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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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Standard Biographical Reference Books 



A Biographical Dictionary of ttie Leading ItiTing Men of the City of 
Chicago. First Eklition, 1906; Second Edition, 1911; Third Edition 
ready about Jan. 1, 1917. Quarto, Full Ootb, 18.50; Half Leather, 
Gilt Edge. $12.50. 


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A Biographical Dictionary of Notable Living Men and Women of the 
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Bienlally. Eight editions of this great biographical reference book 
have been published as follows: 

Vol. V —1908-1909 

Vol. VI —1910-1911 
Vol. VII —1912-1913 
Vol. VIII— 1914-1915 

Vol. I —1899-1900 
Vol. II —1901-1902 
Vol. lU— 1903-1905 
Vol. IV— 1906-1907 

Vol. IX— 1916-1917, ready May, 1916. 
12mo.: Red Cloth, about 3,000 pages. Price, $6.00. 



A poem of the present time. By Thedore Tllton. Decorative border 
design of the Trailing Arbutus (from which the book takes its theme), 
by Ralph Fletcher Seymour. Drawings by W. J. Enrlght. A beautiful 
half-tone portrait of the Author. India tint paper, uncut edges, Qilt 
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A complete natural history for popular home instruction and for 
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Its treatment with regard to after development. By Emil Behnke 
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Any of the Above Books Sent Postpaid on Receipt of Price by 

A. N. MARQUIS & CO., Publishers, Chicago, HI. 

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Chicago: A. N. MARQUIS & COMPANY, Publishers 

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R 1S16 ^ 

Copyright, 1909, by Albert Nelson Marquis 
Copyright, 1915, by Albert Nelson Marquis 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 


Who's Who in New England was first published in 1909, receiving 
a most gratifying reception. It was recognized at the outset as an 
invaluable book, alike in the home, the library, and in the business office. 
Time has confirmed this favorable opinion concerning the general 
merits of the work, its comprehensiveness and its accuracy. As a book 
of ready reference, it has from the first been in constant requisition. 
The up-to-date merchant, the professional man, the alert inquirer, 
whatever his vocation, keeps this handy volume upon his desk, within 
easy reach. 

A new edition, revised, enlarged, and brought down to date, has 
been called for, and the present volume is presented as the best possible 
response to that demand. This edition contains many names not listed 
in the earlier issue — names unavoidably overlooked in a first edition — 
and also a large number that have come into prominence since the first 
edition was published. The work of revision has been painstaking 
and thorough. Not only have many names been added, but nearly 
all of the original sketches have been rewritten in order that the best 
possible arrangement of the data for easy reference purposes might 
be secured. 

A casual examination of these pages will disclose not only the 
presence of scores of new names, but also the absence of names which 
appeared in the earlier issue. These omissions are accounted for by 
reason of death, removals to other parts of the country, impossibility 
of finding present addresses, and a few because they are no longer 
regarded as of sufficient importance. 

The names of those whose life-sketches appeared in the first 
edition, but who have died or have been dropped for various other 
reasons, have been inserted in this volume in their original alphabetical 
place, with a reference to the volume of 1909, in which the biographical 
sketch appeared, and, if deceased, the fact has been noted, with the date 
of death, when known. 

This feature will be of particular value to those who may wish to 
secure reliable biographical information about many who were promi- 
nent in business, social, or intellectual life in the opening years of the 
twentieth century, but who have passed to the "great beyond," leaving 
no other printed record of their life-work. 

In the remakipg of Who's Who in New England — for this is p?jid^lc 


tically a new book from beginning to end— every proper source of 
available names has been drawn upon and every reasonable effort has 
been made to procure the requisite data from all who were deemed 
eligible for inclusion. Nevertheless, names which should have been 
included will be missed; but in practically all such cases the omission 
is not in the least due to inadvertence or the lack of effort on the part 
of those having the preparation of the book in hand. Not only were 
written requests sent by mail, but they were supplemented in numerous 
instances by personal solicitation. The great majority of those applied 
to responded freely and in a courteous manner. To these, thanks are 
hereby extended. A few, however, furnished information with evident 
reluctance, while others showed complete indifference, letting the 
request for data go wholly unnoticed. 

Some names which frequently appear in the newspapers are con- 
spicuous by their absence, for the reason that Who's Who in New 
England has endeavored to include only persons of reputable vocation 
and high standing, caring nothing for mere notoriety, but everything 
for commendable notability. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing reasons, which prevented the 
inclusion of many names, the publication may make just claim to 
greater completeness, a greater degree of accuracy, and a more 
dependable and authoritative record in regard to the leaders iik.the 
business, professional, industrial, official, and intellectual life of the 
New England States than has ever before been attained. 

To make such a publication dependable, it is necessary that it 
should be unpurchasable. Who's Who in New England has been com- 
piled as a permanent reference book, and all of the sketches have been 
inserted with that fact in view. Not one has been paid for, or inserted 
for any financial consideration. 

To secure accuracy, the greatest care has been taken. In every 
case where possible, the facts were procured at first hands, and the 
sketches were submitted for verification and correction, thus giving 
to the book a quality practically autobiographical. In this painstaking 
way its authenticity has been safeguarded and its value as a reference 
book greatly enhanced. 

The volume has been confined to living subjects, because the pur- 
pose from the first has been to furnish a dictionary of contemporaries 
and to mirror current progress and history as reflected only in life- 

During the daily work and turmoil of life, one finds but little 
opportunity to become acquainted with those oiitfidl! u9049v9^Pv.ii^ti- 


mate circle, whose personalities are of most interest. The reader can 
doubtless think of many leading New Englanders of whom he would 
like to know: "Where did they come from; where and how were they 
educated ; what is their home life, their religious, social, and political 
environment; and what have been the chief steps in their careers? If 
the reader will turn to such names, he will find just the information 

Many and varied are the interests controlled or represented by 
those whose life-histories are here outlined. In fact, in all lines of 
useful achievement, the book furnishes as complete a compendium 
and epitome of personal datia, in regard to those most prominently 
identified with the best movements and interests of their respective 
localities as it has been possible to procure by patient care, experienced 
methods, and large expenditure. 

To the press this volume presents features of easily recognized 
usefulness. Here the newspaper man will find facts which are of great 
value, and by the use of the book the exasperating errors resulting 
from the hasty picking up of details from unreliable sources may be 
in large measure avoided. The truth is here plainly stated, every item 
being presented in concise, condensed form, so that it may be at once 
grasped and understood. 

In number and representative selection of subjects, accuracy of 
detail and authoritative usefulness as a work of reference, it is con- 
fidently claimed that Who's Who in New England is the most complete 
compilation of New England biography ever printed. 

While it is not claimed that the book represents infallibility or 
inerrancy, it is confidently put forth as the best that has so far been 
produced among books of local contemporary biography. 

The thousands of persons who are familiar with Who's Who in 
America (and who is not familiar with it?) will at once recognize in 
that well-known standard biographical dictionary of notable living 
Americans the prototype of Who's Who in New England. That 
publication is, indeed, the model upon which Who's Who in New 
England has been fashioned, with one distinct difference : Who's Who 
in America has to do with the notable men and women of all the states 
in the union — ^living Americans of national and international promi- 
nence — ^whereas Who's Who in New England deals exclusively with 
residents of the New England States, or with persons who are closely 
identified with the interests and activities of those states. It will be 
seen, therefore, that while the present volume owes ij| jg^pg^pjipg Ja ,^ 


Who's Who in America, it by no means attempts to supplant or super- 
sede the latter, but aims, rather to serve as a useful supplement and 

This mil be better appreciated when it is known that 10,065 
of the personal sketches in the New England book are not contained 
in the national volume. Indebtedness is acknowledged for 2,779 
sketches borrowed from Who's Who in America. 

With Who's Who in America and Who's Who in New Enolakd 
side by side on the reference shelf, any library, private or public, will 
be enriched with biographical data, many of which are nowhere else 
in print, and most of which are nowhere else accessible for reference 
purposes in any form. 

October 1, 1915. 

Digitized by 



Principal abbreviations used in this book 

Degree of Associate of Arts. 

American Association for the 

Advancement of Science. 

Ai^^/^g Assistant adjutant-general. 

MMJijeM. American Board of Commis- 
sioners for Foreign Missions 
( Congregational) . 
AJ. (b1soB.A.). . ..Bachelor of Arts. 

MJO Analytical chemist. 

Aead Academy, Academic. 

A-d.^ Aide-de-camp. 

Ad] Adjutant: Adjunct 

AAaadF Ambassador Extraordinary and 


AJt.vtJ, American Federation of Labor. 

Afr Agriculture. 

tiA Agricultural. 

Act Agent. 

AXA American Institute of Archi- 
Ala Alabama. 

American Library Association. 


. (also K.A.) . . .Master of Arts. 

American Medical Association. 

African Methodist EpiscopaL 

American Society of Civil En- 

Associate National Academi- 


An Annual. 

ABthnp Anthropological. 

haMn Antiquarian. 

Appmt Appointment. 

Apptd Appointed. 

iL^j-m. Assistant quartermaster. 

Antool Archseologlcal. 

AzU Arizona. 

Aik Arkansas. 

Aitf Artillery. 

Asa Association. 

Aaso Associate. 

AMt Assistant. 

ActrOB Astronomical. 

ActiophTa Astrophyslcal. 

Attr Attorney. 

A«f August 

At Avenue. 

b. Bom. 

BA. (also A.B.) ... Bachelor of Arts. 

BAcr Bachelor of Agriculture. 

B.C British Columbia. 

■.our Bachelor of Surgery. 

ai»t Baptist. 

ii&i Bachelor of Civil Engineering. 

Bd Board. 

BJB Bachelor of Divinity. 

&F.A Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

Bailor Bibliographical. 

1^77. Biblical. 

Btor Biographical. 

Bin. Biological. 

BX. (orUttJB.) . . . Bachelor of Letters. 

Bldr Building. 

BJaJ Bachelor of Library Science. 

BJ4>.B Benevolent and Protective Or- 
der of Eaks. 

Bet Botanical. 

Bool Boulevard. 

B.M.(orVa3.) Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

Bite Brigadier. 

Bm British, Brltannica. 

Bilt.Aan. AdT. Sel.Britlsh Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science. 

Bro Brother. 

B.8. (also S3, or Bo A) Bachelor of Science. 

BtiU Bulletin. 

Bar ; Bureau. 

BTt Brevet. 

Brtd Brevetted. 

Cal California. 

Cmi Canada. 

Cast Captain. 

0«T Cavalry. 

C3.B Bachelor of Christian Science. 

ex. Civil Engineer. 

Oil Church. 

Chem Chemical. 

Chlxnzr Chirurglcal. 

Chum Chairman. 

ClT Civil. 

Cl^iiktoi Climatological. 

OUn Clinical. 

C.JB Master in Surgery. 

Co Company; county. 

Col Colonel. 

Coll College. 

Colo Colorado. 

Con Committee. 

Comd Commanded. 

Oomdf Commanding. 

Oomdr Commander. 

Conund (joramissloned. 

Comaui Commission. 

Oommr Commissioner. 

Confad Confederate. 

Oonf Conference. 

COBgl Congregational. 

Oongllst Congregationallat. 

Oonn Connecticut. 

Oonatl Constitutional. 

Conatn Constitution. 

Ooaetm Construction. 

Oontlkl Contributed. 

Ooatbns Contributions. 

COBtbr Contributor. 

Oonv Convention. 

Ootpl Corporal. 

OotpB Corporation. 

OoPT Correspondent, Corresponding. 

Coa Companies. 

C.P.A Certified Public Accountant 

0.8.A (or CAArmj) Confederate States Army. 
CSjr. (or O.B.W«vy) Confederate States Navy. 

Ot Court 

Oyclo Cyclopedia. 

d Daughter. 

S.Anr Doctor of Agriculture. 

S^B Daughters of the American 


D.O District of Columbia. 

D.O.t Doctor of Civil Law. 

l)j> Doctor of Divinity. 

I)j),S Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

Sao December. 

Seff Degree. 

Del Delaware; delegate. 

])«ni Democratic. 

D^iur. (also ST.BiicrlBff.. or BJ>.) •■• I^octor of En- 

Dap Deputy. 

Dept Department 

Dermatol Dermatological. 

Dlr Director. 

Diet District 

DlT Division; divinity. 

SJdtt. (also K.HJ>.) Doctor of Literature. 

D.V.K. (or SrJPJL) Diploma in Public Health, or 
Doctor of Public Health. 

uigiLi^eu uy -n^j v^ \^^ ■ \^ 

8 ABBREVIATIONS— Continued (or BoJl.) . . . .Doctor of Science. JJD Doctor of Jurisprudence. 

S.T.B Doctor of Veterinary Surgery. Joor Journal. 

Jnd .Judicial. 

■ Kaat. J.VJ> ^<irl« Utriusque Doctor. 

BoolM Ecclesiastical. Doctor of Both (Canon and 

Booa Economic. Civil) Laws. 

BJ> Doctor of EnglneerlnK. 

Bd .Educated. K»a Kansas. 

Sdlt Edition. K,V Knights of Prtbias. 

Bda Education. K.T Knight Templar. 

Bdal Educational. Z7 Kentucky. 

B.B Electrical Engineer. 

B.X. and X.P Envoy Extraordinary and Min- Salt Laboratory. 

Ister Plenipotentiary. JMaf Language. 

BlTTPtol .Egyptological. £a Louisiana. 

Buc Electrical. iMengoX Laryngologlcal. 

SlaotroohMn ElectrochemlcaL JtMJi Doctor of Literature (also D. 

BlaotxopIiTS Electrophysical. Lltt.). 

B.M Engineer of Mines. £JI Long Island. 

B1107 Encydopsedla. Ut Literary, Literature. 

Baf England. UttB. (or BX.) . . .Bachelor of Letters. 

BaffT Engineer. LlttJ> Doctor of Letters. 

Bagrlnf E^nglneering. £Xi,B Bachelor of Laws. 

Batomol Entomological. £^S Doctor of Laws. 

e.s Eldest son. &JB.OJP Licentiate Royal Coll. Physi- 

BtluMl Ethnological. clans. 

Xvaac Evangelical. IiJkC.8 Licentiate Royal CoU. Surgeons. 

BSMtt Exanrunation. S.B>ft. Licentiate Soc. of Apothecaries. 

Bsllba Exhibition. JA Lieutenant. 

Bzso Executive. &t.-OaT Lieutenant-governor. 

Bspda Expedition. &iitli Lutheran. 

B^B Exposition. 

BiVt Experiment. m Married. 

ILA. (or AJL) Master of ArU. 

r«b February. 5!"*<f Master of Agriculture. 

»U Florida. "Kf M?fJ?-'°®- 

Piat Fratemltv ■■•) Major. 

K' Frellht J^"" Massachusetts. 

ft Port >"»tli Mathematical. 

""^ ■ M.B Bachelor of Medicine. 

Cto (3eorgiGu "-^ Member of Congress. 

«^: ::::::::::: -gj^a Army o^ the Republic «gt . . . . Merchant. 

SSi'. •.•.•.•.•.•.-.•.•. ■.•.•.•.•.oSSemL"^^*^'^- «J» -Master of Didactics. 

OmmsI Oenealoglcal. K wSI'^i^'^- 

Cl60d Geodetic "" Aiame. 

OMW : : : : : : : .aeograpincal, Geographic. >** Mechanical Engineer; Methodist 

0»tf Geological. -_^^ y^,^f^S3}- 

OoT Oovpnior MMa Mechanical. 

oi?t::..:.:::::;::GSvl™ment. !K5-** JJSiV"*','^* Episcopal church. 

Orad Graduated, Graduate. "K'- m!2:k^- 

g.s Grandson. ^SP" wf 5?^SI«t.« 

"'"•""^ Gynecological. S2;iiii.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.SJlU??Sll,Vlcal. 

_ . __ „ , .. -MtiOi Methodist 

54JI'" Headquarters. Mettol Metrologlcal. 

MX. . . . . ...... . . . .Hawaiian Islands. lIMaU Metallurgical. 

«.T». (or K.T.) .... Hawaiian Terrltorv. jgjg Master of Forestry. 

5»« Historical, Historic. yut Manufacturing. 

5^""» Homoeopathic. -mxt Manufacture : manufacturer. 

Hoa Honorary, Honorable, Honor- Max Manager 

_ ,_ „a'''y ..„ ... Sroh Michigan. 

KO. of Bap House of Representatives. mores Microscopical 

lort Horticultural. HU Military. 

■"~ HosplUl. maa Minnesota. 

Hydrographic. mas Mississippi. 

MX Master of Laws. 

Xft Iowa. mis Mademoiselle (Miss). 

Ids Idaho. MCbm Madame. 

ni Illinois. lEar Managing. 

XUns Illustrated. MCo Missouri. 

lad Indiana. MCoa* Montana. 

lad. Tj Indian Territory. Itrd Master of Pedagogy. 

IBf Infantry. K.FX Master of Patent Law. 

Ins Insurance. MA.O.P .Member Royal College of Physl- 

IBsp Inspector. clans. 

last Institute. lUkO.S .Member Royal Coll. Surgeons. 

bsta Institution. MCB. (or BCSo.) .... Master of Science. 

nurtra Instruction. IK Mount. 

Xastr Instructor. ICta Mountain. 

latMast International. misA Bachelor of Music. 

Intro Introduction. irasJ>. (or MCns. Soc) Doctor of Music. 

£Ojr Independent Order of Foresters. ICas Museum; musical. 

I.O.OJr Independent Order of Odd Fel- Mat Mutual. 

lows. MiW.A Modern Woodmen of America. 

Myool Mycologlcal. 

Jsa January. 

gMB JurHt Canonici Bachelor. 9 North. 

J,OX Jurif Canonici Lector. B.A National AcademicianI ^ 

losp. . . 


Vat Js'ational. 

KB Nev Brunswick. 

V.O North Carolina. 

VJ> North Dakota. 

■.X Jiortbeast, also New EIngland. 

MJLM. .National Educational Associa- 

M.B.OJP New England Order of Protec- 

Veb Nebraska. 

>«T Nevada 

MM National Guard. 

WJtJK.T National Guard State of New 


MX New Hampshire. 

MJ New Jersey. 

VJI New Mexico. 

Sov November. 

■* Near. 

MM Nova Scotia. 

M.t Jiew Testament. 

Mwalm Numismatic. 

V.W Northwest. 

M.T JJew York (state). 

O Ohio. 

ObBUt Obstetrical. 

Oct October. 

OUa Oklahoma. 

Ost Ontario. 

Opbthal Ophthalmological. 

<R« Oregon. 

Onttbel Ornithological. 

Otgn .Organization. 

OJlB Order of Saint Benedict. 

0.9 Old Testament. 

Otel Otologlcal. 

Va Pennsylvania. 

PsBs Passenger. 

Path Pathological. 

MJ. (or,) . . . Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

nLD Doctor of Pedagogy. 

F.B Protestant Episcopal. 


Doctor of Pharmacy. 

Master of Pharmacy. 

Bachelor of Philosophy. 

RkO Pharmaceutical Chemist. 

Doctor of Philosophy. 

Graduate in Pharmacy. 


Pimol Philological. 

naou Philosophical. 

Ikotor Photographic. 

Pkja Physician, Physical. 

Ilva. and Butt Physicians and Surgeons. 

F^bKA Physiological. 

rx. Philippine Islands. 

n Place. 

V^M Paymaster. 

Mitt Political. 

Fdy Polytechnic. 

Pomel Pomologlcal. 

TjO Province of Quebec. 

rM Porto Rico. 

Pt«p Preparatory. 

PUM President. 

T umhfm Presbyterian. 

VMadl Presidential. 

Mb Principal. 

Vkw Proceedings. 

Vrod Produced ( for production of 


Prof Professor. 

Ttog Progressive. 

Vtojit Proprietor. 

Proa. Atty Prosecuting Attorney. 

Pn> tarn Pro tempore (for the time 


Pardiol Psychological. 

Pob Public, Publisher. Publishing. 

PtfU .Publication. 

Prt Private. 



Quebec (province). 

B.0 Roman Catholic. 

B.OJI Revenue Cutter Service. 

MA Road. 

a>X Reformed Episcopal. 

Bao Recording. 

■act Regiment. 

Bap Republican, Representative. 

Bar Review; Reverend. 

Blilaol RhinologlcaL 

B>I Rhode Island. 

M:r Reformed Preabyterian. 

M^.lt .Rerum PoUtioarum Doctor (Dee- 
tor of Political Science). 

B.B Railroad. 

1^ Railway. 

s Son. 

■ South. 

B.A South America. 

BJLM Sons of the Am. Revolution. 

BM. (also MM. or MeJB.) Bachelor of Science. 

BJO South Carolina. 

S.O.A.P.A Society for Checking the Aboaaa 

of Public Advertiaing (Britlab). 

•oJ>. (or Doctor of Science. 

8.0.T Sons of Confederate Veteraaa, 

■ob School. 

KB South Dakota. 

MM Southeast. 



■am Seminary. 

■apt September. 

■eigt Sergeant. 

BJ Staten Island. 

■^ Society of Jesus (Jesuit). 

■00 Society. 

■eeUd Sociological. 

■pi Special. 

■pltr Specialty. 


Sons of the Revolution. 

MM Sunday School. 

■t Saint; street. 

■ta Station. 

■tatla StatlRtlcal. 

■.SJB Bachelor of Sacred Theology. 

■.TJ> Doctor of Sacred Theology. 

■.TX Licentiate in Sacred Theolonr. 

■apt Superintendent. 

Bvif Surgical. 

■.W. Southwest. 

Taek Technical, Technology. 

Veohaol Technological. 

Tana Tennessee. 

*ar. (or Ty.) Territory. 

Tex Texas. 

TJL (or X,T.) Territory of Hawaii. 

Th.S Doctor of Theology. 

T&JC Master of Theology. 

Theol Theological. 

Toper Topographical. 

Tp .Township. 

Tiaaa Transactions. 

Tranal Translation, Translations. - 

Traas Treasurer. 

Ty. (or Ter.) Territory. 

U University. 

TA United Brethren In Christ. 

U.aT United Confederate Veterans. 

VJ>.0 United Daughters of the Con- 

ValT University. 

U.* United Presbyterian. 

Urol Urologlcal. 

VM TTnlterl State.?. 

VMJl United States Armv. 

VM.O.T U.S. Colored Troops. 

V.^Jr United States Navy. 

UMM-OM United States Revenue Cottar 


V.S.T United States Volunteers. 

▼a Virginia. 

▼at Veteran, Veterinary. 

▼ol Volunteer; Volume. ^ t 

▼-' v'=«-p"5^i^?sfc uy ^oogle 


ABBBEVIATI0N8— Concluded 

Ta Versus (against). 

Tt Vermont 

■W West 

Wash Washington (state). 

W.O.T.V Woman's Christian Temperance 

Wa West Indies. 

Wis Wisconsin. 

W.V» West Virginia. 

Wyo Wyoming. 

TJCO.A Young Men's Christian Assn. 

Ttu Tears. 

Zo51 Zoological. 


A., T. k BJr. By Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 


B. k 1K.MM Boston & Maine R.R. 

B. k O. B.B. Oo Baltimore & Ohio R.R. Co. 

B. k O.B.-W. BJB. . . Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern 

R R. 

a k A. MM Chicago & Alton R.R. 

0.,B. kQ. By. Oo... Chicago, Burlington A Qulncy 

Ry. Co. 
0.iO.,0.kStA. By .Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago 

& St Louis Ry. 

O. k B X BJI Chicago & Eastern Illinois R.R. 

O.O.W. By Chicago Great Western Ry. 

CL, B:. k D. By Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton 

C~X,k&. By Chicago. Indianapolis & Louis- 

ville Ry. 
CM'.kSt.V.By Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul 


O. k B.-W. By Chicago & Northwestern Ry. 

CJtXkP.w Chicago, Rock. Island & Pacific 


O. k 8. By. Oo Colorado & Southern Ry. Co. 

O^M.V.,lLkO.By. .Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis 

& Omaha Ry. 
S. k B.O. BJt. Oo. . Denver & Rio Grande R.R. Co. 

S.,Xh k W. BB Delaware, Lackawanna & West- 
ern R.R. 

QM. By Great Northern Ry. 

I.a BJt Illinois Central R.R. 

1. k OJT. BA International & Great Northern 

R R 

ItX, k W. B.B Lake JSrle St Western R.R. 

£. k B. B.B Louisville & Nashville R.R. 

£Jkk>UI.By Lake Shore & Michigan South- 
ern Ry. 

K.O. B.B Michigan Central R.R. 

]C,X.kT. By Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry. 

1C0.F. By Missouri Paciflc Ry. 

BJP. By Northern Paciflc Ry. 

B.T.O. kBJt.B,B..New York Central & Hudson 
River R.R. 

■'.T.,B.K.kX.BANew York, New Haven & Hart- 
ford R.R. 

Pa. BJL Pennsylvania R.R. 

Psvna. Oo Pennsylvania R.R. Co. 

P. k &.B. BB Pittsburgh & Lake Brie R.R. 

St.&. k BJt. MM. . . .St Louis & San Francisco R.R. 

8.P. Oo Southern Pacific Co. 

T. k P. By Texas & Paciflc Ry. 

V.P. B.B Union Paciflc R.R. 

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A 1887; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1893; asst. In hlBtOl- 

ogy. Harvard Med. Sch., 2 yrs., and house officer »t 

— — , A. Howard, hardware mcht.: b. East ^l^^?,^.°J'^-^^^,^^^°^^°Il^4.^^,i*^^ 
Windsor, Conn.. Apr. 8, 1862; s. Albert and Maria I?/ ""^li ^^«7,?,'„"J- ^J??''^!^' Tniv iV ?^8^m 
Abbe; ed. pub. schs . Eait Windsor and Enfleld. and fn ??;r^?'WjJh^»w^i If Phii« p^^ mI'v 9r VoJn' 

u!l87»K 2d"Neme?arker!^of New B^^41k!''conS^ Hosp,_ Wa verley, Mass,; 1st asst. p_hys.. Nqrtharap- 

Jan. 17, 1883; 2 children, Harry A., A. Parker. Be- 
gan active career as mem. A. H. and E. W. Abbe, 
New Britain, 1880; purchased interest of partner, 
U13, and incorporated as The Abbe Hardware Co., 

ton (Mass.) Insane Hosp., Jan.-Dec, 1899; asst. 
supt Boston City Hosp., 1899-04; 1st asst. phys. to 
Dec, 1909, since pathologist and asst. phys., Mc- 
Lean Hosp. Mem. A.A.A.S., Am. Psychol. Assn., 

of wWch Unres IKd treai • dlr Bur? tt Savl^^^^ A.M.A., Am. Medlco-Psychol. Assn.," Mass. Med. 
Ba^Rov^ Arch Mason"memBPO Elks rI ^°°- Boston Soc. Med. Sciences, Boston Med. Ll- 

vine St. Office: 279 Main St., New Britain. Conn. 

ABBS, AlMUKia Josnth, M.D.; b. Ablngton, Mass. 
Feb. 18,1861; s. Frederic Randolph and Mary Thax- 
ter (Thayer) Abbe; grad. Boston Latin Sch., 1877; 
AB., Harvard, 1881, A.M., 1885; M.D., Harvard Med 
Sch., 1886; m. L. Adelaide Eaton, of Andover, Mass 

and Neurology, Am. Acad. Pollt. and Social Science, 
Nat Municipal League, Mass. Soc. S.R., Bostonlan 
Soc, Boston Economic Club. Home: 692 Pleasant 
St., Belmont, Mass. Office: McLean Hosp., Waver- 
ley. Mass. 

ABBOT, Xdwla Kale, retired ry. official; b. Bev- 
erly, Mass., Jan. 26, 1834 ; s. Joseph Hale and Fran- 
ces ElUngwood (Larcom) Abbot; brother of Henry 
Larcom Abbot; A.6., Harvard. 1866, A.M., 1858; 

£?nn • P^lnH,.^ II"^=*i?'b^"/.^ ^,^'^^^''', Zi^fSEl^ ces ElUngwood (Larcom) Abbot; brother of Henry 

Si?uii.friS'!S!« 'P„J''J'f?i«^'i *^^'^- ^'"i°.f ^^'^'^^ Larcom Abbot; A.B.. Harvard. 1866. A.M., 18B8; 

21tor^i ^qSi 7 ^f™* ^Jl^ °M=*='^'i5L^*"'«^" LL.B., 1862: m. Martha T. Steele, of Portland. Me. 

f^lnrt ?.-i;I- n^.l^i «;,*';h"r,^?*^-.,?^*''v=f??- Sept. 19, 18^6. Law editor Boston Dally Advertiser, 

&S?- »"^ treas._Brlstol South Dlst. s nee 1889), ig62-70 oractlced law. Boston. 1862-76. then re- 

P»ll River Med. Soc. Republican. CongUst. Mason, 
Address: 376 Rock St.. Fall River, Mass. 

— ~o<i>, Vnak Knmpliray. mechanical engr.; b, 
Watklns. N.Y., Mar. 17, 1876; s. Harvey S. and Ce- 

1862-70; practiced law, Boston, 1862-76, then re- 
moved to Milwaukee to become gen. solicitor and 
dlr. Wis. Central R.R., 1873-8; v. -p. and trustee, 
1878 ; took possession as active trustee and operated 
Wis. Central R.R. for bondholders, 1878-89, con- 

lestla A. (Frost) Abbey; descendant of" John Abbe, structlng Wis. Cent, associated lines and effecting 
who came to America from England, 1636: prep, entrance Into Chicago and erecting Orand Central 
edn. Cook Acad.. Montour Falls, N.Y.: M.E., Cornell Sta. and terminals, with Charles L. Colby; pres. and 
U„ 1901; unmarried. Began as erecting engr. and treas. Wis. Central R.R., Chicago, Wis. & Minn, 
salesman with Buffalo Forge Co., at Buffalo, N.Y., ^"- and Milwaukee & Lake Winnebago R.R., 
IWl; engr. United Telpherage Co., Westfleld, N.J., 1890-9, when he retired from business, after effect- 
HOJ-4; then designing engr. office of chief of ord- '"?, against strong opposition, amicable union of 
Mnce, War Dept.. Washington, D.C.; salesman and «"' Wisconsin Central roads into one co.; with W. 
oigr. with Qifford Wood Co., mfrs. of conveying W. Crapo, established the first car ferry for entire 
machinery, Hudson. N.T., 1906-9, since in charge of trains, 64 miles, across Lake Mich. bet. Manitowoc 
.V.E. business of the co. at Boston. Non-resident apd Ludlngton: dlr. AT. & S.F. R R., N.P. R.R., 
OlSring. examiner of N.Y State Civ. Service Com- «tc- 1887-93. Author of Wis. Central plan, 1879, of 
misilon, 1906-9. Asso. mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs. corporate organization, by which control of corpo- 
Repnbllcan. CThrlstian Scientist. Odd Fellow. Reo- ration was vested in bondholders through reserva- 
reatlon: sailing. Home: 80 Pleasant St., Arlington, t'"" to them of voting-power on stock, being the 

».-__ ^ ..-.-..._. _ . first and original scheme, out of which many other 

forms of voting-trusts have since grown; active In 
life Ins. reforms, 1906-6; chmn. Mass. policy holders 
com., etc. Home: 1 Follen St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Mass. Office: 51 N. Market St, Boston. 

_ABBOT, AUalJ., mfr.: b. Westford, Mass., Jan. 8 
J«5e; 8. Job William P. and Catherine (Abbot) Ab 

jK>t; ed. Westford Acad.. Highland MIL Acad.. Phil- Office: 14' Beacon St., Boston.* 

lips Exeter Acad, and Mass. Inst. Tech.; m. Alice. abbot nopaiioa KkIb Mn- h 'wiitnTi Mn 

N.wbu?^o^rt*Mli-*'^?Si'l!ri^Z™r.Vi^^^^^^^^^ Oc"""?8'6"rHS?rif^ndCaSlineA'Xn?0^eSVy) 

™JlS"rP"A.H^?:;J^Pri"i±^l"L?_''yi'l^??:-?^" Abbot; Pembroke (N.H.) Acad.; grad. Gushing 

pged In manufacture of edge tools. Chelmsford, 

lrS>, ISRS 79. tf„^„?, =i.H^l. »?i„'<> iSIa AKK^^ Acsd., Ashbumham, Mass.. 1887; B.C., Smith CoU:, 
frMnrJiv S,%,r =^ .,^S-i^anntll'.*',6''?hl 1891: M.D., Woman's Med. Coll. of New York In- 
* Co., worsted mfrs.. and since 1900 treas. of the flrmary. 1897; unmarried. Served as asst phys. In 

3 state hosps. for Insane in Mass., 1898-10; asst 
phys. Dr. Melius' pvt hosp. since May, 1910. Con- 

Abbot Worsted Co., Westford. Former mem. exec. 
com. Nat Wool Assn. (resigned, 1907). Chmn. Bd. 
Truntees, Westford Pub. Library; trustee and treas 

WMt^ii *«V . nC™- aVTi; Vi„~ Vooi o >4i Tt; K»"»i- JMem. A.m.A., mass. laea. aoc, XN.js. ooc. rsy- 

^^iS^r^^n^^^-Sr^^^^rA^^-;.^ nm'L. nl^^- chlatry. Am. Medico Psychol. Assn., Assn. Colle^- 

{t25fi. m''®'- Home. Westford, Mass. Office: Oran- ate Alumnae. Club: College (Boston). Address: fl9 

iwTiue, Mass. Waverley Av., Newton, Mass. 

ABBOT, E(awud) Btaalar, M.D.: b. Beverly. ABBOT, CMlIltli Bvan*. M.D.: b. Phila.. Feb. 7, 

Van., Dec. 13, 1863; s. Francis Ellingwood and 1860; s. Charles F. and Elizabeth (Evans) Abbot; 

Katharine Fearlnar (Loring) Abbot; grad. Cam- A.B.. U. of Pa., 1871. A.M., 1874; Ph.D.. U. of Jena, 

wage (Mass.) High Sch., 1883: A.B., Harvard. 1876; M.D.. U. of Pa. Sch. of Med., 1879; m. Grace^ 

no uigiLi^eu uy ■v^j v^ v^^iv 


Lee Babb, of Gastport, Me., Anr. 29, 1886; 6 chll- (1896): original mem. Stratford (Shakespeare) 

dren, Grlfnth E., Elisabeth M., Grace D., Naomi W., Club (18S3). Press agt N.H. Bqual SufTrase Aasn. 

Lorraine. Demonstrator of chemistry, U. of Pa. since 1913; In charge Suffrage Hdqra, Concord. Au- 

Sch. of Medicine, 1877-9; practiced In Atlantic City, thor: Birds and Flowers About Concord. N.H., 1906: 

N.J., Phlla. and Bryn Mawr, Pa., Washington, D.C., The Simple Single, 1909. Wrote section on "JDo- 

and Hot Springs, N.C., 1892-02; pres. Mt Vernon mestlc Customs and Social Life," in New History 

Construction Co., 1892-04; pres. Washington, Alex- of Concord, 1903; one of the writers of The Oene- 

andrla A Mt. Vernon Hy. Co., 1893-02; mem. Sch. aloglcal and Family History of New Hampshire, 

Com., town of Leominster. Mem. Am. Climatol. 1908. Contbr. to newspapers and mags. Address: 

Assn., Am. Acad. Medicine, Coll. of Physicians Concord, N.H. 

(Phlla.), Acad. Nat. Sciences^ (Phlla.) S.AR. Re- ABBOTT, mderlok BiMBMMr, real estate; Aug. 

Subllcan. Baptist. Clubs: Leominster, Country, 2. 1835-Aus. 27. 1914 (See vol 1909) 
iolt. Address: Leominster. Mass. ABBOTT. r>M«lok Waltac, U.6.: b. Dover. 
ABBOT, Snry&axoom, soldier, engr.;b. Beverly, N.H., Mar. 6, 1861; s. Sylvester and Elizabeth 
Mass., Aug. 13, 1831; s. Joseph Hale and Frances (Jraves (Wortman) Abbott; A.B., U. of America. 
EUlngwood (Larcom) Abbot; brother of Edwin 1883; attended Med. Sch of Me. (med. dept Bow- 
Hale Abbot; Boston Latin Sch., 1846-SO; grad. West doln Coll.), 1884, 1885; M.D., Eclectic Med. Coll. of 
Point, 1864; (LUD.. Harvard, 1886); m. Mary Susan Me., 1886; A.M., Taylor U., 1891; Ph.D., Nat. Nor- 
Bverett, of Cambridge. Mass., Apr. 2, 1866 (died mal U.. 1901; Academlclen de Toulouse. France. 
Mar. 13, 1871). (See Who's Who In America for 1909; (LL.D.. Potomac U.. 1906; F.S.Sc.. London, 
military record, etc.) Address: 23 Berkley St., Cam- 1908); ra. Sylvlna Apphia Emery, of Kennebunk, 
bridge, Mass.* Me., Sept. 2, 1886; practiced In Taunton, Mass., 
ABBOT. William ritshala, educator; b. Boston, J?**-^- V?"*"!!®'' S" '?^Jff'°'°^*' and hygiene In Mer- 
Apr. 27, 1863; s. Joseph Hale and Fanny EUlngwood V'"*°'So5?„^*=?^- i^^i^ "««°-,?^"or Mass. Med. 
(Larcom) Abbot; grad. Cambridge (Mass.) High •'""J";' 18?,*-,''*'Aniv^t4-,'^°«'"-^ ","*""■ ?2},'„'*''°™J°'' 
Sch., 1870: A.B.. Harvard, 1874 (Phi Beta Kappa); °" '^'*'-J^?'*?."'=,Monthly Med. Jour., 1903; senior 
m. Milwaukee, Wis.. Dec. 28. 1882, Caroline Ward ^ensor Eclectic Med Coll. of City of New York; 
Sewall. Instr. G. W. C. Noble's pvt. sch. for boys, Vrot eugenics, Eclectic Med. U.. Kansas Clty^ Mo., 
on account of 111 health); 1913- ^rea. Alass. Eclectic Med. Soc 1894 VSEEc- 

^hllnl Arrti n R iiuii. meni. lourLeun Biaie ana several oiner mea. 

Soc of Antl'aultv s<»C8.; life-fellow Instltut du Midi (France): Hfe- 

914) and various ""^m. and medalist of the 1st class (gold) Italian 

JS" Bohemian Eco- A°a'J- o' Physics and Chemistry; chmn. bd. of trus- 

Boston, 1874-6 (retired on account of 111 health); 'J'"- "^'S' "•»»«• ^^!f°"= "^°-,»°f,- \?/V '^'^^J^^- 

Joint prln. Sewall and Abbot Classical Sch., Indian- }e<:tl<; Med Assn., 1900 Am,^ Eclectic Materia Med- 

ipoUs, Ind., 1877-80; Instr., 1880-90, head of Latin '<i»„AsB"- ^'P^-'^V^P.^i?" °'8': Eclectic Med. Soc., 

and Greek Dept. since 1890, Classical High Sch., IVl^-J--^- ,'i:r-,/"";^i"'"*=S'°^'» ^f^^Ji*' ^^"J," 

Worcester, Mass. Mem. Am. Phllol. Assn., N.E. hon. mem. ^fourteen state and^ several other med. 
Hlstorlc-Geneal. Soc., Worcester S 
N.E. Classical Assn. (pres. 191 

teachers' orgns. Unitarian. Clubs: Bohemian, Eco- ,„„„ „„, -„ , „„ .,. „ ,0 n ^ ■•■, 

nomlc. Twentieth Century. Shakespeare. Home: 20 i?5^„„^"^ l^''i^,J:.''^^^\J^}"Ii'^^^A'iP•J^°*^R'^^''„^■ 

Tnhn St Worre-jter Mnas Democrat. Author: Limitation of the Family. 1891 ; 

John St.. Worcester. Mass. ,p^g Education of Youth Upon Matters Sexual, ISSe! 

ABBOTT, Csrroll Wait*, M.D.; b. Rumford, Me., Address: 72 Broadway, Taunton, Mass.* 

Aug. 29, 1855; s. Henry, Jr., and Charlotte (Walte) »««/»_«, _„- ^ , w t, . 

Abbott: ed. Oxford Normal Inst.; grad. Hebron , off "^l^' "."J"*"*,, ^J?,'?'^*'"/^''- ^°^'°J\' J*"", l?- 

Acad., 1877; M.D.. Med. Sch. of Me. (Bowdoln), 11"'/,^ iSIT-'!^ ^"„1h^".^" ^Pt"^®<' '*■''? «''^ 'Si^' 

1881; m. Albion, Me., Oct. 4, 1882, Georgia A. Wlf- ,^"7,"'?,\'i?iL™- ^?nT,'."*' ^- ^"'^e^i'lo'lJ'-'^S^""* 

son; 2 children. Henry Wilson, Mary Charlotte. Be- k?°'^'A"?l J'H*^l,"'£,?*i'i,'"^''«' ^ov 6, 1895. Meni. 

gan practice at Albion, 1881; removed to Water- Srp^°-^„'l^'''?l*o,^5f*i°^'' ^.^^'iTn'?'^' °°^*^nn^"n'' 

'lUe. 1893: supervisor of sohs., Albion. 7 yrs.; }^J^^„^Z'^- U^i-^^'r^V^^A 1893-1900. pres., 1900-10, 

mayor of Waterville. 1898-9; mem. Bd. of Edn., Wa- Sl^I^"T,'"?;'„i^J,''~:' P^S Colony Trust Co., Boston; 

tervllle, 1900. 1901 (chmn., 1901); dlr. Waterville R't^: y""^^„P,f'=''^l''aH''''V'i''^\ii°' .^**5-. ^'^fj''i° 

Trust Co. Mem. Me. Med. Assn.. Kennebec Co. Med. ?°fj ^"g- ^^^"^^2"^^}"''} T^').^HS.°''^K- ^"^t^ 

Soc, Waterville Clinical Soc. Republican. Metho- ^VI^ SiSj-H?;.' 9.^"- ^'"S'i'" ^S' r\^^,^f> .^??1^' 

dist Mason (K.T.); mem. I.O.O.F.. N.E.O.P. Clubs: J^'!"-,?*""?}'!?? '^^,P"v°i* '^r?^ ^'''''V.'^''l **?*• t,''!® 

Masonic. Homlta-koda. Home: 19 Spring St Office: {?„!;v'^w'i,,?hi!?„^M^l^ n« '=.,^S.'^"-}»"l«a'i^]?='^. ^"*- 

112U Mftin St Wnterville Me Bank, Winthrop Nat. Bank. Trustee, 1895-06, treas. 

.-Jltll ™ - ,t ;, ... -o ^ since 1905. Children's Hosp., Boston; mem. Bd. of 

ABBOTT, Blaaapr Kallowall, author. (See Co- Statistics of the City of Boston. Clubs: Somerset, 

burn, Eleanor Hallowell.) Eastern Yacht. Exchange (Boston). Knickerbocker, 

ABBOTT, Bdvllla Oerhsrdt, M.D.; b. Hancock. Brook, New York Yacht (New York), Country 

Me., Nov. «, 1871; s. Alonzo and Maria B. (Mercer) (Brookllne), Essex County Country, Canaveral 

Abbott; descended from early settlers of New (Boston and Fla.). Home: 240 Beacon St. Office: 

Hampshire; grad. E. Me. Conf. Sem., Bucksport, Old Colony Trust Co.. Boston.* 

Me^l889 A.B., 1896; A.M., pro-merlto, 1898. hpn. ABBOTT, Orsftoa St. toe, lawyer, trustee; b. Low- 
S?;Jl-,"ll .^"^^w"*." 5°^V student at Frledrlch ell, Mass.. Nov. 14, 1866; s. Joslah Gardner and 
Wllhelni Unlversltat, Berlin, Germany, 1900-1; m. Caroline (Llvermore) Abbott: prep. edn. Noble's 
Sara S. Sargent, of Bucksport, Mar. 14. 1893. Prac- Sch., Boston; A.B., Harvard, 1877; studied law ad- 
tlcea orthopedic surgery In Portland, Me.; sur- mitted to bar, I8SO: m. Quincy. Mass.. Sept. 29. 1890. 
geon-ln-chief to The Children's Hosp.; orthopedic Mary Adams; children, Henry L.. Mary O. and John 
surgeon to Me. Gen. Hosp., visiting orthopedic A. Has practiced In Bo=<ton since 1880; pres. Lewis- 
surgeon to St Barnabas Hosp.. Portland; consult- ton-Clarkston Co. and Hill Mfg. Co.; chairman and 
Ing surgeon to Sisters Hosp.. Lewiston, Me.; con- dlr. Ouantanamo & Western R.R Co.; dlr. and treas. 
sultant to Me. State Sanatorium. Hebron. Me.; prof. Lewlston-Concorrt Bridge Co. Democrat Club- 
orthopedic surgery Med. Sch. of Me., since June. Somerset. Recreations: agriculture, horticulture' 
1912; Fellow Am. Coll. of Surgeons: mem. A.M.A.. Home: Concord, Mass. Office: 84 State St, Boston' 
Am. Orthopedic Assn., German Orthopedic Assn., abbott Skrlan Vmra anrcronn-h An»..i.n m n 
Intemat Surgical Assn., Me. Med. Assn., Psl Up- i„Tf in isfii^. Tai^'t?»^,i*=S5' w„^I^lh"?;J^-";i 
■Hon, Phi Chi. Club: Cumberland. Author: Treat- fT^ne^ 'AhhntV- rtP,PPnrt^S? „? ^.^^^"akk^??**"^ 
ment of the SkoUose (translated In foreign Ian- indover Mass' ?635 .frad PhlUinT F^Pter°y.-,5' 

giages). Frequent contbr. to leading med. lours, iggi" I B BroWn U fsRB ' A M ?RS?- m n h^-' 

laSS^ill* ^^^'"^ ^'' ^""^ ''■^■'^■^- ^"'^- ''*"*■ vlrd'Med.''s?hri88Vi-,i*l?orSeUa Seabur^'?i;o""of 

lana, me. Xew Bedford, Mass., June 26, 1898; 2 children, 

ABBOTT, FrSBcas ICatUds, writer, genealogist; Kllzabeth True, Hope. Practiced In Providence 

b. Concord, N.H., Aug. 18, 1867; d. John and Ma- since 1889; In hosp. service as Interne, externe and 

tllda (Brooks) Abbott; grad. Concord High Sch., mem. staff since 1889; flrst sec. R.I. Ho=p. Club" 

1876: A.B.. Vas^ar, 18S1. Mem. N.H, Hist. Soc, Bos- now surgeon ear, nose and throat, Rhode Island 

ton br. Vassar Alumnae. Assn. Collegiate Alumnae, Hosp. Mem. A M.A., R.I. Med. Soc , Provldenc" Med 

Appalachian Mountain (Tlub of Boston (life). Worn- Assn^ N.E. Otol. and Larvngol. Soc. R.I. Ophthal 

an's Hosp. Aid Assn. (life). Concord Equal Suffrage and (itol. Soc, Med. Improvement Club of Provl- 

Assn. Founder of Concord Wild Flower Club dence. Delta Upsllon (Brown Chapter). Republican. 

uiyiLizeu uy ■v^_j v^ v^pt ■ \- 


Baptist Clubs: Providence Art. University. Rec- tlced In Boston, 1891 — ; mem. firm Bates, Nay 

r«aUona: tennis, golf. Home: 152 Angell St. Office: & Abbott, Sept., 1906; now Bates, May, Abbott & 

Z23 Tbayer St., Providence, R.I. Dane. Republican. Mem. Mass. and Boston Bar 

ABBOTT, Ssary Wursa; b. Landgrove, Vt., Sept ?;'!.«"»; i'^,"%^°i}°"^f^^,\lllJrr'^,ll'lV%^^? ^^f'- 

IT. 1873; a. Warfen W. and AngelStt W. (Colby) °I«"^ J^'i ^"P??/; °^„^"PiSt?onf; «n5 Lhor n;™^i' 

Abimtt' rA mm nrhn ■ tn Kiia M Paricpr of Peru Officer and trustee many Masonlc and other organl- 

Vt Oct 6 1899 Beek^aa ctroent^ L4nder^^ zatlons. Club: Boston City. Home: 797 Washington 

mjPS.wn-clt,'lnc^^?04:"llste%'?o?'9"erm\"?o^'9n ft-±TML".t- .^"""^ ^™"= "*■"' '^'*'"°"* ^"'"^•• 

mem. Sch. Bd., 1909-11; census enumerator, 1910; **oston, Mass. 

mem. Rep. Town Com. since 1906, Rep. County ABBOTT, Bamnal Appleton BrowM, lawyer; b. 

Com., 1912; mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1910. Methodist. Lowell, Mass., Mar. 6, 1846; s. Josiah Gardner and 

Odd Fellow; mem. Grange. Home: Landgrove, Vt. Caroline (Livermore) Abbott; A.B., Harvard, 1866, 

Address: South Londonderry, Vt A.M., 1872; admitted to bar, 1868; m. Mary Ood- 

. _, „_. _ . ,. _ ^ „ • ^ dard, of Boston, May 21, 1869; 2d, Abby Frances 

ASBOTT, Knbnt Tanrbaa, college prof.; b. woods, of Providence, R.I., Oct IB, 1873; 3d. Maria 

Terre Haute, ind.. Jan. 3, 1866; 8. Lyman and Abby Elizabeth Dexter, of Rome, Italy, Apr. 16, 1896. 

Frances (Hamlin) Abbott; bro. of Ernest Hamlin Engaged in practice. Boston, since 1868; police 

and Lawrence Fraser Abbott: A.B., Amherst Coll., commr.. 1887-9; trustee Boston Pub. Library, 1879- 

1886; m Senda. d. Albert Berenson, June 16, 1911. 92 (pres., 1889-94); acting librarian, same, 1890-4; 

Lit critic New York Commercial Advertiser, 1890- dlr. Am. Acad, in Rome, 1897-03. Mem. Am. Inst 

fl:asst and Instr, English Dept, Harvard^ 1894-8; Architects, Boston Soc. of Architects, Loyal Le- 

ir''.^'^-^?"^U**': ¥P„'"^*'„% **^"" ^"^l?- T^""*^,. T®^?''?r? ?'on- Episcopalian. Clubs: Poreellian, Harvard, 

£°!}-^»!rr^°''''vi***"^,^J ?"^^,?:''°^; ^"J^"*^' '""i*'' Somerset (Boston). Century, University (New 

ColL. 1906— . (See Who s Who In America for York). Home: Villa Lontana. Via Cassia. Rome, 

books, etc.) Address: Northampton, Mass.* Italy. Office: 84 State St.. Boston.* 

" t 't'^T 'U »Y"~ ' "-J *'"'""• "*»»»■/ '^"^w- <io. «o»o, ABBOTT, Mswau ^TMMr, lawyer; b. Turionboro, 

8. Josiah Gardner and Caroline (Livermore) Ab- n.H., Apr. 11, 1869; s. George and Phebe Jane 

bott; descendant of George Abbot Andover, Mass., (Graves) Abbott: descendant of Walter Abbott 

1643. and Rev Arthur Browne and Chief Justice Exeter, N.H., about 1640; grad. Hebron Acad, 1878; 

Liv-^ermore. NH ; ed Nobel s Sch., Boston; unmar- LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1883; m. Mrs. 

rted. Pres. Copley Soc. Boston; trustee Mus of Eima (King) Hodsdon, of Boston, June 19, 1893. 

Fine Arts. Progressive in politics Episcopalian, practiced in Chicago 1 yr.; removed to Wolfboro, 

Clubs: Somerset. Tavern, "^nrils and Racquet ( Bos- n.h., 1885; Judge of probate for Carroll Co. since 

ton) National Arts (New York). Address: Welles- igs9; co. atty., 1903-7; dir. Wolfboro Woolen Mills; 

ley Hills, Mass. pres. bd. trustees Huggins Hosp. ; mem. bd. trustees 

ABBOTT, Irs ABSon, judge; b. Barnard. Vt. July iJrewster Free Acad., Wolfboro. Republican. Unl- 

20, 1846; s. Daniel and Deborah (DeWolfe) Abbott; tarian. Royal Arch Mason (Past D.D.G.M. and Past 

pvt 9th Vt Vols., 1864-5; A.B.. Dartmouth, 1870; Kxalted High Priest); mem. I.O.O.F., Red Men, 

m. Emma Nichols, of Haverhill, Mass., Apr. 30, G.A.R, Grange. Recreations: trout Ashing, auto- 

1879 (died 1884). Began practice of law at Haver- mobiling, etc. Address: Wolfboro, N.H. 

hill. 1872; city solicitor, 1873-5; mem. law firm of ABBOTT. Bylvlna Annhla. MD • b Kennebunk 

rf^^'f' $„?f?;in'lU;?^ ^,'iirnJ'^/nn?^ 'h'?' Pv.^*- MfTMrr's 18V4?^* Be'fSSJ^inFrinklln and" Susan 

Ct of -Vorthern fcssex. 1898-04; apptd by Pies. Apphia (Gooch) Emery; ed. pub. schs.. Kennebunk, 

S^r^l'- I?"*'^";,/'^ M"-,7nVU*.*1.^J.^i'f^,fJi' and under pvt. teachers 1869-86; licenkee (in medl- 

51^?- ?^ SiJJhUi^ wh^;i vm"^ w:?^« t .,„»: <='ne) of Mass. 1S94; Sc.D., Potomac U., Washlng- 

??2ff> '1 Haverhill when i\.M. became a state ton, D C, 1906; M.D., Ch.M., Eclectic Med. U., Kan- 

ifl*.l,"-i«i"Ji *l?i?i '^M^i^Vr.l^ n^A^Z^^^^t-^JiV^h «»» City, Mo., 1913; F.S.Sc. (London). 1909; F S.P. 

U^n. Mem Phi Beta Kappa G^R. Travels (England), 1914; m. Frederick Wallace Abbott 

?2I5- hf:, ""'' *u °°''Vni ilr* .^- ^^** ^^- ''"'''' M.D., of Taunton, Mass., Sept 2, 1886. Practiced in 

1912. Address. Haverhill, Mass.* Taunton since 1886. Pres. N.B. Eclectic Med. 

ABBOTT, John, law.ver; b. N. Berwick, Me., Feb. Assn., 1908, Am. Eclectic Materia Medica Assn., 

16. 1869; s. John J. and Mary Augusta (Hall) Ab- 1911-12. Me. Eclectic Med. Soc, 1911. Mass. 

bott; A.B,. Dartmouth Coll., 1891; LL.B., Harvard Eclectic Med. Soc, 1911. Boston DIst Eclectic 

Law Sch., 1895; admitted to bar, 1894; m. Randolph, Med. Soc, 1912; mem. Nat. Eclectic Med. Assn.; 

Vt, 1897, Miss Grace R. Sanford; children. Win- hon. mem. Vt Eclectic Med. Soc: life mem. 

some and Joan. In practice at Boston since 1896. and medalist 1st class (gold) Italian Acad. Physics 

Hem. Bar Assn. City of Boston. Am. Bar Assn. and Chemistry, 1913. Mem. Daughters of Rebekah 

Clubs: Harvard. Winchester Country. Home: Win- (I.O.O F.), Pythian Sisters (K. of P.), Degree of 

cheater, Mass. Office: 53 State St, Boston. Honor (A.O.U.W.), U.O.G.C, W.C.T.U., P. of H., 

AKBOn Toiin sdwKTd lawver- b Mnrrldee- Taunton State Of Me. Club. Second Adventist 

w,I^M^I5;ov°^.f8'4T^I^JhJ^lte;enka^d'Ellf^ Home: 72 Broadway, Taunton, Mass, 

beth T. (Allen) Abbott; 8th generation from George ABBOTT, W. Karbsrt, wholesale leather mcht; 

A, who came to Andover, Mass., 1643, from York- b. Boston, July 14, 1866: s. William T. and Frances 

shire, Enif.. and 10th generation on his mother's A. (Hoyt) Abbott; educated pub. grammar and 

side from George Allen, who emigrated from Eng- high schools of Boston; m. Miss Fannie E. Whlp- 

Und. 1635. and located at Sandwich. Mass., 1637; pie, of Boston, June 8. 1892; children. Margaret 

remove<I with parents to Newton, Mass. at 14; Frances, Herbert Whipple. Began with Billings & 

grad. Wesleyan Univ., Mlddletown, Conn , 1869; read Eaton (sole leather), Boston, continuing 4 yrs.; 

law with his father and was admitted to Suffolk then with Booth & (5o. (sheep skins) 4 yrs.j with 

bar. 1872, later to U.S. Circuit and Supreme courts; Herman Zohrlaut Leather Co. 9 yrs.; pres. W. Her- 

m, Compton. P.Q.. Can.. June 12, 1878, Alice Greely bert Abbott, Inc.. since 1900; also pres. Abbott A 

Cochrane; children, Charles M.. Mabel L„ Harrlette Fernald Co., Arthur T. Way, Inc., Grey, Clark & 

F.. Eleanora. Practiced In Boston as partner of his Engle Co.; dlr. Liberty Trust Co., United Cape Cod 

father, 1872-7, In New York City, as member Abbott Cranberry Co.; trustee Dorchester Savings Bank. 

Bros., 1877-9; returned to Boston, 1879, and contin- Dir. N.E. Evangelistic Assn.; mem. Boston Cham- 

ued in practice with his father until death of the ber of Commerce. Congregatlonaltst. Clubs: Eco- 

latter. 1881, since In practice alone. Mem. Mass. nomlc. Longwood Cricket. Recreations: automobll- 

Ho. of Rep., 1893, 1894; clerk senate com. on rules Ing and tennis. Home: 60 Pleasant St.. Dorchester, 

since 1896; town solicitor Watertown since 1896; Mass. Offices: 112 Beach St. and 137 South St., 

atty. Watertown Savings Bank. Republican. Home: Boston. 

Watertown. Mass. Office: 63 State St. Boston. ABBOTT, WUIinr Oortoi, collegeprof . ; b. Koko- 

ABBOTT, Kaon Martin, lawyer; b. Richmond, mo, Ind.. Dec. 2S. 1869; s. Thomas W. and Eleanor 

N'.H., Aug. 28, 1867: s. Joseph B. and Lydia C. L. (Holllday) Abbott; A.B.. Wabash Coll., 1892, 

(Martin) Abbott; Keene (N.H.) High Sch.. 1885; A.M., 1904; grad. student Cornell, 1892-6; B. Litt.. 

Mass Inst Tech., 1886-6; Harvard Coll., 1886-7, Oxford U., 1897; also studied on continent; (hon. 

1890-1. Harvard Law Sch.. 1887-90: m. Florence M. A.M., Yale, 1908); m. Margaret E. Smith, of Indian- 

Tallman. of Boston, Apr. 19, 1894. Has prac- apolis, Ind., Sept 6. 1899. Fellow, 1892-3, instr., 

uigiLi^eu uy -'.^j v^ v^ -:^ ■ \^ 



lSSJ-5, Pre*. White traveling fellow, 189B-6, Cor- 
nell L'.; instr. history, U. of Mich., 18»7-»: asst. 
prof, history, Dartmouth CoIL, 18**-02; prof. Eiu- 
ropean history, U. of Kan.. 1902-8; prof, history 
Sheffield Scientlflc School (Yale), 1908 — . Lecturer 
in history, U. of Chicago, 1910, Harvard, 1912-13. 
Author: Colonel Blood. Crown Stealer, 1911. Contbr. 
to Am. and English hist, reylews. Nation. Tale 
Rev., etc Address: 219 Uvlngston St., New Haven, 

ABBOTT, WimXhiop Porter, educator; b. Brook- 
field, Vt., July 15, l)s6>>; s. Royal, Jr., and Nancy T. 
I Newton) Abbott; A.B.. Dartmouth, 1893; m. Cor- 
nelia M. Pierce, of Randolph, Vt., Nor. 1, 1898. 
Prin. high sch.. White River Junction, Vt., 1893-5; 
prin. high sch. and supt. schs.. Proctor, li>96-07; 
supt. schs.. Proctor. Pittsford, Rutland (town) and 
Chittenden. 1907-12: supt. schs., Greenfleld. Mass., 
since 1912. Elxamlner of teachers for Rutland Co., 
Vt.. 1900-10. Mem. bd. of dirs.. Proctor Y.M.C.A., 
1907-12; trustee Proctor Free Library, 1898-12. 
Mem. N.ELA., Am. Inst. Instrs., Vt. State Teachers' 
Assn. ipres., 1903-6|. Vt. Schoolmasters' Club, N.E. 
.\ssn. Sch. Supts.. Mass. Assn. Sch. Supts., Franklin 
Co. (Mass.) Teachers' Assn. (pres., 1912-13), 
Franklin Co. Schoolmen (pres., 1914-15). Repub- 
lican. Congllst. Clubs: University, Young Men's 
(Greenfleld), Address: Greenfield, Mass. 

MMW:^ Q sp if rssdisaBd, clergyman: b. Phila., 
Pa.. Sept. 5, 1872; s. George Frederick and Katb- 
erine (Bachmann) Abel; B..C Gettysburg (Pa.) 
CoIL. 1897. Ph.D., 19U3: student Lutheran Theol. 
Sem.. (Gettysburg. 1S97-9: B.D.. Yale Dlv. Sch., 
1900; studied Yale Grad. Sch.. 1900-3; m. Clara May 
Haskell, of East Haven. Conn.. Dec. 20, 1904; 3 
children, Katherine, Dorothy, Marjorie. Ordained 
Congl. ministry, 1903: assL pa.stor Elmwood Tem- 
ple. Providence. R.I.. 1903-4; teacher of economics 
and history, and chaplain, illcb. Mil. .\cad.. Or- 
chard Lake. Mich.. 1904-5: pastor Kirwln, Kan., 
1905-8, Seymour. Conn., since Aug. 1, 1908. Mem. 
Druid Fraternity. Gettysburg. Mason; mem. Tem- 
ple of Honor. Addres.s: 51 Derby Av., Seymour, 

• wm' . Ti , Kttdb BoUaaoB: b. Lebanon, Conn., 
Nov. 18. 1862; s. Silas P. and Sophronia (Robinson) 
Abell; ed. common schs. and Bacon Acad., Colches- 
ter: m. Carrie B. Symmes, of Winchester, Mass., 
Apr. 8. 1890. Engaged in farming on old home 
place: tax collector, 1S94-9: served as Justice of 
peace: mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1911-12 (com. on 
agr.): sold old homcsiead, and settled In Colches- 
ter, 1912: burgess of the borough, also tax col- 
lector. Republican. Mem. Patrons of Husbandry. 
Address: Colchester. Conn. 

J banker: b. Lu- 
nenburg. Mass.. Jan. 21. 1S44: s. Otis and Dorothy 
L. fPuinam) .\berrrombie: grad. Highland Mil. 
Acad.. Worcester. Mass., 1S62: AB., Har\-ard, 1866; 
m. Julia A. clapp. of Turners Falls, 2llass.. Oct 7, 
1S74; 3 children. Daniel P.. Fred C, Alice C. Con- 
nected with banking business in Turners Falls 
since 1<*76: trea.s. Crocker In.etn. for Savings, 1S76- 
fi3: cashier ''rocker Xat. Bank since June, 1876. 
Republican. Unitarian, .\rldress: Turners Falls 

S, Saalal Wshstsr, educator; b. 
Boiling Green, Macon rr... .\la., Nov. 25, lb52: s. 
Milo Boiling and Sarah Carroll iGreenleaf) Aber- 
cromble: prep. edn. Cambridge 'Mass.) Latin Sch 
1S64-72: A.B.. Harvard, 1^76: studied Harvard Law 
Sch.. 1^76-7 (hon. A.M.. Brown. 1S*.1: LL.D,. Colby 
189S: Litt. D.. Dartmouth. 1911): m. Emily Foote 
Bralnerd, of St. .\lbans. Vt.. Dec. 23, 1878: 4 chil- 
dren. Edith A. 'Mrs. B. B. Snow). Ralph. Esther A. 
'Mrs. D. P. Lockwood). Daniel W.. Jr. Has been 
teaching since 1*77: prin. Worcester Acad, since 
1882. Has made various trips abroad for study 
and travel: hon. representative U.S. Bureau of 
Edn., to examine ednl. system of Germany, In schs. 
of secondary grade. Mem. Harvard Teachers' 
Assn., Headmasters' Assn., Brown Teachers' Assn., 
Mass. Sch. Masters' Club. Tru.itee Worcester Acad., 
Newton Theol. Instn.. Brown I'niv. Hon. mem. 
Harvard A Chapter, Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Har- 
vard (Worcester and Boston), Worcester EV;onom- 
Ic. Tatnuck Country. Seapuit (Ostervllle. Mass.). 

Has written various articles on ednL matters. Ad- 
dress: 81 Providence St, Worcester, Mass.* 

a»wrtwji— »■ ■, Bdward Btaisll, clereyman: 
removed to Berkeley, CaL. Aug. 1, 1915. (See voL 

ABOBB, AlOBso B.; b. ESllngton, Ctenn., Mar <• 
1847; 8. Reuben and Amelia (Peters) Abom; rrad. 
Oxford. (Mass.) High Sch., 1866. Clerk. 186e-8, 
propr., 1868-90, Norwich (Conn.) Grocery Co.^n- 
gaged In real estate operations since 1890. Was 
mem. and chmn. W. Chelsea (Ck>nn.) Sch. Bd.; mem. 
Norwich Common Council, 1884; alderman, 1893; 
Rep. candidate for mayor of Norwich. 1896, and 
was declared elected on recount of Dem. votes, 
many of which were Illegal, but refused to accept 
office on a technicality; mem. Conn. Senate, 1906-8. 
Address: Norwich, Conn. 

ABXAKAU, Hour, secretarial work; b. Buf- 
falo, N.Y., SepL 23, 1855; s. Abraham Joel and 
Esther (Jacobs) Abrahams; ed. pub. schs., Butlalo; 
m. Phebe Levy, of Brooklyn, N.Y., Feb. 2. 1880 
(died June 19. 1913); children. Esther, Joel, Abra- 
ham L.. Gabriel, Rosa, Sarah, Alexander. Began 
In Boston, 1S8D; now sec Central Labor Union. 
Cigar Makers' Union. Boston United Hand in Hand 
Assn. (largest Jewish orgn. in the city). Mem. 
Commn. on High Living, also of Boston Planning 
Bd. Trustee Franklin Inst. Republican. Jewish re- 
ligion. Club: Boston City. Contbr. to press on la- 
bor and pub. questions. Home: 12 Marble St., Rox- 
bury. Office: 11 Appleton St, Boston.* 

aBB>MH, Alva B., M.D.; b. Duanesburg. N.Y., 
June 28, 1856; s. J. Danforth and Susan (Ladd) 
Abrams; prep, edn.. Little Falls, N.Y.; student Cor- 
nell U., 3 yrs.; student Med. Dept, New York U.; 
M.D., Albany Med. CoIL, 1881; St Peter's Uosp. 
Albany; m. Brooklyn, July 26, 1877, Jessie Davia 
Practiced at Duanesburg, 1SS2-4; removed to Hart- 
ford. 1884; del. Internat Med. Congress, Moscow, 
Russia. 1897. Address: Hartford, Ctenn. 

ACKEBOB, Bdward Campton, bishop; b. Wool- 
wich, Kent, England. Apr. 7, 1859; a Alexander 
and Mary (Campion) Acheson; student U. of To- 
ronto, 1885-8; grad. Wycliffe Coll. (U. of Toronto), 
1889; M.A., New York U., 1892; m. Eleanor Ger- 
trude Gooderham, of Toronto, Can., June 8, 1892. 
Deacon. 1888, priest, 1889, Ch. of England In Can- 
ada; curate All Saints Ch., Toronto, 1888-9; asst 
minister St. George's Ch., Stuyvesant So., N.T. 
City. 1889-92; then rector Ch. of The Holy Trinity, 
Mlddletown, Conn.; suirragan bishop of Conn. 1 
since Oct 20. 1915. Republican. Mason. Home: ^ 
Mlddletown, Conn. 

ACKZB, Raaiy, Jr., Insurance; b. Lowell, MCaas^ 
June 30, 1!>S3: 8. Henry and Marie Lea (C^srnac) 
Achln; ed. pub. schs., Lowell; St Joseph's CoIL, 
Lowell; Commercial CoIL (evening classes): un- 
married. Entered employ of Lawrence Mfg. Co, 
Lowell, as bookkeeper, June 29. 1899; In gen. Ins. 
business, making specialty of fire Ins., since Apr. 
26, 1906; resident agt. for leading cos. Mem. Bd. 
of Fire Ins. T'nderwriters. Lowell. Councilman, 
Lowell. 1909, 10, 11; mem. Gen. Ct of Mass., 1912- 
15. Republican. Catholic. Mem. C.M.A.C. (Lowell), 
Catholic Order of Foresters. Union St Jean Bap- 
tiste d' Amerlque. Clubs: Middlesex Social. Cen- 
tralvllle Social, PawtucketvlUe Social, Club dM 
Cltoyena Amerlcains. Home: 384 Fletcher St Of- 
fice: 90 Aiken St., Lowell, Mass. 

AOKOBB, Bdnr OakM, lawyer; b., Newcastle, 
Me., Aug. 20, 1S59: s. John Taylor and Clara (Rund- 
lett) Achorn: A.B.. Bowdoln Coll., 1881; (LI..D.. 
Lincoln Memorial U., 1910); m. Boston. Soohle 
.\penes. of Chrlstlanla. Sept, 1889; 2d, Alice Gor- 
ham Morse, of Falmouth, Mass., Sept 27. 190S. 
Instr., 1881-3, supt, 1883-4, Whitman (Mass.) High 
Sch.; admitted to bar. 1884. and since In practice In 
Boston. TTnltarlan. Republican. Organised Scan- 
dinavian Rep. League; sec. of embassy. .St Peters- 
burg, 1896. Trustee Lincoln Memorial U. (Tenn.), 
Montclair (N.J.) Mil. Acad.; overseer Bowdoln Con. 
Mem. Boston Bar .Assn.. Mass. Bar Assn.. N.K 
Hist.-GeneaL Soc. Me. Hist Soc. Zeta Psi (Grand 
Chapter officer, 1892-8). Clubs: Boston Art, Eliot 
Boston City, Boston Athletic Assn. Author of arU- 
cles on edn., travel, politics, etc. Home: Jamaica 
Plain. Mass. Office: 10 Tremont St.. Boston.* 

uigiLi^eu uy 

X^_J v^ v^ 



AOKaMMAM, Arthur WUmot, clerKjrman; b. Wales, Mass., May 2S, 1849; 8. Benjamin and Mary 

Medford. Mass.. Feb. 27, 18B7; s. Ira Phflbrook and Etta (Darllner) Adams; descendant of Henry Ad- 

EUsa Ann (Ames) Ackerroan; erad. Medford High ams, Bralntree, Mass., 1639-40; ed. winter schs., 

Sch., 1S74; grad. Chicago Tlieol. Sem., 1890: (D.D., 1866-61; worked in cotton mills, 1866-67; m. Bmer- 

Pacific U., Forest Grove. Ore., 1900) ; m. Ida May »ette Caroline, d. Stephen W. and Ada Ann (Toung) 

Batch, of West Medford, Mass., Apr. 28, 1881; E Avery, of Kllllngly, Conn.; 6 children, Mrs. LueUa 

chUdren, Howell W., Grace, Harry (all deceased) ; Q. McKenzle, Mrs. Alice C. Reynolds, Effle D., Jo- 

D. Mildred (Mrs. William Ross King, of Omaha, seph B., Alfred E., Jr.. Erwin A. In U.S. Army, 

Keb.), b. 1886; Walter T., 1894. Ordained to Congl. frontier service, 1867-71; overseer KiUingly cotton 

ministry. 1890; pastor Lombard, III., 1888-90, Mc- mills, 1871-72, other N.E. cotton mills, 1872-87; 

Pherson, Kan.^ 1890-1, Auburn Park, 111., 1891-2, agt Whltlnsvllle Cotton Mills and Whitln Bros. 

Sheffield. HL, 1892-6, 1st Ch., Portland, Ore., 1896- Cotton Mill since 1887. Capt. Me. Nat. Guard, also 

«t. Torrlngton. Conn.. 1902-11, Natick, Mass., since capt. and a.-d.-c. on staff of Gen. Joshua L. Cham- 

1912. Preo. Torrington Mus. Assn.. 1906-9; ores, berlaln. 1880-6; Instr. In mil. drill. High Sch. Ca- 

Utchfleld County Choral Union, 1909-11. Del. to dets, Whltlnsvllle, 1898-16. Mem. Sch. Bd., Whit- 

CongL Intemat. Council. Boston, 1900, to nat coun- InsvUle, 1891-lB; Bd. of Selectmen, 1901-8. Repub- 

cite. Portland, Ore., 1898. Portland, Me., 1901. Des Ucan. Baptist. Mason (Commandery). Club: Con- 

Uoinea. la., 1904, Kansas City, Mo., 1913. Formerly gregatlonal. Address: Whltlnsvllle, Mass. 

corporate mem. A.B.C.F.M. ; mem. Congl. Ch. Bldg. A9A1IS, Alonso B., M.D. (See ToL 1909.) 

ME ^^^^LJ^^rJUi^^"^^ B?.l^1 'i'?;«?}?if ^' *3>AMM, Alton DMmont, public service engr.; b. 

™miJ5J, b1^",«h^: ^-Sr" n^?,^.- rn^?i^Hn^Si BlddefSfd; Me., June 28, 1864; s. Orison DeFmont 

?^VSIi: §^™^UhaJ''r.l^',„?IS^'Art^r»fI*!^i w?^ and Nancy Phbebe (Getchell) Adams; B.S.. Har- 

J^v^t ^Mo/ l5«F "^" Address. ^4 Win- .^^^^d. 1897. A.M., 1902; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 

^^_ -^ « ^ .. , . ^„ „ ^ 1904; m. Carrie B. Gates, of Manchester, Conn. Bn- 

ABAK. John SOTurtM, theologian: prof. Hartford gaged since 1900 in valuation of public service 

TheoL Sem ( See Who's Who in America. 1916-17.) properties and rate cases; has reported on valua- 

Home: 25 Amoldale Rd., Hartford, Conn. tions at Lincoln. Neb.; Racine, Wis.; Springfield, 

ASAMZAV, Paraag Adam, M.D.; b. Alntab, Ar- HI.: Cedar Rapids, la.; Watertown, N.Y.; Haver- 
menla. Aug. 28, 1869: s. Adam and Khatoun (Na- hill, Mass.; etc. Mem. Am. Inst Elec. Bngrs., Am. 
xarian) Adamian: B.A., Central Turkev Coll., Aln- Water Works Assn., N.R Water Works Assn. Ad- 
tab, Turkey. 1897: B.D., Episcopal Theol. Sch., dress: Natick, Mass. 

?i?2''/'i?.f*' ?J^'' ilUi M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., ASAIIS, Arthar, college prof.; b. Pleasantvllle, 

1906 (hon^ D.Sc.. 1912); m. Harganolsh (Shahi- N.J., Miyl2, 1881; s. James R. aAd Marietta (Bng- 

".'•"^Mn^"*'!?*'"'.^""'''*-. P™f"<=*^,„^*, Boston nsh) Adams; A.B., Rutgers, 1902; A.M., Tale, 1908; 

since 1905 and at Worcester since 1912. Prof. ph.D., 1905; B.D., Berkeley Dlv. Sch^ 1910; m. 

ffj?i pathology, Coll. Phys. & Surg., Boston, since Emma G. Steelman, of Ocean City, N.jf., June 22, 

. 1. ■ ^^'";^**^- "fA !?"• Mem. Armenian Apes- x9io. Instr. English, U. of Colo., 1905-6; asst prof. 

toUc Ch. Address: 181 Harrison Av., Boston, and English, 1906-8, asso. prof., 1908-11, prof., 1911—, 

55 Laurel St. W orcester. Trinity Coll.. Hartford. Conn.; prof. English, U. of 

AOAXOITSKA, Antoia*tt« Bnunowska; b. Lub- Me., summer session, 1912. Ordained priest, F.E. 

lin. Poland. Feb. 22. 1873; d. Alexander and Wanda Ch., May 13, 1909. Mem. Am. Philol. Assn., Modern 

(RosikowsUa) Szumowskl: grad. coll., Warsaw, Lang. Assn. America, Soc. Colonial Wars, Conn. 

Poland. 1888; grad. Warsaw Conservatory of Mu- Hist Soc, Phi Beta Kappa, etc. Clubs: B.Q.B. Bdu- 

sic. 1S90: m. Josef Adaraowskl, of Warsaw, Poland, catlonal, Twentieth Century. Mason. (See Who's 

Sept 1. 1896: 2 children. Helenka. Thadeus. Played Who In America for books, etc.) Address: Trinity 

in concerts with orchestras in Paris and London, College, Hartford, Conn.* 

also with orchestras in leading Am. cities; with AOAVB, Baajamlii Ksnil; b Tunbrldge. Vt, 

chamber music organizations, among which were June 21, 1869; s. B. H. and Eunice A. (Scrlbner) 

Kneisel Quartette: now mem Adamowskl Trio: Adams; student Norwich U.. 1887-8; grad. New 

was prof, in Piano Dept. N.E. Conservatory of Hampton Commercial Coll., 1890; m. Cora J. Aker- 

Muslc. 2 yrs., 1904, 1906. Roman Catholic. Ad- man, of Vershire, Vt, Sept 14, 1892; 2 children, B. 

dress: 11 Channing St. Cambridge. Mass. Hacket (deceased). William H. Engaged in livery 

towt VslJx, musician: b. War- business at Chelsea, Vt, also farming, Ins., and 

saw, Poland. July 4, 1862; s. Vincent and Aniela buying, handling and selling horses. Served in 

'Korecka) Adamowskl: ed. Warsaw preliminary moat of town ofnces; mem. Vt Ho. of Rep., 1912; 

schs. and Conservatory of Music: A.B.. Moscow deputy sheriff 16 yrs.; jailer of Orange Co., 1904- 

Conservatorv of Music. 1883; m. Antoinette Szu- 12, sheriff, 1910-12. Mason; Elk: Modern Wood- 

mowska, of Cracow. Gallcla. Sept. 1, 1896; children, man; mem. Sons of Vet. Republican. Address: 

Helenfca and Thadeus. Concert cellist. Warsaw; Chelsea, Vermont. 

teacher in music school. Cracow. 1S85-7; removed *!»*•■»« Brooks author- b Oulncv Miuis June 

i''J'f)r"-^l'V^ 'S^?-.^'*'"?" ''^■i'2?i"'"^ orchestra 24^848^8. ChS'es Francis ?nd ^blFaU^Brown 

^v'^ r?'?.?^'!^' *'ii'Qi*V''?'^%^i^^M"®"l- Adam- (Brooks) Adams; brother of Charles Francis and 

^,?*Jri^Kir»til^foVlL*f2,°' ^''*",!t"J Ji^"°'°"' Henry, A.B., Harvard, 1870; Harvard Law Sch., 

cello, ensemble and ouartet classes. N B. Conserya- i y,.; „ent as sec. to his father to Geneva, where 

^,^ a„U,.lh„^,. S? }S^i an organizer and dlr. latte, was arbitrator upon the Alabama claims un- 

^?K2?Ji'^Sri'„^I^k /'^''^*J'^™•T>^®"'''''"/J^""'l■^",?^ ^er "Treaty of Washington." Admitted to bar, 

S?.JS ^•l^ ^fcSl'iUi? °J'/''"i' ^^f^S"./^^'" ^°^^}- 1873; engaged In practice at Boston, 1873-81; m. 

7™. y _ ^2r*_/*>. CambrldgjC. Mass. Ad- Evelyn, d. Admiral Charles Henry Davis, Sept 7, 

dress: New England Conservator^ of Music, iggg; Lecturer Boston U. Sch. of Law, 1904-11. 

■****""• Mem. Mass Hist. Soc, Nat Inst. Arts and Letters, 

AS AWO W SB.*. Timottasns. musician, violinist, etc. (See Who's Who In America for books and 

conductor: b Warsaw, Poland. 1858: s. Wincenty writings.) Home: Qulncy, Mass. Offlce: 84 State 

and Marv (Korecka) Adamowskl: arrad. Warsaw St., Boston.' 

Sl!f.*'7«l^!IL,orj?,J.''l"-J'"?'*''A*'"? **'V/',''o'"* '" Al>Al«8,0«oUOBliioy. leather mfr.:b. Hodgdon, 

St^i2^^1t^'?.•"-'^=e2*^"^ '",«a,"'^,!;''^*; ^"^i, "• Me., Feb723, 187f; 8. John Qulncy and Anna Jo- 

^^I^^'SJtf ^^Ji-^'E-V ^' ^'"'-."ST'T'''' v^",^' scphlne (Brown) Adams: Rlcker Classical Inst, 

^^L.?l ?''"^,.?*'^^„"l"''- ^areer In Boston. 1879; Houlton, Me.; Eastman Business Coll., Poughkeep- 

ex.«oncept melster Boston Symphony Orchestra: sle, N.Y.; m. Nella Currier Bussey, of Houlton, Me., 

'*^'" Adamowskl Quartet and Adamowskl Trio; May 22, 1901: children. John Durrell, Eleanor Ju- 

appear»d as soloist In London. Paris Warsaw^ and <jlth. Began active career, 1890, with Baker & But- 

2ft*' rT'""*"**? dt'es: "ow head of Violin Dept, terfield. mfrs. of leather, which became B. B. 

NE. Cons»rv»tory of Music. Clubs: St Botoloh, Baker & Co., 1891-9. and then Corona Kid Co., of 

55'f ?"• T,*^?J.'"^T^ (Boston); The Players (New which was sec. 1899-06; gen. mgr. Bristol Patent 

TOrk); Bath rr^onrton). Home: 23 Chestnut St Leather Co. since 1906; dlr. Internat Trust Co.; 

Offlce: New England Conservatory of Music, former mem. exec. com. N.E. Shoe & Leather Assn. 

**<'"'"»"- Republican. Clubs: Boston City, Maugus. of 

lil>aM», AUrad Bdgar, cotton mills agt.: b. Wellesley Hills (pres.), Wellesley Country. Rec-> 



rtatiuiis: flshlng. hunting. Home; Wellesley Hills, 
Mnas. Offlfp: Ka HniHli St., Bob Ion. 

ADAMS, Oliuicay. M.D.: b. North New Portland, 
Me, Aluf. IS, li>61; s. Benjaintn and Eliza B. (Snvr- 
yer» Adums: A.B„ Colbv. ISSS. A.M.; M D., Mi:d. 
Sch. of M<.'. (Bowdoln), 1691; m. Laurlndo Cliua 
Cuomlis, of ciluucestcr. Muss., Jan. !), \kS3; 3 chil- 
dren, Itetijnmin William (deceaacil), Kdmund 
Chttncey. Elizabeth Belmer. Frln. hieh ach , Phil- 
lips, Me,. IHSS; druggist. North Anson, 1886-90; 
asst, phys. State L,unatlc Hoap., Taunton, ^lass,, 
1S91-3; prufticed at Cnticord, N.H.. altite 1S»S; city 
pli.yBloiun. Concord, N,H„ lS97-i; medical referee 
for Merrimack County since Jun^, ItHS. Mem, 
A.M,,V, N.H. Med. Soc, Merrimack County Med, 
Soc. Demncnit, UnivcrsallHt, Address: Concord. 
New Mampshlre, 

AW Aim, ChftHas Alliartiu, educator; b, Arllne- 
toti, Vt,. Feb. H, 1S72; s. flrlundo K and JennTe 
(Kent) Adama; grati, Mlddlebuiy (Vt.) HiKh Sch., 
1K31; B.H., Mlildlebury Coll., 1SB5, A.M.. 1S»T; 
grad. student .lolins Hopkins dilatory, economics 
and politics), l»U!i-<i; tn. Mlddlebury, Aug. ;ju, 1SS9, 
BertlTa, d. of President Bralnerd, of Middlebury 
Coll. Teacher mllHary acad,, Knoxvllle. Ill, lf>9G- 
01; prof. Enulish, U. of Wyo., 1901-2; prin. high 
ach., Adams, Mass., 1902-T; deat) and prin. Md. 
Coll. for Women. LuthervUle, Md.. 13117-S: supL 
achs. %Veat Ilutlani) snU Caatleton. Vt., 190S-12; 
prin. Castieton <Vt. ) State Normal Sch slmi' 1912. 
Kpl»i'<ip,-Uliin. Mem. Pclta Kappa Epsllon. Tennis 
chnmpion iif Vt. In .■■ingles. 1S94, doubles, 1S92-8. 
.\ddres9: Castieton. Tt. 

▲SAm, Charles Darwla, college prof. ; b. Keene. 
N.H., Oct. 21, 1856; s. Daniel Emerson and Ellen 
Prances (Kingsbury) Adams; A.B., Dartmouth, 
1877, A.M., 1880; Andover Theol. Sem., 1879-81; 
Ph.D., U. of Kiel, 1891; m. Julia A. Stevens, of 
Wilton, N.H., Aug. 24, 1881. Instr. Greek, Gushing 
Acad., 1881-4; prof. Greek lang., Drury Coll., 1884- 
93; prof. Greek lang. and lit., Dartmouth, since 
1893. Editor The Classical Journal, 1908-13. Presi- 
dent Classical Assn. of N.E„ 1906-7. Editor: 
Lysias. Selected Speeches, 1906. Home: Hanover, 
New Hampshire.* 

ASAKB, CharlM Bay, lawyer; July 28, 18S0- 
Mar. 28. 1909. (See vol. 1909.) 

ADAKS, Charles Elisha, merchant, capitalist; 
Apr. 16, 1841-1911. (See vol. 1909.) 

A9AJI8, Charles Everett; b. Bangor, Me., Sept. 
3, 1863; s. James and Addle Whlttler (Sampson) 
Adams; A B., Bowdoln, 1884, A.M., 1890; M.D., Med. 
Sch. of Me. (Bowdoln). 1890: m. Carrie A. Dyer, of 
Bangor, Me., Aug. 10, 1904. Dlr. Gymnasium, Colby 
College, 1887-90, Rutgers College. 1891-7; agt the 
Estate of James Adams. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsi- 
lon (Theta Chapter). Home: 29 W. Broadway. 
Office : 27 Columbia St., Bangor, Me. 

ASAMS, Charles Pollen, author; b. Dorchester, 
Mass, Apr. 21. 1842; s. Ira and Mary Elizabeth 
(Senter) Adams; ed common sch. Was in 13th 
Mass. Inf. In Civil War, wounded and taken pris- 
oner at Gettysburg; m. Harriet l^oulse Mills, of 
Boston, Oct. 11, 1870. In 1872 began contributing 
to periodicals humorous poems in German dialect. 
Clubs: Boston Authors', Puddlngstone. (See Who's 
Who In America for books.) Home: 69 Waverly 
St., Roxbury, Boston.* 

ADAm, Charle* Franda, publicist: May 27, 
1835-Mar. 20, 1916. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who 
in America, 1914-16.*) 

ASAJKB, Oharle* Fraaele, ad, lawyer; b. Qulncy, 
Mass., Aug. 2, 1866; a. John Qulncy and Fanny 
(Crownlnshleld) Adams; g g g.s. of John Adams: 
A.B., cum laude. Harvard. 1SS8. LI.,.B., 1892; read 
law in office of Sigourney Butler, of Boston: ad- 
mitted to Suffolk bar, 1893; m. Frances Loverlng. 
of Taunton. Mass., Apr. 3, 1899; 2 children, Cath- 
erine, Charles F., 3d. Began practice wllh his law 
preceptor, but later with Judge Everett C. Bumpus 
until death of father, 1894; v.-p. Electric Corpn.; 
trustee Boston Ground Rent Trust Co., Boston 
Real Estate Trust, Mass. Gas Cos., Mass. Electric 
Cos., Provident Instn for Savings, Western Real 
Estate Trust; dir. Old Colony R.R. Co.. Old Colony 
Trust Co.. Boston Consolidated Gas Co.. Fifty As- 
sociates, Old Boston Nat. Bank, Security Safe De- 

posit Co., etc. Mem. Qulncy City Council, 1893-5, 
mayor, 1896, 1897. Elected treas. corpn. of Har- 
vard Coll., 1898. Clubs: Somerset, Eastern Yacht, 
Qulncy Yacht. Home: Concord, Mass. Office: 84 
State St.. Boston, Mass * 

a"*— ■ Charles Keaunenway, editor; b. Fair- 
field. Conn., Sept. 26, 1845; s. Rev. Charles Robert 
and Marlon (Scott) Adams; B.A., Yale, 1866. Asso. 
editor Hartford Courant since 1888. Address: 122 
Derby Av., Derby, Conn. 

APAMB, Charles Henry, journalist; b. Roches- 
ter, N.H., Apr. 22, 1859; s. Samuel and Hannah 'W. 
(Lord) Adams; ed. pub. schs. Entire career has 
been In newspaper work; went to Boston, 1886, and 
since has continued with same paper, now mgr. 
Boston Advertiser and Record; elk. and dlr. Ad- 
vertiser Newspaper Co.; pres. and dir. Union Trust 
Co., Alpha Investment Co.; trustee and mem. 
finance com. Melrose Savings Bank: dir. Melrose 
Nat. Bank. Vlce-chmn. Mass. State Bd. of Charity; 
trustee and mem. exec. com. Melrose Hosp. Mem. 
Mass. State Legislature. 1900-1-2-3; mem. Rep. 
State Com., 1911-12. Mason, K T., etc. Mem. Mai- 
den Hist. Soc, Melrose Hist. Soc. Clubs: Boston 
Art, Boston City, Boston Press, Melrose, N.El. 
Traffic. Home: 66 Orient Av., Melrose, Mass. Of- 
fice: 309 Washington St., Boston. 

APAMIt, Charles Robert, banker: b. WalUngford, 
Conn., Dec. 2, 1868; s. Robert J. and Eliza J. 
(Leonard) Adams: A.B., Brown U., 1880 (Phi Beta 
Kappa); m. Abble Parker, of Boston, June 24, 1896; 
children, Elizabeth Leonard (deceased), Mary, 
Robert Parker, John (deceased). Asst. prin. Mon- 
son (Mass) Acad., 1880-1; in clothing business, 
Holyoke, Mass., 1881-8: trustee and administrator 
estates, Boston, since 1888; sec. Am. Boot & Shoe 
Reporting Co., 1891-04; mem. banking firm of Jose, 
Parker & Co., 1904-10; mem. firm C. D. Parker & 
Co, 1910-12: treas. C. D. Parker & Co., Inc., bank- 
ers, since Sept 1, 1912. Republican. Protestant 
Clubs; Brookllne Country, Boston City, University, 
Longwood Cricket. Recreations: golf, tennis, shoot- 
ing. Home: Brookllne, Mass. Office: 78 Devonshire 
St., Boston. 

ADAm, Charles Bnmner, M.D.: b. Carlisle, 
Mass., Oct. 12, 1869; s. Charles Edwin and Vivian 
(Brown) Adams; grad. Berwick (Me.) Acad., 1891; 
M.D., Harvard Med. Sch.. 1894; m. South Berwick, 
Me., Oct 18, 1894, Katherlne Oakes; 2d, Hlllsboro, 
N.H., Oct 10, 1900, Frances G Manahan. Practiced 
in Wollaston, Mass., since 1894; raed. examiner for 
10 life Ins. COS.; dlr. Wollaston Cooperative Bank. 
Mem. A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, Norfolk S. Dist 
Med. Soc. Republican. Unitarian. Mason (K.T., 
Shrlner); mem. I.O.O.F., Royal Arcanum. Club: 
Unitarian. Address: Wollaston, Mass. 

ASAMS, Charles IT.. M.D.: b. Salem, N.H.. June 
4, 1863; s. Rev. John Wesley and Lydia M. (Trefe- 
then) Adams; graduated N.H. Conf. Sem., 1880; 
C.B., Boston U., 1883; M.D., Boston U. Sch. of Medi- 
cine, 1884: m. Addle C. Buell. of Franklin. N.H., 
Sept. 5. 1888; 1 son, Charles W., Jr. Practiced In 
Franklin since 1884; mem. State Bd. of Med. 
Examiners; pres. Franklin Falls Co.: v.-p. Franklin 
Light & Power Co.; dlr. Winnepesaukee Telen. Co.; 
v.-p. Franklin Bldg. & Loan Assn.: trustee Frank- 
lin Savings Bank; mayor of City of Franklin, 1901, 
1902: chmn. Bd. of Health 8 yrs.: mem. N.H. Ho. 
of Rep , 1903-4. Mem. N.H. Homoe. Med. Soc. 
(ex-pres.) Republican. Protestant. Mason (32'); 
mem. I O.O.F.. Knights of Pythias Home: 46 View 
St Office: 368 Central St, Franklin, N.H. 

AOAM8, Clarence 'Wlnfred; b. Sutton, N,H.. Aur, 
30, 1873: 8 Jacob Kimball and Hatlle A. (Hurd) 
Adams; grad. Simonds Free High Sch., 1892, East- 
man Business Coll.. Poughkcensie, N.Y.; m. War- 
ner, N.H., June 7, 1898, Luella Chase Adams; 1 son, 
Clarence Edgar, b. Mar. 30, 1909. Began as dealer 
In grain, hay and lumber, Warner. N.H., 1896; In 
lumber business In W Va., 1897-1900; justice of the 
peace. Republican. Mason (32°, Shrlner): mem. 
Patrons of Husbandry, O.E S. Recreations: motor- 
ing, farming. Address: Warner, N.H. 

ABAM8, Comfort Avery, electrical engr.; b. 

Cleveland, Nov. 1, 1868; s. Comfort Avery and 

Katherlne Emllv (Peticolaa) Adams; S.B., Case 

Sch. of Applied Science, Cleveland, 1890 (B.E., 

uigiLi^eu uy x_j\_fv^^i\^ 


IMS): student mathematics and physics. Harvard, uncle In 1869. Republican. Mem. Knights of 

18S1-3: m. Elisabeth ChalUs Parsons, of Green- Pythias. Home: Bangor, Me. 

field. Mass. June 21, 1894; 2 children, John. Clay- anafft Zdward B.; b. Fall River, Mass., June 

ton Comfort. Asst. In physics, Case Sch. of Applied xj^ l«b6; s. Robert and Lydlan (Stow) Adams; 

Science. 1S86-9U; designinK engr., 1890-1; Instr., grad. Fall River High Sch., 1872; Ph.B.. Brown 

1891-6, assL prof., 1896-06. prof. elec. engring. j., 1379; m. Carrie M. Smith, of Dedham, Mass.. 

1906-14. Abbott and James Lawrence prof, of 1897. ]„ book and stationery business at Fall 

engring. since 1914, Har\'ard. Consulting elec Hiver; pres. Narragansett Mills; dir. Mechanics' 

engr. for Stone & Webster. Boston. 1902-6. Am. Mills. Cornell Mills. MassasoU Pocasset Nat. 

Tool & Machine Co.. Boston. Jan.. 1906— , Warner Uank; mem. City Council, Fall River, 1882, I, 4; 

Sugar Renning Co., New York, Sept., 1910—, Sim- ^em. Sch. Com., 1894-11 inclusive (chran. 1904- 

plex Wire & Cable Co., 1912-13. The Okonite Co., nj Trustee and treas. Bradford Durlee Tex. 

1913 — . Mem. Internal. Jury Awards (dept. elec- jng Sch : treas. Home for Aged People. Home: 

iriclty). St. Louis Expn.. 1904. Unitarian, fellow 450 Rock St Office: 86 S. Main St., Fall River, 

Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences, Am. Inst Elec. j^Iass. 

Engrs. (chran Boston Branch, 1905-6. Sec. Stan- ,-,'.-,« 'b>i— <- v. t. i>;r„.iK„». v» r»„» is 

dards Com.), A.A.A.S.; mem. Instn. Elec. Engrs. ,s^*""',"*^ ';! "■ ^"!.'^™;.,y'-/2tVh«ri: 

(London), Illuminating Engring Soc. Soc. Promo- 'A*.*^.."" >«!!?.?«'^„„Sv .fi-^t ^^if»"?^ *Mfn?rJi 

lion Engring. Edn.. Am. Physical Soc.. Nat Electric ^**™tL f'*-^,'"i?;,ft.'J.'i„'*vf' V?.^"-4i iaU^n^IS 

Light Economic Club (Boston), etc. Clubs: /^ Aaams, ot Marlboro, Vt, Dec. 31. 1872 (died 

Harvard (Boston). Engineers' (New York), Oakley '^'iJl- l^l^^^-^/.^""- ^"^ hL"'J\l^t ^V ^?i" 

Country. Harvard Union. Author: Dynamo Design fyjrP'e- ,<>« ^J^H^^h X,'v.^"f„„^*i,„\.*<? Lihn^rt! 

Schedules; also articles on kindred subjects. Home: ^^rald L. Engaged in farming since boyhood, 

IS Riarrar <it r'nmhririPA Mima* bas held about all the town offices, now town ClK. 

13 F-arrar St. Cambridge. Mass. ^^^ ^i^^^ . j^.,^, jugj,gg j^^ 25 yrs.. present term 

ATtMMII, Bdwara Bx1]a*7t lawyer; b. Waltham, expires Feb.. 1917; mem. Vt. Ho. or Rep.. 1884, 

Mass.. May 6. 1871; s. Benjamin Faneuil Dunkln 92. 96. 1902. 8, 12; Senate. 1910. Many times 

and Catherine (Brinley) Adams; A.B.. Harvard, called upon as arbitrator to adjust differences. 

1S92. LL.B.. 1897. Admitted to Mass. bar. 1897. and Republican. Conglist Home: Marlboro, Vt Of- 

since practiced in Boston; librarian Harvard Law flee: West Brattleboro, Vt 

Library since 1913. Club: Union. Home: 62 Mt ADAMS, Porrsst Us, optician, apothecary. (See 

Vernon St., Boston. Address: Harvard Law LI- v^i 1909 ) 

brary. care Harvard Univ.. Cambridge. Mass. ioAMM, Z-nnk m., farmer; b. Bowdoin. Me.. 

*T»*»«i« Edward KaTsm, lawyer; b. South Eliot, Sept. 19, 1852; s. Samuel and Hannah P. (Wilson) 

Me., Nov. 25. 1865; s. Levi Woodbury and Eliza- .Vaams; ed. pub. schs. and Bowdoinham High Sch.; 

beth Ann (Staples) Adams; ed. pub. schs, Eliot; m. Bowdoin, Sept 9. 1880. Ella C. Purlnton; 3 chil- 

Me. Wealeyan Sem. and Woman's Coll.. Kents Hill. dren. Wolton S.. b. 1882; Harold P.. 1889; Herbert 

Me.; U. of Me. Coll. of Law; m. June 28. 1899. K., 1891. Selectman Town of Bowdoin 12 yrs. 

Florence K. Sanderson, of Brookllne. Mass. Ad- (chmn. 6 yrs.); mem. Me. Ho. of Rep.. 1896; state 

mitted to N.H. bar, 1897, and since practiced at cattle comm'r 1898-11; mem. State Bd. Agr. 6 

Portsmouth; has served as elk. of City Council, yrs. (pres. 1 yr.); pres. State Dairy Assn., 1904-9; 

alderman, city solicitor, mem. Bd. of Instrn., Judge state dairy instr., 1913-14; mem. Rep. State Com. 

of Municipal Ct; mem Constl. Conven., N.H., mayor since 1909; overseer State Grange. 4 yrs. Univer- 

of Portsmouth. 1909-10; councilman at large. 1913; salist Address: Bowdoinham, Me. 

Republican. Conglist Mason (32''). Club: War- APAMH, Osorg* Baiksr, mfr., banker; b. 

wick. Address: Portsmouth, N.H. Adams, Mass., Jan. 26, 1860; s. George Washlng- 

»"«« . Bdward PMrUna, landscape architect lO" »"<> Helen (Barker) Adams; ed. Adams pub. 
and eiijrr b. WellingtonTMedford, Middlesex Co., sch.; unmarried. Began in mfg. business at Adams. 
Mass., Oct 29, 185?; s. John Quincy and Ann IS^*: treas. Adams Bros Mtg. Co., mfrs. cotton 
Ellxa (Perkins) Adams; descended from John Va^n and warps; also treas. Hoosac Reservoir 
Adams, who came to America in 1660, settled in Co.; pres. Adams Co-pperallve Bank; v.-p. Grey- 
Cambridge, Mass., and is believed to have been 'ock Nat. Bank; dlr. N. E. Power (Jo.. Conn. River 
the 6th son of Henry Adams, of Braintree; at- Power (.0.: county commr. Berkshire County, 
tended pub. schs. of Medford and Melrose. Mass.; Mass., chmn. Prudential Com. Adams Fire Dlst 
grad. Medford High Sch., 1873; B.S. in Civ. Engl- "eP"^"can. Episcopalian. Mason. Clubs: Adams 
neerlng, Worcester Poly. Inst, 1876; m. Etta Me- Colonial, Berkshire, Park. Address: Adams, Mass. 
dora. d. of Daniel Elliot, of Minneapolis, Minn., ADAMS, 0*org* Bniton, college prof.; b. Falr- 
Jan. 11, 1888; children, Elliot Q., Gladys M. With field, Vt., June 3, 1851; s Rev. Calvin Carlton and 
Aspinwall & Lincoln, civ. engrs., Boston, 1877-9; Emellne (Nelson) Adams; A.B., Belolt Coll., 1873, 
began pvt. practice, Boston, as civ. engr. and land- A.M., 1876; B.D., Yale, 1877; Ph.D., U. of Leipslz, 
scape architect Oct 16. 1879; in partnership with 1886; (LittD.. BeloU. 1903); m. Ida Clarke, of 
Lowell M. Muzzey. as Adams & Muzzey. 1881-3; Belolt Wis.. July 1, 1878. Prof, history, Drury 
with engring. dept. N.P. R.R., Brainerd, Minn.. Coll., 1877-88, Yale, since 1888. Editor American 
Aug.. 18Sl-May. 1882; continued pvt office alone. Historical Review, 1895-13. Mem. American Hls- 
speclalty landscape work, 1884-8; U..S. lighthouse torical Assn. (mem. executive council. 1891-7, 
surveyor. 1st and 2d dlsts.. Nov.. 1885-Sept.. 1894: 1898-01, pres. 1907-8), Am. Antiq. Soc, etc. Bdl- 
resumed work of landscape architect and engr., tor: Duruy's Middle Ages. B^mont and Monod's 
Boston, Dec, 1894. Main work has been landscape Mediaeval Europe. Select Documents of English 
surveys and designs, and superintendence of con- Constitutional History. Author: Civilization Dur- 
struction of parks, cemeteries, school, hosp.. ar- ing the Middle Ages; The Growth of the French 
mory and pvt grounds, court surveys, plans, and Nation; European History; Vol. II in Hunt and 
expert testimony. Landscape architect and engr. Poole's Political History of England; The Origin 
of parks. Medford. Mass.. since 1896. Mem. Med- of the English Constitution. Also many articles 
ford Hillside Men's Club. Life mem. Boston Y.M.C. and addresses. Address: 67 Edgehlll Rd.. New 
Union; mem. Park Inst, of N.E., Boston Soc Civ. Haven, Conn.* 

UnUarian"%"e8Ven?d N^w'ludla ChBris wilh'de^ ^^^"^' •^»'»» »*''"«• "•n'onomlst; b. North 

hrfr.^n.1 ;«i» ?,.fh laoi. »i.ii?,.?, ^,,J^L^',,,T= ™o^t Kingstown, R. I., May 12, 1874; s. George L. and 

R^?^itfons'wal^i'ln^ art Home •l^TmlrvT- Annie (Gould) Adams; B S., R. I. Stlte Coll., 

T^f^rolllee Mass Office- iTsExchan^f^ld^ Kingston, R.I., 1894; grad. student Cornell U., 

Jiir^Lc*^ ■««.»,.,; "•""*■ 1*"* t-xcnange Bldg., nhaca, NY., 1899-1900; m. Oct 20, 1903, Mary 

S3 State bt, Boston. Q^^^g Schermerhorn, of Maiden, Mass. Asst. hor- 

*"*•—« I Bdward Boacos, dry goods merchant: tlculturist 1895-01, asso. in agronomy. 1901-8, 

b. Bangor. Me., Aug. 11. I860: s. James and Addle horticulturist 1908-12, RL Expt Sta.; chief agrL 

Whittler (Sampson) Adams: educated pub. schs.; dept, 1907-12, prof, of agronomy since Sept, 1912, 

m. Florence M. Bragg, of China, Me., 1886. Began R.I. State Coll. State stalls, agt R.I. for Bur. of 

active career in father's store and is now mgr. Statistics, IT.S. Dept. Agr., Dec. 1901-July, 1914. 

Adams Dry Goods Co.. founded by father and Mem. Am. Breeders' A!;sn.|^ A^^Q<;j^}L^<yyaimjr 


Masa. Hort. Soc. Author of experiment sta. bulls, cuse Standard, 1883-8; editor of Time, 1S88-9; 

and miscellaneous articles on agrl. topics. Ad- editorial staff Cosmopolitan Magazine, 1890-1; 

dress: Klnsston, R.I. asst. editor Harper's MaKazine, 1891-6; pvL sec 

ASAIO, Oaois* HMbMTt, lawyer; May 18, 1851- If"-"?: ^""l „^i"<=?,'". """^^ i,"®**'V?i'f*J?K°.'* 9},"^^ 

Nov., 19ll. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who In SV'^I, •'»?«{, I'S,^- ""'ifS'*?-,**? '"• Si' ^^k *^'"?X 

America. 1910-U ) St Botolph. Home: 466 Audubon Rd. Office: 80 

ADAMS, r«» W.. treas. Am. Net. & Twine ^""tlf ^ ^""^r/ , . . . ^ k 

Co.; died Oct. 14, 1914. (See vol. 1909.) ABA1I8, John Qoliiey, farmer, banker; b. Dub- 

._.___ _ _ _. ... „C^ „ „- lln, N.H., Oct. 18, 1827; s. Samuel and Azubah S. 

,.TrrT"'»?'?S"^ "^'J***' 'r^t^S'v'*-^'' ""*• ^"' (Broad) Adams; 9th generation in descent from 

1844-July 27, 1914. (bee vol. 1909.) Henry Adams, who came to Mass. from England 

ADA1I8, JamM Foster, farmer; b. Falmouth, In 1732; ed. common schs., and acad., Peterbor- 

Mass., Oct. 4, 1857; s. Moses and Susan Palmer ough, N.H.; m. Sept. 29, 1863, Abble W. ITlske, of 

(Butler) Adams; descendant of Henry Adams, Weston, Mass. (died 1890). Began farming at 

who emigrated from England and settled in Brain- Peterborough, 1850; for many yrs. trustee, now 

tree, Mass.: ed. common schs.; m. Mar. 4, 1890, pres., Peterborough Savings Bank; dlr. First Nat 

Evelyn Hillman Mayhew, of Chllmark, Mass. Bank; selectman 5 yrs.; mem. Sch. Bd. 8 yrs.; 

Won 1400 in gold for best managed farm in Mass., mem. Gen. Ct, 1886. Republican. Unitarian. Ad- 

yr. 1906-6, competition only among those who dress: Peterborough, N.H. 

made their living from the farm. Mem. Sch. Com., ASAXS, John WMaay, clergyman; b. Townsend, 

Chllmark, 10 yrs.; mem. Mass. State Bd. of Agr., Mass., May 23, 1832; s. John and Mary (Taggart) 

1907. Republican. Congllst. Mem. Patrons of Adams; 7th generation by direct male descent 

Husbandry. Home: Chllmarlc, Mass. Address: from Henry Adams, ancestor of Presidents John 

West Tlsbury, Mass. and John Qulncy Adams; ed. gram, and high schs, 

ADA1K8, James mad*, journalist, author; b. ^V®?.?.^' J^^^s.; grad. M.E. theol. course, 1862; 

Nashua, N.H., June 26, 1862; s. James P. and Anna Sf^^.f '*??t*,"i??*„S.w «°"^^«J,2„^"K^^^^^^ 

G. (Page) Adams; ed. pub. schs., Weare, N.H.; "■ J?^- .^^' ^i?\Iif'^?'^^,^^I?^^°'^J-^i^^^*^^H 

m. Maria Dame, of Lynn, Mass.. Sept. 22, 1890 ™- ^''■„4?«-, ^^'^l*^*' ^X^*^ ^^'^^ ^^*'*1''*°' ,*? 

4 children, James Greenleaf, b. March 24, 1892; JV^e-, '*t?„-,.„*A^ t^",.,.Yo^^i?"?fc<!°^11'^^^W 4"?;„»V' 

Constance May. March 10. 1894; Leon Mitchell; 1908). Licensed to preach, y 66; joined N.H. Conf., 

May 16, 1898; Lincoln Dame, May 16, 1898. Worked 1t*HL ii!^,„*^^n/t*nf,,i^,,^^l,,?hir?i,^«^^^ 

at printer's trade about 1 yr. In N.H.; in news- S?'^''' a^„^*'"'„^^?i <^*J^fS"' Winchester, High St 

paper work since 1883. and contbr. of verse and g.'l' Somersworth, TlUon Newport Exeter, 

prose in many lit papers and mags.; asso. editor Jff*?,?;^°^^5?'^??-i'?S Methuen; presiding eldy 

American Yoing Folks, Manchester, N.H., 1884; £ & ?-l ^i«7R.^5lHrl",, '•^BQ^T^'^'oLo^^f.iin"^^^^ S-S" 

messenger N.H. senate, 1887-90, sergeantatarms, M.E. Ch.. 1876. retired, 1897. Chap aln 2d Re|t 

189B-7; statistical agt for U.S. Dept Agr. for ^iS; jr°J?-v?®°;i,,5<, l!t?'^t"„- }^^ A^^Ji.^Pj!^ 
N.H., 1890-3. Editorial writer and editor, Nashua ^}^^J"?^\Xfi-J'^^^ f?.f,';„l^ r?*^ 'aJi« ^n^^£ 
(N.H.) Daily Telegraph. 1889-99; resident 6 mos. Sl^^V '" n^"i®^^°//. g^J^^ W""' ^""'oS"^*?* 
in pioneer Am. colony in Cuba, i900; asso. editor P"<=te'-s C^^'S;, "^old Harbor, Petersburg, 2d bat- 
New England Farmer, 1910-11. Mem. N.H. Press J « »/ ,S?'^,*^fu''f'= Pi;t?frii^„^„„7"^„i*^"T'lhi 
Assn. Club: Unitarian Men's. Author: Pioneer- ?if.7®^„SL *I.lf«^S lV!i!^^'"r'wlt^^,°J^^IL°UJ^' 
ing m Cuba, 1901. Home: Brattleboro, Vt. S:5!R.,"T9"l4fl6rchaplain N.a" Ve"ter'^^? ^ii\ 
a wm i, Jolm ChMtar, educator; b. Lewlston, Mass. Assn. N.H. Veterans; past oomdr. Post No. 
Me., Feb. 7, 1874; s. John Samuel and Harriet 100, G.A.R., Methuen, Mass. Pres. trustees N.R 
Ada (Marr) Adams; B.A., Yale, 1896, M.A, 1898; Conf. M.E. Ch., also of Hedding Campmeetinf 
Ph.D., 1904; post-grad, course. Harvard, 1899-1900; Assn. Home: 26 High St, Methuen, Mass. 

m. New Haven, Conn., Apr. 8, 1901, Mary Eliza- m-n^trm t.-—-.. a<...— .h i „<« i. 

beth Munger; 3 children, Harriet Elizabeth. Kath- m^ I^nd N^v Ya?d T^^ S-^h 92 1S7^'- i 

arine Munger, Theodore Munger. Teacher In New nff^ i'|i5,"„, T^I>l.'^™;„^fJy 

Haven Htih Sch., 1897-8; English master, The ?*".-^f2l''^,*pi^^5* PififJ. IH^^ 

Taft Sch., 1898-9; Instr. English lit, 1900-8, Yale; T/^l,i^'iV ,l^}^,llJ^^^^ktil^^^^^^J« ?^^ 

head of Dept of English Ind History, U.S. Mil! ^.^^"A' 4^^ho?/i ^1^^?^ ^inii™ ?i,ilt?l; wn' 

Acad., 1908-10; asst prof, of English, Yale, since f,'*° °L?'°PH„^niX M,'^lnYi t^„ lY^^^^ ' ^l^ 

1910, also faculty adviser in undergraduate liter- T?i?iv Tnh^WnwVfnfl M«^flAwir^<.«^inl»;,.'^^i? 

ary activities since 1914. Clubs: GFaduates', New 5'ii?^'A^dm?r^ Thomk« ^Uow^fl ?>hX,*' T?'-? N^ 

Haven Lawn, Elizabethan, Elihu (New Haven), "*^ ^„ iTti TUn^^f »ohT i„ tt « ^ »„,F"i vr 

Portland (Me.) Yacht Aithor of an edition oi P,f®?^4^5;P"n»?J^nnv^ <,™rt tt« ^^^^.T^iL'^ 

Srw'^l^a^fn^ToIln""- """""'^ "» ^' "°"' ^^^ ^^^^TotlJ'ir^c'ToT/si i^^^.^lfro^^^^uA't^A 

«ew naven, i.,onn. other studies, U. of Glasgow, Scotland, 1895-7: 

ABAMM, John Coleman, clergyman; b. Maiden, m. Elisabeth Lloyd Goldsborou«h, of Baltimore, 
Mass., Oct. 25, 1849; s. John Greenleaf and Mary Md., Apr. 25, 1899; one child. Laurence Stowell, 
Hall (Barrett) Adams; descendant Henry Adams, Jr.; m. 2d, Cora Isabel Westcott, of Baltimore, 
Bralntree, Mass., 1640, and of John Alden, of the Md., Aug. 21, 1912; 2 children, Eleanor Van Dvke, 
Mayflower: A.B., Tufts. 1870, B.D., 1872, A.M., Frederick Phelps. Commd. asst naval constr., 
1884 (S.T.D., 1888); ra. Miriam P. Hovey, of New- U.S. Navy, July 1, 1896; naval constr., July 1. 
ton, Mass., July 18, 1883; children. Katharine 1904; stationed at Newport News, Va., 1897; Navy 
(Mrs. Frank D. Reynolds), John Alden, Justin de Yard, Norfolk, Va., 1897-1900; San Francisco, Gal., 
Peyster. Ordained Universallst ministry, 1872; 1900-4; Navy Yard, Norfolk, Va., 1904-8; fleet 
pastor Newton. Mass., 1872-80, Lynn, Mass., constr. with Atlantic Fleet on cruise around the 
1880-84, Chicago, 1884-90, Brooklyn. 1890-1901, world, 1908. stopping oft at Philippine Islands; 
Hartford. Conn., 1901 — Trustee Tufts Coll., stationed at Olongapo and Cavlte, P.I., 1908-10; 
1880 — . Clubs: University. Get Together, Twen- Schenectady, N.Y., 1911-12; superintending con- 
tieth Century. Author: The Fatherhood of God, structor, Bath, Me., 1912-13; Navy Yard, Porta- 
1888; Christian Types of Heroism, 1890; The mouth. N.H.. 1913, and apptd. industrial mngr. at 
Leisure of God. 1895; Nature Studies in Berkshire, that place, Feb. 1, 1916. In 1910 raised the 19.000- 
1899; Life of William Hamilton Gibson, 1901; An ton floating dry dock "Dewey," which had sunk 
Honorable Youth, 1906; Short Studies in the to the bottom of Sublg Bay, P.I. Builder of Sub- 
Larger Faith, 1907; Santa Claus' Baby. Address: marine L-8. the first submarine to be constructed 
83 Slgourney St., Hartford, Conn.* in a govt, navy yard. Mem. Soc. Naval Architects 

AOAia. John Savis. social worker- b nr Svra- """^ Marine Engrs. Mason (K.T.). Episcopalian. 

cu5? N?:, Mar. 9 1860° s^' 7amerAddrson a^d Sfi'™«"??P^„ ^"'h°,?t°'"k'3f ;..'?°.*°fT ^°'iJSf ..'VT,^ 

Clara Elizabeth (Davis) Adams; Lltt B., Cornell ^^T,l-^"A^%V^^^*- ^'^^'^ess: U.S. Navy Yard. 

U., 1882; m. Mary Cranford, of Wakefield, N.Y., Portsmouth, N.H. 

Oct 12, 1899. Reporter, New York Tribune, 1882; ADAMS, Xanley U.. treasurer and dlr Cabot 

reporter, telegraph editor, editorial writer, Syra- Mfg. Co., Wlnthrpp My^ CqMjE^<J^.J4^. Co.; dlr. 



OM Boston Nat. B&nJc. Home: W. Newton, Mslsb. 
Office: 70 Kilby St, Boston. 

MJtMMB, ValTta Ohio, lawyer; b. Ashburnham, 
ilaas., Nov. 7, 1860; s. Joseph and Dolly W. (Whlt- 
nejr) Adams; A.B., Dartmouth, 1871 (LUD., 1912); 
LL.R. Boston U.. 1874; m. Mary Colony, Fltoh- 
burg, Mass.. Jan. 20, 1874. Practiced, Boston, 
since 1876: asst. dist. atty., 1878-86; US. atty., 
l$}S-06; pres. Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn 
RR. from 1891; v.-p. Liberty Trust Co. from 1907. 
Trustee Dartmouth Coll.; pres. trustees Cushlng 
.\cad. Asst. adj. -gen. on staff Gov. Brackett, 
1890-1, with rank of coL Republican. Clubs: 
Union League (New Tork), Union, Unitarian, 
University. EJxchange, Boston Yacht (Boston). 
Home: 36 Beacon St Ofilce: Tremont Bldg., 

iWI'Mll, Kjrroa A^ mfr., dairyman; b. Derby, 
Vt, Nov. 28, 1849; s. Auretus F. and Jane (Wee- 
den) Adams; ed. pub. schs. and Derby Acad.; m. 
\0T. 21, 187S, Clara E., d. Cheater Carpenter, of 
Derby. Treas. and ex-pres. Vt Dairymen's Assn.; 
mem. Vt Ho. of Rep., 1896-8; supt schs., Derby, 
1896-06; mem. State Fair Comm'n. 1907-10. Ad- 
dress: Derby, Vermont 

, Oscar Pa7, author; b. Worcester, Mass.; 
s. William Fuller and Amelia (Merrlfleld) Adams; 
grad. N.J. State Normal Sch. Unmarried. Lecturer 
on lit. and architecture. Club: Boston Authors 
(sec. since 1902). (See Who's Who In America for 
list of books and writings.) Home: The Hermitage, 
» Willow St, Boston.* 

"'*'—, Bobort Johs, clergyman; Sept. 1, 1829- 
NoT. 25, 1911. (See vol. 1909.) 

iimnt, VTaldo Kawranos, chemist; b. Oreen- 
TiUe, N.H., Aug. 12. 1882; s. Albert H. and Mary 
(Lawrence) Adams; student Mass. Coll. Pharmacy, 
Boston. 1901-2; B.S., N.H. Coll., Durham, 1908; m. 
A«nes M. Graham, of Middlebury, Vt, Nov. 6, 1913. 
Asst chemist N.H. Elxp. Sta., Durham, 1908-10; 
asst chemist. State Lab. of Hygiene, Concord, 
N.H., since Apr. 1, 1910. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc. Re- 
publican. CongUst Odd Fellow. Home: 76 Pleas- 
ant St Address: State Laboratory of Hygiene, 
Concord, N.H. 

ASAin, Warrra Anstla, professor German; b. 
Sluuieateles, N.T.. Sept 14, 1861; s. Emerson H. and 
Annette (.Vustin) Adams; AB., Yale, 1886, Ph.D., 
189S; studied In Germany, 1S87-9; studied, univs. 
Berlin and Munich, 1888-9; grad. student New York 
v.. Sch. of Pedagogy. 1890-1, Cornell, 1892-3, Yale, 
18SJ-5; m. Grace Smith, of Chicago, Sept. 2, 1896: 
2 children, Austin Lockwood, b. Aug. 27, 1897; 
Henry. June 15. 1904. Instr. Latin and Roman his- 
tory, Kenyon Mil. Acad.. Gambler, O., 1886-7 ; inatr. 
(Jerman, French, Latin and Greek, Montclalr (N.J.) 
Mil Acad., 1889-91; Instr. German, Cornell, 1891-8; 
tnslr. German. Yale, 1893-9: asst prof. German, 
Dartmouth. 1899-04, prof. German since 1904, head 
of dept since 1900. Mem. Modern Lang. Assn. 
America. CongUst Editor: Goethe's Hermann und 
Dorothea; Keller's Romeo und Julia auf dem 
Dorfe; Rogge's Der grosze PreuszenkSnlg. Spent 
summers of 1903 and 1906 and yr. 1910 in (Jermany. 
Recreations: gardening, walking, tennis. Address: 
Hanover, N.H. 

* 1»1fl , WUInir T.; moved to Oakley. Cal. (See 
vol 1909 ) 

tWtmi, 'William Claik, lawyer; b. Wooster, O., 
May 21, 1880; s. Clark Commador and Margaret 
(Shipley) Adams; grad. Wooster High Sch., 1898; 
student Park Coll., Parkvllle, Mo., 2 years; Ph.B., 
I'nlT. of Colo., 1902; LL.B., Columbia Univ. Sch. 
of Law, 1906: m. Marlon Heaton Taber, of Brook- 
lyn, N.Y., May 7, 1908: 1 son, William Taber. Asst 
librarian. Univ. of Colo., 1900-2; cataloguer in Law 
Ubrary. Harvard Univ., 1902-3: librarian of Law 
Library, Columbia Univ., 1903-6: admitted to Mass. 
bar, 1907, and since In practice In Boston. Member 
Board of CJommlssioners on Fisheries and Game, 
Massachusetts, since 1913. Member of many 
sportsmen's clubs, in Massachusetts: mem. Phi 
Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Has written for period- 
icals on subjects relating to protection and propa- 
gation of fish and game. Recreatlops: shooting. 

fishing, motoring. Home: Shomecllffe Road, New- 
ton, Mass. Office: 60 State St, Boston. 

anaw WlUlam 'Wiansr, clergyman; Aug. 16, 
1831-Oct 2, 1912. (See vol. 1909.) 

ASDSKAV, Joshua Kelancthon, banker, lawyer: 
b. New Zealand, Nov. 15, 1840; s. Thomas and 
Maria (Fligg) Addeman; brought to U.S.. 1843; 
AB., Brown U., 1862, A.M., 1865; m. Louise W. 
Wlnsor, Oct. 26, 1872; 3 children, Grace A (Mrs. 
James Fentress), Marie P. (Mrs. Dexter Elliott), 
Julia A (Mrs. Fred L. Jenckes). Served in U.S. 
Vols., 1862-5, mustered out as capt; admitted to 
bar, 1866; elk. Common Council, Providence, R.I., 
1867-81; sec. of State R.I., 1871-87; commr. to re- 
vise the R.L Public Statutes, 1880; v. p. Industrial 
Trust Co. since 1895; dlr. R.I. Investment Co., R.I. 
Electric Protective Co., Exchange Realty Co., R.I. 
Safe Deposit Co. V.-p. Home for Aged Men and 
Old Couples. Author of various addresses on civil 
and mil. subjects, and official pubis. Mason (K.T.). 
Republican. Episcopalian. Club: University. Rec- 
reations: music, reading. Home: 29 Barnes St. Of- 
fice: 49 Westminster St, Providence, R.I. 

ASDZB, John Btanlay, lawyer; b. New Mllford, 
Conn., Apr. 4, 1889; s. John F. and Harriet L. (War- 
ner) Addis; descendant of Roger Sherman, signer 
of the Declaration of Independence; prep. edn. New 
Mllford High Sch.; LL.B., Yale Law Sch., 1910; 
unmarried. Practiced In New Mllford since 1910; 
mem. Addis & Addis; town elk. of New Mllford; 
librarian Litchfield County Law Library Assn., 
New Mllford; elk. Probate Ct, Dlat of New Mll- 
ford; mem. Gen. Assembly, Conn., 1911-12, 1913-14, 
1916-16. Pres. Local Council, Boy Scouts of Amer- 
ica; scout commr. at New Mllford. Mason (32°); 
mem. St Peter's Lodge No. 21, A.F. and A.M.; Ou- 
satonlc Chapter No. 33, R.AM.; Wooster Council 
No. 28, R. and S.M.; Crusader Comraandery No. 10, 
K.T.; Pyramid Temple AA.O.N.M.S.; DeWitt Clin- 
ton Lodge of Perfection, A and A.S.R.; Washing- 
ton Council Princes of Jerusalem, A. and A.S.R., 
Pequonnock Chapter, Rose Croix, A. and A.S.R.: 
Lafayette Consistory, A. and AS.R. Mem. Good 
Shepherd Lodge No. 66, I.O.O.F. Democrat Epis- 
copalian. Mem. Phi Alpha Delta (Yale). Club: 
Commercial (ex-pres.). Home: New Mllford, Conn. 

AOSZ80V, Ohailas ICorilB, clergyman; B.D., 
Episcopal Theol. Sch., Cambridge, Mass., 1882. 
Deacon, 1882, priest 1883, P.E. Ch.; with Ch. of 
the Epiphany, Winchester, Mass., 1882-6: rector 
Christ Ch., Fltchburg, 1885-97; archdeacon of 
Worcester, 1895-7; now rector St John's Ch., Stam- 
ford, Conn. Home: Stamford, Conn. 

ABBISOir, Saiilsl Snlany, clergyman: b. Wheel- 
ing, W.Va,, Mar. 11, 1863; s. Thomas Grafton and 
Marie E. (Addison) Addison; AB.. Union Coll., 
1883 (D.D., 1901); grad. Episcopal Theol. Sch., 
Cambridge, Mass.: m. Julia de Wolf GIbbs, Feb. 
20, 1889. Asst Christ Ch., Springfield, Mass., 1886- 
89; rector St Peter's Ch., Beverly, Mass., 1889- 
96, All Saints' Ch., Brookline, Mass., since 1896. 
Pres. Beverly Hosp., 1892-5; trustee Pub. Library, 
Brookline: registrar Diocese of Mass.; sec. Cathe- 
dral Chapter of Diocese of Mass.; deputy to Gen. 
Conv. ; trustee Coll. of Monrovia, Liberia; dlr. 
Church Temperance Soc; mem. exec. com. Arch- 
deaconry of Boston; pres. trustees Donation for 
Edn. In Liberia; knighted by govt of Liberia, 1904. 
Clubs: Authors' (London), Boston Authors', Round 
Table, Harvard (Boston). Author; Lucy Larcom, 
Life, Letters and Diary, 1894; Phillips Brooks, 
1894 : Life and Times of Edward Bass, First Bishop 
of Massachusetts, 1897; All Saints' Church, Brook- 
line, 1896; The Clergy In American Life and Let- 
ters, 1900; The Episcopalians, 1904. Home: 1789 
Beacon St, Brookline, Mass.* 

ADDZ80V, Julia d« Wolf, author; b. Boston, 
Feb. 24, 1866; d. Franklin and Ann de Wolf (Lov- 
ett) Gibbs; childhood spent in England, where was 
taught by pvt. governess; returned to Boston, 1878, 
attended pvt schs.: art student in England, Italy 
and Boston; m. Daniel Dulany Addison, Feb. 20. 
1889. Designer of ecclesiastical ornament, metal 
work, mosaic, embroideries, etc. Illuminator on 
vellum, heraldic work and other decorative mate- 
rial. Mem. Copley Soc; lneorp(jrat9r .Sp5;JV{3^^1^ 




Crafte. (See Who's Who in America for list of 
books.) Home: 1789 Beacon St, Brookline, Mass.* 

ASZB, AxtOraw, pres. Scotia Worsted Mills, 
Strathmore Worsted Mills, and U.S. Worsted Co.; 
prop'r Saxony Worsted Mills. Home: Chestnut 
Hill. Office: 60 Federal St.. Boston. 

AJauat, Edward Anthony, lawyer; b. MlUers- 
burg, O., Apr. 23, 1874; s. George and Catherine 
(Vogel) Adler; German ancestry; grad. pub. schs., 
Millersburg, 1891; Ph.B., St. Lawrence U., Canton, 
N.y., 1S96; LL, B., Harvard Law Sch., 1898; trav- 
eling tutor In Europe. 1898-9; m. Florence Louise 
Morrison, of Boston, June 6, 1906; 2 children, Eliz- 
abeth, Edward A., Jr. Engaged in gen. practice, 
specializing in mining, corpn. and Mexican law; 
counsel various corpns. and mining interests in 
U.S. and Mex. Acting sec. and campaign organizer 
for Pub. Sch. Assn. (a non-partisan movement for 
betterment of Boston schs.), 1900, and mem. exec, 
com., 1901; asst. sec. and mem. exec. com. Pub. 
Franchise League, of Boston, 1901-3; mem. local 
bd. of mgrs. Boston Conv. of Nat. Bdnl. Assn., 1903. 
Author of article, "Business Jurisprudence," in 
Harvard Law Review, Dec, 1914, showing that at 
common law all business Is public. Mem. Beta 
Theta PI, Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Economic, Brae 
Burn Country. Recreation: golf. Home: 184 Pine 
Ridge Rd., Waban, Mass. Offices: 60 State St. Bos- 
ton; SO Maiden Lane, New York. 

ABIiEB, Max, mfr.; b. Bavaria. Germany, Oct 
14, 1840), s. Sigtsmund and Barbetta (n.^tor-wplsl 
Adler; fame to America with parents, 1S41; ed, 
public schs.; m. New Haven, Conn., Oct. 21, 18fi6, 
Esther Myers: 3 children, Frederick M., Florn V, 
(Mrs. ^ Isaac M. Ullman. of New Haver). Marlam 
A. (Mrs. A. W. Well, of Denver, Col.). Sucrpssively 
errand boy, elk., cashier and gen. mgr drysoods 
store. New Haven, and mgr. drygoods siore. New 
York, to 1862; returned to New Haven and was 
mgr. drygoods store, 1862-6; entered firm I. Strouse 
& Co., corset mfrs., 1866; sr. mem. of Strouse, Ad- 
ler & Co., until retired. 1910; now devoting atten- 
tion to pvt Interests. Served in Conn, militia 7 
yrs. ; has been mem. New Haven Bd. Edn.; commr. 
to Atlanta Expn., 1895; commr. on trade schs., re- 
porting to Conn, legislature, 1905; pres. New Haven 
Permanent Paving Commn. ; dlr. Union & New 
Haven Trust Co.. Nat Savings Bank, Ist Nat. 
Bank. Mercantile Safe Deposit Co.. New Haven 
Water Co., Southern N.E. Telephone Co.. The Peck 
Bros. & Co.. etc. Apptd. by Gov. Weeks, dlr. of 
Conn. Reformatory, re-appointed by Gov. S. E. 
Baldwin for 4 yrs.. from July 1. 1914. Republican. 
Hebrew. Mason. Mem. B'nal B'rith. Clubs: Quln- 
nlplack. Harmonle. Home: 311 Greene St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

ATZXEOZ, Osonra Balrd, physical dlr.; b. Lan- 
ark County, Ont, Can., May 22, 1876; s. John and 
Helen (Scott) Affleck, both natives of Canada; 
grad Manitoba Provincial Normal Sch., 1896: B.A., 
U. of Manitoba, 1897; B.P.E., Internat Y.M.C.A. 
Coll., Sprlngneld, Mass., 1901, M.P.B.. 1912: m. A. 
Mabel Cobb, of Attlcboro. Mass.. Aug., 1915. Asst. 
sec. Y.M.C.A., Winnipeg, 1898-9: physical dlr. State 
Normal Sch.. Cedar Falls. la.. 1901^7. Central Dept, 
Y.M.C.A, Chicago. 1907-8; prof. Internat Y.M C.A. 
Coll. since Mar., 1908, also a corporator same; asst 
editor The Association Seminar; pres. Oswegatchie 
Park Co. (N.Y.). Mem. N.E.A.. Am. Physical Edn. 
Assn., Am Acad. Pollt and Social Science, Phys- 
ical DIrs. Soc, etc. Progressive Republican. Pres- 
byterian. Author: Selected Bibliography of Phys- 
ical Education and Hygiene. 1912. Recreations: 
fishing, photography. Home: 54 Alden St, Spring- 
Held, Mass. 

APXICA, Walter Orstnload, gas and electric 
engr.; b. Huntingdon, Pa., Apr. 11, 1863: s. John 
Simpson and Dorothea Corbin (Greenland) Africa; 
descendant of Christopher Africa, Germantown, 
Pa., about 1750: grad. Huntingdon Acad.: m. Maud 
Eva Cunningham, of Huntingdon, Nov. 17, 1887; 4 
children. Dorothea Cunningham, Esther Bessie, 
Walter Murray. Maud Isabel. Began active career 
In employ of Ist Nat Bank, Huntingdon: then with 
Elkins & Widener. gas promoters. Phlla. ; lessee 
Huntingdon Gas Works, 1885-7; removed to Man- 
chester, N.H., and apptd. supt People's Gaslight 

Co., which acquired control of Manchester Gas- 
light Co., of which is mgr. and treas. ; has served 
as pres. Manchester Union Pub. Co., Cohas Build- 
ing Co., Manchester Bd. of Trade; as treas. Man- 
chester Electric Light Co., Brodie Electric Co.. Ben 
Franklin Electric Light Co., Robey Concrete Co.; 
also dlr. Merchants Nat. Bank. Amoskeag Nat. 
Bank, Elliot Mfg. Co., etc. Mem. Am. Gas Inst, 
N.E. Assn. Gas Bngrs. (ex-pres.). Guild of Gas 
Engrs. of N.E. (ex-pres.). York and Scottish Rite 
Mason (33°); Past Potentate A.A.O.N.M.S.: mem. 
l.O.O.F. Democrat Congllst Home: 764 Chestnut 
St Office: 39 Hanover St, Manchester, N.H. 

AOABD, Edwin ■nmnsr, lawyer, mfr.: b. Hart- 
ford, Conn., Nov. 11, 1851; s. Ransil H. and Maria 
A. (Sumner) Agard; grad. East Greenwich (R.I.) 
Acad., June, 1874; m. Sara S. Browning, of Perry- 
ville. R.I., Sept 5, 1876; 4 children, Harry B., Flo- 
rence E., LiUa D., Elizabeth B. Admitted to Tol- 
land Co. (Conn.) bar, 1881, and since engaged in 
practice; town elk. and treas., Tolland, 1878-82; 
mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 4 yrs.. Judge of probate 
for dlst of Tolland, since 1903. Mem. mfg. firm 
of William Sumner Belting Co. Republican. Con- 
gregatlonallst Recreation: baseball. Address: 
Tolland. Conn. 

AOABD, 'WUUua Axtgjutam, mfr.; b. Hartford, 
Conn., Dec. 13, 1848; s. Ran-^ll Hall and Maria A. 
(Sumner) Agard; ed. Hartford High Sch.; grad. 
East Greenwich (R.I ) Acad., 1869; m. Catherine 
E. Blssell, of South Windsor, Conn., Sept. 15, 1874; 
4 children, M. Lucile, Catherine M., William H., 
Marlon B. In collection dept, William Sumner & 
Co., Cincinnati. 1870-6; gen. mgr. Capital City Gas 
Light Co.. Des Moines, la.. 1876-87; mgr. since 1899, 
The Underwood Mfg. Co., and The William Sumner 
Belting Co , of which is also pres. ; pres Savings 
Bank of Tolland: dlr. Tolland Aqueduct Co.; mem. 
Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1904, 1906. Address: Tolland, 

AQA8BIE, Alexander (Enunannal BodolplM), 

naturalist; Dec. 17, 1835-Mar. 28, 1910. (See vol. 
1909. also Who's Who in America, 1910-11.) 

AOAB8IS, Bodolph* l^ola, capitalist; b. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Sept 3, 1871; s. Alexander and Anna 
(Russell) Agassiz; A B., Harvard, 1892; m. Maria 
Dallas Scott of Phlla., Mar. 27, 1894; children, 
Maria D., Anna. V.-p., dlr. Calumet & Hecla Min- 
ing Co.; dlr. Am. Trust Co., I.«Salle Copper Co., 
Superior Copper Co., Marysviile Dredging Co., N.E 
Exploration Co., Smuggler Union Mining Co., State 
St. Trust Co . Am. Trust Co.. Walter Baker Co.. 
Ltd.. United Zinc & Chemical Co., Hotel Somerset 
Co., Centennial Copper Mining Co., Allouez Mining 
Co. Clubs: Knickerbocker, Harvard (New York), 
Chicago (Chicago), Harvard, Somerset. Tennis and 
Racquet (Boston). Country (Brookline). Myopia 
Hunt Home: Hamilton. Mass. Office: 12 Ashbur- 
ton PI., Boston.* 

'»«>.»'■«, Joaspli John, clergyman; b. Portland, 
Me., July 27, 1859; s. John and Catherine (Irving) 
Ahem; grad. high sch., Portland, 1877; A.B , Holy 
Cross Coll., Worcester, Mass., 1880; studied law; 
studied philosophy at Issy, France, theology, at 
St. Sulplce Sem.. Paris. Ordained priest by Car- 
dinal Richard, Archbishop of Paris, May 27, 1893; 
asst St. Dominic's Ch., Portland, Me.. July-Aug.. 
1893. St Patrick's Ch.. Lewiston, 1893-5, St Jo- 
seph's Ch., Ellsworth, July-Sept, 1895; administra- 
tor St. Denis Ch., N. Whitefield, Me., 1895-6: pastor 
St. Joseph's Ch., Bastport, since May 25. 1896. 
Mem. Knights of Columbus. Address: 51 Washing- 
ton St.. Eastport Me. 

AKEBV, 'WUUam J., secretary state bd. of Chari- 
ties and Correction; b. Concord, N.H.. May 19, 1855; 
s. William and Bridget (Leary) Ahern; ed. pub. 
.schs . Concord: m. Catherine M. Cotter, of Concord. 
Nov. 30. 1876; 6 children. County commr.. Merri- 
mack Co., N.H., 4 yrs.; mem. N H. Ho. of Rep., 1895- 
15; sec. State Bd. Charities and Correction since 
1901. Chmn. Bd. Trustees N H. Sch. for Feeble 
Minded. 1906-13; chmn. N H. Bd. of Control since 
1913. Mem. Knights of Columbus. Ancient Order 
Hibernians. Foresters of America. B.P.O. Elks. 
Democrat Catholic. Club: Wonolancet Home: 64 
Franklin St. Office: State House. Concord. N.H. 



mtary Wammond, landscape painter; b. 
Hartford, Conn., Dec. 20, 1869; studied Royal Acad., 
Monlcb; Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris (hon. men- 
tion twice): m. Eleanor I. Curtis, of SprinKfleld, 
Mass.. July, 1902; 1 son. Henry Curtis. BxhTbited 
at Xat. Acad. Design, New York, New York Water 
Color Club, Washington Art Club, Pa. Acad. Fine 
Arts, Boston Art Museum, Boston Art Club, 
Worcester Art Museum, Hartford Atheneum, etc. 
Mem. Copley Soc., Boston. Clubs: Boston Art, Sal- 
magundi (New York). Recreations: music ahd 
farmtns. Home: Newbury, Mass. Ofllce: 12 Har- 
court St, Boston. 

r, AUrad Kawraaca, banker; b. Norwich, 
Conn.. July 8, 1870; s. William Appleton and Bllza 
Colt (Buckingham) Aiken; g.s. William A. Buck- 
inghaai, gov. of Conn., 1859-68; grad. Norwich Free 
Acad. (Conn.), 1887; AB., Yale, 1891; m. Nov. 25, 
189S, Elizabeth Peck Hopkins, of Worcester, Mass.; 
1 son. William Appleton, 2d. Was connected with 
State Mut. Life Ins. Co., Worcester, June 1, 1892- 
July 1, 1894; asst. mgr. N.E. dept. New York Life 
Ins. Co.. at Boston, July 1, 1894-Oct. 1, 1899; asst. 
cashier Nat. Hide and Leather Bank, Boston, Oct. 
1, 1899-Jan, 1901; east, cashier State Nat. Bank, 
Boston. Jan., 1901-July 1, 1904; treas. Worcester 
County Instn. for Savings, July 1, 1904-Jan. 1, 1908, 
and pres. until Jan. 1. 1913; pres. Worcester Na- 
tional Bank, Jan. 1, 1913-Nov. 15, 1914; since gov. 
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; also dir. N.K 
Casualty Co., Norwich (Conn.) Nickel & Brass Co. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. Delta Kappa Ep- 
silon (Yale). Clubs: Union (Boston), Worcester 
(Worcester). Home: 40 Elm St., Worcester, Mass. 
Office: 63 State St.. Boston.* 

f, Jolm Adams, judge; b. OreenAeld, Mass., 
SepL 16, 18&0; s. David and Mary Elizabeth 
(Adams) Aiken: A.B., Dartmouth. 1S74 (LL.D., 
DOS); m. Maria WiUard Dickinson, of Baltimore, 
Mar. 29, 1895. Admitted to Mass. bar, 1876; prac- 
ticed with father In Greenfield, Mass., several yra. 
and then alone. Mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1883; 
dist. atty. Northwest Dist, Mass., 1890-7; Justice, 
1898 — , chief Justice. 1905 — , Superior Ct. of Mass. 
Democrat. Club: Union. Home: Greenfleld, Mass. 
Address: Court House, Boston.* 

t, Walllarton Eitay, teacher; b. Benson, 
VL, Dec. 30, 1876; s. James Henry and Mary 
Frances (Hawley) Aiken; grad. Troy Conf. Acad., 
Poultney, Vt., 1897; A.B., U. of Vt, 1901, A.M., 
1903; m. Lucy Bascom, of Troy, N.Y., June 14, 
1904; 3 children, John Kenneth, Olenn, Robert Bas- 
com. Head of Dept. of English, Mt. Hermon Sch., 
1901-12; asso. prof. English, U. of Vt.. 1912. Mem. 
N.ELA., Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Kappa. Congrcgation- 
allst. Address: Burlington. Vt. 

t, WUUam Appleton; b. Manchester, Vt., 
Apr. 18, 1833: s. John and Mary Means (Appleton) 
Aiken; ed. pub and pvt. schs., Lowell, Mass., Dum- 
mer Acad., Byfleld, Mass., Phillips Acad., Andover, 
Uass., to 1S51; ra. Eliza Colt, d. CJov. William A. 
Buckingham, of Norwich, Conn., Aug. 28, 1861. 
Acting asst. paymaster U.S.N., 1861-2; q.-m.-gen. 
of Conn., 1862-5: attached to squadron In S. Atlan- 
tic under Rear Admiral Dupont; in first great naval 
battle of Civil War at Hilton Head, S.C; during 
the war was entrusted with several important spe- 
cial duties at Washington and in the South. Pres. 
Norwich Nickel & Brass Co. Republican. Mem. 
Nat Geog. Soc., Nat. Civil Service Reform League. 
Nat Municipal League, Conn. Civil Service Reform 
Assn.. G.AR., Loyal Legion, .\rmy and Navy Club 
of Conn., Norwich Bd. of Trade, etc. Pres. Otis 
Pub. Library, Norwich: trustee Broadway Congl. 
Ch. Club: Norwich. Home: 157 Washington St, 
Norwich, Conn.* 

r, tolai Bobait, merchant; b. Boston, 
Oct 8, 1846: 8. Thomas and Hannah (Brooks) Ains- 
ley; ed. Dwight Grammar Sch., Boston; m. Emily 
L. Coolldge. of Waltham, Mass., May 11, 1871. En- 
tered employ of George S. Winslow & Co., Apr., 
1861; asst. l>ookkeeper, Sweetser, Swan & Blodgett, 
1863-5: cashier Farley. Amsden & Co., 1866-73; be- 
came cashier Brown. Durrell & Co , 1873, admitted 
to firm. 1884; retired Dec. 31. 1905; an organizer, 
and sr. partner John R. Ainsley & Co., wholesale 

fancy dry goods, since Jan. 1, 1906; trustee Boston 
Penny Savings Bank. Mem. 2d Mass. Vol. Regt., 
1866. 1866. Dir. Boston Credit Men's Assn.; mem. 
N.E. Dry Goods Assn., Hooker Assn., Bostonian 
Soc. Dir. B.Y.M.C. Union. Republican. Conglist 
Club: Boston Art (pres. 4 yrs.). Recreation: travel. 
Home: 466 Audubon Rd. Office: 33 Harrison Av., 
Boston, Mass. 

AinWOBTH, Israal, clergyman; b. Loughbor- 
ough, Leicestetshire, Eng., Oct 2, 1862; s. Abraham 
and Mary Wood (Antil) Ainsworth; elementary 
edn. and pvt. student of N.T. Greek. In Eng.; came 
to America, 1870; student Wilbraham (Mass.) 
Acad.; pvt. studies, Boston; conf. course of 4 yrs. 
in theology; spl. student in Eng., 1877-8; m. Sarah 
Benson Hunter, of Hartlepool, Eng., Mar. 16, 1878. 
Asst. to sec. Y.M.C A., Boston, 1872; gen. sec. 
Nashua (N.H.) Y.M.C.A, 1873; ordained to the min- 
istry, 1880; pastor 1st Ch., New Boston. N.H., for 
short time, then pastor 1st Ch., Boylston, Mass., 
later at Peabody, Mass.; pastor 1st Ch., Rockport, 
Mass., 1891-07, Trinity Ch , Beachmont, since 1907. 
Pres. Essex Congl. Club, 1904; served as modera- 
tor Essex South Conf., del. Triennial Council, at 
Portland, 1901, etc.; mem. Boston Congl. Club; 
scribe and treas. Suffolk North Assn. of Congl. 
Chs. and Ministers, since 1915. Author: A Brief 
History of the Flist Congregational Church, Boyls- 
ton, Mass., 1887; The First Parish and Church in 
Kockport, Mass., 1907. Address: 180 Bradstreet 
Av., Beachmont, Revere, Mass. 

AITZBH, Oaorgs, farmer; Jan. 5, 1862-19 — . (See 
vol. 1909.) 

AZBMI, Joaapb Bsnry, M.D.; b. Granby, Mass., 
Nov. 11, 1856: s. Joseph Washington and Lucy A. 
(Tufts) Akers; ed. high sch. and by pvt. instruc- 
tion; M.D., Dartmouth Med. Coll. 1884; post-grad, 
course in New York; m. Providence, R.I., Sept. 23, 
1885, Annie Louise Sholes. Began practice at Fisk- 
dale, Mass.; removed to Providence, 1885; was con- 
nected for a number of yrs. with R.I. Hosp. and 
for about 13 yrs. with the Providence Lying-in 
Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., R.l. Med. Soc, Providence 
Med. Assn. Recreations: music, collecting antiques. 
Home: 42 Cypress St Office: 772 N. Main St, 
Providence, R.I. 

4uas.Ba, Bslaa Bickay, author; b. Dayton, O., 
Mar. 15, 1864: d. James and Rosaltha J. (Jones) 
Rickey; grad. Dayton High Sch.; later studied in 
New York as designer; m. John Albee, Feb. 16, 
1894. Established, 1897. Abnftkee Rug Industry; 
Ist rural Industry in America to develop rug mak- 
ing as a handicraft; has since been prominently 
identified with the Arts and Crafts movement. 
Contbr. to mags, on topics relating to handicrafts 
and horticulture. (See Who's Who in America for 
books.) Home: Pequaket, N. H.* 

AKBBS, John, author; Apr. 3, 1833-Mar. 24, 1916. 
(See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in America, 1914- 

AXB2S8, Komar, lawyer; b. Warsaw, 111., Feb. 
28, 1863; s. Claus and Rebecca (Knoop) Albers; 
A.B.. Central Wesleyan Coll.. Mo., 1882. A.M. 18S5; 
LL.B., magna cum laude, Boston U., 1885: m. Min- 
nie B. Martin, of Fredonla. N.Y., June 26. 1889 
(died May 26, 1914). Practiced, Boston, 1885 — ; 
lecturer on law, Mass. Inst. Tech. and Boston U.; 
prof. Boston U. Sch. of Law, and dean since 1912. 
Mem. Mass, State Ballot Law Commn., 1899-05: de- 
clined apptmt. as Judpe Mass. Superior Ct.. 1903. 
Mem. Brookllne (Mass.) Sch. Com. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Bar Assn. City 
of Boston. Clubs: University, Art. Brae Burn 
Country, Massachusetts. Home: 56 Irving St., 
Brookllne, Mass. Office: 199 Washington St, 

A2BEBTBOH, Balph, social worker: moved to 
Mew York. (See vol 1909, also Who's Who in Amer- 
ica, 1914-15.) 

A£BIOB, Jamaa Fraacia, clergyman; b. Cohoes, 
N.Y.. Sept. 11, 1860; s. Joseph and Maria (Green- 
halgh) Albion; A.B., Tufts Coll , 1887: B.D.. Tufts 
Div Sch., 1890 (D.D., 1903); m. Alice Marlon Lamb, 
of FItchburg, Mass., Nov. 28, 1892. Ordained Unl- 
versalist ministry, 1890; pastor. Palmer. Mass.,o 
1890-2, FItchburg, Mass., 1892-6, Maiden. Mass.,^^ 


1896-04, Congreaa Sq. Ch., Portland, Me., since Jan., (New York), Gngrlneers' Club, Technology Club. 

1904. Progressive. Mem. Theta Delta Chi. Home: Recreation: photography. Home: Andover, MaaB. 

144 Pine St., PorUand, Me.* AXJiJtlK, John B., banker. (See vol. 1909.) 

AI^OOTT, Balph WaUo Zmaraon, M.D. ; b. Oris- AUtJUt, ^awis, mf r. : b. E. Randolph, Mass., Apr. 

kany Falls, N.Y., Oct. 20, 1860; s. Junls S. and 29, 1848; s. Lewis and Ablg-ail (Belcher) Alden: ed. 

Nancy Jane (Prltchard) Alcott; prep. edn. pub. pub. grammar and high achs.; m. June 24, 1874, 

and pvt. schs. of Conn.; M.D., United States Med. Harriet S. Hammond, of Boston. Worked In shoe 

Coll., New York, 1881; m. Slmabury, Conn., Aug. factories, 1865-78; engaged in mfg. boots and shoeat 

26, 1897, TInney E. Latimer; 1 daughter, Juliet, since 1878; ex-dir. Holbrook (Mass.) Co-operative 

Began practice at Avon, Conn., 1881; removed to Banlc Was trustee Holbrook Public Library 12 

West Hartford, 1895. Mem. A.M.A., Conn. State yrs. Methodist Address: 22 Jerome St., Dorchea- 

Med. Soc, Hartford Co. Med. Assn. Republican, ter. Mass. 

Episcopalian. Royal Arch Mason. Recreations: arnw nai«>, w^iA'tmiiiat KonVoi-. h nnrins'. 

^f^air^X'^- ^'"'""= " ^- ""'" ^'- "^^"^ fle^MSk.,'ji!y 2^r*mr^. ChSrU'a Pa^k'hu^rli 

MarLioro, v.onn. ^„j Martha Jane (Kendrick) Alden; descendant of 

AKOOTT, WilUam Fann, clergyman; b. Dorches- John and Prlscilla Alden: grad. high sch., Sprlng- 

ter. Mass., July 11, 1838; a. William Andrews fleld, 1884 (valedictorian); m. Maude Louise Bld- 

(M.D.) and Phebe Lewis (Bronson) Alcott; A.B., well, of Springfield, Oct. 12, 1894: 2 daughters, 

Williams, 1861; grad. Andover Theol. Sem., 1866; Prlscilla, Beatrice. Began as messenger 2d Nat. 

m. Sarah J. Merrill, of Peacham, Vt, 1868; m. 2d, Bank, Springfield, Feb., 1886, advanced to teller. 

Lucy R. Davis, of Boston, 1878. Ordained Congl. Oct, 1889; resigned, 1893, and assisted in orgn. of 

ministry; in charge of pastorates since 1868; pas- Springfield Nat Bank, of which has since been 

tor, Ipswich, Mass., since 1887. V.-p. Boxford Li- cashier; treas. Market Sq. Syndicate. Ten Associ- 

brary Assn.; mera. A.A.A.S.. Am. Peace Soc, Am. ates, Fuller Realty Trust; treas. and dir. Industrial 

Humane Soc, Am. Vegetarian Soc. Prohibitionist. Loan Co. Pres. Mass. Bankers' Assn., 1914 and 

Mem. Williams Coll. Greenland Expdn., 1860; asst 1916; v.-p. Am. Bankers' Assn. Mem. Springfield 

editor Shalf's Bible Dictionary and The Book of Bd. of Trade. Trustee Springfield Hosp.; life mem. 

Esther, for Lowell Hebrew Club; contbr. to GSood City Library Assn. Republican. Conelist Mason 

Health and other mags.; frequent lecturer on sci- (K.T.). Clubs: Nayasset (treas. and dlr.), Spring- 

entiflc subjects; presented herbarium of 3,000 spe- fleld Country (v.-p.). Recreation: golf. Home: £2 

cies to Syrian Protestant Coll., Beirut. Recrea- Mulberry St. Office: 321-328 Main St, Springfield, 

tlons: botany, horticulture. Address: Boxford, Mass. 
^^"- AXiSBH, BntiUna; b. Turner, Me., July 18. 1840: 

A&SBV, OhMdas H., president and treas. Charles »• Williams and Louisa M. (Reynolds) Alden; ad. 

H. Alden & Co., boots and shoes. Address: Ablng- Pub. schs.; m. Alma E. Kimball, of Wlnthrop, Me.. 

ton. Mass June 7, 1868. Engaged in farming since boyhood; 

.____ -^ _. _ . . ,, ., ,„ pres. Lewiston, Greene and Monmouth Telephone 

lof?*"?' t"*"*^*-! 5- ,4y°"- ?*F8., Nov. 29, Co.: mem. Maine Ho. of Rep., 1887, Senate, IMl. 

1858; s. Isaac and Hannah (Rice) Alden; ed. gram- 1903. Trustee of Me. Wesfeyan Sem.; formerly 

mar and high schs., Mass. and Iowa; m. Bessie trustee of Me. State Coll.: mem. council Me. Agrt 

Lincoln Wheeler, of Mlllis, Mass., Sept. 13, 1883; 8 Experiment Sta. Republican. Methodist Mem. 

children. John, Prlscilla, Arthur W., Charles L.. winthrop Grange No. 209. Home: Wlnthrop. Me. 
Jr., Rachel, Esther. Myles S., Bradford (deceased). «xTi-Hmw«w <!.»«,.. n^— »«. v, Tt-i-^J^^-^ft, 

Engaged in milk business since 1884; now pres. w^^l??f*H> ,*|?2^? orriTT^' „^A p^ii^ a^ 

Alden Bros. Co.; dir. Hyde Park Nat Bank, Hyde JJgSSi-.^i*?*;,^!', """.' /^ hT^h Jv, * BV«™ 5^W5^ 

Park Y.M.C.A.: treas. Alden Kindred of America. iS^^'"?), ^^r.^^^V^^Ah^^i^ o^;* i^™i's7T*%f?' 

Republican. Congllst Recreations: collecting ?f5^'i,^Qli^?^«V"/.hV,»in^- V^ ?n hl;<>^ h,T:.i?2i; 

antiques. Home: Hyde Park. Mass. Office: 1171 'l® I. ?,t2?^l"^V,^^o4?^"®'°i;.^■"• JL'^,^°S^JJi"o r^ 

Tremont St Boston. *' Ashuelot, 1882-6; ry. mail service, 1886-9 (re- 

.____. 11 _. _. .„ , .„„-. moved by Pres. Cleveland on account of pollt. rea- 

AIUIBV, a. Bdward. (See vol. 1909.) sons) ; propr. South Vernon House, South Vernon, 

AADBir, Oaorga Saaay, lecturer; b. Bridgewater, Vt., 1891-14; now propr. Park View Hotel, Belcher- 
Mass., July 29, 1866; s. .Tohn Carver and Mary town, Mass.; mem. Vt Ho. of Rep., 1910. Progres- 
(Carver) Alden; ed. Vt. Acad., Saxton's River, Vt; slve. Unitarian. Mason. Home: W. Northlleld, 
Boston U.; LL.B., Boston U. Sch. of Law, 1888; m. Mass. Address: Belchertown, Mass. 
Helen Deane Alger, of Bridgewater, Dec. 4, 1896. ATitmTfnr aihai^ miTibm -v n • ai>» 9T 19e? 
Associated in practice with Hon. George Fred Will- , o^^f s^rTol 1 909 f™*""' ""• ^^'- "' *'*' 
lams, Boston, 1888-91, later with Samuel M. Child " ' ^°®* *"'' '"""-^ 

and Boardman Hall; justice 4th Diet Ct of Plym- ' AKDBIOX, Anratta Boya, author; b. Fletcher, 

outh Co., Mass., 1891-01; resigned: practiced in Vt, 1829; d. Benedict and Melissa Roys: ed. in 

New York, 1901-6, since identified with lecture Mass.; also studied in Germany, 1879-80; m. An- 

platform. Democrat Episcopalian. Address: drew .Tack^n Aldrich, of Woonsocket R.I.. 18S0. 

Bridgewater. Mass.* (See Who's Who In America for list of books, etc) 

AXiSBV. OMXga lx%, mechanical engr. and mfr.; Home: Springfield, Mass.* 
b. Templeton. Mass., Apr. 22, 1843; B.S., Harvard, A&SBXOB, Ohailas Fruioia, lawyer; b. Worcea- 

1868; M.M.E., Cornell, 1890; married; 1 daughter, ter, Mass., Dec. 8, 1868; 8. Peleg Emory and Sarah 

Clara Louise, of Boulder, Colo. Head dept. mech. (Woods) Aldrich; ed. Worcester pub. schs.; A.BL. 

engrlng.. Worcester Poly. Inst, 1868-96; treas. and Yale, 1879, M.A.. 1885; Harvard Law Sch., 1883. 

consulting engr. Norton Emery Wheel Co. and Has practiced In Worcester since 1883; trusts* 

Plunger Elevator Co., Worcester, 1896-12; since Worcester County Instn. for Savings; referee la 

pres. Norton Co., Norton Grinding Co.; also vice- bankruptcy. Editor of 2d edition of Aldrlcfa'B 

pres. Peoples Savings Bank; dir. Merchants Na- Equity Pleadings and Practice. Clubs: Worcester 

tinnal Bank, Worcester Mutual Fire Ins. Co. (Worcester), Graduates' (New Haven), University 

(Worcester). Mem. Worcester Sch. Com., 1894-06. (New York). Recreation: horseback riding. Home: 

Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., Worcester Chamber Worcester Club, 1 Oak St Office: 840 Main St, 

of Commerce. Clubs: Worcester, Economic, Worces- Worcester, Mass. 

Wor^eSfir m!S«' " **"**" ^'^ °""' ^°'"'°" ^''- AMBIOT, Olaranoa A., lawyer: b. KiUlngly. 

Worcester, Mass. Conn., Aug. 9, 1852: s. Anan and Abbie A. (Bur- 

A£SBV, John, textile chemist; b. Randolph, gess) Aldrich; collateral descendant of Roger 

Mass., May 9, 1866; s. Adonlram and Mary Eliza- Williams; grad. Lapham Inst, North Scltuate, 

beth (Wentworth) Alden; B.S., Mass. Inst Tech., R I., 1871; taught sch. 4 yrs.; studied law with 

1877; m. Rosa Robinson, of Lawrence, Mass., Apr. Benjamin N. and Simon S. Lapham, Providence. 

23. 1883. Instr. in chemistry, Mass. Inst. Tech., R.I. ; m. Adeline M. Kennedy, of Providence, Jan. 

1877-8; in charge of chem. dept Pacific Mills, Law- 25. 1887. Admitted to R.I. bar, 1879, and since 

rence. Mass., since 1878. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc, practiced in Providence; asst atty.-gen. of R.L 

Soc. Chem. Industry. A.AAS., Soc. Dyers & Color- 1887-91; mem. R.I. Gen. Assembly, 1887, 190S; mem. 

ers (Eng.), Am. Electro-chem. Soc, Chemists' Club State Bd. Bar Examiners, since 1900. Mem. Am. 



Bar Assn., R.I. Bar Aasn. Clubs: Pomham. Wan- 
nunoisett Country. Recreations: fishing, golf . Ad- 
dress: 42 Westminster St., Providence, R.I. 

AU>miOS, xagmr, judge; b. Pittsburg, N.H.. 
Feb. {, 1848; s. Ephraim C. and Adeline Bedel 
(Haynes) Aldrtch; ed. Colebrook (N.H.) Acad; 
LUB., U. of Mich., 1868; (hon. A.M., 1891, LiUD., 
IMl, Dartmouth; L.L.D., U. of Mich., 1907); m. 
Louise M. Remick, of Colebrook, N.H., Oct. 7, 1872. 
Admitted to N.H. bar, 1868; practiced at Colebrook, 
N.H., 186S-81. Littleton, N.H., 1881-91; solicitor 
Coos Co.. N.H., 1872-4 and 1876-9; mem. and speak- 
er N.H. Ho. of Rep., 1886; mem. N.H. Constl. Conv., 
18«2: U.S. dlst. judge, Dlst. of N.H., since 1891; Re- 
publican. Address: Littleton, N.H.* 

JTiimfOH, BrAralm Trad, lawyer; b. Littleton, 
N.H., June 9, 1878; s. Judge Edgar and Iioulsa M. 
(Remick) Aldrlch; descendant on maternal side of 
Charlotte Cushman, 1630, and of Revolutionary an- 
cestry on paternal side, through Timothy Bedel; 
ed. Dartmouth Coll.; studied law with Streeter, 
Walker & Hollis. Concord, N.H.; LL.B., Boston U. 
Sch. of Law; admitted to bar. 1902; m. Prances 
Vera Powers, of Boston, Jan. 6, 1905; 1 daughter, 
Barbara Louise. Practiced in Boston since 1902. 
Mem. Bar Assn. City of Boston, Beta Theta Pi 
(New York). Clubs: Brae Burn Country. Recrea- 
tion: outdoor life. Home: 229 St Paul SL, Brook- 
line, Mass. Office: 53 State St., Boston. 

ITiWBTCH, Trei Savls, teacher, author; b. 
Thompson, Conn., Nov. 12, 1866; s. Lawson and 
Endora Converse (Davis) Aldrlch; ed. pub. schs., 
Thompson, 1871-82, Dean Acad., Franklin, Mass., 
1882-4; bookkeeper Slater Woolen Co.'s store, Web- 
ster, Mass., 1884-9; grad. Worcester Acad., 1891; 
AB.. Brown U., 1895 (Phi Beta Kappa), A.M., 1908; 
post-grad, work, Paris, France, summers, 1896, 
1817, Berlin and Jena, Germany, 1898; m. Amherst, 
Uass., July 2, 1900, Mabel Emelyn Morse; 2 chil- 
dren, Madeleine, Lawson Morse. Instr. modern 
languages and mathematics, 1896-1900, master In 
modem languages, 1900-6, master in mathematics 
since 1906. Worcester Acad. Mem. N.E. Modern 
Language Assn., Assn. of Math. Teachers in N.E. 
Mem. Phi Delta Theta. Club: Economic. Recrea- 
tions: amateur astronomy, study of trees, walking. 
Joint author: Foundations of Qreek, 1900; A French 
Reader, 1903: Elementary French, 1906. Address: 
Worcester Acad., Worcester, Mass. 

AZOaxOK, CNtorn Isaac, educator; b. Manches- 
ttr, N.H., Dec. 1. 1863; s. Charles and Ann (Bowen) 
Aldrich; A.B., Dartmouth, 1875 (Phi Beta Kappa) ; 
m. Evelyn L. Holbrook, of Hopklnton, Mass., Oct. 
J7, 1880 (died 1886); m. 2d. Elsie M. Holbrook, Mar. 
JL 1887; 1 child, Evelyn Hope. Principal, Adams' 
Orammar Sch., Qulncy, Mass., 1876-8; supt pub. 
schs.. Canton, 1878-80; supt schs.. Canton and Mil- 
ton. Mass., 1880-3, Milton and Qulncy, 1883-92, 
.\ewton, 1892-9; acting supt schs., Springfield, 
IMO; supt schls., BrooUine, since 1900. Mem. 
Mass. State Bd. of Edn., 1890-08. Mem. N.E.A., 
Conncll of Edn., Mass. State Teachers' Assn., Mass. 
Schoolmasters' Club. Republican. Unitarian. Home: 
122 Kent St, Brookllne, Mass. 

AU>aiO& HsBTT Ksprslats, cotton goods mfr.; 
AR. Brown U., 1876. Pres. Aldrlch Mfg. Co. Home: 
JSO Hope St, Providence, RL 

J T i TOTO H, Jsffarson, banker and broker; Aug. 
10, 1836-June 27, 1910. (See vol. 1909.) 

AXoaiCK, John O^ president CoUlnsvlIle Sav- 
ings Soc., CoUinsville, Conn. 

AZOaiCK, John OladOlBC, mfr.; b. Providence, 
RL, Nov. 24, 1864; s. Entsha Smith and Anna 
(Gladding) Aldrlch; ed. pub. schs.. Providence; 
B.S. In Mecti. Engrlng., Worcester Poly. Inst., 1885; 
m. Margaret Calder, of Providence, R.I., Oct. 12, 
1891; 3 children. John Gladding, Jr., Putnam Cal- 
der, David. Supt Foundry Builders Iron Foundry, 
Providence, 1889-1900; supt, 1900-4, v.-p. and gen. 
ngr., 1904-16. pres. since Feb. 16, 1916, N.E. Butt 
Co., mfrs. braiding and Insulated wire machinery; 
J-p. Apponaug Co. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Bngrs., 
Providence Chamber of Commerce. Unitarian. 
Clubs: University, Art. Recreation: automoblllng. 
Home: 223 Bowen St Office: 304 Pearl St, Provi- 
dence. R.L 

AISBXOK, &«wla OlMNittO*, M.D.; b. Whitefield, 
N.H., Nov. 29. 1879; s. William Frank and NelUe 
(Burbank) Aldrich; grad. Whitefield High Sch., 
1899: M.D., Maryland Med. ColL, BalUmore. 1903; 
resident phys., iVanklin Sq. Hosp., Baltimore, win- 
ter of 1901-2; m. Oct 27, 1909, Sadie Goss, of St 
Johnsbury, Vt; 1 child, Virginia Pauline. Practiced 
In Whitefield, N.H., with Dr. G. H. Morrison. 1902-S, 
since at JetTerson, N.H. Mem. Coos Co. and New 
Hampshire Med. socs., A.M.A. Mason (K.T.. 
Shrine) ; mem. I.O.O.F., K. of P., Red Men, Grange, 
Kappa Psi. Address: Jefferson, N.H. 

ALJtMlGK, Hslson WUauurth, United States sen- 
ator; Nov. 6, 1841-Apr. 16, 1916. (See vol. 1909, also 
Who's Who in America. 1914-16.) 

AXSBXOS, Bamnsl Vslson, banker; Feb. S, 18S»- 
1908. (See VOL 1909, also Who's Who in America, 

AU>BIOK, Walter J_ M.D.; b. Lyman. N.H., 
Nov. 3, 1866; s. Albert H. and Ruta R. (Tucker) 
Aldrlch; grad. St. Johnsbury Acad., 1888; taught 
In a Kansas sch., 1889; M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. 
Coll. (New Tork U.), 1893; m. Flora Folsom, of St 
Johnsbury, Vt, Nov. 1, 1893; 1 son, James F. Prtus- 
tlced in St Johnsbury since 1893; dlr. Brlghtlook 
Hosp.; represented St Johnsbury in Vt Ho. of 
Rep., 1912-13; Progressive Party candidate for gov. 
of Vt. 1914. Mem. A.M.A., Vt and Caledonia Co. 
med. socs. Recreation: automoblllng. Address: St 
Johnsbury, Vt 

Oharlss BmiUMr, director of 
schools; b. Fitchburg, Mass., Aug. 28, 1863; s. Jo- 
seph W. and Sarah Elizabeth (Saunders) Alexan- 
der; ed. Brldgewater State Normal Sch.; Chautau- 
?ua Summer Sch.; (Hark U. Summer Sch.; m. Sept 
, 1896, Emma Louise Holway, of Hyde Park, Mass. 
Has been identified with State Normal Sch., Fitch- 
burg, since Sept, 1896; dir. Schs. of Observation 
and Practice. Hem. Merchants' Assn., Travelers' 
Assn., T.M.C.A. (treas.). Republican. Conglist 
Mason; Odd Fellow. Home: Fitchburg, Mass. 

AUBXAVSBB, Fnuik Wast, educator; b. Rich- 
mond, Me., Mar. 14, 1860; s. Robert Dunlap and 
Susan Gray (Jack) Alexander; ancestry traced to 
Robert Bruce, of Scotland, and to David Alexan- 
der, of Brunswick, Me., 1660; grad. Richmond High 
Sch., 1877; A.B., Bowdoln, 1886, A.M., 1888; unmar- 
ried. Prln. of high sch., Eastport, Me., 1886-8, EoBt 
Providence, R.I., 1890-8, Georgetown, Mass., since 
Oct, 1899. Mem. Theta Delta Chi. Republican. 
Unlversalist. Recreations: farming, music. Home: 
Richmond, Me. Office: Georgetown, Mass. 

»■■» RarUsy Burr, editor; moved to 

Lincoln, Neb. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in 
America, 1914-16.) 

AiaXAVBBB, Homsx XUsworth, educator; b. 
Richmond, Me., May 19, 1867; s. David W. and 
Louisa R Alexander: descendant of Hugh Alexan- 
der, Topsham, Me., Mar. 25, 1761; A.B., Bowdoln, 
1890; unmarried. Taught sch^ Hartland, Prince- 
ton and Vanceboro, Me., 1890-6, Jay, 1896-7; supt 
schs., Richmond, 1897-9; U.S. Insp. customs, 1899; 
resumed teaching; prln. high sch., Waldoboro, 1909- 
14, Stonlngton, Me., since 1914. Mem. Theta Delta 
Chi, Phi Beta Kappa. Mason; Eastern Star; Grange. 
Republican. Address: Richmond, Me. 

AIBXAVSXB, Jamas, clergyman. (See vol. 

A&BXAXSXB, Xagnns Washington, engineer- 
ing; b. New Tork, Feb., 1870; s. Alexander M. and 
M. (Jelenklewlcz) Alexander: studied mech., 
metall. and elec. engrlng. at Austrian unlvs., in 
Wlen, 1900, Leoben, 1902, Gratz, 1903; unmarried. 
Began as engr. with largest Austrian Iron and steel 
CO.; designer and engr. with Weston Elec. Instru- 
ment Co., 1893-4, and with Westlnghouse Electric 
& Mfg. Co., 1894-9; chief designer and engr. Sie- 
mens & Haiske Electric Co. of America, 1899-1900; 
engr. In charge of designing, 1900-08, engineer on 
economic Issues, 1908, also mem. exec. staCT, (Gen- 
eral Electric Co. Past chmn. Mass. Commn. on Old 
Age Annuities and Pensions. (See Who's Who In 
America for societies, etc.) Home: Hotel Carlton,^ 
Boston.* uigiLi^eu uy x^j v^ v^ *t ■<- 


AiaXAVSBB, Thonuw Bnuioh, M.D.; b. N. Mazatlan, Mex., since 1909. Address: Am. Consul- 

Orantham, N.H., Nov. 12, 1876; s. Thomas Branch ate, Mazatlan, Mex. 

and Mary Frances (Maxfleld) Alexander; prep. edn. AltAJT. WlUlun Blc*. lumber mfr. (See voL 

Newport <Vt.) High Sch. and Montpeller Sem.; iqns^^ wiumbi mMKm, lumoer niir. ^oee 

M.D., Baltimore Med. Coll., 1901, Maryland U., ",',—« ««. ^ -.._. . .. «tii_. _ 

1913; m. Marlon Collier Welch, of Scltuatc, Mass., . * T . T .a mi> , CliarlMBdwln, farmer; b. Wllmln«- 

Oct 15, 1907; 2 children, Harriet Marshall, '»"■ yt-.i^"«-. *• l*^^; s. Edwin R. and Gratl* 

Frances MaxHeld. Practiced in Scltuate Harbor, }P,oyd) AUard; common school edn.; m. Oct. 1. 

Mass., since 1901; sch. physician; med. examiner 1?78, Dora Albertlne Barker, of Whltingham. Vt. 

New York Life. Penn. Mut., Fidelity Mut.. North- Engaged In farming since 1878; dlr. North River 

western Mut, Conn. Mut., N.E. Mut. life Ins. cos. Creamery Assn.; mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep, 1910; served 

and others. Mem. A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, Hather- »» "^'^r.* y™-o''°- <=»"}""■• ^ yrs., and as mem. Bd. 

ley Med. Club. Republican. Methodist. Address: ?/„Selectmen 12 yrs. Democrat. Baptist Address. 

Scltuate Harbor, Mass. Whltingham, Vt 

AUBT, Bobart Jadson, educator; b. Coal CUy, „ ^ ' ' T ' **" ' ?S?* ",^^°.T"'f, **'^J ' J*' ^'l*l'5*^'^ 

Ind., May 11. 1863; s. Jesse J. and Paulina ( Moypr) Vt-. Ma/ ^*- 1861: s Horatio P. and Harriet {Fo»- 

Aley; ed. Valparaiso Coll., 1879-82; A.B., Hid. V., ter) Allard; descendant of French Huguenot and 

1888. A.M., 1890; Leland Stanford Jr. U.. lt>»4-5; ^tfl^f ?*^?^.'^°^.''il'*'^'i"°^''*'v '""®P;v.*'*?i„¥*"°V" 

Ph.D.,U. of Pa, 1897; (LL.D, Franklin Coll., 1909); S.^") High Sch.; B.S., Dartmouth, 1886; prln. 

m. Nellie Archer, of Spencer, Ind.. Aug. ;!S. ISSi. Hpsjo" ^1""? *>=>».,_ 1886-9 Maiden ev-enlng schsL. 

Taught country schs., 1877-81. Coal City graded 1889-97; M.D.. Boston U. Sch. of Medicine, 1892; 

sch., 1881-2; prln. Spencer (Ind.) High Sch , 1SS2-B, house surgeon, Mass. Homoe. Dispensary 1 yr.; 

1886-7; Instr. mathematics, Ind. U., 1887-.';; i.r,.f. "•• Norw ch, V'- M»y ^A' i'****,^'*^*^"'? ^??S^ = 

mathematics, Vlncennes U., 1888-91, Ind. U., liSl- }„,*l^"*Ji'®'"u '^'^.f'w'*^®.. ^^u^'. ¥\v. *^°^y°^^ Coll., 

1909; supt pub. Instrn. of Ind.. Mar., 1909-Nov. 12, 1*16)-, Orphaned by death of father at 2 yrs. of 

1910; pres. U. of Me., Dec. 1, 1910—. Acting asst "««• ''X,*^ with grand-parents and worked on farm 

prof, mathematics. Leland Stanford Jr. U., 1894-6: ""*" A^= worked way through high sch. and coll ; 

lecturer before teachers' Institutes; for years was fupt. Chardon bt. Dispensary, Boston, 1892-8; Inatr. 

math, editor Inland Educator and Educator-Jour- '" Physiology. 1893-04, lecturer phys. economics 

nal; editor-in-chief Educator-Journal, Aug. 1, 1903- since 1904, Boston U. Sch. of Medicine; <Jlr. and 

AuK 1 1912 TniHtpp NEA Julv 1911 ■ sup med. dlr. Boston Mut. Life Ins. Co. since 1888; 

Nat council Edn.' July. 19il-T3, pres"^', July. 19I3-; ?''«r'"'"^«Hr^^°" 'sr"^"& S"' ?/ ^'"ll'^^'/Vi- 

fellow A.A.A.S.. Ind. Acad. Science; mem. Am. 'J^d and Uxbridge Street R.R Mem An^ Assn. 

Math. Soc. London Math. Soc, Edinburgh Math. Med. Examiners (ex-pres.), IJoston Homoe. Med. 

Soc. Deutsche Mathematiker Vereinlgung. Eng- S«c. (ex-pres.) Mass. Homce. Med Soc., Am. Inst 

llsh Math. Soc, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi. Phi i*°,"l^"P^*''£.V, ¥f» '??h;^/»?'^iTi?„ nJi^R^inh 

Kappa Phi. Mason (32°). Democrat (See Who's ,',"-P",?->-„^i? oifih?- tfnVtmn ■'52^ m^«lnn? Sin' 

Who in America for books, etc) Home: Orono. }:,«;f"citV?X'.U''A"rt"EconoZc.'UmT"s^^ 

.i^™-_ -.,.._ .. . . ,„ Rd.. W^ellesley. Office: Warren Chambers, Boston. 

AljFOBS, Orlando K^ cotton goods mfr. (See Mass 
vol 1909 ) 

..,__■' _ ^_.. _ , .. ., ^ . , ,,. AllBE, Albsrt HwImh, lawyer; b. Westminster. 

AI^FBBD, Frank Bdward, Judge; b. Fairfax, Vt, vt, Nov. IS, 1821; s. Ellery and Hannah (Messer) 

Feb. 26, 1863; son of Samuel Dwlght and Polly Allbe; ed. dist sch., Westminster, Walpole and 

(Smith) Alfred; ed. New Hampton Inst., Fairfax; Chesterfield acads., N.H.. to 1838; m. Londonderry, 

grad. Harvard Law Sch.. 1876; m. Mary Louise vt, Dec. 30. 1846, Mary C. Walt Began practice at 

Edes, of Newton. Mass.. June 10. 1879 (died July Londonderry, Vt, 1843; brigade judge advocate Vt 

27. 1898); m. 2d, Clara H. Ives, of Brooklyn. N.Y.. Militia, 1S46. and for many yrs. thereafter; rep. Vt 

June 21. 1906. Began practice In Newport. Vt. In Legislature from Westminster. 1SB6. Pres. for 

partnership with Hon. Walter D. Crane. 1876; prac- many yrs.. to July 1, 1906, Springfield (Vt) Sav- 

tlced alone since 1898; Vt counsel Canadian Pa- ings Bank; retired from active business, 1906, and 

cific Ry.; state's atty. for Orleans Co.. 1884-8; removed to Bellows Falls. Republican. Mason, 

judge advocate gen.. Vt. 1889-04; judge of pro- .Address: Bellows Falls, Vt. 

^-i" ^Z^llf^"\PA^hJ^^'^:2l'kJ- hV^ RePUbll- AJlliBEE, Elmor* &. M.D.; May 7, 1848-1913. 

can. Baptist. ^Vddress: Newport, Vt. (See vol 1909 ) 

AIiarB,Pr»nk 8t«dni«n, editor and pub.; b. AMDIB, Prsdcrlok a.} b. West Thurrock, Coun- 
Sallsbury, Mass., Aug. 3. 1871; s. Frank and Ellen ty of Essex, Eng,. Aug. 28. 1844; s. Thomas John 
(Heffernan) Alger; descendant of Thomas Alger, and Mary Ann (Smlthson) Alldls; brought to 
the Immigrant one of first settlers of Bridgewater. America. 1853; mainly self ed.; m. Emily S. Cleave- 
Mass.; grad. Hanover (Mass.) High Sch.. 1888; m. land, of Torrlngton. Conn.. Feb. 16, 1870; 2 chll- 
Flora E. Phillips, of Hanover, Mass., Nov. 27, 1S99; dren, Martha B. and Harry S. Served as pvt Co. F. 
2 children. Dorothy (deceased). H. Stedman. Con- 20th Conn. Vols. 3 yrs. Civil War; wounded at Bat- 
nccted with Rockland Standard since 1890. owner, tie of Peach Tree Creek, Ga., July 20. 1864; par- 
editor and pub. same since 1906; corr. Aa.soclated tlclpated at Chancellorsville. Gettysburg. Resaca, 
Press since 1897. also corr. Brockton Enterprise and Sherman's march to the sea. in employ of Ex- 
and Boston Herald. Odd Fellow; mem. Nelson celslor Needle Co, Torrlngton. Conn., until 1907; 
Lowell Camp Sons of Vets, Republican. Congllst sent to Mexico. 1907. to represent Conn. Investors 
Club: Union Glee. Address: Rockland. Mass. in Mexican properties; postmaster. Torrlngton. 

AXtaxn, John I^lncoln, educator; b. Eaton. P.O., 1893-7; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep.. 1911. Democrat 

Can, Nov. 20. 1864; s. Nathan Willis and Mary Key Episcopalian. Scottish Rite Mason (32*. K.T.); 

(French) Alger; A.B., Brown U.. 1890 (Phi Beta '"«'"• Odd Fellows (Lodge and Encampment). 

Kappa). A.M.. 1895; m. Edith Goodyear, of North Uoyal Arcanum. Address: Torrlngton. Conn. 

Haven. Conn.. June 30. 1896. Teacher High Sch.. A^^EIT, Amos IL,, congressman; Mar. 17. 1837- 

Rutland, Vt. and Providence. R.I.. 1890-2; Instr. In Feb. 20, 1911. (See vol. 1909. also Who's Who In 

mathematics. Brown U., 1892-5: supt schs, Ben- America. 1910-11.) 

5r'J?JFi,°'!'oyi' ?lnni'v; ^a""'";! "'q""?^" 'X.'-' ^^^A" AUiBW, Arthur Monlton. lawyer: b. Providence. 

V^r^t i,Jl-: l?^™;i B„l^''^;•„^^^.',?"/ S'r""-.^*- R I- Mar. i. 1876; s. Marvin E. and Sarah A. (UouX- 

l^°i'^\S!?*^%,^u™Al^'',^ti- Pi^oX'^jnce. R.I.. since ton) Alden; A.B.. Brown U.. 1897; LL.B. Harvard 

5^''»?*'- Clubs: City (Boston) Recreation: out- Law Sch.. 1900; m. Margaret Plnckney Jackson, of 

door life. Home. 235 Doyle St. Address: State Providence. June 1. 1904. Practiced in Providence 

Normal School. Providence. R.I.* gjn^e 1900; mem. Green. Hinckley & Allen, since 

AXtOMK, William BUtrton, consul; b. Boston. Jan. 1. 1906. Mem. Am. Bar Assn.. R.I. Bar Assn.. 

Sept. 1, 1856; s. William R. and Annie L. (Lodge) Harvard Law Sch Assn.. Providence Bar Club. 

Alger; grad. English High Sch.. Boston, 1875: m. Phi Beta Kappa. Chmn. bd. of management Brown 

Honduras. Nov. 20. 1896. Mucia Paz. Am. consular Union; mem. visiting com. on economics Brown U. 

agt , Puerto Cortei. Honduras. 1S91, consul. Mar.. Republican. Conglist Clubs: Hope, University, 

1902; consul at Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 1904-9. Providence Art, Agawam Hunt Turks Head (Prov- 


Mence). R.I. Country Club, Harvard Club of R.I. 
Contbr. article. "Criminal Conspiracies In Restraint 
of Trade at Common," pub. In Harvard Law 
Rerlew, Hay. 1910. Recreations: tennis, golf. 
Home: 84 Upton Av. Office: Industrial Trust Co. 
Bids., Providence. R.I. 

AUnr, Best rxaak, dentist: b. East Roxbury, 
°Vt„ Apr. 4, 1877; s. Frank Orlando and Ella Maria 
<Steele) Allen; trrad. Northfleld (Vt) High Sch., 
18S6; student Norwich U., 1896-9: D.D.S., Balti- 
more ColL Dental Surgery, 1903; m. Alice Dutton 
Richmond, of Northfleld, Dec. 20, 1906: 2 children, 
Richmond Melville. Rosamond Allen. Practiced in 
Northfleld. since 1903. Mem. Theta Chi. Repub- 
lican. Metbodist. Address: Northfleld, Vt. 

AZXXV, BzmdforO, M.D.; b. E. Brldgewater. 
Mass., Jan. 23, IBS 7: s. James S. and Mary Porter 
(Churchill) Allen; S.B.. Amherst, 1878; M.D., Har- 
vard Med. Sch.. 1883: m. Nashua, N.H., 1885, Mary 
Frances Godfrey. Engaged In practice at Nashua. 
since 1885; house officer Rotunda Lylng-ln Hosp., 
Dublin, Ireland. 1882-3; mem. Nashua Bd. of Edn. 
since 1899. Mem. A M.A., N.H. Med. Soc. Mass. 
Med. Soc, Nashua Med. Soc. Address: Nashua, N.H. 

aTiTiWT, CalTln Pz»aela (O. Traok), engineer; b. 
Roxbury (Boston), Mass., July 10, 1861; s. Calvin 
and Ann Priscilla (Watson) Allen; grad. Roxbury 
L.atin Sch., 1868; S.B., Mass. Inst. Tech., 1872; m. 
Caroline Elizabeth Hadley, of Indianapolis, June 
11. 1888; 2 daughters, Mildred, Margaret. Asst. 
engr. water works or sewers. Providence, Newton, 
Mass., and Boston, 1872-8; asst. engr. A.T. & S.F. 
RR. 1878-85 (except 1 yr. chief engr. water works 
at Las Vegas, N.M.); asst. prof. 1887. later asso. 
prof, and now prof, railroad engrlng., Mass. Inst. 
Tech. Admitted to N.M. bar. 1886, Mass. bar, 1901; 
city atty.. Socorro, N.M., 1886: mem. sch. com.. 
Sharon. Mass., 1892-5 (chmn.. 1893-5.) (See Who's 
Who in America for societies, books, etc.) Recrea- 
tions: outdoor sports. Address: W. Roxbury, Mass.* 

ALUnt, Chazlss. justice supreme court of 
Mass.: April 17, 1827-Jan. 13, 1913. (See vol. 1909, 
also Who's Who In America, 1912-13.) 

A^KBJr, Cliarlaa Albert, civil engr. (See vol. 

AUBV, Oharlss Karbart, banker; b. t,owell, 
Ifasa.. Apr. 16. 1848; s. Otis and Louise (Blxby) 
Allen: AB.. Amherst. 1869, A.M., 1872 (LL.D.. 
1900): m. Harriet C. Dean, of Manchester. N.H.. 
Nov. 10, 1870. Engaged in lumber business in firm 
Otis Allen & Son. Lowell, Mass. Mem. Mass. Ho. 
of Rep.. 1881, 1882. Senate, 1883: on staff Governor 
Robinson with rank of col , 1884-6; mem. 49th and 
SOth Congresses (1886-9); state prison commn., 
1897-8: Rep. nominee for gov. of Mass., 1891; asst. 
sec. of the navy, 1898-1900, succeeding Theodore 
Roosevelt; gov. of Porto Rico, 1900-2. Was v.-p., 
treas., dir. and now pres., dir. Am. Sugar Reflnlng 
Co.; trustee Am. Surety Co.; dir. Nat. Bank of 
(Commerce. Union Exchange Bank, Guaranty Trust 
Co.. Electric Properties Co. Clubs: Yorlck, Vesper 
(Country (Lowell. Mass.), University, Metropolitan 
(New York), Metropolitan (Washington). Home: 
The Terraces. Lowell. Mass. Residence: 131 E. 
«6th St Office: 117 Wall St. New York.* 

AK&XS, Oharlas KateaU, instructor, engr.; b. 
Walpole. Mass.. 1871: s. Melsar Waterman and 
Martha (Metcalf) Allen; B.S., Worcester Poly. 
Inst. 1894, M.S., 1899; m. Worcester. Mass.. Mar. 
28, 1907, Eva May Taylor. Formerly instr. experi- 
mental, mechanical and hvdraulic engrlng., now 
prof, hydraulic engrlng.. Worcester Poly. Inst: 
also engrlns. practice In testing machinery espe- 
cially of water power plants. Mem. A.A.A.S., Am. 
Soc Mechanical Engrs., Soc. Promotion Enering. 
Edn.. Am. Soc. C.E., Boston Soc. of Civil Engrs. 
Clubs: Automobile, Board of Trade, Ensrineers' 
(Boston). Economic (Worcester). Home: 10 Dean 
St. Worcester, Mass. 

ST-T-w Oluurlas Flnmmsr, lawyer; b. Presque 
Isle. Me., Oct. 21. 1862: s. J. Augustus and Lovlna 
(Pratt) Allen: prep, edn . Presque Isle Acad.; AB , 
U. of Me.. 1876; admitted to bar, 1877; ra. Bangor, 
Oct J. 1881. Annie B. Fenno. Engaged in practice 
at Presone Isle: co. atty. 4 yrs.; mem. Me. Ho. of 
Rep.. 1891; judge advocate gen. on staff of Oov. 

Burleigh; trustee of U. of Me. 14 yrs.; mem. Rep. 
State Conv. 4 yrs. Pres. Presque Isle Nat. Bank, S 
yrs. Unitarian. Mason (K.T.); mem. B.P.Q.E. Ad- 
dress: Presque Isle, Me. 

■ ■■■■»■■■, Oharlss Mckstaon, educator; b. New 
Bedford. Mass.. Aug. 6, 1862; s. John A P. and 
Abby (Chaddock) Allen; ed. Friends Acad, and 
high sch.. New Bedford: B.S., Mass. Inst. Tech.. 
1885; post-grad. work. Johns Hopkins. 1896; M.A., 
Harvard, 1903; m. Llssa Hobart Hall, of HIngham, 
Mass., June 29, 1889. Asst. in laboratory of gen. 
chemistry, Mass. Inst. Tech., 1885; pvt. asst. Prof. 
Wolcott Glbbs, Harvard; teacher of science, New 
Bedford High Sch., 1886-07; head of dept of ap- 
plied science, same, 1908-9; prin. Evening Elec- 
trical Sch., New Bedford, 1906-7: dir. of evening 
industrial courses. New Bedford Pub. Sch., 1908-10; 
dir. New Bedford Independent Industrial Sch., 
1909-12; agt for industrial edn., Mass. State Bd. of 
Edn., since Mar. 1, 1911; agent in charge of State 
School for training vocational school teachers, 
since Aug. 1, 1914. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc. EUistern 
Assn. of Physics Teachers, N.B. Assn. Chem. 
Teachers, Harvard Teachers' Assn.; mem. Sons of 
Veterans. Clubs: New Bedford Yacht, Brooks, 
Technology, Boston City. Home: 3 Dana St., Clam- 
bridge, Mass. Office: 609 Ford Bldg., Boston. 

. Ohastar ■allahnry, industrial engr.; b. 
Worcester, Mass., Nov. 25, 1881; s. Charles Albert 
and Grace Theresa (Chase) Allen; descendant of 
ancestor who settled In Medfleld, Mass., 1637; spl. 
work, Brown U., 1904; spl. work, Cornell U., 190B; 
m. Electra Rooney, of BufTalo, July 6, 1911; 1 son, 
Albert Salisbury. Structural engr. with Norcross 
Bros., contractors, Worcester, Mass. 1904-7; resi- 
dent engr.. United Fruit Co., Panama, in charge of 
construction of concrete wharves, warehouses, 
railroad trestle and reservoir, 1907-8; asst. to San- 
ford E. Thompson, editing various tech. books on 
concrete constrn., 1908-9: resident engr. constrn., 
Hahnemann Hosp., Buffalo. N.Y.. 1909-10; with 
Lockwood, Greene & Co.. Boston, since Jan.. 1910. 
Sergeant Ist Squadron Cav., M.V.M. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Asso. mem. Am. Soc. C.B.; mem. Bos- 
ton Soc. Civ. Engrs.. Nat. Assn. Cement Users. 
Delta Kappa Epsilon. Clubs: Boston City (Bos- 
ton). Worcester (Worcester). Newton Centre 
Squash and Tennis; Brown Univ. (New York). 
Recreations: Ashing, hunting, tennis. Home: 26 
Duffleld Rd., Auburndale, Mass. Office: 60 Federal 
St, Boston, Mass. 

AJtUnt, Ohariaa WlUard, mfr.; b. Westminster. 
Mass.. May 14, 1861; s. Fredrick and Jenny E. Allen 
(Locke) Allen; ed. Athol High Sch.; New Salem 
Acad.; m. Eunice E. Stuart of N.Y. City, Feb. B, 
1878; 2 children, Wlllard Stuart Doris I. Pres. 
Allen Chair Co.; chmn. bd. of trustees Twenty-one 
Associates; v.-p. Arlington Five Cents Savings 
Bank; dir. Arlington Co-operative Bank. Mem. 
Bostonlan Soc. Mason: Odd Fellow. Republican. 
Unitarian. Clubs: Middlesex, Economic. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Home: 45 Jason St, Arlington, Mass. 
Address: Concord Junction, Mass. 

AXXMS, Olarenca B., M.D.; b. East Farnham. 
P.Q., Jan. 23. 1856: s. Heman and Mary I. (Hutch- 
Ins) Allen; matriculated In Coll. Phys. and Surg.. 
P.Q.; M.D.. McGlll Med. Coll.. 1883: m. Minerva S. 
Drury. of Highgate. Vt. Oct 9. 1888: 3 children, 
Horace E.. Clarence K.. Dorcas I. Practiced in 
Swanton. Vt, since 1883; pres. Swanton Savings 
Bank and Trust Co. Democrat Protestant Mason: 
Odd Fellow. Club: Taquahunga. Address: Swan- 
ton, Vt 

AA&BH, OlMranes Jean, M.D.: b. Pomfret Vt, 
July 24. 1863: s. Edwin and Ruth L. (Keith) Allen: 
grad. Green Mountain Perkins Acad, and Randolph 
State Normal Sch.; M.D.. U. of Vt. Coll. of Medi- 
cine. 1884: m. Eva O. Joslin. of Waitsfleld. Vt. 
Aug. 31. 1875; 1 daughter, Clare Jean (wife of Dr. 
Arthur Everett Joslin, of Lynn. Mas.s.). Began 
practice at Waitsfleld, 1884; removed to Winches- 
ter. Mass, 1898; sec. Winchester Bd. of Health; 
pres. British-Am. Land A Investment Co. Mem. 
A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, N.H. Med. Soc. Mem. Odd 
Fellows (past grand), Roval Arcanum Recrea- 
tion: mountain climbing. Address: 38 Church St., 
Winchester, Mass. 

uigiLi.^eu uy 

V^J V^ V^ ' 


r, Olsad* SwUrht; b. Oroton, N.Y., July denlnK, bee culture, motorlner. Address: Perkins 

30, 1876: son of William H. and Ida M. Allen; Instn. for the Blind, Watertown, Mass. 

descended from Allen family that settled in New aXABV, Bdwua Bverett. M D ■ b Gayaville. 

York, 1630; ed In hteh sch. and teachers' training vt., Apr. 21, 1868; s. John Rockweir and Lucy 

class, Groton; Rochester (N.Y.) Business Coll • n^ (Durkee) Alien; grad. Charlestown (Mass.) High 

Hattle Collins, of Lansinsr^ N.*.. Aug;. 12, 1906; 3 gch.. 1886; M.D., Boston U. Sch. Medicine, isfs. 

children, Dudley Collins, Kenneth Claude, Donald ch.B., same, 1896; m. Eliza Laura Tilden. of 

Darling. Teacher in pub. schs.. Harford, N.Y.. 2 Charlestown. Oct 6. 1898; 1 daughter, Marion, 

yrs.; with Tremon, King & Co., hardware mchU.. Bookkeeper for M. D. Cressy & Co., Boston, 1886- 

Ithaca, 1894-6; engaged In farming and dairy busl- gg. practiced in Charlestown since 1896; phys. to 

ness, Qroton, N.Y., 1895-01; became elk. Garlock Mass. Homoe. Hoap.; prof, anatomy, and sec. and 

Packing Co., mfrs engine packing, at Palmyra, registrar of faculfer, fioston U. Sch. of Medicine, 

f*-^' i?"^' later chief elk. and sales mgr. at Cleve- served in Co. A, 6th Mass. Vol. Militia, 1 yr. Mem. 

land, O.; mgr. Boston office same co. since 1909. ^ni. Inst Homoeopathy, Mass. and Boston Homoe. 

^*"'v,?'*^- 4?""/. r°5i™*'*'^'?i.S"f,'i?-. (ex-pres.). med. socs., Mass. Surg, and Geneal. Soc. Mason: 

S®^V^*'*iSt"- ?ifPi''*-o *?"??" <l-,^-l'"''"^'"ii ™*'"- mem. I.O.O.F., Royal ^iicanum. Progressive. BpUi- 

B.P.O. Elks. Clubs: Scimitar. Blue Room llecrea- copallan. Club: Boston City. Recriatlons: music, 

tions: automobiling, swimming. Home: 35 Lincoln golf. Address: 32 Monument Sq.. Charlestown, 

St, Wlnthrop. Mass. Office: 88 Broad St, Boston. Mass. 

AJb^aV, Clande SeBoy, lawyer; b. 8. Thomas- AXJiBX, BdWMrA T^ stocks and bonds; b. Med- 
ton. Me., Jan. 11, 1878; s. Joseph H. and Olive W. ford, Mass., Dec. 22. 1848; s. Elijah and Bllsa 
(Ames) Allen; grad. English High Sch., Boston, (Hill) Allen; ed. pub. schs.. Medford; m. Helen C. 
1897; LL.B., Boston U. Law Sch., 1900; m. Lovlsa Cushing, of MedfordtPeb. 16, 1871; children, E^dith 
A. Delamater, of New York, June IB, 1904; 2 chil- E., Grace W. (Mrs. William H. Carpenter). With 
dren, Claude LeRoy, Jr., Beatrice Delamater. Ad- Brewster, Sweet & Co., 1865-74, Brewster, Baasett 
mitted to Mass. bar, 1900; mem. Bd. »f Aldermen, & Co., 1874-83, Brewster, Cobb & Bstabrook, 1888- 
Melrose, Mass., 1905-6; city solicitor, Melrose, 1906- 96, Estabrook & Co., since 1896; trustee Medford 
12; elected to State Senate, Mass., from 4th Mid- Savings Bank. Mem. Medford Bd. of Trade. Re- 
dlesex Dist, 1912, re-elected, 1913; dir. Melrose Co- publican. Unitarian. Mem. Royal Arcanum, A.O. 
operative Bank. Mem. Mass. Bar Assn., Middlesex U.W. Clubs: Medford. Medford Unitarian, Unlta- 
Bar Assn., Maiden Hist Soc, Sigma Alpha Bpsl- rlan (Boston). Home: 18 Summit Rd., Medford, 
Ion, Phi Delta Phi. Republican, j^iscopalian. Ma- Mass. Office: 16 State St., Boston, 
son (K.T., Shriner): mem. B.P.O. Elks. Clubs: Bos- AT.r.v m Bdwla BoMnaoa, merchant* b. Wind- 
ton City, Melrose. Recreations: autonjobiling, ham. Conn., Nov. 26, 1840; s. Edwin and Ruth B. 
swimming, tennis. Home: 268 Grove St, Melrose. (Nqyes) AUen; ed. at Eagleswood, N.J.; m. Mary 
Mass. Office: 294 Washington St, Boston. e. Thayer, of HopkintonTR-I., Jan. 1, 1868; 2 chll- 

AUBH, Cora WillUma (Mrs. I>. Frederick P^'^Sf RostfS ^T'own ?lk'^„f'^Hintln?^n= R i^'^S/IIIob 

Allen); b. Erie Co., Pa.; d. John E. and Chloe (Mc- ?sfi7- It^ov of tTt 1894 7 ^i^,lhl?r.% RWnH«t 

Arthur) Williams; grad. Clarion (Pa.) Normal il"' 'i"f°^- °f ..-^i;..- H;t;vi„fS^ n ? Baptist 

Sch^ A.B., Columbia, 1907; m. D. Frederick Allen, M*""' ^^-R- Address. Hopklnton, R.I. 

of Walllngford, Conn., June 12, 1907; 1 son, Fred- AMiBB, T. Btnrgn, lexicographer, law writer; 

erlck W. Recording sec. Conn. State Federation of moved to New York. (See vol. 1909, also Who's 

Women's Clubs, 1912-16; sec, treas. of Teachers' Who In America, 1914-16.) 

College Alumni of Conn.; mem. Betterment League, AltKBB, Pranots Burks, engineer; b. Baltimore, 
New York. Baptist Club: Walllngford Woman's. June 1. 1841; s. William (fathers and Louisa Bar- 
Home: Wallingford, Conn. tello (Williams) Allen; ed. pub. schs., Phlla., Bal- 
timore, Portland, Me.. Chicago; apprenticed as 

JkJULMX, MwmiA Damon, illustrator; b. North machinist 1867-61; m. New York, 1867, Margaret 

Reading, Mass., May 28, 1856; s. George and Dlan- L. Williams; 4 children, Edwin S., Walter B., Ar- 

tha Bratnerd (Weston) Allen; descendant of Sam- thur W., Marjorle (Mrs. Harold Dewing, of Hart- 

uel Allen, who settled In Braintree, Mass., about ford. Conn.). Journeyman machinist, 1861; served 

1625, and on mother's side John Weston, settled at on engrlng. corps U.S.N., 1862-8; resigned and was 

Salem. 1632. Ed. pub. schs., Winchester, Mass., engr. Novelty Iron Works, New York, 1868-71; spl. 

and Franklin, Pa., Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., agt. New York dept, 1872-82, supervising gen. 

and Lafayette Coll., Easton, Pa.; m. Franklin, Pa., agt., 1882-6, 2d v.-p., 1886-04, v.-p. since 1904. 

May 28, 1884, Katharine Myers; 3 sons, George Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Ins. Co. 

Myers, Edward Herbert, Donald Byram. Was for- Mem. Am. Soc Mech. Engrs., Am. Soc. Naval 

merly engaged in mercantile pursuits; took up Engrs. G.A.R. (past Junior v.-comdr. In chief), Nat. 

study of art in New York, 1896; removed to Bos- Assn. Naval Vets, of U.S. (past rear admiral), 

ton; principal work cartooning and illustrating for Navy League of U.S. (dlr.). Club: City. Home: 61 

Boston Traveler, Herald and Globe. Mem. Royal Willard St Office: 56 Prospect St, Hartford, Conn. 

^ZfJ!^"^.^^- ^;?nn„^.n^° Ho'j?il.*'o'Hl'Sfii.:?.J"Sf = AMiBB, Franols OnUford, teacher; b. Charles- 

ES^chesfer Office" 32 iSia^Tt Boito^ ' J"""' ^ass., June 8, 1874; s. Pliny Arunah and 

uorchester. Office, ii uoane bt, Boston. j^^h (Tenney) Allen; ed. pub. schs., Mattapolsett. 

AtXBS, BdWMa aiUs, educator of the blind; b. Mass.; Tabor Acad.; grad. New S^.^J."'"'! U., 1895: 
W. Newton, Mass., Aug. I. 1861; s. James Theodore S^ad. Shoemaker and Clark's Sch. of Business, Fall 
and Caroline Augusta (Kittredge) Allen; ed. West Rlyer, 1896; m Sarah Alton Hammond, of Matta- 
Newton English and Classical Sch. (Allen Broth- ??'»«"• O*^'- ^°- 1899. Instr. 1897-1900, v.-prin., 
ers); 2 yrs° residence abroad, 1 yr. In pvt. sch., 1900-3. Shoemaker and Clark's Sch. of Business. 
Zurich, Swltserland (German lang.); again at West ^all River; bought half interest in sch., 1903, and 
Newton English and Classical Sch.; student sum- changed nanie to Rogers and Allen's Sch., of which 
mer schs., Harvard and Amherst; A.B., Harvard, was prln., 1903-13; head Math. Dept. Packard 
1884; student Harvard Med. Sch. 1 yr.; m. Kath- Commercial Sch., N.Y. City, since 1913. Mem. East- 
arlne Francena Glbbs, of Westfleld, Mass., July 9, "ii Commercial Teachers' Assn., N.E Business 
1891; 3 children. Isabel Sturtevant, Caroline Kit- po"; Managers' Assn., Bristol County Schoolmas- 
tredge, Edward Ellis, Jr. Teacher, Royal Normal fers' Club. Mem. I.O.O.P. Republican. Universal- 
Coil, for the Blind, London, Eng., 1885-8, Perkins i"}:^ Author: 100 Lessons In Rapid Calculation, 
Instn. for the Blind, 1888-90; prln. (supt) Pa. W>?- Business Arithmetic, 1905. Home: 668 N. 
Instn. for the Instruction of the Blind, 1890-07 Main St, Fall River, Mass. Office: 263 Lexington 
(during which time the sch. was removed to new Av., New York. 

bldgs. in suburbs of Phila.); dlr. Perkins Instn. for A&&BB, Tnuioia BlohmoaO, architect: b. Bos- 

the Blind since 1907 (this sch. has likewise been ton, Nov. 22, 1843; s. Frederick Deane and Mary 

removed under him to bldgs. specially designed Richmond (Baylies) Allen; prep. edn. Public Latin 

for It In a suburb of Boston). Apptd. by Gov. Sch.. Boston, to 1861; A.B., Amherst Coll.. 1866; 

Guild mem. Mass. Commn. for the Blind, Dec. 30. studied Mass. Inst Tech.. Boston. 1876-7. M. Van- 

1908. Clubs: Pi Eta (Harvard); Twentieth Cen- dremer's Atelier. Ecole des Beaux Arts. Paris. 

tury, Monday Evening (Boston). Recreations: gar- 1877-8; (M.A., Williams Coll., 1906; LL.D., Am- 



bcrst, 1912): m. Boston, Jan. 6, 1S7B, KUzabeth 
Bradlee Wood. In dry goods commn. bus., Allen, 
Lane ft Co.. Boston, 1865-76; mem. firm of Allen & 
Kenwmr, architects, Boston, 1878-91, Allen & 
Tance. 1896-8. Allen & Collens, Boston and New 
Tor^ since 1*04. Principal works: 7 bldgs., Will- 
iams Coll.. including: Thompson Memorial Chapel 
and Berkshire Hall; 12 bldrs., Vassar Coll., includ- 
ing Thompson Memorial Library bldg:-. 6 dormito- 
ries, etc: Wonoan's Hosp., State of New York, 110th 
St., N.T. City: Bmanuel Ch., Boston: Memorial 
Heap., Canandalgua, N.Y.; Lawrence Free Hosp., 
New Liondon. Conn.; Mrs. Eddy's Ch., Concord, 
N.H.; Union TheoL Sem. Bldgs., New York; Ando- 
ver TheoL Sem. Bldgs.. CambridKe, Mass; resi- 
dences, mercantile and office bldgw., etc. Mem. Am. 
Inst. Architects. Boston Soc. of Architects, Soc. 
Colonial Wars, Soc. Mayflower Descendants, PsI 
Upsilon; v.-p. Permanent Com. Internat Congress 
of Architects of Bostonian Soc. Independent Re- 
publican. Steiacopalian. Clubs: St Botolph, Coun- 
try (Boston), University (New York). Home: 20 
Fairfield St. Office: 40 Central St. Boston.* 
IWiBW, rzmak Beweyi lawyer. (See vol. 1909.) 
MXXMX, rsaak O., leather mfr.; b. Lynn. Mass., 
Oct. 6, 1874: a Frank M. and Abbie L. (Oilman) 
Allen: educated public grammar and high schools 
of Lynn; m. Miss Clara Winslow, of Norwood. 
Mass., Dec. 2, 1897; 1 daughter. Mary W. Began as 
a boy in the leather business of Black & Newhall, 
Boston, for 8 months; then with Lyman W. Smith 
Sons Co.. 2H yrs.; with J. W. Kennon Co., 1 yr.; 
then became connected with Winslow Bros., who 
bought out Lyman Smith Sons Co.; the firm name 
was changed to Winslow Broa & Smith, sheep- 
skins, of which has been pres. since 1911; also 
pres. Morrill Leather Co.; v.-p. Elastern Leather 
Co., Winalow & Co. Mem. Boston Chamber of 
Commerce. Republican. Conglist. Clubs: Bssex 
County, Brae Burn Country. Recreations: auto- 
moblllng, boxing, golf. Home: Norwood, Mass. 
Office: 248 Summer St., Boston. 

ALXXN, Fzank BoswaU, farmer; b. Prescott, 
Masa, June 12. 1884; s. George F. and Julia Etta 
(Stevens) Allen; ed. pub. schs., Prescott, and New 
Salem (Mass.) High Sch.; m. Ruth R. Grover, of 
Prescott. June 16, 1907; 2 children, Lyman N., Beu- 
lah R. Engaged at farming since 1906: selectman, 
assessor, overseer of iK)or; dlr. New SaJem High 
Sch. Republican. Conglist. Mem. Patrons of Hus- 
bandry. Address: Greenwich Village, Mass. 
MXaxm, Tfti Joha, lawyer; b. Alfred, Me.. July 
27. 1865; a John and Caroline P. (Hill) Allen; de- 
wendant on father's side of Scottish ancestry; 
grad. Nichols Latin Sch.. Lewlston. Me., 1886; 
A3., Bowdoin. 1890: studied law In office of S. M. 
Came, Alfred: admitted to bar, 1893; m. Sanford, 
Me., June 8, 1892. Ida S. Leavltt. Practiced in San- 
ford since 1893; now mem. law firm of Allen & 
Wlllard: dlr. and atty. Sanford Nat. Bank. Mem. 
Me. Ho. of Rep., 1901-3, Senate, 1906-8 (pres. of 
Senate, 1908); Republican. Mason (K.T.). Ad- 
dress: Sanford, Me. 

AZtUnr, rzsderlek Baylies, clergyman; b. Bos- 
ton, Nov. 5. 1840; s. Frederick Dean and Mary 
Richmond (Baylies) Allen; Harvard, 1869-61; 
A.B., Amherst Coll., 1863; Andover Theol. Sem., 
1866: (AB., Harvard, 1907); m. Louisa Ripley 
Y<w«. of Boston. Apr. 24, 1867 (died. 1872); m. 2d, 
Alberta H. Lewis, of Phlla, June 4, 1884. Ordained 
CpneL ministry, 1866; pastor. Newport R.I.. 1866- 
«. Canandalgua N.Y., 1868-73; entered P.B. min- 
istry. 1879: asst to Phillips Brooks at Trinity Ch., 
Boston. 1879-88: supt Episcopal Ciity Mission, Bos- 
ton. 1888, also served as archdeacon of Boston; re- 
ngned both positions, 191S: financial sec. Episcopal 
City Mission: sea Gen. Theol. Library, Boston. 
Republican. Mem. Soc. Mayflower Descendants, 
set Colonial Wars; founder, 1878, sec. until Jan., 
;M7, since pres. N.E. Watch and Ward Soc: sec. 
Mass. Bible Soc; dlr. Mass. Prison Assn. Clubs: 
University, Oakley Country. Home: 132 Marlbor- 
ough St Office: 1 Joy St, Boston.* 

AJLXiZV, rrededek James, educator, author: b. 
Limerick. Me., Feb. 23, 1864: s. Francis Henry and 
Hannah Maria (C^ase) Allen; prep. edn. Limerick 
and Llmlngton academies; AB., Dartmouth, 1889, 

AM., 1892; post-grad, work, Harvard, 1902-3; m. 
Maria Porter Hitchcock, of Hanover, N.H., Mar. 9, 
1893 (died 1896); 2d, Wilhelmlna Pingree, of North 
Conway, N.H., July 14, 1897; children, Maria Char- 
lotte, Charles F. H., Wilhelmiena Chase, Frederick 
Chase, Theodora, Beatrice. Principal high sch. for 
10 yrs. (at Franklin, N.H., High Sch., 1896-9); 
instr. history and mathematics, Boston Univ., 
1900-8; instr. mathematics, Simmons Coll., Boston, 
1903-4; dlr. City History Club, Boston, since 1904; 
also investigator of occupations. Vocation Bureau, 
Boston, since 1910. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsllon, 
Phi Beta Kappa. Progressive. Conglist Author: 
A Topical Outune of English History, 1894; Poems, 
1898; The Boston Game, 1906; In Crystal Hills, 
1908; Vocations for Boys and Young Men, 1911; 
The Law as a Vocation, 1913. Recreations: music, 
archery, farming. Home: 47 Mt. Vernon St., Ar- 
lington, Mass. Offlce: 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

r, rredsilok WlUiam, banker; b. (Glouces- 
ter, Mass., May 3, 1869; s. Fi uilerick and Elizabeth 

D. (Pluramer) Allen: pub. sch. edn.; m, Charlotte 

E. Hewes, of Grand Rapids, MIcih , June 3. li!96; 3 
sons, Gordon Hewes, Lawrence Warren. Frederick 
William, Jr. Began as elk. N K, Truat Co., Apr. 28, 
1889, treas. since Dec. 16, 19u:;; trustee Blackatone 
Savings Bank. Mem. aavls>>r>- bd. Burdctt Coll, 
Republican. Conglist Club: Boston City. Home: 
Reading, Mass. OfHce: 136 Devonshire 8t.. Boston. 

^.MistMim, nwuBH, M.D.; b. Stockbridge, Mass., 
Sept 27, 1870; s. Henry Freeman and Georglanna 
May (Stowe) Allen: A.B., Harvard, 1893, M.D., 
1899; m. Mary Ethel Gibson, of Boston, July 11, 
1910. Practiced in Boston since 1899; lecturer on 
anesthetics. Harvard Med. Sch.; chief of dept of 
anesthesia, Mass. Gen. Hosp. Mem. A.M. A, Mass. 
Med. Soc, Suffolk Dist Med. Soc. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Tennis and Racquet, Norfolk 
Hunt New Riding. Contbr. to med. jours.; also ar- 
ticle "Anesthesia," in Buck's Am. Practice of Sur- 
gery. Address: 200 Beacon St, Boston. 

Alb^Bir, Oardner Weld, M.D.; b. Bangor, Me., 
Jan. 19, 1866; s. Joseph Henry and Anna Minot 
(Weld) Allen; descendant of James Allen, settled 
in Dedham, 1639: A.B., Harvard, 1877; M.D., Har- 
vard Medical School, 1882; unmarried. Practiced 
In Boston since 1884; passed asst surgeon U.S.N., 
temporary service, 1898. Mem. AM.A., Mass. Med. 
Soc, Am. Hist Assn., Mass. Hist Soc, etc. Demo- 
crat Unitarian. Clubs: Harvard of Boston, City, 
Author: Our Navy and the Barbary Corsairs, 1906; 
Our Naval War with France, 1909; A Naval His- 
tory of the American Revolution, 1913. Address: 
419 Boylston St, Boston. 

AUmBV, Ocorgs Anstln, M.D., surgeon; b. E. 
Stoneham, Me., Nov. 21, 1857; s. George F. and 
Lucy Ann (Stewart) Allen; ed. common schs. and 
N. Bridgton Acad. ; M.D., Med. Dept, Univ. of Vt, 
1890; m. Ist Feb. 10, 1882, Linnle A. McKeen, of 
Lovell, Me.; m. 2d, Jan. 14, 1906, Mrs. Ella M. 
Lewis, of Lovell. Practiced at Acton, Me., Milton 
Mills, and Conway, N.H., and Fryeburg, Me., to 
1906, since at Lovell, Oxford Co., Me.; makes spe- 
cialty of surgery: apptd. examining surgeon, 1895. 
by U.S. commr. of pensions and served nearly 10 
yrs. Republican. Christian Baptist Mason; mem. 
K. of P. Address: Lovell, Me. 

av-T-»», Oeorgs liockhart, investments and real 
estate; b. Salem, Mass., Jan. 27, 1866; s. George H. 
and Caroline W. (Ashby) Allen; descendant of 
William Allen, 1st settler of Manchester, Mass.: 
A.B., Harvard, 1888; m. Florence L. Hobble, of 
Hampton, la, June 1, 1904; 3 children, George 
Lockhart Florence Lockhart. Katharine Lockhart. 
In real estate business in Salem since 1893. Re- 
publican. Unitarian. Club: Colonial (Salem). 
Home: Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass. Offlce: 35 
Church St., Salem, Mass. 

AlsUBM, Olover Koriai, naturalist: b. Wali>ole, 
N.H., Feb. 8, 1879; s. Rev. Nathaniel Glover and 
Harriet Ann (Schouler) Allen; A.B.. Harvard. 1901, 
A.M., 1903. Ph.D., 1904, also grad. student 1906-7: 
m. Sarah Moody Gushing, of Salem, Mass., June 26, 
1911; 1 daughter, Elizabeth Gushing. Sec. and li- 
brarian, Boston Soc. Natural History, May 1, 
1901 — : began work in dept. of mammals, Mus. ' 
Comparative ZoOlogy, Harvard, 1907: mem. expdns.„ 

■«.^_« v^ ^^-^ JX ■ ^ 

uiyiLizeu uy ■ 


U» Bahama Islands 1904, British E. Africa, 1909. JklU^aX, John, treasurer Hartford Theol. Sem.; 

Grenada, B.W.I., 1910, Sudan, 1912. Republican. Feb. 6, 18Sl-Jan., 1909. (See vol. 1909.) 

Episcopalian. Fellow A.A.A.S.: mem. Boston Soc. .,,__. - ,. _ , ,. xrr ** / ,r. . 

Natural History, Am. Ornlthof ovists' Union, Biol, o,*?^?''' ^<*?" ■-/»rmer; b. Weatford, Vt., Aug. 
Soc. Washlneton. Nuttall Ornlthol. Club, Phi Bet* V' ^**I' ^- "'^'•S,*?'* ^"?," **• (Richardson) Allen; 
JCappa. Clubs: Travelers, Naturalists, Harvard, descendant of Walter Allen, Newburyport, Mass., 
Author: The Birds of Massachusetts (with R. H. .1«<0. B.lao of Parson John Robinson: grad. Bur- 
Howe, Jr.), 1901. Contbr. many scientiflc papers Unston High Sch., 1885; m. Aug. 29, 1894, Jennie R 
on birds, mammals, etc. Home: 126 Pleasant St., Macomber, of Westford, Vt Farmer and surveyor: 
Arlington, Mass. Office: 234 Berkeley SL, Boston.' »^f>*- sc^^s- * y™-: examiner of teachers, 1894-12; 

arm v_.« vr «„-„>,„„.. v, -nr •«» ^ ir. mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1910-11. Trustee Pub. I.I- 

AJbbBV, Knuan W., merchant b. Westford. Vt., hrarv Ronnhllcnn ronB-liRt AridrpsR- 'Wnntfnrd 

Apr. 4. 1844; s. John and Clarissa (Rice) Allen; vormnnt l-ongilst. Address. westrorO, 

ed. pub. schs. and Eastman Business Coll., Pough- ''«'^'""""- 

keepsle, N.Y.; m. Jennie D. Dods, of Burlington, ALXiBM, Jolui B.; b. Swampscott, Mass., Dec. 
Vt., May 19, 1869 (died 1875); m. 2d, Juliette W. 22. 1878; s. Daniel and Harriette (Chase) Allen; 
Keeler, of Burlington, June 30, 1881 (died 1906); 1 descendant of General Glover, of the Revolution- 
son. Edward Lvman Allen, b, Nov. ,1, 1 i95. Clk. ary War; ed. In pub. schs., Swampscott; m. Doris 
with<l I. yrniin, 1SS4-K; mem. 1-vmtui & Allen, Johnson, of New York. Nov. 27, 190B; children, 
186S-90 (founded. Iti48); H, ^V. Allen & Co., 1890- Phyllis, Brlce, Marjorle. Began in employ of a 
May, IBIO (retlrttd); v. -p. MerctuitUK S'lit. Bank, bond and stock firm, Boston, 1896, continuing until 
Pvl. 13th Vt. Rest., 1S62-3; let 11. Vt Militia. 1902; then in business alone to 1908: since mem. 
1864-8: Insp. rifle practice, rank of i:ol., staff of Arm of John E. Allen & Co. Republican. Kpisco- 
Gov. Woodbury, 1894-6; mem. Vt. State Senate, palian. Recreations: automobillng, yachting. 
1896-8; del. to Rep. Nat. Conv., 1S(I4. i<:iii><copalian. Home: Swampscott, Mass. Office: 86 Devonshire 
Mem. G,A.R„ S.A R.. Soc. Colonial Wars. Clubs: St.. Boston. 

Nineteenth Century, Algonquin, Kthun Allen. •tt'bw t«i.. «<«* i<.««<.... >. ni»..^^r^.,t -un 

Home; .100 Main t?t. OfUcf; Merchants Xat. Bank, ^ **T?^'„??'" 5?,??! 'awyer. b. Cl^emont. N.H., 

RiiHin^ton Vt June 26, 187S: s. William H. H. and Ellen B. (Jos- 

AMM w.™ mm... oi„ii .„-,. . K Mo,„~,rf "") Allen; A.B., Dartmouth, 1894; LL.B., Harvard 

^^^^'?V?7<iyV^?^L^n^^?Ju^\.^^^J^r,A I-aw Sch,, 1898; admitted to N.H. bar, 1897; m. 

vift;, ^^WnhJh^.'To^ZV An.^^Q^}^ ?„* i^lf« "cr^",^ ^""V ^- Abbott. of Keene. N.H., July 10, 1901; no 

ills?..? i^t»Jf%r/.^lVll? vJ,'^i"J„H''Li^ IT^ifJ .'2 Children. Practiced at Keene, N.H., since 1898: 

^SISSSL^i^^.^I* .1 *ffe9^"*'i??H' a?° **.i"«iJS J"dge Probate Ct., 1899-08; Instr. Dartmouth, 1900- 

Cambridge, Mass., in 1632 grad. Stevens High n.i Renuhlican AddreHB- Keene NH 

Sch., Claremont, N.H., 1876; B.S., Dartmouth, ISSO; "^■'"PUDiican. Aoareas. Keene, n.h. 

m. Georgia Annette Wyman, of Manchester, N.H., , .^^F^J.'?"^ Howard, M.D.;b. BrownHeld, Me, 

June 12, 1889 (died Mar. 30. 1906); 1 daughter, }'l?y }'>■ i??*v,?- ■'°^I' J?°^,"'L ^^,^ ,.*'j?'"i*'*»/*Jl" 

Georgia Ellen. In engring. dept. Amoakeag Mfg. ,',^°°'^Pe?,''l Allen; ed Portland Hlrh Sch. ; M D., 

Co. since 1880; teacher of drawing In city evening U. of Pa. Sch. of Medicine, 1902; m. Martha Gordon 

schs. since 1887; dlr. Manchester Bldg. & Loan Stevens, of Portland, Me., June B, 1906. Clin. as»L, 

Assn. since 1896; mem. N.H. Constl. Conv., 1903; 1902-3, resident aural surpeon, 1903-4, Mass. Chari- 

mem. N.H., Ho. of Rep., 1905. Republican. Home: table Eye and E:ar Infirmary, Boston; practiced In 

72 Market St. Office: Amoskeag Mfg. Co., Man- Portland, Me., since 1904: nose and throat mirReoiu 

Chester, NH Kle. Gen. Hosp.; consulting surgeon. Me. Eye and 

arm vn<,>^. <x«n.«. io,„„<.,.. k t<.»oi». ''•»'' Infirmary, Me. State Sanatorlunt. Webber 

Pl^S^f,'« ?,Tw^7 ?^??^!'<5f»T^!^'iM»nrtTnn» ""SP- (Blddefird. Me.). Fellow Am. Larynt-ol., 

Jflain, Mass., July 27, leoo; s. btepnen M. ana Anne r>ui„„j n—j r\*rti ct^n . »«&*» xr r* r\*^t an^ t ....irn 

M. Allen; educated public schools of Boston: LL.B., St\'"SL » M i' M» M»?' a-^';, Pnwi.r,^ M^^' 
Harvard, 1876; m. Apr. 28, 1881, Grace D., d. Hon. ?^?,Vh^PM "^fji^' «Y™^ si-rm^ rhi rL^^^^ 
Joshua L. and Frances Caroline (Adams) Cham- rT".?;.rf=J, ^^I^^s.? pSJh.^S p£M'.,.?*'k.ii'ffir 
berlain and a direct descendant of Henry Adams, il"""'^"' p5l','^^2u I°/"^"aU 2^<i?P«. Ti?oil,' 
of Bralntree. Mass., 1633; children. Eleanor W.! ?5°"°?,'''' J!?//,l'L",,^ ffi"- °' ■*"• Address: 717 Con- 
Beatrice L., Rosamond. Formerly associated with ••ress St., i ortiana. Me. 

Nathan Morse in the practice of law; mem. Boston AttBW, John miton, M.D.: b. St. Johnsbury. 

Common Council, 1888. 89 (pres. 1889). and 1890-1; Vt., Feb. 4, 1868; s. David S. and Abigail A. (Al- 

mem. Board of Aldermen, 1895-6; mem. Boston vord) Allen; ed. pub. schs.: student U. of Vt. Coll 

Transit Commn. Mem. Bar Assn. City of Boston, of Medicine, 1890: M D.. Bellevue Hoan. Med. Coll 

Mass. Bar Assn. Clubs: University, Curtis, Mer- (New York U.), 1891; m. Apr. 21, 1893. WInnlfred 

chants', Brookllne Country, John Eliot Home: D. Hall, of St. Johnsbury, Vt. Practiced in St 

1926 Commonwealth Av. Office: IS Tremont St., .lohnsbury since Oct., 1891; col. and surgeon, and 

Boston. chief of staff to Gov. John A. Mead, 1911-12: 

AIABH. Howard OUv.r, M.D.: b. Broad Brook. KfJIJ- ^f -S;^- ^?"s'°P^*.»"lVf™d,^''rM^H"'^ir 

Conn., Mar. 22, 1854; s. Luke D. and Caroline C. gi'P°h'nL^°„?l*'r- ,4J^i^-„^il.?^ 

(Patchen) Allen; ed. acad. Shelburne Falls, Mas.s.. Republican. Mason (K.T.). Home. St. Johnsbury. 

and pub. schs. of Melrose, Conn., and acad. at Vermont. 

Wllbraham, Mass.; taught sch. 3 yrs.; studied AJJUBV, J(olm) Weston, lawyer; b. Newton 

medicine 3 yrs. In office of Dr. S. H. Hunt. Eaton- Highlands. Mans., Apr. 19, 1872: s. Walter and 

town, N.J.: M.D., Univ. Med. Coll. (New York U.), Grace Mason CWeston) Allen; descendant of Rlch- 

1879; m. E. Lavinia Polhemus. of ScobeyvlUe, N.J.. ard Warren and George Soule, who came over on 

June 12, 1883. Practiced in Broad Brook, (Jonn.: the Mayflower. 1620. also of Walter Allen, who 

town clk. and treas. since 1891. Mem. Conn. State settled at Newbury, Mass., 1640; A B., Yale. 1893: 

Med. Soc. Republican. Conglist Address: Broad LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1896: m. Caroline Cheney 

Brook. Conn. Hills, of Amherst, Mass.. June 12, 1901; 3 children. 

A&&BN, Jmum Wdnay, Jr„ lawyer: b East Helen Spencer. Grace Weston. Caroline Hills. Ad- 

Brldgewater, Mass., Oct. 5, 1876; a. James Sidney 1^.^ *° Mass bar. 1896, and since practiced In 

and Alice (Richards) Allen; A.B., Brown Univ.. Boston; mem. Mass. Ho of Rep., 1915. V.-chmn. 

1898; LL.B.. Harvard Law School, 1903; m. Caro- ?o?.to" Indian Citizenship Com.: dlr. Lasell Sem.. 

line M. Sperry. of North Adams, Mass., June 21, ^''rV'T.^'^T • ^^"^ v,?',?'"- «*"• advisory bd. of Am. 

1911 (died Dec. 28, 1912); 1 aon, William Sperry. r^i""'".*'." I^fa^"''' PhUa-: mem. exec. corn. Indian 

Instr. history and economics, R.L College of Ag- Industries League, Boston: mem Soc Mayflower 

riculture and Mechanic Arts, 1898-1900; associated Descendants, Sons of Veterans. Republican. Con- 

wlth Asa P. French In practice of law since 1904. KHst. Clubs: Brae Burn. Republican. Massachu- 

Mem. City Council, Brockton, Mass.. 1907. 8. 9; setts. Yale (Boston) Recreations: tennis, golf, 

asst. U.S. attorney since Sept. 1, 1912. Trustee Home; Newton Highlands. Mass. Office: 73 Tr«- 

Bradford Acad.; dlr. Internat. Inst, for Girls In mont St.. Boston. 

Madrid, Spain. Conglist. Mem. Bar Assn. City of AAltSH, Jonathan lOll, M.D. : b. MontviUe. Conn.. 

Boston. Am Soc. for Psychical Research. Mem. Nov. 17, 1858; s. John Hastings and Cynthia Ann 

Delta Phi. Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Boston Eco- (Dart) Allen; M.D.. New York Homne. Coll. and 

nomlc, Annalachlan Mountain. Home: Winchester, Hosp.. 1888; m. Minnie L. Newbnrv. o' New Ix)n- 

Mans. Office: 46 Milk St.. Boston. don. Conn., Apr. 18. 1889: 2 children, Horace Has- 

uigiLi^eu uy x^_j v^ v^ -^ i \^ 


tta^, Christopher Earde. Owing to ill health, went elk., between Burlington and Boston, 1869-74: 

to lea at 17 and continued In seafaring life until since In mercantUe and other lines of business. 

?fti7!^ Sfilt *5fi ^*??*' •^A.'o''^^- ** ■««; P™P- Mem. Vt Ho. of Rep.. 1882-J, Senate, 1890-1; It- 

HfJ? uiSviyii'*' 9S"?L' 18*8-92. since at Nor- m»v. and pres. Senate. 1900-1. Republican. Methor 

S^ii. ii.„'**^V™**?J''i^'»'-- **®™- Fraternal dlst. Mem. Vt. Hist Soc. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 

S^^\rmF^^t,^F- S^'^^r J'*^^"'^'^"°^- ^^- Cib: Algonquin (Burlington). Address: North 

ar^u. 7» Church St., Norwich. Conn. Ferrtsburg, Vt. 

o«i!?'SJ' f^^ •»nf»M»t, engineer: b. Windsor, ALILXX, MsItIU* t., b. Harrington, Me., Jan. 

/SS;/.??^- Ill U"- ^"5"*' ^°''« *"<! J""» Anne 27, 1882; s. Obadlah and Sophia A. (Lelghton) 

riifr!^ .11 *"• "ascendant on paternal side of Allen; grad. East Me. Conf. Sem., Bucksport, Me. 

i/Sf^iM. ^-"il?**"' the founders of Dedham, 1883; m. May 8, 1888, Emma A Holmes, of Mount 

iS« V;?i:„^'?."*"W "ye of Abraham Pierson, Desert. Me. Treas. Allen Granite Co.. Mt. Desert: 

iri aJtS .hf »„ J- -A-biyham Pierson, Ist pres., v.-p. Fnrst Nat. Bank, Bar Harbor. Was supt of 

P~„^2 I. ."?"*'■' of what is now TaleTJnlv.; schs. of town of Mt Desert 6 yrs.; auditor 4 yrs.: 

JS? ^^. "^ . oor ■• and tutors; C.B., Rensselaer commr. of the county of Hancock since Jan. 1. 1909. 

•iSiihif.?-,; «o. • J?:. *J&''y.»^'L'^l.,^'"»<''ej'- o' Republican. Mason. Address: Mt Desert Me. 

M:'^n?Sfd„^^Ju^'rai»"^JUS"?SStK A«air.K«^ ,,«««. clergytnan: b. Clncln. 

2ot £l.anVmi,£U^%^f*&S;eSi£- Su^E.^k.S'^SSnd^ '^i.^^.ZSii 8^9?^ 

for the N.T.L.B. and W and the N I pS. and o ^-^^ Vols, durlnir Civil War): ed. Cortland (NY.) 

R.R. COS.: consulting engr., marine'aiid hv<lr»iillp Normal Soh.; Cazenovia Sem.; A.B., Amherst 

engr„ Detroit Mlc™ fo? several yrlconsumn* "'»: ^^- Andover Theol. Seminary, 1882; m. 

engr. and architect Hartford Conn "since 1S94- ^'l* Derby Hanks, of Amherst Mass., Oct 10. 

not now in aCtiVf ---""---""•■ - ■'»»1. isa* nr.4aln.iri r<nr«rl mlnlsti-v 111»»- naator 

ous trusts since - 

making scientiflc, r_ „^„„. „..„ „^..„„.. „u„Brva- 

tlons. Republican. Club: Hartford Yacht Rerro- . . 

"ion: yachting. Home: 863 Prospect Av. Office- Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon (Sigma Chapter). Pro- 

I2S Trumbull St. Hartford Oonn v/iute. ^ressive. Congllst Especially interested in rural 

«r.T.— xamsoB. M D • b Wob M T betterment Address: Boscawen, N.H. 

2, 1856; s.' Leonard Houghton and Sa'rah'^lchard- AMBW, FUUp Bay, paper mfr.; b. Walpole. 

son (Fowle) Allen: descendant of Ethan Allen- Mass., July 26. 1873; s. Melsar W. and Martha 

AB., Amherst 1879, AM., 1882; M.D New York (Metcalf) Allen; ed. Walpole High Sch., Phillips 

Homce. Med. Coll.. 1883; m. North Cambrldee Acad.. Andover, Mass.; AB., Yale, 1898. Sales 

Mass.. Oct. 16, 1884, Martha Ruth Wyman Prac- "'¥''. for F. W. Bird & Son, paper makers. E. Wal- 

Uced at Worcester since 1892- mem surg staff P'"^- Mass., since 1900. Clubs: Boston City, Unl- 

Worcester Hahnemann Hosp. (treas 'since'l901) verslty. Home: Walpole, Mass. 

Jll^m Tn2J*''»E.°.;,5?'"?K ^\^.- Soc (pres. 1891- AIABIT, PUny Anuutli. Jr., clergyman; b. 

Sm-' iff;. «f.r,o. oUi^'^"'*"'-, Mass. Homoe. Med. Charlestown, Mass., July 23, 1876; s. Pliny Aruuah 

HoWi«iSlJ^!S;„ A r*®f°'; S"*^' Worcester Co. nnd Izah Warren (Tenney) Allen: descendant of 

SoSm atji rSSi' slli""''T>^'*!l-„'" N*'' "'^ork Walter Allen, of Watertown, 1640; grad. Tabor 

m2Si^ fMrii!-<vn^J; ^ff?- «'*??"''"<'?,"- Congllst Acad., Marion. Mass., 1894: B.D., Tufts Dlv. Sch. 

Sf^ork fl-h?1.2 •A9:F'^-^oA'*^f"l,"on: mechan- (now Crane Theol. Sch.), 1901; m. Pauline Louise 

louwork. flshlng. Address: 20 Elm St., Worcester, Schwele. Dorchester. Mass., Jan. 23, 1902: 4 chil- 

„,_^ _ dren, Esther Pauline, b. Jan. 13. 1904: Danforth 
,,*™r"' **"» B.. M.D.; b. Brookfleld. Vt. Nov. Tenney, Feb. 19, 1906; Pliny Arunah, 3d, June 5. 
23. 1874; s. Frank O. and Ella M. (Steele) Allen: 1909: Virginia Louise, Jan. 15, 1911. Ordained 
?I*?-.??"-„^"''t''''®'^ High Sch.; Norwich U., 1895- Universalist ministry, 1901; pastor Marblehead. 
9«;M.D.. U. of Vt Coll. of Medicine, 1899; m. Grace Mass.. 1901-3, Orange. 1906-9. Medford, 1909-11, 
J "**?*• Or Northfleld, Vt, Oct 4, 1899; 2 chil- Rockland, Me., since May, 1911. Mem. Knox Co. 
area Dorothy Mildred, Robert Theodore. Prac- Ministerial Assn.. Knox Acad. Arts and Sciences, 
need in Randolph. Vt, 1899-02. since in Post Mills Mem. Aurora Lodge, F. and A.M.: Claremont Corn- 
Republican. Congllst Mason. Address: Post Mills mandery (K.T.) Republican. Club: 12 mo. Ad- 
verroont dress: Rockland, Me. 

!.*?«?*' ''S^' newspaperman; b. New York, Feb. AX£Bir, BuaMI W. K., lawyer; b. North Kings- 
vl J 4 • ,?■ "l!^'' ^"" ^""^ fLlPsette) Allen; ed. ton, R.I.. Jan. 2, 1842; ed. East Greenwich Acad. 
T-^ .. ^ . ""S- *chs.; m. June 25, 1878, Amelia and New York Conf. Sem.; LL.B., Boston Univ. 
t-r_ tr '"f^ newspaper work. 1875: city editor Served as 1st serg't U.S. Army, Civ War, and has 
T.f^ 1 Y.^1 'S"""-) J7,"l°"' 1S84-6: v.-p. and dir. also served as Ist It, capt and col., R.I. State 
Journal Pub. Co., publishers the Merlden (Conn.) Militia. Mem. R.T. Ho. of Rep., 1885-6, 1891-7 and 
_ J7 ^""T^l 1?' which he Is editor), since 1886; 1907 (speaker, 1895-7); has been mem. State Bd. of 
mem. Court of Conimon (^puncil. 1880-2. Independ- Edn; commr on John Waterman Memorial. Re- 
SSL" Cf^'^f ■ Episcopalian. Club: Colonial. Ad- publican. Address: East Greenwich, R.I. 
^;« x!!l « r w AJ&MW, BtUlnaa ».. merchant (See vol. 1909.) 
n^f^'s 'SJSie^- Edwin and "Fne"n CoVnM^^ AtMlT. Thomas, painter: b. St Louis, Oct. 19. 
<LrninV Allen- A R 17 or vt isfi. m i? 't"!*'^* 18"i «- Thomas and Anne C. (Russell) Allen; ed. 

JrV'3?f.V' ■.•i'i?"-,.A-*'- >i-.?I .Vt- 1893: M.D.. U. Of WHsh IT .5Jt r.m.1«- p-mri Rnvnl Anort n.,,....>1rio,.1' 

Tisitinr sureeon Fannv Aiiir, h5=\, 7.AV;=..t?i„„ Boston, 1884. First exhibited at Nat Acad. Design. 
Im^eoS Mar% Fletche? HosD " aJ?i Srof S.^riVjl? ^ew York. 1877; at salons at Paris, 1882. 1887 and 
U ofVtColT of Medicine Filfow A™ Pn 1 ^«,^^ 1889; resided in Boston since 1883. Trustee Boston 
L. or vt. I, oil. or Medicine. Fellow Am, Coll. Sur- mus. of Fine Arts: chmn. council. Sch. of Draw- 
ing and Painting, Boston Mus. Fine Arts. Awarded 
medals, Boston and Buffalo; judge awards. Chi- 
cago Expn., 1893; chmn. Internat Jury of Awards. 

^^if^^^l'&'ii'iiKiSti'^^^^^^^ iine^rfs,^sY"Loi,^2,^=i9t4T"chS;rkV"2^"c'om';i;': 

Address. 288 Mfln St, Burlington, Vt City of Boston, since May, 1910. A.N.A., 1884; 

„ *■ " '" — » »«lii nvtoliar, merchant, farmer; b. pres. Paint and Clay Club, Boston Soc. Water 

North Perrisburg, Vt, Nov. 28, 1842; s. Norman Color Painters; v.-p. Copley Soc; trustee Mass. 

Jasper and Sarah (Martin) Allen: ed. Troy Conf. Hort Soc. Clubs: Union. St Botolph. Art (Bos- 

Acad.. Poultney, Va.. Tilton (N.H.) Sem., Eastman ton). Country (Brookllne), Oakley (Watertown).^ 

Busings ColL. Poughkeepsle. N.Y.; m. N. Ferris- Home: (summer) Princeton, Mass, (w4ntec>-JiC 

burg. Sept 26, 1867; Bliza P. Daniels. Ry. postal Commonwealth Av., Boston.' O 


r, Thomu; b. Belchertown, Mass.. Mar. son) AlIinK; A.B.. Yale, 1886; Sheffield SclentiOc 
29. 1870; 8. of Samuel and I^ovlsa D. (Sherman) ach. (Yale), 188«i-T: M.U., Coll. Phya. and Surg. 
Allen; grad. Colgate Acad., 2d honor, 1896; A.B., (Columbia), 1891; m. Francella Walker, of Provt- 
Colgate U., 1899 (Phi Beta Kappa); m. L,izxie M. dence, R.I., Oct. 27, 1887; 1 daughter, Helen 
Bartlett, of Belchertown, Aug. 16, 1900; 1 son, Frances. Practicing medlplne in New Haven, Conn- 
Francis Samuel, b. July 6, 19U2. Prin. high sch., since 1893; aast surgeon to New Torli Ophthalmic 
Marlboro, N.H., 1899-02, Powers Inst. Bernards- and Aural Hosp., 1897-01; lecturer on ophthal- 
ton, Mass., 1902-7; prin. Montague (Mass.) Agrl. mology, 1893-4, inatr., 1894-02, prof, since 1902, 
Sch., 1907-11; in real estate business, 1911-13; Yale; chief of eye clinic. New Haven Dispensary, 
prin. Belchertown (Mass.) High Sch. since 1913. since 1896; ophthalmic surgeon. New Haven Hosp., 
Mem. Beta Theta PI. Mason. Club: N.B. Fox since 1906. Mem. Am. Ophthal. Soc, N.Y., Ophthal. 
Hunters. Recreations: baseball, hunting, fishing. Soc; fellow N.Y. Acad. Medicine, Am. Coll. Sur- 
Address: Montague, Mass. geons. Republican. Clubs: Graduates, New 

AX&W, W«lt« Al(«no, M.D., b. Boston, Jan. ft^X'"K«??JlV;i„.^"inrf'^.S!.m?S,tf.„2-* ^tS^JS^^ 

10. 1869; 8. George 7r!il Sarah A (Collins) Allen; J?S*f.hM?oh «V^'.»?HL«n*??SSi^" *' ^**'^«"»- 

ed. Hampstead; M.D., Dartmouth Med. Coll.! ^67 Church St, New Haven. Conn.» 
1893; m. Haverhill, Mass., 1895, Grace A. Roberts. OTtTiTWO, jrohn Wsslay, lawyer; b. Orange, 

Began practice In Boston, 1893; removed to E^ast Conn., Oct 24, 1841; a. Charles Wyllys and Lucy 

Hampstead, N.H., 1896, to Hampstead, 1910. Mem. (.Booth) Ailing; descendant of Roger Ailing, one ot 

N.H. Ho. of Rep., 1899-01, Senate, 1905; served as ine founaers of New Haven Colony, 1638. and 

chmn. Bd. of Health and mem. Sch. Bd. Mem. Am. Walter Booth, who fought in the Revolutlonury 

Md. An., N.H.. Med. Soc. Republican. Mason. Ad- War; A.B., Yale, 1862, A.M., 1864; ra. Constance 

dress: Hampstead, N.H. Adelaide Parlier, of New Haven, Conn., Oct. lu, 

AX&Bir, Walter Bateaum. insurance; b. Brooli- 1»*' Idled Jan. 11, 1903); 2 children. Arnon -V. 

lyn. N.Y., Sept 26, 1878; s. Francis Bu rite and Mar- *?ta$es atty.). Agatha A. (Mrs. !• red L. Durand. 

garet (WlUilamsJ Allen; prep. edn. Hartford VLJ'^'^/T.'J^A *,'*• ^"'■*."b«V Thompson. Jan. 26 

(Conn.) Pub. High Sch.:A:B.r Yale. 1901; m.Agne« 1?««- Admitted to bar. 1864; pros. atty. City of 

Stuart Hall. New York City. Jan. 26, 1910rone Jf.**^"*??"' l«71-3; now mem. law Ann Ailing, 

daughter, Nancy. In Ins. business at Hartford Webb & Morehouse. Was for nnany yrs. e>;n. coun- 

since fall of 1901; sr. partner Allen, Russell & "^1 Gas and Blec. Assn. of Conn., com^sed of 

Allen, gen. Ins. Mem. Gamma Delta Psi. Delta "^'>-''}y *''?!;« ,S",^ l'®''- ??*• !i} Co""-' «"<! »' the 

Kappa Bpsllon. Republican. Conglist Clubs: ?,'>""i«'"" ^S' T^lfP^""*,*^?,- "^'t*""* ^VJ- f.°"."^?' 

Hartford Golf, Yale (New Yorlt). Home: 220 Farm- Merchants Nat Banli of New Haven. United II- 

Ington Av. Office: 209 Pearl St, Hartford, Conn, lumlnating Co.; dlr. Conn. «y- * Lighting Co.; 

,____ _,,,,, .,«_ . _, \ „ , .. ,, pres. Security Ins. Co. since 1906. Southern N.E. 

■vf^^ ?4T.^^i^il^ "Vi £liA''i:.^«l^J*"/r'lK¥Sv Telephone Co. since Jan.. 1908. Mem. Reorganisa- 

^A^'^^-J^^*^'^^- .^''^J* ™r«i. *"" .^f'"™ = ^P.?''^^ "on tlom. Chicago & Eastern 111. R.R. Co. Mem. 

Allen; descendant of William Allen, Sa isbury. Am. Bar Assn., Conn. State Bar Assn. Republi- 

Ma8s.,aboutl639;ed. pub schs.:m. Kate W. Carle, can. Episcopalian (vestryman Trinity Ch.). 

of tAstport, Me.. 1867; 8 children. Anna Belle (Mrs. clubs: Graduates', Lawyers', New Haven County 

Charles Ii, Beane), William Fernald, Emma Ada Home: 30 Manafled St Address: Box 576. New 

Rogers (Mrs. Henry Rowe, of Ellsworth, Me.). Haven Conn.* 

Nellie (deceased). George Emery, Harry Freder- «tt't»««w a—., rt^.i.. «-..... /••_ -»«.-.•. 

Iclc, Benjamin Franklin, Eva May (deceased). aJ^SS'^?,\,t^y°'^'^K^^'^ .P*^; ''•»«*• 

Learned carpenter's trade and in 1873 began in ?**^,»' ..^^T"*^.*' ^r, I^'lsworth, Me., Jan. 

Portland as stair builder; now head of W. A. Allen i' -i?" V „f K-^f " "1 « u'',^„*'MfL*', ?-".n ^J*."/ 

Co. Odd Fellow. K.P., hf.EO.P. Republican. Ad- ?.-h\?'^Tn/«>. F'"^?'V „H;i1i "i7«i J^^'rw??!'- iL*"!?' 

dress: W. A. Allen Co.. Portland. Me. i"/?' '.i???' ^- °S '"'^'P''*' 18»»-V IV,'.'''^' ^^ 

.____ _,,,,, -l»v I. ... ... doln, 1911); m. Francis Greenleaf AUinson, Aug. 

AMBH.WmiamliOthrpp, retired leather mer- 22, 1905. Dean of women and assl. prof, classical 

chant; b. Boston, Mass., 1862; m. Margaret Con- philology, U. of Wis.. 1897-1900; dean Women's 

verse, of Newton, Mass., Nov. 7, 1888 Began coll., Brown U., 1900-5. Alumnae dir. Bryn Mawr 

active <:areer with W H. A len& Son. 1886, mem- coll., 1906-8. (See Who's Who In America for 

ber of firm from 1891 until retirement; formerly books.) Home: 163 George St., Providence. R.I.' 
director Webster & Atlas National Bank. Clubs: .TTTwanw v__..<. a...^il.« „ii » -Lt . 

Union. Country. Chestnut Hill. Home: Chestnut ^ tS^i5?f 'm i^^ i^^^r^' wn f*.S f^^j 

Hill. Office: 62 Franklin St. Boston. »jK"L"'gr'°?ti^.;:';;i^®^-. ^^iiJ**^^' "a^"'!?"" •'v*".? 

,____ _-»„,_ ___. Iw .- » .,.»• Rebecca W. (Hinchman) Allinson A.B., Haverford, 

r.^^^*' T^*"?.?A'*' ^.HJ!'*"'' ?,' ^* ^^^i,"y 1876. A.M., 1879; .V.B., Harvard, 1S77; fellow Johns 

Point, Me., July 9, 1855; s.Stlllman Boyd and Har- Hopkins, 1877-80, Ph.D., 1880: (hon. A..M., Wil- 

rlct(Seawar(l) Allen; A.B., Harvard, 1878; LL.B., Hams, 1895): m. .Mary Irwin Carey, of Baltimore, 

Boston U., 1881; unmarried. Practiced law sev- sent 10. 1885; 2d, Annie Crosby Emery (q.v.), of 

eral years in Arm Allen, Long & Savage, Boston. Ellsworth, Me., .Vug. 22, 1905. Asst prof. Greek 

ro"o,^o*'^J'"^'w.'i*'"" ^/o'""",rrJ^,"*'„!;?"K "'. '*""?'" and Latin. Haverford Coll., 1880-2; head master 

1881-2. Republican. (See Who s Who in America classics, Univ. Sch., Baltimore, 1882-91; asst prof, 

for books.)* Greek and Latin, Williams Coll., 1892-5; asso. prof. 

«uuj>, Arthur 1„ banker; b. Charleston. S.C, <'reek and class cal philology, 189B-8 prof, clas- 

Oct 27, 1869; s. Dellus and Martha Webb (Cooley) *•<=*' philology, 1898-15, prof. Greek lit and his- 

Allin; ed. common schs.: m. Oct 6, 1890. Ellena I. i^'J s'"ce Mar.. 1915. Brown U. Annual prof. Am. 

Bacon, of Mlddletown. Conn. Began with Middle- Sch. Classical Studies. Athens. Greece. 1910-11, 

town Savings Bank, Aug. 27, 1878, treas. since June ?."! "?^m. mng. com., 1913 — . Trustee Providence 

4, 1906; mem. Bd. of Edn., Mlddletown. Demo- ' "'>• Library, 1904 — . Fellow Am. Acad. Arts and 

crat Episcopalian. Home: 1 College PI.. Middle- Sciences; mem. Am. Philol. Assn., Archseol. Inst 

town. Conn. America. Phi Beta Kappa Club: University. 

______ ._,^ «___._ . .. », Author: Greek Prose Composition, 1896; Lucian 

M^S?^?.;_ •*7^"' «^^f?f*"' I'f ^®,!;= •'•.. ??^ (selections), 190B; Greek Lands and Letters (with 
i.?:}^^'d i?"-l ■^?.?' *• P^*- f- ■'?*'? ^- an"! Ade- A. C. E. Allinson), 1909 and 1911. Contbr. to Studle* 
laide (Parker) AlHng; descendant of Roger Ailing. In Honor of BaBll L. Gildersleeve, 1902. Home: 
New Haven, 1638; A.B., Yale, 1896; LL.B.. YaTe 163 George St, Providence, R.I.* 
Law Sch., 1899; m. Katharine A. Terrill, of New ,TtT« \m*L^I.» ««!! i v « . 
Hartford, Conn., June 15. 1899; one son, John W. .„ ft'^flf*' "A**S'*}.J!F'^*'S! 'nsuxance; b. Hat- 
Ailing, 2d. Admitted to Conn, bar, 1899, and since V*'°' ^.^'•tJ'^?^ '.•,i,*^''=.?- Daniel Walt and Sarah 
practiced in New Haven; state's atty. since 1909' "'*"* (Hurlbut) Allls: direct descendant in JJd 
mem. Ailing, Webb & Morehouse. Mem. Am. Bar generation, of William, the Conqueror; ed. pub. 
Assn., Conn. State Bar Assn. Republican. Eplsco- ?5? Jl'*^'^ schs., Springfleld, Mass. ; m. Florence 

pallan. Mason. Mem. B.P.O. Elks'! ClJbs; QGnnl- ^ filVT^M,?' **?{;?T^ '*-^/:„<^''*« "' B^'?i-i« 

plack. Graduates. Elks. Home: 60 Edgehlll Rd. children, Milton Wlghtman (died May 8, 1906), 

Office: 42 Church St, New Haven. Conn Jalrus Searle Hurlbut. Marjorie Wlghtman. Hm 

...-__ «_»,.__ __t^ . , „ ^ .. „ „ '•e.ep connected since beginning of active career 

AXAnrO,ArtIiiir Vathaiilel, M.D.:b. New Haven, with Mass. Mut Life Ins. Co.; began as elk. In 

Conn., July 1, 1862: s. George and Mary (Alver- renewal dept, June 26, 1889, In actuarial dept. 


5 yrs. and In agency work 11 yrs.; mem. Sutton, vard of Boston, Oakley Country, Cambridge. 
Alils & Rlcbards, 1907-11, since mem. Richards & Home: CambridKe, Mass. Office: 1023 Tremont 
Allis. iDgrB. in western Mass. for Mass. Mut. Life Bldg., Boston. 

Ins. Co. of Springfleld. Mem. Sprlngfleld Bd. of A2^]CT, SarwtB, mfr.; b. Tiverton, R.I., Feb. tS, 

Trade. Automobile League of America. Republl- i84g; g. Isaac cTAlmy and Alice Bateman Almy; 

^n. Congl^L Mason (ST) Clubs: Winthrop, descendant of William Almy. Lynn, Mass., 18«i 

BcoDomlc Griddle. Sprinpfleld Fish and Game, ed. pub. schs.; ra. Providence, R.I.. 1876. clara aI 

?*!S"^5"'?Si.'^°*^?Sj.°l,*'?'^'.l.""'5*?°"JfsF\P"" Cook (died Apr., 1887); 3 chUdren, Salter 8.. 

field St Office: 500 Main St, Springfield, Mass. Charles F. H., Clara (Mrs. Harold Sutton of Provl- 

^■w.-r.ym Wallsc* Sq lawyer; b. Brookfield, Vt, dence) ; m. 2d, Janet Spence, 1888 (died Feb. 6, 

Auk. 7. 18S9; s. Andrew S. and Laura M. (Wal- 1915). Has been engaged in steam eng'ring since 

bridge) Allis; ed. dist sch., Brookfield, Vt; Ran- 1879; invented the Almy water tube boiler, 1889; 

alolph (Vt) Normal Sch.; Norwich Free Acad., pres. Almy Water Tube Boiler Co. Mem. Provl- 

1876-80; AB., Tale, 1884; m. Alice A. Lathrop, of dence Business Men's Assn., Providence Chamber 

Norwich. Conn., Sept It, 1904; 1 daughter, Lydia of Commerce. Mem. Am. Mech. Engrs., Am. Soc. 

Campbell (died in infancy). Taught In Norwich Naval Engrs., Soc. Naval Architects and Marine 

Free Acad., 1884-90; admitted to bar, 1890; city Engrs., Providence Mech. Engrs. Mason. Clubs: 

atty.. Norwich, 4 yrs.; pros, atty., Ct of Common Engineers', R.I. Yacht Bristol Yacht Office: 178 

Pleas. New London County, Conn., 1906-9; acting Allen's Av., Providence. R.L 

corpn. counsel. 1908-9; atty. for Chelsea Savings AilCT. VnuikllB Kawton. printer* July 2 1838- 

Bank. Norwich, since 1902, also trustee; pres. and ju" 12.' ISlZ^tSeTv^imT, 

atty. forUncas Nat Bank since 1903. Mem. State r^Ji rlnt-wi wlii«- v. v! . t.,i„ ,» loci .0^ 

Seute, 1901-OS: mem. Board of State Police ,„ff^' f*°"^ ■•"*"»• M."?.; July 17. X861-l»^ 

Commrs. for Conn., since 1909. Republican. Con- f°*^« *°'- is**) 

grecatJonallst Mem. Corporation Norwich Free AABBBBT, CMud AHoaa, educator. (See voL 

Acad. Mem. New London County Bar. Odd Fellow. 1909.) 

Clubs: Norwich Golf, Arcanum, Chelsea Boat ASBOF, Joseph ■W«»Ilt, tobacco grower: b. Mid- 

ReernUons: all outdoor sports. Home: 14 Elm dietown. Conn., Apr. 2, 1S7S; a. Joaepd Wright 

"^^y-v'^S'^*''''"'^"' *^'>""- 0™«e= 91 Main St, Nor- and Elisabeth Winthrop (Bt-ach) Alsitti: attended 

wtcb. Conn. Groton Sch., Groton, Ma.sB,. ISS9-B3; Ph.B,. Shel- 

•TiTiTllOW, OMzre rrsamsa, M.D., surgeon; field Scientific Sch. (Yak). 1898; Univ. of Berlin, 

b. 8L Johnabury, Vt, Feb. 10, 1863; s. Freeman Germany, 1893-4; m. Cdrrinne Rcx'sevelt Robln- 

and Sarah (Soper) Allison; prep. edn. acad., St son, of New York, Nov. 3, IDOS. Went to Colo., 

Joliasbury; M.D., Boston U. Sch. of Medicine. 1898; mgr. Denver Land & Water Co.. 1900; re- 

1891; m. East Providence, R.I., Dec. 14, 1893, Elea- turned to Mlddletown, Ounn., 1901. and became 

nor Wood. Practiced in Blast Providence since connected with Russell Mtg, Co.; engaged In to- 

ItM; med. examiner for Blast Providence since bacco planting and farming. Mem. Rep. State Cen- 

1893: practices regular and homeopathic systems; tral Com. of Conn., 19l';t-i3; cbmn. ProRresaive 

health officer since Nov. 1, 1914; mem. sch. bd. State Central Com., 1912^: mem. PTOgriiSBlve Nat 

6 yrs. Mem. Am. Inst Homeopathy, R.I. Homeo. Com., 1912 — . Episcopnllun. Mem. Delta, PsL 
Med. Soc (ex-pres.), R.I. Medlco-Lejgal Soc. (ex- Mason (K.T.,Shriner); mem. Grange. C!ub»: Yale 
sec and ex-pres.), Mass. Surg, and Gynecol. Soc., (New York), Hartford (Hartford), Gradutt'S' 
etc. Republican. Methodist Mason; I.O.O.F. Ad- (New Haven). Home: Avon, Conn.* 

dreas: E< Warren Av., Blast Providence, R.I. A&TOV, Charles D*Saao«7, H.D.; b. Ke- 

A&unr, irnilam Israsl, farmer; b. t.edyard, nosha. Wis., May 9, 1846; s. Conde r! and Carolan 

Onn.. Jan. 20, 1876; s. Israel Allyn and Mary Esther (Turner) Alton; ed. Woodstock Acad.. 

Ann (Williams) Allyn; ed. pub. schs. and business Conn., 1863; Phillips Ehceter Acad., 1864-5; civil 

coll.; m. Martha A. Gardner, of Ledyard, Jan. 20, engr., 1867-74; M.D., Bellevne Hosp. Med. ColL 

1898; 2 children, Margaret J., b. Jan. 16, 1899; (New York U.), 1875; interne Charity Hosp., Jer- 

Prederic B., Dec 11, 1908. Engaged in farming sey City, N.J., 1875-6; m. Jane Gray Skinner. Sept 

since 18*9; town elk. and treas.. Ledyard, since 3, 1878 (died Apr. 24, 1882); 2 children. Charles 

1899; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1906. 7, 11; Senate, DeL., Jr., Mary R (Mrs. Ralph W. Home); m. 

1909; auditor New London Co., Conn.. 1906-06; 2d. Minnie Moore Clarke, June 25. 1885; 2 children. 

deL Conxu ConstL Conv.. 1902. Republican. Pres. Charlotte (Mrs. Howard Goodwin), Carolan (Mrs. 

Bill Library Assn., Ledyard Cemetery Assn. ; mem. Robert O. Hayward). Med. referee for U.S. of 

Ledyard Orange. Conglfst Club: Arcanum. Home: the Conn. Mut Life Ins. Co. since 1878. Treas. 10 

Mystic Conn.^R.D. 1. yrs. Hartford Hed. Soc (pres., 1913); mem. A.M.A., 

AUmVA, Jaaies Vookay. vice consul of Braill Conn. State Med. Soc, Hartford County Med Assn. 

and commlMion mOTchant b. Plores, Azores iSi®"K,il***f«?h.^^ *^'»"*'^i'- i^"■^i .5°i'^/ilV/ 

Islands. June 7. 1870; s. of Viscount de Valle da i'J?l„^??L 5i"^,'°J»j «'<=■ Clubs: Hartford Golf, 

Costa and Jessie (Mackay) Almeida; ed. Fayal 1^?,°^^'^ ?''"'"J''J®'''^'^?'-^t. ^""^^^^^ J»'j« I^T 

(Asores) high sch.; unmarried. Came to America. |S?"J'';,y?l"%,?J ^,°?"*,^'?. r,°''*/^4 oJP^^ State 

1887. and was clerk for father (who was consul ?A",t*^^'V,?w",!'i^'^'^"^°fJnK^*y®"^°' l?°°- ^"^P^y- 

for Portugal in New England) and continued until }t?n^ *,?„T^i'i'^"="i'i'5i|- ""5;. g«"fa"°"8: moun- 

1J9«: vlcl-consul of Portugal, 1890-1910; vice- tain climbing. Address: 75 Pratt St., Hartford, 

consul of Braxil, since 1901. Has been Identified ^°""- _ 

with commission business In Boston since 1904. AKTOBS, Alfred BI7, real estate; b. Monson, 

Democrat Catholic Home: 28 Main St, Somer- Mass., July 1, 1862; s. Frederick and Susan O. 

vtUe. Mass. Office: 382 Hanover St, Boston. (Ely) Alvord; descended from Elder William 

AUnr, OhaHMk towyar; b. New Bedford. Mass, g^th'aJh °*i«ft.*V'^"°T.i;\,fJ^- ,^1!''"* '■^^■^ 

Jan. IS. fssi; stTharles and Mary A. (Cummings) SAShf/t**-' T,'^fi'',Lt^-^;:,-*-S?®C?,^^*U= "^ ^F^ 

Almy: direct descendant In 10th generation from f "ffSj'", ^^'^IhJiv n.w^5'''JF' t ^"'i' ^°7- 

William Almy. who came to Mass.. 1634; edu- 2' .\?,"l, ^i.,^*SJ?ill®J' -??iL*'^?to^- I". '■«»1 e»«*te 

eated Friends' Academy, New Bedford; AR, Har- ^V,^'"^'" *" ?°5'°"» "Jrf* li^° t^,^^"}°^ member 

T.rd. 1872: prin. Concofd (Mass.) High Sch., 1872- AirX,nP ^™,?^n wlwfnn m«P'7b''o?'"^^ ^^"'i 

1J74; appointed proctor. Harvard, 1874; LL.B., 9?I^^°" ^?i'n"„'='L J'*?';?!^;., ^??f n' ^^*'' l?"""*. °' 

Harvard Law Scht, 1876; m. Helen Jackson Cabot f!:l^U^^'^-JIi°.\f^**^'f}i^,°J^'l^]''- ™®'?; ^''Sg'"? 

of Canton. Mass., bet 6. 1882; 6 children. Mary^ S?"I?"'Vili?;!^!,°"' ,i"i;J,V '=''?'''"»» ^^P„ Y^ri 

Helen Jackson. Anna Cabot, Charles, Elizabeth ^^t!°-jS2ZV^"i,FI,^^vY}l\t'%V^^''°^^'^^S^ ^f?".- 

Msson. and Samuel Cabot Admitted to Suffolk Mem. Boston Reaj Estate Exchange. Congllst 

b»r. 1877 and has since practiced in Boston: as- Mem. Plil Beta Kappa, Alpha Delta Phi. crjibs: 

Sted in compiling treatise on law of married S?f>°'J>h?'J& i^^"'*J?"& Congregational; Alpha 

wTmen in Mass.. 1878; assistant U.S. district at- P,*'i?„f,!^l,<S^'' X?^V„„%n??i'°itV. **""A'!B^°'"li 

tomey for district of Mass.. 1882-6: mem. Mass. I?„P^'i°"„^'J ■ Newton Centre, Mass. Office: 79 

Ho. of Rep.. 1891; lecturer Boston University Sch. Milk St, Boston. 

of Law; Justice 3d Dist. Court of Eastern Middle- AiTOmD, Ksary Olay, clergyman: b. Bolton. 

MI since 1891. Mem. Bar Assn.. City of Boston Conn., Apr. 30, 1864; s. Henry and Mary Williams 

Mhon.). Middlesex Bar Assn. Clubs: Union, Har- (GiUett) Alvord; descendant of Alexander Alvord,/? 
\ uiyiLizeu uy -'.^j v^ v^^ ■ V 


and Jonathan Olllet who came to Dorchester, Miss., 1868; U.S. senator, 1870-3; gov. of Miss., 

Mass., in the ship Mary and John, 1630; grad. 1873-6; resirned, 1876, and removed to New York: 

Hartford High Sch , 1873: A.B., New Tork U., removed to Lowell, Mass., 1893. Address: Lowell, 

1876; A.M., 1879; grad. Hartford Theol. 8em., Mass.* 

ilJSi '?i»»^'«'*iMr;''%'ifH'V,'!ni"'9i°'T0*SB?^'t?'°?H' AMBB, Bntler, congressman; b. Lowell. Mass., 

Mass., Oct, 6, 1880 (died June 24, 1908); m. 2d, ^ug. 22, 1871; s. Adalbert and Blanche (But- 

J^ances Adelaide Dyer, of South Weymouth, jgr) Ames; g s. Gen B. F. Butler; grad. U.S. Mil. 

^"S!?'^9f*;.^^'=^^^^i 4^,^^.""''■*°•r»*^•'^'■'^.,^A"*^'■ Acad.. 1894; appttl. 2d It 11th Inf., but resigned; 

Ruth Gillette. Robert Williams. Ordained Congl. B.A., Mass. Inst. Tech.. 1896; unmarried. En^ed 

ministry. 1879; pastor Montague. Mass., 1879-86, j„ ^fg. since 1896; mech. and elec. engr. Was adj. 

?i«^°Sr'*' ^ o- South Weymouth, since fept 16. jth Mass. Vols., promoted col. after skirmish of 

o'**»\. w®"- ^%^y. HB^"°"- Republican. Address. Quanica and Yauco road. Porto Rico. Mem. Lowell 

South Weymouth, Mass. Common Council. 1896; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep.. 

ALiVOMD, jMnas Ohnxoh, clergyman. (See vol. 1897. 1898. 1899; mem. 58th to 62d Congresses 

1909.) (1903-13), 6th Mass. Dist.; Republican. Address: 

A&TOBS, JobB T^ mfr. (See voL 1909.) Lowell, Mass.* 

AI^TOBS, John Jay, mfr.; b. Grptms Farms, ,,^**''?' '''^S*?!!,?"**^^/ clergyman; b. G^otpn. 

Conn., July IB. 18&3; 8. Nelson unci Mury iJen- Mass., Nov. 28, 1879; s. Albert Prescott and Elvira 

nlngs) Alvord; ed. Sellecks Naval Beh,. NorwiUk, (Streeter) Ames; ed. pub. schs. of Oroton; A.B.. 

Conn.; m. Ida Irene Penfleld. of Clinton, la., Sept. "»!'?/''• 19<'i:HP-^"ft"*';?i^'.^- ^ch., 1908; mar- 

9, 1906. Born and reared on farm; connected with Jl™ **arlan Edith Wells, of Belfast. Me.. Feb. «. 

father in commission buslntsa in New York about ISlJ- Ordained Unitarian ministry. 1908,- aasp. 

6 yrs, and 3 yrs. wUh an oil house in New York; Pastor 1st Congl. Soc. of Qulncy, Mass., 1908-11; 

representative of H. J. Baker & Bros., New York, pastor 1st Parish (Unitarian), Belfast. Me.. 1911- 

12 yrs.; removed to Bridgeport, Conn., 1S96, and 1*: master St. Lawrence Acad., Oroton, Mass.. 

established the Atlas Shears Co. (mfrs, of shears), since 1915. Home: Groton. Mass. 

of which Is pres. Clubs: Seu Side. Bridgeport AMBB, OhMles rinuaa, telegraph official; b. 

Yacht, Brooklawn Country. Home: Orfeens E"Hrros, Syracuse, N.T., May 11, 1866; s. Lucius B. and 

Conn. Office; BridBcport, Conn. Adeline (Scrlbner) Ames; ed. public and high schs. 

AKADOV, Arthnr Praai, M.D.; b. Pownal, Vt., of Marlon, Iowa; m. Omaha. Neb., Nov. 28, 1889, 
Bept 10, 1SS8; s. Perry Frank ami Hlizii (Mason) Alma Hlckox; 1 son, Sanford Scrlbner. Began as 
Amadon: A.B„ Wlillams College, 1881, A.M., 1S84; telegraph operator at Cedar Rapids, la., with the 
M.D.. Dartmouth Medical Collefre, 1891; rn. Mary K. C. M. & St. P. RR., continuing 3 yrs.; then telc- 
Whltcfimbe. of Boston, Nov. U, 1886; chllilrpn, Ar- graph opr. for Western Union Tel. Co. at Des 
thur F., Jr., Ruth (deceased). Frank W. Teacher Moines, la.; mgr. at Cedar Rapids, 3 yrs., and at 
mathematlcB, Monson (Maaa.) Aead., 1882-4; prln, Des Moines, 8 yrs., went to Boston. 1902; mgr. 
PepperoU (Mass.) Hlgli Sch.. 1SS4-6, Putnam P°"t°" office Western Union Tel. Co. until Mar. 
(Conn.) High Sch.. 18Se-7: prof, tnatheroatics, 1. 1908: since supt. Boston Electric Protective Co.. 
Drurv College, SprlngHeld. Mo.. 18ST-90; practiced Am. DIst Telegraph Co. (N.J.), Holmes Electric 
in Boston since 1891. Sec. Sch. Board, Mclros*?, Protective Co. ; dlr. Am. DIst. Telegraph Co. (Me.). 
Mass.. 1897-02. asst. ophthalmic surgeon, Mass, Internat. Telegraph Co. (Me.), Vt & Boston Tele- 
Gen. Hosp,. lS9S-fl4; ophthalmic surgeon MclmHy P&ph Co.. Mut DIst Messenger Co.; clerk Frank- 
HOBp., since 1895. Mem. A.M.A., MftBa, Med. Soc, Hn Telegraph Co. Mason (K.T.). Club: Boston 
N,E Ophthal. Soc. Maaon. Address: E43 Buylston City. Recreation: Ashing. Home: Winchester, 
St Boston Mass. Office: 110 State St., Boston. 

""w ssTia Aurnstns, civil engr.; b. AXBB, Ohailes eerdoii. Unitarian clergyman; 

Deerfleld. N.H.. Aug. 31, 1867; s. Alfred E. and Oct 3, 1828-Apr. 15, 1912. (See vol. 1909, also 

Clara M. (Towie) Ambrose; grad. Dummer Acad., Who's Who in America, 1912-13.) 

fi.?^.".*!^ al^h-i*Rirti^,2fn*Af'phiii"p«'^T«n' *«■■• «»"1«« HMiry, nubllsher; Feb. 6. 1847- 

1887-9; m. Sarah K. Bartleson, of Phlla, Pa., Jan. f\„t a lan taaa vni iqao \ 

19. 1898; 2 children. Homer, Henry A. Began "ct ». i»ii. (Bee vol. l»o».) 

active career with J. P. Titcomb, civil engr., Ames- AXBB, mahar, lawyer; b. Lowell, Mass., Jan. 
bury, Mass., 1889; with B. W. Bowdltch, Boston, 84, 1838; s. Seth and Margaret (Bradford) Ames; 
1889-94. W. T. Pierce, 1894-6; became connected A.B,. Harvard, 1858; LL.B.. Harvard Law Sch., 
with Met Park Commn., 1895, and served as div. 1860; m. Virginia Lee, of New Orleans, Dec. 19, 
engr.. 1900-8, 1st asst engr. since 1908; v.-p. New- 1866. Practiced. Boston (retired, 1916). Mem. May- 
ton South Co-operative Bank. Mem. Boston Soc. flower Descendants, Brldgewater Hist, Alden 
Civ. Engrs., Mass. Highway Assn. Republican. Kindred, Am. Whist League, New England WTilst 
Episcopalian. Mason. Recreation: fishing. Home: League, Am. Whist Club (Boston). Unitarian. 
86 Ridge Rd.. Waban (Newton), Mass. Office: 14 (See Who's Who In America for books.) Home: 
Beacon St, Boston. Bedford, Mass.* 

f, Sailan Pare, principal Phillips Exeter AMBB, Vxaak ^beater, lawyer; b. Canaan. Me., 

Acad.; April 14, 1863-Nov. 9, 1913. (See vol. 1909. Apr. 8, 1872; s. Perley and Betsey A. (Barnes) 

also Who's Who In America, 1912-13.) Ames; grad. Skowhegan (Me.) High Sch.. 1890: 

MMSm. Adalbsn, soldier, ei-gov.; b, Rockland. A. B., Colby, 1894, A. M., 1897; m. Helena Ayer 
Me. Oct, SI. 1835: m. Jesse and Martha B. (Tol- ga^^e"- p/.F""^' Me., June 22, 1898; 1 son, 
man) Amca: grad, U.S. Mil, Acad.. 1881; m. S""", .lo'"®*'' P^^^S Practice at Norrldgewock. 
Blanche, d. late Gen. B. F. Butler, of Lowell, Mass., JJe- 18?9; organlied Somerset Farmers Co-opera- 
Jtily 21. 1870: father of Butlpr A. Second U. tlve Telephone Co.; organtaed Kennebec Farm and 
3d ITS. Artv.. May 6, 1881; ist 11. 6th Arty.. May S."y Telephone Co., of which Is treas. and mng. 
14. 1861: col. 20th Me. Inf., Aug. 20, 1J62; brig.- ^l'': S™"- Norrldgewock Water Co.; chmn. Bd. 
gen. vols,, May 20, IseS; hon, mustered out of 2,'^^^^'?F*"'«'2'„^?y;'^?f'^°<='f' ? ..?"'• °c®»"SF™*- 
vol. service. Apr. SO. 1866; capt Eth a.S. Arty.. Odd Fellow. A.O.U.W.. Grange. Address: 80 Pleas- 
June 11, 1884: It. -col. 24th Inf. Jitlv 28. 1866; »"* St, Watervllle, Me. 

bvCd.: ma]., July 11, 1881, "for gallant and merl- Am8, Traderlok Kothrop, mfr.; b. North 

torlouB services at Bull Run"; It.-col., July 1. Easton. Mass., July 23, 1876; s. FVederIck Lothroo 

J8BS. for same at Malvern Hill: col,, July 1, 1863, and Rebecca Caroline (Blair) Ames; A.B.. Harvara, 

for same at Gettysburg: brlc.-gen., Mar. 13. 1865, 1898; m. New York, May 31, 1904. Edith C. C. 

for same at capture of Ft, Fisher; tnai.-gen.. Mar. Cryder. Pres. Western Power Co., Marvsvllle 

13, 1865, for same In the field durine the war; Dredging Co.; dlr. Am. Agrl. Chem. Co., Chicago 

mitj-gen, vols,. Jnn IB, 1S6S, "for gatlnnt services Junction Rys. & Union Stock Yards Co, Old 

at Vt. Flaher": resigned Feb, 23, 1S70; awarded Colony Trust Co., First Nat. Bank of EUiston. 

Congressional Medal of Honor. Sept, 1, 1898, "for Butte Electric Power Co., Calaveras Copper Co.; 

remaining upon t^e field at Bull Run after being trustee North Easton Savings Bank, Free Hos- 

severely wounded"; brig-gen. vols.. June 20, 1898 pi tal for Women. Clubs: Somerset. Knickerbocker. 

(Spanish War): hon. dlschargpii. Jan. 3. 1899. New York Yacht, Eastern Yacht Home: North 

Apptd. by Prealdent Grant provisional gov. of Elaston. Mass. Office: Ames BIdg., Boston. 

uigiLi^eu uy -v^j \_f v^ St ■ \- 


, Xobazt; b. North E^aaton, Mass., Au^. R.R. Co., Western Union Telecraph Co., Gten. Blec. 

1SC5: 8. Oakes Angler and Catharine (Hobart) Co., Nat. Shawmut Bank, Old Colony Trust Co., 

Amea; brother of Wlnthrop Ames; m. Julia H. Electric Corpn., EMlson Blec Illuminating Co. of 

Colony, of Keene. N.H.. June, 1891. Pres. Ames Boston, Ames Shovel & Tool Co., Cabot Mfg. Co., 

Shovel A Tool Co„ Oliver Ames & Sons Corpn., T. H. M. Myers Co., St. Louis Shovel Co., Security 

Rowland's Sons, Inc., Wright Shovel Co., The H. Safe Deposit Co., Calavaras Copper Co., Fisher 

M. Myers Co., Blvood Fuel Co., Easton Invest- iitg. Co.; trustee Provident Instn. for Savings, 

ment Co., dlr. Am. Trust Co., 1st Nat Bank of Embankment Land Co.; mem. advisory bd. Am. 

Easton. Kinsley Iron & Machine Co., Carver Cot- Bonding Co. (Baltimore). Trustee Children's Hosp., 

ton Co., Commercial Nat. Bank of Boston. Clubs: Boston Home for Incurables, Boston Lytng-tn 

Algonquin, Union, Tennis and Racquet, Somerset, Hosp. Republican. Unitarian. Homes: N. Baston, 

N.B. Kennel. Home: North Easton, Mass. Office: Mass., and 16 Commonwealth Av., Boston. Office: 

Ames BIdg., Boston.* Ames Bldg., Boston.* 

— »n», Jains> Bur, dean Harvard Liaw School; AMBS, Bobert Varkar Kair, surgeon ; Oct. 20, 
June 31, 1846-1910. (See vol. 1909, also Who's 1856-1912. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who In Amer- 
Who in America. 1908-9.) lea, 1906-7.) 

. Jdn Tilnoolii, M.D.: b. Jefferson, Me., AXXIB, Baxali Waabbam, educator. .(See vol. 

Mar. IS. 1863; a. John Shepherd and Hannah 1909.) 

(Watere) Ames; prei^itory educaUon, Walthain aMBS, Btsphaa B., Insurance; b. Providence, 

il^^f-^ Pi^J'^iL-l}^'i\\,^W^^^^^L,^S^^- R-I- May 6, 1883; s. Gleorge H. and Isabella 

}".*■!= k'^^'o.?*""^..^**J •.,?*•?■• m??IL^ ***^; (Browneil) Ames; first ancestor In America on 

leal Sch., 1892; in. Elisabeth J. McQ^chey, of father's side came from England and settled In 

S155**?' i^i'^P^*- *S' *?*?u PracUced in Boston n.b. about 163B: on mother's side, 8th generation 

5^^ii-'V.??i'i^ISfA-?'oV'if?'^?-f°f.ft™S*ilHti;?i '""" RoKef WUiiams; prep. edn. Mowry and Goff 

SSSifJ?*- ^'if *'55!***xT^"'^= m' "■5^ '^'■«"/ Sch., Providence; student Brown U., 1906: m. Annie 

85J^^JJV ^!i°°» '^'iy..^?"''- „***""• Mass. Med. Knight, of Providence. Jan. ». 1909; 2 children. 

Sot. ^ton Soc 'or Med. Innprovement. Indepen- Knight, George H.. 2d. Began in ins. business with 

^"»* J*«P"y'ca?- Episcopalian. Clubs: Boston starkweather & Shepley, Providence, 1904; re- 

if*" **^SI?' ?*r^Sr° Musical Association. Ad- moved to Boston, 1909: mem. since Nov., 1912, of 

dreu: 87 Chestnut SL, Boston. Starkweather & Shepley, gen. agts. for Rhode 

Joba Ormsbss, cotton mfr.; b. Provl- Island Ins. Co., Phenlz Ins. Co., etc. Republican. 

dence. R.I., Jan. 9, 1872; s. William and Harrlette Episcopalian. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi. Mason. 

Fletcher (Ormsbee) Ames; ed. Berkeley and Uni- Clubs: Mass. Automobile, Boston City; Agawam 

versity grammar schs., Providence; Mass. Inst Hunt (Providence); Milton (Milton, Mass.). Rec- 

Tech., Boston; m. Nov. 27, 1900, Madeleine Liver- reations: automoblUng, golf, horseback riding. 

more Abbott, of Providence. Began 1890. as elk. Home: Milton, Mass. Office: 43 Kllby St, Boston. 

j25.^***'''*',oW*- ^■'•, •'IS"!* sec, 189B. agt, AMBS, William, soldier, mfr.; May 15, 1842-Mar. 

lt^?;U*rf*R;«^iS"^^**f?l'°|.'?* *,«??• ?L"'w^l^}^I: »■ 1914. (SeTV^ 1909, also Who's Vhi in Amer- 

national Braid Co., Mar. 26, 1912, the Fletcher ico \« 

Mfg. Co. being absorbed by It; treas. Boston ..lli, „,,, _..,__ .. ,. . , » ^„ 

Spiral Tagging Co.; dlr. Providence Nat Bank; „^^™"' ^V#^ ^V'iSV °*P ."'■'■r.®,«.'*'v\>"": 

trustee R&Sde Islaild Co.. Providence Instn. for ver (gov. of Mass., 1887-90) anS Anna Coffin (Ray) 

Sarlngs. Trustee General Bd.. R.I. Episcopal P*^;?'®",^S«'i P""^- fP^^^^- Am. Pneumatic Serv: 

Conv. Republican. Mem. Delta Psi. Clubs: Hope '<=* g"- N.Y Pneumatic Service Co., Chicago Pos- 

fProvidence). Merchants', Tennis and Racquist i^P",*"51»"c5; t^*T'<=^ ^''•' ».^i"^°". Pne"™*"" 

<yiew Tork). Home: 121 Power St Office: 47 ^J*"?," <^°V.f H ^"i? ^"*S"'*V'' ^S*^*"? *^°.i. ^^l"?" 

Charles St, Providence, R.I. K" Consolidated Store Service Co.. South Side 

■ _' , „ .. _ , . , Plantation Co. (New Orleans) ; pres. and trustee 

, **■«. '?l!» ■*»»l«y' capitalist; s. Frederick n. Easton Savings Bank: sec. and dlr. Ames Shovel 

Lothrop and Rebecca C. (Blair) Ames; AB., Har- & Tool Co. (and subsidiary cos.), Oliver Ames & 

vard, ISOI; married. Dlr. Ist Nat Bank of Easton; sons Corpn.. T. Rowland's Sons, Inc., Easton In-' 

trustee North B:a8ton Savings Bank. Homes: North vestment Co., The H. M. Myers Co.; sec. Wright 

E:aston, Mass., and 308 Dartmouth St, Boston. Shovel Co. ; dlr. Rumford Falls Paper Co., 1st Nat 

Office: Ames Bldg., Boston. Bank of Baston. Homes: N. Easton. Mass., and 267 

botanist; b. North Baston, Mass., Commonwealth av. Office: Ames Bldg., Boston. 

Sept 26. 1874; s. <3ov. Oliver and Anna Coffin AlIBa, Wlatluop, capitalist; moved to New 
— . .- - It. (Se • -'"• 

(Ray) Hadwen Ames; AB.. Harvard, 1898, A.M., Tork. (See vol. 1909.) 

H»9; m. Blanche Ames, of Lowell, Mass., May 15, a ww w, xarry B.. lawyer (See vol 1909 ) 

1»«0. Aast in botany, 1899-1900, instr.. 1900-10, TCT;' f^^TT , '^®'^- *™ 1°'- * ' ,. . 

Harvard; asst dir. Bot Garden of Harvard. 1899- _ *"«0"; ^^T^f*- "l5'"^y'"*"'>T^?*^,."%,^"',"v 

10. dlr. since 1910; mem. faculty Sch. of Tropical Bng.. Oct 24, 1864; s George and Dinah (Bullock) 

Medicine. Harvard Med. Sch. Follow A.A.A.S., Amor; grad. St. Bon Coll., Warminster, Eng., 1885; 

Unnaan Soc. of London; mem. Am. Soc. Natural- ,™- ^""'? ?■ Mk^^'X^^- 2t St Johns, Newfound- 

Ists. Am. Forestry Assn., Am. Breeders' Assn., Ja"^- get 8. 1890; 1 daughter, Annie Dorothy Har- 

N«t Inst Social Sciences, N.E. Bot Club, Mass. vey. Deacon, 1887, priest, 1889, P.ECm; curate 

Hort Soc., Boston Soc. Natural History, Biol. Soc, P°''t ^e ,°™X?' 'A*^'*' Greenspond, 1889-92 (both 

Washington, Assn. International des Botanlstes, S?„Newfoundland); rector. Si Margaret's Bay, 

SoUivant Moss Chapter, LInnsan Fern Chapter. 2 g'- M^l'V ^"l"°*-o?-^'v *,'^:;?u*= XiPY Y^"S?SF- 

(?hmn. Sch. Bd. of Easton: patron New Tork^t. N.S., 1905-8; rector St. John's Ch., Walpple, N.H., 

Garden. Unitarian, dubs: Algonquin. Boston ■'"«« I"*- Mason. Address: Walpole, N.H. 

Athletic. Mass. Automobile. Boston Art. Author of AMOBT, Arthlir, business man; Feb. 6, 1841- 

mmeroiis papers, mainly dealing with orchids. In Aug., 1911. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in 

bot periodicals, and of contributions on the orchid America. 1912-13.)* 

flora of Florida, and of the serial work entitled avsnmw tntm^mm w^&n w^h-^a «.«. . k i>T;.w 

■t>rchidace»." of which 4 vols, have been nub- vo^^Y jS^SO 1841^s Jonlth^ and LeStla 

0««- 9?TmU'Blde"Bo"s1on'?°'^'' ^*°"' "^"'' ^ASstini'^Amo^l'dis" ndant"'o" Jo*SSth\^^^ 

Office. 94 Ames Bldg., Boston* .^^o came from England and settled at Charles- 

AXBB. OUrsr, capitalist: b. North Easton, Mass., town, S.C., about 1690; ed. pub. schools of Roxbury 

Oct 21, l8C4: s. Frederick Lothrop and Rebecca C. and Jamaica Plain, Mass.: m. Emily A. Ferriday, of 

(Blair) Ames; A.B., Harvard. 1886: m. Ellse West Natchez, Miss., 1867 (died July SI, 1879); 2d, Lilly 

of Boston. Dec. 3, 1890. Pres. W^ashlngton Mills Clapp, of New Orleans, La., Apr. SO, 1881; 4 chil- 

Bmery Mfg. Co.. Met Storage Warehouse Co., dren, Charles Bean, Jr., Leita MontgomeiV (Mrs. 

Union Copper Mining Co., 1st Nat Bank (Easton, Charles E. Perkins, of Burlington, la )^ohn Aus- 

Kaaa); v.-p., treaa. Oliver Ames & Sons Corpn. tin and Roger. Served 4 years In Civil War; apptd. 

Baston Investment Co.: v.-p. Ames Shovel & Tool 1st It. 24th Mass. Inf., Sept 2, 1861; capt. Nov. 1, 

Co. of Tex.. Wright Shovel Co.; dir. C. & N.-W. 1862; capt. asst adj. gen. vols.. May 18, 1864; bvtd. 

Ry. CM. (mem. exec. com.). Oregon Short Line R.R. maj. vols.. Mar. IS, 1865, for distinguished gallan- 

Co., U.P. R.R. Co., C..St.P.,M. & O. R.R., Old Colony try and meritorious services in front of Peters- 

uigiLi^eu uy ■v^jv^v^^lx^ 



burgr, Va.; resigned, May 9. 1865. Began as a cot- 
ton broker and buyer at New Orleans, 1866; re- 
moved to Boston, 1886, and became associated with 
Hamilton Mtg. Co., of which he was treas. and 
dlr., 1886-09 (retired), now dir. same; trustee 
Amory A. Lawrence Estate. A founder of Gettys- 
burg Peace Memorial Assn. Mem. Mass. L,oyal Le- 
gion (past comdr.), Post No. 13, O.A.R. (sr. past 
v.-comdr.). Republican. Episcopalian (sr. warden 
Ch. of the Holy Spirit). Clubs: Somerset, Hooslc 
Whlsick (Milton). Recreation: farming. Home: 
Milton, Mass. Office: 201 Devonshire St., Boston. 

AXtOBT, Oliarlaa Waltar, mfr., flnancler; Oct. 16, 
1842-Nov. 6, 1913. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who 
In America, 1912-13.) 

AMOBT, rntnola I., lawyer; b. Boston, June 5, 
1850; s. William and Anna P. G. (Sears) Amory; 
grad. Harvard, 1871, Harvard Liaw Sch., 1876; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1876; m. Boston, May 12, 1886, Grace 
J. Mlnot; children, Mary Josephine (Mrs. Fulton 
Cutting), Charles M., Francis I., Jr. Has practiced 
in Boston since 1876; pres. Cabot Mfg. Co. since 
1900; pres. Fifty Associates. Clubs: Somerset, The 
Country. Home: 413 Commonwealth Av. Office: 
199 Washington St., Boston, Mass. 

AMOBT, rrMsxlo, treasurer Nashua Mfg. Co., 
Jackson Co.; dlr, Boston Mfrs. Mut. Fire Ins. Co. 
Home: Bar JIarbor, Me. Office: 82 Devonshire SL, 

AKOBT, Sareonrt, capitalist: A.B., Harvard 
Univ., 1876. Treas. Indian Head Mills, of Ala.; 
treas. and elk. Lancaster Hills; dir. State St. Trust 
Co., Am. Mut Liability Ins. Co., Mut. Boiler Ins. 
Co., Saco-Lowell Shops, Textile Securities Co. 
Home: 293 Beacon St. Office: 82 Devonshire St, 

AMOBT, Bobwt, M.D.; May S, 1842-Aug. 28, 1910. 
(See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in America, 1912- 

AMOBT, WUIlam, mfr.; b. Boston. Sept t9. IStfiA: 
s, Charles Walter and EliKabeih (Gardner) Amory; 
AB., Harvard, 1S91; m. Miiry R. Stockton, of Bos- 
ton. Oct. H. 1903. In omce of Amory Mfgr. Co., 
Boston, 1892-7; with Amoskeni: Mf^. Co., 1897-07; 
troHH,. Boston office. Ptpperell Mfg. Co., of Bldde- 
ford. Mc. since 19fi7: trustee AmoskPUK Mfs. Co.; 
dlr. Lawrence Mfn- Co.. Great Falln Mfg. Co., Unluti 
Nat Bank, SuITolk Savlnss Bank, Old Colony Trust 
Co.. Lewlston Bleachfiry. Mem. Boston Chamber 
of Commerce, Was It. Buttery A, lat Arty., M.V.M., 
1896-04, Clubs: Somerset Tennis and Racquel, 
Country. Norfolk Hunt Home: 3(1 Beacon St Of- 
ncf: 11! Mi11( .SI . Bnsmn. 

AMSDBB, OharlM KnblMkza, custom house offi- 
cer; b. Boscawen. N.H., July 8, 1848; s. Henry H. 
and Mary (Muszey) Amsden; descendant of Isaac 
Amsden, who came from Scotland and settled at 
Cambridge, Mass., 1652; ed. common schs. and Ap- 
pleton Acad.; m. Helen A. Brown, of Penacook, 
N.H.. Oct 29, 1870 (died Aug. 6, 1891); 3 children, 
Henry H., Mary Ardelle, Ardelle Brown; m. 2d, 
Alma B. Deane, of Middlebury, Vt, Nov. 28, 1908. 
Began active career under his father in furniture 
business in 1867, and became mem. H. H. Amsden 
& Sons; after death of father and brother, con- 
ducted for more than 20 yrs. the largest furniture 
mfg. business In N.R; also mem. firm of John 
Whitaker & Co., lumber dealers; one of organizers 
Concord Axle Co., and mem. bd. of dlrs. Granite 
State Fire Ins. Co.; retired from business on ac- 
count of financial reverses during the panic of 
1893. Alderman, City of Concord, 1873-4; mem. 
N.H. Senate. 1883; Dem. candidate for gov., 1888, 
1890; pres. State Bd. of Commrs., World's Fair, 
Chicago, 1892-3; deputy naval officer, Boston. Bap- 
tist Mason (K.T.). Mem. Mercantile Library 
Assn. (sec). Club: Boston City. Recreation: coun- 
try life. Office: Custom House, Boston. 

AM8DBB, Kanry Xnbbard, M.D.; b. Concord, 
N.H., July 16, 1872; s. Charles Hubbard and Helen 
Ardelle (Brown) Amsden; prelim, edn. pub. schs.. 
Concord; M.D.. Boston U. Sch. of Medicine, 1896; 
m. Grace F. Page, of Concord, June 29, 1898; 2 
children. John Page, Edward Daggett. Practiced 
In Concord, since 1906: adj. surgeon, ear, nose and 
thro«t, Margaret PlUsbury Gen. Hosp. Mem. 
A.M.A., N.H. Wed. Soc. N.H. Surg. Club, N.H. Hlat 

Soc. Mason; Odd Fellow. Republican. Congllst. 
Address: 46 N State St., Concord, N.H. 

AMBTBB, Hathan Itsonard, capitalist; b. Rou- 
manla, Apr. 14, 1869; s. Isaac and Merriam <De 
Stahl) Amster; ed. in the old country; m. ESstelle 
Dreyfus, of Boston, Oct. 30, 1901; 2 sons, Nathan 
Leonard, Jr., and James Randolph. Pres. Shannon 
Copper Co.: pres. Globe Light & Power Co. (Ariz.) : 
operator of 3 R Mines (Ariz.) ; dlr. Boston Opera 
Co. Pres. Boston Newsboys Club; 1st v.-p. Mt 
Sinai Hosp.; dlr. Federated Jewish Charities. Re- 

Subllcan. Club: Boston City (chmn. finance com.), 
.ecreatlons: golf, horseback riding, walking. 
Home: Brookllne, Mass. Office: 22 Equitable Bldg., 

AaSBBSair, Oarl a.; b. Norway, Dec. 30, 186S: 
s. Hans and Beathe (Olsen) Andersen; ed. in Nor- 
way; came to America, 1884; m. Feb. 3, 1887, Louise 
Knudsen. Went to sea in youth; served on U.S. 
Coast and Geographic Survey 2 yrs.; served on 
cup defenders Atlantic and Mayflower; in oyster 
business with J. & J. W. Ellsworth Co. since 1886, 
first as deck hand, later as capt and mgr.; mem. 
Conn. Ho. of Rep. from Town of Norwalk, 1911-13. 
Democrat. Mason; mem. Odd Fellows, Foresters, 
I.O. Red Men, B.P.O. Elks. Clubs: South Norwalk 
Fish, South Norwalk Launch (commodore). South 
Norwalk Ichoda Yacht Address: 28 1st St., E^aat 
Norwalk, Conn. 

ABDBB8BB, Ohzlstlan Vadai, coal operator; b. 
Svaneke, Denmark, Dec. 6, 1864; s. Hans KolTod 
and Anna Marie (Dahl) Andersen; brought to 
America, 1867; grad. St Johnsbury (Vt.) Acad.. 
1886; B.S., Dartmouth, 1889; m. Bertha M. Bates, 
of Lancaster, Pa., Nov. 13, 1890; 1 daughter, Mar- 

frurete (died Jan. 30, 1904). In publishing business 
n New York, 1889; real estate business in Neb., 
1890, Boston, 1891-6; entered coal business (whole- 
sale) in Boston, 1896; coal operator since 1902, 
with mines in Pa.; incorporator, 1903, and pres. 
Andersen Coal Mining Co.; pres. Weymouth Seam 
Face Granite Co. Republican. Congllst Mem. 
Order of Kokoal, Beta Theta Pi, B.P.O. Elks. Club: 
Boston Athletic Assn. Home: Hotel Westminater, 
Boston; (summer) Quincy, Mass. Office: 120 Milk 
St. Boston. 

AB9BBBOB, AlasMidar Jamas, H.D., surgeon; 
b. St Thomas's Mount, nr. Madras, India, Jan. 2, 
1869; s. Dr. David Hawley Burn and Clara (Car- 
penter) Anderson; prep, edn.. Royal High Sch., 
Edinburgh, Scotland: M.B., CM., U. of EMinburgh. 
1891; came to America, 1902; m. Margaret Tiffany, 
of Washington, D.C., June 9, 1896; 2 children. Lil- 
ian Alexandra, David Alexander Burn. Practiced 
In Newport R.I., since 1892; surgeon on visiting 
stafF. Newport Hosp. Mem. A.M.A.. R.I. Med. Soc. 
Catholic. Recreation: fishing. Address: 123 Pel- 
ham St., Newport, R.I. 

ABDSB80H, Asher, clergyman; b. Flatlands. 
L.I., N.Y., July 23, 1846; s. John William and Eaiza 
Ann (Duryea) Anderson; A.B., Rutgers ColL, 1870. 
A.M., 1873; B.D., New Brunswick Theol. Sem., 187S; 
(D.D., Iowa Coll., 1904, Rutgers, 1904); m. Mary 
E. R. Dorrance, of Freehold. N.J., Oct. 2, 187S. Or- 
dained Ref. Ch. in America ministry, 1873; pastor 
Flatbush, N.Y., 1873-6. Flshkill. N.Y., 1875-8(5. Pas- 
saic. N.J., 1880-5; Installed Congl. ministry, 188S; 
pastor Bristol, Conn., 1886-90, Merlden, Conn.. 1890- 
01; editor Congl. Year Book since 1901; pastor 
Fltchburg. Mass. Mem. bd. pub. sch. examiners, 
Passaic, N.J., 1882-6; mem. Merlden bd. of edn., 
1892-8; registrar Central Conf., Conn., 1892-01; 
chaplain 2d Regt Conn. N.G.. 1896-9; trustee Hart- 
ford Theol. Sem. since 1895; moderator (^onn. State 
Assn., 1899; corporate (hon.) mem. A.B.C.F.M.; sec 
Nat Council Congl. Chs. in U.S., 1900-14: editor 
Minutes of National Council, 1901, 04, 07, 10. Pres. 
Dewing Memorial, Revere. Mass., 1910. Mem. Chi 
Phi. Club: Boston Congl. Republican. Mason. Au- 
thor of pamphlets, etc. Office: 14 Beacon St, 

ABSBBBOH, OUffOTd Spaaes, lawyer; b. Port- 
land, Me., Aug. 24, 1878; s. Thomas Davis, Jr., and 
Fannie Maria (Cross) Anderson; student Provi- 
dence (R.I.) High Sch., 1892-3; grad. Worcester 
Acad.. 1896: A.B., Brown U., •1900; LL.B.. Harvard 
Law Sch., 1903; m. Phyllis Green, of Rosemont 

uigiLi^eu uy 

■v^_J v^x^^' 




P&j Oct. IS. 1908: 1 son, Robert Patten. Admitted 
to Mass, bar, 1903, and since practiced at Worces- 
ter; mem. Hudson & Anderson, 1903-8, Sttles & An- 
derson since 1908: asst city solicitor since 1908; 
incorporator Worcester County Instn. for Savings. 
Mem. 1st Corps Cadets, M.V.M., 1901-3; mem. 
Worcester Rep. City Com., 1908. Mem. Am., Mass. 
State and Worcester County bar assns., Worcester 
Ckamber Commerce, Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Up- 
Rilon. Baptist. Clubs: Worcester, The Bohemians, 
Worcester Tennis. Editor of Ciiarter, I^ws and 
Ordinances of the City of Worcester, 1911. Home: 
11 Wheeler Av. Office: 314 Main St., Worcester, 

>V, Bdwaid, clergyman; b. Boston, 
Nov. 19, 1833; s. Rufus (D.D., LL D.) and Bllsa 
(Hill) Anderson; ed. in Boston schs.; pvt Instrn.; 
atudled theology with father and pastor; m. Har- 
riet Flora Shumway, of South Bend, Ind., July 29, 
1857. Ordained Congl. ministry, 1868; pastor, St. 
Joseph. Mich.. 1858-60, Quincy, III., 1874-80, To- 
ledo, O., 1880-4, Norwalk. Conn , 1884-9. Danlelson, 
Conn., 1890-S. Served with John Brown in Kan- 
sas: chaplain 37th 111. Vols, till after the Missouri 
campaign. 1862; coL 12th Ind. Vol. Cav. until close 
of war. Mason (32°), K.P., I.O.O.F., etc. Home: 
180 Monroe Rd., Quincy, Mass.* 

MM, waaMf B, lawyer; b. St tiouls, 
MO;. Sept. IX, 1864; s. Galusha (theologian and 
«dncator) and Mary E. (Roberts) Anderson; B.S., 
n. of Chicago, 1886; m. Elisabeth D. Harris, of 
Salem. Mass., May 16, 1889; 1 daughter, Mary 
Prances. Admitted to Mass. bar, 1886; practiced at 
Salem to 1887. then removed to Boston; mem. Bart- 
lett & Anderson. 1889-99. Anderson, Sweetser & 
Wiles since Aug. 16, 1909. Mem. Am. and Mass. 
liar assns.. Bar Assn. City of Boston. Essex. Mid- 
dlesex and InternaL bar assns. Mem. Boston 
Chamber of Commerce since 1888. Clubs: Boston 
City, Exchange (Boston), Salem (Salem). Home: 
Wenham. Mass. Office: 84 State St.. Boston. 

AMBMMBOX, T r sd si lcfc Uaoola, theologian; b. 
St Louis. Apr. 14, 1862; s. Galusha and Mary E. 
(Roberts) Anderson; AB., U. of Chicago, 1882, 
AIL. 1886: B.D., Bapt Union Theol. Sem., 1888; 
ID.D., Brown U., 1904); s]>ent 10 months studying 
in (lerman universities, 1904-5; m. Gertrude B. 
Foller. of Ctaicago, Dec. 24, 1884: 2d, Lydia W. 
Wolfe, of St LauIs, Aug. 17. 1897. Asst prof. 
Latin. U. of Chicago, 1882-6; pastor Morgan Park, 
111, 1887-8; ordained Bapt ministry, 1888; pastor 
Second Ch.. Rochester, N.T., 1888-1900; prof. N.T. 
interpretation, Newton Theol. Instn.. since 1900. 
Anthor: The Man of Nazareth, 1914. Address: 
Newton Centre, Mass.* 

since Oct., 1914. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Suffolk Bar 
Assn., Bar Assn. City of Boston, Am. Acad. Polit 
and Social Science, Am. Statistical Assn., Am. 
£i<Son. Assn., Am. Assn. for L>abor Ijegislatlon, Phi 
Beta Kappa. Democrat Unitarian. Mason. Clubs: 
University. Twentieth Century. Economic, Algon- 
quin. City (Boston); City (New York); WoUaston 
«3k>lf. Woods Hole Golf, Brae Burn Country, Sea- 

£utt Home: 219 Fisher Av., Brookllne. Office: 86 
•evonshire St, Boston.* * 

ASSBBSOV, Jsroms BolisiMlk, insurance, pub- 
lisher; b. Pblla., Sept 22, 1843: s. Rev. Jerome 
Schenck and Catharine Elisabeth (Douglas) An- 
derson; ed. Stonington. Conn.; m. Emma Jane Horn, 
of Indianapolis, Mar. 7, 1866. Pres. Stonington 
Pub. Co. (established 1869), pubs. Stonington Mir- 
ror and Mystic Journal; mgr. Stonington Ins. 
Agency since 1872; Justice of the peace since 1874. 
Corporal 132d Ind. Vols. In Civil War. Republican 
since 1896. Mason; A.O.U.W., G.AR. Club: Army 
and Navy (Conn.). Address: Water St, Stoning- 
ton. Conn. 

ABSBBSOV, Jenjr X,, farmer; b. Standtsh, Me., 
July 2, 1864; s. William A and Adallne M. (Hob- 
son) Anderson; ed. common schs. and Limlngton 
Acad.; m. Oct 2, 1887, Eva EL Pattee. of Limlng- 
ton. Me. Engaged for 10 yrs. in lumbering, win- 
ters, and log-driving, summers; with J. O. Deering 
& Son, Biddeford, 1897-08; has served as road 
commr., chmn. Bd. of Selectmen, chmn. Bd. of As- 
sessors and Overseers of Poor to 1910; mem. Me. 
Ho. of Rep., 1911, 1912. Republican. Free Baptist 
Mem. I.O. Red Men (Past Sachem), K. of P. Ad- 
dress: S. Limlngton, Me. 

AXSBSSOV, Jolu BtcrMM, stock-breeder and 
farmer. (See vol. 1909.) 

AVSBBSOV, John Wend^; b. Gray, Me., Dec. 
26, 1871: 8. John D. and Anna S. (Thayer) Ander- 
son; A.B., Bowdoin, 1894: studied law, Portland; 
unmarried. Supt schs., (>ray, 1895-8, and 1903-8; 
with N.E. Telephone & Telegraph Co., Portland, 
1909-10; mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1911-12; mem. Me. 
Gypsy Moth Commn., 1911-12; spl. agent Tork 
County Power Co., 1912; deputy sheriff Cumber- 
land (Jounty Court House, 1913-15. Mem. Zeta Psi 
(college). Democrat Conglist Address: Gray, Me. 

■■, Ctataslw, theologian: b. Clarendon, 

M.T., Mar. 7, 1832; s. Seneca and Lucy (Webb) 
Anderson; A.B.. U. of Rochester, 1864. A.M., 1857; 
grad. Rochester Theol. Sem.. 1866; (S.T.D., Roches- 
ter. 1866, LL.D., 1884: LL D., Madison, now Col- 
gate v.. 1884); m. Mary B. Roberts, of Boston, 
Mass, Apr. 23. 1861; father of Frederick Lincoln 
Anderson. Ordained Baptist ministry, 1866: pas- 
tor Janesvllle, Wis., 1856-8. St Louis, 1858-66; 
prof, homiletics. ch. polity and pastoral duties, 
Newton TheoL Instn.. 1866-73: pastor Brooklyn, 
187J-6. Second Ch., Chicago. 1876-8; pres. old U. of 
Chicago, 1878-86; pastor First Ch., Salem. Mass., 
H85-7; pres. Denlson U.. Ohio. 1887-90; prof, in 
Bapt Union TheoL Sem., 1890-2; prof, practical 
theology, Dlv. Sch., U. of Chicago. 1892-04. emeri- 
tus prof, since 1904. (See Who's Who In America 
for books.) Home: 11 Jenlson St. Newtonville, 

t, Osozrs WsstOB, lawyer: b. Ac- 
worth, N.H.. Sept 1. 1861: s. David Campbell and 
Martha Luclnda (Brlgham) Anderson; grad. Cush- 
ing Acad.. Ashbumham, Mass., 1882 (valedlcto- 
flan); AB.. Williams. 1886; LL.B., summa cum 
Jande, Boston U. Sch. of Law, 1890; m. Minnie E. 
Wtehell, of Mason, N.H., July 31. 1897 (died 1906); 
children. Clara M., Robert D., Richard B. Began 
practice in Boston, 1890; instr. In equity law. Bos- 
fen V. Sch. of Law, 1891-4; mem. Boston Sch. 
0pm.. 18*4-1900: Dem. candidate for attv. gen. of 
Hasa. 1911, 1912: apptd. mem. Mass. Public Serv- 
ice Comran., July 1. 1913. for term of 4 yrs.: re- 
signed Oct. 1914: U.S. atty, for district of Mass.. 

^-.— ...i »— ^ Jossph, clergyman; b. Broomton, 
Rossshire, Scot, Dec. 16, 1836; s. William and Mary 
(Rose) Anderson; came to America, 1842; AB., 
Coll. City of New York, 1854, A.M., 1857; grad. 
Union Theol. Sem., 1857; (D.D., Yale, 1878); ni. 
Anna Sands Gildersleeve, New York, Jan. 24, 1869. 
Ordained to ministry, 1868; pastor First Ch., Stam- 
ford, 1858-61, First Ch„ Norwalk, 1861-4, First 
Ch., Waterbury, 1866-06, pastor emeritus since 
1906. Editor of the Waterbury American, 1872-3; 
moderator Gen. Assn. of Conn., 1877, 1890, Gen. 
Conf. Congl. Chs. of Conn., 1878; del. Internat 
Congl. Council, Lordon, 1891; mem. Corpn. of Yale 
since 1884. Pres. Conn. Bible Soc. 1884-04; dlr. 
Missionary Soc. of Conn., 1886-06: warden borough 
of Woodmont. 1904-8: visited Italy. Egypt and 
Palestine, 1907. Corporate mem. A.B.C.F.M.: mem. 
Am. Antlq. Soc, Am. Hist Assn., Nat Inst Social 
Sciences, Mattatuck Hist Soc. (pres. and dlr. of 
the mus.). Has made spl. study of languages and 
antiquities of Am. Indians. Editor and largely 
author of "The Town and (31 ty of Waterbury" (3 
vols.), 1896; and author of numerous published ad- 
dresses and poems and of books and pamphlets on 
local history, etc. Address: Woodmont, Conn.* 

AVSBBSOV, J'OMplt Oandantt**, bishop; b. Bos- 
ton. Sept 30, 1865: 8. John J. and Ellen (McVay) 
Anderson: AB., Boston Coll.. 1887 (D.D., 1909): 

frad. St John's Sem., Brighton. Mass., 1S92. Or- 
ained priest R.C. Ch., 1892; chaplain Mass. State 
Prison, 1894-04; dlr. Bur. of Catholic Charities, 
Boston, 1903-8: diocesan dlr. of charities since 
1908: vlcar-gen. Boston Diocese, Jan. 14, 1909: 
prothonotary apostolic, Apr. 9, 1909; consecrated 
auxiliary bishop of Boston, July 26, 1909; pastor 
St Paul's Ch., Dorchester, Mass., since Jan. 1, 1908. 
V.-p. St Elizabeth's Hosp. and the various Cath- 
olic Instns. of the diocese. Address: 49 Magnolia 
St., Boston.* 

AVSBBSOH, Kan, painter; b. Oxford, O., .Ian. p 
13, 1874; s. I. M. and Emma (Smith) Anderson: ed. ^ 


pub. 8chs., Art Inst, of Chlcagro, and In Paris art AVDBBWB, Artlinr Zrvlaart college prof.: b. 

schs.; m. Helen Bd^erton Buell, of Marietta, O., Providence, R.I., Mar. 27, 1878; s. of Frederick 

Sept. 1, 1904. Painted in Holland, Spain and Italy; William and Elizabeth Kurd (Howard) Andrews, 

exhibited in Paris Salon, St. Louis Bxpn., Nat. both of Gardiner, Me.; A.B., Brown U., ISOl; poat- 

Acad. Design and Soc. Am. Painters exhbns. Silver grad. study, U. of Wis., 1901-2, Harvard, 1903-6; 

medal, Carnegie Internat. Bxhbn., 1910; repre- Ph.D., Harvard, 1906; In Spain, France, Turkey 

sented In permanent collection of Art Inst, of Chi- and Northern Africa, 1906-6; ra. Alice L,aSalIe 

cago. A.N.A Home: Westport, Conn.* Oladdlng, of Providence, June 26, 1907. Inatr. in 

AaSBXBOH. Kars. dlnlomat. fSea voL 1S09 also history, Simmons Coll., Bostoa 1906-9; asst prof.. 

Wh?8 Who in ArnTrlcZ m4-is1 history, 1909-12, asso. prof., 1911-12. prof, hiirtonr 

.™™b«w n? / t%. , .X, K an<l P"t>"c law since 1?12, Tufts Coif Mem. Am. 

ANSEKSON, Olor John, clergymftn; b North Hist Assn. (gen. com.. lil2), Am. Polit. Science 

Roiuiri. swtdoii Jan, 2» 1872; 8. John and BenRta Assn., Am. Acad. Pollt. and Social Science, Am. 

jAml.rarjnj Anderaon; A.B. Wusleyan U.. Conn., soc. Internat Law, N.E. History Teachers' Asan. 

i?^^' ,7 ,^„'i'*'? V^""^^"^ ^^.^'^r- , Warren, Me., (council; curator of collection of hist material), 

Nov. 24. 1S04; 1 daughter R,roH>- I rena Came to Harvard History Club, Instltut de Carthage. Tunis. 

America 16B2; oniained Mh. mtniatry. 1»93; pasa- etc. Address: Tufts College, Mass. 
tor Wilder, I^ewlston and Hanover. V t.. 1903-6, St. •wnmn'a m...d.. <i »»™,.. i..,.,K.,..«.n. ». 

Johnabury Center and East Lyndon, ISOK-S, .N. t ,^5?^^ 'fcri?^*?B??. .* Slt^hl'J. i^J^iV-.^ 

Danville. 190S-10. Derby alnce 1910. Trustee Vll- ^5?^"\*l^-,,,^*>:."' ^l¥^f- .^'fP'i?" *"Sf R^it^ 

lage of Derby, 1914-15. Mason; Odd Fellow (aec. ,*?t^"l"L 'w[^?^",.',.^S;«^' £^''h,A ^'T'wSLhf R 

local lodge. 1914-16). Treaa. Vt. Conf.. ot lis an- nhi??*/'^ ^^ V= "^P'T^h %\ irbW b.^^S*^ ^ 

nual session at Brattleboro, IfllB. Republican. ?JL"L*'' °I ,?f2yK*3..,f,fK3„JJi*°»„ Sf.fS" t2^ 

Recreatlona: trout flahine and huntine. Prominent J|S?.®LS rtlJnt^H t 2V«V 5tS ,??2tJ2n«^^ ?n -SjSt 

as lecturer; chief li^ctures entitled "Masked Faces" l?":,^" ^^XS't^f ?^t*' ^!4,°',?"??*L°,"A'* "*S5l 

^'"e^niL'f ""'^'*' ''*"'' ■'""' ^"'" ■■ ■^'"'''■"''- °^'"'*' Svt""c"o1!ie"'c?l^ns^°oi ^rne°?^s°'in%e"°1l'eSri?^*^ . 

vermoiit^ Christian. Mason. Address: South Paris, Me. 

AKSEKBOK, Thomai Davis, clergyman; b. Box- Awnmwvs m,.wi>_ ▼./»<_> i,>_'„<.,.. h xfnn 

bury (now part of Boston), Mass., f-eb. 26. ISSS; „i"f?^„^^„?*f*^fi.^^*?'^'J*r?fI;H^™ «nd 

3. Thomas Davis and Lucy Ann (Bpence> Ander- ^°^*i^-Jit-,-^^^^a'i,i^Sy' a:,^^^?.^ ^HiSiVlt^^ 

r.'^'4ir.ol''7nZ%'-\i7T ^^-^^^^At^^r^os^^f ltc^^d«'^'a°rTe.5."S?rh1V\"y^*;^l;. ttTdTotT^eS! 

Sence. l?«7-oTEmr^knuel Ch., Alba^, N.T.. 9«2- ^ar, l|8B.,,jnem Heath and Andrews Augtist^ 
in: nnw *n^nii-<.,l In lit ™nrv I Sc» *V,n» whr. In 1885-12, PhUbrlck & Andrews, 1912-lS, Andrews & 

10: now engaged In lit. work. (See Whoa Who In mJ\°„„' fl"" ,oi,.T,A ™or,i.«H ^„m h^„ oiv ^r 

America for other details) Home; 2 Wellington JLi''Tn?k"^^,.lll': ^"1^ ^^f.^?.jr'«o">'5ii^tf,." i*^B?i k' 

Tci-fti,... -Rmoiiiit,, ii,««» over 1,000 corpns.; city solicitor. Gardiner. 1894-6; 

- ™!-l_ jr" _ _ ' _ _ 1 . , , », mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1909-10; gen. counsel Lewls- 

,oA?'5"*??'!'„?f*'^1?* ^^' ji^X^y"^"'- •'"'y 21' ton. Augusta & WatervlUe St Ry.. Kennebec S*t- 

1857-Mar. 26. 1916. (See vol. 1909.) ings Bank; dlr. and gen. counsel Augusta Trust 

AVDBBBOV, William CHllMrt: b. St. Joseph, Co. Trustee Monmouth Acad.. Augusta Gen. H.osp. 

Mich.. Sept 9. 1860; s. Edward and Harriet (Shum- Mem. Kennebec Bar Assn. (sec since 1895), Soc 

way) Anderson: M.D., Adelbert Coll., Cleveland, Mayflower Descendants of Me. (gov., 1912-13), 

1883; study and research In foreign methods of Soc. Am. Wars (counselor), S.A.R. Mason; Cush- 

phys. training. Europe, 1899, 1901; A.B., Yale, noc Chapter, R.A.M.; Trinity Commandery, K,T.; 

1902, A.M., 190S, M.Sc, 1909; Dr. P.H., Harvard, Kora Temple, A.AO.N.M.S. Republican. Conglist 

1912; m. Mar. 16. 1883, (>race Lee Phillips, of Mem- Club: Abnaki. Home: 24 Melville St Office: 249 

phis, Tenn.; 1 son, William L. Dean Chautauqua Water St, Augusta, Me. 

Sch. of Physical Edn., 1886-04; pres. Brooklyn AM1>MMWU, Ohariss Mca— n, college prof.; b. 

Normal Sch. of Phya. Edn., 1886-92; pres. Ander- Wethersfleld, Conn., Feb. 22, 1863; s. Rev. W. W. 

son Normal Sch. of Phya. Edn., 1893-03: dlr. Yale and Elisabeth Byrne (Williams) Andrews; A.B.. 

Univ. Gym. since 1904 and prof. phys. edn., Yale. Trinity Coll., Conn.. 1884. A.M.. 1890: Ph.D., Johns 

since 1906; lecturer on phys. edn. U. of Utah, 1908- Hopkins, 1889; (L.H.D.. Trinity. 1906; AM.. Yale, 

09; mem. faculty. Summer Sch., U. of Cal., 1912: 1910); m. Evangeline Holcombe Walker, 1896. 

etc. Republican. Congllst. Fellow Soc. Sciences Asso. prof, and prof, history, Bryn Mawr Coll., 

and Art London, 1886; mem. Am. Assn. Advance- 1889-07, Johns Hopkins U., 1907-10; Parnum prof, 

ment Phys. Edn. (sec, 188S-8, treaa.. 1888-92), Col- Am. history, Yale U.. Oct, 1910 — . Spl. lecturer, U. 

leglate Soc. Phys. Dirs. (pres.. 1900), A.A.A.S., of Wis., Jan., 1911. U. of Helsingfors, Finland. 

Chi Pal. Sigma Xi. Author: Light Ctymnasttcs. Oct.. 1911. Mem. Am. Hist Aaan. (chmn. Winsor 

1890; Methods of Teaching Gymnastics. 1896; also Prise Commn.. 1899-06. Public Archives Commn., 

contbr. many articles to leading mags, and med. 1901 — . exec, council, 1905-8), Hist. Soc. Pa., Md. 

lours. Home: 1161 Chapel St. Address: Yale Uni- Hist Soc. Va. Hist Soc. Am. Antiq. Soc. Conn. 

versity. New Haven. Conn. Hist. Soc; corr. mem. Royal Hist Soc. (See Who's 

(stf?o?"l"9'5??"' '^'^~ '*"'• """^O'^'^P*'-- 5rn"st^'?fe'":"'Wlren'°5o^"n.S'"> «""""= "* ^•- 

" !»«!>•.» ANDmaWB, Savia Ksrbsrt, bridge builder; b. 

,. „ _ r Afbram) Piatt, Jr., ex-assistant sec. Pepperell. Mass.. Sept 17. 1844; s. David and 
U.S. Treasury; b. La Porte, Ind.. Feb. 12. 1873; s. Thankful (Murdock) Andrews: B.S.. M.A., sclen- 
Abram Piatt and Helen (Merrell) Andrew: A.B.. tiflc dept Dartmouth Coll., 1869; m. Clara M. Gil- 
Princeton; univs. of Halle, Berlin and Paris, 1897- bert of Concord. N.H.. Oct 17. 1872; children, Flo- 
99; A.M.. PhD., Harvard, 1900. Instr. and asst rence M. (Mrs. W. H. Rice, of Newton Centre, 
prof., economics. Harvard. 1900-9: expert asst, and Mass.), John G., Herbert M., Walter R, Engaged 
editor of publications of Nat. Monetary Commn., as a mech. engr. at Worcester, Mass., 2 yrs.; then 
1908-11; dlr. of the mint, Nov., 1909-June, 1910; became asst engr. Nat Bridge & Iron Works: be- 
asst sec of the Treasury, 1910-12: apptd. insp. gan in own name as bridge Guilder, 1876; organ- 
gen. Am. Ambulance Corps, with Army of France, fxed Boston Bridge Works, Incorporated, 1901, and 
^^-' \S}*- Republican. Officer d'Academig, Paris, now pres. same. One of two visitors Chandler Scl- 
1906. Writer on money, banking and other flnan- entlflc Sch., since 1896. Mem. Am. Soc. C.B., Am. 
cial subjects. Treaa. of Am. Red. Cross., 1910-12; Soc Mech. Engrs., Boston Soc. Engra. Club: Engl- 
delegate Internat Conf. of Red Cross, 1912. Clubs: neers' (Boston). Home: Newton Centre, Mass. <5f- 
Harvard (New York), Metropolitan, Chevy Chase floe: 47 Winter St., Boston. 

(Washington). Home: Eastern Point Gloucester. ahumwS, Bdward Ssynolda: b. Boston, Dec 

"*■■• 22, 1831; s. William Turell and Fanny Mackay 

AHSBBW, K«BZ7 KsTSey, lawyer. (See vol. (Reynolds) Andrews; ed. Chauncy Hall Sch., Ad- 

1909.) ams Sch. and Boston Pub. Latin Sch.; AS., Har- 



▼uxL 186S. A.M., 1866: m. New York, Dec. 6, 1&£6, 
Saista Hannah Addoms (now deceased). Spent 1^ 
jn. In Burope after leaving coll. and then on farm 
for > rra.; banker In Paris, France, 9 yrs. with 
James w. Tucker & Co., and under title of Andrews 
A Co.; introdaced Improved methods of creosotlng 
timber In U.S. and operated In Boston, Elizabeth- 
port. N.J.. and Norfolk, Va.; now farming at Put- 
ney, Vt.; dir. U.S. Coal & Oil Co. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Clubs: Union, Merchants', Mass. Agricul- 
tural (Boston), Harvard, Century (New York). 
Homes: Putney, Vt.. and 119 Beacon St., Boston. 

ABSaaWS, X«r«a« B.: b. Otlslleld. Me., Apr. 
U, 18S7; s. Albert F. and Elisabeth (Brett) An- 
drews: descendant of ancestors who came from 
Etegland in the Mayflower: grad. Norway High 
Sch.: m. (3eor8la M. Packard, of Norway, Me., June 
U, 1892. Mem. firm of A F. Andrews & Sons till 
Sept 1, 1902; now mem. firm of H. P. & E. E. An- 
drews, dealers In horses and wool; now supt. of 
horse dept. of Conn. Valley Lumber Co.; mem. 
firm of Parker, Burrows & Co., 1894-8; v.-p. Oconto 
(Wis.) Water Co.; dlr. Norway Nat Bank. Mem. 
He. Ho. of Ren., 1911-12; Republican. Congllst 
Mason (S2*. K.T.). Club: Wild Cat Address: Nor- 
way, Me. 

AJnwsWB, raaale Fam (FhUIina), lecturer, 
social worker: b. MargaretvUle. N.S.; d. William 
Wallace and Anna Maria (Brown) Phillips: grad. 
Salem (Mass.) Normal Sch., 1884: A.B., Raddifle 
(ML, 1902; attended Harvard Summer Sch. several 
terms: m. £Mwin G. Andrews, of Lynn, Mass., July 
1(, 1890. Active in organizing parents' assns. in 
Boston schs. since 1902; lecturer In America and 
Europe: writer on the Internat. peace movement 
aJDd on ednl. topics. Pres., Boston Home and Sch. 
Assn.: pres. Salem Normal Sch. Assn.; sec. and or- 
ganizer of Am. Sch. Peace League. Mem. Internat 
l^ec Com. of the Central Organization for a Dur- 
able Peace, Internat Women's Com. for Perma- 
nent Peace. Internat Peace Bur. at Berne (Swit- 
zerland); Nat Inst, of Social Sciences, Acad. Pollt. 
Science (New York), Am. Acad. Pollt. and Social 
Science, N.RA. (council and com. on foreign rela- 
tions), Assn. Collegiate Alumnae. Radcliffe Alum- 
nae Assn., Harvard Teachers' Assn., Mass. Teach- 
ers' Assn.. Am. Inst of Instruction, N.E. Woman's 
Press Assn.; Boston Equal Suffrage Assn. for Good 
Gov.. Am. Civic Assn. (councillor), Constantinople 
(College Assn. (exec com.), Mass. br. of Woman's 
Peace Party (v.-p.), N.Y. Peace Soc. (advisory 
council). Am. Peace Soc. (dlr.), Mass. Peace Soc. 
World Peace Foundation (advisory council). Am. 
Soc for Judicial Settlement of Internat. Disputes, 
Am. League to Limit Armaments; also chmn ednl. 
dept Woman's Peace Party. Author: The United 
States and the World and The World Family, In 
A Course in Citizenship, 1914: The War — What 
Should Be Said About It In the Schools (pub. by 
Am. Sch. Peace League) ; One Hundred Years of 
Peace with Great Britain (Wis. State Dept of 
Edn.). Compiler of bulls., "Peace Day." 1912, "The 
Promotion of Peace." 191S (both U.S. Bur. of Edn.). 
Clubs: Twentieth Century, Women's City, ColleKe 
(all of Boston). Address: 405 Marlborough St., 

An>BBWS, Vcaaola Aoilaf, wholesale and re- 
tall paper dealer: b. Freedom. N.H.. Dec. 10. 1854; 
a Edwin and Mary Elizabeth Andrews; ed. pub. 
Khs.. Freedom and Madison, N.H. ; m. Lena F. 
Larrabee. of Lynn. Mass., Sept 15. 1891. Began 
active career working in hotel in N.H., 1866; re- 
moved to Boston, 1870, and entered employ of 
Dillingham & Co., wholesale paper: Arm later Hlg- 
Cini, Snow & Co., then Hlgglns-Snow Co., of which 
was v.-p., then pres., 1898-08; pres. Andrews-Burr 
Paper Co.. 1908-11; pres. and treas. Andrews Paper 
Co.. 1911-14: since dir. Dorchester Trust Co. Mem. 
Boston Paper Jobbers' Assn. Mason. Recreation: 
motor touring. Home: 81 Summer St, Lynn, 
Uass. Office: 64 India St, Boston. 

AnaaWS, rrank Xowaid, gold and silver re- 
finer: b. Gardiner, Me., Nov. 2S, 1862; s. Frederick 
W. and Elizabeth H. (Howard) Andrews: prep, 
edn. Providence (R.I.) High Sch.; AB., Brown U., 
1««4, AM., 1887: m. Catherine M. Baker, of Provi- 
dence. Oct 13. 1887 (died Aug. 20, 1910). Chemist 
Silver Spring Bleaching and Dyeing Co., Provi- 

dence, 1886-90: mem. Cornell & Andrews, gold and 
sliver reiSners, incorporated; business conducted.ln 
Boston since Sept., 1911. Clubs: University (Pom- 
ham), R.I. Chemical, New York Chemists. Home: 
181 Carpenter St., Providence, R.I. 

AaaaaWB, Oaonr* ArUinr, clergyman;, b. 
Springfield, Mass., May 22, 1870; s. George Clark 
and Sarah J. (Allen) Andrews; B.A., Colby Coll.. 
1892, A.M., 1895 (D.D., 1914); grad. Andover TheoL 
Sem., 1899: m. Dora Knight of West Boylston. 
Mass., June 29, 1896; S children, Clark F., Allen 
H., George Arthur, Jr. Ordained ministry, Congt 
Ch, 1899; pastor Andover, Mass., 1899-04, Hollls- 
ton, 1904-7, Monson, Mass., since 1907. Mem. Delta 
Upsllon. Mason. Author: A Soldier In Two Armies, 
1902; After This Manner (an exposition of the 
Lord's PrayerJ, 1911; Efficient Religion, 1912; . 
(monograph) What Is Essential? 1910. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Address: Monson, Mass. 

Aaaaa'WB. Osorys nadsxlok, traveler, political 
scientist; b. Gardiner, Me., Nov. 2, 1867; s. Fred- 
erick William and Elizabeth Hurd (Howard) An- 
drews; grad. Brown U. 1892 (Phi Beta Kappa), 
A.M., 1896: m. Agnes Alice Klapp, of Providence, 
R.I., May 6, 1897: children, Robert SUnhope, Philip 
Geoffrey. Metallurgical chemist title of Cornell 
& Andrews, Providence, 189J-7; traveled In Europe, 
1897-01; resident in N. Africa, studying N. African 
pollt and social questions, 1901-7. F.R.G.R; F.R. 
S.A.; mem. de L'Instltute de Carthage (Tunis), 
L'Instltut Colonial MarselUals (Prance); mem. 
Ends of the Earth Club, Harvard Travelers, Chem- 
ists' (New York), Soc. of Internat Law, Am. Hist 
Soc., Delta Upsllon. Clubs: Technology (Boston), 
University, Providence Art (Providence), Auto- 
mobile (Hub de France (Parts), City (New York), 
Authors' (London). Recreation: tennis. Home: 
West Wrentham, Mass. Address: 12 Dearborn Rd., 
Tufts Coll., Mass. 

AasaaWS, a«org« Waksman, clergyman; b. 
New York, June 13, 1861; s. George and Marie 
Therese (Adamson) Andrews; grad. New York 
pub. schs., 1863; student New York Free Acad, 
(now Coll. City of New York), 1 yr.; grad. Walton 
(N.Y.) Acad., 1875: A.B., Williams, 1879, AM., 
1887; grad. Hartford Theol. Sem., 1882; Ph.D., IlL 
Weeleyan U., 1902; m. Anna S. Kane, of WUlIams- 
town, Mass., Nov. 26, 1882 (died 1899); 2d, Sara 
Dwlght Rathbone, of Alexandria, Va., June 26, 
1903: children. Llewellyn H. (Williams, '0«), 
Ruth (Mt Holyoke, '07). Francis L. (Williams, 
'11), Marion A., Lucetta R.. Ethel M. (died 1884), 
Charles W. (died 1896). Ordained ministry CongL 
Ch., 1882; pastor, Orleans, Mass., 1882-3, Dalton, 
Mass., since Oct 1, 1883. Mem. Sch. Com. and act- 
ing supt. of schs., Dalton. 1884-8; formerly trus- 
tee Piedmont Coll., Ga.: now trustee Am. Internat 
Coll., Mass. Bible Soc; v.-p. Berkshire and Colum- 
bia Missionary Soc: dir. Mass. Total Abstinence 
Soc, Mass. Anti-Saloon League, Mass. Ministers' 
Relief Fund; corporate mem. A.B.C.F.M.: vice- 
moderator Mass. Conf. of Congl. Churches, 1915-16; 
mem. exec. com. Mass. S.S. Assn.. exec. com. Mass. 
Home Missionary Soc. North Berkshire (Mass.) 
Ministerial Assn.; pres. Berkshire Congl. CHub, 
1914-16: mem. Sons of Temperance (grand chap- 
lain Grand DIv. of Mass. 2 yrs., grand worthy 
patriarch for Mass. 2 yrs., most worthy chaplain 
Nat Dlv. of N.A. 2 yrs.): past chancellor KnlghU 
of Pythias. Recreations: bowling and traveling. 
Address: Dalton, Mass. 

AasaaWB, aarold aaksr, cotton broker; b. 
Providence. R.I., Sept. 14, 1883; s. Franklin J. and 
Cora B. (Baker) Andrews: ed. grammar sch.: 
Classical High Sch., Providence; m. Bertha P. 
Tanner, of Cranston, R.I., Apr. 24, 1907. Bet^n as 
elk. In Nat. Exchange Bank. Providence, and con- 
tinued 4 mos.: with J. P. Rhodes Co , cotton brok- 
ers, 1902-6; partner with Edwin H. Coleman under 
Arm name of J. P. Rhodes Co., since 1906; elected 
mem. City Council of Cranston, R.I.. Nov., 1911, 
for term, 1912-17 (pres., 1915-16). Mem. Provi- 
dence Chamber of Commerce (dlr. and chmn. house 
com. and quotation bd. com.). Republican. Epis- 
copalian: mem. Men's Club. Ch. of the Transfigura- 
tion, Cranston. Mason. Clubs: Edgewood Yacht, 
Edgewood Casino (Cranstoii^^ Recreations^ mpWr^ 



Ing, fishing:. Home: 101 Wheeler Av., Oranston, 
R.I. Office: 6 Collegre St., Providence. B.I. 

AMBMMWB, Keary Xtvri, printer and pub.; b. 
Woburn, Mass., June 11, 1850; s. Timothy and 
Lydla Jane (Taylor) Andrews; descendant of Lt. 
John Andrews, of Ipswich, Mass., 1621; ed. pub. 
schs., Woburn; m. Mary E. Cole, of Woburn, Sept. 
3, 1S73 (died 1903): m. 2d, Hattle Bosworth, of 
Woburn, Oct 19, 1904; 1 son (by first marriage), 
John Cole Andrews. Followed printers' trade in 
Woburn, 1860-SO; pub. Woburn Journal, 1S80-2: 
founder Woburn News, 1S89, and one of its pub- 
lishers 16 yrs.; engaged in job printing since 1904. 
Mem. Bd. of Aldermen, Woburn, 4 yrs.; mem. Mass. 
Ho. of Rep., 1912, 13, 14. Mem. S.A.R., Spanish 
War Vets, (hon.), Rumford Hist. Assn. Mem. Mt. 
Horeb Lodge, F. & A.M.; I.O.O.F. (Lodge, Encamp- 
ment, Rebelcahs); Veteran Odd Fellows; Order 
Eiastern Star. Republican. Conglist Club: To- 
wanda. Author: Andrews Genealogy. 1900, 2d edit, 
1914. Home: 12 Burlington St Office: 397 Main 
St., Woburn, Mass. 

AHSBaWB, WlTam Bsrtraad, civil engr.; b. 
Stetson, Me., Oct 7. 1867: s. Bben and Francena L. 
(Hurd) Andrews; ed. pub. achs.. Stetson, Me., and 
Wayland. Mass.; grad. U. of Me., 1888; m. Anna 
May Bailey, of Somerville, Mass., May 30, 1890; 4 
children, Ida M. (Mrs. Clarence R. Woodward, of 
Melrose, Mass.), Cora L., Louise V., Carol B. Asst 
In office of Edw. A. Buss, mill engr., Boston, 1888- 
90; with West End St Ry., Boston, and Boston 
Elevated Ry., 1890-04, last 8 yrs. as asst engr. 
surface lines; engr. for Simpson Bros. Corpn. since 
Dec, 1904, contractors for reinforced concrete con- 
struction. Mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Engrs., Boston Soc. 
Civ. Engrs., N.E. Water Works Assn. Republican. 
Club: Melrose. Author: Handbook for Street Rail- 
way Engineers, 1902; Reinforced Concrete Stand- 
ards, 1908; Designer's Charts for Reinforced Con- 
crete "Joint Committee" Standards, 1909. Home: 
Melrose, Mass. Office: 166 Devonshire St., Boston. 

AX9BBW8, Jacob Koblnsou, banker; Sept. 6, 
1862-Mar. 25, 1916. (See vol. 1909.) 

AVDBIiWB, Jamas FarkUll, lawyer; b. East 
Windsor. Conn.. Oct. 23, 1854; s. Samuel James 
and Catharine Augusta (Day) Andrews; descend- 
ant of William Andrews. New Haven, 1639; brother 
of Robert Day Andrews: B.A., Tale, 1877. LL,.B., 
1879; m. Julia Lincoln Ray, of Chicago, Aug. 27, 
1896. In practice at Hartford, 1879-94; reporter 
Supreme Ct of Errors since 1894; mem. commn. 
to revise gen. statutes of Conn. Mem. Am. Bar 
Assn., Conn. State Bar Assn., Scroll and Key 
(Tale), Municipal Art Soc; trustee Conn. Inst for 
the Blind, Conn. br. George Jr. Republic Repub- 
lican. Conglist Clubs: Hartford <3olf. University, 
Musical, Graduates' (New Haven). Recreations: 
motoring, bridge whist. Home: 1055 Prospect Av. 
Office: Supreme Court Bldg.. Hartford, Conn. 

AirsBBWB, John, mfr., soldier; Sept. 16, 1846- 
Jan. 4, 1913. (See vol. 1909.) 

AHSBEWB, Judith Walkar, philanthropist; Apr. 
26, 1826-Aug. 29, 1914. (See vol. 1909.) 

AHBBBWB, Xas Walter, educator; b. Richford. 
Vt., Mav 4, 1876; s. Walter Perkins and Azuba 
Meigs (Davis) Andrews; A.B., U. of Vt, 1899, A.M.. 
1903; studied Am. Acad. Dramatic Art, New York, 
and Sch. of Expression, Boston. Prof. English and 
public speaking, and refirlstrar. U. of Vt,. since 
1903. Republican. Mem. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Beta 
Kappa. Club: Ethan Allen. Recreations: riding 
and shooting. Address: 215 Pearl St, Burlington, 

AXBBBWS, Bobart Xtmr, architect; b. Hartford, 
Conn., Mar. 6, 1867: s. Samuel James and Catharine 
Augusta (Day) Andrews: brother of James Park- 
hlU Andrews: grad. Hartford High Sch.. 1874; spl. 
course architecture Mass. Inst Tech., 1875-6; trav- 
eled abroad as student, 1884; (hon. A.M., Colo. 
Coll , isnn- m at Newport R.I.. FMzebeth Seaman. 
of Brookline, Mass., Apr. 20. 1887. Sr. mem. An- 
drews & Jagues, 1884-90, Andrews, Jaques & Ran- 
toul. since 1890. Fellow Am. Inst Architects, Bos- 
ton Soc. Architects. Clubs: Tavern (Boston), Cen- 
tury (New York). Occasional contbr. to profes- 
sional jours. Home: Brookline, Mass. Office: 60 
Congress St., Boston.* 

AXSBBWB, BolMTt BoMlna, dental surgeon: b. 
Boston. Mass., Aug. 7, 1844; s. Thomas Jefferson 
and Jerusha (Baker) Andrews; ed. pub. schs.; 
D.D.S., Boston Dental Coll., 1876; (hon. A.M., D&rt- 
mouth, 1892); ra. Mary Emily Leseur, of Hyde 
Park, Mass., Sept 14, 1870. Served 2 yrs. in Civ. 
War, pvt to It and adj., 47th and 60th M.V.M. 
Dental surgeon, Cambridge, Mass., 1869 — ; prof. 
histology, Boston Dental Coll. (trustee); trustee 
Tufts Coll. Pres. Am. Acad. Dental Science and 
Conn. ValleyDental Soc, 1888, Mass. Dental Soc, 
1889. (See Who's Who in America for societies, 
etc) Home: 1044 Massachusetts Av. Office: 4 
Brattle St.. Cambridge, Mass.* 

AVSBBWB, Botaad rraaklTa, editor; b. Hart- 
ford, Conn.; s. Charles B. and Alice Amanda 
(Jacobs) Andrews; ed. Rectory Sch., Hamden. 
Conn.: (^yuga Lake Mil. Acad., Aurora, N.Y.; stu- 
dent Cornell U., 1896-8; unmarried. Began news- 
paper work with Syracuse Standard, 1900; then 
with Hartford Telegram; editor Waterbury Repub- 
lican, 1901-2; city, asso. and mng. editor Water- 
bury American, 1902-12; editorial writer, Hartford 
Times, 1912-14, now asst mng. editor; corr. in 
Cuba, 1906, Vera Cruz and Mexico City, 1914. Capt 
Q.M. Corps, Conn. N.O., attached to hdqrs. Mem. 
Phi Delta Theta. Clubs: Waterbury, Waterbury 
Country, Cornell (New York). Contbr. fiction to 
Saturday Evening Post. Ainslee's, Smart Set. etc. 
Home: 40 Wlllard St Office: The Times, Hartford. 

AMBSBW8, Slmoa Smith; b. Lyman, Me., Nov. 
13, 1840; 8. Stephen and Eliza Ann (Smith) An- 
drews; descendant of Stephen Andrews, b. Ehig- 
land, 1726, died 1827, at Lyman, Me.; ed. pub. achs., 
Biddeford; m. Lavinla Foss, of Kennebunkport 
Me., May 23, 1867 (died 1904); 6 children, Gertie 
V. (Mrs. N. H. Milllken), Albert G., Lillian M., 
Nellie I. (Mrs. W. L. Campbell), Albert L. (de- 
ceased), Theodore Ashton; m. 2d, Alma F. Brawn, 
of Biddeford, Feb. 14, 1906. Enlisted at outbreak 
of Civil War in Co. K. 13th Me. Vols.; mustered In 
as sergeant, commd. 1st It., and when the company 
was consolidated with the SOth Me. Regt.. was 
made capt; took part in the Red River campaign 
and In many Important battles; honorably dis- 
charged Aug. 29, 1865. Established a store at Ken- 
nebunkport dealing In stoves, tinware and glass- 
ware; sold out at the end of a year and went Into 
grocery business at Biddeford as mem. Rummery 
& Andrews, of which became sole propr. ; sold out 
and retired from active business, 1904. Overseer 
of poor. Biddeford, 1872-3; mem. Bd. of Aldermen. 
1880-1; county commr. 12 yrs. Treas. M.E. Ch. 25 
yrs. Mem. U. S. Grant Post G.A.R., Biddeford, Me. 
Mason; I.O.O.F.; K.P. Republican. Address: Bidde- 
ford, Me. 

AHSBBWB, WiUlsin CliTeii, Protestant Episco- 
pal clergyman; Oct 8, 1835-Dec. 23. 1912. (See vol. 
1909, also Who's Who in America, 1912-13.) 

AHSXBWB, WUUam PsiTe, author: b. Framing- 
ham. Mass., Nov. 22, 1848; s. Samuel Page and Re- 
becca Bacon (Scudder) Andrews; ed. pub. schs. of 
Salem and pvt. tutor: defective eyesight precluded 
unlv. edn., and health has obliged a residence in 
Italy during greater part of last 10 yrs. ; m. Edith 
H. Weston, of Winchendon, Mass., Sept 3. 1889. 
Unitarian. Republican. (See Who's Who in Amer- 
ica for books, etc.) Home: 393 Essex St, Salem. 

AiraEXi&. Annie T. (Mrs. Louis L. Angell). 
club woman: b. Coventry Centre. R.I.; d. Thomas 
Clark and Mary Vaughn (Reynolds) Peckham; ed. 
Wast Greenwich /cid.. R.I : m. Lnnls L. ^n^ell, 
Jan. 1, 1883; 3 children, Helen, Edith Peckham, 
Louis White. Mem. Nat Woman Suffraee Assn. 
Chmn. Exposition Com. for State Federation of 
Women's Clubs, of Domestic Science and Pure 
l='ood Expn.. 19'S. Has served as pres. R.I. State 
OonRress of Mothers, R.I. State Sunshine Soc, 
R.I. Woman's Club, R.I. Fortnightly Club; mem. 
Ex Club; hon. mem. Four Leaf Clover Club. Home: 
50 Pitman St, Providence, R.I. 

AHOBAA. Ohsiles E., mfr.; b. Providence. RT., 
May 4, 1866: s. Jeremiah O. and Maria (Burlln- 
game) Angell; direct descendant of Thomas An- 
gell. who with Roger WlUi^mf fojinded._ProvIdence, 


1836; ed. In schs. of Providence. R.I.; in. Brelyn E. to bar, 1890: since practiced at North Troy; m. 

Monroe, of Worcester, Mass., Hay 18, IStt. Learned Milton, Vt, Dec 10, 1890, Ida Eleanor Campbell; 

the machine business and held various positions children, Ruth B., Paul C, Grace. State's atty., 

In shop and office; enraKed in the manufacture of Orleans Co., 1894-S; senator, Orleans Co., 1902-4; 

belt hooks with S. Sudlonflr, 188E-tl; as propr. postmaster, Westfleld, 1887-9; chmn. Orleans Co. 

since 1891. under firm name of Charles B. Angell, Rep. Com., 1898-08. Mason; mem Knights of 

baa devoted attention to manufacture of spl. ma- Pythias. Address: North Troy, Vt. 

chlnerr. and since 1S98, to manufacture of repair jjmonTB, ZsaUh Oiljnan, M.D.: b. Windham, 

ffrS^i^'^w -^'^V,^^ln^nt"|fi"%%=««°^55'.^^^^ m"m* " 1846; s. JohS^ifMary 'Ann (Oilman) 

JkJ'IS? h^i?KH2i»i2?^"?,i^Liinli?*Vf^ir'?i? Antholne; grad. Westbrook (Me.) Sem., 1868; stu- 

?^rJnJ* K^«'''i?V^?niHjiS**}im^"«?»°°iS.£^ d*"* Dartmouth, through sophomore yr.; M.D., 

i?*iF- i?*""®- dV B™»<i''ay- Office: S3S Aborn M^d. CoU. of Me. (Bowdoln). 1874; post-n-ad. 

St.. Providence. R.I. course, Boston Polyclinic, 1890; m. Kate I. Pres- 

AVOE&X, BOmnnd BaadaU, chemist; b. Seltuate, ton. of Antrim. N.H., Jan. 2, 1877. Began practice 

R.I., Oct. 4, 1848; s. Edmund R. and Susan (Dex- In Antrim, N.H., July, 1874; supt. schs. of Antrim, 

ter) Angell; prep, edn., Lapham InsL, Scituate; 1877-8^; removed to Nashua, 1892; mem. Nashua 

A.M., Bates Coll., Lewlston. Me., 1873; grad. Cobb Bd. Edn., 1894-1900; mem. stafF Nashua Emer- 

IHv. Sch. (Bates); m. Linle James, of Lewlston. gency Hosp., and St. Joseph's Hosp., since 189S. 

Me., 1873; 3 children. Everett R. (deceased), Ralph Mem. Am. A.. N.H. Med. Soc, N.hT Center Dist. 

B. Prin. Yarmouth and Hartlano Acads.; tutor in Med. Soc, Hlllsboro Co. Med. Soc, Nashua Med. 

mathematics, Bates Coll., while attending Dlv. Soc, Am. and N.E. Electro-Therapeutic assns. 

Sch.; prin. high sch., Castlne, Me.; prln. Plnkerton Mem. Nashua Bd. of Trade. Republican. Metho- 

Acad^ Derry, N.H., 1876-86; analyt. chemist, N.H. diet. Mason (32°, K.T.); mem. LO.O.F. Home: 

State Bd. of Health, 1886-1900; mfr. acetylene IT Manchester St, Office: Masonic Temple, Nashua, 

apparatus; instr. In chemistry, Plnkerton Acad.; N.H. 

mem. N.H. Ho of Rep., 1890-91. Toxlcologlst; jjnSOaT. AUtad WlUtama, theologtan; b. 

expert In court cases on ppUons. blood stains. Providence. A.I., Jan. 13, I860: s. Lewis W. and 

handwritiiji and forgery of written documenu Brittanla F. (Waterman) Anthony : A.B., Brown U., 

?'^^?J*"^"*'.™iS"l'S-T.?^P"«"'=*"- Mason. Mem. igga A.M., 1886: Cobb Div. Sch., 1^83-5; U. of Ber- 

I.O.O.P., K. of P., I.O.R.M. Home: Derry, N.H. Hn, 1888-96; D.lS., Bates ColL, 1902, Brown, 1908); 

AM9WX^ rimak Oa— »H. M.D.; b. Randolph, LL.D., Colby Coll.. 1914; m. Harriet W. Angell, 

Vt.. Mar. S. 1871; s. Alvln N. and Amelia H. (Web- of Providence, RI., Sept 15, 1886 (died Sept. 13, 

ater) Angell: descendant of Thomas Angell, of 1899); 2d, Gertrude B. Llbbey, of Lewlston, Me., 

R-I.: gra!d. Randolph State Normal Sch.. 1890; Feb. 26, 1903. Ordained Free Bapt. ministry, 

student IT. of Vt. Coll. of Medicine, 1892, 1893: 1885; pastor Essex St Ch., Bangor, Me., 1885-8; 

M.D., Baltimore (Md.) Med. Coll., 1894: m. June prof. N.T. exegesis. Cobb Dlv. Sch., 1890-1908; 

8. 18S-1. Ruth M. Nichols, of Randolph. Vt Prac- prot. Christian lit. and ethics. Bates Coll.. 1908-11; 

ticed In Randolph since 1894; mem. U.S. Pension corr. sec. and treas. of Gen. Conf. of Free Baptists 

Examining Bd.; mem. Sch. Bd., Randolph Graded and spl. Joint sec. of Bapt Foreign Mission, Home 

Sch. Dist. Republican. CongUst. Mason. Ad- Mission and Publn. sees., 1911 — . Trustee Ma. 

dress: 9 I'ronpect St, Randolph, Vt . Industrial Sch. for Girls, 1899-1909: pres. bd. 

amavTT «•»•>•. wh<»>ii4v> *n..n,i.. ^^j> «.<.. trustees Storer Coll., Harper's Ferry, W.Va. Mem. 

A,i^?^-^FS7 <^^^.'l! i»M IfS? ?»nS' Ph* Beta Kappa, Am. Phllol. Assn.. Soc Bibl. Lit 

^2i^«T l«nf ilf^ Ti^«". WhA 1^ A™Jr?2S" and Exegesii, Religious Edn. Assn. Chmn. com. 

}Im«V • ' America, uniting Free Baptlits with Baptists, since 1904. 

1SV8-5.; ,.„ , .. „ (See Who's Who in America for books and wrlt- 

AMmMXHn BMUT Olay, M.D.; Jan. 27,1S29-May, ings.) Address: Lewlston, Me.* 

JenJ«<>^'^'"- ""*''^"'^''*''"^*""°-*^'""''=^ AWrmOlTT, Arthur On, sec Mass. Institute 

t___ Tech.; b. Boston, Jan., 1866; s. Nathan and Clara 

AVOBXS. Waltar ToaUr, lawyer; b. Eminence, (Reed) Anthony; B.S., Mass. Inst Tech., 1886. Mem. 

111., Dec. 17, I8E8; s. George Manton and Abbey Townsend, Anthony & Tyson, stock brokers; sec. 

Owen (Evans) Angell; descendant of Thomas Mass. Inst. Tech. Mem. Boston Stock Exchange. 

Ancell. one of the first 5 settlers of Providence, Clubs: Boston Athletic Assn.; University (New 

1626: prep. edn.. high sch., Emporia, Kan., and York). Office: 8 Congress St. Boston.* 

Providence, RI.;A.B.. Brown U 1880 (Phi Beta AMTUOWT. BMj«ata MmoIm, publisher; b. New 

^■SS?.!!.^ f^?frt fn?5. ?Q ^i^i\%^ °' iA^tU^A^l^ Bedford, Mass., Aug. 1. 1863; s. Benjamin and 

BT hS^'/ggj^^fliV^n- f^^oMl-i^^^-^wSl'Mf^^i" Ellia Le Dleu (Coggeshall) Anthony; A.B.. Tale, 

R.L bar. 1883, and since practiced In Providence; iggj. „, Harriet Davis Pelrce. of New Bedford. 

S«2:7-^J!^^nnn«l 5*?^ i«ft»°^J.'^'r^-"T.™Jr S«Pt- *S- 1888: 3 children. Edmund, Margaret 

Jiill'v'w^SPii^ft WB ?.«• Hn^'Vi ^^iSr'- ^"^9^1- Catharine Chandler. Mem. E. Anthony & Sons. 

l*n^ v=^f™^2**T>,^,M.«?; bJ'JmIk*???!^!^- P"**"- New Bedford Evening Standard (estab- 

^ S;^- n*L*??K^'.^?''5f?K''.^?7i''^"*''»^-^T>S^*- l"»hed by grandfather, 1850); pres. treas. and 

^^^- ?^t**w^n^.r^l.2f?*'^L^,'il''®''H^?Aj'Vi'; «f«"- '"»'• «'™e »'"=« iso*: alio pres. and treas. 

i~^. -^t^ nS?r*^7ft w.2j^?nl»;r at %J}^ Mercury Pub. Co.; 2d v.-p. Associated Press. Re- 

Keene St. Office. 170 Westminster St, Provi- publican. UniUrlan. Clubs: Wamsutta, New 

dence. K.I. Bedford Yacht Country. Tale (New York and 

AMBWLJ^ WUUam a, cashier Westminster Boston). Home: 166 Bedford St Address: Stan- 
Bank. Home: 9 Irving Av. Office: 56 Weybosset dard. New Bedford, Mass. 
St. Providence. AWTKOVT. Bavld K.; b. Fall River. Mass.. 

jkMWZB, John D., banker; b. Millsfleld. N H., Sept 24. 1836; s. of John and Maria (Davis) An- 
July 1. 1869: s. George W. and Melissa D. (Welch) ">°"y: ed^ P"l>- ^S''^,- ,?^„,^all River; m. Miss 
Annls; ed. Colebrook Acad., and Portland Busl- ?"**• ^»,S°''tP"'w?,'..^aH River, June. 1863 (died 
ness Coll.. graduating from latter, 1888; unmar- ^pr., 1879); 3 chlldreji, David M., Jr^Blla M.. 
ried. Began active career as elk. Berlln( N.H.) S*''"'?, P/^ "*■ ^'''j.v S'' ^- . A°' **' Waterboro, 
Nat Bank, 1892, continuing 7 yrs.; organized Me., 1883 (deceased). Began In the provision busl- 
Farmers A Traders Nat Bank, Colebrook, 1899, "««? at Fall River, MasS;^, and continued until 
and since cashier same; organized Farmers Guar- l?Oi, when retired ;v.-p. Consolidated Rendering 
anty Savings Bank. Colebrook. 1913, and since ?P'\^^^ J°hn P. Squire A Co., Nat Mfg. Co.. 
treas. and trustee; treas. and dlr. Colebrook Water North Packing A Provision Co., Springfleld Pro- 
Co.: half owner Columbia Bobbin Co., mfrs bob- vision (^., Swift A Co. Republican. Methodist 
bins. Mem. Sch. Bd.. Colebrook. Republican. Home: Fall River. Mass. Office: 46 Ames Bldg.. 
Methodist Mason (32''); Odd Fellow. Recrea- Boston, 
tion: Motoring. Home: Colebrook. N.H. AVnOVT, Xdgar W. (See vol. 1909.) 

Ann, Oxlai Baada, lawyer; b. nr. North Troy, AMTXOWT, Edward Ksrrltt, clergyman: b. 

Vt, Nov. 16, 1866; s. Laurens Koster and Ella Anthony, Town of Coventry, R.I., Sept S, 1836; 

Melissa (Hull) Annis; eA Westfleld Acad., John- s. Albert and Almy A. (Arnold) Anthony; prep ed.^ 

son Normal Sch. and under pvt. tutors; admitted Friends' Sch. (Providence. R.I.) and East Green-C 


wich Acad.; A.B., Wealeyan U., Conn., 1860, AM., AVTKOVT, tiuXhmn, banker, broker: b. Boston. 

1870; m. Abbie Q. Bailer, of Hlngham, Mass., Apr. Oct. 7, 1878; s. Nathan and Clara (Reed) Anthony: 

16, 1861; 1 son, Albert Hasrward. Prln. Manchester ed. Boston I>atln Sch. and high sch.; unmarried. 

Center Acad., 1860-2; ordained M.K ministry, Mem. firm of Tucker, Anthony & Co.; pres. Hart- 

1863; pastor Duxbury, Mass., 1863, South Truro, ford & Sprlnaffleld St. Ry. Co.; dlr. Manchester 

1864-6, Osterville, 1868, Bast Glastonbury, Conn., St Ry., Manchester & Derry St. Ry., Manchester 

1867-9, Portland, 1870-1, Moosup, 1873-4, Wapplns, & Nashua St. Ry., Manchester Traction Light St 

1876, North Qrosvenor Dale, 1876-7, Moodus, Power Co. Mem. New Tork Stock Bzchange. Re- 

1878->, East Hampton, 1880-1, StafFordviUe, publican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Union, Algonquin. 

1882-3; supernumerary 1884-1914; retired since Boston Athletic Assn., Mass. Automobile, EIx- 

1896; agt. Conf. Claimants fund, 1898-11, treas. change, Bastern Yacht Recreations: motorintr, 

since 1911. Pres. Jewett City Savings Bank. Odd yachting. Home: 6 Mt Vernon PI. OIBce: ES 

Fellow. Address; Jewett City, Conn. State St, Boston, Mass. 

JjnXOHT, rraaols WaxlMd, M.D., neuro- AVTKOVT, Hlas Bssd, banker; Aag. 6, 186S- 
loglst; b. Great Palls, N.H.. Aug. 26, 1868; s. Rev. Mar. 10, 1914. (See vol. 1909.) 
QeorgeNelsonand Abbie Clark (Stuart) Anthony; APPBZu SMdsl rMderlolc, vice-president New 
A;5:> .^^JX*""^ ^*I?5 **?*£,?'' ,^Pa'l*"A¥.*-2 -l^*^- England lHutual Life Insurance Co.; b. Cumber- 
1879-80, Weston (Mass.) High Sch., mO-2, Brad- land, Md., June 24. 1857. Was engaged In Are ln«. 
ford (Mass.) High Sch., 1882-5; M.D., Harvard work as local agt. in Pa. and fleld agt in the 
Med. Sch., 1888; m. Nov. 12, 1879, Alice Goodhue West 1876-85; apptd. Indiana gen. agt. for the 
Saltord. of Cambridge, Mass.; 2 children, Charles New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. in Mar.. 
Pike (deceased), Frederic SaflFord. House officer, 1885; supt of agencies. Mar., 1896; was elected 
Haverhill City Hosp., 1888-9, physician, same, sec. Mar., 1906, and v.-p. In Apr., 1908; dlr. New 
1895-1900; phys. Hale Hosp.; asso. medical exam- England Mutual Life Ins. Co., Old Colony Trust 
tner 4th Essex Dist., Mass.; consulting phys. to Co., United Electric Securities Co. Republican. 
Danvers Insane Hosp.; mem. staff Contagious clubs: Algonquin, Exchange, Brae Burn Country. 
Hosp., Haverhill; mem. med. com. advisory to Home: 107 Dean Rd., Brookllne. Address: New 
Mass. Accident Bd.; mem. corpn. Waverly School England Life Insurance Co., 87 Milk St., Boston, 
for Feebleminded; mem. execu. com. Mass^ Soc- APFAETOV, Oharlss Biooks, mechanical enerl- 
(?£<,***"'** S'l*^'®^!- ?JS?'n.^'^'",?'"^ ?f "*S}'!!' neer; b. Bostin, Oct. 1, 1862; s. Charles Henry 
1890; mem. Sch. Bd., 1890-03^ Fellow Mass. Med. and Jane Williams (Brooks) Appleton; 8.B., Mass. 
Soc; inem Mass Soc. Examining Physicians jngt. Tech., 1884; m. Marion iflngsbury, of Bos- 
JPrt?' J*^*\.S"??*.,'^.^''*-. **"^- ^°°»- ^°^"".°'i ton. Oct 12, 18^6. Asst instr. mech. engrtng.. 
J.l**V.."'^S'"K" "£?.-, ^Sh ?J"^- Pre"- Associated Mass. Inst Tech., 1884, 86. 90; engr. with E. t). 
Charities of Haverhill, 1910-16: Pres. bd. trustees Leavltt, 1887-90, with Atlantic Works. 1890-1, 
Tr*tS-*- .Republican. Congllst Club: Fort- and later with Wire Rope Machinery Co.. Steel 
nightly. Author: of various rsMrts and papers cable Engrlng Co. Mem. Amer. Soc. Mech. Engrs., 
in leading med. Jours.; also contbr. to mags, and goc. of Arts, Am. Free Trade League, Soc. May- 
newspapers. Address: 60 Merrimack St, Haverhill, flower Descendants, Soc. Founders and Patriots, 
Ma ss. Hoc Colonial Wars. Soc. Am. Wars. S.A.R. and 

AJITHOVT, Ctaidaer Ohaos, educator; b. Provi- S.R Capt. Troop A, 1st Squadron Cav.. M.V.M., 

dence, R.I., Apr. 24, 1856; s. David Chace and until 1913. Clubs: University, Technology, Ap- 

Sarah Clark (Carpenter) Anthony; ed. English and palachlan Mountain. Recreations: horseback 

Classical Sch., Providence; spl. course In engrlng. riding and canoeing. Home: 20 Netherlands Rd., 

Brown n. and Tufts, 1875-8 (hon. A.M.. 1889, Brookllne, Mass. 

Sc.D., 1905, Tufts); m. Susan Pearson, of Boston, APP&BTOH. Vnuwla Hawks, rubber mfr.: b. 

June 25, 1879. Practiced engrlng., 1878-85, dlr. Jersey City, N.J., Aug. 4, 1863; a. James Walker 

mech. dept, R.I. Sch. of Design. 1886: founded and Mary R. (Day) Appleton; g.s. of Robert Apple- 

R.I. Tech. Drawing Sch., 1887; dean Bromfleld- ton, who came from England and settled in New 

Pearson Sch and prof, drawing. Tufts Coll., since York, 1818; g.g.s. on mother's side, of Jacob 

1893; dean Engrlng. Sch., since 1898, Tufts Coll. •Woolley. who served through entire Revolutionary 

Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Bngrs., Soc. Promotion War; ed. pub. schs. and Pennington (N.J.) Sem.; 

Engrlng. Edn. (pres., 1913-14), A.A.A.S. (See m. Ida E. Cook, of New York, N.Y.. Sept 80, 

Who's Who in America for books.) Home: Tufts 1874; 1 son. Francis Hawks, Jr. (associated In 

College. Massachusetts.* business with father as sec. and treas. F. H. 

AVTKOST, Xsaxy Clay, seed grower; b. Ports- Appleton & Son, Inc.). In wholesale grocery 
mouth, R.I., June 10, 1852: s. Seth R. and Abbv business, N.Y. City, 7 yrs.; with Murphy Varnish 
Anthony; descendant of John Anthony. 1646; ed. Co. for 16 yrs., Hrst as traveling s^esman in 
pub. schs.; m. Dec. 23, 1876. Bldora J. Wilcox, of southern territory, then as mgr. of Boston br. 
North Attleboro, Mass. Engaged as seed grower and for 6 yrs.; began manufacture of reclaimed rub- 
in gen. mercantile business at Portsmouth since ber, 1902; pres. P. H. Appleton A Son, Inc. Vet- 
1872; mem. Henry C. Anthonv & Son Co.; dlr. eran 7th Regt., N.O. N.Y.; past commdr. Ancient 
Union Nat. Bank. Newport, R.I., Providence & and Hon. Arty. Co., Boston, 1912. Republican. 
Newport R.R.. Shaw Transportation Line and Episcopalian. Mason (32*). Clubs: Algonquin. 
Arctic Ice and Cold Storage Co., of Pall River, Boston Athletic, Belmont Springs Country, Bos- 
Mass Has served as mem. Town Council and ton City, Point Shirley (pres. since 1910). Rec- 
SLSsessor of taxes; mem. R.I. Ho. of Rep., 1900-8. reatlons: outdoor sports. Home: 1672 Beacon 
Senate, 1909-12 inclusive. Republican. Mason St, Brookllne, Mass. Office: 186 Summer St, Bos- 
(82°); past grand Oakland Lodge, I.O.O.F. Ad- ton. 
dress: Portsmouth, R.I. APP&BTOV, rranols Ksnry, agriculturist; b. 

MJgTMOWT, John, educator; b. Sauk Center, Boston. June 17. 1847: s. Francis Henry and 
Minn, June 15, 1874; s. Edward P. and Mary Georglana Crownlnshleld (Silsbee) Appleton; A.R, 
(Kimball) Anthonv; A.B.. Brown U., 1896: m. Harvard, 1869. A.M.. 1872; m. Fanny Rollins Tap- 
Bertha Everett, of Fall River, Ma.<is., June 16. pan, of Boston, June 2, 1874 (died): 2d. Mary 
1897: 2 children, Helen Everett, b. Oct 29. 1899, Spencer Tappan. Nov. 6. 1907. Pvt. to capt Masa 
.Tanet. Nov. 80. 1910. Instr. In rhetoric. Brown Vol. Militia; later commlssary-gen. state of Masa; 
U., 1894-5: prln. high sch.. West Brldgewater. now ma1.-gen., retired. Mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 
Mass.. 1R95-6: asst supt Farm Sch., Thompson's 1891. 1892, Senate. 1902. 1903; del. Rep. Nat Conv., 
Island, Mass., 1896-7, and since 1897: supervising 1892. Curator Bussey Inst, 1873-5; mem. Mass. 
prln. grammar sohs . New Britain. Conn.. 1897-9; Bd. Agr. since 1876 (elected sec. 1887, but de- 
supt House of Reformation, Boston. 1899-1900; cllned); reporter on agr. for Mass. commrs., 
sunt pub. schs.. Wareham and Marlon. Mass., Vienna Expn., 1873; mem. bd. commrs., James- 
1900-4; Weymouth, 1904-6, Bralntree. 1906-9. Mel- town Expn.; mem. bd. control Mass. Agrl. Expt 
rose, since 1909. Mem. Sigma Chi. Phi Beta Sta. Press. Perkins Instn. and Mass. Sch. for 
Raopa. Author: The Golden Man — A Fantastic Blind, N.R. Gen. Theol. Library. Essex Inst 
Tale; Course In Elementary Agriculture; also (Salem): ex-pres. Essex Club. Rep. Club of Mass.; 
verse and numerous articles and sketches. Ad- trustee Peabody Mus. (Salem), Mass. Gen. Hosp. 
dress: 14 Mt Vernon St. Melrose, Mass. Trustee and sec. Ma^s,; §pQ,_I^©^otlng Agr.; 



fres.-Ken. Nat. Soc. B.A.R., 1906-6; ex-pres. Am. 
lorestry Aun., N.& AktI. Soc, Mass. Hort. Soc. 
C3aba: Country (BrookUne), Salem (ex-prea.), 
Salem Golf, Somerset, University. Home: Pea- 
body. Mass. (summer)- Ifil MarlborouKh St., Bos* 
ton (-winter >. Office: SO Consress St., Boston.* 

BVOV, VXBBk, clergyman; b. Providence, 
R.1^ Mar. 19, 1862; a. Benjamin and Llllis W. A.: 
A.B.. Bro-wn U., 1890; B.D., Bpiscopal Theol. Sch., 
Cambridge. Mass.. 1892; m. Providence, R.I.. Dec. 
2S. 1892, Lena Bllsabeth Follett Ordained P. Ei. 
ministry, 1892; rector St. Thomas' Ch., Providence, 
1891-2, St. Andrew's, St Johnsbnry, Vt, 1892-7, 
Trinity Ch., Pawtucket. since 1897. Dean of Con- 
vocation of Pawtucket. Address: 60 Main St., 
Pawtucket. R.I. 

AJPPIiBTOH, rnOailek 2Bnatt lawyer, banker; 
b. B&nKor, Me.. Jan. 14, 1844; AM., Bowdoln, 
18C4 (L.UD., 1910). Admitted to bar and prac- 
ticed in Boston. Mass., 1899-78, Bangor since 
1873: city solicitor 1878-9; county atty.. 188S-8; 
mem. Appleton A Chaplin. Republican. Unitarian. 
Clubs: Metropolitan. University (Washington, 
D.C): Tarratlne (Bangor). Address: 16 Columbia 
St.. Bangor, Me. 

Kaxr7 O.. real est.: b. Roxbury, 
Mass., Sept. 21, 1872; s. Gleorge C. and M. Frances 
(Smith) Appleton; ed. pvt. schs., Boston; unmar- 
ried. Began in real estate business with father, 
1893; admitted as mem. Oeo. C. Appleton & Son, 
1903; succeeded as sole propr. on death of father, 
1906. Mem. Mass. Real Estate Exchange, Boston 
Real ESstate Etxchange, Boston Chamber of Com- 
merce. Republican. Protestant. Clubs: Exchange, 
Boston City. Home: 62 Perrin St., Roxbury. Of- 
flce: SI State St., Boston. 

AnXBTOH. John KowHd, chemist; b. Port- 
land. Me., Feb. 3, 1844; a. Ellsha Winiams and 
Martha. Wylly (Hyde) Appleton; Ph.B.; Brown U., 
1862. A.M., 1869 (Sc.D., 1900). Asst. instr. and 
instr. analytical chemistry, 1863-8, prof, chemistry 
applied to the arts, 1868-72, prof, chemistry, 1872; 
now emeritus prof.. Brown U. R.I. state sealer 
of irelghta and measures many yrs. ; was also 
chemist R.I. State Bd. Agr., and Providence Water 
Works: mem. U.S. Mint Commn., 1891. Fellow 
A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Chem. Soc. (ex-v.-p. and 
chmn., R.I. Sect.), Soc, Chem. Industry, N.T. 
Acad. Sciences, Providence Art Club (pres.). Phi 
Beta Kappa (pres. R.I. Alpha, 1881-2). (See Who's 
Wlio in America for boolES and writings.) Ad- 
dress: 209 Angell St, Providence, R.I.* 

AVnrr, Albert aMtkes, lawyer; b. Cambrld**, 
Mass., Nov. 27, 1870; s. William Stokes and Jennie 
(Heermans) Apsey; A.B.. Harvard, 1893; LUB., 
Harvard Law School. 1896; admitted to bar, 1896; 
m. Laura Louise Soule, of Cambridge, Apr. 2, 
1896; 2 children, Lawrence Soule and Sucanne. 
Has practiced in Boston since 1896; executor and 
trustee of various estates; mem. City Council, 
Cambridge, 1896, 96, 97 (pres. 1896-7); mem. Mass. 
Ho. of Rep., 1898. 99, 1900, 1901, Senate, 1902-8. 
Pres. Rlverbank Court Hotel Co.; trustee River- 
bank Court Securities Co.; dir. Mass. Bonding Ins. 
Co.; trustee Met Wharf Trust Mem. Bar Assn., 
City of Boston. Harvard Law School Assn., Bos- 
ton Real ESstate Exchange. Republican. Clubs: 
University, Belmont Country, Colonial, Middle- 
sex. Recreations: golf, tennis. Home: (^mbrldge, 
Mass. Office: 16 State St, Boston. 

APSKST, Sawls BeWHt, mfr.; b. Northumber- 
land, Pa., Sept. 29, 1862; s. Qeorge Apsley and 
Anna C. (Wenclc) Apsley; pub. sch. edn. ; removed 
to Phila. at 16, and was employed in rubber mfg. 
establishment; removed to Mass., 1877, and in 
1886 established the Apsley Rubber Co., of which 
has since been pres. and treas. ; also Identlfled 
with other interests. Mem. 63d and 64th Con- 
gresses, 1893-7. 9th Mass. dlst (declined renomi- 
natlonj. V.-chmn. Nat. Rep. Congressional Com., 
campaigns of 1894 and 1896. Address: Hudson, 

AMOBXM, Oscar Abasr, mfr.; b. Livonia, N.Y., 
Sept 23, 1829, s. Benjamin and Clarissa (Day) 
Archer; grad. N.Y. State Normal Sch., Albany, 
1851; m. Helen Mary Blacklnton. of Blaxsklnton, 
Mass., Apr. 24, 1866. Teacher in dlst schs. and 
N.T. Conf. Sem., 1861-6; confidential elk., 1866-76, 
treas., since 1876, Blacklnton Woolen Mills Co., 
North Adams, Mass.; pres. Hoosao Savings Bank, 
North Adams, 33 yrs.; mem. Sch. Bd. since 1872; 
assessor, 1888; chmn. Bd. of Selectmen, 1890-1; 
chmn. Civ. Service Commrs. since 1894; organizer 
and librarian Blacklnton Pub. Library. Repub- 
lican. Baptist Recreations: gardening. Ad- 
dress: North Adams, Mass 

_»._»-.wJr, Sanmsl, insurance; b. New Tork, 
Apr. 7, 1846; s. Samuel and Elisabeth (Gardner) 
Appleton: ed. pub. scha., Boston; m. Julia H. Klm- 
balX June 14, 1869; one daughter. Maude. Clk in 
importing house of B. C. Clark A Co., Boston, 
1862-7. since engaged in Are and liability ins. 
business; was elk. for Burge and Lane, 1867-9; 
sec. Kxchanjre Fire Ins. Co., 1889-86; sec, 1875-8, 
prea., 1R78-82, Commonwealth Fire Ins. Co.;' pres. 
Mfrs.' Fire A Marine Ins. Co., 1882-6; gen. agt, 
at Boston. 1886-9. U.S. mngr., since 1889. Em- 

Sloyers' Liability Assurance Corpn., Ltd., of Lon- 
on, Kng. Democrat. Unitarian. Clubs: Algon- 
quin. Etxchange, Boston Athletic Assn., Brookllne 
Country, Worcester, Eastern Tacht. Home: 276 
Marlboro St Office: 38 Broad St, Boston. 

f, WUIlam SnauMr, antiquarian; b. 
Boston. May 29, 1874; a. William Sumner and 
Edith Stuart (Appleton) Appleton; descendant of 
Samuel Appleton, of Little Waldingfleld, Eng., 
who came to America, 1636; prep. ed. Hopklnson 
Sch., Boston, and St. Paul's Sch., Concord. N.H.; 
AB.. Harvard, 1896; unmarried. Engaged as 
broker In real estate 3 yrs.; then traveled ex- 
tensively; organizer Soc. for the Preservation of 
New England Antiquities (Incorporated, 1910) 
and sec. same, also editor and pub. of its bulletin. 
Mem. Ist Corps Cadets, M.V.M., 3 yrs. Mem. S.R. 
<ex-v.-p.). S.A.R., Royal House Assn., Paul Re- 
vere Memorial Assn., Shirley Eustia Assn., 
iDswlch Hist Soc.. Topsfield Hist Soc. Unitarian. 
(^ubs: Union. Tennis and Racquet Harvard 
T'nion; Harvard (Boston and New York). Recreai- 
tions: fine arts. Homp: 8 Park St.. Boston. Of- 
flce: 9 Ashburton PI.. Boston. 

», Andrew Webster, author; b. New 
Kingston, N.T., Apr. 10, 1851; s. Robert pnd 
Betsy (Hamilton) Archibald; A.B., Union Coll.. 
1872 (head of cituis, with lit. and oratorlal 
honors); taught in acad., Pulaski, N.Y., 1872-3; 
B.D., Yale. 1876; Andover Theol. Sem.. 1887-8; 
(D.D., Union, 1891); m. Julia Agnes Warren, of 
New Haven, Conn., May 18, 1876. Ordained Congl. 
ministry, 1876; pastor Nevinville and Fontanelle, 
la., 1878-7, Stuart la., 1877-80, Ottumwa, la., 
1880-7, Davenport, la., 1888-92, Hyde Park, Mass., 
1892-7, Brockton, Mass., 1897-05; acting pastor 
(when not traveling) since 1906, 1st Ch. (New 
Britain, Conn.), let Ch. (Springfield, Mass.), 
Pilgrim' Ch. and 2d Ch., Dorchester, Boston, eta; 
organizer of Plymouth Ch., Ottumwa, la., and 
Chs. In CUftondale (Saugus) and 'Waban (New- 
ton), Mass. Trustee la. Coll., 1889-99: ex-pres. 
la. Home Missionary Soc; moderator Boston 
Con^I. Ministers' Meeting; dir. Mass. Christian 
Endeavor Union; del.-at-large from Mass. to Nat. 
Congl. Council. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Boston Congl. Club, etc. (See 'Who's Who 
In America for books and writings.) Address: 
Newton Centre. Massachusetts.* 

ASOKnUXI>, rraak C, lawyer; b. Exeter, 
N.H., 1867: ed. Mlddlebury High Sch.; Vt Acad., 
Saxtons River. State's attorney. Bennington 
County, 1892; mem. Vt Ho. of Rep., 1904, 1906; 
Senate, 1910. Republican. - Baptist. Home: Man- 
chester Center, 'vt 

ASOKIBAU>, Baymoad Clare, mathematician; 
b. Colchester Co., N.S., Can., Oct 7, 1875; a. Abram 
Newcomb and Mary (Melllsh) A.; B.A., U. of 
Mt Alliaon Coll., N.B., 1894; Harvard, 1896-8, 
B.A, 1896, M.A., 1897; U. of Berlin, 1898-9; 
U. of Strassburg. 1899-1900, Ph.D.. 1900; Sor- 
bonne, Paris, 1909-10; unmarried. Prof, mathe- 
matics and librarian, Mt. Allison Ladles' Coll.. 
Sackville. N.B., 1894-B and 1900-7; prof, mathe- 
matics Acadia U., Wolfvllle, N.S., 1907-8; Instr. 
mathematics. 1908-9. asst. prof., 1910 — , Brown 
U. Del. Congress of Unlvs. of British Empire, r> 

" 5'*" 

uiyiLizeu uy 

■V^J V^V^ ' 


London, 1912. Methodist. Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Wilcox A Tyler, flour mfrs., De Pere, Wla., 18U; 

Nova Scotia Hist Soc, SocI6t6 Mathfimatlque de then mem. Tyler & Amdt, changed to Arndt Bpot, 

France, Math. Aasn. (England), London Math, continuing to 1885: was pres. and sec MlUen' 

Soc, Deutsche Mathematlker Verelnlgung, Bdin- Mut. Ins. Co., Milwaukee, Wis., 188Z-92: Mit 

burgh Math. Soc; Asso. Math. Teachers in New sec. and mgr., Daisy Roller Mills, Superior, Wia, 

England, Am. Math. Soc. (See Who's Who In 1893-6; mgr. of gen. eastern office, same, Boston. 

America for books and writings.) Address: Brown 1895-7; mem. Arndt, Thompson & Co., wholeult 

Univ., Providence, R.I.* commn. flour merchants, since 1897. Mem. Bostoi 

M-^mr^^mr^ - , .. „ _,„„ ._. K Chamber of Commerce. Served in 12th Wla Inf, 

AXCKnAXA, Warm BsymOBr, clergyman: b. iggi.j; ^as with Gen. U. S. Grant at Vlcksburg. 
Boston, June 17 1880; s David Winiam and Miss., reenlisted in 47th Wis. Inf., Dec, ISM: 
Martha Jane {Williams) Archibald, .AB., magna mustered out. Sept., 16, 1865. Progressive. Con- 
cum laude. Harvard, 1903, A.M., 1904; S.T.B cum ^regatlonallst. Mem. G.A.R. Mason (KT. 
laude. Harvard Dlv Sch, 1908; m Marie R. Ernst, Ihriner). Club: Boston City. Recreation.: 
of Boston. June 27, 1908: 2 children. Warren S^ country life, tramping. Home: 26 College «t, 
Jr.. Thomas Lane. Began as asst. minister Old Medford. Miss. Address 402 Chamber of Corn- 
South Ch., Boston, Sept 1, 1908; ordained Congl. nmrre Ronton 

ministry in Old South Ch., Apr. 14, 1909; pastor "_' f"! "„ ^ , iu = »v . v »Tr 

Pilgrim Memorial Ch., Plttsfleld, Mass.. since A»MpiD,All«i, banker; b. Perth Amboy.N.!, 

Nov. 1, 1909. Mem. Berkshire North Assn., Berk- Mar. 16, 1868; s. Gen. Lewis G. (U.S. Army) and 

shire Congl. Club. Republican. CHub: Berkshire Julia M. (Lowd) Arnold: ed. high sch.; unnuj; 

Harvard. Recreations: tennis, walking. Address: rlod. In banking and brokerage, as Allen Ara^ 

Plttsfleld, Mass. & Co. since 1897; mem. Boston and New Tort 

AmwTw T.^».ia 'u n • >. i>,>_.ia tiiIif 10 K??- stock exchangcs. Mem. Order Foreign Wan of 

. ^S^^?5?^„%•/^hn•.SI\ !%?,?■ <3r' Hn;' U.S., Loyal Cegion, Aztec Club of n47, Socletr 

v^rrt iToi mA iaoi^ «t^?dlld 5u^« of «ar War of 1812, Order Indian Wars of U.S. Bepab- 

^S;2-a'n'd"\hr'5a?abV'o°a*d:'.rr'rltl''tercSL''o'f !i?ti?etlc'''i'^"t'Sl!'^acS."*Somf-'''JX't^r)^S 

Boston. Dec 19, 1909 (died Oct 24. 1910). Prac- ^f^torta! IS^ton" T^mmert ^wamraTOtL Mitt 

tlced in Boston since 1904; specializes In treat- office- 85 DlTOSihlreS?BoatoJ? 

ment of ear. nose and throat; visiting surgeon .''^■^^Jt^J^IL.^'^ ^ . . i. 

Mt Sinai HoBP.; asst visiting surgeon, Boston ^ A»HOtD, Bdwapd Evsntt, merchant mtt.;^ 

Dispensary (ear dept): lecturer on laryngology, Coventry, R.I., Dec 17, 1862; s. Nathaniel Mj 

Tufts Coll. Sch. of Medicine. Mem. A.M.A., Mass. Lydla (Vaughn) Arnold; ed. pub^ schs. and But 

Med. Soc. Suffolk Dlst Med. Soc. N.B. Pediatric Sr*^",^'*'*'.^^,^?:! "?• Vl^l^^ "°SK?1 °'tI^ 

Soc. Boston Med. Library. Republican. Jewish 111-. .Jan. 3, 1889; 6 children: Mlttle, DoroOj, 

religion. Club: New Century. Recreations: Edwin Hodges, Henry Nathaniel, BlIiabelh.B»; 

mechanics, baseball. Address: 866 Commonwealth gaged In mercantile and mfg. business since IMJ; 

Av Boston pres. Arnold Hoffman & Co., Inc., Nitrogen Pm- 

AmwTWAwnw a.^..! '^^ii.^.. «n>..<.h.n». "cts Co., Oneonta Light & Power Co. (New Toit): 

w.t^^V'^Tffa ^^^KnT^^SSV »"«'^«"*»*' v.-p. The Mathleson Alkali Wks.; dir. viriOM 

Feb. 11, 1837-19—: (See vol. 1909.) corpus.: Pres. Town Council, Coventry, IMI-t; 

ABinTEJiB, 0*OTg« B., editor Evening News, Rep. presdl. elector, 1908; mem. HI. Senate, ItH- 

Lynn, Mass. 1914. Mason. Clubs: Hope, Squantum, Rl 

AmmTBOVe, Andrsw OamvbsU, college prof.; Country. Ciiemists' (New York). Home: Cot- 

b. New York, Aug. 22, 1860: s. Andrew Campbell entry, R.I. Office: 53 Canal St, Providence, Bl 

and Isabella Johnston (Sinclair) Armstrong; B.A.. ABBOU), Bmst Mutmtmn, MD.; b. Erfurt 

Princeton, 1881. fellow, 18S1-2, M.A.. 1884; grad. Germany, Feb. 11. 1865; 8. Johann Bruno ai 

Princeton Theol. Sem.. 1886; studied U. of Ber- Ernestine (Oraakowsky) Arnold; ed. Jl«»lgTiii»»- 

Iln. Germany. 1885-6; (hon. M.A., Wesleyan U.. slum, Halle, to 1883; grad. Normal Sch of Gm- 

Conn., 1*94; Ph.D., Princeton, 1896): m. Mabel nasties, Milwaukee, Wis.. 1888; M.D., Yale. H«: 

Chester Murray, of Princeton, N..T.. Sept. 6. 1888. unlvs. of Halle and Leipzig, 1896, coursM a 

Asso. prof, ecclesiastical history, Princeton Theol. surgery and orthopaedics; m. Marie VagtL « 

Sem, 1886-7; Instr. In history, Princeton Coll., Trenton, N.J., Mar., 1889; 2 children, Bamestin* 

1887-8; prof, philosophy, Wesleyan U., since 1888. Bruno. Orthopeedic surgeon. New Haven D* 

Asso. editor New Princeton Review. 1887-8; co- pensary, and Griffin Hosp. (Derby, Conn.); OrW 

Operating editor Psychological Review, 1904-09. Hosp., New Haven; Instr. orthopaedic snnrOT. 

(Spb Who's Who In America for societies, books, "Vale; dIr. New Haven Normal Sch. of Gymmstto 

writlnrs. etc.) Address: MIddletown, Conn.* Pres. Anderson Gymnasium Co.; asso. edit* 

- - -- - - tate ana All 

mauufm^Mw, Banjaanln A., president Brain- Mind and Body. Mem. City, Co., State aad -^ 

erd and Armstrong Co., silk fabrics and satins; Med socs., Conn. Acad. Arts and Sciences, AAAi 

nres. Nat Bank of Commerce. Address: New "^^-^ '=°""°". Am. Phys. ^n. Assn, New T«t 

London. Conn. Acad. Medicine. Author: Elementary ApparaW 

_._.._._ -.4.^._ Ti-_ji .111, Work, 1896; Manual of School Gymnastics. IW- 

™^^^?TJi?iw^.f^^T^.^ »7^«7??^'' R»nll Tactics Of the Individual, 1899; Gymnastic (5»B« 

^^!^'-i'I^A'V^S^}r<iiJ;:}I^^ya^itlVA-,.l,^^^t' ISO": Gvmnastic Nomenclature. 1906: Tactic, of 

ITnil -^-H'nl.ivijO^HiSh^S}. J ifLw T L^«^ n^.„f the Rank, 1915. Clubs: Yale (New York), Rl«- 

^V^ v,;i? 1^9. ^^ irHSihoJt^Il?.,? ?hF„,Ln' ^'■""^ Country (New Haven). Home: 46 Tort Sq. 

of^VeJ'lfondln'se'St.fs'.^sST: S^^ch'lMre? EhI": O*"";,"!? ST^"!! ^^^ ^^ ^t^'^ f!^ Vf 

both. Angela. Lloyd. Began In mfg. business at **WOM, 'naois J^ M.D.; b. Burlington, rj 

New I.,ondon, 1892; sec. and asst. treaa. Bralnerd B. Joseph and Mary (Cuminines) Arnold. lU* 

ft ArmB*ron» Co.. silk mfrs: treas. C. C. Lewis JJed. Dept, Univ. of Vt., 1901; house sniJJJ" 

Co., whoVsale hardware (Springfield. Mass.), New JJ^i;'^ J^Pt<=*»" "o^P^, 1901-3: Post-gma. «" 

London Real Estate & Improvement Co.; sec G. P**"*- ,''°8Ps.' 190S-4. Has practiced In BurllnjWj 

M. Williams Co., retail hardware. New London; since 1904; splty, diseases of the eve, e;'.'"* 

dlr. and officer In other corpns.; plpcted alderman, g"" $r'^,?t-_Pomp: 94 North Av. Office: 18!iwi 

New London, 190R. mayor, 1906. Republican. St. Burlington. Vt 

Congllxt. Mason (K.T.); mem. B.P O.E. Clubs: ASWOKB. Frank Stewart, paper mfr.: b. Brwi' 

Yale, Thames, Wlnthrop. Address: New I^ondon. lyn. June 17. 1861; s. James and Marie BonrwA 

Conn. (PcottI) Arnold: ed. pub. schs. and Adelohl Acui. 

amvMWBAwa v«.«.. n««* .^^-.^a «« n.^^^^ Brooklyn; m. July 26. 1882, Carrie Lawrf nee, "• 

y^^^S^^ iMiT^ ' Orange, pamuel Lawrence and Harrietts Cleaves (Pwlj 

N.J. (See vol. 1909.) Ferguson, of Amesburv. Mass. (she died IH'' 

ABWBT, Bdwud WUooa, merchant; b. Green 2 daughters. Harrlette Marie and Gladva Tn en- 

Bav. Wis.. Feb 8. 1846: s. John Wallace and Mary ploy of wholesale tin-ware house. N.T.. 18'i'' 

Catherine (Wilcox) Arndt; descendant on mother's removed to Boston. 1880; salesman, dir.. and nnf- 

side of Roger Williams and Edward Wilcox, two dIr. RIce-Kendall Co. paper mfrs.. 1880-JI; "J 

of the foi'ti<^ers of R.I.; ed pub. schs., Orpen Bay; ganlzed The Arnold-Roberts Co., paper irfrs. U" 

m. Mary Ellen Delany, of Fond du Lac, Wis., June dpalers. Boston, 1898. and has since been w* 

», 1869; 1 son, Walter Tallmadge. Began with Mem. Commoj^ C5jj.nf5U..^%1^55,.^lfl?'" '"' 


Maiden Bd. of Trade, Paper Trade Aean., Boston ABVOU>, M«B>y Tnekmr, clergyman; b. Provt- 

(prea.). N.R Paper Jobber's Assn., T.M.C.A. (Mai- dence, R. I., Mar. 31, 1844; s. Qeorge William and 

den). Boston Chamber of Commerce. Mason (K.T.). Mary Parker (Tucker) Arnold; grrad. Providence 

ConellaL Club: Boston City. Recreations: motor- HiKh Scb., 1862; A.M., Brown U., 1866; grad. An- 

Inc. Home: Maiden, Mass. Office: 180 Congress dover TheoL Sem., 1871; m. Amelia Victoria Leith, 

SC, Boston. of Providence, Nov. 6, 1879; S cliildren: Anthony 

AaVOU>. rrad W_ insurance- b Providence. Brown, Amelia Louise, Henry Dyer. Ordained 

R-frrgnTs'. ChristS^Tier B "2d Sa?ih (Tr^man^ ?i*"'»i'«?i^?"^ St" ^S^'x,^^' 12^^' ^'^'"'i V,?!?U' 

Arnold; ed. Providence High Sch.; m. Providenc^ Me.. 1871-2, >Jorth Oh., Providence. R. I. 1872-6, 

1866, Josephine Keach (died Mar. 'll. 1916) 3 chil- ?^*"«S'<=^ J?l'" w!nV^Mr'''iV7lf 8?^ -rw^rtXn 'nY' 

dren, Frederick W., Jr.. Harold 6., Constance Jf"-*- *l,^l\;'„yH'"V^®.;' ^*7I;?^ dSi^® n.?,U,^V 

(Mra. William P. Buffum). Became identified with 1888-7, Plainfleld, (3pnn.. 1887-1907, Norwich, 

Bopltable Fire ft Marine Ins. Co.. 1861. sec, 1861- Conn, and vicinity, since 1907. Mem. New Lon- 

liVs. pres since 1876. Mem. Providence Chamber don Assn Congl Ministers. Co-editor of PlaJiw 

of Commerce. Clubs: University, Turks Head "f'i.^'^*"'*,"'?™?! }f?*.!.„'?it"^nh®^Jiil^«fi'5"^°i"anY 

(Providence). Home: 159 Waterman St. Office: »' *''S?P^^""'^'.,?* ^'^ 9?"5>.S^• ^'^»"°®il' i,?"i- 

I Custom House St., Providence, R.I. Republican. Address: 43 Williams St., Norwich, 

>'»WOTi'l>, Q so M s Txands, teacher, librarian; "?«»«»«. w«_.. •^.-a^ u -r. . >. t>._* ».t^ 

F'efa. 7 1848.n<>e. S 1914 (Spn vol ISlSs ^ ABHO&B, KOMM* ItUWUi, M.D.: b. BOStOll, NOV. 

*«i«»«^L— - wi- 1.1 J^^ V T> . . , <• 18«2; 8- George J. andAnna fa. (Bullard) Ar- 

_■*■"<>**• ^^^ S^*J*^ librarian; b. Bristol, nold; grad. Roxbury Latin School; A.B., Harvard, 

?-Jb.,5f**^.,'' ^\"= "u ^"''i^,?';'^^?*'"*''/^'^'"''"^ 188B:: M.D., Harvard Medical School, 1889: m. 

AttoW: ed. pub. schs. and R.I. Normal Sch.; m. j^a P. Lane, of Waltham, Mass., June 8, 1892. 

rHf*^,'^ ^^''S"?' A' Rlconjo"". Rlyk A'""/^?!** Practiced in Boston since 1889; dean Grad. School 

l^^SU SSJb,^^1.^ ^- i^c?^JS*^;^^7'^'"'\^-^-hoJi}'i- o' Medicine, Harvard University; visiting phys., 

l2.»^-'^'J?i2rS„l*ll'*£; '"*:?"§ T"'°.'".Sui.!.^*'f^ Boston City Hospital until 19W. Mem. A.iXa. 

•^^Hy ^P-"?*? "'"*., *^^®'''" Z.*"^ ^?i, *"?yj?V aI" (mem. Council on Bdn.). Am. OlimatoL Assn., 

MK**^ o'flnlshlngdept. cotton mills lf63-0S: Juass. Med. Soc., Boston ^oc. Med. Improvement^ 

US."^*^ Rogers' Free Library, since 1878; dir. Boston Soc. Med. Sciences, etc. Club: Harvard. 

Brtetol Co. Savings Bank until consolidated with Home: 427 Beacon St. Office: 620 Commonwealth 

Industrial Trust Co., 1900; sec. Sinking Fund Ave Bostoa w«"^«>- «*w v-oitiitiu«w«iiiii 

Otmmn.; mem. Bristol Sch. Com., 1881-08 (pres. .i—--.-. , ^ »„ ».. ,.,, >. ,„ 

U yn. Coroner of the town since 1906; now ■f^„'i*"/ '"S?",*^!"'.»"*?°'"' ?""'■i'1^^ <?«* 

moderator of town meetings; moderator 2d Rep- ^ol- 1909, also Who's Who In America. 1910-11.) 

resentaUve Dlst. Mgr. T.M.C.A. since 1867. Mem. ASVOUt, jMtaal* Ollvsr, M.D.; b. Central 

R.L Library Assn. Baptist (deacon, moderator Falls, R.I., Sept. 8, 1860; d. Frederick B. and 

and treas. of ch ). Mem. S.A.R. (historian Bristol Louisiana N. (Oliver) Fish; descendant of Artemas 

Chapter). Odd Fellow (past grand master of Odd Fish, a soldier of the Revolutionary War; ed. 

Fellows of R.I.: treas. of Lodge; p.cj>. of Bncamp- pvt. schs., Boston; M.D., Boston U. Sch. of Medl- 

ment); p.n.g. Rebekas (founder In Bristol); chief cine, 1891; m. William Harkness Arnold, of Provi- 

of O.F. VeL Assoc., 1915; mem. Royal Arcanum, dence, R.I., Jan. 18, 1888. Practiced in Providence 

Originator of the observance in the pub. schs. since 1891. Bpiscopallan. Clubs: Art, Handi- 

of R.I.'s Declaration of Independence, May 4, craft Address: 86 Cushing St., Providence, R.I. 

T^I*- -F^glS' . \°''-Ji''^ ^^ ^'^'''^ Rogers Free AMKOZn, John A, pres. Narragansett Machine 

Library. Bristol, R.L Co., Pawtucket, R.I. 

'???»•S^°¥,*T?S^»'*4?L"f,"•vV?,■i?:''■ •*"<>'». '<"»». M9i". librarian;, b. Ports- 

\!2L 'T^Pi'l^lJS"^ Jv,^15?L^V°,L^S?vwfuiim' "• I^°'« Anthony, of Portsmouth. Oct SO, I860: 

M^M^Ji-h tft ?«io H»rHtt'^S^ K i«?s n^ Teacher in various pub. schs., R.I., 8 yrs., and 

5^i-^'^i^.'Li=%.^Ji?,;.S?!^'^ iVft??"™if;„.^Vil" ni. afterward associated with Joshua Kendall in con- 

^^1^Jitl^^.."^^r9niii- i^?T>F^^.hny^ -tP^l ducting pvt. sch. for boys at Cambridge, Mass., 

l^£fX**5r;,«¥%"o'-*?*'Vi?i ^™f\T^.*lJ;l',;'„^i, '' y™-; librarian Harvard Law Sch.. 1872-1913, 

2K**?I2C:J'-I-*'?J!?"^h;.*^\^i,.'^'^;.ySl^'^'^^7f*X; »'"«» librarian emeritus. Mem. Free Trade 

V^S^^^S^mfriiJ^^T'j^^lT^^.^^.in"'JitpSl U|i'M«T.*= " ^'"""' ^•- ^^'•"'~= '"'"'■ 

Delta Phi. Recreations: irolf. Address: 64 Ken- „««,„%,. . « .^^ . ..r . ^ ■ 

neth St. West Roxbury. Mass. «'*S"?55j.i'?'"S" *3. "''I?- ^?.!°fT*°.° ^**; ^5"''' 

.__ ' _ _ .. _ „ ^ .. „ „ M. N. Arnold & Co.: dlr. Fourth Nat Bank, Bos- 

AMSOXJt, Xaroia ■•■»», BCD.; b. New Haven, ton. Address: Ablngton, Mass. 

0>nn.. July 29, 1877: s. (jeorge Sumner Savage AnirnTTi w>ar«n« ti.wii.^. t. iuiii..iii~ mr 

and Eva Georgena (Thompson! Arnold; ed. HlFl- ni^ l?4S* r^inSJS^nfli,.™ iXli m^h^^^^ 

house High Sch.. New llaven: grad. Phillips Webb (Dirllne) A?^ild*^ Ca^lRie ?o„U« 0«p* 

Acad.. Andover. Mass.. 189S: A.B.. Tale. 1900: li^R^.'r?"'"^'—-^'^"?!''' "2-. Car?'l".«..l-'9"'?® Gee, 

Bcuaiea rjeriin ana Vienna, ivuo-o; m. jusiine —on witK t»1.n.r/^...l r'l.a^. ■wr.Ci.i.o ««.i ™„« *-»-- 

IngersoU. of New York. Oct 81. 1918. Practiced fjme J^tif m^ now dir^d^r Protld^^re ^«« 

In New Haven since 1906; asst. pathologist to rvi M«t Viphl'nJl? Roni' Tj»<y.^ m.£.^ 

N>w Haven Hosp.. 1906, attending phys., 1908, Sfubs^ Hom SanantSS AMresa 24' SMm-on 

1»11: instr. in pathology. Yale. 1910; raed. exam- Vv Pm^rtSno» r^ Address. 24 Stimson 

Iner Aetna Life Ins. Co. Mem. A.M.A., New Haven .JlIZVl^: — 

Ked. Soc. New Haven County Med. Soc. Sigma „'**?*>^"' OUver Hanry, M.D.; June 23, 1841- 

XI. (3amma Delta PsI, Zeta PsI, Nu Sigma Nu. May 28, 1911. (See vol. 1909.) 

Clubs: Graduates'. New Haven Lawn. Address: ABHOKB, Olasy. diplomatic service; b. Cxtm- 
122 Crollege St, New Havea Conn. berland. R.I.. Sept 8. 1861; b. William G. and Lucy 
MMKOXa>, Mmxzy Xdacola. wholesale boots and .Mv'Aiarich) Arnold- ed^ Mowry and GoiTs Eng- 
shoca; b. Bangor. Me., Nov. 22, 1864; s. Jesse Mar- ""h and Classical Sch., Providence, R.I. ;m. Grace 
lin and Elisabeth (Perry) Arnold: ed. pub. schs.; Angell, of Providence, R.I., Apr 10, 1889. Treas. 
m. Mabel Howe Potter, of Newton, Me., Oct. 11, ?"'' i"^""- Rogers Screw Co., 1899-13: pres. AngeH 
1899; 1 daughter, Frances. Began active career i-ft"^ Co.; mem. R.I. Ho. of Rep., 1908; Dem. can- 
In father's storft and was admitted to nartnershlp. aldate for gov. of R.I., 1908. 1909; diplomatic 
1885; bnsiness later incorporated as jT M. Arnold fSfP^ ?,"*?» consul gen. to Egypt since Sept. 2, 
Shoe Co.. and pres. same since 1903, treas. since i'" Unitarian. Home: Providence, R.I. Ad- 
loos. Rer-iihiican TorV and Scottish Rite Mason, areas: American Agency, Cairo, Egypt* 
Shriner. Clnlis: Tarratine, Boston Athletic Assn. ASVOKD, Orson Konav, wholesale fish me» 
Address: Bangor, Me. chant; b. Duxbury, Mass., Dec. 10, 1844; s. Abel C. 



and Mary P. (Weston) Arnold; ancestors on both Anecdotes); prep. edn. Hopkins Oraxnnuu- Sch. 
sides of family were early N.K settlers; ed. pub. and Hlllhouse Hlsh Sch., New Haven; A.B., Tala 
scha. of Duxburyj m. Eunice T. Delano, of Dux- 1903; student Yale Law Sch., 2 yrs., also law 

lion. M D • h 'Weatmlnstar Hist. Assn^ Am. PoUt. Science Assn., Asiatic Soc 
Am. ancestor settled In ,<^"f .**^^°^^.^bo In Ameri<» for booto and writ- 

bury, Oct 13, 1865; one daughter, Carrie Frances, office of B. P. Arvlne 1 yr.; m. Viola L,ouiae 
Bearan active career, 1869, sailing on flshintr boats, Qrlffln, of New Haven, Feb. 15, 1908; 3 daushten 
plying between Boston and the Oreat Banks, and Viola Slizabeth, Alice Jane, Barbara I^oulseL Ad- 
was capt. of boat tor 11 yra.; engaiced in whole- mltted to Conn, bar, 1907; practiced w^lth Arvlne, 
sale flsb business since 1881; pres. N.B. Fish Co, Woodruff & Arvlne, New Haven, 1907-12; mem. 
since 1906, and dlr. of same 27 yrs.; pres. Arnold- Arvlne. Beers & Woodruff since Jun& 1912. Mem. 
Windsor Co., Inc., 1911 (one of the orlfrinal 27 Conn. State Bar Assn. Mem. Woodberry Soc. of 
firms that first leased the T Wharf, 18S4); dlr. N.T. City (organised for purpose of coUectlns and 
Canaidlan Fishing Co., Northwestern Fisheries Co., publishing the works in prose and versa of Georic 
Boston Fish Market Corporation. Mason (S2*, Edward Woodberry, of Beverly, Mass.). Repabll- 
K.T., Shrlner), etc. Odd Fellow: past grand of can. Episcopalian. Author: Hang up Ptalloaophr. 
Mattakeesett Lodge No. 110, I.O.(J.F., Duxbury, 1912. Home: Forest St, Westvllle, New Haves, 
Mass.; mem. AO.U.W. Recreations: traveling. Conn. Offlce: 42 Church St, New Haven. 
Home: Wlnthrop, Masa. OlHces: 44, also 14 ASAKAWA, Xwaa-Zobl, college prof .; b. Nlbon- 
Boston Fish Pier, Boston, Mass. matsu, Japan, Dec. 20, 1878; s. Masaiumi and UU 

JkMNOU>, Sarah ionise, educator: b. N. Abing- (SuglurarAsakawa; ed. Fukushima Middle Sell, 

ton, Mass.; d. Jonathan and Abigail (Noyes) Ar- 1888-92; Waseda U., Tokio, Japan, 1892-6; B.UtC 

nold; grad. Brldgewater (Mass?) State Normal Dartmouth Coll., 1899; Ph.D., Yala. 1M2: a. 

Sch.; (hon. AM., Tufts Coll., 1902); unmarried. Miriam Dingwall, of New Haven, Conn., Oct It 

Taught in Mass., Pa, Vt, N.H.; prln. training 1906 (died. Feb. 4, 1912). Lecturer on blatory sad 

sch., Saratoga. N.Y., 2 yrs.; supervisor scbs., Min- civilization of Bast Asia. Dartmouth ColL. 1992; 

neapolis, 7 yrs.. Boston, 1895-1902; dean Simmons prof. English at Waseda U., 1906-7; Instr. history 

Coll. since 1902. (See Who's Who in America for of Japanese civilization, 1907-10, asst. prof.. Sept, 

books, etc.) Home: Newton Centre, Mass.* 1910— , Yale U. Mem. Am. Oriental Soc, Am. 

ASHOKD, Beth ranalc '"' ^ - - ... 

Vt, Dec. 21. 1878; s. Fenel 

(Marsh) Arnold: first Ani. i&nueoLui ocllicu m i" __ * a.i.1-**-. v-r.j~VT^"i~ "-",* i?" ^» 

Haddam, Conn.. 1640, one of 20 to take a grant }?„«?•>, Address: Tale University. New Haven. 

of land from the King of England; all four great '•'""g- _ 

grandfathers In Am. Revolution; grad. Kimball ^AMtOM, Xarrr W., lawyer; b. N.T. City, Det 

Union Acad., Meriden, N.H.. 1896, Vermont Acad., 17, 1868; s. Lewis and Harriet (Strouse) Asher, 

Saxtons River, Vt, 1899; student Rose Poly. Inst, grad. Hlllhouse High Sch., New Haven. 1877; 

Terre Haute, Ind., 2H yrs., class of 1908; M.D., Ph.B., ShefBeld Scientific Sch. (Tale), 1879; LL.B.. 

Tufts Coll. Med. Sch., 1908; married. In practice in Yale Law Sch., 188S; m. Pauline Housman, of 

Boston since 1908; mem. Boston City Com., 1906-7; New York, Nov. 12, 1896; 2 children, Katharine U 

mem. Boston City Council, 1908-9; mem. Mass. Harry W., Jr. Began practice at Hartford. Cona, 

Ho. of Rep.. 1910. Mem. S.A.R.. Am. Micros. Soc, 1883; removed to New Haven, 1886; mem. Hoteta- 

MercantUe Library Assn., Boston T.M.C.A, Sigma k'ss & Asher. 1896-03, now alone; pres. York- 

Nu and Phi Chi fraternities. Formerly mem. Chapel Corpn.; dlr. Peoples Bank & Trust Co. 

Troop A, Ist Squadron Cav. (Nat. Lancers), Mem. Common Council, New Haven, 1886-7; mem. 

M.V.M. Republican. Conglist CHubs: Mass. Re- Bd. of Bdn., 1892-1900 (pres., 1898-1900). Mem 

publican, Lincoln (Boston). Address: 92 Hunt- Am. Bar Assn., Conn. State Bar Assn.. New 

Ington Av., Boston. Haven Chamber of Commerce. Democrat 1st 

amvoxa ■^rmrratt a ar.i'nnrr^.mmman <Sea vni '"■'V- Federation Of Men's Church Clubs; v.-p. 

19^^' ^**~' ''- e*-cone''«»»n>an- <See vol. congregation Mlshkan Israel: mem. Civic Feder- 

»wnwi> wnu.^ >...i i.-.„^.. k wiiii-... ^t*"" <>' N.H. Mason. Mem. I.O.B.B., B.P.O. Btta 
t.r^J??^'iiJ??^fi7f?^ a?!2m '.^H^iM?*?." A.O.U.W. Clubs: Graduates', Ha^monl^ tS 
/oC.^S^i',;\ 'i^?^jA.^HllL!^-H.^'J'1?,*?„l.,"A^5'„i5- (New York). Home: 674 Orange St Offlcercham- 
r£IifhrT,iJl^ w^^2 °'ip«i?. 'Jlt^°'wm^'^I^i?t^;^'H?l1: »»«'" °' Commerce Bldg., New Haven, Conn. 
Cambridge, Mass.. 1G32; grad. Wllumantlc High .a^rrank «a-.<.a.i " , . _, 
Sch.. 189«; grad. Williston Sem., 1892; AB., Yale, „,A?^5?f?!?.; ^!*?5^r^'»f?**^ ^TZ?"": *>vChain- 
1896; LL.k, Yale Law Sch., 1899; m. Kate W. ?^**">.,*^y5'?,» ^'Ji.^-^-? "')"'■?, ^*S ^^i^'-J?' Fran^H 
Hutchinson, of Essex, Conn.. May 22, 1901; 1 son, i:.?"5 ir°n"^®..*^"KSri Ashland; ed. State Not- 
Ansel. Iractlced in Hartford, Conn., since 1899; ™.?f''- A°f?*5''.,N-^-: J>^*: course in French; 
mem. Clark & Arnold; sec. Wllllmantic Traction "^ ,o«2. *^"!.lii5""®'"*w f^.'"*^,.'??',^^'- Pf^ 
Co., 1901-3; deputy Judge of Police Ct of City of iv„„i**%4„ *„ 95"5''«"' ^V..^'^*"f,x^¥v°-)' ^'"' 
Wllllmantic. 1901-8: ludge of Police Ct, Wllllman- S7"*fi ^l?"!'? *V*^°^ /^?S®^^5,*• H<"ner But- 
tle, 1903-13. Dlr. Conn. State Chamber of Com- {?;• .4"12"i^2 *<• 'l^f" P"?; ^7, 1887; began prsc- 
merce; pre<i. Wllllmantic Bd. of Trade and Busl- IlpA** 8t Albans. Vt. 1888; moved to Burllogtoa 
ness Men's Assn.. Inc.. 1912-14. Republican. JJ"* '^°^^f} 'Cr ^S^'S^S*^"* ^'K^" J^"*^** ' 
Conglist Home: WHllmantic, Conn. Offlce: 60 flJir™!^^^^^-^- ?l?l =. ™®™l.'^™- S'^** ^O"- i 
State St. Hartford, Conn. l?IL £. *^ "'^^f ' ^^*^V*' register and scUnf , 

amwAwn '^tnt.^. b«.>._^_ -„ii.._. «„# . J"dse for Franklin County; nominated for states I 

t. pSi?,H^iJf^J^.J52!r?S^!lf: wil'^A V^^il »"y' Frankim County, 1898. Served in SUt* , 

\ B ' nht,?'w^iX?^"it?«?*L*J2^ TTV.T;i*'T.V„V MUltla and hon. discharged, 1891. Democrat 

«;™' ?BaK. ]?i.'iS*??n;.J*r.l'i„£.'hi^- P««°? Xh®^'- Methodist Dlr. Y.M.C.A. Mem. American Bar 

?««•• if«^ «S"'AvISyT.i«?.°'jJ,'"''i^ ^«il'l' ^^-^i' A"""' Vt State Bar Assn., Chittenden Countr ' 

1896; studied abroad 1899; m. Ada Hlnde Hart Bar Assn. Mem. Grand Lodge K. of P. of Vt , 

?L}ft%^.JSI^-J^^J\,i^^4:,J^-^^'^V"\<,iVi- ,^"- H°">«= The Adslt 76 N Unfon St Offlce: 174 

tiqultles. Met. Mus. of Art. New York, 1896-8 lee- Main St Bnrllnffton Vt 

turer, O.T.. ll'02-3, Hitchcock prof. Hebrew lang. ,J™i„ iil.^If '.^1!;., ^ „ «... , 

and lit., since 1903. Andover Theol. Sem.; Andovir ,„^"^S!F' 'S^^ ^?Sf*'' ^y°'^- ^i,}^V ^' 

prnf. Hebrew lang. and lit, Harvard, since 1908. t°J„-„f^^-A^t?^-.^- PI?' "• "'i***!?^ Bishop and 

Mem. Am. OHental Soc.. Soc. BIbl. Lit and Bxe- §t * ti ^.?- S '» ■'^hley; ed. Friends' Acad, 

gesls, VorderaslaUsche Gesellschaft (See Who's 5i?'^T.,Ho «„^"i-.i S,'?lti^-.'^"°*T:,^'J^'^^*^^ = JS 

Who In America for books, etc.) Address: 25 J^. J"»a Howard Purrington Entered market 

Klrkland St, Cambridge. Mass.* ^ifjf ^° « ' i^' '*'*'' *" "J?„*"r*^ ^""l"!'? '",'' 

.__.— — ^,. _ -1 , .... which retired; now mem. Charles B. Ashley, Jr. 

» ^■T?'?,;.?"^* "f**.'-„l??'y*'"= AP""- 1*' 1***- * Co., ins. and real estate. Has served as mayor 

June 22. 19 14. (See vol. 1909.) of New Bedford since 1890, with exception of 

AB'Vm, William Brown, lawyer; b. South * ys- as postmaster under Cleveland admlnis- 

Manchester. Conn., Nov. 24, 1879; s. Earlllss Por- tratlon; trustee New Bedford Free Pub. LdbraiT- 

ter and Alice Jane (Strong) Arvlne; descendant of Democrat. Trinitarian Conglist Mem. Ancient and 

Elder John .Strong. Plymouth. Mass.. 16S2; also Hon. Artillery of Boston. Mason (32*). Home: 

of Col. Irenaeus Brown and Rev. Kazlitt Arvlne New Bedford, Mass. 

(author of 2 encyclopaedias: Anecdotes of Lit- A«KSBT, Oeorgs Praaots. college prof.: b. 

erature and Pine Arts, Moral and Religious Somervllle. Mass.. Aug. 10, 1876; s. John Bckler 



mod Sarah Ann (Oavta) Ashley; prep. edn. Somer- 
Tllle HlKh Sch.: student Mass. Inst. Tech., 1896- 
IMO; m. Nellie Rose Morgan, of SomervUle, Mass., 
Jdd* M, 1908. Asst, prof. tech. drawing, Tufts 
Coll. Republican. Methodist. Author: (with Dean 
Gardner C. Anthony) Descriptive Oeometry, 1909. 
Home: 47 ATon St., SomervUle, Mass. Address: 
Tufts College, Mass. 

tlHIiKT, Kasty WoodnS, lawyer; b. West- 
fleld. Mass.. Feb. 16. 1866; s. Henry and Mary A. 
(Bartholomew) Ashley; read law In office of Lieon- 
srd A Wells, Springfield, Masa: admitted to 
Hampden Co. bar. 1881: LiL,.R, Boston U. Sch. 
of Law, 1882; m. Kezia W. Ely, of Newark. N.J., 
Uar. 4, 1896. Began practice at Westfleld, 1882; 
U.8. deputy Internal revenue collector, 1886-9; 
alternate del.-at-larre from Mass. to Dem. Nat. 


Conv., Chicago, 1892; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 
1892, 1893. Conglist. Clubs: Nayasset (Spring- 
Held), Country (Blandford). Address: Parks 
Block. Westfleld. Mass. 

Illllil8», ]Ka7i librarian; b. Windsor Locks, 
Coon.. Dec. 20, 1868; d. William Mandell and Ro- 
mella Antoinette (Charter) Ashley; descendant 
of Colonial settlers of the Conn, valley, also of 
(lOT. Trumbull; ed. pvt schs.; unmarried. Began 
u library asst.. City Library, Springfield, Mass., 
1898; librarian Greenfield Pub. Library since Oct. 
1(. 1901. Mem. A.Li.A Unitarian. Recreations: 
camping. Home: 82 Union St. OfBce: Public Li- 
brary, Greenfield, Mass. 

ASKTOH. VoBsph mcksrson, musician, educa- 
tor; b. Salem. Mass., Sept 7, 1868; s. William F. 
Ashton and Mary L. (Dwyer) Ashton; AB., Brown 
v.. 1891 (Phi Beta Kappa) ; AM., Harvard, 1893; m. 
Harriet Page Ricliards, of Danvers, Mass., Dec. 14, 
1110. Instr. in musical theory and history, 1896-8, 
aasa prof., 1898-04, Brown U.; faculty editor 
Brown Alumni Monthly, 1900-4; pvt. teacher, Bos- 
ton, 1893-1900, and since 1904; acting asso. prof, 
music Wellesley Coll. 1907-8; head of dept. of 
music. Abbot Acad.. Andover, Mass., since 1907; 
organist North Ch., Salem, Mass., 1896-04, Ist Bapt. 
(^L, Newton Center, 1904-6, 1st Parish Ch., Brook- 
llne, since 1906; trustee Salem Athensum. Mem. 
Am. Guild of Organists, Harvard Mus. (Hub (hon.). 
Anthor: The History of the Salem Athenseum, 1810- 
1910. Co-Editor: Hymn Book for Schools and Col- 
leges, 1913. Contbr. articles on ch. music and mu- 
sical edn. ; writer of music for women's voices and 
for men's voices. Home: 7 Punchard Av., Andover, 

rOBTS, Bobart, mfr. woolen goods; b. St. 
(HaJre, Pa., Apr. 6, 1866; s. Thomas and Hannah 
(Howard) Ashworth; descendant of Richard Ash- 
vorth, of Milnrow, Lancashire, Eng. : ed. Worcester 
Vah. schs. and Becker's Business Coll. : m. Worces- 
ter, Mass., 1896, Clara Richardson. Learned ma- 
chinist's trade; In grocery business, Cherry Valley, 
since 1897; engaged with brother, Charles R., in 
mannfacture of woolen goods at Leicester, since 
1991; postmaster of (Therry Valley, 1897-07. Meth- 
odist Address: Cherry Valley, Mass. 

b, Thomas, civil engineer; b. Brook- 
line. Mass., Sept 8, 1863; s. William and Arlxeno S. 
(Porter) AsplnwtJl; eighth generation from Peter 
Avpinwall. who settled in Brookline in 1630; B.S. 
In Civil Enplneerini?, Mass. Inst Tech., 1878; m. 
Miss Alicia S. Towne, of Brookline, Feb. 3, 1887; 
children. Thomas Gardner, Philip Channlng. Mem. 
firm of Asplnwall & Thomas since 1877: general 
practice of civil engineering. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., 
Boston Soc C.E. Independent in politics. Club: 
Exchange. Home: 14 Hawthorne Road, Brookline, 
Mass. Offlce: 3 Hamilton PI., Boston. 

ABFnrWAXA, William BilUaga, educator: b. 
LoodonTllle. N.T.. Nov. 13, 1874: s. William F. and 
Sarah (Sterry) Asplnwall: A.B., Harvard, 1896; 
P4B, Pd.M., State Coll. for Teachers, Albany, 
N.T., 1900-1: Ph.D., U. of Paris, 1904; m. Aurella 
Hyde, of Albany, Apr. 8, 1908. Asst. prln., Union 
Female Coll., Ehifala. Ala., 1898-9; asst prin. and 
Prin. N.T. State Normal High Sch., Albany. 1900-6; 
dean and prof, edn.. State Coll. for Teachers. Al- 
bany, 1906-12: prln. State Normal Sch., Worcester, 
Mass., since 1912; mem. Mass. Schoolmasters' dlub. 
Delta Upsilon. etc. Conglist Clubs: Harvard 

(Worcester), Worcester Country. Recreations: 
golf, tennis. Author: Chitlines of the History of 
Education. 1911. Address: 1 Normal St, Worcester, 

ABnVWAUb, William KMirjr, trustee; b. Brook- 
line, Mass., Aug. 31, 1861; s. William and Arlxene 
Southgate (Porter) Asplnwall; descendant of Peter 
Asplnwall, who came from England in 1640; prep, 
edn. Nobles' Sch., Boston; A.B,, Harvard, 1883; m. 
Susan Cabot Lowell, of Newton. Mass., June 4. 
1889; children, George L., Lucy, Augustus. Began 
in brokerage business, July, 1883: now mem. Aspln- 
wall & Codman, real estate, trustees and mgrs. es- 
tates; trustee Congress St Associates, Bmplra 
Bldg. Trust, Atlanta. Ga., St Luke's Home for Con- 
valescents, etc. Formerly mem. 1st Corps Cadets, 
M.V.M. Clubs: Somerset, Union, Exchange, Coun- 
try. Democrat Episcopalian. Home: Chestnut 
Hill, Mass. Office: 60 Congress St, Boston, Mass. 

ATOXXBOW, Edward; b. Uxbridge, Mass., Apr. 6, 
1869; s. James and Ann (Dundass) Atchison; ed. 
pub. schs., Blaclcstone, Mass. ; m. Ella J. Wilson, of 
North Smlthfleld, R.I., July 18, 1896. Freight agt. 
N.T.,N.H. A. H.R.R. Co. since 1888; dlr. Ist Nat 
Bank, Smlthfield, R.I.; formerly mem. Town Coun- 
cil, North Smlthfield: commr. shell fisheries for 
Providence County since 1900: mem. R.I. Ho. of 
Rep., 1906, 1907, Senate, 1909-11; mem. Rep. State 
Central Com. since 1913. Episcopalian. Mason; 
mem. AO.U.W. Recreations: outdoor life, garden- 
ing. Address: North Smlthfield. R.I. 

ATsmTOW, OavoUiM Stoast b. Lynn, Mass., 
Sept 11, 1863; d. Charles G. and Eleanor Ober 
(Knowlton) Stone; pub. and high schs., Lynn; A.B., 
Boston U., 1884, A.M., 1886; m. Edward H. Ather- 
ton, of Roxbury, Mass., July 20, 1892. Formerly 
teacher In the Roxbury Latin Sch.; formerly mem. 
bd. of trustees of Children's Instns. Dept. of Bos- 
ton (apptd. by Mayor Hlbbard). Mem. Bd. of Vis- 
itors, Boston U. Recording sec Alliance of Unita- 
rian Women. Mem. Assn. Collegiate Alumnae. Phi 
Beta Kappa. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Clubs: Wom- 
en's City, College (Boston), Women in Council 
(Roxbury). Author: Gleason and Atherton's First 
Greek Book, 1896. Address: 82 Ruthven St, Rox- 
bury. Mass. 

ATKBBTOH. XdwaiA KsrbMt, educator; b. Har- 
vard, Mass., Feb. 11, 1866; s. Alfred and Abbie 
Maria (Adams) Atherton; A.B.. Harvard, 1879; stu- 
dent in geology. Teachers' Sch. of Science, Boston, 
1898-02; m. (Caroline Ober Stone, of Lynn, Mass., 
July 20, 1892. Taught in schs. of Rutland and West 
Medway (Mass.), Bethlehem (Pa.) Acad.; prin. 
Shrewsbury (Mass.) High Sch.: prln. Needham 
(Mass.) High Sch., 1881-4; studied French in Paris, 
1884-6: prin. Hopkinton (Mass.) High Sch., 1886-6; 
instr. in Latin and French, Roxbury (Mass.) Latin 
Sch., 1886-91; instr. In Latin and Greek, Girls' 
Latin Sch., Boston, since 1891. Mem. various teach- 
ers' BLSBr)a. Republican. Unitarian. Mason. Clubs: 
Harvard Union, Unitarian Club of Boston, Friday 
Evening Club. Home: 82 Ruthven St. Roxbury, 

„, ■■TO*« "Ua Btajrlook, M.D., surgeon; b. 

Ulverston, Eng., Jan. 4, 1860; d. William and Mar- 
garet (SchoUick) Blaylock; brought to Amerioa. 
1861; grad. McGill Normal Sch., Montreal, Can.. 
1880; M.D., CM., Woman's Med. Sch., Queen's U.. 
Kingston, Can., 1887; student New York Post-Grad. 
Med. Sch., 1896; m. Capt. Henry Brydge Atherton, 
of Nashua, N.H., Sept 8, 1898; 2 children, Blaylock. 
b. Oct 6. 1900; Ives, Feb. 25, 1903. Teacher, 1880-2; 
began practice in Newport Vt, 1887; removed to 
Nashua, N.H., 1888; on staff Nashua Emergency 
and St Joseph's hosps.: attending phys. Home for 
Aged Women. Mem. AM.A., N.HT State Med. Soc, 
Hlllxboro Co. Med. Assn., Nashua Med. Assn. (ores.. 
1908), N.H. Surg. Club, Orleans Co. (Vt.) Med. S<K!. 
Episcopalian. (3lub: Fortnightly. Home: 31 Falr- 
mo unt H eights. Offlce: 148 Main St, Nashua. N.H. 
ATKBKTOV, rnuk Angnatas, mfr.; Feb. 16. 
1849-Aug. 31, 1914. (See vol. 1909.) 

ATKBBTOH, Ita. MuT Alderson Ohandlsr, edu- 
cator, writer on educational matters; b. nr. Le 
Raysville, Pa., of English parentage; d. John and 
Margaret Alderson; grad. State Normal Sch., Mans- 
field, Pa.; m. lat 1881, WiUard M. Chandler (died.> 
uigiLi^eu uy -'.^j v^ \_>^ nt 



1889); m. 2d, 1903, Frederick Atherton, an attorney 
of Boston. Begran teaching in district scha. of Pa. 
at 16, and later, after completing a normal course, 
continued teaching in Oil City and Franlclin,'Pa., 
subsequently in San Jose and Oakland, Cal.; re- 
moved to Boston, 1881: founded the Home School 
for Shortliand and Typewriting, 1883; the Chan- 
dler Normal Shorthand School, 1892, the Chandler 
Thlnldng Club, for the encouragement of independ- 
ent thinking, 1896; started periodical, "The Tnlnk- 
er," 1898. Editor of The Chandler Shorthand Quar- 
terly, 1914, published In the interest of a rational, 
uniform shorthand. Mem. Free Religious Assn. of 
America, Mass. Woman Suffrage Assn. Author of 
the Chandler Practical Shortliand. The Chandler 
shorthand differs radically from all other systems. 
It is not a position system, neither is it a light line 
system. It employs both Joined and disjoined vow- 
els. For the most part each character stands for 
one word and one only, hence its unprecedented 
legibility. On account of its exactness, uniformity, 
and interchangeability. any writer can readily and 
accurately read the shorthand notes of any other 
Chandler writer, thus meeting the public demand 
as no other system does or can. It is extensively 
used in the pub. schools of America and has made 
its way solely on its merit. Home: 20 Parker St., 
Lexington, Mass. Ofilce: Chandler Normal Short- 
hand School, 221 Columbus Av., Boston, Mass. 

IBTOir, Fsxoy KM. composer; b. Boston, 
Mass., Sept. 26, 1871; s. William and Mary Edwards 
(Dwlght) Atherton; A.B., Harvard (honors in 
music), 1893; Royal High Sch. of Music, Munich, 
Bavaria, 1893-6; studied with Rheinberger, 1893-6; 
with O. B. Boise in Berlin, 1896; with Sgambatt in 
Rome, 1900, and, later, with Widor in Paris; un- 
married. (See Who's Who in America for list of 
compositions.) Clubs: St. Botolph, Harvard Mu- 
sical Assn^^ Harvard Music Club (Cambridge), 
Longwood Cricket, and Harvard (Boston and New 
York). Home: 144 Commonwealth Av., Boston.* 

ATZIHB, Albert Kmxy, sculptor; b. Milwaukee, 
Wis.; s. Henry Lester and Ida Maria (Harrison) 
Atkins; pub. schs., Milwaukee; Cowles Art Sch., 
Boston. 1896-8; Julien and Colorossi acads., Paris, 
1898-1900; worked in studios of D. C. French, H. H. 
Kitson, and others; unmarried. Ehchibited Pa. Acad. 
Fine Arts; Nat. Acad. Design; Architectural 
League of New York, Museum Gallery, Providence, 
R.I.; Providence Art Club; Architectural Club, 
Boston; etc. Works: sculptural decoration, Christ 
Ch., Ansonia, Conn.; statue of "Our Lady and Holy 
Child," All Saints (Jh., Dorchester. Boston; Copen- 
hagen Memorial Fountain, Boston; Lapham Memo- 
rial, Milwaukee: also portraits, ideal sculptures, 
etc. Mem. faculty (dept. of sculpture) R.I. Sch. of 
Design since 1909. Mem. Nat. Sculpture Soc. Amer- 
ica, Am. Art Assn. (Paris), Am. Federation of Arts. 
Club: Providence Art Studio: 9 Copley Studios, 
Clarendon St., Boston; (summer) East Gloucester, 

ATWntU, 01iul*a Onmdlaoa, fish expert; b. New 
Sharon, Me., Jan. 19, 1841; s. Ellsha and Lucy T. 
(Gushing) Atkins; AB.. Bowdoin. 1861; m. Nellie 
H. Moses, of Bucksport, Me., Nov. 24, 1874. Teacher, 
Green Bay, Wis., 1862-3; commr. fisheries. Me., 
1867-72; station sunt., U.S. Bur. of Fisheries in Me. 
and Mass., since 1872. Mem. Am. Pomol. Soc, Am. 
Fisheries Soc, Psl Upsilon (college). Home: 
Bucksport, Me. Address: East Orland, Me. 

ATKOre, Bdwin T., merchant; b. Boston, Mass., 
Jan. 13, 1850; s. Ellsha and Mary E. (Freeman) 
Atkins; ed. pvt. schs. of Boston; A.M., Harvard, 
1903; m. Katharine Wrisley, of Belmont, Mass., 
. Oct 11, 1882; 3 children, Robert W., Edwin F., Jr., 
Helen. Pres. Bay State Sugar Refinery. 1878-88; 
partner E. Atkins & Co., importers of sugars, 
commn. mchts., and bankers, since 1874; chmn. bd. 
dirs. Am. Sugar Refining Co.; v.-p. U.P. Ry. Sys- 
tem, 1889-95; pres. Aetna Mills. Soledad Sugar Co. 
(Cuba), Trinidad Sugar Co. (Cuba), Boston Wharf 
Co. (real estate); dlr. Westinghouse Electric & 
Mfe. Co., .Am. Trust Co.. West Knrt St. Ry.. Guar- 
antee Co. of North America. Nat. Shawmut Bank, 
Second Nat Bank; trustee Belmont Savlnirs Bank. 
Clubs: Union. Exchange, Harvard (Boston), Coun- 
try (Brookllne, Mass.), Oakley Country, Belmont 
Country, Union League, Harvard (New York). 

Home: Belmont, Mass. Office: 131 State St, Boston. 

AncnrS, Svnwtt lCosl«r, farmer; b. Carlttaa, 
Me., Oct 1, 1857: s. Joseph Wardwell and Abble 
Woodman (Josselyn) Atkins: ed. Corinna Union 
Acad.; Elxeter and Garland night schs.; m. Addle 
Butters, of Exeter, Me., June 29, 1879; 2 cliUdren. 
Evelyn A., Albert N. Engaged in farming at Co- 
rinna since 1872; pres. Dexter Grange store; pres. 
and trustee West Penobscot Agrl. Soc; deputy of 
Me. State Grange. Methodist Odd Fellow. Home: 
Corinna, Me. Office: Dexter, Me. 

ATUHB, OalOB Olsna, clergyman; b. Mt Carmel. 
Ind., uct. 4. 1!(6»: s. Thomas Benjamin and Caro- 
line (Morris) Atkins; A.B., Ohio State U., 1888; 
LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., 1891; studied Yale Div. 
Sch.; (D.D., U. of Vt.. 1904, Dartmouth, 1906); m. 
Adaline Haynes, of Bellbrook, O., Aug. 25, 1892. 
Head dept history, Mt Hermon Fitting Sch.. 
1892-6; ordained Congl. ministry, 1895; pastor 
Greenfield, Mass., 1895-1900. Burlington, Vt., 
1900-6/ First Ch., Detroit 1906-10, Central Ch.. 
Providence, R.I., since Jan., 1910. Mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa. Author: Things That Remain. 1911; Pil- 
grims of the Lonely Road, 1913; minor articles and 
publications; awarded Ch. Peace Union Prlie, 1914. 
for essay on International Peace. Contributes to 
religious Journals. Address: Providence, R.I.* 

A.TMJJKB, Ot% AlaZMlOar, mfr.; b. Exeter, Me.. 
Jan. 6, 1844; s. Samuel Shaw and Mary Jane (Oak- 
man) Atkins; educated Lowell (Mass.) grammar 
sch.; m. Mary Eva Meadowcraft, of Providence. 
R.I., Mar. 22, 1902. Began learning cabinet maker's 
trade, 1860, continuing about 20 years; now pres. 
and treas. Standard Bottling & Extract Co., Inc.; 
pres. Dr. Swett's Root Beer Co.; treas. Spring 
Water Carbonatlng Co. Served as private in 6th 
Mass. Vols., Civil War. Mason. Club: Boston City. 
Recreations: motoring. Ashing. Home: 24 Leaming- 
ton Rd., Brighton. Mass. Office: 73 Harvard St. 

ATKHra, Will Olougli, lawyer; b. Hallowell. 
Me., Aug. 26. 1873; s. Edwin Henry and Mary Ellen 
(Clough) Atkins; grad. Gardiner High Sch., 1892: 
studied law under Hon. O. B. Clason, of Gardiner: 
LL.B., Yale Law Sch., 1896; m. Alice M. (Goud) 
Tasker, of Farmlngdale, Me., May 14, 1901. Ad- 
mitted to Me. bar, 1894; practiced at Gardiner with 
preceptor until 1897, since alone; city solicitor 7 
yrs.; ex-pres. City Council and Bd. of Aldermen; 
mayor of Gardiner, 1907-8; Judge of Gardiner Mu- 
nicipal Ct since 1910. V.-p. Me. Alumni Assn. of 
Yale. Trustee Universalist Ch. Mem. Knights of 
Pythias, B.P.O. Elks. Club: Kennebunk River. Ad- 
dress: 183 Water St, Gardiner, Me. 

ATKXH80V, Obarles 7oll«i, cotton buyer; dl«d 
Ma y 6, 1916 . (See vol. 1909.) 

ATKXHBOV, BAwMTd BniMt, clergyman; b. New- 
buryport Mtuss., May 16, 1863; s. Josiah (M.D.) 
and Olivia C. (Bonney) Atkinson: educated Brown 
High Sch., Newburyport. 1865-9: graduated 
Worcester Acad.. 1875; A.B., Brown U., 1879. A.M.. 
1882; grad. Newton Theol. Instn., 1882; A.M.. Har- 
vard, 1886; B.D., Harvard Dlv. Sch.. 1887; erad. 
student Harvard, 1895-7; B.D., Episcopal Theol. 
Sch., Cambridge, 1888. Ordained Bapt ministry. 
18R2; pastor. Ft Dodge. la.. 1882-3, Duluth, Minn.. 
1883-4; became minister P.E. Ch., 1888; rector. 
Grace Ch.. Chlcoppe. Mass., 1888-90, St Peter's Ch.. 
Jamaica Plain. 1890-1: abroad. 1891-2; master Bel- 
mont (Mass.) Sch., 1893-6: in charge Christ Ch.. 
Cambridire. 1897-8. St. Thomas Ch., Taunton, 
1901-2, 1905-6: master St Paul's Sch., Concord. 
1903-5; abroad, 1906-7. Mem. Am. Oriental Soc. 
Delta Upsilon. Address: Cambridge, Mass. 

AnCHTBOW, Edward Williams, Importer; b. 
Brookllne. Mass., Oct. 13. 1859; s. Edward and 
Mary C. (Heath) Atkinson; A.B., Harvard, 1881; 
studied School of Technoloiry. Crefeld. Germany. 
1881-2. Mass. Inst Tech., 1882-3; m. Ellen Forbes 
Russell, of Milton. Mass., Nov. 16, 1894; children. 
Edward. Jr.. Henry Russell, Mary Forbes. With 
Grlnnell Mfg. Co.. New Bedford, Mass., 1883-4: 
with Pacific Mills, Lawrence. Mass., 1884; became 
connected with Stoddard, Lovering & Co.. Boston, 
1884: now member Richards, Atkinson & Haserlck- 
dir. U.S. Worsted Co. Mem. Boston Chamber of 
•--'■yiLizeu uy -^^j v^ v^ -^ i \^ 


Commerce. Unitarian. Clubs: Union, Eizcliancre, Sentinel; founder and publisher Merlden Sunday 
Country (BrookUne), Harvard (Boston and New News; founded Merlden Dally Journal, 188S, and 
York). Home: Heath Hill, Brookline, Mass. Office: retired as pres. Jour. Pub. Co., 1913: founded. 1898, 
152 Congress St., Boston. Havana Journal (now Havana Post), first all-Am. 
A.KKmoV, Bobert WUtmaa, pianist, com- 1?"V '" '^"''»: '>°"ght and sold the New BHtaln 
poMr; b. Heath Hill. Brookline. Maaa., Deo. 14, £*">L,?'*''»: bougHt and sold Waterbury Dally 
1868; a. Edward and Mary Caroline (Heath) AtUn- S?.""?"??"' e"-P"^»- Merlden Southington & Com- 
aon: A.B., Harvard, 1891 (with honors In music); E?H"S Vi -5^^*?i«S'"*2'' Tf " 'SS^PiJ ^'^'^ Coloni- 
studled Music Conservatory, Munich. Bavaria. 3 5?i}?S.^'°;5*°?? ^??*> ¥*'''^,''„'i'„*^?,"*'«t°jy" * Q""" 
yra.: m. Ellxabeth Blspham Page, of Phlla., Mar. 5, J?/** ,^\®'"^'' ^J- ^o- s'nce 1909. Silver City Realty 
1904; children. Alice Tucker, filot Heath. Samuel J;"- 4*11; founder. 1912, and v.-p. and chmn. exec. 
Greenleaf. Teacher Morrlstown (N.J.) Sch., 1900-1; E?' ^.yS" Vi"i.*^°\<Ji:*"'5£*?v*,' o]"Sa-nl«er East- 
organist In various chs., and for Chestnut Hill Soc. ??,'^P>?" 5?"''d* Trust Co., Walllneford Trust Co., 
1903-4; resigned to become orchestra leader: has J/lv;ll-,°''» S'""*"''*^ Bank & Trust Co., Am. 
riven piano recitals, pub. and private. Republican, fa"" * Trust Co.. New Haven. Mem. Conn. Senate. 
Ifplscopallan. Was pres. Hasty Pudding Club In 1,***,= '^^ collector, 1907. Bx-pres. Meriden Bd. of 
Harvard. Club: Tavern (Boston). Author various JI^rSl^^^:^%"^ "3^"- com^ Am. Nat Red Cross: 
songs, also music for piano; discovered the cinque VL"""®";.,!?^^' ^.°»P''?'- SJ^J^S barton Memorial 
rhythm <a Ave time rhythm); translated from the f^'^ isol. I;-?!" Jjw °' Plymouth and Kent, 
German Polaka Uber StlmmenfUhrung. Address: 5"P"a Vq% £^5'*'»i*'^*°''? ""* Genealogy, 1901. 
Heath Hill. Brookline, Mass. y?J-. ^-J*"*-. **»?■« flR 1° Japan. China and P.I.. 

A.Tmsamom. Wmtam. architect; b. Brookline. ""_H°"^" Dwlght St.. New Haven. Conn.* 
Uaaa.. July 7. 1866; s. late Edward (economist) wHiT^^^ ,^}^ ^V^!^' *>■ SomervlUe. 
and Mary Caroline (Heath) Atkinson; ed. Roxbury ?iS?«iMay 89, 1876; d. Prof. Wilbur O. and Marda 
Latin Sch.; Mass. Inst. Tech.; spl. student Har- iJlt*^"H4 ^twater; ed. pub^ and pvt. schs., Mid- 
vard. class of 1889: studied arcTii lecture. Atelier Vr ^J^ ,r8"S'\,^'^k^n''^'- France and Germany; 
thjray. Paris. 1890-9; m. Mlttie Harmon Jackson. S--' fi.V i^""'! ^^^^- unmarried. Began sclen- 
of Methuen. Mass.. May 29. 1900. Architect since ""'I^IV".""' y"' ft?.,W- i° her father; employed 
1891: Independent practice until May, 1906. when fach winter since 1909 In Dent, of Agr. at Wash- 
became aaaoclated with Codman & Despradelle. i"'5,'*J"' *?, "clentltlc asst. in the nutrftion of man. 
mem. of firm since Oct 1. 1912. Architect of New- ft"° J,? P^Sv??*'^-,, Mem Am. Home Econ. Assn. 
port Hosp.. Newport, R I.. Jordan Hosp., Plymouth. FPJ'U**- /''"P; <^°"ege (Boston). Author: Bread 
Mass.. etc Fellow Boston Soc. Architects; mom. S i „?;:^*°'5»IB"*' "O"' JP°"'""y as Food, 1903: 
Harvard Musical Assn., Delta Kappa Eosilon. Unl- S®'^„SV''"T°„"'iV^lv''°''^ Equipment. 1915; (with 
tarian. Author: The Orientation of Buildings, 1911. Caroline L,. Hunt) Honey and Its Uses. 1915. Rec- 
Home: Boxford. Mass. Office: 31 Beacon St, Boston, c®* „ "'• ^'■avel, walking. Address: Middletown, 

AS^VAVZ, Trsdcilck B.. wholesale dyestuffs .i^vraan'^ . _ m^... ^ 

and chemicals; b. Quebec. Can., Nov. 28, 1853; s. w„J^Ai^r '""r*", "^?*^ff'. '*"'•• •urgeon: b. 

Robert and Marion (Wiggett) Atteaux; ed Bish- S^estfleid Mass., July 3, 1858; s. Leonard and 

op's Coll., Lenoxvllle. Can ; m. Miss Carrie Willard. 5!?"'=,''l',i"f°ie"> ^,'^ater.; grad. Westfleld Hi^h 

of Boston. Mav 19, 1886. Came to U.S.. 1870: began "p"-; i°'V ^T-S-,^'"'a™8- 1879; M.D., Med. Dept, 

with Wright Mfg. (»., Lawrence. Mass.. continuing J^.*?L Sir.'j.,^' ,?,***: J" Westfleld. May 14, 1886. 

3 yrs.; then salesman for Jordan. Marsh & Co.. T JlliSX^^ ie.?""'"'' tS?**? R'^iip*-*" ^^^^ iMtig- 

yrs.: organized F. B. Atteaux Co.. 1884: pres. P. B. J?*!?"^'- W^ : 'eo. Bd. of Health, 1884; removed 

Atteaux & Co., since 1901: pres. Am Color & Chem- „'J..„.*?'''*l?icy^»i ^J'ere has since resirled; town 

ical Co.; dlr. Dermiforma Co. of AmeHca. Indus- EILff. '*"• J**"\*''„J*' "."-S"""!? "*aft Noble Hosp.; 

trial National Bank. Mem. Boston Chamber of 5. IJ'5^ ??y°: iS ^.^"F^'eT Mission; surgeon for 

Commerce. Republican. Episcopalian. Club.s: Bos- »•* A.RR. at Westfleld; mem. Westfleld Sch. Bd., 

ton Cit'-. En"Hne<>r«. Al-'omuln Boat'>-i ;»thletic ."L*"'- ■c"!?™^ ■'*■'"• -^^cad. Medicine, N.T. and N.E. 

Assn. Home: Brookline, Mass. Office: 176 Purchase ^f?,1:_i*,5-.^"r^eons. A.M.A.. Mass. Med. Soc, 

St. Boston. ?KJ???®'?j^*'*'^- o^Medlcine. Mason (K.T.); mem. 

AVTWIUb. X«rr ConveiM, lawyer: b. Lynn. '^^„^^^''!?^'^^^il*'''' '^"«- . 
Mass. Mar. 11. 1872: s. Isaac M. and Harriet E. K^fT^****"' <,^*?",?^f??3"' ''S? "\^''-- •>• Mlddle- 
(Sanger) Attwill; grad. Lynn High Sch.. 1890: n'l'^-,,""?'' ■ ^IP*,!?' 1868; s. Charles Nelson and 
LLB.. Boston U. Law Sch., 1893; m. Everett. Rosi 11a Amanda (Barrows) Atwood; ed. Middle- 
Mass.. June 30. 1906. Miss Augusta Harris. In °?^° P"*" "ehs. and home study; rn Apr. 17. 1907. 
practice at Lynn and Boston since 189S. Asst JJabel BCoan. of Everett Mass Has engaged as 
dlst atty. of Eastern Dlst of Mass. 1910-15; "^\^ at Chelsea. Mass, since 1893; treas. Atwood 
attv. gen. of Mass., 1915. Mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., f„*'S5^Sllio' tl'iiP''®'''^* ^'■p'"^ ^.l' .trustee Coun- 
1896, 1«97 anri 1898, of the Mass. Sennte 1899. 1900 i,1„5*^'"^?_„??i''"' corporator Chelsea Savings 
and 1901. Mason. Universallst. Clubs: Essex. ?^",'^„.v ^^SP^J?"?,*"-, _H??JV*'- ^ Mason (K.T., 
Lynn Hennbllcan Home: Lvnn. Mass. Offices: Shriner). Club. Review (Chelsea). Address: Chel- 
Tremont BIdg. and State House, Boston. sea, Ma ss. 

ATWATBB. O(sleb) Kiintla<rtoii. M.D.. retired; ^ f*^"**"' ****!'» 'v *>• Atwoodvllle (Mans- 

b. Mar. 7. 1843; s. Caleb and Elizabeth Atwater; field). Conn., June 28, 1862; s. William H. and Har- 

M.D.. Coll. Phvs. and Snrg. (Columbia). 1871; un- rje* M- ((^onant) Atwood; m. Ellen E. DeMars. 

married. Practiced at Wallineford. Conn., and in Nov. 22, 1875 (died Dec. 26, 1903). Became con- 

N.T. Cltv; served as mem. Bd. of Health. New "eo'*^ „!?.'*•> manufacture of silk at 14; supt. 

York, several yrs.; retired from practice of medl- A.e*i;* Silk Co.. Norfolk. 28 yrs.: mem. Conn. Ho. 

cine, 1888. Address: Walllngford, Conn. o' ReP- 1889 and 1911. Home: Norfolk. Conn. 

ATW'TEX, CUITora J., lawyer; b. Collins ville. ATWOOS, Charles Aofiurtns, surgeon; b. Taun- 

Conn.. Nov. 8. 1868: s. James And Mary G. (Stew- ton. Mass.. June 12. 1861; s. Henry Dean and Alice 

nrf) AtwBter: eT»rl. Co'linsvtHe HI?h Sch.; A.B.. Brown (Williams) Atwood; M.D., Harvard Med 

Bates Coll.. Lewiston. Me., 1S83; admitted to bar, Sch., 1883: m, Taunton. June 20, 1888. Miss Ellza- 

1888; m Seymour. Conn.. 1890. Jennie C. Taylor, beth S. Woodward. Engaged In practice of medi- 

Practlced in Seymour since 1886; Justice of the cine at Taunton. Mass.. since 1883. Address: 15 W 

peace and tax collector. 1886-12; mem. Conn. Ho. Britannia St., Taunton. Mass. 

of Ren.. 1898-1900. Republican. Mason: mem. l.O. Mrmnnrt nt».i>ia. wif^.wi «<v_t...._«... v o« 
rtw w»<t Mon Addrvnii- Savmnnr Ponn . *^woi»i», cnaries Bowura, postmaster; b. St. 
O.F„ Kea Men. Adaress. Seymour, conn. Albans. Me., Oct 27, 1847; s. Ira and Sarah (Blge- 
ATWATBB, Franels, capitalist: b. Plymouth. low) Atwood: ed. country schs.. Oak Grove Sem. 
C^n., Dec. 3. 1868; s. Henry and Catherine (Fenn) and Me. Wesleyan Sem.; m. 1878, Emetine A. Burn- 
^fwflfer: p-^. Plvmou'h p'lb sch.: m. Helena J. h»m of RiHHpPorii m-, frttpfi 19ns). Boe-pn in mer- 
Sellew, 1879. Learned printers' trade, was fore- cantile business. 1869; state Insp. factories, mines 
man composing room. Merlden Recorder, at 16; and quarries, 1S98-05; tmstmaster. BIddeford, Me., 
foon'ler and P'lbllsher Windermere Weekly Forum, 1905-14; pres. Union Block Co. Republican. Unl- 
Walllngford. Conn., 1879-80: asst foreman. Hart- tarian. Mason (K.T.). Address: 314 Elm St, Bid- 
ford Coorant 1880; later mgr. Red Bluff (Cal.) deford. Me. 

uigiLi^eu uy x_j\_f\^^ 



AVWOOD, Oluulaa VMUiMr, M.D.; b. Johnston, and Helen Marion (Aldiich) Atwood: ed. pub. aohs. 

R.I., June 22, 1874; B. Henry H. and Bmma F. of Charleatown and Boston: m. Clara Stein, of 

(Fenner) Atwood; erad. Johnston HlKh Sch., 1892; Boston, Sept 11, 1889; 2 children, Harrison H., Jr.. 

A.B., Harvard, 1896; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., August Stein. Studied architecture In Boston and 

1900; m. Adah C. Gorton, of Providence, R.I., June since practiced there; city architect, Boston, 1889- 

26, 1900. Practiced In Hyde Park, Mass., 1900-4, 91, during which supervised expenditure of over 

since in Arlington; town pbys., 1904-6; sch. phys., 11,000,000 for various depts. Mem. Mass. Ho. of 

1906-14: mem. Bd. of Health, Arlington, 1906-8. Rep., 1887, 8, 9; mem. Rep. City Com., 1884-98 

Mem. A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, Cambridge Med. (sec. 4 yrs.); mem. Rep. State Com., 1888, 1889; 

Ins. Assn. Republican. Mason: Odd Fellow. Home: mem. Congress, 1896-7; alternate del. to Nat. Rep. 

821 Massachusetts Av., Arlington, Mass. Conv., Chicago, 1888, and since del. or alternate to 

ATWOOS, Ernest PMston Brown, lawyer; b. »" J??P-°fti^ ,.'='??'•• *?S®?* ''l^l °' \**5; .MSf*° 

Providence, kl.. Dec. J, 1879; s.CharlS8 and EUura '^.T.); Odd Fellow Clubs: Ashmont, Nelghbor- 

(Hopklns) Atwood; A.B., Brown U., 1902; L.L.B., "'>°"- Home: 61 Alban St., Boston, Mass. 

and J.B., Boston U. Sch. of Law, 1906; unmarried. ATWOOD, XMirjr OUntOBt cotton goods mfr.; 

Admitted to R.I. bar, 1905, and since practiced In deceased. (See vol. 1909.) 

Providence; mem. R.I. Ho. of Rep., 1918, 1914. AVWOOO, Irv^f Xorrill; b. Charlestown. Mass., 
Mem. R.I. Bar Assn. Progressive. Baptist. Clubs: oct 2, 1882; s. W. Irving and Georgia Augusta 
University. Providence Central. Wannamoisett (Morrill) Atwood; descended from Abraham Mor- 
Country. Economic, Bdgewopd Yacht. Recreations: nil, also from Rev. Isaac Morrill, chaplain Revo- 
motoring. Address: 902 Union Trust Bldg., Provl- lutlonary War; prep. edn. Boston Latin Sch.; A.B.. 
dence, R.L Harvard, 1904; m. Martha Ames Whltcombe, of 

ATWOOD, BiifMM, machinery mfr. (See vol. Watertown, Mass., June 26, 1908. Has been Iden- 

1909.) tlfied with wholesale fish business, cold ston^e, 

ATWOOD, rrtd. business man; Nov. 12. 1838- ^^ ^"'^'^l.'^'^kk'oI''"^-* ^?2fi.™fi^S 3f>' SU^.^r" 

ig ^Raa vol isoAt Freeman & Cobb Co.; asst. treas. and dir. Consoli- 

M^W^-^ LJfjiJ^. «ii-<> „.Kii.v -. V /^u-. ''ated Weir Co.; treas. and dlr. Atwood & Payne 
•*'^**?"' ?7*??5t" ■*7*«t. PuWtohof: »>. Chel- co., Henry Small Co.; dir. H. A. Pelrce Co.. Com- 
sea, VL, Aug. 11, 1876; 8. of John and JeniUe (East- nionwealth Ice & Cold Storage Co. (chmn. flnanoe 
man) Atwood; B.S., Dartmouth, 1900; m. Miss Ma- com.). Mem. Harvard Chem. Soc. RepubUoan. 
rion Bradley, of Hyde Park, Mass., Apr. 29. 1910. Episcopalian. Mason (Shrlner); mem. Pierian So- 
Entire buBlness career has been with shoe and aallty (Harvard). Home: 102 Erie Av.. Newton 

l?^i?.*1,.''"''H*'*"°"''' r°''J?.'"®'J*^^*™T?w'^.''??°^ HiKhlands, Mass. Office: 31 Boston Fish Pier, 

Publishing Co.; v.-p. Am. Shoe Making Publishing Ronton 

Co. Independent in politics. Club: Hlgliland (West fil±_«_ ,.^^ «^fc«. k..,i,— ™*- . ^ 

Roxbury, Mass.). Home: West Roxbury, Mass. to**^®®'v> '•*■•« *^"! ■.«^'^°5'"' "5 «i JSf 

Office- 683 Atlanta Av Boston Wauregan, Conn., May 18, 1864 descendant Of 

omce. 6S3 Atlanta Av^ Boston. Revolutionary ancestry; s. James S. and Julia A. 

ATWOOD, 0««n« Kftnley, M.D.; b. Portland, m. (Haskell) Atwood; grad. Phillips Acad., An- 

Me,. Dec 26. ISBS; 8. Hasekiah and Mary A. dover, Mass., 1881; Ph.B., Sheffield Scientific Sch. 

(Bnlter) Atwood; grad. Ma. Central Inst, 1880; (Yale). 1885; m. Helen Louise Mathewson, of Cen- 

grad. Portland Sch. Med. Instruction; M.D., Med. tral Village, Conn., Dec. 11. 1888; 2 children, James 

Rch. at Me, (Bowdolii). 1SS4- course at N.Y. Poly- Arthur, Jr., Dorothy. Agt. the Wauregan Co., 1889- 

cllnlc, 1S87-8. at N.T. Poat-Qrad. Med. Sch., 1889; 08, and of the Qulnebaug Co. of Danlelson, Conn., 

TO. Edith M. Hodgdon, of Boothbay. Me., Oct. 30, 1897-08; was pres. WilUamsville (Conn.) Mfg. Co., 

1SS3, Began practice In Madison, N.H., 1884; re- 1890-02; pres. Windham Co. Nat Bank, 1904-14; 

moved to Haverhill. Mass.. 1892; mem. Haverhill pres. The Danlelson Trust Co.. Brooklyn (Conn.) 

Soil. B(l,. IRB9-04. Merii. A M.A., Mas.s. Med. Soc, Savings Bank; gen. mgr. Lockwood (So., Water- 

Ilaverhill Med. Club. Mason; mem. LO.O.F. Club: ville. Me., 1908-11, Wauregan Co. and Qulnebaug 

VerltaK. Adrtrews: 127 Main St. Bradford Dlst, Co., since 1908; treas. Poneraah Mills, Taftvllle, 

Haverhill. Mass, Conn., since 1909; dir. Samoset Co., of Valley 

ATWOOD, Oeoiv* MMloB, banker; b. Buckfleld, Falls. R.I.. and of Ponemah Mills, Taftvllle, (jonn. 

Me.. Oct. 6, 1860; s. William Harris and Helen Mem. Delta Psl. Republican. Protestant CJlubs: 

Mary Atwood; grad. Hebron Acad., 1883; LL.B.. Hope, University, R.I. Country (Providence), 

Columbia Coll. Law Sch., 1886; m. Anna, d. Hon. Graduates (New Haven), Merchants' (New Tork). 

E. G. Harlow, of Dixfleld. Me., Apr. 6, 1886; 2 sons. Home: Wauregan, Conn. Address: 20 Market Sq., 

William E. (treas. Hebron Acad.), Raymond L. Providence, r:i. 

Admitted to Me. bar, Oct., 1886; mem. Atwood ft ATWOOD, John Walter, mfr.; b. Wauregan, 

Forbes, printers and pubs.; v.-p. Atwood Grape Conn., May 18. 1864; twin brother of James Arthur 

Fruit Co. of N.T.; treas. Oxford Co., 1889-16; treas. >twood; Revolutlon»ry nnce^try; s. .Tames S. and 

South Paris Savings Bank since 1900; dlr. Paris Julia A. M. (Haskell) Atwood; ed. Phillips Acad., 

Trust Co. Trustee Hebron Acad.: dlr. Me. Auto- Andover, Mass., and Sheffield Scientific Sch. 

mobile Assn.. 1912. Mem. Oxford Bar Assn. (Yale); married June 1, 1887, Ethel Alexander. 

(treas.). Republican. Club; Paris Hill (treas.). Superintendent Waurefran Co.. 1888-OS; since agt 

Recreations: golf. Home: Paris Hill, Me. Office: Wauregan Co.; mem. Conn. Gen. Assembly, 1899 

South Paris, Me. and 1903; Sfnate. 1905. Apptd. comraissarv een.. 

ATWOOD. Oertrnd* Pearson (Mrs WilUnm At- y'th ranW of brlg.-gen., Conn. N.O., by Gov. Ijounf- 

wood): b. Bradford. Me.; d. Nathanlpl Small and bury; later apptd. paymaster gen. and reapptd. by 

Ella Avalda (Smith) Penrson; desppriilanl of ,I.>hn OovB. McLean and WoodrufT. Republican. Ad- 

noUlinson, the Puritan divtne who Indiioed the PIl- dress: Wauregan, Conn. 

grims tn emlgrute to Ameriea; grand niece of An- ATWOOD, Kewls John, mfr.; Apr. 8, 1827-Feb, 

son P. and Lot M. Morrill, both govs, of Me.: ed. 23, 1909. (See vol. 1909.) 

pub Bcha.. BTOdford and Bangor, and under pvt. ATWOOD, Tmoob, lawyer; b. Auburn. Me., Feb. 

teachers; m. William Francis Atwood, of Winter- g, i8B4; son of Harrison Atwood and Sally Vos- 

port, Mc., I>ec. 24 TSrtO; 1 son, Wmiain Francla. nnus Atwood; B.S.. Bowdoin. 187fi: admlttpd to 

Jr.. b Dee S9, 1910, Councillor Not. Civic ABsti.: bar, 1879; m. Lincoln, Me., 1878. Helen E. Jame- 

v.-p. Me. Federation Womena Cluba^ 1912; mem son. Practiced at Auburn since 1879; city solicitor 

exec com. for MC;^ of %nt. Joint Edn Com. of and county atty., 1885, 1886. Democrat. Address: 

N.TS.A. and Cien. Federation of Women s Clubs; $4 Main St Auburn Me 

mem. reciprocity com. Me. Federation Women's .amrnM ■^ vi~.» «.k — «k» . v u^At^-A 

Clubs fchran.. 1012-14); v.-p Mo Ppnco Soc ; soc T.if'J^SS^in I's^^^^rli^t^^^^k nJ^^Jl^' 

Good Samaritan Homf Assn.. BaiiKor AiH!-T.ih-?r- ?J,"t^-\??';i?,\^i!t^ "^^H Jj7jj?f J"<v,.^^ 

cuioRls Assn : mem. M. dfra. Tuberculosis Cilnrc, fy"'%'^°7W2„^TrL^„^'»A,,ifi"^,f^^ 

Penobscot Chapter Red Cross. CongUst Club: f*?ril" ^"w?,* ;.rt ™,h «nJ hi,,h^^^ 

Nineteenth Century (pres., 1906-9). Address: 77 l""°rn7w^^Jitt n,?^iL.. roii^. ,,^^^;rE.^ nSl 

nr/^fliivav Ttoncm,. Tw* ter, and Burdett Business Coll.; unmarried. Be- 

oroaaway, uangor, jvie. ^^^^ connected with wholesale flsh business, 1904. 

ATWOOD, Kantaon Ksarjr, architect; b. North and has since been continuously Identified with 

Londonderry, Vt, Aug. 26, 1863; s. Peter Clark same; v.-p. Freeman & Cobb Co., Atwood ft Payne 

uiyiLizeu uy 

X^_J v^ v^ 




Co.; tofT. Atwood & Co. Maaon. Recreatlona: mo- 
toring. b«»eb>H. football. Home: Dorcheater, 
Ilaaa. Addreos: SI Boaton Fish Pier, Boaton. 

ATWOOB, W. XzTtac, wholeaale commn. mcht 
and diatributor of freah frozen and araoked flah: 
b. Provincetown. Maaa., Apr. 21, 186t; a. John and 
Rebecca Miller (Nlckeraon) Atwood; ed. pub. 
rrammar and hlKh acha. of Provincetown; m. 
Georgia Augruata Morrill, of Charleatown, July 36, 
1880; 2 Bona, Irving Morrill, W. Elmer. Mem. Arm 
of Atwood tt Co. aince 187S; prea. Freeman A Cobb 
Coi. wholeaale dealers in flan, gill neta, floata and 
leada. OlOQceater and Boaton: prea. Atwood & 
Payne Co.; prea. Henry A. Pierce (retail flah mar- 
ket); v.-p. Henry Small Co. (retail flah market); 
treas. (^naolidated Weir Co. (producer of fresh 
flah, company also has large freeslntr plant han- 
dling flah only). Mem. Boston Chamber of Com- 
merce. Mason; Odd Fellow. Home: Dorcheater, 
Ofllce: 31 Boaton Flah Pier, Boaton. 

ATWOOD, WaUaoe Walter, geologist; b. cnit- 
cago, Oct. 1, 1872; a. Thomaa Green and Adelaide 
Adelia (Richards) Atwood; B.S., U. of Chicago, 
18»7. Ph.D.. 1903; m. Harriet Towle Bradley, of 
<^cago, Sept. 22, 1900. Asst. geologist, N.J. Qeol. 
Survey, 1897, Wis. Natural History Survey, 1898-9; 
instr., tiewls Inst., Chicago, 1897-9, Chicago Inst, 
lMO-1; fellow asst. and aaso., 1899-03, instr. and 
asat prof, phyaiography and gen. geology, 1903-10, 
aaso. prof., 1910-13, u. of Chicago; prof, physiog- 
raphy. Harvard U., 1913 — . Aast. geologlBt, U.S. 
G«oL Survey, 1901-9, geologist, 1909 — ; geologist, 
IlL (JeoL Survey, 1906 — ^. (See Who's Who in 
America for other details.) Home: 48 LAke View 
Av.. Cambridge, Mass.* 

ATWOOS, 'Wamsn KaTilah, judge; b. Woon- 
(ocket, R.I., May 7, 1862; s. Andrew J. and Mary 
Emma (Holden) Atwood; descendant of old N.B. 
ancestors who settled in Warwick, Mass.; ed. pub. 
■chs. and under pvt tutors: I,L,.B., Harvard law 
Sch., 1876; m. Katharine Titus Lewis, of Ayer, 
JnlT 11. 1882; 1 daughter, Theodora Havilah (Mrs. 
Arthur W. Gardner). Admitted to Mass. bar, 1876: 
practiced in Ayer: apptd. spL justice Ist Dist. Ct. 
of Northern Middlesex, 1886; judge same ct since 
1103. Mem. Mass. Bar Assn., Middlesex Bar Assn. 
(council). Republican. Home: Ayer, Mass. Ofllce: 
31 Milk St, Boston, Mass. 

AXnMMIT, Alfzsd Ballanur, educator. (See vol. 

AVOOOX, Axthnr Koqtaa, clergyman; b. Dutch- 
«w Co., N.T., Oct 11, 1866; s. Jonathan and Anne 
Elixabeth (Morgan) Aucock; grad. Utlca (N.Y.) 
Acad., 1883; B.A, Hobart Coll., 1887 (Phi Beta 
Kappa). M.A.. 1890 (D.D., 1911); B.D., Episcopal 
TbeoL Sch., Cambridge, Mass., 1890; unmarried. 
Deacon, 1890, priest 1891, Episcopal Ch.; asst min- 
ister. All Saints' Memorial Ch., Providence, R.I., 
1890-8. rector, same, since 1898. Mem. standing 
com. Diocese of R.I. since 1901; del. from Diocese 
of R.I. to Gen. Conv. P.E. Ch. in U.S., 1907, 10, 13; 
dir. In many charitable and philanthropic orgns. 
Mem. Sigma Phi. Address: 66 Franklin St, Provi- 
dence, R.I. 

Anon, Asa, lawyer; b. Granby, Can., Dec. 26, 
1S71: 8. Zenas and Adele (Commeau) Auger; came 
to U.S. In 1881: ed. pub. schs.; Sprinirfleld Coll.; 
studied law with Judge Nathan Washburn; m. 
Dec 26, 1896, Oeorglanna Auger, of New Bedford, 
Uass. Practiced In New Bedford since Jan., 1896; 
atty. and dir. N.B. Ijoan Co.. Twenty-Five Associ- 
ates: treas. and dir. Union Cranberry Co.; dir. 
North End Loan Co. Mem. French Sharp Shooters. 
Federation Franco- American. Republican. Clubs: 
lAOrier, Rocharabeau, Parisian. Home: 310 Saw- 
yer St Ofllce: 37 Purchase St, New Bedford, Mass. 

AVOVB. Ohailes Pannslse; b. Mlddlefleld. Conn., 
Feb. 17, 1867; s. Phineas M. and Lucy E. (Parme- 
lee) Augur; grad. Mass. Agrl. Coll., 1878; m. Ida B. 
Bradley, of Middletown, Nov. 18, 1880 (died Apr. 
i, 1901): m. 2d. Apr. 30, 1903, Mrs. Henrietta (Has- 
kell) Comstock; children (by first marriage). Amy 
Harriet Edward Wilcox. Henry Bradley; (by 2d 
marrlaee) Kenneth EMwin. Charles Parmelee. Jr. 
Bngaged in farming since beginning of active ca- 
reer; selectman, 1906-8; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 

1911-12. Republican. C^onglist Mem. Mlddlefleld 
Orange. Address: Mlddlefleld, Conn. 

Avoirs*, AlbMt, M.D.: b. Germany, Sept 16, 
1870; s. Marks August and Helene (Blooh) August; 
came to America In 1877; prep. edn. Boston Latin 
Sch.; MD., Harvard Med. Sch., 1892; m. Laura 
Hasel Gaw, of Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 18, 1914; 1 
daughter, Laura Helene. Practiced in Cambridge, 
Mass., since 1893; visiting surgeon Cambridge 
Hoap. Mem. AM.A, Mass. Med. Soc Address: 61 
Brattle St., Cambridge, Maas. 

ATOS, Josspli, editor, publisher; b. Prince Ed- 
ward Island, Can., May 28, 1848; s. Robert and 
Mary A. (Boughton) Auld; country sch. edn.; ar- 
rived in U.S., 1868; m. LoweU, Mass., Oct, 1880, 
Annie C. Howe. Successively reporter, mgr. and 
editor, Rutland Dally Herald, 1870-82; gen. mgr. 
and asst. oditor Daily Free Press, Burlington, Vt, 
1882-92; mgr. Rapid Printing Co., New York, 1892- 
94; founder, 1894, and since editor and pub. Dally 
News, Burlington, and dir., treas. and sec. News 
Pub. Co. Mem. Civic Federation. Republican. Uni- 
tariaiL Clubs: Algonquin, Ethan Allen. Home: 424 
S. Union St Ofllce: 180 Main St, Burlington, Vt 

AVBSZXO, WnUaai Ooodwln, college prof.; b. 
Titusville, Pa., June I, 1870; s. William Goodwin 
and Priscilla Price (Davis) Aurelio; descendant of 
William Bradford, Myles Standiah, John Alden, 
Frances LeBaron; grad. Falmouth (Mass.) High 
Sch., 1887: A.B., Boston U., 1894, A.M., 1896; post- 
grad, work U. of OOttingen, Germany, 1897-9; un- 
married. Teacher of Greek and mathematics. New 
Hampton (N.H.) Lit Instn., 1896-7; teacher of 
Greek and German, Wesleyan Acad., Wllbraham, 
Mass., 1899-01; instr. in Greek and Latin, 1901-2, 
asat prof, of Greek, 1902-12, prof. Greek since 1912, 
Boston U. Mem. Am. Philol. Assn., Am. Inst. 
Archteology, N.E. Classical Assn., Indogermanlsche 
Gesellsohaft Phi Beta Kappa. Beta Theta Pi. Re- 
publican (independent). Methodist Recreations: 
astronomy, botany, music, gardening. Home: Fal- 
mouth, Mass. Office: 688 Boylston St, Boston. 

Albsrt aimer, M.D.; b. Medway, Mass., 
Nov. 15, 1877; s. Henry Cotton and Leah Martha 
(Huddleatun) Austin; AB., Amherst 1899. A.M., 
1904; M.D.. Jefferson Med. Coll., Phlla., Pa., 1906; 
m. Anne Tyrrell Christy, of N.Y. City, Mar. 29, 
1910. Instr. In LAtIn and head of Latin Dept, At- 
tleboro (Mass.) High Sch., 1899-01; practiced in 
Medway, 1906-7, since at Sound Beach, Conn.; 
phys. to the pub. schs. and mem. Sch. Com. Med- 
way, 1906-7: attending phys. Greenwich Hosp.; 
mem. asso. staff Stamford Hosp.; local surgeon 
N.Y.,N.H. & H.R.R V.-p. Medway Bd. of Trade. 
Mem. A.M.A.. Med. Soc. Greater New York, Conn. 
State Med. Soc, Greenwich Med. Soc, Stamford 
Med. Soc, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha 
Omega Alpha. Progressive. Club: A.B.C. Address: 
Lockwood Av., Sound Beach, Conn. 

AVBTOr, Acthnr Bverstt, M.D.; moved to Gal- 
veston, Tex. (See vol. 1909.) 

AVnmf, Oaltrla, president and gen. mgr. East- 
ern Steamship Corpn. until Nov., 1914, since re- 
ceiver; dir. Boston Ins. Co., Ist Nat Bank, Mass. 
Bonding & Ins. Co., Maverick Mills, Renfrew Mfg. 
Co., Pond Creek Coal Co., Old Colony Ins. Co. Mem. 
Beacon Soc. Clubs:. Boaton Athletic Assn., Algon- 
quin, Vesper Country. Recreations: horseback rid- 
ing, hunting. Home: Parker House, Boston; (sum- 
mer) Dunstable, Mass. Offlce: India Wharf, 

AVSmr, rraak Bngeas, electrical engr.; b. 
Amesbury. Mass.. June 12. 1873; s. I. Horace and 
Mary A (Currier) Austin; B.S., Dartmouth, 1896; 
m. June 22, 1899, Maud N. True, of Amesbury, 
Mass. Prof. elec. engrlng. and head of dept, Nor- 
wich U. and Dartmouth Coll., since 1906; dir. 
engrlng. edn. extension; consultlni; engr. and con- 
tractor. Mem. AA.A.S., Soc. for Promotion Engi- 
neering Edn., Am. (}eog. Soc, Vt Soc. Engrs., Nor- 
wich Sclentlflc Assn. (ores.), Sigma Chi, Grange. 
Clubs: Dartmouth Graduate, Dartmouth Scientlflo 
Assn. Author: Laboratory Manual, Hydraulics, 
1912; Laboratory Manual, Electrical, 1912; Exam- 
ples In Electrical Engineering, 1912; etc. Contbr. 
on sclentlflc subjects. Address: 11 South Park, 
Hanover, N.H. f> 

uigiLizeu uy x^_j \_f \^^ ■ V^ 



AVBTnr, Kany Boxatoy, mfr.; b. Farmlngton 
Palls, Me., Apr. 30, 1866; s. Frank J. and Achsah 
O. (FiUebrown) Austin; descendant through father 
of Nicholas Cady, Watertown, Mass., 184S, and 
through maternal line of Thomas FiUebrown, of 
Charlestown, Mass., 1658; grad. Farmlngton High 
Sch., 1888; A.B., Bowdoln, 1887; m. Dora Li. Hlu- 
man, of New Vineyard, Me., Oct. 1, 1880 (died 
1899); 1 daughter, Ruth, b. Nov. 8, 1891: m. 2d, 
Bertha M. True, of Phillips, Me., June 1, 1904. En- 
gaged In mfr. of spools as mem. firm of Austin & 
Co., 1887-09; sold business to Internat Mfg. Co., 
and gen. supt. for same since Jan., 1914. Alternate 
del. Kep. ifat. Conv., 1900, del., 1904; mem. Rep. 
State Com., Me., 1908-10; mem. 76th and 76th leg- 
islatures, 1911-16; chmn. Commrs. of Inland Fish- 
eries and Game, July 3, 1914. Mem. Nat. Assn. 
Game and Fish Commrs., North Am. Fish and 
Game Protective Assn., Me. Acad. Sciences. Unita- 
rian. Mason (Shrlner); mem. B.P.O. Elks. Recrea- 
tions: hunting, flshlng. Home: Phillips, Me. Ad- 
dress: Augusta, Me., and Phillips, Me. 

AVBTnr, Kuiry, lawyer, author; b. Boston, Dec. 
21, 1858; 8. William and Rachel Austin (both de- 
ceased): ed. Chauncy Hall Sch. and Harvard Coll.; 
m. Helen S. Nye, of New Bedford, Mass., May 7, 
1899; no children. Practiced law In Boston since 
1880; commr. of insolvency for 6 yrs.; asso. Justice 
of Municipal Ct., Boston (West Roxbury Dlst.). 
Author: The Law Concerning Farms; American 
Farm and Game Laws; American Fish and Game 
Laws; Liquor I<aw In New England. Home: 1465 
Beacon St., Brookllne. Address: Box 1B6 Back Boy 
Post Office, Boston, Mass. 

AVSmr, Jamum Walksr, lawyer; b. Charlestown, 
Mass., July 16, 1866; s. Francis B. and Ellen Louise 
(Whiting) Austin; descended from Richard Austin, 
who cariie to America, 1632, and on mother's side 
from Samuel Whiting; preparatory education Hop- 
kinson's School, Boston; A.B., Harvard, 1888; 
LL.B., Harvard Law School, 1891; unmarried. 
Practiced In Boston since 1891; trustee Warren In- 
stitution for Savings, Boston Floating Hospital. 
.VUra. «ar Assn. City of Boston. Unitarian. Ma- 
son. Clubs: Country, Union, Harvard (Boston). 
Home: Dover, Mass. Office: 1006 Exchange Bldg., 
58 State St., Boston. 

AVBTOT, Jolia Os'bom*, author; b. Providence, 
R.I., Dec. 28, 1849; s. Samuel and Ellxabeth Hanson 
(Osborne) Austin; grad. at Union Hall Sch.. Provi- 
dence (of which his father was prln.), 1866; m. 
Helen Augusta, d. William and Emma Louise (Bar- 
ker) Whltaker, of Providence, June 24, 1878; i 
children, Rosamond W., Richard S. In wool busi- 
ness until 1883; since then devoted to geneal. and 
lit. work. Traveled extensively, including South 
African diamond flelda (187S), in Europe several 
times. Life mem. R.I. Hist. Soc. (See Who's Who 
In America for books, etc.) Address: 113 George 
St., Providence.* 

AUBTnr, Jolia Tnnull, mfr.; b. Poddlngton, 
Bng., May 16, 1869; s. Jonathan and Charlotte 
(Turnell) Austin; ed. St. Michael's and All Angels' 
schs., London; m. Jane M. Rogers, of Milan, O., 
Oct. S, 1892. Came to America, 1889; in employ of 
Farrand & Votey Organ Co., Detroit, 1889-93; with 
Clough & Warren Co., mfg. organs under his pat- 
ents. 1893-8: pres. and gen. mgr. Austin Organ Co, 
Hartford, Conn., since 1898. Mem. Hartford Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Hartford. Hartford Golf, City, Hartford 
.\utomobile. Musicians' (New York). Recreations: 
motoring. Home: 54 N. Beacon St. Office: 168 
Woodland St., Hartford, Conn.' 

AVBTTH, £»os KtUlsoa, clergyman; b. Coventry, 
Conn., Aug. 30, 1870; s. Hudson and Mary E. 
(Bartlett) Austin: A B., Amherst. 1898: B.D., Hart- 
ford Theol. Sem., 1901; m. Bessie Carter, of Quincy, 
Mass.. Sept. 5. 1902. Ordained Congl. ministry, 
1901; formerly pastor Washington St. Ch.. Qiilncy, 
Mass.; pastor Roslindale since Oct. 1, 1906. Clubs: 
Boston. Congregational. Address: 46 Falrvlew St.. 
Roslindale (Boston), Mass. 

AVBTnr, Wanm SoMbsob, lawyer: b. Hlgharate, 
Vt, Nov. 12, 1877: s. Chauncev Goodrich and Anne 
Mathilda (Robinson) Austin: Ph.B . U. of Vt., 1899; 
studied law with C. G. Austin & Sons, St. Albans, 

Vt., 1899-02; m. Mildred Marie Lucas, of St. Al- 
bans, June 26, 1901; 2 children. Warren Robinson, 
Jr., Edward Lucas. Admitted to bar, 1902; mem. 
law Arm C. A. Austin & Sons. State's atty. for 
Franklin Co., 1904-6; city grand juror, 1907-9; U.S. 
commr., 1907-16; chmn. Rep. State Conv., 1908; 
mayor of St. Albans, 1909. Vt deL to 111. Bar 
.\s8n., 1912; trustee U. of Vt., 1914-20. Mem. Kappa 
Sigma, B.P.O.E. CongUst. Clubs: St. Albans Yacht 
(pres. 1907-9), Owl. Home: 56 Congress St. Office: 
10 Main St, St Albans, Vt 

ATBBBA^ OliarlM WUsOB, M.D.; b. Union. Me., 
Oct. 1, 1865: 8. Charles Gardner and Julia (Chap- 
man) Averell; descended trom William Averell, of 
Ipswich, 1637; grad. Coburn Classical Inst., Water- 
vllle. Me., 1886; A.B., Colby, 1890: M.D., Tufts 
Coll. Sch. of Medicine, 1903; m. Helen O. Fulton, 
of Chelmsford, Mass., Nov. 14, 1904; 2 children, 
Julia, PrlsclUa. Prln. Waldoboro (Me.) High Sch., 
1891-7, Chelmsford High Sch.. 1897-9; practiced at 
North Reading, Mass., since 1903. Cnmn. bd. of 
trustees Flint Library. Mem. Am. and Mass. med. 
socs.. Phi Delta Theta. Mason; Odd Fellow. Ad- 
dress: North Reading, Mass. 

ATBBIK^ r>*a«rick Banjamln, editor; May 31. 
1872-Jan. 30, 1911. (See vol. 1909.) 

ATEBIKS, Osozy* Oanantar, banker; b. Thom- 
aston. Conn., Oct 28, 1867; s. Rev. James and Syl- 
vira A. (Carpenter) Averill; ed. common scha.; m. 
Nellie E. Chubbuck, of Boston, Oct. 12, 1881; 2 
children. Clk. 1st Nat. Bank, Greenfield, Mass., 9 
yrs., and teller, 1st Nat. Bank, Northampton, 5 yrs.; 
teller, Vt Nat Bank. Brattleboro, Vt, 1885, cash- 
ier, 1886, pres. since 1896; dir. Brattleboro Gas & 
Electric Light Co.; treas. Home for Aged and Dis- 
abled, and Austine Hosp. Republican. CongUst 
Mem. Y.M.C.A Mason; Odd Fellow. Address: 
Brattleboro, Vt 

ATSUKK, Jen* HOWM, M.n.: b. Northfield. Vt. 
Jan. 7, 1863; s. David T. and Luclnda S. (Howes) 
Averill; descendant of John Alton, Marblehead, 
Mass., about 1700; prep. edn. Northfleld High Sch.; 
student Dartmouth Med. Sch., 1876; M.D , Univ. 
Med. Sch. (New York U.), 1878; m. Charlotte R. 
Keith, of Brockton, Mass., July 29, 1891; children, 
Jessie, EMlth, Charlotte. Began practice in Dan- 
ville, Vt, 1878; removed to Brockton, Mass., 1880: 
visiting phys. Brockton Hosp., 1896-9, consulting 

Shys. since 1899, also trustee. Mem. A.M.A., Mass. 
[ed. Soc, Brockton Med, Soc, Hist Soc. Repub- 
lican. Unitarian. Mason. Clubs: EJconomlc, Edu- 
cational, Thistle Bowling. Address: 1148 Main St., 
Brockton, Mass. 

ATBBT, Albert ETsrstt, judge; b. Braintree, 
Mass., July 8, 1858; s. Edward and Susan Caroline 
(Stetson) Avery; ed. Adams Acad., Quincy, Mass.; 
Harvard, 1 yr.; studied law at Harvard Law Sch., 
and In father's office, Boston; admitted to bar, 
1883; m. Braintree, Apr. 26, 1887, Susan Josephine 
Dowse; 4 children, Susan, Edward, Stetson, Doro- 
thy Caroline. Began practice with father In Bos- 
ton, 1883; later associated with George M. Hobbs; 
justice of Dlst Court, East Norfolk, since 1902. 
Mem. Sch. Com.. Braintree, 1883-92; has served on 
many important town corns, for yrs. Served in 1st 
Corps Cadets 9 yrs.: now veteran same. Life trus- 
tee Thayer Acad.; library trustee. Democrat Epis- 
copalian. Mason. Clubs: Quincy Yacht Cochato. 
Address: East Braintree, Mass. 

ATSBT, Oluurlss Btoddard; b. Groton, Conn., Dec. 
21, 1846: 8. Urbane and Mary Ann (Stoddard) 
Avery; descendant of Christopher Avery, who 
came to America from England, 1630, and founded 
the family called the Groton Averys; ed. pub. schs. 
Orpton: ni. Ann M 'i'rin'' Wllllnnis, of East T.'me. 
Conn., May 20, 1877. Engaged In meat business 
until 1886. since retired: served as nostmnster, 
Norwich, under first administration of Pres. Cleve- 
land; was councilman, selectman, and now city 
treas.; mem. Conn. Senate, 1911-12, 1913-14 Dem- 
ocrat. Methodist. Club: Arcanum. Home: 41 Grove 
St., Norwich, Conn. 

ATSBT, O«or|r« WtlUam, osteonathlst: b. Co- 
rinth, Vt, Sept 21, 1889; s. Noah Lund and Mary 
Ann (Roble) Avery; descendant of ancestor arriv- 
ing in America from England in 16!I0: ed. pub. 
schs.; Bradford Acad.; grad. Kimball Union Acad., 

uigiLi^eu uy 

X^_J v^ v^ 



1891; gnuL Mass. Coll. Osteopathy, 1907; grad. ATBB, mmkUn Snntaf, clergyman; moved to 

Boston ColL Phys. and Surg., 1916; unmarried. In Ardmore, Pa. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who tn 

aractlce In Boston since 1907; prof, obstetrics, America, 1914-lS.) 

[ass. Coll. Osteopathy, since 1910; visltinK phys. ATSm. Vndaxlek. mfr ■ h 'L.Ailvnrd rnnn rte/t 

and surg. Chelsea City kosp. Mem. Am. ant &ass. 8. 1822^ Pr^riS iSd Persls ^cST^ A?2?-'ac^' 

Unite5?15"' W^r2lH«Mft^!?„,^.°^ » Republican. ldA*'''i;,."sy4cusr n!y.. CorSeitaW^.^'^S'n, "u^si 

f7^ HnS?inJi^^^'°'Jf^.?,?"°°'^ sports. Address: (died 1878); 2d, Ellen Banninjp, of St Paul, 1884. 

178 Huntington Av., Boston. Vlth his brother, Dr. James (?., organised firm of 

vr, 7olm D, live stock breeder: b. aroton. ?;tSv«^J*^.i;?,-,?S?'"^®i%'>L.'"1l"5i!?®'' J>eco™'nB 

Conn., June 6, 1852: s. Albert L. and Joannah B i?,l„\rf fS, HS.*il-iii'i' L'i")' his brother. James C., 
(Wheeler) Avery; grad. New Britain State Normal ?"5°^?S£?,v° Mil^'nU* i'^^.ftf* °' ^ffJ"?."' ^'VS 
Sch., 1873; m. Dec. 2, 1884, Mary A. Rice, of Merl- J?l,t^°*?A*i'^fi„92v,'h?^fi!,,*°"'''''l^*"?^'»°y' 
den. Conn. Teacher tn pub. schs., winters, 1873-6; ?*T,r^"l?,",5 *?""""' **"!?• 1871; purchased Wash- 
farmer and breeder Ayrshire stock, "Sunshine '"fi°'},rs I"' %g^!lK"^' ^^fi\ ^ff^' which he re- 
Farm." Dir. Wheeler Sch. and Library, North 25**?"®° " Washington Mills Co., of which he 
Stonln-ton Ronubllr«n. r'on^^llst: pnpt S.S for was treas.; one of organisers and pres., 1901-5, Am. 
more than SO yrs. Mem. Grange. Address: North I^S^l®?, ??• ^r-S*^ 5^*'*1'*®''J^°^,P'"*?,- I^w«" & An- 
Stonington, Conn. SSTfl d' o" ^?\ ^''^- .■*^'S ^P°Jl*" 9?-J3°*'°" ^'«- 
" vated R.R., Internat. Trust Co., J. C. Ayer Co., 

▲VBJnr, WUUs rrank. educator; b. Manchester, Tremont & Suffolk Mills, Columbia Nat Life Ins. 

N.H., Jan. SI, 1881; s. Prank Wlnfleld and Anna Co. Republican. Congllst Mem. Beacon Soc. 

(Quinn) Avery; descendant of Capt John Avery, Clubs: Algonquin. Country. Home: 395 Com- 

the Immigrant, of Mass.: grad. Manchester High monwealth Av. Office: Oliver BIdg., Boston.* 

m*A«n'iit2=mi?V,?{?»^^KYi'.i,"'i=T?- ?f ^ti MVa- *"». »««y B«ui«tt. lawyer; b. Cornish. Me., 

Tt«^h?i hSh '-^h*^ w.«f™S^ki^;,^' 4"J- ^5oi?°=- Af. 14/1871; s. James Curtis and Mary Armlne 

nH^ wi«~^Ji.?'^^;=7*'i*iSS'^?'*?f ^-S- ^V*'^- (Bennett) Ayer; jtrad. Cornish High Sch., 1890; 

£f«Ii. i?ftf"tj2SS,.^2?f;' w"^"®!!,^'?.'"/^^" ^^*'*-! studied law In office of Hon. George P. (ilWtord 

since 1906. also trustee Mem. Me. State Teachers' and admitted to York County bar, 1896; m. Apr. 

sSh^l wr«i^?i? %,I®'"^^J?Jf M„'".K 4^''S''X- ■".®- B, 1899, Susan E. Bacon, of fiidde/ord. Me. PrSc- 

1^ A-»^ wJ?„i5?,?.H; M*' ;, ^"I'ii York (bounty tfced in Westbrook, Me, 1 yr.; In partnership with 

?A« A?^5;r„^^"i^i^t"»V,„"«°"- A^''''^^: Liming- Hon. Abner Oakes, South Berwick, X896-1900; 

ton Academy, Limington, Me. elected register of Probate for York Co.. Me.. 1900. 

N.J., Aug. 28, 1854; s. Stephen D. and Nancy (Snt- PuSJl^aP- Mason (K.T.). Elk. Home: .Bldde- 

ton> Axtelle; descendant of Thomas Axtelle, of '<"•'• ***• 

Sudbury, Mass, 1622: ed. pub. schs. of Minneapo- ATXB, Jmumi Imum, electrical and mech. engr.; 

lis, Minn.; M D., Long Island Med. Coll., 1878; m, b. Medford, Mass., Feb. 3, 1854; s. James Benjamin 

Hartford. Conn.. 1882. Mrs. Ella M. Norvall (nee and Harriet Augusta (Page) Ayer; ed. pub. schs. 

Cook); m. 2d. Mar. 17, 1903, Stella D. Waterman, of Maiden, Mass.; Nazareth Hall, Nazareth. Pa.; 

Practiced in Hartford since 1879. Mem. A.M.A., Pearl Cottage Sem., Elizabeth, N.J.; m. Mary Lll- 

Conn. State Med. Soc, Hartford Med. Soc, Hart- lian Cleveland, of Melrose, Mass., Aug. 9, 1876; 

ford County Med. Assn. Republican. Conslist 4 daughters. Engaged as civil engr. on railroad 

Mason (S2*. Shrlner): mem. I.O.O.F. K.P Club: work, 1870-4; mill manager, 1874-6; In mercantile 

Hartford Tacht. Recreations: yachting. Address: business until 1884; gen. agt. and engr., Jenney 

B<1 Main St. Hartford, Conn.; (summer) Weath- Electric Co.. Indianapolis, 1884-9; built and man- 

ersfleld. Conn. aged the Municipal Electric Light Co.'s plant at 

St IiOuls, 1889-94; manager Am. Electric Heating 
ATCBXOO, WUUam AndarsoB. civil engr.; b. Corpn. and Its successor, the Simplex E. H. Co., 
Passnic. N.J., Apr. 26. 1859: s Benjamin B. (M.D.) since 1896 (also member board directors). Pres. 
and Catherine E. (Anderson) Avcrigg; g.g.Ks. John Manufacturers Assn. of Cambridge: hon. mem. 
Aycrlgg. surseon in the British Navy, 1770. sta- Nat Electric Light Assn. (ex.pres.); mem. Am. 
tioned at New York; g.g.s. of Dr. Benjamin Inst Elec. Engrs.; for 16 years mem. American 
Avcriirg. founder of Aurora Grata Consistory, Mech. Engrs. Clubs: Rotary, Engineers, Mass. 
Brooklvn. NY.. 1808: ed. D. S. Evertson's Sch.. Reform (Boston), Colonial (Cambridge. Mass.). 
N.T. Citv: C.B.. Rensselaer Poly. Inst, 1884; m. Home: 80 Agasslz St Office: Sidney St.. Cam- 
Jessie Kelsev Wilrox. of Passaic, N.J., Oct 20, bridge. Mass. 

is;?: 2 children. Edward Wilcox. .Teanie AycrUrg aTXB, Kuy AUstte. compiler, editor; b. Hamp- 

(Mrs. Lee R. Robbins. of Norwich Conn). Be- gtead. N.H.. Sept 11. 1869; d. Albert Williams and 

ran ar»'ve career as ssst en«r. U.P. R.R.. 188B. ^nn Lydia (Hoyt) Ayer; descendant of John Ayer, 

*"^- Bi'"'"'5f*'*'"T,5?^*^%ir* ^''"i.^^o?**^- ""f.*- Haverhill, Mass., 1636, and of John Hoyt Salls- 

engr. Edge Moor Bridge Worka, 1889-91: cons'ilt- bury. Mass., about 1635: ed. pub. and pvt schs.; 

tng et;f'NjY. CItv 1892-98: supervi«In» bridge unmarried. Methodist Compiler and editor: Daily 

*'Rr"J^J^-^,?n.^.^"".1^= bridge engr Western Pa- cheer Year Book. 190S: The Joys of Frendshlp. 

ciljc R.R., 19M-8: citv ener., Omaha. 1909; con- 1906; Heart Melodies, 1907; Keep Up Your Courage, 

suiting enyr., Omaha. 1910-12: moved to Stam^Jrd, i9og. Address: 11 10th Av.. Haverhill. Mass. 

Conn.. 1912. and continues as consulting ener. For- .___ _ ...^ . , „ * x. -n . i. 

merly trustee Clarkson Memorial Hosp., Omaha. .AjnjB, HathMdrtParwrtl, mfr.; b. Boston, June 

Mprn An Soc C.K. Chi Phi. rtemoomt Bpisro- 24. 1878; s. James B. and Mary B. (Farwell) Ayer; 

palian Mem. Passaic Lodge, No. 67. F. ft AM.; B.S , Harvard, 1900: unmarried. Pres. Farwell 

Aurora Grata Conststorv, A.A.S.R., Brooklvn. B'eachery, Farwell Mills; dIr. Boston Safe De- 

Cluhs: Stamford Yacht Masonic (Brooklyn). Ad- posit & "Trust Co.. Manufacturers Power Co., treas. 

dress: Shippan Point, Stamford, Conn. and dIr. Myanza Mills, manufacturers cotton yarn. 

.___ _._. - . ..-r ,. Episcopalian. Address: 70 KIlby St., Boston. 

Am. CharlMi rannlag, financier: b. Lowell. .___ _^ ^ -^ -^ ■., -r^ n . v t i*_u 

Mass.. 1866: A.B.. Harvard Univ.. 1887. PIr. Old „ ^"f* ^"'^."fSf'*' ^,^;^^^^k^^ih mI^' 

Colony Trust Co.. State St. Trust Co.. Electric «f}$- Me.. June 18. 1866; s. Cowper S. and Mere- 

Corpn.. N.H. Electric Ry. Co., N.B Teleohone & dith T. (Hancock) Ayer: A BBowdoin. 1888; 

Teleeraph Co.. Southern Mass. Telephone Co., M.D., Med. Sch. of Me. (Bowdoln), 1893. Interne 

Lamson Consolidated Store Service Co.. Am Pneu- Me. Gen. Hosp., Portland Me., 1893-4; 1st asst. 

matic Service Co.. Cripnle Creek Centra) Hy. ro., Phys., Long Island Hosp., Boston, 1894-6, practiced 

Am. Investment Securities Co.. Boott Mills. Tre- '" ^«?,''i,°'"°'. *^"?i/„''"=^,^*"\PjjT- ^J,^**'**??' 

mont & Suffolk Mills. Merrimack Mfir. Co.. DIs- t°"" .^."'l- "4?S? ^^It Mem A.M.A„ Mass. Med. 

tilling Co. of America, J. C. Ayer Co.; trustee goc. Alpha Delta PW. Republican. Congllst Ad- 

0"ver B'-'sr. Tr"«t. Hnme: 127 Commonwealth Av. dress: 9 High St. Westboro. Mass. 

Office: Oliver Bldg.. Boston. ATXB, W. IC, ry. official, mfr. (See vol. 1909.) 

ATU, Olazano* Waltar, librarian: May 29. 1862- ATXB, WlUlam Oliver, clergyman: b. San- 
Apr. 11. 1913. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in gerviUe, Me., June 25, 1846: s. William O. and 
America. 1912-13.) Jane Karnham (Wade) Ayer: grad. Bangor (Me.) 

uiyiLizeu uy ■'.^j v^ v^ "x ■ ^- 


Blsb Soh., 186S: A.B., Colby Coll., 'WaterviUe, anthroptc Work, New York Charity Organisation 

Me.. 1868 (D.D., 1908); grad. Newton (Mass.) TJieol. Soc, 1898-1905. (See Wlio's Who in America for 

Instn., 1871; m. Ella M. Stevens, of Wateryille, societies, etc.) Home: Franconia, N.H. Office: 

Au«. a, 1871 (died, Aug:. 10, 1906). Ordained to Concord, N.U.* 

mlnlBtry, Bapt. Ch., 1871; Paator, Peterboro, N.H., ATBB8, UmaauH OUbMrt, clergyman; b. Jersey 

tSZrL Sltowhegan, Me., 1874-84, Everett. Mass.. eity, N.J., July 28, 1870; s. Samuel James and 

1884-90. Llvermore T&llt, Me., 1890-8. Warren Av. Sarah (Haddock) Ayres; grad. schs. of New Yorit, 

i*''^ 9^' Bro<*V>»». Mass.. 1893-06; actinf. pastor ih»1: «rad. St. Lawrence U., Canton, N.Y.. 189g; 

S'P'-.Sft;',?'"^"""**' .*?*■■•.■ 1906-8. Kenduskeag. m. Nov. 17, 1898. Minnie C. Jackson, of Macedon. 

Me., 1909-16. Brunswick, since 1915. , Served as n.Y. Ordained Unlversallst ministry, 1898; pastor 

K.V.„^°Ti^'.n^i^!S,Vn?-^-^- ^^^^o^ff""-/??,'^ Dexter, N.Y., 1898-9, Victor. N.Y.. 1899-02, Cin- 

^F^ ?S^"°"' ,i ^**\ Kappa (Colby ColL), cinnati, 1902-9, Woonsocket, R.I., since 1909. 

O.A.K. Address: 36 Cumberland St.. Brunswick, Trustee Ballou Home for the Aged, Woonsocket, 

**«• R.I. State Normal Sch., Providence. Sec. R.I. Unl- 

ATXXVO, AnmstoB Savla, military official versalist Conv.; treas. Ministerial Alliance, Woon- 

(See vol. 1909.). ° socket. Mem. Eta Pi Alpha. Mason. Home: WooD" 

AIXZHO, Ohaxlss Uaoola; b. CentreviUe, Cape ^°°^_^^.. . , _ w » w xt . i- 

Cod, Mass.; s. Gen. Augustus Davis and Elliabeth v *??,"' i nT^- ^°^',.i?T*p"Vr.^r ^m?i^ 

(Freeman) Aylimc* ed Concord Hivh Sph • m "»-• Sept. 10, 1874 s. Samuel L,. P. (rear admiral 

Wg^et k Robertson, of Chicago, ^^^^^ ^-S.N.. retired, 1897) and Almira i (Stonaker) 

1 son. Robertson. With E. H. Rollliis & Sons, until ^y*f !^\'°.P^''; **='l?t,p'?"^' and New York; m. 

1899; formed firm of MontKOmerv Rollins A Co Sarah Hobart Otis, of Watertown, Mass., Oct. 27, 

which later became kke?,AyTlng& Co. of whteh i""*- » children. Ward Otis, Virginia. Samuei 

has since been mem.; v^. and dir. Conn. River Lorlng, Jr. Began with Oeorge P. Couper Co.. 

Power Co. of Me.; dir. John Hancock Mut l,l?« chemical mfrs., New York. 1892; later engaged 

Ins. Co., Boulevard Trust Co rBrookllriR) MntUfi ^'th Ellis Jackson & Co., chemical dealers, at 

pal SerVice Co , N.K Powe? Ca, M^s Co M^m V'k^- P\i organised. 1906 firm of Ayres. Bridges 

Mil. Order Legion of Honor, (ilubs: Aigonauin' * 9°- mohts., Boston, trading principally in China 

Exchange, Boston Athletic Assn.. Seaqult. Appala- ?"* eastern countries; v.-p. China American Trad- 

chlan Mountain (hon.). Home: Bro3kllne, Mass y^K Co.; pres. Am. Cotton Wtuite Exchange; dir. 

Office: 60 ConKress St Boston '"""''"""• "-ass. Eastern Chemical Co. Republican. Episcopalian. 

M-^-^^ ^ »» ot., DOBion. Clubs: Boston Yacht. Dedham Country, Polo. Rec- 

1 o^fj??^"'*' ***"*"•"•■ ''""'ness woman. (See vol. reations: golf, yachting. Home: Dedham, Mass. 
l*0*-)- Office: 200 Summer St., Boston. 

^ ATXiWABD, Jams* Fzancla, lawyer; b. Cam- ATBB8, William ■alUvan, clergyman; b. Rus- 

brldge, Mass., Aug. 4, 1862; s. James and Johanna sellville, Ky., Oct. 10, 1862; s. James E. and Sarah 

(Maher) Aylward; A.B., Boston Coll., 1884 (A.M (Crutcher) Ayres; Scotch and Huguenot ancestry; 

1892); student Harvard Law Sch., class of 1887* Prep. edn. under his father; grad. Newton Theol. 

and in law office, Oaston and Whitney Boston' Instn., 1896; m. Emma Young, of Oreenfield, Mo., 

admitted to bar, Aug. 2, 1887; m. Emma B Bar- Dec. 11, 1889; 3 children. Clarence E., Edith A. 

rett, of Boston, Sept. 19, 1895. Practicing iii Bos- W. Ernest Ordained to ministry, Bapt Ch., 1886; 

ton and Cambridge; mem. Common Council 1888 pastor Worthen St. Bapt. Ch., Lowell, Mass,, 

Board of Aldermen, 1889-92, 1901-2, Cambridge- 1886-91, Ist Bapt Ch., Portland, 1891-9, Central 

mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1903-4; Dem. candidate Bapt Ch., Westfleld, Mass., since 1900. Republl- 

for mayor of Cambridge, 1907; city solicitor Cam- **"• Address: 38 Holland Av., Westfleld, Mass. 

.11**^^'..*'""^® ^*°|- **.*"'• -^^J? • Mass., and Middle- ATBXa, WlalUld. surgeon; b. Oakham, Mass., 

v^i^uS. *«^"*;^ ?*■■ Assn. City of Boston. Mem. Oct 6. 1864; s. Moses Oliver and Hannah I. (Farn- 

ohif/lS.1- 't r*l'""2'*H'v ^"'*' Royal Arcanum, ham) Ayres: B.Sc, Mass. Agrl. Coll.. 1886; M.D., 

r;i.?ir?^i» ^"f5 ?°''J*'K', Am..Irl8h Hist Soc. Bellevue Hosp., Med. Coll. (New York U.), 1898; 

r^l^K..,^™ *S^i?°'*°.ll- J^°^^' 269 Harvard St., m. Lucie Leveque Prudhomme. of New Orleana, 

Cambridge. Office: 346 Tremont Bldg., Boston. 1896. House surgeon, 1894, chief of clinic genito- 

ATMMB, Traak O.. mfr * b In Brown (^ Wis. urinary diseases and demonstrator of anatomy, 

July 15. 1866; s. David C. and Mary (Camp) Ayres; 1894-01, Bellevuo Hosn. Med. Coll.: adj nrof. 

ed. pub. schs., Springfield, Mass.; m. Sara M f,enJ*o-"'"'na'-y diseases. New York Post-Orad. 

Chamberlain, of West Roxbury, Mass.. Oct 6 1896- ^ed. Sch., since 1901. Practice confined to urinary 

2 daughters. Marguerite. Frances C. Engaged lii ?£ffn". Pres. New York Soc. Am. Urol. Assn.. 
business In the West 6 yrs.; then with Springfield l»06-7: mem. A.M.A, N.Y. State and Co. Med. 
Inst, for Savings, Mass.; with Mass. Life Ins. Co ff*l?.« • e'9- Home: Stamford, Conn. Office: 616 
at Omaha, Neb.; entered employ of J. C. Pearson Madison Av., New York.' 

9?AV •?/■■■• cement head nails, Boston, 1897. treas.. n 

1898-13, pres. since reorganisation, 1913. Mem. Bos- " 

AlMnonrJ. R^If«.?"J^.*J°®i.„H""'"AlJr?; *^1"''*= BABB, Oyms Oatss, civil engr.; b. Portland, Me.. 

Hom2?lsAi^^n^HV 'n,^'!!"" A«'*"°,»f^?5n. June 18, 1867; s. Cyrus K. Ind Mary Lucretla 

SiJSt« nii„ tS.^'J..^'- B'^ookline. Office: 306 Ex- (Judkins) Babb; B.S.. Mass Inst Tech.. 1890; m. 

cnange Hiag., uoston. Grace Crowther, of Luthervllle, Md., Mar. 7, 1906. 

••«— 3, ^soaard Portsr, educator. (See vol. Hydrogranher tJ.8. Ueoi Survey, 1890-02, engr. 

1909. also Who's Who in America. 1914-16.) same. 1903-6; engr. U.S. Reclamation Service, 

Ad^IJS^r '!^-l^^'^Se'^•ro^ ^l^S9^l'ir .^S!,'-^ JStIf 'e^n^r' Vel'I'tat^e !va?e?'stl"rL7e^Co'nkWy 

wtoYn"Amiric".:f"AddVlls:'River?'H*o^^^ ^uguVi-'Ml "°"''"'""'' ''^''™""'' '"'^'- ^'"''^'- 

ton, Mass. Auguswa. me. 

Avmaa. mi^n Tst>«M«> .i...,. ..»_. . _»...> t~ BABB, Xdward Brsrwtt, school books and sch. 
NelSS^ll jr^eI^S^S.59 ifin T^hA. Whn f'S Supplies; b. Melrose. Mass^, Oct. 20. 1869; s. Walter 
aS^?I^ 1914 ill ■ ° **° '" and Sarah Jane (Rand) Babb; ed. pub. schs, Mel- 
America, xsi4-i6.) rj,gg ^^^ Bryant & Stratton Business Coll.; m. 

ATBBB, FhlUp Wliaelock, forester; b. Wlnterset. Mary Alice Oose. of Melrose, .June 2, 1892; 1 
la.. May 26, 1861; s. Ellas J. Ayres; Ph.B., Cor- son, Edward Everett Jr. Began as dealer In sch. 
nell, 1884; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1888; m. Alice books and sch. supplies, Boston, 1885, and has de- 
Stanley Taylor, of Newton. Mass., Aug. 8, 1899. veloped the largest business of the kind in U.S. 
Tutor and fellow, Johns Hopkins, 1886-8; gen. sec. under title of Edward E Babb & Co. rsole owner): 
Associated Charities, Cincinnati, 1889-96; studied v.-p. Atlantic Shipping Co.; dir. Liberty Trust Co.; 
penal and charitable Instns., in Europe, 1895; gen. trustee Pine Bank Park, Melrose Hosp. Assn. 
sec. Bureau of Associated Charities, Chicago. Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce. Mem. Na- 
1896-7; asst sec. Charity Organization Soc, New tlonal Amateur Athletic Union of U.S. (ex-pres.; 
York, 1897-1900; forester of the Society for the now mem. bd. of govs.). Republican. Unlversallst. 
Protection of New Hampshire Forests, since 1900. Mason (Blue Lodre. Chanter. Commandery, 
Superintendent of the Summer School in Phil- Shrine). Clubs: Boston Athletic (bd. of govs.). 


Merrtmack Valley Countrr, Bellevue GJolf, Wor- atantlne; pre*. Masonic Temple. Club: Weetmln- 

cester Country. Recreations: athletic aporta, ater (pre&). Home: Bellows Falls, Vt 

motorinsr. KolT. Home: 128 EL Emerson St., Mel- BABaiTT, Oaoxg* rzsnkUn, Journalist; b. Barre, 

rose, aCsLSS. Ofllce: 93 Federal St., Boston. Mass., Nov. 26, lt48; s. Pllny Henry and Lydla 

■■a-»m viuMHma aula, clerrvman- b Oranae (Perry) Babbitt; gnd. A.B., Harvard, 1872; m. 

(Karle) Sabb; In bislnesa, N.Y. City, 1856-»; stu- 1905 Reporter and edUor on Boston Post m^^ 

dent Xew York C, 18«0-1; A.B., Amherst. 188E; "": P^^^ fSS" 1° ^'^L^'-rJlrJSSJi."^"!"?^.*"^^ 

Btudent Bansor TheoL Sem., 186B-7: D.B., Andover ton ?»■» »nd bwame WMhlMton co^ apjtd. 

Theol. Senu 1M8: m. Ellen Augusta Cook, of ^^ "^'''''nSI,"''" i???; .^f 2j,t?r „^ nlSS^oS 

Bangor. mS!! Sept 28, 1889; 6 chlfdren. Agnes C. S?!?i?I ^ sf?^'?"Vinhl^q? rintSfnh Pnnnfr?^?^^^^ 

fMre. F. J. knowlton), Mary Louise (Mrs. W. D. herald. 18|4-^9. Clubs. St. Botolph. Country, 

Rich). ESmlly A., Thomas Bt, Jr.. (Jertrude (Mre. S^'l'rf' harvard. Papyrus. Home. Rockport, 

H. H. ■Wrljrht). Ordained ministry Congl. Ch., Mass.' 

1869; naator Eaatport, Me., 1888-71, Oxford. Mass., BAaSZTT, Xrvtar. coUeg-e prof.; b. Dayton, O., 
HTl-tTPresbyn. Ch.. Victor, N.T., 1877-88. Cton^l. Au». 2, 1886; s. Edwin Dwlght and Augusta (Dar- 
Ch.. "West Brookfleld. Mass., 1888-9. Cihelsea, Mass., ling) Babbitt; A.B., Harvard, 1889, A.M., 1898; 
1889-92. Holden. Mass., 1892-12; retired and since studied Paris, 1891-2; m. Dora May Drew, of Cam- 
In local ministerial service. Republican. Mem. bridge, Maaa. June 12, 1900. instr. Romanes 
Worcester Central Assn. Ministers, Brookfleld langs., Williams Coll., 1893-4; Instr. French, 1894- 
ABsn. Ministers. Rochester Presbytery (N.T.); 02, asst. prof., 1902-12, prof. French lit., 1912—, 
Beta (Hiapter Phi Beta Kappa, Qamma Chapter Harvard. Mem. Modern Lang. Assn. America; hon. 
Pal Upsllon. CHubs: Social Economic (pres.), Wor- mem. Harvard Chapter Phi Beta Kappa. IS 97. 
cester Congregational. Home: Holden, Mass. Club: Colonial (Cambridge). (See Who's Who In 
-III .111- «i.-ji-_ . i_„„„. M.- 11 len America for books and writings.) Home: 9 Kirk- 
llallilU"Jt, (nuulaa A^ lawyer; Mar. 11, 1861- land Rd Cumbrldee Mann* 
Aug. — . 1911. (See vol. 1909.) '*"" KO^^camonage. Mass. 

" \, _ -l-„. w«-«rf ^«« ««.f. h BABBITT, »ohaBdw»««.mfr.:b. Bellows Falls, 

BASBin, Bng«naKoww«, college prof., b. yt.; s. George Hewes and Frances Allen (Johnson) 

Brldgewater. Conn. May 8, 1869j^t Isa« Babbitt; Pfi.B.. Brown U.. 1899; route agt.^ni 

Sarah fCple) Babbitt; brother of Frank Cole Bab- Express Co., 1899-02; treas. and mgr. The Bel- 

¥ii-.^'?*:,^°""-T5'*** '??.TH If *'ijiUi'J^"i 'ilff Jo^" Pa»8 Aachlne Co., 1902-10; slnSe treas. and 

Acad.. Andover. Mms.. 1883, /LB., Hatrard. 1886, at r. Robertson Paper Co. Address: Bellows Falls, 

at unlvs. of Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, 1886-7, vt. 

1889-90; m. Mary Brigham King (Vassar, '82), of , ,, ,,.. _ _ , , w ..t t 

Concord, Mass., Sept. 16, 1891. Taught In dlst. ^ BABOOWE, Hamon •Nrtsy, lawyer; b. New Le- 

scha. from 1877: prln. Greenwoods pub. sch.. New banon, N.T., Apr. 11, 1849; s. George Henry and 

Hartford. Conn.. 1880-1: Instr.. Harvard. 1886-9, Sarah Gilbert (Merrill) Babcock; ed. pub. and 

Mass. Inst. Tech.. 1887-8, Columbia. 1891-1900: high ■£•">•. SLJ^*" S?^ Lenox, Mass.; Brooksldo 

prof.. TT. of the South. 1900-3; instr., Rutgers Coll., Sem., Stockbridge, Mass.; A.B., Brown U.. 1874, 

1903-5: prof.. Dartmouth Coll., 1908-13. Tufts Coll., A.M.. 1877; admitted to bar 187T; m. Eva S. Bel- 

1913 — . Mem. Phi Beta Kappa. Am. Dialect Soc. den, of Lenox, Mass., June 11, 1879 (nowdeceased); 

(sec and editor Dialect Notes, 1896-9). Author: Sv^d, Julia E.Buckmlnster, of East Providence, 

College Words and Phrases, 1900. Also many ednl. gl- Apr 17. 1902; 2 children living, Mary K., 

^n^phllol. monographs. Home: Tufts College, H'^-V^^a^^ncl' lf7%.eT'?™^^ice^"irw°a??l"o^Ide^^^^^^^^ 

supt. pub. schs.. East Providence, 1879-82; removed 

— OoU, collere prof.; b. at law omce to East Providence, 1908; town' solicitor, 

Bridi^ewater. Conn.. June 4. 1867: s. Isaac and 1884-7 and 1900-12; coroner 1884-12. Mem. R.I. 

Eterah (Cole) Babbitt; brother of Eugene Howurd Bar Assn., Beta Theta Pi. Address: Raynham 

Babbitt: AB.. Harvard. 1890. AM., 1892, PhD.. Center, Mass. 

1895: m. Ethel Hall, of Cambridge. Mass., June _._,„»-,—. ■w^t.- t.»«^i „.»,.. h sn.ith Trii><r>»nt< 

28. 1900. Taught In common schs. Conn., 1886-7. x,?*S??^f' fi?^^- Hj«5k?& and D^rcS (?^ 

pvt. sch.. Boston. 1890-6; fellow Am. Sch. Classi- ^■^■\^tyj^- i*'l:J-.,"^5.l5i.*2?h t£^„,*Z?^ 

^I Studies. Athens. 1896-8; inetr Greek. Harirard, 5,S™L?.^'^«i«'n,*'Ml?-m^M.rrv pickham pUr^^^ 

18»«-8: instr. Greek. 1898-9. prof., since 1899. Trln- S:J,»S*S?,'"i* ""^^?' s«JJf*'^?8B6 p?^r MMsa- 

Ity Coll. Mem. Archieol. Inst. America (council), S°,H'^,?,*J?*'MiVr.^Vi«ff Vlir RI H^nc.^ 18 

Am-PhlloL Assn., Phi Beta Kappa. Author: Greek S™ WotinlnS TnS for Savlne?" dlr wLeflel^^ 

Grammar. 1902. Contbr. various classical and &"it ^?„^®"^^^7n^."^iir'°WakJfl«& Trust Co R^^^ 

other perlodlcala Home: «6 Vernon St.. Hartford. |„»£,1b.«^"<=|,em'Vr1indr'cL HoJe^'wakeflSd: 

'-°""- R.I. Address: Massaaolt Hotel. Narragansett 

BABBITT, rzadailek SsTbect, mfr.: b. Keene, pier, R.I. 

N.H., Nov. 23. 1869: s. George Hewes Babbitt; —.»«*»«» a^^^.i o&viM hliihnn- b Newoort. 

grad. Bellows Falls (vt.) High Sch., 1876; studied „ f*^??*?',?^^"^ SlTT^n aSd skrah J B^b- 

in ovt. schs.; m. Katharine E. Britton. Sept. 19. Sd[il.°E.i:.f a-ilu,wilfh%^h 1868- took sdI 

1882: 1 child. Madeline (Mrs. Herbert N. Kelley). «SSrLs''rn^^lW?^d.E^?8c?pai' Theol.' Sch CaS^^^ 

Began as messenirer Am. Express Co., later aRt.. coursee in cun., ^iiiu^i^Mi°i-_j;'? •;„ „ „__i — .,, 

I^ID * I'aper tjo. ana treas. Kooertson I'aper vo., "»■ "^UJi.Vr-v, hvAo t>nrv Mosk is92-?- aroh- 

Bellows Falla 1903-8; associated with brother, S«''V°„'^^^?'"i3' S^fSrdMMs 1899-03 ■ tro 

John E. bought out other stockholders and ron- ^eacon of New |«<l*°^j'|o,^'|?8-i-Jf|^-"g'u„rVgan 

solidated the two companies, 1908. under name of Sf"l?°" ?£r^^o^;«« of Mass Aor 10 1913 fSd 

Robertson Paoer Co., of which Is pres.; ek-pres. ^''';°pJ?Jh «tTrlnltv Oh Boston June 17 19 "s 

Bellows Falls Machine Co.: dlr. Rockingham Build- ^"^%^i^,f}: i^d^i'^No 20 Westerly R I Clubs: 

Sj^^',;;?;ef'^e?fo'"wS^F\"nS'°frc",?S,V"B^d'"orBS?- Tw™nt!;™BUx^Jl?''^fie?rea«oS?"1ra';:eU outdoor 

S,TTe*,^"'vt^To'"ofX'p:. ?9lt"8'^?.^e.''/9?2'-V3 •"If'^Srh^'Slfnes'?- "^^TtlTmU- ^T''"omi^"'i 

(chmn. finance com. and pres. pro tem. of Senate, ?1"L, R^toS • ^atch HIll, K.i. umce i 

etc.). Served as v.-p. for Vt., of the Atlantic •'"^ '**• ""sto"- 

Deeper Waterways Assn.; pres. Greater Vt. Assn.: BABSOV, Elmer Wanea, veterinarian; b. Glou- 
prea. Bellows Falls Chamber of Commerce, Boston cester, Mass., Dec. 31, 1874; s. Osman and Marcla 
Chamber of Commerce: Vt. del. to Rivers and Har- Lee (Duley) Babnon; descendant of Isabell Bsb- 
bors Congress. Reoubllcan. Enlscooallan. Scot- son, 1687; grad. Gloucester High Sch., 1893; M.D.V., 
tlsh Rite Mason (SS»); thrice Illustrious Comdr. Harvard Sch. of Vet. Medicine, 1897; m. 1903. 
of Grand Council: Deputy Grand Comdr. of Grand Emma Gustafva Leveau, of Vlken, Sweden. Prac- 
Commandery of Vt.. K.T.: officer Grand Imnerlal tlced In Gloucester, Mass., since July, 1897; demon- 
Council of Vt; Grand Orator of Red Cross of Con- strator of anatomy. Harvard Sch. of Vet Mediclnej> 
# uiyiLizeu uy -^^j v^ v^ -^ ■ \^ 


1908-9, also mem. administrative bd.; mem. and Beta Kappa. Trustee St Lawrence U. (See Who's 

sec. Mass. Bd. of Registration In Vet. Medicine Who In America for books.) Home: Riverside, 

since 1904; veterinarian Oloucester Bd. of Health. Conn.* 

Trustee Cape Ann Savings Banlc. Mem. Am. Vet. BAOKB&KBB, William Kenlck, cigar mfr.; b. 
Med. Assn., Mass. Vet. Med. Assn. Republican. Macblas, Me., Mar. 7, 1861; s. Joslah N. and Sarah 
Unlversallst. Mason (32°). Address: 343 Wash- j. (Preble) Bacheller; ed. pub. schs.; m. Alice P. 
Ington St.. Gloucester, Mass. Magennis, of Boston, July 27, 1886; 6 children. 
BABSOV. Bobert TUUnsluMt, lawyer: b. OIou- Margaret Evangeline (Mrs. Ernest Lorlng, of 
cester, Mass., Feb. 8, 186?; s. William and Mary ga"eyS"r?' P"*-^,.,^*''* ^"T", °J**^-...'^?^iJ?°' 
Isabel (Wyman) Babson; direct descendant of J'^'f', 'f*'^,«'■*"«• William Herrick. Jr. (died May 
Gov. Thomas Dudley, of Mass. Bay Colony, Rev. 2, 1914). Began mfr. cigars In Boston, 1888; pres. 
John Rogers, one of the early presidents of Har- and gen mgr C C.A. Cigar Co. since 1902. Mem. 
vard U., and Brig. Gen. Jas. Reed, who com- Ma»2- S.'a'e MlUtla, 4 yrs. Pres. Bd. of Aldermen, 
manded a regt. at Battle of Bunker Hill and waa **«'*'«"'°;, **"»■,, S^^^^ J?°si°" *-^"?'"£^X °'.SS'2," 
the first brig. gen. created by the Continental Con- J"«J"°«- „**^°?. <^2li,?X- ^P'X^T^^ '• rfl^-J'U^^- 
greBa. 1776; prep. edn. Gloucester High Sch.; A.B.. Order Protection; P.M. W. of Order United Work- 
Harvard. 1882; LUB.. Boston U. Soh. of Law, jnen. Clubs: Medford, Woodland Golf. Recrea- 
1886; m. Alice Cary Jordan, of Gloucester. June l^'"),'''\J^°^°'^}S8' "^511*^.^?"' M°^^a "£•"«= Med- 
14, 1900; 2 children, Harriet WorcMter, William. ^°™' Mass. Office: 376 AUantlc Av., Boston. 
In practice since 1885; v.-p. Federal Wharf & BAOKBLUnr, Kermana Kslnrloh, textile de- 
Storage Co.; elk. and dlr. Met Wharf & Storage signer and Instr.; b. Oera, Germany, May 12, 1874; 
Co. Mem. Bar Assn. City of Boston, Bunker Hill s. August Frledhold and Pauline (Drechsler) Bach- 
Monument Assn. Democrat Episcopalian. Home: mann; ed. Textile Sch., Gera: m. Aug. 26, 1894, 
Gloucester, Mass. Office: 16 State St, Boston. Fanny H. Otto, of Meerane, Saxony, Germany. 

l^?S- m nrSr,. M Kn^^ f.^V,„*'M„''; ^J'q^'- 1 «Tn • ' ,' J.°" Co.. Fitchburg Worsted Co., Lorraine Mfg. 

rf«r>l.'hf^; v^uli iA„H^i 1 , i ^Ji ^"'' \ Co. (Pawtucket, R.I ), Smith Webbing Co., Paw- 

v«^ frnVr^rtil^on? h=?SJ^;} «;i';1"ffi' / n seveiat tucket; head Instr. in designing and iS)wer weav- 

yrs.. lounder. 190J, Bateoii Matlmlcal Ur^iiuizii- ine Lowell Textile Hch Hinpi rirt i«in p>T-n- 

tlon supplying authoritative information to grliBlve in iSliticsLutJ^el-an Mem Mode?!; 

t?n'''Cw"v';*rt'"^^f.'r^hS;'^^- ^"&.?;"r^ T ^°^^ ffSSmtnof dJlct HomefTDun'feTst Office" 

ton, New lork, Phlla,, Chicago, Pltlabureh, and Lowell Textile School Lowell Miuiii ■>'""-'=- 

agencies In Europe; also devi-loped succossfully ""J*" ^ ex""* ac"""'. Loweu. Mass. 

The Moody Manual Co.. the Nat. Quotation Hii. . ■f'J*' "S"^.""* lawyer: ^- Un'""- ^onn., July 

reau, the Standard StatistlcjJ Bureau all or New '• 1*'*: ■• Rosclus and Harriet Cutler (Robbins) 

Tork: especially Interested in forwariJInB coBoer- Back; grad. Hitchcock Free Acad., Brlmfleld, Mass.. 

atlve competition and profit sharing amonK mVrs. |,*?.8; ?A- Boston U., 1892; student Boston U. 

Fellow Royal Statin. Soc, London- metii Am S*'*'- °^ Law, 1893-5; admitted to bar, 1899; m. 

Econ. Assn. (exec, com.) Am Stall's AH=n (11- ^^'^ Davenport Hutchlns, of Danlelson, Conn., 

brary com,). Club: Boston riiy Author' Bust- J^"- *• ^^02. Practiced at Danlelson since 1899; 

ness Barometers, laoP: Bonds and Stocks tsi'I- P"""^- **'y- '°'" '•"'" °' KllUngly, Conn., 1897-01; 

Commercial Paper (with Riilnh May) 19 1'- alsft E™"- *St, Co. of Windham, 1897-9; commr. of 

("Future Series"): The Future of tlie WnVklnu Bureau of Labor Statistics for State of Conn., 

ClaHsea; The Future Method of Tuvestlne Mnnev- 1899-03; Judge of Town Ct of Kllllngly since 1901; 

The Future of the Churches- The Future of the niem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1897, 1915; mem. Rep. 

Railroads; The Future of the Nations- Thi* Fii- State Central Com. of Conn., 1906-10; mem. firm 

ture nt World Peacp. Contbr. to Saturday Evpn- Back & Darble ; also partner of Warren D. Chase, as 

Ing Post New York Sun, etc on economic and Back & Chase, Hartford, Conn., since Mar. 1. 1911; 

nnanclBl topics. Ions: farmlnc Honie- *.PP'i ^^ .%V Hplcomb, mem. Conn. State Revl- 

Wellesley Hills, Mass • 'arming, iionie. gion Com., 1916. Has acted as dlr. following electric 

______ _-.._„ «,.-_* , _ ■., .o companies: Peoples Tramway Co. (Kllllngly). 

iB^5"®*^ 7?,*?^c "'°*'^*?in'A^''*''= ^'^y **• Thompson Tramway Co. (New Haven). Danlelson 

1847-Mar. 5, 1912. (See vol. 1909.) & Norwich St Ry. Co. (New Haven). Worcester 

BACaSKDIiS, Hah am Joilali. psirovernor: b. ^ ^^onn. Eastern Ry. Co.. New Haven Consoll- 

Andover. N.H,. Sept 3, 1?54: s. Wtllt.'ipii Adams and SS*?".^^-.^?;' }7°'"<'S?'* J. * Webster St Ry. Co.. 

Adeline E fShiiw) Faehcldcr; ed. 'IMunton Hill y®°2,'*'" ^ Dudley St Ry. Co.. Attawangan St 

Sch,, Andovnr, Franklin (N.H.) Acad, and New S?,' ^°A Congllst Mason; mem. I.O O.F., K. of P., 

Hampton <N.H) Lit. Indtn.; (hon. A.M., Dart- E'ks, Grange. Home: Danlelson. Conn. Address: 

mouth Coll., 1887: A.B,, NU. Coll., ISSO); m. Mary 1° Pearl St. Hartford, and Savings Bank Blk., 

A. Putnev. of Andovrr, N H., Junp 30. l>i«7. Farmer Danlelson, Conn. 

since 1ST5: see. N.H. Bd. Agr., 18S7-TS13; gov. of BACOV, Alio* Mabel, author; b. New Haven. 

N.H., I903-B. nepubllcan. Moater Nat Orange. Conn.. Feb. 26. 1858; ed. pvt schs.; Harvard 

1905-11 Clubs: Wonolarn-et (Cnn.-.ird). Derryfleld exams., 1881; taught at Hampton Inst, 1RS3-8. 

(Manchester). Home; East Andover, N.H.» and 1889, at Tokyo, Japan, 1888-9 and 1900-1; 

BAOXE&DBB, Thonuw Oomwell, lawyer; b 'ounded Dixie Hosn. for training colored -nurses. 
Gllmanton, N.H., Nov. 6. 1860: s. Samuel Fogg and 189?- (See Who's Who in America for bo^s. etc.) 
Martha Badger (Cogswell) Bachelder; A.B.. Har- Address: Deephaven Camp, Ashland, N.H.» 
vard, 1883. A.M., 1886: LL.B.. Harvard Law School, BACOB, Benjamin Wiener, theologian; b. Lltch- 
1886: m. Claudia Wllma Crosby, of Boston. Nov. field, Conn.. Jan. 15, 1860: s. Rev. Leonard Wool- 
8. 189$; children, Olive, and Wllma. Practiced in sey and Susan (Bacon) Bacon; brother of Selden 
Boston since Dec, 1886; member Boston City Coun- Bacon; prep. edn. Germany and Switzerland: B A., 
cil, 1894. 1S95: mem. Mass. Ho. of Ren.. 1896. 1897. Yale. 1881, B.D.. 18S4. A.M., 1892; (D.D.. Western 
Dlr. Am. Stave and Cooperage Co., Harvard Im- Reserve. 1893, U. of Breslau. 1911; Litt.D.. Syra- 
provement Assn. Mem. Mass. MUltla, 3 years. Re- cuse, 1895: LL.D., III. Coll., 1904); m. Elica Buck- 
publican. Congllst Mem. Royal Arcanum. Club: Ingham Aiken, of Norwich, Conn., May 27. 1884. 
Colonial of Dorchester. Home: 39 Gleason St. Ordained Congl. ministry, 1884: pastor Old Lyme. 
Dorchester. OfHce: 10 Tremont St, Boston.- Conn., 1884-9. Oswego, N.Y., 1889-96; Instr. N.T. 

KAmrBZ.K.'Em Trvlnv mithor- b Plernont NT Greek, 1896-7; prof. N.T. criticism and exegesis, 

sept *2rf8'9?'8.'s^ord"pa°ul and ' aX"**!. A^n »'"?« J*"- ^'^t iPo'ls^girf ?i^turer''u''of rS'' 

(Buckland) Bacheller; B S.. St. Lawrence TT., 1882. J^^V'^'l"',: whA. WhA Jn AmiwA rni hA.fJ.S.^'a 

M.S., 1892 (hon. A.M.. 1901; Litt.D., Mlddlebury, 1911; <f *>« S?° '. ^1? ^Mii^.'^S- 1^ °N«^«.,f"- 

1910; LHD.. St. Lawrence. 1911); m Anna Det- writings.) Home: 244 Edwards St., New Haven, 

mar Schultz. of Brooklyn, Dec. 13, 1883. Actively Conn." 

connected with press of New York for yrs.; one of BAOOB, Olsrenoe Everett, lawyer; Nov. 11, 

editors New York World, 1898-1900. Mem. Phi 1866-Mar. 27, 1909. (See vol. 1909.) 

uiyiLizeu uy -v^j v^ v^pt ■ \- 


BAOOS, Osttiaa 8^ judee^b. Mtddletown, Conn., R.I. br. Woman's Bd. of Missions; leader Silent 
July 2, 1877; 8. Arthur W. and Henrietta B. Circle King's Daughters, Peace Dale; dir. Dove 
(Parker) Bacon; descendant on maternal side of and Distaff Village Industries. Opposed to Woman 
Joha Howland, of the Mayflower, and on paternal Suffrage. Conglist. Club: Club of Colonial Dames 
aide of Nathaniel Bacon, flrst settler of Middle- (Washington, D.C.). Recreations: driving, walk- 
town. 1660; grad. Mtddletown High Scb., 1896; Ing, needlework. Home: "The Acorns," Peace Dal«. 
student Wesleyan U., Conn., 1896-9; L.L.B., Yale R.I. 
Law Sch., 1902; unmarried. Began practicing at — .^mw <t.~>. -r.-miimrt,,* lawor- h -pittiifloiii 

£'=(^'?e1^^oV^"/oonilSa.«'^fi^m.«521u^^p^ S"S 

Epsilon. Mem. I.O.R.M., B.P.O. Elks. Democrat fe?r,„J?°?S„iV"' "'^HJi'Trroir Mu?rh?« A B^^ 

Episcopalian. Club: Middletown Yacht Recrea- 5°»*°^9i??^i,"®StS?Mlh Boston & wtrfes^^^^^ 

tlona* Iwuitln^ AAAr»tsa- MiHiilAfrAvrti nnnn Blnce 1907; air, iiutier Mill, ijoston « vvorceswi 

uons. Doaiing. Auaress. Mwaietown, conn. street Ry. Co., Casey & Bacon Co., Gas & Electric 

BAOOII, Bdwla Iliiiiroe, editor, author; b. Provi- Improvement Co., Harbor View Hotel Co., New 

dence. R.L, Oct 20, 1844; academical edn. (A.M., Bedford Storage Warehouse Co., Merchants Ter- 

Dartmouth, 1879). At age of 19 became reporter minal Warehouse Co., Quissett Mill, United Tex- 

on Boston Advertiser; then editor Illustrated Chi- tile Co.; trustee Boston & Worcester Electric Cos. 

cago News; then. 1868-72, on New York Times; Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Williams Alumni Assn. 

1872-S, on staff of Boston Advertiser again; edi- of Boston, Oargoyle Soc., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi 

tcr in chief Boston Qlobe, 1873-8; managing editor Gamma Delta; life sec. class of 1898, Williams 

Advertiser, 1878-84; and editor In chief, 1884-6; Coll.; sec. Williams Alumni Advisory Council. 

1886-91. editor in chief Boston Post; editor Time Clubs: Boston City, University (Boston), Phi 

and the Hour, 1897-1900. Author and editor of Gamma Delta. Williams (New York). Home: 73 

various historical works relating to Boston and Pinckney St Office: 77 Franklin St., Boston. 

New England, including Boston Illustrated; _ .. _ * w ■ » .<> -o.. 

Bacon's Dictionary of Boston; Boston of To-day "*°0*'„/„»'^„^'^*"^*',^«"}'^' ^""* ^*' ^*®*" 

Walks and Rides In the Country Round About Apr. 27, 1909. (See voL 1909.) 

Boston; Historic Pilgrimages In New England; BAOOV, Jonas B- M.D.; b. Wobum, Mass., Oct. 

i'r-'SZ n^.'"J?i5^'' /^" ^''T, ^"fjfn^: Boston: 25, 1863: s. John a73 Mary (Johnson) Bacon; A.B.. 

^.i?"'"*', ^2°*^, ^*"' Connecticut Itiver and the Kfervard, 1876; M.D.. Harvard Med. Sch., 1878; 

Valley of the Connecticut; Rambles Around Old ST Mary Robinson, o^ Watertown, Mass.. Apr. 16, 

SSl^°'™^^.'*iS?*^. '° •'.°¥"'*",^™,=. ^'L® S"" 1880. Practiced in Brockton, Mass., since Aug., 

E^A.?*'^^i,,?i*2"°?«*?,1 ^"^ Making by Popu- ihs- mem. consulting staff, Brockton City Hosp. 

lar Vote Address: 36 Pinckney St, Boston. Meni. Mass. Med. Soc, A.M.A., Brockton Med. Soc.. 

BACOH, BUaabath Oaksn; b. Cranston, R.I., Phi Eta (Harvard). Mason. Home: 29 Wyman 

Mar. 19, 1844; d. Solomon Willis and Elizabeth St Address: 101 Main St., Brockton, Mass. 

SH!ir„ <^.VK*?/>.K4riJie= v«.-^i,2\,";?it'Ji'^!./V1f.: . BACOB. _Ii««ard. W_ool.«, M.D.. surgeon; b. 


SL.''^'j"ii^in^'i'^'^rt"piLfH"i*.,T2 ?r?*°«1Lh°«„*h^ St~fo?d,'conn., Feb. 24, 1866; s. Leonard Wool 

^ili^P TtE^^- ^fV^Si^^^k^i]i-^^^^^^M°^ii- »ey and Susan (Bacon) Bacon; descendant o. 

?««9^ f^.,Sht?? Aii,.2 o^r^''"!^',)?!^^-; ?n\,.l- Michael Bacon, of Dedham. Mass.; prep. edn. 

18«9. 1 daughter. Alice Cary. Active for 30 yrs. phinips Acad., Andover. Mass.; student Amherst. 

\lJ^^2V^llS,'''v,'.%!?^.7'^f^,%'itUl^nKH°'''' 1884-V; r5:. Yale, 1888; student U. of Leipzig. 

iSIk ^^;.? i^o?? InH -iS?2^V«Aif. l" P'o? fJSf! U- ot Pa.. Syracuse U.; M.D.. Yale Med. Sch., 189f: 

i? ^-on^ wnm/; R?,ffr.J? 5»l?,*^VaJ^"Sfi ^,*,,,\^'fS post-grad, work, unlvs. of TUblngen and Berne: 

l'..££"ri-„Y^S^^„^?£™5*..^^!L" ' 1892-06 (during ^ Emma Waleska Schneeloch, of New Haven. 

ErJf.V^'i^?,%*".Vff "T.^n^'iS"^*? ''*",Sy devolved g'i„^"J'iTy 6. 1892? 2 children. Leonard Woolsey. 

fej? Jr»^ nik ^^S' n^^'^?^- S^jAS°'i^„^1fS^ Jr.. b. Apr. 23, 1894. Emma Waleska. Apr. 30. 

S^i w,?^^ i5^,^fwf^S"Vk ?^r»'^m' \*** <'i'5? 18". Practiced medicine, more partlcularty sur- 

^l?n ^?TS? n7 .Jnh vilitnr^ w?i»*^'Sj®li. SP/""' Ksry, in New Haven, Conn., since 1892; sec. The 

JT-^oiJ-Ih^;™ i^n^»i»?.f;i^^X*».'^*' **V .1*" physicians and Surgeons Hosp., Inc.; pres. and 

SSP'^laTi *r»S«,.t»i • 1 ow '®TT„^i°/ J**^" JL*"""** treks. The Nosocomiil Corpn. Mem. A.M.A., Conn. 

Tft«"'ri?in If H»4v„irt n„r„"'**'^*"- Address: gtate Med. Soc. New Haven Med. Assn. Pro- 

106 Capen St, Hartford, Conn. gressive. Conglist. Club: Graduates'. Author of 

BAOOB, rnuicls, surgeon: died Apr. 26, 1912. various contributions to med. encys. and to cur- 

(See voL 1909, also Who's Who in America. 1912- rent med. lit. Address: 113 Whitney Av., New 

1913.) Haven, Conn. 

BACOB, rraaeia Warraa, lawyer; b. Bedford. BACOB, I^wls Boward, architect; b. Wellsboro. 

Mass.. Aug. 8, 1867; s. Jerome A. and Eliza Frances Pa., Aug. 7, 1857; s. James and Electa (Sanders) 

(Merlam) Bacon; descendant of Michael Bacon, Bacon; ed. high schs., Ravenna, C; m. Ann Smith 

who came to America. 1640; prep, education in Hall, of Ravenna, O., Dec. 4, 1882; children. Lewis 

Chauncy Hall and Boston Latin Sch.; A.B.. Har- H., Jr., Jane. Roger Wolcott Studied archltectur«x 

vard. 1890: student Harvard Law School, 1890-8; in office of Samuel Lane, architect Cleveland, O.. 

m. Mary Schroeder Taylor, of Baltimore, Md.. Nov. 1877-80; draughtsman and supervisor of construc- 

2, 1896; 3 children, Mary F., Francis W., and Eliza, tlon in office of Messrs. Sturgis & Brigham, archl- 

Engaged in business of manufacturing, 1893-7; in tects, Boston, 1880-6; in building contracting busl- 

various mercantile pursuits, 1897-08; admitted to ness with Whidden. Hill & Co., 1886-8; mem. firm 

Mass. bar. 1908; associated with Warren, Hoague, of Morrison & Bacon. 1888-92; practiced since 1892 

James & BIgelow, Boston, 1908-9; practiced alone, at Boston. Mem. Boston Soc. Architects, Mass. 

1909-11; with firm of Gaston. Snow & Saltonstall Charitable Mechanic Assn. Mem. School Com., 

since 1911. Mem. Bar Assn. City of Boston. Recre- 1899-1900-01. and Board of Aldermen of City of 

atlons: flshlng, shooting, amateur photography. Newton, 1907-8-9: dir. in local instns. Mason (32°. 

Home: 46 Addlngton Rd., Brookline, Mass. Office: KT., Shrlner). Clubs: Beacon, Republican. Home: 

Shawmut Bank Bldg., Boston. Waban (Newton, Mass.). Office: 60 Bromfield St., 

BAOOB, Helen Hazard; b. Peace Dale, R.L, Jan. Boston. 
IE. 1862; d. Rowland and Margaret Anna (Rood) BAOOB, Souls, broker; b. Brookline, Mass., 

Hazard; descendant of Thomas Hazard, of Ports- Jime 29, 1872: s. Francis E. and Louisa ((irownin- 

mouth, RI., who settled in Newport. 1639, and on shield) Bacon; A.B., Harvard, 1894; m. Mary 

mother's side, of John Ogden. patentee of Conn.. Southerland. of Washington, D.C.. Jan. 3. 1911. 

1662: ed. under governesses, in pvt schs., foreign Began active career with Edgerly & Crocker 

travel, etc.: m. Nathaniel Terry Bacon, of Nor- (str^-vhrokers^. 1895: mem. of this firm, 19ftO-Peb. 

wlch and New Haven. Conn.. Oct 6. 1886: 2 chll- 1, 1916, at which time the company consolidated 

dren, Leonard, b. May 26, 1887; Susan, b. Nov. 12, with Blake Brothers & Co., of which has since 

1889. Pres. of R.I. Soc. Colonial Dames, 1904-7; been a mem.; dir. Central Agulrre Sugar Co.. Ma- 

nat registrar Colonial Dames, 1906-12; elected rine Museum. Clubs: Somerset, Tennis and 

v.-p. Nat Soc Colonial Dames, May, 1914; v.-p. Racquet Eastern Yacht. Recreations: sailing. 


Home: 16 Marlboro St Office: 111 Devonshire BASOBlk OhadM Xioola, granite dealer, machin- 

St.. Boston. 1st; AugTrf, 1820-19—. (See vol. 1»0>.) 

BAOOV, Vatlian WlUsy, publisher; b. Neville, BABOBB, Biastna B^ trustee; mem. E^. B. B>d- 

Clermont Co., O., June 25, 1862; a. Nathan T. and ger & Sons Co., coppersmiths; trustee Fraaklls 

Sarah E. (Wentzell) Bacon; ed. diet. schs. of Savings Bank of City of Boston: trustee Home t»r 

Clermont Co., O.; vn. Margaret Reardon, of Cin- Aged Couples, ti.K. Baptist Hosp. Home: StI 

clnnati, O., Oct. 23, 1889- 1 son, John Henry. Be- Beacon St. Office: 76 Pitts St., Boston. 

Kh-*° r.Tn.?nn!"tT "JA"?" -LSt Y' ^r.^'in" PhtSSX ■ADOBB, atorr* ■■ C., M.D.; b. Boston. May Jt 

fnrt s Sis fn rtatrnU?VfS?nJ«-? t^ R„.f„S^ ffl? 1870; s. Brsitus I?, and Fanny B. (Campbell) Bad- 

«Srt Um»^i fS?T n-wflll? rn Van? 7-^«ii?:l' Ser; prep. edn. Boston Latin Sch.; A.B., Yale. 189J. 

?«n7 15 ^f«n?Iin;. nJ^nJ.* A wnn»;^ • f^,h^^^^f A.ji.. 1894 ; M.D.. Harvard Med. Sch., 18^7; m. Gfraw 

i,^hIv.rintiSn*?^k»*tiHf nf Art, S'^w^^?.^^!: n^ «. Spcar. Of Cincinnati. O., June 5, 1900 children. 

2S?r« p?fi?iin«^t oV IP ™^^ Sherwin Campbell, Virginia. Practiced in Boston 

BPO Elks RecJeitioSt- fllhlii Homo- l?« "*"«« ^»^'' ■ Ph^s. Bapt. Hosp.; asst. visiting phya 

M,fn«n»7in A.„ nm^i ^»n nS^^S;^ ?» H«..!l to Mass. Gen. Hosp.; mem. Advisory Com., Pub. 

Huntington Av. Office. 120 Boylston St, Boston, gch. Hyeiene; Instr. In medicine. Harvard Med. Sch. 

BAOOV, Bnaan Almira, college prof.; b. Brook- Mem. A.M. A., Mass. Med. Soc. Republican. Baptist 

lyn, N.Y., May 16, 1869; d. Leonard Woolsey and Clubs: Harvard (Boston). Oraduates' (New Hav- 

Susan Bacon; B.A., Mt Holyoke Coll., 1905; Ph.D., en). Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: (snm- 

Tale, 1911; unmarried. Asso. prof. French. Mt mer) Cohasset, Mass. Address: 48 Hereford St, 

Holyoke Coll., since 1911. Mem. Modem Lang. Boston. 

Assn. of Western Mass.. Socl£t6 des AnCienS BASOBm. KalTin Plrl. mirironn- h M<an»ha«t«r 

Wf™m^s"'v5mehaFm"*'(nub ii,"' T}li;,nf°en'^"r .?' N.hTd^IS** Vs?; ^^leTvlS'Sd M^tie" "(oS 

m^??^9io Addr^S^ Mt HnilnkJr-nW^J^r-sSm; mlngs) Badger; prep. edn. Manchester High Sch.; 

«S?2; ^m";,-*^'*"""^- ***■ Holyoke College. South m.D., b. Vt ColU of MedlcUe, 1909; m. Xiary T. 

naaiey, mass. Morrow, of Manchester, Sept 6, 1911. Practiced la 

BAOOV, ThAOdor* fcanldlnr, M.D.; b. Natlck, Manchester since 1909; asst surgeon Notre Dame 

Mass.. May 9, 1872; s. Joslah Spauldlng and Leora Hosp. Mem. N.H. Med. Soc., Hlllsboro Co. Med 

(French) Bacon; S.B., Mass. Agrl. Coll., 1894; Soc. Manchester Med. Soc, Alpha Kappa Kappa. 

S.B.. Boston U.. 1894; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., Odd Fellow. Republican. Methodist (5lub: Calu- 

1898; m. Mabel A. Rice, of South Deerfleld. Mass.. met. Home: 317 Ash St Office: Pembroke Bldg, 

July 20, 1904; 1 daughter, Dorothy Rice. Prac- "96 Elm St. Manchester, N.H. 

tlced in Sprtngfleld, Mass., since 1899; asst. phys. BASasm. '^mitar Tratiur lanrvai-. k T>n.»«» t.. 

M.'^rf.cWg^"l?c.^S^rfngn^rAc^aI%%: ^»3 

cine. Springfield Med. Club. Boston City Hosp. U1886'm Elizabeth HJdWl<<^xnfiS«^ 

^a"p7e"'st"''gprSld"1Sks^°°'^"'"- ''^^""- *» Sink'.'S:cr-6'=l'l?7'^ll^as^^a^c&i^ ^»?o'^, lltri 

juapie oi.. bpringneio. Mass. splty. of corpn. law; atty. for B. & M.R.R.. U.S. Ei- 

BAOOH, Walter Karshall, president American press Co., N.E. Despatch Co., Boston Gas Light (X 

Tool & Machine Co.; b. West Newton, Mass., Apr. Boston Ice Co., Travelers Ins. Co., Jones & Lausb- 

15, 1854: s. Francis W. and Louisa M. (Hagar) Hn Steel Co., Cudahy Packing Co.. U.S. Rubber Oo, 

Bacon; ed. Haabrouck Acad., Jersey City, N.J.; etc. Mem. Boston Bar Assn., Curtis Club (law). 

Dwight Sch.. English High Sch. and Bryant & Delta Kappa Epsllon. Clubs: University, St- 

Stratton Business Coll., Boston; m. Mary Reed, change. Country, Algonquin (Boston), University. 

of New York, Mar., 1878; 2 children, William ^ale (New Yorlt). Home: 126 Brattle St.. Cun- 

Reed, Frances Louisa. Bookkeeper Am. Steam bridge, Mass. Office: 63 State St, Boston. Mass.* 

Gauge Co., 1873-5; bookkeeper A. Q. Smith & Son. BAOO. Xiymaa KotoUdBS. author Journalist; 

^?"kff^,'l8=78.ri;^F'e"*%"u"b.^l^^SnK'?l8f-°e| Who's Who In America. 1910-11.) 

took charge of Hnanclal affairs of White-Smith BACH», »nfn»ll»«iisr, J«- educator; moved M 

Music Pub. Co., 1886 (now treas.); pres. Am. Tool Appleton, Wis. (See vol, 1909, also Who s Who in 

& Machine Co. since 1894; dlr. Harvard Co-opera- America, 1914-16.) 

tive Bank (Dorchester). Pres. Music Publishers' ■n^a-r.w sdvrsvd Oavtwrtvlit mnnart. wholesalt 

^4"."- Ros^S- ^!fslr"VbJlshir;''^S**"'i9n'll= clfthhjf b." BS?B^?t'SraS'i,^!S?^27m^a 

KTfS; ^fiS?r/^T5^^r^^.nt A..^"iw»i? «^w' Alexander Thomas and Mary Jane (Evans) BagW 

MMon^KT? C1«S;° H^«?oT, c1??" R^st^n Im 'both natives of England)! mother died Sept 4 

^Sf^ILti^I-r„^i^^fl,r ?fnS,-. 9k' oi-t.^^ Of 1»12; 6^. EmeFson Grammar Sch. until 11 yra o« 

SSri^htLtoP iir.^S nffl?«?9 «?«nhn,,«°«? wLtnri^ age; grad. East Boston Evening Grammar Sch, 

Dorchester. Mass. Office. 62 Stanhope St, Boston. ^^^^ Boston Evening High Sch.; m. Oct 2S. ISOl. 

BAOOW, Wllllain Angnstiu, clergyman; b. Ames- Bessie Louise Colley, of East Boston. At 6 yra of 

bury. Mass., Oct. 11. 1869; s. William Ferdinand and age, lost father, who was drowned, and mother wu 

Mary Welch (Beal) Bacon; grad. Wllllston Sem., left with 7 children; as a child sold papers, blacked 

1886; B.A., Dartmouth, 1890; B.D.. Hartford Theol. shoes and dug clams to sell; studied law at home 

Sem., 1895; m. 2d, Lucy Annette Stebblns, Shelburne during spare hours; connected with grocery busl- 

Falls. Mass., Aug. 6, 1902. Ordained Congl. minis- ness. 1887-9; with Holmes Electric Protective C» 

try, 1895: pastor Beverly, Mass.. 1895-9, Shelburne 6 mos.. 1889; with D. M. Hodgdon & Co. (now Hod«- 

Falls, 1899-02, Park Ch., Springfield. 1902-3, Can- don. Anderson & Merry), wholesale clothing, 1896- 

ning Town. London, Eng., 1903-4, Littleton, N.H., 09, since with Pierce, Billings & Co.: also mem. Arm 

since 1906. Del. Nat Congl. Council, Boston, 1910. of Bagley & Bagley, real estate and Ins.. Blast Boe- 

Kansas City, Mo., 1913. Home: 31 High St., Little- ton. Mem. Common Council, 1906, 7. 8. 9; mem. 

ton, N.H. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1911-12, Senate, lat Suffolk Dlst 

tt^nevm ^mii^m ■mvm.ttMm Inwvor- h Nowton 1913, 14, 15. Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce, 

mSi N&v^lSSS^^I^eDh N and SaSh a! East Boston Improvement Assn.. Lexington Minute 

^^oodw^l"^-) "BaJIn- ' A:B?'S'a''rvard*"?88t A.J^ ^^lb<ec°' Lodtt?'' k F^'^'and" A M ""m.m""i 0*0J. 

iL.B.. 1889; m. Bessie E.. d. Samuel M. Sayford, of ?^j°^?„v Fnfami^pnt? N FOP BoSon Sdifc 

Newton, June 17, 1891; children. Frederick Sayford. i^d^^'soL of at'^oSSr^e Clubs:" Lln^ta. Mi£ 

Margaret. Admitted to Suffolk bar. 1889; In gen. 5^'i^;hi,?"n ward Ono SlnubliS.n (e21? BoaSn) 

law practice, Boston, since 1889; dlr. Newton Trust S'l^Vhron Rcnublfcan RlCTeatlSSS- Lthfetlf^rti' 

Co., Cltliens' Mutual Ins. Co.; trustee Newton Sav- Ilir^fJ^P nSme ■ 36 ' W slVle St EaSt sSstS 

tngs Bank. Newton Cemetery Corpn.: asso. Justice ^2,™?*fn xonMton St Bo^^n 

Newton Police Court since 1902. Mem. Bar Assn., Office. 80 Kingston St, Boston. 

City of Boston, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Delta Phi. BAOHAKXi, Fnuiola Asbnrjr, educator; b. Chel- 

Clubs: Hunnewell, Eight O'clock (Newton). Rec- sea, Mass., Aug. 31, 1866; s. William R. and Sartli 

reatlons: golf, motoring. Home: 52 Hyde Av., New- F. (Goodridge) Bagnall; grad. Wealeyan Acad, 

ton, Mass. Office: 262 Washington St., Boston. Wllbraham, Mass.. },§^[.,^L^^^^ya.n U., CX>niL, 


1890 (M.A., ltlO);'m. Mary F. Taft, of Stafford Chem. RafrlgeratinK Co., Boston, 1879-84 ;corpii. elk. 

Springs, Conn., Aug. 12, 1892 (died Apr., 1905); Sewall A Day Cordace Co., 1884-98; In copper min- 

3 children. Katherlne, b. 1893; Frances, 189E; Mar- Inir bualneaa since 1898; treas. and dlr. The Waver- 

iraret, 1899; m. 2d, Marlon Li. Collins, of St. Albans, ley Co. Served as pvt, Co. B, 5th Mass. Vols., 8th 

vt.. Oct. 30, 1912. Prin. Stafford Springs High Sch., Army Corps, Civil War. Republican. Unitarian. 

1891-4, St. Albans (Vt.) High Sch., and aupt. achs., Mem. Soc. Am. Wars, S.A.R. (pres. Boston Chap- 

1894-01; supt schs., Adams, Masa, since 1901. ter), Bttnker Hill Monument Assn., Gr.A.R., Soc. 

Mem. bd. of trustees Adams Pub. Library, 1904-16 Army of Potomuc, Am. Soc. Colonial Families, Falr- 

(ctunn. 1907-15). Pres. Bastern Conn. Teachers' banks Family in America, Boston Soc Natural Hls- 

Assn., 1892. Vt State Teachers' Assn., 1898; sec tory. Hooker Assn. of Mass., Am. EMnl. Alliance, 

Vt. State Bd. Normal Sch. Commrs., 1898-01; pres. Newton Natural History Soc. (sec. and treas), Bos- 

Berkahire Teachers' Assn., 1907, 1908. Republican, tonian Soc, Nat. Alumni Assn., University Alliance 

Methodlat. Mason (K.T.); mem. Royal Arcanum. (London and New York), Anthol. Soc. (London), 

Club: Colonial (Adams). Recreations: golf. Ad- Nat. Conservation Soc, Nat. Forestry Assn., etc. 

dress: Adams, Mass. Clubs: Appalachian Mountain, Unitarian (Boston), 

BAXUBT, Alaaaoa Coopw, surgeon; b. Rochester, The Players. Hunnewell. Civic, Bight O'clock, Mon- 

Vt., Nov. 24, I860: s. CUSk and Susan J. (Cooper) SSi ^\«n'"« <i?«*=-,»°* treas.), UnftarUn (Newton). 

Bailey; ed. Randolph (Vt.) Normal Sch. and Moth. ?«<='"««"°"s = bowling. Home: Newton, Mass. Of- 

Sem.. Montpeller, Vt.; studied medicine pvUy. and °'=«= "' Congress St., Boston. 

at U. of Vt.; M.D., Med. Dept., Coll. C:ity of New BAXXtST, Andrew jMkson, lawyer; b. Charles- 
Tork. 1877; m. June 27, 1877, Alice M. Matthews, town, Mass., July 18, 1840; s. Barker and Alice 
of South Royalton. Vt. Health ofllcer, Randolph, (Ayers) Bailey; A.B., Harvard, 1863; served as 
Vt.. Blace 1887; pension examining surgeon, 1891-3; private In 1861, re-enllsted as 2d It, 1864, 5th Mass. 
conaultliig surgeon, Mary Fletcher Hosp., since Vols.; studied law in Boston and Charlestown; m. 
1893. Mem. Vt. State Med. Soc. (v. -p., 1892), White Abby Virginia Oetchell, of Charlestown, Jan. 19, 
River Valley Med. Soc. Mem. I.O.O.F. (1st noble 1869. Began practice In Charlestown, 1869; In Bos- 
grand, Randolph Lodge). Address: Randolph, Vt ton since 1874; pres. Common Council, Charlestown, 

■■aTT.w w Albert Bdwaxd. lecturer- b North ^''Si *"'' mem. Sch. Com., 1867-70; mem. Mass. Ho. 
Scituate, lia^. Mar. liTlJ^l; 8. ChJiles E and °'„„^eP- 1|"; "',11', ^^P^"*' IP,*- P'-^'i ^0'"'"°° 
Eudora (Turner) Bailey: grad. Scltuate High Sch., £?""?"• ^°f,'°"-, ^?|i'K'=„*i5' »o"c'tof. 1881-95. cor- 
1887. Worcester (Mass.) Acad., 1890 (valedlcto- S? B^^t^„''°n1'.Sk«i.',?'"^ ,Y'^- ^« ■^"'"Jv'SV' 
rlan); A.B.. magna cum laude, harvard, 1894; m. S/„S^°"A ?T>^*T''»i'il'S"^; Unitarian. Mason (K.T.). 
Marlon Breed Hall, of Cambridge. Mass.. June 23. JJera. GA.R., Legion of Honor Bunker Hill Monu- 
1896: 7 children. Instr. classics, 1894-8, master In S!"!// R,1rt*„*«»o^»t- m^'^^^ w^S™* S°SY^ 
English. 1896-1900, Worcester Acad.; owner and l^!L'^hj:^Jf^,^/^S^t,l^,f^^^I^^n^^'y.^^"} ^■■^''^^' 
head master Allen Sch. 1900-7; since lecturer on the 5ftS.i? tfiJii 'B«iir°,VI**'l?« ^^"Pi Boston Press. 
Eastern-Mediterranean civllisaUons for H. W. Dun- 8?"?*= "">'«* Bellevuc Office: 43 Tremont St. 
ning & Co., foreign travel. Boston. Also specially ""■'Un- 
interested In pedagog. side of Sunday Sch. work; BAIXiXT, Aaa* XMaaA (Mrs. Alvln Richards), 
prepared Bible sch. curriculum published In BIbl. club woman; b. SomervlUe Mass.; d. John Murray 
world. Chicago, May, 1900; has since revised it; and Sophronla Page (Savage) Leland; prep. edn. 
edited a series of outline maps for use in hist Bible SomervlUe High Sch; studied music at N. E. Con- 
sch. courses; Instr. In religious pedagogy, Newton servatory of Music and with pvt. teachers; m. Al- 
TbeoL Instn. since 1909; lectures on travel, peda- vln Richards Bailey, of SomervlUe, Feb. 14, 1884. 
gog. and WbL subjects. Mem. Harvard Chapter Phi Teacher before marriage; spent vacations in travel; 
Beta Kappa. Baptist Recreations: travel. Ad- organized classes for study In various branches, 
dress: Newton Center, Mass. before women's clubs were generally recognized. 

BAXtBT. AldM IS9, mfr., banker: b. Compton, E°"u'"'®"- .JJ®""-., '??"'?? Suffrage League, New- 

P. Q (Sii^ Mav 81 1846- s I^wVa and Nanev to" Hosp. Aid and Day Nursery assns. ; former re- 

Bkllei^ ed 'dlst Vhs.; workid ^ flrS^untU 21^ K?' ^,S"i J'^^^C* F^Wjer and state historian of 

Enga^d In handling musical merchandise at St ?fK5:,?V^5r- *"'*rf a**^ ^,'Jof*^''-,*^"*^i^= '=5^?ii*1 

Johnsbury. Vt, with a branch at Burlington; pres Vi'^PJZ °^^^nli}i,-^^-}lt^' ?*= founder of sf^al 

Citizens' Savings Bank & Trust Co. Hom4: St h^iS"i^%£*'"5''?.'',°'.*'!*i/'"i,J^®''°lS'"°?^' "'• 

Johnsburv Vt ""•■=• oi. t^rian Am. Soc. of Colonial Families. For 20 yrs. 

wa-rr-Bv ««-. tir.^ .v .. . ,« ■" Officer in West Newton Women's Ednl. Club (8 

.,5?r^5f' ^o ^ fi'ni"""i '"'Sri* .'° J?J"°f" y"- 'ts pres.) and former officer Social Science 

K-5'„i"'t"«'Vi ?*x* ^°'- ^'°'' *•■•* ^^'" ^•'<' *" Club, Newton, and Newton Federation of Women's 

America, I9i*-i6.j Clubs; now pres. of Ex-Regent's (D.A.R.) Club, Bos- 

•Anunr Al-vlB nsamaa, clergyman; b. Win- ton; v.-p. Shattuck Club, and Boston Parliamentary 
Chester, lit. May 26, 1840; s. Rev. Alvln and Han- Club; mem. council Fathers' and Mothers' Club, 
nah (CHarke) Bailey; ed. New York Central Coll., Boston; mem. Municipal League, Boston City Fed- 
1866-7: Oneida Conf. Sem., 1858-9; Madison (now eratlon; N. E. Woman's Club, and Ednl. and Indus- 
Colgate) U.. 1863-4 (non-grad.); Meadvllle Theol. trial Union, all of Boston. Mem. com. to arrange 
Sch., 1866-7; m. Minerva Alice Wilcox, of Etna, meetings of State Federation of Women's Clubs of 
N.Y.. Sept. 22. 1864; 5 children, Florence Z., Helen Mass. and mem. Local Biennial Bd. of Boston for 
v.. Mary L., Bertha A., Alvln F., Jr. Ordained Unl- G""- Federation, serving as chmn. Hotel.s Com.; dir. 
tarlan ministry. 1867: pastor lot Christian Ch., and ^^n- Federation of Women's Clubs, 1910-12: etc 
Soc. Union Springs, N. T., 1867-9, Independent Ch., Pres. Channlng br, of Alliance of Unitarian Wom- 
Canastota, N.Y., 1869-74: Unity Ch., IndlanapoUs, S". Newton; state dir. C.A.R. of Mass. Address: 
Ind., 1875-8, 1st Parish, Barre, Mass., 1879-08; paa- Newton, Mass. 

tor emeritus since 1908. Sergt Co. H, 23d N.T. Vol. BAISBT. Arthur Allea; b. Windsor, Conn., Aug. 

Inf., 1861-2. (Jhmn. Barre Sch. Com., 20 yrs.: mem. 4, 1873; s. William and Lenora B. (Pease) Bailey; 

Mass. Ho of Rep.. 1907; mem. bd. dlrs. Barre Pub. ed. pub. schs., Windsor, and Hannum's Business 

Ubrsry Assn. Life mem. A.U.A., Unitarian S.S. Coll., Hartford; unmarried. Began as office boy 

Soc: moderator Worcester Assn. of Unitarian Mln- with the Eddy Electric Mfg. (5o., Windsor, and 

isters. Hem. Delta Kappa EpsUon. Republican, since purchase of plant by General Electric Co. has 

Mason; mem. Q.A.R. Clubs: Unity, Naquag, In- been agt of the corpn.; treas. Thompson Equlp- 

disnapolls (Ind.) Literary, Republican of Mass, ment Co. Chmn. Rep. Town Com., 1900-14; mem. 

Address: Barre, Mass. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1906, 7, Senate, 1911-12. 

AlTia Btohaxds, copper mining- b. Conf^list. Mason (32°, Sphinx Temple A.A.O.N.M.S., 

C»iarlestown, Mass., Feb. 18, 1846; s. Joshua S. and »' "^'■'^°';"*> I,,"'^'"- i??'' S"°T* if'°4S® *"''^"J 

Elizabeth (Richards) Bailey; descendant on both carapment). Clubs: City (Hartford), Wlnpog Fish 

sides of family of Colonial ancestors; ed. pub. schs., and Game (Windsor, Conn.). Address: Windsor, 

Somerville, Mass.; m. Anna Leland, of SomervlUe, Conn. 

Mass., Feb. 14, 1884. Was connected with dry goods EAX^bBT, Berths, educator; b. Albany, N.T.; d. 

nnn of Sweetser, Swan * Blodgett until 1872; with Rev. William and Mary Loomls (Stark) Bailey; 

Wheeler ft Wilson Sewlntr Machine Co. at Boston, descendant on father's side of Aurle Van Vleet, 

later at Richmond, Va., 1872-9; In employ of Mass. .who came to America from Holland about 1700, 



and on mother's side, of Capt. John Mason, of Manly Spelling Book, 1908; (w'th »«ne) Langiia«f 

Pequot War fame; grad. Albany Olrls' Acad., 1884; lessons. Books I and VI, 1911. writer on eM. 

B.S., Wellesley, 1888; unmarried. Teacher of sci- subjects. Address: 6 Cushlng St., Providence, RI. 

ence, Science Hill Sch., Shelbyvllle, Ky., 1888-90, BAISET, Smast Harry, M.D.; b. Barre, TU 

science and history. Miss Mlttleberger's Sch., Sept. 29, 1873; s. Martin V. and Sarah li. (Gait) 

Cleveland, O., 1890-3, history and mathematics, Bailey; grad. Goddard Sem., Barre, VL, 18>1; 

The Ruel Sch., New York, 1893-1900; teacher of M.D., Tufts Coll. Med. Sch., 1897; m. Marertt 

history, mathematics, and head of Day Sch., Miss Connolly, of Burlington, Vt., Nov. 1, 1899; S chll- 

Brown's and Miss Boese's Sch., New York, 1900-2, dren, Elolse, Marjorle, Virginia. ESngaged In p^»^ 

Miss Stuart's Sch., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1902-4; prin. tlce of pharmacy, Mass. and Vt., 1891-7; hetlth 

Taconlc Sch., LakevUle, Conn., 1904-12; prin. Abbot officer, Barre, since 1901; In gen. practice ef 

Acad., Andover, Mass., since 1912. Dlr. N.Y. Branch medicine since 1898; mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., HM: 

Associated Coll. Alumnae, 1900-2; v. -p. Wellesley (jjr. Drown Motor Car Co. Mem. Vt. State Me4 

Coll. Alumnae Assn., 1910-12; mem. Shakespeare Soc, Washington Co. Med. Soc, Alpha Kappa Kip- 

Soc. (Wellesley). CongUst Address: Abbot Acad- pa, etc. Democrat. Universallst Mason (K.T.) 

emy, Andover, Mass.* Address: GranltevlUe, Vt. 

BAXKBT, Chartea AlMWOa, lawyer; Mar. 10, bAI&BT, Eniaat W,, civil engineer. (See toI 

18S8-Oct. 10. 1911. (See vol. 1909.) 1909.) 

,»S^'^?'"'*'^^„^'"*"'"' *''"^*®®= ^***"'^'"'- '• BAHHT, TraaX Wright, stationer: b. Parta, 

1912. (See vol. 1909.) Oneida Co., NY., Mar. 12, 1845; s. John and BmUy 

BAZKBT, Charlaa Kardy, M.D. ; b. West Swanzey, (Simmons) Bailey; descendant on mother's iMe 

N.H., Sept. 21, 1866: s. Clark and Carolyn C. (Da- of John Alden, of the Mayflower; ed. Ca2eiiOTta 

vis) Bailey; ed. high sch.. Winchester, N.H.; B.S., Sem., N.Y.; m. Irene DeHart. of N.T. City, 1«H 

N.H. Coll. of Agr. and Mechanic Arts, Hanover, (died Mar., 1911). Began in stationery buslnen. 

N.H., 1879; M.D., Dartmouth Med. Coll., 1881; m. Rochester, N.Y., 1876; went to N.Y. City witt 

Clara E. Morse, of Winchester, N.H., Aug. 14, 1884; Koch Sons & Co.; removed to Boston, 1892, u< 

children, Louise M., b. (>ct, 6, 1887 (B.A. Smith continued in same line of business; treos. and 

Coll., 1910): Katharine J., July 29, 1890 (B.A., dlr. Thorp & Martin Co.; trustee Penny SaTlnp ■ 

Smith. 1912); C. Roger, Dec. 18, 1900. Practiced, Bank. Pres. Advertising Vigilance Assn., Inc: 

Qardner, Mass., since 1881; mem. staff Henry mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce. Republican. 

Haywood Memorial Hosp. ; mem. Sch. Com., since CongUst. Clubs: Algonquin, City, Economic. Bnt 

190S. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc., Worcester North Burn Golf, Bellevlew Golf. Recreations; fkmi- 

Dist. Med. Soc. Republican. Club: Gardner Boat, ing, golf. Home: Melrose Highlands, Mass. Of- 

Address: Gardner, Mass. flee: 66 Franklin St., Boston. 

mUXBT, OluudM Banben, clergyman; b. of Am. BAXKBT, Trvdario WUUam, clergyman; b 

parentage at MagoK, P.O.. Can., Apr. 19, 1863; s. Brooklyn, Jan. 31, 1858; s. William Egbert a»J , 

Charles and Helen Marr (Gale) Bailey; grad. New- j^ne (Sharp) Bailey; B.D., St Lawrence TJ.. NT. . 

bury (Vt.) Sem., 1880; grad. Newton Theol. Instn., 1878: studied at Boston Sch. of Oratory; ordalnM ! 

Newton Centre, Mass., 1886; B.D., Episcopal Theol. to Universallst ministry, Olcott, N.Y., 1879; putor | 

Sch., Cambridge. Mass., 1896; on examination, with- Bast Jaffrey, N.H., Highstown, N.J., All Soala^ ; 

out residence, Ph.B., 111. Wesleyan U., 1887. M.A., Worcester, Mass., up to 1889; left Universalis! , 

1889, Ph.D., 1892; studied summer. Harvard, 1911; ch. and confirmed P.E. Ch., St. James' Ch., Cut- 

m. Etta Amelia Lord, of Woodsville, N.H., June 11. bridge, Mass., 1889; pursued spl. course wn | 

1884; 2 children. William Howard, Ernest Glent- xheol. Sem., New York. 1889-90: deacon. 1881. i 

worth. Ordained ministry Bapt. Ch., 1886, serving priest, 1890; m. .Ian. 14, 1891, Lena Olive, i : 

until 1893: deacon, 1894, priest, 1896, P.E. Ch.: in Jerome and Susan B. (Blanchard) Marble, w ; 

charee of St. Mary's Ch., Penacook, Concord. N.H., Worcester. Missionary St. Paul's Ch., Natlcl : 

1893-8. first as lay reader and later as deacon and Mass., and St. Andrew's Ch., Wellesley, establishM. 

Srlest; in charge of St. Andrew's Ch., Manchester, igso-l; asst. All Saints' Ch., Worcester. IfSM: 
r.H., 1898-11: rector St. John's Ch., Taunton, Mass., rector Ch. of the Ascension, New Haven, Conii. 
1911-13, St. Ann's Ch., Revere, since June 1, 1913. )g93; missionary Christ Ch.. Rochdale, and Grew 
Mem. Manchester (N.H.) Ministers' Assn. (ex- ch., Oxford, 1901-5; established Holy Trinity Clu 
pres.); Taunton Ministers' Assn.; Mass. Clerical southbrldge, Mass., 1905. Mem. Conn. Hist Sot, 
Ason. Republican. Mason, Odd Fellow. Recre- jj.b. HIstorlc-Geneal. Soc. New Haven Colonj 
ations: surf bathing, mountain climbing, theater Hist. Soc, Soc. S.A.R. Editor and pub. "Early 
going. Home: 69 Walnut Av., Revere, Mass. Connecticut Marriages," "Early Massachnsettt 
aaCKBT SndlaT Vetttam, lawver: b. Corn- Marriages," "Bailey's Photo-Ancestral Record. 
vlileMe Oct. 24, 1843; s. Rev. Dudley Perkins etc. Home: 33 Harvard St., Worcester, Mass 
and Hannah Barrows (Cushman) Bailey; 8th gen- BAHiBT, Frederick Harold, mathematician:^ 
oration from John Alden and Priscllla MuUIns, j^eomlnster. Mass.. Apr. 24. 1865; s. Benlamln F. 
9th generation from Robert Cushman. Plymouth, ^^^ j^ yj (Goodfellow) Bailey; grad. FItchbnr; 
1621; grad. WatervUle (now Colby) Coll., 1867; m. fMass.) High Sch., 1882; AB., Harvard. 188.. 
Mrs. Adelaide P. Potter, of Everett, Mass., Mar. am , 1SS9; unmarried. Asst. In mathematics. Har- 
2, 1901 (died Apr. 12, 1911); Mrs. Potter was ^^^d, 1889-91; Instr. in mathematics, 1891-8, JMI 
founder and for 26 yrs. prin. o' The Home Sch., prof.. 1S93-04. asso. nrof.. 1904-7, prof, since IM'. 
Everett. Admitted to bar at Portland, Me., 1870, Mass., Inst. Tech. Was instr. mathematics, Rail- 
removed to Everett, Mass.. 1872. where has since ^1,^^ Coll., 1«90-1. Simmons Coll.. 1902-'. M*" 
resided; also maintained oBlce In Boston, 1879-02: ^.m. Math. Soc. Unitarian. Author (with Pr«t. 
has given spl. attention to real estate, probate p g Woods); Analytic Geometry. 1897: A Coorw 
and cornn. law: official examlnpr of titles for the j„ Mathematics. 1907. Club: Brae Burn (Xnintrr 
Land Ct.. since 1899: mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep.. Home: 81S Beacon St., Boston. 
1886, 1887: has held numerous pub. offlpes at —.rr-n-r vnadairlrk imum. m n • h Boatou 
^^t'^- a'^^c'J'.v^l'fJ'Qs'?- Tr'usfee*T?.fe"t? 's^"^^Vl mSS^HpI. !.''l*8'7t*s. '^^S^i-^ernKA 
^'''"^"M.w.^^^a'hlolT^Htn and Colbv Coll Mem! A. (Hoban> Ballev; ed. pub. schs.. Bos>on: MD- 
S'JSjfio-^^ R^r Assn S a'r Am Stalls Soc Harvard Med. Sch.. 1903; m. Julia McCarthy, of 
JI!.1£^„^^?,..^*'^Rn^"R«„„Mlcan Baptist (active Boston. Nov. 18. 1905; J children. Marv,.Elearor. 

L city 


i"'''c';^ 4^^^';«»""iK4°^^'hooVs7Eve?'ett Mms'"" Med? Soc.r"Suffolk""Med."Soc. '"Recr^tloni: fjot- 

den St. Address. 154 School St., •Everett. Mass ^^ ^^ Hancock St., Dorchester. Boston. 

BaIKBT. Eliia Bandall, author; b. Providence. ,_ . , ,_ „ j_,iA 

RI^ Samuel R"d Marv Jane Simmons; ed. BAttBT, Ony Wnft««. lawyer: b HardwA 

Providence Hieh Sch.; m. Providence. Prof. W. Vt.. May 7. 1876; s. John Winthroo and Laura Cj: 

Whitman Ballev Mnr 16 IRRl (died Feb. 20. hi") Ballev: grad. Burllnsrton Hl'-h Srh.. 1S«: 

1914^2 chndren. WhitrAan, Margaret Emerson. A.B.. U. of Vt.. 1900 (snl honors In GrealtPJ 

Author: (with Prbf. John M. Manly) The Bailey- Beta Kappa); m. Mabel G. Brlgham, of EiM« 


JunctiotL Vt., Dec. 22, 1S04. Admitted to bar, 1904; for books, etc.) Home: North Scltuate Man 

practiced In Essex Junction, since Oct.. 1904; asst. Address: 120 Boylston St. Boston.* ' ^^" 

editor Pub. Statuteo of Vt., 1904-6, commr. to edit ».rr«» «-J^.. « , .\ ^ 

same, 1906-7; mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1904-8; mem. xjS*^^', ^??'*" ,*'•• K^?} estate; b. Lisbon, 

Uartin & Bailey, since 1908; sec. of State of VL, 2,";;„h .„£' V^.'- ^^''^^ L*^,,*"^ •'*"« ^- Galley; 

1908-14; mem. Workmen's CompensaUon Commn., ?°- i?^P- "^5*- °! Concord, NH ; m. Concord, May 

1S13-14. Trustee U. of Vt. and State Agrl, Coll. i' » iS' *?*51 ^- ,f^°^l^- Photographer, 1870-9J; 

since 1914. Republican. Congllst. Mason; mem. ^i i^m « Coll. Observatory, Arequlpa, Peru, 

Odd Fellows, Knlgrhts of Pythias, B.P.O. Elks. oh»ri» h.'^^.?5' S*^*??^- JS?"'^"'".''' 18?6-9: mm-, in 

Home: Essex Junction, Vt. ~„hf,f, ^y"**,..^°'V °^;' Arequlpa, 1889-02; 

BAIUT. Kuui^ J, Officer W.C.T.U.; b. Corn- S?1-elTbstaU b^sineS* cinciS''SlS'c.^Mk llit^h^ 

waU-on-Hudson, N.T., July 5, 1839; d. David and dist. Mei^ Grange phe?imFathe™ l^^^ 

LeUtla (Clark) Johnston; fatiier a minister of the FellowT Home: Pembroke N H: "*"°''' Odd 

Friends Ch.; descendant on mother's side of ^emorone, «.«. 

Samuel Clark, Stamford, Conn., after 1630; ed. ^ BAStBT, KoUls Bnssell, lawyer; b. North An- 
pub. and pvt. schs.; teacher 9 yrs.; m. Platteklll, aover, Mass., Feb. 24, 1862; s. Otis and Ludnda 
N.Y., Oct. 13, 1868, Moses Bailey (died, 1882); 1 Alden (Lorlng) Bailey; A.B.. Harvard, 1877, A,M., 
child, M. Melvin. Nat. supt, DepL of Peace and 1879; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1878; studied law 
IntemaU Arbitration, W.C.T.U., since 1887: has "Ith Hyde, Dickinson & Howe, Boston; m. Mary 
traveled extensively in prin. countries of the Persia Bell, of Bxeter, N.H., Feb. 12, 1886; 1 daugh- 
world, advancing the work of the organisation; *«•■> Gladys Lorlng. Admitted to Mass. bar, 1880; 
pres. Me. Ekiual Suffrage Assn., 1891-7; treas. P^t. sec.. Chief Justice Gray, Mass. Supreme Jud. 
Nat. Council of Women, 1896-8; twice apptd. to Lourt. 1880; chairman Mass. Board of Bar Exam- 
represent Me. on Nat. Bd. of Charities and Cor- iners since 1903- mem. Internat Law Assn.; mem. 
recUon; one of judges Dept of Liberal ArU, "ec. coni. Am. Bar Assn.; mem. Mass. Bar. Assn.; 
World's Fair, Chicago. 1893. Mem. Friends Ch. R™"-,, Bailey-Bayley Family Assn., 1896; mem. 
Address: Wlnthrop Center, Me. Cambridge Hist. Soc. Democrat. Unitarian. Clubs: 

BAXAST. Katry Stwan*. mfr ■ b Woodstock. JJ^T*^? ^^?^ y°Fl^ ^"d Boston), Colonial and 

VtT^^ IsSsT^. eK;^ ^d Amy c! (Bailey) g^^e^'^**' ^SS?r»H,^^s%^ " ^2l!L= Cambridge. Mass. 

Bailey; ed. pub. schs., Boston; m. Miss Grace Nor- O™"*- " Congress St., Boston, 

wood, of Hamilton, Mass., Sept 6, 1894 (died Dec mTMTT, Koz«o« Waid, CS. marshal for Vt- 

28, 1908): 1 daughter, Helen Norwood. Began Jan. 16, 1862-Jan. 6, 1914. (See vol 1909) 

active career at Boston in employ of Cushman v.nwv *•>..„ >i^._«. »_ i ' .. . 

Bros. A Co., mfr. shade rollers, 188B; organised, „J|ft~^' '•'^ ^"fffi ''■. lawyer; b. Ar- 

1890, firm of Bailey & Weston, mfr. window shades, ""jTMo'-i^.^'Vo'^til- ^*li f,**^=/- James Alderson 

shade roUers and shade cloths, of which is senior fi,"?„5}*r**'.'* J^®}'^®) ga^e^: descendant of early 

partner. Member Boston Chamber of Commerce. P?*'S''"^ ^'"'^''j r^?' **Sn["?S«}'**' A-¥' i.*'*: 

Clubs: Algonquin, Boston City, Brae Burn Coun- ii',-,?;:..?*^^*'5 "• ^^^^^''-.i^^^.V?^ Helen Gage 

try. RecrMitlons: golf, tennis. Home: 16 Suther- ??"i,^<"i "L^i""- /«^- ??• ^^"l' * children, 

land Rd. Office: 81-^8 North Washington St, ifE^ftA- J^^Z^'^ ^•■,?^J^^- Helen R- Has 

Boston. practiced In Boston since 1890; mem. Mass. Ho. 

_.„__ «___._ _„-„i.„ _#. . K r.o>„ »' Rep- 1*9*' 1896. Senate, 1897; mem. Met Sewer- 

.< "^Sf^Vr"*^ ^^^^^ H^^^S r^ ^i,An^'[2^ **« Commn., 1900 (chmn. bd.) : mem. Met. Water 

Una. R.I., Mar. 18, 1879; s. Henry C. and Hellen and Sewerage Bd., 1901-13; selectman, Arlington 

W. (Mclnnes) Bailey; ed. Carolina Grammar Sch.; 1904, 5, 6 (chmn last 2 yrs ) • orea Mpnotomv 

Friends' Sch., Providence, R.I.; student Brown Trust Co ; dlr Inteniat Trust 5S Reouhllcan 

U.. 1886-9; m. JuUa P. Brown, of Rochester, uSSrlan Clubs: Alkonouin Halyard i^BostoS?' 

Pi. Oct 14, 1906; 1 daughter. Sue Thurston. De- BdltSl^nder su^r^lsW^f iuth^'^In idmon of 

signer Carolina (R.I.) Mills Co., 1899-06; supt Browne on the Statute of Frauds Stoma- will 

Stanley Wheel Co.. Uxbrldge, Mass., 1905-'/; mgr. brook Farm, Orotra. Mass ^ce- 4^ BarriJti™ 

W. J. bickey & Sons, Orna Mines, Baltimore. Md., sin. Boston wmce. 414 Barristers 

1907-8; pres. and mgr. LocustvlUe Woolen Co., ______ _ 

Hope VaJley, R.I., 1908-14; now sole owner Hope „BA»BT, JJunes W«ll»ee, mfr.; b. Portland. 

Vafiey Mills. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsllon. Re- Me.; student Bowdoln College, 1880-1. Began in the 

publican. Address: Hope Valley, R.I. saddlery hardware bus. 1883. Pres. James Bailey 

BAIUST. Ksnrj Zdnooln, clergyman; b. Brattle- ™ki?i"'^* ^51*.- ***?.• ^**'ft Kappa Epsllon. Re- 

bol^^V^rii^sT 18«^ r'Rev. George Hamilton S^ii':*£ortSP'l''°,SS'**"- Recreations: baseball. 

andCalraT. (Bundy) Bailey; grad. Moravia (N.T.) "™ce. i-ortiana. Me. 

High Sch., 1882: A,B., Middlebury (Vt) Coll., BAZXiaT.JoMpli WUtmaa. lawyer; b. Frederic- 

1886 (Phi Beta Kappa), A.M„ 1889; srrad. Hart- ton, N.B., Caii., May 9, 1866; s. Lorlng Woart and 

ford Theol. Sem., 1889; m. Schroon Lake, N.Y., Laurestlne Marie (Marshall) Bailey; father a na- 

Aug. 8, 1889, Nelle Clute. Ordained to ministry tlve of West Point N.Y., and mother d Joseph 

Congl. Ch., 1889; missionary A.B.C.F.M. in India, Marshall de Brett Marechal, baron d' Avray, cheva- 

1889-90; pastor, MIddletown Springs, Vt, 1891-01, Her de St Louis; prep. edn. Collegiate Sch. Fred- 

Ist Ch. of Christ Longmeadow, Mass., since 1901; erlcton; B.A., U. of N.B., 1884. Studied law in 

on editorial staff Vt. Chronicle, 1896-8; sec. Mass. Harvard Law Sch. Was connected with (jeol 

CongL Conf., since 1908. Republican. Mem. Conn. Survey of Can., 1884-6; has practiced in Boston 

Valley CongL Club. (pres. 1908-9), Longmeadow since 1889. Club: Boston City. Author: St John 

Hist Soc. (pres. 1902-8). Delta Upsllon. Address: River In Maine, Quebec and New Brunswick 1894- 

Longmeadow St, Springfield. Mass. First Impressions of Europe, 1908. Also contbr to 

BAZIUBT, HMury Toner, art teacher; b. Scltuate, Jo1?nrVnBv°fS°*^nm!!f • ?e%^: S^J^^IP'^; H°™e= 

Mass.. Dec. 9, 1866; s. Charles Edward and Eudora *'' P'nckney St Office: 16 SUte St, Boston. 

(Turner) Bailey; brother of Albert Edward Bailey; BAZKBT, TiWUe Adelbert, educator; b Dres- 

grad. Scltuate High Sch., valedictorian, 1882; grad. oen, Me., Apr. 7, 1865; s. Jesse and Mary Ann 

State Normal Art Sch., Boston, 1887; studied (Nason) Bailey; grad. Oak Grove Sem., Vassalboro 

abroad, 1898; m. Josephine Litchfield, of Scltuate, Me., 1889; A.B., Haverford Coll., Pa. 1893 A.M ' 

Mass.. Sept 6, 1889. Teacher of drawing, night 1894; post-grad, work, U. of Chicago, 1896- ni' 

schs., Boston, 1884-5; supervisor of drawing, CMty Laura I. Main, of Woolwich, Me., Aug. 24 1898- 

of Lowell. 1886-7; agt. Mass. State Bd. Edn. for one daughter, June, b. Aug. 31, 1900 Teacher of 

the promotion of Industrial drawing, 1887-03; now classics, Simmons Coll., Abilene, Tex., 1896-7- prln 

dir. Chautauqua Sch. of Arts and Crafts; dir. non- Raisin Valley Sem., Union Springs, N Y ' 1899-^ 

resident courses. New York School of Fine and 1900, Bridge Acad., Dresden Mills, Me., 1900-3 Mc- 

Applied Art Editor The School Arts Magaxine. CuUom Inst, Mt Vernon, N.H.. 1903-4, Matta'naw- 

tl.S. rep. Internat Congress of Pub. Art Brussels, cook Acad., Lincoln, Me., 1904-8, Greeley Inst 

1898, Third Internat Congress on Art Teaching, Cumberland Center, Me., 1908-11, Windham Higii 
London, 1908. Moderator Ann. Town Meeting since Sch., 1911-12; prin. Mattanawcook Acad. Lincoln 

1899. Mem. Soc. Am. Authors. Club: Twentieth Me., 1914-15. Republican. Mem. Soc. of Friends' 
Century (Boston). (See Who's Who In America Odd Fellow; Granger; Red Man. Recreations' 

uigiLi^eu uy 

■v^_J v^x^^. 



hunting. Ashing, canoeing; licensed guide. Home: BAIKBT, ntonuui Browa; b. Providence, R.I.. 

Dresden Mills, Me. Address: Lincoln, Me. Dec. 6, 1854; s. William M. and Harriet (Brown) 

_._,—_ -._^_ — „,. ,__ . K ii.ii.....iii_ w. Bailey; prep, ed.. University Grammar School: 

T^iJ*?'^;.'?^„^[':..V/*15'"f,;rt i-^^l'ij'RiiiS^' student ferown U. (non-grad.); unmarried. Iden- 

?/\l-Jli*J lnh^HV^^lZ\^S,i ^^^- ^ pil»^' ""ed ''"h corporation interests. Boston, since 

^A„»S St" "t^,^,; ?r^iQnn'"i!!!„2°A'a."„i^°^'"; 1878; director American Telephone ft Tefegraph 

S,^"*Aih«;J'w"n\iiA u*i'''.„^'^o^*«^.„h'l??=",liS^® Co., American Bell Telephone Co. Home: 126 

h^^-^/^ ^-.^^ft^ Pr^jM«„?T^?-*-rr'^.f.?nr Plnckney St. Office: 126 Millc St., Boston. 

ham, Mass. as epl. agt. Provident Life & Trust Co., ••« — ..^^ w ,^ «m. < -., »^ ». « an 

of PhUa., 1892; was transferred to Clinton, Mass.. .■*"j"T' ''^•l*" ***S»H?«' 5?-°-.,'>i.^°J"®''il'.'*' 

and to Worcester, 1895; gen. agt. same co. for ?•"«■• Oc'-^S,!*'"-. Si ^X?"*' C- "nd Esther EHlM 

Central Mass., 1905-13, gen. agt. for central and (Browne) Bailey; A.B., Harvard, 1894, M.D., 1898; 

western Mass., 1913-14; since agency supervisor for '"•„?""' Perkins, of New York, June 30, 1908. 

Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co. for Worcester district, children, Barbara, Walter Perkins, David, Ruth 

Mem. Underwriters' Assn. of Central Mass. Helen. Practiced in Boston since 1898; ohmn. 

Mem. official bd. Trinity M.B. Ch., and treas. of Mass. Tuberculosis Commn.; visiting phys. Boston 

ch.; del. Gen. Conf.. Minneapolis, Minn., May, 1912. ^°"^V?^i' j* 5°*'' -^.^'f"; A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc., 

Home: 46 May St. Office: 390 Mkln St., Worcester, Suffolk Med. Soc, Nat. Assn. for Prevention and 

iiaaa Cure of Tuberculosis, and Boston Assn. same. 

_.■ Progressive. Clubs: Harvard, Tavern (Boston), 

BAII;bt, KurshaU Knin;, M.D.; b. Lisbon. N. Norfolk Hunt, Dedham Country and Polo. Contbr. 

H., Jan. 24, 1869; s. Israel C. and Jane 8. (Hunt) to med. jours. Address: 606 Beacon St., Boston. 

MA 1^93^ m Co^aoTA ^N h' Tun-^'Ja* i m J%m°m^ BAIMT, WUtmu. designer, illustrator; b. 

3f iones' ?hlM?Pn \^»^i?nrt 5Smlni M'«?.hSii ProTldence R.I., A^Ti. 1883; s. Prof. W. Whitman 

Ji Albln Consf^ce ^eaaA ?.?^t1S?' l^Boilon" »"^ Blira (Randafl) Bailey = ed. Univ. Grammar 

1894- m^' advl^r nfrfa^d 11^ DhvslclfS In ^ch.. Providence High Sch.. i>ratt Inst., Brooklyn: 

charte^tlilman InflVnS?v RendbilrSn ConSlUt unmarried. Designer of the Beacon Crib blankeU: 

&ya'iJ!"lSSd.'"s"<;c":''5^mb"r!§^e^''M^^^^ frSSSl".': ^e^n'c'I^.^^hLXroTb^o'S^.^e^^.lSI '^^^e %lJ^l: 

ment Soc, Boston Med. Library. Mason. Recre- uon^ for NE Mai23J?e The Bookman J^^ 

ci'mbrk^'M^/'^'"*''- ''^^"""'- "" ^'"'^- ''''■• B?o"wnings''Mag^i;Sre"tc. H'om?:°6''cu8"hing''l^ 

camoriage, Mass. Providence, RI. 

4. ?8'6'^'j?h'n^d'fs"a'{>Vl= <U;'o'S?"5Iile7;' ?ub*: »^™^. ^^<"^ *- '""™"-- <««« -<>'• 1»»»> 
sch. edn.; m. Oct. 24, 1896. Marie Louise Whitney. MMJUFT, WlUlaia Baooa, educator; b. Spring- 
Cashier Nat. Bank of Newbury since Nov.. 1893. fleld. Mass., May 7, 1873; s. William Leonard and 
Home: Wells River, Vt. Ellen Henrietta (Bacon) Bailey; A.B., Tale. 1894. 
bat^w -...i^i. ».■_<- iui«.<>.,> ^A,.^^tr^^- 1. Ph.D., 1896; m. Syracuse, N.V., June 16, 1905. 
-,»*^"*' "?J»'^,Sf'^ ?S?^'pM^i.f P '.n^" SheHa Mackeniie Jewett; 1 daughter. Dorothy. 
North Ansim. JJe. P fh -■^, 1H87. 8- Edwin C. «md ^gt 1897-9. Instr.. 1900-4. aast. prof, pollt. econ- 

6\'^K''a*.,''^H'in'^^' ?,?i'^-V ^[^whS^" i«(S«' ^^A omy since 1906, Tile; Instr. Yale Div. Sch. since 

nfe^,n^''^;;\„^t™'H i."=f,?,h./,°^ «^vr« V,™S^r 1»01- Agt. New Haven Organised Charities; ores. 

H^K '^^ns"""'*^ -& * S> u? i»n^' £.♦??»*« iV,t Clonn- P'lson Assn.; chmn. social evil com. of (Jonn. 

f*^i^ii ? ion -R^ V Rnn«t jV b Feb 14 I9^f" ^oc Social Hygiene; chmn. com. on the Immigrant 

iJ^ tLl™ ^M^i J^^i! *c..i ' lanR a- 1;,..t«; Ch. Federation of Conn.; dir. Conn. Soc. for Mental 

o^Mi.J^HS°"»,.i R^;L^ifii- ?hV,' o22nh,; fM^.\ Hygiene, Consumers' League of Conn. Mem. Am. 

^]^i%,^^'^'^',^?n,^-^^ul^^hT^\S.A"^ii,J'J'a^i^ Econ. Assn., Nat. Municipal League, Beta Theta 

fVfJ^ v' '»i"-": "r",- ^S" M^^V.^'"*'^-^ "^iv PI- Club: Union League. Author" Modern Social 

¥.'^^J;rJ^""'ir:'T'.lT/rk- •l°s;*n*!: 47a"-ps"i' S?"i'.;'°"lta\?s"*- A^s'i"""liSm^e''^i6'^KwSor5!^- 

^^7^^o.?-]^^^.J^^nn bSft^ng nWVf? ^'adte'Ss: !'o«o"Sra^rst,."5T4Hi«ve?^!forn°^ ^^ 

tntn .^nsnn Aon<! : inrUiui'd nlumnl to provide up- »*TTiT, WUlinn Whltniaa, prof, botany Brown 

lo-dati? buildlus; incrtused attendance from 25 to U.; Feb. 22, 1843-Feb. 20. 1914. (See vol. 1909. also 

60; secured increased teaching force; has devel- Who's Who in America, 1914-16.) 

oped the school into a community agrl. and Indus- ttArm -viiKKm rvifr ■ h Relfnjit Ireland Nov 

trial organization. Home: North Anson. Me. zB^im^i Ta^^an"S Hannah' (MaxwelHR^^^ 

BAXKSr, Boloa Xrvlnr, astronomer; b. Lisbon, ed. at Belfast nat. schs. and Belfast Sch. of Science 

N. H., Dec. 29, 1864; s. Israel C. and Jane (Suther. and Technology; m. Helen Tufts. Arlington, Mass. 

land) Bailey; A.B., Boston U., 1881, A.M., 1884; Mfr. willow and wicker goods in Manchester, Bn^.. 

A.M.. Harvard, 1888; m. Ruth Poulter. of Concord. 1887-91, at Boston, since 1893; treas. and rogr, 

N.H., 1883. Sent to Peru, S.A., to investigate Bailie Basket Co. Associated with William Morris 

conditions there in order to determine best loca- in the Socialist League, and as contbr. to the Com- 

tion for a southern sta. for Harvard Coll. Obs., monwealth (London) and other papers, 1887-91: 

1889: examined west coast from equator to South- contbr. to Liberty (New York) since 1891, and to 

ern Chili; resulting in selection of Arequlpa, Peru: other reform Jours, and mags.; occasional lecturer 

In charge of work there since 1892; established upon economic and kindred subjects. Mem. Boston 

meteorol. sta. on summit of El Mlsti. at 19,000 chamber of Commerce, Am. Econ. Assn. Clubs: 

feet elevation, where observations were carried on Boston City, Economic. Author: Joslah Warren, 

for 10 yrs., by far the highest scientific sta. in xhe First American Anarchist, 1906. Home; 219 

world, 1898; various other meteorol. stas. have Harvard Av., Allston, Boston. Office: 82 Sudbury 

been placed In Peru; asst. prof, astronomy, 1893-8, St., Boston.* 

asso. prof., 1898-13, Phillips prof.. 1913 — . Har- nATmn :rAtin ^TkUum nKvphnlnvlKt" h q«- 

:?Jt A<|f«.y''?;L^ard Ob^e'?vaiS?v"'rambrldl?' MSt2*Ont.'°S?n..^y'^i, ?8?3f°i!'&le*s and 
etc.) Address: Harvard Observatory, Cambridge, Agnes (Browning) Balrd; A.B., U. of Toronto, 1897: 
""*"• student. U. of I.elpzlsr. 1898: fellow In psychology, 
BAZKBT, Tabar Davis, lawyer; b. Oldtown, Me., U. of Wis., 1899-01, Cornell U.. 1901-2, Ph.D., 19$i; 
Apr. 6, 1874: s. Charles Alanson and Frances Ellen m. Barbara M. Sparks, of St. Marys. Ont., Sept. 10, 
(Davis) Bailey: ed. pub. schs.. Bangor: A.B.. Bow. 1914. Instr. psychology. Cornell. 1902-3; research 
doin. 1896; m. Leila M. McDonald, of Bangor. June asst. in psychology. Carnegie Foundation, 1903-4; 
17, 1901. Admitted to bar. 1898. and since prac- Instr. psychology, Johns Hopkins, 1904-6; asst. 
ticed In Bangor, in state and federal eta. and one prof, psychology, U. of 111., 1906-10; asst. prof, psy- 
case before Supreme Ct. of U.S.; mem, Bangor City chology, 1910-13, prof, since 1913, Clark U. Exec. 
Council, 1899-01 (pres., 1901); city solicitor, editor Am. Jour, of Psychology; cooperating edl- 
1902-3: mem. State Senate, 1913. Mem. Odd Fel- tor Psychol. Bull., and Jour, of Bdnl. Psychology, 
lows. Knights of Pythlax, B.P.O. Elks. Republi- Fellow A.A.A.S. : mem. Am. Psychol. Assn., South- 
can. Conglist Clubs: Madockawando, Kenduskeag ern Soc. Philosophy and Psychology. (31ub: Bohe- 
Canoe. Home: 93 Montgomery St. Office: 16 mian. Recreations: golf, baseball. Home: 801 
Columbia St., Bangor, Me. Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass. 

uiyiLizeu uy ■ 



l>, jmiaB Wimam, chemist; Feb. 14, 18S9- Typothetee, Bd. of Trade. Was mem. City Conncll, 

June M, 1911. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in Quincy, 2 yrs. and of Bd. of Water Comrars. 8 yra.; 

America. 1910-11.) trustee Quincy Pub. Library 1 yr. Unitarian. 

WanWTf, muusls Walea, clergyman: b. Home: Wollaston, Quincy, Mass. Offlce: 808 Sum- 

Broolisvllle, Me., Apr. 14, 1841; s. Atherton Wales ™6'' St.. Boston. 

and Susan Hall (Gardner) Bakeman: prep, edn., BAKn, Olarsnos Atwood, M.D.: b. Newcastle, 

Westbrook Sem.; grad. WatervlUe Coll., Me., 1866; Me., Jan. 3, 1858; s. John P. and Abby W. (Ford) 

grad. Newton (Mass.) Theol. Instn., 1869; [D.D., Baker; A.B., Bowdoln, 1878, A.M., 1881, M.D., 1882; 

Colby U. (now Colby Coll., formerly Waterville studied U. of Edinburgh and European hosps.; m. 

ColL), 1885]; m. Winslow, Me.. Aug. 12, 1869. Ellen Mary A. Whitman, of Providence, R.I., June 4, 

Maria Stuart Ordained to ministry Bapt. Ch., 1869: 1884. In practice, Portland, Me., since 1882. Fel- 

pastor Newburyport, Mass., 1869-71, Janesvllle, low British Oynecol. Soc.; mem. Am. Acad. Hedt- 

wls., 1871-3, Worcester, Mass., 1873-6, Auburn, cine. Me. Acad. Medicine and Science, Me. Med. 

Me., 1876-84, Chelsea, Mass., 1884-Apr. 1, 1915. Assn.. Portland Co. Med. Soc, Portland Med. Club. 

Trustee Colby Coll., Newton Theol. Instn. (mem. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason (32°). Clubs: 

exec, com.); corr. sec. Northern Bapt Edn. Soc.; Lincoln, Bowdoin. Recreations: motoring. Ad- 

dir. Mass. Bapt Missionary Soc. (chmn. exec, dress: 312 Congress St, Portland. Me. 

f?"V^»5f'*"''"9f^, ^^\i. CC. Theological (Bos- 9MMMM, OtaMBM BOruTi educator; b. Weston, 

ton). Address: Chelsea, Mass. Mass., Mar. 26, 1869; s. Charles E. and Qeraldine 

»«»^"». Albert AlUson, lawyer; b. Providence, (Clark) Baker; AB^ Bowdoin, 1896; m. Mary A 

R.I., Sept 26, 1862; s. Albert Osborn and Anna Anderson, of San Francisco, (3al.. Sept 9, 1901. 

Maria (Stone) Baker; ed. pub. schs. and Classical Prin. high sch., Eliot Me., 1896-8; teacher, Boston. 

Hl»h Sch.. Providence; A B , Brown U., 1884; m. 1899-1900, Luzon. P.I., 1900-6, Westboro, Mass., 

New Orleans. La., Feb. 1, 1897, Emma Belknap De 1906-7: supt schs., Raymond and Derry, N.H., 

RuBsy; 1 son. Albert De Russy. Admitted to R.I. 1907-12; now dlst supt In N.H. Mason; mem. 

bar. 1888, and since practiced in Providence; elk. Grange, Eastern Star. Republican. Unitarian. Ad- 

Judictary Com., R.I. Ho. of Rep., 1888-9; sec. State dress: Raymond, N.H., R.F.D. 

Bd. of Valuation, 1889-91; mem. R.I. Ho. of Rep., BAKBm, Sutva, Judge; b. Yarmouth, Mass., Jan. 

from Providence, 1891-2; asst city solicitor, Provi- 18, 1845; s. Braddo^ and Caroline (Crowell) 

dence. 1892-06, city solicitor since 1906; judge ad- Baker; AB., Wesleyan U., Conn., 1870, A.M., 1873 

vocate Brigade of R.I. Militia, with rank of capt., (LL.D., 1906): m. Annie Barker, of Providence, 

1892-02. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Bar R.I., Oct 30, 1878 (died Oct 7, 1886); 2d, Bertha 

Assn.. R.I. Bar Assn., Providence Bar Club. R.I. A. Neales, of Woodstock. N.B.. Oct 8, 1891. Served 

Hist, Soc Clubs: University, Central, West Side, in 5th Regt, Mass. Vol. Militia. Civil War, 1862. 

Squantum. Home: 16 Cabot St Office: 49 West- 1863; began law practice at Middletown, Conn, 

minster St, Providence, R.L 1874; judge of probate, Newport R.I., 1877-78; mu- 

BAKBB, AlTah tL, supt Mass. Reformatory, Con- njclpal Justice, 1879-86; Justice 1st Dlst Ct., 1886- 

cord, Mass. 06: Justice Superior Ct, 1906-13. Justice Supreme 

as'mrB a— _u_ T.o*i.««_ n»A..>.h.n». K nnntk Ct. Jan. 31. 1913 — . Mem. Am. Bar Assn.. Psi Up- 

Y^f^SS: ^tS^l'iS!^\iSrn^l^tSio^''^S^ 5i,%"™^5lo?Tv^e?^po?i"^I^"'"'°"*""'- """'^ 

Emily (Sears) Baker; ed. grammar sch.. South Yar- *" ^™^ton Av. Newport R.I.* 

mouth: m. Luella E. Ba£er. of South Yarmouth, BAKBB, Sarld Brastns, M.D.; b. Mass., Mar. 80, 

Mass.. May 12, 1887 (died Mar. 27, 1913); 3 chll- 1867; s. Erastus Emmons and Abby (Mirand) 

dren. Harold S., Melville. Austin Lothrop. Jr. Be- Bacon; prep. edn. Franklin High Sch.; S.B., Boston 

gan as salesman with Crocker & Eldridge, Boston, U., 1878; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1883; m. Harriet 

1884: became mem. Eldridge, Baker & Bain. 1892. B. Lord, of Newton Lower Falls, Oct 21. 1886. 

incorporated. 1908, as Eldridge, Baker Co.. of Practiced in Newtonvllle. Mass.. since 1890; physi- 

whlch is pres.; pres. The Eldridge Baker Co. of clan to Newton Bd. of Health, 1891-4; former 

N.H.; dir. Medford Trust Co.; alderman Medford, chmn. Newton Sch. Com. Mem. A.M. A., Mass. Med. 

1910. 1911. Odd Fellow. CHub: Exchange (Belmont Soc. Republican. Conarlist Clubs: Newton Civic, 

Spring, Mass.). Recreations: golf. Home: West Economic (Boston). Home: 227 Walnut St, New- 

Mledford. Mass. Office: 37 Sleeper St. Boston. Mass. tonviUe. Mass. 

. Benjamin, lawyer; moved to Virginia. EAKBB, Bdward Wild, business man; b. Brook- 

(See vol. 1909.) line. Mass.. Sept. 20, 1869; s. Benjamin F. and Lo- 

BAS^BS. Ohailaa Vraaela. lawyer- b Lunenburtr. vina (LIbby) Baker; grad. Brookline High Sch.. 

MSSfD2^.4?W60;Vv^ia?;randOilve Rebecca 1878: AB. Harvard. 1882; m. 1888 Alice (fertrude 

(Boutwell) Riker; A.B.. Harvard. 1872: m. Henri- §?"">" "f Melrose. Mass. Town elk of Brookline. 

etta, d. Jonas and Nancy (Hill) Woods, of Win- M*^!;- "'npe Sept, 1898; in gen. Ins. in own name; 

chStcr. Masi.. Apr. 24. 1879; 1 son. Emerson W.. dlr. Brookline l^rust Co.; trustee Brookline Savings 

otTnrnpv of -Pltrhhiir^ Teacher Fitchburg High Bank. Republican; del. Rep. Nat Conv.. Chicago. 

lchri872?S: student ''iawSfflce ^Amasl N^^^^ 1908; sec Congressional &st. Com. since 1896. 

crosi. 1873-5; practiced in Fitchburg since 1875; Sec. and treas Brookline Hist Soc since 1901. 

now associated with his son as Baker & Baker; ^Z"^J-. ^'i'-.A"?'??.?" °i ^°^^ '"**,';i'"v, ^'1""= 

Sir. Fitchburg Bank & Trust Co.. Fitchburg & SffT?";^' ^°«*?? ^l^7- Commonwealth Country. 

Leomlirter St Ry. Co.. Fitchburg Mut FlreW g^'Safi^'^'^.f °'^' Si'.f "^LSSvTf^k ^rS-' ^ 

CJo ; trustee Worcester North Savfngs Instn. Was St Office. Town Hall, Brookline, Mass. 

asst dlst atty., several yrs.; bar examiner of BAZBB, Edwin, druggist; b. Hawley, Mass.. Jan. 

Worcester Co.; alderman, 1893. Republican. Unl- ig, 1843; s. Roswell and Bathsheba P. C. Baker; 

tarian. Mason. Recreations: golf. Home: 16 Ar- reared on farm; ed. dlst. schs. and Kimball Union 

llngton St Office: 327 Main St. Fitchburg. Mass. Acad.. Merlden. N.H.: served in 52d Mass. Vols.. 

BAXEB, Oliarlea M.. member firm Chase & Bar- 1862-3; m. Emma I. Bannister, of Shelbume Falls, 
stow, brokers; v.-p. and dir. Mattapan Deposit & Mass.. Aug 1. 1867. Drug elk., 1864-7; In dniK 
Trust Co • trustee Warren Chambers Trust: dir. business, Shelbume Falls, Mass., since 1867; pres. 
E. & P. kini * Co.. Inc.. Simpson's Patent Dry Shelburne Palls Savings Bank; v.-p. Shelburne 
Dock Co. Clubs: The Country. Union. Home: PaUs Nat Bank; mem. Ttf ass. Ho. of Rep.. 1885-6. 
Brookline. Mass. Office: Ames BIdg.. Boston. Senate. 1889-90; chmn. Sch. Bd. Shelburne for many 
_^ _ ...... .. , ,., .1 _. yrs. Trustee and treas. Arms Library and Arms 

B a TBB, OliuAap ?•??•»' publisher, bookbinder. ^^^^^ Republican. CongUst. Mason. Address: Shel- 

b. Boston. May IS. 1863; s. Albert and Mary Ann bu,„e Falls. Mass. 

(Remick) Baker; ed. nub. schs.. Boston: m. Jennie ., , ___ . _, „. v t>»_«,>„ o..«« * 

WInthroo Merrill, of Boston. Sent 22. 1875: 4 sons. BAKM, B»» "•'H'' **«"Vi=*;„^*B»'i;„??^'-B ' 
Walter M.. Clifton H.. Harold M.. Roy C. Clk with 1869; s. Ezra H. and Mary A (Martyn) Baker; AB.. 
Powle ft Carroll commn. mchts.. Boiton, 1869-83; Harvard. 1881; m Martha Gertrude Keyes of Bos- 
bookkeeper with E. Fleming & Co.. 1883-01. since ton. Nov. 16. "92 (^'e''Ji'"«16,i«98): 2 children. 
mem. of firm; pres. Lothrop. Lee & Shepard Co.. Henry Keyes (b. Dec. 4. 1893. died Feb. 18. 1896). 
book pubs., since 1904; treas. and dir. Norwood Gertrude. In employ of Lee. Hlgginson * Co.. 
Press Co. Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce, bankers. Boston, several yrs. from 1882; pres. Mat- 

uiyiLizeu uy x^j v^ \_^ -^ ■ \_ 



tapan Deposit & Trust Co. since 1901; v.-p. and 
treas. Simpson's Patent Dry Doolc Co.; dlr. Hersey 
Mfg. Co., 2d Nat. Bank; trustee South Boston Sav- 
ings Bank. Treas. Radcliffe Coll.; trustee Mass. 
Homoe. Hosp. Formerly chmn. Licensing Bd., City 
of Boston. Club: Union. Home: S8 Commonwealth 
Av. Office: 23 Ames Bids., Boston. 

B4knB, Oaorr* Ai lawyer, business man; b. 
West Dennis, Mass., Dec 28, 1866; s. Calvin F. and 
Sarah B, (Snow) Baker; pub. sch. edn.; studied 
law; admitted to bar, 1897; m. Taunton, Mass., 
Feb. 18, 1891, Winifred S. Bumpus. Assisted his 
father in business until he was 21, and was in em- 
ploy of clothing Arm of J. B. Barnaby & Co., Bos- 
ton, next 4 yrs.; was traveling salesman for 1 yr. 
and then began for self In clothing business in 
West Dennis; also practicing atty.: selectman, 
1893-(; apptd. Justice of the peace, 1895; U.S. dep- 
uty collector of customs, 1896-9; chmn. Rep. Town 
Com., 1897, 1898. Home: West Dennis, Mass. 

B>yit», Osorr* Bnunwtll, banker; b. Warsaw, 
Ind., Dec. 7, 1866; s. Joseph Schoonover and Ange- 
llne Rebecca (Runyan) Baker; grad. Warsaw High 
School, 1883; B.S.. De Pauw U., Oreencastle, Ind., 
1887; m. Eidlth Kelly Thomas, of Ooshen, Ind., Apr. 
27, 1892; 2 daughters, Bleanor, Virginia. Clerk, 
State Bank, Warsaw, 1888; started in bankipg in 
Chicago, 1889; removed to Cleveland, O., and from 
there to New York City, and now resides In Bos- 
ton; senior member Baker, Ayling & Co., Boston, 
since 1902, dealers in Investment securities and 
active as bankers in construction of works of the 
Connecticut River Power Co. and New England 
Power Co.; dir. Toungstown Southern Ry. Co., 
Staunton (Va.) Electric Light Co., Conn. River 
Power Co., Fall Mountain Electric Light & Power 
Co. (Vt), Bellows Falls Canal Co. (Vt.); also v.-p. 
N.B. Power Co., Municipal Service Co. Mem. Phi 
Kappa Psi (treas. 1896, pres. 1908). Consist. Ma- 
son. Clubs: University, Algonquin, Szchange 
(Boston), Country, Liongwood Cricket (Brookllne, 
Mass.). Home: Crafts Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
Office: 50 Congress St, Boston. 

BAXBB, Oaoigs Flaroa, college prof.; b. Provi- 
dence, R.I., Apr. 4, 1866; s. Dr. Qeorge Pierce and 
Lucy Daily (Cady) Baker; A.B., Harvard, 1887; 
Litt.D.; m. (Christina Hopklnson, of Cambridge, 
Mass., Aug. 16, 1893. Instr. English, 1888-9, foren- 
slcs, 1889-90, instr. English, 1892-5, asst. prof., 
1896-06, prof, since 1906, Harvard. (See Who's 
Who in America for books, etc.) Address: 195 
Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass.* 

BAKBB, Oaozn Taylor, dentist; b. Cambridge, 
Mass., Sept 2, 1866; s. John Hague and Elizabeth 
(Hunt) Baker; grad. Chelsea (Mass.) High Sch., 
1876; student Brown U., 1 year; D.D.S., Boston 
Dental Coll., 1880; D.M.D., Tufts Coll. Dental Sch., 
1907; m. Marlenne W. Johnson, of LaGranKe, 111., 
June 7, 1893; children, George Frederick, MurleL 
Began practice in Boston, 1880; lecturer on ortho- 
dontia. Tufts Coll. Dental Sch., 1904-7. Mem. 
Mass. Dental Soc, N.E. Dental Assn., Am. Acad. 
Dental Science, Soc. War of 1812, S.R. Mem. Ist 
Corps Cadets, M.V.M., 1883-93 (now hon. member). 
Home: Highland Av., Winchester, Mass. Office: 
419 Boylston St., Boston. 

WTmi, Katry Baaohsr, M.D. ; b. New Bedford, 
Mass., June 18, 1868; s. Samuel Wells and Mary J. 
(Brownell) Baker; ed. Boston and New Bedford 
pub. schs. and Friends' Acad., New Bedford; M.D., 
Jefferson Med. Coll., Phlla., 1880; m. Nellie Cook 
Lincoln, of North Dighton, Mass., Nov. 21, 1883; 
2 children, Mrs. Mabel Lincoln Hammett. Mrs. 
Natalie Brownell Shaw. In U.S. Marine Hosp. serv- 
ice, Phila., 1880-1; practiced in Mass. since 1881; 
mem. staff Morton Hosp.; consultant on eye to 
State Asylum. Republican. Fellow Am. Coll. Sur- 
geons; mem. Am. Acad. Ophthalmology and Oto- 
Laryngology, A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc., various 
ophthal. and otol. socs. Mason (Chapter, Com- 
mandery and Shrine). Clubs: Bristol, Doctors', 
Winthrop. Home: Dighton, Mass. Office: 69 Main 
St, Taunton, Mass. 

BAKBB, Ksrrsy Kvmpluvjr, judge: Apr. 11, 
1869-Apr. 10, 1916. See vol. 1909, also Who's Who 
In .\merica, 1914-16.) 

iMuy Albert, dental surgeon: b. New- 
port N.H., Nov. 27. 1848; s. Rufus and Mary K 
(George) Baker; med. dept. Dartmouth ColL (dod 
grad.); D.D.S., Boston Dental Coll., 1879; m. Nor, 
1874, Julia Wills. Began practice, 1873, in BostM 
since 1878; demonstrator in operative dentistry, 
Boston Dental Coll., 1879-81, and lecturer on oral 
deformities, same, 1880-7; Invented pneumatic mal- 
let 1872, artiflcial palate, 1881, device for correct- 
ing protruding and receding Jaws, 1893. Organind 
Vt State Dental Soc, 1876; mem. Am. Acad. Dentil 
Science, N.R Dental Assn., Mass. Dental Soc, 
Dental Soc. (hon.). Mason. Dir. Mass. Rifle Am 
(holds world's record in rifle shooting on Colnmtib 
target). Clubs: Jamaica Plain Gun (ex-prca), 
Dedham Sportsmen's. Home: 110 Bellevue Bt 
West Rozbury, Mass. Office: 211 Pierce Bld», 

. BABBB, Xsnry M„ lawyer; Jan. 11. 1841-IUt 
30, 1912. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in Amer- 
ica, 1912-13.) 

BAZBB, Xsrbert KMlla, lawyer; b. Falmoutli, 
Mass., Aug. 9, 1859; s. Gideon Howe and Olin 
Elizabeth (Crowell) Baker; descendant of Revolu- 
tionary ancestry; ed. pub. schs. and business ooll; 
LL.B., Boston U. Sch. of Law, 1884; m. Mary Alice 
Handy, of Wareham, Mass., Oct 22, 1886; 2 sou, 
Edward L., Herbert A. Began practice in Boston, 
1884; has given special attention to mercantllt 
and corporation law; mem. Mass. Senate, lilt 
Advocate of abolishment of capital punishment; 
president Anti-Death Penalty League. Republieaa 
Mason (Revere Lodge, St Andrew's Chapter, De 
Molay Commandery, Aleppo Temple); meo- 
Knights of Pythias, Soc. of Royal Good FeUovn 
Clubs: Boston City, Boston Tacht, Highland. Hone: 
West Roxbury. Office: 20 Pemberton Sq., Bostoa. : 

BAKBB, Joseph A., treasurer Chace Mills, FbS 
River, Mass. ' 

BAZBB, Joahna Arthtir, lawyer; b. Butsarda 
Bay, Mass., June 26, 1879; s. Joshua Howes ud 
Alice (Wing) Baker; Worcester (Maaa.) Acid. 
1898; Ph.B., Boston U., 1902; LL.B., Boston U. Scb 
of Law, 1904; m. June 22, 1906, Harriet WilllUH 
Baker, M.D., of Houston, Tex. Began practlct In 
Boston, 1904; master In chancery for Masa, notan 
public; mem. Bd. of Health, City of Pittolleld. Ite- 
publican. Methodist. Mason. Clubs: Park, Bd. of 
Trade. Home: 417 North St Office: 24 North 8t 
Pittsfleld, Mass. 

t, J^omiao Sow; died June, l»Ot. (See vol 


BAKBB, &or«uo Sow, fr.; b. Wellfleet Mia- 
Sept. 6, 1863; s. Lorenzo Dow and Martha MatiUa 
(Hopkins) Baker; educated common schools Well- 
fleet; m. Ethel Cooke, of West Chester, Pa, Dee: i 
1906; children, Martha Hopkins, Ralph Adam, 
Thayer, U.S. consular agent at Port Morant Ja- 
maica, W.I., 1884-01; acting vice-consul for Swodaa 
and Norway, at Port Morant and Morant B«T. 
Jamaica, 1889-94; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., IN? 
(committee Harbors and Public Lands) ; pres. Cn- 
solldated Weir Co.; treas. and dir. Cape Cod Staan- 
ship Co.; treas., sec. and dir. Baker Tacht Budi. 
Inc.; treas. Wellfleet Cranberry Co. Republlcai. 
Methodist Mem. Am. Acad. Pollt and Social Sci- 
ence (life). Am. Mosquito Extermination Soc. of 
New York, Boston Marine Soc (hon.). Royal Aitb 
Mason. Clubs: Boston Art Massachusetts. Repub- 
lican of Mass., Qulncy Tacht Recreations: ll»>- 
ing, golf, boating. Home: Wellfleet Masa Of- 
fice: 33 Broad St. Boston. 

BAKBB, Orrllls Clark, M.D., surgeon; b. Feiu 
Clinton Co., N.Y.. Sept 3. 1861; s. Henry and 
Mariah (Buck) Baker; ed. Plattsburg (N,T.) Hl«» 
Sch.; Saranac Acad.; M.D., Univ. Med. ColL (Ne»f 
Tork U.), 1879; ra. Frances M. Buck, of Platubure. 
N.Y., Sept 3, 1878. Began practice in Hebroa 
N.T., 18i9: removed to Brandon, Vt; mem. Scli. 
Bd., Brandon, 1893-04 (chmn. 4 yrs.) and supt 
schs. since 1908; pres Neshobe Electric Co.; off. 
Lake Dunmore Power & Traction Co. Pre*. Bran- 
don Chautauqua Assn.; pres. Rutland County Sclt 
Officers' As«n., 1913-14. Mem. A.M.A., Vt SUte 
Med. Soc, Rutland Co. Med. Soc. (ez-prea). Rf 

uigiLi^eu uy 

>^_j v^ v^ 



publican. Methodist Mason (K.T.). Home: 1< pnsviUe, Que., 1907-11, MorrisviUe, Vt., since Itll. 

Franklin St., Brandon, Vt. State pres. vt Christian Endeavor Union. Mem. 

maww Orwina Bmrav lawver- Dec 22 1847- Senate of Conel. Coll., Montreal. Served as capt In 

An^l«^08fSee^^ M09 r Canadian MUTtla. Mason (Past Grand Chaplain 

»;ini»L.ilZ^w«:^.. ■.„„«, «,»,. h Ti«rt QrandLodBeof Quebec) ; Odd Fellow. Home: Mor- 

BAZBB, Bound lIorTM, tanner, mir.; b. Ded- riHviiin vt 
ham. Mass.. Apr. 30, 1865; s. Joseph E. and Sarah ^.ir— wim.-, n,^^ i.™„«,. a t» r,,^,.^ 
W. <Bayley) Baker: ed. English High School, Boa- ,, "f.f?*' »y"?^ ."**!*"; ^^^"'^i. ^^h^^l^ 
ton: m. lallth M. Kimball, of ConcSrd, N.H., Sept U., 1881, AM 1884; Instr. In French and Germain 
17, 1893: 3 children, Robert Morris. Jr.. Richard K.. DeVeaux Coll., Suspension Bridge. N^Y. Admitted 
Susan R. Began In tanning and shoe mfg. busl- '?„*;?'■' i!tlv*!l^ !j"£!P'"*j;."^®<**V^°^i''^"^L% 
ness, 1883: pres. and treas. Morrill leather Co.. ""f"^ .Sal^ej * R^^I- ^"P*- ?,"?■ S'^''-,^^^ 
1887-07; pres. Wlnslow Bros. & Smith Co., 1906-8; J^'A«?*°1-.-*S^' ^*^*"*i •"*'?i ^-^ .SS; „°' J?*P- 
prea. aid treas. Roland M. Baker Co., tanneri i*»2-4, 1897-8; mayor of Providence 1898-01. Dem- 
and mfrs. calf skins; Portsmouth Tannery Co., ocrat Ofllce: 16 Westminster St, Providence, R.I. 

v.-p. N. D. Dodge Shoe Co.; treas. and eren. mgr. BAZBB, WilUam Kmut, M.D. ; June 7. 1844-Nov. 
Baker-Carpenter Co.; dlr. Naumkeag Trust Co., 26, 1914. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in Amer- 
Salero, Mass. Home: 70 Chestnut St Office: 38 lea, 1901-2.) 

South St, Boston. BAKBB. WllUam Oabom, clergyman; b. Prlnce- 

ll*»1t», Bmitli, clergyman; b. Bowdoin, Me., ton, N.Jw Aug. 18, 1871; s. Rev. Alfred Brlttln 
Feb. 18, 1836; s. Smith and Mary (Smith) Baker: Baker (D.D.) and Emilia (Stubbs) Baker; A.B.. 
eighth In descent from William Brewster, of the Princeton, 1893. A.M„ 1896; grad. Gen. Theol. Sem.. 
Mayflower; grad. Bangor Theol. Sem., 1860; (D.D.. 1896; m. Ellzabetb Jackson, of N.Y. City. Aug. 3. 
Dartmouth, 1891); m. Northumberland, Vt, Sept 1899; 2 children, Charles Carroll. Mary Osborne. 
13, 1860. Isabella Dltson. Ordained minister Deacon, 1896, priest, 1897, P.E. Ch.; served as 
Cong'l Ch.. i860; pastor at Veasle and Orono. missionary at Trenton. N.J.; asst. St Saviour's, 
Me., 1860-70. Lowell. Mass.. 1870-90, Minneapolis, Ch.. Bar Harbor, Me., to 1899; rector same, 1899-03; 
Minn, 1890-4, Boston. Mass.. 1894-8, Portland, rector Trinity Ch., Haverhill, Mass.. 1903-13, Christ 
Me., 1898-07. Atlanta. Qa., 1907-8. Corporate Ch.. New Haven. Conn., since May 1. 1913. Clubs: 
mem. A.B.C.F.M.; moderator at different times of Graduates' (New Haven), Princeton (New York). 
Congt State Conferences of Mass., Minn, and Me.; Address: CHirist Church. New Haven, Conn, 
ex-pres. State S.S. Assns. of Mass., Minn, and Me.; BAKam. Wlllla wutnav h Wnotwivui -M-mu 
";?S'^mlSrflvSV^t°Con"«?lfoun^i\,°l^^^^^ a"*«^1866^. E^Ju^ind- SSfrinSS^A^Xe 

m7 as^ S.n"k Ave IntSiat Christlii E^deavoJ (Woodward) Baker; ed. pub. schs., Dedham, Mass., 
Mnvs Author' Sr two^U le^Sre^ ^vauSi *"<! P**- »ch. of Rev. C. S. Locke; m. Viola Luclna 
o^Dle Md SLnv oJ^nhiets a?id nubllsheS ad? White, of Monson, Mass., Nov. 19, 187»j2 children, 
assies TOveri^e man^Shases S Church aSd S a Florence Adallne, GranvUle White. i:ngaged as 
i?^^D2rive?^^4 orMnftion sinS^s ?nd 42 carrtage painter unUl 1894. since as farmer; engr. 
tSSlaSeSte^monsIndoreaM^^e? 63 church EJ™ Department Dedham, 1891-7, chief engr.. 
oSSSSlf^lfso ^S^^ted at 1668 mS^rlalLind 1142 Westwood. 1897-11; mem. Sch. Bd., Dedham. < yrs.. 
fS^e^l: Hom2- 246 Stevens at SSwIflV^si Westwood. 11 yrs.. sec. 3 yrs.; town elk. Westwood 
rune rais. H ome. 246 Stevens St, L«well, Mass. g,„gg jgj^ ^3„ register of voters; mem. Mass. Ho. 

BAI^CB, ■tmman Hrunphrr; b. Croydon, N.H., of Rep., 1911-12. Chairman Citizens Com. that 

Sept 28. 1853; s. Albert H. and Alvlra (Humphry) accomplished division of Town of Dedham and 

Baker; descendant of John Baker. Charlestown. incorporation of Westwood, 1897. Dlr. Dedham 

Mass.. 1634; ed. pub. schs.. Concord; m. Mary Belle Co-operative Bank 20 yrs. Republican. Baptist 

Abbott of Hennlker, N.H., Sept 28. 1887; 2 chll- Mason; mem. Odd Fellows (Lodge and Encamp- 

dren, All>ert Humphry, Dorothy Ellen. Clk. In gen. ment), A.O.U.W. Club: Westwood Men's. Address: 

store. HUlsboro Bridge, N.H., 6 yrs., then in busl- Westwood, Mass. 

ness in own name 12 yrs.; on account of 111 health —,--■-■„-, ni,„i_ nostaviu. pnlie»> nrof • 

went to Jamaica. W.I., and re-entered business; „ "mJShff;^:^*????^ 1 S67"v^omM InS Jo^ 

later removed to Port Llmon, Costa Rica, and was ^i„?}"»''?rf?' fKinl'nif'n'ak^Will" A^ U ^ 

connected with Phlla. Fruit Co„ shipping fruit to ?.«'}"??g»44 2r nJiv^^Ns^z Ph n' 18»4' un'ivs 

TJ.a: returned to HUlsboro. 189d. and since In real ^al.. 1889; ^^M^-- H";^"^^- "*|,- ^^ "Vg^^^^ "Jl'I?- 

estate and auction business; mem. N.H Ho of i'„^e.f","' fon^f ? m MsSlelin? pilmer of WllkSS: 

?o'Si;ty"?i.7T9'(ci*n^i.= o?gn y%T)"™'Mai!,ro°5s ^^^BM^^ZiT^sTF^BhS^^^ 

»is-*Sjgf^.rlrilS^'^''H*'"'*- ««P"''*'-- JS'ySVVn-iaUv"c'o?^i8V*8'-\l?OoT°i.Fca'i.,*'{'9"or§l 

Address.Hlllsboro Brldge^.H. ^ „ ,^ prof, same, 1903-5: prof, philosophy. Yale, since 

B a yin L vnomM) BjIsob, clergyman; b. North- fjog (s^e Who's Who in America for books, so- 

ampton Cfounty, Va., Aug 11. I860; s. ThomM cietles, etc.) Address: 437 Humphrey St, New 

Shadrack and Edith (Nottingham) Baker; grad. Hav^n Conn.* 

Hampton (Va.) Normal Sch.. 1885: grad. Mt Her- _.!__—/- « „* », t^ k c .>>. r.i». 

man (Mass.) Boys' Sch., 1889; A.B., Boston U., BABTB*. Boy ▼tooeat, M.D.: b. Fayette City, 

189J: B.D.LYale Div. Sch., 1896; Ph.D., Yale, 1903; Pa.. Jan. 22. 1877; s. Oliver Sherman and Rosle 

m. LUzle Baytop. of Gloucester County. Va., Sept (Mack) Baktel; M.D., Dartmouth Med Sch 18M; 

17, 1901; 4 children. Edith Elizabeth, Harry Bay- m. Helen Tenney. of Methuen. Mass. Apr 6. 1904; 

top. Thomas Nelson. Jr.. Ruth. Born a slave; 3 children, Sherman Tenney, John Vincent Gewgo 

worked on farm until 21; taught sch. In Dismal Saunders. Asst. phys. Insane Asylum, Taunton. 

Swamp. Va., 1886-6; ordained Congl. ministry. Mass., 1899-04; practiced In Methuen since 1905; 

1897; pastor Dixwell Av. Ch., New Haven. Conn., asst. phys. to Lawrence Gen. Hosp.; phys. to Henry 

1896-01, 2d. Ch., Plttsfleld, Mass., since Aug. 1, C. Nevlns Home for Aged and Incurable. Mem. 

1901. Contbr. to religious periodicals. Address: A.M. A., Mass. Med. Soc. Lawrence Med. Club. Re- 

256 Bobbins Av., Plttsfleld, Mass. publican. Methodist. Home: 302 Broadway. Ad- 

BAKXB, •«Mtal«, writer: b. Warren. R.I.. Dec. d'-ess: I-O.O.F. Bldg., Methuen. Mass. 

24, 18E9: d. William Longhead and Emmellne Max- BAKCK, Alfred WlUUm, college prof.; b. East 

well (Wheaton) Baker; ed. under pvt tutelage; Saginaw, Mich., Aug. 27, 1873; s. Henry C. and 

unmarried. Teacherpub. schs., Warren. Eplsco- Altle H. (Brooks) Balch; descended from John B., 

pallan. (See Who's Who In America for books and of Beverly. Mass.; ed. pub. schs., Leominster, 

writings.) Home: Warren, Rhode Island.* Mass.; Ph.G., Mass. Coll. of Pharmacy, 1894; M.D., 

»awTg» waiter Bills, clergyman; b. Brantford, Harvard Med. Sch., 1898: grad. London Sch. of 

OnT^^r2T 1880: a Edward John and Wllt^ott Tropical Medicine 1907; m.^uclle Bancroft Man- 

Reb^ca (Grimmon) Baker; prep. ed. Cobourg Col- nlng. of Washington, DC Feb 7 1906. Began as 

leglate Inst.; grad. Congl. Coll. of Can., Montreal, instr. organic and analyt chemistry, Mass. Coll. 

1906; m. Margaret Russell HcLeod, oi Montreal, Pharmacy, 1894; asst prof, organic and analyt. 

June 28, 1906; 2 children, Edward McLeod, Lois chemistry. Mass. Coll. Pharmacy, and asst in 

Margaret Ordained Congl. ministry, Montreal, pharmacology. Harvard Med. Sch.. 1898-01. prof. 

Que.? 1905: pastor Yarmouth, N.S., 1905-7. Cow- biological chemistry and toxicology. Tufts Coll. 

^ ' uiyiLizeu uy >^_j v^ v^ "^ ■ \^ 



Med. Soh., since 1909. Mem. Med. Corps U.S. Navy, 
1901-9, resigned. Trustee Mass. Coll. Pharmacy. 
Republican. Baptist. Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. 
Chem. Soc, Soo. Chem. Industry, Am. Oeogr. Soc., 
Liondon Soc. Tropical Medicine, Am. Assn. Patholo- 
Klsts and Bacterloloslats, Am. Pub. Health Assn., 
Manila Med. Soc, Boston Soc. Med. Sciences, Bos- 
ton Bacteriol. Soc; asso. mem. Mass. Medico-Legral 
Soc, Boston Scientific Soc; mem. Alpha Kappa 
Kappa. Home: 44 Linden St, Brookline, Mass. 
Office: 416 Huntington Av., Boston. 

MASiOKf Bmllr ONMie, economist; b. Jamaica 
Plain, Mass., Jan. 8, 1867; d. Francis V. and BUen 
M. (Noyes) Balch; A.B., Bryn Mawr, 1889; studied 
polit. economy, Paris, 1890-1, U. of Chicago, 1 
quarter, 1896, Berlin, 1896-6; seminary work with 
Profs. SchmoUer and Wagner. Connected with 
Denison House (coll. settlement), Boston, during 
its first winter, 1892-3; mem. of municipal bd. 
trustees for children, 1897-8; asst. economics, 
1896-7, instr., 1897-03, asso. prof., 1903-13, prof. 
poUt. economy and pollt. and social sciences, 
1918 — , Wellesley Coll. Mem. Mass. State Commn. 
on Industrial Bdn., 1908-9; mem. Mass. State Com- 
mission on Immigration, 1913-14. Wrote mono- 
graph. Public Assistance of the Poor in France, 
1893; Our Slavic Fellow-Citizens, 1910. Home: Ja- 
maica Plain, Mass. Address: Wellesley, Mass.* 

BASCX Franola Hoyes, lawyer; b. Boston, Nov. 
23, 1873; s. Francis Vergnles and Ellen Maria 
(Noyes) Balch; A.B., Harvard, 1896, A.M., 1897; 
LIi.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1900; m. Pauline Kath- 
erlne Bulson, of Jamaica Plain, Mass., June 22, 
1904; 3 children, Katherlne Noyes, Francis Verg- 
nles, Robert Stone. At Woods Hole (Mass.) BioL 
Laboratory, 1896; with U.S. Fish Commn., 1897; 
Cold Spring Harbor (N.Y.) Biol. Lab., 1898-9; Biol. 
Lab., Bermuda, 1910. In law practice, Boston, since 
1900; mem. firm Hunneman & Balch, 1905-13, Bills 
& Balch, since 1914- appointed mem. Boston Finance 
Commn. by Gov. Draper, June 23, 1909; refused 
reappointment, 1912; dlr. Paul Revere Trust Co. 
Fellow A.A.A.8.; mem. Boston Soc. Natural His- 
tory, Conehol. Soc. Oreat Britain and Ireland, 
Malacolog. Soc London, Am. Soc Naturalists, Soo. 
of ZoSloglsts (Eastern branch); pres. Boston 
Malacolog. Soc, etc. Mem. committee to visit 
University Museum and on zoSlogy (Harvard U.); 
mem. N.K. Hlstorlc-Geneal. Soc, Boston Chamber 
of Commerce, Boston Charter Assoc, (exec, com- 
mittee), etc. Clubs: Union, Boston City, Harvard 
(Boston), Economic. Recreations: shooting, fish- 
ing, sailing, biology. Home: S2 Eliot St, Jamaica 
Plain, Mass. Office: 60 State St., Boston. 

MMMXK, rranklla Oremw, surgeon; b. Jamaica 
Plain, Mass., Apr. 26, 1864; a. Joseph W. and Agnes 
L (Greene! Balch; descendant of John Balch, who 
settled In Beverly, Mass., about 1638; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1888, A.M., 1892; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 
1892; house officer, Mass. Gen. Hosp., 1891-2; m. 
Lucy R. Bowdltch. of Jamaica Plain, Nov. i, 1894; 
6 children, Franklin G., Jr.. Charles Bowdltch, 
Lucy Bowdltch, Henry Gordon, Cornelia, Kath- 
arine. Visiting surgeon, Mass. Gen. Hosp. since 
1906; surgeon Faulkner Hosp. since 1903; surgeon 
dept genlto-urinary diseases, Boston Dispensary, 
18*4-6; surgeon out-patients. 189B-8, visiting sur- 
geon, 1898-06, Carney Hosp.; asst. in Clin, and 
operative surgery, 1900-3, asst in surgery, 1903-6, 
Ibrvard Med. Sch. Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons; 
mem. A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, Boston Soc. Med. 
Sciences, Boston Soc. Med. Improvement, Boston 
Surg. Club, etc. Clubs: Harvard, Tavern, Union. 
Recreations: outdoor life. Home: Moss Hill Rd., 
Jamaica Plain. Office: 279 Clarendon St., Boston. 

UA1.CX, CHIbsrt BrowneU, publisher; Feb. 9, 
1866-19 — . (See voL 1909.) 

MAlUfM, John; b. Jamaica Plain. Mass., May 
4, 1866; s. Joseph W. and Agnes L. (Greene) Balch; 
student Harvard. 188B-8; m. Katharine Kellogg 
Torbert, of Dubuque. la., Feb. 16, 1897. Began 
active career in employ of Holtier Cabot Electric 
Co., Brockton, Mass.. 1889-90. then with the Edison 
Electric Tlluminatlng Co.. Brockton. Mass., 1890-4; 
receiver and gen. manager Dubuque (la.) Light it 
Traction Co., 1894-7: became identified with Amer- 
ican Telephone & Telegraph Co. and now asst 

treas. New England Telephone & Telegraph Co, 
treas. Southern Mass. Telephone Co. Independent 
in politics. Unitarian. Clubs: Harvard (Boston), 
Milton. Recreations: mountain climbing. Home: 
Milton, Mass. Office: 60 Oliver St, Boston. 

BAJkOX, Joseph, auditor; b. Providence, B.I., 
July 16, 1860; s. Joseph Pope and Laura Ti&any 
(Field) Balch; descendant of John B.. one of 
Ist settlers of Salem, Mass.; ed. pvt. scbs.. Provi- 
dence. With Providence Instn. for Savings 27 yn.: 
nat bank examiner, 1904-13; v.-p. Brooks Audit Co., 
New York and Providence, since 1913; mem. Provi- 
dence City Council from 1901 (pres., 1906-9), alder- 
man since 1910. Commr, Providence City Kosf. 
Republican. Unitarian. Pres. R.I. Soc. S.A.IL. 
1912. Clubs: Hope, West Side. Home: 270 Benefit 
St Office: Turks Head Bldg., Providence, R.L 

jOM, Josnh, real estate; b. Boston. 1861; a 
Joseph W. and Agnes L. (Greene) Balch; ed. 
Chauncy Hall Sch. and English High Sch., Boston; 
m. Melrose, Mass., 1904, Abble M. Copeland; one 
son, Joseph, Jr. In real estate brokerage businen 
since 1895; dlr. Am. Investment Securities Co., 
Columbian Nat Life Ins. Co., E^ast Boston Co.; 
trustee N.E. Converatory of Music Clubs: Somer- 
set Exchange. Recreations: boating, travel. Home: 
Westwood, Mass. Office: 77 Franklin St., Bostoa 

BAJ^OOXB, Kesnder Kiltoa, retired printer, pub.: 
b. Ware, Mass., Oct 13, 1864: s. Warren Clark and 
Amanda Sophia (Hilton) Balcome; ed. in country 
schs. and printing office; m. Uxbrldge, Mass., Dee. 
24, 1877, Frances M. Magee. In printing businea 
since boyhood; owner Uzbridge Compendium, 1879- 
12. Republican. Mason <K.T.); mem. LO.O.F. 
Home: uxbrldge, Mass. 

BAADWnr, Alfred Osrleton, lawyer; b. Beacon 
Falls, Conn., Dec 6, 1872; s. Herbert Clark anil 
Josephine Helen (Jones) Baldwin; grad. Seymonr 
(Conn.i High Sch., 1892; LL.B., Yale Law Sch, 
1894. Began practice at Derby, Conn., 1894; city 
atty. 2 yrs.; pros. atty. Huntington, counsel for 
town and borough of Shelton, counsel for SheltoD 
Savings Bank (also dlr.) ; asst elk. Conn. He ot 
Rep., 1901. elk., 1903; elk. of Senate, 1906. 19(7; 
elk. of bills, Conn. Gen. Assembly, 1909: engross- 
ing dk.. Conn. Gen. Assembly, 1911-15^udge CltT 
Ct, Derby, 1916-17. Dlr. Derby and Shelton Bd. 
of Trade. Republican. Unitarian. Mason (32* 
Shriner); mem. Sons of Veterans (nat councillor, 
1910-11). Club: Union League (New Haven). Ad- 
dress: Derby, Conn. 

BAXDWZH, Arthor Olwrles, clergyman; b. 
Rochester, N.Y., Aug. 9, 1876; s. Charles J. and 
Adelaide L. (Fosdick) Baldwin; A.B., Denison IT- 
Granville, O., 1896; Rochester TheoL Sem.. 1900: B. 
Nellie T. Forbes, of Newton Centre, Mass., Apr. IJ, 
1901. Ordained Bapt. ministry, 1900; pastor Ball- 
ston Spa, N.Y., 190O-6, 1st Ch., Aurora, 111., 1906-1, 
1st Ch., Fall River, Mass., 1908-14; foreign sec 
Am. Bapt. Foreign Missionary Soc, Feb. 1, 19H- 
16; pastor Park Av. Ch.. Rochester, N.T., since 
May, 1916. Mem. Sigma Chi. Address: Park Ar. 
Bapt. Church, Rochester, N.Y.* 

BASDWZV, Otaarlea Oliaton, retired; b. Wood- 
stock, Conn., May 4, 1836; s. John Denison and 
Lemlra (Hathaway) Baldwin; descendant of John 
Baldwin, of Stonington, Conn., 1638; ed. pub. scba: 
worked in printing and pub. office of his father, In 
Hartford and Boston; m. Oct 1, 1868, Ella L. T™ d. 
Dr. F. H. Peckham, of Providence, R.I.; chlldiea. 
Katharine (Mrs. Lynde Sullivan, of Boston), Bdith 
Ella, Grace (wife of Rev. Israel L. White, ot 
Summit N.J.), Rose (deceased). Had charge of 
counting room of Worcester Spy and on organisa- 
tion of the Spy Pub. Co., Apr. 23, 1887, was made 
treas.; retired from the newspaper business, Nov. 
1892. Mem. Worcester Soo. of Antiquity, Worcester 
Hort. Soc. Republican. Episcopalian. CHub: 
Worcester. Home: 11 Cedar St, Worcester, Masa 

BAAnwzar. Olistles smut, banker; b. Bostoa 
Jan. 13, 1862; s. Joseph and Lydla M. (Story) 
Baldwin: ed. grammar schs., Wilbraham AeacU 
and English High Sch., Boston; m. Annie Osgood 
Saunders, of Lawrence, Mass., Sept 6, 1884. Praa 
Franklin Savings Bank since 1913; mgr. Ntt 
Meter Co., 1886-13. Dir. Home for Aged Men, 

uiyiLizeu uy 

>^_j v^ v^ 




WaahinKtonlan Home. Hem. Alliance Francaise 
(dlr.), Bostoner Deutsche Geaellschaft (dir.). Clr- 
eolo Itallano (treas.). Bpiscopallan. Clubs: Boston 
Art (treas.), Episcopalian (ex-pres.). Recreations: 
travel. Home: 168 Bay State Rd. Office: $ Park 
Sq., Boston. Mass. 

BAKDWDT, Oharl— Baan, college prof.; moved 
to New York. (See vol. 1909, also who's Who In 
America. l»14-ie.) 

Began in stock and bond business, 1886; mem. Q. 8. 
Baldwin & Co., 189S-04; in stock brokerase busi- 
ness on own account since 1904. Mem. Bd. of Se- 
lectmen, Brookline, 1910-11. Mem. Boston Chamber 
of Commerce. V.-p. Toung Men's Christian Union. 
Republican. Unitarian. Clubs: Algonquin, E<x- 
change. Unitarian, Longwood Cricket (bd. of 

govs.), Massachusetts Club. Recreations: farming, 
[ome: Brookline. Office: 37 State St., Boston. 

— -■■■rwjji, Bditli sua. artist; b. Worcester, 
Mass., Nov. 19, 1870; d. Charles C. and Ella Lois 
Torrey (Peckham) Baldwin; ed. grammar, high 
and pvt. schs. of Worcester; bupll of Bouguereaux 
and of T. Robert-Fleury ; of Gfustav Courtois, in 
Colarossi studios; pupil of Julien Acad., also of 
Henry Mosler and Julius Rolshoven, Paris, France; 
unmarried. Exhibited at Paris, Salon of the Soc. 
Nat. des Beaux Arts, Champ de Mars, 1891, New 
York Soc of Am. Artists, 1898, 1899, and at sum- 
mer exbbn. Worcester Art Museum, 1903. Episco- 
palian. Mem. various local socs. Home: 11 Cedar 
St.. Worcester, Mass. 

BAZDWm, BdwlB Kaadzlok, accountant. (See 
VOL 1909.) 

MAJmWWZX, £Ua IiOls Torrey, club woman; b. 
Korlti KilUnKly. Conn.. Sept. 12. 1S16: d. Dr. 
Fenjier Harris and Catherine Diivla (Torrey) Peck- 
ham: descendjint of John Peckhani. Aqulilneck, 
R-I.. 1638; ed. pub. schs. of Providence; A.B.. Mt. 
Holyoke ColL, IS67: m. Providence, R.I., 18SS, 
Charles C. Baldwin; 4 chtUJren, Katharine Torrey 
(Mrs, Lynde Sulilvan), iidith Hlln, Grace Peck- 
ham (Mrs. Israel S. White), Ruth D. (died l(iB3). 
OrgBnls«d and for 12 j-rs. pres. Mt. Holyoke Alum- 
ni Assn., Worcester Co.; mem. Worcester Art 
Sluseuin and Pub. Sch, Art J.eague: charter mem. 
Col. Timothy Blgelow Chapter D. A. R. Founiler of 
Fortnightly CTIub. Woree.ster; prea. Worcester 
Woman's Club, 1S»S, 7, 8, (mem. bldg. com. and 
v.-p or the corpn.); v.-p, Mass. State Federation 
Women's Clubs, 1907-10; pre» Worcester Woman's 
Club House Assn., 1909; v.-p. Worcester Woman'.i 
Cl>.ib Mouse Corpn.; lat pres, (since 19U9) Welfare 
Lengoe of Worcester Women. Home: 11 Cedar St, 
Worcester, Mass. 

BAJLB'WZV, Toy BpsBoar, college prof. (See vol. 
1909, also Who's Who in America, 1914-16.)* 

nAXJi-WZm, Tredaziok Wilton, lawyer; b. Lowell, 
Vt., Sept. 29, 1848; s. Asa and Rosellnda (Shedd) 
Baldwin; ed. Orleans Co. Grammar Sch., Johnson 
Normal Sch., Vt. Conf. Sem., Montpelier, Vt.; m. 
Susan M. Orout, of Barton, Sept. 24, 1873 (died. 
1878): 2d, Susan M. Hlbbard, of Brooklyn, N.Y.: 
Oct. 38, 1878 (died, Aug. 27, 1908); one son, Edward 
G. (who married Jennie M. Hlbbord, May 6, 1913). 
Settled at Barton, Vt., 1872; asst. sec. of Vt Sen- 
ate, 1872, sec. Senate, 1874, 6, 8; state's atty., 
Orleans Co., 1880-2; mem. Rep. State Com., 1884-92 
(sec 2 yrs. and chmn. 4 yrs.); presdl. elector, 1892, 
and messenger to carry vote to Washington; mem. 
Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1898, Senate, 1900; v.-p. Barton 
Savings Bank & Trust Co. Mem. Orleans Co. (Vt) 
Hist. Soc. (pres. 1912). Republican. Conglist. 
Treas. Vt Congl. Conf. 1912, 13, 14, 15. Mason: 
Grand Patron Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern 
Star. 1896-6; pres. Assn. of Past Grand Patrons 
and Matrons. Address: Barton, Vt 

W, Frits Waltar, clergyman; b. Coati- 
cook. P-Q; Can., Jan. 6, 1851; s. Richard and Mary- 
Ann (Wright) Baldwin: descendant of English 
and Scotch ancestry; A.B., Bates Coll., Lewlston, 
Me., 1872 (D.D., 1893); post-grad, student Tale, 
1879-80; Union Theol. Sem., 1881-2; m. Sarah B. 
Lyman, of t<enox, Mass., June 27, 1877; 6 children, 
Alice M., Sarah L., Harold L., Fritz W., Jr^ Grace 
E. C>rdained Congl. ministry, 1882; pastor Oranby, 
Mass.. 1882-4. lat Ch.. Chelsea. 1884-9, Trinity Ch., 
East Orange. N.J., 1889-08; pastor emeritus since 
1908. Trustee Bates Coll. since 1880. Recreations: 
cultivation of flowers. Ashing. Address: Acworth, 

EjyWBK, 0«OK« ■., stock bkr.; b. Boston, 
, June IS, 1866; ■. William H. and Mary 
((ThalTee) Baldwin; ed. Boston Latin Sch.: ra. Nel- 
lie 8. Todd, of I^exington. Ky., Apr. 6, 1893; chil- 
dren, Francis T., George S., Jr., James T., Nellie T. 

■■■■■> ^*ji. nawnnw ^., Judge; b. Town of 
Newbury (Village of Wells River), Vt. Deo. 13, 
1863; B. Brastus and Ellen (Abbott) Baldwin; ed. 
Wells River High Sch.; Hinman's Business (JoU., 
Worcester, Maas.; m. Nov. 3, 1886, Kate Cobb, of 
Hardwlck, Vt For many yr«. propr. of the "Bald- 
win Valley Farm"; now mem. lumber firm of 
Stevens & Baldwin; mem. Vt Ho. of Rep., 1900, 
Senate, 1904; has served as sheriflF of Orange 
County; mem. Rep. State Com. since 1906; Judge 
of Probate Ct. since Dec. 1, 1910. Conglist Mason 
(Lodge, Chapter, Shrine). Address: Wells River, 

r, Kaarj Ontlar, M.D.; Oct 27, 1869- 
Feb. 25, 1915. (See vol. 1909.) 

BA^S w lis , Ksrman Trost, M.D.; b. Boston. 
Mass.. (jept. Jl, ISdS; a, Jacob and Eleanor Tall- 
niati (Tlleston) Baldwin; grad. Hoatttn Latin Hch., 
18S7; A.B., Harvard. 1S91; M.D , Harvard Med. 
Sch,, 1895; m. Mary Elisubetli Murphy, of Saco, 
Me., Aug. 18. 1898: 2 children. John Tlleston. Clarke 
Tlleston. Practiced at Cheatnut Hill. Mass.. since 
18B7; visiting phys. to Newton Hosp, since 1898. 
Mem. A.M. A., Mass. Med. Soc, Brookline Med. Soc, 
Newton Med. Club. Democrat Unitarian. Club: 
The Country. Address; 9« Middlesex Rd,. Chestnut 
Hin, Melss. 

BAX9WZW, Jamss rranols, mfr.; b. Nashua. 
N.H.. July 12, 1843; s. James and Mary (Buttrlck) 
Baldwin: descendant Henry Baldwin, Charlestown, 
Mass., previous to 1648; pub. sch. edn.; ni, Mary 
EUiabeih Palmer, of Manchester, N.H.. July IS, 
1864 (died, 1900); 1 daughter (Stella Mabel, b. 
Nov. 12, 1866, who m. Mitchell Ward, .VTanchestsr, 
N.H.); m. 2d, Isabella McPherson, of Broftkllne, 
Mass., May 23, 1S06. Supt. U. S. Robbln & Shuttle 
Co. (James Baldwin Co. Division), 1898-Aug. 1, 
1914. retired: dir. Ist Nat. Bank. Mem. N.H. Ho, of 
Rep.. 1S33. Republican. Baptist Mason (32*. 
.'^hrinHD; Odd Fellow. Club; Derryllcld. Address: 
Manchef<tcr, N.H. 

BAXA'Wnr, JoHb Stantoa, editor: Jan. «, 1884- 
Oct 11, 1909. (See voL 19o7.) 

voaa^ liaoB Estra, lyceum mgr.; b. Sacar- 
rappa. Me., Jan. 1, 1876: 8. William Wallace and 
Carrie (Thompson) Baldwin; ed. Gushing Acad., 
Ashburnham, Mass., 1888-90, Murdock Sen., Win- 
chendon, 1890-2; B.A., Boston U^ 1897; student 
Boston U. Law Sch., 1897-9; m. Boston, Dec. 31, 
1907, Ethel Beatrice Webster. Practiced law, 
1901-6; organiser, 1892, and mgr. University Male 

8uartet; leader and mgr. White's Festival Male 
horus; dir. Boston Fire Patrol Co., The Crystalix 
Co., Orcutt Automatic Train Control Co. Progress- 
ive. Methodist Mem. Theta Delta Chi, etc. Club: 
Boston City. Recreations: golf, swimming. Home: 
860 Huntington Av. Office: 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

BA&SWXV, Xrf>aininl FzaakliB, civil engr.; b. 
Naples, 111., Nov. 6, 1849; s. Loamml and Helen 
Eliza (Avery) Baldwin; descendant of Henry Bald- 
win, who came to America from England previous 
to 1640; mother was descendant of the Avery's of 
Groton, Conn.; ed. pnb. schs., Liawrence, Mass.; 
Immanuel Hall, Chicago, 111.; tech. edn. Mass. Inst. 
Tech., class of 1874: m. Kate Wyman Richardson, 
of Peabody, Mass., Sept 11, 187S; S children, (Hara 
Richardson, Mary Brewster, James Rumford. Be- 
came mem. Coolldge St Baldwin, gen. engrs., Law- 
rence, Mass., 1873; asst engr. of construction, 
Lawrence Water Works until completion; as9t 
engr. Essex Company, Lawrence; was asst engr. 
with James E. Mills, on geoL survey of Mine La 
Motte, Mo., for Roland Hazard Mining Co. (lead), 
about 1879; prin. asst. of Mr. Mills, in geol. survey 
of Plumas (bounty, Cal., 1881, for gold mining, in 
the interests of Messrs. Agasslz & Shaw, of Bos- 
ton; chief engr., 1884, in extension of railroadiljn 




Sierra Valley, Cal., establlshlngr preliminary line 
through Beck worth Pass; engr. for William A. 
Russell, Sept., 1884, In construction of mills be- 
lonKlng to him In New England; Insurance engr. 
for the Associated Factory Mut. Fire Ins. Cos., 
1891-Jan. 1, 1915; retired on account of ill health. 
Mem. Boston Soc. Civil Engrs. Kepubllcan. Epis- 
copalian. Home: 12 Elm St., Woburn, Mass. 

BAXSWIH, Vary Bllsabsth, M.D. ; b. Lawrence- 
vilie, k'a., June 7, 1847; d. Moses titt^vens and Mil- 
llcent (Wylle) Baldwin; M.D., Women's Med. Coll. 
of tne New Yorli infirmary, 1&74; unmarried. Resi- 
dent physician. New York infirmary for Women 
and Cniidren, and working in dispensary, 1874-6; 
pvt. practice, 1876-ti; gen. practice In Wellsboro, 
Pa., 1876-8S, in Newport, K.I., since 1886. Mem. 
A.M.A., Med. Soc. City and County of New York; 
Tioga Co. (Pa.) Med. Soc., R.I..Med. Soc^ Newport 
Med. Soc., Women s Med. Assn. of N.Y. City, Civic 
League, Newport; K.I. state sec. A.M.A. Com. for 
Pub. health Edn. among Women. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Current Topics, Art Assn. of Newport. Ad- 
aress: 113 Touro St., Newport, K.I. 

BAADWIVi Bklph Ziyauui, supervisor music; b. 
Eastnampton, Mass., Mar. ii7, 1872; s. L.yman N. 
and Harriet (Miner) Baldwin; descendant of early 
Colonial settlers; grad. WiUiston bem., Easthamp- 
ton, 1880: studied music under Qeorge W. Cbad- 
wlck, J. C. D. Parker, Stephen Emery, L. C. Eison 
and Henry Helndl, Boston; m. Mary Pierce Uos- 
ford, oi Haydenviile, Mass., May 27, 189$; 6 chil- 
dren, Dorothy S., Robert M., Howard W., Barbara 
P., Elisabeth S., Marion L.. Organist. 1st Ch., East- 
hampton. 1894-6; organist and choirmaster, 1st 
Ch. of Christ, Northampton, Mass., 1897-04; con- 
ductor. Vocal Club (male chorus), Northampton, 
1896-U4: supervisor music, pub. schs., Northamp- 
ton, 1899-04, Hartford, Conn., since 1904; also or- 
ganist and choirmaster, 4th Congl. Ch., Hartford, 
since 19U4. Conductor, Hartford Choral Club (male 
chorus, 80 voices); Instr., Inst. Mus. Pedagogy, 
Northampton (summer sch.). Mem. Music Teach- 
ers' Nat Assn. Club: Hartford Golf. Composer, 
Sonata, for organ, 1902, and many other pieces for 
organ, also male choruses, songs, ch. music, etc. 
Author: Progressive Melodies, 1910; Standard Song 
Classics, 1913. Recreations: golf. Home: 81 Tre- 
mont St, Hartford, Conn.* 

Ba:u>WIH, Blmaon Bb«ii, governor; b. New 
Haven, Conn., Feb. &, 1840; s. Roger Sherman and 
Emily (Perkins) Baldwin; A.B., Yale, 1861, A.M., 
1864; studied law at Yale and Harvard; (LiL.D., 
Harvard, 1891, Columbia, 1911, Wesleyan, 1912); 
admitted to bar, 1863; m. Susan Winchester, of 
Boston, 1866. Instr. law, 1869-72, prof, constitu- 
tional and private international law, 1872 — , Yale; 
asso. Justice, 1893-07, chief Justice, 1907-10, Su- 
preme Court of Errors of Connecticut; gov. of 
Connecticut, terms 1911-13, 1913-15. Mem. commn. 
to revise gen. statutes. Conn., 1873, and for simpli- 
fying legal procedure, 1879; mem. commn. and 
drew report for better system of taxation, 1886. 
Pres. Am. Bar Assn., 1890, Am. Social Science 
Assn., 1897, New Haven Colony Hist Assn., 1884- 
96, Internat. Law Assn., 1899-01, Am. Hist Assn., 
1906, Assn. Am. Law Schs., Conn. Soc. of Archeeol. 
Inst of America. Conn. Acad. Arts and Sciences, 
1906-12, Am. Pollt. Science Assn., 1910, Am. Soc. 
for Jud. Settlement of Internat Disputes, 1911-12; 
mem. Am. Philos. Soc, Am. Antiq. Soc, Nat. Inst 
of Arts and Letters. (See Who's Who in America 
for books, etc.) Address: New Haven. Conn.* 

BASOWnr, Thonuw TUsston, lawyer, trustee; b. 
Boston, Apr. 21, 1863; s. Jacob and Eleanor Tall- 
man (TUeston) Baldwin; grad. Boston Latin Sch., 
1881; A.B., Harvard, 1886; studied Harvard Law 
Sch., 1886-8; m. Edith Perkins, of Boston, Oct 24, 
1889; children, Thomas Tlleston. Jr., Eleanor, 
Francis Tlleston. Practiced In Boston since 1888; 
editor Oreen Bag, 1901-6. Democrat Unitarian. 
Mem. Bar Assn. (Sty of Boston. Clubs: St Botolph, 
Papyrus, Country. Harvard (Boston), Harvard 
(New York). Home: Chestnut Hill, Mass. Office: 
77 Franklin St, Boston. 

BA&SWIH. WlUiam Alplisiia, school prin.; b. 
Volney, N.Y., Aug. 16. 1859; s. Reuben C. and Jo- 
sephine R. Baldwin; grad. Oswego (N.Y.) Normal 

Sch., 1884; student Cornell U.; B.S., Harvard, 1897: 
studied U. of Chicago; m. Jennie M. Skinner, of 
Springheld, Mass., 1893. Prln. Hyannis (Mass.) 
Normal Sch. since Sept., 1897. Home: Hyannis. 

BA:U>WIir, WUUam Pitt, M.D.; b. New Haven. 
Conn., May 12, 1867; s. Charles Amos and Hannab 
Pitt (Smith) Baldwin: A.B., Yale, 1888, M.D., 1890: 
New York Homoe. Med. Coll. and Hosp., 1890-1; 
Wards Island Hosp., N.Y.. 1891-2: U. of Vienna. 
Austria, 1893-4; m. Stamford, (Jonn., Oct 10. 
1896. Gertrude Louise Lockwood (died July 12. 
1896); m. 2d, Brooklyn, May 10, 1902, Lulu Ken- 
yon. Practiced Greenwich, Conn., 1892-3, since in 
New Haven; attending surgeon and mem. pruden- 
tial com., Grace Hosp., since 1894. Mem. Am. 
Homue. Med. Soc, Conn. State Med. Examining Bd.. 
New Haven Co. Clinical Soc, Phi Beta Kappa 
(Yale). Mason. Address: 1146 Chapel St, New 
Haven, Conn. 

Ctaorge Bdward, lawyer; b. Wilton, N.H.. 
Sept 14. 1862: s. Charles Albert and Frances M. 
(Hardy) Bales; grad. Phillips Acad., Exetex, N.H.. 
18S3; student Harvard, 1 yr.; LL.B., Boston U. 
Sch. of Law, 1888; m. Abble French Bales, of Wil- 
ton, N.H., Oct 16, 1889; 1 daughter, Mllly Frances, 
b. Feb. 6, 1893. Practiced in Wilton since 1888; 
pres. Wilton Telephone Co.; trustee Granite Sav- 
ings Bank, Milford; mem. N.H. Ho. of Rep., 1895. 
1897; mem. State Forestry Commn., 1900-6; mem. 
State Constl. Conv., 1902, 1912; state railroac! 
commr., 1904-11; Judge Wilton Police Ct: dir. 
Souhegan Nat Banlc, MUford. Pres. Wilton Bd. of 
Trade. Trustee Wilton Pub. Library. Mem. N.H. 
Bar Assn., Phillips Exeter Acad. Alumni Assn., 
Boston V. Alumni Assn. Democrat. Unitarian. 
Mason (K.T.): Odd Fellow. Club: Derryfield (Man- 
chester, N.H.). Address: Wilton, N.H. 

BAKKOOM, Walter nuaHmji b. Central Falls, 
Town of Lincoln, R.I., May 30, 1867; s. John and 
Mary BIdson (Strickland) Balkcom; ancestors on 
father's side among the earliest settlers of Mass.: 
ed. pub. schs. of Central Falls; m. Emma Frances 
Burgess, of East Providence, R.I., May 31, 1893; 
2 children, John A., Jessie S. Dealer in shell fish 
since 1882; mem. R.I. Ho. of Rep., 1911, 12, 16, 16. 
Republican. Conglist. Mem. St. Andrew's Lodge, 
F. and A.M. (Past Master) ; Riverside Lodge, K. of 
P. (formerly Chancellor CJommander). Address: 80 
Narragansett Av., Riverside, R.I. 

BAX£, darsBM rrankllB, M.D.: b. South Lan- 
caster, Mass., Feb. 24, 1878; s. Alonzo E. and Lissle 
C. (Rice) Ball; ed. Troy (N.Y.) High Sch., South 
Lancaster Acad.; M.D., Am. Med. Missionary Coll.. 
Chicago, 1902; m. Mary O. Marsh, of Pontlac. 111.. 
at South Lancaster, Sept 21, 1902; 6 children. 
Frances L., Howard A.. Olive M., Mildred C, Clar- 
ence F., Jr. Practiced at Rutland, Vt, since Mar., 
1904; formerly health officer, Rutland; mem. visit- 
ing staff Rutland Hosp., pathologist Rutland Clin. 
Lab. Mem. A.M.A., Vt. State Med. Soc, Rutland 
Co. Med. and Surg. Soc. (pres., 1911-12). Address: 
Gryphon Corner Bldg., Rutland, Vt 

BATiTi, Pxaaols Kiufslsy, editor; b. Mercer Co.. 
Pa., Nov. 29, 1863; s. Francis Asbury and Fanny 
Ann (Johnston) Ball; A.B., Drury Coll., Mo., 1887; 
Oberlln Theol. Sem.. 1887-8; Harvard, 1888-94, A.B.. 
1890, A.M.. 1891, Ph.D., 1894; travel and study 
abroad, 1897-9 (winter of 1898-9 at U. of Berlin); 
m. Janet Nettleton, of Oberlln, O., July 21, 1891. 
Teacher of English composition, Oberlln Acad., 
1887-8; Instr. in Latin, Harvard, 1892-3; prof. 
Greek, U. of N.C., 1894-7: Instr. Greek and German. 
Phillips Exeter Acad.. 1899-10; Instr. German, The 
Browne & Nichols Sch., Cambridge, Mass., 1910-12: 
editor, Glnn & Co., pubs., Boston, 1912 — . Mem. 
Am. Phllol. Assn., N.E. Classical Assn., N.E. Mod- 
ern Liang. Assn. Conglist (See Who's Who in 
America for books, etc. Home: 6 Verndale St. 
Brookline, Mass. Omce: 29 Beacon St., Boston.* 

BAX£, Fred Clair, teacher; b. Silver Creek, N.T., 
Dec. 25, 1867; p. Alfred Henry and Caroline M. 
(Taylor) Ball; descendant of Francis Ball, who 
came to America in 1635 and was one of the early 
settlers of Springfield, Mass.; ed. Chamberlain 
Inst, Randolph. N.Y., commercial course, 1887; 
N.Y. State acad. course, 1888, classical. 1889; m. 


Auk. 30, 1889, Harriet E:. McCune, of Pittsburgh, 
Pa. I>rin. Marlow (n.H.) High Sch., 1889-91; prln. 
Commercial Dept., K&at Me. Conf. Sem., Bucksport, 
Me., 1891-3; prln. same dept., Northwestern Mil. 
Acad., Highland Park, 111., 1893-4; prln. same 
dept.. East Me. Conf. Sem., 1S94-9; sub-master 
Baiigor (Me.) High Sch., 1899-10; sub-master Lex- 
ington (Mass.) High Sch. since 1911. Formerly 
dir. and treas. Bangor Y.M.C.A.; sec. Me. Teachers' 
Assn.; pres. Hancock Co. (Me.) Teachers' Assn. 
Republican. Methodist. Address: 384 Mass. Av., 
I,exington, Mass. 

WTiTi, JosUh Wurraa, dentist; b. Holden, Mass., 
June 28, 1841; s. Joslah and Blmlra (Fales) Ball; 
ed. Holden High School; m. Elizabeth B. Farrlng- 
ton. of Roxbury, Mass., June 14, 1878 (died 1878); 
2d, Edna E. Smith, of St. John, N.B., Oct. 16, 1879. 
Served In Civil War, 1861-6; studied dentistry un- 
der Dr. Tourtellot, of Worcester, Mass.; practiced 
In Ala. for 3 yrs.; removed to Boston and grad. 
from Boston Dental College, 1870. Mem. Mass. 
Dental Soc., Mass. Charitable Mechanic Assn., 
Loyal Legion, Soldiers' Hist, and Benevolent Soc, 
etc. Club: Boston Art. Address: 160 Newbury St., 

Exploring Expdn., 1873; prof, chemistry aStl nat- 
ural science, Rlpon Coll., 1874-6; asst. prof. Greek, 
Xnd. U., 1876-8, prof. Greek and Hebrew, 1878-81; 
prof. O.T. lang. and lit., Oberlln Theol. Sem., 1881- 
91; pres. Oberlln Coll., 1891-6: prof, of Bible, 
Internat. T.M.C.A. Coll., Springfield, Mass., 1897. 
Author: Inductive Logic, 1896. Home: 321 St. 
James At., Sprlngfleld, Mass.* 

Ibitl* Aaaa, teacher; b. Newton, Wis.; 
d. Hiram Stephen and Rachel Alvlna (Arkllls) 
Ball; ed. Lawrence Acad., Appleton, Wis.; B.A., 
Lawrence Coll., M.A., 1903 ; unmarried. Tutor, then 
Instr., Lawrence Coll., 1901-3; Instr. New Mexico 
Normal U., 1903-5. Miss Whites Sch. for Girls, 
Concord, Mass., 1907-9; teacher In BIbl. lit. and 
Latin, Wheaton Sem. (now coll.), since 1910. Home: 
Hudson, Mass. Address: Wheaton College, Norton, 

, Aithvx Atwood, lawyer; b. Ober- 
lln, O., Auk. 3, 1883; s. William Gay (pres. Oberlln 
Coil.) and Emma (Atwood) Ballantlne; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1904; LL.B.. Harvard Law Sch., 1907; m. 
Helen Bailey Graves, of Springfield, Mass., June 
19, 1907; children, Barbara (died Mar. 19, 1915), 
Arthtir. Admitted to Mass. bar, 1906: associated 
in practice with Gaston. Snow & Saltonstall since 
190(, mem. of firm, 1912-14; since July 1, 1914, 
mem. of firm of <3oodwin. Proctor & Ballantlne; 
instr. in criminal law, Harvard Law Sch., 1907-9. 
Sec. Harvard Co-operative Soc.; dlr. Boston Sub- 
urban Electric Cos., Middlesex & Boston Street Ry. 
Co.. J.B.B. Coal Co. (Boston), Prospect Union, 
C^ambridge. Republican. Congllst. Mem. Am. Bar 
Aasn., Mass. State Bar Assn., Bar Assn. City of 
Boston. Clubs: Boston City, Commercial, Union 
Boat. Harvard (Boston), Papyrus. Recreations: 
books. Home: 8 Charles River Sq. Office: 84 State 
St., Boston. 

™ * *■*- *■*■■■< John Wlatlurop, clergyman: b. 
Norwalk. Ohio, Dec. 21, 1851; s. Rev. Henry and 
Elisabeth (Darling) Ballantlne; 8th In direct de- 
scent from Gov. John WInthrop, of Mass.; ed. In 
British India: high sch., Amherst. Mass: A.B., 
Amherst. 1874; grad. Union Theol. Sem.. 1878; spL 
studies Andover Theol. Sem., Yale Dlv. Sch.. Hart- 
ford Theol. Sem.; m. Hannah M. Tucker, of Water- 
town, Mass.. July 17, 1878: 3 children. Robert WIn- 
throp (deceased), Mary, Margaret WInthrop. Or- 
dained Congl. ministry, 1879: pastor Union Ch., 
Taunton. Mass., 1879-81, Pilgrim Ch.. Boston. 
1881-7. 1st Ch., Rldgefleld. Conn.. 1888-1900. 2d 
Ch.. Huntington. Mass.. 1904-7. 2d Ch.. West Staf- 
ford Parish. Stafford Springs, since 1907. Trinita- 
rian. Progressive. Mem. Amherst Alumni Assn.. 
Delta Kappa Epsllon. Was lecturer on compara- 
tive religion In phllos. dept. of Wellesley Coll., and 
lecturer on same subject at two theol. seminaries; 
a pronounced BIbl. preacher on broad lines, and 
lecturer on missions; preacher In colleges. Was 
Boston corr. New York Independent over nom de 
plume of John WInthrop. Contbr. on religious top- 
ics. Recreations: tennln; pedestrian and chess 
player. Address: Stafford Springs, Conn. 

Mar.T.a Willi ■«, WilUam Oay. educator: b. Wash- 
ine-ton. Dec. 7. 1848; s. Rev. Ellsha and Betsy Ann 
rwatklns) Ballantlne; A.B.. Marietta Coll., 1868; 
grad. Union Theol. Sem.. New York. 1872; XT. of 
Leipsig. 1872-3: (D.D.. Marietta. 1886; LL.D.. West- 
ern Reserve. 1891): m Emma Frances Atwood. of 
Waupun, Wis.. Aug. 17. 1875. Mem. Am. Palestine 

jj Addison, clergyman; Oct 18, 1822- 

Dec. 2, 1914. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in 
America, 1914-15.) 

BA&ZiABD. Danial, farming and Ins.; b. Wen- 
dell, Mass., Jan. 16, 1840; s. Daniel and Dulcenia 
(Brown) Ballard; 7th In line of descent from Will- 
iam Ballard, who came from England in 1634, and 
settled In Andover, Mass.; ed. New Salem (Mass.) 
Acad., 1856-60; Ames Business Coll., Syracuse, 
N.Y., 1864; m. Nov. 11, 1868, Bessie P. Footc. of 
Conway. Mass. Served as pvt. Co. D. 52d Regt.. 
Mass. Vols.. Civil War; farmer and dairyman since 
1874; selectman and assessor. New Salem, Mass.. 
for many yrs.; justice of the peace, 1871; mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1882. Trustee New Salem Acad., 
New Salem Pub. Library. Republican. Congllst. 
Mem. G.A.R. Patrons of Husbandry. Home: New 
Salem, Mass. Address: Mllllngton, Mass. 

»«T.T.Amn, Buffsne Boott, Investment banker; b. 
St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 4, 1876; s. James Nelson and 
Princess (Scott) Ballard: prep. edn. CascadlUa 
Sch., Ithaca. N.Y.; A.B., Cornell U., 1898; studied 
Kenyon Coll.. Gambler. O.; m. Sara Blair Cole, of 
Hartford, Conn., Sept. 28, 1912. Began In bond in- 
vestments. New York, 1899; has continued in Hart- 
ford. Conn., since Feb., 1907; now mgr. Hartford 
br. of Parkinson & Burr (Boston and New York). 
Mem. Psl Upsllon. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Cornell University (New York), Hartford. 
Hartford Golf, Graduates' (New Haven), Thames 
(New London, Conn.). Home: 70 Nlles St. Office: 
73 Pearl St.. Hartford, Conn. 

y ft •'-'*•- *•»•"] KaxlMi KOM, librarian; b. Athens. 
O.. May 26. 1853; s. Addison and Julia Perkins 
(Pratt) Ballard; A.B.. Williams, 1874. M.A., 1877; 
member Phi Beta Kappa: m. Lucy Bishop Pike. g.d. 
Judge Henry Walker Bishop, of Lenox, Mass., Aug. 
20, 1879. Prln. Lenox (Mass.) High Sch., 1874-80; 
prln. Lenox Acad.. 1880-6; librarian and curator. 
Berkshire Athenseum and Museum. 1888 — . Organ- 
ized. 1875. and trustee Agasslz Assn. for Study of 
Nature, which has had over 1.000 branches. Fel- 
low A.A.A.S.; mem. A.L.A.; sec. Berkshire Hist, 
and Scientific Soc. Mason (33°). (See Who's Who 
in America for books, etc.) Home: Plttsfleld. 

■aaT.T.**!*, Karry raikmr, corporation officer; b. 
Salem, Mass., May 13. 1866; s. Henry Archer and 
Lydla Saftord (Brown) Ballard; ed. grammar and 
high schs.. Maiden, Mass.; m. Hlla A. Parker, of 
Wollaston, Mass.. Oct. 6, 1886 (died May 14, 1895); 
2 children, Edith. Albert: m. 2d. Mabel E. Thorpe, 
of West Newton. Mass., May 11, 1898; 1 son. Joseph 
T. Accountant and assL treas. since 1871, dlr. 
since 1911, Boston Rubber Shoe Co.; pres. and mgr. 
Wellman Co., Medford, Mass.; treas. Lycoming 
Rubber Co.; treas. and dlr. Bay State Rubber Co., 
Maiden Rubber Shoe Co.. Melrose Rubber Co. 
Capt. Co. L 5th Regt. Mass. Vol. Militia, 1883-6: 
adj.. 1888-97, maj.. 1897-1900; maj. and Insp. 2d 
Brigade. 1900-3. Republican. Baptist. Meuion: Past 
Master Converse Lodge, A.F. and A.M. Maiden; 
Past Comdr. Beauseaut Commandery, K.T. ; mem. 
Mass. Consistory, S.P.R.S., 32°; Past Grand War- 
den Grand Lodge of Mass. Home: 12 Glen St. Of- 
fice: 183 Commercial St., Maiden, Mass. 

»*T.T.*m¥», K«ni7> lawyer. (See vol. 1909.) 

BAKUnr, KnfO, artist; b. New York. Mar. 7. 
1879; s. Julius and Tillle (Rothschild) Ballin; 
studied at Art Students' League. New York, and 
in Rome and Florence: m. Mabel Croft. Awarded 
scholarship Art Students' League; Shaw Prize 
Fund. 1905; Thomas B. Clarke prize, 1906; Archi- 
tectural League medal, 1906 and 1907: medal, 
Buenos Aires Internat. Expn.; Hallgarten prize. 
1907; Tsldor gold medal. 1907. A.N.A.. 1906. (See 
also Who's Who in America.) Studios: Saugatuck. 
conn.; 73 B. 91st St., New^York,*^^ ^^^^,Q 


BA&IiOV.OluulM aUAb, banker; b.Woonaocket, MALiLOV. XMxr Wi ifl oli i, clerKyman; b. Wal- 

R.I., Nov. 16. 184S; 8. Bliab Metcalf and Mair Ann linKford. Vt., Sept. 22, 186S; s. William Sabln and 

(Cushman) Ballou; ed. Woonsocket pub. schs.; m. Etether (Andrews) Ballou; grad. Vt Acad., Saztona 

Sept 13, 1868, Emma Oangene Cooke, of Woon- River, Vt, 1888: student Amherst 1888-90; prln. 

socket In various lines of business In woonsocket Pleasant Hill (Tenn.) Acad., 1890-2; grad. Hart- 

since boyhood; became connected with Woonsocket ford Theol. Sem., 1895; m. Carrie May Hubbard. 

Instn. for Savings. Apr., 186S, treas. 1900-1913, of Saztons River, Sept 3, 1891; 3 children. E:arle 

now v.-p.; dlr. BUckstone Valley Qas & Blectrlc H., Paul H., Donald H. Ordained to ministry 

Co., Pawtucket Hair Cloth Co., Am. Hair Cloth Co., CongL Ch., 1896; pastor, Chester, Vt, since 1896; 

Woonsocket Bldg. & Loan Assn. Pres. Woonsocket supt schs. of Chester, 7 yrs.; trustee Whiting 

Business Men's Assn. Mem. staff of Gov. Charles PVee Library; mem. Vt Ho. of Rep., 1908-9. Cor- 

Warren Lippitt 2 yrs., title of col.; mem. Sch. porate mem. AB.CF.M. Mem. S.A.R., Soc. Colonial 

Com. 2 yrs.; pres. Bd. of Aldermen. Republican. Wars for Vt Progressive. Mem. Delta Upsilon. 

Vniversallst 32* Mason; chaplain Roger Williams Mason; Past Grand Master; Past Eminent Com- 

Councll Royal Arcanum. Clubs: To-Kalon (Paw- mander; Assistant Grand Prior Supreme Council 

tuelfet) Winnesuket Golf. Home: 4S Winter St. 33", N.M.J, (active mem. for Vt). Home: Chester, 

Office: 165 Main St, Woonsocket R.I. Vt 

BAXAOU, Daniel B., lawyer; b. Smithfleld, R.I., BAZ&OV, Koaea Btatr. Investment banker; b. 
Aug. 6, 1837; s. Arnold and Roxa (Ross) Ballou; North Orange, Mass., Feb. 9, 1857; s. Rev. Levi 
ed. pub. and pvt schs. and Brown U. ; m. Green- and Blvlra Bliss ((}oodell) Ballou; ed. Harvard, 
ville, R.I., Oct 31, 1860, Ellen Rebecca Owen (now 1877-9; U. of Berlin, Germany, 1880-1; ColL de 
deceased); 2 children, I^nnle (Mrs. Clifford S. France, Paris, 1881-2; m. Mary Parwell, of Boston. 
Tower), Leonora (wife of Dr. J. C. Rutherford). June 1, 1886; 2 children. Luther Farwell (A.B.. 
Served as pvt. and It 12th Regt, R.I. Inf.. 1862-3; Tale), Hosea Starr, Jr., (AB., Harvard), Organ- 
returned from service and commd. as col. of regt Izer, 1884, H. S. Ballou & Co., Investment bankers, 
of militia; admitted to R.I. bar, 1864; mem. R.I. Boston, and since its head. Mem. Am. Hist Assn.. 
Ho. of Rep.. 1866-7, •1882-4; elk. Ct of Common N.E. Hlst-Geneal. Soc, Am. Acad. Pollt and Social 
Pleas, 1867-76; mem. City Council, Providence, Science, Soc. Colonial Wars, Bunker Hill Monu- 
1886, Bd. of Aldermen, 1891-4 (pres., 1893, 94); ment Assn., Unlversalist Hist Soc. (pres.), Ballou 
nominated for atty.-gen. but declined; U.S. mar- Family Assn. of America, Starr Family Assn. 
shal for Dlst of R.lT until 1913. Chmn. R.I. Bd. (treas.); dlr. Bostoner Deutsche Gesellschaft Re- 
Bar Examiners. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Loyal Le- publican. Author: Life of Hosea Ballou, 2d, D.D.. 
glon, G.AR. (dept comdr., 1895). Address: 116 1896. Has delivered numerous occasional ad- 
Waterman St., Providence, R.I. dresses upon hist, and economic subjects. Home: 

BAZXOV, Frank Bdgar, shoe mcht; b. Che- S'"&''°.P ^°t^- Brookline, Mass. Office: 63 State 

pachet R.I., Oct 17, 1858; s. George A. and Lucy S*- Boston, Mass. 

A. (Mathewson) Ballou; ed. pub. schs. of Provl- BAI.I^OU. Joseph O., mfr.; b. Becket Mass.-, 
dence; m. Sarah E. Clark, of Providence, Nov. 28, I'eb. 26, 1872; b. Jlonroe E. and Emma M. (Pulsl- 
1880; 3 children, Edgar Clark, Blanche Elizabeth ter) Ballou; student WeslejHn Acad., Wllbraham. 
(Mrs. Charles H. Everett of Quincy, Mass.), Har- Mass., 1SB8, Lehigh U.. 1883-BJ; m. Gertrude M. 
old Francis. Began as newsboy on sts. of Provl- Smith, of Becket, Mar. 14, ISSl; 1 daughter, Ger- 
dence; later became train boy; in charge news trude I., b. ]»00. Began. 189i. In basket factory 
room, TTnion Sta., Providence, 1873-7; elk. in post p^tabllshed bv father; now Jr. partner and mgr. 
office. Providence, 1877-81; mem. Waite, Clark & M, E, Ballou & Son.; aelfctmsn. assessor and over- 
Co., shoe dealers, 1881-3; pres. and treas. F. E. seer of poor, Town of Becket. 1915. Republican. 
Ballou Co., retail shoe dealers, since 1883. Mem. Baptist. Mason. Address: Becket Mass. 
R.I Ho. of Rep., 1913-14 (elected as Progressive BAK&OIT. bitlmsr WUlia mfr- b Woonsocket. 
and indorsed by Democrats). 1916-16 (candidate R.IOot 8 1872^8 Henr^ Latimer and SulSSi it 
of Republicans, Democrats and Progressives). Re- (CcJilo Bailou- grSil Mms Inst of T«sh ^96^ 
?alw"/Sf J',?,THS''^"f^^"t?V, 'i\;- Me""- Sl'o^ Re- p5~-gki B?udy*S^C^"li U°.'"i896;^m''De "u: 
(oris ) As^^HHtPrt Shn.^rn2"„?''MV%VQ'"Vh!™- '^'=»'' Apr. 23, 1902, Miss Bamford. Began bust- 
ipres.;. Associated nnoe Cos. or N.E., U.S. Cnam- neas carper an aa-t nf th« niiArln flnlnnlnff- Cn 

cwrT?ffli?fV2? J^^- A m"???"?'^' = mem. What R.i., m which has continued. Home: 76 Harris Av! 

liifpA rhf^»«r BA^M*.^- il^^ "S^'er) : Provl- CMBce: Social St, Woonsocket, R.L 

i*?,''* £"*P**r, R. A.M.: Providence Council. R. and '■•Tvn'n m-..-..^- ..«.<j . a_ n •„ u.n 

S.M.: Calvarv Commanderv. K.T.: Palestine Tern- a "*%??• .'"■''S'' P™»Went Am. Powder Mills, 

pie. A A.O.N M.S.: Providence Chapter, O.E.S (Past V^: Smokeless Powder Co., trustee MlddlMAZ 

Matron). Pres. Ballou Assn. of Am. Chibs: RX J??'2v 'f" l."^'J«f»; "°™e= Concord, Mass. Office: 

Rotary, Town Criers. Providence Central. Recrea- *"■' ° "te Bt , Boston. 

tions: motoring, fishing, tennis. Home: 19 lAura BAKTBa^A, WlatOB Aunss, editor of The Musl- 

St. Providence. R.I.: (summer) Oakland Beach, clan; b. Shlremanstown. Pa., Dec. 18, 1864; s. Isaiah 

R.I. Office: 143-146 Weybosset St. Providence, R.I. (minister. United Brethren In Christ) and Cecilia 

'BAJ/LOV. Harry Bin?ham, crimmKslon mcht • li Caroline (James) Baltzell; family, on paternal 

Chnrieptruii I list.. Hoatnn, Masn »6 is'fll- *'"•• °f French-German stock (Upper Alsace), 

H. Irn H. iirii R-llth C. (Blnshsm) BbUou' ed coming to America before the Revolution; prep. ed. 

Sub. achs. Iii.^t'Ti: m, N'elllp B, HnlinPs. of Lowell, yf^ "ch., Harrisburg, Pa; A.B., Lebanon Valley 

rnsK.. .Jon. rt. IRSB; 2 children. Ruth Holmes p°}i- Annvllle, Pa.. 1884; Mus. Bac, U. of Pa. 

(Mrs, L. F. WhlttemorP. of West Mpdford Ma.-is ), 1896; studied at N.E. Conservatory of Music, Bos- 

Hnnrv Blnirham, Jr. Buirari, 18TH. In wliolesnle ***"• 1*88-9, and pvtly. in London, Eng., 1889-90; 

produce smi Hour commission Imstness cstnhllHhfd P- Bertha Sweet of Sallna, Kan., June 27, 1900: 

tiy father. 1S62. an T. H. Bnlloii & Cn • admftt.-d 2 children, Rolfe Edmunds, Ruth James. Profes- 

to firm. 18SG. and tmw senior partner. Mem Biiston Jlonal musician, teacher of singing, and organist 

Chamber of Commerce. Untvcraall^it. Club: Med- ?„%*"«"*■ ^*-,; 1890-7; editor The fttude, Phila, Pa.. 

ford ftrustee). Recreations: motoHne Home: 1897-9; teacher of history and theory of music, 

Medford. Mhs=>. Dfflce: 7S-75 S Market St, Boston. Ohio Wesleyan U.. Delaware. O., 1899-1900; editor 

BAIHOU, Harry Matnrtn, musician; b. Woon- ?,^® **,"a^^' ^IS"'^' I?"?'" P^ Musician Boston, 

Bockpt R.I., Sept, 15, IRBfl: b Henrv Greene and ?''J*'l, ^''o Mem. Music Teachers' Nat Assn., 

Sarah Lltde (Fales) Ballon: deaeendant of Earlv i,"^?™**^?,??- °i Musicians. Republican. Episco- 

Oolonlal ancestry; grad. EnKllsh and ClasBlcal RrA^"- „, ?;„^°'*??„>'"i; ,^"f,*;°'"kA.°'""'''**2 

Sch.. Provldencp. R,T., 1R73; A.B. Brown U, 1877; S"'?'^'' °'.ii^'J''°\ ^"'^' Baltiell's Dictionary of 

studied mUHlc; unmarrleil, HendmnstPr St James Musicians^ 1911; also a number of songs and part- 

Acatl. Mason. Ma, S yrs.; In charge of depl. of ?P"«" *"" *" JIlS""- , e?",?® •" '". Yi"*„-*^X-' "'^'"" 

EnsIlBh at SI. PauVs Rch . Concord. N,H., under t^rop. Mass. Office: 160 Tremont St. Boston. 

Dr. H. A. Colt, 6 ITS,: at WoonaoekPt since 1834, BJJTOBOrT, 0«eU Klttvadn, teacher, registrar; 

an teacher of vnloe and plsno. orjsranlat and choir- b. Lookout Mountain, Tenn., Dec. 15. 1868; a. Cecil 

mnBter. Repiibllcnn. KplscouaUan. Home: 12K Franklin Patch and Fannie Adelia (Klttredge) 

Harris Av. Studio: 102 Main St., Woonnocket R.I. Bancroft; ed. Phillips Acad.. Andover, Mass.. 1882- 

j '-- y y^ 


ST; student Tal«, 1887-»1. Teacher, Morris Aoad., children, Margaret. Richard, Philip. Praotlced In 

Morrlstown, N.J., 1891-3; in Europe 1893-5; tutor Wellesley, Mass., since 1887; consultinK phys. 

and Instr., Tale, 1896-06; registrar Phillips Acad., Wellesley ColL since 1903. Mem. A.M.A. ilaoa. 

since 1906. Mem. Am. PhiloL Soc, Phi Beta Kappa. Med. Soc. Republican. Episcopalian. Recreations: 

Republican. Conglist Address: Phillips Acad., walldnK. Address: Wellesley, Mass. 

Andover, Mass. BAVOBOn, Keaxy K^ mfr.; Sept. 1, 1847-19 — . 

BAVOBOTT, Oharlss roster, electrical enn.; (See vol. 1909.) 
b. MansonvlUe, P.Q., Can., Dec 17, 1878: s. Rev. BUTOBOTT, Xnfli, lawyer, publisher; b. Cam- 
Charles and Eunice (Foster) Bancroft; g.s. Rev. bridge, Mass., Sept. IS, 1879; a. of William Amos 
Charles Bancroft, rector of Trinity Ch.. Montreal, and Mary (Shaw) Bancroft; A.B., Harvard, 1897, 
for many yrs.; ed. St John's Sch., Montreal; m. A.M., 1898; L,Li.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1901; m. 
Cornelia Herrlman Dow, of Brooklyn, N.T., June Mary A. Coran, of Cambridge, Mass., June 26, 1902 
7, 1906; 2 children, Charles, Cornelia Herriman. (died Oct. 29, 1908); m. 2d, Jane W. Waldron, of 
In employ of Edison Oen. Electric Co., Boston, Boston. Jan. 16, 1907: 4 children, Mary. b. 1903; 
1899-93; with Royal Electric Co., Montreal, 1893-5; Jessie. 1908; Hugh, Jr., 1909; Jane. 1912. Asst. 
elec engr. Lowell & Suburban St. Ry. Co., 1896- diet atty. Middlesex Co., 1902-6, diet atty., 1907; 
1900: elec engr. Mass. Electric Cos. since 1900; dlr. Central Trust Co. (Cambridge, Mass.), Mass. 
supt. motivepower Bay State St. Ry. Co.; v.-p. Fire & Marine Ins. Co., Davis rtely Copper Co.; 
Manchester Electric Co.; Dlr. Tenn. Eastern Elec- v.p. Boston News Bureau; sec Dow, Jones Sc Co., 
trie Co. Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce, pubs. Wall St. Journal; chmn. dir& Port of Boston, 
Fellow Am. Inst Elec. Engrs.; Mem. Am. Soc. 1911-14. Mem. Mass. Militia, 1894-09 (retired as 
Mech. Engrs. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason, maj.-gen.) ; adj. 6th Mass. Inf., U.S.V., Spanish- 
Clubs: City (Boston), Engineers' (Boston and New Am. TVar. Mem. Bar Assn. City of Boston. Span- 
York). Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: 169 ish-Am. War Veterans, Order of Foreign wars. 
Bay State Rd. Office: 84 State St, Boston, Mass. Republican. Congllst Clubs: Union, St Botolph, 

mAaemaw rrt.>'»i«« Ovav Iswvpr hanker- b Algonquin. Exchange, Union Boat, Eastern Tacnt 

L^SSSf"'sJ?D2r3rui?V:'°''Andrew'j''knd ^ew Riding, Commercial, Merchants'; HarvarS 

Mary A. (Clougii) Bancroft; prep. ed. Phillips <?o»ton ^"t„5?!L„I°?>J..^,^J*?*l?"V„ ~'ISf- 

Exeter Acad.; lLS., Boston U. Sch. of Law, 1889; f ",yi°':\,,I"^?'1iS""?„?."Jf» '°W.?Yii?r'Arthn 

m. Blanche M. Higfct. of Lowell, Mass.. Dec. 10. JS'"i,,^J;iIL°';„^^^^J^''*J}'??5.* Tff $Jl"t,J*:'"S.' 

1891; children, Stowell H., Wlnthrop. Practiced S^„?.'*$S'^At'j a^^a^S^^' **' Newbury St 

in Clinton. Mass., 1889-1900, since in Boston; Office. 30 Kllby St, Boston.* 

corpn. practice; for many yrs. counsel for Ark- BAVOBOVT, jTMBSS, clergyman; b. Knowlton, 

Wright Club; receiver Jewelers Nat Bank, 1908-11; Que., C^an.. May 26, 1879; s. Charles and Eunice 

pres. Lincoln Trust Co. until 1914 when It was (Foster) Bancroft; grad. Trinity Sch., N.T. City, 

merged into the Intemat Trust Co., of which is 1898; A.B., Columbia. 1902; B.D.. Gen. Theol. Bem., 

Sres. and dlr.; dlr. Curtis & Cameron, Inc. Mem. i$os; m. Alice Dorrance, of Providence, R.I., Jan. 

.P.C.A. Mem. Boston Cham, of Commerce. Held 17 1911. Deacon, 1905, brlest, 1906, P.B. Ch.; cu- 

town offices, Lancaster and Clinton; mem. Mass. rate St John's Ch., Providence, R.I., 1905-10; 

Ho. of Rep., 1893, 1894. Republican. Unitarian, rector St. John's Ch., Lowell, Mass., since May 21, 

Mason: Odd Fellow. (Hubs: Algonquin, Framing- i$io. Pres. Lowell Federation of Chs., 1912-13. 

ham Country. Recreations: farming. Home: Fram- Republican. Address: 466 High St., Lowell, Mass. 

Ingham, Mass. Office: 46 Milk St, Boston. BABOBOV*. WlUlMn Amoa, president Boston 

BAjrOBOVT, Ohartss Vaxksr, alienist; b. St Elevated Ry. Co.; b. Groton, Mass., Apr. 26, 1856; 
Johnsbury, Vt, Jan. 11, 1852; s. Jesse Parker and s. Charles and Lydia Emellne (Spauldlng) Ban- 
Ellaabeth (Speare) Bancroft; A.B., Harvard. 1874, croft; A.B., Harvard. 1878; Harvard Law Sch., 
M.D.. 1878; m. Susan C. Wood, of Newton Centre, 1879-81; admitted to bar, 1881; m. Mary Shaw, of 
Mass., 1884. Formerly house officer Boston City Boston, Jan. 18. 1878. Practiced law, 1881-6; supt 
Hosp.; asst phys., 1878-9, supt since 1882, N.H. Cambridge St R.R., 1885-8; roadmaster West End 
Insane Hosp.; phys. Boston City Dispensary, 1880. st Ry., Boston, 1888-90; pres. Boston Elevated Ry. 
Mem. A.M.A., N.H. Med. Soc. N.E. Psychol. Soc. Co.. since 1899; dlr. Boston Chamber of Commerce, 
(pres. 1898-01), Boston Society Psychiatry and U.S.. Puritan and Chelsea trust cos. Pvt to col. 
Neurology (pres. 1906), Am. Psychol. Assn. (pres. sth Mass. Vol. Inf.. 1875-97; brig.-gen., 1897. maj.- 
1908). (Jontbr. to Wood's Handbook of the Medical gen., 1901, Mass. Vol. Mllltla; brlg.-gen. U.S.V., 
Sciences: author various monographs, and articles May 27, 1898: resigned, Aug. 17, 1898. Mem Cam- 
in med. jours. Home: Concord, N.H.* bridge Common_ Council, J882;^Ma8S^JIo. of^Reik, 

BAJrOBOn, Bbea Snver, mfr.; b. ' " 
Mass.. Aug. 27, 1847; s. Joseph Bubler 

WlUard (Thwing) Bancroft; descendant of John ---■ ._._. -_----.-- — ;;.-_,««, DkiiiiT.^ 

and Jane Bancroft Lynn, Mass., 1632; ed. pub. Lawrence Acad., Groton, Mass., 1908, PnH"P" 

sch., Milford, and in civ. engrlng. In pvt. sch., Acad., Exeter, N.H., 1902 Pres. 120th annlver- 

Provldence, R.I.; m. Leila, d. Alonso and Ellsa sary, Phillips Exeter Acad lll^.-BimopreaiiM 

Curtis (Jones) Cobum, of Honklnton. Mass., Sept Alumni 4 yrs.; pJ-fSi, 250th anniversary Groton, 

9, 1874: children. Joseph B.. of Portland, Mc: Alice 1906; chief marshal Harvard Alumni, 1903, grand 

C Bancroft of Hopedale, Mass. Bookkeeper for his "jarshal Hooker Monument Parade, Boston, 1903. 

uncles. E. D. 4 gT Draper, Hopedale, Mass.; was Pres. Mayors' (:iub of Mass.. Cambridge Club, 

made dlr. Hopedale Machine Co. and asst treas. of mem. Order of the (^Inclnnati, Order of Foreign 

the corpn., later merged as Draper Co., of which Wars, Order of Spanish Wan etc. Clubs. Union, 

was v.-p., purchasing agt. and asst elk.: for many CpmiiierclaJ (pres. 3 yrs ) Exchange. Art. C 

yrs. trSas OlasKO (cSnn.) Yam Mills. Qlasgo "•»• <Can>bridge). Middlesex. Home: 12 Ware St, 

Thread Mills (Worcester. Mass.), Hopedale Elastic Cambridge. Office: 101 Milk St, Boston. 

Goods Co.: dlr. Milford Water Co.. Milford Nat BAVOS. Algemon ■yOnsy, grand comdr. United 

Bank. Mass. Trust Co. (Boston), G. & U. R. R. Order of the (Jolden Cross of Me. (See vol. 1909.) 

P°' 'r?^- Hopedale since Its organisation as a baBOB, Ohulss Howard, M.D.; b. Limerick, 

town. 1886; formerly treas. and mKr. Am. Architect y^rk Co? Me., Apr. 14. 1861; s. William B. and 

and for several yrs. auditor Shaw Stocklni? Co.. Martha P. (Swett) Bangs; descendant of Edward 

Lowell. Wa^mgr. for Gen. William F. Draper for Bangsr founder of Bangs family In America, who 

Coneress, 1892 anrt 1894. Republican Unitarian. | [„ Plymouth Colony In the Ship Ann, 1623: 

liUson. Rrecreatlons: golf, motoring. Clubs: prep. edn. Limerick Acad.; Coll. Phys. and Surg., 

*i3^<l^il?- CommonweRith fBoston). Woodland Baltimore. Md.; M D.. Med. Sch. of Me. (Bowdoln), 

(Newton). Brae Burn (West Newton), Canoe, MaJ- ffjz: m. Eva A. Pa^cher. of Saco, Me.. June 28, 

nomlscoc k Gol f. Address: Hopedale, Mass. jg94. j children. William P., Althea. Practiced at 

BABOBOIV, Bdward B., M.D.; b. Lancaster. Sanford. Me., 1892, and at Lynn. Mass., since 1892, 

Mass., Sept 10. 1858; s. Andrew J. and Mary A. Boston since 18A8: dermatoloerlst. Lynn Hosp. since 

(enough) Bancroft: A.B., Amherst, 1883, A.M., 1904. Trustee Real Estate Associates. Lynn. Mem. 

1903: M.D., Harvard Med. Sch.. 1886; m. Josephine Sch. Com., Limerick. Me.. 3 yrs.; trustee Limerick 

A. Given, of Bowdoinham, Me., Aug. 6, 1890; 3 Acad. Mem. A.M.A., Masf , ,Med. Soc, Essex Soj^^h 

.: b. Hopedale. 1883-6: pres. of aldermen, 1891-2, mayor, 1893-6, 
bier and Sylvia Cambridge; chmn. Rep. State Conv., i893. Oyer- 
"ndant of John seer Harvard. 1898-06: trustee Norwich U., 1904-6, 


Dlst M*d. Soc. (ex-pres.), Lynn. Med. Fraternity, since 18R4; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1905. J. «; 
Am. 8oc. Colonial Families (Boston). Mem. I.O.O.F. chmn. Sch. Com., Fairfield, Conn. RepubUean. 
Club: Oxford (Lynn). Writer and lecturer on med., Conglist. Recreations: Farming. Home: Fairfield, 
eoon.. Industrial, hist, and other subjects; etc. Conn. Office: 231 W. J9th St, New York. 
Recreations: historical research. Home: 9 Lafay- bamta, Arthur Kanffun, educator; moved to 
149'Trfmont'gt"B"t3'5' " ^°"' ' * Cokl "ring* Hl"or NYri909. (See voL 190S.) 
savna v..!^. 'B.lrt_.i.a io«„>. »«..«.,.... K BAKBBB, Albert aUmUL optical goods and e«r 
w";^?2v.'SS'*?" ^f?!'*^*',«MTy.*''i!-iwfiH*L,5i phones mfr.; b. EpplnirN.H., July 18. 1887; i 
Watertown. Mags., Dec. 24, 1869; s. Edward and James Pike and Luolnda (Jenness) Barber; det- 
une Outram (Hodgklnaon) Bangs; descendant In cendant of Robert Barber, who emigrated from 
?.w,£S?,;K*V,l?"fh«°ThE'*^t';l^^*^i\''4«'^'^J?,f^'°fH„ Yorkshire, Eng., and settled at Exeter, N.H., 16M 
S'„>'„'e?"V^..L" aV^« «WP.^""*'*'^ ^l"^?'S''■^tt?: (Daniel Barber was a It. ln.R}.yolnUonary Arm, 

§i^i^'^-n^fl"„Sm*'io°<vi'?Tin°nSS'.,i*ltVi^i^ mond Jenness. In chair factory, BaldwlnsvllK 
H?;?^«,.?^fti 7"J?nl» wni5™;^Su?="%«? Mass., 1871-2; engaged in farming, 1872-82: In 
Romans, 1901-7, since Williains & Bangs. Pres. carriage shop at Amesbury, Mass., and In manufae- 
r^u^r?«™S^,"^ir*'«.°Al^M^*?E-^?.Tr^r'.^*t^l' t"™ of shoes at Eppingf' 1883-4 began leamtag 
S2°«.^^;. n^ii BShH^T?;.2-^«*^1>^i1=S?W wSI" optical business, 1884; located in Boston and asso- 
^S.,^fl^^^m}%J^S.hP°-S'I?^J^Z?^J^ ?i«f* elated with John W. Sanborn In wholesale optical 
M^!i' nr/{"'o5J,f?"ifi^.J"il^„"*4ff(5?v.'.'^^ RM- business. 1889; later Charles A. French was ad- 
rnfitf M».r,^°Rl1fn^"l,i'*5? Ail^™«n ^«ni ?: """ted to firm which was incorporated, 1889, a» \ 
Trust Mem. Boston Bd. of Aldermen 1908-7; ^he Globe Optical Co., of which is now pres.. th« 
chinn. of 2 commns. apptd. by Mayor HIbbard on ^^ being one of the largest concerns of the kind 
garbage disposal; chmn^ commn apptd. by Gov. ,„ t^e East; dlr. and trias. Globe Ear Phone Co. ' 
Foas on Are hasard. Mem. Boston Chamber of prea. Am. Wholesale Opticians, 1902-3; mem. Bo»- 
Commerce, Boston Real Estate Echange (dlr.). ton Chamber of Commerce. Chmn. Selectmen North 
Bar Assn. City of Boston. Republican. Episco- Reading, Mass.; also chmn. Bd. of Assessors and 
palian. Clubs. Somerset, Country. Rrecreations. Overseers of Poor. Republican. Methodist If em. 
Oshing. Home: 190 Marlborough St OJIlce: 18 Tre- Boston City Missionary and Ch. Extension Sot. 
mont St, Boston. Evangelistic Assn. of N.E. Mason (32°). Rec- 
BAiniS, John Xsndzlolc, author: b. Yonkers, N.Y., reations; Farming, traveling. Home: North Read- 
May 27. 1862; s. Francis N. and Amelia Frances ins. Mass. Offices: 88 Tremont St, and 403 Wash- 
(Bull) Bangs; Ph.B., Columbia, 1883; studied law, ington St, Boston. 

1883-4; m. Mary Blakeney Gray, of New York, Apr. mamwBK n/.^iait «i»*«h>« ko>.i«o>.o ^ . 

27. 1904. Asso. editor Life, 1884-8; editor DrkwSr. ^ 'H!!?™^ S<^?2\'J?^?^' T?i'J*'S?i^?„,°^^h 

1888-99. and Literary Notes. July. 1898-Dec.. 1899 h„-^"*J^*i"v?:lf-„^y§- '• ^?^i-jLil®^H»^i^»^ 5^ 

Harper's Mag.; editor of Literature. 1898-9 Har- ^^L^P^fi^^hll'^ J^ JSL^fl^ f-.^^^^^S^i,S! 

per's Weekly. 1898-1900. Metropolitan Magazine, §°S®'LH^I»fti'«., =? ^^t1, 'S^h^tm J°Jh"™^ 

fi«c.. 1902-June. 1903. Puck. 1904-5. DemScratlo ?R^-' ^t?®"^*i,^L„f *?5,?r',„^iJ?-- in"A= *'?• S^h 

candidate for mayor Yonkers, 1894. defeated; v.-p. V'^.^-'^-^i-J?- Ari^"fn is««- ^ ohPMr^™ bSSJ 

Yonkers Bd. of Edn.. 1897; pres Halsted Sch. Yon- |?"£^!,V ^^?„vil* w»h'» B?,*th lr»^ifl»M°* t^Ji 

kers, 1896-1904. (See Who's Who in America for S^l* 'J?'^'.^'?, «^,^»r i.^«' wSSJLJ^" B/!rfJ? 

list of books and wHUngs.) Home: Ogunqult Me. ?JS ?l -^n^rt^^r 1" nh^nHi".'- "^STy??^' S^rtiJS 

""i^r^JZ;"' ^\f'J Tw c!.*a'n1f4r ^"l2?Ser' w?o!e"s^^lT hlr*Il-|r*e. iTt^l' 

. BAWIS, Ontxam, zoologist; b. Watertown, Mass., 1888-May 9, 1914, when company was incorporated 

Jan. 12, 1863; s. Edward and Annie Outram (Hodg- as Chandler & Barber Co., of which Is pres. Moved 

klnson) Bangs; ed. Noble's Sch., Boston, and Law- to Newton, Mass., 1871; alderman. Newton, 1902. S, 

rence Scientific Sch., Harvard. Curator of mam- 4. Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce (mem. com. 

mals, Mus. of Comparative ZoSlogy, Harvard, since on Industrial development); 1st v.-p. Nat RetaU 

1900. Mem. A.AAS., Washington Acad. Sciences. Hardware Assn.; organizer, and dlr. N.E. Hardware 

Boston Soc. Natural History, Biol. Soc. of Wash- Dealers' Assn (pres. 1896, 1897. and 1910; now 

Ington. Club: Somerset Extensive contbr. of mem. advisory board) ; pres. Newton Y.M.CA, 

papers on birds and mammals in The Auk and proo. I888, 9, 90. Mason. Clubs: Boston City, Newton 

of various z8ol. and blol. socs. Address: Museum Civic (pres.). Recreations: Fishing, boatinit. 

of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass.* Home: 131 Newtonvllle Av., Newton, Mass. Of- 

BAHZ8, Slmor* ■.; b. Southport, Conn., May 24, Ace: 124 Summer St, Boston. 
1866; LL.B., Yale Law Sch.. 1895; m. Sebree, Ky., BABBEm, Elliot Batss, clergyman; b. Norwich, 
Apr. 4, 1898, Beulah M. Galloway. Beuan practic- conn. Nov. 1, 1862; s. John Elliot and Elizabeth 
Ing In Bridgeport Conn., 1895; mem. Davenport & ooan (Sherman) Barber; descendant of John Bar- 
Banks; Judge of probate, dlst of Fairfield, since bur who signed the original compact to found 
1896; treas. Fairfield Co.; trustee Southport Trust town of Dedham. Mass., 1637; ed. Broadway Gram- 
Co.; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1903. 5, 7, 9, and Rep. ma, Schl., Norwich: Norwich Free Acad.; RD.. 
leader of House (speaker of Hou-je, 1909). Home: Tufts Dlv. Sch.. 1886; spl. work Tufts Coll.; m. Ml- 
Fairfleld, Conn. Office: Melga Bldg., Bridgeport, nerva Anne Johnson, of North Orange, Mass., Oct 
Conn. 10,1888. Ordained Unlversallst ministry, 1886; pas- 

BAVn, Jolm WallM*, lawyer; b. Bethlehem, tor North Orange, Mass., 1886-8, Bristol, N.Y.. 1888- 
Conn., Sept 22. 1867; s. Rev. George W. and Eliza 90. Newark, N.Y., 1890-2, Gardiner, Me., 1892-1900, 
Frances Banks; A.B., Yale, 1889; LL.B., Yale Law Westbrook, 1900-3, Norwood, Mass., 1903-9, Rum- 
Sch., 1893; m. Mary Cowles Gay, of Farmington, ford. Me., 1909-11, 1st Unlversallst Soc. of Dan- 
Conn., May 7, 1895. Admitted to Conn bar. 1893. bury, Conn., since 1911. Sec. Conn. Commn. of Unt- 
and since practiced at Bridgeport; mem. Banks & versallst Chs. for Social Justice and Service; pres. 
Nicholson; referee In bankruptcy. Mem. Am. Bar Ministerial Assn. of Danbury and Vicinity. Supt 
Assn., Conn. State Bar Assn. Republican. Congiiat schs. Gardiner, Me., 1897-1900; chmn City Sch. 
Home: 70 Rushing PI. Office: Meigs Bldg., Bridge- Com., Westbrook, 1902-3; chaplain 12th Me. Regt. 
port. Conn. Assn. Mem. Am. Geog. Soc. Republican. Mason 

«awn 'H<,.>- s „..Kii.»,«.. K ti>„o»„« r-.„„„ (K.T.); Odd Fellow. Recreations: music, yachting 

Ju^5'T83f ?rw"niSm"nS'^llen f^Sr^r^'sIX; and photography. Home: 12 aifton PI., Dan- 

ed. Staples Acad, and New Britain (Conn.) Normal °"'^y- *-°""- _ . , .. ,. „■ 

Sch.; m. Amelia Collins, of New York. Dec. 24, BA»B1I», Osorgs »aBl»l«OB, mfr;^; b. Worcester, 

1863; 4 children. C. Lincoln (M.D), Mrs. L. F. Gard- Mass.. Sept 1. 1864; s. George and Eunice Williams 

ner, Mrs. J. Taylor Annis, Jane E. (deceased). (Buck) Barber, and descendant of Capt. George 

Teacher in Conn, several yrs.; connected with Ivl- Barber. Dedham, Mass., 1640, who canie f rom Etog. 

son, Blakeman & Taylor, pubs,, New York, 1869- in 1635; grad. Worcester High Sch., 1884. Book- 

84; actively engaged and dlr. Silver, Burdett & Co., keeper and salesman. New York office. Geo. C. 

uiyiLi^eu uy -v^j \_f v^ -t ■ x- 



Whitney, Christmas and valentine novelties, Wor- 
cester, 1886-87 ; mem. Arnold & Barber, mfrs. bob- 
bins and spools, Kllllnsly, Conn., 1887-89, Emer- 
son, Low & Barber Co., mfrs. envelopes, Worcester, 
1889-93, Worcester Envelope Co. (treas.), since 
1893. Charter mem. WellitiKton RiHes, Co. H, 2d 
Reet., M.V.M.; mem. S.A.R (treas.). Mason (33°, 
K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Commonwealth, Worcester 
Country. Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: 26 
Shattuck St Office: 110 Foster St, Worcester, 

BBS, Oeory* X,, pres. Derby Savings Bank, 
Derby, Conn. 

ItaHBTSH, Bmn Sq business man; b. Nashua. 
N.H., Dec. 16, 1862; s. Hiram and Lucy (Fales) 
Barber; ed. pub. schs. and Canaan Acad.; m. An- 
trim. N.H., 1873, Fosttna M. Dodge. Began as elk. 
for Taylor & Norwell, Nashua: settled In MUford, 
1878, and bought out Arm of Gray & Howard, dry 
goods; now at head of dept. store; pres. Souhegan 
Nat. Bank; trustee Mllford Savings Bank; mem. 
N.H. Ho. of Rep., 1891-2. Republican. Methodist 
ScotUsh Rite Mason (32°) ; Odd Fellow. Home: 
MUford, N.H. 

K, KnIMrt Ooodell, lawyer; b. Wards- 
boro, Vt, Aug. 14, 1870; s. Daniel M. and Lydla 
(Barnard) Barber; ed. common schs.; m. Florence 
Whlttler, of Montpeller, Vt, Oct 20. 1909; 3 chil- 
dren. Admitted to bar, 1893; practiced at Brattle- 
boro, since 189C; mem. H.G. & F.E. Barber; state's 
atty. Windham Co., 1898-1900; mem. Vt Ho. of 
Rep,. 190S-10, Senate, 1912-14; mem. Rep. State 
Com.. 1908-14; atty.-gen. of Vt since Dec. 1, 1914. 
Mem. Vt Bar Assn. Republican. Unlversallst Ma- 
son; Odd Fellow. Home: Brattleboro, Vt 

BAXBSK, Hnbsrt I^, mfr.: b. Southfleld. Mass.. 
Jan. 7. 1841; s. Levi and Rheuma (Thompson) 
Barber; ed. pub. schs., and South Berkshire Inst, 
New Marlboro, Mass.; m. Southfleld. May 31, 1866, 
Celinda E. Turner. Enlisted in CSvll War as pvt. 
Co. A. 10th Regt, Mass. Col. Inf.; battles of Wil- 
liamsburg, Yorktown, Fair Oaks, also was In bat- 
tles of Malvern Hills, Salem Heights, Gettysburg. 
The Wilderness, Cold Harbor and Petersburg; hon. 
discharged as commissary sergt June, 1864; began 
as peddler of Yankee notions, 1867, and later was 
salesman for Southfleld Whip Co. and E.R. Lay & 
Son. Westfleld, Mass.; became one- fourth owner In 
same business, 1884; In business, 1886 until re- 
tired, 19 — : Republican. Home: Southfleld Mass. 

, Moses J., cashier Merchants Nat Bank. 
Providence, R.I. 

mwwmmABM, Oilon Katoklf, judgej b. Jamaica, Vt, 
July 13, 1867; s. Emmons D. and Lucia C. (Pierce) 
Bart>er; ed. Bernardston (Mass.) Acad., Inst of 
South Woodstock, and Leland and Gray Sem., 
Townahend, Vt; LL.B., Albany (N.Y.) Law Sch., 
1882; m. Alice Norton, of Bennington, Vt, June 30, 
1898. State's atty.. Bennington Co., 1886-7; mem. 
Vt Ho. of Rep., 1892, Senate, 1894; mem. com. 
apptd. to revise Vt statutes, 1892-4, and chmn. 
com. to edit and pub. Vt. statutes, 1894; state rail- 
road commr., 1894-6; state auditor, 1898-1902; del. 
Rep. Nat Conv., 1896; chmn. Special Tax (Jom., 
1906-8: chmn. spl. com. to prepare and publish Di- 
gest of Vt Reports, 1909; asso. judge U.S. Ct Cus- 
toms Appeals, since Apr., 1910. Mason (K.T.. 
Shriner), Elk. Home: Bennington, Vt. Address: 
1429 New York Av.. Washington.* 

BASBZB, Thomas Ja., retired mfr.; b. Framing- 
ham., Mass., Dec. 15. 1849; s. Curtis H. and Olivia 
Ann (Elames) Barber; ed. pub. schs.; m. Sarah M. 
Merrill, of Andover, Me., (5ct. 6, 1874; 1 daughter, 
Alfa C. (Mrs. Arthur B. Calkins, of New London, 
Conn.). Began work in the straw mfg. shop of his 
father, Framlngham. 1867; in business under name 
of T.L. Barber & Co.. over 30 yrs., retiring, 1906; 
dir. Framlngham Nat Bank. Mem. Bd. of Trade, 
Framlngham. Home: 39 Park St., South Fram- 
lngham. Mass. 

BABBSm, 'Waltsr iMwim, M.D.; b. WolcottvUle. 
Conn.. June 26. 1851; s. Benham and Mary (Wil- 
son) Barber; ed. Torrlngton High Sch.; M.D., Belle- 
vue Hosp. Med. Coll. (New York U.), 1873; m. Oct 
24, 1878, Fannie M. G. Hart, of Norfolk, Conn, (now 
deceased). Practiced in Waterbury since 1873; 

trustee Waterbury Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., New Ha- 
ven County Med. Soc, Waterbury Med. Soc, Conn. 
State Bd. of Med. Examiners. Republican. CongUst 
Club: Waterbury. Address: 87 N. Main St. Wa- 
terbury. Conn. 

BABSOVB, Albion E., cashier Granite Nat Bank, 
Augusta, Me. 

BAJUOVB, Alfred Coring, insurance, banking; 
Apr. 24. 1837-May 12, 1912. (See vol. 1909.) 

BABBOTTB, Allison Baydsn, commercial teach- 
er; b. Canton, Conn. Instr. in penmanship in pub. 
schs. of Tabor, la., 2 yrs.; commercial teacher, 
Huntsinger's Business Coll., Hartford, Conn., 6 
yrs.; mgr. Barbour's Bus. Coll., St. Johnsbury, Vt, 
4 yrs.; prin. Commercial Dept St. Johnsbury 
Acad., II yrs.; prIn. and owner Nashua Business 
Coll. since 1909. Mem. N.E. Business Coll. Mgrs.' 
Assn., Eastern Commercial Teachers' Assn. 
CongUst Address: 148 Main St., Nashua, N.H. 

BABBOUB, Anna KSynaxd, Mrs,, author. Dea- 
coness House of Mercy, Boston, since 1907. Sec 
Am. Home Econ. Assn., 1914-15. Author: Told in 
the Rockies. 1897; That Malnwarlng AfTalr. 1900; 
The Award of Justice, 1901; At the Time Ap- 
pointed, 1903; Breakers Ahead. 1906. Home: 244 
Townsend St., Roxbury, Boston.* 

BABBOTTB, Trank A., consulting en^.; b. St 
John, New Brunswick, May 5, 1870; s. George L. 
and Elizabeth (Thompson) Barbour; A.B., Univ. of 
New Brunswick, 1888; unmarried. Came to U.S.. 
1890; practiced In Boston since 1898; mem. Snow & 
Barbour, 1S98-05; since engaged on own account 
In municipal engrlng., specializing In puriflcatlon 
of water and sewage. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., Am. 
Soc. for Testing Materials, Am. Water Works 
Assn., Am. Public Health Assn., N.E. Water 
Works Assn. Mason. Clubs: City, Engineers. Rec- 
reations: outdoor sports. Home: SomerviUe. 
Mass. Office: Tremont Bldg., Boston. 

BABBOTTB, JTossph Zans, lawyer; Dec. 18. 1846- 
Feb. 3. 1916. (See vol. 1909.) 

BABBOTTB, ^nolns A,, president Charter Oak 
Nat Bank, Hartford, Conn. 

BABBOTTB, B»lph K«ir7 ("Blohsrd StUlouui 
Fowsll"), author; b. at Cambridge. Mass., Nov. IS, 
1870; B. James Henry Barbour; ed. New Ch. Sch., 
Waltham, and Highland Mil. Acad,. Worcester, 
Mass.; m. Mabel Latshaw King, of Denver, Sept 
25, 1895. Contbr. of verse and short stories to 
mags, under pen name of "Richard Stlllman Pow- 
ell." (See Who's Who in America for list of books.) 
Home: "Journey's End," Manchester, Mass.* 

BABBOTTB, Thoaws, naturalist; b. Marthas 
Vineyard, Mass., Aug. 19, 1884; s. of William and 
Julia Adelaide (Sprague) Barbour; ancestry varied. 
New York Dutch, and Huguenot and Peter Hobart, 
of Hingham, Mass., on mother's side, on fathers 
side, English and Irish, In New York; ed. Brown- 
ing's Sch., New York: A.B., Harvard. 1906, A.M., 
1908, Ph.D., 1910; m. Rosamond Pierce, of Brook- 
line, Mass., Oct 1. 1906. Has made zoBl. explora- 
tions in Bast and West Indies, India, Burma, China, 
Japan, South and Central Americas, for Mus. Com- 
parative Zoology, Cambridge; student specially of 
geog. distribution of reptiles and amphibians; now 
asso. curator dept. of reptiles and amphibians, Mus. 
Comparative Zoology; mem. faculty Peabody Mus., 
Harvard; mem. Library Council and curator Har- 
vard Coll. Library. Del. Harvard Univ. to Ist Pan- 
Am. Scientific Congress, Santiago, Chile, 1907-8 
(Dec-Jan.) ; del. founding Nat. Univ. of Mexico, 
City of Mexico, Sept, 1910: fellow Royal Geog. 
Soc. London, A.A.A.S.. New York ZoOl. Soc; mem. 
Am. Soc. Zoologists, Biol. Soc, Washington, Acad. 
Natural Sciences. Phlla. Clubs: Union (Boston), 
University and Harvard (New York), Harvard, St 
Botolph (Boston), Cosmos (Washington). Author 
of various scientific papers In relation to reptiles 
and fishes, their systematic classification and geog. 
distribution. Home: 12 Hereford St, Boston. Ad- 
dress: Museum Comparative Zoology, Cambridge. 

BABBOTTB, Thomas ■•ymonr, clergyman; b. 
Hartford, Conn., July 28, 1853; s. Hon. Heman 
Humphrey and Frances E. (Merrill) Barbour: 
brother of Henry Merlin Barbour and half brother 


of Clarence AuK^stuB Barbour; A.B., Brown V., Commercial (Brockton). Athletic (Nantucket). 

IST4. A.M.. 1S7T; B.D., Rochester TheoL Sem., I8TT; Home: Prospect St, West Bridsewater, Mass. 

(D.D., Brown, ISSfi): in. Brnma J. White, of Provj- Office: 2tl Main 8t, Brockton, Mass. 

deuce, R.I., Sept, 4, 187T. OrdHlried Bapt. tnlnistry, «amn^ */an.a4ii\ m.. ■...._ lowvei" >■ Rent 

illet: Forii^n^P^ A^ Hi^?^^i;^?i^ Mi^^^^^ Barker. ; AB.. Harvard. 1901; LL.B., Harvard V. 

1M9 I'J^n *f{t wnrk' ^n^V -rfu-^Bf v-«w?™ I*w Sch.. 1903: m. Irene Pitch Shepard. of N.T. 

Th^ni ii'^n is« 'nrnir'TT 1 mI * ^Hnmn," 0"^! Ja"- ". 1*07; 1 son. R Devcreux. ir. Prac 

Wn1V:.= i ,r ^j',1 ■ ' 1"'^^ "<""■'• ticed m Boston, since 190i: trustee Berkshire Fac- 

-.■tf-l ;- .^ - « . to'y Trust, Carobrtdare Buildlngr Trust. Cambria»e 

BJUtCOiAT, cniaxlM jTamM, naval officer; Sept. 8, Factory Trust. Hoidis Building Trust; dlr. and 

1843-Sept. 27, 190S. (See voL 1909, also Who's Who treas. Boston Storaee Co.; trustee Commercial 

in America. 1908-9.) Realty Trust, etc. Republican. Episco^ian. 

BASCI^T. Dong-lai Monroe; b Aberdeen. Scot- Clubs: Union, Harvard (Boston), Bastern Yacht. 

land, Deo. 29, 18S1; s. William and Mary (Monroe) Recreations: yachting:. Home: 318 Marlboro St. 

liorcltty: ed. pub. acha., Barre, Vt.; student Nor- Office: 35 Congress St., Boston. 

?'f'',.^-;;.^''S7"*' ^AH^ W°- Manchester, of Ran- BABKBB, Byron mUer, M.D. ; b. Bath. Me., Nov. 

dolnh, VL. Nov. 2 iflio Learned eranlte cutters 19 1872; a. Samuel C. and Julia (Puller) Barker; 

trade and engng-ed with fathe^r in granite bust- A.B., Bowdoln, 1893; M.D., Jefferson Med. ColL, 

neaa; after death of father. 1907 associated with Phlla.. 1896; m. Mildred Todd, of Bath. Dec. 14. 

brother as Barclay Bros.. In which contlnupa: part 1910. Practiced in Bath since 1896. Mem. A.H.A.. 

owner In Sunny Side Granite Co Barre Oronlto Me. Med. Assn. Address: Bath. Me. 

Co.. Standard Granite Co. Mem. Quarry Owner s 

Assn., Barre Granite Mfrs.' Assn., etc. Ma^on. BABXBB, O. X,t mfr.; (See vol. 1909.) 

Manatjp'd Trout. Mt. Manafleld br, of Green Moun- R.I., Oct 81. 1849: sTRoblnson k and Julia A. 

tain Club. Home. Barre, Vt. (Peckham) fearker; AB., Brown U.. 1876. AM.. 

BABB,0«otf*P«x«lTal,M.D.;b. Norwich, Conn.. 1878: M.D., U. Med. Coll. of New York, 1882; m. 

June 9. 1872; s. George P. and Minerva (Placethus) Middletown. May 24, 1881, Helen K Peckham; i 

Bard; M.D.. New York Homoe. Med. Coll., 1900; children, WllUston Wright Eleanor May. Has 

served as interne Rochester (N.Y.) Homce. Hosp. practiced in Newport R.I.. since 1882: visiting 

Engaged in practice at Stafford Springs, Conn., physician and trustee Newport Hosp.; dlr. Aquid- 

since May, 1902. Home: Stafford Springs, Conn. neck Nat. Bank; maj. and surgeon Newport Arty. 

•BA-Bneir TT..,..., i>.«i.» „* X. n . -rr. Co., 1879-14; mem. Pub. Sch. Com. many yrs. 
C!*?f?f ^^ild?!^ M^^l'„*!.'„'J'^rV ''• l^iV^Vi,^ '.■• (chmn. to 191B, still mem.); was mem. Newport 
wn* BArrtin IVi riVjfr?,?? S^h.'^S^^^ll".* ''*^"; Bd. of Health. Mem New^rt Med. Soc. (prSs.). 
Lchi Alh/nv mV^ T^LJ n^^f- i^^S*'^U„.f,''f±l^ R-I- Med. Soc. (pres.), Am. Med. Assn., Am. Acad. 
vt ■',« ?^Sf'^;,T;L ^^:?.''^K?.^"';,i.'^u*''v,r^"'t?^' «>' Med. Mason (K.T.). Republican. Baptist 
vt. , m. Anna Elvira Northup, of Hartford, N.T., TTnms- ?a Rnii Ht Vjnwnnrf 'Bt 
Jan. 12. 1886: 4 ehUdrcn, Clifford A.. John H., Etta "O""*- ^^ Bull St, Newport R.I. 
Hay. Zella Northup. Rngaged In mfe. Barden au- BABKBB, Blbxidf* OeR7, lumber dealer; b. 
tomatic cream separators at OranvlHc, N.Y.. until Onondaga, N.Y., June 5, 18B0; s. George Humphrey 
1SS8; organized firm of Barden Bros., Oranvlllp, and Eliza (HaydeiO Barker; grad. Commerctail 
1889, moved to WalllnBford, Vt., 1900; orKanlied, Inst, New Haven, <3onn., 1867; m. Alice M., d. of 
1902, Waliingford Mfjr. Co., of which was nrps. Dr. J. T. and Catherine (Joiner) Schonwald. of 
until sold to purchasers in St. Catherines. Can.; Wilmington, N.C.. May 10, 1871; 2 sons and S 
bought V4 Interest In Troy (N.Y.) Scale Cn., 1912; daughters. Engaged in cotton, naval stores and 
removed to Bennlnjfton. Vt.. and built new plant in lumber business, Wilmington, N.C.. 1868-88; re- 
191S: Interested with B, W. Aldrlch in mill and moved to Woburn, Mass.. and established the Bar- 
lumber tract, at Tlnmouth. Vt. ; organlied Tin- ker Lumber Co.. 1889. Democrat Unitarian. Ma- 
mouth Power Co.. of which Is now mem.: also son (K.T.). Clubs: Mlshwum, Towanda. Home: 
mem. Bennlneton Scale Co.. Weill nfrford Water Woburn. Mass. 

«™-i***.T/** ""• "f.Jlf'P- 1 *<'Si.f',':""'^ ^V'^' '^^™": BABXBB, BUM Hants ^awton (Mrs. Richard J. 

J^-."*,' '^??'i,7"V''^". w }^»'lJhKfor'i: secured Barker); b. Tiverton, R.I., June 22, 1856; d. Moses 

charter for WalllnKford Water Co.; secured acts Turner and Elizabeth Tllllnghast (Harris) Law- 

l^ L^'^l^lll'"^f (trartinB WalllnKford ftre dlst. right ton; ed. In Bridgeport Sch.. Tiverton, R.I., and at 

to el^trlfy town, and contract for nrc protection. Vassar Coll.: m. Hon. Richard Jackson Barker, of 

* M "t?' n, ™?- }^^^- t^Hlpman Lodge. A F. and Tiverton. R.I., Oct 9, 1873; 1 son, Richard Jackson 

1 ir . ^ ."''^."'^''■.r^'^'''^*'"!?''' ^."^""i^^r^ j?"-^ "• Barker, Jr. (Brown U., class of 1898). Prominent 

1 .i v., Jn'"/^*''^-^''"',""'"''^.'"?; ^"i,^j. KT.. Rut- In social and club affairs: chmn. Tiverton Sch. Com. 
H^^' \>v 1^'''^'' ^^'J!?'*' A.A.O.N.M.S., Rutland, gince 1893; v.-p. R.I. Inst of Instrn.; mem. bd. 
Home- ^\,-\llfnKf->rd. \ t. djrg. Women's Union (Fall River, Mass.), Union 

BABSO, OllatoB Uoyd. railway official; b. Mont- Hosp. Bd. of Lady Mgrs.; mem. bd. R.I. Soc. for 

Jromery, Lycoming Co.. Pa., Oct 24, 1867; s. Ben- Collegiate Edn. of Women In Brown U.: mem. bd. 

amin Franklin and Jennie Grace (Moore) Bardo; Women's Exchange, Fall River; pres. for R.I. of 

ed. pub. schs.; m. Hannah Abigail Hartz. of Mauch Nat. Women's Rivera and Harbors Congress of 

Chunk, Carbon Co., Pa., Jan. 19, 1887; 4 children, U.S. Mem. Old Colony Hist Soc, Va. Soc for 

Edith Jennie. Benjamin Franklin. Mildred Amelia, Preservation of Va. Antiquities; state regent for 

Vernon Hartz. Gen. mgr. N.Y., N.H. & H.R.R. Co. Pocahontas Memorial Assn.; hon. state regent R.I. 

since Feb. 15, 1913. Mason: Odd Fellow. Presbyn. D.A.R.; ex-v.-p. Gen. Nat. Soc. D.A.R., Colonial 

Clubs: Quinnlplack (New Haven). Athletic (N.Y. Dames; hon. v.-p. R.I. Peace Soc; etc. Bplsco- 

Clty). Home: 24 Everlt St. Office: Gen. Office pallan. Clubs: Woman's City (Boston), Woman's. 

Bldg., NY.. N.H. & H.R.R., New Haven, Conn. Fortnightly (Pall River). Wrote: (brochure) 

BABDWBi;!;, rrcd &«slto, asst prof, chemistry. Daughters of Liberty; also contbr. to mags, and 

Case Sch. of Applied Science, Cleveland, O., since newspapers on patriotic and social topics^ ^^''f- 

Sept. 1911. (See vol. 1909.) , , » atlons: motoring, collections. Home: "The Out- 

BABKEB, Albert P„ lawyer; b. Hanson. Mass., '"^llZIl.^^'.^i «.. , o » .. ,.r. 

Oct 24, 18B9; s. of Benjamin and Debirah C xx'^fFfS'."',^*^ ",*",°S?.'?'^*''= ^^P*- "• ^"'" 

(Damon) Barker; ed. common schs.; studied law Nov. 21, 1914. (See vol. 1909.) 

in office of B. W. and Robert O. Halns, Brockton; BABXBB, r(r«ds>lo) EiurSBS, hardware mcht; 

m. Lucy C. Reynolds, of Hanson. 1899. Admitted b. Providence. R.I.. Mar. 31. 1864; s. Frederic A. 

to Mass. bar. 1896; trial lawyer; for many yrs. and Luclnda E. (Lewis) Barker: ed. pub. schs.. 

partner of Judge R. O. Halns; trustee Brockton Pawtucket. and Mowry & GofTs Sch.. Providence; 

Savings Bank; selectman Town of Hanson 3 yrs; m. Stella F. Smith, of Pawtucket, R.I., May 12. 

mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep.. 1894-5. Senate, 1896-7; 1880; 2 children, Louise, Asmes. Has engaged In 

asst. dlst. atty. Southeastern Dlst.. 1906-10; dlst hardware business since 1872; mem. Barker. Chad- 

atty. same dlst, since 1910. Republican. Protes- sev A Co., Providence: mem. City Council. Paw- 

tant Mason; mem. Odd Fellows. K. of P. Clubs: tucket 1903-9; mem. R.^I>!jH<l.j«ft^ep., 1912-16. 



Mem. Pawtucket Bd. of Trade. Mem. S.A.R. Re- 

gubUcan. BpiscopaUan. Club: To Kalon. Home: 
aw tucket, R.I. 

BABKBB, Matnr A— lial, Burgeon; b. Cuttings- 
TUle, Vt., liar. 27. 1868 : s. William Henry Harri- 
son and Caro Frances (Finney) Barker: A.B., Wil- 
Uams ColL. WiUlamstown, Mass., 1876; took one 
course of lectures at U. of Vt. Coll. of Medicine; 
M.D., Univ. Med. Coll. (New York U.), 1883; asst. 
house surgeon Manhattan Kye and Ear Hosp., 
New York: unmarried. Asst. surgeon New York 
E^e and Ear InOrmary, staff of Dr. Edward Q. Lov- 
ing, 1884-8; attending surgeon Bellevue Hosp., 
Dept. Outdoor Poor; attending surgeon Clinical 
Dept., New York U., and asst. to chair of otology, 
same univ. ; instr. ophthalmology. New York Poly- 
clinic Med. Sch. and Hosp.; clin. asst. New York 
Post-Orad. Med. Sch and Hosp.; examiner and ex- 
pert for New York Elevated Ry. cos., 1884-8; re- 
moved to Burlington, Vt., 189S; ophthalmologist 
to Fanny Allen Hosp., Winooskl Park, Vt., 1896-8. 
Mem. Burlington and Chittenden Co. Cilln. Soc, Vt. 
State Med. Soc Republican. Recreations: boating, 
flshlnK, hunting. Home: 26 Buell St., Burling- 
ton, Vt. 

■ ^*"*T Amsa, corporation mgr.; b. 

Providence. R.I., Apr. 4, 1868; s. Henry Rodman and 
Annie Cuahman (Tripp) Barker; grad. English and 
Cnasslcal sch., and R.I. Sch. of Design, Providence: 
elk. Prov. Mut Fire Ins. Co., 1888-91; Ph.B., Brown 
U., 1893 (A.M., 1910); married; secy.. 1893-6, secy, 
and treas.. 1896-7, secy., treas. and gen. mgr. since 
1897; also dlr. since 1901. R.I. Electric Protective 
0>.. pub. service electric Are and burglar alarm 
office, and standard time system of R.I. CMginated 
the project, now established, of a Metropolitan 
Park system for Providence and surrounding 
towns, and designed the preliminary plans, since 
adopted by the state, through cooperation of the 
Providence Bd. of Trade; Pub. Park Assn. and R.I. 
CbSLj). Am. Inst Architects. Exec, officer and mem. 
exec. com. of Met. Park Commn. of Providence 
Plantations since Its establishment in 1906; first 
chmn. of R.I. state Conservation Commn.; treas. 
Pub. Park Assn. of R.I. Mem. exec. bd. Am. Civic 
Assn., hdqrs. Washington, D. C; v.-p. Nat. Con- 
servation Congress and Nat City Planning Conf.; 
mem. Nat. Municipal League. Am. Forestry Assn.. 
Atlantic Deeper Waterways Assn.; del. to various 
ann. convs. for Am. Civic Assn., state of R.I.. Prov. 
Bd. of Trade, etc.; mem. exec. com. R.I. League of 
Improvement soos. and East Side Improvement 
Soc. of Providence; chmn. Providence City Plan 
Com.; "town booster" of Town Criers' Assn. of R.!.; 
mem. exec. com. of Providence Playground Assn., 
and exec. Council of Providence Bd. of Trade. 
Trustee R.1. Hosp. Corpn. Mem. R.I. Chap, of 
A.I.A.; R.I. Sch. of Design corpn,;, R. I. Hist Soc., 
Cltlsens' Hist Assn., Providence Soc. for Organised 
Charity, Providence Economic Club, R.I. Business 
Men's Assn.. Drama Leai^e of Boston, Providence 
Musical Assn., Original Incorporator Talma (Dra- 
matic) Club and v.p. and stage mgr. since 1887; 
stage dlr. and mem. Bd. of Mgrs. "The Players" 
since 1909. Pres. of Ninlgret. QuacompauK and 
Pausacaco country clubs; other clubs: Providence 
.Art., University, Brown Union, Turk's Head, East 
Side Tennis. R.I. Country, Squantum, Players 
(Providence and New York). Recreations (and oc- 
casionally business architecture): especially civic. 
theatrical and country house: municipal designing; 
stage directing and acting (about 235 productions). 
bicycling. motorin«:. canoeing, travel, stereoptlcan 
addresses and publicity work for promotion of civic 
art and development, country life and conservation, 
writing of pamphlets, booklets and maeazlne ar- 
ticles. Home: 44 Orchard Av. Office: 32 Custom 
House St, Providence, R.I. 

BASXEB, Kerbsrt Aiurtla, Clergyman; b. Three 
Rivers, Mass., Nov. 8, 1872: s. Franklin and Arvilla 
(McCllntock) Barker; A.B.. Amherst 1897; B.D., 
Hartford Theol. Sem.. 1901; m. Mary L. White, of 
Saco, Me., July 16, 1903; 2 children, Herbert P., 
Ruth W. Ordained Congl. ministry, 1903; pas- 
tor Boylston Ch.. Jamaica Plain, Mass., 1903-13. 
EHlotCh.. Lowell, since 1913. Home: Lowell. Mass. 

BAXXSX, John Marsha l l, university prof.; b. 
Fredericktown. O.. Oct 1, 1849; s. Joseph N. and 

Nancy J. (Benedict) Barker: A.B., Ohio Wesleyan 
U.. 1874, A.M., 1877; B.D.. Boston U., 1877. Ph.D., 
1892; m. AUce L. Bixler. of Wooster. O.. July 3. 
1877. Ordained M.E. ministry, 1876; pastor Charles- 
town, Mass., 1876-7. Cambridge. Mass.. 1877-8; mis- 
sionary in Pachuca. Mex., 1878-86; pastor Elling- 
ton. N.Y., 1886-7, Fredonia. N.Y.. 1887-9; prof, 
economics, Ohio Wesleyan U^ 1889-99; prof, soci- 
ology, Boston U.. since 1899. Dlr. Watch and Ward 
Soc. (Hubs: Puddlngstone. Boston Outing. Repub- 
lican. Author: Wealth and Its Uses. 1893; Col- 
leges In America, 1896; History of Ohio Methodism, 
1898; The Saloon Problem and Social Reform, 1906. 
Home: Newton Centre, Mass.* 

BABXBB) &«wla Applstoa, lawyer; b. Bangor, 
Me., Jan. 16. 1878; s. Lewis A. and Margaret Larch 
(Appleton) Barker; descendant of MaJ. Samuel 
Appleton, commander-in-chief of Mass. forces in 
King Philip's War; also of 11 direct ancestors who 
served in the Am. Revolution; student Brown U.; 
Boston U. Sch. of Law, 1897-8, 1898-9; LL.B.. U. 
of Me. Law Sch., 1900; m. Alice Elizabeth Wagner, 
of Prospect, Me.. July 17, 1912. Began practice at 
Bangor, 1900; mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1903-04; re- 
moved to Boston, 1911. Republican. Mem. S.A.R., 
Theta Delta Chi. Elks (ex-pres. Me. Elks' Assn.). 
Author of "The Qreat Maine Conspiracy"; also 
contbr. many articles on the early buccaneers and 
pirates, and is regarded as an authority on this 
subject Has a large collection of flre-arms and 
swords, about 1,200 in number, in which is the 
sword surrendered by Santa Anna to Oen. Sam. 
Houston, at the Battle of San Jacinto; the pocket 
pistols of Oen. Pichegru, assassinated in prison by 
order of Napoleon Bonaparte; etc. Home: 40 Uni- 
versity Rd., Brookllne. Office: 406-407 Barristers 
Hall, Boston, Mass. 

BAXKEB, ICsltrllls Xaata, mechanical engr.; b. 
Brldgtont_Me„ Aug. 20, 1848; s. William D. and 
Jurusha W. (Littlefield) Barker; ed. grammar and 
high schs.. Chicago; U. of Wis.; m. Sarah A. Win- 
chell. of Acton, Me., June 21, 1870 (died 1913); 2 
children, Eva M.. Ethel M. (died 1913), Ada M. 
Began active career in engrlng. dept., Everett 
Mills, Lawrence. Mass., 1870; became connected as 
engr. with Am. Tool & Machine Co., Boston, 1874, 
dlr. and gen mgr. since 1894. Mem. Nat. Metal 
Trades' Assn.. Nat Founders' Assn., Boston (Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Republican. Congllst Mason; 
mem. Odd Fellows, Knights of Honor. Clubs: City, 
Engineers', Art (Boston); Engineers'. Machinery 
(New York). Recreations: country life, art. mu- 
sic. Home: 11 Moultrie St.. Dorchester. Boston; 
(summer) Lake Shore Park, N.H., Gilford. N.H. 
Office: 109 Beach St. Boston. 

IB, Hsllls rioranc* (Mrs. George J. Bar- 
ker), club woman: b. Waltham, Mass., Nov. 26, 
1862; d. Benjamin Franklin and Mary Ellen (Wal- 
lace) Clough; descendant of Clough, Story, White 
families; grad. Waltham High Sch. (valedictorian), 
1881; m. George Jenlson Barker, of West Newton, 
Mass.. Oct 28, 1886. Sec. of Charity Club since 
1898; past matron Electa Chapter No. 19, O.E.S.; 
pres. Waltham Musical Club 12 yrs. ; mem. Boston 
Browning Soc; etc. Episcopalian. Clubs: Wom- 
an's, of Waltham (ex.-pres.). Women's City (Bos- 
ton), etc. Has traveled extensively In America and 
abroad; one of the few to visit Nain, Labrador. 
Home: 42 Prospect St., Waltham, Mass. 

BABKSS, Orrills Anson, druggist and stationer; 
June 17. 1840-Feb. 21. 1912. (See vol. 1909.) 

BABXXB, Otis Webb, clergyman; b. Brooklyn, 
N.Y., Nov. 26, 1861; s. Ezra Dennis and Maria Day 
(Otis) Barker; descendant of John Barker, 1740; 
prep. edn. AdelphI Acad., 1877-80; A.B., Amherst, 
1884, A.M., 1887; B.D., Yale Div. Sch., 1893; m. 
Elolse Lloyd, of Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept 17. 1890; 2 
children. Edward Lloyd, Aderene Day. Ordained 
Congl. ministry. 1893; pastor Newtown, Conn.. 
1893-06; asso. pastor 4th Ch.. Hartford, since 1909. 
Mem. Chi Psl, Phi Beta Kappa. Republican. Home: 
145 Warrenton Av., Hartford. Conn. 

BABKBB, Ferry, fuel engineer; b. Rochelle, 111.. 
Mar. 28, 1882; s. Franklin and Josephine (Waite) 
Barker; B.A.. Univ. of 111., 1904, M.S., 1907; m. 
Harrlette Haynes Pierce, of Boston, June 10. 1914. 
Began active career as fuel engr. for Peabody Coal 



Co., Chicago, 1904-5; practiced as consulttnr fuel 
ensr., 190S-6; asst. engr., fuel tests, U.S. Oeol. Bur* 
vey, 1906-t; fuel engr. Arthur D. Little, Inc., Bos- 
ton, since 1909; now head of dept. and dlr. Mem. 
Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., Am. Oas Inst., Am. Chem. 
Soc, Delta Tau Delta. Republican. Club: Engi- 
neers' (Boston). Home: 1277 Commonwealth Av., 
Office: 93 Broad St., Boston. 

BASKBB, Bloluurd JaokaoB, lumber mcht; b. 
Tiverton, R.I., Jan. 27, 1849; s. Benjamin and Cath- 
erine Jackson (Dennis) Barlcer; ed. Friends' Sch., 
Providence; Kaglewood Mil. Acad., Perth Amboy, 
N.J.; Rensselaer Poly. Inst, Troy, N.Y., 1868; m. 
Eliza Harris Lawton, of Tiverton, Oct. 9, 1873; 1 
son, Richard Jackson, Jr. Founder and 1st pres. 
Warren (R.I.) Loan & trust Co., treas. Barker 
Lumber Co., Fall River, Mass.; pres. Town Coun- 
cil, Tiverton, R.I.; twice Dem. candidate for state 
senator from Warren. Judge-advocate lat Brigade 
R. I. Militia under Gov. Burnslde, and mem. of his 
staff. Episcopalian. Club: Union (Warren, R.I.). 
Home: Tiverton, R.I. Office: Barker Lumber Co. 
Bldg., Fall River, Mass. 

BABKOW. Enion B., Insurance; b. Helena, N.T., 
Oct. 20, 1883; s. Ira and Elizabeth (Keenan) Bar- 
low; ed. common schs. and Cornwall Commercial 
Coll.; m. Aug. 7, 1905, Lillian Bero, of Hogansburg, 
N.T. Engaged in ins. business in Lowell, Mass., 
since 1906; mem. Thomas C. Lee & Co.; mem. Mass. 
Ho. of Rep., 1909, 10, 11, Senate, 1912; county 
commr. of Middlesex county, elected Nov. 1913, for 
3 yrs. Republican. Home: 127 Pine St. Office: 62 
Central St., Lowell, Mass. 

BABKOW, ^olui, educator; b. Amenia, N.Y., Nov. 
28. 1872; s. Henry and Helen Cythera (Benton) 
Barlow; B.S., Mlddlebury (Vt.) Coll., 1895; A.M., 
Brown U., 1896. Prof. zoSlogy, R.I. Coll. of Agr., 
since 1898. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Upsllon. 
Home: Kingston, R.I. 

BABIaOW, John Xenry, Orand Sec. Grand Lodge 
of Conn., F. & A.M.; Nov. 7, 1832-19 — . (See vol. 

BAB^OW, John Whitney, brlgadier-gen. U.S.A.: 
June 26, 1838-Mar. 1, 1914. (See vol. 1909, also 
Who's Who In America, 1914-16.) • 

UJkMSMW, Bokurt ShkW, lawyer; b. Staten 
Island, N.T., July 4, 1869; s. Francis C. and Ellen 
(Shaw) Barlow; prep. edn. Cutler School, New 
York; A.B., Harvard, 1891, A.M., 1894; LL.B., Har- 
vard Law School, 1894; unmarried. Began prac- 
tice in New York, 1894; removed to Boston, Jan. 1, 
1898; mem. firm of Hill, Barlow & Homans; trustee 
Hemenway Chambers Trust, Old Colony Associ- 
ates. Mem. Bar Assn., City of Boston, Mass., Bar 
Assn. Clubs: Somerset, Tennis and Racquet. 
Home: 41 Beacon St. omce: 1035 Exchange Bldg., 

B&BBABEB, K«Bry Clay, operatic comedian; b 
Portsmouth, N.H., Nov. 14, 1833; s. Willis Barna- 
bee; pub. sch. edn.; m. Clara, d. Ma]. Daniel George, 
of Warner, N.H., 1869. Clerk In dry goods house, 
Portsmouth, until 1854, later In wholesale house in 
Boston. Appeared, beginning Apr. 30, 1854, In en- 
tertainments of Mercantile Library Assn., where 
he developed talents as comedian, vocalist and 
mimic; sang In ch. choirs in Boston, Jamaica Plain, 
and Roxbury, and for 19 yrs. mem. Ch. of Unity 
Quartet, Boston; gave up mercantile pursuits, 1865. 
Organized Barnabee Operetta Co., and in 1870, the 
Barnabee Concert Co.; afterward for several yrs. 
appeared In lyceum courses in his monologue, 
"Patchwork, or An Evening with Barnabee"; 
Joined Boston Ideal Opera Co., Apr., 1879. appear- 
ing as Sir Joseph Porter, In Pinafore, followed by 
leading rOles in other operas. In 1887, with Tom 
Karl and W. H. Macdonald, organized The Bosto- 
nians. In which he has created leading opera rOles, 
notably the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood; 
first appeared in vaudeville, Brooklyn, Sept. 12, 
1904. Mem. *nclPnt and Hon. Arty. Co., Boston. 
Author: My Wanderings, 1913. Home: 16 Roanoke 
Av., Jamaica Plain, Mass.* 

ItlBTfAB'n, OtaarlM A,, lawyer; b. Augusta, Me. 
May 7, 1842; s. of Rev. Albert F. and EUlsa A. 
(Emery) Barnard; descendant of Robert Barnard, 
who came from England, in 1640, and settled in 
Andover, Mass.; A.B., Wesleyan U., Conn.. 1S63; m. 
Ellen A. Hunt, of Boston, Aug. 14, 1879. Prot 
ancient languages, Albion Coll., Mich., 1863; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1865; asst elk. Police Ct., Boston, 
1865-6, Municipal Ct, 1866-86; bail commr. Suffolk 
County, 1874-86; judge of Municipal Ct of Bostoa 
for Brighton Dist, since 1902. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Mem. Chi Psi, Phi Beta Kappa. A.utIior: 
Forms of Complaints Under Massachusetts Stat- 
utes. Home: 45 Parsons St. Office: Municipal 
Court, Brighton District Boston. 

9, Ohsrias, writer, dramatist; moved 

to Pasadena. Cal. (See voL 1909, also Who's Who 
In America, 1914-15.) 

«»»«» ■»«»■»■>, Clwzlss Alonso, homoeopathic phy- 
sician; b. MilledgeviUe, Ga., Aug. 16, 1843; s. Ix>aia 
W. Paine of Woonsocket, R.I., and Jane (Xelson) 
Paine, of N.H.; father was of old colonial stock, 
said to have descended from Peregrine White, the 
first white child born in America, through tl» 
Paine and Aldrich families, both of which liave 
coats of arms; mother was also of colonial stock: 
on account of death of mother, was adopted by 
William H. and Nancy C. Barnard; ed. In pub. 
schs. of Providence, grad. from high sch.; -while 
in high sch. was selected to read the Declaration of 
Independence at the municipal celebration ot Prov- 
idence, July 4, 1863; after leaving sch. vras em- 
ployed as shipping elk. by Mead, Lacey & Co.. New 
York, 4 yrs.; served as Ist It Co. D, l8t Rect.. R.L 
Militia, during Civil War; m. Nov. 29, 1866. to Ma- 
tilda P., widow of Rev. Robert Roberts, of Brook- 
lyn, N.Y.; 2 children, William H. of Arlc. and 
Ethelwyn N. Chasby, of Providence, R.I. W^ent to 
Kan., June, 1868, on account of ill health, and en- 
gaged in farming and stock raising, in which he 
was successful, and built up a vigorous physique: 
returned east owing to sudden death of his wlfs 
and the loss of his home by fire, and studied medi- 
cine; grad. Univ. Med. Coll. (New York U.). 1879: 
settled at Centerdale, R.I., where he has enjoyed 
a large practice. Married. Sept. 6. 1881, to Blisa- 
beth T., d. Henry G. Luther, of Providence. R-L: 
4 children, Luther, of El Paso, Tex., Edith, of 
Providence, Mrs. Walter Gilbert of Providence, 
Clinton, of Pasadena, Cal.; again married June 9, 
1892, to Adelaide R., d. John A. Mowry, of Smith- 
field, R.I. Visiting phys. R.I. Homoe. Hosp.. also 
mem. bd. trustees; pres. Bd. of Health of Town 
of Johnston; med. examiner of Dlst. 4. State of 
R I., for 30 yrs. Pres. R.T. Homoe. Soc. Jan., 1890- 
Jan., 1893; pres. R.I. Medico-Legal Soc, 2 yrs.; 
mem. Am. Inst Homoeopathy, N.Y.Medlco-Zjegml 
Soc, Mass. Surg. Soc, Providence Chamber of 
Commerce, Sons of Am. Revolution. Charter mem. 
Narragansett Lodge A.O.U.W. and the first med. 
examiner of the lodge. Staunch Republican but 
has shunned public office. Joined the Methodist 
Ch. at age of 21 and has been an ardent sup- 
porter of the church; trustee and treas. of the 
Johnston Free Bapt. Ch. for 30 yrs.: formerly 
mem. exec bd. R.I. Free Bapt. Assn.; twice preiL 
Free Bapt. Social Union. Recreations: rearing of 
blooded horses. Home: Centerdale, R.I. 

BABBABS, BdW«Td Sarbeit. artist: July 1«, 

1855-Apr. 16, 1909. (See vol. 1909.) 

BABBABS, Blmon, merchant; b. Poland, Mar. 
18. 1851; s. Baruch and EmIIle (Cohen) Barnard: 
widower; 8 children, Esther, Benjamin. Anna. 
Manuel, Louis, Leslie, Harold, Pauline. CTame to 
America, 1866 or 1866; entered mercantile business 
in Boston, 1872; head of firm of S. Barnard, mfr. 
of pants; dlr. Dorchester Trust Co. Jewish re- 
ligion. Mem. St. John Lodge, F. and A.M.; Bay 
State Lodge, I.O.O.F., Boston (trustee). Home: 840 
Beacon St Office: 34 Chauncey St., Boston, Mass. 

B4B1IT»BI), WiUlsm Kambart, lawyer; b. Bos- 
ton, June 16, 1877; s. James Mdnson and Harriet 
Lambert (Otis) Barnard; descendant of John Otis, 
1st settler of Hlngham, Mass.. and of John Barn- 
ard, 1st settler of Deerfleld, Mass., and collater- 
ally of James Otis, the Patriot and Hon. William 
Lambert, first royal collector of customs of Prov- 
ince of Mass. Bay; prep. edn. pub. and pvt schs.. 
Savannah. Ga.: ed. Newton High Sch.; Harvard. 
1899: LL.B., Boston U. Law Sch., 1901; tn. t,ucy 


Petu^on, of Brookline, Mass., Nov. 25, 1903. Ad- Home: MansHeld, Mass. Office: 85 Devonshire St, 

mltted to Mass. bar, 1901, since practiced in Bos- Boston. 

ton; harbor master, Hingham. Mass^ 1905-15; sec. BABVZS, XlOnA I^wta Mmhluj, clergyman; b. 
and treas. Rep. Town Com. since 1907; sec. Plym- Chelsea. Vt, Apr. 20, 1870; s. L«wls and Jennette 
'*"i**^*?-,i'^P- 9."''t>^'""**S^« -^^ ^"fPii"'" ^.°/"®" (Bennett) Barnes; grad. Montpeller Sem., 1891; 
Md Children; dir. Barnard Memorial. Mem. Mass. ph.B., Wesleyan U., Conn.. 1896; post-grad. work. 
Bax Assn., Bar Assn. City of Boston; treas. Plym- Boston U. Sch. of theology; m. Bessie T. Pennl- 
outh Co. Bar Assn. Pres. Yacht Racing Assn. of man. of Hartland, Vt. June 6. 1901; 3 children. 
Js^lf- l?.^*-,. Unitarian. Mem. Loyal Legion. Bldora Elizabeth, Robert Penniman, Damon. Or- 
Clubs: Hlngham Yacht (commodore, 1910-16), dalned M.B. ministry, 1896; various appmts. Vt 
Boston Yacht, Corinthian Yacht, Harvard of Bos- conf., 1896-8, Hartland, 1899, 1900, Cambridge. 
ton. Wompatuck of Hingham. Old Colony of 1901-3, Isle La Motte, 1906-8, Plttsfleid and Stock- 
Plymouth. Contbr. to law and yachting mags, bridge, 1909-14, South Royalton and South Tun- 
R«creaUpns: yachting. Home: Hingham. Mass. bridge, since Apr., 1914. Statistician Vt Conf. 
Office: 60 Congress St. Boston. Home: South Royalton, Vt 

BABKB8, Albert KaUmO, gas official: b. Lancas- BABSBS, VimaaUt »^ H.D.; b. 1863; A.B., Boston 

ter. Mass., Oct 9. 1848; s. John W. and Adallne Coll.. 1884; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch.. 1888. Prof. 

(Mallard) Barnes; A.B., Harvard, 1871. Began In physlol. psychology, Boston Coll.; mem. corpn ano 

the sugar Importing business and continued until trustee Mass. Sch. for Feeble Minded. Home: <7 

1897; sec. and treas. Cambridge Qas Light Co., Brattle St. Cambridge, Mass. 

1897-Jan., 1913; since pres. and gen. mgr. same; siimB vvanv rta.mmrh„-rm* m r> . v. -u-^v.—.k 

also dir. 'Harvard Trust Co. Trustee Cambridge H^ktoSfcfo^?? j5SS^7^72^?' Charges TI^ 

Pub. Library; trustee and sec. bd. dirs. Cambridge S^ a^^jnora AnnBa^Ses- ira^ Ut!cf rN Y^ F?S; 

Hosp. Clubs: Harvard and Engineers' (Boston), 5^",! iggi-^tuXa^Sdlr o^ tuto^ Md' N^w 

rMLkcS,°t"e"r'sl Offl"e-^"l9 Mals^A^^Camb^fd^ie T^^k •MeTcolu" meTm" iluL BeUs' l^r^^Z 

1?=^ Office. 719 Mas.s. Av., Cambridge. Stamford, Conn., Sept. 22, 1897. Propr. Dr. Barnes 

■""^^ Sanitarium, Stamford, since 1898; Instr. In neurol- 

BAXHXS, Ohail** BanJamln, lawyer; -b. Boston, oev. Post-Orad. Hosp., N.T. City, pres. Stamford 

Nov. 1. 1888; s. Charles Benjamin and Clara Louisa Br. of Trade; mem. Sch. Com., Stamford; dlr. Stam- 

<Page) Barnes: descendant of Thomas Barnes, one |?rd Y.M.C.A. Mem. A.M.A., Conn. State Med. Soc. 

of the first settlers of Hingham, 1686; A.B.. Har- Fairfield County Med. Assn. (v.-p.). Republican. 

vard. 1890; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch. 1893; m. Jo- Presbyn. (Hubs: Suburban, Stamford Yacht Home: 

sephtne Lea Low. of Philadelphia. Nov. 17. 1897; North Stamford Rd., Stamford, Conn.* 

4 chUdren. Bertha Lea. Charles B.,Jr Clara P^. BASmM, Bury lee, M.D.; b. Adams, Mass., 

John P. Began practice in 1893 with Arm of Long Aug. 10, 1877; s. Rufus Thurston and Rho^a (Bur- 

» Hemenway; now Henienway& Barnes. Dir. Web- nett) Barnes; grad. Adams (Mass.) High Sch., 

ster & AUas Nat Bank, Boston, Hingham Water June 27, 1896; M.D., U. of Vt ColL of Medicine. 

Co., Nantasket Be»ch Steamboat Co.; trustee Hlng- June 30, 1898; m. Lena R. P. Meek, of Walluml 

?fi5 ^?'*^- /"'■. Savings; referee In bankruptcy. Lake, R.I^ Sept 7, 1909; 3 children, Muriel Meek. 

JfJf'2^= ''^*^- '" suretyship. Harvard Law Sch., Frances Surnet, Norman Thurston. Asst phys^ 

1897-8; moderator Town of Hingham. RepubU^. Danvera (Mass.) Insane Hosp., 1899-02; resident 

Unitarian. Mem. Am. and Mass. Bar Assns., Bar phya. Annex Loomia Sanatorium, Liberty, N.Y., 

^°- S^^X, "l ^°*'?1t Clubs: Union, Somerset. i902-3; med. supt. Stony Wold Sanatorium, Kusha- 

HM-vard (Boston and New York), Curtis. Lawyers, qua, N.Y., 1903-5; resident phys. and supt R.I. 

Coha^et (3olf (pres.). Recreations: hunting, fish- state Sanatorium since Oct 1. 1906. Mem. A.M.A.. 

S& Home: Hingham, Mass. Office: 334 Tremont r.i. jied. Soc Am. Sanatorium Assn. (sec, 1910- 

Bldg., Boston. 14); Am. Cllmatol. Assn., Nat Civic Federation, 

KASVSB eiisriaa Havbart. hank trpas ■ b Plvm. Nat Assn. for Study and Prevention of Tubercu- 

outot^lr. nSJ^?, mo!V wrnsloTcirvcr a?d {?«««• RI- 4'V"-?t"Vf"?."la?'^^S^"i,<'*";;-,«-J- «'»> 

Elisabeth (Dlman) Barnes; grad. Plymouth High 5?S'.;J®^„S:Jl„?*tf? *?2?','""r...'ilK5°'.''"f?f.,'°4!^ "''" 

Sch.. 1877; m. Sara F. Blakely, of Medford, Mass., S,"!?!? won,?^°T^LtJ nV Contbr. to med. Jours. 

Aug. S, 1912. Began with Taylor. Thomas & Co., Home. Wallum Lake, R.I. 

wholesale dry goods, 1878; with John A. Andrews BABVE8, Hennr Jab«s, M.D.; b. Northboro, 

& Co., wholesale grocers, 1880-99; cashier Med- Mass., Feb. 16, 1848; s. Dr. Henry and Elizabeth 

ford Nat Bank, 1900-7; sec. and treas. Medford (Ball) Barnes; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1872; m. 

Trust Co. since 1908; mem. Bd. of Sinking Fund Augustine Lellevre, of Paris, France, 1880; 1 

Commrs.. Medford. Republican. Mason (K.T.). daughter, Marie E. Interne Boston City Hosp.; 

Club: Medford. Home: 37 Oakland St Office: 26 surgeon out-patient dept., Boston City Hosp., 1873- 

Hlgh St. Medford, Mass. 4; prof, hygiene. Tufts Coll. Med. Sch. Mem. 

BAJUnBS, ChazlM P.. lawyer; b. Houlton, Me., I"tf™f„*- 9?,"?!''^' "' S''*^**"?' ^"^^- ^**'= studied 

Oct 12. lT69; s. Francis and Isa A. (Putnam) ^"^"^1?" •YM^^t'JPpJ^'' »",^ sewerage systems: 

Barnes; A.B.. Colby Coll., WatervlUe, Me., 1892, '?fil"?,f "M '", 2,^'*'"'"^ "P};.""™™"- to examine 

A.M.. 1893: m. Annie M. Richardson, of Norway, Ji^ " f"KSlL*" ^^^1°"- '^**^'""^'" ^J^^y.Sf'"?."' 

Me.. Aug. 19. 1896. ITln. pub. high schs. of Lisbon, lV^^/„^,°^^^^lJ°"?^^ "^°°*H,°i utilization 

and Norway, Me., and AttlPboro. Mass., 1892-9; ^'^^^S^ffih ^IT;, ■^/.'*;A;'> ^^^'^ ¥,^^- ^'b,' ^^■ 

Bopt schs.. Norway. Me., 1899-10; admitted to bar. P."''- "^SJiyi.-^!!?- T,^°rP'o.*° sa"'tary an<J med. 

Oxford County. Me.. 1900; county atty., Oxford Co., JOurs. Office. 429 Beacon St.. Boston. 

1904-9; asst atty.-gen. of Me., 1909-11; mem. Her- BABXZB, Kiram Fntaam, artist, illustrator; b. 

■ey A Barnes, Houlton, Me., since 1911. Trustee Boston. Apr. 1. 1857; s. Hiram Putnam and Delcena 

Ricker Classical Inst; mem. Houlton Sch. Bd.: (McCullock) Barnes; pub. sch, edn.: studied draw- 

Triistee Houlton Pub. Library; commr. for Me. of inir and painting with Fernand Lungren and F. 

Nat Commn. on Uniform State Laws since 1913. Chllde Hassam; m. Helen Gertrude Russell, of 

Republican. Baptist Mason (K.T.); mem. Orange, Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 25, 1883. BpRan as engrav- 

Knlghts of the Golden Eagle. Home: Houlton, Me. er, making designs for Waltham Watch Co.; also 

BAJUnss. Clareno* Alfred, lawyer; b. Brooklyn, |,"^^5};^l,?.V.ySS^i,5f5i'i"® 'iL"^!'"?*^'" '"'■leading 

N.Y.. Augr^28, 1882: s. William D. knd Mabel F. S,°f,J°"„P"''i?--r,EiI'h=^®'lrY^i®/ *°'°'* Boston Art 

(Hardlne) Barnes: B.A. Yale 1904; LL.B., Yale Law <^'"'»- Home. Waltham, Mass.* 

Sch., 1906: m. Helen V. Long, of Norwich, Conn., BABirBB. £«na«l Call, Baptist clergyman: 

Apr. 13, 1906: 3 children, CHarence Alfred, Jr., Da- moved to New York. (See vol. 1909, also Who's 

vid Harding. Jane. Practiced In Boston since Feb.. Who in America, 1914-15.) 

1907; pres. Beacon Mortgage & Realty Co., Aldin BAJUTJSS. Mormaa Adalbert: Aue 18 1843-Mar 
Hall Corpn.; sec. and dlr. Mansfield Realty Co.; g isn (See vol 1909? I»43-Mar. 
dir. Thomas G. Plant Co., Alumni Social Service ' i V«i^- - „;. ^ .. . ,» ,,-»-« 
Bureau; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1912-13. Re- BA«HB8, Barah Dyer, educator. (See vol. 1909.) 
publican. Convlist. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Club: BABHSB, Stephen Qoodysar, educator, clergy- 
Boston Athletic. Recreations: golf, shooting, man; b. Perth Amboy. N.J., Apr. 2, 1853: s. Joshua 

uiyi'izeu uy 'n^jV-' v^-i ix^ 


EMward and Elisabeth (Woodbrldgre) Barnes; A.B., Evening Law Sch., since 1907. Mem. Am. and Maaa. 

liafayette Coll., 1873, Ph.D., for studies In Engr- bar assns., Lynn Hist See. (v.-p.). Phi Beta Kappa 

llsh philoloery, 1878, Lltt. D.. for studies In lit, (Tufts), Theta Delta Chl. Unlversalist Mason. 

1890; Andover Theol. Sem., 1878-9; Krad. Hartford Clubs: Mass. Republican (exec, com.), Boston Citr 

Theol. Sem., 1892; (D.D., la. Coll., 1896); m. Han- (Boston), Oxford, Whiting (Lynn), Bucks Harbor 

nah W. Ma«oun, of Grlnnell, la., June 14, 1881. Tacht (Me.). Home: Lynn, Mass. 

^^?:?iHS*'}??,"'•A^^f„°°V•Ai3i?:!ii.w''^^r^^°l°8«^l*• BAWTBT, Ohanss Oscar, editor, publisher: b. 

?ift"ft?*;?f. ^ltlL^*tV°J h.rf ?hS?i^'.JJJ fe»i tt" Orange, N.6.. July 21. 1844; s. Aaron and Sarah 

1900; coll. PMtor and dean thMl. dept. Flak U.. ^ ^chase) Barney; ed. Grafton Select Sch. and 

?oT»^^"2?rJl^,R^CT^.^t nJ? SnH^nJtnn v^^^i^s* Canain Unlbn Acad.; m. Enfleld, N.H., July, 1874. 

W^^,V S?^J£ii!h„^1^«S^'i?i/ firnf' wfhi ?.^«' Mary E. WUmarth. Established Canaan Reporter. 

J^„°i^- ;?' fS5'f?y'«7 V?' T InT^i'rii. „^ ?hS);ini5' 18«7' the oldest publisher In yrs. of service in 

^''uf.H''%it},f' ^•J"iXn!!.^»nJ.V~? f?v-n^?»^ N.H. elk. and dlr. Crystal Lake Water Co.; mem. 

Hartford Theol. Bern., 1902; lectu^rer at Knowlton n.H. Ho. of Rep., 1901; sp'l lusUce, Canaan Police 

Ck)nfcrence, Que., 1908, and other similar confer- ct, for many yri.; mem. N.k Constl. Com., 1»U. 

?5«?*^?r''%£^/»^i^nt"TnhS»h,,?? rf=,? -la^f^i" Republican. Methodist Mem. K. of P. (grand 

5cem-.^Phf ISrKappV"'A^7ho"r7vol?es-o"FalVh chancellor. N.H.. 1901). Orange. Home: Canaan. 

and Love (poems), 1908. Also essays and addresses ' . ._ . ^ «. _ 

on lit and religious subjects in various periodicals. BABVXT, Kswls WyoUUT*. clergyman; b. N.Y. 

Editor of French American Citizen, 1894-E. Home: City, May 8, 1864; s. Matthias and Maria Barney; 

Burlington, Vt* A.B., Coll. City of New York, 1884; Union TheoL 

• .•v«> im..—.. V »>...K.». K -nroithow. Sem., 1888; Ph.D., New York U., 1892; m. Emma J. 

BABnS, nomM H., teacher; b.Waltham. j^^^ „, j^^^ yorir May 20, 1890. Ordained Frew- 
Mass., Aug. 24, 1831; s. of Thoma^ and Adallne byterlan ministry, 1888; stated supply, Whitestone. 
(Lawrencel ^Barnes; grad. Brldgewater NormU i^y., 1887-8; pastor same, 1888-90; missionary 
Sch., Mass.; (A.M.,TufU Coll., 196B); m. Louisa J. Qra.ce Ch.. N.Y. City, 1890-2: pastor Qreenevllla 
Vamey, of Salem. Mass.. Aug. 8, 1860; 1 son. Will- congl. Ch., Norwich. Conn., 1892-7; stated supply, 
lam T. Began teaching at Lexington, Mass„ 1868, jersey City, N.J., 1897-1900; pastor Presbyn. Ch.. 
is now master emeritus Gaston School, Boston. Kingston, N.Y., 1900-6, Ainslee St Ch., Brooklyn. 
Mem. Boston Masters' Assn^ Mass. Sch Masters 190f.11, ist Ch.. Greenwich. Conn., since 1911. 
Club. Am. Inst Instnij, N.B.A. Republican. Ma- progressive Republican. Mason. Home: Sound 
son. Universalist Clubs: Universallst (Boston). Reach Conn 

Citizens' Assn. Home: 773 B. Broadway, South __ • ^°° _, „ „ ^ ,. . v. „ » „ ^ 

Boston. Mass. BAKHBT, MUo Walls, banker: b. East Brook- 

. _„^ _ w, . field, Mass., Jan. 14, 1868; s. Rev. Miles R. and Anns 

mmyro , WUbur Snunsnoa, wholesale coni- (Lord) Barney; removed with parents to Swanton. 

mission merchuit; b. Somervllle. Mass.. Aug. 7. vt, 1872; ed. Swanton Acad.; m. Swanton. 18»S. 

1876: s. Myron B. and Annie S. (Bussey) Barnes; ciara L. Tupper. Mfr. of marble since 1888; v.-p. 

ed. pub. and high schools. Somervllle, and Com- swanton Savings Bank & Trust Co.; mem. Vt 

mercial Business College; m. Barbara P. Pollard, of senate, 1908. Republican. Methodist Home: 

Boston, Jan., 21, 1902; children, Robert Emmerson, Swanton Vt 

Philip Wilbur. Has been identified with the whole- _.1-,1_ _. , _«.^ „„,i^„. ♦. k m— 

sale beef commission business since 1892, now sole ^■^•*™^« ■^■•l ."Hl^t. "^"'"l* " 1 *». • _^ 

Proprietor of firm operated in own name. Member 5ave°' Co'l'}!'.,"'*''- /'a *"**' ■;>,?yHfi Si? 5?t 

loston Produce ExcThange. Recreations: motoring. Eunice (Whittlesey) Barney; Ph.B., Sheffield Sctr 

Home: Brookllne, Mass. Office: 22 Blackstone St. ?"""<' Sch., Yale, 1879, C.E., 1886^ m. New Havrt. 

r>»_ton July 8, 1884, Ida E. Bushnell. Mem. engr. corps. 

_."• _ „„„ , „ .. ,.«.,:. w Burlington & Mo. River R.R., 1879-80; in charge of 

BABXBB, WllUam, lawyer; May 26, 1824-Feb. exploration surveys In Rocky Mountains, same ry., 

23, 1913. (See vol. 1909.) 1880-1; locating engr. with engring. corps. Union 

BABaaS, WilUain Alstlna, electrician; b Plain- Pacific Ry., 1881-3; returned to New Haven, 1884, 

vlUe. Conn., May 31. 1843; s. William Balnbrldge as instr. in civ. engring .Sheflleld Scientific Sch.; 

and Irene (Smith) Barnes: ed. pub. schs.. Wolcott, aast. prof., same, since 1895. Fellow A.A.A.S.: mem. 

Whitneyvllle, StafTord, and Forestville, Conn., and Conn. Soc. Civ. Engrs., Conn. Acad, of Science, 

high sch.. Bristol, Conn.: studied chemistry and Amer. Pub. Health Assn^, Sigma XI. Clubs: Orad- 

sclence under Prof. N. S. Manross, of Amherst; m. uates'. Yale. Home: 346 Whitney Av., New Haven. 

Elizabeth Ormisher. of Waterbury, Conn., Aug. Conn. 

29, 1869; 2 children, Eva Louise, and Emma BABITBT, Waltar Sammond, lawyer; b. ProTl- 
(Barnes) Snow; 2 grandchildren, William Olin dence, R.I., Sept 20, 1856: s. Joslah Kent and 
Snow, and Sherman Alstlne Snow. Was with Susan Hunt (Hammond) Barney; ed. pub. schs., 
Maxim in his early experiments and later set up Providence, and Sliver City, Nev.; jrrad. Mowry and 
the dynamos on the Brooklyn Bridge; wired and GofT English and Classical Sch., Providence, 1872: 
set first lighting of Jersey City ferry boats; wired A.B., Brown U., 1876, A.M., 1879; studied law in 
capltol at Albany, the steamer Guiding Star, at office of Colwell & Colt; m. Providence, June 21. 
Cincinnati, which conveyed a Congressional com. 1882, Sarah L. Walker; 1 son, Walter Howard. Ad- 
en examination of Mississippi River almost Its mltted to R.I. Bar. 1879; mem. Colwell & Barney, 
whole length; also wired Cincinnati Commercial 1882-96, Barney & Norrla, 1896-9, Barney & Lee 
Gazette omce and much other pioneer work, in- since 1899; sec. and dlr. Ready Index Co.; dir. R.I. 
eluding 1st electric lights in Richmond, Va.; Electric Protective Co.; mem. R.I. Ho. of Rep., 
originator of perforated sheet music; supt. fire 1888-9; mem. Common Council. Providence, 1891-7. 
Telegraph. Bridgeport, from 1886, now retired. Sch. Com. Providence, 1890-03. Mem. Am. Bar Assn.. 
Mason; mem. S.A.R., Order of Eastern Star (Past Am. Soc. Jurisprudence, R.I. Bar Assn., R.I. Hist 
Supreme Patron Supreme Council of the Ama- Soc, Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Theta PI, Beta Theta 
ranth). Recreations: genealogical work, has much Pi Alumni Assn., of Providence. Republican. Meth- 
history of over fifty earliest settlers of New Ha- odist Clubs: University, Pomham, Turks Head, 
ven, and earlier of Boston Bay Colonists, who were Narrasransett Whist, of Providence (pres.). Edge- 
hls ancestors. Home: 636 Seavlew Av., Bridgeport wood Yacht R.I. Automobile; Am. Whist (Boston): 
Conn. The Whist, Beta Theta PI, Automobile Club of 

BABVBT, ObMlM »«U, lawyer; b. Lynn. Mass., America (New York) ; Albany Chess and Whist 

June 27, 1876; 8. William M. and Mary L. (Neal) (Albany, N.Y.). Recreations: whist; one of the 

Barney; A.B.. Tufts Coll., 1896, A.M.. 1909; LL.B., "'■K""'''^" 2'-^7'-.^^*"*.&®.?*'ilS{.."? ^."^ ®*°Voll'l" 

Boston U. Sch. of Law. 1898: admitted to bar 5. pres. 1896-7; Ist pres. N.E. Whist Assn 1893-6; 

1898; m. Maiden, Mass.. June 27, 1901, Malzie hon. mem. N.Y. State Whist Assn Atlantic Whist 

Blaikie. Practiced in Boston. 1898-1900; Lynn Assn.. Won*"";? ^*'l''*,^^'?",*-.„"°1'*.i,l**' ^*^" 

since 1900, in partnership with Henry T. Lummus Ington Av. Office: Industrial Trust Bldg.. Provl- 

(now Judge Lynn Dlst Ct) mem. Lynn City Coun- <Jence, R.I. 

ell, 1900-1-3-4; mayor of Lynn, 1906-7; presdl. elec- BABVZOOAT, mdnlok, statue cutter; b. Pen- 
tor. 1908: trustee Commonwealth Savings Bank; rvn, Cornwall, Ena-., Apr. 7, 1866; s. Thomas P. and 
trustee Tufts Coll.; lecturer on equity, Boston Emma ((iurdew) Bamlcoat; common sch. edn.; ar- 



rivad In America, 1880; m. Mary M. Lawry Fea- 
ryn. Oomwall, Bns., May 14, 1881; children, F. 
Charles, Stanley H.. Nelson W., Frederick, Jr., Ger- 
trude. Emma. Charlotte, Minnie. Learned trade ot 
granite cutting in Eng. and worked aa granite car- 
ver and statue cutter tn Westerly, R.L, and Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; located in Qulncy, Mass., 1888; In 
granite statuary business since 1888; also treas. 
Crumb Quarry Co., Inc., owners of A. G. Crumb 
Quarry, westerly, R.I. Mason; mem. Sons of St. 
Oeorge. Home: 1 Independence Av. Office: 17 
Intervale St., Quincy, Mass. 

MMMMU, mutmaa ailwood, bank cashier; b. Mil- 
ford, Mass., Nov. 27, 1876; s. John and Fhebe (Bat- 
tey) Bams; grad. Milford High Sch., June, 1896; 
m. Apr. 24, 1907, Florence M. Whitney, of Marl- 
boro, N.H. Entered employ of MUford Nat. Bank 
as cllc, July, 1896; cashier same since Oct. 26, 
1909. Republican. Friends Ch. Home: 232 Main 
St., Milford, Mass. 

OlMilss W., Iron mfr. (See vol. 1909.) 

Saa» Swlcht, mechanical engineer; 
b. BetheL Conn., Aug. 16, 1872; s. William U. and 
L>ydla (Alvord) Bamum; M.E., Stevens Inst. Tech., 
Hoboken, N.J., 1896: tn. Mary Caroline Munroe, of 
Worcester, Mass., Oct. 16, 1900; 2 sons, Dwlght, 
John Munroe. Draftsman, K. W. Bliss & Co., 
Brooklyn, N.T., 1896; chemist, Worcester Gas Ldghi 
Co., 1896-S; supt. of distribution same co., 1896-02, 
supt 1902-9, since gen. mgr. Mem. N.R Assn. Gas 
Engrs., Am. Gas Inst., Soc of Gas Lighting (New 
York), Beta Theta Pi, Theta Nu E^psilon. Episco- 
palian. Clubs: Worcester, Tatnuck Country, Quin- 
sigamond Boat. Home: 48 Fruit St. Office: 210 
Main St, Worcester, Mass. 

MAmmuu, au a, b. East Kent, Conn., Dec. 14, 
1844; s. Beecher and Sophia (Comes) Barnum; 
com. sch. ed.; m. Naugatuck, Conn., Dec. 29, 1868, 
Bllsa J. Ward. Clk. in store, 1861-9: associated 
with C. A. Hotchkiss and bought out the business, 
continuing 1869-73; purchased interest of partner, 
1873, and continuing in charge until 1893, when 
sold out and has since devoted attention to water 
business; sec, treas. and gen. mgr. Naugatuck 
Water Co. Home: 89 Elm St., Naugatuck, Conn. 

BABamC, Sandziek Wars, lawyer; b. Danbury, 
Conn., Apr. 12, 1879; s. Hendrlck and Charlotte M. 
(Ware) Bamum; paternal ancestor, Thomas Bar* 
num. who settled In Danbury, Conn., 1686; mater- 
nal ancestor, Robert Ware, who settled in Ded- 
ham. Mass., 1692; A.B., St. Lawrence U.. 1899, 
A.M.. 1900; A.B., Harvard, 1900; LL.B.. Harvard 
Law Sch., 1903; m. Margarett H. Currier, of Colton. 
N.Y., Apr. 28, 1906; 3 children, Margarett Elisa- 
beth, Elinor Pamela, Marian Ware. Practiced at 
Boston since 1903; mem. Elder, Whitman & Bar- 
nua> since 1909; asst atty. gen. of Masa, 1916. 
Mem. Norfolk County Bar Assn. Republican. Unl- 
versallst. Mason. Clubs: Boston City, Boston Ath- 
letic. Waumpatuck Country. Recreations: fencing, 
tennis, golf. Home: 199 Chapman St., Canton, 
Mass. Office: 1104 Pemberton Bldg., Boston. 

MAMMWMXJb, llUUUvton ■tnart, clergyman; ed. 
Hampden Sidney Coll., Va.; B.D., Theol. Sem., Va., 
1909. Deacon and priest P.E. Ch., 1908; asst., Shel- 
by vllle, Ky., 1908-9; asst., Christ Ch., Baltimore, 
Md., 1909-11; rector St. Andrew's Ch., New Bed- 
ford, Mass., since 1911. Home: New Bedford, Mass. 

»■»»., CatoUas Olialksz Olark, religious edu- 
cator; b. Hartford, Conn., Jan. 12, 1870; d. Samuel 
Bushnell and Rhoda Emma (Wadsworth) Clark; 
descendant of John Alden, of the Mayflower, 
and on mother's side of Colonel Wadsworth, of 
Hartford, Conn.; Ph.B.. Wesleyan U., Conn., 1896; 
m. Rev. Edward Mitchell Bamy, of Hedtord, Mass., 
July 19, 1904 . Teacher in high sch., Wllllmantlc, 
Conn., 1896-8; head dept. of English, Beverly High 
Sch., Mass.. 1898-04; training teacher Bible Sch. 
teachers, R.I., and Mass., 1908-9; state super- 
Tlsor Mass. Universallst Bible Schs., Boston, since 
1909. Lecturer for Woman's Club, lecturer and 
story teller for Mothers' Club, library courses, 
and in summer schs. Mem. Religious Edn. Assn., 
Nat. Congress of Mothers, Phi Sigma. Club: Bos- 
ton College. Recreations: literature, camping, bird 
study, study of nature, story telling. Rome: 33 

Forest St, Medford, Mass. Office: 369 Boylston St. 

BABS, Ttmak, railway official; died Sept 8, 1914; 
(See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in America, 

BAXB, Joseph, lawyer; b. Suffleld, Conn., July 
14, 1882; s. Samuel and Sarah J. (Graham) Barr; 

frad. Conn. Lit Institution, 1901; LL.B., Tale Law 
ch., 1904; unmarried. Practiced at Suffleld and 
Hartford since 1904; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1909, 
1911 (chmn. com. on constL amendments); chmn. 
Rep. Town Com, Suffleld. Mem. Conn. Bar. Assn. 
Mason. Clubs: City (Hartford), Masonic (Suffleld), 
Recreations: outdoor sports. Address: Suffleld, 
Conn., and 902 Main St, Hartford, Conn. , 

BABB, Thomas nancls, brlgadler-gen. U.S.A.; 
b. West (Jambridge (now Arlington), Mass., Nov. 18, 
1837: 8. Thomas and Jean Barr; ed. Lowell, Mass.; 
admitted to Mass. bar, 1869; m. Julia Maj-la Minot 
Chase, of Lyme, N.H., Sept 9, 1863. In U.S. civil 
service, Washington, 1861-4; practiced law In D.C.; 
apptd. maj. and judge advocate vols., Feb. 26, 1866; 
transferred to regular army, Feb. 26, 1867; It-col, 
and deputy Judge advocate-gen., July 6, 1884; coL 
and asst judge advocate-gen., Aug. 3, 1896; brig.- 

gen. and judge advocate-gen., May 21, 1901; retired 
lay 22, 1901. Commr. U.S. Mil. Prison. Ft Leaven- 
worth, Kan., 1878-94' mil. sec. to Sees, of War 
Ramsey, Lincoln, E^dicott and Proctor; judge ad- 
vocate in many important court-martial cases, 
notably those of Gen. Innls N. Palmer, Maj. Mar- 
cus A. Reno, Maj. Charles B. Throckmorton, and 
Capt Oberlln M. Carter. Clubs: St Botolph (Bos- 
ton), Army and Navy (New York). Home: Canaan, 

architect, mech. engr.; b. Naples, Italy, May 6. 
1881; s. Nlcolo and Louise (Frauentelder) Barraja; 
descendant of the Barrajas, of Aragon (Castile) 
Spain; g.s. of George Frauenfelder, of Switzerland, 
who Introduced lithography into Italy, 1839; grad. 
Nautical Coll., Naples, 1901; post-grad, work In 
Mech. and Industrial engrlng., Naples and Milan, 
1902; came to America, 1902; unmarried. Designer, 
Townsend A Downey Shipbuilding and Dry t>ock 
Co., N.T. City, 1902-3, Pore River Ship & Engine 
Co., Qulncy, Mass., 1903-6, Holland Torpedo Boat 
Co., later Electric Boat Co., Quincy, 1906-11; asst 
to chief engr.. Fore River Shipbuilding Corpn.; 
chief engr., Fiat-San Giorgio Co., Spezla, Italy, 
1913-14; Lake Torpedo Boat Co., Bridgeport, Conn., 
since April 16, 1914. Mem. Am. Soo. Mech. Ehigrs. 
since 1914, Soc. Naval Architects and Marine 
Engrs. since 1914. Served In 11th Light Cav., 
Italy, 1900; formerly drill master United Boys' 
Brigade of America. Unitarian. Mem. Bridgeport 
Oratorio Soo. Recreations: music, outdoor sports, 
photography, water sports. Home: 846 Cleveland 
Av. Office: Lake Torpedo Boat Co., Bridgeport, 

BABBBU, Joseph, geologist; b. New Provi- 
dence, N.J., Dec. 16, 1869; s. Henry Ferdinand and 
Elizabeth (Wlsner) Barrell; B.S., Lehigh U., South 
Bethlehem, Pa., 1892, E.M., 1893, M.S., 1897; Ph.D., 
Yale, 1900; m. Lena Hopper Bailey, of South Beth- 
lehem, Pa., Dec. 27, 1902. Pub. sch. teacher, 1886-7; 
instr. in mining and metallurgy, Lehigh U., 1893-7; 
asst. mining engr., Lehigh Valley Coal Co., 1894, 
Butte & Boston, and Boston & Montana Mining 
COS., Butte, Mont, 1897-8; fleld asst, U.S. OeoL 
Survey, 1899-01; asst prof, geology, Lehigh U„ 
and In charge of dept. of natural sciences, 1900-8; 
asst. prof, geology, 1903-8, prof, structural geology, 
1908—, Yale U. Home: 279 Willow St, New 
Haven. Conn.* 

B ABBBT i T i, ICMrjr BUnhsth, M.D.; b. York. Me.: 
d. Charles C. and Martha J. Barrell; ed. Oorham 
(Me.) Normal Sch.; Brackett Acad., Greenland, 
N.H.; M.D., Woman's Med. ColL of Pa., Phila., 
1897; unmarried. Practiced at Worcester, Mass., 
since 1898; gynecologist Out-patient Dept, Memo- 
rial Hosp.; gynecologist St Vincent's Hosp. Mem. 
A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc., Worcester County Med. 
Soc. Congllst Club: Woman's. Address: 904 Main 
St., Worcester, Mass. 

„ — - — ;>j KsBoy Oara, Orientalist: b. C^pe 
Girardeau. Mo.. Mar. 11, 1877; s. Thomas Carr and 

uigiLi^eu uy 

>^_j v^v^ 




Sophia Baptlsta (Muschany) Barret; A.B., Wash- 
ington and Lee U., 1897, A.M., 1898; Ph.D., Johns 
Hopkins, 1903; m. Apr. 17, 1913, Nettle Wood 
Pratt, of Lexington, Va, Instr. In Latin, Johns 
Hopkins, 1903-7; preceptor In classics, Princeton, 
1907-9; Instr. In classics, Dartmouth, 1909-10; 
prof Latin, Trinity Coll.. since 1910. Mem. Am. 
Phllbl. Assn., Am. Oriental Soc, Sigma Alpha Epsl- 
lon. Phi Beta Kappa. Democrat. Presbyn. Mem. 
Am. Assn. University Professors. Is making 
a critical edition of the Kashmirian Atharva 
Veda, three parts of which have aiipeared in the 
Journal of the American Oriental Soc. Address: 
Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 

Worcester Builders' Exchange. Trustee St. Vin- 
cent's Hosp. Catholic. Address: 41 Wellington St., 
Worcester, Mass. 

nnnivrr- »*, Bdwud WlllUm, M.D.: b. MUford, 
Mass., 1869; s. Robert and Catherine (McCormack) 
Barrett; ed. MUford High Sch.; B.Sc, Mass. Agrl. 
Coll., 1889; Harvard U., 2 summer courses; M.D., 
Jefferson Med. Coll., Phlla. Pa., 1902; unmarried. 
Interne St. Asmes Hosp., Phlla., 1902, 1903; prac- 
ticed In Medford, Mass., since 1904; city phys., 
Medford; med. examiner for John Hancock Life 
Ins. Co., ^tate Mut Life Assurance Co., United 
Order of Pilgrim Fathers, etc. ; mem. Medford Sch. 
Com. Mem. A.M.A__Mass. Med. Soc, Medford Med. 
Soc. Address: 34 Washington St., Medford, Mass. 

„„„.„. — r Falls, M.D., surgeon; b. St Loulo, 
Can.. Aug. 9, 1860; s. Joseph and Olive (Cabana) 
Barrett; grad. Westbrook High Sch.; M.D.. U.S. 
Med. Coll., N.Y. City, 1883; M.D., Med. Sch. of Me. 
(Bowdoln), 1893; va. Cora Isabel Cloudman, of 
Westbrook, Me., May 27, 1887; 2 children. Flora 
Martin, Frances Syle. Began practice in Portland, 
Me., 1884: phys. In chief Barrett Hosp. 1909; makes 
a specialty of electro-therapeutics; served as city 
phys. and mem. Bd. of Edn., Westbrook. Mem. Am. 
Electro-Therapeutic Assn., N.E. Assn. Physical 
Therapeutics, Me. Med. Assn., Cumberland County 
Med. Soc, Westbrook Med. Club. Republican. 
Congllst. Mason (Blue Lodge, Chapter and Coun- 
cil) ; mem. Odd Fellows, Modern Woodmen of 
America. Recreations: sea shore summer home. 
Home: 682 Main St. Office: 537 Main St., West- 
brook, Me. 

Mtm^tm^M.*,, mmklln Sipl«7i banker; Jan. 21, 
1836-Jan. 6, 1912. (See vol. 1909.) 

BABBBTT, Karxlson S., ex-pres. Nat Spiritual 
Assn.; Apr. 26, 1863-19—: (See vol. 1909, also 
Who's Who In America, 1910-11.) 
'BABBBTT, jTMnaa Timothy, contractor; b. 
Pluckanes, Donoughmore, Co. Cork, Ireland, Feb. 
10, 1870; s. Timothy and Julia (Sheehan) Barrett; 
ed. National Sch. In Ireland; arrived In America, 
1891; m. Mary E. Brady, of Jamaica Plain, Mass., 
Apr. 24, 1905; 6 children, Mary Margaret, James 
Timothy. John Patrick, Julia EiUen. timothy 
Oerald, Julia Clare. Engaged in contracting busi- 
ness at Cambridge, Mass., since 1900. Mem. Cam- 
bridge Common Council, 1898-1900, Bd. of Alder- 
men, 1901-3 and 1909-13 (pres. bd. 1911-13); mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1905, 6. Democrat. Roman 
Catholic. Mem. Knights of Columbus, B.P.O.E.. 
Cambridge Bd. of Trade. Entered the lecture field, 
1911, and delivered lectures entitled "A trip 
through the Emerald Isle accompanied by song 
and story," and "Poetry of S. D. Sullivan." Recre- 
ations: fishing, hunting. Home: 97 Otis St. Office: 
619-629 Cambridge St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BABBBTT. Otia Wamn, agriculturist; moved 
to Manila, P.I. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in 
America, 1914-16.) 

BABBBTT, Blolisrd Tay, insurance. (See vol. 

BABBBTT, TtaOBUMi, retired contractor; b. Castle 
Island, County Kerry, Ireland, Feb. 23, 1830; s. 
Thomas and Johanna (Connors) Barrett; ed. In 
Ireland; came to Worcester, Mass., 1850; m. Jo- 
hanna, d. Daniel and Ellen (Bresnihan) McGllIl- 
cuddy, of Worcester (died 1896); children. Ellen 
E., Dr. Thomas J., Elizabeth (Mrs. John J. Llnehan, 
of Worcester), John H. (deceased), Mary B. (Mrs. 
Thomas H. Sullivan, of Worcester). Worked as 
stonemason, bricklayer and plasterer, 1860-6; con- 
tractor and builder in Worcester and adjoining 
counties In Mass., 1856-05; v.-p. Bay State Savings 
Bank. Mem. Worcester Co. Mechanics' Assn., 

•, Thonuui Jamas, dental surgeon; b. 
Hartford, Conn., Nov. 15, 1864; s. Thomas and Jo- 
hanna (McQlUicuddy) Barrett; ed. pub. and high 
schs., Worcester, Mass.; D.D.S^ Pa. ColL Dental 
Surgery, 1885; m. June 5, 1900, Ellen Mary Kidney, 
of New York (died June 21, 1909); 4 children. 
Thomas William, Alice M., Ellen M., Mary Cbris- 
tina. Engaged in practice since 1885; mem. State 
Bd. of Registration of Dentistry, since 1892 (pres. 
1914); trustee and mem. bd. of investment Bay 
State Savings Bank; trustee and mem. ex. com. St. 
Vincent's Hosp.; dlr. Pub. Lib. for 6 yrs. and pres. 
of the bd. most of time. Mem. Nat. Assn. Dental 
Examiners (ex-pres.), North-Elastern Dental Assn. 
of N.E. (ex-pres.), N.E. Assn. of Dental Examiners 
(ex-pres.). Mass Dental Soc; has served on Dent. 
State Com., and as alderman, Worcester. Mem. St. 
Pauls R.C. Ch. Clubs: Wapiti Boat (ex-pres.). 
Washington Social (ex-pres.), Worcester Country, 
Worcester Automobile, Clover (Boston), Elks. 
Home: 41 Wellington St. Office: 518 Main St.. 
Worcester, Mass. 

BABBIVOTOB', Aithwr Kanry, clergyman; b. 
Boston, May 25, 1856; s. Richard and Kate (Bar- 
rlngton) Barrington; A.B., Harvard, 1876; B.D., 
Episcopal Theol. Sch., Cambridge, Mass., 1878; 
Ph.D., U. of IlL, 1905; m. Fannie Gllchrest, of 
Maiden, Mass., July 1, 1879. In charge St John's 
Mission, Fall River, Mass., 1878; rector Trinity 
Ch., Watertown, S.D., 1884-90, Grace Ch., Boone, 
la., 1890-1, Christ Ch., Janesville, Wis., 18$l-0&, 
Grace Ch., Everett Mass., 1905-12, St Mark's Ch.. 
Mystic, Conn., since Sept, 1913. Author: Antl- 
Chrlstian Cults, 1900. Address: « Park PI., Mystic. 

BABBOH, Otaranoa Walkav, journalist; b. Bos- 
ton, Mass., July 2, 1856; s. Henry and Elana 
(Noyes) Barron; descendant of Governor John 
Carver, of Mass.; ed. pub. schs., Boston; English 
High Sch. and Advanced Class (Franklin Medal 
and first prizes in English comi>ositlon) ; m. Mrs. 
Jessie M. Waldron, of Boston, June 21, 1900; 3 
daughters, Jane (Mrs. Hugh Bancroft of Boston), 
Martha (Mrs. Wendell Endlcott, of Dedham, 
Mass.). With Boston Transcript 1876-84; founder, 
1887, and now pres. Boston News Bureau; founder 
Phlla. News Bureau. 1897; mgr. Dow, Jones & Co., 
New York, pubs. Wall St Journal, since 1901, and 
directing hand in financial news gathering and 
publishing, of New York, Boston and Phlla. for 16 
yrs. past; pres. Wall Street Journal Building Co., 
Doremus & Co. (advertising agta). New York; 
started Oaks Farm and Creamery for certified 
milk, 1908, and holds here the blue ribbon and 100 
per cent scores. Served as chmn. Cohasset Har- 
bor Improvement Com.; chmn. Mass. Inland Wat- 
erways Commn., 1911. Dlr. Gen. Theol. Library. 
Republican. Mem. Ch. of New Jerusalem (Sweden- 
borglan). Author: The Federal Reserve Act 1914; 
The Audacious War, Its Commercial Causes, Ita 
Cost in Money and Men, 1915. Clubs: Exchange, 
Algonquin (Boston), India House (New York). Rec- 
reations: boating, farming. Home: The Oaks, Co- 
hasset, Mass., and 334 Beacon St., Boston. Office: 
Boston News Bureau, 30 Kllby St, Boston. 

BABBOSr, Blmar Walter, M.D.; b. Boston. Mass.. 
Jan. 6. 1877; s. Frank T. and Sarah B. (George) 
Barron; prep. edn. Boston Latin Sch.; A.B., Tufts 
Coll., 1900; M.D.. Harvard Med. Sch.. 1903: unmar- 
ried. Began practice in Maiden, Mass., 1907; asst 
prof, diseases of children. Tufts Coll. Med. Sch.; 
phys. to Children's Dept., Boston Dispensary. 
Mem. A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, N.E. Pediatric Soc. 
Delta IlpsUon. Unlversaltst. Club: Boston City. 
Home: 300 Pleasant St. Maiden, Mass. Office: 620 
Commonwealth Av., Boston, Mass. 

BABBOW, Oaorra Alaxaadar, clergyman; b. Bal- 
timore. Md., June 23, 1882; s. Alexander R. and 
Ada inizabeth (Hulbert) Barrow; grad. Boston 
Latin Sch., 1900: A.B., Harvard, 1903. Ph.D.. 1906; 
S.T.B., Episcopal Theol. Sch., Cambridge. 1907: un- 
married. Curate Ch. of the Ascension, Fall River. 
Mass., 1907-9; rector Trinity Ch., MUford, 1909-11, 
St. Luke's Ch., Chelsea, since Oct. 1, 1911. Author 

uigiLi^eu uy 

X^_J ^^^^^J X "^^ 


of several articles in theol. mass, on "The Pbllos- Commerce. Mgr. Bangror Home for Aged Women; 

ophy of Religion": lecturer at Harvard in fall of dir. Bangor T.M.C.A.; Torlc and Scottisli Rite Ma- 

1913 on "The Validity of the Religious Elxperi- son (32°). Republican. Baptist. Clubs: Masonic, 

ence." Club: Apalachian Mountain. Address: 269 Twentieth Century. Home: 116 Cedar St. Office: 9 

Washington Av., Chelsea, Mass. Central St., Bangor, Me. 

BAKBOWS, Albert Azmlnrton, surgeon; b. BASROW8, Harold Kllbxitb, civil ensineer- b 

Providence. R.I., Oct 13, 1877; s. Edwin and Har- Melrose, Mass., Nov. 9, 1873; s. Cyrus M and Au- 

riet (Armington) Barrows; Ph.B., Brown U., 1898; gusta (Kilbrith) Barrows; C.E , Mass Inst Tech 

M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1902; unmarried. Prac- 1895; m. Mabel R. Jordan, of Oldtown Me Feb' 

tlced in Providence since 1905; asst. surgeon R.I. 11, 1907; 1 child, Kilbrith Jordan In'clty'euKi- 

Hosp.: attending surgeon State Hosp. Mem. R.I. neer's offlce, Newton, Mass., 1895-9' with Met 

Med. Soc., Providence Med. Assn., Practitioners' Water Bd., Boston, 1899-01; asst and asso nrof' 

Club. Clubs: University, Agawam Hunt. Home: civ. engrlng., U. of Vt, 1901-4- dlst ener' US 

38 Olive St. Office: 106 Waterman St., Providence, Geol. Survey for N.E. and New York,'l904-7'' con- 

Rbode Island. suiting engr. as mem. Barrows & Bree'd, slnce'l907- 

BABBOW8, Ansa, teacher, lecturer. (See vol. afso. prof, hydraulic engrlng., Mass. Inst Tech., 

1909, also Who's Who in America.)* since 1909. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E. Recreations: ten- 

BAaaOWS, Charles Heary, lawyer; b. Sprins- 6 Reicon'^'J^'^Ro^tnn®' Winchester, Mass. Offlc«: 

field. Mass.. Aus. 4. 1SS3: s. ChurU-s and I.y.ii;i. " ««a<=on ht, Boston. 

(smith) Barrow.^: .\.B., Httivard, IsTfi. LL, B., ISTd; BABBOW8, Kany W, M.D., surgeon; b. Leba- 

m. Jeanie ElUabeth Rayner, of Sprlngfielci. Sept. non, N.H., Jan. 6, 1866; s. Samuel W. and Amanda 

19. 1889. Practiced in Spvlnsflold, since 1S79: asst 8. (Chase) Barrows; grad. Whitcomb High Sch 

atty.-gen, Mass., lSSl-3. Pres. Springfield Y.M.C.A., Bethel, Vt, 1897; M.D., U. of Vt. Coll. of Medicine' 

1892-3, Inttrnat T.M.C.A. TralninK Si'h. (now col- 1890; m. Lillie C. Douglass, of Stowe, Vt Sept 26' 

lego). Springfield. 1893-6. Sprltisfleltl Home for 1900; 2 children, Douglass W. Dorothy S. Began 

Agt-fl Men. 1S97— , Sprlngtlelrt Iinproveniont .\ssn , practice, Norwich, Vt, 1890; removed to Stowe 

1904-9; pres. Horace Smith Fund. ConKlist Mfni. 1891; sch. dlr. town schs. of ^towe. Mem. Vt State 

Phi liela Kappa. (See Who's ^Vho in .Viiierica for Med. Soc, t,amollIe Co. MedTsoc. Democrat. Unl- 

boolts, eic) Home: Springfield, Mass.* tarlan. Mason; mem. M.W.A. Address: Stowe, Vt 

BABBOWS, OhMtmr wmard, Judge; b. Woon- BABBOW8, John Btnart. newsoaner man- h 

socket. R.I..7uly i, 1872; s. wmiamTs. and Lydla Fryeburg, M^.. M™. SlTl^is ; sT <?l^ge Braaiev 

S. (Willard) Barrows; descendant of John Bar- and Georglana (Souther) Barrows- studied at 

rows, who settled in Salem, Mass., 1637; A.B., Bowdoln Coll., Brunswick. Me . Loweil 8oh of r>o 

Brown U., 1895; LL.B., Harvard U. Law Sch., 1898; sign. Boston; pupil of 'foma^so JuKlaris ?n hf« 

m. Providence R.I., June 21. 1899. Mary Etta studio In Bos'toll887UnmaTried Limned prl A! 

Crossley; 3 children, Doris, Willard C, Lois. Ad- ter's trade on Oxford Co. Record FrveburK 1887- 

mitted to bar, 1898, and since practiced in Provi- asso. editor Congregatlonallst Boston 1891- rel 

dence: instr. in law. Brown U., 1899-03; U.S. ref- porter, artist art editor, asst to rang editor 'sun- 

eree In bankruptcy, 1900-13; mem. R.I. State Bd. day editor, news editor, asst dramatic editor Bos. 

Bar Kxaminers, 1900-13; mem. Littlefleld & Bar- ton Journal, 1892-03; became connected with Pub. 

rows. 1901-13; Justice Superior Ct, R.I.. since 1913, liclty Bureau, Boston, 1903; asst sec Com of One 

for term ending 1917. Pres.Edgewood Free Pub. Hundred for Reciprocity, 1904; asso. editor Boston 

Library Assn. since 1907. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Transcript since Feb., 1905; asso editor Textile 

R.I. Bar Assn.. Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Upallon. American. Enlisted in Troop A, 1st Sauadron Cav 

Republican. Unitarian. Mason (32°, K.T.). Club: M.V.M., Boston, Apr. 21, 1896; 2d It May 21 1905' 

Bdgewood Yacht Recreations: tennis, mountain Ist it. May 22, 1906, capt., Jan 29 1909 It -col ' 

climbing, walking. Home: 1874 Broad St Address: map. gen., Jan. 23, 1912. Republican Con'gllst' 

County Court House, Providence, R.I. Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars, S.A.R., S.R Union Soci- 

BABSO'WB, Blmsr Ashlsy, M.D.; b. Hartland, «'y..°' the Civil War, Mil. Hist. Soc. of Mass. 

Vt, Dec 27, 1870; s. Frederick H. and Marrietta l^lub: Newsapper. Writer on pollt and economic 

(Van Cor) Barrows; ed. pub. schs., Sharon, Vt; topics; contbr. to rail. Jours. Home: 98 Gainsbor- 

M.D., Dartmouth Med. Coll., 1900; m. Alice M. OUK" St Offlce: Boston Transcript Boston. 

Litchfield, of North E:aston, Mass.. Dec. 21, 1897; BABBOWB. Karv nuhllnhor- h v,-^^t^,,^^ •»<-„ 

2 children. Gordon D., Vera A. Head phys. Vt Nov^^Trng- dSeorge Brldlev fnd f>o?Wi^n« 

Modern Woodmen of America since 1903: mem. Vt (Souther) Barrows^ irld Frvihnrt 4,.„h ^«Ji* 

Ho. of Rep., 1906. Mem. White River and Vt State A B Welleslev cilf IMfl^'^t.nmf rH^S ' p^^^i 

med. assni. Republican. Mason; mem. I.O.F.. reader Rtverslcfe Press isll'z- ?^,^Ph npwf <.T/ 

B.P.O. Elks. Modern Woodmen of America. Ad- tor tL ConKregatlonlliat 1892 4° ^«t^ b^ I^' 

dress: 25 Brewster St. Plymouth, Mass. KUchen Mal^^m^O^; ^^em.^^V^hUcom^^^ 

BABBOWB, Pletohsr K., banker; b. Vineyard rows, pubs, and retail booksellers, specializing In 
Haven. Mass., Jan. 24, 1852; B. Peleg and S. Lavinia home economics, organized, Apr., 1904 Congllst 
(Fletcher) Barrows: descendant of John Barrows, Recreations: motoring. Home: 98 Gainsborou A St 
of Plymouth. Mass.. who came from Kngland in Offlce: Huntington Chambers, Boston. 
HS7, and Robert Fletcher, of Concord, Mass.. who vanmnivB m...>_«n m •!,.■, 
came from England In 1630; mem. of class of 1873, is^f^rTSj /5T? ^f^ilf^l estate; June 11, 
Mass. Agrl. Coll., but did not graduate: m. Stella ""-July. 1914. (See vol. 1909.) 
E. Marshall, of Brattleboro. Vt., 1877. In coal BABBUS, Osoif* Hal*, mechanical engr.; b. 
business, 1873-84, dry goods business. 1884-02; re- Goshen. Mass., July 11, 1854; s. Hiram and Augusta 
tired; trustee Brattleboro Savings Bank since 1882, (Stone) Barrus; S.B., Mass. Inst. Technology, 1874- 
mem. bd. of Investment since 1894, v.-p., 1899-07. m. Oct 2, 1897, Louise C, d. Dyer and Louise (Bur- 
pres. since 1907. Officer Vt. N.G. 4 yrs. Trustee nett) Williams, of Syracuse, N.Y.; 1 daughter 
Brattleboro Free Library. Republican. Universal- Bella D. (Mrs. Walter C. Brown). Asst in the de- 
ist Mason. Club: Vermont Wheel. Home: 47 High sign and oonstrn.. steam engrlng. laboratory, Mass 
St Office: 37 Main St., Brattleboro, Vt. Inst. Technology, 1874-5; expert and consulting 

BABBOWS, Oaoiff* Willard Bmery, banking, steam engr.. Boston, since 1875; inventor of sev- 

ins.; b. Bangor, Me., Nov. 12, 1862; s. William Fes- «>■«" forms of steam calorimeter, a coal calorime- 

senden and Lavlnla Pillsbury (Hunting) Barrows: '"^'.^^r*^"?,*!' gauge and steam boiler. Judge of 

ed. common schs.; m. Florence Eleanor Doyen, of 5?"''>,'J;^ Mass. Charitable Mechanic Assn.; Judge 

Bangor, June 26, 1872 (died Oct 28, 1874); m. 2d. franklin Inst Elec. Exhbn., Phlla., Pa; Mass. 

Anne Judson Porter, of Bangor. June 17, 1891; 1 Judge power exhibits World's Columbian Expn. 

child (bv first marriage), Willard Emery. Began Mem. Gov. Advisory Board on Tests of Fuels and 

as elk. dry goods store, Bangor, 1867, continuing Structural Materials; mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., 

about 5 vrs.: entered banking nnd Ins. business as Soc of Naval Architects and Marine Engrs., Bos- 

clk. Prentiss Mellen Blake, 1872; admitted to part- *»" SoC- Civ. Engrs. N.E. Water Works Assn. 

nershlp. as Blake, Barrows tk Brown, 1893. and Clubs: Engineers', Technology. Home: 1493 Beacon 

title so continues, firm now being composed of self »'., Brookllne, Mass. Offlce: 302 Pemberton Bldg., 

and William E. Brown. Mem. Bangor Chamber of Boston. ^ 

uigiLi^eu uy x_j v^ v^-ht lv_ 


r, Bdmtrd V^ lawyer, editor; b. South BABSTOW, Aadx«w TtaddMia, M.D.: b. J«ff«r- 

Boston, Nov. 28, 1864; b. Bdward W. and Sarah aon. Me., Dec. IS, 1872: a. BUJab and SoMUi A. 

(Shea) Barry; ed. pub. frammar and high schs. (Robinson) Barstow; prep. edn. hlgrh schs. and pTC 

and Boston U. L,aw Sch.; m. Beatrice E. Mara, of tutors; M.D., Tufts CoU. Med. Scb., It06; m. Mln- 

Maiden. Mass., 1902; children, Alice, Edward, Be- nle J. Howe, of Hopkinton. N.H., June, 18>8. Prac- 

atrlce, Thomas, Edward. Early learned newspaper ticed In Boston since 1906; asst prof., Boston Dts- 

buslness, and for yrs. was reporter and editor, pensary and Dispensary for Women, 1906-12; asat. 

principally Boston Herald; admitted to the bar, prof.. Tufts Med. Sch. until 1912. Mem. A.M.A^ 

1904, and since in practice at Boston. Mem. Boston Mass. Med. Soc., Suffolk Med. Soc. Republican. 

Common Council, 1889-90; mem. Governor's Coun- BaptisL Address: 27% Mass. Av., Boston, 

cil, 1807, 8, 9; lt.-pv of Mass., 1914. For many babSTOW, John X^ ex-gov. Vt; Feb «1. 1882- 

yrs. Identified with athletics in America. Clubs: ju„e 28. 1913! (See T3l. 1909. also Who's ^ho in 

Boston, City, Boston Athletic Assn. Home: 69 America 19I2.1S ) 

Thomas Park, South Boston. Office: 10 P.O. Sq., * _"l.i„ .' ,. „ . 

Boston. BABSTOW, JToha Falmsr, president Barstow 

BABBT, Bmmst WUllMa, M.D.; b. Blackstone, i5<'^|,SvMS,°?«k¥* Morris Av. Office: 118 Point 

Mass., Aug. 4, 1871; sTThomas and Margeret =*•• Providence, K.I. 

(Maher) Barry; ed. pub. schs.. Uxbridge, Mass., BABTKOKOMBW, 7aaua Zsaao, clerKyman; b. 

and St. Mary's Coll., Baltimore, Md.j M.D., Coll. Lodl, Wis., Jan. 24, 1867; a. George M. and Oath- 

Phys. and Surg., Baltimore, 1897; m. Katherlne M. erlne (Hefner) Bartholomew: A.B., Lawrence U., 

Brady, of Uxbridge, June 10. 1902; 2 children, Appleton, Wis., 1881, A.M., 1884; Ph.D., Wealejran 

Thomas J., Margeret M. Practiced In Whitlnsville^ U., III., 189S; m. Lodl, Nov. 18, 1881, Ella A. Taber; 

Mass., since 1899. Mem. A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, 1 daughter, Josephine Bartholomew Ingalla. BiB> 

Thurber Med. Soc. Catholic. Address: 141 Church tered ministry M.B. Ch., 1881; served at Usbon, 

St, Whitinsville, Mass. Wis., Black Hills Mlsaion. Sturgts City, and Rapid 

BABBT. Bthsldzad Bress*. author- b Ports- City, S.D., Whitman and New Bedford, Mass.; atat* 

m^Sthrifk.f^b!26! mo^TlluXtor ohiid?e"s ?jrP2}!?Lirj"°snHn2? ^^^l "M^rt h^fX*''JnSr 

books and designer The Church Kalendar. pub- i?;^.?if"«>f^tt,^Pri5?'',,S°°i„i!'*-4'„^"y' SS' 

lished yearly by Taber-Prang Co., from 189* unUl ?5?f*f''i>iil**ii?,<l'v<%''M^».""S«n7^«'Tj??. «%• 

1904. Author: Little Tong-s Mission, 1899; The l»?i-|5„H«"„ l!l'°'A,i",¥»\,l?°Vi' ?i?i> S"?J- 

Countess of the Tenements, 1900; Miss De Pey- ?fS'',?S2'°/''8^}2'-i!iJ:i^ tl^'a.SfS.-.S'Q/- »jiS 

ster-s Boy, 1902: LltUe Dicks Christmas. 1903; g'';!,^'"*'* «' *' ^*' ^^^^^^- ^'^ Summer St, New 

What Paul Did, 1904. Contbr. children's stories to Bedford, Mass. 

various mags. Mother St John's House for Chil- BABTKOKOKBW, William raTatts, banker, 

dren (Order St. Anne). Home: Arlington Heights, broker; b. Jersey City, N.J., Oct 12, 1871; s. 

Mass.* Charles Fayette and Emma Virginia (Becker) 

BABBT, »«»dertdk, educator, composer; moved SSI*1°.'h?'^'5'i5j ^«*J^^^ ^^h ^'i^^^iti^'SrV'. ^ 
to New York. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in RUb- SgJ'A °' T*f h. ^r^Sr^SSn,^ rS-^t '^^'i ^i««i.°» 
Atnsrinia lOii.iKt Eva Qordon Lain, of Brooklyn, Oct. 11, 1894; S 
America, i» 14 lo.; ^ . children, Eva Maybelle, Charles P., Irma V. Began 
„ *""»T> **"?"* ..'•"l» ''• Crea House, County with Standard Oil Co., New York, 1886, conUnuing 
Cork, Ireland, Jan. 6, 1884; s. Matthew and Cath- ^ yrs.; became connected with Boston News Bu- 
erine (Boylston) Barry; ed. pub and pvt. schs. reau, 1893. editor. 1907-10; mem. banking firm of 
and under tutors; came to U.S., 1853; m May Ann Thompson, Towle & Co.. Boston and New York. 
Griffin, at Lynn, Mass., May 28, 1868; 6 children, jan. 1, 1910-May 1, 191B; since mem. banking Arm 
Mary Elliabeth (Mrs. James C. Mangan, of Lynn, of Tucker, Hayes & Bartholomew; dlr. Hyde Park 
Mass.), William J., John M., Richard Paul, Jr., Jo- Nat Bank. Boston. Republican. Congllst Scottish 
seph Lewis. Edmund Augustine. Was connected In Rite Mason (32°); mem. Gethsemane Commandery. 
various capacities with shoe factories In Lynn; K.T., Newton, Mass., Shrine. Clubs: Boston Ath- 
mem. Bd. of Conciliation and Arbitration, Mass., leUc Assn., Boston Press (Boston), Union l>aKiie. 
for many yrs. from iu establishment 1886. Demo- Lambs, Rocky Mountain (New York), Brae Bum 
crat Roman Catholic. Address: 23 Tudor St, Country (Newton, Mass.). Recreations: golt ten- 
Lynn, Mass. nls. Home: West Newton, Mass. Office: BO Congresa 

BABBT, WUUam Kssry, lawyer: b. Nashua. St., Boston. 
N.H., Mar. 13, 1878; s. Patrick and Honor (Moran) BABTKBTT, Albert Z.s Boy, author; b. Haver- 
Barry; A.B., Holy Cross Coll., 1898; LL.B., Har- hill, Mass., June 1, 18B2; s. Thomas and PaUence 
vard Law Sch., 1901; unmarried. Practiced in (Hawkins) Bartlett; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1872, 
Nashua since 1901; city solicitor. Nashua, 1907-9. A.M.. 1875; unmarried. Master Sherbom (Mass.) 
inclusive; mayor of Nashua, 1911-14, inclusive; Acad., 1872. Bradford. Mass., 1876-82: sub-master, 
dlr. Nashua Coal & Coke Co. Democrat. Catholic. Haverhill (Mass.) High Sch., 1882-8; supt pub. 
Mem. Eagles, Knights of Columbus, A.O.H., B.P.O. Instm., Haverhill, Mass.. 1888-97; commr. of public 
Elks. Home: 104 Palm St Office: 86 Main 8t, safety, Haverhill. 1912-14; elected mayor of Haver- 
Nashua. N.H. hill, Dec, 1914. Lecturer on English language and 

BAB8B, JoliB Bdmnnd, teacher; b. Wolfvllle, literature in N.H. Summer Normal Sch., 1896-T, 

Nova Scotia, June 21, 1871; s. Andrew de Wolf Martha's Vineyard (Mass.) Summer Normal Sch., 

(M.D.) and Elisabeth Esther (Crawley) Barss; 1900-1. Va. Summer Normal Sch., 1901. (See Who's 

B.A.. Acadia Coll., Wolfvllle. 1891; B.A.. Harvard, Who in America for books and writings.) Addreaa: 

1892. M.A., 1893; research student Cambridge U.. Haverhill, Mass.* 

England, 1913; m. Emma Sedgwick Knight, of BABTKBTT, AntbOBT Wlllla. farmer; b. Salia- 
Sharon, Conn.. June 24. 1899. Teacher, Roxbury bury. Mass.. Sept 21, 18BS; s. Moses Jackman and 
Latin Sch., Boston, 1893, The Hotchkiss Sch., Lake- Harriet Goodwin (Morse) Bartlett; ed. dist sch., 
vllle. Conn., 1894 — . Baptist Mem. Am. Phllol. and Putnam Free Sch., 3 yrs.; m. Sept 21, 1881. 
Assn., Harvard Club of Conny Lttchfleld Co. Uni- Mary Abble Morrill, of Salisbury, Mass. Bngag^ 
verslty Club, New England Classical Assn. (See in fkrmlnsr at Salisbury since 1890; mem. Cfen. 
Who's Who In America for books and writings.) Court of Mass., 1912. Pres. Amesbury and Salts- 
Home: LakevlUe, Conn.* bury Agrl. and Hort. Soc. since 1906; mem. State 

BABSa, jroeaph Bathaalelj b. Windsor, N.S., Dec. Bd. of Agr., 1912-17. Republican. Protestant Mem. 
4, 1872; s. Joseph T. and Harriet (Udeto) Barss; Amesbury Grange (past master). Home: Balls- 
ed. Acadia U. 3 yrs , leaving on account of loss of bury. Mass. 

health; (M.A.. Middlebury Coll.); m. Jessie M. Mc- BABTI^TT, Beajamla T., lawyer; b. HaverhllL 

Nell, of Melvern Square. N.S.. Dec. 28. 1896. Came Mass.. Nov. 9. 1872; s. Thomas B. and Victoria £ 

to U.S.. 1899; farm mgr. Worcester County Truant W^illlams (Cllley) Bartlett: descendant of 0«n. 

Sch^Oakdale. Mass.. 1900-1; asst. supt. Kurn Hat- Joseph CiUey and Oen. Thomas Bartlett; grad. 

tin Homes, Westmlnater, Vt., 1901-2; supt Stetson Dean Acad.. Franklin. Mass.. 1891; A.B.. Williams. 

Home for Boys, Barre. Mass.. 1902-7; supt. Vt. In- 189B; Boston U. Sch. of Law. 1898; m. June 1907 

dustrial Sch., since Aug. 27, 1907. Connected for Lillian G. Nelson, of Haverhill. Mass. In praetloe 

many yrs. with Canadian MUltla, on Regimental in Derry. N.H.. since 1898; apptd. Justice Derrr 

Staff. Baptist Mason. Address: Vergennes, Vt Police Ct. 1906: mem. law firm of O. K. and B. T. 

uigiLi^eu uy ■'.^j v^ v^ -^ i \^ 



Bartlett: elk. and dir. Derry Electric Co., Derry 
BldK' Co. Republican. Unlversallat. Mem. N.H. 
Bar Assn.. N.U. Hist Soc. Mason (K. T., Sbriner). 
Club: Derryfield (Manchester, N.H.). Address: 
Derry, N.H. 

SASTKBTT, Ohazlsa OdawoM, educator; Dec. 
25. 1848-Nov. 12, 1913. (See voL 1909.) 

BASTKBTT, Cha rl — Wammatt, lawyer; b. Ban- 
gor, Me.. Dec 4. 1868; s. Ichabod Daniel and 
BUsabetb Farley (Hammatt) Bartlett; grad. Phil- 
lips Exeter Acad.. 1878; student, Harvard. 1878-80 
iA.B., June, 1907); studied law in ofilce of Wilson 
; Woodard. Bangor, 1880-2, Harvard Law Sch., 
1882-3; m. Virginia Drummond Hlght, of Bangor, 
June 3, 1885 (died Feb. S, 1890). Practiced in. 
Bangor since 1883; pres. Bangor Savings Banli. 
Republican. Unitarian. Club: Tarratine. Home: 
fiS Cedar St. Office: 15 State St, Bangor, Me. 

BAXTIBTT, Oluulss K«Bxy, lawyer, consulting 
engr.; b. Bristol, N.H., Nov. 3, 1862: s. Gustavus 
and Susan A. (Nichols) Bartlett; descendant of 
Richard Bartlett, who settled In Newbury. Mass., 
1634: prep. edn. Milford (N.H.) High Sch., and 
Cbauncy Hall Sch., Boston; studied civil engrlng., 
Mass. Inst. Tech., 1885, elec. and steam engring.. 
1906; LL,.B., Y.M.C.A. Evening Law Sch., 1901; m. 
Gertrude Jones, of Clareroont. N.H., Dec. 17, 1890. 
Has served as engr. for various railroads since 
1883 ; practiced with N. W. Ellis and Ex-Gov. James 
A. Weston, at Manchester, N.H., 1887-9; mem. 
Bartlett & Gay, since 1889; built many pub. works 
in N.H. and other states; engr. for Charles River 
Iron Works, 1897-1900, for UTs. Navy, 1900-6. and 
identified with construction of subways in Boston 
and elsewhere since 1897. Was admitted to Mass. 
bar. 1901; mem. law Arm of Bartlett A Sherman. 
Mem. 6th Provisional Co., M.V.M., during Spanish- 
Am. War; in charge of repairs Charlestown Navy 
Yard at close of war. Mem. Soc. Naval Architects 
and Marine Engrs., Am. Soc. Engineering Con- 
tractors. Boston Soc. Civ. Engs., Am. Water Works 
Assn., N.E. Water Works Assn.. Alumni Assn. 
Mass. Inst Tech., Y.M.C.A. Evening Law Sch. 
Assn. (ex-pres.), S.A.R., etc. York and Scottish 
Rite Mason (32°. K.T., Shriner); mem. Odd Fel- 
lows. Knights of Pythias, etc. Has filled many 
offices in lodges, grand and supreme bodies of 
secret socs. cnub: Boston City. Recreations: trav- 
eling. Home: 15 Highland Av., SomerviUe, Mass., 
and 9 OArden St, Milford, N.H. Office: 862 Elm St, 
Uanc)rester. N.H.. and 60 Pemberton Sq., Boston. 
V^JffiUITT, Oliazlss Josspli, M.D., prof^pathol- 
o^y; b. Sutton, Vt., Dec. 18, 1864; s. Joseph and 
Rachel (Fletcher) Bartlett; grad. St Johnsbury 
(Vt) Acad., 1887; B.A., Yale, 1892, M.A.. 1894; 
M.D.. Yale Med. Sch.. 1895; studied U. of LeipslK. 
Germany. 1898; m. Ypsllantl, Mich.. July 6, 1898. 
Genevieve Klnne; 2 children, Genevieve R., Mar- 
shall K. Asst. in pathology and bacteriology, 
1896. instr.. same, 1 yr., asst prof, pathology, 3 

S-s., prof, since 1900. Yale; med. examiner. New 
aven (coroner's phys.), 1900-10; pathologist and 
attending phys. New Haven Hosp.; pres. Civic 
Federation. 1916; pres. Bd. of Health, New Haven. 
1916. Mem. A.M.A., Am. Assn. Pathologists and 
Bacteriologists, Soc. Am. Bacteriologists. Conn. 
State Med. Soc., etc. Club: Graduates'. Home: 183 
Bishop St Bus. Address: 160 York St, New Haven, 

r, Oharlaa William, retired lawyer; 
b. Boston, Aug. 12, 1846; s. Joseph C. and Katharine 
A. Bartlett; served in 5th Mass. Vols., 1864; A.B.. 
Dartmouth, 1869; LL.B., Albany Law Sch., 1871; 
m. Mary L. Morrison (now deceased) j 2d, Annie M. 
White, of Acushnet Mass.. Aug., 1897; children. 
Joseph W., Marie Louise (Mrs. James A. Chandler). 
In practice at Boston, 1871-13. since retired. Home: 
271 Mill St, Newton, Mass. Office: 46 Milk St, 

SASTXaTT, Olaxsnce Bamnel, M.D.; July 14. 
18«8-May 13. 1910. (See vol. 1909.) 

BABTUrar, Xtaaa Vreaoott, educator; b. Boston. 
Oct 4, 1863; a. Joseph E. and Antoinette F. (Car- 
penter) Bartlett; ed. Boston Latin Sch., 1874-82; 
S.B. in Elec. Engrlng., Mass. Inst. Tech.. 1886; 
pjmt-grad. study, u. of Munich, 1903-4: Technlsche' 
Hochschule. Munich, 1904; m. Alice O. Brown, of 

Boston, June 6. 1892. Instr. In mathematics. Mass. 
Inst Tech.. 1886-92; asst Harvard Coll. Obs., 1887; 
asst prof, mathematics, 1892-8, asso. prof, mathe- 
matics, 1898-05, prof, since 1906, Mass. Inst Tech., 
also sec., 1906-8. Mem. Am. Math. Soc, Deutsche 
Mathematiker-Vereinigung. Club: Technology. 
Author: General Principles of the Method of Least 
Squares. Recreations: literature, writing. Ad- 
dress: Mass. Inst Technology, Boston. 

smmjmxsim'^^, BdWMTd OUa, Clergyman; Feb. 18, 
1835-Mar. 2. Ii09. (See vol. 1909.) 

', Bdwln Jnllaa, chemist; b. Hudson, 
O.. Feb. 16. 1851: s. Samuel Colcord and Mary 
Bacon (Learned) Bartlett; A. B., Dartmouth, 1872; 
A.M., M.D., Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 1879; m. 
Caroline E. Rice, of Milwaukee, July 8, 1879. Instr. 
sciences, Monson (Mass.) Acad., 1872-3, high sch., 
Glencoe, 111., 1874-6, Lake l-orest (111.) Acad., 
1876-8; asso. prof., 1879-83, prot chemistry since 
1883, Dartmouth. Home: Hanover, N.H.* 

~»...>j»JTT. BlTla IL, merchant; b. Morgan. 
Vt, Nov. 14, 1862: s. Alvin and Sarah (Buchanan) 
Bartlett; removed with parents to Island Pond. 
1866; ed. Island Pond High Sch. and Derby Acad.; 
m. Hyde ParK, Vt, 1890, Sarah E. Felcher. In 
mercantile and mfg. business since 1885; mem. Vt. 
Ho. of Rep., 1894, Senate. 1898; dir. Island Pond 
Nat Banic Address: Island Pond, Vt. 

BABTKBZT, TnuMla, lawyer; died 1913. (See 
VOL 1909.) 

——_.»...■, rzaak Talw t lns, mtr.; bd. North- 
boro. Mass.. Nov. 1, 1866; s. William A. and Rebec- 
ca (Valentine) Bartlett: common sch. ed.; m. Abble 
M. Whitney, of Westboro Mass., Sept 26, 1884; 
children, C. Whitney, Nellie, Dorothy, Marlon K. 
Began In box factory of Christopher Whitney, 
became bookkeeper, 1877, and was admitted to firm 
until title of C. Whitney ft Co., 1882; head of firm 
under tiUe of F. V. Bartlett & (To., since 1892. mfrs. 
of lumber, boxes and interior finishinKs; pres. 
Bartlett Box & Lumber Co., since 1903; trustee 
Westboro Savings Bank. Republican. Mason 
(K.T., Shriner); mem. Odd Fellows, Red Men, 
Royal Arcanum. Home: 88 W Main St, Westboro, 

„ —»—»*, rxedexto A„ lawyer: b. Bridgeport, 
Conn., Sept. ll, 1868; s. John Francis and Angeline 
Halstead (Lewis) Bartlett; LL.B.. Yale Law Sch.. 
1888; unmarried. Practiced in Bridgeport Conn., 
since 1890; comdg. officer 3d Dlv. Naval Battalion, 
Conn.; was naval aide, staffs of Govs. George I* 
Lilley and Frank B. Weeks; pres. Common Council, 
Bridgeport 1906-7; acting mayor, 1906, 1907; mem. 
Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1909, Senate, 1911, 1915 (pres. 
9j«.^.*"^,*'^''l*}- Republican. Conglist Blason 
(32°). Clubs: Algonquin, Bridgeport Yacht Park 
City Yacht Pequonnock Yacht. Home: 858 Park 
Av. (Office: Newfield Bldg., 1188 Main St, Bridge- 
port Conn. 

BAJBTtBTT, VnAnlok Oila, author; b. Haver- 
hill, Mass., July 2, 1876; s. Daniel C. and Katherine 
Page (Wilder) Bartlett; ed. pub. schs., Haverhill: 
under pvt. tutor abroad, 1888-90. Proctor Acad. 
Andover. N.H., 1891-6, Harvard, 1896-8; m. Kath- 
erine Hall James, of Cambridge, Mass., June 29. 
1908. In newspaper work on Boston Record, 1900-2. 
Boston Herald, 1902-6. (See Who's Who in Amer- 
ica, for books, etc.) Home: 8 Felton Hall. Cam- 
bridge, Mass.* 

V ^^,7^^^' J?*"*** *-> newspaper publisher; 
b. Willlmantic Conn., June 1, 1873; s. George A. 
and Vera A. (Snow) Bartlett; ed. pub. schs.; m. 
Helen M. Carpenter, of Willlmantic, 1896; 1 son. 
Began in employ of The Chronicle Printing Co., 
pubs, of Willlmantic Dally Chronicle, now Creas., 
mgr. and dir. of the co.; chmn. Rep. City Com. 
several yrs.; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1907, 1908. 
JS?,?.- ^-^^P-^-. ^l'"'' K. of P., Royal Arcanum. 
Willlmantic Bd. of Trade. CHub: Willlmantic Golf. 
Home: 216 Church St Office: 26 Church St. Willl- 
mantic, Conn. 

BABTIJBTT, Oeorg* Anaon, Jeweler; July 2. 
1836-1912. (See vol. 1909.) , ju y *, 

BABTiaTT, fhTMBleaf, K., lawyer; b. Derry, 
N.H., June 17, 1866; s. Oreenleaf C. and CHiarlotte 
J. (Kelly) Bartlett; ed. Pinkerton Acad., Derry: 

uigiLi^eu uy -^^^ v. . .■• ,; !\^ 


m. Clatu R. Hood, of Lawrence, Mass., June 4, of Gov. McLane with rank of col. Methodist. Dir. 
1902 (died 1911); one daughter, Katharine. Ad- Portsmouth Trust & Guarantee Co. Mason (SJ* 
mltted to N.H. bar, 1878; practiced in Boston since K.T.); mem. K. of P., Elks. Clubs: Portsmouth 
1905; pres. Boston Insulated Wire Co.; dlr. H. P. Athletic, Warwick. Home: Portsmouth, N.H. 
Hood & Sons, creamery. Trustee Plnkerton Acad. ».— — r—«Hn t«i._ n.!,.. io„,.x>.. it^k a. isii 
Republican. Consist. Mem. N.H. State Bar Assn., »,**S'^S^'/S°'" ?'!??•» ^^''^^'^^ ^''*- *' '** 
Bar Assn. City of Boston. Mem. St. Mark's Lod«?e ^ov. 18, 1912. (See vol. 1909.) 

F & A.M., Derry, N.H. ; Trinity Commandery K.T. BABTKBTT, John B„ general business: b. Ma^ 
Manchester. Home: 829 Beacon St., Boston, and blehead, Mass., June 11, 1846; s. Oeorge E5. and 
Derry. N.H. Office: 63 State St., Boston. Hannah H. (Glrdler) Bartlett; ed. pub. and high 

BAJlTIiXTT, Kartl*7 Williams, patent lawyer; schs. of Marblehead and Lynn Mass.; served la 
b. Worcester, Mass., Nov. 15, 1881; s. Commodore Co. 1, 8th RegL Mass. Vols., 1862-3; m. Ella Dpafc 
Charles Ward and Henrietta F. (Williams) Bart- °t.^y^?- Mass., June 2, 1869; 2 children. Mary 
lett; ed. Worcester Acad.; St John's Coll.; Ph.B., <Mrs James B. Noyes, of Boston). Benjamin D, 
Yale. 1902; student Harvard Law Sch., 2 yrs.; m. .Bartlett (of Burllnffton, Vt.) After war engaKed 
Katharine Hinckley, of Newton, Mass., Sept. 30, '" ^^°« ">'?• ''"s'ness at Lynn, Mass., continuing 
1909; 2 children. Elizabeth Miner, Hartley Wll- I?/ PX^r 20 yrs.; now v.-p., treas and din The 
Uams. Jr. Practiced In Worcester, since Aug.. SJ®'^!'" ° S°'"P?.™y°wi.,5r®"- ^WS'^-c^'^^^-^Jf^,^. 
1906: registered patent atty. Served in 1st Corps Electric Co., East Middlesex St Ry. Co.. Electric 
Cadets, M.V.M. f yrs.; mem. Rep. City Com. of f.^^n.. i^td., v.-p. Essex Trust Co. (Lynn. Mass . 
Worcester 2_yrs.; mem. City Council, Worcester, dlr. Old Colony Trust Co. (Boston), United Fruit 
4 yrs. Dlr. W(Drcester Free Pub. Library, Worces- 9S- ■^'^^^^S' £<""■)■ Nat Carbon Co. Republican, 
ter Chamber of Commerce. Mem. Mass. Bar Assn., S'"^?: Exchanite, Algonquin, Tedesco, B^tem 
Worcester County Bar Assn., Worcester Co. Fish J.^^*- „-^£S'"!**L°."'i, '^'^f ^«1- Home: Lynn, Masa 
and Game Assn. Clubs: Yale (Worcester). Worces- Omce: 63 State St., Boston. 

ter Fox Club (sec. and treas.). Author: United BABTIiBTT, Jonathan, business man; b. Newr)', 
States Patent Office Guide, 1910. Recreations: Me., Jan. 27, 1838; s. Jonathan and Triphena 
general sports and athletics. Home: 40 Monadnock (Horr) Bartlett; common sch. ed.; m. Portland. 
Rd. Office: 339 Main St., Worcester, Mass. Me., Jan. 6, 1867, Fannie Ball. Farmer and lum- 

a&BTl^ETT, KartnaU John, clergyman: Aug. 25. ^«''"»an since bovhood;mfr shooks, shingles, ett: 
1864-July 4. 1911. (See vol. 1909.) mem since 1870 of Elliott & Bartlett, mfrs. of 

spools; mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1885. Republican. 

P, Kanry, railway official; b. Lowell, CongUst. Mason; mem. I.O.O.P., K. of P., Patrons 

Mass., Mar. 29, 1864; s. Charles B. A. and Harriett of Husbandry. Mem. Senate, 1906. Home: East 

Maria (Cooper) Bartlett; grad. Boston Latin Sch., stoneham, Me. 

1881; A.B., Harvard, 1885; m. Alice Maud Moulton, _.__,____ - .. — ,. ,.„ .. k d„-»™ 

of Lowell, Mass., Mar. 29, 1891; one daughter, Har- ^ "*""??'■ '°;!S^,^^?^i*2^?'= ^- fSi^^ 

rlett Maria. Apprentice In shops of Pa. R.R., at -f ""f ^"' l"f 5-^'>^i®4,^;,Sr*,5it^^?B^ JSJ" 

Altoona, Pa., 1888-9; asst road foreman of engines, son) Bartlett, A.B Dartraouth, 1898, LL-B^ Har- 

Pittsburgh and Middle diva, of Pa. R.R. and Md. -i^rA Law School 1901; m. Miss Susan R. Brown, 

div., Phlla., Wilmington & Baltimore R.R., 1889-91; °' Boston, June 21, 1904; one son. Charles W ..2d. 

asst. aupt. motive power, Pa. R.R., at Altoona, Admitted to Mass. bar, 1901 and since Practli^ 

1891-5: supt motive power, Boston & Maine R.R., J? .Boat?"' '"^^- ".';"' o* Bartlett & Bartlett. Mem. 

1895-07; gen. mechanical supt. same road, since gelta Kappa Epsllon. Mason. Democrat. Chibs. 

Jan. 1, 1907. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs.. Assn. Boston CUy, Boston Athletic Assn , Brae Bum 

Harvard Engrs. Republican. Unitarian. Mason. Country. Home: Newton, Mass. Office. 46 Milk St. 

Clubs: Engineers', Harvard (Boston), Oakley Boston. 

Country (Watertown, Mass.). Recreations: golf. BABTKETT, Vartin Tilth, Insurance; b. North 

Home: 51 Highland St., Cambridge, Mass. Office: New Portland, Me., May 4, 1864; s. Josiah D. and 

North Station, Boston. Eliza (Firth) Bartlett; ed. Eaton Family Sch., 

BABTIBTT, K«raiaiill.,M.D.; b. Stoneham. Me., Norrldgewock, Me., WatervlUe High Sch., Cobura 

Oct. 17, 1867; s. Jonathan and Frances R. (Ball) Classical Inst, (non-grad.); m Grace EWeb^ 

BarUett; ed. Brldgton Acad., North Brldgton, Me.; of WatervlUe, Me., Sept 13, 1899; 2 children B&- 

M.D., U. of Vt. Coll of Medicine, 1891: m. Nov. 2, g«" .t" '"5- business, 1886, as elk. In office of UT. 

1892, Edith M. Steams, of Lovell, Me. Began prac- Boothby & Son and upon Incorporation, 1900. was 

tlce In Fryeburg. Me.. 1891; removed to Norway. JT^^.t^^'^^^vi vJ*!r ^'■®^- the title now being 

Me.. 1895; supt. schs.. Norway; trustee Brldgton Boothby & Bartlett Co. ; appointed spl.agt.Ham- 

Acad. Mem. Am. Med. Assn.. Me. Med. Assn. (pres., burg-Bremen Fire Ins. Co. and agt. for Me. ot 

1914-15). Oxford County Med. Assn. Chmn. Rep. Mercantile Fire Ins. Co., 1896, Queen Ins. Ca. 

Town Cbm.. Rep. County Com. Congllst. Mason. 1908; dlr Peoples Nat. Bank (WatervlUe), CentnJ 

mem. K. of P. Address: Norway, Me! Me. Realty Co.; din and secy. WatervlUe Loan & 

'••••ni-'nmm T.—.^ w.-.«. »I,™._*. », T li.i. Bldg. Assn. Prcs. Central Me. (State) Fair, 1907- 

J.*?;?^l?5/ ??^?..'?^'"^:„"?^™'i*d„5lvH*f*; lU treas. City of WatervlUe 2 yrs,; mem. Bd. of 

field. Me., Sept 25, 1856 8. James and ^rah Jane Ba„ _ 2 yrs^mem. Me. Senate, 1915, 1916; elected 

(Towne) Bartlett: B.S.U of Me, 1880 M.S., 1883; mayor of \tratervllle. Mar. 1, 1915. Republican, 

post-grad, work Cornell U., 1882, 1883: m. Pern- unitarian. Mason (K.T.); pres. WatervlUe M»- 

5''°'l*.',^^- ^^- h ''??• ^'"■^T*' Caroline Pattan^all; gon,,. Assn. Club: WatervUle Masonic. Home: 386 

5 children. Emily Mary, Louise, Burton Eliot, Main St. Address: 176 Main St., WatervlUe. Mfc 
Frances Dorothea, Edmund Hobart. Chemist to —.«„«■«. » ^^-^ _,.,,., ^ t> 

Fertilizer Control. Pa. State Coll.. 1883-4; chief . "*?'*=?''! „¥„**"'*';t banken broker: b Bo»- 

chemist Me. Agr'l Expt. Stn. since 1886. Mem. 5?P'„-*'?'^ 3 }?lv Pv.'^^ll®"" °i ?S?, Isabel a 

Am. >s8n. Official Agr'l Chemists. Am. Chem. Soc, i?""9°'*> J"£"^"i, ^/?;'. "f "nV"^- ^^^V ""■ ^l}^ 

Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. Republican, ^'""f*"' .?^ ,^?5*°?' i''^'^ t' tJ^^- t> ♦^"^^ l^^X 

Unlversallst. Recreations: hunting, fishing. Ad- ??I®?' I''i^J^l^^'„,„^T„?£ ?bn^ . ^tfi'l!^' f" ^^' 

ffrpfiR Oronn Mp PlST iron commn. merchants, 1901; retired on ac- 

»r»™i4-H- i-i. — ' wo ,.rTx count of ni health, 1903; associated with brother, 

xr^^^T^'^T?' "?i ^""^l o- 1?""?"^?' ?^-^' N. S.. Jr.. 1904. and organized Bartlett Bros. Co.. 
*''"l\'l- \, ?i "• ''°"^^r?V^ Sophronia A. (Sar- which still continues. Mem. Boston Stock Ex- 
gent) Bartlett; prep ed. Colby Acad.; A.B. Dart- change. Republican. Clubs: Harvard. Tennis and 
mouth, 1894; prln Haven Gramniar and Whipple Racquet Recreations: horseback riding, tennis. 
Grammar Schs of Portsmouth, N.H 1 yr each Home: Beverly Farms, Mass. Office: 60 State SL, 
and Portsmouth HIeh Sch., 2 yrs. During the 4 Boston 

years after graduation from coll.; admitted to N.H. —.«■,_-•,—-, ..^w. ,.,-.,,_ , ,~, ., 

bar. June, 1S98. after passing the State bar exam- io?a^ ' "»*''»»1»1 0111«y, lawyer. (See vol. 

lnatlon«. preparation for which was by pvt study; 190».) 

m. Portsmouth. N.H., June 1, 1900, Airne-?, d. BABTHBTT, OllTWr IiUBil; M.D.. surgeon: fc- 

Calvin Paee: one .<>on. Calvin Page. Associated In Rockland, Me.. Oct 19, 1869; s. Edward H. and 

practice at Portsmouth with Judge Pae'e since 1898 Mary (Lawson) Bartlett; ed. pub. and high schs.. 

as Pae:e & Bartlett. later. Page. Bartlett & Mitch- Rockland: A.B.. Bates Coll., Lewlaton, Me.. 188!: 

ell; postmaster. Portsmouth, 1899-08. Mem. staff M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Columbia). 1887; m. 



Evle Tolman Hemingway, of Rockland, Me., Sept 
3, 1889. Began practice at Rockland, 18S7; removed 
to Plttsfleld, Mass., 1903; specializes In treatment 
of diseases of eye, ear, nose and throat. Mem. 
A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc. Mem. Crescent Lodge. 
A.F. & A.M., Plttsfleld (master); mem. Knox L>odge 
No. 79, I.O.O.F., Rockland. Republican. Baptist. 
Home: 119 Appleton Av. Office: 73 North St., Pltts- 
fleld, Mass. 

^ ~ »j.»»j,J, rmxof, surgeon; b. Ellsworth, Me., 
Apr. 14, 1871; s. Aurelius A. and Maria L. (Blood) 
Bartlett; A. B., Bowdoin, 1892; M.O., Dartmouth 
Med. Sch., 1900; m. Jai>«. Potter, of Sudbury, Ont, 
Can., June 29, 1904. Interne, Boston City Hosp., 
1900-3; resident surgeon, Relief Sta., 1903-4; asso. 
surgeon, Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hosp., Han- 
over. N.H., since 1904; instr. in anatomy, 1904-14, 
prof, surgery since 1914, Dartmouth Med. Sch. 
Mem. A.M.A., Phi Beta Kappa. Delta Kappa Bpai- 
lon. Democrat. Conglist. Club: Oraduates' (Han- 
over). Address: Hanover, N.H. 

S9T, Balpli Bylvestar, lawyer; b. Eliot. 

Me., Apr. 29, 1868; s. Sylvester and Clementine 
(Raitt) Bartlett; 8th in direct descent from Rich- 
ard B&rtlett, Newbury, Mass., 1635; grad. Berwick 
Acad., South Berwick, Me., 1886; A.B., Dartmouth, 
1889, A.M., 1892; L,L..B., magna cum laude, Boston 
U. Law Sch., 1892. Admitted to Suffolk bar, 1892, 
and since practiced in Boston; admitted to U.S. 
cts., 1894: associated in practice with Gov. William 
H Russell, 1892 unUl bis death, 1896. Mem. 1st 
Corps Cadets, M.V.M., 1894-03 (now hon. raem.). 
Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Mass. Bar Assn., Bar Assn. 
City of Boston, S.A.R., Theta Delta Chi, Phi Delta 
Phi. Clubs: University, Dartmouth, Middlesex. 
Home: 139 Beacon St. Office: 63 State St., Boston. 
BASTZiETT, Robert Abram, explorer; b. Brlgus, 
Newfoundland, Aug. 15, 1875; s. William James 
and Mary J. (Leamon) Bartlett; ed. Brlgus High 
Sch., and Meth. Coll., St. Johns, Newfoundland; 
passed exam, for "Master of British Ships," Hall- 
fax, N.S., 1905- unmarried. Began explorations 
wintering with R. E. Peary at Cape D'UrvlUe, Kane 
Basin, 1897-8: on a hunting expdn.. Hudson Strait 
and Bay, 1901; capt. of a sealer ofT Newfoundland 
coast. 1901-6; comd. the "Roosevelt," 1905-9. taking 
active part In Peary's expdn. to the pole, reaching 
88th parallel; comd. ship on pvt. hunting expdn. to 
Kane Basin, 1910. Awarded Hubbard gold medal, 
Nat. Geog. Soc, 1909: Hudson-Fulton silver medal, 
1909; silver medal, English Geog. Soc, 1910: Kane 
medal, Phlla. Geog. Soc. 1910; silver medal. Italian 
Geog. Soc. 1910. Mason. Club: City (Boston). 
Home: Brigus, Newfoundland. Address: Boston 
City Club, Boston.* 

t. Boll* WilUa, investment securi- 
ties; b. Eliot, Me., Sept. 2, 1869; s. Sylvester and 
Clementine (Raitt) Bartlett; grad. Berwick Acad., 
South Berwick, Me., 1887; B.Lltt, Dartmouth. 
lSs94; LL.B.. Boston U. Sch. of Law, 1897; m. Mary 
Ella Moulton, of Boston, June 25, 1912. Admitted 
to Mass. bar, 1897; associated with N. W. Harris & 
Co., bankers. 1900-8; sr. mem. RoUa W. Bartlett 
A Co. since 1908. Mem. Suffolk County Bar Assn., 
Theta Delta Chi (Dartmouth Chapter). Repub- 
lican. Clubs: University (Boston), Oakley Coun- 
try. Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: 1263 
Commonwealth Av. Office: 35 (Jongress St., Boston. 

SASTKSTT, Soliaytor Buipsoii, trustee; b. 
Plymouth. Mass., May 8, 1841; s. Amasa and Esther 
S. (Spooner) Bartlett: grad. Plymouth High Sch.; 
m. Margaret P. Hazeltlne. of Belfast, Me., Nov. 18, 
1889 (died Sept. 5. 1897) ; m. 2d, Frances M. Smith, 
of Boston. Mass., Oct. 4, 1899. Began active career 
as dk. In banker's office: became connected with 
Union Safe Deposit Vaults, Boston, 1868, mgr. of 
same since Mar., 1910; mgr. and treas. Mich. Iron 
Lands Co.. Limited; dlr. Commonwealth Trust Co., 
Hill Mfg. Co., Plymouth Cordage Co.; trustee Com- 
mon^ealth Av. Land Trust, and various estates. 
Republican. Unitarian. Club: Merchants. Recrea- 
tions: card playing, bowling. Home: Wellesley 
Hills, Mass. Office: 40 and 50 State St., Boston. 

Rlcker, of Portland, Me. In wholesale grocery 
business until 1884; engaged as importer of cocoa 
and chocolate, on own account, 1884; firm Incor- 
porated, 1906, as the Stephen L. Bartlett Co., of 
which has since been pres. ; dlr. Home Savings 
Bank, U.S. Smelting, Reflnlng & Mining Co., Island 
Creek Coal Co. Mem. Boston Chamber of Com- 
merce. Clubs: Union, Algonquin, Country (Brook- 
line). Home: 176 Commonwealth Av. Office: 68 
India St., Boston. 

', ShonuM B(lUott), clergyman; b. 

Newburyport, Mass., Sept. 20, 1853; s. Jonathan 
and Sarah (Shuts) Bartlett; A.B., Brown U., 1877; 
B.D., Newton Theol. Instn., 1880; m. Providence, 
R.I., May 2, 1882, Isabella J. TuthlU; 2 children, 
Florence E., Faith. Ordained Bapt. ministry, 1880; 
pastor South Bapt. Ch., Providence, 1880-02, Paw- 
tuxet Bapt. Ch., 1902-11; since spl. agt., R.I. Bapt. 
State Conv. Pres. R.I. Bapt. Edn. Soc; chmn. Fi- 
nance Com., R.I. Bapt. State Conv. Author: (book- 
lets) The English Bible in American Eloquence; 
Was There a Second Isaiah? Frequent contbr. to 
religious press. Home: Edgewood Station, Provi- 
dence, R.I. 

jv^M^va^ASf *miii»n micw^ educfttor, sculptor: 
b. Dorset, Vt., Oct. 25. 1835; s. Buckley Howe and 
Henrlette (Richardson) Bartlett; studied art In 
Rome, Italy, and Paris, France; m. Cheshire, Ctenn., 
Dec, 1861, Mary Ann White (now deceased). Was 
for 23 yrs. instr. in Architectural DepL, Mass. 
Inst, of Tech.; father of I>aul Wayland Bartlett, 
sculptor, of Pajls; maintained for 9 yrs., in Bos- 
ton, a free sch. for modeling and drawing, for poor 
boys and girls. Author of bronze statue of Dr. 
Horace Wells, In Bushnell Park, Hartford, Conn., 
of the Benedict Family Monument In Woodland 
Cemetery, Waterbury, (5onn., and of The Wounded 
Drummer Boy of Shiloh, many busts In bronze and 
marble, etc.; brought to America the 1st large 
bronze flgures cast In one piece; made the Ist fig- 
ure in terra cotta of any Am. sculptor. Mason. 
Author: Life of Dr. William Rlmmer; The Physi- 
ognomy of Abraham Lincoln; etc; now writing on 
The Portraits of Abraham Lincoln. Home: Boston; 
(summer) Chocorua, N.H. 

BABTXiBTT, WllUam Alfred, clergyman; b. Chi- 
cago, Feb. 17, 1S58; s. late Pres. Samuel C. Bart- 
lett, LL.D., of Dartmouth College, and Mary Bacon 
(Learned) Bartlett; A.B., Dartmouth, 1882, A.M., 
1886; grad. Hartford Theol. Sem., 1886 (D.D., 1899); 
m. Esther Adelaide Pitkin, of Chicago, Feb. 23, 
1892; 3 children. William Pitkin (deceased), Doris 
Jeannette, Richard Learned. Ordained Congl. min- 
istry, 1886; pastor Ch. of the Redeemer, Chicago, 
1885-8, 2d <bh.. Oak Park, 111., 1889-96, Kirk St. Ch., 
Lowell, Mass., 1896-01, Ist Ch., Chicago, 1901-10, 
Farmlngton Av. Ch., Hartford, Conn., 1910-14; 
health broke down; doing efficiency work with chs. 
in N.E.; with First Congl. Ch. of Lowell, Mass., 
1915. Trustee Hartford Sem. Foundation. Clubs: 
Apollos (Chicago), Congregational (Lowell). 
Speaker on spl. occasions, toast master, etc. Rec- 
reations: walking, T.M.C.A., motoring. Address: 
168 3d St, Lowell, Mass. 

ITT, Stsphsn X;., Importer; b. Boston, 
May, 1858; s. Perclval W. and Persis (Long) Bart- 
lett; ed. pub. and high schs. of Mass.; m. Florence 

~.>'._jB.', William TenasT, clergyman; b. Con- 
cord, N.H., Nov. 7, 1868; s. Joseph Dana (MA.) 
and Mary Atwood (Tenney) Bartley; A.B., Tale, 
1891 (salutatorlan); Ph.D., Yale, 1895; grad. An- 
dover Theol. Sem., 1897, S.T.B., 1899; m. Carrie 
Belle Webster, of Salem, N.H., Feb. 6, 1900; 1 son, 
Irving Dana. Ordained Congl. ministry. 1897; pas- 
tor Salem. N.H., 1896-02, Bennington. 1902-7. Beth- 
lehem, 1907-11, 1st Ch., Hadley, Mass, 1911-13, 
Mlddlefleld, Mass., since Dec 1, 1913. Mem. Berk- 
shire North Assn. Congl. Chs., Berkshire North 
Ministerial Union. Home: Mlddlefleld, Mass. 

BABTO, Oliaxlas Elmore, clergyman; b. North- 
port L.I., N.T.. Oct. 6, 1862; s. Charles Henry and 
Sarah Jane (Briggs) Barto; descendant of John 
Briggs, who came to Mass., 1635, also of Francis 
and Morris Barto, of the Revolutionary War; Ph.B., 
Wesleyan U., Conn., 1890: (D.D., HI. Wesleyan U., 
1909); m. Nellie M. Daniels, of UnlonvUle, Conn., 
May 7, 1891; 4 children, Marjory, Earl Briggs, 
Dorothy, Elmore Gordon. Ordained M.B. ministry, 
1890; pastor in Conn., 1890-7. Queensborough, N.T.-» 
City, 1897-03, Willis Av. Ch., Bronx, New jjrls. 



1908-8, Washington Park Ch., Bridereport, Conn., 
1908-11, Ist Ch.. Waterbury, Conn., 1911-14, Not- 
walk. Conn,, since 1914. Mem. Delta Kappa Bpat- 
lon. Mason. Address: 4 West At., Norwalk, Conn. 

BABTO&, John Waalibnxii, M.D.; b. Liancaster, 
Mass., Jan. 10, 1864; s. George M. and BlUabeth 
(Washburn) Bartolj ed. PhnUps Bxeter Acad.; 
A.B., Harvard, 1887: M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 
1891; m. Charlotte H. Cabot, of Brookllne, Oct. 2, 
1900; children, Janet, Dorothy, Ann, PriscUla, 
Oeorge M., Louis C. Practiced at Boston since 
189S; asst. in clin. medicine. Harvard Med. Sch., 
1906-10; mem. Mass. State Bd. of Health, 1902-7. 
Mem. Mass. Med. Soc. Clubs: St Botolph, Har- 
vard. Address: 1 Chestnut St, Boston. 

BASTOir, Charles Clarenoa, lawyer; b. Salia- 
bury. Conn., StJijt. 14, 1B44; 8. Pliny L. and Mary 
Ann {Lock wood) Barton; ed. Amenla (N.YJ Sem., 
1863-4; B.A., Trinity Coll., Conn.. 1869; L,L.B., Bos- 
ton U, Sch. of Law, 1S73; m. 1st, Bmma C. Drew, 
Aug. 24. 1870 (died Nov. !£, 1886); children, Charles 
C., Jr.. Chealey D., Katharine I., Philip L., Eliza- 
beth C. (Mrs. Wlnthrop L, Carter); m. 2d, Kath- 
arine H. Drew. Apr. E. 1S93 (dJod Nov. 26, 1897); 
m. 3d, Frunoes E. Kendall, of Boston, Sept 12, 
1S99. AdiuUtijcI to illddJcsci bar, 1873, and since 
practiced at Boston; mem. Barton & Barton (father 
and son) since 1900; mem. Common Council, New- 
ton, Mass., 2 yrs. (pres. 1 yr.). Mem. Boston Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Bpsllon Chapter Delta Fsl. Rec- 
reations: poultry fancier. Home: Framingham, 
Mass. Office: S5 Congress St., Boston. 

BABTOV, EOmnnA Mills, librarian; b. Worces- 
ter, Mass., Sept 27, 1888; a. Ira Moore and Maria 
Waters (Bullard) Barton; ed. pub. and pvt schs.; 
m. Abigail TwycroBS BlaJce, of Dresden. Me., Sept. 
6, 1870: 4 children, Lydla M., Bdmund Blake, Fred- 
erick McDonald, Harold Bullard. Mercantile train- 
ing in Boston, St. Louis and New York, 1857-60; 
relief agt U.S. Sanitary Comran. for Bth Corps, 
Army of the Potomac, 1863-5. Asst. librarian, 1866- 
83, librarian, 1883-08, librarian emeritus since 1909, 
Am. Antiquarian Soc. Mem. Am. Antiquarian Soc, 
A.L.A., Am. Hist Assn., Mass. Library Club, vari- 
ous state hist socs., etc. Address: 262 Salisbury 
St., Worcester, Mass. 

BABTOV, rnmk Bivraa, clergyman; b. Saco, 
Me., June 20, 1852; s. Isaac Somes and Roxana 
(Miller) Barton; ed. grammar and high schs., Rox- 
bury, Mass.; St. Lawrence U., Canton, N.Y.. 1887- 
90; St. Lawrence Theol. Sch., 1887-90; m. Fannie 
Elizabeth Fogg, of Brownfleld. Me.. Oct 11. 1886: 2 
children, Mrs. Agnes Linwood Haskell, Frank Eu- 
gene, Jr. Ordained Universalist ministry, 1890; 
pastor Bethel, Me., 1890-02; supt. Universalist Ch. 
for Me., 1902-6; pastor Fairfield and Waterville, 
1906-11, Rockport Mass., since 1911. Acting chap- 
lain of Ashla Lodge. F. and A.M.; hon. mem. Bethel 
Lodge. F. and A.M. ; chaplain of Granite Lodge, 
I.O.O.F., Rockport Address: 14 Pleasant St., Rock- 
port, Mass. 

BAKTOir, Osorg* Knnt, geologist: b. Sudbury, 
Mass., July 8, 1852; s. George Washington and 
Mary S. (Hunt) Barton; lived on a farm there until 
21 yrs. old; S.B., Mass. Inst. Tech., 1880; m. Eva 
May Beede, of Stow. Mass., Sept 18, 1884. Aast. 
in drawing, Mass. Inst. Tech., 1880-1; asst on Ha- 
waiian govt, survey, Honolulu, 1881-3; asst. in 
geology, 1883-4, asst prof, till 1904, Mass. Inst 
Tech.; same, Boston U., till 1904; now director 
Teachers' Sch. of Science. Was asst. geologist U.S. 
Qeol. Survey: mem. 6th Peary expdn. to Green- 
land, 1896. (See Who's Who In America for socie- 
ties, etc.) Home: 89 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, 
Mass. Office: 234 Berkeley St, Boston.* 

BAXTOV, Kvbbard Alonio, editor and publisher; 
May 12, 1842-Sept 2, 1912. (See vol. 1909.) 

BAXTOB, Jamas Kavi, clergyman; b. Charlotte, 
Vt., Sept 23, 1856; s. Jacob V. and Hannah 
(Knowles) Barton; A.B., Mlddlebury Coll., 1881, 
A.M., 1884: grad. Hartford Theol. Sem., 1885; D.D.. 
1894, LL.D., 1913, Mlddlebury Coll.): m. Flora E. 
Holmes, of Wlnfleld, N.Y., June 3, 1885. Ordained 
Congl. ministry, 1885; missionary A.B.C.F.M. at 
Harpoot Turkey, 1885-92; prof, in Mission Theol. 
Sem., 1888-92; pres. Euphrates Coll., Harpoot, 1893; 

foreign sec. A.B.C.F.M. since 1894. Deputation to 
Jaiuin, 1896, Ceylon and India, 1901, (^lina, 1907; 
trustee Middlebury Coll., Hartford Theol. Sem^ 
etc. (See Who's Who in America for writings, etc.) 
Home: Newton Centre, Mass. Office: 14 Beacon St., 

SABTOH, J««M Koztoa, lawyer; b. Newport. 
N.H., Jan. 21, 1870; s. Levi Winter and Bllaabetta 
F. (Jewett) Barton; prep. edn. Kimball Union 
Acad.; A.B., Dartmouth, 1892; taught sch. for sev- 
eral yrs.; studied law in office of A. S. Wait. Elsq.. 
and at the Boston U. Sch. of Law; admitted to bar, 
1899. Member of N.H. House of Rep., 1901-2; 
mem. State ConstL Conv., 1903, 12; Judge of pro- 
bate, Sullivan Co., since Jan., 1906; trustee N.H. 
Industrial Sch., 1909-12; chmn. Rep. State Com., 
1912 to 1916; trustee Newport Savings Bank, Rich- 
ard's Free Library. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., N.H. 
State Bar Assn., N.H. Hist Soc. Methodist Ma- 
son; Odd Fellow. Address: Newport N.H. 

BABTOH, Sawrenoe Wesley; b. Ludlow, Vt., 
Nov. 16, 1874; 8. Wesley J. and Marcia R. (Briggs) 
Barton; ed. Black River Acad., Ludlow; grad. AerrL 
Dept U. of Vt, 1898; m. Helen Josselyn, of Lyson, 
Vt., Oct 2, 1907; 2 children, Paul L., Barbara H. 
In lumber business since 1899; Justice of peaces 
1900; auditor of Plymouth, 1909, 10; lister, 1910; 
mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep.. 1910. Republican. Univer- 
salist Mem. Sigma Nu. Mason. Address: Plym- 
outh, Vt 

BABVOB, Uewellrm, lawyer; b. Naples, Me., 
Nov. 24, 1864; s. William H. and Sallie (Shedd) 
Barton; grad. Bowdoin, 1884; studied law with Na- 
than and Henry B. Cleaves, Portland; prln. Bridg- 
ton Acad., 1887.,92; admitted to bar, 1898; m. Grace 
Luette Newman, of Portland, Sept 19, 1894: 4 
children, Laurence G., Elizabeth N., Grace M., 
Llewellyn, Jr. Began practice in Portland, 1893; 
mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1886-8; chmn. Bd. Select- 
men, Bridgton, 1891; mepi. Dem. State Com., 1895- 
01; established Me. Dem. Club, 1898 (pres. until 
1908); Dem. candidate for mayor of Portland, 1899- 
elk. of courts, Cumberland Co., 1907-16. Founded 
the Portland Weekly Star in 1897; bought the Me. 
Democrat, consolidated it with the Star; founded 
the Evening Star, which became the Portland Eve- 
ning Courier in 1898; mem. Dem. State Com., 1894- 
1900; candidate register of deeds, 1888, for regis- 
ter of probate, 1890, for sberitf, 1900. Mem. Port- 
land Pastoral Chorus since 189S (treas. since 1907). 
Mem. Theta Delta Chi. Odd Fellow. Author of an 
algebraic review, also of Maine Official and Classi- 
fied Business Directory (pub. annually). Recrea- 
tions: baseball. Address: Court House, Portland. 

BABTOH, Iiovlu T„ Rhoe mfr.; Jan. 16, 18e2-Nov. 
30, 1909. (See vol. 1909.) 

BABTOV, Stephen Bmorjr, Are underwriter; b. 
Oxford, Mass., Dec. 24, 1848; s. Capt. David and 
Julia (Porter) Barton; descendant of Edward Bar- 
ton, of Salem, Mass., about 1636; ed. pub. schs., 
Oxford, Mass., until 1863; m. Joyce Willmot of 
Hastings, N.S., June 28, 1870 (died Apr. 12. 1881); 
1 daughter, Myrtls WlUmot (Mrs. Stephen L. But- 
ler, of Northampton. Mass.) ; m. 2d, Lizzie W. 
Tracy, of Norwich, Conn. Entered army In U.S. 
mil. telegraph service, Dept of South, and Army 
of the Potomac until close of CSvll War; served 4 
yrs. on Atlantic cables, 1867-71; Are Ins. agt since 
1872. Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce. One of 
Incorporators Am. Nat. Red Cross and many yrs. 
2d v.-p. same; chmn. Central Cuban Relief Com., 
under appmt. of Pres. McKlnley, Jan., 1898-July 16, 
1899. Clubs: Exchange (Boston). Republican (New 
York). Contbr. on Red Cross Ins. and other topics, 
to various Jours. Asso. editor (with George S. Bar- 
ton, of Worcester, Mass.), The Barton Genealogy, 
1916. Recreations: fishing. Home: Hotel Cnolldge, 
Brookllne, Mass. Office: 86 Water St., Boston, 

BABTOW. Howard Key, clercyman; b. Astoria, 
N.Y., Aug. 12, 1876; s. Jacob Field and Anna Key 
(Steele) Bartow; ed. pub. schs.. N.Y. ; Rectory Scii., 
Hamden, Conn.; grad. Gen. Theol. Sem., 1900; m, 
Florence A. Cragin. of N.Y. City, Feb. 3, 1902; 4 
children. Mary Schell, Howard Key, Jr., Catharine 
Cragin, Samuel. Deacon and priest, P.E. Ch., 1900; 



aast. Christ Cta., Rye, N.Y.. 1901. Ch. of the Holy 
Communion. N.T. City. 1901-4; rector St Stephen's 
Ch^ Cohaaset, Mass., since Feb., 1904. Socialist. 
Addreas: Atlantic At., Cobaaset, Mass. 

MAMnU, Aaal* Kowes, writer; b. South Tar- 
mouth, Cape Cod, Mass., d. Osbone and Abby 
(Crowell) Howes; graA. Vassar, 1874; m. Carl 
Bams. Jan. 20, 1887. Pres. Associate Alumnce of 
Vassar. 1890-1, Assn. of Collegriate Alumnte, 1892-4; 
sec-treas. latter. 1896-8. Contbr. to newspajMrs. 
mafs., etc., especially on health of college women, 
child stadir and child-labor. Home: 80 Blmgrove 
Av.. PrOTidence. R.I.* 

BASVS, OaiL physicist; b. Cincinnati, Feb. 19. 
18S6; s. Prof. Carl and Sophia (Mollman) Bams; 
attended Columbia, 1874-6: U. of WnnburK. Ger- 
many. 1876-80, Ph.D., 1879; (LL-D., Brown, 1907, 
Clark U.. 1909); m. Annie O. Howes, Jan. 20, 1887. 
Physicist. U.S. Geol. Survey, 1880-92; prof, meteor- 
ology. U.S. Weather Bar., 1S92-3; physicist. Smith- 
sonian Instn.. 1893-6; prof, physics since 1895, 
dean grrad. dept since 190S, Brown U. Awarded 
the Rumford Medal of Am. Acad. Arts and Sci- 
ences for various researches in heat. Mem. ad- 
visory com. CameKie Instn., 1902; mem. hon. com. 
of Intemat. Congress on Radiology, Brussels, 1910. 
Fellow Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences, A.A.A.S.: 
mem. Nat. Acad. Sciences (v.-p. and chmn. sect, of 
physics. 1897); corr. mem. Brit Assn. Adv. Scl.; 
hon. mem. Royal Instn. of Oreat Britain; mem. Am. 
Physical Soc. (ores. 1904). WashlnRton Acad. Sci- 
ences. Am. Fhllos. Soc Speaker for Am. Physics, 
World's Congress, St Louis, 1904. Original con- 
tributions to science number about 300 titles. (See 
Who's Who in America for list of books and writ- 
ings.) Home: 30 ESmgrove Av., Providence.* 

BABOOM, OhaxlM William, printer; b. Ore»n- 
fleld. Mass., May 31, 1868; s. Chester A. and 
Minerva S. (Martlndale) Bascom; descendant of 
Thomas Bascom, settled In Boston, about 1638; ed. 
diet, and high schs., Greenfield, 1862-74; Powers 
Inst. Bemardston, Mass., 1875; m. Boston, 1897. 
Agnea J. Smith. L,earned printing trade of Field & 
Hall. Greenfleld. 1876-9; came to Boston and 
worlced aa journeyman printer and foreman. 1880- 
85; entered printing business (Bascom & Cronln, 
62 Sudbury St), succeeding J. A. Butler & Co., 
1886; retired from Srm. 1889, and purchased print- 
ing office of Charles W. Symonds, 154 Federal St., 
where has since conducted general printing busi- 
ness. Mason. Recreations: motoring. Home: Win- 
cheater. Mass. Office: 164 Federal St. Boston. 

BA8C01E, Harry Chestar; b. Holden, Mass., Dec. 
II, 1864: a. Artemas D. and Emerette F. (Davis) 
Bascom; student Tufts Coll., 1886-9, Ph.D., 1889; 
student Boston U. Sch. of tJiw, and law office In 
Hudson, Mass.; m. Edith A. Rice, of Leominster, 
Mass.. Jan. 30. 1900: 4 children, James R., Law- 
rence R. Francis Elizabeth, Harry C, Jr. Prac- 
ticed in Leominster since 1892; trial Justice, 1896- 
10. Republican. Mason; mem. I.O.O.F, Addreaa: 
4 Main St.. Leominster, Mass. 

BA800K, Bsnry Albart, commission merchant; 
b. Portland, Me., Oct. 26, 1860; s. Ezekiel F. and 
Olive R. (Ramsdill) Bascom; A.B., Bowdoin, 1883, 
A.M.. 1886; m. Alice H. Howard, of Maiden, Mass.. 
Jan. 6. 1887; children, Marion Olive, Henry 
Alttert Engaged In wholesale commn. business 
(Lord & Webster Co.), Boston, since 1883, mem. of 
CO. since June, 1909, mem. Boston Chamber of 
Commerce, Psl Upallon. Republican. Congllst 
Clubs: Boston City, Kernwood (Maiden). Home: 
Maiden. Mass. Office: 260 Commercial St. Boston. 

BASCOK, John, educator; May 1. 1827-Oct 2, 
1911. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in America. 

BASS, Olsra BeyBolda. educator at Western 
College, Oxford, O., since 1912. (See vol. 1909.) 

BASflLBdemr Wales, colonel U.S.A.; b. Prairie du 
Chien. wis., Oct 30, 1843; s. Jacob Wales and 
Martha Darrah (Brunson) Bass; pvt. and q.-m. 
sergt 8th Minn. Inf., Aug. 13, 1862-June 30, 1864; 
grad. West Point, 1868; studied Post-Grad. Sch. for 
Mil. EaicTB., Wlllets Point, N.Y.; m. Ad61e Smith, 
of New York. June 26. 1879. Bvt 2d It U.S. Engrs., 
June 16. 1868; 2d It. Feb. 16. 1869; Ist It. Feb. 14, 

1871; prof, mathematics, West Point Apr. 17, 1878; 
col. U.8.A.; retired at own request after 36 yrs*. 
service, Oct 7, 1898. Asst astronomer, U.S. Tran- 
sit of Venus Expdn. to New Zealand, 1874-6; U.S. 
Expdn. Eclipse of Sun. Colo., 1878. (See Who's 
Who in America for book and writings.) Address: 
Bar Harbor. Me.* 

I, Bdward OaxT, clergyman; b. Moretown. 
Vt, Oct 5, 1836; s. Alpheus and Sally (Copeland) 
Bass; prep. ed. Washington Co. Grammar Sch. and 
Newbury Sem.. Vt; A.B^ U. of Vt. 1859 (D.D.. 
1884) : married Lucia R. Blair, of Burlington. Vt, 
Apr. 9, 1861 (died 1882); 1 daughter. Bertha. Or- 
dained ministry M.EX Ch., 1861; pastor, Vt, 
14 yrs., N.H., 8 yrs.. Me., 3 yrs., Mass., 6 yrs., R.I., 
7 yrs.; served 6 yrs. as dlst. supt at Providence, 
RI. ; endowment agt, U. of Vt, 6 yrs.; agt fo» 
Conf. Claimants Fund; N.E. Southern Annual 
Conf., since March, 1912. Traveled in Europe 4 
summers. Address: 146 Cranston St., Providence, 
Rhode Island. 

I, Oeorga Xnaj, boot and shoe mfr.; b. 
Wilton, Me., July 22, 1843; s. Seth and Nancy 
(Russell) Bass; 7th In generation from Samuel 
Bass, Mass. Colony, 1630; pub. sch. ed.; m. Mary 
Louise Streeter, of Saybrook, O., Nov. 10, 1874 
(died May 2. 1896); m. 2d, Mary Ella Barry, of 
WoUaston, Mass., Oct 27, 1897; children, Wlllard 
Streeter, b. 1876; John Russell, 1878; Elisabeth, 
1881; Anne Louise, 1888. Taught sch. at 17; served 
apprenticeship in tanner's trade at Wilton, 18 to 
21; commenced In business, tanning and finishing 
upper-leather and calf skins, at 22; bought half 
interest in boot and shoe bualneas with E. P. 
Packard, at Wilton, 1876, and a yr. later bought 
Mr. Packard's interest; continued as E. P. Packard 
& Co. until 1880. when sold tannery and remained 
In shoe business as G. H. Bass A Co., Incorporated 
1906, of which is pres.; pres. Wilton Water Co. 
Mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1913. Pres. Wilton Acad. 
Republican. Address: Wilton, Me. 

1, John Bnssell, shoe mfr.; b. Wilton. Me.. 
Sept 6, 1878; s. George Henry and Mary Louis* 
(Streeter) Bass: A.B., Bowdoin, 1900; m. Alice 
Mary Ness, of Howlck, P.Q., Can., Sept 17, 1913. 
Engaged In shoe manufacturing at Wilton since 
1900; treas. G. H. Bass & Co. Trustee Wilton Acad. 
Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Republican. Congllst 
Address: Wilton, Me. 

— — ...., Joaaph Farkar, publisher; b. Randolph, 
Vt. 1836; s. Samuel and Margaret (Parker) Bass; 
ed. common scha. and acad., Randolph: m. Bancror, 
1866, Mary March (deceased, 1899). Began active 
career as clerk In dry goods house of Hocum Hos- 
ford, Lowell, Mass., 1854, later engaging In same 
business for himself; removed business to Bangor. 
Me., 1863, and continued until 1870, after which he 
enraged extensively In buying and selling timber 
lands and city real estate; has devoted attention, 
since 1879, chiefly to pub. Bangor Dally and Weekly 
Commercial (former estab., 1872, and latter, 1838); 
pres. and treas. J. P. Bass Pub. Co.; mayor of City 
of Bangor, 1873; representative State Legislature. 
1876; mem. Bd. of World's Fair Commrs. from Me. 
to Columbian Expn. (chmn. exec, com.) ; prea. 
Eastern Me. State Fair Assn. for 12 yrs.- now dlr. 
2d Nat. Bank of Bangor. Mem. I.O.O.F.. Soc. May- 
flower Descendants of Mass. and Me. (being a 
lineal descendant of Deacon Samuel and Anne 
Bass and John and PrlscUIa TMulllns] Alden). 
Club: Tarratlne. Address: 43 High St., Bangor. 
Me.; Bar Harbor, Me., during summer. 

BASS, Bobart Farklns, ex-governor; b. Chicago, 
Sept 1. 1873; s. Perkins and C!Iara (Foster) Bass; 
brother of John Foster Bass; A.B.. Harvard, 
1896; student Harvard Grad. Sch., 1896-7, Harvard 
Law Sch., 1897-8. Engaged In farming, real estate 
and Investments; has devoted a great deal of at- 
tention to advancement of forestry In N.H. Mem. 
N.H. Ho. of Rep., 1906-7, 1907-9, Senate, 1909-10; 
Mem. N.H. Forestry Commn., 1906-10; gov. of 
N.H., term 1911-13. Republican. Mem. Am. For- 
estry Assn. (pres.. 1911), N.H, Forestry Assn. 
Home: Peterboro, N.H.* 

'>—>-, Wlllard Strsatar, shoe mfr.; b. Wilton. 
Me., July 27, 1876; s. George Henry and Mary 
Louise (Streeter) Bass: A.B., Bowdoin, 1896; A.M., 



Harvard, 1899; m. Elizabeth Adams, of Chtcaeo, 
111., Aug. 2, 1904 (died Mar. 6, 1907); m. 2d. Harriet 
Spencer Carson, of Greenville, 111., June 24, 1913; 
1 daughter, Mary Louise. Teacher Wilton Acad., 
1896-7, Chicago Inst., 1900-1, Francis W. Parker 
Soh., Chicago, 1901-8; engaged in shoe mfg., Wil- 
ton, since 1908; dlr. G. H. Bass & Co. Mem. bd. 
dlrs. Congl. Conf. and Missionary Soc. of Me. Mem. 
Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. Republican. 
Address: Wilton, Me. 

BASS, WlUlam, surgeon; June 22, 1832-19 — . 
(See vol. 1909.) 

BABBETT, Anstin BrkOlay, clergyman; b. Alle- 

£an, Mich., Jan. 23, 1869; s. Col. Chauncey J. and 
ydia Frances (Bradley) Bassett; descendant of 
William Bassett, Plymouth, Mass., 1621; A.B., 
Williams, 1881 (D.D., 1906); studied Hartford 
Theol. Sem.; B.D., Chicago Theol. Sem., 1887; 
studied U. of Berlin, 1897; m. Mary Ely, of New 
York, July 30, 1892; 1 daughter, Grace Ely. Teach- 
er Latin and Greek, Temple Grove Sem. and Sara- 
toga Acad., Saratoga Springs, N.V., 1881-2; prof, 
mathematics and physics, Mass. Agrl. Coll., 1882-4; 
ordained Congl. ministry, 1887; pastor Williams- 
town, Mass., 1887-91; Ware, Mass., 1891-1905; 
stated supply Park Ch., Hartford, 1906, 1910; aaso. 

§rof. exptl. theology and sec, Hartford Theol. 
em., 1906 — . Clubs: University, Educational. Ad- 
dress: Hartford, Conn.* 

BASBBTT, Ohmtlta, lawyer; b. Chatham, Mass., 
May 31, 1843; s. Whitman and Eliza (Uoane) Bas- 
sett; descendant of Enoch Bassett; ed. pub. schs.; 
admitted to bar, 1896; m. Sarah Harwood, of 
Brewster, Mass., Mar. 8, 1866 (died 1870); ro. 2d, 
Martha Sears, of Dennis, 1871 (died 1881); m. 3d, 
Mrs. Lucy (ClifCord) Bearse, of Harwich, Jan. 22, 
1891; 2 children. Whitman S. (chaplain State 
Prison, Concord, N.H.), Mrs. Mercie B. Acres, of 
Concord. Followed deep sea Ashing 13 yrs., retir- 
ing from the business, 1880; has practiced law at 
Harwich and Chatham since 1896, also dealer in 
real estate; mem. Bd. of Selectmen, Chatham, 9 
yrs.; apptd. spl. justice 2d Ct. of Barnstable, Apr., 
1909. Address: South Chatham, Mass. 

BASSETT, Oliarl*! Anaalm, banker; b. Taunton, 
Mass., Apr. 1, 1842; s. Charles Jarvls Holmes and 
Emeline Dean (Seabury) Bassett; descendant of 
William Bassett, who came to American in the 
ship Fortune, 1621; ed. high sch., Taunton, Mass.; 
m. June 15, 1870, Mary L. Hooper, of Fall River, 
Mass. Began as messenger Taunton Nat. Bank, 
1860; cashier 1st Nat. Bank, Fall River, 1864-77; 
treas. Fall River Savings Bank since Feb., 1877, 
also trustee. Liberal Republican. Mason. Club: 
Quequechan. Home: 808 Rock St. Office: 141 N 
Main St., Fall River, Mass. 

(Worcester), The Strollers (New York), Tatnuck 
Country, and Country (Brookllne, Mass.). Home: 
15 Ripley St. Office: 110-114 Foster St., Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

•><u»>~KA, Sdward Drown, lawyer; Aug. 14, 
1862-July, 1914. (See vol. 1909.) 

r, Tradarlek James, clergyman; b. Al- 
bany, N.T., Mar. 19, 1856; s. Daniel Edson and 
Harriet (Buxton) Bassett; grad. Albany High Sch., 
1873; A.B., Union Coll., Schenectady. N.Y., 1877 
(D.D., 1897); unmarried. Deacon, 1880, priest 
1881, P.E. Ch.; asst. St. Paul's Ch., Albany, N.Y., 
1880-2; rector All Saints' Ch., Torresdale, Phlla,, 
1882-6, Ch. of the Redeemer, Providence, R.I., since 
May, 1886; deputy to Gen. Conv., P.E. Ch., 1898, 
1901, 4, 7, 10; mem. Standing Com. of Diocese; sec. 
Bd. of Mgrs. of Diocesan Missions since 1901. 
Mem. Alpha Delta Phi. Address: 166 Prospect St., 
Providence, R.I. 

BASSETT, Osorg* BEsssa, mfr., wool spinning 
machinery; b. Worcester, Mass., Nov. 3, 1864; s. 
Joseph Massa and Elizabeth Alden (Kennan) Bas- 
sett; ed. pvt. and pub. schs. to 1878, Worcester 
High Sch., 1878-82, Amherst Coll.. 1882-6; m. 
Worcester, Nov. 7, 1888, Cora Louise Richards. 
Became connected, 1886, with his father's firm, 
.Johnson & Bassett (founded 1870), mem. of firm, 
1893, managing partner, 1896, and in 1906 came 
Into control of the business and has since been 
head of the Arm which Is still conducted under 
the original title; dlr. Mechanics' Nat. Bank, Aetna 
Knitting Co.; trustee Mechanics' Savings Bank, 
Peoples Savings Bank; Incorporator Worcester Co. 
Inst'n for Savings. Mem. Nat. Assn. Woolen Mfrs., 
Delta Upsllon. Clubs: Worcester, Commonwealth 

wmni 11 Jvaaer, clergyman; b. Brooklyn. Sept. 
25, 1864; s. Isaac Hodges and Amey Ann (Brown) 
Bassett; ed. pvt. and pub. schs.. Providence; at- 
tended lectures at Harvard, 1879; B.D., Episcopal 
Theol. Sch., Cambridge, Mass., 1882; m. Provi- 
dence, Nov. 15, 1892, Cora West Mann (now de- 
ceased). Ordained priest, P.E. Ch., 1882; rector 
Ch. of Epiphany, Providence, since 1882; examining 
chaplain to the bishop of the diocese; v.-p. St. 
Elizabeth's Home, Providence; dlr. R.I. Soc for 
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and of R.L 
Humane Edn. Soc. Address: 406 Elmwood, Av.. 
Providence, R.I. 

. John SpMMSr, college prof.; b. Tar- 

boro, N.C., Sept 10, 1867; s. Richard Baxter and 
Mary (Wilson) Bassett; A.B., Trinity Coll.. N.C., 
1888; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1894; m. Jessie tiewel- 
Un. of Durham, N.C., Aug. 10, 1892. Prof, history. 
Trinity Coll., N.C., 1893-06, Smith Coll., Mass., 
since 1906. Editor South Atlantic Quarterly, 1902- 
05; lecturer, Yale, 1907-8, New York U., 1909. Mem. 
Am. Hist Assn. (See Who's Who in America for 
list of books and writings.) Club: Century (New 
York). Address: Northampton, Mass.* 

BASSETT, J(0Bia]i) Colby, lawyer; b. Wlnslow, 
Me., Nov. 25, 1873; s. Josiah Williams and Ella 
Susan (Cornish) Bassett; descendant of William 
Bassett, who came to America in the ship Fortune, 
In 1621; A.B., Colby Coll., WatervlUe, Me., 1895; 
LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1900; A.M., Harvard. 
1901; m. Josephine SImes, of Boston, June 1, 1910; 
3 children, Charlotte, Barbara, Cornish. Associated 
In practice with Powers & Hall since graduation 
from law sch. and mem. of Arm since 1908. Mem. 
Am. Bar Assn., Mass. Bar Assn., Bar Assn. City of 
Boston, Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Kappa Epsilon. 
Clubs: Exchange, St. Batolph, University, Harvard 
(Boston), Harvard (New York), Eastern Yacht 
United Empire (London, Eng.). Home: 6 Louis- 
burg Sq. Office: 101 Milk St., Boston. 

BASSETT, Josiah W., merchant; b. Wlnslow, 
Me., Jan. 2, 1843; s. Williams and Sybil (Howard) 
Bassett; ed. Oak Grove Sem., Vassalboro, Me.; 
Watervllle (Me.) Acad.; m. Boston, Jan. 7, 1868, 
Ella S. Cornish; 3 sons, Norman L., J. Colby and 
George K., all lawyers and located respectively in 
Augusta, Me., Boston, Mass., and Wlnslow, Me. 
Lived on farm until 22; entered Arm of Comisb & 
Bassett gen. store, 1866, and became propr., 1875; 
mem. Bassett & Eaton since July 1, 1897; trustee 
Waterville Savings Bank, Wlnslow Library; county 
Commr., 1901-7. Republican. Mason (K.T.) Ad- 
dress: Wlnslow, Me. 

BASSETT, irorman l—ML; lawyer; b. Wlnslow. 
Me., June 23, 1869; s. Josiah Williams and EUla 
Susan (Cornish) Bassett; grad. Cobum Classical 
Inst., 1887; A.B., Colby Coll., 1891; LL.B., Harvard 
Law Sch., 1898; m. Lula J. Holden, of Bennington, 
Vt, June 24, 1903. Began practice, 1898, in otHce 
of Leslie C. Cornish, Augusta; mem. Cornish & 
Bassett, 1901-7, since alone; trustee Augusta Sav- 
ings Bank, State Trust Co.; ehforcement comrar., 
1905-7; mem. City Council, 1911; mem. Bd. of Al- 
dermen, 1912-16. Sec. and trustee Coburn Classical 
Inst; sec. and dlr. Augusta Gen. Hosp. Mem. Me. 
State Bar Assn. (sec. and treas.). Delta Kappa 
Epsilon. Republican. Unitarian. Mason (K.T.). 
Home: 43 Green St. Office: 263 Water St, Augusta. 

r, Samuel Bllot, educator; b. Wilton, 
Conn., Aug. 11, 1873; s. Benjamin Franklin (M.D.) 
and Mary Louise (Brush) Bassett; ed. Wilton 
(Conn.) Acad., 1886-9; Hopkins Grammar Sch., 
New Haven, Conn., 1893-4; A.B., Yale, 1898, Macy 
and Soldiers' Memorial fellow, 1898-01; fellow Am. 
Sch. of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece, 1901-2; 
Ph.D., Yale, 1906; m. Bertha Raymond, of New 
Haven, Conn., June 18, 1903; children, Raymond 
Eliot, b. July 31, 1904; Catharine Brewster, Apr. S, 
1907; Thomas Day Seymour, Dec. 21, 1913. Instr. 
and tutor at Yale, 1902-5; prof. Greef lang. and lit, 
U. of Vt, since 1905; also Instr. in summer session 
of Columbia V., l|5|j^,^Jg^<^ ^^.^nirsg, com. Am. 



Sch. of Classical Studies, Athens, Oreece; mem. 
Archteol. Inst. America, Am. Philol. Assn., N.B. 
Classical Assn., Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Delta 
Phi (Yale). Republican. Club: Ethan Allen. Writ- 
er of articles In Am. Jour, of Archeeology, In trans. 
Am. Fhllol. Assn. and various other periodicals. 
Address: 295 S. Prospect St., Burlington, Vt. 

r, ThaodoT* nieldoa, mfr.; Apr. 26, 
1839-Oct. 7, 1907. (See vol. 1909.) 

— ~» » — .>J, WMtmaii BMtts, clergyman; b. South 
Chatham, Mass., Nov. I, 1872; s. Charles and 
Martha (Sears) Bassett; grad. Nichols Latin Sch., 
Lewiston, Me., 1895; A.B., Bates Coll., 1899; B.D.. 
Newton Theol. Sem., 1904; m. Mabel T. Jordan, of 
lL>ewIston, Me., Jan., 1905; 2 children, Martha T., 
Calvin J. Ordained Bapt. ministry, 1904; pastor 
Penacook, N.H., 1904-12; chaplain N.H. State Prison 
since Apr., 1912. Club: Bates CoUeBe. Home: 
Penacook. N.H. Office: State Prison, Concord, N.H. 

. WllUaiu Churr7, lawyer; b. North 
Haven, Conn., Jan. 31, 1843; s. Manning B. and 
Julia Ann (Tyler) Bassett: prep. edn. Hopkins 
Qrammar Sch., New Haven, Conn., 1869-61; studied 
Yale, 2 yrs.; LL.B., Albany (N.Y.) Law Sch., 1866; 
ra. Mary B. Colton. of Easthampton, Metss., July 6, 
1881. Began practice at Easthampton. 1867; mem, 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1874: judge of probate, Hamp- 
shire Co.. Mass., since 1878; pres. (Jlendale Elastic 
Fabrics Co.; pres. Easthampton Rubber Thread Co., 
Ist Nat. Bank: trustee Coolev Dickinson Hosp. 
Dir. Northampton Y.M.C.A. Conglist. Address: 
Northampton, Mass 

BABSrOBD, Bamaal Joaaph, M.D. : b. Waterbury. 
Conn.. Nov. 26. 1848; s. wnilam and Alice (Mar- 
shall) Bassford; ed. com. schs., Thomaston, Conn., 
aad 5 terms Prep. Dept., Oberlin Coll.; M.D., Med. 
Sch. of Me. (Bowdoin), 1881; m. Susan L. D. Kmer- 
son, of BIddeford, Me., June 21, 1882 (died 1912); 
1 daughter. Helene E. P. Practiced In BIddeford, 
Me., 1881-04. Portland since 1904. Mem. Am. Med. 
AB«n., Me. Med. Assn., Cumberland Co. Med. Soc, 
N.K Electro-Therapeutic Assn., Am. Electro- 
Therapeutic Assn. Republican. Conglist. Mem. 
Odd Fellows, United Order Golden Cross, Roval 
Arcanum. CHubs: Civic. Portland Medical. Office: 
Y.M.C.A. BIdg., Portland, Me. 

BA8TOV, rwdwlok OllB, banker. (See voL 

, OliarlM, lawyer: b. Windsor. Vt., 
Sept. 6. 1877; s. William and Julia Elizabeth (Ken- 
nedy) Batchelder: prep. edn. Vt. Episcopal Inst., 
and White River Jet. High Sch.; student Norwich 
U., 1896-8: studied law under father: m. Margaret 
Theodora Murray, of Rockland. Me., Nov. 24, 1903; 
1 son, James William. Admitted to Vt. bar, 1900; 
practiced at White River Jet., Woodstock, Spring- 
field and Bethel, Vt; elk. R.R. Commn., 1898-1900; 
state's atty.. Windsor County, Vt., 1904-6. Pro- 
gressive. Episcopalian. Address: Bethel, Vt. 

XATOKBIAajt, Obarlss AlbMt, last and shoe 
tree mfr.: b. St. Albans, Me. Aug. 25, 1868; s. 
Horatio O. and Elvira (Gatchelle) Batchelder; 
descendant of Rev. Stephen Batchelder, Boston, 
1632: ed. pub. schs., St. Albans, and high sch., 
Boston; m. Bertha Frances Elliot, of Revere, 
Mass., Dec. 4, 1891. With John G. Gardiner estab- 
lished the Gardiner Shoe Tree Co., at Stoughton, 
Mas«., 1900: business purchased by the O. A. 
Miller Treeing Machine Co.. with which continued 
4 yrs. as mgr. of lasts and shoe tree dept; pres. 
and gen. mgr. C. A. Batchelder Co.. St. Albans, 
since 1906. Mason: Odd Fellow. Conglist. Ad- 
dress: St. Albans, Me. 

BATOKEUOam, Oharlaa Olaxanoa, lumber mcht.; 
moved to Philippine Islands. (See vol. 1909.) 

BATOKBKSXm, ChaxlM Foator, ornithologist; 
b. Cambridge, Mass., July 20, 1856; s. Francis 
Lowell and Susan Cabot (Foster) Batchelder: A.B., 
Harvard. 1878. C.E.. 1882; m. Laura Poor Stone. 
Home: 7 Kirkland St., Cambridge, Mass.* 

BATCXB&DBB, dark Aaa, lawyer; b. Peru, Vt., 
Feb. 23, 1848; s. E^lmund and Soohla (Simonds) 
Batchelder; direct de«cendant of Hon. Joseph 
Batchelder. who came from Eng. to Salem, Mass., 
In 1636; ed. State Normal Sch., Westfleld, Mass.; 

Wllllston Acad., Easthampton, Mass.; taught 
sciences and mathematics In Burr & Burton Sem., 
Manchester, Vt., 4 yrs.; grad. Boston U. Sch. of 
I,aw, 1873; m. Catharine W. Hard, of Manchester, 
May 13, 1874; 3 children, Mary C. (wife of Col, 
Edward Fletcher, of San Diego, Cal.), Louise S., 
San Diego: Eugene C, Warner Springs, Cal.; m. 2d, 
Harriett E. Brown, of Fltchburg, Mass., Aug. 16, 
1913. Admitted to bar, 1873; practiced in Boston 
until 1878, in Ayer, Mass., 1878-97, since in Fitch- 
burg; asso. Justice Police Ct. of Fltchburg. Chmn. 
Rep. Town Com. of Ayer, several yrs.; mem. Sch. 
Bd. of Ayer and later of Fltchburg. Mason. Home: 
1045 Main St., Leominster, Maes. Address: 470 
Main St., Fltchburg, Mass. 

BATOHBIiSBB, Frsdwiok Pzaacott, M.D.; b. 
StafTord, Conn., Oct 24, 1864; s. Rev. Frederick L. 
and Eliza H. (Willey) Batchelder; paternal ances- 
tor Rev. Stephen Bachller, Boston, 1631; mater- 
nal ancestor Isaac H. Wllley, Boston, before 1640; 
ed. pub. schs. and under father; Ch.B., Boston U. 
Sch. of Medicine, 1890, M.D., 1891; interne Mass. 
Homoe. Hosp., 1890-1; m. Mrs. Florence Emery 
Bliss, of Boston, Sept 26, 1895 (died Feb. 3, 1906). 
Engaged In practice in Boston since 1891; asst 
physician Mass. Homoe. Hosp.., 1894-9, and physi- 
cian since; Instr. physiology, 1891-5, asso. prof., 
1895-02, prof since 1902, Boston U. Sch. of Medi- 
cine. Mem. Am. Inst Homoeopathy, Mass. Homoe. 
Med. Soc. (pres. 1904-5), Mass. Surg, and Gynecol. 
Soc. Recreations: study of nature, horticulture. 
Address: 411 Mass. Av., Boston, 

BATCHB'&PBB, Ksnz7 M,, banker; b. Salem, 
Mass., Feb. 11, 18S2; s. Samuel Lang and Mary 
(Brown) Batchelder; ed. grammar schs. and Clas- nnd High Pch . Salem; m. M.Trtha O. Horton, 
fjC .Saloiii, Juiii? 6, 1S77; 4 cLllitrin, tfiiniuel Henry 
(lawyer, Boston), Nathaniel Horton (h^ad master 
Loomls Inst, Windsor, Conn.), William Osgood 
(elpc, PtiKr.. Hfn. Electric Co.), Ittilatid Brown 
<niilx Duiilbl Green FtiU SUue Co., Boston). Began 
as bank elk., 1870, became cashier, 1883, and has 
been pres. Merchants Nat. Bank, Salem, since 
1901; v.-p. Essex Inst; Chmn. Bd. Holyoke Mut. 
Fire Ins. Co., of Salem, Almy, Bigelow & Wash- 
bum, Inc.; mem. Investment bd., Salem F. C. Sav- 
ings Bank. Republican. Unitarian. Mem. Am. 
Bankers Assn. (exec, council), Mass. Bankers Assn. 
(1st pres.). Club: Salem. Home: 204 Lafayette St. 
Office: Merchants Nat. Bank, Salem, Mass. 

BATCBBASBB, Irving' TUnt, lumbar mcht: 
b. North Reading, Mass^ Feb. 15, 1868; a. David 
and Fanny Jane (Flint) Batchelder; ed. pub. schs.; 
m. Alice W. Pike, of North Wilmington, Mass,, 
Feb. 13, 1896; 6 children, Clyde I., Nelson D., Roger 
W., A. Elizabeth, Ralph F., Edward S. Engaged 
In wood, coal and lumber business at North Read- 
ing since 1895; served as assessor and mem. Bd. of 
Selectmen 9 yrs., and still mem. of each bd. ; mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1914. Mason; mem. Patrons of 
Husbandry. Republican. Conglist Address: North 
Reading, Mass. 

BATOBSIiSaB, Jamaa KaaOrlok, lawyer; b, 
Peru, Vt, Nov. 10, 1842; s. Ira K. and Nancy 
(Barnard) Batchelder; prep, edn.. Burr and Burton 
Sem.; A.B., Middlebury Coll., 1864; studied law at 
Albany Law Sch. and with Judge J. M. Tyler, 
Wilmington and Brattleboro, Vt; admitted to bar, 
1866; m. Arlington, Oct., 1867, Alta Parsons. Prac- 
ticed at Arlington and Bennington. Vt, since 1866; 
state's atty., Bennington Co.. 1874-84; mem. Vt 
Ho. of Rep.. 1874, 1876, 1884 (speaker 1884); 
presd'l elector, 1880. Home: Arlington, Vt. 

BATOKEKDEX, Batbanlal Kortos, educator; b. 
Salem, Mass., June 13, 1880; s. Henry Morrill and 
Martha Osgood (Horton) Batchelder; descendant 
of Meshech Weare, Colonial gov. of N.H.; A.B., 
Harvard. 1901, A.M., 1902; m. Gwendolen Sedgwick 
Mead, of Boston, Nov. 24, 1910. Pvt Tutor, Phila., 
Pa., Feb.-June, 1903; master, Hackley Sch., Tarry- 
town, N.Y., 1903-7; sr. English master. The Hotch- 
kiss Sch., LakevlUe, Conn., 1907-12; headmaster, 
the Loomls Inst., Windsor, Conn., since July, 
1912, also trustee. Mem. N.E. Assn. Teachers of 
English. Republican. Unitarian. Clubs: Harvard 
(New York and Conn.), Hartford Golf. Editor:,-, 
Selections from Boswell's Life of Johnson, IAISa. 


Recreations: tennis, tramping. Address: Windsor, Register, 1897-11. See. Nat. Conf., 1870-80: chma. 

Conn. council, 1893-4, 1904-5. Author: Social BquiUb- 

mATOKMXHBMM, Bamnel rnmola, lawyer; b. rlum, 1887. Contbr to religious sad secular preiw. 

Cambridge, MasT, Mar. 10. ISToTT Samuel, Jr., Home: 11 Traill St, Cambridge, Mass.* 

and Marianne (Washburn) Batchelder; A.B., Har- BATBlUjr, liiithar K« engineer; b. Harvard, 

vard, 1893, LiL.B., 1898; unmarried. Admitted to Mass., Aug. 8, 1866; s. William F. and Louisa H. 

Mass. bar, 1898, and since practiced In Boston. (WlUard) Bateman; prep. edn. Lancaster Hi^ 

Club: St. Botolph. Home: Cambridge, Mass. Office: Sch.; B.S. in chemistry, Worcester Poly. Inst., 

Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. 187$; m. Mary A. Hammond, of Acton, MastL. Sept. 

MATOSaSUmM, WaUaca, lawyer; b Andover, 6, 1893; 3 children, Louise A., Dorothy H., Eueanor 
Vt, June 20, 187B; s. Edmund Abel and Lizzie W. BegM active career in employ of Worcester ft 
Emma (Nutting) Batchelder; grad. Chester (Vt) Nashua R.R. and became station Mt at SUU River. 
Acad., 1892: m. Maude Leone Thompson, of Caven- Mass., later at Clinton, PeppereU, etc^ unU11890: 
dish, Vt, 6ot 16, 1901. Studied law In office of then engaged In construction dept B. & M. (Prank- 
Waterman ft Martin, Brattleboro, Vt, and later in Un and Til ton roads) ; after that engaged as dv. 
office of Hunton ft Stiekney, Bethel. Vt; admitted jngr- in constru«3tion dept old Fltchburg R.R.; en- 
Vt bar. May 17, 1904, to pracUce in U.S. cts.. Sept tered service of Harbor & Land Commrs. of Mass.. 
11, 1906. Counsel for Roosevelt forces In contests J892, and has been asst engr. same since 1899. 
before Rep. Nat. Com., Chicago, June. 1912. Chmn. Mem. Boston Soc. C.E Recreations: flshinc^ train 
Vt Roosevelt Com. presdl. campaign. 1912; was on ping, outdoor sports; interest^ In telegraphy and 
stump in Vt, N.H. and Mass. Trooper In let U.S. JfifP*'"?/,- S°™«i/3 Bobbins Rd., Arlington. Mass. 
Vol. Cav. (Roosevelt's Rough Riders), 1898, Span- Office: ISI State House. Boston. 
Ish-Am. War; commd. by Pres. McKlnley 1st It BATBB, Albert Oailos, librarian ; b. East Granby, 
U.S. Vols., Aug. 17, 1899; comdr. Co. B, and later Conn., Mar. 12, 1866; s. Carlos and Hannah S. 
Co. C, of the 46th U.S. Inf. Vols, during campaign {Powers) Bates; descendant of James Bate, of 
In P.I.; hon. discharged May 81. 1901. Mem. Vt Lydd, Co. Kent, Eng., who settled at Dorchester. 
Bar Assn., Am. Bar Assn. (gen. council, 1911, 12, Mass., 1636; grad. Conn. Lit Instn., Suffleld, 188(; 
IS), Am. Acad. Pollt. and Social Science, Am. Inst m. Alice M. Crocker, of Hartford, Conn., Oct 1», 
Criminal Law and Criminology, Nat Commn. on 1912. Entered employ Conn. Hist. Soc, 1892. and 
Uniform State Laws, Am. Peace Soc., Am. Soc. for became Its librarian, Jan. 1, 1893, recording sec.. 
Judicial Settlement of Intemat Disputes, Vt. Fish May, 1896, mem. Pub. Com., May, 1897 (chmn.. 
and Game League. Mason. Progressive. Episco- May. 1901 — ). Mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep.. 1906. Mem. 
palian. Address: Bank Bldg., Bethel, Vt.» Conn. Hist Soc., Am. Hist Assn., Blbliog. 8o& 

BAVOVBi^ivBm. moiiart flnnnriAi- t!ia„ vni America, New London Co. Hist Soc, Am. Antla. 

lana^ ^ ■oDwt, nnancler. (See vol. ^ S.A.R. Author of Bibliography of ConnectT- 

1.L'—-— —,-—-, ^ _ ^ ._ . cut Laws, 1900; Early Conn. Engraver; Conn. Gore 

BATOKEUUBB, Tnrphosa Bates, author, singer; Land Co.; Check List of Conn. Almanacs; and other 

b. North Brookfleld, Mass.; d. Theodore Cornelius hist pamphlets. Editor Conn. Hist Soc Collec- 

and Emma Frances (Dupcan) Bates; ed. pvt schs. tlons. Vols. VIII-XV, several pubis, of Acorn Club, 

In America and Paris, France, and tutors Radclitfe Slmsbury Records, Turkey Hills Records, Vols. 

Coll., class 1899; studied 3 yrs. with Mme. Mar- i.m, etc. Address: 624 Main St., Hartford, Conn.* 

chesl, Paris, with Blmbonl, Florence, Olraudet vama a^n .„«>.»... k ■s'^mt iuronh<.,a iw« ivu. 

Lang, Henschel, etc.; m. Francis Batcheller, olf ic'f'^^l^J''TS}i^J]?l'„^' ^L,^^1^-„S^''^S^- 

Boston, Mass. Presented at the Court of Englknd, i*fa^*^°L^V.S, -i^i* a M iiV«^Tm^ l»94f*m' 

1904; was given a spl. muslcale by President and ^?;l,??T^ v'J.'.l^^f w^n.»ilv*M» ?«J K 'lJl?i 

Mrs. Rooslvelt at the White H8u8e. 1904; has ?^^^S ,o8R^ wlWor l^ton q,mdavroS?ikr 'l^^^^ 

sung before members of the royal family In Eng- i?^i,J.|**i- „?,'l\J°r.?°lt2L r^Sf'^TV.nh ism i^^ 

lan«r, where conducted large charity concert for ilsiP™^^"!,"!^ h*^^%' bm»^oJ, mpJn vit 

the League of Mercy, of Vhich is a lady-v.-p.; fi'il"''.;^"-.:^!*?- Aj*2 ?-1„5?'^t»^^™ Anth^^ 

sung by Invitation, at the Figaro Five O'clock con- J."?V„';5?,*' „^^it?it isfi • M^ f»rThI?ThB pSlSSV 

certs, #arls: presented at thi Court of Italy. 1906: ffo^'r l%7//,'iy*#i "S*o.¥.'^^i^^^^^ 

received by Queen Elena in private audience, who i°°l' A jY"^^iP„„. a 't «rt4w^^r^»S7^^ 

presented hel- with an autographed photograph, ?°»?"*'"i'?c?.''*.'',?,y= ^.F^i'lf ^It^.l,^^^ 

ind accepted the dedication of her book. "Glimpses i?""*»-. i?,?fj ^i}L7.'=S,'=i jr^ tht a?f.^ T^ fhA «,',« 

of Italian Court Life"; invited to sing before Queen ?,T)JA.'^'r?'mfi*?i,J^S Ri?,.l!l2.%iW- ?n WrSiV?^ 

Margherita, who presented her with a diamond Si?„^f..h 'Tliv^^S I^JfJl ^i%ni •'^Jui^r, Phl^SHlSf 

pendant and an autographed photograph: received !;"?Vfil-.?,??I' ?»o»f-^V^ ^''.^in^Si »<.<." T?nrtfr^hi 

fn spl. audience by PoVe Pfus X; presented at ?,' K*^?!"'^?.^?^ J«1„^ n^.^S' ilnn Th^niil^ 

courts of Germany, Port&gal, Spain rfolland. Aus- ^^^^^Jj^f- ^l'ft',^^-2L*^L * r?LAMt.?V^l^rFH?i7 

tria and Belgium. In Austria received a rare honor ?J„a. %^J^\-}^SuLtZA^]nh^Ji ian*«'"AAr«li-^ nJii 

never previously granted an Am. woman. In prl- ""'i ^5"..^t J °* * Ghost 1908. Address. 4 OUs 

vate audience by the Emperor, who presented her ^'ace, Bosion. 

with his autographed photograph; in June, 1913, BATBB, Ohazlss Kenzy, educator; b. Danvers. 
the King and Queen of England accepted her books Mass.. June 9. 1867: s. Albert Augustus and Han- 
on Italy; also received in private audience bv nah Maria (Webster) Bates; ed. pub. schs. Dan- 
Queen Alexandra, of England, who presented her vers; hlsrh sch., Salem, Mass.; student Colby ColL. 
with her autographed photograph. Mem. Incor- Watervllle. Me. (A.M., 1906); m. Mary Etta Reed. 
porated Soc. of Authors. Soc. of Psychical Re- of Provlncetown. Mass., Dec. 2, 1884; 2 children, 
search. Alliance-Franco-Britanlque (London). In- Grace Claire. Catherine. Prln. high sch., Uxbridire, 
dustrie FemmlnlH (Rome), Am. Soc. for Psychical Mass., 1888-01; supt schs., Uxbridge, 1892-01, Mid- 
Research, Alliance Francaise, CIrcolo Itallano, dleboro, Mass.. since 1901. Trustee Pub. Library, 
Salon Francals, Soc. Am. Women (London), Mc- Uxbridi^e. 1892-5. Republican. Unitarian. Mem. 
Dowell Musical Club. D.A.R. (Boston), etc. Clubs: N.E., Mass. and Southeastern Mass. supts. of schs. 
Lyceum (London), Boston Authors'. (See Who's assns.. Delta Kappa Epsllon. Odd Fellow. Club: 
Who In America for books, etc.) Home: North Business Men's. Address: Mlddleboro. Mass. 
Brookfleld, Mass.* BATES. Chailotts Hsks (IKms. Mogt), poet: b. 

BATOKEUbOB, Albert BtUlBUUl, lawyer; Apr. New York. Nov. 30. 1838: d. Hervey and Eliza 

22, 1850-1913. (See vol. 1909.) (Endlcott) Bates: ed. Cambridge, Mass.. where for 

BATOHBKOB, 0«>r|r«, editor; b. Southbury, ""a;"^ y;;8- s^eljad pvt. pupils; m ^TAdol^^ 

Conn., July 3, 1836; s. Matthew and Mary (Axfordf) fo?*' J""e 4, 1891 (died 1896) (See Whos Who 

Batchelor; grad. Meadville Theol. Sch.. 1863; A.B., '">'?"'''*/°J,'"J?'^»V®IS-' Address: Mme. Rog«, 

Harvard. 1866, A.M., 1870: (D.D.. Meadville Theol. '"< Harvard St, Cambridge, Mass.* 

Sem.. 1911); m. PrisclUa C, d. Rev. O. Stearns, of BATES, Bdward KotUs. lawyer; h. Bennington. 

Cambridge. Mass., Sept 18, 1866. Asst. supt Sanl- Vt., Jan. 24, 1869: s. William and Melissa (Scrlb- 

tarv Commn., Dept of W.Va., 1864-B: ordained Unl- ner) Bates; acad. edn.; m. Jennie M. Rockwood, 

tarian ministry, 1866; pastor, Salem, Mass.. 1866- May, 1882 (died. 1884): 2d, Estella Eldred, of Hoo- 

82, Chicago. 1882-6. Lowell, Mass., 1889-93: sec. sick, N.Y.. May 17, 1887. Admitted to bar. 1882. 

Am. Unitarian Assn., 1893-7; editor The Christian and has since pj^oJl,?.ejd. a^^ennlijg^oji; state's 



a.tty^ 1884-8. 18*4-8, and re-elected in 1898; spL 
proaecutor or criminal offenaes, 1880-4; corpn. atty. 
of VlUase of Bennington, 189S-1900: sec. of CWll 
and MIL Affairs, 1902-4; Judge of Municipal Ct., 
1M2-8. Col. on staff of Qov. Fuller, 1892-4; Judee 
adrocate gen., 1894-1900. Republican, Baptist Ad- 
dress: Bennington, Vt 

(Mrs. Theodore 
C. Bates), vice-pres. Ken. D.A.R.; b. North Brook- 
field, Mass., Mar. 11, 1846: d. Charles and Tryphosa 
(Lakln) Duncan: descendant on maternal side of 
Capt. Robinson Lakin, Pepperill, Mass., 18S8, also 
of Revolutionary ancestors on both sides of the 
house: grad. Oread Inst, Worcester, Mass., 1863; 
m. Hon. Theodore Cornelius Bates, Dec. 24, 1868 
(died Mar. 11, 1912) ; 1 daughter: Tryphosa Bates 
(Mrs. Tryphosa Bates-Batcheller). Lecturer and 

essayist upon hist, subjects. V.-p.-gen. D.A.R. 
since 1906: elected hon. T.-i>.-gen. for life at the 
Nat. D.A.R. Cong., Apr., 1913. Mem. com. State 

Civil Service Reform Assn., state com. on conser- 
vation, state com. on Child Labor. Mem. Worces- 
ter Art Soc., Worcester Soc. of Antiquity, Soc. of 
Ant iqu ity of America. Episcopalian. Club: Worces- 
ter woman's. Has lectured frequently before hist, 
socs., D.A.R. and other bodies. Recreations: hist, 
research. Home: 29 Harvard St., Worcester, Mass.; 
(summer) North Broolcfleld, Mass.* 

BATXS, Bvsrwtt Alaaaoa, M.D.; b. Danielson, 
Conn.. Sept. 14, 1860; s. Lorln and Lucy (Carpen- 
ter) Bates; AB.. Tale, 1886; M.D., Harvard Med. 
Sch., 1890: m. Ellen Ruth Bowen, of Springfield. 
Mass., July 25, 1900; 3 children, Elizabeth, Ruth, 
Louise. Interne Mass, Gen. Hosp., 1889-90, Boston 
Lying-in Hosp., 1891; practiced in Springfield since 
1900; visiting phys. Springfield Hosp. Mem. 
A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc., Mass. Medico Legal Soc., 
Springfield Acad. Medicine, Springfield Med. Club, 
S.A.R. (Hub: Nayasset. Address: SB Chestnut St., 
Springfield, Mass. 

BATBB, Bsra Tbomas, Y.M.C.A worker; b. South 
Abington. Mass., Sept. 29, 1843; s. Cyrus and Mary 
(Alden) Bates; descendant of John Alden, of the 
Mayflower; ed. common schs.; m. Charlotte Dodge 
Porter, of Hamilton. Masa. June IT, 1866; 2 chil- 
dren. Lora Blen (Mrs. A. E. Pickup, of Holyoke, 
ICajss.), Eldred Sumner (of N.T. City). Began to 
learn shoemaking trade at 14 and worked at trade 
until 22; then became connected with grocery busi- 
ness; at age of 40 commenced work in the T.M. 
CA.; gen. sec, Stoneham, Mass.. 2 yrs. and 4 mos.; 
gen. sec.. Holyoke, Mass., 1886-94; state sec. T.M. 
C.A. for Conn, since July 1, 1894. In Union Army 
100 days, 1864. Republican. Methodist. Mem. 
O.A.R., A.O.U.W. Home: 24 Norton St Office: 162 
Temple St, New Haven, Conn. 

BATBS, naaela Bllot, banking; b. Providence, 
R.I.. Nov. 16, 1869; s. Albert G. and Edith A. 
(Haydon) Bates: descendant of Roger Williams, 
founder of Providence, 1636, and 2 of his associ- 
ates, Thomas Angell and Richard Waterman; ed. 
pub. schs.. Providence; m. Louise Snow Prosser, 
of Providence. May 3, 1882: 1 daughter, Hope An- 
gell (wife of Dr. Asa S. Briggs, of Ashaway, R.I.). 
Entered Mfrs'. Nat. Bank as elk., 1877. cashier, 
1894-5: engaged in the mfg. business, 1896-1900; 
asst treas. Union Trust Co., 1900-10; now asat. 
cashier Nat Exchange Bank. Pres. Oak Lawn 
Pub. Library Assn.: dlr. Providence Pub. Edn. 
Assn. Republican. Conglist Registrar R.I. Soc, 
S.AR. CHubs: Providence Art. Providence Central, 
West Side. Recreations: collector of antloiies; 
flower growing. Home: Oak Lawn, R.I. Office: 
National Exchange Bank, 63 Westminster St.« 
Providence, R.I. 

riaak ComeUns, tea importer; b. Bos- 
ton. Sept 12, 1863; s. Joshua and Lucy Fisher 
(H(rwe) Bates; g.s. Joshua Bates, chaplain in Con- 
gress under Pres. William H. Harrison: (family 
originally of Lydd, Enar. and name was Bate): ed. 
John Hopkinson Sch., Boston, and St. Mark's Sch., 
Southboro. Mass.; m. May H. Huyck. of Washing- 
ton, D.C., Nov. 28, 1894; 2 sons. Van Ness H., Paul. 
Began in tea Importing business with Williams & 
Hall. 1886, continuing 12 yrs.: with Center. Macy 
tc Co., of New York, 12 yrs.. and represented the 
company in Boston until 1909: associated, 1909, 

with William T. Abbott under title of Bates & Ab- 
bott, tea Importers, and so continues; mem. Abbott 
Hall & Co., commn. mohta. Republican. Clubs: 
Boston Athletic Aaan., Bxchange. Recreations: 
outdoor sports. Home: 76 Sewau Av., Brookllne, 
Mass. Ofilce: 12 South Market St, Boston, Mass. 

BATxa, Oaoxys Aad>«ir, college prof.; b. Boston, 
Aug. 5, 1847; B. Andrew and Seyeth Ropes (Ames) 
Bates; D.D.S., Boston Dental Coll., 1889; D.M.D., 
Tufts Coll. Dental Sch., 1903; M.S., Tufts Coll., 
1904; m. Aroline Elizabeth Hodsklnson, of Salem, 
Mass., Dec. 22, 1881. Practiced dentistry in Boston 
16 yrs.; prof, histology, Boston Dental Coll., 1891- 
99, Tufts Coll. Med. and DenUl Scha, 1899 — , also 
instr. in biology. Home: Aubumdale, Boston.* 

BATB8, Osorge B., mtr.; Apr, 2, 1846-Feb. 6, 
1914. (See vol. 1909.) 

BATBB, Osorga £., M.D.; b. Morristown, Vt, 

May 26, 1871; s. George Nelson and Marion B. 
(Wright) Bates; mother direct descendant of the 
early English Foxes; ed. pub. schs. of Cal. and 
Vt; Peoples Acad., MorrlsvlUe, Vt; M.D., U. of 
Vt, Coll. of Medicine, 1897: m. Maude M. Walsh, 
of Phila, Pa, Apr. 8, 1902; 2 daughters, Marian C, 
Frances M. Practiced at Morrfsvllle, Vt, since 
1897; mem. Vt State Bd. of Med. Registration; 
mem. U.S. Bd. Pension Ejxamlners; examiner for 
many ins. cos. Republican. Protestant. Mem. 
AM.A, Vt. State Med. Soc, Lamoille County Med. 
Soc (ex-pres.). Am. Red Cross. Mason (K.T., 
Shrtner). Club: Pastime (MorrlsvlUe). Address: 
MorrisvUla, Vt 

BAVB8, Xtmxj Aasoa, mfr.; b. Fairfield, Me., 
Apr. 26, 1848; s. Anson and Sally (Olbbs) Bates; 
ed. pub. schs., Oakland High Sch., and commercial 
coll.; m. Ellen Stone, of Providence, R,I. (now 
deceased) ; 2 children, Arthur Henry, Alfred Stone 
(deceased) ; m. 2d, Emma Bethla Smith, of Sudbury, 
Mass. ; 6 children, Ellen Smith, Helen Delia, Henry 
Anson, Jr., William Bradford and Alger Huston 
(twins). Learned carpenter's trade and worked 
in Providence, R.I., 2 yrs.; in dry goods business. 
Providence, 14 yrs.; engaged as buyer for various 
firms of N.Y. City and Boston, with headquarters 
in New York; was pres. Bates Thread Co., which 
consolidated with the Summit Thread Co., of East 
Hampton, Conn., of which was elected v.-p. In- 
ventor and patentee of many devices connected 
with thread mfr., sewing machines, etc. Mason 
(K.T.). Home: Middletown, Conn. 

BATBS, Xenry Olay. Judge; Jan. 29, 1843-MBr„ 
1909. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who In America, 

BAns, Xaacy Ward, insurance underwriter; b. 
Broolcfield, Mass., Feb. IS, 1863; s. Dr. Henry Thom- 
son and Charlotte Howe (Bush) Bates; ed. pub. 
schs.; m. Oct 15, 1896, Mabel Washburn, d. James 
B. and Lixzle Leonard (Pierce) Jenkins, of Vernon, 
N.Y.; 1 daughter, Rachel. Entered the ins. office of 
John D. Washburn, 1879; became a partner In the 
Ins. firm of Greene & Bates, 1896; mem. corpm. 
Worcester Co. Instn. for Savings. Treas. Worces- 
ter Chamber of Commerce; pres. Worcester Bd. of 
Underwriters (1912-13); dir. Worcester ProtecUve 
Dept Clubs: Worcester Congregational, Economic. 
Home: 30 Dean St Office: 406 Main St, Worcester, 

BATBS, Jaoob Pratt, grocer; b. Abington (now 
Whitman), Mass., Apr. 7. 1848; s. David and Al- 
mlra (Pratt) Bates; ed. pub. schs.; m. Helen Reed, 
of Whitman. 1868; 2 daughters. Carrie A. (Mrs. 
William B. 'Tyler, of Brookllne, Mass.), Mabel F. 
(Mrs. H. D. Stalmer, of Dedham, Mass.). Mem. 
Cobb. Bates & Yerxa, 1870-97, and pres. Cobb, 
Bates & Yerxa Co., since Incorporation, 1897. V.-p. 
Y.M.C.A., Boston. Republican. Clubs: Algonquin, 
Boston Art. Recreations: traveling. Home: Nan- 
tasket, Mass. Office: 222 Summer St., Boston. 

BATB8, John Xlmball, banker: b. Wllmot, N.H.. 
June 9, 1867; s. John Robinson and Ann (Kimball) 
Bates; ed. high sch., Randolph, Vt: Bryant and 
Stratton Business Coll., Boston; m. Catherine At- 
wood Hardy, of Brewer, Me., June 7, 1883; 1 daugh- 
ter, Frances Hardy Bates (Smith Coll.). Entered 
employment of 1st Nat. Bnk, Portsmouth, N.H., 
July, 1887; served as teller and asst ca|i}iter,, ^p^]^ 


since Apr., 1910; formerly mem. City Council, 1915 (reelected but resigned); judgre Municipal Ct. 

Portsmouth; treas. Rockingham Co., N.H., 1907-11. of Portland since Feb., 1916 (term of 4 years). 

Mem. M.U. Bankers' Assn. (exec, council). Trustee Writer and speaker, and for several yrs. climn. 

Portsmouth Hosp., Portsmouth Y.M.C.A. Republi- Co. Dem. Com. Mem. Cumberland Bar Assn. Rec- 

can. Conglist. Mason (Past Comdr. K.T. and reations: literary pursuits. Home: 141 Walton 

officer of Grand Commandery N.H., K.T.). Clubs: St. Office: 86 Exchange St. and County Court 

Warwick. Elks. Recreations: golf. Home: 911 House, Portland, Me. 

mo"uth Sj^h'^^^'"*"' ^^* National Bank, Ports- ba„b, BMiford. lawyer: b. Boston. July 17. 

-.i-» ■, .. , _ .. V, .w 1884; 8- Samuel W. and Nellie G. (Sanford) Bates; 

BATES, Jolui &«Wla, ex-governor; b. North grad. English High Sch., Boston, 1900; LUB., 

Easton, Mass.. Sept 18, 1869; 8. Rev. Lewis Benton cum laude, Y.M.C.A. Evening Law Sch., 1906; m. 

and Louisa U. (Field) Bates; A.B. Boston U.. 1882, Oct J, 1908. Helen S. Williams, of Boston; 2 cbil- 

fer-^-T^^?"^.! j'.r'ri-^'. y^^*'®*',"-,",' 9°'}"^- ^2°P' "•■ dren, Mary Elizabeth, Sanford Lorlng. In prac- 

Clara Elizabeth, d. of bamuelC.famlth, of James- tlce In Boston, since Sept, 1906; mem. firm of 

town, N.Y» July 12, 188 1; 2 children, John H., Achorn & Bates. Mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep.. 1912 

Dorothy. Teacher pvt sch.. Jamestown, 1S82-3; and 1914, Senate, 1916. Unitarian. Mem. Lend a 

in law practice Boston, since 1885; sr mem. Bates, Hand Soc; treas. Unitarian S.S. Soc. Mem. Royal 

oV ^.-*^''^°". *)?•=* ^^**,*- '"Jt U.S. Trust Co., Arcanum. Club: Boston City. Home: 107 Bcau- 

S?n'i™"'b ^^"*' ^S- S^^^f.^^ Trust Co.; trustee mont St, Dorchester. Mass. Office: 18 Tremont 

Wildey Savings Bank. Mem. Boston Common at Boston. 

Council, 1891-2; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1894-9 ' "___ __ ., _ _ ^ .. ^r . -.r. 
(speaker of Ho., 1897-9); It-gov. Mass., 1900-02; „**??■•..■*<»**•** B«illuuii; b. Newport, Vt. 
gov. Mass.. 1903-4. Republican. Pres. bd. trustees Mar. 18, 1862; 8. Alonio Dodge and Katherlne Rob- 
Boston U. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Mass. Bar Assn., i'^Bon (Benham) Bates; ed. pub. schs. and Derby 
Bar Assn. City of Boston. Mason (K.T., 33°). ^<=*<': '"v?;'!"* -*^?" ^^'®*A °'.,°*''^'' ^*- °°*i ^i*" 
Clubs: University, City. Office: 73 Tremont St, I*'*: 2 children, Lee B., Barbara E. Engaged in 
Boston, Mass.* farming till 1907; county highway supervisor, 

«a<raa s/>a>«i. .j.,>.>i.i-_. k /-.— _ 1907-16; mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1910; now state 

foS^^j": fSt'!8."????^Jo\Ul!['i?.*^Sa 'Ha?^a"h JiSliry%,SS!SSr' u'?.rrvl's1,7itc"? dVr^'*l5kt*'SSS2: 

oi t*h^e*Maiflfwe?=a^rS5"?h''^'„,°d' ^«Ti*'JSn^5"„*/ I>°"rb*/ Ll'^e''.''T';u's"t^e"Dl?b'y A^ (chmn. ^^ 

w«Vfl«M *M«« ^ m^ fn-inM^i^ Fj'J^^^ '^'"U?!-"?' c""n)- Republican. Conglist Mem. Odd Fellows, 

fl^fd Maa» o?f^ iqn??.MMr»^ T^J^;„h'T^^%^'^ Modern Wbodmen Of America. Home: Derby. Vt 

new, Mass., Oct. l, 1902; children, Joseph D., Jr., Aiidr<-nji- Franklin vt. 

Avery, Henry. Founder and treas. Bay Path. Inst ; ■^''O'^^ss. i-ranKun. vu 

owner Merchants & Mfrs. Co. (publishers monthly BATBS, Boa. Thaodora OonMlina, mfr.; June 

adv. service): pres. J. D. Bates Advertising Agen- 4. 1843-Mar. 11, 1912. (See vol. 1909, also Who's 

cy. Mem. Pilgrim Publicity Assn. (Boston), Who in America, 1912-13.) 

Sf,l'18«^^^,P"i'J''=''X„?i"''-„„^°?f'f^^^ BATBS, Urban SMmt, farmer; b. Hlngham. 

HnmA- w^I?"«?,*ii„?«ifH S®°/*"o°m^^ ^^■^"^^F- Mass., Mar. 24, 1847; s. Eliel and Hannah (Stod- 

s. Inr^Jfliil^Mof?*^*^' ^^'- °"'=*- ^*^ ***•" dar) Bates; ed. dist. schs.; m. Marlon Dayton, of 

St., Springfield. Mass. E^t Dorset Vt. Nov. 30, 1871; 1 son, Edwin Day- 

BATBS, B athar l ns £•«, college prof.; b. F^l- ton. Born on old place where grandmother on 

mouth, Mass., Aug. 12, 1869; d. Hev. William and maternal side was born in 1786; entered shoe 

Cornelia Frances (Lee) Bates; A.B., Wellesley factory at 15; worked at trade for 25 yrs.; built 

Coll., 1880, A.M., 1891; (LltLD., Mlddlebury. 1914). greenhouses and carried on a local florist business 

Taught In Natlck High Sch., 1880-1, Dana Hall, about 20 yrs.; In charge of farm since death of 

1881-5; Inst. English literature, 1885-8, associate father; executor and administrator of estates. 

Srofessor, 1888-91, prof, since 1891, Wellesley Mem. State Bd. of Agrl.; pres. Hlngham Agri. Soc.. 

oil.; 4 yrs. of travel and study abroad. Mem. 1900-5; expert dudge of fruit at fairs. Unitarian. 

Nat Inst. Social Sciences, Phi Beta Kappa. Club: Recreations: traveling. Address: Hlngham, Mass. 

^''i-°iLl"'^!i°'i- Address: Wellesley, Mass.* BATBS, 'William Oarvsr, insurance; May 28. 

,«S^?"*' »?*?^„ ■•"**•"• .*^'«'"A>"I"'°! Nov. 26, 1838-Nov. 6, 1910. (See vol. 1909.) 

"iitil; *i "°- *^?, ^?t "•"•* . "". <»"1«« Blch«d. banker; b. Fall River. 

,."^'^^„'"*^ BnwwU, librarian; b. Newbury, Mass., May 24. 1842; s. Richard W. and Laura 

Vt, Sept 9, 1872; d. Samuel Lysander and Marion (Bliss) Batt; ed. Fall River, grammar and high 

Bllxabeth (Walker) Bates; grad. Burlington (Vt) schs.; m. Marlanna Marvell. of Fall River. June 

High Sch., 1890; Ph.B., U. of Vt. 1894. Prln. 29, 1870; 2 daughters, Mary Tracy (Mrs. Frank JL 

Shelburne (Vt) High Sch., 1895-8; cataloguer and Ferrin, of Newton, Mass.). Marlon (Mrs. Lorlng 

asst librarian. Library of U. of Vt, since Oct. L. Marshall, of Newton). Began in the Massasoit 

1898. Mem. Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Beta Kappa. Bank, Fall River, Mar. 1, 1858. contlnulner 7 yrs.: 

Club: Klifa. Address: 31 Loomis St, Burling- with Nat Bank of Redemption, Boston, 2U yrs.: 

ton. Vt entered Nat Security Bank (chartered. 1867) as 

BA^S, Ozle, archaeologist; b. Boston. Dec. E, cashier, Feb. 1, 1868, and htis been pres. since 

1883; s. Arlo and Harriet (Vose) Bates; ed. pvt. 1904; pres. Union Carpet Lining Co.; dlr. Davol 

schs., Boston; Harvard U., 1901-5; m. Natica Y. Mills (Fall River), H. Tralser & Co., Inc.; trustee 

Inches, of Boston, June 6, 1913. In charge Egyptian Boston Five Cents Savings Bank Mem. Boston 

Dept, Boston Museum Fine Arts, 1906-7; U. of Hist Soc. Republican. Conglist. Clubs: Temple. 

Berlin, 1907-8; on Nubian Bxpdn. of Khedlvlal Algonquin, Boston Art. Hunnewell (Newton), 

Qovt.. Harvard Syrian Expdn., and Harvard U. Ouequechan (Fall River). Recreation: fishing. 

Museum Fine Arts Egyptian Expdn., 1908; lead Home: 42 Washington St, Newton, Mass. Offlce: 

Tripoli Expdn., 1909; In Nubia, 1910; exploring 79 Court St, Boston. 

Libyan Desert, 1910-11; in charge expedition to BATT, WlUiam Junes, clergyman; b. Fall River. 

SQdan, 1911-12; exploration in Libyan Desert, Mass.. Oct. 5, 1834; s. Richard Waldron and Laura 

1913-14; curator African ethnology, Peabody Mu- (Bliss) Batt; A.M.. Brown U.. 1855; B.D.. Andover 

seum. Harvard, 1914. Mem. Royal Geog. Soc. Theol. Sem., 1858; m. Fall River, Mass.. Oct S, 

Clubs: Stylus, Signet Colonial. Author: The 1869, Mary Durfee Davol; 2 children living. WIU- 

E^astern Libyane, 1914. Home: 31 Lime St. Ad- lam M., Almira Laura. Ordained to ministry of 

dress: Peabody Museum, Boston.' Conglist. (3h., 1859: pastor. Stoneham. Mass., twice. 

BATBS, Samnal Im, lawyer: b. Van Buren, 1|S?-61 and 1876-85 Bedford, 1861-6, Leominster, 

Mich., Nov. 14, 1866; s. Ben/amtn L. and Harriet 1866-'74; chaplain Mass Reformatory Concord 

Ann (Gray) Bates; g.g.g.s. Dr. Samuel Cheney, Junction, Mass. since 1885; corr. sec. Ministers' 

of R.I.; grad. Eastern State Normal Sch., Castine. Unio n sin ce 1895. Address: Concord, Mass. 

Me., 1890; admitted to bar. 1894; m. Anne Eari BATTBT, OIutTles Keatoa, artist; b. Burrill- 

Leach, of Penobscot, Me., Sept 26, 1907; 3 chil- vllle. R.I., Mar. 27, 1868; s. Thomas Jesse and 

dren, Louise Auicusta, John Earl. Silas Lorlng. Mary Augusta (Heaton) Battey; grad. scientiflc 

Practiced at Portland, Me., since 1896; asst county course. Friends' Sch. (now Moses Brown Sch.), 

atty., Cumberland Co., 1897-8, county atty.. 1911- Providence, R.I., 1885; B.S., Haverford Coll., Pa.. 


ISSS: studied Art League, New York, 1888-9, Royal since 1910; counsel for Orand Trunk R.R. Co. since 

Acad., Antwerp, 1901-2, Paris. 1902-6; m. Mtnne- 1912; counsel and dlr. Atlantic Printing Co.; dlr. 

apoUs, Minn., Aug. 14, 1896, S. Bdlth Thompson; Fidelity Trust Co. Pres. City Council, Medford, 

2 children. Richard T., Krnest H. Settled In Provl- 1897, Board of Aldermen, 1899; mayor of Medford, 

dence, 1890; has exhibited in Paris, Providence 1900-1, 1902-3; del. at large Rep. Nat. Conv., Chl- 

Art Club, etc; has two portraits at Moses Brown cago, 1912. Mem. 1st Corps Cadets, Boston, 1894- 

Sch., and one at Haverford Coll. Prohibitionist. 1898. Bpiscopalian; vestryman Grace Ch., Med- 

Mem. Soc of Friends. Chess player of some note; ford, Mass. Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce, 

performer on violin. Author: Shorter Poems, Mass. Real Estate Exchange, Bar Assn. City of 

1896. 1898; Tales and Sketches; also songs and Boston, Mass. Bar Assn. Mason; Elk. Clubs: Unl- 

pieces for violin and piano and for voice. Home: verslty, Boston Press, Harvard (Boston and New- 

284 Lloyd Av., Providence, R.I. York), Medford Boat (life). Recreations: boat- 

BATTIB. Bdwud OUnno*, lawyer; b. Salem, J"f'. Tn'?"'r?;mn^)"SM?°RS;f«'5***°'"''' ""'• °'' 

Mass.. Aug. 20, 1855; s. John ind Mary Ann (Wil- "=«= *"! Tremont Bldg.. Boston. 

son) Battis; pub. sch. edn.; LL.B., Boston U., BAZTSB, OUnton Kawis, packer; b. Portland, 

1880; m. Boston, June 1, 1897, Marie A. Woodruff. Me., June 29, 1859; s. James Phlnney and Sarah 

Began practice at Salem, 1881; mem. City Council. (Lewis) Baxter; Sc.B., Bowdoln, 1881; m. Caroline 

1881; chmn. Bd. of Registration 19 yrs.; became Dana; 1 daughter, Cora Dana; m. 2d, Ethel Fox, 

justice rirst ulau Court of Essex. Kepuhlican. 1891; 1 daughter, Ellen Fesaenden. Engaged in 

Unitarian. Mason (33°); Odd Fellow. Mem. S.A.K., canning business, Portland, since 1882; mem. Port- 

Soc Colonial Wars, Soc. of War of 1812. Club: land Packing Co.; dlr. Canal Nat. Bank. Mem 

Salem. Home: Salem, Mass. Delta Kappa Epsilon (Tbeta Chapter). Repub- 

BATTXXB, Soniad MmjmioaA, naval architect: }^P^^ Mason (32'>). Clubs: Cumberland, Economic. 

b. Crawford Co., Pa., Oct. 29, 1881; s. Raymond i'ortland Country. Address: Portland, Me. 

WilUa and Lydla Teresa (Thlckstun) Battles; BAZTBS, Otoxgm Kmria, educator; b. Quincy, 

descendant of Thomas Battles, the immigrant, Mass.. Oct. 21, 1842; s. William Wild and Ann 

Dedham. Mass., 1642; grad. U.S. Naval Acad., Elizabeth (Weld) Baxter; grad. Quincy High Sch.; 

1908 (hMud of class): M.S., Mass. Inst. Tech., A.B., Harvard, 1863, A.M., 1866; (Litt.D., Tufts 

I2'*i «% Edith Percepta AusUn, of Erie, Pa., June Coll., 1906); m. Ida F. Paul, of Somervllle, Mass., 

IJ. 1908: 4 children, Margaret AusUn, b. 1906, July 18, 1872; 1 son, Gregory Paul. Began teach- 

Edlth Teresa. 1907 (died, 1909), Donald Herbert, ing, 1863: prln. Reading High Sch., 1864, Plymouth 

1910. Richard Austin, 1912. Midshipman, U.S.N., High Sch., 1864-7; headmaster Somervllle Latin 

1899-03; asst. naval constructor, U.S.N., 1903-11; Sch., 1867-11 (retired); corporator and trustee 

naval constructor, U.S.N., 1911-12 (resigned) rep- Somervllle Savings Bank. Republican. Unitarian 

resentatlve of Electric Boat Co., of Groton, Conn., Mason (K.T.). Home: 27 Warren Av., Somervllle 

in Europe. 1912-13; naval architect same co., Mass. 

1913-14; asst. supt. submarine construction. Fore bawkk^ «>•««•• s..! «-«# «k^»i.>.... ». 

River Shipbuilding Corpn., since 1915. Mem. Soc. so^^rvmT'M?!^ Jf^r^^sft- « rl^^iSVJ™}',: 

Naval Architects and Marine En»ra.. Naval Acad. "Sy^.TJ"®.', _^*«»' ?i?-'^-J-J^"?- »• .George Lewis 

Author: "History and Construction of Subraarlnes ^Ur 1M7 9 Harvkrd^^1n«tr ^iit^iSH^' H. J.'J' 

(confldenUal publ. of U.S. Govt.), 1911. Home: fo?d (pV^) cill i^gfllqnn-^/Hs?*' 

150 Grand View Av., Wollaston. Mass. Address: Swarthmore roll 1900 02 -^^f^ o^^ 

''T.J^'illl^*'""^*^'' """T- ?"'""'';.?"^''-K 1906r'£jSrpr??!h9VB"l6"'pro"f"*s"nce'8epri, ml: 

BAVn, Oaornt Urban, mfr. of mouldings; b. Harvard; dlr. The Sylvester Co. Mem. Am. Acad. 

Boston, Dec 1, 1876; s. James and Anna M. (Eck- Arts and Sciences, A.A.A.S.. Am. Cbera. Soc, Nat. 

stein) Bauer; ed. pub. schs.. Boston: m. Josephine Acad. Science, Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Colonial 

A. KliUke. of Brookline, Mass., Oct. 8, 1902. Be- (Cambridge), Oakley (Watertown). Contbr. to tech. 

fan active career, 1895, in business with which mii„s. ot articles on chemistry. Researches upon 

father was connected; father died, 1913, and com- the Atomic WelghU, pub. by Carnegie Inatn. of 

pany was Incorporated, Aug. 8, 1913, as A. Ceppl Washington. 1910. Recreations; outdoor sporU, 

Co., of whichj^ v-p. and treas. Mason (32% KJ.). photography. Home: 26 Summit Av., Somervllle, 

Home: 39 Dwlght St., Brookline, Mass. Office: Mass. Office: CooUdge Memorial Laboratory 

101 Broadway Extension, Boston. Cambridge, Mass.* 

BATTX, Paul Tlotor Olulstoplisr, educator: b. BAXTBB, Kactlsy Cons, packer- b Portland 

Cincinnati, O.. Jan. 14, 1872; a. Theodore and Me., July 19. 1867; s. James P. and Sarah (Lewis) 

EUxabetb (Ihle) Bauer; B.L., U. of Clnclnnat|, Baxter: A.B.. Bowdoln, 1878; m. Mary R. Lin- 

^I'ii V."^'tl»y-, Tubingen. Germany, 1894-5, U. coin, of Brunswick, Me., Sept 29, 1888; 4 children, 

of Berlin. 1896-7. Am. Sch. at Athens, Greece, Sarah L., Ellen L., Emily W.. John L. Began 

1897-9; M.A.. Ph.D. U. of Heidelberg, 1900 Insti. active career with Portland Packing Co., 1878, cOw- 

In classical archseol., U. of Cincinnati, 1901; act- tinning 10 yrs.; mem. H. C. Baxter £ Bros., packers 

Addr ess: 16 6 Edgehill Rd., New Haven, Conn. Ing, gunning. Address: Brunswick, Me. 

B&XBnAXiS, Bathmr lUarava. lecturer; b. BAXnx, Jamss PhlansT, author: b. (Sorham, 

Brockton, Mass., Nov. 4, 1846: d. Weston and Me., Mar. 23, 1831; s. Ellhu and Sarah (Cone) 

BKher (Hayward) Simmons; grad. Brldgewater Baxter; acad. edn.; (hon. A.M., 1881, Litt.D., 1904, 

(Mass.) State Normal Sch.. 1864; m. Thomas A. Bowdoln); m. Sarah Kimball Lewis, Sept. 18, 1864; 

Baxendale. of Brockton, Mass., Oct. 3, 1871. Taught 2d, Mehetabel Cummlngs Proctor. Apr. 2, 1873. 

grammar schs., Mass., 7 yrs.; post-grad, course In Pres. Savings Bank; Mayor of Portland, 6 terms, 

psychology and metaphysics. Harvard. 1894; re- 1893-7, 1904-5. Organized Associated Charities 

celved Chautauqua Club diploma for 4 yr. reading and was its first pres.; organised and established 

course, 1895. Address: Brockton, Mass. Portland Soc. of Art, 1883; built and donated to 

BAZVBB. OhariM Bldnay, lawyer; b. Boston, Portland its pub. library, 1888, and Oorham, 1907; 

Aug. 27, 1867; s. Charles WlUard and Hannah J. also conveyed to Gorham the family mansion for 

(daughter of Moses Cook, of Boston) Baxter; a museum. Pres. Portland Pub. Library, Baxter 

descendant of Gregory Baxter, one of first set- Library (Gorham). Portland Benevolent Soc; 

tiers of Quincy. Mass.; ed. English High Sch. and overseer of Bowdoln Coll. Pres. Me. Hist Soc. 

Stone's Prep. Sch., Boston; A.B., Harvard. 1892; since 1890, N.E. Hlst.-(3eneal. Soc. since 1899; 

unmarried. Admitted to Mass. bar. 1895; became councillor Am. Antiquarian Soc; fellow Am. Acad, 

connected with law dept. of West End St. Ry. Co., Arts and Sciences; mem. Mass. Hist. Soc, R.1. 

1896; formed partnership with Louis F. Hyde, Hist. Soc, Old Colony Hist. Soc. Republican. 

1898; in charge of law dept. Boston Elev. Rv. Co., Congllst. Royal Arch Mason. Clubs: Fraternity, 

1898-06: counsel for Boston & Eastern R.R. Co. Saturday Evening, Portland. (See Who's Who 

uigiLi^eu uy x^_j v^ v^ -a; i \^ 



In America for Hat of books, etc.) Address: Port- 
land, Me.* 

CTSB, PeselTal Frootor, lawyer; b. Port- 
land, Me., Nov. 22, 1876; s. James P. and Mehetabel 
Cummlncs (Proctor) Baxter; A.B., Bowdoln. 1898; 
I<L.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1901. Admitted to the 
bar, 1901, and practiced for short time; mem. Me. 
Ho. of Rep., 1906, 1909. Mem. Cumberland Bar 
Assn. Republican. Club: Cumberland. Recrea- 
.tlons: outdoor life, farming. Home: 61 Deering 
St. Office: 22 Monument Sq., Portland. Me. 

BAXTZS, Bnpmrt Bsszy, banker, mfr.; b. Port- 
land. Me., July 26, 1871; A.B., Bowdoln, 1894; with 
Bowdoln expdn. to Idibrador, 1891; studied ethnol- 
ogy among Indians in Ind. Ty. and Ariz., 1892; 
mem. H. C. Baxter & Brc, of Brunswick, Me., 
mfrs. canned goods, since 1894; pres. Bath Trust 
Co., since 1910. Mem. Delta Kappa Bimllon. Home: 
Bath. Me. 

BAXXam. Bylvestsr, publicist; b. West Tar- 
mouth, Mass., Feb. 6, 18S0; s. Sylvester and Rosella 
(Ford) Baxter; Pilgrim ancestry on both sides; re- 
ceived acad. edn. at Leipzig and Berlin, 1876-7; m. 
Lucia Allen Millet, of Bast Bridgewater. Mass., 
Sept 24, 1893. On staff Boston Advertiser, 1871-6, 
Boston Herald, 1879-83: editor Mexican Financier, 
1883-4, Outing Mag., 1886-6; spl. cor. Boston Herald 
and New York Sun in Mexico, 1883-4, of Outlook 
at Pan-Am. Conf., Rio de Janerio, and in Argen- 
tina and Uruguay, 1906. First suggested the or- 
fanisatlon of Greater Boston and of Boston Met 
ark System; was sec. of preliminary Met Park 
Commn. for Greater Boston, 1892-3, and met Im- 

Srovements com., 1907-9; chmn. Maiden Park 
ommn.; sec. Met Improvement League; mem. 
Mass. Civic League, Soc of Mayflower Descend- 
ants. Mason. Republican. Clubs: Boston City, 
Boston Authors', Shu Shu Gah Canoe, Medford 
Boat, Maiden University, Boston Economic, Pud- 
dlngstone. (See Who's Who in America for books, 
etc.) Home: Maiden, Mass.* 

BAZTBB, Thomas T^ note broker; b. Brookline, 
Mass., Nov. 1, 1869; s. of Benjamin F. and Marie 
(Towle) Baxter; ed. pub. schs., Brookline; m. 
Mabel O. Smith, of Boston, Oct 12, 1898; 3 chil- 
dren, Thomas F., Jr., Ruth, Philip. Began with 
Bond & Goodwin, note brokers, Boston, 1900, mem. 
firm since 1902; v.-p. Hereford Ry. Coj dir. Coast- 
wise Transportation Co., 1st Nat Bank (Wes*. 
Newton), M^ket Trust Co., Brighton, Mass. Re- 

Subllcan. CongUst Clubs: Exchange, Norfolk 
ountry. Brae Burn Country, Boston Athletic 
Assn., Pacific Union (San Francisco), Minneapolis 
(Minneapolis, Minn.). Recreations: flsbing, hunt- 
ing. Home: Bristol Rd., West Newton, Mass. Of- 
fice: 801-307, 30 State St, Boston. 

BA'TKBT, Bdward Baawolt, commission mer- 
chant; b. Arlington, Mass., May 11, 1864; s. James 
Reed and Susanna (Bancroft) Bayley: grad. Eng- 
lish High Sch., Boston, 1882; m. Mary Richards 
Clark, of Newton, Mass., June 1^893; 1 daughter. 
Harriet Began as elk., Henry W. Peabody & Co.. 
Importing and exporting commn. mchts., Boston, 
1883, mem. Arm since 1898; dir. U.S. Smelting, 
Refining & Mining Co. Mem. Boston Chamber of 
Commerce. Republican. CongUst Clubs: Union. 
Algonquin, Exchange, Automobile, New Riding 
(Boston), Country. Home: 134 Marlborough St 
Office: 70 Kilby St., Boston. 

BATKBT, Bdwia Allm, lawyer; b. Jamaica Plain, 
Mass., July 30, 1862; s. Edwin and Vesta (Capen) 
Bayley; descendant of Pilgrim and Puritan an- 
cestry; preparatory ed. St. Johnsbury (Vt) Acad., 
class of 1881; A.B., Dartmouth, 1886 (pres., treas. 
and athletic dir. of the class, commencement 
speaker. Phi Beta Kappa and Delta Kappa Ep- 
sllon) ; LL.B., magna cum laude, Boston IT. 
School of Law, 1891 (pres. of class); m. Lucia A. 
Watklns, of Newbury, Vt, June 16, 1892; 1 child, 
Marian Vesta. In mortgage loan business, 1887-9; 
admitted to bar, 1891, to U.S. cts., 1898: trustee, 
clerk and counsel North End Savings Bank; mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1909-10: town counsel. Lexing- 
ton. Mass.; moderator of town meetings; has 
served as library trustee, mem. Sch. Com. and 10 
yrs. as mem. Rep. Congressional Dist Com. Mem. 
Middlesex Bar Assn., Balley-Bayley Family Assn. 

(ez-pres. and sec). Alumni Assn. of St. Johna- 
bury (Vt) Acad. (pres.). CongUst Clubs: Bos- 
ton City, Old Belfry (Lexington, Mass.). Home: 
23 Oakland St, Lexington, Mass. Office: 18 Tre- 
mont St., Boston. 

BA'rxzm, Walter OalMt, merchant; b. Taunton, 
Mass., Aug. 18, 1862; s. Edmund Lincoln and 
Nathalie Elizabeth (Ray) Bayllss; A.B., Harvard. 
1884; m. Charlotte Upham, of Boston. Nov. IT, 
1888; 6 children, Lincoln, Charlotte, Cleorge Up- 
ham, Walter Ray, Ehlwin, Ruth. Mem. firm Amorr, 
Browne & Co., dry goods commn.; v.-p. and chmn, 
exec. com. Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of 
Boston; trustee Mass. Gas Cos., N.B. Gas. A Coks 
C!o., Suffolk Savings Bank for Seamen and Others; 
dir. Boston Consolidated Gas Co., CommonwealUi 
Trust Co., N.B. Trust Co., Lancaster Mills, Taun- 
ton-New Bedford Copper Co. Episcopalian. Horns: 
Taunton, Mass. Office: 48 Franklin St., Boston.* 

BATBBS, Bmsst Harold, lecturer; b. Calcutta, 
India, May 1, 1868; s. John and Helen Augusta 
(Nowill) Baynes; ed. Coll. City of New York; m. 
Louise Blrt O'Connell, of Boston, Apr. 24, ItOL 
Reporter on New York Times, 1891-2; asst to 
father (inventor of photographic modeling), 1892- 
1900; writing and lecturing on natural history 
since 1900. Organized syndicate of newspwera, 
1900, each of which has printed an article of his, 
once a week, ever since; also series Wild Life In 
the Blue Mountain Forest, Boston Transcript 
1904, and many other countbns. to mags., news- 
papers, etc. Mem. Co. K, 3d Conn. Vols., June- 
Oct., 1898. Hon. mem. Hobby Post G.A.R., Stam- 
ford, Conn. Mem. Nuttall Ornithol. Club. Am. 
Bison Soc. (v.-p.). Harvard Travelers Club, 'Tavern 
Club (Boston); chmn. Boy Scout Commn.. Sulli- 
van Co., N.H. At present especially interested in 
organization of bird clubs, with a view to the 
better protection of wild birds; organized Meriden 
(N.H.) Bird Club (gen. mgr.). Meriden Humane 
Soc. (pres.) Acted the part of "Shy," the natur- 
alist in original cast of Percy Mackaye's bird 
masque. "Sanctuary"; written In the Interest of 
Am. wild bird protection. Address: Plalnfleld. 

BATBD, Traak Artbvr, editor, publisher; b. 

Lynn, Mass., Sept 1, 1873; s. Arthur and Adelaids 
iUreed> Bayrd; studied Boston U., 1894; unmar- 
ried. Became connected, 1894, with Maiden News, of 
which has been editor and prop., since 1903. Mem. 
Beta Theta Pi (Upstlon Chapter). Republican. 
Home: 24 Spruce St Office: 860 Main St, Maiden. 

BAlBIkBT, WilUam AlUstos &«7. real estate 
broker and trustee; b. Builth, Wales, Oct 7, 187S; 
s. Augustus Ley and Qeorglana Fanny (Hall) 
Bazeley; arrived in America 1883; ed. St Paul's 
Sch., (Concord, N.H., 1884-8, Holderness Sch., Ply- 
mouth. N.H.. 1888-90: m. Margaret Conant Cnapin. 
of Uxbridge, Mass., Sept 14, 1899. In real estate 
business in Boston since l900; treas. N.B. Con- 
servatory of Music. Republican. Mem. Mass. Ho. 
of Rep^ 1909, 1912, Senate, 1913. Mem. Mass. 
Naval Brigade 4 yrs., 1st Corps Ciadets, M.V.M.. 
6 yrs. Episcopalian. Clubs: union, St Botolpb. 
Union Boat Brookline Country, New Riding, Har- 
vard Mus. Assn. Home: 116 Commonweuth Ay. 
Office: 77 Franklin St, Boston. 

BBAOX, Amy Marcy OhMwy (Mrs. K. K. A. 
Beaoh); b. Henniker. N.H., Sept 5, 1867; d. Charles 
Abbott and Clara Imogene (Marcy) Cheney; early 
edn. under her mother; piano and harmony under 
Junius W. HIU, Brnest Perabo and Ceu-1 Baer- 
mann; studied fugue^ form, counterpoint and In- 
strumentation alone with text books; m. Henry 
Harris Aubrey Beach Dec. >, 1886. Played in con- 
certs and recitals from 1883; since 1886, work has 
been In playing and composition. Hon. mem. Bos- 
ton Browning Soc, in recognition of music writ- 
ten to Browning's poetry. (See Who's Who In 
America for list of compositions.) Home: 28 Com- 
monwealth Av., Boston.* 

BBAOX, OluWlss Bdward I b. Hartford, Cojot., 
Sept 2, 1862; s. Charles Mason and Frances Lyman 
(Belknap) Beach; B.S.. Mass. Agrl. Coll., Amherst, 
Mass., 1882; m. West Hartford, Conn., Oct 8, 1896, 
Catherine Harriet i^gfP/Jf ^^^ $9<<«Wfll! * "om. 



Frederick, Thomaii. Mem. until ItlO, of Beach 
tt Co., Importers of dyes, chemicals, etc., estab- 
lished 1815; pres. Whltlock Coll Pipe Co.; mem. 
Conn. Qen Assembly, 1907. Clubs: Hartford, Hart- 
ford Oolf, Country. Home: West Hartford, Conn. 

Qeorsetown, 1898-02, South Merlden, 1903-8, How- 
ard Av. Ch., New Haven, 1909-16: asso. pastor 1st 
M.R Ch., Bridgeport, Conn., since 1916. Mem. 
Alpha Alpha Chapter of Chi Fsl (Wesleyan). Ad- 
dress: 394 John St., Bridgeport, Conn. 

LOK, Chart es Kewls, college pres.; b. White- 
water, Wis., Apr. 6, 1866; s. Charles R .and Mary 
Janette (L.ewis) Beach; B.Asr., B.S., U. of Wis., 
1886; m. Louise C. Cromble, of Milwaukee, 1896. 
Instr. and prof, dairy husbandry, Conn. Agrl. Coll., 
1896-06; prof, dairy husbandry, U. of Vt. and Vt. 
EbLpt. Sta., 1906-08; pres. Conn. Agrl. CoIL since 
Sept. 16, 1908. Home: Storra, Conn.* 

. DttTlil Salion, Lhouloeinn; b. South 
Omnjte, N-J , iVov. SO. li>4S; a. Joaeph Wlcklltt and 
Mary .^neellne iWalkley) Beaieh; bruthiT of Har- 
luJi Page Beach; A.O., Yale, 1S72; BruH, Vale Dlv. 
Sch., 1876. B,D„ ISSl; ID.D., Western Reserve, 
l)t£i6>; m. L.ll]tan Tappan, of GlouotsBter, Muss., 
I>ec- 31. 1878 (died Juno 30, 1B021; M, Dora Free- 
man, of ^Vakene^ld, Musa., Dec. 18, 1903. Urdalned 
CotigL ministry. USi6: paator Westerly, Rl., 1ST6- 
11>79. Wakttield, Muas., 1S7S-S4. Cambridge, Mass., 
1K»4>S6. Minneapolis, Minn., 1896-S8, Denver, Uolo., 
18&9-02; pres. and prof, homlletics, Hangor Theol, 
Sem. since 1903. Prominent In perinunently rid- 
ding Cambridge, Mass., from the saloon; In local 
opiton and g'uod civics work In Mass. arul elso- 
■where; ugltaior for grafting niod1fli?d Norwegian 
UilutJr aistem on local option laws; also for 
ch. urvity and a better theology. (See Whoa Who 
la Ajnerlca Xor books, elc.J Address: Uangor, Me.* 
MMA.CH, Tredexlek OOBTSise, editor; moved to 
New Tork. (See voL 1909.) 

MMJlOX, Kra. K. K. A.; see Beach, Amy Marcy 

BKA.CX, garlan T%n, clergyman; b. South Or- 
ange. N.J., Apr. 4, 1864; B. Joseph Wickliff and 
Mary Angellne (Walkley) Beach: brother of Da- 
vid Nelson Beach; A.B., Tale, 1878, A.M., 
1901; gTSid. Andover Theol. Sem., 1883; m. I>uoy L. 
Ward, of L,ake Forest, lU., June 29, 1888. Taught 
at Phillips Andover Acad., 1878-80; missionary in 
China. 1883-90; taught and was in charge of Sch. 
for Christian Workers, Springfield, Masa, 1892-6; 
ednL sec Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign 
Missions, 1896-06; prof, theory and practice of 
missions. Tale. 1906 — . Fellow Royal Oeoy. Soc.; 
mem. Am. Oriental Soc., Phi Beta Kappa. (See 
Who'a Who In America for books and writings.) 
Home: 346 Willow St, New Haven, Conn.* 

BSA.OX, Keazy Xazzls Anteey, M.D.; Dec. 18, 
1843-1910. (See voL 1909, also Who's Who in 
America. 1910-11.) 

»•■*"». Joba BailMily, lawyer; b. New Haven, 
Conn., Oct. 18, 1866; s. John Sheldon and Rebecca 
(Gibbons) Beach; B.A., Yale, 1877, LUB^ 1879 
(hon. M.A, 1908, LL.D., 1914); m. Mary Roland 
Sanford, of New York, Apr. 16, 1890. Phelps prof, 
admiralty, Jurisprudence and mercantile law, Yale 
Law Sch.. 1908 — Now asso. justice Conn. Su- 
preme Court of £rrors. Pres. New Haven Co. Bar 
Assn., 1900-4; mem. Conn. Bar Assn., Am. Bar 
Aasn., Delta Kappa Epsllon. Republican. Episco- 
palian. Clubs: uniTersity, Graduates. Home: 460 
Temple St., New Haven Conn.* 

"*"», Ziaajr Ward; b. <%iCMO, IlL; d. Samuel 
Dexter and Mary Augusta (Folsom) Ward; ed. 
Ferry Hall, Lake Forest, 111., and Lake Forest U.; 
m. Prof. Harlan P. Beach, of New Haven, Conn., 
June 29. 1883. Went with husband to North China, 
as missionary, under the A.B.C.F.M., and remained 
6 yrs. ; returned home on account of ill health; 
made a six-months' tour around the world in 1904, 
and in 1907-8 spent 16 months In the Orient; has 
resided in New Haven since 1907. Conglist Rec- 
reation: photography. Address: 346 Willow St., 
New Haven. Conn. 
m^OW, Bobert James, clergyman; b. Brldge- 
rt. Conn., May 9, 1864; a James Walker and 
,nra Jane (Silliman) Beach; grad. Bridgeport 
High Sch., 1886; A.B., Wesleyan U., Conn., 1890; 
B.D., Drew Theol. Sem., 1893; M.A, New York U. 
(Jrad. Seta., 1899; post-grad, work. Tale, 1907-9; 
unmarried. Ordained M.K. ministry, 1894; pastor 
West Redding, Conn., 1894-6, Rowayton, 1897, 


.OK, Beth Cutis, clergyman; b. Marion, N.Y., 
Aug. 8, 1837; s. Luther Markham and Angelina 
Elizabeth (Curtis) Beach; ed. Antioch Coll., O., 
1869-62; A.B., Union Coll., N.Y., 1863; Harvard 
Divinity Sch.. 1883-6 (D.D., Union, 1903); m. Fran- 
ces Hall Judd, of Boston, Nov. 17, 1869. Ordained 
Unitarian ministry, 1867; pastor Augusta, Me. 
1867-9, Dedham, Mass., 1875-88, Bangor, Me., 1891- 
01, Wayland, Mass., 1901-11; Supt Unitarian mis- 
sionary work, 1888-90; dlr. Am. Unitarian Asn., 
1887-90; pres. Unitarian Ministerial Union, 1907. 
Home: Watertown, Mass.* 

BBAOX. BylTester JnOd, oculist and aurist: b. 
Dedham, Masa, Apr. 7, 1879; s. Seth Curtis and 
Frances Hall (Judd) Beach; grad. Phillips Exeter 
Acad., 1897; A.B., Harvard, 1901, M.D., 1906; m. 
Louise Harris, of Portland, Me, (}ct., 1909; 2 chil- 
dren, Margaret, Howell Williams. Surgical house 
officer, Boston (Tity Hosp., 1904; bouse phys., Bos- 
ton Lylng-ln Hosp., 1906; practiced since 1907 in 
Augusta, Me.; visiting surgeon Ear, Nose and 
Throat Dept., Augusta Gen. Hosp., 1913; ophthal- 
mologist, Augusta State Hosp. 'Trustee Cony Fe- 
male Acad., Lithgow Library. Fellow Am. Coll. 
Surgeons; mem. Aesculaplan Club of Boston, 
A.M.A., Am. Acad. Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryn- 
gology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. Uni- 
tarian. Mason. Home: Stone St Office: 283 Water 
St, Augusta, Ma 

BBAXi, BoylatoB Adams, lawyer; b. Boston, Jime 
4, 1866; s. James H. and Louisa J. (Adams) Beal; 
A.B., Harvard, 1886; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 
1892; m. E. S. Green, of Hyde Park, Oct 4, 1893; 
1 daughter, Elisabeth S. Admitted to Mass. Bar 
1892, and since practiced in Boston. Asst treas., 
mem. exec. com. and trustee Boston Home for In- 
curables. Mem. Bar Assn. City of Boston. Home: 
108 Beacon St. Office: 60 State St, Boston. 

BBAZk navlns Oilaado, business man; b. Mon- 
mouth, Me., June 2, 1841; s. Samuel and Maria A. 
(Warren) Beal; left an orphan at age of 7; ed. 
largely through own exertions, common schs. and 
Towle Acad.; m. Lucy Jane Randall, of Freeport, 
Me., Dec. 7, 1866; no children. Learned trade of 
brush making, at Portland, Me.; served as pvt 1st 
and 13th regts.. Me. Vols., 1861-Mar., 1862; dis- 
charged on account of ill health. In service of Me. 
Central Ry., 1862-74; in livery and hotel business 
at Bangor, Me., 1874-89; propr. Bangor House, 
1878-89; associated with others and built the fair 
grounds at Maplewood Park, 1883; was pres. £:aBt- 
em Me. State Pair Assn. ; for many yrs. engaged 
in farming; established Bangor Creamery, 1892; 
was cattle commr. for 24 yrs.; actively interested 
for a number of yrs. in promotion and construction 
of electrical rys.; mayor of Bangor 9 terms, 1891- 
04 (defeated twice). Mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1899- 
03; pres. Eastern Me. Musical Festival 19 yrs.; dist 
mem. Nat Trotting Assn., 1911-17. Established in 
1879 the last Tally-Ho coach line in Me., leaving 
Bangor twice dally for Bar Harbor, 60 miles away; 
continued same until 1883, at which time its place 
was taken by steam ry. Republican. Unitarian. 
Address: Bangor House, Bangor, Me.* 

BBA&, rranola Ksavltt, clergyman; b. Cohasset, 
Mass., Dec. 31, 1864; s. Z. Leavltt and Marcla Prls- 
dlla (Tower) Beal; descendant on maternal sidb 
of John Howland, of the Mayflower, on paternal 
side, of John Beal, who settled in Hingham, Mass., 
1637; grad. Cohasset High Sch., 1880: pvt instruc- 
tion in classical and dlv. course; m. Gertrude Scol- 
ley, of Portland, Me., June 30, 1887; 4 children, 
Ralph, Rachel, Percy, Llndsey. Missionary In 
charge of Trinity Ch^ Needham. Mass., 1900-2, St 
Andrew's Ch. South Framlngham, 1902, St. John's 
Ch., Saugus, 1902-7; deacon, 1906, priest, 1910, P.B. 
ch.; rector St. Paul's Ch., Beachmont, 1907-10. Ch. 
of the Ascension, Cambridge, since Oct 1, 1910. 
Mem, Soc. Mayflower Descendants, Soc. War of 
1812 (two lines), S.A.R. (Ave lines). Mason (K.T.); 
grand prelate of Mass. Knights of Pythias; grand 
chaplain of Mass. Temple or Honor, and mem. Su<> 


uiyiLizeu uy 

■N^J V^V^ ' 



preme Council. Author of many sermons and ad- 
dresses pub. in New England Craftsman, Pythian 
Oleaner, etc. Recreations: country life. Home: 74 
4th St., Cambridge, Mass. 

b, Oeorg* B., lawyer; b. Waltham, Mass., 
Mar. 29, 1870; s. Ezra Wardwell and Lucretia Ken- 
dall (Brown) Seal; grad. Waltham High Sch. 1887; 
matriculated at Harvard, class of 1891, but did not 
graduate: unmarried. Has been connected with 
Waltham Savings Bank since 1888; apptd. v.-treaa. 
in 1901, treas. 1907, and so continues; admitted to 
Middlesex bar 1906. Pres. Bd. of Aldermen, Wal- 
tham, 1908-9. Trustee Waltham Hosp. Republican. 
Unitarian. Mason. Clubs: Boston City, Harvard 
(Boston), Western Golf. Recreations: golf. Home: 
22 Summer Av. Office: 702 Main St., Waltham, 

John Taa, lawyer; b. Randolph, Mass., 
July 3, 1842; s. Col. Eleazer and Mary Stetson 
(Thayer) Beal; grad. Phillips Andover Acad., 1863; 
studied law with Jewell, (Gaston & Field, Boston; 
L,L,.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1872; admitted to Mass. 
bar 1873, later to U.S. Circuit and Dist. courts; m. 
May 10, 1910, Edith Alden Belcher, of Randolph, 
Mass. Began practice in Randolph; office with 
Jewell, Field & Shepard, Boston, 1876-81; with 
Shepard & Coombs, 1881-91, since alone; mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1912. Clerk and supt. Conglist. 
S.S., Randolph, many years; orator at Centennial 
Celebration of Randolph, 1893. Home: Randolph, 
Mass. Office: 63 State St., Boston. 

BXA^ TbomMl Pzlno*, banker; b. Charlestown, 
Mass., Sept. 27, 1849; s. James H. and Judith D. 
(Beal) Beal; A.B., Harvard, 1869, A.M., 1872; m. 
Ida, d. of William Young and Eliza Ann (Baker) 
De Ford, of Baltimore, Md., Oct. 27, 1881; 2 chil- 
dren, Thomas Prince, Jr., William De P'ord. Trav- 
eled in Europe, 1869-70; In business In New York, 
1870; employed In 2d Nat. Bank, Boston (of which 
his father was pres.), 1871-3. dlr., 1873, v.-p., 1878, 
pres. since 1888. Pres. and dlr, Hamilton Woolen 
Co., treas. and dlr. Blgelow, Hartford Carpet Co.; 
dir. Am. Security Co. of N.Y. (mem. local bd.), 
Clinton Wire Cloth Co. Proprietors of the Ceme- 
tery of Mt. Auburn: trustee Suffolk Savings Bank 
for Seamen and Others; v.-p. and dir. Industrial 
Development Co. of the Boston Chamber of Com- 
merce. Mem. Boston Common Council, 1885. Clubs: 
Somerset, Algonquin, Union, Harvard (Bo.ston), 
Essex County Country, Mt. Serrat Golf. Summer 
Home: Beverly, Mass. Home: 36 Gloucester St. 
Office: 111 Devonshire St, Boston. 

BBAXm waUainJailMa, botniilst ; b, Adrian, Mich.. 
Mar. 11, 1833; s. Wlllluni and Itochel K (Comslnck) 
Beal; A,B., U. of Mich., 1859. A. SI., Ib62; S.H.. har- 
vard, 1865; M.S., U. of CJiieaKo, ISTf, ihon. I'ti I)., 
U. of Mich., 1880; D.Sc. Mich. Stale .^Rrl. roll., 
1905); m. Hannah A. Proud, of RoUln, Mlrh., Sept. 

2, 1863; father-in-law of Hay HtannunI Bnkeir. 
Teacher natural sci<-ni.e. 1"! ir-mls' .^Cinl. und 
Howland Inst., Union Springs, N.Y., 1869-68: prof, 
botany, U. of Chicago, 1868-70; lecturer on botany, 
1871, prof, botany and horticulture, 1871-81, prof, 
botany and forestry and curator of bot. raus., 1882- 

03, prof, botany, 1903-10, since emeritus prof., 
Mich. State Agrl. Coll. Dir. State Forestry Commn., 
1888-92. First pres. Soc. Promotion Agr. Science, 
1881-2. Assn. Botanists of U.S. Expt Stas., 1888, 
Mich. State Acad. Science, 1894; pres. Mich. State 
Teachers' Assn., 1881. (See Who's Who In America 
for books, etc.) Home: Amherst, Mass.* 

BBAXE, Josaph Xutaj, lawyer; b. Dorchester, 
Mass., Oct. 12, 1861; s. Joseph H. and Frances E. 
(Messinger) Beale; A.B., Harvard, 1882. A.M., 
LL.B., 1887 (LL.D., U. of Wis. and U. of Chicago, 
1904); m. Elizabeth C. Day, of Barnstable, Mass., 
Dec. 23, 1891. In practice, Boston, 1888-92; lecturer. 
1890-2, asst. prof. law. 1892-7. prof., 1897-08, Car- 
ter prof. gen. Jurisprudence. 1908-12. Royall prof, 
law, 1912 — , Harvard. Prof, law and dean law sch., 
U. of Chicago, 1902-4. Mem. Mass. State Commis- 
sion for Simplifying Criminal Pleadings, 1900. Fel- 
low Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences. (See Who's Who 
in America for books, etc.). Home: 29 Chauncy St. 
Address: Harvard Law Sch., Cambridge, Mass.* 

BBAUm Arthur Korlnff, M.D.: b. North Bridge- 
water, Mass., Aug. 21, 1869; s. Isaiah Additon and 

Vesta Snell (Perkins) Seals; prep. edn. Brockton 
High Sch.; A.B., Brown U., 1891; M.D., CoIL Phys. 
and Surg. (Columbia), 1896; m. Helen Sophia An- 
drews, of East Brldgewater, Mass., Aug. 26, 1910; 
2 children, Richard Cary (deceased), Bettina Mar- 
ston. Practiced in Brockton, Mass., since 189(; 
city phys. of Brockton, 1897-1900; attending phyat 
Brockton Hosp. since 1903, also trustee. Mem. 
A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, Brockton Med. Soc., Bos- 
ton Med. Library. Republican. Conglist. Mason 
(32°); Odd Fellow. Club: Commercial. Home: 38* 
Main St. Office: 106 Main St., Brockton, Hasa. 

BBAXS, CliBrlM BdwsrO, writer; b. Stoughton. 
Mass., July 16, 1869; s. Charles Emery and Susan 
(Fisher) Beals; student mech. engrlng. 4 yrs.. 
Mass. Inst. Tech., grad. Drew Theol. Sem., 1892; 
m. Nellie Vernon Drake, of Stoughton, June 30, 
1892. Entered M.E. ministry, 1892; pastor Mans- 
field, Mass., 1892-6; entered Congl. ministry. 189«; 
asst. pastor Maverick Ch., East Boston, Mass.. 
1896-7; pastor 1st Ch., Stoneham, 1897-1900, 2d Ch., 
Greenfield, 1900-3, Prospect St. Ch., Cambridge, 
1903-8; now pastor Ch. of the Unity, Worcester; 
field sec. Am. Peace Soc, 1908-12; dlr. (central- West 
Dept. of Am. Peace Soc, 1912-14: also sec. Chi- 
cago Peace Soc, Jan. 4, 1910-May 1, 1914. Orgran- 
ized 2d Nat. Peace Cong., Chicago, 1909; reorgan- 
ized Chicago Peace Soc, 1910; mem. peace con- 
gresses at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, lion- 
don, Chicago, Hartford, Baltimore, St. Louis; confs. 
for jud. settlement of Internat disputes, Washing- 
ton and Cincinnati; Lake Mohonk arbitration 
confs., 1908, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13; sec. Sagamore Sodol. 
Conf., 1907-9. Contbg. editor Unity, 1912 — . Mem. 
N.E. Hist, (reneal. Soc. Was captain Ist Co. Inf. 
Mass. Provisional Militia, 1898: chaplain 6tb Inf. 
Mass. Vol. Militia, 1899-01. (See Who's Who in 
America for writings, etc.). Home: 27 Sever St., 
Worcester, Mass.* 

SEAXiS, BrI TlDtOD, inv«?iitor; b. Topeka. Kan.. 

June IT, 18<J7; s. Morcll Liiabee (M,U.) and Caroline 
(WpIIh) neiils; ed. puli. and hl^h acha.; m. Mar- 
KUerlte Dnmmet Cook, nf Mtirlne Clt>', Mich., June 
*J7. 1SS9. Reporter on Muskegnn (Mleli.) Chronicle, 
ItiBB.flG: became iT>tere3led in typesetting machines 
nml Invented the Deals Muchine, operated by elec- 
tricity, which has hecti on the market since 1902; 
nisi inventor of an urea-nietor tor measarlng leath- 
er sides (for tanners and buyers of leather in 
large quantities). Republican. Swedenborgiaa. 
Address: 118 Eastern Av., Arlington Heights, 

BBAXiS, Osorgs Oluttles; b. WInchendon, Mass., 
May 4, 1876; s. Charles L. and Harriet M. (Brown) 
Beals; A.B., Harvard, 1898; m. Edith J. Jones, 1914. 
V.-p. 1st Nat. Bank, Wlncjiendon; treas. Internat. 
Phosphate Co., Fibre Finishing Co. Mem. Boston 
Chamber of Commerce. Clubs: Boston City, Har- 
vard, Union Boat. Home: WInchendon, Mass. Of- 
fice: 27 State St., Boston. 

Blmer Allen, mfr.; b. Worcester. 

Mass., Sept. 2, 1846; s. Allen Conant and Sarah 
Ann (Mason) Beaman; ed. pub. schs.: ra. Hattle B. 
Holt. Sept. 22, 1870 (died Feb. 21, 1878); 2 children. 
Lora Elmer, Allen Holt; 2d Providence, R.I., Jan. 1. 
1883, Grace C. Bishop; 1 daughter, Jessie Irene. 
Served In Union Army as mem. of Co. F, 42d Regt.. i 
Mass. Vols., 1863-64: learned machinist's trade 
with Wood & Light Co., Worcester; removed to ' 
Providence, 1866: began as treas. Star Tool Co., 
1869; sold out, 1884; started, 1886, The Beaman 
& Smith Co., of which Is treas. and gen. mgr. Mem. i 
Providence Chamber of Commerce. Mem. Am. Soc i 
Mech. Engrs., Providence Soc. Mech. Engrs. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Mason (32°); mem. O.A.R. i 
Home: 237 WaHhlngton Av. Office: Gordon and i 
Reynolds Avs.. Providence, R.I. ' 

BEAKAB, Cieorge Bnxaham, educator; b. Cin- 
cinnati, O., Apr. 1. 1870; s. Edmund Addison and 
Sarah Vorhees (Parsons) Beaman; ed. Woodbum 
dist. schR., Cincinnati: grad. Woodward High Sch., 
1888; A.B., U. of Cincinnati, 1893; unlvs. of Jena 
and Leipzig, A.M., Ph.D., Leipzig, 1896; m. Mary 
Burnham, of Waltham, Mass., June 28, 1897: 4 
children, Alice W., Anna G., George Burnham, Jr., 
Richard B. Instr. German, Northeast Manual 
Training Sch., Philadelphia, 1896-06; asso. prin.. 

uigiLi^eu uy 

X^_J v^x^,* 



1905-11, prin., lSll-12, Waltham New Church Sch.; schs., Rraduating, 1884; m. Sept. 12. 1892, Flora 
prln. walthain Sch. for Girls (formerly Waltham May Twltchell, of Soraerville; 3 children, Harry 
New Church Sch.), since 1912. Sweaenborslan. T., Muriel H., Charlotte Bllzabeth. Entered pub- 
Hem. Waltham E>lnl. Soc., New Church Club (Bos- llshinK business in Cambridge, 1891; now partner 
ton). Recreations: tennis, cello. Address: 327 Cambridge Chronicle Co., pubs, of the Cambridge 
Lexington St., Waltham. Mass. Chronicle. Mem. Common Council, Somerville, 

UMAMAM, Oeorr* WlUiam, rear-admiral; b. J890-1; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1909, 10, 11, li. 

rSS^A^U MaTT 1837rrfeeor|e Hudson 'and *i!."-,P?'nbrldge Bd of Trade. Republican, tjni- 

meanor Kettelle (Gooltin) Seaman; ed. Rutland I^*ff?"'$- ^^'f*"? i£."*"?."\ hS^^^^' "J.^™. ^^^.T 

High Sch., Troy Conf. Acad.; m. Rebecca Swift ^}^S^„.l:°^^t^t f "t"-, S?'- Thomas Wentworth 

Goldsmith, of Louisville, Ky.. May 2, 1866; father SJ««i?«°K" ^ni^'',.,?!; a'„ ^•r«iF^".''^<.^T'°?. ^'i^ 

of William Major Beaman. Enlisted as pvt. SfB?,;,,, ^„ ^il^ worth Av. Office: 83 Austin St., 

3d Regt., Mo. U.S. Reserve Corps, May. 1881. and Cambridge, Mass. 

took part In capture of <^mp Jaclison; was war BBAini, OliarlM Bnfni* XUl, M.D.; b. Readfleld, 
corr. Missouri Democrat, Aug., 1861-Mar., 1862; Me., Feb. 15, 1878; s. Judge Fred Emery and Or- 
was with Fremont in S.W. Mo. campaign, and iila (McOilvery) Beane; A.B., Bowdoin, 1900; M.D., 
later with Grant in battles Fts. Henry and Donel- Med. Sch. of Me. (Bowdoin), 1906; m. Elida Ma- 
son; apptd. acting asst. p.-m. U.8.N., Mar., 1862; belle Osier, of Bremen, Me., May 6, 1907; 1 son, 
as-st. p.-m., June, 1862; promoted p.-m., 1866; pay Fred Emery, Jr. Practiced at Norrldgewocic, Me., 
insp., 1890; pay dir., Apr.. 1899; retired with rank 1906-9, Halloweil since 1909; mem. bd. of health, 
of rear-admiral. May 7, 1899. Served in South At- 1908; city phys.. 1912-14 and since 1916; sch. phys. 
lantic and Gulf Blockading squadrons, and on Miss, since 1914. Mem. Me. Med. Assn., Kennebec Co. 
River during <31vil War; was in several engage- Med. Soc., Auguata Med. Club, Delta Upsllon, Phi 
ments; 8ul>sequently served on various ships and Chi. Democrat. Cnlversalist. Past Chancellor 
stas. Was general storel<eeper at Boston and Mare Echo Lodge No. 103, and Granite Lodge No. 60, 
Island navy yards, 1887-93; made last cruise on K. of P.; mem. A.O.U.W., Foresters. Recreations: 
flagship New Torit as fleet-paymaster North At- shooting, golf, motoring, motor boating. Address: 
lantic Sta. Mem. tK>yal Legion (Mass. Command- 117 Second St., Halloweil, Me. 
ery). Clubs: St Botolph (Boston), Army and BBAn Vred Bnurv i'nUrt,- h Tt»<>afl»iri mo 
h,?dk%'Sj."*"'>- "°""= 68 Lakeview Av.. Cam- M^fTi^63iT^S^h{".'fr%nA iuz^bith^n: 

__ „^_^ _ _ _ .... ^ ton (Craig) Beane; prep, edn.. Me. Wesleyan Sem. 

BWawaW. MMT7 Olurton, hotel propr.; b. and Westbrook (Me.) Sem.; student. Tufts Coll ; 
Princeton, Mass., Mar. 9, 1863; s Phineas Alden and studied law in office of father; admitted to bar 
Harriet (Thompson) Beaman; descendant of Ga- 1876; m. Orella Griffin McGllvery, of Belfast Me 
maliel Beaman, who came to Dorchester, Mass., in Sept. 14, 1876; 4 children, Charles E. H. (MD )'! 
1636, and was one of the incorporators of the town Emery O. (lawyer), Bessie C, Eleanor McG (de- 
of Lancaster; prep. edn. Williston Sem., East- ceased). Admitted to practice in U.S. courts, 1886; 
bampton, Mass.; A.B., Harvard, 1885; m. Nov. 10, town elk., Readfleld, 1876; city solicitor, Halloweil 
1887. Jennie Hoover Bartlett, of Chlllicothe, O. 1879-86, mayor, 1891 and 1907; county atty Kenne- 
(dled June 20, 1911). Ehitered hotel business with bee Co., 1907-8; sec. State Dem. Com 1888-98 
father and was mem. firm of P. A. Beaman & Son, chmn. 1908, 9, 10, 11; apptd. judge Superior Ct of 
Wacbnsett House, Princeton, Mass., 1885-10; propr. Kennebec County Apr. 26, 1911. Unlversalist Ma- 
Princeton Inn since 1910. Has served on sch. com. son: Odd Fellow; mem. A.O.U.W. (grand recorder 
and also as tree warden, selectman, library trustee 1908), I.O.R.M., I.O.F.; grand chancellor Grand 
and trustee of invested funds, Princeton: mem. Lodge K. of P., 1891, supreme representative 1895- 
(3en. Cn. of Mass., 1912; del. to Indianapolis Conv. 96. supreme inner guard, 1898-1900. Recreations- 
of Gold Democrats, 1896. Trustee Ooodnow Me- flshing. Address: Halloweil, Me.* 
mortal Library, Princeton. Republican. Conglist. nvAm ■._-.i n.iia_. . .. „ ^. 
Mem. A.O.tJ.W., Patrons of Husbandry. Clubs: ^rl,"^"' ff"i^\.''2™?"'»'^l*''*''P'?"=.,.'''- &">d»»- 
Hasty Pudding, Varsity (Cambridge, Mass.). Ad- Jv.Si,ii?*- il' i!?^i/- Joseph and Lydia Haynes 
dress: Princeton, Mass. p-^^ViS M w ?°J?^J„'*'H*^®"il«S.°* i°^'i ^f^l^' "' 

naw nm^ym^ *«»n«.«L i.nrvs,. K 'D.-./ifnrii Exetor, N.H. ; pjep. edn. Phillips Acad., Andover, 

„y^' S?*^,,"*^""? '*JT?f'' "-..If"""'?' Mass., and The Gymnasium, Pembroke, N.H. ; A B 

^Z.^*!"'^**' ^HJl'- Stephen sibley and Nancy E. Dartmouth. 1858; B.D., Harvard Dlv Sch 1861 

lS,n''L^tSS"l.V F5.f/r"*Nii°"iRBo'"A'^B'"R™wn < DD.. Dartmouth', 1894'): m. Caroline Br^ks Tur- 

U^°18?1?'5*M^' ll?4V LL.^-.^6ol1^°n' U^iaw^^S°cr. ?rYrri°eM:^Tk ^r\T' 0^¥all'm"jSL^"ran"?'V8l9^' 

1885; m. Sept. 2, 1886, E. Maria, d. William A. and 4 children Samuel Collins JrPrentf,« rnlll„. 

^eSyj„«S^^J.-«;^.f«t.h..?'«^»«ir.'°„Tw^H^- P»^el"sifre?}:a^{l^^^^ 

nlcSSl commnsiand mem. Sch: Bd:, 1898-08. Clubs: Qr'a'f ton ' "prel ilass Bv'an'ielical' MlMl^n'J^/J <?SS° 

Towanda (Wobum). Republican of Mass. (Bos- pres Mini^terl^ Unllli (//n «««,! «V^ 

ll^^ ,?r£^i*r°sTkt.'"ll^?ii; ^V^r ^°''"™- **'■ ™SVr"»°t»^ru.a"°me{n^.'Lsex^^ 

flee. 176 Federal St, Boston, Mass. Odd Fellow. Club: Radical (Boston). Author of 

BBAJr, SoIlT M a r s h a ll, shipbuilder, Camden, Me. many hist^ biog., geneal. and theol. pamphlets. 

Address: Camden, Me. (See vol. 1909.) Address: Grafton, Mass. 

t, JaOmr A.I clergyman: b. Mason, Me., Apr. XBAVa, flaainal OoIUas, Jr., clergyman; b Sa- 

30, 1864; 8. Amos Feabody and Roxanna Willard lem, Mass., Dec. 9, 1872; s. Samuel Collins and 

(Paine) Bean: descendant of John Bean, who came Harriet Cook (Gray) Beane; New Hampton Instn ■ 

from North of Ireland; ed. common and high schs.. grad. Proctor Acad., 1896; grad. Meadvllle Theol. 

Mason and Bethel, Me.; m. Sarah A. Dlulngs, of Sch.. 1899; post-grad, course. Harvard; m Mary 

Wethersfleld, Conn., Apr. 10, 1879. Licensed M.R Ellen Smith, of Waterbury, Vt., Aug. 27, 1901. Or- 

ministry, 1884; ordained, 1890; pastor Mason, dained Unitarian ministry, 1900; pastor Ruther- 

Newry and West Paris, Me., until 1890, Conway, ford, N.J., 1900-06, North Andover, Mass.. 1906-09 

N.H.. 1890-94. Cornish, Me., 1894-96, South Paris, Worcester, since Dec. 1908. Clubs: Twentieth 

1896-1900. Kennebunkport 1900-04, York. 1904-07, Century, Economic. Address: 2 Ripley PI.. Wor- 

Riehmond. 1907-11. Lewiston. 1911-15 (all of Me.), cester. Mass. 

Mem. Sons of Veterans. Recreations: walking, mo- BBABOX. BoTdan. farmer- h Roat VA^tn-rtn^ 
torinj^ hunting. Home: 101 Nichols St., Lewis- MiTMiy 23 fs^ll!' s J^llih B^nd SuiSg k' 
ton. Me. (Knight) Bearce; ed. grammar and high schs. and 
BBAir. James WUUsm, oubllsher: b. Somerville.. Me. Central Inst., Plttsfleld, Me.; m. Jennie L Phil- 
Mass., May 11, 1S66; s. George Washington and lips, of Dedham, Me., Mar. 6, 1881 (died 1914). 
.^bby Jane (Burke) Bean: descendant of John Engaged In farming since 1881. Live stock commr 
Bean: ed. Somerville (Mass.) grammar and high of Me. by apptmt. of Gov. Oakley C.ClurJtts<j*«.iC 


19. Democrat. Hem. Patrons of Husbandry. Home: Margaret (Hurd) Beardsley; K-S-f- on (atkn!! 
Blast Eddlngton. Me. Office: Augusta, Me. side was a Revolutionary soldier and had atoj 

■ 1 jM 

Balph Xliur, school prln.; b. Turner, "hot from under him; mother descended ^^ 

Me., Apr. ^9, 1875:irMellen Addison and Olive J-ord Percy; ed. Parker Acad., Woodbury, OM 

(Smlth^ Bearee: A.B.. Colby Coll., 1895, A.M., 1902; \ ys.; Washlngrton (Conn.) Gunneiy Sch IB 

m. Ellen Mary Bradford. July 9, ^902. Taught dlst. ^"f'?' dlst. sch. 1 yr.; m Oct^ -8, 1890, CharlsB 

schs., Me., 1890-1, 1894; submaster Rockland (Me.) Edith Peck, of Brldgewater, Conn. Farmer, ■ 

High Sch., 189B-9; inslr. Powder Point Sch^ Dux- "tock breeder and dealer in Devon cattle *l 

bury, Mass., 1900-1; Instr., 1901-4, prln., J^uly 1, 1868; has served several terms as selecaM 

1904-July 1, 1912, Conn. Lit Instn., Suffleid, Conn.; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1911-12. Frequently alj 

headmaster Powder Point Sch., Duxbury, Mass., vator or trustee. Democrat. Address: Roxtaq 

July 1, 1912 — . Home: Duxbury, Mass.* upon to act as administrator, appraiser, coiav 

XILABS, Aiuniatiia Tleld, clergyman; moved to 'i?^.-,—---,— ._,.,■„._ .___ ., ._.k -u^ 

New York. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who In , f^^""?;"'.^,^??^ *fB^','=iS^«&^SL.^h^i- 

Amerir-n iqii-lE t Toe, ConiL, May D, 1866; s. Agur and Blizabeth An 

-_._-- L. — . w , w TT *i » ^ (Lewis) Beardsley; descendant of William Beu*- 

SBAM.Henaettmohotasb. Huntington. Conn., jgy, Stratford, Conn., 163B; ed. Episcopal Ao*. 

f,SFv^i \^V-'' \ Oliver Gould and Nancie Maria Cheshire. ConA.. 1881-3; B.A., Trinity ColL, Hut- 

(Nrohols) Beard; ed. pub. schs. ; m. Mar. 29, 1900, ^oxd.. Conn., 1887, M.A., 1890; grad. Berkeley Dh. 

Abble J. Hubbell, of Shelton, Conn. In real estate gc^., Mlddietown, Conn.. 1890; m. New Ham 

and contracting business; director Shelton Bank conn., June 23, 1897, Alletta H. Wanridt. «t 

& Trust Co^ has served as selectman and town Richmond, Va.; 1 son, Warwick. I>eacon. 1$H 

agt.; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep.. 19)1-12. Democrat, priest. 1891. P.E. Ch.; assL St Thomas Ch. N«f 

Conglist Odd tellow. Home: Huntington. Conn, ftaven, 1890-2, rector, since Apr. 18, 1892. & 

BBABB, Gerald Kamlltoa, clergyman; b. Ham- amining chaplain Diocese of Conn., since ISlt; 

mersmlth, Eng., Mar. 20, 1862; s Richard and Anne 2d v.p., 1911-13, pres. since 1913, New Haven Oil- 

(Olding) Beard; came to America with parents, ony Hist. Soc; trustee Berkeley Div. Sch. U<& 

1870; B.A., Yale, 1887: Ph.D.. 1892; B.D., Yale Dlv. Am. Book-Plate Soc, Phi Beta Kappa, Psi UpiiU* 

Sch., 1890: studied in Germany, 1891; m. Mary Wrote: An Old New Haven Engraver and A 

Keyes, of Minneapolis, Minn., July 27, 1892; 4 chll- Work: Amos Doolittle. Address: 64 Grove SL 

dren, Louise, Katharine, Eleanor, Esther Keyes. New Haven, Conn. 

Ordained minister Congl. Ch., 1892; pastor Ist Ch., BEAmsB&BT. WilUan Ktdd. manager N.E. TA 

South Norwalk, Conn 1892-1900. CoUege St Ch.. Ex^KHiirfAltJSjTl^.rJuS'e wTml; a(:tari« 

Burlington. Vt, 1900-4, Park St Ch., Bridgeport, and Mary (Hutchinson) Beardsley; ed. Albi* 

Conn., since 1904. Author: Catholic and Protestant Boys' Acad.: Albany Business Coll.; pub. andhS 

Bibles, 1905; Schopenhauer s Philosophy and Pes- achs., Albany; m. Elizabeth Cross, of New Tat 

simiam, 1890. Address: 319 Barnum Av.. Bridge- Sept. 2, 1900; 2 children, Norman Turner, SdA 

port Conn. Elisabeth. With T. M. Hackettft Co.. Albany, N.I. 

BBABD, Benben A. (See vol. 1909.) 1888-91: in employ of N.Y.C. & H.R.R.R. Co., Kit 

BBABSSSBB, Olark Bmith, clergyman; Feb. 1. York, l|91-9; with A. Booth* Co New York, ISJ 

18B0-1914. (See vol. 1909, ilso Who's Who In ^2' ^°fo'?^ ""^"^ '.Ken. mgr. N.Ei. Fish ESchiW 

AmoHpn 1A14.1K1 since 1909; sec. and dir. Commonwealth Ice s (V 

„i„„OT ■. „-ii ...».*.. ^i»,„,„^o». Storage Co.; asst sec. Boston Fish Market CJorpu, 

h??tSE"^P4»S'^?'^^9^.°fJf!tS"'«"»^H*S.?^??J ««"• mgr. W.F.D. Credit Assn. Mem. 71st Rest 

b.LeMars Ia.,Sept. 2],1883;s. (:iark S.and Emma N.Q. N.Y., 5 yrs. Mason; Elk. Wrote: Reclpefc 

Q. (Alvord) Beardslee; descendant of William Sea Food, 1918. Recreations: automobllinK. HonK 

Beardsley an original senl^^^^ KosUndale, Mass. Office: Boston Fish Pier, B» 

grad. Hartford Grammar Sch., 1897; grad. Hart- f^n 

ford Pub. High Sch., 1901; A.B., Yale, 1905; B.D.. „,___ _,«^^„». ,,-,^.k o„rf„,Hi.M ibM. 

Hartford Theol. Sem., 1908, S.T.M., 1909; m. Eliza- „ ?"^"^'„?5~'*K* *"^"^ ^'*";*^~i?l 

both C. Merriam, of Hartford, Conn., Dec. 20, 1910; ^S'\^^\' }^^^'' »• ^*°"v. Henry and «""«» 

1 daughter, Barbara. Ordained Congl. ministry. <"?'"»i^''? ?®?"*U P"''-. ^°"- , „^„"„'„ """^"ISr 

1910; pastor 1st Ch., Springfield, Vt, since Apr. I With bpringfleld Republican. 1890-02; spl i*. 

1910. Mem. Book and Bond Soa (Yale). Repub- Mass. Mut Life Ins. Co.. 1902-7; county trju. 

Ucan. Address: Sprlngfleld, Vt S^'"*',?®" S*?' JlSS^'ifi?''® ""^- T^J^'Sv^i'MSSS 

_________ _r r. •-.J4„__ n_.^ . . I, Tw._ city Council, 1897, 18J8; ta^m.. Bd. of Alderm» 

BBJJ«>«iW,Bdi»M^W«tao^flrelns.;b.^^^^^ 1899-1900; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep.. 1901-1 *«» 

sted, Conn.LJan. 4, 1868; s. Edward Rockwell and Springfield Bd. of Trade, Y.M.C.A.. SprinjH* 

Adelaide (Watson) Beardsley; ed. pub. sohs^ of cSnoe Assn. n4publi<in. fiason (32*^^^ QSTM; 

Winsted and Hartford, (^nn., and H^tford High houn. Recreations: dog fancier. Home: !8 Men* 

Sch. 2 yre.; m. Hartford, Oct IB, 1889, Ida M. John- gt. Office: 37 Elm St, Sprlngfleld, Mass. 

son : 1 daughter, Arllne Johnson. Began as office __ . __ __ _, _ ' «» ". . i. i!i.iriu 

boy Phoenix Ins Co., Hartford, 1885; apptd. local w""^^^"^J,<"»5f„"^»^<'/*> educator; b. SUritt 

agt, same CO., 1891 mem. agency, Beardsley & }t^S\^^- ^j, 1868; d. Edmund Dana and M« 

Blardiley" representing both Phoenix and Aetna ??/ii<^°"t>, l!S°.™"=^.'»l-.^f'<'S^^^ 

Tne iTiB Vn¥. Hnrtfnrd since Mar 1 1899- mem. State Normal Sch.; m. James A. Beatley. ol •»•■ 

Bd^or#irl°Comm^".° H-artforVmi-S: Mem'. HarU f?"' Dec. 27. 1887 teacher pub. schs.. Is/s^T;!* 

ford Chamber of Commerce, tree. Conn. Assn. of ?i?'=''i'lf„^?il;' '^'',:,°?,J^' Ri^^'Pj^Ji.S.^SS' JU^ 

T nnai ■^\rtk Tno Airpnts 8 vrs 1902 3- ores Nat 10 chmn. Com. oi Bdn. Ch. of Disciples, luj. 

AssS^ F?re In" Ag?s.? 1909;^mem Conn.' ^tJi S.A.R Shmp. Conf Conr on MonU EMn., 1904^ Dlr. C* 

Republican. ConlllHt. Mason. Mem. Royal Area- ^l%tl^}ll^^'^^^t^^^Tl^'^B:'^?r.^^t^ 

num. Club: Republican. Home: 69 North Beacon '?''«"• <?^«^ ^J'JAj^';'' i" A5?®J['''" S*^ 'S^ih.n 

St Office: 670 Main St. Hartford, Conn. mIVb •' Address: 11 Wabon St. KoiMlI. 

VahXOKUKX, IConla BMtoh, lawyer: b. Trum- --■.-— -■ wiim^.. :r<.i..^». mt». ibnt. I. 

bull. Conn.. Aug. 13. 1849; s. Samuel Greeory and ,.?R"5'i?7'^'»,F"MS? '.""SSS?* "•°' ' 

Mary (Beach) Beardsley: prep, edn., Stratford 1865-Sept, 1913. (See vol. 1909.) 

(Conn.) Acad.; A.B., Yale, 1870; m. Lucy J. Payer- BBAVMOHT, UllMt Adda, artist; b. Janiia 

weather, of Brooklyn, June 5. 1873; 3 children. Plain, Mass., May 18, 1880. Home: 23 Alvetl*" 

Samuel F., Lucy (Mrs. Emlle Canning), and Amelia St, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

L. Admitted to bar, 1872; sr. mem. law firm BEAUX, OaolUa, artist; b. Philadelphia; 1 J<*| 

Beardsley* Beardsley (son); dlr. Conn. Nat. Bank: Adolphe and Cecilia Kent (Leayitt) B«iuz: vm . 

trustee Peoples Savings Bank City elk. Bridge- of Wm. Sartain. the Julien .«ohoo1 and ibf 1^ i 

port, 1873-6; judge Bridgeport Probate Ct. 1877- School, Paris; (LL.D., U. of Pa., 1908, AM.. Tlh i 

93; mem. Conn. Ho of Rep., 1903. Conglist Ma- 1912). Awarded the Mary Smith Prize, Pa. Aot j 

son. Clubs: Seaside, Bridgeport Yacht Brook. Fine Arts, 4 times; gold medal, Phlla Art Ch* 

lawn Country. Home: 230 Park PI. Office: Frank- Dodge prize, Nat Acad, of Design; bron» M* ! 

lln Bldg., Bridgeport Conn. gold medals, Carnegie Inst; gold medal of Iw"; 

BBABDSKBT, Wathaa Perey; b. Roxbury, and the Temple gold medal of Pa. Acad, of FW 

Conn., Apr. 18. 1868; s. Nathan Thompson and Arts; also gold medal at Paris Expn., 1900. Exbw- 

uigiLi^eu uy 

X^_J v^ v^ 



Had at Ch&mps de Mara, 1896. N.A., 1902; mem. BBTWT, David rraaelB: b. Wilton, Conn., 

edttalre d«a Beaux Arta. Addreaa: (May-Dec) Dec. 31. 1862; a. Harvey and Martha (Starllnc) 

ODceBter, Haaa.* Bedient: ed. common acha.; m. June 80, 1883, 

w«CT w mt,. .,,^ T ».-«-i Ki-i.,,,.. K sorlnKfleld Carrie A. Jamea. of Wilton (died Mar. 6, 18*6) : 

JlSa^uS SiTj^^UcSlll'of ?fdlf cToBa"'^o?: m 2d Mabel ^"'gSl^-.n"' S^wS.iflild'' Coin' 

eeater. Masa.. 1870; (D.D.. Oeor«etown, 188»). ^P^J,J^',"*1- ^&" •>?,?JS*?f *fi,«?SS?fl\£fi!2-: 

Prof. ColL of Loyola, felUmoreu 1170-2; went to ^„^J^}".'2^'i/^/^^Z\}^'.if«t'h«LfLS^Mr 

(S)a of Montreal. 1872, to compete eccleaiaatlcal E'^^^P'-„*,", 5ff?„Sf **fi„'l"* p™lJ''*MJiS!Ii*H"k?i^^ 

etndlee; ordained R.C. priest. 5f873: aaat paator, Slff*G?i5=^i'«f' ^??»ir*^ISS"™ r*V?«fi% Tiirt/i' 

187B-9. paator, 1879-89. St. Mary'a Ch., Spencer, JffJ i!??? ni^?^. ;».™*^«„„ hS: if nin i«S1' 

Maaa.; paator Ch. of the Holy ftoaary, Holyoke, SgJi^jTJ ^1?^,= SS.nV.F^«.«?rv™n» '^ifiinn 

1889-92; conaecrated blahop of Sprtntrfleld, Oct 5t,""^™4-i,i ^x'TS'^lfJ? (veatryman). Maaon. 

18, 1892. Home: Springfield, Maaa.* Home. RldKefleld. Conn. 

■.-,,---- ——--I. w«,-- lu- n . K i>i». BBB»B, SCdward) WiMmm, capltallat; v.-p. and 

MJS^rJTr ?SSf^ US^,:^ wiiHi-™ «ili wnt^' trustee Provident Instn. for SavinRs; mem. corpn. 

nJfftVi^^ ^'^vl,?: ^H^*^ M^'S.'?^ n"™^.? Suffolk Savlnga Bank for Seamen and Othera; dlr. 

t^ 5Sn^f,?f^ i««i- JSf B^fP n,.,Sl?^2h Androscoggin Mllla. Chlcopee Mfg. Co. Pres. and 

hS^' v^Ij bu,.; fSU-'^ T^' of ^/^^^? ?,f trustee &8ton Home for Incurallea; treaa. and 

SP^i-i^ i?i»* ' S?^,<f^ -'dHvho J^„ I.,™.!? truatee Induatrial Sch. for Crippled and Deformed 

?.^-"n-7"2il^„"".Sit"'5«h9-^^^^V*'*1.m„i f.yi" Children; truatee St. Lukes home for Conva- 

2^*;«^»-TSlS^!,-.^S'^i„^'wi™*'! m'a^'U"? m^^" leacents. church Home for Orphans and Destitute 

ES i^JiZ^!i'^«ii^°f L_^^\A."ih dI;.^*!^- Children, Boston Episcopal Charity Soc. Club: 

r^Aj^Ji^^^jf^- DS!5M^-r*i. T** ^^^ ^*- St. Botoiph. Home: JO Beacon St. Offlce: 6 Beacon 

Onice: Es2 Broad St., Providence, R.I. yt Boston. 

MlMlJUTT, JuMS IUrUI, lawyer; b. Calais, BBBSS, rMdezle, cotton merchant; b. Wake- 

Me.. July 28. 1870 ; a. John Qregg and Mary Susan fleld, Maas.. Sept. 1, 1867; a. Lucius and Sylanda 

}Xf°"J. Beckett; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., (Morrta) Beebe; ed. pub. acha. of Waketleld; m. 

i***' P- 4?°l«.^*y.?I>'°"S7' "' St. Ctaorge, N.B., May Blckham. of New Orleana, La.. May 12, 1886; 

f'R.'- I;.^,?''is * children, George Gardner, Eliza- j children, Frederick Ruaaell, Harold Bickham. 

beth Rlchardaon, Louis Merrill, Dorothy. Ad- Barbara. Haa been connected alnce 1874 with L. 

mltted to Mt bar. 1894. and since practiced in Beebe & Co. (eatabllahed, 184B), partner of the 

^Us;BpecUaises In probate practice; ax-recorder flrm since 1878; dlr. Maiden Trust Co.. Maiden 

(Silals Municipal Ct.; now tress. City of Calais; Co-operative Bank. Mem. Boston Chamber of 

elk. ^u^ern Pulp Wood Co., McAdamlte Foundries Commerce, New York Cotton Exchange. Consrllst. 

Co, U. 8, McAdamlte MetaJ Co., B. C. Young Fur." Mason. Clubs: Boston Athletic, Exchange, Engl- 

Idtjire Co.; dlr. Eastern Realty Co.; corporator neers (BoBton), Kemwood (Maiden, Mass.). Rec- 

Calals Savlnga Bank. Truatee Calala Pub. LI- reattons: driving, horseback riding. Home: Wake- 

5l^= 'r?^"' *^"***^ °' %ft^ Library In County field, Mass. Offlce: 89 State St, Boston. 

Staste'?'8^Six^^e''6o ie^F a'a^m'- cTSb- BBBBB. jTUdns. mfr. Mem. flrm Lucius Beebe 

Bt q5i^ Hoii- W^Lsjivetle St Office- 1B4 * S°"»: P'^"- -*^yer Tanning Co., Wakefield Nat 

Stalnat nSSf" Jl La'-yett" 8t Offlce. 1B4 g^^^. j,^ ^^ p^j^ ^ Commonwealth Truat 

Main 8t, (.aiala. Me. (,„ Melrose Nat Bank, Corona Kid <7o. Offlce: 

taCXLMM, Wanes Blcelow, M.D.; b. Boston, 129 South St, Boaton. 

n!?i;i!;.^;H'^»°S»°oi?iif«n BiSt?.?-„iw;VJI.^ BBBBB, lUmnu, leather mfr. Mem. flrm of 

S^ML''7?«?.*'tS*™.K''ll'L°-.^H iJrJ'w^«ltn Lucius Beebe ft Sons; prea. Brockton Gas Light 

^^ ¥!:»i m{i"Mj*"^ ■<5.^;i/54,JJ»ii2^Si?i?rt' Co.; treas. and dlr. Never Break Shoe String Co.; 

S^'i^*J5^,?"'lf'**'«'^,*^"?^*i^?l™*"*,.hn!«?' d""- Ayer Tanning Co., Corona Kid Co.. Keystone 

li.rtil*'3^j4^'n ^rt„-„.=^»is w.rr.^R fr r »v ' Telephone Co.. Rubber Manufacturers' Mutual Ins. 

Iw ?lilKl.."^ L^H ™. Iv^"m5 w "tj Vaii «T Co. Truatee and mem. exea com. Maiden Hos- 

Cell Pharmacy, 1887; M.D., Jefferaon Med. Coll., , "^SP't.????" ,?Sr?*?*W.'»'»"3'**=*^': > fT'*?' 

1889; Id med. Contracting business, Helena, Mont, i?"vy.*> ='J''^ai^;„\?.l'w?-fy\"T>£"« ^-fi'^vf 

1890-J; practiced in Auburn. Me. alnce 1894. Mem. S««^«; grad Swanton High Sch.; Ph.a, ColumbU 

AM.A, Me. Med. Assn., Androacoggin County ";■ ^fpt of Pharmacy ;m Margaret Jeanette Reld. 

Med. Sot Mason (82'). Addreaa: 283 Turner St. Q' i';!^.^^^' ^"^I'J- ?,'"«; ^ «?"• ¥"^°?«?i?'* ^" 

Anbnm. M» drug business at Burlington, Vt. since 1906; mem. 

„!Z.~1 , ^ . ,, T^ V ™ . R- B. Stearns & Co. since 1906; Wood ft Beebe 

.??^5"*' *'^S?^-.***^' ^-^A •*• J^^'^' 8*"ce 1912; mem State Bd. of Pharmacy. Repub- 

Seld. NJl, Jan. 2S, 1876; s. Charles C. and Kate lican. Conglist Mason. Clubs: Ethan Allen, Lake 

a (Daniels) Beckley; M.D., U. of Vt. Coll. of Champlaln Yacht Recreations: motoring, reading. 

Medicine, 1898; post-grad, work New York Post- Home: 106 S. Union St Address: 75 Church St, 

Qiad. Ued. Sch., Dartmouth Med. Sch., Clark U., Burlington, Vt 

•ad Harvard Grad. Sch. of Medicine; unmarried. __— — — wiii<._ „,vii^„« „„# . k t i«-i.a.i.i 

Practiced in Lancaster, Maaa.. since 1899; visit- f. ""l?'. ^"^^ .'°UhfiM„'*5?h,Lii:, ^1.*h V^l^,; 

Hiwpbya to ainton (Maaa.) Hoap.; vialtlng phya. ^S^S-^iSlfSeihe- h a y^iI'^i!?? XJ*I "^Ll"^^ 

tpTancaater State Industrial Sch. for Girls; mem. i,?,°S5l?5' JK,^"?; „7^w5ilv„l?A„ %«i"" if.ll" m 

Uncaster Bd. of Health; sch. phys., Lancaster. PoU",*^'li,*^i'i^^h*r' ?f,„y^'5l'P?V^"' ij**^^^^ 

Mem. bd. dirs. Clinton Antituberculosis Assn.. i!L":J"*°r„5"»'^?™"£?; "7f:|\"»t- P">'- ™a^^^ 

Uncuter Social Service Assn. Mem. A.M.A., Am. "T??,"?" .52^ ,„^A "'iTr^«„r^5*'?7,;o "'fJhv '"^*'i*" 

Acad. Medicine. Boston Soc. Psychiatry and Neu- S?""". *"''„L",?,"^a„^"^2rtS™-.. ?«» b™JJ-J«J?- 

TOlogy, Mass. Med. Soc, Worcester Diet Med. ^fl?-„^"l:„*^i^- ?°<^- A.ddreaa: 262 Bradley St, 

Hoc.. Nat. Asfin. for Study and Prevention of Tu- New Haven. Conn." 

bcrcnlosia. Mason (K.T., Shrlner). Republican. BBBBB, William Asabel, educator; b. Malone, 

UniUrian. <nub: Boston Athletic Assn. Recrea- N.Y., Apr. 14, 1864; s. Asabel P. and Helen M. 

Utns: tennis. Ashing. Address: Lancaster, Mass. (Bell) Beebe; grad. Franklin Acad., Malone, 1884; 

■Mjia— ._ T.fc..- th^utinDHon- h «t A.^., U. of Vt, 1889; m. Cora F. Mudgett of Cam- 
OUL^TS;?^if^wffitamiS§^ Caroline bridge. Vt., Aug. B, 1891; 2 children, Ralph M. 
(cLm'SSv'^'SStJwt.' iw Y^lT is(i« P^-n (deceased), Edwin M. Prln. People's Acad., Mor- 
IJJ? ™i^ ^"^MtHiiri^ inJ T^iMlS • 187S 4-' HsviUe. Vt, 1889-12; supt achs. of Proctor, Pitts- 
ID B ^mStv k^ Ha'rtforT 18M?'?^u*nmirri;d '°'-<'- Chittenden and Rutland Town Blnc4 July. 
ImSiS^Tv V Sy"T»^n 1R«(1 7n vij. ?I 1«7n S 1912: examiner of teachers for Lamoille Co.. 1894- 
u5 ill7l^^,S;,.o„ i8?i! ^HVJt ' 1«7B PB? Ph • »8. an^ 1902-10. Mem. N.E.A., Vt. State Teach- 

tation of the N.r., Gen. Theol. Sem.. 1898-06. Address. Proctor, Vt 

Mem. Ardueol. Inst America, Am. Phllol. Assn., BEECHBB, CUrsaee Kawy, M.D.; b. 1877; M.D., 

Soc. BlbU Lit and Eixegesis. Address: Hartford, Coll. of Medicine, U. of Vt., 1900. Practiced at 

Ono.* Burlington, Vt, since 1900; prof, theory and prac- 



tlce of medicine, U. of Vt. Mem. A.M.A., Vt. State Callle H. House, of Vineland. N.J., Feb. 29, 1871 

Med. Soc, Chittenden County Med. Soc. Address: Served aB pvt., corporal, orderly sergt., Co. I, (Ik 

42 N. Wlnooskl Av., Burlington, Vt. Conn. Vol. Inf.; capt Co. B, same reKt, Cl?ll 

BBXCKEB, £. Wliaalar, president Geometric War; enlisted Aug. 26. 1861, discharged Aug. Jt 

Tool Co., »86 Whalley Av., New Haven, Conn. 4°65. Prac. law In Bridgeport, 1871: mem. firm of 

«nr<vi»» »//i..,^\ Ti^.s..!-^. «.^„^^^.. Beers & Foster, 1900 — ; elk. City Ct, 1873; aal 

K ^^^^i^^Vn^^^^i^L.^^fih^r^'rf^iXfjr/Jfn' <="y atty., 1876; judge of City Court. i877-9i; dtj 

b. N.Y. City, Apr IB, 1866; s. QUbert Livingston ^tty., 1897-01; pres. Standard Assn., pubs. BrUgi 

and Margaret (Foster) Beeckman; ed. pub. and nort Standard- vd United Illu^limtlnefS^X^ 

f^Vi- T\\>,1- ^M^1S°^'^n«!^r- SlJv^lV'l^- Pc: ^rldg!^^Pui.L?brar"y"fpre".%'90«"M;il^^ 

?b°inklVs'lnI- br^k*e'?s),'^5rw^^or^.Tn''t?f?etl?ed''^n glTTcomdr"^o°s"t ^l^f^j ""B^Tdgfe^^S^ 

1906. Mem New York Stock Exchange. 1887-06; ?dmd,-. &'^'of^^^o'nn^ islo-?! Ju^e-kdS 

now dlr. Industrial Trust Co., Newport Trust „en. G.A.R, 1902-3, 1908-9; J.v. comdrMn-chlrf 

?o'5;'o^",*n"'S*-|il7.*/ S°i', ?'"*,'?• ?ll- ^Z- °^f^f' GA.R.. 1909-10; coi^idr.-ln-chlef G.A.R.. 1912-11). 

i^l??'i^°-T,",;.,Kn^'®' 4?>^!:.„J.tSiii' ^?,\.°*M^d- Mem. Soldiers' Hosp. Board of Conn., 188W« 

1915-17. Republican. BplBcopallan. Clubs: New- (chmn. exec, com.), Xllubs: Seaside (pres.. 1J0<- 

port Reading Room, Golf, Clambake (Newport, o7) AlKonauln Brooklawn Comitrv Bridmomi 

|.I.), Hope Agawam, Turks Head (Providence). RVpubilfaS'(p"res.T894-r)" A?my and NaTS 

Travelers (Paris, !■ ranee) Knickerbocker, Union, conn. (pres., 1900). Home: 7BS Fairfield Av.Of- 

Metropol tan. Racquet and Tennis (New York), flee; 925 Mkln St, Bridgeport, Conn.« 

Metropolitan (Washington, D.C.). Recreations. ■=«««■ T««.t/^. i.„„^-. k d^j.^ 

M?r"|?"l9fns'ee^^^4« «?- ^"h^i's^Vif fn 5f c?ov»nJTy.,*li'g. 'iTuTi-X^^^^riiTSSi 

America, 1914-15.) garet Lowry, Henry Samuel, William Leslie, Joie- 

BEBKAV, AOalbart B., merchant; b. Fairfax, Phlne Wakeman. Practiced In Tenn., 1889-93, at 
Vt., July IB, 1843: s. James M. and Lorain New Haven, since 1892. Mem. Arvlne. Beers t 
(Lewis) Beeman; ed. New Hampton Instn.; m. Woodruff; mem. Conn. Bd. of Workmen's Compen- 
May 30, 1887, Carrie B. Nash, of New Haven, Vt. satlon Commrs. and Commr. for 3d Dlst; Ben- 
in gen. store, 1865-1900; wholesale dealer In pro- Common Council, New Haven, 1896. Mem. Am. 
duce since 1900; pres. Allen-Beeman Co.. Norwich and Conn. State bar assns.. Delta Psl, Phi Ben 
and New London, Conn.; v.-p. Franklin County Kappa, Episcopalian. Clubs: Union League, Gn* 
Savings Bank & Trust Co. Republican. Baptist, uates , Madison Country. Editor: Baldwin's W- 
Mason. Address: Fairfax, Vt. Se»t oi Conn. Reports (revision), 1900; Stephen; 

_______ -,, ,. , w T ix 1. Digest of Law of Bvldence (N.R edit.). IMl; 

ranCAV. Allan ■▼frjtt, clergyman: b^ Lltch- wills' on CIrcumstanUal Evidence (Am edit)! 

field, Conn , Aug. 4, 1855; s. Frederic Dan and 1905. a consulting editor American and BngUsi 

Maria Hall (Brisbane) Beeman, descendant of Encyclopedia of Law and Practice. Has contrib- 

5L?i^^^?H™Mo'.i''^ii?'s"o^'?<.'3i 'f^ wilf D^T^?"??.'?' "'«^ largely to legal encys. and periodicals. Home: 

A?lL'fl*l«l', «^/.;;iJ,=«A,f''?B7!. >,^^^l,ff ;^,',t il; Ouilfora. conn. Omce: 42 Church St, New Harei 

Acad, after examination, 1872, but shut out on Conn • 

account of being near-sighted; B.A., Yale, 1877; mwrnii *.«.», * -„ii - .« v t>„< 

matriculated in St Mary Hall (now Oriel Coll.), ,„f!"™"' ^'?^„*"f??*™' «>"ege prof ; b. Bu<- 

Oxford, Eng., Oct, 1877, and spent 5 terms there S',°' k A '17. . *'.^' ,is*' V*i, °**""*^,® J^t?",'*'.;!!? 

In theol. work; studied Berkeley Div. Sch.. Mid- ?'ii*''?t'j.^'<='°''i?- (Clere) Beers; A.B.. Yale. IMl 

dletown. Conn., until 1880; (hon. M.A., Trinity V,;?!;' ,^*?ii,?'o ^SfX "eaton, of Covington, Kt, 

Coll., Conn.. 1881); m. Sarah Cowles Carrlngton, ^"V Ji, t. ' xr . ^'•'"^'■^'Ji ^J*"??" J?®**5."' ^'"" 

of Farmington. Conn.. June 11. 1885; 1 son. Charles 5?iiV„V* u^'.^ '^'"J""®' .r^'i?'"*'^*^.. ^°*'r^'''?'. "f*? 

Carrlngton. Deacon, 1880. priest 1881. P.E. Ch.; S^#*°Jl'.. "ili'in'^ ♦■*^1'*"^H'J■, Pona^f Admitted lo 

in charge, Unionvllle. Conn., 1880-B, West Haven, N.Y. bar, 1870 tutor 1871-4, asst. prof., W74-M. 

1885-6; asst Christ Ch.. Hartford, Conn., 1887-8; P,^°'- ?"?"»'\ '"•■,,'^S''— • ^^l'^i„ ^"'*'»'"= 4 Cm- 

rector Gardiner. Me.. 1889-93; asst. Grace Ch., i"LL°C ■^?l|'"'S?'lJ'H''^'"™- ,1*'^: ?,"1<1; """J^i 

Charleston. S.C. 1895: missionary Port Henry, (X*,",!.li "^* = x?"*5''U?.'n?*'"'',^/o?^*ll'^' ^5S?= ?K 

N.Y., 1896; rector St Pauls Ch., Fairfield. Conn.! yr,^i""P '"^^^^„?i ^'"'*' IJ^^^ Th« ThankI** 

since Feb. 14. 1897. Archdeacon of Fairfield Co., *i"»« i^*,7l''o*^*ii^= K''°"i Chaucer to Tennraoi 

Conn., since Sept. 19. 1907. Mem. Sch. Com., Fair- J,l?°'./""'5' ^''i?'*^^'" -^J5.*r'?an Letters. 18M: 

field, 16 yrs., trustee BIrdcraft Sanctuary, Fair- S!.|2"??o%*^''f'S 'k* f """^^ ^''"'f^^i'^^- '^•-f?''" 

field; mem. Conn. Audubon Soc. (1st v.-p. and ri,o?^iS„ iri^ ^"''?'■.5^" ^fo^o?'"^' ^?,''5*'*''''-'5i* 

chmn. exec. com.). Fairfield Hist Soc. (sec). Re- ,Ml*bI^t.,^V^ °f ^t'^'J^!^.' '*-.?l5'"'^ "' ,1K' 

publican. Mem. Evenlni? Star Lodpe No. 10. F. i*„S??it. li^'5P ','? y'%,^'«*''!?"'h Cptury, im: 

and A.M: Hamilton Commandery, K.T.. Bridge- A„!?iS*?filf?,*L.^F"A"?'' ^'?'"»"tl«'?'n *" *'''" NtM- 

Dort Address- Fairfield Conn tcenth Century, 1901: Points at Issue, 1904; Ml- 

-L_>^.-. - rairneia. ^onn. ^^ ^ , , ton's Tercentenary, 1910. Contbr. to leading magi 

BBBKAV, lAOnsrd Samon: b. North Fairfax, Address: 66 York Sq., New Haven, Conn* 

Vt. Mar. 12, 1849; s. Hubbard and Rhoda (Strat- n... .^v.^ v.i.»... 1 1 - ^. 

ton) Beeman; A.B., Wesleyan U.. Conn.. 1875 (Phi p ""niJ 'a ?sSS^ ^ q!!!^,^'^^*''""^"' **■ FV*^ 

Beta Kaopa) A.M.. 187S; student Boston U. Sch. ^^;,I'^(%,h,^ll°{ ^».aUi^%' t?®"t"®5^ *w^ ??«■ 

of Theology. 1875, 1876: m. Mlddletown. Conn., pj"*i«eTA 5r' i«»i^^!^ p?' ^*'°.^w"^ 2}^ 

June 29. 1876. Phebe A. Stone, niece of Lucy Stone f.^'^."!?' vi^inil* V a^it^' ^/'wt^?" V""^ *iS" 

and A.B. Wesleyan. 1876 (Phi Beta Kappa), A.M., rw '9 ixTir^K M,lf;S.»n ' At.,IT.?JS® J^^^'S-Ss 

1879; 4 children. Bowman. Wilbur, Leila" Francis 2,'l};,„yrJ^?hJ J'Jl'^^r Sivt^^^ 

Ordained ministry M.B. Ch.. 1876; pastor Proctor- pi"'^V78' sth r.h^n?^„H,"'f«"'^'*'','.J^*.''A^^'W' 

vine, West Falrlee. Bellows Falls. Woodstock. St. S^'tii?„l'rt"^v ' ?sSn ?"*« '^^.^'J*""^*' ^?* S" 

Johnsbury and Barre. all of Vt.; presiding elder Y„^tlt%i- S"^'; ^?22"r^', , ^?'*''^*y ^S^'h,^ 

Montpeller Dlst.. 1892:8; transferred to N.B Conf.. rS'"*?^'"*;^?!^?;-'... "^^f^A Lawrence St Conri. 

1898. and on account of 111 health, practically re.: Sin.w^Zit^^^^^I'L-.J^Mi^ J^^'t^lS: }21}J^^ 

tired from the ministry; supplied M.B. Ch., Am- FrelaUonif Author- Thi'MnSS^*?^;^ 

herst 1908; has engaged extensively in agr.; Kf, niun vh.vJ^ wliJ., /5J.°^^ 

trustee for several yrs. of Montpeller Sem.. anf of t^ IjMvp Tt iss^ lrt^~«.^i^*'iiKt'S'5!~*T?- 

Weslevan U.. 1888-93. Republican. Mem. Ouaboag ISn^. m"-,"^*' Address: 16 Allyn Terrace. I*»- 

Hist. Soc., Springfield Dlst. Methodist Ministers' ""„f;!!L _ , .^ 

Assn. Clubs: Farmers', Warren Bay Path Club. „ BHKBBajj, BexBSTd Arwaz, consulting enw.; b 

Address: West Brookfield, Mass. Pomerania, Germany, May 9, 1875; s. Royal Conn- 

^BBBBB. Alfr^l Bishop, lawyer; b. New Rochelle. iSlu *Bfrl^ln.'']894runma?ried^LSe'^ch1"f ^« 
?'nLi.^'i'"-T."' ""J »• ■i"'-«a^«i"1 Mary Elizabeth Buuick Electric Mfg. Co f Cincinnati •'^=MefX 
(Bishop) Beers: ed. pub. and grammar schs.; m. engr. and consulting cngr. Allls-Chalniers Sx aad 

uigiLizeu uy 

■%^_j v^ v^ 




AlUs-Cbalmers-BuUock, Ltd., Montreal; advisory 
ensr. Westlngbouse Co. Non-resident lecturer Mc- 
GIU v., V. of Wis., Leland Stanford Jr. U. In- 
ventor of numerous elec. devices and machinery; 
deaisner of some of tiie largest elec. machines, 
and of the turbo generators and other elec. ma- 
chinery manufactured by Allis-Chalmers and Bul- 
loclc cos. Gold medal, St. Louis Kxpn., 1904. John 
Scott Medal. Franklin Inst., 1912. (See Who's Who 
in America for books, societies, etc.) Home: 
Brookline, Mass. OfBce: John Hancock Bldg., Bos- 

BE^UEB, Samnel Kyacli, theologian; moved to 
Los Angeles, Cal. (See vol. 1909.) 

»mMiinr»'BT. j'aeob; b. Woodbrldge, Conn., Oct. 
S. 1860; s. Jacob and Clara (Schwaryweller) Bei- 
slegel; ed. pub. schs. ; m. Mary C. Russell, of Orange, 
Conn., May K, 1889. Engaged in farming, fruit 
raiiiing and dairying; grand juror, 1891-01; mem. 
Bd. of Selectmen, Woodbridge, 1898-07; road 
commr. 7 yrs.; mem. Sch. Bd. ; mem. Conn. Ho. of 
Rep., 1911-12. Republican. Conglist. Odd Fellow; 
mem. Grange. Club: Young Men's Republican 
<New Haven, Conn.). Address: Woodbrldge, Conn. 

BBUSSSB, Otaarlas Bdwla, publisher; b. Chel- 
sea, Mass., July 15, 1871; s. Charles B. and Mary 
Olive (Smith) Belcher; ed. Chelsea High Sch., 1 
yr. ; Mass. Inst. Tech., 1 yr.; m. Florence Eliza 
Bear, of Washington, D.C., Jan. 1, 1901. Began 
as reporter, for The Standard (ins. jour.), 1892; 
admitted to interest and made business mgr., 1898; 
treas. and gen. mgr. Standard Pub. Co., 1903-11, 
since pres. and treas. Served 4 yrs. with Mass. 
Naval Reserve, finishing as q.m.; ex-trustee pub. 
library, Wlnthrop, Mass. Mem. S.A.R. Mason 
(32*). Mem. clubs: Boston and New York. Home: 
8 Kilsyth Rd.. Brookline, Mass. Office: 141 Milk 
St., Boston. 

BBKC^XB, Oeorre E,, president George K. 
Belcher Last Co., Stoughton, Mass. 

BBIiOMBB, Kaoxy A., retired mcht.; b. Randolph, 
Mass., Aug. 6, 1844; s. Henry and Harriet B., and 
descendant of early Colonial ancestry; ed. pub. 
schs. and Stetson High Sch.; m. Sandwich, Mass., 
1872, Hannah B. Nye. Newsboy from 9 to 12; be- 
gan at 13 in gen. mdse. store in Randolph; became 
salesman in store of Jordan, Marsh & Co., Boston, 
at 20 yrs. of age, and buyer and mgr. dress goods 
dept. of the house, 1873-S; mem. R. H. Walte & Co.. 
1876-96; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1898, 99. Re- 
publican. Unitarian. Mason (33"). Home: Ran- 
dolph, Mass. 

BXZCSEB, Joaepb, school prin.; b. East Ran- 
dolph (now Holbrook), Mass., Oct. 3, 1864; s. Caleb 
and Julia (Hollis) Belcher; in 8th generation from 
John Alden and Priscilia MulUns; grad. Holbrook 
High Sch.. 1872, Bridgewater State Normal Sch., 
1878; m. Apr. 21, 1878, Annie M. Wilde, of Ran- 
dolph, Mass. Engaged in teaching ever since be- 
ginning of active career; Bridgewater 2 terms, 
E^sex Falls 3 yrs. ; prin. grammar sch., Randolph, 
since 1881 (Belcher Grammar Sch.); mem. Mass. 
Ho. of Rep., 1915; public speaker, especially be- 
fore men's clubs In chs. and at Odd Fellows' cele- 
brations. Trustee Odd Fellows" Home, Worcester, 
Mass. Republican. Conglist. Mem. Norfolk Teach- 
ers' Assn. (ex-pres.). Past grand master I.O.O.F. 
of Mass., also past grand representative to Sov- 
ereign Grand Lodge; mem. Royal Arcanum. Ad- 
dress: Randolph, Mass. 

BXXfSZB, Wsthan, lawyer; b. New London, 
Conn , Mar. 25, 1882; s. William and Anne (Plmer) 
Belcher; descendant of Moses Belcher, of Preston, 
Ck>nn.; grad. Bulkeley High Sch., New London, 
1899; jgrad. St. John's Mil. Acad.. 1900; LL.B., Yale 
Law Sch., 1903; m. Ruth Tyler, of New London, 
Aug. 24, 1906; 3 children, Donald. Matilda, Mar- 
jorie. Practiced in New London since 1903; mem. 
Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1911-13. Chmn. 1st Ecclesias- 
tical Soc, New London. Mason. Address: 61 Bank 
St., New London, Conn. 

. BBKOKEB, Orlando TvUex, real estate; b. North 
CHielsea, Mass., Oct. 15, 1844; s. William B. and 
Esther G. (Fuller) Belcher; ed. pub. schs., Chelsea; 
m. Wlnthrop, Mass., Oct. 16, 1883, Lizzie D., d. Na- 
thaniel Lunt. Formerly mfr. of boot-heels; pat- 

entee and mfr. Belcher Automatic Cartridge Load- 
er, which he sold in 1886 to U. S. Cartridge Co.; has 
since given attention to development of real estate 
on northerly shore of Boston Harbor, especially 
Cottage Park, Wlnthrop, Mass. Republican. Ma- 
son. Recreations: golf, hunting. Address: 120 Cot- 
tage Park Rd., Wlnthrop, Mass. 

BBI^CXBB, Bamnal CUfford, lawyer; Mar. 20, 
1839-June 9, 1909. (See vol. 1909.) 

BEKCKBX, Walter Karmoa, mfr. chocolates and 
cocoa; b. Canton, Mass., Aug. 31, 1873; s. Charles 
E. and Nellie H. (McLaughlin) Belcher; descend- 
ant of Gregory Belcher, of Boston, 1634; prep, 
edn. Medford High Sch.; AB., Tufts Coll., 1896; 
m. Nellie I. Harrington, of Medford, Jan. 21, 1902; 
1 daughter, Barbara. Began as pvL sec. to Walter 
M. Lowney, 1899; became v.-p. Walter M. Lowney 
Co., mfg. confectioners, 1903, pres., same CO., 
1907-13; also treas. Lowney Chocolate Co., 1904-13; 
through consolidation became v.-p. and gen. mgr. 
of The Walter M. Lowney Co., 1913, which con- 
tinues. Trustee Tufts Coll. Mem. N.E. Confec- 
tioners' Club, Boston Chamber of Commerce; nat. 
councilor of the Nat. Confectioners' Assn. of the 
U.S.; officer Grand Chapter Zeta Psi. Republican. 
Mason (Boston Commandery, K.T.). Clubs: Bos- 
ton City, Tufts College. Recreations: general 
athletics. Home: West Medford, Mass. Office: 
486 Hanover St., Boston. 

BEKCHBB, WilUaia, pres. New London City 
Nat. Bank; pres. Memorial Hosp., New London, 

BBKSBB, Oharles rnutclB Bozr, librarian; b. 
Syracuse, N.Y., Oct. 6. 18(0; s. Francis Crapo and 
Jennie Maude (Wright) Belden; LL.B., Harvard 
U. Law Sch., 1898; m. Anna Marian Blackwell, of 
Bast Orange, N.J., May 26, 1908; 3 children, Eliza- 
beth Blackwell, Lawrence Putnam, Alison Black- 
well. Asst. librarian, Harvard Law Library, 1899- 
08; librarian, Social Law Library, Boston, 1908- 
09; state librarian of Mass. since June, 1909. 
Chmn. Free Pub. Library Commn. of Mass. since 
1909. Home: Cambridge, Mass. Address: State 
Library, Boston.* 

BBKSnrO, Alvab Wortoa, silk mfr.; b. Ashfleld, 
Mass., Mar. 27, 1838; s. Hiram and Mary (Wilson) 
Belding; ed. pub. schs.; m. Lizzie S. Merrick, of 
Shelburne Falls, Mass., Jan. 6, 1870. Moved with 
parents to Mich., 1866, and asstd. in clearing wild 
land for a farm where city of Belding now stands; 
began selling silk in a small way, 1859; started, 
with brothers, first wholesale silk store, Chicago, 
1863, New Yorlc, 1864, later Cincinnati, Boston, 
Phila., etc. (CO. now operating 9 mills and 10 wh. 
silk stores). Sec. Belding Bros. & Co.; pres. Beld- 
ing Land & Improvement Co. (Belding, Mich.); 
v.-p. Belding Savings Bank; dir. Rockvllle Nat 
Bank, Peoples Savings Bank, American Mills Co., 
and James J. Regan Mfg. Company (all of Rock- 
vllle, Conn.), Spencer Electric Light & Power Co., 
Belding, Mich. Republican. Club: New York (New 
York). Home: Rockville, Conn.* 

BBI»mBO. AaaOB Wood, editor and pub.; b. 
Troy, N.Y., June 2. 1881; s. Rufus E. (M.D.) and 
Martha A. (Seymour) Belding;- grad. Troy High 
Sch., 1900; student Syracuse U., 1900-1; AB., Har- 
vard, 1904 (Phi Beta Kappa); m. Mary Allison 
Miller, of Rochester, N.Y., Jan. 1, 1908; children, 
Harwood Seymour, b. May 22, 1909. Robert Ed- 
ward, July 31, 1911, John Miller, Oct. 13, 1914. 
Prin. high sch., Simsbury, Conn., 1905-9, Stevens 
High Sch., Claremont. N.H., 1909-12; became 
propr., 1912 of the National Eagle, weekly news- 
paper, established 1834, succeeding Thompson & 
Fay; founder, Oct. 6, 1914, and pub. Claremont 
Daily Eagle (1st dally newspaper in Claremont); 
propr. Eagle Press. Republican. Conglist. Home: 
93 Grove St. Office: Tremont Square, Claremont, 

BBUnUB, Alezaader; b. St. Ours, Can., Sept. 
4, 1856; s. Alexander and Marie (Dorval) Belisle: 
came to Worcester from Can., Dec. 31, 1862; ed. 
pub. schs.; m. Dec. 26, 1877, Albini Bonlay, of 
Acton. Can.: 3 sons. Marclsse A., Ferdinand J.. 
Eugene S. Became mgr. Le Travaiileur. the lead- 
ing French paper in N.E.. 1879; founded, with 4 
brothers. Jan.. 1893. L'Oplnlon Publique, which 


became a daily, 1898; also In ins. brokerage bust- Reed's Mills Lumber Co. Republican. MeUiodist. 

nesB since 1887; pres. Belisle Frinting & Pub. Co.; Mason; K.P. Address: Strong, Me. 

Lpt v.-p. Bay State Savings Bank; dlr. Equity ^^x^ coVn CunplMlL fibre mfr.; b Kllbarcluui. 

^-»fr'wL'^U?fh*^? iSSi;v ?'5";.^*/*^;»i' hrt i^ft^' Sell: ed. pvt. scJis., Scotland and England; came 

Tf««*«w^»n* ^n^"r,,^l,'''^n "ihMi?^ ■■ vf?^ • Wo J»^^^^^^ '» Amcrlca, 1873; m. Louise Howard, of New 

a^^f^^it^,^?^w^2^^ 2]^f^i^, anT^j-rf^tS^ London, Conn., June 27, 1893; one dauSiter. Bai- 

i?*^T^.,^Bl^,Sl.^U*X"^^"^S■■? wn^n^^^ "ara Theyer. Engage<i in canning buslneas In 

?i^.;«^f.*i° Mnfi»fi° L^^^A^tl^f:- ^^I^?nfrf H« ?«■ Canada, 1873-86; in lumber busineis in weBtern 

t}?f.°.^ ^iliSr^ A^^inoiVS* •?• H^/* na^o^loJ^S a^l southwestern states. 1886-8; removed to Bo.- 

S>!?.^ti.^,^"n°t».^??S^^'ii„2i. \^^-o^f\i^£}^S? ton. 1888. and entered ins. business, now mem. 

offl/L'^'2n^"M?i^'S»"°wS;oSS2J.® M=*.?°^**°^ ^^ Heldenrelch & Bell; connected with Am. Vulcan- 

Offlce. 406 Main St. Worcester, Mass. i^ed Fibre Co., since 1894, now v.-p.; also v.-p. 

BElUfl^E, Chsrlaa Bdmoad, editor; b. Worcester, New Bedford Shuttle Co., New Bedford. Mass. 

Mass., Mar. 22, 1869; s. Alexander and Marie (Dor- Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce. Clubs: Bob- 

val) Belisle; ed. pub. schs. and Foster Business ton Art. Brae Burn Country, Engineers' (Boston). 

Coll.; worked as a printer under Charles R. Stobbs Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: 219 Harvard 

and in the printing establishment of Martin B. St., Brookllne. Office: 12 Pearl St., Boston. 

Brown, New York; m. July 29. 1897. Josephine M., bvtt n.^.i. v.^. o..»„i.>».> «».»•..- -.»„ » d n 

d. Prespey Pero. ot Worcester (she died Feb. 3. „ S"'?' S"?^ H^rt/^t wis. Sfllf »r la'^?-^ 

1900); m. 2d, Sept. 1, 1911, Dora C. Vemer, oi ?;?i' ^'w^^i^^l'l ^?>'Vf?' .^2^*Q',,i?^^,|.t' '?'fc.if 

Worcester; 2 children, taul Edmund. Jeanne Mirle. i^ vX 1 «??• in w„ T^ IS5, 'i Qn^^^a t^* 

■With four brothers, established L'Opinion Pub- f;^'v^^ %►;»«?' «»Ji "long- ';« Tnnl ^iifoK^h 

llque. now a dally Franco-American newspaper, of ^"2.^" „r®^»w Si'vin ^r.^^' ^J\^ ^i**^o«V? 

which is mng. editor. Mem. Worcester Chamber f°I"^^°' iL}^^^£^^f!luJr^^^-n^^l\- ™.'„i'.tl' 

of Commerce. Club: Worcester Automobile. Home: ?fln9-^ mUi^n^2,v .^ "t.^^^, '}Qn'.*i°"fi".»™i^~i'2i 

14 Tahanto Rd Ofllee- 112 Front St 'Woreooter 1902, missionary to Japan, 1902-6; asst. foreign 

iraiTa utnce. 112 j<Tont St.. Worcester, gg^ a.B.C.F.M., 1906-10, associate foreign set 

"™"- since Oct., 1910. Trustee Central Turkey Coa 

BBXABKB, Rector KovlB, educator; b. Worcester, Republican. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa. Recreations: 

Mass., Oct. 8, 1873; S.Alexander and Marie (Dorval) music, outdoor sports. Home: Sharon, Mass. Office: 

Belisle; grad. Classical High Sch., Worcester, 1892; 14 Beacon St., Boston.* 

A.B.. Harvard. 1896: m. Grace Mildred Potter, ot icrtt «<«••<' vni... mi-i c„ .-.r.^.^., ■ », t>»-».._ 

S'r"yntg«l."''LV'^5en2'/''f8r« lYoU^'=';,rf„"^^lf,; Mf^l^T^^ I^'A fn?Ml?^T"(LSudT^ 

^ SolllK O^a^ma^qoh riwrsirn ^Jno ia- an ^d. Riverside Acad.. Jacksonville. Fla.. Whitman 

MrvlSor of e^nilfeschJ^ Lawrence 191 2-W <Mass.) High Sch.; grad. Thayer Acad.. Braiatree. 

Slem Lawrence BdSf Twfcere^EhSiSLtners 190B "»*«•■ ^887; studied at Harvard; M.D.. Dartmouth 

lsrBupr.X?Ffil°Rlvir8ln?e »!™'rrra8."an''d g^olfudge'^Ho^'e^ pTym^ouVh%i"'''- ^"*' """"' 

councillor Essex Co. Teachers' Assn., 1901-3; true- ^°o^^^ee. Home. Plymouth, N.H. 

tee Bradford Durfee Textile Sch.; pres. Bristol BE££, Oeorga Bawton, surgeon: b. Blandford. 

County Teachers' Assn., 1914-16; asst. sec. Franco- Mass., May 30, 1870; s. Newton S. and Mary E. 

Am. Hist. Soc; mem. N.E.A., Mass. Teachers' (Hatch) Bell; prep. ed. Windsor High Sch.. Hart- 

Assn., Harvard Teachers' Assn., Mass. School ford Pub. High Sch.; M.D., Tale Med. Sch., 1892; 

Masters' Club. Author: various papers on history m. Elizabeth Colston Palmer, of Middle Haddam. 

and education. Address: Fall River, Mass. Conn., Sept. 26, 1900. Practiced in Hartford since 

Bsi^nAv ^iiii> (navtnn aAitnr anH niik • K 1892; surgeon to Hartford Hosp.; consulting sur- 

Bert??^^or^866^'?^? O A aSd sSSan a! g?""' Li'chfleld County Hosp., Hartford IsolaUon 

mfehardaonf^ Relknao- tr«rt ^MoT.fnpHf^^vr? ""SP- ^s* 't- Med. Reserve Corps, U.S.A. KeUow 

Sem 1888° A B Dartmouth 189?- f IB Tt oi A.M.A., Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. (Sonn. SUte Med. 

Mteli' Deoi of Law 189?- m katle MirCa^Dln'ter ?P^- Har^o'-d Med. Soc. Clubs: Hartford. Hartford 

Sf'^Bino^l Falirvl?A'pr- re98'*''&e''po'r^?'rn gt°' Ha^Wori Co'nn"'""™'^ ^'^ ''"''^'™= " ^^ 

Chattanooga (Tenn.) Dally Times, 1893-6; removed "^- "^rttora, Conn. 

to Bellows Falls, Vt., 1896; purchased Bellows SSJmIm, Oaorge WllUam, educator; b. Buffalo, 

Falls Times; dlr. Bellows Falls Trust Co. Eplsco- N.Y., Apr. 8, 1873; s. James S. and Mary E. 

pallan. Mason; mem. Grange. Address: Bellows (Brown) Bell; grad. Duval High Sch., Jacksonville, 

Falls, Vt Fla.. 1892; grad. Centenary Collegiate Inst, Hack- 

nTT *^i_A 'Hw. ^».„i%...>. k T .._.»k.... vt ettstown, N.J., 1893; student (freshman yr.) Ulck- 

wh ?^««e^ i^^viT„^»n^ Mir,;fe^2*?nhrS;iiyh 'ns°n Coll.. Carllsl4, Pa., 1894; A.B., Boston U- 

R!n.'kH*T,,,'h'£X.°\„"H^5o,n«^5 BT,ti^»«f"ni?f'. 1897, studied phllosdphy and lit., 189V-1900. A.M.. 

m Bi/n^h'V MSSV^.nfi^1.f qt T^^n.h^^l V? QaUv "00, ^^.D.. iSll; studied philosbphv and hlst^ 

?■ 18??- !.^i?Srt™n^n=rf ^ wPrin^^irXh Si; «' E^dluburgh, Scotlaud, 1960-1; specialised In hlil 

m»J^^nfM« hnLi^o-^' S^!i ^iai^V^lr^ vf^wV. of ^ory and gSvt at Harvard. 1901-2, 1909-11, A-Jt. 

nf^ ?«in- m»iS v» Tnn ^nH.i»^2^ i^m^V "?oii' "02; m. Pearl Clinton Chase, of Stoneham. MassH 

?K '^f.imn^V.T^^rt.J^LJ «onfh f?,„»2w2'vt "' ^^^V 12, 1899. Teacher of philosophy and history 

15. Democrat. Address: South Lunenburg, Vt Laaoll Sem., Aubumdale. Mass., 1902^ prof, history 
BBUb, cniarlas James, governor, farmer; Mar. and govt.. Olivet (Mich.) Coll., 1903-8; now en- 

16, 1845-Sept 26, 1909. (See vol. 1909, also Who's gaged in research iuid lit work. Lecturer govt. 
Who in America, 1908-9.) N.E. Inst; acting minister, 1st Unitarian Ch.. 

BBZ.X.. ohwfimm urAmm iiitiffo- h F.^ator NM Stoneham; dlr. Christian Forum, Stoneham. Mem. 

vSr^e' 1 o?«Mtr 7?.SJ?^„i^^?,',ntV, A m'T.jS.'SY Am. Hist Assn., Beta Theta Pi. Conglist Author: 

bSh- S'n R^wrtin lint AM iSBfi: nvf 1?d^ Abraham Lincoln, a Poetical Interpretation In 

tiit A;r?'^= Vol li^V ?«I'a. .;?f,A).,i il'w'^.^ offl.?» Three Parts, 1912; also miscellaneous poems. Ad- 

Regt., Mass. vol. Inf., 1864 studied law m office d„-.. -jt IJnpoln St RtnTipham Mnas 

Of Charles H. Bell, Exeter, and attended Harvard "'^•^s- "" i^'ncoin hi., btonenam, iuass. 

taw Sch.; admitted to bar at Exeter, 1866; m. BEK£, Karold Wilmerdlng, archeeologist; b. New 

Helen M. Pitman, of Laconla, N.H. (now de- York, Dec 23, 1886; s. Edward and Helen Augusta 

ceased); m. 2d, Elizabeth W. Pitman, of Laconla. (Wilmerdlni;) Bell; descendant of ancestors who 

Practiced at Exeter 6 yrs,; removed to Lawrence, were members of the New Haven Colony. 1*37; 

Mass., 1871; Justice Superior Ct of Mass. since A.H., Harvard, 1907, A.M., 1911; unmarried. With 

Sept 16, 1898. Orthodox Conglist Home: Andover. Princeton U. expdn. to Syria. 1909. and with 

Mass. Office: Court House, Pemberton Sq., Boston. Sardis expdn. (Asia Minor). 1910-14; curator ot 

■ftrrr ra..M._ 'ornia.^ M T\ ....o'.^^n. K numlsmatlc list. Harvard Library, 1911. Mem. 

a.i^^^.°^S^*"!.«^?7^' w^i T?^5?f* A'hhi^ Soc. for Promotion Hellenic Studlei London. Am. 

i^7rfi' ^'^»n."«rt ®w}ohoi=?T«^5^ loh* Vf^f.^ol.* Inst- Archaeology, SociStfi des Amis de Staiboul. 

M»'. M n ^i!i s^h o?iJf» rRnwfnin\ iM7.^' Constantinople fclubs: Union (New York). HaF^ 

Me.; M.D.. Med. Sch. ot Me. (Bowaoln), 1897; m. vard fNewYorkl Address- Sardla Turkav.fn.AiibL 

Annie B. Stubbs, of Strong, Me., Nov. 7, 1900. *^"° '"®^ xorK). Aoaress. barais, lurkey-in-Asla. 

Practiced at Strong, since Aug. 1, 1897; sec. Bd. of BE&K, Harry, president lat Nat Bank. Stam- 

Health. Strong; U.S. examining surgeon; dlr. ford. Conn. u y izeu uy -"^jv^v^-i iv- 


, &onla, electrical engr.j b. Chester, N.H., Assn., Bar Assn., City of Boston, Harvard U. L,aw 

Dec. B, 1864; s. Gen. Louis (U.S.A.) and Mary Sch. Alumni Assn. (council). Phi Delta Phi 

Anne Persia (Bouton) Bell; AR, Dartmouth Coll., (Choate Chapter), Cambridge Neighborhood (dlr.). 

1884; rrad. student. 1884, fellow in physics, 1886-S, Clubs: Union (Boston), Cambridge Boat (treas.). 

PIlD.. 1888, Johns Hopkins; m. Sarah G. Hemen- Recreations: golf, hunting. Home: 164 Brattle 

way. of Somerrllle, Mass., Dec. S, 1893. Prof, ap- St., Cambridge, Mass. Office: 60 State St.. Boston, 

piled electricity, Purdue U., 1888-», and organized and 48 Wall St.. New York. 

?J^ course there; editor felectrlcal World, New Bai*. TUtoa B., New England representative 

York. 1880-2; chief engr. newly organlied elec. p^JT J 7' Munsev do ■ b Dedham. Mms.. July 27, 

Sower transmission dept of the Gen. Electric Co.; i«?f. . WakemSn D and Ida ((JlTrk) Bell; ed. pub 

ln*^^.'lS"„1J'j?''teJt'£''/"* polyphase plants used HHl ^^ii^^^'o^-^ARoxb'uryiBofton) , Mms 

In this country, both for power and lighting and Si Ifarrlette B^llou, of Dorchester, Oct. 17, 190B. 

«?i' J^;v'?r'iS^l.fS?SS"i';'fi, ^ilfl- «"S»K«1 "'»'"'y B^^n with the Pilgrim Press (publishers of The 
on work in connection with elec. power transrais- r^nn^rAs^tlnnnliat^ and continued for 19 yrs.. the 

~'i?.f„'ll*='t„""'- "*? »»>'«",<"}» 25 P^t*"'"' ™^i"'y ui"t'^6f?aSfwhlcrwa8 advertising mgr'f 
IS^-"f *° '"''^'■ transmission apparatus. Lee- ^resentatlve of the Metropolitan and other mag- 
turer on power transmission, Mass. Inst Tech., L.Trili isns.iK- rtlr Harvard Co-onerative Bank. 
}^^Sf^ '>f;?^°fr'' ^S\^^- ^"'P-' ^\^^- /«l- Mem Bofton common ^cSSnclirisT 4. B? Iwel^ 
}StL.^^^^ iif.t!l,f"1i^'"®'J?"'."'^""o'*^'°/""'; man, 1906-7; mem. Mass. Senate. 1908; schoolhouse 
Si^\ ^S?;: ♦"iJ}"'"/?""«f Engring Soc. (past oomrar., 19(^8-9; election commr. City of Boston, 
pres.). Internat. EJlec. Congress (sec. Power Trans- Vqii.iV Rpnuhliran Mem Harvard Improvement 
mission Sect) St. I^uis, 1»04, Nat. Electric Light i'sB^n.^l.t Corns of CadeS: mHo^T m^m. Sons of 
vSf"-*iir"?J?- '"candescent lamp coramn. 6 yrs.), veterans. Cluts: Colonial (Dorchester), Pilgrim 
Am. Assn. for the Conservation of Vision, Internat. publicity Assn., Boston City, Dorchester, Lincoln. 
Electrotech. Commn., Internat. Illumination Com- Home; Tl Gleason St, Dorchester. Office: 6 Bea- 
misalon: v.-p. Illuminating Engring. Society (Lon- Sin St. Boatoji. 

don). ITnitarlan. Republican. Clubs: University, „„ .^ "^..rf.. -„.-„i. „„hH«her- Mav 7 
Economic, Mathematical, Physical. Examiner. (See , .^JS^^? n*"^" ''I'^fllfa •* alii W^^ 
Who's -Who in America for books, etc.) Home: 1862-Dec., 1910- (See voL 1909, also Whos Who 
West Newton, Mass. Office: 120 Boylston St, 'n America, 1910-11.) 

Boston.* Ba&KAlCT, Wllllaai, author; b. Boston, Jan. 26, 

BSXjK. Baymond Edwin, architectural and orna- 1846; s. William and Ann Maria (Dodd) Bellamy; 
mental terra cotta; b. Portland, Conn., Nov. 28. fjad. English High ScK, Boston, 1862, m. Anna 
1883; 8. George Crosby and Ma^r Emma (Hurl! M»'"SS'3°»'5??"- ."/ ?^X:arJr ' ll^t^if books ) 
but) Bell: ed nub schs Portland Conn ■ Mn«> (See Who S who in America ror iisi oi doukb.; 
Inst Tech., 19?l-5: unmarrfed Began as Ikl^l Home: 17 Bowdoln Av., Dorchester, Boston.* 
man for H. B. Smith Co., radiator mfrs.. Boston, BEK&AICT, William AntoUffs, lawyer; b. Shef- 
1905; sec. to pres., William Fllene's Sons Co., field. Eng., Sept 16, 1879; s. William and Mary 
1907-9; eastern mgr. at N.T. City, Waterproof Blenor (AntclifTe) Bellamy; brought to America. 
Portland Cement Co., 1910; sales mgr., at Baltl- Sept. 1883: ed. grammar sch., Taunton, Mass.. 
more, Md., Tidewater Portland Cement Co., 1911- LL.B., Boston Y.M.C.A. Evening Law Sch., 1910; 
12; N.E mgr. at Boston, of Atlantic Terra Cotta m. June 23, 1910. Lena G. Moxon, of Taunton. 
Co., of N.Y. CMty since Jan., 1912. Mem. Boston Followed trade of silversmith in Taunton and At- 
Chamber of Commerce. Mass. Reform Club. Re- tleboro. Mass., 1895-10; studied law while worlc- 
publtcan. Unitarian. Clubs: Boston City, Tech- ing at trade: passed examination Mass. bar, Aug., 
nolog7 (Boston). Recreations: outdoor sports. 1910. and since in practice. Mem. Taunton City 
Home: Boston City Club. Office: 201 Devonshire Council, 1905, 06, mem. Bd. Sewer Commrs., 
St. Boston. Taunton, 1907-8; mem. Mass. legislature, 1910-14 

Brai, BZCRABD, chocolates mfr.: b. Milford, !"S.>^^V^,! <<=°^»e?k tnrcom ' whVcVSeUled L^^ 

tt. gS;^T8. \lf5f idS-ugSftfrS! A^,ic^'S?a''rio°n: Spi^r%£H™ r^lS^^^ 
Mrs. M. Frances Libbey. of Hartford. Conn. Haii 2' .JlV.JSi BH.foi "^Taunton) Home- 11% King 
been Identified with Walter M. Lowney Co.. mfrs. i?"*;?5?™: Tlvior RW% TruKton Tliss 
of chocolates, since Sept, 1884: v.-p. and supt. of S*- OtRce. Taylor Bldg., Taunton, Mass. 
The ■Walter M. Lowney Co.. 1908-12: since con- BEKl^OWB, Koward P., aurist: b. Fall River, 
BOlldation of the Lowney cos., has been supt of Mass., Apr. 30, 1862; s. Albert F. Bellows (N.A., of 
The ■Walter M. Lowney Co. Conglist Mem. Bos- New York) and Candace (Brown) Bellows; grand- 
ton Chamber of Commerce. Mason (Union Lodge son Albert J. Bellows. M.D., Boston; B.S., Cornell 
and Dorchester Chanter. R.A.). Recreations: mo- U., 1875, M.S., 1878; M.D., Boston U. Sch. of Medl- 
torinff. Home: 63 Richfleld St. Dorchester, Mass. cine, 1877; also med. courses abroad, chiefly Letp- 
Offlce: 488 Hanover St, Boston, Mass. zig, 1878. ■Vienna, 1884, and Halle, 1896; m. Mary 

____ __, . _- . . .. * «. A, daughter Dr. John L. Clarke, of Fall River, 

■■^ ?i?**" .?S°*^-, *^'«'JfV""= moved to Mln- ^^^^ 5u„e 20. 1880; children, Marjorle C, Ger- 

neapolis. Minn. (See vol. 1909.) trude (Mrs. Louis Harding). In gen. practice until 

BBX&. Suiiial »., Judge: Mar. 26, 1829-1889. 1890, since exclusively aural practice; 'or 7 yrs. 

(See vol. 1909.) actively engaged, by experimentation and writing, 

^ ^""•' , „ in promoting a more scientific investigation of 

WBXXh StoocbtOB. lawyer: b. Newton. Mass.. ^^^^ action, with particular reference to the needs 

Jnne 28. 1874: s. Albert D. S. and Susan Lnura ^f Bpeclallsts; occupied chair of physiology, Bos- 

(Stouehton) Bell: A B.. Harvard, 1896: LL.B.. Har- j^^ ^ g^h. of Medicine, for 8 yrs.; chair of otol- 

vard Law Sch.. 1899: m. Mabel A. Lewis, of N.Y. same, since 1886; consulting aural surgeon, 

C!ltv, June 8. 1908. Admitted to Mass bar. 1899. Mass Horace. Hosp.; mem. of consulting bd. of 

and practiced with Putnam tk Putnam. Boston; -Westborough Insane Hosp. Mem. Am. Inst. Ho- 

became mem. firm. 1908. name changed to Put- moeopathy, Mass. Surg, and Gynecol. Soc, Boston 

nam. Putnam *■ Bell. 1911: dlr. Cambridge Trust Homee Med. Soc; ex-pres. Am. Homoe., Ophthal., 

(^.. Standard ■Woven Fabric Co.. Package Machln- otol and Laryngol. Soc. and Mass. Homoe. Med. 

err Co. Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce soc: v.-p. 7th Internat. Homce. Congress: hon. v.-p. 

(chmn. com. on uniform state food and drug laws). British Homoe. Assn. Recreations: travel, conchol- 

Cambrldgc PH. of Trade (chmn. com. on munlclnal (,_„ Home: West Newton, Mass. Office: 220 

flnance^. Y.MC.A. (ex-pres.), CambrJd«reNo-LI- clarendon St, Boston.* 

cense Com (ex-treas.) Mem. Cambrldtre romrnnn _-„_„._m •■■.^«i. '■^..-a ii*« in.nranro- h 

C;oancil. 1900-1. Cumbrldire Bd. of Aldermen 1902- BBMiO^WS, Zmwiu ■f'^fi.''^® Jj^f/L^ r'if»,.ln 

M-nri^ Camhrlde-" Taxnavers' Assn 1910-12; Chlcopee. Mass., Jan. 11. 1867; s. Dexter Chapln 

^m*^ CambH^ee Ch JterTommn^ T9i3:"chmn: and Sarah Jane (Lyman) Bellows: descendant on 

Mayor's Real Kstate Tax A-sessment Com.: mem. both sides of Mass. Bay Colonists 1630-40 ed. 

Repnbllcnn Cltv Com. Enlscopsllan: vestryman P"l>i «c»>S' Chlcopee: m. Edwlna Magna K^^^^^ 

Christ Ch., Cambridge. Mem. Mass. State Bar of Holyoke, Mass., May 23, 1888; 1 daught«r,^K. 


wlna Magna. Identified with the mf r. of pumping ket, Mass. Republican, Norfolk. Boston Atblctie ; 
machinery with the Deane Pump Co. at Holyoke, Assn. Address: Brookllne, Mass. 

Mass. for 20 yrs.; mgr. Barlow Mfg. Co., Holyoke, BBim, fobs Xairlok, M.D.: b. Worcester, Maai, i 
1900-7; gen. agt. for Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co. at Feb. 14, 1860; s. Merrick (M.D.) and Caroline Al 
Boston since 1908; dlr.Walden Mfg. Co.. Worces- (QHmore) Bemls; ed. pub. schs., Worcester: PWl- i 
ter. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs. Republican. Ups Acad., Andover, Mass.; M.D., U. of Vt. OolL of 
Congllst. Mason. Recreations: flshtng, golf. Home: j^dlclne, 189S; spl. student, Clark U., and Hai' 
1816 Beacon St., Brookllne, Mass. Office: 24 Milk yard; m. Hyde Park, Mass., 1887, Fannie BIsImv 
St., Boston. Brown. Practiced In Worcester since 189S: tni»- 
BBIABAir,rnuie«laZ«rlar, lawyer; b. Montreal, tee and consulting phys., Hosp. Cottages for Chil- 
ean., Aug. IS, 1869; s. Simeon and Eleonore Bel- dren, Baldwlnsvllle, Mass.; supt Herbert Hall 
leau; ed. common schs.; came to U.S., 1876; m. Hosp. for the Insane, Worcester. Mem. Am. Mad- 
Blanche A. Martel, of St. Hyaclnthe. P.Q., 1883; ioo-Psychol. Assn„ Mass. Med. Soc, Worcester 
7 children, Fortunat, Hercules E., Blanche E., Dlst. Med. Soc. Republican. Episcopalian. Ad- 
Jeanne D., Adrlenne A., Irma L., Eglantine M. dress: Herbert Hall Hospital, Worcester, Mass. 

?«7if .""rS^ J° M.*''w^°"«/"iKS. "i M=<i "a"''! «ft°K ?°Vt''S- BBH»»», (Koiiia) PiosMr, M.D. : moved to Que- 

llii\,i^% !r^^L B?;«?f S?,'^' nl'i'''i«Q^°7 Sv^- bee, CanadS. (See vol. l509, also Who's Who U 

consul at Three Rivers, Que.. Can., 1893-7; elk., Amar-ina luae ? ^ 

Supreme Jud. Ct., Androscoggin Co., Me., since -^^'"erica, isuo i.) 

1907. Democrat. Catholic. Mem. C.O.F., Artisans, BBaraoXH, Adellwrt Oswald, electrical engineer. 

U. St. J.B. d'A., etc. Address: Lewiston, Me. b. Blblng, Prussia, Germany, July 31, 18SS; a 

SBUOWB, Bobert Paabodjr, architect; b. New ^„^i'M ^Ti-^S^n^^fi?,*.'? ir^^^) |P"t,*i^t"uf?^,?l?^ 

York, Nov. 3, 1877; s. Henry Wliitney and Anna H. fff.^f?;, ?JPJ?f- i?,!,V „h„2f^,^nh»\S?»fr^'»^5 fiJ 

(Peabody) Bellows; A.B., Harvard, 1899; studied i?i"^Jf ^ '?tJ5%'?^"';1.V P^y'^'S^ <!?i^f ""'^'^^^ 

Mniia TtiHt Tnph iSfllU- A n flV *fnlp don tronomy, 1877-9) asst Royal Obs., Koenigsbers. 

B^auk A?ts Parir'l907 unm^rled Mem Arm of 1880-2. continued studies at U. of Berlin; traveled 

ilflows &■ Ifdriih Boston since 1907' Mem th">u«h Europe to study phys. and elec. labora- 

A I A Boston Soc Architects /exic com > BoT" '"'■^ methods and equipments; m. Augfuste Dreher. 

ton ArcWtechiral Club /vD) M^m b^ard v\l °^ Koenlgsberg, Jan., lS84. Identified with the mfr. 

Itora Harvard RacrLtions-travBT' Home- 29 scientific Instruments In Berlin, 1882-9; chief elee. 

w^r»V«S S ri«n<S? « B«iiS.n at T^Jitn? enrr- Weston Elec. Instrument Co.. Newark, N.T. 

Hereford St. OiHce. 8 Beacon St, Boston. 18S1-06; chief engr. and factory mgr. Am. Inatni- 

BBUbOWB, WUllaiB HsBzy, merchant; b. Lit- ment Co., Newark, 1906-9- chief engr. Industrial 

tieton, N.H., Aug. 6, 1862; s. William Joseph and Instrument Co., Foxboro, Mass., 1909-12; eonsalt- 

Carollne I. (Bullard) Bellows; descendant of John Ing engr., Boston, 1913 — . Fellow Am. Inst. Elet 

Bellows, the immigrant. Concord, Mass.. 1636; ed. Engrs., A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Electrochem. Soc., Nat 

pub. schs., Littleton; m. Lucia Emma Baldwin, of Soc. for Promotion Engring. Edn., Vereinigun; 

Stratford, N.H., Dec. 9, 1880; 3 children: E<dith alter deutscher Studenten in America, Nat. Assn. 

Marlon, Harold Adams. Raymond A. At age of 21 German-Am. Technologists. Home: 46 W. Cottage 

associated with father in mercantile business as St., Boston.* 

Bellows & Son, Bellows & Baldwin. 1900-10, and «>_——«•<»■ -b-.- i. a._. ^ i » .. ..^.t 

since Bellows & Baldwin Co.; dlr. Littleton Nat. . ■*??*?*',^vF^?J? OMio, chemist; b. Mllina- 

Bank. Littleton Savings Bank. Deputy sheriff, ^^e-, 0<='t>*' ^^l°A 8i,WashIngton Gano and HarrtK 

1876, 7, 8; mem. N.k Ho. of ftep;, 1897-8 f'Sr^^^iio^^D,,",^ ^?"^^'u' .>•,?■ "^'7o\'"^^ <>"??• 

Treas. Littleton Musical Assn., 1878-83. Mason ^51y„"^Ht^*V.°-' "•iS^^.^'jJ^'S.^^^-JJ'JiJSaa 

(82»); mem. Burns Lodge No. 86, F. and A.M. Lit- 51*/it,^^"JI- S?,?"' ol*^V«i.7?- i*^°/i."nH * ^?if tt^ 

tieton; Franklin Chapter No. B, R.A.M., Lisbon; ?"tT®5^'>,i^^:*ri"'lr.2!' Oon^ u/t.S51'^'«„?*'? «« ^ 

Alpha Lodge of Perfection, Concord; Grand Com- f"'*!- "JLTI".*!?' ^?^?- ?hiL?/.^'''i?o^"Kfc ^*,?i"#' 

mandery. K.T.; Washington Council, Princes of I'i?^^-, w».f»v»n fi ?^.,. 4.?f^^^^^^^^ 

Jerusalem; Littleton Chapter of Rose Croix; N.H. L?"VJity®wt^="vJ},,^iu5''ii^„"'roft?"^.H;,?/*9jI^ 

Consistory, A.A.S.R., Nashua. N.H. Republican. fr^S"'^'}- ^^^Jl^'if^^^ ^i^'^^.i^'^kj^^^ 

Universalist. Address: Littleton, N.H. SJ?S„?,it^fiiol'<L^^'!?V t? a'^"^"'- .'^H'"!'* "^.S?*?-" 

tion Investigations of U.S. Dept. of Agr., 1895-0i. 

BBmS, Albsrt 7arawall, merchant, mfr.; b. Bos- (See Who's Who In America for books, societies, 

ton. Nov. 11, 1870; s. Judson Moss and Alice (Cogs- etc.) Recreations: biology. Home: 196 Pilgrim Rd. 

well) Bemis: descendant of Joseph Bemis, of Ofllce: Nutrition I^aboratory, Vila St, Boston.* 
Watertown, Mass.. about 1640; prep. edn. Cutler namnTnip n.n_« 'v.ii«i o,<„..of,... ■», i»«. 

Acad., Colorado Springs, Colo. ; Cblorado Coll.; ],n^S?^v?^a,???'rR7T'?'r^.or« ^r»nVfii.?,S 

B.a. In Civ. Enerln^. Mmh. InHt. Tpch.. 1893- it, tl"?.*°"i ^t, Jan. 12,J872, 8._Geor^^e^GrenWlle and 

Germany, 1895-1 
1897, Ph.D., 18M: 

w^Aff" Mml »"■ Jane Lois Simpson, of Burlington, Vt, Dec. 2J. 

rnoi^rJiL 1899; 2 children, George Grenvllle. Janet. Instr. 

, ...rimBr^o A?" 'n English, Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.. 189I-J. 

derman City of Newton, 1911-14 Vncfu^fve Pvt" gli^T.Sh^i, "f iVn'fi ^RriX^lY ^Mpm® ' tf^.^'phi 

1st Corps Cadets. Boston, 1897, 8, 9. now veteran fAlnhl' of vt^ Phi Rst^ VVnnS^ ?i.™i^2-i«i 

mem. Trustee Colorado Coll. (resigned, 1912) : life Tvi^tee Pr^v^dence Pub ^i?,™rv sinc« f»?t 

mem. corpn. Mass. Inst. Tech. Mem. Alumni Assn. ?.i,VKi?%Tii™r;?t,? Motoonmi* /^Sf/ 5Ulf~«-. iii 

Mass. Inst Tech. (pros.. 1910); Theta XI. Renub- lihn iit Prov^V^vi'^T^T Address: II 

llcan. Conellst. Clubs: Unlversltv, Exchange, Bos- '"'"" "'' P™"aence, R.L 

ton City. Engineers'. Recreations: outdoor sports. BBBBDICT, Bobart Saway, lawyer; Oct. S. 1828- 

Home: Chestnut Hill, Mass. Office: 40 Central St, July 2, 1911. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who la 

Boston. America, 1910-11.) 

1893; pres. Bemls Bro. Bag Co.: dlr. 

(Lowell, Mass.), Angus Jute Co., Ltd^ , 

India). Dlr. Boston Chamber of Commerce. Al 

<MiaxD, AlUon Turewall, mfr.; b. Brookfleld, BBVHAIK, Prank V., banking, mfg.; b. Derby. 
Mass., July 19. 1856: s. Waldo and Adallne A. Conn., 1846; s. Junius N. and Elisabeth A. Benham: 
(Guilford) Bemls; A.B., Amherst. 1880: m. Ella P. ed. pub. and pvt. schs., Bridgeport, Conn., and 
Messenger, of Foxborough, Mass., June 14, 1893; Poughkeepsle, N.T.; m. Bridgeport, Conn.. 1871. 
2 children: Raymond G., Ralph A. Treas. and mgr. Annie D. Lord. Began as a boy in poatoffloe In 
Hills Co., mfrs. straw goods, Amherst, Mass., Bridgeport; for many yrs. cashier Bridgeport Nat 
1880-6, A. F. Bemls & Co., Foxborough, 1886-9; Bank; now v.-p. First Bridgeport Nat Bank; pr«a 
pres. A. F. Bemis Hat Co., 1889-1900 (retired); Canfield Rubber Co. (wholesale mfrs.) : v.-p. west 
chmn. Foxborough (Mass.) Sch. Com., 1887-93; End Lumber Co., Monumental Bronse Co.: sec. Ben- 
chmn. Bd. Selectmen, 1889-93; mem. Mass. Ho. of ham Bros. Corpn.; trustee Bridgeport Savings 
Rep., 1901-2. Senate, 1903, 04: defeated for noml- Bank. Republican. Congllst Clubs: Seaside, Re- 
nation for Congress, 1904; mem. Governor's Coun- publican, Yacht. Metabetchowan Country ((^n.), 
ell, 1907-9. Mason (32°); Odd Fellow; mem. Pa- Union League, Transportation (New York). Home: 
trons of Husbandry, Knights of Honor. Clubs: 298 Linden Av. Office: 946 Main St., Bridgeport 
University (New York and Boston), Home Mar- Conn. 

uigiLi^eu uy 

X^_J v^ v^ 



II -ifJAHnr, Taaaj BoTaton Wlohola (Mrs. S. Jane Harris, of St. Louis, Feb. 17, 1886; one 

G. W. Benjamin); b. Windsor Co., Vt; d. Francis daughter, Frances Z. T. Practiced at Boston since 

Kidder Nichols, of Revolutionary ancestry, and 1877. Mem. Bar Assn. City of Boston. Republican. 

Fanny Seymour Boynton; descendant of the Boyn- Episcopalian. Mason. Club: University. Home: 86 

ton baronets of England through William and Trowbridge Av., NewtonviHe, Mass. Offlce: 1117 

John Boynton, of Essex Co., Mass., and Col. John Uld South Bldg., Boston. 

Boynton, of Wethersfield, Vt (died 1825); ed. Rev. BBHirmt, Blduud Btanwood, M.D^ b. Waldo- 

•^**5° ,SL°'''=.*"'^*';^° ^''?- '^'" '^'■"l?' B"'-»nfto''..Vt., boro. Me., tec. 6, 1876; s. EdWard A. and Sara 

and Wheaton Female Sera., Norton, Mass., m. Catherine (Allen) Benner; A.B., Harvard, 1899; 

Iryin I. Weed. U.S. solicitor Court of Claims, and m.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1903; m. Marion McClean, 

later. Samuel Green Wheeler Benjamin, author ^t Springfield, Mass., Nov. 18, 1908: 3 children, 

and arOst, of N.T. City. Nov. 16. 1882. Has en- Katharine, Allen, Vrylena. Practiced in Sprlng- 

gaKed extensively in woman s club worlc: founder ^eld since 1903. Mem. staff, Springfield Hosp. 

and hon. prei^ Cercle F^ncais, branch of the In- jiem. Mass. Med. Soc, Springfield Acad. Medicine, 

temationale Alliance Francaise of U.S. and Ca^., Republican. Conglist. Club: Wlnthrop. Address: 

Pf- Unity (non-sectarian assn. for ednl. and lit. 25 ^aple St., Springfield. Mass. 

entertainment) ; mem. D.A.R. ; formerly historian- ____-._■.' _ . , .. „ . 

gen. Nat. Soc. Daughters of Founders and Patriots ^ BWnfaBpH, OonAffSM, lawyer; b. Quincy. 111.; 

of America Awarded medal by women of Rich- d. Robert S. and Electa Ann (Park) Benneson; 

mond Co., N.Y., for club work; given a compli- A.B., U. of Mich., 1878, LL.B., 1880, A.M., 1888; 

mentary decoration by Shah of Persia Cluto: """"arried. Admitted to bar, Mich, and ill., 188O. 

Twentieth Century, of Washington. D.C. (hon.). Mass., 1894 Spl. commr. in Mass., 1896, et. seq. 

Woman's, of Richmond County. N.Y. (hon.); ex- Trip around the world, 1883-5; lectured on travels, 

pres. N.E. Woman's Soc., of Washington, D.C. J885-6; edited law reports for West Pub. Co St. 

Author: The Sunny Side of Shadow. Editor: The f •'"l-^ l^je-. '^""'^ 4r..ft'^'°i}'' i?'"^^ Mawr Coll., 

Life and Adventures of a Free I^ance (from the 1887-8. Address: 3 Phillips PI., Cambridge, Mass.* 

Journals of S. G. W. Benjamin), 1915. Contbr. BBHBBT, Eben Homer, M.D.; b. Harvey, Albert 

poems and articles to newspapers and mags. Ad- Co., N.B., June 20, 1848; s. Joslab and Annie 

dress: 326 College St., Burlington, Vt. (Olson) Bennet; descendant of an old family of 

BKSTAMIV OUImt OlddlBn educator (See Norwich, Eng. ; grad. New Brunswick Normal Sch., 

,-f^Jf?"*"' »"»•« »loaiag», eaucator. (bee ^^^q. J^^^ Jefferson Med. Coll., Phlla., 1875; m. 

___ i _ . _ ^ , ... Annie W. Conley, of Deer Island, N.B., Feb. 3, 1873 

BXBJABmr, ■unnal Oreeae Wheeler, author, (died May 11, 1892); 4 children, Cecelia Millicinth 

artlst^eb. 13. 1837-July 19, 1914. (See vol. 1909, (Mrs. C. E. Watts, of Windber, Pa), Mame Seeley, 

also Who's Who In America, 1914-16.) Grace Lee (Mrs. Ralph H. Preble, of Portland, 

WOIJAMJM, WilUam Wallace, fruits and prod- Me.), Da Costa Fitzmaurlce. Practiced at Bryant, 

uce; b. Lincoln, Mass., Jan. 4, 1851; s. William 111., 6 mos., 1876-6, since in Lubec, Me.: former 

Oliver and Susan Caroline (Watts) Benjamin; de- supt. sehs. ; mem. Sch. Bd , Lubec Fellow A.M.A.: 

scendant of the family of Sir Isaac Watts; ed. pub. mem. Me. Med. Assn., Washington County Med. 

schs. of Lincoln, Mass.; m. Sarah R Wells, of Soc., N.B. Med. Soc. Republican. Mason. Address: 

Winchester, Mass., Nov. 10, 1876: 6 children. May Lubec, Me. 

Caroline (deceased), Wallace Lincoln, William BBHVBTT, Alberto Adellmaa, clergyman; b. 

Wells (deceased), Edith Grace (deceased), Percy Balnbridge, N.Y., July 17, 1859; s. Rev. Edwin 1. 

Howard. Chester Wells. Engaged in fruit and and Mary (McCiall) Bennett; grad. Balnbridge 

produce commn. business, Boston under own (N.Y.) Acad., 1882; A.B., Colgate U., 1886 (Pht 

name, since 1879; located first at 14 Mercantile St.; Beta Kappa). A.M.. 1889: grad. Hamilton TheoL 

after 12 yrs. moved to 26 Mercantile St., where sem., 1889; grad. Sch. of Expression, Boston, 1893; 

baa since continued. Mem. Boston Chamber of m. Ella M. Stone, of Clinton, N.Y., June 12, 1889; 

Commerce. Boston Fruit and Produce Exchange. 2 children, Edwin C, Marvin S. Ordained Bapt. 

Republican. Protestant Mem. Elm Council No. ministry. 1889; pastor Whitehall, N.Y., 1889-92, 

26, Royal Arcanum. Caleb Rand Lodge, I ().O.F., Maplewood. Maiden, Mass., 1893-02; health failed 

A.O.y.W. Recreations: motoring. Home: 18 Grove and located in the country: became pastor of ch. at 

St., W^est Somerville, Mass. Offlce: 26 Mercantile Jefferson, Me., and so continues; also supt of schs., 

St., Boston. Town of Jefferson. Moderator Damariscotta Bapt. 

BBBraS, Allen Bogars, educator; b. Waldoboro, Assn. Republican. Mem. Delta Upsilon, B.B. Cl\ib 

Me.. May 36, 1870; s. Edward Randall and Sarah (minister(al). Recreations: psychology, photogra- 

Catherlne (Allen) Benner; grad. Phillips Acad., Phy. Address: Jefferson, Me. 

Andover, Mass 1888: A B Harvard. 1892. Instr. BBHVBTT, Edward Browa, lawyer; a William 

In Latin. 1892-4, head of Greek Dept, since 1894, and Mariana (Brown) Bennett; b. Hampton, Conn., 

prof. Greek since 1899. Phillips Acad.; conducted Apr. 12, 1842; prep, ed., WUliston Sem., Easthamp- 

course in Homer for Teachers, at Harvard Summer ton, Mass.; A.B., Yale, 1870; studied law In oflflces 

Sch., 1903. Author: (with Dr Herbert Weir Smyth) of ex-Qov. Chauncey F. Cleaveland, of Hampton, 

Beginners Greek Book 1906 Compiler: Selections and Franklin Chamberlain, of Hartford: admitted 

from Homer's Iliad, 1903. Address: Andover, Mass. to bar. 1868; m. Hartford, Apr. 24, 1877, Alice, d. 

BEHBBB, Bdward Augasttna, clergyman, educa- Hon. James L. Howard. Began practice at Hamp- 

tor: b. East Ptttston, Me., Mar. 31, 1848; s. Bum- ton: removed to Hartford, 1869, where has since 

ham Cnark and Frances Maria (Talpey) Benner; practiced; associated with Geo. O. Brott, 1896-08, 

A.B., Amherst Coll., 1869 (Phi Beta Kappa); grad. since alone; representative from Hampton in (Jen. 

Andover Theol. Sem., 1874; m. Lowell, Mass., Aug. Assenibly, of Conn., 1868; asst elk of House 1869, 

21, 1874, Mary Susan Carter; 6 children, Caroline SJK, °'^?°'!.?*' ^',*J "']'• ?' ^S"*'®' ^^^^' «=•''• <>' 

Frances, Bumham Carter, Edward Hopkins, Mary Police Ct., City of Hartford, 1871-3; mem. Common 

Katharine, Alan. Ordained to ministry Cong'l Ch., ^punc','' ^^'?> ^^''^^ t?^ .5'*? ^h.°J Hartford, 

1874; prof mathematics, Drury Coll., 1874-7; prof. 18r8-91; postmaster, Hartford, 1891-6, 1900-Mar. 

historj- end polit. economy. Colorado Coll., 1878-9; 5,1. 19?': sec. Rep. State Central Com., 1870-8. 

prin. Salt Lake Acad.. 1878-91, Wellesley Sch. for Sf^s Hartford City Gas Light Co., Springfield 

Boys, 1891-10. Mem. Territorial Council, 1890, and Waste Co.; pres. and treas. Farminsrton River 

prominent in securing the adoption of the present Eow«'; Co.; v.-p. James L. Howard Co.; dir. The 

law for unsecUrian free pub. schs. Mem. of Bd. Travelers Ins. Co.. Am. Sch. for Deaf, Hartford; 

of Regents of Territorial Univ., 1889-90: mem. Bd. mem. Advisory Bd., Hartford Orphan Aslyum. 

of Control of Territorial Reform Sch., 1890-91. Mem. Hartford Tale Alumni Assn. (pres.. 1901-2); 

Address: Wellesley, Masa mem. Connecticut Historical Society. Clubs: Hart- 

BBBSBB. m»k lalper. lawyer; b. PitUton, srt%fflc"e-''l47"Maln St ''itort^rdTo^rin." '^°"'"' 

Me.. JunelS, 1861; s. Bumham Clark and Frances ***• ""'°^- **^ """ ''^' HartfO", Conn. 

Maria (Talpey) Benner; prep, ej., Lowell High BBBBBTT, Bdward Oashman, lawyer; b. Ben- 

Scb.; A.B., Amherst. 1873; post-grad, work, Leipzig, nington, Vt., Sept. 6, 1878; s. Edward Dewey and 

v., (Sermany, 1876-8; read law in offlce of Tappan Eliza S. (Cushman) Bennett: ed. Bennington graded 

Wentworth and in offlce of D. S. & G. F. Richard- and high schs.; B.S., Norwich U., Northfield, Vt., 

son, Lowell, Mass.: admitted to bar. 1877: m. Manr 1893; spl. course Boston U. Sch. of Law; m. Cvn- 



thia B. Qardner, of Bennington, Vt, July 25, 1901. 
Began practice at Bennington, Vt., Dec. 1. 1800; 
deputy state auditor Vt., 189S-1902; pvt. sec. to 
Gov. John O. McCuUough, 1902-4; Judge of Ct. of 
Probate, Dlst. of Bennington, since 1907. Republi- 
can. Congllst. Mason (IC.T., Shriner); mem. B.F.O. 
Elks. Club: Bennington. Home: 481 Main St Ad- 
dress: County Court House, Bennington, VL 

BEinrXTT, Sdward Fayson; b. Wrentham, 
Mass., June 30, 1848; a. Edward RenofC and Susan 
(Dale) Bennett; ed. common schs.; m. Henrietta 
Nash, May 20, 1874; m. 2d, Evelyn A. Whiting, of 
Wrentham, Nov. 27, 1883. Began in manufacture 
of Jewelry as one of the original members of The 
Flainfield Stock Co., 1872; retired June 14, 1913; 
dir. Wrentham Nat Bank; chmn. Bd. Water 
Commrs., Wrentham; supt Wrentham Cemetery 
Corpn.; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1914. Congllst 
Address: Wrentham, Mass. 

BBHVBTT, John HUlman, M.D.; b. New Bet- 
ford, Mass., Dec. 12, 1869; s. Samuel Robert aii 
Hannah Adams (Ryder) Bennett; M.D.. Boston U. 
Sch. of Medicine, 1891; m. Fawtucket. R.L, 18H, 
Mary Florence McGregor; 1 daughter, Nioer. 
Mem. R.I. State Bd. of Health, Fawtucket Bd. of 
Trade, Fawtucket Y.M.C.A, Sec. Anti-Tuberculodi 
Soc. of Fawtucket and vicinity. Mem. bd. RI. SdL 
of Design. Mem. Am. Inst Homoeopathy, Man 
Homce. Soc, R.I. Homoe. Soc., Fawtucket Med. 
Assn. Congllst Caubs: To Kalon, R.I. Couotrr. 
Unanimous (New York). Address: 306 High St 
Fawtucket, R.I. 

r, Prank F., Journalist publisher and 
propr. Oaklandvale Farm, In the northern suburbs 
of Boston; b. North Cambridge, Mass., May 2, 1863; 
8. Levi W. and Kezia C. Bennett; descendant of 
Samuel Bennett, who came to America on ship 
James to Salem, 1635; ed. Maiden and Chelsea 
high schs.; m. Nancy L. Clark, of Everett, Mass., 
July 12, 1877; 3 sons, Hon. Frank P., Jr., Edward 
Howard, Charles Randolph. Connected with news- 
papers in West and in Boston; mng. editor, Boston 
Commercial Bulletin and Boston Dally Advertiser; 
established American Wool and Cotton Reporter, 
1887, United States Investor, 1891; mem. Mass. 
Legislature, 1891-1903 (chmn. Com. on Taxation, 
1891, mem. Com. on Rules, 1892; chmn. Rapid 
Transit Com. which reported the railway subway 
system now in use in Boston; chmn. Special Com. 
to consider adoption of Metropolitan Fark System, 
which initiated the system of Metropolitan parka 
now surrounding Boston; chmn. Com. on Agr.); 
has written extensively on tariff and other indus- 
trial and economic questions. Republican. Fres., 
Unlversalist Gen. Conv. of the United States, 1903, 
1905, 1907. Clubs: Oxford (Lynn), Exchange (Bos- 
ton), Unlversalist (New York), and 33 other clubs 
and Bocs, Including S.A.R. Has written monograph 
"The Bennetts of Saugus, Lynn and Groton," 
covering family history since the arrival of Samuel 
Bennett at Saugus in 1635. Home: Saugus, Mass. 
Offices: New York, Boston, Fhila., Washington, 
and other cities. 

BBmmTT, Q*OTg» Stadmaa, clergyman. (See 
vol. 1909.) 

BEVHBTT, Joha Cniiningliam; b. Boston, Apr. 2, 
1872; B. Joseph and Mary (Cunningham) Bennett; 
ed. pub. schs.; m. Mary Gertrude Houlihan, of 
Springfield, Mass., June 17, 1908; 3 children, Ber- 
nice, Blanche, Brendan. Learned machinist's trade 
at Ft. Gratiot, Mich. ; foreman Stevens-Duryea Co., 
automobiles, Chlcopee Falls, Mass., 1909-13; supt 
Hampden Carborundum Wheel Co., Brlghtwood, 
Springfield, since June, 1913. Fres. Sprlngfleld 
Co-operative Laundry Co., 1906. Fres. Wm. L. 
Douglas Club, 1905; mem. Dem. City Cora., 1906-6 
(chmn., 1906); mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1907, 1908. 
Mem. Am. Peace Soc., B.F.O. Elks. Recreations: 
baseball, walking. Home: 16 Dunmoreland Av., 
Springfield, Mass. 

BSamiTT, Jolm HarrlBirtoa, inventor, mfr.; 
b. Groton, Mass., Dec. 9, 1846; s. Jonathan Smith 
and Miranda W. (Harrington) Bennett; descendant 
of John Bennett, Charlestown, Mass., 1669; ed. pub. 
schs. and in a machine shop; m. Georgiana Wig- 
gins, of Freedom. Me., 1867 (died 1899); 2 children, 
Conrad R., Edith E. (Mrs. Robert L. S. Whltte- 
more, of New Worcester. Mass.); m. 2d, Celia E. 
Doane, of Bakersfield, Vt, 1903; 2 children, Ruth 
B., John D. Propr., since 1882, of the Bay State 
Stamping Co., Worcester, inventing much of the 
machinery used in the business. Enlisted In 6th 
Mass. Vols, in 1864 and was actively In service 
during the closing days of the Civil War. Mem. 
George H. Ward Post G.A.R.; mem. Knights of 
Labor Gen. Assembly Dlst. of Mass. and of the 
U.S.; mem. Worcester Chamber of Commerce. 
Home: 343 Chandler St Office: 380 Chandler St., 
Worcester, Mass. 

r, John W., merchant, mfr.; b. Port(- 
mouth, N.H., Mar. 28, 1847; s. Stephen A. ml ! 
Sarah A. (Berry) Bennett; ed. pub. sens.; m. Lnui ; 
J. Nuttall, of Manistee, Mich., Aug. 10, 1886. B^ 
gan as mem. Bennett & Jewett 1872; bought nit i 
partner, 1879, and since conducted business Id on | 
name as mfg. wholesale dealer in lumber, spoel 
lumber and do well specialties; also dealer in gai 
mdse.; postmaster 8 yrs. (resigned, 1904): ton : 
treas. of GUead, 2 yrs. Republican. Mason; OH \ 
Fellow. Address: Gllead, Me. { 

BBHBBTT, Josapli, lawyer; b. Brldgeton, Me. 
May 26, 1840; a. William and Charlotte (Bennelt) 
Bennett; descendant of John Bennett who came 
from England about 1650, and settled in Ctaarlei- 
town, Mass.; prep. edn. Brldgeton (Me.) Acad., aid 
Public Latin Sch., Boston; A.B., Bowdoln, 18(4:11. 
Elizabeth R. Lefavour, of Boston, Feb., ISH: 
children, Joseph I., Fred S. (M.D.), May E. (Hit 
Homer Lorlng). Practiced In Boston since IStt 
Trustee Public Library, Brighton, Mass., 1868-il; 
mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1879, Senate, 1881-2, 1S»1 
Republican. Recreations: country life. Home: 4H 
Commonwealth Av., Boston; (summer) Ashlaod, 
Mass. Office: 18 Tremont St, Boston. 

BBBirSTT, JoBlab Qal]iC7, financier; b. Soiii- 
mervllle, Mass., Nov. 14, 1854; s. Clark and Hu- 
nah (Whitman) Bennett; ed. bub. schs., ot Son- 
mervlUe; m. CJct. 22, 1879, Jennie Howland, at 
Sommervllle; 6 children, Howland (deceased), 
Harold Whitman, Ruth, EMward Locke, Josiai 
Clark, Philip Rogers (deceased). Clk. Maveriei 
Nat. Bank, Boston, 8 yrs.; then became casliler 
Market Nat. Bank; pres. Mercantile Trust Ct. 
until 1903, when retired; mem. firm Bumliaa 
Bennett & Co. (bankers and brokers), 1903-9; ivea 
and dir.. Purity Distillery Co., Athol Gas ft El«- 
trie Co., Marlboro Electric Co., Marlboro & Hud- 
son Gas Co., Weymouth Light & Power Co, 
Cambridge Electric Light Co., Fresh Pond W 
Co.; sec, treas. and dir. Boston Brick Co.; sec aid 
dir. Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co., dir. G«|>- 

ger Bros; Co. Clubs: Exchange, Colonial (Cao- 
rldge), Belmont Springs Country. Home: Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Office: 63 State St, BostoiL 

BBBBETT, Xnlvina It, prof, elocution; k 
Somerville, Msiss., 1866; d. Clark and Hinnat 
(Whitman) Bennett; B.S., Boston U., 1880: (M..*, 
Knox Coll., 111.) ; unmarried. Began teaching la 
Knox Coll., 1880; apptd. Snow prof, elocutloo, 
Boston U., also fall of same year, made Itiatr. at 
Wellesley; held both positions until 1908, whea 
was advanced from asso. prof, at Wellesley » 
full professorship, and resigned from Boston U. 
Episcopalian. Home: Wellesley, Mass. 

._.__«<.<.<., Kannlmr BlackvtoB*, clergyman: i- 
Lowville, N.Y., Aug. 30, 1872; s. Henry Ward and 
Elizabeth (Blackstone) Bennett; grad. Wesleyu 
U., 1897; studied theology at Auburn Theol. Sea. 
and St. Andrew's Div. Sch.; m. Jessie Llvlngstoa 
McClusky, of Alder Creek. N.Y., Oct 22, 19M' 
Deacon, 1899, priest, 1900, F.E. Ch.; rector, TrinltT 
Ch., Boonvllle, N.Y., 1900-2; asst Calvary Cli.. 
Utica, 1902-3; rector, St. Mary's Ch., South Mai- 
chester. Conn., since 1903. Address: 49 Park SU 
South Manchester, Conn. 

BBWITBTT, Kartia ToaoMi, lawyer; b. Hartftrd. , 
Conn., Sept. 10, 1874; s. Martin and Frances Wood- 
ruff (Green) Bennett; descendant of Benjamin 
Church, noted Indian fighter In King Philip's war, 
1676-6; grad. Hartford High Sch., 1893; pad. 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1894; A.B., lal* 
1898; student Yale Law Sch., 1898-1900; m. Jose- 
phine Beach Day, of Hartford. Nov. 15, HM: 

uigiLi^eu uy 

X^_J v^\^^ 



t children. Martin Toacan, Jr., Katharine B«acb, BBBJiaiT, WUUam Mtmrw, U.D.; b. Whitlns, 

rrances Woodruff. Practiced in Hartford since Vt., Apr. 1, 1883; a. HolUs Kendall and Mary 

]}00; mem. Bennett & Goodwin, since 1904. Mem. Catherine (Pratt) Bennett; A.B~ Brown U., 1886, 

Conn. Social Hygiene Assn. (chmn. leglBlatlva A.M., 188$; M.D^ New York Homce. Med. Coll., 

com., mem. exec com.), Hartford Municipal Vice 1889; m. Martha Cordelia Broughton, of Whitehall, 

Commn., Men's I,eaKue for Woman's Suffrage N.Y., Oct 1, 1890. Prof, chemistry and toxicology, 

(com. of 40). Republican. Clubs: Elizabethan Woman's Med. ColL, New York, 1887-9; began 

(Tale), Farmineton Country, Dauntless, West- practice at Fitchburg, Mass., 1889; pres. and pbys. 

cheater Fish and Oame. Author: Woman and the Fitchburg Home for Aged I<adies; mem. Fitchburg 

Social Compact; also various pamphlets relating Common Council, 1902-4 (pres., 1908-4); mem. Bo. 

to suffrage and social hygiene. Recreations: flsh- of Aldermen, 1906, Bd. of St Commrs., 1906-8. 

Ing, tennis, poultry, farming. Home: 22 Forest St Mem. Am. Inst, Homoeopathy, Worcester Co. 

Office: 36 Pearl St, Hartford. Conn. Homce. Med. Soc, Mass. Surg, and QenecoL Soc, 

MMMUir rr wmm b- •^ditnr Bnit niih • h s&n. Uass. Stat* Homce. Soc, Fitchburg Med. Club, 

foriMe^nS. T'lSTsT' Edward K and Call staO I^«"» ^^V ^'>' BeU Ki«>pa. Chmn. CfUxenB' Party, 

(WnuS^d) B^nkt- ei hirt sch Sanford- B?a^ ""• "- ^^- Clk, Ut Bapt Ch. since 1890. Mason; 

Ml"w«leyS"s"i.,'1kent*8''Hm;' Mef Tslo ;* spt ?^fy,J^°' S^^'^-^-^' *"">«»•= '» Hartwell St. 

course. Harvard; unmarried. Supt schs., Sanford, *" cnDurg. m ass. 

U98-0S: druggist 1906-11: editor and pub. since „ MMMMUTT, Wim»m Xiym, Judge; b. New Haven, 

nil: owner AverlU Press. Tribune Pub. Co. Mem. Conn., May 19, 1848; ■.Hon. Thomas and Mary 

N.G.S.H. since Mar., 1903; mem. Bd. of Edn., San. Ann (Hull) Bennett; A.B., Tale, 1869; L.UB., Yale 

ford, 1908-11. Republican. Mason (32°); mem. U. Law Soh., 1871; m. Brooklyn, N.Y., June 6, 1878, 

Knights of Pythlaa, I.O.O.F., Moose, B.P.O. Elks. Frances T. Wellea (now deceased); S children. 

Address: Sanford, Me. Ethel Welles (Mrs. Walter B. Bchlffer, of New 

_ ,. ^.^ ,. „ ,. ^ Haven), Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. James C!. Sander- 

BnnXTT, Otto Boaaia, editor; b. Manchester, gon, of Minneapolis, Minn.), Francis T. Practiced 

Vt, Aug. 14, 1866- a George Walter and Julia >few Haven, 1871—; mem. Arm of Doollttle, Stod- 

Francea (Ronald) Bennett: grad. Burr & Burton aard & Bennett later Doollttle & Bennett and 

Bern., 1884; m. Jessie Stewart, of Bennington, Vt, pay & Bennett: Instr. law (contracts, sales and 

June 1, 1892; 4 children, George Stewart, Otto Ins.), Yale U. Law Sch., 1906 — ; Judge Court of 

Ronald, Jr., Marlon Louise, Jessie Jean. Began In Common Pleas, New Haven County, 1906-8; judge 

printing business at Bennington, Vt, 1884; re- superior Ct of Conn., Sept. 9, 1908 — . Democrat 

moved to New York, 1888, and was In same busl- Episcopalian. OfBce: County Court House, New 

ness there until returned to Manchester, 1906; has Haven, Conn.* 

sL°,^jT°vr1l*\'S''r^VM'k''R«t°N o'n Y° Mefi BB«oa-, Oharis. SirMtMr. M.D.: b. Lewiston, 

VL S?a?e'preM Aas^ Reoublf^ B^reatlonT" Me.. July 2(i. 1872: s. Edgar E.'and Bila A. (Sweet- 

fl,h1n» A<Mrt«Mn?^i.heater Vt^' ***<='^**"°"'- ser) Benson; ed. ifale; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg. 

Bah lng. A ddress. Manchester. Vt (Columbia). 1896; m. Fanny Swett of Haverhifl. 

mnrnmiHT, atehara KaAert, clergyman; b. St Mass.. Apr. 20, 1898; 2 children, Katharine Whlt- 

Joseph. Mo., Sept 10, 1886; s. Richard Hayes and tier, Philip Edgar. Practiced In Haverhill, Mass.. 

Ada Ulnnle LuclUa (Stratton) Bennett; ed. gram- since 1898; attending surgeon to Hale Hosp. Mem. 

mar and high schs.. Burlington, la.; B.A., Yale, A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, Haverhill Med. Club. Ma- 

U«9, M.A., 1911; B.D., Yale Dlv. Sch., 1911; m. son. Republican. Unlversallst Club: Pentucket 

Grace Worth Burrell. of Fall River, Mass., June Home: 39 Summer St. Office: 60 Merrimack St., 

12, 1909; 2 children, Richard Arnold, Constance Haverhill, Mass. 

22**^ i?~?.?5l^A***'"''*itn«''?'?Si5;„^'^V«l"n' MMMMOn. Oyrna Koltwii: b. Woonsocket. R.L. 

S!i"fi ''jSS'"2?^J"?^'i„M"»!:,*'i?i*i°V?fit^r i»j July 20, lin'a. Amasa feenjamln and Harriet 

/**"4-=.2.V*"£? '^°°^oi'^'ri"Vv^'„i*BV ?-if ^iS Isabel (MolteA) Benson; ed. fengUsh High Sch., 

Ou. Webster, Mass., 1911-14, Dane St Ch., Web- Worcester, Mass.; Child's Business Coll.; Phila. 

S?'n^"*^ ^*'"- h ^*"T>***S^Vi'*i2?^„ilri. iS' Textile Sck, 2 yrs., 1900, 01. Supt Valley Woolen 

PhlBetaKapp^ Mason Recreations, tennis. Ad- Mills, Cherry Valley, Mass., 1901-2; agt Powhat- 

drsaa: 9 Dane St, Webster, Mass. tan Woolen Co., Chester, Pa., 1903-4; went to At- 

nraxTT, ItsTnnrt Crookar, lawyer; b. Taunton, lanta, Ga., Jan., 1906, and did spl. work for 3 mos. 
Mass., Apr. 19, 1868; s. Edmund H. and Sally for Atlanta Iron & Woolen Co.; returned to Bos- 
(Crocker) Bennett; A.B., Harvard, 1879; LL.B., ton, and became connected with the E. & R. Co., 
Boston U., 1882; m. Amy R. Thomas, of Brookllne, launderers, cleaners and dyers; now pres. E. & R. 
Uasa, Sept 9, 1886. Prof., 1883-02, dean, 1898-02, Dyeing & Cleaning Co., v.-p. E. & R. Laundry Co. 
Boston UT Law Sch. One of editors: Federal De- and mgr. and dir. both cos. Republican. Unlta- 
dslons; Smith's Leading Cases; Benjamin on rian. Clubs: Economic, Belmont Country. Recre- 
ttales- (^clopedia of Law and Procedure. Mem. atlons: golf, motoring. Home: 1246 Commonwealth 
Am. Bar Assn. (gen. council, 1898-023, Mass. State Av., Allston, Mass. Office: 223 Mass. Av., Cam- 
Bar Assn., Boston Bar Assn. Home: Weston, Mass. bridge, Mass. 
Ofllce: 10 Tremont St. Boston.* BBV80V, Fnudc Wsston, painter; b. Salem. 

BSnraTT. Thomaa Chay, mfr.; b. New Haven, Mass., Mar. 24, 1862; s. George W. and Elizabeth 
Conn., Mar 22 1846; a. "Thomas and Mary Ann (Poole) Benson- tech. edn. In sch. drawing and 
(Hull) Bennett; Gen. William H. Russell's Sch. to Painting, Mus. Fine Arts, Boston, 1880-3; JuUen 
U«l; Ph.B., Yale, 1870; m. Hannah Jane Win- Acad., Paris, 1883-6; m. Ellen Perry Pelrson, of 
Chester, of New Haven, May 9, 1872. Apptd. to Salem, Mass., Oct, 1888. Inatr. drawing and paint- 
ami troops for state of Conn., 1861; commd. let it Ing Mus. Fine ArU, Boston, since 1889. Received 
«nd adj., Aug. 28, 1862; 2d. It 28th Conn. Vols., !"e<Jal'.Sl''<=a?° Expn., 1893; Carnegie Inst, Pltta- 
Nov. 26, 1862; Ist It, 29th Conn. Vols., Jan. 20, burg. 1899: 2 prizes, Boston Art Club; 2 prizes. 
1864; wounded at Battle of Chapln's Farms, Sept Jordan Gallery, Boston; prize, Cleveland Art Assn.; 
«, 1884; promoted to capt 29th Conn. Vols., Sept ghaw Fund prize. Soc Am. Artists New York; 
21, 1864; hon. mustered out Nov., 1866. Entered Clark prize, Hallgarten prize, Nat Acad Design; 
employ of Winchester Repeating Arm Co., Aug. i. g"«''°':yiP''l«e. Chicago, and sliver medal, Paris 
1870; sec. same, 1871-6, dfr., 1876—, trees.. 1881-2, Expn., 1900; gold medal, Carnesrfe Inst, 1903; Llp- 
v.-p., 1882-90, pres., 1890-1911; resigned presidency. R'"cott P^l'^e, Phlla., 1904; 2 goHi medals, St. Louis 
Jan. 10, 1911,^ an^ elected consufttng dir. Mem. Expn., 1904; gold medal, Phtla. Art Club. 1906; sll- 
<^rpa, Yale XJ., 1884-02: trustee Sheffield Scientific ver medal. Corcoran Gallery. Washington. 1907; 
Sch.. mem. bd. mgrs. Observatory, In Yale Coll. Potter Palmer medal and prize, Chicago, 1910. 
Mem. Conn., Acad. Arts and Sciences, Loyal Legion, N.A., 1906; mem. Nat. Inst Arte and Letters. 
Antomoblle Cluh of N.H. (pres.), Auto Assn. of Home: Salem, Mass. Studio: Rlverway Studios, 
Conn. (dir). Received decoration of the Medjldl, Boston.* 

JWitr. (nubs: Army and Navy (Conn.), Colby, BSHT, Avthnr OlerelaBd, ornithologist; b. Taun- 

Ondnates', Lawn, Country (New Haven), New ion. Mass., Nov. 26, 1866; a. William Henry and 

York Yacht New Haven Yacht Sachem's Head Harriet Fellowes (Hendee) Bent; prep. edn. Brls- 

Tscht Nonantum, Hammonasset and other outing tol Acad., Taunton: A.B., Harvard, 1889; m. Made-' 

mba Home: 423 Pro<pect St, New Haven, Conn.* leln Vincent Godfrey, of Taunton,, M^sJm, ^^^20,1^ 


1914; 1 son, Frederick Hendee (b. Nov. 14, 1914, BXHT, SmbimI ArUmr, lawyer, author; July I. 

died Apr. 2, 1916). Began as aert. Safety Seamless 1841-Nov. 32, 1912. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who 

Pocket Co., 1891, continuing 4 yrs.; became con- In America. 1912-lS.) 

nected with the Plymouth Electric Light Co. as BBVT, WUllam Woodwortli, lawyer; b. Nor- 

treas., 1893, pres. since 1900; was treas. Atlantic wich. Conn., Apr. 17, 1883; s. Martin Francis and 

Covering Co., 1904; gen. mgr. Mason Machine Harriet Peckham (Woodworth) Bent; descendant 

Works, 1900-14. now dlr.; dir. Old Colony Light & of early Colonial ancestry; prep. edn. Norwich 

Power Assn., Provincetown Light & Power Co., pree Acad.; LL.B., Yale Law Sch., 1905; m. SepL 

Marlon Gas Co., Plymouth Gas Light Co., Mason 2, 1908, Corrlne Ethel Secor, of Bridgeport. Conn. 

Machine Works, Andrew J. Kerr Co. Has served Began practice Oct., 1905. in partnership with 

as mem. Bd. of Aldermen, City Council and Sch. Elmer H. Lounsbury, as Lounsbury & Bent; now 

Com., all of Taunton. Trustee Bristol Acad. Fel- associated with ex-Mayor Edward T. Buckingham, 

low Am OrnithologlBts' Uni«jn;asso. mem. Smith- as Buckingham & Bent. Democrat; chmn. Dem. 

sonian Instn. (Washington, D.C.). University Mu- com.. Bridgeport, 3 yrs.; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 

seum (Harvard); mem. Bristol County Acad. Sci- 1911-12; Justice of the peace since 1904. Mem. 

ences (pres. 1915). Republican. Episcopalian. Bridgeport Bar Assn., Bridgeport Bd. of Trade. 

Clubs: Wlnthrpp (Taunton), Harvard (Boston), Episcopalian. Mem. Royal Arcanum. Independent 

Cosmos (Washington). Deeply Interested in study Order of Foresters, N.E.O.P. Home: 148 Popltr 

"^ .^^T^f .^",i ^^ 1" course »f preparation a work gt. Office: Conn. Nat. Bank Bldg., Bridgeport. Conn, 

entitled "Life Histories of North American Birds," ■B-BWFr.trr omarrm tnvumm- h WnHckuhire. 

which is to be pub. by Smithsonian Instn. Ad- B-itTo^^^lA. 1! '?srT^J^^>,5" .^h lS„£?,w 

HrsA«- Tmintfin VTnao England, Sept. 14, 1869 s. John and Caroline 

dre ss. T aunton. Mass. (Pegg) Bentley; came to America, 1881; m. Emma 

BBVT, Charles X«sU«, chair mfr.; b. Gardner, J. Myers, of N.Y. City, Aug. 29, 1889; 4 children, 

Mass., Oct 23, 1860; s. Samuel and Mary Louise E. Caroline, Grace Elizabeth, George William, Jr., 

(Emery) Bent; ed. pub. scbs.: m. Emma Fisk Ruth. Began with Mark A. Torrey Co., mfrs'. agta. 

Eaton, of Gardner, Jan. 6, 1888; 3 children, S. and commn. mchts., Boston. 188J; Arm Incorpo- 

Harold, Marion, Roderlc L. Pres. S. Bent & Bros., rated, 1892, as Torrey & Bentley Co.; title changed. 

Inc. (established, 1867); v.-p. 1st Nat. Bank; dir. igge, to George W. Bentley Co., of which is pres. 

Gardner Theatre Co.; trustee Gardner Savings and treas. Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce. 

Bank. Mason. Club: Gardner Boat Address: Mem. British Naval and Mil. Assn. of Mass., Royal 

Gardner, Mass. Scots Reserve, Montreal, Can. Ex-pres. British 

BBKT. CharlM MoXlTaIn*, banker: b. New Bed- H^'*2,"« „S.°°-„^°«ApMni?v''rnlJ,'l?S^^ 

ford. Males., Oct 6, 1836; s. Nathaniel Tucker and USSion CluhV Bo^to?rYtv BelmS?^untr^^ 

Catherine Ellia Donaldson (Metcalf) Bent; de- ?o°?'°"- cinadi^ Recreations™ SutdM?Jiorta 

scendant of John Bent who settled in that part *°^j»": j^^Adams qt sSmervlllI" Mm OtRc^iai 

of Sudbury, Mass., now a portion of Wayland, ?,°'Jlf at 4„SJ^S «„«? * omce. 1»2 

16S8; ed. pub. schs.. Worcester. Mass.; m. Helen '''"'^ St, Boston, Mass. 

Maria Kennedy, of Milton, Mass., Oct 10, 1867; 1 BBITTliBY, »uliui 01»P«io«, educator: asso. prof, 

daughter, Catherine Metcalf. Began active career education, Stanford U., Cal., since 1910. (See voL 

in Worcester (state) Bank, June, 1860, continuing 1909.) 

In various capacities for 14 yrs.; Nov., 1864, be- BBITT&BT, WUson Alwyn, meteorologist; b. 

came treas. People's Savings Bank, continuing Jericho, Vt, Feb. 9, 1865; s. Thomas fMwin and 

over 48 yrs. In one position, and since 1912 has Fanny Eliza (Colton) Bentley; ed. pub. sch. Jerl- 

been pres. Pres. Worcester Dispensary, Worces- cho; unmarried. Taught music, 1886-6; since 1882 

ter Homoe. Hosp. Assn. for several yrs. Repub- a student of snow crystals and other meteorol. 

lican. Episcopalian; warden, vestryman, precen- studies; has made 2.000 photomicrographs of snow 

tor, elk. and treas. All Saints Parish for periods, crystals, 400 of frost crystals, 200 of Ice and ice 

20 to 46 yrs.: del. to several Diocesan convs.; freas. crystals, hall, etc., and many hundreds of dew, 

and del. Conv. of Diocese of Western Mass. since clouds, raindrops, etc. Mem. Nat Geog. Soa. A.A. 

Us incorporation. Was pres. Worcester Choral A.S. Has written various monographs relating to 

Union 6 yrs; pres. and mgr. Worcester County these studies, published by U.S. Weather Bur.. 

Musical Assn. for 7 yrs. (this orgn. Is of nat rep- 1902, 1904, 1905, 1908, and articles "Snow" and 

utation and has maintained an annual festival for "Frost" in Encyclopedia Americana, contbns. to 

66 yrs. at which many of the most famous artists mags, and lectures on similar themes. Progressive, 

of the day have appeared). Recreations: music. Home' Jericho Vt* 

church work. Home: 36 Fruit St Office: 460 Main nm^nw n^wn'.m i<...»m iT,.„n>^«„. t, ti»i 

Qf wnmaator ufaan BBW%fM, ujianss EVM^tt, insurancc; b. Bel- 

01., Yvorcesier, mass. mont Mass.. May 7, 1887; s. Everett Chamberlln 

BBVT, OliaxlMl Omt, chair mfr.; b. FItzwilllum. and Wlllena Blanche (Rogers) Benton: descendant 

N.H., June 4, 1835; s. Hyman and Levlna (Allen) of Andrew Benton, who settled In Conn. River 

Bent; ed. common schs.; m. Sept 16, 1864, Eme- Valley, about 1640; prep. edn. Hopklnson and Stone 

line, d. John Barnhlll, of Nova Scotia (now de- schools, Boston; Dartmouth, 1907-9; course at 

ceased); 2d, Apr. 28, 1895, Angellne Barney, widow Eastman Business College. Poughkeepsle, N.T. : 

of George Wetherbee, of Nantucket, Mass. Lived unmarried. Began active career In employ of Mass. 

in Cal., 1868-68; returned to Gardner, 1868, and Fire & Marine Ins. Co. of Boston, 1910-12; mem. 

organized the mfg. Arm of S. Bent & Bros., con- firm of John C. Paige & Co. since Jan. 1, 1912; 

tinulng until 1910 (retired); dlr. Westminster Nat treas. The Belmont Courier. Republican. Untver- 

Bank, Gardner Electric Co., Old People's Home, sallst Mem. Delta Kappa EpsUon. (Mason (32°). 

Mem. Water Bd.; sewer commr.; served as chief Clubs: Boston City, Boston Athletic Assn., Dart- 

engr. of Fire Dept Mason; mem. A.O.U.W. Ad- mouth, Oakley Country, Belmont Springs Country, 

dress: Gardner, Mass. Eastern Dog. Boston Yacht Recreations: golf. 

BBHT, OMnr* W.. mfr; b. Nova Scotia. Sept JSg^i!"?; ^R'P^'JJ S^'^^Z ^^- S«''"°"'> «"»• 

10, 1845: s. Louis and Sara (Coffins) Bent; ed. 0"'<=e,-.,.»S KIlby St. Boston. 

Eub. high and private schools of Marblehead and BBWTOJT, Erentt Cbunbatlln, Are insurance; b. 
lynn, Mass.; served In Co. I. 8th Mass. Vols.. Guildhall, Vt. Sept 25, 1862; s. Charles Emerson 
1862-4; married twice (first wife deceased); 4 and Adda (Chamberlln) Benton; descendant of An- 
chlldren. Served apprenticeship at the upholster- drew Benton, who settled In Connecticut River 
ing trade: established G. W. Bent & Co., mfrs. of Valley, about 1640; ed. high school, Lancaster, 
beds and bedding, 1882; now pres. G. W. Bent Co., N.H.; m. Willena Blanche Rogers, of Cambridge, 
Standard Wire Mattress Co.. Mattress Tufting Ma- Mass , Jan. 26, 1886; children. Jay R., Charles E.. 
chine Co., International Mfg. Co. (Phillips, Me.), Blanche A., Dorothy D., Hannah S., Joslah H. En- 
Morse Furniture Co. (Boston); dlr. Liberty Trust tire business career has been spent with John C. 
Co., W. P. B. Brooks Co. Mem. Boston Chamber of Paige & Co.: began 1882 and has been member of 
Commerce. Club: Home Market Recreations: firm since 1899; pres. Mass. Fire & Marine Ins. Co. 
country life. Summer Home: Mountain View, N.H. Mem. Executive Council of Gov. Wolcott of Mass.: 
Home: Cambridge, Mass. Main office and factory: mem. Met. Park Commn. Mem. Boston Chamber of 
93 Causeway St. Boston; factories at Lexington, Commerce, Mass. Real Estate Exchange (v.-p ). 
Me.. Moultonville. N.H.. and Everett Mass. Republican. Unlversallst. Scottish and York Rite 

uiqiLizeu uv "^.^j v^ \_.'' ■■-: 11 %- 
J J ^ 


MaaOD. Clubs: Boston Yacht, AlKonquin, Oakley 1911. Home: 266 Newbury St. Office: Ames Bldg., 

Country, Belmont Spring Country. Author: Mis- Boston.* 

**^? <'L°""''?!f^k"^V' "i2- Recreations: motoHng. BBBDAV, John MUton, college prof.; b. Toledo, 

f?^.,?*"2^ ^J Oakley Rd., Belmont. Mass. Office: o.. July 9, 1878; s. Peter liVederlck and Mary EUi- 

6S Kllby St., Boston. abeth (Ketcham) Berdan; prep. edn. St. Paul's 

oa^rOV. Ony VottMT, educator: b. Kenton, O., Sch., Concord, N.H.; B.A., Yale. 1896, Ph.D., 1899; 

May S6, 1866; s. Daniel Webster and Harriet studied Sorbonne, Paris, 1899-1900; m. Antia May 

(Wharton) Benton; A.B., Baker U.; AM., Ohio Wes- Rodgers, of Toledo, O., June 26, 1902; 2 children, 

leyan; also studied U. of Wooster, and in Berlin; Mary Anna, Pamela Rodgers. Began as instr., 

(D.D.. Baker. 1900, Ohio Wesleyan U., 1906; LL.D.. Tale. 1908; asst. prof, rhetoric, 1907-11; asst. prof. 

Upper Iowa U.. 1906; U. of Vermont, 1911; Middle- English. Yale, since 1911. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi 

bury tVt.] College, 1912); m. DoUa Konantz, of Ar- (Yale Chapter). Clubs: Graduates' (New Haven), 

cadia. Kan., Sept. 4, 1889. Superintendent schools, Players (New York). Editor: Poems of John 

Ft. Scott, Kan,, 1890-6; assistant state supt public Cleveland. 1903: (with Schulz and Joyce) Modern 

Instm.. Kan., 1896-6; prof, history and sociology, Essays, 1916. Wrote a series of monographs on 

Baker U., 1896-9; pres. Upper Iowa U., 1899-02; the Tudor literature. Recreations: travel, art. Ad- 

Mlami U., 1902-11; pres., U. of Vermont since July dress: 71 EdgehiU Rd., New Haven, Conn. 

i;i*lli- **;?•„?'*?? *''"*i'' lecturer; mem. Kan. State BBBO, IrrUur Knatsd, clergyman; b. Rocky Hill, 

?**• *'<*Pi'-l***- %?■ ?,°"y'e?»,t,e''il ^^^- Teachers' n.J.. Mar. 8, 1878; s. Herman C. (D.D.) and Bstelle 

^?- U!t5'/**^ °'''9x£°"^ 9,°"; ^®*"?«^1'' ^Z^^^' (Campbell) Berg; descendant of Col. Henry Antes, 

dents. 1908-6; pres Ohio Coll. Assn., 1904; chmn. of Pa.; g.s. Rev. Prof. J. F. Berg, D.D.; ed. Flush- 

JS."?- 'rSS? 9**'° '^°"i.:^*,*"o °" ■*? JS"*"!- ^f^'X ^°/ '"K (N.Y.) Inst., 1889-91; Erasmus Hall Acad.. 
S?"!?' .42°*;Vx/'r®^- ^^"Uv^,'"=V>''',"^*"f'S"?,"i^°"r Flatbush, N.Y.. 1892-3; Rutgers Coll. Prep. Sch.. 
M.E Ch.. 1904-6; pres. Ohio Conf. of Coll. Presl- 1894-6; BllenvlUe (N.Y.) High Sch., 1896-f; A.B. 
dents and Deans 1906; pres Ohio Young Men's Lafayette Coll., Easton. Pa., 1901; B.D., Hartford 
Christian Associations, 1909-10: sec. Nat Assn. of Theol. Sem., 1904; m. Bessie Humphrey Arthur, of 
Stote Unlvs., 1910--. Elector of the Hall of Fame. Brooklyn. N.Y., 6ct 26, 1904; 2 children. Arthur 
*""~;L™1!1*- 'J^l- ^"'®i;"^™'*''"l'oy,.^??'' 1?11-16: Campbell, Frederick Vanderveer. Ordained pastor 
SK^V^.^ ^t*f'^V '^'?U"","i',P,^^""' "u"*- P',*,?- Reformed Ch., 1904; pastor North ReformeaCh.. 
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity^ IS"-!*: v-chmn. Vt. Watervllet, N.Y.. 1904-6, 1st Ch., Catskill, N.Y.I 
State Bd. Edn.. 1918-16. Mem Phi Beta Kappa. 1906-12. South Congl. Ch., Hartford, Conn., since 
Tau Kapna Alpha, Phi Delta Theta. Author: The Apr. 1, 1912. Trustee Hartford Sch. of Relig Peda- 
Real College, 1909. Address: 28 University PI., gogy, 1912-13. Mem. Conn. Valley TheoT. Club, 
Burlington. Vt.* Drama League. Chi Phi, K.R.T. Independent Dem- 
BXVTOV, Jay SCayard), newspaperman; b. ocrat. Clubs: University, Hartford Golf. Get To- 
Guildhall, Vt. Apr. 10. 1870; s. Charles Emerson Kether, Congregational. Recreations: tennis, golf, 
and Adda (Chamberlin) Benton; grad. St. Johns- """'"""Ing. Wrote chapter on "The Reformed 
bury (Vt) Acad., 1885; AB.. Dartmouth. 1890, Church," in "Recent Christian Progress." 1909. 
AM., 1893. Librarian Young Mens Inst, N.Y. City, Address: 86 Washington St, Hartford, Conn. 
1885-6; upon leaving college began newspaper BBBOBV, raany Dlokenon, author; b. Mans- 
work as reporter. Boston Transcript, and became field, O., Feb. 4, 1846; d. Thomas and Rachel E 
asst city editor; asst mng. editor Boston Journal, Dickerson; grad. Antioch Coll., 1876; m. Joseph 
1894-8; since city editor, Boston Transcript; Bos- Young Bergen, Juno 28, 1876. Dramatized Long- 
ton corr. New York Dramatic Mirror, 1891-12; fellow's Miles Standish. (See Who's Who in Amer- 
press representative Hollls St. Colonial, Tremont lea for list of books and writings.) Home; North 
and Park theatres. Republican. Mem. Dartmouth Cambridge, Mass.* 

^2?Sk^^"or^n^d"e'r^ l^-^^jJ^^tlc^'lhrrnlfrVe^n^: Me"?^"fi 'lVff\''!^?i^^f''^^h ^Ma^rf L^l^?' 
gSrv"i?-Tty^'S?;'s'i,aSJ^%aV^^'"p'rt^- sSr^/ P- ?B:.^fn/i%c%e!l?5;^."^a'nS'y''Kc^er?S;;: 
Wto^hSter (?ount?? D^rtmouth^Club BecamI In- "'S"®, ^*' i"f- °" O'''" "^^^ survey; teacher of 
terSJt^ in amateS^' ballTOnine and wai sld^ man Physics, Boston Latin Sch.. 1887; Jr. master and 
in^mfri^ to riceive Ucensf M InTwnat aTr^ S',^«';«^V?J'«'°" English High Sch.. 1889-01. (See 
iikuuT pUM; 'wo'n'rev^raV'iTzls.'lncrudlnl'BosTo'^ ^^° « ^ho In Amerlc^ for list of book, and writ- 
Herald cup and Stevens cup for longest flight on >nKSjMome. North Cambridge, Mass.* 
record In N.E; pres. Aero Club of N.E.. 1912; as- „ ."Sr*?^^" *^!?* „-'"?"*"'• author; b. 
sisted in forming Assn. of Internal. Aeronautic Brookville, Ind.. Dec. 23, 1866; d: John Hansen and 
Pilots (sec. since 1909) ; has delivered various ad- '^f""*' Mary Farquhar; ed. Indianapolis, Boston 
dresses on balloon trips before clubs In Boston ap" Europe; studied for professional musical 
and vicinity. Home: 2 Summit Av., Wlncheator, fL'M?; ^u'ti^ated voice for concert stage; m. Ralph 
Mass. Office: Boston Transcript, 324 Washington Wilhelm Bergengren, Jan. 26, 1900. .Sang In ch. 
St, Boston. and taught singing at the same time. Lost re- 
-MMAw ir/.^.i. -Bm^-m,, io«,.„,». K AAAt.^^ Vt markable voice through overwork. Began to write 
nBMTOJK.Jomah Krary, lawyer; b. Addison. Vt., for Boston Transcript, Detroit Free Press and 
Aug. 4. 1843: s.Joslah Henry and Martha Ellen Sprlngfleld Republican during musical career" 
(I^forth) Benton; ed. New London (N.H.) Lit while In London and Paris wal foreign corr Bos- 
and Sctentlflc Inst; LL.B.. Albany Law Sch.. 1866; ton Transcript: later a.-?st editor National Maga- 
iiS?i A.M., Dartmouth. 1869; LL.p Norwich U.. jjme, until 1902. (See Who's Who In America ?or 

Il*'\=.";.'i2"*-Pi''l? ^- 4',?''*^'^'.J''.Sr'*?/°''?'^^*- list of books.) Home: 98 Chestnut St, Boston- 
May 19. 1866: 2d, Mary Elizabeth Abbott of Con- (summer) Scituate Mass* ouoiuii. 
cori N.H.. Sept 31, 1876. Pvt Co. H. 12th Vt „^1J^1„ Jr^t „,^ , 
Vols.. Aug. 16. 1862-July, 1863. Admitted to bar, ??**'?^?"""^V ■"JP*' WUbslm, special corr.. 
1866; practiced at Lancaster, N.H., 1867-73; nsst *",*V?J-„b- Gloucester, Mass.. Mar. 2, 1871; s. Fred- 
clerk and clerk N.H. Ho. of Rep., 1868-9, 1870-2; erick William Alexis and Caroline Frances (Boyn- 
SracUced law. Boston, since 1873. Dlr. Northern i°"> ?®'"**?*f''e'l'„ AS" ii'"^*'"^'. ^'^'' •"• •*""* 
LR.. since 1879. Lecturer on corpns. and rail- F*"""!"*'"' Jan- 26, 1900. Cartoonist Boston Sun- 
roads, Boston U. Law Sch., 1894-08. Trustee Bos- ^ay Globe, 1897-9; dramatic critic, 1S99-1900. edl- 
ton Pub. Library, since 1894 (now pres. bd.); trus- '^Vlal ^rlter since 1900. Boston Budget; asst 
tee Mass. State Library (pres. bd.), and Boston U. editor Publicity Bureau. 1902-6; art critic Boston 
Republican. Mem. N.E. HIst-Geneal. .Soc . Bosto- Advertiser, 1904-7. Author: In Case of Nepd, 1900. 
nian Soc., Vt Hist. Soc. Vt. Assn.. Kinsley Post ^op^Sr- '25***^"^?"^ newspapers. Home : 98 Chest- 
G.AR.. Authors Club. London, Algonquin Club. "HL^«£'"£.e= fierce Bldg., Boston.* 
Author of monographs, addresses, etc., on legal. ,„S?r''^of Sf % ''*''?*t'„A'"'''','*ect:^Dec. 20. 
economic and legislative subjects; also Samuel 1856-Jan 28, 1913 (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who 
Slade Benton. His Ancestors and Descendants, '" America, 1912-13.) 

1901: A Notable Libel Suit 1904: Early Cenaim BEBOUT, atsphsa AllMTt, M.Di: b. Milford 

Making in Massachusetts, 1906; The Story of the Mass., July 30, 1873; s. Michael and Mary Hannah 

Old Boston Town House, 1908; The Book of Com- (Meade) Bprgin; ed. pub. schs.. Hopklnton and 

mon Prayer, 1910; Warning Out in New England, Waltham. Mass.; St. Joseph's parochial sch., Waj- 


tham; A.B., Boston Coll., 1896; AI.D., Harvard Med. Mason (K.T., Shrlner). Recreations: shooting. 

8ch., 1900; m. Bllen Teresa Flnnegan, of Waltham, flshlnK. Home and office: E41 Commonwealth A v.. 

Sept 22, 1904; 6 children, Stephen A., Paul F., Boston. 

Charles M., Frances, Qeorse, Joseph. House officer, XEBBT. BlnMr. coUeKe orof • b Lincoln. Neb 

H«^°'^wSi?£«™"*'i%n9®"nL.f 'if.r^JJ, £?• v^^U^?^ Borry; B.S., U. of Neb., 1901; Internal T.M.C.A. 

SSSK"* wSin«2{2; \*«ni ??*„w«rfi^?=.,^Ly,'i'°??i'(? CoU., 1902. M.P.E., 19O8; spi. student. Harvard 

5«f?-' wSI^SSfSJ' oll^^V»?''°„'?'^StSS;»^?®' lit™- Med. Soh., summers, 1907, 1908; U. of Berlin. 

¥m^* m«? m»^ s^ H^r«o?rM.H'- ai™^ 1912-lS: m. PrlBCllla MelicH; of Lincoln, Neb.. Aug^ 

A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soo., Harvard Med. Alumni in 1904 Prof anatomv nhvsloloev E-vmnnatlMi 

Assn Mem. Knights of Columbus, Ancient Order e?i., iSternat Y MC T'feo^l'^ltaM ikfT^fr ^^^ 


^^{"d'^aX Sri%^'^e,t'^'^vS:%^Sl ^m^pFoiTAv^^fel'^ISIief^lSSi^s^- """"^^ '' ^""- 

ter; was capt of varsity baseball team, Boston __i_^ L V lifV;^ "^ „!?■ ^ „ .. ^ ^ 

Coll., 1896. Democrat. Club: Harvard (Worces- , BB»»Y, John OnttUw. M.D.; b. Sagadahoc Co.. 

ter). Recreations: outdoor sports. Address: 33 Me., Jan. 16, 1847; s. Stephen Decatur B.; prep. edn. 

Portland St., Worcester, Mass. Monmouth (Me.) Acad.; student, Med. Sch. of Me. 

Bamnr.w amti^tr^ r>.-rt*n„ m r> ■ k Mnt.... (Bowdoin), U.S. Marine Hosp., Portland; M.D., 

Vf i^w T?^«7S^^'*Tj?^!:?^ t??.-Pi„5' i5i*it."Jl,' Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1871; post-grad, study, 

7o'boniein Berkel^v- «ad Ond^ird 5«m 1 «M^ S*'' ^""^ 1«". Vienna, 1894; m. Marie EllzabetH 

it,,rtV^t Mill. ^VLIifi^W^a^iT SSii^Sf,! El?;: <,zSi Qove. of Bath, Me., Apr. 10, 1872; 3 children, 

York ism"^^ Mn JJ n«»t uof vt^'i^ir^ Cathirlne Flske, Gordon V-D.. Helen Cary (Mrs. 

h«n»i if™«nn M»^,, iSitiJ^l? U,!iVv n«rfi»l?«i^ Horace F. Holton. of SL Louis, Mo.). Apptd. med. 

vl ?« mS • m ^In^SS *f!St T?fik"»f"?yS?*Tii* missionary by A.B.C.F.M., 1871; served (Vi Japan. 

A Vrni«? i^omA^sS^AnS^^^vV"^""* "' ""'" ^^ 1872-93; introduced many improvements in tr^t- 

A. Miner, uome. bt. Albans, Vt. ,„gm oj diseases and In prison management. 

BEBXiE, Adolf Aaffnataa, clergyman: b St. established hosps. and training sch. for nurses, 

L«uls, j£in. 24, 1S66; h. Frotas and Elizabeth <Cor- and was intimately identified with med., religious. 

nelius) Herle; Oberlin Coll. Thool. Sera., 1884-7, humanitarian and ednl. movementB of Japan for 

-ST.B., 1S87; Hariord, 1889-91. A,B. and A.M„ 21 yrs. Decorated by Emperor of Japan with 

1891; Btudlpr! in Berlin, parts and London; (D.I)., Order of the Sacred Treasure. Resident of Worces- 

Yankton, ISBI. Prury. 1903); ni. Mary Augusta ter, Mass., since 1896; ophthalmic and aural sur- 

(Oberl)n. 1S89), d. Prof, O. Frederick Wrieht. of geon, Worcester City Hosp.; visiting ophthalmol- 

Oberlin, Dee. 24, 1S91. Ordained Congl. ministry, oglst, Baldwlnsville Hosp. Cottages. Mem. and 

1887; iiastor Brighton Ch., Boston, 1891-02, Union med. advisor, Prudential Com. A.B.C.F.M.; pres. 

Park Ch., Chicago, 1902-4, Cronible St, Ch., Salem, Memorial Home for Blind; mem. N.E. Ophthal. 

Mass.. 1304-8, Shawftiut Ch., Boston. 1908-11; prof. Soc, A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, Mass. Soc. S.A.R. 

applied ChHstlanity, Tufts Coll., 1911 — . Head of (ores., Worcester Chapter), Y.M.C.A. Clubs: 

moral nnd Social Welfare Commn, of Muss, St;ite Worcester Economic (ex-pres.). Congregational 

Conf. CotiRl. Cli!i.; active In iiromotion of sociol. (ex-pres.), Worcester County. Home: 28 Trow- 

Ic^islation in M.'iss. Republican. Mai'on. Club; bridge Rd. Address: 19 Elm St, Worcester, Mass. 

fi?bSJke writlnSi' etc*^) ^ Home ^CambrldVMlsa * BBBBY, John Jam«., M.D. ; b. Litchfield, Conn., 

____:_ _;'-U1J.I^L^; . Aug. 3, 18fc8; s. Rev. Joshua D. and Jane (feelden) 

"*9i!**"> .^•'**5* '•• *••?••?: Russia. May Berry; student Phillips Exeter Acad, and Dart- 

15. 1860; s. Alexander and Sophia (Sominskl) mouth; M.D.. Univ. Med. Coll. (New York U.). 

Bernard; ed. grammar and high schs. (gymnasium) iglS; studied In England and Germany; m. Fannie 

and med. coll., Russia, degree of physician and b. Crans, of N.Y City, Oct 26, 1881; 2 daughters, 

surgeon, 1883; post-grad, course, Harvard Med. Marguerite (wife of (japt W. H. Parker, U.S.M.C.), 

Sch., 1892; m. Jan. 12, 1886, Annie Segall, of Helen (wife of Lt R. A. Theobald, U.S.N. ). Served 

Vllna, Russia. Began practice in Russia. 1883; as interne in Hosp. for Ruptured and Crippled: 

came to America, 1888; tnstr., Boston ColL of asst. phys. Chambers St. Hosp.; house surgeon, 

Phys. and Surg., 1903-12: visiting phys. to Home st Francis (German) Hosp., all of N.Y. City: 

for Destitute Jewish Children, Boston, for 14 yrs. practiced in Portsmouth, N.H., since 1884; asst. 

Mem. Bd. Examiners Boston Pub. Libraries until editor N.E. Med. Monthly since 1885; visiting 

1912. Hebrew. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc. Boston Med. surgeon. Portsmouth Hosp. since 1886; visiting 

Soc, Gyencol. Soc. Mem. Royal Arcanum, Order phys., Wentworth Home for Chronic Invalids since 

B'rlth Abraham and Independent Order B'rith 1913, Mem. A.M.A., N.H. Med. Soc. Rockingham 

Abraham. Home: 440 Warren St.. Roxbury. Mass. Co. Med. Soc. Portsmouth Med. Assn., New York 

Office: 195 Dorchester St., South Boston, Mass. Path. Soc, Intemat Med. Congress (sec. sect on 

BSBVABDT, Amy AUsmsnO, author. (See vol. anatomy, 1887), Fairfield Co. (Conn.) Med. Soc. 

1909, also Who's Who In America, 1910-11.) (hon.). Author: A Life of David Belden, 1881; 

BBBirZBB, Joaeph EaonaiO. editor and pub.; E?"*'''- to various med. Jours. Address: Ports- 

b. P.Q.. Can., May 24, 1866; s. Evremond and ■"<'""'■ "•"• 

Darie (Pelletier) Bernler: A.B., Ste. Anne de la BEBBT, Konla Platohar, clergyman; b. Tltus- 

Pocatlere Coll.. 1886: LL.B.. Laval U., Ouebec, vllle. Pa., Nov. 24, 1868; s. Gurdon Sill and Eliza- 

1889; m. Carmfiline COt«, of Manchester, N.H., July beth S. (Chase) Berry; grad. Titusville High Sch., 

17, 1902. Learned newspaper business In Man- 1886; grad. Cambridge (Mass.) Latin Sch., 1888; 

Chester, N. H., and in 1895 became propr. L-Avenlr A.B., Harvard, 1892; B.D., Andover Theol. Sem., 

National, a daily French newspaper, Manchester, 1894; m. Marlon, d. Dr. J. J. H. Love, of Monlclalr, 

and so continues. Dlr. Canado Am. Assn. Roman N.J., Oct 10, 1899; 1 son, Sidney Love, b. Dec. 13. 

Catholic. Maccabees. F.F.A. Clubs: Joliet. Cercle 1902. Ordained ministry Congl. Ch., 1894; pastor. 

National. Recreations: motoring. Home: 257 Mer- Groveland, Mass., 1894-7; asst. pastor, 1st Ch., 

rlmack St Office: 70 Merrimack St, Manchester, Jlontclair, N.J., 1897-03; pastor, 1st Ch., Stamford, 

N.H. Conn., since Dec, 1903. Mem. Fairfield Assn. 

Bimm-r Ghu-iaa rr».ruA» iiirEenn- h NewtnTi f^onsl. Ministers. Clubs: Harvard (New York). 

Mfsi"MAv*''^''l87'l^'f 'Char?es''"wnil?m''in"d f '^d' Conn^"'"- """"""^^ " ^'""'^' ^'- ^'"•"- 

Frances (Peers) Berry; descendant of Admiral " ' *-"""• 

Berry, of the English Navy, and g.s. of Capt. BEBBT, WUbnr Flak, clergyman; b. Camden, 

Nicholas Berry, who came to America, 1832; M.D., Me., Nov. 24, 1861; s. Nicholas and Hope Strong 

Coll. Phys. and Surg., Baltimore, 1910; m. Lorette (Clark) Berry; ed. Me. Wesleyan Sem., and Wes- 

C. Hawkins, of Mllford, N.H., July 28, 1897; 2 leyan U., 3 yrs.; (D.D., Grant U.. 1906. Wesleyan 

children, Charles Floyd, Lorette May. Practiced In U., 1907); m. Livonia S. French, of Solon, Me., 

Boston since 1899; prof, medicine. Coll. Phys. and July 16. 1878. Ordained M.E. ministry, 1884; 

Surg., Boston, since 1906; dlr. Brighton Co-opera- pastor, Saco, Me., 1881-3, Woodfords, 1884-6, Lew- 

tlve Bank. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Med. Headquar- iston, 1886-8, Farmington, 1888-91, Waterville, 

ters 1st Squadron of Cav., Nat. Lancers (Boston). 1892-6; Portland, 1897-9: sec. Christian Civic 



L«asD«, 1899-02; ores. Me. Wesleyan Sem. and 
Woman's Coll., 1902-9; again sec. Christian Civic 
Leasrue, 1909-10, supt same, 1910 — v Mem. Qen. 
Con?. M.B. Ch., 1892, 1896, 1904; mem. Me. SUM 
Teachers' Assn. Republican. Home: R.F.D. 39, 
Watervllle. Me.' 

BJEBST, Wimam A^ trustee; b. Bristol, N.H., 
Oct. 23, 1S24; s. Nathaniel S. and Ruth (Smith) 
Berry; father was war governor of New Hamp- 
shire. 2 terms. 1861-3; ed. Hebron Acad., one term; 
m. Laura A. Pratt, of Hebron, N.H., Oct 7, 1861 
(died Apr. 12, 1914); 1 daughter, Mrs. Emma B. 
Phipps. In business with father as N. S. Benr A 
Son. tanners, 1844-67 (burned out 1846 and 1867); 
partner Draper ft Berry, glove mfrs., 1868-64, 
Kent ft Berry, 1866-77, Mason & Berry, wood pulp 
mfrs., 1881-92; trustee Bristol Savings Banic since 
1862 (only charter mem. now living); as executor, 
administrator or agt. has settled over 100 estates 
in probate cts. of N.H.; Justice of the peace since 
1846. notary public since 1871; mem. N.H. Ho. of 
Rep.. 1865, 7, 8; asst U.S. revenue assessor, 1861-8; 
mem. Bd. of Selectmen, Bristol, 7 yrs.; moderator 
town meetings, 7 yrs. Republican. Methodist. Odd 
Fellow since 1861, Mason since 1861. Address: 
Bristol. N.H. 

BBBWr, WUUaaa naaUia, railway official ; Feb. 
2, 1844-Jan. 8. 1914. (See voL 1909, also Who's 
Who In America. 1912-18.) 

BBSSE, Xrvln. mfr.; July 17, 186S-Mar. 10, 1916. 
(See voL 1909.) 

T, WfUlam m^ cigar mfr. (See vol. 1909.) 
Vxadezle A.; moved to New York. (See 
also Who's Who in America, 1906-7.) 
, Yobs Malaon, educator. (See vol. 1909.) 

William Oamas, educator; b. Stamford, 

Conn., May 19, 1847; s. James and Amelia d'Autre- 
mont (Liockwood) Betts; prep. edn. Betts Acad., 
Stamford: A.B., Yale, 1870, A.M., 1873; m. New 
Haven, Conn., 1876, Anna Woods Parish. Prin. 
Betts Acad., 1870-08. Republican. CongUst Clubs: 
Tale, Alpha Delta Phi (New York), Stamford 
Yacht. Suburban. Address: Stamford, Conn. 


BJBimt, Henry Onatay, med. insp. U.S.N.: now 
at W^ashlngton, D.C. (See vol. 1909, also Who's 
Who in America, 1914-lB.) 

, Banflall Doyle, M.D.; Sept 1, 184e-June 
9, 1910. (See vol. 1909.) 

BXCncrOHD, Charles awaiii merchant; b. Belfast. 
Me.. July 17, 1860; s. Ezra and Lydla Tyler (Swan) 
Bickford; ed. pub. and high schs. of Belfast until 
1876- B.S.. TJ. of Me., 1882; va. Belfast, Nov. 19. 
1907, Hattle A. Clark. Taught school to pay way 
through college; entered employ of The Swan & 
Sibley Co., wholesale grain, flour and provisions, 
1882: engaged In newspaper work for self, 1889-93; 
reentered employ of The Swan & Sibley Co., 1893, 
of which was sec. until 1911; since sec. and dlr. 
Swan, Whitten, Bickford Co. Has held various 
olBces In city govt.; chmn. trustees Belfast Free 
Library; chmn. Sch. Bd. since 1900. Republican. 
TTnlversallst Mem. U. of Me. Alumni Assn. (corr. 
sec. 1888-91, pres., 189B), Beto Theta Pi, etc. 
Home: SO Cedar St Office: 33-37 Water St. Bel- 
fast. Me. 

tUVMJPO MD, OUurence Angnstns, editorial writer; 
b Saco, Me., July 16. 1849; s. James and Sophronla 
H (Davis) Bickford: A.B., Bates Coll., Lewlston, 
Me.. 1872. A.M., 1875 (D.D., 1889); grad. Cobb 
Divinity Sch., Lewlston, Me., 1875: m. Portland, 
Dec 30. 1875, Kate W. Nevans; 2 children, Georgia 
Mae, Frita Clarence. Ordained to ministry Baptist 
(Hi. 1876; pastor. Providence, R.I., and Lawrence, 
Mass.. until 1881; editor The Morning Star, a Bapt 
relieious weekly. Boston, 1881-01; editor Current 
History. 1901-3; editorial writer and contbr. to 
various pubs, since 1903. Address: 104 Hutchlngs 
St.. Boston. 

BICXrOBS. BzaUne T., retired mfr.; b. Wood- 
stock, Conn.. June 4, 1840; % Joseph and Phebe C. 
(Hibbard) Bickford; ed. country schs.; m. Julia L. 
Putnam, of Maiden, Mass., 1868. Pvt in Civil War, 
18th Conn. Regt., 33 raos., 1862-5; in office service 
5 yrs., supt 33 yrs., mfg. agt. 5 yrs., Boston Rub- 

ber Shoe Co., 1866-07, now dlr. same co. Pres. 
Maiden Savings Bank. Pres. Maiden Industrial 
Aid Soc; pres. Associated Charities, Maiden; chmn. 
exec, com.. Maiden Hosp. Republican. Baptist 
Address: 38 Main St, Maiden, Mass. 

BZOETOXD, Talth. school prin.; b. Cambridge, 
Mass., July 15. 1882; d. Rev. Thomas and Anna 
Maria (Searl) Bickford; unmarried. Prin. Sea 
Pines Sch. for Oirls. Author: Daddy Joe's Fiddle. 
1903; aioria, 1904. Home: Brewster, Mass.* 

,BIOKrOBD, rraak AasBStaB, M.D.; b. Brooks- 
vlUe, MS;, Apr. 14, 1863; s. Rufus B. and Nancy 
Foster (Ctett) Bickford; prep. edn. East Me. Conf. 
Sem.; M.D., Med. Sch. of Me. (Bowdoln), 1874; m. 
Cora B. Coy, of Bradford, Me. Engaged In prac- 
tice at Bradford, Me., 1874-9; surgeon U.S. Dept 
of Interior, Okla., 1879-81. Ariz., 1881-3, Mont, 
1883-8, practiced Old Town, Me., 1893-6, Bangor, 
1896-01, Bradford, since 1901. Progressive. Unl- 
versalist Address: Bradford, Me. 

BICEFOBD, Ctaorvs Kamlltoa, granite mfr.; Oct 
10, 1868-June 9, 1914. (See vol. 1909.) 

BIOZrOBD, Xorace Kann, lumber merchant; 
b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 6, 1859; a. Daniel and Julia 
(Roberts) Bickford; ed. pub. schs. of Boston; 
m. Elizabeth Smallwood, of Newton, Mass., Jan. 16, 
1884; 2 children, Russell, Horace Mann, Jr. In 
lumber business In boston since July 1, 1876; firm 
Incorporated, 1898, as The H. M. Bickford Co., of 
which is pres.; pres. Dorchester Land & Timber 
Co., Onslow Land & Timber Co., Allison Corpora- 
tion; dlr. North State Lumber Co.; mem. corpn. 
Weymouth Savings Bank. Mem. Nat Hardwood 
Lumber Assn., Mass. Lumber Dealers' Assn., Bos- 
ton Chamber of Commerce. Mason. (K.T.). Clubs: 
Boston City,Wollaston Golf, Commercial (Charles- 
ton, S.C.). Recreations: motoring. Home: Brain- 
tree, Mass. Address: 70 Kilby St, Boston, Mass., 
and 60 Church St, New York. 

BZO^OBD, John Haaaon, civil engineer; b. 
Alton, N.H., May 2, I860; s. Samuel Evans and 
Julia Ann (Mooney) Bickford; descendant of John 
Bickford, who came from England to New Hamp- 
shire, 1870; ed. Salem (Mass.f High Sch. and with 
other engrs. In the Held. m. Isabelle May French, 
of Salem, Mass., Apr. 23. 1886; 2 children. Nana 
French (artist), John H^ Jr. Began as elec. engr. 
with Sprague Electric Ry. & Motor Co., on con- 
struction lines at St Joseph (Mo.), Omaha (Neb.), 
Nashville (Tenn.), Scranton and Reading (Pa.), 
Long Island City and Flushing (N.Y.), Salem, 
Beverly, Danvers (Mass.); resigned and estab- 
lished office In 1891; secured franchise from State 
of Mass., 1913, for the Boston & Eastern Electric 
R.R., of_whlch is v.-p.; v.-p. Boston Interurban 
Realty Trust Republican. Methodist Mason; 
mem. A.O,U.W. Recreations: country life, printing. 
Home: 34 Buftum St. Salem, Mass. Office: 110 
State St. Boston. 

BIOKTOBD, £«wla Pare, clergyman; b. Center 
Harbor, N.H„ Oct 4, 1844; s. Alvah and Nancy 
Batchelder (Cotton) Bickford; ed. pub. schs., Moul- 
tonboro and Meredith to 21; grad. classical course, 
.Vew Hampton Lit and BIbl. Instn., 1869; studied 
In Theol. Sch. 1 yr.; m. June 1, 1871, Emma Grace 
Fox, of New Hampton, N.H. Ordained Bapt. minis- 
try, 1871; pastor Northwood, Free Bapt. Ch., 1870-6, 
North Scituate, R.I., 1876-7, Westford, Conn., 1877- 
81, North Scriba, N.Y., 1881-3, Scotsburg, N.Y., 
1883-6, Wixom, Mich. 1886-91, Davison, Mich., 
1891-3, Hardwiok, Vt., 1 yr.; now librarian Oordon- 
Nash Library. Trustee N.H. Lit Instn., 1872-6, 
and since 1894 (exec, com., 1898-11). Mason; mem. 
Odd Fellows, Grange. Address: New Hampton, N.H. 

BZO^OBD, Bobert noana, broker; b. Danville. 
Ky., June 9, 1862: s. Robert and Lucy J. (Sloane) 
Bickford; grad. high sch., Seneca Falls, N.Y., 1879. 
Boston (Mass.) Latin Sch., 1881; A.B., cum laude. 
Harvard, 1885; student. Harvard Law Sch., 1885-6; 
m. New York, Sept 3, 1894, Ethel Rummell. In 
business, and teaching, Boston, 1886-92; pvt sec. 
to gov. of Mont, 1893-6; stock and bond broker, 
Boston, since Oct., 1896. Mem. Governor's Guards. 
State Militia, Mont, 1893-4. Republican. Congllst 
Mem. Mont Soc. of New York, Soc. of Mayflower 
Descendants of Mass., Soc of War of 1812, Soc. 
uiyiLizeu uy -^^j v^ v^ -x i \^ 


Colonial Governors, Delta Upsilon. Mason (32'*, Translator of 18 vols, of The Jesuit Relations. 

K.T., Shrlner). Office: 89 State St., Boston. 1896-9, and 2 novels of Jokai from Hungarlaii — 

BXCKHEUt AlMoB Kanla artist' b Turner '^^^ Baron's Sons, and Manasseh; contbr. to Dial 

Me.. Mar. 18, 1837; s. Nehemlah BossoA and Louise ?V'™.P.*itL*i1>°n«°«?rhHjrit^*i5»^?.t^^r'il!^';?i fq?? 

(Drew) Biclcnell; pub. scii. ed'n (A.M., Colby Coll., of Dial since 1906 of Christian Register since 1909. 

1884)T i£ SomervlUe, Mass.. July 20 1876. Mar- ?«"J;»y,°"«=,^H^'i''"»v5J*rfl\"f- '=™ ^^"^ ^<^- 

garet Elizabeth Peabody. Began study of art, dress. 624 Highland Av., Maiden, Mass. 
1866, at Lowell Instn., Boston; studied in Paris BXCKtmii^ **IK^ EaiMSon, M.D.; b. North 

under Thomas Conture and in Ecoie des Beaux Weymouth, Mass., Feb. 6, 1878; s. Francis A. and 

Arts, 1860-3. Opened studio in Boston, 1864; Nancy M. (Torrey) Bicknell; ed. pub. and high 

painter of marine scenes, flowers, still life, genre, schs. Weymouth; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1900; 

landscape, cattle, portraits and hist, compositions, m. Blanche B. Pitman, of Swampscott, Mass., Oct. 

Home: 26 Parlcer St., Maiden, Mass. 10, 1906; 2 children, Francis Pitman, Matilda. 

STflnsx^ VTuik iiKrtiii. nuthnr- h 'Melrniu> Mem. out-patient Staff Lynn Hosp.; practiced at 

'I°^^^i\ m'f*8.'"^Sm^ Manfn^'and Lydit Swampscott since 1901; supt hosp of Florence 

Tobey) Bicknell; grad. English High Sch., P'^'"*"i!S ^""f- ^^'"- A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc , 

1872 In buslnesi ofBces, 1872-88; in lit! JiJ^rhl • **5^r„^rH'''r?'J^;, ^ '^°«5o^'- ^^^°\1^^-^: 

nee 1888. (See Who's. Whojn America for ?i"S?.-..?,*S^'^t J„^''"">V»^^«'??='™"- Address: 


Maria (Tobey) 

Boston, 187" 

bo°o'ks,^L"tc5'Ho°W:"'Sarden, Mkyr'"" ""'"'-" '"' 79 BurriU St.. Swampscott, Mass. 

BlODrami, OMrg. Wat«r^ clergyman: b. Tops- . ■|f5*l?„^ ^?""s*^"^'^'^4*?'S'"A-ll^n*^'j.«rt 

ham, Me., Nov. 2, 1837; s. Bela Thaxter and Abigail &„ ,?f"*5fi°"' r&.l;- .?,*?5; n',„iJin'. 1 n;^"!?..^^'* 

Cobb (W'aters) Bicknell; ed. pub. and high scTis., il%r*«*f»5j^'^°'I i?'"5'"'i"^.?'^^^S'.'^A-M., Brown. 

Bath, Me.; Westbrook Sem., Portland; Canton ?,860. Jhon A.M A'nJ'ejs'-. i^^^'hh^- Ii'^'7 

Theol. Sch. Canton, N.Y.; (D.D.. St. Lawrence U.), F°"-s«",^ ?rJS f,V,Vri,5E^ ?i«e\- -^SS^f^P.-w^.?; 

1893; m. Ella Howard, of Westbrook, Oct 3, 18B9 '"f; ^igRn^^t^ilr^ ;?p"Si'„^*?>*}- ^i^i \^l''f%',„^J. 

(died Jan. 12, 1865); one son, George Edward: P^'"-J^^°-V§J^ n t i?7'i Pv^,;;,i^»^ «^iJSr"f.fH 

m. 2d. Emma F. Hathom, of Boston, Jan. 1. 1866 S„hi.^o,^«w fr3=;,H*Vi,^°?i"''®J' 16."^"^ »f'"' 

(died Aug. 28, 1876); m. 3d, Hannah E. tolas- &",V,"^h" ^^JpS"*J^;^J?hI?^^ °/«7^^<."'^*'i°°' 

worthy, of Portland. Me., Nov. 26. 1878; 1 son, S'^^^^^i °"' *?'l.?^'™?jyJ«^i^?'^'„lV^«I- l^^Slt,"^' 

A. Ingham. Ordained Unlversallst ministry, 1867; ?'-^- ^f- °^„^^";v W„l' "?f ?l- «?-^- "?■ °'^ ^'"i 

paste?. South Straftord and West Valley, Vt. Ui\Jit,^\^°- t?' 5^^- l^r?:^%L,''^;I°'"^^^' ,°£ 

1867-8, Skowhegan, Me., 1868. Portsmouth. N.H., *'lL'?^?i„J^|.T^v^'}5Hon4.^-P-= .JS""'^*'^ ™"i.*S' 

1868-70, Portland. Me.. 1870-7, Phlla.. Pa. 1878 S^?f-|;'l^?®r,P'"f S?n™*o ' ""t*'- ^d°'""i7{- ^*''''." 

Lowell. Mass.. 1879-91, Cambridge. Mass., since ?^iLS='^'^S?V°?f.^5^^ i,'2„<^?Y««?f--„5'^SS;-'^/v.«'A''A 

1891. Mem. Sch. Com.. Lowell, 2 yrs., Cambridge, J?at %un-il of Fdn^^n^^^^^^ ^'11?™* 

11 yrs. Served nearly 3 yrs. In Bth Regt. Me. Vols., f^^j .^"Ji"^". is?? Tntlrrfit^Vj A«„ ?«^': 

Army of the Potomac, during Civil War, as pvt., J„,,!,i'r „^;i ;'•„ ^lil. J!!<^ir f , -^"h-i .1884, 

sergt.. It. and adj.; participated in 17 important J?""**** a 4^"''w?5f- ^""•'^"'^'t ^|?.«?*'a^I°^'|*."?f = 

battles, twice wounded. Mem. G.A.R., Loyal S?^,^,,^^!";^? p't..<l'4"AV A;i,.rJJ'/-'„,!2"b f"^'^' 

Leelon. Republican. Ma^on (Boston Commandery, f^^J'^Z A«Z \^nf ?! -^^Jt^tlrS^ 3\^h^ii}: 

KTl- meni lOOF Roval ArrBmim A O TI W ^^ns Hlst. Assn., 1904-14, Barrington Hist Antlq. 

Publ^ec'tS^r, chiefly^n s^fwe1t8*?on™ectdwUh f°c^V?n'X't'^?i„?''„V I^Si ^""h"?."' ""S?!"'™'; "iS" 

the Civil Wir, for 15 yrs. Author: History of ^,f:Si^"L^fiJ° fnL^^^ f^^ ^^^^^^^lL?LBl 

Fifth Regiment Maine Volunteers, 1871. Recrc- S''*'^rt?ri w ' i«H |.r«/™Li„®f*'- /air''wwS 

l?"c^im"a7l!l'lra '"'""'■ "" M-^^ohUB^tts ^°h"o"?^'im^e°r?cai?JU?S°l?r)"'mmiff07^?y"lS 

«C^M.%X Clergyman; b. West Cum- Av.^ Providence. Office: Woolworth Bldg.. New 

mington, Mass., May 26. 1877; s. Luke Emerson bickksz.1. Willlun Vai^vv w>i.m.. „t,.hi„.. k 

and Lucretia T. (Pierce) Bicknell: descendant of bosiST^ms' 1880^ wmf^i^^Sv ,nl i>^ 

Zachary Bicknell, the immigrant Weymouth, becca JanI (klohmondl^ick^n^^^^^^ 

^lll- h'U-- r^\7d''[f^i'- r^-Y^^ofv^^^^h"' ^«MS (^h^fl^^f'yruVe^ ^^^lfo"n'"MufV'ine^5frVs'^ 

ml;- m^Nellle i. Imlth.'of 'wi?sted* ConL^- jSSe ShPeld°'l8°8r4°m "MTrv"c "^R.^!;"n''"^„'f° ^'i^Sl"- 

5, 1902; children, John Walter, B. Jan, 22, 1913. brook Con 1899 M^mTonie^^np' T?o-tP„'*' r^n^ 

Ordained Congl. ministry, 1902; missionary teacher Boston Cpty Hom^WincELaL?Mfl^^. 

In Ceylon, 1902-5; pastor Kennebunkport Me., _Il?L±!i^; "°™^- vvincnester, Mass.* 

1906-10, Mansfield, Mass.. since Oct 1, 1910. Ad- _ ""*WBtt, AadMW 8^ farmer; b. Bloomfield, 

dress: 48 S. Main St, Mansfield, Mass. S??"''>i *j *• ^*^'*' *• Alfred and Eunice (Clapp) 


Mass., July 3 . 
Stone (DIckerman) TiKiiaid mfr • h Rnnrinlnh Rldwell; ed. Common schs.: m. Emma M. Brewer. 

•i?S4?^?Joh;% Palmer and lSis ?' ^J"* Hartford, Conn., 6ct 19, 1881; 1 daugh- 

■i;=l^ RlPkne^f-^escendlnt of Zach- ter, Kate A. (Mrs. Alfred A. Bumham, of Ellst 

■man)_ Bicknell, aescenoant or iiacn- jjartfordl. Hub oTie-nepH In farmino- .in^.^ k««- 

^?l'e"NB'F^eb°'1fo°"V69'?-3 sons! Joseph Harry: "°"Jl^^il'"«/': ^-* «"«ord. Conn. 

Charles Richards, John Warren. Began as elk. ,«? i ^71^ ='^^", "••. ^ Glastonbury, Conn.. 

with George H. DIckerman, Sept, 1867; mem. firm Ja"; '^•J^X},- !■ -^isel and Emellne (Hodee) Bld- 

of George H. DIckerman & Co., 1876-04: now pres. we"; ed. Glastonbury Acad, and Wesleyan Acad., 

Bicknell & Fuller Paper Box Co.; treas. Am. y"''™harn. Mass ; m. June 13, 1894, Elizabeth 

Molded Collar Co.. 10 yrs. Republican. Unlversa- X^"''"; P/„Qla»'o"'?"ry. Conn. Ensraered In farming 

list Treas. 1st Parish Ch., Maiden, 17 yrs. Mason since 1893; dlr. The Meridian Keyless Lock Co.: 

(KTV treas Maiden Masonic Assn. since 1886. has served as assessor 2 terms; mem. Conn. Ho. 

Cliih- kernwood (Maiden). Home: 99 Maple St.. "' Rep. 3 terras, 1907-8, 11-12, 13-14. Democrat 

Maiden, Mass. Office: 42-54 Chardon St, Boston. bur'' con ^°"' Fe»ow. Address: Olaston- 

BIOKVSUj. PaxoT TkTOr, journalist lit. critic; m n ium i #n..wiu • • n _• ,^ 

b PeiTibroke;^ Mass . Dec. 25, 1860: «. William "OWBSIi, 01lM»«« A., civil engineer. (See vol. 

Martin and Lvdla Maria (Tobey) Bicknell; student '^'""'■> 

Williams. 1880-4. M.A.. 1887; studied V. of G(Jt- BIDWBKXi, DkBlel Doane, author; b. East Hart- 

tingen, 1886-7, U. of Berlin, 1887-8; m. Florence ford. Conn.. Aug. 7, 1866: s. Charles Marcus and 

Mary, d. Joshua and Sarah Timberlake (Foster) Emma W. (Brewer) BIdwell; descendant of John 

Constable, of Baltimore, Md., Apr. 26. 1908. Teach- BIdwell. the Immigrant Hartford. Conn.. 1636; 

er modern langs. and hist.. Wllllston Sem., East- grad. Hartford High Sch., 1881; student Trinity 

hampton, Mass., 1884-5; asst. librarian and teacher Mil. Inst, 1881-2; A.B.. Yale, 1888; m. Brooklyn, 

Latin and Greek. Williams, 1886-6; prin. Rockland Apr. 18, 1891, Edith Mary Ross. Night editor Jack- 

(Mass.) High Sch.. 1888-9; asst. librarian. Library sonvlUe Times Union, 1887; on staff of New vork 

Co. of Phlla., 1889-94; librarian U. of 111., 1894-7. Ledger, 1888-94; collaborated with Herbert Ward 

uigiLi^eu uy -v^j v^ v^ -t ■ \- 



In pubUshing "Five Years With the Congo Canni- 
bals"; contbr. to mass.; writer on tobacco culture. 
Mem. Naval Battalion C.N.G., since 1899 (pay elk): 
sch. visitor E:ast Hartford, 1903-6; dlr. Raymond 
Ubrary; pres. Bidwell Family Assn., mem. Conn. 
Ho. of Rep., 1905, 1907. Dir. Conn. Loan & Realty 
Co. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. I.O.O.F., K. 
of P., Grange. Club: University. Author: As Far 
as the Elast is from the West, 3d edit: History of 
the Second Division Naval Militia of Connecticut; 
That Phi Beta Kappa Back. Made two trips around 
the world, the 2d in 47 days (said to be the high- 
est record of the kind up to date). Address: E<ast 
Hartford. Conn. 

BZBWXK^ Oeoxge Bdmaad: b. Canton Center, 
Conn., Dec 21, 1868; s. Albert F. and Henrietta R. 
(Pike) Bidwell; direct descendant of John Bid- 
well, the pioneer tanner of Conn. Colony; ed. dlst. 
schs.. Conn. Lit. Instn., and Hannum's Business 
Coll.. Hartford; ra. Minnie Bristol, of Canton Cen- 
tre. Conn., Jan. 6, 1882; 1 son, JFasper Warren. Kn- 
gaged In farming since boyhood; has served as se- 
lectman and mem. Board of Relief; mem. Conn. 
Ho. of Rep., 1896, 1911. Republican. Congllst. 
Mason; mem. Knights of Pythias. Address: East 
Oranby. Conn. 

BXSWIiXiIh JansF a., bat)kf>r; b. Rast Granby, 
Conn, Jun. 6. IS41; s. Edmund and Charlotte 
(Dyer) BWwel!; ^rart. Wflllston Sem., 1860; East- 
man Commerctal Coll., 18S0; m, 19(i,1, Nellie B. 
Waguer, of CollIriBvUle, Conn. Became Identified 
la banking busSneaa with H. S. Collins, 1873, title 
being changed to H, S. Collins H Co., 18S6; orKan- 
laed, 1899, Canton Trust Co., ColHnsvtlle, of whlcli 
is prfts, : pres. Columbia Telephone Cn., Farmine- 
ton Valley Telephone Co., Canton Creamery Co., 
Colli nsvl lie Water Co. Served in Civil War I yr,; 
judge of probate 10 yrs. ; town treas. of ColHns- 
vtlle 3E yra. Protestant. Mason. Home; Collina- 
vllle. Conn. 

THTiHH, John Ksrtlii, clergyman; b. Nordllin- 
gen. Bavaria. Germany, Apr. 24, 1871; came to 
America about 1880: grad. Lawrence Acad., Gro- 
ton. Mass., 1894; A.B., Williams, 1898; B.D., Hart- 
ford Theol. Sem., 1901; m. Grace Capen, of E^ast- 
port. Me., June 17, 1903; 1 daughter, Ruth Capen. 
b. Mar. 24, 1906. Ordained Congl. ministry, 1901: 
pastor Central Ch., Fastport, Me., 1901-7, Centre 
St. Ch., Machlas, since Feb., 1907. Sec. and treas. 
W^ashlngton Assn. of Congl. Chs. since 1906; dir. 
for Washington County of Congl. Conf, and Mis- 
sionary Soc. of Me.; life mem. Am. Missionary 
Assn., Me. Missionary Soc, Me. Bible Soc, Parent 
Teacher Assn., of Machias (pres.), Washington 
County Anti-Tuberculosis Soc, Machias Business 
Men's Assn. York and Scottish Rite Mason; mem. 
Knights of Pythias. Recreations: boy scouts, hor- 
ticulture. Address: Court SL Parsonage, Machias, 

BZOKXOW, AbMs Aim, humanitarian; b. Marl- 
boro, Mass.. Aug. 1, 1837; d. William and Eunice 
(Wilson) Gibson; pub. sch. edn.; m. Walter Bal- 
four Blgelow, of Marlboro. Mass., May 20. 1858 
(died Mar. 30, 1872): children, Lawrence Gibson 
(deceased), Ralph Olln (deceased), Isabella Fran- 
ces. Has lived in Worcester since 1869; treas. 
McAll Assn.. 1886-14 (now mem.); treas. St. Mark's 
CTh. since 1897. Mem. Baldwlnvllle Hosp. for Chil- 
dren, W.C.T.U.. T.W.C.A., and Y M.C.A. Clubs: Suf- 
frage, Woman's. Address: 2 King St., Worcester, 

BXSSKOW, Albert Praaels, lawyer: b. Oct. 4. 
1880; s. Albert S. and Mary (De Ford) Blgelow: 
AB.. Harvard. 1903: LL.B., Harvard Law School, 
1906: ntLMiss Gladys Williams, of Brookllne. Mass., 
Feb. 18, 1903- children. Martha W.. Hugh W.. Al- 
bert 8.. Jr., Gladys. Admitted to Mass. bar, 1906, 
and since practiced In Boston; mem. Arm of War- 
ren, Hoague & Bigelow until 1914, since alone; dlr. 
Sierra Pacific Electric Co.; v.-p. A. H. Hews Co., 
Inc; dlr. The Thames Specialties Co. Pres. Bos- 
ton Legal Aid Soc, Provident Assn ; dlr. Mass. 
Soc. Prevention Cruelty to Children: mem. Bar 
Assn. CItv of Boston. Clubs: Somerset. Countrv. 
Recreations: fishing. Home: Brookllne, Mass. Of- 
fice: 89 State St., Boston. 

BZOBSOW, BdwMd Aldn, clock mfr.; b. Eliza- 
beth, N.J., Mar. SO, 1867; s. James Henry and Har- 
riet Elizabeth (Coleman) Bigelow; descendant of 
John Biglo, Watertown, Mass., 1642; ed. pub. and 

gvt. schs., Elizabeth, N.J.; full course Packard 
ommerclal Sch., N.Y. City; m. Hazel Huntington 
Seger, of Swampscott, Mass., Sept. 1, 1891; 1 son, 
Henry Glover. Began as elk. with Joslah Macy's 
Sons, N.Y. City, 1885; traveling salesman, Ladd 
Watch Case Co., New York, 1887-91; sales mgr. for 
same co. at Providence, R.T., 1891-3; branch mgr„ 
Boston office, Courvolsler & Wilcox Mfg. Co., silso 
representing the Hayden Mfg. Co., 1893-1900; or- 
ganized syndicate which acquired business of the 
E. Howard Watch & Clock Co., establishing the B. 
Howard Clock Co., and E. Howard Watch Co., 1900, 
since treas. of both cos. Mem. Boston Jewelers' 
Club. Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce. Re- 

fiublican. Congllst. Recreations.: motoring, walk- 
ng. Home: 8 Francis Circuit, Winchester, Mass. 
Executive Office: 373 Washington St., Boston, 
branches. New York and Chicago. 

BX(}B£OW, Bdward roller, lecturer, writer; b. 
Colchester, Conn., Jan. 14, 1860; s. William S. and 
Mary J. Bigelow; prep. edn. Bacon Acad., (Colches- 
ter; spl. student Biol. Lab. Yale U., 1896-7; student 
Biol. Lab., Cold Spring Harbor, L.I., 1899; Nature 
Study School, Coll. of Agr., Kingston, R.I.l1899; 
Nature Study Class, Marine Biol. Lab., Woods 
Hole, Mass., 1900-1; also studied at Nature Study 
School, Cornell U.: A.M., Ph.D., Taylor U., 1899; m. 
Mary Augusta Pelton, of Portland, Conn., July 2, 
1882. Editor Nature and Science dept., St Nicholas 
Magazine, since 1900: past 25 yrs., has taken, 
yearly, about 4,600 boys and girls on natural his- 
tory excursions; editor of Popular Science, New 
York, 3 yrs. ; editor The Observer, 8 yrs ; prln. pub. 
sch., 10 yrs.; editor dailies, 8 yrs.; nature lecturer 
for New York Bd. of Edn., Martha's Vineyard Inst. 
for Teachers, Cornell U., Cold Spring Harbor Lab., 
etc.: dlr. Conn. Summer Sch. of Nature Study and 
Natural Sciences, Conn. Coll. Agr., 1902, and Conn. 
Chautauqua Assembly Assn., 1903-4; dlr. depts. na- 
ture study and astronomy. Castle Boarding Sch. 
for Young Ladles, Tarrytown, N.Y., 1900-11; Instr. 
in nature pedagogy at co. teachers' insts., through- 
out U.S.: instr. nature study In university summer 
schools, Ohio, Mich., N.C., Ala., Ind., Iowa, etc. ; lii- 
ventor chem. tablets for artificial nutriment of 
plants, 1901, an ednl. beehive, 1906. Mem. A.A.A.S.. 
Brooklyn Inst. Arts and Sciences. N.Y. Micros. 
Soc, Audubon Soc. of Conn.; elected pres. Agasslz 
Assn., 1907; pres. Conn. Editorial Assn. 2 yrs. (See 
Who's Who in America for books, etc.) Home: 
"Arcadia," Sound Beach, Conn.' 

BXOBAOW, Baos X., president Framtngham 
Trust Co.; served as mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep. Re- 
publican. Address: South Framlngham, Mass. 

BIOEKOW, noTsnee, educator; b. Natlck, Mass., 
Apr. 23, 1864; d. William Perkins and Martha Ann 
(Mansfield) Bigelow; descendant of John Bigelow. 
who came to Watertown, Mass.. and was married 
to Mary Warren, Aug. 30, 1642; B.A., Wellesley, 
1886, M.A, 1891; unmarried. Began teaching at 
Natlck, Sept. 1, 1893; asso. prln. and part owner 
Walnut Hill Sch. (prep. sch. for Wellesley). Con- 
gregatlonallst. Mem. Assn. Collegiate Alumnae. 
Headmistresses' Assn. Clubs: College, Copley Soc. 
(both of Boston). Address: 12 Highland St, Nat- 
lck, Mass.* 

BZOB&OW, Frank T^niM, mfr.; b. New Haven, 
Conn., Sept. 21, 1862; s. late Hon. Hobart B. (gov. 
of Conn., 1880) and Eleanor (Lewis) Bigelow; 
prep. edn. Hopkins Grammar Sch.: Ph.B., Sheffield 
Scientific Sch. (Yale), 1881; m. New Haven, Oct 
10, 1883, Annie L. Lewis: 3 children, Louise (Mrs. 
D. W. Porter, of Brookllne, Mass.), Plerrepont 
Lewis Hobart Entered shops of the H. B. Bige- 
low Works as apprentice, 1881, sec. 1883-91, and 
pres. same, since death of father, 1891; pres. Nat. 
Pipe Bending Co.; dlr. Merchants Nat. Bank. New 
Haven Water Co. Republican. Congllst. (!!lubs: 
TTnlversItv (New York); Graduates', Lawn, Quin- 
niplack. Country. Home: 206 Whitney Av. Office: 
60 Lloyd St., New Haven, Conn. 

BIOEAOW. Frederick Fremont, M.D.: b. Boyls- 
ton, Mass., Feb. 4, 1868; 8. Charles Parker and 

uigiLizeu uy 

X^_J v^ v^ 



Rhoanah Isabella (Ball) Blgrelow; descendant of J. L. Bremer, of Boston), Arthur Q., Cleveland. 
John BlKelow, Watertown, Mass., 1630; grad. Hlerh Henry, Stephen. Began In offlce of father in Boa- 
8ch., Clinton, Mass., 1877; M.D., Jefferson Med. ton: pres. Atlas Nat. Bk., 1897-Apr., 1904; v.-p. 
Coll., Phila., 1883; post-errad. work. New York Webster and Atlas Nat Bk. nntil retired. Itl4. 
Post-Orad. Med. Sch. and Hosp., 1898, 1900, 1906. now dlr. Republican. Bpiscopallan. Clubs: Som- 
Harvard, 1910; m. Jan. 2, 1893, Winifred Shirley erset, Algonquin, Tavern, Country, Union Boat. 
Perry, of Sherman. Me. Began practice at Worces- Harvard (New York). Recreations: golf. Home: 
ter, Mass., 1883; settled In Island Falls, Me., 1893; Cohasset, Mass„ and 251 Commonwealth Av. Of- 
mem. U.S. Pension E<xamlning Bd., Patten, Me. flee: 312 Sears Bldg., Boston. 

Mem. Am. Med. Assn., Me. Med. Assn., Aroostook BZOBAOW, bymaa rUhar, dentist; b. Norwood, 
County Med. Soc. Republican. Conelist Royal Mass.. July 11, 18«B; s. Lyman Waldo and Catb- 
Arch Mason. Address: Island Falls, Me. arlne (Beal) Blgelow; ed. pub. schs.; grad. Har- 

BZOB&OW, rradexlok Holton, M.D.; b. Davis- vard Dental Sch., 1886; m. Elisabeth Hartstaom, 
burg, Mich., Oct. 22, 1886; s. Charles Nolton and d. Charles H. and Rebecca T. Hartshorn, of 'Wal- 
Mary (Maybee) Blgelow; ed. pub. schs., Holly, pole, Mass., June 24, 1890. In practice in Boston 
Mich.; M.D., U. of Mich. Dept of Medicine and since 1888. Member Harvard OdontoL Soc. Am. 
Surgery. 1907; post-grad, work Harvard, 1910, Acad. Dental Science. Mass. Dental Soc. Har- 
1911; unmarried. Interne RI. Hosp. 2 yrs.; Mass. vard Dental Alumni Assn. (pres.). Club: Harvard. 
Charitable Eye and Ear Inflrmary, Boston. IH Home: Norwood, Mass. Office: 179 Newbury St, 
yrs.; practiced in Providence since July, 1911, spe- Boston. 

clausing In diseases of the ear, nose and throat; BIOSKOW, KalTlIla VUMmon, lawyer, author: 
asst. surgeon Bar, Nose and Throat Dept^ RI. b. Eaton Rapids, Mich., Aug. 2, 1846; s. W^llllam 
Hosp.; consulting aurlst and laryngologist, Provi- ^^^g ^^a Daphna Florence (Madison) Blcelow; 
dence <aty Hosp.; consulting laryngologist, Butler descendant of John Bageley, Watertown. Maaa. 
Hosp.; consulting aurist, R^. Instn. for the D«if. 1J40; A.B., U. of Mich., 1866, LUB., 1868, A.M., 
Mem. R.I. Med. Soc., Providence Med. Assn.. RI. ig7i. jv.M., Ph.D., ' Harvard, 1879; (LL.D., Nortb- 
Ophthal. and Otol. Soc, N.E. Otol. and Laryngol. „ogtem. 1896); m. Alice Bradford Woodman, of 
Soc.. Am. Acad. Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryngol- NewtonvlUe. Mass., Nov. 10, 1898. Lecturer, for- 
ogy. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Mason (32 . K.T., merly in law dent., U. of Mich., and in North- 
Shriner). Club: University. Address: 266 Benefit western U. Law Sch.; prof. In and some tlma dean 
St., Providence, R.L Of Boston U. Law Sch. Mem. Mass. Hist. Soc. 

BZOBKOW, Oaorge Alesaader, mfr.: b. Worces- Harvard Chapter Phi Beta Kappa, etc., felloir Am. 
ter, Mass., July 19, 1863; u. Alexander and Adeline Acad. Arts and Sciences. (See Who's Who in 
(Stockwell) Blgelow; descendant of John Blgelow. America for books, etc) Home: 200 Brattle St. 
who settled at Watertown, Mass., prior to 1642; Cambridge, Mass.* 

ed. pub. and high schs. of Worcester; clerked in BIOBIiOW, Freeoott, J*., real estate; b. Jamaica 
Central Nat. Bank 4 yrs.; m. Dora L.,d. James and pjain, Mass., July 7, 1884; s. Prescott and Bessie 
®"*.".iJ'^***t'.1f®^ ^H'=^*,''',2' Norwich, Conn., Oct paine (Nagro) Blgelow; prep. edn. Noble's Sch.. 
10, 1877; 4 children, Adelaide (Mrs. A. M. Parker, Boston; student Harvard, 1904-6; m. Marion Bnr- 
of Maiden, Mass.), Helen (Mrs (JeorgeD. Church, ^ett of Boston. Apr. 80, 1908; 2 children, Presoott. 
of Farmington. Me.), Edward A, Dorothy E. Mem. 3^, Mary Jane. Began active career In employ of 
Hyatt, Coombs & Co., Worcester, and Coombs & real esUte Arm of Burroughs & DeBlola, J»06. 
Blgelow. Boston, dealers in wool, 1882-98; mgr. continuing 4 yrs.; mem. Poole & Blgelow since 
Mech. Refrigerating Co., Boston, and sold, 1894. to June, 1910. Republican. Episcopalian. CHubs: 

Suincy Market Cold Storage Co.; pres. and treas. Harvard. Boston Skating. Belmont Spring CountiT. 
opeviUe Mfg. Co., Worcester, Mass.. since 1894, country (Brookllne. Mass.), Beverly Yacht (Bns- 
mfrs. of woolen cloth for men s clothing. Mem. zards Bay). Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: 
Worcester Co. Mechanics' Assn., Worcester Cham- 19 Charles River Sq. Offlce: 70 Kllby St, Boston, 
ber of Commerce. Mem. South Unitarian Ch. Ttrartr n-ar K^hx^ «»» >>i/^in,H.». k t>_im- 
So'i.^nVry ^?t'Sc"r2StTo^s%oK|'"|^if "^^o'^-l wl?^lfl?.**l7i.,'?u'iri0."TlS?s.'J?tWn'd iSarfSS 
g^St^SS^f'gSStors*^ttTllSl?W?r°c'2lter^ 4,^h"o'TeM'lf°W^te??r,^rfe"^srab^o°u^^6!^^^^ 
*•"■"• _ ^.. „ .. ,» . Harvard, 1887; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1892; m. 

BIOBKOW, Harry M., editor Sunday Press and Caroline Evans Chase, of Milton, Mass., Nov. 9, 
Times, 97 Exchange St. Portland, Me. 1911. instr. biology, 1898-12, asst prof. soOIogT 

BXOB&OW, Henry Porbea, architect; b. Clinton, and parasitology, 1912-16, asso. prof, since 1916. 
Mass., May 12, 1867; s. Henry Nelson and Clarissa librarian, since 1896, Mass. Inat Tech. Editor Am. 
Nichols (Forbes) Blgelow; prep, edn., St Mark's Naturalist, 1897-8, Technology Quarterly. 1896-08. 
Sch, Southboro, Mass., 1880-4; B.S. In Architec- Author number of papers on zoOl. subjects; contbr. 
ture, Mass. Inst Tech., 1888; m. Elisa Frothing- series of articles to Reference Handbook of the 
ham Davis, of Worcester, Mass., Oct 14, 1896 Medical Sciences, 1900-4, and Since 1913. FeUow 
(died, 1907): 4 sons, Henry Davis, Edward Llv- Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences, A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. 
ingston. Chandler and Nelson (twins); m. 2d, Soc. ZoSlogists, Am. Soc. Naturalists, Assn. Am. 
Susan Thayer, of Lancaster, Mass., June 1, 1912; Anatomists. Club: St Botolph. Recreations: walk- 
1 son, Eugene Thayer. Practiced in Boston since ing. Home: 11 Park St., Brookllne, Mass.* 
1888; formerly mem. Wlnslow, Wetherell & Blge- BIOE&OW, Walter J., newspaperman: b. Stowe. 
low, now mem. Blgelow & Wadsworth. Architect Vt, Jan. 22, 1866; s. Newell and Charlotte E. 
St Mark's Sch.. Southboro, Mass.; Shawmut Nat (Munn) Blgelow; grad. Montpelier Sent, 1889; 
Bank Bldg.. Tremont Bldg., Hotel Touralne, Bos- student U. of Vt., 1891-4: m. Florence E. Mooney. 
ton: residences of Robert Saltonstall, of Milton, of MansonviUe. Quebec. Sept. 12, 1896; one daugh- 
Mass., J. J. Storrow, Lincoln. Mass.. etc. Trustee ter, Ruth Barr. Became identified with Burlington 
St Mark's Sch. Fellow Am. Inst. Architects; mem. Free Press, 1892, and was news editor for 17 yrs.: 
Boston Soc. Architects. Boston Architectural Club, editor and propr. St. Johnsbury Caledonian since 
Delta Psl. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Tav- 1909; mem. spl. state commn. on double taxation, 
em. Union (Boston). Somerset Hooslc Whisick 1898-1900; mayor of Burlington, 1907-9. Republi- 
(Canton, Mass.). Recreations: traveling. Home: can. Mason. Mem. Nl-sak-l-ton Fish and Oame 
142 Chestnut St, Boston; (summer) Brush Hill Club. Home: 10 Mt. Pleasant St, St Johaa- 
Rd., Milton, Mass. Offlce: 3 Hamilton PI., Boston, bury, Vt 

BZOEKOW, John, Tr,, soldier, educator; moved BzaEKOW, Walter K., pres. Almy, Blgelow ft 
to Highland Falls, N.Y. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Washburne Cfo., dept. store. Address: 188 Ebboc St. 
Who In America. 1914-16.) Salem, Mass. 

BZOBKOW, Josepli 8., banker; b. Boston, Oct BZOBSOW, Warren Saaiala, clergyman; b. Bos- 
28, 1848; s. Horatio and Annie (Smith) Blgelow; ton. Mass., Nov. 20, 1876; s. Calvin and Lacy 
prep. edn. Boston Pub. Latin Sch., and Mr. Dix- Charlotte (Daniels) Blgelow; grad. Roxbury 
well's pvt sch.; A.B., Harvard, 1869, A.M., 1872: m. (Mass.) Latin Sch., 1894; A.B.. Harvard, 1898, A.M.. 
Mary C. Bryant of Boston, Apr. Tt, 1877; 6 chil- 1899; B.D., Yale Dlv. Sch., 1902. Ordained Cong-l 
dren, Joseph S. Jr., Mary Cleveland (wife of Dr. minister, 1902; pastor Sd Cong'l Ch., Outlford. 



Conn.; deL to 3d Internat. Council Concl. Cha., 
SdinburKh, Scotland, 1908; deacon and priest P.E). 
Ch., 1911; rector St. Peter's Ch., Jamaica Plain. 
A.ddres8: 31 Boylaton St., Jamaica Plain, Boston. 

tMUiW, Wtniam Marry, musician; b. Am- 
herst. Mass., Mar. 29, 1867; s. Orvls Firman and 
Mary Helen (Pingry) Biselow; ed. in music 
"Worcester County (Mass.) Music Sch.; studied 
ai>road with A. B. Boise and Frauleln Ress, Berlin, 
SbrlKlla, Paris, and City Director Buths and Frans 
UtzlnKer, Dusseldorf; B.A., Amherst, 1889, M.A., 
1898: m. Sept. 7. 1909, Jane Ball, of CaldwelL Kan. 
Has been identifled with music and Qerman depts., 
Amherst ColL, since 1894, prof, of music since 
1906. In charge of Oratorio Chorus, Amherst, 
since its orgn., 1900. Baptist. Mem. Chi Phi (Am- 
herst). Author: Die Meisterslnger, 1900. Address: 
2 Orchard St., Amherst, Mass. 

BZSS&OW, wnuam Kiixgls, M.D.; b. Boston, 
Apr. 4. 1860; s. Henry J. and Susan (Sturgis) 
Blgelo-w; descendant of 8 ancestors who came 
to America in the Mayflower; A.B., Harvard. 1871, 
M.D.. 1874. Began practice at Boston, 1878, now 
out of practice; surgeon to out-patients Mass. Oen. 
Honp.. 1879-81; later, trustee Mass. Oen. Hosp.; 
Instr. in surgery. Harvard Med. Sch., 1879-81; 
lecturer on the Buddhist Doctrine, Harvard, 1908. 
Trustee Mus. of Fine Arts, N.E. Conservatory of 
Music; dir. New Boston Music Hall. Mem. U.S. 
Assay Commn., 1909. Fellow Am. Acad. Arts and 
Sciences; mem. Mass. Med. Soc., Boston Soc. Med. 
Sciences, Asiatic Soc. of Japan, Am. Oriental Soc., 
etc Comdr. Imperial Order of the Rising Sun, 
Japan. Clubs: Century, University, Knickerbocker 
(New Tork), St. Botolph, Tavern, Somerset, Coun- 
try (Boston). Author: Buddhism and Immortality, 
1908. Recreations: surf bathing, revolver shooting, 
Japanese art. Address: 66 Beacon St, Boston.* 

T, SldaaT Osboras, mfr.; b. Wentworth, 
N.S.. Nov. 4, 1864; s. James and Sarah Jane 
(Black) Blgney; and descendant on father's side 
of Jean Henri Merle d' Aubigne, D.D., the eminent 
Swiss divine and ecclesiastical historian ; pub. sch. 
ed'n; began active career In employ of Draper, 
Pate A Balley, mfg. Jewelers, Attleboro, Mass.; 
in 1879, organised Arm of Marsh & Blgney, since 
1894, S. O. Blgney & Co., which has become one 
of the leading Jewelry mfg. establishments of the 
U.S.; also pres. Bristol Mfg. Co., Attleboro Co- 
operative Bank, Odd Fellows Bldg. Assn., etc; del. 
Rep. Nat. Conv., 1904, and del-at-Iarge Rep Nat. 
Conv., 1908; selected to represent Mass. on com. to 
notify Judge Taft, at Cincinnati, and there pre- 
sented to Judge Taft a life size portrait of the 
president-elect, from friends In Mass.; became 
prominent In 1906 as advocate of tariff for a fixed 
minimum rate not to be changed except by vote 
of Congress, and a maximum rate within power of 
the President to reduce or increase; wen known 
as a public spuUcer; was elected to serve on Oov. 
Guild's Council from 2nd Councillor Dlst. Mass. 
Home: Attleboro, Mass. 

BXaWOOS, rrank EmsrsOA, merchant: b. 
Winooski, Vt., June 27, 1861; s. Samuel and Mary 
Abigail (Herrlck) Blgwood; ed. pub. schs., Winoos- 
ki; m. Dora D. Lieaven worth, of Charlotte, Vt., 
Oct. 1, 1889; 3 daughters and 2 sons. Became 
partner with father. In hardware business, at 26 ; 
owner of business since 1907; trustee Winooski 
Savlng<i Bank since 1908. Selectman Town of 
rolchester 9 yrs.; trustee of Winooski Village, 
1890-01; mem. Bd. of Water Commrs., Winooski, 
since 1907: Justice of the peace, 1911-14; mem. Vt 
Senate, 1912. Republican. Baptist. Past Master 
Webster Lodsie No. 61, F. & A.M., Winooski; Past 
Grand Hamilton Lodge No. 14, I.O.O.F., Burling- 
ton. Vt; Past Patron Order of Eastern Star, 
WInooskL Address: Winooski, Vt 

BIU, AlbMt Ouxon, lawyer; b. Hartford, 
Conn., Sept 29, 1863; s. Charles C. and Julia A. 
(Emerson) Bill; descendant of Capt Roswell Bill 
and Lt Elnathan Ross, both of whom fought In 
Revolutionary Army; ed. high schs., Enfield and 
Hartford; admitted to bar, 1886; m. Bessie M. 
Collins, of Hartford, Oct 24. 1889; 4 children, 
Charles Carroll, Gladys Collins, Albert Seymour, 
Julia Emerson. Practiced in Hartford since May 

26, 1886; mem. Bill & Tuttle, 189S-18; since prac- 
ticed alone; has held offices of councilman, elk. 
Probate Ct; elk. City Police Ct; asso. Judge and 
Judge, caty Police Ct; police commr. and pres. of 
bd. Republican. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Conn. Bar 
Assn.; dir. Children's Aid Soc. Mason (32°, K.T., 
Shrtner); Odd Fellow. Club: Hartford. Recre- 
ation: boating. Home: 27 Annawan St Office: 60 
State St, Hartford, Conn. 

BTT i T i , Asthw 0., lawyer; b. Chaplin, Conn., May 
29, 1866; s. Lester and Mary (Ooodell) Bill; ed. 
Woodstock (Conn.) Acad.: grad. KllUngly High 
8ch., Danielson, Conn.. 1876; LL.B., Tale Law ScL, 
New Haven, Conn., 1877; m. Lillian B. Chase, of 
Danielson, Aug. 11, 1886; 3 children, Katharine H., 
Marjorie O., Lester A. Admitted to Conn, bar, 
1877, and since practiced at Danielson; atty. Wind- 
ham County Nat Bank, and Brooklyn Savings 
Bank (both of Danielson); treas. Boston Dry 
Goods Co.; dir. Sonnhlll Worsted Co. Judge of 
Probate for Dlst of Killlngly, Conn., 12 yrs.; has 
been coroner for Windham County for past 26 yrs.; 
pros. atty. for Town Ct of Killlngly since 1909. 
Republican. Congllst. Home: Maple St Office: 119 
Main St, Danielson, Conn. 

BIU, Vatksa D., retired; b. Springfield, Mass., 
Oct 12, 1866; s. Ourdon and Emily A. (Denison) 
Bill; ed. pub. and high schs., Springfield, and 
Eastman Business Coll., Poughkeepsle, N.T.; m. 
Ruth E. Wright of Springfield, Apr. 22, 1886. 
Entered manufacture of paper and envelopes, 
Springfield, 1876; treas. and dir.. Union Water 
Power Co. (retired), dir. Union Trust Co. Pres. 
Cnty Library Assn.; dir. City Hosp., Union Relief; 
mem. Finance Com. Old Ladies' Home. Ez-alder- 
man, park commr., bridge commr., Springfield. 
Mem. Econ. Club, Civic Relief. Clubs: Union (Bos- 
ton). Metropolitan, Union League, New York 
Yacht (New York), Nayasset (Springfield). Ad- 
dress: 284 Maple St, Springfield, Mass.* 

* "?^,^'??*l"',*t'iy*'**»»»»l.'°«'"c'>ant; b. Thet- 
'°^,^^■ ^^,•,?'='• 1-1872; s. Henry O. and Bell M. (Rus- 
sell) Billings; ed. Lebanon High Sch., and Ooddard 
Sem. Barre, Vt; m. Nov. 24, 1898, Jessie M. Orms- 
by. of Lebanon, N. H. Began In mercantile busi- 
ness at Lebanon, N. H., 1898; removed to Vershire, 
V t„ 1908; town elk. and treas., trustee of pub. fund 
and Justice of the peace since 1908; postmaster 
since 1909; mem. Gen. Ct of N. H., 1907-08; mem. 
\t. Ho. of Rep., 1910-11. Republican. Congllst 
Mason (Blue Lodge and Chapter). Address: Ver- 
shire, Vt. 

,o"??'S™^*?l,S?"J*"'*'^"°"t°'': ''■ Rlpton, vt, Apr. 
19, 18B8; s. Wlllard and Hope (Winters) Billings; 
prep, ed n, Beeman Acad. ; A.B. (valedictorian), Mld- 
(llebury (Vt) Coll.. 1886 (Phi Bete Kappa), AM., 
1S89; m. Valley Fails, N. Y., Aug. ISVlSSl, HatUe 
Murdock; 3 children, Charis, Philip Murdock. Ella- 
abeth Alden. Teacher of classics and asst prln.. 
Monson (Mass.) Acad., 1886-7, Troy Conf Acad 
Poultney, Vt, since 1887. Republican. Methodist 
Address: Poultney, Vt 

,,J?P^*^ '^"??;."'»*!!j ""'•: *>• ■Weathers- 
field, Vt, Dec. 6, 1835; sTEthan Ferdinand and 
tlarlssa (Marsh) Billings; ed. pub. schls., Wind- 
sor, Vt; m. Frances M. Hey wood; 2 sons, Frederic 
ihurch. Harry E (deceased); m. 2d, Bvallna Case 
Holt, of Hartford. Conn., Sept 9, 1874; 2 children, 
Lucius H Mary E. Organised. 1869. and pres. The 
Billings & Spencer Co.; pres. Nat Machine Co.; al- 
derman, councilman and pres. bd. fire commrs., 
Hartford, Conn.. 12 yrs. Mem. Am. Soc Mech! 
Engrs^ (ex-pres.) Republican. Clubs: Home Mar^ 
ket (Boston^ Hartford (Hartford). Home: 163 N. 
Beacon St Office: Russ St, Hartford, Conn.* 

BIUZKOB, Ohartos Towae, clergyman; b. Fitch- 
burg Mass., Feb. 27, 1863: s. Charles Jason and 
^'^•"r' c^i'^^.o*.^""*?*) Billings; grad. Fltchburg 
?'S^ ^r'^^- ^^S":, A-B.' Harvard, 1884; B.D. ani 
^„f^;„5""?'-<\,?'^^ S<=hi 1890; "I; Fanny Aldrlch 

^^^\- ^?' J'"*- E^-Pi-eV^-B. FederatkSfof Ha?! 
vard Clubs; v.p. Lowell Art Assn.; dir. Harvard^ 
Alumni Assn.; chmn. sevef*l jj<jmmlttee» IomiC 


clvlo and charitable work. Chmn. fellowship com. and machine shop; m. M. P. C. Whitney, of South- 
otK.B. for Unitarian Nat. Conf.; chmn. exec. com. boro, Mass., Nov. 24, 1870 (now deceaBsd) : m. 14 
Lowell Social Service League; pres. Harvard Dlv. Katherlne L, Wlgrht, of CambridKe, M&bs.. Jnnc 
Sch. Alumni Assn. and mem. com. apptd. by over- 28, 1907; 4 children, Roger, Samuel Clark. Jesse 
seers of Harvard to visit Dlv. Sch.; dlr. Mlnlster.s' Wight, Dorcas Fenno. Served In Civil 'War S yr». 
Inst.; lecturer, etc. Club: Harvard, of Lowell with 10th Mass. Light Arty., under Oens. French, 
(pres.). Author: (S.S. manual) Movements and Hancock, Humphrey, Meade and Grant, and par- 
Men of Christian History, 1909. Address: 73 Man- tlclpated in 16 battles; studied in winter quarters 
sur St., Lowell, Mass. while in army; grad. Brldgewater (Mass.) State 

B1XUX08. Edmnnd. banker, sociologist; b. St. S',°™»Lh°*'AV^A*J„.i^i'T-™T,?/,!» R°iL;,.l?'i*^i«?^ 

George, N. b!. Can., Jan. 14, 1868; s. E3mund and gl"/^ ^oh of Manual Training Boston. 18«<^ ^^ 

Elizabeth (Sutherland) Billings; ed. pub. schs., ??"fl'®?°SiS?M *=?^T=^"i!,.a Pi«?n i?^- ^.^t^ m 
Boston, and night sch.. Harvard; m. Elizabeth J>ead of school at Jamaica Plain, 1868. called to 
Child, if Stamford. Conn., Oct. 1, 1896. Began as SambrWge, 1872. and since continued there; ^^ 
messenger boy, later clerk In art store to 1887; Pr'n- Webster Sch Mem. .Maes. State TeacherJ 
apptd. iupt. Wells Memorial Inst, 1888, two yrs. Assn.. Mass. Schoolmasters' Club, Sch Princip^ 
later apptd. supt. People's Inst, Roxbiry, hSld- RL"^,' « -Aifx Ho^^i" JT,?!"', I\T.^'"?.k^''a ^t°J,^,*^ 
ing both positions; pres. Paul Revere Trust Co. £^"'°"' ^^^}. ^^°-}%'^°,'?^^- J^H*h ^°^" A^^f, 
since Jan.. 1911; also'^pres. Wells Memorial Inst; &"«» .^g- 186- S-'^J*- i ^^"J*"; ', f ?,"" wL^W^H? 
dlr. Worklngmen's Building Assn., Workingmen's ^^rs; S^.R., Sons of War of 1812. Republlcu. 
Loan Assn. Served as 2d It 6th Provisional Mill- 4"t5°';,H'»'°''y °' Tenth Massachusetta Battery: 
tla, Spanish-Am. War; ex-sec. Boston Pub. Sch. Hard Tack and Coffee; Recollections of a Pan- 
Coin.; was mem. exec. com. Municipal League and noneer. Home: South Sudbury, Mass. Office: Web- 
on com. which erected first municipal bath in Bos- »'«■■ School, Cambridge, Mass. 

ton. Apptd. by Gov. Draper as representative of BIXIiZVOB, Osmond Jesaa, clergyman; K 

Mass., In Italy, in charge of distribution of $360,- Sharon, Mass., July 9, 1878; s. Sanford Waters and 

00() fund raised for Messina earthquake sufferers; Elizabeth (Morse) fillings; B.A., Amherst, 1940; 

first boulevard built after disaster in Messina was B.D., Yale Dlv. Sch., 1905; unmarried. Prin. East 

named Via Billings In his honor; presented by Lyme (Conn.) High Sch.. 1900-1; ordained Congl 

Klhg of Italy with sliver medal and diploma, ministry, 1905; pastor Memorial Ch., "Worcester. 

Apptd. collector Port of Boston by Pres. Woodrow Mass., 1905-8, 1st Ch., Upton, Mass., since SepL 

Wilson, Oct 8, 1913. Democrat. Served as 2d It 13, 1908. Scribe Worcester South Assn. (CTongl 

6th Provisional Mllltla, Spanish-Am. War. Dlr. ministers). Mem. Delta Upsllon. Phi Beta Kappa. 

Children's Aid Society; trustee Women's Ednl. & Recreations: tennis. Address: Upton, Mass. 

Industrial Union. Mem Nat. Municipal League, BIMilHOS, Walter Onshln*. wholesale clothing: 

Am Acad Pollt and Social Science. Clubs: Twen- b. Boston, Mass., July sTml: s. Walter H. and 

yf '^.^?^VH^%l=^S^'*nm9„.''kn nSi;!\*J.hi*l3. "'SilS I^'» A. (MlUner) Billings; ed. Brighton High 

St., Jamaica Plain. Office: 50 Devonshire St., and School; Bryant & Stratton Commercial School; 

Custom House, Boston. married Molly Spring Gordon, of Fryeburp, Me. 

BTT i T i Ti rOB, muik ■•»▼•>, pathologist: Jan. 16, Sept. 9, 1908; 1 daughter, Marjorie. Began in 

184e-Oct. 14, 1912. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who wholesale clothing business, 1897, In employ of 

In America, 1908-9.) Burton, Mansfield & Pierce; title later became 

vaixmau, prank Swtft; b. New Bedford, Mass., Burton, Pierce & Co. and In 190'r was changed to 
May 11, 1862; s. Franklin Noble and Nancy S. gjf,^"' ?"""5»„ S°' ,°' ^J}''=t '". ''"JC'"5r' ^P*^ 
(Swift) Billings: A.B., Harvard, 1886; m. Bessie Billings, Newhall Co., Inc.; dlr. Boston Credit Mens 
Hewitt Vail, of Woodstock. Vt., July 12, 1892: 2 Assn.; mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce. Re- 
chlldren, Elizabeth Swift Nancy. Engaged In Im- Publican. Cone-list. Mason. Club: Faneull Ten- 
port and export business In New York about 17 "Ig- "°'"?.', ^^} Blgelow St, Brighton, ICaaa 
yrs.; removed to Vt, 190S, and has since been Iden- Office: 80 Kingston St, Boston, 
tlfled with corpn. Interests and politics; mem. Vt WTTiTiM/tlf, OhrlstoplMr £., banker; b. Chelsea. 
Ho. of Rep., 1910-12. Chief of staff with rank of Mass., Jan. 15, 1874; s. Charles Irving and Mar- 
col., to (3ov. Bell, 1904-6; mem. State Bd. of Edn. garet A. (Bowden) Blllman; ed. pub. scha: m. 
for more than 1 yr. Republican. Episcopalian. Apr. 19, 1912, Lilian, d. Dr. Charles H. Levermore, 
Address: Woodstock, Vt. pres. Adelphl Coll., Brooklyn, N.Y. ; 2 sons, Charles 

■m rt.r.rm a.m rredetlo OhQMll, mfr machinery L.. Russell Wolcott Became connected with bank- 
and tools; b. Utlca. NY., Oct 21, 1864; s. Charles '"R ''"»'"«s»' 1893; treas. Beacon Trust CO;. Bos- 
Ethan and Frances (Heywood) Billings; ed. pub. *"": ^SSI'^i' ^P- since Jan. 1, 1914. Republican, 
and high schs.; m. Mary Elizabeth Parker, of Hart- p'ub: Winchester Country Recreations: yachUn£ 
ford, Feb., 1893; 1 daughter, Frances Heywood Home: 11 Cabot St, Winchester, Masa Office: J» 
(Mrs. William M. Newson, of N.Y. City). V.-p. Milk St, Boston. 

and supt Billings & Spencer Co., Hartford; pres. BUTOHAIC, Albert lienuuido, M.D.: b. Fletcher, 
Canadian Billings & Spencer Co.; dlr. City Bank & Vt, June 26, 1853; s. Benjamin Franklin an"! Ma- 
Trust Co. (Hartford). Former It and paymaster. Ha (Smedley) Bingham: M.D., U. of Vt. Coll. of 
Ist Regt, C.N.G. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs. Re- Medicine, Burlington, 187B; post-grad, work. New 
publican. Congllst Clubs: Hartford, Country, York, 1880; m. Julia McLachlln, of South Peacham. 
Hartford Automobile, Question, Detroit (Detroit, Vt, Dec. 30. 1908: 2 children. Albert Lemando. b. 
Mich.). Recreations: golf, billiards, slmrlng, etc. Jan. 14, 1910. Ruth, Dec. 8, 1910. Mem. consulting 
Summer Home: Indian Neck, Branford, Conn. Of- bd. Mary Fletcher Hosp., Burlington; mem. Vt 
flee: Russ St., Hartford. Conn. Ho. of Rep.. 1888, Senate, 1908-9. Mem. Crhltten- 

UTT.T.Tifffff, Osorrs B.; b. Boston. Feb. 9. 1864: den Co. Med. Soc. Vt. State Med. Soc. Republican 

s. James B. and Maria J. (Grav) Billings: ed. Methodist Mason (32*). Club: Ethan Allen (Bur- 

Chauncey Hall Sch., Boston; m. Helen A. McDon- Ungton). Address: Willlston, Vt 

ough, of Boston, Nov.. 1892; 4 children, Constance, BIHOKAX, Oeorn KntoUns, Judge; b. Little- 

.Tack B., Marland P., C. Carter. Began with father ton. N.H , Aug. 19, 1861; s. (3eorge Azro and Bltia 

In wholesale boot and shoe business; then became I. (Woods) Bingham: A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1887; 

sec. Nat League of Base Ball; mem. Election Bd. LL.B., Harvard, 1891; m. Cordelia P. Hinckley, 

of Mass., 189B. 1896; U.S. commr. of Immigration, of Chelsea, Mass., Oct 29. 1891. Practiced at Llt- 

at Boston, 1897, to Aug. 1. 1914. Republican. Epis- tleton and Manchester, N.H., 1891-02; asso. Ins- 

copallan. Clubs: Boston Athletic Assn., Middlesex, tice Supreme Ct of N.H. since 1902. Democrat 

Home: 22 Burroughs St, Boston, Mass. Address: Manchester, N.H.* 

. ?!??'?'*■: J??*"!^ ■*'!*'?t-J["®*,*"'US.'''?= JES?- BnrOHAK. CMoqr* Parker, banker: b. Mllwaa- 

8, 1846-Dec., 1918. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who icce. Wis., Feb. 27, 1854; s. George B. and E»lsa 

In America, 1914-15.) (Platner) Bingham; ed. pub. schs. and Milwaukee 

Bl^^nrCW, John Savla, educator; b. Canton, Acad.; m. Georglana Fosdlck, of Boston. Nov. 14. 

Mass.. Dec. IS. 1842: s. Samuel and Dorcas (Clark) 1878. In boot and shoe mfg. business. Boston. 

BllUngs; descendant of Roger Bllllne-s, of Dor- 1870-95: since engaged In pvt banking, sec and 

Chester, Mass., 1635; employed In cotton factory dlr. George P. Bingham Co.; dlr. Boston Cold 

uiyiLizeu uy -'.^j v^ \^ -^ i \^ 


Storage & Terminal Co., Federal Wharf & Storage course pres. and mng. editor of "The Crimson" 

Co., State Wharf & Storage Co., Mystic Wharf & (dally paper). Republican. Unitarian. Mem. Bar 

Storage Co.. Seaboard Navigation Co. Mem. Bob- Assn. of City of Boston, Mass., and Am. Bar Assn. 

ton Chamber of Commerce. Republican. Christian Clubs: Exchange, Brae Burn Country, Massachu- 

Sclentist. Office: 60 State St, Boston. setts. Harvard (Boston). Recreations: flshlng. 

BnraaAM, eMis* WaaUnrton, educator: Oct. Home: West Newton, Mass. Office: 60 Federal St., 

23, 1838-Mar. 4, 1902. (See vol. 1909.) Boston. 

BisaKAK. smrrr inwvpr- h r'niiimhim o BnTOSAM, 8«th SMiiela, real estate and Ins.; 

Mf?l?^86f': s^Ed^krd F.^^Uite^bhlef "u»t?ce Su- L.I'-.Sf °^«^ff,,^fn»i?P,..?'R^?,V»;/^ ■^ii^^oS'.llJi; 

preme Ct.. D. of C.) and Susannah (Gunning) S*i^ 1",^^?°?M** <9,f "Ml > ,?^'l«^*i?J ^^t^^^^^^ 

Binsham: descendant of Thomas Bingham, one oi ^*^S-°SSZ^'?^Ar^- "'j^St.^^ii^2^;<S?»ttYvP?«yV„f' 

the founders of Norwich, Conn.; nelhew of late 2f, ?®ES"\?1' S?""- ,^I\?^^*^ '" 'f?L®^*f J^"?,* J?^^^ 

Hon. Harry Bingham, of Littleton, NH.; ed. com- ^?«JJi«l'„„** ?n "f^^"S^<:,P°n?;V^Hn „/l^^^^ 

mon 8ch8.; m. at Columbus. C, Sept. 10, 1902. ?J \'llPf.*.°® ^^JI^A^'^JS" R«^A^?»m°' ^t?,;ii °i^ 

Frances, d. of the late Hon. John d. Thompson, J.L,',"^H»j\e ^,^L^^'*no"A H^J"nZl*'^vr.^^%^?\^A 

of Ohio. Admitted to bar at Concord, N.H.. 1887; S*^",,^ ?r>,«?. ™^™V^?- ^•,^**t?°«"- <«2l,=?"^„?;?f 

practiced in Littleton, N.H., 1887-9, and since Apr. S9v,5-,."h Conn VoL Inf., U. S. Signal Corps. 

1912; asst U.S. atty., D. of C, 1900-6; apptd. Christian Scientist. Mem. G.A.R. (ranic of col.). 

Judge of Probate. Grafton Co., N.H„ by (Sqv. Home: Naugatuck. Conn. 

Felker, Dec 2, 1913, for term which expires at BnrOKAlt, WUllam Kartlaon; b. Cornwall, Vt., 

age of 70; continues practice in other courts. Jan. 9. 1843; a. Harris and Lucy Ann (Warner) 

Capt U. S. Vol. Inf. Spanish-Am. War. Democrat. Bingham; ed. pub. and pvt. schs., Cornwall; m. 

Elpiscoptaian. Address: Littleton. N.H. New Haven. Vt.. June 16. 1868. _Mary_ Cook (now 

BXVOaAK, Kaazy Btaphan, L„. 
Vt.. Feb. 9. 1850; s. Hiram and 
ham; ed. Bennington pub. schs.. 

BratUeboro. Vt.; m. Miss Fannie T. Lorlng, ui r>^ t\ i^.v. ^ri t>« ; ?it iV^rwr — i. ~ ' .i i" 

Bennington. Jan. 2. 1873; children. Lorlng D#wey, £?; '?• JVt^ J'io?f?b<.9\*.' .^l"" i^l^fi ^"h*„***oi" 

b Nov 12 1873 fdifrt Aue 19 I9ni'>- EllS h Tan farming since 1864 pres. Cornwall Telephone Co. 

24. lT82 ('ni ji.ies D^ugTal^bl?c?imbie^^ ^ S?rtPrif,^l^„"r,,^.°/n"n"^'i- %^%Vi"?'"V"""-tl**".= 
fleld Ma^s. Nov E 1909^ RnrnirAri tn mfir hnni- ^'°^ Judge Addlson Co. Ct., 1891-2 town treas. 

n^ »l^e^i8nTmem vt Ho"''o\*Rep" lis% oris. ^^SLUo^^^' A^^JiiJ^'^^lij:^?^ ^^''• j3^'l™ ',1 F^' 

of village of Bennington, 1894-6; stkte raifroad S®P^*'."?i*J;,iL°,?«?t> nm^^ ^^lilk,!^S°krt^- 

commr.. Dec. 1. 1900-Dec. 1, 1906. Republican. Home. Cornwall. Vt. Office. Middlebury, Vt. 

Conglist. Mason; Elk. Club: Bennington. Ad- BIKHBT, Artlmr, naval architect, yacht broker; 

dress: 21 Grlnnell SL, Greenfleld, Mass. b. Boston, Dec. 2, 1865; s. Henry P. and Josephine 

(Hay ward) Blnney; ed. pub. schs.. Boston, and 

' '^ — . Daisy Harvey, of 

Hayward, Marion, 
e with Whltter Ma- 

fftoV: "fV l'tt-D*'"Tf "o"? rut'co^'Wm"' m^'AffredS chlnS Co.. Boston, later-employed by Hook & Hast- 
intrhivji of ileS' London conn Nov 20 1900 «nKS Organ Co.; associated, 1888. with Edward 
5KSi^'"tWl.?l?elVo^Tn"h.K;im:ol.*19U?|: ?;;,%-• ^-§UYr'='i^^d'''voC'tee'r^'''fe7e''nd^?s°''il 
SStori"pSlftVc7'econoUcs''princeio,?"90?-6''ei" rh"e'VnYern'^?lCar|riz\"?roThV;"luJ6eedld"t^rbus'l- 
nloiSd^'ISllva^a ??ut2 IcrOBB Veneiuela an^ ne»s- "PO" ^«ath »* partner, 1891; dir. George 
SS^bli^ 1906-7- curator S Am witory Har- Lawley & Son Corpn., boat builders, Rockport 
S?iS 1 SM rltin Am /ollPPtlo^s vlle 1908— ■ Granite Co. Mem. Boston Chamber of Commerce. 
r^'SreV'^o'n-S.'^l'gr^Shrand^^hiJ^^^^^^^^ ioTo'n^^Y^a^cht SSi'r^VelTead^Jo^^i^.ihfa^n'^^^ht'^ 
asst. prof. Latin Am. history, 1909-15, prof same. ?.°7.°". h^„,V„„ H„mB^ pkt^ T^^^^ 
1915. Tale; Albert Shaw lecturer on diplomatic If j" hm^"' 'OKUbv SL Bo^on Mass 
hlBtory. Johns Hopkins. 1910. Del. U.S. Govt, to Mass. Office. (0 Kilby fat. Boston, Mass. 
1st Pan-Am. Scientific Congress, Santiago de BXHHBT, Kono*, M.D.; b. Middletown. Conn.. 
Chile. 1908; explored Spanish trade route. Buenos Dec. 6. 1874; s. Rev. John and Charlotte 
Ayres to Lima, and Inca ruins at Choqquequlrau. (Bush) Blnney; A.B., Harvard. 1897; M.D.. Har- 
Peru. 1908-9; director Yale Peruvian Expdn., 1911; vard Med. Sch., 1901: unmarried. Practiced in 
explored ruins of Machu Plcchu; located Vltcos, Boston since 1901; assisting visiting surgeon. Bos- 
last Inca capital, and made the first ascent of ton City Hosp. ; asst. in genlto-urinary surgery, 
Mt. Coropuna, 21,703 ft; dIr. Peruvian Expdn.. Harvard Med. Sch. Mem. A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, 
1912, also 1914-16, under auspices of Yale U. and Suffolk Med. Soc, Am. Assn. of Genlto-Urinary 
Nat Geog. Soc; cleared and excavated Machu Surgeons. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Har- 
Plcchu. etc. Mem. F.R.G.S.; hon. mem. Faculty of vard, St Botolph. Recreations: tennis, golf. Ad- 
Letters of U. of Cuico; mem. Am. Antlq. Soc, dress: 205 Beacon St., Boston. 
Washington Aceul. Sciences: hon. mem. Nat. Acad. BimrBT, Jdui, clergyman, educator; Feb. 23, 
of History, BogotA. Colombia; corr. mem. His- i844.june 12, 1913. (See vol. 1909.) 
panic Soc. of America, Lima Geog. Soc. Clubs: — ,--„^ wiii<.„ i.,„„.,»,„<,nt honker- h -War- 
tliilvsraltv (New York). Graduates. Elizabethan .■*"■"*. J*?"**™' J".^<'»t'"^"t..?."'!f*1'_?- ^?£ 

^onn. _ . _ -^ . ^ . ard Anson Richmond, of Providence). Elisabeth 

BarOKAK, HOWM4 KsarjrCliarl**, educator; Qoddard. Mem. Wllbour Jackson & Co., bankers, 

moved to Amsterdam, N.Y. (See vol. 1909.) Providence, 1881-9, Sheldon & Blnney, 1889-96; In 

BOrOKftlC, Joel roots, clergyman: Oct 11, 1827- stock and bond brokerage business on own ac- 

<v.f 18 1914 rSee vol 1909. also Who's Who in count, 1895-8; mem. Wilson Slade & (3p. since 

A^ertck. 1914-16 )• "no m ggg ■ j trustee since 1896. Mem. S.A.R. Epls- 

Amerlca, 191« l*-' „..„,.... copallan. Clubs: Hope, Agawam Hunt Bristol 

BOrOKABI, MuccUna Ju lawyer; Feb. 21, 1846- Reading Room, Harvard (R.I.). Home: 26 Brown 

Mar. 14. 1910. (See vol. 1909.) St, Providence, R.I.; (summer) "Hopelands." 

BnrOXASI. HomiMi Wimuns, 9x., lawyer: b. Potowonut R.I. Office: 15 Westminster St, Provi- 

Wlnter Hill, Mass., Aug. 12, 1872; s. Norman Wll- dence. R.I. 

liams and Eunice Harriet (Martin) Bingham; ed. BIBD, CharlM, brigadier-gen. U.S.A.; b. Wil- 

Somervllle pub. schs.; A.B., Harvard, 1895; LL.B., mington. Del.. June 17, 1838; s. James T. and 

Harvard Law Sch., 1898; m. Bangor, Me., Feb. 23, Elizabeth (Kettle) Bird; grad. Lawrenceville (N. 

1904, Ethel Prescott Stetson; children, Katherlne j.) sch.; m. Mary C. Bouman, of Wilmington, Nov. 

S., Blliabeth, Eleanor. Practiced in Boston since 15, 1866. First U. 1st Del. Inf., May 20, 1861; hon. 

1898; dlr. Morley Button Mfg. Co.; during coll. mustered out, Aug. 16, 1^^; ^ ^^..^^^Oi^l^ 


Apr. 11, 18(2; Ist. It., Oct. 1, 1862; capt.. Mar. (Crossman) Bird; ed. Hopkinson's School. Bostoa; 

16, 1863; It. -col. 9th Del Inf., Sept. 3, 186i; It. -col., m. Mies Violet Oooderh&n, of Toronto. Canmda, 
let U.S. Vet. Inf., Dec. 24, 1864; coL, May 30, 1866; Auf. 31, 1806; children, John Reginald, Maxy Bllxa- 
bvtd. lat It and capL, Mar. 2, 1867, "for gallant betn. Began in builders' material buaineas with 
and meritorious services In battle of Fredericks- father, 1894; mem. firm J. A. & W. Bird A On 
burg, Va."; maj., Mar. 2, 1867, for same in battle (chemicals), Boston, since 1898; pres. FUntkote 
of Spottsylvania, Va.; It. -col.. Mar. 2, 1867, for Mfg. Co. (roofing paper). Mem. Boston Chamber 
same In battle of Petersburg, Va., June 20, 1864; of Commerce. Clubs: Bzchange, Boston Art, 
hon. mustered out, Jan. 19, 1866; apptd. from Del., Country (Brookllnel. Recreations: farming. Home: 
2d it., 14th U.S. Inf., May 11, 1866; transferred to Brookllne, Mass; (summer) Framlnglutm. Maaa 
23d Inf., Sept. 21, 1866; let It., May 23, 1867; capt. Office: 88 Pearl St., Boston. 

asBt. q.-ra.. Mar. 14, 1882; mal. q.-m., Jan. 14, 189B; _._^ _.„• _, . , v 

lt.-col. chief q.-m. vols.. May 9, 1898; col. q.-m. „ ■'■"a, ^S**™ Wairen, mechanical engr.; b. 

vols., July 10. 1898; brig. gen. vols., Jan. 3, 1901; Somervllle, Mass., Apr. 11, 1866; s. Henry M. and 

hon. discharged from vol. service, June 20, 1901; Sarah A. (Clark) Bird; B.S., Worcester Poly. Inst, 

It-col. deputy q.-m.-gen., Feb. 2, 1901; brlg-gen., 1887; m. Elolse MacNelll, of Washington. D-C- 

Apr. 16, 1902; retired by operation of law, June J"?e 12. 1900 Xnstr. meoh. engring., JWorcwiter 

17, 1902. Address: Moorhead Hotel, Gloucester. Poly. Inst, 1887-91; supt. Broadway Iron Poun- 
Mass.* (Iry, Cambridge. Mass., 1891-6, and pres. and treaa. 

mvm'n #n. •.._ m < .. tt. ,. -... . Same, 1896-03; prof. mech. engring. and dlr. "Waabr 

r.J^'S' '"^^K*""^' P^P^^S^JS-^ ''• ^* 71^' burn Shops, Worcester Poly. iHst, since IMS: 
K.l*A„H*^.^,.i,i??,' S-. f ^J"!? William and Abby mem. Common Council. Cambridge, Mass.. 1>00-1; 
\i^J^? riKnJ'®'y T^"^^' ^•^■■«"°"^'*; W^io^a- •"«"'■ Bd. Of Aldermen. 1902. Mem. Am. Soc Mecb. 
^^'^^Ja^^^I?' °' ^°j;'=^"i*''fe, *'?*,?;• P"}- ^?- ^^P- Engrs. Address: 10 Harvard St. Worcester. Mass. 
Engaged in paper maldng in East Walpole since be- 
ginning of business career; owner of F. W. Bird & BIX08ZT, Eli Oo«, merchant; b. Meriden. CouL, 
Son mills at East Walpole. Mass., Norwood. Mass. Feb. 26. 1843; s. Ell Coe and Rebecca CoolEe <Wil- 
PhiUipsdale. R.I., Hamilton, Can., Fort Rouge, cox) Blrdsey; descendants of 36 lines of ancestora 
Can. Prog, candidate for gov. of Mass., 1913. from England and Wales arrived In America, 
Clubs: Harvard (New York), Somerset (Boston). 1626-40; ed. Meriden Acad, and Peirce Aca.d.. Mid- 
Home: East Walpole, Mass.* dleboro. Mass.; m. Catherine Butler, of Meridea 

BntO. Chartoa ■nmiiar Jr ■ b Past Walnole Nov. 16, 1864 (now deceased); m. 2d, Ida Uomajn, 

Mass Sent 29 188?Tpharlpi ll.T^/r anri A^n« °* Meriden, Jan. 19. 1909. Served 4 yrs. to lean 

Ju'u\ciShd)'Vrd?dlsc^nSedV^orR\^^"T^^^^ ^W^Tf ''^flir''j-u,^^''?ii, ''^^'^^IS^^S^^J^ 

?o°n'^''Vd '*S'opil?n's"on'^s"'yc°h ''?l'o°s'"to°nV'k'S- ^a"^ Slti'^a^^Vra^^i^fn"" WLlSS' hi2."sln?e"''co"n"JSS^ ; "S? 
ion,_ ea^ «opKinspn s &cn. (Boston), Paul Ran- „«,t.,or nirrt.o^« a woi7«n. « .« purltan Trust Oa; 

~ Tru»-' 


TSmfs^ and RacQuet fBMtonV ^?^^^^^ H«n?: a"^ ^"''^^ Recorder same orgn.; author of Proc 

iSf"3i^S «-' '^^^^^^^^^^^ 

^ ' _ ■ Main St, Meriden. Conn. 

, "i^" ■>»»•' "-i pre"- North Nat Bank., Rook- ^_«w.. .^.. ^„ ,.m , w -™r . 

land. Me. BIBDBBTB, Arthur Jollna, life Ins.; b. ^^ater- 

-BTwn xi...,.<. 'Bniii._ .HI..,.. .-.» ....K . K -ixT.i loo, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1868; 8. Julius Hiram and 

nJ?J^i«^15urT^R^T? 2 rh.fS,^ ■?! "iUrt- T-^l Blliaboth (Kliner) Blrdseye; ed. Waterloo Acad.; 

J frh^irt^ fatrd-^A nirvar^ %ot L^R u^ »• Rochester, N. Y., Oct 12 1881, Clara BCaUlda 

Ja,rt T Li sih • iQnR". ^ M.ri«ll w m,«l'„- Jj Turplh. Engaged in various lines of bustneM: 

yard Law Soh., 1906. m. Margery W. Phelps, of a^v eooiln Ro^eatitr. 1S79: lawelrv. Fairoort a 
Boston. Sept 
Eiditor and 

Boat ^(Boston); University, Harvard (NewYork). ^^- %iewarT N J°Y89rauori:i°eniiiea'owTr^$M 
^t'^Offlir'iirwS^hlS^tSn St^^Bos^ton^ Marlboro S'tate''agt"''Bame'co!*Iton?ordf Co^nn"" slncS" iwo! 
St Office. 311 Washington St., Boston. ^^ organizer and dlr. Am. Industrial Bank & Trust 
BIBS, Osorf* Bmsrsoa, Judge; b. Portland, Me.. Co. (exec, com.); mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep. 1907-8: 
Sept 1, 1847; s. Robert Alexander and Sarah (Em- mem. Hartford Chamber of Commerce (legislative 
erson) Bird; A.B., Harvard, 1869, A.M., 1872; (LL.D., com.). Democrat. Episcopalian; vestryman and 
Bowdoln, 1909); m. Harriet Leonard Williams, treas. St. James Ch., Farmlngton; mem. Ch. dub 
of Yarmouth, Me., July 8, 1890. Admitted to bar. Diocese of Conn.; staff officer Putnam Phalanx: 
1872, and practiced at Portland; mem. firm of mem. Soc. of Founders and Patriots of America 
Thomas (W^ W.) & Bird, 1878-83, Bird & Bradley, (elected gov., Apr., 1908). Mason (32"). CHnbs: 
1896-08. U.S. dlst atty. of Me., 1886-90; mem. Me. Hartford, City. Get-Together, Charter Oak Ad 
Ho. of Rep., 1893-6; asso. Justice Supreme Jud. Ct Club— all of Hartford; Country (Farmlngton). 
of Me. for term 1908-15. Democrat Mem. Am. Recreations: amateur photography. Home: Farm- 
Bar Assn. (v.-p., 1907-9). Pres. Trustees North Ington, Conn. Office: Ist Nat Bank Bldg., Hart- 
Tarmouth Academy, Merrill Memorial Library, ford, (jonn. 

SlSKn3«onSS;Mf H?n^g^^^^^^^^ 

f^iJ^^n%.^^V^^P''Sr^l (1.-.!%^': Caroline CH--m ^Blrdseye;^^ed. Pub-ch.^^, 

9). Address: Portland, Me.» corsets since 1869 under title of Blrdseye Somera 

BSBD, Kemiaii, Insurance. Engaged in Insur- fjo.; dlr. Pegnonnock Nat. Bank, Bridgeport Sav- 
ance business since 18B8; sec. and dlr. Citizens ing-s Bank, Bankers' Loan & Trust Co. (New York). 
Mut Ins. Co.; mem. Suburban Bd. Boston Fire Served as president Bridgeport Cliamber of Coin- 
Underwriters; mem. Cambridge Bd. Fire Under- merce; dlr. Y.M.C.A., Bridgeport Orphans' Asylum; 
writers; pres. Reliance Co-operative Bank; trustee treas. Nat Soc. S.A.R.; mem. S.R., Soc. Colonial 
Cambrldgeport Savings Bank. Home: 12 BIgelow wars. Mil. Order Foreign Wars. Barons of Rune- 
8t, Cambridge, Mass. Office: 663 Massachusetts mede. Roosevelt elector, 1904. Conglist Clubs: 
Av. and 86 water St, Boston. Seaside, Brooklawn Country, Bridgeport Yacht 

BIBS. Kaynard K, president Secnrlty Trust Co. Lotos (New York). Address: 733 Talrfleld Av, 

Rockland, Me. Bridgeport Conn. 

BIBD. BsgtnaU WUlUn, mfr.: b. Brookllne, B IB PliHTB, Thomas t^ banker, trustee: b. 

Mass.. June 22, 1872; s. William B. and Caroline Huntington, Conn., Oct 11. 1840; a Thaddeui 


<3oald and Mary Ann (Sh«Iton) Blr4aey«; ad. BlBTWaJA. Oharlas Waal^, social worker; b. 

X>«rby High Sch.; m. Derby, July 1. 1S*4, Mary A. L>awrence, Mass., Nov. tt, 18(0; s. Tempest and 

Smith; 4 children. Beasie R., Henry Shelton. Sarah (Plckels) BlrtweU; fitted for collese at 

faeanor li.^ Maryanna. Became connected with Lawrence High Sch.; A.B., Harvard, aumma cum 

Kvoatofflce at Darby, I8SS. and later was apptd. laude, 1885; m. Helen Dow, of Hampton Falls, 

a-aat. postmaster; apptd. elk. Derby Saylnvs Bank. N.H., Oct. 16, 1894. Qen. sec. Boston Children's 

X860, treaa. and sec, upon death of father. 1880, Aid Soc., 1886-11; gen. sec. Am. Federation for Sex 

ajid elected dlr.. 1893; In Ina business, established Hysrlene, 1911-12; general secretary Mass. Soc. 

by father, 18fi4; dlr. Oak Cliff Cemetery; trustee for Sex Education, 1912-lG. Member Advisory 

of several trusts. Episcopalian. Clubs: Derby and Board on Public Institutions of the City of Bos- 

Shelton Bd. of Trade. Recreations: flahins in ton. 1896-7; sec. sect, on care of dependent, neg- 

florlda. Home: 330 Caroline St. Office: Main and lected and wayward children, Internat. CongresH 

Caroline Sts., Derby, Conn. of Charities, Correction and Philanthropy, Chicago, 

1893; investigated truancy, and drafted leglsla- 

Mass.. 5S.. r^SBT^r^Slra'^^d' J^ila^'^S^Vk': ^"2. ''i»lffhn''l%T-JV^\rxtii^^^^ie%' 

er) Kendrlck: M.D.. Coll. Phys. and Sura., Boston, ^"TUfts" chijn «Mt on ehlld-sivtoa w^ 

1891: post-grad, study, New York Post-Grad. Coll.. i„ .fx hvrfene 1912 nIi Cmf ?^^ 

Phila. Polyclinic Mass. Eye and Ear Hosp.. and norrMtloJ?*dS aoDtd h v U 8 mil aSthorlUes to 

I>r. Knapp-s Pvt Hosp. for Eye and Bar; m. West F?rlt Conference S?ChiMtySidCor?ect^^^ 

Bamsta&fe, May 3, 1«82. Dr. William 8. Blrge; 2 fH|^ oJiiTM?^ "Home Libraries"' in 1887 -dlr 

CbUdren. Amy k, WUUara D. Teacher and asst. soclil SeTvl^eCommmle Harvard Un°v from or^ 

postmaster previous to marriage; resident phys. „„iMtlor 1894 t^^904- mem "RandiVci^^rit?^^ 

Ocean View Sanitarium. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc ^^Td" r^itla hv will ^f Belinda L Handafi 

Methodist. Clubs: Nautilus, Woman's Guild. Ad- f.^T. 'has served on bds of (Urs Mais piuoS 

dreaa: 6 Pearl St. Provlncetown. Mass. \»»J^^ 'south'En'd House"' N.E.'"watc^"nd'vv'rrd 

BEBOX, wmiam Bpafard, M.D.; b. Cooperstown. Soc, etc.; mem. Mass. "Commission to Investigate 

N.T.. Jan. 19, 18B7; s. Delos Luther and Amy A. White Slave Traffic. Bo-Called," 1913; mem. Ll- 

(Spafard) Blrge; ed. pub. schs.; student New York brary Council, Social Library; sec. Unitarian Club 

U. 2 yrs.; M.D., Univ. Med. Coll., New York U., of Boston since 1899. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Delta 

1881: post-grad, study, hosps. of New York and Upsllon. Clubs: Harvard, Boston City. Home: 

Phila.; m. Ella Freeman Kendrlok (M.D.), of West Hampton Falls, N.H. Office: E3 State St., Boston. 

Barnstable, Mass., May 12, 1882; 2 children. Amy Mass. 

B., William D. Practiced in Provlncetown, Mass., BISBBS, Arthur Browa, M.D.; b. Waitsfleld, 
since 1884; specializes in treatment of nervous Tt Mar 22, 18B8; s. EsDah W. and Lydla D. 
diseases; acting asst. surgeon, U. S. Marine Hosp. (Brown) Blsbee: M.D., Coll. of Phys. and Surg. 
Service. Mem. Mass. Med. Hoc, Mass. Medico- (Columbia), 1884; m. Alice M. Putnam, of Mont- 
Legal Soc Mason. Address: Provlncetown, Mass. pelier, Vt, June 23, 1886. Began practice at South 

BZBKROrr. OMTffs David, mathematician; b. ^oy^^ipn-JV i^,l^'-T""'%''^^J° Montpeller, 1887 
Overlsel, Mich., Mar., 21, 1884; a David and Jane "}*1- ^T' ^^^-Ht^J^'b 9° a^*"?;«^,^K?.^.i'i'*TTS?• 
Ge^t^ude (Droppers) Blrkhoff; Lewis Inst, Chi- Med. Dlrs., Vt State Med. Soc. Republican. Unl- 
caxo, 1898-02; IT. of Chicago, 1902-3; Harvard, tarlan. Home: Montpeller, Vt. 
1S03-6, A.B., 1906, A.M., 1906; U. of Chicago, 1906- BSUBB, Olwrlss lUlvllls, M.D., surgeon; 
07, Ph.D., 1907; m. Margaret Elizabeth Graflus, of b. Canton, Me., Nov. 21, 1848; s. Daniel and Phil- 
Chlcacro, Sept. 2, 1908. Instr. In mathematics U. India F. (Lombard) Blsbee; ed. Canton (Me.) State 
of Wis.. 19(^7-9; asst prof, mathematics, 1909-11, Normal Sch., Farmlngton, Me.; M.D., Med. Sch. 
prof.. 1911-12, Princeton: asstprof. mathematics, of Me. (Bowdoln), 1871; m. Bert E. Maddocks, of 
Harvard, 1912 — . (See Who's Who in America for South Framlngham, Mass., Apr. 16, 1900. Practiced 
Societies, etc) Home: 44 Shepard St., (Cambridge, In Peru, Me., 1871-3, Sumner, 1873-9S, Rumford 

since 1896; consulting phys. Central Me. Gen, 

r v^__.. J «!,>.,>»,«.«■ >» T\.nni«.n Hosp.; U.S. examining surgeon for pensions, 16 

r* i5S^ M^^oS I ^ZJS SWrH.wH. JS?* yrs.; mem. Oxford Co. Examining Bd. for pensions 

l;i.*^i'n" aS}^o^i*iB«l*mr>*^Tor" * y™-: P'es. trustees Rumford & Mexlcb Water 

RTfR "R^i.Ti aohoi?of 'TOeoIoifv^?8?9^ mi^' Dist; treas. Rumford Drug Co. Mem. Me. Coast 

^■S::„F^^^S^»?^ii,lJi^■2^n^^lS^^rA.,ll^Jliir^i' Guards, 1884-66. Mem. Me. Med. Assn., Oxford Co. 

rt ®^'f^f°«"Y«« rJr^^^ wi? ikskH »f Piiin' Med. fioc Republican. Baptist. Mason (K.T.), 

Sfti*^ I- wflMl^ M^l^ ISM 01 Pa"rk Av M a M«™- I.O.O.F.,'^K. Of P. Clubs: Business ^en'i. 

neld, O., SS. WalpOle, Mass., loVV-Ul, Ir'arK AV. al.r4. MunhanioA' Tnatltut* Ai^drpnn- RiiTnfnrf! Mfl 

Ch.. Worcester, Mass., 1901-2, Hyde Park, Masa, ^^ecnanics institute. Address. Kumroro, Me. 

1902-6: spent 1 yr., 1906-6. traveling in Europe; BOBBa, Bdward Vyatt, lawyer; b. Waitsfleld, 

pastor Newton Centre. Mass.. 1906-8. Maiden Cen- Vt., Feb. 27. 1866; s. Elijah W. and Lydla D. 

tar, 1908-11; dean Boston U. Sch. of Theology, (Brown) Blsbee; descendant of Thomas Blsbee 

Mar., 1911 — ; trustee Boston U.. 1909-11. Inde- (then written Besbedge). Plymouth Colony, 1634; 

pendent Methodist Address: 72 Mt. Vernon St, grad. Barre Acad., 1875; studied law in offices 

Boston.* of Heath & Carleton and Joseph A Wing, Mont- 

_-fc_ •».*i,_. -„,„.„„. K D,^.i,„iii. pelier: admitted to bar. 1879; m. Montpeller, Jan. 

BlBmB, JOImMaaisWB, surgeon, b. Rockvllle. gp jjgg j U^ B Snow. Ha.s practiced in Barre 

v?Mi2^S^rUl^llll■^wi^l2■^VJ^^''lX^^r.?:7 since 1879; stites atty.. Washington Co.. 1888-90; 

SS^!I.t^trH *M^«* Vr wn.»m^- fflnV- Mn" "^e trustee Aldrlch Library; postmaster Barre 

Springfleld ^Mass.. A.B.. Willlama, 1901, M.D., , jgjj Ex-pres. N.E. Postmasters' Assn. Re- 

SSK;^^„i??'?,%,^*'-ion«°*L."JJ'°tr.rffA„^2?.",*.lfl«JS publlcin: Unlversallst. Mason, K.T., Shrlner. Ad- 

Springfield since 1909; asst. surgeon Springfield S-..-. Rarrs vt 

Hosp., since 1909; surgeon Ware Hosp. since 1910. 1!L_«" i_lr--€-v «ii.ii..^ »i.,„„„.., «rti««,. 
Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons: mem. Xm.A.. Delta ^ ^JP"?"' JT^'S'? ^? ,??i'.*''*'^l?i^™' A}^Ia 
Kappa Epsllon, Gamma Delta Phi. Republican, b. Nunda, N.Y., Feb. 28, 1856; s. Hiram Alonzo 
Clubs: Harvard (Boston), Williams (New York), and Mary Jane (Hand) Blsbee; ed. pub. schs.. 
Home: 34 Steams Terrace. Office: 6 Chestnut St. g'y.Sfhamton, N.Y., and pvt study; B^D^ Tufts 
Snrlnxfleld. Mass Coll., 1877 (S.T.D., 1897) m. Hannah T. Bradley, 
sprmgneio, Mass. ^^ Vineyard Haven, Mass.. Jan. 1. 1880 (died 1886); 
BXaOV. Joseph Frederick Bodolphe, M.D.; 2d. Matty Gaily, of San Jose. Cal.. June 28. 1891. 
b. Sherbrooke. P. (}., Can., Jan. 26. 1866; s. Raphael Ordained Unlversallst ministry, 1877; pastor Ch. 
A. and Hermellne (Clermont) BIron; M.D., Montre- of Our Father, Spencer, Mass., 1877-83. Ch. of Res- 
al Sch. Medicine and Surgery, 1890; m. Skowhegan. toration. Phlla., 1883-98; editor-ln-chlef Unlversal- 
Me., Feb., 1892, Mary Clarke Fales; children, Mary ist Leader. Boston, since 1898; editor and pub. 
Louise Hermellne, Hubert Francis. Ellse Fales, monthly review, To-Day, Phlla., 1896; sec. Pa. 
Raphael Alfred. Practiced at Skowhegan, 1890-6, Unlversallst State Conv.. 1886-98. Non-resident 
since at Amesbury. Mass. Republican. Mem. Mass. lecturer Tufts Coll. and St. Lawrence U. Mem. 
Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn., A.O.U.W. Club: Religious Edn. Ason.. Internat. Congress Re- 
Wormesquam. Recreations: fishing, hunting. Ad- llglous Liberals. Internat. Peace Union. Re- 
dress: Amesbnry, Mass. publican. Clubs: Contemporary (Phlla.), Nat. Llb- 


eral (London, hon.). Press, Unlversallst (Boston), atlons: Ashing, shooting. Home: Newton, Masa. 
Tufts Coll. Club. Author: A Summer Flight, 1911. Office: 64 Devonshire St.. Boston. 

olfu'Sliti^O^^l^'aM^Bovls/S^'s? "fioltin .^^'"'" »M«OP, BUls. clergyman; b. New Brunswick, 

chusetto. Office. 359 Boylston St.. Boston. j^ j m„. 7. 1872; s. Hon. Jamas and Mary Fau- 

BiaSBB, Ctoon* »., lawyer; pres. Rumford g^^res (Ellis) Bishop; grad. Princeton Prep. Sch.. 

Falls Trust Co., Rumford, Me. 1888; B.A., Rutgers Coll.. New BrunswicK, N.J.. 

BmBSS VariKn Kalviu*. »r1iipatnr- h West 1892; D.B., Berkeley Dlv. Sch.. Middletown. Conn.. 

Sum™"Me""^ "'imT" s'^CharTes MeWllle If"! m. Elinor Bu(nett of Boston and SouthlK,«, 

and Ella Remember (Tucker) Bisbee; A.B.. Mass- May 21. 1907 children, Mary Joaephtoe 

Bowdoln, 1898; summer of 1901 in Europe; poet- ?'s?°P5 »"'' J"™«s ?'!i?,°J'. -f „V^n»??k r J r 'h "^ iffi 

grad. study in Latin and edn., spl. work relating 1»»8. fi?v o*^**' f^^V!*"U"'^v*'^r.£^'''o«.7r^Si oi?? 

to med. mipectlon of schs.. Harvard, 1904-6. A-M", York, 1897-8; rector St Paul's Ch., Salt Lake City. 

1906: m. Maude Arlle Wells, of Lynn, Mass., Apr. V^^^^^^l'"^' .^f^}- "'"'ster St. Paul s Ch.. Bos- 

5. 1900; 1 child, Harlan Melville. Jr., b. Jan. 11, *?"• 13"lfnS'?'"'^'%'"'""'=?*''^®.?^- i®'*''*'IPfwi?^.: 

1913, d. Apr. 13, 1916. Asst Rumford Falls (Me.) Boston 1902-7; prof, pastoral theo^^^^^^^ 

High Sch.. 1898-9; prln. Brewer (Me.) High Sch., Dlv Sch.. 1907-10; rector St. George sCh.. Br dge- 
1899-04; prln. Robinson Sem., Exeter, N.H., since Port, (:onn 1910-11; abroad with family, 1911^ 
Sept., 1905. Mem. N.E.A.. Am. Inst. Instruction, J?: rector Grace Ch Parish, Amherst, Mass sln<^ 
N.i. Assn. Colls, and Prep. Schs., Classical Assn. 1912- Mem. Delta Phi. Clubs: Science (Amherst), 
of N.E.. Rockingham Co. Teachers' Assn.. N.H. Boston Clerical; Amherst Golf (Amherst); Tor- 
State Teachers' Assn. (pres., 1912), Educational 3"ay,°ol' '.T"^*""^'; ^".Vi- ^?.w™?""o„9lJf?„iir; 
Council of N.H. Republican. CongUst. Mason. Q-. Can.); University (N.Y. City). Permanent 
Contbr. of numerous articles In ednl. mags.; fre- address: Southboro, Mass. 

quent engagements on lecture platform. Address: BISHOP, Blw«U Alesutdnr, educator; moved to 

87 Front St., Exeter, N.H. Sevlerville; Tenn. (See vol. 1909.) 

BX8BBB, MsTTtn Savla, educator. librarian: BISKOV, Oaoqr* WMhlarton, public official; 

June 21, 1846-Aug. 28. 1913. (See vol. 1909. also b. West Burke. Vt.. Oct. 4. 1849; 8. Truman 

Who's Who m America. 1912-13.) Gardner and Harriet Newell (Kimball) Blsbop; 

BIBBEB, Bobart BOgsr, clergyman; b. Welling- ed. pub. and select schs. and St. Johnsbury (Vt.) 

ton, Me.. Oct 11, 1861; s. Robert and Elvira Acad.; m. Annie Bell King, of Athol, Mass., Sept. 

(Moses) Bisbee; A.B.. Wesleyan U., Conn., 1875, 16, 1873; 1 daughter, Nellie Maud. In employ of 

A.M., 1878; student Boston U. Sch. of Theology 1 Conn. & Passumpsic Rivers R.R. 3 yrs. as flre- 

yr.; m. Ada Mae Graves, of Portland, Me., July 26, man, brakeman and sectionman; moved to Mass.. 

1875; 4 children, Rena I., b. 1877; Edna C, b. 1883; 1870, and took charge of a section for Vt. & Mass. 

Robert M., b. 1885; Joseph G., b. 1891; teacher R.R. Co.; roadmaster Vt. and Mass division, Fltch- 

Qreek, Latin and German, Chamberlain Inst., Ran- burg Rd., 1874-95; mem. Mass. Bd. R.R. Comnara. 

dolph, N.Y., 1875-7: pres. Clark U.. Atlanta, Ga., (under Govs. Greenhalge, Wolcott, Crane, Bates. 

1877-^1; fleld agt. Freedman's Aid Soc, 1882; en- Guild and Draper); apptd. by Gov. l-oss mem. 

tered ministry M.E. Ch.. 1882; pastorates in Me., Public Service Commn.. continuing until Aug. 1. 

Wash.. Vt.. and Mass.; at Hull, Mass., 1908-12; 1914; since chief of Inspection Bureau of Public 

pastor chs. at South Middleboro and South Carver Service Commn. Resided at Athol 26 yrs. and 

since 1912; pres. Spokane (Wash.) Coll., 1887, 8, 91; there served In various pub. offices. Formerly pres. 

chmn. Mass. Minimum Wage Commn. since Oct. J«.E. Roadmasters Assn. Republican. Unitarian. 

1914. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Nu Theta. Has Mason (32°); Past Comdr Athol Cpmmandery; 
traveled and lectured extensively; book reviewer Past Dlst. Deputy Grand Master, 12th Masonic 
and contbr. Boston Transcript. Springfield Repub- D'st.: Past Sr. Grand Warden of Grand Lodge of 
llcan. and the Arena. Home: South Middleboro, Masons of Mass. and Past Grand Lecturer of 
Mass Grand Commandery of Mass. and R.l. Home: Wal- 

' nut St., Newtonvlile, Mass. Office: 1 Beacon St., 

BISOO, Bdward FoBtar, retired banker; b. Lei- Boston. 

??5!f„':i..5lt*.^-'™f,!!;.",;ri^"'T?inPJif''«frh ^Sh*' BISKOF, K«b«r. surgeon. Ins. mgr.; b. Marble- 

iJ^??*,S°*^i$L »r^'»R« innn p?wl ri Ai^sMn and t""- Que.. July 26. 1868; s. Henry Gordon and 

Jl*.^'-'"Vw?ioU»?' lm■.,■^?."^'^H??^„hV.'^ aLSS^ Catherine Howard (Farnsworth) Bishop; descend- 

U»Y.'/ y^Yt'l^^i. ^J^^^Lv x?»»*v^tlt i1fil 79' ant o' Francis Cooke, of the Mayflower, and on pa- 

I*^"w«^i*f i^«*;<?°^«„^fi".\^^^,J°ni^' 1879 «i 'ernal side, of Hon. James Bishop, It gov. of 

fS*'- -^°ifi"i*i' n%^ ^?£S £t'^°SlL* o^J»r V£°-',,HrtI?rmi fonn . ^-ad. Normal Sch.. Marbleton, 1874; B.A., 

i'^JS* Vhf '^I'V,' ?"iS Y"^o?rrM"/f*®'^i^?"Mit .^S Bishop's Coll., Lennoxvllle, Que.. 1876; M.D.. Mc- 

??iH'i3*isE*f"Koiv^ .'v;,,^^?!.?! h thi wSh»l^^r G'" U.. Montreal, 1882; Mem. Coll. Phys. and 

SlV,!?",^„-^,^hn*^ii1'.,^r,?-^^«=' vvLl^«,,T^^ ^.mIJ Surg., Que,. 1882: life mem. St. Thomas Hosp.. 

n3^"*n£^A„""A'i/*i*'?2n?'e''o1?,n» «^^1.»5* ?.«L^r London. Eng., 1883; m. Emma Louise Woolley, bf 

9?;'„.?iL^ nl^' 9"}^ ^'i**®H;®'„^'n1*.„Th nS' rr^?vTr- Ondensburg" N.Y., May 1, 1882; 2 children, Leta 

«fi25"^ ni,.h"^f^^t.^iJ^ J^»T?h uTl^lfinn.- mn«in" Howard. Alice Louise Victoria. Engaged In prac- 

A°,»)irLi?''jV^^Sni?°JV w'r^rV.»?..r wi^ • ^ "=6 Of mcdlclne in Boston. 1884-8; surgeon and 

Address. 11 Irving St.. Worcester. Mass. adjuster U.S. Mut Accident Assn. of New York. 

BISKOP, Cluuiallir, M.D.: b. Bristol. N.H., 1888-95: surgeon and adjuster and mgr. accident 

July 26, 1864; s. James M. and Margaret and liability depts., Aetna Life Ins. Co. of Hart- 

(Locke) Bishop; prep. edn. Tllton Sem.: spl. stu- ford. Conn., since 1895. Apptd. surgeon H. M. 

dent Brown U., 1885-6; M.D.. Boston U. Sch. of 58th Regt., Compton Battalion of Inf., Que., 1882. 

Medicine, 1889; m. Lena B. Cragin, of Lebanon, Trustee and treas. of bd. N.E. Home for Deaf 

N.H., May 16. 1893. Practiced at Bristol, N.H., Mutes. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. North 

since 1889. Mem. Am. Inst. Homoeopathy, N.H. Am. Fish and Game Protective Assn., Mass. Fish 

Homce. Soc Republican. Methodist. Home: Brls- and Game Protective Assn.. etc. Mason (Mass. 

tol. N.H. Lodge. St. Andrew's R.A. Chapter, Boston Coun- 

itTavov BMaa S lawver- h Newton Mass ell). Clubs: Boston City, Megantlc Fish and Game 

Au™*? J9?T"Ro'Srt''R.'^rnd MarrHeren (Bui- (f„^-Pr«\iirn,?n^lt'"o^^"M'e^^ Offlc^i^'^BO ^cD?e"a'i"5f " 
lard) Bishop; grad. Phillips Acad., Ahdover, Mass.; "°"'«- larmlngton. Me. Office. 60 Congress St., 

1889; A.B., Harvard. 1894; LL.B., Harvard Law "osw- 

Sch., 1897; m. Emille Fanning Hunter, of New- BISKOP, Kanry Alfred, business man; b. Bridge- 
ton, Mass., June 28, 1894 (now deceased); chll- port. Conn, Dec. 4. 1860; s. William D. and Jiula 
dren, Robert R.. Eleanor. Stephen H. ; m. 2d, Miss Ann (Tomlinson) Bishop; entered Yale with class 
Delia M. Cleaves, Oct. 14, 1914. Has practiced of 1884, but did not graduate; m. Jessie Alvord 
In Boston since 1897; dlr. Newton South (io-opera- Trubee. of Bridgeport, Feb. 6, 1883. Gen. ticket 
tlve Bank. Alderman, Newton. 1904-6; mem. Mass. agt., 1881-3. purchasing agt.. 1883-6. asst. supt.. 
Ho. of Rep.. 1907-9. Mem. Bd. Trustees Phillips 18S5-6, Naugatuck R.R.; served as supt. Housa- 
Acad. Mem. Am.. Mass. and Middlesex Bar Assn., tonic Rd. and gen. supt. same, and Its branches; 
Bar Assn. City of Boston. Republican. Congllst. purchasing agt.. N.Y., N.H. & H.R.R., 1887-02; 
Clubs: Boston City, Harvard (Boston). Recre- acting v.p. and v.p^ Wj,Yi5 [CeiJ^^^d^Plttsburgh 


St 'Western Md. rda., 1902-3 (reslrned). V.p. Pa- Marie E. (Pomeroy) Bissell: pub. 8Ch. ed'n; m. 
clflc Iron Works, Conn. Press, Inc., Automatic SuOeld, 1889, Clara J. Spencer, In ofllce of Trav- 
Ifachine Co., Clapp Fire Reslstlner Paint Co.; dlr. elers Ins. Co., Hartford, Conn., until 1891; asBt 
"Weatctaester St Ry. Co., Read Carpet Co., Western cashier Suffleld Nat. Bank, 1891-8; mem. Arm of 
ITnion Telegraph Co.. Am. Diet. Tel. Co., of N.T. L. B. Blssell, Bro. St Co., dealers In leaf tobacco; 
(exe<^ com.). Am. Dlst Telegraph Co., of N.J., Am. now pros. Suffleld Savlntrs Bank. Republican. Bai>- 
Oraphophone Co. (exec com.), Brady Brass Co., tist. Mason, K.T., Shriner. Club: Hartford. Ad- 
Conn. Nat. Bank, Peoples Savings Bank. Hem. dress: Suffleld, Conn. 

Conn. Ho. of Rep., 188«; pres. Bd. Police Commrs., —,_«_-_ »_«.^« ra.....,^. k tt.k,.^- r>«.,., 

Bridgeport. 1888-90: Dem. candidate for sec. of „""""f^t Frsdsrtc OlmniiM; b. Hebron, Conn., 

state. Conn., 1888, and for It.-gov., 1904; pres. May 4, 1848: s. Frederick Phelps and Almlra Jane 

Brldireport Pub. Library, Bridgeport Boys' Club; (Carver) Blssell; ed. common and pyt. schs.; m. 

dlr. Bridgeport Hosp.. St Vincent's Hosp., Conn. Mansfield Conn.. Jan. 21, 187B, S. Gertrude Storrs; 

Humane Soc; trustee Bridgeport Orphan Asylum. L daughters. Alice Gertrude, Helen Mansfield. 

Episcopalian. (See Who's -^ho in Amerlci for With PW. Turner & Co silk mfrsTurncrvllle, 

socleti^, etc.) Home: Bridgeport, Conn.* Conn.. 1873-92; stock elk. Natchaug Silk Co.. Wil- 

B .. , llmantlc. Conn., 1892-7; chief elk., state comp- 

HIWITOP, Jolin WUaOB, pres. J. W. Bishop Co.; troUer Conn., 1898-05; deputy state comptroller 

b. Prince Edward Island, May 29, 1848; s. William since July 19, 1905. Republican. Episcopalian; elk. 

and Sarah (Hooper) Bishop; came to Lonsdale, St. Peter's Ch., Hebron, 22 yrs.; treas. St. Paul's 

R.L. 1867; learned carpenter's trade, 1860-4; m. Ch., WUUmantlc, 1893-09; sec. commn. Parochial 

Jan. 4, 1870, Sarah A., d. Thomas R. and Sarah Archives, Diocese of Conn. Mem. Acorn Club of 

Jane (Fales) Foster, of Holden, Mass.; 9 children. Conn., Conn. Hist Soc, Conn. Soc. S.AR., A.O.U.W., 

Itina (died 1872), Frederick (deceased), Alice (de- K.O.T.M. Club: Hartford Republican. Home: 376 

ceased). Nathaniel S. (died 1904), William T. (died Laurel St Office: State Capitol, Hartford, Conn. 

Fllren<l"j^ Marion e"(jS"''tVc^^ oi Wor^ BUMttUl. H—Uah, engineer; moved to Alta- 

ISt'JrTjohn"w:!°Jr.^S^tb?dg?in'1Vo°r'ceYt°er^ Amerlca^lolfTs )^°*- """' '''° '^*'°''' ^*'° *" 

Mass.. 1887-74; has operated an master builder America, i»i4-ii>.) 

since 1874, alone, 1874-9, as Cutting & Bishop, WtBBXUU, ZiMll* Saytoa, educator; moved to 

1879-93. alone as J. W. Bishop A Co., 1889-99, Germany. (See vol. 1909.) 

since as J. W. Bishop Co., Inc., with offices in BUSBAR, Btohard Ksrrla, Insurance pres.; b. 

Worcester, Providence, Boston and New T-ork. Chicago, 111., June 8, 1882; s. George Francis and 

JJf?V. y°'^*5!*t ^Si, Mechanics Assn. Mason; Jerusha (Woodbrldge) Blssell; descendant of N.E. 

Odd Fellow. Clubs: Worcester, Worcester Country, ancestry; ed pub. and pvt sobs., Chicago; B.A., 

Turks Head (Providence. RIO. Recreations: mo- yale. 1883; m. Marie Trueadale, of N.Y. City, June 

torine. Home: 1212 Main St Office: 107-109 Foster 25, 1901; 3 children, William T.. Anne Carolyn, 

St, W^orcester, Mass. Richard M., Jr. With Hartford Fire Ins. Co. since 

BZBHOV. Koala Bannatt, M.D., ornithologist; b. 1883; with Western Dept of the Co., Chicago, 

Gnilford. Conn.. June 5. 1865; «. Timothy Hug- 1883-95; asst gen. agt Western Dept., 1885-6: 

gins and Jane Maria (Bennett) Bishop: B.A., Yale, asso. gen. agt., title of Cofran & Blssell. 1886-02; 

188«: M.D.. Yale Med. Sch., 1888; studied at New v.-p. at Hartford, Conn., 1903-13, pres. since Aug. 

York Polyclinic, 1888-9; tJnlv. Med. Sch., Vienna. 5, 1913, same CO.; dlr. Fidelity Trust Co., Conn. Gen. 

Austria. 1891-2; m. Leona Anna Bavlts, of Port Life Ins. Co. Lecturer on Ins., Yale U. Clubs: 

Jefferson, L.I., July 16, 1910; 1 son, Herbert Ben- University, Yale (New York), University (Chl- 

nett Practiced In New Haven 1892-08; Instr. In cago), Hartford, Hartford Golf (Hartford), Coun- 

pediatries. Yale Med. Sch., 1899-08; attending try (Farmlngton, Conn.). Author: Yale Insurance 

phys.. New Haven Dispensary, 1892-08. Mem. city, Lectures — Fire, 1904. Recreations: music, llter- 

co. and state med. socs.. Am. Ornlthol. Union, ature. golf. Home: 361 Farmlngton Av. Office: 

A.A.A.8., etc. Clubs: Yale (New York); Graduates Hartford Fire Ins. Co., 125 Trumbull St., Hart- 

(New Haven). Author: The Birds of Connecticut '"""d. Conn. 

1913. Contbr. occasional articles to ornlthol. mags. BZ8SBKK, WlUiam, M.D.; b. Litchfield, Conn., 

Address: 366 Orange St, New Haven, Conn. Mar. IB, 1830; s. Amos and Lvdla (Hall) Blssell; 

BI8KOV, Bathan I^as, educator; Mar. 6. 1841- A.B.. Yale, 1853; M.D., Yale Med. Sch., 1856; m. 

Oct 11, 1909. (See vol 1909 ) Mary Bidleman, of Bloomsbury, N.J., June 26, 

« iamii» Boi««4 m i.i..i..». m.. 91 taoA rLot 1868; 4 children. Joseph B., William B., Edward C. 

7 ^l^^^rSSrfsnQ'i ^ ■ ' ^***-°«*- May B. Practiced In LakevIUe. Conn., since 1856. 

(. 19US. loee vol. i»u».; Trustee Hotchklss Sch. Mem. A.M.A. Republican. 

B1B«0», BoaMU TomllasoB, M.D.. surgeon; b. Congllst Address: LakevIUe, Conn. 

?Tr's*Smmr*?/'Ssten?«> «\i^^T»uk A rr'niin^.n?; BISBOBBBTTB, Joseph Masdal, clergyman; b. 

BtihXS^^^n Ul? wfLhllti^ f,,^; ^ nn^i ?J?H St Brielde, Ibervlhe, Can.. Nov. IL 1869? s. Alfred 

PWUlSs ^a Ando^r M^s" Xnded^ecture^ »"« AdellAa (Bonvouloir) Bissonnette; student 

Yale Med Sch 1878^9- eni^cd In l?on and steel ^oll. de I'Assumptlon, P.Q.. Can., 1888-90; Coll. de 

mfg 187V90- MD Benl^ue hSsd mIS Col^^^ ^^'S' P^- ^^^0-3; Seminaire de Phllosophle. 

Vew'TorlZ is'93- m'Mlnnf..^ iWkwomf Fph V" Montreal, 1893-6; St Mary's Sem., Baltimore. Md., 

188? PrMUc^ at Brldeeoort sin?l isqs-^lsltin^ l»96-8. Ordained priest R.C. Ch., 1898; asst. pastor 

surgeon. EiSlrglncvHosD- mem Bd PensloS ^t. Aloysius Ch., Indian Orchard, Mass.. 1898-03, 

i^,§J^^%ti-^^^^^^^rr^^^^^ i?dTs?r'rnMris^aS;,' '"''■ ^''"''•'- " «°'- 

Brtdgeport. ^nn- .„,h«,. >. »„»»„,,, BITOBaBB, JOMPh Fraiiois, editor; b. St 

_»»™P'' J"?i7?°' 'S^f' *2*S°ri ''; "?ll'?,'^''^' Albans, Vt, May 6. 1864; s. John Qulncy and Sarah 

2!fKl;:.f'?-J' l?V= ?<!fi"""."5.''i^°"'t';'."®.<'^^">'^ Jones (Walnwrlght) Bittlnger; A.B., Dartmouth, 

Bishop: A.B.. Yale. 1867; studied architecture; m. iggs; m. Kate A. Teague. of Memphis, Tenn., Mar. 

JIS'' S^Sr"""" Jackson, of New York, July 28 e, 1888; children. Marjorie V., Alene, Richard B. 

12"l_ %*i*°7<.,*7"**4 "V""' Milwaukee Commercial Editor Old Colony Memorial, Plymouth. Masa. 

725S*?.A. TT JL'j o? » ""o^e™, languages. Yale, since 1898, also pres. Memorial Press; pres. Boston 

1893-1902; United States consul at Genoa. Italy, Suburban Blue Book Co.; dlr Union Publishing 

"*?"*'-!' ^^T?,?' "*'''; •'^""•.^ ^^JH^'^o^' ^'^^"' Co. Republican. Conijlist Home: 9 Sever St 

rffl*?*^ Republican. Agnostic Mem Soc. Co- office: 21 Middle St., Plymouth, Mass. 

lonial Wars. Clubs: Author". Graduates, (New . 

Haven, Conn.). (See Who's Who in America for BEKBBB, WlUiam JohnaOB, artl't; b. Manches- 

list of books.) Home: Brooklyn, Conn.* '", N.H.,Aug. SI, 1860; S.John and Elvira (Thomp- 

a ■^,114,-, v«.«- «.„,.„„»<.. ....Kii.t.... SO") Blxbee; ed. pub. schs.; began to learn wood 

».!?"»f*?5rBi^?«^rSr^5 Tfloq^ "^ publisher; engraving, 1870; studied drawing at Lowell Inst. 

Aug. 24. Ig61-1»— . (See vol. 1909.) Boston. 3 yrs.. 1874-6; studied water color wltli 

XfS^ Ohailea Ctianacey, business man; b. S. P. R. Trlscott, oil painting under Tommasso 

~ ■ ' ' "l-e 

Suffleld, Conn., Aug. 18, 1867; 8. Charles S. and Jufflarls, and later with Marcus Waterman, Bos 

uigiLi.^eu uy x^jv^v^ 



ton; m. Klizabeth Rolfe, of Boston, June 6, 1878; (Fairbanks) Black; A.B., Baltimore City Coll. (val- 
1 son, Henry !<. (chief electrician, U.S.N.). Fainter edlctorlan and Ist grade Peabody Prize); A.B.. 
of marine and shore views In oil, water colors and Johns Hopkins, 1888, Ph.D., 1891 (Univ. scholar- 
pastels; has exhibited in most of larger cities of ship); m. Jennie Haven Dlx, of Baltimore, Dec. 26. 
America. Mem. Boston Soc. Water Color Painters 1889. Actlngr prof, history and pollt. science, 
(sec. and trees.). Served in U.S. Navy, 1867-70. Georgetown (Ky.) Coll., 1891-2; asso. prof, eco- 
Mason; mem. K. of P. Home and Studio: 126 Front nomlcs, Oberlin Coll., 1892-4; prof, history and po- 
st., Marblehead. Mass. litlcal economy, 1894-12, prof, history and pollt. 

IT, Anviutiu Bnfiia, business man. (See science. 1912— ^ Colby Coll. Republican. BapUiit. 

vol 1909 ) Mem. Am. Hist Assn., Am. Economic Assn., Am. 

tir»WT TnaiAh Put M T) ■ h ClenduBkcac Me Acad. Pollt. and Social Science, Me. Hist. Soc., Phi 

■ L„7 1 ifi'/^^i^,^ ^',1 Mnrv H iP^Mi felihv-" Beta Kappa. etc. Author various monographs on 

Krad. Phillips Acad., Aniiover, Mass,, 1S72: student Kfh.i'i'"*^- Address. 66 FleaBant St., Waterviiie. 

Portland (Me.) Med. Scli.; M.D., Med. Sch. of Me. "*".'-_ . ^ _ w^ .. ^r .v w 

(Sowdoln>, 1876: m. May C. Austin, of J'ortlnnil, . BtAOK, John T., M.D., surgeon; bNorthumber- 

Sept. 11, 1S76; 3 chllclren, Frederick King, William land. Pa,, Jan. 22, 1876; s. Jacob H. and Emma 

Peet, Elizabeth Austin. Began uraotlce at North (Fryllng) Black; ed. Huntingdon (Pa.) High Sch.; 

Prescott. MaHs., 1876; removed to Warren, Mass., Juniata Coll., Huntingdon: M.D., Hahnemann Med. 

1S7S. to VVobum, 1S81; mem. Woburn Bd. of Coll., Phlla.; m. Nov. 27, 1902, Helen R. Caldwell, 

Health; mem Woburn Sch. Com. for 5 3 yrs, Mem. of Tyrone, Pa. Began practice In Brooklyn, 1899; 

A M.A., Mobs. Med. Soc. Middlesex East Med. Soc. settled In New London, Conn., 1900; health offlcer, 

Kepublican, Cungllst. Address; BE Elm St.. Wo- New London, since 1907; attending phys. Lawrence 

burn Mass and Memorial hosps. and State Home for Odd Fel- 

«»«▼ iraiaon Vanrv inwvor- h nr Hnlifa-x lows. Capt. Med. Corps, U.S.A., assigned to Coast 

V?'^I\?'M^l. f ^UlTn^Bell^ey^A. "J^^^i ^^^ M^™.- . .^Sad^'^^iloS'^^'c'i'ub^Tarbo';"",! Jlfs*: 

Blxby; grad. Powers Inst., Bernardston, Mass., J!t?°Vom?- 28? MontaulTAv OfflM^^ty iSa^^ 

1860; LL.B.. Albany Law Sch., 1867: m. Leyden, *«?>• r^SUlf" ??„„„"**"* *'• 0"°«- ^"^ **»**• 

Mass., Sept. 23, 1863. Sophia A. Newton. Began New London, Conn. 

practice at Qrafton, Vt., but removed to Adams, BXtAOK, Hewton KwiiTi schoolmaster; b. Put- 

Afass., 1871, where he has since resided; mem. ney, Vt., May 3, 1874; s. Newton Horace and Fran- 

Masa. Ho. of Rep., 1880 and 1882; spl. justice Dlst. ces (Blanchard) Black; A.B., Harvard, 1896; stu- 

Ct. of Northern Berkshire, 6 yrs.; Justice 4th Dlst. dent Harvard (Jrad. Sch., 1900-6, A.M., 1906; U. of 

Ct of Berkshire since 1896; trustee South Adams Berlin, Germany, 1912-13. Science master St. 

Savings Bank; mem. Sch. Bd. 12 yrs., chran. Select- George's Sch., Newport, R.I., 1896-8; sub-maater 

men 10 yrs. Address: Adams, Mass. Concord (N.H.) High Sch., 1898-1900; science mas- 

BZXUB, Jams. Wilson, clergyman; b. Hanover, !fl_?°5^%it?i/" ,^'=i'^U^°f!?"T;L';'=Vlpr°FnS2' 

Pa., Feb. 28'. 1861; s. David D. and Almlra (Wilson) ">«!"« n'Sform'^ R^ubllS;n^on2lIst. Aut^?^ 

Blxler; A.B., Amherst, 1882, A.M., 1886; B.D., Yale, 7 ?h " £**„ vT.,,^!? iS Phv.i^" fiiti; Prof w* V 

1887. Hooker fellow.^ 1888;' (D.D., Roknoke Coll. ^v?s? PracUcST Phvsfcs'^ Rec/elfl5n?- Jtoting' 

1903^: m. Elisabeth J. Seelye, of Amherst. Mass.. £™„/.i„Ifrf„£.*'„„VnriV?S' wn^o?^ ik ViieVS st 

Aug. 4, 1891 (died 1894); m. 2d, Mabel Seelye, oi ^i'^SHd^t m/^h ? *^" ^ ' 

Amherst, Sept 7. 1898; children, Julius Seelye, ^-amoriage, mass. 

Elizabeth Seelye, James Wilson, Jr., Herbert Bd- BKAOK, OUT* PaxkW, artist. (See vol. 1909.) 

wards. Ordained ministry Congl. Ch., 1889; pastor B&AOK. Otla SialMr, chemist (See vol. 1909.) 

North Ch., Haverhill, Mass., 1889-91, 2d cli.. New Z77rZ^ Z!^-Vr^iA^ *.h««.i nfflni.i r<»o« vol 

London, Conn., since 1891; sec. Man waring Hosp. MAOX. Balph Waldo, federal official. (See vol. 

for Children: overseer Charitable Fund of Amherst l»u».j 

Coll. since 1892; corporate mem. A.B.C.F.M. Mem. BliAOZ, Km. WlUlant S., educator; died 1910. 

Phi Beta Kappa, Am. Soc. Science Assn. Lecturer (See vol. 1909.) 

on natural theology, Atlanta (Ga.) Theol. Sem. wr««w«TT m&MiiM sowud architect- b. New 

Clubs: John WInthrop, Arlston (New London). v^t^Sh^^'sKT^Ref ChHa'tonher Rubey Mid 

Address: 27 Broad St., New London, Conn. Yor]^ f^SVls) B"ackkn;*B.s:, U o? 111., mlfSS 

MltAOK, ■(liMMser) Ohailton, college prof.; b. a.m.; Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1878-80: m. 
The Manse, Liddesdale, Scotland, June 18, 1861; s. Ejrnma Murray, of Boston, Dec. 6, 1883; children. 
Rev. John and Mary (Beattle) Black; ed. Edln- Robert M., Marian. Practiced, New York, 1880-2, 
burgh U., 1875-82, highest honors In rhetoric, An- Colorado Springs, Colo., 1882, Boston since 1881; 
glo-Saxon. English lit. and poetry; Queen's Coll., designed and erected 1st steel frame bldg. In Bos- 
London, Westminster Coll., Cambridge, 1882-4; ton. 1892; architect for Tremont Temple; Bowdoln 
Liddelbank, Liddesdale, 1884-91; (LL.D., OlasgcMr go Colonial Cort, Wilbur, Scollay Sq.. Olympla 
U., 1902); m. Agnes Knox, of Edinburgh, July 26, theatres; Salem Public Library, etc.; U.S. Trust. 
1898; children. Margaret Charlton, John Gavin, scolIay Marshall and Pelham BIdgs.; asso. archi* 
Knox Charlton. Lecturer English lit. Harvard, tcct for Copley Plaaa Hotel; advisory architect for 
1891-3; prln. lang. and lit dept, N.E. Conserva- Boston Elevated R.R. Co.; mem. Boston and Cam- 
tory of Music, Boston, 1893-1900; prof. English bridge bldg. law commns. First holder Rotch Trav- 
llt, Boston U., 1900 — . Lecturer on English lit, ellng Scholarship, Boston, 1884-6 (.sec. since 1891). 
Emerson Coll. of Oratory; Univ. Extension Fellow A I.A ; mem. Architectural League Amer- 
Commn., etc.; hon. librarian. Boston TI.: hon. Phi ica (sec 1880). Soc. Beaux Arts Architects, A.A. 
Beta Kappa. 1905: B^arly English and Scottish AS New York Architectural League (1st sec. 
Text Socs., Royal Soc. of Arts. Clubs: Edinburgh l88i-2) Boston Architectural Club (1st pres, 1889- 
Symposlum. Authors' (London). Twentieth Cen- 93) Boston Soc. Architects (sec, 1905), Cambridge 
tury. (See Who's Who In America for books, etc.) Municipal Art Soc (sec, 1905, chmn. bd. of ap- 
Recreatlons: golf, walking. Home: 60 KIrkland peal Cambridge); dlr. Boston Art Club; pres. Maas. 
St, Cambridge. Mass.* State Fire Prevention Assn.: mem. British Fire 

B&AOK, Karry A., lawyer; b. Coventry, Vt, Nov. Protection Assn.. Soc. Preservation of N.E. An- 

22. 1879: s. Henry F. and Mel Vina S. (Brooks) Black; tiqultles. Boston Chamber of Commerce, etc. Clubs: 

grad. Derby (Vt) Acad., May, 1899: read law 3 Nat Arts. Century, City (New York), Boston City, 

yrs. with Hon. John W. Redmond, of Newport, Vt; Reform, Economic. Author: Builders' Hardware, 

m. May 31. 1905, Jane M. Gates, of Newport Vt 1890; articles on Spanish, Belgian and French 

Admitted to Vt bar. 1903, and since practiced in architecture for Scrlbner's Cyclopedia of Archl- 

Newport: 2d asst elk. Vt Ho. of Rep., 1906, asst, tecture. Editorial writer The Brirk Builder. Bos- 

1908, 1910, elk., 1912-17. Republican. Congllst ton. since Jan., 1895; contbr. to tech. jours. Home: 

Mem. Memnhremagog Lodge No. 65. A.F. and A.M., 16 Chauncy St, Cambridge, Mass. Office: 20 Beacon 

Newport; Cleveland Chapter No. 20. R.A.M.; Or- St, Boston.* 

irv"N?°i"<l"'i^T°irtrt~.2"M!w.;LV^v»^*^°"""*'"'" BtAOXBUBW, Alexander, clergyman; b. La- 

ery Nc 10. K.T. Address: Newport Vt ^^f^ Co.. Tnd.. Nov. E, 1844; s. Alexander and 

B&AOX. James William, prof, hlstorv; b. Balti- Delilah (Polk) Blackburn: ed. Erie Acad., Pa., 1 

more, Jan. $1, 1866; s. James and Mary Ellen yr.; Hanover Coll., Ind., 1865, 66; B.S.. Monmouth 



Coll.. IlL, 1S68: B.D., Div. Sch., U. of Chicago, 1873; 
(D.D.. Franklin Coll., Ind., 189S); m. Marearet B. 
Hail, of Macomb, IlL, Sept 11, 1868; 2d, VlrRinla 
Watson, of Portland, Ore., Apr. 21, 1903. BnliBted 
aa pvt. Co. C, 84th Regrt. 111. Inf., June 14, 1862; 
promoted to hosp. steward of regt, 1864; severely 
wounded in Battle of Chickamaugra, Sept. 20, 1863; 
hon. discharged, June. 1865. Ordained Bapt. mln- 
Utry. 1871; pastor Austin Ch.. ChlcaKO, 1872-6, Oak 
Park. 111.. 1876-8, 1st Ch., Lafayette, Ind., 1878-87, 
LK>well, Mass.. 1887-93, 1st Ch. Cambridge Mass., 
1893-8, 1st Ch., Portland, Ore., 1898-03, 1st CJi., 
Salem, Mass., 1903-8, Ist Ch., Baker, Ore., 1908-10, 
South Boston, 1910-12, Southbrldge, Mass., 1913 — 
Mason. Mem. G.A.R. Home: Southbrldge, Mass.* 
BTiXIKMAH, Ohaatar BnffUM, M.D.; b. Danbury, 
Conn., Feb. 6, 1873: s. Bzra S. and Dorcas T. (Don- 
alds) Blackman; M.D., L.I. CoIL Hosp., 1897 (Dud- 
ley Memorial Medal for surgical essay). Practiced 
in Bridgeport since 1897. Home: 1119 Stratford 
Av.. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Alloa Btoae, Journalist; b. Bast 

Orange, N.J., Sept. 14, 18&7; d. Henry B. Blackwell 
and Lucy Stone; A.B., Boston U.^881; unmarried. 
Assisted father and mother on Woman's Journal. 
Boston. 1881-92; since their death, has been editor- 
in-chief. Was editor of paper called The Woman's 
Column, 1888-05. Eixtenslve writer on woman suf- 
frage. Pres. New England and Mass. Woman Suf- 
frage assns. Has taken deep Interest in the Arme- 
nians and received Order of Meluslne from Prince 
Guy de Lusignan. Also active in Am. Friends of 
Russian Freedom. (See Who's Who In America 
for books, etc.) Home: Dorchester, Mass. Office: 
G8S Boylston St., Boston.* 

B&ACKWB&Xi, Banry Bfrowne), editor; May 4, 
182S-Sept.. 1909. (See vol. 1909.) 

B&ASSBV, Bamnal PlillUpi|. farmer; b. N.T. 
City. May 28. 1873; s. Samuel Phillips and Annie 
Christine (White) Blagden; g.s. Rev. Qeorge W. 
Blagden, for 26 yrs. pastor of the Old South Ch., 
Boston; ed. Oroton (Mass.) Sch.; matriculated in 
Williams Coll. but left during sophomore yr., ow- 
ing to 111 health; traveled abroad for 2 yrs.; un- 
married. Bought a seat on the N.T. stock exchange 
in 1896. and was active as broker for various 
flrms until 1901; since engaged in farming at Wlll- 
iamstown, Mass.; chmn. Bd. of Selectmen 7 terms; 
Progressive candidate for Congress, 1912 (de- 
feated). Mem. Chi Psl (Theta Chapter). Episco- 
palian. Mason: Holland Lodge No. 8, F. and A.M. 
(New York): St. Paul Commandery K.T., North 
Adams, Mass. Clubs: Knickerbocker, Racquet and 
Tennis (both of New York). Address: Hillside 
Farm. Wllliamstown. Mass. 

, Waltw Bdwwd, M.D.; b. New Bedford. 

u, Oct 18, 1872; s. John A. and Mary HL (Carr) 

Blaine: M.D.. Tufts Coll. Med. Sch., 1901; m. Mat- 
tie H. Wilbor. of Falrhaven, Mass., June 26, 1904. 
Practiced In Mattapolsett, Mass., since 1903. Mem. 
A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc. Address: Mattapolsett, 

CcBBlstOB, M.D.; b. Boothbay 
Hart>or, Me.. Apr. 20, 1875; s. Benjamin F. and 
Mary L. (Dickinson) Blair; grad. Boothbay Har- 
bor High Sch., 1893; spl. work, Bowdoln, 2 yrs.; 
M.D.. Med. Sch. of Me. (Bowdoln), 1900; unmar- 
ried. Practiced in Salem, Mass., since 1901; mem. 
staff Salem Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc, 
Alpha Kappa Kappa. Address: 311 Essex St., 
Salem. Mass. 

BTiATBi Xanry WUllun, lawyer; U.S. senator. 
(See vol. 1909.) 

John J_ clergyman; b. Falmouth. Me.. 

Oct 16. 1844; s. John and Abagall (Mosher) Blair; 
descended on maternal side from Hugh Mosher, 
one of the founders of the Bank of Bngland; ed. 
Oorham Acad.; Me. State Sem. (now Bates Coll.); 
grad. Bangor TheoL Sem., 1872; post-grad, work. 
Tale Div. Sch.; m. Henrietta May Eaton, of St. 
Stephen. N.B.. Dec. 25. 1880. Ordained Congl. min- 
istry. 1874: pastor MllUown. N.B.. 1874-6, Rock- 
land. Me.. 1876-84. Andover; Mass.. 1884-92, Wal- 
lingford. Conn.. 1894-01. Portland. Conn., since 1909. 
Mem. Tale Alumni Assn. Address: Stonlngton. 

BZJUan>a£&, Albart PnudOla, author: b. South 
Hampton. N.H., Aug. 31, 1847; s. John Harper and 
Lydla (Tuxbury) BlalBdell; A.B.. Dartmouth, 1869, 
A.M., 1872; M.D.. Harvard, 1879; m. Mary Atwood 
Emery, Chatham, Mass., Dec. 17, 1879. Physician 
and surgeon. Providence, R.I., 1879-93; retired 
from practice. (See Who's Who in America for 
books, etc.) Home: Winchester, Mass.* 

BUUSDEUb, Bsrtnun, lawyer; b. Meredith, 
N.H., Apr. 13, 1869; s. Philip D. and Jane (Leavltt) 
Blalsdell; A.B., Brown U., 1892; admitted to bar, 
1897; m. Georgia Moulton, of Boston, Apr. 26, 1893; 
2 children, Beatrice, Dorothy F. Teacher, Mere- 
dith, N.H., 1892-B; in practice at Meredith since 
1897; chmn. Meredith Sch. Bd. Mem. N.H. and 
Belknap Co. bar assns. Democrat Conglist Ma- 
son; past grand patron O.E.S. of N.H. Address: 
Meredith, N.H 

B&AXBSB&K, BOaon Osoxv*, H.D.; b. Rich ford. 
Vt. Dec. 18, 1846; s. Joslah and Cleora (Munsell) 
Blalsdell; M.D.. Med. Dept. U. of Vt, 1871; m. 
Brldport Vt, June 17, 1874, Mary E. Eldredgo. 
Practiced at Brldport since 1871; mem. Vt Ho. of 
Rep., 1908; sec. and treas. Champlaln Telephone 
Co. Mem. Vt Med. Soc, A.M.A. Republican. Con- 

fregatlonalist; sec. and treas. Brldport CongL Soc 
yrs. Address: Brldport, Vt 
itT.aT»n i8T.T., mmk K., M.D.; b. Goffistown, 
N.H., May 28, 18B2; s. Stephen and Amanda (Mar- 
shall) BlalBdell; M.D., Dartmouth Coll., 1876; m. 
Andover, Mass., Aug. 29. 1877. Anna I. White. 
Practiced at Gottatown since 1876: surgeon Hills- 
borough Co. Hosp. 8 yrs. ; asso. BlUott Hosp.. Man- 
chester. N.H. Chmn. Bd. of Bdn.; pres. Bd. of 
Health 10 yrs. Mem. A.M.A.. N.H. Med. Soc. (ex- 

Sres.), N.H. Surg. Club (pres.), Hillsborough Co. 
[ed. Soc. Mem. I.O.O.F., K. of P. Republican. 
Conglist Author: One Hundred Years of New 
Hampshire Surgery. Address: Qottstown. N.H. 

BKAISDEUCi, Oaorgs Olsrk, M.D., surgeon; b. 
Qoffstown. N.H., Nov. 23, 1844; s. Stephen and 
Amanda (Marshall) Blalsdell; ed. pub. and high 
schs. of Goffstown; M.D.. Harvard Med. Sch., 1867; 
m. L. Arvllla Curtice, of Hopkinton, N.H., May 18. 
1868. Practiced In Contoocook. N.H.. since 1867. 
Mem. A.M.A,. N.H. Med. Soc, Centre Dlst. Med. 
Soc. Mason (K.T.); Odd Fellow; maj. 1st Regt 
Patriarch Militant of N.H. R»publican. Unlver- 
sallst Home: Contoocook, N.H. 

BXJUBDE&K, Oaorga Wazrrai, M.D.; b. South 
Hampton, N.H., Mar. 14. 18B6; s. John H. and 
Nancy (Gregg) Blalsdell; A.B., Dartmouth, 1878, 
A.M.. 1883; student Dartmouth Med. Sch., 1878-9; 
M.D., Long Island Hosp. Coll., Brooklyn, 1881; m. 
Mary Ellen Lee. of Manchester. Mass.. Apr. 6, 
1883; 3 children, Ruth J., Alice L., Dorothy. 
Practiced In Mnnchester since Oct 14. 1881; 

Shys. to Bd. of Health. Manchester, for many yrs. 
rem. A.M.A., Mass. Med. Soc. Mason; mem. Pil- 
grim Fathers, I.O.O.F., Workmen. Club: Manches- 
ter. Address: 21 Union St, Manchester, Mass. 

BSAIBSBUb, Ksnzl 0.1 conductor, violinist 
(See vol. 1909.) 

B1ULI8SB3A, KMT Vnuioss, author; b. Man- 
chester, N.H., Apr. 20. 1874; d. Clark and Clara M. 
Blalsdell; grad. Cambridge Training Sch., 1895. 
Taught in Brockton. Mass.. 1896-01. Medford. 1901 
to 1912. (See Who's W.ho In America for books, 
etc.) Address: West Medford, Mass.* 

, JLmOB Jawatt, lawyer; b. Rlndge, N.H.. 

Oct 20, 1836; s. Bbenezer and Hepzlbeth (Jewett) 
Blake; grad. Appleton Acad., New Ipswich, N.H.. 
July. 18B9; m. Lizzie A. Howe, of Jaffrey. N.H., 
Dec. 26, 1865 (died 1867); m. 2d. Flora A. Stone, of 
Fltzwllllam. N.H., Jan. 2, 1883; 1 son. Leroy Stan- 
ley, b. Nov. 5, 1883. Practiced In Fltzwllllam since 
1863; asst assessor U.S. Internal revenue, 1862-72; 
mom. N.H. Ho. of Rep., 1872, 1873, 1901; state bank 
commr. of N.H., 1876-80; mem. State Constl. Conv.. 
1889, 02, 12; mem. Sch. Bd. 13 yrs., and supervisor 
town library since 1871; ex. pres. Fltzwllllam Sav- 
ings Bank: administrator, executor, etc. Mem. 
S.A.R., N.H. Hist Soc. Republican. Conglist Ma- 
son (since 1862). Address: Fltzwllllam, N.H. 

B&AKB, Ban Butler, farmer; b. Eden. Lamoille 
Co., Vt. Nov. 10. 1864; s. Capt Charles W. and 


Julia (Darling) Blake; ed. dist. schs. and New Feb. 17, 1909, Orace Edna Twiggs, of Boise, Ida.: 

Hampton Inst., Fairfax, Vt. (non-grad.); m. Clara one son, Robert SheOleld. Instr. in Harvard Sum- 

Metta Buxton, of Eklen, Vt., June iO, 1!)84; 4 ctiU- mer 8ch. of Engrg., 1899; with Percy M. Blake, 

dren, Myra Mlnnetta, Marlon Esther, Roger Nor- civ. engr., 1899-1900; with JEastern Bridge & Struc- 

rls, Ruth Julia. Engaged in farming since boy- tural Co., Worcester, Mass., 1900; asst. engr. on 

hood and owner of several farms; engaged In man- New York Rapid Transit Subway, 1900-2, and with 

ufacture of lumber and butter boxes, 6 yrs.; owner Percy M. Blake, Newton, Mass., 1902-6; entered 

of asbestos mines. Has served as chmn. Bd. of Se- pvt. practice as sanitary and hydraulic engr. Jan. 

lectmen, town grand Juror, and in other town of- 1, 1906; mem. engrg. Arm of Blake & Symonds, 

flees; mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1902. Republican. Feb. 1-Nov., 1908; manager Idaho Irrigation Co., 

Conglist. Mason; Woodman. Address. Eden, Vt. 1908-9. In pvt. practice, Oregon and Ida., doing a 

BliAKB, OUMllM Bnreaa, teacher; U Cornwall, good deal of govt. work. 1909-11; engr^ In charge 

Vt, Nov. h, 1847; 8. Myron M. and Lucy (Stone) "^ the improvement of the Neponset River under 

Blake: A.B., Mlddlebury Coll., 1873, AM., 1S77; the Mass. State Dept. of Health, since 1911. Com- 

Ph.D., U. oi Omaha, 1892; m. Ella L. rickerlng, Poser and publisher of music; also contbr. of 

Aug. 22, 1876. Teacher, Winchester, N H., 18T3-B, ??«'■#• ^^y°i«« ^° 'l?^*£*5«''?'„Sl''^^Dn°o"'^,?°''*K»lt.™- 

Bastport. Me., 187B-7, West Brattleboro. Vt., isr7- Co. R 7th Begt., N.Q.N.Y., 1901, 1902. Republican. 

81, Springfield (Mass.) Collegiate Ir^t , ISSl-S; SonKl'st-, ?**?• ^"'.'""v, ^".^V.^^'"; ^»",*"u^- r^^i?' 

prof. Latrn and Greek, French Protestant Cull. Water Works Assn., Amherst Chapter Alpha Delta 

Sprlngfleld, 1889-93; acting prof. Greek Pomona FJVi-^D^"- ""cf "^t?"*!?! ^'"'v?'''* ^??.^*- ."u™.L 

(Cal.) Coll., 1895-6 now pvt. tutor, Greek and JS^S Beacon St., Brookline^ Mass. Office: Hyde 

iitin only. Republican. Conglist. Editor: Blake's P^^k, Mass., and 141 btate House, Boston.* 

Ifomerlc Lexicon, 1886. Contbr. to mags, and news- BI^KX, Edward X., lawyer, banker; pres. Mer- 

papers. Recreations: music. Address: 54 Garfleld chants Nat. Bank; engaged in practice at Bangor, 

St., Springfield, Mass. Me. Address: 28 Main St., Bangor, Me. 

B^AXE, Clarence John, M.D. , li. Ti><Mt'>ii, Feb. 23, BXiAKB, Engana IDuitioe, M.D., oculist; b. 

l&l'S: B, Julin Huirisun iind yuiah uitm (Howe) Bridgeport, Conn., Dec. 31, 1882; s. Frederick 

Blako; sturltnt lioshury I.,atiii .Sib. nmi Lawrence Eugene and Carrabelle (Cottrell) Blake; ed. pub. 

Bcleniiflc Sch, (Hdrvaril) : M.D., Huiv;inl, 1865; schs., Bridgeport, and Worcester, Mass.; n'ad. 

studied abroad, 18BS-9; O.M., U. of Vkiiiia, 1868: Bridgeport High Sch., 1902; M.D., Yale Med. Sch.. 

m. MlBs Hughes, 1874; 2d. Mary A. Houfihton, of 1906; post-grad. work. Vienna, Austria, 1909; m. 

Boston. St-pt. S, 1907. Lecturer, iB7U-5, instr., 1875- Oct. 17, 1910 Mary Caperton, of Charleston, W.Va. 

S8, prof, otology, 18SS-IJ. resigned; now vrot. erne- Began practice at New Haven, Nov. 1, 1906; clln. 

rltua, Harvard College; aural surBcon, Mussachu- Instr. in ophthalmology, Yale Med. Sch.; Instr. In 

setts Charitable Kye and Ear Infirmary, since 1871; ophthalmology. New Haven Normal Sch. of Gym- 

pres. IttfuntB' Hoap.; mgr. Children's Hosji. Trus- nasties; attending asst. ophthalmic surgeon. New 

tee Vincent Hosp., Boston, Howe (Ind.) i!ch. Edl- Haven Hosp.; attending ophthalmologist. New 

tor American Journal of Otology, 1879-S2. Fellow Haven Orphanage. Mem. A.M.A., Conn. State Med. 

Am. Acnd. Arts and Scleneea, A.A,A.S,; mem. Am. Soc, New Haven and New Haven County med. 

Otol. Soc. (pres. 1S7B-71, Am. Social Science Assn., assns., Sigma XI, Nu Sigma Nu (Yale). Club: 

Boston Sue Med Improvement (es-pres ) Boston Graduates. Contbr. tech. articles in med. maga 

Soc. Advancement Physical Edn. (ex-pres.); corr. Recreations: music. Address: 66 Trumbull St., 

mem. Royal Hungarian Med. Soc; pres. 9th Inter- New Haven, Conn. 

national Otol. Congress. Author: Operative Otol- BtAKE. rrsnoia, Inventor Blake transmitter; 

ogy. Frequent contbr. to med. text books and Dec. 25, 1860-Jan., 1913. (See vol. 1909, also Who's 

Jours. Home: 226 Marlborough St, Boston.* Who in America, 1912-13.) 

BXJIZE, Dahon. insurance; b. Boston, May 16, BKAZB, Ftanois Bktm, mining engr.; b. New 

1877; s. Edward Dehon and Annie A. (Chase) Haven, Conn., Jan. 3, 1860; s. William Phlpps and 

Blake; ed. pvt schs.; unmarried. Began In ins. Charlotte Haven Lord (Hayes) Blake; Ph.B., Yale, 

business in father's ofHce and later became mem. 1882. Engaged In mining, 1882-05. Republican, 

firm of Edward D. Blake & Co.; firm dissolved Club: University (New York). Address: Lltchfleld, 

Mar., 1912, since in business on own account. Mem. Conn., and University Club, New York. 

1st Corps Cadets, Mass. Vol. Militia, 1896-06, now B&AZB, Oarald, M.D.; b. Boston, Aug. 1, 1880; 

hon. mem. Republican. Protestant. Clubs: Union, s. Dr. John George and Mary Elizabeth (MeOrath) 

Union Boat, Harvard Musical, Boston Camera. Blake; prep. edn. Boston Latin Sch. and Volk- 

Recreations: fishing, hunting, music, art Home: mann's Sch.; A.B., Harvard, 1901; M.D., Harvard 

426 Marlborough St Ofllce: 27 Kilby St, Boston. Med. Sch., 1905; ra. Edna F. Malone, of Lancaster, 

BIiAXB, Ebensier Hatoon, banker; b. West Cam- £«■. Sept. 10, 1910. House surgeon Boston City 
bridge (now Arlington), Mass., Feb. 9, 1831; s. Hosp., 1906-7; practicing In Boston since 1907; 
Ellis Gray and Ann Elisabeth (Wyman) Blake; ed. specialty Internal medicine; asst phys. to out- 
pub, schs.; m. Anna E. Whitten, of West Cam- R?;"*,"*l,**'l?''- °*"; gosp.; consulting phya Mass. 
bridge. Sept 16, 1858 (died 1902); m. 2d, Lucy Ann Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary; asst in medl- 
Tucker, of Arlington, Mass., Feb. 9, 1905; 3 chil- g'"«- }}^^\'^J:^ ^..l,°S^■ M*'"- A.M.A^, Mass. Med. 
dren. Mabel E. (Mrs. H. H. Kohlsaat of Chicago). ^o<=- Sr°2''^i"* Med. Soc. Democrat. Roman Cath- 
Laura E. (deceased), E. Nelson, Jr. (deceased) In ?"<:• ^lub: Tavern. Recreations: music. Home: 76 
Cal., 1850-3; in fiour business. Boston (E. N. Blake Sl"??*'J '^*- Broo^lne. Mass. Office: 212 Beacon 
& Co., then Blake & Page). 1858-69; removed to °'- Boston. 

Chicago, 1869, and firm became Blake, Herdman & BKAKB, KalUa Carroll, pianos; b. South Wal- 

Co., then Blake, Walker & Co., and later Blake, pole, Mass., Apr. 11, 1870; s. Charles D. and Ella 

Shaw & Co.; sold out and removed to Arlington, (Mowry) Blake; ed. pub. schs., Wrentham, Mass.; 

Mass., 1890; pres. Ist Bd. of Trustees, U. of Chi- m. Lulu M. Wright, of Boston, Oct 16, 1898; 3 chll- 

cago, and was mem. bd. Bapt. Theol. Sem., Chicago; dren, Charles Mowry. Gladys Eleanor, Kenneth 

pres. Chicago Bd. of Trade 2 yrs., including dedi- Pond. Became connected, 1887, with Charles D. 

cation of bldg.; for a number of yrs. pres. Western Blake & Co. (established by father, 1869), piano 

Cracker Bakers' Assn.; pres. 1st Nat. Bank, of dealers and mfrs.' agts. ; lias been pronr. <'ince 

Arlington, Mass., since establishment of bank. 1898 and now operates 57 stores in New England; 

1891. Pres. Am. Bapt. Home Mission Soc. for 2 mem. Sch. Com., Lexington, Mass. Mem. Boston 

yrs., and for 2 yrs. mem. bd. Am. Bapt Mission- Chamber of Commerce. Bostonian Soc, Boston 

ary Union; pres. Mass. Bapt. State Missionary Soc. Athenaeum. Mason; Couer de Leon Commandery 

Z yrs. Republican. Was 1st pres. LaSalle Club, K.T.; Aleppo Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S. Clubs: Boston 

Chicago. Address: Arlington, Mass. City, Old Belfrey. Recreations: farming. Home: 

BXiABE. Edmnad Xortlmar, civil engr.; b. Taun- I'^il^i^lf ^An,Vnn'"*^'°"' *^"*- °®"- "* ^^'*" 

ton, Mass., Aug. 13, 1874; s. Percy Mortimer and '"^'On "t- Boston. 

Phebe Eliza (Sheffield) Blake; B.S., Amherst Coll., BXiAXE, Ksnrr Aofiutiia, clergyman; b. Cape 

1897; B.S. in civ. engrg., Lawrence Scientific Sch. Elizabeth, Me., Oct. 17, 1849; s. Edward and A. 

(Harvard), 1899; m. Cleveland, O., Oct. 21, 1902. Eliza (Hopkins) Blake: A.B., Brown U., 1873; grad. 

Clara Allen Drake (died Dec 11, 1907); m. 2d, Andover Theol. Sep^„^fJ,^6j; nj^JJJ^i^R Pennlman, 


ot Woodstock. Conn., June 20, 1878; 1 son, Walter Coll.; A.B., Harvard, 1887, A.M., 1890; M.D., Har- 
P. Ordained Congl. ministry, 1876; pastor, Athol, vard Med. Sch., 1891; m. Anne Hastings, of Boston, 
Mass., 1876-83, Providence, R.I., 1884-8, Webster, Oct 25, 1899 (now deceased); 7 children, Barbara. 
Mass., 1888-99, Spencer, Mass., 1899-1900, Roches- John Bapst, Jr., Hugh Hastings, Gerald, 2d, Mary 
ter. N.H.. 1901-6, Stafford SprlnRS, Conn., 1906-10, Elizabeth, Robert Fulton, 2d, Anne (deceased); 
Colchester, Conn., since May, 1912. Mem. Provi- m. 2d, Madge Barney, of St Louis, June 26, 191S. 
dence Bd. of E^n.. 1884-7; trustee and sec. Bd. Asst. prof, surgery. Harvard Med. Sch.; surgeon- 
Webster Pub. Library, 1889-99; trustee and treas. in-chief, Boston City Hosp.; visiting surgeon, L.I. 
Colchester Pub. Library; pres. Colchester Village Hosp., since 1906; consulting surgeon, Boston In- 
Improvement Soc., Colchester Boys' Club; now sane Hosp. Trustee Monson State Hosp. Fellow 
mem. Bd. of Edn., Colchester. Author: Seml-Cen- Am. Surg. Assn.; mem. Med. Improvement Soc., 
tennlal History of the Congregational Church of Boston Med. Library Assn., Boston Obstet Soc., 
Athol. 1880. Recreations: motoring. Address: Col- Boston Soc. Med. Sciences, Mass. Med. Soc. Clubs: 
cheater. Conn. Tavern, Bowditch, Doctors, Boston Athletic, Har- 
mv An v.«i^ i».M. MT> . >> vrnrimniith Ma IL'^''"' (Boston and Ncw Yorlt). Author: (with H. I,. 
v^^^^'iMfi^^vSSjrYi kibbv r^ Clai^Sa B""e"> Case Teaching in Surgery, 1904. Home: 
(¥;^erBlik"A.B.,^S?reyan U?cL„","l86'2,^A.M* "i^^f^^E" ^'- °«f!^" ^°>;i'"<'" ^^ ^"^1°."* 
1865; M.D., U. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., New ^ BtAXB, John Oeonr*. M.D.; b. West Meath, 
Yorlt. 1869: m. Monmouth, Aug. 19, 1863, Frances Ireland, Aug. 8, 1837; s. John and Catherine Blalie: 
C. Pierce. Practiced In Readfleld, Me., 1869-76, arrived in America, 1849; ed. pvt tuition and home 
since at Monmouth; trustee Me. Wesleyan Sem. study; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1861; house officer. 
and Coll., Kents Hill, Me. Mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., Mass. Gen Ho^p., 1860-1; m. Mary Elizabeth 
190». Republican. Methodist Mem. Me. Med. McGrath, of Boston, June 19, 1866; children, John 
Assn. Mason. Home: Monmouth, Me. Bapst, Frederick, Rol>ert Fulton, Arthur, Gerald. 
wTAn v.n.«. wi«).ni. v.tirort lowver- h Una Marie. Practiced in Boston since 1861; visiting 
B^KB, Henwini^ols, retired lawyer, b. Bos- p^yg Boston City Hosp., from beginning; con- 

5^?iUKi?J\*«fivi."J.L,i ■n;:^n7?«fp?HT^h l?2 ^»rI suiting Phys. Camey and St Elizabeth's hosps. 

(Nichols) Blake; graA Dorchester High Sch .1866, d,,. Hamilton Trust Co.; trustee Union Instn. for 

VJi^•il*^'??n*^Rlil■n ;.£?tin»".S R^'.?^,, "i*??: Savings. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Boston Obstet 

ifil;. "f'„ l'J.?t nrF^ "iith M«« vnii 1R8^ J: ^oc, %oston Soc. for Med. Improvement Inde- 

!5^'£^«.lS ISPiJ S^v'& rn^Sf.?t 1^? ^nium«' pendent Democrat Catholic. Has written exten- 

RJ^T^v^ M»i*i! '?J«»-^wini°wnnnrt^ n q «?{ V '^"^^^ "P°" ^^- '"P'^s- Club: Boston Athletic 

wifjf; ^' "la^Q^V, .* ™„n?f»^ S,?n?«^" rS Mnnf" ^ssn. Recreations: music. Summer Home: Nan- 

Hont Ty., 1869-71; reporter Supreme Ct, Mont tasket Mass AddFeaa- 212 RAnenn St Rna»nn • 
Ty.. 1869-75; dist atty 1st Dlst Mont Ty.. 1871-3. t.^' " f" -*<*"«"• ^^^ Beacon St, Boston. 

1884-6; asso. Justice Mont Ty., 1876-80; mem. , B&An. Knclm Ira, electrical engr.: moved to 

Mont Territorial Legislature, 1881, 1883, 1887; London, England. (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who 

chief Justice of territory. 1889, and state of Mont, In America, 1914-16.) 

1889-93. Republican. Fres. Montana Bar Assn., BlUiKS, Psroj XortimMr, civil engr ■ b Mans- 

1888. Unitarian. Author: Three Years in the Army, field. Mass., Apr. 2, 1850; s. Rev. Mortimer (D D ) 

1865. Address: Milton, Mass.* and Harriet Ix>uisa (Daniels) Blake; ed. pub. schg., 

BKAXB, Rsaxy Bpiiiw, stock broker. (See vol. Taunton. Mass.; m. Phebe Eliza Sheffield, of 

1909.) . •- . Lyme, Conn., Oct 22, 1873; 4 children, Edmund 

NelTOiTM' "b o2"°26 'i9b8''^eiiheV"at'BS,rton Improvements, i872-Trpra-cVi£ing and -^bnsiiTtrng 

Lm^Sk Vt 2 teras' in nassinSer se^viceB & £'*i ^"'J- «'"'=« 1«": specialist In sanitary and 

MRR^e mok? dISSty- cSll?St~"a'5?d l'ns'p."'of ^us- ?o^i™fe"VorK^tiroSe\f„",ft%^S.'' ,&°»'JS"^„^it^„°«'^' 

toras. 1899-06; admitted to bar, 1903; practiced at r-V o'ellS nI2r<f»Ho.J,^'S.^fw^?.?i?"f^2f- 

Island Pond. Vt. until 1911, since at Gardner. £•F^„?^?f w«in^r5t 'nmJi.*f?K w'I?'>,i'i*^/«*''3?- 

Mass.; Judge of Probate Dist of Essex, Vt, 1906. S°^t " t,ni» £?«.' ^'' °®°*' *" Washington St., 

Progressive. Methodist Mem. Vt Bar Assn. Mem. "ewionviiie, Mass. 

K. of P. (chancellor comdr., 1906, mem. Grand ,J?^^**t Wellmaa CsItIb. M.D.. surgeon; b. 
Lodce. 1906). I.O.O.P., M.W.A. Club: Ridgeley. Wheelock, Vt. Dec. 16. 1858; s. Calvin F. and 
Address: 14 Main St, Gardner, Mass. Amanda S. (Richardson) Blake; attended pub. 
BXiAD, James KmXT. naturalist; b. Boston. S^*??- ,%"gl.^2£"ffll'}2'-U**Po7.^|':*,'3\°"yi,^^^^^^ 
July 8. 1845; s. James Menry and Louisa Maria wilii«m« 'iSJir^iVirt in' 7h2i *;n/M^„S"^''ml" 
(Russell) Blake; studied Lawrence SclentlBc Sch., ?««« ?o^^,„!^^°*'.?*^th m^? JJ^h "iu^« -^/^^S^VS.t 
4 yrs.; m. Ludnda S. Critchett July 20, 1871. Asst i?°*:^°i t vn/iin i»87 q^ ^^?;n^r''^»',n° tt q^ i^* 
with Prof. Louis Agassis at time of his death, !S"#i,^^S?°"' ^5";L^i,^°/"", "S?™!^-^^^^^ 
and asst at Mus. Comparative ZoOlogy, Carabrldw ?J?" ,^rT v™ ? M^i aJ^ Rtl\JLJ^°n^''^^Ui' 
18T0-6; was with Prof Agassiz on flassler expdn.. yi;'„,'° k^„? p'l <¥n^ "^w ! Wo^honi^S' ^S^' 
1872: asst paleontoloirist U.S. Qeol. Survey sev- Sr/,"Ji^'.5- °X,^^' ^i?-££' M-^A' Mech^^^ 
eral yrs ; 5 reasons with U.S. Fish Commn. Pres. 5?ps^*B„?,th' Miifn??^°iS.J; F>^«ewlll Baptist. Ad- 
Cambridge Art Circle; mem. Boston Soc. of Nat ^^t^'- ^"^^^ Mllford, Mass. 
Hi'tory since 1870. Best known a.s zoOl. artist and ,,BtAKE. WUUam Pajms, lawyer; b. Dorchester, 

SubUc lecturer. Address: 117 Elm St, West Mass., July 23. 1846; «. Edward and Mary M. J. 

omerville, Mass.* (Dehon) Blake; ed. E. S. Dlxwell's and Boston pub. 

BKAEB. John Amory Kowsll, banker and broker; r^'^\f:l^''ViAPL\"^fn'l^iy}^^,i J-.^-^i SfJ"^''^ 

b. Boston Oct 2, 1879; s. Oe<ft-ge B. and Sari !i?7 |S»•'»rt,t1i^2^^flf^h^r"^/^S'''c"^ ft ^''tSjfJT 

Putnam (Lowell) Blake prep. edn. In pvt schs., ??thP?"ntfi 5i,th „f i.tVf^'.n^?!?^. S,^''^^^^^^ 

Boston: A.B., Harvard, 1902; m. Annie Berkeley J;*^^,""^' ^*V^?£i2ll*^^iSi*^iLi2*'*! * ^'',*°'V' 

Lind'ey, of Boston, Aug. 7, 1911: one child, Francis JL. oJ^trlJLt?' Ma^'^^r.^' A^'.n"°n» '^I'i?",!''''. *" 

Stantoi Mem. Jlrm of Blake Bros. & Co. dealers T?/*,^/,^*'"«^V,,h^.''^A^"„^n2"- „9i'y„5*„S°''t<'"- 

m stocks, bonds and commercial paper, since 1909; 5*;""'°l?- n^fMnh "i^hiffi,; ^i?J«hl„°ii? «°-''"t.'^ 

dlr. PaulRevere Trust Co. Served fn M.V.M., 13% nJew vfricl Ho'^;- «« fc-f^^ sS**'oS^y*»7 

yrs., advancing to capt. Troop B, 1st Squadron Cav. |i?,l^ at° Va^*^^ Beacon St OfBce: 27 

Republican. Unitarian. Trustee Asso. Charities; "^"OV »t, Boston. 

dlr. CThildren's Hosp.; comptroller Harvard U., B&AKX, WUUam Fhlppa, mineralogist; June 1, 

1910-11. CHubs: Somerset Tennis and Racquet. 1826-19 — . (See vol. 1909, also Who's Who in 

Harvard (Boston), Union, Knickerbocker, Harvard America, 1910-11.) 

(New York). Home: 37 Beacon St Office: 30 State BIkAJCSKT, Bertha Bllsa, librarian; b. Campton. 

St. Boston. N.H., Jan. 13. 1870; d. Ouincy and Gertrude 

BTi>CT. John Bapst, surgeon; b. Boston, Apr. 4. (Sykes) Blakely: ed. St. Johnsbury (Vt) Acad.; 

1866: a Dr. John Georee and Mary Elizabeth B.L., Mt Holyoke Coll., 1893, B.A., 1898; New York 

(MeOrath) Blake: ed. Chauncy Hall Sch., Boston State Library Sch., 1893-4; unmarried. Librarian 

uiyiLizeu uy xljiv^v^pcVV: 


N.J. State Normal and Model Schs. Library, Sept., Blakeslee; m. Flora A. Sullivan, of Plymoutii, 

1894-June, 1896: asst. librarian Ml. Holyoke ColL Conn., 1881; 3 children, Joseph H., Patty a, Wal- 

Llbrary, June, 1895-June, 1901, since librarian, lace H. Engaged In carriage making since 187*. 

Mem. Am Library Assn., Mass. Library Club, N.B. Mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1910-11. Del. from Conn. 

Coll. Librarians, Western Mass. Library Club to Qood Roads Conf., Pueblo, Colo., Jan. 11, 1912. 

(pres.). CongUst. Address: Mt Holyoke College, Congllst. Address: Plymouth, Conn. 

South Hadley, Mass. BIk&KBSXJBE, TvuA OUbnt, author; b. Hartford, 

BIiAKBKT, Oolltna, druggist; b. Pawlet, Vt., Conn., June 17, 1868; s. Capt. Henry E. and Helen 

Mar. 14, 1837; s. Dan and Hannah (Bdgerton) E. (Butler) Blakeslee ; pub. sch. edn.; unmarried. 

Blakely; A.B., Union Coll., 1861; m. 1st, WestHeld, With the Aetna Ins. Co. since 1884. Served la 

Vt.. Isabelle Cheney (died, 1878); m. 2d, Mont- U.S.N, during Spanish-Am. War; capt Governor's 

peller Vt., 1884, Florence Wing. Taught sch., Horse Guard, 1910; mil. Instr. West Middle Sch. 

1861-5; entered drug business at Waterbury, Vt., Dlst. (Hartford), since 1904. Mem. Spanish War 

removing to Montpelier, 1870. Democrat Unl- Vets., S.A.R., Authors Club (London). (See Who's 

tarian. Mm. Vt State Pharm. Assn., Am. Pharm. Who In America for books, etc.) Home: 369 

Assn. Mason, K.T., Shrlner (Grand High Priest of Sigourney St, Hartford, Conn.* 

Grand Royal Chapter of Vt., 1907-8, Potentate of B&AKXSUBE, Oaoiff* Kabbard, college prof.; 

Mount Slnal Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S.. 1889-92). Home: b. Genesee, N.Y., Aug. 27, 1871; s. Francis Durbln 

Montpelier, Vt and Augu.sta Mirenda (Hubbard) Blakeslee; A.B., 

■ -- — - - ■ Hop- 

m. Amy 
child re n 

tL.?™'-rnrn'VaoJ'°El'st 'med dir.^N E.'MutrLife 1911- "Traveled through interior of Russia. 1906; 

?n? Co Mem Mass.Mei Soc., Boston Me.L through Ru.ssia, China, P.I. and H.L, 1907-8, s! 

Ubrify" N K Pedlatrib Sbc Congllst Home: B3 Arner ca. 1913. Contbr. to N. Am. Rev., Outlook 

Monmoilth St., Brookllne, Mass. Office: 636 Beacon and other fcags. and toThe An^ Year Book, Cyrto. 

Of nnatnn "'■""» " of Am. Government. Editor: China and the Far 

oi., Duaiuii. East; Japan and Japanese-American Relations; 

KLA.MMI,T, Qninoy, clergyman; b. (^mpton, Recent Developmente in China, Latin-America, 

N.H., Apr. 12, 1872; s. Quincy and Gertrude and (with O. Stanley Hall) The Jour, of Race 

(Sykes) Blakely; A.B.. Dartmouth, 1894 (Phi Beta Development. Organizer of Clark U. Conf. on 

Kappa); B.D.. Tale Div. Sch., 1898; m Northamp- current Hiatory, the Far East 1909, Near East 

ton, Mass., Oct 10. 1900, Mary Twltchell. Ordained and Africa, 1910. Japan, 1911, China, 1912. Latln- 

and installed as minister Congl. Ch., at South Amprica, 1913. Trustee World Peace Foundation; 

Glastonbury, Conn., Nov. 4, 1898; pastor. Farming- mem. bd. dlrs. Worcester Pub. Library. Mem. Am. 

ton, Conn., since Nov. 3, 1906. Mem. Delta Kappa Antiquarian Soc, Am. Soc. Internat. Law, Mass. 

Epsilon, Casque and Gauntlet Clubs: Twentieth Hist. Soc. Clubs: Worcester Economic (pres.. 

Century, CongL (Hartford). Address: Farmlngton. 1912-13), Tatnuck Country. Recreations: golf. 

Conn. traveling. Address: 21 Downing St, Worcester, 

SKAXBMOBE, Arthur WaUcur, lawyer; b. Bos- Mass.* 

ton Oct 7. 1876: s. William Buckler and Mary B&AnsXiZZ, Jolin Hnny, b. North Haven. 

Caroline (Walker) Blakemore; maternal ancestor conn., July 18, 1864; s. Zerah T. and Bllia A. 

Cant Nathaniel Walker, of the Am. Revolution, (Tuttle) Slakeslee; ed. pub. schs.; m. Etta A. 

nreo' edn Roxbury Latin Sch., Mass.; student In stiles, of North Haven, Nov. 19, 1885; 2 children, 

Berlin arid Heidelberg, Germany; A.B., Harvard, Ruby A., Waldo S. Has served as town elk., tax 

I8q7- LL B Harvard Law Sch., 1900; nni. Priscuia collector and justice of the peace; mem. Conn. Ho. 

A Alden' of Newton. Mass.. June 27, 1906. Prac- of Rep., 1909, 1911-12. Republican. Episcopalian. 

Seed in Boston since Sept 1. 1900. Mem. Bd. of Mem. Corinthian Lodge No. 103, F. & A.M. (past 

Aldermen. Newton, Mass.. since 1910 (pres. 1913, master), A.O.U.W. (Chapter and Council). Ad- 

19141 Republican. Congllst. Mem. Delta Upsilon. dress: North Haven, Conn. 

Bar Assn. City °' Boston Author: Massachtwe^U biamSIBT. Aarutu MUo, banker, mfr.; 

Court Rules Annotated ISO* .Ballard sKeair^ jj^r. 4, i830-Oct 20, 1908. (See vol. 1909.) 

r^l r^l°«kem^ore"and Bancro?t)". 1912 R^reaUon" BLAHCHABB. Amy BlXa, author; b. Baltimore; 

htnti motorevclfng nSme: New^^^^^^^ Office: d Daniel Harris aidSarah (Reynolds) Blanchard; 

in"S '/?.i «t RoHton «•!• there; Uught sch.; studied art Writer of 

40 Cen tral St ^^ °°»i°°- ._ ^.„.,f„. rttmaveA to s^ort stories and numerous books, principally for 

BJiABBlIO«B,„8iu«u»«. educator, removed to young people, since 1881. (See Who's Who in 

N.Y. (See vol. 1909.) America for list of books and writings.) Home: 

BX^ZEBXiBB, Alb«rt FrancU, botanist; moved Redding Ridge, Conn.* 

to Cold Sprtag Harbor, LI N.T (See BliABCKABD, Arthur A(lidiOBM). chemist; 

also Who's Who in America, 1814-n..) moved to New York. (See vol.T909.) 

BIkAXBUBB, BMUilB A., c<>nt"?*°'"ip.^ij.'l?,'5 BI^ABOKABD, Arthur Koraoe, educator, civil 

Haven, Conn., Mar. 11, I8B6, s. Charles wens ana engr.; moved to Columbia, S.C. (See vol. 1909.) 

Martha Jane (Waters) Blakeslee; pub sch. edn m biabokaBD, B^ijunln S..v.r, M.D. ; b. Rox- 

N>ST^ "'"S^Vr'hft -fivfr, Qeorie E Hall New Hav- bury, Mass., Sept 227 1856; a. WlAlam and Mary 

''**'^'^If^;t?„ T A^rtD nl^old L Miles Orant. Elisabeth (Seaver) Blanchard; A.B.. Harvard: 

en), Martha L..All>ertu.,«aroia ^- ™'^J| 1876 M.D.. Harvard Med. Sch., 1882; m. Clara Fessenden 

''°''°^^?f,«r?»<F W Blakeslee & SonsfpreS (^onn Barnes, of Boston, Nov. 30, 1887; chlldrea Fessen- 

mem. Charles W. Blakeslee jkson^ Secur- den S.. Charles B., Edith P.. Benjamin S., Jr. Prac- 

Hassara Paving Co dlr.MecnamoBBa^K,aecm^^ ^^^^^ ^^ BrookHne, since 1883. Mem. Mass. Med. 

U^ ^"ho^2W <ft sSrinklllfg Co mem 2d. Co Roc. etc. Hepuhlican. Unitarian. Club: Country. 

SJ^«J^^» Ho?«« ISard fSf 25 yrs, aiid for 8 yrs Recreations: golf, curling. Address: 432 Washing- 

S^ar™°tS^lg" cUy°c"o"nillma" ??ew Haven, 1878- ton St., Brookline, Mass. 

SI' mem Fire Commn., 1885-91; mem. Conn State BJ^AHOKABD, BWJamJll W., lawyer; b. Unity, 

Sekate 1907-9; It gov. Conn., 1911-12. Republican. Me., May 26, 1880; s. Gustavus B. and Isabel W. 

Coniflist Clubs: Union League, Young Men s Re- (Mitchell) Blanchard: grad. Bangor High Sch., 

Dubllcan Race Brook Country. Recreations: golf. June, 1901 (pres. of class) ; LL.B., U. of Me. Sch. 

Home: 601 George St Office: 68 Waverly St, New of Law, 1904 (highest honors of class). LL.M., 

Haven Conn. same univ., 1912; m. Dec. 6, 1906, Irma L. Smith, 

BXiAZEBKEB, rruk; b. Plymouth, Conn.. July of Bangor, Me. Practiced in Bangor slnce^Aug. 17, 

4 1853: "Enos and Adeline Eliza (Seymour) 1904; mem. Common Council, Bangor, 1908-9, 1909- 

uigiLi^eu uy x_j \_f \^ -x ■ \^ 


j!)>: mem. Bd. of Aldermen since ItlO. Rep. presdl. Me. Child Labor Com.; mem. Me. State Priaon 

elector at-large of Me., 191S; Judge of Bangor Mu- Assn., Cumberland County Priaon Com., Portland 

nlcipal CL, 1914-18. Mem. Me. State Bar Assn., Civic Club, Portland Associated Charities. Pres. 

Penobscot Co. Bar Assn. ConfUst Odd Fellow. Me. Woman SuffraM Assn. for 6 yrs.; lecturer at 

Home: 1J» Grant St. Office: 16 Central St., Bangor, Tufts ColL Divinity Soh., Westbrook Sem., Gtor- 

Molne. bam (Me.) Normal 8ch.; trustee Westbrook Sem. 

vtAwflKsmn c vbaiikb. inwar- b firilton. Mem. Delta Chapter, Phi Beta Kappa (Tufts ColL) ; 

M^^TmS': l^s ""^Sd^hebe^fHolt) S ^v« P" Beta.lUpa ora^^^^^ 

chard; gnuL Anson Acad., North Anson, Me^l888; 1»06. Address. The Preble House. Portland. Me.* 
Aa, Bates ColL, Lewlston. Me., 18(2; m. Wilton. BKAVOaABD, BsibMrt Xaaeook, lawyer; b. Ber- 
Ue. SepL 19, 1901, Florence E. Noyes.. Has prac- lln, Vt., Jan. 22, 1868; s. WaUon S. and Surah M. 
tlced at. Wilton since 1896; mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., (Hancock) Blanchard; ed. pub. schs. of Brattle- 
1817-8, Senate, 1899-1900; mem. Oovernor's Coun- boro, Vt, and Charleston, N.H.; Windsor High 
clL 190&-t; mem. Rep. State Com., 1903-6; co. atty., Scb.; student U. of Vt. 3 yra; began study of law 
Franklin Co., 1907-12; trustee Me. Sch. for the with Hon. J. C. Enrlght, of Windsor, and was ad- 
Feeble Minded. Mem. Me. Bar Assn., Am. Bar mitted to the Vt. bar, 1896, later to U.S. Circuit and 
Assn. Congllst. Mason; mem. K. of P., Red Men, DlsL cts. In Vt„ and Supreme Ct. of U.S.; m. Clara 
Grange. Address: Wilton, Me. M. Silver, of Windsor, Vt., June 26, 1896. Began 

MLMMOMAMD, Bdwln Olaxsnce, Are Ins.; b. Cov- Practice In Windsor, Oct. 1896; removed to Spring- 
entry, Vt. Mas. 23, 1863; s. David W. (M.D.) and pel* I**': »'»ies ajty., 1802.4; sec, trsM. and 
Mary J. (Thrasher) Blanchard; ed. Newport (Vt) i™5tef. SPflngneld Town Library: Judge Spring- 
Hlfh Sch.. Bryant & Stratton Commercial Sch.; m. 8,?}* Municipal Ct, 1908-10: mem. Vt Senate from 
Hi-riet J. Camp, of Newport, Dec. 11, 1899: S chll- Windsor County, 1912; Judge of Municipal Ct of 
dren. PblUp, Doris,. Christine. In business in New- VHndsor Probate Diat. since 1915. Dir., elk. and 
port since 1884; mem. Root & Blanchard: dir. Or- v.-p. Ist Nat Bank; dlr.-treas. Sprlngfleld Electric 
Imm Trust Co.. Monarch Evaporator Co.; mem. Rr- COj! dir. and sec. Springfield Oas Co.; dir. and 
Vt Ho. ef Rep., 1904-6. Senate, 1912-14 (chmn. treas. People's Lighting, Heating and Power Co., 
com. on Ins.). Mem. Patrons of Husbandry. Re- Barre, Vt. Mem. Vt State Bar Assn., Vt Hist, 
publican. Congllst Clubs: Young Mens Improve- Spc, Vt State Library Assn. Republican. Congllst 
nvent Memphremagog Tacht Address: Newport Mason (K.T., Shrlner) ; mem. LO.O.F. Recreations: 
^rmont "^ " "* " tennis. Address: Springfield. Vt 

MLAMCKAMO, Edwin Osoar, dentist; b. Plain- BI^AVCOUBS. 9mmm mwk, M.D.: b. Pittsburg, 

Held, VL. Apr. 26, 1862; s. George Dudley and N.U., Dec. 8, 1861; a. David and Mary Jane 

Ellen (Blodd) Blanchard; prep. edn. Randolph (Barnes) Blanchard: M.D., U. of Vt ColL of Medl- 

(Vt) HiKh Sch.; Norwich U., Northfleld. Vt; grad. cine, 18S7; m. Carrie Brooks, of Burlington Vt, 

Borton Dental ColL, 1885; m. Aug. 5, 1886, M. Alice Jan. 1, 1890; 1 son, Maurice L., b. Stratford, N.H., 

Gay, of Randolph. Began practice In Boston, 1886: .Kug. ;!9. 1S91 (grad. Dartmouth ColL, class 1913). 

ramoved to Randolph. Vt; mem. Vt State Dental Began practice at Colebrook, N.H., 1887; removed 

Examining Bd. since 1904 (pres. since 1910). Mem. to Newport Vt, 1894; sec. U.S. Bd. of Pension Ex- 

Vt State Dental Soc., Northeastern Dental Soc, amlners; acting asst surgeon, U.S. Pub. Health 

Tiifu Dental ColL Alumni Assn. Republican. Service. EIz-v.-p. Vt State Med. Soc. Republican. 

Congliat Mem. Phoenix Lodge, F. A AM. Ad- Mason (K.T.). Recreations: breeding andexhlblt- 

dress: Randolph, Vt Ing fancy poultry. Address: 92 Main St, Newport 

«T.«w«wa»^» p. X . t>. Wilton, Me., Nov. 17, Vermont 

mj; s. John and Eaixabeth Bailey (Colburn) xxUlXOMAMD, John ft^ ^- nr. lawyer- b Boston. 

Blanchard: ed. pub. schs.; married. Lived on old MSuTsonts^ ixs«^ Tnh^ .iJ^t o'„™ rnSS?iV 

homestead located by grandfather, 1803; farming mt^ihlr^^- A B HaVvard^891 LL^ 1895^^n 

S^t?'iSJ^d1?"wifton*'T™^t°&"'-BSnklng" Co • SiSSSd.'^Admftte?trbat- 1 m " and prkcuJIi SSl 

mm. Mflfo o? Ren 19d8^0 Ignite 19n-lj: »" 1"": ««<=• ^ass. Gen. Hosp. Pres. Bay SUta 

SS:rIo »;«t» rnS '^■91/is M«ioS f?««v mem' **"• "^'"^ Assn.; mem. Delta Kappa BpsUon. Alpha 

SjaFeUoiS Grfn^' nlrnl- :^raiMton C °«'** ^^^- Clubs: Tennis and ftaJquS. Somerset 

« .-^'_^^.. ™7^ Blarmlngton, Me. Myopia Hunt .NuhBnr. Recreations: golf, tennis. 

JOAMOMAma, rrsd WUson, cattle and poultry motoring. Home: 925 Boylston St Office: 262 

breeder: b. Lempster, N.H., Jan. 22, 1849; s. Samuel Washington St, Boston. 

and Caroline (Pollard) Blanchard; student Dart- _ 

month, 1872. 83, class of 1875: m. Emma B. Mur- BUUTOMABD. John K., lawyer; b. Somerville, 

ray, of Weathersfleld, Vt. Feb. 22, 1874; 2 chil- Mass.. Aug. 16, 1861; s. Charles C. and Julia (Sul- 

drtn. Carrie E. (Mrs. Charles E. Carr), Nellie P. Hvan) Blanchard; descendant of Jean Blanchard, 

«n«tr, of blol. In Hood ColL. Frederick. Md.). Bn- of the French Huguenots; ed. Winthrop Sch.. 

tared as breeder of thoroughbred cattle and poul- Charlestown. Mass., and night schs.. Boston; m. 

try since 1905. Mem. Beta Theta PI (Dartmouth Mary A. Skally. of Boston, Apr. 21, 1884: children. 

Chapter). Mem. Junior Order United Am. Me- Hugh C William H.. Marguerite E. Admitted to 

Fhenlcs, Conn. River Orange. Democrat. Congllst. Mass. bar. 1883, and to practice in all U.S. cts.. In- 

Recr«ations: summers, at "The Maples," a sum- eluding the U.S. Supreme Ct (the latter in 1913); 

mer residence on an eminence on south side of partner firm of Barry and Blanchard, 1892-5; sr. 

Aseutney Mountain, on "Stony Ridge Farm," of mem. Blanchard, Nelson, Remstone A Hill, 1904-11, 

*hlrh in owne". Address: AscutneyviUe, Vt. Blanchard and Blanchard since 1912; gen. prae- 

■tawnwAvn nmm,^ iiK« k 'r>„,.i«i«h T11 . tloe. Democrat Catholic. Mem. Knights of Pyth- 

i al?r » l?A ? .^? Jt?f??S'a ^SnlfS' ?BJi«J.M rail;' «»'• B.P.O. Elks. Club: Wellington. Recreatlbns: 

cii^ AB ^uh rn?1 ?«^2^nnm»'Jr?.^ rM?v motoring, yachting. Home: 5^2 Riverside Av., 

mSJian*ton?o""VH."slnc"\'89T'ciubl?Wo\S: S5y'"Ooi?"f2is?"""'= ^'"•- '"'-*"* ^""^^'""^ 

»a'a College, Shakespeare. Contbr. to mags, and **"■»•■ boston, mass. 

newspapers. Author: Phil's Happy Girlhood; Phil- BUUVOKASB, MMVhall raanklin, fish meht.; b. 

llda's Glad Tear. Home: 64 School St Office: Caty Wellfleet Mass., Mar. 21, 1849; s. Marshall Lafay- 

Uhrary, Concord, N.H. ette and Phoebe HIgglns (Bunting) Blanchard; ed. 

■UaOUBO, Kan*7. clergyman; b. Phlla., Pa., PUb. schs., Newton, Mass.; grad. Bryant and Strat- 

*»«. II. 1813: s. Gen. Albert Gallatin and Susan ton Commercial Coll., Boston. 1869: m. Emma J. 

(Thompson) Blanchard: A.B.. Tufts ColL. Mass., Whitman, of Newton, Mass., Nov. 13, 1879; 2 chll- 

W5». AM., 1862 (D.D., 1890): m. Charlestown. dren. Helen (deceased), Arthur F. Bookkeeper, 

««, Dec. 23. 1857, Anne E. Chandler. Ordained Bunting & Emery, 1870-80, mem. of firm since 1880, 

JJnlTersallst ministry, 18B7; pastor, Brooklyn, 1857- and pres. since incorporation, 1912; pres. T Wharf 

Em-. 1168. Indianapolis, to Dec. 1870. I.,owell. P'eb Market Corpn.; treas. and dir. Northwestern 

<un, to 1873. Worcester, to 1880 (last 3 TTnltarlan Fisheries Co.; dir. and sec. Canadian Fishing Co., 

Jlmrches). Boston, to 1882. Portland. Me., 1882- Ltd.. of Vancouver, B.C.; alderman City of Cam- 

MUt, 190J; acting iMtstor TTnlversallst ch.. Lynn, bridge, 1906-11. Mem. Boston Chamber of Com- 

•Ja««.. Dec.. 1902>Feb.. 190B: pastor Unitarian ch., merce. Republican. Baptist. Mason; Odd Fellow. 

Farmlngtoa Me.. Dec, 1908-July 1, 1911. Chmn. Club: Colonial (Cambridge). Recreations: boating. f> 



Home: 159 Upland Rd., Cambridge. Office: 7 Bos- ert Bleakle & Co. since 1876, and Webster Wwrin 
ton Flah Pier, Boston, Mass. Co. (Sabattus, Me.); pres. Hyde Park Saviiip 

BKAXOKABD, Vatlikalsl Wlllia, shipmaster, re- ^'^ Hyde Park Water Co.; chmn. Bd. Selectmen 
tired; b. Yarmouth, Me., Apr. 29, 1862; s. Perex Hyde Park. V.-p. Mass. Tariff Reform Lea<«; 
Nathaniel and Cynthia Stone (Blanchard) Blan- J?*™- y°°'^" Goods Assn. of New York. Addrea: 
chard; descendant of Thomas Blanchard, Mass. Hyde Park, Mass. 

Colony, 1639; graduate North Yarmouth Acad.: m. B&BBCXSB, Jolin TMl B«athnjs«B, rear-adnd- 
Grace S. Greenleaf, of Yarmouth, Dec. 19, 1883; 3 ral U.S.N. ; b. Glen Cove, N.Y.. Augr. 16, 1847; l 
children, Leila Willis, Perez Nathaniel (both de- John V. B. (paymaster U.S.N.) and S. Ronlie 
ceased), Relna May. Went to sea In boyhood and (Lynch) Bleecker; grad. U.S. Naval Acad., IMj; 
in 6 mos. -was apptd. 3d mate; promoted to master promoted ensign, 1868; master, 1870; IL, 1871; IL- 
on 4tb voyage; continued at sea 28 yrs., retiring, comdr., June 30, 1891; comdr., Dec. 8, 1897; capU 
1900. Trustee North Yarmouth Acad.; treas. and June 3, 1902; rear-admiral and retired, June Xi. 
trustee Morrill Memorial Library, Yarmouth. 1906. Served 19 yrs. on sea duty at various (tu.; 
Royal Arch Mason. Democrat Unitarian. Home: shore service at torpedo sta., 1873-4, Navy lirt, 
YarmouthvlUe, Me. Washington, 1877-8; Naval Acad., 1878-81; inmi of 

BT.>1ff<TH>mP. JtandlOl Kowud. M.D.; b. Port- t*"'- 5^!^^ '=5iL^'l™' AW** = ^""■P?''^ »'^- .}*%!?' 
land. Me., May i, 1872; s. William Frederick and ^^J Tt L i Stl^T^^if^-i'sii.'*?'',*^ ?^*r '^''^ H!l- 
Harriet Virglnta (Sturdlvant) Blanchard; prep. M?i?;tfi'^iQni?*Mfi=i V"'^' n^Mtr"^ ^"^"'ri'S 
edn. St. Johnsbury (Vt) Acad.; M.D., Bellevue S'„^,'i^'.^*V. ""ii ^t^I's^ ''n *r°"k.^*^>' Tft'^' %? 
Hosp. Med. Coll. (New York U.), 1896; m. Miss ^°""5' Ta^^^£«,i^%^T- . '^°'""'"*' ""*" """^ 
Caroline Cromwell Harris, of Portland, Me.. June Home- Jamestown, R.I.» 

16, 1898; children, Norman Harris, Kennlth Will- „ VLXKXXOMK, Jamsa, M.D.; b. Canning. N«n 
lam, Randall Howard, Jr., Caroline Sturdlvant. Scotia, Mar. 13, 1864; s. James and Maria (SplOtf) 
Practiced In Pittsfleld, Mass., since 1902; oculist pienlthorn; M.D„ Univ. Med. Coll. (New Yoik tt), 
and aurist House of Mercy Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., 1893; m. Mary G. Chadbourne, of Princeton, lu, 
Mass. Med. Soc, Me. Med. Assn. Republican. Mar. 7. 1901; 3 children, Elizabeth Floy, Fnmklli 
Conglist. Home: 40 Commonwealth Av. Office: 7 Pi-.J*™^^ ^- Practiced at Stoneham, Mass., aince 
North St., Pittsfleld, Mass. 1904; prof, surgery. Coll. Phya. and Surg., Bosua, 

a&AlTBZVO, WUUam O., wholesale druggist; b. SL'liti. n.^.l'Jlv.^^-'*-^' ,J?^."v ^*ft.,^*^ ^Ifi 
Providence, R.I., Nov. 24, 1862; s. WUUam Bui- ?7®f"'S? f ?J?J?i'K"'=*"-xx "®*''°'''"- Address: JIT 
lock and Mary Adelaide (Remington) Blandlng; ^t. .. ' °^° °°"^'"- Mass. 

descendant of John Alden and PrlscIIla Mollnes, of B&BnBlk Oarls Joan, painter; b. RIchnioiid, 
the Mayflower; ed. grammar and high schs.; m. y^-v,*"*"- 1- 1864; s. Burghard Philip and Marsner- 
Rosella Cornell, of Providence, Mar. 17, 1875; 4 'te Eva (Bromm) Blenner; ed. Marburg, Germav, 
children, William Cornell, Richard Warren, How- and special course, Yale; (hon. B.F.A., Yile iit 
ard, Alan Cornell. Began In drug business with och., 1904) ; 6 yrs. at Jullen Acad., Paris; unmir- 
father, Jan. 1, 1871; mem. Blandlng & Blandlng, jled. Exhibited Paris Salon. 1887, 8, 9, 91, ChicMt 
wholesale druggists, since July 1, 1890. Mem. ^xpn.. 1893; medal at Boston, 1891; Hallgartei 
Providence Chamber of Commerce. Episcopalian. Prize, Nat Acad, of Design, 1899; represented tt 
Mem. R.I. Soc. Mayflower Descendants, S.A.R., current exhbns. at New York since 1889; brome 
Loyal Legion. Club: Rhode Island Country. Home: medal, St Louis Expn., 1904. Home: New Haven 
27 Brown St. Office: 64 Weybosset St., Providence, Conn. Studio: 68 W. 57th St, New York.' 
Rhode Island. BTiWimro, F«t«r E., rector SS. Peter and Ptnl 

KXJUnrt, nmght, artist; b. Brookllne, Mass., Cathedral. Address: 26 Pond St, Providence, RL 
Jan. 24, 1866; s. Henry and Mary F. (Wood) Bla- B&BTKBB, Oaows K., granite ■ b Rockland, Me. 
ney. Exhibited at Carnegie Inst., 1907, Pa. Acad. Apr. 2, 1866; s. John and Mary (Durgln) Bletlieii; 
of Fine Arts, 1907, 1908, Corcoran Gallery, 1907, ed. common schs. and Rockland Commercial Coll; 
1908, Cincinnati Museum Assn.. 1907, 1908. Mem. m. Sept 26, 1888, Maryetta S. Rowson. of Bostol 
New York Water Color Club, Boston Water Color Began in granite quarrying with Bodwell GranlU 
Club, Boston Art Students' Assn. Clubs: St Bo- Co., Rockland, 1889. now pres and gen mgr. Bock- 
tolph, Tavern. Home: 82 Mt Vernon St. Studio: land Granite Co.; pres. Livingston Mfg Co.; ^' 
308 Fenway Studios, Boston. Am. Pole Car Co. Has been Identlfled with cltr 

BI^ABBT, Ksnry », artist (See vol. 1909, also govt of Rockland, mayor, 1911, 1912. RepubllCtt 
Who's Who in America, 1910-11. Protestant Mason; Odd Fellow. Clubs: City, Hla 

Home: Rockland, Me. 

.. „ V— ~ .— — -., B»I<nCB»BDBBPBB,0«oi»sO., president BUci- 

isarr, banker; June 18, 1836-Nov. ^''iV'l!^ "/*• ^°- typewriters, Stamford, Coltl 
30, 1914. (See' vol. 19()9.) Binnr, OharlM Payson, Jp, banker; b. Bo«W«. 

BliATT. Willtoin lEOM., lawyer; b. Orange, N.J., Knfadb^urne)' Blinn • 3;>Bo»n5l.*nf ^f p"?Jmin^'Jf 

Apr. 29, 1876; s. Joseph H^nry and Louise (Singer) steonev EnillncT Jio S2?mSh °fn^w*..S.i2feld 

Bfatt; ancestors settled In New York about 1830, Conn 1840- Imd Fn^H^h HtlS o.h S.Vfnn 18»5- . 

coming from Prussia; grad. Boston pub. schs. m Etta (lall&on of^o.tL }fnt i^iS?/- i tou^^ 

LL.B., cum laude. Boston U. Law Sch., 1897; m. "r Sitrlan Asst tTels %?v T™»t ro bS."^ 

Lucy Romberg, of Boston, Apr. 2, 1911; 2 daugh- iloB-g- v -n Nat Tlnion %Sr,k .i^f tSv i 1»oT 

ters, Hester Muriel, Josephine Harriet Practiced In treas ai^d Sir Ro»tnn n™^?.^ i!fl M.J'ftJnk 

Boston since 1897; prof:med. Jurisprudence, Coll. errAssn fnr^ iqi?l^^ .f^r SJifJSf^S 

Phys. and Surg., Boston; sec. Medford Woolen Mfg. ffouse A^sn Mpm RoJtnnrh„^h!?i^^ 

Co., etc. Club: New Century (ex-pres.). Autho" Republ^ln Enf^bSllln r?»S^' 

Leading Massachusetts Cases; contbr. articles on \ssn Exchange ^rfnitn^vw/.tB^^ 

law reform for Yale Law Journal, American Law rlnthVan Ta^hf /M»?h?ih^.,i "^YiL J T»d»» 

Review, Case and Comment; also articles In Ev- Count?v flwlmnsc^tt M^^^?' R^r^ik,™- SK 

erybody's. National. Satire, and other popular door soorte »?nerallv hS^p- ?r^rlSSLi St 

mags. Writer of plays and epigrams; wrote "The BrookllnT mJm ® f sumr^??^ R Jrh Av^rWe 

Danger of Ideals," and other playlets; also "The S^adltoss Office- 40 sSte St SSitnVk^^ 

Stranger's Burden" and "Husbands on Approval." —'..flf, ;. omce. 40 State St, Boston, MiM- 

latter pub. In book form, 1914. Home: 48 Francis ,.»**"«i,O«0Pg'» Biduurd, lawyer; b. Charleston. 

St, Brookllne, Mass. Office: 43 Tremont St. Boston, ii?"?:- •l"ly..ll' l^^^; s. John F. and Susan i> 

-,. ._ __. _. , ^ .. „ », J (Dutton) Bllnn; descendant of John Alden; A.B, 

. " ■?* " ?■ "?'?'*• y??'*" .■?/■■•= ''.•.x^S?'^?^' Harvard. 1886: m. Clara A. Pollard, of South Ne«- 

^?^.- h^^?,'- %■ •'°^^ '•J"*T?*^'"^o<.^"^*i'> ^,'e»SlS: market N.H., June 3, 1886. Admitted to Ma«. IWj 

ed. In Scotland; came to U.S., 1847; m. Dec. 1, 1860, 1887, and since practiced in Boston: mem. flnno' 

Isabella Henderson (died, 1880); m. 2d, Oct 12, Adams & Bllnn since 1894 Mem. Bar Assn. CUT 

1882, Mary A Wetherell Mill hand and mgr., 1847- „f Boston, Am. and MasS. ba?^™' : dlTcnifl- 

f?i,°i?"Sr °' .^vP^Vi?,,''^'""?., •""'• 5^°r"^"o^,'„^°""' '''•en's Mission. Clubs: University, Hazard, tin'- 
1861-2. RIverBlde Mill. Providence, R.I.. 1862; mgr. tarian. Recreations: reading, ouWoor dlvenloi* 
Hyde Park Mill, 1863-73; pres. and gen. mgr. Rob- Home: Bedford. Jk^as^ qffl^^ ,93urj; St, Boston. 

••Mt^^MM... ITilliaia Owood, merchant, banker; 
July 16, 184l-Oct 12, 1910. (See vol. 1909.) 



BLin, AUtad TMud*. clerKyman; b. Bangor, 
(fc, Jan. 23. 1872; s. Charles E. and Louise A. 
Trier) BUsa; grad. high sch., Bangor, 1890; A.B., 
towdoin, 1894; S.T.B., Andover Theol. Sem., 1897; 
tudled Harvard Summer Sch., 1903; unmarried, 
irdalned Congl. ministry, 1898; pastor, Ludlow, 
t, 1888-03 Plymouth Ch., Utica, N.Y., 1903-9; 
[avellng at home and abroad, 1909-11; pastor, 
nnslow Ch., Taunton, Mass., since Oct. 1, 1911. 
[em. Taunton Assn. of Chs., Delta Kappa Epsilon, 
hi Beta Kappa. Progressive. Recreations: walking, 
tmiia Address: 32 Prospect SL, Taunton, Mass. 
BUM) Obadss BMBia, clergyman; b. Triangle, 
r.y., Jan. 23, 1S88; s. Daniel J. and Seraph 
Bemis) Bliss: B.A.. Yale, 1890, Ph.D., 1893; B.A., 
lartford Theol. Sem., 1903. Prof, experimental 
sjchology. New York V., 1894-8; ordained Congl. 
ilnistry, 1903; pastor Hampden, Mass., 1903-13, 
lelndoe Falls, Vt., since 1914. Fellow A.A.A.S., 
jn. PsychoL Assn., New York Acad. Sciences 
life). Author of various articles on psychology 
nd the relation between psychology and theology. 
iddress: Mclndoe Falls, vt. 

BUH, Bttward gsnnlman, tntr.; b. Cambridge, 
(an., Dec. 4, 18S0; s. Henry Penniman and Delia 
larla (Warren) Bliss; descendant of Thomas 
nils, 1(34; ed. pub. schs., Cambridge, Mass.; 
unherst Coll.; A.B., Harvard. 1873, A.M., 1874; 
I. May 1, 1880, Mary Cressy McKay, of Boston, 
"res. Mass. Mohair Plush Co. since 1892; mem. 
rm of Cushlng & Bliss. Was mem. Sch. Com., 
ad selectman, Lexington, Mass. Clubs: St Bo- 
l>lph, Brookllne Country. Home: Lexington, Mass. 
MBce: 200 Devonshire St., Boston. 
■U88, Xlmar Jarsd, shoe mfr.; b. Wrentham, 
lasa, Aug. 11, 1867; 8. Leonard Carpenter and 
aixa Crocker (Fisher) Bliss; ed. pub. schs. of 
'ozboro and Edgartown, Mass.; gra!d. Edgartown 
iiKh Sch.. 1884; married Leana Harding, of EUs- 
rorth, Me.. Apr. 29, 1901; 2 children, B(lmer) 
ared, Jr., Muriel Harding. Began as a boy with 
trofra, Durrell Co., Importers and mfrs. of dry 
W>ds, Boston; later became traveling salesman 
ad continued until 1892; has been Identified with 
ooe mfg. since Sept 1, 1893; founder of the Regal 
Ihoe Co., and now pres.; also pres. Regal Shoe 
»., Phlla, Regal Shoe Co., Ltd., Canada, (co. has 
etsil stores in principal cities of the U.S. and 
surope); dir. Intemat Trust Co. Pres. Boston 
Hiamber of Commerce, Nat Automobile Assn. 
T.-p.). Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Ex- 
hange, Algonquin, Eastern Yacht, Country 
Brookllne), Lotus, Midday (New York). Recre- 
ations: horseback riding, yachting. Home: 1962 
«mmonwealth Av., Brookllne, Mass. Office: 268 
lummer 8t, Boston. Factories at Whitman and 
Ulford. Mass., Phlla., Pa., and Toronto. Can. 
,aUM, VMdsito WzlClit, lawyer; b. Rehoboth, 
(ass.. Oct 14, 1862; s. Cyrus W. and Hannah T. 
Mimroe) Bliss; paternal ancestor, Thomas Bliss, 
rho landed at Plymouth, 1<S<: maternal ancestor, 
tlchard Warren, who came to America in the 
fayflower, 1620; Ph.B., Brown U., 1878; Ph.B., 
ioston U.. 1878, LL.B., 1881; unmarried. Prac- 
iced In Boston since 1881; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 
891-4 (author of the Bliss Subway Bill, which 
ecame a law); dlr. Hunt-SpUler Mfg. Corpn.; 
nistee Mass. Homoe. Hosp.; apptd. by Gov. Walsh 
bmn. John Brown Memorial Commn., 1914; alter- 
att del Rep. Nat Conv., Chicago, 1904. Congllst 
(em. Mass. Soc. Mayflower Descendants, Beta 
Hieta PL Mason, KT. (Past Master St. John's 
jodge; pres. Master's Assn.). Clubs: Boston City, 
Seonomlc. Recreations: travel, outdoor life. Home: 
■08 Washington St, Dorchester. Office: 89 State 
It, Boston. 

. _.. merchant; Nov. 20, 1844; now de- 
cased (See vol. 1909.) 

■UHL Oeonr* B., M.D.; b. Rehoboth, Mass., 
'ec. 9, 1J55; s. Cyrus W. and Hannah T. (Munroe) 
niss; descendant of Richard Warren, of the May- 
lower, also from Capt. Benjamin Church and 7th 
generation from Thomas Bliss, of Rehoboth, 
sjss.; ed. pub. schs., Rehoboth ; grad. Providence 
Rl.) High Sch., 1877; East (freenwlch (R.I.) 
lead.: M.D., Boston U. Sch. of Medicine. 1881; 
>ost-grad. work Harvard Med. Sch.; surgical clin- 

ics London, Berlin, Vienna, and New York, Phtla., 
Chicago and Boston; unmarried. Practiced in 
Boston since 1881; specialises In obstetrics and 
gynecology; asst surgeon, Boothby Surgical Hosp. ; 
surgeon to Mass. Homce. Dispensary, also phys. 
diseases of women and diseases of the skin same: 
obstetrician, Mass. Homoe. Hosp. Incorporator and 
dir. Dorchester Savings Bank. Mem. Mass. Homce. 
Med. Soc. (1st v.-p.), also Boston Dist Soc. of 
same (trees.), Mass. Med. Soc., also Norfolk Dist 
Soc. of same, Mass. Surg, and OynecoL Soc., 
Hahnemann Med. 8oc, Mass. Homoe. Hosp. Asso- 
ciates, Boston Homoe. Med. Soc, Alumni Assn. 
Boston U. Sch. of Medicine (visitor and mem. exec, 
and nominating com.). Mem. Mass. Soc. Mayflower 
Descendants. Republican. Congllst Mason (Blue 
Lodge, Chapter, Commandery, K.T.) Club: Boston 
City. Contbr. numerous papers On medicine and 
surgery to med. magazines and reviews. Recre- 
ations: travel. Address: 608 Washington St, Dor- 
chester, Boston, Mass. 

BUM, 9*atg» BawBUUi, lawyer; b. Eagle ville, 
Tiverton, R.I., July 22, 1837; s. James L. and 
Sarah A. (Stafford) Bliss; student Brown U., 
1856-8; A.B., Union Coll.. Schenectady, N.Y., 1880; 
LL.B., Albany (N.Y.) Law Sch., 1861; m. Provi- 
dence, R.I., Jan. 1, 1872, Fannie A. Carpenter; 
children, Gerald M., William C, George M. (de- 
ceased), Carlton S. (deceased), Helen C. (Mrs. 
Fred V. Emerson), Rose D. Admitted to N.Y. bar, 
1861; served In Union Army, 1861-6: hon. mustered 
out with rank of capt. May 16, 1866: practiced in 
Providence since 1866; mem. R.I. Ho. of Rep., 1868- 
73. Senate, 1883-6; justice 7th Jud. Dist, R.I., since 
1872; mem. Sch. Com. of East Providence, 26 yrs.; 
supt of schs., 12 yrs. Mason (K.T.) Club: Con- 
gregational (treas.). Recreations: yachting. 
Autnor of various hist, sketches, etc. Home: East 
Providence. Office: 19 College St, Providence, ItL 

B&isa, Ctaorgs Tmaeaa, bishop; b. Shelbume, 
Vt, Mar. 12, 1864; s. George and Mary Adelaide 
(Stevens) Bliss; A.B., U. of Vt^ 1889 (D.D., 1904); 
S.T.B., Gen. Theol. Sem. New York, 1892; m. Bur- 
lington, Nov. 16, 1893, Katherine L. Shattuck; 3 
children, Harriette (Catherine, J. Isham, Mary 
Adelaide. Deacon, 1892, priest 1893, F.E. Ch.; 
curate St. Paul's Ch., Burlington, Vt, 1892-9, rec- 
tor, 1899-16: consecrated bishop coadjutor of Vt, 
Apr. 21, 1916. Address: 204 South Union St, Bur- 
lington, Vt 

BUBB, K«u7 WaxMa, dry goods commn.; b. 
Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 20, 1861; s. Henry P. and 
Delia (Warren) Bliss; A.B., Harvard, 1884; m. 
Grace Beckwith, of Plattsburg, N.Y., Sept 20, 1898; 
children, Henry M., Margaret. Began active career 
in dry goods business, Boston, 1884; now sec., 
treas. and dir. (Ashing & Bliss; treas. Mass. 
Mohair Plush Co. Clubs: Union, Exchange, Har- 
vard, Brookllne Country. Home: Chestnut HIU, 
Mass. Office: 200 Devonshire St., Boston. 

BI i BW, jMasa rxadadok, ship chandler; b. Bos- 
ton, Apr. 7, 1847; s. Francis and Alice (Wakefleld) 
Very, and adopted at age of 2 by James and Louise 
(Hayden) Bliss; ed. pub. and high schs., Boston; 
unmarried. Began at age of 18 In business estab- 
lished by James Bliss, 1832; admitted as partner, 
1872; succeeded to business on death of father, 
1876, title of James Bliss & Co., grocers, ship 
chandlers and vessel owners: dir. Simpson Patent 
Dry Dock Co.; ex-pres. Roxbury Co-operative 
Bank, and Highland Co-operative Bank; Mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep^ 1900-1. Mem. Boston Chamber 
of Commerce. Was Corporal 2d Regt, Mass. 
Militia comd. by Col. Charles R. Codman. Mem. 
Mercantile Library Assn. (ex-pres. and now v.-p.). 
Mass. Charitable Mechanics' Assn. Republican. 
Unitarian. Mason (32°); mem. Boston Command- 
ery, K.T.: Mass. Consistory. Clubs: Exchnnsre, Bos- 
ton City, Boston Art, Economic, Boston Yacht Rec- 
reations: billiards, driving, outdoor sports. Home: 
189 W. Brookllne St Office: 91 Broad St.. Boston. 

BBUm, J«M« Kaoati, M.D.; b. South Hadley 
Falls, Mass., Sept 6, 1870; s. Serbertrum E. and 
Fannie (Little) Bliss; prep. edn. Mt. Hermon 
Sch.; student Cornell U.; M.D., Coll. Phys. and 
Surg. (Columbia), 1896; m. Ruth V. C. HllUck, or 
Ithaca, N.Y., Feb. 26, 1898; 3 children. 1 living, 
Susan Elaine. Practiced in Holyoke, Mass.. slnoa (> 


uiyiLizeu uy 

X^J V^V^ ' 


1896; asst. surgeon, House of Providence Hosp., Commrs., since 1912. Pres. a.K. Tax Offldats 

Holyoke, Mass.; med. examiner for the Prudential Assn.; mem. Nat. Tax Assn., Loyal Legion. Unl- 

Ins. Co. of America, Union Central Life Ins. Co., tarlan. Clubs: University (Providence), Mianto- 

Masa. Mut. Life Ins. Co., State Mut Life Aasur- nomi (Newport), Kdgewood Yacht Home: 246 

ance Co. of Worcester, Mass., John Hancock Mut Armington St., EMgewood, R.I. Address: P.O. Box 

Life Ina. Co., Home Life Ins. Co., Manhattan Life 156, Providence, R.I. 

Ins. Co. Mem. A.M. A., Mass. Med. Soc., Holyoke KLOSOBT, Xanry, M D : b. 1866: B.A., Tale. 

Med. Soc. Baptist. Home: 106 Pleasant St., Ad- ig^s; M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. CoU. (New York 

iress: 231 High St., Holyoke, Mass. u.)^ Iggj. „, Mabel McKelvey, 1886. Practiced in 

BKZWi, :b«on Snstoii, clergyman; b. Calais, Vt, Bridgeport, Conn., since 1881. Mem. Delta Kappa 

June 2, 1861; a. Frederick Duston and Frances Kpsilon (Phi Chapter). Address: 379 Park PI.. 

Prescott (Hitchcock) Bliss: ed. Caladonla Co. Bridgeport, Conn. 

^J?.""^*! J'^*'-; Peacham. Vt. ; A.B., Dartmouth, BKODOBT, William, banker, brokei-; A.B., Brown 

1883; S.T.B., Andover Theol. Sem., 1888; (A.M^ u 1371 ^as engaged In business at (Chicago. 

111. Wesleyan U., 1905); unmarried. Instr in igyj.s. Providence, 1876-86, later at Boston and 

English and natural science, Hopkins Acad., Oak- j^^w York, and again at Boston; senior mem. firm 

land, Cal., 1884-5; ordained Congl. ministry, 1888, of Blodget, Merritt & Co. until 1912, since mem. 

asst. pastor. Central Ch., Worcester, Mass., 1888- Blodget & Co. Dir. State Street Trust Co., Cam- 

91; pastor Woodland, Cal., 1891-5, Great Barring- bridge Electric Light Co. Clubs: University, E:x- 

ton, Mass 1896-06 Lenox, since Feb., 1909. Re- change (Boston), University (New York). Home: 

publican. Mason (K.T.). Address: Lenox, Mass. Chestnut Hill, Mass. Office: 60 State St.. Boston. 

-a, ?|*<*»^' UV?"^'*,"' *'-.,^?.'"'"^®Di^^HfJ?i' BliODOBTT, OlianBoay X»ya«^ clergyman. (Sec 

May 26, 1842; s. Richard and Surah Pyncheon vol 1909.) » » -1 0.1 

(Eastman) Bliss; ed. grammar and high schs., and -ar nnn-Bin v«_.x -w-^-.** i. „,.,... », r. * 

prepared for coll.. but enlistment in Civil War , o? , Jl?' "''Sf* "'"^'i"??'^*''.,''.?,*"^"' 

rnterfered with ednl. plans; m. Sarah Peters Bow- Jft^,, 22. 18«6;s Warren Kendall and Mtaerva 

ker, of Boston, Oct. 16. 1888; no children. Served ^^^^?S } «w Snh 'isss^'.,. w^h^*?' i"*iJ, liJ^^V 

In Co. A, 46th Mass. Regt.. 1861-2; student under 5*17*^'* Jl^,'' ,?'=^V,o\*.*lli?i- ?'*''d' J"' .^""5 ?£ 

Prof. L. Agassiz, Cambridge. Mass., 1867-70; asst. S°*^,"v?L^% "k„1*AV ah'^^.1; ?",''*= Ju^.?'*' 

in Museum of Comparative ZoOlogy, Cambridge. ^^h^^^Jl^^.^P"!,"}^}^- Admitted to Suffoik bar. 

1870-6; blbliographef on U.S. Oeol Survey, and ^3 '*'7„ '° f J„^=."£?„^ ^1^ '^^^^^^ 

Northern Transcontinental Survey, 1881-3; libra- i°*l°Ji,S i nil^.^'.^^^TOrP™ a°' '^^°^,«^*}- Jones. 

Hnn RoHwnnd r.lhmrv NewDort R.I 1884-14 Burnham & Bingham. Mem. Am. and Mass. bar 

M^m. ^^irGioi^%"".^-iuwvSn%auWu8^: ^r'l^.-J'^Lt^^"^ *fi'Vh' ^°^^t,- ^^°.,v°?. "ii""""^ 

Newport Hist. &)C. Clubs: rfarvard of R.I.. Law- ?,LP°.'"Sf"tVH^^n ^,5*^ «*"• ^''' °*Jl'* ?*"'• 

rence Scientific Assn. Author: Classified index to £l"^4L„"*"?^S^„/^°«',°,">- ^^''f.f ^"7i Countrj-. 

maps m Petermann's MIttellungen and In the Royal 5*"/""5"^ '.*"Sf^' «°if «"<' ""^S"" °""?,°£ <"^"l 

Geog. Soc-s pubis. (Harvard Library BibUog. f}°"^- "?'"«: West Newton. Mass. Office: 60 

Contbns. Noa. 16, 17, 1884. 1886); and In the Federal St.. Boston. 

£ubl8. of the Geoi. Soc. of London (Boston Pub. BXiODOBTT, Jolm Xsnn, securities; b. Thomas- 
library Bibliographies No. 4, 1887): A Classlflca- ton. Me., Aug. 1, 1881; s. John H. and Anna (Rob- 
tlon of the physical and natural sciences (except Inson) Blodgett; S.B., Harvard, 1904; m. Ruth 8. 
chemistry) for C. A. Cutter's Expansive Classlfl- Paine, of Boston, May 27. 1914. Began with Paine, 
cation. Seventh Expansion, 1902-10; various papers Webber & Co., bankers, 1904, mem. of firm since 
In trans, of scientific socs. and library periodicals. Jan. 1, 1913; dir. Fidelity Trust Co., Atlantic 
Recreations: watercolor sketching, mountaineering. Mining Co., Wisconsin-Minnesota Light & Power 
Address: Newport, R.I. Co., Am. Pub. Utilities Co. Conglist Clubs: Har- 

BUSS, William Oftppeatsr, lawyer: b, Kaat ^^li. <^iS»J??.'',„T«g«8«=°; RecreaUons: outdoor 

Providince. R.I., .July 6 1S7«; s. George Newman ?P°Ii'-nS^S^ i^^nl^^^"^*? Bluft Av. Swampscott. 

and FhuhIc A. (Carpenter) Bliss, A.B., Hrown U., **"»• °^<^^- ^^ Devonshire St.. Boston. 

1896. A.M., 189S: LL.B.. U. tit Mich.. Dept. of Law, BM>DOETT, John Kenry, M.D.; b. Grafton, Vt, 

1901; unmarried. Practiced In Providence since Dec 31, 1867; s. Henry and Jane (Ay