performed at L. A. Philhar- 
monic Aud., U.S.C, Pasadena Pub. Library, 
Moorish Suite at Hollywood Bowl, 1934. In 
motion pictures: orig. scores and arrange- 
ments for Geisha Girl, 1934, Thunder Over 
Mexico, Viva Villa, etc., 1934; original piec- 
es in Hollywood Bowl production of Every- 
man; Organist, St. Augustine's Church, 
1938; series of programs N.B.C., 1937-39; 
Prof, of Composition, Mount St. Mary's 
Coll. since 1938. 

Publications: Earlier works; Masses, Reverie, 
etc., pub. by Hoffmelster, C.G. Roder (Leip- 
zig, Germany!); since 1920, Valse Brilliante, 
Novelette, and many others pub. by W.A. 
Quincke Co. (L.A.). 

Memberships: Amer. Fed. of Musicians; So- 
ciedad Ateneo (Soc. of Artists) ; Knights of 
Religion: Catholic. 

Politics: Democrat (naturalized citizen, 1939). 
Recreations: Walking, reading, more music. 
Business Address: Private Studio, Music Arts 
Bldg., 233 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 3854 East Blvd., Culver City, 

Other Addresses: Mt. St. Mary's College, 
Beverly Hills, Calif. 



AH ART, Mabel Dodge (Mrs. Henry 
Whilloy Aliart ). 
Farm Ilomcnmker. 

Borv : Shoridan, I'larer County (Calif.); d. 
of Ida Viola (Williams) and Lornzo Dow 

Education: Lincoln Elementary Schools. Ben- 
Icla niRh Schl.. Western Schl. of Commerce 
(Stockton, Calif.). 

Married: Ilenrv Whitley, s. of Ursula and 
Peter Ahart, Oakland (Calif.) Aug. 2, 1905; 
ch.: M. Dolores Russel, Evelyn Verde, M. 
Elyse Finney and Gretta Lois Mugar. 
Prof. Record: Taught school for three years; 
State Chairman of the Farm Home Dept. 
of the Calif. Farm Bureau Fed., and Direc- 
tor of the C.F.B.F. for six years. Nat'l 
I res. of the Associated Women of the Amer. 
Farm Bureau Fed., and Director of the A.F. 
B.F. for three years. 

Directorshijjs: Vice-Pres., Calif. State Board 
of Agriculture (first and only woman to 
serve in that capacity, no other woman was 
ever appointed a member of this Board) ; 
Consultant in the Childrens Bureau, U.S. 
Dept. of Labor; Dir. of the Placer County 
Farm Bureau Board. 

Memberhsips: Women's Club of Lincoln, Or- 
der of Eastern Star, Native Daughters of 
the Golden West. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Reading, flowers, handicraft. 
Bus. and Home Address: Route 1, Box 2, 
Lincoln, Calif. 

AHERN, Eugene L(eslie). 

Syndicate Cartoonist. 

Born: Chicago (111.), Sept. 16, 1895; s. of 
Mary (Kelly) and Eugene Ahem. 
Education: Public schools, Chicago, and 
Chicago Art Institute. 

Married: Jane Susan, d. Anne (McNamara) 
and Wm. B. Lynn, Detroit, (Mich.), Feb. 
17, 1917; ch.: Nancy Anne. 
Prof. Record: Cartoonist for 21 years with 
Scripps-Howard NEA Syndicate; originated 
and created characters of "Our Boarding 
House"; joined King Features Syndicate, 
1936, producing daily cartoon comic of 
"Room and Board," featuring "Judge Puf- 
fle", and two Sunday colored comic pages 
of "Room and Board" and "The Squirrel 

Memberships: L. A. Art Assn., L. A. Sym- 
phony Assn., Bel-Air Country, Bel-Air Bay 
and Riviera Equestrian Clubs. 
Religion: Catholic. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Golf. 

Bus. Address: King Features Syndicate, 235 
E. 45th St., New York, N.Y. 
tJoyne Address: 1280 Stone Canyon, Bel- Air, 

AHLPORT. Brodie, A.B. 


Partner, Olson and Ahlport. 

Born: Kansas City (Missouri), April 1, 1898; 

s. of Elizabeth and Frederick Ahlport. 

Education: U. of Calif, and Harvard Law 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1922. 

Married: Catherine, d. Grace and Albert 
Henry Boyce, Santa Barbara (Calif.), 1928; 
ch.: Boyce Ahlport. 

Praf. Record: With law firm of O'Molveny, 
Tullcr & Myers, 1929-.'j9; partner Ol.son & 
Ahlport, 19.'?9 — . Lecturer, .Southwestern U. 
Law School, 1929-30; Lecturer, L.A. Stock 
Exchange Institute, 1930. 

Army Service: U.S. Army, 1918. 

Memberships: Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Alpha 

Delta and Calif. Club. 

Religion: Protestant. 

Bus. Address: Olson and Ahlport, 6.39 So. 

Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 4810 Palm Dr., La Canada, 


AIKIN-SMITH. Professor Pearle. A.B., 

A.M., Litt.D. 
Associate Professor of Speech and Associate 
Counselor of Women, University of Southern 

Born: Zanesvllle, Ohio. 

Education: Lindenwood Coll., St. Charles 
(Mo.); U. of So. Calif. (Los Angeles); North- 
western U. Evanston (111.) ; Columbia U. 
(N.Y.); Central School of Speech, London 

Member.'ihips: Women's U., Lindenwood Coll. 
and Northwestern U. Clubs; Phi Beta Phi; 
Women's Athletic; Friday Morning (Drama 
Chmn.); Town and Gown; Pro Amer., and 
for many years Leader of the Drama League 
Study Tour to England. 

Bus. Address: University of Southern Cali- 
fornia, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: Blue Gates, 454 So. Oak- 
hurst Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 

AINSWORTH. Edward Maddin. 

Columnist and Feature Writer, Los Angeles 

Born: Waco, Texas, June 7, 1902, s. of 

Pearl (Maddin) and Edward McCrea Ains- 


Education: Waco High School, Texas A. cS: 

M. College and U. of Calif. 

Married: Katherine Alice, d. of W.A. Lake, 
LA., (Calif.), June 21, 19,31; ch.: Sheila 
Beth (7) and Cynthia Kate (1). 

Bus. Record: Citv Editor, San Pedro Daily 
Pilot, 1920-21; Telegraph Editor. Bakers- 
field Calif ornian, 1921-22; State Editor, At- 
lanta (Ga.) Constitution, 1923-24; News Copy 
Reader, Los Angeles Times, 1924-31; State 
Editor, Los Angeles Times, 1931-34; City 
Editor, Los Angeles Times, 1934: Columnist 
of Along El Camino Real, daily in Times, 
since May 21, 1933. 

Publications: Pot Luck (A humorous life of 
W. Parker Lyon of Pony Express Museum 
at Arcadia), published by G.P. Putnam. 

Memberships: Oneonta Club of South Pasa- 

Religion: Methodist. 

Politics: Southern Democrat. 

Recreations: Gardening, golf, desert travel. 

Bus. Address: Los Angeles Times, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 244 St. Albans Ave., So. 
Pasadena, Calif. 



AIRD, Professor Robert Burns, A.B., 
M.D., D.N.B. 

Assistant Professor of Surgery, University 
of California Medical School. 
Borji: Provo (Utah), 1903, s. of Emily 
Dawn (McAuslan) and John Wm. Aird, A.B., 
M.D., F.A.C.S. 

Education: East High School, Salt Lake City 
(Utah). 1917-21; Deep Springs (Calif.), 1921- 
23; Cornell Univ. (Ithaca, N.Y.), 1923-26; 
Harvard Medical School (Biston, Mass.), 
1926-30; Strong Memorial Hospital, U. of 
Rochester Medical School (Rochester, N.Y.), 

Degrees: A.B., Cornell U., 1926; M.D., Har- 
vard Medical Sch., 1930, D.N.B., 1931. 
Married: EUinor, d. of Henry Hill Collins, at 
Bryn Mawr (Pa.), 1935; ch.: Katharine Mc- 
Lean and Mary Emily. 

Publications: Numerous articles of interest 
to the medical profession which have been 
published in several medical journals. 
Memberships: Telluride Assn., San Francisco 
Co. Medical Assn., Amer. Medical Assn., 
Neurological Assn. of No. Calif., Amer. and 
Internat. Leagues Against Epilepsy, Vicious 
Circle, Langley Porter Club, Alpha Kappa 
Kappa (medical fraternity). 
Religion: Unitarian. 
Politics: Democratic (Independent). 
Recreations: Camping, hiking, pack trips in 
the mountains. 

Bus. Address: University of California Hos- 
pital, The Medical Center, San Francisco, 

Home Address: 160 Palo Alto Ave., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

AIROLA. Virgil Marion, B.L., J.D. 

District Attorney of Calaveras County, San 
Andreas, California. 

Born: Carson Hill (Calaveras Co., Calif.), 
May 18, 1892; s. of Emma L. (Yokum) and 
John Airola. 

Education: U. of Calif., (Berkeley, Calif.). 
Degrees: B.L., U. of Calif. Coll. of S. S., 
1914; J.D., School of Jurisprudence of U. of 
Calif., 1916. 

Married: Gladys Irene, d. of Emma and John 
Lemon, Corralitos (Calif.), July 25, 1920; 
ch.: Virgil R.; Orrin K. ; Ronald K. 
Bus. Record: Practicing law since 1916, two 
years in San Francisco, balance in Cala- 
veras County (Calif.), general practice; 
District Atty. of Calaveras County since 
Jan. 1, 1927. 

Directorships: Dir. Central Bank of Cala- 

Army Service: World War I, Sept., 1918 to 
Dec, 1918. 

Clubs: I.O.O.F., and local clubs. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. and Home Address: San Andreas, 

AITKEN, Jr.. Thomas. A.B. 
Advertising Manager, S. & G. Gump Com- 

Born: Manila, P. I., Dec. 24, 1910; s. of 
Marion (Neustadt) and Thomas Aitken. 
Education: Stanford Univ. 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1932. 
Married: Barbara Anne, d. of Cleve Taylor, 
San Juan Batista, Calif., May 27, 1939. 
Bus. Record: Crocker & Aitken real estate, 
1933-35; advertising agency, 1935-40; Adver- 
tising Manager, Gump's, 1940 — . 
Publications: Contributed to Country Life 
magazine. The Spur, The Coast, Calif. Mag. 
of Pac. Bus., Printers' Ink. 
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Delta 
Chi and Olympic Club. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: S. & G. Gump Co., 250 Post 
St., San Francisco, Calif. 
Home Address: 1424 Jones St., San Francisco, 

AKED, The Reverend Charles F., D.D., 

LL.D., Litt.D. 

Minister, All Souls' Church, Los Angeles, 

Born: Nottingham, Eng., Aug. 27, 1864; 
s. Anna A. and Charles Aked. 
Education: Midland Baptist Coll., Univ. Coll. 
of Nottingham, Temple Coll., Brown Univ., 
Univ. of Nevada, Drury Coll. and U. So. 

Degrees: D.D., Temple Coll., 1901; LL.D., 
U. of Nev., 1913; Litt.D., U. of So. Calif. 
Married: Anne Hithersav, Ilkeston, Eng., 
Nov. 10, 1886 (dec. 1934). 
Prof. Record: Ordained Baptist Minister, 
1886; Pastor, Syston (Leicestershire), 1886- 
88, St. Helens and Earlestown, 1888-90, Pem. 
broke Chapel, Liverpool, 1890-1907, Fifth 
Ave. Baptist Church (N. Y.), 1907-11, First 
Congl. Church, Kansas City (Mo.), 1919-24, 
All Souls' Church, Los Angeles, 1925 — . 
Made annual lecture and preaching trips to 
U. S., 1893-1907. 

Director.^hips : V-Pres. United Kingdom Al- 
liance; one of the founders Passive Resist- 
ance League (England). 

Publications: The Courage of the Coward, 
1905, Wells and Palm Trees, 1908, Old 
Events and Modern Meanings, 1908, The 
Lord's Prayer, 1910. The Divine Drama of 
Job, 1913, also many social, religious and 
political pamphlets, among them — A Minis- 
try of Reconciliation, Mercies New Every 
Morning Christocentric, etc. 
Religion: English Baptist, American Congre- 

Home Address: 3355 Wilshire Blvd.. Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

ALBEE. Major Merton Aurel. B.L., 
J.D., U.S.A.Res. 

Born: Moscow, Idaho. Nov. 16, 1887; s. of 
Ada (Wilson) and William Runnells Albee. 
Education: L. A. High School and Univ. of 

Degrees: B.L., 1910, J.D., 1912, Univ. of 

Married: Elizabeth White, d. Mary Eliza- 
beth and Samuel White, at Redondo Beach 
(Calif.), Dec. 11, 1917. 

Prof. Record: Associated with Porter & 
Sutton, 1912-17; Jr. member, Hazlett (Wm.) 
& Albee, 1919-26; Sr. member, Albee & 
Watkinson (Chas. E.), 1927-38; practicing 
alone since Aug., 1938, and City Judge of 
Palos Verdes Estates. 
Directorships: C^hancellor of the Diocese of 



I.. A., Trcns. Province of Iho Pnrlfir, Church 
ENlonslon Sorloly of the DInccso of L. A., 
ProtostanI Kplscopal Church. Dloccsc of L. 
A., Harvard School. 

At-ynv .Scrrirc- 'Jnd Lt., 361st Inf., 91st Dlv., 
1!n7-18: 1st Lt., Tfith Inf., l.Sf.h Dlv.. 1918- 
19; (now) Major, .IG-lth Inf., 91st Dlv. 
nicmbcr.iliips: Abracadabra (Univ. of Calif.). 
Sons of the Revolution. Nat'l VIce-Pres., 
Brotherhood of .St. Andrew, Amer. Legion 
(Past Commander 184); Reserve Offl- 
cer.s A.ssn. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Radio, including radio writ- 
ing, and television. 
' Bus. Address: Bartlett Bldg., 215 West Sev- 
'-nlh St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 720 Via del Monte, Palos 
Verde.s Estates, Calif. 

ALBERT, The Reverend Brother Wil- 
liam Joseph Rahill, AB., M.A., LL.D. 

President, Saint Mary's College. 
Born: Dublin, Ireland; s. of Rose Anne 
(Brady) and Bernard Rahill. 
Education: Secondary schools, Dublin, St. 
Mary's Coll. High Schl., St. Mary's Coll. and 
U. of Calif. 

Degrees: A.B., St. Mary's Coll., 1926. M.A., 
St. Mary's Coll., 1928, LL.D., U. of San 
Francisco, 1935. 

Prof. Record: Instructor in Oiem., 1927-30, 
St. Mary's Coll. High Schl.. study in Eur- 
ope, 1930-31. Dean, Sacred Heart Coll.. San 
Francicso, 1931-33, Principal, St. Marv's 
Coll. High Schl., 1933-35, Pres., St. Mary's 
Coll., 1935—. 

Directorships: St. Mary's Coll. Corp. (which 
includes St. Mary's Coll. High Schl. of 
Berl<eley, Calif.). 

Memberships: Chamber of Comm. and Rotary. 
Religion: Catholic. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Mountain climbing. 
Pus. and Home Address: St. Mary's College, 
St. Mary's. Calif. 

ALBERTSWORTH, Professor Edwin 
Franklin, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., S.J.D. 
Professor of Law, Northwestern University. 
Chicago, 111. 

Born: New Haven. Mo., July 8, 1892; s. of 
Madeline (von Wortmann) and Arnold F. 

Education: George Wash. Univ., Harvard 
Univ., Univ. of Chicago, Johns Hopkins. Co- 
lumbia Univ. (and certain European univer- 
sities in 1926). 

Degrees: A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Geo. Wash. 
Univ., 1915-18; S.J.D., Harvard Univ., 1921. 
Married: Barbara M. Knox, d. Walter T. 
Knox, Wash., D. C, June 10, 1915. 
Prof. Record: Dean of Law School, State U. 
of Wy.. 1921-22; Prof, of Law, Western 
Reserve U. (Cleveland, O.). 1922-24; Prof, 
of Law. Northwestern U., since 1924; Visit- 
ing Prof, of Law. U. of Santa Clara and 
San Francisco, since 1938; Specialist Con- 
sultant in Industrial Law and Constitutional 
Law, since 1924 in Chicago and Calif. ; Mem- 
ber Bar, Supreme Court of U. S., Calif., 
111., D. C. ; Assoc. Editor, HI. Law Review, 

Directorships: Member of Bd., III. Law Re- 

view. 19.H2 -: DIr. of Industrial I.,egal Clinic, 
Chicago, 1927-.'15. 

Puhliralions: Induntrint Law, 1928, Crmati- 
tulirmal Law. 19.32. numerous mag. articles 
In leading law journals In U. S. and Great 

Army Record: Major, ORC, Industrial Mobil- 
ization Dlv., 1928-.35. 

Memberships: Member Amnr. Com. for the 
Internal. Protection of Industrial Property, 
1928-.30, Lawyers Advisory Com., Amer. 
Liberty League, 19.35-.36. Chicago and III. 
Bar, executive and educational comm., 19.30- 
.32, Lake Shore Athletic Club (Chicago), 
Univ. Club (Chicago), Law Club (Chicago), 
Phi Alpha Delta, Order of the Coif. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Horseback riding and .swim- 

Bus. Address: Northwestern Univ., .3.57 E. 
Chicago Ave.. Chicago. 111.; 780 Palo Alto 
Ave., Mountain View, Calif. 
Home Address: Los Altos, Calif. 

ALBOUZE, Achille Raymond A.B., 

Supervisor of Welfare Personnel Standards, 
State Department of Social Welfare. 
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 4, 1898; 
s. of Dora (Revel) and Jean Antoine Al- 

Education: Public and parochial schools In 
San Francisco (Calif.). 

Degrees: A.B., 1919; Ch.E.. 1921. Stanford 

Married: Madeleine C. Lamanet. d.of Jacques 
Lamanet, San Francisco. Calif., Dec. 19, 
1924; ch.: Achille Ra>Tnond Albouze, Jr. 
Bus. Record: 1920-23. Industrial Sales Engr. 
for Gale S. Strout (mfr's agt.), (San Fran- 
cisco); Feb., 1923- Feb., 1927, Industrial Gas 
Sales Engr., Pac. Gas & Elec. Co. (San Fran- 
cisco) ; one year Dist.' Sales Mgr. (Fresno), 
and one year Dir. of Special Sales Cam- 
paigns; May. 1927- July, 1932, Educational 
Dir.. San Francisco Stock Exchange; Oct., 
1932- Dec, 1933, Partner, Pacific Paint Co. 
(San Francisco) ; Dec. 1933- Apr.. 1934, 
Asst. to Dir. of C. W. A. of San Francisco 
County and Asst. Project Engr. ; June. 1934- 
Mar.. 1935, Asst. and Acting Personnel Dir., 
S. R. A. of Calif.; Mar., 1935- Feb.. 1940. 
Assoc. Personnel Examiner. State Personnel 
Bo.ard; Feb.. 1940 — , Supervisor of Welfare 
Personnel Standards. State Dept. of Social 
Welfare. Sacramento, Calif. 
Army Service: Oct. to Dec. 1918. U. S. Inf. 
Memberships: Commonwealth Club of Calif., 
Rio del Mar Country Club. Phi Lambda Up- 
silon fchein. honorary frat.) and B. P. O. 
Elks, No. 6. 
Religion: Catholic. 
Politics: Non-partisan. 
Recreations: Gardening, travel. 
Btis. Address: State Dept. of Soc Welfare, 
616 K St., Sacramento. Calif. 
Home Address: 1523 - 47th St., Sacrsimento, 

ALBRIGHT, Horace Marden, B.L., LL.B. 

E.xecutive V.-Pres., General Manager, United 
States Potash Company. 

Born: Bishop (Calif.), Jan. 6. 1890; s. of 
Mary (Marden) and George L. Albright. 
Education: Univ. of Calif, and CJeorgetown 
Univ. (Wash., D. C). 



Degrees: B.L., U. of Calif., 1912; LL.B.. 
Georgetown U., 1914. 

Married: Grace Marian, d. of William Noble, 
Berkeley (Calif.), Dec. 23, 1915; ch.r Rob- 
ert Mather, 22, and Marian Carleen, 19. 
Bus. Record: 1913-16, on staff of Secty. of 
the Interior: 1916-17, Asst. Atty of the In- 
terior Dept. ; 1917-18, Asst. Dir., Nat'l Park 
Service, Dept. of Interior and part time 
Acting Dir.; 1919-29, Supt. Yellowstone Nt'l 
Park; 1929-33, Dir. of Nat'l Park Service 
(Wash., D. C.1; 1929-33, Member Nat'l Cap- 
ital Park and Planning Commission; since 
1933 E.xec. V.-P., U. S. Potash Co. (N. Y.); 
one-half of this company is owned by Pac. 
Coast Borax Co. of Nevada. 
Directorships: U. S. Potash Co. (N. Y.), and 
N. Mex.), Colonial Williamsburg, Inc., Jack- 
son Hole Preserve, Inc. ; Pres. Amer. Plan- 
ning and Civic Assn., 1935 — ; Dir.. Nat'l 
Conference on State Parks; Trustee of Mills 
Coll. (Calif.). 

Piiblieations : (With Frank J. Taylor of San 
Francisco), Oh! Ranger; numerous articles 
in magazines on conservation, national parks, 
wild life preservation, etc., Including Colliers 
and Sat. Evening Post. 

Decorations: Order of Northern Star of Swe- 
den by King of Sweden, 1927; Gold Medal 
of Amer. Historical Preservation Society, 

Memberships: Del Rey (Univ. of Calif.); Phi 
Delta Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Mason; Wyk- 
agyl Country Club (New Rochelle, N. Y.); 
Chemists; Explorers (N. Y.); Cosmos (Wash., 
D. C); Sierra Club (Calif.). 
Religion Presbyterian. 
Politics: Independent. 

Recreations: Horseback riding, fishing, golf. 
Bus. Address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New 
York City, N. Y. 

Home Address: Wykagyl Gardens, New Ro- 
chelle, N. Y. 

ALDEN, Eliot. A.B., M.D. 

Born: Walla Walla (Wash.), Dec. 12, 1874; 
s. of Katherine Russell (Lincoln) and Charles 
Henry Alden. 
Education: Harvard Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., Harvard U., 1897; M.D., Har- 
vard Med. School, 1901. 

Married: Etta Estill, d. Wallace Estill, Es- 
till, Mo., May 16, 1912; ch. : Katharine (Mrs. 
Wallace Andrew Burton) ; Florence Estill 
(Mrs. James Bates Stodard). 
Prof. Record: Interne, Mass. Gen. Hosp. 
(Boston, Mass.), Dec, 1900-Apr., 1902; Resi- 
dent Surgeon, Lakeside Hosp. (Cleveland, 
O.), Apr., 1902- Apr., 1903; practiced in 
Cleveland until 1906; moved to Calif, and 
has practiced in L. A. since. 
Publications: Several articles in Medical 

Army Service: Capt. Med. Corp. U. S. Army, 
Apr. 1918-May, 1919, France. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican 

Bv^. Address: 6523 Hollywood Blvd., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 2008 No. Serrano, Los Ange- 
les, Calif. 

ALDERMAN, Professor Pauline, A.B., 

Asso. Professor of Music, University of 
Southern California. 

Born: La Fayette (Ore); d. of Edith May 
(Kelty) and Henry Haines Alderman. 
Education: Reed Coll. (Portland, Ore.); Univ. 
of Wash.; Univ. of Starsburg; Inst, of Mu- 
sical Art (N. Y.). 

Degrees: A.B., Reed Coll., 1916; M.A., U. of 
Wash, 1933. 

Prof. Record: Taught English, MacMinnvllle 
(Ore.) Jr. High, 1916-18; Lincoln High Schl., 
Portland (Ore.), 1918-20; Theory of Music, 
Ellison White Conservatory, Portland (Ore.), 
1920-23; Instructor in Music, Pomona Coll., 
Claremont (Calif.), 1924-28; U. of Wash., 
1928-30; Asso. Prof, of Music, U. of So. 
Calif., 1930-39; Asso. Prof., 1940—. 
Directorships: Secty., Alchin Chair Comm., 
U. S. C, Calif. 

Publications: Composer Bombastes Furioso, 
Opera, unpublished, performed in L. A., 1938. 
Memberships: Mu Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa 

Politics : Democrat. 

Recerations: Collecting old Instruments; 

Bus. Address: University of Southern Cali- 
fornia, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 830% W. 40th PI., Los Ange- 
les, Calif. 

ALDERSON, John Hartzell. 

Chief Engineer, Los Angeles Fire Department. 
Born: Princess Anne Co. (Maryland), June 
7, 1898; s. of Alpohnsa (McConnor) and 
George T. Alderson. 

Education: Wilmington High School (Dela- 
ware) ; Univ. of Delaware. 
Married: Ethel Cummings, d. of George 
Cummings, San Diego., Calif., 1924; eh.: 
John Thomas. 

Army Service: U. S. Army, April, 1917-May, 
Recreations: Fishing. 

Bus. Address: 217 So. Hill St., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 1617 So. Spaulding Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

ALDERSON. Victor Clifton, A.B., Sc.D., 
Engr.D., F.A.A.A.S. 
Consulting Mining Engineer. 
President, Winnemucca Mining Company. 

Born: Plymouth (Mass.), June 4. 1862: s. 
of Sarah Payne (Sears) and Andrew Peter 

Education : Boston Latin School, ; Harvard 

Degrees: A.B., Harvard, 1885: Sc.D., Beloit, 
1903; Sc.D., Armour Inst, of Tech., 1903; 
Engr.D., Colo. Schl. of Mines, 1939. 

Married: Harriet E. Thomas, Richmond, Ind., 
1888; ch.: Harriet A. Dowden. 

Prof. Record: Supt. of Schls., Dublin (Ind.), 
1885-87; Teacher Inglewood High, Chicago, 
1887-93; Prof. Math., 1893-98, Dean, 1898- 
1900; Acting Pres., 1900-01; Dean, 1901-03; 
Armour Inst, of Tech., Cl^icago; Pres. Colo. 
Schl. of Mines, July, 1903-13; Pres., Winne- 
mucca (Nev.) Mt. Mining Co., 1913-15; 
Consulting Mining Engr., 1915-17; again 
Pres., Colo. Schl. of Mines, Golden, 1917-25; 
Consulting Mining Engr. (specialty, oil 
shale), since 1925. 

Directorships: Treas., La Jolla Federal Sav- 



Ing & Loan Assn.; DIr. Pres., WInnemucca 

Mt. Mining Co. 

Memberships: Delia Upsllon, Soc. of Colonial 

Wars, Six-, of Mayflower Descendants. Inst. 

of I'etroleum Technologists (London). 

Religion: Episcopal. 

Politic*: Republican. 

Recreations: Gardening, travel. 

Home Address: 7645 Herschel Ave., La Jolla, 


ALF, Raymond Manfred, A.B., M.A. 
Teacher of Webb School (Calif.) 
Bom: Canton (China), Dec. 10, 1905; s. of 
Ingeborg Elizabeth (Rosene) and Alfred Alf. 
Education: Public Schools in Des Moines 
'Iowa), Maryville (North Dakota), and 
Petersburg (Nebraska); Doane College; Univ. 
of Colorado. 

Degrees: A.B., Doane College, 1928; M.A., 
U. of Colorado, 1939. 

Married: Anna Pearl, d. of Mr. and Mrs. 
F. H. Wright, Claremont (Calif.), April 27, 
1930; ch.: Janet and Mimi. 
Prof. Record: Teacher at Fairmont (Ne- 
braska) High School, 1928-29: Teacher at 
Webb School of California, 1929-40. 
Memberships: Sigma Xi (1939). 
Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Music, astronomy, athletics, 
painting, paleontology. 

Bus. and Home Address: Webb School, 
Claremont, Calif.) 

ALLARD. Professor Romeo Paul, B.S. in 
Ch.E., M.S., Ph.D. 
Chairman, Dept. of Chemistry, Loyola Univ. 
of Los Angeles. 

Born: Franklin (New Hampshire), Nov. 13, 
1906; s. of Marie Louise (LeBlanc) and Jo- 
seph Allard. 

Education: Franklin High School; Univ. of 
Notre Dame. 

Degrees: B.S.. in Ch.E., 1931, M.S., 1932, 
Ph.D., 1934, Univ. of Notre Dame. 
Married: Anna Marie, d. of Olive ; Mills) and 
Adam W. Dahlem, Notre Dame (Ind.), Dec. 
27, 1935; ch. : William Joseph and Bernard 

Prof. Record: Appointed to the Faculty of 
Loyola Univ. in 1935 as an Instr. in Chem- 
istry; promoted to the Chmnshp., Dept. of 
Chemistry, 1937. 

Publications: Joint publication: "Molecular 
Refractivity and Association of Liquids Con- 
taining the Hydroxyl Group"; "The Dielectric 
Properties of Acetylenic Compounds: The 
Symmetric Dialkyl Acetylenes." Both of 
these papers were published in the Journal 
of the American Chemical Society in 1934. 
Memberships: The American Chemical Society. 
Religion: Roman Catholic. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Gardening, soft ball, chess. 
Bus. Address: Loyola University of Los An- 
geles, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 10832 Lawler St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

ALLEN, Ben Shannon, A.B. 

Newspaperman and Publicist. 

Born: Grass Valley (Calif.), Aug. 19, 1882, 

8. of Martha (Allen, no relation), and Da- 
vid Allen. 

Education: Woodland H. S. and Stanford 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford, 1907. 
Married: Victoria, d. of Dr. Hayes C. French, 
San Francisco (Calif.), Dec. 8, 1909; ch.: 
Shannon Collier, John French, David and 
William Hayes. 

Bus. Record: Asso. Press (S.F.), 1907-09; 
Asso. Press (London, Eng), 1909-17; Direc- 
tor, U. S. Food Administration Educational 
Dlv., 1917-19; Editor and Pub., Sacramento 
Union, 1919-21; Pub. Relations, Key Svstem 
Railroad (Calif)., 1921-23; Editor and Pub., 
Calif. Farmer, 1923-25; Ed. Dir., Republi- 
can Circles. 1938-41; Chmn., Finnish Relief 
Fund for the State of Calif. ; Assistant to 
Chmn. Herbert Hoover, eleven Western 
States for Finnish Relief; Advisory, Cam- 
paign and Public Relations work for co- 
operative farm organizations from 1925 to 

Directorships: Director and Assistant to 
President of Farm By-Products Corp. 
Publications: History of California for Por- 
tola Fiesta, 1908, and many magazine ar- 

Awards: Chevalier, Order of the Crown 
(Belgium) ; (wife holds Queen Elizabeth 
medal) ; Belgian CJovernment Relief Medal. 

Memberships: Hon. Mem., Veterans of For- 
eign Wars; Mason; Phi Delta Phi, Legal 
Fraternity; Commercial Club, (S.F.) 

Religion: Stanford Church. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Tennis, camping, travel. 

Bus. Address: 255 California St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 1134 Emerson St., Palo 
Alto, Cailf. and Lower Lake, Calif. 

ALLEN, Professor Bennet Mills, Ph.B., 

Ph.D., Sc.D. 
Professor of Zoology, Univ. of Calif., Los 

Born: Greencastle, Ind., July 4, 1877; s. of 
of Alice (Bennet) and Albert Allen. 

Education: DePauw U. and U. of CHiicago. 

Degrees: Ph.B., 1898, Sc.D., 1935 (honor- 

arv), DePauw U.; Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 


Married: Gazelle, d. of Willard Burgess, Fort 

Collins (Colo.), Aug. 22, 1904; ch. : Hazel. 

Prof. Record: Instr. of Anatomy, U. of Wis., 

1903-08; Asst. Prof., 1908-11: Asst. Prof, of 

Zoolog\-. 1911-13; Prof, of Zoology, U. of 

Kan., "1913-22; Assoc. Prof, of Zoolog>-, U. 

of Cal. (L. A.), 1922-24; Prof, of Zoology, 


Publications: Numerous research articles on 

the Embryology of the Germ Glands and on 


Memberships: Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Oil, 

Gamma Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi. 

Religion: Unitarian. 

Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Stamp collecting. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles, 


Hoine Address: 909 Micheltorena St., Los 

Angeles, Calif. 



ALLEN. Clifton Royal, LL.B. 

Born: Kidder (Mo.), May 10, 1881, s. of 
Margaret Ann (Fitzpatrick) and Theo. 
Parker Allen. 

Education: Kidder Inst. (Mo.); U. of So. 
Calif. (Los Angeles). 

Married: Elsie May, d. of Ella and Amos 
K. Winsor in Los Angeles (Calif.), Nov. 
27, 1909; ch.: Marjorie Aileen, Virginia 
Mae, (Gordon Emerson. 

Prof. Record: City Attorney, Fullerton 
(Calif.), 1917-18. 

Directorships: Fullerton Improvement Co. 
and Citrus Orchards, Inc. 
Memberhsips: Masons. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics : Democrat. 

Recreations: Working with young people, 
particularly with Boy Scouts of America. 
Bus. Address: Bank of America Bldg., Ful- 
lerton, Calif. 

Home Address: 617 No. Nicholas, Fullerton, 

ALLEN. Edgar Marion. A.B. 

Editor and Publisher, The Brentwood News. 
Born: Minneapolis (Minn.), Apr. 15, 1889; 
s. of Mary (Pierce) and Adolphus M. Allen. 
Education: Minneapolis Schls.; U. of Minne- 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Minn., 1911. 
Married: Gertrude H., d. of Emma S. and 
Daniel K. Hagy, Minneapolis (Minn.), July 
19, 1916; ch.: Edgar M., Jr., Barbara Louise, 
Arthur Hagy, Charles Douglas. 
Bus. Record: Reporter, Minneapolis Journal; 
Reporter and City Editor, Waterloo (Iowa) ; 
Reporter, Syndicate and Picture Service, 
Chicago Tribune; Bank Advertising Agency 
(Minn.); purchased The Brentwood News, 

Directorships: Executive Committee, Calif. 
Newspaper Publishers' Assoc. ; President, 
Brentwood Improvement Assoc. ; Director, 
Contra Costa Co. Development Assoc. 
Memberships: Phi Sigma Kappa, Press Club 
of San Francisco, Lions. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics : Republican . 
Bus. and Home Address: Brentwood, Calif. 

ALLEN. Professor Frank W.. B.S., M.S. 
Assoc. Prof, of Pomology, Univ. of Calif. 
Born: Columbia (Mo.), July 18, 1887; s. of 
Floyd (Prather) and Frank W. Allen. 
Education: U. of Missouri and Iowa State 

Degrees: B.S. in Agr., U. of Mo,, 1910; 
M.S. in Hort., Iowa State Coll., 1913. 
Married: Alma Leora Turner, d. of Maggie 
and William Franklin Turner, Columbia, 
(Mo.), July 18, 1911; ch.: Frank W., Jr. 
and Floyd T. 

Prof. Record: Cooperative experimental 
storage work with members of Pacific States 
Warehouses Assoc. (San Francisco, Calif.); 
Sabbatical leave of absence from U. of Calif., 
Aug., 1936-May, 1937, for Foreign Travel in 
Europe and South Africa and for Research 
Work at Cambridge U., Cambridge (Eng.), 
and at the Kalttechnische Inst., Karlshruhe, 
(CJermany). Instructor in Horticulture at 
Iowa State Coll., 1910-13; Asst. Horticul- 
turist, Wash. State Coll., 1913-16; Asst. 

Horticulturist, U. S. Dept. of Agr., in charge 
of Fruit Storage and Handling Investiga- 
tions, Yakima, (Wash.), 1916-19; Asst. Prof, 
of Pomology, U. of Calif. (Davis), 1920-25; 
Asst. Prof, of Pomology and Asst. Pomol- 
ogist, U. of Calif. (Davis), 1925-29; Assoc. 
Pomologist, U. of Calif. (Davis), 1929-38; 
Assoc. Prof, of Pomology and Assoc. Pomol- 
ogist, U. of Calif. (Davis), 1938 — . 
Publications: Numerous popular and tech- 
nical articles in the Agricultural Press since 
1911; Calif. Agricultural Experiment Station 
publications on fruit growing, handling, 
shipping and marketing; technical reports 
in the Annual Proceedings of the Am. Soc. 
for Horticultural Sci.; contribution on 
Calif, horticulture to the Garden Dictionary 
(Houghton-Mifflin & Co.), 1936; Joint Au- 
thor, report of Commission on the Pre- 
cooling of Deciduous Fruits in South Africa 
(Government Printer, Pretoria, South Af- 
rica) ; special paper, Refrigerated Transpor- 
tation of Calif. Fruits, report of Seventh 
International Congress on Refrigeration, Vol. 
IV, The Hague, Holland. 

Memberships: Soc. of the Advancement of 
Horticultural Sci., Phi Kappa Phi (Scientific 
Frat.), Gamma Sigma Delta (Agricultural 
Honorary), Sigma Xi. 
Religion: Protestant. 

Bits. Address: College of Agriculture, Uni- 
versity of California, Davis, Calif. 
Home Address: 422 A St., Davis, Calif. 

ALLEN, James Michael. 

Judge, Superior Court, Siskiyou County. 
Born: Ft. Jones, Siskiyou Co. (Calif.), June 
10, 1883, s. of Mary Ann (McGee) and 
Edward P. Allen. 
Education: Common Schools. 
Married: Lennie M., d. of August (Beck- 
with) and Wm. McBee, (Ore.); ch.: Mrs. 
Velma Campbell, James M., Jr., Mrs. Au- 
gusta Brown, Norman Allen, Mrs. Irene 
Martin, Mrs. Mary Byrd, Robert C. and 
Edward J. 

Prof. Record: Worked in mines and farms; 
taught in Public Schools; Principal, Fort 
Jones, Grammar School; Editor of county 
newspaper (Ft. Jones) ; studied Law in the 
law office of Hon. Issac A. Reynolds; ad- 
mitted to Bar, 1913; elected. District At- 
torney of Siskiyou Co. in 1914, held office 
until 1923; voluntarily retired to enter pri- 
vate practice; Senior Member of the firm 
of Allen & McNamara for five years; elected 
to State Senate in 1927 and served until 
1937; delegate from Calif, to Democratic 
National Convention at Houston, 1928; Mem. 
of Board of Prison Directors of Calif, in 
1935-36; elected, Superior Judge in 1938. 
Memberships: Eagles, Elks, Lions. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Bus. Address: Yreka, Calif. 
Home Address: 520 N. Main St., Yreka, 

ALLEN, Professor James Turney. A.B., 
M.A., Ph.D. 
Professor of Greek, University of California. 
Born: Cleveland (Ohio), Sept. 14, 1873; s. 
of Martha (Turney) and Robert Alfred 

Education: Pomona College, Univ. of Calif., 
Yale Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1895; M.A., 



U. of Cttllf., 1S96; Ph.D.. Yale, 1898. 
Mdnird: Amoll.i, d. of Issac N. Sanborn, 
Pomona (Calif.), 1899. 

Prof. Record: V. of Calif., Instr. In Greek 
and Clas.slciil ArchaooloKy, 18!lK; In.slr. in 
Greek, 1809; Assl. Prof, of Greek, 1<)03; 
Prof, of Greek, 1919 — ; Annual Prof., Amer. 
School of Claslcal Studies, Athens (Greece), 

Diri'ctnrahips: President, San Francisco 
Archaeological See. 

Memberships: Amer. Philological Asso.; 
Phllol. Asso., Pac. Coast, Pres. 1914-15; 
Archaeological Inst, of Amer.; Archaeol- 
ogische.s Instilut des Deutschen Relches; 
Classical Asso. Pac. Coast; San Francisco 
Archaeological Soc. (Secty., 1907-12; Pres., 
1939 — ) ; Phi Beta Kappa. 

: ublicatiotts: First Year of Greek, 1917 (rev. 
ed. 1931) ; Greek Theatre of the Fifth Cen- 
tury. B. C 1920; Stage Antiquities of the 
Greeks and Romans and Their Influence, 
1927; also many articles published In philo- 
logical and archaeological journals. 
Religion: Congregational. 

Bus. Address: University of California, Berk- 
eley, Calif. 

Home Address: 37 Mooswood Rd., Berkeley, 

ALLEN, Jean Loose. 


Born: Tuscola (111.), Nov. 22, 1885; d. of 

Fanny (Madison) and Frank E. Loose. 

Education: 111. Woman's Coll. 

Married: Wilbur C, s. of Lucv Willis Allen 

at Lebanon (Ind.), Sept. 17, 1905; ch.: Frank 

and Robert. 

Prof. Record: Manufacturer of Jean Allen 

Unbreakable Dolls, Katch-a-Krum bibs, 

Mother-Tuch Kiddie Clothes for 10 years; 

specialist, orthopaedic corrective fitting for 

children 5 years; Director and Producer, 

juvenile dramatic productions. 

Publications: Smile Books, monologues and 

children's plays. 

Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Home Address: 647 No. New Hampshire, Los 

Angeles, Calif. 

ALLEN, Professor Leroy Walton, B.S., 
Assoc. Prof, of Music, Chmn. Dept. of 
Music, Univ. of Calif. 

Born: Chelmsford (Mass.); s. of Jessie C. 
(Hodges) and Arthur W. Allen. 
Education: Public schs. of Chelmsford and 
Everett (Mass.); U. of Calif., Columbia U., 
Inst, of Musical Art (N.Y.). 
Degrees: B.S.. U. of Calif., 1913; M.A., 
Coulmbia, 1926. 

Prof. Record: Dlr. and Supervisor of Mil- 
itary Music, War Dept., 1917-19; Assoc, in 
Music, U. Calif. (Berkeley), 1919-25: Instr. 
in Instrumental Music, Inst, of Musical Art 
(N. Y.). 1925-26; Dir.. H. S. Music, Spring- 
field (Mass.), 1927-29: Instr. in Music, L.A. 
Jr. Coll., 1930-35; Asst. Prof, of Music, 
Chmn. of Music Dept., U. of Calif, at L.A. 
1935-37; Assoc. Prof, of Music. Chmn. of 
Dept. of Music, U. C. L. A., 1937—. 
Publications: Edited Univ. of Calif. Song 
Book, 1920 and 1923. 
Army Record: Army Song. Instr. and Band 

Supervisor, War Dept.. y.M.C, 1917-19. 
Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Mu 
Alpha (SInfonIa). 

Recreations: Winter sports, camping and 

Bus. Address: Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 14.32 Veteran Ave., Los An- 
geles. Calif. 

ALLEN, Roy Emerson, A. 6. 

General Fiduciary. 

Born: Kansas, May 11, 18(X): s. of Carrie 
(Campbell) and George B. Allen. 
Education: Public schools and high school 
in Kansas; Washington-Jefferson Coll. 
Degrees: A.B.. Washington-Jefferson Coll.. 

Married: Carol Virginia, d. of Ella V. 
Moore, May 28, 1938; ch. : Elizabeth Anne 
and Marjory. 

Bus. Record: Newspaperman and advertis- 
ing previous to 1929; has held present oc- 
cupation since 1929. 

Publications: Numerous bulletins and articles 
on Foreclosure Procedure in Calif.; Allen's 
Foreclosure Forms, 1937. 
Memberships. Univ. Club (Los Angeles). 
Recreations: Archeology and music. 
Bus. Address: 229 No. Broadway, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home: 329 No. McCadden PI., Los Angeles, 

ALLEN, S.A., D.D.S. 
Dental Surgeon. 

Education: Northwestern Dental School. 
Degree: D.D.S. , Northwestern Dental Sch., 

Prof. Record: Past President, Nebraska 
State Dental Soc. ; Member Nebraska State 
Board Dental Examiners for ten years; 
Editor, Dental Journal (Nebraska State) for 
four years; Mem., Amer. Dental Assn., 25 
yrs. Moved to Glendale (Calif.), 1923. 
President, Los Angeles Co. Dental Soc, 1940. 
Contributor to dental literature. Office and 
Practice in Glendale continuously. 

Bus. Address: 314 Lawson Bldg., Glendale, 

ALLEN, Professor Walter Alfred, A.B., 


Prof, of Musical Theory, Pomona College. 

Born: Worcester (Mass.), May 25, 1886; s. 
of Harriett (Rose) and Walter W. Allen. 

Degrees: A.B., Beloit Coll. (Wise), 1909; Mus. 
B., Yale, 1917. 

Married: Virginia F., d. of M. A. Prince- 
house at Portland (Ore.), 1934. 

Prof. Record: 3 Summer sessions at U. of 
So, Cal. ; 1 Summer session at U. of Calif, 
at Los Angeles. 

Membership : Beta Theta Pi. 

Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Pomona College, Claremont, 


Home Address: 175 E. 12th St., Claremont, 




ALLEN, Professor Warren Dwight. A.B., 
M.A., Ph.D. 
Professor of Music and Education, Stan- 
ford University. 

Born: San Jose (Calif.), Aug. 31, 1885, s. of 
Emma S. (Gage) and James Monroe Allen, 

Education: Univ. of Calif.; student in Berlin 
and Paris, 1909-11. 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford, 1934; M.A., U. of 
Calif., 1935; Ph.D., Columbia U., 1939. 
Married: Esther Louise Houk, Indianapolis, 
1912; ch. : Patricia Louise Allen. 
Prof. Record: Dean, Conservatory of Music, 
College of the Pacific, 1913-19; Concert 
Organist and Teacher, Visiting Organist and 
Professor, Cornell University, 1932; in re- 
cent years lecturer at Educational Conven- 
tions and Conferences; at Stanford since 

Directorships: Pres., Music Teachers' Na- 
tional Asso.. 1940; Mem. of Executive Com- 
mittee, American Musicologlcal Society, 1940. 
Publications: The Challenge of Education, 
Chapter XI ; The Challenge to the Teacher 
of Music, (McGraw-Hill), 1937; Philosophies 
of Music History (Amer. Book Co.), 1939; 
Also contributor to Thompson's Cyclopedia 
of Music and Musicians (article on Histories 
of Music), Music Educators' Journal, the 
Yearbooks (1939 and 1941) of the Music Edu- 
cators' National Conference and the Volurties 
of Proceedings (1938-1941) of the Music 
Teachers' Natl. Association. 
Memberships: American Guild of Organists 
(Assoc); The Family (S.F.). 
Religion: Protestant. 
Recreations: Motoring and Philosophy. 
Home Address: Stanford University, Calif. 

ALLEN. Jr.. William H. 

Chairman of the Board, Title Insurance and 
Trust Company. 

Born: Grafton (111.), Oct. 12, 1853; s. of 
Martha Maria (Mason) and William H. 

Education: Public and private schools of 

Married: Elsie Pettljohn at Pasadena (Calif.), 
April 6, 1893; ch.: William Herbert, Ruth 
Allen Finch. 

Prof. Record: In banking business (Grafton), 
1868-1883, advancing to President. Actively 
identified with hardware, furniture and farm 
machinery store. 

Directorships: Chairman of the Board, Title 
Insurance and Trust Compan; Pres., Carmel 
Cattle Co., Muroc Clay Co. ; Vice-Pres., 
Ojai Oil Co. ; Vice-Pres. and Treasurer, Ar- 
rowhead Lake Corp.; Dir., Colorado River 
Land Co., Union Title Insurance and Trust 
Co., San Diego, (Calif.). 

Memberships: Formerly belonged to numer- 
ous business and social clubs being 87 has 

Recreations: Automobiling; travel (too busy 
for local sports) . 

Bus. Address: Title Insurance Building, 433 
So. Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 870 So. San Rafael Ave., 
Pasadena, Calif. 

ALLES, Gordon Albert. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. 
Research Chemist and Pharmacologist. 
Lecturer in Pharmacology, University of 

Calif. Medical School and Research Asso. In 
Biology, Calif. Inst, of Tech. 
Born: Detroit (Mich.), Nov. 26, 1901; s. of 
Flora (Schauss) and John Albert AUes. 
Education: Alhambra High Sch., 1914-18; 
Calif. Inst, of Tech. 

Degrees: B.S., 1922, M.S., 1924, and Ph.D.. 
1926, Calif. Inst, of Tech. 
Married: Ma.xy Alice (Pope) on July 15, 
1935; ch.: Sandra. 

Prof. Record: Chemist, Riverside Portland 
Cement Co. and Research Chemist, The 
Celite Co., 1922; Chemical Research with 
George Pines, M.D.. 1926-27, 1928-40, in Los 
Angeles (Calif.); Research Fellow in Physi- 
ology, Harvard Med. Sch., 1927-28; Lecturer 
in Pharmacology, U. of Calif. Med. Sch., 
since 1931; Research Asso. in Biology, Calif. 
Inst, of Tech., since 1939; Chemical Con- 
sultation and Research since 1940. 
Directorships: Chmn., So. Calif. Section, 
Amer. Chemical Soc. 
Publications: Scientific journal articles. 
Army Service: R.O.T.C, Calif. Inst, of Tech., 

Memberships: Amer. Chem. Soc, Amer. 
Physiological Soc, Soc. for Experimental 
Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Soc of Ex- 
perimental Biology and Medicine, Amer. 
Assn. of the Advancement of Science. 
Bm.s. Addresses: California Institute of Tech- 
nology, Pasadena, Calif., 770 So. Broadway, 
Pasadena, Calif. 

Home Address: 1316 W. Haven Rd., San 
Marino, Calif. 

ALLIN, Colonel Benjamin Casey. 


Engineering Consultant. 
Director of the Port of Stockton. 
Born: Chicago (111.), Nov. 14, 1886; s. of 
Josephine Augusta (Turner) and Benjamin 
Casey Allin. 

Education: Univ. of Chicago. 
Degrees: A.B., U. of Chicago ex 1908. 
Married: Dorothy May, d. of Walter Newell, 
Chicago (111.), May 24, 1913; ch.: Benjamin 
Casey Allin III; Dorothy Jean (Mrs. M. A. 

Prof. Record: From 1907-11, Surveyor, Bu- 
reau of Insular Affairs; 1912-16, Production 
Dept., Illinois Steel Co.; 1916, Bridge Valu- 
ation, C.R.I.&P. Railyway; 1916-19, War 
Service, U. S. Army; 1919-32, Dir. of the 
Port, Houston (Texas) ; Secty., Harris 
County-Houtson Ship Channel Navigation 
Dist.; Secty., Bd. of Control, Port Terminal 
Railroad Assn., Houston (Texas) ; Vice- 
Chmn., Houston Port and Traffic Bureau; 
1931, Engineering Consultant, Port of 
Bhavnagar, Bhavnagar (India) ; 1934-38, 
Engineering Consultant, Port of The Dalles, 
The Dalles (Ore.); 1931—, Dir. of the Port 
and Chief Engineer, Stockton (Calif.); 
1937 — , Consulting Engineer, Lakeland-Tampa 
Industrial Canal, Inc., and Polk County 
Authority, Lakeland (Florida) ; Vice-Pres., 
Amer. Assn. of Port Authorities, 1919; Dir. 
and Officer various years thereafter; Pres., 
Pac. Coast Assn. of Port Authorities, 1933- 
34 — , Dir. of Same 1931 — ; Delegate of the 
U. S. Gov't to the Internat'l Assn. of Nav- 
igation Congresses, Venice (Italv), Sept.. 
1931; Delegate of the U. S. CJov't to the 
Internat'l Assn. of Navigation Congresses 
(Brussels), Sept., 1935; appointed by U. S. 
Gov't in 1937 to make around-world in- 
spection of ports. Colonel Allin is a reg- 



LsleriHi Civil Knslnecr In Stales of Calif, and 
Ore; holilor of Letters Patent No. 1, -180,1:57, 
Jan. 8, 1924, covering railroad facilities at 
ports: CooperatlnR Mem., Comm. on Trans- 
shipment of CarKO in Waterborne Commerce, 
Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers, 1940; Mem., 
Comm. on Nat'l Defense, Pac. Coast Assn. 
of Port Authorities, 1940; Chairman, Comm. 
on Nat'l Defense, Amer. Assn. of Port Au- 
thorities, 1940; Chairman, Board of Trus- 
tees, Seamen's Church Institute of Houston 
(Te.xas), 1923-31; Pres., Houston Chapter, 
Sons of the Amer. Revolution, Houston 
(Texas), 1929; State Chairman for Texas 
Comm. on Correspondence and Safety, Nat'l 
Soc. Sons of the Amer. Revolution, 1930. 
Directorships: Dir., Stockton Y.M.C.A.; Vlce- 
Pres., Calif. Composers Soc, 1940 — ; Chair- 
man, Board of Trustees, Seamen's Church 
I'^stitute, Stockton, 1932—. 
Publications: Author of amendments to In- 
tercoastal Shipping Act of 19.7,5 and Mari- 
time Act 1936 (par. 205) familiarly referred 
to as AUin Amendments; author Visayan 
' (Philippine) English Dictionary (1909) ; co- 
author Glossary of Port Terms, Amer. Assn. 
of Porth Authorities (1927); author numer- 
ous articles on port matter. He is also the 
composer of various musical number includ- 
ing Fantaisie Philippine (1938), Port Stock- 
ton March (1936), Ave Maria (1939). 
Army Service: Served as Capt. 427th 
Engr. Depot Detachment; Camp Engr. 
Co. B, lOSth Engrs., Commanding Officer 
Officer, Camp Logan (Texas) ; commission- 
ed Major of Engr., Texas Nat'l Guard and 
Reserve Corps., June 4, 1923; commissioned 
Lt. Col. Engrs. Ulth Engrs., Texas Nat'l 
Guard and Reserve Corps, June 6, 1928; 
Resigned 1931; Lt. Col. Engrs. Calif. Nat'l 
Guard. State Staff, 1937—; Mem. Examin- 
ing Bd. for promotion Reserve Officers, U. 
S. Army, Houston (Texas), 1928-30. 
Members;! ips; Charter Mem., Brotherhood 
Lodge, A.F. and A.M. (Chicago) ; Charter 
Mem., Houston Consistory, A. & A. Scottish 
Rite, Houston (Texas); Mem., Arabia Tem- 
ple, A. & A.O.N. Mystic Shrine, Houston; 
Mem., Stockton Pyramid, A.E.O. Sciots, 
Stockton: Karl Ross Post. Amer. Legion, 
Stockton; Hi-12 Club, Stockton; Yosemlte 
Club, Stockton; Nat'l Geographic Soc: Ad- 
venturers Club of Chicago; Honorarj' Pres., 
The Transylvanians (Ky.); Honorary Mem., 
Houston Foreign Trade Club; Mem. of Com- 
monwealth Club, San Francisco. 
Religious Memberships: Mem. Vestry, Trinity 
Episcopal Church, Houston, 1927-30; Junior 
Warden, Trinity Episcopal Church, Houston, 
1929; Mem., Vestry St. John's Episcopal 
Church, Stockton, 1931-34 and 1939-43; Sr. 
Warden, St. John's Episcopal Church, Stock- 
ton, 1939-41; V.-P.. Exec. Council 1941, 
Diocese of the San Joaquin; Delegate to Pro- 
vincial Synod, 1941 and Mem., Prov. Council, 
1941-44 and alternate delegate CJen. Conven- 
tion, 1940; Cathedral Chapter, Diocese of 
the San Joaquin, Fresno (Calif.), 1931. 
Bus. Address: Port Stockton, Stockton, Calif. 
Home Address: 120 E. Magnolia St., Stock- 
ton, Calif. 

ALLISON, Dean Tecpe Elizabeth, 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 
Dean of Women, San Bernardino Valley 
Junior College. 

Born: Place and date not listed; d. of Eliza- 
beth Dunning (Hill) and John Homer Alli- 

Education: University of Oklahoma; U. of 
Calif.; U. of London. 

Degrees: A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. Holder of EUle 
Fogerty Fellowship, Centrol Coll. of Speech, 
U. of London. 

Prof. Record: Dean of Women and In- 
structor In English, San Mateo Jr. Coll.. 
1922-25; Visiting Lecturer In English, 
Smith Coll., Mass., 19.34-.35; Lecturer, 
Hunter Coll. (N.Y.), 1930-.'52, summer ses- 
sions; Dean of Women and Chairman of 
Dlv. of English Language and Literature, 
San Bernardino Valley Jr. Coll., 1927-40. 
Publications: Has written extensively 
for various academic journals, and many 
critical reviews, and articles of gen- 
eral Interest for the N.Y. Times and Players 
Maganzine. as well as sketches on early 
Calif, and the theatre. In addition to 
these Dean Allison has written texts which 
are now being used in schools. Her list of 
professional publications include; Revealing 
the World: A Theatre Program for Adults, 
Theatre and Schl., May, l930:The Theatre in 
Adult Education. Theatre Arts Mag., July, 
19,30; Student Directors, The Playbill, Sept., 
1933; Our Newest Educational Theatre, The 
Jr. Coll. Journal, Feb., 1934; What of the 
Survey Courses, Yearbook, (Nat'l Deans of 
Women Assn.), 1935; Building a Coll. Thea- 
tre's Wardrobe, The Playbill, 1936. 
Memberships: Modern Language Assn. of 
Amer.; Nat'l Deans of Women Assn.; Calif. 
Deans of Women; Educational Theatre Con- 
ference; Pac. Coast Philologiiccal Assn. Am- 
erican Assn. of University Women. 
Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Tennis, hiking, cooking, mil- 

Bus. Address: San Bernardino, Calif. 
Home Address: 1138 No. Eighth St., Colton, 
Colton, Calif. 

ALLTUCKER, John Ray. B.S. 

Supervising Principal, Vallejo Day and Ev- 
ening High Schools. 

Born: Sacramento (Calif.), Nov. 3. 1888; s. 
of Susan Compton. 

Education: University of Calif., and Colo- 
rado State U. 

Degrees: B.S., Col. State, 1933. 
Married: Grace I. Wallace, Oakland (Calif.), 
1917; ch.r Margaret Grace, John Wallace, 
and Ruth Anita Alltucker. 
Prof. Record: Lived on a ranch until he 
was 22 years old; worked as a Mechanic 
and Foreman for several years: took up 
Teaching in Vocational Education; taught 
trade work: became, Vice-Principal of High 
School: then. Director of Vocational and 
Adult Education at Vallejo; then. Principal, 
Vallejo Dav and Evening High Schools and 
Director of Vocational and Adult Education; 
has taught Summer session classes at U. of 
Calif, and Santa Barbara State Coll., and 
Colorado State Coll. 

Directorships: Pres., Vallejo Army and Navy 
Y. M. C. A.; Pres., Vallejo Recreation Com- 

Memberships: Masonic Fraternity; Kiwanls 
Club; Phi Delta Kappa. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreatoins: Fishing, hunting. 
Bus. Address: 840 Nebraska St., Vallejo, 

Home Address: 113 Bella Vista Way, Valle- 
jo, Calif. 



ALMACK, Professor John C(onrad), 

A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. 
Professor of Eciucation, Stanford University. 
Born.- Houston (Mo.), Oct. 15, 1883: s. of 
Amanda (Purcell) and John C(ullison) Al- 

Education: Univ. of Ore.; Stanford U. 
Degrees: A.B., 1918; M.A., 1921, U. of Ore.; 
Ph.D., Stanford, 1923. 

Married: Evelyn M., d. of T.J. Foster, Port- 
land (Ore.), 1938. 

Prof. Record: Teacher, Public Schools (State 
of Wash.), 1905-14; Editor (State of Wash.), 
1914-15; Dlr., Ext. Div., U. of Ore., 1918-21; 
Stanford, 1921—. 

Publications: History of Oregon Normal 
Schools, 1921; Education for Citizenship, 
1924; Problems of the Teaching Profession, 
1925; The School Board Member. 1926; Ad- 
ministration of Schools, 1927; Research and 
Thesis Writing, 1928; Hygiene of the School 
Child. 1929; History of the United States. 
1930; Modern School Ad7ninistration, 1933; 
Track of the Sun, 1937; Facts First on Nar- 
cotics, 1939; A Clear Case Against Nor- 
cotics. 1939 Straight Thinking, 1940; The 
Stanford Spellers, 1930; The New Laurel 
Handwriting Series, 1935; Golden Spurs. 
1934; and others. 
Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa. 
Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreatoins: Painting, fishing, writing. 
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif. 
Home Address: 683 Alvarado Row, Stanford, 
University, Calif. 

ALMQUIST, Professor Herman James, 

B.S., Ph.D. 
Asso. Prof., Coll. of Agriculture, University 
of California. 

Born: Helena (Mont.), March 3, 1903; s. 
of Mary (Erickson) and Harry Almquist. 
Education: Montana State Coll., 1925. 
Degrees: B. S., Montana State Coll., 1925; 
Ph. D., U. of Calif., 1932. 
Married: Viola Pimentel. 

Prof. Record: Research in animal nutrition, 
particularly chickens; co-discoverer of vita- 
min K; work on isolation, identification and 
synthesis of vitamin Kl; relation of bile to 
pure identified form of vitamin K; first 
synthesis of Vitamin Kl; relation of bile to 
gizzard lesions of chickens; identification of 
"rice factor"; amino acid requirements of 

Directorships: Dir., Annual Review, Inc. 
Publications: Has written many papers on 
such subjects as "Vitamin Requirements of 
Chickens"; "Vitamin K" and "Antihemor- 
rhagic Compounds"; and "Amino Acids." 

Army Record: 1st. Lt., Montana Natl. Guard 
to 1931. 

Awards: Borden Award, 1939. 
Memberships: Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Kap- 
pa Phi; Sigma Xi; Scabbard and Blade; Ma- 
sonic Lodge. 

Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Fishing, hunting. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of Calif., Berkeley, 

Home Address: 7475 Curry St., El Cerrito, 


Other Address: 1114 Mt. George Ave., Napa, 


ALSBERG. Carl Lucas. A.B., M.A., M.D. 
Director of Giannini Foundation of Agricul- 
tural Economics and Head of the Division 
of Agricultural Economics, University of 

Born: New York City (N. Y.), April 2, 1877; 
s. of Bertha (Baruch) and Mainhard Als- 

Education: Columbia U. and Universities ol 
Strassburg and Berlin. 

Degrees: A. B., 1896. M. A., 1900, Colum- 
bia; M. D., (Columbia), Coll. of Phys. and 
Surg., 1900. 

Married: Emma B., d. of Mary Elizabeth 
(Hyde) and Uriah P. Peebles, Nashville, 
(Tenn.), Sept. 2, 1912. 

Prof. Record: Faculty, Harvard U., 1902- 
08; Assistant in Physiological Chemistry un- 
til 1905, Instructor until 1908; Chemical 
Biologist, U.S.D.A., Bureau of Plant Indus- 
try, 1908-12, Chief of Bureau of Chemistry, 
1912-21; Director, Stanford Food Research 
Institute, 1921-37, now Consultant; Dean of 
Graduate Study, Stanford U., 1927-33; now 
Director of Giannini Foundation of Agricul- 
tural Economics U. of Calif. (Berkeley, 

Publications: Numerous journal articles in 
professional journals in Biochemistry and 
Agricultural Economics and the following 
books; Combination in the Am,. Bread 
Baking Industry, (F. R. I. Mis. Pub. No. 3), 
Jan., 1926;The Fats and Oils, (Fats and 
Oils Studies of F. R. I.), Feb. 1928., "Re- 
port of the Commission of Inquiry into Nat. 
Policy in International Econ. Relations." 
(U. of Minn. Press), 1934; The American 
Vegetable-Shortening Industry, (Fats and 
Oils Studies of F. R. I., No. 5), June. 1934; 
Studies on Wheat Grown Under Constant 
Conditions, (With H. L. van de Sande-Bak- 
huyzen), (F. R. I.), March, 1937. 
Memberships: Bohemian and Cosmos Club; 
Faculty Club, Washington (D.C.). 
Bus. Address :University of California, Ber- 
keley, Calif. 

Home Address: Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, 

ALTER. Colonel Dinsmore. B.S., M.S., 
Ph.D., Sc.D., CA-Res, 

Director, Griffith Observatory. 
Born: Colfax (Wash.), Mar. 28, 1888; s. of 
Jeannette (Copley) and Joseph Alter. 
Education: Univ. of Calif., Univ. of Pitts- 
bg., Westminster Coll. (Pa.). 
Degrees: B.S., West. Coll., 1909; M.S., U. 
of Pitt., 1910; Ph.D., U. of Calif., 1916; 
Sc.D., Monmouth Coll., 1941. 
Prof. Record: Instr. and Adj. Prof., Phys- 
ics and Astronomy, U. of Alabama, 1911-14; 
Instr. of Astronomy, U. of Calif., 1914-17; 
Asst. Prof, of Astronomy, U. of Kan., 1917- 
19, Assoc. Prof., 1919-24, Prof., 1924-36; 
Dir. of Griffith Observatory, L. A., Calif., 
since 1935; research Assoc, Calif. Inst, of 
Tech.. Pasadena, Calif. 

Publications: About 70 pieces on research and 
two textbooks. 

Army Record: During World War I, all 
ranks 2nd Lt. to Major, inclusive, C. A., U. 
S. Army. Since then, C. A. Res. At 



prcst-iil, Colonel, Commanding 976th Regi- 
iiu'iil, C. A. 

lUrinhiTships: Sigma XI; Klwanls, Amer. 
Assoc, for Adv. of Scl.. American Astr. Soc, 
Amor. McterolOKical Soc. (Vlce-Pres., 1925- 
27); Amor. Physical Soc, Amer. Geophysical 
Un., Fellow, Royal Astr. Soc. 
Religion: United Presbyterian. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. Address: Griffith Observatory, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 1233 No. Klngsley Dr., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

ALTMAN. George J.. Ph.D. 

Dramatics Director. 

Bjvh: Of Amer. parents in Berlin (Germany), 
1884, s. of Eugene Altman. 
Education: Universities of Berlin, Heidelberg, 
Munich, Jena and Oxford. 
Degrees: Ph. D., Jena, 1907. 
Married: Alice, d. of Charles Henry Hall, 
in New York; ch.: Ralph C, and Felicia. 
Prof. Record: Asst. Stage Director, Deutch- 
es Theater (Berlin), 1905; dir., Grand-ducal 
Theatre (Mannheim), 1907-09; Dir., Deut- 
sches Theater (Hanover), 1910-13; Dir., 
Keliner Theatre (Berlin), 1913-21; Lecturer 
at U. of Jena, 1914-15; (summer sessions); 
Dir. of four asso. Theatres at Berlin (Les- 
sing Theatre, Kleiner Theatre, Residens 
Theater, Trianon Theater) 1921-26; Dir., of 
the Municipal Theaters of Hanover. 1927- 
33; Dramatic Critic in France, 1933-37; 
Guest Dir., Green St. Theater (San Fran- 
cisco), 1939. 

Directorships: Dir., Berlceleey Festival Assn. 
Publications: Shakespeare's Plays on the 
German Stage of the XIX Century and ten 
other books on the theatre and adaptations 
of plays. 

Home Address: 3504 Clay St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

ALTROCCHI. Julia Cooley (Mrs. Ru- 
dolph), A.B. 
Born: Seymour (Conn.), July 4, 1893; d. 
of Nellie (Wooster) and Harlan Ward Cool- 

Education: Univ. H.S. (Chicago); Vassar 

Degrees: A. B., Vassar, 1914. 
Married: Prof. Rudolpf, s. of Paulin (Zam- 
vos) and Giovanni Altrocchi; eh.: John, 
born 1928, Paul, born 1931. 
Publicati07is : Poems of a Child (with an 
Introduction by Richard Le Gallienne. (Har- 
per and Brother), 1904; The Dance of Youth 
and Other Poems (Sherman French and 
Co.), 1923; Snow Covered Wagons: A Pio- 
neer Epic (Macmillan), 1936; Wolves Against 
the Moon (A historical novel) (Macmillan), 
1940; numerous poems in various maga- 
zines and anthologies and several articles 
on literary and travel subjects. 
Awards: Browning Award (Calif.), Literary 
Guild, 1937; Silver Medal, Commonwealth 
Club of Calif., 1937. 

Memberships: Internat. P. E. N., Nat. Poetry 
Soc, Soc of Midland Authors, President of 
Calif. Writers Club, Authors League of 
Amer., Calif. Historical Soc, Town and 
Gown Club of Berkeley. 

Religion: Brought up in Methodist Episcopal 
Church. Liberal. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Traveling, collffllng old manu- 
scripts and literary autographs, 
Bus. and Home Address: 129 TamalpaLs 
Road. Berkeley, Calif., and "Singing Sands," 
Harberl, Mich, (summer). 

ALTROCCHI, Professor Rudolph. A.B., 
Professor of Italian, Univ. of Calif. 
Born: Florence (Italy). Oct. 31, 1882; s. of 
Pauline (Zamvos; and Giovanni Altrocchi. 
Education: Harvard Univ. 
Degrees: A. B., 1908, A. M., 1909, Ph. D., 
1914, Harvard U. 

Married: Julia, d. of Nellie (Wooster) and 
Harlan Ward Cooley, Chicago (111.). Aug. 
26, 1920; ch. : John Cooley and Paul Hem- 

Prof. Record: Instr. Romance Langs., Col- 
umbia, 1910-11; U. of Pa., 1911-12; Har- 
vard, 1912-15; Asst. Prof., U. of Chicago, 
1915-22; Assoc. Prof, of Italian, U. of Chi- 
cago, 1922-27; Prof, of Italian, Brown, 1927- 
28; Prof, of Italian, U. of Calif, since 1928. 
Publications: Co-Author of Italian Short 
Stories, 1912; Giacosa's Tristi Amori, 1920; 
Bracco's II Piccolo Santo. 1929; Translator. 
So^n^ni-Picenardi's Snow and Steel, 1926. 
Author: Deceptive Cognates, Ital-Eng. and 
Eng.-Ital., 1935, etc. 

Army: 2nd Lieut., Inf., Liaison Service, A. 
E. F., (Lyons, France), 1918-19. 
Decorations: Officier d'Academie (France), 
1919; Chvalier, Crown of Italy, 1921; Sil- 
ver Medal (Italy), 1934. 

Memberships: Literary, (Chicago); Harvard 
of San Francisco, (Pres., 1932-33-34-36); 
Assoc. Harvard, (Vice-Pres., 1933-41, Pres., 
1941-42); Calif. Writers (Dir., 1932-37, Vice- 
Pres., 1934, Pres., 1935-37). 
Politics : Republican . 

Bus. Address: University of California, Ber- 
keley, Calif. 

Home Address: 129 Tamalpais Rd., Berke- 
ley, Calif. 
Other Addresses: Harbert, Mich., (Summer). 

ALVORD, Frank R. 

Vice President and Cashier, Citizens Nation- 
al Trust and Savings Bank. 
Born: Indiana, Oct. 19, 1887. 
Education: Wisconsin and Albuquerque (New 
Mexico) . 

Married: Doris Beatty Alvord; ch. : Hugh R. 

Prof. Record: First employed with the old 
American Nat. Bank (Second and Spring 
Sts., Los Angeles), where he started as er- 
rand boy, 1906; three years later was made 
bookkeeper; the American Nat. Bank be- 
came merged with the Citizens Nat. Bank; 
became Assistant Teller in their Third and 
Main St. Branch, 1911, made Teller; upon 
his return from Army service after World 
War I, re-entered the bank where he has 
been since. 

Directorships: Vice-Pres. and Cashier, Cit. 
Nat. Trust & Savings Bank of L. A.; Dir. 
and Pres., Coast Supply Co.; Dir., Beatty 
Corp.; Member of Br. of Dir., Kiwanis Club 
of L. A.; Dir., L. A. Kiwanis Foundation. 
Army Record: One year with the 143rd F. 
A. in France in World War I. 
Memberships: Kiwanis Club; L. A. Country 



Club; L. A. Athletic Club; East Gate Lodge, 

No. 290, F. & A. M.; Amer. Leg., Victory 

Post. No. 54; Calif. Club. 

Recreations; Golf. 

Bus. Address: Citizens Nat. Trust & Svgs. 

Banl<, 457 So. Spring St., Los Angeles, 


Home Address: 977 So. Westmoreland Ave., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 

ALVORD. Raymond Martin, B.S. in E.E. 
Electrical Engineer. 

Commercial Vice President, General Elec- 
tric Company. 

Born: Scales Mound (111.), Mar. 11, 1883; 
s. of Catherine (Martin) and Geo. M. Alvord. 
Education: Iowa State College. 
Degrees: B.S. in E.E., la. State Coll., 

Married: Genevieve Anderson, Oakland 
(Calif.), Nov. 18, 1916; ch. : Donald Roy 
(Mar. 9, 1919) and Howard Bruce (July 18, 
1922) . 

Prof. Record: Upon graduating from la. 
State Coll., entered the test course of the 
Gen. Elect. Co. of Schenectady (N. Y.); 1906. 
transferred to S. F. district as Salesman; 
1911, made Mgr. of Supply Dept., to which 
position was added, 1920, management of 
the Edison Lamp Dept.; 1923, made Sales 
Manager of S. F. Office and, 1925. ap- 
pointed Pac. Coast Mgr. of the Merchandise 
Dept.; 1926, became Mgr. of the S. F. office; 
1936, Mgr. of Pac. Dist. of Gen. Elect. Co. 
For many years has been an active worker 
in S. F.'s Community Chest Campaigns; 
Vice-Pres., Indust. Comm. of Calif. St. C. 
of C; 1916, Pres., S. F. Sales Mgrs. Assn.; 
1917, Pres., S. F. Electrical Development; 
1929, Vice Chmn., Iron and Steel Allied 
Group; 1930-31, Chmn., Allied Group; 1934, 
participated in initiating the Calif. Wine Con- 
feernce, which developed the Calif. Wine Inst.; 
1935, Pres,, S. F. C. of C: 1937-38, Pres., 
Pac. Coast Elect. Assn.; 1939, Dir. of the 
(Jolden Gate Internat. Exp. at Treasure Is- 

Memberships: Engineer's (S. F.) Vice-Pres., 
1934, Pres., 1935; Live Oak Masonic Lodge 
in Oakland (Master, 1926); Bohemian; Com- 
monwealth and Olympic Clubs; Member: Pan 
Amer. Soc. (S. F. ), Sigma Nu Fraternity, 
S. F. Art Assn., Calif. Soc. for Crippled 

Religion: Member of St. Francis Community 
Church (San Francisco). 
Politics: Registered Republican. 
Bus. Address: General Electric Co., 235 
Montgomery St., San Francisco, Calif. 
Home Address: 372 Santa Clara Ave., San 
Francisc, Calif. 

AMAR, Eloi J. 

Port Manager, City of Long Beach. 
Born: San Pedro (Calif.), April 8, 1891; s. 
of Josephine (Boiseranc) and Edouard Amar. 
Education: San Pedro School System and St. 
Vincents College (L. A.). 

Married: Bessie May, d. of Alex Booker at 
Riverisde, July 25, 1912. ch.: Edward (b. 
Aug. 23, 1913) ; Beatrice Rose (b. Aug. 26, 
1917) . 

Prof. Record: Early life in livestock busi- 
ness (sheep and cattle), (father being larg- 
est sheep man in Sourthern Calif, having 
at times 75,000 sheep, 1870-1913). Developed 
Real Estate holdings (San Pedro Area), 

1913-1916. Became Manager of all Catalina 
Island except City of Avalon for Banning 
Company (then for Wrigley interests, 1919, 
when Island was purchased from Banning 
by Wrigley). Left Island, 1922, and became 
interested in shipping and harbor improve- 
ment, 1922 — . Pres., Los Angeles Harbor 
Board, 1933, serving as its President con- 
tinuously until 1938. Port Manager, Long 
Beach Harbor Department, Feb. 1, 1940. Has 
been Director and Member of Pacific Coast 
Assoc, of Port Authorities for many years, 
also Director and Officer and now elected as 
President of the American Assoc, of Port 
Authorities at Convention held in Long 
Beach. Speaks French, Spanish, Italian, Por- 
tugues and Basque. 

Decorations: Officier d'Acad^mie; received 
numerous citations and decorations from 
foreigri governments in recognition of work 
on shipping commerce and foreign trade. 

Memberships: Jonathan, California Yacht 

and Virginia Country Clubs, Native Sons, 

Elks, etc. 

Religion: Catholic. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Golf, hunting, fishing. 

Bus. Address: Long Beach Harbor Dept., 
1333 El Embarcadero, Long Beach, Calif. 

Home Address: 1227 E. Ocean Blvd., Long 
Beach, Calif. 

AMERINE, Professor Maynard Andrew, 

B.S., Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor of Enology, Univ. of 


Born: San Jose, 1911; s. of Tennie (Davis) 

and Roy R. Amerine. 

Education: Modesto High School, 1925-29; 
Modesto Junior College, 1929-31; University 
of California, 1931-32, 1933-36. 

Degrees: B. S., 1932, Ph. D., 1937, U. of 


Publications: Various scientific publications 

on Wines and Winemaking. 

Memberships: Bohemian and Commonwealth 

Clubs (S. F.), Alpha Gamma Rho, Sigma 

Xi and Alpha Zeta Fraternities. 

Religion: Baptist. 

Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: University of California, Davis, 


Home Address: Rt. 1, Box 125B, Davis, 


AMES, Arthur Forbes. 


Born: Tamaroa (111.), May 19, 1906; s. of 
Emma (Johnston) and George Ames. 

Education: Calif. Sch. of Fine Arts (San 
Francisco) . 

Married: Jean, d. of J. R. CJoodwin in San- 
ta Ana (Calif.), Sept. 5, 1940. 

Prof. Record: Mural paintings in San Diego 
Civic Center, (San Diego, Calif.); Pub. Libr., 
Anaheim (Calif.), collection of Louis Danz, 
Anaheim (Calif.), John C. Fremont Sch., 
Anaheim, Alexander Hamilton High Sch., Los 
Angeles (Calif.); Mosaic, Newport Harbor 
High Sch., Newport Beach (Calif.). 

Home Address: 424 W. Cucamonga Ave., 
Claremont, Calif. 



AMES, Jean Goodwin. B.E., M.F.A. 

Lecturer. Artist, Painter. 

Born: Santa Ana (Calif.); (1. of Margaret 
J. (Grant) and Joseph R. Goodwin. 
Education: Art Inst, of Chicago; Pomona 
Coll., Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles), U. So. 

Degrees: B.E., U.C.L.A.. 1932; M.F.A. , 
U.S.C, 1938. 

Married: Arthur F.. s. of Emma Ames, at 
Santa Ana (Calif.), Sept. 5, 1940. 
Prof. Record: Lecturer, Claremont Colleges; 
mural paintings In San Diego Civic Center; 
mosaic in Newport Harbor High Sch., New- 
port Beach (Calif.); ceramic mural, In Sci- 
ence Bldg., at U. S. C. 

Home Address 424 W. Cucamonga Ave., 
C'aremont, Calif. 


Composer, Conductor. 

Born: St. Petersbourg (Russia), Oct. 29, 
1901; s. of Ilaria (Sokolof) and Ale.xander 
Amfitheatrof (famous Russion writer). 
Education: St. Petersbourg Conservatory of 
Music. Roval Cons, of Music (Rome). Acad, 
of Sacred "Music of the Vatican (Rome) and 
private teachers. 

Degrees: D. H. C, Royal Cons, of Music 
(Rome) 1923. 

Married: May. d. of Elena (Pandiani) and 
Guido Semenza at Milano (Italy), June 4. 
1930; ch. ; Erilv and Stella-Renata. 
Prof. Record: Asst. Conductor to M. Molin- 
ari-Augusteo Orchestra (Rome) 1924-29; Ar- 
tistic Mgr. and Conductor of Genoa and 
Trieste Radio Stations. 1929-31; Conductor 
and Mgr. at the Gen. Direction of the E. I. 
A. R. (Italian Broadcasting Co.) 1931-37: 
Assoc. Conductor of the Minn. S>-mphony 
Orchestra. 1937-38 and Guest Conductor with 
the Boston S\Tnphony; with Metro-(3oldwjTi- 
Mayer Studios since 1938. Has appeared as 
Guest-Conductor with great success in Rome, 
Naples. Trieste. Milan. Turin. Berlin. Vienna, 
Belgrade. Bruxelles, Paris, etc. Well known 
in Europe and the U. S. A. as a Composer 
of Symphonic and Chamber Music. 
Compositions: Poem of the Sea, The Miracle 
of the Roses, Preludium to a Reqiiiem 
Mass. Ajnerican Paiiorama and a Concerto 
for Piano and Orchestra. Personal Teacher of 
H.R.H. Princess Giovanna of Italy. 
Awards: Cav. Uff. of the Order of the Roy- 
al Crown of Italy, 1935. 
Religion : (Thristian. 
Politics: None. 

Recreations: Swimming, mountain-climbing, 

Bus. Address: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, 
Culver City, Calif. 

Home Address: 135 Medio Dr., Los Angeles, 


President, Capital National Bank of Sac- 

Born: Meadville (Pa.), Oct. 11. 1867; s. of 
Sallie (Sloan) and John Z. Anderson. 
Education: Univ. of the Pacific, San Jose 

Married: Carrie Lois, d. of Mr. and Mrs. 
J. M. Baldwin, March 2, 1892 (1st Mar- 
riage) ; Agnes Thiele, of Los Angeles, March 

.30, 1931, (2nd MarrlaKC) : ch.: Kathryn 
Badlwln (Mrs. Wm, Kenneth PotU). 
Bun. Record: Farmer and Packer (Solano 
Co.), 1886; discontinued packing bus. In 1902 
and came to Sacramento as Mgr. of the 
Calif. Fruit Distributors; appointed 
Supt. of Banks In 1909 and 1911. formefl 
The Capital National Bank; now President. 
The Capital National Bank of Sacramento 

Directorships: Chmn. of the Bd., Calif. - 
Western States Life Insurance Co.. Sacra- 
mento; Pres., Capital-Federal Savings & 
Loan Assoc. (Sacramento), Hotel Senator 
Corp. (Sacramento) ; VIce-Pres., Consumers' 
Ice & Cold Storage Co. (Sacramento) ; Na- 
tomas Company of California (San Fran- 
cisco), Bank of Rio Vista (Rio 'Vista); Dlr., 
Natomas Water Company (Sacramento), Rice 
Growers Assoc, of California (Sacramento). 
Capital Fire Insurance Co. of California 
(Sacramento), Tide Water Associated Oil Co. 
(New York). 

Memberships: Washington Lodge No. 20, Free 
and Acepted Masons of Calif. (Sacramento) ; 
Sutter Club (Sacramento) ; Del Paso Coun- 
trv Club (Sacramento) ; Sacramento Lodge 
No. 6. B. P. O. Elks (Sacramento) ; Solano 
Chapter No. 43. Royal Arch Masons of Calif. 
Suisun Sacramento Commandery No. 2, 
Knights Templar of Calif.; Islam Temple A. 
A. O. N. M. S. (San Francisco). 
Religion: Unitarian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Shooting, fishing. 
Bus. Address: The Capital National Bank, 
700 J St., Sacramento, Calif. 
Home Address: 1230 45th St., Sacramento, 

ANDERSON, Brigadier General Alvord 
Van Pattern, D.S.M., U.S. Army (ret.). 
Born: New York City. Apr. 10. 1872; s. of 
Clara (Alvord) and John R. Anderson. 
Education: N. Y. Univ. and Lehigh Univ. 
Married (a) Cora C. d. of Chas. W. P. 
Collins, Leavenworth (Kan.), 1897, (dec. 
1920;) ch. : Dorothy, wife of Capt. Stuart 
G. McLennan. U. S. Army; Capt. Alvord 
Van Patten, Jr., U. S. Army; Married: (b) 
Jean E.. d. of Chas. L. Raison, in San FrEin- 
cisco, 1925. 

Army Record: Enlisted. U. S. Army, 1891; 
Commissioned. 1896; retired, 1936. Santiago 
Expedition, China Relief Exp., Philippine In- 
surrection. Pershing Exp. into Mex. and 
Amer. Exp. Force in France, World War I. 
Awards: Dist. Serv. Medal, Silver Star Cita- 
tion Medal. Purple Heart Medal. Campaign 
Medals: Spanish Amer. War. (Thina Relief 
Exp., Cuban Occupation, Philippine Insur- 
rection. Mex. Campaign and Victory Medal 
(World War I). 

Memberships: Army and Navy (Hub (Wash- 
ington, D. C); Bohemian Club (San Fran- 
cisco) ; 78th Div. Assn. and 312th Inf. Assn. 
Religion: Protestant. 

Recreations: Walking, motoring, reading. 

Hoine Address: 1750 Vallejo St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

ANDERSON, Professor Benjamin M., 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 
Professor of Economics, University of Calif., 
Los Angeles. 
Bom: Columbia (Mo.), May 1, 1886; s. of 



Mary Frances (Bovvlingi and Benjamin M. 
Anderson (both deed."). 

Education: University of Missouri, U. of 111., 
Columbia U. 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Mo., 1906 M.A., U. of 
111., 1910: Ph.D., Columbia U., 1911. 
Married: Margaret Louise, d. of Lucy (Rus- 
sein and John Crawford Crenshaw, at St. 
I,ouis (Mo.1, May 27, 1909; ch.: John Cren- 
shaw, Wm. Bent, Mary Louise. 
Prof. Record: Acting Prof, of Hist., St. Nor- 
mal Schl., Cape Girardeau (Mo.), summer- 
session, 1905: Prof, of Eng. Literature and 
Economics, Mo. Valley Coll., Marshall (Mo.), 
1906-7; Head of Dept. of Hist, and Political 
Econ., St. Teachers' Coll., Springfield (Mo.). 
1907-11: Instr. in Econ., Columbia U., Wil- 
is : Asst. Prof, of Econ., Columbia U., 1913; 
Asst. Prof, of Econ., Harvard U., 1913-18: 
Econ. Advisor, Nat. Bank of Comm. (N. Y.), 
1918-20: Economist, The Chase Nat'l Bank 
of N. Y., and Editor and Author, Chase 
Economic Bulletin, 1920-39: Prof, of Econ., 
U. of Calif. (L. A.), 1939—. 
Directorships: Member Exec. Comm., Amer. 
Econ. Assn.: Member Exec. Comm., Nat'l 
Economists Comm. on Monetary Policy. 
Publications: Social Value, 1911; The Value 
of Money, 1917; Effects of the War on 
Money, Credit, and Banking in France and 
the United States. 1919: The Chase Economic 
Bulletin, 1920-39; Author and Editor, The 
Economic Bulletin, issued by the Capital Re- 
search Co., L. A., 1939 — ; numerous articles 
and addresses. 

Memberships: Century Club (N. Y. C; Cali- 
fornia Club (Los Angeles) ; Phi Beta Kappa. 
Politics: Independent. 
Recreations: CThess. 

Bus. Address: University of California, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Ho7ne Address: 516 Warner Ave., Los Ange- 
les, Calif. 

ANDERSON, Carl William, A.B., J.D. 


Born: Chicago (111.), March 15. 1901; s. of 
Ada Augusta (Johnson) and Charles Oscar 

Education: Public schools in San Francisco 
and Livermore, and Leland Stanford. Jr., 

Degrees: A.B., 1926, J.D., 1928, Leland Stan- 
ford, Jr. U. 

Married: Audrey Marian, d. of Harry W. 
Regan, at Stanford U., Aug., 15, 1931. 
Prof. Record: Has practiced alone since ad- 
mission to the Bar. 

Directorships: Hillsborough Park Investment 
Co. (a Corp.); Hillsborough Estates. 
Memberships: Masons, Elks, Eagles, Theta 
Chi (coll. frat.), San Carlos Athletic Club 
and Commonwealth Club of Calif. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Movies and gardening. 
Bus. Address: 301 California Dr., Burlingame, 

Home Address: 1241 San Carlos Ave., San 
Carlos, Calif. 

ANDERSON. Dewey. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 
Executive Secretary, Temporary National 
Economic Committee. 
Born: Grand Forks (No. Dak.), Jan. 14, 

1897; s. of Amalia (Peterson) and Hans 
Daniel Anderson. 
Education: Stanford University. 
Degrees: A.B., 1920, M.A., 1928, Ph.D., 
1932, Stanford U. 

Married: Erma, d. of Jackson L. Sams, at 
Ben Lomen, June, 1920; ch.: H. Daneel and 
Helen June. 

Prof. Record: Camp Dir., Army Phys. Train- 
ing, Coast Def. of Puget Sound, 1917-18; 
Dir., Indust. Athletics, Oakland Pub. Schls. 
and Recrea. Depts., 1918-20; Area Secy., 
Prisoner of War Relief, Germany, Poland 
and Baltic States, 1920-24; Admin., Student- 
Prof. Relief, Amer. Section, European Stu- 
dent Relief, Amer. Relief Admin. Affiliate, 
Russia, 1924-27. Private business (Calif.), 
1928-32; Member of the Faculty and Dir.. 
Stanford-Alaska Ed. Study, Stanford U., 
1932-35; Research in Taxation, Haynes 
Foundation, 1936-38; Member of Legislature 
(Calif.), 1935-37; Admin., State Relief Ad- 
min. ((Zalif.), 1939; Economist and Execu- 
tive Secy., Temporary Nat. Economic Comm., 
Wash. (D. C), 1939—. 

Publications: Our California State Taxes, 
Facts and Problems, 1937; Alaska Natives, a 
Sociological and Educational Survey, 1935; 
Occupational Mobility in an American Com- 
munity, 1937; Occupational Trends in the 
United States, 1940; Taxation, Recovery and 
Defense, 1940. 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta 
Kappa, Sons and Daughters of Norway. 
Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Hunting and fishing. 
Bus. Address: Federal Trade Commission 
Bldg., Washington, D. C. 
Home Address: RFD, Cupertino. Calif, and 
Town House Apts., Washington, D. C. 

ANDERSON. Elam Jonathan. A.B., 
M.A., Ph.D., LL.D. 
President, University of Redlands. 
Born: Chicago (111.), Feb. 28, 1890; s. of 
Hannah (Sandberg) and Victor C. Anderson. 
Education: Drake University, Des Moines 
(Iowa); Cornell U.; Chicago U. 
Degrees: A.B., Drake U., 1912; M.A., Cor- 
nell U., 1915; Ph.D., U. of Chicago; LL.D., 
Ottawa U. (Kan.) 

Married: Colena, d. of Frances and Charles 
H. Michael, at Buffalo (N. Y.), July 3, 
1916; ch. : Frances Delight, Victor Charles 
and Elam J. 

Prof. Record: Instructor of Public Speaking, 
Cornell U., 1913-16; Ed. Psy., 1924 Prof, 
of Education (Missionary Educator), Shang- 
hai Coll., 1918-26; Principal, Shanghai Schl. 
for Amer. Children, 1926-32; Pres., Linfield 
(Ore.) Coll., 1932-38; Pres., U. of Redlands, 

Directorships: Pres., Pac. Southwest Assn. 
Coll. and U.'s; Dir., Calif. Safety Council; 
Mem. Bd. of Mgrs., Amer. Bapt. For. Miss. 
Soc; Mem. Bd. of Ed.; Vice-Pres. Nor. 
Bapt. Convention (N. Y. City) ; Mem. Bd. 
of Mgrs., So. Calif. Bapt. Convention. 
Publications: China Coll. Song Book, 1923; 
English Teaching Efficiency in China, 1926; 
Music Appreciation, Book I, 1928; Introduc- 
tion to Western Music, 1929. 
Army Service: Corporal, Amer. Co., Shang- 
hai Volunteer Corps., Shanghai (China), 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta 
Kappa, Mason, Rotary. 



Religion: Baptist. 
Recreation: Golf. 

Buit. Addrrss: University of Redland.s, Red- 
lands, Calif. 

Home Address: 325 Grove St., Redalnds. 

ANDERSON. Evald. B.S. 
Technical Director, Western Precipitation 

Born: Ilallsberg (Sweden), Dec. 3, 1883; 
s. of Anders and Kristlna Persson. 
Educntion: Sweden, San Farncisco, Univer- 
sity of Calif. 

Degrees: B.S., Chemistry, U. of Calif., 1913. 
Married: Ruth Helen, d. of W. H. Davis, at 
riverside (Calif.), 1893; ch.: Anna Marie 
and Ruth Alice. 

Prof. Record: Phys. Chemist, Chem. Engr.. 
Tech. Dir., Western Precipitation Corp., 
since 1913. 

Publications: Numerous articles in Technical 
Journals on Chemistry, Physics and Engi- 

Memberships: Oneonta, Phi Lambda Upsilon, 
Sigma Xi. Alpha Chi Sigma. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Liberal. 

Bus. Address: 1016 West Ninth St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 1841 Warwici? Rd., c5an Ma- 
rino, Calif. 

ANDERSON, Frank Bolander. 

Type Metal Manufacturer. 

Born: Portland (Ore.), Nov. 26, 1887; s. of 

Malvina Henrietta (Bolander) and Frank 

Walter Anderson. 

Education: Portland (Ore.), Eurel^a (Calif.); 

University Farm (Davis, Calif.). 

Married: Sadie Elizabeth, d. of A. C. Han- 
sen, at Oaliland (Calif.), July 20. 1907. 
Bus. Record: Editor, Tracy (Calif), Press; 
Editor. Humboldt Times (Eureica, Calif.); 
Superintendent of Publicity, Calif. State Ag- 
ricultural Soc; News Editor. Sacramento 
Star; Capitol Reporter, Sacramento Bee; 
Secy., Western Berl<shire Congress, also 
Calif. Swine Breeders Assn. ; City Editor, 
S. F. Bulletin, also Political Editor same 
paper; Editor. Mission Section, S. F. Call; 
Owner and Publisher, Sausalito News: Vice- 
Pres. and Publisher (S. F.), Neighborhood 
Newspapers, Inc. ; Co-partnership with Ralph 
Gollan in (^Uan Metal Co. 

Directorships: Past Pres., S. F. Newspaper- 
men's Club; Past Vice-Pres., Marvelous 
Marin. Inc. (San Rafael. Calif.); Past Vice- 
Pres.. Publishers Unit, Redwood Empire Assn. 
(S. F.); Past Mem., Advisory Council Calif. 
Newspaper Publishers Assn. 

Publications: Why I Breed Berkshire Hogs 


Memberships: Press and Newspapermen's 

Club (S. F.); South o'Market Boys Club 

(S. F.); San Rafael Lodge of Elks. 

Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Gardening and woodcutting. 
Bus. Address: 39 Tehama St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 15 Central Ave., Sausalito, 


Mayor of Hawthorne. 

Born: I^s Angeles (Calif.), Feb. 21, 1913; 
s. of Serene W. (Flstcr) and William .1 An- 

Education: Hawthorne Grammar School. In- 
glewood Union High School; University of 
Calif, (still In attendance at U. C. L. A.). 
Prof. Record: Entered business In 1933; now 
Owner of motor parts store, tire store, ga- 
rage and service station; elected Secretary. 
Democratic Co. Central Comm., 46th As- 
sembly Dist., 19.38. 

Memberships: Board of Directors of Kiwanis 
(Hawthorne); Member, Redmens I>odge; 
Vice-Chmn., Centinela; 16th Congressional 
Dem. Club; 1st Chmn. and Org., Centinela 
Valley Young Democrats. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Democratic. 

Bus. and Home Address: 582 No. Hawthorne 
Blvd., Hawthorne, Calif. 

ANDERSON, Hugh Stacey. 

President and Treasurer, The Model Grocery 

Born: Dallas (Texas), Jan. 27, 1890; s. of 
Nora (Rust) and Stacey W. Anderson. 
Education: Dallas and Pasadena High Schls. 
Married: Hanna (Bleibtreu), d. of Rev. 
George J. Bleibtreu at Round Knob (111.), 
Dec. 17, 1889; ch.: Hugh Harris, Geraldine 
Gillespie and Carol Schaefer. 
Bus. Record: Started with The Model Gro- 
cery Co.. July, 1909, as delivery boy; held 
various positions such as Salesman. (Jen. 
Cashier, Secty., Secty.-Treas., Vice-Pres.; at 
present Pres.-Treas. and (Jen. Manager; has 
served 31 years continuously with the same 

Directorships: Dir.. Pasaedna Merchants 
Assn.. Mem., Salvation Army Advisory 
Board. Treas.. Calvary Baptist Church, 29 
years (Pasadena). 

Memberships: New Century Club (Pasadena). 
Past Pres.. Civitan. International (Luncheon 
Club), now Financial Secty. 
Religion: Baptist. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Swimming, hiking, home gar- 
dening, woodshop. 

Bus. Address: 60 W. Colorado St., Pasadena, 

Home Address: 400 N. Mentor Ave.. Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 


Member of Congress, 8th Calif. District. 

Born: Oakland (Calif.). Mar. 22, 1904; s. 

of Susie (Brown) and George H. Anderson. 

Education: Public Schools in San Jose 


Married: Frances, d. of Maude (Morrow) 

and Wilson Giffin, 1926; ch.: Jean. Carol 

and Nancy. 

Prof. Record: Took over management of 

pear orchards at his father's death in 1923. 

remained a Farmer by choice until elected 

to Congress in 1938. 

Memberships: Hollister Lodge, B. P. O. E., 

Sainte Claire Club (San Jose). 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Fishing, hunting, riding. 



Bus. Address: 336 House Office Building, 

Washington, D. C. 

Home Address: R.F.D., San Juan Bautista, 


Other Addresses: 5509 Grove St., Chevy 

Chase, Md. 

ANDERSON. Leo Ellis, B.S., LL.B. 

Partner, Meserve, J.Iumper & Hughes. 
Born: Gettysburg (So. Dak.), Feb. 20, 1902; 
s. of Leonora (Ellis) and Laurits M. Ander- 

Education : Public Grammar Schools, Hunt- 
ington Park Union High School (Calif.), U. 
of Redlands and U. of So. Calif. 
Degrees: B.S. in Bus. Adm., 1924; LL.B., 
1927, U. So. Calif. 

Married: Hollis, d. of May W. and David 
W. Norris at Pasadena (Calif.), Nov. 1, 
1933; ch.: Denise (5 yrs.). 
Prof. Record: When admitted to the prac- 
tice of law in Calif. (Oct., 1927), became 
associated with Meserve, Mumper, Hughes & 
Robertson; in Jan. 1939, became a partner 
of Meserve, Mumper & Hughes; is Past 
Pres. of the Junior Barristers of L. A. Co. 
Directorships: Vice-Pres., Dealers' Discount 
Co.; Pres., Lopez Canyon Oil Co. 
Memberships: Skull & Scales (honorary law, 
U.S.C); Kappa Sigma Sigma (Univ. of Red- 
lands) ; Beta Gamma Sigma (scholarship — 
commerce), Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, 
Phi Delta Phi (all U.S.C); Econ. Round 
Table (Los Angeles) Mason, State Bar of 
Calif., L. A. Bar Ass'n. 
R eligion : Episcopal . 

Politics: Republican (Chmn., L. A. Co. Rep. 
Central Comm., 1936-1940. 
Recreations: Golfing, gardening. 
Bus. Address: Richfield Bldg., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 1555 Charlton Road, San 
Marino, (Halif. 

ANDERSON. Reverend Professor Lewis 
Calvin, A.B., M.A., B.D. 
Minister, First Christian Church, Hemet, 

Born: Frankfort (Ind.), Dec. 20, 1886; s. of 
Anna Allen (Williams) and Thomas M. An- 

Education: Public schools, Lebanon High 
School (Ind.), Transylvania Univ., College 
of the Bible, Lexington (Ky.). 
Degrees: A.B., Transylvania, 1913; M.A. 
1925; B.D., College of the Bible (Ky.), 1926. 
Married: Maud Ethel, d. of Ruhamah (Sul- 
livan) and David William Foster at Rich- 
mond (Ind.), July 22, 1914; ch.: Mary Ru. 
Prof. Record: Principal, Kentucky Classical 
and Business College, No. Middletown (Ky.), 
1913-15; Pastor of churches in Richmond, 
Brownsburg, and Springport (Ind.), Monte 
Vista (Colo.), Cheyenne (Wyo.), and Los 
Angeles (Calif.); Prof, of New Testament, 
Cotner College. 1929-33; Pres., 1930-33; Prof, 
of Religion, Chapman College, 1936-40. 
Publications: Misc. articles in church papers. 
Memberships: Sigma Upsilon (Literary), 
Aleph Theta Ze (Ministerial). 
Religion: Protestant (Disciples of Christ). 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Limited fishing and hiking; gar- 

War Service: Colorado Soldiers and Sailors 
Home, 1917-18. 

Business Address: First Christian Church, 
Harvard and Acacia Sts., Hemet, Calif. 
Ho7ne Address: 1003 E. Florida Ave., Hemet, 

ANDERSON. Robert Van Vleck. A.B. 

(Geologist, Socony Vacuum Oil Co., Inc. 
Born: Galesburg (111.), April 18, 1884: s. 
of Charlena (Van Vleck) and Melville Best 
Anderson, LL.D. (deceased; former Prof., 
Stanford Univ.). 

Education: Priv. Schs. In Palo Alto and San 
Jose (Calif.); Stanford Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1906. 
Married: Gracella, d. of Walter B. Rountree 
of San Francisco, in New York City, Mar. 
16, 1923; ch.: Robert Playfair, Patricia Sage 
and Gracella Gurnee. 

Prof. Record: Assisted in investigations on 
San Francisco earthquake, 1906; Geologist, 
U. S. Geol. Survey, 1906-13, chiefly engaged 
on studies of Calif, oil fields; also a Mem., 
Oil Land Classification Bd. of U. S. Geol. 
Survey; travelled extensively in Europe, No. 
and So. Amer., Asia, etc., as Geologist for 
S. Pearson and Son, Ltd. (London), 1913-17; 
sent to Stockholm as Spl. Agent of Dept. 
of State, In connection with work of re- 
stricting shipments to Germany; was Amer. 
Delegate on Inter-Allied Trade Com. In 
Sweden, 1918-19; Dir. and CSiief Geol., White- 
hall Petroleum Corp., Ltd. (London) ; en- 
gaged In explorations for oil in various parts 
of world, 1919-26; engaged in independent 
research, 1927-33; has been with Socony 
Vacuum Oil Co., Ltd., since 1934, mostly in 
connection with work in Europe and No. 
Africa; was Mgr. in Egypt of operations in 
search of oil, 1937-38; in New York office 
since 1939. 

Publications: Geology in Coastal Ranges of 
Western Algeria (Memoir of Geol. Soc. of 
Amer.); various reports published by U. S. 
Geol. Survey on Calif. Oil Fields, and numer- 
ous other papers. 

Memberships: Sigma Xi (Scientific Honor 

Religion: Unitarian. 
Politics: Independent. 

Bus. Address: Socony Vacuum Oil Co., Inc., 
26 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
Home Address: 7 Seneca PI., Montclair, New 

ANDERSON. William Charles. 

Editor, Writer. 

Born: Detroit (Mich.), April 7, 1874; s. of 
Elizabeth (Murphy) and Capt. (Tharles An- 

Education: Public and private cshools, De- 
troit (Mich.). 

Married: Elizabeth, d. of James Scott Hardie 
(descendent of Sir Walter Scott), at Detroit 
(Mich.): ch.: Dean and Jean. 
Prof. Record: Spent eight years at sea as 
a boy; traveled in many lands; lived two 
years in India, there studying the many re- 
ligions of that land. Has been Editor of 
several hundred short stories and verses of 
the sea and ships (which have been favor- 
ably commented upon by Rudyard Kipling, 
John Masefield, Freemont Older and others) ; 
many articles of the writer have been pub- 



llshod on till- Ufi\ customs, and hublts of 
the Illmlus ami Mohnmmcdjins. Writes 
unik'i- a score or more i)cn-names. OrlK'lnaled 
The TravellnK Salesman Liberty I.eaKue dur- 
ing Work! War I. 

Religion: Student of the world's religions. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Fishing, hunting and sailing. 
Home Address: 855 Waller St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

ANDRESON, Jr., John. 

Banker, Kealtor. 

President and Manager, The Andreson Com- 
pany. San Bernardino, Calif. 
Born: San Bernardino (Calif.); s. of Emma 
(K.iappl and John Andreson. 
Education: San Bernardino Academy, 1891. 
Married: Minnie Gasper, d. of Charles F. 
Riley, at San Bernardino (Calif.), April 17, 
1900; ch.: John III and Laura Frances. 
Prof. Record: Farmers Exchange Natl. Bank 
San Bernardino, 17 years: Dir. in the Santa 
Fe Fed. Savings & Loan Assn., 43 years 
(formerly Santa Fe Bldg. & Loan Assn.); 
Vice-Pres., 20 years, past 5 years, Pres. ; 
Mem., San Bernardino Board of Education, 
12 years : at present Pres. and Mgr. of the 
And'reson Co. (holding and renting real 
estate) . 

Directorships: Pres., Rialto Fruit Co.: Dir., 
San Bernardino Thrift & Loan Assn.; Chmn., 
Advisory Board, Bank of America, San 

Memberships: Peter Pan, Lions, Arrowhead 
Villa, Masonic (both York and Scottish De- 
grees), Shrines and Shriners, San Bernardino 
Lodge, Elks, Native Sons of the (Jolden 
West, Mem. and Past Pres., Assn. of the 
Native Son, and Knights of Pythian Lodge 
(Highlands) . 
Religion : Unitarian. 
Pontics.- Republican. 

Ho77ie Address: 671 Fourth St., San Bernar- 
dino, Calif. 

ANDREWS, Lewis Whiting. B.S. 


Senior Partner, Andrews & Andrews. 

Born: Mt. Vernon (Mo.), April 22, 1869; s. 

of Elizabeth A. (Gorton) and Lindley Murray 


Education: Studied law privately, also with 

Judge B. T. Williams of Ventura Co. (Calif.), 

and Andrews & Andrews of Norwalk (Ohio.). 

Degree: B.S., Northern 111. Normal School, 


Married: Abbie Crane at Saticoy (Calif.), 

Jan. 21, 1892; ch.: Ellen Louise (Mrs. 

Charles L. Wright), Horace Crane, Violet 

(Mrs. Violet Andrews), and Lewis W., Jr. 

Prof. Record: Secty. and Instr., in History 
Throop Polytechnic Inst, (now Calif. Inst. 
Tech.). 1891-1893: admitted to Bar (Calif.), 
1894; Partner, Toland & Andrews (Ventura), 
1895-1900; practiced independently (L. A.), 
1900-11; admitted to practice before Supreme 
Court of U. S., 1911; practiced (L. A.), 
since 1911, as Sr. Partner successively of 
Andrews, Toland & Andrews; Andrews, To- 
land, Greeg & Andrews; Andrews & An- 
drews, Andrews, Blanche & Kline; Andrews 
& Kline; Andrews & Andrews. 

Memberships: Mason (32°); Shriner. 

Clubs: Los Angeles Country, Bel- Air Bay, 
California (all Los Angeles). 
Religion : Unlversallst. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Addrtss: Union Oil Building, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: "214 So. LaFayelte PI., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

ANDREWS, Stanley Phillips. 

Owner and General Manager, Stanley An- 
drews Co., San Diego. 

Born: London (Eng.), Nov. 5, 1879; s. of 
Marie (Capps) and Arthur William Andrews. 

Education: Los Angeles (Calif.). 

Married: Alice, d. of Elizabeth and John 
Partington, at San Francisco (Calif.), Mar. 
7. 1903; ch.: Stanley Phillips, Jr. 

Bus. Record: Opened Bicycle Store, Berkeley 
(Calif.), 1900; purchased Golden Gate Cy- 
clery, 1901 (San Francisco), and sold firm 
in 1904; moved to San Diego and took posi- 
tion with San Diego Cycle & Arms Co., re- 
maining as Manager until 1917, then re- 
signing; opened the Hazard Gould Sport 
Goods Co. in 1926; opened the Stanley An- 
drews Co., acting as Owner and Operator, 

Memberships: Masons, Rotary, Executives 
Assn., Izaak Walton League, San Diego Fish 
and Game Assn., San Diego Rowing Club, 
Coronado Yacht Club, Marlin Club of S. D. 

Religion: Episcopal. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, traveling. 

Bus. Address: 1144 Third Ave., San Diego, 


Home Address: 3205 28th St., San Diego, 


ANDRUS, Professor James Russell, 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Economics, University 
of Redlands. 

Born: Puyallup (Wash.), Sept. 19, 1902; s. 
of Bertha (Symonds) and William Cyrus 

Education: Fowler High Sch. Fowler (Calif.), 
U. of Redlands (Calif.), U. of Calif. (Berke- 
ley), Cambridge U. (Eng.). 
Degrees: A.B., Redlands, 1925; M.A., Cal- 
ifornia, 1926; Ph.D., California, 1934. 

Married: Margaret Bradley White, d. of Roy 
W. White, at Los Angeles, Aug. 5, 1926; 
ch.; Zola Belle, Margaret H. and Marjorie 
H. Andrus. 

Prof: Record: Teaching Fellow in Economics, 
U. of Calif., 1925-28; Head of Economics 
Dept., Judson Coll., Rangoon (Burma), 
1928-40; Dean of Men, Judson Coll., 1930-33; 
Secty.. Agricultural Debtors' Protection Com- 
mittee, Gov't, of Burma. 1931-32; Univ. 
Prof, of Economics (Rangoon). 1936-40; 
Mem. Burma State Translation Bd., 1939-40; 
Visiting Prof, of Economics, U. of Redalnds, 

Publications: Rural Reconstruction in Burma 
(Oxford U. Press) ; Editor of Political Econ- 
omy of Burma (Burma Book Club. Ran- 
goon) ; Reviser for Burmese edition of 
Socrates at School (Oxford) ; Three Economic 



Systems Clash in Burma .review of economic 
studies, London. 
Memberships; Toe H (British). 
ReligiQn: Baptist. 
Politics: Independent. 
Recreations: Tennis and Gardening. 
Bus. Address: University of Redlands, Red- 
lands, Calif. 

Home Address: 1003 No. University St., Red- 
lands, Calif. 

Other Addresses: Box 80, Bostonia, San Diego 

ANGELO. Cholly (see SPENCER, Lynn) 

ANKELE. Cordes Westerfeld. A.B., M.D. 


Born: San Francisco, Dec. 16, 1897; s. of 
Ida (Westerfield) and John H. Anlcele. 
Education: Stanford; University of Vienna, 

Degrees: A.B., 1919, M.D., 1923, Stanford U. 
Married: Genevieve, d. of Patrick H. Mc- 
Evov, at Fresno (Calif.), May 2, 1922; ch.: 
Cordes W. Ankele II, 15, and Craig K., 12. 
Prof. Record: General practice (Dunsmuir), 
1923-29; Surgeon (Sacramento), 1930-40; Vis- 
iting Surgeon, Sacramento Co. Hospitals; 
Staff of Sutter and Mercy Hospitals. 
Directorships: Dir. of Sacramento Soc. for 
Med. Improvement; Dir., Sacramento Chap- 
ter Amer. Red Cross. 

Army Record: Private In S.A.T.C, 1918. 
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Chi Psi, Nu 
Sigma Nu, Del Paso Country Club. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Reading, golf, fishing. 
Bus. Address: 926 J St., Sacramento, Calif. 
Home Address: 2719 10th Ave., Sacramento, 

ANTHEIL. George. 

Composer, Writer, Criminologist. 
Born: Trenton (N. J.), July 8, 1900; s. of 
of Wilhelmina (Huse) and Henry W. An- 

Education: Trenton High Sch. 
Married: Elizabeth, d. of Ernest Markus, at 
Ck)dollo (Hungary), July 28, 1908; ch.: Peter 

Prof. Record: One of ten recognized serious 
composers of music in United States; his 
hobby of endocrinological criminology has 
made marked advances in entire science of 
criminology, recognized by leading author- 
ities; has written number of important mo- 
tion picture scores: The Plainsman, The 
Buccaneer. Angels Over Broadway, etc. ; 
wrote first American opera to be staged by 
European state (Frankfurt a-M in May, 
1930) ; possesses rare decoration which only 
two Americans possess, decorated by French 
Gov't, in 1933, the Societie Historique. 
Publications: Many articles, both popular 
and scientific, too numerous to mention; 
Among publications is a Study of Glandular 
Criminology (Stackpole Press, 1937) ; also 
vwote and published many musical works. 
Army Service: Accepted into U. S. A. Avia- 
tion, 1918 (volunteer) . 

Membership: League of Composers (N. Y. 

Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Writing humorous articles. 

Bus. Address: P. O. Box 3106, Hollywood, 


Oother Address: 135 Academy St., Trenton, 

New Jersey. 

ANTHONY. Selda Eldred. B.S., M.D., 


Born: Long Beach (Calif.), June 9, 1910; d. 
of Clara May (Eldred) and Richard Selden 
Anthony, M.D. 

Education: Public schools, Pomona Coll., 
Pacific Union Coll., College of Medical Evan- 

Degrees: B.S., M.D., 1936, College of Med- 
ical Evangelists; D.N.B., granted in 1936 by 
National Board of Medical Examiners. 
Prof. Record: Two years General Interne- 
ship, Los Angeles Co. General Hosp.; 3% 
years general private practice, Independence 
(Calif.); conducting Well Baby Clinics 
throughout Inyo Co. for Bureau of Child 
Hygiene under Dr. Stadmuller, 1939 — . 
Memberships: Inyo-Mono Co. Med. Soc, 
Calif. Med. Assn., Amer. Med. Assn., Vi- 
dette Rebekah Lodge No. 376, Amer. Legion 
Aux., Mt. Whitney Post No. 265. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Horseback riding, swimming, 
playing the accordion, old-fashioned dancing. 
Home Address: Winnedumah Hotel, Indepen- 
dance, Calif. 

APPERSON, Orbell Oakes. 

Owner and Editor of Mount Shasta Herald. 

Born: Willows (Calif.), Dec. 26, 1894; s. Of 

Edith (Orbell) and John A. Apperson. 

Education: Willows (Calif.). 

Married: Ruby S., d. of B. F. Rose, at 

Modesto (Calif.), April 27, 1922; ch.: Orbell 

O., Jr. 

Prof. Record: Owner and Editor, Mount 

Shasta Herald, since Oct., 1915. 

Army Record: Served in Army, May 22, 1917 

to April 26, 1919. 

Memberships: Lions, Masons. 

Politics: Republican. 

Business Address: Mount Shasta, Calif. 

Home Address: 204 Orem St., Mount Shasta, 


ARBOGAST. Glen Elven. 

President, Newbery Electric Corp. 
Born: Numa (Iowa), Aug. 31, 1884; s. of 
Katharine Matilda (Gammon) and Stephen 
A. Douglas Arbogast. 

Married: Emerald Lucy, d. of CJeorge Bar- 
man, at Los Angeles (Calif.), May 15, 1908; 
ch.: Richard E., Woodrow W., Grant E., 
Juanita L. and Dorothy May, Wanda E. 
Bus. Record: In 1903 entered employ of 
F. E. Newberv Electric Co. in Los Angeles; 
1907, Supt. o"f Construction; 1910, became 
Gen. Mgr.; 1921, purchased F. E. New- 
bery's interest in L. A. office and business; 
reorganized under name of Newbery Elec- 
tric Corp. ; became Pres. and principal stock- 

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Interstate Secur- 
ities Corp.; Dir., Crystalite Products Corp.; 
Pres., Eagle Rock Br., Bank of Amer. 
Public Record: 1933-38, Vice-Pres., L. A. 
Harbor Comm.; 1939-40, Pres., L. A. Harbor 



Comm.: ia!7-40, Pres.. Calif. Assn. of Port 
Autlioritle.s; 19;59-'10. Pros., Pac. Coast Assn. 
of I'ort Authorities; Pres. Emeritus, Eagle 
Rock Chamber of Commerce. 
Memberships: Masonic Bodies; West Lake 
F. & A. M. No. ;«)2, Scottish Rite, Shrine 
32 (U'<jroo, AI Malaikah Temple; L. A. Ath- 
letic Club and affiliated clubs, Annandale 
Country Club. L. A. Electric Club. 
Religion: Congregational; Mem., Union 
Church of Eagle Rock. 

Politics: Republican until 1936; reg. Demo- 
crat, 1937. 

Receratiotis : Golf, hunting, fishing. 
Bus. Address: 1034-38 Venice Blvd., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Ho7tie Address: 5212 Highland View Ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

ARCHBALD. Harry Ruthven. LL.B. 

Judge Superior Court. 

Born: London (Canada), 1872; s. of Mar- 
garet (Tiffany) and George H. Archibald. 
Education: Common schools of Ind. and 
Mich.; normal school at Tempe (Ariz.). 
Degrees: LL.B., 1902, U. of Michigan (law 

Married: Mary, d. of John J. Wingar, Mesa 
(Ariz.), 1905; ch.: Malcolm. 
Prof. Record: Practiced law in Ariz, until 
1905; came to Calif, and practiced in own 
office until 1912; was appointed Asst. United 
States Attornev for Southern District of 
Calif., resigning in 1915 to enter private 
practice of law. which continued until 1923, 
when appointed Judge of Superior Court, 
L. A. Co. Elected to that position, 1924; 
reelected 1928 and 1936: acted as Presiding 
Judge of such court, 19,32; served as Justice 
pro tem of Division 2 of Dist. Court of Ap- 
peal, of Second Dist. for about 3 years by 
appointment of Judicial Council. 
Memberships: Elks, Masons, Knights of 
Pythias, Phi Alpha Delta. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Independent Republican. 
Business Address: Department 2, Superior 
Court, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 1178 Sherwood Rd., San 
Marino, Calif. 

ARCHER, Kate Rennie. LL.A. 


Born: Glasgow (Scotland); d. of Eliza (Ren- 
nie) and H. J. Aitken (shipowner, Glasgow) ; 
granddaughter of Sir Johin Rennie, Engineer, 
Builder of London Bridge, and the Great 
North Road, East India Docks, etc. 
Education: Glasgow University (Scotland). 
Degrees: LL.A., Glasgow U. 
Married: Douglas Archer at Edinburgh; ch.: 

Prof. Record: Lecturer in Language. Writer 
of articles for Glasgow Express 1919-24; 
West Coast papers in Amer. (1926-40) ; 
Christian Science Monitor, Hygeia, N. Y. 
Evening Post, Scottish and Canadian papers. 
Business traveling in Russia and Mediter- 
ranean countries. 

Publications: Four books of verse: Songs of 
a Little Brother (1934), Jock Tanson's 
Bairns (1933), Tumbleweed Trail (1934), Call 
Frae the Heather (1940). 

Army Service: Red Cross driver, hosp. and 
canteens, 1915-19. 
Memberships: Grand Antiquity Soc. of Scot- 

land, Scots Dialect Soc. (Edinburgh), League 
of Western Writers, Calif. Writers Club. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 

Home Address: 724 Mason St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Other Address: 1060 Cragmont Ave., Berke- 
ley, Calif. 

ARENSBERG, Walter Conrad. A.B. 


Born: Pittsburgh (Penna.), Apr. 4, 1878; 8. 
of Flora Belle (Covert) and Conrad Chris- 
tian Arensberg. 

Education: Harvard University. 
Degrees: A.B., Harvard U., 1900. 
Married: Mary Louise, d. of John E. Stevens, 
at Ludlow (Mass.), June, 1907. 
Directorships: Pres. of Francis Bacon Foun- 
dation, Inc. 

Publications: Poems, 1914; Idols. 1916; The 
Cryptography of Dante. 1921; The Cryptog- 
raphy of Shakespeare. 1922; The Secret 
Grave of Francis Bacon at Lichfield, 1923; 
The Burial of Francis Bacon and His Mother 
in the Lichfield Chapter House, 1925; Bacon- 
ian Keys. 1927; The Shakespearean Mystery, 
1928; Francis Bacon, William Butts, and the 
Pagets of Beaudesert. 1929; The Magic Ring 
of Francis Bacon, 1930. 

Memberships: Harvard (N. Y.), University 
Club (Los Angeles). 

Home Address: 7065 Hillside Ave., Holly- 
wood, Calit. 

ARLT, Professor Gustave Otto, A.B., 

M.A., Ph.D. 
Professor of German and Chmn. of Dept. 
of (iermanic Languages, University of Calif. 
Born: Lock Haven (Penn.), May 17, 1895; s. 
of Helene Beriha (Hoffman) and Hans Arlt. 
Education: Elmhurst College, 1910-11. 
Degrees: A.B., 1915; M.A., 1929; Ph.D., 
1931; U. of Chicago. 

Married: Gusti, d. of Peter W. Herrman, at 
Coblenz (Germany), June 25, 1920; ch.: 

Prof. Record: Instr. of German, Indiana U., 
1923-24; Asst. Prof, of CJerman, De Pauw U., 
1924-29; Asso. Prof, of CJerman, Indiana U., 
1931-35; Prof, of CJerman and Chmn., Dept. 
of Germanic Languages, U. of Calif. (Los 
Angeles), 1935—. 

Publications: Trutznachtigall, 1936; Das 
Schiff Des Heils, 1933 (Editor) : Modern Lan- 
guage Forum, 1937, 19 — ; Kleiner Lieder- 
freund. 1938 (Compiler and Editor). 
Army Service: Served as 1st. Sgt., 302nd 
Batt., Tank Corps., U. S. Army, A. E. F., 
1917-18; Provost Marshal (Jeneral's Dept.., 
Rome and Naples, 1919; Division of Crim- 
inal Investigation, Amer. Forces in Ger- 
many, 1920-23. 

Memberships: Modern Language Assn. of 
America, Amer. Soc. for Advancement of 
Scandinavian Study, Amer. Musicological 
Soc, Scabbard and Blade, Delta Phi Alpha, 
Pi Delta Phi, Phi Mu Alpha. 

Politics: Independent. 
Recreations: Music. 

Bus. Address: University of California, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 534 Midvale Ave., Los An- 
geles, (ialif. 




President and Founder of Armstrong Col- 

Born: Ekron. Meade Co. (Ky.), May 16, 
1SS3; s. of Rosa John (Wimp) and John C. 

Education: Central State College, Edmond 
(Okla.t, Spalding Business College, Kansas 
City. (Mo.); Kalamazoo College (Mich.); 
University of Calif. 
Degrees: A. B., U. of Calif., 1916. 
Married: Aileen, d. of John S. Hand at Oak- 
land, 1913; ch.: Frances Aileen, John Evan, 
Richard Emmett (first wife); Esther H., d. 
of Lewis J. Perry, at Berkeley, 1929 (second 
wife) . 

Prof. Record: Office Position, 1907-10; Instr., 
Business Schls., 1910-11; Instr., Idaho State 
Technical Inst., 1911-12; Instr., U. of Calif., 
Coll. of Com., 1913-20; Instr., Oakland Sch. 
System. 1913-20; Founded Armstrong Coll., 
1918, Pres. and Managing Dir., 1918-41. 
Mejnberships: Commonwealth of San Fran- 
cisco, Rotary. 

Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: (3olf, garden, wood-working. 

Bus. Address: 2222 Harold Way, Berkeley, 

Home Address: 5922 Acacia Ave., Oakland, 



Armstrong Nurseries. 

Born: Sheffield, Ontario (Can.); s. of Eliza 

(Bell) and Joseph Armstrong. 

Education: Ontario (Can.). 

Married: Charlotte A., d. of Wm. Cooper, 

at Clinton, Ontario (Can.)., Sept., 1896; 

ch.: John A., Olive Armstrong Freeman. 

Bus. Record: Established the Armstrong 

Nurseries at Ontario (Calif.), 1890. 

Directorships: Dir., San Antonio Water Co.; 

Dir., San Antonio Community Hosp. ; Pres., 

Ontario Cemetery Assn. 

Memberships: Ontario Rotary Club, Masons 

(membership in Al Malaikah Shrine). 

Religion: Methodist Episcopal. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Golf. 

Bus. Address: 408 No. Euclid Ave., Ontario, 

Home Address: 1429 Euclid Ave., Ontario, 

ARMSTRONG. Paul Stuart. B.S. 

General Manager, Calif. Fruit Growers 
Exch., Los Angeles (Calif.). 
Born: Worcester (Mass.), May 8, 1892; s. of 
Blanche C. (Nott) and Harry C. Armstrong. 
Education: Michigan State College. 
Degrees: B.S., Mich. State, 1915. 

Married: Lucille E., d. of Carrie and Nathan 
E. Sherwood, at Detroit, Aug. 21, 1916; ch.: 

Bus. Record: Employed by California Fruit 
Growers Exch. since graduation, in various 
capacities, now Gen. Mgr. 

Directorships: Trustee of Los Angeles Or- 
thopaedic Hosp.; Trustee of Pomona Coll.; 
Director of All- Year Club of So. Calif. 

Memberships: Univ. and Wilshire Country 

Clubs; Alpha Zeta. 

Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Golf and outdoor sports. 

Bits. Address: 707 W. Fifth St., Los Angeles, 


Home Address: 855 So. Cloverdale Ave., Los 

Angeles, Calif. 

ARNDT. Stanley M.. B.S., J.D. 


Born: Stockton (Calif.), Jan. 27, 1894; s. of 
Rose (Louis) and Michael S. Arndt. 
Education: University of Calif., Berkeley; 
U. of Calif. Law School, Berkeley. 
Married: Helen, d. of Ira A. Wood, at River- 
side (Calif.), Feb. 2, 1926; ch.: Jeannette 
and Michael. 

Prof. Record: Admitted to Calif. Bar, 1919; 
New York Bar, 1929. 

Directorships: Director of San Marino Boy 
Scouts Council, and San Marino Community 
Council (Community Chest). 
Publications: Various legal articles in Calif. 
Law Review; Author of Thinking Allowed 
column (San Marino Tribune). 
Army Record: Served in World War I, May, 
1917, to Jan., 1919; discharged as 1st. Lt., 

Memberships: San Marino Citv Club, Oneonta 
Club (So. Pasadena), San Marino Post 239. 
Am. Legion, (Past Commander, Karl Ross 
Post of Stockton). 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreation: Fishing. 

Bus. Address: 1109 Rowan Bldg., 458 So. 
Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 2125 Adair St., San Marino, 

ARNN. Charles Edward. A.B. 

Vice-President, The News. 

Born: Jackson (Tenn.), April 1, 1897; s. of 

Lelia Virginia (Keiser) and James Walter 


Education: Northwestern and Stanford Uni- 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford, 1921. 
Married: Paulyne Guthrie, d. of Nellie H. 
and Stanford S. McKinley, Los Angeles 
(Calif.), Dec. 31, 1920; ch.: Sally Nell, 12; 
Sue Carolyn, 8. 

Bus. Record: Adv. Mgr., Crescent Creamery 
Co.; Sales Mgr., Forest Lawn Memorial 
Park; Adv. Mgr., Bullock's; Sales Promo- 
tion Mgr., Desmond's. 

Directorships: Vice-Pres.-Dir., Stockholders 
Publishing Co. (publishers of The Neioa) ; 
Treas., Haynes Corp ; Vice-Pros.. Sales 
Mgrs. Assn. 

Navy Service: Served in U. S. Navy Medical 
Corps, World War I, 1917. 
Memberships: Lambda Chi Alpha (Past Pres., 
So. Calif. Alumni Assn.), Alpha Delta Sigma, 
Kiwanis (Past Pres.); Advertising Club (Past 
Pres.), F. & A. M., R. A. M. (Past High 
Priest), Jonathan Club, Calif. Country Club. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: (3olf and motoring. 
Bus. Address: The News. 1257 So. Los An- 
geles St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 2738 Forrester Dr., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 



ARNOLD. Medford R., LL.B. 

Instructor, I.asson Union High School. 
Bom; Susnnvlllc (Calif.), Jan. 25, 1885; s. 
of Sii.san K. (Roopt and Ale.xander T. Arnold. 

Eduration: Lassen Union Illfih School; Uni- 
versity of So. Calif. 
Degree: LL.B., 1910, U. of So. Calif. 
Married: Zella M.. d. of John B. Spalding, 
at Susanville (Calif. >, June 4. 1911; ch.: two 
sons, one daujjhter. 

Prof. Record: Managed father's ranch and 
dairy after graduation in 1910, for several 
years; practiced law; served as City Re- 
corder, and later V. S. Commissioner, 1915; 
resigned as Justice of the Peace, and ac- 
cepted position as Dir. of Phys. Ed. and 
Coach of Lassen Union High Schl., 1922; 
t .'o years ago became Teacher in Com- 
mercial Dept. 

Directomhips: Member, Lassen County Pro- 
bation Comm.; Dir.. Lassen Co. Fish and 
Game Conservation League. 
Memberships: Masonic Lodge, Susanville 
Men's Club. 
Religion : Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Fishing and hunting, coaching 
of athletic teams (especially among small 
boys) . 

Bus. Address: Lassen Union High School and 
Junior College. 

Home Address: 922 Pine St.. Susanville. 

ARTHUR, Charles Walter, Ph.B. 

City Bacteriologist and Associate Health Of- 
ficer, Health Dept. 

Born: Manchester (N. H.), Jan. 11, 1897; s. 
of Charlotte (McCoy) and John T. Arthur. 
Education: Brown University; Yale Army 
Medical School. 

Degree: Ph.B., Brown U., 1918. 
Married: Imogene, d. of Daniel M. McQues- 
ten. at Manchester (N. H.), Sept. 22, 1919; 
ch.: Jean Ma\-\vell and Elizabeth E. 
Prof. Record: Central Medical Laboratory, 
A. E. F. ; Base Laboratory No. 6, A. E. F., 
1918; Instr.. U. of Mo., Dept. Preventive 
Medicine, 1919; Citv Bacteriologist, Pasadena 
(Calif.), 1920; Asso. Health Off.. Pasadena 
(Calif.), 1929; on staff at medical school,, 
U. of So. Calff. and Schl. of Nursing. Hunt- 
ington Memorial Hosp. ; Pres., Pasadena 
Municipal Employees' Assn., 1938-39; Pres., 
Pasadena Civitan Club, 1939: Lieut. CJov- 
ernor, Civitan International (Calif.), 1940. 
Army Service: Served in U. S. Army, 1918-19. 
Memberships: Amer. Soc. of Bacteriologists, 
Amer. Public Health Asso., Amer. Asso. Adv. 
of Sci., Delta Tau Delta, Civitan Club. 
Religion: Member Congregational Church. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Golf and hiking. 
Bus. Address: Health Department, City Hall, 
Pasadena, Calif. 

Home Address: 800 Montrose Ave.. So. Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

ARTHUR III, Chester Alan. 

(Galvin Arthur, pen name) Journalist and 
Political Worker. Assistant Secretary, Dem- 
ocratic State Central Committee. 
Born; Colorado Springs (Colo.), March 21, 

1901 ; 8. of Myra Townsend (FIthlan) and 
Chester Alan Arthur H. 

Education: Santa Barbara School for Boys; 
Columbia Univ., (.T yrs.); courses In Trinity 
College (Dublin,, Ireland i. 
Married: Esther, d. of Anna (Rehan) and 
Patrick Francis Murphy In New York. April 
21, 1935. 

Prof. Record: Free-lance Journalist and 
Foreign Correspondent (Europe i; Editor of 
Dune Forum, Oceano, (Calif.). 19.34-.35; Sec- 
retary of Utopian Society (, 1935. Del- 
egate from San Luis Obispo Co.. Dem. State 
Convention, 1940. 

Memberships. Delta Phi (Delta Chapter). 
P. E. N.. Arroyo Grande Lodge of F. & 
A. M. 

Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, swimming and 

Bus. Address: 707 So. Broadway, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 
Home Address: Hill House, Oceano, Calif. 

ARVEY, Verna. 

Pianist, Journalist. 

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Feb. 16, 1910; 
d. of Bessie (TarkovskjO and David Arvey. 
Education: Manual Arts High School (Los 

Married: William Grant Still (noted Amer. 
composer), s. of Carrie (Fambro) and Wil- 
liam Grant Still; ch.: Duncan Allan. 
Prof. Record: Piano soloist with L. A. Phil- 
harmonic orchestra, under Dr. Otto Klem- 
perer, and with Ra.\Tnond Paige's orches- 
tra over CBS: has also appeared in solo 
piano concerts in the U. S. and various 
parts of Latin Amer. ; Staff Writer, Etude 
Jlusic Magazine: has contributed to other 
music and dance publications and to the 
music section of the N. Y. Times; Author 
of a booklet on the life and work of Wil- 
liam Grant Still (J. Fischer and Bro.. N. Y.), 
and of Choreographic Music: Music for the 
Dance, published by E. F. Dutton in New 
York in 1941; Contributor to the Chesterian, 
a musical magazine published in London 
Address: Los Angeles. Calif. 

ASHE, Elizabeth Haywood. 

Social Worker (retired). 

Born: Stockton (Calif.), 1869, d. of Caroline 
(LoyalD and Richard Porter Ashe, M.D. 
Education: Private schools. 
Prof. Record: Has been engaged in social 
work since 1890; grad., Presbyterian Hos- 
pital, Nursing School (N. Y. O; one of the 
founders of a social settlement, the Tele- 
graph Hill Neighborhood Assn — it expanded 
to include a health center, the first one of 
its kind on the Pacific coast: through vol- 
unteering nursing services to schools of San 
Francisco, initiated the emplo\Tnent of the 
first public health nurses on coast, 1904; 
organized first convalescent home for children 
on Pacific coast, Bothin Convalescent Home 
(Manor, Calif.), 1905. 

Dierctorships : Community (Thest of San 
Francisco; Garden Nursing Home: Bothin 
Convalescent Home: Telegraph Hill Neigh- 
borhood Assn. ; San Francisco Nursing Assn. 
Publications: Intimate Letters from France 
Memberships: Pac. Coast Nurses Assn. (hon. 



mem.); Visiting Nurses Assn.; Town and 
Country Club (which she organized In 1892) ; 
San Francisco Center and League of Women 
Voters; Women's City Club. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Bits. Address: 1736 Stockton St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 3215 Sacramento St., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

ASHLEY. Chester Carlisle. 

Insurance Broker. 

Born: Rochester (N. Y.), Jan. 10, 1868; s. 
of Anna Elizabeth (Hall) and Roscoe Boyd 

Education: Rochester High School (N.Y.). 
Married: Grace Elizabeth, d. of Sara (Sands) 
and Henry Clay Bosley, at Pasadena (Calif.), 
March 12, 1895; ch. : Kathryn Ashley Kuy- 
kendall, Marian Ashley Oakley and Roscoe 

Bus. Record: Manager, Overman Wheel Co., 
Acountant, Times Miror Co. ; Credit Man, 
A. H. Busch Co.; Accountant, Blow Grover 
Co., Calif. Hospital, and Interstate Oil Co.; 
Chief Deputy Controller (Los Angeles), 18 
years; now. Insurance Broker; has been 
Officer or Director of the following corpo- 
rations: Calif. Commercial Co. (Secy), W. 
H. Bosley Co. (V.-P.), W. G. Hutchinton 
Co. (V.-P.), Calif. Agencies Co. (Secy.) 
Memberships: Los Angeles Chamber of Com- 
merce (committees); CJolden State Lodge; 
F. & A. M. No. 358; Jinnistan Grotto No. 76. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Fishing. 

Bus. Address: 302 Security Bldg., Los Ange- 
les, Calif. 

Home Address: 1142 W. Adams Blvd., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

ASHLEY, Grace Bosley. 

Civic Worker. 

Born: Tltusville (Pa.), Dec. 27, 1874; d. of 
Sara (Sands) and Henry Clay Bosley. 
Education: High School, Fort Scott (Kan.), 
Collegiate Inst. (Kan.), Calif State Normal 
School (Los Angeles). 

Married: Chester Carlisle Ashley, s. of Anna 
(Hall) and Roscoe Bovd Ashley, at Pasa- 
dena (Calif.), March 12, 1895; ch.; Kathryn 
Ashley Kuykendal, Marian Ashley Oakley 
and Roscoe Bosley. 

Prof. Record: Vice-Pres. of Los Angeles City 
Council of Defense, participated in Liberty 
Bond Drives and Red Cross compaigns; 
Chmn., Nat'l Y. W. C. A., 1917-18; war 
work drives for So. Calif and Arizona; Dir. 
for Women in United War Work drive, 
1919; Chmn., Com. of Ten Thousand, 1920; 
Colonel of Div. 1, Com. Chest Campaign, 
1924-29; Chmn., Building Comm. for the 
Hotel Figueroa (financed by $950,000 bond 
issue, 1925-26) ; Mem., Campaign Cabinet 
of Chest, 1930-38; Dir., Women's Law Ob- 
servance Assn., 1931-34; Mem., Speakers 
Bureau in Political Campaigns or Fund 
Raising Campaigns of Red Cross and (Jhest. 
Memberships: Ebell Club of Los Angeles 
(Pres.. 1916-18, Dir. and Chmn. of Finance, 
1931-33) ; Y. W. C. A. of Los Angeles (Pres., 
1923-29) ; Nat'l Y. W. C. A. (1st V.-P., 1924- 
26) ; Amer. Red Cross (Los Angeles Chapt. 
Dir.; Dir. Community Welfare Assn., League 
Women Voters, etc. 

Religion: Prebsyterlan. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Concerts, pictures, motion pic- 
tures, travel, boats and fishing. 
Home Address: 1142 W. Adams Blvd., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

ASHLEY, Roscoe Lewis, A.B., M.A. 
Historian, Economist. 

Born: Rochester (N. Y.), June 22, 1872; s. 
of Anna M. (Hall) and Roscoe B. Ashley. 
Education: Rochester (N. Y.). 
Degrees: A.B., 1894; M.A., 1898. 
Married: Mabel Lucy, d. of Annie and Jo- 
seph Page,, at Claremont (Calif.)., Aug. 17, 

Prof. Record: Teacher of Civics, History, etc., 
Pasadena High Sch., 1898; Head, Dept. of 
History and Economics (same), 1905-14; 
Head, Dept. of Social Science (same), 1914- 
24; Chmn., Dept. of Social Science, Pasa. 
Coll., 1924-39. 

Publications: The American Federal State, 
1902; Modern European Civilization, 1918; 
Contemporary Civilization, 1935; Principles 
and Policies of American Government, 1941. 
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Twilight 
(Pasadena), American Political Science Assn. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Recreatoins: Photography. 
Bus. Address: Pasadena Junior College, 
Pasadena, Calif. 

Home Address: 685 Prospect Crescent, Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 


Lecturer-Writer-Artist (contemporary Indian 
life and problems). 
Born: Old Indian Territory (Okla.). 
Education: Private and public schools, and 
Oklahoma College for Women. 
Degrees: A.B., U. of Redlands (Calif.).; 
M.A., Columbia U. (N.Y.); Scholarship from 
International Institute; Research Fellowship, 
Rockefeller Foundation. 

Prof. Record: Won international recognition 
as in interpreter of the art, music and phi- 
losophy of the American Indian. Before au- 
diences in concert halls, clubs, museums and 
educational institutions, she has created a 
deeper understanding of the spiritual and 
esthetic values in the Indians' contribution 
to American civilization. Through serious 
study and effort she has been an influential 
factor in conserving some of the fine tradi- 
tions of the Indian. As a part of her pio- 
neering work in this field, she has been 
interested in restoring to tribal centers, rare 
examples of ancient and modern Indian art 
through the media of museums and traveling 
exhibits. An outstanding memorial to her 
artistic ability and vision is the unique art 
lodge on the campus of Bacone Coll. (Okla.), 
where she founded the Department of Indian 
Art. She not only planned the details of the 
interior and exterior of this lodge, but was 
responsible for securing the funds to build 
and endow it. In her program of Indian lore, 
Ataloa uses only authentic music and leg- 
ends. A variation of speech, song and dance 
are artistically combined. Adding to the in- 
terest and charm of her entertainment are 
the distinctive costumes of many tribes; 
these are exquisitely fahsioned in traditional 
design. She often explains the intricate proc- 
esses used in making these ceremonial gar- 
ments. Has been honored in being selected 



to represent Indians at Intornallonfil Confer- 
ences and on forum pall forms. 
Bus. Address: 306 MornlnRslde Dr., New 
York, N. Y. 

Home Address: 325 Cajon St., Uedlands, 

ATHERTON. Gertrude Franklin. LL.D., 

Born: San B'rancisco (Calif.), d. of Gertrude 
(Franklin) and Tiiomas Ludovick Horn. 
Education: Various private schools. 
Degrees: Litt.D.. Mills College, 1935; LL.D., 
U. of Calif., 1937. 

Married: George Henry Bowen, s. of Faxon 
Deane Atherton, San Jose, Call.; ch.: Muriel 
At.ierton Russel. 

Prof. Record: Dr. Atherton was awarded 
the title "Dean of California's Distinguish- 
ed Wo7nen" at a luncheon given on Treas- 
ure Island just before the close of the Ex- 
position. Votes were cast in every com- 
munity of California, Dr. Atherton received 
ing more than all the remaining twelve nam- 
es appearing on the ballot combined. Has 
ganied world-wide fame for her numerous 
novels and other books. She is a member 
of San Francisco Art Commission and for- 
merly served on Board of Dir. oC the Public 

Publications: Fiction (California): Rezanov; 
The Doomswoman; The Splendid Idle For- 
ties (1800-1846) ; A Daughter of the Vine 
(The Sixties); Transplanted (The Eighties); 
The Californians (companion vol. to Trans- 
planted) ; A Whirl Asunder (The Nineties) ; 
Ancestors (Present); The Valiant Runaways: 
A Book for Boys (1940) ; Sisters-in-Law; 
Sleeping Fires (The Sixties) ; The Avalanche. 
Fiction (varied): The Foghorn; The White 
Morning; Mrs. Balfame; Perch of the Devil; 
Tower of Ivory; Julia France and Her Tim- 
es; Rulers of Kings; The Traveling Thirds; 
The Gorgeous Isle; Senator North; Patience 
Sparhawk and Her Times; The Aristocrats; 
Bell in the Fog; Black Oxen; Crystal Cup; 
Immortal Marriage; The Jealous Gods; Dido; 
Queen of Hearts; The Sophisticates; Golden 
Peacock. Adventures of a Novelist; (auto- 
biography) ; The Living Present, (war) ; The 
Conqueror ; A Few of Hamilton's Letters; 
California: An Intimate History (all histori- 
cal); Can Women Be Gentlemen? (ess.ays) ; 
The House of Lee. 

Awards: Three from France, including the 
Legion of Honor, 1929. 

Mem.berships : Century, Calif, and Quota 
Clubs; S. F. Women's Chamber of Com- 
merce; League of Western Writers; Amer. 
Classical League; Career Women; Theta 
Sigma Phi; Calif. Writers Club. 

Politics: Formerly Democrat — now Republi- 

Home Address: 2280 Green St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

ATKINSON. Agnes Akin (Mrs. Spencer 


Born: Mt. Pleasant (Wayne Co., (Georgia), 
July 10.1887; d. of Jane (Brown) and Lawr- 
ence Randal Akin. 

Education: Wesleyan Coll. for Women (Ma- 
con, Ga.), and pvt. tutorage. 

Married: Spencer Roane, s. of Dr. Dean 
Dunwoody Atkinson, at Brunswick, (Ga.), 
Apr. 28, 1908; ch.: Ruth Virginia (Mrs. 

Trenmore C. Garstonc) and Anne Catherine 
(Mrs. Robert Roy Hoffman, Jr.). 
Prof. Record: Since 1931 has taken two 
yrs. extension course In .Story Writing, fol- 
lowed by pvt. courses under different teach- 
ers In the Art of Story Writing; extensive 
work in research on small wild animals. 
Publications. Blinky, Skinny the Grey Fox 
(a Literary Jr. Guild Book) In Braille by 
Library of Congress and American Red 
Cross) ; Perkey (The Viking Press) ; Crook- 
tail (Harper and Bros.); Stories and articles 
for National Geographic, Illustrated London 
News, Story Parade Nature Magazine, 
Christian Science Monitor, etc. 
Memberships: Calif. Writer's Guild, San 
Marino Woman's Club, Joseph Habersham 
Chapter, D. A. R. 
Religion: Episcopalian. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Badminton, gardening, the 
feeding and studying of wild animals and 
birds, as well as writing about them. 
Home Address: 2600 No. Foothill Blvd., Al- 
tadena, Calif. 

ATKINSON. Charles Edwin, M.D. 


Medical Director, Southern Sierras Sana- 

Born: Fruitland Park (Florida), Dec. 31, 
1884, s. of Emma Elizabeth (Thompson) 
and Edwin Linnaeus Atkinson. 
Education: Graduate, Pasadena (Calif.) 
High Sch., 1903. 

Degrees: M. D., U. of So. Calif., 1907. 
Married: Catherine Farrell, d. of Eliza- 
beth and Edward Miller, Pasadena (Calif.), 
May 1, 1928. 

Prof. Record: Resident Physician, Los An- 
geles Gen. Hosp., 1907-08: Attending Physi- 
cian and Instr. Medical Clinic, Graves Dis- 
pensary, Los Angeles, 1908-12; Member of 
Medical Staff, Pattenger Sanatorium for 
Diseases of Throat and Lungs, Monrovia 
(Calif.), 1913-15; Consultant. Henderson 
Sanatorium, Banning (Calif.). 1919-26; Con- 
sultant, Tuberculosis Dept., Riverside Coun- 
ty Hosp., 1930-34; Medical Dir., So. Sierras 
Sanatorium for Chest Diseases, Banning 
(Calif.), 1926 — . Medical Examiner for U. 
S. Veterans Facility, Banning (Calif.). 
Publications: Lessons on Tuberculosis, (book 
pub. by Funk & Wagnall's Co.), 1922. Con- 
tributor of scientific articles to medical per- 

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Medical Assn.; 
Fellow, Calif, and Riverside County Med. 
Societies; Fellow, Amer. College of Chest 
Physicians; National Tuberculosis Assn.; 
Trudeau Society. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 185 W. Ramsey St., Banning. 

Home Address: 325 E. Theodore St., Ban- 
ning, Calif. 

ATKINSON, Frank Freeman. 


Born: South Atkinson (Maine), Feb. 1, 1874; 
s. of May (Freeman) and Fremk Eugene 

Education: Public schls. of Mass.; legal edu- 
cation in office of Hiram W. Johnson, (now 
U. S. Senator), Sacramento (Calif.). 
Married: May Florence, d. of (George Head, 
Napa (Calif.), June 15, 1905. 



Prof. Record: Arrived in Sacramento (Cal- 
if. 1. Oct. 11, 1893: admitted before the 
Supreme Court of Calif, in June, 1901; Clerk, 
State Bd. of Education, 1901-07; Deputy 
Dist. Attv., Sacramento County, 1907-09; 
Asst. Dist. Atty., Sacramento County, 
1909-15. Has had his own practice in Sacra- 
mento since 1915. Mem., Park Bd. of 
the Citv of Sacramento. 1913-18; Pres., Bd. 
of Trustees, Preston Sch. of Industry, Feb. 
13, 1919 to Jan. 14, 1921; Vice-Pres., Bd. 
of Trustees, V'eterans' Home of Calif., 1925- 
33, Dir. of same, 19,36-39; Judge Advocate, 
Dept. of Calif.. United Spanish War Veter- 
ans, 1927-28; Chairman, Sacramento Chap- 
ter, Amer. Red Cross, 1932-37. 
Army Service: Enlisted May 7. 1898 in Calif. 
Heavy Artillery, U. S. V., discharged Sept., 
1899; Sergeant, Battery D, First Calif. Heavy 
Artillery, U. S. V. (serving in the Philip- 
pine Islands'). 

Clubs: Mem., Sacramento Lodge F. & A. M.. 
No. 40. Sacramento, Calif. ; Scottish Rite 
Bodies of Sacramento 33° (Honorary) ; Po- 
tentate — Ben Ali Temple A. A. O. N. M. S., 
1926; Mem., I. O. O. F. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 407 Mitau Bldg., Sacramento, 

Home Address: 1525 39th St., Sacramento, 


Engineer, Contractor. 

Born: Kokomo (Ind.), Aug. 28, 1894; s. of 
Marie (Marks) and Lynn S. Atkinson, Sr. 
Education: L. A. Poly High Sch.; New Mex. 
Military Institute.. 

Married: Bernice Elizabeth, d. of Benja- 
min H. Stephens Dallas, (Tex.), at Los An- 
geles (Calif.), May 9, 1916; ch.: Doris Ma- 
rie and Jeane Bernice. 

Bus. Record: Entered construction business 
as individual contractor in 1916, commenc- 
ing with small work and later completing 
larger projects, including Coolidge Dam (Ar- 
iz.), and the .$7,000,000 Pardee Dam North- 
ern Calif.); during this period projects to- 
taling over $20,000,000 in value were com- 
pleted, including the Macy Street Bridge, 
Broadway Tunnel, Sacatella Storm Drain, 
and the Metropolitan outfall sewer in L. A. 
Directorships: Dir., L. A. Chamber of Com- 
merce and Associated General Contractors of 

Memberships: Clubs: California, Calif. Yacht, 
Bel Air Country, and University (L. A.). 
Recreations: Gardening and badminton. 
Bus. Address: 609 So. Grand Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 324 Muirfield Rd., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

ATKINSON. Professor Spencer Roane, 

D.D.S., M.D.Sc, F.I.C.D., F.A.C.D. 
Professor of Orthodontics and Director Gra- 
duate Orthodontics, Univ. of So. Calif. 
Born: Camden County ((Seorgia), Sept. 2, 
1886; s. of Sarah (Scarlett) and Dr. Dean 
Dunwody Atkinson. 

Education: Marist College, (Georgia School of 
Technology, So. Dental College, Angle School 
of Orthodontia. 

Degrees: D.D.S., 1917; M.D.Sc, 1936. 
Married: Agnes, d. of L. R. Akin, Bruns- 
wick (Ga.), April, 1908; ch.: Mrs. Trenmore 

Garstone (Ruth Virginia) ; Mrs. Robert 
Hoffman, Jr. (Ann). 

Prof. Record: Prof. Orthodontics and Direc- 
tor Graduate Orthodontics, College of Den- 
tistry. U. of So. Calif.; Trustee, College of 
Dentistry, U. of So. Calif.; Visiting Prof. 
Orthodontics, College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, San Francisco (Calif.); Visiting Prof., 
National U. of Mexico, Mexico City (Mexico). 
Publications: Various professional papers re- 
lated to Orthodontics. 

Memberships: University Club (Los Angeles); 
University Club (Pasadena) ; Kiwanis (Pasa- 
dena) ; Sigma Xi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Psi 
Omega; Omicron Kappa Upsilon. 
Religion: Episcopal. 

Recreations: Nature Photography (Photos 
in National Geographic, Nature Magazine, 
Illustrated London News, etc.). Illustrations 
in books written by Agnes Akin Atkinson. 
Bus. Address: Professional Bldg., Pasadena, 

Home Address: 2600 No. Foothill Blvd., Alta- 
dena, Calif. 

ATWOOD, Anne Margaret, A.B. 
Portrait Photographer. 

Born: Imperial Valley (Calif.), Feb. 12. 
1913; d. of Ann (Jones) and Dr. Howard 
C. At wood. 

Education: Univ. of Redlands. 
Degrees: A.B., U. of Redlands, 1934. 
Publications: Being Made of Earth (San Pas- 
qual Press) 1940 (a volume of poems). 
Religion: Baptist. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Shooting travel pictures. 
Bus. Address: 3842 Seventh St., Riverside, 

Home Address: 4586 Lime St., Riverside, 

ATWOOD, Robert Cavan O'Cathal, 

A.B., Litt.B. 

Literary Critic, Writer, Lecturer. 
Born: Worcester (Mass.), Aug. 12, 1901; s. 
of Laura O'Cathal (Jourdon) and George 
Hewitt Atwood. 

Education: Boston Pub. Schls.; Christian 
Brothers (Prep.) Royal Coll.; Nat'l Univ. 
of Ireland; Special Research Student, Liter- 
ature, Cambridge; London Conservatory So- 
cial Sciences. 

Degrees: A.B., 1921, Litt.B., 1923. 
Married: Marie Ann, d. of Major Edward 
and Margaret Charles, (Deerpark, Balting- 
lass, Co., Wicklow, Ireland), New York City, 
Jan. 7, 1926. 

Prof. Record: Former Editor, A.N.S.A. 
Foreign News Agency; Literary Critic, Au- 
thor, Literary Vignettes (Synd. Col.) Under 
the News, (Editorial Column). Contributor 
to magazines. Co-Editor, late Amer. Au- 
thor's Edition Frank Harris' Contemporary 
Portraits. Special Correspondent, World 
Conference Narcotic Education, Geneva; 
Correspondent, I,atin-America Syndicate. Lec- 
ture, The Man Shakespeare. 
Clubs: Chaucer Head, Scriveners, Founder, 
Societas Humanus. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Non-Partisan. 
Rcreations: Archery, single sculls. 
Bus. and Home Address: 2200 Minoru Dr., 
Altadena, Calif. 



AUBERT, Roger Stephan. 

roncorl Pianist nnd Teacher. 

Honi: (Jenevii (Switzerland), Dec. 14, 191.3; 

.s. of Anna (Hadji-Thomovva) and Arthur 

E. Aubert. 

Education: Ecole Suporleure de Commerce 

( Geneva 1 : Conservatory for Music (CJeneva); 

National Conservatory of Music, Paris 


Married: Rosemary Phllllpse, d. of Theodore 
N. Stack, Los Angeles, June 4, 1938. 
Prof. Record: Concertlzing In Europe and 
II. S. A. since 19.39: Soloist with various 
European orchestras, the New York Philhar- 
monic Orchestra and National Philharmonic. 
Awards: First Prize, Geneva Conservatory, 
19a3; First Prize, Paris National Conserva- 
toiy, 1935. 

Religion: Russian Orthodox. 
Recreations: Sailing, skiing, badminton, 

Bus. and Home Address: 4870 Avoca St., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Other Addresses: c|o Bernard R. Laberge, 
Inc., 2 W. 46th St., New York, N. Y. • 

AULT. Dean J(esse) W(illiam). B.S., 
B.Pg., M.A. 
Dean and Professor of Education, San Diego 
State College. 

Born: Minford (Ohio), May 14, 1880; s. of 
Sevilla Agnes and Jolin Ault. 
Education: Public Schools of Ohio: Miami 
Univ. ; Valparaiso Univ. ; State Univ. of 
Iowa; Univ. of South Dakota; Univ. of So. 
Calif.; Claremont Colleges. 
Degrees: B.S.. B.Pg., 1910, Valparaiso U. : 
M.A., U. of So. Dak., 1925. 
Married: Marie A., d. of Edward Johnson, 
Minn., Minn., 1912; ch.: Phoebe Dorothy, 
(Mrs. Leonard N. Messier) ; Richard B. 
Prof. Record: Rural and village schools of 
Ohio: Prin. and Supt. of Schools, (So. Dak.). 
1910-21: Prof, of Education, Springfield 
State Normal Schol, 1922-24; San Diego 
State Coll., 1925. 

Publications: Numerous articles on Teacher 
Education and Selection of Candidates for 
Teacher Education. 

Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa (Hon.Educ); 
Alpha Phi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi; F&A.M. 

Religion: Congregational. 

Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Golt. 

Bus. Address: San Diego State College, San 

Diego, Calif. 

Home Address: 4616 Van Dyke Ave., San 

Diego, Calif. 

AUSTIN, Alma Harriet. Ph.B. 

Instructor of the Deaf, Polytechnic High 
School, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Born: St. Thomas (Ontario, Canada), d. 
of Frances Amanda (Connell) and Dr. Ben- 
jamin Fish Austin, Minister, Author, Lec- 
turer and Publisher. 

Education: Parkdale Collegiate Inst. (Tor- 
onto, Canada) ; U. of Rochester (Rochester, 
N.Y.); U. of Calif. (Los Angeles). 
Degrees: Ph.B., 1908, U. of Rochester. 
Prof. Record: Instr. of the Deaf, Calif State 
School for the Deaf, Berkeley (Calif.); Instr., 
Western New York Inst, for the Deaf, Roch- 
ester (New York). Now Instr. of the Deaf, 

Polytechnic High School, Los Angeles fCal- 
If.i. During free time, indulges In. hobby 
of organizing nnd conducting tours of Europe 
and the Orient. 

Publications: The Romance of Candy (Harp- 
er Bros.), 1938, and magazine articles. 
Memberships: Alpha Sigma sorority; Sigma 
Lambda Phi; Women's University Club; 
Women's Press Club of So. Calif. 
Recreations: Travel. 

Bus. Address: Polytechnic High .School, I.os 
Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 706 So. Normandle, Los An- 
geels, Calif., and 4522 SI. Charles PI.. Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

AUSTIN, (Mrs.) Blanche Friend. 

Editor, Woman's Page, South Bay Dally 

Born: Creston (la.); d. of Joseph Friend. 
Education: Private Sch. for Girls, Burling- 
ton (la.). 

Married: Sammuel Goddard Austin, at Los 
Angeles (Calif.), May 15. 1905. 
Bus. Record: Mrs. Austin has been a news- 
paperwoman for 30 yrs., for both metro- 
politan and country papers: Editor and 
Founder, Federation News, the official pub- 
lication of Calif. Federation of Women's 
Clubs. Recently "The Quill and Scroll" 
(Natl. Journalistic Club of local high schs.). 
named the club "The Blanche Friend Austin 
C^hapter of Quill and Scroll" in honor of 
Mrs. Austin. 

Memberships: Southern Calif. Press, Wo- 
man's (Redondo and Hermosa Beach). 
Chapter H.Z.P.E.O., Bus. and Prof. Wom- 
en's Clubs. 

Bus. Address: South Bay Daily Breeze, 129 
So. Pacific, Redondo Beach, Calif. 
Home Address: 724 So. Catalina, Redondo 
Beach, Calif. * 

AUSTIN, Effie Adelaide Payne (Mrs. 
Will Lee Austin). 


Born: Kansas City (Mo.); d. of Carrie 
(Gillham) and Frank A. Payne. 
Education: Kansas City (Mo.). 
Married: Will Lee Austin, s. of L. B. Aus- 
tin, Los Angeles (Calif.), Aug. 17, 1922. 
Directorships: State Trustee, Calif. Fed. of 
Women's Clubs; Member of the Woman's 
Convention Comm. of the L. A. Cham, of 
Com. ; active for many years on the Wom- 
en's Aux. of the Cham, of Com. 
Memberships: Calif. Fed. of Women's Clubs 
(Past Pres. of L. A. Dist.); West Ebell 
Club (Past Pres.); Ilostess President's Club 
(Past Pres.); Euterpe Opera Reading Club; 
L. A. Distr. Bd. Alumnae; S. P. T. C. Club. 
Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Music, out-of-door life, flowers 
and pets of all kinds, especially dogs. 
Home Address: 616 W. 124th St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. * 

AUSTIN. Glenn B. 

Polo Player, Business man. 

Born: Bolivar (Mo.); s. of Mary and Green 

Berry Austin. 

Bus. Record: Has been an auto dealer in 

L. A. for 16 years; Polo Player, Uplifters 



Club, 10 years, played on team with the 
late Will Rogers for many years, carries 3 
goal handicap; at present, sole owner, Glenn 
B. Austin Motor Co. (Chrysler and Plymouth 
Dealership) . 

Memberships: Uplifters Club. 
Recreations: Polo. 

Bus. Address: 690 So. Western Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 213 No. Swall Dr., Bever- 
ley Hills, Calif. 

AUSTIN, Professor Herbert Douglas, 

A.B., A.M., Ph.D. 
Professor of Italian and French, Univ. of 
So. Calif. 

Boryi: Erie (Pa.), July 24, 1876; s. of Clara 
Ann (Mooney) and Frank Augustin Austin. 
Edxication: Princeton, (Page Fellow in clas- 
sics> ; graduate study, Univ. of Florence 
(Italy) and Johns Hopkins U. (Md.). 
Degrees: A.B., 1900, M.A., 1901, Princeton; 
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1911. 
Married: Gladvs May Hixson of Ypsilanti 
(Mich.), June 14, 1920. 

Prof. Record: Instr. in Latin and Italian, 
1901-02, Italian and French, 1903-06, Prince- 
ton; Italian and French, 1908-09, Amherst 
Coll.; Instr. in French, Johns Hopkins, 1910- 
11; Instr. in French and Italian, U. of Mich., 
1911-19; Asst. Prof., Romance Languages, 
1919-20; Assoc. Prof., Italian and French, 
U S C, 1920-23; Prof, since 1923; Acting 
Head, French Dept., 1920-21; Chmn., Italian 
Dept.; Prof., Italian, U. of Chicago, Sum- 
mer 1930; Spec. Lecturer, U. of Rome, Sum- 
mer, 1931; Research in Italy on Am. 
Council of Learned Socs. Grant, 1933-34; 
Editor, Italica, 1928-33. 
Awards: Gold Medal of Merit (Italy), 1938. 
Publications: Author of many articles, es- 
pecially on Dante, in American and foreign 

Member: Modern Language Assn.; Am. 
Philol. Assn.; Am. Assn. Univ. Profs.: Am. 
Assn. Teachers of Italian (Pres., 1933) ; 
Philol. Assn. of Pac. Coast (Pres., 1934) ; 
Dante Soc. America; Mediaeval Acad, of 
Amer.; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of So. Calif., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 1040 W. 78th St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

AUSTIN, Herbert Z. 

Judge, Superior Court, Fresno County. 
Born: DePeyster, (St. Lawrence Co., N. Y.), 
Jan. 15, 1864; s. of Laura Dotia (Thorn- 
ton) and Isaac Austin. 

Education: N. Y. public schls., Albany Law 

Married: Nan, d. of N. J. Blayney, Aug. 31, 

Prof. Record: Judge, Superior Court, Fres- 
no, Co., 1901-21; Trust Officer, Security 
First Natl. Bank of L. A., (Fresno), 1921- 
31; Judge, Superior Court, Fresno Co., 

Mem,ber ships: Masonic 33°. 
Religion: Protestant, Mem., Presbyterian 

Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Forests and Mountains. 
Bus. Address: Court House, Fresno, Calif. 
Home Address: 1708 L St., Fresno, Calif. 

AUSTIN, John Corneby Wilson, 

F.A.I.A, F.R.S.A. 

Born: Bodicote (Oxfordshire, England), 
Feb. 13, 1870; s. of Jane Elizabeth and 
Richard Wilson Austin. 

Education: Private schools, apprentice course 
in Architecture. 

Married: (1) Hilda Violet Mytton, Aug. 16, 
1902 (dec. Nov. 25, 1931); 8 children; mar- 
ried: (2) Dorothy Kathleen Bell, Feb. 5, 

Prof. Record: Practiced Architecture since 
1894 in Los Angeles: associated with Fred- 
eric M. Ashley, 1912-37; designed and super- 
vised construction. Shrine Auditorium, Los 
Angeles Cham, of Comm., Calif. State Bldg., 
St. Vincent's Hosp., Griffith Observatory, 
Saint Pauls Church (all in L. A.); one of 
three firms to design and supervise building 
of L. A. City Hall; Past. Chmn. of So. 
Calif, of Pres. Hoover's Orgn. for Unem- 
ployment Relief; Past Pres., State Bd. of 
Architectural Examiners and Past Mem., So. 
Dist.; Past Pres., L. A. Chamber of Comm.; 
Mem. Commn. of Seven apptd. to adjust 
claims resulting from failure of San Fran- 
cisquite Dam in 1928; Chmn., Citizens Com. 
of Met. Water Dist.; Mem., Pres. Roosevelt's 
Labor Mediation Bd. (L. A. Dist.); Chmn., 
Legislative Advisory Com. on Defense and 
Employment (State of Calif. 1940) ; Fellow 
Am. Institute Architects (Past Pres., S. C. 
Chapter) ; Fellow Royal Soc. Arts. 
Me7nberships: Am. Soc. C. E., Mason (32°), 
Al Malaikah Shrine; Calif., Jonathan (Past 
Pres.) and Lincoln Clubs. 
Home Address: 1121 Arden Rd., Pasadena, 
Calif. * 

AUSTIN, Samuel Goddard, A.B. 
Police Judge, Redondo Beach, Calif., and 
City Editor, Daily Breeze. 
Born: Presque Isle (Me.); s. of Julia M. 
(Goddard) and Rev. Dr. Franklin Dexter 

Education: Nashua (N. H.) High Schl.; 
Amherst Coll.; Cornell Law Sch.; Hastings 
Law Coll. (S. F.). 
Degrees: A.B., Amherst Coll., 1900. 
Married: Blanche, d. of Joseph Friend (Cres- 
ton, la.), at L. A. (Calif.), May 15, 1908. 
Bus. Record: Reporter on Worcester (Mass.) 
papers, L. A. newspapers (Times and Exam- 
iner), Santa Monica Outlook and Redondo 
Daily Breeze; Justice of Peace, Redondo 
Township, four years; City Judge and Po- 
lice Court Judge, ten years; combines city 
editorship with police court each afternoon 
except Sat. and Sun. 
Memberships: Elks and Delta U. 
Religion : Universalist-Protestant. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Boating, fishing, hiking and 

Bus. Address: Daily Breeze, Redondo Beach, 

Home Address: 724 S. Catalina Ave., Re- 
dondo Beach, Calif. * 

AVIN, Benjamin Herzl, A.B., M.A. 
Librarian, California State Library. 
Born: Minneapolis (Minn.), Jan. 10, 1913; s. 
of Chayah (Missulowin) and Elijah Avin. 
Education: Public Schools of Minneapolis 
and Los Angeles; Talmud Tor ah (Hebrew 



School) Minneapolis: Rrndunle study In His- 
tory, llnlv. of Calir. (Hi'ikolcy), 19.'!G-37. 
Degrees: A.n., 1<).T?, M.A., 1935, Univ. of 
Calif. (Los Angeles); Cert, in Llbrarlanshlp, 
Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1934. 
Married: Lillian, d. of Mr. and Mrs. II. 
Greenfield, Sacramento (Calif.). Jan. 5, 

Prof. Record: Cataloguer, Univ. of Calif. 
Library (Berkeley), Summer, 19.34 and Mar., 
1936, to May, 19,37: Asst., Vernon Brancli, 
Los Angeles" Public Library. Summer, 1937; 
Asst., Government Documents Section, Calif. 
State Library (Sacramento), Sept., 19,37—. 
Directorships: Assistant Rabbi, Temple B'- 
nai Israel (Sacramento). 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Gamma 
Ml , Calif. Library Assn., Amer. Library 
Ass'n., B'nai Brith. 
Religion: Jewish. 
Recreations: Chess. 

Business Address: California State Library, 
Sacramnto, Calif. 

Home Address: 1228 N St., Sacramento, 
Calif. • 

AVIN. Elijah. 

Librarian-Cataloguer, Los Angeles Public 

Born: Dunaburg (Dvinsk), Russia (now Lat- 
via), Oct. 5, 1879; s. of Deborah Khassiyah 
(Rivkin) and Isaac Avin. 
Education: Private Schools. 
Married: Chavah, d. of Abraham Isaac Mis- 
ulowin, at Stapleton (S. I., N. Y.), Aug. 23, 
1908; ch. : Benjamin Herzl. 
Bus. Record: Foreign Correspondent, R. Ma- 
zin and Co., Publishers (London, England), 
1902-1906: Principal, Talmud Torah Sch. 
(Minneapolis, Minn.), 1911-27; Librarian- 
Cataloguer, L. A. Public Library, 1928^. 
Publications: Idische Kinder, pub. by "Ez- 
ra", Berdichev (Russia), 1898; Bishevil Na'- 
alayim. pub by "Ozari," Bureau of Jewish 
Educ. N. Y.), 1919; has also written numer- 
ous articles in various magazines and periodi- 

Memberships: Calif. Lib. Assn. 
Religion: Jewish. 
Recreations : Reading. 

Bus. Address: 530 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 1307 Meadowbrook Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

AVER, J(ames) Warren. A.B., M.A. 
City Superintendent of Schools, Eureka. 
Born: Cincinnati (Ohio), Nov. 29, 1881; s. of 
Mattie Jane (Mathews) and William Warren 

Education: Ohio Public Schools, Otterbein 
Univ., Univ. of Cincinnati, Stanford Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., Otterbein, 1907; M.A., Stan- 
ford Univ., 1923. 

Married: Helen M., d. of Emma J. (Mal- 
lory) and Albert T. Nighman, Chicago, (III.), 
Oct. 19, 1909. ch.: Robert Warren, Mary 
Frances, William Emerson. 
Prof. Record: Teacher, Winona Academy 
(Winona Lake, Ind.), 1907: Lebanon Univ., 
(Ohio). 1908: Calif. State Teacher's College 
(Penn.), 1908-09; Cincinnati High Schools, 
1909-20; English Dept. Head, Phoenix 

(Ariz.). Sui)erlntendpnt of Schools, I-Xjs Ga- 
tos (Calif.), 1922-31; Superintendent of 
Schools, Monrovia (Calif.), 1931-.39; Super- 
intendent, Eureka City Schools, 19.39-. Has 
served as National Counselor, Los Gatos 
C. of C; Dlr., Klwanls Club (Calif.); Sec- 
ondary Principal's'n., .Southern Calif. 
Teachers' Credit Union; Past Lieut. Gover- 
nor, Klwanls International. 
Directorships: Trustee, Calif. Soc. Secon- 
dary Educ; Mem., Redv.ood Area Council 
B. S. A.; Dir., local Red Cross. 
Publications: Thesis, A Survey of the Loa 
Gatos Union High School District, 1923; Die 
Konjugation des Deuschen Zeitworts, 1909; 
English Exposition (Pamphlet), 1921; The 
Foothill School Review (adminLstratlve bul- 
letin— 5 issues), 1930-31; The Foothill School 
Bulletin (5 issues each year) 19.32-.39; Sever- 
al articles upon request for: The School 
Board Journal, The Nation's Schools, The 
Cailfornia Parent -Teacher, California Jour- 
nal of Secondary Education, etc., 1933-39. 
Memberships: National Education Assn., (life 
member) ; Am. Assn. of School Administra- 
tors; National Dept. of Secondary School 
Principals: Phi Delta Kappa, (Nat'l Educ. 
Frat.); Calif. Secondary School Prin. Assn.; 
Calif. Superintendents' Assn. ; National Ad- 
visory Council on School Building Problems; 
National Vocational Education Assn. ; Scot- 
tish Rite Mason; Kiwanis International. 
Religion: United Brethren. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Literary pursuits, camping, 
boating, touring. 

Business Address: 1915 J St., Eureka, Calif. 
Home Address: 1023 Huntoon St., Eureka, 
Calif. • 

AYLMER, Albert Leroy, A.B., LL.B. 
Lawyer, City Executive. 
Mayor of Compton, Calif. 
Born: Fargo (N. Dak.), March 29, 1885; s. 
of Amelia (Smith) and William Aylmer. 
Education: Public and private schls. (Balti- 
more, Md.), Univ. of Minn., Johns Hopkins 
Univ. (Post-Grad.), Univ. of No. Dak., Univ. 
of Md. 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Minn., 1908; LL.B., U. 
of No. Dak., 1912. 

Married: Cora, d. of Warren and Anna 
Linn, at Minneapolis (Minn.), Aug. 3, 1916; 
chi.: William Stanley. 

Prof. Record: Has practiced law in No. Dak. 
and Calif, since 1915. 
Memberships : Masons and Rotary Club. 
R eligion : Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 201 News Tribune Bldg., 
Compton, Calif. 

Home Address: 600 W. School St., Comp- 
ton, Calif. 

AYNESWORTH, George Levin. LL.B. 


Born: Graham (Young Co., Tex.^, Jan. 18, 

1881; s. of Sarah Ellen (Hickman) and 

CJeorge Levin Aynesworth. 

Education: Stanford Univ. 

Degrees: LL.B., Stanford U. 

Married: Fannie Diffenbaugh, d. of Anna 

(Diffenbaugh) and James Ross Hickman, at 



Fresno (Calif.). July 26, 1911; ch.: Anna 
Louise, Fannie Ruth and Robert H. 
Prof. Record: Began practice of law In Fres- 
no (Calif), Sept., 1907; later associated with 
J N Sprouse under firm name of Aynes- 
worth and Sprouse; with Sidney L. Strother 
(later Judge of Superior Court) under firm 
name of Strother and Aynesworth; at pres- 
ent in business for himself. 
Directorships: Former Pres. of: Fresno City 
Bd of Educ, Exchange Club and County 
Bar Assn. (Fresno); Calif. Sch. Trustees 
Assn • Bd. Trustees, First Presbyterian 
Church; Temporary Pres., Turstees, Yosemi- 
te National Park Church and Fresno County 
Stanford U. Club. 

Memberships: Fresno Exchange Club. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Jeffersonian Democrat. 
Recreations: GoU, hunting, and fishing. 
Bus. Address: Helm Bldg., Fresno, Calif. 
Home Address: 620 No. Broadway, Fresno, 

AYRES, Jr., Professor Samuel, A.B., 

Prof, of Dermatology and Syphllology, Coll. 

of Med. Evangelists and in Dental Sch., 

Univ. of So. Calif. 

Born: Kansas City (Mo.), Jan. 3, 1893; s. 

of Stella (Hobbs) and Samuel Ayres. 

Education : Univ. of Mo. ; Harvard Med. Sch. ; 

Interne and post-grad. Student, Mass. Gen. 

Hosp. (Boston). 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Mo., 1915; M.D., Har- 
vard Med. Sch., 1919. 

Married: Helen, d. of Jessie L. and George 

H. Lowry, in Kansas City (Mo.), 1917; Ch.: 

Samuel III and Jacqueline. 

Prof. Record: Physician, specializing in Der- 

matolog>' and Syphllology in Los Angeles 
(Calif.) since 1921; is Prof, of Dermatology 

and Svphilology, Coll. of Med. Evangelists, 

and also in Dental Sch., U. of So. Calif. 
Directorships: Trustee, Calif. Physicians' Ser- 

Publications: Chapter on Dermatology in 
Dietetics for the Clinician by Milton A. 
Brigdes: numerous articles in Archives of 
Dermatology and Syphilology, Journal of 
American Medical Association and California 
and Western Medicine. 

Army Service: Enlisted Med. Res. Corps, 

Memberships: Amer. Dermatological Assn., 
Amer. Acad, of Dermatology, Soc. of In- 
vestigative Dermatology. Amer. Med. Assn., 
Amer. Coll. of Physicians, Internat. Con- 
gress of Dermatology, Los Angeles Dermatol- 
ogy Soc, Los Angeles Breakfast Club, Phi 
Gamma Delta, Phi Rho Sigma. 
Religion: Unitarian. 

Politics: Democrat (Mem. L. A. Democratic 
Co. Central Com.). 
Recreations: Gardening. 

Bus. Address: 2007 Wilshire Blvd., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 4665 El Camino Corto, La 
Cafiada, Calif. 


BAADE, Walter, Ph.D. 


Mt. Wilson Observatory. 

Born: Schroettinghausen (Germany), March 
24, 1893. 

Education: Gymnasium Herford; University 
Muenster and C^ettingen. 
Degrees: Ph.D., Goettingen, 1919. 
Married: Johanna Bohlmann, Bergedorf, 

Prof. Record: Astronomer, Hamburger Stern- 
warte, 1919-31; Privatdocent, Univ. Ham- 
burg, 1928-31; Astronomer, Mt. Wilson Ob- 
servatory since 1931. 

Memberships : Athenaeum (Pasadena); 
Deutscher Club (Los Angeles). 
Religion: Lutheran. 

Bus. Address: Mt. Wilson Observatory, Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

Home Address: 2437 No. Foothill Blvd., Alta- 
dena, Calif. 

BABCOCK, David Thornton. A.B. 

Vice-President, Blyth & Company, Inc. 

Born: Rock Island, 111., Aug. 7, 1886; s. of 

Edith (Dimick) and Arnold Edgar Babcock. 

Education: Stanford Univ. and Univ. of 

Calif. (Berkeley). 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1911. 

Married: Hazel Elliott, d. of Mary Elliott 

Donoho, San Francisco (Calif.), Jan. 1, 1914; 

ch. : Maryedith Babcock Gair, Esther. 

Bus. Record: Smith Tevis, Hanford, Inc., 

1911-14; Blyth Witter & Co., 1915-30; Blyth 

& Co., Inc., 1930—. 

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Dir., Blyth & Co., 

Inc.; Dir., L. A. Investment Co.; Pres., 

Calif. Club; Pres., Town Hall, Inc. 

Memberships: Los Angeles Stock Exchange 

Club and Bel-Air Bay Club. 

Religion: Episcopal. 

Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Blyth & Co,. Inc., 215 W. 

Sixth St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 625 So. Kingsley Dr., Los 

Angeles, Calif. * 

BABCOCK, Professor Ernest Brown, 

B.S., M.S. 

Professor of Genetics, Univ. of Calif. 
Born: Edgerton (Wis.), July 10, 1877; s. of 
Mary Eliza (Brown) and Emilus W. Babcock. 
Education: Edgerton public schls.; Los An- 
geles Normal Sch., 1896-98; U. of Calif. 
(Berkeley), 1901-06. 

Degrees: B.S., 1906; M.S.. 1911, U. of Calif. 
Married: Georgia, d. of Cornelia and Zadok 
H. Bowen, Vancouver (Wash.), June 24, 

Prof. Record: Instr. in Biology, L. A. Normal 
Sch., 1906-07; Plant Path., U. of Calif., 
1907-08; Asst. Prof. Agr. Ed., 1909-12; Prof. 
Genetics. U. of Calif.. 1913—; Research 
Assoc, Carnegie Inst, of Wash.. 1925 — . 
Publications: Genetics in Relation to Agri- 
culture (with R. E. Clausen) 1st edit. 1918. 
2nd edit. 1927. The American Species of 
Crepis (with G. L. Stebbins, Jr.) 1938, and 
many aditional scientific papers on Genetics, 
Botany and Evolution. 

Army Service: Immediately following Armis- 
tice of World War I, served as Y.M.C.A. 
Secretary and in Army Educational Corps in 

Scientific Societies: A.A.A.S., (Fellow); 
Amer. Soc. Nat., (Vice-Pres., 1934) ; Western 



Soc. Nat., (Pres., 1927); Bot. Soc. Amcr.; 
Amor. Gi'iioUo A.s.soo. (llfo); Genetics Soc. 
Amer. ; Anier, KuKeiilcs Soc. ; Amcr. Soc. 
Plant Tax.; Torrey Hot. Club; Calif. Hot. 
Soc. (Pres., KMO); Calif. Acad. Scl. (Fel- 
low); Wash. Acad. Scl.; N. Y. Acad. Scl. 
Me7nbe7\ilnps : Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma XI, 
Alpha Zeta, I'hl Sigma and Faculty Club. 
Religion : Congregational. 
Politics: Independent. 
Recreation: Gardening. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley, 

Home Address: 980 Euclid Ave., Berkeley, 

BABCOCK, Otis Daniel. A.B., LL.B. 


D'itrlct Attorney, Sacramento County. 
Born: Superior (Neb.), June 23, 1890; s. of 
Dora Amelia and Jonas Washington DuBols 

Education: Highland Park College, Drake 

Degrees: A.B., Highland Park Coll., 1914; 
LL.B., Drake U., 1921. 

Married: Evelyn E., d. of James H. Reynolds, 
at Des Moines (Iowa), 1914; ch.: Marilyn 
Maxine, Joseph R. 

Prof. Record: Prin. Lincoln Lee Consoli- 
dated Sch., Buena Vista, (la.), 1914-16; 
Prin., Ware Consolidated Sch., Ware (la.), 
1916-18; Rancher, Calif., 1919-20; Instr., 
Sacramento High Sch., 1921-23; Instr. of 
Law, Sacramento Junior Coll., 1923-24; Chief 
Deputy District Attorney, Sacramento Co., 
1924-27; Law practice, 1927-35; District At- 
torney, Sacramento Co., 1935 (present term 
expires 1942). 

Army Service: 6 months, 1918-19, Officers' 
Training Camp, Louisville (Ky.). 
Memberships: Masons, American Legion, 
Sciots, Eagles, Elks. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Poll tics : Republican . 

Recraetions: Fishing, hunting, motoring, 

Bus. Address: 205 Court House, Sacramento, 

Home Address: Elks Club, Sacramento, 
Calif. • 

BABCOCK, Mrs. Perez (see BARTON, 

BABER, Professor Ray Erwin, A.B., 
M.A., Ph.D. 

Prof, of Sociology, Pomona College. 
Born: Lovewell (Kans.), May 28, 1891; s. 
of Ellen (Perkins) and Ellis Ransom Baber. 
Education: Public schools of Cawker City 
(Kans.), Campbell Coll., U. of Wisconsin. 
Degrees: A.B., Campbell Coll., 1913; M.A., 
1920, Ph.D., 1923, U. of Wis. 
Married: Elizabeth H., d. of Anna (Weak- 
ley) and William E. Gwatkin, Pinevilie 
(La)., Sept. 10, 1924; ch.: Virginia, 11 
years; Carol, 10 years. 

Prof. Record: Upon graduation from college 
taught two years high sch. Kans.), 1913-14; 
(la.), 1914-15; Instr. in Lingnan U., Canton 
(China), 1915-19; Asst. in Economics and 
Sociology, U. of Wis., 1920-23; Asst. Prof, 
of Sociology, U. of 111., 1923-25; Prof, of 
Sociology, Y. M. C. A. Graduate Sch. (Nash- 
ville), 1925-29; Assoc. Prof, of Sociology, 
N. Y. U., 1929-30; Prof, of Sociology, N. Y. 

U., 1930-39; Prof, of Sociology, Pomona Coll., 

Publications: Changes in the Size of Amer- 
ican. Families (with E. A. Ross), 1924. Mar- 
riage and the Family, pub. by McGraw-Hill 
Book Co., 1939; many articles In various 
sociological Journals and general magazines. 
Memberships: Alpha Kappa Lambda (nat. 
social frat.); Alpha Kappa Delta (nat. hon. 
sociological frat.); University Club and Amer. 
Sociological Soc, and Population Asso. of 

Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Fishing, tennis, home movies. 
Bus. Address: Pomona College, Claremont, 

Home Address: 911 Indian Hill Blvd., Clare- 
mont, Calif. 

BABINGTON. Suren H.. A.B., M.D., 

Physician and Surgeon 

Born: Erivan (Russia), July 2, 1894; s. of 
Rose (Ohanneson) and Harutune Babington. 
Education: Educated at Univ. of Calif. 
Degrees: A.B., 1922; M.D., 1926, U. of 
Calif.; Post-grad, summer courses In Gen. 
Surg, at U. of Calif. Hosp., 1930-31. 
Married: Mary, d. of Mary (Hoops) and 
Frederic Dieckmann, Piedmont (Calif.); ch.: 
Suren Frederic and Mary Lee. 
Prof. Record: Interne U. of Calif. Hosp., 
1925-26; Chief Surgeon Mendocino State 
Hosp., 1926-28; practice in Berkeley since 
1928; Visiting Surgeon, Alameda Co. Institu- 
tions since 1928; Visiting Staff Member, Alta 
Bates Hosp. since 1928; Staff Physician, 
Rainbow Bridge and Monument Valley 
Exped., 1934-36; Visiting Staff Member, 
Children's Hosp. of East Bay; Visiting Sur- 
geon, Highland Hosp. of Alameda Co. ; mem., 
Alameda Co. and Calif. Med. Assns.; Fellow, 
Amer. Med. Assn.; Mem., Pan-American 
Medical Assn. 

Publications: Contributions to Calif. & 
Western Medicine: Human Sexual Steriliza- 
tion, Dec, 1928; Phenobarbital — Rash and 
Other Toxic E feats. Feb., 1930; Simple Ul- 
cers of the Jejuno-Ileum, Sept., 1932; Man- 
agement of Postoperative Pain, July, 1937. 
Treatment of Varicose Veins (Western Jour- 
nal of Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics), 

Contributions to other journals and maga- 
zines: Among the Navajo Indians of Ari- 
zona; Oods and Tom Toms of the Navajo 
Indians; The Black Mesa of Arizona; On the 
Painted Desert of Arizona. 
Army Service: Dr. Babington served as a 
private, later as a commissioned officer with 
the Russian Forces on the Caucasian Front, 

Decorations: Eagle Scout, 1932; Scouter's 
Key, 1933; Scoutmaster's Key, 1934. 
Memberships: Scoutmaster, 1929-36; Skipper 
S. S. Corsair, 1931-33 (First Sea Scout ship 
ever chartered in Berkeley) ; High-Twelve 
Club (Mem. Bd. of Dir., 1932-38); Durant 
Lodge 268, F.&A.M.: Scottish Rite Tem- 
ple; City Commons, Commonwealth and Cor- 
dornices Clubs; Life Mem. Calif. Writer's 
Club( Mem., Bd. of Dir., 1932-39 and Chmn. 
of the Golden Gate Internat. Exposition 
Comm., 1936-41) ; Foundation Mem., Oakland 
Forum; Abraham Lincoln Fellowship; Life. 
Mem., Calif. Alumni Assn.; Founder and 
Pres., Proskopol Honorary Frat.; Mem., Ber- 



keley Chamber of Comm.; Alameda County 
Big Sisters (Mem. Bd. of Dir. smce 1931); 
Charter Mem., Calif. Physicians' Art Assn.; 
Member, Amer Physicians' Art. Assn.; 
Founder and Pres., Calif. Alumni Iceland 

Religion: Episcopal. (Vestryman, 1933-35; 
Counselor Young Peoples' Fellowship, 1933- 

Politics: Republican. 

Rer real wis: Writing, photography, water- 
colors, ice-skating, collector of Navajo Indian 
and Hopi Indian relics. 

Bus Address: 2301 Ward St., Berkeley, Calif. 
Home Address: 81 Hillcrest Rd., Berkeley, 
BACCUS, Professor Joseph Harold. 
B.S., M.S. .^ , 

Associate Professor of Speech, University of 

Redlands. ^ , 

Born- Kewanee( 111.), July 30, 1902; s. of 

mizlbefh (Rutt) and Sylvester Baccus. 

Education: Kewanee High Sch 1920; Univ 

of Illinois; graduate study at Univ. of wis 

consin. ^ ^„ 

Degrees: B.S., 1925; M.S., 1927, U. of II . 

Married: Gertrude S d of Philip Bechtel, 

Hastings (Neb.), Sept. 15,1929. 

Directorships: Pres. of So. Calif. College 

Teachers of Speech. 

Publications: Modern Debating iMon& 

Co.); Arms and Munitions (Noble & ^ob !^ , 
Minimum Wages and Maximum Hours (WUson 

& Co.); many magazine articles. 

Membe'rshivs: 3rd degree Mason; Past Pres. 

Knights of Round Table. 

Religion: Congregational. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Horseshoes, tennis, hiking. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of Redlands, Redlands, 


Home Address: 1025 College, Redlands, 



Voice Teacher, Conductor, Lecturer. 

(Kaiser) and Gutmann Bachenheimer. 
Education: High sch. /" Jrankfui-t on Main 
(Germany); Frankfurt Music Sch., studies 
with Prof. Eugene Hildach. 
Married: Katharina. d. of Martha and (3tto 
Boetticher, Braunschweig . <Germany ; ch^, 
Theodore Hermann, b. Aprilf 23, 1923, Klaus 
Gutmann, b. July 24, 1926. 
Prof Record: Sang recital, oratorio and 
opera in U. S. A., 1912-14. After first 
World War sang recitals in Holland; was 
Lyric Baritone of the opera house m Posen, 
Osnabruck, Braunschweig (Germany). Lead- 
ing musical director of Light Opera m 
Braunschweig, Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden; mu- 
sical director of Heidelberg Festival. Con- 
ducted opera and light opera in Breslau and 
Vienna. Arrived in U. S. A. in 1934. From 
1934-36 gave lectures, recitals, coached and 
taught young singers and artists such as: 
Frieda Hempel, Dorothy Manski, Anne Ro- 
selle, Rosemarie Brancato, Lauritz Melchoir, 
Julius Huehn, Joseph Bentonelli. Conducted 
glee clubs and opera. Since 1936, in Holly- 
wood as Musical Director of Maria Jeritza; 
Voice Teacher and Coach of Joan Blondell, 

Dick Powell, Tommi Thomas, Charlotte 
Boerner and younger talents. Conducted 
opera and light opera for CBS. Teaches 
voice, style and interpretation; active Lec- 
turer on vocal-technical and artistic matters. 
Directorships: Founder and Gen. Manager 
of the former Los Angeles Opera for Schls.; 
Pres. of the former Metro Light Opera Co. 
Publications: Newspaper articles. 
Army Service: Officer in Germany army, 

Membershiys: Author's Club. 
Religion: Jewish. 

Home Address: 1500 No. Genesee St., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

BADHAM, Byron J. 

President, Hoffman Hardware Co. 
Born: Shenandoah (Iowa), Jan. 12, 1879; s. 
of Eliza C. (Fisher) and James R. Badham. 
Education: Los Angeles grade schls and high 
sch. State Normal Sch. of Calif. 
Married: Jesise M., d. of Edward A. Hoff- 
man, Los Angeles (Calif.), 1902; ch: Byron 
Jack, Jr., E. Dick, Mrs. Kleva A. Hardage. 
Bus. Record: Came to California in 1882; 
taught sch. in Los Angeles for ten years. 
Entered hardware business in 1903; now 
Pres. of same concern — the Hoffman Hard- 
ware Co. 

Directorships: Director of Hoffman Hard- 
ware Co., California Bank, Ellis Club, Palo- 
mar Square. 

Memberships: Ellis Club (Pres.); Jonathan 
& Mfgrs. Assn. (Past Pres.); L. A. County 
Club; Rotary Club (Past Pres.); Merchants 

Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Golf, boating. 
Bus. Address: Hoffman Hardware Co., 229- 
35 So. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 351 No. June St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BAER, Francis Shaw, A.B. 
President, Pacific Finance Corporation of 

Born: Medford (Mass.), March 9, 1893; s. 
of Lora (Van Deusen) and John Willis Baer. 
Education: Occidental College (Los Angeles). 
Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1914. 
Married: Georgiana, d. of Mrs. Mary P. 
Drummond, at Pasadena (Calif.), May 31, 

Prof Record: Associated with First Na- 
tional Bank of Pasadena in 1915. In 1916 
ioined the Blankenhorn Hunter Co.; 1919, 
Hunter Dulin & Co.; in 1920; with Baer 
Brown Parsons Co.; 1921, became Vice- 
Pres. of First Securities Co., continuing in 
that post upon consolidation with the Secur- 
ity Co., forming Security First National Co. 
Elected Pres. of Pacific Co. of Calif, in 
1929. Since 1934 has served as Pres. and 
Dir. of Pacific Finance Corp. of Calif. 
Directorships: Chairman of Bd., Blue Dia- 
mond Corp.; Dir., Union Oil Co. of Calif.; 
Dir., Pacific Indemnity Co. 
Army Service: During World War I, served 
as Lieut., J. G., in the U. S. N. R. F. 
Memberships: California, Midwick Country, 
Tuna and Bohemian Clubs. 
Religion : Presbyterian. 



Politics: Kcpublican. 

Bus. Addrvxs: 621 So. IIoi)o St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 2024 Ashbourno Dr., .So. 
Pasutlona. Calil'. • 

BAER, Markell Craig, LL.B., J.D. 

Born: Cloverdale (Calif. >, June 14, 1889; s. 

of Sarah Agnes (Markell) and George Baker 


Education: Cloverdale nigh Sch., U. of 

Calif., U. of Grenoble (France), 1919. 

Degrees: LL.B., 1912; J.D., 1914, U. of 

Married: Ethel Rushton, d. of Gleorge C. 
MConnell. Berkeley (Calif.), Sept. 23. 1922; 
ch. : Elizabeth Rushton. 

Prof. Record: Law Librarian and Clerk of 
Law Faculty, U. of Calif., 1914-15; Law. Sec. 
of the Supreme Court (Calif.), 1915-17; 
Attorney with Devlin & Devlin, Sacramento, 
1917-18; Attorney with Dunn, White & 
Aiken and Public Administrator, Oakland 
(Calif.), 1919-20; Asst. City Attorney of the 
City of Oakland, 1921-26; Assoc. Counsel, 
East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oak- 
land, 1926-27; Port Attorney of the Port of 
Oakland. 1927-39; Attorney in private prac- 
tice in Oakland (assoc. with Melville C. Mc- 
Donough and Clarence De Lancey) 1939. 
Wrote charter amendments to City of Oak- 
land charter; estab. Port of Oakland organ- 
ization; prepared amendments to Oakland 
charter, creating Council-Manager form of 
city government and guided legal affairs of 
campaign and election which resulted in 
adoption of such amendments; as chairman 
of legal comm., prepared statute for Legis- 
lature and guided legal affairs of East 
Bay Regional Park District. As Port At- 
torney, managed legal details for creation 
and promotion of Oakland Municipal Harbor 
and Airport, and port legislation before 
Congress and State Legislature. At present 
time spec, in municipal and public law, also 
general practice. 

Publications: Author of articles in periodicals 
such as: Masonic World; World's Port; 
Western Municipalities; California State Bar 
Journal, etc. 

Army Service: Enlisted in Ordnance; Dept., 
Jan., 1918, as private; served in A. E. F. 
one year; promoted to Sergeant, Ordinance 
Dept.; sent to U. of Grenoble (France) as 
spec, student to represent U. S.; served in 
in Office of Accountability in hdqrs. of 
Services of Supplies, Tours (France). Hon- 
orable Discharge. 

Memberships: Master of Chateau Thierry 
Masonic Lodge (Oakland) ; Wise Master of 
Knights of Rose Croi.K; Scottish Rite Bodies 
(Oakland); Mem. Amer. Acad, of Political 
Sci. ; Amer. Bar Assn. ; Native Sons of 
CJolden West; Benevolent Protective Order 
of Elks; Oakland Ch. of Com.; Amer. Le- 
gion; Internat. Assn. of Lions. 

Religion: Trustee, First Congregational 

Politics: Dir., Alameda County Republican 

Bus. Address: Central Bank Bldg., Oakland, 

Home Address: 6056 Romany Rd., Oakland, 

BAERMANN, Professor Walter. 

Profe.s.sor of Industrial Design, Calif. Grad. 

.Sch. of Design. 

Horn: Bad-Duerkhelm (Ger.), Sept. 1, 1903; 

s. of Emma (Deutsch) and Helnrlch Baer- 


Education: Inst, of Tech., Munich (CJer.) 
(Technlsche Hockschule) ; Univ. of Munich 

Degrees: Diploma Arch., 1924; Diploma 
Engrg., 1926; Diploma Phil., 1928. 
Married: Ada Adolphlne, d. of August Ptak, 
in N. Y. City, Aug. 24, 1931. 
Prof. Record: Was Asst. of City Planning, 
Technische Hockschule (Germany) ; Arch, for 
Dwellings and Industrial Bldg, Corp., Munich 
(Germany); Arch, for different Catholic 
Churches; Designer of various indl. products 
(all in Germany), 1929-30; Designer, office 
of Joseph Urban (N. Y. C), 1930-31; De- 
signer for Norman Bel Geddes and Henry 
Dreyfuss (N. Y. C), 1931-32; Chief De- 
signer, Howe and Lescaze, 1932-.37; pvt. prac- 
tice, Hollyoke (Mass.) as Indl. Designer; 
Ednl. Dir., Springfield (Mass.) Museum, 
1932-36; Cons, to the Mus. Ext. Div. Mus. 
of Fine Arts, Boston (Mass.), 1935; First 
e.xhibition Art of the Machine Age, Wor- 
chester (Mass.), 1935; was called to organ- 
ize curriculum for Calif. Grad. Sch. of De- 
sign in Pasadena (Calif.), 1937 and is still 
there in capacity of Industrial Designer and 
Prof, of Industrial Design. 
Directorships: Calif Grad. Sch. of Design, 
Shuck Dakin Co.; Partner, Baermann and 

Publications: Design Today (Esto. Pub. Co.) 

Memberships: The Authors Club. 

Religion: Lutheran. 

Recreation: Horseback riding. 

Bus. Address: 425 W. Colorado St., Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

Home Address: 3738 Grayburn Rd., Pasa- 
dena, Calif. • 

BAGDATOPOULOS, William Spencer, 

Born: Zante (Greece), July 23, 1888; s. of 
Amy Frederica (Sheath) and Anastasius 
John Bagdatopoulos. 

Education: Schools in Dulwich (Eng.); Rot- 
terdam Academy; Athens Academy. 
Degrees: Elected a member of the Royal 
Society of Arts (Eng.), 1909; Medalist, South 
Kensington (Eng.), 1913. 

Married: Caralisa, d. of CJeorge B. Nichols, 
Galvaston (Texas) . 

Prof. Record: Entered the Academie van 
Beeldende kunsten, Rotterdam, at the age 
of 11; studied also in England, and at the 
age of 16 continued at the Athens Academy. 
Traveled and worked in Turkey, Egypt, Pal- 
astine, and Asia Minor as far as Bagdad. 
Returned to London at the age of 20; 
executed various commissions for portraits, 
illustrations, murals, and posters for most 
of the leading business houses, shipping 
companies, and railways in England and 
abroad. Commissioned by Bennett Coleman 
& Co. (Bombay), to range every part of 
India, from Kashmere to Ceylon, and the 
Khyber to Assam. Other trips include; 
Japan, China, Cochin-China Malay States, 
Dutch East Indies, South Africa, and East 
African ports; Siam, and the whole of 



Burma. Works hang In the following per- 
manent collections; Boyamann's Museum Rot- 
terdam: Municipal Gallery of Art, Amster- 
dam; The National Pinakotec, Athens; Brit- 
ish Museum. London; National Collection of 
Fine Arts, Washington, D. C; Library of 
Congress, Washington, D. C. As Designer 
of Sets, is always inventing and creating 
new novelness. Has designed sets embody- 
ing new features for Royal Drury Lane, 
Covent Garden Opera House, Lyceum The- 
atres, London, Broadwest Film Corp., Lon- 
don, etc. 

Publications: Works have appeared in The 
Studio. London; Illustrated London News, 
The Connoisseur, London; The Times of India 
Annual for the past thirty years; and many 

Ar7ny Service: Joined the South African 
Banks Regiment, Aug., 1914, and subsequent- 
ly did special work during the war. 
Memberships: London Sketch Club. Royal 
Society of Arts. Life member, The Imperial 
Arts League, London. 
Religion: Non-sectarian. 

Recreations: Music, gardening and making 

Home Address: 623 San Lorenzo St., Santa 
Monica, Calif. ' 

BAGGELMANN, Theodore. 


Born: Bad Godesberg (Germany), March 13, 
1905; s. of Anna (Richartz) and Theodore 

Education: Cologne (Germany). 
Married: Norma Maxine Brown, d. of Dr. 
and Mrs. Elvin O. Brown, Berkeley (Calif.). 
Nov. 2, 1940. 

Prof. Record: Came to the United States in 
Sept., 1929, and was naturalized Sept.. 1935. 
Started as a restaurant kitchen helper but 
has held the position of Manager since 1934. 
From 1932 till 1935 attended Sacramento 
Junior College, where he studied several art 
courses. In 1935 held first one man show 
of pen and inks, in Sacramento (Calif.); 
followed this up in 1936-38 with shows m 
Germany and New York. In 1936 began 
the study of etching. 

Directorship: Chairman of Fine Arts Com- 
mittee (Sacramento) ; Junior Chamber of 
Commerce; President, Sacramento Ten Arts 
Club; Director, Northern Calif. Fine Arts 

Memberships: Sacramento Junior Chamber 
of Commerce; Sacramento Ten Arts Club; 
No. Calif. Fine Arts Assn.; Southern Print 
Makers Society. 
Religion: Catholic. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Home Address: 1402 P St., Sacramento, 

BAGLEY. Rear Admiral David Worth, 

D.S.M., U. S. Navy. 

Commdr., Battleship Division Two. 

Born: Raleigh (N. C), Jan. 8, 1883; s. of 

Adelaide Ann (Worth) and William Henry 


Education: Student, N. C, State College, 

1898-99; U. S. Naval Acad. 

Degrees: B.S., U. S. Naval Academy, 1904. 

Married: Marie Louise Harrington, Feb. 16, 

1918; ch.: David Harrington, Worth Har- 
rington and Tennent Harrington. 
Navy Service: Commd. Ensign, U. S. N.. 
1906; advanced through the grades to Rear 
Admiral. 1938; served as Flag Lieut, to 
Commdr. in Chief. China Station, during 
Chinese Revolution, 1911-12; Commd. De- 
stroyer in war zone during World War I; 
Naval Attache, The Hague (Holland), 
1919-20; Chief of Staff. U. S. Naval Forces 
(Europe). 1926-28; Commdr.. U. S. S. Pensa- 
cola, 1931-33; Commdr., Mine Craft. 1937-38; 
Comdt.. Navy Yard, Mare Island (Calif.), 
1938-41; Commdr., Battleship Div. 2, at pres- 
ent, since Jan, 1941. 

Awards: Decorated D.S.M., World War I, 
Victory Medal (U. S.), Order of the Savior 
(Greece), Naval Order of Merit (Spain), 
Order of Aviz (Portugal). 
Address: Navy Department. Washington. 
D. C. 

Bailey, Cornelius Oliver. A.B., M.A., 
M.D , F.R.S.A., F.A.C.P., F.A.M.A. 

Born: Payne Store (Tex.), Feb. 11, 1887; s. 
of Helen Ophelia (Kilborn) and John Calvm 

Education: Sam Houston State Teachers 
Coll., 1905; Univ. of Tex., 1911; Sch of 
Medicine, 1915; U. S. Army Med. Sch., 
Grad 1917; Post Grad. studies at Cornell 
Univ ' Harvard Univ.. Univ. of Vienna, 
1922-25; Univ. of So. Calif.; Interne, Cleve- 
land City Hosp. (Ohio), 1916. 
Degrees: M.D., U. of Tex., 1915; A.B., 
1936, and M.A., 1937. U. of So. Calif. 
Married: Louise Sutton, d. of Rosa and J. 
N. Sutton, in Orange (Calif.), Feb. 6, 1940. 
Prof Record: Resident Surgeon, Memorial 
Hosp. for Treatment of Cancer and Allied 
Diseases (N. Y.), 1923-24; Asst., Dept. of 
Radiology. Mass. Gen. Hosp.. 1924; Dir. of 
Dept. of Radiology and Radiologist, St. Paul 
Hosp. (Dallas), 1925-30; Mem. of Staff, 
Calif. Lutheran Hosp.. 1931; Methodist Hosp. 
of So. Calif., 1932; rated Specialist in Di- 
agnosis and Treatment of Cancer. U. b. 
Govt., 1932; Mem. of Staff, White Mem. 
Hosp.. 1936; Asst. Prof, of Coll. of Med. 
Evangelists. 1936; rated Specialist, Thera- 
peutic Radiology, Amer. Bd. of Radiology, 
1936; is at present practicing medicine In 
Los Angeles. 

Publications: Hypertrophy of Thymus: Diag- 
nosis and Treatment, 1926; Carcinoma of the 
Cervix Uteri With Treatment, 1930; Em- 
bryologic and Histologic Studies of the 
Human Thymus, and other reports. 
Army Service: First Lt., U. S. Army Med. 
Corps, 1916-17; Major. M. C. U. S. Reg. 
Army. 1918; Camp Surgeon, Camp Funston 
(Kans.), 1918; Surgeon, Hdqtrs. Command 
Amer. Army of Occupation in Coblenz 
(Germany), 1922. 

Memberships: Fellow (Life), Royal Society 
of Arts (London); Amer. Coll. of Physicians 
(Life), and Amer. Med. Assn.; Amer. Legion 
(Past Commdr.); Disabled Amer. Veterans 
(Life) (Commander); So. Calif. Chapter. 
Military Order of the World War; Phi Chi. 
Theta, Nu Epsilon, Phi Sigma (Hon.); Univ. 
Club (L.A.). 

Bus. Address: 727 W. Seventh St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 744 Ocampo Dr., Pacific 
Palisades. Calif. 



BAILEY. Herbert S(tevens). A.B., B.S. 

Kxccullvo, Chemist. 

ManuKi'i-, Tho lOxdiange Orange Products 

Rom: Hethlohom (Penna.l, Sept. 12, 1880; 
s. or Anivesta (Trumbauer) and E. II. S. 

Education: Kansas Slate Univ. and M. I. T. 
Degrees, Honors: A.B., Kansas Stale Univ., 
1902; Sigma XI (K.S.U.), 1002; B.S., M.I.T., 

Married: Winifred, d. oC Lucy (Thornton) 
and John J. Evoringham, Topoka (Kan.), 
Dec. 30, 1919; rh.: Lucy Thornton and 
Edgar Herbert. 

Bus. Record: Chemist, Armour Packing Co., 
1903-04; Assl., Oils, Mass. Inst. Tech,, 
19w5-06; Instr. Chem. Micli. Coll., 1907-08; 
Chief, Oil, Fat, and Wa.x Lab., Bur. Ctiem., 
U. S. Dept. Agr., 1908-18;, E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours and Co., 1918-20; Di- 
rector Research, 1920-22; Chief Chemist, So. 
Cotton Oil Co., 1922-24; Supt., The Ex- 
change Orange Products Co., 1924-25; Man- 
ager, 1925—. 

Diretcorships : Secretary-Treasurer, The Ex- 
change Orange Products Co.. 1924-25, Chaf- 
fey Union Sch. Bd. 

Publications: Has written various scientific 
papers and bulletins for U. S. Bureau of 
Chemistry, U.S.D.A. year books and tech- 
nical journals; Co-Author with E. H. S. 
Bailey of Food Products From Afar. 
Memberships: Alpha Tau Omega, American 
Chemical Society, Inst. Food Technologists. 
Religion : Presbyterian . 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Golt and collecting stamps. 
Bus. Address: 616 E. Grove St., Ontario, 

Home Address: 1122 No. Euclid Ave.. On- 
tario, Calif. 

BAILEY. The Reverend Professor John 
William, A.B., B.D., Ph.D. 
College and Divinity School Professor. 
Born: Scott County (Ind.); s. of Virginia 
Caroline (Coker) and James Perry Bailey. 
Education: Rural Pub. Schls. ; Franklin Coll. 
(Ind.) ; Univ. of Chicago. 

Degrees: A.B., Franklin Coll., 1898: B.D., 
U. of Chicago, 1901; Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 

Married: (a) Celestine Marcella, d. of 
Martha (Lucas) and Amorine Wood, Frank- 
lin (Ind.), Dec. 27, 1900; ch.: Harold Wood, 
Ernest Richard, Margaret Ruth, and John 
William, Jr. 

(b) Louise White Herron, d. of Cordelia 
(White) and M. F. Herron, Dallas (Texas), 
June 18, 1940. 

Prof. Record: Pastor, 1904-14; Prss. of Cen- 
tral Coll. of Iowa, and Colorado Woman's 
Coll., 1914-23; Coll. and Divinity Sch. Prof., 
1910-40; Extension Instr. U. of Chicago, 
1901-14; served on various boards and com- 
mittees of religious and educational bodies; 
Moderator, Northern Calif. Baptist Conven- 
tion, 1930-31: Northern Calif. Council Re- 
ligious Education, 1931-32; Vice-Pres. Calif. 
Church Council, 1933-36. 

Publications: Does Hellenism Contribute to 
Paul's Christology (Thesis) ; Christianity a 
Way of Life and Belief; Read It Again; 
Studies in Papyri; writer of Sunday Sshool 

hcHHon Comments, 19.35-40. and many maga- 
zine articles. 

Memberships: Berkeley City Commons Club; 
Amcr. Soc. Church Hist.; Soc. Biblical Liter- 
ature and Exegesis; .Soc. of Biblical Instructors; 
Assoc. Amer. Sch. of Oriental 
Religion: Bai)tist. 
Politics: Independent. 
Recreations: Aulolng, gardening. 
Bus. Address: 2606 Dwight Way. Berkeley, 
Home Address: 226 Blake St., Berkeley, 

BAILEY. Mason Albert. LL.B. 


Born: Dimondale (Mich.), Mar. 2, 1890; s. 
Lona M. (Porter) and B. E. Bailey. 
Education: So. Ore. State Normal; Univer- 
sity of Michigan. 

Degrees: LL.B., U. of Mich., 1913 
Married: Cora, d. of Dexter Colby, at Grants 
Pass (Ore.), Sept. 17. 1914. 
Prof. Record: City Ally, of Dunsmulr 
(Calif.), 1914-18; Dist. Ally, of Madera 
Co. (Calif.), from 1922-35; since 1935, has 
been in general practice. 

Directorships: Vice-Pres. and Dir., Madera 
Bldg. and Loan Assn.; Chmn., Madera Co. 
Democratic Central Comm., 1940. 
Army Service: 1918, Coast Artillery Corps. 

Memberships: Kappa Beta Psi (U. of Mich.). 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Fishing, hunting. 
Bus. Address: 106 So. D St., Madera, Calif. 
Home Address: 225 No. A St., Madera, 
Calif. * 

BAILIE, Norman A. 


Partner, Bailie, Turner & Lake. 
Born: Ontario (Canada), Jan. 2, 1877; s. of 
Margaret (Taylor) and John Bailie. 
Education: Public School and (3oderich Col- 
legiate Institute (Can.). 

Married: Charlotte, d. of Helen Louisa 
(Kellv) and John Justus Farmer, Sept. 20, 
1900;" ch.: Margaret Bailie Leppo and Dor- 
othy Bailie Baker. 

Prof. Record: Came to Calif, in 1895: taught 
in the public schls. of San Bernardino Co. 
for three years, and in San Bernardino high 
sch. for seven years; studied law while 
teaching and was admited to practice May 
15, 1905. Came to L. A. in 1907, and for 
a few months practiced with Shankland & 
Chandler; practiced with Gray, Barker & 
Bowen, and Flint, Gray & Barker for six 
and a half years; formed a partnership with 
Wm. A. Bowen and practiced under the 
firm name of Bowen & Bailie, 1916-19; 
practiced alone 1919-24; since 1924 has prac- 
ticed under the firm name of BaiUe, Turner 
& Lake, a partnership composed of Norman 
A. Bailie, Richard A. Turner and Frederick 
W Lake. Admited to practice before the 
Supreme Court of the U. S., Oct. 2, 1931. 
Memberships: State Bar of Calif., Bd. of 
Governors of State Bar of Calif., 1933-36 
(Pres. 1934-35), L. A. Bar Assn. (Pres. 
1930-31), Amer. Bar Assn., L. A Country 
Club, Calif. Club, B.P.O.E. No. 99 (Exalted 
Ruler, 1921-22), Wilshire Lodge No. 445. 



F &A M and L. A. Consistory, Al Malaikah 

Temple, A. A.D.N. M.S. and Phi Delta Phi 

{legal frat.). 

Religion : Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Golf, hunting and fishing. 

Bus. Address: Citizens National Bank Bldg., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Aderss: 1649 Buckingham Rd., Los 

Angeles, Calif. 

BAIRD, The Reverend Jesse Hoys, 
A.B., B.D., D.D., LL.D. 

President of the San Francisco Theological 

Born: Clintonville (Penna.), April 27, 1889; 
s. of Mary Grace (Hovia) and John M. 

Education: Grove City College (Pa.), Coll. 
of Wooster (Ohio), McCormick Theological 
Seminary (Chicago). 

Degrees: A.B., 1912, D.D., 1928, Wooster; 
B.D., McCormick Theol. Sem., 1917; LL.D., 
Occidental. 1941. 

Married: Susanna Amanda Bragstad, July 4, 
1917; ch.: Paul Jesse, James William, Jo- 
seph' Arthur, Mary Louisa and Margaret 

Prof. Record: Assistant Pastor, 1st Presb. 
Church, Youngstovvn (Ohio), 1912-14, 19-20; 
Pastor, First Presb. Church, Rexburg and 
St Anthony (Idaho), 1917-19; Pastor, First 
Presb. Church, Boise (Idaho), 1920-26; Pas- 
tor First Presb. Church, Pomona (Calif.), 
1926-28; Pastor, First Presb. Church, Salt 
Lake City (Utah), 1928-31; Pastor. First 
Presb. Church, Oakland (Cahf.), 19.31-37, 
President, S. F. Theol. Sem., smce Jan. 1, 

Directorships: President of the San Fran- 
cisco Theological Seminary Evangelical Fel- 
lowship of Northern California. 
Publications: God's Laiv of Life (Caxton 
Printers, Cadwell, Idaho), 1931: Church Mem- 
bership and the Church; Great Christian 
Leaders; Christians Day by Day; Today; and 
various other articles and Sunday school ma- 
terials written for the Westminster Press 
from time to time. "Week of Prayer" pro- 
gram for the Federal Council of the Churches 
of Christ in America, 1939. 
Army Service: Three years in the National 
Guard of Pennsylvania. 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa and Rotary 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Non-partisan. 

Recreations: Golfing, hiking, tennis, travel 
and amateur motion pictures. 
Bus. Address: San Francisco Theological Sem- 
inary, San Anselmo, Calif. 
Home Address: 120 Seminary Rd. San 
Anselmo, Calif. (Summer home in Mount 
Hermon, Calif.) 

BAKER, G. Derwood. A.B., M.A., Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools. 
Born: Glendora (Calif.), July 26, 1899; s. of 
Abbie W. (White) and Horace G. Baker. 
Education: Pomona Colege, Claremont, Calif. 
Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll.. 1922; M.A., 
1926, Ed.D., 1939, Teachers Coll., Columbia 
Married: Elizabeth, d. of Florence and Henry 

Adamson, at Monrovia, Calif., 1925; ch.: 
Susan, age 6; Diana, age 14. 
Prof. Record: Freshman class adviser, coach, 
freshman football and varsity debate, Po- 
mona Coll., 1922-23; Instr. in U. S. History, 
Coach of Football and Debate, Ridgewood 
(N. J.), High Sch., 1923-25; Instr., Soc. 
Studies, Coach of Football and Debate, John 
Burroughs Sch., St. Louis (Mo.), 1925-27; 
Prin., Langlev, Jr. High Sch., Washington 
^D. C), 1927-28; Prin., So. Pasadena High 
Sch., i928-.37; Acting Prin., High Sch. Div. 
Lincoln Sch. of Teachers Coll., Columbia 
1937-38- Prin., Ficldston Sch. of the Ethical 
Culture Soc. (New York City), 1938-40 
Visiting Prof, of Ed., Ohio State Univ., Co 
lumbus (Ohio), Summers, 1937-38; Director 
Curriculum Workshop, Teachers College, Co 
lumbia Univ. (New York City), Summers 
1939-40; Superintednent of Schs (public) 
Boulder (Colo.), 1940—. 
Directorships: Board of Directors, Progres- 
sive Education Assn. 

Publications: Has written many articles which 
have been published in various educational 

Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa (honorary 
education fraternity). 
Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. Address: Superintendent of Schools, 
Box 186, Boulder, Colo. 
Home Address: 904 Mapleton, Boulder, Colo. 

BAKER. The Rt. Rev. James 
Chamberlain, A.B., S.T.B., D.D., LL.D. 

Bishop, California Area of Methodist Church. 

Born: Sheldon (111.), June 2, 1879; s. of 
Martha Frances (Henry) and Benjamin Webb 

Education: Illinois Wesleyan University. 

Degrees: A.B., 1898, D.D., 1913. 111. Wes- 
leyan U.; S.T.B., Boston U., 1905; L.L.D., 
111. Wesleyan U., 1928, Cornell Coll. 
(Mount Vernon, Iowa), 1930, Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ., 1931, Coll. of the Pacific, 1934, U. of 
So. Calif., 1940. 

Married: Lena, d. of Cornelius Benson, at 
Laclede (Mo.); ch.: Lois Benson and Eliza- 
beth Benson. 

Prof. Record: Professor of Greek, Mi.ssouri 
Wesleyan College (Cameron), 1898-1902: en- 
tered M. E. Ministry, 1900; Pastor, Ashland 
(Mass.), 1903-05; Pastor. McLean (111.), 
1905-07; Pastor, Trinity Ch., Urbana. 1907- 
28; Organizer and Head of V/eslev Founda- 
tion, U. of 111. (The first Wesley Foundation 
in the country) ; elected Bishop of M. E. Ch., 
1928; assignesd to supervision of work in 
Japan, Korea and Manchuria; assigned to 
San Francisco area, 1932; Mem., Bd. of Fgn. 
Missions, 1916-20: Mem., Joint Comm. on 
State U. Work; Mem., Univ. Senate of M. E. 
Ch., 1920; also of Bd. of Ed., 1920-28; Del., 
Gen. Conf. M. E. Church, 1916, 20, 24, 28; 
Oxford Conf., 1937, Madras Conf., 1938. 
Vice-Pres., Internatl. Missionary Council 
since 1938; Mem. Student-Dept. Comm of 
Nat. Council Y. M. C. A.; Chmn., Advance 
Program Comm., Y. M. C. A.; Mem., Constl. 
Conv. Y. M. C. A.; Bishop, Calif. Area of 
Methodist Church, 1939—. 
Directorships: Trustee of the College of the 
Pacific; U. of So. Calif.; the Pacific School 
of Religion. 



Membemhips: Acacia Fraternity; Mason, 32"; 
lion. Member, A. K. L. 
Religion: Methodist. 

Bun. Adrrss: 125 Marschessault St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

iranif AdilrcfiH: 185S E. California St., San 
Marino. Calif. 

BAKER, John Earl. Ph.B., M.A., LL.D. 
Ueliof Executive. 

Born: Eagle (Wis.), Aug. 2.'!, 1880; s. of 
Lydia Ann (Duffin) and Francis Baker. 
Education: Grad. Whitewater (Wis.) Normal 
Sch., 1901; University of Wis., 1906; Law 
Dept. George Wa.shington U., 1907-08. 
Degrees; Ph.B., 1906, M. A. ,1908, LL.D., 1936, 
U. of Wis. 

liarricd: Willie Katherine Smith, Thomasville 
(Ga.l, Dec. 30, 1908; ch.: Frances Lydia 
(Mrs. Howard F. Ross), Barbara Smith (Mrs. 
George William Louden), and John Earl. 
Prof. Record: Teacher Public Schools until 
1903; Clerk, Interstate Commerce Comm., 
1907-09; Clerk, Census Bureau, 1909-10; Sta- 
tistician, Brotherhood of Locomotive Fire- 
men and Enginemen, 1910; Service Inspec- 
tor, Southern Pacific Company, 1910-11; Sta- 
tistician, 1912-16; Adviser on Railway Man- 
agement to Ministry of Communications, 
(China), 1916-26; Trustee, China Foundation 
for Promotion of Education and Culture. As 
Dir.. Amer. Red Cross China Famine Relief, 
1920-21, by constructing 850 miles of high- 
way in four provinces of China, as means 
of giving emplojTnent to the destitute, gave 
considerable impetus to highway program and 
relief-through-work in China; General Secy., 
China Famine Relief, U. S. A., 1928; Exec. 
Secy., Amer. Advisory Comm. on Famine 
Relief, 1929: Adviser to Ministry of Rail- 
ways, Nanking (China), 1930-31; Dir., Relief 
Operations, China Internatl. Famine Relief 
Commn., 1930; in charge of custody and 
transportation, Amer. wheat and flour for 
Natl. Flood Relief Commn., 1931-32; Mgr., 
Chinese-Amer. Wheat Syndicate (Ministry of 
Finance), 1933-35; Adviser, Central Trust of 
China (Ministry of Finance); Adviser, Na- 
tional Relief Commn. ; Exec. Secy., China 
Internatl. Famine Relief Commn., since 1937; 
also Dir., Shanghai Internatl. Red Cross, 

Publications: Explaining China, 1927; Chinese 
Railway Accounts. 

Decorations: Order of Bountiful Harvest, 
3rd class, by Pres. of China, 1918; 2nd class 
with sash, 1922; Order of Brilliant Jade, 

Memberships: Chinese Social and Political 
Science Assn.; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Tau 
Omega; Delta Sigma Rho; Commonwealth 
(San Francisco) and American (Shanghai) 

Religion: Congregational. 

Bus. Address: c/o Amer. Consulate. Hong- 
kong, China. 
Home Address: Mill Valley, Calif. 

BAKER, Joseph John. 

Explorer, Naturalist. 

Director, Father Hubbard Educational Films, 

University of Santa Clara. 

Born: Jersey City (N. J.), Nov. 29, 1904; s. 

of Marv (Broderick) and Stephen Henry 


Education: St. Joseph's (N. J.). 

Married: Veronica D., d. of John Stawicka. 

nt Lyndhurst (N. J.), Sept., 1905; ch.: 
Veronica Baker. 

Prof. Record: Six years exploration and study 
of animal life In India, Malaya, Borneo and 
Indo-Chlna; ca|)ture of cobra for med- 
ical research; Dir. of Division of Passes, and 
Asst. Dir. of Exhibits, at the Golden Gate 
Intnl. Exposition, 19.39-40; Dir., Father Hub- 
bard Educational Films, U. of Santa Clara 

Memberships: Explorers Club (Calcutta and 
Singapore) . 

Religion: Roman Catholic. 
Recreations: Riding, fishing and hunting. 

Bus. Address: University of Santa Clara, 
Santa Clara. Calif., and 415 Lexington Ave., 
New York, N. Y. 

Home Address: 788 No. First St., San Jose, 
Calif., and 476 Columbia Blvd., Wood Ridge, 
N. J. 

BAKER. Milo Samuel. M.S. 
Instructor in Botany, Santa Rosa Jr. College. 
Born: Strawberry Point (Iowa); s. of Me- 
lissa (Dalton) and Obadiah E. Baker. 
Education: University of Calif. (Berkeley). 
Degrees: M.S., Stanford U. 
Married: Jennie, d. of Seth W. Churchill, at 
San Jose (Calif.), 1897. 

Prof. Record: Teacher of Biology, Physics 
and Chemistry, Sacto High School, Physics 
and Chemistry, Lowell High (San Francisco), 
Botany, Santa Rosa Jr. Coll., since 1922. 
Publications: Studies in Western Violets (Ma- 
drono), 1935. 36, 38, 40: Check List of the 
Seed Plants in the North Bay Counties (issued 
every two years — last in 1939.). 
Memberships: Calif. Botanical Soc. ; Torrey 
Botanical Club; Am. Assn. for the Advance- 
ment of Science. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Botanical trips all over the 
West: caring for violet garden at Maple- 
wood Farm (Kenwood, Calif.). 
Bus. Address: Santa Rosa Junior College, 
Santa Rosa, Calif. 
Home Address: Kenwood, Calif. 

BALABANIS, Professor Homer Paul, 

Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Vice-President and Professor of Economics, 

Humboldt State College. 

Born: Brussa (Turkey), 1897; s. of Maria 
(Psomas) and Paul Balabanis. 

Education: Ecole Velletz (Brussa); Oshkosh 
(Wis.), High School; University of Crhicago; 

Stanford University. 

Degrees: Ph.B., 1920, M. A. ,1923, U. of Chi- 
cago; Ph.D., 1931, Stanford U. 
Married: Frances Deane, d. of John Fecher, 
at Del Monte (Calif.)., June 16, 1928; ch.: 
Nancy Maria and Gordon Paul. 
Prof. Record: Immigrants Protective League, 
Hull House, 1919-20: Foreign Exchange and 
Credit Research, Continental and Commer- 
cial National Bank, Chicago, 1920-22; Asst. 
in Commerce. U. of Chicago, 1922-23; Eco- 
nomics, Stanford. 1928-29; Inst., Humboldt 
State Coll.. Areata (Calif.). 1923-30, Prof, 
of Economics, since 1930, Vice-Pres., since 
1931, Dean of Summer Session, 1932-35, 1939. 
Publications: American Discount Market (U. 



of Chicago), 1934; Travel Sketches of Europe 

(Times Printing Co.), 1938. 

Army Record: Corporal, U. S. Army, 1917-18. 

Memberships: Rotary. American Economic 

Association, Hellenic Progressive Association, 

American Legion. 

Religion: Protestant. 

Pontics: Independent. 

Recreation: Floriculture. 

Bus. Address: Humboldt State College, 

Areata, Calif. 

Home Address: Areata, Calif. * 

BALDERSTON. John Lloyd. 

Ne\\'spaperman and Playwright. 
Born: Philadelphia (Pa.), Oct. 22, 1889; s. 
of Mary F. and Lloyd Balderston. 
Education: Student, Columbia U., 1911-14. 
Married: Marion Rubicam, of New York 
City, I\Iar. 6, 1921; ch.: John Lloyd, Jr. 
Prof. Record: New York Corr., Phila. Record. 
1912-14; went to Europe as free lance War 
Corr., 1915, later rep. McClure Newspaper 
Syndicate; Dir. Information, Great Britain 
and Ireland, for U. S. Govt. Com. on Pub. 
Information. 1918-19; Editor, The Outlook, 
London, 1920-23; Chief London Corr., New 
York World, 1923-31; Member Council on 
Foreign Relations, New York. 
Publications: The Genius of the Marne, 1919; 
also A Morality Play for the Leisure Class, 
1924; Berkeley Square, 1929. Co-author 
(plays): Dracula. 1927, Frankenstein, 1931, 
Red Planet, 1932, Farewell Performance, 
1936; (motion pictures): Lives of a Bengal 
Lancer, Berkeley Square, Mystery of Edwin 
Drood, Last of the Mohicans, Prisoner of 
Zenda, and others. 

Memberships: Savile Athenaeum (London); 
Players ( New York). 

Home Address: 1800 Angelo Dr., Beverly 
Hills, Calif. 

BALDWIN. Dean Onias Barber. A.B. 

M.A., Ph.D. 

Dean of Men, Professor of Psychology, Whit- 
tier College. 

Born: Augusta (Kan.), Nov. 12, 1862; s. of 
Sarah Jane (Barber) and Sylvanus E. Bald- 

Education: Kansas High Sch. (Wichita): 
Friends University; U. of Chicago; U. of 

Degrees: A.B., Friends U.; M.A., U. of Chi- 
cago; Ph.D., U. of Kan. 

Married: Waldena, d. of W. J. Martindale 
at Wichita (Kan.); ch.: Alfred Lee. 
Prof. Record: Prof, of Education, McPherson 
Coll., 1911-14; Prof, of Education, South- 
westn. Coll., 1914-19; Dean, Prof, of Educa- 
tion, Morningside Coll., 1919-21; Prof, of 
Phycology, Dean of Men, Whittier Coll., 

Memberships: Mason, Phi Delta Kappa, Ki- 

Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreation: Gardening. 

Bus. Address: Whittier College, Wliittier 

Home Address: 802 E. Philadelphia Street, 
Whittier, Calif. * 

BALLANTINE. Professor Henry 
Winthrop. A.B., LL.B., LL.D. 
Professor of Law, University of Calif. 
Born: Oberlin (Ohio), Oct. 12, 1880; s. of 
Emma Frances (Atwood) and Wm. Gay Bal- 

Education: Oberlin, Amherst, Harvard Uni- 

Degrees: A.B., 1900, L.L.B., 1904, Harvard; 
L.L.D., Marietta Coll. (Ohio), 1940. 
Married: Grace, d. of Mrs. James M. Weth- 
erell St., Mill Valley (Calif.), July 22, 1906 
ch.: Betty Winthrop Ballantine. 
Prof. Record: Practiced Law, San Francisco, 
1904-11 (incidental teaching at U. of Calif.); 
Law School, Montana U. (Dean, 2 years) ; 
Law School, Wisconsin U., 3 years; Coll. of 
Law, 111. U. (Dean, four years) ; Law 
School, Minnesota U., 4 years; Prof, of Law, 
School of Jurisprudence, U. of Cailf., since 

Publications: Private Corporations, 1927; 
Ma,nual of Corporation Law and Practice, 
1930; Problems in Law, with. Solutions. 1937; 
California Corporation Laws, 1938 (Graham 
Sterling, Co-author) ; Cases and Materials in 
Law of Corporations, 1939 (N. D. Lattin, 
Co-author) ; articles in legal periodicals. 
Memberships: Faculty Club, Delta Kappa 

Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Swimming and walking. 
Bus. Address: University of California, 
Berkeley, Calif. 

Home Address: 2600 Ridge Rd., Berkeley, 

BALLARD. B. Ernest. 

Musical Director, Wilshire Blvd. Temple. 
Born: Evansville (Wis.), Feb. 28; s. of Allie 
M. (Eldridge) and Ernest James Ballard. 
Musical Education: Studied with Harrison 
M. Wild, Chicago and Albert Riemeen- 
schneidor at San Diego. 

Prof. Record: Organist and Choir Master of 
St. James Episcopal Church, Los Angeles; 
Organist of Pueblo Oratorio, Chapman Park 
(Los Angeles) ; Dean of So. Calif. Chapter 
of the Amer. Guild of Organists. 1932-33; 
Musical Director of Wilshire Blvd. Temple. 
Directorships: Exec. Comm. of the L. A. 
Chapter of the American Guild of Organ- 
ists; Member of the Music Commn. of the 
Episcopal Church of So. Calif. 
Army Record: Served with army in France, 

Religion: Episcopal. 

Bus. Address: 3903 Wilshire Blvd., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home: 516 So. St. Andrews PI., Los Ange- 
les, Calif. • 

BALLIN, Hugo. 


Born: New York, Mar. 7, 1879; s. of Tillie 
(Rothschild) and Julius Ballin. 
Education: Studied at Art Students' League 
(New York) and in Rome and Florence. 
Married: Mabel Croft, 1909. 
Prof. Record: Executive Chamber, Madison, 
(Wis.); rooms in homes of Oliver Gould 
Jennings (N.Y.C.), E. D. Brandegee (Bos- 
ton), and Milton E. Getz; decoration "His- 
tory of the Jews," B'nai B'rlth Temple (Los 



Angeles) ; decorative pictures In many pvt. 
collections also roprescnted In Mus., 
Washington, (D. C): Montc-lalr Mus. (New 
Jersey): Ann Mary Memorial (R. I.); mur- 
als In Kdlson HldK., New County Hos., Title 
Ins. and Tr. UldK-, Guarantee Hide., New 
Times nUlR. (I.,()s Angeles), Carew Memorial 
Chapel (San Francisco), First Nat. Bank 
(La .lolla); murals and celling, Griffith Obs., 
Hollywood; The Windu, two murals. Golden 
Gate Internal. Expn., 19,'W; produced and 
mounted over 100 feature motions pictures 
Including East Lynnc, Pagan Love, Baby 
Mine, The Journey's End, Jane Eyre, Vanity 
Fair, Married People; work reproduced In 
Critic, Century, Kunst and Kustlerwerke 
(Vienna), Internat. Studio, etc. 
Puhlications : Author: Stigma, The Woman 
at the Door, The Broken Toy, Dolce Far 
N ente and Mr. Claus Goes Shopping. 
Awards: Awarded scholarshhip. Art Stu- 
dents' League: Shaw Prize Fund, 1905; 
Thomas B. Clarke Prize, 1906 and 1940; Ar- 
chitectural League Medal, 1906-07; Medal, 
Buenos Aires Internat. Epn., Hallgarten Prize, 
1907: Anthony Dyer Prize (R. I.); Specialty 
Mural Decorations; Certificate of Honor, 
San Diego Chapter Am. Inst. Architects. 
Memberships: Member of National Acad- 
emy; Soc. Mural Decorators; Nat. Inst. Arts 
and Letters; Foundation of Western Art. 
Home Address: 567 Almoloya Dr., Pacific 
Palisades, Calif. * 

BANCROFT. Philip, A.B., M.A., LL.B. 

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), June 30, 1881; 
s. of Matilda Cooley (Griffing) and Hubert 
Howe Bancroft. 

Education: Harvard Univ., and Hastings 
College of the Law, Univ. of Calif. 
Degrees: A.B., Harvard, 1903; M.A., Har- 
vard, 1904; LL.B., Hastings Coll., U. of 
Calif., 1905. 

Married: Nina Otis, d. of Emma (West) and 
Charles F. Eldred, Coronado, Calif., June 
30, 1905; ch.: Anne Josephine, (Mrs. Wy- 
man Graham) ; Lucy Eldred, (Mrs. John 
Alden Redfield) ; Philip Bancroft, Jr. 
Prof. Record: Practised Law in San Francis- 
co, 1905-17; farmed in Contra Costa County, 
1919 to date. 

Directorships: Contra Costa Walnut Grow- 
ers Assn. ; Calif. Pear Growers Assn. 
Army: 1st R. O. T. C, U. S. Army, May 
to Aug., 1917; Commissioned 2nd Lt., Aug. 
1917; served in France with the A.' E. F. 
until Feb. 1919. Promoted to 1st Lt. 1918. 
Me7nberships: Calif. Farm Bureau Federa- 
tion; Assoc. Farmers; Pomona Grange; Far- 
mers Educational and Cooperative Union. 
Commonwealth, Harvard and Family Clubs; 
Rotary; Amer. Legion. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Tennis, fishing, shooting, cards. 
Bus. and Home Address: Walnut Creek, 

BANDINI, Ralph. 

Lawyer, Lecturer, Writer. 

Born: Pasadena (Calif.), July 9, 1855; s. 

of Helen Agnes (Elliott) and Arturo Ban- 


Education: Stanford Univ. 

Married: Elizabeth, d. of Richard Steven- 

son, San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 4, 1908; 
ch.: Steven.son Handlnl. 

Publications: Tight Lines; Men. Fith and 
Tackle; Veiled Horizons. 

Memberships: Chi Psi, Sigma Sigma, Delta 
Si;,'ma Nu, P.ilos Verdes Anglers, Long 
Heach .S|)ortsmen, Southwest Anglers. 
Pohtxcs: Republican. 

Recreations: Formerly enjoyed big game 

Home Address: Route 1, Box 43- A, Fall- 
brook, Calif. * 

BANKS (Miss) Florence Estelle. 

Credit Manager, Los Angeles Soap Com- 

Born: Near Atchison (Mo.), December 30, 
1882; d. of Julia Estella (Goodhue) (native 
of Nebraska), and George Esreff Banks (na- 
tive of Wisconsin). 

Education: Public and high schools, Ever- 
ett (Washington) ; Normal School, Belllng- 
ham (Wash.); special work at Univ. of So. 
Calif, evening school. 

Bus. Record: Taught four years, then took 
course in business. Began career as Sten- 
ographer in Credit Department, Cudahy Pack- 
ing Co., Los Angeles. From there went to 
present place of employment as Assistant In 
Credit Dept. Eventually became Head of 
the Dept. Has been very active In work 
of Los Angeles Credit Men's Assn. and or- 
ganized its Women's Div., also the Wo- 
men's Committee of the Natl. Assn. of Credit 
Men and was first Chrmn. At one time 
served on the Board of Directors of Los An- 
gelet Credit Men's Assn. Was a Charter 
Member of the Soroptimist Club and its first 
Secy., also Charter Mem. of Women's Ath- 
letic Club. 

Publications: Feature articles on Credit. 
Wrote a series of thirteen radio scrips for 
business and prof, women's clubs of Los 
Angeles which are now used as vocational 
material by the Nat'l. Federation of Business 
and Professional Women. 
Memberships: National Business and Pro- 
fessional Women of Los Angeles and Credit 
Women's Clubs. 

Religion: A mixture of sundry philosophies. 
Politics: Republican until there is some- 
thing better. 

Recreations: Motoring, character analysis 
and astrology. 

Bus. Address: 617 E. First St., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 408 S. Berendo, Los Angeles, 

BANTON. Travis. 

Costume Director, Twentieth Century-Fox 
Film Corp. 

Born: Waco (Texas); s. of Marguerite (Jon- 
es) and Rentfro Black Benton. 
Education: Columbia Univ.; Art Students 
League of N. Y.; N. Y. School of Fine and 
Applied Arts. 

Bus. Record: Designer with Madam Francis 
Inc. N.Y., 1919-24; Costume Designer with 
Paramount Prod., Hollywood, Calif., 1924- 
37; free lance designing for Selznick Inter., 
Sam CJoldwryn and Walter Wanger Prod. 
Now with 20th Century-Fox Film. Corp. 
Navy Record: U. S. Navy from 1917-19. 
Memberships: Delta Tau Delta. 



Bus. Addresx: Twentieth Contury-Fox Film 
Corp., Beverley Hills, Calif. 
Home Address: 4472 Wilshire Blvd., Los An- 
geles. Calif. 

BARBER. Allyn Herschel. A.B., J.D. 

Member, firm of Hahn & Hahn. 
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Jan. 4, 1896; s. 
of Ellen Isabel (Yates) and David Cassat 

Education: Los Angeles public schools; Le- 
land Stanford Jr. University. 
Degrees: A.B., 1919; J.D., 1920, Stanford 

Married: Doris McElroy, d. of Allie (Steph- 
ens) and William E. Hall at Covina (Calif.), 
April 26, 1923. Ch.: Ellen Elizabeth. 
Directorships: Pasadena Chamber of Com- 
merce; Trustee, Pasadena Preventarium. 
Army Service: Enlisted National Army, Dec. 
1917 Honorably discharged Dec. 1918. Sec- 
ond Lieutenant of Artillery U. S. Reserve 

Memberships: University Club of Pasadena; 
Zeta Psi Fraternity and Phi Delta Phi. 
Religion: Episcopalian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Tennis, swimming, boating, fish- 
ing, riding. 

Business Address: Pacific-Southwest Bldg., 
Pasadena, Calif. 

Ho7ne Address: 955 Old Mill Rd., Pasadena, 

BARBER, John Edwin. A.B. 
Vice-President, Middle West Service Com- 

Born: Toledo (Ohio), Dec. 3, 1886; s. of 
Ida May (Hull) and Jason Alonzo Barber. 
Education: Yale Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., Yale U., 1910. 
Married: Grayson Carter Beach, Washing- 
ton (D. C), Dec. 18, 1920; ch. : Carter, 
Mary Custis, Elizabeth Morgan. 
Bus. Record: With Harris, Forbes & Co. 
(New York and Philadelphia), 1910-17; 
President, First Securities Co.; Vice Presi- 
dent, First National Bank, Los Angeles, 
1929-32; Pres. and Dlr., Central and South- 
west Utilities Co., and Vice Pres., Middle 
West Corp., 1932-38; Vice Pres., Middle 
West Service Co., 1938—; Dir., Great Lake 
Power Co., Copper District Power Co., Pe- 
cos Valley Power & Light Co., with U. S. 
Shipping Bd. in various capacities, including 
Vice Pres., Emergency Fleet Corp. and At- 
tache Am. Peace Commn., Paris, 1917-19; 
Asst. to Dawes Commn. on German Repara- 
tions, 1924. 

Directorships: Calif. Inst. Tech. Associates. 
Decorations: Comdr. Order of Crown (Italy). 
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Zeta Psi, Cal- 
ifornia Club, Midwick Club. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 20 No. Wacker Dr., Chicago, 

Home Address: 270 Arroyo Dr., Pasadena, 
Calif. * 

BARBER, Oscar Thomas. LL.B. 

Lawyer, Orange Grower. 

Born: Carson City (Nevada), Feb. 25, 1874; 

s. of Emma California (Ferris) and Oscar 
Thomas Barber, Sr. 

Education: Riverside High School, (Calif.); 
Univ. of Calif. 

Degrees: LL.B., U. of Calif., 1899. 
Married: Ava Elizabeth, d. of George Frank 
Earle. at Berkeley (Calif.), on July 8, 1909; 
ch.: Betty B. Hadden, Margaret Burnham, 
Ava Jean and Thomas Earle Barber. 
Prof. Record: Practised law in San Fran- 
csico, as individual, since May, 1899; Orange 
Grower, 58-acre orchard, Sanger (Calif). 
Directorships: Fidelity Acceptance and Thrift 
Co., Fidelity Acceptance Corp., Fidelity Guar- 
anty Building and Loan Assn., Pacific School 
of Religion, Y.M.C.A., Berkeley; A. I. Hall 
and Sons, Wood and Hart, Inc., San Fran- 

Memberships: Hillcrest Lodge, No. 573, F. 
and A.M.; San Francisco Kiwanis Club; 
Commonwealth Club of Calif.; Phi Delta Phi; 
American Bar Assn., and Calif. State Bar. 
Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Golf, swimming and orange 

Bus. Address: 2100 Mills Tower, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 2925 Russell St., Berkeley, 

BARCLAY. Professor Thomas Swain. 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Prof, of Political Science, Stanford Univ. 
Born: St. Louis (Mo.), Jan. 26, 1892; s. of 
Lillie (Swain) and George Reppert Barclay. 
Education: Univ. of Mo.; Univ. of Chicago; 
Columbia Univ. 

Degrees: A.B., 1915, M.A., 1916, U. of Mo.; 
Ph.D., Columbia U., 1924. 
Prof. Record: Amer. Peace Commn., Paris, 
1919; Assistant Prof, of Pol. Sci., U. of Mo., 
1922-27; Assoc. Prof, of Pol. Sci.. Stanford 
U., 1928-37; Consulting Fellow, The Brook- 
ings Institution, 1931-33: Leader, Des Moines 
Public Forums, 1936; Prof, of Pol. Sci., Stan- 
ford U., since 19.37; Visiting Prof, at seven 
leading American Universities. 
Publications: The Liberal Republican Move- 
ment; The Movement for Municipal Home 
Rule; contributor to journals of politics and 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Theta 
Pi; Bohemian Club, (San Francisco). 
R eligion : Episcopal . 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Golf and baseball. 
Bus. Address: Stanford Univ., Calif. 

BARKAN. Professor Hans. A.B., M.D. 
Clinical Professor of Orpthalmology, Stan- 
ford Univ. Med. School. 

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), July 26, 1882; 
s. of Louise (Desepte) and Adolph Barkan. 
Education: Stanford Univ.; Harvard Univ.; 
post-grad, study in Ophthalmology, Vienna, 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1905; M.D., 
Harvard U., 1910. 

Married: Phoebe Bunker, Oct. 20, 1916; ch. : 
Adolph William and Phoebe Sarah. 
Prof. Record: Asst. in Pathology, Harvard 
1910-11, Instr., 1911-12; Vol. Asst. eye clin- 



Ic, Vienna, liJlL'-M; practised at San Fran- 
clsro sinco li)ll; with Stanford U. Med. Sch. 
as Asst. Instr. and Assoc. Prof, of Ophthal- 
mology, li)14-'28. Clink- Prof, since 19128. 
Directorships: Trustee Mills Coll., Thacher 
Sch. Mem. Am. and Calif. Mod. Assns., 
Amer. Acad. OphthalmoloKy and Otolaryn- 
gol <>»'• 

Arinv Service: Capt. Med. Corps, U. S. A., 

Memberships: American Opthal Soc; Pacific 
Coast Oto-opthal Soc; Delta Tau Delta; Al- 
pha Omega Alpha; Sigma Nu Sigma; Univ., 
Olympic, San Francisco Flycasting Clubs; 
Mem.. Editorial Staff, A7n. Jour. Ophthal- 

Bus. Address: Stanford Univ. Hospital, 2351 
Clpy St.. San Francisco, Calif. 
Home Address: 3653 Jackson St., San Fran- 
cisco. Calif. 

BARKER, George. 

Artist (Landscape and Portrait), Teacher 
and Lecturer. 

Born: Omaha (Nebr.), Feb. 20, 1882; s. of 
Annie (Osborne) of Sheffield (England), and 
George E. Barker of Chester (England). 
Education: Omaha (Nebr.), and in Paris 
(France) with Edwin Scott, Andre L'Hote, 
and in class of J. Laurie Wallace. Has 
also done special work in various univer- 

Married: Olive Ruth, d. of Isaac ^\^^ite Car- 
penter, Omaha (Nebr.). June 28, 1911; ch.: 
George Carpenter. (U.C.L.A., A.B., '35; Col- 
umbia U., M.S. "36). 

Bus. Record: Member of Earlier Co.. Omaha 
(Nebr.), founded by Geo. E. Barker, who 
came to Omaha in 1856 as a pioneer with 
his father from England (Rev. Joseph Bar- 
ker). Past Vice-Pres., Calif. Art Club; Past 
Pres., Omaha Art Guild. 

Directorships: Painters' and Sculptor's Club 
of L. A. 

Memberships: Calif. Art Club; Long Beach 
Art Assn. ; Santa Monica Art Assn. 
Religion: Episcopal and Unitarian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Desert painting, writing. 
Bus. Address: Studio, 536 Alma Real Dr., 
Pacific Palisades, Calif. 
Home Address: La Questa, Corona, Calif. * 

BARKER, (Miss) Helen Gordon. 

Art Lecturer, KFRC, Mutual Broadcasting 

Born: New Bedford (Mass.); d. of Isabell 
Matheson (Berry) and William Thornton 

Education: Holder of Elementary Certifi- 
cate, Hamilton Grammar; Girls High Schl.; 
San Francisco Normal; Univ. of Calif. (Units 
in the "History of Art", besides three semes- 
ters on "Egypt."). 

Prof. Record: Art Lecturer at M. H. de 
Young Memorial Museum (San Francisco) 
once a week, summer and winter, one hour 
lectures, 1922-25; twice a week summer and 
winter, 45 minute lectures, 1925-41; still 
continuing at 2 P. M. and 4 P. M. each Sun- 
day: Radio Art Lectures (15 min. each), 
each week, summer and winter since Feb. 
17, 1926 to present time; still continuing 
regularly Wed., 5 to 5:15; started with KPO, 
now with KFRC, Mutual Broadcasting Co.; 
(741 radio lectures) later intend to have 

radio script published In book form. 
Oriental Art series. History of American 
Painting, Our Colonial Days, Religious Art 
and its Hymhols, etc. ; holder of Teacher's 
Life Certiricale, granted by S. F. Board of 

Mrvihi rships: Charter member, irx)4, of Cap 
and Bells Club, recently made an Honorary 
Member of said club for distinction brought 
the club through Art Lectures and Radio 
Talks; Member of Council of The Society 
for Sanity in Art (S. F. Branch of the Na- 
tional Society, Chicago). 
Religion: Protestant Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. and Home Address: 2836 Buchanan 
St., San FarncLsco. Calif. • 

BARKER, Professor Horace Albert, 

A.B., Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor in Soil Microbiology, 
Univ. of California. 

Born: Oakland (Calif.), Nov. 29, 1907; s. 
of Nettie (Hindry) and A. C. Barker. 
Education: Stanford Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., 1929, Ph.D., 1933, Stanford U. 
Married: Margaret, d. of P. E. McDowell in 
Palo Alto (Calif.); ch.: Barbara Deering and 
Elizabeth Hindry. 

Prof. Record: National Research Council 
Fellow in Biological Science, 1933-35; Gen- 
eral Education Board Fellow, 1935-36; Instr. 
in Soil Microbiology, U. of Calif., 1936-40, 
Asst. Prof., 1940 — . John Simon Guggen- 
heim Memorial Fellow, 1941-42. 
Publications: Has writen some 25 technical 
scientific articles. 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi. 
Gamma Alpha, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Soc. of 
Amer. Bacteriologists. 
Religion: Christian. 
Politics: Non-partisan. 
Recreations: Fishing. 

Bits. Address.- Univ. of Calif., 3048 Life 
Sciences Bldg., Berkeley, Calif. 
Home Address: 992 Ventura Ave., Berkeley, 

BARKER, Olive Ruth. 

Painter (Water Color). 

Born: Chicago (111.), d. of Caroline M. Bathe- 

Education: Oberlin Conserv. of Music: stud- 
ied art in Omaha with J. Laurie Wallace, 
and in Calif, with Paul Sample, F. Tolles 
Chambelin, and Millard Sheets; studied de- 
sign in Paris (France). 

Married: George, s. of Annie (Osborne) and 
Geo. E. Barker. Omaha (Nebr.), June 28, 
1911; ch.: Geo. Carpenter Barker (U.C.L.A., 
A.B., '35, Columbia U. M.S., '36: now taking 
P.G. work in Anthropology, U.C.L.A.). 
Memberships: Nat'l. Assn. Women Painters 
and Sculptors (N. Y.); Calif. Art Club; 
Santa Monica Art Assn. ; Women Painters of 
the West; Past Sec'y., Calif. Water Color 

Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Gardening, study of botany, 
music, sketching out of doors. 
Bus. Address: Studio, 535 Alma Real. Dr., 
Pacific Palisades, Calif. 
Home Address: La Questa, Corona, Calif. * 



BARKOW. Carl G. , , , „ , 

Publisher, Banning Record and Herald, 1 aim 
Springs Desert Sun. 

Born: Cedar Falls (Iowa), April 15. 1888; s. 
of Elizabeth M. (Durst) and Ernest G. Bar- 

Married: Mabelle F. Wixom (now editor 
Banning Record); d. of Williarn D Wixom 
San Bernardino (Calif.). Feb. 10, 1912; ch 
Harold W. (editor Desert Sun of Palm 
Springs). „ 

Prof Record: Publisher San Bernardmo 
News 1910-11: Arlington Times, Highland 
MeZenaer 19^-21. Publisher and Editor 
BannZ kecord since 1925; est. Herald ot 
Banning, 1927; est. Desert Sun of Palm 
Springs 1927; now publisher of all three 
Past President, Banning Kiwanis Club, Past 
Pres., Banning Ch. of Com. 
Memberships: Economic Council of So. Calit.; 
Royal Arch Mason. 
Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Travel and reading. 
Bits. Address; Banning Record, Banning, 

Home Address: 1661 No. San Gorgonio Ave., 
Banning Calif:, and 190 No. Palm Canyon 
Dr., Palm Springs, Calif. 

BARKOW. Walter Herman. 

Publisher, Fallbrook Enterprise. 
Born- Sheffield (Iowa), Oct. 13, 1893: s. of 
Inzlbelh R. (Durst) and Ernest G. Barkow. 
Education: Santa Ana High School. 
Married: Hilda F.. d of W. W Webster at 
Fallbrook (Calif.), Nov. 29, 19o6, ch.. Wil- 
liam C, and Edith L. 

Bus Record: Los Angeles Times,. 3 years; 
LOS Ange°es Ea-aminer, 16 years. Publisher 
of Fallbrook Enterprise past 5 years. 
Recreatioyis: Hunting, fishing and swimming. 
Business and Home Address: Fallbrook, 

BARNARD, Archer Fortescue. 

Consulting Engineer. , 

Partner, firm of Leeds, Hill, Barnard and 

Born^ St. Joseph (Mo.), Dec. 29, 1881; s of 
Julia Boswell (Keefer) and John Fisk Bar- 
nard. . 
Education: Public schools, Cincinnati (Ohio) 
Council Bluffs (Iowa), and St. Joseph (Mo ) 
Sheffield Scientific School (Yale Univ.), 1900 
Univ. of Wise. 1902-04. 

Married: Myra Lillian, d. of Myra Daniel 
(Allen) and Emil Frazier Ruppel, in Pasa- 
dena (Calif.), June 20, 1922; ch.: Wilfred 
Ruppel and Myra Helena. 

Prof Record: Ass't on Eng'r. Corps., Los 
Angeles and Salt Lake R. R. (now Union 
Pacific), 1904-12, Salt Lake City and Los 
Angeles; Ass't. Eng'r., 1914-19, Assoc, 1919- 
28, partner, 1928-30, with Leeds and Bar- 
nard, Los Angeles; Partner with Quinton, 
Code and Hill-Leeds and Barnard, Los An- 
geles, 1930-40; Parter with Leeds, Hill, Bar- 
nard and Jewett, Loa Angeles, 1940 — . 
Army Record: First Lieut., U. S. Army, 
World War, Sept. 1918 to April 1919. 
Memberships: Univ. Club, (L. A.); Amer. 
Soc. of Civil Engrs. 
Religion : Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Badminton, gardening, reading 
and music. 

Btis. Address: Edison Bldg., 601 W. 5th St., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 690 Westgate St., Pasadena, 


BARNES, The Reverend Canon C. 
Rankin. A.B., B.D. 
Rector, St. Paul's Church, San Diego. 
Born: Manitowoc (Wise), March 23, 1891; s. 
of Janet (Rankin) and Rev. Charles L. 

Education: Univ. of Calif.; General Theo- 
logical Seminary. 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1912; B.D., 
Gen. Theo. Sem., 1915. 

Prof. Record: Ordained Deacon, 1915; Priest, 
Episcopal Church, 1916; Fellow, General 
Theological Seminary, 1915-16; Vicar, Imper- 
ial Valley Mission, El Centro (Calif.). 1916- 
18; Rector, St. James' Church, South Pasa- 
dena (Calif.), 1918-31; Exec. Secy., Social 
Service Dept., Episcopal Church, 1931-36; 
Rector, St. Paul's Church, San Diego, since 
1936; Canon, St. Paul's Cath., Los Angeles, 
since 1937; Lecturer, Church Divinity Sch. 
of the Pacific, Berkeley, since 1939. 
Directorships: Child Welfare League of 
America, Calif. Conference of Social Work, 
Calif. Assn. for Adult Education and San 
Diego Symphy. Orch. Assn. 
Memberships: National Arts (New York); 
Univ. (San Diego) ; Univ. (Pasadena) . 
Home Address: 408 Nutmeg St.. San Diego, 

BARNES, Clifford Webster, A.B., B.D. 
M.A., LL.D. 
Educator, Capitalist. 

Born: Corry (Pa.), Oct. 8, 1864; s. of Anna 
B. (Webster) and Joseph Barnes. 
Education: Yale, Univ. of Chiacgo and Ox- 
ford (Eng.). 

Degrees: A.B.. 1889, B.D., 1892, Yale; M.A., 
U. of Chicago, 1893; LL.D.. Lake Forrest 
U., 1913, and 111. Coll., 1925. 
Marrid: Alice Reid, May 5, 1898 (dec. May 
12, 1938); ch.: Lilace Reid. 
Prof. Record: Resident worker, Hull House, 
Soc. Settlement, Chicago, 1893-94; Pastor 
in Chicago, 1894-97; Dir., Student Christian 
Movement, Paris (France), 1898-99; Acting 
Pres., American Art Assn., Paris, 1898-99; 
Instr. Sociology and Dir. Univ. Settlement 
Work, U. of Chicago, 1899-1900; Pres. and 
Prof, of Sociology, 111. Coll., 1900-05; Gen. 
Sec, Religious Edn. Assn. of America, 1905- 
06; Spl. Commr. to Europe to investigate 
moral and religious training in schs., 1906- 
07; Hon. Sec. and Chmn., Exec. Com., In- 
ternational Com. on Moral Training since 
1907; Chmn., Executive Com. Legislative 
Voters League. 1907-24; Pres., Founder, Chi- 
cago Sunday Evening Club, 1908—; Founder, 
Com. of 16, 1908, Pres., 1908-16, Mem., Exec. 
Com., 1909, Pres., 1935-39, Chmn., Bd., since 
1939; Chmn., Chicago Community Trust, 
1915—; Pres., Chicago Ch. Fed,, 1925-27; 
V.-P., Chicago Assn. Commerce, 1927-31, Dir., 
Mem., Exec. Com., since 1931; Trustee, Chi- 
cago Y.W.C.A., 1929—; V.-P., Exec, and 
Budget Com., Joint Emergency Relief Fund 
of Cook Co., 1931-34; Chicago Plan Commn. 
1936, Chicago Recreation Commn., 1937; 
V.-P., World Alliance for Internal. Friend- 
ship, 1927 — , Del., Triennial Internat meet., 
same, Cambridge, 1931; Del., World Conf. on 
Faith and Order, Lausanne, 1927; Mem., 
Exec. Com., Com. of 1000; Advisory Co., 



Federal Council Schls, of Christ In America; 

Pres., War Uoereadon Bd. or 111.; Prcs., War 

Camp Community Ser.. CtilcaRo; Mem., Nnvy 

Commn. on Trainlnt; Camp Activities; Major 

and Dept. Commdr., Am. I{od Cro.s.s Commn. 

to Greece; V.-P., Chlcnso Commn. Fund, 

1934 — ; Dlr., ChlcaKo Council oC Social Agen- 

cles, 1919—; Mem. of Corp. Lake 

Acad., 1934 — ; Trustee, Estate of Simon 


Directorships: Mem. Board Dirs. GronfcU 

Assn. since 1936. 

Directorships: Mem., Board Dirs., Grenfell 

Silver Palm (Greece), 1919; Knight, Order 

of Golden Cross (Greece), 1919. 

Memberships: Clubs: Chicago, University, 

City, Union League (Chicago), Onwentsia 

(Lake Forest, 111.), Yale (N. Y.), Annan- 

dr'.e Country (Pasadena, Calif.). 

Bus. Address: 10 So. LaSalle St., Chicago, 


Home Address: Lake Forest, 111. * 

BARNES. Forrest. 

Radio Writer and Producer. 
Born: Chicago, June 11, 1906; s. of Louise 
(Hart) and Sylvanus Warren Barnes. 
Education: Nicholas Senn High School. 
Married: Evelyn, d. of Charles Bolster, Los 
Angeles, May 30, 1936; ch.: Christopher For- 

Prof. Record: Nine years in radio. Writer 
for First Nighter. Grand Hotel, the John 
Barrymore Shakespeare Series, Thrills, Knick- 
erbocker Playhouse, Texaco Star Theatre, 
Alex Templeton Show. Great Gunns, Edgar 
Allen Poe Series, Charles Boyer Radio plays, 
etc. Also a number of historical short 
subjects for Warner Brothers, two of which 
named for Academy Award. 
Directorships: National President of the Ra- 
dio Writers Guild of the Authors League of 

Politics: Democrat. 

Recrations: Builder of miniature rooms in 
period settings. 

Ho7ne Address: Box 14, Redwood Park, Calif. 
Other Addresses: L. A. office (R. W. G.) 
1655 Cherokee Ave., Hollywood, Calif. * 

BARNES, Morgan. A.B., M.A., LL.D. 
Professor, Grove City College. 
Born: Mercer (Penna.), May 7, 1870; s. of 
Elizabeth (Baker) and Samuel Barnes. 
Education: Public Schools, Harvard Univ., 
Univ. of Berlin. 

Degrees: A.B., Harvard U., 1891; M.A., 1895, 
LL.D., 1935, Grove City Coll. (Penna.). 
Married: Jane, d. of Isabella (Buchanan) 
and Thomas Dale, Grove City (Penna), Sept. 
15, 1904; ch.: Eleanor Dale (Mrs. Freder- 
ick L. Taft, 3rd.), Thomas Dale. 
Prof. Record: Instructor, Grove City Coll., 
1892-94; Prof, ibid., 1894-96; Professor West- 
minster (Pa.) Coll., 1896-1903; Teacher, 
Thacher School, Ojai (Calif.), 1903-10; act- 
ing Vice Principal, Northwestern State Norm- 
al Sch., 1911-14; Professor, Grove City Coll., 
1914-17; Classical Master, Thacher School, 
1917-31; Headmaster, Thacher School, 1931- 
36; Professor, Grove City Coll., 1936—. 
Directorships: Dir. of the following: Indian 
Defence Assn., (Santa Barbara) ; The Thach- 
er School (Ojai) ; George Junior Republic 
of Penna.; Ojai Valley Schl.; Ojai Valley 

Pub. Library. Tru.stee, OJal Presbyterian 


Publications: Contributor to magazines and 


Politics: Independent. 

Recreations: Collecting American glass. 

Bus. and Home Address: 4.33 No. Broad St., 

Grove City, Penna. 

Other Address: Casa de Pledra Ranch, OJal 

Valley, Calif. 

HARNETT. Ellsworth Lansing. A.B. 

Secretary, Santa Rosa Building and Loan 


Born: Santa Rosa (Calif.), Nov. 18, 1905; 

s. of Mary Emma (Fryer) and Charles D. 


Education: Public schools (Santa Rosa), 

Stanford Univ. 

Degrees: A.B. in Mech. Engr., Stanford U., 


Married: Dorothy M., d. of Ida (Miller) and 

Emile Stegner, Jacksonville (111.), April 20, 

1929; ch.: Dorothy Johana and Constance 


Bus. Record: Engaged In the factory of In- 

gersoll Rand, Inc., from June, 1927, to May, 

1928, when he became Sales Engineer (St. 

Louis Office) ; retained this position until 

July, 1931; since August, 1931, has been 

Secretary of the Santa Rosa Building & 

Loan Ass'n. 

Directorships: Secty. and Dir., Building & 

Loan Ass'n. (Santa Rosa) ; Dir., Sonoma 

Co. Land Title Co. 

Memberships: Lodge No. 57, F. & A. M. ; 

A. & A. S. R. (32°) (Santa Rosa Bodies); 

Alpha Kappa Lambda. 

Religion: Presbyterian. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Golt, swimming, boating. 

Bus. Address: 629 Fourth St., Santa Rosa, 


Home Address: 100 Junior St., Santa Rosa, 


BARNETT, Professor George DeForest, 

A.B., M.A., M.D. 

Professor of Medicine, Stanford University. 
Born: Santa Rosa (Calif), July 12, 1884; s. 
of Mary (Cox) and Joel Dwight Barnett. 
Education: Stanford Univ.; Johns Hopkins 
Medical School. 

Degrees: A.B., 1906, M.A., 1909, M.D., 1913, 
Stanford U. 

Married: Arma C, d. of Edward Curtis 
Franklin, at Stanford U. (Calif.), July 12, 
1924; ch.: Margaret Adelle, Edward Frank- 

Prof. Record: Instructor in Medicine, Stan- 
ford Medical School, 1915-17; private prac- 
tice (Internal Medicine) 1919-24; Assoc. Prof, 
of Med., Stanford, 1924-26; Prof, of Med. 
Stanford, 1926—. 

Navy Service: Lieutenant, Med. Corps, U. S.. 
Naval Reserve Forces, 1917-19 
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, 
Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Delta Theta. 
Recreations: Music. 

Bus. Address: Stanford Hospital, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 662 Mirada Ave., Stanford 
Univ., Calif. 



BARNETT. Professor Samuel Jackson. 


Professor of Physics, Univ. of Cailf. and 
Research Associate, Calif. Inst, of Tech. 
Born: Woodson Co. (Kan.), Dec. 14, 1873; 
s. of Margaret Lees (Duff) and Rev. James 
Barnett, D.D. 

Education: Public schools and Coll. of Em- 
poria (Kan.); Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of 
Denver; Univ. ot Va. ; Cornell Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., U. of Denver, 1894; Grad. 
Sch. of Astronomy, U. of Va., 1896; Ph.D. 
Cornell U., 1898. 

Married: Lelia Jefferson Harvie, of Amelia 
Co. (Va.), July 30, 1904. 

Prof. Record: Instr. in Physics and Biology, 
U. of Denver, 1894-95; Asst. in Obs., U. of 
Va., 1895-96; U. Scholar, later Pres., White 
Fellow Cornell U., 1896-98; Instr., Asst. 
Prof., and Prof, of Phvsics, Colo. Coll.. 189S- 
1900, Stanford, 1900-05, Tulane U. of La., 
1905-11, Ohio State U., 1911-18; Physicist, 
Carnegie Inst, of Wash., 1918-26 (Research 
Asso., 1924-26) ; Prof, of Physics, U. of Calif. 
(Los Angeles), since 1926; Research Asso. 
Calif. Inst, of Tech. since 1924. Magnetic 
Observer U. S. Coast and Geod. Survey, 1902- 
04. Awarded Comstock prize for Electricity, 
Magnetism and Radiation, Nat. Acad. Sci- 
ences, for discovery of Magnetization by Ro- 
tation, 1918. Faculty Research Lecturer, 
U. of Calif. (Los Angeles), 1928. Member, 
International Reunion d'fitudes sur le Mag- 
netisme, Strasbourg, 1939. Member Nat'l 
Research Council, 1922-24, and of its Coms. 
on Theories of Magnetism and Electromag- 
netic Induction. 

Publications: Elements of Electro-magnetic 
Theory, 1903. Contbd. articles especially 
on Theoretical and Experimental Electricity 
and Magnetism. 

Me7nherships: F.A.A.A.S. (Exec. Com. Pa- 
cific Div. 1927-34); Amer. Physical Soc; 
Amer. Acad. Arts and Sciences; Amer. Geo- 
phys. Union; Wash. Philos. Soc; Sigma Xi 
Cornell) (Pres., Calif. -L. A. Chapter, 1933- 
34); Phi Beta Kappa (U. of Va.); Athenaeum 
Club of Calif. Inst, of Tech. 
Hoyne Address: 939 Thayer Ave., Westwood 
Hills, Los Angeles, Calif. 

BARNEY. Kate S. 


Born: Greenville (Iowa), May 21, 1895; d. 
of Mary Ann (Evans) and Samuel Hartman 

Education: Whittier High Sch.; Univ. exten- 
sion courses. 

Married: A. L. Barney, s. of Catherine and 
John Barney, Sr., in Chippewa Falls (Wis.); 
ch.: Frank Strawn Cammack and Mary Jane 

Prof. Record: Has been Co-Publisher of the 
Belvedere Citizen for the last seven years. 
Democratic State Committeewoman in Cali- 
fornia from Los Angeles County. 
Memberships: Business and Professional Wo- 
man's Club; Vice-Pres. of the Toastmistress 
Club; Pres. of the Hub Club. 
Religion: Roman Catholic. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recerations: Painting and decorating. 
Bus. Address: Belveder Citizen, 3725 E. 
First St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 4045 Floral Dr., Los Angeles, 

BARRETT, Professor Clifford. A.B. 
M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of Philosophy, Scripps College. 
Born: Conn., Dec. 3, 1894; s. of Catherine 
L. (Gibson) and Charles L. Barrett. 
Education: Occidental College; Syracuse Uni- 
versity; U. of Calif.; Princeton U. 
Degrees: A.B., Occidental, 1917; M.A., Prince- 
ton, 1920; Ph.D. Syracuse, 1926. 
Married: Gertrude Nancy, d. of Elizabeth 
and Benjamin F. Whitton, at Berkeley 
(Calif.), May 17, 1923; ch.: Norman Whitton. 
Prof. Record: Mills Asst. in Philosophy, U. of 
Calif., 1922-23; Instr. in Philosophy, Asst. 
Prof, and Chmn. of Phil. Dept., U. of Calif., 
L. A., 1923-25, 1926-30; Asst. Prof, of Phil- 
osophy and Departmental Representative, 
Princeton U., 1930-40; Prof, of Philosophy, 
Scripps Coll., 1940—. 

Publications: Ethics, Philosophy, Contempo- 
rary Idealism, in America (Editor and Con- 
tributor) ; also numerous articles in the 
Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Review, 
International Jouranl of Ethics, New York 
Times Book Review, Forum, etc. 
Memberships: Princeton (N. Y. C). 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreation : Tennis. 

Bus. Address: Scripps College, Claremont, 

Home Address: 1011 Berkeley Ave., Clare- 
mont, Calif. * 

BARRETT, Edward John Boyd. M.A.. 


Born: Dublin (Eire), Oct. 29, 1883; s. of 
Mary (MacCarthy) and John Boyd Barrett. 
Education: Clongov/es Wood College (Eire); 
Nat. University (Eire) ; Louvain U. (Belgium). 
Degrees: M.A., Nat. U., 1911; Ph.D., Lou- 
vain U., 1911. 

Married: Anna Berkeley, d. of Joseph O'- 
Beirne, in Md., 1931; ch.: Eamon Boyd 

Prof. Record: Associated wfith the Jesuit Order 
for many years, and subsequently, Phycho- 
Analyst, Lecturer, Writer in N. Y. 
Publications: Strength of Will, 1915; The 
Neui Psychology, 1925; The Jesuit Enigma, 
1927; While Peter Sleeps, 1929; The Mag- 
nificent Illusion, 1930; The Great O'Neill, 

Memberships: British Assn. of Psychologists, 

Religion: Roman Catholic. 
Recreations: Riding, shooting and dogs 
(Kerry Blues). 

Bus. and Home Address: "Benburb," Soquel, 

BARRETT. Marguerite Elma. A.B., M.A. 
Science Teacher, Aptos Jr. High School. 
Born: Great Bend (Kan.), Oct. 4, 1903; d. 
of Johnette (Cowgill) and R. Hornbeck. 
Education: University of Calif.; Stanford U. 
Degrees: A.B., 1926, M.A., 1930, U. of Calif.; 
Student for Ph.D., Stanford, since Jan., 1939. 
Married: Don Carlos Barrett, Attorney-at- 
Law, in San Francisco (Calif.), June 29, 
Prof. Record: San Francisco Science Teacher 



for i;? years; Inslr. Amer. Red Cross for 
ten years. 

Publications: "Elfects of the Economic Sit- 
uation on Secondary Education." Sicrrti Edu- 
cational News. May, l!t:W; "Effects of Ben- 
zedrine on Maze Perlormancc of the Albino 
Rat," to be published Vol. II, 1941 Journal 
of Psychology. 

Memberships: Pi Lambda Theta; Yerba 
Buena. Eastern Star. 
Religioti: Christian Science. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Amateur atsronomer — owner of 
8-lnch reflecting telescope. 
Bus. Address: Aplos and Upland Dr., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Ho''ne Address: 2855 - 34th Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. • 

BARRON, George Haviland, M.A.A. 
Former Curator. 

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Sept. 19. 1869; 
s. of Anna (Haviland) and Michael Barron. 
Education: St. Mary's Coll. 
Degrees: M.A.A., St. Mary's Coll. 
Married: Florence, d. of Thomas D. Yates, 
in Amador City (Calif.), Dec. 17, 1882; ch. : 
Dolores. John and Henry. 

Prof. Record: Curator of M. H. de Young 
Museum, March 1, 1910: retired July 1. 1933; 
Hon. Mem. of San Francisco Exempt Fire 
Dept. (organized 1849, disbanded 1866; last 
living Mem.); Hon. Mem. San Joaquin Co. 
Fire Dept. 

Memberships: Native Sons (^Iden West, Past 
Grand Historigrapher. 
Religion: Catholic. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Walking and collecting. 
Home Address: 897 Barron Ave., Redwood 
City, Calif. * 

BARRY. J. M. "Sam," A.B. 

Athletic Coach. 

Asst. Football Coach, Head Basketball and 
Baseball Coach. University of So. Calif. 
Born: Aberdeen, San Diego (Calif.), Dec. 17, 
1892; s. of Kate (Darmody) and Victor 
George Barry. 

Education: LawTence College and U. of Wis. 
Married: Ruth. d. of G. E. Botham, in Mad- 
ison (Wis.), Aug. 11, 1917; ch.: one son. 
Prof. Record: Coach, Knox Coll., 1918-1922; 
Coach, Iowa U., 1922-29; Coach, U. of So. 
Cailf., 1929—. 

Directorships: Treasure Island Camp for 
Boys, Santa Catalina Island. 
Publications: Basket Ball, published 1927. 
Army Service: S. A. T. C, Knox Coll. 
Religion: Catholic. 
Recreations: Swimming, riding. 
Bus. Address: 3551 University Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Ho7ne Address: 1110 Hi Point, Los Angeles, 
Calif. * 


Concert Violinist and Teacher. 
Born: Celina (Ohio), June 1, 1894. 
Education: Studied in Pittsburg (Penna.), 
and Vienna (Austria). 

Married: WAi.' P. Law.son and John A. Myers 
(both dec); ch.: ^^ora Elizabeth Lawson. 
Prof. Record: Touftft' Euroi)e and the U. S. 
many times, appenrlr.g as a Soloist with 
most of the major ."^m.jliony orchestras; now 
teaching and coaching .yioung artists. 
Bus. and Home Address: 19.39 Rose Villa 
St., Pasadena, Calif. * 

BARTHOLOMEW, Professor Elbert 
Thomas, A.B., Ph.D. 

Profes.sor of Plant Physiology, Oitf'..s Ex- 
periment Sta., University of (Tallf. 
Born: Stockton (Kan.), Oct. 18, 1878; s Of 
Rachel Isabella (Montgomery) and Eir:ti 

Education: Kan. State Teachers Coll.; U. 
of Wis.; Marine Biol. Sta., Woods Hole, 
(Mass.); Stanford U. 

Degrees: Teacher's Cert., 1907, A.B., 1909, 
Kan. State Teachers Coll.; Ph.D., U. of 
Wis., 1914. 

Married: Mary Lucille, d. of Wm. and 
Martha A. Keene, in Columbia (Mo.), Aug. 
5, 1916; ch.; Martha Lucille and Lois Jeanne. 
Prof. Record: Kan. State Teachers Coll., 
Asst. in Botany from 1907-10: and from 1910 
to 1919 was Fellow, Instr. and Asst. Prof, 
of Botany. U. of Wis. ; 1917-18, Acting Instr., 
Botany, Stanford U.; Asst. Prof, of Pathol- 
ogy and Asso. Plant Pathologist, 1920-28, 
U. of Calif. ; Asso. Plant Physiologist, Plant 
Physiologist, 1928-39; since 1939, Prof, of 
Plant Physiology and Head of the Division 
of Plant Physiology of the U. of Calif. Citrus 
Exper. Sta., since 1936. 

Directorships: Pac. Div., Amer. Soc. of Bot- 
any, So. Calif. Bot. ; Kiwanis. 
Publications: Forty-eight scientific publica- 
tions in the field of plant pathology, cytol- 
ogy and physiology . 

Memberships: Amer. Assn. Adv. Sci., Amer. 
Soc. PI. Physiol.. Amer. Phytopath. Soc, 
Bot. Soc. Amer., West. Soc. Naturalists, So. 
Calif. Bot.; Kiwanis; Sigma Xi, Gamma Al- 
pha, Kappa Detla Pi. 
Religion : Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Tennis, golf, lawn bowling. 
Bus. Address:: University of California, Riv- 
erside, Calif. 

Home Address: 3064 Mulberry St., Riverside, 

BARTHOLOMEW. Frank Harmon. 

Vice-Pres.. United Press Associations in West- 
ern United States. 

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Oct. 5, 1898; 
s. of Kate Leigh (Schuck) and John William 

Education: Public and high schools of Port- 
limd (Ore.); Oregon State College. 
Married: Antonia Luise, d. of Edward S. 
Patzelt, In Portland (Ore.), May 18, 1922. 
Prof. Record: Reporter, Morning Oregonian 
and Evening Telegram, Portland (Ore.); 
Sports Editor. Morning Sun, Vancouver (B. 
C); joined United Press at Portland as Bur. 
Mgr. in 1921. transferred to Los Angeles, 
thence to Kansas City as business represent- 
ative; made Pacific Div. Mgr. in San Fran- 
cisco: subsequently Vice-Pres. in charge of 
the Pacific area (Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, 
and Central America to and including Pan- 
ama). Mem. of Amer. Council, Inst, of Pa- 
cific Relations. 



Directorships: Vice-Pres., Uniiec" Press Assn. 

(N. Y.); Pres., Carson Nevada Co., Carson 

City (Nev.). 

Army Service: First. Lt of Infantry, U. S. 

Army, 1918. " ' 

Meinberships: 0\y}y\p,ur and Press clubs; Sig- 
ma Delta Chi (nat prof, journalistic frat.); 

Mem. Exec. Corim., Frederick G. Bunch 

Post No. IIG ('Newspapermen's Post) Amer. 

Legion '(all oi 'San Francisco). 

Religion: 'Protestant. 

PoUiivc': kepublican. 

^^creht'ions : Handball, tennis, golf. 

iJvs. Address: United Press Assns., 814 Mis- 
-sjion St., San Francisco, Calif. 
, Home Address: Glenbrook, Nevada. 

BARTLE. Ira Bennett. B.S., M.D. 

Born: Woodhull (N. Y.), Sept. 16, 1871; s. 
of Hannah Minerva (Baxter) and William 

Education: Larned High, Larned (Kan.) 
Central Normal College, Great Bend (Kan.) 
S. W. Kansas University, Winfield (Kan.) 
Keokuk Med. Coll., Keokuk (Iowa); Tulane 
U., New Orleans (La.); Chicago Polyclinic, 
Chicago (111.). 

Degrees: B.S., Cent. Normal Coll., 1891; M. 
D., Keokuk Med. Coll., 1894, and Tulane U., 

Married: Laura, d. of Luis Gilbert, in Paw- 
nee Rock (Kan.), 1896; ch.: Stanford C, 
Helen N., Edblom, and Dorothy N. Bettis. 
Prof. Record: Has always been a physician, 
having hostpital connections with the Eugene 
Hosp., Eugene (Ore.), Mercy Hosp., Kiser 
Bros., and Bartle Hosp., North Bend (Ore.); 
Co. Hosp. and Mt. View Hosp., San Luis 
Obispo (Calif.), Mercy Hosp., Nogales (Ariz.), 
Thompsons Hosp., Calexica (Calif.). 
Publications: Series on Malaria, 1904-08, 
New England Med. Monthly, Memphis Med. 
Journal, Memphis (Tenn), Oklahoma Med. 
Journal; Anemia: New England Med. Jour- 
nal, 1906; Rheumatism, Med. Brief, St. Louis 
(Mo.), 1907; a new Bacillus, Neio England 
Med. Monthly, 1907; a series on the use of 
Insulin in other than diabetic conditions, 
North West Med., South West Med., Med. 
Journal and Record (N. Y.), 1925-26; many 
heart series and Actino, Micosis Med. Jour- 
nal and Record, 1931; Acidosis, Amer. Med., 
1930, and many others. 

Army Service: Major M. C, 1917-209, 44th 
Inf., 13th Sanitary Train and 10th Cav. 
Meynberships: Rotary Intornat. ; all branches 
of Masonry; W. O. W.; most Med. societies. 
Religion : Protestant. 
Politics : Democrat. 

Recreations: Research work (have made ex- 
tensive research on the longevity of bacteria, 
especially in old pyramids, temples, and Calif, 

Bus. Address: 722 Marsh St., San Luis Obis- 
po, Calif. 

Home Address: Monterey Heights, San Luis 
Obispo, Calif.; and Running Springs, Calif. 

BARTLETT, Alfred Lewis. LL.B. 

Born: Kansas City (Mc), Oct. 8, 1884; s. of 
Francelia (Lewis) and Frank Whitehouse 

Education: Amherst College; University of 
So. Calif. 

Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif. ,1909. 
Married: Rallah, d. of Margaret H. and 
Newton C. Adams, at Los Angeles, Calif., 
June 29, 1912. 

Prof. Record: Was admitted to practice in 
1909, and began practice in Los Angeles; 
Member, Calif. State Legislature, 1915-19; 
Los Angeles County Rep., Stale Central 
Comm. (Chmn., 1920); Calif. State Rep., 
Central Comm. (Vice-Chmn., 1922) ; Trus- 
tee of Los Angeles Co. Bar Assn., 1926; 
Rep. Presidential Elector, 1932; Chmn., Com. 
of Bar Examiners of Calif,, 1931-34; Mem. 
Exec. Council, Nat. Conf. of Bar Examiners, 
1932-36; Pres., State Bar of Calif., 1936-37; 
Board of Governors, State Bar of Calif., 
1928-30. 1934-36; Mem. Amer. Bar Assn., 
State Bar of Calif., Los Angeles Co. Bar 
Assn. ; Mem. firm Randall and Bartlett, 
1910-38; Bartlett and Kearney, 1938—. 
Publications: Has written articles on legal ed. 
Memberships: F. & A. M.; University Club; 
Sons of Revolution; Phil Delta Phi; Phi 
Delta Theta; Town Hall. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: A. G. Bartlett Bldg., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 1247 Kings Rd., Los Angeles, 

BARTLETT. Gray Phineas. 


Born: Rochester (Minn.), 1885; s. of Elize- 
beth (Gray) and Phineas Allen Bartlett. 
Education: Austin (Minn.); Greeley (Colo.) 
State Normal; Chicago Art Inst. 
Married: Betty M., d. of Marcus Meyer, in 
Burlington (Iowa), 1912; ch.: two girls. 
Prof. Record: Started Commercial Art work 
with Williamson Hoffner Eng. Co., Denver 
(Colo.); became Head of Art Dept. in Minn. 
Eng. Co., Minneapolis (Minn.), and Secy, 
and Treas. of same; retired from business 
in 1937 and came to Calif, to paint and 
enjoy life. 

Memberships: Mason, Optomist; Co-opeative 
Athletic and Country Club of Minneapolis. 
Religion : Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Painting, golf, and stamp col- 

Bus. and Home Address: 2044 Benedict 
Canyon, Beverly Hills, Calif. * 

BARTLETT. Maxine Elizabeth. A.B. 

Shopping Editor and Writer of Screen Soci- 
ety for the Los Angeles Times. 
Born: Long Lake (Wash.), July 23, 1914; 
d. of Mabel (Avery) and Max C. Bartlett. 
Education: Public schools in Yakima (Wash.), 
Spokane (Wash.), and Pasadena; University 
of So. Calif.; Stanford U. 
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1936; Scholar- 
ship key, Sigma Delta Chi, 1936. 
Bus. Record: Acquired first job as Newspa- 
per Columnist in Oct., 1937; wrote 
shopping columns and now writes screen so- 
ciety and occasional reviews and coverage 
of premieres, etc. for drama dept.; has also 
written articles for tlie Weekly Magazine 
of the Times and several for the semi-ann- 
ual editions of the supplement to the paper 
known as the World's Kitchen, also byline 



column and chattercolumn (screen society). 
Memberships: Gamma Phi Bcla, Theta Sigma 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Dancing reading and \v,ill<lng. 
Bus. Address: 202 W. First St., Los Ange- 
les, Calif. 

Hoyne Address: 199 So. El Molino, Pasadena, 
Call I". 

BARTON, Lieutenant Colonel 
Alexander Monro. U.S.A.R., A.B., C.E., 

Chief Eiiginoer and General Manager, State 
Reclamation Board. 

Born: New York, Aug. 6, 1889; s. of Agnes 
Mary (Small* and Charles James Barton. 
Ed -.cation: Chamberlain Inst.; Roanoke Col- 
lege.; V.M.I. 

Degrees: A.B., Roanoke; C.E., V.M.I. , 1906. 
Married: Widower. 

Prof. Record: General practice 6f engineer- 
ing in British Columbia (Can.), Calif.. 
Nevada, Wyoming, and Russia; Chief Engr. 
and Genl. Mgr., State Reclamation Bd., since 
1923. This Board is the State agency co-op- 
erating with the Federal Govt, in the plan- 
ning and construction of flood control works 
on the Sacramento River and its tributaries. 
Army Record: Can. Northwest Mounted Po- 
lice; Me.\. Border duty as oficers in Calif. 
Engrs., 1916-17; 117th Engrs., 42nd Rainbow 
Div., A.E.F.; Amer. Military Mission to 
Russia; commissioned Lt. Col., Engrs. Re- 
serve, U. S. A. 

Decorations: U. S. A.-Me.x. Border Medal 
and Victory Medal; France - Chevalier Order 
of the Black Star; Russia - Cro.^s of St. 

Members?! ips.- Phi Kappa Alpha; Amer. Le- 
gion; 32° Mason. Shrine; Sutter Club. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Porifjcs; Republican. 

Recreations: Hunting, fishing and riding. 
Bus. Address: State Office Bldg., Sacramento, 

Home Address: 2900 Land Park Dr., Sacra- 
mento, Calif. 

BARTON. Loren. F.R.S.A., (Mrs. Perez 
R. Babcock). 

Portrait Painter. Muralist. 
Born: O.xford (Mass.); d. of Jesse (Wood- 
bury) and Loren Chandler Barton. 
Education: Univrsity of So. Calif.; College 
of Fine Arts. 

Married: Perez Rogers Babcock, s. of Chas. 
Feli.x Babcock, in Rome (Italy), June 24. 

Prof. Record: Paints portraits and murals, 
etches, designs, lectures and illustrates a 
number of books a year; permanently rep- 
resented in the following places; Calif. State 
Libr., L. A. Public Libr., L. A. Museum, 
Brooklyn Museum, Metro Museum of N. Y., 
Nat. Gallery, Art Inst, of Chicago, Wesleyar 
Coll.. ?\Iacon (Ga.), Mun. Collection of Phoe- 
nix. Ponoma Coll., Nat. Libr. of France, and 
New York Pub. Libr. 

Publications Illustrated: Spanish Alta Cali- 
fornia (Macmillan; Private Props (Doubleday, 
Dorani : Rising Thunder (Longmans, Green); 
Beppy Marloive (Viking Press) ; Nuggets of 
Singing Creek (Doubleday, Doran) ; Cali- 
fornia (Macmillan) : A Son of the First Peo- 
ple (Macmillan), etc. 

Memberships: Amer. Fedr. of Arts, Nat. 
A.Hsn. of Women Painters and Sculptori, 
.Soc. of Amer Etchers, Chicago Soc. of 
Etchers; N. Y. Water Color, Calif. Water 
Color, and C.illf. Art clubs; Agnarelle Soc. 
of Calif.; The Pen and Brush Club of N. Y.; 
Fellow of the Royal .Soc. of Arts (I^ndon). 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Independent. 
Recreations: Riding. 

Bus. Address: c-o Dalzell Hatfield Galleries, 
Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles Calif. 
Home Address: 753 So. Spauldlng Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BARTON, William Sidney. A.B. 
Science Editor, Los Angeles Times. 
Born: Chicago (111.), March 9, 1898; s. of 
Emma L. (Welles) and George Preston 


Education: Pasadena High School, Univer- 
sity of Calif. 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1925. 
Married: Winifred, d. of Robert Bruce Wal- 
lace, in Sierra Madre (Calif.), Nov. 4, 
1920; ch.; Winifred Sydney and Raymond. 
Bus. Record: Methods Department, Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, N. Y. City, 1920-22; 
newspaper reporting and mag. non-fiction 
writing, 1925-34; Science Editor, Los Ange- 
les Tivies, 1934 — ; wTOte interpretative ar- 
ticles while traveling in Europe in 1939. 
Publications: Articles in various magazines 
and newspapers. 

Army Service: Sergeant, U. S. Army Med. 
Corps. ; enlisted in U. S. Army, Los Ange- 
les Ambulance Co., May, 1917, drove ambu- 
lance with A.E.F. in France for 14 months. 
Memberships: Phi Kappa Psi; Breakfast 
Forum; Amer. Legion. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Independent. 
Recreations: Fishing and traveling. 
Bus. Address: Los Angeles Times, First and 
Spring, Los Angeles, Calif. 
H07ne Address: 487 California Terrace, Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

BARUCH. Professor Dorothy Walter. 

S.B., M.E., Ph.D. 

Profes.sor of Education, Dir. of Preschool, 
Broadoaks School of Education, WTiittier 

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 5, 1899; 
d. of Rosalie (Neustadter) and Clarence R. 

Education: Byrn MawT; U. of So. Calif.; 
Whittier Coll.; Claremont Coll. 
Degrees: E.B., 1930, M.E., 1931, Broadoaks 
Sen. of Ed., Whittier Coll.; Ph.D., Clare- 
mont Coll., 1937. 

Married: Herbert Marks Baruch, in San 
Francisco, Apr. 23, 1919; ch.: Herbert M., 
Jr. (b. Apr. 13, 1921), and Nancy (b. May 
27, 1924). 

Prof. Record: Organized and directed Grtim- 
ercy Cooperative Neighborhood Nursery Play 
Group. 1924-27; Orgr. and Dir., Parent Edn. 
Dept. for the Council of Jewish Women, 
1938; helped to org. the Progressive Sch. 
of Los Angeles and served as Mem. of the 
Bd. of Dir., 1927-31, and as Head of the 



Edn. Com.. 1931-32; Demon, of story work 
and children's language, Normandie Nursery 
Sch., 1929-30, Dir. of the Nursery Sch., 
Inst, in Edn., Broadoalcs, Sch. of Edn., 
Whittier Coll., 1930-33; Dir. of the Nursery 
Sch.. Asst. Prof, of Edn., Broadoaks Sch. 
of Edn., Whittier Coll., 19.33 on. As above 
and Dir. of Ext. Units of Broadoaks Nursery 
Sch., Alhambra and WTiittier, 1933-35, San 
Pedro, 1934, Compton, 1937, Parent Group 
Crs. for Presch. Circle, Whittier Pub. Schs., 
1933-34; Dir. of Presch. Dept., Boradoaks 
Sch. of Edn.. Asst. Prof, of Edn., Whittier 
Coll.. 1935-36; Prof, of Edn., Dir. of Presch. 
Dept., Broadoaks Sch. of Edn., Whittier 
Coll., 1937 on. 

Memberships: Pi Lambda Theta; Delta Phi 

Ptiblications: Has written many articles on 
Parent Education, Behavior Adjustment in 
Young Children, Therapeutic Procedure. Pos- 
ture Development, etc., for many publica- 
tions. In addition to these, has written many 
books for children, the majority of which 
were published by Harper and Brothers Pub. 
Co. Is Author of Parents and Children Go 
To School (Scott, Foresman & Co.), 1939, 
and Co-author (with Lee E. Travis), Per- 
sonal Problems of Everyday Life (Appleton- 
Century Co.), 1941. 
Religion: Jewish. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Dancing, tennis, swimming, 

Bits. Address: 714 W. California St., Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

Home Address: 1200 So. Gramercy PL, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BASHOR, Ernest George, D.O., M.D. 
Obstetrician, Gynecologist. 
Born: Kendricks (Idaho), Sept. 9, 1S91; s. 
of Mary Jane (Gwin) and George W. Bashor. 
Ediication : Lewiston State Normal Sch., Lew- 
iston (Idaho) ; Modesto High and Jr. College, 
Modesto (Calif.); Coll. of Osteopathic Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons, Los Angeles (Calif.). 
Degrees: D.O., 1914, and M.D., 1915, Coll. 
of Osteopathic Phys. and Surgs. 
Married: Jane M., d. of Frank A. Slosson, 
in Monrovia, Calif., June 8, 1918; ch.: Doris 
Jane, Ruth Nadine, and Janet Ernestine. 
Prof. Record: In general practice in Long 
Beach (Calif.), 1915-16; Los Angeles Co. 
Gen. Hosp., 1916-17; U. S. Army, Med. 
Dept., 1918; private practice in Los Angeles 
since 1919 (associated with Los Angeles 
Clinical Group, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gy- 
necology) ; Dir. and Vice-Pres., Los Ange- 
les Breakfast Club. 

Directorships: Pres., Los Angeles City Health 
Commn.; Pres., Monte Sano Hosp.; Trustee, 
McKinley Home for Boys; Dir., Coordinating 
Councils, Inc. 

Publications: Many articles and publications 
for professional journals. 

Arm.y Service: Served in the Arm.y as First 
Lt., Med. Corps., World War I. 
Memberships: Los Angeles Osteopathic Sur- 
gical Soc. (past Pres.), Calif. -Nev. Dist. Ki- 
wanis Internat. (past Dist. Gov.); Western 
Osteopathic Los Angeles (Past Pres.); 
Los Angeles Breakfast Club; Phi Sigma 
Gamma, Sigma Sigma Phi. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Travel, fishing and service club 

Bus. Address: 609 So. Grand Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 2726 Lakewood Ave., Los 
Angeles, (i;:alif. * 

BASSETT, Professor Lee Emerson, 

A.B., ScD. 

Professor Emeritus, Stanford U. 
Born: Salem (Wis.), Nov. 26, 1872; s. of 
Adeline ((Foster) and Volney L. Bassett. 
Education : Lawrence College, A p p 1 e t o n 
(Wis.); Stanford University; Cumnock School 
of Oratory (Los Angeles) ; Oxford U. (Eng- 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1901; Sc.D., 
Curry Sch. of Expression, Boston (Mass.), 

Married: Florence, d. of A. C. Jackson, In 
San Francisco (Calif.), June 10, 1903; ch.: 
William M. and David Lee. 
Prof. Record: Instr. Public Speaking, U. of 
So. Calif., 1898-99; Instr., English, Stan- 
ford U., 1900-05; Asst. Prof., 1905-13; Asso. 
Prof., Public Speaking, U. of, 1912-13; 
Asso. Prof., English, Stanford U., 1913-19; 
Prof., 1919-38; Prof. Emeritus, 1938—; Dean, 
Max Reinhardt Workshop, Hollywood, 1939- 
40; Prof., Teachers' Coll., U. of Hawaii 
(Honolulu), 1934-35; Pres., Western Assn. of 
Teachers of Speech, 1931, Nat. Assn. of 
Teachers of Speech, 1933. 

Publications: Handbook of Oral Reading 
(Houghton Mifflin Co.), 1917; Handbook of 
Extemporaneous Speaking (Edwards Bros.), 
1927; Contributor to educational journals. 
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa 
Lamda; Assn. of U. Professors. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address, Stanford University, Calif. 
Home Address: 740 Santa Ynez St., Stanford 
University, Calif.; 1525 No. Van Ness. Hol- 
lywood, Calif, (temporary). * 

BATCHELDER, Alice Coleman. 

Founder and Director of Coleman Chamber 
Music Assn. 

Born: Beatrice (Neb.), July 27, 1873; d. of 
Theodore Coleman. 

Married: Ernest Alan Batchelder in Pasadena 
(Calif.), July 30, 1912; ch.: Alan Coleman. 
Prof. Record: Studied in Boston, taught and 
concertized on Eastern coast and in Cali- 
fornia; held positions as Organist from early 
girlhood until a few years ago; founded 
Coleman Chamber Concerts 35 years ago, 
now given in Pasadena Playhouse world-fa- 
mous organizations play. 

Directorship: Coleman Chamber Music Assn. 
Memberships: Fine Arts; Tuesday Musicale. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. and Home Address: 626 So. Arroyo 
Blvd., Pasadena, Calif. 

BATCHELOR, Professor Leon D(exter), 

B.S., Ph.D. 


Director, University of California Citrus Ex- 
periment Station. 

Born: Upton (Mass.), May 8, 1884; s. of 
Margaret E. (McComb) and Henry J. Batch- 

Education: New Hampshire State Coll., 
1907; Ph.D., Cornell U., 1911. 


WHO'S WHO I r; c a 1. 1 f o u n i a 

MonirU: Floronro, li. of Jessie W. and 
Adalbert E. Brown. In Denver (Coin.), Sept. 
4, V.n2; ch.: Margaret Batchelor BUs.s and 

rro/. Record: Instr. In Horticulture In Cor- 
nell U.. 1907-11: Utah Agr. Coll. Horticul- 
turist, lDll-15; U. of Calif., Asso. Prof, of 
Plant Breeding, 1915-19; U. of Calif., Prof, 
of Orchard Management, 1919-29, e.xcept 
March, 1926, to April, 1927; Manager of 
Field Dept., Calif. Walnut Growers Assn.; 
U. of Calif., Prof, of Horticulture and Dir. 
of the Citrus Expt. Sta., 1929—. 
Membership: Chairman of Walnut Control 

Publications: Numerous bulletins and arti- 
cles in the field of horticulture. 
ReJigion: Unitarian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Horseback riding and gardening. 
Bus. and Home Address: Citrus Experiment 
Station, Riverside, Calif. 

BATE. Dayrell M. 

Corporation Executive. 

President and General Manager, Bay Cities 
Ptg. Corp. 

Born: San Francisco, 1899; s. of Arabella 
(Dixon> and Thomas Ezra Bate. 
Education: Public schools in Vancouver 
(Can.); University of Washington, one year. 
Married: Leonore, d. of Louis Hartwig, in 
Portland (Ore.); ch.; One. 
Bus. Record: Two years. Can. Bank of Com- 
merce; import-export business in Seattle; 
printing business since 1928. 
Directorship: Bay Cities Printing Corpn., 
Pres. and Gen. Mgr. 
Army Service: Royal Air Force. 1917. 
Memberships: Oakland Yacht Club. 
Religion: Anglican. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreation: Yachting. 

Bus. Address: 528 - 16th St., Oakland, Calif. 
Home Address: Tiburon, Calif. * 

BATTRAM, Florence Colby. A.B., M.A. 

Born: Denver (Colo.), Mar. 25, 1889; d. of 
Or ah Martha (Miller) and Charles Edward 

Education: Denver; New York City; Berkeley 
(Calif.), and has done special graduate 
work in music at U. of Calif. 
Degrees: A.B. and Dip. of Music, U. of Den- 
ver, 1909; M.A., U. of Columbia, 1911; 
Genl. Secondary Credentials. State Bd. of 
Edn. of Calif. 

Married: Frederick George Battram, in Oak- 
land (Calif.), Mar. 11, 1916. 
Compositions: Ha.s composed numerous vocal 
pieces for solo and group singing; also many 
mixed choruses, too numerous to mention 

Memberships: Sigma Kappa Sorority; Nat. 
League Amer. Pen Women; Calif. Composers 

Religion: Unitarian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Home Address: 1176 Sunnyhills Road, Oak- 
land, Calif. 

BAUERSFELD, Marjorie Edith O'Neil 

Actress (Radio). 

Horn: Burt (Iowa), 1895; d. of Edith (Craw- 
ford i and Samuel J. O'Neill. 
Education: Weston Sch. (Boston); Stanford; 
Northwestern; Lyceum Arts Con.servatory 

Married: Frederick Samuel, s. of Frederick 
Samuel Bauersfeld, in Bancroft (Iowa), 
1915; ch.: Marjorie and Frederick, Jr. 
Prof. Record: Lyceum and Chautauqua; five 
years feature comedienne, Mermaid come- 
dies (silent pictures) ; ten years as Radio 
Actress. Started with "Beverly Hill Billies," 
later with "Gilmore Circus." (Currently doing 
daily program, "Mirandy's Garden Patch," 
over KFI. 

Publications: Brother McCandless , 1934; 
Breezes from the Hills and Hollers, 1937; 
Tales of the Early Days. 1938. 
Religion: Christian Science. 
Recreations: Gardening. 

Bus. Address: Radio Station KFI, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 908 No. Alfred St., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

BAUGHMAN. Imo P., A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Instructor in Chemistry, Los Angeles City 

Born: South Dakota, Aug. 26, 1896; d. of 
Mina F. (Henkes) and Sul'ivan G. Baughman. 
Education: Los Angeles City Schools. 
Degrees: A.B., 1918, M.A., 1919, Ph.D., 1922, 
Stanford U. 

Prof. Record: Instr. in Chem., Reed Coll., 
1920-23; Asso. Prof., Oklahoma Coll. for 
Women, 1923-24 and 1927-.30; Instr. in 
Chem., Los Angeles City Coll., since 1930. 
Publications: Has written articles on CHiem. 
for various publications. 

Memberships: Iota Sigma Pi; Women's Univ. 
Club; A.C.S., A.A.A.S., F.A.I.C. (Scientific 
organizations) . 
Religion : Presbyterian. 
Politics.: Republican. 
Recreations: Photography. 

Bus. Address: 855 No. Vermont Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 640 No. Kenmore Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. * 

BAUM. Vicki (Mrs. Richard Lert). 


Born: Vienna (Austria), Jan. 24, 1896; d. of 
Mathilde (Donat) and Herman Baum. 
Education: Vienna Conservatory of Music, 

Married: Richard Lert, July 17, 1916; ch.: 
Wolfgang and Peter. 

Prof. Record: Came to U. S., 1931, natural- 
ized, 193S; began as harpist, 1906; first 
stories pub., 1909; first book pub., 1914; 
Editor, 1926-31; Playwright since 1930, and 
Writer for motion pictures since 1932. 
Publications: (Trans, from German) Grand 
Hotel, 1931; Martin's Summer, 1931; And 
Life Goes On. 1932; Helene, 1932; Secret 
Sentence, 1932; Falling Star, 1934; Men 
Never Know. 1935; Sing. Sister, Sing, 1936; 
Tale of Bali, 1937; Shanghai, 1937; Satur- 
day Night (play), 1939. 



Home Address: 1461 Amalfi Dr.. Los Ange- 
les. Calif. * 

BAUMAN, The Reverend Jacob 
(deceased Nov. 23. 1940). 

Past Rabbi. Congregation Shara Torah. 
Born: Riseshitz (Poland), 1876; s. of Eva 
and Shima Bauman. 

Education: Studied with Rabbis Samuel 
Wcingart (KoweD, Avigdor Judah Lieb. and 
Abraham Bornstein. who was the head Rabbi 
of Sochotchov; received Rabbical degree at 
the age of 18. 

Degrees: Rabbi Zevi Bedovsky (Rabbi of 
Konin), bestowed a degree: in 1904, at the 
ago of 28, the Russian govt, gave him a 

Married: Frymet Danziger, Zagarow (Poland) 
1899; ch.: Gladys B. Halprin, Nellie B. 
Field, Ma.x Seymour Bauman. Esther B. 
Rose, Sam Bauman and Eva B. Narwitz. 
Prof. Record: After receiving Rabbinical de- 
gree, devoted next few years to teaching 
other scholars; ordained at age of 25 by 
Rabbi Abraham Isaac, the Rabbi of Zagarov, 
a son of Rabbi Solomon Posner; came to 
Los Angeles in 1907; was Rabbi of Agudas 
Achim congregation for two years; char- 
tered the Congregation Shara Torah, of 
which he was the Rabbi until his death; he 
was recognized as one of the greatest Tal- 
mudic scholars of his time. 

Publications: Chemdath Jacob, Talmudical 
Commentaries, and was writing modern in- 
terpretations of the Talmud which had not 
been published up to the time of his passing. 
Institutions: One of the founders of the He- 
brew Sheltering Home for the Aged and 
Hebrew Free Burial Society, and many other 
orthodox institutions. 
Religion: Jewish. 

Politics: Republican until Franklin D. Roose- 
velt ran for President. 
Recreations: Study of the Talmud. 
Bus. Address: 947 Arapahoe St., Los Ange- 
les. Calif- * 

BAWDEN, Professor Arthur Talbot, 

B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D. 

Professor of Chemistry, College of the Pa- 

Born: Rochester (N.Y.), Nov. 21, 1897; s. of 
Susan (Talbot) and Harry Heath Bawden. 
Education: Denison University; Ohio State U.; 
College of the Pacific; Northwestern U.; 
Stanford U. 

Degrees: B.Sc, Denison U., 1920; M.Sc, 
1921, Ph.D., 1924, Ohio State U. 
Married: Elizabeth Springsteen, d. of H. V. 
D. Cooper, Columbus (Ohio), Sept. 3, 1923; 
ch.; Barton Tecumseh; Horace Talbot. 
Prof. Record: Head Chem. Dept., Ottawa U., 
1923-26; Head Sci. Dept., Baylor Coll., 
1926-29; Prof. Chem., U. of Shanghai. 
1929-31; Prof. Chem., Coll. of Pacific, 
1921 — : Chr., Div. Nat. Sci. and Math., 
Stockton Jr. Coll., 1927—; employed fre- 
quently as a Consulting Chemist. 
Directorships: Dir., Consumer's Products 
Co., Stockton. 

Publications: Man's Physical Universe (Mac- 
Millian), 1937. 

Army Record: S.A.T.C. Sept. -Dec. 1918. 
Memberships: Calif. Teachers Assn., Amer. 

Chem. See, Prog. Edn. Assn., Nat. Edn. 
Assn., Amer. Assn. of Commons Clubs. 
Religion: Baptist. 
Politics: Non-partisan. 

Recdeations: Reading, painting, fishing, 
camping, traveling. 

Bus. Address: Stockton Junior Coll., Stock- 
ton, Calif. 

Home Address: 666 Maripsoa, Stockton, 

BAXTER, Professor Frank Condie, 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of Eng. Language, Literature, Head 
of Dept., Eng., U. of So. Calif. 
Born: Newbold (N. J.). May 4, 1896; s. of 
Lillian Douglas (Murdoch) and F. C. Baxter. 
Education: U. of Pa.: U. of Cambridge, Trin- 
ity Coll. (England); U. of Calif. 
Degrees: A.B., 1923, M.A., 1925, Univ. of 
Pa.; Ph.D., Cambridge U., 1932. 
Married: Lydia, d. of George Spencer Mor- 
ris, in Merdantville (N. J.), May 28, 1928; 
ch.: S. M., and Frank C, Jr. 
Prof. Record: Offices, Pa. Salt. Mfg. Co., 

Army Service: U. S. Army. GHQ 38, Apr., 
1917 to May, 1919, (Nantes-Doulon, Oct., 
1917 to May, 1919). 
Religion: Baptist. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Book collecting, carpentry, and 
model making. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 679 Prospect Blvd., Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

BAXTER, (Miss) Martha Wheeler. 

Miniature and Portrait Painter. 
Born: Castleton (Vt.): d. of Mary Cornelia 
(Lillie) and William Wallace Baxter. 
Education: Pa. Acad, of Fine Arts; Art 
Student's League (New York City) ; Delectuze 
Acad., Julian Acad., Paris (France) ; minia- 
tures with Mme. Debillemont and Mme. 
Schmitt, Paris (France). 

Represented at: Stanmer Park Collection 
(Firth Earl of Chichester), Stanmer (Eng.); 
Frick (New York City); Los Angeles Mu- 
seum; Nat. Gallery. Washington (D. C), 
(Oil Portrait) ; Pa. Museum. 
Exhibited: France, Switzerland, England, and 
many important cities throughout the United 
States; Century of Progress Exposition (Chi- 
cago), 19.33; Calif. Pac. Internat. Expn. 
(San Diego), 1935; Paris Salon: Royal Acad., 
London (Eng.); Treasure Island Expn., 

Avards: Hon. Men., Universal Expn., Paris 
(France), 1900; 1st Prize for Miniatures, 
Katherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, 1910; 
1928— Pac. Southwest Expn. Medal; 1931 — 
Pac. Coast Congress of Nat. League of Amer. 
Pen Women Art Exhibitioin Award; L. A. 
Co. Fair E.xhihition, 7 awards, 1929-39; Calif. 
Soc Miniature Painters. 7 awards, 1922-37; 
1931 — Pac. Coast Congress of Nat. League 
of Amer. Pen Women Art Exhibition (Water- 
color), Award; 1938 — Mrs. Walter Harrison 
Fisher, prize for sale — Women Painters of 
the West (Oil). Two medals Ecole des 
Beaux Arts (New York City), 1918-19, 
(Murals) ; First Hollywood Riviera Club, Art 



Exhibition, 1936, Second Prize; L. A. Brunch, 
Sanity In Art. 1940; Logan Medal; Calif. 
Art Club, 1910, Award; L. A. County Fair, 
Pomona, 19-10. 

Membershi/is: Life Mem. Art. Student's 
League (New York City); Nat. Assn. ot 
Women Painters and Sculptors (New York 
City), Pa. Soe. Miniature Painters. Calif. 
Arts Club. Past Pres. of Calif. Soc. of 
Miniature Painters, Soc. for Sanity in Art, 
Inc. (Los AnKelcs), Los Angeles Art. Assn., 
Women Painters of the West. 
Memberships: Los Angeles Ebell. 
Religion: Christian Science. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Singing. 

Ho7ne Address: 1125 No. El Centro Ave., 
Hollywood, Calif. ' 

BEACH, Professor Jerry Raymond, 


Professor of Veterinary Science and Vet- 
erinarian in The Experiment Station. 
Born: West Danby (N. Y.), Dec. 21, 1888; 
s. of Alice (Thayer) and Dwight Beach. 
Education: Public schools in Waverly 
(N. Y.); Phillips Acad., Andover (Mass.); 
Coll. of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell U. 
Degrees: D.V.M., Cornell U., 1913. 
Married; Elzaida, d. of Eva (Tyrrell) and 
George Hanson, in Fortuna (Calif.), Sept. 
10, 1919; ch.: Jane, George, and Ruth. 
Prof. Record: Joined staff of Division of 
Veterinary Science, U. of Calif., as Asst. In 
1914; advanced through various academic and 
expt. sta. grades and attained present title 
in 1930; has devoted full time to research, in 
poultry pathology for past 25 years (since 
1915); a pioneer in this field of med. re- 
search; Guest Worker at Rockefeller Inst, 
for Med. Research, 1930-31. 
Directorships: Mem. (exec, of.), Calif. Poul- 
try Improvement Commn. ; Calif. Poultry 
Improvement Assn. 

Pxiblications : Numerous scientific and pop- 
ular articles in the field of poultry patholog>'. 
Army Service: Held commission as Capt., 
Veteriniary Corp. (O.R.C.). for 15 yrs. 

Memberships: Local, state, and nat. Vet- 
erinary Assns.; Sigma Xi, Alpha Psi.; Amer. 
Assn. for the Adv. of Science, Soc. of Amer. 
Bacteriologists, Poultry Sci. Assn., Nat. Adv. 
Com. on Research, Faculty, Orinda Country, 
and Athenian-Nile clubs. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Fishing, squash. 
Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley, 

Ho7ne Address: 135 Tunnel Rd., Berkeley, 

BEACH, John Parsons. 


Born: Gloversville (N. Y.), Oct. 11, 1877; s. 
of Sarah Jessup (Warren) and Eugene Beach. 
Education: New England Conservatory of 
Music, Boston (Mass.); also in Paris under 
Mauer and Gedalge; and Malipiero in Italy. 
Married: Lucy Lazelle, d. of John W. Car- 
ter, in Newtonville (Mass.), 1910; ch.: John 
Warren, Peter Hobart. 

Prof. Record: At one time Asst. Prof, of 
Music at the Univ. of Minn.; is at present 

devoting his time to writing and teaching. 

Publications: Poem for String Quartet (J. & 

W. Chester London); Cornpositiona for Piano. 

Voice (G. Shirmer). 

Religion: Christian, Protestant Episcopal. 

Home Address: 500 Bellomre Way. Pasadena, 


BEACH, Major General Lansing 
Hoskins. U. S. Army, B.S. 

Army Officer (Retired). 

Born: Dubuque (Iowa), June 18, 1860; s. of 
Helen Mary (Hoskins) and Myron Hawley 

Education: Public schools of Dubuque; United 
States Military Acad., West Point (N. Y.). 
Degrees: B.S., U.S.M.A. 

Married: Anna May, d. of Charles (Soddard 
Dillon, in Zanesvllle (Ohio), June 18, 1890; 
ch.: Lansing Dillon. 

Army Record: Officer, United States Army 
through all grades: 2nd. Lieut., 1st Lieut., 
Capt., Maj., Lt. Col., Col., Maj. (Jen. and 
Chief of Engineers, all in the Corps of 
Engineers, U. S. Army; Commissioner, D. C. 
Commissioner on part of U. S. Internat. 
Water Commn., U. S. and Mexico; Com- 
missioner on part of U. S. Texas Boundary; 
Commission, U. S. and Texas. 
Memberships: Army and Navy, (Wash. 
D. C); Los Angeles Athletic, Twilight 

Home Address: 690 Bradford St., Pasadena, 

BEAL, (Miss) Nova June, A.B. 

Principal Personnel Examiner, California 
State Personnel Board. 

Born: La Porte (Ind), June 22, 1886; d. of 
Mary (Dell Knott) and Willis Elial Beal. 
Education: Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Calif. 
Degrees: A.B., U. of Chicago, 1909. 
Prof. Record: Asst. Secty., Calif. State CivQ 
Service Commn., Jan. 7, 1914; Secty., Calif. 
State Civil Service Commn., Oct. 1, 1917; 
Examiner, Calif. State Civil Service Commn., 
July 1, 1921; Chief Examiner, Calif. State 
Civil Service Conunn., Feb. 1, 1924; Prin- 
cipal Personnel Examiner, Calif. State Per- 
sonnel Board, Jan. 13, 1932 to date, in 
charge of all the technical and administra- 
tive functions involved in testing and re- 
cruiting all personnel for the Calif. State 
Civil Service System by means of competi- 
tive civil service examinations. 
Religion: Christian Science. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Homemaking, gardening. 
Bus. Address; 1015 L St., Sacramento, Calif. 
Ho7ne Address: 2239 Fourth Ave., Sacra- 
mento, Calif. * 

BEALL, Albert William. 

President and Manager of Santa Clara Pack- 
ing Company. 

Born: San Jose (Calif.), May 2, 1895; s. of 
Alice (Mills) and William A. Beall. 
Education. San Jose (Calif.). 
Degrees: Univ. of Calif., Ex. 1918. 
Married: Marion E., d. of Chas. O. Bocks, In 
San Francisco (Calif.), 1920; ch.: Frances, 
Nancy and Alberta. 
Bus. Record: Started farming in 1919; 



1920-31, Supt. and later Asst. Mgr. of The 

Beckwith Co., Reedley (Calif.); Pres. and 

Mgr. of Santa Clark Packing Co., 1921—. 

Directorships: Pres., Santa Clara Packing 

Co.; Dir., First Fed. Savings & Loan Assn., 

San Jose (Calif.). 

Navy Service: Served in the Navy during 

the World War I from 1917-19. 

Menxberships: Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite 

Bodies; Rotary; Ste. Claire Club. 

Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Hunting, golf, gardening. 

Bus. Address: 620 No. Eighth St., San Jose, 


Home Address: 616 Morse St., San Jose, 

Calif. • 

BEALL, Harry Hammond. A.B. 

President, Beall Publicity Service. 
Born: Gallipolis (Ohio), Feb. 22, 1889; s. of 
Llizzie Augusta (Bayes) and Basil Beall. 
Education: Grade schools in Columbus and 
Cincinnati (Ohio); Walnut Hills. San Diego, 
and Redlands Union High Schools; Pomona 
Coll. Prep. Sch.; Pomona Coll.; Stanford 
Univ.; U. of Calif. (Berkeley); U. of So. 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford, 1912. 
Married: Betty, d. of Don Pedro Rush, at 
Los Angeles, (Calif.), Sept. 13, 1924; ch.: 
none by this marriage . . . Barbara Vir- 
ginia, by a former marriage to Mary Edna 
(Cook) . . . (div. 1921). 

Bus. Record: Has operated own press, pub- 
lic relations, exploitation and advertising of- 
fices since 1915; Writer and Editor, Los An- 
geles newspapers, magazines ; Publicity Di- 
rector over period of years for Sid Grauman, 
Walt Disney, Thomas H. Ince, Sol Lesser, 
Southern Calif. Bus. Men's Assn., So. Calif. 
Restuarant Assn., United-for-Calif. group, 
Wright Act Repeal Assn., Philippine In- 
dependence organizations; Managing Editor, 
Fawcett Publications; many other campaigns 
for screen, stage and radio celebrities, hotels, 
community enterprises, orange shows, co. af- 
fairs, pageants and expositions. 
Memberships: Sigma Tau (Pomona Coll. 
chapter); Henry Knox Lodge F. and A. M., 
Royal Order of Jesters, Los Angeles Court 
No. 84, Signet Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, 
Los Angeles Commandery, No. 9, Knights 
Templar, Al Malaikah Temple, Shrine of No. 

Religion: Methodist Episcopal. 
Recreations: Yachting, bowling, badminton. 
Bus. Address: Beall Bldg., 541 Lillian Way, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 5123 Coldwater Canyon, Van 
Nuys, Calif.; P. O. Box 1069, Hollywood, 
Calif. * 

BEALS. Carleton, A.B., M.A. 

Born: Medicine Lodge (Kan.), Nov. 13, 1893; 
s. of Elvina Sybilla (Blickensderfer) and 
Leon Eli Beals. 

Education: Pasadena High Sch.; Univ. of 
Calif.; Grad. study, U. of Colombia; Mexico, 
Rome, and Madrid. 

Degrees: A.B., cum laude, U. of Calif., 
1916; M.A., Columbia U., 1917. 
Married: Blanca Rosa Leyva y Arguedes, d. 
of Colonel Carlos Samuel Leyva, Lima 
(Peru), Sept. 5, 1934. 

Prof. Record: Principal, Amer. High Sch., 
Mexico City, 1919-20; Inst., Personal Staff, 
Pres. Venustiano Carranza, 1920; For. Cor- 
respondent, Spain, Italy, 1920-23; Lecturer, 
New York City Board of Edn., 1924; Cor- 
respondent, Mexico, Central Amer., Cuba, 
1925-29; Lecturer, U. of Mexico, summer, 
1928; For. Corresp., France, Spain, Italy, 
Greece, Turkey, Russia, Germany, 1929; For. 
Corresp., Cuba, Mexico, Latin Amer., 1930-34; 
Guggenheim Fellowship, 1930-31 ; Lecturer, 
New Sch. of Soc. Research (N.Y.), 1935: 
Corresp., Scottsboro Trial (N.Y. Post), 
1936; Corresp., North Amer. Newspaper Al- 
liance (Cuba), 1935; Pres., Editorial Board, 
Latin Amer. Digest, 1933-35; Asso. Editor, 
Latin Amer. Press Service, 1933-34; Faculty, 
U. of Calif., summer, 1932. 
Publications: Mexico, (An Interpretation), 
1923; Rome or Death; The Story of Fascism, 
1923; Brimstone and Chile, 1927; Destroying 
Victor, 1929; Mexican Maze, 1930; Bana 
Gold, 1931; Porfirio Diaz: Dictator of Mex- 
ico, 1932; Black River, 1933; Crime of Cuba. 
1934; Fire on the Andes, 1935; Biography of 
Huey P. Long, 1936; The Stones Awake. 
1936; The Coming Struggle for Latin Amer- 
ica, 1937; America South. 1937; Glass Houses, 
1938; American Earth. 1939; The Great 
Circle. 1940; Pan American. 1940. Co-author, 
American Genius; The Spirit of Mexico; Con- 
temporary Opinion; Rifle Rule in Cuba; The 
Writer in a Changing World, etc. 
Army Service: Coast Artillery, 1917-18. 
Memberships: Pi Gamma Mu; Foreign Press 
Club (Mexico City). 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Horse-back riding, swimming, 
chess, and mountain climbing. 
Home Address: 1943 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, 

Other Addresses: Brockett's Point, Branford, 
Conn.; cjo Houghton Mifflin Co., 2 Park St., 
Boston, Mass.; 191 Claremont Ave., New 
York, N. Y. * 

BEALS, Professor Ralph Leon, A.B., 

Assistant Professor and Chairman, Dept. of 
Anthropology and Sociology, U.C.L.A. 
Born: Pasadena (Calif.), July 19, 1901; s. of 
Elvina (Blickensderfer) and Leon E. Beals. 
Education: Pasadena and Berkeley Public 
Schools; A-to-Zed Sch. (Berkeley); U. of 

Degrees-Honors: A.B., 1926, Ph.D., 1930, U. 
of Calif., Berkeley; Honorary Professor, 
National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico, 1940. 
Married: Dorothy, d. of Onevieve (Savage) 
and George P. Manchester, at Yosemite, 
(Calif.), June 13, 1923; ch.: Ralph Carleton 
and Alan Robin. 

Prof. Record: Editor for Manchester Pub- 
lications, 1922-26, 1927-28; Bus. Mgr., Cal- 
ifornia Monthly. 1926-27; Nat. Research 
Council Fellow in Biological Sciences, 1930-32 ; 
Fellow, Southwest Soc. of N. Y., 1932-33; 
Asst. to Chief, Field Div. of Edn., Nat. Park 
Service (Berkeley), 1933-35; Lecturer, U. of 
Calif. (Berkeley), 1935; Instr., U. of Calif. 
(Los Angeles), 1936-39; Archaeological Dir., 
Rainbow Bridge-Monument Valley Expedition, 
1938-39; Asst. Prof., U.C.L.A., 1939; 
President, Southwest Archaeological Federa- 
tion, 1939-40; Chmn., Dept. of Anthropology 
and Sociology, 1940 — ; Editor, Section on 
Ethnology of Mexico and Central Amer., 
Handbook of Latin Amer. Studies, 1940 — . 



Numerous rosourch trips to Mexico, 1930 to 

Pubticotions: Tha Nisenan; The Comparative 
Kthiiolof}!/ of Northern Mexico; The Acnxee; 
A Mo\uii(tin Tribe of Sintiloa nnd Diirungo; 
Prrlimiiinrii Survey o/ the Ethnography of 
the Southwcut ; The Pima and Western 
Apache: Indiana of Rocky Mountain National 
Park; History of Glacier National Park; and 
numerous shorter technical papers and re- 

Memberships: Sipima XI, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi 
Gamma Mu. American Anthropological Assn., 
Soc. for Amor. Archaeology, Southwestern 
Archaeological Federation. 
Religion: Non-sectarian. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: High Sierra pack trips, garden- 
ii g, swimming. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Hojne Address: 568 Dryad Rd., Santa Monica, 

BEARDSLEY, Charles (Alexander). 

U.S.N.R., A.B., J.D. 

Born: Townville (Pa.), Jan. 14, 1882; s. of 
May (Fleming) and Ezra S. Beardsley. 
Education: Pub. schs. of Calif.; Stanford 

Degrees: Stanford U., A.B., 1906, J.D., 1908. 
Married: Agnes I. Lafferty. 
Prof. Record: Associated with the firm of 
Fitzgerald & Abbott from 1908-12; Mem. of 
firm of Fitzgerald, Abbott & Beardsley, from 
1913 to date; also Asst. City. Atty. of Oak- 
land (Calif.), 1911-15; Pres., State Bar of 
Calif., 1929-30; Pres., Amer. Bar Assn., 
Navy Service: Lieut. Commdr. in U.S.N.R., 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; Order of the 
Coif and Phi Delta Phi (honorary) ; Athenian- 
Nile, Athens Athletic, Bohemian, and Clare- 
mont Country clubs. 
Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Central Bank Bldg., Oak- 
land, Calif. 

Home Address: Claremont Country Club, 
Oakland, Calif. 

BEATTIE. George William. B.S., M.S. 

Educator (retired) ; Orange Grower. 
Born: Jamaica (West Indies), April 10, 
1859; s. of Angelica (Strong) and William 

Education: Pub. schs. and Academy, Oberlin 
(Ohio); Univ. of Calif., Berkeley. 
Degrees: B.S., 1899, M.S., 1901, U. of Calif. 
Married: Helen, d. of Emma Luella (Jones) 
and Joseph Abraham Pruitt, Los Angeles 
(Calif.), July 29, 1901; ch.: Helen and 
CJeorge Frederick. 

Prof. Record: Education: Teacher, pub, schs., 
1877; Supt. of Schs., San Bernardino Co., 
1891; Conductor, First Summer Session 
Chemistry Dept., U. of Calif., 1899; Secty. 
Calif. Ednl. Com., 1901; Author of Calif. 
Plan to certificate teachers on credentials 
from State Board of Edn.; Div. Super, of 
Schs., Negros (Philippine Islands), 1901; 
Super. Philippine Normal Sch. (Manila), 
1903; Dean, Jr. Coll. (Manila), 1909; Asso. 

Prof, of Edn. and Acting Dean, Coll. of 

Llboriil Arts, V. of Philippines, 1910. Buiii- 
nrsH mid Civic: .Secly.-Mgr, North Fork Water 
(Jo. (Mutual), 1KK5; Treas., San Bernardino 
Co., 1889; Mem., Hoard of Free-holders that 
prepared Bernardino Co. Ch;irter, 1912; 
Dlr. North Fork Water Co., 1912; Secty. - 
Mgr., East HiKhlands Protective Co. (Pest 
Control), 19i:i; Chmn. .Selecllve Service 
Board (Hedlands), 1917; Pres., East High- 
lands Citrus Assn. (Citrus Packers), 1921; 
Pres., San Bernardino Co. Hlstl. Soc, 1927. 
Directorships: Dir., North Fork Water Co.; 
Dir., East Highlands Citrus Assn. 
Publications: California's Unbuilt Missions; 
Spanish Plans for An Inland Chain (privately 
printed), 1930; Heritage of the Valley, San 
Bernardino's First Century (with Helen 
Pruitt Beattie as co-author), (San Pa.squal 
Press), 19.39; educational, historical, and 
genealogical papers in publications of Ind., 
Calif., Ky., and Philippine Islands. 
Memberships: Fortnightly Club (Redlands). 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Study of special problems In 
local history. 
Bus. Address: Highland, R.F.D. No. 1, Calif. 

BEAUMONT. Arthur Edwaine. 

Artist (Marine-Portrait) ; Writer. 
Born: Norwich (Eng.), Mar. 25, 1890; s. of 
Sarah (Belderson) and Maj. Matthew S. 

Education: Holt Boys Sch., private, (Eng.); 
Univ. of Calif.; Slade Coll. of U. of London 
Academic Julian, Academic Colaross (Paris), 
Married: Dorothy, d. of Harry G. Dean, In 
Los Angeles, Apr. 1919; ch.: Phyllis J., Dean 
Edwaine, Barbara Elaine, and Geoffrey 

Prof. Record: Portraits painted: Bishops: B. 
W. Stevens, CJoodan and Johnson, Admirals: 
F. F. Schofield (Commander-in-Chief, U. S. 
Fleet) ; two portraits. Admiral Wm. D. 
Leahy (Ambassador to France); Vice-Admi- 
rals T. T. Craven, Wm. Leigh, Percy W. 
Foote, Orin G. Mufin (Commander-in-Chief 
Asiatic Force), and many other Naval Offi- 
cers. Colonels W. Eason and Underbill (U.S. 
M.C.); also portraits of many doctors and 
prominent individuals. Paintings owned by 
many prominent persons, including two by 
President Franklin D. Roosevelt; paintings 
hanging in Navy Dept. (Washington), and 
public institutions such as schools, museums, 
etc. E.xhibits held nationally and locally; 
one-man show in Nat. Gallery, Washington 
(D.C.) in 1934, also many paintings on board 
U. S. battleships, cruisers, etc. ; Mural 
Painter, Lithogrpher and Etcher; mural of 
na\al hist, in Army and Navy Club (Long 
Beach). Exhibited in Grand Salon (Paris), 
1926, and in London. Books illustrated for 
U. of So. Calif. Now We Belong to the 
Ages, and U. C. L. A. Illustrations for 
Cosmopolitan and other magazines; has 
written stories for various mags. ; work is 
well known nationally; at present occupied 
on book on U.S. Navy; also interested in re- 
search and camouflage and scientific inven- 
tions for naval matters; has taken many 
prizes and honors., mentioned in book on 
painting, pub. by Encyclopaedia Britannica; 
two prizes taken at CJolden Gate Expn., 1940. 
Directorships: Dir. of Acad. Western Paint- 

Navy Record: Senior Lieut., U. S. N. Res.; 
Lieut. -Commander, C.N.M. (Res.). 



Memberships: Chmn., Aquarelle Painters; 
Past Pres. (two terms), Long Beach Art. 
Assn.; Past Vice-Pres., Calif. Art Club (two 
terms); Mem., Painters and Sculptors; L. A. 
Art Assn., Laguna Art Assn., Santa Monica 
Art Assn., Water Color Soc, Spectrum, Army 
and Navy, L. A. Athletic, and Pacific Coast 

Religion: Protestant. 

Recreations: Swimming, riding, golf, travel, 
yachting, tennis, aviation. 
Bus. and Home Address: 816 So. St. An- 
drews PI., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Other Address: Armv and Navy Club, Long 
Beach, Calif.; Pacific Coast Club, Long 
Beach, Calif. * 

BEAUMONT, Campbell E. 

Judge of United States District Court, South- 
ern District of California. 

Born: Mayfield (Ky.); s. of May Viola 
(Wortham) and Edgar S. Beaumont. 
Education: West Ky. Coll.; Univ. of Ky.; 
Cumberland Univ. 

Married: Lucy Madden, d. of Anna and 
Wm. A. Madden. 

Prof. Record: Began practice of law at Fes- 
no, 1912; appointed Deputy Dist. Atty. of 
Fresno Co., 1914; Asst. Dist. Atty., 1917; 
elected Dist. Atty. of Fresno Co., 1918; 
apptd. Judge Sup. Court, 1921, elected Judge 
of same. 1922; re-elected, 1924, 1930, and 
1936; appointed U. S. Dist. Judge, 1939. 
Memberships: Knights of Pythias, Masons, 
Elks, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. Address: Federal Bldg., Fresno, Calif. 
Home Address: 805 Ashlan Ave., Fresno, 

BEAUMONT. Dorothy Dean. A.B.. M.A. 
Counselor, John Burroughs Junior High 

Born: Santa Ana (Calif.), Apr. 13, 1897; d. 
of Eva (Craig) and Harry Glen Dean. 
Education: Santa Ana (Calif.) High Sch.; 
Los Angeles State Normal; Univ. of Calif.; 
Univ. of So. Calif. 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1929; M.A., U. 
of So. Calif., 1930. 

Married: Arthur Edwalne, s. of M. S. Beau- 
mont, in Los Angeles (Calif.), Apr. 4, 1919; 
ch.: Phyllis Jacqueline (Mrs. John Daniel 
Cook), Dean Edwalne, Barbara Elaine Ara- 
bella, and Geoffrey Campbell. 
Prof. Record: Teacher, elem. schs. of Los 
Angeles, 1921-24; Asst. to Dean of Women, 
U.C.L.A., 1924-27; Teacher, Los Angeles High 
Sch., 1930-33; Teacher, John Burroughs Jr. 
High Sch., 1933-37; Counselor, John Bur- 
roughs Jr. High Sch., 1937—. 
Publications: Articles on counseling and guid- 

Memberships: Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women; 
Campfire Girls of Amer. (Dir. and Council 
Mem.), Girls' Friendly Soc. (Diocesan Pres., 
1934-37); Prytanean (Hon. Soc), Areta; 
University Club; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta 
Phi, Pi Lambda Theta. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 
Bus. Address: John Burroughs Junior High 

School, 600 So. McCadden Place, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Hojne Address: 816 So. St. Andrews PI., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BECHDOLT. Frederick Ritchie. A.B. 

Born: Mercersburgh (Pa.), July 27, 1874; s. 
of Jean Katherine (Ritchie) and Adolph F. 

Education: Mankato (Minn.) High Sch.; Univ. 
No. Dakota; Univ. of Washington. 
Degrees: A.B., U. of Washington, 1896. 
Married: Adele Fortier Hale, d. of Anna M. 
Fortier, in San Francisco (Calif.). 
Prof. Record: Former Newspaperman, now 
Author, since 1907; Writer of Articles, mag. 
fiction, books, etc. 

Publicatio7is : Co- Author 9009. Author, Hard 
Rock Man; When the West Was Young; 
Tales of the Old Timers; Giants of the Old 
West; Horse Thief Trail; Tree of Death, and 
other books, and numerous articles and mag. 

Memberships: Family and Press clubs (San 
Francisco) . 
Politics: Democrat. 
Bus. and Home Address: Carmel, Calif. 

BECK, Anna Rearden. A.B., M.A. 
Teacher (retired); Writer. 
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Dec. 13, 1888; 
d. of Anita (Cowles) and Judge Timothy H. 

Education: Pub. schs. of Cook Co. (111.); San 
Francisco; Univ. of Calif. 
Degrees: A.B., 1912, M.A., 1913, U. of Calif., 

Married: John Erik Beck; s. of Pastor Johan 
August Back, of Aspeboda (Sweden), at 
Swedenborgian Church, San Francisco 
(Calif.), Nov. 17, 1917; ch. : John Rearden, 
Anne Charlotta, and Mary Elisazeth Beck. 
Prof. Record: Teacher, 1907-8, 1914-17, 

Publication: The First Parthenia (imagina- 
tive expression of the women of the U. of 
Calif.), 1812. 

Memberships: Prytanean Society. 
Home Address: 441 Boynton Ave., Berkeley, 
Calif. • 

BECK. Paul Ralph. A.B. 

Publisher-Business Manager, Blade-Tribune 
Pub. Co. 

Born Centerville (Iowa), Feb. 7, 1907; s. 
of Edna Pauline (Needham) and Jesse Mc- 
Fall Beck. 

Education: Grade sch. and high sch., Cen- 
terville (Iowa) ; Stanford Univ. 
Married: Mildred, d. of Aylette W. Aylor, 
in Oceanside (Calif), June 20, 1931; ch.: Jo 

Bus. Record: Employed on Centerville lowe- 
gian as youth; after graduation was on the 
editorial staff of San Jose News (Calif.); 
came to Oceanside, as Co-Publisher of Blade- 
Tribune in 1929 and has been there ever 

Directorships: Dir. and Secty., Newspaper 
Univ. of Amer. 

Memberships: Elks, Oceanside Kiwanls; Phi 



Delta Thetn, Slsma Dcltn Chi. SlRma Tnu 
Delta: Blue Key. 
Religion: Methodist. 
Recreations: HunllnR, flshlnR. 
Bus. Address: 403 First St., Oceansldc, Calif. 
Ho7ne Address: 1103 Leonard Ave.. Ocean- 
side, Calif. 


Insurance Agent. 

Bom: Walkerton (Ont.. Can.). Jan. 22, 
1893: s. of Elizabeth (Wettlaufer) and John 
L. Becker. 

Education: Pub. schls.. Oshawa (Ont.). 
Marrid: Lucille H.. d. of Dr. W. H. Cooke, 
in Long Beach (Calif.), April 20, 1913: eh.: 
Mr J. Frank C. Bird. Mrs. Edward Amar, 
and Norma Kathleen. 

Prof. Record: In 1906 entered office of Mc- 
Laughlin Carriage Co., Oshawa (Ont., Can.); 
1912 entered .selling field with Goodyear Tire 
and Rubber Co. of Can., left in 1916 and 
engaged in wholesale automobile accessory 
business with O. S. Chapin Co., of Calgary 
(Alta.): came to Calif, in 1922 and sold 
Studebaker automobiles for Glen E. Thomas, 
Inc. (San Pedroi for 6 years; 1928 opened 
ins. agency in which business he is now en- 
gaged: Mem. Los Angeles Board of Edn. 
Memberships: San Pedro Rotary: Jonathan 
Club (L. A.). 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Gardening and golf. 
Business Address: 411 W. 7th St., San Pedro, 

Home Address: 2130 Elanita Dr., San Pedro, 

BECKETT. Wheeler Martin Alfred. B.S. 


Born: San Francisco (Calif), Mar. 7, 1898. 
s. of Frances Mason (Bowen) and Frederick 
Arthur Beckett. 

Education: Grad. Optimus Grace Church (N. 
Y.) Choir Sch.. 1913: student Columbia. 1917- 
19: mem. master class for conductors and 
pvt. pupil of Felix Weingartner, Basel (Switz- 
erland), 1928-30. 

Degrees: B.S., 1921, Univ. of Calif. 
Married: Jane Wintermute, June 15, 1922. 
Prof. Record: Organist and Choirmaster 
Grace Cathedral (San Francisco). 1921-25 
Instr.. English. Mills Coll. (Oakland). 1926 
Dir.. Childrens' Choral Club (Berkeley). 1924- 
30: Condr., Young People's Concerts. San 
Francisco Symphony Orch., 1927-30: Guest 
Condr., Berlin ((Jermany). and Vienna (Aus- 
tria), philharmonic orchestras. Vienna Sym- 
phony and Straram (Paris) orchestras. 1930; 
Condr.. Richmond Symphony Orchestra. 1932- 
36: Guest Condr.. Summer Concerts, Nat. 
Symphony, Washington (D. O. 1936; Guest 
Condr.. Boston "Pops" and Esplanade con- 
certs, 1938-39; Condr., Boston Symphony Or- 
chestra, Inc., Youth Concerts (six concerts 
each season) in Symphony Hall: Condr., Bos- 
ton Symphony Children's Concerts, Cambridge 
(Mass.). 1940, (Si.x concerts each season). 
Publications: Composed incidental music to 
the plays Asses Ears, 1922, Rajavara, 1924. 
Also composed Cinderella Overture, Mystic 
Trumpeter, Syviphony C Minor, and concerto 
for organ, church music. 
Memberships: Delta Upsilon; Mason: Au- 

thors' Club (London. Enj?.). Harvard Mus. 


Religion: Episcopal. 

Politics: Republican. 

Home Address: Symphony Hall, Boston, 

Mass. (Summer) Ragged Lsland, Lake Wln- 

nepesaukee, N. H. 

BECKLEY. William Bruce. B.S., LL.B. 

Lawyer, Registered Patent Attorney. 
Born: Las Vegas fNev.). Mar. 22, 1915: 8. 
of Leva (Grimes) and Will Beckley. 
Education: Calif. Inst, of Tech.: Stanford 
Law Sch. 

Degrees: B.S., Calif. Inst, of Tech.. 1936; 
LL.B.. Stanford Law Sch.. 19.39. 
Memberships: San Francisco Bar Assn., San 
Francisco Patent Law Assn.; Pi Kappa Delta. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Golf, skiing and tennis. 
Business Address: 723 Crocker Bldg.. San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 1407 Montgomery, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

BECKWITH. Professor Theodore Day, 

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S. 
Prof, and Chairman, Dept. of Bacteriology, 
Univ. of Calif. 

Born: Utica (N. Y.), Dec. 8, 1879: s. of 
Jane Sophia (Day) and Theodore George 

Education: Utica Free Acad.: Hamilton Coll.; 
Woods Hole Marine Laboratories: U. S. Dept. 
of Agriculture; Univ. of Calif. 
Degrees: B.S.. 1904. M.S., 1907. Hamilton 
Coll.; Ph.D.. 1920. U. of Calif., Berkeley. 
Married: Cornelia Maria, d. of S. S. Lyon, 
in Fargo (N. D.). June 14, 1909: ch.: Jo- 
sephine Day, Jane Crosby. Stephen Lyon, £ind 
Theodore Day, Jr. 

Prof. Record: Asst. and Algologist, U. S. 
Dept. Agr.. 1904-07; Asst. Prof, and Prof, 
of Bacteriology and Plant Pathology, N. D. 
Coll., 1907-10; Asst. Botanist, N. D. Expt. 
Sta., 1907-10; Head. Dept. Bacteriologj'. Ore. 
State Coll. and Bacteriologist. Ore. Expt. 
Sta.. 1911-20: Asso. Prof, of Bact., U. of 
Calif, 1921-32; Asso. Prof, and Prof, of 
Bacteriology, U.C.L.A., 1932—, Dept. Head, 
1934 — : Calif. Stomatological Research Group 
Mem., 1926-30. Res. Asso. in Agr., U. of 
Calif, 1934-35. Cooperator with Huntington 
L'br. Trustees, 1934-38; Constultant for pulp 
and paper industry. 

Directorships: Pres. Elect., So. Calif. Pub. 
Health Assn., 1940. 

Publications: 80-90 publications on scientific 
subjects in the field of Bacteriology. 
Army Service: Capt., Sanitary Corps, U. S. 
Army, 1918-19. 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, 
Alpha Zeta, Gamma Alpha, Kappa Psl, Del- 
ta Upsilon, Delta Omega: Amer. Assn. for 
Advancement of Science (Fellowi, Calif. 
Acad. Sci. (Fellow) ; Soc. Exp. Biol, and 
Med.. Soc. Amer. Bact., Amer. Pub. Health 
Assn., So. Calif. Pub. Health Assn. West 
Soc. Naturalists; Food Technologists. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of Calif.. Los Angeles. 

Home Address: 333 Nineteenth St., Santa 
Monica, Calif. 



BEDELL, Professor Frederick, A.B., 
Ph.D., F.A.P.S., F.A.I.E.E., F.A.A.A.S. 
Consulting Physicist, Author, Editor, Inven- 

Born: Brooklyn (N. Y.), April 12, 1868; s. 
of Caroline L. (Cunningham) and E. F. Be- 

Education: Montclair (N.J.), High Sch.; Yale 
and Cornell Univ. 

Degrees: A.B., Yale, 1890; Ph.D., Cornell, 

Married: Marv L. Crehore, 1896, (dec, 1936); 
then, Grace E. Wilson, 1938; ch.: Eleanor 
(Mrs. Robert C. Burt, Pasadena, Calif.) and 
Caroline (Mrs. Henry M. Thomas, Jr., Balti- 
more, Md.). 

Prof. Record: Prof, of Physics and Applied 
Electricity, Cornell U., 1893-1937; Editor of 
the Physical Review, 1893-1922; Consulting 
Physicist 1937 — . Many inventions in field 
of power transmission, communication and 
of scientific instruments. Fellow, American 
Physical Society; Fellow, American Institute 
of Electrical Engineers; Fellow, American 
Assn. for the Advancement of Science. 
Awards: Award as Modern Pioneer in In- 
dustry, (1940) by Nat. Assn. of Mfrs., for 
Invention of Bone Conduction Hearing Aids 
and of Cathode Ray Oscillograph. 
Publications: Alternating Currents; Principles 
of the Transformer; Direct and Alternating 
Current Manual; Air-plane Characteristics; 
The Airpropeller ; The Airplane; and many 
scientific articles. Contributor of technical 
definitions in (1) Standard Dictionary, (2) 
Webster's International Dictionary (special 
editor for electricity) ; Also, Contributor of 
articles on magnetism and transformers. 
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi. 
Bus. Address: R. C. Burt Scientific Labora- 
tories, Pasadena, Calif. 

Home Address: 1147 Lura St., Pasadena, 



Born: Napanee (Ont), April 29, 1887; s. of 
Henrietta Louis (Robin) and The Rev. Wm. 

Married: Mary T. McNally-Bernardin, d. of 
John McNally, at Westminster Cathedral 
(London), Oct. 18, 1929. 

Publications: Sixty-odd books of all descrip- 

Recreations: Stamp and book collecting. 
Home Address: Palm Springs, Calif., and 
Conway, Mich. 

BEEBE. Dan L.. A.B. 

Editor and Publisher, Oroville Mercury-Reg- 
ister and Butte County News. 
Born: Kankakee (111.), Jan. 27, 1887; s. of 
Louisa (Haworth) and Almon Mellon Beebe. 
Education: High sch., Kankakee (111.); Earl- 
ham Coll. (Ind.). 

Degrees: A.B., Earlham Coll., 1910. 
Married: Marie Helena, d. of O. (Jeving, at 
San Francisco (Calif), July 26, 1920; ch.: 
Dan L., Jr. and Alice Mae. 
Bus. Record: Editor of Richmond (Ind.) 
Morning News, 1910; editorial staff of Rich- 
mond Item, 1912; editorial staff of Indian- 
apolis News, 1913; with United Press in 
Chicago, same year; Mgr., Springfield (111.) 

bureau, U.P., 1914; in succession, Mgr. of 
Indianapolis Bureau, Cleveland Bureau, duty 
in New York and Washington Bureaus, Asst. 
Bu.siness Manager, Chicago Bureau, Manager 
Western Division, United Press, at San Fran- 
cisco for news and business. In 1921, 
bought part interest in Modesto News, which 
later became News-Herald; left U. P. in that 
year; in 1927 News-Herald was sold to Sac- 
ramento Bee, bought Mercury-Register in- 
terest, forming Oroville Mercury, Ltd. 

Dierctorships : Pres., Oroville Mercury Ltd. 
Memberships: Commonwealth Club (San Fran- 
cisco) ; Rotary and Fellows Club (Oroville) ; 
Masonic Blue Lodge; Elks. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Registered Republican. 
Recreations: Hunting and fishing. 
Bus. Address: Oroville Mercury-Register and 
Butte County News, Oroville, Calif. 
Home Address: 1456 Hammon Ave., Oroville, 
Calif. * 

BEEBE, Professor Elinor Lee. R.N. 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor of Public Health Nursing. 
Born: Udall (Kans.), 1892; d. of Elloweese 
Paroch (DeWeese) and James Warren. 
Education: Udall (Kans.) High Sch., 1906-10; 
Fairmount Coll., 1910-14; U. S. Army Sch. 
of Nursing, 1918-19, Mass. Gen. Hosp. Sch. 
of Nursing. 1919-22; Columbia Univ., 1926- 
28; Johns Hopkins Univ., 1928-31. 
Degrees, Honors: A.B., Fairmount, 1914; 
R.N., Mass. Gen. Hosp., 1922; M.A., Colum- 
bia U.. 1928; Nat. Research Council Scholar. 
Johns Hopkins, 1928-30; Ph.D.. Johns Hop- 
kins U., 1932. 

Prof. Record: Teacher of English, 1914-17; 
Pub. Health Nursing, Amer. Red Cross, 1922- 
24; Adv. Nurse, Kansas State Bd. of Health, 
1924-25; Asst. Dir., Home Hygiene Serv., 
Amer. Red Cross, Washington (D.C.), 1925- 
26; half-time Instr. in Nursing Edn., Teach- 
ers Coll., Columbia, 1926-27; Dir., Child De- 
velopment and Parent Edn., Spelman Fund 
Grant, Bd. of Edn., Albany, N. Y., 1931-35; 
Asst. Prof. Pub. Health Nursing, Sch. of 
Nursing, Yale U., 1935-37; Asst. Prof, of 
Pub. Health Nursing, U. of Calif., Los An- 
geles, 1937 — ; Summers, Dir., Red Cross 
Teacher Training Program for Nurse Instrs., 
Colorado Agr. Coll., 1924-28; U. of Calif., 
Los Angeles, 1930, 1933-37. 

Publications: Articles on public health nurs- 
ing, curriculum development; collaborated on 
a book. Curriculum Guides for Teachers of 
Young Children, and pub. research studies 
in child development. 

Directorships: Dir., Calif. State Orgn. for 
Pub. Health Nursing. 

Army Service: During World War I Student 
in the U. S. Army Sch. of Nursing, 1917-18. 
Memberships: Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women; 
Amer. Nurses Assn., Nat. Orgn. for Pub. 
Health Nursing, Amer. Red Cross. 
Religion: Baptist. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Reading, nature study, walking. 
Bus. Address: Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 932 Tiverton Ave., W. Los 
Angeles, Calif. 



BEEBE, James Lyndon, A.R.. LL.B. 

Born: Udall (Kans.), Nov. 21 1H99; s. of 
Ella (Deweoso) antl James Warren Hecbc. 
Education: Falrmount Coll. (Now Univ. of 
Wichita); Harvard Law Seh. 
Drgrcr.i nvd IIoriovK: A.n., Falrmount Coll., 
1917; LL.B.. Harvard Law Sch., 1922; made 
KnlRht of the First Class of the Royal Nor- 
wegian Order of St. Olav by King Haakon 
Vn. 1939. 

Married: Sarah Ruth, d. of Collie and J. W. 
Hershey. in Wichita (Kan.), Feb. 2, 1918; 
eh: James Warren, James L., Jr., and Harry 

Prof. Record: In 1922, employed by the law 
firm O'Melveny, Millikin, Tuller & MacNell; 
in 1923, after admission to Calif. Stale Bar, 
engaged in the practice of law; in 1927, be- 
came Partner in firm O'Melveny, Tuller & 
Myers (name changed to O'Melveny & My- 
ers in 1939) ; became Chmn., Co-ordinating 
Com. on Spec. Assessments in 1930; In 1931 
organized Govt. Cost Study, Com.. L. A. 
Cham, of Comm.. and has been Chmn. of 
this com. from 1931 to present; 1933-36, 
Chmn., Govt. Affairs Com., L. A. Cham, of 
Comm.; 1939, Pres., L. A. Cham, of Comm.; 
1940, Treas., L. A. Cham, of Comm.; 1940 
Nat. Councillor of L. A. Cham, of Comm. 
to Cham, of Comm. of the U. S. A.; to 
date from 1933, Dir., L. A. Cham, of Comm. ; 
Vice-Chmn., Interim Com. of Twenty-five of 
Calif., Conf. on Govt, and Ta.xation, 1936- 
41; 1940. Chmn., Financial Adm. and Tax- 
ation Section, Mayor's Charter Revision Com. 

Directorships: Dir., Union Bank and Trust 
Co. of L. A.; Mem., Adv. Bd., Parker Sch. 
(Pasadena) : Dir., Los Angeles Cham, of 
Comm.; Chmn., Govt. Cost Study Com., L. 
A. Cham, of Comm. 

Army Record: Enlisted as cadet in Air Serv. 
Sig. Corps, June 1. 1918; discharged Dec. 11, 
1918; commslsioned 2nd Lt., Air Corps Res. 
Memberships: Calif., Harvard, Bankers' Club 
of Amer., L. A. Athletic, and Pasadena Bad- 
minton clubs; Eagle Rock Lodge, No. 422 
F. and A. M.; San Marino Post of Amer. 

Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. Address: Title Insurance Bldg., 433 So. 
Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 1060 Roanoke Rd., San Ma- 
rino, Calif. 

BEECHER, Daniel, A.B., LL.B. 

Chief Trial Deputy District Attorney, Los 
Angeles County. 

Born: County Cork (Ireland), Mar. 1, 1882; 
s. of Elen (Hungerford) and John Beecher. 

Education: Cushing Acad., Ashburnham 
(Mass.); New Salem Acad., New Salem 
(Mass.); Amhert Coll., Amherst (Mass.); N. 
Y. Univ. Law Sch. 

Degrees: A.B., Amherst Coll., 1907; LL.B., 
N. Y. U., 1910. 

Married: Genevieve Ethel, d. of Jennie H. 
and Walter T. Thompson, Los Angeles 
(Calif.), Nov. 8, 1913. 

Prof. Record: Taught Eng. and Hist. In 
Waterman Sch., Mt. Vernon (N. Y.), in 
Sachs Collegiate Inst., and DeWitt Clinton 
High Sch. (N. Y. C.) from 1907 to 1910. 
Practiced law in L. A. (Calif.) from 1910 

to 1927; then nppoinlod Judge of the Su- 
perior Court, h. A. (Calif), by f>)vernor C. 
C. Young; since 1929, ha.s been Deputy Dint. 
Atty., Chief Trial Deputy Dist. Atty., Los 
Angeles Co.; for many years was a Member 
of Univ. Club, Los Angeles (now resigned), 
and Pres. in 19,38 of the So. Calif. Acad, 
of Criminology, and former Serty. of the 
Soc. of The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. 
Publications: "A Study of the Office and 
Problems of the DIst. Atty. of L. A. Co.," 
1931; "A Treatise of Parole," 19.37; article In 
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 
on California Constitutional Amendments 
Afecting the Criminal Law, 1939; and various 
articles on criminology. 

Memberships: Wilshire Lodge No. 44.5, F. 
& A. M.; Elks Lodge No. 99, L. A.; So. Calif. 
Acad, of Criminology; Los Angeles Art 
Assn., L. A. Museum Patrons Com.; Amer. 
Bar Assn., L. A. Bar Assn.; Laguna Art 
Assn., Soc. of the Friendly Sons of St. Pat- 

Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Fishing. 

Bus. Address: Hall of Justice, Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 119 So. Ardmore Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BEECHER, Genevieve T. 
Mrs. Daniel B.) 


Born: Chicago (111.), Aug. 27, 1888; d. of 
Jennie Agate (Hays) and Walter T. Thomp- 

Education: East Orange Resident and Day 
Sch. (N. J.); New York Sch. of Applied De- 
sign for Women (New York City). 
Married: Daniel, s. of Ellen (Hungerford) 
and John Beecher, in Los Angeles (Calif.), 
Nov. 8, 1913. 

Directorships: Past Curator Applied Design 
Dept., Ebell Club; Chmn., Salon of Art, 
Ebell Club; Dir., Calif. Art Club; Publicity 
Dir., Women Painters of the West. Present 
Program Chairman, Women Painters of the 

Memberships: L. A. Ebell Club; L. A. Art 
Assn., L. A. Museum Patrons Com., Laguna 
Art Assn., Calif Art Club, Women Painters 
of the West, L. A. Branch of the Society for 
Sanity in Art. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Painting, gardening. 
Home Address: 119 S. Ardmore Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Other Address: 837 Monterey Blvd., Her- 
mosa Beach, Calif. 

BEEK, Joseph Allan. 

Scretary of Calif. State Senate (over 20 

Born: Orintgon (Maine), Dec. 16, 1888; s. of 
Corrina A. (White) and Henry S. Beek. 
Education: Throop Polytechnic Institute, 
Pasadena (Calif.); Cal. Tech., Pasadena (did 
not graduate) . 

Married: Carroll B., d. of Alfred Guillou at 
Berkeley (Calif.), Dec. 28, 1920; ch.: Bar- 
ton Brewster (16) ; Joseph Allan Jr. (13) ; 
Henry Seymour (6). 



Prof. Record: Engaged in improvement anti 
development of yachting — residential proper- 
ty. Newport Harbor for 25 years; developed 
Balboa Island, Harbor Island and Beacon 
Bay (subdivisions). Owner-Operator. Balboa 
Ferrv Lines: first Harbormaster, City of 
Newport Beach, 1920-26; served in Calif. 
State Senate every session since 1913. 
Publications: Trial of Impeachments, 1929; 
California Legislature, 1940; and numerous 
magazine articles on yachting and yacht 

Memberships: Newport Harbor Yacht; Bal- 
boa Yacht; Los Angeles Yacht; Trail and 
Canyon, Los Angeles Athletic clubs; Mason. 
Recreations: Yachting, stream fishing, moun- 
tain climbing. 

Bus. Address: Capitol Building, Sacramento, 
Calif., and Balboa, Calif. 

Home Address: Balboa Island, Balboa, Calif., 
and 2020 J St., Sacramento, Calif. * 

BEERS, Professor Catherine Virginia. 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor of Zoology, Univ. of So. 

Born: Chicago (111.). June 3, 1892; d. of 
Louise (Wilson) and Charles Gould Beers. 
Education : Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley) ; North- 
western Univ.; Columbia Univ.; Marine Lab- 
oratories at Puget Sound, Woods Hole, Cold 
Spring Harbor, and La Jolla. 
Degrees: A.B., 1914. M.A., 1915, North- 
western U.; Ph.D., Columbia U., 1938. 
Prof. Record: Instr., Maine Twp. High Sch.; 
Instr. Genetics, Hunter Coll. (N. Y. C); 
Instr. Biology, Washington Square Coll., N. 
Y. U. 

Publications: Genetics of Drosophila Pseu- 
doohscura Race B; Genetics, 1938. 
Memberships: A.A.A.S.F.; Sigma Xi; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Phi Sigma; Genetics Soc. of 
Amer. ; Amer. Genetic Assn.; Western Soc. 
Naturalists; Eugenics Soc; Delta Kappa 
Gamma; Girls' Friendly Soc; A.A.U.W. ; 
A.A.U.P; Women's Internat. Assn. of Aero- 
nautics; Nat. Assn. of Biology Teachers; So. 
Calif. Acad, of Sci. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Recreations: Traveling. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of So. Calif., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 3517 So. Figueroa, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BELDEN. Henry Evelyn. C.L.U. 
Associate Manager, Union Central Life Insur- 
ance Company. 

Born: New Orleans (La.), June 12, 1899; s. 
of Leila Robertson (Livermore) and Dr. 
Henry Evelyn Belden. 

Education: Public and priv. schs. of New 
Orleans; Tulane Univ. 

Degrees, Honors: C.L.U., The American Coll. 
of Life Underwriters, 1936. 
Marreid: Jeannette, d. of Talbot Jyril Bart- 
lette at New Orleans (La), April 18, 1923. 
Bus. Record: On completing education oper- 
ated 2600 acre plantation in St. Mary Parish 
(La.); resigned and enlisted in army. After 
several months service ordered to officers 
training camp but orders cancelled by arm- 
istice. Early e.xperience in automobile busi- 
ness where became leading Packard salesman 
of South. Resigned as assistant salesman- 

ager of Pack New Orleans Co., in Dec, 1925 
to become agent. Union Centrol Life. In 
January. 1930, became supervisor at New 
Orleans. January,' 1933, promoted to Asso- 
ciate Manager of Union Central's Los An- 
geles branch, which has since shown consis- 
tent growth and progress. In demand as 
speaker before life insurance groups in vari- 
ous parts of the United States. Considered 
an authority on Life Insurance, Pension 
Trusts and Estate and Inheritance Taxation. 
Directorships: Pres. of Life Underwriters 
Assn. of L. A. 

Publications: Technical papers on insurance, 
taxation and legal subjects, published in 
booklet form and in the insurance press; has 
written numerous articles published by na- 
tional outdoor, craftsman and mechanical 

Memberships: Netherlands Gun; Honorary 
Life Member Young Men's Business Club of 
New Orleans. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Independent. 

Recreations: Shooting, fishing, photography, 
craftsmanship in wood and metal. 
Bus. Address: 609 So. Grand Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 85 San Miguel Rd., Pasadena, 


Advertising Executive. 

Vice-President and Los Angeles Manager, 
Lord and Thomas Adv. Agcy. 
Born: Grants Pass (Ore.), Jan. 23, 1898; s. 
of Mollie (Dowell) and W. P. Belding. 
Education: Grants Pass High Sch.; Univ. of 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Ore., 1919. 
Married: Eunice, d. of Harold Hodges, Eu- 
gene (Ore.), June, 1919; ch.: Don, Jr., Bar- 

Bus. Record: Manager, Western Union, Klam- 
math Falls (Ore.), 1919-21; Publisher, Klam- 
math Record, 1921-22. Lord and Thomas 1923 
— , Asst. Space Buyer, Space Buyer and Re- 
search Mgr., Copy Writer, Asst. Acct. Exec, 
Acct. Exec, then Manager and Vice-Pres., 
which position he now holds. 
Directorships: Vice- Pres., Lord and Thomas 
Adv. Agcy.; Pres., Pacific Adv. Club. Assn. 
Army Service: Nine months in the A.E.F. 
Memberships: Univ. Club; Alpha Delta Sig- 
ma; Past Master, Masonic Lodge No. 629; 
L. A. Yacht Club; Disabled Veterans of 
World War; California Club; L. A. Ad. Club. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Independent. 
Recreations: Golf, yachting. 
Bus. Address: Edison Bldg., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: California Club, Los Angeles, 
Calif., 1433 Imperial Dr., Glendale, Calif. 

BELGRANO, Jr.. Frank N. 

Insurance Executive. 

Pres., Pacific National Fire Insurance Co. 

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), May 18, 1895; 

s. of Emilia (Cavagnaro) and Frank N. 


Education: Oakland High Sch. 



Morrird: MaiKurol Kvclyn, (I. of H. Austen 
likldlc. r.().s AtiK'flos (Calif.), May 16, V.YI2\ 
ch.: Margaret and Evelyn (twins, 1(j), Carla 

Bun. Record: Began banking career In Ban- 
ca Fugasl, of which his father was Pres. La- 
tor worked In various depts. of Hank of 
Calif., N. A., and First Nat. Bank of San 
Francisco. After return from Army In 3918, 
attain entered Hanca I'opolare Fugazi and was 
Vicc-1'rcs. and Cashier at time of merger 
with United Bank & Trust Co. (later Bank 
of America and now Bank of Amor., N. T. 
& S. A.K Was Exeo. Vico-Pres. and Comp- 
troller of United Bank & Trust Co. until 
April, 1930; Pres. of Pacific Nat. Fire Insur- 
ance Co., 1930—. 

Directorships: Pres. and Dir., Pacific Nat. 
lire Insurance Co.; Pres. and Dir., Inter- 
Amer. Corp.; Vice-Pros, and Dir., Occidental 
Life Insurance Co. 

Army Service: Enlisted as private In World 
War I, Aug. 8, 1917, in 114th Field Artil- 
lery. Was later sent to Camp Zachary Tay- 
lor (Louisville, Ky.), and commissioned a 
2nd Lieut, in 33rd Field Artillery. Was 
discharged on Dec. 17, 1918. 

Decorations: Commdr., Legion of Honor 

Memberships: Bohemian, Family and Olym- 
pic clubs. 

Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 460 Montgomery St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 620 Camino Del Mar, San 
Francisco, Calif. 

BELL, Archibald Weir, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Instructor in Life Sciences and Chairman of 
the Department of Life Sciences, L. A. City 

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Oct. 6, 1899; s. 
of Annie Martha (Staff) and C. C. Bell, Sr. 

Education: Univ. of Redlands and Univ. of 


Degrees: A.B., 1922, M.A., 1927, Ph.D., 1936, 

U. of Calif. 

Married: Elizabeth Harriet, d. of Bess R. 
Jones, Upland (Calif.), July 18, 1921; ch.: 
Donald Gordon, Arloa Louise, Elliot Redfield, 
and Marilyn Elizabeth. 

Prof. Record: Instr. of Life Sciences and 
Head of the Biology Dept., Sacramento Jr., 
Coll., Jan. 1924-June 1929. Instr. of Life 
Sciences and Chairman of the Dept. of Life 
Sciences, L. A. City Coll., from Sept. 1929, 
to the present. 

Publications: Research articles in Journal of 
Morphology, Vol. 48, No. 2, 1929; Calif. 
Quart, of Secondary Edn., Apr. 19.32; U. of 
Calif. Publ. Zool.. Vol. 41, No. 12, 1936. 

Memberships: Phi Sigma and Sigma Xi. 

Religion: Congregational. 

Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Mountain climbing, gardening 

(hybridizing irises and daffodils), exploratory 

field trips. 

Bus. Address: Los Angeles City Coll., 855 
No. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 365 So. Hoover St., Los An- 
geles. Calif. • 

BELL, Clark E., A.B., B.S. 

Inspector of Agencies, New York I-lfe Ins. 

Born: Nebraska, Oct. 10, 1880; s. of Fran- 
ces (Day) and David C. Bell. 
Education: Univ. of Nebr. 
Degrees: A.B. and B.S., U. of Nebr., 1904. 
Married: Mable (Muir), at Lincoln (Nebr.), 
Oct., 1907; ch.; C. Kcnaston (Everett, 
Wash.), Mabel Frances McElwrath and John 
C. (San Marino, Calif). 

Bus. Record: Sold life insurance during sum- 
mers while in Univ. Started as agent with 
New York Life in .San Francl.sco, 1905. 
Agency Organizer, 1911; Agency Dir., Sacra- 
mento Branch, 1915; Agency Dir., Los An- 
geles Branch, 1921; Suporvi.sor, Los Angeles 
Branch, 1926. and Inspector of Agencies of 
Southern Calif, and Arizona since 19.33. 
Directorships: Dir., L. A. Ch. of Com., and 
Past Pres., State Assn. of Life Underwriters. 
Memberships: Univ. Club of L.A., Beta 
Theta Pi. 

Religion: Presbyterian. 
Recreations: Golf and beach life. 
Bus. Address: 315 W. 9th St., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 1342 Circle Dr., San Marino, 
Calif.; 1206 So. Bay Front, Balboa Island, 

BELL, Colfax. 

Mayor, Redondo Beach. 

Born: Minnesota Lake (Minn.), s. of Rosetta 
(Bowers) and S. N. Bell. 

Education: Elem. and High Schls., Archl- 
bals Business Coll., Minneapolis (Minn.). 
Married: Minnie L., d. of Edna Grove, Elm- 
wood (111.), Mar. 29, 1892; ch. ; Robert N. 
and Raymond C. 

Bus. Record: V2 and 10 mile bicj'cle cham- 
pion, 1889. Traveling salesman (Chicago 
and Indianapolis) Wholesale & Retail Bi- 
cycle Co. ; Pres., Sanitary Laundry, Pomona 
(Calif.); Pros, and Gen. Mgr., 111. Land & 
Water Co. ; Orange grower, 20 yrs. ; pvt. 
loans on residential and bus. property in Re- 
dondo Beach (Calif.); Board Dir., L. A. Co. 
Sanitation Dist. ; Mayor, Redondo Beach 
(Calif.) for past five years. 
Directorships: Pres., Bd. of Ed., (Pomona, 
Calif.); Pres., 111. Land & Water Co., (La 
Verne, Calif.); Board Dir., San Dimas Or- 
ange Grwrs. Assn.; Councilman,. Pur. Agt., 
Redondo Beach City; Bd. Dir., L. A. Co. 
Sanitation Dist. 
Memberships: Elks and Rotary. 
Religion: Alethodist. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Indian relics, hiking, fishing, 
golf and camping. 

Bus. Address: City Hall, Redondo Beach, 

Home Address: 713 Bervl, Redondo Beach, 
Calif. • 

BELL, Professor Eric Temple, A.B. 
M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of Mathematics, Cal. Inst. Tech. 
Born: Aberdeen (Scotland), Feb. 7, 1883; 
s. of Helen Jane (Lindsay-Lyall) and James 

Education: Bedford (Eng.); Stanford Univ.; 
Univ. of Wash. ; Columbia Univ. 



r^egrem: A.B.. Stanford, 1904j M.A., Wash., 
1908; Ph.D., Columbia, 1912. 
Married: Jessie L.. d. of F. Marlon Smith, 
Yreka (Calif.), Dec. 24. 1910 (dec. Sept. 22, 
1940); ch.: Talne Temple. 
Publications: Numerous technical papers In 
Amer. and foreign scientific journals 1912; 
since The Queen of the Sciences (Williams 
and Wllkins), 1931; The Search frr Truth 
(Williams and Wllkins), 1934; Reynal and 
Hitchcock: Numerology (Williams and Wll- 
kins), 1932: Man and His Lifebelts (Wil- 
liams and Wllkins), 1938; Men of Mathe- 
matics (Simon and Schuster), 1937; The De- 
velopment of Mathematics (McGraw-Hill), 
1940. Fourteen scientific fiction novels 
(under John Talne), (pub. by E. P. Dutton 
and Co.), 1924-32, (Williams and Wilklns), 
1936, and serial form. 

Memberships: Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa; 
National Academy of Siences, Amer. Philos. 
Soc , Amer. Math. Soc, Math. Assn. of 
Amer., Calcutta Math. Soc, Cirolo Mathe- 
matio di Palermo. 

Recreations: Painting, gardening, writing and 

Bus. Address: Calif. Inst, of Tech.. Pasadena, 

Home Address: 434 to. Michigan Ave., 
Pasadena, Calif. 

BELL, George Henry. B.S., M.S., Ed.D. 
Principal, Bonita Union High School. 
Born: Wheeling (W. Va., July 11, 1890; s. 
of Rachel C. (Wells) and Samuel H. Bell. 
Education: Whittier (Calif.); Univ. of Calif. 
Degrees: B.S., 1912. M.S., 1913. U. of Calif. 
(Berkeley); Ed.D., U. of So. Calif, 1931. 
Married: Mary Elizabeth, d. of Cora A. 
(Coleman) and Charles E. Lancaster in Riv- 
erside (Calif.), Nov. 15, 1913; ch.: George 
Richard, Mary Elizabeth, Ruth Margaret, 
Rachel Cora, Esther Harriet and Lois Rae. 
Prof. Record: Teacher of Science, Escondldo 
High Sch. (Calif.); Head of Science Dept., 
Monrovia High Sch. (Calif.); Prin., Antelope 
Valley High Sch. (Lancaster, Calif.); Vice- 
Prin. Downey High Sch. (Calif.); Dean of 
Citrus Jr. Coll. (Azusa, Calif.); Prin. and 
Dist. Super., Bonita Union High Sch., La 
Verne-San Dimas (Calif.), 1932—. 
Publications: Character from the Standpoint 
of Conflict and Self-Control (Thesis) U. of 
So. Calif. 

Memberships: Alpha Chi Sigma and Phi 
Delta Kappa. 
Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Fishing. 

Bus. Address: Bonita Union High School, La 
Verne, Calif. 

Home Address: 2707 Lincoln Ave., La Verne, 
Calif. * 

BELL, Newton Hereford, F.R.G.S. 

Lecturer on International Affairs. 
Born: San Francisco (Calif), April 26, 1893; 
s. of Mabel (Newton) and Daniel Peter Bell. 
Education: Oakland High Sch.; U. of Dijon 

Honori: Palmes Acad^miques (France); Fel- 
low Royal Geographical Soc. (London). 
Married: Dorothy, d. of Charles Frederick 
True, Mill Valley (Calif.), April 6, 1920. 

Prof. Record: Has been abroad seventeen 
times since 1917; traveled exlensviely in Eu- 
orpe, Asia, Africa and Latin America; speaks 
five languages and has interviewed states- 
men and military leaders in many countries; 
as war correspondent, observer or sodlier, 
has witnessed four wars; is frequent contri- 
butor to newspapers and magazines; has lec- 
tured in three continents before universities, 
colleges, civic organizations, women's clubs 
and over the radio. In Italy witnesed 
"March on Rome," 1922; in Morocco during 
Abd El-Krim Rebellion, 1923; toured Europe 
by airplane, 1924; penerated 2000 miles into 
Sahara by camel caraven, 1927; sent to 
Mexico on good will mission, 1929; traveled 
In Soviet Russia, 1931; with Japanese Gen. 
Staff in Manchuria, 1933; toured Europe 
via Far East and Trans-Siberian Railway, 
1936; Leader, Cook's "Grand Tour of the 
Orient," 1937; in Egypt, Palestine, Mesopa- 
tamia and Europe, 1938; in China, Japan and 
the Phillipines, 1939. 

Directorships: Assoc, Provident Mutual Life 
Insurance Co. 

Publications: Newspaper and magazine ar- 

Army Service: Machine gunner, 147 Machine 
Gun Battalion, A.E.F., 1917-18; Liaison In- 
terpreter, French and Amer. Armies, 1918-19. 

Decorations: World War Medal; Academic 

Palms of France. 

Memberships: Mason. Commonwealth (San 

Francisco), Sierra (Calif.), Union League 

(San Francisco), Explorers' Club (N. Y.). 

Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Collecting objects of art and 

outings In High Sierras. 

Bus. Address: 111 Sutter St., San Francisco, 


Home Address: 20 Northview Court, San 

Francisco, Calif. 

BELL. Professor Reginald. A.B., M.A. 

Associate Prof, of Edn., Stanford Univ. 
Born: Jubbalpore (India), Jan. 31, 1894; s. 
of Mary (Greer) and Ernest A. Bell, D.D. 
Education: Chicago public schools; Austin 
High Sch., Chicago; Oberlin Coll., Oberlin 
(Ohio); Stanford Univ. (Calif.). 
Degrees: A.B.. Oberlin, 1916,; M.A., 1928, 
Ph.D., 1933, Stanford. 

Married: Florence Marian, d. of Grace (Pom- 
eroy) and Watson E. Boise, at Minneapolis 
(Minn.), Jan. 31, 1918; ch.: David Elliott 
and Barbara Jane. 

Prof. Record: Teacher, Hudson (Wis.), 1916- 
17; A.S., S.R.C., U. S. Army, 1917-19; Y.M. 
C.A. Secy., 1919-27 (successively in local, 
state and national work) ; stationed at Sioux 
Falls and Aberdeen (S. Dak.), Minneapolis 
(Minn.), Chicago (111.), and Stanford U., 
Calif.); Teacher, Stanford U., 1928—. (Suc- 
cessively, Instr. in Citizenship, Assoc, in Re- 
search, Asst. Dir. of Citizen.ship, Asst. Prof, 
of Edn., and Assoc Prof, of Edn.) 
Publications: The Public School Education of 
Second Generation Japanese in Calif. (Stan- 
ford U. Press), 1935, and various periodical 
and chapter publications on psychological 
problems of edn. 
Army Service: 2nd Lieut., Aviation Sec, Sig- 



nal Reserve Corps. U. S. Army. (1st Class 

Pvt.. cadet In tralnlnR. 191.S-19; reserve com- 

mls.slon Krantcd Jan.. 1919.) 

Mrmbcmhips: Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Delta 

Kappa. Commonwealth Club. 

Religion: Presbyterian. 

Politics: Registered 

Recreations: Go\t. 

Bus. Address: Stanford Univ.. Calif. 

Home Address: 505 Cornell St., Palo Alto, 


BELL, William Park. 

Golf Course Designer and Turf Consultant. 
Born: Canonsburg (Pa.). April 19. 1886; s. of 
/da (McPhersoni and John N. Bell. 
Education: Public sch. (Wash. Co., Pa.); 
Duff's Bus. Coll., Pitsburgh (Pa.). 
Married: Anna, d. of Mary (Hanna) and 
Frank Kamp, Canonsburg (Pa.), Oct. 5, 
1916: ch.: William Francis and Margery 

Bus. Record: Designed and built the fol- 
lowing golf courses: Stanford U. (Stanford 
U.. Calif.); Sun Valley Golf Course for 
Union Pac. Ry. Co. (Sun Valley. Ida.); 
Ariz.-Biltmore (Phoenix, Ariz.); Pasadena 
Municipal (5olf Course (Pasadena. Calif.); 
San Diego Municipal Golf Course (San Diego, 
Calif.): La Jolla GoU and Country Club (La 
Jolla. Calif.); Tilden Park Golf Course (Oak- 
land, Calif.). Has rebuilt numerous golf 
courses In various parts of Calif., and has 
built many courses in collaboration with (Jeo. 
C. Thomas, Jr. 

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Sunset Fields Golt 

Publications: Assisted (Jeo. T. Thomas, Jr. in 
writing the book Golf Architecture in Amer- 
ica (Times-Mirror Press, L. A.. Calif.). 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Golt. 

Bus. and Home Address: 534 Sierra Vista 
Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 

BELT, Elmer, A.B., M.A., 
M.D., LL.D. 

Surgeon, Urologist. 
Director, Elmer Belt Urologic Group. 
Born: Chicago (111.). April 10, 1893: s. of 
INIinnie (Drier) and Charles Elmer Belt. 
Education: L. A. High School; University of 
California; Pacific College of Law. 
Degrees: A.B., 1916, M.A., 1917, M.D.. 1920, 
Univ. of Calif.; LL.D., Pac. Coll. of Law, 

Married: Mary Ruth, d. of John Gregory 
Smart, at Monte Vista Vallev (Calif.), June 
9, 1919; ch.: Charles Elmer (b. May 20, 
1920), Bruce Gregory (b. July 24. 1927). 
Prof. Record: Student Fellow in medical re- 
search, Hooper Inst. (San Francisco), 1917- 
18, Fellow, 1920-22: Associate in Urologj', 
U. of Calif., under Dr. Frank Hinman, 1920, 
Resident, 1921; Clinical Instr. in Urology-, 
U. of Calif., 1920-22; Asst. Pres. in General 
Surgery, Peter Bent Brigham Hosp. (Boston, 
Mass.). with Dr. Havey Gushing, noted brain 
specialist, 1922; Asso. Prof, of Surgery and 
Urolog>-. College of Medical Evangelists. 1922- 
1940; engaged in private practice (specialist 
in urolog>-), in Los Angeles, since 1923; At- 
tending Urologist, Veterans Facility at Saw- 

tclle, since 19.'i0; Associate, California Insti- 
tute of Technology; President, Calif. State 
Bd. of Health, 1940. 

Publications: The Cyntoacope and Its U»e, 
19.'»fi; Modern Testa of Rmal Function; Oon- 
nrrhen (Nei.s.serlan Infection); Hyphilis (Lues 
Venerea. Morbus Galicus) , 1939; and many 
articles on .scientific subjects in journals, aa 
well as numerous non-technical essays, such 
as " 'The Practice of Medicine' by Sir Wil- 
liam Osier — The Book of Greatest Influence 
on My Life.' " 

Army Service: World War I service In R.O. 
T.C., Berkeley, Calif., 1917-19. 
Decorations: Citation of merit for organiza- 
tion of pneumoina ward during 1918 epidemic. 
Memberships: Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Chi; 
Amer. Coll. of Surgeons, Amer. Eugenics Soc, 
Internal. Med. Soc. of L. A., Amer. Med. 
Asso.. Amer. Urological Asso., Internal. Med. 
Museum Asso. ; L. A. Symposium Soc. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Bibliophile, surgical photography, 
study of Cetaceans. 

Bus. Address: 1893 Wilshire Blvd., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Hoine Address: 2201 Fern Dell PI., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BELT, Mary Ruth, A.B., 

Assistant Staff Member, Univ. of Calif. Li- 

Born: Washington, May 10, 1893; d. of Es- 
ther Anne (Cooper) and John Gregory Smart. 

Education: Los Angeles High School, Univ. 
of Calif., two vears graduate study at U. of 
So. Calif., 1928-30. 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1917 (honors In 
history) . 

Married: Dr. Elmer Belt, A.B., M.A., M.D., 
LL.D.; s. of Minnie (Drier) and Charles El- 
mer Belt, Monte Vista Valley (Calif.). June 
9, 1918; ch.: Charles Elmer and Bruce 

Prof. Record: Library Staff of U. of Calif., 
1917-19; Lecturer in Fields of International 
Relations, Foreign Travel and Current Hist. 

Directorships: First Vice-Pres. of Travelers 
Aid Soc. of L. A. ; Dir. of The Modern Forum 
and Associated Forums, Inc. ; Vice-Pres. of 
El Salon Espanol; Dir. of Birth Control 
Federation of Calif. ; (Thmn. of the Internat. 
Relations Sec, Women's Univ. Club. 

Publications: California Medical Auxiliary 
Courier, 1934-36. founder and editor. 
Memberships: Plii Alpha Theta (History 
Honor Soc); Assoc, of Amer. Univ. Women, 
Women's Univ. of L. A.. Women's Athletic 

Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreation: Travel, color photography, book- 

Home Addrss: 2201 Fern Dell PL, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Other Address: 1893 Wilshire Blvd., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BENI>EL, (Mrs.) Winifred Handley. 

Housewife. Clubwoman, Civic Worker. 
Born: Alameda (Calif.); d. of Agnes Pumell 



(Muir), (Dunedin, N. Z.), and Thomas 
Handlcy (Worcestershire, Eng.). 
Education: Univ. of Calif., 1912. 
Married: Roland, s. of Cornelia and Herman 
Bendel (Bremen, Germany), in Oakland 
(Calif.), Nov. 29, 1919; ch.: Winfred Evelyn 
(20), and Roland Muir (16). 
Bus. Record: Eight years Librarian on Oak- 
land Free Library Staff; Founder of the 
Niles Unit P.-T.A., 1925, and its past Vice- 
Pres., Parliamentarian and Pres.; Hon. Life 
Mem. of the Calif. Congress P.-T.A.; Mem. 
of Country Club of Wash. Town.ship smce 
1920, and its past Vice-Pres., Parlmtn. and 
Pres.; Mem. of the Alameda Co. Fed. of 
Women's Clubs, a past Corresp. Secy., First 
Vice-Pres. and Parlmntn.; is on the honor 
roll. Mem., Alameda Dist. Fed. of Women's 
Clubs and a past Auditor, Rec. Secy., and 
four chmnshps. Mem. Niles Lib. Assn. and 
U. C. Club of Wash. Twp. Organizer and 
Mem. of Niles Book Discussion Group, also 
innumerable chairmanships over twenty yrs. 
Organizer, June, 1940, of Washington Town- 
ship Community Players. 

Directorships: Treasurer of the Niles Library 
Assn.; Rec. Secy., Univ. of Calif. Club of 
Wash. Twp; Program Chmn. of Country Club 
of Wash. Twp; Nature Study Chmn. for the 
Alameda Co. Fed. of Women's Clubs; Re- 
cording Secy, of Alameda Dist. Fed. Clubs; 
Bus. Mgr. of Wash. Twp. Community Plyrs. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Gardening and mountain hiking. 
Home Address: R.F.D., Box 531, Niles, Calif. 

BENEDICT. Professor Murray Reed, 

B.S., Ph.D. 

Professor of Agricultural Economics on Glan- 
nini Foundation, University of Calif. 
Born: Neillsville (Wis.), Jan. 23, 1892; s. 
of Cella Ruth (Reed) and Julius Sidney 

Education: Public schools, Neillsville (Wis.); 
Univ. of Wis.; U. of 111.; Harvard U. 
Degrees: B.S., U. of Wis., 1916; Ph.D., Har- 
vard, 1931. 

Married: (a) Elizabeth, d. of Martha (Mar- 
tin) and James William Tucker, Kcwanee 
(111.), Aug. 16, 1916 (dec. in 1930); (b) 
Martha Epps, d. of Frances Jackson (Dish- 
man) and George Walter Scott, Easthamp- 
ton (Mass.), June 21, 1933; ch.: Bruce 
Tucker, Elizabeth Jean and Barbara Lee. 
Prof. Record: Instr., Aurora (Minn.), 1916-17; 
Research Asst., U. of 111., 1917-18; Farm 
Advisor, Blue Earth County (Minn.), 1918- 
19; E.xten. Spec, S. Dak. State Coll., 1919- 
20; Sec, S. Dak. Farm Bur. Fed., 1921; 
Prof, of Agr. Economics (head of dept.), 
S. Dak. State Coll., 1921-28; Asst. Comm. 
of Agr., S. Dak. Dept. of Agr., 1921-25; 
Soc Science Research Council Fellow, Har- 
vard, 1928-29; Ricardo Prize Fellowship, 
Harvard, 1929-30; Lecturer on Economics, 
Harvard, 1930-31; Prof., U. of Calif., 1931—. 
Served on Comm. Govt. Statistics and Infor- 
mation Serv. (Washington, D.C.), 1933-34; 
Acting Dir., Giannini Foundation, 1935-37; 
Mem. Advisory Comm. to Dir. of Census, 
1937 — . Studied agricultural labor prob- 
lems and policies in Europe under a Rocke- 
feller grant during 1939. Acted as Secy.- 
Treas., Cooperative Woolgrowers of S. Dak., 
1922-28; Dir., Western S. Dak. Alfalfa Seed 
Grower's Exch., 1923-27; Dir., S. Dak. Agr. 
Fin. Corp., 1926-28; Vice-Pres., Amer. Farm 

Economic Assn., 1928; Pres., San Francisco 
Chapter Amer. Statistical Assn., 1938; Pres., 
Western Farm Economics Assn., 1940; Pres., 
Amer. Farm Economics Assn., 1941. 
Dierctor^hips: Member Board of Governors, 
Pan-Amer. Trade Commn., since 1938. 
Publications: Co-translator, Theodor Brink- 
mann's Economics of the Farm Bxisiness; 
author of numerous articles, bulletins and 

Memberships: Alpha Zeta (honorary agricul- 
tural fraternity). 
Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Independent. 

Bks. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley, 

Home Address: 2470 Cedar St., Berkeley, 

BENJAMIN. Professor Gilbert Giddings, 

Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of History, University of So. Calif. 
Born: Fond du Lac (Wis.), Dec. 6, 1874; s. 
of Clara Georgiana (Lyon) and Gilbert L. 

Education: Syracuse Univ. 
Degrees: Ph.B. (Magna cum laude), Syra- 
cuse Univ., 1899; M.A., 1904, Ph.D.. 1907, 
Yale Univ. 

Married: Laura E., d. of John D. Goundrey, 
in Barnes (Yates Co., N. Y.), Oct. 16, 1912; 
ch.: Mary Barnes and Gilbert G., Jr. 

Prof. Record: Fellow in Hist., Yale Univ., 
1902-07: Instr. in Hist., New Haven (Conn.) 
High Sch., 1902-07; Instr. in Hist., Coll. of 
the City of New York, 1907-11; Prof, and 
Head of Dept. of Hist., Allegheny Coll., 1911- 
13; Acting Head of Dept., Univ. of Pitts- 
burgh, 1913-14; Dept. of Hist., Coll. of the 
City of New York, 1914-15; Prof, of Hist., 
U. of Iowa, 1915-28; Prof, of Hist., U. of 
So. Calif., since 1928; Visiting Prof., four 
summers, 1904-09, Syracuse U.; U. of Chi- 
cago. 1924; U. of Tex., 1925; U. of So. 
Calif., 1926 and 1927; Northwestern U., 
1937; Lecturer in Hist., Palisades Summer 
Sch., Los Angeles (Calif.), 1926. 
Publications: Germans in Texas, A Study in 
Immigration (D. Appleton & Co.), 1910; 
Modern and Contemporary European Civili- 
zation (with H. G. Plum; Lippincott & Co.), 
1923; articles in learned periodicals. 

Army Record: Four-Minute Soeaker, World 
War I, Lecturer at Camp Dodge (Iowa), 
1917-18; Mem., U. S. Com. of Pub. Infor- 

Memberships: Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Beta 
Kappa (Pres., Iowa Chap., 1917-18). Pi 
Gamma Mu, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Alpha 
Theta, Alpha Pi Zeta (Pres., U. of So. Calif. 
Br., 1930-31), Phi Kappa Psi Alumni Assn.; 
Amer. Histl. Assn. (Exec. Com., Pacific 
Coast Br., 1928-29, 1934-35), Life Mem., 
Pacific Coast Geographic Soc. ; Twenty Club 
(Los Angeles; Pres., 1935-36); Amer. Assn. 
of Univ. Profs. (Pres., Univ. of So. Calif. 
Br., 1933-34). 

Religion : Congregational . 
Politcis: Democrat. 
Recreation: Golf. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 2297 W. 23rd St.. Los An- 
geles, Calif. 



BENNER, Hervey Drowne, A.B. 

rri'siilent, Sterile rroducts Co. 
Horn: I-:i\vrenee (Mass.), Apr. 20, 1885; s. 
or Amanda and llailan I'aKO Henncr. 
Kilncation: rutnam IliKh School (Conn.); 
liowdoln CoUegi' (Brunswi<'k, Me.); Teachers' 
Coll. of Columbia University. 
Degrees: A.B., Bowdoin Coll.. 1909. 
Married: Laura Francis, d. of John W. Sav- 
age, ChlcaRO (111.), 1917; ch.: Audrey Jane 
and Ivobort ller\ey. 

lius. Record: Has worked for express, tele- 
phone, and R. R. companies, taught school, 
and was Salesman and State Mgr., Addres- 
sograph Co. 

Directorships: Pres. and half-owner, Sterile 
Products Co., Inc. 

Army Service: National Guard of Penna. 
during World War I. 

Me^nbcrships: Theta Delta Chi; A.F.&A.M.; 
Padres (professional writers' club of San 

Religion: Theosophy. 

Politics: Free-lance — lean to Republican. 
Recreations: Hiking and writing. 
Bus. Address: 724 Fourth Ave., San Diego, 

Home Address: 4125 Bedrford Dr., San Diego, 
Calif., and 724 Fourth Ave., San Diego, 
Calif. • 

BENNETT. Carlyle Wilson. B.S., M.S., 

Div. of Sugar Plants, U. S. Dept. of Agr., 

Born: Narrows (Ky.), June 8, 1895; s. of 
Naoma (Shultz) and Samuel P. Bennett. 
Education: Univ. of Kentucky; Michigan 
State Coll.; U. of Wisconsin. 
Degrees: B.S., U. of Ky., 1917; M.S., Mich. 
State Coll., 1919; Ph.D., U. of Wis., 1926. 
Married: Marjorie, d. of Mary (Bent) and 
Samuel Gardner, in Riverside (Calif.), June 
26, 1930. 

Prof. Record: Instr. and Asst. Prof., Botany, 
Mich. State Coll., 1919-28; Research Assoc, 
Plant Path., O. Agricultural Expt. Stn., 
1928-29; Pathologist, Div. of Sugar Plants, 
U. S. Dept. of Agr., 1929—. 
Publicatiojis : Agr. Experiment Stn. bulletins 
and articles in scientific periodicals dealing 
with diseases of plants. 

Army Service: Private, Coast Artillery, June 
to Nov., 1918. 

Memberships: Sigma Psi, Gamma Alpha; 
Amer. Phytopathological Soc, Amer. Assn. 
for Adv. of Science, Botanical Soc. of Amer. 
Religion: Baptist. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. Address: Field Station, U. S. Dept. of 
Agriculture, Riverside, Calif. 
Home Address: 6895 Magnolia Ave., River- 
side, Calif. • 

BENNETT, Dorothy Evelyn, A.B. 

Born: Ensenada, Baja Calif. (Mex.), Sept. 
12, 1902; d. of Mary (Richardson) and Ar- 
thur Bennett. 

Education: Univ. of Calif., Berkeley. 
Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1924. 

Publications: Book.s: Murder UnlcaHhcd; How 

Strange a Thing (narrative poem). Poom.s: 

Fifteen Sonnets; American Poetry Journal; 

Six Sonnets; Voices; and numerous short 


Religion: Epl.scopal. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Walking, reading, writing, dogs. 

Home Address: 1344 Euclid Ave., Berkeley, 

Calif. • 

BENNETT, The Reverend John 
Coleman, A.B., B.D., M.A., S.T.M., D.D. 
Professor of Christian Theology and the Phi- 
losophy of Religion, Pacific School of Reli- 

Born: Kingston (Ont., Can.), July 22, 1902; 
s. of Charlotte (Coleman) and William 
Russell Bennett. 

Education: Phillips Exeter Acad.; Williams 
Coll.; Oxford Univ.; Union Theol. Seminary. 
Degrees: A.B., Williams, 1924; B.A., Oxford, 
1926; B.D., 1927, S.T.M., 1928, Union Theo. 
Sem.; M.A., Oxford, 1930; D.D. (Hon.) 
Church Divinity Sch. of the Pac, 1940. 
Married: Anne, d, of Fannie (Stothard) and 
Carl Wilson McGrew, Auburn (N. Y.), Oct. 
30, 1931; ch.: Elizabeth McGrew, John Mc- 
Grew and William McGrew. 
Prof. Record: Asst. and Instr. In Theology, 
Union Theo. Sem., 1927-30; Asst. Prof, of 
Theol., Auburn Theo. Sem., 1930-35; Asso. 
Prof., 1935-38; Prof., Pac. Sch. of Rel., 1938 
to present. Chancellor Lecturer, Queens 
Theo. Coll., 1938; Ordained Congregational 
Minister, 1939; Alden-Tuthill Lecturer, Chi- 
cago Theological Sem., 1939; Nathaniel W. 
Taylor Lecturer, Yale U., 1941. 
Directorships: Vice-Chmn., Dept. of Social 
Service, Fed. Coun. of the Churches of 
Christ in America; Member, Council of So- 
cial Action, Congregational Christian Chs. ; 
Mem., Editorial Coun. of Christendom, Edit. 
Coun. of The Presbyterian Tribune. 
Publications: Social Salvation (Scribner's) 
1935; Christianity and Our World (Hazen 
Foundation Book), 1936; Co-author, The 
Younger Churchmen Look at the Church 
(Macmillan), 1935; The Church Through 
Half a Century (Scribner's), 1936; Christian 
Faith and the Coinmon Life (Willett and 
Clark), 1937; The Church Faces the World 
(Round Table), 1939; Christian Realism 
(Scribner's), 1941. 
Memberships: The Berkeley Club. 
Religion: Congregational. 
Politics : Democrat. 

Bus. Address: 1798 Scenic Ave., Berkeley, 

.Home Address: 1042 Shattuck Ave., Berke- 
ley, Calif. 

BENNETT, Margaret Elaine, A.B., M.A., 

Director of Guidance, Pasadena City Schools. 
Born: Mil ford (Mich.), March 11, 1893; d. 
of Clara Wells (Arms) and Townsend Odell 

Education: Univ. of Mich.; Stanford U. 
Degrees: A.B., 1918, M.A., 1919, Ed.D., 
1937, Stanford U. 

Prof. Record: Teacher In Mich., 1912-15; 
Instr., Berkeley High Sch. (Calif.), 1919-23 
Instr., Stanford U., 1923-24: Counselor, 
Pasadena Jr. Coll., 1924-28; Dir. of Guid- 



ance, Pasa. City Schs.. 1928—. Summer 
School Teacher, Claremont Coll., 1930, North- 
western U., 1937, Stanford U.. 1938; Vis. 
Prof., Teachers' Coll., Columbia U., 1940-41. 
Directorships: Mem., Editorial Advisory Bd., 
Ocupations, The Natl. Vocational Guidance 
Assn.; Asso. Editor, Calif. Journal of Sec- 
ondary Edn. 

Publications: College and Life; Building 
Your Life; Problems of Self-Discovery and 
Self-Direction (joint author) ; School and 
Life, Designs for Personality, Beyond High 
School, Group Guidance in High School. Con- 
tributor to numerous periodicals. 
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Lambda 
Theta; Altrusa (Pasadena); Nat. Vocatl. 
Guidance Assn., Amer. Coll. Personnel Assn., 
Amer. Assn. of School Administrators; nu- 
merous other prof, organizations. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Independent. 
Recreations: Music and riding. 
Bus. Adress: 320 E. Walnut St., Pasadena, 

Ho7ne Address: 717 E. California St., Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

BENNETT, Melba Berry. 

Ranch Owner, Writer. 

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Aug. 2, 1901; d. 
of Alice Edna (Bush) and William Henry 

Education: Three years at Stanford Univ. 
After marriage audited classes for three 
years at U.C.L.A. 

Married: Frank Henry, s. of Mr. and Mrs. 
Roger Bennett, in San Francisco (Calif.), 
May 11, 1921; ch.: Clarence J. and Ethel 

Prof. Record: Three years writing weekly 
column for Limelight. At present writing 
weekly column for Palm Springs News. 
Business Record: Ten years operating Deep 
Well Ranch. 

Publications: Robinson Jeffers and the Sea 
(printed by Grabhorn Press for Geiber-Lil- 
ienthal, San Francisco), 1937. Often I Won- 
der (poems) (Quercus Press), 1939. 
Meynberships: Alpha Phi, Cap and Gown, and 

Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Horseback riding, hiking, sit- 

Home Address: Deep Well Ranch, Palm 
Springs, Calif. 

Other Addresses: "Castle Crag," Dunsmulr, 
Calif, (summers). * 

BENNETT, Professor Merrill Kelley, 

Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of Economic Geography, Food Re- 
search Institute, Stanford University. 
Born: Killingly (Conn.), Feb. 13, 1897; s. 
of Carrie (Williams) and Frank Bennett. 
Education: Brown, Harvard and Stanford 

Degrees: Ph.B., Brown U., 1920; M.A., 
Brown U., 1921. Harvard U., 1926; Ph.D., 
Stanford U., 1927. 

Married: Dorcas, d. of John Waterman Gal- 
lup, in Danielson (Conn.), Aug. 24, 1922; 
ch.: John Francis, Helen Josephine and Ste- 
phen Williams. 

Prof. Record: Assist. In English, Brown U., 
1920-21, Instr., 1921-22; Instr. in Eng., Stan- 
ford U., 1922-23; Junior Research Asso., Food 
Research Inst., 1923-25; Weld Fellow in Eco- 
nomics, Harvard U., 1925-26; successively 
Jr. Research Asso., Research Asso., Econo- 
mist and Prof, of Economic Geog., Food 
Research Inst., 1926—. 

Publications: Farm Cost Studies in the U.S.: 
Their Development, Applications, and Limi- 
tations (Stanford U., Calif., Food Research 
Inst.) 1928; contributed 57 monographs to 
Wheat Studies (published by Food Research 
Inst.), since 1925; has contributed numerous 
articles and reviews to professional journals. 
Army Service: H.Q.Co., 103rd Field Artillery, 
26th Div., Apr., 1917, to June, 1919. 
Memberships: Phi Sigma Kappa. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Independent. 
Recreations: Golt and fishing. 
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif. 
Home Address: 1103 Ramona St., Palo Alto, 
Calif. • 

BENNETT, Raine. 

Author, Lecturer, Islandologist, Radio Com- 

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Oct. 23, 1891; 
s. of Emma Jane (CJore) and John Edward 

Education: St. Matthews Military School; 
Hitchcock Millitary Acad.; Manzanita Hall; 
Univ. of Santa Clara; Hastings Coll. of 
Law, Stanford Univ. 

Married: Olive Marie, d., of Mae J. and 
William L. Curtin, San Francisco (Calif.), 
May 21, 1929; ch. : Byron Bennett (by a pre- 
vious marriage). 

Prof. Record: Islandologist (i.e., research- 
specialist on the inhabited islands of the 
globe) ; scripts and commentaries over NBC 
radio stations for nine consecutive years; 
Official Commentator, Newscaster and Radio 
Editor of the Los Angeles Evening Herald 
and Express; Radio Editor, Los Angeles Posf- 
Record; Editorial Writer, San Francisco 
Examiner; Dramatic Editor, San Francisco 
Chronicle; Author and Commentator on a 
broadcast-series entitled Fifty Famous Land- 
marks of Southern California; featured as 
the "Poet of the Air"; Director of Radio 
Activities for Los Angeles Chamber of 
Commerce; Co-producer of a national radio 
series for the city and county of Los Angeles; 
adaptation of the morality play Everyman 
produced in the Hollywood Bowl, 1936; 
Producer of Rip Van Winkle (Hollywood 
Bowl), 1941; Founder of the American Arts 
Foundation, a natl. organization; Founder 
of The Islanders, an Intnl. soc. established 
in 1936, to encourage social, cultural and 
commercial interchange among the islands 
of the globe; Boheinia Magazine (Publisher, 
1916-18); The Wasp (Publisher, 1916-17); 
Pacific Rice Courier (Publisher, 1917-21) ; 
Pacific Cotton Courier (Publisher, 1919-21); 
South Sea Idol (produced at Columbia The- 
atre, San Francisco, 1914) ; The Talisman 
(produced at Forest Theatre, Carmel-by-the- 
Sea, 1917, reproduced at the Greek Theatre, 
Berkeley, 1918) ; Composer of the musical 
score for Aladdin (operetta). 
Publications: After the Day (Stratford Co., 
Boston, Mass.), 1920; Fifty Famous Land- 
marks of Southern California (Auto Club of 
So. Calif), 1936; Ayesha (American Arts 
Found.), 1930; Idyllic Isles (Isles, Inc., N.Y.), 



liKiil; TUlfs of Tamalpain (LIverlRht, N.Y.K 
1!)11; DaiKjIitrm of the Morning (Harper & 
Davlps, I.os AiiKclos), li)ll; many maj,'a/.lno 
atric'lfs, k'cturcs, etc. (In(-1. Hook Chit) of 
Calif. AnlliolOKy. fiilted by Goor^o Slerllnu 
and C;i'iK'vieve Taugard; Vermillion Bird, 
Calif. Anth.). 

Mcmbcrshiiix: Bohemian Club (San Fran- 
cisco; Tlietii Delta Chi (Stanford U.); Amer. 
Art.s Found.; The Islander.s; Amer. Federa- 
tion of Radio Artists; Welsh Eisteddfod Soc. 
of I.os AnRelcs; Florence Nightingale Inst, 
of Honorables; Kipling Soc. of So. Calif, 
(hon. life mem.); Sans Soucl Celebrity 
Breakfast Club (hon. mem.). 
Religion : Episcopal . 
Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. Address: Hollywood-Knickerbocker He- 
el, Hollywood, Calif. 

Homo Address: 6126 Edmund St., Hollywood, 

BENSCO, Charles. 

Portrait Painter. 

Born: Turchok, Prov. of Gomor (then known 
as Hungary), Feb. 19, 1894; s. of Emily 
(Frank) and John Bensco. 
Education: N. Y. public schools; Art Stu- 
dents' League; Royal Academy of Fine Arts 
(Budapest, Hungary), 1910-11. 
.Awards; Has acquired various prizes In the 

Directorships: Pres., L. A. Br., Soc. for San- 
ity in Art Movement; also Pres., Artists 
and Patrons Assn. 

Army S,ervice: Served In 108th Inf., 27th 
N.Y. Div. 

Me^nberships: Calif. Art Club (L.A.); La- 
guna Beach Art Assn. ; Soc. for Sanity in 

Religion : Christian . 
Recreations: The Arts. 

Home Address: 5152y2 La Vista Ct., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

BENSON. Professor Ivan, A.B., M.A., 

Associate Professor of Journalism, Univer- 
sity of Southern California. 
Born: Rimshult S., Ryd (Sweden), Dec. 15, 
1896; s. of Anna (Pettersson) and Olaf 

Education: Ely (Minn.) High School; Univ. 
of Minn.; Colgate Univ.; Stanford Univ.; 
Univ. of Kansas; Univ. of So. Calif. 
Degrees: A.B., 1920, Stanford U.; M.A., 1928, 
U. of Kansas; Ph.D., 1937, U. of So. Calif. 
Married: Dove, d. of Albert E. Frederick, in 
Spol<ane (Wash.), Dec. 24, 1921; ch.: Ivan 
II (17), Dove II (10), and Bernt (5). 
i^rof. Record: Newspaper work on Morning 
Ti7nes (Franltfort, Ind.), Chronicle, and 
Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Wash.). Tchr. 
of Journalism, 1921-22, North Central High 
Sch. (Spokane), 1922-23, Central High Sch. 
(Minneapolis, Minn.), 1923-28, U. of Kan.; 
U. of So. Calif., 1928—. 

Publications: Fundamentals of Journalism 
(Prentice-Hall, Inc., N.Y.C.), 1932; Laxo of 
the Press (West Pub. Co., St. Paul) (with 
W. G. Hale), 1933; Copy Reading and Edit- 
ing (School Bureau, L. A., Calif.) (with 
Frederick Gustorf), 1935; Mark Twain in the 
West (Dept. of Edn., Sacramento, Calif.), 
1935; Mark Twain's Western Years (Stanford 
U. Press), 1938. 

Army Service: U. S. Army in 1918. 

Mem,horHhipa : Mason.s; Sigma Nu, .Sigma 
Delta Chi; Amer. Assn. of Toachcr.s of Jour- 
nalism; Amor. A.ssn. of Univ. Profs.; Intnl. 
Mark Twain .Soc. 

Bus. Address: University of .Southern Calif., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 2019 Dunsmuir Ave., Ix)s 
Angeles, Calif. 

BENTON, Professor Ralph. B.S., B.L., 
M.S., M.A. 

Zoologist, Educator, Editor. 
Born: Munich (Germany) (Amor, parents), 
Aug. 2, 1884; s. of Harriet (Wheeler; and 
Frank Benton. 

Education: Public schools of Maryland and 
Washington (D.C.), Montana State College, 
Univ. of Calif., U. of .So. Calif., U. of Chi- 
cago and Stanford U. (grad. work). 
Degrees: B.S., Montana State Coll., 1906; 
B.L., 1907, M.S., 1909, U. Of Calif.; M.A., 
U. of So. Calif., 1914. 

Married: Ruth Ann, d. of Anna M. (Hirsh- 
ler) and Gerhard Philip Ledig, in Nevada, 
1929; ch.: Franklin Dwight (b. 1930). 
Prof. Record: Traveled in Europe, 1905; 
Asst. United States E.xam. of Surveys, Dept. 
of Interior (Montana), 1901; Instr. in Mili- 
tary Sci. and Tactics, Montana State Coll., 
1901-03; Asst. in Apiculture, 1904-05; Field 
Agt. U. S. Dept. of Agr. in Europe, 1905; 
Asst. and Instr. in Entomology, U. of Calif., 
1905-10; Head of Agr., L. A. State Normal 
Sch., 1910-12; Asso. Prof, of Applied Biol., 
U. of So. Calif., 1912-14; with U. S. Biol. 
Survey, 1914-18; Instr. in Agr. Edn., U. of 
Calif. E.xt. Div., 1919-22; Special Instr. in 
Bee Husbandry, Rehab. Div., Fedl. Vocatnl. 
Bd., Chaffey Jr. Coll. (Calif.), 1921-23; 
Prof, of Zoology, U. of So. Calif., Ext. Div., 
1923-24; Prof, of Biology, Bacteriology and 
Embryology cjnd Registrar, L.A. Coll. Physics 
and Surg., 1923-25: with L.A. City School 
Dept., since 1925. Research, U. of Chicago, 
summer quarters, 1926-27; Research, Stan- 
ford U. (on sabbatical leave), 1932-33, and 
spring (on leave) and summer quarters. 1934; 
Biologist and Dir., Frank Benton Laboratory 
for Research in Apiculture, since 1932. Edi- 
tor, Bees and Honey and Am.erican Bee 
Breeders' Record, since 1937; Frontier Edu- 
cational Scene, since 1938. 
Directorships: Dir. and Treas., Classroom 
Teachers' Federation. 

Publications: Editorial Dir., Frontier Publi- 
cations (Educational Scene, Bees and Honey). 
Army Record: 2nd Lieut., Inf., U.S.A., and 
Personnel Adjutant, 1918-19. Calif. State 
Guard, 1941 (rated 1st Lieut, and Adjutant, 
awaiting commn.). 

Memberships: Phi Sigma Kappa; Calif. Class- 
room Teacher (pub. bd.), Amer. Assn. for 
Adv. of Sci., Natl. Assn. Biol. Teachers, 
Sons of the Amer. Revolution, Sons of the 
Order of Cincinnati, Amer. Legion, etc. 
Religion : Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 3351 Firestone Blvd., South 
Gate, Calif. 

Home Address: Route 1, Box 573-J, Rivera,. 

Other Address: 440 Douglas Bldg., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 


Lawyer, Advertising E.xecutive. 
President, Parkad Bench Company. 



Born: East St. Louis (111.), June 9, 1896. 

Education: Univ. of So. Calif., 

Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1930. 

Bus. Record: Attorney at Law, 1930-41; Oil 

Business, 1930-38; Advertising Business, 


Directorships: Pres., Rovcrest Corpn.; Vice- 

Pres., Douglas Oil Co.; Pres., Parkad Bench 


Navy Service: Ensign, U. S. Navy, 1917-21. 

Memberships: Gamma Eta Gamma (legal 

frat.); Pacific Coast Club. 

Religion: Unitarian. 

Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Golf, tennis, fishing. 

Bus. Address: 910 Heartwell Bldg., Long 

Beach, Calif. 

Home Address: 2073 Alamitos Ave., Long 

Beach, Calif. 

BERANGER, Clara, A.B., (Mrs. William 
C. deMille). 


Born: Baltimore (Md.); d. of Fannie (Kahn) 
and Benjamin Strouse. 

Education: Girls' Latin School; Goucher Coll. 
Degree: A.B., Goucher Coll., 1907. 
Married: William C, s. of Henry C. deMille, 
In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Aug. 14, 1928; 
ch. : Frances Beranger (by prev. marriage). 
Prof. Record: Staff Writer, Paramount Pic- 
tures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Adapted Dr. 
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Miss Lulu Bett; The 
Idle Rich, and several hundred others. 
Publications: Original stories: The Gilded 
Lily; The World's Applause, etc. Plays: His 
Chinese Wife; The Spinster. Contributor of 
stories and articles to national magazines. 
Memberships: Authors' League of Amer.; 
Dramatists' Society; Phi Beta Kappa. 
Recreations: Fishing, swimming, gardening, 

Business and Hom.e Address: 130 Gillis St., 
Playa del Rey, Calif. 

BERDAHL. Professor Arthur Clarence, 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of Music, Conductor. 

Associate Professor, Dept. of Music, Fresno 

State College. 

Born: Canton (S. Dak.), Sept. 26, 1906; s. 

of Helen (Hegdahl) and John G. Berdahl. 

Education: Augustana Coll. (Sioux Falls, S. 
Dak.); State Univ. of Iowa. 
Degrees: A.B., Augustana Coll., 1927; M.A., 
1931, Ph.D., 1936, State U. of Iowa. 

Married: Mildred H., d. of Mary and Hans 
Stomne, in Sioux City (Iowa), June 29, 
1933; ch.: Johan. 

Prof. Record: Teacher and Athletic Coach, 
Colman (S. Dak.) High Sch., 1927-28; Music 
Dir., Arlington (S. Dak.) High Sch., 1928-30; 
Teach. Asst. and Summer Instr., Dept. of 
Music, State U. of Iowa, 1930-32 and 1935-36; 
Guest Conductor, U. of Iowa Symphony Or- 
chestra, summer, 1936, and Northern Calif. 
Symphony Orchestra, 1939; Organizer and 
Mus. Dir., Central Calif. Symphony Assn., 
1937; at Fresno State Coll. since 1932; Con- 
ductor, Fresno Symphony Orch. ; Composer 
Judas Iscariot, oratorio for solo, chorus 
and orch, first performed at U. of Iowa, 
Apr. 6, 1938, Dr. Philip Greeley Clapp con- 
ducting; string quartet, choruses, songs. 

Memberships: Mason; Acacia; Pi Kappa 

Religion: Lutheran. 
Politics: Independent. 

Recreations: Sports, drama, reading, occa- 
sional movies. 

Bus. Address: Fresno State Coll., Fresno, 
Home Address: 220 Pine, Fersno, Calif. 

BERGER, Evelyn Miller, A.B., M.A., 

Consulting Phychologist. 

Born: Hanford (Calif.), Nov. 7, 1896; d. of 
Margaret (Ross) and Bishop George A. 

Education: Stanford Univ., Columbia U., San 
Jose State Coll.; special study in Mexico and 

Degrees: Teacher's Credential, San Jose State 
Coll.; A.B., 1921 and M.A., 1930, Stanford 
U.; Ph.D., 1932, Columiba U. 
Married: Jesse Arthur Berger, s. of Susan- 
nah (Von Almon) and John Berger, at Stan- 
ford U., June 16, 1939. 

Prof. Record: Principal, Yong Tsing Sch., 
Panama City; Tchr. Panama Coll. (Panama); 
Tchr., San Jose High Sch.; Field Dir. of 
Girls' Work, Meth. Ch., Chile and Argen- 
tina; Dean of Women, Asso. Prof, of Romance 
Languages, Allegheny Coll. (Penna.); Dean 
of Women., U. of Idaho; Dean of Women, 
San Diego State Coll. 

Directorships: Pres., Cal. Methodist Women's 
Soc. of Christian Serv, ; Mom., Hill Haven 
Bd. (San Francisco) : Beulah Rest Home 
(Oakland) ; Chinese Children's Home (San 
Francisco) ; Panama-Costa Rica Cooperat- 
ing Coun., Meth. Bd. of Edn. 
Publications: La Joven (Santiago, Chile), 
1922; La Huerfana (Santiago, Chile), 1922; 
Extra Curricular Activities for the Spanish 
Department (San Jose), 1928; Acquisition of 
Information in Certain Fields (New York), 

Memberships: National honoraries: Phi Beta 
Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Lambda Theta, 
Phi Sigma Iota, Sigma Delta Pi, Gamma 
Phi Beta; Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women; 
Ebell; P.E.O. 
Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Swimming, reading. 
Bus. and Home Address: 235 Estates Dr., 
Piedmont, Calif., and 315 - 14th St., Oakland, 
Calif, (husband's bus. address). * 

BERGH, Arthur. 


Born: St. Paul (Minn.); s. of PerniUa 
(Petersen) and O. O. Bergh. 
Education: Musical education entirely In the 
U. S.; largely self-taught. 
Married: Geraldyne Peck, in New York City; 
ch. : Geraldine. 

Prof. Record: With N. Y. Symphony and 
Metropolitan Opera Orchestras, 1903-08; 
Conductor, Municipal Concerts, City of N.Y., 
1911-14; Dir. of Recording - Emerson Phono- 
graph Co., 1915-21; Dir. of Recording - Co- 
lumbia Phonograph Co., 1922-30; Dir. of 
Radio - Young & Rubicam, 1931-33; Dir. of 
Radio -Lennen & Mitchell, 1933-35; Dir. of 
Radio, Dorland Internatl., 1935-37. 
Publications: Composer of almost 200 com- 
positions, which have been published by 



Remick Music Corp., Kdward B. Marks Co., 

G. Schirmor, (llivt-r Oilsoti Co.. Theodoro 

Pressor, U. T>. lIuntziiiKor, (iala.x.v Music 

Corp., C. G. Uircharil, II. W. Gray Co., John 

Church Co., and other publishers. 

Memberships: Amer. Soc. of Composers, 

Authors and Publishers; Soc. of Native 

Amer. Comjisers; Musicians Club of New 


Rrlifjinn: Protestant. 

Politics: Non-partisan. 

Fns. and Home Address: 159 No. Almont Dr., 

Beverl.v Hills, Calif. 

BERGSTRAESSER, Professor Arnold, 

M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor, European History, Claremont Col- 
leges; Professor, German Civilization, Scripps 

Born: Darmstadt (Germany), July 14, 1896; 
s. of Erna (Haffner) and Arnold Berg- 

Education: Gymnasium Stuttgart to 1914; 
Universities Berlin, Tuebinger, Munich, Hei- 
delberg, 1919-23. 

Degrees: Ph.D., Heidelberg U., 1923. 
Married: Erika -Sellschopp, in 1925; ch.: 
Mariana and Dorothea. 

Prof. Record: Instr. (later Prof.), Polit. Sci. 
and Intnl. Relations. Heidelberg U., to 1936; 
Acting Dir., German- Amer. Academic Ex- 
change Service, 1924-25: Librarian, 1925-28: 
Dir. of Administration. Heidelberg Inst, of 
Social Sciences, 1928-33; Prof, of German 
Civilization. Scripps Coll., Prof, of European 
History, Claremont Colleges, since 1937. 
Publications: State and Economic Life of 
France (Stuttgart), 1931: International Rap- 
prodement (Munich), 1930; Lorenzo Medici 
(Frankfurt), 1936. 
Religion: Lutheran. 
Recreations: Skiing and art history. 
Bus. Address: Claremont Colleges, Clare- 
mont, Calif. 

Home Address: 925 Baseline Rd., Claremont, 
Calif. • 

BERKOV, Robert H., A.B. 

Newspaper Publisher, Writer, Lecturer. 
Born: Allentown (Penna.), Jan. 8, 1908; s. 
of Blanche C. (Domas) and B. Berkov. 
Education: Public Schools and Frances Steit- 
ler Private Sch. of Allentown (Penna.) ; Univ. 
of Colo., Boulder (Colo.). 
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Colo., 1928. 
Married: Jovce C, d. of M. Cohen, in Den- 
ver (Colo.), Sept. 27, 1931. 
Prof. Record: Drama Critic, Boulder (Colo.), 
Daily Camera; Reporter, Denver (Colo.), 
Post: Asst. State Editor, Denver Post; Re- 
porter, Feature Writer, Everett (Wash.), 
Daily Herald; Editor, news-magazine China 
(Shanghai, China) ; Radio Continuity Writer, 
Sta. KFEL. Denver (Colo.); City Editor, Edi- 
torial Writer, Alamosa (Colo.). Daily Cour- 
ier; Chief of Bureau, United Press, Shang- 
hai, China; Lecturer on Far Eastern Affairs; 
Adviser on Far Eastern Affairs to several 
national magazines; Owner and Publisher, 
San Gabriel (Calif.) Sun. 

Publications: Strong Man of China (Hough- 
ton Mifflin), 1928; numerous articles in 
magazines of the U. S. and China. 
Memberships: Phi Sigma Delta. 
Politics: Independent. 

Bus. Address: 251 So. San Gabriel Blvd., 
San Gabriel, Calif. 

Home Address: 708 Los Olives Dr., San Ga- 
briel, Calif. 

BERKSON. Maurice. I.L.B. 

Member of law firm, Sonnenschein, Berkson, 
Lautmann, Levinson & Morse. 
Born: Rock Island (III.), Jan. 15. 1880; 
s. of Hannah (Sternberg) and Simon Berkson. 
Education: Public schools and high sch. In 
111. and Lake Forest Univ. 
Degrees: LL.B., Lake Forest U., 1901. 
Married: Maude, d. of Mary Frances and 
Danield Gelder, in Grand Rapids (Mich.), 
July 28, 1907; ch.: Ethel M. and John 

Prof. Record: Admitted to practice 1901 as 
member of law firm of Sonnenschein, Berkson, 
Lautmann, Levinson & Morse, and contin- 
ually since 1906 has specialized in chancery 
procedure corporation law. 

Memberships: Standard Club of Chicago 
(111.); Lake Shore Country Club of Glencoe 
(111.); Northmoor Country Club of Ravinia 
(III.); Masonic Order; Chicago Bar Assn.; 
III. Bar Assn.: Amer. Bar Assn. 
Religion: Jewish. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Golf, arboriculture. 
Bus. Address: 77 W. Washington St., (Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Home Address: 4643 Hayvenhurst Ave., En- 
cino, Calif., and Highland Park, 111. * 

HERMAN. Eugene. 

Artist Muralist, Scenic Designer and Designer. 
Born: St. Petersburg (Petrograd, Russia), 
Nov. 4, 1899 s. of Lydia (Manassevitch) and 
Gustav Berman. 

Bducafion .• Eduated in Petrograd (Russia). 
Prof. Record: Studied painting since 1914, 
while still in coll. Left Russia for Paris in 
1919 with his brother, Leonide, and lived 
there with his family until 1935. Since then 
has commuted between Paris and U. S.; in 
1937 took out first citizenship papers; is re- 
garded as a leader in recent developments of 
modern painting. J. T. Soby, in his book 
After Picasso cites him among the creators 
of the neo-romantic movement, which with 
the surrealist movement he claims is the 
most important contribution to modern art 
since 1925. The so-caled neo-romantic move- 
ment started in Paris in 1924; includes such 
names as Christian Berard, Paul Tchelifchoff 
and Berman's brother Leonide, who is a 
French citizen and still resides there. Had 
numerous exhibitions in France and in other 
continental capitals, and has exhibited in the 
U. S. since 1930. Is officially represented by 
Julian Levy Gallery in N.Y.; his paintings 
have been acquired by the following muse- 
ums: Musee du Jeu de Paume, Paris; the 
Museum of Modern Art in New York; the 
Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; Museum of 
Fine Arts in Baltimore; Wadsworth Arthe- 
neum in Hartford (Conn.); Smith Coll. Mu- 
seum of Art, Northhampton (Mass.); Vassar 
Coll. Museum, Poughkeepsie (N.Y.); Duncan 
Philipps Memorial Gallery, Wash. (D.C.); 
Fogg Museum, Cambridge (Mass.); and in 
many private collections, including E. G. 
Robinson's in Beverly Hills. First exhibit in 
Calif, was held at Perls Galleries in Holly- 



wood, Nov., 1940; has created mural decora- 
tions for Julian Leviy in N.Y., 1923;, for 
James T. Soby in Karmlngton (Conn.), 1937, 
and for Wright Ludington in Santa Barbara, 
Calif., 1939. As stage designer has created 
sets and costumes for a revival of Kurt 
Weill's, Begger's Opera at the Theatre de 
I'Etoile in Paris, 1937; a special setting for 
the Hartford Music Festival in 1936; the 
ballets Icare with Serge Lifar, 1938, and 
Devil's Holiday with Fred Ashton, for the 
Monte Carlo Ballet Russe Co. Is actually en- 
gaged in theatrical work for the De Basil 
Ballet Russe Co. 

Home Address: 15 W. 57th St., New York 
Citv, and 5959 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, 

Bus. Address: c-o Julian Le\'y Gallery, 15 
E. 57th St., New York City. 

BERMAN. Louis. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Instructor in Mathematics and Astronomy, 
San Francisco Junior College. 
Born: London (Eng.), Mar. 21, 1903; s. of 
Jennie (Isakovvitz) and Geo. Wm. Berman. 
Education: Grade and high schools of St. 
Paul, Minn.; Univ. of Minn.; U. of Calif. 
Degrees: A.B., 1925, and M.A., 1927, U. of 
Minn.; Ph.D., 1929, U. of Calif. 
Married: Esther, d. of Maurice Goldberg, in 
Oakland (Calif.), June 13, 1934. 
Prof. Record: Instr. in Astronomy, Carleton 
Coll., Northfield (Minn)., 1929-31; Instr. in 
Math, and Astronomy, San Mateo Jr. Coll., 
(Calif.), 1931-35; Instr. in Math, and Astron- 
omy, San Francisco Jr. Coll., 1935 — . 
Memberships: Sigma Xi; Amer. Astronomical 
Soc; Astronomical Soc. of the Pacific. 
Religion: Jewish. 

Recreations: Amateur radio operator. 
Bus. Address: San Francisco Junior College, 
San Francisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 1100 Fulton St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. • 

BERNARD, Robert James. A.B. 

Educational Administrator. 
Secretary, Claremont Colleges. 
Born: Cleveland (Ohio), Feb. 6, 1894; s. of 
Harriet Deborah (Munn) and Wilson Smith 

Education: Colo. Coll.; Pomona Coll.; Sum- 
mer sessions, Univ. of Colo, and U. of Calif. 
Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1917. 
Married: Gladys Charlotte, d. of Mr. and 
Mrs. Willis Hoskins, Claremont (Calif.), Dec. 
26, 1917; ch. Frances Charlotte. 
Prof. Record: Asst. to Pres., Executive Secy., 
Pomona Coll.,' 1917-27; from 1925 to date, has 
been Secy., Claremont Colls.; 1931 to date, 
Chmn., Comm. on Auditorium Events, and 
1937 to date, Dir., Joint Comm. on Ways and 
Means, Claremont Colls. 

Directorships: Secy., Clarmont Colls.; Dir. 
Claremont Campus Corp.; Dir. Citizen Natl. 
Bank of Claremont. 

Publications: Has written articles on Col- 
lege Finance and Alumni Work, Pomona Coll. 
Quarterly; Colleges East and West; The 
Congrea'ationalist, 1923; Pub. Relations and 
Higher Education — in proceedings of annual 
meeting of Assn. of Bus. Officers of Col- 
leges and Universities of the Western States. 
Memberships: Kappa Sigma (Nat. Frat.); 

Sigma Tau (local, Pomona Coll.); Phi Beta 
Kappa Soc; Univ. Club, Los Angeles; Univ. 
Club, Claremont. 

Religion: Protestant; member of Congrega- 
tional Church. 

Politics: (Progressive) Republican. 
Bus. Address: Claremont Colleges, Clare- 
mont, Calif. 

Home Address: 1150 Indian Hill Blvd., Clare- 
mont, Calif. 

BERNSTEIN, Abraham. A.B., M.D. 

Physician and Surgeon (Obstetrician and 

Instructor. Dept. of Obst. and Gyn., Uni- 
versity of Calif. Medical School. 
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Oct. 25, 1902; 
s. of Betty (Terkeltaub) and Joseph Bern- 

Education: Univ. of Calif.; Coll. Letters and 
Sciences; U. of Calif. Med. Sch.; Columbia 
U., 1930; Harvard Med. Sch., 1931. 
Degrees: A.B., 1923; M.D., 1927, 
Prof. Record: Interne, Mt. Zion Hosp., 
1926-27, Res. Surgeon, 1927-29; Visiting 
Physician, Mt. Zion Hosp., 1929-30, Adjunct, 
Dept. of Obst. and Gyn., Mt. Zion, 1930-35; 
Instr., Dept. of Obst. and Gyn., U. of Calif. 
Med. Sch., 1930—. Asst. Visiting Obst. and 
Gyn., U. of Calif., O.P.D.; Chief Obstetrician 
and Gynecologist, Franklin Hosp., 1938-40. 
Directorships: Mem. County Med. Soc. (San 
Francisco) ; Calif. State Med. Assn. ; Fellow, 
Amer. Med. Assn.; Diplomate, Amer. Board 
of Obst. and Gyn.; Dir., Lodge No. 21 B'nai 
B'rith (San Francisco) ; Pres., Cong. Beth 

Publications: Toxemias of Pregnancy, Calif. 
West. Med., Julv, 1933; Cervical Repair Fol- 
lowing Childbirth, Calif. West Med., Aug., 
1937; Review of Literature Regarding Endo- 
crine Relation of Pelvic Tumors, West. Jour- 
nal Surgery, Gyn. and Obst., July, 1938; 
The Art of Obstetrics, As Developed From 
the Talmud, Medcal Life, July. 193S; A Ple:t 
for Conservative Obst., Calif. West. Med., 
Feb., 1939; CnmpV cations. Predisposing 
Causes and Possible Routes of Svread of In- 
fection in the Extra -Peritoneal Cesnrian Sec- 
tion, West. Journal of S.G.O., Aug., 1939; 
Anemia Following B^ood Transfusion. Amer. 
, Journal Obst. and Gvn., June, 1940; many 
short papers and editorials. 
Army Service: Major, Med. Res., U.S.A. 
Memberships: Phi Delta Epsilon Gra'^uite 
Club; Elks; 32° Scottish Rite Mason; Islam 

Religion: Jewish. 

Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Hebraic literature, golf. 

Bus. Address: 350 Post St., San Francisco, 


Home Address: 572 21st Ave., San Francisco, 


BERNSTEIN, Professor Benjamin 
Abram, A.B., Ph.D. 

Professor of Mathematics, Univ. of Calif. 
Born: Posvol (Lithuania), May 20, 1881; s. 
of Esther (Shalowitz) and Wolf Bernstein. 
Education: Baltimore City Coll.; Johns Hop- 
kins U. ; Univ. of Calif. 

Degrees: A.B., Johns Hopkins U., 1905; 
Ph^D., U. of Calif., 1913. 
Married: Rose, d. of Salman and Taube 



Davidson, Moscow (Russia), Aur. IS, 1882; 
ch.: Tybd. 

litis. Kocord: Iiislr. In Mathematics, 1907; 
Assl. I'rof. of Math., l')!*); Assoc. Prof, of 
Math., 1923; I'rof. of Mathematics, 1929—, 
nil at U. of Calif., IJerlceley. 
I'ublicntions: Mathematical papers chiefly In 
The Tratmactions of the American Mathe- 
matical Society; the Bull. American Math- 
ematical Soc; Thr^ American Journal of 
Math.; Annal.i of Math. Since 191.'!. 
Memberships: The Faculty Club of the U. of 
Calif.; Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma XI. 
Recreations: Gardening. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of California. Berkeley, 

Home Address: 2785 Shasta Rd., Berkeley, 

B.ERRY, S(amuel) Stillman, A.B., M.A. 
Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S. 
Bulb Culturist, Zoologist. 

Born: Unity (Maine), March 16, 1887; s. of 
Evelyn Crie (Kelley) and Ralph Berry. 
Education: Redlands High Sch. (Calif.); 
Stanford Univ.; Harvard Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1909; M.A., 
Harvard U., 1910; Ph.D., Stanford U., 1913. 
Prof. Record: Grower, Importer, and Breed- 
er of rare bulbs, especially iris and daffo- 
dils, and originator of many varieties of 
these, including the irises Mauna Loa, Ca- 
cique, Acropolis, Samoset, Copperwing, Witch 
of Salem, etc. 

Directorship: Pres., Winnecook Ranch Co. 

Publications: Cephalopods of the Hawaiiian 
Islands; Cephalopods of Western North Am,er- 
ica; Fossil Chitons of Western North Amer- 
ica; Cephalopods of the Australasian Ant- 
arctic Expedition; Cephalopods of F.I.S. En- 
deavour; numerous shorter zoological and 
palaeontological articles; contributions to 
various horticultural journals. 

Memberships: Fortnightly (Redlands); Mala- 
cological Soc. (London^ : Amer. Assn. Adv. 
of Sci. (Fellow since 1915) ; Northern Arizona 
Soc. of Science and Art (corresponding) ; 
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi. 
Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Field work in zoology, old books, 
genealogical research, horticulture. 
Home Address 1145 W. Highland Ave., Red- 
lands, Calif. 

BETZ, Professor Edward S.. A.B., M.A. 

Assistant Professor of Speech, College' of the 

Pacific, and Stockton Jr. Coll. 

Born: Centralia (111.), Oct. 15, 1909; s. of 

Helen (Reid) and C. E. Betz. 

Education: Hastings (Neb.) High Sch., and 

Hastings Coll., Denver Univ. 

Degrees: A.B., Hastings Coll., 1930; M.A., 

Denver U., 1937. 

Married: Adelaide, d. of George Porter in 

Lincoln (Neb.), .July 4, 1931; ch.: Ted, 

Donna Jane, and Robin Ann. 

Prof. Record: Teacher, Holdrege (Neb.) 

High Sch., 1930-36; Hastings (Neb.) Coll.. 

1936-38; Stockton Jr. Coll., 1938-39; Coll. of 

Pacific and Stockton Jr. Coll., 1939-41; Asst. 

Prof, of Speech, Coll. of Pacific. 

Directonihipa: Socy.-Trea.s., Westn. Assn. of 

Toachors of Speech.; Natl. Coun. Mem., PI 

K;ipp;i Delta. 

Publications : Articles In speech journals. 

Army Record: Former Mem. of Nebraska 

National Guard. 

Religion: Presbyterian. 

Politics: Independent. 

Recreations: Golf, and home movies. 

Bus. Address: Coll. Of the Pacific, Stockton 

Junior College, Stockton, Calif. 

Home Address: 929 No. Commerce St., Stock- 
ton, Calif. 

BEVERIDGE, James, A.B., Litt.D., 

Director and Head of History Dept., Calif. 
Preparatory School. 

Born: Milnathort (Scotland), Oct. 13, 1895; 
s. of Elizabeth Cooper (Norton) and Andrew 
I. Beveridge. 

Education: Perth Academy; Edinburgh Univ.; 
Sorbonne; Ecole des Beaux Arts (school for 
classical studies, Rome). 

Degrees: A.B., Edinburgh U., 1914; Litt.D., 
Internat. Acad., 1923; Fellow, Andrha Re- 
search U., 1935. 

Married: Clara Miller, d. of Levin S. Parker, 
Brooklyn (N.Y.), July 27, 1937. 
Prof. Record: Former Head of History Dept. 
Tome School, Port Deposit (Md.); Senator 
and Curator of Archaeology, Acad, of Sci- 
ences; Active Archaeological research in 
Egypt, Italy, France, and Spain; Lecturer 
on archaeology, travel, and world affairs; 
Lecture courses given at many colleges and 
universities in east and west, including sum- 
mer school at U. of So. Calif. ; many lec- 
tures at forums and clubs; former Pres., 
Southwest Archaeological Fed. 
Directorships: Calif. Prep. School Corpn.; 
Pres., So. Calif. Fed. of Philatelic Clubs. 
Publications: Articles in scientific and other 

Army Service: Served in France with G.2, 
G.H.Q., A.E.F. (Sergeant First Class), 
1917-19; attached to French Army for liasion. 
Decorations: Officer, Order of Danilo I, 
(Montenegro), 1918; French Commemorative 
War Medal; Chevalier of Imperial Russian 
Order of St. Nicholas, 1918; Palmes Acad- 
emiques (France), 1936; Royal Italian CJold 
Medal of Merit. 1936, etc. 
Memberships: Pi Gamma Mu (hon. soc. sci.); 
Pi Delta Phi (hon. French) ; Coast Philatelic 
Club; Pomona Valley Stamp Club; Rotary; 
Amer. Legion. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Philately, archaeological re- 

Bus. and Hotne Address:: California Prep- 
aratory School, Covina, Calif. • 

BEVERSTOCK, Roswell Charles. A.B. 


Foreign Service Officer, Unclassified, of the 


Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Dec. 23, 1909; s. 

of Bertha Marie (Townsend) and Charles 

Whitney Beverstock. 

Education: Stanford Univ.; U. of Calif. (Los 

Angeles) (grad. work). 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U. 1931. 



Married: Genevieve, d. of William Almon 
Goddard. in Keene (N.H.), Aug. 15, 1931; 
ch.: William Charles. 

Prof Record: Apptd., after examination, 
Foreign Service Officer Unclassified, Vice- 
Consul of Career, and Secy, in the Diplomatic 
Service Oct. 1, 1935; assigned to Mazatlan, 
Mexico, Oct. 16, 1935; assigned to the For- 
eign Service School at Washington, Dec. 4 
1936; assigned to Belfast (Northern Ireland) 
April 7. 1937. 

Memberships: Union Club (Belfast); Malone 
Golf Club (Belfast). 
Religioyi: Congregational. 

Bus. Address: American Consulate, Belfast, 
Northern Ireland; and care of Dept. of State 
Washington, D.C. 

Home Address: Crow's Nest Ranch, New- 
berry, Calif. 

BEWLEY. Thomas W.. LL.B. 

City Attorney, Whittier, Calif. 
Born: Cincinnati (Ohio), May 25, 1903, s. 
of Isabel (Hoskins) and C. A. Bewley. 
Eudcation: Whittier College; Univ. of So. 
Calif., Law School. 

Married: Kathryn M., d. of Helen and T. 
Clinton Veale. Whittier (Calif.), June 23, 
1927; ch.: Kent Bewley and Thomas Adden. 
Prof, record: Associated with Senator G. 
McAdoo for five years in practice of law. 
Practicing law in Whittier since 1930, firm 
of Wingert, Bewley & Nixon, general prac- 
tice; City Attorney of Whittier since 1934. 
Directorships: Quaker City Bldg. & Loan; 
Critton Colvin Oil Co. ; Black Hills Gas & Oil 
Co.; Santa Clara Petroleum Co.; Temulac 
Oil Co. 

Memberships: Lions Club; Gamma Eta Gam- 
ma (legal fraternity). 
Religion: Quaker. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Farming and hiking. 
Bus. Address: 607 Bank of America Bldg., 
Whittier, Calif. 

Home Address: 800 Hillside Lane, Whittier, 
Calif. * 

BIBO, Irving M. 

Composer and Lyricist. 

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 22, 1889; 
s. of Flora (Abrams) and Nathan Bibo. 
Education: San Francisco. 
Married: Gertrude, d. of Louis Rosenfield, 
Kansas City (Mo.); ch.: Bobette, (wrote first 
Mickey Mouse book for Walt Disney, at age 
11, it was published and sold thruout the 

Bus. Record: Charge of Foreign Dept., John 
Rothschild & Co. (San Francisco) 1914; 
Western Manager, Broadway Music Corp., 
1915-19; Composer of songs, marches, pro- 
ductions; member of ASCAP since 1920; D^ 
rector of ASCAP, 1924-27; Publisher, Bibo 
Lang Inc. (N.Y. City) 1928-34. Health failed, 
came home. Now again composing. Some 20C 
published songs to his credit, among which 
are Good-Night (Ted Lewis theme for 14 
years) ; Cherie; Ty-Tee; Mother Goose Par- 
ade; Sweet Little You. Songs and productions 
for Ziegfeld, Greenwich Village Follies, Mor- 
osco, etc. Songs and scores for some 250 
pictures which played throughout the world. 

Publications: Too numerous to detail. 
Memberships: S.P.A. 
Religion: Non-sectarian. 
Recreations: Golf, bridge, pinochle. 
Home Address: Rancho El Nido, Chatsworth 
Calif. • 

BIEGLER, Dean Philip Sheridan, B.S., 
E.E., M.S., F.A.I.E.E. 

Prof, of Elec. Engrg. and Dean, College of 
Engrg. Univ. of So. Calif. 
Born: St. Paul (Minn.), Jan. 30, 1880; s. 
of Mary E. (McClung) and Charles A. Bieg- 

Education: Hyde Park High School (Chi- 
cago); Univ. of Wisconsin; Univ. of Illinois. 
Degrees: B.S., in E.E., 1905, E.E., 1915, U. 
of Wisconsin; M.S., in EE., U. of 111., 1916. 
Married: Martha Irene, d. of Edgar W. Ship- 
man, Iowa Falls (Iowa), Dec. 29, 1909; ch.: 
Winifred Pearle (Yeakey), Shipman Sheridan. 
Prof. Record: Engineer, Chicago Edison Co., 
1901-06; U. of Iowa, 1906-09; Wash. 
Water Power Co., Spokane, 1909-10; Purdue 
U., 1910-11; U. of Montana, 1911-13; 
Univ. of Illinois, 1913-18; Assoc. Editor, 
Electrical World, 1918-21; Wash. State Col- 
lege, 1921-23; Prof. Of Elect. Engrg., U. of 
So. Calif., 1923-28; Prof, of E.E. and Dean, 
College of Engr'g. U. of So. Calif., 1928-40. 
Fellow, American Instit. of Elect. Engrs., 
Past Chairman, Urbana and Los Angeles 
Sections; Mem. Soc. Promotion of Engr'g. 
Education; Chairman, Pacific S.W. Section, 

Publications: Engineering Education, Deep- 
well Pumping and Street Lighting. 
Army Record: Instructor, Ground School 
Military Aeronautics, 1917. 
Membership: Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau 
Bet Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau (hon- 
orary); Lambda Chi Alpha (social); Sigma 
Phi Delta (Professional Societies.) 

Religion: Unitarian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Rcreati07is: Golf, gardening. 
Biisiness Address: Engineering Bldg., Univ. 
of Southern California, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Adress: 5470 Bradna Dr., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BIETRY, Professor J. Richard. A.B., 

Professor of Speech, Los Angeles City Col- 

Born: Batle Creek (Mich), Sept. 8, 1903; s. 
of Anna M. (Stanton) and Jay N. Bietry. 

Education: Western State Teachers Coll. 
(Kalamazoo, Mich.); Univ. of So. Cal.; 
Northwestern Univ. 

Degrees: A.B., Western State T.C., 1926; M. 
A., U. S. C, 1930. 

Prof. Record: Instr., Public High Schools, 
(Indiana, Mich., and Calif.), 1924-28; Prof., 
Speech, Western State Teachers Coll., 1928- 
31; Prof., Speech, 1924-28; Prof., Speech, 
L. A. City Col., 1931 — . ; Lecturer and Instr. 
for various corporations since 1931 in em- 
ployee education projects. 

Publications: Editor, Western Speech, 1936- 
40; frequent contributor to Quarterly Journal 
of Speech, Junior Coll. Journal and other 
educational publications. 
Memberships: (Immediate Past Pres.), Wes- 



tern Assn. of Teachers of Speech; N;iUonal 
Assn. of Teachers ot Spcch; Am. Speech 
Correction Assn. 
Religion : Protestant. 

Bus. AddrcnH: Los Angeles City Coll., 855 
No. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Addrntis: 1640'/^ No. Normandle, Los 
Angeles. Calif. 

BIGELOW, Archibald P. 


liuni: Hilda (111.), Jan. 21, 1868; s. of Lydia 
F. (Pierce) and Henry C. Bigelovv. 
Education: Univ. of Wisconsin. 
Married: Leota P., d. of F. J. Ilendershot, 
Hebron (Nebr.), Apr. 17, 1S87; ch.: Mrs. 
'larriner A. Browning. 

Bus. Record: Has been an officer or direc- 
tor of 30 corporations. 

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Fed. Sav. & 
Loan Assn. (Oakland. Calif.); Pres., Calif. 
Trap Shooting Assn.; Dir., Golden Gate Trap 
Shooting Assn. (Alameda, Calif.); Pres., 
Weber River Water Users Assn. (Ogden, 
Utah) ; Pres., Bigelow-Van Meter Orchard Co. 
(Ogden, Utah) ; Pres., Utah-Wyo. Land & 
Livestock Co. (Ogden, Utah) ; Dir., Davis & 
Weber Cos. Canal Co. (Ogden, Utah) ; Secy.- 
Treas., Bear River Club Co. (Ogden, Utah). 
Meviberships: Bear River Club Co. (Ogden, 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Golf, trap shooltng and hunting. 
Bus. Address: 436 - 17th St., Oakland, Calif. 
Home Address: 270 Wavne Ave., Oakland, 
Calif., and 2475 Taylor Ave., Ogden, Utah.* 

BIGELOW. Jane K. (Mrs. Nelson 

Social Service, Publicist. 

Born: Little Rock (Ark.), Aug. 2, 1886; d. 

of Katharine (La Goetz) and Austin Francis 


Education: St. Mary's Academy; Mt. St. 
Mary's ; Keys Institute. 

Married: Nelson Pendleton, s. of Emma Whit- 
more (Ullman) and Anson Alexander Bigelow, 
in Memphis (Tenn.), Apr. 26, 1916. 

Bus. Record: Dir., Social Activities (large 
estab.), Little Rock, and in publicity dept., 
1914-16; Dir., Red Cross activities in Perry 
Co. (Ark.) during World War I, as Vice- 
Cbmn. to husband (who served as Chmn. for 
county) ; engaged in rehabilitation of dis- 
abled soldiers after war, in same county), ; 
moved to Calif., 1924; became interested in 
social service for hard of hearing. 1929, and 
has since devoted ail her time (without com- 
pensation) to welfare for adults and children 
handicapped in hearing; supervised distr. of 
thousands of garments for needy deaf and 
hard-of-hearing children in L.A.Co.; aided 
in rehabilitation of youths and adults: dir. 
publicity for organizations engaged in welfare 
of this particular group. Besides working 
through various P.-T.A.'s and Blue Bird 
Camp Assn., lias dir. and sponsored social 
activities of several hundred deaf boys and 
girls in L.A. Co., planned an mgd. the 1940 
Natl. Conf. of Amer. Soc. for Hard of Hear. 
in L.A. (the largest meet of its kind ever 
staged). At present is engaged also in rehab, 
assistance to youths and adults and supplies 
needy ones with hearing aids. 
Directorships: Pres., Blue Bird Camp Assn. 
(only one of its kind; sponsors summer va- 

cations for needy deaf and hard-of-hearlng 
children In .So. Calif.). 

Publications: Numerous articles pertaining 
to welfare of hard-of-hearlng children and 

Memberships: Beverly Hills Soc. for the Hard 
of Hearing; So. Calif. Brkfst. Club; P.T.A.'s 
(L.A., Pasa., Hev. Hills, Inglowood); organ- 
izations interested in child welfare, served 
as officer, chmn.). 
Religion: Catholic. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Reading and traveling. 
Bus. Address: Box 64,52, Metropolitan Sta- 
tion, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: The Shoreham, 666 So. Ca- 
rondolet St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

BILLINGS. Professor Frederick Horatio. 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S. 
Professor of Botany and Bacteriology (retd.). 
Born: Chicago (111.), s. of Emily Amelia 
(Bowers) and Horatio Gilbert Billings. 
Education: Public schools, Chicago; Calif. 
State Normal at L.A.; Wis. Univ.; Mass. Inst, 
of Tech. ; Harvard Med. 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1896; M.A.. 
Harvard, 1897; Ph.D., U. of Munich, 1901. 
Married: Louise, d. of Mary L. (Barber) 
and Henry H. Massey, in Los Angeles (Cal.). 
Aug. 15, 1893; ch. : Frances Augusta. 
Prof. Record: Prof, of Botany and Bacteriol- 
ogy at Louisiana State U., 1901; Asso. Prof, 
of Botany and Bacteriology at Kansas U., 
1907; Prof, of Bacteriology at Kansas U., 
1913; Prof, of Botany and Bacterology at 
Redlands U. (retd. June, 1940) ; Fellow A. A. 

Publications: Laboratory Exercises in Bac- 
teriology and numerous research papers in 
botany and bacteriology. 

Memberships: Sigma Xi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; 
Past H.P.R.A.M.; and Past Comm. K.T. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreation: Music. 

Home Address: 260 High Dr., Laguna Beach, 

BINGHAM. Professor Joseph Walter, 

A.B., J.D. 

Professor of Law, Stanford University. 
Born: Indianapolis (Ind.), Dec. 5, 1878; s. 
of Dollie (Brough) and Joseph West Bingham. 
Education: Public schools, Chicago; Hyde 
Park High Sch.; U. of Chicago. 

Degrees: A.B., 1902, J.D., 1904, U. of 


Married: Florence Maud, d. of Elizabeth 

Cowles and Charles Rodman Cornell, in New 

York City, June 2, 1907; ch.: Rodman 


Porf. Record: Newspaper work (Chicago), 
1900-03: Law Practice (Chicago), 1904-05 
(admitted to 111. Bar and Fed. Bar., No. 
Dist. of 111., 1904); Asst. Prof. Law, Cor- 
nell U., 1905-07: same, Stanford U., 1907-08; 
Permanent Mem., Stanford faculty, since 
1908; Visiting Prof, of Law, Columbia U., 
1926-27; Acting Prof, of Law (summer, ses- 
sion), U. of Chicago, 1916. U. of Calif., 1923, 
U. of Mich., 1925, U. of Wis., 1927; Asst. 
Dir., Bur. of War Trade Intelligence, War 
Trade Bd., 1917-18; Mem., Calif. State Bar, 
Bar Supreme Court of U.S., Amer. Law Inst.; 



Amer. Bar Assn. (mem., committees), Amer. 
Soc of Internat. Law, Internat. Law Asso. 
(exec, comm., Amer. Br.), Advisory Council 
and Exec. Comm., Harvard Law Sch Re- 
search in Internat. Law. 

Publications: Cases on Water Right (B-M), 
1915- 3rd Edition Costigan's Cases on Wills 
(W P Com.), 1940; Draft Treaty on Piracy 
and Comment (Harvard Law Sch. Research 
in Interntl. Law) ; Report on the Interna- 
tional Law of Pacific Coastal Fisheries 
(Stanford U. Press), 1938; numerous arti- 
cles and reviews in periodicals. 
Memberships: Phi Gamma Delta; Delta Chi; 
Phi Alpha Delta (hon.); Order of the Coif; 
Bohemian Culb (S.F.); Cosmos Club (Wash., 
D.C.); Sierra, Stanford Faculty and Menlo 
Country clubs. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Chess, contract bridge, golf and 

Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif. 
Home Address: 2005 Cowper St., Palo Alto, 

BIRD, Remsen DuBois. A.B., B.D., D.D. 
LL.D., L.H.D. 

President, Occidental College. 
Born: New York (N.Y.), Jan. 3, 1888; s. of 
Mary (Dunham) and Edward Bird. 
Education: Lafayette College. 
Degrees: A.B., Lafayette Coll., 1909; B.D., 
Princeton Theol. Seminary, 1912; D.D. (hon.), 
Lafayette Coll., 1919; LL.D., Pomona Coll., 
1937; LL.D., Albany Coll., 1938; L.H.D., U. 
of So. Calif., 1940; L.H.D. , L.A. Coll. of Os- 
teopathic Phys. and Surgeons, 1940. 
Married: Helen, d. of Roderick McClure, 
in Springfield (111.), May 6, 1914. 
Prof. Record: Instr., Princeton Theol. Sem., 
1913-15; Prof, of Church Hist., S.F. Theol. 
Sem., 1915-21; Pres., Ocidental Coll, 1921—. 
Diretorships: So. Calif. Symphony Assn.; 
Southwest Museum; Church Fed. of L.A.; 
Barlow Sanitarium Assn.; Hollywood Bowl 
Assn.; Assn. of Amer. Colls.; Interntl. Inst. 
(L.A.); Calif. Assn. for Adult Edn. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. and Home Address: Occidental College, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

BIRD, Robert L., A.B. 
County Superintendent of Schools. 
Born: Mason City (111.), Aug. 6, 1876; s. 
of Mary Bowdon) and Alfred M. Bird, M.D. 
Education: Mason City High School; Missouri 
Valley College (Marshall, Mo.); Univ. of 
Calif. (Berkeley). 

Degrees: A.B., Mo. Valley Coll., 1901. 
Married: Iva L., d. of Mary and James H. 
Maupin, in Alton (111.), Dec. 25, 1909; ch.: 
Mrs. Mary I. Kambeitz and Alfred H. Bird. 
Prof. Record: Rural schools (Mason Co., 111.), 
1894-97; Armour Packing Co. (Kansas City), 
1901-02; Dept. of Biol. (Indianola, Colo.), 
1902-03; Dept. of Biol., High Sch. (Alton, 
111 ), 1903-06; Sweetser Lbr. Co., 1906-09; 
Vice-Prin., High Sch. (Alton. 111.), 1909-12; 
Prin., High Sch. (Arroyo Grande, Cahf.), 
1912-19; Supt. of Schs. (San Luis Obispo Co.. 
Calif.), Jan. 1919—. 
Directorships: Calif. Teachers' Assn.; Guar. 

Bldg. & Loan Co. of San Luis Obispo. 

Memberships: Mason. 

Religion: Presbyterian. 

Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Gardening, camping. 

Bus. Address: Court House, San Luis Obispo, 


Home Address: P. O. Box 730, San Luis 

Obispo, Calif. 

BISCAILUZ, Lieutenant Commander 
Eugene Warren, U. S. Navy Res. 
Sheriff, Los Angeles County. 
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.),, Mar. 12, 1883; 
s. of Ida Rose (Warren) and Martin Biscailuz. 
Education: L. A. city schools; St. Vincent's 
High Sch.; Univ. of So. Calif, (law coll.). 
Married: Willette, d. of Henry Harrison (for- 
mer Sheriff of Marin Co., Calif.); ch.: Carol 
(widow), Jean (wife of Wm. Mohr), and 
Warren (law student, U.S.C.). 
Prof. Record: Shipping Clerk, Payot-Upham 
Co. (San Francisco); So. Refining Co. (Los 
Angeles); Freight Dept., So. Pac. Ry. Co.; 
L A. Gas & Electric Corp. Entered Sheriff's 
Off. under Sheriff Wm. A. Hammel, Jan., 
1907- served as Foreclosure Clerk and Asst. 
Chief Civil Deputy; 1921, apptd. Undersheriff 
bv Sheriff Wm. I. Traeger; Aug., 1929, 
apptd. Supt. of Calif. Highway Patrol; Or- 
ganized Patrol and served as First Head un- 
til 1931; March, 1931, reapptd. Undersheriff 
of L.A.C.; in Dec, 1932, was apptd. Sheriff 
bv Bd. of Supervisors; 1934, elected County 
Sheriff; 1938, re-elected Sheriff. Past Pres. 
of the Acacia Club; Past Exalted Ruler 
B.P.O.E. (Santa Monica lodge); Past Pres., 
Calif. State Peace Officers' Assn. 
Navy Service: Commnd. as Lt., U. S. Naval 
Res., Nov., 1932; received commn. as Lt. 
Commander, June, 1940. 

Memberships: York; Scottish Rite; Shrine; 
Sciots; Acacia Club (past pres.); and other 
Masonic Orders; I.O.O.F.; Native Sons of the 
Golden West; Optimist Club; Royal Order of 
Moose (Past CJov.); Frat. Order of Eagles; 
B.P.O.E. (Past Exalter Ruler, Santa Monica 
lodge) ; St. Vincent's Loyola Alumni Assn. ; 
Calif. State Sheriff's Assn.; Jonathan, Up- 
lifters and L. A. Breakfast clubs; Masquers; 
Forresters; Calif. St. Peace Off. Assn. (Past 
Pres.), and others. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Horsemanship, collecting Calif, 
historical data, pub. speaking. 
Bus. Address: Hall of Justice, Temple and 
Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Hoine Address: 322 Euclid, Santa Monica, 
Calif. • 

BISHOP, Bennett Louis, A.B., M.D., 
Physician (retired). Ornithologist, Writer. 
Born: Guilford (Conn.), June 5, 1865; s. of 
Jane Maria (Bennett) and Timothy Huggins 

Education: Yale Univ. and Medical Sch.; New 
York Polyclinic Med. Sch.; U. of Vienna. 
Degrees: A.B., 1886, M.D., 1888, Yale. 
Married: Leona Anna, d. of Thomas L. 
Bayles, in Brooklyn (N.Y.), July 16, 1910; 
ch.: Herbert Bennett. 
Prof. Record: Head of Dept. of Pediatrics In 



Yale MtxI. Sell, and Now Haven Dispensary, 
18i)5-lii08. lletlrlnK from practice of medicine 
1908, has devoted his time to study and collect- 
ing of No. Amer. blnls. Has collected In 
Conn., Va., No. and So. Carolina, Florida, 
Nova Scotia, No. Dakota, Calif., Ore., Wash., 
Alaska, British Columt)ia, Te.\., Me.\., Egypt, 
and Italy, also Quebec, Saskatchewan, Al- 
berta, New Hamp., Mass., and Yukon. Mem., 
Adv. Bd., Pcabody Museum of Yale U. Hon. 
Research Asso. of Field Nat. Hist. Mus. of 
Chicago, and Mus. of Hist., Sci. and Art In 
Los Angeles. 

Publications: "Birds of Connecticut" In 
Connecticut Geological and Natural History 
Survey, and "The Water Fowl Family," also 
ornithological articles appearing in The Auk, 
The Condor, and various other bird maga- 

Army Service : Med. Volunteer, Res. Service 
Corps in World War I. 

Memberships: Soc. of the Cincinnati (Conn.); 
Soc. of Colonial Wars (Conn.); Valley Hunt 
Club (Pasadena); Fellow, Amer. Ornitholo- 
gists' Union, and Mem. of about thirty sci- 
entific societies. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 450 Bradford St., Pasadena, 
Calif., and 356 Oarnge St., New Haven, 
Conn. • 

BISHOP. Samuel Adgerson. 

General Claim Agent, Pacific Electric Ry. 
Born: Brownsville (Tenn.), July 21, 1874; 
s. of Ida (Peebles) and Samuel Adgerson 

Education: Schools in St. Louis (Mo.). 
Married: Florence, d. of Regina Turnbull, In 
San Francisco (Calif.), July 16, 1898; ch.: 

Bus. Record: First empl. by So. Pac. Ry. Co., 
1894, and still empl. by Pac. Electric Ry. 
Co. (subsidiary of S.P.Co.); investor in oil 

Directorships: Gen. Claim Agt. of Pac. Elec- 
tric Co., L.A.Ry. Corpn., L. A. Motor Coach 
Co.; Dir., Tide Water Asso. Oil Co. 
Memberships: Masonic Club and Masons; 
Jonathan Club; Kiwanis; Chamber of Comm. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Promotion of welfare of under- 
privileged children, travel and reading. 

Bus. Address: Pacific Electric Bldg., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 1978 Palmerston PI., Holly- 
wood, Calif. • 

BISSELL, Professor Clifford Hershey. 

A.B., LL.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor of French, Univ. of Calif. 


Born: Norwalk (Conn.), Feb. 24, 1887; s. of 
Elizabeth M. (Brannan) and Henry S. Bis- 

Education: Hillside Acad. (Norwalk); Coll. 
de Juilly (France) ; Vitzthumsches Gymna- 
sium (Dresden, Germany) ; Trinity Sch. (N. 
Y. C). 

Degrees.-' A.B., Y'ale, 1908; LL.B., Colum- 
bia, 1911; M.A., Princeton, 1920; Ph.D., 
Univ. of Calif., Berkeley, 1925. 
Honors: Officier d'Academie (Les Palmes) 
from French Govt. 
Married: Celia Farnam, d. of Clara (Thay- 

er) and Allan Ma.xcy Miller, New Haven 
(Conn.), May 21, 1921; ch.: Elizabeth (14), 
Constance (12), Allen and David, twins (10). 
Prof. Record: Passed bar examinations for 
Stale of N. Y., 191.'i, and worked in a law 
office In N. Y. C. until 1915; .studied at 
Clarence H. White .Sch. of Photography, 1915- 
16 and summer of 1919. Became Teaching 
Asst. in French and graduate student at U. 
of Calif. 1920; Instructor, 1925; Asst. Prof., 

Publications: Les Conventions Du Theatre 
Bourgeois Contemporain en France, 1887- 
1914; Michel Auclair, by Chas. Vildrac, e 
ted for Coll. use with introduction, notes 
and vocabulary by Clifford H. Bissell; vari- 
ous articles and book reviews on French 
linguistic and literary subjects. 
Army Record: Volunteer driver in Amer. 
Ambulance Sorv. in France, 1917. Refused 
by Army, Sept. 1917 on account of near- 
sightedness; joined Amer. Red Cross and 
served till end of War, mostly in Sois.sons, 
Chateau-Therry, and La Ferte-sous-Jouarre; 
rank of 2nd Lt. 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; Assn. of 
Amer. U. Professoi-s; Berkeley Tennis and 
Faculty Clubs (U. of Calif.). 
Religion: Mem. Congregational Church with 
Unitarian background. 

Politics: Independent. 

Recreations: Tennis, photography (especially 

of children), mountain climbing. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of Calif., Berkeley 

Home Address: 1509 Euclaid Ave., Berkeley. 
Calif. "• 

BISSELL. George Welton. M.E., Engr.D. 
Engineering Educator (retired). 
Born: Poughkeepsie (N.Y.), July 14, 1866; 
s. of Mary Elizabeth (Welton) and George 
Edwin Bissell. 

Education: Public schools; Cornell Univ. 
Degrees: M.E., Cornell U., 1888; Dr. of 
Engr. (Hon.), Mich. State Coll., 1930. 
Married: Martha Fiducia, d. of Henry S. 
Gere, in Northampton, Aug. 8, 1871. 
Prof. Record: Instr., Cornell, 1888-91; Asst. 
Prof., Prof, of Mechl. Engineering and Vice- 
Dean of Engineering, Iowa State Coll., 1891- 
1907; Dean of Engr., Dr. of Engr., Experi- 
ment Sta., Mich. State Coll., 1907-30; Chmn., 
Mich. State Board of Boiler Rules, 1920-30. 
Memberships: Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, A.S. 
M.E., S.P.E.E., Mich Engrg. Soc, Detroit 
Engr. Soc. 
Recreations: Gardening, motoring. 

Home Address: 169 No. Magnolia Ave., Mon- 
rovia, Calif. 

Mail Address: P.O. Bo.x 116, Monrovia, Calif.* 

BISSELL, Professor Kenneth McLeod, 
A.B., M.A., Officer d'Academie. 
Professor of French, Univ. of So. Calif. 
Born: Norwalk (Conn.), Apr. 27, 1884; s. 
of Elizabeth McLeod (Brannan) and Henry 
Smythe Bissell. 

Education: Private schools in France and 
Dresden (Germany); Yale; Columbia; Univ. 
of So. Calif. ; Univ. of Paris (France) ; Univ. 
of Geneva (Switzerland). 

Degrees and Honors: A.B., Yale, 1907: M.A., 
Univ. of So. Calif., 1919; Officier d' Acad- 



t^mie (Les Palmes Academiques), (France) 

Married: Josephine Lillian, d. of Edith and 
Wm. Jayne, in London (Eng.), Oct. 8, 1913. 
Prof Record: Member, French Dept. U. of 
So Calif, since Jan. 1917; Chairman, French 
Dept. 1927-29; 1935-37; Chief Student Advi- 
sor, 1924-29; Pres., U.S.C. chapter of Phi 
Beta Kappa, 1940—. 

Directorships: Pres., The Good Hope Co. 
(a Calif. Corpn.). 
Publications: Magazine articles. 
Armij Record: Attended Civilian Training 
Camp, Presidio of Monterey (Calif.), July- 
Aug., 1916; Officer Candidate; Officers' 
Training Camp, Presidio of San Francisco 
(Calif.), July- Sept., 1918. 
Memberships: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi 
Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi; Beach Club; 
Yale Club of So. Calif.; Sierra Club of Calif.; 
Mason (Blue Lodge and Royal Arch). 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Swimming, hiking, mountain 
climbing, music. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of So. Calif., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 7245 Hillside Ave., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

BITTER, Marguerite Irene. 

Concert Pianist. 

Born: New York City, d. of Louise (Tur- 
geon) and Lawrence J. Bitter. 
Education: Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles; 
Univ of So. Calif.; Fellowship at JuilUard 
(N. Y.); Scholarship with Stojowski; teach- 
er's course and private study with Alberto 
Jonas (N. Y.); Training under Ann Eachus 
(L. A.). 

Married: Arthur H. Clayton, School Principal. 
Prof. Record: Solo Pianist with "Cat and 
Fiddle" Co. in San Francisco and Los An- 
geles, 1932-39; Pianist in "Cat and Fiddle", 
M-G-M, 1934; made many recordings for films 
at RKO and M-G-M; two concert tours of 
Pacific Coast, Canada and Middle West, 
1934-35; concert tour of Calif., Ariz., and 
Texas, 1936-37; Soloist with Little Sym- 
phony (Henry Svedrofsky, Conductor), Val- 
ley Symphony (Vernon Robinson, Conductor) ; 
Three appearance with Federal Project Sym- 
phony. (Vernon Robinson, Conductor) ; many 
recitals and concerts in Los Angeles and 
neighboring communities; Soloist with L.A. 
Civic Chorus in transcontinental broadcasts 
over KHJ Mutual Network and Columbia; 
Teacher of James Shomate, now Accompan- 
ist for Richard Bonnelli; many of her pu- 
pils winners in So. Calif. Festival of Allied 
Arts in last three years; seven winners in 
1940 in So. Calif. Festival; two winners In 
Eisteddfod, 1940; has presented many stu- 
dents' recitals; player of chamber music. 
Member of Robert Alter Trio for seven years. 
Memberships: Mu Nu Chapter and Alumnae 
Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon (National Hon- 
orary Music Sorority); Dominant Club; Calif. 
State Music Teachers' Assn. 
Recreations: Dancing, garden work. 
Home Address: 2823 Ellendale PL, Los An- 
geles, Calif. * 

BJORK, Professor David Knuth. A.B., 
M.A., Ph.D. 

Asso. Prof, of History, Chmn. of Dept. of 
History, Univ. of Calif. 

Born: Stockholm (Sweden), July 19, 1891; s. 
of Jenny (Godhe) and August Edward Bjork. 
Education: 111. Wesleyan U., Pacific Sch. of 
Religion; Univ. of Calif. 

Degrees: A.B., 1919, M.A., 1920, Ph.D., 1923, 
Univ. of Calif. 

Married: Mary Dorthea Miller, Udall (Kan.), 
1918; ch.: David Miller. 

Prof. Record: Came to U.S., 1911 (Natur- 
alized, 1922) ; ordained to Ministry M. E. 
Ch., 1912; Teaching Fellow, U. of Calif., 
1920-22; Instr., U. of Calif., L. A., 1923- 
26, Asst. Prof., 1926-32, Asso. Prof, since 
1932, Chmn. of Dept. of Hist, since 1939; 
Traveling Fellow, Native Sons of the Golden 
West (France and Spain), 1922-23; lectured 
in Sweden, summer, 1922; Traveling Fellow 
Com. for Relief in Belgium Edn. Foundation 
for 1938. 

Directorhsips: Pres., Calif. Delta Chapter of 
Pi Gamma Mu (1941) ; Pres., So. Calif. 
Chapter of Amer. Scandinavian Foundation; 
Dir., Wetern Fed. Savings & Loan Assn. 
since 1939. 

Publications: Contbr. to various Hist. Pubis.; 
Mem., Advisory Bd., Speculum (Jour, me- 
dieval studies) . 

Memberships: Mediaeval Acad, of Amer.; 
Amer. Hist. Assn., Hanischen Geschlchtsvere- 
in, Swedish Hist. Soc, Danish Hist., Soc, 
Norwegian Hist. Soc, Soc. for Advancement 
of Scandinavian Studies; Phi Delta Kappa, Pi 
Gamma Mu, Phi Gamma Delta; Mason, Fac- 
ulty (Berkeley); Swedish (L. A.). 
Bus. Address: Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 809 Malcolm Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BLACET, Professor Francis Edward, 
A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Associate Prof, of Chemistry, Univ. of Calif. 
Born: Greenville (111.), Feb. 25, 1899; s. of 
Rachel and Stephen Blacet. 
Education: Pub. schls. of Greenville (111.); 
Pomona Coll.; Stanford Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., 1922, M.A., 1925, Pomona 
Coll.; Ph.D., Stanford U., 1931. 
Married: Kate, d. of Frederick Merrell, in 
South Pasadena (Calif.), Aug. 7, 1924; ch.: 
Ann Louise, and Philip Merrell. 
Prof. Record: Instr. of Chem., Pomona Coll., 
1922-27; in bus., 1927-29; Student, Stanford 
U 1929-31; du Pont Fellow in Chem., 1930- 
31- Inst, of Chem., Stanford U., 1931-32; 
Mem. of the Chem. Staff, U. of Calif, since 

Publications: About twenty articles in sci- 
entific journals pertaining to accomplished 
research in photochemistry and microchem- 

Army Record: Private, U. S. Army, Oct. 
17, 1918 to Dec. 20, 1918. 
Memberships: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phi Lambda Upsilon; 
Amer. Chem. Soc. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Gardening, fishing, golf. 
Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Ho7ne Address: 2242 Selby Ave., W. Los An- 
geles, Calif. 



BLACK, Benjamin Warren, M.D., 
F.A.C.II.A., F.A.C.P. 
MPdicnl Dirocloi- ol' Alameiia County. 
Horn: Fillmoro (Ulah), May 21, 1887; s. of 
Birdie Susannali (Itobinson) and George War- 
ren Black. 

Education: Pub. schls. ; Brlgham Young Univ. 
(Grad., 1911): Student, Univ. of Uath; Univ. 
of Chicago; Univ. of Pennsylvania (Medico- 
Clii College). 

Dcgrt-cs: M.D., U. of Penna. (Medico-Chl 
College), 1916. 

Married: Jean Blackburn at Utah, Sept. 15, 
1909; ch.: Benjamin Harden and Margaret 

Prof. Record: Taught in grade scohols of 
U'ah for several years, during which lime 
served as Prin. of High Sch. and Faculty 
Member of church academy; army; U. S. 
Public Health Service, 1920-24; Exec. Officer, 
U. S. Veterans Bur., 1924-26; Med. Dir., 
U. S. Veterans Bur., 1926-28; Med. Dir., 
Alameda Co., 1928 — . Charter Fellow, 
Amt'r. Coll. of Hosp. Administrators, 1933; 
Second Vice-Pres., Board of Regents, Region 
No. 13, 1936-37; First Vice-Pres., 1939; E.xec. 
Com., 1937-39. Dir., Western Inst. for 
PIosp. Administrators. 1938-1940; Pres., Wes- 
tern Hosp. Assn., 1932. Amer. Hosp. Assn. 
(active personal membership), 1927 — , First 
Vice-Pres., 1933; Membership Com. Chmn., 
1933, Pres. -Elect, 19.39. Pres. 1940; Asso 
Editor (Hospitals), 1934, Pub. Rel. Com., 
1933, Com. on Planning and Hosp. Equip- 
ment, 1934, Com. on Protecting Voluntary 
Hosp. from Unfair Competition, 1934-36, Bd. 
of Trustees, 1936 — ; AMA, 1916; Assn. of 
Military Surgeons of U. S., Fellow, 1917—; 
Amer. Psychiatric Assn. ; Fellow, Amer. Coll. 
of Physicians, 1928 — ; Calif. Med. Assn.. 
1928—; Ala. Co. Med. Assn., 1928—; Past- 
Pres., Oakland Kiwanis Club; Past Dist. 
Gov., Calif-Nev. Dist., Kiwanis Internal., 
1934; Comm. Chest, Campaign Chairman, 
1936; Mem. Budget Com. and Chmn., 1936- 
39; Mem. Exec. Com.. 1938-40; Past Master 
Lodge of Perfection, Oakland Scottish Rite, 
1939-40; Pres.. Oakland Forum, 1940. 
Publidation: "Psychiatry and the Law" (Cal- 
if, and West. Med.), Feb., 1936; "Communi- 
ty Aspects of Medicine (J. A. Am. M. Coll.), 
Jan.. 1938; "What of the Entrance," The 
Modern Hospital, Mar., 1939; "County Hospi- 
tals Should Be Maintained for Indigents 
Only." Hospitals, July, 1937; "The Future 
Hospital Executive," Mod. Hosp., Oct., 1934. 
Me7nberships: Kiwanis; Scottish Rite; Com- 
monwealth Club, (S. F.); Claremont Coun- 
try Club. 

Religion: Protestant. 
Recreations: Golf. 

Bus. Address: Alameda County Hospital, 
2701 Fourteenth Ave., Oakland. 
Home Address: 250 Tunnel Rd., Berkeley, 

BLACK, Elizabeth, (Miss) 

General Manager, Municipal Art Dept., and 
Curator of Municipal Art Gallery, City of 

Born: Stevens Point (Wis.), June 19, 1892; 
d. of Johanna (Wilk) and Robert Black. 
Education: Tenafly (N. J.); Poly. High, Los 
Angeles (Calif.); studied with early foun- 
ders of Art Commission, Fred W. Blan- 
chard and John W. Mitchell (both dec). 
Student of Art Commission problems, such 

as esthetic control, which Is regulation of 
appearance to prevent undesirable structures 
which may affect pro[)erty values. 
Pruf. Record: Was with private corporations 
such as Calif. Walnut (Growers Assn. and 
Newell Mathews Co. in commercial capacity; 
Spl. Asst., 1916. In City of L. A. to Supt. 
of Bldg., J. J. Backus (dec. 19.37) who was Hon. Exec. Secty. to Art Commission 
(gratis) ; Spl. work for Municipal Art 
Commn., 1918 to 1925. when apptd. Gen. 
Mgr. (July 1, 1925) for same. Has received 
numerous letters of commendation for mu- 
nicipal work as pub. servant of City of Los 

Publications: Articles on Architectural Con- 
trol of Univ. of So. Calif. Civic Affairs 

Memberships: Friday Morning Club; Laguna 
Beach Art Assn., Calif. Art Club. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Art commission work, garden- 
ing, and home. 

Bus. Address: Room 351, City Hall, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BLACK, George Nathan. 

Real Estate Broker. 

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), June 17, 1876; 
s. of Rosalie (Newman) and Samuel Black. 
Education: Los Angeles grade and High Sch. 
Married: Florence, d. Of Charles Kohn, 
in Portland (Ore.), Sept. 16, 1891; ch.: 
Charles George and Dorothy. 
Bus. Record: Upon graduation from High 
Sch., worked in a department store from 
1893 to 1901. then engaged in real estate 
brokerage and development business, pract- 
ically continuously up to date, — partly In 
Los Angeles and in Portland (Ore.). 
Publications: Author of a number of trea- 
tises on real estate subjects which were 
published from time to time in local, state 
and national real estate magazines. 

Aryny: Enlisted Aug. 23, 1893, at age of 17, 
"F" Company, 7th Regiment of Infantry 
in Calif. N.G., served six years, honorably 
discharged Oct. 3, 1899, served 1908-12 as 
T. Col. and Aide-de-Camp on Staff of Gov. 
J. N. Gillet of Calif. 

Memberships: Past Master, Westgate Ma- 
sonic Lodge; Past Pres., L. A. Lodge 487, 
Independent Order B'nai B'rith. Past Grand 
Pres., Dist. No. 4, Independent Order B'nai 
B'rith; Past Pres., Calif. Real Estate Assn.; 
Past Pres., Portland Realty Board, Portland 

Religion: Jewish. 

Politics: Republican. (Former member, Exec. 
Com., Rep. State, Co. and City Com.). 
Bus. Address: 416 W. 8th St., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 130% No. Sycamore Ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif. * 

BLACK, James B(yers), B.S. 
President, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. 
Born: Sycamore (111.), May 6, 1890; s. Olive 
(Byers) and Charles Albert Black. 
Education: Calif. Sch. of Mech. Arts (San 
Francisco) ; Univ. of Calif., Berkeley. 
Degrees: B.S. in Mech. Engr., 1912. 
Married : Katherine, d. John Edgar McElrath, 



on March 24, 1913; ch.: James Byers Black, 
Jr., Charles Alden, and Kathryn. 
Bus. Record: Service Inspector, Great West- 
ern Power Co. (San Francisco) 1912, Gen. 
Sales Mgr., 1918, Gen. Mgr., 1922, Vice- 
Pres., and Gen. Mgr., 1923; Vice-Pres., 
Western Power Corpn., 1926; Vice-Pres., 
The No. Amer. Co. (N. Y.), 1927; Pres., Pa- 
cific Gas and Electric Co. (San Francisco), 

Directorships: Dir. and Mem. of Exec. 
Corns., Pacific Gas and Electric Co., Sou- 
thern Pacific Co.; Dir., Equitable Life As- 
surance Soc. of the U. S. ; Home, Fire and 
Marine In.surance Co. ; Occidental Insurance 
Co. ; Del Monte Properties Co. 
Memberships: University (N.Y.), Pacific- 
Union, Bohemian, The Family; San Fran- 
cisco Golf ,Burlingame County and Cypress 
Point (Pebble Beach, Calif.) Clubs. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Golfing and horseback riding. 
Bus. Address: 245 Market St., San Francisco, 

Home Address: 3052 Pacific Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. ; Del Monte, Calif. (Country 

BLACK, Milton M.. LL.B. 

Borti: New York (N.Y.),Sept. 12; s. of Rose 
(Lust) and Harry Black. 

Education: St. Lawrence Univ. 
Degrees: LL.B., St. Lawrence U., 1927. 
Married: Irene, d. of S. Jaffe, at Los Angeles 
(Calif.), Sept., 1930; ch.: Roger Michael. 
Prof. Record: Practiced Law in N. Y. ; came 
to Calif., 1930; Mem., District Attorney's 
Office (Dep. Dist. Atty.) (Los Angeles), 1930- 
36; in private practice since 1936, as Mem., 
Pacht, Pelton, Warne and Black. 
Directorships: St. Anthony Oil Corp. 
Memberships: Mu Sigma; B'nai B'rith. 
Religion: Jewish Faith. 

Bus. Address: Union Bank Bldg., 325 W. 
8th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 160 Vg No. Arnaz Dr., Beverly 
Hills, Calif. • 

BLACKBURN. Arthur W., A.B., M.A., 

Lawyer, Acting Jurist. 

Born: Rochester (Wis.), Nov. 2, 1878; s. 
of Caroline (Anderson) and Matthew Black- 

Education: Pub. schools. Private Academy; 
Univ. of Wis. 

Degrees: A.B., 1901, M.A., 1903, LL.B., 
1903, Univ. of Wis. 

Married: Florence I., d. of Jennie and Wil- 
liam Bell, in Osage (Iowa), Aug. 30, 1880; 
ch.: Arthur W., Jr., John R., Edwin H., 
and Richard C. 

Prof. Record: Attorney at Law, Ferndale 
(Calif.), since 1905; Justice of Peace, since 
1908; Acting Judge of Superior Court, Hum- 
boldt Co. by assignment Judicial Council, 
for four years past. 

Directorships: Secty. of Humboldt Co. Fire 
Ins. Assn. since 1907. 

Memberships: Mason, Shrine, 32° Scottish 


Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Hunting. 

Bus. Address: 444 Main St., Ferndale, Calif. 

Home Address: Ferndale, Calif. * 

BLACKWELDER. Professor Eliot, A.B.. 

Professor and Head of Department of Geo- 
logy, Stanford, U. 

Born: Chicago (111), June 4, 1880; s. of 
Gertrude (Boughton) and I. S. Blackwelder. 
Education: Univ. of Chicago. 
Degrees: A.B., 1901, Ph.D., 1914, U. of 

Married: Jean Otis (Bowersock), d. of Mary 
(Gower) and Justin D. Bowersock, in Law- 
rence (Kan.), Sept. 26, 1904; ch.: Margery. 
Martha Jean, Richard, Gertrude, Lois, Ruth, 
and Justin. 

Prof. Record: Instr. of Geology, Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1902-03; Asst., Carnegie Inst. Exped- 
ition to China, 1903-04; Instr. and later 
Prof., U. of Wis., 1905-16; Prof and Head 
of Dept., U. of 111., 1916-19; Chief Geologist, 
Argus Oil Co., 1919-21; Acting Prof., Har- 
vard U., 1921-22; Prof, and Head of Dept., 
Stanford U., 1922 to date; also part-time 
Asst. Geol. and Geol., U.S. Geol. Survey, 
1906-18; mem., Calif. Petroleum Commn., 

Publications: Elements of Geology (with H. 
H. Barrows, American Book Co.), 1911; 
Research in China, (with Bailey Willis, Car- 
negie Inst, of Washington), 1905; Regional 
Geology of the United States; Carl Winter's 
Universitatsbuchhandlung, 1912; more than 
80 papers in technical journals. 
Memberships: Faculty Club (Stanford); Sig- 
ma Xi; professional societies, such as Geol. 
Soc. of Amer.; Nat. Acad, of Sciences; Amer. 
Philosophical Soc, etc. 

Bus. Address: Bo-x N, Stanford Unviersity, 

Home Address: Escondido Cottage, Stanford 
University, Calif. 

BLADES, Edith Hawley. B.S., M.A., 

Nutrition-Scientist, Educator. 
Born: Sidney (Iowa), d. of Flora (Wadhams) 
and Henry Hawley. 

Education: Santa Barbara State College; 
Columbia Univ.; Stanford Univ. 
Degrees: B.S., M.A., Columbia Univ.; Ph.D., 
Stanford Univ. 

Married: Leslie Burton Blades in Carson City 
(Nev) ; ch.: Donald. 

Prof. Record: Teacher in pub. and private 
schools and Research-Nutritionist; Senior Food 
Economist of the Home Economics Bureau, 
Washington (D.C.); associated as a Nutri- 
tionist and Collaborator in the research at 
Langview Farm (Mass.), and at Rancho 
Descanso (Calif. 

Directorships: Secty., Rancho Descanso (a 
Calif, non-profit Corpn.). 

Publications : Economics of Food Consumption. 
Memberships: Science Fraternity. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. and Home Address: Rancho Descanso, 
Atascadero, Calif. * 



BLADES, Leslie Burton, A.B., M.A. 

Psycho-Analyst, Kiliu-alor. 
Born: Sallda (Colo.), 18'.)1; s. ot Jessie (Rlggs) 
and OrvlIIo A. Blades. 

Education: Colorado State Blind Sch; Colo- 
rado Coll., and Univ. of Oregon. 
Degrees: A.B., 1916 and M.A., 1917, Univ. 
of Oregon. 

Married: Edith, d. of Henry Ilavvley, In Car- 
son City (Nev.); ch.: Donald Blades. 
Prof. Record: As a Psycho- Analyst and Ed- 
ucator, has been concerned for years in re- 
search directed toward the determination of 
a psycho-analytical educative technique 
which could prove dependable in the cure 
of A-typical and delinquent boys, six years 
o' this work was done at an experimental 
study-home in Mass., founded by him and 
his wife, financed In part by the Rockefeller 
Foundation: has also been a free-lance writer, 
having published short stories, novels, and 

Memberships Sigma Epsilon; Boston Twen- 
tieth-Century Club, San Luis Obispo Dem- 
ocratic Club, and Morro Bay Forum. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Home Address: Rancho Descanso, Atascad- 
ero, Calif. • 

BLAINE, Lieut. Colonel Edward Smith, 

U. S. Army Med. Res., M.D. 
Physician, Roentgenologist. 
Born: Chicago (111.), Dec. 16, 1882, e. of 
Franziska Wilhelmina (Birkholz) and Henry 
Edward Smith. 

Education: Public schools, Chicago and Mil- 
waukee; Marquette Univ. Medical School. 
Degrees: M.D., 1911. 

Married: Edith, d. of William Packer, In 
Chicago (111.), May 26, 1913; ch.: David 
George (b. 1918,) and Carolyn Frances (b. 

Prof. Record: X-ray Technician, Trinity 
Hosp. (Milwaukee), 1910-11; Instr. X-ray, 
Marquette U. Med. Sch., 1911-13; Roentgen- 
ologist, Cook County Hosp.( Chicago), 1914- 
17; West Suburban Hosp., 1915-17; Garfield 
Park Hosp., 1924128; Dir., X-ray Dept. Nat. 
Path. Laboratory, 1919-30; Wesley Mem- 
orial Hosp., 1920-30; Consulting Roent- 
genologist, Cook County Hosp., 1919-30; U.S. 
Veterans Bureau, 1922-26; Asso. Prof. Roent- 
genologist, Northwestern U. Med. Sch., 1915- 
30; Prop., X-ray Lab. (Los Angeles), 1931—; 
attending Roentgenologist, White Memorial 
Hosp., 1931-40; Asso. Prof. Roentgenology, 
Coll. of Med. Evangelists, 1933-40; present 
practice limited to X-ray diagnosis and ther- 

Directorships: Mem., Board of Dir., Boy 
Scouts of Amer. (L.A. Metropolitan Area) ; 
Mem. Board of Dir., Y.M.C.A. (So. Pasa- 

Publications: Sound Spelling and the Sound 
Alphabet, (broch. publ. by author, copy- 
righted 1939). Many articles on X-ray in 
A. M.A. Journal, Radiology, Amer. Jounal 
Roentgenology and Radium, Amer. Jounal 
Surgery, Surgery, Gyneology and Surgery, 

Army Service: Spanish- Amer. War, 1898 
Trumpeter, Troop H, 1st 111. Cavalry, World 
War, 1917-19, Capt. Med. Corps.; Command- 
ing Officer, Chicago Sch. Military Roent- 
genology; Instr. New York School Mil. 

Roentgenology (Cornell U. Med. Sch.); Camp 
Groenleaf .Sch. Mil. Uoent. (Ft, Oglethorpe, 
<;a.); Lt. Col. Med. Res., 1924 -. 
Dcriirdlionn: DIplomate, Amer. Board of 
Radiology, 19.34; Hon. Mem. Amer. Soc. X- 
ray Technicians, 1936. 

Memberships: Phi Beta PI (hon. fac. NW. 
U. Med.); Amer. Med. Assn., Calif. Med. 
Assn., Los Angeles Co. Med. Assn.. Amer. 
RoentgenRay Soc, Honorary Member, Chi- 
cago Roentgen Soc, 1940; Radiological Soc. 
No. Amer.; Oenonta (South Pasadena), .San 
Gabriel Country (Calif.); International 
Phonetic A.ssn. 

Religion: Protestant (Oneonta Congregational 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreatiojis: Photography, chamber music, 
trailering, golf, originating sound alphabet 
and sound spelling. 

Bus. Address: Roo.sevelt Bldg., 727 W. 7th 
St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 2025 Fletcher Ave., So. Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

BLAIR, William Leeper. A.B. 

Managing Editor, Pasadena Post. 
Born: Lamar (Mo.), March 19, 1883; s. of 
Amanda (Campbell) and William Blair. 
Education: Stanford Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U. 
Married: Caro, d. of J. E. Fairchlld, at 
Redlands (Calif.), Oct. 20, 1909; ch.: Alan. 
Bus. Record: Newspaper work In various 
So. Calif, cities, 1906-11; has been with the 
Pasadena Star-News and Post since 1911. 
Directorships: Mem., Pasadena City Bd. of 

Memberships: University and Twilight clubs; 
Mason, 32= K.C.C.H. 
Religion: Unitarian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 525 E. Colorado St., Pasadena. 

Home Address: 1250 No. Wilson Ave., Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

BLAISDELL, Allen Carrier, A.B., M.A. 
Director, International House, U. of Calif., 

Born: Olivet (Mich.), July 9, 1897, s. of 
Florence (Carrier) and James Arnold Blals- 

Education: Public schools, Beliot (Wis.), and 
Claremont (Calif.). 

Degrees: A.B.. Pomona Coll., 1919, Union 
Theological Seminary, 1923; M.A., Univ. of 
Calif., 1940. 

Married: Josephine, d. of Josephine (Morton) 
and Robert Bell, in New York City, May 
17, 1923; ch.: Morton Carrier, and Susan- 

Prof. Record: Asst. Minister, First Presby- 
terian Ch., Utica (N.Y.), 1923-24; Minister, 
Congregational Church, South Hadly Falls 
(Mass.), 1924-27; Asst. Dir., International 
House (New York City), 1927-28; Dir., In- 
ternal House, U. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1928. 

Directorships: On Board of Dir., Japan 
Society (San Francisco), International Insti- 
tute (San Francisco), Berkeley Welfare So- 



Army Service: Served as 2nd Lieutenant of 

Field Artillery, U.S., 1918. 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa. 

Religion: Congregational. 

Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. Address: International House, Univ. ot 

California, Berkeley, Calif. 

Home Address: 1606 La Vereda St., Berkeley, 

Calif. • 

BLAISDELL. James Arnold. A.B., M.A., 
D.D., LL.D. 

Educator (retired). Citrus Rancher, Philan- 

Born: Beloit (Wis.), Dec. 15, 1867; s. of 
Susan Ann (Allen) and James J. Blaisdell. 
Education: Beloit High Sch. ; Beloit Coll.; 
Hartford Theol. Sem.; Chicago Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., 1889, M.A., 1892, D.D., 1910, 
Beloit Coll.; LL.D. Drury, Occidental, Color- 
ado, Pomona College and Univ. of Calif. 
Married: Florence Lena, d. of Edwin Carrier, 
Beloit (Wis.), Dec. 29, 1892; ch.: J. Brooks, 
Paul C, Allen C, and F. Barbara (Mrs. 
Thomas S. Warren). 

Prof. Record: Minister, Congregational 
Church, (Waukesha (Wis.), 1892-96; Mini- 
ster, Congl. Church, Olivet (Mich.), 1896- 
1903; Prof. Biblical Literature, Beloit Coll. 
(Wis.), 1903-10; Pres., Pomona College, 
Claremont (Calif.), 1910-26; Pres., Clare- 
mont Colleges, Claremont (Calif.), 1926-36; 
retired, interested in Citrus Ranching and 
numerous philanthropies. 

Directorships: Dir., Ultra Violet Products 
Corpn.; Trustee, Pacific Sch. of Religion; 
Pres. Emeritus, Claremont Colleges. 
Memberships: University (L.A.) ; Phi Beta 

R eligion : Congregational . 
Politics: Democrat (ind.). 
Bus. Address: Claremont Colleges, Claremont, 

Home Address: Claremont, and La JoUa, 

BLAKE, Ada Swasey, A.B. 
Prin., Marlborough School for Girls. 
Born: New Bedford (Mass.), d. of Lois Aiken 
(Davis) and James Edwin Blake. 
Education: Radcliffe Coll. Cambridge (Mass.) 
Degrees, honors: A.B., Radcliffe Coll. 1909; 
Officier de I'Academie Francaise. 
Prof. Record: Instr., English, Albany Acad, 
for Girls, 1909-15; Prin., Louisville Collegiate 
Sch. Louisville (Ky.), 1915-19; Prin., Dongan 
Hall, Staten Island (N.Y.), 1919-22; Prin., 
Marlborough Sch. for Girls, 1922. 
Memberships: Head-mistresses, Assn. Pacific 
Coast, Assn. Independent Schools (Los An- 
geles); Amer. Assn. Univ. Women; Women's 
Univ. (L.A.); Women's Athletic (L.A.), Fri- 
day Morning Club (L.A.). 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Swimming, riding. 
Bus. Address: 5029 W. Third St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BLAKE, Charles Ellwood. 

Writer and Reporter, Los Angeles Herald 
and Express. 

Born: Chicago (111.), Aug. 16, 1900, s. of 
Mildred (Ellwood) and Charles G. Blake. 
Education: Morgan Park Military Acad. 
(Chicago); Mercersburg Acad. (Pa.) 
Prof. Record: Reporter and writer for Hearst 
newspapers and syndicates in New York, 
Chicago, Washington and Los Angeles, 1924; 
Pres. and Gen. Mgr., Chas. G. Blake Co. 
(Chicago), 1927-30; wrote Washington daily 
column (FolDeRol), 1937; assigned to White 
House and Washington, for Chicago Amer., 
1933-37; wrote the moving picture, The 
Country Doctor, first starring vehicle of 
Dionne Quintupelts — credited by Dr. A. R. 
Dafoe with saving the life of at least one of 
the quintuplets at birth by rushing incubator 
to Callander, Ont. 

Publications: Motion pictures: The Country 
Doctor, John Dillinger, Outlaw, Read All 
About It; etc. Various magazine and syndi- 
cated articles. 

Army Service: U.S. Marine Corps, Armored 
Motor Car Squadron, April, 1917— Dec, 1918 
(Domestic service). 

Memberships: National Press (Washington); 
Marine Corps Post (Chicago), Amer. Legion; 
L. A. Athletic, Riviera Country, Deauville 
Beach, Jonathan, Army and Navy Group 
and various other L. A. clubs. 
Religion: Protestant, Mem. Congregational 
Church (Morgan Park, Chicago). 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Los Angeles Herald and Ex- 
press, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: Jonathan Club, Los Angeles, 

BLAKE, The Reverend Eugene Carson, 

A.B., Th.B. 

Pastor, Pasadena Presbyterian Church. 
Born: St. Louis, (Mo.), Nov. 7, 1906; s. of 
Lulu (Carson) and Orville P. Blake. 
Education: Lawrenceville Sch.; Princeton 
Univ. ; New College (Edinburgh, Scotland) ; 
Princeton Seminary. 

Degrees: A.B., Princeton U., 1928; Th.B., 
Princeton Theological Sem., 1932. 
Married: Valina, d. of Richard H. Gillespie, 
Stony Brook, Long Island, Sept. 12, 1929. 
Prof. Record: Teacher, Forman Christian 
Coll. Lahore (India), 1928-29; Asst. Pastor, 
Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas (N.Y.C.), 
1932-3t>; Pastor, First Pres. Church of Al- 
bany (N.Y.), 1935-40; Visiting Lecturer in 
Religion, Williams Coll., Williamstown 
(Mass.), 1938-40; now. Pastor, Pasadena 
Pres. Church (Calif.). 

Membership: Annandale, University, Prince- 
ton Cap and Gown Club, Woodway Country 
Club (Stamford, Conn.); Trustee, Occidental 
College; Member Board of Managers, Monte 
Vista Grove Homes (Pasadena) ; Member 
National Board of Christian Education of 
Presbyterian Church in U.S.A. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 

Bus. Address: 585 E. Colorado St., Pasadena, 

Ho7ne Address: 1445 Lombardy Rd., Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

Summer Address: 145 Ocean Dr., W., Stam- 
ford, Conn. * 

BLAKE, Samuel Richardson. 

Judge, Superior Court of State of California. 
Born: Redlands (Calif.), April 1, 1895; s. 
of Ella (Bledso) and Nathaniel Allen Blake. 



Marrird: Healrlco <lf IVrh.ich. Mar. LT). 1021; 
ch.: Ueulrice, Bcrnlcc and Barbara Bledsoe. 
Prof. Record. Admitted to the bar, State of 
Calif., June 13. 1917; Deputy City Prosecu- 
tor, City of Los Angeles, Mar. 10, 1922 to 
Oct. 13, 192.3; Justice of the Peace, Town- 
ship of L. A., Oct. 15, 192.3 to Feb. 1. 1926; 
Judge, iMunlclpal Court, City of Los An- 
geles, Feb. 1, 1926 to Jan. 6, 1929; Judge, 
Superior Court, Los Angeles Co., Jan. 7, 1929 
to present dale; Elected Judge of the Muni- 
cipal Court and Judge of the Superior Court 
(nevei' appointed to position but elected by 
the people) ; appointed Justice of the Peace 
by the Hoard of Supervisors. 

Army Service: Enlisted April 10, 1917, at 
the Presidio of San Francisco in the first 
officers training camp held there; command- 
ing officer, Brigadier General Slayden, who 
had just left as Commandant of West Point 
and had been assigned to the Pres. at San 
Francisco; One of the youngest commission- 
ed officers in the U. S. Res. -Corps, F. A., 
being commissioned a 2nd Lt. therein on the 
15th day of Aug., 1917; was then assigned to 
Camp Lewis to help train and build tlie then 
drafted army; an officer of the 348th F. A. 
of the 91st Div., stationed at Camp Lewis; 
received training as an artillery officer and 
completed the course at the School of Fire 
at Ft. Sill (Okla.); returned to Camp Lewis 
again with the 91st Div. and was embarked 
for overseas service. Went with the 91st Div. 
overseas and remained in the Amer. E.xp. 
Forces in France; saw service in the offen- 
sive of the Argonne and defenses of Ver- 
dun; accompanied the Army of Occupation 
into Germany after the Armistice. 
Memberships: Masons (Pentalphia Lodge No. 
222) F.A.A.O.M.; Sigma Chapter No. 57, 
Royal Arch Masons, Los Angeles; Native 
Sons of the Golden West, Uplifter, Amer. 
Legion, United Veterans of the Republic; B. 
P. O. E., 97. 

Religion: Protestant-Presbyterian. 
Bus. Address: Dept. 10, Superior Court of 
State of Calif. 

Home Address: 802 No. Kings Rd., Los An- 
geles, Calif. • 

BLAKESLEE, Earle Bevington, Mus.B., 


Instructor of Voice and Director of the Sym- 
phonic Choir. State Normal Sch., Potsdam 
(New York). 

Borti: Denver (Colo.), June 23, 1913; s. of 
Florence (Hill) and S. Earle Blakeslee. 
Education: Chaffey High Sch. and Jr. Coll., 
Ontario (Calif.); Pomona Coll., Claremont 
(Calif.); Univ. of Rochester, Ea.stman Sch. 
of Music (Rochester, N. Y.): two years 
study of voice and opera in Rome (Italy). 
Degrees: Mus.B., U. of Rochester (N.Y.) East- 
man School of Music, 1937; Mus.M., U. of 
So. Calif., 1940. 

Married: Carolyn, d. of Carrie Schaeffer and 
Charles Potter Raney in Akron (Ohio), Dec. 
28, 1940. 

Prof. Record: Concert, radio and church 
singing in Rome (short-wave broadcasts to 
Amer. and Lybia, soloist in American Church, 
concerts for same church, and workers' or- 
ganization), concert and church appearances 
In Los Angeles in 1940; went to Potsdam 
(New York), Sept., 1940. 

Publications: Pacific Coast Musician, Los An- 
geles (Mrs. Frank Colby and Vernon Steel, 
publishers) ; articles on music festival Mag- 
gio Mttsicale, in Florence, 1938. 

Mcmbernhips: Phi Mu Alpha (professional 
musical fraternity). 
Religion : Episcopal . 

Bus. Address: Stale Normal School, Pots- 
dam, N. Y. 

Home Address: 44 Upper Bay St., Potsdam, 
New York, and Ontario, Calif. • 

BLANCHARD, Evelyn Lyman. B.S.,M.S., 

Nutritionist, Biochemist. 
Biologist for Gol<ien State Ltd. 
Born: Chariton (Iowa), May 30, 1909; s. 
of Mabel (Lyman) and Wm. A. Blanchard. 
Education: Iowa State Coll.; Univ. of Ariz.; 
Univ. of Iowa. 

Degrees: B.S., Iowa State Coll., 1932; M.S., 
U. of Ariz., 1934; Ph.D., U. of Iowa, 1938. 
Publications: Articles for various med. jour- 
nals on the measurement of Vitamin A De- 
ficiency in Humans. 

Memberships: Iota Sigma Pi, Sigma Xi, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu, Alpha Nu. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Skiing, painting. 
Bus. Address: 425 Battery St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 2,338 20th Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

BLANCHARD, Professor Frederic 
Thomas. B.L., M.A., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S., 

Professor of English Literature, Univ. of 
Calif, at Los Angeles. 

Born: Harvard (Mass.), Sept. 24, 1878; s. 
of Elizabeth Lucindy (Seaver) and Frederick 
CJeorge Blanchard. 
Education: Univ. of Calif.; Yale. 
Degeres: B.L., U. of Calif., 1904; M.A., 
1908 and Ph.D., 1922, Yale Univ. 
Married: Mary Helen, d. of Helen (Hut- 
ton) and David Webster, in Coronado, (Cal- 
if.), Dec. 21, 1912. 

Prof. Record: Asst. in Rhetoric, Yale; Instr. 
in Eng., U. of Calif.; Asst. Prof., Rice 
Inst.; Asso. Prof., then Prof, of Eng. Lit- 
erature, U.C.L.A. since 1923. Formerly Asst. 
Dir. of the Ext. Div., and Chmn. of the 
Dept. of Eng., U.C.L.A., 1920-36. 
Publications: Essays in Exposition; Fielding 
the Novelist; The Art of Composition; The 
Art of the Novel; Perspective Criticism. 
Honors: Hon. Corr. Mem. of Inst. Litteraire 
et Artistique de France; Silver Medal of 
Royal Soc. of Arts (London), 1939. 
Membesrhips: Psi Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, 
Pi Gamma Mu, Pi Delta Phi; Mod. Lang. 
Assn.; Philological Assn. of Pac. Coast; 
Amer. Assn. of U. Profs, (former Council- 
lor); Athenian; Nile Club (Oakland); Univ. 
Club (Los Angeles), Lotos Club (New York), 
Authors Club (London). 
Recreations: Swimming. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 4440 Cromwell, Los Angeles, 



Born: Littleton (Mass.). Feb. 28, 1886; s. of 
Helen (de Long) and George P. Blanchard. 
Education: Mass. Elementary Schs. 



Married: Elizabeth F., d. of George Flood, 
Sommerville (Mass.), Aug. 17, 1893; ch.: 
Alice Elizabeth (Mrs. Wise), and H. Rebec- 
ca (Mrs. Adler). 

Bus. Record: Took over and operated busi- 
ness of his father in 1914, in Gardner 
(Mass.); moved to Calif. In 1923 where he 
has operated wholesale and retail malting 
of handwrought silver and gold; Master- 
crafsman, Member, and Ex-Councilman of 
the Arts and Crafts Society, Boston (Mass.); 
Founder and Pres., Los Angeles Arts and 
Crafts Soc. in 1923. 
Mejnberships: Kiwanis Club. 
Recreation: Sun-bathing. 

Bus. and Home Address: 13080 Montague 
St., Pacoima, Calif. 

Other Address: 8626 Sunset Blvd., Holly- 
wood, Calif. (Retail Shop). * 

BLANCHARD. Vincent Frank. B.S. 

Farm Advisor for Ventura County. (Special- 
ist in Agricultural Extension, Univ. of Calif.) 
Born: Piru, Ventura County (Calif.), April 4. 
1892; s. of Laura (Hall) and Hooper C. 

Education: Univ. of Calif., Coll. of Agricul- 

Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., Coll. of Agricul- 
ture, 1916. 

Married: Isabel, d. of Christine and John 
Henderson in Los Angeles (Calif.), July 19, 
1917; ch.: Richard Wesley and Carolyn Jean. 
Bus. Record: Employed at Rancho Sespe, a 
large citrus enterprise, located at Sespe, Ven- 
tura County (Calif.) and owned by Mr. and 
Mrs. Keith Spaulding, from May 1916, to 
July, 1919, with the exception of period July, 
1917 to Dec. 1918; Assist. Farm Advisor in 
L. A. Co. for the U. of Calif, during the 
period of Aug., 1919 to Jan. 1, 1926; appoint- 
ed Farm Advisor in Ventura Co. Jan. 1, 
1925 and serves in that capacity at present; 
special qualifications are in the horticulture 

Priblications : Many articles In agricultural 
journals on horticulural problems. 
Army Service: U. S. Army, Aug. 14, 1917 to 
Dec. 15, 1918; Field Artillery and Chemical 
Warfare Service. 

Memberships: Ventura Rotary Club. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics.- Republican. 

Bus. Address: 52 No. California St., Ven- 
tura, Calif. 
Home Address: Monvalvo, Calif. * 

BLANCHARD. Professor William 
Godwin. Mus.B., Mus.M. 
Asst. Prof, of Music, Head of Organ Depart- 
ment, Bridges Hall of Music, Pomona Coll. 
Born: Greencastle (Ind.), Sept. 5, 1905; s. of 
Hattie (Godwin) and Wm. Martin Blanchard. 
Education: Greencastle (Ind.), pub. scls.; 
DePauw Univ.; Univ. of Mich. 
Degrees: Mus. B., DePauw U., 1930; Mus. 
M., U. of Mich. 1933. 

Married: Mary Elizabeth, d. of Lenore Alle- 
man and Albertus Theodore Briggs, in 
Greencastle (Ind.), July 7, 1932; ch.: Wm. 
Briggs (7), and Milrded Elizabeth (4). 
Prof. Record: Manager, Granada Theatre, 
Greencastle (Ind.), 1927; Dir., Greencastle 
(Ind.) City Band, summer seasons 1925-26; 
Staff Organist, Radio Sta. WIL (St. Louis) 
between Jr. and Sr. years in college; Super- 

visor of Music, Sidney (Ohio) High Sch., 
1930-32 and 1933-36; since 1936, mem. of 
faculty, Dept. of Music, Pomona Coll., Clare- 
mont (Calif.) now in the capacity of Asst. 
Prof, of Music. 

Publications: Published works include a 
hymn in the new Methodist Hymnal, two 
anthems for mixed voices and a male chorus. 
Memberships: Phi Kappa Psl, Phi Mu Alpha, 
Nu Alpha Phi; Rotary Club. Amer. Guild 
of Organists, Masonic Lodge. 
Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Woodworking. 
Bus. Address: Bridges Hall of Music. Po- 
mona Coll., Claremont, Calif. 
Home Address: 1495 Via Zurita, Claremont, 


(Mme. Emilie Jehle) 
Teacher, Voice and Piano. 

Born: Penngrove (Calif.), July 4; d. of 
Sophie (Bruggemann) and Leo Jehle. 
Education: Milan (Italy); San Francisco 

Married: Emil, s. of Emiln Berghensen, In 
San Francisco (Calif), May 11; ch.: Erwln. 
Prof. Record: Known as Mme. Emilie Jehle, 
Lyric Soprano. 

Driectorships: Chmn. of Board of Dirs., Pa- 
cific Musical Soc. 

Memberships: Pacific Musical Society, San 
FrancLsco Musical Club; (Past Pres.) Cap 
and Bells Club. 
Religion: Lutheran. 

Home Address: 3675 Jackson St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. * 

BLEDSOE. Huntington P.. A.B., LL.B. 

Born: Ukiah (Calif.), July 18, 1902; s. of 
Jessie (Huntington) and J. Bledsoe. 
Education: Univ. of Calif., Berkeley. 
Degrees: A.B., 1926, LL.B., 1928, U. of Calif. 
Married: Elsie, d. of John Kelly, at Santa 
Ana (Calif.), Oct. 25, 1931; ch.: Elsie (b., 
1935) . 

Prof. Record: Attorney-at-law, City of Los 
Angeles since 1928. 

Publications: California Usury Law (Parker, 
Stone and Baird Co.), 1931. 
Memberships: N.S.G.W. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics : Democrat. 

Bus. Address: Title Guarantee Bldg., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 1451 Idlewood Rd., Glendale, 
Calif. • 

BLEWETT. Stephen Noall. 

Referee in Bankruptcy for Counties of San 
Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Calaveras 
since 1925. 

Born: St. Ives, Cornwall (Eng.). Jan. 4, 
1890; s. of Jane (Noall) and Frank Blewett. 
Education: Public schls., Stockton (Calif.); 
legal education attained in law office. 
Married: Bess E., d. of J. A. Simard, in 
Stockton (Calif.), 1911; ch.: Robert N. and 
Stephen E. 



Pro/. Record: Graudaled from Stockton High 
Sch.; studied law under Hon. Jo.shua 13. 
Webster; admitted to practice In nil of the 
Courts of Calif., July 17, 1911; became a 
member of the firm VVeb.ster, Web.ster & 
Blewett, Aug. 1911; Pres., San Joaquin Bar 
Assn., 1917; again In 19.T?; practiced 
alone, 1923-25; then formed partner.ship with 
Hubert H. BrIgKs nnd M. G. Woodward, un- 
der firm of Woodward, Brlggs and Blewett; 
partnership dissolved, 1930, since which time 
has been practicing Individually; Referee In 
Bankruptcy since 1925. 

Memberships: San Joaquin Lodge No. 19, F. 
& A. M., Stockton Consistory No. 11; Stock- 
ton Lodge No. 218. B.P.O.E. ; Truth Lodge 
No. 55, LO.O.F.; Stockton Lions and Stock- 
ton High Twelve clubs. 

Rt^ligion: Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Bank of America Bldg., Stock- 
ton, Calif. 

Home Address: 722 So. Regent St., Stockton, 

BLICHFELDT, Professor Hans Frederik, 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of Mathematics (Emeritus), Stan- 
ford University. 

Born: Denmark, Jan. 9, 1873; s. of Nlelslne 
Marie (Scholar) and Erhard Chrlstoffer Laur- 
entius Blichfeldt. 

Degrees: A.B., 1896, and M.A., 1897, Stan- 
ford Univ.; Ph.D., Leipzig, 1898. 

Publications: Author of articles on mathe- 
matical topics in European and Amer. profes- 
sional journals, also the following books: 
Theory and Applications of Finite Groups 
(Co- Author), 1916; Finite CoUineation Groups, 

Decorations: Knight of the Order of Danne- 
brog (Denmark), 1939. 

Memberships: Mem. Nat. Acad, of Sciences; 

Amer. Math. Soc. ; Math. Assn. of Amer.; 

Amer. Assn. for the Advancement of Science; 

Member Nat. Research Council, 1924-27. 

Religion : Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif. 

Home Address: 520 W. Crescent Dr., Palo 
Alto, Calif. 

BLICKFELT. Fredrik E. 

Voice Specialist. 

Born: Fargo (No. Dak.), July 12, 1887; s. of 
Henrikka (d. of famous Norwegian Violinist, 
Einar Lequam) and Johan Olaf Blickfelt. 

Education: Piano, theory, vocal physiology, 
psychology- and pedagogy at Conservatory of 
Berlin; composition under Christian Sinding 
(Norway) ; the tradition of the old Italian 
singing teachers under Vincenzo Sabatini at 
Milan and Antonio Cotogni in Rome. 

Prof. Record: Taught in London, Paris and 
New York; founded and directed the San 
Francisco Master Sch. of Singing and Opera, 
until 1936. 

Composed: My Bark Canoe; At Parting, etc. 
(Carey & Co., London) ; Lady Mi^ie, Night 
Bong, etc. (Wm. Pond & Co., New York). 
Home Address: 8231 Marmont Lane, Holly- 
wood, Calif. • 

BLIGHT. Reynold E(dward). C.P.A., 

Accountant, LIbr.iry Commissioner. 
Born: Torrlnglon, Devon (Eng.K May 19. 
1879; s. of Jane (Pearce) and John Blight. 
Education: Received his education privately. 
Degrees: LL.D., Southwestern Univ., 1927. 
Married: Evelyn, d. of Frederick M. Stack- 
house, In Washington (D. C), Sept. 1, 1923; 
ch.: Reynold F. and Edward M. 
Bus. Record: Certified Public Accountant; 
has parcliced Public Accountancy in N. Y. 
City, San Francisco and Los Angeles (Calif.); 
Calif. State Franchise Tax Commissioner, 
1929-38; Mem., State Board of Accountancy, 
1913-29; Mem. Los Angeles City Board of 
Edn. (four years) ; at present Mem., Los 
Angeles City Board of Library Comm. 
Directorships: Pres. of Imperial Mutual Life 
Insurance Co. 

Publications: What I Believe and Why; What 
is Freemasonry t 

Army Service: Major, O.R.C., 1923-39. 
Memberships: Los Angeles Athletic Club; 
Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma; Mason 
(P.M.) 33°, K.T., Shriner, Royal Order of 
Scotland, Red Cross of Constantine. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: C. C. Chapman Building, 758 
So. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 452 So. Detroit St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. • 

BLINCOE. Edward Las, A.B. 
Real Estate Counselor. 

Born: Guthrie (Okla.), April 16, 1907; s. of 
Edna Rowena (Ackley) and Edward Lee 
Blincoe, III. 

Education: Mackenzie Sch. (Monroe, N. Y.); 
Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles; Univ. of Calif., 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1930. 
Married: Margaret Barbara, d. of Lt. Col. 
Franklyn D. Shawn, in Marin Co. (Calif.), 
April 16, 1933; ch. : Barbara Rowena. 

Bus. Record: Entered general real estate 
practice, 1930; real estate and construction 
to 1938; Real Estate Counselor to present, a 
pioneer in this field; apartment house oper- 

Army Service: Comnd. 2nd Lt. Inf. -Res., 
1929; Active duty CCC 1933-35. 
Memberships: Chi Phi Fraternity; F. & A. 
Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: None. (Thmn., Univ. Div., WiUkie 

Volunteers of So. Calif. 

Recreations: Swimming, sailing, research in 


Bus. Address: 6715 Hollj'wood Blvd., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

Home Address: 103 So. Gramercy PI., Los 
Angeles, Calif. ; 3247 Fernood Pacific Dr.. 
Topanga, Calif. • 

BLISH, Morris loslin, B.S.. M.A., Ph.D. 
Chief, Protein Div., U. S. Dept. of Agr., 
Western Regional Research Laboratory. 

Born: Lincoln (Nebr.), April 21, 1889; s. of 
Louise (Joslin) and Frank May Blish. 

Education: Omaha High Sch.; Univ. of 
Nebr., Univ. of Minn. 



Degrees: B.S., 1912, M.A.. 1913, U. of Nebr. ; 

Ph.D., U. of Minn. 

Married: Vera, d. of H. S. Buell, in San 

Francisco (Calif.), April 21, 1921; ch.: Mary 


Prof. Record: Asst. Chemist, Montana Agr. 

Experiment Station (Bozman, Mont.), 1916- 

22; Prof. Agr. Chemistry, U. of Nebr., Agr. 

E.xp. Station (Lincoln, Nebr.), 1922-39; Chief, 

Protein Div., Western Reg. Research Lab., 

U. S. Dept. of Agr. (Albany, Calif.), 1939—; 

Editor-in-chief of Cereal Chemistry. 

Publications: Many technical papers in fields 

of Cereal Technology, Protein and Enzyme 


Army Service: 2nd. Lt., Sanitary Corps, A. 

E. F. (World War I). 

Awards: Thomas Burr Osborne Medal for 

contributions in field of Cereal Chemistry, 


Meyyiberships: Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Chi 

Sigma; Berkleley Country. 

Recerations: Golf, fishing, music. 

Bus. Address: Western Regional Research 

Laboratory, Albany, Calif. 

Home Address: 999 Spruce St., Berkeley, 


BLISS. Leslie Edgar. A.B., B.L.S. 
Librarian, Henry E. Huntington Library and 
Art Gallery. 

Born: Poland, Herkimer Co. (N.Y.), Mar. 26, 
1889; s. Alice Johnson (Stillman) and Jacob 
Henry Bliss. 

Education: Colgate Univ.; New York State 
Library Sch. (Albany, N.Y.). 
Degrees: A.B., Colgate U., 1911; B.L.S., N.Y. 
State Libr. Sch., 1913. 

Married: Alice Marion Burnett in Newark 
(N.J.), Feb. 26, 1914; ch. : Carey Stillman, 
Virginia Leland and Thayer Arnold. 
Prof. Record: Asst. in legislative reference, 
N. Y. State Libr., 1913-15; Asst., Henry E. 
Huntington Libr., San Marino (Calif.), 1915- 
20; Curator, 1920-25; Acting Librarian, 1925- 
26; Librarian since Sept., 1926. 
Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Libr. Inst., A.L. 
A., Calif. Library Assn.; Phi Beta Kappa, 
Phi Delta Theta; Asso. N.Y. Historical Soc. 
Clubs: Athenaeum (Pasadena, Calif.), Rox- 
burghe (San Francisco), Zamorano (Los An- 

Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Henry E. Huntington Library 
and Art Gallery, San Marino, Calif. 
Home Address: 2440 Ridgeway Rd., San Ma- 
rino, Calif. 

BLIZZARD. William, A.B., M.A. 
Publisher and Editor, Portola Reporter. 
Born: Ordway (Colo.), 1910; s. of Lulu 
(Hughes) and W.L. Blizzard. 
Education: Univ. of Kansas. 
Degrees: A.B., 1934, M.A., 1935. U. of 

Married: Marjorie, d. of Mary Ablee of 
Berkeley, in 1940. 

Business Record: Purchased Portola Reporter, 
1939 and has been Editor and Publisher since. 
Directorships: Pres., Interstate Pub. Co. 
(Nev. Corpn.). 

Memberships: Rotary, 20-30; Sigma Delta 

Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Bus. and Home Address: PoTtola, Calif. * 

BLOCK, Professor Felix. Ph.D., F.A.P.S. 
Professor of Physics, Stanford Univ. 
Born: Zurich (Switzerland), Oct. 23, 1905; 
s. of Agnes (Mayer) and Gustav Bloch. 

Education Zurich Elem. Sch.; State High 
School; Federal Institute of Tech., Univ. of 

Degrees: Ph.D., 1928, Leipzig; Fellow, Amer- 
ical Physical Society. 

Married: Lore C, d. of Prof. Georg Misch, 
at Las Vegas (Nev.), Mar. 14, 1940; ch.: 
George Jacob and Daniel Arthur. 
Prof. Record: Fellow, Lorentz Fund (Hol- 
land) 1930; Fellow, Orsted, Fund (Copen- 
hagen), 1932; Privatdozent for Mathematical 
Physics, Leipzig, 1932-33; Fellow, Interna- 
tional Edn. Board, 1933-34; Acting Asso. 
Prof, of Physics, 1934, and Prof, of Physics, 
Stanford U., since 1936. 

Ptiblications: Zeitschrift Fur Physik, Physika- 
lische Zeitscrift, Handhiich der Radiologic, 
1927-33; "Nature, Physica" Physical Review, 

Memberships: Schweiz Naturforschende Ges- 
ellschaft; Sigma Xi. 
Religion: Hebrew. 
Recreations: Music, sports. 
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif. 
Home Address: 4 Perry Ave., Menlo Park, 

BLOCH. Louis. 

Chairman of the Board, Crown Zellerbach 


Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 9, 1875; 

s. of Seline (Kahn) and Isaac F. Bloch. 

Education: High school (San Francisco), 

1893; Univ. of Calif., 1893-94. 

Married: Amelia Davis on Mar. 31, 1901; 

ch.: Mrs. Frank L. Jeddis, and Mrs. John 

D. Campbell. 

Bus. Record: Began as employee in paper bag 

factory, 1894; Manager, Crown Columbia 

Paper Co., 1911-14; Vice-Pres., and Gen. 
Mgr , Crown Williamette Paper Co., 1914-24, 
Pres 1924-35; Managing Dir., Pacific Mills 
Limited, 1914-20; Chairman, Board of Crown 
Zellerbach Corp., and Dir. and Member 
Exec Com., 1928—. Chairman, Board, Paci- 
fic Mills Ltd., 1920—. Pres. and Dir., Sansac 
Securitv Co.; Chairman of Board and Dir., 
Western Waxed Paper Co.; Vice-Pres. and 
Dir., Pioneer Rubber Mills; Dir. and Mem. 
Exec. Com., Bank of Calif., N.A.: Pres. and 
Dir., Western Trans Co.; Dir., Pacific Coast 
supply Co.; Vice-Pres. and Dir., Amer. In- 
vestment & Realty Co.; Dir., Nat. Paper 
Products Sales Co.; Pres. and Dir., Calif. 
Montgomery Co.; Pres. and Dir., Western 
Bag & Paper Co.; Pres. and Dir., Santiam 
Power Co., Dir., Fibreboard Prod. Co.; 
Former Vice-Pres., San Francisco Chamber 
ot Commerce; Dir., Mount Zion Hosp. 

Memberships: English Speaking Union, Con- 
cordia- Argonaut; Commercial, Beresford 
Country, Menlo Circus, and Stock Exchange 
Lunch clubs; Fidelity Lodge, F.&A. Masons 
(32°); Islam Temple, A&A On M Shrine. 
Bus. Address: 343 Sansome St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 20 Cherry St., San Francisco, 
Calif. (Country) Atherton, Calif. * 



BLOCHMAN, Lazar E., A.B., M.A. 


Burti: San Francisco (Calif.), Nov., 1856. 

Education: San Francisco Boys High Sch. and 

Univ. of California. 

Degrees: A.M., l'J17, M.A., about 1920, Univ. 

of California. 

Married: Ida M., d. of F. M. Tvvltchell 

(Iowa), of Santa Maria (demised); ch.: 

one son. 

Bus. Record: General merchandise business In 

Santa Maria (Calif.), but retired 30 years 

ago to live In Berkeley; was interested in 

educational matters In his 27 years In Santa 

Maria: made weather forecasting his hobby 

since he was a youth; his daily weather and 

temperature records for Calif, date back Into 

th' last century. 

Memberships: Berkeley Social Club. 

Religion: Liberal, inclined to Unitarianlsm 

and Theosophical Philosophy. 

Politics: Republican. 

Home Address: 2826 College Ave., Berkeley, 


BLOCK, Ralph Joseph. A.B. 
Writer (Motion Picture), Author. 
Born: Cherokee (Iowa), June 21, 1889; s. 
of Doris (Chraplevvska) and Sigfried Block. 
Education: Univ. of Mich. 
Degrees: A.B., U. of Mich., 1911. 
Married: Mary, d. of Mr. and Mrs. I. T. 
Greenacre, in Chicago (111).; ch.: Beulah 
(decV Bridget (6). 

Prof. Record: Successively Reporter, Courier- 
Journal (Louisville), News (Detroit); and 
Dramatic Editor, Star (Kansas City), until 
1917; Evening Sun (N.Y.); then Dramatic 
Editor Tribune (N.Y.), 1917-18; Washington 
staff. New Republic, 1918; Washington Cor- 
respondent, Tribune (N.Y.), 1918-19; Adv. 
Dir., then Asso. Editor, (Joldwyn Picture 
Corpn., 1919-22; Paramount-Famous Players- 
Lasky Corp., 1922-27, Edtor-in-chief, 1926-27; 
Asso. Producer, Pathe-deMille. 1927-28; Asso. 
Producer, Fox Film Corpn., 1929; later screen 
writer for Metro, R.K.O., Warners, United 
Artists, Universal, and others; Contributer to 
nat. publications; Past Pres., Screen Writers' 
Guild of the Authors' League of Amer. 
Directorships: First Vice-Pres., Motion Pic- 
ture Relief Fund, Inc. 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; Michigamua 
(Ann Arbor); Coffee House (N.Y.). 
Home Address: 707 No. Alpine Dr., Beverly 
Hills, Calif., and Westport, Conn. 

BLODGET, Lewis William. LL.B. 
City Attorney, Santa Ana, Calif. 
Born: Bakersfield (Calif.), Nov. 27, 1893; 
s. of Carra Myrtle (Belnap) and Spencer 
Langdon Blodget. 

Education: Public schools, Huntington Beach 
(Calif.); Univ. of So. Calif., 1915. 
Degeres: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1915. 
Married: May M., d. of Margaret (Mahoney) 
and David Ball, in San Diego (Calif.), Sept. 
3, 1919; ch. : June Eileen and Rosemary 

Prof. Record: Commenced practice of law at 
Huntington Beach (Calif.), 1915; City Attor- 
ney, Huntington Beach, 1919-26, 1928-32; 
Asst. Dist. Attorney, Orange Co., 1927-30; 
engaged in general practice of law, Mem., 
Blodget and Tobias, and City Attorney of 
Santa Ana, 1935 — . 

Army Hr.rvicc: Ist \A., J.lth Inf., 8lh iJiv., 

Regular Army, 1917-19. 

Memberships : Amor. Bar Assn., State Bar of 

Calif., Orange Co. Bar Assn.; Delta Chi 

Fraternity; F. & A.M., B.P.O.E., Amer. 


Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: First National Bank Bldg., 

Santa Ana, Calif. 

Home Address: 2339 Oakmont, Santa Ana, 


3LOIS, Mardsen Scott, B.S. 

Vice-President and Mgr., Bank of America 
N. T. &S. A. 

Born: Hants County (Nova Scotia), July, 
1891; s. of E. E. (Scott) and R. C. Blols. 
Education: Univ. of Calif. 
Degree: B.S., U. of Calif., 1914. 
Married: Alma Melker, Alameda, (Calif.), 
1924; ch.: Marsden S., Jr., Stanley and 

Bus. Record: State Banking Dept., 1915-17; 
U. S. Army, 1917-18; Bank of America N. 
T. & S. A., 1919—. 

Directorship: Vice-President, Bank of Amer- 
ica N. T. & S. A. 

Air Service: 2nd Lt., Signal Corps, 1917-18. 
Memberships: Pi Kappa Alpha; F.& A.M. of 
Calif. : Calif. (3olf, Bohemian, S. F. Commer- 
cial, and Commonwealth clubs. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics : Republican. 
Recreations: Goli and hunting. 
Bus. Address: 485 California St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 970 Laurel Ave., San Mateo 
Calif. • 

BLOOMFIELD, Professor Arthur 
Leonard, A.B.. M.D. 
Professor of Medicine, Stanford University. 
Born: Baltimore (Md.), May 30, 1888; s. of 
Rose and Maurice Bloomfield. 
Education: Johns Hopkins Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., 1907, M.D., 1911, Johns Hop- 
kins U. 

Married: Julia Mayer; ch. : Julia, Anne and 

Prof. Record: Asso. Prof, of Med. at Johns 
Hopkins U., 1924-26; Pro. of Med. at Stan- 
ford U., 1926—. 

Publications: Various medical and scientific 

Business Address: Stanford Hospital, San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 245 Locust St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

PLOY, The Very Reverend Francis Eric, 

A.B., B.D. 

Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral. 
Born: Birchington (Eng.), Dec. 17, 1904; s. 
of Alice (Poynter) and Rev. Francis Jo- 
seph Field Bloy. 

Education: Univ. of Missouri; (Jeorgetowai 
Univ. ; Virginia Theological Seminary. 
Degrees: A.B., U. of Mo.; B.D., Va. Theol. 

Married: Frances Forbes, d. of Gilbert (3ox, 
Ale.xandria (Va.), 1929. 

£8 9] 


Prof. Record: Rector of All Saints Church, 
Reistertown (Md.), 1929-33; Asso. Rector and 
Rector St. James - By - The - Sea, La Jolla 
(Calif.), 1933-35-37; Dean of St. Paul's Ca- 
thedral, Los Angeles( Calif.), 1937—. 
Directorships: Hospital of Good Samaritan, 
Church Extension Society (Los Angeles) ; 
Episcopal City Mission (Diocese of Los An- 

Memberships: Jonathan Club; Sigma Phi 
Sigma: (Grand Chaplain), Order De Molay, 
Ionic Lodge 145, A.F.& A.M., Signet Chapter 
Royal Arch (L.A.), Knight Templar Com- 
mandry No. 9 (L.A.). 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Fishing and badminton. 
Bus. Address: 615 So. Figueroa St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 732 So. Burlington, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BLYTHE. Stuart Oakes. A.B. 

Writer and Editor. 

Born: Rochester (N.Y.), March 5, 1890; s. of 
Carolvn Hamilton (Oakes) and Samuel G. 

Education: Public schools, Washington 
(D.C.); Dartmouth College; Iowa State Col- 
lege; Univ. of Wis. 
Degrees: A.B., U. of Wis., 1912. 
Married: Gertrude, d. of Mr. and Mrs. War- 
rick R. Edwards, in Baltimore (Md.), Oct. 
9, 1920; ch.: Kathleen Hamilton and Isabel 
Wilson (twins), Samuel G. II. 
Bus. Record: Reporter, Oregon Journal (Port- 
land), 1913-17; Associate Editor, Country 
Gentleman. 1919-28, Washington Representa- 
tive same, 1924-28; Asso. editor, Ladies' 
Home Journal. 1928-35; with Farm Journal. 
Inc., 1935-36; Associate Editor, California 
Magazine of the Pacific (S.F.), 1936-39; Asst. 
Dir., America; Cavalcade of a Nation (Golden 
Gate Internal. Exp., 1940. Mem., News Staff. 
U. S. Committee on Public Information, 1917- 
18; with Emergency Fleet Corpn., 1918-19. 
Memberships: Family, Commonwealth (San 
Francisco), National Press (Wash.) clubs; 
Theta Delta Chi and Sigma Delta Chi. 
R eligion : Episcopal . 

Home Address: 8 Mosswood Rd. Berkeley, 

BOARDMAN, (Mrs.) Queen Walker. 

Clubwoman, Patron of the Arts. 
Born: Morganfield (Ky.), 1881; d. of Amanda 
(Taylor) and James Marion Walker. 
Education: Educated by governess and at 
private school. 

Married: George Thomas, s. of Richard 
Boardman, New Albany (Ind.), 1909. 
Directorships: Pres., L. A. Branch of Nat'l 
Plant, Flower, and Fruit Guild, 1930-33, 
1935-38; Vlce-Pres., Nat'l Plant, Flower and 
Fruit Guild of N. Y. City, 1930-40; Dir.. The 
Writer's, Inc., 1935-36; The Euterpe Opera 
Reading Club, 1931; The Women's Breakfast 
Club, Inc., 1928-30; one of the Orgn., Dir., 
The Women's Auxiliary L. A. Chamber of 
Com.; The Crippled Children's Guild of Or- 
thopaedic Hosp., 1925-37; one of the Orgn. 
Dir., The Writer's Round Table. 
Memberships: Life Mem., Woman's Ath- 
letic Club; Club Casa Del Mar (Santa Mon- 
ica); Philanthropy and Civics; Hollywood 
Chamber of Com.; Town & CJown (U.S.C); 

Calif. State Chamber of Com.; Mem., The 
Affiliates of U.C.L.A.; Nat'l Geographic Soc. 
(D.C.); Nat'l League of Amer. Pen Women 
(Wash., D.C.) ; Founder Mem., Pac. Geograph- 
ic; Mom.. Intl. Adventurers; Eng. Sneak- 
ing Union (Calif. Br.); Amer. Red Cross; 
L.A. Br., Founder Mem., Pan Amer. League; 
Mu.seum Patrons Assn. (L.A. Co. Museum) ; 
Friends of the Huntington Lib. and Art Gal- 
lery (.San Marino, Calif.); Amer. Fed. of 
Arts (Wash., D.C); Art Noon Club (L.A.); 
Museum of Modern Art (N.Y.City) ; L.A. Art 
Foundation; Calif Art Club; McDowell Club 
of Allied Arts; Hollywood Women's Club; 
Frl. Morn. Club; Asst. League; Pro Musica; 
Matinee Musical; Calif. Women of Golden 
West; Women's Com. of Symphony Assn.; 
Pro America; Amer. Women, Inc.; Women's 
Republican Club (Hollywood) ; Women's In- 
ternat'l Assn. Aeronautics (L.A.); Defense 
League of Amer.; Calif. Safety Council; So. 
Calif. Auto Club, 1916-41; Avocado Assn., 
1915-35; L.A. Turf Club, 1935-36; Drama 
League, 1926-30; Calif. Redwood League; 
Amer. Theatre Foundation; L.A. Opera Found- 
1926-28; Studio Club; L.A. League of Women 
Voters; Y.W.C.A.; Assoc. Mem., London Hist. 
Soc, 1923; As.soc. Mem., Amer. Women's 
Club (Paris); Council on Foreign Relations; 
Delegate to Women's Centennial Congress 
(N.Y.City), 1940; one of the signers of the 
"Declaration of Purpose" for women in the 
next 100 yrs. Hon. Mem., Sans Souci Club. 
Religion: Institute of Religious Science. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations World traveling, gardening. 
Bus. Address: 1326 No. Olive Dr., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 8481 De Longpre Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Other Addresses: Women's Athletic Club, 
833 So. Flower St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

BOARDMAN. True E., A.B. 

Writer (Radio and Screen), Actor. 
Born: Seattle (Wash.), Oct. 25, 1909; s. of 
Margaret (Shields) and William True Board- 

Education: Los Angeles City Coll.; Occidental 
Coll.; Univ., Calif. (Los Angeles). 
Degrees: A.B., 1934, U.C.L.A. 
Married: Thelma, d. of Edward L. Hubbard, 
Panama Canal Zone, ch.: Penelope True (5) 
and True-Anne (2). 

Prof. Record: Child Actor, stage and screen, 
1906-26; Actor, legitimate theater, 1926-31; 
New York productions Including, Song War 
and Cortez, etc.; Radio Actor, 1931-34, in- 
cludinc. Cathrine the Great, Hollywood Hotel. 
Peter the Great, etc.; Actor-writer, radio and 
screen. 1934-41, for Silver Theatre, Lux Ra- 
dio Theatre, Chase & Sanborn Hour, Wood- 
bury Playhouse, etc. 

Directorships: Mem., National Bd. of the 
American Fed. Radio Artists; Second Vice- 
Pres. of the Los Angeles Chapter A.F.R.A.; 
Mem., Executive Council of the Radio Writ- 
ers Guild (Western Region). 
Publications: Contributor to Intercollegiate 
Debate. 1933; Best Broadcast, 1938-39, Max 
Wylie (Whittleby House) ; Best Broadcast 
1939-40, Max Wylie (Whittleby House). 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Tennis. 

Bus. Address: 12206 Ventura Blvd., Studio 
City, Calif. 

Home Address: 4149 Muretta Ave., Van Nuys, 
Calif. • 



BODDY, E(lias) Manchester. 

Kditor anil rLihlishcr, Diilly News. 
Born: Lake Tapps (Washington), Nov. 1, 
1891; s. of Susan Dennis (Morgan) and Ben- 
jamin Boddy. 

Educated: Washington State CoUeRe, Pull- 
man (Wash.), 1911-12; Univ. of Montana. 

Married: Berenice Maud Klotz of Wlnnetka 
(111.), Jan. 1, 1918; ch.: Robert Manchester 
and Calvin Jay. 

Prof. Recordl: Ency. Britnnnica, 1916-18; 
Current History Mag. ; Mid-Week Pictorial; 
N. Y. Times; Mexican Year Book Pub. Co., 
1921-22; Times Mirror Press, 1922-2.3; Pub. 
and Editor, Signal, Huntington Park (Calif.); 
Illustrated Daily News (Los Angeles); Eve- 
nip ; Post Record (Los Angeles), Jan. 1, 1935; 
Consolidated Daily News and Evening News 
to form one 24-hour newspaper. Daily News, 
April 1, 1940. 

Directorships: Council on International Re- 
lations; Board of Si.xth Agricultural District, 
Los Angeles (serving at present). 
Publications: Japanese in America, 1921; 
Chief Brave Heart of the Woodside Tribe, 
1922; The Yellow Trail, 1922. 
Ar7ny Service: Lt. Inf. U.S.A., World War I, 
disabled in Argonne Forest, Oct. 8, 1918. 
Decorations: Order of the Purple Heart, Ver- 
dun Defense, Victory Medal. 
Memberships: California, Athletic, The Writ- 
ers, Army and Navy, Bankers, Flintridge 
Country and Flintridge Riding clubs; Ameri- 
can Society of Newspaper Editors; Phi Sigma 
Kappa; Sigma Delta Chi; Mason. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Farming, golf, fishing, horse- 
back riding, sheep raising. 
Bus. Address: 1257 So. Los Angeles St., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: Rancho del Descanso, La 
Canada, Calif. 

BODEN, The Reverend Reynold 
Blomerly, B.A. 

Minister of the Church of the Messiah. 
Born: Crewe (England), Dec. 3, 1893; s. of 
Mary (Blomerly) and Alfred Boden. 
Education: Cheshire County Secondary School, 
Manchester Univ., and Lancashire Indepen- 
dent College (Theology), (Eng.). 
Degrees: B.A., Manchester U., 1916. 
Married: Miriam, d. of Andrew Burns Chal- 
mers, Framingham (Mass.), Oct., 1933. 
Prof. Record: Minister, Burnage Church, Man- 
hester (Eng.), 1919-30; Secy., Youth Dept., 
Congregational Board (Eng.), 1921-28; Fea- 
ture Writer, London Christian World. 1921-28, 
Manchester City News, 1922-31, Manchester 
Evening News, 1924-31; came to U. S. in 

1929, on preaching tour under auspices of 
Committee on Interchange between Churches 
of U. S. and Great Britain, preached in 
leading pulpits of the East; resigned Eng- 
lish pulpit and came to the U. S. again in 

1930, on preaching tour; accepted temporary 
pastorate of the First Presbyterian Church, 
Buffalo (N.Y.), 1930; accepted call to Church 
of the Messiah (Los Angeles), in 1931, and 
has been there ever since; also. Lecturer in 
Dept. of Religion, U. of So. Calif., since 1936. 
War Service: With British Y.M.C.A. in World 
War I. 

Memberships: Twenty Club (Los Angeles). 
Religion: CongregatioinEil. 

Bus. Address: 2445 W. Washington Blvd., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 1537 So. St. Andrews PI.. 
Los Angeles, Calif. • 

BODKIN, Henry Grattan, B.S., J.D., 

Born: Olive (Calif.), 1886; s. of Marian 
(O'Brennan) and John J. Bodkin. 
Education: Grammar schools of Los Angeles 
city and county, high school and college at 
St Vincent's College (now Loyola Univ. at 
Los Angeles) ; Private Study of Law. 
Degrees: B.S., 1906, J.D., 1925, LLD, 1931, 
Loyola U. 

Married: Ruth M., d. of William J. V/allis, In 
Los Angeles (Califi., May 29, 1918; ch.: 
Henry Grattan Bodkin, Jr. 
Prof. Record: Admitted to practice in law 
in August, 1910. After practicing alone, in 
1915, became associated with W. J. Ford 
(now deceased); in 1917 became partner un- 
der firm name of Ford and Bodkin, which 
partnership continued until 1925. Now a 
mem. of the firm of Bodkin, Breslin & Lud- 
dy, composed of Henry G. Bodkin, George M. 
Breslin and Michael G. Luddy, which part- 
nership was formed in Nov., 1939; Vice-Pres., 
Board of Governors State Bar of Calif., 1928- 
32; Pres., Board of Police Commissioners 
City of Los Angeles, 1939-40. 
Memberships: Hollywood Athletic Club and 
affiliated clubs; Phi Alpha Delta: Native 
Sons of the Golden West; Knights of Colum- 
bus; American Bar As.sociation and Los An- 
geles Bar Association. 

Religioti: Roman Catholic. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Baseball and football fan 
Bus. Address: 453 So. Spring St., Los Ange- 
les, Calif. 

Home Address: 11132 Sunset Blvd., W. Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BOGARDUS, Darrell Joseph, B.S. 

stock Broker, with Bogardus, Frost & Ban- 

Born: Placerville (Cailf.), May 26, 1892; s. 
of Anne (Greene) and Edwin M. M. Bo- 

Education: Berkeley High School; Univ. of 

Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1915. 
Married: Muriel Alice, d. of Blanche (Grae- 
ter) and Charles E. Falk, at Sausalito 
(Calif.), Oct. 4, 1917; ch.: Darrel J., Jr. and 
Nancy Ann. 

Prof. Record: Bond Salesman, Blyth, Witter 
& Co., 1914-15, incl.; Bond Salesman, Bond 
& Goodwin, Inc., 1916-July, 1917; U. S. Ma- 
rine Corps, July, 1917-May, 1919; Bond & 
CJoodvvin, Inc., May, 1919-Feb.. 1920; (^n- 
eral Partner, Wm. Cavalier & Co. (members 
San Francisco Stock Exchange, Los Angeles 
Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange), 
March, 1920 to Sept. 5. 1940. General part- 
ner Bogardus, Frost & Banning, Feb. 1, 1941, 
to date; Mem., Board of (Governors, Calif. 
Group, Investment Bankers' Assn. of Calif., 
1935; Dir., Security Dealers' Assn. of Calif., 
1934; Mem., Los Angeles Stock Exchange, 
1935 to date; Chairman, Advisory Com., Pa- 
cific Coast Assn., New York Stock Exchange 
members, 1939-40. 



Navy Service: Officer, U. S. Marine Corps, 
rank of Capt., during World War I. 
Memberships: Plil Kappa Sigma Fraternity, 
Beta Gamma Sigma; Calif. Club of L. A., 
Wilshire Country, Westport Beach, Rotary of 
Los Angeles, and El Toro clubs. 

Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreatiosn: Golf, tennis, fishing, travel. 

Bits. Address: 629 So. Spring St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Hojne Address: 629 So. June St., Los Angeles, 

BOGARDUS, Professor Emory S.. A.B., 
M.A., Ph.D. 
Professor of Sociology, U. of So. Calif. 
Born: Belvedere (111.), Feb. 21, 1882; s. of 
Eliza M. (Stevenson) and Henry B. Bo- 
Education: Northvifestern Univ.; U. of Chicago. 

Degrees: A.B., 1908; M.A., 1909, Northwest- 
ern U.; Ph.D., 1911, U. of Cihcago. 
Married: Edith M,. d:. of Robert L. Pritch- 
ard, Geneseo (111.), Aug. 9, 1911; ch.: Ruth M. 

Prof. Record: Asst. Prof., Sociology, U. of 
So. Calif., 1913-15; Prof., Sociology, U. of 
So. Calif., 1915 — . Editor of Sociology and 
Social Research, 1916—. Mem., Board of 
Dir., Goodwill Industries So. Calif., 1919-39. 
Directorships: Mem. of Board Trustees, All 
Nations Foundations (Los Angeles), 1940 -. 
Publications: The Development of Social 
Thought; Leaders and Leadership; The Mexi- 
can in the United States; Social Life and 
Personality; Immigration and Race Attitude. 
Memberships: Phi Beta' Kappa. Delta Sigma 
Rho, Alpha Kappa Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. 
Recreations: Golf. 

Bus. Address: 3551 University Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 1651 Victoria Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 


Publicist, Writer. 

Secretary Riverside County Flood Control Ad- 
visory Board. 

Born: Drewersburg (Indiana), Oct. 23, 1883; 
s. of Josephine Frances (Duncan) and Henri 
Bogart, M.D. 

Education: Schools and colleges (Indiana and 
New York). 

Married: Lucy Parkman, d. of Flora A. 
(Newton) and Prof. George E. Burt; ch.: 
Robert Parkman. 

Prof. Record: Reporter and City Editor news- 
papers; past 20 years Writer and Public Re- 
lation Dir. in own office (Los Angeles and 
Riverside Co.); formerly Secretary and Pub- 
licity Dir., Cosmopolitan Film Co.; Secretary, 
National Naturopathic Assn.; Dir., Bogart 
Press Service. Founder and Dir., Bogart 
Bowl, and Cherry Blossom Festival of Amer. 
Former Mayor of Beaumont. Past-Pres., 
Beaumont Rotary Club and Chamber of 

Directorships: Vice-Pres., U. S. Highway 60 
Assn.; Publicity Dir., Cherry Harvest Festi- 
val; Secy. C. of C; Dir., Bogart Bowl; 
Mem., Democratic State Central Committee. 

Publications: Meditational, Truant Sketches; 
Mag. and other contributions over a period 
of 30 years. 
Metnberships: Masonic. 
Reilgion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Sociological and biological re- 

Bus. and Home Address: 545 Euclid Ave., 
Beaumont, Calif. 
Other Address: City Hall, Beaumont, Calif. 

BOGART, R. Parkman. 

Poet, Photographer. 

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), June 18. 1913; 
s. of Lucy Parkman (Burt) and Dr. Guy 

Education: Schools, Los Angeles and Beau- 
mont (Calif.); Riverside Jr. College; Po- 
mona College. 

Married: Edna Anne Schake, Durango (Colo.), 

Prof. Record: Studied photography under 
Sadakichi Hartmann and other noted artists. 
Poems published during past ten years in 
general magazines and papers, as well as 
college publications. 

Home Address: 545 Euclid Ave., Beaumont, 

BOGEN, Emil. A.B., M.A., M.D. 
Pathologist and Director of Laboratories and 
Research, Olive View Sanatorium. 
Born: New York City, Sept. 8, 1896; s. of 
Elizabeth (Scholtz) and Boris D. Bogen, Ph.D. 
Education: Cincinnati (Ohio) public and high 
sch.; Univ. of Cincinnati and U. of Cincin- 
nati Medical School. 

Degrees: A.B., 1919, M.A., 1927, U. of Cin- 
cinnati; M.D., 1923, U. of Cin. Med. Sch. 
Married: Jane Skillen, M.D., d. of Arthur 
Skillen, in Phoenix (Ariz.), April 10, 1933; 
ch.: Elizabeth and Ellen. 

Prof. Record: Resident Physician, Los Ange- 
les General Hospital, 1923-26, Cincinnati Gen- 
eral Hospital, 1927; Research Fellow, Harvard 
Med. Sch., 1928; Asso. Prof. Preventative 
Med., Cin. Med. Sch., 1928-29; Path- 
ologist, Olive View Sanatorium, 1929 — . Past 
Pres., Maimonides Club of Los Angeles; Past 
Pres., Trudeau Society (Tuberculosis Section 
of L.A. Co. Med. Assn.); Past Pres.; Path- 
ology Section, L. A. Co. Med. Assn.; Past 
Pres., Library Associates (Barlow Society) ; 
Past Pres., So. Calif. Branch Society of 
Amer. Bacteriologists; Secy., Calif. Trudeau 

Publications: What About Alcohol? (Angelus 
Press), 1934; Surgeon Errant (Angelus Press) 
1935; and about 100 contributions to Med. 
and Scientific Jours., 1922-40. 
Army Service: Pvt. to Corporal, A.E.F., 

Awards: Prize Essay Award, Calif. Med. 
Assn., 1926, 1927 and 1930; Alvarenga Prize, 
1927. Diplomate of National Board. 
Memberships: I.O.B.B.; Alpha Omega Alpha; 
S A.B.; S.E.B.& M.; D.N.B.; A.M. A.; CM. A.; 
L.A.M.A.; A.S.C.P.; A.P.H.A.; Amer. Tru- 
deau Society; Calif. Trudeau Society; Los 
Angeles Trudeau Society. 
Religion: Jewish. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Chess, walking, tennis, ping- 
Bus. and Home Address: Olive View, Calif.* 



BOGERT. Charles Mitchill, A.B., M.A. Curator, Drpt. of I Icrpctology, 
Amt'iiciin Must-urn of Natural History. 
Born: Mesa (Colo.). June '1, 1908; s. of 
Adeline Esther (Mitchill) and Henry Knee- 
land Bogert. 

Education: Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles). 
Degrees: A.B., 19.31, M.A., 193(5, U.C.L.A. 
Married: Martha Meredith, d. of Jcannete 
F. and Glen M. Ruby, in New York City, 
Feb. 19, 1937; ch.: Doreth Margaret and 
Patricia Heaton. 

Prof. Record: Teaching Assistant, Dept. of 
Zool.. U.C.L.A., 1934-36; Asst. Curator, Dept. 
of Herpetology, Amer. Mus. of Nat. Hist., 
1936 — . Asst. Curator (in charge), 1941 — . 
Directorships: Mem., Board of Governors, 
American Society of Icthyologists and Her- 

Publications: Numerous semi-technical and 
technical articles, as well as many popular 
scientific articles on Herpetology; has also 
reviewed many books on the same subject. 
Memberships: Zeta Psi (Social); Amer. Soc. 
of Icthyologists and Herpelologists, Academy 
of Science (N.Y.), Sigma Xi, Amer. Assn. 
for the Advancement of Science (all pro- 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Liberal Republican. 
Recreations: Travel, mountaineering, biolog- 
ical exploration. 

Bus. Address: Dept. of Herpetology, Ameri- 
can Museum of Natural History, New York 

Home Address: 60 W. Ivy Lane, Englewood 
(Bergen), N. J. and 1618 So. Gramercy PI., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

BOHNSTEDT, Gottfried W. 

President, Weber Egg Noodle Co., Los Ange- 
les, Calif. 

Born: Germany, March 14, 1888; s. of Martha 
(Weiss) and Wilhelm Bohnstedt. 
Education: U. of Breslau, (Germany). 
Married: Minnie, d. of J. H. Weber, at Santa 
Ana, Calif., 1912. 

Bus. Record: Founder of first egg noodle 
manufacturing concern in Los Angeles, the 
Weber Egg Noodle Co. 
Religion : Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Weber Egg Noodle Co., Los 
Angeles., Calif. 

Home Address: 6464 Odin St., Hollywood, 
Calif.; 4401 Ocean Dr., Manhattan Beach, 
Calif. • 

BOICELLI, Anthony E., A.B. 

Chairman, Veterans' Welfare Board, State 
of Calif. 

Born: Gilroy (Calif.), Jan. 1, 1892; s. of 
Catheime (Lavagnino) and Augustine Boicelli. 

Education: Santa Clara Co. Elementary Sch. 
in Gilroy, and Gilroy High Sch.; St. Mary's 
Coll., Oakland (Calif.). 

Degrees: A.B., St. Mary's Coll., 1913. 
Married: Jane, d. of late Col. Cosmos A. 
Glover. M.D., at San Francisco (Calif.), 
June 10, 1936. 

Bus. Record: Specializing in real estate, 
property management, and appraisal field, 
16 years; official appraiser, F.H.A., San 
Francisco, 3% years; also fee appraiser for 

building and loan as.sns. and banks: appointed 
to present position by Gov. Culbert L. Olson, 
Apr. 18, 1940. 

Army Service: Enlisted at .S.F., Sept. 21, 
1917, In 347th Field Artillery, 91st Dlv.; 
served over.scas In France and Belgium; with 
Army of Occupation In Germany from Nov. 
17, 1918, until Feb. 11, 1919; honorably dis- 
charged as Line Sergeant, April 26. 1919. 
Memberships: Olympic Club; Benevolent Pro- 
tective Order of Elks, Lodge No. 3 (S.F.); 
Mem. of Amer. Legion, Vet. of Foreign 
Wars, 40-&-8 Soc. 
Religion: Roman Catholic. 
Pontics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Traveling, outdoor sports. 
Bus. Address: Business and Professions Bldg., 
1020 N. St., Sacramento, Calif. 
Home Address: 3640 Fillmore St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif, and 333 Montgomery St., San 
Francisco, Calif. • 

BOLLER, Ardene Donovan, A.B. 

Judge of City Court, City of Arcadia. 
Born: Greene (Iowa), Mav 25, 1907; s. of 
Etheyl L. (Kellogg) and Emil F. Boiler. 
Degrees: A.B., Univ. So. Calif., 1929. 
Married: Florence E., d. of Wm. F. Galen- 
tine, at Santa Monica (Calif.), Sept. 2, 1930; 
ch.: Donovan Speer and Pamela Jeanette. 
Prof. Record: Examiner State Com.pensation 
Insurance Fund; Investigator, Retail Credit 
Co. ; General Practice of Law for past eight 
years; Judge of City Court of City of Ar- 
cadia for past five years. Former Dir., Ar- 
cadia Business Men's Assn.; Past Pres., 
Arcadia Rotary Club, and also Dir. 
Directorships: Secy., Bond's Dog Food Co.; 
Dir., Arcadia Chamber of Commerce. Ar- 
cadia Rotary Club; Arcadia Republican Club 

Memberships: Delta Phi Epsilon (foreign 
service fraternity), Phi Alpha Delta (legal 
fraternity), Skull and Scales (honorary). 
Knights of Pythias; Secretary, Arcadian Re- 
publican Club; Arcadia Rotary; Publicity 
Committee Member of Los Angeles Co. ; Re- 
publican Assembly. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Hunting, fishing, golf. 
Btis. Address: Arcadia Office Bldg., 6 No. 
First Ave., Arcadia, Calif. 
Home Address: 56 Floral Ave., Arcadia, Calif.* 

BOLLER, Florence Galentine. A.B., J.D. 


Born: Redondo Beach (Calif.), Dec. 25, 1906; 
d. of Florence Rose Hyde (Speer) and Wil- 
liam Allen Galentine. 
Education: Univ. of So. Calif. 
Degrees: A.B., (.cum laude), 1928, J.D., 1931, 
U. of So. Calif. 

Married: Judge Ardene D., s. of Ethyle Leone 
(Kellogg) and Emil Frederick Boiler, at 
Greene (Iowa), May 25, 1907; ch.: Donovan 
Speer (b. Aug. 31, 1936), Pamela Jeanette 
(b. Aug. 21, 1940). 

Prof. Record: Asst. Librarian, U.S.C. Law 
Library, 1930-31; own law office in Chester 
Williams Bldg., 5th and Broadway (Los 
Angeles), 1932-33; office at 6108 Mesa Ave. 
(Los Angeles), 1934; moved to Arcadia, 1935, 
where office is in name of Boiler & Boiler 
(husband and wife). (Husband is Judge of 
City Court of Arcadia and is in general 
practice). Attorney Florence Boiler special- 



izes in probate and wills and uses office for 
consultations; on staff of So. Calif. Law 
Review. 1929-31. 

Memberships: Delta Zeta (national social so- 
rority), Phi Delta Delta (legal sorority). 
Amazons (women's honorary), Mortar Board 
(senior women's honorary). Alpha Phi Epsl- 
lon (honorary forensic fraternity) ; National 
College Quill" (writer's honorary). 
Religion: Protestant (Congregational church). 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Hiking, reading, horseback rid- 

Bus. Address: 102 Arcadia Office Bldg., 6 
No. First Ave., Arcadia, Calif. 
Home Address: 56 Floral Ave., Arcadia, 
Calif. • 

BOLM, Adolph. 

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher. 
Prof. Record: Organized the first European 
tour with Pavlova as Ballerina for the first 
time to be seen outside of Russia; this tour 
brought honors as well as success to the Im- 
perial dancers. Was decorated by King of 
Sweden with medal for high artistic distinc- 
tion (the Artibus Litteras). Invited by Diag- 
hilev to join the Ballet Russe to open in 
Paris; with this ballet he appeared in many 
European countries; was a first danseur, 
choreographer and ballet master; prepared 
the repertoire of the Diaghilev Ballet for 
the first appearance of the company In the 
United States; remained in the U. S. and 
created many new ballets; many of his pu- 
pils appeared in his own Adolph Bolm Ballet; 
with the Diaghilev Ballet Russe he was pre- 
mier danseur and ballet master in many cit- 
ies in Europe. Metropolitan Opera Co. (N.Y.) 
was engaged for the production of Rimsky- 
Korsakoff's Opera-Pantomine Coq d'or and 
Petroushka, by Stravinsky; Adolph Bolm 
Ballet in many transcontinental tours with 
George Barrere's Little Symphony, introduc- 
ing ballet in motion picture houses in New 
York and creation a spectacular Am. Ballet 
for the Ziegfield and Dillingham Show at the 
Century Theater; Chicago Grand Opera, pro- 
duced and danced in the ballet Birthday of 
the Infanta by John Alden Carpenter in Chi- 
cago and New York; created the first Jazz- 
ballet when he staged the John Alden Car- 
penter-George Herriman Krazy Kat, dancing 
the title role; re-engaged as Ballet Master 
and Premier Danseur by the Chiacago Civic 
Opera Co.; established the Adolph Bolm 
School of the Dance in Chicago; established 
the First American Modern Ballet in collab- 
oration with John Alden Carpenter; compos- 
er and Nicolai Remisoff, artist, called the Chi- 
cago Allied Arts, Inc., sponsored by Mr. and 
Mrs. McCormick and many other notables; 
Chicago Allied Arts under Bolm's choreo- 
graphic direction produced many modern bal- 
lets and some to music already written; 
Bolm invited to stage the first ballet for 
the Music Festival in the Library of Congress 
in Washington, sponsored by Elizabeth Spra- 
gue Coolidge; created the World premiere 
of Stravinsky's "Apollo Musagetes" ballet; 
staged Coq D'Or, Petroushka and several 
other ballets, at the Colon Theater in Buenos 
Aires in honor of the Prince of Wales. Call- 
ed to Hollywood for production of ballets in 
the John Barrymore picture Mad Genius; 
stayed in Calif, and created for the Holly- 
wood Bowl the modern ballet to music by 
A. Mossolov, The Mechanical Ballet and 
many others; in 1933, for the San Francisco 
Opera Co. he created a new version of Coq 

D'Or, set and costumes by Nicolai Remisoff; 
established an endowed Ballet School (spon- 
sored by the Opera Assn.) and gave many 
performances with a professional ballet com- 
pany for four years, creating the famous 
Bach Cycle which he also presented at the 
Hollj'^vood Bowl, inaugurating the use of the 
Symphony Shell for the ballets, for the Bowl 
Opera Season produced Rimsky-Korsakoff's 
Shenerazade and staged spectacular and col- 
orful ballets for the Operas Carmen and 
Barterfd Bride. In 1938 he inaugurated the 
Santa Barbara out of door Bowl with a 
Chinese Legend The Rivals music by Henry 
Eichheim, American composer, with a large 
orchestra from the Los Angeles Symphony; 
in 1939 created for the Hollywood Bowl a 
new choreography for the ballet in Prince 
Igor Opera which was presented here for the 
first time. Invited to New York as ballet- 
master of the new Ballet Theatre, created 
the first ballet version of Serge Prokoiierf's 
Peter and the Wolf at the Rockefeller Center 
Theatre, there he staged the Mechanical Bal- 
let and also appeared in Fokine Schuman's 
Carnaval. In 1940 at the Hollywood Bowl, 
gave a magnificent ballet, Stravinsky's Fire- 
bird, 'conducted by the composer. 1941, pro- 
duced the ballets for the Ratoff picture This 
Night Belongs to Us with Loretta Young. 
Business Address: 5610 Hollywood Blvd., Hol- 
lywood, Calif. 

Home Address: 2061 No. Sycamore Ave., Hol- 
lywood, Calif. 

BOLTON, Professor Herbert Eugene, 

B.L., Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D., L.H.D., 

Historian, Exporer, Educator. 
Sather Professor of History, Univ. of Calif. 
Born: Wilton (Wis.), July 20, 1870; s. of 
Rosaline (Cady) and Edwin Latham 'Bolton. 
Education: Univ. of Wis. and Univ. of Pa. 
Degrees: B.L., U. of Wis., 1895; post-grad, 
in History, 1896-97; Harrison Fellow in His- 
tory, 1897-99; Ph.D., U. of Pa., 1899; LL.D., 
St. Mary's Coll. and Catholic U. of Amer., 
1929; Litt.D., U. of San Francisco, 1930; 
LL.D., U. of Toranto, 1932; L.H.D., Mar- 
quette U., 1937; LL.D., U. of N. Mex., 1937; 
Litt.D., U. of Pa., 1940. 

Married: Gertrude Janes, of Tunnel City 
(Wis.), Aug. 20, 1895. 

Prof. Record: Instr. History, 1901-05, Adj. 
Prof., 1905-08, Asso. Prof., 1908-09, U. of 
Tex.; Prof. Am. History, Stanford, 1909-11; 
Prof, same, 1911-31, Sather Prof, of Hist., 
1931— and Chmn. of Dept. Hist., 1919-40, U. 
of Calif., Faculty Research Lecturer, 1917; 
Dir. Bancroft Lobrary, 1916-40; Investigator, 
Mexican Archives, summers, 1902-06; Inves- 
tigatory of History, Native Tribes (Tex.) for 
U. S. Bur. Ethnology, 1906-12; on Commn. 
for Carnegie Instn. to prepare report on His- 
tory Marterials in Mexican Archives, 1907- 
11; research in Mex. Archives many summers 
since 1911; Lecturer, Lowell Inst. (Boston), 
Dec. 1920 to Jan. 1921; traveling Fellow in 
Europe for Native Sons of Golden West and 
Del Amo Foundation, summer, 1931; Hon. 
Prof. History, Universidad de Santiago (Chi- 
le), 1939 — ; has traveled widely in Latin 
Am. and Europe; attended Lima Conference, 
1938; delegate to Third Assembly, Pan Am. 
Inst, of Geography and History, Lima, Peru, 
April, 1941. Bernard Moses, Lecturer, U. of 
Calif., 1941. 

Directorships: Dir., Bancroft Library, 1916- 
40; Advisory Edit., Hispanic Amer. Hist. 
Rev., 1917—. 



Publications: Guide to Materials for United 
States History in the Archives of Mexico, 
1913; Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Cen- 
tury, 1915; Colonization of North America 
(with Thomas M. Marhsull), 19120; The Span- 
ish Borderlands, 19121; The Debatable Land 
(with M. Ross), 192r); Palnu and His Writ- 
ings, 1926; A Pacific Coast Pioneer, 1927; 
The History of the Americas — A Syllabus, 
1928; Anza's California Expeditions (1774- 
75), 5 vols., 1930; Outpost of Empire, 1931; 
The Padre on Horseback, 1932; Rim of Chria- 
tendojn. 1936; Cross. Sivord. and Gold Pan, 
1936; Drake's Plate of Brass, 1937; Wider 
Horizons of American History, 1939; El In- 
causable Jinete (Mexico, 1940) ; Editor, Ath- 
anase De Mezieres, 1914; Spanish Exploration 
in the Sotithwest (1542-1710), 1915; Kino'a 
Merioirs. 2 vols., 1919; Spain's Title to 
Georgia, 1925; Palou's Noticias de la Nueva 
California, 4 vols., 1926; Crespi's Pacific 
Coast Diaries, 1927; co-editor. The Pacific 
Ocean in History, 1916; Southwestern His- 
torical Quarterly; Advisory Editor, Hispanic 
American Hist. Rev., 1917- — ; Writer of nu- 
merous monographs on history of the West 
and Spanish America ; contrbr. of Texas ar- 
ticles to Handbook of American Indiana, 

Awards: Gold Medal, Calif. Commonwealth 
Club for Outpost of Empire, 1931, and Rim of 
Christendom, 1936; Comendador de la Real 
Orden de Isabel la Catolica, by King of 
Spain, 1925; Comendatore dell' Ordine della 
Corona d'ltalla; Orden de Cristobal Colon. 
Memberships: Hist. Manuscripts Commn. of 
Amer. Hist. Assn., 1914-16, Bibliography 
Com., 1916-17, Exec. Council, 1917; Calif 
Hist. Survey Commn., 1915-24; Natl. Advis- 
ory Bd., H.A.B.S., 1933—; Advisory Bd. 
Natl. Parks Service, 1934 — ; Natl. Com., 
Fraklin D. Roosevelt Library, 1938 — ; Amer. 
Hist. Assn. (1st Vice Pres., 1931, Pres. 1932) ; 
Southwest Soc. Archaeol. Inst, of Amer.; His- 
panic Soc. Amer., Amer. Philos. Soc, Philos. 
Soc. of Texas; Fellow Tex. Hist. Assn.; Fel- 
low Amer. Geog. Soc. ; Academia Real de la 
Historia, 1928 — , Sociedad Cientifica Antonio 
Alzate (Mexico), Sociedad Mexicana de (Jeo- 
rgfia y Estadistica, Sociedad Chihuanhuense 
de Estudios Historicos, Amer. Antiq. Soc; 
Phi Beta Kappa, Theta Delta Chi; Pac Coast 
Br. Amer. Hist. Assn. (Pres. 1915-16) ; Hon. 
Mem., New Mexico Hist. Soc; Research Asso., 
Museum of Anthropology, Santa Fe. 
Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley, 

BOMBERGER, Paul Spayd. 


Born: Palmyra (Pa.), June 10, 1891; s. of 
Alice (Spayd) and John S. Bomberger. 
Married: Dorothy, d. of W. H. Pieper, Dav- 
enport (Iowa), June 28, 1911; ch.: five now 

Business Record: Grain and bean merchant, 
1915-22; realtor since 1923. Served as 
Chairman of the Uniform Commns. Com. of 
Real Estate Assn. 12 yrs., Chmn., Com. Rates, 
Rules and Customs of Natl. Assn. of Real 
Estate Bd. 1939-40; Mem. of Governing Coun- 
cil of Soc. of Industrial Realtors of U. S. 
Directorships: Pres., Calif. Real Estate Assn. 
for 1941; Industrial Co., Modesto Cham, of 

Memberships: Past Pres., Exchange Club. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: (3olf and fishing. 

Bus. Address: 942 Eleventh St., Modesto, 


Home Address: 129 Elmwoo<I, Modesto, Calif. 

BOND, Lee. 


Born: Tahlequah (Indian Territory, now 
Okla.), Jan. 18, 1901; s. of Margaret (Mc- 
Gee) and Henry C. Bond. 
Education: Public schools, Pawhuska (Okla.). 
Married: Laura (Greenough), d. of Jessie 
(Hart) and Web Woodfill, at Sapulpa (Okla.), 
Aug. 2z, 1929; ch.: Mary Josephine. 
Prof. Record: Western story writer since 
1929; .sold over seven million words of wes- 
tern fiction, consisting of magazine novels, 
novelettes, and short stories to nationally 
circulated mags, in U. S. and Britain; crea- 
tor of several fictional characters published 
as continuing series, the best known of which 
is The Oklahoma Kid; work included anthol- 
ogy of 50 western stories published in 1937 
by Odhams Press Ltd. of Great Britain; 
book novels now in preparation. 
Publications: Since 1929 has appeared In 
weekly and monthly magazines of Munsey 
Publications, Street and Smith Publications, 
Dell Pub. Co., Thrilling Publications, Ace 
Magazines, Double Action, Popular Publica- 
tions; Anthology of Western stories, publish- 
ed by Odhams Ltd., Great Britain, 1937. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Hunting and fishing. 
Home Address Doloress and Santa Margari- 
ta Sts., San Clemente, Calif. 

BONELLI. William George. A.B., M.A., 

Present Member, Board of Equalization, 4th 

Born: Kingman (Ariz.), Nov. 9, 1895; s. of 
Effie Ellen (Tarr) and George A. Bonelli. 
Eudcation: Univ. of So. Calif.; Occidental 
College; Southwestern Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., U.S.C, 1916; M.A., Occiden- 
tal, 1923; J.D., Southwestern, 1924. 
Married: Marv B., d. of Francis Marion Par- 
ish, Carmi (111.); ch. : Wm. G., Jr., (17), 
Benj. P. 16), and Rebt. M. (12). 
Prof. Record: Attorney at Law, 1925 — . Prof. 
Political Sci., Occidental Coll., 1922-29; Pres.. 
Los Angeles City Council, 1927-29; Nominat- 
ed for Mavor (City of Los Angeles), 1929; 
Mem. Calif. State Legislature, 1931-33; Dir., 
Dept. of Prof, and Vocational Standards 
(Calif.), 1934-38; Mem. Bd. of Equalization 
(Calif), 1938 — . Candidate for District At- 
tory (Last Aug. 27th Primaries), Los An- 
geles County, 1940. 

Directorships: Various corpns. in connection 
with law practice. 

Publications: Numerous mag. articles while 
Political Sci. Prof., Occidental Coll.; editor- 
ials and articles concerning State Government 
and position held in public office. 
Army Service: Aviation Sec. U. S. Army. 
1918-19; Reserve Military Aviator until 1934. 
Memberships: Sons of Amer. Revolution; 
Masons, Al Malaikah Shrine: Elks, Eagles, 
Aviators Post- Amer. Legion ; Phi Beta Kap- 
pa, Delta Sigma Rho and Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon; numerous civic organizations. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republioan. 



Recreations: Owning and operating two large 
cattle ranches belonging to pioneering an- 

Bus. Address: 1031 So. Broadway, Board of 
Equalization. Los Angeles, Calif. 
Honie Address: Route 1. Box 4, Saugus, Calif. 

BONESTELL. Chesley. 

Designer, Artist. 

Boryi: San Francisco (Calif.), Jan. 1, 1888; 
s. of Jovita (Ferrer) and C. K. Bonestell. 
Education: Columbia Univ. (N. Y. C), 1911. 
Married: Mary Adella, d. of O. H. Hilton 
(U.S.N. ), Berkeley Calif.), Nov. 12, 1911; 
ch.: Jane Loveland. 

Prof. Record: Designer for Willis Polk, San 
Francisco, 1911-17; painting in New York, 
1918-22; Designer for Cass Gilbert (N. Y.), 
1922-23; in London on Illustrated London 
News as Special Artist, 1923-27; executed 
various commns. in N. Y. C, including one 
for Mrs. E. F. Hutton, from 1923-32; work- 
ed on various projects in S. F., including, 
the Opera House, Veterans Bldg., Ctolden 
Gate Internat. Exp., etc., from 1933-37; since 
1937, has been engaged in the Special Effects 
Dept. of RKO Motion Picture Studios. 
Memberships: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Chelsea 
Arts Club (London, Eng.). 
Religion: Christian. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Travelling and astronomy. 
Home Address: 1245 No. Vine St., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

BONHAM. Cecil Capron. 


Born: Woodston (Kan.), Jan. 23, 1889; d. 
of Janette May (Lee) and Charles Capron 

Education: Various schools, because of trav- 
elling parents. 

Married: Alfred Blackman, s. of Byron Alta- 
mont Bonham, Los Angeles (Calif.), 1908; 
ch.: Donald Lee and Cecil Francis (sons). 
Directorships: Chaparral Poets of Calif. 
Publications: Illumination Poems and various 
poems and prose. 
Religion: Christian Scientist. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Singing. 

Home Address: 1219 Orange Grove Ave., 
Glendale, Calif. * 

BONNER, The Reverend Arthur, A.B., 
S.T.B., M.A., Ph.D. 
Clergyman, Educator (retired). 
Born: Nr. Leicester (Eng.), Nov. 29, 1869; s. 
of Anne (Hallam) and William Bonner. 
Education: Public Schools, Warren (Mass.); 
Wesleyan Acad., Wilbraham (Mass.); Boston 

Degrees: A.B., S.T.B., 1908; M.A., 1909, Ph. 
D., 1911, Boston U. 

Married: Josephine Chapman, d. of Sophia 
and William Austin Whitaker, Chicopee 
(Mass.), Aug. 9, 1892; ch.: Rev. Warren A. 
(Fresno, Calif.); Prof. Willard Hallam, 
Ph.D. Buffalo, N.Y.). 

Prof. Record: Methodist Pastorates (Mass.), 
until 1912; Prof. English and Pub. Speaking, 
Southern Univ. (Greensboro, Ala.), 1912-15; 
Pres., Scarritt-Morrisville Coll. (Morrisville, 
Mo ), 1915-16; Prof., Biblical Literature and 

Asso. Prof, of English, U. of Ala., 1916-18; 
Prof, of Philosophv. Coll. of Pacific, 1918-20; 
Prof, of English. 1920-33: in Methodist Pas- 
torate after 1933; Chmn., Bd. of Edn., Pacific 
Conf. Methodist Episc. Ch. So., 1920-23; Dir. 
and Joint Organizer of Coll. of Pac. Summer 
Sch. Abroad, 1927-32. 

Publications: The Search Eternal (poem); 
other occasional poems, all published private- 
ly; magazine articles. 

Memberships: Mem. Amer. Philological Assn., 
Shakespeare Assn. of Amer.; Mason, Klwanian. 
Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Independent. 
Recreations: Literature and gardening. 
Home Address: 156 California St., Santa 
Cruz, Calif. 

BONNER, Charles William, A.B. 

Born: Brooklyn (N. Y.), Oct. 14, 1896; ■. 
of Margaret (Robinson) and Charles William 

Education: Williams College. 
Degrees: A.B., Williams Coll., 1918. 
Married: Priscilla, d. of Dr. Charles Gil- 
more Kerley. Elkton (Md.), April 12, 1927; 
ch.: Michael, Charles William III and Sha- 

Business Record: Newspaper reporter, N. Y. 
Sun, Republican (Springfield, Mass.) Detroit 
Joural, 1919-20; Foreign Press Service in 
Spain, 1920-21; Riis and Bonner Publicity 
Agency, 1922-35 (N. Y.). 

Publications: Novels: The Fanatics, 1932; 
Bull by the Horns, 1937; Legacy, 1940; Non- 
fiction: Publicity (with Roger William Riis), 
1926; Screenplay: Adam Had Four Sons, 1941; 
also numerous short stories. 
Army Service: 2nd. Lt. of Inf., U. S. Natl. 
Army, 1917-18; small arms firing instr. ; ex- 
pert rifleman. 

Memberships: Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Tennis. 

Home Address: 13827 Sunset Blvd., Pacific 
Palisades, Los Angeles, Calif. 

BONNER, Ernest Chappell, PRTB., LL.B. 


Born: Cedarville (Modoc Co., Calif.), Nov. 

4, 1872; s. of Emeline Shelby (Claflin) and 

John Heath Bonner. 

Education: Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley). 

Degrees: Ph.B., 1893; LL.B., 1896, U. of 

Calif. (Berkeley) . 

Married: Grace Morgan, d. of Nell (Kelsey) 

(dec.) and William L. French (dec), April 

18, 1902; ch.: Edna Bonner (wife of Dist. 

Atty. Ernest S. Brown, Reno, Nev.). 

Prof. Record: Practicing attorney for over 

forty-five years, during which time he spent 

eight yrs. as Dist. Atty., then eleven yrs. as 

Superior Judge, presiding, Modoc Co. (Calif.). 

Directorships: Secty., Hot Spring Valley Irr. 

Dist. (Alturas, Calif.); Vice-Pres., First Natl. 

Bank of Alturas (now merged into Bank of 


Publications: Has written about four hundred 

stories of Pioneer and Indian days in the 

State line section of Calif, and Nev. 



Army !Jcrvice: Natl. Guard, later one of four 
to oi-Ranlze Home Guard at Alturas, during 
World War I. 

Mpmbcmhipx: Life Mem. In following: All 
branches Masonic, Knight of Pylh'ns; Three 
Cat, U. of Calif.; Sierra club and Sons of 
Amer. llcvolutlon. 

Religion: Protestant Episcopal. 

Politica: Republican, on State and Co. Corns. 

forty yrs., retiring In 1938, back again In 


Recreation: Mountaineering and gathering 

Indian and other relics. 

Bus. Address: Bonner Bldg., Alturas, Calif. 

Home Address: 1140 W. A St., Alturas, 
Calif. • 

BONNER. Richard Lee. B.S., M.S. 
First Executive Deputy, Executive Dept., 
City of Los Angeles. 

Born: BonnertVjn (N.C.), Aug. 14, 1898; s. 
ot Mary Young (Best) and Richard Lee Bon- 

Education: Washington (N.C.), Azusa 
(Calif.); Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley); Univ. of 
So. Calif. 

Degrees: B.S. (Bus. Adm.), U. of Calif., 
1923; M.S. (Pub. Adm.), U. of So. Calif., 

Married: Esther Elizabeth, d. of Lettie (Bry- 
ant) and Lafayette Garnett, Hollywood (Cal- 
if.), Dec. 23, 1926; ch.: Nancy Elizabeth and 
Richard Lee, III. 

Bus. Record: Salesman, Golden State Milk 
Prod. Co. (Los Angeles), 1926; Salesman, 
Equitable Life Ins. Co. (Iowa), Los Angeles, 
1927; Jr. Budget Investigator, Bureau of 
Budget and Efficiency (City of L. A.), 1929- 
36, Asst. Efficiency Engr., 1936-39, Effici- 
ency Engr., 1939, Gen. Mgr., Humane Dept., 
1939-41, Exec. Dept., Mayors Office, 1941 — . 

Publications: Analysis of Los Angeles City 
Charter (Master's Thesis, U.S.C, 1934.), un- 

Army Service: U. S. Infantry, World War, 

Memberships: Phi Sigma Alpha; Amer. Soc. 
Pub. Adm. ; Western (Govern. Research Assn. ; 
Amer. Leg. (Hollywood Post). 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Swimming, golf and tennis. 
Bus. Address: City Hall, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 1921 Westholme Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. Summer: Cedar Pines Park, 
Calif. • 

BONPANE, Major Blase A., U. S. Army 
Res., Ph.B., LL.B. 


Born: DuBois (Pa.), Dec. 16, 1892; s. of 
Mary Jane (Arizzuta) and E. Anthony Bon- 

Education: Ohio Northern Univ.; Ohio State 
Univ.; Pub. Schls. of YoungstowTi and Cleve- 
land (Ohio). 

Degrees: Ph.B., LL.B., Ohio North. U., 1915. 
Married: Florence I., d. of Michael and An- 
gela Rose Marco, at Cleveland, April 1, 
1918; ch.: Betty Jane, Fleurette, Margie 
Anne and Blase A., Jr. 
Prof. Record: Adm. to Ohio State Bar Jan. 

.T, 19iri and began practice Youngstown; estb. 
office In Cleveland on rctn. from war; app- 
Id. Asst. Pro.sccut. Atty. of Cuyahoga Co., 
(C)hlo), Jan. 1. 1921; nom. for Conmes.s of 
U.S. by Repub. party from 20th DIst. of 
Ohio in prim, electn. of I!).'!?!; was very active 
In civic and pollt. affairs and In many clubs 
and org. until coming to Calif. June, 19.'J7; 
estb. office in Hollywood, Jan. 19.38; 20 yrs. 
trial work experience. 

Publications: In 1928-29, was pub. of The 
Tribune, Cleveland weekly. Now Editor, Hol- 
lywood Bar monthly The Brief. 
Army Service: Served in World War I, 1918- 
19; Major, U.S. Army Res. 

Memberships: Am. Acad, of Pub. Affairs: 
Am. Legion; Calif. State Bar A.ssn.; Holly- 
wood Bar Assn. (Vice-Pres.) 
Religion: Catholic. 
Recreations: Golf. 

Bits. Address: Equitable Building, Hollywood, 

Home Address: 2307 Chislehurst Dr., Holly- 
wood, Calif. • 

BOONE. J. Allen. 


Born: Newport (R. I.); s. of Lillian (Gibbs) 
and William H. Boone. 

Education: Pub. and pvt. schs., Newport (R. 
I.); and from adventuring and writing ex- 
periences in various parts of the world. 

Prof. Record: Newspaper work In Newport, 
N. Y., Philadelphia, Washington; for many 
years a virltlng authority on Newport soc, 
yachting, polo, tennis; traveled abroad ex- 
tensively on roving trips, writing for news- 
papers, magazines, syndicates; Pub. Dir., Lu- 
bin Film Corp., Phila., also writing stories 
for them: Story Edit., Robertson-Cole Film 
Co. ; came to Hollywood to take charge of 
film productions for Robertson-Cole; was one 
of first film supervisors in Hollywood; first 
Important production. Kismet, with Otis 
Skinner; also some of the best pictures made 
by Pauline Frederick, Sessue Hayakawa, 
Dustin Farnum, Lew Cody, and many oth- 
ers; has since traveled extensively: was res- 
ponsible for the building of the Robertson- 
Cole Motion Picture Studio (now RKO), at 
Melrose and C3ower Sts. ; some reputation here 
and abroad for philosophical wTitings. 

Publications: Last book. Letters to Strong- 
heart, published by Prentice-Hall, N. Y. 

Home Address: 1717 No. Courtney Ave., 
Hollywood, Calif. • 

BOOTH, Charles Gordon 


Born: Manchester (Eng.), Feb. 12, 1896; s. 

of Emily Ada (Hill) and William Booth. 

Education: Manchester, Toronto, Winnipeg. 
Married: Lillian, d. of Carl Lind of Twin 
Falls (Idaho), at La Jolla (Calif.), Sept. 
25, 1937. 

Prof. Record: Contributor to many magazines 
over period of twenty yrs.; Author of books: 
Sinister House; Gold Bulletts; Murder at High 
Tide and Seven Alibis (pub. in N. Y. by Mor- 
row, in London, by Hodder and Stoughten) ; 
The Cat and the Clock (pub. In N. Y., by 
Crime Club, in London, by Cassell) ; The 
General Died at Dawn (pub. in London by 



Bell, in Sweden by Nortsedts) ; various trans- 

Army Record: Canadian Expeditionary Force, 

Politics: Democrat. 
Hoyne Address: Box 37, Grossmont, Calif. 

BOOTH, Thomas William. 

Assistant Meteorologist, Fire Weather Spe- 
cialist in charge of Weather Bureau, U. S. 
Dept. of Commerce. 

Born: Soldier (Kans.l, Jan. 16, 1916; s. of 
Mary L. (Renfro) and Robert W. Booth. 
Education: Lewis and Clark Pub. Schls. 
Married: Louis Marion, d. of Anna B. (Bro- 
zee) and L. M. Byrd, San Jose (Calif.), 
March 11, 1932. 

Bus. Record: Twelve yrs. in U. S. Dept. of 
Agr.; transferred to U. S. Dept. of Com- 
merce, July 1, 1940, and has held that posi- 
tion since. 

Directorships: Booth Bros. Inc. 
Navy Service: U. S. Naval Communication 

Memberships: Lions International; Mt. Shas- 
ta Cham, of Com.; Mt. Shasta Snowmen. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Golf, hunting, ping-pong and 

Bus. Address: Forest Service BIdg., Mt. Shas- 
ta. Calif. 
Home Address: Box 784, Mt. Shasta, Calif.* 

BORISOFF, Alexander, Mus.M. 
Principal Cellist and Soloist, L. A. Philhar- 
monic Orchestra. 

Born: Odessa (Russia), Dec. 20, 1900; s. of 
Raisa (Krasner) and Bernard Borisoff. 
Education: Russian Imperial Conservatory. 
Degrees: Mus.M., Russian Imperial Conser- 
vatory, 1918. 

Prof. Record: Concert 'Cellist, Composer, 
Teacher; early musical education in Russia 
and Germany; studied with Joseph Press 
(•cello). Prof. Malishewsky (composition); 
debut at age 16 Odessa Symph. Orch.; later 
First 'Cellist same orch. and Instr. at Gov- 
ernment Conserv.; Mem. Odessa Art Quar- 
tet (5 yrs.); concertized Europe and U. S.; 
chosen as soloist by Hollywo'od Bowl Artists 
Audition Bd. (1929) with Bruno Walter con- 
ducting; joint recital with John McCormack; 
soloist with L. A. Phil. Orch., under Rod- 
zinski; Principal 'Celist L.A. Phil, and Hol- 
lywood Bowl Orchs., since 1936; soloist in 
world premier of Bloch's Voice in the Wild- 
erness, Beethoven's Triple Concerto, Strauss' 
Don Quixote, Brahms' Double Concerto; in 
world premier of own arrangement of Joseph 
Hayden's 'Cello Concerto No. 2 in D-Major; 
Soloist of own compositivjn Allegrettino, a 
movement from The Suite in Olden Style, all 
under dir. of Dr. Otto Klemperer; Composer 
of String Quartet, Suite for Symph. Orch., 
a Spanish Suite for 'Cello and Orchestra; es- 
tablished Master Class, L. A. (1929); pupils 
presented in recitals: Elizabeth Greenschpoon, 
Helen Gertmenian, Joseph Di Tullio, Alfred 

Home Address: 2252 Cheswlc Lane, Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

BORSOOK, Professor Henry, B.A., M.A. 
Ph.D., M.D. 

Professor of Biochemistry, Calif. Institute 
of Technology. 
Born: London (Eng.), Nov. 8, 1897; s. of 

Sarah (Goldberg) and Simon Davis Borsook. 
Education: Toronto; Jarvis St. Collegiate 
Inst.; Univ. of Toronto. 

Degrees, Honors: B.A.. 1921; M.A 1922; 
Ph D 1924; M.D., 1927; C^old Medallist Fac- 
ulty of Medicine, 1927; Ellen Mickle Fellow- 
ship, 1927, McKenzle Prize, 1927, U. of Tor- 

Married: Lisl, d. of S. Hummel, Toronto 
(Can.), Nov. 1, 1928; ch.: Eve Rose. 
Prof Record: Fellow, Research Fellow and 
Lecturer in Biochemistry, U. of Torronto, 
1921-29; Asst. Prof., Biochemistry, Calif. Inst 
of Tech., 1929-35, Prof., Biochemistry, 1935 

Directorships: Consulting Biochemist, Hun- 
tington Mem. Hosp. (Pasadena) ; Consulting 
Physician, South Pacific Hosp. (San Fran- 

Publications: Vitamins (Viking Press), 1940; 
papers in technical biochemical and medical 
journals since 1921. 

Tiemberships: Amer. Soc. Biological Chemists, 
Soc Exptl. Biol, and Med.. History of Scien- 
ces Soc; Assoc. Mem., New York Acad, of 

Recreations: Skiing and walking in moun- 

Bus. Address: California Institute of Tech- 
nology, Pasadena, Calif. 

Home Address: 1121 Constance St., Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

BOSSEMEYER, James Lee, B.S. 
Supervisor, Western Office, U. S. Travel 

Born: St. Joseph (Mo.), Aug. 2, 1900; s. of 
Nettie (Owen) and Henry Bossemeyer. 
Education: Fayetteville (Ark.) High Sch.; 
Univ. of Ark. 

Degrees: B.S., U. of Ark., 1923. 
Married: Katharine, d. of Prof. B. N Wil- 
son, at Fayetteville (Ark.), 1921; ch.: Birton 
Neill (18). 

Bus Record: Entered profession of land- 
scape architecture in Seattle (Wash.), 1924; 
served as Landscape Architect for Seatt.<? 
Park Dept., 1927-32; was Supt. of Parks for 
Metropol. Park Dist. of T-^'^-^ia (W-^^> •) 
1932-34- became Landscape Architect forNati. 
Park Service (S. F,). in fall of 1934: in 1936 
bpcame Chief of Pub. Inf , Rf-g'on IV. N-itL 
Park Service: in Au<t., 193S wn<! nnry-M-.el 
Supervisor, Western Office U. S. Travel Bu- 

Directorships: Vice-Chmn., Western States 
Promotion Council; Secy., Calif. Conservation 

Publications: Editor, News Bulletin. Issued 
by Region IV of National Park Service; Su- 
pervising Editor, Travel West, issued by U. S. 
Travel Bureau. 

Army Service: Private in U. S. Army, 1918. 
Memberships: Sigma Phi Eqsilon. 
Religion: Baptist. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Travel and photography. 
Bus Address: United States Travel Bureau, 
Old Mint Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 
Home Address: 84 Portsmouth Rd.. Pied- 
mont, Calif. 



BOSTWICK, Jr., Harry Oliver 

President .ind Business Manager. Rcddlnfr 

Born: Salt hnke City (Utah), 1908; s. ot 
Ida Mlnetto (Lewis) and Harry Oliver Sr. 
Education: Ventura HiRh Sch. 
Married: Vivian, d. of Maude (Cllno) and 
William T. Kemper, Ventura (Calif), Jjly 
12. 1930. 

Business Record: Started with Ventura Star, 
1929. as Clrc. MRr.. later In advert ising; 
went to Santa Paula Chronicle, 1932, as 
bus. mgr. ; started Redding Record in 1938, 
with Paul C. Bodenhamer for John P. Scripps. 
Directorships: Pres. of Redding Record, Inc. 
Memberships: Lions Club; Dir., Cham, of 

Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Amateur photography and fish- 

Home Address: 1729 Chestnut St., Redding, 
Bus. Address: 1626 Pine St., Redding, Calif.* 

BOSWORTH, Hobart Van Zandt. L.H.D. 

Actor (Stage and Motion Pictures), Producer. 
Born: Marietta (Ohio), Aug. 11, 1867: s. of 
Clara M. (Van Zandt) and Daniel Perkins 

Education: Marietta Pub. Sch. and Coll. 
Degrees: L.H.D., Marietta Coll. (Ohio), June, 

Married: Cecile. d. of Dr. Kenneth Klbre, 
at San Diego (Calif), Dec, 1920; ch.: (George 

Prof. Record: Went on stage (Calif. Theatre, 
San Francisco), 1885; joined Augustin Daly 
Co., 1888, remaining 10 years; made many 
appearance in London with this company; 
leading man for Julia Marlowe, Henrietta 
Crossman, Mrs. Fiske, Amelia Bingham, etc. ; 
Star on Broadway; long tubercular illness, so 
that in 1909 he accepted engagement with 
Selig Polyscope Co., playing leads in the 
picture that started Los Angeles on its 
marvelous career as the picture-making cen- 
ter; in 1913 he secured the contract with 
Jack London and began what probably was 
his most noted performance. The Sea Wolf 
(which he also played for two years as a 
vaudeville sketch, considered one of the great 
vaudeville successes) ; in 1914, he, represent- 
ing Bosworth, Inc., Producing Co., joined 
with Jesse L. Lasky and Adolph Zukor, to 
form the Paramount Releasing Co. : made 
many pictures there, with C. B. DeMille di- 
recting; worked with Thos. H. Ince, for 
whom he made one of his most famous pic- 
tures, Behind the Door; then free-lanced; 
starred in other notable pictures, such as 
The Blood Ship. The Miracle Man, Odyssey 
of the North, and many others; was on 
personal appearance tour throughout the 
country for over two years; has done con- 
siderable radio broadcasting. 
Directorships: Pres., Bosworth Geneological 
Soc. ; Hon. Vice-Pres., Ellis Club; Founder, 
Bosworth Sch. for Adult Educ. 
Memberships: Patron, Delta Omicron (pro- 
fessional musical sorority) . 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Horseback riding and painting. 
Bus. Address: 625 Shatto PI., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 5300 Jessen Dr., La Canada, 

BOTHWELL. Dorr Hodgson. 

AtiisI, Color CoiiKullant. 

Hon,: Han Franel.sco (Calif), May 3, 1902; 
d. of Florence Isabel (Hodg.son) and John 
Stuart Bothwcll. 

Eduratinn: Grammar Sch. and San Diego 
State Normal Tralnlnr; Sch. High School, High, .San Diego (Calif). Univ. of 
Oregon; Calif. Sch. of Fine Arts; Rudolph 
Schaeffer Sch. of Design (.San Francisco). 
Prof. Record: Upon completing her studies 
and research in color, lectured on Current 
Exhibitions at San Diego Fine Arts Gallery 
(S. D., Calif.), also taught classes In Color 
and Design under auspices of San Diego Fine 
Arts Gallery, 1927. Spent 1928-,30 painting 
on the island of Tau, Manu'a, American Sa- 
moa: research in Tapa cloth design; 1930-31 
in Paris (France), doing research in the 
Physics of Light and Color psychology; 1931- 
41 spent in practical application of knowledge 
gained; painting, exhibiting, teaching; work 
owned by San Diego Fine Arts Gallery. 
Honors: Awarded 1st Prize, S. F. Women 
Artists; Leisser-Farnham Prize (San Diego), 
and various honorable mentions. 
Memberships: San Francisco Art Assn. (S. 
F.); Charter mem. of San Francisco Soc. of 
Women Artists; Riverside Art Assn. (River- 
side (Calif.). 
Recreation: Camping. 

Bus. and Home Address: Studio No. 6, 802 
Montgomery St., San Francisco, Calif. 

BOTKE, Cornells 

Painter, Etcher. 

Born: Leewarden (Holland), s. of Alida 
(Alchema) and Sytse Botke. 
Education: School for Applied Design, Haar- 
lem (Holland); Chicago Art Institue; Paris 

Married: Jessie, d. of Martha (Cornell) and 
William Aldis Arms, Leonia (New Jersey), 
April 15, 1915; ch.: William Arms. 
Prof. Record: Has exhibited, Paris Salon, 
1924, Chicago Art Inst., Philadelphia Acad., 
Treasure Island, etc. ; also, every museum 
in west and middle west. 
Awards in Painting: Chicago Art Inst.; Mrs. 
Julius Rosenwald Prize, 1916; Clyde M. Carr 
Landscape prize, 1919: Fine Arts Building 
Prize, 1918: Honorable Men. landscape, Amer. 
Artists Annual, 1921; First Prize, Oil, Calif. 
State Fair, Landscape, 1929; First Hon. Men., 
Calif. Art Culb, 1931: First Prize Calif. 
State Fair, Water-color, 1931; Purchase Prize, 
Santa Monica Pub. Lib. ; Artists Award, San- 
ta Paula Cham, of Com.. 1937; Purchase 
Prize Santa Paula Cham, of Com., 1938. 
Awards in Etching: 3rd Logan Medal. (Chi- 
cago Art Inst., Internat., 1930; Calif. Soc. 
of Etchers, 1934; Henry B. Shope, Amer. 
Soc. of Etchers, 1935; Fine Prints of the 
Year, 1935; Bobkplate Assn. International, 
1936; Assn. Mem. Print Calif. Soc. of Et- 
chers, 1939; First Prize, Etching, Los An- 
geles County Fair, 1934 and 1938; Second 
Prize Etching, Los Angeles County Fair, 1931, 
1933 and 1939. 

Prints Owned By: Library of Congress; Los 
Angeles Pub. Library; California State Li- 
brary; N. Y. C. Pub. Library; Chicago Art 

Pictures Owned By: Pub. Schls. in Oak Park 
(111.), Chicago, Los Angeles, and Santa Pau- 
la; Santa Monica and Ponca City Pub. Lib.; 
and Santa Paula Cham, of Com. 



Publications: The Last Stand of the Wind- 
mill in Holland (article), Scrlbners, May, 

Memberships; Amer., Chicago and Calif. Soc. 
of Etciiers; Southern Print Maimers; Print 
Makers: Calif. Art Club; Cihcago Galleries 
Assn.; Foundation of Western Art. 
Home Address: Wheeler Canyon, Santa Paula, 

BOTKE. Jessie Arms 


Born: Chicago (111.); d. of Martha (Cornell) 
and William Aldis Arms. 

Education: Received training at Chicago 
Art Institute; studied with John C. Johan- 
son, Albert Herter and Charles Woodbury, 
and In Paris (France). 

Married: Cornells, s. of Aiida (Alchema) 
and Sytse Botke, Leonia (New Jersey), April 
15, 1915; ch.: William Arms. 
Awards: Chicago Art Inst.; Englewood Wo- 
man's Club Prize, 1917; Chicago Society of 
Artists Medal, 1919; Martin B. Cahn Prize, 
1918; Shaffer Prize ($500), 1926; Peoria So- 
ciety of Allied Arts Medal, 1918; National 
Assn. of Women Painters and Sculptors (Hon- 
orable Mention), 1925; Marcia Brady Tucker 
Prize, 1933; Southwest E.xpos. Medal, 1928; 
Los Angeles County Fair: First Prize, 1934, 
First Prize, Water Color, 1938. Calif. State 
Fair: First Prize, Decorative Class, 1934 and 
1940; Western Acad, of Painters, Prizes, 
1935-36; Hollywood Rieviera Galleries, 1936; 
Sanity in Art (Chicago). Carpenter Prize, 
1938. Rrpresented in the following Pub. 
Collections: Chicago Art Inst., Chicago U. 
(Ida Noyes Hall Mural); Nebr. Art Assn. 
(Lincoln, Nebr.); Los Angeles Co. Collection. 

Art Career: Has exhibited in the Paris Sa- 
lon, 1924; Chicago Art Inst.; Natl. Acad, of 
Design; Philadelphia Acad.; Corcoran Art 
Gallery (Washington, D. C), etc. 

Memberships: Grand Central Art Galleries, 
Chicago Galleries Assn.; Calif. Art Club; Na- 
tion Assn. of Women Artists; Foundation of 
Western Art. 

Bus. and Home Address: Wheeler Canyon, 
Santa Paula, Calif. 

BOURQUIN, M. Mitchell. LL.B. 

Born: Helena (Mont.), March 4, 1894; s. of 
Mary (Ratigan) and George M. Bourquin. 

Education: Univ. of Calif. 
Degree: LL.B., U. of Calif., 1920. 
Married: Ruby, d. of E. T. Tyra, 1923; ch.: 
Marilyn and Dennis. 

Prof. Record: Practicing law in San Fran- 
cisco, 1920-40; Mem., Bd. of Governors, State 
Bar of Calif., elected 1932, re-elected, 1934. 

Navy Record: U. S. Naval Aviator, Ensign, 


Memberships: Olympic club. 

Religion: Catholic. 

Politics: Democrat. 

Bus. Address: Crocker Bldg., 620 Market 

St., San Francisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 420 El Arroyo, Hillsborough. 


BOUTNIKOFF, Professor Ivan. 

Composer and Conductor of Symphony Or- 
chestra and Opera. 

Born: Kouplansk (Russia), Dec. 13, 1893; s. 
of Anastassie (Krikounoff) and Gregore 

Education: Gymnasium of Kharkoff; gradu- 
ated from the Conservatory of Music, Khar- 
koff, Moscow and Leipzig. 
Degrees: Prof, at Athens Acad, of Music. 

Prof. Record: Former Prof, of Musical Com- 
position at the Conservatory of Athens and 
Conductor of the Sym. Orch. and Opera, 1922- 
29- Has been Guest Conductor with Sym- 
phony orchestras in Paris, Bruxelles, London, 
Berlin, Vienna, Budapest and other European 
cities: Composer of a great symphony and 
several Symponic Poems, Suites for Orches- 
tra, Piano, Musique de Chambre and Lieders. 
Publications: Editions Maurice Senart, Paris. 
Religion: Greek-Orthodox. 
Recreations: Fishing. 

Bus. and Home Address: 1921 No. Highland 
Ave., Hollywood, Calif. 

BOUTON, Professor Archibald Lewis. 

A.B., M.A., Litt.D. 

Born: Cortland (N. Y.), Sept. 1, 1872; a. 
of Emily (Lamont) and Lewis Bouton. 
Education: Grad., State Normal Sch. (Cort- 
land, N. Y.): Amherst; Columbia; (research 
studies in English), Univ. of Edinburgh; Har- 
vard; Huntington Library (Calif.). 
Degrees: A.B., Amherst, 1896; M.A., Colum- 
bia U., 1900; Hon. Litt.D., Albion, 1922. 
Married: Caroline Jessup (MacNair), Dans- 
ville (N. Y.), June 12, 1901; ch.: Margaret 

Prof. Record: Greek Master, Rutgers Gram- 
mar Sch., 1896-98; Instr., Eng., 1898-01. 
Asst. Prof, of Eng., 1901-05, Prof., 1905. 
Head of Dept., 1914-37, Dean U. Coll. of 
Arts and Pure Science at U. Heights, 1914-36; 
Acting Dean, Grad. Sch., 1925-27, New York 
U • Lecturer, summers, U. of Calif., 1925, 
U. of Colo., 1927-30. 

Publications: Editor: Lincoln and Douglas 
Debates, 1905; The Poetry and Prose of Mat- 
thew Arnold, 1927. 

Memberships: Modern Lang. Assn. Am., Eng- 
lish Assn. Great Britain, Modern Humani- 
ties Research Assn.; Phi Beta Kappa, Delta 
Kappa Epsilon; Century club. 
Home Address: 2107 Oakdale St., Pasadena, 

BOVARD. Professor John Freeman. 

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S. 
Chairman, Dept. Phys. Edn., Univ. of Calif. 
Born: Los Angeles (Calif), Jan. 18, 1881; 
s. of Sarah (North) and Freeman Daily Bo- 

Education: Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley); Grad- 
uate Student of Harvard, 1914-15; Summer 
Session Faculty of Univ. of Wash.; Univ. 
of Cal.; Univ. of Cal. at Los Angeles; Re- 
search Staff, San Diego Marine Station; 
Scripps Institute, La Jolla; Friday Harbor 
Station (Wash.). 

Degrees: B.S., 1903, M.S., 1906, Ph.D., 1916, 
Univ. of Calif. 
Married: Camille, d. of Jeannie H. (Carroll) 



nnd William Thompson, F^URcnc (Oregon), 
Sept. 1, 1910; ch.: Jeanne and Freeman Car- 

Prof. Record: Prof, of Zoology, U. of Ore- 
gon, 1915-20; Dean, Sch. Phsylcal Edn., U. 
of Orof^jn. V.YM-'M; Prof., Physical Edn., U. 
Of Calif. (Los Angeles), 1937-39; Chairman 
Dept. Phys. Edn., U. of Calif. (Los Angeles) 

Directorships: Pres. No. W. Dist. A.A.H.P. 
E.R.; Pres. U.O. Chapter Sigma XI. 
Honors: Fellow. A.A.A.S.; Fellow, Am. Acad. 
Phys. Edn.; Fellow, Am. Assn. H.P.E.R. 
Publications: Co-author, Tests and Measure- 
ments in Phys. Edn. (wlih Dr. Cozens), Co- 
author Chapter IX. Twelth Year book. Dept. 
Supervisors and Dirs. of Instruction N.E.A., 
Cineral Articles in J. Health and Phys. Ed. ; 
Oregon Jour. Edn.; Edn. Method. 
Memberships: A.A.U.P. ; Cal. A. H.P.E.R.; 
Ore. Phys. Edn. Assn. (Pres. 3 times); Phi 
Ep. Kappa, Sigma Delta Psi, Phi Delta Kap- 

Religion: Methodist. 

Politics. Democrat. 

Recreations: GoU, sailing, mountain clubs 
and motoring. 

Bus. Address: Department Physical Educa- 
tion, Univ. of California, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 10457 Ashton Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. • 

BOWEN, Isabel Nelson. 

President, Southern Calif. Council of C:hurch 

Born: Durham (Eng.), d. of Isabella (Scott) 
and Richard Nelson. 
Education: St. Joseph Sch. (Mo.). 
Married: Robert, s. of E. D. Bowen, Los 
Angeles (Calif.), Oct. 7, 1907; ch. : Grace 
(Bowen) Davis and Robert L. Jr. 
Bus. Record: Vice-Pres., Amer. Bd. of Comm. 
for Foreign Missions (Boston, Mass), since 
1936; Pres., So. Calif. Council of Church 
Women, since 1939, formerly Vice-Pres.; five 
years Pres., So. Calif. Fed. Congregational 
Women; Private Secty. to Treas. of C. B. 
and Q.R.R.; Mem., Bd. of Dir., Nat. Council 
of Church Women. 
Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Reading and travel. 

Home Address: 1657 Fifth Ave., Los Angeles, 
Calif. • 

BOWEN. William Harold. B.S., M.S. 
Superintendent, Guggenheim Aeronautical 
Lab., Calif. Inst, of Tech. 
Born: Pilot Oak (Ky), Sept. 27, 1903; s. of 
Belle (Murchison) and Berry Bowen. 
Education: New Me.x. Coll of A. & M.A., 
1917-21; Univ. of Calif., 1924-28; Calif. Inst, 
of Tech., 1932-37. 

Degrees: B.S., in Engrg., U. of Calif., 1928; 
M.S., in Engrg., 1932, and M.S., in Aero- 
nautics, 1937, Calif. Inst, of Tech. 
Married: Margaret Ruth, d. of John W. De- 
Witt, In San Diego (Calif.), July 27, 1929; 
ch. : Stuart Wayne and Louise Everett. 
Prof. Record: Automotive Engr., Calif. Inst, 
of Tech. under a one yr. grant by Standard 
Oil Co., 1928-29; Technician on staff, oper- 
ating ten-ft. Wind Tunnel, 1929-32, Research 
Asst., 1932-41, and Supt., since 1941, Gug- 

gonhelnrt Aeronautical Lab. of the Calif Inst, 
of Tech. .(PjsadenaK 

Army Rec'irc*':, Army Res. Corps, since 1927; 
present rank, Lt., Inf. .Spl. Staff. 
Memberships: Irtst. of Aero. Science; Re- 
serve Officers Ass.i., SIgn.a XI. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. - • ■ 

Recreations: Photography, nllii'ig and cabin- 
et work. 

Bus. Address: Calif. Inst, of Tech., Pa.'.a-dena, 

Home Address: 2067 Paloma St., Pasadtna, 

BOWER, Professor Albert Gordon, 

A.B., M.S., M.D. 

Clinical Prof, of Medicine, Univ. of So. Calif. 
Born: Salt Lake City (Utah), Feb. 5, 1890; 
s. of Jessie (Gordon) and Dr. Albert S. Bower. 

Education: Eckes Studieren Anstalt (Berlin); 
Hoitt Sch. (Menlo Park (Calif.); Stanford 
Univ.; Chicago Univ.; Rush Medical Coll. 

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1912; M.S., Chi- 
cago U., 1913; M.D., Rush Medical Coll., 

Married: Elizabeth, d. of Arthur L. Munger, 
in Cliicago (111.), Feb. 22, 1914; ch.: Betty 
Jayne (Mrs. Kitch), Mary Lois and Albert 

Prof. Record: Instr. of Bacteriology, U. of 
Chicago; Asso. Prof, of Med., Coll. of Medi- 
cal Evangelists; Chief of Staff, C. D. Service, 
Los Angeles Co. Gen. Hosp. ; Past Pres., 
Hollywood Acad, of Med. ; at present is Senior 
Consultant, C. D. Service, Los Angeles Co. 
Hosp. and Clinical Prof, of Med., U. of So. 
Calif. (Los Angeles) ; Diplomate Amer. Bd. 
of Internal Medicine; Is Sen. Partner, Glen- 
dale Med. and Surgical Group, Glendale 
(Calif.). F.A.C.P. 

Publications: Comynunicable Diseases for 
Nurses (with Pilant) four edits. W. B. Saun- 
ders Co. ; numerous medical articles In sci- 
entific journals. 

War Service: Div. Med. Train, Officer, 89th 
Div. ; Dept. of Hygiene and Sanitation. Adv. 
G.H.Q., A.E.F.; Garrison Surgeon, 164th Ar- 
tillery Brig., Army of Occupation; Lt. Comdr., 
M.C.V. (S.), U.S.N.R. at present. 

Memberships: Alpha Omega Alpha, Sigma 
Chi, Phi Chi; Los Angeles Breakfast Club. 
Religion : Protestant. 
Recreations: Gardening, hunting and fishing. 

Bus. Address: University of Southern Cali- 
fornia, Los Angeles, Calif.; 136 No. Central, 
Glendale, Calif, and 6777 Hollywood Blvd., 
Hollywood, Calif. 

Home Address: 16646 Devonshire St., San 
Fernando, Calif. 

BOWERMAN, Paul. A.B., M.A. 

Writer, Former Consul. 

Born: Muskegon (Mich.), Sept. 16, 1898; s. 
of Margaret (Fisher) and Charles B. Bower- 

Education: Dartmouth Coll.; U. of Mich. 

Degrees: A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1920; M.A., 
U. of Mich., 1936. 

Married: (1) Helen, d. of Harriett and 
Charles K. Robson, at Detroit (Mich.), 1923; 
ch.: Helen, born Jan. 8, 1925; (2) Dorothea, 



d of Edna C. and Rev. James> di'Orr, at 
Oakland (Calif.), 1936. 

Prof Record: Instructor in K.ig.. Robert 
Coil., Constantinople. ,>920-21; free-lance 
writer, Paris, 1921-22; ArnW-can Vice-Consul, 
Berlin (Germany), 1923-2T. Ottawa (Canada), 
1927-29; American Consul, Zagreb (Yugo- 
slavia), 1929-.32 Salonika (Greece) 1932-3,i. 
Puhlications. Fiction, general and political 
articles it. various American newspapers and 

Ar'rny Service: 2nd Lt., Infantry. 1918. 
:^en\bershivs: Sigma Phi Epsllon. 
Home Address: 1151 Fifth Ave., Los Angeles. 
BOWERS, Marian Howe. R.N., A.B. 
Director, Nursing Education, Coll. of Med. 

Born- Augusta (Me.), Dec. 25, 1892; d of 
Eha WMttier (Cony) and Frank Mortimer 

Education: So. Lancaster (Mass^)Adac., 
1907-08. 1911-12; Deering (Me.) H gh Sch 
1908-11- New Eng. Sanitarium and Hosp. 
(Melrose. Mass.), 1915-18; Spl. work in Phys. 
Edn., 1916-18; Post Grad., Phys. Edn., 1918 
TPachers Cert in Physical Education. 1919, 
U of Wis 1922; uj of (^alif. (Berkeley) 
iq27- Coll of Med. Evangelists, 19^8, u. oi 
Re'dlands!' 1932135; 1938140 U of Ca^iX at 
Los Angeles, 1938; Gen. Sec. Cred. (Calir.), 

Dearees- R.N. (Mass., Wis., and Calif.); 
AB (With hbnors). 1935; A.M., 1940, U. 
of Redlands. 

Married- Fred Perry, s. of Nellie (Perry) 
fnd George Winfield Bowers, in Portland 
(Me.), Sept. 16. 1915. 

Prof. Record: Instr. in Phys^, ^dn. and in 
Community Home Hygiene. 1918; pvt. duty, 

1919: pub. health, 1919f0; ^^'.^'oo^'^^bir 
Nursing, Madison (Wis.), 1920-22, Dir., 
Nursing Edn., Sch. of Nursing, Loma Linda 
(Calif) since 1923; Calif. State Nurses' 
Astn. Dist. Six; Mem. of Bd.. 1925-39, Pres., 
1928-30- Red Cross Community Home Nurs- 
ing classes since 1930; Instr., Extension 
courses, La Sierra Coll. (Calif.), since 1938 
Guest Instr., Pacific Union Coll. (Calir.) 
summer, 1940. 1941. 

Publications: Educational Gymnastics; also 
articles in American Journal of Nxirsmg, 
Trained Nurse and Hospital Review, and The 

Meviberships: Amer. Nurses' Assn.. Natl. 
League of Nursing Edn., Natl. Orgn of Pub. 
Health Nursing, Amer. Red Cross, Med. M s- 
sionary Assn. of Seventh Day Adventists 
Amer Assn. for Health, Phys. Edn., and 

Religion: Seventh Day Adventist. 
Recreations: Hiking and nature study. 
Bus. Address: Coll. Medical Evangelists, 
Loma Linda, Calif. 

Home Address: 365 San Juan Dr., Loma 
Linda, Calif. 

BOWERS, Walter L., LL.B., LL.M. 
Deputy Attorney General, State of Calif. 
Born: Bonanza (Colo.). Aug. 31. 1883; s. of 
Eleanor (Tiarks) and Henry Lewis Bowers. 
Education: Public schools; Palo Alto High 
Sch.; Stanford Univ.; Univ. of So. Calil. 
Sch. of Law. 

Degrees: LL.B.. 1904. LL.M., 1912. U.S.C. 
Married: Winifred H., d. of Laura H. and 
Carl Marshall; ch.: Jeanne, Alice, Betty, 
Barbara and Judith. 

Prof Record: Was admitted to practice law 
upon oral examination before Supreme Court 
of Calif.. 1904. and before U. S. District. 
Circuit and Supreme Court; Mem. law firm 
Keefer and Bowers, 1904-07, Keefer, Noyes 
and Bowers, 1907-10, Bowers and Arnoldy, 
1910-13- no association since 1913; Deputy 
Attorney General, 1935—; Pres., Law Alumni 
Assn., U.S.C, 1932-37; Editor, U.S.C. Alumni 
Review, 1938-39. 

Directorships: Mem., Bd. of Dirs.. Gen. 

Alumni Assn., U.S.C. since 1932; Pres., (Sen. 

Alumni Assn., 1940-41. 

Publications: Has written numerous articles 

and treatises on Constitutional Law and Legal 

Problems in Regulatory Statutes Pertaining 

to Agriculture. 

Membersihps: Dean, Delta Theta Phi Law 

Fraternity; L.A.C; Osceola Country Club; 

Skull and Dagger; Blackstonian. 

Religion: Episcopal. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Tennis and gardening. 

Bus. Address: 903 State Bldg., Los Angeles. 


Home Address: 348 Homewood Rd.. W. Los 

Angeles. Calif. 

BOWIE, Clifford Pinckney, B.S., C.E. 

Supervising Engineer. U. S. Bureau of Mines. 
Born: Philipsburg (Mont.). June 28, 1879; 
s. of Mary Ellen (Irvine) and Dr. Clifford 
N. Bowie. 

Education: Philipsburg (Mont.); San Diego 
(Calif.); Berkeley (Calif.). 
Degrees: B.S., 1904, C.E., 1923, U. of Calif. 
Married: Nan. d. of Wiley Mountjoy. Berke- 
ley (Calif.), June 2, 1928; ch.: Barbara Alice. 
Prof Record: Engr. Asst.. U. S. Reclamation 
Service. May - Sept.. 1903; Asst. City Engr. 
(Hayward, Calif.). May -Dec, 1904; Asst. 
to City Engr. (San Francisco, Calif.), 1904- 
06; City Engr. (Chico, Calif.), 1906-07: Asst. 
Engr., later Chief Engr., Associated Pipe 
Line Co., 1907-16; Supervising Engr., U. b. 
Bureau Mines, in chg. of San Francisco Of- 
fice and Labs., Petroleum and Natural Gas 
Div.. since 1916. 

Publications: Numerous bulletins and tech- 
nical papers of the U. S. Bureau of Mines, 
also numerous contributions to Technical 

Army Record: Cons. Engr.. U. S. Fuel Ad- 
ministration, World War I. 
Memberships: Amer. Inst. Mining and Metall. 
Engrs. ; Commercial and Engineers Clubs (San 
Francisco), Hillside. Abracadabra and Berke- 
ley Lawn Bowling Clubs (Berkeley). 

Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Lawn bowling and fishing. 
Bus. Address: 506 Custom House. San Fran- 
cisco. Calif. 

Home Address: 2120 Los Angeles Ave., Berke- 
ley, Calif. 
Other Address : Pinecrest, Calif. 



BOWMAN, Professor John Francis 
Everett (Francis J.). AH., M.A., Ph.D. 
Asso. Prof, of Hist., Univ. of So. Calif. 
Born: Page Co. (Iowa), Oct. 3. 1899; a. of 
Josephine (Palmqulst) and John A. Bowman. 
Education: Augustana Coll., Uock Island 
(111.); Universities of Nebraska and Iowa, 
then to Universities of Stockholm and Upsala 
In Sweden. 

Degrees: A.B., 1926. Augustana Coll.; M.A., 
19:r7. and Ph.D., 1929, Iowa U. 
Married: Helen E., d. of Harriet (Brldger) 
and L. R. SIdmore, in Manson (Iowa), June 
28, 1930; ch.: Sarah Elizabeth (born 1939). 

Prof. Record: Instr., 1930-35, Asst. Prof., 
1935-37. Asso. Prof., 1937-39, Dept. of Hist., 
^''ashington State Coll., Pullman (Wash.); 
Asso. Prof., Dept. of Hist., U. of So. Calif., 
Los Angeles (Calif.), since 1939. 
Publications: Has written numerous articles 
in professional journals both here and abroad : 
was the Amer. Asso. Editor of Baltic and 
Scandinavian Countries, from 1936 to 1939. 
Memberships: Severance, Swedish; Pi Kappa 
Alpha, Tau Kappa. 
Religion: Lutheran. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Home Address: 3790 Olmsted Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. * 

BOWMAN. Lillie Lewin, A.B., M.A., 

Supervisor, Bureau of Research, San Fran- 
cisco Public Schools. 

Born: Athena (Ore.), April 9, 1899; d. of 
Helen (Levy) and Max Lewin. 
Education: Public schools in Union (Ore.); 
State Teachers' Coll. (San Jose) ; U. of Calif. 
(Berkeley) ; Teachers' Coll. ; Columbia U. 

Degrees: A.B., 1922. M.A., 1925. Ph.D., 1937, 
U. of Calif, at Berkeley. 

Married: C. A., s. of Martha (Orr) and Ira 
W. Bowman, at Reno (Nev.), Sept. 12, 1939. 
Prof. Record: Supervisor, Bureau of Research, 
S. F. Public Schools, since 1925; Mem., U. 
of Calif. Extension Staff. 
Directorships: Dir., Alto Psychologic Center; 
Pres.. Calif. Educational Research Assn. 
Memberships: Pi Lambda Theta; Western 
Psychological and Calif. Teachers (Associ- 

Bus. Address: Civic Auditorium, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 1690 Greenwich St., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

BOWRON. Fletcher. 

Mayor of the City of Los Angeles. 

Born: Poway. San Diego County (Calif.), 

Aug. 13, 1887; s. of Martha (Hershey) and 

Samuel Bowron. 

Education: Los Angeles High School; Univ. 

of So. Calif. College of Law. 

Married: Irene Martin, Sept. 16, 1922; ch. : 

Prof. Record: Newspaper Reporter (San 
Francisco and Los Angeles) ; admitted to 
Calif. Bar, 1917; after World War, was in 
law practice in Los Angeles until 1923; ap- 
pointed Deputy State Corpn. Commissioner, 
1923; Exec. Secy, to CJovernor Richardson, 

1925; appointed Judjjc of Superior Court (Los 
Angelos Co.), \'.)2<i: Presiding Jud},'e, 1937; 
elected Mayor at recall election, .Sept. 16, 
19,38; took oath of office Sept. 26, 1938. 
Army Record: Served a.s voiuntoor In Field 
Artillery and Intelligence Dlv., U.S.A. 
Memberships: American Legion; United Vet- 
erans of the Republic; Delta Chi; Mason; 
Native Sons of the Golden West; Jonathan 
and Kiwanls clubs. 

Bus. Address: City Hall, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 2158 Rockledge Rd., Los An- 
geles, Calif. • 

BOYCE-SMITH. John. A.B., M.A., 
LL.B., LL.M. 
Lawyer, Business Executive. 
Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr. of Inspiration Pic- 
lures Inc. 

Born: New York City; s. of Mary Fisher 
(Kilpatrick) and John Boyce-Smith. 
Education: Collegiate School; Columbia Univ. 
Degrees: A.B., 1901. M.A., 1902, LL.B., 1904. 
LL.M., 1905, Columbia U. 
Married: Harriet Mather, d. of Wm. A. Ills- 
ley, at Evanston (111.), Sept. 14, 1911; ch.: 
John Boyce-Smith, III; Suzanne Boyce-Smith 
Merrill and William Illsley Boyce-Smith. 
Prof. Record: Practiced law in New York 
City, 1904-26; became Vice-Pres. and (3en. 
Mgr. of Inspiration Pictures Inc., producers 
of Tol'able David; The White Sister; The 
Bright iJ/iatiii; Resurrection; Ramona, etc., 
1926; resumed practice of law in Los An- 
geles, 1932. 

Directorships: Dir. of Los Angeles Breakfast 
Club, 10 years; Pres. of Columbia Alumni 
Club of Los Angeles, 12 years. 
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa and Theta 
Delta Chi. 

Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Taft Bldg., Hollywood, Calif. 
Home Address: 1902 Redcliff Rd., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BOYCE-SMITH, II. Mrs. John. 

Patron of the Arts. 

Born: St. Louis (Mo.); d, of Cora (Brown) 
and William A. Illsley. 

Education: "Kenilworth Hall," Northwestern; 
Musik-Hoch-Schule (Berlin). 
Married: John Boyce-Smith, II, s. of John 
Boyce-Smith, at Evanston, (111.), Sept. 14, 
1911; ch.: John Boyce-Smith, III; Suzanne 
Boyce-Smith Merrill; William Illsley Boyce- 

Directorships: Board of Trustees: So. Calif. 
Symphony Assn., Pro-America, Westminster 

Me^nberships: Kappa Alpha Theta; Salon 

Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: RepubliCcin. 

Home Address: 1902 Redcliff Rd., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BOYD. Eunice. 

Concert Violinist, Teacher. 
Born: Hollywood (Calif.); d. of Clara (Car- 
nahan) and August Wuerz, 1900. 
Education: Grinnell Coll. (R)wa). 



Married: Dallas Reeves, s. of Walter J. Boyd, 
In Hollywood, Calif., 1921. 
Prof Record: Teacher, Hollywood, 15 years; 
Organizer, Eunice Boyd's Chamber Music 
Group; Seven yrs. spring and summer ses- 
sions, Laurent Halleaux of Pro Arte String 
Quartet (Brussels), Mills College (Oakland), 
1934-41; Artist Pupil for 13 yrs.; is 18-yr.-old 
Eloise Roessler (Concert Violinist), whb has 
accompanied her teacher during summer con- 
certs and sessions at Mills College, coachmg 
with Laurent Helleu.x; concert tours with 
Eloise Roessler; Mexico City, D.F., 1935 and 
1937 New York, 1939; 1940 concerts given 
by Eunice Boyd's Chamber Music Group in- 
clude; six musicales given at Countess Ern- 
ma de Zaruba Music Salbn, Jan. 14, 29, Feb. 
11 25 Mar. 10, 24; Young Artists Music 
Festival, May 24, 25, 26; Music Festival, 
Asst League, Amer. Red Cross, June 14, 1&; 
Redlands Bowl, Aug. 27; Calif's, first an- 
nual Mozart Festival, given by Eunice Boyd s 
Young Amer. Chamber Music Group, Ebell 
Theatre Feb. 22, 1941 (Mary Holloway, 
Mgr.). Other artists pupils Winifred Wick 
and Constance Ruddick. 

Memberships: Opera and Reading Club (Hol- 
lywood) . 

Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Music, drama, and particu- 
larly fishing. 

Home Address: 8401 Kirkwood Dr., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

BOYD, (Mrs.) Lelia Trundle. 

President, State Ladies Aid Society of South- 
ern California Christian Churches. 
Born: Near Leesburg, Crawford Co. (Mo.), 
Oct. 2, 1874; d. of Eliza (Nelson) and Michael 

Education: Public school in Salem (Mo.); 
graduated from high sch. and in Teachers 
Training Course; school articulating with the 
State Univ. at Columbia (Mo.). 
Married: (1) Rev. Dan Trundle (dec. Sept. 
30 1930) ; s. of William Trundle, at St. 
Louis (Mo.), July 7, 1909; (2) Homer, s. of 
Thomas Martin Boyd, Nov. 27, 1935, Los 
Angeles (Calif.). 

Bus. Record: Taught in the public schools of 
Salem (Mo.) from 1895-1903; employed seven 
yrs as Cashier and Bkkpr. for Maurer Meat 
& Provision Co., St. Louis (Mo.); Pastor's 
Asst. in the Christian Churches of Los An- 
geles, 1909-30 (with husband. Rev. Dan Trun- 
dle) ; has given 22 yrs. to the promotion of 
the benevolent work of Christian women in 
So. Calif, as Treas., and later Pres., State 
Ladies Aid; one of the founders of the Chap- 
man Coll., 766 N. Vermont (L.A.). 
Clubs: Bd. of So. Calif. Council of Church 
Women; State Bd. of Women's Missionary 
Soc. of So. Calif. 

Religion: Christian (sometimes called Disci- 
ples of Christ). 

Politics : Prohibition-Republican . 
Bus. and Home Address: 4233 Marmlon Way^ 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

BOYD, Louise Arner, LL.D. 
Explorer, Executive. 

President, Boyd Investment Co. (Private 

Born: San Rafael (Calif.), Sept. 16, 1887; 
d. of Louise Cook (Arner) and John Frank- 
lin Boyd. 

Education: Miss Stewart's School (San Rafael, 
Calif.); Miss Murison's School (S.F., Calif.). 
Degrees: LL.D., U. of Calif., 1939 and Mills 
College (Calif.), 1939. 

Director.'ihips : Pres., Boyd Investment Co., 
Dir. of following: San Francisco Symphony 
Orchestra, San Francisco Community Chest. 
Publications: Fiord Region of East Green- 
land, 1935, and Polish Countryside. 1937 
(American Geographical Society of New 
York) ; has written many short articles re- 
lating to Greenland expeditions. 
Decorations: Chevalier of the Legion of 
Honor of France; St. Olaf of Norway (first 
foreign woman to receive this) ; Andree 
Plaque of the Swedish Anthropological and 
Geo. Soc; Cullum Geographical Medal of the 
American Geographical Society of New York. 
Memberships: S. F. Garden Club, Marin Gar- 
den Club (San Rafael); Wbman's Athletic 
Club (S.F.). Trustee: Mills Coll. and Calif. 
Acad, of Sciences. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Hiking and music. 
Bus. Address: 255 California St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: "Maple Lavm," San Rafael 

BOYD, Mary Teitsworth 


Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Jan. 2; d. Of 
Anna (Nelson) and Minor Clark Teitsworth. 
Education: Manual Arts High Sch.; U. of 
Minn.; U. of Calif, at Los Angeles. 
Married: Robert Gordon Boyd, at Hollywood 
Presbyterian Church, June 4, 1936. 
Prof. Record: Concert Soprano; two tours 
of western states, middle west and Canada; 
forty concerts each tour; four tours of Calif.; 
Soloist with Hollywood Bowl Orch.; Soloist, 
Nat'l Fed. Music Clubs Nat'l Convention 
(Portland and San Francisco); Soloist, Hol- 
lywood Presbyterian Church, 1927-37; Solo- 
ist, St. James Episcopal Church (Los Ange- 
les), 1937—; Soloist, Mission Church of the 
Air — K.F.W.B. (every Sunday), Jan., 1939 — . 
Memberships: Alpha Phi (Internat. Sorority 
Pres., Los Angeles Alumnae Chapter, 1940- 
41), Sigma Alpha Iota Music Sorority, Eu- 
terpe Opera Reading (First Vice-Pres., Pro- 
gram Chmn., 1939-41, Pres., 1941—), Wom- 
an's Lyric (Pres., 1932-35), Dominant Clubs 
(Vice-Pres., 1934-35, Financial Secy., 1938- 
39); Women's Auxiliary Calif. Babies Hosp.; 
So. Calif. Symphony Assn. 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Swimming and flying. 
Home Address: 414 No. Las Palmas Ave., 
Hollywood, Calif. 

BOYES, Shibley. 

Pianist, Accompanist. 

Born: Dawson, Y. T. (Canada), May 2, 1903; 

d. of Frances (McKim) and Alvin Robert 


Education: Received her education In Los 

Angeles (Calif); Paris (France); Munich 

(Germany) . 

Prof. Record: Official Accompanist for all 

opera productions at Hollywood Bowl; Con- 



rort Arrompanlst for many noted artists, 
vocal and Inslrumcnlal ; Coarh of songs and 
opera . 

Bus. and Homo Addrms: 611 No. New Hamp- 
shire Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. * 

BOYLE, Edna Lewis. 


Bom: Walscnburg (Colo.), Oct. 18. 1899; d. 
-of Anna (Abcrcrombie) and Leonai-d Lewis. 
Married: Morris D., s. of .John Boyle, In 
Denver (Colo.), Nov. 11, 1923; ch.: Edna 
Louise and Lorna Jean. 

Directorshiiti^: Pres.. Guardian Assomi)ly No. 
41, Order of Rainlnnv for Girls IMothor.s Club: 
Parliamentarian of San Anionio Council of 
Parents and Teachers. 

..lemberships: Calif. Congress of Parents and 

Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Home Address: 10031 San Anselmo, South 
Gate, Calif. • 

BOYNTON, Mary Louise. 

Librarian, Beverly Hills Public Library. 
Born: Waverly (111.), d. of Mary Louise 
(Homes) and Horace R. Boynton. 
Education: Los Angeles (Calif.), High Sch. 
and Library Sch. of the Public Library. 
Prof. Record: First Asst., Reference Dept., 
L. A. Public Library, 1912-19; Librarian, 
Santa Paula Pub. Library, 1920-29; Libra- 
rian, Beverly Hills Public Library, 1930 — . 
Memberships: Women's Athletic Club of L. 
A.; Amer. Library Assn., Calif. Library 

Bus. Address: Beverly Hills Public Library, 
Beverly Hills, Calif. 

Home Address: 1170 La Loma Rd., Pasa- 
dena, Calif., and 434 No. Palm Dr., Beverly 
Hills, Calif. * 

BRACKETT, Professor Frank Parkhurst, 

A.B., M.A., Sc.D. 

Professor of Astronomy and Director of Ob- 
servatory, Pomona College. 
Born: Provincetown (Mass.), June 16, 1865; 
s. of Mary Augusta (Thomas) and Solomon 
H. Brackett. 

Education: St. Johnsbury Acad. (Vermont); 
Dartmouth; Hon. Fellow, Clark Univ.; Stu- 
dent at Sorbonne (Paris), and Cambridge 

Degrees: A.B., 1887, M.A., 1890, Sc.D., 1927, 

Married: Lucretia, d. of Amanda and Cyrus 
Burdick, at Pomona (Calif.), Aug. 15, 1889; 
ch.: Frederick Sumner (Chevy Chase, Md.), 
and Frank Parkhurst, Jr. (Holl>^woodl . 
Prof. Record: Acad, and College Student. 
1878-87; Teacher, Vermont Phillips Acad. 
(Danville), Caledonia Co. Acad. (Peacham), 
1878-87; Teacher, McPherron Acad. (Los An- 
geles), and Private School (Pomona), 1887- 
88; Visiting Prof., summer sessions, U. of 
Calif. (Los Angeles), and U. of Calif., 1910; 
teaching, research and exec, work, Pomona 
Coll.; Dir. of Observatory, 1888-1933; Chnm. 
of Faculty, Pomona Coll., 1927-30; Chmn. of 
Faculty, Claremont Colleges, 1930-32; Emeri- 
tus Prof., 1933 — ; study and travel during 
leaves of absence. Dir., Solar Eclipse Expe- 
ditions, Istlimus, Santa Catalina Island 
(Calif.), 1928, Ramm's Ranch and Honey 
Lake (Calif.), 1930. 

Dirrctorshipt): Trustee, Belglan-Amor. Educa- 
tional Found.'illnn. 

Puhliratinns: Editor, Publications of Atsro- 
nomlc.'il Soc, I'omona Coll.; History of Ran 
Jnsc Rnticho; contributions to papers and 

Army Service; Mem., Comm. for Relief, 
Belgium, 1916; Secy. Scloc. Serv. Bd. No. 2, 
Los Angeles Co., 1917-18. 
Awards: MMaille du Rol Albert, 1919, given 
by King Albert and Queen Elizabeth of 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Kap- 
pa Kappa, Kappa Delta (Pomona) ; Academic 
Soc; Fellow, A.A.A.S.; Mem.. Amer. Math., 
Assn. of Amer.; Astron. of Amer. and Royal 
Astron. Soc. (Canada). 
Religion: Congregational. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 260 E. Third St., Claremont, 

Home Address: 101 Park Ave., P. O. Box 
433, Balboa Island, Calif. 

BRADEN. The Reverend Arthur. A.B., 

Minister, Wilshlre Christian CTiurch. 
Born: Westbromwich (Eng.), May 29, 1881; 
s. of Seleina (Barton) and Wm. H. Braden. 
Married: Cora G., d. of Margaret and John 
Yoho. Newcastle (Pa.), June 15, 1904; ch.: 
Coral Braden Moon, Norman A., Donald 
Dwight, Arthur Wayne and Iril Dale. 
Prof. Record: Pastor, Deerfield (Ohio). Clhris- 
tian Church, 1902-05; Pastor, Div. St. Church 
of Christ, Auburn (N.Y.), 1905-09; Pres., 
Kenka Coll., Kenka Park (N.Y.), 1909-10; 
Pastor, Central Church of Christ. Syracuse 
(N.Y.), 1910-14; Dir.. Kan. U. Bible Chair 
and Dean, School of Religion, Kan. U., Law- 
rence (Kan.), 1914-22; Pastor. First Chris- 
tian Church, Kansas Citv (Mo.), 1919-22; 
Dean and Pres.. Calif. Christian Coll., 1922- 
30; Pres., Transylvania Coll. and The Coll. 
of the Bible. Lexington (Ky.), 1930-38; Pas- 
tor. First Christian Church, Los Angeles, 
1938-40; Pastor, Wilshlre Christian Cuhrch, 

Religion: Christian. 
Politics: Independent. 

Bus. Address: 634 So. Normandie, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 845 So. Manhattan PI., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BRADEN, Louis Archibald. 

Sheriff, Plumas County. 

Born: Quincy (Calif.), Apr. 26, 1880: s. of 
Mary Ellen (Stark) and Joseph Braden. 

Education: Quincy (Calif.); Oakland (Ccdif.); 
Polytechnic School of Engineering. 

Married: Josie, d. of Ellen and Sam Jones 
at Quincv (Calif.), Mar. 22, 1903; ch. : Eve- 
lyn Rae (28). 

Bus. Record: Worked for A. W. Keddle, 
County Surveyor, 1903; Wm. Watson, County 
Surveyor, 1904-06; Lacey Timber Co. of Port- 
land, 1907-08; Feather River Lumber Co., 
Floriston Paper Co. and Truckee Lumber Co., 
as Cruiser and Surveyor, 1909; Long Valley 
Mines as Bookeeper and Assayer, 1910-11: 
went to work as Deputy Sheriff in 1912 and 
has been in Sheriff's office until the present. 
Memberships: F.A.M., Sincerity, No. 132, 



Granville (Calif.); Consistory, Shrine, Reno 


Religion: Methodist. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Gun "nut" of all descriptions. 

Bus. and Home Address: Quincy, Calif. 

BRADEN. William Wallace. 

Manager of L. A. Co. Employees Assn. 
Born: St. Paul (Minn.), Dec. 20, 1899; s. of 
Mae (Van Vorhes) and Chas. W. Braden. 
Education: Went to the public schools of 
Los Angeles; Univ. of So. Calif. 
Married: Violet C. Thomas; ch.: Nancy, Rob- 

Bus. Record: Real Estate and Insurance, 
1920-30; Politics, 1930-40; past 3% yrs. Field 
Secy. (L.A.Co.), (Second Disttrict) ; 3 yrs. 
Asst. Supt. of Charities for L. A. Co. 
Directorships: Chmn. of Bd., Calif. Breakfast 
Club; Pres. of Southside Presidents Club; 
Pres. of Acacia Club; Dir. of Woodcraft 
Rangers; Commiteeman for Boy Scouts of 
Amer. ; Vocational Guidance Chmn. of Sea 
Scout Squadron 6 (Southwest L. A.). 
Mejnberships: Los Angeles Breakfast, Uplift- 
ers, Jonathan and Squires clubs; Amer. Le- 
gion Allied Post; Santa Monica Lodge, F. & 
A M.; Melrose Masonic Chapter; Los Ange- 
les Lodge 99, B.P.O.E.; L.A. Aerie Eagles, 
102; Southside Chamber of Commerce; 
Kappa Alpha. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 206 So. Spring St., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Home Address: 246 So. Ardmore Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Other Addresses: 2200 So. Harvard Blvd., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

BRADLEY, Bernard Aloysius, A.B. 

Asst. Football Coach (Line Coach), Loyola 

Born: Rahway (N.J.), Sept. 9, 1909; s. of 
Hannah (Horrigan) and Bernard Bradley. 
Education: La Salle College, Philadelphia 

Degrees: A.B., La Salle Coll., 1934. 
Married: Marv A., d. of Mary McHale, Phila. 
(Penna.), Aug. 3, 1940. 

Prof. Record: Football Coach at La Salle 
High Sch. (3 yrs.); Asst. Football Coach at 
La Salle College (2 yrs.). 
Memberships: Knights of Coulmbus. 
Religion: Roman Catholic. 
Recreations: Golf, basketball and baseball. 
Bus. Address: Loyola Univ., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 5640 McMahon Ave., Philadel- 
phia, Penna. 

Other Address: 415 W. Manchester Blvd., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BRADLEY, H(enrY) Sewall. 

Asst. Secy., Bradley Mining Company. 
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Feb. 16, 1909; 
s. of Mary Elizabeth (Parks) and Frederick 
Worthen Bradley. 

Education: The Tamalpais Sch. (San Rafael) ; 
A to ZED Sch. (Berkeley) ; San Mateo Jr. 
Coll.; Heald's Bus. Coll. (San Francisco). 

Directorships: San Francisco Opera Guild; 
Dir. and Pres., Nat. Assn. fbr Adv. of Blind 
Artists; Gov., San Francisco Opera Assn.; 
Gov., Musical Assn. of San Francisco. 
Memberships: Commonwealth of Calif., S. F. 
Golf, Ltd., Museum of Art, Bachelors (all 
San Francisco) ; Rio del Mar Country Club 
(Aptos); S.F. Chapter, Eng. Speaking Union; 
Museum of Art (N.Y.); Mus. Soc. bf S.F. 
(life) ; Nat. Assn. for Adv. of Blind Artists 

Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Hiking, horseback riding, bad- 
minton, swimming, travel. 
Bus. Address: 425 Crocker Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 2716 Pacific Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif.; "Quartz Lodge," Alta, Calif.* 

BRADLEY. Lester Goodwin. 

President-Treasurer, Union-Tribune Publish- 
ing Company. 

Born: Meriden (Conn.), July 20, 1881; s. of 
Grace Davenport ((Joodsell), and William 
Glenville Bradley. 

Education: San Diego Grammar and High 
Sch.; Stanford U. 

Married: Lillian, d. of Charles L. Abraham, 
at Kansas City (Kan.), Nov. 30, 1912. 
Bus. Record: Associated with the So. Trust 
and Savings Bank, So. Trust and Commerce 
Bank, Bank of Italy, Bank of America, all 
of San Diego Calif. ; Vice-Pres. and Mgr., 
Bank of Amer., until July 1, 1932; has been 
in the newspaper business since July 1, 1932. 
Directorships: Vice-Pres., The Copley Press, 
Aurora, 111.; Pres.-Treas. and Dir., Union- 
Tribune Publishing Co., San Diego (Caai.). 
Memberships: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frat. ; 
The Cuyamaca Club (San Diego). 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Golf and swimming. 
Bus. Address: Union Bldg., San Diego, Calif. 
Home Address: 515 San Gorgonio, San Diego, 

BRADLEY, Nathaniel F., A.B. 

Treasurer, City of Visalla, Calif. 
Born: Visalia (Calif.,), Aug. 6. 1883; s. o' 
Virginia J. (Bequette — who came over plains 
in a covered wagon in 1857), and N. O. 

Education: Visalia; St. Mary's (Oakland); 
Stanford Univ. 

Degrees: A.B., St. Mary's Coll., Moroga 
(Calif.), 1903; and Stanford U. (Calif.), 

Married: Leila M., d. of Louis and Minnie 
Lawrence, Visalia (Calif.), 1916; ch.: Law- 
rence F., Jeanne E. and Adele. 
Prof. Record: Started practicing law in 1908, 
Visalia (Calif.), with his father, N. O. Brad- 
ley (Bradley & Bradley) ; at present with 
brother, C. L. Bradley; on the Bd. of 
Trustees, City of Visalia for four yrs.; 
Chmn., Democratic Party Control Comm., 
Tulare Co., for 4 yrs. 

Directorships: Pres., Peoples Finance & Thrift 
Co., Visalia; Pres., West Slope Oil Co., 
Visalia; Secy., Martha Oil Co., and Bequette 
Oil Co., and Dir.-Pres., Visalia Sch. Bd. 
since 1936; Treas., City of Visalia at present. 



Mrtnbcrnhiji/i: Past Exulted Uulcr, Vlsalln 

LodRO, U.P.O.K.; Knights of Columbus 4°, 

Modern Woodmen of Amer. (Past State 

Pies. ) . 

Religion: Catliolic. 

Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: HuntinR and tennis. 

Hun. Address: 115 So. Churdi St., VLsnlla, 


Home Address: 403 No. Locust St., Vlsalla. 

Calif. • 

BRADLEY, Philip Read. B.S. 

Mining Engineer. 

Horn: Georgetown (Calif.), Oct. 12, 1875; s. 
c" Virginia (Shearer) and Henry Sewell 

Education: Univ. of Calif. 
Degrees: B.S.. U. Of Calif., 1896. 
Married: Mabel, d. of Henry Harland, at San 
Francisco (Calif.), Feb. 13." 190.3; ch.: Philip 
R., Jr., Henry H., Ruth Bradley Markwart 
and Frances Bradley Cowels. 
Prof. Record: Former Mining Superintendent 
and Mgr.. more recently Pres., Alaska Juneau 
Gold Mining Co.; Pres., Treadwell Yukon 
Corpn., Ltd.; Dir. of the foregoing compa- 
nies, also of the Pacific Mining Co., AtoUa 
Mining Co., and First National Bank of 
Juneau (Alaska). 

Memberships: Bohemian, Engineers, Press 
clubs: Amer. Inst, of Mining and Metallurgi- 
cal Engineers, Mining and ^Metallurgical So- 
ciety of America. 
Religion: Protestant. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 1022 Crocker Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 1896 Pacific Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

BRADLEY. Walter Wadsworth, B.S., 

Chief, Div. of Mines, Dept. of Natural Re- 
sources, San Francisco. 

Born: San Jose (Calif.), Sept. 28, 1878; s. 
of Carrie Emma (Stevens) and Charles Ed- 
ward Bradley. 

Education: High School, San Jose: Univ. of 

Degrees: B.S., 1901 (with Honorable Mention 
for Distinguished Scholarship: also Capt. of 
Cadets), E.M., 1917. U. of Calif. 
Married: (1) Alice Davies, at Berkeley 
(Calif.), 1904 (dec, 1927); (2) Elaine Brad- 
shaw, Seattle (Wash.), 1928. 
Prof. Record: Gold Mill Operator, Melones 
Mining Co. (Melones, Calif.), 1901-02; Asso. 
Editor, Min. and Sci. Press (San Francisco), 
1903-04; Mill Supt., Standard Cor.s. Mg. Co. 
(Bodie,, Calif.), 1905-06; Engr. and Asst. Mgr. 
Ventanas Mg. and Expl. Co.. Ltd. (Ventanas, 
Dgo, Mexico I, 1907-08; Assayer and Chemist, 
De Lamar Co., Ltd. (De Lamar, Idaho), 
1909-11; Staff of Calif. Mining Bureau (now 
Div. of Mines), successively as Librarian, 
Field Asst., Statistician and Curator, Deputy 
State Minerologist, 1912—; State Mineral- 
ogist, Aug. 1, 1928 — . 

Directorships: Dir. and Secy., Bd. Masonic 
Temple Assoc. (Berkeley); Vice-Pres. and 
Dir., Union League Club (San Francisco), 

Publications: BuIlctlnR of Stale Mlnlntr Bu- 
rc.iii: No. 78, (juick.iilvcr Resourcrn of Calif.; 
No. 79, Mngnesite in Calif.; No. 76, Manga- 
nese and Chromium in Calif. (Joint author) ; 
Nos. 71, 74, 8.3, 86, HH, f>0, 93, <)4, 96. 87, 
100, Mineral Production of Calif., 1915-1926; 
also various magazine articles. 
Memberships: Durant Lodtje, F.& A.M. (Past 
Master); Berkeley Comndry., K. T. (Past 
Comdr.); Berkeley, Chap, O.E.S. (Past Pat- 
ron); Grand Chap, of Calif. O.E.S. ( 
Grand Patron); S. F. Engr. Council (Vlce- 
Chmn., 19.39-41; Engineers (Board bf Dir., 
19.33-,36), San FrancLsco; Amer. of MIn. 
and Mot. Eng. (Chr., S. F. Section, 1935); 
Sigma Xi: Commonwealth Club (Calif.); Sons 
of Amor. Rev. (State Bd. of Managers. 19.33); 
Le Conte Club (geological), (Pres., 1937). 
Religion: Methodist. 
Politics: Republican. 
Recreations: Music and photography. 
Bus. Address: Ferry Bldg., San Francisco, 

Home Address: 555 Post St., San Francisco. 

BRADLEY, Jr.. Captain Willis Winter, 

U. S. Navy, B.S., M.S. 
Navy Officer. 

Born: Ransomville (N.Y.), June 28, 1884; s. 
of Sarah Anne (Johnson) and Willis Winter 

Education: Curtis Commercial College, Min- 
neapolis (Minn.), 1902; United States Naval 
Academy; George Washington Univ.; U. S. 
Naval War Colelge. 

Degrees: B.S., U.S.N. A., 1906; M.S., Geo. 
Wash. U.. 1914. 

Married: Sue Worthington. d. of Elizabeth 
and Henry Cox, at Baltimore (Md.), Oct., 
1907; ch.; Elizabeth, Susan, Anne and Jose- 
• phine. 

Prof. Record: U. S. Navv; Ck)v. of Guam, 


Navy Service: Midshipman, U. S. Naval 

Acad., May 6, 1903; served in all grades and 

promoted to Capt.. July 1. 1933. 

Decorations: Congressional Medal of Honor 

(World War I). 

Memberships: Army and Navy Country (Wash- 
ington, DC); Masonic (Long Beach, Calif), 
Masonic-Blue Lodge (Forman, N.D.); Chap- 
ter and R. A. Commandery (Annapolis. Md.); 
National Sojourners (Long Beach. Calif.), 
(2nd Nat'l Vice-Pres.). 

Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recerations: Civic work. 

Bus. Address: Federal Bldg.. Long Beach, 

Home Address: 284 Argonne Ave., Long 
Beach, Calif. 

BRADY. Caroline. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 

Instructor in English, University of Calif., 
College of Agriculture. 

Born: Tientsin (China). Oct. 3. 1905; d. of 
Maud (Short) and David John Brady. 

Education: Univ. of Calif (Los Angeles); U. 
of Calif. (Berkeley). 

Degrees: A.B.. U.C.L.A., 1928; M.A., 1929; 
Ph.D., 1935. U. of Calif (Berkeley). 

Prof. Record: Has been Instr. in English. U. 



of Calif., Coll. of Agriculture, Davis, since 

Publications: Various articles in professional 

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics; Democrat. 

Bus. Address: Univ. of Calif., Coll. of Agri- 
culture, Davis, Calif. 

Home Address: 132 So. Laurel Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif.; University Hotel, Davis, Calif. 

BRADY, Florence Norma. A.B. 
Registrar and Secretary of the Faculty, Oc- 
cidental College. 

Born: Muncie (Ind), Sept. 1899; d. of Anna 
L. (Newman) and Arthur C. Brady. 
Education: Occidental College. 
Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1919. 
Prof. Record: Began her career in the office 
of District C. Board of Fire Underwriters of 
the Pacific, where she remained from 1919- 
27; left her secretarial position there to go 
to Occidental Coll. as Asst. Registrar in 
1927; Acting Registrar, 1928-29; Registrar 
and Secy, of the Faculty, 1929—. 
Directorships: Mem. of Academic Senate, 
Western Personnel Service; IMem. of Board of 
Dirs. of Los Angeles Council of Campfire; 
Mem. of Board of Dirs. and Past Pres., Los 
Angeles Girls' Council; Finance Chmn., Calif. 
State Div., Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women 
(Past Pres., Glendale Br., A.A.U.W., 1934- 
35; formerly Vice-Pres., Calif. State Div. 
A.A.U.W.); Past Pres., Pacific Coast Assn. 
Collegiate Registrars, 1936-37. 
Memberships: Gamma Kappa Theta Sorority. 
Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Varied. 

Bus. Address: 1600 Campus Rd., Los Angeles, 

Home Address: 1447 Armadale Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BRADY. Joseph Donald. LL.B. 

Born: New Haven (Conn.), Feb. 6, 1899; s. 
of Ellen (Carter) and John Edward Brady. 
Education: Yale Univ.; Georgetown Law Sch. 
Degrees: LL.B., Georgetown U., 1920. 
Married: Edith, d. of Fannie (Campbell) and 
Richard M. Sheridan, in New Haven (Conn.), 
June 24, 1925; ch.: Joan Edith (b. 1927) and 
Donald (b. 1931). 

Prof. Record: Asso. in law firm of Marsh, 
Stoddard & Day, Bridgeport (Conn.), 1920-21; 
Atty. for Pub. Utilities Commn., Hartford 
(Conn.), 1921-22; Tax Counsel for New York, 
New Haven and Hartford R. R. Co. and 
subsidiaries, 1922-29; in pvt. practice as Tax 
Specialist in Los Angeles (Calif.), since 1929; 
Lecturer apptd. by Los Angeles Bar Assn. to 
lecture on income taxes in post-admission 
courses conducted by that Assn.; gave series 
of 28 lectures on income, death, and gift 
taxes to spl. class of Los Angeles Chapter of 
Amer. Inst, of Banking during the sch. year, 

Directorships: Dir., Bullock's, Inc.; Weber 
Trailer and Mfg. Co. (Los Angeles). 
Publications: Contributor of articles on 
Taxation to the Tax Magazine. 

Memberships: Wilshire Country Club; Delta 

Religion: Catholic. 
Recreations: Golf. 

Bus. Address: Title Insurance Bldg., 433 So. 
Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home Address: 2460 Gramercy Park, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BRADY. Matthew F.. LL.B. 
District Attorney, City and County of San 

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Apr. 1, 1876; 
s. of Elizabeth (Murray) and Thomas Francis 

Education: Emerson Primary Sch.; Hamilton 
Grammar Sch.; Commercial High Sch. (all 
in San Francisco); Hastings Coll. of Law 
(affiliated with U. of Calif.). 
Degrees: LL.B., Hastings Coll. of Law, 1899. 
Married: Edith Crome, at San Francisco 
(Calif.), 1915. 

Prnf. Record: Graduated from Hastings Coll. 
of Law, 1899, and admitted same year; Mem., 
Bd. of Civil Service Commn., 1907-08, 1912- 
14; resigned, and was apptd. by Mayor Rolph 
as Judge of Police Court in 1914; elected to 
office of District Attorney of the city and 
county of S. F. in 1919, and still retains that 

Memberships: State Bar of Calif.; Bar Assn. 
of S. F.; Elks, Eagles, Foresters of Amer., 
Moose, Druids, Woodmen of the World, In- 
dependent Order of Foresters, Native Sons of 
the Golden West, South of Market Boys, Inc. ; 
Nat'l Union Assurance Soc. ; Olympic and 
Harding Park Golf Clubs. 
Bus. Address: 550 Montgomery St., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 1445 - 10th Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

BRAGDON. Sarah Coleman. 

Composer, Pianist, Teacher. 

Born: Santa Clara (Calif.), Feb. 1, 1880; d. 

of Jennie and Theodore Coleman. 

Married: John Ransom, s. of C. C. Bragdon, 

at Pasadena (Calif.), June 26, 1900. 

Publications: Many piano pieces (mostly for 

children) pub. by Arthur P. Schmidt Co.. 

Summy, Presser, Ditson, and Boston Music 


Memberships: Tuesday Musicale (Pasadena). 

Religion: Liberal. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreations: Tennis and walking. 

Home Address: 735 La Loma Rd., Pasadena 

Calif. * 

BRAHAMS, The Reverend Raymond 
Irving. A.B., Th.B. 

Minister, Community Presbyterian Church, 
Laguna Beach, Calif. 

Born: Chicago (111.), Sept. 13, 1899; s. of 
Inga Marie (Torjorrsen) and Alf R. Brahams. 
Education: South Pasadena High School; Oc- 
cidental College (L.A.); Princeton Theological 

Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1922; Th.B., 
Princeton Theol. Sem., 1925. 
Married: Ellen Adair, d. of Bettie A. and 
Harry H. Godber, at Pasadena (Calif.), Sept. 



16, i;)2'I; ch.: Raymond Irving, Jr., Harry, 
Edward Adair and HIcliard Alf. 
Prof. Record: Minister, Community Presbyn. 
Church (Layuna IJeach). 

Directorshipn: Mem., Council of the Synod 
of Calif, and Nevada, of the Presbyterian 
Church, U.S.A. 

Army Sevrice: Served in United States Infan- 
try during World War I. 

Me7nbers)iips: Friar Club. (Princeton. N..I.), 
Rotary Club, Amer. Legion Post 222, Life 
Member Laguna Beach Art Assn., "Religious 
Leaders of America." 
Religion: Presbyterian. 
Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: Community Presby. Church, 
Lacuna Beach, Calif. 

Home Address: 361 Holly St., Laguna Beach, 
Calif. • 

BRAMBLE, Aileen Franklin. 

Co-publisher, The Enterprise; South San 
Francisco Journal and Brisbane Star. 
Born: Redfield (S. D.), Sept. 16, 1893; d. 
of Minnie Edyth (Smith) and Silas Ralph 

Education: Schools in Montana; last attended 
at Twin Bridges. 

Married: Earl Emerson, s. of Geo. Thornton 
Bramble, Havre (Mont.), June 20, 1915; ch.: 
Geo. (24), Benjamin Franiilin (19) and 
Shirley Elizabeth (17). 

Bus. Record: Worked in a telephone office 
at Twin Bridges (Mont.), while attending 
school; housewife for eight years after mar- 
riage; started in the printing and publishing 
bus. with her husband in Tacoma (Wash.), 
1917, and came to Calif, in 1922; est. print- 
ing plant in South S. F. with husband, 1925, 
printing newspaper. The Enterprise. Pur- 
chased the newspaper from Geo. F. Morrell, 
1928, and merged with the Journal, previously 
purchased from Hoyle Printing Co. In 1936, 
Mrs. Bramble incorporated and took her 
brother, Logan D. Franklin, in as partner, 
and has since operated as "Industrial City 
Publishing Company"; founded Brisbane Star, 
1939, making three separate newspapers, all 
three of which Mrs. Bramble is Publisher, 
In addition to writing news. 
Directorships: Dir. and officer of Indust. City 
Pub. Co., So. S. F. 

Publications: The Enterprise; So. San Fran- 
cisco Journal, Brisbane Star. 
Memberships: Ord. of the East. Star (Asso. 
Matron, will be Matron in 1941) ; Amer. Leg. 
Aux.; V.F.W. Aux.; Woman's Club of So. 
S. F.; Bu. and Prof. Woman's Club (Past 
Pres.), (founder of local club); P.T.A. 
(publicity chmn.). 

Religion: Methodist. 

Politics: Republican. 

Recreation: Swimming, dancing, ice-skating, 

golf, horseback riding. 

Bus. Address: 411 Grand Ave., So. San 

Francisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 520 Magnolia Ave., So. San 

Francisco, Calfi. • 

BRAND. Lillian, A.B. 
Teacher and Writer. 

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Sept. 5, 1899; 
d. of Emma (Logsdon) and Walter C. Brand. 
Education: Public Schools, (Los Angeles); 
Univ. of Calif. 

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1922. 

Married: Dr. Charles F., Belsmologlst, s. of 
Mrs. Lillian A. Rlchtor, .Santa Ana, July 18. 
1928. ch.: Reginald F. Saunders, Jr., (son 
by a former marriage.) 

Prof. Record: Teacher In Whlttlcr State 
Sch.; taught sub-normals in the L.A. School 

Publications: Author of Delinquenta At 
Wholesale. (Sept. 1930, "Atlantic Monthly"); 
Teaching the Unteachnble, ("Survey Graph- 
ic", April, 1938); Create Your Own Work, 
"Independent Woman", April 1939. Has 
had articles and stories published in Sunday 
Sch. papers, Physical Culture. Health Cul- 
ture, sports magazines, etc. ; intorvievv.s well 
known women about town for the Pasadena 
Star-News; writes features for many Sunday 

Memberships: Calif, Inst, of Tech. Women's 

Religion: Episcopal. 
Politics: Democrat. 

Recreations: Swimming, hiking, gardening, 
volley ball, tennis and ping pong. 
Home Address: 1820 Kenneth Way, Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

BRANDEN, Paul Maerker, Ph.D. 
Author, Translator, Editor, Lecturer. 
Born: Berlin (Ger.), Feb. 27, 1888; s. of 
Sophie (Wiener) and George Leopold Bran- 

Degrees: Ph.D., Univ. of Berlin, 1910. 

Married: Elsa, d. of Louis Weinberg, at 
N.Y.C., Nov. 14, 1924. 

Prof. Record: Came to U.S., 1911; Reporter, 
1911-14, Asst. Mng. Editor, 1914-17, New 
Yorker German Herold; European Rep. for 
M. S. Bentham (Am. theatrical promoters), 
1920-24; Writer (historical and political arti- 
cles on European situation), 1921-33 (syn- 
dicated by "March of Events" sect. Hearst 
Orgn.); Co-Producer opera, Mandragola at 
Princess Theatre, N.Y.C., Mar., 1925; Editor, 
American Monthly, 1925-32; Dialogue Writer 
for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, 1930; free- 
lancing in Hollywood and lecturing in Paci- 
fic Coast states since 1937; Staff -Writer, 
News Research Service, Inc. (L.A., Calif.) 
Publications: Author: with Dr. Erich Koch- 
Weser, Germ,any in the Post-War World 
(Dorrance and Co.), 1930; with Emile Gauv- 
reau. Hot News (Macaulay), 1931; with G. 
H. Heinecke, No More Reparations (Euro- 
press), 1932; with Countess Larisch and Elsa 
Branden, Her Majesty Elizabeth (Doubleday, 
Doran and Co.), 1934, and Secrets of a Royal 
House (John Long, Ltd., London), 1934; with 
S. A. Tannenbaumn, The Patient's Dilemma 
(Coward-McCann), 1935; with Mohammed 
Essed-Bey and Elsa Branden, Nicholas II, 
Prisoner of the Purple (Hutchinson and Co., 
London), 1936, (Funk and Wagnalls, N.Y.), 
1937: and Reza Shah, Self -Made Monarch 
(Hutchinson and Co.), 1926; et al. Transla- 
tions into German: Gertrude Atherton's 
Black Oxen, Fallon's The Last Waryiing, et 
al. ; collaborative translations: The Two 
Battles of the Marne (Cosmopolitan), 1927, 
.As They Saw Us (Doubleday. Doran and 
Co.), 1929, et al.; translator from German: 
Dr. Paul Kammerer's Rejuvenation and The 
Prolongation of Human Efficiency (1923), 
and The Inheritance of Acquired Character- 
istics (1924) (both pub. Boni and Liveright) ; 
Dr. Sigmund Freud's Problem of Lay Anal- 
ysis (Brentano), 1927; et al. 
Army Service: During World War with For- 



eign Language Div., Liberty Loan Orgn.; on 
George Creel's Com. on Public Information; 
witness for U.S. Senate, Judiciary Com. 
investigating German war-time propaganad, 

Home Address: 1843 No. Cherokee Ave., Hol- 
lywood, Calif. 

BRANDT, Professor Jesse Christian. 

A.B., M.A. 

Professor of Mathematics and Business Mana- 
ger La Verne College. 

Born: Hemet (Calif.), Oct. 26, 1893; s. of 
Sarah (Yoder) and Christian Jacob Brandt. 
Education: Covina and Bonita High Schools; 
La Verne Acad.; La Verne Coll.; Pomona 
Coll.; Univ. of So. Calif.; Univ. of Calif. 
Degrees: A.B., Pomona ColL, 1917, and M.A., 
U. of Calif., 1920. 

Married: Kathryn, d. of Elizabeth (Earhart) 
and Henry Bobmerger, Pasadena (Calif.), 
1919- ch • Sarah Elizabeth, Lloyd Carlton, 
Berince Maurine, Dorothy Louise, Daryl Eu- 
gene and Marian Ruth. 

Prof Record: Prof, of Mathematics at La 
Verne Coll., 1920-; Registrar, 1925-27; Dir. 
of Admissions from 1929-1937; Business 
Mgr., 1937—. 

Directorships: Secy., Bd. of Trustees, La 
Verne Coll., and Dir., Farmers and Mer- 
chants Bank of La Verne. 
Memhershivs: Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Delta 

Religion: Church of the Brethem. 
Politics: Democrat. 
Recreations: Golf and ping pong. 
Bus. Address: La Verne College, La Verne, 

Home Address: 2556 Third St., La Verne, 

BRANDT, The Reverend John Lincoln, 


Clergyman — Lecturer. 

Born: Somerset (Ohio), Oct. 26, 1860; s. of 
Elizabeth (Loveberry) and Isaac Brandt. 
Education: Somerset (Ohio); Philadelphia 

Degeres: LL.D., 1906, Christian Coll. (Hen- 
derson, Tenn.) 

Married: (1) Nina Marquis; ch.: Nina, Mark 
and John; (2) Grace Lee, d. of L. C. 
Crutcher, St. Louis (Mo.), 1908; ch.: Bonnie 
Belle, Pauline and Joseph. 
Prof Record: Pastorates: St. Louis (Mo.); 
Denver (Colo.); Toledo (Ohio); Melbourne 
(Australia); Los Angeles (Calif.); Muskogee 
(Okla.). Lyceum and Chau. Lecturer, World 
Traveler, (4 years foreign travel, covering 
32 nations). 

Publications: Turning Points In Life; The 
Lord's Supper; Great Bible Questions; Find- 
ing Christ; Marriage and the Home; Anglo- 
sa.xon Supremacy; Origen Churches, etc.. 
Writer for religious journals. 
Memberships: Papayrus Club, Mason, Lyons 

Religion: Christian (Disciples of Christ). 
Politics: Independent Republican. 
Recreations: Traveling, fishing, swimming. 
Bits, and Home Address: 625 No. Berendo. 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

BRANDT, Karl, Agr.D. 

Economist, and Professor of Agriculture Ec- 
onomics, Food Research Institute, Stanford 

Born: Essen (Germany), Jan. 9, 1899; s. 
of Wilhelma (Troschwitz) and Maximilian 

Education: Received his education from the 
Colleges of Agr., Berlin and Hohenheim and 
from the Univ. of Berlin. 

Degrees: Dipt. Agr., Hohenheim, 1921; Agr. 
D., Berlin, 1926. 

Married: Anitta Hewel von Lindenfels, d. of 
Baroness Elsa (von Lindenfels) and Anton 
Hewel. Cologne (Germany), Sept. 28, 1901. 
ch.: Klaus, Jobst, Gotz and Ralph. 
Prof. Record: Chief Appraiser and Dir. of 
the Domanenbank, (Berlin), 1925-27; Agri- 
cultural Economic Adviser, Preussische Zen- 
tral-Genossenschafts-Kasse, (Berlin), 1928- 
29; Prof, of Agricultural Economics and 
Dir. of Institut fur Landwirschaftliche 
Marktforschung, Landwirtschaftllche Hoch- 
schule, (Berlin), 1929-33; Prof, of Agricul- 
tural Economics, New Sch. for Social Re- 
search, (New York), 1933-38; Visiting Re- 
search Prof., Louisana State U., (summer 
and fall terms), 1937-38; Economist and 
Prof, of Agricultural Economics, Food Re- 
search Inst., Stanford U., since 1938. 
Publications: Author of many books, broch- 
ures, and articles in English, German and 

Religion: Protestant Episcopal. 
Recreations: Skiing, riding horseback, hiking, 

garden work and carpentry. 

Business Address: Food Research Institute, 

Stanford University, Calif. 

Home Address: 221 Kingsley Ave., Palo Alto, 

BRANN, Walter Scott, Ph.B., LL.B. 


Born- San Francisco (Calif.), Nov. 29, 1869; 

s. of Olive H. (Monroe) and Lorin Brann. 

Education: Public Schools of Calif. 

Degrees: Ph.B., U. of Calif., 1893; LL.B., 

Hastings Coll. of the Law, 1896. 

Married: Jessie Benton, d. of Charles D. 

Hatheway, at S. F. (Calif.), April 15, 1903; 

ch.: Eleanor B. McClure, Margaret B. Coop- 
er and Olive B. King. 

Prof. Record: Engaged in the general prac- 
tice of the law since 1895 in S. F. (Calif.) 

Directorships: Santa Fe Lumber Co. 

Memberships: Bohemian Club; Beta Theta 

PI, Phi Delta Phi. 

Religion: Protestant. 

Politics: Republican. 

Bus. Address: 2100 Mills Tower, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Home Address: 120 Dracena Ave., Piedmont, 

BRANT, LeRoY Verne, Mus.B., A.A.G.O., 

Mus.M., A.T.C.L. 

Director, Institute of Music, San Jose. 

Born: Lexington (Neb.), Dec. 3, 1890, s. of 

Nancy Elizabeth (Pyrtle) and Jacob Brant. 

Education: College of Pacific; Chicago Musi- 
cal College. 

Degrees: Mus.B., 1913; A.A.G.O., 1919; Mus. 

M., 1924; A.T.C.L., 1937. 

Married: Marjorie Louise, d. of Emma and 



John Fllzloff, San Jose (Calif.), Sept. 2-1. 


Prof. Ricord: Cholrmn.sttT, Organist. Author, 

lill3- -. DIr., San Jose Municipal Chorus. 

t924- ; Oi'Ranlst and Choirm;islor. Trinity 

Epls. Church. 1921 — :, San Jose 

Scottish Rite Bodies, 1919—; Writer of Music 

Feature and Music Critic, San Jose Mercury 

Herald, 1919—; DIr., Inst, of Music (San 

Jose). 1919—. 

Publications: Beauty (vol. of verse), 1930; 

Immortal Singers (vol. of verse), 1936. 

Memberships: Friendship Lodge 210, Masons; 

Scottish Rite Bodies (San Jose); Fraternity 

Chapter, O.E.S.; Amer. Guild of Organists 

(San Jose Chap.); Poetry Club (San Jose). 

Religion: Protestant (Episcopal). 

Fjlitics: Republican. 

Recreations: Billiards, writing verse, cards 

and travel. 

Home Address: 1166 Martin Ave., San Jose, 

Calif. • 

BRAUN, Maurice. 

Portrait Painter, Landscape Artist. 

Born: Nagy Bittse (Hun