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Gc M. L. 








„ 3 1833 01797 0630 






"Whq^s WhO'^" 






/ igog Is: 


L . R , H A y. E R S L Y & COMPANY 





The Masterpiece of Piano Craft 


Style K Vertegrand $550 
Style N Upright $600 
Style I Upright $675 


Style Minature Grand $800 
Style A Baby Grand $950 
Style B Parlor Grand $1100 

Fifty dollars and upward additional for 
Mahogany and other natural woods. 


Stcmway Hall 107-109 East 14. St.. New York. 
Subway Express Station at the door. 


^ i\ 

i ,'; 

The Vsltin School 


The Veltin Schoo2 was founded by Jladcmoiselle Veltiii in ]SSt;. It 
is a day school for girls. The faculty is composed of eminently success- 
ful teachers who make a special study of the needs of each pupil'and have 
tlie aljility to-apjily the proper incentives for the highest attainment 
The number of pupils is limited to twelve in each class! 

Primary, College Preparatory and General Courses. 

Students are admitted at any age and are prepared for admission to 
Bryn Mawr, Vassar, Barnard, \Vellcsle\- and other colleges. The General 
Course gives opportumly for a wide range of electives, adapted to the 
ability and taste of the indiviaual. Many lectures arc given durin" the 
year by university specialists. Sight reading in music and a "complete 
system of physical training art features of the School. Self-government 
is successfully applied iu higher classes. 

Tlie School occu|)ies a modern fireproof Iniilding erected especially 
for its use, and located at 1011-102 \V. Tlth Street, and connecting with 
and including It'.-", W. 7:!d Street. It is well lighted, ventilated b'v fans, 
heated by steam, and has a.>isembly hall, .studv rooms, class and recitation 
rooms, laboratory, studio, and gymn.isium with ventilated locker for each 
student. Senior Hall, connected with the main building by a wide corri- 
dor, is devotecl to the use of the Senior Dcpartinent, ami ha's a large refer- 
ence library and complete appliances for illustrating the various .s7ibjects. 

The Art Department of The Veltin School is conducted as an inde- 
pendent feature and has attain. ,1 :i wide reputation on account of the ex- 
cellent facilities presented, and the unusual ability of its instructors. 

This Department is located in the same building as the \"eltin 
School, occupying an entire lloor of the building, arrangefl especially for 
art ^rtudy. The aim is to awaken the niin.l of the student to the beauty 
in nature and art, to stimulate the creative faculty ami to train the '.ve, 
hand and memory. .V complete course has been established in drawing 
from life, comiio.sition, anatomy, painting and sk(;tcliiiig; also in. wood 
sculpture and modeling. Students in the Art Dep.irtmeiit come from all 
parts of the United States. 

Descriptive circulars sent upon upplicatloii. 


Nos. 160-lG2\y. 7 1th St., New York, N.Y. 





BOSTON, i:!2 EoyUlou St. 
WASHIXGTOX, :2S 14th St., X. W. 
CniCACiO, Auditorium 
CIXCIXXATI, ilero. Libi'y C'lds- 
ST. LOUIS, cor. Limk-U Ik.ul. TuiJ 

Grau Ave. 
TOnOXTO, Conservatory of .Mu-ie 
SAX FKAXCISCO, lijo'l Wtoii St. 
MEXICO CITV, as Ave., Juarez 
I'AKIS, 27 Avenue de TOiiera 


LOXDOX, 2-31 O.xford St. 
BERLIX, 113 Leipzigerstrasse 
VIEXXA, 13 Orabeu 
ROME, 114 Via Xazionale 
ilADllID, Prcciados 
liUEXOS AYRES. 211 Florida 
LISROX, 20a Rua do Aleerim 
ATllEXS, Odos Asklipli .5 
HARLEM BRAXCII, 34:J Lenox Ave. 

"The Berlitz ?*[elliod i.s the systematized way of learning' 
a forei,^-n language as in a foreign connt-ry. l)y its aetiial use." 
— (^levers Coiivers Lex., 1\'. L^d. bi>raeliniiterrielit.) 


Paris ExpoMtion, '00-2 Gold Medals. Lille Expo-ition, l;M)2-Gold Medal. 

Zurich Exposition, '02-CioId Medal. St. Louis imposition, "04 (Jrand Prize. 

Liege Expo-ition, lllO,-|-Grand Prize. 

For Self Tnstrnetion and Si'liools witliout Berlitz Teachers 
the following [iooks are iiighly rceoumicnded: 

French «ith or without Alaster, 2 vols., each . . . $i.oo 

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Smattcrinj; of Spanish ^ . . $0.30 

French Comedies, each •''• 

French .Novelettes, " $0.15 

:\I. 1). BEliLlTZ ll-J-J Broadwav, Xew York 








The new (Second) Edition of "WIio's Wlio in rennsylvania, 
issued four years after the publication of the First, is a com- 
plete and up-to-date presentation of pei'soual statistics of 
those living citizens of the Commonwealth who bear the most 
active and influential part in the progress and development 
of the State. 

It has been edited with the greatest care and its records 
are authentic, and the volume is an authoritative reference 
book of current biography of those citizens of the State who 
are now at the front of its activities and whose achievements 
^ are matters of current interest. The statesmen and jurists, 
capitalists, railway officials, leaders in commerce and manu- 
factures, lawyers, physicians, the higher clergy, the leaders 
in the colleges and universities of the State, scientists, jour- 
nalists, artists, authors, engineers, and others who represent 
the public, industrial, intellectual and social interests of Penn- 
sylvania are included, in due proportion, in this volume. 

As a reference book the publication will lie found of con- 
stant use to those interested in the Commonwealth and its 
citizens, whether resident within the State or elsewhere, and 
it will form a valued addition to the list of most frccpiently 
consulted authorities in libraries, public or private. 

The appended addresses form a most valualtle addition to 
the volume as a work of reference. 

The book is neatly bound in green cloth, and contains 600 
pages, and the price is Five Dollars. 

L. K. ILUIEIJSLY cV: COMFAXY. Publishers, 

1 West ;Ulh St., Xew I'ork. 



Tel. 6680, Ct. 


Members N. Y. Stock Exchange 

Bonds and Investment Securities 

Branch Office: 
Cincinnati, Ohio 




I By H. C. gauss i 

The author of this book, H. C. Gauss, Esq., is a trained journalist at prescni 
t.; oceupving tlie responsible position of Private Secretary to Attorney General 

C] Bonaparte. 

^ The book not only gives a list of all offices of sulliciont importance to be fillea 

by I'resiJential ap]iointiiient anil subject to confirmation by the .Senate, but a 
complete statement of tlic powers and duties pertaining to each ollice and the 
salary attached tliercto. IIow many Americans are there who could tell precisely 

fl -, what the powers and responsibilities of the United States District Attorney or 

the Collector of the Port are, and the extent of power vested in the hands of 

f'^ Bank Examiners and the Comptroller of tlie Currency, and to what work of \ 

reference could they turn for full information upon tliese subjects? 

This book contains information ujion points of law, procedure and custom ncit 
known to many of even the be-t informed citizens. Xot many know that th" 
terms of the J.'ostmaster General and tlie Comptroller of the Currency extend a 
month beyond the term of the President who appointed them, and that the Po>,l- 
niaster General, unlike other Cabinet ollicers, can be removed by the President ' 

only with the consent of the Senate. Few know that United States Senators and 
Representatives have a right to select, subject to the pa-sing of examinations, 
cadets in the Xaval Academy, but have no such riglit with reference to the 
Military Academy, for which their selections are merely advisory, the President 
having the sole power of apiiointment. These and many hundreds of other facts as 
little familiar are brought out-iii this useful \ulunie. 

What American traveling aliroad or contemplating going abroad but would 
gladly know the duties and powers (,f llip American Amli,i-.sador and Jliui-ter, 

i ! the Consul General and the American Con-nl; what their duties are not only to 

the Government they represent, hut to American citizens who visit the countries 
to which they are accredited as well. Xot long since a famous Xew Yorker lo-t 
a suit in the Uiiiled States Circuit Ccuirt involvini: more than ^lOd.nnn. He 
desired to appml it to the Su[in-me Couit of the United States, Ijut was a-l.mnded 
at being (old by liis lawyers tliat lliey were not sure that he couhi appeal it, 
and to his astonisliment the Supreme Court refuseil to hear the case. Now Uiis 
book tells just what cases can bo heard in United States Courts- and the juri- 
diction of each court; and aUo cover-: all points likely to come up about the 
Government and its olllcials in all their relations at home and abroad. 

The Ameiucax Govicrnmknt is a volume of nine hundred pages, bound in 

' I lialf ini.iiieeo, ami the [uiee is >-.-,. It is a bnnk of reference for American citizeiH j 

and for fm eii/nei - \\]i,, ,\r-\ir full and aiilleiitir inl'oi ii;al inn a- to the organizatimi j 

i'<v (luwrnnitnt. I 

L. .R. -HAMERSLY & CO., j 

1 AVEST 34th ST., NEW YORK ' 

of the Lni 



inting Service 



By which \%e mean the manufacture 
of large or small book propositions 
with all the expediency consistent ^\■ith 
accuracy. NN'rite us on the subject. 

telephones: broad 21:4-9. 


Fraxcis Emory Fitch 

Publish i:r and Rrinter 

47 Broad Stkket /^^ 

iSTiow York 







" With all acliievements in maga- 
zine litcraturo we have litcialiy no 
rival of the. great English Reviews. 
The scholar of human life a.ul 
thoujilit is obliged to turn to them for 
thorough discussion of great politiiul 
and social que-tions. We cannot get 
on without tlieni if xve cave to be in 
sympathy witli our age." — The .Vci'' 

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who desire to broaden their minds by 
tlieir reading to take one or more of 
the leading English reviews." — "ii- 
gineci^ng Xrics. 

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ing raijont. fiom wliich no delica-.y 
belonging to the season is omitted. 
The topics treated are timely, and the 
li-t of contrilnilnrs is both di~tin- 
guisticd and authoritative." — 'I'Jk 

"These leading English Ucvir vs 
contain more articles liv more nnt.d 

writers on any important subject 
tliaii any other series. No reader 
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best thought of the day on all cur- 
rent questions of importance can af- 
ford to ignore them." — The I'hUudeh 
phin Press. 

" It is a most valuable aid to con- 
temporary literature in America that 
all these great English Reviews are 
made easily accessible by their re- 
issue on this side by the Leonard 
Scott I'uldication Co." — Chicarjo In- 

" The writers are always al)le. and 
show great breadth in their treat- 
ment of a variety of subjects. The 
constant reading of these periodicals 
h't-^ one out into a larger world, and 
gives breadth and vigor to tlie under- 
standing. They are cosuiopolitaii in 
their view and grasp." — /.ion's Her- 



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Mi.NSTfR Review, each .*4.jt» per year; any two. .^S.-'iO ; any tliree, .$1-2.00; all 
four. .>sl(i.00; single ciipies, 40 eeiits. J'.di.mukcii Review and yiAifrEUEY 
Review, each .■f4.llO per year; tlie two. $7..')0; single copies, if\.i:,. Rr.vcK- 
woou'.s M.VO.VZI.NE. .•?:1.00 per year; single copies. .'.O cent-; with one iiiuuterly. 
.•?0..")0; with two. .*10.IH), 

Leonard Scott Publication Company, 
7 ^^';lITCll Street, New York. 

WHO'S Who ' 





;iU>. > 




L. R, HAMERSLY & COMPa'nY •''4 




The Fonrtli Biennial Edition of Who's Who in* Xew York City and 
State is here presented with confidence that it will meet with a welcome 
even more wide and generous than that accorded to its predecessor of 
1907. The processes of addition and elimination have both been invoked 
to give to the present volume a more tlicroughly representative character. 
As a work of reference for biographical statistics of a single State it is 
uniqtie in its comprehensive completeness. "While it is possible to criti- 
cise any compilation of the kind on the ground that certain individuals 
are included or excluded, it is belic'^'ed that this book is less open to 
criticism of this kind than any other of its class. In inchisiveness it 
goes far beyond any other publication, so far as Xew Yorkers are con- 
cerned, containing about 300 per cent, more sketches of living citizens 
and residents of the Empire State than any other. 

The i)ook is in this edition an entirely new one, only a small per- 
centage of the sketches from the previous edition appearing without 
change or addition. Great care has lieeu e.xerted to make the sketches 
accurate and dependable. The information in almost every instance has 
been procured at first hands, and by submission of proofs for correction, 
errors have licen, to the largest possible extent, avoided. 

Wno".s Who ix Xinv Youk City and State has become recognized as 
one of the most requisite items in reference and home libraries. It 
presents the life stories, in condensed form, of the thousands of citizens of 
the State who are now at the front of its activities, and who~e achieve- 
ments are matters of current interest. The statesmen aiul jurists, the 
financiers, capitalists and captains of industry, the leaders in ronunen-e 
and manufactures, ibe lawyrrs, physicians and clergymen, the philoso- 
pliers and philanthii.pi>t-., the scientists, educators and intellectual lead- 
ers, the journalists, authors and litierafi'urs. the artists and ai-rhitectS; 
the engineers ami invrnmrs. in briel'. those people who in every bi;nu b of 
worthy a<ti\iiy are in the bi-t sense representative, both in City and 
State, are here in due proportion. 



Omissions there are, of course. There are some from whpm or about 
wlioni no data could be procured ; and perhaps some have been overlooked. 
It may be stated with confidence, however, that few, if anv, glariu'' omis- 
sions will be found. Some maj- have been included who would better 
have been omitted. Such cases, among man\- thousands of subjects, are 
unavoidable, but. looked at in bulk, it is safe to assert that the book is 
open to little criticism as to its sulijects. 

It is essentially a reference book, compiled upon honest lines. Xo 
one has been included or excluded merely on the ground of willinn-ncss 
or unwillingness to purchase the book. It is the only conijilete reference 
book of current biography of the people of Xcw York City and State. 
As a book occupying that field without a serious competitor, it has fully 
arrived. It is used i)y libraries, by writers, by newspapers, and bv busi- 
ness ofBces in all the ways in which such a publication can be utilized. 
Its data form the daily source of biograj)hical reference in the press and 
home and abroad. It is constantly quoted in the editorials of the leading 
newspapers, and for all purposes, from casual reference to complete 
biography or obituary, its resources arc constantly drawn upon. 

In the home cinle it is a valuable auxiliary to conversation or to 
study. It puts the individual en lapport with the antecedents and 
careers of the notables of the Stale, and to all, from the most ifttelleclual 
to the everyday maiiand woman of business or leisure, it is a source of 
useful information which is not to be found elsewhere. 

A large advance subscription and an active daily demand assure the 
success of this edition. The next one, to be issued two years hence, will 
deal with equal or greater completeness with the New Yorkers of that 
date, lleadeis who can and will suggest names omitted which should 
be included will confer a favor on the publishers by sending sueh names 
with the ajiprojiriate addresses. 

A few biographies received too late for insertion in the proper aljiha- 
betical jilaee, will be found in the Addenda at the end of the volume. 



A.B., or B 





Agr., agr'l 



A.M., or W 

Anat. . 






Ark. . 

Arfy . 

Ass'n . 





att'y . 


Av. ■ . 

Bapt. . 

B.D. . 
Biog. . 
Biol. . 
E.L. or : 
Bld'g . 
B.Litt. c 
Boul. . 
B.Pd. or 



B.S., Sc.B.. 


American Association for 
Advancement of Science. 

Ancient and Accepted Scottisll 
Kite ( Masonic 1. 
.A.B.nchclor of Arts. 


ai.l.--d- .'a.Lip. 



AlabanKi. ^' 
A.-Mas-or of Arts. 



..I'.aclielor of Arts. 
IJachelor of A-nc 

liadielor of Arclii 
Bachelor of Divin 




Coll. Phys. 

Colo. . 
Com. . 
Conf. . 
Conn. . 
Conv. . 
C.S.A. . 
C.S.N. . 






D.S., £ 









E.E. am 



and Surg. College of Physicians 
and Surgeons. 









Confederate Htates Army. 

Coufederute ijlates Xavy. 

Doctor of Arcliitectnro. 
District of Ci.lnnlbia. 
Doctor of Civil Law. 
Doctor of Divinity. 
Doctor of Dental Sur-ery. 
or Sc.D. Doctor of .Science. 



Exec. . 
Exp't Sta. 



T. aud A.M. Free .ind Accepted Masons 
reb. . . February, 
ria. . . Florida. 












H.I., or H.T.H 

Hist. . II 

Homce. . H 

Hon. . . H 
hou. mem. hi 

Hort. H 



Graud .\rniy of the Republic. 




graduated from, 

Islands or Ilav 



'. Indiana. 

Ind. Ty. 

. Indian Territ 


. Infantrv. 


. Insurance. 

insp. . 


Inst. . 




instr. . 








Doctor of Ju 

J.U.D. . 

Doctor of Can 



KP. . 

Knights of P 

K.T. . 

Knights Temp 

Ky. . 


L.H.D., D.I 

itt., or Litt 

D. Doctor of Letters 

lient., or It 


liitt.B,, or 

B.Litt. lia 

helor of Letters 

LL.B. . . 


of Laws. 

LL.D. . . 

Doctor of 


LL.M. . 

Master o 


!t., or lieut 


Luth. . . 


M.A.. or A.M. Master of 



-MaMcr o 


m.aj. . . 


M.1SS. . . 



Math. . . 



M.B. . . 


of .Medicine. 

Md. . . 


M.D. . . 

I>...t,,r of 


Me. . . 


ME. . . 


1 Kn^ineer 

Mcch. . . 



ME. CU. . 


Kpiscopal Clinrcli. 

Med. . . 



M.istcv of 

Electrical Engineer- 

Mem. . . 
Met. . . 



Mf'g . 
mg'r . 
Micli. . 

Mina. . 
M.L. . 

mn'g . 

Mont. . 
M.S. . 

Mut. . 
N. . . 

N.C. . 
N.E. . 
N.E.A. . 

Neb. . 



N.H. . 
N.W. . 
N.Y. . 

O. . . 


Okla. . 


Otol. . 


Pd.B. . 
Pd.D. . 
Phar.M., c 
Ph.B. . 
Ph.D. . 

Polit. . 
Poly. . 
P.Q. . 





Master of Science. 


Baclielor of Music. 

Doctor of Music. 




North Carolina. 

Norlh Dakota. 


National Educatioi 

Mial Guard. 





liachciur of Pedagogy. 
Doctor of PedacoKv. 
Protestant Episcopal. 
-j! Phai 




of Pharmacy. 
i;:icii..i(ir of I' 
D.i. tor nf Plulusopliv. 


Ph.M. Ma.stcr of Pharmacy. 
Philippine Islands. 
Province of Quebec, 





Kliod.' I- land. 
Doctor of Poll 





E.R. . 


Tenn. . 


E'y . 


Tex. . 
Theol. . 


s. . 




S. . . 


treas. , 


S.A.E. . 

Sons of the Americ 

in Revo- 


Univ. . 


SB., or Sc 

B., or B.S. Bachelor of 


U.S. A. 

I'nited States Arniv. 


South Carolina. 


United States Colored Troops. 

Sc.D. . 

Doctor of Science. 


United States Navv. 




United States Volunteers. 


South Dakota. 

S.E. . 






Vol. . 


Sect. . 


v.-p. . 

vice president. 

Scm. . 




Sept. . 


serg't . 




S.J. . 

Society of Jesus fJesi 


Wash. . 

State of Washington. 




Woman's Christian Temperance 




sp'l . 


Wis. . 


St. . . 

Saint. Street. 

W.Va . 

West Virginia. 



Wyo. . 



Bachelor of Sacred Theolojv. 


Doctor of Sacred Theology. 


Young Men's Christian Asso- 

Slip't . 



Surg. . 


s.w. . 





AAKONS, Sidney Henry: 

Lawyer; b. X. Y. City, Jan. 20, ISSO; B. 
Louis aud Mary (Stark) Aarons; grad. from 
Coll. City of .V. Y., B..?., 1S99; Columbia 
Univ., LL.B., 190J ; unmarried. Engaged in 
practice of law in X. Y. City from 1M3. Fre- 
quent contributor to periodicals and publica- 
tions. Author Daisy Dew (musical comedy); 
Impolicy (society drama). Address: 32 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 

ABBE, Cleveland: 

, Sleieorolo^'ist ; b. X. Y. City, Dec. 3, 1833; 
s. George \Valdo and Cliarlotle (Colgate) 
Abbe; ed. Coll. Citv of X. Y., 1851-57, A.B., 
1^57, A.M., Ibtiu; Univ. of Mich., 1658-59 
(LL.D., 18!-0), Harvard Univ. lE6a-(;4, B.S., 
"as of loiil;" Glasgow Univ. (Kelvin Jubilee) 
LL.D., 18%; m. Cincinnati. O., May In, 1870, 
Frances Martha Xcal; children: Cleveland, 
Jr., b. Mar., 1S72, Truman, b. Xov., 1873, 
William, b. June. 1877. Ass't to Dr. B. A. 
Gould, U. .S. (na^t Snrv,-v, in conii.iilin!- hm- 

gitudos, star .-..111 . ■,. ., . 1 .i r .!, ■■ a 

as private s. ■ . : i! ■ . - ', l ' i ■: ■■:! 

account of nc; ; ■ ". ■ - i > i •> :, 

- Central Astro -. ("...■.>; r . j '.-i : ,.-> ,,, r.. i r 
St. Petersljurg, Kus-ia. K-^.l-m.; ass't U. S. 
Naval Observatorv, 1-07-0= ; director Cincin- 
nati Observatorv, ]Sl,j-7:!. where established 
system of dailv weather maps for United 
States, with forecast -of weatlier for Ciiu 
nali which was soon f.illowed by the est 
lishment of National w..-atlicr service by th9 
Government; since ls71 has been prof, meteor- 
ology, lirst in U. S. Signal Service, and since 
1=91 in Weather Bureau, U. S. Dept. of Ag- 
riculture. Was U. S. Weather Bureau dele- 
gate to Internat. Klectric Conference, Philr 
delphia, 187G; to Forestry Congress, Cincii 
nati, ISSl; to Internat. Conference on Time 
and Longitude, Wa.sliington, l==l, and to In- 
ternat. Conference on .Meteorology, Munich, 
1891. Repnl.lican, but free trader; Baptist, 
but very liheral. -Mem. Xat. .U-ad. Science, 
Washington Acad, of Science, N. Y. Acad, of 
Science, A.A.A..S., Am. Acad. Science, Bos- 
ton, Am. Philos. S..C., I>hiladel|ilua Philos. 
Soc, Washington, Davenport Acad. Science, 
Iowa, also the Meteorological Sues, of Lon- 
don, Paris, n.rli.i. \irnna, Asnon. «ocs, of 
London and (nrmmv, Pl.v^ical Sue. ..f Amer- 
ica, Alpha l>elta I'Im, Phi Beta Kapiia. Ad- 
dress: U. S. Weather Bureau, Washington, 
D. C. 

ABBE, Robert: 

Surge.oi; h. X. V. Citv, April 13. ISIl: s. 
George Waldo and Cliarlofe (C.lgat^^ Abbe; 
gra.I. C..11. ( ilv ,ii- V. v., l-7'l, r,.!l I'livs. and 
Surg. (Columl.ia) M.D., li71; m. Xov. U. 1=01, 

Mrs. Courtlandt Palmer. Attending surgeon 
Out-Patient Dept, N. Y. Hosp., 1877-84; for- 
mer prof, didactic surger.v. Woman's Med. 
Coll.; prof, surgery, Post-Grad. Med. School 
18-0-S7: now lecturer on surgery. Coll. Phys. 
and Surg. Surgeon to St. Luke's Hosp. since 
l-8i, consulting surgeon Roosevelt Hosp,, 
Woman's Hosp., H<i3p. for Euptured and 
Crippled, Babies' Hosp., etc. Clubs: Uni- 
versiry, Century. Address; 13 West iuih 
St., N. Y. City. 
ABBEY, Henry; 

Author; b. llondout, N. T., July 11, 1S12; s. 
Stephen and Caroline (Vail) Abbey; ed. 
Kingston (N. Y.) Acad., Delaware Literary 
Inst.. Hedding Literary Inst.; m. Kingston, 
N. Y'., Dec. 20, ISOj, Mary Louise Du Bois 
(died Nov. 3, 18S9). For thirty years, flour 
and grain merchant at Rondout, X. Y.; in 
firm of Stephen Abbey & Sons; mom. X'. Y. 
Produce E.xchange until 1901, when retired 
from Author: Ballads of Good 
Deeds, 1>72; Ballads of Good Deeds and Other 
Verses Ij.ondon) 1S70: The Citv of Success, 
1--3; I'haethon, 1001; Poems of Henrv Abbey 
' ::^ I a complete edition) 1901 (,\ppleton). 
n. .Mem. Reformed Ch. Mem. The 
: ;. ire Society, N. Y. City, Kingston 
I. -!. -n, 10, F. and A. M, Club: Authors 
(X. V. «.'iiy). Address: Kingstou, X. Y. 
ABBOT. Everett V.: 

L.iwver: b. Jleadville, P.i., Feb. 3, 18()2: s. 
Francis Ellingwood and Katherine Fearing 
(Loring) Abbot; ed. Cambridge t-AIass.) pub- 
lic schools. Harvard, A.B., 1880, A.M., 1880, 
H.irvard Law Sch., LL.B., 1-S9; unmarrie.l. 
Kngaged in practice of law from 1=89; mem. 
law lirm Keith & Abbot. Independent in pol- 
itics. Mem. Am. Bar As.s'n, Ass'n Bar City 
of X. v., N. Y. State- Bar Ass'n. Clubs: 
University, Reform (trustee). Address: -15 
Cedar St., X. Y. City. 
ABBOT, Pred. W.: 

Civil eng'r and contractor; b. in England, 
Dec. 23, 1=0.;; s. Frederick James and Harriet 
Kotherv Abbot; ed. Wellington Coll.. Kng- 
land; ui. St. Louis. Dec, 1==9, Miss Gamble. 
Pros. Abbot-Gamble Co., contractors; mem. 
Am. .=!oc. Civ. Kng'rs; asso. mem. Inst'n of 
Civ. Eng'rs (British). Kpiscopalian. Clubs: 
Knginoers (X. Y. City): University (St. 
Louis I Re^idenrc: 220 West 59th St. Of- 
llce: 32 Bruadw.iy, X. Y. City. 
ABBOTT. Ainiee: 

hiu^rv: b. West Andnver, O., Jan. 6. 1S7C; 
d. Llmer H.irris..ii and l.u.-retia Giddings 
(Lindblev) Greene, grad. JelTersou Edn'l 
Inst., J.aTerso*, O., in classical course, 
and in 1=91 from Xew Kngland Conservatory 
of 'Nrusic, Boston, with tlrst honors; m. I'liil- 
adelphia. Jan. ;;0. l:li'l, Charles Kdward .\b. 
botf one adopted daughter, Uulh Th impsou 



Abbott, b. 1697. Successiiil si;ige cziieei: fnii 
iladEine Jlodjesha, Julia Arthur, Prin-_tts 
Chic Opera Co.. etc. Oave recitals undc.- ii;i- 
trona^e of Koyal Oovernor of Lermuaa, ^l i^ioa 
of 19U4. Still smging actively lu -.iocieiy ■ 
club and concert. Lsuully' holds ciiuVch 
choir position. Writer oi ra.i.gajiuo st.ries- 
mem. Daughters of Ohio, Professional W(.:n- 
aus League, Kickens Felicwshio, Ac'ors' 
Church Alliance (mem. Nat. Council), 'vist 
Side Clinic for Children, Pleiades Club, Li'Ue 
Mothers' Aid Assn, JeiTerson Edn'l Ins' 
Aluniui Ass'n., New Knglaud Conservator'' 
Alumni Ass'n., City Federation of \Vomnv''3 
tluljs, Knickerbocker K.'lief Ass'n. Uni- 
tarian. Recreation: Eiding horseback. i>d- 
dress: 275 W. iid St., .\. l". City. 
ABBOTT, Clark Hamilton: 

Lawyer; b. Otisco, X. Y., 1SC9; s. Jfvron 
W. and Sarah (Clark) Abbott; ed. Phillips 
Kxeter Acad., grad. liiil. Vale, liOl-P' Har- 
vard Coll., A.B., 1-M, Harvard Law S''h - 
class of '98. Practising 1 
from ls98; now mem. la' 
Coyne. Attorney for Seamen's Blanch, 

vr M- .9=^";: m. Bayport, L. I.. Sept. 7, 
iJOo, Winifred, d. Dr. Albert H. Buck of V 
}■ i!^'-.,-^'"''^- ='"i director The Outlook 

Mth St. Address: 

::b7 Fourtn Av., N. Y. Cit 
ABBOTT, Lyman: 

Clergyman, author, editor The Outlook: b. 
Ro.'cbury, Jlass. Dec. U. IbCo; s. Jacob and 
Harriet (\i.U!rhan) .Vbbott; grad. N Y 
I n.v.. 1S53, 1>.D., LL.D., X. Y. Uuiv • DD 
../arvard; D.D., Yale; LL.D., Western Re- 

- Boston, Oc. ^., ^^^ 

P., d. Hannibal Hamlin; children: L ^...„ 

t., b. June 25, 1S59, Harriet F., b Oct ]5 
JSOn, Herbert V., b. Jan. 3, 15C5, Ernest' H ' 
b. April IS, 1S70, Theodore J., b July "6' 
IS. 2. Beatrice V., b. Feb 15 l57j Prac- 
tised law and still member of N. Y. State 
Bar; ordained Congregational minister Istig- 
pastor Terre Haute, Iiid., ISOU-Co: Xew' Eng! 
land Church. X. Y. City, 1S05-C9; succeeded 

^ •-.Citv Church. Brooklyn, .May, ISSS ; resigned Xov 

hrm Abbott .\: 1,9s. Sec. Am. Union Comm'i; (Freedman's) 

X. G. X. Y. Republican; nominated. 190J, for ian VeekTv I'n- asso «li^nr 'rh.'^r, r^ ,"'' 

te from loth Senate l^>^USiYj\}-::io^':^ll-A:nry'<^^ri'BZl^''-^^-'nS^ 

ity I editor-in-cliief_The Outlook, mem. X. y'. Bar 

. State Hist. 

Am. Forestry 

ate Se 
but not elected; served several years 
Com.. Citizens' Union. Asst sec. ai 
for State Bd of Commissioners for Licensing 
Sailors' Hotels and Boarding Houses. 
Jlason, Knight Templar 2nd .'Shriner. ilein. 
Dante Society, Cambridge. Jlass. Conipilea 
work on Dante. Club: Harvard. Address- 
29 Broadway, X. Y. City. 
ABBOTT, Clmton Gilbert: 

Metals; b. Liverpool. England. April 17, 
ISsl; s. Lewis Lowe and Cirace (Van Dusen) 
-Vbbott; ed. Uppingham Sch., Enghind, l^'.i> 
97, Polytechnic Preparat.irv, Brooklyn, Itlio- 
99, Columbia Univ.. IfjO-VjoZ, A.B.. alumni I 
scholar, highest general honors; unmarried. 
Always student of ornithology; has m.ido 
ornithological expeditious to va'rious parts of 
the U. S. and Europe; lecturer on ornithol- 
ogy. Board of Ed'n, .V. Y. Citv. Contributor 
to Birdlore and other ornithological publica- 
tions. Sec. Linnaean Soc. of .Vew York ; mem 
Am. Museum Natural Historv; asso. mem. 
Am. Ornithologists' Union; active mem. Wil 
son Ornithological Club; Audubon Soc. of X 
Y. Republican. Episc" Mem. Cora, ol 
Management, West Side V..M.C.A. tX.Y.City;. 
.Mem. Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Recreation: Piiotogriphing wild birds and 
animals. Club: Columbia Univ. Address: 
SS CliiT St., X. \: City. 
ABBOTT, James: 

I'ui. Usher (with the Century Co.); b. N. 
Y. Ciiy, Oct. 2. iv.l; s. Robert and Eliia 
(Xiglitiiigale) Abbe.,; ed. Mt. Washington 
Collegiate Inst., and X. Y. Univ.. A.B. (Phi 
Beta Kappa), lc^3; m. S. Y. City Mar. 1, 
l.;S7, Jessie E. Xiver; children: Stanley 
Xiver, (;race. Republican; formerly active 
ill iMiIitics. Presbyterian. Mem. Council X. 
Y. Iniv.; treas. General Alumni Soc. -\. Y\ 
Univ.; governor and ex-pr.^s. Yonkers Choral 
Soc. Mem. Pbi UI.^ilon fraternitv. Phi Beta 
Kappa .s.)c. Club; P<i Upsilon. Address: 
SJ K. ITih St.. X. Y. Ciiy. 
ABBOTT. Lawrence I'rascr: 

Kditor, publ^her; b. June a, l>-,9: s. Rev. 
Lymau and Abby F. (Hamlin; Abbott; grad. 

I Ass'n, Am. Bar 
Ass'n. Indian Ri 
Ass'n, Rema 
Blind, Ass'n 

-X. Y. 


for the 
, the Condition of 
Conference of Charities and 
Correction. Aldine Ass'n. X. Y. Uuiv Alumni 
Am Peace Soc. Maine Soc, The Religious 
Ed n Ass n. The Armstrong Ass'n \ Y 
Child Labor Com., Xat. Child Labor Com ' 
A.IiC.F.M., Am. Inst, of Sacred Literature, 
X. \. State Conference of Religion, Universal 
Peace Union, Xat. Civil Service Reform 
League. Am. Econ. Ass'n. Ass'n for lutcrnat. 
Conciliation, Am. Acad. Polit. and Social 
Science. Prison Ass'n of X. Y., Am. Soc. 
Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis, Legal Aid 
.•^oc., Italian Immigrant Soc. Grcnfell Ass'n, 
Jlct. Museum of Art. Committee of One Hun- 
dred, Committee of Fourteen. Would prob- 
ably be classed as a Christian Socialist polit- 
ically. Believes that the problem of political 
economy is to seek a more equitable distribu- 
tion of wealth rather than to promote a 
hirger accumulation of wealth; and that so- 
" ' r a recognition of part- 
tween labor and capital 
aim me extension of the industrial function 
of government; and holds that the principles 
and the -spirit of Jesus Christ applied to so- 
cial problems would furnish their solution. 
Recreations: Driving, walking, travel. Vu- 
thor: Jesus of Xazareth, Old Testament 
Shadows of Xew Testament Truth, A Lay- 
man's Story (all out of print): How to 
Study the Bible; Illustrated Commentarv on 
the X'ew Testament, 1675 (Barnes) ; Dictionary 
of Religious Knowledge (with late T. J. 
Cinant). IsTO (Harper); A Study in Human 
Xi.ture, 1.--5 (Eatim & Mains); In Ai<l of 
Faith, 1S91 (Dultnn); Life of Christ. ISul; 
i;\..|utinn of Christianity, 1,-Ufl (lloughion, 
.Millling): The Th.-ologv of an r:vohitiouisl 
1^97 (same): Christi:milv and So.'ial Pr.ib- 
Icms, 1597 (same); Life*and L.ltcrs of Paul. 
Isr'S (same): The Lif.' that Keallv Is. ivi:); 
I'roblcms r.f Life. l!«itl (Hod. I, .m;-;,.!); I.ifo 
und Lilcruturo of the Aucicut Hebrews, VM) 

ship relations 



(Housrhton. Mifflin); The Riglits of Man, 1901 
(same); Henry Ward Beetlier, 19U3 (same); 
Tlie Otlier Iworn, 1001 (Macmillan); The 
Great Companion, KM. 19'i.3 ( Macndllan ) ; 
Clu-istian Jlinistrv, U'hj (Crowell); Persun- 
alitj- of God, 1005 (Cruwell); Clu-ist's Secret 
of Happiness, 1907 (Crowell) ; Industrial 
Problems, lOOj (Jacobs). Clubs: Xalionul 
Arts, Union League, Centurv Ass'u (X.Y.); 
St. Botolph (Boston). Address: Tile Out- 
look, 2b7 Fourth Av., ^'.Y. City. 
ABBOTT, Nathan: 

I'roi'essor vi law; b. Xorrid^ewoek, Me., 
July 11, 1551; s. Abicl and Sarah S. Abbott; 
ed. Phillips Andover Acad., Vale. A.B., 1ST7, 
Boston Unir. Law .<cli., LL.Q , IrfS ; m. ]b=l, 
Frances Field. Tappan prof, of law L'niv. 
of Mich., ISol-OJ, Xorthweslern Univ., 1!:92- 
91, Leland Stanford Univ., 1S0J-19U7; since 
louj prof, of law in Columbia Coll. Law Sch. 
Address: Columbia Coll. Law School, N. Y. 
ABBOTT, Vasco Pickit: 

Lawyer; b. Fowler, N". Y., May 20, 1817; a. 
Emory W. and ilanuah S. (Pickit I Abljott; 
grad. St. Lawrence Uuiv., B.A., l5iJ7, after- 
wards il.A., Union Univ., LL.B., 1=03; m. 
N. Y. City, Dec. 21, lb72, Anna Fanner Fow- 
ler; one son: HuL'h Abbott, (M.A. Harvard. 
1904), b. lf-1. Admitted to bar 1SC3 and en- 
Baged in practice in St. Lawrence Co. Spe- 
cial countv judge of St. Lawrence Co., 1S73- 
fcO; surrogate St. Lawrence Co., ltjO-92; mem. 
Constitutional Conv. of X.Y., liOl. Pres. 
The Abbitt Co. (lumber and forest lands!, 
and of The Abliott Farms (farming). Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa (St. Lawrence Univ.). 
Trustee St. Lawrence Univ. Address: 
Gouverneur, X.Y. 
ABELL, John Taylor: 

Transportation .aid coal: b. Rockport, 0., 
Dec. 29, 1S07; s. Mark and i;Uzabi-ih (Taylor) 
Abell; ed. public schools in Ohio; m., 
Oct. 5, 1»92, Margaret Wells; second, Sept. 
15, 1-07, Lilian Wells; cliildreii ; Margaret 
b. lo95, Klizabeth, b. 10. 1, Catharine, b. 
3905. Since 1"00 engaged in varims lines of 
business in N. Y., including building, gen- 
eral contracting, traiisporlalion, gen. mg'r 
Curtis-Blaisdell Co.; pres. Esmeralda Mining 
Co.; treas. Kosario Mining an.l Smelling 
Co.; treas. Pilon -Mining and Milling Co. 
Mem. F. and A. -M., Ohio Soc. & Camp Fire 
Club of America. liecreations: Hunting. 
Address: 213 W. j9th St., X.Y. City. 

ilaiiuiacturcr, mercliant; b. Baltimore, Md., 
Juno 6, is.. 7; s. John and Elizabeth Sarah 
(Uaniel) .\bercrombie; ed. public school, 
Baltimore City Coll., and by priv.ite instruc- 
tion; ra. Baltimore, April 25, IsOC, Lucy 
Abbot Cate- children: Elizabeth, b. 1^07, 
Lucy, b. l;on. David, h. lOol. Civil cng'r 
and topographer until 1>92; then mf'r_ and 
merchant: now pres. .A.bercrombie's, N. Y. 
Citv, ontSit-rs for snortsmen ; was ex- 
plurer and duct nf suriey, .VorfolU & Western 
K li. in c.,,,1 and limber lands of West 
Vir-inia, Jlem. li'd ..f Tnide, Newark, 
X. J., and I4'd of Health Coinin'n. Uepub- 
lirau. Mem. Am. Museum of .Natural ilis- 
torv, N.V. Zocd. Soc, X.Y. Lot. Soc. 
Hecrealions: K.xpl..ring, fishing, hunli.ig, 
c:MnlMiig. Clnl.s: l.e.igne of Am. S|>orlsnien. 
Sportsman's ''u Jl America, CieeiiWood 

Lake Boat and Country, .Camp Fire Club. 
Pines Riviere Fish and Game Club, Anu-lj- 
American Fish and Game Club, X. J. Anlo- 
mobile Clnl>. Address: 107 Ballanline Park 
way, Newark, N. J. 
ABNEY, John Rutledge: 

Lawyer; b. in Edgetield Co., S. C, 1350; 
s. James M. and Martha (Livingston) 
Abncy; grad. ■'Wolford Coll., S. C, A. li., 
1370, later A. M.; finished ed'n Bonn Univ.. 
Germany; m. Washington, D. C, Nov. 21. 
1S9C, Jlary Lloyd Pendletou, d. JIou. George 
H. reiuUeton. former U. S. senator fr.m 
Ohio and U. S. mioister to Germany. Pra.:- 
tisiog law in S. C until 13^o; since then 
before J'ederal and State courts in X.V. 
Was State solicitor in S. C. before removirg 
to X.Y'. in 1S33; was on stall' of Gov. Waue 
Hampton of S. C. delegate from S. C. to 
Xat. Dem. Conv., Cincinnati, 1330, and mem. 
of com. to notify its candidate of his lo-m- 
ination. Democrat; Episcopalian.- Mem. 
Ass'n Bar Citv of X. Y.. ; pres. B'd Trus- 
tees X. Y. Polyclinic Med. Sch. and Hosp. 
Jlem. S.A.R., Southern Soc. (former pros.), 
Leicestershire Arcluool. Soc. of England, Va. 
Hist. Soc. S.C. Hist. Soc. Clubs: Metro- 
politan, Church, Xational Democratic, Shin- 
necock Hills Golf. Residences: 19 E. ti th 
St., X.Y Citv, and Garden City, X.Y. Ad- 
dress: 27 William St., X.Y. City. 
ABRAHAJM, Joseph H.: 

Phvsician; b. jlontgomerv. Ala., Sept. 17, 
1370 ; s. J.icob and Hannah (Weil) Abraham; 
ed. public and high schools of Montgomery, 
Ala.; Univ. of Va., :M.D.; in- 
struction in Berlin, Vienna and London, ISOti- 
97, and Germany and Austria in lO'Ai and 
1005. Lecturer on larnvgology, X. Y. Poly- 
clinic Med. Sch. ilem. Am. Med. Ass n. 
Am. Laruvgol., Khinol, and Otol. S,.c3.. 
X. Y. Acati. Medicine, X. Y. Polyclinic Med. 
Soc, X.Y. State .Med. Ass'n, N.Y. Alumoi 
I'niv. of Va., The Southern Soc. CluOs: 
Harmonie, Green Room, The Friars. Ad- 
dress: tilU Madison -\v., N. Y. City. 
ABRAMS, Delos Elbert: 

Clergvman; b. Northampton, Fulton Co., 
N. v.. Jan. J.i, 13711; -s: William B. and Aaiy 
V. (Brooker) Abnims; ed. Cook Acad.. <"1- 
gate Coll. and Hamilton Tlieol. Sem. (C„l-a:c 
Univ.); grad. 1001; m. June 27, 1301, Minine 
E. Knight, of Chemnng, N. Y. ; children: 
Ruth E., b. 1305, William 11., b. 1j07. Has 
served as pastor Gahvav Bapt. Ch., 13:)107: 
Madison Bapt. Ch., 1107-1001; Sennctt Dapl. 
Ch., 1001-02; Montour Falls Bapt. Ch., loo2- 
01; Nunda Bapt. Ch., Wol-iwi; now pasti.r 
Broadalbin Bapt. Ch. Independent in pol- 
itics. .Mem. Broadalbin Lo.lge, F. and A. 
M., Nunda Chapter. R. A. -M. Addr.s»: 
Broadalbin, Full'.u Co., X. Y. 
ACHESON, Edward Goodrich: 

Inventor, manulaciuier: h. 'n'ashingt.m. 
Pa., il.irch 9, 1300; s. William and Sar:.h 
U. (Kuple) Achebon; ed. public school arol. 
in 1S71-72, Beliefonte (Pa.) Acad.: m. llr...!:- 
Ivn, X. Y., M:irgaret Maher; nine childlvo, 
live bovs and four girls. Ass't t.i 'lli .io:.s 
Edison,' 13S0-S3; inventor of earboru:.diini. 
i:gvptinized clav. Achesou graphite, silo-Mcon. 
direct redu*tion of silicon, detloccniate. 
gr.ipliite and oildag. One of the so e.ill-d 


IS of Industry. 
Graphite Co., 

Tho ,\che 





director Carl>orundum Co. Republican-; Pres- 
byterian. Received Grand Prize. i:.\i>ositioa 
Universelle, Paris, France, IMJ: L..uisiana 
Purchase K.\pn, St. Louis, law, Ruinlord 
medal, 1907. Felluw A.A.A.S., mem. Am. 
Inst. Elec. Kngiiieers, Franklin lust. (Phila.); 
Soc. of Arts (London, Ensland), pres. Am. 
Llectro-Chemieal Sue; mem. Chamber of 
Commerce, N. Y. Citv. Clubs: Buffalo 
(Butlalo), Niagara (Niagara). Resilience: 
Grafilla, Lundys Lane, Niajjara Falls, Out. 
Address: Niagara Falls, N. V. 
ACKEK, Charles Ernest: 

Manufacturer, inventor; b. Bourbon, Ind., 
Mar. 19, IsCs; s. William James Acker (mfr) ; 
family came ori-inallv from H.illind and 
settled in -New Amsterdam: ed. Wab.ish Coll. 
and Cornell Univ., Pli.B., Ijss; m. IMW, Alice 
Reynolds Beal, d. William R. Beal, of X. Y. 
City; four cluldreu. Engraved in dec. en- 
g'ring work in Chicago, l5,-s-u3; since then 
has been in field of chemistry and electro- 
ry: developed electrolytic pr^ 


uro ot 

Stic soda 


ysis of molten salt, known as ■■-•ick 
ess"; EUiolt-Cresson gold medal of Frai'iklin 
Inst, was conferred upon him for his inven- 
tion. Built works of .\cker Process Co., Ni- 
agara Falls, which utilizes 4.'.kjo electrical 
horse-power; originated processes for tetra- 
chloride of tiu, carbon tetrachloride, etc., 
which are also in use at Nia~ar:i Falls; first 
to manufacture carbon tetrachloride in -Amer- 
ica; has been granted about 43 U. S. and 
foreign patents for inventions relating to 
chemical and electro-chemical industries. 
Director Niagara Falls Trust Co. Formerly 
olVicer of Nortliwestern --Alumni Ass'n of Cor- 
nell Univ. (Chica-o), and later of Cornell 
Alumni Ass'n of Buffalo. Director Am. 
Eleclrochem. Soc; mem. Soc. of .\rts (Lr>n- 
don), Far.iday Soc. (London). Soc. Cliem. 
Industry (London), Am. Eleclrochem ^Soc., 
Am. Inst. Elec. Fng'rs, Am. Cheni. Soc. 
Clubs: Niagara Falls Country (pres.), and 
several others. Address: Niagara Falls, N.Y. 
ACKER, Charles Livringston: 

Treas. llanhaltan Jlorc-.ige Co.; b. X. Y. 
City, Jan. H, IS:.': s. Charles -L. and Helena 
(Brinkerhoft') Acker; ed. Univ. Grammar 
Sch.. N. Y. Cilv; unmarried. Treas. and 
director Manhattan Mortgage Co.. Estates 
Settlement Co.; pres. and director Charles L. 
Acker Estate. Enlisted April -J, lyjl, in Co. 
B. ;th Rest; honorablv dischar-.-ed. Sept., 
ItltS. -Address: 2uO Broadway, X. Y. City. 
ACKER, Mary C: 

Born Brail leboro. Vt., Mav ■::,. IV.T: d. 
Ranslure W. and Lucy C. (Wilder) Clarke; 
ed. Braltleboro pulilic schools, Vassar Coll., 
.\.B.., IsTS; m. IJrattleboro, Vt., U.-t, !1. 1.-00, 
Milo M. Acker. Teacher at Miss Dana's 
Sch., Jlorristown, N J., issri-s.-); Hi-h .S.h., 
New Brunswick, N.J., l!-)-3-!SC, ; Dr. Harclner's 
Sch.. X. Y. City, I.smVDO. Presbvterian. His- 
torian Kanesteo Valley Cliante'r, D. A. R, 
for 2 years; mem. Phi Beta Kapivi (Mu 
Chapter of V::ss,r), officer Sv,o,li..,l Soc., 
Home Missions N. Y.; nig'r \vn;.,rJ Slate 
Hosp. sin.-.- .luiie. l;ii.-.; ni.-iii. W..mairs li'd 
Ilornell Public Library and St. James' Mercv 
Hosp., HorDell; mem. Dnnn'Stic S.ience B'd', 
Mechanics', Rochester, N.Y.: delegate 
from N. Y. Slate to Nat. font". Ch:irities an.l 
Correction, IDtXi; mora. Willard Dist. After 

Care Com. for the Insane, N. Y. fiute Conf. 
Lhanlies and Correction (Com. du the De- 
fective). -Vddress; Horiiell, X. Y. 
ACKER, Milo M.: 

Lawyer; b. Hartsville, Steuben C . X Y 
(3ct. 3, l.su3; s. Hugh J. and lluldali (Call) 
Acker; ed. country district schools and Al- 
ired (X. Y.) Univ.; m. Brattlebor.). Vt., Oct. 
0. 1S90, Mary W. Clarke. Admitted to bar, 
ISiS. Practised in Ilornell. N. Y. Director 
First Nat. Bank, Ilornell, N.Y.: v.-p. Urbana 
Wine Co. Hartsville, 1S79-S0; 
police justice Hornell: mem. --Vssemblv, 16>S- 
01; introduced and passed bill for St.a'te care 
of the insane. Republican leader of .\ssem- 
bly. It'll; mem. Constitutional Conv., ISyi; 
att'y city of Hornell six years; mem. B'd 
Kd'n 10 ye:irs; mem. Stale Water Supply 
Comm'n. Re]iublican. Presbyterian: trus"- 
tee First Preshy'n Ch., Hornell. Mason. 
Mem. X. Y. Siate Bar Ass'n. Trustee Hor- 
nell Public Library. Recreations: Travel and 
huntiiiL' wiih a kodak. Club: Hornell Farm- 
ers' (director). Address: Hornell, .N. Y. 
ACKEEMAN, Ernest E.r 

Manufacturer; b. N. Y. Citv, June 17, IsrS; 
ed. priv:ite and public schools. Pres. Law- 
rence Cement Co., U. S. Portland Cement 
Corp'n, Grand River Plaster Co. Served as 
councilman Plaiiifield, N. J., ISOO: presidential 
elector, ISUl.; s.-c. oi Elect. iral College. l-tC; 
mem. X. J. State Senate from Union' Countv ; 
delegate Nat. Republican Conv., Chicago. 
1908. Republican. Mem. N. Y. Chamber of 
Commerce, -\m. Soc. Testing Materials Lon- 
don Pliilatelic Soc, Nat. Ass'n of .Mf'rs 
Building Maleiial E.tchange, Met. Museum of 
Art, Am. JIuscum Natural Hist.irv: asso- 
ciate Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs: felfow Am. 
(ieog. Soc; treas. Ass'n Portland Cement 
Mf'rs. Clubs: ' Lawyers, Union League, 
li.'.sidence: PlainGeld, X, J. Address: 1 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 

Jonrn.ilist; b. N. Y. Citv, Oct. 28, 1SG9; d. 
Andrew J. and Kalln'rine (Carpender) Acker- 
man; of Knickerbocker (Dutch) ancestry; ed. 
Rutgers Coll.; unm.irried. Entered dr.amatic 
pr..fession as child, and continued several 
years, becoming leading ladv and star in 
several cmijaiiies ; for several vears devoted 
to j.nirnalism and dramatic authorship; n.)W 
editor of The Unb.n, N. Y. Cilv. Author ot 
Iilays: The Gold Mine. The Ch.iir liirl, Inez, 
A C.irner on H.igs, Ricket, 

throii£^h Europe and America in own pl.ivs 1 

and other i>l.ivs several vears. Has traveled ! 

much over the world; cn.ssed to Euroi.e five 

limes; lived in London two vears. Paris tlirec 

years. .Manager of Or|.heum Theatre one 

v,.ar. and two sea.sons manaier of other 

ihe.itres. Episcopalian. Jlem. W.. man's 

Press Club, Professional Woman's League, 1 

AcL.r.s' I'und, Actors' Soc. Rutgers Coll. 

Ahimine. Actors' Church Alliance. .Vddrcss: 

I"l Vv'. 7."lli St., N. V. Cilv. 

ACKERMAN, J, 'Walter: 

Civil an.I mechanical cngine.r: b. Au- 

burn, N. Y.. Dec. -.. l'^r.7; s. Elias Cuyken- 

dall and Amelia (DCkWittl A.-Uerninu: ed. 
Ca/en.ivia Sem.. Itha.-a High School and Cor- 

nell Univ.; m. -Mav ■_■<. l!i"-'. H.-rtha H. Ved- 

der, nf Munnsvilie, Ma.lison Co., N. Y.; 

one son, Lauren V., b. Mar. 1-', U'O.J. En- 



gaged in R. R. surveys, l>D7-99 , cnraied in 
samtnry dtsijMS and con£lruil:.;n, Isjii r,i()-.> ; 
city engineer of Auburn, X, Y., lat'2 to 
Jan. lUu? : resident engireer N Y., Auljuru 
and Lansing K. li., Jan. to Sept., 190: ; sinte 
190S sup't -Municipal ^'ater n'orl-.s yyjtem 
of Auburn, .V. Y. Consulting .^i.'j'i llou 
Contracting Co. JiopuMican Presby- 


for JIu 



ipal I 
Lodge. J.-il y. and A. 
X. Y. Address: Auburn, -V, V. 
ACKEKSON, T. Benton- 

Rejl estate owner and broiier; b Rockland 
Lake. Uuclcland Co., X. Y „ June 9, IWO; 
E. Theodore P. and Susan L. (Heore) Acker- 
son; ed. in schools of Poughkrepsie, X. \'.\ 
rj. Dec. 2S, 1:>7. Carrie E. Ambler; cliildren; 
Klla A., b. l59S; Alice (deceased); Jean, 
b. 1001. Was 31 years in employ of the 
Knickerbocker Ice Co., and its Eocccssors, 
and for ten years has been engaged in 
real e.,tate devfl.ipment and kindred" lines. 
Pres. T. li. Acl.rson Co., real estate; T. B. 
Ackersun Cur.struction Co., Long Island Citv 
Factory Co.; gen. ing'r, treas. and director 
iV. Y. Land and W.irchouse Co.; Long Island 
City Interborough Development Co.; active in 
development of homes in Flutbnsh, Brooklyn, 
Bay Shore. L. I., and MaploMood, X. 'j.. 
and buildi:ig up "f large factor- interests 
in Long Island City. Kepublic:in ; Lpisco- 
palian. Dire.-t,.r -Mfrs Ass'n of X. Y. ; 
aein. Flatbush B'd of Trade, C9th Ward Tax- 
payers' Ass'n, Jamaica Bay Improvement 
Ass'n, Brooklyn League. Recreations, .\nto- 
mobiling. yachting and outofdonr sports. 
Address: 111) Xassau St., X. Y. City. 
ACKLEY, William Nichols: 

Clergyman; b. E:i5i Ilad.Iam, Conn., 1<S10; 
s. Ansel and Lydia (Konlev) Acklev; gr.ul. 
Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn., A.IJ.., l,-(,:;; 
M.A., l^.i^l: m. 1st. Thompson, Conn., 1M.I1, 
Ellen Ramsdell: id. Warren, R. I., 1M13, 
Laura A. Whealon. Ordered deacon, ISOC; 
ord.iined priest, ln.7. in Episcopal Cliurch ; in 
charge St. Alljans Ch., Danielson. Conn., 
l«i'.C; reclor Iriniiv Ch., Xowton, Conn., L>7n, 
St. .'Mark's. Warren. R. I., 1-.71; St. I'eter'.s, 
Xarragansett Pier, R. I.. Ibtui; .St. Andrew's 
Ch., Brooklyn, since 1!-S4. .Sup't schools in 
R. I. for ten years, and same time on .State 
B'd of Education, which had cli.irge of all 
Slate institnti..ns, as Xormal Sch. for Poor 
Children, Reforin .'■Jch., etc. Republican. 
Address: 531 47th St., Brooklyn. 
ACKROYD, William: 

Cleri-yman: b. .Manchester. England, 1SC3; 
a. W.lliam Aekri.vd; ed. ll.irley Colleu-.-. Lon- 
don: m. Ciii. •!-:... 111.. Jnlv J9, I>:io, .Marv E. 
Oldliel.l; chil.lren: William E.. b. l-lll , M'abel 
h. l-;>:i. Edith .M.. b. l^Iio. Arthur (.».. b. 19o:i. 
Engaged in .nissi.marv work in tJrcg.m and 
Nevada. ]^-9 '..L'. In X. Y. Conference .M. E. 
( hnreli «in.-e I — >; ,,:isior .lanes M. K. Chur.-li. 
.V, Y. Ciiy. Address: iM W. Jlth St.. X. Y. 
ADAM, James Noble: 

.May,,r ..f Bulialo; b. Peebles, Scotland. 
Jfar. 1. l-li; s. R,.v. Th.imas and Ts:ibella , 
ll'.ortlnvi-k) Adam: ed. in Edinburgh p.i- 
rochial sch. ..lis until l!:.jl; m. Edinburgh. 
Scotland. I.-7-.'. Margaret L. Patcrson (n.iw, 
di-e.-asedl. Began business life, Isll, as! 
apprentice to dry goods house of Thoma.'s j 

Cooper & Co., Edinburgh, and in that houso 
remained iO years, from buitSleboy to clerk; 
then in business for self, 16(Jl-72; in 1-7', 
upon ad,ice of his brother, the late RoI.ert 
Borthwick Adam (who had already estab- 
lished himself in the dry goods business 
in Bulialo), -aDle to U. S. and started a 
store in Xew Haven, Conn.; closed out in 
l-jl. rem.ive'I to Buffalo, and founded the 
Urm of J. X. -Vdam & Co., which in a few 
years became the leading de[iartment store 
of Buffalo, and conducted it successfully 
until lUUO, when he retired from business. 
Democrat; elected to city council of Buft'al.i. 
IS05; elected ma.vor of -Buffalo, 190.-.; reformed 
the Police Dcpt, and put all departments 
of the city on a business basis, ilem. Fine 
Arts Acad, of Bul'ialo. BulTalo Hist. S .c. 
Chamber of Commerce: mem. Advisorv B'd 
of Children's Hosp. Clubs: Bntl'alo, Saturn. 
Address: CO Oakland Place, Buffalo, X. Y. 
ADAMS. Benjamin: 

Librarian: b. Wethersfleld, Conn., Sept. 
20, 1S7J: s. Th..mas Liriswold and Lucv Still- 
man (Dickinson) Adams; ed. local sch.iols 
of Wetherslleld, Hartford (Conn.) Public 
High Sch., grad. l=yj ; Yale, B.X., i^on; 
unmarried. Rem.ived to X. Y. Citv in fall of 
1^9S; with Brooklyn Life Publishing Co., 
1>:K-E9; entered stalT of Brooklyn Public 
Library, IfW; librarian Prospect Branch of 
same, lOiO-li-.;; appt'd, 19i)-.'. sup't Dep't of 
Traveling Libraries; ass't to chief of the Cir- 
culating Dep't, X. Y. Public Library, April, 
lliol. lias done much genealogical work: 
contribnted genealogy of -Vdams family and 
others to Stiles' Hist.iry of .\ncient Wethers- 
lleld (C.niu.). and much matter of a genea- 
logical and historical naturo, including bibli- 
ograpliies. Has contribnted articles m Lical 
history to Spiiuirtield (.Mass.) and Ilarlf.ird 
(Conn.) newspapers: assisted in compilation 
of Tillolson's Wetherslield Inscrintions 
and other w.irks of a similar clniracier. 
Democrat: candidate for representative in 
(Jen. Ass.-mblv of Conn., INn;; delegate to 
State Cunv. of Conn., ISOrl, 1SC8. Con- 




X. A'. (State) Library Ass'n. X. Y. (Citv) 
Library Club. L.I. Lilirarv Club, Conn. Hist. 
S..C.. Brooklyn Armstrong Ass'n. Club: 
Yale. Address: 121) Amity St., Brouklyu. 
ADAMS, Charles Albert; 

Cniniander L'. S. X.; b. Buffalo, X. Y'.; 
s. Timothy T. and Marv E. (Robinson) 
Adams; grad. I'. S. Xaval Acad., as mid- 
shipman, June ISoS: m. West Bend, Wis., 
June 0. 1S77. Belle R. Weil. Served on Kear- 
sargc. Pacific Fbet. l^i;?.;,!- promoted ensign, 
1M.9: niasler, ls70: c..uiniis.sioned lieut., 1^73;'r, Xov., l,s;il; comd'r, Feb. 11. 
lOMl; retired at own re.piest, Dec. l'n. ir.os. 
S.rved in Ossipee. Pacilic Fleet. 1>7.< 72; 
Shenand.iah. 1S7:;. and ('..liL-ress, l.s71-7(;, Eur.i- 

I n Station: Alert. Is77-7s: Kanirer, ls7s-79; 

l':.|,.s. l-7:isl. Asialie Stall. in: .Michigan 
(Cr.vit L.ik.'s) l^sj-s.-.: Pensacola. I'.nropean 
r iving ship 



•isli'r 'l lia- lieill 

), As 

:,li.- Mav-Oct.. 

ls;i:;: plii'la.l..||.hi 

i Ml: 

g lieut.), Pacific Sla- 

ion. |s.i:; 91 ; >iiil. 
Yard. ls..n-:«; i- 


.liiliiaiid:,nl. N'.Y. X:iry 
; ship Ri.'hiii.nid. Is'in- 

J7; Monterey. 1 

:i7 Os; 

n.ceiviMg ship |.,le- 

apndence. l-:''^: 


nor-' AsialH' Sf.iiii'ii. 

1VII9, Oregon, 1)-' 


; Xavy Yaril._ X. Y., 



^^il. Orde 

1901-03. Mem 
N. Y., Alumr 
N. Y., Graduates Asail u'. V. b. Act}.i. 
Clubs: Army and Navv, N. Y. Yichl. Ad- 
dress: llulel Bristol. .\'. Y. City. 
ADAMS, Charles Josiah: 

Clergjmaa, author; b. Xevr Lisbon, O., 
Oct. 31, I5."j0; s. U.-v. u'osiah and Sarah A. 
(Ford) Adams: gr.,d. Mount Union Coll.. Al- 
liance, O., A.B., l^:l; (U.D.): studied at 
Yale, 1S73; Boston Univ., ]»7i; m. March ; :, 
1S7U, Jennie E. HoUnw-av; one son: l-.dwm 
Charles. Ordained prierit Kpisoi- il Ch.. ls,>; 
canon St. John's Calh./dral. iJonvei-, ISsi-^o: 
dean of Wichita, Kan.. l^.-5•S^»: rector ct. 
Luke's, Chicago, ItjS-iil: Ch, of the Holy 
Spirit, Rondout-on-Hudson, X.Y., IKn-9i;; 
:ince May 1, lii.., rector St. Luke' 

Loyal Leg.on, | Ass n (r. ji.). Mosquito Extermination Fund 
-'■■■<"1 Acad, of: of Slonmouth Co. (treas.). >..,r«-ich Umv 
ilii. Coil. S^'.ate of Vt. (trustee), Rumsun 
Ass'n (treus.): pr^s. llumson Iniproveui.-nt 
Co. (Water company); trustee and v. -p. B,h 
Musical Art City ol \. Y. ; mem. \m 
Anthropo!. Assn, A.A.A.S.. Am. Lthnol. S<ic., 
life lelio':^- Am. Fine Arts Soc., mem. \m 
Forestry Ass'u, Am. Coog. Soc. (life fellow); 
patron in perpetuity, Am. Museum Natural 
History: feilow Am. Soc. CiUl En-'rs, ,N"at. 
Acad. Design (fellow in perpetuity), Xat. 
(-ieog. Soc, :\'at. Sculpture Sue, Nat. Soc. 
ilurai Painters. New England Soc, N. Y. 
Acad, of Science, N.Y. Soc. Archaiology, 
N. Y. Bot. Garden, N. Y. Geneal. and Bio". 
Soc, N. Y. Hist. Soc, N. Y. Zool. Soc, 
Oosterreichische Gesellschaft fur Medaillen- 
BossviUe, "S. L. N.' Y. Organizer, nig'-- and kunst, Societe des Amis do la Mcdaillo Fran- 

i.aise, Soc Sons of the Revolution, Soc of 
Iconophiles. Clubs: Adirondack Lea-ue. 
Adirondack Mountain Reserve, Automobile, 
Church, City (life mem.). City Middav, Fn- 
ffineers, Grolier, Lawyers. Maohuury, Metro- 
politan, .Monmouth Corinthian Yacht, Flavers, 
Riding, Polo, Seabriu'ht Lawn Tennis 
and Cricket, Seabridit Beach (tru.stee). Sea- 
bright Golf (director), Technolo-v of N. Y. 
(class of IMJO), Tuxedo. -JTlh Assembly Dist. 
Republican, Union League. (N. Y. City"), Ca.t- 
ton, Chicago. (Chicago). Residence: Hi Mad- 
ison Av. Address: 11 Broadway, X.Y. City. 
ADAMS,. Edward Le Grand: 

Consul-gen. at Stockholm; b. Clarence, 
Co., X. Y., Jan. 3. L-il; s. Benjamin T. and 
Janet (Gibson) Adams: ed. Clarence Acad., 
Stale Normal Sch.. Brockport, N. Y. ; Univ. 
of Rochester: m. Elmira, N. Y., 1>79, Kate L., 
d. Dwi-ht Atwater. In editorial work on 
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 1j73S.O; 
operator and producer, petroleum liclds, Brad- 
ford, Pa.. l»u-^:i; editor Elmira Daily Adver- 
tiser, lb^3■'J^: deputy collector U. S. Internal 
Revenue. -iMh Dist., X. Y'., lS;iO-91. N. Y. 
Slate Tax Commr. 1»95-9S ; ass't editor in 
Literary Bureau, Rep. Nat. llc.-idciuarters, 
N. Y. City, in campaigns of L-l)il and lOoo. 
Sec of Am. Legation, and consul-gen. at 
■Siockholra, Sweden, since June, I'JOi; ; charge 
d allaircs ad interim, Am. Legation, Stock- 
holm, Dec. louj to March, 10o3. Home: El- 
inir:i. N. Y. Address: American Consulate, 
.■Mockholm, Sweden. 
ADAMS, Elbridge L.: 

Lawyer: b. Canandaigua. N. Y"., Sept. 17, 
l-i>.: s. William U. and Charlotte (L;ipham) 
Ad.ims; grad. William Coll.. A.Ii., M.A.: m. 
Oct. 6, li'JO. Julia L. Hubbell: children; 

nd cliiinr.-Mi Fx- i l^'"'!.'''. 1J- l^'-J' : William Hamilton, b. 1«'J1; 

Empire Eng'nng Corp'n ; ''•"J''''J«. -^' t>. 1S90. Admitted to bar, !>«); 

i.d in.-m L\ec '(".in "^ fit iricl engaged in general practice at N. Y. City and 

' Iiu;V.i'o- (.\.'n,Vil M'"'^'''^''*'^'''- ^'^ Y- Mem. and chairman Munic- 

NiiL-i'ri Deiel- '!'•'' ^'^''1 Service Commission of Rochester, 

I'l k'v C.'. Nia-- I ■■ .vears. Prcs. Rochester Folding Box Co., 

or \l'lisCliihe.'-ri I '■'■''elily Contract Co.: director Union Trust 
I-'d'of '.'on- !''"■ (Rochester). Clubs; Genesee Valley. 

aM'je'rsev Water i ^•'""""•y r Rochester). 

J.. Gen, Sc-nrilv i I'"»<^l'._ (>•"• Y. City). 

lecturer for The Ciiurch Thinking Bi:re;>u 
and The Bureau of Biopliilism or Animal 
Psychology. Author: Where is My Dog!: 
The Mattcrhorn He:id and Other Poems; 
How Baldy Won the Ciunty, etc. 
Formerly chaplain N. Y. Press Chili. Resi- 
dence: Rossville, S.I., N.Y. Address: .;9 
Lafayette PI., N. Y'. City. 
ADAMS, Charles Thornton : 

L.iwyer; b. in Boston, Nov. CS. IS'ifl; grad. 
Harvard Coll., l57^; Columbia Law Sell., i>Su. 
Admitted to N. Y". Bar, l;so; now in L;.w 
Dep't Manhattan Rv Co. Mem. S..ns of 
Revolution, St. David''s Soc. N. Y. Si.ile Bar 
Ass'n. Residence: Moulclair, N. J. Ad- 
dress: I'JO Broadway, N. Y. City. 
ADAMS, Daniel, Jr.: 

Manufacturing stationer: b. South Drang-, 
N. J., liTO: s. Daniel and Ellen K. Ad.ims; 
ed. Brown's Acad.: m.. South Orange. N.J.. 
Gertrude von Zschiischei,. I»re5. ' Adams, 
Grocsbeck & Mahcr. mfg stationers. Clnl.--: 
Baltusrol Golf. Underwriters, Orange Guu. 
Address: 15 Cedar St., X. Y. City. 
ADAMS, Edward Dean: 

Banker; b. Boston. Mass., April 9, ISli':: 8. 
Adirondam Judson and Harriet Linc-dn I . vir- 
ion) Adams; grad. Norwich Univ. Nortluiold, 
Vt., B.S.. 1504 (M.S., LL.D.): ni. l,->;.', Fan- 
nie Amelia Gullerson: one dan-liier, Kutli. 
Bookkeeper, \tiM-10. Partner, l.-To■7,^ banking 
lirui. Richardson. Hill & Co., Boston: parlner 
■\\ insl.'W, Lanier \- Co., X. Y. City, l-o- 
113; representative Deutsche B:ink, Berlin, 
since l.v.J. Republican. Vestryman and 
treas. St. George's Episcup.d Clinr. Ii, 
Kumson Hills. N. J.: mem. St. Thom:is Epis- 
coiial Chnrch, N. Y. Ciiy. Direcl-T and 
Bullock Electric Jt Mfg Co.. (■alar:ict 





cr & Conduit Co.. of 
& South Am. Tcl.-.-raph Co 
opmeiit Co., Niagara Jiuictio 
ara Falls P-w.-r Co.: direct 
Co., Allis-rii.iimvi-s-!'.ulb.c;:. 
treal. Am. C-lton (),! Co.. K 
Co., Guatemala R'v C . . N. 

Slate of N. v.. 

(v. p.). Met. Ml 

man Fin:ince (. 



y. X. Y. Ci 

(chninnan 1 ADAMS. Francis Alexandre: 
iMrie l'r,-s- j Journalist: b. N. V^ Cilv. Mnv 11, 1*71; n. 

Commcrco I (JniiM-v and M;irie Adele (Xi'-zrin) 
.( America I Adams: ed. X. Y. ].nblic schools, and Coll. 
,1.-,.. chair- I Cilv of X, Y, Editor Adams' Maga/ine, 

Co. Hist. I Gotham Monthly Magazine, Printers' luk; 



asso. editor on X. Y. Journal, X. Y. Com- 
mercial; special correspondent. Knlisled in 
14th Inf. Keg't, U. S. Vols., ilay, ISOS, as 
private; promoted to corporal, ser;;eant, 
lieut.; mustered out Xov.', l»:if, at termina- 
tion of Spanisli-Am. War. Democrat; Epis- 
copalian. .Mem. Theta Delta Cl:i fraternity. 
Recreations: Y.ichtin^, swimmin;:, tenuis. 
Author; Who Rules America.'; The Trans- 
gressors: and political papers. Address: 
oti Worth St., .V. Y. City. 
ADAMS, Fred Winslow: 

Clergyman; b. llelfast, Jle., Aug. 31, 1SC6; 
s. Rev. True Page and Dorcas Klien (Wins- 
low) Adams; ed. Kinnebunk (.Me.) High 
Sch., and Jioston University, Is'JJ ; post-grad. 
and thool. work at Harvard and Yale Divinity 
Sch., D.D. from Univ. of Svracuse, June IS, 
1905; m. Singerlands, X. Y.. June 11, IPOl, 
Harriet Heatli; children: Wmslow Heath, b. 
Mar. 20, 1903, Vincent Taft, b. Sept. 29, 
1900. Taught one year, literature and e.v- 
pression, in lloslon Sch. of Oratorv, one vear 
in Maine Wesleyau Sem. and Woman's Coll.: 
visited Europe, speaking in England and 
Ireland: one vear editorial work on Port- 
land (.Me.) dailies and reporting for Boston 
I'raveler and Trans.ript ; alitor and pub- 
lisher Old (Irrlund D.iily Rucrdir i »ummer 
seasons) 19uo-iil. Kntercd ministry of Mellio- 
dist Episcopal Chnn-h and joined X. Y. East 
Conference. .-Vpril, 1Mj6, and .tppt'd associate 
pastor .Vostrand .-Vv. Ch., Urookly}!, with 
John Rhev Thompson, D.D. ; pastor 1st M. E. 
Ch., Yalesvillc, Conn., where built a new 
brick cliurch. 1-97-99; pastor Epworth Ch., 
Xew Haven. Conn., 1900-01; in lOuJ was trans- 
ferred to Trov Conference, and has since 
been pastor of First M. E. Ch.. Schenectady, 
-V. Y., the membership of the church increas- 
ing from 1,000 tn l..j"0, being now the lar-est 
Methodist church between X. Y. City and 
Clevelalid, O. Lecturer in Ridpatli Bu- 
reau on subjects: Mark Twain and Other 
Marks: Hoosier Poet and Prophet of Cheer: 
Five Grains of Corn. Kepuldican. Mason. 
Sec. Brotherhood JI. E. Church. WJ^-VM2. 
Prcs. Scheuectadv Mini.sterial Assn, Uiiil-or>; 
mem. Theta Delta Chi ; director Hudson River 
Humane Soc. ; h.morarv Almuni King's Cill., 
Windsor, .Vova Scotia, and of Syracuse Univ. 
-Vddress: COT Slate St., Schenectady, X. Y. 
ADAMS, Frederick B.: 

Lawyer: b. Utica, X. Y., 1?75: s. Chambers 
H. and Marv A. (Farnum) Adams: ed. Uiic.i 
public schools, Utica Free Acad., llillhouse 
High School. Xew Haven, Conn.; Yale Univ., 
B.A., LL.B.: unmarried. Engaged in prac- 
tice of law in Utica from IWo:' formerly of 
law Arm of Williams & Adams. Utica. N. Y. 
Republican; T.-p. Republican Club. Mem. 
Oneida County Bar Ass'n. Utica Citizens' 
Corps. Club; Vale (I'tica). Address: SS 
Arcade Bld'g, Utica, X.Y. 
ADAMS, Frederick Thompson: 

Brok.r; b. Chic:iL-o, April ■.'. l«l: ed. at 
Poughkeensi,.. X. Y. : m. Maud Witherbee. 
Mem. linn of F. T. Ad.-tms Jt Co., and of the 
X. Y. Stock. Produce. Cotton and CortVe K.v- 
rbnngps. Mem. Cbanil)cr of Onnmrrce. Met. 
Museum of An. Clubs: X. V. Alhb^lic. Sub- 
urban Kiding and Driving. X. Y. Yacht. .\m. 
Ya.-bl, l.nrchin.nt Yaclit. Manhatl.n R.-i 
dci,.-,.; JVF W. JTth St. Addrc-.s; pi W:ill bt , 
X. Y. City. 

ADAMS, Frederick Upham: 

Autlior; b. Boaton, .Muss., Dec. 10, U-59 ; a. 
John Spencer and Fannie Emeliue (Smith) 
Adam.s: eu. in high school of Elgin, Hi 
m. Eluin, 111., Sept. 24, ISSl. .-Vlice Marv 
Whit;iker. Studied and practised mechaMic:il 
engineering after having luL-h school. :i;id 
invented several electric light appliances, 
chief of Smoke Inspection Bureau, Chic:i.- .. 
1:91-97. then devoted attention to elecino 
traction and constructed experimental pas- 
senger train for the Baltimore & Ohio R'y. 
Founder and editor The Xew Time (social 
reform magazine), 1,-99-98. Author: President 
Joim Smith, lo'Jii; The Kidnaped Millionaires, 
191JI; John Burt, 1903; John Henry Sliliih, 
1900; The Bottom of the Well, 1905; The 
Revolt, 1907; also monographs on en::ineering 
subjects. Literary sec. Democratic Xat. 
Committee, 1S90. .Vddress: Hastings-on-Hud- 
son, X. Y. 
ADAMS. Granger: 

Lieot.-col. Field ,-\.rl'v, U. S. A.; b. Wil- 
liamson, X. Y., Sept. -is, Ibsl; s. Orlando and 
Emily (Granger) .\aams; grad. U. S. Mil. 
.\cad., If70. ".Vrlillerv Sclmol, Ft. Monroe, 
ISSJ; in. Esse.\, Conn., Sept. 11, ISSl, Marv 
Ingham Williams; one dau-hter: Louise Ini 
liam. Commissioned second lieut.. jth Artil- 
lery, June 1.1, 1:70; first lieut.. olh Artillerv. 
.Mar. 30, 1? j4 : capt., 7th .Artillery, Sept. 19, 
Ib'JS; major, .\rtillery Corps, 19o3 ; lieut. col., 
Jan. -25, I'JUT. Served at Charleston, S. C, 
iNtJ-Tli; Ft. McPherson, Ga., Ir.79t0; Ft. Mon- 
roe, l.-Mi-fJ: Ft. Hamilton, 15*2-90; Presidio, 
San Francisco, 1:90-93: St. John's .A.cad.. 
I-'ordhani. X. Y.. detailetl as prof. rail, science 
and tactics, l,-9o-95; ass't instr. in tactics 
U. S. -Mil. Acad., 1S95-1900; Ft. Adams, R. I., 
1900-01; Ft. Rilev, Kan., 1902-03; in command 
Morro Castle, Santiago, Cuba, 1903-01; Ft. 
Barrancas, Fla., 1901; commanding 3th Bal- 
; lalion Field Artillerv, 1904; assigned to flth 
I Reg't. Field Artillery, June 6, I'JUT. Club: 
Uiiiversitv (X. Y. Cilv). Address: Manila, 
P. I.; or care War Dep't, Washington, D. C. 
ADAMS, Hciiry Ere-wstcr: 

II. rgvman; b. I'.iliuvra, X. Y., Oct. 8, lS7s ; 
s. .Mvroii H. and Lv.lia (Brewster) Adacs; 
grad. Univ. of Rochester, .\.B., F-ochester 
Theol. Sem., B.D.; ra. Rochester. .V. Y., Juno 
•29, 1904, Edna Raymond. Ordained in Bap- 
tist ministry; now pastor Baptist Church at 
Mt. .Morris, X. V. Mem. Delta Kappa Kp- 
.= ilon, Theia Xu Epsilon, 32° Mason, Odd 
Fellow. Address: Mt. Morris, X.Y. 
ADAMS. Henry Sherman: 


We I hi 



(Dickinson) Ada 
eontinuouslv v 


Conn., Aug. 1, 
wold and Lucy 
: both families 



ant of old Welle.s, Wolcott, Griswold, Rob- 
bins, Goodrich and Xott families of same 
town: ed. public and private schools in 
Wethersfield, and Il.irtf. 
School (class of 1SS2) ; nn 

ill Wall St.. 1:S2-91; in beet sut-ar busine-s 
in N.4.., 1-91-90; since 1,-97 ran'g editor 
llrooklvn Life, and director Brooklvn Life 
I'nblisbing Co. Has liav.-b'd e.\teiisively in 
rniii.d States. CaniiTla. neniinda, Europe and 
North .\fric.i; clinibnl Jloiinls Lefroy and 
SIcpli.ii in the Canadian Rockies in 1903. 
liidciicudeal in polilics; Congregalioualist. 


Reorvations: 'Wallcing, swi 




;ig and garden' 
Club: Cro3- 
iloutais'ue ai., 


id. HI 


cent Athletic. Address 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 
ADAMS, Herbert: 

Siulpliiri b. Ciincurd, Vt., 1S3S 
M. and Nauey A. (Powers) Ad 
Paris; m. Auburndale, Mass.. 1 
V. Pond. Mem. Nat. Aead. Des 
pres. Xat. Sculpture Soc.; mem. Architectiirai 
League. Awarded medals at St. Louis. Chi- 
cago, Paris. Clubs; Century, The Players. 
Address: 131 W. lllh St., N. Y. City. 
ADAMS, James Dexter: 

Captain U. S. .\. ; b. Catskill, N. Y., May 
4, 1M-; s. Frederick Chollet and Mary De.\ter 
(R.ynoldsl Ad.ims ; entered U. S. Xaval 
Acid., .Sept. L'7, Ijul; erad., ISiiS; m. Vallejo, 
Calif., -ALiy 0. 1;73. Mar-arel J. Phelps; chil. 
dreji: Lawrence Slowell, Mar-aret Kiehe (m. 
n. Percival Dod::e), Kdmonia Mason. Pro- 
moted ensign, April, IMj'J ; master, July, IsTO; 
lieut., Sept., ls7a; lieut.-eomnid'r, Sept., IsOl; 
commdr, March 3, IfM; capt., Dec. ;U, 1'JU3. 

naval officer; com'd Yankton, eJil-afed in 
blockade on Southern coast oi Cuba durin- 
Spanish-American ^\'ar; comd'g C. S. S. 
Washington, lOiW 07 ; Navy Yard, N. Y., since 
June 5, 1'J07. Clubs: Army and Navy, N. Y. 
Yacht (N. Y. Citv), Armv and Navy (Wash- 
ington), University (Philadelphia). Ad- 
dress: Navy Yard, N. Y. 
ADAMS. John Lanson: 

l'b...sician and surgeon; b. 'Wcstport, Conn., 
AiiL-, '.I, l^iiO; s. George Sherwood and PoUv 
Morehouse (Coley) Adams; prepared at Sel- 
leck's School. Norwalk. Conn.; grad. Yale 
Coll., B.A , 1.SS3: Coll. Phvs. and Surg., N.Y 
City, M.U., 1»C: N.Y. no.-,p., l,--- 
and Ear Intirtn.iry. 1-0:); ra. N.Y 
4, liOi, Elizal.eth Kller.-,lie Wallace, one soi 
Frank Lanson, b. IsDO. Studied tor tw 
years abroad in dift'erent institutions i 
Heidelberg, Vienna, London, Lerlin, Pari 
Prague, ilalle and Ltrecht. Fng:iged i 
practice in .V.Y. City from IMJ. Jlirecior S 
Bartholomew's Clinic, West Side lierma 
Dispensary, N.Y'. Throat. Nose and Lu:i 
Hosp.; prea. N.Y. School of Clinical Med 
cine; attending surge.m N.Y. Fvo aiul E.n 
Infirmary, St. Bartholomew's Clinic for di: 
eases of the eye, ear. nose and thro:it, liloun 
irigdale Clinic, West Side Germ:,!! Dispei 
N.Y. Throat, No>e and Lung lio.-ip. 



rancis Alexandre. 'U'as 
if saving to the Nation, 
ine Old Flag House," the home of Betsy 
Ross and birthplace of the first American Flag 
being one of the three founders of the Ameri- 
can Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial 
Ass n, and its sec. and vice-chm'n, the assn 
attaining a membership of 1,010,271). Received 
a medal of honor presented by the Flag 
House Chapter. Daughters Am. Revolution 
consisting of thirteen ladies, lineal decend- 
ants of Betsy Ross. Democrat; candidate 
for Congress 14th N.Y". Dist., liOli; appointed 
colonel, Au.\iliary Command. Spanish-Am 
"War, ISOS. Mem. M.E. Church. Charter 
mem. Sons Am. Revolution; first presiding 
olhcer and first sec-gen.. The Founders and 
Patriots of America; mem. N.Y. li'd of Ed'n 
Lecture Bureau, lecturing on historical and 
patriotic subjects. Club: National Demo- 
cratic. Address: 153 W. 117tli St., N.Y. 

ADAMS, John Qnincy: 

Clergyman; b. Ogden. N.Y., Aug. S, 1S49; s. 
Caleb Kimball and Laura (Keeler) Adams; 
grad. Kuehesler Cniv., A.B., 1574; Auburn 
Theol. Sem.. I.s77 ; m. Rochester, N.Y., June 
7, 1--77, C:ira Southgate. r:istor Walnut St. 
Presbytcri.m Cli,, Evansville, Ind.. IbTs-jl ; 
Ch.. Boulder, Colo., ISSl- 
'-.byterian Ch., San Fran- 
• in Clifton Springs Sani- 

S4; W, 


Ch., Canaiid:n.'na, N,Y., lS;i!l-1502 
byterian Ch., Waterloo, N.Y., l;ii)J-o7; ass t 
prof, and librarian. Auburn Thenl. Sem. sinco 
nii)7. Founder. The Boys' Brigade in F.S. 
A., 1S?:1 (pres. its Nat. organization, 1S90- 
04). Address: Auburn, X.Y. 
NY 'Eye , ADAMS. Maude: 

itv, Julie i Actress; b. Salt Liike City, Not. U, 1S7-J 

olio son; I (lamily name, Kiskadden); mother (stage 

tor two I name. Adams) was leading w..inan in slock 

tions in I company at Salt Lake; e:irlv showed dramatic 

n. Paris. I '"lent in child's parts; attended several 

schools: made notable success as child in A 

Celebrated Case; mem. E. H. Sothern Co. 

at 10; aftcrw;ird with Charles iD.hnnm's 

Stock Co., and afterward in support of ,tohn 


N.Y. Hosp., Soc. of the Lvingin llo>p 
h:ittan Slate Ifosp., and House of 
.Mem. N.Y. Otol. Soc, Am. Otol. So, 
Ophthalmol. Soc. N.Y. Med. and Sun 
Am. Laryngol., Rhinol, and Olol. .Soc. 
of Alumni of N.Y. H,.sp., Hosp. Cra. 
(inb, .V.Y. Physicians' Mutual Aid 
N,V. Co. Med. Soc. Epi.Mopalian. 

St to 






of Jn 

Quality Street, The 
and, more recentlv, 
Address 01 W. 30th 

rniversity, .Manhattat 
Alhel..iie. Democratic 
inont Va.-ht. In.lian H: 
:> E. ,-.lst St., N.Y. C 

. Lotos. Yal 
N. Y. Yacht, 
rl.or Yacht. . 

ADAMS, John Quiucy 

Sec and one of tl, 
Flag House and I'.etsv 
b. Lancasler, N.ll.. () 
and Xancv Dnslin 

Lane r (N.lli .\. . 

20, 1^7I), M.irie Ad. 

■ three found. 
Ross .Menmria 

•1. ji;. 1-iM s. 

Ui.welh A, In 
1.. 10. NY, (i 
e .N,',-rin; cl 

St., N.Y 

ADAMS, Samuel Francis: 

l.:nvyer, r.'al eF-tate; b. San Francisco, Cal. 
1*.'.7; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B., i-7.-.; L.L.Ii. 
lf>0. Admitted to N.Y", Bar. l><o. and en 
gaged in practice, ileni. Colnniliia Univ 
Alnnini Ass'n. Clubs: N.Y. Athletic, Lotos 
ISi Upsilon. Coney Island Jockey. Address: 
iJ'J Madison Av., N.Y. City. 
ADAMS. Samuel Hawley: 

( le^^•ynl:ln; b. Lowell. Oneida Co.. N.Y., 
X.iv. ::. IMl; s. Grant ami Sarah (Crawford! 
.V.iams: grail. Hamilton Coll.. A.U.. l-i:,!, 
|.\M.. l-.O; Garrett Biblical Inst.. Evanslon, 
III.. B.I).. 1M,7, D.n., 1--;; ni. Isi. Mevi.'o 
NY., N..V. l;l. I-^OI, Adelaide Greeiihill; L>d, 
('liftcni Springs, N.Y., Mav 31. ?-M. .Marv li 
Dunbar. .\I.l).; c liililia.n : ' Sar:ih. Willialn G 
(lawyer in Chicago), Anna H. (teacher oi 
French, Erasimis Hall Hi.'h Sell.. Ilrooklvnl 
i .Mary (in. ■\\illi:im J. .Miller. le:iclier. i:.,r- 
l.frion, O.), Henry F.ister I Ph. 13., Wcsleyau, 

1903). Prin. Mes 
IMloGS; Meth. ra 
cago, IbTjbl : bi 
Springs Siiiiitarii 
Has been i);istur 

WHO'S WHO in nkw vokk 

. Os.veso Co.. X Y. 


I ADAMS, Wmiam Crittenden: 
er since lb07. ;.n Vl)i- l lli-ol esTate operator; b. San Francisco, 
15J3 chaplain Clilton Taiii., Auril 11, liGJ; s. Samuel and Alit-e 
(.'lilton SpriuKG, N.Y. ( \Vhite) Ad.ims; giad. Columbia Univ., Sell, 
some c(' ihe mor-i im- I Applied Sciences, C.fc.,: m. Brouklvn. Feb. I'J, 
he denomlaalion, bat of j U-S'. Giaee Tairrhild James; children: Crit- 
fate years, owinj to impaired health, has i-il I tendeu Hall, b. IbOO, James Fairchikl, b. 
o more quiet liie. Has traveled in Europe. I IbOS, Dniv>in Jame.s b. 1^:1S. Pres. and di- 
Was for several vears trustee Ko.k Kiver rector Union Mortgaju Co. (mort;;a;e loans) ; 
Seni., Mt. Morris,' III.: Jennings Sen., Au- | v.-p. and director I'airehild Co.; pres. Rut- 
rora, 111., and Garrett Biblical Insl., Kvi"-,- I gers Realty Co. and S. F. Adams Realty Co.; 
ton. III. Mem. i'si Upsilon. Address: Cli£- I trustee U.S. Savings Banli. Sewed seven 
ton Springs, X.Y. [terms in Co. I, Tth Reg't. and six years in 

; Troop 2, Squadron A; decor;ited with Slate 

ADAMS. Samuel Hopkins: 

Journalist; b. iHinkirk, X.T., Jan. f!6, ISTl 
B. Mvr.oi and Ilesrer Rose (Hopkins) Adaias 
ed. Korhcsler Free .\c.ui. (-rad. ^^^7i; Ham 
ilton Coll., A.B.. l^'.d: m. Charleston. W.\'u 

dren: Hes 

editor JlcChir 

ger for .McClur 
publishers, 19iiJ-ul; 

beth RniVi 
lopl.ins Adams, b. ItiUU, . 
dams, b. lauJ. Reporter 
-N.V. Sun, l;91-19UO: man; 
s Syndicate, lOon-ui' 


Phillips & Co., llSW; 

dal for 
lice.'' Republican. Prosbvterian : trustee 
' Rutgers Presbyterian Ch. Mem. School of 
Mines Alumni Ass':;. Clubs: Union League, 
f Barnard, Seawanhaka-Corinthian, Nassau 
,. I Country, Adirondack League, Columbia Uni- 
-J versity. Address; l:iS Broatlway, X.Y. City. 
J I ADAMS, ■William Newton: 
rtis- Banker: b. Caracas. Venezuela, Nov. 23, 

19'J»-05: S' 
ter on public health, an 
i-ufl. Author of Great Ami 
: (patent 

Ad;iu-.s; ed. Xurv 

lid Ca 


nd lit 

N.Y., May : 

topics, I 1^70, Elizabeth H. Truslow ; children: An 
ud se- I Louise, James Truslow. With linn of lie 
derson, Linlev & Co. Life mem. Long Islai 

hor, with Stewart Edward White, of and Va. Hist. Socs 


al p;; 

.-e of Coi- 
ad papers 

Mid- lf„rj) 
.lence: city. 

The Mysterv, lt»J7 (.MeClure) 
short stories in .MeClure's, C^ 
casional contributor to edito: 
lier's Weekly. Has spoken 

before medical and sanitaiy organizations on 
public heaUh topics. Trustee of Hamilton 
Coll. Moderate socialist. Recreations: Lawn 
tennis, fishing and sailing. Mem. Alpha 
Delta Phi frater'iilv. Clubs: Alpha Delta 
Phi Plavers, Owasco Countrv. Address: 40 
Chedell i'l., Auburn. X.V. 
ADAMS, Thatcher M-igoun: 

Lawver; grad. Yule, A.U., 1.~."jS: m. Frances 
C. Robbins. Mem. Assn Bar Cily of .V.Y.. 
Psi Upsilon fraternity. Clubs: Union, Met 
ropolitan, Knickerl)ocker, \\U.,t 
dav, Down Town. St. Anthony. 
03 E. 79th St. Ad.lress: 34 Wall St., N.Y. City. 
ADAMS, 'W. 1. Lincoln: 

Pres. business cor]. ..rations: b. X.Y. City, 
Feb. -JJ, 1J05; s. Washing! oi Irving and Ma- 
rion L. (liriL-gs) Ad.aus; ed. Monlelair public- 
schools, grad. bi.'h school. 1^;:; m. lS-9. Grace 
Wilson; chibllen: V.ihon Irving, Marion 
Elizabeth, Liri-gs Kiltiurn, Carolyn Siylcs, 
W. I. Lincoln, Jr. i'res. Styles i Cash, sta- 
tioners and printers, Montclair Trust Co., 
Photographic Times Pub. Ass'n; v.-p. The 
Goodwin Film and Camera Co.: director Dex- 
ter Folder Co.; trcas. Montclair llobling Co. 
Life mem. Am. Inst.; h.oi. mem. M..ntclaiT 
Camera Club. Mem. LaFayette Lodge, -No. 
64, F. and A. M.; ex-gov. N.J. Soe. of 
F<iUllders and P.itriols of .\inerica: mem. .''.ons 
Am. Revolution, Soc. Colonial Wars, llu-ue- 
not Soc. Soc. ■War of I-IO. Trusirc, First 
Cong'l Soc. (Dr. Bradford's I, .Montclair. 
X.J.: director Montclair tivic Ass'n. Ireas. [ 
Aldinc Ass'n of .V.Y. Reereati.ins : Ain:ileur | 
farming in -V.H . Iiorsebacs .\nllior: i 
Sunli-bt and: 

N,J.). R.: 
luu Brdadv 

ddence: Sum 
;iv, X.Y. Cit; 

nd Bn.oklv 

ADAMS. ■William Roderick: 

L:iwver; b. Bloomliekl, Conn., Dec. 24. 1S73; 
line:il descendant on fathers side of Presi- 
dents John Adams and John t^uncy Adams, 
and on mother's side of Chief Justice Morri- 
son R. Waite. of U.S. Suiireme Court; ed. 
Y'ale Coll. and Y'alc Sch., LL.B.. I^IU. 
M.L.. 1.-:'.). D.C.L.. 1S9U. En>:aged in gen. 
law practice: sec. Finance Realty Trust Ca. ; 
director .V.Y. Univ. Ass'n of Phi Gamma 
Delta. Fowler Trust Assn. Pioneer Coal and 
Jlining Co. of Alaska. Club: ILirtford (Ilart- 
. Address: 23 Broad St.. X.Y. 

ADDISON, Charles L.: 

Capitalist: v.-p. and director Atlantic .\v. 
Elevated K.R. Co.. Huntington K.K.. Ja- 
maic;i & South Shore R.U. Co., L. I. Con- 
solidated Klectrical Companies, Mont:iuk 
Steamboat Co., Limited, Jloniauk Water Co., 
Nassau Countv K v, X.V. .>c Rockaw.,y 
Beach R'y Co., X.Y., BrooUIvn & 
Beach R'v Co., Xorthport Traction Co., Ocean 
Electric R'v, Prospect Park ,>c Coney Island 
R.R. Co.: director Long Island Elec. R.R. 
Co. X.Y.& L.I. Traction Co. .-^.ddress : Long 
Island City, X.Y. 



■ton's Sch.. Y 
1S7.1. Colnnibia 

bar. I.-71'. Se 
(i,-o Co. Vestt 
Ch,, West.diesi 
.Vss'n. .\m 




ter); Ililllop ]■: 
mer). Address: 

nasselt Fishing 
;,l llistorv. Clubs: I'nion. Kac.|U 
■rs Univ'ersilv., NY. Yacht. Lav 
V.-'icht (N.Y. ■('iiyl: Country Club 
hester IV. p.) : Fish :in.l Game <'lnb 
■I Kcid-iice: Weslcheslcr. Addre 
,e St.. N.Y. Cily. 

: ! 


ADLEB, Felix; 

hducatur, lecturer: b. Alzey, Germany, 
Aug. 13, Uil: s. Samuel and Hcnnettii 
(Irankfurtcr) Adlur; ed. fjluiiibia Grammar 
Kch., X.V. Cilv; grad. Culumljia Cull., A.U. 
(I'lii lieta Kappa), l^ro, lleidelber- Pn.D., 
Ib73: m. Bro.ikiya, .V.V., ilay ::l, Ijmi, Helen 
Giildmark: five children. Prof. Semitic lan- 
guages and literature, Cornell Univ., lfT3-7iJ; 
pruf. BDcial and political ethics, Columbia 
Univ., since lOD-l. Theodore Koo.^evelt prof, 
at Univ. of Berlin, lOobUO. Founded 187(1, 
and has since been leader of the Society for 
Kthical Culture. Mem. Tenement House 
Comm'n, Ibso ; mem. Committee of Fifteen, 
I^'J.i; mem. Committee of Fifty on Drink 
Question. Independent in politics. Director 
and trustee at Kthical Culture Sch. since 
ISSO; trustee of Tenement House Bld'g Co.,; founded Fllii.a! Soc. in Berlin, Ger- 
many, ISUl; founded United Relief Works, 
and first introduced trained nurses for the 
poor in 1S77; Co-operative Colonization So- 
eietv, 187^-S,5. Author: Creed and Deed: 
The' Moral Instruction of Children: Life and 
Destiny, JFarriage and Divorce; Keligion of 
Duly. Clubs: City, Authors, Century. 
Address: 33 Central Park West, X.Y. City. 
ADLER, Isaac: 

Physician; b. Alzey, Germany, April 6, 
1S19; s. Kabbi Samuel and Henrietta (Frank- 
furter) Adler; familv came to N.Y. City, 1.^57; 
grad. Columbia, A.B., 1,-i.S, Univ. of Heidel- 
berg. M.D., lb7r. graduate work in hospitals 
at Vienna, Berlin and Pvau-ue: m. X.Y. City, 
1S74, Frida, d. .Morris Gruiuhaber. Practising 
medicine in N'.Y. Citv from l-M: prof, clin- 
ical pathology, X.Y. Polyclinic. Visiiing 
physician tn G-.-man Hosp. ; consulting physi- 
cian, Monlefiore Home. Contb'r to cur- 
rent med. lit.r.iture. chieflv on pathology. 
Adjlre^s; i'l K. OJd St., -V.Y. 
ABLER, Leou N.: 

Mfg chemist; b. Milwaukee, ^Vis., Xov. ■20. 
li=.:S; s. Solomon and Charlotte (Steiner) Ad- 
ler; cd. Columbia Grammar Sch.. Columbia 
Univ.,, l"i, Univ. of Heidelberg, Gir- 
manv, A..M., Ph.D.; Univ. Strasbourg, Ger- 
many, PoMeenikum, Stuttgart, Germany: 
m. X.Y. Ciiv, .\ov. H, 1;>9, Rose I.issauer; 
one son, Stanlev L.. b. Ib9n. Kniaged in 
chemical mfg since 1S>1 : prop'r Adler Color 
and Chemical Works, pres. Collodin Jlfg Co. 
Independent Democrat. Mem. Soc. Chem. 
Industrv, Chemihts Club, Am. Chem. Soc, 
Vereiiiiiung alier deutscher .Studenten in 
Amerika, A..\.A.S., Verein Deutsrher Chemi- 
ker. Phi Beta Kappa fraternity, Deutscher 
Liedcrkranz. Fr. undscliaft Soc., Drug and 
Chemi.-al Club. K.iTeaiioiis: H .r-eba.k riding, 
p., If. Ke^idence: 1)1 K. S3d St. Address: 
leu Willi.ira St., X.Y. City. 

ADLEK. Simon Louis: 

Lawver; b. Seneca Falls. X.Y., Aug. .".0, 
and Anna (Zal 


of X.C.; studied t 

d. Fi 

p.; ' 

rt Siutlents' League, X. 
uler trancls : '. Jones and William Sai-- 
liJj-hu; ni. Sept. 1:;, 1,~;kj, Minnie Poll, 
lucis Peabody Sharp, o( Woodstock, .\. 


id. n.\. 



.11 Ui 




.Metal W.o-k-. Illuuiina: ing Ijigineering C' 
(sec), Sandia .Mining Co. (sec). Address 
277 Broadway, X.Y. City. 

ADNEY, Edwin Tappan: 

Artist, anihor: b. Alliens, O. Julv 13. l^•■- 

s. Col. William 11. G. .\,lnev. of 30lli Olii 

Inf.; ed I iiiv. of X.V. and one year at Uui' 

pcditlon 1, 

'■ ■ ''.1 I . .,■,.., ,1 studio in X.Y 

< :■■ , i ■ ; .,;,■,■ , and articles to 

il^n-,, r - \ ; ;._ I', ■,,;,;,. ..;. I .St. Nicholas Mag- 
azine, upon bircU, ai.iihals and other outdoor 
topics; then for a time inside artist in Art 
Dep't of Harper & Bros.; went to Alaska aa.l 
Klondike region, Oct., 1597, to April, U-JU, as 
special artist and correspondent of Harper s 
Weel. ly and Londmi Cliroiib-le, studied min- 
ing and social conditions, and spending part 
of winter as only white man with band of 
Indians hunting moose at head of Klondike 
River; on return to X.Y. City wrote compie- 
hensivo of the discovery of gold in 
the Klondike; correspondent and artist Col- 
lier's Weeklv at Xome, Alaska; selected as 
writer on Resources for so-called Trans 
Alaska Siberian Kailwav, 190.1-liC. Illustrated 
Frank M. Chapman's Birds of Kasterii Xortli 
America; wrote ilillicete Indian Natural His 
tory for Transactions Liniueau Soc. One oi" 
first lot of associate members Am. Ornitholo- 
gists' Union; lecturer fur Am. Soc (or Pre- 
vention of Cruelty to Animals. Mem. Hall- 
burton .Soc (King's C.ill. X.S.), Arctic Club. 
K.Y. Citv: one of founders i treas. 19iJ4-oo) 
the -Eviilorers' Clnb. Ad.lress Oliio Societv, 
The Waldorf-Astoria, X.Y. City. 
ADRIANCE, Harris Ely: 

Clergvnnili and social worker; b. Poufli- 
keepsie,' X.Y., I'eb. 15, Isol ; .s. .lolin P. ami 
Mary Jane Ruthvea (Platl) Adriance; grad. 
Williams Coll., 1=S:?, A.M.; ra. Albanv, X.Y.. 
June 1.1. !!>M1, Sarah McClellan Holme's: chil- 
dren: Ilarvis Elv, Jr., b. l>:a, Edwin Holmes. 
b. 1593, Francis Van Vrauken. b. 19(11. Or- 
dained in Presbvterian i 

the Chi 

rch ..f 
211 K. 

the Son of Man (undenou 
louh St., X.Y. Citv. Chairman Yorkvillc 
Dist. r,t the Charity Organization Soc; mem 
Holland Soci-iy. Clubs: University, Adi- 
rondack League Club. Address: Hi E. 30th 
St., X.Y. City. 
ADKIANCE, John Sabin: 

Chenus;; b. X.Y. Cilv, Feb. 18, 1S61 : s. 
John and Lucy Whitman (Sabin) A.: grad. 
Williams College. A.B., 15^2, A.M., Ph.D.; 
unmarried. Engaged in chemical work since 
l^,s2; new chemist Wacker Gordon Labora- 
t..rv. Professor chemistry and toxicology. 
X.Y., .Med. Coll. Mem. Am. Chem. 
Soc, Soc. Chem. Industrv, felb.w A.V.A.S,. 
Loudon Chem. Soc Anilior; Chemical Cab 
culaiions; ,-..iilribntor t.. technical press. Re-; Congregalionalist. Club: Union 
League. Residence: loj E. 35th St., X.Y. 
ADr.IAKCE, William Allen: 

.■Maniif.ielurer: b. P.nighkeensie, X.Y., Feb. 
(1. l5ol: grad. Slc'vens Inst. T.-chnology. M.l'... 
1-S-. Pnr. Ii.isiu.- (or A.lriance. Plait 
,<; ('..,: (lir.eior. .Men-hauls' Val. Itaiik. Mem. 
Uoll-nid Soc, Tlieta Xi fraternilv. Clubs: 
Dutchess Co. Golf. Amrita. Powelton (New- 
biirgh. X.Y.); Hndson'Uiv.o- lee Yacht (Hyde 
Park); Aiilomobile of Americ:i; Thela Xi; 
Graduate University. St. Xicholas. (X.V 
fitv). Re.idenee: Ponghkeepsie. X.Y. Ad- 
dre'ss: IDj Greenwich St., X.Y. City. 

AFFELD, Frank O.i 

hisur.uici- i;wiia-t 
clerk and law 


in Prussia, 
in Chicasu; bt-rv 



Art ly, U.S.V. After -sv-or befarae sulieitur 
and surveyor for the Mutual Stcuritv Ins. 
Co., and afterward for the Genu.uiia Ins. 
Co. of Chicago, which companies went out of 
business after the sreat Chiea.-o fire of Oct., 
1>71. Since 1S72 with the Haml,urs-Bremen 
Fire Ins. Co., first as manager in Chicago; 
came to X.Y. Citv, 1?:3. to assist in organiz- 
ing and inaiuiKin;; the L'.S. Branch. In 1S62 
he became niana-er of the U.S. Branch with 
Mr. H. C. Buchenberu'er as associate. In lOoT 
Mr. H. C. Buchcnbei-Ker was elecleu manacl- 
ing director of the company at Hambur::, The 
VS. Branch remainini; under Mr. AiVeld's 
sole management. Address: 19 Liberty St., 
N.Y. City." 
AGAR, John Giraud: 

Lawver; b. New Orleans, La., Juno 3, 
1S56; s. William and Theresa (Price) Agar; 
grad. preparatory and collegiate dep'ts, 
Georgetown I'niv.. Washington, DC, A.B., 
1S76, .\.M., lf>S, Ph.D.. ItjO: two years stu- 
dent in lioman Catholic Univ., Kensington, 
London; gvad. Columbia Law Scl... LL.B., 
IbiO; m. N.Y. City, Feb. IS. 1^V2. Agnes 
Louise Macdonough. Admitted to bar, l>.-0; 
asst U. S. att'y Soulherr. Dibt. of X.Y.. 
1'>1-S2; now of law firm of Agar, Elv k 
Fulton. Clinrn Campaign Com., People's 
.Municipal League. l>ai. Served as lient.- 
comd'r and paymaster, also judge advocate 
on staff of capt. of Naval Militia, X.Y. 
Mem. B'd Ed'n, N.Y. City, 1-50-98; v.-p. 
Nat. Civic Federation, I'JOo. Mem. Soutl-.ern 
Soe. N.Y. Clubs; Union, University, Met- 
ropolitan. Lawve--, National Arts. Reform 
ipres. lUOJ-lKi), City, SeawanhakaCorinlhian 
Vaoht, N.Y. Yacht, Turf and Field. 
Riding, (X.Y. City); Metropolitan (Wash- 
inglen. D.C.). Residence: Fair Oaks. Pre- 
mium Point, New Rochelle, X.Y. Address: 
31 Nassau St., N.Y. City. 
AGER. John Curtis: 

Clergyman; b. Warner, X.H., March 23, 
lis:,; s." U. and Margaret (Smith) Ager; 
M.A., Urhana Univ. "(Ohio); in. Chicago, 
l'C5, Frances 11. Newhall; children: Harry 
C, Louis C, IL-irgaret, John W. Pastor 
Ch. of New Jerusalem, Brooklyn, since 
I'^O,-,. Translator of the works of Swedi-n- 
borg. Visited Europe, Asia and Africa, 
19:l3. Address: -JUO Carlton Av., Brooklyn. 
AGNEW, George B.: 

Slato senator; b. N.Y. City. 15f.S: s. A. 
G. Agnew; grad. Princeton, A.B.. 1S91. In 
business in N.Y. Citv since 1--91. Jlem. 
Nat. Guard State of N.Y. for 15 years (two 
vears o.d.c. on staff Gov. Morton); now 
adron A. Repuli 

and New York, Bcllcvue Ilnsp. Med. Coll., 
il.D.. 167l>, N.Y. -Evo and Ear Infirmary; 
m. N.Y. Citv, Jan. -Jl. 1,->,V Jusla Mora; 
cliildren; Kosa, b. 18s7, Pedro, b. l^■^ Ma- 
riano, b. 1>91, Julio, b. IMiJ. Served as 
lieut.-col. in Cuban Liberating Army; ass't 
surgeon, N.Y. Eve and Ear fnflrniarv; sur- 
geon Northeastern and Northwestern Dis- 
pensaries. N.Y. City; consulting surgeon to 
the French IIosp., N.Y. City. Has traveled 
through Europe and America. Plivsici.^n to 
Point o' Woods Ass'n; fleet surgeon Point 
o- Woods Yacht Club. Mem. Physicians' 
Mutual Aid Ass'n, Med. Ass'n Grea'ter N.Y. 
Recreations; sailinL'. swimming. Address: 
■2'jl W. 9id St., X.Y. City. 
AHLARN. John Francis: 

Pres. Borougli of .Manhattan: b. N.Y. 
City, April Ij. IJ.JO; ed. public schools X.Y. 
City. After holding clerkships in several 
well-known business bouses, entered public 
life as mem. Assembly from 4tli dist. (X.Y.). 
lt-59; chief clerk Essex Market court same 
year; me.n. State Senate (10th Senatorial 
dist.), lN'!!)-19l«; mem. Fassett Investigating 
Com. Has been the special champion of 
the Fire Dep't and the author of many 
measures for its improvement; author so- 
called -Mothers' bill, which has effected great 
treatment of dependent children: 



ge of la 



f:ire of public school teachers, 
in providing pension for them; has taken 
great interest in providing means for sum- 
mer- outings for indigent and invalid women 
and children. Elected pres. Borough of 
Manhattan, 19i 0. Mem. B'd Sachems" Tam- 
many Soe. Address: 10 City Hall, N.Y. City. 
AHEEN, George P.: 

.\rmv oiiicer; b. N.Y. Citv, Dec. 29, 1?39; 
grad. U.S. Mil. Acad., lS7s.f comm'd 2d It. 
■Joth Int., June 13, 1882; Ist It. 4th Inf. Feb. 
20. ivil; cai>t. 9th Inf., June 30, l.-'.is ; trans- 
ferred to iOth Inf., July i'l. 1901; retired with 
tho rank of major. May 25, 1000, because of 



[if P. 

line of dut 


lit, Washingtou, D.C. 


of 27th 



of X,V. C.Hinty; in lOiB 
late fr...n new 17th Scnat 
1 C.un. appt'd lOOj to inv 


'mcui.' l!n>ul'.li'can Co.' ( 
. Address: 29 William S 


) .\ 

[■E, Enrique 'V.: 

and sor.-cn: b. in 
^I3; E. Ygi.acio .-.nd F 
gramonle; ed. In Havana 


or care War Departu 
AHEEN, Henry E.: 

Sec. U..--. Trust Co.; b. (Juebec, Canada, 
1-08; s. Edward Ilenrv and Katberine (Mc- 
(iiel Ahem: ed. at 'Quebec. Recreations; 
Driving, sailing. Clubs: Citv, Indian Har- 
bor Yacht. Residence: Hotel Mario An- 
toinette. Address: -15 Wall St., N.Y. City. 
AHEEN. John Louis: 

Lawyer; b. in town of Fenton. Broome 
Co.. N.'Y., April l.i. 1870; s. Patrick M. ami 
Johanna iBresnilian. modified by usa^'e to 
Brushinirhainl Aliern; ed. in dist. school, 
Xanticoke. Broome Co., N.Y.. Whitney's 
Point (N.Y.) Acad, from age of 10 to 10: 
Ithaca (X. Y.) High School one year. Cornell 
Univ.. Ph.B., 1801, and Cornell Univ. Coll. of 
I..1W, LL.B.. 180,-,: during coll. course was 
college daily paper, the Cornell 



..1 ,^- Iloyt. I.- 

17: adniittc 



L ; 

F. 71th Rcgt X, G, X.Y. 

' 1 



R.fle Team). 

Mem. Er 

ie Countv Bar Ass'n 

Cornell Univ 


Ass'n for "Wost.jn 

X.Y. Recre.i 

ions: ilil 

tarv work, rifle slioot 

ing. alhletics 

and soci 

ty. Clubs: L:uvyers 

Union Club. 


HOC D. S. Aloraai 

Bld'g, BuUalo, X.Y. 
AHRENS. Georje H.: 

Producer o£ petroleum; b. X.Y. Citv, Sc])!,., 
1841: 6. George Henry and Sarah E. (Water- 
burv) Alirens: ed. public schools, N. Y. 
City:' m. ISCO, . Phcbe JIarsh Ryno; onB 
daughter, Abbie Mnrsli Ahrens. b. 1^87. En- 
gaged in oil business since 1^70: now oper- 
ating wells in Pa., Ohio, and W. Ya. Ad- 
dress: Jamestown, N.Y, 
AIKEN, E. Clarence: 

Lawyer, b. Hcipio, Cavuga Co., X.Y'., May 
6, 1^"/;; s. Ira and Ellen (Olnev) Aiken: ed. 
Auburn schools and Univ. of Rochester, A.B., 
IbTT; ni. July 13, ISSl, Frances Baker. En- 
gaged in practice of law at .Vuburn, X.Y., 
from 1S!T9. Director and counsel Tlie New 
York, Aubnrn & Lansing R.E. Co. Mayor of 
Auburn, X.Y. Republican: Baptist. Mem. 
Cavuga Co. Hist. Soc, Coographical .\ss"n; 
B.P.O. Elks. Recreation; Basketball. 

Club: City (Auburni. Address: 111 Gen- 
esee St., Auburn, X.Y. 
AIKEN, William Martin: 

Architect; b. Cliarleston, S.C, April 1. 
1S53; s. Joseph Daniel and Ellen Daniel 
(Martin) Aiken; ed. Charleston, S.C private 
schools; T-niv. of the South iScwance, 
Tenn.), lsTi:-71, Ifass. Inst. Technology, 
1877-79; taught at high school,, 
S.C, 1S7J-70, Vniv. of South, l»7l, Art 
Acad., riucinnati, 1503-0.1, Columbia Univ. 
X.Y-. Cilv. l-:i'.; m ntlico of II. H. Richard- 
son, B-iMoii, l--n -J. William R. Emerson, Bos- 

cini'iali l-Ml'i,-, supervising architect of the 
Ireasiiry, \Va.«hingtou, D.C., L--0J-97 (ap- 
pointed bv Hon. John G. C:irlislc I ; consult- 
ing architect. Borough of Manhattan, X.Y.. 
lOul-0-3 (appointed bv Hon. Jacob A. Cantor); 
now practising .architecture in X.Y. City. 
While suiicrvising ar.hitcct of Treasury, de- 
signed U.S. mints at Philadelphia and at l)i-n- 
ver. Gov't bld'gs at Atl:nila Expli, 1^'6, 
Xashville E.\p'n, IS 



traveled in every .part of the U.S., and exten- 
sively in Europe and S. America Republi- 
can. Mem. Dutch Reformed Cli. Has writ- 
ten and printed two genealogies. Club; 
Lawyers. Residence: JIS Central Park 
West. Address: 19 Maiden Lane, N.Y. City. 
AlKMAN, 'Walter Monteith: 

Pamter, engraver; b. X.Y'. City, 1S37; s. 
Samuel -M. and Amelia E, (Roachl Aikmau; 
studied engraving with Frank French and 
John G. Sniithwick (of X.Y'.), and painting 
in Paris, at the Academie Julien, under 
Boulanger and Lefebvre; unmarried. Medal 
for engraving on wood at Paris Exp'n. 1S99; 
Chicago E.vp'n, 1S93. and silver medal at 
Pan-Am. E.-vp'n, ButTalo, 1001. Was mem- 
ber of Soc. of Am. Wood Engravers, and 
has published several engravings on wood 
from own paintings. Also etches and en- 
graves nn copper. Address: 133 ilacon 
St., Brooklyn, X.Y'. 

AINSWOKTH, Danfortli E.: 

Lauver: b. Clavton. X.Y., Nov. 29, ISIS; 
ed, I'ulaski Acad'.. Fallcv Sem. ; m. 1&74, 
Miss Porter, d. Xelson B. Porter, of Pu- 
laski. Admitted to X.Y. Bar, 1S73. and en- 
gaged in practice. Served as mem. B'd 
Ed'n, trustee of village; mem. Assembl.v, 
l!>Sr,-b9. and 1.^0303: dep'utv State sup't pub- 
lic instruction, bSOS-lOOl. "Republican. Club: 
Albanv (.'amcrn. A<ldress: Sandy Hill, Os- 
wego Co., X.Y. 
AINSWOETH, Herman E.: 

■ Erievillc. Madison Co., X.Y. ; 

and Caroline .M. (Hawkinsl 

id. Univ. of Citv of X.Y., Med. 

M;ii: m. llamniundsport. X.Y.. 

Emma Younglove; children: 


•sician ; 

B. Re 

V. S. C 


nrth; gr 




20, 1S71, 


M. (no 


W. R. Parks 


tom houses. While consul i 
Borough of Jlanhattan, rem. . 
X.Y. City Hall and of X Y 
House; since then most 
Roper (City) Hosp., CharU 
St. Public Baths fA, W. 
elated), Citv of X.Y. Mem 
Architects. X.Y. Chapter sam 
League of X.Y. ; honorar\ 
Sketch Club; mem. Southci 
orator Russell Slurgis' Diet 
itecture. Cluh: Century. 
Fifth Av. Address: 33 Unic 
X.Y. City. 
AIKIN. James Cornelius: 

Countv <'ourl 
otalde works are: 
irlesron, S C, 23.1 
.*. Brunnor, nsso 

Addison). Mvra (now Mrs. Wilfrid I. Booth, 
of Elmira). 'Has practised medicine and snr- 
gerv at Addison, X.Y.. since 1h;C. Has vis- 
ited Pacific States and most of other States 
of Union, Canada, Xew Brunswick and Xova 
Scotia. Republican; Presbyterian. 3Icm. 
and now 1st v. -p. X.Y'. State Mod. Soc; 
mem. 40 years. e\-pres., Steuben Co. Med. 
Soc; mem. Elmira Acad. Medicine; mem. 
•"•''■ i A.A.A.S. Mason and mem. St. Omars' 
^''^ Conimanderv, K.T., Elmira, X.Y'. Was. trus- 
ts- tee for'v vears of Addison Union School, 
fer I and of Addison Public Library (now re- 
°' I tired). Address: Addison, X.Y. 
r,!- AITCHISON, James W.: 

.",i Phvsician; b. .Madrbl, X.Y., Oct. 1. ISfii; 

1 R. and .lane T. (Bhtl.e) Aitchi- 

Potsdain State Xoniial Sch., l!-sG 

1 ( N.Y'. Univ. Med. Coll., ISOC; m. Madrid. X.Y., 

if Arch- 
•e : 409 
c, West, 



E. Powell. 



i; !• 

Cliaiitcr, 1.-0 
l.O.O.F. Address: Madrid, 

AITKEN, John William: 

.Merchant; b. X.Y. City, 
John and Anne (.\ndcrson 
Princeton Univ., P.. A.. 1-i:0 



■0; s. Jos,-pli and Mcrv E. (Ib-uc- 


.ester. X.Y.. 1 

n; ed. Univ. of R.. Chester. X.Y.; 


i: Helen Je 

Mem. 7lh Reg't X.Y. S.C. and 


i^on & Co., 

Ih it in Civil War. Since lN.0, 


or 2d Xat. B 

n business in X.Y. City. Pres. 


Hank. Men 

ers' Safetv Fund Ins. Co., Mrt. 


eiim of Art, 

M.irm Col, Aikin-Lambcrt Co., 


torv, Chamb." 

l.ert Jewelrv Co.; director Maiden 


Clubs: Ui 

ngs Bank, Protective Union. Has 


ropolitan, P 

Am. Fine Arts 

uierce, X.Y. Zntil. League, 
Riding, Grolier, 



Ith St. Address: 


ResjdCDce: 2S W. 
Broadway, X.Y. City. 
AITKEN, Peter: 

Engraver; b. Dundas, Canada, Juno 16, 
1S>; s. William Aitken; cd. in Canadian 
Si.-hools; cajne to U.S., 1ST3; ni. Brmklvn, 
Sept., lESJ, Florence H. Corkhill. S-.udied 
wood engraving under Timothv Cole in X.Y. 
City; also studied in Paris. Speciallv is 
artistic wood ensravini, of vvhi.-li made" ex- 
hibits at Worlds Columbian E.xpn, Chi- 
case, 19:J3 (medal), aud at Paris K.\p'n of 
lEcji). Democrat: v. -p. and chm'n E.'cccutive 
Com. Radical Dcmocracv; mem. and former 
pres. Brooklvn Sinjle Ta.t Leasuc; mem. 
Exec. Com. Citizens' Union, Brooklvn. Ad- 
dress: 121 Pulaski St., Brooklyn. 
AITKEN, William Benford: 

Lawver. bank i)resident ; b. X.Y. Citv, 
I'-CT; s. William li. and Catherine (Beei;- 
man) Aitken; grad. Columbia Coll., A.B., 
]>>^. A.M., 1SS9. Ph.D.. li'ju; m., Kililli 
Clfax (deceased); 2d, Xora Cootc : chibiveii: 
Kdith. b. ISOS, Beekmnn, b. lOnJ. Pres. 
The Bronx Savincs Bank, Aitken Construc- 
tion Co. Kpiscopalian. Item. Bar 
Citv of X.Y., Delta Kappa Epsilon frater- 
nity, Soc. Wars, S.A.H., NY. 
Genealogical and Bioi. Soc. Club: X.Y. 
Athletic. Address: 312 W. TSth St., X.Y. 
AITKINS, Frank Ernest: 

Clersyman; grad. Berkeley Divinily Sch. 
Ordered deacon, l>!)j; ordained priest, l^ily. 
Ass't minister Trinity Ch., Lenox, Mass., 
t-J^'M. St. Georges Mission, Lcc, Mass.. 
I~Li9 19ol; since I'.i.l, ass't minister Ch. of 
the Incarnation, X.Y. City. Address; 210 
E. Slst St., X.Y. City. 
AITKINS, James Frey: 

Clergyman; b. Dorbv, England, Juno 1, 
1S70; s. John and Marv J. (Mills) Ailkins; 
ed. Diocesan Sch., Derbv, and Staunton 
lVa.)"Prep. Sch.; thoologv at Virginia Sen..; 
m. 1^07, Bessie Pearl" Dean; childn^n: 
Arthur Dean, b. Sept. 3. 1S98, Marv Eliza- 
beth Flev, b. Dec. 6, 1003. Made " deacon, 
Epis.-npal Cli., June 21), 1S91. bv Bishop 
Whitlle of Va.; ordained priest. Sept. 22, 
l?9.-i, by Bishop Liltle,|ohn of L.I.: formerly 
curate of Grace Cb., Brooklvn. now rector 
St. John's Ch., Huntington, L.I. Address: 
Huntington, L.I., X.Y. 
AKED, Charles Frederic: 

Cl.igvnian; b. Noiiingham, England. Aug. 
27. l-i;i: s. Charles and .\nn ' I .Miiniuii I 
Akcd; eil. Lee's Commercial Sch.. Notling- 
ham; Miilland Baptist Coll.; and Univ. Coll.. 
Xottingham; D.D. Temple Coll.. Philadel- 
phia, 1901; D.I). Brown Univ.. ]!io7; ni. 
Ilkeston, England, Xov. 10, l^fil, .\nnio 
Ilithersav. First pastorate: Sv.Bton, Leices- 
tershire, " Engl;ind. l.•-^0■^^; next St. Helens, 
Lancashire, l,-ss90; minister of Pembroke 
Chapel, Liverpool, 1^90 1907. V.-p. United 
Kin-dom Alliance; one of founders of I';is- 

of Xat. Free Church Council: r 
British social and political mov, 
thnr of: Chan'_-inu- Creeds an.l ; 
gles; Eternal Punisliment: Calv 
vinism; The Courage of the Co 
and Palm Trees; and nnmeroi 
theological, and coniroversial 
Became minister of the Fifth 

ii'C. Clio 
ininelit il 
•Ills. All 
iai Strug 
and Cal 
rd; Weill 

Ch., X.Y'. City, April, 1907. Made frequent 
tours in the U.S. while still resident in 
England; cycle tours in Switzerland, France 
Germany, Austria, Italy, etc. Climbed the 
greatest passes in Europe with wheel. Rec- 
reations: Horse riding, tennis. Address: 
2 W. S(;th St., X.Y. City. 
ALEEE, Ernest: 

Educator; b. Langdou, X.H., Aug. S, 1M.5; 
s. Solon and Ellen Liicillia .\lbee; grad. 
Univ. of Vermont. A.B., 1SS7; postgrad, 
student Clark Univ. and Cornell Univ., 
Ph.D., 1P91. Professor of philosophy, Cor- 
nell Univ. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc. 
Co-editor Philosophical Review. Author: 
History of English Utilitarianism, I9iV> 
(Macmillan); and various articles. Mem. 
Am. Philos. Soc, Am. Psv.hol. Ass'n. 
Clubs: Town and Gown (hhaca); Sal- 
magundi. City (X.Y. Citvl. Address: 112 
Cuscadilla Place, Ithaca, X.Y. 
ALBERT, Martin: 

Cler-'ii'; b. in Germanv. 1SS3; s. Leon- 
hard and Katharina Albert; ed. at Rein- 
liiigen, Geriiiaiiy, and in Theol. Sem. of 
Ex.iii-elical Synod of U.S. of America. Or- 
dered deacon, lb, 4; ordained priest 1S7.'J, in 
Episcopal Ch. Missionarv to the Germans 
ill Cincinnati, O.. 1S71-77; since 1S77. mis- 
sionary to the Germans of Trinity Parish, 
X.Y. City. Author Hvuinal for German 
Missions of the Church." Address: Trinity 
Church House, X.Y. City. 
ALBERTSON, Charles Carroll: 

Cler.-viiian, author: b. Plainfield. Ind.. 
Feb. II. l>fi.-i; s. Benjamin and Martha 
(liowiiian) A.; educated for the law. but 
later took theol. course at Garrett Biblical 
Inst, of Northwestern Univ.; honorarv D.D., 
Alleghenv Coll.. Is99 ; m., Buiralo." X.Y., 
TS99. Floren.e Edith Roiner. Ordained in 
Presby'n niinistrv; pastor Goshen, Ind., 
1-S.ii2; Jamestown. X.Y., ]f92!W; Buflalo, 
l!'n,".-99; Philadelphia, lfn9-1991; Central 
Presbv'n Ch., Rochester. X.Y., since 19:11. 
Also lecturer and contb'r to current litera- 
ture, poems, cssavs. etc. Author: Safe 
nd Sweet Comfort, 1S91 ; The Cos- 
riling to Christ, isosi. Editor: 
the Hills. 1901: Maiiv ■\'oices. 19ol, 
and other works. Member Pli'i Delta Thela, 
Phi .Mpba. Am. Philos. Soc. Victoria Inst. 
(London); Areh:eol. Section Univ. of Pa. 
Clubs: Union l.eairue ( Philadeliihia) ; Gene- 
see Vallev. Oak Hill Countrv (Rochester). 
Address: S.'iC Oxford St.. Rochester, N.Y. 
ALBRIGHT, John Joseph: 

Manuiacturer; b. Buclianan, Va., .Tan. K. 
ISIS; s. Josejih J. and Elizabeth (Sellers) 
\.; grad. Williston Sem., East Hampton, 
Mass., I.-i-il; Rensselaer Poly. Inst., M.i:.. 
isna; m. 1st. Dec. i, 1*72. Harriet Langdon; 
2d, Mar. 2;!. 1S97, Susan Puller. After 
-raduation en-aged in wholesale coal busi- 
ness in I'eniisvlvania and at WasliinL-ton. 
D.C.. until |s-;;. wh.ii removed to BulTalo; 
now pres. Onlario Power Co.; v.-p. Marine 
Vat. Hank (UiilValo); director Lackawanna 

S 1 Co, Director of the 

Itnlv. Address: 7J0 E 


ALBRO, Addis: 





t., BulValo, 

Eli/.abelli i\\. 





ALDEN. Philo L.: 

PJivsictan. surgeon; b. Howard, N.Y., 
Au?. 27, 1630: s. Ucorse V. nnd Ann C. 
I Chapman) Alden; ed. Howard (X.Y.) High 
!Si.-h., Allied Vniv., Med. Dep't, 1S73-70, 
U;,iv. of BufTnl.j, M.I>., 15J7: m. Pultoiiey, 
X.V., 1pS5, Kmnia II. Nich.ils; cliildreii: 
Geurge L., b. Dec. 10. 1SS7, Edna May (died 
in infancy). ■■ ' " . . . 


ce 1SS7, 

I'rus. U.; 



Bath, N.Y., fo: 
Lake Keuka Navigation Co., and inr Erie 
R.R. Mem. B.P.O. Elks, Modern Woodmen 
of America. Club: Hanimoudsport. Ad- 
dress: Hammondsport, ^'.Y. 
ALDEN, Robert Percy: 

Lawyer: ed. Yale Coll., class of 1S70; 
grad. Columbia Law Scu., 1S75; A.M., Vale, 
1j75. Practising lawyer X.Y. City from 
1575. Club: University. Address 
Liberty St., N.Y. City. 
ALDERTON, Henry Arnold: 

Phvscan and surgeon; li. X.Y. City, Dec. 
2S, 1663; s. Henry aud Marv Amelia (Gib- 
bins) Alderton; ed. Brooklvn Polv. Inst. 
and Columbia Univ. (Coll. Pliys. and" Surg.), 
JI.D., ISiJ; post-graduate at Univ. 
of Berlin, lS9i)-91; ni. Brooklyn, X.Y., .Mar. 
HI, 1S35, Marion Starr l>cckcr; children: 
Dorothy M., b. ISaO, Barbar.t, b. 1892, 
Henry Arnold, Jr., b. I»li7. After nied. 
graduation, interne St. Josepli's Hus^., 
Paterson, N. ; tlicn in general practice m 
Brooklyn until 16:)0. Since ls91 in special 
practice in Brooklyn as surjcon of the ear, 
nose and throat. Aural sur.:c'>n to Brook- 
lyn Eye and Ear Hosp.. Kings County Hosp., 
Bushwick Hosp.; surgeon to Ear, Xose and 
Throat Dep't, Nassau Hosp.; consuUing 
surgeon to Ear, Xoso and Throat Dep't. 
St. Josepli's Hosp., Far Kockawav; chief 
of aural clinic, L.I. Med. Coll. Mem. Am. 
Med. Assn, Am. Oiol. Soc, N.Y. Otol. Soc, 
Kings County Med. Soc, Am. Laryngol., 
Uhinol. and Otol. Soc: fellow L.I. Med. 
Sue. Address; 112 Clinton St., Brooklyn. 
ALDRICH, Charles S.: 

Lawyer; b. Wealhersfield, Vt., April 1, 
1^71; s. Charles P. and Abbie L. (Spauld- 
i'ig> Aldrich; ed. Vermont Acad., Saxton'a 
l;ivcr. Vt., Brown Univ., A.B., 1694; A.M., 
'■^■^loyan Univ., l.=9«; m. Manchester, N.IL, 
> ;n. 9. Is97, Helen P. Drake; one daugh- 
•■r; Adeline, b. 1902. Traveled in Europe, 
-■■•nracr of 16%. Admitted to bar, N.Y. 
•■^t.'tc, 1W96; has practised law ever since: 
■■"w mem. firm of Shaw, Bailey and .Mur- 
|l.v. .S.TVed 3 years in Clh Separate Coni- 
j-.ti.v. >u*J,X.Y., (Troy Citizens' Corps), 
''"■■■'■''h- Ilium Rcnltv Co.: sec. and treas. 
Cilv Land Co. Republican (Indo- 

t) ; 'Bai)Iist. Mem. I'lii Beta Kappa, 

.S Y. State Bar Ass'n. Delta Upsilon fra- 
ternity. Tru.'itec 1st B:iptist Ch., Troy, 
N.v. Recreation!;: Gymnasium. tennis, 
!,lu-.t. Club: rc'raeta I);,cl. Ad.lrcss: 
Ti-.y. NY. 
ALDRICH, Chester Holmes : 


1 ; s. El 


S ai 



a (( 


ng) Al- 

■ h : gr 







.;; F.cok 





•i. 1 



plome par 

Ic ' 


Vt J 




-igi-d i 



■1 ir 

Mil !'.«») ; 

m. firm 

of D 




1. ll. 



Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, Md., Phila- 
delphia Orphanage, neiv residence for John 
D. Rockefeller at Pocantico Hills, N.Y., etc. 
Mem. N.Y. Chapter, Am. Inst, of Architects, 
Soc. of Beaux Arts Architects; Societe des 
Arcbitectes DiplOmes, etc. Address: 4 E. 
S9th St., N.Y. City. 
ALDRICH, Herbert L.: 

Publisher; b. East Blackstone, Mass.; s. 
.Vndrew J. and Auretta (Roys) Aldrich; ed. 
Cornell Univ., 16SU-63; m. Oct. 10, 1693, Marv 
Grace, one of the Clarksou family. Was 
mn g editor Cleveland Plain Dealer, -western 
editor Scientific j\jnerican. Engaged since 
1693 in puhlication of technical periodicals. 
Pres. and treas. Marine Engineering, Inc., 
and The Boiler Maker, Inc. ; publisher and 
propr Inlernalioiial Marine Engineering, 
published simultaneously iii N.Y. City aud 
at 8 Finsbury Square. London, E.C., Eng- 
land. Pres. Philip Morris Cigarette Com- 
pany; director Hill Mining Svndicate. Mem. 
Am. Soc. Mech. Eng rs, Soc. Naval Archi- 
tects and Marine Eng'rs. Mason. Has 
traveled extcnsivelv in Europe as w-ell as 
North America, Eastern Siberia and Alaska; 
bus written manv articles. Author: Arc- 
tic Alaska and Siberia. Club; Engineers. 
Address; Hotel San Remo, N.Y. City. 
ALDRICH, Richard: 

Journahat; b. Providence, R.I., July 31, 
16C3; s. Elisha Smith and Anna Elizabeth 
(Gladding) Aldrich; ed. Providence High 
Sch., Harvard Univ., A.B.. 1663. Became 
reporter on Providence Journal, Aug., 1^63; 
then musical and dramatic editor and edito- 
rial writer; private sec. U. S. Senator Dixon, 
1,669-91. In 1691 joined staff of N.Y. Tribune 
as reporter: then became telegraph editor, 
ass't J;iv editor, asst literary editor. Since 
Oct., 1902, on staff of N.Y. Times as musical 
editor. Autlior; A Guide to Parsifal. 1904 
(Oliver Ditbon); A. Guide to The Nibelungs 
King. 1903 (Oliver Ditson). Translator of 
Lilli Lehmann's book. How to Sing (Mar- 
millan); contrib'r of articles in magazines, 
periodicals, etc. Clubs: Century, Harvard. 
Address: Care New York Times, Times 
Square, N.Y. City. 
ALDRICH, Spencer: 

Lawver, b. N.Y. Citv. Jan. 19, 1S34 ; 8. 
Herman D. and Eli,;abeth (Wv.nan) Al- 
drich; grud. ColuuiLiia Univ., A.B., 1S74, 
LL.B., l>7ii; m. St. Matthew's Ch., Jersey 
Citv. Oct. 3, IS7C, Ilarriette HoUev Dall, 
of Baltimore, Md. Engag.d in practice of 
law in N.V. City since l'-7r.. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Delta Psi (Columbia 
Coll.) ; Adirondack League. Trustee St. 
Luke's Home for Aged Women. Recrea- 
tions: Hunting, shooting, tishing. and sail- 
ing. Clubs: Church, Union League, Co- 
lumbia Univ. Address; 271 W. 72d St., 
N.Y. City. 
ALDRICH, William Sleeper: 

I. clue:. I, o; 1.. I'Mla.icli.liia. Mar. .'1, l''-.". ; 
s, Ccog,- V/clU :nol .s.ilhc Edith (Sleei..-rl 
Aldroh; L-rad. U.S. Naval Acad.. 1^-:); 
St. -v. OS lo-t. Tchiiologv. M.E., l"l; 111. 
I'hihidclphia. July 1. 16>'1. Marv F.avinia 
Purdv; children: Alice. Eli-anor. " Elizabeth. 
Kaclicl. .Murv. Engaged in leaching and 

lt6'i i2 ; prof. 


ng'riiig, Johns llopk 



of W. Ya.. 1S03D9: pruf. elc.-. ens'ring, 
'Jjiv. of HI., I.-J9-HI01; since I0"1, direetor 
Thomas S. Clarksoa Memorial Sch. of Toch- 
Dology, Potsdam. X.Y. Seri-ed as passed 
ass't eng'r (relative rank of lieut.), U.S. 
Kavy. I^OS, attached to C.S.S. Vulcan, with 
Admiral Sampsons llect in Cuban waters. 
Jlem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs: Am. Inst. 
Elec. Eng'rs, Soc. for Promotion Eng'ring 
Ed n; fellow A.A.A.S.: hou. mem. Alpha 
Chapter of III.. Tnu Beta Pi. Address: 
61 Main St., i'otsdam, X.Y. 
ALDEIDGE, Danriu R.: 

-Merchant; b. Palcrson, X.J., Mar. 1. ISSS; 
s. Volney and Harriet (Hull) Aldridge; eJ. 
in Brooklyn. N'.Y. : m. St. Louis, Mo , Mav 
27, 1S91. Clara liillon. Enlisted Co. K. 23d 
llcgt, X.CJ.X.Y., July U. 1j75: elected 
2.1 lieut. Co. K, same, Feb. 13, 1SS2; pro- 
moted 1st lieut., Feb. 20, liSl; capt. Oct. 
13, ISSfj; resigned commission, Sept. IS. 
li-91. Treas. a'ud director China t Japan 
Trading Co., Limited: mem. X.Y. Chamber 
of Commeice, Xew Encand Soc. of X.Y'., 

WHO'S WHO IX Ni:w yoiik 

eng'ring, I 1^72; to Californi 



Sons of Kevolut: 
and tr 


stee C- 





and Han 
15, ISSl, J 

:. Address 

Frederick Thnist 
. Urookhn. X. V 

(ihilU Aldridgi 

mieopathic Dis- 
oklyn. Clubs: 

1 Field, Dvker 

2 Burling Slip, 




X.Y., Oct 

y; one daugli 
b. 1;00. ■\Vitl 
firm of Bowring ic Archib,-ld, exporters 
N.Y. City, 1577-81; since IfM with Lobe 
Island Loan & Trust Co., Brooklyn; sec. since 
1SS.S, trustee since 10i'2. Pres. and dire 
E.xcelsior Hygienic Ice Co.; v.. p. and 
rector Co-operative Law Co. Served fol 
years in 2Sd Reg't, X.G.X'.Y. Episco 


Brooklyn Ilcighla 

palian. V.-p. and trustc 

Sem. ; trustee .'Sheltering Arms ^, 

Brooklyn Homo for .Vged Men. Mem Soc 
Colonial Wars. S.A.R.: Xew England Soc 
of X.Y., Xew England Soc. of lirooklvn, 
Brooklyn League. Hull Familv A.^^s'n Clubs; 
Crescent, Athletic, Brooklyn (Brooklyn), 
Address: 471 Clinton Av., Brooklyn, X.Y. 
ALDRIDGE, George Washington: 

19, l.=SS; to 

bar of Supremo Court of U.S., 
ItSl; mem. law firm of Alexander & Green! 
and counsel to Equitable Life Assurance 
Soc. and other largo corporations and firms. 
Mem. Soc. of the Cincinnati. Author: 
Xew ^ork Law of Life Insurance (le^-al 
treatise). Residences: Tu.vedo Park, X.Y., 
and i \\ . 55th St., X.Y. City. Address: 
120 Broadway, X".Y. City. 
AlEXANDER, De Alva Stanwood: 

Cougrcssnian, lawyer; b. Richmond, Me., 
July 17, ISIO; s. Stanwood and PriscUla 
(Brown) Alexander; entered Union Army 


of 10 




Ifrf, : 



X.Y., and Carev Mil. Inst.; m. 
Manufacturer iu Rocbcsler. 
City Exec. B'd and had charg 
Dep't and Fire Dcp't .jf Rociie; 
m.ayor of Rochesler, 1-01. but re 
npplm't as State Sup't Public \\ 
position belli from .Ian. l.-;i3 to 
during term charge of 
and lirought lo completi.m the 
Capilnl at Albany. I!epubli,-ai 
K.p. Stnt, 



of Street 
er. ls^l-94; 
igned upon 







C. 1.519; 

n Univ., I>:o (l.L.n. 
!>,. Washington and JelT-r.-ton 
■I'c.iennial, ll«i:); m. April :'7. 
d. (-harl.-; Crocker, of Cali- 
iicd to X.Y, Biir June 17, 

private soldier, lSG2-tij; prepared for coUce 
at Edward Little Inst., Auburn. Me.: "rad 
Bowdoin Coll., A.B., lS7o, A.M., 1S73 fater 
LL.D. ; m. 1st. Sept. 21. Is71. Alice 'Colbv! 
2nd, Dec. 2S, 1S9-2, Anne L. Bliss. Lorat'ed 
at Indianapolis, Ind., ivliore engaged in 
law practice as partner of Hon. Stanton J. 
Peelle, now chief justice of Court of Claims. 
^Naslungton, D.C. Delegate Xat. Rep. Conv., 
In, 2; sec. Ind. Rep. State Conv.. 1J74-7?; 
appointed, liSl, fifth auditor of the Treas- 
ury, and while in Washington was for one 
term comdr Dept. of Potomac, G.A.R. ; re- 
moved to Bulla lo and became law partner 
of college classmate, Hon. ,Tames A. Koberts 
formerly comptroller of State of X.Y'. U S 
attorney for Xorlhcrn Dist. of X.Y., IS^g- 
1903; mem. of Congress from 33d X.Y. Dist.. 
1NJ7-IIIIP3, from SOth X.Y'. Dist. since 19m3. 
Republican; Presbyterian. Mem. Delta 
Kappa Epsilon. Overseer Bowdoin Coll. 
Author: Pollical History of the State of 
Xew Y'ork, 2 vols. (Henry Holt & Co.). 
Clubs: BulTalo. University, Liberal. Ad- 
dress; 31 Xorth St., Builalo. X.Y. 
ALEXANDER, Engene Davenport: 

L.iwyer: b. Xew Brigblon, X.Y.. May 10. 
1S75; s. Henry Eugene and Mary Boorman 
(Davenport) Alc.x.inder; grad. Yale Coll. 
B.A.. l?9i;; X.Y. Law Sch. 1^9!l. Admitled 
to X.Y'. bar. 1900; to U.S. Circuit Court. 
1901. Praclised law X.Y. Cily, 19i)0-i/4: 
Elizabethtown, X.Y'., 19(U-0(!; resumed prac- 
tice X.Y. Ciiy, 190G. Sec. treas. and 
director Baldwin Bros. & Co.; director Mai- 
lorv Wheeler Co., Xew Haven. Conn. Re- 
publican: Episcopalian. Mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa. Psi Upsilon, Phi Delta Phi. Recrea- 
tions: Tennis, golf, automobiling. Clubs; 
Underwrilers, Yale. Residence, Clinton Av., 
Xew Brighton, S.I., X.Y. Address: 31 Xas 
s:mi St.. X.Y. City. 

Cier-ymaii: b. \Vc>it Charlton, XjrY., O.-t. 
12, IMJ. s. Alex.uider V. and .Margai-^t (Bun- 
yan) Alexander; giad. Union "Coll., IbiX 
(D.D., IfSl). I'aslor East Av.. Prcsbv u 
Ch., Sehenectadv, X.Y.. l>7«-h3. Presbi-'n 
Ch. on University Place. X.Y. City, si'iu-e 
1S.S4. V.-p. of Council of X.Y. Univ.; pres. 
li'd of Foreign .Missions of Presbv'n Ch. ; 
pres. IVd of Directors. X.Y. Coll. Den- 
tistry; trusteo Union Coll.; director Prince- 
ton Thcl. Sem. Address: 17 Uuiversiiy 
Place, X.Y. Cil>. 
ALEXANDER, Henry Martyn: 

l.awvcr: grail. I'niic-elon, A.B., 1.^^90; m. 
HcbMi Manb-c, Was director E.|uilable Lifo 
.•\ssurance .-;„c. Mem. Ass'n Bar, City of 
X.Y. Clubs: Princeton, Calumet, Uni- 





nri.'niid and Tonni 


iltU St. Ad- 
....,;■ 1:0 Broadway, X.Y. City. 
ALEX.\KDER, James A.: 

]";iL' and inlaid mavine insurance; b. 
I'l.jI.Mii'lphi.i, July iO, IS:;:; s. Thomas A. 
„i;,! KlizabDlIi Thorne (Stevenson) Ale.i- 
.i!idi-.-; ed. at private schools: m. Jcrscv 
<:v April IS. IbM, Catharine M. Cornelisun 

' d). N.Y. ajent -Etna Ins. Co., o£ 

■: id, Conn., since 1S31, alone, and as- 
■ 1 with others. Mem. firm of Scott, 
> ..-Avr & Talbot; director Am. Coal Co. 
!,• I' i"li':in; Episcopalian. Asso. fellow Nat, 
A' ad. of Dcsisn; a.vso. mem. Soc. I'inc 
Arts; mem. Soc. Municipal Art. Th.' 
r.ibllophib Soc. (Boston). Mason. Clul.s: 
I.i.wvirs, R. publican. Residence: 310 W. 
7-tli St. Oilice: 93 Williimi St., X. Y. City. 
ALEXANDER, James Waddel: 

Former pres. K(jiiit:)ljie Life .\ssuvance 
Soc. of the U.S.; I). I'riiirelon, X.J., Julv 
!9. \tSO: s. Rev. Dr. .7 .lines W. Ale.\ander, Av 


n.cetnn, A,B.. IfliO (A.M,); m. p;ii2;il)eth, 
I.. Nov. 24, 1S02. Elizabeth Beaslev Wil- 
inson. Admitted to NY. Bar, 1m.:;; pra.- 
•'d law until 1m;i;; after that in Equitahle 


ath of Henry B. i 



1 so 



til resignation, YJ 


' Tri 




niv.; fo'rmer-ly pr 

■ s. 



the Vir- 


nians. Authof: I' 
is. Clubs: rni 




and New 

pres. s 


:irs>, Princeton lu 


• res. 


ars). Cen- 


rv. Address: 4 E 


h St 

. N'. 

Y. City. 



Artist; b. Alle-h. 

11 y 



., Oct. 7, 


j6: s. John and 




thl Ale--:- 


der: student of K" 



, r,( 

Fine Art.s, 


unich; H.M.. I'ri 



s'1-J ) 

m. Nov 

liiT, Elizabeth Al. 




son, Jolni 


., Jr. Awarded t: 



al !• 



ad. Fine Arts, b-li 

)ld . 


of honor. 


d: also at Paris E> 


. lOiiO, an 



irtalo. 11)111 : Eippinc 



, l-h 


. Washin-ton, I>.C., 
(■:irnr_-ie prize, Soc. Am. .\rti.sts: medal. 
.Miiiiicli Acad.; sold medal l.ii. Purcliir^e 
E\p'n, ISOl; represented in l.uxcMil.our:;. 
P.!ris, gallery at St. Petersl.uru-: private 
calleries, London, and Edinl.urzli. Sc.tlan.l: 
Carneiie Inst,, Pillsl.ur-h; lMii!,i.lel,diia 
A. ad. Fine Arts; Will^tach coIlc-iion, Fair- 
Ti,ninit Park, and Elkins Piiihi- 
iblpMa: Boston Miiseiim Fine Ans; M.-t. 
Miis.'uni, N.Y. ; Cin.innati Fine An.- Insi,; 
Prii!.-eton Univ.: Harvard Uiiiv,; R, I. .'^■•h, 
of Uesiirn: Consressional Librar.v, Washing- 
ton, D,C, : Cliainher of C. miner.-. .-Mid 
Cnoper I'nlon, N.Y.: Kiato Iliu-e. Trent. .11. 
N..I.: Citv Hall. Albaiiv. X.Y.. au.l in m:ii.v 
priv:.te collections. Painted a p.irtrait of 
I'l. -..lent Loubet, wl.i.di han.-s in lb- Elvsi-e 
Palace. Paris; Chevulier L.-ion iF ilonn.-ur. 
l'..'l; academician Nat, A.-a.l, D.-i.-n. l!n': 



. Soc. 
ers. Al 
and I,et 

Am. Artists, N,'it, 

dlitc.-tunil I,e:i.-uc. 
tera. So.i.'de Ni.uve 

le dc 1 

nat. So 
of A.isl 
m of 

., L.oiib.n; honora 
rian P.iii.ters. and 
Muni.-h, Clul.s: 
Tnion. n.^siil. n. .■ 
IJ.T E. 1.3.1 St.. N,Y 

ry ni.'ii 

of The 


lir. K. 


ALEXAJIDER, Lawrence D,: 

Stockl.rolicr; b, iii .Meade Co,. Keiituckv; 
s. Junius B. and Lucv Fifzhu<;h (Dadi) 
Alexander; ed. Washinslon Vniv., St, Louis, 
and JelTer.son Coll,, Pa,', A,B„ lsr;i; m, Mad- 
ison Square Presbyterian Churi-li, June VI, 
l-n;, Orline St. J.din; children: St. John. 
Orline, Lucy, Lawrence D., Jr. Engased in 
b;inkin:: and Stock Exchange business from 
is*i6. Indei)endent in politics. Presbvte- 
rian. Mem. Phi Kappa Sigma fratern'itv. 
Sous of Revolution. Clubs: Century, Play- 
ers, Kentuckians, Virginians, Country of 
New Canaan (Conn,), Residence: Sii W. 
■JJrd St, Address: 20 Broad St., N. Y. City. 
ALEXANDER, Robert Squire: 
. Wholesale esi:s. butter and cheese; b. N.Y, 
City, Aug, 12, lb70; s,. Squire and Jane Ellcr- 
son (Dobie) Alexander; ed, Brooklyn Publi. 


Former dii 


E. B. Higlev & Co., Mason City, lov 
traveled all over tlie world; was shipwrecked 
in the Flores Sea and reached the semi-sav- 
age island of Wangi-Wangi, and after the 
vessel was reported as ''lost at sea." was 
picked up by the Italian Corvette Vetor Pe- 
s;ini, Alberto de Nigre, commander, and tak- 
en to Ambovna. a naval station in the Dutch 
East Indies," from w-hich place tinally reached 
New York after two years' absence. Now 
sec., contracting representative and gen. sales 
ag't James Rowland & Co., wholesale dis- 
tributor of butter, eggs and cheese. Cougre- 
gationalist. .Mem. Allied Arts Ass'n, Masou, 
.■i2°; lueiii. Arcanthus Lodge, Aurora Grata 
Consistory. Recreations: Athletics, yacht- 
ing, tennis, automobiling. Club: Crescent 
Athletic (Brooklyn). Residence: ll'.is Pa- 
cific St,. Brooklvn, Address: bl Hudson St,, 
N.Y. City. 


Publi-lier; b. N.Y, Citv, April 9. ISGT; s. 
I.a«i-eiue D.ide and Orline (St. John) Alex- 
ander: ed. St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N,H, ; 
ni. Elizabeth. N.J., Oct. '23. IS'Jo, Eugenie L, 
Leonard; children: Adele Richmond, b, ISM; 
Jeannette St, John, b, Hio5, Sec. and treiis. 
C. E. Ellis Co., Kornit Mf'g Co., Tth 
Keg't, N,Cr. N.Y. Republican: Episiopalian. 
Mem. New England Soc. Residence: 1,',5 
C.-ntral Av,. East Orange, N.J. Address: 
CID W. 4Did St., N. Y. City. 

Surg..on; b. N.V. City, April 2, IS.IS; S, 
TTenry .M. au.l Susan Mary (Brown) Alesan- 
d..r; grad. Prin.-etou Univ., A,B,, 1S7() (AM, 
l-sj),'Bellevue Husp. .Med. Coll.. M,D., ls-2. 
phvsiiian, Bellevue IIosp., 

studied at I.ond.i 




app.. lilted titteiiding Surg 
, 1—7; prof.'ssor of surgeiv, geuito- 
i-v svstem, Bellevue IIosp. Med. Coll., 

"proi'. clinical surgerv, Dep't Geuito- 
rv Diseases, Cornell Univ. Jled. Coll. 

19.111. Fellow Am. Med. Ass'n. N.Y. 
.Medicine, Am, Ass'n Cenito-Urinary 
■011s, Soc. .Munini Bell-vuc I[o-|.-, 
. .le r.\ssociali..n Tnternali.inalc d'Ui 



lib W. oath St,, N,V. Cil 

ALEXANDER, Thomas Franklin: 

n.r.-viiian; b. I'lttsburgli, I'a.. Nov, 7, isn,-i; 
s, ' :ind Mary (Kius,.y) Al..xander; 
gra.l, ,\lleghciiv Coll,, Mcadville. Pa„ ls;3. 


Drew Tlieol. Scm., 

Ciilif., Jan. l.j, 1N!9. 

Jlcrocdes, 1). ItOO, R 

viuve, b. IJ-nj. jrelliodist Epis.'Oii.-il cleisy 

man. llepuljlican. Mem. F. and A. JI. Ad 

dress: Turin, N.Y. 


Lawyer; b. St. Charles, JIo.. Jan. 3. ISCG; 
s. WiUii.m Ar.-hibald and Asnes (Behrens) 
Alexander; ed. St. Cliarles public schools. M 
Charles Coll.. Sn.ilh Acad., (St. Louis); liar 
vard Coll.. A.B., I<-7, A..M.. IS90, Harvard Lav. 
Hehcjol. LL.B.. 1*00; m. TenaHv. X.J., Oct. 1.-, 
1901, Grace Coppell. Sinca faw graduation, 

wno's WHO ix xi:\v Yortic 

m. Los Ai, 
Fuller; ehll 

X.Y. Citv 


ander, Walriss & Polk. Has 

(lips to Kurope, Cuba, and Mexico. Served 

.sis years in '1 roop (later Squadron) A, 

N.Y., sereeant in Troop. Mem. Ass'n Bai 

City of N.Y. Clubs: Harvard, Univcrsitv, 

Metropolitan. Address: 32 Nassau St., N.Y. 


ALEXANDER, William: 

Secretary of the Kquitable Life Assurance 
Society of the U.S.; s. Rev. James W. (D.D.) 
and f;iizabeth (Cabell) Alexander; ed. in 
Univ. of Va.; m. Frances Gordon Paddock; 
one dauRhter, Frances .Mem. 
Ass'n for Protection of t!;. A .1 , r ■:! '; : ' .. 
Charities Organization .So.'., .-^ . ■ 
Clubs: Ceiiturv, Union, U:.i.. . , , 

The Virginians, (New York); \; li.r 1., i... 
and Mountain. Address: li We^t oTth St., 
N.Y. City. 
ALGER, George William: 

Lawyer; b. Curlinston, Vt. : s. Charles J. 
and Harriot S. Mur.loch; ed. Univ. of Vt., 
A.B. (Phi. Beta Kappa), 1S92 N.Y. (Univ. of 
Law Sch., l;^«: in. B.iston, li"i3, Grace ¥.. 
Drew. Ensa^ed in practice of law in N.Y. 
Citv from-lMfj; now m-m. law flrni of Al::er 
and Simpson. Mem. N.Y. Slate Bar Ass'n, 
N.Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, N.Y. Law Inst., 
Phi Delta Phi fraternity. Interested in re- 
form of laws relating to child labor, and 
drafted present Kmplovcrs' Liability Act of 
State of N.Y. and manv of the state la«s 
relating to child labor in" factories and stori'S. 
Author: Alger vs. Slater on the Now York 
Kniployers' Liability .\ct (lid edition). I'.io;; 
Jloral Overstrain, i;X)G (Houghton. Jlinlin); 

Chibs: City. Econouii.-. ' Social Reform ( e.x- 
pres.). Phi Delta Plii (expres.). Residence: 
lis E. 31st St. Address: 71 N.-issau St., N". 
Y. City. 
ALLDS, Jotham P.: 

i.auicr, sciKit..r: b. Claremont, N.TI.. Feb. 
1. l-i;0; s. J.ilham G. and Lucv (Clias.-) 
Alois; ed. public sdn.ols, Ciiirenuint. N.ll.. 
C.jlgato Univ.. A.B.. l~>:i;'d law. Ad- 
mitted to bar Jan.. I-^l ; since then practising 
at Norwich, Cli.nango Co., N.Y. 
N.Y. Assembly, IrtKi-WuJ. State 

JclTerson Med. Coll., M.D., ISSC; m. Geneva, 
N.V., Jan. 7, 1530, Frances Dudley; children. 
Dudley. :Marion, Elizabeth. Engaged in pr.ic- 
tiee of medicine since ISSC. Prof, ophtlial- 
mology. Long Island Coll. Hosp. Mem. Am. 
Acad. Medicine, X.Y. Acad. Medicine. Am. 
ile.l. Ass'n, N.Y. State Med. Soc, Kings Co. 
Jlcd. Soc., Am. Ophthal. Soc, Am. Acad. 
Ophthalmology and OtoLarvngologv, N.Y. 
Me.lico-Legal Snc, Ass'n P'hvsicia'ns, N.Y. 
Ass'n Greater N.Y.. Brooklyn" Pathol. Soc., 
Hospital Graduates Club, (Brooklyn): Brook- 
lyn Med. Club. (Jueens-Nassau Med. S.ic, 
A.ssociated Physicians of Long Island. Jlem. 
Beta Kappa Alumni Ass'n. Kappa Al- 

pha, (Hobart); Phi Delta (medica 
ation: Fruit farm in \Vestern ] 
Clubs: Hamilton (Brooklyn); G; 
Citv); Kanadasaga (Gen. 

n City 
Rcsid.-nce: 37 Atlantic Av., Hempstead. L. I. 
Address; 04 Montague St., Brooklyn, X.Y. 
ALLEN, Addison: 

Lawyer; b. N.Y. Citv. Feb. 23, 1SC3: s. 
John Hull and Jlary (Hill) Allen; lineal de- 
scendant from Gen. Ethan Allen, Lord Cad- 
wallader Blavney and Rt. Hon. Joseph Addi- 
son; ed. Leonard Acad., 1S72-75, EssS.x County, 
X.J., Grammar School, 1S73-79, N.Y. School of 
I.i",-i>/s l-?isl, .\iuherst Coll., lss;.S7, 
!■ ■ ■ I,, r, ]'.. ,.ity, l*?7-.^i), grad. with M.A., 
and I' degrees; in. 

1902 frc 


1.1 Kclr 

Co., N.Y. 
ALLEMAN, Lewis Arthur WoUos: 

i'hvsician, .iplitliahnol.>gist; h. 
v.. l,s..2; s. Anilr.'w J. and Ruby ( 
Alleman; cd. GcnevR Classical t 
S. hool: grad. Hobart C.ill., G.m 
A.U., 1SS3, A.M., 15S7 (Phi Beta 

! - 1. ,-;.i.ih E.lith Kutz n 

f Readi 



. .\>i 

mifd to N.Y. Bar, Ma) 

If.. 1 




through every country 

of Europe 


d We 
imp in 

tern Asia. lSt!)-91. Has 
every presidential and m 


jst mun 



il can 

ipaigns since ISsl. Prac 

ising 1 


ce 1S91. Republican. Episcopal 

an. ^M 



A. . 

I. S., Coliiirbia Coll. Al 

ai'ini, a 




Alumni .\ss'ns, Soc. of 

Sons Am. 



111. Contributor to The 




e Sag 

Harbor Express and other 




d l>er 

odicals. Also has contril 
Ics on European Travel ai 

d lectn 



r N.-i''. 

Board o£ E.lucali.m and 




■ coun 

tries of Euroi.e. Clubs: Alpha De 



i, Un 

versitv. Ouill. Residence 

3.)i) C 



1 Park West. Address: ICj Broadway, 





Andrew Hussey: 



r. author; b. N.Y. Citv 
lulian ;iii.l Marv A. (Hu.s.s 

, Dec. 
■V) All. 




ips Acad., An. lover. Mass. 



A.B.. ]> 

.S, and Coumbia C.ill. L: 

w Sch. 




to bar in North Car. 

Una, I> 




n'i agent Court of Coniin' 

rs of Ala- 


m.i CI 

linis, I>s2-N">; appt'd chief 

of Bur. 




and Library of the Dep' 

t of St 




1><>2, serving 13 y.-ars and 




Hullelin of the niivcau of R 

ills an.l Libr 


tor since 

an.l also e.lited llo' D.-.-uoic 

niarv llistor 



th.' Cnsliluliin ..1 ill.' Unil 

'd Stales. -, y 



Aulicr: The I >i..!..iiia 1 i.' K 

■lations bci« 


the I'liit.'.l Sla'.'s and Ha'. 

aii; lle.'ogni 


of tlic V'liiie'l' States; Hisi'.i 

■i'.al .^r.'iliv'e 


irick. X. 

the Dcpartm.'iit of Sl.ile 

.if the Vti 



Slates: also contributor of 

v.'rse to m 


d Union 

•ziiU'S. Mem. Am. Hist. . 

ss'n .s.ic. 


a. N.Y., 

Authors. -Mem. from nrgn 

li/atbm of t 


Kappa ) ; 

versity Club, Wasliinglon, 

D.C. ; ouo 



or^anizPi-s and former trpas. Harvard Club. 
A'ashiiiirton, D.t;. Address: Care Second 
-National Bank, X.Y. City. 
ALLEN, Annie Winsor: 

Born Winchester, Mass., ISn- d. Frederick 
and Ann Kent (Ware) Winsor; cd. at Rad- 
-iiffe Coll., CaMibvidse, llass. ; m. Joseph Al- 
len. Taurht history, etc., at Brearlev Sch., 
N.Y., 1Sj9-19no. Ass't sec, 1S91-9S, mem. 
council, 1504-1902, sec. Mercantile Inspection 
Com., 150,-j-t)C, Social Reform Club; mem. 
B'd Mg'rs State Training School for Girlt. 
TlnJson. X.Y. Author: Home, School, and 
Vacation, 1907. Address: White Plains, X.Y. 
ALLEN, Augustus Franklin: 

li'-al estate, Asscmblvnian; b. Jamestown, 
X.Y., Sept. 7. isra; s. Alfred D. and Virginia 
iMahon) Allen; cd. The Gunnerv, Wasiiins- 
ton. Conn., Berkelev Sch., N.Y." Ciiv, I'l.a- 
lips Exeter Acad., Harvard, A.B., 1««J: Buf- 
falo Law Sch. 1^00-98. Enlisted at Buffalo, 
N.Y., July 27, 1S9S, in 20-2d X.Y. Vol. Inf.; 
appt'd serg't Auj. 5, 1S93; commissioned Id 
lieut. Oct. 3, 1S9S; .ser%-ed four months in 
Cuba; di.scharged at Savannah. Ga., April l.i, 
U99; S'nc'e then enjajrcd in real estate 1 

at Ja 


Y. Elected 

visor from Jamestown, X. Y.. to the Chautau- 
qua County B'd of Sujicrvisors, April 5, 
191-5; elected- mem. Assembly froni Chaut.'iu- 
(|ua County in 1906 and V«'f, chm'n Com. on 
Federal Relations of Gen. Assembly, inos. 
Republican. Mem. Phi Delta Phi (law fra- 
ternity). Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aerie 
SIC. .Vddress: Jamestown, X. Y. 
ALLEN, Charles Dexter: 

.\ulhor: h. Wiiulsor Locks, Conn., >tay, 
ISGO; s. B. Rowland and Annie Pierson (Dex- 
ter) .-VUen; ed. private, common and biirh 
schools of Hartford, Conn., m. Hartford, 
Conn., 1590, Frances Louise Clark. Tweniv 
years a banker, filtecn rears wriler, editorial 
critic, etc. Mem. Ex-Libvis Soc, London. 
Republican. Recreations: Golf, walkins. 
Author; .\mericau Book Plates (Xew York 
and London, 1S91), and several other books 
on book pl.-itcs. Contrib'r to ma.:aziues. pa- 
pers, encvclopiedias. etc. Mcni. Internat. 
Jury of Award, Louisiana Pi:r.-hase Exp'n, 
'1904 (Dep.irtment of Books, Bindin-s, etc.). 
Clubs: Authors. Arts (X.Y. Citv). Address: 
74 Xorth Fullerton Av., Montclair, N. J. 
ALLEN, Charles Herbert: 

Banker: b. Lowell. MabS., April 15, 1S4S: s. 
Otis and Louise (Uixbv) Allen: erad. Am- 
herst Coll. 1M.9 (A.M), LL.D.. 190O; m. Xov. 
10, IbTo, Harriet Coleman Dean: two dau-h- 
lers. Was lumber mercliant at Lowell; mem. 
JIass. General Court, l~-ly2; Ma-s. Slate 
Senate, ljt3; elected nieni. of Con-n-^s, 1—4. 
and served two terms, holdmi: it;i[Mirtaiit 
place on the conis. on Indian .Artuirs ami Post 
Onices; Republican cnn.lidale for -ovc-i-nor of 
Mass.. 1S91, but defeated by a small majority 
bv Governor Russell ; succeeded Theodore 
Roosevelt as ass't sec. of the -Navy. iyi>, and 
' ■ inir i.crio.r.if f 


.if Po 


1 lu 
■d tht 


ide first 

for these services w-as olTered by President 
McKinley the choice of scleral diplomatic np- 
pointijienls,-bnt preferred to return to privale 
life. Since 19u-J pros, .\ppleton Nat. Bank at 
Lowell, and since Feb., 1904, v. p. and di- 


; also di- 

( Lowell) ; 
rk). Resi- 
SS Nassau 

rector Morton Trust Co., X.Y. Tit 
rector .Nat. Bank of f:,.i,i!,, i , • 
Co., and v.-p. and dire.Tc.r .* 
Ins. Co. Trustee Auili.-.! ' 
Coll. Clubs: Union (Bo, i-ii. i '-: 
(Washin-!ou) ; Yorick, Vcsner, 
Metropolitan. University, (Xew Yo 
deuce: 110 E. 3jth St. Address: 
St., X.Y. City. 
ALLEN. Charles Julius: 

Bncradier General, IT. S. A.: b. Buffalo, N. 
Y.. Jan. 31, ISIO; s. Charles H. and Melissa 
(Kiss;im) Allen; attended various schools 
and was clerk in a bank and in a commission 
house prior to being appointed, Julv 1, ISGO, 
to U. S. Mil. Acad., from X.Y. Sta'tc; grad. 
June 11, 1.-04: m. Rock Island. 111., Jan. 20, 
V-W. Elizabeth Wallbridge Cleveland, of Des 
Moines. la.: children: "Philip Cleveland, b. 
Dee. -JO, 1M9, Georsre Wallbridge, b. Dee.- 23, 
1^71, Charles Kissam, b. Dec. "3. 1S7C. Grace 
Elizabetli, b. Sept. 10, ISsC. Served in X.Y. 
State Uniformed Militia (afterward styled 
Xat. Guard), ISJG-CO; on graduation from 
West Point appt'd 1st It., Corps of Eng'rs, 
June 13. ISCi; Capt., Mar. 7, lc67; maj.. Jan. 
10. l.«,-3: promoted It-col., Feb. 5, 1SU7; brig- 
pen. U.S..V., Jan 2-2. 19u4 ; retired from active 
service Jan. 23, 1904, at own request, after 40 
years of continuous service; Brevetted capt.. 
-\ug. 24, l>i;(. for highly meritorious services 
in sieges i>f Fts. Gaines and Jlorgan, Ala.: 
brevet major. Mar. 20. Iju.'), lor gallant and 
meritorious services during campaign against 
city of Mobile and its defences. Served in 
Civil War. lS04-Cti. in Mil. Div. of West Mis- 
sissipiii. and in Dep't of La.; engaged in 
siege and capture of Fts. Gaines and .Morgan, 
.\la.; in charge of defences of Xatehez, Miss.; 
in reconnaissances and preparatory opera- 
tions for .Mobile campaign of March and 
.\pril, l.s.;.J: acting cliu-f eng'r llilli Army 
corps at Siege of Siianish Fort and reconnais- 
sances in vi.initv of Ft. Blakelv, Ala., and in 
erecting heavy I'.atteries against Fts. Huger 
and Tracy, m Mobile Bay. and during march 
of the Corps to .Montgomery, Ala.; in charge 
of defences of Mobile, and June 1 to Aug. .5. 
ISO-,, chief eng'r Army of Observation on Kio 
Grande, Texas Thrice commended in onicial 
reports by superiors in the field, incluiliug 
his corps'and division couHuanders. Drilled 
and instructed part of Mi.ssouri Provisi.inal 
Militia organized by citizens of St. Liuiis, 
1.N7; from P^'-O until retirement continuously 
on construction of foriilications, on works 
for improvtnient of rivers and harbors, on 
c.oistrui-tion of bridges, piers, dikes, dams, 
river lo.ks. reservoirs, etc.. and on 

IS bi 


B'd of Engi- 
ne, r Ollicers and of .\rchilects to recomnu-nd 

] IS for prnpo.scd .Memorial Bridge across 

t!,e Potomac River. During Spanish-Am. 
War of lylS was in charge of .Icfences o( 
Wa-hington, D.C. Since rctirenicnt. engaged 
as civil en -'r at W.-.sliington. Mei-i. Mil. Or- 
d. r l.oval l.-gicn of r. S. Mil. Service Insl'n, 
of Mil. Acad.. West 

U. S. Ca 

ngton, D.C. 

.\.l.lress: 17,-,3-P St., X.W., Wash: 

ALLEN, Charles Morse:; b. l-'armington. Mo., IKiO; a. 
Cb;irles F. and Ruth S. (Morse) Allen: ed. 
Maine Wesleyan Sem., lj75-77, Univ. of Maine, 


I 1 

3S77-79, ^^■esIP3•lln rniv. 
Beta Kapp^O. l.-.>-2, A..M 
techiiikum, !-:»;, Zurich P.jl 
m. tfpriiiL'villc I'a., If^S, C.i 






sc Sh 
e, W 

• pard 


li E. I 
cm., K 




■ ins 

tv. ii 



uid chc 





, It; 






It I 





dent in 







, C-he 

m. T 


rs' Clu 








A.B. (Plii 
■ ;,acn Poly 

ISifi. Inde 
em. Am 
Address : 

ALLEN, Edward Lisle: 

Editor Jamestown :.Iorning Post; b. Jios- 
cow, Livingston Co., .\'.Y., Auf. H, Isiis; 
B. Elias and Kosctta (^lieldoiil Alien; ed. 
in dist. school. South Bristol, N'.Y.; and 
public schools of Rochester, K.Y.; grad. 
from Rnchester I.-ee Ac.ideray, ISiT; ra. 
Canandaiiua, X.Y., IJeu. i, Ib'Ji, llartha C. 
Van De Vyver; children: Mari.)rie, b. 1S97 ; 
Edward Robert, b. Is'A and, b. 
1901. Was reporter Rochester Herald. b^7- 
91; Rochester Union and Advertiser, l-iU-OJ; 
asso. editor Rochester Herald, IsOL'tO; casliior 
Rochester post-othce. l5W'J7; editorial writer 
Buflalo Eminirer, 1«17: editorial writer Buf- 
falo Courier, 1>07-1MH: interested James- 
town capitalists in establishment of Jl.. ru- 
ing Post, 19U1, and has been its editor from 
its first issue, Sept. 2, 11*01; also see. Post 
Publishing Co., Jamestown, N. Y. Actively 
interested in Kepul.lican politics. il.-m. 
Jamestown Charter Revision c.imra'n. K' H- 
07; treas. Chautauqua Co. Caucus Reform 
Assn. Prcsl.y'n. Mem. Alpha Zeta fra- 
ternity. Am. Acad. Polit. and Social .Science, 
Nat. Civic I'ederation. Club: Universitv 
(sec. 19(*i-0S). Address: Horning Post, James- 
town, X.Y. 
ALLEN, Edward Livingston: 

Clergyman; b. raiers.iii, X.J., Julv ]«, 
1S4G; s. Ilonrv R. and Eleanor (Livings- 
worth) Allen: cd. bv tutors, taking Rutgers 
Coll. and Drew Tbcol. S.-m. course's; M. .V., 
Taylor Univ.; U.K.. Franklin Coll.; m. Pater- 
son. X.J., AuL-. 11, ISi.tJ, Maggio E. Post; 
children: T. -Mav (deceased), wilo of H. C. 
Tillson; Edward G., b. l,>-77; Livingston C, 
b, ISMI; Crayce C, wiio of C. I>. Uvkeraan, 
b. l>sl. Served in Civil ^\'ar as scr-eant 
13 N.J. Vols.; after war was jtriiiter. reporter 
and editor; in ministry of .ME. Ch. since 
1S77. now retired. Chaplain X.Y. State Sen- 
ate in l-N;•^7; chaplain G.A.R. Iicp't of NY., 
)v-:,; chaplain Veteran Ass n. l.^ih N.J. Vols.; 
past NY. I'onf. War Veterans' Ass'n. 
Hon. mem. Omcers' Ass'n l.-.oih X.Y. Vols., 
and of U3d X.Y. Vols. Veterans' Ass'n. 
Independent Republi.-an. Mem. li.A.R., N, p- 
erhan Lodge 701!, r.& A.M., Yonkers, X.V.. 
past master; fc^rmer Grand Cliaplain; Roial 
Ar.h; Knight Temidar; X.J. C.msistorv, S.U., 
Sl\ .\retn. I.O.O.F.; K. of P.; past W.G. 
Teniplar. I.O.G.T. Reereatb.n: lishing. 
Address: Bnclianan. X. Y. Summer addc—s: 
K.,i„p Knmfurt, Wilh.w, Ulster County, X.Y. 
ALLEN, Edward Warucr: 

.Mg r branch ogcney, Norihweslprn .^rnlnal 
Life Ins. Co.; b. Summit. N.J., ls7:;; s. 
George William and .Marv Blaster (Harris) 
Alien; ed. Berkelev School. X.Y. Cilv, and 
X.Y.. .M.'.v L'.;, 



;il.el T. 

Chi Phi fraternity. 


University (Brooklyn), Hardware (VT 
City). Address: :;07 Broadway, X.Y. I.ily. 
ALLEN, Edwin Stevens; 

Publi,hcr; I,. B.,rdcnt.avn, X. J, Jan ;, 
ISi.u; s. Col. Joseph Warner CJth X.J. ^ ols ) 
and Sar.ih B. iXorcross) Allen; grad. Prince- 
ton, A.I;., UaO: m. X.Y. City, June ■' U-UO, 
Julia Hawks Oakley; children: Sara Burus 
Marjorie Hawks, Doris Harwood. Olive 'Prow- 
brid„-e. Entered service of Xat. Ky Puhli- 
eiilion Co., Ijtl, as clerk, made ass't editor 
i-'lheial li'y Guide, IbOU, ass't mg'r .Nat. 
R'y Publication Co., 19110; sec. and treas 
Guide Co. since 1N*3; sec 

treas. K 


and Publii 


Canada : 

N. Y. cC). B); sec. B'd of Health, Village'of 
S. Orange, X.J. ; elected trustee, same vil- 
lage, on ind 'pendent ticket, Xov., 19U5. Re-; Episcopalian; vestryman Ch. of 
the Holy Communion, S. Orange, N.J. Clubs: 
I nilerw titers. Transportation. Address: 21 
I'.uk Place, X.Y. City. 
ALLEN, Elmer A.:; b. Amenia, Dutchess County, 
X.Y., Xov. -26, ISH; s. John A. and Marv 
(Soule) Allen; ed. Dutchess County Acad', 
Ponghkeepsie, X.Y., Cornell Coll., Mt. "' 

linn, B.w.i, and four years' course. Union 

C.dl., Schcnectad.v. X.Y., A.B., ISGo, and 

elected num. Phi Bet.i Kappa: one of 

two speakers at closing exercises of Philcuna- 

Ihean Bit. Soc.; m. X.Y. Cit.v, Oct. 2a, ls7ti, 

Mary Ideanor Devoc; one daughter, Ethel 

1>. Allen, b. 1S7S. Admitt-d to bar. I.e7n, at 

N.Y. Cilv. where has since been engaged in 

general practice of law. Jlem. Ass'n Bar 

City of N.V. As UKinber of Good Govern- 

ment Clnb, and lati-r of Citiions' Union, en- 

g.igcd tor several years in w-ork for better government: was also trustee of 

the common schools for 11 years in the 211h 

W.ird ..f NY. ( ity. Republican till sec.nd 

term of President Grant; altcrvvard "Cleve- 

land" Di ,.rat; now Independent. Epis- 

c.palian. .Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Alninni 

Assn. Union Cell. Alumni .\ss'n. Delta 

K:ipp:i Epsilon, Civil Service Reform Assn, 

Dutehoss Connly Soc. Residence: W. ]9Uth 

•St.. nr. AMurduct Av., Bron.\. Address: 42 

Broadway, X.Y. City. 


Lauver; h. Monmouth County, X.J., Jfav 

V\ 1-:;.'; s. Samuel g 'and Phohv 

(G.d.le) Allen: grands., n C.ipi. S.imuel Allen 

su-pion Fleming,' na'pt. 'in ' X.J." 'l.i.i'o' .'.f 

ijie K.-v.dnti..n, and aft.-rward Kcllh-d in 

Kentucky. «■ -e a county nanie.l f..r 

linl); grad. Brown Univ. (.ir.ilor of rlassl. 

I-...1. and X.Y. Univ. Law S,-h. (valc.iic- 

,.rian): m. Washington. H.C, Aug. 2(1. l-.l. 

Kli;a Claggett (di.'d Feh. .s. l--..:i). D.-pnty 

U. S. dist. att'v |,.r Sonth.o-n Hist, of X. Y., 

lv;l-7o: olV.T.d're-.ignati.Mi. l-.-j. i„ „rd,.r to 

■nt.'r the armv, but was or.l.T.'d hv S.^cretarv 

.f t.. r.Muaiu at .ovi.- ,,.,st: rec-iv...! 

•.tmnii^ from governor as c.l.niel to r.>- 



n^e Greelev for President). 1S72; pres. Cuban 
l,.M^'Ui-, 1.^70; revived it IV,).:, and wjs a^'ain 
its president until its luissieri (.id^rd witll 
successful ending' of .Spaii'sli-Anieriean "War- 
Author: Euzinu ' (society lUianO; ^'.'asliing- 
ton, or the Kevolntion I iustor; of ilio Jiev- 
olutinn in blank verso and piose, in dramatic 
form). Kesidence: Breticn ilall, P.roaa-.Vi.v. 
between 85tb and SOili Sts. Address: 9j 
William St., X.V. City. 
ALLEN, F. Sturgcs: 

Retired lawyer, lexicographer; b. Norwilk, 
Conn., Oct. 1, ISIJl; s. Alfred Burr and 
Caroline (Stur-es) A.; ed. Nor>valk Ceitec 
Sch., and BridReport (Conn.) H:?a Sjli., 
grad. IS^SO; grad. Yale, Ifs*, LL.B., lbJ2; 
m. Xorth Adams, ilass., April 9. 1»95, A-nnie 
M. White. En-as:ed editorially oa Web- 
ster's Internat. Dictionary, l5>i-!iiJ: itdmitted 
to bar Conn, and X.Y.: practised law in 
Conn, and X.Y. City, IsM-lt'oJ; since then 
devoting entire time to editorial work a. id 
writing on legal and Knglisu suttjects 
lexicography. Engaged in editing .tnd 
abridgment of several smaller Webster's d'C- 
tionaries, 1S92-9S; chief editor, under Dr. 
William T. Harris, of 19O0 Supplement to 
Webster's Internat. Dictionarv; contributor 
and editor (law) .lohnsou's Universal Fn- 
cyclopa»dia: contributor (law) Apt-leton'G 
Univer.-sal Encyrlop.-edia Supplement; editor 
law dep't a:id contributor dep't of pronuncia- 
tion, -\'ew Internal. Ei'.evcb.piedia ; contribu- 
tor (phonetics and lexico^-Taijliy ), Nelson's 
Encyclopaedia. Author: A|,iopos of Spell- 
ing Kefonn, lOnC; The I'rineiples of Spelling 
Reform. VM7. Independent in politics. Mem.- 
Ass'B liar City of X.Y., Am. Oriental Soc, 
Am. Philol. Ass'n, Am. Modern Language 
Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n. Internat. Law Ass'n, 
Phi iieta Kappa, tlub: Y'ale. Address: -45 
W. -Itith St., X.Y'. City. 
ALLEN, Fred Hovey: 

Clergyman, author, lecturer; b. Lv me, 
N.H., Oct. 1, 1S13; s. Philander and Khoda 
Lord (Hovey) Allen: ed. Deerfield Acad. 
Boston Univ., Hartford Tlieol. Sem.: studied 
at Univ. of Paris, also in Vienna (honorary 
LL.D.); m. Auburn, Me., IS.-l. M. Oira Bum- 
pus, noted singer and ninsieian. .\fter le.iv- 
ing Deertield (.Mass.) Acad., learned printer's 
trade; in companv with il. A. Wadswrth, 
published the weekly edition of the 
rence (^rass.) K.iL-le; founded ,tnd edite.l 
Lawrence Dailv 1 

edited Sulfolk C 

Ordained to 
1.-71; was acting of Con[; 
Ch., W. BrooktielJ, Mass., IS months: p.-ist.i 
E. St. C'onuT.galional (h.. .S. Boston, an 
Olivet Ch., Boston, about three years; actin 
pastor Congregational Ch.. Al.ington. ] 
months ; pastor 1st Congregational Ch., Kor-I 
land, Mass., seven years. World-wide trai 
eler, and has visited over five luindre 
studios in great art centers. In 1.— H broii:.-li 
to ,\inorica lirst successful proet-ss for jiliot- 
gravure plates; nnide the first Ain-Tiia 
Iilales and Hrst book ever issued in Amerie 
from American-made pl.iies. Autlnir: .M.i.- 
tei-pieces of Modern German Art (i vols.) 
Recent Herman Art: Modern German Mistei- 
(10 vols); Gre:it Cathedrals of the \V..rl 
(•2 vols); I'amou.s I'aintinirs (2 vols.) 
Grand Modern I'.iinlings {1 vols.i; Bowdoi 

purchased and'edi 
Boston, two yeai 

Art Coilei 


cl,-are) : 

Eookh; . 

ieim Sere 

of Euroi-. 

e.xotrt. ai 


folk Ass'i 

ton Art Cub, ^ I 

Insl. Arts and .Sci 

Graphic Ar 

History of the Reformation; 

and Artists; Geronie (bro- 

^n-liuie). Edited: Lalla 

Lake and Rii 

of C 



s, Xat, Geog. Soc, So 
. A-t Soc. of Municl 
Auditor. Home for Crippled Children, Bo; 
ton. Royal Arch Mason and Kni-bt Tei 
lar. Add'css: 102 W. Tjth St., X.Y. City 
ALLEN, Frederick: 

H,rtired bookseller; b. Auburn, Cayuga Co 




nd Sus 

(Mott) Allen: ed. ward school and Auburn 
Acad.; m. Wnterford, Saratoga Co., X. \'., 
Oct. 7, :s74. Harriet A. Grandine; children: 
Henry Mott .Vllen. b. Aug. 21, lt:75, Fred- 
erick Grandine Allen, b. April 3, 1S7S. V.-p. 
Xat. Bank of Auburn: pres. Fort Hill Cem- 
etery Ass'n: trustee Home for the Friendless. 
Mem. Cayuga Co. Hist. Soc. Address: o Fort 
St. Auburn,' X.Y'. 
ALLEN, Frederick Hobbes: 

Lawyer: I). Honolulu. Hawaiian Islands: 
s. Hon. Eiisha Hunt Allen, M.C. (also chief 
justice Hawaiian Islands and minister pleni- 
potentiary to U.S.), and Marv Harrod 
(Hobbes) Allen: A.B., IcjO (A..M.) LL.B.. 
l;S3, Harvard Iniv. ; m. X.Y. Citv, l,sg2, Adele 



ens. JIary Dorothy, Adele, Barbar 
Gallatin. Joan Livingston. Julian Broome 
Livingston, Priscilla AlJen Sampson. Stud- 
ied law in ollice of Holmes & Adams; ad- 
mitted to bar, ISSi; became managing clerk 
Jliller, Peekluim i- Dixon; later practised 
alone; in IstU formed firm of Adams & Allen, 
and on death of senior partner, 19«ii. fonu.'J 
firm of Allen C " 

Legal ii 



.igned: h: 




ham Manor. Chai 

lit Village of Pel- 



lelegate to Democratic Xal 
,-er, 19IIS. Residence: 

.Manor. X.Y. Ollice 
X.Y. Citv. 

ional Convention at 
Bolton Priory, Pel- 
Address: C3 Wall 


ALLEN, Frederick Inncs: 

U.S. Coionir of iMiieiits: b. Auburn. X.Y.. 
Jan. 10, l>ju: s. William Allen: ed. .-Inburn 
High Sch,, Phillips Acad,, Andover, Mass., 
Yale (Sliellield High Sch.'). B.S.. 1,-79. and 
received the class prize in mineralogy on 
graduation: m. Auburn. X.Y,. Juno a. IS.-l, 
Cornelia .Margaret, d. Gen. William IL Se 
ward. After graduation studied law; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1—2: jiraetised patent law at 
Auburn until ajipt'd, .March, 1901. r,S, 
coiiiin'r of patents. Lecturer on patent law, 
ticorie Washiii'.-lon Uiiiv, : represented U,S, 
i;t the ConuTcss of the Internat. Ass'n for 
the Pi-otoction of Industrial Properly, at 
Brilin and Heine, Residence: Auburn, X.Y. 
Address: Patent Oflice, Washington, D,C, 

ALLEN. Frederick W.: 

rl.M-Miiaii ; h, 'rulaliii. Wash., Oct, 8. 
1-71: s. Claries X, and Hannah ,1, i Bra.lljury ) 





IfJl. L'niv. of Ko.l.esttT, X.Y., 

conimenoeTiit-iit speaUfrs, ami on 

l:9o: Ro.-hester Theol. Scm., 1? 

X.Y.. Aug:. 22, ISM, Era K. Campboll; 

WHO'S ^YIIO ix new youk 

) CuUeciale 
.Y., A/B. (0 

July 22, 



children: Ravniond F. 

Mildred, b. jiar. 10, 1-0 

Au;:;. 21, ItSO, Emory Cainpliel 

lujl. .Student-p.istor Baptist Church, Ran- 

somviUe, X.Y., It'Ji-O:,; Churclu ilie, X.Y., 

l;%-9i; regular pastor (ordained Aug. 31, 

]S9i), Wyoming. X.\'.. ISVS-l'JjJ; First 13apt. 

Ch.. Carthage, X.Y'.. since IHoJ. Mom. Alpha 

Delta rhi. Address: Carthage, X.Y. 

ALLEN, Hcrrick Cleveland 


N. Y.. 

Feb. i;, ]s77; s. J. W. and Jsahell, 
(Cleveland) Allen; ed. Newark Yallev (X.Y.) 
High Sch.. Union Coll., Cornell Univ.': award- 
ed first honors Allison-Foote prize debate, 
Union Coll., lfO.5. representative Union Coll. 
in X.Y. State Intercollegiate Oratorical Con- 
test. 1*9G: lirst honors, 'tii Memorial Contest 
in Oratory, Cornell. 1597; appt'd Cornell rep- 
resentative in Central Intercollegiate Ora- 
ti.rieal Contest. l.-9>. Asst prof. English 
Dep't Ohio State Univ.. 1»9S-I900; studied law 
in o/Tice of Atfv ticn. Frank. S. Monett, Co- 
lumbu.-i, Ohio, and in olTn-e of .-^eth C. Mc- 
Connii'k, Williamsport, Pa.: now gon. counsel 
The General Accident Assurance Corp'n of 
Perth, Limited. .Mem. Phi Gamma Delta. 
Address: 7C William St., X.Y. City. 
ALLEK, J. Wilford: 

Physician: b. X.Y'. Citv. 1?C5; s. Samuel 
F. and Xarcissa Jane (Stutsman) Allen; 
grad. X.Y. Ilorauopathic Med. Coll. and 
Hosp., M.D., 1W3: sijecial course X.Y. Post- 
Graduate S.h., 1?99: in. X.Y. City, ls%, 
Bertha Brush: children: Paul Dudley Allen, 
b. ]?99, Elizabeth Iloa.llev AUon. 'b. W.)X 
Lecturer on plivsiologv, I-:/7-19(ll. lecturer on 
practice, IO030I: now adjunct prof, materia 
medica, X.Y. Hoinu;o. Med. C.dl. Yisiting 
physician to Flower and Ilahncmai\n hosps. ; 
was on staff Laura Franklin Free Hosp. for 
Children. 1»97-1902. .Mem. Am. Inst, of 
Homeopathy. X.Y. Slate Ilnnnco. Me.l. Soc, 
X.Y". Co. lionia'O. Med. Soc., X.Y. Hom.rn. 
Materia Medica Soc. Aluiuni Ass'n of X.Y. 
Honireo. Med. Coll. an.l Hosp. Republican; 
Presbv'n: trustee l:;th St. Presby'n Ch., X.Y. 
Citv. " Club: Dunham. Address: 117 W. 12th 
St.,' X.Y. City. 
ALLEN, James A.: 

Lawyer: h, Chenault. Kv., June 1, 1S71 : s. 
A. S. and Leltie E. iGilliiand) Allen; grad. 
Kentucky Univ., Le.\ington. A.U., A.M., 
LI..B.; Yale Univ., M.L., D.C.L. ; m. Cov- 
ington, Kv.. Oct. 31. lOm. Lulu Pearl JelTcrs. 
Has praci'iscd law in X.Y. Citv continuously 
since l,-:iS. .Mem. X. Y. Assembly of VJ'<:. 
Formerly Rcijublican: now of Independence 
League. Mom. Christian Church (Disciples). 
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of X.Y., X. Y. State 
Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar, So,-. Med. Juris- 
j.rudence, Kentucky Soc. Address: 3i Wail 
St., X.Y\ City. 
ALLEN, James Lane. 

Author; b. near Lexington, Kv.. KI9: 
youngest chibl " ' 

vd the de 

■d. Ti 


Univ.. wl 
lid A.M. 
was 21 pi: 

the support of his mother and sister in h's 
hanils. and he taught in i.ublic schools and 
was later a private tutor, and afterward 
taught Latin and higher English in Bethanv 
Coll., \\ .Va., for two years; since then en- 
gaged m literature. Author: Flute and 
her Kentucky Talcs and Ro- 


of Ke 

tucky, and Other Kentucky Articles; John 
Gray, a Kentucky Tale ol the Olden Time: A 
Kentucky Cardinal; A Summer in Arcady 
The Ch.iir Invisible; The Increasing Pur- 
pose; Allcrniath; Second Part of .\ Ken- 
tucky Car.linal: The Mettle of the Pasture; 
The Reign of Law. The Choir Invisible was 
dr:imati/.ed in lb99. Address: 66 Fifth Av., 
X.Y. City. 
ALLEN, Joel Asaph: • 

Xaluralist; b. Sj-ringfield. Mass., Julv 19, 
lS:;i: s. .b.-l and Harriet (Trumbull) Allen; 
ed. Wilbnilnim Acad, .-lud Lawrence Scientitio 
Sell., Harvard, Iih2-G7, specializing in zo- 
iilogy under Agassiz; Humboldt scholar, 
same, l!>71 (Ph.D., Ind. Univ.): m. 1st, Cam- 
bridge, Mas-i.. Oct. G, 1S71, Mary Manning 
Cleveland (died April 17, 1S79) ; 2d, Coru- 
wall-ou-Hudson, April 27, 1S8G, Susie Augusta 
Taft; one son: Cleveland, h. June 25. l57S. 
Ass't to Prof. Agassiz. on scientiflc expedition 
to Brazil, lsi;3; made .scientific researches in 
llorida, IS'9; chief of scientific stall. Gov't 
Kxpd'n, X..rthern Pacific R, 


ol. Sur 


jcky M.oint 

liu Region 





s't ori.itlio 

"gy, Muscu 

u C.iiui 

a rati 

ve Zo- 


gy, Ilarvat 

d, bSTl-fi: 




d oruitholo 

g.v. Am. .Ml 

seiim X 


1 Ilis- 


ry, X. Y. 

C'ilv, since 

ls-0 . 


r Bul- 


in Xuttall 

(Irnilii. CI 

lb, lS7i 




le Auk. on 

ith. Muarter 

V. IsS-- 




1 and .Mem. 

irs. .\ln. ,M 

iseum X 


1 Ilis- 


ry since 1- 

-. Has writ 

ten a la 



^, reviews a 

id contr 


las re- 


imaluL-y and 





."dally on' 




h Am. 


dentia and 





Ilia; m.'iniu 

lis a/ol' I'.ir 

ds of .\ 



■eria and . 

f ('..boubi:.. 

and on 





Fcll.iw A 

1. On 



lion lpres._ 

ls.s.;-i>l) ; nil 

m. Xat. 


d. Sci- 


-li: hon. me 

u. Brilis 

h Or 



i.sts' Union 

Zoiil. Soc. 


, Di 


( ) 


e (ii-,ell-,ch. 

ft and 




c; mem. A 

n. S..C. Xat 





s'n, \m 

\cad. Arls 

and Sc 


, Aiu. 


ilos. S..e., X 

.Y. Acad. S 

iences ( 

V -p. 



nn;ean Soc. His 

lory of 




)U-97I, Was 

linglon Ac: 

d. Sell 




c. WashiuL- 

oil. Am. .\ 

ss'n .Ml 


s, In- 


rporated; t Xa 

. Ass'i 



cs., diri-ct, 

r X.Y. S! 

.te Au. 




•arded Wal 

cr Grand 1 

rize of Bosto 


lural Ilisl. 

rv 191'.: 





^LEN, John 
Lawyer; b. 

itural llisto 
Uiic.i. X.Y 

ry, X.Y 
., Aug. 

i. 1 

12; s. 



mil Kii/.i li 





,d. Univ. , 

f \-t., .i 1:. 




itted to X.Y. bai 





1S74-M; U. S. curunir and 
of U. S. cuurls. Bro'.klji 
publican, yunitiier residfii 
Residence: Ilmel Si. Ocor, 
dress : 1&9 iioulague tjl., Brook] 

WHO'S WHO IX xi:v\' york 

Ulster in cliaucery | tor Avis CordnRc Cn 
siiioe 1S74. Ke-lilardie Co. Deinoiri 
e: iiurliTi 


lies; b. New Bedford, 
Mass., JIarch 1:1. 1?7U: s. Edward Au^iuslus 
Holjokc and Euiienia Sopliia (Teulon) Allen; 
grad. Harvar.i Lniv., A.U. and A.M., IsM; 
m. Weston, Mass., June 4, lOiJO, Annie Ware 
Winsor; children: Dorothea Teulon, b. llrnl , 
Annie Winsor, b. VM2, Joseph, b. lOdo, 
David (died Dec., 1900). Instruclor mathe- 
matics, Cornell L'niv., 1S94-07, Coll. City of 
N.Y., 1S97-1907, ass't prof, malhenuaics. Coll. 
City of N. Y., from 1907. Director Grayrock 
School, Seal Harbor, Me., each summer since 
lbS3. Independent Democrat; mem. Citizens' 
Union, City Committee. VM-'-UO. Unitarian. 
Mem. Am. Math, s-oc. Sue. Teachers of 
Mathematics of Middle Slates and Maryland, 
A.A.A..S., Harvard Teachers' Ass'ii;' sec. 
Ward Civic Club, White Plains. Co-author 
Tanner & Allen's Analytic Cieometrv. 
Club; Cilv (.\.V. Citv). .Vddress ; White 
Plains, A'.Y. 

es. and director The 
Democrat. Kpiseopalian. Trav- 
ail Kurupe, summers of lS90-;i^, 
oklv II. Ad- 1 spending three years studying foreign lan- 
X.Y. RUa^-i's; in 1699 took extensive explorin" trip 

throii5;h .\orlhern Canada, and, PJUauU, ex- 
tended trip through West Indies, Northern ,S. 
America and Mexico. In Ib'JIi, as alternate, 
sat in Missouri delegation at .Vat. Democratic 
Convention, Chicago. .Mem. Ass'n Bar City 
of X.Y., Pennsylvania Soc. Recreations: 
Hunting, canoeing, ex|iloring. Clubs: Yale, 
Manhattan, Hatley Canoe (founder, pres. and 
director). Address: JO East 21st St., N. Y. 





ctor an( 






V Hi 


N. Y., 

\pril 11, 

i>.:.9: s 

. n 






M. (Be 


Allen ; 








Univ. a 

id Uni 






Falls, X 

Y., Ma 

l.-i, 19' 

-'. J 







in busi 

less as 


11. ti 



f All 






n 1! 


rs C 


Inc., 1?90-11IU7; 

»ec. Al 




., If' 

1903 ; 





nee I'.iol. pr 
nee 19117; 1 


rd Wall Paper Co. since l'.)o3. People's 
Nat. Bank since ItioO. Republican. Baptist. 
Pres. Sandv Hill Bd of Kd'n; sewer 
comm'r. Prominent in .Masonrv; mem. 
Sandv Hill Lodge (master, V.Kioi^;;). Sandv 
Hill Chapter (high priest, 19'll), Crvptic Coun- 
cil R. and S. M.", Washing!. m Coinmanderv, K. 
T. (commander. 190;;), Orieiilal Temple, .Mystic 
Shrine (potentate, 19Uu'iC). Alliaiiv C'lnsis- 
torv Scottish Rite, 3i , di.-,irict depuf. 
19U-i03; trustee Hall and Asylum Fund, 
1903; monarch Iran tirotto. II. .Mem. Roval 
Arcanum; Delta U|isiIoii fralernitv. Recrea- 
tions: Florieultuie. aul.uiiobiliiig, motor- 
boating. Mem. (ileus Falls Club. Kings- 
bury Club and Delia U].sib.n Club (N. Y. 
Citv) Winter address : Roekledge, Fla. 
Address: Sandy Hill, N. Y. 

ALLEN, Thomas, Od: 

Lawyer: b. St. L.niis. Mo.. S. 1S7T; s. 
Ge..rg,' W. and Lvdia J. 'M..\lillan) Allen; 

A lie 

'if I'l 


ield, Mai 




of t 







of (1, 








,i III. 





t. .Ma 








ns ,t 






le, 190 







ALLEN, Victor M.: 

Publisher; b. Petersburg, Rensselaer 
County, N.Y., July H, ls7u ; s. Amos II. aul 
Emily J. (Ma.xoii) Allen; ed. Hoosick Falls 
High Seh., Columbia Coll.; m. IloosieU Falls, 
N.Y., (Jet. S, Itm, Blai.ehe R. Percy; chil- 
dren: Percival M., b. 1.-9J, Mary E., "b. l',i'.»i. 
I.s with The Macraillau Co., publishers. 
Elected sherilf of Rensselaer Cuuntv, N. Y., 
19..J. R.ioil.liean: director Republican Club 
of Rer,,.|,r im:.,, Trov, N.Y.; Jlason, 

■■i-:' . K,.. , i lil- and Shriner; Elk; 

, .IV Soo. of City of N.Y. 
: Siile (Troy); Hoosac 
Address; Petersburg, N. V. 

Chil.s: I ,i , ] 
(Hoosick F.ills). 
ALLEN, Viola: 

nd private sclu 

leading lady for 

The (iladiato 

South while parents were 
Leslie and Sarah (Lvon) 
liam House, Toronto, Can., 
lols, N.Y. City. In earlv 
L-ided talent for the stage 

debut came about unex- 
sho was 13 years old in 

in a piece in which ber 

playing, and made imme- 
;er season on road became 

John McCullougU for the 
1 the actor's last; with him 
' "Desdemona," "Partiie- 
'* in Dr. Bird's version of 
terward plaved 
ith Tom: 


ed Li 


ivhich she 
".Mrs. Er, 


eir i' 



production of 
: after season in 
stock Company dui 
in -Vraerica the part 
Little Lord Faunllei 
Jelierson and Will 
int starring tour in 
and The I 

-- p.i 


inpiro Th' 
and was 
Libertv Hall 
Wind. T 
:.'d R'.be: 
lyj.s to .St 



5 Tale 
les of 
■d the 

in Th 
she (ii 


.Etna Selt-Ueating Food Co. 

The Pala.e 
Cily, 19'.-'; 
h sh'' 
'•d in 
le ap- 
' and 
if the 




Wyi-hcrly. The vnviety of 


KpiiCOlKilian. Re 

and culUctcuii of Iit;r;irv works. Address: 

J W". oMk St., X.y. City. 

AILEN, Writer H.: 

(-'ml eiii,''r, L'.SN".; h. Xowton Highkinds, 
Mass., Jan. 9, ISTj; s. "WaltLT imd tiraco 
Jhi.-.ou (Weston) Allen; grad. Y.ile Coll., 
A.B., lS'.)j; Slii-fficld Sck'ntilic Soli., Yale, 
Ph.B., li'M; Larned Scholar. Yale Univ., 
1S95-9S; m. Brooklyn Xavy Yard, Jan. 24, 
19iJ<3, Edith Stark Hancock. In railroad 
eug'rinL.- with the X.Y., New Haven & Hart- 
ford R.R. and Jlexican Internat. R'y, 1,-nS- 
1903; lirst ass't to civil-eng'r-iii-chargo, 
Brooklyn Xavy Y'ard, 19U3-W; since March. 
191-iG, civil-eng'r-in-charze, Charleston (S.C.) 
Xavv Yard. Served as volunteer cadet, 
U.S.X., July-Sept., 1=9?; since June, IVJ, 
civil eng'r, U.S.X.. rank of lieut. Jlem. 
Am. Soc. Civil ICng'rs. Am. Soc. for Testing 
Jlaterials. Clubs; Manhasset Bav Yaclit, 
Hamillon (Brooklvnj, Army and Xavv 
(Washington), (.iraduates (.Vcw Haven). 
Address; U. S. Xavy Yard. Charleston, S.C. 
ALLEN, William; 

Lawyer; b. Clareraont. Surry County, Va.; 
s. William and Frances Au;rusta (Jcssup) 
Allen; grad. ( Coll.. A.B.. IsTO; 
Vniv. of Va.. l!.!,.. 1»77; m. .Marv Houston 
Anderson. I'ra.Mised as aitornev" in Rich- 
mond, Va., in firm of Peyton & Alien, tjntil 
1S90; attorney in X. Y'. City from 1?M. Ref- 
eree in Lankruptev for the Soulherii District 
of X.Y. Democrat in Xational aif.urs; in- 
dependent in State, city and county m;itters. 
Catholic. Mem. Assn Bar City of X.Y. 
Clubs; The Viririnians, L'niversiiv, youthcrn 
Soc. of X.Y'. Address: ol E. liilh St., X.Y. 
AXLEN, William Frederick: 

Editor; b. Bordentown. X.J., Oct. 9, 1SI6; 
S. Col. Joseph Warner ami S.irah Burns 
(Xorcross) Allen; ed. Model S.-li., Borden- 
town. X.J., and Protestant Kpis.-opal Acad., 
I'liiladeli.iiia, Pa.; J1..-3.. Princeton Univ.. 
l'J^)li; m. Salem, .V.J., I'o. 1^71, Caroline 
Perry Yorke; chil.iren; Yorke. b. Feb. 27, 
1S73, Frederick Warner, b. Juno 1, lS7l, 
Fusrene Yorke, b. April 22, ]>7S, John Sin- 
nickson, b. ilareh 2'J. 1;;1. Civil eng'r. IW,-:- 
72; resident engr. W. Jersev R.K.. l>i;.s-72; 
editor Ollieial Ry Guide and nig'r Xat. 
R'y Publication Co. since l?7o. Sec. lien- 
eral Time Coiivenlim and its successor. Am. 
R'y Ass'n from IsT.). Proposed detailed svs- 
tern of Standard Time now in use. April, 
1.-53; was appointeil to secure its adoption 
by the Geiienil Time Convention, which 
result followed Xov. 1<, l,-s3; delCL-ale of 
Aid. R'y Ass'n to Interoat. R'y Coiu-resses. 
London, ISni, Paris, VJuO, Washin-tou,,. 
Sec. Am. Section and asso. see.-i;en. Internat. 
R'r Coniress, IfO."); delet-ale of l'. S. C.v't 
to Intenuit. -Meridian t'onf., Washington, 
ISM, and to Internat. R'y Conirress. Paris, 
ll"i.i. Dele-ate from Mh X. J. Con-ressioeal 
Dist. to Xat. Republican Convention. l:ie>. 
Mem. Board Assessment and afterward 
B'd Trustees, VilhiL-e of South Oraime, X.J. 
Founded and laid out plan of the toivn of 
Weiionah, Gloueester. ( onnty, X.J. Trust.'O 
S. Uran;,-e Free \A\irJrv. Sec-lieas. .\m. 


R'y Ass'n; director and mg'r Xat. R'y 
I'ublication Co.: direc'or and v. p. R'y 
l.quipmeiit and Publ, cation Co.; treas. Am. 
R'y Supply Co.; pres. -Manhattan Fire Alarm 
Co.; v..p. X.Y. Transfer Co.; pres. Meadow 
Land Soc. of South Urauge. Republican; 
Episcopalian. Chevalier Order of Leopold; 
hull. mem. K.K. Ceograpliische (jesellschaft, 
Vienna, Austria: niem. Am. Soc. Civil Eii-'rs, 
A.A.A.S., Am. Metrulogieal Soc, .Vm. tieog. 
Soc., Xat. Geog. Soc., Am. Econ. Ass'n. 
Xavy League. X. J. Hist. Soc., Am. Statist. 
Ass'n, Am. Forestry Ass'n, Am. Acad. Polit. 
and Social Science. Washington Acad, of 
Sciences; past master Am. R'y Guild: mem. 
Municipal Art. Soc, Xew England Soc, 
Orange. X.J.. Pennsylvania Soc. of X.Y.; 
companion Mil. Order Loyal Legion: mem. 
I'.i A.M. Clubs: Union League of Chicago, 
ill.; Transportation of Buft'alo, Lawyers, 
Transportation, Traflic, Engineers, Under- 
writers, The Railroad Club of X.Y., and 
X.Y. Railroad Club. Residence: ISo Scot- 
land Ro,,,l, South Orange, X.J. Address: 
21 Park Place, X.Y. City. 
ALLEN, William Harvey: 

Sec. liure.iu of .Municipal Research; b. 
1,0 Rov, .Minn., Feb. 9, lS-74; s. John l>. and 
Joanna (Corbett) Allen; grad. Univ. of 
Cliic;iu-<i. 11. A.. 1.-97; student L iiivs. of Leip- 
zig, Berlin. Pennsylvania (Pn.U.); m. Oct. 
:js, It.ii:;, Isabel Uair-raix; two sons: William 
l)angai--i Alien, b. V.>'V,; S. X. Patten Allen, 
b. 19ur.. S ,:, ■,: :■ 1-. Univ. of I'a., sec. 
X.J. State c' .; 'il Ass'n; editor X.J. 

.1 Co 



X.Y'. .S 



Ill- l,"ndilion of the Poor; 
pal I.e.iL'ue Com. on In- 
in ilmiieipal (-lovcrnmcnt; instr. 
1. of PhiLiMthropv; lustr. Corro- 
■ Study Dept, Univ. of Chicago; 
, on Hospital Xeeds and Hospital 
(X.Y'.); sec-Oom. on Phvsical Wel- 
■hool Chiblren (X. Y.l. Coi.lributor 

lies on social ai).l l!;:!':;' I 

id. I'olit. and s - ■ . Am. 


Intiou , 


lit Denioc 

es and 

Joint author of School Report 
School Eliieiencv. Club; Century. Address: 
I'.ureaii of Municipal Pesearch, 201 Broadway, 
X.Y. Cit.v. 
ALLERTON. Walter S.; 

Law\er- b. X.V. Citv, Oct. 4, 1S.12; s. 
David 'and Uacliel Wanl (llurd) Allerton: 
descendant oi Isaac Allerton. passeii-er in 
I he Mavllower in P'.-H, and also of Richard 
Warren" and Francis and John Cooke; 
Ciilninbi.a Univ.. XV. City, A.B,, 1S71, LL.M. 
In77- m. Berwick, .Me., Jan. 21. l.ssl, Adelaide 
I, Hersoni- children: Ad.-laido H., h. Xuv. 
pi., Walter C, li. Xov. S. 1-97. Ad- 
mitted to bar ls77. and ever since engau-ed 
i.i prietiee in X.V. (ilv. One of founders 
Sue of Mavllower Ueseendants, Dec. 21, 
ls;ll; Inil. pendent Republican; Unit, 



al V>-: 


Columbia Coll., Soc. 
Am. Revolution. 
\ddress: 901 Fiilh 



. I 


ALLIN, Frederic Brevoort : 

M.-'r Kiiilioad Dipt, Home Ins. Co.. and 
insurance broker; 1). N. Y. City, Oct. 20, ISi.G; 
B Francis W. and Annie E. (Morss) AUin; 
A.B., Columbia Univ., l;i»; unmarried. Was 
connccled with Sixth (now Astor) Nat. 
lianii, ls-0 S3; since then with Home Ins. Co. 
Trt-as. Aitkcu Realty and Construction Co., 
Bronx Savings Bank (see), Bron.v Safe De- 
posit Co. (sec). Republican; Lpiscopahan. 
.Mem. Am. Oeoir. Soc. Clubs: N.T. Athletic, 
Lake I'lacid, Delta Kappa Epsilon Ass'n, 
Columbia Alumni Ass'n. Address: 211 Cen- 
tral Park South, N.Y. City. 
ALLIN, George Albert: 

Real estate; b. X.V. City, June iO, 1542; 
s. George and ilary A. (Brown) AUiu; ed. 
Brooklyn Coll. and Polytechnic Inst., K-J5- 
0.^; Univ. cf Rochester, A.B., !;«; m. Brook- 
lyn, June 25, 1^7^, Ileloise II. Litchlicl.l; 
children: George Litchfleld, Laurance B., 
Kate Duryea. Engaeed in dry goods comm'n 
business, 15C7-SG; sec. West Brooklyn Land 
and Improvement Co.. ISil.aS; in real estate, 
1^7S-190^; since lOiil, nigr Brooklyn Improve- 
ment Co. Republican; B[iptist; v.-p. B'd 
-Mg'rs Brooklyn Lea-ue. Jlem. Alpha Delta 
Phi Soc., Sons of Colonial '.Vars, Soc. ot the 
Genesee. Clubs: University (Brooklyn), 
Twentieth Centurv. Address: Sd Av. and 3d 
St., Brooklyn, X.Y. 
ALLIN, George Litchfield: 

Lawver: b. Brookhn, N.Y.. ISTJ; s. George 
Albert"and Heloiso il. (LilchfieUl) Allin: od. 
Brooklyn Polv. and ColU-.-iate Inst, (prep.); 
crad. Poly. Inst., Brooklyn, A.B., IS'Ji ; -V.Y. 
Law Sch.. LL.B., cum l.nuic, IcHT: m. Brook- 
lyn, X.Y., 1S99. Edith P. Gaskell; three 
daughters. Admitted to X.Y. Bar, 1S07 ; 
since then in general practice of law ■with 
special reference to real estate law: now- 
connected with law dei>'t Title Guarantee 
& Truft Co. Interested for past twelve 
Tears in development \ti suburban real estate 
in old town of New Utrecht (now 30th Ward 
of Borough of Brooklyn). Independent Re- 
publican. Baptist. -Ms'r Alnmni Assn Poly. 
Inst, of Brooklyn. Past master .Saortaliihin 
Lodge Xo. ^3';'. F.& A.M. Jlem. Boron-h 
Park Choral Soc. (exireas. ) ; tieas. board 
trustees Strong Place B.iptist Church: trcas. 
Edgewood Reformed (Dutch I Sunday Sch. 
Residence: 121S o7th St.. Brooklyn, X.Y. 
Address: 176 Broadway, X.Y. City. 
ALLING, Stephen Howard: 

Clersvman; b. X.Y. Cit.v, Jan. 11, 1S70; 
B. James Morrison and Klise Ricliards (Spen- 
cer) Ailing; grad. Trinity Coll., Hartford,, B.A., M2. A..M., 1S05; m., 
Can., Sept. IS, lO'O, Mar:--aret Xichol Thel 
keld: children: Mariraret Dean Elise. R..t-er 
Deacon, 1^'J.'>; ordained priest. IsOii. .\sst St 
Andrew's Ch., St. Johnsbury, Vt., l-o,", 0.. 
missionary in charttc St. Peter's Ch.. Lynd.oi 
ville. \l.. 1S'J«-1:«11: rector St. Gabriel's E 
l;.rlin. C.inn.. ]'.«iM>.'; .since K.n-2. rector St 
I'.i.L-s Ch., Dausville, X.Y. Addi-ess: Dans 
ville, X.Y. 
ALLISON. Charles Elmer: 

Cler'-vmau; b. Slate Hill. Orange County 
X,V.. Jiilv 21, 1S17; s. I.saac \V 

al side) is Sth 

;ion from Edward 
ime from Eiu-hmd 
:, and settled al 

Elmer (a Puritan), 
Boston, Mass., in 

■tford. Conn., Itilib, as one of orisinal 
nroprietors: also descendant from Gon. Wil- 
liam Allison, of the Revolutionary Armv; 
ed. Chester (Orange countv) Acad., Hamil- 
ton Coll.. A.B. IsTU, D.D. ISOS; grad. Union 
Theol. Sem., l':74 ; unmarried. Pastor of 
Daysprins Presbv'n Ch., Yonkers. X.Y.; 
now senior Protestant pastor at Yonkers. 
Moderator Westchester Presbytery, iJirt; 
pres. Y'onkers Clerical .\ss'n, 1S92 and 10C5; 
pres. Yonkers Hist, and Literary Ass'n, l>On. 
Author: Historical Sketch of Hamilton Col- 
lege; History of Yonkers. Traveled in Eu- 
rope. liX, wm. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. 
Address: Yonkers, X.Y. 
ALLISON, Thomas: 

L:.w er: b. X. Y. City, Sept. 19, 1S40: s. 
Michael and Susan (Gentil) Allison: ed. 
Coll. City of X.Y.; m. 1S71, Marv C. Millett; 
children: Marv (wife of A. A. Crosby), 
Florence. Olive' (wife of Edward A. Choate); 
Jnd.-e Court of General Sessions, 1J95; 
connnr ..f jurors since April, 1902. Resi- 
dence: 2-:l W. 7Jth St. Address: 'ibO Broad- 
way, X.Y. City. 
ALRIY, Bradford: 

Lawyer: b. Enfield. X.Y., Feb. 10, 1S1,5; ed. 
Ithaca 'Acad. ; m. Ithaca, X. Y.. July 2il., 
Fannie E. Vant. Tauuht school. Auburn. 
X.Y.; admitted to bar May 19. 1S72: served 
as justice of the peace, county judso. and 
surrosato of Tompkins County, 1^92-19»1. Re- 
publican candidate for Mayor of Itha.a, IWl. 
Director Wall Paper Co.. Ithaca Glass Co. 
(sec). R-publican; chairman Republican 
Co. Com. Mem. Protective Fire Police. Was 
iiia.ior :.nth Reg't. X.Y. Militia. .Mason and 
Knight Templar. Address: Ithaca, X.Y. 
ALMY, Francis : 



b. Xew Bedford. M; 
rles and Mary 
larvard. A.U.. ,i 
sec, 1579-19(14) ; 







; 10 


ny, S 


r; 3 


Am. I 




CO pa 


in L 





I l.-Sl 

th Lake Anchor 
firm of W. H. 

Buffalo, crockery an.t 
rs (l.--99-19o-i) purchasing au-ent 
,n: 2 years (1902-1)1) w-iih Bnf- 
)., agricultural machinerj'; since 
IT with T. M. Osborne, AnlHirn, 
iiond Shadina Film Co.. BurTalo, 
1 Club of Western X.Y., lss7- 
in Exec. Com. Liberal Club from 
1S91-1903. Director S.ic. for 
ng BulValo from organization in 
eas. Consumers' Lea^-ue. Clubs: 
re'-istrar anil director from orLrani- 
l-,-.5-t9). Univei-sit.v. Recreation; 
place at ■• Jericho." North Evans. 

X.Y'. Address: 427 


■are Av., Burtalo 


ALMY, Frederic: 

■on Soc; h. Xew 

See. Ch.iritv Or: 


Bedford. Mass., Xoy 

. 2-. 1 

•,-,s: s. Charles an. 

Mary A. iCnmniini.- 

s) All 

y; L-rad. llarv.inl 

\.H.. 1.--9, A.M.. 


aUL'ht in Low. -11 

L-^0h2; sl.iilent Ha 
unmarried. Moved 


Law S.-h.. 1--; si 
Xew Bedford t. 

( EIn 

Joseph .Mli^ 


(hold. LI, 



ice Reform 

vnio'Sj '^'HO IX NEW youf: 


Civil Servic 

e Ko 

■ rpj 


e; helped 


ze Bilflalo .MuilK- 

pal L 


190.J, and 

is on 

Exec. Com 

• on 



a. of Nat. 


ipal I.easue 

. Tr 



Rf -Junior 


lie. Read poem a 



.f Pan- Am. 


, 1901. Pa 

rt ai 



» Niagara 


1893. Dean 

of . 


b, BulTalo, 

190* : 

pres. Harva 

rd CU 

1, of 


In, laiJj-07. 


ss: 19 Tuppi 

r St., 

Ball a 

lo, N 


ALPEPwS, Willinm 


Ph.; I,. 


-er. G 


ay. July 7, 

16.51 ; 

ed. Han.iver 




, Uaiv. of 


"■tn (jerm 




v.. ScD. 


nstry); m. 



Borthri Gudea 


; ch 



lliam H., 


B., Clara. B 


\ n n a 



as ph 

armacist in 


Ci;y ' 


1S95: pres. 


Alpers Pha 


• pre 

5. The .\rpers 

and laniuages, St. Matthews Acad., 1673- 
79: director of Merck's Chemical and Bac- 
teriological Laboratories. Took botanical ex- 
cursion through V.S., IWl. Mem. Bd of 
Pharmacy of X.-T., l«iu-94. Mem. Am. 
Pharin. Ass'n, N.Y. Pharm. Assn, X.J. 
Pharm. Ass'n, Sue. Chem. Industry, Am. 
Chem. Soc, Torrev Hot. Club. A.A.A.S., Ger- 
man Lie.lerkranz; Manhattan Chess Club, 
German Scientilic Ass n. Roval Arcanum, A. 
O.U.W.; trustee NY. Coll. Pharmacy. Au- .„,, 

il.ippincott), I and Vandi 
taten Island 
\V. JGth St., 

at Woi 

PhMl!S 01 

Address : 

1S9.-.: The Medical 
(Lippiiicott), Ijao. 
N. Y. City. 
ALSEVEE, 'WilUam Dewey: 

Phvsician; b. Pulaski. N.Y'., May 21, 1S75 ; 
B. Nelson and Ella P. iSaiisburv) Alsever; 
Kr,vd. Svracirse. Univ., B.S., IfUfi,' M.D. 19UU: 
m. Xurwich. N.Y., E-;b. On. lOOS. Clara 
I-.r.iilnor Bellows. Interne R.I. Hosp.. 19111- 
X.Y. Lvini.-in Hosd.. X.Y. City, 


Acad. .Medii 
Soc. Stale of N.Y., 
Nil Su-uia Xu. Club: 
Address; 52» S. Salio 

(■■".■in Ahi.p; irail. 
lli-h .'^.-li.-ol (colle-i; Phila.lelphia 




d:i::a Med. Soc. Med. 
Delta Kappa Upsilon, 
I'r.iversitv (Svraeuse). 
St., Syracuse, X.Y. 

an: h. Richmond, Ind., 

I tee Garfield Safe Dejinsit Co. Residence: N 
Madison Av. Address: Fifth Av. and 31th 
Sis., N, Y. City. 

I ALTMAN, Henry: 

I Lawyer; b. Kochestcr, X.Y., Aug. 1% 1S34; 

I ed. Buffalo Acad, and Cornell Univ., B.S., 
;-73; m. July i. Its". Sadio S. Havniond. 

I Admitted to l).",r, and ever s.ncc engaged in 
practice at Bulfalo. Bell Telephone 
Co. Republican; pres. BurYalo Republican 
League, three terms; mem. /.m. Protective 
TaritV Leauuo. Chairman B'd of School Ex- 

■ aminers, ButYalo. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi. 
Clubs; Buffalo. Saturn, University, Ellicott, 
Country. Address, Buffalo, X.Y. 
ALTON, Alfred Edward: 

Clergyman: b. Troy, X.Y., .Tulv 19. 1S7I; 
s. John' and Jean <Kobli) Alton; grad. Troy 
Acad., 1S94; Princeton Univ., A.B., l»9.s. Col- 
rate Theoi. Seni., B.D., 1902: m. Holdon, 
M.iss., April 3, 190G, Bhincho Louise Warren. 
Pastor i'lrst Bapt. Ch., Holden, Mass., June, 
190J, to Jan., i;ioC; pastor First Bapt. Ch., 
Rome, X. Y.. since Jan., 19iX;. Mem. Clio- 
sopliic Soc. of Princeton Univ., Delta Kappa 
ICpsilon (Mu Chanter). Address: Rome, X.Y'. 
ALTSKELER, Josenh Alexander: 

Author, .i.mriialist: b. Three Springs. Kv.. 
April ;;9. IsW ; s. Joseph and Lucy (Snoddv) 
Altsheler; ed. Liberty Coll., Glasgow, Ky., 
bilt Univ., Xashville, Teiin.; won 
Latin scholarship at Vanderbilt; m. Glasgow, 
Kv., May So, 1.'-.^, Sara Boles; one son; t<yd- 
ne"y B. Altsheler, b. 1,-9J. Seven years with 
Louisville Courier-Journal, and fifteen years 
with X.Y. World in editorial capacity. Au- 
thor; (novels): The Sun of Saratoga: A Sol- 
dier of Manhattan: A Herald of the West: In 
Circling Camps; In Hostile Red; The Wilder- 
ness Road; Mv Captive; Before the Dawn; 
The Last Rebel; Guthrie of the Times; The 
Candidate; The Young Trailers. Independ- 
ent Democrat: iMethodist. Jlem. Kentucky 
Soc. Club; Authors. Address: 320 Manhat- 
tan Av., X.Y. City. 

ALVOED, Dean: 

Heal estate operator; b. Syracuse. X.Y., 
- - d Ca ' 

lid .Ma 

Mary Lee 
23, l,s92 ) ; 
Rigliter, o 

ham, Mass.; Ch 
Andrew's Chure 
I'hibidclphia; s 
(lunch, Brookyr 
Archdeacon of 
el.-.l.,t general 
which he declii 

I. April -. 
■ark. X.J 
Denny. } 
!t. .lolm'i 
■ist Chui 
1. Piltsbii 

about tvi 


.la til 


from I'hil.idelplua 
de), Philadelphia. 

IV School; D.D. 
rsl. July 2. 1^79. 
;. argil (died Juno 

1 -'.'>. riorcnco C. 
children: Guliel- 

■ rv. Elizabeth Fe- 
Chuieh. Framing- 
1, Rve, X.Y.: St. 
rh; t:;race Church, 
rector St. Anns 

V emcrilus rector. 
Brooklyn. 1^91-90: 

■ f Missions, IN'O. 
e 10 General Con- 
years; visited the 
the worbl, lnoe,. 
:c. Clubs; Tweii- 
Address; 90 Keiu- 

■dsl Alv 

-d; de 


Nellie Bar- 




t r 



t .1. 



pany of 
I A. T. 
.f Belic- 
m, L.I.; 


a til 






a dircc- 
I. pa Kp- 


X.Y. Ci 
Country vsiden 
tales. Port Jelle 
AMBOS, Carl Ltidv 



C>.ll. of Pharmacy. 
Med. School, M.D., 
Louisa Gullieil. Ii 

ALTMAN, Benjamin: 

l'r..|.rii-i,.r deiiarlment store, i;. Altnian .<c I Is^cl; ol.laiiie.l .Miuricaii nii/iiisiup m i-.'i. 
Co.; dn-.cior Bank of the -Metropolis: trus- ' AUeudiog phj siciau to North Eastern Disjien- 










Mulual Aid Ass 



Lullieron. Mem. 
Greater X. Y. Med. 
.Med. Soc, Physi- 
Bronx Soc. of Arts 
;orrisani:i Council, 
Guidinir Star Ludie F. and 
1JS3 Wasliiugton Av., X. Y. 



Coiiii>o.ser. organist, conductor; h. Hamii- Ont.. Oct. 11, l.'OS; s. Robert S. and 
l.lizalieth (Boyle) Amijrose; m. Oran£:e, N.J., 
.Ivine 21, 19i3, Xaonii Lambe; one dausrhtcr: 
Cwvnneth Xaonii, b. April, ll/u.;. Orz.inist 
Madison Ar. M.i:. Chureli, X.Y. City. IwOOil; 
or::anist and director of nuisic St. James 
M.I-:. Church, X.Y. Citv, from IfOO ; director 
and lecturer (history of music). Am. Inst, of 
Applied JIusic. X.Y. City; director piano 
d.'p't, X..J. State Xorinal Sclis.. Trenton, 
X.J. ; director and librarian Manuscript Soc. 
of X.Y. : v.-p. Svnthe-.ic Guild. X.Y. City. 
ClMb: Xational Arts. Address: 212 Central 
]':.ik South, X.Y. Cit.v. 
AMEND, Bernhard Gottwald: 

Importer; b. Barnistadt. Gernianv, Pec. 
1-Jl; received eeneral education and "studied 
pharmacy iu Germany. In lj4S emigrated to 
r.S. and entered Dr. Milnor's pharuiacv at 
;M Av. and Itth St., whicli he bousht in l.vjl ; 
entered into partnership with fnend Carl 
liiiiier. 1S.'.5, and founded flnu of Kimer & 
Anu'nd, now one of the lariesl import 
in drui;s and cliemicals in L'.S. After death 
■'f Mr. Eimer, admitted sons. Otto P. and 
Kobert P. Amend and son-in-law, August 

ip in tilt 



'Jorman Kxehanjre Ba 
So,-, and X.Y. Cliapter, same; X.Y. Acad. 
S.-i.-nces. X.Y. Minerah.'.-ical Club. Also 
nu-in. I.iederkranz Soc., and other social and 
'-l;:iritab]e societies. Kesidenee: 120 E. 19th 
M. Address: 2u3 Third Av., X.Y. City. 
A^rEND, Ed-ward B.: 

•lurist; ed. St. Francis Xavier Coll., A.B., 
1-77, A.M. 1S7S, Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 
l-7n. Justice Snpreno- (.cn.rt, X.Y.. since Jan. 
I. inor.; term expires Jlec. 31. 1910. Democrat. 
Ad.licss; as West 71 St., X.Y. City. 
AMERMAN, James Lansing: 

< b., L.I.. X.Y., 
Au,-. l:i, lsi:_;: s. Charles Ik-nrv and KIsie 
-M.iria (Lansin;) Amerman: ed. X.Y. Univ., 
A. II., lji;2. A..M.. Itr.j; D.D., Kni-ers Coll., 
I".'.; m. llartville. Pa.. Oct. 12, 1-70. Rebecca 
1-l.v; children: Mrs. Eleanor A. Sutphen. 
lo-orw Elv (died I. Bessie Elv. ,tnd James 
I'onabl. En-aixed in tea.-hini and b.iokkeep- 
at Theol 

.N . 1- 



(Allen) Ames: ed. Albanv Acad.. Hamilton 
Coll., A.B. Iblli; m. Ashev'ille. X.C, June 12, 
19i'G, Mary Garrettson Penniman. Reporter 
on Albany Ar:r,is, l^iiS-lOU.'. : Albany repre- 
sentative The Associated Press, 19U.5-06; me'r 
Albanv Bureau, Publishers' Press, from 1906. 
Has contributed thirty or forty short sloriea 
to leadiii:; periodicals — Lippiucotl's, Ains- 
lee's, -Metropolitan, Red Book, The Reader, 
Saturday Evenins Post, Delineator, St, 
Xicholas. etc. Jlein. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, 
Si;ma Phi fraternitv, Albanv Acad., Alumni 
Ass'n. Club: Albany County. Address: 
Albany, X.Y. 
AMES, Frank Daririn: 

Real estate; b. ilazelton. Pa.. Sept. 2-2, 
l.«n-.; s. Caleb Tyler and Carrie English 
(Shaw) Ames; grad. Hifrh Sch. of Citv of 
X.Y.; m. Xewark, X.J., Dec. -20, 1907, Anna 
C. Laiiger. Employed bv present firm of 
Ames ,*c Co. when IS vears old. when father 

its ov 


ge of 

head of business. 1900, upon 
death of father. Director and mem. exec, 
com. United Contractors Corporation; pres. 
and director Inter-City Realtv Co.. Terminal 
Keallv Co. and Terra JIarine Co., director 
of Dier & GiUesoie, and Dominican Placer 
Minir:; Co.: irovefnor Real Estate Board of 
Brokers. Republican. Presbvterian. Rec- 
reations: Golf, automnbilini. Clubs; X.Y. 
Athletic, li-rra Marine, VVhitestone Yacht. 
Address: 26 W. 31st St., X.Y. City. 
AMES, Edwin Ayres: 

iiamifactiirer : b. \Voodbrid2e, X. J., Jan. 
28, l--i;0; s. Williani Thomas and Sarah 
(Avres) Ames; grad. 'Woodbridge High 
School; m. Marion. X. J., Mav 10, IM'.I, 
Lotta Gates, d. Kev. M. L. Gates; chil- 
dren: Mar-arct, b. 1-01. Jladeleine, b. IMS. 
Started life as traveling sr.lesman. and has 
visited every city m I'. S. of importance, 
now head of firm of Ostermoor & Company, 
mf'r Ostermoor Mattresses. Director Broad- 
way Trust Co. of X. Y., First Xat. Bank of 
Woodbridge, X. J.. Masonic Hall Ass'n of 
Woodbridge. X. J. Republican. Presbyte- 
rian. Trustee Berkelev Inst., Brooklyn, X. 
Y. Mem. A.-neri.-an Lodge F. and A. M., 
Woodbridge, X. J., and Roval Arch chapter 
Rahway, X. J. Recreations: Horseback rid- 
in™ and automobiling. Clubs: Brooklyn 
Riding and Driving Club (directo;- and sec.), 
Montauk (life mem. and director). Cres- 
cent Athletic (all Brooklyn). Woodbridge 
.\tliletic (Woodbridge, X. J.). Residence: K"! 

I'.u-k PI: , Bruoklvn. N. Y. -Vddress: 116 

Elizabeth St., X. Y. City. 

AMES, Merritt: 


Vt.. De 

Atii.rii-n. Pastor, Richbor. 

. "Pa.. .'l:''-'-71; 

1S2.-,; s. Oraiii.-l and Maria ( Sj. alibiing) Ames 

ill r.-cn. Jorsev Citv, X. J.. 1- 

ed. vilkige sch., -Middl.t.iwn Springs. Vt. : ni 

'■1 Japan, l.>.7i'i'92; prof, svste 

iml'ic tl'ieiiiogv in 

Glens Falls. N.Y.. Jiilv 21. 1-17. Celia Payne 

-M-iji Gakuin, Tokyo, ' 1,-7 

■»>. Old Testa- 

Goubl: children: Emma M., b. Dec. -29. l,-..l 

i; .lit exegesis. l.siH)-92; ass't 

I.ina v., b. Dec. 12, 1-rA Director Firs 

'•••■ard of Foreign Missioi 

s. 'fii-f. Ch. in 

Xat Bank, Old Ladies' Home, Adirondack 

. l-.-ii'.il, -\siatio 

Graidii'e -Mining and Milling Co. Trustee ii 

sT''i';?'jj^'i;;;%^;r!''mro;' Ch.. (il.iis Falls; pre-S. Y.M.C.A 

piiative llclii;ion. 

an!"' Mem. I'lol- 

Ha., li:iveled in Fiiiled States. Canada and 

liiol .s.ic. of X.Y. Address 

2j East ■22d St., 

licrniiola. Republican. B.iptist. Ad.lrcss 

-^.V, City. 

■Jl Sherman Av., Glens Falls, X.Y". 

AMES. Allan P.: 

AMOEY, John J.: 

Jo' inali-i writer; b. All 

anv, X.Y.. Mar. 

I'ics and iiig'r manufacturing corporaiions 

'■; 1^7.-.; s. Jeremiah F. . 

lid' Ang-liue T. 

b. Fond .ill Lac, Wis., ls"-(i, s. John Amory 


(of X.Y. City) ond Jnne (Sniitlil Amory 
(of Gosl.f-r .N.Y.); eJ, Kiverview Mil. AcaJ., 
Pouglikecpsie, N.Y. (<-apl. and adjutant of 
battalion): m. Pnujlikecpsie, N.Y., Marv 
Shephard Hull (Vassar, 'mi); children: John 
Hull, Kugeue H., Clement Gould. Mmut, 
Tombstone, Ariz., lS7s-;0: agent I'aciHc E.v- 
press Co., Toxarkana, Texas, ISSlb:;: hotel 
prop'r Billinus, Mont.. lSS3!-4; sec. and tre 
Armstrong -Mf'K Co., Bridgeport, Con 
ISij S«; since ISbli first sec. and treas. of Gas 
Engine and Power Co., and now pres. Gas 
Engine and Power Co. and Clias. L. Seal.urv 
& Co., Consolidated, Morris Heights, N Y 
City. Pres. Xat. Ass'n of Engine and Br>at 
JIfrs; v.-p. Xwrth Side B'd of Trade. Re- 
puijhcan. Episcopalian: vestryman St. 

James' Ch., Fcuahaui, N.Y, Mem. Soc. of 
Naval Architects and ifarinc Engineers, Nat. 
Civic Federation, Clul.s- N.Y. Yacht, 
Larchmont Y'aclit, Colutuhia Yacht, N.Y. 
Athletic, Fordham. Transportation. Econom- 
ic: also Motor Boat Club of America. Ad- 
dress; Morris Heights, N.Y. City. 
AMQS, Jacob: 

Merchant; b. i5vr,Tcuse, N.Y., Dec, ISra; 
ed. Syracuse High'Sch,: m. Syracuse, N.Y., 
Sept., 1S50, Florence E. Wells: "one daughter, 
Christine. In business as flour merchant. 
Pres. Paragon Plaster Co.. Syracuse Time 
Recorder Co.: v.-p. Third Nat." Bank. C. L. 
Amos Coal Co.; pres. Buffalo Auto Station 
Co. (BulTalo) ; director Commercial Nat. 
Bank, Syracuse Indeiiendent Telephone Co. ; 
director Am. Elovds ]ns. C. and Great West- 
ern Lloyds Ins. Co. and underwriter in each; 
trustee Syracuse Savings Bank, House of the 
Good Shepherd. Mem. N.Y. Produce Ex- 
change. Kopublican. Trustee Village of 
Baldwinsville: mayor of Syracuse. Ip0:2 9fl; 
Mason, Knight Templar. Clubs; Century, 
City. Onondaga Golf, Address; Syracuse, 


DC..: official reporter of H 










^r ; 

b. Hai 

iburg. Gc 






in Gern 


: came 

to Ameri 








■tner ir 

L. E. 

A I 






d comn 

ission- s 







G, An 

sinck & 






erns in 

the Soutl 




n t 




ink of 

NY., A 







s irance 








e Ins. C 

o. .Mem 






N Y. Pr 


■e Exch 

angcs. I! 



^'l H. 

47tli St. 


C llano 





ANABLE. Richard D.: 

Architect; b. lin.oklyn. N.Y., I'JS; s. Rev. 
Courtland \V. (D.I).) and Virginia (Iiinz.vl 
Anable: prad. Ciiion ChII.. A.U. Engaged 
in practice of architecture in N.Y. City from 
li:03. Republican. Baptist. Mem. Soc. 
Beau.x Arts, Architects. NY. Chapier Am. Architects, AlplKi, Brooklyn 
League. Residence: 91 Pineapple St., Brook- 
lyn. Addre-ss; 3 E. L'Mh :<t., N.Y. City. 
ANDEM, James L.: 

Sec. N.Y. PlHOingraph r'„. ; b. Knvburv, 
Mass., Jan. 1, IM-.;, Served in Civil War .-'is 
first lieut. and a.d.c. upon stalV of JIajor- 
Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks: was present at 
siege and capture of Port Hudson, I.a., 
Brownsville. Tex., ami p:i rl icip .led in lied 
River Ciiinpaigii. App.ii.iicd cl. rk of Con. 
on Foreign AlTairs. ilull^e of K. ;.s.. Wasli. 

ie and Senate 
Tariff Courn 

, ..broad. 1600-02. 

iraveiing through Great Britain and on the 
Lontineut; also visited S.iuth America and 
the West India Islands in l.-^06 Sec New- 
York Phonograph,Co., New England Phono- 
graph Co.: pres. Edison Phonograph Co. of 
Ohio; New York representative State Phono- 
graph Co. of Illinois, Missouri Phonograph 
Co., Kansas Phonograph Co., Wisconsin 
Phonograph Co.. Kentucky Phonograph Co., 
Minnesota Phonograph Co. Address: HO 
Nassau St., N.Y, City. 

Sec. Student and Foreign Dep'ts, Inter- 
nat. Com. Y..M.C. Ass'ns: b. Sveneke, Born- 
holm, Denmark. Nov. 6, 1S02: s. Hans K. and 
Aiie Maria (Dalil) Andersen: grad. St. Johns- 
bury (Vt.) Acad., ll>5l: Dartmouth Coll., 
A.B., ISSO (Phi Beta Kappa); m. Jersey Citv, 
N.J., June 2, ISM, Louise ilason: one "daugh- 
ter, Dorothy Andersen. Upon leaving col- 
lege became sec. Young Men's Inst., NY, 
City, 1SMS9; sec. Y.M.C.A.. Asheville, N.C., 
which organized, IfSOW; field sec. Internal, 
Am. Y.M.C. Ass'ns for the South, 1M2-9S; 
sec. Stiirlent Dep't, Internat. Com. since 
1S9S: also became responsible for work in 
Foreign Dep't, 19i)-2. -I'raveled in Europe 
summers of IS.'jT, 1SS9, ]9iW, 19112. 1903. Ad- 
dress : 121 E. 2Sth St., N.Y. City. 
ANDERSON, Abraham Archibald: 

Artist; I,, in N.J.. 1M7; s. William and 
Sarah Louise (Kyersonl .Vuderson; general 
education at C.lumliia Coll., Grammar Sch.. 
and iu Euroj.e under private tutors; art od- 
ucalion iu Paris, under Bonnat, Cahanel. 
Collin, Cormon, Godin; m. ijST. Elizabeth 
Milbank. P.esiJed for many vears iu Paris, 
where was pres. Am. Art "A'ss'n, Paris, of 
which is now honorary pres; exhibited at 
Paris Salon, and at the E.xposition Univer- 
selle, 1J99, as well as in various other ex- 
hibitions. Specialty is portraitur 
v.-p. I'ortrait Soc. 
more notable yjortr 
Bishop Arthur Cleyelaiid Coxe. Henrv B. 
Clatlin. Gen, Oliver O. Howard. Governor 
■Morgan, Thomas A. Edison, John Wanamaker, 
S.'c. iuiot, .etc. Built the Bryant Park Stu- 
dio Building. Recreations: Hunting, mo- 
toring, golf. Special sup't Teton and Yel- 
lowstone Forest Preserves, Wyoming; v.-p. 
League of Am, Sporlsmen: mem. N.Y. Soc. 
for Protection of Game, N.Y. Acad. Science. 
Nat. Geog. Socf, X.Y. Zoiil. Gardens. Clubs: 
I'nion League. Riding. Automobile of Amer- 
ica. Lambs. Fairlield County Golf. Lakewood 
Country. Address: Bryant Park Studio 
BId'g. N.Y. City. 

Manufacturer: I.. White Cottage. Muskin- 

ini County. Ohio. 1S22; s. William Anderson 

no of Ihe early surveyors.iu Central Ohio). 

.1 E.stlicr I'l'ussev) Aii.lcrson: m. 1.^1.1. 

■ances Ann Wilson", of Virginia; children: 


Euclid, of Andr 
il eng' 


fus. . 
e ( 

11. \Va 



s Cons 


t.1 re 

U Bri"l'a' 







Wiio'.s WHO IX Niiw \uitK 




nini'im* engines (the first practical application 
ricr made of tlio gyroscope); estiiblislicd 
m.idjiiie shop in Lancaster, Oiiiol moved to 
I'.ckskill. N'.y.. 1-I.-2. wlure has since cun- 
.111. ted the Anderson ilachine Works. Ad- 
dress: Peekskill, .\',Y. 
ANDEKSON, Charles W.: 

Collector of internal revenue; b. in Ohio, 
of African descent; worked his war throush 
lii-h school and commercial college while 
bupporting a widowed mother and two sis- 
ters: afterward studied law, hut was not 
admitted to bar. Camo to XA'., took up 
newspaper work and later drifted with poli- 
tics; for several years super\-isor of racing; 
;ic. cunts in connection with the XA'. State Comm'n; appt'd, I'JUO, collector of in- 
ternal revenue for -Jd Dlst., NA'. City. Ac- 
tive political worker among voters of his 
r;ice, and campaign speaker, and mem, 2sA'. 
Slate Kepuhlicau Committee. Address: 15U 
.Nassau St., X.Y. City. 
ANDERSON, David M.: 

Paper inaiiufaclurer; b. Harrison, Wcst- 
clicstir Co.. X v., Oct. 9. ls.w; s. David and 
Caroline -Minott (Mitchell) Anderson; cd. 
brooklvn Polytechnic Inst.; ni. Uackeusack, 
.N.J., I>ec. 3, 1»2, Ida -M. Lvdecker; one 
daughter. Eli/ahetli, b. It-bl. I'Ves. Taggarts 
I'aper Co., gen. nigr. St. Eegis Paper Co.; 
director Agricultural Ins. Co., Ilungerford- 
Hulhrook Co., Watertown Nat. Bank; trustee 
.IclTerson County Savings Bank. Kepuhlicau; 
Kpiscopnlian. Trustee Watertoun City 
llosp., JclVerson Co. Inst. Recreations: 
Ya.hting, auloiiM>hiling, driving. Clubs: 
Black Kiver Vallev. Crescent Yacht, JelYer- 
s..n Co. Golf, X.Y. Yacht. Address; Water- 
tuwu, X.Y. 
ANDERSON, Edward H.: 

Iiesiguing ele.'. eiigr; b. Spartanburg Co., 
S.C. ; s. John C. and Emma (liuisll An- 
derson; ed. in civil, mech. and elec. engin'r- 
ing at Univ. of .S.C, Columbia, S.C, ; m. 
Anderson. S.C, Dec, IS'JG. Marv E. And./r- 
childreu; John C, h. Is'.iT. Frances B.. 

>. 1S99. 
notors used 
nents in N.Y. 
n London. 

of la 

elevated and sul.wav equip- 
tv, Boston and Chicago; also 
clrical designer of railway 
niotors for Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady. X.Y., 
bin.e l.^CKi; dc-iL-ncr of motors on ele.-trie 
locomotives, N.Y. Central R'y. Contributor 
of papers on dvnamic and econontic oper- 
ation of railways to technical journals. 
Mgr and treas. Emma B. Anderson C.itlon 
I'l.uilati>n Co. Democrat; Presbyterian. 
Asao. mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs; ni.un. 
•■-igina Nu fral.rnilv. Cluli: Mohawk Golf. 
A.|..l,-,ss; Sch.iicctady. N.Y. 
ANDERSON, Edwin Hatfield: 

Librarian; I.. ZionsviHe, Ind., Sept. 27, 
l-<;i; s. Philander and Emma A. (Duzan) 
Anderson; grad. Wabash Coll., 1.-S3, A.M.; 
spent a year at X.Y. State Library School, 
Ail. any, X.Y.; m. Glcnco... 111., Dec. il, b-Jl. I{. Pluiumer. Cataloguer one vear 
al .Sewbcrrv Lil.rarv. Chicago, 111.; lil.ra- 
nan Carnegie Er.'c Librarv, Braddo.k, Pa., 
thr.-e years; organii:ed and "was lirst lil.rarian 
of the Carnegie Library of Piilsl.urgh. Pa., 
from 1-1...-, until resign.-d Dec. I'.wil; engaged 
in /ill.- an.l lead mining at Carllia^-.'. .Mo., 
diMii.g ISO-,; director .N.Y'. .state I.ihr.irv and 
dire. tor .N.Y. Statu Library .S.hool, Albaiiv, 

X.Y., Jan. 1, 1000, to June 1, lOOS, resigning 
to take present appointment as ass't director 
N.Y'. Public Libr.iry, June 1, 19(JS. Pres. 
Keystone State Lil.rarv .Vss'n lOOl-Ci-2; mem. 
Public Records Ciimm'u of I'a., and of Histo- 
rical Archives Comm'n of Pa., WOd-Ol; 1st 
v.-p. Am. Librarv Ass'n lfS9-9(1. 19OC-07. Res- 
id. -nee ; i 10 W. ID 1th St. Address: 425- La- 
fayette St., .N". Y. City. 
ANDERSON, Euclid: 

-Manuia.lurer; b. in Muskingum Co., Ohio, 
34S; m. Kate M. Vought; resided in Zanes- 
ille, Ohio. lW2-.-|C: Lancaster, Ohio, IS.iil- 
2; removed to Peekskill, N.Y"., lSo2 ; went to 
an Francisco 1S7:; ; returned to Peekskill. 
helped to found and is one of firm of .\n- 
■ son .Machine Works, PeekskiU. Address: 
Peekskill, X.Y. 
ANDERSON. Eyre Massey: 

'.iorn Col.hester, England, ISSO; s. Maj. 

nes George and Emilv K. (Power) Ander- 
son: ed. St. Augusiine Coll. Ramsgate (Eng- 
land). St. Bernards (Brussels, Belgium), 
and Bonn IJniversitv; m. N.Y". .iug., 19U5, 
Marv M. McGinness. See. Internat. Co- 
operative Co.; pies. Am. B'd of Legal Ad- 
visers; propr Harry Lawrence & Co., White 
Cross Pharniacal Co. Roman Catholic. Rcs- 
iden.-e: The Gladys. W. 141th St. Address: 
74S Le.xiugton M., N.Y'. City. 

Med, iiiMiector U.S.X. ; b. Staten Island, 
N-Y'.. July Jii, 1S5-J; s. William C. and Louisa 
(Moman) Anderson; ed. Grammar Sch. No. 
33, N.Y. Citv; Coll. City ot N.Y., A.B., 1871; 
Coll. Phvs. and Surg., N.Y. Citv. M.D., 1571; 
m. London, England, June 17, "iSsO, Eleanor 
C. Colbn; rluldren: Dorothy M., Eleanor. 
Interne Charity IIosp., N.Y'. City, l»72-74. 
Appointed ass't surgeon, U.S.N., May 24, 
1^75; passed ass't surtreon, Nov. 2J, 1S7?; 
Naval II, .so.. Clicks. a. l-.7,j: .Montauk, lb75- 
1>7.:: I-;, ,, -il:.', .\ I, .lie •-■,ii.-,u, 1S70-7S; Re- 
. . :^ , ■ ■ , - ■ i; Quinnebaug, 

J ,,: . Xavv Yard, N.Y", 

1--1 -..;. ];;. I 1 .1. .N .V. .^1 iiiun, 1^-7-SS: Dol- 
phin, S.iaadcn uf Evoluliou, l.S>s-90; Naval 
Dispensary. Washington, D.C., Oct., 1S90-9.5; 
promoted to surgeon. Nov. 14, 1S91: ordered 
to the Amphitrite. April, 189.',; Dolphin, 1S|1,'>; 
Naval Hosp.. Yokohama, .Vug., 1^97, to 1900; 
Alabama. Nov., lliol, to 1903; promoted to 
med. inspecli.r. Jan. 31, ]9ii:;; served on U.S.S. 
Brooklvn. lOiKMlo, as fleet surireon in Euro- 
pean and South Atlantic squadrons; in 1-J.i6 
at Naval Med. Sii|.plv Depot. Mare Island, 
Calif. Mem. Ass'n .Mil. Surgeons U.S.: Man- 
hattan Chapter, Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. 
Clubs: University, N.Y. Yacht, (N.Y. City); 
Army and Navy 1 Washin-ton) ; Clievv Cha-e 
(.MaVvland) ; "United (Yokohama, 
\d.lrcss: Caro Navy Departmcut, Washing- 
ton. D.C. 
ANDERSON, George Bradley: 

Dry goods merchants; b. Canandaigua, 
N.Y.. April IN ISll; s. James (Sr.) and .Maria 
A. (S.iu.y) Aii.lcrsou: e.l. Canandaigua Free 
S. h. amri!usliville (N.Y.) Acad.; m. Scne.a 
Fulls, N.Y.. May l.'i, l^TJ, Lottie A. Lelaiid; 
chil.lrcn: Fred! L., Charles W., George El- 
mer. Drv goods salesman for Charles D. 
Castle. Eu.sliville, -X. Y'., 1SJ3 00 cashier and 
b.iokkeeper for John C., Canandaigua. 
.V V . IMUO:;; buver and iiss't nig'r for G. II. 
Scclje, h-.;3 00; i.artuer Squiers, Amb-rson iv 



180071: s 
aB sole prop" 
goods and c;i: 

for forty const'futive vt-ars; Iniilt iu-es.ent 
store, 19U0. Director McKei/kiiiu B.uik. Ke- 
publicau. Coui.-ro:,-atioiialist. Trustc' Cms'l 
Ch. o£ Cananilai-ua, C'aiiaiidaisua Cfiuettry 
Ass'n. Address: Caiiandaigua', X.V. 
ANDEESON, George E.: 

Lawyer: h. Mahopac Falls, Putnam Co., 
N.Y., June 24, 1633; s. I'eter and Mary (Aus- 
tin) Anderson; ^'rad. State Xurmnl *Sclio.>I, 
1873; Albany Law School, lJ76: lu. tirst. Ma- 
hopac Falls, X.V.. Sept. 0, 1^77, Eliza Asor; 
second, Carinel, X.Y., Feb. 25, ISUl. Mary E. 
Slead; one son: J. Leslie, b. April 2s, 
ISiO. Engaged .iu practice of law at Carmel. 
N.Y., from lb70. Director Putnam Co. Na- 
tional Bank. Address: Carmel, N'.Y. 
ANDEESON, George Wood: 

Clergyman; b. Belle Center, Ohio, Dec. S, 
1S73; s. Calvary B. and Mar^-aret L. (Zupp) 
Anderson: grad. Ohio Wesleyau Univ., A.B., 
IbOS, JI.A., ln'M. Ordained iu miuistrr u( 
M.E. Church, iu Ohio; pastor Epw.irth Ch., 
Lima, Ohio, Issfg-l'JuJ; pastor Slate Street 
Ch., Troy, -V.Y., since l;nJ3. Traveled e.\len- 
Bively in North and Si>uth America. Lec- 
turer for Eidpath Lyceum Bureau in all parts 
of U.S. Republican. Mason and Odd IVl- 
low. Kecreations: Fishins, huuting. Club: 
Troy. Address: Troy, X.Y. 
ANDERSON, Henry Burrall: 

Lawver; s. ilenrv U. and Sarah (Burrall) 
Anderson; grad. Vale A.B. (Scroll and Kev), 
lS65; m. Marie \V. Larucque. Mem. Ass'n 
Bar Citv of .N.Y., Psi L'psilou. Hubs: Cni- 
versity, X.Y. Ya.-ht, Ridins. Residence: ai)7 
JIadisoa Av. Address: 15 Broad St., X.Y. 

ilf r electrical apparatus and patent solic- 
itor; b. Mt. SterUn- (Hopewell P.O.), Mus- 
kingum Co., O.. Jan. lb, l5l0; s. All. an and 
Frances Ann (Wilson) Anderson; ed. Ohio 
schools; entered U.S. Volunteer Annv at a--e 
of le, and served as corporal in Co. I. C'l th 
Ohio Vol. Inf., iy;2; disabled iu campai.;n 
through Kciitnekv and Tennessee. Oct. 1 to 
Dec. 10, \y.:; diseliar_-ed Dec. 24, 1S';2; served 
with Armv of Pot. .mac in s.Tviee of U.S. 
Sanitary C.>mmissi.,n, ,lan. 1, l>.jl, to close of 
•nar; m. Verplan.-k, X.Y., IJIJI. Philena Es- 
tello Slins.,n: children: Homer Alban (law- 
yer), Katherine Eslello ( i.r-,-anist ), Dnu-las 
De Forest (survevor). Prcs". Anderson, Mc- 
Culchenn Co., and Ph.-vlon Heater Co., li..ih 
engagi'd in making Atidors.wi p;,ienl heaters, 
in Peekskill, X.Y. S.TVed as water r 
in Peekskill two terms, 1W.',-US. last t.-rm 
pros, of board; mem. Board ot Kd'ii. Iv'l '..3, 
sec. of b.iard. Began as Iti.pnl.lican, 
now independent. Meth..dist. One of or- 
iginal menis. Am. Inst. Klec. Kngrs (nut n..w 
mem.). Mem. A.O.l'.W'., CVi.t.TiMi..l II.. ,e 
C.I.. Abrali..m Vosbnr--h P.. si, ti.A.K. (| 
commanderl; \Ves:<-hester C... Ass'n. ( 
(sec): I.inoln ,s,.c.. Peekskill 


business for self 

1 conduelrn- drv 

at Canandai:;ua 



ru As 


Cortlandt (Inc.). Address: Peekskill, X.Y. 

Artist; b. 0.-if..r.l, 0., J:.n. 1.3. 1571; s. I. M. 
and Emma (Smith) Ander.^.ln; ed. public 
schools. Art Inst, ol Chicago, and pupil of 

Mucha, Paris; m. Marietta, O., Sept. 1, 1901. 
Helen Ed-erton Biiell. Alter studies in Pans 
an schools, painted in the Xelheriands; also 
portrait painter and book illustrator. Ex- 
hibitor in Paris Salon, Nat. Acad. Design, 
Soc. Am. Painters and La. Purchase'n. 
Has doie much w.irk in illnstrati.m for Sat- 
urday Evening Post, Collier's Weekly. Scrib- 
ner's Magazine, etc. Mem. Societv of Illus- 
trators. Club: Salmagundi. Residence: 67 
W. Wth St. Address: 57 E. 59th St.. X Y. 
ANDERSON, Thomas Davis: 

ClerL-ymaii: b. Koxbury (now Boston), 
Mass, Feb. 20, 1S33; s. Thomas D. and Lucv 
Ann (Spence) Andsrson; ed. public schools, 
X.Y. City: grad. Phillips Acad.. Aud.iver, 
Mass., 1S70; Brown Univ., A.B., 1S74 ( D.D., 
1-91); X.wtoii Theol. Inst'n, Xewtun Center, 
Mass., 1.-77: m. 1st, Providence, Xov. 27, ls77, 
Fanny M. Cross; 2d, Providence, R.I., Dec. 
13, Ir'j.;, Mrs. Jane A. Harlwell; children: 
Clitlord S. (assistant city solicit. .r, Won-es- 
ter, -Mass.). Francis il. (cotton manufacture, 
Alabama City, Ala.). Pa.Mor Fir^t Bainist 
Ch., Portland, .Me., lS77-_'. S\ Bapt. 
Ch., Eallimore, Md., 1--:-:: . -r.l Bapt. 
Ch., Pr..vidence, R.l.. 1--. !:■ : lara.muel 
Bapt. Ch.. Albany. X.V,. >,,:■■■■ !'.• Pros 

R.I. Bapt., l.-:...-pio.'. Has trav- 
eled across continent, in Europe; also iu 
Egypt. Palestine and the Levant. Mem. 
B'd and sec. Corjjoration, 




stee Xewio 

Theol. Inst 
Kocliester Tlie.d. Sem., Rochester, X.Y.; 
overseer Columbian Univ., Washington, D.C., 
1SS3-M): mem. Alpha Delta Phi. 
-Memorial of E. 0. Robinson, D.D., LL.D.. 
!)res. of Brown Univ., 1SU5. Address: 379 
Stale St., Albany, X.Y. 
ANDERSON, William A.: 

Sup't Bureau of .Surveys, X.Y. B'd Fire 
Uinleruriurs; b. X.V. Cav: ed. in public 
and priv.iie sch...ils ..f X. V. City. Began 
business life as clerk with the Harvard Ins. 
Co. at a.'c of 14 and remained with company 
f..r 11 ye.irs. then entered Service of Mercan- 
tile Ins. Co., of which was elected sec. 1^04, 
and pres., lt.70. During that period was 
treas. and also mem. of Patr.d Com. 'and 
Ciuns. on Poliie and Origin of Fires of X.Y. 
B'd Fire Underwriters. Pre]., mil llie report 

on the rcirnlalions and r .l .■:,.■: <- :.-..vern- 

iiog the inst.iilation of . : i, h was 

the first i>rinted list of i ;i such 

i.islallatb.ns, and the-., i. . ..;r, i:, i.s. em- 
1. 1. died ill a paper wlu.h he r,' i.l l.efire the 
Iniled Fire I nderwrilers of America, were 
a. I. .pled by bodv. Als.i prepared stand- 
ard ..f I ■ ■■ ■ ' 


ilo 111 


take pre 

Snrvevs for X.V. B'd Fire Und..rwriters. 
Also v.-p. Nat. Fire Preveniion .Usn; mem. 
B'd (■..H.siiiling Kng'rs of .Vat. B'd Fire l"n- 
derwrit.r.-. Ad. Ires: 31 Xassau St., X.Y. City. 
ANDERSON, William C: 

Phann.i.isl: 1.. Ki-v|...rt, X.J.. Feb. S. ISo.'i: 
B. Sa.v.ot E. and Katherine (.\..wlaiid) Ander- 
son; ,d. K.-vporl (traded S.-h.. ll.dines Ac.mI., 
Kevport. X.j.; Brooklyn Coll. of Pharmacy, 
T'har.l).. Phd.; m. Jnne 22. Iv90. Althea K. 
:.Iavi.ard. Pr.'s. The rnited Drn-.- C.rnpaliies 
of America. The Brooklyn Consolidated Drug 



}ul,li.sliiii.: I'.j. Rtpul.liivui: 


tli''urv uiid practice of jiliarn 

acv and I 

111,' facullv of the Br....klv 

1 i:'oll. 01 

liiacv. Mem. Am. Pli.irm 


Nat. Ass'n of Retail Drui- 

iMs. X.Y 

l'h.,riiiaceutical Ass'n, Mel 


H. :.-istere(l DrujL'ists, Kin;. 

s Co. F 


New England Drug-ists ( third honor) ; Columbia 
X.Y. Ciiv. Mav i;;, lbs.', 
I'letcller Reed Andrews, 
Department Wasliinston 
start' 01 Xeiv Vork dailv 
weeklies manv rears ; 

Pharma- iSoc. item. Roval Arianum, Jr. l)r- 
der U. A. M. Clul. : Kepnljlican. Address: 
S-20 Lafayette Av., Brooklyn. .N.V. 
ANDERSON, Woodford Dulaney: 

Author, educator: b. (Juinev. 111.. Jan. 10, 
1?7»; s. W, S. M. and .Marv Woodford 
(IJrowninc) Anderson: cd. Centenary Coll., 
Fenton Coll., Vanderbilt Univ. and N.Y. Univ. 
{A.B., A.M., Ph.D.): m. I!r.,oklvn. X.Y., Dec. 
I.'., lOnO, Helen Goodrich Keed: one daiishler, 
lieh-n, 1,. liuT. Prof, in Missouri Wesleyiu 
Coll., lSr/J-9.J: llornin-side Coll.. l-:i.5-90: Univ. 
of South Dakota, lil'ol'jol (taurrht insurance 
and banking): traveled, studvms transporta- 
tion and banking (visited nearlv every State 
in the Union with passes to studv railroad- 
ine), teacher Washin-t.m Irvin-: iliL-h Seh., 
I'.'o:;. Democrat: JletUodist. Mcin. ^'at. Cm- 
inercial Teachers' Federation, .Vat. Isaac Pit- 
man Shorthand Ass'n, Xat. Edn'l Ass'n. 
.Master Mason. Has read papers before the 
Trans-Mississippi Kdn'l Convention, Kul. 
Commercial Tetichers' Federation, X,it. Isaac 
Pitman Shorthand As.s'n and Xat. Kdn'l 
Author: Manu-Mental Compulation 


a I he 



124 K 

Mh St., X.Y. City. 
ANDEETON, Ralph Leigh, Jr.: 

Director street raihvavs: b. X'.T. Citv, Jan. 
ai, lalO: s. Ralph L. and Sarali (Knapp) An- 
derlon; cil. Woodstock Colle^-iate Acad., 
X.Y.; m. X.Y. Citv, Xov. 11, 1JT3. Susie Phil- 
bin. Director Br,..idwav a.ul Seventh Av. R. 
H. Co., Sllh St. Crosstown R'v Co., Central 
Park, Xorth and East River R. K. Co., 4::d 
-St. and Grand St. Ferrv K. R. Co., 2:i,t St. 
R'y Co., .Mttropolitan St. llv Co. Address: 
Knglewood, K.J. 
ANDEETON, Stephen Philbin: 


Ralph l.eii-h and ISusie (Pbilliin) 
Jr.; attended Coll. Citv of X. Y.: 
.^,h. of X.Y. Univ.. LL.B. (with 
l!'"!; m. X.Y. Citv, liini, Mai 
Mem. law tirm r.f Philbin, 11 





:ra.l. Lav 


ic Durrit 

& Men 


i X.Y 
Th.'ta Delt,i Chi 
19 IJllh St., X.V, 

ANDREW, Fred Dclmar: 

Physician, surL'eon; b. 
X.Y.. June 1. I>.i0; s. A 
l\Mllard) Andrew: prad. 
A I!,, Iti3: (.'oil. Phys. a 
Cniv.), M.D., 15.S7: m. 
Anna ir. Hunt: ehiMi 






e Co. Med. .■■ 
Alpha Delta P 
Address: :!S S. 


ANDP.EWS, Addison Fletcher: 

i: Helen, b. 1^07, 
X.Y". Stale Mi'd. 
., Rochest,-r Path,. I. 
Club: Ko,.|,..,t,r 
lion St., Roehesler, 

Vt., Api 
lia iFlel- 
Coll., is 

Law School, IfsO: 
Ella Reed; 'one s 
). 1>91. Clerk in V 
D.C., l5fl-bl; 
pajiers and musi 
mem. of Schumi 
rs; tenor in chu 
reader and humo: 
Carnesie Hall, 1 
rs, church aiithe 


for best 


ed bv 

of Kich- 


tarian. Mem." Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta 
Kappa; founder Manuscript Sue. Life mem. 
X.Y. Press Club. Address: iX \i. oHh St., 
X.Y". City. 

ANDREWS, Avery D.: 
Lawver; b. Jtassena 
Hannibal and Harriet 
srrad. U.S. 

X.Y., April 4, l.-,-;4: s. 

(De Lano) 


D.C., LL.B., IMd; 

ilil. Acad., 
Law Sell., Washington 
X.Y'. Law Sch., LL.B., 
Islaud, X.Y.. Sept. 27, l>bS, Marv C, d. Lieut. - 
Cen. J. il. Seholield: children: Scholield, Do 
Lano, Lieut. 0th U.S. Art'y, Issij.'ja; aide-de- 
camp to major-gen. conimandiii!: army, l-.-j- 
Oi. Major and eng'r, 1st Brigade, X.G.X.Y., 
1S9S; major commancling .Squadron A. X.G. 
X.Y., l;9s; lieut.-col. U. S. '^'olunteers durins 
Spanish War.; adj. -gen. Slate of X.Y. and 
eliiei of staff to Gov. Roosevelt, 1S99; police 
commissioner, X.Y. City, lMij-97. V.-p. and 
director General Asphalt Co., Barber Asphalt 
Pavins,- Co. Independent in politics. Epis- 
coi.alian. Mem. Bar Ass'n X.Y. Citv, Am. 
Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Mil. Soe. 
Foreign Wars. Clubs: Century, Universitv. 
Cliureh., (X'.Y'. City); Army and Xavy 
(Washington). Ad.Iresso.?: Land Title Build- 
ing. Philadelphia; Century Club, X.Y. City. 
ANDREWS, Champe Seabury: 

Lawvi.r; b. Yaioo City, .Miss., May 13. 1S73; 
s. OjI. llarnett and Rosalie Champe (Beirue) 
Andrews; father was author Andrew-s' Mis- 
si.«siiipi Digest: crandlather, JiuU-e Gan.ett 
Andrews, was judu-e Supreme Cm rt of Ga.. 

Dist. for n 
•Ala. Polvlc 
For 7 ve; 
X.Y. Con 

rears in' U.S. ( ■ _: mL 

; Inst., B.Sc., 1-, ; . ; : >1 
ounsel Med. So.. C..;i.l. ut 
ted frenneiillv to Forum, Co, 
Med. Ass'n. Med. 

Yale Ln 


ire partii 
.-ians and 
rtilied to 

Dep't), Son 

but dei'liiiei 

,t Artillerv I 

tor A. B. An. 

i-iiett An,lre« 

l,niden,-e s 

r: hou. lilein.. Pe.kskill T.i 

seiiiil of Art, .Munieipal 

;1 .Mil. Order Siiauish Wa 

.Med. Jiir 

s (p: 
of R.'V 



t. ihi 

Virginia So.- 





W. I 


I Jur. 

Alpha Kpsiluii Assn (pn 
Lodge, No. 1, B.P.O. Elks (o.iGt o.Kiiliod 
3t<0:?-01). Clubs: Anuv and Xavv, Pe::. Tiesi- 
dence: Annv and .Vavv Clu'j. i')7 --V. i'Jd fit. 
A.ldrtss; ui \V. i;;iU "at., ^.Y. City. 
ANDREWS. Cb.irles: 

Jurist; b. ^\■hllrMown. X.Y., ilav ?7. IS:::; 
B. Gtor-e and P.dlv Andrews: cd. Cizerovia 
Sera.; LL.i)., Ilamiltun, Columbia, Yr'le: t.. 
Syracuse, N.V.. .\Iav 17, It.JO. Slarcia A. 
Shankland; children: William S Charles W. 
Admitted to bur, J:;n., ijlH: dist. arturnnv 
for Onondaga Co., l.-,a-ji;; three times m.-ij-or 
of S.vr.icuse; associate justice X.Y. Court uf 
Appejils, 1S70-S1: aijpt'd chief justice, 1.--S1; 
re-efected assnciate justice Court of Appeals, 
1SS4; noniiiiaied by both parties an-i elected 
chief judiie, l^tij; retired Dec. ai, l!^07. Was 
mem.-at large of Constitutional Conventiou of 
X.Y'., 1SC7. Address; ^iyracuse, X.Y. 
ANDREWS, Charles Lee: 

Stock broker; b. lialliranre, ltd., Oct. 2.=, I March .X 19iJC 
IS.JS; s. Kicliard Sni.wden and Mary 0. iLe") graduate at 

id. Ut 

d Sn 




and C 

to X.Y. City Bait 

X.Y. Stock K 

De Cji'Pet A: 

talion, X.Y. Xaval .Mil 

rank of lieut., res 

U.S.X., April, Itil;, 

1S5S; also pres. 
? Co. of bvracuj,-, 
1. Rev..lution. K.m- 
dence: jll b. Crouse Av., Syracuse, X.Y. 
Address: ,1t(; Bmadwa.v, X.Y. City, and Oul- 
5«; South West St., Syracuse, X.Y\ 
ANDREWS, Harvey T.: 

■ rycr, author; b. X. Tarrvtown, X.Y., 
2^^, ISSo; ed. Cuup-i- Inst.. Harlem lli-h 
!^^■ll., X.Y. Univ.; m. Mem. X.Y. Assembly. 
]6M.!)7; ass't L".S. Apprasier, Port of X.Y. 
Author: Manual of the United States Cus- 
tom Laws. ItHJi (Dillinghaml. Mem. Har- 
lem Bd. of Commerce. ■ Clubs: Colb-iate, 
Harlem Republican. Residence: So Mt. .Mor- 
ris Paik West. Address; 041 Washiusjtou 
St., X.Y. City. 
ANDREWS, Henry M.: 

Army ollic-r; b. X.Y. City. Xov. 13. ISort; 

ed. Rome (X.Y.) Acad.; grad. U.S. -Mil. 

Acad., 1»74, and comm'd L'd It. 1st -\rtillery; 

1st It., July G, 1S75; eapt., March S, l^tH; 

major. Artillery Corps, Sept. 23, 11)01; It. crl., 

)!., Jan. -ri, 1007. Was h.oior 

lillery Sch., at Ft. .Moni-.M-, 


of Va., .M.A., lj?l; -iff- 

lb7lj; on active duty with battery 

he Walden; eliildren: 

Spai.ish-Am. War; comm'd Li-ht BatI 

l.-Ol, Charles Lee, Jr., 

1st Art'y, Philippiiu'S, l;!ili-lyol; insi 

twinn, b. IfjT. Moved duty, St. Loubs, .\lo.. inol; Ft. Leave! 

timore, ls^^, and mem. ' Sch., in command field artillery bal 

since 1^>7; mem. lirm Itiul ; iust'r law, (.ien. Sr-rvic- ami Si;ill 

us. Enlisted 1st Eat- 1 Ft. Leavenw..rth. lOOJOi;: as>igncd 

liiia, lb;._', and rose to 

Field Arl'y. June C, VJUl ■ transf-rrcd 

ng l!«i3: appl'd ei..Mgn 

Field Arfy, June i-;. I:«jr. Address 


. Wai 



•land Soc. of X.Y., .Mil. Ord 
>, Xaval and .Mil. Order S 
Delta Kappa Ep>ilon i 


and Xa 




Yacht. Address: 42 Br 

ANDREWS, Constant A.: 

Banker; b. X.Y. City, 1S14; s. Loring 
Blandiua B. Andrews; ed. Cdumbia 
Cr.immar Sch. and at Dusseld..ri, Germ 
in.d. course Bellevue llosp. Med. Cull 
Blanche I.andgraf Vance, widow of 
J. Brewster; one daughter, Conslanci 
Jones. Served as vobnilecr med. ass" 
Civil War. E, 
of Loring Andrews & S.. 


t Bay c'onii' 
-X.Y. City 

of • The 


banking lii 
organizer, ami fro: 
S:iyingb Bank (Jo 


partner' Den 

ts -Mel 


Andrews & Co.; 
orpnration pros., U.S. 
SI, V. p. Elkhorn Co. 

Sill, Okla.. or eai 
ington, D.C. 
ANDREWS, Horace: 

Civil eng'r; b. Xew Haven, Conn., Mar. 10. 
lfo2; s. llurace and Julia R. (Jolinsou) An- 
drews; grad. Shetlield Scieutihc Sch.. Yale 
Ph.B., 1671, C.E., 1.-72: ui. Xew Haven, 
Oct. 13, Ibbl, Adeline L. Dowuer: chil- 
dren: Theodore (A.B., Yale, li;u:>). Bertha 
Agnes (now Mrs. James E. .Malonev). Con- 
nected with U.S. Coast and Ueodetie Survey 
six years, and X.Y. State (trigonometrical) 
.Survcj' si.K ye;irs; sanitary eng'r X.Y. Sl.-ite 
B'rt of Health: mem. Albany B'd of He.iiih 
.six years; city eng'r of .Vlbauv, N.Y., IbMi. 
10"0. Jlem. B'd "of Examiners for State 
X'.Y. State, six years. 
. Peter's Episcopal Ch. 
• metcrverein since lf7'J, 

Soc. Civil En 

Life mem. .Museum of Xal ,r:il History an< 
Met. Museum of Art. f'iMlw: City (life) 
Xaliunal Arcs (lifci, Ardsb-v. X.Y. Ath 
b-cic; also Manhassct Bay V..'.-ht (lionorar> 
mem.). A.ldress: 737 Madison Av., X.Y. City 

Merchant : b 
May IS IMM; 
(X.mos) Andre 
s.-ho,ds; m. X. 


. 4.S W. ."Illh St., X.Y. Citv 

s. Joseidi I. and .Miriam 

ws: e.l. in X.Y, Citv pnbli. 

Y. Citv. ^^av in. ^-<n. i.viii 

B'd of 

Orange, .\ddress: 1'25 Lancaster St., Al- 
bany, X.Y. 
ANDREWS, J. Charles: 

lias I',., olllcial; b. Darbv, Pa., Oct. 27, 
1^7:;: s. J. Charles an.l Elizabeth (BuiitinL-) 
Andrews: ed. Darbv Frboids' Sell., Erieiid.s' 
Central Sch., Philadelphia, Pa.; Swarthmoro 
(Pa.) Coll. Started in Si.ulhwark Foundry 
and Machine Co., Plliladclplua ; connected 
with Uiiiled Slates Leather Co.. X.Y. Citv, 
United Gas linprovemeul Co.. Philadelphia; 
The neiivcr (Colo.) Ga.s and Ele.-lrie Co.; 
sec, treas. ami director Gas Securities Co., 
Ki.-liiiton, H.'immnnd and Amlrews; v. -p., 
treas. and director Lebanon Gas and Fuel 
Co.: s.'C. and Combustion Utilities Co. 
Mem. .\m. Cas Light Ass'n. Ohio Gas Li-llt 
Ass'n, Western (ias Light 











( ^rarine nnd Field (XY.). 
Address; OU Wall SI., X.Y. City. 
ANDREWS, J. Sherlock: 

Lawyer retired; b. K'jcher.ter, >'.T., Ccl. 5, 
I'-Hi; s. Samuel Ueorge and Lois A. '.Whit- 
iirv) Andrews; grad. LUIr. of RucUester, 
A.ii., ItOS; unmarried. Knsr.ged in pr,iCt:ce 
uf law iu Rochester, ISTU-l'.mO. Mem. N.Y. 
Zool. Soc, Archaulogicai Ins,i. Arjerii.a, Sue. 
Colonial Wars. S.ns of R.-volulion. Clubs: 
St. Anthonv, Calumet, University. Addr-iss: 
111 St. Paul St., Rochester, ^".Y. 
ANDREWS, James DeWitt: 

Lawver, author; b. Sterling-, ill., Fell 22, 
\ii^,; s. Robert C. and Khoda Clark ( ivinss- 
bury) Andrews; grad. Sterling IIi:h Sch., 
l»7(i; Albany Law Sch. ( ( ninn Univ.), 
LL.R., 1^79; Chicago Law Sch., LL.II., IsJT; 
ni. Slorlinj:, 111.. June 9. 1^!^U, Alice 
Ilarrctt. Admitted to bar of N.Y., 1S7D, of 
III.. lsT9; practised in Whiteside Co., ill., 
]S7'J-91 (city alfv Sterling, 111., 1-bii) ; Chi- 
cago, 1S91-1W3: X.Y. City since luo3. Trcs. 
and mn'g editor Codex Publishing Co. Be- 
came law critic, Callashan & Co.. law pub- 
lishers, Chicago, lyjl;'prof. law, ^■orlhwes- 
tern Univ., l^W; post-crad. pruf. junsnru- 
donce Chicago Law Sch.. 1597. Mtm. Am. 
Bar Ass'n, 111. State Bar Ass'n; chm'n 
Com. on Classification of Law, Am. Bar 
Ass'n since lOu;; ; chm'n Com. Leral Educa- 
tion, 111. Bar Ass'n, 190103; delegate to Uni- 
versal Congress Law-yers and jurists. St. 
Louis, 191H. Republican. Prosbyt.'rian. 
.\uthor: Andrews' Stephen's Pleading (2 
editions), Illinois Supremo Court Jlanual; 
Andrews' American L.iw. two editon's: edited 
4lh edition Cooley's Blackstone (2 vol's.), and 
AVilson's Y/orks (2 vols.) ; also numerous 
contributions to legal journals. Residence; 
41.5 W. -llSth St. Office: 220 Broadway, \.V. 
ANDREWS, Lilian Herbert: 

Lawyer; b. Sar.ito-a. NY., Feb. 23, IS.IS; 
s. Lorenzo R. and Betsy S. (Coolev) -Vn- 
drews; descended from l>r. John (.'reenc, 
who came to America in U;3j, and who w!i.s 
ancestor of Gen. Nathiuiael Greene, of tho 
Revolution; grad. Williams Coll., I.s7(. as 
valedictorian of class; has hi-liest re.ord in 
history of the colle.-e: was profess.. r Latin, 
Williams Coll., 1-7J-711: m. NY. Cuv. Julv 
2C, ]b93, JIarv Elizabeth Barrows, lias prac- 
tised law in N.Y. City since l^^l; has been 
counsellor of legation to Republic of Culum- 
bia since PW. Director Kress .V Owen Co.. 
Home Land and .Mining Co. Address: 3» 
Park Row, N.Y. City. 
ANDREWS. Newtoa Lloyd: 

l:duealor; b. iiil.iu>. N.Y., Aug. II, ISll; 
B. N;ilhaniel and I'.itharinc G. (Keinse.i) An- 
drews; grad. Colgate Univ., A.l! . l~i..'. A.M., 
IM.i (Phi Beta Kappa); Ilauiillon Coll., 
Ph.D., ls7,s. I'liiv. of Chicago, LL.D., l^■^;i; 
m. 1st, X.Y.. Sept. it. l.-i;.",, Cvnthia 
S. Burchard (died I;.v;): -jd. Newton t'eiiTi-e, 
Mass., Dec. 27. l--s, Charlotte P. llarbach. 
rrincipal of Prep. Deii't, Colgate Univ.. 
l>G4-c;;l; since l.~';.s prof, ilreek language and 
literature, and was dean of the college fac- 
ulty, Colgate Univ.. l--0-;i.-,: siroe 1>',K'. lec- 
turer on hislorv of art. Under l-ave of ab- 
seiico has traveled extensively alir.Md in pur- 
bUit of studies in archeology and art. au- 


cient, ruediajval and 
ent in politics. F 
Soc. Address : Hat 


aissance. Independ- 
st. Mem. Hellenic 
n, N.Y. 
ANDREWS, William Loring: 

-Mefeha.;t, autlior; b. N.Y. City, Sept. 9. 
1..V"; s. Loring and Caroline C. (Delmateri 
Andrews; ed. private sch..ols (hon. M.A,, 
Yale. ISQ.l) ; m. Got. 17, 1h;ii, Jane Elizabeth, 
d. Theodore Crane, of N.Y. Citv. Trustee 
Bank for Savings; director Continental Ins. 
Co., formerlv for eleven vears one of mg'rs 
House of Refuge, Raudall's Island. Trustee, 
mem. exec. com. and houorarv librarian, .Met. 
Museum of Art. Mem. council, N.Y. Univ., 
honorarv mem. 11th Armv Corps Ass'n, mem. 
Nat. Acad. Design, N.Y. Hist. Sue, Am. 
Geog. Soc, Chamber of Commerce ; founder 
and pres. Soc. of Iconophiles of N.Y. ; re- 
tired from active business, 1S77. Author; 
New Amsterdam, New Orange, N'cw York; 
Old Booksellers of New York; Fragments of 
American ilistory; Prospectus of Colleges in 
Cambridge; Se.vto Decemos et Infra; A Trio 
of French Engravers; Portraiture of tho 
American Revolutionarv War; James Lyne s 
Survev; Gossip about Book Collecting; Paul 
Revere and His Engraving; Iconography of 
the Battery and Castle Garden; Bibliopegy 
in the United States; Treatise of Fysshingo 
Wvlh an Angle, from the Book of St. -U- 
baiis; Histi.rieal Sketch of the Continental 
Fire Insurance Co. of the Citv of New York; 
New York as Washington Knew It After tho 
Revolution. Clubs: Century, Grolier (ono 
of founders and second pres.). Union 
League; also Saville Club. London. Address; 
ir, E. Ssth St., N.Y. Citv, and The Pep- 
peridges. Weal Islip, L.I., N.Y". 
ANDREWS. William Shankland: 

Jurist; b. Syracuse, N.V.. Sept. 25, 1?5S; 
s. Charles and .Marcia (Shankland) An- 
drews; grad. llarv;uil. A.B.. IsSO, Columbia, 
LL.B., 1~S2; m. N.Y. Citv. Dec. 31, lS.s4, JIarv 
I Shipman. Engaged 


il cic 

ed. 1.-99 

term e 

rt of the Slate oi NY. 
g Dee. Z\, IMS. Re|>MO- 
Oak St., Syracuse, 



ANDRUS, Edward Proctor: 

Otluer U.S.A.; h. Poughkeepsic, N.Y., 
Nov. 17, 1>.-.1; s. Charles II. and Louisa C. 
(Cv.-les) Andrns; ed. imblic schools of 
Pouglikcpsie. NY., Uiverview Mil. Acad., 
Pon.-likeei.sie; grad. U.S. .Mil. Acad., June 
K, ls7j; m. .Minneapolis. .Minn.. Feb. 7. In", 
-Marie Josephine Birdwell; children; Clift, b. 
Oct. 12, l.-uo, Cowles. b. Sept. 21, ISOj. Ap- 
pointed 2d lieul. olh Cay,, June Pi, l.'-75; 
promoted 1st lieut. ith Cav., March 29, IJ-J; 
h Cav., Feb. 11, 1,-93; major, 3d Cav. 


a ted 


-■n, 1 

it bin, winter 1- 
S77, in Wvonli 
■inter l.s'nl 91, a 

' OI 



. II" 

ippiiris. 1901-02; 
for Wisconsin 
l-|iS;19: adj.. itl 
J; alcalde of J 




li"las. Pum, Po 
Apach,', Ariz.. 


iboiue, iloiil., 


wnos wrro tx new york 

lUng Sd Cav. nnd 

1!/01, to Jan., 19113 
Ft. Assinniboine, 

commanding cavalrv squadron at J'(. yneliirv, 
Minn.. June to Oct., 1W.5; .m rtcruitin- SM-v 
ice, X.Y. City, lOuj-07 : assigned to du:>' as 
prof. mil. scienie and ta'-ties al Sb'.ltuck 
Sch., Faribault. -Minn., Oct. 1.", I'»7. lii.'it- 
copaliau. Mnm. Sons Am. Kevolutior, iiay- 
flower Dcsceiid.iius, Soc. Colonial Wars. 
Loyal Lesion. Club: Armv and Xavy. Ad 
dress: .Shatluck Sch., Faribault, Minn., cr 
care \Var Department, Washington, D.O, 
ANDRUS, John Emory: 

Coujrressman, manuiacturer; b. Pleasant- 
ville, Westchester Co., X.Y., Feb. 10, l>tl; 
s. Kev. Loyal B. and Ann tPalmer) Audrus; 
ed. Charlolteville (X.Y.) Sem. ; Weslevv.n 
Univ. (Conn.), A.B., Iful"; m. Vonkers. X.Y., 
June ii, l5(j9, Julia -M. Dvckman. Ta.i-lit 
sriiool in N.J. iour years; engaged as luli 
medicinal preparations; pres. Palisade Mt""^ 
Co.; treas. Arlington Chem. Co.; pres. X.Y. 
Pharmaceutical Ass'n; trustee. Elected 

mayor of Yonkcrs, IMS, and to Congress 
from inth X.Y. Dist. in 1004 and 190il. Ko- 
publican; Metliodist. Trustee Wesleyaii 
Univ. Address: Yonkers, X.Y. 
ANGELL, Amasa Richard: 

L.'.wver; b. X.Y. Citv, july 15, 15GI1 . 3. 
J. Carpenter and Elizabeth (Hyde) An;;eU: 
grad. Yule. B.a., 1570; X.Y. Univ. Law Sch.. 
LL.B., Ibs2. Admitted to bar, 1Sj3: since 
then practising in X.Y. City. Sec. and di- 
rector Liberty Dredu'intr Co., Bennett Oil Co., 
Mem. Ass'n i'.ar Citv oi N.Y. Clubs: Calu- 
met, X.Y. Athletic. Residence: 70 W. 3Mh 
St. Address: -IV-i Broadway, X.Y. City. 
AKGELL, Prank Stanleigh: 

Lawyer; b. Brooklvi,. l=7o; grad. CoU. City 
of X.Y., B.S.; Columbia, A.M., 1>91; N.Y. 
Law Sch., LL.B. Admitted to bar, lS!i2;|wi 
ass't corp'n counsel, Brooklyn, lS;i4tl7; ass'tlsu 
dist. att'y. Kings Co., IM'y. Kepublican. I Cio 
Served with Troop C. X.Y. Vol. Cav., in Xa 
Porto Rico in I59S. Mem. A,s'n Bar City of Cb 
X.Y.; Phi Delta Theta. Address: 42 Broad- | mi 
way, X.Y. City 
ANGLE, Edwin C. 

L-,wyer; b. Benson, X.Y., 1«1: s. Samuel 
T,. .and IJmoline (Brownell) Anibel (d. Jud-e 
Cyrus II. Brownell); ed. in schools of Buf- 
falo, X.Y., Norlhville, N.Y., and Fort Plain 
Seen.: m. Nov. i',<, lyji), Laura C, d. Thomas 
M. and Abbie P. Billington, of Amsterdam. 
X.Y. Admitted to X.Y. Bar, 15711, and later 
to U.S. courts; practising at Norlliville, 
N.Y. Mason, S;;", and has held offices in the 
various JIas.inic bodies. Idiuititied with lo- 
cal financial and educational institutions. 
Address: Xorthville Bank Bldg., Xorihville, 
ANIBAI,. Robert P.: 

Jurist: b. Benson, N.Y., Pel). -22. 1513; s. 
Philo Anibal; ed. Ft. Edw-ard Collegiate Inst.; 
ra. April Si, 1S72, Frances E. \an .\rnam. 
Engaged in teaching until admitted to bar, 
1571; county judse and surrogate Fnlt.m Co., 
1572-77; practised law at Xorthville, l57i-5G, 
and at Johnstown since 1556. Address; 
Johnstown, X.Y. 

Lawyer; b. Schenectadv, N.Y., .\pril 10, K""*'-; 

1S«3; s. Charles K. and Anna M. (Masten) 

Angle; grad. Unb.n Univ.. A B., 1-«G; A..M.. 
lS-9 (Phi Beta Kappa); LL.B., Albany Law 
Sch., 15S.S. Adinillud to bar. 1-". and en- 
paged in practice of law in Sehenectadv, 
X.Y.; now law tirm DeUemer & Angle, l5L«)- 
1007; now of firm of .Vn^-le ,v Strong. See. 
Mohawk Gas Co. Kepiiblicin. ilem. Dutch 
Reformed Church. .Mem. Alph.a Delta Plii 
Soc. Phi Beta Kappa S..C. Mason. Clubs: 
Mcdiawk, Schenect.idv C..untrv. Address: 3 
Union St., Schenect:'uly, X.Y. 
ANGLIN, M.irgarct Mary: 

Actress; b. Ott.iwa. I anada. April 3. l-7i'.; 
d. Timothy Warren and l:ilen '.McTavishl 
Aiiulin; ed. at Lor.lto Abbey. Toronto, and 
(VM:i.nt of the Sacred Heart, 
M:ide d.-but in the id:iv of Shenandoah at 
X.Y. Citv. Sept., IV'I. with m.irk.'d sue.,>s; 
became leading ladv with James O'S,.!!! iu 
repertoire, l-oo-OT. with E. I[. Soibern. I>;i7- 
r5. with Kuhard Mansli.'bl. \-.'- :'.<. anil in 
Fininre Theatre Stock Co. l-f.) 1:»|-,. starred 
in Zir.i.. VMum;. an.l P..; .■7, joinlly yvilli 
lliiirv .Miller, in The lireat Divide. Address: 
Care Lvric Theatre, X.V. City. 

ANSLEY, Hudson: 

Lawyer; b. Town of Collins. Erie Co., X.Y.. 
Jan. 13, 1535; s. Hudson and Jloriah (lleatou) 
Ansley: od. comnnui school. Gowanda and 
Fredonia Aeads. : taught school live terms; 
U). Gowanda. N.Y., Nov. 3. 15i;3. Elzina J. 
Hanford; one sou, George H. Anslev, b. 1575. 
Studied law with C. C. Torrance, Gowanda, 
X.Y. ; admitted to bar, June. 1503; went to 
Salamanca, April, INil, where has since prac- 
tised law; in ISvSO took extensive trip through 
Europe, visited Scotland, En.-land. Holland. 
Germtiny, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and 
France; visited Bermuda. l.~55, Cuba I5;i0, 
Me.vico 1S92, and has crossed the Continent; 
again risited Germany and Brussels. I5'J6, 
and of late years has visited Florid.a every 
winter. Supervisor of the town. 7 years; 
surrogate a short time by appointment of 
Gov. Robinson; attorney for the Seneca 
of Inilians by api.ointment of Gov. 
ind, 10 years; postmaster bv appoint- 
ment of Pres. Cleveland, 4 years. Mem. 
Democratic State Com., I55I-SS, delegate Clii- 

1501 was appointed bv Gov. Sey- 
our hospital steward of 01th Vol. Keg't and 
served 8 months; discharged by special order. 
Since its organization. 1579, director and 
attorney First Xut. Bank of Salamanca, 
X.Y.; director and attorney Salamanca Loan 
and Buibling Ass'n; iires. 20 years, .if Sab 
Water and Electric Light Plant; 

el C<.. 1) 



. c 




e (nni 

ster 3 


•a Cii 



gh pr 

est 3 








Post X 

0. 3 

0. G 








, X.Y. 

ANSPACirER, Louis Kaufman: 

Dr.noalist and lecturer: b. Cincinnati, O.. 
Mareii 1. 1575: s. l.icpold lleiirv and Rosa 
lKau(m:.n) Anspa.her: ed. nubile schools. 
N.V. Citv, Mil. school at Cornwall. N.Y. 
CUV Coil'ege. .\.li.. I'nsI Grad. S,h. of Phi- 
I.Ks.'.pliv, Columbia Univ., A.M.. Columbia 

in 1 


.1, LI, 


1!.. iir.-pare.l f..r .bictoralo 
I'.ist Graduate S.'hool of 
iil.ia Univ., l;io2.ii-.: m. lOii.'.. 

'1 .111 



r. Ilel.l le.-l.ire pulpit 
1. X.Y. City. ll»>.i.'3: o( 
for Polil. Ld n since luuo. 

WHO'S WHO ix ncw yoi;k 



of Brookly 
Tristan an 



also liiiscollu- 
is; :'i2 Ji. iStli 

Bince 1907. Autnor 
poetical drnma, pui: 
19114; The i:\iiburra5S 
of Riclies. produced at '>Vi.l!ack's Thos 
Ire. N.Y. Citv, ISii'O, Anns 
Duke John. produccJ VjnT; 
ni'.Mis contriliutio 
H.-puhlican: Asnt 
at.. N. y. Cit}'. 
ANSTICE. Henry: 

Clci-Kvnian: b. X.Y. CitT. Oct. 7, ISil; 
I. Heni'v and Marv (Saltcnstall) Aus.icc: 
triad. \Villiams Coll.. A.B. (.vith honors), 
l-i;J: B.D., Univ. of Kochestei-, l.'T.i; m. X.Y.. Mar 30, ISCtJ. 
I'l.ira fenner. Ordered deacon and ordained 
priest, ls,o, bv Bishop Horat'o Potter. In 
.harse St. Barnabas Ch., Irvicston-on-Hud- 
sr,n, N.Y., lbi«-Ci;: rector St. Luke's Ch., 
Ko.hcster. K.Y., l>r,0-07; St. Itatthias' Cli., 
i'hiladelphia. 1^97-Hlu.■^. Now sec. General 
Convention Protestant Episcopal Ch. Jlcm. 
B'd Missions, Duniestic and Foreign ilis- 
sionary iSoc. trusioe .\m. Churcli liulldin? 
Fund Comniis., director and tiuancial sec. 
Clergvman's Retiring Fund Soc. : overseer 
riiiladelphia Divinity Sell.; trustee Clifton 
Sprin-s Sanilariuin. Address: 2»1 Fonrlh 
Ave., N'.Y. City. 
ANTHONY, Richard Allard: 

Merchant; b. N.Y. Citv, Mav 24. IS-ll : s. 
Edward and Marsatetla E. Authonv; grad. 
Columbia. A.B., l^^l; m. X.Y. City, l.-M. 
Amelia Van Volkenburgh. V.-p. Ticontnu 
Iron & Steel Co.; treas. Loando Hard Rub- 
ber Co ; trustee U.S. Savinas Bank. Mem. 
Holland Soc, St. Nicholas" Soc. Sons of 
Revolution, Soc. \Var of'2. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, I„nvvers. Residence; M \V. uSth 
St. Address: 42 Broadway, X.Y. City. 
ANTISDALE, Louis Marlin: 

J..liriialist; b. Marion. X.Y.. Oct. 27. ISf.O; 
s. Philander and Eliiabeth H. (Lvke) An- 
tisdale: grad. Univ. of Rochester. 
l-:i:!; m. Rochester. X.Y'.. Aug. 15, l.-J.'), 
Mar-aret Mclntvre; children: Elizabeth 
I'hillips. b. l»ni;, Margaret Dewcv. b. 1^5S, 
M:irv Claire, b. IMW. Reporter, " Rochester 
Herald, 1*01-93; deputv c.illector internal 
revenue, 1*93-94; nis'r Rochester Herald 
l>*91-07; editor and part prop'r Rochester 
Herald since lii'S. Address: Rochester, 
APPLEGATE, Octavius: 

Clir.'vman; b. lianklin. X.Y., ISOS; s. Rev. 
Oclaviiis .\|Mile;,,iie ilMO.1907) and Ellen 
Matilda iKavl Apple-ate; grad. Trinity 
C.,11.. Hartfnrd. C..nn:. II. A., l.'-'^?. M.A.. 
IM'il: grad. (ieii. Thcol. Sein.. X.Y. City; 
m. NcwburL-h, X.Y., l-'U. Aila Augusta Ilavc- 
inever; children: Octavius, Dorothv. Or- 
dered deacon. i-^W, ordained priest. INH. 
bv Bishop Henrv C. P.. tier. Ass't St. 
(ieorge's Ch.. Xewburirh. X.Y., lUiil-ill; rei- 
lor S. .(ohn's (.h., l.llenville. N.Y.. IHil Oi; 
.•-^l. .hiines' Ch., Kerne, X.ll.. l.y'iMi:!; sinct 
l-:'!i. rector St. .lohns Ch., Kingston. Ad 
dr.vv: King»lon, -V.Y. 
APPLETON. Charles Adams: 

Publisher: b. Ill N.Y. Cilv. .Tan. 21, 1*110 
ed. SI. .lohn's Sch., O.-vsinmg, X.Y.. am 
Trinity Coll., Ilartf..rd. .\.l!.. 1>.^2; uninar 
ried. Connected Willi lino ..f D. Ap|.i.i,i, 
.>; Co., publishers, since li*2. Mem. Dolt 

Psi. Aldine Ass'n. Trinity Coll. Alumni 
Ass'n Clubs: University, St. Anthonv's, 
Metropolitan. Ridin-, X.Y. Athletic. C.nm- 
tr\. X.Y. Yacht, l.arehmont Yacht. Address: 
4W Fiftti Av., X.Y. City. 
APPIiETON. Daniel: 

Publisher; b. X.Y'. City; s. John A. Ap- 
pleton ; grandson Daniel Appleton. founder 
D. Appleton & C' . ; ed. in X.Y. City and 
Carlsruhe, Germany ; entered Harvard but 
did not co.nlinue course, leaving in 1*71 
to enter business: unmarried. Clerk in 
rublishing house of D. Appleton & Co. until 
1S79; since then mem. of the firm; now 
v.-p. of companv. Entered Boston Cadet 
Corps, 1SG7; enlisted Oct. 31. 1S71. private 
Co. F, 7lh Reg't, X.G.X.Y. ; promoted capt. 
Jan. 1579; elected colonel of reg't since July 
IS. 1SD9. Clubs; Union, Century, X.Y. Y\acht. 
X.Y'. Athletic. Armv and Navy, Fencers. 
Country. Residence; Hotel Astor. Address: 
37 \V. 41t!i St., X.Y. City. 
APPLETON, Edward Dale; 

Publisher: b. X.Y. Cilv. Jan. 10. ISJS: s. 
John Adams and Serena Parker (Dale I 
Appleton; grad. Trjniiv Coll.. Hartford, 
Conn.. A.B..'lt*0; in. X.'Y. City. 1*04. Char- 
lotte Lamson. From 1**0 until 1901 con- 
nected with firm of D. Appleton & Co., for 
a short time as v.-p.; now connected with 
Robert Appleton Co.. publishers of The 
Catholic Encvch.pedia. Mem. Chicago Hist. 
Soc. Aldine Assn, Delta Psi. Trinity Coll. 
Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: Universilv, St. An- 
thonv. Century. Oakland Golf 1 N.Y. Citv). 
Residence: Bavside, L.I. Address; 39 W. 
Stth St., X.Y. City. 

(■|Hr:.-vuKin; b. .Morrisania, N.Y"., Aug. 20. 
1*71 ; s! William Gardiner and Catharine 
iliilter) Appleton; grad. Columbia. 
1-93 I Ph.D., IPiO). Gen. Theol. Sem., 1*M. 
Chaplain ■■Tombs." N.Y. Citv, 1*00; curate 
Grace Ch.. Plainrteld. X.J.. i*96-19ul: viiar 
St. Lukes Mission. Brooklvn. N.Y.. 19"l-oi; 
ass't Christ Ch.. Brooklyn. 1902-04; rectiir 
St. Clement's Ch.. Brooklyn, since 1004. 
Chaplain at Lambeth Conference, London, 
1*07, resident Oxford House, London, l:»io; 
mem. Summer Sch.. Cambridge, England, 
ISiC. .Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Gen. 
Com. Bro.iklvn Free Kinilcrgarlcn Soc. Ad- 
dress; 101 ilendri.x St., Brooklyn, X.Y'. 

APPLETON, Francis r.andall: 

.M.-nli.inl: li. X.V. Citv. Aug. 3. 1S.')4 ; s. 
Daniel 1 ulk-r and Julia' (Randall) Apple- 
fin; grad. Harvard C.dl.. A.B.. l,^7j. Colum- 
bia Law Sch., LL U., 1*77; m. Leno.'i, Mass., 
O.-t. 7, 1**4. Fanny Lanier, d. Charles 
Lanier; children: Francis Randall, Jr., b. 
Julv 9, l~*j, Charles Lanier, b. Sept. 2.".. 
l.-.-ii Ruth. b. Jan. 10, 1*91. Alice, b. Dee. 
*. l.-l'l. James, b. Mar. 0, 1*00. Mem. firm 
liobbins .t Appleton; v.-p. and director Wal- 
Ih.ini Watch Co.: ilirector Nat. Park Bank, 
Manhattan Trust Co., .Mount Morris B:i]il;. 
.Mem. Hoard of Overseers of Harvard Coll. 
.Mem. Delia Kappa Epsiion. New En.-lanl 
S.iC. Clubs: Harvard, Universilv. Knoker- 
bocUcr. Racpict an.l Tennis, Turf and Fi.-bl. 
Meadow Brook. Somerset, ^rv.lpia Hunt, 
Down 'I'own. Residence: in E. STIh St., 
X.Y. City and Ips«icli. Mass. Address: 
21 Maiden Lane, X.Y. City. 



APPLETON, Henry Cozzins: 
Stoekhoi.ler in D. Ajiplet 
N.Y. Cit.v. June 7, lb6J : 5. W 
(Worthen) Appleton: ed. Trir 
furd, Conn.; m. K:insas Ci 
10, IfOO, Dora Threlkeld. \ 
ill 12th Rest, X.ti.X.Y. Di 
Helta Psi Fruternity. Kcrre 

Clubs: Union, Plaveis. Ilarlo 



Ass'n a 

s m 



















t. a 



od Go- 

f. N 















Island, N.Y. City 
APPLETON, James Waldingfield: 

.Merchant; b. .\.Y. (.itv, ,lui;e 4, IfCT; s. 
Daniel Fuller and Julia' •Randall'; Anpie- 
ton; ed. private schools, N.Y. Citv, "and 
Harvard Coll., A.B., !>;?. Mem. firm of 
Kobbins & Appleton, and a director of 'he 
Waltham Watch Co. Republican; Episco- 
palian. Clubs: Knickerbocker (sec), 
Meadow Brook, Racquet and Tennis. Har- 
vard, Down Town, tX.Y. City); Somerset, 
Myopia, (Boston!. Residence: 44 E. 3.5th 
St. Address: -n Maiden Lane, N.Y. City. 

Banker; b. in Beaver County. Pa.. 1853; 
ed. in public schools. Kntercd mercantile 
business at early age; was employed in 
auditing department of the Pennsvlvania 
R.R. at Putsbur-h; afterwards as auditor 
with Wheeler >«i Wilson Mis Co. Removed 
to Brooklyn in 1»T^ where he has been ac- 

& Co.; b I Mr 
, and ilary I Club 
Coll., H.:rr- I Knol 

Mo., Jul-|mont 

2ud lieut. I Hudson. Oflice: id Broa 
■rat. Mem. : jjjicHIBALD, Harry A.: 

\„.hi. j L^^.,^.g,.. b. \.jn'<ivs. S.Y 

.ay, N.Y. 




cial, political and chai 




the State Conn 
Republican Nat. 
elector for election 
appointed hiiu ta.x 




jrcriHlIau : 
inb-ipal Ci' 
lirst term 

his party i 
deb"_-ate I 

by Mayor Wi 

sonal trustee of Andre\' 
penditure of funds for tl 
Libniries in Brouklvn. 
lyn Inst, of Arts 'and 
Hamilton. Ke 






Also a 


le-ie Bran.h 
iiem. Brook- 
Arts and .S Clubs: 
brandt Art. Address: Four- 
th Street B^ink, 5lh Av. and 14tk St., 

of Allegh 

N.Y. City. 
ARBUCliLE, John: 

Merchant : ed. i 

Kerr (dii 
tablished N.Y. 



St Co 


24. -.S.!:). In I>TU 

of Arl.u.-kle Bros, v 
ice deceased). Dire. 
dcr< Bank. Kings 



Broiiklvii. Addru.-.»: 71 Watc 
AECHBOLD. John Dustin: 

- 20. 1S7<; 
B. Andrew and Mary, (Lvon) 
b:ild; ed. public schools of Youkers. N.Y. 
and N.Y. Law Sch.; m, X.Y. Citv, JIar 
2», 19111, Adelaide L. Godfrey; one' daugh- 
ter, Helen Adelaide, b. Jan. 20, 1903. Ad- 
ruittcd to N.Y. bar 1S%; since then in 
general practice. Alderman, Yonkers. 1~99- 
Piol and 19U3-05. Mem. Westchester County 



Berkeley (Hunte 
ed'n; m. 
ter, Mildr 


lievolution. Vonkcrs Hist. Soc. 
llj Morris St.. Yonkers, N.Y. 
ARDEN, Edwin Hunter Pendleton: 

Actor, playwright; b. St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 
13, F^C4; s. Arden Richard and Marv 
Smith; common school 
in Eagleson ; one dangli- 
r Arden. Appeared with 
Thomas W. Keene's Companv. in Chicago; 
later starring in Barred Out, Raglan's Way, 
EaL'le's N'est (own authorship); now starring 
in Told in the Hills. Re.-reatinns : Fishing, 
rose culture, dog bree.ling. Chibs: Lambs, 
\.Y. Athletic. Address: lOU W. 4Uh St., 
N.Y. City. 
AHEND, Francis J.: 

Manufacturer; b. Trenton, 
15r,B; s. Frank E. and Marv F. (Wliitle 
Arend; m. Baltimore, Md.," Nov. 1.5, 1S90, 
Anne J[. Moltz. Engaged in centrifugal 
separator business from beginning business 
Jil'e: later in development of the steam 
turbine in Ameri.-.-,, real estate, etc. Treas. 
and gen. mg'r The De Laval Separator Co.; 
I. res. De Laval .Mf'g Co.; sec. and treas. 
Dc Laval Steam Turbine Co.: director Coal 
and Iron Nat. Bank. Independent Demo- 
crat; Presbyterian. Mem. Metrop..lilan 
Museum of Art, Am. Museum of Natural 
llistor.v. Am. lic.g. Soc, and numerous trade 
and civic asso.-iations. Recreations; Golf, 
i.iotnring, shooting. Clubs: Citv, N. Y. 
Athletic. Railroad, Machinerv, Deal Golf. 
Kcgidence: .12 W. 7.'!d St., N.Y. Citv. and 
Deal lieach, N.J. Address: 105 Broadwav, 
N.Y. City. 
AEEN.S. Franz X.: 

C..n.liicior, teacher; b. Neef, Ger- 
niauv, ll.-I. 2'., 1.-00; s. Clemens ami Anna 
Marv (S.-hniitzi Arens; ed. Ni>rmal Sell., 
,1 Sch. of 


Roval C 

th Prof. Julii 




b. 1^91 

la L. IFuegel 
Kgiiiont, b. 1>~S Ralph Waldo, 
Wiiured, b. l>o3. Or-anist and 
eacln-r, .Milwiiukc.'. Wis.. !.'.7t-70; 
sic St. Caiii.-.ius C.ill., Biilfalo. N.Y., 
condu,-tnr Cl.-veliind Philharmonic 

voted to 


le Arts. 

l>ilii-92; cnndii.tor of Indiaiiai 

olis 1 


.Music Festival, pres. Jletropolil 
of .Music and ),rincipal Vo.-al n..| 

•ill S.l 
t, Iii.l 


apolis, Ind., 1»93U5; founder, i'JW, 

and SI 

then conauctor of People's Symphony 
cerls, X.Y. Citv. teaeher. 'I'r- 
People's Svmphonv Comerts. Club: Lb 
Address: SUJ I'lfth Av., X.Y. City. 


I the Lngiori d'llor 


AELT, Max P.: 


1>. Breslau 



IS70; s. Krederiik W. and Augiistn (Wo'.ill 
Arlt; ed at Breslau. Germany, X.'i'. High 
Sch., and X.Y. Law Si-h.; in. G:irlie:d. I.'. J.. 
Nov. 3, 1S93, Catherine Stags; childr.'ii: 
Raymond P., Ernest W., Augusta. Mero. 
bar of X.Y. and N.J., makin; patent law 
a speoialtv. KepuMican; Prottstant. Tool; 
active pait in ilayor Strong's first cam- 
paign; since removing tc N.J. has take:i 
active part in Ta.xpayer's Ass'n of Passaic 
County, which secured the conviction of a 
number of freeholders of Passaic Co. ar.d 
manv other reforms; now active in the 
"Co'lby" movement. Residence: Cliftor, 
Passaic County, X. J. Address: 117 Hudson 
St., S.Y. City'. 
ARMS, Theodore Jesup: 

PayuKKstcr. U.S. Navy; li. in Conn : ap- 
pointed ass't pavmasli-r, June 11, If9S; pay- 
master, March 3. PJiS; on L".S. receiving 
ship Southerv. Oct. 31, 10o3; in charge of 
Navv Pav Office. Manila, P.I., WOO (i7, .Vavy 
Yard, League Island, siute July 31, 1907. 
Address: -Navy Yard, League Island, Pa. 

ARMSTEAB, Henry H., Jr.: 

Coiisuliing iiiiniiig ciiginccr; b. Chicago. 
111., Aug. 4.^l57J; s. II. II. and Alice .Mary 
(McPhcTson) Ariusiead: ed. Brooklyn Poly- 
technic, Urvaiit & Straiton's Business Col!.. 
Brooklyn. Berkeley S.-h., X.Y. City; Colum- 
bia Sch. of Mines'. Since 1-93 practising as 

l'IIoni,;u-. issociate mem. Nat. 

gi:: nicm. Soi.' >m. Artists. 
Ar. hitectural League; life fellow jut. Mu- 
seum of Art. Trustee Society Library, 
mem. B'd :\lg'rs N. Y. lust'n' for Blind. 
CluS: Century. Residence: 3S W. lOlh St. 
Addres:: 61 \Vasliii;gton Square, N'.Y. City. 
ARMSTRONG, Earry Gloster: 

Am. representative Manchester Ship Canal; 
b. Belturbet, County Cavan, Ireland, Jan. 
17, 1601; s. John Armstrong, eminent Irish 
!aw\er, and Sarah Helen (Moft'att) Arm- 
strong; ed. Roval S.h., Cavan; Dr. Chet- 
wode Crawley," Dublin; unmarried. Re- 
ceived tirst commission as lieut. County 
Cavan Reg't. Feb. 1S7S; served in Royal 
Irish Fusiliers and li'jth Reg't: attached 
to 3jth Reg't; resigned from army, 1«J. 
Contributed to Armv and Xavv Gazette and 
The Broad Arrow n"ianv articles: wrote and 
published many drill books: Catechism of 
Squad Drill 12 editions): Words of Com- 
mand and a Comjianv Drill 'Z editions*: 
Words of Command and a Battalion Drill 
(3 editionsi; Regulations an<l Instructions 
for ICncampment, .Vfter leaving the armv 
joined the Ilavmarket Theatre Co.. Lon- 
don, then under the Bancroft management; 
plaved in productions of Hugh Conwav's 
Dark Days: later played round of char- 
R. Benson's Shakespeare;m 




West; consult 
various compa 
ested. Mem. 
Canadian Min 
and Tennis. 



cr and 
in which he is inter- 
Am. Inst. -Mining Engineers, 
ing Inst. Clubs: Racquet 
Alpha Delta Phi. Columbi.i 
■ster Count V, Rr.ckawav Hunt, 
Hers (N.Y. City): Denver, 
V. Address: ^07 Fifth Av., 
billon, Mont. 

X.Y. Cii 

Editor, puldishcr: b. FavetteviUe, X.Y.. 
June H, 1V,3: s. Lilian and .Miriam (Collin) 
Armstrong; grad. Amherst Coll.,, ];-7; ; 
m, Xecnali, Wi.s., Elizabeth Hale. Kciiortcr 
on X.Y. World, Mar. 19, 16'7l^ to June :^S, 
1S7.S; financial editor, X.Y. Sun, June 2\ 
18TS, to O.t. 1, lOu-i; =ince then editor Wall 
St. Sumni.irv. Treas. X.Y. News Bureau 
Ass'n: prcs: The Hamilton Press; treas. 
Albert Frank & Co. Vice-pres. Alpha Delta 
Phi fral.rnilv 19"4-0S; pres. Soc. of the 
Onoml.igas. Cbib^: Alpha IVIla I'lii. liii- 
versilv, l.otos,, Xat. Arts, i X.Y. 
Citv)"; Rowfant iCliveland, O.). Addrcsc; 
23 Broad St.. X. V. Cit.v. 
ARMSTRONG, David Kaitlaud: 

.\rlisi: 1,. N,« burgh, N.Y.. 1,-30: c.I. 
Trinilv Coll.. li.irtl'ord. .\.li., 1S.-,S; studied 
law and was admitted to the bar, en-aging 
in pra.-lice but later abandon.'.! it for art. 
oi.cning a studio in X.Y. Citv. ami lal.-r 
studving in I'aris and llalv. .Vm. consul- 
genc'ral at Komc, four vcari; ilircctor Am. 
Art Dcp't in I'aris Kxp'n of l'-7-. and re- 
ceiver from French Govt the decoration of 

Charles Wvndham at Strand and Comedy 
Theatres, l«s-92 : managed- tours of Our 
Bovs, Fedora. Two Roses, In a Looking 
Glass, etc. Left stage for commercial life; 
appt'd mg'r and sec. of ^fexican Land and 
Colonization Co.; visited Me.\ico. etc.; ap- 
pointed, 1-90, American representative for 
Manchester Ship Canal Co. Convert to Ro- 
m:in Catholicism. 19U."i. Fellow Roval Gcog. 
Soc., London. Recreations: Sailing, swim- 
ming, rowing, walking. Clubs: Raleigh 
(London! : United S.rvice. (Dublin): Calu- 
met, Downtown Ass'n, Lotos, Press, Marina 
and Field, i X.Y. Citv). Addresses: Augh- 
mullen. Ballybay, Ireland, and '207 5th Av., 
N.Y. City. 
ARMSTRONG, James Lewis: 

Pliysici.iii; b. Danbury, Conn., April 29, 
ISBi: s. Edward and Rachel Armstrong: ed. 
in, Wurlcmberg. Germany, and X.\'. 
I'niv.. M.I)., 1-97: m. 1-91. Baden. Germany, 
Elise IIc.-s, of Holl'eiiheim. After graduat- 
ing from Koriithal, went to Paris for a sca- 
s.ui. then to London to learn his father's 
business. In l'-62, he started on a trip 
;iround ihc world, purchasing for the firm of 
(iav, Armstrong & Co. of London, and for 
lliich,-o,k. Derniody & Co., of New York, 
■i'ravclcd in Alri.a. Australia and New Zea- 
land, visilioiT some of the islands of the Pa- 
cific and" Atlantic; subsequently made three 
vovages to Europe and also traveled in 
w.'-icrn part of L'. S. ; then t.iok up studv of 
medicine: since 1.-97 an active physician in 
I'.rooklvn. R.qiublican. Pupil in music of 
Louis Ocstcrle. Author of MS. entitled Old 
Irish Jlusic, etc. Lover of vachliiig, base- 
b.iU and football, and also of doL-s and' hors.'s. 
Is prq.erly pcdi.-iccd in the llrlice of Arms. 
Ilobliii, Ir.dand, and als.i in III.' Clir.ini.'l.'s 
..1 Ihc Ar.iislr..iii;s. Address: 217 New York 
Av , Brookl.Mi, X.Y. 



ill T.iwii 
l-:il: s. 

N.V. July 
(Cadj) Annstniii 
bait Coll.. A.B.. 
l-iTl, LI..L)., 19'k; 
War. 23, 1S.J9, Ma 
i9U4 Elizaljflh 
child; Mrs. .Jam. 


1st, ( 

Qd i:ii^, 

.\<a.l . 

iskil!.' : 
■J(l, .Ir.l.v 
y survivi 


I Xcw Orleans, I.a , 

... Nexv V..rk 

Army. U.S. A 



IIosp., Key ^Vest. 
ria.; cniex saniiary iiisp.. 4th Corps; chief 
s.irgcon, Dei/'t Puerto Principe, Cuba, of 
7-iist. of X?-^'ros, Uep't \'isavas, and of 

y, !-.>: prac- 
ii. l.'.'i-73: cil- 
id Dist., Iowa, 
in 1<-.;; t,) t.'.l.H 
iisines of H. P. 
ch'ii'se ct its 
n L'.:^., Cannila 

Bar, Eliuira, N.Y.. M: 
tised law at Davi-pp,,i-t, low 
lector internal revenue Secoi 
lMiU-09: removed tn -N.V. Ciiv 
char-e of law and .■ollo.tii.n'b 
Claflin & Co., and \v!,i,e in 
basiness traveled extensively : 
and Mexico; in 1.-70 entered general prac- 
tice of law in :.'.Y. Cilv; now s.Mvor liieii;. 
firm Armstroni;, brown & Boland. Acted 
as counsel of re.eiver of i'oUKl'keei.sie 
Bridse R. R., ]-0l'-97: counsel Phil:Mlelplui 

& Reading Rv C 

of Philadelphia i; Readins 

Counsel and director X.Y 

R. U. Co.: director, llnrtfi 

Co., Dutcness Co. R. R. 

tral New Enclnnd R. li 

vestor's Mortu'aje Co. 

]iendent). Epi's.-opalian : 

Saints Ch., Bnvsiue. L. I., since foundation 

of parish, 1S93. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi 

Met. Museum of .\rt. 

Natural Historv. Cluh: 

dress: T4 E. 5Mh .^t., X.Y 

ARMSTRONG, Philander Banister: 

3d Dist.. .Sol 
geon U.S. M;i 


Hosp. Service, Feb., ISSl; 



N.Y.. fro 

Coal & 1 
& Xew 
ird i Com 
Co.: coun: 
. Co.: p 

' since f'oi 
.Mpha De 
Am. Mus 

resigned commission. ,Tuly, ItOl. Major 
l.rigi'de sur-pon, U.S.V., 1S9«. resiu-ned .lune 
31), 19 a. Honorary mem. .Memphis (Tenn.) 
aivl New Kochclle (N.Y.I .Med Socs. ; mem. 
N.Y. Acad. Medicine, N.Y". Hist. Soc, X.Y. 
Geog. Soc, N.Y. Acad. Scienees, Met. Mu- 
seum of Art, Am. Museum of N;itural Hist.. 
X.Y. Eot. Soc. A.A.A.S.; Soc. of Arts (Lou- 
don); British Me.l. Ass'n, Societc Francaiso 
d'Hy-ieiie, etc. Companion Naval and llil. 
Ord.r Si.aiiish-Am. War, and Order of 
Independent in politics: 
iiy and Navy. Ad- 
X.Y. City. 

l-:0. and I Kpiscopali.:n. Clnl. 

Iron Co. I dr 

Ivijrland | ARMSTRONG, William W, 
isel C; 




s. Willia 
ff; ed. in count 

O., Mar. 5. 1 
founder and pri 


lii.l., Feb. 3, 

In.s. Co.: first pr 




,- Fire 
of NY. 

.Hid il;i 

rv schools; m. Cii 
•7-:, Josephine Xie 
s. Phmni.x .Mutual 
.\m. Lite Ins. C.i.. 
of X.Y. 


& Co 


s. Co. of Ciinada. J 
Club: Union I.easu 
lin). Ue-idence: ll:'.l Pacific "St., Brook- 
l.>n. Addrcbs: iO William St., X.Y. City. 
ARM.STRONG, Robert Burns: 

I'r.s Philadclplii.i Casualtv Co.: b. near 
Vrs .Moines, la.. An-. 19. 1.-73: lived on a 
farm durini; bovhood; ed. public schools 
an.l Iowa State 'Coll., Des Moines, la. in. 
I-»;. lll.ineh Ilogin, of Des Moines. la. Di.l 
newspaiicr work for the Xew York Herald 
and Chb-aio Record. Became private s.-.-. 
to Secretary of the "rcasurv 

nt se- 


;:iicd -Ma 

rch, 195. to a 


V Co. of .\n 

■ctcd pre 

s. Philndelph 

■y. .Jan 
.-ept pi 

I'". Hesiden.e: IMiiladelphi 
-I William St., X.Y. City. 
ARMSTRONG, Samuel Treat: 

i-I.VM. i.,n: b. .-,. t,„;,,.,, 
1- ': >. I'.iM.l ll.allev an.l Lai 
' -^h::. ...01 Ariii-lr.oi-; e.l publ 
^ 1—1'- ami tutor, St. I.oni.s, Si 

b. K 


cliester, N.Y., 
boyhood to 

f Orlcar 
."here ha: 

1-95; ti 
1901, a: 


Clerk of Board of Supc 
County, X.Y., 1SS4-S7: admitted 
SK, and removed to Rochester. " 
since been en^-aged in practice of 
1 to Board of Supervisors of 
intv, from Rochester, lb93; to the 
1.--0. servin- until elected in 
le State Senate from the 41th 
itrict; rei^lected 19(10, 19112, and 
.9 (J; aiijitd, 1907. ehm'n Senate 
ni. When Gov. Hi.'jins sent a 
the extraordinary session of the 

idition of the life 




' X.Y 

of 1905. 
ARNDT, Walter Tallmadge: 

Kditor; h. De Pcre, Wis., Oi'l. 11, 1573; s. 
E.lward Wilco.x and .Marv Kllen (Delanv) 
.\riull: attended Univ. of Wis.. 1j92-9.t: srad. 
ll.irvard. .\.B.. 1,-97, A.M.. 1.-99: m. Wash- 
iii-lon. ii.C, June 9. P«il. lilliel Howard. 
On edit-. rial stalT of N.Y. Sun. 1,-99-191: 
ass't editor Inlernat. Year B.iok, lOlUnS; 
on editorial stiilV New Internal. Encyclo- 
aiid biogriiphi 


19- 1-ir, 


lli-t. .\ 


Kllt.lll lO 

li,-lra. .1 

W. Ii,i.;d 


ARNOLD, Eion J'oseph; 

i..,-cliu-,il elu: r. Iliveli 
Mich., .\iiu-. II. l-ill : s. .1.) 
iK.-viiolrlsl Arnobl: ed. 
land'. Ni-b,. I'niv. of Neb. 



of the 


1-.-1. M.: 



Feb. 11. 1- 


Lucille. Stanly 
Took to mev-lianios 
in Neb.) when U 
lisht locomotive n 
Kdward P. Allis ' 
later chief di-sij.-n 
consulting ergr (. 
1889-93; since tliei 
practice as consuli 
and built power plant, ; 
eng'r for the Intramura 
ated at World's t'.iluiu'ui 
]j93: consultins eng'r. 
waukee Kler. K'j-. Chit 
Quincv R. R., and Chici 


Robert Melville. I 
lade bicvcle i first 
1, rnd a pia.iical | Admiral lUie: 



)r Iowa Iron Wc 

Elec. Co. at Ch:. 



!, lS*2-i3: Xipsic, S. A. Station, lSf3>0- 

Yard .\'.Y. Cily, lfcSG-t9; sec. to Rear 

X. A. titation, IstO, to 

;e, Dolphin. 



■y, which oper 
Exp'n, Chii, iti), 
case and Hi; 
, i'-urliuftou Ji 
B'.l of Trade; 

elec. operation X.Y. Central 
out of X.Y. Citv: consulting eagr City 
Chicago on traction matters; consulting i 
g'r X.Y. Central i- lludsjn River R. 
Krie R. R. and Grand Trunk K. R., on th 
electrification plans. Invented dircc*-c< 
nected power station system using magne 


clutches. St 
netic clutch, and 
for electric tract 
into operation tlu 
rotary converter 
electric railways 
pioneers and the 
single phase elec 
which is 
ford R. 
in X.Y. 
rector Elgin" & ■l3elvid( 
Co.; now chief engr 
bupervising Kng'rs in 
tion of the .Strict Rail 
capo upon which is to 
Oi»J,l1utf, ■ ■ 


used by X.Y., New 
R. Spends every 



advocate of the 
Bi. one type of 
Haven & Hart- 
alternate v/eek 
irnold Co. ; di- 
:iectric l;ailway 
B'd of 

ge of 



of till 

First Ui>t., 
1 simila 

of Chi- 
lut $41),- 



. iiy for 
ine state it v conunissiuners of %\ is. and 
fur tlie Citv o'f Toronto. Kepuldican. Trus- 
tee Hillsdale Coll., ilich. Recreations: 
Auloniol.ilin- traveling. Chlbs; Midday, 
rnicin l.ea„-ue. Citv. Kngiiu-ers Inilnstrial, 
Siiulh Sluiro Country (Chicago); Transporta- 
tion, Engineers (X. Y. Cllv). 
IM La Salle St., Chicago; 314 lladison Av. 
X.Y. Citv. 

ARNOLD, Con-way nuiycr 

C.ipt. U.S.X.: 1.. X.Y. ( 

itv. Xnv. 11. l.s|s 

s. lleurv X. T. i .-omnKii 

.\'rv. U.S.X.) am 

Cornelia' Van Vle.-k ' >\r 

-hll Arnold; en 

tercd U.S. Xaval A.-ad.. 

Sept. 311., LSia 

grad. IfOT; m. .s.Y. < it 

v. Nov. 17. Is70 

I-'anny, d. Kng'rin cl.K .' 

William W. \V 

Wood. U.S.X.; children 

(■apt. c. ir 

Arnold, Jr.. C.S. An'v. b. 

>71, W illiam Wool 

Arnold (deceased). ' On 

>i.e.ial 01 

Minnesota, IM.T-I',,^; preia.)t 

.1 to ensign. l^Us 

master, l!.7cl; licin.. 1?71 : 1 

.- nmaniler. ,Ian 

10, ISM; commander. Ma 

V 11, I-;k; dipt. 


C lacier, 
ISni. As 

iialtimore. Philadelphia; boa 

; i tiou me-.chant vcosels, X.Y., 1693: ^ide 

i, i to Rear Admiral Gherardi, Xavy Yard, 

X.Y., 1.-91: .-liarse Branch llydrographic Of- 

1S14-'".; battleship Massachusetts, 

Ig Laneroit, European Station. 

: bouse insp'r, Oth Dist., IMi.-. 

h Coast Defiuse Dist.; comd'g 

[■nnington, April 3, 1599, to April, 

ic Station and Philippines; pres. 

Telegraphy Board, Aug. IS. 1902- 

Examiuing and Retiring Board; 

and comd'g U.S.R.S. Puritan and Lancaster 

Xavy Yard, Leasne Island, Pa. ; general insn. 

of U.S.S. West 'Virginia; command of V.'esi 

Virginia, flagship. Armored Cruiser Division, 

.Atlantic Fleet, 19ut;-or; special dutv at Xaval 

^yar Coll.. from Xov. 4, 1907. 'Mem. Soc. 

Xaval .'ircliiteets and Marine Engineers, Soc. 

of the Cincinnati, Aztec Club of 1S17, Military 

Order of the Carabao. Clubs: X.Y'. Yacht, 

Army and Xavy. Address: Care Xavy De- 

panment, Washington, D.C. 


ARNOLD, Paul William: 

Lawver: b. Syracuse, X 
1S7.-,; s. William A. and ilvrt 

jf Ball 

Y., Mav 25. 

C. (Baldwin I 

lid; grad. Syracuse Univ., LL.B., l;9s ; 

■led to Olga M. Little, of Greenwich, 

I., daughter of Charles Clements Little, 

vice pres. of Pheoni.v Insurance Co. of 

klyn and Carrie Cecilia iLetron) Lit- 

After graduation from college studied 

with Senator Horace White at Svra- 

X. Y.; admitted to the Bar Feb', i. 

came to X. Y. Cily Jan., 1903. and be- 

a.ssociated with the Am. Bond 



t sec. 


X. Y'. Me 

law tinn of Beardsley 
Viee-pres. and treas. of the Ott-Freunil- 
Ariiold Y'east Co. of X. Y. ; vice-pres. 
;ind gon. counsel Danbury Brewing and 
Ice Co., of Danbury, Conn. Enlisted 
Jiilv 11, 1S9S in U. S. Vol. Inf.,. Co. A, 
-'ii:;d X. Y. Reg't, in Spanish War; honora- 


ugh Ivphoid fe 
ice: former nici 


Guard, Co. 


Hist Reg't. Republican. Protestant. Mem. 

Delia Kapiia Epsilnu fraternity, Theta Xu 

Epsilon. Mason: Central Cily Commandery 

Xo. --'j, K. T.. Central Citv Consistory, A. A. 

A. S. Rite 32'. and Mystic Shrine. Clubs: 

Cenlurv. Svracuse Yacht. Citizens, Republi- 

can (Syrac-usc). Residence: 111 Center St., 

Clifton, Slalen Island, X. Y. Business address: Av. and John St., Stapleton, Staten 

Island, X. Y. 

ARNOLD, Richard: 

Violinist: b. Ellenbur-, Germany, Jan. lo. 

1-1.-,: s. Frank and Fredericke (Sebirmer) A.; 

cd. pnb. sel Is. l-.-..!-.-,7: perf.irnied as child: 

sludeiil at Lei|i/.ig Cmservalory, gradnatiiig.;7, at head of class: in. Leipzi- lNi7, Marie 

Hevnau. Was a premier vi.dinist in The..- 

lore Tliiiinas' orehcsira, lsi.:).7i;: leader and 

solo violiiu.,1 X.Y. Pliilli.irmoiiic Club, l^rs. 

■ 1. beeciining director IsM), coucerl-iueister. 

l>v-, and v.p. ls9i;. Instr. of vi .liii. .Mem. 

b'l-nnin l.iederkraii/.. Club: Lotos. Address: 


ARNOLD, Winifred: 

Kdac-ator, wrilor; 1 
Osmaii L. C. and E 
Prepjired for college : 
School, Fall River, Ma 
A.B. (with honors); 
guages Vassar C.iU.; t 
Jliss Koues' School, 
St. Mary's School. Ga 
Phi Beta Kappa, Vass 

WHO'S WHO IX Ninv yoiuc 

ISO N.Y. Reports, 

,. Wj-omin?, X.Y, ; d. 
aima (Keith) Arnold, 
t li..M.C. Dunce Ilii-'h 
,s.; u-rad. Vassar Coll., 
tellow in modern l:iii- 
cher of nialhematics. 

N. Y. As 

spoadcnt Mail 

Icn Ci 
r Studi 

r Alumna 


press: contrb'r 
art Set, Kvery- 
."yoming, N.Y. 

: Canal Bank, 
reas. and dire 
11 ; director N 
Co. Mem. 
3C. Cluh 
Alpha Delt, 
Imira, X.Y. 



bodys', Outlook. Address: Wj 
ARNOT, Matthias HoUenbeck 

li;iiiker, liiiaiicier; h. IJmir: 
Yale, Itoti. Pres. Cheiuu 
mira Heights Land Co.: 
X.-W Oranse Industrial A 
River Coal and Whan 
Alumni Ass'n, Am. Geot:. 
JIanhattan, Metropolitan 
(X.Y. City). Address: 
AENOT, Raymond Holbrook: 

I-awver: b. San l-rauci,c.., Calif., Sept 
]Sr:i; s. Xalhaniel U. Ariiot, now and 
2s years Superior Court judj 
and Kusenia .\I. (Holbrook) Arnot ; ed. Lain. 
Mil. Acad.. Oakland, Calil., l^-0•^7; Phillips 
Exeter Acad., 1SS7-91); grad. Yale Coll., U..V., 
189-t; Yale Law School, LL.B., cam htulc, 
1!=%: m. Rochester, X.Y., April il, VM^, 
Josephine ILiuford, d. Henry S. iianford. 
Has practised law in Rochester since UnO; 
formerly mem. lirm of Bly i Aruot, now 
practising aluiio. Director Xewton Mfp Co., 
Emporuim -Milk By-Products Co. Independ- 
ent Republican, iluch interested in preven- 
tion of crueltj. Has been delegate t 




was treas. five years of Rochester llnniaMO 
Soc. Author of numerous magazine articles 
on historical and le-al subjecls. Gives illus- 
trated lectures on Xew Zealand, Industries 
of Xiagara Falls and other subjects. Has 
read niiinv papers before scienlilic and social 
bodies in Rochester and elsewhere. Much 
political and the judicial 


pa r 


a boo 

k on 

hat subj. 






. Re 


is: Chem 



L'trici! \ 













mem. Hax 




St. Soc 





1 .Mar><h; 







s; i:ij 


rsity Av., 



Ster, X.V 







. X.Y 

. Citv, J 



si)^ ; 3 





a (Wym 



11 ; ed 



ar School Xi 

. 1.-., X.V 









i, l>'.it 





. X.V 


Rosalind, b. IMd.' 

■ 1.1 Angus 
ounscl for 
X.V. Cit^ 


,a-i Ih 

Ibis I 






1 for 

ly Citiz 



in in 





bly Di; . 
declined; appointed couunissioner for i^orto 
Rico in State of X.Y., VMl: reappointed by 
Gov. Wintnrop, Jan. IS, I'.'OG. Director and 
gen. counsel: The American West Indies 
Trading Co., The Xational Cuba Co., The 
liroomall-Lafayette Cigar Co.. The Metropole 
Importation Co., Am. and West Indies Sales 
Co., geu. counsel The Georgia & Florida 
Tobacco Co., Centennial Cigar Co., Hanover, 
Pa., E. M. Brash Cigar Co., Lancaster, Pa., 
Keystone Co., Hanover, Pa., Gettier 
Cigar Co., Manchesier. Md. Democrat (Citi- 
zens' Union). Hebrew. Past Councilor, 
Vorkville Council, Loval Ass'n; mem. Justice 
LoJ=;e. F. and A. M. Recreation.^!: Fishing, 
b:iscl.all. golf. Residence: lit. Vernon, X.V. 
Address: U7 Water St., X. Y. City. 
AKONSON, Eudolph: 

Theatrical mgr. lor years engaged in the 
theatrical business in Xew York, as mg'r of 
the Bijou Theatre: builder and pr,jjcctor 
of the Metropolitan Concert Hall on the 
site of the present Broadway Theatre: pro- 
jected and built the Casino, in connection 
with which introduced the roof garden into 
America. Composer of more l.jO orches- 
tral pieces. Attended golden jubilee of 
Joliann Strauss, Vienna, If'J4, and presented 
the great composer a wreath of silver and 
gold in behalf of American musicians. Res- 
idence: :;J7 Rivcrsida Drive. Address: 31 
W. aist St., X.Y. City. 
ARTHUR, Daniel Houston: 

Physician: I.. Ashland, O., Sept. 2B, 1»61 ; 
s. Thomas L. and .ludith (Liu-sett) Arthur; 
grad. Wittenberg Coll., Springlield, O., A.B., 
issi. A.M., ls:i-', X.Y. Hoimcoiialhic Med. Coll. 
and Hosli., -M.D., I.ss7; m. Monticello. X.Y.. 
Is'.iL', Virginia K. Beebe: children: Fanchon, 
b. IS'JS. Madeline, b. bs;i5. Physician sup't 
Gowanda State llonnropathic IIosp.; ass't for 
II years at Middletown State Jloniuj. Hosp. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Erie County Homo;. 
Med. Soc. X.Y. State Homa-. .Med. Soc, 
Western X.Y. Honi.c. Med. Soc, Am. Inst, 
of Homtpopathv, X. Y. Medico-Psvcopathic 
Soc, Medico. -Legal Soc. Mason. .Mein. Phi 
Ka]ipa Psi college fralcniitv. Recreation: 
Horseback riding. Clubs: Universilv, Elli- 
cult (Buffalo). Address: State H'ospital, 
t.;owanda, Erie County, X.Y. 
ARTHUR, John: 

Cl.r^vuuiii: grad. St. Andrew's Divinity 
S.I,.. Svracuse, Isti.i. Orde ' ' 


ilu St.'s Episc.ipal Ch.. Oneida, 
X.V., from IfSij. Addrcso: Uneida, X.V. 
ASHCROFT. Walter E.: 

Wholesale lish d.:iler: b. in EuL-land, Oct. 
13, 1373; s. Edward and Amelia iGrav) Ash- 
croft; ed. at Triuitv Sch,. X.V. Citv: m. 
Triliilv Ch.. X.V. I'ily. .Mar!lia Virginia Pini : 
children: Alfred Griilin, b. L-l.:'. Muriel Pini, 
b. l:i«); Wall.r Gray, b. V.iC,. S..c. and 
dir.'cI.T X.Y. Fish C.... WarioT ,^- Prankard, 
Slan.lard Fish Ci.: treas. and di l..r Ful- 
ton Tru.king C. K. ■pal. Mean. i;i,is,-..palian. 
Address S77 Monr.jc .--l,. Brooklyn, X.V. 
ASHLEY. Asa Sprague: 

I Seyi 

n- 1. 
iid Ma 

X.V, Ci' 






leT; grad. Bprkel-v Divinity Sch.. 

ISDO: m. 

.\rishota, Wis.. Jiilv -10, i.-.-ft Ar. 

e Fisher 

iJusll. Unlerfd cUmcjh, .lunf C -..lui 


I.riest Nov. 17. I.M..1, iu u.i.ii^try of 


Cliurch. Rei'tur Kmmiiii-.H.l CU.. 'It 

••;.., .N-.y., 

lyjiJ; ass't (-'It. iif Ki.iplt:tiiy. N.Y. ■, 

its, i«i; 

abst St. Andrew's, iltriJen. Co 

rector All Saints' Ch.. .Meiiden 


ass't St. Peter's. Alltatiy, X.Y.. 


rector Stindv Hill, X.Y., Iyf;-'.i4 

Ch. of 

Holy Innocetits, Allaity, X.Y., Iflo; 

1)7; Eincc 

grad. Phillips 


Address: Horuell, X.Y. 
ASHLE'V, Clarence Degrand: 

Lawver; h. Boston, Mass. .liiiv 4, I.ISI; B. 
Ossiaii' D. and Harriet A. (N'ash) Ashley; 
Andorer, JLiss., IS09: 
1; studied at Univ. of 
- - (P 

LL.Ii., iv^o: \.Y. rniv., Lli..M., IsO.'., J.D., 
1903; Miatni Univ., LL.U., Ivjs ; m. Hcneva, 
Switzerland. Au;;. I-', l^.^ii, Isaliellti Heyward 
Ripley; children: Edith Heyward, h. Jan. -20, 
1't.i, Mabel Pierce, b. Dec. -t'., l::-!:. Ad- 
mitted to X.Y'. liar, 1!<S0. in active practice 

A.]!., 1^ 


son, Knilev & Kubiiio. Prof, law, .Metroiiolis 
Law School. IM.llM. X.Y. I'liiv. since IWO: 
vii'e-dean Law Facultv. l.swiii., dean Law 
l-'acnilv since J>i)i'. N.Y'. I'niv; nun-rrsident 
lectitrjr of law. Bryu Mawr Coll., since 
ISyil. JFem. Delta Kappa Kpsilon. Wolf's 
Head. N.Y. Cilv Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Uni- 
Tcrsitv, C.iitnrv, Yale. Address: :k Wavcrly 
I'lace," -N.Y. city. 
ASHLEY, Eugene Lionel: 

l.a^v^cr; b. lort Aim, Wasliiimlon r.aliity. 

N.Y., July -2(1, 1n;3; s. JelVcrson and IVinntis 

Ann (Hnow) Ashley; cd. tileiis I'alU Acad.; 

in. Jan. b. Iss'i. Elisabelli ; one 

.lauL-bler, Kathrine Robertson Ashley. Ad- 

ntillcd to bar. al„l stuce ea-aactl ill practice 

at Olens F.ills. ."V. Y. Prcs. Hudson - River 

Klec. Power Co.: director in otltci corp'ns. 

Democrat. Baptist; trustee First Bapi. Clt., 

Cleus Falls. N.Y. Clubs: N.Y. Athletic. 


l.awvers (.V.Y*. Citv), Mohawk (Sihenectad.v, 

N.Y:), Fort Oraiij.-e (Albany), Fort Schuyler 


(Ctica), Address: Ulens Falls, N.Y. 

ASHLEY, I-rank M.: 

Mccli. and clec. ens'r and patent att'y: t. 

Calskill, N.Y.. June 10. l.-^.T: s. John J. 

(.Mil, 1 and .-siisie A. (.\lerwin) Ashley; cd. 

Bronlilvn public scho.ds and Co,. per Inst.; 

m. Br....l<lvu. l-Ss, Jennie Bell Wood ;. cbi|. 


dren: Frank S., b. l.s'...l. J.-ssic. b IvH. 


IiiviMilor nf in;inv iiii|»rnvt'nn'iiis in eiit^'riiii; 

UKtcl.inorv nn.i stc:iin :nul .-I.tI ri.-al sporial- 

tips; lirst in the art tn ^cTu-rate and htoro 


o/niio pas under pressure un a ri>mnnMTial 

Ashb'V \aU. 
Co. Republi. 

1 Stati. 



il. Ai 
. K11-' 

ASHLEY, JcBsle: 

Lawvcr: b, N.Y'. City; d. 
Harri.t A. (N'ash) Ashley; 
schools in N.Y. City and li. 
Krad. N.Y. Univ., LL.U., IM' 
(t.iok junior and s.-ni. 
Echool). Practising- law .siuci 

List, of 
vcl. Ad- 
St., N.Y. 

N.Y. Bar iu lao.';. Inslr. iu W.uuaii's Law- 
Class, NY. I iiiv. .Mriu. Am. Sue. Pivven- 
lion Cruelly to Animals, University Settle- 
ment Assn, Coll.'t-e Kipial SutTra^-e Leai.-ue, 
Al|)ha Omicroii Pi. Recreations: Ridinir, 
dogs. Clcbs: Women l.awvers, Portia. Ad- 
dress: 5 Nassau St. N.Y. City. 
ASHMEAD, Charles A.: 

Clergyuiau; i; X.Y. City, Sept. 7, 1802; 3. 
Am.'s D. and Ciitharine (Westervelt ) Asli- 
nicad; ed. in private and public schools of 
N.Y. until 15 years old, and alter that bv 
private tutors; m. N.Y'. Citv, N..v. s. Is;;*. 
Annie Moller Liviu^s; children: Dever Camp- 
b"ll. b. 1SS5. Leiio.-i Livings, b. iJW, C. Wes- 
•elt, b. is;n. ■\Vas in business tor ii 
rs ; ordained to ministry 01' 
Church. June 11. I'.Wil; now senior ass't St. 
Andrew's Memorial Ch., Yonkers, miiiister- 
in-charKe Chapel of the Redeemer. Lincoln 
Park, and actiiis chaplain St. Johns liiv,-r- 
sido Hosp. Republican. Mem. N.Y. Clinrch- 
uiau's Ass'n, The Rectorv Club, Nepp.-rhaii 
Lodje, No. rao F.& A.M.. Park Hill Country 
Club. Address: Clersrv House, St. Andrew's 
Memorial Ch., Youkers, N.Y. 
ASHMOEE, Sidney Gillespie: 

lalucator; b. Loudon, ib.'ii: s. Sidnev Ash- 
more (of London; and .Maria Ellsworth 
Phelps (of New York); came to New York 
at aL-e of vcars: student. lfil3-iiS, i<i schools 
of Charles d' Urban .M.irris. fellow of Uriel 
C..11.. O.Mord. and afterward prof, at 
Hopkins Univ.; Columbia Univ.. B.A., ls7-2, 
M.A., is:.-. (L.U.l)., llobart. Uh7); m. l^M. 
Faunv Hart Vail, d. Samuel M. Vail, of 
Tr..v, N.Y.; chihlren; Sidnev Beckwith, b. 
IMIT", Bcttv H.iward, b. I'.KU. Instr. Latin 
and Greek," Lehish Univ., LS73-70; instr. Latin 
Columbia Univ.. lS7(i-Sl : prof. Latin, Uiiiou 
I'niv., since 1S81. Spent nearly a year in 
Hah- and Greece. IsW-tli; traveled iu Oer- 
manV, and studied at Univs. of Bonn and 
Berlin; has been much in England also. 
Republican (usually). Episcopalian. Mem. 
Am. Phil.d. Ass'n, Archa>ol. Inst, of America. 
Classical Ass'n of Kn^land. N.Y, Latin Club, 
Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Phi. Author of sev- 
eral college text books and papers on clas- 
sical and educational subjects.' Clubs: .Mo- 
h.iwk, Schenectady Cioli. Address: Schenec- 
tady, N.Y'. 
ASHTON, Amos Turner: 

ClerL-vraan: b. Provid.-nce, R.I., 1.^10; s. 
Job and Abbv Stacv (Turner) Asliton; ed. 
public schools of Providence. Brown Univ., 
A.B., 1S7:;. A..M.. 1^7.-,. D.D., innS: srad. Gen. 



cks) Sill: childr 
1 Sill. .M..rt 
.-red dea.-oi 
Bishop H.I 




of SI. 
J. .Ill 

icv. I'rcd 
liter. I 

N.Y.. Ls 


's. N.'v 

ud .Ma 
t Abl.v 




Vallev, N.Y 
Ch., Hvde 
■on of Dutcl 
Club: 1; 
Address: 11: 
ASPINWALL, J, Lawrence: 

Ar.-liitcci; b. N Y. (Hv, June 
J.iui.-s Scott and Marsarcl (.Max\ 




|)fwif;hlS DilV SL-llcnl. 

S.liuol, and Liter at - 
-N.y. City; m. .M:.r 
Dr. John Murry r 
Kiilered oUice i.f J., 
1N75, and in l->o 1,.^ 
wiik, Asiiinwall & 
Aspinwall & Tucker, 
built inanv 

WHO'S wiro IN xi:w york 

ies!,ind: c-J. and Drr.i. l.i.iii. 

ilurris Carno'-lia 



n. So 

lie buiidin-s. first "Sluek ,., . 

for Prevention of Crufity to Child.,.,, „,.„ 
,Tiso The I'reventiun of (.ruelty tc .^niiuais ,1 
large number of hMspitais (Scarlet-Fever 
and Dep't IIosp., -V.V. Cit.v, ,St-j. v Wuld 
Sanitarium, Adirondaek Coilare Sa'ilta-ium, 
X.Y. Infirmary for Women and rinidren) 
oflice buildings, etc.; was also wUh J.;ipis 
Henivick in workin- out much of detjiil of 
■ Patrick's Cathedral and the stone si'ire 

of Grace Chu 
Was one of 
now Squadron 

i nieml. 
X.Y. S 

and lulli St 

uop .\, 

abroad, and been in principal 
many, France, ilollaiul, JJelgiui 
oud Scotland. Episcupaiian. 
Inst. Architects (and X.V. Cha 
and of Architectural Lea-ue, 
Trustee X.Y. Iniirmarv fur Wome 
dren; Ircas. St. Luke's Assn 
Church, X. Y. Cirv. Clubs: U 
neers. Atlantic Yacht. Address 
Av., N. Y. City. 

Iter s 




all; glad. Stc 

nd J.I 

M. (l; 

>, Oct. 

ck) Asjii 



■ dauL-ht, 

.hn th( 
1. XA 

M.K., Itsl (Jl.A., St.. Stephen o 
N.Y. Cil.v, 18m;. Juha W'iKun- on 
Bessie Heed. b. l--j. Prcs. Falj 
Xcwburith. .N'.Y. Ki'publican ; K\ 
trcas. corp'n of Cliurch of St. 
Kvangelist, Barrvtoivn, X.Y. ^ 
Micros. Soc, Camera Club o. ., 
A.A.A.S., Jlet. Museum of Art. Am. Micros 
Soc, .Soc. of .^uli.niol.ile En^'r-i \utomMbiJo 
Club of America. Thcia Xi irai-rni'tv Chil's^ 
«'-M Yacht, Ark«riL-ht. Ballusrol UM I Shuri 
Hills, X.J.), Poivchon (Xe«-bur?h), Koval 
Automobile Club of Great Britain, Aut"nio- 
bile Club of Xe«bur_h. X.Y. Address: Xe\7- 
bnrsh, Oran-e County, X.Y. 
ASPINWALL. Joseph:; b. Hr..okljM, X.Y.. 1551; prad. Co- 
luiMlua Law S.-h.. 1-73. Was een. atl'y Xat. 
Cty Bank of Brooklyn and for other lar"e 
lui.iMcial intirest.<i. . Hepublican : mem. As- 
sembly ,n X. \. l.c-isl.,ture, l-.v.-vj a„d l.-tll; 
Slate Senator. 1-..-: elected lC"Ki justice of 
Sui.renie Curt of Slate ..f X.V. f..r term 
ex-li. ring Dec. :il iro). P,vs. CarQeld Club. 
-MaM.n, S-- and Shriner. Clubs: Union 
Be..-ue, Adr.ance, Addphi Ki.lii,:;. Lake 
Mabopac \acht, lir..^,kl.v„ (Brooklvn). .Vd- 
dress: 41 C.urt St.. Brooklyn, X. Y. 
ASPINWALL. Billings:,r; l>. I...u,l.,„vili,.. X.V.. Xov l:; 
Willi;,m 1 r.,;j.,„_l,:,M, :,„a 

and prof. Latin and Greek, Union Female 
vol!., Lufa'a, Ala., 'uMlU; asst principal 
and supervisor of tea.'hiug, lllot), principal. 
not, state Xormal High. School, Albanv. 
X.\.; Oos't to pres. and prof, historv and 
philosophy of Kducatiou State Xormal' Coll , 
Alb.,ny X.Y., IWU. Editor of Monographs 
ori Pedagogy, Science and Literature; con- 
tributor to educational journais. Mem. vtui- 
ous teachers and educational ass'ns. Delta 
Lpsilon Iralernity (Harvard Chanter); Al- 
bany Club of Delta Upsilon. Address: 3iS 
^^ashlngton Av., Albauy, X.Y. 
ASTOR, Johu Jacob: 

Capi'ahst; b. • 'Ferncliff,' ' Rhinebeck, 
X.\.. July 13, im;1; s. William and Caroline 
(Schemerhorn) Astor; g.-s. William B.. and 
g.g.-s. John Jacob Astor, founder of family 
in America; ed. St. Paul's School, Concord, 
X.H., and Harvard Univ.; m. Philadelphia. 
Pa., Feb. 17, 1-!)1, Ava L. Willing; children- 
William Vincent Astor, b. Xov. 1.3, 16U1. Ava 
Alice Murcal Astor. b. July 7, lUoj. princi- 
pally envai,ed in management of vast inher- 
l.lcied that pan of Waldorf- 
AMoria Hotel, known as the ' 'Asloria," ItuT- 
■ouipl.'Ced Hotel St. Kegis, lOW, H.itel Kiiick- 
■rbocker, llioo. Aulhor: A J.inrnev in Other 
iVorlds, !-'Jl. Colonel on Governor Morton's 
ilatl'; commissioned inspector-general, with 
■auk of lieur.-col., U.S.V., Mav 15, imp.-.- 
;ave a complele and fully equiii'ped battery 
■" '~''" t of L'.S. on breaking out 

ilh Sp; 


ge and 

I) Asp, 


CII . Pd.ll.. . 
Ph li.. lOOl; 
Anrcli., Hjdc 

■d. A. II 

rid. Alb; 
■. X Y. 

I"o|. 1 


ate X. 

ah .M. 


de C 




■was de- 


W. R 



r 1 




11 to 


e Secrelarv 


out 01 





tor of 







lal f 


1 r 

jads bc- 

is 1 

lid do 

vn \ 





s Coin 


1 i 






Id' other 



r As 



list Co., 

. c 

1.. -Me 




nst Co., 


Xat. P 

irk 1 





u.\ Ba 

ik. We 


1 Union 


. Bd 

if M 


s, Dela- 

X.Y. Life 

and in Cuba, includin 
render of Sam 
tailed by Maj.-( 

III. Cen 

Telegraph Co. 
ware & Hudson Co.; tr 

ance and Trust Co., Title Guarantee & Tr,. ,. 
Co. Episcopalian .Mem. Cliaiuber of Com- 
merce, X.Y. -Vcad. of Sciences, Vm Geo- 
Soc, X.Y. Bot. Gardens. X.Y. Z,.oi, Soc".' 
Soc. .Colonial Wars. .Mil. Order Forei-n Wars 
Kccrealions: Aulomobilinu-. ridin-, vachtin- 
and tennis. Clnb.s: -Mel lopolnaii, 'Knick.-I-: 
bocker. Union, Authors, Brook, Tuxedo, Au- 
tomobile of Ani.'rica, Cil.v, Cilv .\liddav, 
X.Y. Vaclil. Kidin-, Rac,|uet and Teiini's 
Delta Phi, Down Town, Conntrv, Turf and 
Field, .\rniy and Xavv (X.V. Cilv); Cocoa 
Tree Club (London). Travellers' Ip.iris L.m- 
don;. Kcsid.-iices: I'eriiclilV. Rhinebeck, 
X.Y., and MO Fifth Av.. X.V. Citv. .Vddress 
(s,.crclary's ollice) : -IJ W. lloth" St.. X.Y. 
ATHERTON, Fisher C; 

b. I'li 



I U.ibi 



lM:i; s. Elihu Xi 
1 -Mhcrlon. b,.th I 
^r. X.V. ; direct 1 
.Miij. lUiinphrey A 



was one of tnc first captnins of tile Ancient 
and Honorable Artillery uf iioalori; unisaed 
educalfon at ObtTim (Ohio) Coll.. 1^U0; m. 
Jlouroevllle, U., June U, 1;7S, -Marj- tlleu 
Clary. iServed a short time iii two regiments 
in Civil N\ ar. Was lor several years v.-iili 
U.S. Kxpress Co.; eiiga-i-d in mi':; t^Ubiiiess; 
pres. and m^- r iiutValo l^cle Co., }\at. Asbes- 
tos Co.: now chief owner and in- r UnlValo 
lletal (joods Co. Has made three trips to 
Europe, viiitinjr chief ciiies. Uepublican. 
Presbyterian. ilem. .Niagara Frontier and 
Landmarks Assn. UulValo Hist. Soc., Al- 
brisht Art Gall.'ry Assn. Clubs: Avoniau, 
Bulial... Address,: lA:l Linwood At., Buf- 
falo, .V.Y. 
ATKINS. Du Bois G.: 

Lawver: b. Cliniundale, Ulster County, 
N.Y., Sept. J. liOi: s. lieujamin B. and Sarah 
J. (Gunsalus) Atkius; ed. (worliing way 
through) Claveraek Coll.. Hudson Kiver lust., 
Claveraek, ^■.Y., and Weslevan Chit.; m. 
Kingston, X. V.. Dec. 30, l^Ul.|, Wilholmina 
Wiune; one dau-hier, Helen 1., b. 1MJ3. After 
leaving colle-e taught school; while teachina 
read law evenings and t-aturdavs. Admitted 
to tar IJ'.IS, and since then engaged in general 
practice. I'res. Wiltwyck Co., Kings- 
ton. Has served as deputy county treasurer, 
civil service commissioner of City of Kings- 
ton, and mem. Board of Education since 1MI3 
(now pres.). In 1902 was instrumental in 
having all the schools of Kingston consoli- 
dated under one Board of i:ducation. lie- 
publican. .Methodist. Mem. Helta Kappa 
iipsilou frateiuity. Addreis: Kiu^-stou, X.V. 
ATKINS, George Chew: 

Lawyer; L. i-.imrap.), X. J., Jan. 3, 1S30; s. 
G. W. E. and ilary M. (ChewJ Atkins; 
Columbia Coll., A.B.. VMl: S.Y. Law Sch., 
LL B., 11104; since then praciising law in 
X.Y. City. Direct. ir Pittsburgh, bliawmut & 
Xortherii K.U. Hidcpendent Democrat. Kpis- 
copaliau. ilem. Columbia Coll. Aluniiii 
Assn. I'hi Delta Tiieta fraternity. Clubs: 
Graduates, Phi Delta Thcla. Address: 331 
Convent Av., X.V. City. 
ATKINS, Robert: 

Lawyer; b. Lsopus, X.Y., Oct. 30. 1S73; 
B. Charles R. and Eliza B. (Johnson) Atkins; 
crad. X.Y. Univ. Law Sch...,l, LL.B., laoO. 
Engaged in practice of law in X.Y. City 
from l;..»i. D.iu.,crat. Epi.sopalian. Jlem. 
.S A,R. Mem. Church Club of X. Y. Country 
K,-Mden.'.-: Kb..pus, X. Y. Address: 1010 
Amsterdam Av., X. Y. City. 
ATKINS, Thomas Astlcy: 

Lawyer: b. T..nipkinsville, Kielimond 
County, X.Y., April .~, 1^3J: s. Dudlev and 
Anna .Maria (Ui.winanl Atkins; ed. bv 
tutors and gra.l. H.a-vard Lniv.. I-i.iJ; m. 
Oct. 23, JM.o, Julia l-enton K..ckwell; chil- 
dren: Aslley, Kate. Practising lawyer, 
X.Y. City. Formerly judge Hall 
Court (n.iw Cily C..iiril, Y..nk.-rs, .N.Y. 
lived and travel. '.1 niu.h Kipublican 
from From. .Ill cimp.tigii ; of H,.piil.licau 
associations J.j y.'ars, iucludiug Line.. In 
camiiaign; local delegate t.i Stale and .Nat. 

ters; h:is 


i.mce aiuavs 

.-ave jtldi.-ial 

Mem. of 


■r Corps, b.r 

n.-r TJd X.Y 

ISIale Mi 

..rps disban.l. 

.1 during re 

bellinn 1. 

' u's. V 

ov;) E,,isc. 

p.ilian. M,.„i 

Bar Cily of X 

Mem. bar, Stale of Xcw York; mem. Bar As- 
sn. Westchester Countv, X.Y.; mem. Har- 
vard Law School As!, ii; mem. X."^'. State Hibl. 
Soc; 1st v.-p. Yonkers Hist. Ass'n; charter 
mem. I'alisade Boat Club, Yonkeis, 47 years; 
looiorary dir.-etor St. John's Riverside Ho.sp., 
Yonkers. Recreations: Formerly athletics; 
of late years, hisl.jrical matters. Author: 
Yonkers in the Kcbelliou (book); also mon- 
ographs— Adrueu Van der Donck, The Manor 
of riiillipsburg. Stale of Dutch and Indian 
Affairs Prior to 1044, etc. Club: Union 
League (X.Y. City). Residence: Y'onkers, 
N. Y. Address: .3 Xassau St.. X'. Y. 
ATKINSON. Fred Washington: 

Pres. Polytechnic lust, of Brooklyn; b. 
Reading, Mai,s., ilav :;3, IsOJ; grad. Harvard, 
A.B., h-M, Universities of Berlin, Halle, Jena, 
Leipzig and (Paris); Ph.D., Leip- 
zig, 1^1)3; m. Wallham, -Mass., Aug. 27, Ibtio, 
Winnifred Gage \\hiifuid. Was lirst gen. 
snij't of public instruction in Philippine 
Islands, 11)00-03; pres. Polytechnic inst., 
];i-..oklvn, since 1907. Independent in poli- 
tics. Author: The Philippine Islands: also 
articles m magazines, etc. Club; HamiUou. 
Address: 5j Pineapple St. Brooklyn. 
ATKINSON, George Prancis: 

B..lalll^t, educator; b. Raisinville, Monroe 
Countv, Mich., Jan. :W, liijl; s. Joseph and 
J.j.,.-pUiiie U'lsh) Atkinson; ed. Olivet Coll., 
:.:ieli., and Cornell Univ., I'h.B., IfjO, Phi 
l;.ta Kappa (Cornell), l^.-3, Sigma -Nl (scieii- 
tilie soc). ISso; m. Durham. X.C, lss7, Lizzie 
Kerr; children: Francis Kerr, b. HM, Clara 
I'ackard, b. ltU2. Ass't prof., ISco-SO, a^so. 
prof., IfNJ-sS, gen. zo.ilogy, Univ. of N. C; 
prof, botany and zoology and botanist Ex- 
periraent Station, Univ. of S.C., ISss-S'j; jirof. 
bi.ilogv and biologist Experiment Station, 
Ala. Polytechnic Inst, and Ala. Agr'l and 
Mech. Coll., Ibtti-OJ: ass't prof., 1,VJ2 03, asso. 
prof., 1603-90, botany, Cornell Univ.; sin.-e 
l-;.0, prof, botany, head of Bot. Dep't, and 
botanist, Kxpcrimont Station, Cornell Univ. 
Traveled in England, Sweileii and Continental 
Europe. 1003, 1905. Independeut (generally 
Republican). Fellow A.A..V.S.; mem. Bot 
Soc of America, Soc. for Plant ilorphology 
and Physiology. .Mycologieal Soc. of America, 
'I'orrey' riot." Club, Phi Beta Kappa S.ic, 
Sigma Xi Soc. Gold medal from La. I'ur- 
chaso Exp'n. Recreations: Outdoor life in 
f.. rests and lields, and developing a private 
wild garden of three acres. Author: Biology 
of Ferns; Elementary Botany; College T.'Xt 
Book of Botany; Lessons in Botany; First 
Lessons in Plant Life; Mushrooms, Eiliblc 
Poibonims, etc.; Studies of American Fungi. 
C.ntb'r of numerous papers on botani.-al 
subjicls in leading journals of America, 
Iliigliud and Gel-many: e-sp..cially on neir-, ey..luIion, physiology, mycob.g.v, 
alga', l.teridopllytes, and on trap-door spi.lers, 
n.-niato,les, etc Club: Town and (m.wu 
(llli.i.a). Address: Cornell University,, X. Y. 
ATKINSON, James F.: 

Life msuranec ag.ney manager; b. R..ches- 
ter, X.Y., isll. M'.i^ engage. I in manulaclur- 
in ■ business at Applet. .n, Wi.-;., until ).->!, 
when he b.^came e,.nio.el,.d with the Provi- 
d.-nt Life and 'rnisl C...: was special agent 
N..rtliweslcrn Jlolual Life Ins. C..., atul 
•.inro l::;3 has been general ageut for that 



Wiius WHO IX m:\v vui;k 


and Long IslanU, his 
ison, beiu? assuiiati-cl 
.\d(lrtss: ii Cuun HI., 

William F 
ivitli him siiU'e 
Bruokljii, X.V. 
ATKINSON, William Fitch 
Life iiisuraiu-ti aL,'i'iKv m 
ton. Wis., IsT:;; s. James !■'. ii 
Atkinsc.ii; grad. Cornell Uiii 
m. April, I'MS, Caroline A. W 
connected with Carter Ink Co., It'JJ-as; si 
IsaS associated with James F. Atkinson 
joint ai;ency manager for lirooklvn and L' 
Island for the ^orlhweslern Mutual Life I 
Co., of .Milwaukee, Wis. Director Home T 
.Mem. Fm Ul.silon 1 

lager; b. Apple 
d Louise (Filch 
liv., IJ.L., IfX, 



Crescent Alliletic, Youn? Kepuljlican, (Lirook- 
lvn); Con, ell Universitv (.\.V. Cit.v). Ad- 
dress: 41 Court at., Lrooklyu. 
ATTERBUKY, Ansou Phelps: 

Cler!,'\man; b. -New York, June 18. l^il; 
ed. Phillips Acad, and Yale Univ.; f;rad. 
Union Theol. Sem.. ls;u, Ph.D., N.Y. Univ., 
U.D., Hamilton Coll.; m. June 11, 1M)I, 
Catharine G. Van Rensselaer. Urdained to 
ministry, IsbO; since I3TU pastor Park Pres- 
hy'n Ch., N.Y. City. Islam in 
Africa. Translator; Sombarts Kocialism. 
Director Union Tlieol. Scin. ; pres. M.Y. City 
Federation of Churches, riubs: Centnrv, 
.\pawaiuis. Address : U.i W. l-ijth .-St., ><.Y. City. 
ATTEEBURY, Charles Lamed: 

Lawver; b. Detroit, Mi.h., Dec. 3. ISlC; s. 
John (i. and Catharine J. ( Larncd) Attor- 
bury; cd. Yale Coll.; ni. .\.V. City, Jan. 7, 
ISUS, Katharine M. Dow; one son, Gro.sviomr 
(37). Be^ practice of law in Detroit, 
llich.; removed to X.Y. City, ls71. beconn;,_- 
solicitor of trie R'y Co., and later . : 
of that company; counsel of CI 

tor at .Madii 


; spent over a vear in 

St. and was afterward 

Work at Cleveland, U., 

-\.Y. Sabbinh Commit 


/atioii and conduct of Sunday Rest Ci 
s. World's Columbian K.xp n, Chica 
and edited its priiici|,al papers in a v 
, The Sunday Problem. -Vctive as agent 
uiittee in proiuoting Suudav 
at Albany, and in seeurini 

of Sunda 


Uest La 
.\at. Ge 




uress; 31 Bible House, X.Y. City. 
ATWATER, Edward Weaver: 

I'res. and treas. Tllo Johnston Hal 
Co.; b. Rochester, X.Y., Jan. f., 
Stephen and Mary L. (Weaver) . 
ed. pulilic schools, Providence, U.I 
High School. If.-.U; m. Seneca l-'all 

ot Soc 




ay A. La 


dren: Willi 


J., b 167J. F.dward C. 

b. It7t;, 

Alice E., b 


». Frances R., b. 1» 

-'. Clerk 

in ollice C 


ercial Steamboat Ci 

., Provi- 

denco Stean 


t Co., Pl-ovideii.-e, K 

I., lb.M- 

Ui; mem. C 

0. I 

11th Reirl, R.l. Vo 

s., Sept., 

Ibtii to Jul 

y. I 

i-iy; resident ag't A 

n. Wood 

Paper Co., 


lyeisford, Pa., 1M)1- 

"i; fruit 

farmer ne; 

r 1 

almyra. X.Y., I,hTJ-7 

^; book- 

keeper will 


A. Dc Land & Co., 


X.Y., and 


Florida, l'-7!<-Mi; at 


(X.Y.) olhc 


Johnston Harvester 

Co., and 



■lie of Dean Richim 

nd heirs 

& Atlauti. 



Car Co., and afterward and now cugau-ed as 
cuunset for various corporations in .V.Y. and 
elsewhere; mem. tirm of Betls, Atterbury it 
Betts, and subseiiuentlv of Atterbury & 
Jlullally. X.Y'. Citv. Jlem X.Y. Bar Ass'n. 
Clubs: Century. I'nivcrsity. Residence; i;3 
E. CJd St. Address; 3J Broad St., X.Y. City. 
ATTEEBURY, Grosvenor; 

July 7, isr.9 



id Katha 

( Do« 

) Alter 



d. Yale, 1 


U sludci 

t, C. 


bia School 
ole des B 


; unniar 



gaged in i 

no Jli: 
B.A., l.-;il; 



Squadron A, X.G.X.Y. Follow .\ 
.■Vrchiteets (v.-p. .V.Y. Chapter); m 
Beau.-c Arts Architects. S.o-. Columbi 
tecls. Architectural Lea-ue of X.Y 
and Key Soc, Psi Upsilon, Phi B"t: 
Xi Delta Tliela (Yale I. Director 
r.arth.domews Clinic. Club.s: Centnri 
versity. Address; :;u W. J3d St., ^■.Y 
ATTEEBURY. William Wallace: 


c. u'ni- 

b. X- 

rk. N .1., 

t) Atterln 

IMii; stnrlied a 
(l).D., X.Y. L 
niinistrv. ISIS; 

chaplain Mich. Legislature); later pa 

.i"liiiston Harvester Co. Ke|)ublican 
: d by a desire to see temperance leg- 
1 I:. Jill. B..rn .a Quak-r; Bajilist since 
]s:ii; treas. Fust Baptist Ch., Balavia, X.Y. 
Recreations; Kci.ling and travel. Address: 
Jul E. Main St., B.itavia, X.Y". 
ATWOOD. Charles Edwin: 

Phy.s.cian; b. Shoreham, Vt., Julv 21. ISfil ; 
grad. C'Tuell Univ., B.S., lbf-0, and after 
one years past-graduate work in biology and 
other studies entered Bellevue Ilosp. Med. 
Coll., M.D., 1S«; ni. X.Y. Citv, Feb. 5. i^:it\ 
Helen Pcarce Jarvis. Appfd assl iihvsician 
Hudson River Slate Hosp., Poui.-hk"ecpsie, 
X.Y., Jan., 15.-5; transferred to Utica Slate 
Hosp., lb-7; .ui med. stall Soc. of the X. Y. 
Hosp., Bloommgdale, X.Y., ls:i--l!lo.-,; clinical 
ass't in nervous diseases Coll. Pliys. and 
Surg. (Columbia), since l>ie ; junior visiting X. Y. Hosp. for XerM.iis Diseases; 
ass't neurolugist R.indalFs Island HospiLils. 


Vni. Jo 
iial of Xe 

X. V. Si.ile .MeJ. 

ATWOOD. Isaac Morgan: 




111 Xa 

(.Shearer) Atwn.ol; ed. Rovallon Acad.. 1 
r.ort Union School, .M.A., St. Lawrence Uii 
1>71; S.T.D. Tults Coll., 1>70: LL.D.. lUi.l 
Coll.; m. Clarciidou, X.Y., Oct. Jli, Isoi. 
inira Church; children: Anne. X.ira. .Ma 



Juhii JIurrnv, Alice Carv. Tau'.-ht school 3 
vinrs: entcivU Uiiiveisalist miiiislrj 1509; 
sflUed succL-ssivelv in ClmrchviUc. O-iftou 
Springs and Walertowii, X.Y.; iu Pi.rtl.-.nd, 
Me.; in X. Erid-f«aU r. Chelsea and 'Jam- 
bridge, J[nss.; ediu-d tlie liiiiersalis:, Bms- 
ton, 1S67-7J, The Christian Leader. .V.Y. rity, 
187-'-74; editorial cuniribntor to L'nivcrsalibt 
Leader, Boston, since 1j74. Pros, oi the 
Canton (X.Y.) Thcol. School iu l.-70-iiO; since 
then gen. sup't L'niversalist Ctiurch. Inde- 
pendent in politics. .Mem. Am. Social ■ Sci- 
ence Ass'n, Religious Educaimu Ass'n, Phi 
Beta Kappa. Trustee Dean. Acad., FraiiV.Un. 
JIass., «t. Lawrence Univ.; mem. Board of 
Trustees, Universalist Cien. Convention; 
chairman Mission Board, X.Y. Convention o£ 
Univcrsalists; sec. Universalist Gen. Con- 
vention. Autlu.r: Have We Outgrow-i, Ciiris- 
tianity'; Latest Word of Universalism ; 
Glance at the RcHl-ious Progress of the 
United States; Walks, About Zion; Episco- 
pacy; The Manual of Revelation; Balance 
Sheet of Criticism; A System of 
Christian Doctrin.'s. Clubs; Reform (X.Y: 
Citv); Kconomic (Rochester). Address; ls9 
Harvard St., Kochcier, X.Y. 
ATWOOD, John Warren: 

Phvsician; b. Marion. X.Y. , Sept. II, ]fr,2; s. 
Charl'.s and Julictta (Adams) Anvood; moth- 
er descendant of Adamses of New England; 
grad. Jefferson Med. Coll.. Philadelphia, M.l>., 
ISSS; m. 1st. ilarion, X.Y., Sept. S.'i. l:-^9, 
Jessie Durbank (died Jan., IM'il; children: 
Bessie V.. h. IMU . Warr.-n U., b. 1«D4, m. 
2d, JIatteawan, X.Y., Xov. 17, ISIS, Aida 
Pearsall. In active practi.-o of medicine 
since ISSS; at Fisbkill ..nlludson, X.Y., SMico 
1S9S. Mem. staff Highland Hosp., Matteavvan, 
N.Y.; attending piiy,iciaii to I'rulesiant Epis- 
copal Oridians' Hmne "f X.Y. ilcm. N.Y. 
Stale Jled. Soc, Am. Med. As.s'n, Xuwbiiruh 
Itav .Mod. ,Soc. Ilmiorarv mom. Lewis Tomp- 
kins ll.ise Co.; mem. Fisbkill ii'd of E.Fn. 
Chib: South Uutcliess Country. Address: 
Fishkill-on-Hudson, X.Y. 
AUCHINCLOSS. Hugli Dudley: 

Merchant: Yale. A.l!., IsTU; (Scroll and 
K.v); m. Emm.i B. Jennings. KngaL-ed in 
liusin.'ss since Is79; mem. lirm of Aucliincioss nicr.h.ints. Trustee Bowery Savinv-s 
Bank, (■.,ns,.|idate Gas Co.; dircc' Farmers' 
l."in and Co., Bank of the ilaiiliattan 
C... and Siracn^e and lUliL-lianiton K.U. Co. 
M.-in. I'si Upailon. Xev FnL-land Soc, St. 
.\inlr.w Soc. (.'Inhs: .Metropolitan, liiivcr- 
^i'y. C.Miiiiry, Il„ivri Town. Address; S:i E. 
'■:;h St.. N.V. City. 
AUCIIIXCLOSS, John Winthrop: 

M.l •l:,,:.l; gr ,d. .sli,.|i„.|,l Sclclllific Rrb., 
V.lo. Phil,, ]-::;; m. J. .anna 11. KnsscU; 
.hii.lrcn: Klizab.ih, Jos.'ph 11., Joanna R., Ki-a-e.l in biisiio'ss since 1-7:!; 
rri.-in. lirm of Anchiiiclo-s Bros., im-rcliants. 
Hircctor 11.,.. and :-;..i,tli,Tn 111. U.K. Co., 
.Miunal l.ifo Ii<. Co., \at. S:if.- I)eln.,it C... 
V,,/..o and .Mi-M.-,-.ippi Aallev U.K. Co. 
-Mem. .M.n.bUs.ilin (.l.o Club. Yal.. Alnlnni 
As.s'n. Clul.^; N.Y. Ya.-lil. Ccniurv. U,,si- ■J7 \V. ,-::d SI. .\ J.: WilU;im 
St., N.Y. City. 
AUDSLEY, George Ashdowu: 

\r,iul.>.l. aril-l. ..Hill o , b. l;i:;ii,, S,-,,t- 
I:i ..1. S.'pl. 11, ]-:>; cd. in S."|1.ur1. cann- hi 

U. S., 1XI-: MiKc Ib'-.i pi.Miising m N, Y. 


City as 



architect with brother, William J. 
, «i:ii whom wrote: Guide to Illumi- 
and -Missal Painting; Handbook of 
ian Symbolism; Cottage, Lodge and 
Arcluteclure; Polychromatic Uecora- 
iKoi App'iod to Buildings in the Gothic 
Sl>les; Outlines of Ornament in All 
Styles; Taste versns iashionable Colors; also 
(.villi br,.i;icr) prtpan'd illuminated editions 
of The Scrm.m on the M.iunt. and of Byron's 
Prisoner ot Cliillon. Finn of W. & G. Aud.sley 
Were arcliitects of the Bo\.-ling Green Ofliccs, 
X. Y. Citv; the Layton Art Gallery, Milwau- 
kee, Wis., and manv other buildings. Author: 
Keramic .A.rt of Japan: Ornamental Arts; Tho 
Art of Chromolilhograpliv; The Practical 
Decorator; The Art of Organ Building, and 
ether works: now collaborating with brother 
on the Popular Dictionary of Architecture 
and the Allied Arts. Residence: Lowerrc, 
X.Y'. Address: 41 Union Square, X.Y. City. 
AUEH. Clara Meltzer:; b. in Russia, Oct. 15, 1874; d. 
Dr. S. J. and Olga (Levitt) Meltzer; ed. 
public schools, Barnard College, Columbi.i 
Univcrsilv. A.B., IsOii, Johns Hopkins Med. 
School, M.D., 19110; m. X.Y". Cit.v, Oct. I, 
1003, Dr. John .\uer; one son: James, b. 19i'i;. 
Kn-aged in practice from 1000. Research 
schol;.r. Rockefeller Inst, for Med. Research, 
lf«a-l'3; ophthalmoloirist, Harlem Hosp. Dis- 
pensary, 1001-03; ass't surgeon X.Y'. Eye and 
Ear Infirmary, from I'Jol. Mem. X. Y. Slate 
& Countv Jled. Socs., X.Y". State Women's 
Med. .'<oc., H.irlem Med. Soc. Address: 13 
W. 121st St., X.Y'. City. 
AUER, John: 

Phv.sician; b. Rochester, X.Y., Mar. 30, 
1S7.J: s. Henry an.l Lni-e (Hummel) Auer; 
grad. South Division High School, Chicago, 
IVO; Univ. of Mich., U.S., 1;0^, Johns Hop- 
kins Jled. School, JI.D., If.iK ; m. X.Y. Citv, 
Oct. 1, lOo:!. Dr. Clara Jlcltzer; onQ soil, 
Jame.s, b. UloO. Jled. bouse ollicer, .Johns 
Hopkins Hosp., Baltimore, 1002-03. FcUow 
from 1003: assistant. lti«10S, and now asso- 
ciate of the Rockefeller Inst.: instr. in Phvsi- 
ologv. Harvard Univ., 10i<.-07. .Mem. Soc. 
E.xpcrimcntal Bbiloirv and Jtcdicine, Am. 
Phvsiol. S..C.; active mem. Harvey Soc. Ad- 
dress: 13 W. I21st St., X.Y. City. 
AUEEBACH, Joseph S.: 

L,i«v,t: grad. X. Y. Univ., lS7.-i; m. Kath- 
arine Home: children; John H., Kalhrvn H.. 
Helen D. Admitted to bar; now meiii. law 
lirm of Davies, Stone & Anerbach. Director 
Ijnccn Co. Bank. Knickerbocker Trust Co., 
Lawvers Mortgage Ins. Co., Long Island 
K.U. Co., Jlechanical Rubber Co., City and 
Suburban Homes Co.. Audit Co. of X.Y. 
Mem. of Ass'n Bar Citv of X.Y. Slem. 
X.Y. Univ. Alumni Ass'n.' Jlet. Jlus. of Art. 
Clubs: L:i\vvers, Delia Phi, Inivcrsitv, Uac- 
(|net and Tennis, Ridiu-. 1 l.Muoeralic, Fencers, 
,-;oiith Side Sporlsin.'ii, Riehm.oid Hunt. Res- 
id. -nee: 1 W. 1,-, SI., A.ldrvbS: 32 Xassau 
Si. X.Y. Cily. 
AUGER, Edw.-ird Victr.r: 

l>i-inl...-liiig Cri.^. -J.l Division, Dep't of 
H....llh. Ilociigh ../ llr....klyn; b. Caml.ri.b_-e- 



-d D 

^(■^li.■ ( Anger; ed. 
i,- 1S7.-, .s7: B,.sl..n Pr.'p. S.h...l, 
,v-. grad. .Mills Tr.iinin:: S.h....l. H.-lle 
11. .sp., X.Y. City, 1.XI7; m. lir....klyn. 



X.Y.. Oct. 4. IfOO, Rose Lillian Houlscii of 
K^jthcsteF. -\.V. Cmiih lo ^.Y. City. liOi; 
in theatrical i.rofeiSUHi, on road, liOi-al; 
practised professional nursing: until iSOi; res- 
istered at Kings Cuiinly Med. Sjc. Enlisted 
in 13th Rc's't Guard, April 20, IrOS; 
honi.rably discharired, ii ly IC, Iw?, on dis- 
bandment of re^'t at (_aiup Dlsi-k, Hemp- 
stead. L.I. Enlisted in U.a. Army Hospital 
Corps, Mav 16. 1»;p,v served dnnn- the cam- 
paign. War wilh Spain, at \Va»hin,;Ion. D.C., 
Port Tampa, Fin., Key West, Fla., M.uit.iuk 
Point. L.I., and lort ilonroe. Va.; honurabiy 
discharged as hospital steward. Feb. -4, 1601'. 
Also was a mem. Co. F. 3lh -Mass. Vul. 
Jlili'ia, and Co. A, Battalion, Naval liri- 
gade, Mass. Vol. Militia; honorably <lis- 
charged on removal from State. Dec. 9. Ib03. 
Appointed F"eb. 14, I'JU'i, to present position 
in Disinfecting Corps, Dep't of Health, 
Borough of brooklvn. Demicrat. Episco- 
palian. Mem. Alamni Bellevue Tr.iiniiig 
School: Nat. Corp.s. Armv and Navv Union, 
U. S. A.: War Vel.-raus and S..ns Ass'n. 
U.S.A.: American Flag Assii, N.Y. Cay; 
Brooklvn Council. Roval Arcanum, No. 72; 
Gen. George A. Custer Garrison, X... 2, Army 
and Navv Union, U..S.A. Elected quarler- 
master. Garrison 2', 19r2; adjutant same, lOOi- 
07; Nat. junior vice-comd'r A. and N. U., 
U.S.A., ]S"3-07: also mem. Washington Monu- 
ment Com. Recreations: Athletic sports. 
Address: Xi Park Place, Brooklyn. 
AUGUR, Jacob A.: 

Army oflicer; b. N.Y. Citv, Aug. 21, 1849; 
s. Gen. C. C. Augur; grad. U.S. Mil. Acad, 
and cnmmissi<med 211 lieut. 4th Cav., Juno 1.5. 
1S(,9: 1st lieut.. Jan. 11. 1^71: capt., June 14, 
l^.P: major, June 2, 1597; lieut-col., 4th Cav.. 
Feb. 2, 1901; col., loih Cav.. June 9, 1902. 
With Republican River Exi.du, l--i;9, en- 
gaged in the liglif on Prairie Dog Creek ; on 
field service in" Western -\eb., 1?79: partici- 
pated in raising siege and action of Mill 
Creek. Col.: in Indian Tv. and Texas, 1^>7- 
97; acting commandant. Corps of Cadets, Mil. 
Acad.. Iia7: aciing sup't U.S. -Mil. Acad, and 
comd'g post of West Point. 1^^7; serveil 
in Spanish-Am. War, 1S9S: commandant Inf. 
and Cav. Sch., 1-LI7-9S; comilg Ft. Leaven- 
■vrorth. Kan., l--'"!; in Philippines, lt'.i91901 
in Gen. Lawt.oi's e.siid'n in Central Luzon, 
1S09; in Gen. Schwaas campaign in South- 
ern Luzon, 1900. Address: Manila, P I. 
AULLS, Samuel D.: 

Lawyer; b. Wh.eler. Steuben County, N.Y., 
April 9th. 1*75; s. Thomas and Ellen (Wil- 
liams) Anils; grad. Dundee (N.V.) Prep. 
Seliool, lS9j, post-grad, courses there and 
at Lowville (N.V.) Acad; two years at Al- 
bany Law Sch. 111. Taught school in Sieuben 
and Yates Com. lies, l-;.::'l.-.; studi.'d law in 
the onlces of Aniasa J. P.irk.T at 
Albany and Jn.lge Smith of Elniira; adniitle.l 
to bar, IV'-i, bee, me clerk and later partner 
Willi Jiid.-e Sniiili; ailiiiitted to praclic.. in 
I'.S. Supreme (■■oirt, l:io2; counsel to 
In.lia Trading and Dev.doiiment C .., Trop- 
ical American rianana Co.. Garlo'Id A.lvr- 
tisins- C.I.. Unil.ol .Maintenan.e t,:o.. 
Bearing Co., American Land and Tiinb.-r 
Co.. Listed S..eiimies C.i.. and .iilier or 
p.. rations of .\.Y. Cilv and elscwbeie. Mem. 

Republican; took active part in campaign of 
1^9li and .subse.iuent campaigns. Auth.r: 
Anils' (Jui/.zer on the Jlem. Ivv 
Lodge, Masons, Elmira, N.V.; Gen. A. b\ 
Diveu C.nip, Sons of Veterans; Empire State 
Soc, S.A.K., No. 127S, Cashmere Crotto No. 
11, M.Cv.V.P.E.R. Address; 214 E. Water 
St., Elmira, N.Y. 

AUMAl^. William: 

Erig.Gen. U. S. A.; b. in Berks County, 
Pa., Uct, 17, is:;>i; s. Henry and Catherine 
(Breyman) Auman; ed. public schools of 
Potlsville and Wyoming Sem., Pa.; m. Potts- 
ville, Pa., Sept. 27, IStiO, Emma E. Rose- 
garden; children: Edith May (wife of Capt. 
E. B. Winaiis, 4th U.S. Cav.), Kathenne 
Regina (widow of Lieut. Charles Ogden, 13th 
U.S. Inf.); also two sons and a daughter 
deceased. Enlisted on President Lincoln's 
call for volunteers, April l.i, IbOl, in Wash- 
Arty Of Poltsville, Pa.; passed 





a IT, 



\pril IS, first troops for defence 
of Nali.inal (received Medal of Honor 
for this service): served in defence of Cap- 
itol to -Mav 1, IsCl, then at Ft. Washington, 
JId., to Julv 29, ISCl; mustered out as mem. 
of Co. H, 251h Pa. Vols.; enlisted Sept. 9, 
Itfil, in Co. G. 4Sth Pa. Vols., in which 
served as coriioral and serg't to June 27, 
1804. Promoted 2d lieut., Co. G, 4Sth Pa. 
Vet. Vols., June 2S, 1SU4; 1st lieut., July 2S, 
1SG4; capt.. Mar. 3, ISfiS; brevet capt. for 
gallant and meritorious service. April 2, 
LSOj; mustered out, July 17. ItOj. Partici- 
pated ill battles of Fredericksburg (Dec. 12- 
13. 1S';2), Campbell's Station, Blue Springs, 
.Siege of Kiio.Kville, Tenn. (IMiS), Wilderness, 
Spollsylvania. .\orlh Anna. Tolonotamv. Beth- 
esda Church, Cuhl Harbor, Pelerslmrg, June 
I'l and June IS (regiment dug and exploded 
Petersburg iline and parlieipated in that 
engagement), P.iplar Grove Church,. Weldoa 
Railroad, Koynton Plank Road (1m;i), as- 
sault ou Ft. Mahone, capture of Peiersburg 
(INJO); severely wounded in face, April 2, 
l.=lij. Coinmi.ssioned 2d lieut., 13lli Inf., Jlay 
11, Ifi^ii; 1st lieut., (Jet. 3, 1^07; capt.. Mar. 
2.1, lo79; major, April 20, l^us ; lieut.-eol.. 
Sept. 7, 1900; col. 2iilh Inf., Oct. Hi, 1901; 
brig.-geii. U.S.A., April 10, 19U2 ; retired at 
own reoMost. .May 10, 1902. Was in engage- 
ment with Cr.iw Indians, Mav 17, ]si;s (se- 
verely w.iun.l.'d): campaign against Ute Indi- 
ans, Ul.ih, 1^72, Sioux Indians (lied Cloud 1. 
)>71; Cuban Campaign, l.^lS; commanded 13th 
Inf. in assault on San Juan Hill, Julv 1, 
1-9-.; captur.-d (lag on Ft. San Juan, 
and took Soauish prisoners; particip;ited in 
battles of July lOlh and nih; re.'civ.'d and 
t.o.k ch.rge of all Spanish prisoners in 
Santiag... July 17; reeomni..iide.l by brigade 
and divisi..ii commanders fur brevet of brig.- 
geii.; c.inimaiul.'d stall. .ii of Santa Cruz, 
Lu/.>n. !'.!.. 19.11: oblaiiied surrender of Col. 

Julio Herr.Ta and his niniiid; on duty at 

h.l.rrs D.'p't of Southern Luzon, Manila, 
to .Mar. 2, 1:«12. reluming to U.S. Aliril ]:., 
r.nri. and next day appf.l brig. -gen. Episeo- 

p. n. !)ee.irali..n: Me.1,,1 ..f honor. Com- 

nionwealih of Fa. M.oii, I'irst D.fenders of 
Nat. Caiiilal. .Mil. iii.l.-i- L..val Legion, 
G.A.I!.. .Mil. Or.l.T r..r. i.-n W.irs. Hist. Soc. 
F.nll'.ilo. Clubs: S.iliirii. I'.rk. Liberal. Ad- 
dress: 103 Oakland Place, JlulV.iI.i, N.Y, 

k I 




AUEINGER, Obaaiah Cyrus: 

CUTKvraan, aulliur; b. Glons Fall 
June 4, IslO; s. Francis a}id KlUa 
Auringer; ed. public schools of Ulcns Falls, 
and by private tutors in science and litera- 
ture; m. Nov., Ib7ii. Mrs. Fva Hendryx. 
Hem. U.S. M.irino Corps, 1?71-T5: shore 
service at Washington, Eostnn, Xorloik; three 
years on board L".S. liagship Worcester, 
North Atlantic Stinadron, in West Indies. 
Ordained Presbyterian minister at Lake 
George, Sept.. ISUU. Taslor, Xorihwood, X.Y., 
1SS9-92, Third Church, Tro.v, N.Y., ISOil-EO, 
First Church, Fore.^t;>n^t, .\".V.. since ISut. 
Republican. JFoni. Kapiia Epsiloii, of Troy, 
X.Y.; Kaijpa Nu. of Ulica, X.Y. Recrea- 
tions: Trout fishing and archaeological ex- 
ploration. Author: Seville and" .Sword 
(poems), ISST: Heart of the Golden Roan, 
If-Ou; Book of the Hills, ISIW: Williim Jtc- 
Kinlev, niuiu.irial poem, llwj; Friendships 
Crown of Verse, 1007. Club: Authors (X.Y^. 
City). Address; Forestport, X.Y'. 
AUS, Gtmvald: 

Consulting eng'r: b. Haugosund, Norway, 
June 1, IMil; s. Gabriel and Sophie (Sclirue- 
der) Aus; grad. Technical Sch., Bergen, 
Norwav, C.E.. 1570; Technical High Sch., 
Munich. Bavari.l. C.E., IffJ; m. 1>'M, Elisa- 
beth I.ange, onlv d. Jacob Lange, mem. 
Norwegian Cabinet; one dau-luer, Tekia 
Lange Aus, b. ISOl. Draughtsman and Ass't 
eng'r in various office.?, l-~3-J-: consiruition 
eng'r Pha-ni.t Bridge Co., l>-b04; chief eng'r 
U.S. Treasury Uep't, Washington, D.C.. 1>01- 
1000; since then praclising as consulting 
eng'r in N.Y'. City. Since lO'.O. consulting 
eng'r U.S. Custom House. N.Y. City, Essex 
Co. Court House. Newark, N.J. ; for post 
olTice and ctistom house bl.lgs.. Cl.:vel.ind. 
O., and Frovidencc, IM.; West Street Did g, 
X.Y. City: Scheuer lild'g, Newark, N.J., and 
manv other large and important structures. 
Pres". Berkclv Really Co. Mem. Am. Soc. 
of Civil Eng'rs; asso. nicm. Br.>oklyn Chap- 
ter, Am. Inst. Ar.hilccls. Mem. Central 
Lodge, 301, F. and A..\L R.-sbb-nce : 1^0 
Brooklvn Av., Brooklyn. Address: 11 E. 
ilth St., X.Y. City. 
AUSTEN, ■Willard: 

Librarian; b. .lackson. Mich., Dec, ISCO; 
s. Hiram G. and i;ii/.abelh (Keed) Austen; 
grad. Cornell Ui.ic. l^^l; in. Jessica, d. Moses 
Coit Tvlcr. Assistant librarian and ref 




ell Ul 

studied ill 


brary Ass 
Beta Thet 

n, N. 

I Pi 




F. & A.M.. Inilepcn.lcnt in pol 

dress: Ambleside, University Pla 


AUSTIN, Eugene K.: 

Colonel, N,(i. N.Y.; b. 1-7:; s. Sir) 
F. (who was mem. of N.Y. Slock E.s.ha 
1m;-j. also Century Club, and 

m. Li- 
Ass' n. 
s. Ad- 



firm of Eujcne Kell, 

cashier, 1;03; went 


of 17, 

& Co 

business for self, 
in investment securities, UOJ; joined Nat. 
Guard, ISW, Co. B, 7th Reg't; became 
corporal. First Signal Corps, Is'.lt; sergeant, 
l;fC., in command of signal detail during 
Brooklyn Car Riots; first licut. and ad- 
jutant. Sth Reg't, ISOU; capt. and regi- 
mental adjutant, ISOi;; detailed by Gov. 
I'.lack, at beginning of Spanish-Am. War, 
to organize l"-lli Reg't, which later con- 
sisted of over SoO men; major I'lSth Eegt; 
afterward colonel, l;!.ij : at end of war, regi- 
ment mustered out of State service; detailed 
by MejirGen. Roe, from supernumerarv list, 
to stair of provisional reg't of Westciiesler 
County, s wing at Croton Kiots, Koo. .Mem. 
Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution: St. 
Nicholas Soc, Veterans Ass'n of First Sig- 
nal Corps, of which was first pres. Club: 
Arniv and Navy. Address: 13 William St., 
N.Y.' City. 
AUSTIN, George Curtis: 

Lawver; b. SaUivi:i, Pa., July 19, 1S03; 
inst'r law of contracts and lecturer on 
Federal procedure in N.Y. Law Sch.; mem. 
State .Vsscinblv, ltor,-97. Author: Dwight 
Method of Leial Instruction. Residence: 
•li.j West 03d St. Address: 102 Broadway, 
N.Y. Citv. 
AUSTIN, Harry Sprong: 

Lawyer; b. Sharon Springs, Schoharie Co., 
N.Y., Seiit. Ifi, 1>51; s. Henrv and Laura 
Ellen (Sprongl Austin; grad. Central Bridge 
I Schoharie Co.). Union" School, l-dO, Holy 
Cross Coll., A.B., 1001, New York Univ. 
LL.B.. lOul; unmarried. Prof. English and 
Fren.h. La Salelte Coll., Hartford, Conn., 
lool-nj. Admitted to bar, 1st Dep't, lOni; 
now trial counsel, law department. Travelers 
Ins. Co. f,f Hartford, Conn, -Mem. John F. 
Currv Assn. 17tli .\ssemblv i>ist. Demo- 
crat. Catholic. Charter meiii. Tlieta Sigma 
fraternilv, Hartford High School Chapter; 
Delta Cfii fralernitv, N." Y. Univ. Chapter; 
St. Francis Xavicr Alnmiii Sodalitv. Rec- 
reations: Yachting, cricket. Clubs: Cath- 
olic, IIolv Cross College (sec.).. Residence: 
;:;.-, W. .-)7th St. Address: 1 Madison Av., 
N. Y. City. 
AVEEILL, Robert: 

Lawver. ass.oiil.lyman; b. Palmira, X. Y'., 
]S7_'; s. Edwin S. and Mary (Caulltins) 
.\verill: ed. in common schools and acad.; 
linmarricd. Admillcd to bar, BnlTalo, N. Y., 
l-:i:j; was mem. firm Van Aukeii, .Maconibcr 
Averill, Rochester; ass't dist. att'y Jlon- 
roe Co., l~>:)-l!io.''); mem. Assemblv, lOofl 
and 10117; mem Coins, on Judiciary. Insurance 
and .Militarv AlTiirs in bl i7 session. Re- 

ale Ba 


iinondio Lo.lg 

s) and 

the Baltic 
Kip, mercl 
lion, wbos 
Hotel, Br. 
IviV. .Mai" 
Jlal.-ll >f 


Cc.ilia iKelivl Austi 

Elijah Aiisliii. wl.o 

if L,.singlon, and abso 

of Aus 

obi N.Y. 
PI; 111. 
swell 1). 
r under 

A..\r.. and "'her fi.itcrn 
IJochcster Wliist. Ro.-I.e: 
dress: l;o.h..-Ur, N. Y. 
AVERY, Charles Irving: 
Lawver. I . S. roiiun'r: 

ifar. 10. ls,-,!i; s. Edward 
Tavlor) Avery: ed. Auburn sell 

•iliv B.S., l--:!: ni. Auburn. 

'I. 1,-10, L.liias Pomcroy: child 

, l-;.l. Eli/aliclh, b. IJOl, Edw 



Auburn. X. 


WHO'S v/no I.N xi:\v york 

Director Xat. Bnnk of Auburn, Empire Stnte 
Telephone i.nd Telf-rapk Co. (I'.rtll). Em- 
pire Coke Co., K. D. Clapp ilfg Co. Re- 
publican: Pri-sl.vterian. Mem. X. Y. State 
Bar Ass'n. K.ipi'a Alphn fniierpitv. Trustee 
Auburn Thenl. Sem., sec. C:nuuM 'A.sriuui for 
Destitute Children, treas. Auljuru iiouio for 
the Friendless, treas, Central Prt.<,b.-ier;an 
Church: Auburn Business Men's Asa'f. Di- 
rector Kappa Alpha Ass'n, Citv Ciuu cf A.u- 
burn, Ownsco Country Club (sec). Addrtss: 
27 Court St., Auburn, N. Y. 
AVERY, Frank Chamberlain: - 

Lauver: b. Sctma i'alls, X. Y., June 26, 
ISO); s. Zahuon Davies and Lu-roti.t (Cham- 
berlain) Aver.v: ed. Union 'Coil. : m. S>-ntca 
Falls, X. Y., Jan. 2, 1SS3, Caroline Cecilia 
JanliS. Admitted to bar. 1S»:, fnd eu-u?ed 
in practice at Seneca Falls, X. Y. ; haer 
clerk Surrogate's Court, and partner, .suc- 
cessively, of Judies Franklin and Ilazelton, 
at Ovid, X. Y'. ; for past 13 years practlsin? 
in N. Y. Citv; senior partner of fi-m of 
Avery, Srhlesinier & Paul, now Avery & 
Sehlesinsor. Past master Union Lodie, Xo. 
114, F. and A.JL; and mem. Cht.pter ,ind 
Commanderv. Democrat (Tamnianv Hr.l!. 
3l5t Dist.), pres. Cjiyuja Club, iw lenox 
Av. ; mem. Psi Upsilon fraternitv. Resi- 
dence: 130 W. ]-:3d St. Address: 20 
Broad St., X. Y. Cily. 
AVEKY, Prank Montgomery: 

Lawyer: b. Bvo.ikhn. Nov. 22. IS".?; s. Irv- 
ing Mont^'omerv and 'Jane S. (Orion) Avjrv; 
ed. Xew York Univ., and Ileidelliercc Ui.iv. 
(Germany): m. Therese M. Craddock: chil- 
dren: Irvin; Mont.'nnicrv. b. b«^l, Henry 
Craddock. b. l--"., Marion Frances. Mem. 
firm Philips & Averv. lawvers. since 1nS2. 
Mem. Sons of the Revolution, S.A.K.. Loial 
Lesion, Soc. War 1.-12, Soc. Colnnial Wars. 
Soc. Mavflower Descendants, Mil. Order 
Foreign Wars, Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Hard 
ware. Forest Hill Field. Residence: ins 
Lincoln Place. Brnoklvn, X. Y. ; (summer) 
■•Atirav." Sparta, N. J. Address: 41 Park 
Row, X. Y. Cily. 
AVERY, Robert: 

Lawver; h. Tunkhannock. Pa., Sept. 22, 
1830; 5. Abel M.irey and Euphemia (Pell) 
Averv; cd. "Wvoniina Sem.. Kinirston, Pa.; 
m. Xew York, July 4, ISTl, Viru-inia C. 
Rislev. Served capt. to bvt. maj.-pcn. Civil 
War,' ISUl-iiJ; lost rik-ht leg at battle of 
-.Lookout Mountain; retired as col. U.S.A. 
Admitted to X. Y. bar, and en-ar-d in i.rac- 
tico of law since isTU. Pres. I'nion Loan 
and Investment Co.; v.-p. Buriinutou & 
Southeastern Kv Co., Xiaffar.l Tin Smeltins 
Co., Urooklvn Uv-ienic lee Co.; sec. and di- 
rector Delia Ucallv Co. Mem. Mil. Order 
Loval Lc_-ion, G.A.R. R.'sidence: OS Sec- 
ond Place, Urooklvn. Ollice: 2(i Court St., 
AVERY, Samuel Putcam, Jr.: 


.-17; s. Samuel 

.,.,-• ..,1 l.v t 

: b. Br 

.oklvn, X. Y. 
and' May (O 




e! \ , ea. !■> I 
m. :Met. Mu-eu 
1. Xal. Scnl,,ti 
Cliicain, .Mill, 
iiiiial Wars, X. 

1 of\\r 

ci^pal "a 
Y. lint 

', Son's of"i;' 
folk Lore 

, 'Xui'i'i'lsmaVi 



■. of 


Yacht: Inglejood of Canada. Address: 4 
East 3.sih St., X. Y. City. 
A'YEK, Frederick Fanning; 

Lawyer; h. Lov.-ell Mass., Sept. 12. IS.jl ; 
E. James Cook and Josc|diine Mellen (South- 
■nicl:) Ayer; i;randf,ither was Royal South- 
wick, of Lowel, Mass.. and grandmother 
was a sister of late H. B. Clallin; grad Har- 
vard Coll.. A.B., !fT3; studied at Harvard 
Law Sch.; unmarried. Admitted to Mass. 
Bar. Ib7j; since father's death, ISTS, has 
managed the great properties of the Ayer 
estate; presented Aver Memorial Librarv. 
costing $10,011(1, to town of Aver, Mass.; di- 
rector Lake Superior Sliip Canal, R'v and 
Iron Co., Portage Lake and River Im'prove- 
nient Co., Lowell & Andover R.K., J. C. 
Ayer Co.; large stockholder in the Xew York 
Tribune Assn, the Tremont and Suffolk 
Mills, clc. Clubs; Union League, Metro- 
politan. Riding, Down Town. Residence: 5 
\V. 57th St. Address: Mills Bldg., X. Y. 
AYER. James Cools: 

Phvsician; b. Lowell, Mass., Oct. 13, 18(52; 
s. Frederick and Cornelia iWheaton; Aver; 
grad. Harvard, A.B., ISMi. Coll. P'hvs. 
and Surg., X. Y. Citv, M.D., IfPJ: m. X. "Y. 
City, Ajiril 2. 1007, Mav Hancock Bovd. In- 
terne at Bellevue Hosp,, X. Y. Citv, Jan., 
1S96 to Jan., 1S9S; since then in general practice 
in X. Y. City. Asst surgeon Bellevue Hosp., 
assistant surgeon Woman's Hosp., consulting 
surgeon Nassau Hosp., .-^lineola. X. Y. Jlem. 
X. Y. County Med. Ass'n, X. Y. Acad. Medi- 
cine, X. Y Slato Med. Ass'n, Am. Med. Ass'n. 
Soc. of Alumni of Bellevue Hosp., Am. 
Ocn- Soc. Recreations; Yachting, shoolin:.- 
Cluhs; Uiiivcrsilv, X. Y. Yacht. Harvard. 
Address: 34 W. 74th St., X. Y. City. 
AYERS, Ed-ward A.: 


b. Jackso 


111., De 


is.-.j; s. .Marshall Paul and Laura (Allan) 
.\vers: rrad. Illinois Coll.. A.B., 1S77, A.M., 
l-'f'2, Univ. of X. Y., JI.D.. 1-Ml; m. Wash- 
iiiL'ton, D.C., IS!).-,, Jov Lindslev; children: 
Edward Lindsley AVer's, b. l,-:»'.. Allen Jov 
Avers, b. l.-OS. Prof, obstelrics, X. Y'. 
Polvclinie Med. School and Hosp., IS vcars. 
Aut'hor: Phvsical Diagnosis in Obsle"tri.-s ; 
also numcnms articles, medical and literarv. 
Jlcin. Acad, of Medicine; honorary meiii. 
Brooklyn Med. Soc; mum. Am. Med. Ass'n.; Summer rc.sidcn 
Beach, X. J.; winter, 127 W. 
AYRES, Charles Greenlief: * 

Ariiiv; b. Anislerdam, X. Y.. Feb. 
2G, lt:;4; s. tien. R. B. Avres, U.S.A.; m. 
.Marv Klizabetli Fairfa.i, of "Va., d. Col. Jolin 
W. Fairfax, who was on stalT of Gen. Loni- 
street during Civil War. Commissioned 2d 
It. 2:tll Inf., Oct. 31, I.-:i; transferred to loll, 

-th St., N. Y. 

ept.. IS 


inst Indi; 


■<1 I.St 
■d for 

iiimended thrcr 
: coiumissione.l 
Ml. II. col. bllll 
■or disability i,i 
, Addicbs: S' 



;■ ; 

' i 

■ t 



AYRES, Winfield: 

aui-?eon: Ij. U:ikhara. ^^ass,. Ibtit : s. ^[osi'S 
O. and Jlilniiah I. ( F:iiiiliiira ) Avn-s; I'.l. 
Philliiis AndDver Acad., Mass. Ai;r'l Coll., 
B.Sc; Bellevuc lln.s[,. Med. Coll., M.I)., 1?L)3 


L. Pi-udlu 

Adjunct, prof. Kcnito-uriuarv diseases, X. V. 
Post-Graduate Med. School ;' furineiiy demon- 
strator of anatomy and instructor in s^nilo- 
urinary diseases, "Bellcvue Hosp. Med. Coll. 
Pres. A'. Y. Branch, Am. Ass'n of Urolosv; 
mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, X. Y. State Med. 
Ass'n, Eastern Med. Ass'n, Med Ass'n 
Greater X. Y. Recreation: Yachting. lie- 
tides .Sound Beach, Conn. Club: (iraduntes. 
Address: CIC Madison Av., X. Y.-City. 


EAEB, George Vf.: 

os'r; b. Boston, Mass., Oct. 
.irge W. and Susan aiam) 
Boston pulilic and private 

IT, isj; 

Janet C. Jlessinser. Beijan business career 
as employe in dry goods jobbiu;^ business, 
iMiS-TO: clerk in Boston lire insurance local 
agency, IbTu-TJ; local lire iiusurance agent, 
Boston, IfTfi-tu: later k^u. a^- t Commerce 
ills. Cu. of Albany, special ag't Xorthcrn 
Assurance Co., and uifr'r Xew Kniiland Dcp't 
fur latter; became m^-'r X. Y. Dcp't, Xorth- 
eni .Assurance Co., l?=u, and in lyjl was also 
appointed financial aijcnt for the company in 
the U. S., and on Jan. 1, IsiiC, became m-'r 
of the Xew Enshind Ueo't on its consolida- 
tion with the X. Y. Dcni't; ntiw ingr Kast- 
nd Southern Dep'ts and gi 

for Xorther 




and li 

land Bureau of Cniled Inspection; mem. of 
original com. which pie|..ired Cniversal Mer- 
cantile Schedule.- KIcclcd, 19UT , rcele-'led, 
lUcS, pres. X. Y. B d Fire Underwriters; 
mem. Chamber of Commerce and Merchants' 
Ass'n of X. Y. Independent in politics. 
Club: Down Town Ass n. Address: 33 Piuc 
St., X. Y. City. 
BABBITT, Edwin B.: 

Lt. col. r. .S. Avinv; b. X. Y.. Jnlv •in, 
liO:;; appt'd from D. C. cadet at U. S.'Mil. 
Acad., July 1, 1^^0; grad. June Ij, I.n^I, and 
appt'd 2d lieut. .'illi i;. S. Arty. June I'i, 
1?.>4; 1st lieut. of ordnance, April ]3, Ir^'J; 
promoted capt., June l.'i, l>:is: major, Auc. 
25. I'.nil; lieut. enl. Urdu. nice Dcp't. Uet. 10, 
Iti-i:. Address: Army Bld'g, .\. Y. City. 
BABBITT, Otis H.: 

Physician anil surCTnn; b. Otscco, X. Y., 
^^ar. li), 1s,j4: s. UoswcU and Ann Kliz.ibeth 
Babbitt; ed. Baldwinsville Acad., 



State X..r 

ch.. l.- 

X. Y. 

Med. Coll. and Hosp., M.D 
l^S-.'; m. Ilartwick, X. Y., Oct. 23, l,-.7S, Kium: 
Wentworlh Luce; one daughter. E. Blanclii 
Deiuuan, b. Oct. .';, 1,-M I ui. I'rof. Gcor-e K 
D.Miman, llackettstown, X. J.). Teacher it 
public schools 7 years: since 1"2, prticiisin; 
physician and sur-e..n, U jears in Coi'i'iis 
and since 1-ji; in Aubur 

for G 


of Coop, 

X. Y.; prcs. of village 
year: pres. Board of Eduratioii (iiici 
years). Kepnblic.iii: mem. .Mi-th..disl I 
cMjril Church. Mem. Am. M, d. .\s 
llonneopathic Med. Sue. Stale oi X. Y., 

uga Co. Med Soc, Auburn City Med. Soc , 
Alumni Ass'n X. V. lloni.copalliic Jled. Coll. 
and Hosp. .M.ison. Odd Fellow. Mem. 
K.xec. Com. X. Y. State Sunday .School Ass'n. 
Address: 17b Genesee St., Auburn, X, Y. 
BABBOTT, Frank Lusk: 

Retired mt'r; b. Watervillo, N. Y.; s. 
Miller and Mary Elizabeth (Crandall) Bab- 
bott; grad. Amlierst Coll., A. B., Is78, A. M., 
I'joa; Columbia Univ., LL.B., IbJU; m. Brook- 
lyn, Feb. 18. ISSii, Lvdia Richard.sou Pratt; 
children: Mary R., Frank L., Jr., Lvdia P., 
Helen L. Director Union Typewriter Co., 
United Shoe Machinery Co., L. I. Loan & 
Trust Co., Xassau Fire Ins. Co. Mem. Brook- 
lyn B'd Ed'n, 1395-11102; X. Y. B'd Ed'n, 
1902-06 (v.-p. 1002-01): honorary v.-p. Brook- 


S-n Public 
mem. B'd 

Collegiate Inst.. 'Y. \V. C. 
Brooklyn Savings Bank, ] 
Library, Brooklvn Acad. JI 
Home Missions Presbv'n Ch 
izens' Union: trustee People's Inst. Autho: 
Classic English Odes; John Donne's Poems. 
Clubs: Century, Alpha Delta Phi. Universitv, 
Grolicr, City, l X. Y. Cilv); University, .\Ion- 
tauk, Hamilton. (Brooklyn): Xassau 
try, Adirondack League. Residences: Glen 
Cove. L. I.: U'.i Lincoln Place, Brooklyn. 
Address: 310 Broadway, X. Y. Cit-y. 
BAECOCK, Edward Wilcos: 


b. \Vt 


and Marti 
I'hillips Andover Acad., Brown Univ., 
(Phi Beta Kappa), 1671, Berkeley D 
Scho.d; m. Church of the Heavenly Rest, .V, 
Y. City, ISUU, Fannie B. Starr. Has been 
rector of parishes in Xew Haven and Slon- 
ington, Conn.; is now rector Church of the 
Holy Cross, Troy, X. Y. Principal, .Marv 
Warren Free Inst., Trov, \. Y. Pres. Browii 
Univ. .\hiniMi Ass'n of AIIkuiv, 10ns. Club: 
-Vlpha iMlla Phi (X. Y. City). Address; U2 
Kighih St., Troy, X. Y. 

BABCOCK, Eugene Jeffrey: 

Clergyman: h. Painted Post, X. Y., April 
2. Us.'iO: s. P.uel Hunt and Crissey Jane (Deck- 
.r) li.ilHuek; ed. Cheshire Acad., Conn., Bur- 
lington Coll., X. J., Hobart Coll., Union Coll., 
11. A., 1^70, Gen. Theol. Seul.. S. T. 1!., Ib79; 
Founders' Day orator, Burlington Coll., 1372; 

declined "cominc niciit spe.iker" in choice 

of ten from class. Union I'oll., 1370; 'varsity 
crew, bow oar. Union, Saratoga, 1S7C; de- 
clined appointment as "essav speaker,'" 
commencement, (ieii. Theol. Sem., 1379; ra. 
tlencva, X. Y., Oct. 7, l.v-0, .\n,ui Eebe^ca 
Wilson; one daughter. .-Marjurio Belle {.Mr.'!. 
Darrison). Ord.-red deacon. 1379. ordained 
priest, 1330, ill .Mich.: ill charge of parishes 
at Grand Ra].ids and Whilchall and was lirst 
archdeacon of Diocese of Western Mich.; 
also Canaudaigna. Vnungstown and Lockport, 
X. Y., and Council BlulVs, Iowa: now vicar 
Christ Ch., Lnck].ort, X. Y. Independent 

Tl 1. 

Lockport, X. Y.; Chi Plii (Ilobart); also 
Masonic bodies: lodge, chaiitcr. Knights 
Temiilar. Uecrcations: Baseball games, ang- 
ling, .id.lress: 2.-.S Vine St., Lockport, N. Y. 
BABCOCK. George H.: 

Mannl'.icturer: b. Wiilertown, X'. Y.. Oct. 
25. l3:.2, s. Ilciirv II. .itid Kli/a tWIic.ler) 


Babcuik: cd. -iiiililic and nrivate sclwols, 
Wiilertown. X. V.: m. Oct. li, 1574. Alice L. 
Webster, of St. Albiius, Vt. I'res. and treas. 
H. H. IJabcock Cu. (mf rs ai can-ia-us). 
Watertuwii Sprljig Works, v. -p. and director 
Watertown Savinis Bank. U. R. Easton 
Cheese and Cold Storaae Co.. Watertown Gas 
Light Co., diivetor Waterlown Nat. liajik. 
Democrat. Kpiscopalian ; vesirvman Trinitv 
Ch. Trustee City ilosp. (e.x-pres.), Koswell 
P. Flower llemnrial Library. Clubs: Black 
River Valley (mem. b'd m:r'rs, and ex-pros.), 
Jefferson County Uolt. Address: 221 iluUin 
St., Waiertowii, X. V. 
BABCOCK, Henry Deaison: 

Banker; tTr-id. Columbia (_' .11., A. B.. liOS; 
m. Anna U. \Vu,uhv,.rd; children: Samuel D., 
Woodward, Richard h\, .Mrs. H. K. Win- 
throp. Jlem. lirm Hollisler i- Babcock, 
bankers and brokers. -Mem. Chamb.-r of 
Commerce, New England Sec., Sons ot Rcvo- 
luliou, Jlil. Order Forcii:n Wars, Columbia 
Univ. Alumni Ass'o. Clubs; Cuiversity, 
lletropolitau. Union League, Riding, Kocka- 
way Hunt. Union, Ciiv Mid-dav, liulta I'hi, 
City and Suburban, X. Y. Yacht. Residence: 
■JO East 52d St. Address: 17 Broad St., X. 
Y. City. 
BABCOCK, Herbert N.: 

Lawyer;' b. Calon, X. Y., An;. 4, ISTO; s. 
Henry L. and Charlotte (Rinnev) Babcock; 
ed. public school.^ and acad., Khuim, X. Y.; 
m. Elmira, X. Y., Sept. 2U, lyjl. .Maude Cm- 
slock; children: Harold C, b. 1.-U7, Xormau 
H., b. 11103. Admitted to bar, l.-ui; to V. S. 
District Court, li'M; to U. S. Circuit Court, 
lai9; acting city jud-e, two tcnus; asst 
dist. attorne.v. years; U. S. commissioner, 
i years; alsi lueuiber of firm of Comi»t«>u, 
llurlbut & Babcuck. Republican; chair:u ui 
Kepubli«nn County Convention, r,.o;;; county 
committeeman. 'i_^ years; chairman Ueiiublicaii 
Congressional Committee for Sod Congres- 
sional District of X. v.; civil service e.^;- 
aminer. Stale of X. Y. Mem. Park Con- 
Kregational Church. Member Cummercial 
Law League of America, Masonic Club, Ivv 
Lodge, Xo. 3ti7, F. and -A. M., Elmiia Chap- 
ter, Xo. 42, K. A. M.. Elmira Camp, Xo. b»7'.i, 
Jlodern Woodmen of America; niL-m. Edn'l 
Com., Y. M. C. A. Recreation: General ath- 
letics. Address: SUD-Sll Realty Bld'g, El- 
mira, N. Y. 
BABCOCK, Isaac H.: 

Banker, mf'r; b. Rensseiaerville, Albany 
Co., X. Y., Sept. -JO, l-ju; s. Jepiha W. and 
Mary (11. .ag) Babcock; ed. Lockport Union 
School and WiU.m Colb-L-iate; m. Lock- 
port, X. Y., Jan. 13, iJ'.l,;ih L. Xewli.ill; 
children: -Mary E., b. ]?•»;, llenrv ,T,, b. 1M..\ 
Frederick X. (deceased). F..r thirty vear.? 
coiiuecled with Farmers and Mechanics' Sav- 
ings Bank (pres. ab..ul ten year.s); twenty- 
five years with Am. Dist. Su-ani Co., he.itiiig 
al stations (pies. 7 yc.irsK Sui 

WHO'S WHO IX m:\v youi-: 

BABCOCK, Stephen Eldredge: 

vi-,or T.iw 
Y. Legisia 

of 1.. 


I'ivil, hvdraulic, sanilarv and t 

aech. eng'r; 

b. Troy, X. Y.; s. Edward and 

Vrmina (Li- 

dredge) Babcock, descendant Jam 

es Babcuck, 

Ib-U; ed. Phiiiiiis Acad., Audu 

ver, Mass., 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., T 

•oy. X. v.. 

1,S74; ni. Zeltie Derrick. Chief 

ens'r ilo- 

hawk River Improvement, Utica, 

X. Y., for 

the last years. Enga.-'ed in pr 

ctice for o.J 

years; was at Syracuse, where 

was expert 




mnation of their plant, and princi- 
pal hvdraulic expert for mill owners in Syr.i- 
cuse-Skancateles Lake Supplv Condemna- 
tion; Mas located for 10 years at Little Falls, 
X. Y.; since l:«J2 at Utica. Was engr Little 
Falls Water Work.s, and built and ran the 
l)l;uit for 12 years; and city eiig'r Little 
Jails. 4 years, lias served as eng'r expert 
for Supreme Conn, and under special ap- 
plm't IS canal enur'ing expert bciore Court 
of Claims at Bulialo; also for various towns, 
corp'ns and individuals; designed and built 
Ani.ster.lam Water W ..rks (including Glen- 
wild Storage Reservoir. l,-JOU,Uoo gallons ca- 
tyi, Ticonderoga and It. Edward W: 


W.uer W.irks. 

En-'laiid Water Works 

for Gle 

Fa I 


as contractor's 




Lachine Canal, 




and built Glens 




of Xa\ 

nanent I:i 

iiklin List., Philadelphia; Xat. Geog. Soe. 
Wasliington. D. C. Meui. Apollo Command 
erv. No. 1.), K. T. : Ap.illo Chapter and M t 
Zi.'in Lodge Sll. Tr..v, X. Y. Resi.lence; l::: 
Oneida St. Address: o4-jO Mann Bldg. 
Utica, X. V. 

BABCOCK, Theodore: 

Clergvma.i; glad. Union Coll.. A. B.. 1J!I 
A. M., Ir-n (D.D., Uobart, li(i4). Order,.! 
deacon. 1!-17, and ordained priest, lJ.30. i 
Ki.iseopal luinistrv. Jii charge of church a 
(.harlton, X. Y.. lS17-o2; rector Cohocs, X. Y. 
l>J2-.-.7; Walertown, X. V., ]>.j7-72; Hudson 
X. Y., 1^72-75; St. John's Sell.. Manlius. .\ 
Y.. l!.7.jt^l; Osweg.), X. Y., lMl-52; Chris 
Ch., Manlius, X. Y., 15S2-U0; St. Mark s 
Jamesville, X. Y.. I'-mi-iikii ; since lOiji den 
St. Andrew's Divinity Sch. and A 

Address: 121 Gre 



se, X. Y. 

BABCOCK, Washington Irving: 

Xaval architect and eng'r; b. 
(■, Sept. 20. l^o,--; s. Capt. David S. and 
Ch.irl.itt.. A. (X.jyes) Babcock; ed. pifblic of Brooklyn; grad. Brooklvn Polv 
te.hnic ln^t., B. S., ]>7(i; Reii.sselaer Poly- 
technic List., C. E., It7.-; m. Xew, 
La.. Jan. 1, l.'-'JO, Grace W.. d. Hon. H. P. 
Kern. .Chan. Jn empL.y of .M..r-an's Iron 
W..rks, X. Y. City, an.l R..achs Siiip Y.ird, 


4: .Mon 


■M.7i'.^: m..'ra. of X. 


1 B. S. ('.)., 1>^.V^7, siiii't L'ni..n Dry D..cii; 


, lb72-j;;;. mem. In- 


, F.nlfal.., N. Y.. l~-7n1; l.liica-,1 Ship 

ing C'. 


ilding Co. as mg'r ten years, and prcs. 

111 111 iii\'osli' iio 


•J-PJiio. -Mem. S.ic. Xaval .\r,hi l.-cls and 

rie R 

R., ^iT^. Direct. ,r 


rine Eng'rs, Am. S.ic. X.ival Eng'r.s, U. S. 


and Electric C.., 


lal Insl'n,'u Xaval Architects, Lou- 

lid Tra 

ismissb.n C. K.- 


1, England. Clubs: Kiigiio'ers, X. Y. 


irv a.ol March in 


cht. iiciidcnce: o74 Filtli .Vv. Ollice: 8 


Lockport, X. Y. 


.Ige St., -V. Y. City. 


Kin? Bache. b. 
S. B.iclie & Co., 
m. Xcw Amster- 


EABCOCK, WilUam: I Joy Bache, b. ims, I 

limiker; b. fanton. 111.; s. William and 1 1S1)8. -Now senior par 

i:li,;,iliL-th A. (kiusev) Bab.'ock; e<\. in pub- h.anicevs: clia'ru:ari E: 

lu- anU high schools, Canlou, 111.: m. Cai.lon. daai Ca.sualty Co.; dir-ctor International 
111 Sept. U, 1S70, Joscpliiue E. MC.all; one | Bankini: ('mp n, National Bank of Cuba, 
bon. Dean, b. 1m7. lias buou engagod i:i Kinpire Trust Co., Aimi.'.ton City Land Co,. 
lianlanK an.l in the orgaanatiur. and nuuiase- I aiar.d iv.l Corunie Co, Jlilliken Brothers {lu- 
lu.iit of banks, financial instiiutiout., and I corporatcd.i. lieic. Bd Msr's. X. Y. ColTee 
industrial and other corporations sio?e 1S7J; h.xohai.i.'e. Ciubs : New Vork. Lambs, Law- 
liow pres. Am. Fiscal Corparation, :7. \ . Ci'y. lycis, yi.liurbau Ridir.^ r.nd driving, Automo- 
1 ■I'-ai-ed in mining busiocss in Soutl.eir. I bile.; s E. (i7th St., X. V. City; and 
Vevada, with headquarters at Goldficld. ! 3,S Avenue ilarceau, Par 

.N.'Y. City. Jleu 
publican. Mason 

enty yea 


Am. Bankers' Assn 
and K[.ii:ht Templar. K'^c- 

:iis father and latter's only 

brother, A. C. Babcock, were both colonels in 
the Union Armv during the Civil War, and 
both prominent in Illinois politics; both went 
from N. Y. State to Illinois, and took active 
part in buildiiij up that state to its present 
greatness. Recreation: Travel. Address: 3.". 
Nassau St., N. Y. City. Temporary address: 
Lock Boi 63, Goldfield, Nev. 
BABCOCK, Winnifrcd Eaton: 

Author; b. Nagasaki. Japan, 1S7S; d. Ed- 
ward and Grace (Trepesisi Eaton; ed. public 
kchools of Montreal and Toronto, Can., sup- 
plemented bv course in En-lish at Columbia; 
m. X. Y. City, Julv IG, If'-'l, B. W. Bab.-ock. 
Author: The Old "jinriksha; Miss Name of 
Japan; A Japanese Nightingale (dramatized); 
Wooing of Wistria. Address: ^145 Grand A"., 
I'ordham Heights, N. Y. City. 
BACCHUS, John Greenwood: 

Cl.rgvman; lj. Cbeslertowu. Md., ISIG; s. 
William" and Harriet ( l.reeiiwood) Bacchus; 
eil. Keuvon Coll., Gambler, Ouio, A. B., Ib70; 
Episcoiial Theol. Sell., Cambridge, Mass., 1;. 
U., 1S73; Univ. of N. C, D.D.; m. lS7.-j. Jos- 
ephine M. Stockbridge; children: Jos 

, N. Y., 1S74: 
Truman J. and Sarah C. (Glass) Eacku 
grad. Amherst Coll., B. S., 16a4 ; Coluinl 
Law Sch.. LL.B., Ib'j7; m. Port Her " " 


E. Foote. Admitted 


City B'd Ed'n, 

rmal Coll., 11)03; pres. 

Ass'n, 19iXi. Clubs: 

Y. City); Hamilton 

3-2 Liberty St., N. Y. 

Y. City, 1;97. 

1!)03; trustee N. Y'. No 

Brooklyn Armstrqng 

Alpha Delta Phi (N. 

(Brooklyn). Address: 


BACKUS, James Bayard: 

Lawver; b. Sehenectadv, N. Y'., Sept. 20, 
1S.53; s. Rev. Dr. J. Trumbull Backus (mod- 
! erator of the "Reunion'' Gen. Assembly of 
Presbvteriau Church, Pliiladelpliia. 1!>7()) and 
Anne ■( Walworth) Backus (d. Hon. Reuben 
Hvde Walworth, last of the X. Y. State 
chancellors): grad. Union College, B. A., 
1S7-1; m. Ib77. Cornelia X. Price; one daugh- 
ter, Elizabeth Chester Backus (now wile ot 
Walter Toueey Peck). Chairman Committee 
on Enrollment of Com. of 53, which organized 
tho Republicans of ihe County of Xew York, 
l.-S)7-9S. This movement forcid the noniina- 
tiou of Theodore Roosevelt') i (:,.v,i:,,ir of 
X. Y. 





Rector Church of the I 
X. Y., since lb71, alumni 
llieol. School, Cambridge, -Mass.; ordination 
preacher twice in Diocese of Long Island. 
.Mem. Standing Com. of Diocese since l-:'7; 
d.-puty to Gen. Conv. P. E. Church liml-nl. 
Made four trips to Europe, England, and the 
Continent. Mem. Alpha Kapl.a, Phi Beta 
K;ippa; clim'n Church Charities P. E. Ch., 
Diocese of L. I.; trustee of the Real E.state 
of Db.cese of L. I. Clubs: Brooklyn Cler- 
ical, Clerical of N. Y. Address: i39 Gates 
Av., Brooklyn, X. Y. 

EACH, Robert Bach: 

Lawyer; b. liruoklvn, N. Y.. July 13, ls".l; 
B. John C. and Elizabeth (Noslrand) Bach; 
ed. Coll. Cilv of X. Y., N. Y. Univ. Law 
School; m. X. Y. Citv. March 3. 1-74, Isa- 
dora M. Cooper: childVeii: Isadora T. (.Mrs. 
James B. Greaaon), Roberta E. (-Mrs. James 
Watt). General law practice since 1>71 :n 
N. Y. City and Bro.iklyn: has visited every 
citv or town of importance in U. S., and 
v.i-y many in Old Jlexico. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Recreations: Reading and 
driNing. Address: iMl Ocean Av., Brook^n, 
N Y. 
BACHE, Jules S.i 

I'.aLkcr: 1p. N. 
.•^. rnon and Eli.'.al 
.•I ( harli.T In>t . 
"3, l-;il, Florence 1 

jlet. Ml 

seum of Art, aoc. Colonial 
even original organizers, Sou. 
descendants. Residence: 171 
Olhce: Ul Broadway, X. Y. 

of Mavtlowei 
rsd St 
BACON, Alexander Samuel: 

Lawver: b. Jackson. Mich., Nov. 20, 155.".; 
s. John A. and Harriet (Smith) Bacon; grad. 
U. S. -Mil. Acad., 1S7U (was Capl. Corps 
of Cadets and was grad. in the "Stars"); 
m Denver, Colo., Sept. 1, 1^-0, Harriet Whet- 
telsev Schroter; cliildren: Carl and Marie A. 
Admitted to b:ir. 1;7'J : has wide practice ex- 
tending to London, Tokyo, and Central Amer- 
ica. V.p. and director Webster Piano Co., 
Lima Oil Co., Reservation Oil Co., X. Y. and 
0.-,age Oil Co. Served in army as lieut. L. S. 
\rt'v later capt. Co. A., 23d Reg't N. G. N. 
Y • "major 23d Rcg't, It. -col. 2:id Reg't. cfll. 
2d Provisional Reg't, N. G. N. Y. As.sem- 
blvman. X. Y. Legislature, IJ."-?. Democrat. 
Baptist. Treas. Am. Sabbath Un' 

linill, \Vi 


. Club! 




Nov. 9, isn: s. 

1 Praag) Ba.he; 
City, May 

BACON, Arthur Avery: 
Prof, pinsi.s. sec., a 
Cnlb: b l.acoiua, N. 
I R,v. William F. and Ma 

registrar, Hob; 
Oct. 2(5, 157.-): 
(Beall Ba 

bchefiel; cliildr 

el 1 grad. Dartu 

outh Coll., A.U., L-'J7, A.M., lUel; 

t ^ 


111. Medford, Miss.. I0.T2, Kdith M. Jones 
■ hililn-ii: M;.ij;uiMUe llcibiirt. b. 1905 id. 
..•liS.d), Xliiry FraiHcs. b. 1!«J7. Tutor I 
l.hjsi.s. Olieilin t'oli.. lb97.'JS; graduate sti 
dint niiU asst in phjsRS, Dartmouth Coll 
1>9> U«w; instr. luatlielliatii-s. DariiiioutI 
laiAJiJl; niathoniatual uiabt.-r. Volkiiiaii 
Si-hool, Boston, luul-iij; prof, plivsics, Holjai 
Coll., from Wi)3. Kupul,lii-an : i'resbvteri-u 
Mem. A. .v. A.M., Am. Pliysi.-al Sue. ■s,„i,-.i 


BACON, Edward Eathborn: 

n^aise de Phv 




4SS Main St 

Delta Theta.' Addre 

Geueva, N. Y. 

BACON, Carroll E.: 

Physician, surtceon; h. I.eyden, X. T., Oct. 
10. lb(i»; s. William Wallace and ilma L 
(Birdsey) Bacon: grad. Hamiltuii Coll., AB' 
15'J3. Jeft'crsou Med. Coll., Philadelphia. M.D , 
Isaii; m. Waterloo, N. Y., June -n, pjiit, Jen- 
nie Frances Yells. Practised medicine at 
Constablcville, N. Y., lSuG-y7, Waterloo \ Y 
since 1S07. Physician to county jail, to town 
and county poor; health ollic-er. Kepublican. 
Mem. IScneca Co. Med. Sue, X. V. State 
Med. boc, Am. Med. Ass'n. Mem Seneca 
Lodge 113. V. and A.M., Salem Town Chan- 
ter, U.A.M., Geneva Commanderv, 20, K.T., 
Damascus Temple, Xobles o." the Mystic 
.Shrine; also Mystic Lodge, K.P. Address: 

BACON. Charles W. : 

Lawyer; h. .N'atiik, .Mass., Mar. 4, ISM; s. 
John W. ami Amelia A. uKllers) Bacon- 
gr:id. Phillips Acad., E.xeter, X. IL, lb70; 
Harvard Lniv., ls7U; m. Cauibridge, Mass., 
-May JS l^SS, Rena E. Mattis; children: 
John W„ b. l.-<r2, Ross M., b. l.-ril. Ln- 
gagcd in practice of law from l.v-1 ; nss't 
L. b. altorney Southern Dist. of N. Y 
April 1, 11105 to Jan. SI, 19u0. Mem. Soc 
-Med. Jurisprudence. X. Y. Citv. Clubs:' 
Papyrus (Boston I ; Harvard, Republican. 
xu }r- ^"yk- l<">^i'l-o,e; .1,„1 E. 4th St. 
Mt. Vernon, >. Y. Address: 31 Xassau St., 
X. Y. City. 

BACON, Edgar Mayhew: 

_ \Sriler; b. Xas.vui, N. P., Bahamas. June 
a. Ifoo; s. John K. and Jennie M. (Lockhan) 
Bac(m; fatli.-r was V. S. consul at Xassau- 
came to X. Y. with parents in infancy; ed. at 
private schools in Tarrytown, X. Y. ; m. 
I opeworth. Bristol, K. I., Xov. 7, VMi. Anna 
11. Beard, of Lakcwood, X. Y. Worked in 
book store, Albany, X. Y. ; adopted art aa 
" " " ninbuted to periodicals, then 

b. X. Y. 


,„ .,, - ,, -; -; ----- — , IStC; ed. 

lu L,:eler Acad.; admitted to N. Y. bar, 
Bullalo, X. \., Xov. IM.D; was counsel f,.r 
various railroad companies for IS years: be 
came v.-p Cincinnali, Washington & Balti- 
more K. K., Ibsl; pres., 1>UO-1UO-J; v p since 
l!Jo-', P.altimore & Ohio Southwestern R'v- 
was one of reorganizers of, and is now direc-, liallimore & Ohio R. R. Also director 
Knickerbocker Aparlment Co., Farmers' Loan 
i; 1 rust Co Consolidated Coal Co. Clubs: 
I nion Manhattan, Metropolitan, City Mid- 
da;, Tuxedo, Racquet and Tennis, Dowh 
A?-"'"\,i Yacht Residence: -.'17 Fifth 

Av. Address: -2 Wall St., X. Y. City. 

BACON, George Wood: 

-Mechanu-al eng'r; b. Greenwich, X. J., 
llay 6 IN.!): s. Josiah and Caroline B. 
(\}o"d) Bacon; ed. in public and private 
schools till lt,54. Westtown Boarding Sth, 
If-ol-SS, Cornell Univ., lS!>S-92 M. E ISO'- m 
St. Cloud. .Minn., June 1. luot. Caroline 'tiI- 
den Mitchell: one daughter- Fliz ibe h 
-Mitchell, b. 1905. After emplovment for two 
.years with electrical manufacturing compan- 
ies, formed with present business asso- 
ciates in }-.n. present iirni of Ford, Bacon and 
Davis, engineers engaged in design cou.struc- 
tlon and operation of electric street railwavs, 
electric lighting and power companies, "to- 
gether wilh expert e.vamin ilbms 




X. \.: visited West Indies. ls>vs:>, and a-ain 
IfM. Author: The Xew Jamaica l^'H-Tlie 
Pocket Piece, ltv2: Chrnn-.-les nf'T-rrvtown 
and Sleepy Hollow-, 1-.17; The HiuKon 'Kiver 
from Ocean to Source, IJo-J; Xarragansett 
B;i.v 1S)04: Xation Builders, lyoi;. HenrV 
Hudson (in press, lOoi;); also historical chap- 
work's" JM.-'""V '"',';"'■'■ "'■ -^'""-'''^ ••""1 olhir 
works various booklets, pamphb-t.s, etc. 1,,. 
dep.ndent in poliiics. Mem. Refo- ■ 

Dtihh) Church! 




X. Y. 

Club: yuill (X.' Y. criv) - T 
nigblly A.l.lress: The' o'wl., 
town, X. Y. 

and I. 
Kaiis:, . 
ern X. 

1 repor 

ie and Fort Lee Ferrv 

United Railwavs inve; 

i; Orthodox (,)ualcer. 

i-;ngineers. .McDowell A 

■ ' '.. X. J. and 
11-- (.-ii., Xorlli- 
h Kailwav Co., 
Co.; v.. p. :,nd 

■m. Am. Soc. 

n Metropuli- 
lan ^iri .Museum, itecreatlons: Outdo. ,r 
sports. Clubs: Universitv. Cornell Univer- 
sily, .Midday, Railroad. "Residence: "3 W 
67th St. .\ddress: 115 Uroadw-ay, .V. Y. Cily! 
BACON, John Har-wood: 


b. Portland, Me., 

75; s. H. L. and Jennie (George) B.. 
-a Crosse (Wis.) Hi_-h Sclioof and 1 
IS., A. B., 1,-117. Served in Porlo K 
iaign of Spanish-Am. War as private 
d Wis. R,.gt; vice-consul-gen! of U. 
; Kong, 11.«>1-U3. Contributor of s 
e.-j to (he leading magazines. Ami 




olution. Clubs: The Plavers, The F 
vaiiu-ec Press. Residence: Sot W. 
Address: tus Carnegie Hall, X. Y. 

BACON, Josephine Dodge Daskam: 

.Viitlmr; b. Sl:imf..l-d, Conn . F.-b. : 
il. Horace S.iwv,.r and Anne (L..n.i 
Ih C.ill.. A. U., I- -; 







'lioi:. ' 






'ail-. 1 


l..| ; 



)■-'■ Whom the Gods DestroyeJ, 10: 

l-.i^; Mldille-Agi-d Luve blurii-s, lUUo; lUe- 

iiiMirs of a Baljv. 1601; Dumeslic Advonturos. 

lli'jT; Ten to Seventeen, I'.i-T. Address: Beech 

Ilill, liriaieliil' Manor, X. Y. 

BACON, Robert: 

Ass't secretary, of State: irad. irarrard. 

A. li., 1?SU: m. Martha Cowdin. Formerly in 
Ir.inking and became mem. firm J. P. Miirsran' 
& Co.; oppt'd ass't sec. of State of U. S.. 
Oit. 1, l'Jo."i. Overseer of Harvard. Resi- 
dence: 1 Park Av., X. Y. City. Address: De- 
partment of State, Washington, D. C. 
BACON, Selden: 

Lawyer; b. New Haven, Conn., Sept. 35, 
16«1; s. Leonard Woolsey, (D.D.) and Susan 
liacon; ed. Yale Coll., Carleton Coll., A. li., 
l>6i A. il., liv-5; L"niv. of Wis. LL.B., l?-i; 
m. 1st, Madison, Wis., Oct. H, IsOl, S:illy 
lilair Fail-child (died l»a); -Jd, Stamford. 
Conn., July -lo, 1903, Josephine Dodso Das- 
k;im; children: Frances Fairchild, Lee Fair- 
child, Anne. Admitted to bar in Jlinnesota, 
Ib-i; practised law in Minneapolis until l:'Jl; 
since then in X. Y. City. Was prof, civil pro- 
cedure in Law School of Univ. of Minn., 
lK-U-94. Author: E'luity Pleadio; and Pr.i- 
cedure. Mem. Am. Ge.ig. Soc, Areh:eol, Inst. 
of America. Residence: liriaroliiT, Westches- 
ter Co., X. Y. Address: Co Wall St., X. Y. 
BACON, WiUiam Post Hawes: 

Piano mf'r; b. X. Y. Cilv. March H, ISnl; 

B. Francis and Aniia (Ilawes) Bacon, grad. 
N. Y. Univ. (commencemcTit orator) IbSO; m. 
}Mvmouth Ch., Bronklvn, Jan. 17, ICOl, C;iro- 
line Harriet Messinger. Kii"as:ed in nifK 
business sijice l?*o; now pres. Francis Bacon 
Piano Co., X. Y. Citv; din.ctor Ileppe Piano 
Co., Philadelphia. K.'c-mom. Co. H. 7th Ke-'t, 
N. O. X. Y.; served in Brooklyn Troilev 
fitrike, 1-9.-., and Croton Dam strike, linlil. 
Treas. lOiJI-00. trustee from I'.'oC, pres. VM<, 
villaire of Bronxville. Republican. Mem. 
li.-formed (Dutch) Church. .Mem. Psi Upsilon 
fr.iternilv. Phi Beta Kappa, Jlayflow.-r S..c., 
Son.s of Revolution. Address: Brou.willc, 
Westchester Co., X. Y. 

BAER, Jules Henry: 

L.nvyer; b. X. Y. City, May S, 1S79; s. 
I.ucien and Fannv (Kr-a-uier) B.ier: ed. X. Y. 
< i:..- schocds. Coll. Citv of X. Y., X. Y. Law 
•-•■■h.. LL.B., LL..M. Admitted to bar, I'.iol; 
ni'iu. law firm of Crane ..t Baer. Altornoy 
for moulding, wall p;iiier and bronze powder 


miniature iiainting, rece 


ican), I'Mi 



ins first honors at 
Butralo (Pan-Amer- 
'harlest<ni, I'JU'J. Mem. Cerman 
ds, St. Louis, wnl; also repre- 
,cau Dep't, liy courtesy, iu ad- 
for miniatures. Pres. Am. Soc. 
Miniature I'ainters. Chief works (in addi- 
tion to portraits): In Arcadia, The Golden 
Hour, Aurora. Daphne, Xymph, Madonna 
with Auburn Hair. H.ilcyon Davs, and Prim- 
avera. Residence: H. Oranse, X. J. Ad 
diess: Sherwood Studios, 53 W. 57th St., N 
Y. City. 
BAER, Winfleia Scott: 

Clergyman. Ordered deacon, 1SS9, and or- 
dained priest, IsI'O, iu Episcopal ministry, by 
Bishop Whiiaker. In charge St. Mark's Ch., 
Hoiieylirook, Pa., and St. Mary's Ch.. War- 
wick, Pa., ISMJii:;. Rector St. Martin's Ch., 
Uidniir, I'a., IbU^-lOui); Grace Ch.. Sanduskv. 




iment proe 

nitional law. :>lom. : 
Ass'n. Has held va 
ct organization of tin 
' l::th Dist.. X. Y. Citv 
Ass'n, 10th Dist.' 


Pi. Phi 

Lamda Si: 
se lie 

■id A. M.; Z-y Mason; Pi 

BAER, 'William Jacob: 

at Royal Acad., Mu 

Hi, Ohio, Jan. 20, l^nO; 

St. George 
394 Jeilers 



• (Gcr- 
ir Raif. 

llr.ioklvii, X. Y. Addr 
Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BAGBY. Albert Morris: 

Musician, writer; b. Pvushville, 
29. If.'U: s. Judge John Courts 
Agnes (Seripps; Bagby; ed. in I 
several vears in Berlin and Wei 
many), under Xavier Sehanvenka. 
Ileinrieli L' and Franz Liszt, 
Author: Jliss Triiunierei (story of Liszt and 
his historic mu.^ieal coterie in Weimar); 

for the Century and St. Xicliolas magazines, 

and the press. Clubs; Calumet, Xalioiial 

Arts. Address: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, X. Y. 


BAGG, Egbert: 

Geiier.d insurance agent: b. Utica, N. Y., 
Aug. IU, Iboo; s. Egbert and Cornelia (Hunt; 
Bagg; ed. Ltica publiu schools, Hobart Coll., 
Cornell Univ.; m. Lliea, X, Y., July 5. IsiJ, 
Sarah A. Clarke; Children: Egliert, Jr., b. 
Ifsl. Fanny H., b. l5>li, William Clarke, b. 
15.-.1, Rosa una C, b. l.'^Ol. In insurance busi- 
ness in Utica since ls72. Democrat; Episco- 
palian. Coium'r common schools, Utica, Ir.iO- 
I01I2; IS vears' service in Utica Citizens Corps 
(now X. G. X. Y.) Id lieut., 1st lieut., capt. 
Associate Am. Ornilhnologists Union since 
orgaiii/;ition. Arlliur: Birds of Oneida 
C'.untv. X. Y. Mem. Mil. Order Loval Le- 
gion i'li V. S. (I.v succession). Sous of Revo- 
lution (Ft. S.liuvler Cliapterl, Oneida Hist. 
Soe., and others. Address: Utica, X. Y. 
BAGG. Lyman Ilotchkiss: 

Anlhor. jourii.iiist ; b. West S 
Mass.. l>ee. 21. lilii; s. Richard c 
(Alwaler) Eagg; grad. Y'ale, B.A., l-OL'. and 
during senior year acted as editor ..f Y'alo 
I.iterarv .Magazine; unm.irried. Editor C*i- 



lit, Ne 



71; on St 
rd-Y'ale b. 

World, ls7i; s-!; mg'r Ha 

l57s:fj: librarian Univer- 
sity Club, Lss:il;iKl. Author: Four years at 
idua.te of 'l.;); Ten 
.Miles on a Bievele: also wrote chapter on 
■ Bontmen '■ anil " llullyism " in Kingsloy's 
istorv of Y'ale. Address: 107 Waverly Place, 
X. Y. City. 
EAGG, Samuel F.: 

.Manufacturer, nieeh. eng'r; b. Utic;i. X. Y.. 
Sepi. l:i. Isl,; s. Dr. M. .M. aiol M.iria (Far- 
veil) Bagg; erad. Hamilton Coll.. All.. l»i;9 
' ■ 53 




Sept. 5, 1S74. Mary L' 
ilt-r. Kunice. ilus 
and eJitoi 

(A.JI., LL.B.) : ni. 

Yuuiii;: one dun;;! 

teacher, schn,)l cmrai^si 

Bllort periods. Kn-:',-ed as ml'r since l.-^Tb ; 

no\r gen. in^'r Wnlertnivn EnL'ine Co., di- 

reitor W atertown Xal. Bank. Democrat; Pres- 

bvtei-ian. ilcm. Am. Soc. Jlecli. Knj'rs. 

Trustee Flower Jlemorial Library; mg'r St. 

Lawrence State Ilosn. Club: Transportation. 

Address: Waterlown, X. Y. 

BAGLEY, George A.: 

ilillins, grain, feed .and flour; b. Eocbestcr, 
N. Y., Seiit. 5. l^v.l; s. Cieor,-e W. and Uplielia 
L. (Baker) Uagley; ed. public scliools and 
Peekskill Mil. Acad.; m. Peekskill, .V. Y., 
Juno i3, ItM, Eva D. Mackev; ciiildren ; Li- 
bert, b. July 3, lS^j; Harry and Helen, b. 
Jan. 5, isno. Prop'r Peekskill Steam Feed 
Mill. Trens. Verplancks Improvement Co. 
Pros. Peekskill Business Jlens Ass'n. Mem. 
Am. Scenic and Historic Preservation Soc. 
Republican. Mem. St. Paul's .\L E. Church. 
Pres. Courtlandt Hook and Ladder Co. and 
Club, Inc. Mem. Courtlandt Lod-e, -Vo. 31, 
F. and A. II. ilohesan Cliapter. ill. R. A. M., 
Peekskill Council .V... .jj, K. and S. it., West- 
chester Commandery .No. il, K. T. : Peekskill 
L..d»e of Llks. Address; lui4 Brown St., 
Peekskill, X. Y. 
BAGLEY, William Chandler: 

Educator, psycliolofist ; b. Detroit, Mich., 
Mar. 15, ISTl; grad. .Mich. Aurl Coll., li..S., 
1SD3, Univ. of Wis., M.S., lyjb," Cornell, PIl.D.. 
ISXlO. Taught in Michigan public scliools, 
IS-Bj-OT; ass't in psyclioiogy, Cornell Univ., 
ll'OOOl; principal public schools, St. Louis, 
1901-02; v.-p. and director of training Mon- 
tana State Xormal Coll., lOoJ-OC ; supt Train- 
ing Dep't, Osweqo (X. Y.) Slate Xormal 
School since I'JUii. Author: The Educative 
Process, 1003: Class-room .Mana^rement, IVmT; 
advisorv editor School Review (Cllieapro), and 
associate editor J<nuiinl of Peda-o..;v. ilent. 
Xat. Edn'l Ass'n, Western Pliilos, Ass'n, Xat. 
Soc. for Scientilic Study of Kd'n, Religious 
Ed'n Ass'n. Address: Oswego, X. Y. 
BAILEY, De'Witt: 

Lawver; b. X. Y. Citv. Jan. 3, 1ST.T; s. 
Charles H. and .MarV E. (Pelerliin) hailev; 
ed. Brooklyn Polvlecbnic Inst., Columbia 
Univ. and Law S.hooi. li.A.. A.M., LL.B.; 
m. April 12, 1M10, Martha E. Darlinston (de- 
ceased). Admit tod to bar, lti.l; now of law 
firm of Bailev & Sullivan. Direct. .r Develop- 
ment Co. of Cuba, Stewart Sugar Co., 
Fiske Fruit Co. (sec). Piesbyterian. Tnis- 
tie Y. -M. C. A. of Brooklvn. llast District 
Homa-opathic Disponsarv. Mem. Delta Kappa 
Epsilon fraternitv, Sigma I'rat.rnitv; .Mu- 
nicipal Club of Bri.oklvn; Brooklvn Leagtio, 
Clubs: Crescent Atblelie. L'lii v.Tsii'v. Ilai.over 
tall Brooklvn). Address; lii2 Wilson St., 
Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BAILEY, Elijah Prentiss: 

IMilor: b. .Manlius. .'^. Y.. Aug. l.',, l=r;t; 


nd L.ili 

(LL.I)., St. J'.lin's Coll.. 
rilliam: A.M.. Col_-ate Iniv.): m. 1st, In',?, 
lia S. Weiherby (di.'d 1>..'1) -Jd. l^•^^ Han- 
h Chanman. Coiinecle.l with Ctica Obscrv.'r 
.m l!-:,:i: city editor,;7: Mn'g editor 
d part prtip" 

idelit Cleveland: 

i)f r 

X. Y., 1W2-94: Gov't comm'r Xorthern Pa- 
eirtc R. R., \S>6. Resident: 326 (.;enessee St. 
-Address: The Observer, L'tica, X. Y. 
BAILEY. Prank: 

Capitalist; b. Chatham, X. Y., lSf;.5; s. 
Dr. W. C. and Julia M. (Utley) Bailey; 
grad. Cnion Coll., A.B., 15tj, Ar».I).. l:«i;; 
m. Brooklyn, Julv, lOu.i, Marie Louise Lam- 
bert; one daughter, Barbara Bailev, b. lOntJ. 
V.-p. and trustee Title Guarantee and Trust 
Co.. Brooklyn; 3d v.-p. and director Bond & 
Stortgage Guar. Co.; pres. and director 
Realty Associates: treas. and director Citv 
Real Estate Co.: director Bro.iklvii Acad. Mu- 
Fie, Bush Terminal Co. Empire State Surety 
Co.. Kings Co. Elee. Light and Power Co., 
Livingston Realty Co.. Xassau Nat. Bank. 
X. v.. Estates of Long Beach. Edison Elec. 
Illuminating Co.; v.-p. and director Long 
Island Safe Deposit Co. Treas. Union Coll., 
.■-iclieneclacly. \. Y. ; trustee Polvtechnic Inst. 
Clubs: Brooklyn, Hamilton. Riding and Driv- 
ing, L. I. Country, Adirondack League, 
Triton (Canada). Helena Shooting (X. C). 
Residence: 335 Clinton At.. Brooklvn. Ad- 
dress: 170 Remsen St., Brookyln, x! Y. 
BAILEY, Frank H.: 

Captain, U. S. Xavy; b. Elk Creek, 
Pa., June. IS.'d; s. James and Sarah A. 
(Hurd) B.iiley; grad. U. H. Xaval Acad., Ii7.-|; 
m. Dayton. X. Y.. Dee., ll-sl, Anna J. .Mark- 
ham; children: Clara, b. 1S5.S. Jame.s. b. Islio, 
Fred, b. Is93, Sarah, b. 1^90. Cruised in 
A.siatic waters. Is. 0-76; in European waters 
on C. S. S. Trenton. ISSO-Sl ; in South Pa- 
ciac, US^-.-".!. on the Iroquois; in Xortli At- 
lantic, Mediterranean, and Brazilian waters. 
lsia-91; in the Philippines during whole ol 
.Spanish War as chief eng'r of U. S. S- 
Raleigh; lleet eng'r European squadrv.n, 
]:i.'MU: detaileil for three vears as an instr. 









ol Steal 

of the 

3-9il and 

n Er 







■s U 

r " em i 


arid eons 






e " as 

a r 


It of 






n t 








S., Xat 







. X 



s: 1 


•■lU of 






vy Depa 





D. C. 

EAILET, John M.: 

L.LWVer; b. Bellijohem. X. Y., Aug. 24, 1S3<; 
s. Henrv and Uaiinah (.Moslier) Bailev; ed. 
Hu.l»..n Rher Inst.. Claver.ick. X. Y.: L-rad. 
Cnion Coll. (\abdi.-torian, l,-l.I, I'l.ih.malhean 
S..C.); 111. 1st R.ichester, X. Y., L-..i, D.ll L. 
II...,k.T (di..d): in. 2d, lOol, Fannie .Mit.-hell 
irm.ling of llopesi.l... Va.; childron: .Miniii.i 
Bailey Jewett, b. IMiO. Judson H....ker H.-.ilev" 
b. 1S71; al.Mi by second marria-e. Louisa 
Harding Bailey. Jjawycr 



l di: 



t.v. I-.'.-, is; 

(-. S. 

.illect.T ill 



mil Dist. 

X. Y 

1-7171; , 

i^l. at 


IV County. 


Mem. ..1 


Albany C.i 

, l.-7.s->l 

; 1 . S. c.. 

sul. II 








sur\'-\'.ir o 



of Albany, 

i-i:i yi; 

a.liuiant 1 

-7lli X. 


, in Di'p't 

of the 

Jul! diirini. 

the ( 


Bank of Albany. 


WHO'S WHO IX m:\v youk 

N. Y. I Sui 

Tl..pul,1irnn. irera. Rcfovmea Oh. : 

M,,if liar Ass'ri, Lojal Lei:io.i (X. i. 

lii ui.l.rv). Club: Furt Orange. Address: U3 

,M.,lo til., Albany, X. Y. 

BAILEY, Leon Orlando: 

l.awvur; b., Ti.irra Co., Pa., June 
■il. 1-.-.7; s. Jolin \V. and .Mar-arot (Lewis) 
l:.iili'v: od. Cornell Univ., classical Cuurse, 
class of l^SO; loft ,it end of sopliomore year; Indiana Law Sch., 1S^1 : m. Hrst, 
Lock Haven. Pa., l!-77, Uosaiuond Paly ds- 
rcshall (died Sept. 10, IS'Ji) ■■ second, Jlarlhas 
\-inevard. Jfass., Sc;,!. 1. I'.inl. Geririule .May 
Steiii; children: Elliott Gurdun Bailey, b. 
Jan. 31, JUul, Caroline and -Mariarel, nvins, 
b. Dec. IS, 1905. BcKan pr: 
Indianapoli.s, 1>S1, has been 
OMiirls of Indiana and New 
Kedtral courts, includiiif; Supreme Court of 
L". S.; came to X. Y. City permanently, 19iC; 
has made specialty of corp'n law. Democrat. 
Was mem. Ind. State Senate from Indi.inai>o- 
lis, four vears; chief't alfy-geu. of Ind., 
four year's; ass't U. S. aify, two years, and 
desiffnated by President Cleveland U. S. alty 
fur Uist. of Ind. at close of latler's first term; 
corp'n counsel city of Indianapolis, one term; 
Demncralic nominee for Con(;rcss from In- 
dianapolis Dist., 1»9S. Gen. counsel and dircc- 
t"r Am. Finance and .Securities Co.; counsel 
-N. J. Steel Co.; counsel mid director Guana- 
juato Ueduction and Mines Co.; (plant at 
Guanajuata, Mexico). -Attends Dutch Re- 
formed Ch. Slem. Indiana State liar Ass'n, 
Indianapolis liar Ass'n, Assn Bar City of 
N. Y., Delta Kappa Epsil.m fraternity, 
.Mason; mem. B. P. (>. Elks. Clubs: Deiiio- 
.ralic. Lawyers. Residence: Bronsville. West- 
chester Co., X. Y. Ollico address; j Xassau 
SL, X. Y. Ci.y. 
BAILEY, Liberty Hydo: 

i:.luc:iliir. author, editor, leolurer; b. 
8,011 li Haven, .Mich.. March 15, l5.Vs ; s. L. II. 
and Sarah (Harrison) Bailey; B.S., M.S., 
Mi.h. A:;r'l Coll.; afterwards ass't to Asa 
Gr.iv, Harvard; LL.D., Cniv. of Wis., and 
.Mfred Univ.; m. June C, IsSi. Annette Smith; 
eliiidren: Sarah Mav, b. ls-7, Ethel Zoe, b. 
l-^i. Prof, horticulture and landscape -ar- 
,i. hor- 


since then practi; 

•;, Mich. Aijr'l Coll.. 1-S 
!!■ iilinre, Cornell Univ., 1,"S-190.;; dire 
X. State CoU. of Afrr., Cornell Univ 
1--:!- Lecturer on educational topics 
tor: Cvcl.ipedia of American Horlieullnre (4 
Vols 1; Cvch.pedia of American AL-ricnltnre 
Vols): i{„,-al Science Serii's: lirst edit 
< ounirv Life in America; former editor Am, 
" M, liarden. Aullu.r: Survival of the L 
bk.-: Lvolntion of Our Native Fruits; Elcnn 
'TV -loilbouk of liotanv; First Lessons w 
I'lHits; Principles of A^ri.Millure ; l'rinc;i. 
"' I'ruit-Growin:;; Priuciiilcs of Ve-etah 
'•ar.b-nin^-; Outlook to Xalure; The \atli 
■■-Mdy Idea: The State and the Farmer, a 
; also aulhor of the Card. 

Surg., X. Y. Citv, l.csn; 

in .V. Y. City; specialty is diseases 01 tuo 
mind and the nervous system. Cuiisultins 
neurolo-ist, St. Luke's and Roosevelt Hosiis.,. 
N. Y. City. Aulhor: Accident and Injury, 
Their Relation to Diseases. Address: 52 W. 
o3d St., X. Y. City. 
BAILEY, Theodore Layton: 

Lawver; b. X. Y. Cit.v, Juno 7, ISTS; s. 
F.dward H. and Irene (Cliliord) Bailey; grad. 
Cniell,, \yj. X. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 
1901. Admitted to X. Y. Bar, VMl; has since 
practiced law in X. Y. City; mem. law firm 
of RoelUer, Bailey & Curtis. Republican. 
Mem. Ass'n Bar Citv of X. Y.; mem. Phi 
Delta Phi. Clubs: City, Alpha Delta I'lii, 
ted to all : Cornell, Underwriters. Address: 55 William 
nd all I St., X. Y. City. 

BAILHACiri:, r.Ccton Heath: 

Surseon; b. Colnmhus, Ohio, Feb. 21, V3r>; 
s. Hon. John Bailhache; ed. Shurtleff Coll., 
Alton. 111., St. Xavier Univ.. St. Louis, Peiin- 
svlvania Med. Coll., Philadelphia, M.U., 1S57; 
m". Hartford, Conn., JIary Goodwin. Served 
in Civil 'War as ass't surgeon at Camp Yates, 
HI., IStll; ass't snrgeon, 19th 111. Inf., Wd- 
C3, surseon 14th III. Cav., ISIiS-Oo; was cap- 
tured on Stoncraan's Raid, Jul.v, Ibdt, and 
remained jirisoner until exchanged in Sep- 
tember. ISOl. Practised medicine at Quinc.v, 
III., after war until 1673, when was appt'd 
to U. S. Marino Hosp. Service; now senior 
surceon U. S. Public Health and Marine 
Hosp. Service. Took part in revision of 
rules of the service, 1S73. Mem. X'at. B'd of 
Health lS79-f3; U. S. delejate to Internat. 
Sanitarv Conference, Paris, li'M. Contri- 
buted a'rticles to the Supplement to 9lh Edi- 
tion Fiicyclopacdia Britaiinica on Sanitary 
Science. Seu:i:;e, Ventilation, Vaccination, 
Water Sni.ply, the History of the Marino 
H,)spilal Service, etc. -Mem. Am. Jlcd. Ass'n, 
Am. Public Health Ass'n, Ri.limoiid County 
Med. Soc; mem. Calif. Slate iled. Soc. 
and of Calif. Slate B'd of Health; mem. 
Ass'n Mil. Sun:eons, Marine S.ic. of X. Y., 
.Mil. Order Loval Le:;ion. Clubs: Staleu 
Island. Cosmos ( Washington ). Address: .Ma- 
rine Hospital, Slapleton, S. I., X. Y. 
BAILLIS, Ellis H.: 

Manufacturer; b. Julv 3, lS.-)7, on 21st St., 
X Y Citv; s. Peter Richard and Harriett .M. 
(llitcliing's) liaillie; ed. Public Sch. Xo. 15, 
Brooklvn; took engineering course under A. 
\ Stuart; m. Brooklvn. X. Y., Ida Uaii- 
dolnh. See. The Wil.son & Baillie Mf's Co.; 
I.res. Kusmos Engineering Co.; treas. Sher- 
luaii Piiie .Machine Co. Has visilcd every 

the Ui 

.111 on trip 
of the last thi 

va 1 i, 


il.. Book, 

leal Gal 

, comprising: 1 

ilen-Bo.ik. Indepr 

ers' Club. Brooklvn. l!epublic:in in Na- 
oiial politics. Episcopalian. Mem. Maiin- 
olurers Ass'n of -V. Y., Mechanics' and 
rad-rs' F.-ichange. Mason (Jappa Lodge);' 
.ni B. P. O. i:iks, Royal Arearinnl. Club: 
^|•ord (Brooklvn). .\ddress : 41:; Greene Av., 

; ■'". Am. Philos 
•N Y 

BAILEY, Pearce: 

rin-leia,,: b. X 
Krol., l.v 

EAILY, George Washington: 
"'England; ! 


id -Mary ( 

Coll.. Taiinti 

I lladlev, -Mas 

etshire, England: m. 
;, ItsO, Alice Julielto 

\ ■. 


Aji-os, b, ilarrh I i.iic year ill Cadet Co 

of 13th Rfs't. \'. 

1501. Enga-fiil 

Buildin" N. Y. 

r-.-, Cottor 





1 Federation Soc, 
inrv Soc. Cons;3J 
America, Conarc.atrjy 
m. Am. B'd Cumm'>-s i Xat. M 

X. y. Ci 

: Kx- 
. i'. 


21,1 Hancock St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BAIN. Donald: 

Law.ver; b. Cheltenham, Eni^land. l^fiT; of 
Scottish parentage. Asst U. S. att'y North- 
ern Uist. o£ X. Y., ltJ7-1900, since liiuC a-ss'l 
U. S. atfy ^Yestern Dist. of N. Y. Has 
been retained on behalf of Britiih and Ital- 
ian Governments in extradition cas.-s. Au- 
thor of law book: Costs and Feco in the State 
of Xew Y-orli. Republican. Jlem. Krie 
County Bar Ass'n, St. Andrew's Scottish S"C. 
Recreations: Literature. sardeiiin?, golf. 
Clubs: LaNvyers. Jieadow, (liuflalo). Ad- 
dress: 40.5 Bldg, Buffalo, \. Y. 
EAINEEIDGE, Eichard Warin: 

Paper mfr; b. Brool^lvn, .V. Y., .Tune M. 
1S30; s. Charles T. and Hannah il. (Clou-h) 


ed. Br 


X. Y.. A;,ril l:i, I'-il, 

public schools 

lus: cluMr. II i. , -M,. ilarcellus, Philip 
Morrell. 1,, .:' ' . .Tr. Partner Charles 

T. Hainbrri - mfrs: treas. and 

director .Mum, i;.i, .v-s'n of X. Y. (pres. 
y.WJ): pr,^s. Ci.';„rii:vo Law Co. of X. Y.; 
trustee Bime SaMi,,-s Bank. Brooklyn. Dem- 
ocrat: chm'n l).-:;iHriiiic Ucn. Com.. Ki'lis 
Co., ]«)3-01. Epi,.coi,alKin. RecrcitiuMs: Au- 
tomobilinj. yachliii-. alliletics. Clubs: Cres- 
cent Athletic. Mauhassett Bay Ya.-bi. (vice 
cc.mmo.lore, TCUf). Long Island Aulomobile. 
Address; 2 Cumberland St., Brooklyn, X. T. 
BAINBRIDGE. William Seaman: 

Physician and siir.-eoi; b. 1 

rovidence. R. I.. 

Feb. 17. 1;70: s. ^\llll.lm F. 

hvell and Lucy 

Klizabelh (Seaman) BambriJ, 

c; ed. Moiie_-an 

Lake Sch., Peekskill. X. V.. 

A.M., Shurlicff 

Coll., M.S., Wa.-,hiii.-ton and 

Jefferson Coll.. 

M.D., C.ll. Phvs. aiul Snr-.. 

X. Y.. Sc. L<: 

Western fniv. oi Pa. Was 

lor L'V4 years 

on house staff, Presl.vteri.n 

Hosp., X. Y. 

City; grad. Sb.ane .Maternil 

y Hosp.: grad. 

student Columbia Unir. one 

winlerl in bac- 

terb.lo^y; abro.:d si.v times 

several times 

piofcs,ionall.v, twice to slu 

dy. Altocelher f..ur years, p 

irt of time in 

China. Japan and India. <Ji 

ii-niastcr. Coll. 

of I'hys. and Sur,v. l-ul-M; 

voluiilccrcd as 




Unseen Fo 
lid The 

1, Am. Med. 
Y. Stale Med. 
Alumni .Socs. 
rnity Hosp.. 

of Op 

active service, to 
prof. gynecol..-y, : 
School and 11., sp. 

but did not se 

Ci.nvalescont II. 
arnica, L. 1.. i.r 
Lake Sch.; s, ri 

lectures delivered at 
populo-scientific) : also 
ve Gynecology (Grafton 
Pf.'b<^J. and many scientific jiapers. Clubs: 
Quill. Students. Columbia Univ. Address: 
.sunim.'ri Hotel Athenanim. Chautauqua, X. 
Y.; (winter) 34 Gramercy Park, X. Y. City. 
BAIRD. Addison Waddell: 

I'hysician, b. X. Y. Citv, Jan. SI, 1=02: s. 
John Baird (of Glasgow) and Agnes (Rus- 
sell) Baird; grad. Columbia (Coll. Phys. and 
Surg.), M,D. PlOl; m. Lock Haven. Pa.. Bee. 
2G. icon, Grace Datcsnian. l;acteriol..gist of 
the Lederle Laboratories. Writer and l.'-cturer 
on medical t.i|)ics. Author: Tub,-rculosis — 
Communicable, Preventable. Curable. Repub- 
lican. Mem. X. Y. Couniy Med. Soc, Med. 
Ass'n of Greater X'. Y'., Academy of Medi- 
cine, Am. Med. Ass'n, Alumni Coll. Phvs. and 
Surg. Dele.ate to Central Council of the 
Charity «r:;ani2ation Soc. Address, 239 W. 
TOih St., X. Y. City. 
BATED. J.imes A.: builder; b. Adams Basin, X. Y., 
Mar. s. l>.-.>: s. Asa M. and Xancv J. ( 
inele) Baird; ed. public schools of Hamlin, 
X. Y'. State Xormal Sch,, Brockport. X, Y.; 
m. Hamlin. X. Y.. Xov. lu, 1S;0. Emma J. 
Ainsworth; children: Mary A. (.Mrs. Chester 
L. lishbaugh). l:thel J. b. l.-?.".. .Susie K. 
(Mrs. Leo J. Leiter;, J. Rov, b. 1>S8. Asa JI., 
b. lf!)0. Carried on building in summer and 

ccssful in occupati.ins. "lla's "been on 
the B'd of Election c.iutinuously for past 25 
years; twice candidate for school c.juimr, 
2d Dist.. JliMiroe Co., X. Y. B.iptist. Ad- 
dress: 159 Clifton St., Rochester, X. Y. 
BATED. William Esimond: 

L:iwyer (patent sp.' ) ; b. Piiiladelphia 
April 21. b-,->: s. William J. ai.d -Mary Lmina 
(Cornish) Baird: ed. Cenlral Hi-_-h Sell., Phil- 
ad.'li.l.ia; ]li_-li Sch..ol. Orange, X. J.. Stevens 
Inst. • M, E. 157=; Cliimbia C.ll. 
Law Sch. and Sch. of Polit. S.-ieio-e, LL.B,. 
]^^2: m. 1.'-^';. Jennie G. Manstield: one son. 
Kaimond Buy B.iird. b. 1--S. Director in 
m.iny corp.irati.ins. Re].ublican; .Methodist. 
Mem. Am. Soc, Soc. Cliem, Industry, 
Societe .\iii;cr,ilogione de Franc.'. Am. Ge.ig. 
S,,.-, Mem. Beia Thela Pi. Phi Delta Phi. 
i;.litor of Beta ThcIa Pi since 1-ni; founder 
A^uh.r: Maii- 

al of Ame 





BAKER, Arthur Latham: 


hi West 

,-d i Eliiabcth C 

t ma 




; b. 




. 0.. 

: s. 








r: ed, 








, Xe\v 



















. X. 





V. of 



^y^o•s wiio ix new youk 


ir. Hnnd. D.n.; one daughter, Dorothy. Ad- 
il engineering, Luuiyette Coll., 

;tO: la 



ciral high school, Sirauton, Pa.. 1>>J; editor 
Cmmon Pleas Kepuricr and Weekly Di-est 
of Pennsylvania fonrt Decisions, .Scranlon, 
I-.-.i-ST: prof, malhematics. Stevens Seh., 
llohoken, X. J., Ibtti-til, Univ. of Uochesler, 
l.siH-l'JOl, Manual Training .Sch., Brooklyn, 
X. Y. (head of Jlalh. Dept), since I'JOl. 
Jlem. Xat, Guard of Pa., l^MiiT; mcra. State 
Kille Team. lbS0-S7. 3Iem. Am. Math. Soc; 
Ennietime fellow A. A. A. S. ; sec. Rochester 
Acad. Science. UDo-M. Author: Annual Di- 
gest Pennsvlvania Supreme Court Decisions. 
]>~C-3r: Graphic Aliel.ra. ltS2 : KUiptic Func- 
tions, ISEO; Solid Geometry, )?;«: Conic Sec- 
tions, ISOO; Art of Geometry, lto.3; also mau- 
uala for class use on Projective Geometry, 
Qnartcriunns, Complex Fuiiciions. Contrilni- 
tor to mathematical ai.d pedaijogie jonrn;!ls. 
Address: Manual Training High School, 


X. Y. 


BAKER. Bert Titns: 

l,a^v^er: b. Ithaca, X. Y'., Mar. 
Thc.idnre J. and Kloise (Titus) B. 
Cornell Univ., LL.B., l^ilT ; m. KUa Limise 
C.ok, of Ithaca, X. Y. Admitted to bar, 
1^1)7. Formerly attorney for the County of 
Tumpliins, and acting recorder of Citv of 
Ithaca, and clerk Board ol .Supervisors of 
Tompkins Co. Has been see. Tompkins Co., 
Agrl and Hort. Soc. Repuhlicii! : Presbv- 
tirian. Mem. Tompkins Co. Bar Ass'n. Mem. 
Craftsmen's Club: IIob:isco Lodge, Xo. 710, 
F. & A. M.; Ithaca Lod-e, Xn. 71. "l. O. O. F. ; 
Cayuga Lake Tent. Xo. 0J7. K. O. T. M. 
Address: Library Buildinj, Ithaca, X. Y. 
BAKER, Charles: 

Hanker; b. X. Y. City, l?i-,7; academic ed'n 
in .\. Y.; m. Anna Mac Hcisler, oi St. Lonis, 
l'.'"7. Controls several pas cjmiianies in Vir- 
ginia, c.vsec. Met. Trust Co.; lounder Inter- 
l.oro Bank of N 



Club: Un 

Ciilnnial Ord, 
dr>-,,s: 110 Broadway, X. Y 
BAKER, Charles Adkins: 

Hist. S 
of the Revolut 

I.L.B., yjiil; 


and Xellie (Adkins) 
11 High a./li., -.iud Co- 
Ih honors) 1>B11, A.M., 

icrnational clainn 
nd Roosevelt Club 
t A.-.s.' Disl. 

western R'y, and the Seattle, Lake Shore ,t 
Eastern li'y until 1^90; practised at Seatile. 
Vash., as civil ei'.g'r and contractor, ly.iu-o,-,. 
Imibling the Third St. and Suburban R-y, 
there; ,ippt d I^'Jo and succcssinlly served as 
receiver of the Merchants' Nat. Bank of 
Seattle. Orginized, Ijnanced and built the 
lines and works and was pres. of the Sno- 
qualine Falls Power Co., which he completed 
with the plant for electrical transmission of 
2",000 h.p. through a radius of 50 mi.les. in- 
cluding Seattle and Tacoma, and Everett ; 
later pres. Seattle Cataract Co. and Tacoma 
Cataract Co.; also v. -p. Alabama Interstate 
Power Co., Am. Cvnnamid Co. Democrat; 
delegate to Xat. Dein. Convention, Chicago, 
lioe, but disa^-reeing with the coina-e plank 
of the platform adopted there returned to 
.•Seattle and led the Gold Democratic move- in the Stn'.c of Washington. Address: 
11^') Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BAKER. Ch.irles Whiting:, civil eng'r; b. Johnson, Vt., Jan. 
17, lv:i; s. Thomas Jeflerson and Mattie 
'Whiting) Baker; ed. Vt. State Xormal S. h., 
Univ. of Vt., C.l-.. l--'i: m. .June -1, 1,-SO, Re- 
beknh ■Wheeler, ■•; I., i::i. _-■.;,, \i : children: 
JeH'erson Wio.: :-■,. .: ,:..s Whiting, 



Y. City 

b. l!-n.3 

staff since 
gineering Xews 
tor E ■ ■ 



:;jo Broadway, X. 

editor since l>i)j. lin- 
. Citv; v.-p. and direc- 
Publishing Co. Congregatnm- 
"MemT Am. .Soc. Mech. Engrs. Am. 
Econ. Ass'n. Phi Delta Theta. Author: Mo- 
iiop.dies and the People (Putnam). Resi- 
dence: " Fern Hill," :;C ^ "" 
MonlcJair, X. J. Address 
Y. City. 
BAKER, Clarence A.: 

I'hvsician; b. Yapllank, X. Y.. Aug. S, lSr.2; 
s. Jai'nes I. and Eliza A. (ilills) Baker; ed. 
Brid-ehampton (X. Y.) Inst., Cornell Univ.. 
t'oil. liivs. and SurL-c.ns, \.Y., .M.D., lS.-:i; m. 
Waierbnrv, Conn., June l.",. l>!)j, .Mary E. Ger- 
ard; one daughter, Jlarv Helen Baker, b. lO"!. 
Since ISN"' eiigageil in general praclice of medi- 
cine. Trustee Uoioii Sav. Bank of Patchogue, 
L. I. Re|iublican; mem. Republican Co. Com. 
Mem. Sullolk Co. Med. Soc.. Ass..eialed Phy- 
sicians of L. I., X. Y. & Xew England Ass n 
Railroad SnrgecMis, X. Y. State -Med. .Soc. 
Health Ollicer, T.iwn ..f Brookhaven. Plivsi- 
ciaii to SulVoUc Co. Almsli.nise and Childreiis 
i| ICval Areli .Mas.oi. Kiii^ht Templar 
and ••shriller. Address: Yaphaiik, X. Y. 
BAKER, Dwight B.: 

Mcrcl.ani ; b. Andover, X. Y., June 23. 
Isll; s. Thaddeus and Sarah Sloors (Spb-er) 
ItaUer; ed. Allr.Ml Univ.; ni. -Monsey. X. V.. 

Conklin; chil- 


diss: -Jtil M.inhattai 
BAKER, Charles Hinckley: 

CiMl eng'r, ca|>ii,;list; b. Chicago, 111., Xo 
=". 1-id; ed. public schools. Coriodl Uiii' 
C. E., 1?!.(1; m. June \J. 1-^-i. Gl.iflys Franc 
Was sureessively resident eoir r Cliiea-.: 
l'oirlingi,ni and tjuiiiev U'v, Chie.ig,., K. , k 
I--:.i..d and Paeilio ' 

Feb. Ill, 

.-s.-pt. gl, l57J, Grace L., b. July 
bel E., b. Jlarch 7, 1^7.^ Ethel 
r. 11. 1"S. Wont lo X. Y. City, 
s en_-:ii;ed as bookl-eeper with pi 
i,s there until l-i ;i, when wei 
tnership with Daniel S. Jiradlc 
lit and banker, at Andover. X. ^ 
Ih Eraslus Young (nov.- 


id b, 


ni, X. Y., 

and luiulicr 



and coal yanls; afterwards to 
interests of JJaUer A: Voiin!; 
Jiis interests there bv building a lar 
riage and sleiu-li nianufaetory. bakt- 
other stores, and many fine residtMii 
sides conducting the largest business 
county: later conducted business as 


Beta Kappa, ilil. Order Loyal Legion. Club 
Cimanan. Residence: Yoiilcers, X. 
dress; :i Wall St., X. Y. Cily. 

added to 

& Marks 


the Cr 

Later bee, 
ing and othi 
several years past has resided 
Republican; organized during I 
ond campaign, l^tA. and was 
first Republican Club at SulV 
served as postmaster for inanv 
1 (lirst Repul ' 

ever elected 
county. State, 
zressional Cc 
Revolution, Ai 
Am. Legion ( 

vii ) ; 
iial, Se 



X. Y. City, 
ncoln s sec- 
ures, of the 
rn, X. Y.; 
ears, super- 
1 supervisor 

nboring, ; 
Uc Coast : 

tow I 



f Honor, Anieri 
on f:Uher's side back to Ale-Kaiule: 
IJaker, b. London. Kndand, 1G(I7, and cami 
tn this country in lii3). Josliua Bal;er, hi: 
4lh son, settled in Xew London. Conn., it 
1G70, and became a lane landholder. He re 
ceived in 1700 a deed from Owanaco, thi 
Chief of the Mohe^ans. for a l.jr-e tr.nct o 
land in Mohegan, near the •■Coclie^an Rock.' 
The family includes John Wintliron. firs 
governor of Mass., Fitz Job 

of Co 






nd i;tha 

also related to Wondruif, Ranis.-v, T 
Castle. Hand, Hurlbert. Xichols. C 
den, Morgan, Enos, Kii.lev, Warner, } 
Baldwin, Hamilton, Strong. Kevs, J 
Stanton and ComstocU families. ' On 
er's side des<-endant of William lir 
of the ilaylbnver; grandfather Bake 



p:ngli5h Poultney Estate, n'( 
ago, and gave the land and built the first 
byterian Clum-h in that section. Club 
publican of X. Y. Ciiv. Address: 
Seventh Av., Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BAKER, Eugene: 

I'hysician; b. Xorll 
],-.>>: prepared at Ith 
Univ., B.S„ 1J7S, Mid 
m. 1st, lSi-9, Mary L. 
(deceased), 2d, 13o.>, 
Worcester, .Mass. Has been 
practicing physician in Xllnua 
lurer on medicine and obstetrics in Corneli 
Univ. Med. Sch. Jlem. Am. Med. Assn. X 
Y'. State Jled Soc; prcs. Tompkins Co. Med 
Soc. Republican. Served as AKlerman in 
Ithaca, X. Y.. 11102 to I'Jul. Address: Ithaca, 
X. Y. 


apton, X. Y'., April 10, 
, Acad.: grad. Curotll 
an Univ., .M. D.. ls>2; 
lling, of Ulica. X. Y., M. I'lcrce, of 


duce Is 

BAKER, Fisher A.: 

Lawyer; b. Dedham, Jias 

.. Feb. S, 1S07: s 

John and Pattv (Kills) U. 

ker: grad. Dart 

mouth •Coll., a; B., 1,~.-D: s 

udiod in Alban\ 

L.iw Sch.iol: m. .Mav -r,, 1 

■•■.1. t',.',b.-rine W 

ii-hcr. Scrve.l thrc;- cars 

in Civil W:ir ii 

1-lh .Mass. Vols, iih C.Vo.s, 

\rmy of P.. I. .mac 

Admille.l to bar, !s..o; ,„: 

clisiog in X. Y 

Cily frnm l-il.-). Trustee 1; 

inkers' Safe De 

posit Co.: director First N 

It. of Cili 

of N. Y., X. J. Hon S,,-Mr 

IV Co. R,.piil,li" 

ran; Unitarian. Trostc 11. 

■ki.'V Sell.. Tarry 

t"wn, X, Y. Meui. Alpha 

kieha Phi, Ph 

BAIOIE, Frank Clyde: 

Lawyer; b. West Millgrove, Ohio; e. 
Ephraim Hudson and Ann Janette (Whit- 
ney J Baker; ed. Uberlin Coll., A.B., IbJti, 
Y'alo, B.D., IfM, X. Y. Law School. LL.B., 
I'JOU, X. Y. Univ. Law School. M.L., l'.Ju;; 
m. X. Y. City, April -29, 1903, Theodora 
Wadsworth. Engaged in practice of law in 
X. Y. City and with Amos H. Stephens as 
mem. law firm of Stepheus & Baker. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Member of N. Y. 
County Lawyers' Assn. Recreation: Golf. 
Club: X. Y. Golf. Residence: 4tU W. 19th 
St.. Brooklvn, X. Y. Address: 220 Broad- 
way, X. Y. City. 
BAKER, Frank M.: 

Railroad comni r: b. Owego, X. T., 1S46; 
s. John l>. Baker; grad. Ames Business Col- 
lege, Syracuse, X. Y'. Worked at carpenter 
trade; clerk in the Erie R. R. freight ollice, 
Owego, X. Y., Ibfil. becoming chief clerk; 
station ag't of Southern Central (now Le- 
high \'alley) B. E., at Owego. Is72-S2; sup't 
Addison & Pa. R. R., Iss2-Sli; also freight 
and passenger ag't, same road, I^SG-Otj; also 
gen. sup t Gaines Coal Co., l5b(i-9(j, and ag t 
f..r receiver Bradford, Eldred & Cuba R. R. 
1666-9a; constructed and was gen. mg'r Darieu 
& Western K. R. of Ga., Irflyj. Estab- 
lished in Inirdware business. Owego. since 
IfJi, as of hrin of Frank M. Baker & 
Son; mem. X. Y. R. R. Comm'u since Dec. 
IS, l,s%. Republican. Mem. Coram'n from 
X. Y. to Cotton Slates' E.vp'ii, Atlanta, Ga., 
L-Iij; trustee village of Uwego, lS73-bU (one 
term pres.J School coinm'r, Owego, 3 years; 
active in securing organi/jitinn of X. \'. State 
I'iremen's Ass'n (sec. Is.J-M; pres., IsSl-SoJ. 
Address: Uwego, X. Y. 
BAKER, Franklin Thomas: 

Educator; b. llagersl.iwn, Md., Sept. 12, 
1861; s. John Henry and Julia (.McCoy) 
Baker; grad. High Sch., Hagerstown. Md., 
A. B., A. M., and Litt. D., Dickinson Coll., 
A. M., Columbia Univ.; m. Brooklyn, X. Y., 
Sept. 15, iMiii, Kmilie A. Kip; children: Law- 
rence Kip, b. Feb. 10, IWl, Dorothy, b. Xov. 
27. 11101, Frances, b. April p;, 19(Hi. Teacher, 
Dickinson Prep. Sch., lsS7-!)-.'; instr.. Teachers 
Coll., 1592-93; prof. English, Teachers Cdl., 
Columbia Univ., since lf93. Lecturer, Brook- 
lvn Inst., Isus-UIIKI; has contributed p.ipers 
to edu'l periodicals. Editor De (^lincey■3 
Revolt of the Tariars (Sibley & Co.); Brown- 
ing's Shorter Poems ( Macinillan ) ; .Macau- 
lay's Poems (.Macmillan) ; Tenn.% son's Prin- 
cess (Applelon); the DeCoverly Papers (Ap- 
pleton); joint author 'i'lie Teacliiog of >;ng- 
lish (Longmans); Langi.a-e Reader Series 
(.Macmillan); English Conipo.silion (Il.ilt). 
Club: Citv. Address: Park Hill, Yonkcrs, 
X. Y. 
EAKER, Frederick 'Van 'Vlict: 

Arii^t: X. Y, fiiv. N.n. .;. is;,;; s. Charles 
and I'nscilla (\aM,lerp..el) Baker; 


IMwarJ La Marche, b. 1907. Exnibited ia 
I'.iris baluus, Vieuiia, Ghent, St, Lnuis, OLi- 
. ,..u, ^^.■w York, etc., eleeted associate ot 
tli.' Hiiciute Xatioiiale dcs Beaux-Arls, 1301. 
I his traveled ill Switzerland, Itah, G?.', 
.M..I I'raiice. Pres. Ciiloii;al Studies (curiVu)"- 
<lii-. .tur Public Service Corpo.'atiun ui" Yii- 
tir.i.i. Has executed cutumissiuiis for Em 
)■ rur ^ViIUam, Prince Radolin. Prince of 
.Monaco, etc., and manv pn'tninL-nt poo|jle 'n 
r. .S. and Europe. Club: Sahnasuudi. Ad- 
dress; oU W. C7th St., ^'. Y. City. 
BAKER, George Pisher: 

Hanker; b. Troy, X. Y., Maich 27, 1S;0; 
iinimed. Pres. 1-irst Nat. Bank; director J h- 
I'T .\.it. Bank; trustee .Mutual Life Jns. Co., 
and interested as ollicer or director ir tn-,i,i.- large corp'ns. Clubs: JIo 
Lawyers, X. Y. Vaclit, Tuxedo. Kid _ _ 
Art S..C. Residence: ij8 .Madisou I'v. Ad- 
dress: :: Vail iSt., -\. Y. City. 
BAKER, George Hall: 

Librarian; b. Ashtieid, Mass., April 23 
I'-i'i; s. George Hall and JIarv (Lemert) 
JIall (name was cbanjed legally by reason 
ot adoption); ed. Williston Seiu., Erst- 
lianiptou, ilass.. 1570; Amlierst Coll.. A. ](.. 
l^.i. A. M., Is77: post-u-raduato work, Univ 
West Brattloboro, Vt., July 


II, 1-.; 
!■'.. CI; 

-Nellie E. Adkins 
rles Adkins, ilekr 
t librarian, Coiuml 
rian-in-cliief, li^J-'j'J: 


., Kaymond IIpU. 




rt hist! 



irraphy ot^^Jiist- 

a studv of art 
ok. Ac- 
til Good 


Independent Kepub- 
ilanuattan At., X. 

<.overn.nent and Citi 
fr-'m their besinuiuj 
l"an. Address: i:: 
V. City. 

BAKER, George L.: 

li. inker, broker; b. Boston, Jfass. ; ed. 
Il'iiton Latin and Eni:lisli lli-li Sdi., liM- 
<'■: 111. l!o.ston, .MarLT.uet Armislead Appletou. 
-MciM. Consolidated .stuck and Petroleum Kk- 
change. Ex-Capt. Slh Uei; t. X. G X Y ■ 
\y^- -Associated _Bd Oilicers lOSth K 


Suns of Kcviilutiun, Soc 
X. Y. Address': (,0 



-^- Y. City. 

BAKER. George O.: 




\V. ilo 

lt::j; s. s. 
1) Bake 

el P. 

' Alhcrto 

i-^'. ,Y.) Liberal Inst., 

-\-ad.: m. .Mexico, X. Y., May l.",, isi 

L leu Gregory; cbildren: William G., 

Aluc J. (now Mrs. Traver). En - 

frieral practice of law at Clvdo, X. 

•-^■■J. IJirector, sec. and alty, Pou; 

*.'!as3 Works. Kci.nblican. Mem. 

f-' lie Bar Ass'n, and Wavne Co. ]!ai 

tnini. JIasonic lod;e, chapter and K. 


sl.r and dist. 
X. Y. Stale Cm 

■\-yliini for Eecble-Miiided W. 
-N- i. Address: Clyde, X. Y. 
B.\KER. George Stuart: 


Griswold Coll., Davenport, Iowa; m. X'. Y. 
City, 1870, Margaret Coats; children: Ean- 
nie Draper, ilarriette Woods, Margaret 
Kcussel. Ordered deacon, liui), by Bishop 
Eastburn, and priest. l57o, by Bishop Coxe, 

■" " s,lry <,f Episcopal Ch. Ass't minister 

Koclitsier, X. Y., and priest 
' 1 ihe Lpipliany, Koches- 
rector St. James' Ch., 
'•77; pastor and sup't, 
500 pastor and superin- 
St. Luke's Hospital in 
: -^Ui W. Iij7th St., X. Y. 

St. Luke's Ch, 
in charge of C!.:,] 
tcr, X. Y., I~vj 


tendent eiu 

X. Y. Citv. 


BAKER, Herman H.: 

Lawyer; b. Kiclitield, Otsego Co., X''. Y. ; 
s. Xorman E. and Abbie Jane (Eason) 
Baker; ed. county dist. sell., Richheld 
Springs High Scliool. Columbia Colle.-e, 
LL. B., l;^ll■J; ni. June 1, l«i!i, Gena Wilson; 
one Sun, Xorman Kiclilield, b. I'Jol. Ass't 
dist. att'y. Kings County, 1597; now engaged 
m general practice. Director Brooklyn 
Union Cual Co. Kepublicau; Universalist. 
Mem. Brooklyn Bar Ass'n. Address: Xew 
City, Kocklaud Co., X". Y'. 
BAKER, Howard E.: 

an; b. Elmira, X. Y., Sept. 11, 

iian and Almira (Seaman) Baker; 

\cad.; m. Elmira, Oct., 1670, 

Ida E. 

ISiS; s. 
ed. Elm 
Margaret Coddm-t 

treas. S 
boro, X. C. 
Rockv Mou 
Hi;n Lumbi 
l•^ tiiia 

McIIenry & 
■ -o La 



business; v.-p. and tr 
Baker Co.. Elmira, X. Y. 
ad & Lumber Co.. Swans- 
Far Kiver Lumber Co., 
; sec. and treas. Morris 

O. U. W., Ex 



X'ntury, Country, 
lU Lake St., El- 

mira, X. Y. 
BAKER, J.ames Barnes: 

Architect; b. Eliiabclh, X. J., 1SC4; s. 
Henry .M. and Susan V. (Barnes) Baker; 
Lafayette Coll., 1>>4: uiHnarried. 

Architect fu 



IOC Fifth 

d olln 
iscwhcre. .M 
ectural Le: 
ette Alumi 


buildings in X, 
ieiu. Am. Inst. Ai-cliitect.s 
ue. Chamber of Commerce 
Clubs: Centurv, Cm 
ence : S W. i7th St. Address 
X. Y. City. 
BAKEE, Jennie Van Holland: 

Physician and surgeon: b. Brooklvu, X'. Y. 
May 'J.-i, IJJI; d. James and Kli/a Jane (Har 
ncJ) \'an Hollaml: ed. lirooklvn Public Sell 
Xo. 19, X. Y. Med. Coll. .and Huso, fo 
Wumin (.M. D. ) ; m. BrouUlyn, X. Y.," Jun. 
■20. 1577, .Mills P. Baker, Jr., who died tw, 
years later. Engaged in practice of nied 
icine from ls-2; now chief of stalf. JIemori:i 
Hosp. for Women and Chihlren. Brooklyn 

X. Y. Mem. Kings Co, 11 eopalLic Med 

Sue, X. Y. St:ite llomopathic Soc. Am. Inst 
of Homo-opathv. Aluinni A^sn of X. Y. Med 
r..||. and llo.s,,. for Wo„„n. Mem. Xat, 


Trustee .Memoiial Di.-peii.sary 
ChilJreri. Mem. of Bd i 
Memorial Hosp. for Womei 
Has made two pleasure trips 







Womans, Chiropean. Address: 612 Bedford 
Av., Brooklyu, N. Y. 
BAKER, Moses Nelson: 

Lditur, eni^'iinjcr, author; b. Enosburs, 
Vt., Jan. in, lti;4; s. aenjainin Kelson and 
Sarah ilarctta OVrisLt) Jiaker; grad. Univ. 
o£ Vt., Ph. B., l5b(i, C. E., 1;;>J; m. Am. 
22, 1SS9, Ella Sophia Babbit (a college class- 
mate); children; Tlieta Helun, b. iJ^U, 
Frederick Wood, b. l^Lil, Elizabeth, b. IjOO, 
Ruth, b. I'JU-i, Uoroihea, b. VM7. AVith 
Bridge and Buildius Uep't, L'nion Paoilic 
K. K., lSbO-S7; asso. editor En-ineerin^ News, 
since Nov., lb.>7; consultinj: engineer in 
municipal and sanitary matters; di- 
rector Enjineerins News Publishins Co., 2:;o 
Broadway,' N. Y. City. Editor: .Manual o£ 
American Water-Works; The Jliinicipal Year 
Book. Author of books, papers and nniner- 
ous encyclopedia articles on encrineerin:; and 
economic suhjccts. Jlas made specialty of 


ed ih. 


Britai ' 
Works, and Nut 
Btructors. Kepubliean (Kit;, . i ,.i.>.i . . :■!■ :.'. 
since ISOl, pres. since luijl, Bd u£ Ileallli, 
Montclair, X. J. C.ingregatioualist. .Mcui. 
Am. Economic Ass'n, Am. Water-Works 
Ass'n, New England Water-Works Ass'n, 
Nat. Municipal League. N. J. Sanitarv Ass'n, 
Phi Delta 'llieta. "Recreations: Gardening, 
farming, forestry. Residence; 53 Oalcwo.ul 
Av., Upper Montelnir, N. J. Address; 2A 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 
BAKER, Kay Stannard: 

Writer, editor; h. Lansing, Jlich., April 
17. 1S7U; s. Joseph .Stannard and Alice (Put- 
ter) Baker; cd. Mich. Agrl Coll., B. S., 
l.^t^O; Univ. of Mich, (partial literarv and law 
course) ; m. Lansing. Mich., Jau^ 2, l^M, 
Jessie I., d. Dr. W. J. Beal; children: 
Alice Beal, b. 1-',I7, James Stannard, b. I^iiO, 
Roger D., B. 1U»2, Rachel Jloore, b. 10U(i. 
Eormerly associate odiiur McfJlure's Maga- 
zine; now asso. e.lilor The American Jluga- 
zine; director Phillips Puhlisliiiig c... Au- 
thor: Boys' Book of Inventions, l^M; Oiir 
New Prosperity, IWi; Seen in (iermanv, 
1901; Second Bovs' Bo"k of Inventions, l&'o; 
Following the C'ulor Line, I'JOS; also numer- 
ous series of magazine articles and stories. 
Clubs; Citv. Plavevs. Address: Care 
Phillips Publishing Co., 311 Fifth Av., N. Y. 
BAKER, Robert: 

Pubic ollieial; b. Burv St. Edmonds, Suf- 
folk, England, t^&l; ed." in public schools; 
m. Oct., 1^57, Gertrude A. Zollcr. Long ac- 
tive as Single ta.i advocate: sec. Alliany 
Single Tax Clulj, 1^^S; pres. Brooklvii Single 
Tax Club, IMKJ; sec. Brooklyn. Ballot Ke- 

:.f the U. S., 

and Brouklyn 
conducting' ca 
Nat. C 

Ass n, 

a Club, 

iglo Ta.x Le:i 
nd chi 

Union. Urouklvn. 1.-":;: 
.■andi.lale fr,r A>seml.Iv, 1-:'1; s].uUe f..r 
Bryan and S.'wall; in' charge nur.unating 
]ietitions for Henry Gorge fur M;iyur. l"-'.'?; 
stuiupeil N. \. .state fur lirvan and Steven- 
I'JilO; ■ . . ,. . . 




mocracy of Br 


a Is 


1) Radical I) 
elected to C n 

gress, 10)2, serving in SSth Congress (its 
only Single Tax Democrat), 19O3-03; Sec. 
Dep t Docks and Ferries, N. Y. City, 1906; 
Dem. candidate for Congress, 19uC, but de- 
feated. Address: 5-1-4 Cartlon Av., Brooklyn, 

BAKER. Robert Breckenridge: 

Coal merchant; b. London, England, Jan. 
31. 1m;7; s. Robert Breckenridge Baker 
(founder of Phosphor Brunze Smelting Co. 
of Philadelphia) and Annetta Louise Baker, 
d. Mason and .Matilda Evelvn (Damon) Mat- 
lack; descendant in fourth generation of 
Georgo Baker, who came from England and 
settled in Westport, Mass., throucli the bit- 
ter's son, Job, and grandson. George W. 
Baker, who for many vears held po.sitions of 
public trust in New Bedford, Mass., and 
who was paternal grandfallier of Iloljert B. 
Baker. Ed. Swarllimore Coll., to junior vear; 
.iTiru;„rif-d. Began business career 'with 
!: ■• . M Hare Powel & Co., Philadelphia, and 
I -111 served from ollice clerk to pres. 
- . iiig Coal Co., which latter position 
:.' I, ids: also president of Baker Trans- 
jiuriaiiiui Co., Dakerton Land and Improve- 
ment Co., Bakertun Water Co., Bakerton 
Supplv Co.. Kl .Mora Cnal Mining Co.; v.-p. 
Stinenian Coal ,\: Coke Co.; treas. Powelton 
Barge Co. Served as chief of staff with 
Gov. Daniel H. Hastings of Pennsylvania 
during his term of olHce with rank of 
colonel. Clubs: New York, N. Y. Ath'etic, 
Army and Navy. Ardslev, Riverside Yacht, 
Indian Harbor Yacht, Faii-neld Countv Golf. 
Residence: (summer) Giecnwieh, 'Conn.; 
Iwint.T) 02 W. .'■>th St. Address; 2'J 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 
BAKER, Sara Josephine: 

Plosieian .-iiul sur^eun; b. Poughkcepsie. 
N. Y., Nuv. L'l, l>7o; d. (J. I>. .M. and Jennie 
Ilarwood (Brown) Baker; .M. D., Women's 
Med. Cull, uf N. Y. Inlirui.irv, 1?'J?. In- 
terne New England llosp., Boston, IbOs-OO; 
med. in.sp.. Dept uf Health, N. Y. Citv. since 
P.iiil; now ass't to the comm'r of health. 
Engaged in regular practice of medicine and 
surgerv. Med. examiner, Washington Life 
Ins. Co., Home Life Ins. Co. Meni. X. Y. 
Acad. Medicine, N. Y. Countv and State 
Jled. Soes., Am. Jled. Ass'n. Njit. Ass'n for 
I'reventinn of Tuberculosis, N. Y. City Chap- 
ter llaii--lirers Am. Revolution. College 
Women's Club. Address; 3a W. %th St., 
N. Y. City. 
BAKER, Seward: 

Lawver; b. Unionvale. Dutchess Co., N. Y.. 
Dec. 3u, l>.-,3; s. Kan.soni and Oplielia (Los- 
sing) Baker; ed. Poughkcepsie public 
schuols; m. Poughkcepsie, N. Y., Oct. 2j. 
1^70, Helena C. Authcs; one daughter. Edith 
R. (wife of James Elgar, 2d). Admitted to 
bar, l.~7.-.; now city magistrate. -Mem. Ass'n 
Bar Citv of N. v., Bronx Buruugh Bar 
Ass'n, Republican Club. Odd Felluws. B. 
P. t>. i:!l.s. Address; Wcslehester, Bronx. 
N. Y. Cit.v. 
BAKER, Smith: 

I'iivMciaii; b. Marcv. X. Y.. Sept. 2j, If.Vl; 
s. Angusliis and Fai^nv (Olin) Baker; ed. 
Whitestown Scm.: I'niv. uf Mich. (.Med. 
Dep't), JI. D., 1^71: m. Lowell, X. Y., Nov. 
11. 1J72, .Mice W. Wvlie. Eii.-aL-ed in 
lico of mcduiin; from 1::71; ju Itica, N. Y.. 

WHO'S WHO IN m:w vokk 


friim l>^l'': nourolosist and psvcliiatrist ; lee- 
l.,,i- ,..1 The Causes of III Health. CoUMte 
Iriiv., IsSl and 1M>:;. Mem. Am. Xeurol. 
A^^■n, Am. Med. Ass'n, .V. A. A. .S., X. Y. 
Si.nte ilcd. Soc, Utica Med. Library Ass'n. 
In.Upendent in politics. Vnilarian. Reerea- 
li..iis: I'rivate library, music. Club: l-'ort 
.-^.InivkT. Address: ->90 Rulger .St., i'lica, 
.N. Y'. 

BAKEE, Thomas O.: 

hdueator; b. Xen- Paris, O., Doc. 31. 
I-.VI: s. Thomas and MarL-aret (Todd) Baker: 
j-rad. Lebanon Univ.. Ohio. A. B., ISSC 
. I'll. I)., l.^iV.) ; IM. D., X. Y. Univ., Ifyii; 
m. Knoxv.ille, Tenn.. l-bT, CarloUa Wash- 
burn. Sup't of schools, Duranso, Col..., 
l-vviiU: prin. Y'onkers lli?h Sch.. It9.j-19ul ; 
prin. Public Sch. Xo. l-l-<, Brooklyn. X. Y.. 
front 1901; now prin. Public Sichool 44, E.i-pres. We.stchi-ster County 
Teachers' Ass'n, Society Doctors of Peda- 
t-.,ty, N. Y. Edn'l Couiicil: pres. Brooklyn 
Icailicrs' Ass'n, 19i^-;. Mem. Rising t^l'ar 
l.o.U-e, Xo. 4.10. F. & A. M., Yonkers. X. Y. ; 
iirooit Chapter, Xo. las, R. A. M. : Damascus 
CoiiuiKindery, Xo. 5S, K. T. ; Jfecca Temple, 
A. A. O. X. M. S. ; past comnmiuler Y'onkers 
f.jmmandcry. Xo. 47, K. T. Mem. Ohio Soc. 
of X. Y. Recreations: Rowing, bowlinj,-. 
Clubs: University (Bronklvn), Xautilus 
lioat. Schoolmasters. Address: 437 Han- 
.".k St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BAKER, Wendell: 

Broker: b. X. Y. City, Oct. 19. ISGi!: prep, 
id'n at St. Mark's Sch., Soulhboro, Mass.: 
L-ra.l. Harvard, 1>m1: yvas interested in alb- 
Ivlics at Harvard, maKius many colle-p and 
world records in running, some of which he 
still holds (mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon, 
ll.istv Pudding and A. D. Clubs of Harvard 
Iniy.); m. Jan. 1, VMi\ Jeanne J. Held, 
of X. Y. Cily. Is connected with V. S. 
.Moselcy & Co.," bankers ami brokers. Resi- 
'l.nce: 31 W. 12lh St. Address: 41 K.v- 
. lom-o Place, N. Y. City. 
BAKER, ■William A.: 

I'hvsiciaii; b. Bloominsburih, X. Y., Dec. 
■-':'. IxV'-: s. James I. l M. D.) and Mary A. 
'Mills) Baker: ed. Brooklyn Public Sch. 
■-'■; Cornell Univ.. B. S., ls<0: Coll. Pln-.s. 
and Sur-. (Columbia). M. D., If^o; ni. X. Y. 
<iiy. April 19, ls90, Mary K. Blamire. En- 
::a.-od in ceneral of medicine from 
1--.V Health officer, Town of Islip, SulTolk 
< ".. X. Y., continuously since l.-uo. Iride- 
I'-ndcnt Republican. Presbyterian. Mem. 
>^"irolk Co. Med. Soc, X. Y'. State Med. 
>•"■.. Associated Physicians of L. I. Ad- 
dr.-ss: Islip, X. Y. 
BAKER, William Bernard: 

Army oflicer: b. X. Y. Cilv, May t, ls7s; 
" William Philips and Eleanor ' Waldron 
■11-rnard) Baker: ed. Trinity Sch., X. Y. 

Clio Du 


■d in 
ok part 




Ha, Auk. 13, 1>9S, and 
iirement; served in ballerv as private, 
'•■ral and ser-cant; appt'-Jd Ib'ut. in- 
rv Dec. 1, 1-.09, 1st lieut. July U(i, 19i)I; 
l.'.t lieut. IMh Infantry. Toi'dc part in 
■ations asainst Iho Philippine insiirr.-ctos 
Island of Panay from early in 1!"., |„ 
•r part of lOnl ; military judite Ini"rior 

Provost Court and collector internal i 
al Cabaluan, Panay. P. I., luol Dec 









L>d by the 

President .Vug. 13. 1?U5. iiem. Soc. Por»i"n 
Wars. Recreation: Athletics. Address: 
Manila, P. I. 
BAKEE, William Edgar: 

En-ineer; b. Sprin.-tield. Mass., Oct. 15, 
Ilenrv Martvu and Susan Viix'inia 
iarucs) Baker: gr.-,d. Laf.ivette Coll., C. E., 
77; m. Holyoke, Mass.. Feb. 20. l^^l, liar- 
?t Eslelle Griliin: children: William Ed- 
r, b. I5tj. PhicliC, b. is-o, Eu^-enia, b. I-:'.:. 

18.16 ; 



;ind cl.i 

ii I 1 :i iiral R. R., ls93-94 (first use of 

i^' I 1 :■ n. mg'r and chief eng'r, .Mel. 

">^ ' : > ;' 1 , vated R. R., Chicago, lSOl-99: 
sen. supt. .Manhattan Elevated R'v. X. Y. 
Cit.v. I>!'i)-in02; now senior mem. W. E. Baker 
& Co., consultina eng'rs. Independent in 
I)olilics: Presbyterian. Mem. .\m. Soc. Civ. 
Ens'rs. Am. Soc. Mcch. Ens'rs, Am. Inst. 
Elec. Enu-'rs, Am. Museum Xatural History. 
Trustee Lafayette Coll. Recreation: Couii- 
try life. Club: Euiinecrs. Residence: 
Greenwi,-h, Conn. Address: 27 William St., 
X. Y. City. 
BAKER, William P.: 

Civil service couuu'r: appt'd Feb. 1. 190.1. 
to succeed Bird S. Coler, who resiijned. 
For a tiumber of years private sec. to Mr. 
Coler. bein:; associated with Iiim in that 
Color's term as comptnd- 

crat: Ikis 

450 Ureene Av 

active in politics. Addr 
Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BALDWIN, Edward E.: 

Ph.vsician; I.. Bethel, Conn., 1SC4 ; s. Rev. 
Elijah C. and Pran.^es (Hutchinson) Bald- 
win: ed. Xew Haven, Conn., Hillhouso High 
Sch.. 1SS2: Y'ale. .Medical Dept, 1.-90: m. 
Cheshire, Conn., June 1, 1^9.1, Mary C. Ives: 
one scin. Henry Ives Baldwin, b. 'l--'.>K. En- 
gaged in practice of medicine from l.-UO: has 
made special laboratory researches in tuber- 
culosis. Jlem. Am. Ass'n of Patliolou-isis 
and Bacteriologists, Ass'n Am. Physicians, 
Am. Climntological Ass'n, etc. Trustee and 
dirclor. Reception Hosp., Saranac Lake, X. 
Y'. Address: Church St., Saranac Lake, 
X. Y. 
BALDWIN, Edwin: 

Lawyer: b. Jersey Citv, 
1S17; s. Daniel and CornJii.- 
win; prad. ll.iiuilton Coll.. J- 
mem. law liim of Baldwin & Blackm 
of Baldwin. Wadhams, Baker & Pish. 
Psi Upsilou fraternity, Ass'ii Bar 
X. \'.: X. Y. County Lawyers' -Us 
^s'li, ^ret. 


31 Xa 

libs: Cc 


X. Y. City. 

2d St. Ad- 

BALDWIN, Elbert Francis: 

Editor: b. Clcvelaml, Ohio, March 10. 
1-.17: s. Elbert Irving and Jeannetle iSler- 
ling) Baldwin: grad. Williams Ccdl.. A. B.. 
1"1. A. .M., 1S>7; was also a sludenf at 
Univ, of Berlin: m. Minneapolis. .Minn., Xov. 



23, ISM, Marv, d. U. S. Senator William D. 

Baltimore. 1S9391 

and Lizzie 11. (Muzzv) Washbiun. Kditor 

Philadelphia City 

on stulf of Tlic iTKk'iK-ndcnt I X. Y. City), 

phvsi.ian. X. Y. I 

l590-9i X. Y. Mail and Kxiiress, lf0:;-03. The 

Children. Hem. A 

Outlook- since 1^03. Ctulis: University, 

CoiMitv Jled. Soi- 

Citv, Centurv Ass'n. Nat. Arts. Kesi.len.-e: 

Als'ii.' X. Y. Cilv. 

Lakewood. N. J. Address: ij7 Fuiirth At., 

fniversitv. Addre 

N. Y. City. 


BALDWIN, Evelyn Briggs: 


Arctic explorer; h. »|.ringficld, Mo., .luly 

Lawyer: b. Chii 

22, ISni; s. Lieut. Col. Klias liriL-js Baldwin. 

Simeon and Mary 

8th JIo. Cav., U. S. v.; lived 'on parents- 

Yalo L"niv., A. U., 


in lov 

IStK-CS, on Kai 

1S69-S0; Brad. Northwestern C.dl 
111. Tau^-ht dist. school: traveled in ICuropc 
on bicvcle, V-tr,-^6: principal of hi-h sc-huol 
and siip't citv schools in Kansas, IS^T-fll : 
Obsciver U. S. Weather Bureau, l!>n-2-190il; 
inspector at larjre, U. S. Weather Bureau. 
Meteorologist Pearv's X. Greenland £.>:■ 
pedition, l!-n3-9», went to Andre« Balloon 
Station, Spitzhcrgen, hoping to join Androe, 
ISOr, Ijut arrived a few days too late; 
nieteoroloirist ami second in c.iminiinrl. Well- 
man Polar ENpedition to Franz-.Jnsef Land, 
lf>9s-99: built and named Fort McKinh-y, 
discovered and explored Graham Land, 1.-:i:j: 
organized, lUtll, and commanded Baldwin- 
Ziegler Polar Expedition, cstaldishing four 
depots of supplies frimi South to Xorth 
Coast of Franz-Josef Land, as basis for 
proposed dash to the Xorth Pole, and three 
safety stations on Xortheast Coast of Green- 
land for use on return march. Author: 
Search for the Xorth Pole; also contributor 
to Government publications of Meteorol..~ic.-il 
Reports of the Xorth Greenland E.xpedition, 
Meteorolodcal Reports and Auroral Obs.'rva- 
lions in Franz-Josef Land and other meteoro- 
logical papers. Lecturer. Mom. Xat. licog. 
Soc, X. Y. GensaJogical and niogi-anhical 
Soc, L.- I. Hist. Soe. Mas ,n, 31. Rnight 
'Templar; mem. JIvstic_ Shrine. Club; X. 
-Y. Y&cht. Address: 37 W. 41th St., X. Y, 
BALDWIN, Francis Everett: 

Manufacturer, law\,-r; b, Otcgo, N. Y.. 
Aug. SO, IsOC; s. .Fohn J. and Sally M. 
iBeardsleel Baldwin: cd. common school 
and academv. Oneonta, X. Y. : m. Elmira, 
X. Y., May '7, IvvJ, Anna E. Grandin 

at Eln 

1^j9. Practised la 
brother, 2u vears, in h 
& Baldwin; since Julv, 1:) 
Thatcher .Mfg Co. ( of whi 
and actively en-au-ed in 
Prohibitionist. Chairman n 
tee of Prohibition Parte X 
9;i: mem. Prohil.ili.m VA'-c. 
candidate l..r gov 
lal Abstinence 1. 
Xat. Arts 1 X. Y. 

Y., wi 

Resident phvsiria 
sp., lMil-9.'.; atteudii 
Miarv fnr Women ai 
1. of Medicine. X. 
pres. Women's Me 
)U7. Club: Woman 

53 E. 2lith St., X. 

on. Li., XoT. 7, 1SG2; s. 
t.Marvcn) Baldwin; ed. 
Columbia Univ., LL. B., 
Berlin and Heidelberg Univs.; ro. Sept. 4, 
1-90, Jessie Pinney; children: Dorothea, b. 
1^91, Marian, b. 1692, Sherman, b. Ii97. 
Eleanor, b. 1904. Has practised law in X. Y. 
City from graduation: ass"t corporation coun- 
sel X. Y. Citv, ISSj-DS; now mem. Arm Lord, 
Dav & Lord' lawvers. Pros, and director 
Queens County Water Co.; director Standard 
Roller Bearing Co. Democrat. Active mem. 
Reform Club, l.-'S-DS, as trustee, see. and 
mem. Tariff Reform and Sound Currency 
Coins., also active in organization of so- 
called Anti-Snap movement, 1>02, in X. Y. 
State, in favor of nomination of Grover 
Cleveland. Recreation: Y'achting. Clubs: 
Century, Universitv, Dow-n Town. Resi- 
dence: Xew Rochdlle, X. Y. Address: 49 
Wall St., X. Y. City. 
BALDWIN, James: 

Author, educator; b. Hamilton Co.. Ind., 
Dec. 1.-., 1S41; s. Isaac and Sarah (Clayton) 
Baldwin; eiL at home and in dist. schools; 
honorary Ph. D., lie Pauw Univ., ls^3; m. 
l^';l, Marv S. Tavlor. Taught in dist. 
schools. liamilton Co., Ind., 1>U3-0S ; sup't 
graded schools in four Indiana cities, !>«)- 
b7; entered educational dei>"t ILarper & 
Brothers, X. Y. City, 1SS7: ass't editor of 
Harpers' iieriodicals, 1^9,J■D3; since 1^9:;, of 
editorial ■Icl>'t, Am. Book Co. Author: 
Store of Sieu-fried: Store of Roland; Book 
Lover; Storv'of the Golden Aie; Horse Fair; 
Guide to Svstematic Kcadin-s in the En- 
cvclopo'dia iiritannica: Old Greek Stories; 
F.iirv Stories and Fables; Fifty Famous 
Stories; (JId Stories of tin 





I'livsoLii, : I,. (■ 
]-..'.;'d. Elijah i M. 1), 
(.\Iatl-ewson) Bablwin; e 
Braintree,, Welb-sl 
l-v^ .Mich. Univ. Med. C(dl 
Med. ('..11., N. Y. 
special c,,Mrses Johns llnpl 

d S.ira 


■ Col'l.. 

l»:i tiii. 






verv of 

the ■ Old 


thwest : 
■pcr's K 
(.s vols. 

: I 

rs ( 

St of tl 
-, vols.) 
trial P 

c Old X 
: Baldwi 
iioarv A 

I'.s R. 

St : 










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11 liroaduay, X. Y. City. 
BALD'VVIN. Jared Grover; 

N. y. T^nlv. Med. Coll., M. D., 1S33: m. Sept 
S I-.'.l. .Susan Tlioall: children: Jared Grovor, 
.Ir.. AUifd Frueuiuu i twins), b. June 'il 
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em. Ass-n Bar 
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X. Y. Homipopathic C. 
iiltiiic pliviician to Halii 


tni.e l!-.VJ. Cen 

ai.d H..sp.; con 

in..ii Iliisp., X. V. 

lll^I. of llomojopath 

(■..iinly Iloina-opath 

pilluc Jlatcria Modica Sue. Clul 

l..;i-ue, X, V. Medical. Address: 8 E. 

Jl»t -St., X. Y. Cit.v. 

BALDWIN, Jared Grover, Jr.: 

Lawver; b. X. Y. Citv, June 2::, I'd; s. 
J.-ired Grover and Susau" (Tlieall) Dalihviii : 
..I. in private scliools in X. Y. Citv ai;d at 
Cibimbia Cull., where grad. A. B. and il. A.; 
also LL. B. from Law Seh. of saine. item, 
linu McCartv & Baldwin, lawvers. Mem. 
Ass'n Bar City of X. Y.. Sons of Revolutinn, 
liilta Kappa Kpsilon. Clubs: iletropolitan, 
I'liion Leajjuo. Columbia Univer.silv. Kesi- 
ileii.-o: 8 E. list St. Address: 33 'Wall St., 
X. Y. City. 
BALDWIN, Joseph Clark, Jr.: 

Merchant; b. X. Y. City, April 23, 1S71 ; 
s. Joseph Clark and Emm,l Jane (Mood) 
Baldwin; ed. St. Baul's School, Concord, X. 
II.. followed by three years' study in 
Kiirope; ni. Mamoronock. X. Y., April 15, 
I^-'JO, Fanny Taylor; children: Joseph C, 
:..l. Faiinv Tavlor, Cvnlhiu Bradlev. Ale.Nau- 
.l.r T.aylor, Phyllis, PrisciUa, Peter. V.p., 
Ircas. and director Am. Dyewood Co.; pros, 
and director Compasnie Haitieiine, and of 
th- General Colors Co.; director X. Y. T.Tn- 
nil.,- Kxiract Co., Arseuline Quebracho Co. 
K. i.ublican; l;|iiscM,,:,lian. Served four vears 
■ " S-|.i,,,!rou A, \. Y. Citv. Comm'r X. Y. 
SMI..- lid of ('iMties, ;nll Ju.licial Dist. 
K. r.alion: F;ui);iii_-. Clubs; Dnwn Town 
\^^ ]i. Brook. Union Leajue, (X. Y. City); 
Kjicllwood Countrv i White Plains. N". Y.); 
l:>ilcnliouse (Philadelphia); I'nion (Boston). 
lIcMil.-nce: .Mt. Ki--;.., Westchester Co., X. 
V. Address: !-4 William St., ^. Y. City. 
BALDWIN, Leroy Wilbur: 

B.niker; b. Kutland, Vt. Oct. CI, 1?^; 
B Warner II. and Marv Olive Ijlatcli) Bald- 
win; ed. Rutland (Vt.) llish Sell.; in. X. 
V. Cily, l!-9ii, Ettie Lucile Field. Bc;an 
1 usiiiess career 1^^0; pres. and dircdir 
l.nipiro Trust C<i., Kutland & Woodstock 
l:. U. Co.; director Century I!aiiU. llun- 
firian-Anierican Bank, Holland Railway, 
l-i-ht i Power Co.. Union Ferrv Co. ..f 
lir.joklyn. X. J. & Staten Island ,JiiMcti..n R. 
K. Clubs: Lawvers. Turf and Field. Jlclro- 
P'lilan, Kidiiis, Automobile of Anicnca. 
Hardware, Suburban Riding and Drivm,:. 
K'-ob-n.-e: S K. Toth St. Address: il 
Bruadway, X. Y. City. 
BALDWIN, Roger S.: 

Lawyer; b. N. Y. City. Xov. ■16. 1573; s. 

id. Y: 

and Ma 

A. B.. l>',i 

^■. Univ.. .M. r,., U"l; ni. 

• ■-'3. i;mi, Mary Catherine Vail; 

Catherine V.nil, b. Auu'. IT. 1! 

tirm Baldwin .t Jlutchins. 

u) Bald 

. b-;i7: 
k. \t.. 

rcial Xe 

!ar of City of X. Y., Psi Up- 
y. Clubs: Uiiiversiiv. Ards- 
ley, Yale. Lawyers. Rcsideine ; J-'\V. 70th 
St. Address; 27 Pino Si.. X. Y. City. 
BALDWIN, Stephen Charles; 

Lawyer; b. Foo Chow, China. Mav il. IsCJ; 
s. Kev. Stephen Livin-ston and Esther E. 
(Jernian) Baldwin; ed. Boston Latin Sch., 
Centenary Collegiate Inst., and with private 
tutor abroad; ni. X. Y. City, Sept. IX 1592, 
Edith Hervey Finch; children: Faith, b. 
1894, Esther, b. lOul. Prepared for bar 
in office of David Dudley Field, whom ho 
assisted in preparation of the Civil Code, 
lias been constantly engaged during entire 

courts. Mem. F. &' A. M.. B. P. O. Elks' 
Clubs: City (X. Y. Citv), Brooklvn. 
Crescent, Xassau Countrv, Shelter Isl.and 
Yacht, Manhansett Manor Countr.v. Passes 
entire summer at country place, "liilo 
Farm," Slieiter Island. Address; 190 Mon- 
tague St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BALDWIN, William Dolavau; 

Pres. Otis Elevator Co.; b. Auburn. X. T., 
Sept. 3, l;.5il; s. Lovcwcll H. Baldwin; cd. 
in public schools of Auburn. X. Y. ; ni. X. 
Y. City, IS^l. Helen R. Sullivan; children: 
Martin S. (Yale, '(;.->), Dehivan M.. Louise. 
Runvon, Roland. At age of 15 entered em- 
ploy of D. M. Osborne & Co., Auburn, X. 
Y.; had charge of European branch of their 
business, lt7S-t-3; became stockholder and 
treas. Otis Bros. & Co.; organized, 1=93 
Otis Elevator Co., of which is now pres. 
Director Batterv Park Xat. Bank. Mem. 
Chamber of Commerce. X. Y. Geog. Soc. 
Clubs: Union League. Lawvers, Engineers, 
Racciuet and Tennis, Xat. Arts, Adirondack 
League. Residence: 17o W. iSth St. Ad- 
dress: 17 Battery Place, X. Y. City. 
BALDWIN, William Woodward: 

Lawxer; b. Baltimore, Md. ; June 23, 1S6G; 
s. Sununerfield and Frances (Cugle) Bald- 
win; grad. Phillips E.xeter Acad., 1SS2; 
Harvard Univ.. A. B.. IS-U; Jlarvland Univ. 
(Law Sch.), L-Tj. B., ISbS; m. Berlin, Ger- 
nianv, 1S05, Katherine Willard; one son, Suni- 
nierlicld, 3d, b. 1.-97. Engaged in practice 
of law fro-i iss^; mem. ~ firm Baldwin & 
Bal.lwin. Treas. and director Plasmon Co. 
of America. Visited Europe 1S0.5. Was :!d 
ass't sec. of State of U. S. (2d administra- 
tion of Grover Cleveland); pres. .Marvland 
Soc. nl X. Y., 190MII. Democrat. Mem. U. 
S. Bar Ass'n, Maryland Soc. of X. Y., Civil 
Service Reform Assn, Marvland Hist. Soc, 
Inslitulo of I77fi. Trustee Briarclitt Cing'! 
Ch. of BriarclifT Manor, N. Y. Clubs: 
Knickerbocker, Manhattan. Harvard, War- 
ren, Haslv Pudding. Address: 11 Broad- 
way, X. Y". City. 

BALL, A. Brayton: 

Phvsician: b. N. V. Citv. Feb. in, 1S|0; s. 
.M.inz'o SpolTor.l and I'li/a Walson (Morton) 
Ball: grad. A.B. 
Surg., X, Y. Citw 
Y., 1m:i1, Helen 

Marv Louisa, Frank P.-nnin-lon, 11 
On 'bouse slalT, X. Y. Ilosp., IsilS-O.-,; 
turcr CVdl. I'hvs. and Snrg., 1S71)-7C. 
l.-n.ling plivsician SI. Luke's Hosp.. 
97; n.-llevu'e H..sp., l>-,)-ss; X. Y. 1 
l--l!i".-,: Gen. Memorial llosi... from 
C3;U; Coll. I'hi 

T^..3: m. Kingsbridge, 

pringer; childr 





WHO'S WHO IX xi:\v youk 


F.moritiis i lof. clinical medicin 
Univ. ilciii. X. Y. Aia.l. Medicine, N. Y. 
CijMnty -Mc.l. So.-.; l.un. mem. Ass'n Am. 
I'liy.'sicians. Kfpublicau; Presl.ytei-ian. Clubs: 
University, Ccuturv. Address: 42 W. 3UtU 
St., N. \. Ciiy. 

BALL, David C: . ,, 

CoUou dealer; b. St. Louis, Mo., Aug. ii, 
ls:.7: s. Spencer .J. V. and Maria Louise 
(Spear.3) Ball (father of Va. and mother of 
Kv.): ed. public and high schools, St. 
Louis; m. St. Louis, Jan. 27, IbUJ, Xellie 
Boeck- (iue son, David Spencer, h. Oct. IS, 
IMi Clerk St. Louis Mercantile Libr:iry, 
ISTj-TS; traveled liTO-SO; in cotton commis- 
sion business" in St. Louis since l!-SU. Was 
director St. Louis Merchants' E.\chani,'e 
several years, also of St. Louis Cotton E.\- 
change, 'of which was pres. lS!il-fi.j; organ- 
ized and established, in ISiW, what became 
known as the Kound Dale of Cotton move- 
ment, and was its pres. until became Am. 
Cotton Co. of X. Y., of which became Ren. 
Dijr'r and executive: moved to X. Y'. City, 
11-9S; retired from active control of the busi- 
ness 1901; became interested with other 
bondholders, 1903, in reorganization of Mo- 
hican Sprinss property; now pres. and di- 
rector Ball-Warren Commission Co. of St. 
Louis, and of The Mohican Spriuc-s of X. Y. 
Kepublican. Unitarian. Mem. Washington 
Univ. Ass'n, St. Louis, and St. Louis Acad. 
Science. Director St. Louis Y. M. C. A., 
18SU.1901): director St. I,ouis Museum of Fino 
Arts and of St. Louis Mercantile Library, 
several years. Mem. Southern Soc. of X. \., 
Ass'n for Protection of Adirondncks, Munii i- 
pal Art Soc. etc. Recreations: Books, 
music; has camp on Enquetto Lake, Adiron- 
dacks. Club: Lotos. licsidence: 412 West 
Knd Av. Address: 1 Beekman St., ^^ Y. 
BALL, Howard J.: 

Railway official: b. Philadelphi.t, Pa.. Jfay 
23, 1852. Entered railway service as oliice 
boy with the Caltawissa R. R.. in O-ci. and 
after holding intermediate positions became 
travelins passenger a-cnt for the Xew York, 
Lake Erie »: Western K. R. at IMiiladelpliia, 
]ST3-18S(J; division p:is-,cn-cr a?cnt same roail, 
at Eliuira, X. Y.. 1-m;.^7: general Western 
passen-er agent Delaware. Lackawanna .v 
Western R. R.. at H'UTalo, X. Y'., 1S.-7'..": 
since Aug. 1, 1S9:1. eastern passenger agent, 
same roa„, at X. Y. City. Address: 4-9 
Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BALL, Lc Koy D.: 

l.awver: b. Tallahassee, Fla., Dec. 17, l'i73: 
B. Le 'Rov D. and Klla (Lane) li.ill; grad. 
Yale. LL.'B.. IVJ: unmarried. Moved to X. 
Y. Citv. l«i.-.. Admitle.l to of X. Y., 
1^97; nss't c<.rporati.m counsel. City of X. Y.. 
19'i30l: mem, of law firm of Waldo & Ball. 
Republian: Presbvterian. Clubs: Yale. 
West Side Republican, Address: 290 Broad- 
way. X. Y. Cily. 
BALL. Thomas: 

I'.iintcr. sculptor: b. ClKirlc ;|own. ^^Mss., 
Jun.' :;, 1^19; s. Th.imas and !,ii/abetli Wvcr 
(Hall) Ball: ed. pul.lic school. ISosPm. Ma^s. ; 
hoiiorarv A.M.. Darlmoolh. 1-i;ii: m. Boston, 
Mass.. l-.-.l, Kllen I.oui..<a Wild; one daughter. 
Kliza Chickcriiig (wife of William (■..lip-r). 
Was siiilptoi of c>iiiestri..ii statue of Wash- 

iugton in Boston, Washington Monument in 1 
Methuen, Mass.; statues of Daniel Webster I 
and many others, and various ideal works. | 
Also amateur musician. Resided for nianv i 
rears in Florence, Italv. Honorary fellow i 
'Xat. Sculpture Soc, l^\l(,: mem. Handel and 
Haydn Soc, Harvard Mus. Soc, Soc of Am. 
Authors, X. Y. Citv. Author: JIv Three- 
Score Y'cars and Teii (autobiography); also 
various poems. Episcopalian. Residence: 
105 Upper Mountain Av., Montclair, X. J. 
Address: Studio, 2U5 E. 17th St., X. Y. City. 
BALL, Walter: 

Li.utenaut, U. S. Xavv : b. Xew York. 
Appt'd from X. Y'.. naval cadet, Sept. 6, 1S>3; 
2d lieut. Marine Corps. .July 1, 1J94; trans- 
ferred to Kng'r Corps and commissioned ass't 
eng'r, Feb. 23, Ib9J: passed ass't eng'r. Oct. 
1.'. IbSs; rank cliangeil to lieut. (junior 
grade), Mar. 3, 1S99, lieut., Xov. 29, ISiOO, 
lieut. -comdr, Julv 1, 1900. Served on Bal- 
timore, 1^92; at Marine Barracks, 1S94; Xew 
Y'ork, Ib95-9S; Xavy Y'ard, X. Y'.. 1^9s: 
Marietta. Monterev and Wilmington, 1-99- 
1'>;j2; inspecticm dutv (Bureau .^team Eiig'r- 
ing), Oct., 19U2-03; U. S. S. Rhode Island, 
H"»;-07, Xavv Y'ard, Boston siuce June l.j. 
1007. .Vddrc'ss: Care "Xavy Department, 
Washington. D. C. 
BALL, Wilbur Laing: 

■ Lawver; b. Portsmouth, Ohio, Sept. 27, 
1S74; 's. Madison H. Ball and Susanna 
(Warfield) Ball; grad. Univ. of Wis.. B.A. 
1^9J. Columbia Univ., LL.B., li9S. Mem. 
law lirm of Ball and Ludlow. Republican. 
Mem. A-s'n Bar Citv oi X. Y. Clubs: 
Columbia Universitv, Englewood Golf. Ad- 
dress: 2 Rector St., X. Y', City. 


Lr.wer: It. Allianv. X. Y'., Jan. 3, ISSO; s. 
P. Ballantinc; married. Pres. P. Ballantine 
& Sons; v.-p. Howard Savings Inst'n; di- 
rector Farmers' Loan and Trust Co. Mem. 
Am. Fine .\rts Soc, X. Y'. Zoological Soc, 
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Am. Museum 
Xatural Historv. Clubs: Union League, 
S.awanh.-ika-Cori'nthian Yacht. X. Y'. Yacht, 
Essc.K Co. Countrv. Morris. Resilience: 
X.wark, X. J. Address: 134 Cedar St., X. 
Y. Cily. 
BALLARD. George Grey: 

Clergvman: b. Downpatriek. Ireland. Juh- 
7, 1S12:' s. Rev. Thomas Ballard and Ann 
lWond^l Ballard ( d. Capt. John Woods of 
the Knniskillcn Dragoons; niece of Col. 
Ccor-e (.irev. slain in scaling the walls of 
Badajos. 1M2. and cousin of Sir George 
Grcv, Bart., lale gov. Cape Colony and Xew 
Xcaiindl; grad. Trinitv Coll., Dublin, Ire- 
land. B. A.." 1-77: in. Dublin, Ireland. Aug. 
t; I--ii7, Mnrv Par.sons: 2d. Toronto. Can., 
Sent. 21. 1-79. Caroline Boomer: children: 
Anna Woods (B.A., T.irontol, William R.jb- 
ert, architect, Eva Charlotte. George Grey, 
Jr ChcMiier. Ord.-r.'il . lea. on. 1^71), by the 
lil-.lioli of Derrv, Ireland, ami ordained 
pri.^t 1-77. bv the aivhl.islion of Armagh: 
in.iuul.ent of ' Aniiaghmore. Ireland, lS7i;-7S, 
in Cl.undi of Ireland; r,..-tor St. Thcmas', 
Out., 1-7S.K, and of the Pro-Cathedral. Lon- 
don, Out., l.->-.-.v;, in Chur.-h of Fn.-I.n..l: 
ass't rector and rei-tor St. .John's Kpi "■.■!... I 
Cli llMflal... X. Y., l-.i lOiJ;. Als.. .Mi'ii- 
iniiig chaplain to bishop of Western X. Y., 


anil lecturer in DeLai 
li,Mcc.-.e of Western, : 
l-iJd St., X. y. City. 
BALLARD, George Grey, Jr.: 

Clemvuian; b. B;il!ma, Ireland, ISTC; s. 
IJev. (.corse Grey and Minnie (Parsons), 
li.illnrd; ed. Ilobart Coll., B.A.. ISns, Trinity 
(■.,ili'-e, Toronto, Can., Divinity Class, IDK). 
llrdered deacon, 190.'. and ordained priest, 
I'.titj, by Bishop "Walker, in Episcopal uiin- 
istrv; in charge Ch. of Redeemer. Addison, 
-N'. Y., 1D02-03; ass't Trinitv Cl>„ Bullalo, N. 
Y., 190-1; rector Trinitv Ch., Frcdnnia, X. Y., 
since 1904. Address: Fredouia, X. Y'. 
BALLIET, Thomas M.: 

KJucator; b. .Mar. 1, l?ji ; s. Xathan and 
.«arah Balliet; ed. Franklin and Marsliall 
C.ili. uud at Y'ale; studied sul.scqucnllv at 
l-eii.zig; m. Boston, Aug. 2. lil'*. Elizabeth 
Siearns. Sup't schools, Sprinilield, Mass., 
l-->.s-1904: dean School of Pedagosy. X. Y. 
I'liiv. "Writer on educational and peda- subjects. Address: X. Y. University, 
Waslangton Sq., X. Y. City. 
EALLIN, Hugo: 

Artist: b. X. Y. Citv. Mar. 7. 1^70: s. 
.Tiilius and TiUie ( Rotbs.'hild ) Ballin: ed. in 
X. Y. Citv, and received professional edu- 
cation in Italv. Received bhaw Prize Fund, 
Xat. Acad. Desii-n, l!".Ki ; Cb.vk Prize Xat. 
Acad. Design, 11=07; llallgarten Prize, 1007; 
Architectural League Modal, 1907 and 190S; 
I^ador Gold Medal. 19ui; has had work in 
tlie Century, MeClure's, Colliers", Every- 
bod.v, Broadwav, Kunst und Kunstlerwerker 
Vienna, International Studio, and other 
magazines. An article concerning liis work 
appeared in The Critic, lOtxl. Associate 
Xat. Acad. Design, mem. Mural Decorators, 
Architectural League. Art Students' League. 
I.'cAidence: 7:i E.^ 91st St. Studio: IJO W. 
;o!h St., X. Y". City. 
EALLIN, "William: 

M.,uulacturer: h. Oldenburg, Germany, 
IVrJ: ed. gvninasium at (Jldenburg; came 10 
r. S. at 1.^: spent early youth in Mississipid, 
later in Memphis, Tenn., with Rice, Slix \- 
Co., dry goods. uo\y of St. Louis: came to 
X. Y'. City in 3?S0, establishing present 
business: largely interested in importation 
of silk from "Japan: connected ^yith many 
silk mills in Patcrson. X. J. Pres. Su'. ur- 
ban Realty Co. -Mem. Progress Cliil>, 
Freund.schaft Soc. Mason. 33', past master 
and treas. Adelphi Lodge; mem. Masocic 
Veterans; mem. of all the Hebrew Cliarilies; 
patron Monteliore Home. Residence: 1 West 
9-'d St. Address: jl.)jI7 Broadway, X. Y'. 
EAMFOED, Thomas Edwin: 

Plivsiei.ui: b. X, Y., Xi.v. 11. I?ll7; s. 
.Tobn anil Marg:iret (Grove's) Bamford: grail, 
t'l.iv. City 01 X. Y., M.l)., l-s9; married 
X. Y'. Citv. 19113, Esther E. Doughty; 
children: Thmiias M., b. P.hi, Esther E.. b. 
l'.«"i. EnLMu-.d in medical pracice from gnid- 
nation; spcei:iliM in nervnus dis.ases. Chief 
"f mod. stall" Rivur .'-^tiUe Hosp.. 
K«n-(H; ined. sup't Long Island Stale Hosp., 
l-'C; dele-ate to P:iii-Ani. C. ogress. Ilavaiui, 
Cuba, 1901: dele-ate to Internat. Jlcd. Con- 
gress. Paris. V.'H). P:irt of years l^'iS and 

edical cii 
Heidelberg, Munich and Vienii 


X. Y 



State Med. i30c., Am. Medico-Psv 
Ass'n, Onondaga County Med. Soc". Mason - 
mem. Scottish Kite bodies, Xobles of Mvstic 
Shrine, Mecca Temple. X. Y'. Citv. (Jlub: 
Citizens (Syracuse/. Address : OOi 'Delaware 
St., S.vracuse, X. Y. 
EAMFOED, WiUiam Erokaw: 

Architect and structural eng'r; b. Trenton, 
X. J.; s. Charles Y. and Catherine J. ( E.x- 
ton) Bamford; grad. from Slate Model Sch., 
Trenton. X. J.; Princeton Univ., C.E., 19iK). 
Engaged in practice as architect and struc- 
tural eng'r from ISOO. In 19UO-01 traveled 
through England, France and Italy, making 
special study of eng'ring and architectural 
works. Served as c.rp.iral in 1st U. S. 
Vol. Eng'rs during Spanish-Am. War: with 
the army in Porto Kieo. Jlember B'd of 
Trade and Transportation. Chamber of Com- 
merce tTrenlon;; asso. mem. Am. Soc. Civil 
Engrs. Mem. ilasonic orders and Jlecea 
Temple (Shrine). Recreations: Riding, 
shooring and yachting. Clubs: Bayside 
Yacht, Followcraft. Economic. Address: 11;!3 
Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BANCROFT, Jessie Hubbell: 

Pliysical educator, author, lecturer; b. 
Winona. Minn.: d. Edward H. and Snsau 
iHubbell) Baucroit: ed. State Xormal S. h.. 
Winona, Minn. Director physical training 
Brooklyn public schools, Is:i3-i9u3; since 19o3 
ass't director physical training iu public 
scliools of Greater X. Y. Mem. summer 
faculty Columbia Univ., l.=99-19.H; summer 
session Univ. of Utah, 19'iS. Lecturer on 
phvsical training. children's plavs and 



Brooklyn Inst. Art 

s and Sciences, 1^93 ini 

E.-i-scc. Am. Phvsi 

cal Ed'n Ass'n; mem 

Physical Ed'n Soc 

, X. Y. and Viciniiy 

Public Ed'n Ass'n 

X. Y'. Citv: A.A.AS 

Author: School G 

vmnastics. Free Hand 

School Gymnastics. 

with Light Apparatus 

Rules for' Children' 

s Gaines; wrote articles 

on "Games" and 

■■Physical Training" in 

the Encyclopaedia 

Americana: also m.-inj 



al tr 

and plav of rhildr 
Av., X. Y. City. 
BANCROFT, Milton Herbert: b. Xewton. Mass., ,lan. 1. 15C7; s. 
William H. and Martha (Varney) B.-.ncroft; 
ed. public schools, Xewlon, Jlass., and Ma = s. 
Slate Xormal Art Sch., 1?-3m1; alterward 
studied at Pa. Acad. Fine Arts, and Is-.i 1:1:1, 
in Acadeiiiie Julicn, Paris, and in ateliers 
of Delacluse and Colarossi : m. S;indy 
Springs. Md.. ISO I. Margaret Corliss Moore. 
Prof, teclinical studies, Swarthmore Coll., 
Pa., lS.-0-0■2^ sup't schools and iiistr. Pa. 
Acad. Fine Arts, l.-9i-9l. E.thibi 



at X. 

Citv. Boston, Philadclpliia : 
i.-an exhibitions. Clubs: Salmagundi (X 
Citvl. Sl:etch (Philadelphia). Address: 
W.'ojth St., X. Y. City. 

BANCROFT. Wilder Dwisht: 

Chemist, educator: b. Middletown. R 
O.'l. I. lsc.7: s. .lohn Chandler and Lo 
Mills (liennv) Bancroft: grad. Ifarv 
A.B.. !>SS; post-grad, at Iiarv 
Strassburg. Leiiizig (Ph.D.. \>X). Berlin 
.\iusterd:iin; 10. .-iliddleburv. Vt.. .Tune 
Isr.. K.nherine .Meech Bott. As^'t r 


WHO'S WHO IX xi:w youk 

plivsical clipmistrv, Cornell Univ., 1S93-1903; 
prof, since I'J- J ; i-.litur Journul of Tliysical 
Cliemistrj- sini-e IrfU. Au!lior: The I'liase 
Kule; coiitrilj'r to srifntific journaLs. Jlcm. 
Am. Client. Soc, Am. I'liysical Soc, Ant. 
Elertro-chenucnl Soc, Wrishiniton Acad. 
Siioncos, Deutsche BunsLii Gescllschaft. 
AJdreis: East Av., Itliac:,, N. Y. 

EANDELIEE, Adolnh Francis Alphonse: 

Invcsti-alor of anli.ToUmv, liistorv and 
etlmosr.ipliv of Spanish America; h. Berne, 
Switzerland, Aus. C. l^V): s. Adolph Eu-,-eiio 
and Maria (Senni Eamlelier: did not go to 
school after I^IS; selfeducated ; n).. 1st., 
>lighland. 111., Jan. G, l-i; l ... im,. Ilue-v, 
2d, Lima, Peru (.S. A.). !> :. . • ., I'annv 
Rittcr. En-asrod in in^.i ■, i irrhaM- 

lo','iral, cthnohi-.-ical an.l .; i:.. i.Mrv. for 
Archa-olnsicnl Inst, of Ani.ri. ii, in South- 
v,st and .Mexico, l.--o-«.-, : continued, partly 
Avilh lUmeniyay Southwestern Arch.-eol. T.k- 
pedition. partly fur own account, l.^.^^j-ffZ; 
vent to Peru on same yyork for Henry Til- 
lard, 1S9-J: continued for Am. Museum of 
Natural History i X. Y.>, lb'.U-1'j ::, in Bo- 
liyia, \yhen returned to X. America; now 
\yitU the Hispanic Soc. of America, Colum- 
bia Vniy., and Catholic Cyclopedia. Has 
made extensiye contributions io archa-tiloiricnl 
kiuiwiedjc. Address: Care Ilisp.uiic Soc. of 
America, l^Cth St., near liroadw.iy, X. X. City. 

BANG, Eichard T.: 

Pliysician and sur-eon; h. X. Y. City, 
Dec. 3, 1555; s. Henry and Elizal.eth (Bart- 
els) Banu'; jirepared for college by priyate 
tuiors; i;rad. Columbia Uniy., A'.B., ISTO, 
A.M., JSTll, M.D. (Coll. Phys. and Snr?.), 
l-:;i; ra. X. Y. Citv. May l-i. ISSi', Francea 
Goeller: one dau::hter, Eleanor Richards-, n 
(now Mis. Sanforil), b. 1.".3. Kesident phy- 
sician and surgeon, St. Luke's Hosp.. liTU- 
52; ass't nttendin- jdtysician, X. Y. IIosji., 
1>S2-S7; attendinir pliysician. Good .Samaritan 
Dispensary, Jf;7-9."). Has been U. S. exam- 
ining suru'cou for the Pension and War 
Dep'ts since 1^93; snr;;eou to the Delaware, 
Lackaxyanna S: Western R. K. Co. 
l;)e2. Mem. Am. Med. A-^s'n, Am. Acad. 
Medicine, X. Y. Pathol. S ,c.. X. Y. Stale 
Med. Soc.. X. Y. County .Med. Soc, X. Y. 
AcaJ. Medicine. Aluiuui Assn of St. Luke's 
H..NP.. X. Y. and Xe^y E.c'land Ass'n of 
Rallw!(y Surgeons, Phv^iciaus MutUid Aid 
Assn, X. Y. .Medico-Surgical Soc. Alunini 
Ass'n of X. Y. Coll. Phys. and Surs.. A(n. 
Health League, and 


A Is 



umiii Ass'n Columbia Coll. and X. Y. Aluu: 
Ass'n. Phi Ka]ipa Psi fraternity. Club: C 
lumbia Tnivcrsily. Address: 139 W. 11th 
St., X. Y. City. 
BANGS, Francis ScdgTrick: 

l.auver (licrn of !lan_-s ,ii Van Sindc 
read. Columbia Coll., A.l!., ]>:-, LL.l!., 
.Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.. X. Y. 
and Am. Bar Ass'. is! Chamber of Comt 
■rrnstee C.dn.nbi:, Coll.; ystryman Co 
tion of Trinity Cli. Trnsl.e P/owerv S; 
Bank; din ctor Sp.ik.tno & Kasl.'rn 
C,i., Washiniton Water Power Co., 
man Advisory Conitnittee Xat. fnderw 
Lloyds. Clubs; rniyersilv, Melnux 
Century. Union Lea-.-ue, Do'wn T.iwn , 
Colund.ia I'niyersity, Church, Laurc 

73d St. Address 

Wall St., X. Y. City. 

BANGS, John Kendrick: 

Author; b. Yonkers, X. Y., May 27, 1S02 ; 
s. Francis X. and Amelia Frances (Bull) 
Banis; grad. Columbia Coll., Ph.B., is?:!; 
studied one year Columbia Law Sch.. 1>-:;- 
84; m. 1st, JL(r. 3, l>yi, Agnes LawL..n 
Hyde; 2d, April 27, 1!»U4, Marv Blakeiiy 
Gray; children; John Kendrick, j'r.. b. IS-J. 
Howard Russell, b. 1>91, Francis Hvdc. b. 
I>«2. Asso. editor Lite. 1SS4-SS; editor The 
Drawer, Harper s Magazine, 1SSS-S9. and of 
Literary Notes in same magazine, 1>9S 99 ; ■ Literature, 1S99; editor Harper's 
Weekly. l;9S-l!iO0; editor Metropolitan .Mag- 
azine. 1913. Democratic candidate for mavor 
of Yonkers, lb94 ; v.-p. Yonkers Board of 
Kd'n, l>9(i07; pres. Halslead Sch.. Y.mkers: 
tiaistee Yonkers Library; mem. Psi Upsilon 
fraternity. Author: Coffee and Repartee; 
A H.iuse Boat on Sty.x; R. Holmes & Co.; 
A Rel,elIious Heroiu'e; Jlr. Bonaparte of 
Corsica; The Jimraieboy Books: Lady Tea-zle 
(a comic opera); Tomorrowlnnd. a Music;il 
Fantasv, and many other works. Clubs: 
Century Ass'n, Lambs, Lotos (X. Y. City), 
St. Botol]ih (Boston). Address: Cape Ned- 
dick, Maine. 
BANGS, Lemuel Bolton: 

Physician, surgeon; b. X. Y. City, AuR. 9. 
1S42: grad. Coll. Phys. and Surg., M.D., 1S7:. 
Practising N. Y. City from l.<2 : formerly 





m. M 













BANKER, Charles Everett: 

Physician, surgeon; b. S,-liaghticoke. X Y.. 
Oct. '30, 1-iii: s. JcJ.n Wesley and Emma 
(Turner) Banker; grad. 'Williams Coll.. 1-93. 
Coll. Pl.ys. and Surg. (Columbia Univ.). 

' ' ' 19(11, 

Fi-ailTcna' El 

zabeth IIanf.n(\: one son, Bob- 

ert I'ordham 

b. Aug. in, 19(»1. Interne. IsW- 

9S Paterson 

(N. J.) Gen. Hosn. ; since Jan.. 

1-9?. praclis 

ing in X. Y. Citv. Visiting 

phvsbian St. 

Joseph's Hosp.: ass't histologv, 

C.dl. Phys. . 

nd Surg., Cohitnbi:, fniv. Ad- 

dress: IIS '\V 

131st St., X. Y. City. 




and law book .seller: h. X. Y. 

Cilv, Mar, 

7. 1«37: s. David and Harriet 

I Lloyd) Ba. 

ks; ed. (•..lumbia Coll.. N. Y. 

Citv; m. T- 

oy, X. Y.. Phebe Weils: one 

dau'ghter. Ha 

rr'iet Banks Gr-cn. Mem. X. Y. 

Assembly. -..- 

.2; State senator. ]-(is-71; mayor 

of Albailv. N 

Y., l'^7(;-7^ an.l lv-4-ff.; delegate 

to ConMitu 

ional Convention. 1-lM. Pres. 

Banks ,ii C... 

publishers, and ,lii-ector in nu- 

iMerons othei 

eorie.ralions. Democrat; men.. 

Nat. Conveii 

ion, 1-M. i:pis,-opalian. Mem. 

Soc Coloiila 

War.s. Recreatio..- Yachting: 

owns yacht 

■Geisha." Clubs: Fort Orange 




V. Cil.v), 


,-, Pot mill Keltic 
uimer home: ■•Salt 
Address: 3-7 State 

Albany, X. Y. 
BANKS, Edgar James: 

Arcliieoluaist, leelurer; b. Sunderland, 
Mass., May 23, ISW; s. John Kan'ilolpii and 
Julia Maria (Dunklee) Banks; srad. Green- 
lield (Mass.) High School, ISM,; ed. Am- 
herst Coll., Harvard, A.B., lSy3, A.M., IhSj. 
I'niv. of Breslau, Liermany, I'h.D.. l.^'JT; ni. 
Woodburv, Vt., July 1(1, ls93, Emma L. Ly- 
ford. Am. consul at Bagdad, Turkey, ItUT- 
96; acting prof, ancient history, Kobert Coil., 
Constantinople, 1903-05; private sec. to Am. 
minister to Turkey, 1903. In 1S90 organized 
expedition to e.xravate the Bal'\ Ionian eitv 
of L'r, but after t«-o years of delay, waitln- 



of .Sulta 
vated Babyl,,n 

for Univ. of Chi 

n fu 
at i; 

thousands of inscribed objects (1,")00 to -500 
B.C.); statue of a pre-Baliylonian Kin? 
David (1000 B.C.), and otlier even mure 
ancient ruins. Field director of Babylonian 
lixpd'n, and instr. in Turkish and Semitic 
languages. Univ. of Chicago, luo3-(ili; lec- 
turer on Babylonia, Arabia and Turkey since 
190(i. Author: Babvlonischo Hvuinen der 
Berliner Sammlung, Is'jr; Jonah in Fact and 
Fancy, lt99; also many arclnooloL-ical and 



Address: 181 

Kesidence: S. Woodlmr- 
Convent Av., X. Y. City. 
BANKS, Florence S. WooUey; 

Born Brooklvu, -N'. Y., Mar. 23. 1S53; d. 
Milton Woolley and Hannah Chivney (d. 
Thomas Chivney and Hannah Uiddons); oi 
tenth generation of Woollev familv in Amer- 
ica, descended from Kmaniiel and KUzabetli, 
Quakers, who Fell led at I'rovidcnce, l:. 1., 
Hki-l; traces family record back to King 
James of England; ed. in private schools and 
academies; grad. Brvant & Siiatton Business 
Coll. and Pratt Insl. ; m. Brooklyn. X. Y., 
Dec. 23, 1S78, William Edgar Banks: cliil- 
drcn: Ursula Woollev, b. Oct. 2b, 1S7:1 (now 
Mrs. Albert Shirls Williston). Augustine, b. 
May 11, liSl. Urace Adelaide, b. Dec. 2, 
1W3, David Harold, b. July 14, Is-i. In 
Iiome life until l«i:i, when took up the busi- 
ness of modiste and exhibited at World's 
Fair in Cliica;;.), k-93, but is not now in 
business Republican. Universalist. Joined 
the Order of Eastern Star, l~;r,, and in lOoO 
instituted and organized .Vurora (Irata I'luip- 
tor. No. 207; was made Right Worthy Lirand 
President Hall and Home Ass'n, O.E.S., 
1902. Enlisted as Red Cross nurse for late 
Spanish War, under Clara Barton. Charter 
mem. C.eorge Washington Memorial A^sii; 
mem. Am. Tlieosophical Soc, Brooklyn 
Woman's Animal Aid Ass'n, Utile Court, 
Uoval and Exalted Order of Amaranth, 
Be.llord Polilic:il Kiiual- 


d Ho, 


il, II 

able A 
and Br 

-No. 91- 

Alaska. Alwavs travels independentlv. Ad- 
dress: 251 Kyerson St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BANNAN, Theresa: 

Physician: b. Bolivar, X. Y., May 5, 
IttiS; d. Edward and Anastasia (Xolan) 
Bannan; ed. public schools, Syracuse L iiiv. 
Jled. Coll., and Womcns Med. Coll., X. Y. 
Inlirmary, M.D., It'M. Engaged in medical 
practice at Syracuse, X. Y., from 1S9U. Au- 
thor of medical papers, newspaper articles 
and some short poems. Obstetrician House 
of Good Slicpherd, 10 years; public vac- 
cinator 4 vears. Traveled once to Ireland. 
Roman Catholic. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, X. 
Y. State Med. Soc, Onondaga Co. Med. Soc, 
City Acad., etc Mem. Woman's Med. Ass'n, 
N. Y. City, Woman's Med. Soc. of X. Y. 
State; professional Woman's League. Rec- 
reations: Out-door sports; modern languages, 
reading. Address: 503 Warren St., Syra- j 
cuse, X. Y'. 
BANNAF.D, Otto T.: 

Pves. X. Y. Trust Co.; b. Brooklyn, X. Y'., I 
April 25, l5;.l; s. John W. and Eliza Landoil 
(Stone) Bannard; grad. Yale, B.A., l57li, Co-' 
luiubia, LL.B., 1&7»; unmarried. Pres. The: 
X. Y'. Trust Co.; director Xiagara Fire Hi-, 
Buranco Co., Securities Co., Dolphin Juto 
Mills. Republican. V.-p. Charity Organiza- 
tion Soc; trustee United Charities Bid's; 
treas. and trustee Provident Loan Soc. 
(philanthropical paw-n shop). Formerly 
comm'r B'd of Education, X. Y. City, under 
Mayor Strong. Clubs: University (ex-sec) 
Union, Century, Yale (ex-pres.). Republi- 
can, Mid-day. Address: 25 Broad St., X. Y. 
BANNING. Archibald Tanner: 

I'hvsi. liin, sm_-con: b. X. Y. Citv, May 13, 
l,-:,l:'s. K.lmoiid Prior and Lvilia Iluminslon 
k) 11 inning; ed. public 

Iji, Fi 


id 11a 

Prep. Sch., X. Y. Citv. Hudson River Inst., 
Claverack, X. Y., Amenia (X. Y.) Scm., 
Coll. Phvs. and Surg., X. Y. City, Cincinnati 
Coll. Medicine and Surgery, M.D., 1573; m. 
Mt. Yernon, X. Y., 1579, Jessie Theodora 
I.ockwood, of X. Y. City; children: William, 
Elizabeth, Archibald, Laura, Benjamin, 
George, Lvdia. Jessie, Theodore, John. lias 
practised "medicine in X. Y. City, Kingston, 
X. Y., Washington, D. C, Pillslinrgh. Pa., 
and Cleveland, O., and for past 20 years in 
.Mount Vernon, X. Y. Police surge, oi, City 
of Mount Vernon, 1S02 ; health ofliccr. lyi.i- 
91: coroner of Westchester Co., l-'J4-l:»i.'!; 
again health ollicer since 19 13. ifem. Med. 
Soc. Co. of Weslchester Iprcs., 1901 I ; Med. 
Ass'n City of Jlount Vernon and Envinnis 
(pres., 1593-1900). Republican; Presbyterian. 
Mem. X. Y. State .Med. Soc, Am. M.d. 
Soc. Meil. Juris[)rude 

ud on 

aff .Mount Ver 


X. Y. 



: Sluvvcsant 
City, Amity 

n Command. 

■ S. K. He 
City of Moi 

ry, K. 



Fish and Gai 
212 S. Ith Av 

10 IP. 
., Mou 

P. and A. -M.. 
r, R. A. M.; Co- 
T.; Ccrnian Coio 
: .Music, bmvling, 
ion,, Xortl, 
Q., Canada). Ad- 
it Vernon, X. Y. 

BANNING, Kendall: 

Editor; b. X. Y. City, Sept. 
William C. and Helen Josci.hi: 
Banning; cd. in private scliool 



Citj-, public fh^nls of Bellows Fall-,. Vt., 
and Dartmouth Coll., A.13., 19ii2 (editor 
Dartmouth H!i'^:>yA::<'. and other collese pub- 
lications, and 'class poet); m. N \. Cit .-, 
Jlav 19, 19iG, Hedttig, d. Arthur von lirics^r. 
Ass't advertising; mg'r Xat. Cis---. R.-jisier 
Co., lO'lL' 0.!; munacin- editor Syefe:,i,' Chi- 
cago, 1003-"-.; established tirm of Banning 
Co., publishers. l!ii>3; owner The. Tmtvch, 
publishers. Editor: So,.js of the" Hill 
Winds, 10(12; Flotsam. 1903; .Soi-Ers for a 
Wedding Day, 10"T; also author of miscel- 
laneous books of verse, and collecfions. 
Contb'r to Tlie Worlds Work, System, and 
other magazines on business bnbjecis; east- 
ern editor of Svstcm- Enli.sted in lith 
Keg't Inf., X. G. X. Y., 1902; liout. 3d 
Reg't, Ohio Xat. Guard; on staff dutv, Til., 
Ii)():i-n4; licut. 14th Inf. X. G. X. v.". 1907, 
and 9th Coast AriilU-ry Corps. X. Y., 19oS. 
Republican. Sec. Darfiuouth Alumni \.ss'n 
of X. Y.; mem. Xcw En»:lai;d ilistoric 
Genealogical Soc, Boston. Bibliographical 
Soc, Chicago, Ex-Libris .Soc, London ; Sic. 
Mayflower Descendants. Soc. Colonial Wars, 
S. A. R. Clubs: Dartmouth, Phi Delta 
Theta. Address: &30 iladison Av., X. Y. 
BANT A, J. Edward: 

Sup't of s,; h. Corbettsville, X. Y.. 
ISjJ; s. Jacob and Arminda (Perry) Banta; 
ed. public schools. Conklin, X. Y., Bingham- 
ton (X. Y.). Central Hiih Sch., Amherst 
Coll.. A.B., 1S.'0 (Phi Beta Kappa, 1st prize 
Hardy debate), 1--3 (A.M.); m. R ickville. 
Conn., JhIv 21, l^l"!, Clara Anna Hyde; ciiil- 
dren: Mildred II>iIe. b. 1-92, Kenneth Whit- 
temore, b. 1-94, Henrv Ilvde, b. IsflO. Prin. 
high sch. and sup't s.-h.jols, Rockville. Conn., 
16N)-ts; prin. Hiawatha Acad., Hiawatli.a, 
Kan., 1888-92; head of Latin and Greek Dep't, 
Cortland Xomial Sch.. l-92-19oO: prin. High 
Sch.. Binirhamlon, X. Y., iniio-lyoj; sopt 
schools, Binghauiton, siuce l;io,5. Independ- 
ent in imlitics. Congregationalist. ilem. 
Am. Hist. .Soc, X. Y. State Hist. Soc, coun- 
sellor Am. Civic Ass'n; mem. Delta Kappa 
Epsilon fraternity. Phi Beta Kappa Sue.; 
trustee Binghamton Public Library. Club: 
Binghamton. Address: City Hall, Bingham- 
ton, X. Y. 
BANTA, RoUin 1.: 

Pby.,iician, educator: b. Bnff.alo. X, Y., Xov. 
13, liir,- id. -Manliatlan Coll., iiulTalo Med. 
Coll., .M.D., 1-71; m. (_)ct. 27. 1,S75. .-^arah M. 
Ayer. Practised medicine Erie, Pa.. 1^7:^7.-; 
since 1S7^, in Buiiabi. Prof. Med. Dep't 
Xiagara Univ. since 1^91. Address: Buffalo, 
X. V. 
BANTA, Theodore M.: 

Life insurance, b. X. Y. Citv. Xov. 23. 
l-.ll; s. Albert Zabriskie and Sarah Ann 
i.S.iyr.-l Banta; ed. Cull, of Citv of X. Y.; 
m. X. Y. Cilv. Feb. 17. 1-1,2, Curiielia Crane; 
children: May, Ellie il. In actu:.rial \v..rk 
with X. Y. Life Ins. Co. in l-.Vs; and cashier 
of companv, since l-,l. Muni.ipal civil s.'rv- 
ire cuMimissioner, X. Y, Cilv. 19.rM;i. iledl. 
Xcw York. Long Isltm.l. Xcw .Icr.sev. an.l 
Yirginia hist. s... s., -N. V.'al and 
Biogratdiical Sue. 11,, Hand S,.c.. St. Xicholas 
.Sue, Huguenot Sue. So,-. Foiin.lcrs and Pa- 
triots of America, Soc. C.,|-,nial W:.V!. X,-w 
Jjigland Soc, Cul.inial Order, and Municipal 
Art. Soc Author: Genealogies of the Savre 

and E;.To.i families. Clubs: Xational Art... 
ArtTri-4!it. Address: 144 St. James Place 
Brooklyn, X. V. 
BAEBEit, Amzi Lorenzo: 

C.'niractor: b. Sa.xlon's River, Vt., June 
LL, ls43:_ rB:hoved with family to Bcllevue. 
Huron Co., O., l^.ii : to East Cleveland, 1S5C, 
and later 1o Anstinbuvg, Ashtabula Co.. O. ; 
grad. Cleveland High Sch., Oberlin Coll., 
B.A., 1S(;7 (A.:,t.); Columbian Univ. (Wash- 
ington. D. <:.), LL.B., li7B: m. l.-^t. Geneva, 
O., 1807. Celia M. Braalev; 2d, Harrisbur" 
Pa., 1S71, Julia Louise Langdon. Principal 
Prep. Dep't, 1-nS. and later prof, natural 
philosophy, How;ird Univ., Wnsliington. D. 
C; in real estate Ir ii.. .= l-7-_>; since 1883, 
pros. BarliT Asi,)- . • , ,_ i'.,.; since 1.-8S 

pres. Trinidad A---: - ^ :-^7. negotiated 

concession w-ith (1:. it ion .,,, f,,r Pilch Lake 
of Trinidad for i.iny-two years. Trustee 
Oberlin Coll.; director of Washington Loan 
»t Trust Co., etc. Fellow Am. Soc Civil 
Engineers. Mem. Engineers' Club. Am. 
Geog. Soc, Ohio Societv. Clubs: Manhattan, 
X. Y. Athletic, X. Y. Yacht, Seawanhaka- 

BARBER, Arthur 'WiUiam: 

Law,.r: b. Chazv, X. Y., Feb. 21. 1872; 
grad. riattsburgh (X. Y.) High School. Cor- 
nell Univ.. A.B., 1-95 (Phi B.-ta Kappa in 
junior year), X. Y. Law Sch., LL.B.. 1^97, 
LL.jr.. 1891); in. St. Louis, Sent, t, 190.';. Har- 
riet Marshall Scott. Admitte'd to bar, 1897, 
and siuce practising in X. Y. Citv; now of 
firm of Hervev & Barber. Independent Re- 
publican (Citizens' Union). .Mem. Ass'n 
Bar City of X. Y., Phi Beta Kappa Alumni. 
Club: Cornell Universitv. Address: 32 Xas- 
sau St., X. Y. City. , 
BARBER, Clarence L.: 

Lawver: b. Kushv.Ue, Yates Co.. X. Y., 
Feb. 2(;, l-.-,l: s. Richard M. and Charlotte 
(Shepherdson) Barber: grad. Whitestown 
' ,, 157-2, Hamilton Coll., A.B., l57ii, LL.B.. 





-Tune 21, 1S77, Marv Hooker; children: Ben, 
b. 18-7. Ciaren.-e II.. Jr.. b. l'^89. Practised 
law Albanv, 1878-81); in Otsego Co.. X. Y., 18S0- 
89: San Diego. Calif., 1^899j; London. Eng- 
land, l-93-ti(;. 19.)7-(i8: X. Y. City, since 1890. 
Now an ass't to the corporation counsel of 
X. Y. Citv. Served as dist. attorney. Otsego 
Co., X. Y.. 18-.r-i;; deputy citv attorneV, 
San Diego. Calif.. 1?9:! 9.-,, Presbvterian. 
Address: 13j Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BARBER, Doun: 

Architect; b. Washington, D. C. Oct. 19, 
1871; s. Charles Gihbs and Georgiana (Wil- 
liams) Barber; descendant of Thomas Bar- 
ber, who came to Amerir-a, 103t, and .settled 
in Windsor, Conn.; ed. Holbrook Jlil. Acad., 
Briarcliir, X. Y, Yale Univ.,, 189,3; 
spei-ial i-ourse in architecture, Columbia 
Univ.. 18:':;91, Ecole des Beau.-; Arts. Paris. 
l-o.-,-9^; r,-ceive,l dinloma from French Gov't, 
l-:iS I'Jth Anu-ric.-in to achieve this distinc- 
Ib.n), also nine gov't mcilals for nierit..rious 
work in design: 111. LoiiisviU,-. Ky.. .\ov. 2-2. 
l-'.i9, Elsie, d. Dr. Liin^Ioid I'. Vandell (.sis 
icr of Enid Yandi-ll. ; children: 
I-;iizabeth. b. Julv 1. 1U02. I,oui-e. b. Dec. 
•::;, r«i:;. Elsie, b. Eeb. i;-,. pioo. After receiv- 
ing diploma traveled in Europe; on return to 



Y. City ■n-as eraplnyed by Lord & He 
. Cass Gilljort and CarrOre & Haslin 
il lOiH); since then in practice fur s. 

\.,t Park Bank BWg and Lotos Club Bid's, 
N\ V. Citv; Travelers' Jns. Bld'c. Conn. Slalo 
I.ilrary and Supreme Court Bid's. Hartiord, 
(onn.; While Plains (X. Y.) Hosp.; Union 
Station. Chattanoosa, Tenn.; Central Pres- 
l.vterian Church, Summit. X. J.; Coiivcrs 
.\ianor (E. C. C<.nverse Estate), near Green- 
«i(h. Conn.; Estate E. S. Kevnal, '^Vhito 
I'iains, N. Y.; model farm of Kichard Dela- 
f.-U\, Tuxedo Park, X. Y. Started, ISflO. to 
help young men working in architccls' ofiices 
hv conducting; ail atelier fur instruction in 
.lesign: this developed into the present Ate- 
lier Donn Barher, the teaching of which 
follows mainly the curriculum of the Eeaux- 
.\rts Societv of Architects. Students from 
tliis atelier "have won many of the traveling 
scholarship competitions, notably the Paris 
Prize of the heau.t Arts Soc., the Rotch 
Traveling Scholarship of tho JIass. Inst, 
of Technology, the Columbia anrl ilcKim 
]>rizes and fourteen students from this 
atelier have been sent to Paris, and are 
now studying at Ecolc dcs Eeau-x Arts. 
I.c.turer on architecture before colleges and 
societies. Pros. B'd Trustees of the I'ree 
School District, town of Harrison; mem. 
feociete des Architects Diplomcs par le Gouv- 
emement (Paris). Am. Inst. Architects, 
.•Architectural League of X. Y'.. Sue. of 
Beaux-.\rts .-Vrchitects, Xat. Sculpture Soc. 
Episcopalian. Cluljs; Union, I'l.ijers, Uni- 
versitv, Citv. Amateur Comedv, Am. Yacht, 
Apawamis of Kye. Westchester County Hunt, 
Knollwood Country, X. Y". Country residence: 
Pinsbrook, live, X. Y. Kesidon<e: Vir, E. 
74th St. Address; il East -M St., X. Y. 
BARBER, Edgar M.: 

Chief clerk U. S. Appraiser's I>ep't; b. 
Campbell. Ionia Co., Jlich., ,Tan. Ll."i, 1m;.-: s. 
Samuel B. and Mary Jane (lluglison) Bar- 
ber; grad., B.S., from scientihc dcp't of 
what Is now Valparaiso (Ind.) Univ., re- 
ceived C.P.A. certificate from Univ. of State 
of X. Y. ; studied at X. Y. Univ. Law Sch.; 
m. Burlington, Vt., Julv 1, l^or,. Rae M. 
Hill. Teacher in conim'ercial schools and 
X. Y. City Board of Education. Author of 
textbooks on Bank and Busi- 
ness Practice: received highest rating in 
first competitive examination given bv the 
U. S. Civil Service Comm'n for position of 
e.^pert accountant. Auilior: A Contribution 
to the Ilistorv of Commercial Education 
(1900); and of' the article on Book-keeiiiug 
in Encvclopa-dia Americana. EnliTcd t 

urv ser 





rif Xew York 
State So,-. Ccrliticd Public Ai; 
dre5s: i.U Washington St., X, 
BARBER, Ohio Columbus: 

('apilali.--l; b. .M hid l.'hurv. O., April ':n, 
IMI: .s. (ieorge and Kli/a '(Smith) r.arbor; 
ed. Akron, O., common scljs. until l.". cars 
of age; m. Oct. HI, 1>IX, Laura L. Brown, 
Akron, O. (deceased). Became a>;sociatcd 
with his father in match manufacturing 
business (which be established in 1>I7) as 
parlner in isi;i. With others nrg.,n!/cd Tiie 
Diamond Match Companv in l."l. whi.-li was 

■ cent, of tlio 
of the coun- 
trv; was vice-pres. of the company from 
l?il to ItSS; siuce liSS its president. Found- 
ed in lb91, Barberton (near Akron), Ohio, 
now a town of more than 9,000 people. 
Chin'n General Fine Extinguisher Co.; pres. 
First Xational Bank of Akron, Ohio; direc- 
tor in various other business corporations. 
Clubs: Union League (X. Y. City); Chicago 
iChica™). Address: Akron, Ohio, or HI 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 
BARBOUE, Clarence Augustus: 

Clcrgvnian; 1j. Hartford. C.nn., April 21. 
1M.7; s." Hon. Heman Humphrev and ,Myr.i 
(Barker) Barbour; giad. Xortheasteni 
Grammar Sch., Hartford, Conn., ISSO, Hart- 
ford Public High Sch., ISSl, Brown Univ., 
B.A., li-ts; Kochestcr Theol. Sem., 1*91; 
D.U., Univ. of Kochester, 1901; m. Provi- 
dence, H. I., Julv -JS, ISUl, Florence I. 
Xewell; children: "Erie Xewell, Ethel Wil- 
bur, JIvra Seymour, Harold Uobinsou. Pas- 
tor Lake Av. Bapt. Ch., Kochester, N. Y., 
since graduation from Rochester TheoL Sem., 
1S91. Traveled extensively in Egypt, Pales- 
tine and Europe, lOuo; again in Europe, 1901 
and 19US. V.-p. Rochester Good Gov't Club, 
It91-19'i2. Independent in politics. Mem. 
various ministerial associations. Delta Kappa 
Kpsilon fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa Soc. 
Trustee Kochester Theol. Sem. since l»:i3 
(vice-chm'n B'd since 1901). Pres. X. Y'. 
State Cliristian Endeavor Union, li-96. Ma- 
son, S3=; grand chaplain Grand Lodge. F. 
and A. M., State of X. Y'., 19n.-,i)7. Club: 
Rochester Masonic. Address: lul Saratoga 
Av., Rochester, X. Y. 
BARBOUE, Robert Porter: 

Fire insurance; b. Augusta, X. T., Aug. 
25, 1S72; s. Philander and Amelia (Leland) 
Barbour; cd. in common and liigh sciiools. 
Engaged in mercantile pursuits, 1«I2-9S, then 
entered ollice of Greenwich Ins. Co., X. Y. 
Citv; sin. c UI03 special agent U. S. Branch, 
Xor-lh British and Mercantile Ins. Co. of 
Lond(m & Edinburgh. Organized, 1002. and 
was sec. 10112-0.'), and pres. 1905-07, of Insur- 
ance Societv of X. Y.. first organization of 
its kind in this couutrv; mem. Xat. Firo 
Protection Ass'n. Republican; Presbyte- 
rian; past master Adelphic Lodge. 3ls. F. 
and A M. Recreations: -Outdoor sports. 
Address; 70 'William St., X. Y. City. 
BARBOUE, William: 





and dil 

;■ 'Till 

X. J. 


Co., Algonquin Co 
Bros. Co., Dunbarton Flax Spinning Co., 
Finlavs.m Flax Spinning Co.. Am. Xct and 
Twine Co., U. S. Twine and Xet Co.. Duudco 
W.itcr Power and Land Co., Marshall & Co., 
I'.'iss.iic Water Co., W. & J. Knox Xet and 
Twine Co.. Hamilton Trust Co. of Patirson, 
\ J., X. Y. and North Jersey Raliid Transit 
Co.: trustee W^t.sliingtoii Trust Co.; 
Barbour Flax Spinning Co., First Xat. li.nik 
of Patcrson. X. J., Hanover Xat. Bank. Home 
Trust Co 



md Trust <" 
Patersnn Savings lusl'n. I'liitsch C.mipri 
sing Co., Safety Car Heating and Lighti 



Co., L'nited Shoe jr.iohincrv Co., U. S. 
Smeltinj, IJefinins and Minin- Co., A^nrona 
Land and Investment Co. CIuljs: rniim 
Leaine. Repulilir.Tn. Mori-is Countv Golf, X. 
Y. Athletic. Residence: 11 W. r,::d St. Ad- 
dress; 90 Franklin St., N. Y. City. 
BAEBOUR, William D.: ' 

B.inker; b. Urooklyn; ed. in X. Y. Citv; 
m. Katharine L. Sliedd. Mem. Sons of Rev- 
olution, Soc. Culonial Wars, Nat. Arts. Nat. 
Sculpture. Hu-uenot, New Eniland and St. 
Andrew's societies. Club: Union League. 
Residence: Hotel Collin-wood. 45 W. 3jth 
St. Address: 25 Broad St., X. Y. City. 
BARCLAY, J. Searle: 

Capitalist; b. X. Y. Citv. LWO; s. James 
Barclay; m. 1ST4, Lilie Oldfield, o£ Balti- 
more; one son, J. S._-arle, Jr., b. ISTT. Hem. 
Son.s of lievolution. St. Nicholas Soc. Clubs: 
X. Y. Yacht, Players, X. Y. Athletic. Ad- 
dress: Hotel ■\Volcott, X. Y. City. 
BARCLAY, Wright: 

Real estate: h. X. Y. City; s. Henry An- 
thony .ind Clara Oldfield (Wri-ht> Barcbiv; 
ed. in X. Y. City schools and St. Mark's, 
Southborou?h. Mass.; m. X. Y. Citv, June 
23. IWS, Louise Fontaine Tenable, of Louis- 
ville, Ky. Engaied throughout business 
career in real estate business, which con- 
ducts without a partner; also v.-p. and di- 
rector Barclay Realtv Co. Sec. and direc- 
tor Real Estate Board of Brokers of Citv 
of N. Y. Served as mem. Co. K. Tth Re',''t', 
X. G. X. Y., 11 years. Clubs; Calumet 
(seel. Strollers. Address: Barclav Bid';;, 
299 Broadway; Up town office, 43a Fourth 
Av., X. Y. City. 

BARDEEN, Charles William: 

Educator, a;ithc>r: b. Groton, Mass.. Anir. 
23, 1J47; ed. Lawieii.e Acad., Groton, Mass.; 
Yale, A.B.. 1^m9: m. Xeu- Haven. C.inn.. IMIS, 
Ellen Palmer Di.kerinan. Enlisted in 1st 
Mass. Vols., Julv, l>i;.', serving until reiii- 
nient was discharged, Mav 2.5. ljU4. In 
chnrse of Hi:;h Sch.. Meriden, Conn., ISO; 
Weston (Conn.) Boarding Sch., b-i.'J; v.-p. 
State Xormal Sch. of Conn., 1S70: became 
school sup't at Whitehall, X. Y'., 1S72; editor 
School Bulletin fmrn 1^74: director Xat. 
Edn'l Ass'n, l;31-95: pros. Edn'l Press Ass n, 
1590-96; fellow Am. Ge.i- Soc; mem. A. A. 
A. S., Am. Social Science Ass'n. Author: 
Manual ol School Law. 1S75; Roderick 
Hume, 1S75; The Son; l!udi;et. lS7s; .■^.>mo 
Facts About Our Public School Svstem. 
1^78; Educational Journalism, l."l ; Verbal 
Pitfalls. Outlines of Sentence Makin~. If^l; 
Teaching as a Business for Men, l~.-r.; A 
System of Rhetoric. l-M; The Teacher's 
Commercial Value, 1>:>5: Phvsiolou'v, 1-M; 
Oriraui/ation and Svstem vs. Oriirinalitv, 
1*'.«3; The Taxpaver and the Township Sv's- 
tem, 1.'91; The Song Centurv. I>-.>; The Lit- 
tle Old Man, or the Si-iiool for Illiberal 
Mothers. If.ri; History of Educational Jour- 

York, IMili; Teaching as a 





of Cil 
al Jou 

ol Management, Irffl; E.luc 
nalism. An Inventorv. 1-J9: CoMtinuoiis Con- 
tracts for Teachers. 19mi; l)i,-tionarv of Edu- 
cational Biographv. I<k)1 ; A Manual 'of Civics. 
lDo-2; Fifty-Hve Years Old, ami Other Stories. 
1901: The Woman Trustee, looi; The FiNo 
Entry, 19ii5; The Cloak Room Thief, 1900; 

John Brody's Astral Body, 190S. Pres. Svra- 
vuso Typothetn) since 19(10; Svracuse Yale 
Club sin.c 19U3. Residence: 1109 E Genes.e 
St. Address; 313 321 E. Washington Si 
Syracuse, X. Y. 
BARDWELL, Darwin L.: 

Dist. sup't schools, X. X. Citv; h. Shel- 
burne, Mass., Mar. 3o, ISOO; s. Zenas D. and 
Jlehss.l J. (Long) Bardwell; grad. Amherst 
Coll., A.B., ls>3, A.M., l,s.-S (Phi Beta Kappa, 
1^82); m. Champaign. HI., Dec. 2S. K'55, 
Alice Margaret Babb; children; Harold Ed- 
mond, b. Dec. 12. Ism!, Darwin Eugene, b. 
June S, 1S90. Taught in dist. school, Cham- 
paign Co., HI., IbMi-Sl; classical teacher, 
Greenwich (Conn.) Acad., 1,«4-S5; principal 
Union and High School. Greenport, X. Y., 
1SS5-90: head Science Don't, State Norma'' 
Sch., Cortland. X. V.. ismi-ns; lecturer Sum- 
mer Inst., Thousand Island Park, N. Y., 
l?9i;-19i)J; appt'd high school insp. under 
Univ. State of X. Y., Feb. 1S9« ; conductor 
teachers' institutes and mem. State B'd of 
Examiners for Teachers' Licenses, 169S-99; 
sup't schools, Biiighamton, X. Y., 1S99-1902; 
dist. sup t of schools, N. Y'. Citv, assigned 
to Richmond BoroU!.-h, from 19"2." Pres. X. 
Y. Slate Teachers' Ass'n. 1908; mem. School 
Masters' Club ( N. Y. Citv). Nat. Goog. Soc. 
(Washington, D. C), Phi' Beta Kappa Soc, 
Mason, blue lodge, chapter. Knight Templar, 
32^ and Shrine. Recre.Ttion: Fishing. Club: 
Statcn Island. Address; 61 St. Mark's 
Place, New Brighton, X. Y'. 
BARDWELL, George Willis: 

Artist; b. Brookhn, Feb. 16, ISf.S; s. 
Willis A. and Silvie DoGrasse iRilev) 
Bardwell; ed. Adelphi Acad., Brooklvn; Art 
Students' League. N. Y. Citv; Roval Acad., 
JIunich; Acad.uiie Julieii, Paris; in. Brook- 
lvn. Oct. 10. 1-'9J, Elizabeth Helnie; one son: 
Willis Heluie. b. lK»i. Sec. and director 
Xat. Filers' Ass'n. .\ddress : 00 Cambridge 
Place, Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BARGER, Oscar V.: 

l;cal estate, insurance; b. Putnam Vallev, 
Putnam Co.. X. Y., Sept. 27, lb.j,'i : s. Amos 
C. and .Margaret A. (Tompkins) Barger; ed. 
public sch.iol in Putnam Vallev Dist., Peeks- 
kill .Mil. Acad, and grad. Albanv ( N. Y.) 
Xormal Coll., Jan., 1.577; m. Oscawana Lake, 
Putnam Co., X. Y., .Vug. 20, 1»7S. Henrietta 
Lee; children: Mrs. .Mabel L. Bassett. b. 
]N-o, Herbert T.. b. lir-3. Henrv S., b. 1S9I). 
Princiipnl of school, S years; "mem. Peeks-, 
kill B'd Ed'n. 8 years: since l>.'-7 in real 
esiato and insurance business. Peekskill, X. 
v.; senior nicni. Barger & Powell (repre- 
sents IS leading fire companies). Jlem. 
Peekskill Business Men's Ass'n, e\-niem. 
Peekskill ■Water Board; h.inorarv mem. Mc- 
Kinl.-v Garrison and Harris Light Cav. 
Republican; Presbv'n. .Mem. Alumni .Vss'ns 
of Peekskill Jlil. Acad, and Albanv Xormal 
C.ll. .Mason, Odd Fellow, Knight of Pv- 
(liias: mem. Independent Onbr Red Jleii. 
Koval Arcanum. llo„k and Ladder 
Co. No. 1. Recreations: ISoaling. fishing, 
driving. Address; l.J9 l)e].ew St., Peekskill, 
X. Y. 
BARKER, Benja 


grad. linnvn Univ., .\.B. 
Sell., LL.B., 1N^3; unm 

N. Y., Julv 

19. IS; 

.\dmitted to 



Ur. lfS3, and 
M,.m. Alpha. 


re practisinc: in X. Y. City 
:a Phi fialernity, Phi Bet: 
,v Knsland Sc 


1S9S. Address: 


h, Ka 



ss'ns. Clubs: 
City. Residence: 19 W. 31st St. 
5C Pine St., ^•. Y. City. 

BARKER, E. Trye: 

.Viithnv: h. ill Fall Ri 
d. Abraham T. and Klleii 
ed. Cook CoUeqi 
Y.. Granger Plac< 
Wells Coll.. Aurora. .\. Y, 
Willard School^ B..rlin, G, 
f xlensivel; 



nd els 

and a winter on a cniise of the West 
Indies. Has traveled all over U. S. i 
Canada, and made trips to Bermuda, : 
Nova Scotia. Author: White Heather: r 
numerous biographies and children's stori 
assisted in compiling the Library of luso-- 
tion and Achievement (fl volumes); compiled 
and published the Wells CoUe-e Calendai 
also published Fifteen Unison Choruses; e: 
tensive writer of advertisements, and eon 
piled a booklet on the History of Perfume 
etc. Director Ybrad ilf? Co. Episcopalian. 
.Mem. Wells Cull. Alumnae. Pres. Ladies 
B'd of Institution for the Improved Instruc- 
tion of Deaf Jlutes; Branch secretary Girl's 
Friendly Soc. Eecreations: Golf, horseback 
riding boating. Address: 60 W. 10th St., 
N. Y. City. 

BARKER, Frederick: 

Merchant; h. Jlontville. Me.. April 29. 1S39. 
Served as capt. Co. I, iiith Bes't. Me. Vols., 
in Civil War, in Virginia, and later in 19th 
Army Corps; was in Ilie Red River campaign, 
and in battles of Franklin and Irish Bend, 
l.a., and at the siege of Port Hudson. 
Wholesale hardware merchnni : mem. Stale 
Hardware Ass'u. Jfem. G. A. R. and ol 
N. Y. State Soc., Mil. Order Loyal Leijiun. 
Address: Elmira, X, Y. 

BARKER, Henry: , ,, 

Oler-vmau; b. Huddersfield. England. Mar. 
2-2, 1^37'; 5. William and Mary (Kngland) 
Barker; ed. Huddcrslield Collegiate Sch.. and 
Storthes Hall Acad.; obtained honors in legal 
e.'iam. Iprior to a.lnlission to practice), being 
awarded certiticate of ui.rit, l.-.>: M..I. i Ho- 
bart Coll.), 19oT; ni. Ilaadersfield (Kngland) 
Parish Cli.. ,lulv -211, iMi-i, Kllen Temple Far- 
ratt. Practised law in En-land. ls-)^?b: 
mem. Town Council and Local School B d: 
sec. Diocesan Lav Helpers, etc.; sec. and 
later pres. Local Law Soc. Camo to N. 'i . 
City, 1»>S; ordered deacon 1S92, ordained 
priest 1~9I, in E]nscopal Ch. ; founder, under 
archdeacon of X. Y., of Chapel of the 
Messiah, -V. Y. Cilv; now rector All Sai 
Ch., llosendale. N. Y. Has traveled 
Prance, Switzerland, and Spain. Addr 
Koscndale, X. Y. 

and appt'd 
1^94; transfer 
1st lieut., Api 

id,,.. Kill 

X. Y.; ap- 

IMiu; grad. 
, .lime 12. 
i',1 liif Aug. 311, ISOI; 
MS; capt.. Feb. 2, 1 

BAEKLEY. James Alexander: 

Teacher; b. Ar-yle, Washington Co., X. Y., 
Dec. 2, lt72; s. James B. and Catherine E. 
(McEachron) Barklev; ed. Argyle High Soh.. 
(valedictorian of class), l^ur., Geneseo State 
Normal (pres. class). l;-9:i. Inion Coll.. A.B., 
entered class of 1901: completed 2 years in 
regular; adiliiional work at Harvard 
and Colmnliia in history, science and peda- 
gogv; in. Middleport, X. Y., Auf. 12, 190.5, 
Mary A. Petiie; one daughter: Harriet, b. 
Xov. 23. 19uti. Taught school one year al; 
Argvle, one year at West Albany and since 
l:iiil at Lake George. Elected pres. Warren 
County Teachers Ass'n, three terms; mem. 
Ass.jciated Academic Principals of >'. Y. 
State, Gamma Sigma fraternity. Democrat. 
United Presbyterian. Mason. Address: 
Lake George, X. Y. 

BARLOW, John 'Whitney: 

Bri.-.-gen. U. S. A., retired; b. Perry. X. 
Y. June 2ti, lt.3s; s. Xehemiah and Orinda 
(Steele) Barlow; ed. public schools and acad. 
in Wis., and U. S. Mil. Acad, (appt'd July 1, 
1S.-.0: grad. May 0, IMil); m. 1st. Washington, 
D C , Dec. 20, IHU, Hessio McNaughton Bir- 
nie; children: Helen Saunders, b. Oct. 21. 
1JC5, Alice Wnrthington, b. Aug. 31. 1VT5, 
Stephen Morris, b. Dec. 1, 1JT7; m. 2d. Sept. 
17. 1902, Alice Stanton Turner. Commis- 
sioned 2d It., 2d U. S. Art'y. May 6. ItOl ; 1st 
It.. May 15, IbUl; transferred to Topograph- 
ical Eng'rs. July 24. lsiJ2; transferred to 
En"ineers. Mar. 3. lbU3; capt.. July 3. 1jo3; 
major. April 23. lidO; It.-col., Mar. 19. UJl; 
col. May 10, 1S9.5; brig. -gen. and chief of 
en-'TS, May 2, 1001; retired, Mav 3. 1901. -' 

apt., i 



27, l^t'.2, fo 



of Hanover Court 
lajor, Julv 22, 1?04. for 
us services in Atlanta 

et It.-col., Ma 

Xashville. Tl 

n batth 
ilh Ligl 
th Hcu-i 

rst Bull R 
2d Art'y, in Peninsula 
of and advance upon Yorkt 
l.urg. Hano 

uded for Medal of Ho 



Kichmond. Va., especially at Malvern Hill 
July 1, 1>''2, remaining with rear guard dur 
ing' movement of arinV to James River, aru 
transfer of armv to defense of Washington 
17lh Armv Corps. Julv-Aug. (Atlanta l' 
paign). l-i;i; ill charge of defenses of Nash 
ville. Tenn.. Xov. 1:!. l.-i;i. to Oct.. 1M.3: aiie 
war in various eng rim duties, on construe 
tion of forts, river and harbor improvements 
exploration work in what is now Vellowston 
Xat. Park; senior comin'r on part of I. f- 
of Internat. Boundary Coinm'n. resurveyin 


; and duli^ 
I.e-ion. .\ 
rbind. Aril 

of Teinl 
'oint Alii 
tb'-, Army and Xav 
127 Federal St., X- 



BARLOW, Peter Townsend: 

City masisuiuc; h. .\. Y. City, Jure 21, 
IbJT; grud. llurvurd CjU., If7i*. Columbia 
Law Sell., LSSI; m. May 6, ISsli, Vir^-inia 
Louise Matthews. -Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars. 
Clubs: University, Viiion, Metropolitan, 
Harvard. Am. \acht. Down Town. Aiiaw-imis. 
Residence: 5.j E. ilst St. Address: H Wil- 
liam St., N. y. City. 
BAENABEE, Henry Clay: 

Singer; b. rortsmoutli, N. H., Xov. li, 
1M.3; ni. 1609, Clara Geijr.-e. of Warner, N. 
H. ; in ISiJ, first appeared in public enter- 
tainments as basso and humorous To>alisl; 
subsequentlv mem. oi ehoirs in ehunhei of 
Boston and vicinity: established LJarnabee 
Operatic Co. and Uarnabee Concert Co.; 
mem. Boston Ideal Opera Co. ; in l>j7 orsan- 
ized Bostonians, and has played leadin; bas- 
so parts in that asgre-alion sinee tli.-it date. 
Mem. Ancient and Honorable .VrtiUery Co. 
of Boston. Address: Players Club, Uramer- 
cy Park, X. Y. City. 

BARNARD, Charles: 

Writer.; h. Boston, Mass., Feb. 13, ISOS; 
8. Kev. Charles F. and Sarah (Holmes) 
Barnard; praetically self-educated; m. May 
17, Ihol, Marv L., d. .\le.\ander Knijht I now 
deceased). Contributor to leadinj; maga- 
zines on technical and scientific subjects; 
wrote many children's stories and large 
number of books lipon manv subjects. Au- 
thor; The County Fair (play). Contribut- 
ing editor to the Century Dictionary upon 
tools antl machines. Kepublican. Mem., 
and was 10 years corr. sec. \m. Dramatists' 
Club. N. Y. City. Maintains at his homo 
an K.xperiment Station for testing new 
housekeeping methods, materials, utensils, 
tools and machinery, .\ddress: Cedar Gate, 


High School. Cooper t'nic 



BARNARD, Horace 
Lawver; b. .\. 'i 
Horace' and L> 

Feb. IJ, ISfiC; s. 

I A. (Zerega) Barnard; ed. 

School of Arts (did not 
late), Columbia Law Sch., Irtl; m. 
; Church, N. Y. Citv, Oct. 2, VJ'H, Xan- 
Middlcton; one daughter, Millicent, b. 

ed to b: 

of Tr 

firm of Mul 

Sons of Kevidulion. Mem. 

Squadron A. Club: Calumet. 

t. ojth St. Address; 22 William St., ->. 1. 


BARNARD. William Nichols: 

Lducator. dig r; b. Canton, 111., April 21. 
1.>TJ; s. William S. and Mary (Mchols) 
Barnard: ed. in Washington 1 D. C.) ele- 
mentary and high schools, SiMev Coll., Cor- 
nell Univ., M.K., l-tir. Instr. machine de- 
sign Sibley Coll., lS07-19fiO; chief dr.ui'.-htsinan 
and mech. eng'r willi Ku.-,ell Knginc Co., 





s t pi 

BARNES. David W. 
Ileiid^nl.l!l 1.'. 
East Hampton, L. 1. 
Ch:irles ,1. and KUii 
Brooklvn public sell 



X. y. Citv 

cJiuurcn: Kohert 0., b. ISOO, Marjory T., b. 
1S97, Marietta A., b. 1001. Katherine E.. b. 
luoC. With C. A: C. Electric Co., X. Y. City 
since l^M, holding positions at ditl'erent 
Times as mechanical eng'r, chief eng'r. gen. 
mg'r and special sales agent; also director 
of the companv. Republican; Episcopalian. 
Mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Kng'rs, Brooklyn 
Eng'rs Club, X. Y. Railroad Club, pres. 
Douglaslon Civic Ass'n. Recreation: Yacht- 
ing. Club: Bavside ( L. I.) Yacht. Ad- 
dress: Douglaston, L. I., X. Y. 

EAENE.S, Georje Edward: 
Physician and surgeon: 
\'.. April 20, 1=71: s. Hi 
■- ■ -- -- ,j., - 

Fairfield, N. 
1 Smith and 





ttlers of Marlborough, Mass., 
and in Clh generation from Elder John 
Xeelv. of Xeelytown. The Wallkill, Ulster 
Co., N. Y.: ed. Little Falls Acad., Little 
Falls, N. Y.. and the old Fairfield Sem., 
Fairlield. X. Y., graduating at head of class 
of 1^^9; Cornell Univ., A.B.. IfOJ. Coll. Phys. 
and Surg., M.D., 1VJ;1. Vice-principal high 
school. S. Orange, X. J.. lMit-9j. Practis- 
ing medicine in X. Y. Citv from. 1699; sub- 
stituted in summer of 1;9'7 in Binghamton 
the Insane; lias worked 
in several departments 
; clinical ass t Dep't 
1 Svsiem, X. Y. Poly- 
nd iiosp., 19li3-Ul; clini- 
■iises Digestive tjrgans, 
>:, since -Vug., 19(io; opened 
itive diseases at Univ. and 
Med. Coll. Dispensary, 1907; 
an ]iropiised Ho 

State IIosp 
for various periods 
at Vanderbilt Clin 
Diseases of Digest 
clinic Jlcd. School 
cal ass't Dep't Di 
It Clinic, 




attending Tdiv 
and Children 
Examiner in 
X. Y. Count 
Soc, .A.m 
X. Y. Sill 
Am. Jl.d, 


X. Y. 

lunacy, State of X. Y., Mem. 

Med. Soc, X. Y. State Med. 

ed. Ass'n; alternate deleirate 

e Med. Soc. to Xational Meeting. 

Ai-s'n, ItWl, 19113 and 19o.i. Re- 

eral times delegate to assein- 

s Epi: 
vork I 

1 Ka: 





Chart c 
isni ; mom. 
W. jotli St., X. Y. City. 

EAKNES, James: 

Author: b. Annapoli: 

J. S. D; 

Sept. 19, lSf.G; 
rncs, grandson 
ul s Sch., Con- 

ed. St 
went West: l^#a-f7, 
m Mo. Pacific R. R. 
grad., iNil: 
issau Literarv Mag; 


i't ed- 

of Harper's Weeklv; special 
in South Africa during liocr and in 
i siM-.ial correspondent at the Venezuela 
ckadc. for The Outlook. Editor Apple- 
's .Magazine: literarv adviser, D. Afiple- 

& Co. Auihor: For King or Country; 
val Aclion.s of ihe War of 1S12; A Prince- 
ian; Midshipman Farragut; A Li 

id V.uikc 

rs; The lie 

i.f Ki 

^Y^O's wno ix new tork 

Trek; The Ciant of Th 
His Yeoiiu'ii; The ^:^ 
HaiTv; ThL- Blodiadci 
Address: 10 E. 70th St. 

•ce Wars; Drake a: 
m of Light Hor 
s: Outside the La 
X. Y. City. 

BARNES, John Sanford: 

Lawyer, haulier; h. U. S. Mih Acad., West 
Point, May li, 1.-3C; s. Gen. James .ind Char- 
lotte Adams (Sanford) Barnes; grad. U. S. 
Naval Acad.. Annapolis, ild., 1SD4 ; m. Sept. 
12, 1SG3, Susan Bainbridsre Hayes; children: 
James, b. 1SC7, Edith (.Mrs. Warren Sturges), 
J. Sanford, Jr., b. IsTi, Charlotte A., b. 
IbTS, Cornelia Kogers. b. ISJO. In navy dur- 
ing Civil War; sailin:; master, U. S. S. 
Wabash; com'd U. S. S. Dawn, Hale, Paul 
Jones, Lenapee, Bat; fleet capt. X. Atlantic 
Squadron; com'd U. S. S. ilarblehead; head 
Uep't Ethics, Naval Aca J. ; resigned Sept., 
loUT; served on U. S. S. Preble, Savannah, 
San Jacinto, Saratoga, Arctic, on survey 
route for first Atlantic cable, and U. S. S. 
Jamestown as midshipman, sailing master 
and lieutenant. Admitted to tho bar, and 
practised law in Albany and N. Y. City. 
Banker; mem. firm of J. S. Kennedy & Co.; 
pres. Intcrnat. R. R. Co. of Texas, St. Paul 
& PaciUc R. E., etc. Mem. Loyal Legion, 
al Assn; mg'r House of Refuge, 

Island, N. Y. 

Zodl. Soc 


nd Hoc, Met. Museum of An. JIuseum 
NaTural History, N. Y. .-Aquarium, X. Y. Bot. 
Gardens. Clubs: Union, University (of 
Council), i(etropoli»an. Knickerbocker, Rac- 
quet and Tennis, Down Town Assn, South 
Side, Leno.K (pres.). Address: 10 E. TUth 
St., X. Y. City. 
BARNES, John Sanford, Jr.: 

Vice-pres. lnterlake_ Pulp and^Paper Co 




Barnes; prad. Yale. Ij'JI; unir 
•urer Great Xorthern Paper O 
versitv. Racquet and' Tennis, .^rdsky. 
Residence: 10 E. TOth St. Office: al Wall 
St., X. Y. City. 
BARNES, Oliver Weldon: 

Civil engineer; b. Berlin. Hartford Co., 
Conn., May 15, 1S23; s. Henry and Manila 
(Weldon) Barnes; ed. high schools. Xcw 
Britain. Conn., and Burlington, X. J. ; 
Btudied engineering in Philadelphia and 
abroad; m. 1^51, Elizabeth Denny, d. Maj, 


rd Ilardil 

vard Harding, Loui: 
Bylvania U. R. Co., 1M7 
burg & ConnellsviUe H 
gaged in construction 
Pittsburg, Fort Wayni 
ISJS; of St. Paul & Pa 
brani h lines Pennsylva 
eng'r successively, for 
bia, Boston, Hartford 
svlvania K. R. ; X. Y. 
ailed the Bell 
r East Side 


ul Pe 



& Chi 

U. R.. 

chief ei 
and its 


lii;i; and 
lia R. R.. l!-!.;;: chief 

Dutchess & Coluni- 
i Erie, Soulh I'unn- 
(: Island R. K. 
lont Tunnel Co.; now 

Viaduit R. R. Co.. 

and WiUislon Sem.; 
June IG, 1>M), Hatti 
n: Roderic B. and Ha 





.... . Y. Connecting R. U. Co. 
Soc. Civil Engr.-^, New England 
Am. Geog. S."-. Club: Union Lea: 
deuces: Eishkill Village, N. Y.. ai: 
and Central Park W., X. Y. City. 
00 Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BARNES, Richard S.: 




X. Y., Xov 


■Jl, IS.Jl; 

Alarm Co. (treas. ): Braunwonh & Co. 
areas. ^; Barnes Real Estate Ass'n (treas. 
and sec): Ecle,-ti.- Press (sec). Rei>ubli- 
can. Mem. Dutch Reformed Church. Trustee 
Willistou Sera., Eastliampton, Mass. Erected 
buildings for school for young ladies at 
Washington. Conn., 1007. Collector of paint- 
ings, eic. Clubs: Down Town Ass'n. Me- 
tropolitan (X. T. City); Rembrandt Art 
(Brooklyn). Has summer place at Wash- 
ington. 'Conn. Residence: Sir. W. 70th St. 
Address: 271 Broadway, N. Y. City. 
BARNES, Sidney C: 

Clergyman; b. Joliet, 111., Dec. 31, 1?37 ; s. 
Rev. Sidney Smith and Laura I Kent I 
Barnes; grad. Genesee Coll. (forerunner of 
Syracuse Univ.), IS'ii : ni. Conquest, N. Y., 
,V"nna Hamilton: children: Jennie L., by 
IS-Gt. Willard H., b. 1S70. Filled various 
pastorales in JI. E. Ch. Sec. Xorthern X. 
Y. Cont., 51. E. Ch.. 1S73-80; presiding elder 
St. Lawrence Dist., lS:-o-St; delegate to Gen. 
Conf., M. E. Ch., IS.sil-Sl; presiding elder 
Watertown Dist.. lPOO-1901. Republican. Ad- 
dress: Auburn. X. Y. 
BARNES, Thurlow Weed: 

President of corporations and connected 
:ith international businesses; b. Albauy. 
;. Y., 2ilh June, l^.■.o: s. William and Emily 
Weed) Barnes: grandson of Thurlow We_ed 
nd descendant of Tin " ' " " 

ford, lo:; 

devoted bin 

nt, to politic 
t four wint. 

.^.B., Ha 

tudv of tin 

rd Ul 




arv worl 

E'ast an 

J. lla: 
in tlo 



■d the 

the An 

and the Throne of China in l^us, ana was 
awarded $liio, by the Xew York Supreme 
Court in l'.»S for part of his services in that 
connection. Has been chairman of political 
coiiiuiittees and conventions; was a ilelegale 
to the ReiJUblicau Xational Convention at 
which .M.-Kinlr.y was first nominated for the 
presidency. Published a Life of Thurlow 
W.M.d in l^^l. Address: the iletropolitan 
Club, Xew York. 

BARNES, William: 

Lawver: b. I'ouii.ev, Onondaga Co.. X. Y.. 
May 20. ls2i; s. Orson and Eliza (Plielps) 




ettled near Hartford, Cc 


IM:), Emilv P.. d. Tlnirl 
;,1. Mrs? I.i/ 
>auuiel Will 

L.Mi.lon. b. l^Ol 

Balmcr Willi; 
! San Fr, 
c W,ed 
I'hurlow ■ 

the Pe 
t schools ai 
first, July 1 
■d (died ].->!) 



several iiii 
and Stale 


companies of X. Y. City, ]8j3, 
s. Dep't was establisliu.l as re- 
sult of his re]inrls: first supt insurance, 
State of X. Y., lMJO-70; after tliat counsel fur 
mauy ins. co's: sp'l counsel for city of X. 
Y. in Astnr and oilier taxation cases, and 
for vacation of asscssriienls, l'-73, and s.'veral 
foUowin;; years. .\l.]ifd by President firant. 
U. S. official dele-ate to internal. Statist. 
Congress, St. I'etersljurs, IS-Ti; presented 
with diamond rini; with inioerial monogram, 
Conu-ress, l.y 


n. Jle 


1>U; supported ifartin Van Bii 

dent, l.StS; leadinj or;.-anizer first Republican 
State Conv., Saratoga Springs, IS.-.l; organ- 
ized X. Y. State Kansas Aid Soe.. r.nd two 
Xat. Kansas Conventions at Cleveland and 
BufTalo, 1S:C; organized and managed at 
Baldwinsville and Syracuse, first teachers' 
institutes ever held in X. Y. State, lJ-13-ll; 
active in irrigation enterprises in tiila Val- 
ley, Ari2., 1--S-92; one of chief organizers 
Semi-Centennial Celebration of Republican 
Party, Sept., IfWI, at Saratoga Springs; au- 
thor of an historical paper on the Origin 
and Karly History of the Rcim l.Ii. :i.. I'niiv 

presented at tlie Fremont Senn i ■ : i m' 

the Republican Partv. Philaib !: 17. 

190(;: mem. Intermit. 'Peace Cun :. , ;i, 

October., 19(i4. Hon. fellow l\,'..,i .-.i.,;:>.t. 
Soc., London, since IST'i; mem. Albany 
Am. Geog. -\ss'n, Xat. (Jeog. Soc, Law Inst, 
of X. Y. ; one of fininders and first pres. 
Soc. Med. Jurisprudence of X. Y., X. Y. 
State Bar Assn. Author of 10 volumes, N. 
Y. Ins. Reports, etc. Recreations: Walking, 
riding, sv.-iiiiming. and manual labor. Mem. 
and one of luunders, Ft. Orange Club. .\1- 
l.any. Address; The O'Conor-Barnes Homo- 
stead, On-the-Cliff, Xantucket Island, JIass. 

EAEXES. William, Jr.: 

I'ubhsiier; b. Albanv, X. Y., Xov. 17. ISfiC; 
6. William and Emilv 'Peck (Weed) Barnes; 
ed. Albany, Acad., harvard, A.B., If.--; m. 
Cincinnati, O., June 11, l^^i, Grace Dacis; 
children: Thurluw Weed, 2d. b. IS^O. Lan- 
dun, b. 1694. Proprietor Albanv Evening 
Journal; U. S. Survevor of Customs. Al- 
bany, X. Y.; mem. Rep, State Com. since 
1^9-. and chairman e>:ei-. com. of same from 
ItSS. Address: Albany, X. Y. 

BAENETT, Hyman I.: 

Lawjer; b. Town of Sinna, District of 
Suwalk, Russia, May 17, 1»77 ; s. Mlcliael 
and Leah (Benjamin) ISarnctI; ed. public 
schools, Shelheld. England, till l->7, v.iien 
emigrated to X. Y. Cite; public s.hool Xu. 
2, X. Y. Citv, grad. East Side Evening High 
Scliool, Law School X. Y. Univ.., 
1^90; m. X. Y.. Dec. i. 1900, Sarah E. PilUuk; 
children: Rosalie J., h. Sept. 17, 1901. 
.\nnetle E., h. Feb. ].■>, 1903, Milton B.. b. 
Sept., 19M3. Practising law in New York 
Rime 1>99, parlieularlv real estate and com- 
mercial law. Active in Zionist Movement, 
whii-h h-is for its object the establishment 
of a legallv assured heme for the Jewish 
people in Palestine; delegate to severM 7. 

19-301. Der 
Old IJlnrv C 
Order lifith 

of Al: 


_.. il 

mists, 19"0 to 1901 and 
(Independent). Mem. 
. 1712. Roval Arcanum. 
, It.sidcnce: li*j ISd 

St., Brooklyn. X. Y. Address; 132 Xassau 
St., X. Y. City. 
BAENETTE, William Jay: 

Caiilain U. S. X.; b. .Morrisville, X. Y., 
Feb. 2, IM7; s. .Milton (M.U.) and Caroline 
(Shepherd) Barnetle; ed. .Morrisville public 
schools and Oneida Sem. ; entered U. S. 
Xaval Acad., July 27, ISOl, grad. June, ISCs; 
m. Oakland, Cal., Xov. 29, 1S77, Evelvn 
llutchins; children: Murray, b. 11-79 (di'ed 
Xov. 1(594), Lieutenant Bradford Barnetle, 
U. S. X., b. Aug., Ifesi. Served with Asiatic 
Fleet, lWb-70; promoted ensigu, 1809; to 
master, LS.O; torpedo duty. 1S-7I ; Wabash, 
flagship, European Squadron, 1S71-74; com- 
missioned lieut., 1S72; IJ vdrographic Office 
and Xavy Yard, Washington, 1S71 7j; Pensa- 
cola flagship, X. PaciUc Station, Uaglieu- 
tenant, Ij7j-7S; Xaval Acad.. l,s7S-Sl ; training 
ship Saratoga, Ifsl-sl; Xaval Acad., ItSl-biJ: 
practice-ship Constellation, l:^^0; Xaval Acad. 
IssO-iS; Galena, X. Atlantic Squadron, l»s- 
9u; schoolship St. Marys Dec. IfcUO to Dec. 
It93; promoted lieut-commander, April 16. 
Ib9l: Raleigh, April. 1591. to Mar., 1S97 ; 
commanding U. S. C. and G. S. S. Bach, 
July. 1S97, to .Vpiil. l-'^-; IsOs. office uf 

■ _- n 



promoted to c 

l,s9S-19ill, conuiKMuliiig .S;iral.._-.i; mem. Gen 
Board, Jan., I'jii2-ii3: member Joint Board 
(Army and Xavv) July 21, 1903; command 
ing U. S. S. Kentucky,' 1904; detached, looo, 
and ordered as mem. Gen. Board, also Joint 
Board (Army and Xavy); Doc. 2. 19u7, 
nppt'd Suji't Xaval Observalorv; promoted 
to rear admiral Sept. S, lOuS. Recreations: 
Reading, cards, bo.iling, walking. Clubs: 
Universitv (X. Y. City); Rittenbijuse, Uni 
versity (Philadelphia); .Metropolitan (Wash 
■■ " ■ Address: Care Xavy De 



D. C. 

BARNEY, Edgar S. : 

Principal Ik-brew Technical Inst., and 
auditor iluds.m River Dav Line of Steam- 
ers; b. Worcester, Otsego" Co., X. Y. April 
10, lsi;i; s. Ansyl and Sarah A. (Starr) 
Itariiev; grad. fnion Coll., Schenectadv, X. 
Y., C.E., lfc,si, A.-M., 18S7, Sc.U., '19114; 
lu. ISMl. Clara E. Mills. Life member of the 
li'd of Trustees of Union Cull. Address: 
Ilebiew Teclinical Inst., 30 Stuyvesant St., 
X. Y. City. 
BAENEY, George D.: 

Phvsician, .surgeon; b. Darien, Conn., Oct. 
19, lsi;3; s. Xathan and Mary A. tDoverell) 
Barnev; ed. Jellerson Acad., Elizabeth. N. 
J., Ij'.Ml, L-ung Island Coll. Ilosp.. .\(.l).. 

l^,^9 (JO 
St. Join 

class) ; 

Ilosp. a 

id Ki 

igs Coun 

y Ilesp. 

ce sur"c 

n Ea 

stern Dis 

I. Ilosp 

ng Islan 

I JIci 

. Soc., n 

ed direc 

h Panic 



X. C 

to Pn.f 


s. Exsn 

r"eon •*( 

Xaval Iti 


Slate c. 

".N. Y. 

131 h Reg 

■( Cii: 

St An ill. 

ry, Stal 

1 3d Bait 

-rv l.i 

gbt Artill 

ry. Slat 


or to 



.\ddress: 21 Seventh Av 



BARNEY, Lewis Wycklifle: 

I Ur:,->m;.ii; b. K. V. t'ltv, Jliiy S, ISOl, p. 
Mnllliiiis Barney; gniU. Coll. Cily of X. Y., 
\ li., 1JS4; Union Tliool. Sem., litS, X. Y. 
I i,iv., Ph.D., 1*9:;: m. X. Y. Citv, M.ay ai, 
l-«l, Emma J. K.Ti-: one son. Korson Wyrlc- 
liffo Bnrney, b. 1S9G. Ord.iined minister 
ITcbbytiriiiu Church, Is-S; now pastor Ains- 
lio St. rri'sbytorinn Cliuroh, Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Ui-ljubliciin, iU-m. KnU-lils of The Muccci- 
L. ;s, F. and .\. JI. Club: Cnngregational 
Address; 2il Teuu St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BAKNHAKT, John Ilendley; 

Librarian and editor botanical pnblica- 
lions; b. Brooklyn, X. Y., Out. 4, 1^71; s. 
I(.v. John Wesley and KIkn Francis (Miller) 
llarnhart; grad. Weslvau Univ., A.B., ISSi, 
A..M., lbU3; Columbia Lniv. (Coll. I'hys. & 
Surg.), Jl.D., Ib'Jli; m. Jessamine, Tasco Co., 
Florida, May 5, 1^97, Emma Gertrude Piatt, 
of Southampton, X. Y'. Has visited nearly 
all sections of U. S. and eastern Canada; 
in Europe summer of 19uj, attending Inlernat. 
Botanical Congress at Vienna, as delegate 
X. Y. Botanical Garden, Librarian of the 
X. Y. Botanical Garden since rjoT. Inde- 
|>endent in politics; Methodist 
.Mem. Torrcy Botanical Club ot X. Y. City, 
editor 190J-U7; v. j). 19ns ; fellow A. A. A. 
.S. ; member of the American Societv of Xat- 
uralists, tlio Biological Society of Washington, 
Alpha Delta Phi fraternitv. Director of the 
Young Jlen's Christian Association of Tarry- 
town and Xorth Tarrvtown, X. Y. Residence: 
3t Windle Park, Tarrvtov.-n, X. Y. Address: 
X. Y. Botanical Garden, Bronx Park, X. Y. 
BAKNHILL, Oliver Paul: 

Clergv.naii; b. La Grange, Ky., '^.Troli 51, 
IS7S; s. James W. and Jtilia J. ( .McWilliams ) 
Barnhill; ed. Cctitre College, Danville. Ky.. 
A.H., 19110; Univ.. M.A., 19ii;!; gra.l. 
Princeton Theol. Sem.. 19ii3, and was award- 
ed oratorical honors; unmarried. Ass't p: 


■ Pi 




Y., Mi. 

■, I'J.'S to J 





1 Ch. of Stal 


1, s 

I., sin 

e Jan. 

1. 19"3; 

made a Eu 


n tL 

ur. 1900 



on European 



also on 


ham l.ii 
in p., lit 

coin and oth 
cs. Mem. Pi 



5. Indei 
of X. Y 

, Pres- 




1 of 

X. Y. a 

lul Vi- 

cinity; Alph. 



itv, (S 




; Te 

-•ilf atu 

h .rse- 


riding. Club 

Beii'h.nn. Adolphi. 


sland, Cliftoi 


1, R 

C"unt V 


. Address; 

:; li 


ell St., 


ton, S. 


BARNUM. Frederic 



cian : b. Gi 





June o 

. IMJ-'; s. 1 



s. and 


(Lee) Barmini; ed. Willistnn 1 
Hamilton., Williams Coll., 
-Med. Coll. and llo.-,|,., .\1.U., 1-5.-.; 
lyn, N. -- 

b. 1~ 


V 11. IV 


Pa., lluirai.i. X. Y., and Brooklyn 
in to Carlisle Indian School aiic 
Dic'kinsnn Coll., C.irlisle, Pa.; med 
■r S.andia Life Ins. Co. Tndcpend 
poltics; Presbyterian. Mem. Thct: 
•Id frat.Tnilv. Address: .vj Clart 
noklyn. X. Y\ 

BARNUM. Malvcrn-Hill: 

Capt. V. S. -V. ; b. Syracuse. X. Y., Sept. 
3, 1603; s. Henry A. and Luvina (King) 
Barnum; ed. imblic schools of X. Y. City; 
U. S. Jlil. Acad., grad. l»li; m. Xew Albany, 
Ind., Oct. -n, l6?y, Martha Scribner Magiu- 
ncss; children; Frances Maginness, b. Itnl, 
Malvcrn-IIill, Jr.. b. 190,5. Appt'd 2d It. Sd 
Cav., .lulv 1, l-Mj; 1st It. 5th Cav., April 7, 
\>\c,: ii,,,cd to loth Cav., Mar. -l-l. 1S91; 
c:i|.i •■!. 'I'. . lei). 2, 1901. Served in Texas, 
1--' :. :.T •.'•.,. Service and StatT Coll., 
lyn •.':: Mlisiinuoished grad. same); Rock 
Island Arsenal. 1.^93-91; served in Mont, 
with 10th U. S. Cav., 1S91-9S; took part in 
Cuban campaign under Gen. Shaffer; 
wounded July i, li-9S, at San Juan Hill 
(recommended f'lr brevet); on duty at U. 
S. Mil. Acad., 1S9S-1902; with 8lh U. S. 
Cav. at Fort Kiley and Jefferson Barracks, 
1902-O.j; on dutv with rygt in Philippine 
Islands since liioa. Aide on stalT of M.aj. 
Gen. V.'eston, since .\.ug. 21. lliOU. Episco- 
palian. Mem. Phi Gamma Delta, ' 

Care War Dcpai 
EARNtTM, Willian 

and Xa 





Rock, Cnnn., Jan. 25, 
l.s.-iO; s. William II. and Charlotte Ann 
(Uurrall) Barnum; A.B., Y"ale, LL.B., Col- 
umbia; m. lloosick Falls, X. Y.. June 2, 
1^79. Anne Theresa Phelps; children: Laura, 
now Mrs. Ricliuiond Levering, b. Ibol. Wil- 
liam Henry, b. 1^52, Walter, b. lsS7. Phelps, 
b. IfOl. Adliiiltcd to X. Y'. bar, 1679; mem. 
law tirm of Simpson, Tliacher i: Barnum, and 
Simpson, Thacher, Barnum & Bartlett from 
Jan. 1, 1661. to X'ov. 15, 1901; since then 
mem. banking firm of Harvey Fisk & 
Sons. Director Am. Locomotive Co., Rail- 
way Steel Spring Co., Hudson Companies, 
Hudson & JIanhattan R. K. Co., etc. Re- 
publican; Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Hist. 
Ass'n, and numerous local X. Y'. organiza- 
tions. Trustee and pres. St. Amlrew's Con- 
valescent Hosp. Recreations: Riding, driv- 
in.', shootinL". fisliing sailing. Clubs: Uni- 
v.v.-ity, renlurv. Yale (pres.), Larchniont 
Vaclil, City .Mid dav. Railroad. Address: Hi 
Cedar St., X. Y'. City. 

27. 16.-16; s. George G. and Elizabeth 
■ksim) Barnwell: A.Ii.., Columbia Coll., 

LI..B., Columbia Law School, 1664; m. 
. Citv, Xov. 11, 1663, Elizal.eth .Marie; 

Mem. Sor. Colonial Wars, Dell 
Reg't V, ter.iu .\ss'n. Clubs: C 
edo. Address: Tuxedo Park, X. 

BARE, Adam A.: 

Edilor, publisher, real estate 

A. Light; children : Donald, b. 1697. 

b. I6!i9. Editor and publisher 

lar anil .Mt. Carinel Ledi;er, at -Ml. 

1., 13 years; now interested in nnd 

extensive real estate operations 

and (,>u"eus' Counties, X. Y. 


WHO'S WHO IX Ni:w youk 

nd faot 

l>ivs. Ajitliracite Realty Co.; v. p. Bastress. 
Vou-lit & Co., Ozouf Ksiate and Iiiv 
lirovf.ncn'. Co.: trcas. Llai-k Di.imoiul Ktalty 
Co.; sec. Lib.-vty lleislus Construction Co. 
Address: 3j0 Fulton St., Bi'oolilyu, N. Y. 
BARE. Ameli.t Editli: 

Novelist; b. Ulv,r..ton. Lancashire, Ens- 
land, .M.I nil -ii, ivjl: d. William lU-nry and 
Mary Alio! (^in-letonl Ilnddleston: cd. in 
Isle of -Man, Richmond (near London), and 
Glasgow, Scotland, at private schools; m. 
IbjU, Robert Barr, wool merchant, sort of 
Rev. Dr. John Barr, of Glasgow: children- 
Mary Munroe, b. 1>ol, Lilly iMunro, b. It.Jo 
Alice Barr, b. IMlu. Came to U. S., 1S05;' 
husljand and three sons died of yellow fever 
in Texas, where lived for ten years; settled 
in New York, and began litcrarv work in 
1.S70. Aullior of fifty-seven novels, all of 
which are republished in Knfflan.l, and most 

of the 

nd other 









Y., (winter) Fifth A\-.uc. lioirl, N. Y. 

BARR, Edward: 

Iron merchant; b. in Lancaster Co., Pa., 
June ■•'.!. 1M5; s. John and Barbara (Kin- 
port) Barr; ed. St. James School and Lan- 
caster Uish School: in. St. Georu-e's Church, 
Hanover Square. London, Oct. .j' l>7i. .lulia 
Louisa Weld; tour children: Josephine Eliso 
Weld, Julia Kinport, JIary (iodirev, Klise 
Adeline Rush. Engaged as iron n'lercliant 
since IMj; also pres. and director Indian 
Kettles Park Ass'n. Was tresis. New York 
and Brooklyn Bridge, ijW-Lls. Served in Co. 
B, 1st Pb. Reserves, 1st Corps, Army of the 
Potomac, I(.(i2.(i3; was for a while at brigade 
head(|uarters; engaged in Battle of Freder- 
ick..lHirg. Now eol. and a.d.c. on stalT grand 
commander, G. A. R. Republican. Episco- 
palian. Has traveled in America from Que- 




and San Francis 
S., and portions of England and 
Mem. Soe. Army of the Potomac, 
vnaniDcr of Commerce, Pennsvlvaniu Soc, 
George Washington Post, No. WJ. G. A. It.: 
trustee llr.p.klvn City Dispensary: treas. 
Hospital S;,ii,r,l.iy and Sundav Ass'n, Brook- 
Ijn. Clubs: Church (Diocese of Long Is- 
land), Hamilton. Cuntrv seat; Indian 
Kettles Park. Lake George, Residence: luO 
State St., Brooklyn. Address: 2ti John St., 
N. Y. City. 
BARR, John Henry: 

Mechanical eiu-ineer, factory manager: b. 
Terie ll;,ute, In.l., Juno 1;), ISol ; s. John 
H. and Eliza Cnilotsnu) Barr: grad. Univ. 
of Minn.. B..M.E.. lv-;i. ^LS„ I'-sv Cornell 
Cniv., .M.M.E., l»;i: m. Minneapolis. Mmn.. 
June 1. 1,-sl, Kate L. Kenneiiv; one s.m 
John H. Barr, Jr., b. IMW. Ass't to resi. 
dent mech. engineer, Calumet & Ilecla Jlin- 
ing Co., lvs;.M: me.h. engineer Lake Snper- 
K.r Ir..:, Works, l-l ,-.-,: msirucior l.-s'.-v) 
ass't prof.. l-o-<«i. and prof, niedi. nnu-i- 

mec''h''"'en '.'ineei-'in .•''"!'-.'';i o-"'""" ' '■"'' '"'"'■ 
machine"Xs;;;n"'^«.;i'^' t nd "prof!" maJhi^ 
design, lMi>-l:i..3, Sibl.'v Coll.. Cornell Cniv 
ileeh. engineer. Anaconda .Mining Co., IPui), 

- -. -..nager. Smith Premb.r 
lyjHuriter Co., from vjirj. Chairman N. Y. 
Slate Commission on Voting Machines, lie- 
publican; Unitarian. Mem. Am. Soo. Mecli.. 
Engrs; fellow A. A. A. S. ; mem. Soc 
Promotion Engineering Education Si"ma \i 
Psi Upsilon fraternity. Trustee °Corneli 
L niv. Author: Kiuemtities of ilachinerv 
Notes on JIaehino Design: also various 
papers and report on .Machine Tools at 
Paris Exposition. 3fS9 (Report of U. S. Com- 
missioner-General). Clubs; Century, Citi- 
zens, Technology (Syracuse). Address: S13 
James St., Syracuse, N. Y. 
EARR, Thomas T. ; 

Banker; b. New Castle, Del., March 23, 
l.^:;j; s. Kenzie and Caroline Barr; ed. 
Friends' Sch., Wilmington, Del.: m. Mav 
■25, 1,-33, Cordelia S. .Mustin. President Nas- 
sau National Bank of Brooklvn; v.-p. Corn 
E.Nchango Bank; trustee Brooklvn Trust 
Co.; 2d v..p. Commonwealth Ins. Co. of 
New York; director Home Life Ins. Co. 
Trustee Brooklvn Inst. Arts and Sciences. 
Club: Down T,.wn (N. Y. Citvl. Residence: 
40 S. O.xford St. oihce: iO Court St., Brook- 
BARR, William J.: 

School sup't; b. Elba, Genesee Co., N. 
Y. ; s. J. J. and JIary A. Barr; ed. common 
sc-hools, Elba, private schools, Batavia, 
Oswego Normal and Training Scliool, Oswe-o, 
N. V. ; ni. Jan. Ls, l.-U), Emma Curtis. 
Teariier, school principal, school comm'r 
(sup'tl of Genesee Co. for s years; State 
insp. of schools 9 years: school sup't 3 
years. Three times elected school comm'r 
Genesee Co.; resigned to accept apptni't as 
St.te insp. under' Hon. Charles R. Skinner, 

with whom served throughout his -■i ,;..,.- 

tion: sup't publ 



Co. I' 



:x. Y. 

— Bniralo Law Sch. Re 

Pres. Genesee Co. Teachers' 

ears, and of N. Y. State Ass'n of 

inm'rs and Sup'ts one vear. Mem. 
Princi].als' Ass'n (State), Erie 

ipals' Ass'n, Dist. Teachers' Ass'n. 

ler F. and A. Jf., Batavia; mem. 

;tar Chapter: Batavia Commanderv. 
D.irnascus Temple. Mystic Shrine, Rochester: 
.Mai.^tic Lodge, .ind Genesee Encampment, 
B..tavia. Odd Fellows. Address: Bata- 
VI,;, K. Y. 
BARR ATT, Edgar G.: 

Eug'r, mf'r; b. N. ^i'. City, ISGi; s. Oliver 
and Frances (Terry) Barratt: ed. N. Y. 
City Public Sch. O.J, Columbia Univ., Sch. 
of .Mines, C. E.,; ni. .Minneapolis, Mmn.. 
J.v-rt, Kath. ■ ■■ 

b. l.s 

eng'ring, l^M-MI; constructed milks, electric 
pbinis: developed water power, l-99-l;ie3 for 
the Union Bag and Paper Co., of which he 
was elected director and ollicer, li)n:;. and is 
now pres. same. Also pres. and directi>r 
The (ires Falls Co., The Charlemagne and 
Lai- Oarca-J Lumber Co., and The St. Ga- 
briel Lumber Co., all of .Montreal, Can. 

Mecli En 



Delta. Clubs. „, 

Citvl, Esse.'; Co. Countfy (S. J.), 
ess: 'it Batterv Place N. Y. City. 



BARRETT, Andrew Linn: 

l■li^sician; li. i-troudsburs, Pa., Julv 6, 
l-'ji: 6. Kev. Jlyron anil Emma K. (Hvur- 
-iiil liarrett; ed. Xeivton O)!lofia;e Ii'ist.. 
>.«tOD, N. J., Princeton Univ., A.B., Isr.', 
.V.M., ISto, Coll. Phvs. and Siirj., X. Y. 
(■.ly, M.U., Ittr,: m. X. Y. t'iiy, June 7, 
I'f'l, ilartha Henderson Knox; childreji : 
.Myron Kno.\, Louise Ryer.son, Kcnnelh 
I.iiin, Franeis Henderson Barrett. Has prac- 
lived medicine in X. Y. Ciiv since i-radua- 
u.:n. Has been connected witli the Pres- 
Ivtirian. Ko<i.sevelt. and Chambers St. Ilos- 
I.iials and Vanderbilt Clinic. X. Y. City, 
.•^ujiervisor of physical education in Xe\v 
York Public Schools. Kepubiicau. Presby- 
terian; elder in Church of the Puritans 
il'resbylcrian) X. Y. Citv. Mem. Harlem 
.M.-d. .iss'n, Am. Physical' Edn Ass'n, Y. 
.M. C. A. (Harlem Branch). Address: 110 
W. llsth St., X. Y. City. 
BAERETT, Hosmer James: 

Stock broker; b. .Memphis. Tcnn.. Jan. 
•y. ]^*i; s. Tlmm-is and Maria J. (Frost) 
liarrett; cd. Harvard, class of 1902. For- 
merly a banker; entered stncl; brokerage 
business in 19i.l; connected with ]•:. F. Hut- 
ton i- Co.; v.-p. Red Star Uil Co. Mem. 
Southern Soc. Clubs: Harvard, Motor Boat 
<'lub of America. Address; oJ Xew St. X. 
Y. City. 
BARRETT, John J. C: 

Depute collector of customs, Port of X. 
Y.; b. Shebovuan, Wis., Au;. 20. IMO; s. 
Wrilht and Kebeeca (Clauson) B;irrett; cd. 
public schools of X. Y. State and private 
studv; m. Ossinin-. X. Y., Xov. 14. lyit, 
Jennie A. Ballard; children: Leonard Wriirlil, 
b. 1S%, John Drew, b. 1902. Was public 
school teacher in Putnam and Dutchess coun- 
ties for ten rears, simo l.'W connected with 
Customs Service, Port of Xew York, ad- 
vancing through all frades of civil service, 
from clerk to deputy collector. Baptist. 
Mem. Ossinin? Council. Xo. H-^ti. Roval Av- 
canutu; master of Radium Lodire, Xo. Sil, 
F. and A.M.. and mem. Terrace Cily Chapter, 
No. 177. R. A. M. Trustee and financial sec. 
First Baptist Church, Ossinin- X. Y. ; trus- 
tee and v.-p. Y. .M. C. A., Ussiniu'-. X. V. 
Address: 11 Ellis Place, Ossining, X. Y. 
BAP.RETT, Reginald: 

Musical composer, orjanist; b. London. 
Ensland. Jan. 12. IM^l; s. Richard and Rachel 
(Squirel Barrett; sen. edn in various pri- 
vate schools of Kn--land and Germany; musi- 
cal ed'n in Con.servatory at Darmstadt, and 
liuildhall Sell, of Music, London; m. Strat- 
f..rd-on-.Vvon, En.-land, Sept. 1. b-vs. Luev K. 
Wilkes. On con.m,' to America, settled, IN-S, 
in Karris (It,. ■;,,,, where was or:.-anist and 
choini.;, r - : i''s P. E. Ch. until l.^'is: 
then . ,:ul oriranist St. Tliomas' 

I'. K. 1 !, , ;.' r , k, X. Y., ls;i>l'.«Jl, and 

afterward at- St. James' Luth. Ch., X. w 
York. Teacher of oru-an and voice. Mem. 
.Manuscript Soc. Republican. K|iiscopalian. 

vari.ius orsan offertories and trans 
v.iri.ius anthems, includins Crn.ssini; the liar 
a communion service in Eflal, and luani 
others, as well as secular compositions, in 
cliidin- The I.idit liey..nd. Thi> Holy Gate: 
tiiiit prue The Musuian couijietition. l;:js; 



the Jester, 

Year, The Song 
and other sun„-s ; The Birth 
piano, etc. -Awarded priie for composition, 
Xat. Eisteddfod, Scranton. Pa., Wu5. Clubs: 
Clef, Salmagundi. Residence and Studio- 11 
W. 22d St., X. Y. City. 
BAEKETT, Thoznas Aspinwall: 

' 1-; b. Urooklvn, X. Y., Sept. 2.3, 

ISCO; 5. John and .Mary (Young) Barrett; 
!d. public school and high school, Brooklyn, 
N. Y.; m. ItOS, JIabel Alston Thurber; 
■hildren: Winfried, b. ls'J7, Alston, b. Ib'M, 
JIarjorio, b. luol. Connected with Orange 
iluild Co. since 1j!?1; now treas. and director. 
Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. Hope Lodse 
124, F. and A,.M., X.J. ; treas. Periodical 
Publishers- Ass'n of America. Recreation: 
.\mateur photographv. Clubs: X. Y. Press, 
Sphinx, (X. Y. City); Orange Camera, 
(Orange, X. J.). Residence; Bruoklvn, X. 
Y. .Address: laO Lafayette St., X. Y City. 
EARRIC.KLO, William E.: 

r; b. Jersey City, X. J., Sept. 27, 
Andrew and Julia R. (Lalor) Bar- 
trad. Princeton Univ., A. M., IsT.s; 
Columbia Univ., LL.ll., IsSo; m. Trenton, X. 
Xov. 1, 1S97^ Elizabeth S. Lahir. Mem. 
StaK'S of X. Y. and X. J.; mem. X. J. 
Board of Ed'n. Democrat. Presby- 
in. Mem. Xew York Law Institute; 
Beta Theta Pi. Clubs: Princetou, X. Y. 
Athletic. Residence: l:iO Bentley .\v., Jer- 
sey City, X. J. Address: 229 Broadwa.v, 
X. Y. City. 
BAEEON, Elwyn Alfred: 

■ matist, novelist; b. Lima, X. Y., Mar. 
; s. Alfred Love.iov and Ellen Elizabeth 
II ; ed. Robert Coll., Tenu., lb(lb-72; m. 
;o, Sept. 9, ISSl, Hannah Lee Bird; ehil- 
Margaret Ellen, b. 1«S, Ehvyn Lee, 
li. IMTl. KngaL-ed in newspaper work in Chi- 
cago; was dramatic critic and editorial 
itel-. Cliici;.-o llilcr Ocean, lii77-9j; lived in 
Loiubm and Paris, lSM-1907. Wrote, in cob 
with Morgan Bates, the plavs "A 
,'ink," produced at Grand Opera 
House, Chicago, in ItSJ, and "A Moral 
Crime" produced at Columbia Theatre, Chi- 
cago, If-:.; also wrote plays (all producedl, 
as" follows; L:idv Aslilev. l^^(; ; When B.-ss (,Uieeii, iMil; Out of the Storm, lf91 : 
Riimola, 1-90; PuuchineUo, luuo (produced by 
IMward S. Willard) ; The Ruling Power. 
Xeu- York, 1901; .\ Prince of the People, 
looduced in England, 1903. Author: The 
\iUiiis (drama in blank verse), l^S; biog- 
raphy of Lawrence Barrett, 1>J7; and the 
iMivcIs, (Loudon and .Vmericau editions), 
Manders, l.Ni9, In Old Xew Y'ork, 1900, and 
M.irc-l Levignet, luuii. Address: 107 Wav- 
erly Plaee, X. Y. City. 
BAEEON, Leonard: 



.-laud, IN- 

b. Chi 

chll.ald Farqulli 
i liarron; cd. priva 
llirkbeck Inst., Loiubi 
botanv and natural s. 
X. J.,' Ellie yi. Kobinsni 

b. IS 



Horticultural So 


since 1S99. Mem. Am. Pomolo^-ical Soc, Soc. 
for Ilort. Science, Am. Inst.. X. Y. I'armois' 
Ass'n. N. Y. Kluiists' Club, Met. Camera 
Club. Organized Internat. Conferences on 
Plant Breeding-, 1007, on Hardiness and Accli- 
matization, 1002. snd edited Proceedings. 
Cor.triljutor to iiorlicultural press. Consult- 
ing horticulturist. Author; Lawns and How 
to Make Them; Roses and How to Grow 
Them: and editor of other bonks in Garden 
Library. Address; 133 E. ICth St., N. Y. 

BARROWS, Charles Clifford: 

Physician, eynecoln^ist ; b. Jackson, Miss., 
June 5, 16J7; grad. Univ. of Va., l>7!i; Univ. 
of N. Y., M.D., l^;u; m. May I'J, ISsG, Hctlie 
Curtis. House phvsician Bellevne Hosp., 
IJSO-Sl; ass't sur-eon U. S. -\., 1jW-S7, serv- 
inc in Tndii " ' ' 


BARROWS, Samuel June 

ClorL'vmari, autlwr; b, 
1=U.5; became stenograpiiii 


.V. Y. Citv 
al and g.^ 




and various city med. societies. 



of Revolution. S..utbern Soc. 


: Cent 

irv, Ractiuet and Tennis, Calu- 


Turf a 

id Field. Address: S W. 30tll 


N-. Y. City. 

BARROWS, FrankUn W.: 

Phvsician; b. Spriiiirlield, 111., 
:S03: s. Simon and Kmily L. Barro^ 
parents of same family name): gi 
herst Coll., A.K., Ibc-j, A.M.. 1SS7: 
Buffalo, M.D., 1«'3: m. Buffalo. June 
Isabella Spaulding Deane: cliildien: 
" '■ "" " " lOO-J. Teach.-'i- ,m 



.) -\'' 

Central lli^-h School, BulVal 
in histologv, Univ. of Butfal 
It9j-1U(H. Chin'n Section on 
falo Acad. Jledicine: honora: 
State Science Teachers' As 
I |isil..n fr.aternity, Xu Sii;ma 
Dep't editor Dietetic and H; 
X. Y. City. Club; Utiiver 
Address: 13W Michigan St., Bull'alo, 













1 (lU 




nic I 







X. Y. 

BARROWS, Isabel Chapin: 

IMitori;.! writer; b. Irasbiirg, Vt., April 17, 
1M;,; d. Henrv aTid Anna ((.iibli) Hayes; ed. 
I'ijikrrlon and Adams Acads., Derrv, X. H.: 
X. Y. Med. School, Leipzig and Vicuna 
Univs.; m. 1st. Derrv, X. II., lv\S, William 
Wilberforce Cilapin (iMetl in India in l>'>:i); 
2d, X. Y. Citv, 1,-M,7, Samuel June Birruws, 
D.D.: children; Mabel Hav Barrows (wife of 
Henrv Ka\mond .Mnssev), W illi;im Burnet 
ed as cjculist in Wash 


D. C. 


apher in Dep't of Sta 
lilliaiu H. Seward) ; : 
srapher in the Capi 

s.-c. Kips 1 
orrler of tin 

E. lilh St., X. Y. City. 

City, May 2^ 
:o William U. 
1S67, and rc- 
maincd in Dep't of Slate until 1S71; gra.l. 
Harvard Divinity Sch., 1S75; post-grad, work 
at Univ. of Lrn.zi-; n.eived D.D. from How- 
ard Univ., \\ .; l:i: ' -i, i ', C, 1=97; m. Juno 
2S, isi;7, Isi-l- . lives. Pastor First 

Unitarian (1,, '■ r Boston), JIass., 

1S70-S0; editor c:.]; ■; :, Register. lSSO-90; 
mem. 53th Congress from lOlh Mass. Dist.. 
1S97-99. Republican. Author; The Isles and 
Shrines of Greece; also various hist, and 
penohigical monographs. Conim'r for U. S. 
and pros. Internat. Prison Comm., 1S9G; now 
corresponding secretarv of the Prison Asso- 
ciation of N. Y. Address: 133 E. 13th St., 
X. Y. City. 
BARROWS, William N.: 

Transportathm ofiicial; b. Philadelphia, 
June 2, 1S4>: s. Arad and Ellen (Baily) Bar- 
rows; ed. Central High Sch. and private 
tutors: m. Philadelphia, 1S7S, Elizabeth Jeaii- 
etto Wav; children: Eleanor, b. 1S79, Reba, 
b. ISSO, Thomas, b. 1S9;J. V.-p. N. J. and 
Hudson River R'y and Ferry Co.; Highland 
Improvement Co., Xortheru X. J. Land Co.; 
pres. X. Y. Harbor Real Estate Co., Hudson 
River Traction Co. Eepublicau. Recrea- 
tions: Reading-, fishing, lectures, theatre and 
farm near PIvmoulli, Mass. Address: 100 
Morningside Av., X. Y. City. 
BAftROWS, William Stanley: 

Clergviiian; b. Rome, X. Y., ISIU ; s. Rev. 
N. (S. 'T. D.) and Isabella (Gibson) Bar- 
rows; e.l. St. Paul's .Sch., Ciarden City, L. I., 
Trinitv Coll., Hartford, B.A., 1m4, Jl.A., lS-7; 
Gen. 'Fhcid. Sem., Ib-S, B.l>., 1591; m. Com- 
anche, Tc.vas, Juno 27. Itiill. Jlargaret Sart- 
Welle. M.islel- Fort IliU 8ch., Canandaigua, 
X. Y., l.-^l-S5, Zion Ch., Little Xeck, X. Y., 
InSS-90, Raveiiscroft, Asheville, X. C 1J90-9I; 
Mavo fellow, Gen. Theol. Sem., 1591-97. head- 
master. Do Veau.>: Coll., Xiagara Falls, since 
]'-97. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. 
Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Address: De Yeau.'C 
College, Xiag.ira Falls, X. Y. 

BARRUS. Clara: 

Plnsiciaii; b. Port Byron, X. Y., Aug. S, 
l-'.l;'d. John William and Sarah Katherine 
(Kiiidain Barrus; ed. Port Byron Acad. 
I i.iKdl.toriaii cl.iss of ItM): Boston Univ. 
Scliool of Medicine, M.D., l^SS. Practising 
as phvsician since June, lt.^>; house pli; 



ilosp. (B. 

wourui reeo-ni'zcil Ts 

Jan. li-.-S to Jan. lt«i. Traveled in Florida for 

try. having '.s~ludie'd in 

three months. In general practice in Ulica, 

employed as stenog- 

X. Y., from July 1S>9 lo Mar. I.>;i3; ass't phv- 

ite (as private sec. to 

sician in Middlelown Stale Homaopathic 

Hosp., since March 1>93. Contributor to The 

ilol, doin- cininiiltcc 

Outlook, The Xew Age, The Boston Brown 

litor Proeeedin"s Xat. 

Book. Journal of Xervous and .Mental Dis- 

"rrreii„n. and of va- 

eases, The .Medical Century. Tlo^ Brooklyn 

rav.led ov,.r all of U. 

Kairle, ,lc. Anlhor ( painplilels) ; Insanity in 

iirnpe, K-ypt, Arabia, 

Y.ning Women; Leclun'S to .\urs,.s; To tlo^ 

Friciols of the Ins;iiie: and The Retreat of a 

■• ill Canada ; ?or W 

Po.t-X.itiiralist (J. dm I'.urroughs) ; now 

■ilian Re^-isier. ; 

writing test book on Xursing the Insane. 

ement League. X. Y. 

Mem. Am. Inst, of Ilom.eopalliy, X. Y. State 

. •■Ch,.vali.-r" in the 

lloinn-opalhie Med. Soc. Iboioiary mem. 

(Armenian). Recrea- 

The T.oilists (studv club in Middb'town. X. 

.wii,^-. xveaving. Ad- 

V.) Address: State Hospital, Middletowu, 

BAKRY Edward Euttevant: 

oiiKHT, V. S. Navv, b. X. Y. Ci 
ri;ioe), Oct. 20, IblU; s. Garrult K.jli 
>.irah Agnes (Glover) Barry; ed. Lespintisse 
>.li.jol (Clintu.i Placo), St. Francis Xavicr 
(•ll.; grad. U. S. .Vuval .\cad.. Ju:ie, ma; 
m. April 7, l&To, Jl.iry Wyclirt' Clit.'.; one 
tliushtcr living-, JIary Agnes (Mrs. L. A. 
Waters). Took tlir;-e practice cruises while 
,.i.lot on and Savannah, and 
ati'-r graduation special cruise on Sabine, 
J-'.ti-TO; promoted ensign, lo70, master, 1S72 ; 
i-iiminissioited lient., 1&75, lieut. comd'r, 
March, l.-!)7, commander, ilarch. Vim, capt., 
.'.!ar. ."1, 1003. Employed on si::;nal duty, IbTU- 
71; Worcester, on special cruise with pni- 
\isions for France, lb71; on Wabtish (Ilag- 
h\a[>}, lS71-7-i, and Brooklyn, 1S72-7J, on Euru- 
leaii Station; \\achusctt, European and At- 
lantic Stations, IS. 3-71; receiving ship Ver- 
mont, 1S74-75, Roanoke (flagship of Yice- 
.Xdmiral Eowan), 1-7.); transferred to Miniie- 
.s.ita, and mem. B'd to Organize Training 
^\stem, lb7j-76, store-ship ^ew Hampsliire, 
1^7l;■75l, Alaska, Pacitic Station, 1;^7^■MJ (wit- 
nessed Chilean torpedo-boat attack on Peru-, 
vian man-of-war Union at Callao, and two 
of the bombanlments of Callao, also the 
Mowing up of the Chilean steamer Loa); on 
Kirhmond and Jlom.cacv as admiral's sec, 
Asiatic Station, lSrO-f2; Xaval Acad., JSsS-tO; 
on S. Atlatilic Station (Alliance and Lan- 
caster), 1SS0-E9; Bureau of XaviL-ation, l3»9- 
91; Lancaster and Marion, Asiatic Station, 
1-91-91; Office of Xaval Intelligence, l-vl-97; 
Cincinnati, 1^97-99. on South Atlantic Station 
till war became imminent, then Key West; 
Mar. ISCS to Feb. 1S99 on X. Atlantic Station, 
blockade of Havana, attack on XIatanzas, 
scouting oil: Cape San Antonio when Spanish 
fleet reported at Curacao, Bahama Channel, 
and in blockade of San Juan. Porto l;ico, 
July, 1S9S; two interviews with (.liiv.-Cen. 
ilacias at time arinistico was proclaimed: 
convoved Maria Teresa around eastern end 
of Cuba; in Havana when U. S. flag was 
hoisted there, Jan. 1, lf99; on recelvincr-ship 
Franklin, ilar.-April, 1499, gunnery training 
ship Amphitrite, .Mav, 1^99, to Jan., I'JOO; 
comd'e collier Marcellus, Jan.-Mav, l','i«l, 
-Naval War Coll., Newport, R. I.. Jui-.e. Iwo; 
coind'g gunboat Vicksbnrg. Aug., l:i')0, to 
Asiatic Station, Oct., 19U.I-1903 (Vicksbnrg 
formed naval part ot' expedition under Bri::.- 
Ceii. Fuiiston, resulting in capture of Emilio 
Aguinaldo); in conjunction with Brig. Gen. 
Kol,be, occupied for tirst time islands of Pal- 
awan (Paragual, Kulion and Cu.vo ; Samar 
Station; with P.rig.-Gen. Smith during insur- 
r.-.tion. Ordered liv cable to winter in New 
< hwang (China); Navv Yard, N. Y., April, 
l'."i;:. as aide to commandant; Labor B'd and 
B'd of Inspection, Oct., V.mi: comil'g battle- 
ship Kentucky Jan. 1, 19u«-Nov. 1, 1907; in 
■ barge Uecruiling Oilice, N. V. City. N'ov. 
l>cc., 1907; since Dec. CO, 1907, supervisor 
Naval Auxiliaries, Custom House. N. Y. 
M.-m. Order Forei-n Wars (Pa. Conimand- 
eryl, Xaval Ord.T ..f f. S. !X. Y. Command- 
ery). Clubs: l'niver:,'ily, Army and Navy 
(Xew York). AJdr..~s; Care Xavy Uepart- 





D. C. 

BARRY, John Henry: 

I'bvsi.-ian: b, Xewar 

ti. Ki.hard J. and Kos; 

ed. St. Gabriel's Parochial Sch.. X. Y. City, 
Jlanhattan Coll., B S., 1-^7, -M.S., 1690, Coll. 
I'hys. and Surg. (Colombia), M.U., li'JO; m. 
Long Island City, June, lc92, Sophia L. Gold- 
ner; one son, Richard J., b. l59o. In active 
practice at Long Island City since 1>91. For- 
merly county physician, sanitary insp. Dep't 
of Health, X. Y. City. Author of several 
scientilic and literary monoirraphs. Attend- 
ing physician to St. John's IIosp., Long Is- 
land City. Surgeon to Degnon Contracting 
Co., Barber Asphalt Co. and Traveler's Ins. 
Co. Democrat. Catholic. V.-p. Queens- 
Xassau Jled. Soc. ; mem. Associated Phvsi- 
cians of L. I. Past Dist. Deputv and Past 
Grand Knight of Knights of C.plumbus; mem. 
Independent Order of Foresters; chm'n Local 
Sch. B d. Dist. il, X'. Y. City; former sec. 
Jledical Bd, St. John's IIosp., Long Island 
Citv. Address: lo3 11th St., Long Island 
City, X. Y. 
BARRY, John T.: 

.Mfg chemist; b. Brooklyn, X. Y., Juno 17, 
isoj; s. John and Isabella (Paterson) Barry 
(b.ith born in Glasgow. Scotland); ed. public 
(craminar) school, Brooklvn; m. Brooklvn, 
April 4, 1S!G, Annie Rappelvea Collins; one 
daugliter: Mary Williamson Barrv, b. IStlS. 
Mem. firms D. D. Williamson & Co., mfg 
chemists, and Seven Sutherland Sisters; 
treas. and director Crown Cordial ,& E.\tract 
Co. and Coca-Beta Co. Republican (State 
and Xat. politics). Mem. Committee of 
Si.Kty-three of Kings County, Presbyterian. 
Has traveled in U. S. and Canada. Mem. 
Manufacturers' Ass'n, Board of Trade and 
Transportation, St. Andrew's Soc. (all X. Y. 
Citv); Brooklvn League. Trustee East 
Brooklvn Savings Bank. Throop Av. Presby- 
terian " Church ~(l)ro..klvn ) ; v.-p. Biishwick 
and Fast Brooklyn Dispensary: treas. Bed- 
ford Branch. Y. M. C. A. Clubs: Union 
League (Brooklyn); Drug and Chemical. 
Residence : IJUS Dean St., Brooklyu. .-id- 
dress: 11 Dey St., X. y. City. 
BARRY, Lyman Frank: 

I'nblisher and printer: b. X. Y. City, Xov. 
S,,; s. Robert A. (.M.D.) an'd Julia A. 
(Gibbnd) Barrv; ed. public schools of X. Y. 
tity and .MiddloL.wn Point Culh-iate Inst., 
X. J.; m. X. Y. City, June ii. li'.h, Emily S. 
Wait; children: Robert Alexander Barry, b. 
1-07 Emma Barrv Allen, b. IM-O, Frank Gib- 
bnd' Barrv, b. Ib71. Pres. Urner-Barry Co., 


.d El 

Keg't, X. G. X. 

r.iiik of 

),.e. Served 2 
Y., all grades 
Old Guard, s 
veteran of C; 







La f 

Chancellor Walworth Lod 
A. -M.: Triune Cha|iter. 
Columbian Comniandery, : 
T,-niplc, -Mystic Shrine: V 
Keg't. Address: Xyack, Endicott. Slst St. 
X. Y. City (Winter). 

BARRY, Richard 
Journalist, nov 
Sept. 10, 1>S1: 


vil Wii 

Old Guard 
110, G. A. R., 
o. 271, F. and 
R. A. M.; 
T.: Mecca 
s'n of 71st 
Summery ; 
mlius Av.. 



s. Geor 

an Aineri 
r Ballim 

Eau Claire, Wis., 
.• A. and Harriet 
inmar school, Kan 
m (BufTal.i. )9oi) 
re Sun. Milwaukeo 

Sentinel nnj Chicr.jrn Re 
er on BulTalo Kntaiircr; 
Anselcs (Calif.) Times 
Nordhoff, Calif.; ed'nor: 

ineiit and 
in? review 

.. jiudiiu „..- 

ly Review o£ LjiiJon; The Cenlury. Scien- 
tific American, Cullier's. Evei-jbodv-.'!, and 
The Sununy Herald of New York; The Sat- 
urday Evening Poit. Phil.idelpUia ; The Illus- 
trated News and WestmlMstc.- G.izette of 
London; L'lllu.uralion and Le Monde Illustre 
of I'aris; The Berlin Taiehlat;, it. Pelcrs- 
bur- Xuvoe Vremya. and Tokvo Craph. 
JIade t..ur of the world for Collier's Weekly, 
t;n;l J.ipan, China, the Philip- 

V.IIOS WHO i.\ .XEW i01:K 

cord-Herald; riiiort- I BAKHYMOEE, Ethel; 

dramatic editor Los] -Vctres.s; d. .Maurice and Geor"iana (Drew The Ojai, I Earry.nore (distinfuishcd actors') ; scion of 
ai -.vv.ter oa bar. Icadlns theatrical fainilv Tanddau'-hl.' 
F.;b. IS.Ol, went to | Mrs. Joh.i Urew, and niece of" John' Dnw 
free lance .ind _ ac- | made debut in the company of John Drew' 
e arm.-, attarheu to | It-rti; for the last few voars has starred under 
ii._ .\o,-i iliroui:.iout| the of Charles Frohman. in- 

Captain Jinks of the .Marines; Cousin 

Kale; Carrjls, Sunday; The Doll's House- 

and .-^licc Sit-by-the-JTire. Address; Empire 

Incatre, X. Y. Cit". 

BAESE, George E.i Jr.: 

Artist; b. Detroit, Mich., ISGl; s Geor-e 

B. and Su.san ]5. (Peironnet) Barse; ed. 

r.cnie des Beaux .Vrts, Paris, under \le.x 
1. and Academic Julian under Gustav 





Egypt, Italy 

around Soutli An: 
.Vssassination of 
lished in English 
Port .\rlhur — .\ 
tion of the celeb] 

Battleship lleet 

'Ihe Ev 


Sandv i-'i 

IS Man, (biographic fiction). Club: 
Players. Address; Care .Messrs. M,,irat, V.ird 
Co., Union Square. X. Y. City: permanent 
address; Monrovia, Calif. 
EAKE'V, Thomas Henry: 

Major-gen., U. S. A.; b. N. T. City, Oct. 
IS, Ijij; s. David and Jlargaret (Diraond) 
Barry; grad. from public seh.iols to Coll. 
of City of X. Y., 1^72: appfd cadet U. S. 
Mil. Acad., 1573, after competitive exa-nina- 
lioii, by Hon. Robert B. Koobevelt; grad. 
l;-77. Appt'd 2d It., 7l!i Cav., June H, 1^77; 
served in Dakota and Montana until Aug. SI. 
ISSli, when transferred to Isl Inf., and appt'd 
q.-m. of reg't; served in Texas. lsiU-S2; pro- 
moted 1st It., 11, 1-s:;, c.ipt., Feb. .lo, 
l^iil; served in Arizona, l-^■J-s(., takini, part 
in Indian caiupaign.-; served in Siou.'i cam- 
)>ai-ii.s. S. Dak., Isoij-Ol; dutv in ollicc of 
Iboi. Daniel S. l.amoni, sec. of War, l-:'J-a7; 
a|. pointed maj. and ass't adj.-i.-en. Jan. -J'.), 
1^97, and assigned to Uep't of The Columbia 
until outbreak of Si.anish-.Vmerican War. 
when assigned as adj. -gen. of Philippine 
forces; appt'd It. -col. and ass't adj. -gen. U. 
S. V„ and adj. -gen. Mh Armv Corps, June 2->, 
]!-t.S; appt'd It-.-col. and asst adj. -gen. U. S. 
A.. Jan. 10, I'.iiMj; '..ri-.-gen. vols., Jun^ W, 
lOlJO to June 30. I'joi ; col. and ass't adj. -gen. 
July 1,-.. I;»jJ; brig.-gen., U. S. A. Aug. IS, 
1003; maj..r-gen. r. S. A., April ;;ti, I'J"-, 
Serv.'d adi.-gen. Philippine Armv, Mav, Is'J-, 
to Feb., IV-i; with t liina Relief' Expeil'n, as 
brig.-gen., U. S, V., Aug.. l'.«.o: chief of stall', 
Philippine forces, until Julv -.'o, 1901; 
conmnlg Dep't of the (Mill, h.'ad.inarters at 
-Vtlaiita, Ga., iriii:;^-,: observer -n-ith Russian 
Army during RMss..-Jap.ines,. War, P"!.-,; pres. 
Army Coll.. Dec. A. V.^r,; apjit'd Feb., 
lino, ass't to cuief of sl.ilT V. S. A.; c.inid'g 
Army of Cnb;in P.-ieilication since Feb., I'.io.;; 
acting provisb.nal governor of Cuba, J. in. -s 
to March ,s, VMi. Address; Havana, Cuba. 

nd Jnle 

ebvre ; 

Ital.v, IMio, Ferrara; one step dau'h 
Jlaria (married). Stndied one season," 1^77 
Chicago Art Inst., under L. C. Earle ; weni 
to Paris, lf'7S. at age of I'i; remained ; 
years; returned to Boston for 2 years, ISsS 
.S.5: went to Italy in l;-a7 and returned in 
IS'Ji; has since resided in X. Y. Citv and al 
country place, "Lone Pine," near Katonah, 
X. H. Mem. Xat. Acad, Design, Soc \m 
Artists. Received 1st prize. Xat. Acad. De 
sign, IS'Jo; tjliaw Fund Prize, Soc. Am 
Artists. ISOS; medal Pan-Am. Exhibition Buf- 
falo, 1001. Painted eight decorative panel? 
for the r. S. Gov't in Librarv of Congress- 
represented in various public galb ' 

X. Y. private 

deuces; character w-ork ; decorati 
figures. Club: Century. Address; care Cen- 
tury Club, 7 W. J3d St., X. Y. City. 
EARSTOW, Charles L.: 

ditor Educational Dep't, 


:^i.7; s. Gov 
i.Maeck) Bai 

m. Hist. 
St. Xi 



.; b. 


J. L 

(of \t.) 

DW ; 

A.B., Unio 


m. Mem. 


1, Sigma r 


The Pla 

Vt., Ma 




Address; ' 
31 Gramercy Park, X. Y. City. 
BAESrOW. Erauk Quarlcs: 

C,-,pit:ilist: b. Waukesha, 'Wis., Oct. 
1*17; s. William A. and Maria (CJuarl 
li.irslow; ed. m schools of Madison, V 
M.'iu. B'd Directors Stand:ird Oil Co.; ,n 
director of the Thoinpson-Htarrett Co., bu 
tractors. Railway Steel Spring ( 

■11 Products Relii 
Y. Glucose Co., 

L ni- 


nk 1.1 

dress; -20 Broadwa.v, X. Y. Cii 
BAESTOW, 'William Sloctim: 

Brook I v 

BARTCHEE. Charles A.: 

Liwver: b. I'iiHii.n.iii, Ohio. Jnlv IT, IV.r. 
s. Arnold and Kli/abelli (Falk) Bartcher: e.i 
in CinriMnali imldic schools. Cniv. ,.f .\Iiel 
and Univ. of Uerliu, taking post-grad, coiirs 

\xno->i WHO 

::i inlprnational ami Rnman civil la\v, historv, 
.!.■., 1»1-W; m. IMlli, ilavion S. MnfC.iiiiic-ri ; 

ri.. il;,usliter, Kiali, b. 1>V7. Admitted to 
liar of Midi., Ohio and 111.; foiiiiorlv pves. 
Aiiii-rican Cunimii-cial Tnn-clcr, a puljiioation 
advocating tlie adoption of 2-ceiU inter- 

lian^eable mileaire ovi>r railroads, and in- 







liters. Republican, Reorea- 

-■ --- =,, fishing. Address; 500 Fifth 

Ave.. X. Y. City. 

EAKTENS, Charles Friedricli Alexander: 

Jeweler; b. Stralsurd, Girmanv, 1^37- v.-as 
..lucated lliero and learned art of watch 
.iiaimfaeturing; went to Copeuha^ren, Lon- 
.[■m. Paris and Geneva; m. X. Y. filv, Dec. 7. 
l-t;9, Albertine Clans; children: :Mrs: Edward 
Davey lilooin. .Mrs. Fritz Flatibuer. Came 
in U. S. in November, ln.5, and established 
himself in X. Y. as w.ttchtuakcr and jeweler; 
ia 1575, founded the tirm ol S.irtons & Rice; 
resigned from the corporation of Llarteiis & 
Hico Co., Jlar., 111110, and e-,tablished himself 
in X. Y. City. Trustee N. Y. Liederkranz 
.S..C. Residence: 1-2J W. Solh St. Address: 
!■ John St., X. Y. City. 
BARTHOLOMEW, Alauson Douglass: 

Whitehall, X. Y., Sept. 15, 


Xow England Soc, Triii 

Alumni Ass'n, Clubs: Calumet, Do „„ 

(■l.utvh, i.y. Y City), Yacht. Car, (Sfamfotd, 
Conn.). Residence: Slamlord, Conn. Ad- 
dress; IS Wail St., X. Y. City. 
BARTLETT, Edward Theodore: 

Jurist; b. June 14, IMl, at Sl;aneatales, X, 
1., where father was eminetit phvsician and 
surgeon for over JU years ; descended from 
Norman-lreneh ancestry (Dnrlelot), and an- 
cestor emigrated from England to Xew 
Hampshire in early Colonial days; greut- 
grandlathcr was Josiah Bartlett, signer of 
Declaration of Indei.endence, and of Articles 
of Coniederalion, :i:.| f;, • ^ ,v,.n„.r and chief 




al educ 


A In 

lul Ali 

(Douglass) Bartholomew; grad. Syracuse 
I'niv., Ph.D., ISSU; Cornell Uiiiv.. LL.B., 1S5S. 
Kngaged in practice of law at Whitehall, X. 
1.. from 1S«; justice of the peace, S years; 
P;>Iice justice, 4 years; -id lieut. Co. I, ;;d X. 
^. Vol. Inf., in War with Spain; 1st lieut. 
Co. I, 2d Reg-t, X. G. X. Y., vears Re- 
inlilican. Jlethodist. Mem. Phi k.ippa Psi; 
i'lu Delt.i Phi; Albany Constsiorv, Scottish 
Rite Xlasons, Washington Coinmanderv, Xo, 
M, K. 1'.; past master, Pliwni.'i Lod,-e .\o. 9r,, 
1. and A. M. ilem. and past irrand, White- 
Inill Lodge, Xo. 5, I. (). O. l'.;"mem While- 
hill GrLnge, Xo. ■)-•. S;ins <.f Am. Kev.ilii lion, 
Spanish War Veterans, Address: Wliiiehall, 




b. U.-,i 

liHon, Can., Dec 

and CaroliiK 

ilton (Can.: 

(Coumbs) Bartiiulale; ed. I 
CciiTal School; m. Hamilton 
'-•II, Sarah J. Stone; children: Vvilliam G ! 
Alice S., Jacques W., Walter 11. Drv goods 
merchant in Canada; came to X'. Y. Citv. 
I-.'J; salesman for a few years; connected 
will r.radslreet's for s years: credit man 
with Horse Ji: Rogers, X. Y. City, lii years. 
I'ns. Credit .Men's Ass'n, IMitl ; since I'juu in 
credit insurance business; now pres. Credit- 
ors Fund Ass'n; registrar Philadelphia 
<asiialty Co.; ,,res. .Merchants' Fund Co; 
ireas. Am. Calculating Machiae Co., and Xat. 
talcolating Machine Co. Republican. Kins- 
copalian. Mem. Canadian .Soc. of X. Y. 
Ipres. 2 years), T.dland Fish and Game 
Ass n (pres. 2 years). Keereation ; Fishing, 
riobs: Lincoln ( Brooklyn ). Cannans River 
lishuig (Long Island!, .Murk Rock (Susiiu..- 
lo.ona. Pa.). Arkwright, l;,ili,!i Schools .and 
Iniversities ( X. Y. City). R.-sidence: 
Kidgcwood, X. J. Address: J-.> Broadway, 

EARTLET, Henry Pauie: 

Ilankor, brok.'r; b. Xewburvport. JIass., 
1">0: iir.'parcl al Br..wi, ili-li Sell., an.l at- 
temled Trinity Coll. Mem. Chamber of Com- 

I ised law 

. i. : remo' 
ii.ued ill 1,1 

d to 

udied la' 
initted to bar, (Jcl.. ;■■■ 
L-US in Ononda-a Coui.n, 
X. Y. Cil.v, 1JG.>, and con 

until IMK. Republican to 

of .Supreme Court, ls91, defeated; 
l.-U:;, and elected as.sociate jnd -_ 
.Appeals of X. Y., for term of 11 vears from 
Jan. I, 1JU4, and reelected Xov., lyo7. Mem. 
Ass'n of the Bar of City of X. Y. since 1.-70 
I formerly mem. Cora, on Administrations and 
K.xecutive Coin.); mem. Sons Am. Revolution, 
X. Y. Law Inst., Xew England Soc. Clubs: 
Uni..n L.ague, Republican. Address: Union 
League Club, X. Y. City. 

BARTLETT, Eugene M.: 

L.iw.ier; b. Vvarsaw, Wyoming Countv, X. 
Y., 1=55; s. .Myran K. and Cordelia (.McFar- 
hind) Bartlett; ed. Warsaw Union School, 
Genesee .\cad. and Cornell Univ.; m. Iloruell 
X. Y., Feb. 18. 1?05; Grace il. Sheldon; one 
daughter, ilargaret Sheldon Bartlett. En- 
gaged in geiieiMl praeliee of law; was former- 
ly dist. att'y of Wyoming Co., and prac- 
tised law in BulValo since l.-OO; now mem 
firm B:inlett, Putnam \- Ch.imberhiin, Buf- 
falo, X. Y. Director Daniel Gclmuur Door 
Co., P.uli'alo. H;is traveled through Ireland, 
Scotland, England, France, Belgium and Ger- 
many, and nearly everv Slate and Territorv 
in the Unicoi, and in l.MBl. wilh .Mrs. Bartlett, 
went to Alaska, tiirough the Vihilo Pass over 
into the Vnkon country. Reiiublic:iu. .Mom. 
State Bar .Ass'n, Erie Co., Bar Ass'n, Loun-- 
er's Club of Bui'falo. Mem. Ancient Land- 
mark's. Lodge F. and A. Jl.; Asvlnm Cliap- 
ff. R. A. M.; Balanio Commanderv, K. T.: 
r.nil'alo Historical Ass'n: Empire State 
Ch,.|.ler. Sons Am. Revolnlioii. Clubs: Buf- 
filo, Park, Balavia. Address: l'J5 Bryant 
St., Buffalo, X. Y. 

BARTLETT, Frank L.; 

b. Belfast. X 


Jnly 1.-,, 1,- 

an, X. Y. 
BARTLETT. Franklin; 

. . Y., Dec. 25, l.-^SS; m. 
E. Engl.and. Engaged 

Co., Ma, 

Coll., AH., I- 


'o" Has 

City fro 

11 \>7?> w 

n,d col, 

nel Viit, 


and Pul 

H.-llll:l Posl; 

nem. Cotigr 





10. of 


Order Foreirn, Sons of Rtvc 
New Eugiiind IIUl. S-.c, X. \. H:3! 
Sue. Colonial ^\•:,^s, Xaval and Hi!, i 
Spanish-Ain. War. Ruyal Kist. S,-o , 
Kappa Kpsilou fialt-inity. Cluhs: 
versity, Union, Manhattan. Knijk'rTjockcr. 
Players, Harvard, L'.-.rncratie, Cone" I.=land 
Jockey, Turf and Field. The Brook, City 
Midday, Country: Metropolitan (Wa '■ 

D. C.) 

5 Nassau St., N. Y. City. 
BARTLETT, Homer Newton 

6 AV. 2otli St. Address: 


ah C. 

L-r, organist, pianis' : b 
'. 28. l^iij, s. Henry B 
lall) Bnrtl^tt; on father's 
?tcdant of Josiah liart'eit, nrsi 
of N. Y., .Tnd a signer of the 
a of Independence; through mother, 
eet descendant of John Rogers (English 
rtyr) : cla.5sical ed'n at S.A. Lai? Post's 
He Acad, and under tutors :n N. Y. 

and Hn 
side, d 

City (Re 


Dr. Be 

3. Mills 

others) ; musical ed'n und 
Emil tiuyon (piano) 
Jacobsen (organ, tht 
composition). Has p 
works, embracing' compositions in ] 
every form: including a symphonic 
for' orchestra, entith-d Apollo, illust 
part of Homer's Iliad: Legende (.o 
tion for orchestra), "Concerto" in ' 
violin and orchestra; two pieces for ; 
orchestra): several cantatas (chorus 
piano): Ballade (violin and orcli 
Khamsin {concert aria for tenor 
veral cantatas (chorus 

et and 



stra) ; 




90 published piano-fort 
on eijual number of songs and chiircii an- 
thcnis: .also organ pieces, among them the 
Toccata in E and Suite, op. SiKl. Former 
v.-p. ilauuscript Soc. ; one of founders Am. 
UniUl of Organists. Address: 272 Maiihat- 
tau Av-, N. Y. Ciiy. 

Lawyer; b. Canton. Conn., Juno 4, ISJS; s. 
John N. and Ellen R.n.t (Strong) BarilctI; 
grad. New Britain (Conn.) High Scl....d; 
Y'ale L'niv. (Sheflield Scientific School), l^Ts; 
Yale Law Srh,.ol, 1?.-1: m. New Britain, 
Conn., Elcan'ir Pauline Fitch, of Le.-iiiigton, 
Ky.; cliibhcu: Margaret, b. L-S9, Eleanor, b. 
It'Jl. Adniilled to Conn. Bar, UM ; corpora- 
tion cumscl New Britain. Conn. Practice, 
for last fittien or more years, confined to 
patents, tr.ide-marks .and i-opvrights: re- 
moved to New York. ]-fl7; m.'ni. firm of Bart- 
lett. Brownell & Mi'cli.ll: I". S. Sn- 


rt Bai 






City of N. 

N.' Soc., Empire State Soc. S. A. K. 
Chilis: I'liivcrsitv, Yale. Resilience: -i'lr '\V 
btjih. Address: 41 Park Row, N. Y. City. 

Cotton Oil Co., 

)!., .M;l 
((lakes 1 



cemlant 1 

ITOlJl : cd. New lir 
Y. City. April ti, 
For past 2'> years 
reorganization ot 


ved and 



nixed Tvater syste 
Jersey Cit 

ana rehabnitated .1 
S. and Euiope. eml 
localed in 1/ .States 
tii.'ii.cuM; then- electe 
Co.; consolidated, 
and Cake .Mills. L'l 
ies), mfg and ret 
seed oil an-i oil-ca 
tain (only large 
Great Britain or 

, and other N. J. towns 
;led li'M) ; reorganizeil 
1. Cotton Oil Co., in l\ 
.icing 3o separate corp'ns 
with capital of over $3o.- 
chm'n Nicaragua Canal 
n England. British Oil 
(:;S mills and 13 refiner- 
iug cotton-seed and lin- 
!. throughout Great Bri- 
dustrial combination in 
unipe organized by an 
iiiiiencan I. rres. Am. Cotton Oil Co., Am. 
Cotton Oil Co., of Ohio, Nat. Cotton Oil Co., 
Union Oil Co. of R. 1., N. K. Fairbank Co., 
Nicaragua Canal Co., Union Oil Co. of New- 
Orleans, Drawbaugh Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co., Bay Slate Gas Co. of Delaware, 
Keade-Duane Cold Storage Co., N. Y. City; 
v.-p. and treas. Macoupin R. R.; v.-p. N. J. 
Gen. Security Co.; treas. '«'. Milford 'Water 
Storage Co., Montclair 'Water Co.; comp- 
troller E. Jersey Water Co.: director Passaic 
'iValer Co., Aequachauonk Water Co., W. J. 
Wilcox Lard and Rclining Co., Siemens & 
Halske Elec. Co. of Chicago, Pa. Iron Works 
Co., .Maritime Canal Co. Jln'g director Soc. 
for Establishing Useful Manufacturers (or- 
ganized by Alexander Hamilton, 1772). Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Mem. New Eng- 
land Soc. Clubs: Union League, Lawyers. 
Address: 2 Wall St., N. Y. City. 
BABTILlETT, Maltl.aiid Vance: 

Clergvman: li. Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 8, 
1S70; s. Fr:inci5 Wayland and Marv (Stew- 
art) Bartlett: grad. Princeton Un"iv., It91, 
A.U., A.M., l5U2: Princeton Theol. Seni.. 
1>9J, Berlin Univ., ItOJ-OC; also studied at 
Univs. of Eriangen and .Marburg: unmar- 
ried. After trafel in Europe be.anie 'pas- 
tor of Stella Prcsbv'n Ch.. WilkcsBarre. 
Pa., ISOOM; p;ist(ir First Chur 

N. J.. Ill 

i-W ; 




irope, isniii.-,; si 

ice 19IIG. 


or 'W 



rrns Pi 

esby'n CI 

.. N. Y. 


y. CIL 




Address : 

220 E. 





Ci 1 y. 




b. orange 

ville. N. Y 

, M, 

y T, IS 




1 K. and 







■d. Genest 

e and \V 

■ ig Se 


at Twi. 

N. Y.. '1 
sburg, Oh 

o, Nov. 21, 


o) Ins 




lid: chilli 

en: Eu-e: 

e J 

., Estc 


1 n 

iw Mrs. 

S. A. Uox 

■aril). Edi 

h, ( 

now M 



alter M 
A. Kinu 
ely mem 

). Admit 
. of law t 

, lilamlic 
ed to li:ir 
l-ms of lia 


ow M 
'& Jo 



1. B.inl 

ett & Pii 

rce. BartI 


& Sini 



rtlctt & 

llarllclt, M. E. & 1- 

. M 




rllett. H 

irilcrt A: 1 

vans. Bar 





zier. lia 

tl.-tl, Ev:ii 

s & Van 


lie, It; 



1 ICvans 

& Lcsler. 

County 3 


and s 


^:'ite of 


Co.. N. \ 

.. 1 

-97. .■ 



■ss: Wa 

saw, Wvo 

mins Co., 



BARTLETT. Murray: 

1M12. A.M. 1S93, 

r.l. Ciir:itc (-irace Ch.. N. Y.. Isji 
. Paul's Episcopal Ch., Rochester. 
Trustee Church Home; director 

WHO'S NViio IN Xi;\v youk 


Ir.-ns' Aid Socip(v, R.ichesler. Cli-Ls: Go 
. .,• V.illev. Cciuiitrv, llumJrura (Ro,-hesf-i 
A.l.lriis: 13 Vick I':iik K, Kcci.-ster, X. Y. 
BAETLETT, Paul Wayland: 

Miilptor; h. -Vi-w, Coiin , :=flJ: 
*r 11. F.iirilelt; cil. public schools, Xow 11 
%,'ii and Boston: be^-an .o study s-ulpi.i 
u:.(ier il. Fre^iet wlieu uov, la'pr puiul 
r:ivilier at Ecol? des Beaux Arts, Par: 
IMiibitpd at Paris Salon, 16t7, ihi Bv 
T:.nicr (now in Met. Museum of Art, X. 

which rec 


hiMled hors concours, at Pai 
i--'J and 1900. ScuptMr of o.]uestrian ilatui 
..t Ocn. George !i. McClellan."lphii 
'■•n. Warren, Bostrm, and Gen. l.Uavett. 
I'.iris; statues in Congressional Lilj-.iry, ( 
.Mi<hael Anselo and t', also of V! 
rious statues in the Luxembours Gall.-ry an 

BAP.TLETT, Philip Golden: 

I.:iw\cr: b. Washin-lon, D. C. Xo7. !!5, 
1-vj: grad. Yale, l-M: m. Beatrice Fturgi.s. 
Mem. City and Slate Bar Ass'ns, Soo. of 
tlic Mayflower Descendajits. Psi Up£;ilo;i and 
.MiuU and Bones ir.iiernities. Clubs; Ceu- 
ti.rv. University, Yale, City MidJiv, Rail- 
r":ul. Residence: $14 Madison Ay. Address: 
'; Cedar St., X. Y. City. 
r.AP.TLETT, Willard: 

Jurist: b. L'xbria<.-e. Mass., Oct. It, ISir,: 
i William O. and Au-nes K. H, (WiUard) 
l;.irtlett: grad. Columbia Univ., A. B,, lsi.;9, 
N. Y. Univ., L1,J!., 1!-0S: LL.P. Hamiltou 
• ■11., ]s9t, N. Y. Univ., Wi, Columbia U;iiv., 
i'ol: ra. Brooklvn, X. Y'., Oct. -JO, l!7ii. Marv 
lurbanks r.ulVuin. Encased in practice of 
1 w with Hon. Klibu K.M.t, If Ii9-S.3 ; elected, 
1-3, a justice of the Supreme Court of the 
■■^l^ite of X. Y., and re.Me.-ted I'tlT; serv.d in 
AiMM-llate Division, X. Y'. Supreme Court, 
:-'7);Bi7: appt'd 1900 associate justice X. Y'. 
1 oirt of Appeals, and eiecled Xov. .',. 1'.U7. to 
'':II term in same otTice expiring Dec. 31, I'.llV. 
I'rof. med. jurisprudence, h. I. Coll llosp. 
►iioe ],..,3. Democrat. Mem. Soc. 
^'■Mrs, Sons of Revolution. Clubs: Univer- 
<■«>: Century Ass'n, (X. Y. City); Bro..k- 
l>'i. Hamilton, (Brooklvn). Residence: .1 
^'iTrepont St., Brooklvn. Oflicial address: 
>i':on. X. Y. 

BAP.TLET, Elias Hudson: 

ol, C" 

ell Ui 


d Coll. IIosp,, M. 11 

"iklvn Coll. Phannacv, l-9i3: n 

'. .N'ov. 3, Iff^. Marv Irances 11. ii 

■"■■ -Samuel Putter, b. IfDO, Miid 

1-OJ. In.sti 

(111.) IIi_-h 

;, l,o,i^ Is- 

.rare I', 




ist, Dep-t 
■"•■i:lvn, ]--_"'^-i: pros. B'd r,f 1 
--•s Co., IfKi-Mi: dean and p. 
•niistrv, Brooklvn Coll. Phar 


prof, pediatrics from innj, 1 
Insp. Slate BM Il.':illh, 1." 
X chemist. D.p't lleiillh, 
endins; pliysician. 

.\rms Xursor> : pediatrist and a director, 
Bubhvick llosp.: consullin- i..ili:,;ri • -■ 
mantau !I:isp., Methodist V.;.]. ^ ... ■: .' ., 
and BuEhwick and Kast Brookl,,, l. ,, ,. 

and -llosp. Independent in p .1 i.- 

terir.n. Pres. Associated Phv.sii.i.4o., oi L-o- 
island, IVW. mem. Med. ' Sue. Counlv oi 
Kings, Am. Pharmaeeutical Ass'n, Am. (jhem. 
Soc. Author: Medical and Pharmaceutica) 
Cheiuistry (C editions); Clinical Chemisirv 
(2 editions). Club. Universitv (Brooklvn). 
Address; to S. Portland Av., Brooklyn, X'. Y. 
BARTO, Charles Elmore: 

Clersym,".n; b. Xortnport. L. I., Oct. 5, 
1Sd2; s. Charles Henry and Sarah J. (Briitss) 
Barto; ed. public school, Xo. 19, Brooklvn; 
Trinity CTi. Sch., X. Y'. City; Centenary 
CoUeeiate Inst., Hackettstown, X. J.: \Ves- 
leyaii, ph.B., Ib'M; m. Unionville, Conn., Mav 
7, IfOl, Xellie M. Daniels; children: Mar- 
jory Irene, b. Is92, Earl Briggs. b. 1S93, Dor- 
othy, b. l-n, Elmore Gordon, b. 1903. Seven 
years in Conn.; pastor Springfield, 
Queens Borough l.s9T-1900: Trinity M. E. 
Cli., Long Island Citv, 19(10-03; Willis Av. 
M. E. Ch., Borough of Bronx, from If.MS. 
Mem. X. Y. East Conf., M. E. Ch. Mem. 
Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Mason. 
Address: 401 E. 141st St., X. Y. City. 
BARTON, Frank Arthur; 

Captain U. S. A.; b. Wasliington, D. C, 
July -13. 1-wi; s. William Henry and Harriet; 
(Garrison) Barton; ed. Washington High 
Sch. and Cornell Univ., M. E.. 1^91; attended 
U. S. Inf. and Cav. Sch., Ft. Leavenworth. 
Kan.; m. April 20, lf9S, Louise Wilkeson. of 
Buffalo, X. Y. Appt'd id lieut. 24th U. S. 
Inf., Aug. 1, 1691; 2nd lieut. 3d V. S. Cav., 
Oct. 2S, 1S9S; capt. 3rd U. S. Cav., Feb. 2, 
19C1. Served in Spanish-Am. War and three 
years in the Philippijies. Expert ridennin. 
Mem. Annv and Xavv Order of the Carabao, 
Order of Philippine War, Delta Upsilon fra- 
ternity. Jlason. Clubs: Army and Xavv, 
Sierra Club (San Francisco), Town and 
Address: Cornell 



BARTON. George Do Forest: 

Real estate; b. X. V. Citv. Mar. iS. 1541 
s. William a:ol Eliza Phillips ( Whittemore 
liarton; ed. private schools. X. Y. City atn 
S. Williamstown, Mass.: m. tiarrisons-on 
Hudson. Dec. 2S, 1=70, Anna Dudlev Ward 
I'.ivmaslcr U. S. .v., l.«i;l-C9: since 'then, i 
re. a estate business in X. Y. City. Pres 
l;.-,il I.M;ite Exchange, IMI.5 9(!. Republican 
i:pisc..p:ilian. Mem. .Mil. Order Loyal Legion 
Mil. Order Foreign Wars, Soc. of l.sli. Son 
of Revolution, Xaval Order. Clubs: Arm 
:iiul X.-ivv, Union League. Address; 122 W 
Tltli St., X. Y. City. 
BARTON, Philip Price: 

Klectric.ll eng'r; 1.. Lock Uaven. Pa.. M.i; 
.■.. IbOj; grad. (•ornell Univ.. Ph li.. Is-,;. M. .< 
1-S-. Gen. mg'r Xiagara Fall 






director ■I'.i.uiwan 

l:i I'ow 

er Co 

, SubnrI 

Power Co. Mem. 


hst. E 

ec. i:ng 

A. A. A. S.. Psi 



lee XiaL- 

Falls* Pnldic li 

vice p 


Young Jlen's Chr 



on. CinI 

linllalo. Niagara, 


s: Xi. 

gara Fa 



BARTOW, Eeniard: 

ftur-c-ou; h. riii.t, iricli.. Doc. 1, ISIO; s. 
John and Kallifiiiie (Uemis) Bartow; J[. D., 
Med. Dcpt, Lniv. of Iiult:ilu; m. BostDii, 
ilass., June iC; IsTD. l-'unnie F. Howes. Mem. 
Am. Orthopadic Ass'n. C'iiildrcii's 
llosp., EulValo. prof, oi-l li^padic sur- 
ger;-, Univ. of Euil'alo. C'lul.s: .S.iUirn, ParK. 
Address: 4S1 Delaware Av., Buffalo, \. Y. 
BARTOW, Kevett Steele: 

iSccretary (.'ueeus Ins. Co. of America; b. 
Astoria, L. 1., X. Y., Sept. 5. Isljs: ed. in 
public and private schools. Entered N. Y. 
Cit.v Dep't of the Queens Jns. Co., of Liver- 
pool, Ent'Iand, 1;S4, and has ever since been 
in the service of that company, first in of- 
tice work, hiter in surveying and as assis- 
tant special a^ent in Xevv "£n:;land; after- 
v-ard special agent of the company in New 
lin^land; continued as sijecial agent from 
l^Oi to 19u0, when was appt d to present of- 
fice as secretary of the company. Address: 
H William St., X. Y. City. 
BAEUCH, Emanuel de Marnay: 

Physician; b. Sau Francisco, Calif., Feb. 
2-2, ]>:il; s. Jlvron de M. and Elizabeth 
(Fourmun) B.irucli; grad. Columbia Univ., 
-M. 1).. ];,-:i. Uiiiv. of Tiiljingen. 11. D., isyi; 
studied also at Univs. of Munich, Berlin, 
Paris. Prof, bacteriology and palholo-v 
Univ. of State of N. Y.; prof. bacteriol,.-v 
and thi-rapeulics, Metropolitan Posl-i.'raduat,; 
.Med. School: consullinj phvsician to ib.sp. 
for Del'ormiljcs and Joint Hiscases. and to the 
Philanthrojiin IIosp. ilem. Am. Med. Ass'u, 
X. Y. State Med. Soc, X. Y. County Med, 
Soc, Acad. Pathol. Scii'nce, Greater N. Y. 
Med. Ass'n, M.mhaitan Med. Soc, Med. 
Jurisprudence Soc; mem. Jnlcrnat. Tubercu- 
losis Congress at Paris atid at Washington, 
D. C. Autlior of numerous medical essavs 
and treatises; orator ou numerous occasions 
of public importance. Unitarian. Mem. 
Columbm Univ. Alumni Ass'n; pres. Ger- 
man Scientific Clul); .1 founder of German 
Universities Alumni Ass'n; climn Lie.ler- 
kranz Sue., etc. -Vddress: 57 E. 7Tth St., 
X. Y. City. 
BASOOM, Robert 0.: 

Law>er; b. Hrwell, Vt., Xnv. IS, 1553; 8. 
Samuel II. and Klizabelh (Clark) Bascom; Ft. F.dw.ird Collegiate Inst., IsTo ; m. 
Larrabee's Point, Vt., Dec 20, IMi, Mary 
Larrabee Piatt; children: Wvman S., b. ISN.. 
K.ibcrt Piatt, b. 1^^7. Frederick George, b. 
ItW. Admitted to bar, I^>,'■, and has prac- 
tised law ever .since, .\ppcnnled dist. alfy 
of Washington Co., X. Y., bv Gov. Frank Vf. 
Iliggins, Jan. IJ, imi: elected fall of IUM.",, for 
full term. Republican. Sec X. Y. Stato 
Hist. Ass'u; niem. Sons Am. Revolution; 
mem. Vermont Hist. S.c, Xat. Ge..g. Soc, 
X. Y. Geneal. :iiid Biog. S-.c. X. Y. Sl.ito 
Bar Ass'n, Ft. Kdvvard Lod.-c F. and A. M.; 
m. m. Ft. Kdwanl Club. Address: Ft. Kd- 
ward, Wa-h:i:_-te]i Co., X. Y. 

.11. City 



,ee Co., .Mi,s.. 

June is: ls70; 


Augusta Lou 

sa (Johnston) 


ed. "i'niv. o 

Miss,. l-jli-S7. 


l'->-oo, Vand..i 

bilt Univ., IMM, 


1, \>'.a. I'hJi.. 

lniv. of X, C 


X. C. Apn 

:'l, 1>'JJ, Mar 


: children: C 
McLalloch, b, 


arles, ,^itli, b. ISOG, Eli- 
VMi. Iiistr. li'JlDl, a, 
ociate prof. 1.5D3-lDou, pi,.;, 
chemistry and director cliem. laborator., 
IWiij-ul, Univ. of X. C; since 1904 prof, cliem- 
istry and directory laboratory, CoU. City .. 
X. Y, Mem. Am. Cliem. Soc. (mem. coun'eil , 
Am. Electochcm. Soc, Soc. Chem., 
Deutsche Ciiemisclie Gesellschaft ; fell e,v 
London Chem. Soc, A. A. A. S. (v.-p. S.- 
tion C, lllOJ-«3); X. Y., Washington. X. c. 
Acad. Sciences. Franklin Inst. (Philad. ! 
phia). Investigator, especially in inorgani- 
chcmislry; discoverer of the chemical ele 

in radium and other radio-active substaiKe>, 
Author: School Chemi.-itrv and Kev to same, 
l-'.ij; Radium and its .\i.,!i,.,;t;'.!,s iu Medi- 
Thc Chemical Kb i ':. i ■ ■. !'- -. Contb'r 


Independent Den 
Phi IJola Kaiipa. 
Lodge. Mem." .Soi 
gini.,ns, Verein A 
A'fciein Deutsche CI 


• : i i.,,..-ii 

Delia iv.,|.l..i l.|..>il"n, K 

them Soc, X. U. Soc, 
Deutsche Studen 


Clubs: Ccntnrv, 
Graduates. Chemists, City College, 
Church. Address: College City of Xew York, 
X. Y. Ciiy. 
BASSELIN. Theodore B.: 

.Mfr lumber and breeder of brown Swiss 
cattle ; b. tirosleiieli.-n, Loraine (now ti.-r- 
nianv). l-.M: s. DominiMUe and Anna (I'ier- 
Son) B.nsaelin; ed. Univ. of Niagara, X. V.; 
m. Daiilgrccn Chapel, Georgetown, Washing- 
ton, 1). C, 15o3, J. A. Florence Ager, ivlio 
died Feb., Itie'!. In lumber business since 
1S73; now cn.agcd under owr 

A. Ba 


s. J. E. li 



Co.. Lowx 
rector and clim'ii K.-:eeutive Co 
and r.e:iver Uiver U. R. Co.: director West 
End Pajicr Co., Carthage, X. Y. , Carthage 
Klcc. Light and Power Co., and Carthage 
Xat. Bank. Democr:it; Roman Catholie. 
Life mem. Red Cross; mem. Xa 


Df Adi 


;eereati.iiis: Hook 

motor boating and autoinobiling; also hnrse- 

an, h.iving 'large stable of saddle, driving 

ol speed horses. Clubs: Lowville (Lnw- 

llo, X. Y.); Black River Vallev (V\"al 




of An 

1 .V. 

BASSETT. Ebeuczcr Don Carlos: 

Dinlom.aist : b. Litcluield. (.'onn., IMS; ed. 
Conir. Xornial School. Yale Coll, and Univ. of 
Pennsvlvauia: taui-ht 11 years in Pbila- 
delphi'a: r, S. mii.ister t.i ILi>ti. I5(i9; Mine 
is::. loiisul in N'. Y. Cit.v. Address: 
SI Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BASSETT, Edward Murray: 

Lawver; b. Bro.dJvn. .N'. Y„ Feb. 7, Isfi:!; 
s. Cbailes R. anil LUira R. lUngers) Has- 
sett; ed. ILimilton Coll.. (A. .M.). 
Amherst Coll., A. B., l-sl. Colniubia Law 
S.-hool. LL.B., Is-ii; in. Bath, X. V.. May II, 
]st«), Annie U. Preston; live children. En- 
gaged in pr:ictice of law from IJ.-O; now 
mem. firm Ilassett. Thompson .^- Gilpatric. r.iooklvn B'd of Ed'n. l-fOlftOl, llil- 
bush Local Sell. B'd, IWloJ; mem. Cou 



is from 5ih N. Y. Dist., 1003-03; api.fd 
H..V. lluiches Julv 1. 1907, mem. rublii^ 
liiL- C'omm'n ■nlui.-li position now holds, 
loirat; liicm. Dem. (Jen. Com. Brook- 
isi,'i-a7. Kesideucf: 1710 Xewkiik Av., 
oklyn. Address: 277 Broadway, N. Y. 

BASSETT, Predoric Brewster: 

l.i.-ut. comniiiMdLT Li. S. X.; b. Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Jan. 4, ItoO; s. Frederic Burton and 
latiuie (Thomas) Bassett; ed. Public Sch. 
11, Brooklyn, Polytecliaic Inst., Brooklyn, and 
V. S. Naval Acad., l:^c^8; in. St. Louis, 
Mo., Aus. 31, isy.;, Lily Belle ilanicv; one 
sun, I'redcric Haniey. Appt'd ensign, July 2.5, 
l-,«); lieut. (junior ^r^'de), June 5, IS'JS: licut., 
March 3, Ibli'J: licut. -cyindr, July 1, lOn"). 
.s.Tved in Richnion.i. Is-.-no, Kanger, lo'jO- 
HI. (.'harleston, l-.'l ■.':,: .mi T. S. Coast Snr- 
vcv, lf;/3-94; at .'l.m.I, l-'il'.ifl; in Thetis, 
^■.•i. Alert, ISUB, Jhji..-!t,i, l-lii;-'j>J; Torpedo 
.Sialion, ItOS); at I'.un.iu of (.irdnance, IM'U- 
iwil; in Puritan, lyulOJ; U. S. S. Bancroft, 
linti-Ol; Kaval Acad., I'Jul-OJ; on Asiatic Sta- 
tion, 19IJ6. Episcopalian. Address: Caro 
N.ivy Department, Washington, D. C 
EASSETT, George Barclay: 

Civil and hydraulic en,-'r; !). Ballston, X. 
Y.. June 17, Itid; s. Cluirles Ralph and El- 
vira (Rogers) Bassett; ed. public schools u( 
Jirooklvn and Waletlown, X. Y., Shcilield 
.Scientific School (Yale); m. Palmyra. N. Y., 
Jan. 8, ISOU, Anna Kin:;man; children: 
I liarles Kinsman, b. ISlil, Robert Sturtevant, 
h. li'M. Ass't city on-'rs ollue. Waterlown, 
N. Y.; ass't en^'r in desi^'n and construc- 
lion of water works at CananJai^-ua, Cort- 
l.uid, and Fulton, X. Y., Cornwall and Bcll- 
vUlc, Out., and elsewhere; chief en^''r in de- 
M,-n and construction of water works at Al- 

I Bath, Brockporl, llollev. Palmyra and 

Hyde. X. Y., and elsewhere; since L-:i2 en- 
tM-cd in manufacture oi water meters, Buff- 
alo. N. y., as pres. and gen. m^-'r Buffalo 
-Meter Co. Republican. Presbyterian. Pres. 
Kr.-rs Soc. of Western N. Y.; mem. Am. 
Koc. of C. E., Am. Water Works Ass'n. Xcw 
Knt-l.ind Water works Ass'n. Club; Kllicott. 
Address: 340 Elmwood Av., Bulfalo, X. Y. 
EASSLER, Anthony: 

Physician; writer; b. X. Y'. City, May 21, 
l-:t; s. Louis L. and Louisa (Scliwar/.) 
Bassler; ed. X. Y. Rem., public schools and 
private tutors, because of ill health when 
.vouuk; X. y. Univ., .Med. Sch., -M. D., l^HS; 
unmarried. Engaged in med. practice since 
I'.'i'i. Author of many articles on medical 
suiijerts, stories of hunt and travel, and 
w.irks of fiction. Chm'n Sch. B'd., Slh Dist., 
since 1900; cx-pres. .Vssociated Local Sch. 
ll'ds. Independ.-nt in politics. Mem. X. Y. 
Co. .Med. Soc, X. Y. State Med. Soc, X. Y. 
I r.iv. Med. Soc; alumnus N. Y. Univ.- 
B.-llevue Ilosp. .Med. Coll. and hospital Con- 
lo'iions. Recreations; I.ilerature, and hunt- 
in- f..r large game. Addre:,s: 223 E. 191h St., 
■N. Y. City. 
EASTEDO, Walter Arthur: 

Physician; b. X.-wmarket, Onl., Mar. .«, 
1^7J; s. Jo.seph Albert and llenrielta (Lee) 
P.asledo; ed. Newmarket High Scli.i.d. X. Y., 
"oil. Pharma.'v. Ph.d.. ls:il, Columbia, (Coll. 


id Sii 
Club le 

M. l> 


N. Y. Coll. 

Pharmacy; curator X. Y. Bot. Garden; instr. 
materia modira, Cornell Univ., interne phvsi- 
cian, St. Lukes llosp., 2 years, Slonno .Ma- 
ternity Ilosp., 3 months. Xow associate ma- 
teria meilica and pharmacology and ass't in 
applied therapeutics at Columbia (Coll. Phvs. 
and Surg.), mem. of faculty of the Coll. 'of 
Pharmacy, Columbia University; clinical i;sst 
Vanderbilt Clinic; ass't attending, 
St. Luke's Hospital, .\uthor: Laboratory 
Notes on Jlateria Jledica 1904; also va- 
rious scientilic and medical articles; sub- 
editor Reference Handbook o£ the Medi- 
cal Sciences; reviser of X'orris's Materia 
Jledica, and joint reviser of Butler's Ma- 
teria JL^dica, Pharmacology and Therapeu- 
tics. Mem. numerous med. and scientific so- 
cieties, of British Schools and Universities 
Club and Graduates Club. Recreations: Gen- 
eral outdoor sports, botany, geologv. Ad- 
dress: Columbia University (College o£ 
Physicians and Surgeons), X. Y. City. 

BASTIAN, Alexander S.: 

Clergyman; b. Piltsbur^h, .-Vug. 10, 1S40; s. 
Henry and Xancy A. (Stewart) Baslian; 
grad. Univ. at Lewisburg. Pa., (now BuckncU 
Univ.), A. B., 1670; Croier Theol. Sem., 'l"^'-.- 
TO: unmarried. Ordained to preach Dec. 3n, 
k70, at Miltord, Del., where was pastor Bap- 
tist Ch., IbTii-^O; pastor at Livingslon and 
Xorthlield, X. J., IS-.J-W; pastor Hamburg, X. 
J., lf04-lKi; Dykeman's, X. Y., Isvb-iiO; Bethel 
Ch., Sheuand.Mli, N. Y., since March 1, 
was ass't i...slmaster at \V. Vincent, Pitts- 
burgh and Willianisiiort. Pa.; served in Civil 
War as private Co. K, 2Sth Pa. Vols., and as 
corporal. l'..:;d Pa. Inf.; has pension. Pro- 
hibitionist; R. gular Baptist. Mem. Buck- 
nell and Cro/.er AInmni Ass'ns and Ilarlem 
Vallev Bapt. .Ministers' Couf. Recreations: 
•SValkinc. hunting, lisliing, rowing, etc. Ad- 
11 Junclioii, X. Y., R. F. D. 9, 

Boi Xo 


BATCHELLEE, George Clinton: 




27. l.sjl; s. Moses Leiand and S: 
(Phillips) Bat.-heller; ed. Grafton 
School and grad. Barre (Vt.) Acad., 
ceived froiu Coll. William and Marv, Va., 
deirree of I.L.D.. 10o7; in. Dec. 20, 1,\39. Sara! 
Ad.ilino Cummings. Mem. hrm Nicholls i 
ilatcheller. ilf'rs. Is.'n-Oj; then formed flrn 
of l.angdon. Batcheller & Co., now George C 
Batehcller .t Co., with factory at Bridgeport, 
( onn. Pres. Cr.>wn Perfumery Co.. (London. 
Paris and X. Y.). Crown Corset Co., (X. Y 
Citv), Conn. Clasp Co. (BridL-eport. Conn.) 
F.arlie Duple.-; Co. (X. Y. and Paris); v.-p 
(i.ilen Hall Co.. Atlantic Citv, X. J. ; direeloi 
Delaware Registration and Transfer Co.: WesI 
End Properiv Ass'n, Jlerchants' Ass'n. Of 
fleer St. Andrew's JI. E. Ch. Eiithnsiasiit 
rare book and art collector. Jlem. Chambei 
of Commerce, Am. Soc. Civ. Kng'rs, Ne« 
England Soc (charter mem.). Am. Inst, o 
Civics (mimi. E.vec. Com.), Founders anr 
Patriots of America. S. A. B., X. Y. Hist 
S..C. Author of Batchellers. Batoheblers 
CencaIo:rv, ].-!i-!. Clubs: .Merchants, Jl.lnhat 
tan. Pallia. Uepublican. Residence: 237 W 
72d St. Address: (.;«i Broadway, X. Y. City 
EATEMAN. James Rice 

b. N. Y. Citv. Jun 


nd Lo 

H. (Smith) Bate- 



man; eti. in private schools: lo. Kvnrt, ilich., 
M. Emmn Ardis. V.-p. Ai-mu Rooling Co. 
Democral; Kpiicopalian. Mem. St. David's 
Soc. F. and A. .M. Kcsideiioo : 3 W. luttli 
St. Address: 150 Fil'lli Av., X. Y. City. 
BATES, Alexander Berry: 

Rear-admiiMl U. .S. Xavy (retired); b. 
Brooklyn, \. Y., Nov. 2.1, 1S12; s. Jului A. and 
Anna .\r. (Berry) Bates; cd. public schools, 
Broi.klvn, and ililton Acad., Md,; m. March 
31, IbUl, Fannie J. Evens, nf Binjhnmton, N. 
Y.; children: John E.. h !■'", !■;■.>;, ra Ann, 
b. 19U0. Entered Xavv :•■. 1 • ■ .-'r Jan. 

16. 1S63; served on im, , ! i ,n. 1^C3, 

and Mattatossett to 1-- . :.. .'• i ^ River 
Squadron and Albemarle; i-iin.ipal en- 
gagement in Alhemarle Sound wiili Kei.ul ram 
Albermaria; went in 1?M to European Station, 
afterward in X. Atlantic, Guli and PaciHo 
squadrons; promoted id ass't eni'r. May, 
liM, 1st ass't cnt:'r, Jan. IsTl. chief enj'r, 
June. 1602. In late Spanish War s.-rved on 
U. S. Battleship Te.^as as chief eng'r throush- 
out the war. Engaired several times with 
forts at Sautiaso and Guantanimo, Cuba, and 
engasement, July 3, with Cerver.i's Fleet, for 
which was advanced 3 numbers (but not con- 
firmed.) After war served as fleet en::'r of 
Paciac Station, enqased in the alTairs of 
Sam. 'a, until merged wilh the line; appointed 
commander. Mar. 3, IbOO. and was ordered 
to steel inspection at Midvale Steel Works, 
and afterward on duty at Lca;;ue Island; ad- 
vanced three Tiuiuber.s as commander for ser- 
vice before Santiago, Cuba. Promotion to 
cajiiain, and re'tired under law, after forty 
admiral, July 13, 1003. 


Jleeh. Enu' 


Soc. Naval Eng'rs, Washing! 
Grant Post, G. A. R.. Mil. Order Loyal Le- 
pion, and Masonic orders. Clubs: United 
Service (N. Y. Cilv); Bin-hamton and Press 
(Binehamton, \. Y.) Address: IS Riverside 




X. Y. 

BATES, Bl.anchc: 

Actress; b. Portland, Ore., 1573; d. F. M. 
Bates; educated in the public school.s of San 
Francisco, Calif.; m. Captain Milt.m F. Davis, 
Tenth Cav., U. S. A. Made debut in San 
Francisco, 1S9-1; starred as ".Mrs. Hilary" in 
The Senator, ISSB, and afterward in other 
parts; played in ShaUespeari'an drama in 
Augustine Daly's Company, b-%; since then 
star as "Cigarette" iji fuder Two Flags, 
"Princess Yo-San," in "The Darling of ilio 
Gods," and more recently as "The Girl" in 
The Girl of the Gulden West at Belasco 
Theatre, X. Y. Citv and ca tour; and in The 
Fighting Hope, season IWi-O!), Address: 
Care of Belaseo Theatre, N. Y. City. 
BATES, Charles Austin: 

Uriier loi bu-ii.ess and finance; b. Indi- 
ajiap.dis, IikL, Ap.-.l 1>. 1m;C; s. Charles A. It. 
and M.irgiiret Holmes ( Krnsperger) Bates; 
ed. public s.ho.ils of !iKlianap..lis ; m. Clii- 
cago, Sept. 11, l.sjO, Belle Bran.lenburg : chil- 
dren: Jlargaret. b. Sept. Is. 1M)1, liennet b. 
Mar. 12, I'.iun. Writer on business and lin.nice, 
and contributor to trade .iouruals. Pres. 
The Knickerbocker Svndicate, X. Y. Citv: 
v.-p. C..lora<lo-Vule M.irble Co., .Marble Cil'v. 
Colo.; vice pres. Cryst:il River and San Jua'n 
Railway. Independent in polities. Clubs: Co. 
lumbia Yacht. X. Y. Athletic. Summer resi- 
dence: Camp Cabates (Fourth Lake), Old 

:\v VUltK 


109 Riverside Dii. 
-\. Y. City. 
BATES. David Homer. Jr.; 

Lawyer; b. Philadelphia, Feb. 9,' 1509; 
David Homer and Sallie Jane (Iveiuie 
B:ites; ed. Charlier lust., Chapin's Pn 
Sch., Berkeley, issi: Columbia Coll. (L: 
Dep't), LL.B., iss^; unmarried. Admitt 
to bar State of X. Y., June, 1S91 ; since th 
pr:ictising in X. Y. City. Mem. law ti: 
ilorrell. Bales & Topping. Mem. Ass'n B 
City of X. Y., Ohio Soc. of X. Y.. Amale 
Comedy Club, Zeta Psi fraternity. Resident 
The Ansonian, Broadway and 73d St. A 
dress: 15 William St., X. Y. City. 
BATES, Trank Greene; 

Prof, history and political science. Alfred 
Univ.; b. Shawoniet Beach, R. I.. Sept. 22, 
1S(.S; s. Caleb Greene and Sallie Frances 
(Matteson) Bates; grad. Cornell Univ.. 

B. L.. 1^91: graduate student. Cornell, lst'3- 
9(i. Columbia Univ., isi«;-!17. Ph. D., Colum- 
bia, 1j99: m. nornellsville, N. Y., June 25, 
19 0. Jessie May Palmer. Prof, in Alfred 
Univ., 1S97-19U1, State librarian of R. I., 
1901-03; prof. Alfred Univ. from 1903. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Mem. R. I. Hist. 
Siie., .Vm. Hist. Ass'n. Mem. Kapna Sigma. 
Phi Delta Phi. Author: Rhode Island and 
the Formation of the Union. Address: Al- 
fred, X. Y. 

BATES, John Grenville: 

.Mem. X. Y. Stock E.xchange; b. X. Y. 
Citv, Aug. 20. 1=50 ; s. Alfred W. and Cephise 

C. (Towar) Bates; grad. Blake Sch., X. Y. 
City, is;.!]; completed three years of work 
at Columbia Univ. with class of 1903: m. 
X. Y. Cil.v. April 23, 1901, Anita T. Boulton; 
one .son, John Grenville Bates, Jr., b. Dec. 
2-2, 1905. Entered brokerage oflice in fall 
nf ino.J; on Jan. I, 1901, became ass't cashier 
for W. B. Franklin & Co., and Dec. 1. 1901, 
purchased se;it on X. Y. .Stock Exchange, 
bccoiuing board mem. of that firm Jan. 1, 
1905. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Delta Phi. Re.-rea- 
tions: Outdoor snorts, including golf, ten- 
nis, boating, riding and driving; e.\tremelv 
fond of dogs, owning a verv valuable ken- 
nel nf Irish terriers: instrumental in giv- 
ing the -nnnal dog show nf the Cedarhurst 
Kennel Club, being the best dog shoiv ever 
h.1,1 in this State outsble of ,N'. Y. Ciiv. 
Clubs; Columbia, lioekaway Hunting, Mor- 
ris Contitv Golf. Address: Cedarhurst, L. 
I., X. Y. " 

BATES. John S.: 

Wliol.saie deugs: b. Monroe. Mich.; s. 
.Mfred G. and Ann Elizabeth (lOUiott) Bates; 
brother of Maj lien, A. E. B.ites, retired, 




ame fr 















■iea in 17th 

roe. Mill..; m. Montreal, 
lare; children: Adcle .M., 
1 Elliott. Engaged since 
drug and manufacturing 
business: now gm. mg'r Davis .«: Lawrence 
Co.: pres. Kaslcheslcr Rr-allv .Ass'n. lie- 
I.ubli.'an: in.slce of Bronxvill'e. X. Y. Club: 
Knollwood Country. Address: Bronxville, N. Y. 
BATES, Lindon, Jr.: 

En-'r; b. Portland. Ore.. Jnlv 17. 1SS3; 
s. Lindon Wallace and Josephine (White) 

Il.Tips; ed. Harrow School. Enjl:ind. re- 
,-,iviiig several prizes fur scholarshiii : Yale 
rmv. Scientific Ut-p't, Tli. B., Il'u2, special 
h-inors ill history and economics. Traveled 
ill Russia; on exploring: and huntin-^ ex- 
pedition in 1900 to islands nr.rth of Hudson 
liny; Tanoma. in 19iU. writing various ar- 
ticles on canal; made midwinter sledge 
journey in 190S in Siberia and Mon-olia. En- 
gineering work on Ualveston Grade Rais- 
ing Works, and Xow York Bar;e Canal; 
v.-p. Bates Kng'ring Co. Kcpulilican, 
ktumping northern -X. Y. State. lO'tl: mem. 
It. publican Club Campaijn. Citv Affairs and 
.N;ilioual AlTairs committees. Chm'n Dis- 
trict Com. on lleetings and Speakers of the 
l.lh Assembly Dist., I'JOT, County Com., WO.S ; 
nominee for Assembly from 2ath Assembly 
Dist., I3US. Author: (with Charles A. 
.Moore, Jr.); The Political Horoscope, 1001. 
lias written extensively on technical sub- 
jects. Jlem. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs. SociOte Beige 
dcs Ingenicurs et des Industriels and of 
nlher Am. and foreign enL.''ring societies. 
Clubs: Citv,, Yale ( N. Y. Citv); 
(■..lonv (New Haven). Address: 14 East 
ij'lh St., X. Y. City. 
BATES, Lindon Wallace: 

Contractor: b. .Marslilield, Vt., Nov. ID, 
I-.',-; s. William Wallace and .Marv (.Cole) 
Hates; prep, ed'n, Ciiicago High Sch. ; grad. 
from eng'ring course. Vale Univ., Ib79 ; m. 
Chicago, IjSl, Josipliine White: children; 
l.-iiidoii, Jr., b. 1>,-:!, Lind.-U T., b. ISiW. 
\\'cnt West, 1S7S. with surveying party on 
.Northern Pacific K'y; later asst engr 
.Northern- Pacific and Oregon Pacific K's; 
!:iter contractor, eng'r and ing'r on various 
Works on Pacific Coast: specialized in Jredg- 


Primrose (London). Address; 14 E. 60th 

St., X. Y. City. 

BATES, Margaret Holmes: 



vhich In 


large hydraulic died 
hea-going dredges 1 
Arclier for (Jucensia 
l-indon Bates for t 
p'irts and project 
Antwerp, IsS'iJlti' 

S. liov't, 
an Gov't; 
uson, and 


h.- Kus 

of Su 

■ uprov 

icls of Black S 
i!ie rivers Dnieper, Vol-a, and 
c.iiial Marie; also bv l^ueens 
h.irbor work at Brisbane, and 
at Adelaide, S. Australia, a 
^fralian ports, and bv the po 
CMcutta on the Kiver Hugii 

"' port of Sli 
•■'igr in the 


b. I'l 


tupher and Juliar 
pcrger (old JIaryland fa 
cestry) ; ed. Ohio public 
ter, Ind., June io, IS 
Bates; one son. Charle 


IS It; d. 
(Ensminger) Erns- 
lily of German an- 
ichools; in. Koehes- 
j, Charles Austin 
Austin. Resided 

City and Island 
Submitted to C. S 
!>. liXU, plan for the eonsi 
I'anama Canal, of which 


'rs. Chi 


.. - rs of „.. 

-^'iva! Architects: mem. 
'■f France and of Belgium 
licpublicnn. Eawvers, Hell 
C'lty) ; Automobile of Fr 

, .March 
of tlie 


lion bv 

ed sci-\-'- 

fn Ci'v! 
Ir. Inst, 
s Civils 
: Vale, 
(X. Y. 

at Indianapolis. Ind., lb03-94 ; 
X. Y. City. Episcopalian (with Unitarian 
sympathies). Recreations: Cards, boat- 
ing, driving. Author: The Chamber Over 
the Gate; Jasper Fairfax; Shvlock's Daugh- 
ter; The Price of the King; Mnnitou: In 
tlie First Degree; Silas Kirkendoun's Sons; 
six school speakers, many poems and es- 
says; also articles relating to business in 
trade journals. Xow has three novels un- 
der way. Pres. Soc. Daughters of Ohio 
in X. Y. ; first v.-p. Legislative League; 
chm'n Political Science Com. in Post Par- 
liament Club; second v.-p. Woman's Press 
Club. .Vddress: The Baruard, IOC Central 
Park West, X. Y. City. 
BATES, T. Towar: 

Banker; b. Jersev Citv, N. J., Feb. 10, 
1S74; s. Alfred \V. and Cephise C. (Towar) 
keley School. X. 

»: Co., 




ch, N. 




Brick I'l 

21, 1904, 


th the 
,se of Faulkner, Page 
wliich father had been 
of the firm tor about 2il years; after 
some vc.ir3 in dry goods business came down 
to W'all Street, and, Jan. ]. lilno. with 
Henrv W. and William B. Shoemaker (sons 
of Il'enrv F. Slioeinaker) started banking 
house of Slioeinaker & Bates, which was 
succeeded in Xov. ISoti, bv firm of Shoe- 
maker, Bates & Co.. with W. F. White- 
house as additional partner. Mem. X. Y. 
Stock Exchange. Entered X. Y. State Xat. 
Guards as mem. of Squadron A, April 1. 
IMij. and received full and honorable dis- 
charge from same. April 1, 190.). Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi " 

ck E 



ed for 

and dr 
al years. 

St., X. Y. City 

embers of Squadroi 
ch from Hotel Savov, X. Y. City. 
Cortland Park. Clubs: Columbia 
V. Morris Countv Golf Club. X. Y. 
:"cliange Lunili. Address: 37 Wall 



nt, X. J. 

BATES, William Graves: 

Lawxcr: b. N. V. Citv, Julv 14, ISfifi 
Levi -Miles and Martha Arnold (Tuck 
Hates: grad. Columbia Coll.. A. B., 1 
Columbia Law Sch.. LL. B., l.'-b2; m. X. 
Citv, Jan. 3. i-'VJ. Aiiiv Rowan Scott: 
.son: Robert Chapman, b. 19"1. Practii 
law. X. Y. Citv, from Kw:;. Capt. and n 
adjutant-en.. V . S. V.. .Mav to Oct., 1 


f Maliill 

P. I, 

71st Rcg-t 


Trustee 1st Cong'I Ch,. 

:\Iein. Psi I'psilon frater 
i(v of X. Y,. Soc. 
f Revolution, Mil. Order Fo 

Appt d CO 
. 22. istll 
. Aug. 1 
Bay Shor 
nitv, .\ss' 
inial War 

ign War 




Spanish-Am. Wa 


Jlil. and Xaval Onl 

Soc. War 1S12. C'olunil.i 

Club: Union Leasuo. RcsidMiro : Bav 

Sliore, L. I. Address: lliS Broadway, N. Y. 


BATTEN, George: 

Advertisini;; h. in Gloucester Co., X. J., 
June I'l, l-',4; s. Tlionias Gaskill and 
Emmeline (Zane) Batten: ed. Tlie Jlisscs 
Butler's Private School, Swecleshnro, N. J., 
m. 1st Camden, X. .J., Dec. IT, 1^79, Carrie 
H. Morsan (died Dec. 31. IS'-O : tu-o sons, 
RoUin M.. .Joseph; m. 2d, Haddonficld, X. J., 
Jan. 27, ISST, Lillie I. Shivers, d. Dr. B. H. 
Shivers; children: Isabella, Emmeline, 
Georj^e, Jr. Pres. Geor:re IJaiten Co.; mem. 
Co. C, 1st Eei't X. G.", Pa., enlisted 1S77, 
discharged ItiU; served in Pittsbur<rh riots. 
Episcopalian; trustee Trinitv Episcopal 
Church, ilt. Pocono, Pa. Recreation: Hunt- 
ins. Clubs: National Arts, Sphin.K, Mont- 
clair Golf, Montclair Gun (pres.), Ass'n of 
N. J. Sporlsim-n for the Protection of Game 
(pres.). Contb'r to sportsmen's journals. 
Residence: Jlontclair, X. J. Address: 11 
E. 'JJth St., X. Y. City. 
BATTEIT, loring Woart: 

Clej-vman: b. in Gloucester Co., X. J., 
Nov. 17, 1J.J1); s. Thomas G. and Emeline 
(Zaue) Batten; grad. Harvard, A. B., l.-sj, 
Philadelphia ]>iv. School, IJST. Univ. of Pa., 
Ph. D., 1S03; S. T. D.. causa lianons Hobart 
Coll., l!"):i; m. Woodbury, X. J., Mar. IS, 
ISSO, Clara B., AVare; children: I.orini: 
W., Jr., Rich.ird W., Clare \V. Episcopal 
clergyman; deacon, ItfC. priest, 1S87. instr. 
and prof, of Old Testament in Philadelphia 
Divinity School, l->o-y.i; rector of St. Mark's 
Church, X. Y. Cilv, from 1-9'J; actio? iirof. 
Old Testament literature and interiirctation 
in Gen. Thcol. Sem. Mem. Soc. I',iblu:il 
Literature and Exegesis, Am. Oriental So,-., 
Oriental Club of X. Y. and of Philadelphia; 
trustee St. Luke's Home; m-'r Church 
Temperance Soc. Author: The' Old Testa- 
ment from the Modern Point of View, l^!-9; 
The Hebrew Prophet, lOUj; contb'r to Ilast- 
inss' Bible Dictionary, and to various pub- 
lications. Clubs: Century Ass'n. Harvard. 
Address: iSl E. 11th St., X'. Y. City. 
BATTEE1LA.N, Henry: 

.Mer.haiit and banker; b. Brnoklvn, Xov. 
5, 1M9; s. John i\ and Sophie liattcnuau 
(both born in Hanover, Germany); cd. 
public schools and men-antilo collcse: m. 
Sarah E. ; children: Henry h.. Adelaide B. 
(now Mrs. Xichols). Pres. H. Battennan. 
Incorporated, Broadway Bank of Brooklyn; 
trustee Brooklyn Savin-s Batik: director 
Realty Associates. Trustee Brooklyn Inst. 
Arts and Sciences, Erooklvn Acad, of Music, 
Brooklyn Lcai-nc. Brooklyn Hospital, E. 
Brooklyn and Bu.shwick nis;,ensary. Clubs: 
Ilamilt'on, Hanoycr (Brooklyn). City (S. Y. 
Citv). Address: 21 Clinton St., Brooklyn, 
X. Y. 
BATTEKSHALL, Fletcher 'Williams: 

Lawicr.; b. KavcMswoo.l. X. Y.. 
IS'-^;: s. K"y. Walton W. IJatlcrsiiall : ed. 
Albany Acad.; grad. Cornell : m. l-;i7. Maude 
Goodrich Eiero. Studied law and admitted 
to N. Y. bar. Author: A Dau-hfr ..f This 
World; Mists: Bookbindina f..r llililiopbil.s. 
Lecturer Albany Law Sch.; depuiy Supreme 

Court reporter (X. Y. State). Address' I"; 
State St., Albany, X. Y. 
BATTEKSHALL, 'Walton 'Wealey: 

Cler^-yiiian: b. Troy, X. Y., Jan. S. ISIO; 
s. Ludlow Andrew and Euslatia (Ward) Dal- 
tershall; jrad. Kimball Union Acad.; studied 
two years at Troy Univ., and two years at 
Yale, graduatins A. B., ISO-l ; studied for 
Episcopal ministry under Rev. Henrv C. 
Potter; grad. Gen. TheoL Sem., X". Y. "Citv 
ISOG (D. I).. Union, 1S77) ; m. Oct. 13, l-Ut 
Anna Davidson Williams (died Sept. ■_•:>. 
1.S72): children; Fletcher Williams, Cornelia 
Smith (in. Dr. Harry Seymour Pearsei 
Annie Davidson (m. Russel "Aguew Gritlin). 
Ordered deacon, June IG, ISir. ; ordained 
priest. Xov. SO, iwn ; ass't minister Zinu 
Ch., X. Y. Citv. l,SC0-74; since Aug. 1, 1S71, 
rector St. Peter's Ch., Albany, X. Y. Since 
1S73 continuously mem. Diocesan B'd ilis- 
sious, and delegate to Gen. Conv.. Episcopal 
Ch. Archdeacon of Albany since ISiri: was 
trustee Hobart Coll. aboiit twenty years. 
Author: Interpretations of Life and Re. 
ligion, 1S97; also wrote the chapter on Al- 
bany, in Historic Towns of the Middle 
States: also contb'r to X. Am. Review ami 
other periodicals. He delivered baccalaureate 
Sermons before Hobart. Union, and Trinity 
colleges. Address: Albany. X. Y. 
BATTERSON, James Goodwin: 

Insuraii.e, granite contractor; b. Hart- 
ford, Conn., Aug. SO, l,s.-,3; s. James G, and 
Eunice (tioodwin) Batterson: ed. Cbe,i,i,e 
Mil. Acnd. and Williams Coll. Re^d.-nt 
director in X. Y. of Travelers' Ins. ('...: 
T'l-es. and director Hartford Invesliuei.t 
Corp'n. New England Granite Works. Iron 
Tire Pneumatic Wheel Co.; gen. mg'r 
I'ravelers' Indemnity Co., Hartford. Conn.: 
director BallersMii .and Eisele Corp'n: pres. 
and director Kulherford Wheel Co.: director 
Am. Combustion Co.; trustee Cheshire Mil. 
Acad. Mem. Merchants' Ass'n, X. Y. Zo.d. 
Soc. Clul.s: S. Anthony, X. Y. Athletic, 
Delta Psi (X. Y. City); Country (Lake- 
wood) : Vns Hills Golf, Xew Haven Coun- 
try, Ekwaiiok Country, Atlantic City Coun- 
try. Address: 51 Xassau St., X. Y. City. 
BATTIN, John Edmund: 

Clergyman; grad. Xashotah Theol. Sem.. 
B. D. ]s-,l. Ordered de;icon in Episcopal 
ministry by Bishop Jackson. l«l, and priest 
lie Bishoii Kemper. lS:i2; ass't St. Paul's 
Ch,, -Milwauk.'o. Wis., 1.-J1-52; Painesville, 
Ohio, ls.-,_;-.-il; Trinity Ch., Lowville, X. Y.. 
]S51-.Vi; Trinity Ch., Canaseraga. N. Y.. ISX- 
09; Sodiis, X: Y.. l,s.-,9.U7; St. John's Ch.. 
X. Y. Citv. St. Mark's Ch., Candor, X. Y.. 
]sii7-7U: Uni.m. Broome Co., X. Y.. I>71-7-2; 
since 1S72 rector Si. Clement's Ch., Wethers- 
field SpriiiL-s, X. Y. Address; Wethers- 
lield Springs, X. Y. 
BATTLE, George Gordon: 



iel) lialtl 
Univ. of X. C. 
m. Kiehniond, 
Bagbv. d. Geo 

Oct. 3C, l.=r,3 
.. . I.avinia Ba 
Hanover Acad, 


ed. Hanover Acad., Va., 
I'niv. of Va., M. A., Is-'i; 
■a.. April 12, l.-'W. Martha 
■ge W. and Lucy Parke 
nberlavne) Bagby. Ass't dist. alt'.v, 
7; then member of linn of Weeks, 
■ & .M.arshnll, and afterward of present 
irm of Battle ,V- Marshall, engaged in 

reneral practice of law 
,:. Tih Kcgimunt, X. 
l-»; Demoirat. Episci 
l;.,r City uf X. Y. : 
\,irtli Carolina Soc, Tin 
Cilumet, Manhatlaii, 
110 E. ll^th St. Add 
N. Y. Citj-. 


Served five years 

Siiuthern Soc, 

Siuiaiis. Clubs: 

a. IlL'sideuro: 

37 Wall tit.. 

d treas. Pleasant VaIU=y Wi 


of I'alati 




Julv 17, 1S3U; s. James aud Katharine 
r; ei in common schools; in. 1st, Utica, 
Nov. 17, IsOo, busan i". Stickney; id, 
Ki.oinis, N. Y., June U, 1=77, Kate 0. 
Champlin; children; Georse S., b. 1859, 
\rlliur D., b. IstJO, Ch 

5 C. W., b. Ib74, 

„..„..o .., .,. .--. J "■'^•'s. Pleasant 

Valley u'ine Co.; prcs. Bank of Haminonds- 
V,oit, X. Y.; postmaster at Rh^-- ^' ^' 
1.-7919U5; preii. Pleasant "Vail . 
A.^s'n. Served as 1st. lieut. N. 0. N. Y.. lsi;4. 
Republican; Episcopalian. Clubs: Manhat- 
tan (X. Y. Citv), Corning. Address: 
Kheims, Steuben Co., X. Y. 
BAUER, Oswald A.: , , ^ ^- ,- 

La>vycr; b. Piermont, Kockland Co.. X. Y.. 
Jan. 13, ISto; s. Frederick \V. and Laviiua 
(\ckerman) Bauer; ed. local free schools, 
Nvack Hi-h School and Columbia Univ. Law 
School; unmarried. Knga-ed in practice of 
lasv at Sparkell. X. Y., being senior member 
..t firm of Bauer and Magee, a well-known 
firm of lawvers in Rockland Co. Sec. and 
tr.-as. Galvinic Bronze Co.; pres. Arcade Co. 
of America, treas. J. J. Gasell. Inc., soc. Si. 
.\icholas Av. Garage, Inc., ollicer of the Kock- 
land Co. Agricultural and Horticultural Ass n. 
Prominent in local politics, nominated in 
fall of 1907 as Republican candidate for jus- 
tice of the peace in liome town. In a tuial 
uf about 3,ouU votes defeated all olher candi- 
dates by a wide margin in district normally 
Uemocratic. Republican. Protestant. Mem. 
of The Lincoln Fellowship, Am. Soc. of Curl.. 
Collectors (ollicer). Rockland Co. Bar Ass'n. 
and numerous other learned, patriotic and 
scientific societies. Odd Fellow. Mason, etc. 
.Mem. Town Board lor Council) of Orange- 
town, Kockland Co., X. Y.: exoincio as jus- 
tice and magistrate; also of Board of Health 
of Oraugetowu. Address: Piermont, X. Y. 
BAUERBEEG, Paul John: 

Phvsiciaii: b. Citv of Krasnoyarsk. Si- 
beria; Russia, ISTJ;' 5. John and Fannie 
■Ballbinder) Bauerberg; grad. Imperial 
Uussian Gvmnasium, IC^-asnoyarsk, Siberia; 
3 vears' course in Imi)erial Univ. of Tomsk. 
Siberia; 2 vears' course in and grad. X. V. 
I'niv. Med." Coll., l^y'^: ni. Brooklyn. 1S90, 
Dr. Anna B. Jacobson ( D. D. S.) ; children: 
I.eda Katherine, b. 1?97, Iris Vesta, b. 
I'.'-l. Kxpelled from Russian Univ. for 
revolutionarv tendencies, 1>9.">. Traveled 
through Russia and Germany tlirnngh the 
following year. After arrival in -N. Y. 
joined X. "v. Univ.. and after gradnaling 
>..nled in Ynnkers, X. Y. Kad 

I'.iol. Mem, 

reations; '. 
ing and au 
Inn. WiUiai 
Debating C 



ester Co. Med. Soc; 
,1 organizations. Kec- 
rdeuing, lishi: 

Glubs: Holly woo. 

Saturday Xigh 

57 Ashburto 

X. Y 
BAUMANN, Gustav: 
Hotel prop 

Gall, Switzerland, 
and A. B. Baumann; St. Gall 
until 1871 and Xeuchatel, 1^71-75, London, 
187,-.-»l; came to U. S., 18S1; m. Emily G. 
Kinsley; children: Frida F., Clifto 
■ ith Kinsley' 

then the 
leading restaurant at Chicago, in which 
was partner and manager until removed to 
X. y: Citv, where is now of H. M. Kinsley 
& Baumann, prop'rs Holland House. Presby- 
terian. Clubs: Lotos, Swiss. Address: 
Holland House, Fifth Av. and SUtli St., X. Y. 
etery , City. 





alist. be 

<.f the Socialist Partv since its iiicplion; charier mem. in .V. V. Citv of that or- 
rnni.'atinn. Oc.-upied .liffiTont positions in 
it. such as Slate delegate to Slate Coinmil- 
tcc and delegate to conventions of 1902, 1003, 





nr.-,- s. Paul and Louise Bai 
in schools of Hiisum, Sehlesv 
Christine Borger (died lOoo) ; one daugh- 
ter. Louise, b. 1891. Came to U. S. in 20th 
year, a poor bov ; started in business career 
"with grocery house of E. C. Hazard & 
Co.. 1»8J; entered firm ot Samuel Crooks 
& Co, 19o0; started firm of Bauingarten, 
Rustmann & Co., coffee merchants, in 1903. 
Director -lltna Nat. Bank. Indenendent 
(Democratic leanings). Recreations: Lit- 
erature, especially philosophy. Contnliutor 
of small articles' of fiction to periodicals 
in English and German. Mem. X Y. 
Botanical (iarden, Bach Choral Soc. Clubs: 
I iederkranz, Economic. Address: 174 W . 
OOtli St., X. Y. City. 
BAUSCH, Edward: 

Mt'r- b. Rocheslcr. X. ^ ., Sept. 2n, lSo4 ; 
s. John Jacob and Barbara (Ziniinerman ) 
Bansch: ed. Rochester Keaischule, Rochester 
Ili-h Schol, Cornell Univ.; m. Syracuse. 
X 'y' Oct 31. l!>79, Mathilda G. Morell. 
Entered business, 1874; now v.-p. Bausch and 
Loinb Optical Co.. Fidelity Trust Co., Xat. 
Lank of Kochi 


Bank. Ta 


Has take 

'R'y and Light Co 

to Europe, making connec 
ision of business, and acquii 
innufacture under foreign __i 


dress : Rod: 

BAXTER, Arcbie Easton 

ro3. .So< 
'"■Vss'n" of .-Vmerica. Autho' 
of the Jlicroscoiie. Club: 
v Rochester, Country 
,'ter. X. Y. 


1 Port Clas 
li; ' 1SI4; ed. pul'lii 
and Corning (X. Y. 1 
,aw Sch,. LL. B.. 1-79: 
Miiond !■:. Wheelc 
. ls.,2 enli: ' ' 

in Civil W.n 

Clerk X. Y. Asscm 
gow, Scollaiol. Dec. 
schools of X. Y. City 
Acad.; grad. Albany l- 
,„ April 0, 1^73. Ro.s. 

■„ X. Y. Ir 
k. nlsf Regiment, X. Y. Vols 
pomotcd capt. an, brevet major L 
Vols ■ lieuL-coI. icoih llcguneiil, N. G. N. 

vU't' to sec and treas., with of1.ce of pa 

L-d practice 



Political speaker; Republican t:andidate for 
Congress, lSft2; countv clerk Chemung Co., 
lts3t.G; U. S. Marshal, 1^^9•91; clerk As- 
sembly since ISOo. JJele^aie to National 
Republican Convention. IfM. Episcopalian. 
JIason, 3'1\ Elk; mem. G. A. R. Address: 
Elniira, N. Y. 
EAXTEE, George Stronj 



chant; b. N. Y. 

City, Nov-. 21, 164.3; s. George and Ann 
Strong Baxter; grad. Williams Coll., A. B., 
1S03, Coliuuljia Univ. (School of Mines), 
E. M., ISGh; m. N. Y. Citv, Mar. 5, ln73, 
Emnielin Carnes Weeks; children: Km- 
melin W., Wyllys Ponicrov (Columbia, lOuu), 
George S., Jr., and Herlicrt W. Eni:aged 
as eng'r of mines, railroads, etc., Ibi.a-Tg; 
cashier, ass't treas. and treas. Northern 
Pacific R. R., IMy-Oo; since l:^9a enga^'cd in 
lumber and railroad contracting business. 
Mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs, Williams Alumni 
Ass'n. Club: Univcrsit.v. Residence: 3o3 
W. GtU St. Address: 17 William St., N. Y. 
BAXTER, Irving K.: 

Lawyer; b. Utica, N. Y., Mar. 25, 1S7C; s. 
John li. and Minnie E. (Knott) Baxter; ed. 
Utica Free Acad., Trinity Coll., Hartford, 
Conn., Univ. of Pa. Law School, LL. B. ; 
unmarried. Admitted to N. Y. Bar, and 
engaged in practice; elected special city 
judge of Utica, N. Y., I'.nW, and still scrv- 
ing. Inter.-collegiate champion liish jumper. 
Am. and English champion hi-h jumper and 
pole vaulter, Canadian cli.iinpiun high jumper 
and pole vaulter and lii^-h hurdler, winner 
Olympic Championships. Paris, Itliin, at both 
jumping and pole vaulting. Ex-mem. 7lh 
Regiment, N. G. N. Y. Democrat. Episco- 
palian. .Masonic Club, Utica Commandery. 
No. 3. K. T.; Zivara Temple. A. A. O. N. 
M. S., Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. 
Club: N» Y. Athletic. Address: 10 Kut- 
ger St., Utic.-i, N. Y. 
BAYXES, George James: 

Pres. The Kealty Incorporation Co.; b. 
Irvington-on-Hudson, Aug. 2S. 1M,9; s. Dr. 
Gorge and Catherine S. (Johnsnn) Bayics: 
grad. Columbia Coll. A. B., 1,-Ui, A. M. 
Sell, of Polit. Science. lSfj2, LL. B. Colum- 
bia Law Sch., 1.-93, Ph. D. Sch. of Poiit. 
Science, IsO.i; unmarried. Trust ofllcer Lin- 
coln Trust Co., 1905-117, now pre.-i. The Realty 
Incorporation Co. Pres. lid of E.Pn, City 
of Orange, N. J. Republican; Episcopalian. 
Mem. Am. Church Hislorv Soc. Club: Co- 
lumbia University. AddVess: 111 Broad- 
way, N. Y. City. 
BAYLES, James Copper: 

Journali:.t, eng'r; b. N. Y. Citv, July 3, 
lS-15; a. James and Julia Ilalsey (Day) 
Bavles; technical ed'n i M. E., Ph. I).). 
Served as lieut. U. S. Arty, IMl-M. Editor 
N. Y. Citizen, ltn.-)(,7, N. Y. Commercial 
Bulletin, 1m;!--C9. The Iron Age, 1^7i)l.-M>, 
The Metal W,.rkcr: c„mm r (..r c^liihli-hing 
sewer and fr,,m 1-71; cxprriiiicnt.'d 
successfully in electro mclalliiriry ami micn.- 
scopic unalvsis of meliils. results appearing 
in Transactions Am. Inst. .Mining Kiig-rs: 
investigated sanitary comlilions and lectured 
on sanitary topics in N. J.: pres. N. J. 
State Sanitary Ass'n, l.^SS; making sanitary 
improvements in Trenton; comm'r and pros. 


Health Dep't of N. Y., ISiS; 
;iig r and editorial writer fc 
Mem. Am. 

3W consulting 
r tor N. Y. Times. 
Eng'rs (pres. Ife.-t, 
n-resident lecturer in Sibley Sch. 
of Eng'riug at Cornell, IbSC; charter mem. 
Am. Soc. Jlech. Eng'rs. Author: House 
Draining and Water Systems (1S76). Ad- 
dress: 37 W. 31th St., 'N. Y. City. 
BAYLIES, Edmund Lincoln: 

Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 2, 1657; grad. 
Phillips Exeter Acad., ■lS7o ; grad. Harvard 
Univ., A. B., 1S79, LL. B., L-S2 ; course at 
Columbia Law Sch., LL. B., 1!>&2; m. lSb7, Van Rensselaer, a direct descendant 
of the original patroou of Rensselaerwyck. 
Admitted to bar, lN-2; on return from trip 
around the ivorld practised law, and is now 
mem. law firm of Carter, Ledyard & Milburu. 
In 191J2 appt'd sec. to the Special Embassy 
of the U. S. to the coronation of King 
Edward VII. V.-p. Mexican Telegraph Co.; 
trustee X. Y. Life Ins. and Trust Co.. Green- 
wood Cemetery. Mem. Soc. of the Cin- 
cinnati, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Clubs: 
Century, Knickerbocker, University, Down 
Town, City, N. Y. Yacht. Residence: 10 
E. G2d St. Address: 51 Wall St., N. Y. 

BAYLIES, Edwin: 

Lawyer, author; b. Clinton, N. Y., Aug. 
23, 1^10; s. Daniel and Sally Baylies; grad. 
llamiltim Col-k, A. B.. l5U2: Hamilton Coll. 
Law Sch., LL. B., 1670, LL. D., 1901; m. 
Jlav 2, 1671, Agnes E. Nutter, Marc.v, N. Y. 
Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1670; now city alt'y 
of Johnstown, N. Y. Has served as trustee 
and pres. village of Johnstown, and post- 
master of John.slown. Pres. Johnstown Pub- 
lic Library. Author: Questions and An- 
swers for Law Students; Sureties and 
ftuaranl.jrs; Trial Practice; New Trials and 
Appeals; Code Pleading .wd Forms; Sup- 
plement to Wait's Actions and Defen-WS. 
Editor: Revised Edition Edwards on Bail- 
ments; Am. Edit. Addisim on Torts; Wail's 
Law and Practice. Address: Johnstown, 
N. Y. 
BAYLEY, Norman. Brigiam; 

I'hvSM-ian and surgeon; b. Mansfield, 
Cinn.'. ."^cpt. 17. 1617; s. Joshua and Andalu- 
.sia (.Merrick) Bavley: cd. by private tui- 
tion, at Ciivcniry Select School (academy). 
Commercial Coll., Ilarllord, Conn., Vale Med. 
School. M.D.; New Haven State Hosp., N. 
V. Polyclinic Hosp., Post-Graduate School; 
m. Preakne.s.s, N. J.. Jan. 10 1672, Etta 
Henion; children: Norman H., b. June 18, 
l!i73, Philip R„ b. Dec. 25, 1675 (both died 
in early childhood with diphtheria). Prac- 
tised m'cdiiiiic and surgery at Brewslers, N. 
Y for several vears, removing to Haver- 
straw. N. v., in l!-6l; prominent in medical 
profession in Rockland County, la. 


ing the 


or^ianizatioli of 


1 va 

he has 

„-n p 

,-s. and 
). Has 

served" on "Uea' 

th 'li' 

l" of "h? 

w. Re- 

piiMican; Uliita 
tcii.,n Church. 

' '.Mem 




Ass'n, Rocklan 

1 Con 

nty Me, 

. Soc. 

N. Y. 

State Med. So 

c„ Ai 

1. Med. 



Arch Mason, pa 


ter Ston 

y Poin 

t Lodge, 

313, F. and A 



: n v 


N. Y, 

EATLISS, Lucicn S.: 

Linvjer; L, liiooklyn, 
r.l, Wcsleyan Univ-., N. 

WHO'S wiiu I 

. Y.. Aug. 2. Ifi 


Gallatin ^"at. Bank. 

ity, Wes 

vy) Pa 




^".■Y. City. 

lyn. Address: 70 Willia 
BAYNE, Daniel Kertoot: 

Merehanl, luauiiiaclurer ; b. Alexandria, 
Vo.; 1849; s. William and Delia S. (Ker- 
foot) Bayne; ed. in private sthuols and by 
tutors, fcienior mem. William Bayne & Co., 
rolTco importers. N. Y. Cuy; pres.. since 
iiicurporation, llav, 1602, of The Trenton 
lotteries Co., Trenton, X. J. Clubs: Union, 
.Metropolitan. Kesidenco: 1 Bast 51st bt., 
N. Y. Address: lijj Front St., X. Y. City. 
BAYNE, Howard Eandolph: 

I.awvcr; b. Wineliester. \ a., Mnv 11, 1S,->1; 
s. Charles (o£ Wesl.noreiand Co.. Va.) and 
Mary Kllen (Asliby) Bayne (of Fauquier 
Co., Va.); ed. Kichmond (\'a.) Coll.. .M. A., 
bN72, B. L., lbT9. (Debater's medalist. ISTl, 
(iiial orator, 16T2); took summer law course, 
Vniv. of Va., 1»TS; m. Richmond, Va., April 
27, ISSG, Lizzie S., d. Samuel Breston iloore, 
burKCon-jreu., C. S. A.; children: Mary 
Asliby Jlopre Baviie. b. 1*59, Lloyd Jloore 
Bayne, b. I!?a2. Admitted to bar, Kichmond, 
Va., July, 1579. Xe»- York. July, 1S.-2. 
Kditor Converse's Indexes iVa. and West 
Va. Law), ItM ; joint author: Travels ot 
K-o and Alter, 1S7U : author of monojr:,plis: 
The year lbl9 iu the Colony of Va.; Re- 
bellion in the Colony of Va. ; Settlement of 
Jamesto\vn; Oriirin and Development of 
the Monroe D..ctrine; and also editorial 
articles for Railroad Ga/etto, etc. ilem- 
ber of X. Y. State Probation Commission, 
appointed l'Jn.j. Demoi'rat. Episropali.iu. 
-Mem. Bar Ass'n Citv of N. Y., Va. II. -.1. 
Sor. Pres. Staten Island Ass'n Arts and 
Sciences; trustee X. Y. Southern Society, 
charter mem. X. Y. Soc. Colonial Wars, 
of the Cincinnati. of R 



■il The 

Vestryman Christ Church, New 
Brishton. S. I.: "trustee S. I. Acad. Club: 
Kichmond County C..untry. Address; .W 
St. Mark's Place, New Brighton, S. I., X. Y. 
BAYNE, Hugh Aiken: 

Lawyer: b. .New Orleans, La., Feb. U,. 
1*70; s. Thomas Levini,'Ston and Anna Maria 
(Gavie) Bayne; grad. Yale, A. B.. IHU. 
Tula'no Univ., LL. B.. 1>'.H; m. S. Manches- 
ter. Conn.. Oct. S. lS9.->. Helen, d. Knight 
iiexter Cheney; children: Helen, b. 1-97, 
Klizabeth Cheney, b. It99. Mem. lav,- firm 
Strong & Cadwalader. Mem. Ass'n Bar 
Citv of X. Y.: Skull and Bones of Yale, 
K. 'O. A. of Phillips Acad.. And.ner, Mass.; 
Kappa Alpha of Tulane Univ.. New Orleans. 
Clubs: University. Yale. Metropolitan. Mid- 
day, Knollwood ■ Country (Vi'hilo Plains, 
X. Y.); Cra.luates (New Haven). Resi- 
dence: lii7 Fast 71st St., X. Y. City. Ad- 
dress: 40 Wall St., X. Y. City. 
BAYNE, Pattl: 

Banker: b. Malonc House. Malone Park, 
B.' Ireland, .Uiiic 2.5. 1>7-I ; s. Saiiiilel G. 
(prcs. Seaboard Xal. Bank, X. Y. Ciu 1 and 
Kiinlv II. (K.-lsevi Bavn,.; e.l. abroad; m. 
N. Y. City, April l.".. ino3. Edna Tappaii 
Brooks f.d. late Frederick D. Tappan, pres. 

edict & Co 







Chicago (established IsTo). Republic..^. 
DistiuiTuished as amateur violinist, having 
studied for ten years under Mme. Urso. the 
World-renowned artist of her day. Owns 
one of the finest of Peter Guarnarius 
(Cremona) violins, an instrument of won- 
derful tone. Club: Knollwood Country 
(White Plaius, X. Y.), ebm'n Tennis Com'- 
niittce. Residence: Lawrence Park. Bronx- 
ville, X. Y. Address: 59 Wall St., X. Y. 
BAYNE, Samuel G.: 

Banker; b. Ulster, Ireland, 1S14; s. Peter 
and Margaret Bayne; ed. Roval Acad. Sell, 
and Queen's Coll., Belfast, Ireland; m. X. 
Y. Citv, Oct., 1671, Emily Kelsev. Began 
business life in oflice of Si'r James' Hamilton, 
Belfast; later linen nif'r in Belfast; came 
to U. S. in 1.SC9; went to oil reirions in Pa. 
in lb70, drilling many wells there: made 
tour of the world. Ij71-7j; organized First 
Xat. Bank of Bradford, Pa., becoming its 
pres.; subsequently organized Xat. banks in 
Texas, Kan.. .Aliss., Minn., and O. ; organized 
Seaboard Xat. Bank (X. Y. ) 16S3; now its 
pres. Troas. Produce Exchange Deposit 
Vaults, .Vtlas Improvement Co.; Riverside 
Drive Proocrtv Assn. Author: Pilh of 
Astronomy, IMW; Ou an Irish Jaunting Car 
Through Donegal and Cmnemara, 1902. 
Club: X. Y. Athletic. Residence: (Win- 
ter) Riverside Drive and 106th St.; (sum. 
mer) White Plains, X. Y. Address: 13 
Broadway, X. Y. City. 

BEACH, Daniel: 

Lawyer; b. Tyrone, X. Y., Aug. 29, ISSO; 
s. Oba'diah and '.Marv (Lang) Beach; grad. 
.Vh'reil Univ.. A. M.. l?-.i. Ph. D., ISii!. 
LL. D.. 19 2; Albany Law School (Union 
Coll.) LL. B.: Hamilton Coll., LL. D., ISSS; 
ni. Watkins, X. Y., June 4, ist;2, Angelica 
Church Maiee; children: Mrs. Albert H. 
Harris, b. JsCl, Mrs. William W. Mumford, 
b. 1507, Jlary A., b. 1S71, Georgo C, b. 
1S7.'<. After graduation tau-lit school: later 
commissioner of schools, Schuvler Count v, 
X. Y. ; then studied law and engaged in 
practice at Watkins, X. Y. Xo^v v.-p. and 
counsel. Fall Brook Railway Co., ai:d Fall 
Brook Coal Co. Republican. Episcopalian. 
K.gcnt of Univ. of the State of X. Y. since 
1;;5. Address; Waikins, X. Y. 
BEACH, Edward Stevens: 

Lawyer: b. New Britain. Conn.. May 19. 
l?-.7; s. David Hubbard and Orinda Janette 
(Tickuor) Beach; grad. Philliiis Acad., An- 
d.n-er. class orator (founder of The Phil- 
lipian at Andover) ; Trinity Coll.. B. A. 
(class orator. Jacks.m pliilo.sopbical priz.', 
nd gold medalist in competition, l.~>3) ; 

1st. K 



Richard 1>. Hubbard, of llarlford. Conn.; 
ni. 2d, Mallv .\|Milclon Pe.ibody, d. Cnpt. 
Enoch W. I'caboily. late of X. Y. Olli.-e 
m-'r general agents' olliee. Worcester, of Plucnix Mutual Life Ins. Co., 
1S7C-79; on editorial stall' Hartford Ibiily 
Courant. bs.sS: tutor in Greek and English, 




copyright infriiigeii 




patent practice. Boston. 1SS510O.5. Mem. firm 
Beach & Pierson, patent lawyers; also di- 
rector in .si'vcnil mi'g comp^uucs. Traveled 
in England and on Kurope;in Continent in 
professional work, lOOl-Oo. Author: Beach's 
Digest of Patenl Decisions: also of a mono- 
graph on Aliraham Lincoln (privately- 
printed). Indepiiulcnt in politics: Epis- 
copalian. Mem. Xew Epgland Genealosical 
Soc. JInson and Knight Templar. I'res. 
N. Y. Alumni Ass'n of Trinity Coll. Rec- 
reations: Golf, lisliin?. CluL'S: Brookline 
Country, St. Botolph, Xew Alijonquin, 
Laurel Brook (founder), Puritan (Uoston), 
City (N. Y. Citv) ; St. Andrews Golf (Chaun- 
cey, N. Y.); Seapuit Gnlf (Osterville, Mass.); 
also other cnlf clubs. Address: Singer 
Bia'g, N. Y. City. 
BEACH, Eugene: 

I'hysiciau; li. Greenville, Greene Co., N. 
Y., Nov. 6, 1S14; s. Elias and Laura (Collins) 
Beach; cd. Greenville Acad., grad. State 
Normal Scjiool, Alhanv, liX, Delaware 
Literary Inst.. Franklin. X. Y., Long Island 
Coll. Hosp., Brooklyn, M. D., 1500; m. Stam- 
ford, Conn.. l.Mi?. Sarah Jessup Warren; chil- 
dren: Elizal.elh Warren Fort, o. Sept. li 
1872, Marv .loscpiiine Lockwood, h. Jan. 3(1, 
1S75, John, b. Oct. 11, li". Joseph 
Warren, b. Jan. 14, l;bO. Has practised 
medicine in Glovers^-ille, N. Y., from Is'it). 
Mayor of Gloversville. X. Y^ 1003-07; mem. 
Bd of Ed'n, Gloversville, X. Y., 12 years. 
Republican: Con~rfgationalist. Mem. State 
B'd Med. Examiners, representing Med. S.ic. 
State of N. Y. ; mem. Med Soc. Countv of 
Fulton; mem. staff Jacob Littaner Hosp. 
Mason; Gloversville Lod^e. Director Glo- 
versville Free Library. Address: Glovers- 
ville. N. Y. 
BEACH, Francis H.: 

Captain I'. S. A.: b. in New York, April 
4, 1S04; appt'd X'. Y. cadet at U. S. 
Mil. Acad. Sept. 1, 1S03: grad. June 12, 
1SS7, and appt'd additional 2d lieut. 1st 
U. S. Cav., June 12, l!-?7; 2d lieut. Clh U. S. 
Cav., Oct. o, 1Sj7; promoted 1st lieut. Jan. 
21, ]S9j; oapt.. 7th Cav., Feb. 2, ISOl. Ad- 
dress: Ft. Kilcy, Kan. 
BEACH, Frederick Converse: 

Editor and patent attiirncv; b. X. Y. City, 
Mar. 27, IMn; s. Alfred Eh- and Harriet i:. 
(Holbrook) Beach; grad. Shell). Id Scicntilic 
School, Yalo Univ., Ph. B., I-i.s; m. Strat- 
ford, Conn.. June 1(1. lS7,j, Margaret All.'U 
Gilbert; children: Stanley Y.. b. l^ro, Ethel 
Holbrook, b. I5>(;. Patent solicitor at Wash- 
ington, D. C. IffiSOO: afterward enL;aged as 
ass't supt. in construction of Beach jineu- 
malic tunnel under Bmadwav, ami was 
manufacturer of electrical instruments until 
1S77, when entered office of Siicntilic Ameri- 
can, of which later became and still is one 
of editors; also editor in chief Encvclop;vdia 

with pholographv 
Co., patent atl.ii- 

Actively ide 






Pini-hiiHiii l'ap,.r Co.: 
Photographic Publish 
Congregalionalist. V. 
I.ibrarv. Recreations: H 
raphv. Cliil.<i: Xntinnal . 
N. V. Add less: 3(11 Broad 

I ford (Conn.) 

BEACH, Henry M.: 

I'ubiisher; b. Boonton, X. J., Jan. ?, 1? 
s. Walter G. and Caroline Elizabeth (Mag 
Bench; ed. local schools and by private 
struction; m. Paterson, X. J., June 24, 1- 
Ann Elizabeth Muzzy; one daughter. M 
garet Louise, b. 19u0. Traveled e.^;telisiv 
through U. S., Cuba and Me.'cieo. For m: . 
years associated with the advertisiiu' 
agency of J. Walter Thompson Co., develii|.- 
ing some of largest advertisers in the coun- 
try, then with Harper & Brothers, pub- 
lis'liers, then T)urchased largo interest in 'I'lie 
Stuvvesnnt Co., publishers Town and Couu- 
trv. of which is sec. and director; v. -p. and 
director Game Protection Co.; treas. am! 
director Beach Sanitarium of Susquehanna. 
Pa. Recreations: Hunting and fishing. 
Clubs: Sphinx (X. Y. City), Hamilton 
(Paterson, X. J.). Residence: Paterson, 
N. J. Address: r:5 E. 23d St., N. Y. City. 

BEACH, John Newton: 

Merchant; b. Lodi, X. Y., Aug. 1, 1S37: ed. 
Ovid Acad, and Hamilton Coll. (M. A., 1S1«) ; 
m. June 2, 1^70, Mary Linnetto Xelson, Cold 
Spring. X. Y. Engaged in retail dry goods 
business at Watkins, X. Y.. until 1S07; since 
then in wliolesale dry gootis trade in X. Y. 
Citv: v.-p. and director TelTt-Weller Co., 
X. "Y. Citv; trustee Atlantic Mut. Ins. Co.; 
director Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of 
U. S. Wrole the Drv Goods chapter in De- 
pew's One Hundred Years of American Com- 
merce. Mem. Chamber of Commerce; trus- 
tee Hamilton Coll., Adelphi Coll. Resi- 
dence: 17S S. Oxford St., Brooklyn. Of- 
fice: 320-330 Broadway,- Xe'w York. 
BEACH, Robert J.: 

Civil; b. Catskill, X. Y. ; s. 
Liudslv and Sarah P. (Brace) Beach: cd. 
Mt. Pleasant ilil. Acad., Ossining. X. Y.. 
Williston Sera., East Hampton, JIass., U. S. 
Xaval Acad., Annapolis. Md. ; m. St. 
Tliomas' Church, X. Y. City, 1N?3, Florence 
Modey; children: Motlev l.indsly. b. I&'JO. 
Uuth Ogden, b. 1W3, Robert Henry, b. 
U««. Resigned from V. S. Xavy in l"i>. 
havin" previouslv made two years' orui»o 
on South Atlan'tic Station on U. S. S. 
Brooklvn. Associated with William G. Ford 
(classn'iate at Annapolis) for about 13 years. 

■<1 & Be 


ll.ictcrial Sewage Pur 

ification Co.; v.p. 

Henry K. Motley Co. 

Democrat: Episco- 

jialian. Lieut, comd'r i 

n X. Y. State Xaval 

Jlilitia. Mem. Am. Soc. 

Civil Eng'rs, Alumni 

Assn U. S. Xaval A 

cad., cla'ss of ls~l: 

veteran of SpanishAn 

. War, commanded 

V. S. Monitor Mimtauk 

l.sfl,-,; foreman. Fire 

Dep't, village of l>cll 

am Manor, X. Y. ; 

ng't Am. Sue. Prevei 

tion of Cruelty to 

.\nimals for Pclham M. 

nor, X. Y. Recrea- Golf, bowling. 1 

:x-govcrnor, Wvkagyl 

Countrv Club, Xew Ro 

chelh'. X. Y. Rcsi- 

ilcncc: Pelham Jfaii. 

r, Westchester Co., 

X. Y. Address: li\\> B 

roadway, X. Y. Cay. 

BEACH, Robert K.: 

.Iniiniiilisl; 1.. Albion 

Orleans Co.. X. Y. ; 

K. CaUiii v.. ami Julietl 

e (llevward) Bea.-h; 

ed. Albion High Sch. ; 

n. Unickport. X. Y., 

0,-t. 31. 1(100, Clara B 

Fleetwood. Began 

newspaper work ls>7 

telegraiih editor. 

Kneh'sler (\. Y.^ Her 

Id. Is'll; eilv edilnr. 

liuehcslcr Herald, li''2-' 

J; news editor Buf- 


snn i- Bar 

■, is;ir.-190a; ass't ir-io- 
(711.) Chronicle, lOnn 
usinoss in^''r ■-.■'.il trons. 
Post, sini-e 1901. Ke^ 
n. Aodi'jss: Ja'ufS 

f.nlo (K. Y.) Couri. 
ciapli editor Chiia- 
Hi; one of founders, 
.luiuestowu ( N. Y.) 
iiuIdiLan; flpiscopal 
town, X. Y. 
BEACH, William D.: 

Major V. .S. A.; b. X. Y. City, Jua" 'S, 
1m6; s. Joshua il. and Sar.a Elizabeth 
(t'ord) Heach; ed. Coll. City of N Y, 
V. S. Sril. Acad.; grad. .Tune 13, iS79; m. 
rhillicothe. ilo., April -27, 1.SS3, Khthpi-ir.e 
C. Bullens. Commissioned 2d lii-ut., id 
C.iv., June 13, ISTO ; 1st lieut., Nov. 17, lSf3; 
capt., Aug. 10, l"ii; major, June 9, lao;'; 
tr.insferri'd to 15lh Cav., Au^-. IS, lOOi. 
.Served at forts and posts in Wvomins and 
Arizona until l^Sl. at U. S. ilil. A':ail.. as 
instr. (Irawine, 1^^1■^S, instr. cavairj- tactics, 
11-f-j-SS; at forts in Texas, Kansas and Yir- 
finia and in I'liilippines, ISPti-lllt.O; Gan Fr'Mi- 
ciseo, 19U1-U2; Washington (on Gen. Staff), 
]9ii3-"C; Ft. Ethan .Vllon, Vt., since Ausr. 
W. 1900. Took part in Colorado Ute Exiid'n, 
1S79; X. Park E.xpd'n, 1-m>: scoutinu' in 
Arizona and on Mexican border. 1.~^•J■SS; 
Garza Expd'n, 1J9-2, Spanish-Am. War, San- 
tiaio Campaign. l«is I battles of 
(imisinias and San Juan liidge), Pliilippine 
Insurrection (four skirmishes); Cuban In- 
tervention, 1900. Mem. S. A. R., Sue. For- 
eign Wars, Soc. Armv of Santiago de Cuba. 
Order of the Carabao. Club: Army and 
Navv. Washington. Address: Jlavana, 
BEACH, ■William Harrison: 

Educator, autlior; b. Seneca Falls, X. Y., 
Oct. S, IWJ; s. Elam and Ilannali (lidwards) 
lieaoh; crad. Hamilton Coll., A. B., l.-OO, 
A. M.. IMi.-.; m. C,u.";a, X. Y., Dec. HO, 
1>C7, Sarah M. Peterson. Principal liigh 
kclmol, Dubnciue, Iowa, iyfi7-7j, Bebdt, W,.-;.. 
l.'>75-81; Eup't schools. Jladison, Wis., IS-^l- 
91; head Uep't Ilistorv and Civics, in hi^h 
school, Milwaukee. Wis., IMll ; rolired from 
.■dn'l work, 1000. Si'rved in Ist X. Y. 
(Lincoln) Cavaliy, lHill'..-j. and was first 
iiout. and adjutant. Author: History First 
N"i-w York Cavalry; edited War Papers of 
Wisconsin Commanderv i.f the I.oval Le-ion ; 
author manv educational pajicrs and public 
addresses. Xow proprietor of a fruit and 
garden farm and lecturer at farmers' in- 
Mitutes. Republican; Presbyterian (elder). 
I'res. Wis. State Teachers' Ass'n, >no; for- 
ruerlv active mem. Am. Edu'l Ass'n, and A. A. 
A. S^; now mem. \.is. Soc, Am. Hist. 
Ass'n, .Mil. Order Leval Legion, Seneca Falls 
Hist. So.-.. O. A. R., Alpha Delta Phi fra- 
tcriiitv. Phi lleta Kappa Soc. Address: 
s.-,,,.,.:, Falls, X. Y. 

BE AH AN, Willard: 

& XorthwGs 
Americ.i, l.'-tio, 
coast, to Sant 

IV Co.; sup't of construction 

I," Great Xortliern li'v Co.; 

r, Lehigh Vnllev R. R.. Chicago 

••— R'y; made trip to S. 

ria Panama and the west 
;o, Chile, to engage in rail- 
'. for Chilean Gov't. When 
oke out, crnssed Andes on 

France, and rctu 
iand, Scotland, 
sup't of streets. 

to Xe 



nd Ireland: was general 
St. Louis, Mo., 1S91; now 
rge Sd and 4th track work 
of Lake Shore & Mich. Southern R'y. 
Democrat; Congregationalist. Mem. Am. 
Soc. Civil Eng'rs; pres. Cleveland Eng'rs 
lem. Ass'n Sup'ts Buildings and 
Eng'rs of Jiaintenance of Way 
nem. of B'd of Management, Cleve- 
M. 0. A. Lectured on Railroad Lo- 
at Cornell Univ., Is90. and in Stan- 
ford Unir., l.>07. Author: The Field Prac- 
tice of Railway Location. .iddrcss: -13 
Lake Shore BId'g, Cleveland, Ohio. 

SEAL, Joseph: 

Lawyer, citv judge, Oneida, N. Y. ; b. 
Hamiltun. X. Y., Jan. 10, 1.^.50; s. John and 
Catherine (Code) Bcal: grad. Colgate Univ., 
Beta Kappa), 1*79 ( M. A.); 

land Y. 



C. CI, 

X. Y.. .la 



c, lOoC). b. IS^j, Ma; 
die. b. l.«9, Clark E., b. 
). 1*97, Joseph H., b. 1000. 
at Saratoga, Sept., l.S*l. 

ctised la 


X. Y. 

id ha 







riioll C 
d iiistoi 



lie 29. 



■-) ; on 


rved in 






cilli* R 
South . 



X. Y., 

li. De Witt iCi.rne 
les De Witt lleaha 

Co.; pi 

1900 ; 

io"l. 'ioOl-ig; judge City Court from 19ii«L 
Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. State Bar 
^ss•n. Mason; Odd Fellow. Recreation: 
Golf. Clubs: Business Men's Golf. Ad- 
dress: -14 Lenox Av.. OueiJa, X. Y'. 
BE.\L, Thaddeus Reynolds: 

En-'r and operator of gas and elcctrio 
properties; b. X. Y. City, June 2S, ls70;. 
s William R. and Eleanor L. (Bell) Beal: 
ed. St. Paul's Seh., Garden City, L. I., and 
C"ll. Citv of X. Y. Was sup't Central 
ri.ion Gas Co., X. Y. City; director Xew- 
bur:,-h Light, Heat and Power Co.; gen. 
ni -r and sec. Poughkeepsie Light, lieat 
and Power Co.; sec. and treas. Equitable 
G:.s Co. of X. J.; and director Hudson 
Co'inties Gas and Electric Co.; part owner 
and operator of several other gas and elec 
proper ' 

rid, till 

n X. V. 






al Militi: 
served i 
■ with 





holds Long 

State. Republican; Ep 
Vin. Inst, of Elec. Eni.-'rs, Am. Gas Inst., 
Soc. of Gas Li-hling: Delia Kapiia Epsibo 
ir-i.Tiiitv Clubs: SaliiKiL-undi, Engiiu'crs' 
Address ; Xewburgh, X. Y. 

SEALS. Herbert: 

I'iivsi.ian; b. BulTalo, X. Y.. Dec. 2. KM 
s. Ge'nige and Jane M. (Ciok) Heals; ed 

and a I 
id. N. Y. Ho 

Med C.ll. 



liean; Episfopaiian 
Homeopathic .Mefl. 
Horccropatliic 'Sled. 
Club. Kc.Tea' 
dress: l.^S FraiiKlii 
BEALS, John D.; 

Lawyer; b. in TrcrT^im 
8. ISCS; s. Oliver B. a.irl 
Bcals; ed. in N. Y. Ti: 
Univ. of Citv of N. Y. 
April 11, l-en;;, Marv ?I. ; 
John D. Jr., Donald M, 

WHO'S WHO ix new vohk 

Men-.. X. V. Stale 
oc, ■.Vestevn N. Y 
Inc., liuTai) Clinical 
>initr-, v.-r.lVs. Ad- 
t., Bueralo, X. Y. 

imsr Co, 

I (Ch.lmpion) 
i:I. law dep't 
B , l.»59 ; m. 
irr. : children: 



X. Y. 

le and 



Washinston Heizbts Ta.\raycrs' As.s u. larg- 
est ass'n as to value of property repre- 
sented, with but one ex''eption, JD'Oitv of 
N. Y. Senior mem. law firm of Bcafs & 
Nicholson: director and chra'n exec, com.. 
Bank of V.-ishinglon Heilhls: treas. North 
Riverside Drive Improvement Co.. Robert 
Reid Co., Mountain Lake Ice Co.: src. In- 
dependent Milk Product Co.. SnlToik County 
Ice Co., New Hampton Ice Co.: director 
Reid Ice Cream Co. :Mem. Dutch Reformed 
Church. Clubs: Suburban Ridinj and 
Drivins, N. Y., Riding. Address: 333 W. 
8Jth St., N. Y. City. 
BEAN, Charles D.: 

Lawyer; b. Marion. Wavne Co., X. Y., 
April 21. 1S03; s. Charles and Ciiloa Maria 
(Danford) IJe:in: most of early life spent 
in X. Y. Citv: removed with' parents to 
Geneva, ISTl ; Frad. B. S.. Ilobart Coll.; 
Ph. B.. Svr,icuse Univ.; A. M.. Allejhenv 
Coll.: LL. D., Southern Normal Univ. Coll. 
of Law; unmarried. After cradunlin^ from 
college, enjoyed jileasuro tour in Europe; 
since then practising law in Meneva, N. Y. ; 
elected judie (two terms) of Ontario County 
Court of Sessions. Democrat; Kpiscopalian. 
Elected master of Ark Lod,-e 3.3. F. and 
A. JI., two terms. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi 
fraternity; Geneva Commanderv, K. T. 
Mem. Y. M. C. A., Delphine 'llist. Soc. 
(historia-i); Geneva Chamber of Commerce, 
Geneva Bar Assn: mem. Umarkan Grotto. 
M. 0. V. P. E. R. Prcs. B'd of, 
Endymion Preparatory School. Contributor 
to various journals on lc_'al topics and au- 
thor of a history of Geneva and p.ipcrs 
on collcOT fraternitv matters. Clubs: 
Brunswick, Universitv. Political Efiunlitv. 
Masonic Temple. Address: Maple Ilil'l, 
Geneva, N. Y. 
BEAN, Henry Willard: 

Lawyer: b. in X. Y.. roared in Florida: 
s. Eben and Mar. a (Lathrop) Beau; -rad. 
Harvard, A. I!., l-jT, LL.B., A.M., l,-:lo; un- 
married. Activelv euL-ajed in practice of 
law in X. Y. Citv from 1-DO. Kepruscnted 
Asphalt Trust in Venezuela diiriMi; ils 
stormy hi.storv in l!«'iJ and lOOl ; durin:,- 
1*^99 and 1111)2 represented several enterprises 
in Cuba durinc the Americ:in occupation of 
that island under General Brooks aod Gov- 
ernor Wood. Prcs. and dirr-ctor Oneonla 
& :iIoli.iwk Vallev R. R. to. S..rvc,l in 
Squad:-OTi A. X. 'G, X. Y., 1-M U7. Mem. 
Ass'n of the Bar of the Citv of X. Y.. and 
of the New York Law Institute. Clubs: 
Metropolitan. L'uiversitv. .Mendelssoliu. 

Ardslev. Address: 15 William St., X. Y. 


BEAN, Tarleton HoPman- 

Icthyob-ist; b. Baiubrid 
I'll'.: r.. Georc:e ami .Mary 





al Scl 

ool, Miller 

>viUe, Pa.. 





George \V 




. I 

'.. 1 

S7(i. I 

diana Uni 

•., M". S.. 






D. C, Jar 

. ], 15T5. 






Editor P 


and Bull 


s of 

r. s 

Xat. Mus 

SS; oss't 



;e Div 

sionof Fis 

h Culture. 

U. S 



Comin'n. 1 

tor Dcp't 

of Pi 


, U. S 

X.- 1. 

Jlnseum,' 1 

SS0-9J: di- 






lf9.-j-9S: ai 

tor o 




. Mus 

cum Xatur: 

1 Itistoi'-y. 

X. Y. Citv, 1S97. 
Fish Comm'n, -Worid-s Columbian Exp'n! 
Chicago, 1-9.3. Atlanta E.vp'n. 1J93- direct.n- 
forestry and fisheries of U. S., Paris E.xp'n, 
1900; .■hief of Dep'ts of Fi.,h and Game and 
forestry. La. Exp'n, 1902-03; St.ite 
tish culturist of X. Y., 19U13. Author: The 
1-isherics of Pennsvlvania. 1S93: The Salmon 
and Salmon Fislieries: Oceanic Ichth vo|..'-v 
(with Ocorse Brown Goode), 159C:" The 
Fishes of Lon;: Island, l!ioi: The Fishes of 
New York, 19113; The Fishes of Bermuda 
im Also part author of: The White 
AVorld, IDnj; The, Basses, Water and 
Marine, loa"). Jlem. Am. Fisheries Soc, 
Danish Fisheries Soc, Biol. Soc.-, Washing- 
ton. Am. Forestry Ass'n. Clubs: Cosmos 
(Washiu-ton). Arclic fX. Y. Citv). Ad- 
dress: 1 Madison Av., X. Y. City.' 
BEAN, William Hanson: 

Clergyman; b. Toronto, Canada, Oct. 10. 
ISCG; s. William and Emily (Hanson) 

Thcol. Sen 

ity Uni- 




deacon. 1.^91: orda 

Episcopal Church. Formerly 'rector' 
Mary's Ch., Kevport. X. J.': now re 
St. .rohn s Parish, New Rocliellc. X. 
chaiWaiu Iiolusirial Sch.. Eronxville, X, 
JIason, Odil Fellow. Knight of Pvthias; 
hon. mem. Sherwood^ Park Fire Co.;" chap 



Recreation: New Rochelle 
BEAKD, Adelia Belle: 

Ani.-;|. author; b. Pa 
Jaiacs II. iN. A.) and M.i 

N. Y. 


and An Studc 

and Willi: 
iler Rod:i 
bibited pi. 



nd painting 
isses at her c 
of dr. 

ing. Flushing (X. Y. ) public schools 
sister. Lina Beard, has written and il- 
lustr;.ted four books for girls: The .Vmeri- 
c:in Girls' Book, What a Girl Can 
JIake an.l Do, Recreati.m for Girls, Thinirs 
Woilh Doing (all Ch.,rli-s S.-ribner's Sons). 
Charter mem. Good Cilizeiiship Leairue. first 
w.M.uurs club of Flushing, X. Y. (chm'n 
.\rt Com. several vears). .Vddress: 100 


BEARD, Augustus Field: 

Clergvman, sec. .\m. 
b. S. Norwalk. Conn.: s 


arul Mary Ksther (llallor.v) BcarJ 


Yato, 1=J7, A. B.. A. -M. ; 'honorarv D. U., 
SM-acuse Univ., ISTiJ; in. 1st, Poi-tlar.d, Me., 
1-V,i. Eliza Paysou Go.Ulanl I died lbij3) ; id, 
I'.irtland. Me., IMi.'j, Anuie Deiuiug Barker; 
live daughlers. Was pastor Central Cunjrc- 
^■ational Cluucli, Bath, ile., 7 years; 
I'lvmouth Church (Cons'l). Syracuse, X. Y., 
11 rears; American Cliurch, Paris, France. 
3 veurs. Sec, since l^bl;, of Am. Missionary 
Ass'n, Xew York; now sec. and editor same. 
Mem. corporation Yale Univ.; trustee Fisk 
Uiiiv., Xashville. Tenn. ; Tougaloo Coll.. 
Miss., and Talladega Coll., Ala.; also trustee 
Piedmont Coll., Ga. Address: Cor. 22d St. 
and Fourth Av.. N. T. City. 
BEARD, Curtis J.: 

Bank cashier; b. Waverlv, Tioga Co., X. 
Y.. Jan. 23, 1,^09; s. .James C. and Watie A. 
(Vail) Beard; grad. Waverly High Sch., 
l^>j. and Packard's Shorthand Sch. (X. Y'. 
City), 1S90; m. at her father's farm. Arnot, 
Chemung Co., X. Y., Oct. s, 1S91, Kose M. 
Simcoe; one dauihlcr, Dorothy M.. b. July 
15, 1S95. Practically entire business ex- 
perience with Fifth Av. Bank until lOu: ; 
tince then cashier and director Thirty-fourth 
yt. Xat. Bank, and Xew Xelherland Bank; 
also sec. Thirty-fourth St. Safe Deposit Co. 
lit'publican ; Methodist Kpiscopalian. Mem. 
X. Y. Credit Men's Ass'n. Address: 41 
W. 31th St., X. Y. City. 
BEARD. Daniel Carter ("Dan Beard"): 

Illustrator, author, editor; b. Cincinnati, 
Ohio. June JI. is:,0: s. James H. I X. A., 
distinguished artist) and Mary Caroline 
(Carter) Beard; ed. pulilic school, Ciuciu- 
nati, ■\Vorrairs Acad., Covington, Kv., Art 
.Students' League. X. Y. City: ed. as civil 
eng'r, grad. second in class: studied art 
under Beckwith and Sartain; m. Xcwlown, 
I.. I., Aug 15, 1M4, Beatrice Alice Jackson; 
children: Barbara, b. 19ui;, Daniel Bartlett, 
b. lOOC. Began professional career in Kar- 
Shaw's and R. C. Phillip's offices, surveyors 
and civil eng'rs. later in Cincinnati City 
Civil Eng'rs office, and with Sanborn Map 
«nd Publishing Co., X. Y. Citv; for latter 
niade detailed maps of most of the cities, 
towns and villages east of Mississii>pi River. 
Made sketches for amusement; A. %V. Drake, 
of the Centurv Magazine, bought some 
► ketches and thus started him as profes- 
!*ional illustrator. Illustrated Mark Twain's 
Yankee in King Arthur's Court; John Jacob 
Astor's and manv other books; -worked for 
Life, Scribner's, Harpers', Centurv and Cos- 
mopolitan. Formerly editor of Koci-eation: 
<-ontb'r (charge of a lUpartment ) in Out- 
ing. The Circle, and Woman's "' 





seven years instr. in illustrating. Woman's 
School of Applied Design. Author: Moon- 
Might and Six Feet of Romance; The 
Mystery of the lilue tioose; The American 
Hoys' Handy Book: The Jack of All 
Trades; Out Door Ilandv Book; Dan Beard's 
Animal Book. Served several years on B'd 
<'f K.l'n felectod to second term ^yitholIt 
opposition); was v. -p. Art Students' League, 
prcs. Flushing Single-tax Club; entered in 
the campaign for Henry George and made 
•■irl tail speeches (wa.s intimate friend of 
H.nry George). Abe Lincoln Republican and 
Jeflfersonian Democrat, Swedenborgian. ilem. 

Acad, of Sciences, Ornithologists' Union, 
Biol. Soc., Linn, Soc, Zoiil. Soc, Scien- 
litic Alliance Soc. of Illustrators (succeeded 
Charles Dana Gibson as pres. of latter). 
Recreations: Traveling in the Xorthwest- 
ern Wilderness, lishing and sketching wild 
animals, camping, wood-lite; has a permanent 
camp in Pike Co., Pa. Summer home op- 
posite Mark Twain's at Redding, Conn. 
Clubs: Aldine. Players. The Camp Fire 
tmein. B'd of Governors). Canadian Camp, 
Twilight. .Manhattan Single-tax. Address: 
87 Bowne Av., Flushing, L. I., X. Y. 
BEARD, Franklin P.: 

Physician and surgeon; b. Eminence, Scho- 
harie Co., X. Y., Xov. 29, 1S53; s. Jacob L. 
and Polly (Wilsie) Beard; ed. common 
schools and Albany Med. Coll., M.D., 1^75; 
ni. Summit. X. Y.. April. Ib73, Alice M. 
Chickeriug; children: Claude, b. 1»75, John 
J., b. 1S77, Leona. b. 16S1. Mildred, b. lt-i(i, 
David, b. l^yl. C'oroner; pension examiner. 
Democrat; .Mason, Knight o£ Pythias. Ad- 
dress: Cobleskill, X. Y. 
BEARD, Ithamar 'Warren: 

Clergviiian; b. Pittslield, X. H., Feb. 23, 
ISto; s. Ithamar Warren and JIary Atkins 
(Todd) Beard: ed. Lawrence Acad.. Groton. 
.Mass.. Cambridge High School, Harvard Coll., 
A.B., 1SU2. B.D.. Cambridge Theol. School. 
l!>7i; lu. Xashua. X. H.. Dee. 1. 1S09. .Marcy 
Foster; children: Theodora. Ithamar Mansur. 
Eliza Warren, Marv. Alison. Ordained to 
ministry 1S7:J: chaplain of the Chapel of the 
Good s'h.phcrd. X. Y. City Home for Aged 
and Inrtnii, Blackwell's Island, acting under 
X. Y. I'rnte»lant Episcopal .Mission Soc. (of- 
fice: 3S Blreker St.) Independent in politics. 
Episcopalian. Address: Chapel of Good 
Shcplicrd. X. Y. City Home, Blackwell's 
Island. . Y. City. 

BEARD, James Carter: 

.\rtist, author; b. Cincinnati. Ohio. .Tune G. 
1S37; s. James Henry and Marv Caroline 
(Carter) Beard; ed. Miami Univ., Oxford. 
Ohio; m. Terre Haute. Ind.. ISCl, Martha J. 
Brav; cnildren: James H., Alice, Admitted 
to bar and began practice of law, but aban- 
doned it to become artist. Illustrator for 
books, magazines, etc.. making a specialty 
■ if pictures of animals. Author: Curious 
Homes and Their Tenants. Address: ICl 
Classon Av.. Brooklyn, X. V. 

BEARD, Lina:, illustrator; b. Cincinnati, O. ; J. 
James H. Beard. X. A., and JIary Caroline 
(Carter) Beard; ed. Mrs. Collins' private 
school, Covingtim, Kv.. Weslcyan Coll.. Cin- 
cinnati. Ohio. Dr. Charles West, and Brook- 
lyn Heights Scni., Brooklyn, X. Y. ; studied 
drawing' at Cooper Union and Art Students' 
League. X. Y. City. With sister. Adclia 
Belle Beard, has written and illustrated books: The American Girls' Handy 
Book; What a Girl Can Make and Do; 
1!, ■creation for Girls; Things Worth Doing 
fall Charles Siribner's Sons). Contributor 
to magazines and o.-casionallv to newspajiers, 
Sin.-lc-taxcr; Hwedenborgian, One of found- 
,Ts anil ., (.loo.l Citizenship League 
(lirst woman's club, organized in Flushing, 
L. 1.). and was chairman B'd of Directors, 
chairman Arts Com. for several years and 
chairman Political Economy Com. of same; 



dcliv-alc to Xat. Arbitrnlion nnJ Teace Con 
Kifss. N. Y. Cilv, l'JU7. from Die O.iiii 
C'ilizi.nsliii) Lt-agiio ni Flusliing. Acldress 
1011 Ja;;-ar Av., Flushing:, I.. I. 
BEAEDSLEY, Charles Sbcpard 

nty, N. Y.. 
JIarcli 7. ISJJ: s. Cliarlfs .S. ami Alicia Russcl 
(Ten Ej-ok) Beardslev: o.l. In- private tutors. 
Auburn Acad., and Kt Albany Law Soliool, 
ISGG; m. St. Louis. Mo., Oct. 10, IsTO. KlU'il 
Garner Ilulbert; children: Ilulbcrt, Hul- 
bert Ten Eyck, Ten Ev.-k Kemsen, and Mar- 
ian Seniple (wife of Dr. Aspinwall JuddK 
Admitted to bar, Rochester, June, ISGd. 
Jlem. X. Y. Stale Asscmblv, l^T.i; depulv 
county clerk, County of X. Y., lf-l-S'2, ass'"t 
corporation counsel. ls.>2-S9. Address: 3J 
Nassau St.. X. Y. City. 
BEAEDSLEY, Guy w'hitiug: 

spaper editor and book mf 





s. Ila 

Flint and Jane (Corn'ish) Beardsle 
mon school cd'n; in. Oiiurga, III., April 




and edii 


in the 

n book 

book ni 

enterprises. Pros, "and- sen. nil'r Tlie f;ven- 
ing Herald Co.; v.-p. and ing'r Herald Co. 
of Bin-hamton. Independent Keiniblican. 
Recreations: IJirdshootinu-, autoinobilins. 
Address: 13 Crandall St., liin-haratou, X..Y. 
BEAEDSLEY, Hulbert Ten Eyck: 

Lawxer; b. .\uburn. N. V.. I.)ee. 4, 1S73; s. 
Charles S. an.l Kllen G. iHiillii'M) Beardslev; 
ed. Voiikers .Mil. School and Hamilton Cofl., 
class of 1-BT; m. Jersey City. X. J., April 13, 
1903, Klizabeth McAneny ; children: Katlier- 
inc Ten Kvck, b. Dee. ii, liio;!. Hulbert Ten 
Eyck, Jr., b. Feb. :;i, 1015. .\dmilled to bar. 



ing Co., Baltimore; trustee Stale Savings 
Bank of X. Y. : director Hoval Suppiv Co. 
Democrat. Episcopalian. Club: Alph:i 'nulla 
Phi. Residence: 1:17 West OOlh St., X. Y. 
City. Address: 31 Xassau St., >". Y. City. 
BEAEDSLEY, Samuel A.: 

I.awwr; b. liiea. X. Y., Dee. 1, 1S.3G; s. 
Art Inn M. and Louise Howland (Adams) 
Beardsley; ed. Tlica public schools, Willis- 
ton Sem., Easthamptou, .Mass., Hamilton 
Coll. L:iw Sch. ; ill. Sept. 14. 1->1. Elizabeth 
Ann Hopper; children: Thomas lloiiper, 
Louise .Vdains, Samuel A., Jr. .\dniitled to 
bar, l:-7',), and en.-aged in practice: special 
city jud-o of Utica. l--n--->; cilv judge of 
Utica. l,v.<-OJ: practised law in L'tica,^ 1,S7'J- 
97; mem. Ilrm Beardsley, lUirdi. k & Beards- 
lev, and later li.'ardslev .V Beard.slev; in 
ISHS opened orti 

& He 


el fo 



slituent companies. Director X. 
Y. Edi.son Co., fniled lilectric Li.'lit and 
Power Co., rtica Cilv Xal. Hank. Ulica tias 
and Kle.lric Co.: pres. C.ui.solida!ed Tele- 
u-raph and Eleclriial Siib«;iv Co.. X. Y. 
City: s,;-. and treas. H.irwav Improveiiient 
Co. Democrat. Churn .St:iie B'd R. R. 
Comm'rs. l^ie-W; mem. and see. Deni. Slate 
Cm.. l«-n-9-J from :;.-,th fonirrc.'.sional Dist. 
Epis.opalian. Mem. X. Y. Bar Assn. 
Oneida Co. Bar Ass'n, Utica ( iiamber .if 
Commerce. Utica Lodge, P. and .\. M. 

Clubs: Manhaltan, Democratic (X. Y. Ciivl 

Fort Schuyler, Sada.|uada Golf (Utic; i 

Maidstone ( Eastliampton, L. I.); O.lklaa. 

Golf (L. I.). .Address: 51 Wall St., X. V 


EEATTIE, Haus Stevenson: 

Lawyer; b. Belfast, Ireland, Feb. 29, IMP 
s. Hans StevensoTi and Margaret (Kerr 
Beattie; ed. Univ. of X. Y. and Law Scle.n 
of same: m. 1st. 1S7I, ilaria Alexander Idio 
Jan., 1S7(;) ; id, ls7S, Mary E. Densinor. 
children: Thomas Stoddard, b. lS7i3, Williaa 
C. Whitnev, b. ISsO. Came to .America 
l^lij; private sec. to C. Whilnev 
1S>U-S3: deputy county clerk, X. Y. Couutv 
■ " " irvcyor of Port of X. Y., 1SS3S0 


ner, X'. Y. City 

1^U0■91; treas. Met. Street Railw.ay Co., If 
1900. Murderouslv assaulted in X. Y. Cus 
torn House Xov. i, IbSJ, by Louis Bieral, in 
spoctor in custom's service, who had beei 
suspended for irregnlaritv in discharge n 
duty. Wrote two novels:' Joshua Wrav an. 
.Mike Mnriarty, both published in ISOi: v.t 
newspaper and nnigazine editor and pio 
prietor at different times in his life. Dem 
BEATTY, A. Chester: 

Consulting eugr: b. X. Y. City, 1S7G; s 
.John Cuming and Hetty (Bull) Beattv 
grad. Columbia Sch. of -Mines, E.M., l^Sl^ 
ni. Denver, 19uu, Grace Madelin Rickard 
hildren: Xinetle Beattv, b. l:io_>, .\lfred Cln- 




•e.stern part 
laska: now a 
nd director 


tejl State 
ass-t gen. mg'r. consulting eng'r 
■ Guggenheim Exploration Co.; 
ng'r Utah Cojiper Co.; director 
Xevada Consoli.laled Copper Co.; ass't con- 
sulliiig eng'r Camp Bird, Limited; director 
The Xew River Collieries C.,., Intereonlineii- 
tal Rubber Co. Jlem. Am. Inst. iHning 
Eiig'rs, Soc. Colonial Wars, S. A. R., Zeta 
Psi. Clubs: Metropolitan. University, Law- 
yers, Engineers, (X. Y. Cilv): Denver, Uni- 
versity (Denver): .\lta (Salt Lake Cilv). 
Residence: li7 E. TSd St. -Address: 71 Broad- 
way, X. Y. City. 
BEATTY, Eobcrt Chetwood: 

l.awver: b. X. Y. Cilv. May IS, 1.S7-2; s. 
John Cuming and Hcttv I Hull ) 'Beattv ; grad. 
Coluiilbia Univ. Schools of Law and Political 
Science, LL.B., 1^94, LL.M.. ISM; m. X. Y. 
Cil.v, Jan. 30, 1901, Jean Burlin[:ame: chil- 
dren: Anne Burlingame, Hettv linrling.ime. 
Junior ass't to corporation counsel, X. Y. 
Cilv, lS-97; special counsel to eitv, in charge 
lMI,sl91i3: mem. 

courts of X. 
rt an.l otli. 

F.'dera'l' ' 

of Beattv & Burlingame (with 
son Burlingame). Mem. As: 
y of X. Y.: So,-. Col.inial W: 
vnlulion. Zela Psi frat.M-ni tA'. 



I'lii (!.• 

ah. I 

.V.hlr.s.,: 43 Cchir St., X. Y. City. 
EEAUCHAMP, William Martin: 

n.r-vman; b. CbboilKim, X. Y., M:ireh 
■::,. l-:lil: s. William M. and Marv (J:iv) 
r...aii.-ham|): ed. Skailcateles Ae:id., and De 
l.aii.ev Divinilv Sell.: S.T.I)., llobart Coll.. 
1>M1; ui. Ravenna, Ohio, Xov. 20, 1S37, Surah 

Cirtcr; children: Virf;:in 

(inice. Ordained hy ' Bisliop Va Lnni-oj-, 
.Sept. 21, 1502: rector lirace Church, Bald- 
winsville, >'. Y., IbU.i-Uluu: examining cluip- 
l.iin, diocese of Central X. Y., from l;sl. 
.siill active as a pn-achor. Archa;oloi;ist X. 
Y. State Museum, lw;-l!'nO; author of series 
of museum bulletins, includins: a history of 
the Six Nations. Author: Iroquois Trail; 
Indian Names in New York: Land and 
Kresh Water Shells of Onondasa County: 
and many magazine articles; also author of 
It; chapters in '"Onondasa's Centennial,'" 
l^ftG; editor of new history of Ononda_sa 
County, 190S; also author of various atl- 
ilrcsses in historical societies. Devotes 
spare time to natural science, archa?olo?y 
and ttrt. In archa?oloi:ical research about 
1.-..000 original drawin-s of New York In- 
dian articles have been made, beside notes 
on folk-lore obtained from the Oiiondaf::is, 
during 30 years' work. ^lany papers and 
addresses were on New York* Colonial lite. 
.\ddress at Gettysburi, July 3, 1.>;S, at ded- 
i.-ation of monument of Peitit's Battcrv. 
Resident in Onondasa Co. since April, l-:;l. 
Republican; Episcopalian. Director Oii> ■ 
dnga Hist. Ass'n, ]^^<)■l'.l"S; pres. Onon.l;,_i j 
Acad, of Science, lOvl-o^:; second recipu:;! | 
of Cornplanter medal for Irofiuois researcli. 
1',<|JC. Adopted bv Onondaca Indians, lliU4. 
I'res. Syracuse Clerical Club, lOnj-DS. Ad- 
dress: 121 Mark Av., Syracuse, N. Y". 
BEAUX, Cecilia: 

Artist: b. Philadelphia: d. .Tohn Adolphe 
and Cecilia Kent (Leavitt) Beaux; studied 
art under William Sartain and late at Arad- 
I'mie Juliea and the Lazar School, Paris: 
received honorary degree of LL.D., from 
Tniv. of Pa., I'J'S. K.\hibited at Champs 
de .Mars, ISOO, and lOnii (jold medal): also 
four timeo awarded the .Marv fimith Prize, 
Pa. Acad. Fine .Arts: gold medal, PhilaiU-1- 
phia Art Club; Dodge prize, Nat. Acad, of 
Design; bronze and" gold medals Carnegie 
Inst.; gold medal of honor, and TcMiplc 
cold medal, Pa. Acad, of Fine -Vrts. ilcm. 
Nat. Acad. Design, I'JliL', Soc. Am. Artists; 
sncii-taire des Beaux Arts. Address: Uluu- 
cester, llass. 
BECK, Carl: 

Surgeon; b. Neckargemuond. Gorrnanv, 
Aiir. 4, ISM; s. Wilhehu ami Sophia llliililerl 
Heck; ed. at the institution of his grand- 
uncle, Kev. August Uohler, and at gymna- 
sium of Heidcll.eig; student at Univs. 
Heidelberg, Berlin and Jena: grad. I niv. 
of Jena, M.D., 1>79; m. Hedwig S., d. Chief 
Justice Friodrich Ileinrich von Loeser; 
children: Ellen G., Kric C. A., Edward. 
Camo to U. S., Feb., 1^^2: pres. St. Jfnrk's 
llosp., visiting surgeon St. Mark's Uosp. 
and German Poliklinik; prof, surgery N. Y. 
I'ost-Grad. iled. Sch. and IIosp. : pres. I'n- 
ion of Old GeriMan Students of Ameri.'a, 
Soc. Jled. Jurisprudence; pres. Am. Tliera- 


Ellen, How 



(Blakiston s Sons, Phila.) and in 
VMS (Hirschwald, Berlin); Konti- 
Der Schwertenkonrad, a novel of the Neckar- 
valley: .Vmerikanische Strciflichter ; Feucht- 
froehliches uud Feuchtunfroehliclies, 101)0; 
Sonnenblicke vom latinischcn Amerika (last 
five published by L. Simion Nf., Berlin). 
Mem. Deutscher Verein. Address: 37 E. 
31st St., N. Y. City. 
BECK, James M.: 

I.aiyyer; h. IMiiladelphia, July 9, 18C1 : cd. 
in Philadelphia schools, Mornvinn Coll., 
Bethlehem, Pa., A.B., ISSD. LL.D., 1M4 
(LL.D., Muhlenberg Co.., 1S92) ; m. ISOO, 
Lilla, d. James .Mitchell, of Philadelphia. 
.Vilmitted to bar at Philadelphia, IsSl ; part- 
ner William F. Harritv, l>Si-9S; nss't U. S. 
.Ttt'y, Eastern Dist. of Pa., lSSS-n2 and ISM- 
Itino; ass't alt'y-gen. U. S., 1900-(.i3. Prose- 
cutor many important criminal cases, con- 
victing the Cuban lilibusters, the Lancaster 
counterfeiters, and derelict officials of the 
Chcstiiut Street Bank; argued before U. S. 
Supreme Court Neely case. Lottery cases, 
I'.pii- Crust cases, and argued the Northern 
I'.' IS case before the Circuit judges; 
■ r. apxit'd hv U. S. Court, sold, in 
A;.; :, IKii. th.e Philadelphia Record for 
; -.^ ■ . '. the highest price ever obtained for 
;in American newspaper at public sale: in 
1902 entered law firm of Sherman and Stir- 
ling, of N. Y. City, removing there, but re- 
mains senior memlier of lirm of Beck ..t 
Robinson, of Phil.T.lelphia. Delivered the 
Fourth of July oration in Independence 
S(iuare, 1>92: the oration on Pennsylvania 
Day at the World's Columbian Exp'n, ora- 
tion at unveiling of statue of Stephen Girard, 
in Philadelphia; and spoke in response to 
the toast: The .\merican Bar. at the dinner 
given in Londou by the Bench and Bar 
.\ss'n of England to the Am. Bar Ass'n. 
:Mpm. New England Soc. (Philadelphia); 
trustee .Moravian Coll., New Orleans. Clubs: 
Art, Franklin Inn (Philadelphia), .Metropol- 
itan, Lotos IN. Y. City). .Vddress: 11 Wall 
St. N. Y City. 

BECK, Otto Walter: 

Artist: b. Dayton, Ohio, March 11. ISO): 
s. Claries and Louise (Schnicke) Beck: ed. 
in Oliio schools and pursued art studies at 
Roval Acad, of Fine Arts, Munich: m. N. 
Y. 'City, Sept. 3, lS9.'i, Caroline Peabodv 
P.-rkins. Profes.sionallv engaged as artist 
with studio at Cincinnati for several years, 
and at same time was instructor at the 
Cincinnati Acad, of Fine Arts and at the 
Rockwood Potler.v, Cincinnati; won iu a 
National competition for the designs for 
mural decoratiim of the vestibules of the 
later re- 

ed to N. 




ind Oe 
al on .- 



Urological Soe. 
■al .\sep. 

Fraclur.-s. It'oO (S.iundcrs & Co.); 
tgeiistrahlcn iin Diensie der Chirur- 
itz & S.-haiier. Munich); Ri.nlgcn 
agnosis and Therapy (.Appleton .^■ 
urgical Diseases of the Chest. 19u7 



and is ins'lrui'tor in 

.(rt at 


of .V. 

Brooklyn. Mem. Arcliitec 
Y. .\uthor: -\rt Principl 
ic Portraiture (Baker & 
is: 1110 Washington Av 

tural League 
es in Photo- 
Taylor Co.). 
, Brooklyn, 

N. Y 



Edward Waterbury: 
in: b. Nassau. .\[.ril 

20. 1 

s7n : s. 

ed. 1 

- C. 

and Kmeline (Waterl, 
schools. Watcrviliet, 

irv) T 
N. Y. 


1,SSS92: Rensselaer Polylecl 
grad. Albany Med. Coll., 



Ethel C. Stone, Troy, N. Y. Engaged in 
post-graduate work in X. Y. City one year; 
interne at Samanian ilosii., Troy, Muu; since 
then in active practice in Troy, \. Y. Ass't 
Burgeon, 2d Ecgt, N. ii. X. Y. ; attending 
physician and ass't in nose and throat 
dep't, Samaritan Hosp., Troy; rhinologist 
and laryngoIuL,'ist, Troy Orplian Asylum; 
lecturer in piivsiology, Albany Med. Coll. 
Address: 40 Slate St., Troy, N. Y. 
BECKER, George B.: 

Lawyer; b. Ulen Haven, N. Y., Aug. 3, 
1675; s. Albert and Anna Becker; grad. Cor- 
nell, LL.B., ]i97: m. Svracuse, N. Y.. Sept. 
11, 19i», ilenrietta P. .Mackinney: children; 
Paul, b. IDOl, fJsther, b. 1903. Admitted to 
bar 1S9T, and has since been engaged in 
practice nt Svracuse, X. Y. Trustee N. Y. 
Safety Reserve Fund. Republican. Mem. 
Roval" Arcanum. Club: Citizens. Address: 
9J3 University Block, Syracuse, X. Y. 

BECKER, George Ferdinand: 

GeoIoL-ist; 1). .\. Y. Citv. Jan. 5. 1?17; S. 
Alexander Christian and Sarah Cary (Tuck- 
erman) Becker; grad. Harvard, A.B., lSo3 ; 
Heidelbcri;. Ph.D.. IMl!!, Royal Sch. Mines, 
Berlin, 1S71 ; m. Washington, D. C, Feb. 11, 
1902, Florence Serpell Deakins. Construct- 
ing eng'r, Joliet Iron anil Steel Co., 1S7J-73; 
instr. mining and metallurgv. fniv. of Calif., 
ls7.i-79; geologist in charge U. S. Geol. Sur- 
vey since 1.S79 (now in charge Div. of Chem- 
ical and Physical Research); special ag't 
loth Census, lS79.(-3. Made e.xamination of 
gold and diamond mines in S. Africa, 1.^90; 
geologist with army in Philippines. 1S9S-99; 
now in charge geophysical researches nnder 
the Carnegie Insfn of Washington. Mem. 
Xat. Acad. Sciences; Am. Philos. Soc. ; fel- 


A. S. 

■p. Geol. So 


Am. Inst. Mining Kng'rs. \Vashiii;toii 
Acad. Sciences; hon. mem. Geol. Soc. S. 
Africa and of Wilwatersrand Chamber of 
Jlines. Received military medal from State 
of Montana. Author: Atomic Weight De- 
terminations, 1»0: Geology of the {■oiiistock 
Lodge, 1882; Statistics and Technology of 
the Precious Metals. ISN",; Geolojv of Quick- 
silver Deposits of Pacific Slope, l.v-.S: also 
monographs on golil fields of the Southern 
iNppalachians. Alaska. S. Africa: Geology 
of the Philippine Islands. 1901. K.\periment3 

Slaty Cleavage. 19ol; Smithsonian Matl: 
natical Tables, Hyperbolic Funct 

191 ■> 



irs on tet 





ts, no 










: 1 







ess • 











n, b. 






v \ c r 

b. t 












\. ami 
)n C. 





inv L, 






m. (. 




, 1 















lr, 1S7 



al Cr 




Alumni, II„lland Soc. (X. Y.), .S. A. 1 
Clubs: li.iffal,.. Kllic.itt. Liberal. Cmmtr 
Author: Wittbaus and B.^-ker's Medic 
Jurisprudence; Forensic Mcli.ine and To 
icology. Residence: lai Highland Av. A 
dress: 4i'3 Main St., Buffalo, X. Y. 


Artist; b. St. Louis, Mo., July 30, ISO,-- 
d. Charles and Adeline (Chonev) Beckiu,- 
ton; ed. Art Students' League, X. Y. Cilv 
.\cademio Julian, and Charles Lazar, Par/. 
Specialty is miuiature painting, for whica 
work received bronze medal from the World s 
Fair at St. Louis. 1901, and honorable mention 
from the Pan-.Vmerican E.\p'n at BulTalo: ex- 
hibited at Paris E.\p'n. 1900, and at Paris 
Salons, and at exbn's of Xat. Acad. DesiL-n 
and Soc. Am. Artists. Jlem. and a founder 
Am. Soc. .Miniature Painters; mem. Pa. Snc. 
Miniature Painters; instr. in miniature paint- 
ing, An .Students' League, X. Y. City. Sum- 
mer residence: Scituate, :Mass. Winter stu- 
dio : 1J7 Carnegie Hall, X. Y. City. 
BECKLEY, John N.: 

Capitalist; b. Clarendon, Orleans Co.. X''. 
Y., Dec. 30, IblS; ed. Genesee Coll., m. June 
23, l.'7o. Belle G. Corwin, of Brighton, X. Y. 
Teacher; admitted to bar, lS7.i; practised law 
at Batavia. 1^.5-77; city att'y of Rochester 


ed la\ 


since 1877 

1890, Toronto, Plamilton & BulTalo R. R. Co. ; 
director Rochester Gas and Electric Co. 
Upsilon fraternity. City 





Lotos, Law\ 
tion, Xational .^.rts, Genesee Valley. 'Resi- 
dence: Rochester, X. Y. .address: Grand 
Central Station, X. Y. City. 
BECKWITH, Isbon Thaddeus: 

Clergviiiau, theologian; b. Old Lrme, 
Conn., 1S13; s. William and Caroline (Cham- 
pion) Beckwith; grad. Yale, A.B., 1808, 
Ph.D., 1872; grad. work at Leipzig and Gclt- 
tingen, l^liU, D.U., Trinity Coll. (Hart- 
ford), 1898. Instr. Greek, fniv. of Tcnn., 
Yale. 1670 72 and lb74-79; prof. Greek. Trin- 
ity Coll. (Hartford), 1879-98; prof. Xew Tes- 
tament interpretation. Gen. Tbeol. Sem., N. 
Y. Citv, 1M.S-190C. Ordered deacon, 1S75, or- 
dained priest. 1S76. in Ejiiscopal Church; 
from 1907 lecturer in Biblical studies, Trin- 
ity Coll., Hartford. Mem. Biblical and 
K.vegetical Soc. American Philological Soc. 
.\mcrican .Vrclueologioal Soc. .-Vddress: 
Hartford, Conn. 
EECK'WITn, J. CarroU: 

Portrait painter; b. Hannibal. Mo.. Sept. 
23. 18.-.2; s Charles Henry and Jlartha Me- 
lissa (Owenl }ieck>yith; studied art in Chi- 
cago, 1,^09-71, Xat. Acad, of Design, .X. Y. 
Cilv. ]'-71-7:l. then at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, 
Paris; pupil of Carolus-Duran ; medals at Hi- 
ternat. Expn's. Paris, and various exhibi- 
tions in America: m. June 1. l.-?7, Periha 
Hall, of X. Y. Citv. Established as portrait 
and genre painter in X. Y. City. 187S; has 
made many trips to Euroiio for purposes of 
study; exiiibited in all important Am. ex- since 1S78. Has been instr. in 
scluiols of the Art Stud,-nls' L.-ague, X. Y. 
Citv. since 1^90; at Cn,.p.'r In^t.. and in'ools of the .Met. Museum of Art. Xa- 
tional ncad.-iuician and sec Nat. Acad. De- 
sign; treas. mem. Sne. Am. Artists; pres. 
N'at. Free Art League; v.-p. Fine Arts Com- 
m'n of Citv of X. Y.; Am. Water Color Soc, 
Met. Museum nl Art. Lived f..r years in 
Europe and has traveled extensively. In- 
dependent in politics; Episcopalian. Clubs: 




r>H W. 5-2d St., ^". Y. City. 

BEDDALL, Ktlward F.: 

Insurance pies.; D. in County of Essu.\, 
Kngland, May 1. Ib3!l. Insy. ai'eneifs for 
London branch, Roval liis. Co., >'i", lit^com- 
ins mg'r Canadian "branch, luly, ISU, and of 
N. Y. Branch, 1673 93: since Itiii, C. y. atfy 
for same company. Pros. Queen Tns. Oo. o: 
America since 1^93. Pres Tarirt' Is: n of 
N. Y., 1695; pres. N. Y'. B'd Fire Cnder- 
writcrs, 1S'.)6. Episcopa:ian ; Ti-arden ■Vh. of 
the Kpipbany; mem. of Bd Mai-aseiuent, Pt. 
Luke's Hosp.; e.-c-prcs. St. Ge:>rge's Soc. 
Kosidence: Larchmont Manor, X. Y. Ad- 
dress: S4 AVilliam St., X. Y. City. 
BEDELL, Frederick: 

Physicist, electrician: b. Brnoklyp, April 
12, 16CS; s. Edwin F. and Caroline (Cunning- 
ham) Bedell; ed. Mnntclair {.V. J.; 
Srh., Yale Univ.. A.B., l;9ii, Cornell Univ., 
Ph.D., liOi: i«. July 1, ls9U, Mary L. Cre- 
hore, of Cleveland. O. ; children: Eleanor 
Crehore, Caroline Cunningham. Ass't prof, 
physics, I>93: prof, applied electricity since 
lOm, Cornell Vniv. Asso. editor .Physical 
P.eview, 1.S9-1; past gen. sec. A. A. A. S. ; 
nicm. various sacs, and contb'r to tneir 
proceedings and to scientific journals. 
Mem. Jury of Awards, Dep't of Electricity, 
La. Purchase Exp'n, 1004. Author: Princi- 
ples of the Transformer. .Joint author: 'Al- 
ternating Currents; Laboratory Manual of 
I'hysics. Best known for his investigations 
in " alternating electric currents. Address: 
Ithaca, N. Y. 
BEDELL, Louis: 

Lawyer: b. Co.vsackie, Greene Co., X. Y., 
Oct. 1, 1:01; ed. public schools and Pougli- 
keepsie High Sell. Was instr. at Kastnian's 
Business Coll., Poughkeepsie, in slenograpliy 
and t\i)ewriting for two years: studied law 
with Robert F. Wilkinson, of Poughkeepsie. 
Admitted to bar Oct. 1, l^=.); in l-.«l moved 
to Coshen and formed law partnership yvitli 
Judge George W. Green. Kepublican. Ma- 
Eon. Sec. Orange Co. Horse and Koad Im- 
provement Assn; trcas. Horse Show Ass'n, 
Orange Co.; was treas. X. Y. State Road Im- 
provement Ass'n; elected to Assembly, 1S05: 
re.'lccled in 1^97, 1?'.'-. l^W. V.'iK. 1:'"1 and 
V.i'ii and 1901. Address: Goshen, X. Y. 

BEDFORD. Edward Thomas: 

Capitalist: b. Brnukhn, Feb. 19. 1S49; s. 
Frederick Thomas and '.Mary Ann Elizabeth 
(Pace) Bedford: cd. pub. schs. and M.npb- 
grove Acad.. Westport., m. Bronxville, 
N. Y.. Dec. 1*71. Marv Ann Dingee. Pros. 
X. Y.. Dec. l.<71. .Marv Ann Dilutee: children: 
Charles E.. Frederick' T.. .Mary K.. Emily II.. 
Gracia M. Pr-s. and director \. Y. Glucose 
Co.. Bedford Petroleum Co.. nf Paris. Fr.nnce, 
Colonial Oil Co. of X. .T.. Self-Winding Clock 
Co.: v.-p. and .lirect..r Stale Safe Deposit 
Vaults: IruM.'c Title Guaraiilee ,v Trust Co.: 
director and mem. exec. I'om. Standard Oil 
Co.. Atlantic Kelining Co.. Thompson-Star- 
relt Co., Mf'rs' Trust Co. Clubs: Hiding 
and Driving. I'arkway Driving llirooklvnl. 
Bridgeport Ya.-ht. Black Kock Ilarhnr. 
Hokanum Golf (Cnn.). Kcsid.n.-e: ]>1 
Clinton Av., Brooklyn. Address: M Broad- 
way, N. Y. City. 

BEDFORD, Ed-A-ia Rapalje: 

Phvsiciaii; b. i.iknh:,ia, Dutchess Co., X. 
Y., Aug. 19, 167J; s. Edward II. and Anna 
'Bevier) Bedford; ed. Mount Beacon Acad.. 
Eishkill-on Hudson. X. Y. Homa-opathic Med. 
Coli. and Flower Hosp.; m. Currvtown. Mont- 
gomery Co., X. v.. Oct. i, I^OS, Grace E. 
Snow; children: Eliz.tticth Snow, Dorothy 
Bevier. Presby'ierian. Visiting physician to 
Bethesda Sanitarium; visiting physician, 
Cumberland St. Hosp.: attending physician. 
Gates Av. Dispensary. Mem. Am.' Inst. 
Iloma-opathy, X. Y. State Homcco. iled. Soc, 
Kings Co. HoniffiO. Med. Soc; Dutchess 
County Soc. Bedford Lodge, F. and A. M. ; 
Benefactor Council, Roval" Arcanum; Bed- 
ford Conclave ( Heptasophs) ; Montauk Coun- 
cil, Jr. Order Am. Mechanics. Club: Inter- 
nos. Address; 437 Putnam Av., Brooklyn, 
X. Y. 
BEEBE, Charles 'William: 

Ornitbologist; b. Brooklyn, X. Y., July 29, 
1S77; s. Chafles and Henrietta Marie (Young- 
love) Beebe; ed. High Sch., E. Orange, X. J., 
and Columbia i;niv.,'lf9ii-99; m. "The Oaks." 
Clarkton, \'a., Aug. U, 1902, Marv Blair Rice. 
Curator of ornithology X. Y. Zoological Park 
from 1S99. Made scientific expeditions to 
Nova Scotia, A'irginia, Florida. Mexico and 
Venezuela. Mem. Am. Ornithologists' Vn- ', 

ion, X. Y. Linn.T?an Soc; life mem. X. Y. j 

Zoological Soc: fellow X. Y. Acad. Science, 
A. A. A. S. : corr. mem. London Zoiil. Soc. - 

Author: Two Bird-Lovers in Mexico (Hough- ! 

ton. Mifflin): The Bird (Henry Holt): 1'lie 
Log of the Sun (Henry Holt). Contributor i 

to various magazines and scientific publica- ' 

tions. Address; X. Y. Zoological Park, X. | 

Y. City. 
BEEBE, Frank: | 

I'hvsician; b. Fonda. Montgomery Co.. 
X. Y.", Aug. 4. 1S.01; s. Thomas X. and Eliza- 
beth (Joiies) Beebe; srrad. AlOany -Med. 
Coll. M.D., ISSl: m. Ephratah, Fulton Co., 
\ Y.. 1>7S, Laura M. Smith; children: Jen- i 

nie E. (now Mrs. Cadv), b. 1S79, George [ 

Warren Beebe, M.D.. b. 1^5-2. Since ISfl en- 
gaged in general pnictice as physician and ', 
surgeon at Johnstown. X. Y. Ma.vor City of 
Johnsiow-n 19o,s 09. Democrat, ilem. Med. 
Soc. .'itate of X. Y. ; Fulton Co. Jled. Soc. 
Club: Lotos (Johnstown, X. Y'.). Address: 
Johnstown. Fulton Co., X. Y. 

BEEBE. Minnie Mason: 

IMucator; b. Pavilion. Genesee Co.. X. Y. : 
d. Wallace Mid Marv Elizabeth (Ward) Ma- 
son; grad. Geneseo State Xormal Sch.. Syra- 
cuse Tniv.. A.B., A.M., Univ. of Zurich, 
Switzerland. Ph.D.. 19i«): m. Aug. 13. 1^90. 
liev Theodore Orville Beebe (died Feb. 4. 
1.-91). Preceptress at '\Vyoming Sem.. Kings- 
ton Pa i^91-9S- then went abroad for study. 
Prof. hi'sloTV and French. .Tolin Crnuse C"ll. 
of Svracuse I'niv. since 1901. Has made , 

fmir trips abi-o;id for study and travel. 
M,.m. M. E. Chur.-h. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa. , 

I'lionian rXi.rmal Sch. Soc), Gamma Phi 
Beta (c„lb-e sorority). Clubs: (lermau. j 
Ki.natennh. Uesidence:- Geneseo. X. ^.. ] 
\ddress: 1007 East Adams St.. Syracuse. i 
X Y. ■ , 

BEEBE. S. P.: . ^,. ^ ' 

Pbvslolodsl: b. St. Johns. Clinton Co 
Mi.h; s. Aram and Emma L. Beebe; ed. 



Valparaiso Co... B.S., IWn, IlarvarJ, B.S. 
mama cum laude, ipnfl ; M..S.. 13u2. rii.D., 
1001. Yale; ui. Valparaiso, Intl., 1^0fi, Mary 
E. Whitney; children: Doris, h. l>'j\ lUitli 
b. Kml. Palmer, b. V.Ko. Director Hunlini- 
ton Fund for Cancer Kesearcli. Independent 
iu politics; Unitarian. Mem. Am. Phvsiol. 
Soc; fellow A. A. A. S., Soc. for Ex-peri- 
mental Medicine and Biolns-v, Am. \ss'n 
Patholosists and Bacteriologists. Club: 
Yale. Address: 4U E. -JOth St., N. Y. City. 
BEECHER, Frederick William: 

ClerKynian; b. Jacksonville. 111., 1S35; s. 
Edward (D.D.) and Isabella f Porter) 
Eeecher; ed. Boston Latin Sch., Williams 
Coll., A.B., mr. Kiinx Cull., A.B.. ISjI V M 
1S91, Chica:rn TI:...| S ,.. B.D.. IStil • m' 
Brookl.vH. I^'"", ' , ' ;i.:.- Goodwin. For- 
merly Contr,., .istcr at ^[iUvau- 

Icee. Wis.. i-K.i,, ;, ,-,1 iceo. III., l.-.(jl-TO; 
Jackson. Mich.. 1-,): W cl.sville, X. Y., l^Ti- 
•JI: in char-c i;])isr,ipal Ch. at Sodus. X. Y.. 
l'-;i2-05; ordered d.-acon. Ij03, and ordained 
I'ricst, mn. l.v Bi-ihup Coxe; rector AuL-clica 
X. Y.. ].>:0l-ns; since 1S03 rector St. Jolin's 
Ch.. Wellsville, X. Y. Address: Wellsvilie, 
X. Y. 

BEECHEK, John Preston: 

Am. vice-consul: b. X. T. City, Jan. fi, 
15G, ; ed. St. Paul's Seh., Concord, X. 11 
St. Paul's Sch., London, LvcOe Condorcet 
Paris, and Coll. of Phvs. arid Surg., X. v! 
City. Has been in U. S. consular service 
'since 1S&9, serving successively at Bordeau.\-, 
Cognac and Havre; appt'd vice and deputy 
consul, Havre. France. Sept. 22, isno. Aci- 
dress: American Consulate, Havre, France. 
BEECHER, Martha A.: 

.Mathcinatioal teacher: b. Livonia. X. Y., 
d, J.iliri S. and Sarah J. (Wilson) Beechev 
ed. Oenfsee Weslcvan Sem., Lima, X. Y 
Syracuse Univ., Ph.B., Columbia Univ.. A..M 
Has taught in Kinscy Sem.. X. C. Livonia 
High ,Sch., and now teaching mathematics 
in East High Sch., Rochester, X Y Prcs- 
by'n. Mem. Xat. Ertn'l Ass'n: Chi Chapter 
Kappa Alpha Theta ; College Woman's Club 
(Kochcster). Address: Livonia Centre, 

BEECHER, ■William Alan.-!on: 

t'lergyman; b Vernon Center. Oneida Co., 
X. Y.; s. Rev. Jcdm Wyllys and Achsa (Jud- 
son) Bencher: ed. Hamilton Coll.. A.B.. 1S71: 
LL.B.. I.-i--.. Yale and Auburn Tl.eol Sen,s ■ 
ni. Brookdale. Pa.. Mav "i T---' Caroline 
Knjgbt: children: Clcora, h. l«St. ' Willis, b. 
I'-'-.. Jndson, h. I'ln. Lid.i. b. l-o."! Stuart b 
ISW. Dwight, b. 10112. Ordained as Pr.'sbV'n 
minister at He Kalb. X. Y l"-'i and 'en- 
gaged in Oospel ministry since l.S7< in X. Y. 
Stale and Pa. Or-ani^ed new ehurcb"s at 
De Kalb Junction, X. Y.. and Middhport. 
X. 1.: now j.astor at Sennett V Y Mem 
Pa. Bible Soc. Address: Sennett, N. Y. 
BEECHER. Willis Jnd.son: 

'■!■ i-Mi,.,n. tb ...bin: b. Hampden. Ohio, 

April -JO. ls;s: s. .lohn Wvlivs and Achsa 

';''■■'-■"' !'• ber: ed. .\„%„;,a .\ead. ..ind 

\ernon .\c.„l., X. Y. : Trainill.oi Coll.. R.A.. 

^w ■ -V,'';',"'" ''"'"l- ^■''"- '^'^: I^-l^- l"^""- 
'',';.'> <^"'l- l""': fib, rrii.cetnn Univ., 
Tk^i J""'- !'• I-''"'. Snrn Jfaria Boll,.r, 
T ^'■"'' «m'-.^'= ""o„ ''^'"Shter, Eli.,:,beth. 

''ino "'""'" ■'"" ^'' '^'" ^'■''-■""'' 

pastor Presbyterian Ch., Ovid, X'. Y., 1501. 
('.:i; prof, moral science and belles lettre^i 
Knox Coll., Galesburg, 111., lS(J3-(;9; pastor 
First Ch. of Christ, Galesburg, 111., lsOO-71 ■ 
prof. Hebrew language and literature. Au- 
burn Iheol. Sem., 1S71-19(JS; resi-ned Mem 
Soc. of Biblical' Literature and E^e'^esis 
(treas. 1SS4-1903, nres. 1904), Am Orient-il 
Soc., Am. Inst. Sacred Literature, Am. Bildc 
League. Assembly's Com. on the Revision of 
thf Confession of Faith, 1S90-92. Stone lec- 
turer, PriiKcton Sem., 1902. Trustee Wells 
Coll., Ca.vuga Co. Hist. Soc., Seymour Li- 
brary (Auburn), Clifton Springs" (X. Y. ) 
Sanitarium. Author of several volumes or 
pamphlets of syllabi and of local histnrv 
.■iiid biography, also: Farmer Tompkins anil 
His Bibles. 1S71: The Prophets and the 
Promise (Crowell), K«i5: Teaching of Jesui 
concerning the Future Life (Am. Tract Soc ) 
190i;; The Dated Events of the Old Testa- 
ment (S. S. Times Co.). 1907. Also many 
hundreds of articles or series of articles iii 
encyclopa;dias and other books of reference 
and in reviews and periodicals. Clubs: 
Owasco Cnunliy, Auburn Citv. Address: 
1S3 Genesee St., Auburn, X. Y. 
BEEKMAN, Cbarlcs Keller: 

Lawyer: b. Milburn. X. J., ISilS; s. Wil- 
liam B. and Alice Beekman; grad. Columbia 
Univ., A.B.. L=J9. LL.B., I!i92. Admitted to 
X. X. Bar, 1?91; now mem. firm Philbin, 
Beekman i- Jleuken. Mem. Ass'n Bar Citv 
of X. Y., Delta Psi fraternity. Clubs: Man- 
hattan, Knickerbocker, Union, University, 
Racquet and Tennis, St. Anthony. Resi- 
dence: 14 E, TentlT St. Address: 52 Wil- 
liam St., X. Y. City. 
BEEKMAN, Gerard: 

Lawyer: glad. Columbia Coll., A.B., 1804; 
Law Sell.. LL.B., Is07. Trustee of Columbia 
t niv. and clerk of board since 1>79. Mem. 
Ass'n Bar Citv of X. Y'., Holland Soc., Delta 
Phi fraternity. Clubs: Universitv, Citv, 
Seawanhaka-Corinlhian Yacht. Ovstcr Ba'v, 
Century. Down Town. Address:" 7 E. 42d 
St.. X. Y. City. 

BEEMER. James Gage: 

Pres. Cl.eilnut Ridge R'v Co.; b. Hamil- 
ton. Out.. Jan. Ifi. 1^I9; s." Levi and Eliza 
iliage) Bceiner: ed. Hamilton Grammar and 
High School: m. Detioit, .Mich., Margaret 
L. Barclay. Pres. Chestnut Kidge White 
iiriek Co., Ilandinllaud Co., and 
stockholder in various .■orpfuations. Inde- 
pendent in politics: Prcsbvteri.m. Mem. 
Sons of Revolution. Pres. Imluslrial Chris- 
tian Alliance (X. Y'. Citv). Board of Trus- 
tees Y-oung Women's Cli'ristian Ass'n, Yon- 
kcrs; tru.itee Y'. .M. C. A.. Yonkers; life di- 
rector Am. Bible Soc; former mem. Vnukers 
Board ot Education and St. .Tobn'.s Rivrsido 
Hosp. Residence; Ridgeuiont, Yonkers. X. 
Y. Address; 121 W. 42d St., X. Y'. City. 

BEER. George Louis: 


b. Statcu Tsbiud. X. Y.. 

grad. Columbia Univ., A.B.. IMU. 'A.M., l-o:!; 
lecturer iu hi.-,torv. Columbia Univ.. lsoi.97- 
m. X. Y-. City Xov. II. IsOil. Edith Cecilia 
Hellman; one daughter. Eleanor Frances, h. 
Oct. t. 190-;. In wholesale business, import- 
ing leaf l.ibiicco from Cuba, l.-H.'t-Kio,'!: en- 
gaged in research work in London on Eng- 

WHO'S WHO i.N NEW \"oi:k 


lish colonial policy, 1903-04. Occasional con- 
tributor to I'olitii'al Science Quarterly, The 
Critic, and Putnam's. Aullior: Commercial 
I'olicy of Ensl.uid toward the American 
Colonies, liilj tL'olumbia Univ.); British 
Colonial Policy. 17;i-17i;3, 19.J7 I .Macmilkin ) : 
Origins of the iJiilish Colonial Svstcm, lj7S- 
l(»i, 1911S (llacniillanj. Mem. .Vm. Hist. 
Ass'n, Am. Kcon. Soc, Am. Acad. Polit. 
and Social Science, Nat. Geog. Soc, Xir- 
ginia Hist. Sue. Polit. Science Ass'n. Trus- 
tee Jewish Protectory and Aid Soc. CIuIjs; 
City, Columbia Uniy., Oflicers Club of Co- 
lumbia Univ., St. Andrew's Coll, Century 
Country. Address: 329 \V. 7lst St., ^■. Y. 
BEERS, Lucius Hart: 

Lawyer; b. -N. V. City; grad. Columbia 
Univ., A.B., lv^l, LL.U., l."i Mem. law 
linu Lord, Day & Lord. Mem. .\ss n Bar 
City of N. Y., Sons of Revolution. Clubs; 
Century, Columbia University, Columbia 
Alumni, Down Town. Residence : Vlti E. SUtli 
St. Address: 49 Wall St., N. Y. City. 
BEEES, Nathan Thomas: 

Physician; b. Brooklyn, X. Y., March 29, 
1;74; 6. -N'athan T. and Elizabeth (Uran;er) 
Beers; cd. Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn. Poly- 
technic Inst., Brooklyn ipreraratorv and 
collegiate), Lon- Uland Coll. Hosp.," M.D., 
1S97 (gold medaliSll; interne L. I, Coll. 
Hosp., post-gradu.ite course in Berlin, Cier- 
nianv; m. Brooklyn, June, 1900, Isabel 
Lockwood; one son, Nathan Thomas Beers, 
Jr., b. June U, VJ'sii. Has contributed vari- 
ous professional articles in medical jour- 
nals, popular mairaziiies, articles on the 
History of Illuminated Manuscript, etc. At- 
lendini dcrmatoloi;ibt and cvstoscopist to 
the Methodist Episcopal iScnev) Hosp. and 
Swedisii Hosp. in Brooklyn; viee-pres. Dept 
Photography, Brooklyn Inst. Arts and 
Sciences. Republican. Methodist. Mem. 
Am. Med. Ass'n; life fellow Soc. Science, 
Letters and Art, London, England; mem. 
Kings County Med. Soc, etc.; permanent 
mem, Brooklyn Inst. Arts and Sciences; 
mem. S. A. k.. Phi Kappa Psi fralernitv. 
Clubs; Crescent Alhlclic, Tavern (Brook- 
lyn). Residence; i-uO Prospect Place. Ad- 
dress: .510 Nostrand Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
BEESON, Thomas: 

Clergyman; b. in Enu'Iand; s. Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Monday) nJe.s..n ; ed. in Onlari.i, 
Can.; m. Sept. 1, 1^73, Frances E. Bcard-; children; I'ercv, b. 1^-7. Lcnard. b. 
IS-!). Ordered deacon. 1-91, ordained priest, 
1-9.-., in ministry of Episcopal Church; now 
rector Grace Ch., .Mohawk, X. Y. Address: 
.Mohawk, N. V. 
BEHE. Stacy D.: 

Lawyer; b. Lorkport, Niagara Co., N. Y., 
Jan. 3U, 1,-74; s. tleor^e and Catharine 
'Ernest) Belie; ed. dist. school; Lockport (now High) S. hool, grad. l-JO; m. 
June -lli. V.Hl. lle-ie E. Ilve-nrv; MM, lied law 
in the oniees of lion. Burt G. 'siockwcll (ex- 
dist. atfy of Ni:;gara Co., N! Y.), George 
NV. Pound, and lion. Clianncey K. Dunkle- 
berger (e.\-surn>g;,te of Niagara Co., N. Y.). 
Ailmitled to b:ir in June, V.iini. and since 
then engaged in jiractice. Api.fd Jan. 1. 
19oJ. justice of the ,,eace for Lockport, N. 
1., by Mayor William IL Baker: appt'd 

transfer t.-ix-att'y for Niagara Co., N. Y., 
Feb. 4, 190., by Hon. Matthew Glynn, comp- 
troller State of N. 'i . ; resigned that oftice, 
on apptm t to ollice of deputy clerk of the 
N. v., Jan. 1, 19US, in 



Mem. Constellation ^odge 1^4, and Lockport 
Rebekah Lodge ;;9U, I. O. O. F. ; and of 
Niagara Lodge 37o, F. and A. M. Address: 
75 St., Lockport, N. Y. 
BEHRISCH, Gabrial Isidore: 

Law^er; b. Indianapolis. Ind., Sept. iO, 
IsOJ; s. Bernhard Behrisch and Hannah T. 
Krausc. Prepared at Grammar Sch. No. 40, 
N. Y. City, and Norwich (Conn.) Free Acad.; 
grad. Yale Univ., A.B., l>s4 ; studied law in 
office of Wait & Greene, Norwich, Conn.; ad- 
mitted to bur of Conn., June, Ib-I, and in N. 
Y.. Oct.. 1.-69; now counsel of the Title 
Guarantee and Trust Co. of N. Y. Mem. 
Brookhn Inst. Arts and Sciences, Yale 
Alumni Assn. Clubs; Brooklyn, Democratic 
iBrooklyni, Yale. Residence: GO Montague 
St. -Vddress; 175 Remsen St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 
BELASCO, David: 

Manager, playwright; b. San Francisco, 
Cal., July -Jo, 13J9; ». Humphrey and Rena 
(Martin) Belasco, both natives of England; 
early ed'n under Catholic priest at Van- 
couver, B. C; grad. Lincoln Coll.. Calii., 
1.-75. Early showed predilection for the 
■stage: stage mgr Baldwin Theatre. San' 
Francisco, 167S, and later stage mg'r Grand 
Oj.cra House and Metropolitan Theat 





novels, adapting f 

original work; came East, 1??0, and took 
cha'rge of productions of Mallorv Bros, at 
Madison Square Theatre; went with Froh- 

version of Bcrlou & Simon's Zaza; mg'r 
and prop r Belasco Theatre from lyui'; mg'r 
and prop'r Slnvvesant Theatre, 190S. Au- 
thor of plavs: May Blossom, La Belle Rusae, 
Valeric, Hearts of Oak, Heart of Maryland, 
Lord Ciiunilcv, The Highest Bidder, Zaza, 
Naughty Antiionv, Madame ButterUv. Jlail- 
anie Du Barrv, T'he Girl of the Golde'n West; 
and co-author of The Darling of the Gods, 
Sweet Kitty Bellairs, Adrea": The Charity 
Ball, The Vvife. Men and Women, and The 
Girl I Lett Behind Me. .Vddress ; Belasco 


Y. City 


BELDEN, Ed-ward San 

Clergyman; b. Bristol, Conn., Sept. 1., 

I>77: s'.' Charles S. and Harriet L. iRuic) 
,tol public schools, Wesleyan 
wn, Conn., B.A., IM'9 ; ni. 
.. June 0, 19'itl. Nellie R. 
:; Clara U.S.. b. 19"::. Charles 
In ministry .M. E. Ch. since 

1900; ' has sewed churcbi's in Bakersville, 

Conn., Middlebnry, Conn.. Unionville, Conn., 

and Lake Grove. L. 1. Republican. Jlem. 

Clii Psi ollege fraternity. Address; Lake 

LIrove, L. I., N. Y. 

Beldcn; ed. Bi 
L'niv., Middle 
Plainville, Coi 
HoJ-es; ehildr 


Jessie 'Van iil- 


b. Troy, N. Y 

>-'v. 13. 1=57; d. 

Oscar E. 

ind Sarah (Te- 

rv) \-an Zile; ed. 

Troy Fein 

ale Sen.., and 

grad.) St. Agnes' 

.<^ch. Alb 

o:- ' s" V ■ ni. ' 

■•o.'. .Oct. ••■'. )>i7.'(. 

James N- 

oil -Bcid.;.,- i:. 


Mead V.. 

1 l'.:b, 'anes 

'e.'oine. .\..gustas 



Cadwcll, Pfii 


Appt'd by 
Odull, uiem. 
IludsoD. N. 

Osrur Ynr 
■I'ulipl'd b, 
B'd Mf'rs Slate Kelunii; 
Y. Writor of short st.n-ii 
azines: Author: Fate at the B"or; Concern- 
ing the Aucestors and Descendants ot' Hoval 
Denisun lielden; The Kin,'s Ward; Antuma. 
Mem. Colonial Uames ol Stale of N. Y.; 
N. Y. State Kegenl. Daughters Am. Revolu- 
tion, Ib06-S)9; Mary Washinstnn Memorial 
Assn. Emma Willard Ass ii. Olul.s; Lvceuni 
(London). Sorosis iN. Y.). Address: CIS 
W. Genesee St., .Syracuse, X. Y. 
BELDING, Milo Merrick: 

.Merchant; Ij. Abhlield, Mass, April 3. lio?,; 
s. llirain and Marv (Wilson) Beldins; ed. 
Shelburuo Falls (Mass.) Acad.; ni. April 1, 
IJ.JO, Jiniily C. Leonard ot Ashdeid, Mass.; 
one sou, Milo Merrick Beiding. Jr., b. April 
U, IbOo. Began as boy to sell sewing silks 
on small scale and later engaged in other 
coniniorcial lines; in l^•'o, with brothers, 
established a silk house in Chicago, and in 
ISOl, one in N. Y. Citv, from which grow-n 
lidding Bros. & Co., with great plants at 
Belding, Mich., and Rockville. Conn., of 
which is pres.; also i)res. Commonwealth 
Fire Ins. Co.; direcfir International Salt 
Co., Broadwav Trust Co., International Pulp 
Co., Genesee & Wyoming K. R. Co., Belding 
Paul & Co., Montreal, Ketsof Refining Co., 
and many others. Republican, llein. Cham- 
ber of Commerce, .\ni. Geog. Soc, Sons o£ 
Revolution, Soc. Founders and Palriols ..f 
America. Club: Xew York. Residence: 10 
yv. Tid St., X. Y. City. Address: SilS Broad- 
way, X. Y. City. 
BELDING, Milo Merrick, Jr.: 

Merchant; lj. liruukhn, X. Y., April It, 
ISCJ; s. Milo Ilerrick and Eiuilv C. (Leon- 
ard) Belding; ed. Adelphi Acad., prepared Harvard with private tuiur; m. Brook- 
lyn, Feb. 9, Ist-T, Annie Kirk. Pres. Broad- 
way Trust Co.; treas. Belding Bros. & Co.; 
v.-p. Inlernat. Salt Co.. Genesee & Wyoming 
E. R.; treas. International Pulp Co., Oswe'- 
galchic Light & Power Co.; pres. The Se- 
curity Audit Co., ; sec. and director Belding. 
Paul & Co., Montreal; treas. U. S. Pulp 
Co.; director Commonwealth Fire Ins. C,<.. 
R..'lsof Mining Co., Averv Salt Co., B.-lding 
Savings Bank, Greater X. Y. Savings Bank, 
and many other corpus. Republican. Mein. 
Chamber of Commerce, S.ins of Kevoluti.m, 
Hoc. of Founders and Patriots of America, 
Am. Geog. Soc., Am. .Museum of Xatural 
History. Clubs: Union League. Xew York, 
Xew York Athletic Lawvers. Automobile of 
America. Marine and Field, Crescent Athletic. 
Merchants Central, Aern Clul. of America. 
Address: Union League Club, X. Y. City. 
BELKNAP, Emmet: 

Sup't of schools: b. Unadilla, X. Y., Sept. 
23, isjj; s. Kli C. and Caroline (Kells) Belk- 
nap; cd. Unadilla i N. Y.I public school and 
ncad.; Marietta (Ohio) Acad, and Mariclla 
C.,11., A.l!. lcl:,ssii-al honor, Piii Rel:i K:ip- 
pa). I.X'-u, .\-.;I.. .1-.;: „,. M, Connellsville, 
Ohio, Aug. li:,- I-rol, 'ate Love Conklin; ono 
(laughter, Mi.rv Conklin B.lknap. b. M:iv 
13, l?S;i. Tau-ht as principal. rnajillii 
Acml.. .o,-,,t.. l.-to te .tnre. 1 ■<',■: conducted 
iCic'.C's' i<isl:1,it...4 ,,ni.e.' I?>ii .... .'Tan.. 1^S7; 
prin. and 'snp'i public schools, nVhiteball, 


X. Y., Sept., 1SS7, to July, ISSO; sup't schools 
Lockport, X. Y., from Sept., Iti'J. Episco- 
palian. Mem. State and Xat. Edn'l Ass'ns, 
Delta Upsilon (coll. fraternity). Address: 
2)7 East. Av., Lockport, X. \. 
BELKNAP, Waldron'Phffinis: 

I'les. Bond and .Mortgage Guarantee Co.; 
b. X. Y. Cuy, Feb. b, ls73; s. Robert Lcno.'; 
and Mary Plmnix (Remsen) Belknap; ed. 
Lawrcneeville Sch. and Cornell Univ., m. 
Galveston. Te.'i., April 21, !-;..<. Rev Seaiv 
Ilutchings; one .son, Waldron P.. jr. Di- 
rector X. Y. Inventors' Corporation. Served 
in S.iuadron A, X. G. X. Y., ]S9.j-19i)0. 
Presbyn; trnstcc Presby'n Cli. on University 
Place. .\le;n. Psi Upsilon Irateruitv, Sue. 
ot the Cincinnati, Sue. Colonial Wars (inem. 
of Council I, S.,ns of Revolution. Clubs: 
rnderwriicrs. Richmond C i. Ciunlry (direc- 
tory -Vddross: 170 Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BELKNAP, William E.: 

CiMl eiu'ineer: I.. Yonkers, X. Y., ISOT; a. 
Ethelbert and Lydia ii. iFrazee) Belknap; 
g:ad. N. Y. Univ., U.S., C.E.. 1^SS (elected 
n;em. Phi Beta Kappa); ni. X. Y. City. U07, 
Helen B. Runvon; one son. Carman R., b. 
19i.'U. Ass't engineer Pennsylvania R. R. 
Co.; engineer Wallabout Improvement, Brook- 
lyn, X. Y., asst engineer, Dept of D .c-ks 
and Ferries, X. Y. Cily; now director, treas. 
and sec. Burns Bros., and director and 
treas. The Cumnuinipaw Coal Co. Mem. 
Am. Soc. Civil Engineers. Psi Upsilon fra- 
ternity, Phi Beta Kappa Alumni .-Vss'n. 
Clubs: Railroad of X. V., The Jolly -Mari- 
ners. Address: 294 West End Av., N. Y. 
BELL, Agrippa Nelson: 

Phvshian. sanitarian; b. in Xorthampton 
Co., Va.. Aug. 3, l^li; s. George and Eliza- 
beth (Scott) Bell; ed. in log school house ia 
Virginia until IbSo, Xewtown (Conn.) Acad., 
1?3S-1U; mod. education with George C. 
Blackman, Xewtown, Conn., Tremont St. 
Med. S.-h., and Harvard Med. Sch., Boston, 
and JeiTerson .Med. Coll., Philadelphia, .M.D., 
1512; A..M., Iijiwns ca:is-a. Trinity Coll., 
Hartford, ISliO; ni. Xewtown, Conn., Xov. 
22. IS 12, Julia Ann Hamlin; children: Ellen 
B. (Frith), Charles (deceased), Mary F. 
(Ziegler). I.ilv (Ilotchkiss), Ilany K. 
(M.D.), George X. (C.E.); 

rd (died 


y). As 
ssed ass 


of qua 

-'. X. 

af lle.iltli. 1>7!); in char^'c of yellow 
fever e.xicrn.inatinn at New Orleans. 1S70; 
founded. 1-7:!. and edited The Saiiitari;in un- 
til it ceased pnlilicati.m, June I'.iol. l.inor- 
nry pres. International Congress on Tuber- 



culosis, 1003 and 1901, and pape 

at the Con, 
lie Health Ass'n, Au 
Y. State Med. Soc. 
London, Societe Fri 
many other national 







Cliniatolog. Assn, X. 
Kl)idenliolo?ieal iSoc, 
caise d'Hvsiene, and 
lud local medical and 
Author of two medical 
phs on sanitation. 



337 Clinton St., Brooklyn, X. Y 
BELL, Clark: 

Lawyer, editor; b. Whitesville, Jefferson 
Co., N. Y., liar. V2, Ifil; s. Philander F. 
and Sylvia (Jones) Bell; ed. Pranklin 
Acad. (LL.D. Tavlor Univ., lud., and Ruth- 
erford Coll., X. C); m. Sept. f. 1.^07, Ilelene 
S. Tavlor. Admitted to bar, Ki.chesler, X. 
Y., lt.53; practised at Hammond»port, X. Y'., 
1SJ3-C1, Bath, X. Y., llGl-ti4, X. Y. City siuce 
IbiU. Attorney for Vuiou Pacilic K'y, 1;l;i, 
and drew the act and had charge of the 
lesislalion which passed Congress to aid its 
construction; att'y for Pacitic Mail Steam- 
ship Co. Pres. Medico-Leiial Soc. 14 terms; 
founder Internat. Congress on Tuberculosis 
(honorary pres., St. Louis, VMi, treas. aud 
sec. council of Congress, X. Y. City, 19(iii) ; 
honorary mem. of many .State and' foreign 
societies; delegate from Gov't of U. S. to 
Internal. Med. Congress, Paris, lOiiO, and 
Lisbon, IdMiJ. Editor and publisher, since 
1S.^3, of Medico-Legal Journal. Editor Med- 
ico-Legal Papers, 3 vols.; Bulletin American 
Congress on Tuberculosis, 4 vols.; Proceed- 
ings Medico-Legal Congress of IOuu-1'Jir.! and 
1893 and 19t». Author: Bell's Medico-Legal 
Studies, 11 vols.; Spiritism. Telcpalhy and 
Hypnotism ; Historv of the Supreme Court 
of the Stales and Proviuces (New Y'ork 
and 15 other Stales), 2 vols.; Longevity — 
The Relation of Old Age to Useful Work; 
also various other publications. Clubs: Un- 
nion League, X. \'. Press: Address: 39 
Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BELL, Edward A.: 

Artist; b. X. Y. City, Dec. 1SG2; s. George 
and Henrietta (Pfaeiile) Bell; ed. Xat. Acad. 
Design and Art Students' League, X. Y. 
City; Koyal Acad., Munich, Bavaria (silver 
medal); m. Peconic, L. I., Ajiril, 19ii3, Julia 
P. Overton. Awarded llallganen Prize, Xat. 
Acad, of Design. l^W; silver medal, Internat. 
Exp'n, Paris, lj;9; medal. B.iston Mechanics 
E.\hibition; silver medal. BulValo Pan-Am. 
Exp'n, 1901; silver medal. La. Purchase 
Exp'n, 1901. Mem. Snc. Am. Artists; asso- 
ciate Nat. Acad, of Design. Club: Salma- 
gundi. Address: 220 \V. D9th St., X. Y. 
BELL, Prank Austin: 

Jurist; b. Xe> 
Wis., Xov. 3. 1m;s: ! 
beth (Austin) Bell; 
1S92, LL.D., 1>91. 
" ctised 

nond, Sn. Crt 
ben and Mar 
I. Cornell Uur 




il.encer, X. 
rly, X. Y.. 

Gov. Roosevelt special county judgi 
Tioga Co.. ...ince then iwic- m.-lccled to 
ofBoe. Address: Waverly, X. Y. 
BELL. Frank Le Roy: 

I.awver; b. Crown Point, X. Y.. 
S, iHu; s. Philo II. and r,li?nb.-th ( lier 
Bell; ed. Sherman Acad,, Moriah, X. 

and Middlebury (Vt.) Coll.: m. Potsdam 
X. Y., Feb. 11, 11:91, Stella Elizabeth Phelps. 
Counsel for State Forest Commission, Is9s- 
99; counsel for divers paper and lumber 
corporations in Xorthern X. Y. Republican. 
Mem. Chi Psi fraternity. Address: Glens 
Falls, X. Y. »• 
BELL, Frederic D.: 

Sec. -treas. Lederle Laboratories; b. 
Stroudsburg, Pa., Xov. 20. 1^71 ; s. Thomas 
A. and Elizabeth (Dunn) Bell; ed. Westtown 
(Pa.) Boarding Sell., m. X. Y. Citv, Oct. 
21. 1590, Alice M. Gilbert. Sec, treas. and 
director Lederle Laboratories, Lederle Anti- 
toxin Laboratories, Lederle and Provost. 
Republican. Mem. Orthodox Soc. of Friends. 
Club: City. Address: 39-41 W. 3Sth St., N. 
V. City. 
BELL, George Huston: 

Sidney, Va. of Scotch 






sta Mil. 


JC. Locs 


id house 


mary fo 

luologv X. 


ed. Coll. 



(Huston) Bell; 
Inst., Univ. of Virginia, M.D., 
ted in X. Y. City 1^97; interne 
surgeon X. Y. Ear and Eye In- 
eigliteen months; inst'r ophthal- 
Y. University and Bcllevue Hosp. 
ass't surgeon X. Y. Eye and Ear 
Mem. X. Y. Countv Med. Soc, 
Med. Ass'n, X. Y. State Med. 
Ass'n. Am. Med. Ass'n, Soc Med. Juris- 
prudence, fellow X. Y. Acad. Medicine, 
item. Southern Soc. Alumni Ass'n of Phi 
Kappa Psi fraternity. Address: 54 E. 25th 
St., X. Y. City. 
BELL, George Nelson: 

Civil eng'r: b. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 28, 
1^59; s. A. X. and Julia Ann (Hamlin) 
Bell; ed. St. John's Sell., .Manlius, X. Y.. 
l.-7:>75; Kansas Slate Univ., l;7U-77; Sch. of 
Mines, Columbia Coll., 1S79-81 ; m. Kingston, 
X. Y., Dec. IC, li'M, Lizzie Eichler; ^ chil- 
dren: Marion Eichler. b. 1597, Adolph Xel- 
son, h. 1900, Hamlin, b. 1904, George Frith, 
b. 1906. Started business career in New- 
port, R. I., IfM, as ass't U. S. Eng'r Corps; 
in private practice as civil and sanitary 
engr, Newport, R. I., lSJ3-Sfl, Philadelphia, 
l>»7-90. Southwest ■\'irginia, 1S91-92; ass't 
eng'r on fortitication w-ork, U. S. Gov't, 
l>!i:;-9.j; cement mfr in Ulster Co., lt9G-97; 

for U. S. Go 
; since 1S99, il 


at Fort Itamilto 

ictice at Kingston, 

[on. X. Y.. 1900-01. 

Mem. B. p. O. 

Address: Kingston, 

ii il 




Democrat: Episcopalia 
KIks. Club: Rondout. 
X. Y. 
BELL, Gordon Knox: 

Lawyer; b. X. Y. City, Feb. 19, 1S71: s. 
Edward Rogers and Eliza X. (Soutter) Bell; 
ed. Grotnn Si-h., Harvard, A.B.. iiM^iui ram 
;.Mi./i- IS9o, LL.U.. 1-00; m. .South Salcin. 
X. Y., Mav 11. K-99. Marian Mason Crafts; 
one son: 'Gordon Knox Bell,. Jr., b. V.'-i2. 
Admitted t.) X. Y. Bar, 1-'J7. Kepublicao: 
mem. X. Y'. Co. Com. from 20th Assembly 
Dist. Mem. N. Y'. Bar Ass'n; mem. B'.l 
Directors, Am. Soc for Prevention of Crueli 


cholas Soc 

edo. Turf and Field. 


Co., N. Y.; d. 


Wheeler, Steube 

uil A-.i-j 

non) Tavlor: ed. Priiltsljursh (X 
m. Scpt.'S. lioT, Clark J'.tlf; chi]d:fli: Kite, 
Carrie Ilelene (\\ile of Jahn v. AlcCaii:). 
Has traveled extensivi-^ly in Europe and this 
country. Mem. Broadway Tubeir.acle Con- 
crcsational Church, ^rom. '.Voman's Health 
Protective Assn. Club: Sorosit. Address: 
170 W. 75th St.. X. Y. Citv; (countr-J Bell 
View Farms, Dundee, X. Y. 
SELL, Lilian: 

Author; b. Chicasn, 1SC7 ; d. Major "iViiliam 
W. and Xancy Caroline ( Bel!; early 
ed'n by pnverness: prad. Dct>rb)in Sent., 
Chicago, III.; m. X. V. City, May 9. 19;W, 
.\rthur Hoyt Bo-ue; one cjiild, Lilian Bell, 
b. July 14. 19Mo; retains m-niden name for 
literao' purposes. Passed childhood in At- 
lanta, Ga.; began writing stories it S; 
contrib'r to ma2:azines: has given over 500 
author's rpadin::s in principal cities of U. S. ; 
fravp author's reading in 1S97 with James 
Whitconib Riley and .John Fox, Jr.; spent 
4 vears in travel in Europe. Author; Love 
Aliairs of an Old Maid, l>:i3; A Littie Sister 
to the Wilderness,; The Under Side of 
Things, 1:;U7; The Instinct of Stepfatherhood, 
1S9S: .\s Seen by .Me. VjM; The E.xpat.-iates, 
John and the .\merican Girl, IPul ; 

The Do 

and till 

Girl, VJ"S; 
Hope I.oring, 1902; The Interfere; 
tricia. ma: A Book of Girls, 1904 
with the Jardincs. 19u3; Caroline 
Why Men 

■ies, 10l^^^. Address 
BELL. Thoma.s: 

ies, 1902 ; 
•e of Pa- 
At Home 
,ee. 1900; 

Coal dealer; b. Strathm 

iglo, Fiftsh 

Scotland, Mar. 4. 1-Jj; s. Jan 

es and Isab, 

(Miller) Bell; cd. Tav Squar 

Sem., Duni 

Scotland, lp:!l-39: m. Calskill, 

X. Y., Uec. 



Tarrytowu, X. Y. 


in. Trav- 
rica, Eng- 
Peru, Bo- 

laborer, peddler, sales 
eled in Xew Zealand. E. Indie 
New Hebrides. China, Russia, 
land. Van Diemen's Land, Chil 
livia, Ecuador, and Mexico. Served as sea- 
man on board U. S. S. Massachusettii, Ir.-y), 
surveving coast and harbors from the c;o!- 
den Gate to San Diego, Calif.; was lead.i- 
man in sounding the depth of water in Tins 
harbors, and attendant on Commodore Golds- 
borough in measuring height of mountains. 
Now in the coal tiu.iiness at Catskill. X. Y. ; 
and he is also president of tli 

nd F; 

vhii'h hi 

s its ( 
X. Y. 

BELLAMY, El.inche Wilder: 

Editor, author; b. Albany. 

1S02; d. John X. Wilder; ed. 

Fr.'d.-ri'-k P. Bella 

Y., Aug. 30, 
vate sihools 
ill.. A.B., 1S73; 

ng Sell, for Xur 


II. -Men 

. B-. 




X. Y. 





ilor: O, 

en Se 




h Poets 





ies and 





, Brook 

jn H 


R. K. 

Coll. City 

BELLAMY, Frederick Putnam: 

Lawyer; b. Danl.urv, Conn., Ifi47: 
rad Maria L. (Putnam) Bellamy; t _ _ 
ion Coll., C.F.. l.^Cs, Columbia Coll. Law 
Srh.. LI..B.. 1S71; m. Dec. 3. 1S79, Blanche 
Wilder igtuad. Vassar, '73); one son, Fred- 
erick Wilder (now at Yale). Practisin'- 
law at Biooklyn and X. Y. City from l.s7l! 
Packer Collegiate Inst., Brooklyn, 
Y'., etc. Mem. Union Coll. 
Alumni Assn. Clul,3: Centurv, Lawyers. 
Barnard (X. Y. City): Hamiltra, Crescent 
Athletic (Brooklyn). Residence: 260 Hcnrv 
St. Address (offices) : 204 Montague St", 
Brooklyn; 19 Liberty St., X. Y. City; 
BELLAIVIY. Russell: 

Surgeon and physician; b. Wilmington, X. 
C, Feb. 12, 1S71; s. Dr. William J."H. and 
JIary (Russell) Bellamy; father (X. Y. 
Vniv.), grandfather (Univ. of Pa.) and great- 
grandfather (Columbia Coll. Phys. and S'uig.) 
were all physicians (from long line of pa- 
ternal Colonial ancestors; maternal grand- 
mother was daughter of Patrick Henry and 
wife of Gen. William Russell) ; ed. 'Univ. 
of X. C, l^.-7-S9; Davidson Prep. Jled. Sch. 
(X. C); Univ. of X. Y., M.D., 1S93; interne 
Bellevue Hosp., X. Y. Citv, l.>-92-94 ; at Gen- 
eral Hosp., Vienna, and lierno, Switzerland, 
with Prof. Theodor Kocher, surgical clinic, 
l~K-m: m. St. Thomas' Church. X. Y. Citv. 
April 20, 1S9S, Constance, daughter Wm. L. 
Treiiholm and granddaughter George Alfred 
Trenhohn. Engaged in practice in X. Y. 
City from gradual ion, and has practised 
seven summers at Newport. R. I. Instructm- 
X. Y. Univ. Med. Dep't. lS9j-9S; Cornell 
Univ. Med. Dept. 1>99-190C; ass't clinical 
diagnosis to late Prof. A. L. Loomis: also 
attending jihysician Bellevue Hosp. Dispen- 
sary; ass't surgical clinic. House of Re- 
lief (Prof. L. A. Stiuison); ass't to Prof. 
John A. Wvcth's Clinic, surgery, X. Y. Poly- 
clinic Ho.'.p. Originator and organizer of 
the Manhattan Malernitv Hosp. and Emer- 
gency Surgical Tent Station for outlying 
city parks. For 11 \ears was capt. and ass'l 
surgeon Squadron A, X. Y. Cav. Special 
escort to President Theodore Roosevelt, 
March 4, 19i'5. as governor X. Y. State in 
1^99, and as Vice-President in 1901. Siieiit 
one year in Rocky Mounlain region, from 
Manitoba to .Mexil 
plorer. Autlic 





al articles. 

Aloha KpMlo 
Deutsche Sill 
St., X. V. Cii 


em. Sig 
Club, a 
20 W. 30tl 



s. JIa 

b. S.illa. Il.ilv 
id Pizzarello 

graduated fn 
' .Messi 

Sept. IS. 1S77; 
(Rosa) Bellau- 
dum ISOj and 

and gyii.-cologv in Xajde 
te of X. v.. lion. Knga-. 
Y. Citv; contributor to : 

Y. Med Jo 

run I. 


d.-lle Clinich, 

OspeJale Incurubili of Xaple 



political and literarr ncwspopors. I BELT, Henry: 
and ...r_aiuz-d the l"(nU.-in Mmli.-ai ! Plivsicnn; h. ' 

tc Uirei-tive Com- 

*e to cnmv'iie il6 

uiitlce and of tlie 

Constitution. Socialist in pol 

but not nic-m. So.-ia'isv Pa.-lv. .\l-;iu. I'or- 

esters of Anifri^a. Address: S71 Eroci'ie St., 

.N. Y. Oit.v. 


Clergymau: Ij. Kiclimond Ponds. B.-.m-vell, 
S. C; ed. Union Cdl., Gen. Tlieol .-leni., 
N. Y.; m. Dec. iO, IS5G, Catherine .?. .Miles. 
Ordained dea'-on and priest in Kpiseopal 
church; bei-ame priest in cliarsre of Grace 
Ch., Alban.v. N. Y.: afterwards elected rector 
Trinity Ch., Weathersfield. Conn . then 
curate of St. Mnrv's, Brooklyn, until called 
to Grace Cli.. L tica, X. Y. Ii.dcpendont in 
j)nlitics. Address: 255 Genesee St., Utica, 
N. Y. 
BELMONT. August: 

Banker: h. -N. Y. City, Feb. 18, 1S53: cd. 
Rectory Sch., Hampton. Conn.: ILiverford 
Coll., 'Pa.; Phillips Kxeier Acad., Har- 
vard Univ., A.l!.. 1ST.-): m. ISSl. Bessie 
H. Morsan idled. 1S9S). In 1?T5 en- 
tered father's hunkin:: Iiouse: now head 
of firm of Au:ust Belmont & Co.. Ij.inkers, 
which, in addition to its own lar-e interests, 
is the accredited representative of tiie Roths- 
childs in America. Also pres. Inteilx.roujh 
Rapid Transit Co.: director Louisvilla and 
Nashville R. R., Chicaso, Jlilwaukee, and St. 
Paul R. R. ; v.-p. of the KiUL-s Co. KL'vaied 
R. R. ; director Bank of the State of X. Y.. 
Nat. Park Bank, Equitable Life Ins. Co., the 
Manhattan Trust Co.. etc. Democrat. Pres. 
Am. Kennel Club, and actively ide.itified 
with turf interests in X. Y. State. Clubs: 
Union, Knickerbocker. Manhattan, Country, 
X. Y. Athletic (former pres.), Corinlhian 
Y.icht tnaL- oiiicerK Residence: Hempstead, 
L. I. Address, l'J Xassau St., X. Y. City. 
BELMONT, Perry: 

Lawyer, capii..list; b. X. Y. Citv, Doe. 2S. 
1S51; eldest s. late Au;:ust Belmont, finan- 
cier; gi-ad. Harvard, A.B. (special honors in 
Itistory and political economy*, l^.')! ; course 
in civil law, Univ. of Berlin, then at Colum- 
bia Law Sch.. LL.B.. ISTO; m. ISHli, Jessie 
Robbin!!. Admitted to bar, ISTil; jiractised 
law until l.-Sl; mem. Con,-ress from 1st X. 
Y. Dist.. Issl-ST: chm'n Com. on Forci-n Af- 
fairs. l:^S3-i7; U. S. minister to Spain, l.^-T- 
89; inspector general with rank of major. 
First Div., Seco-.d Army Corps. U. S. V., 
ISUS. Democrat. Director of several cor- 
porations. -Mem. Chamber of Commerce. 
Clubs: Jlelrop.ditan. Knickerbocker. Univer- 
Bity, X. Y. Yiicl.t. Army and Xavv, ,Jockey. 
Turf and Field, Cachirij. Tiblcn, X.iti.oial 
Democratic. Manhattan. Union. Address: 
5S0 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 
BELMORE, Bruce Weatherby 



h. I'l 



ne, July -Jn 1-73: s, Daniel Th..rnas : 
a C. ('iMkcl H.-lmore; e<l. Phillips F 
tor Acad., l-'Ji. Harvard Cull.. Ali.. 1 
Harvard Law School., 1,-:p.s: unn 
ried. FuKa^-ed in practice of law- si 
IfOS. Sec. Cross. Austin and Irclind Li 
her C.onpany. Republican. Fpiseopali 
Clob: rnivr-itv 1 iiro,,kl vu ) . Address: IL'IC 
Grand St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Physicnn; b. York. Pa., April 1.1, ItOT; s. 
'ihomas W. and .Mary A. (Koch) Belt: ed. 
ill schools of York. Pa., and X. Y. City; 
I niv. of \. Y. :i,.d Bellcvue Hnsp. lied. C.d'l.. 
M.D.: took post-sraduale course in Queens 
Squire Hosp./- l.on.b.n, flu^land. and Bice- 
tort Hosp.. Paris. France; m. X. Y. Citv, Dec. 
!S. 11107. Ada Gwvin Gray. House phVsbiaii 
Fordham Hosp. ISl'fl . clinical ass't Xeuro- 
lo:;icaI Dept. X. Y. Polyclinic -Med. School 
and Hosp. Mem. X. Y. Acad, iledicine, X. 
Y. State and County Med. S.icieties. Gre.iter 
X. Y. Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, Med. Ju- 
risprudence Soc. of X. Y., X. Y. Soc. Sons 
of the Revolntion, Alumni Soc. X'. Y". Univ. 
Address: Care Brown, Shipley & Co., 123 Pall 
Mall, London, England. 
BELZNER. Theodore: 

Civil eM-r and citv surveyor; b. X. Y. 
City. Feb. 4. 1^70; s." Julius "Christian and 
Elizabeth (Heim) Belzner; prad. public 
schools. 1S9:5; student Cooper Union Scien- 
liflc Sch.. l;90-97; Internat. Correspondence 
Sch., since U97 (bridire en^-'ring: course, 
etc.). Appt'd city surveyor, Citv of X. Y"., 
Oct. 12, 1-97, by Mayor Stron-: now in- 
Soector of steel. Blackwells Island bridite 
(Xo. i). Dep't of Brid-es. City of X. Y'. : m. 
X. Y. City, 1903, Helen Xelson Davenport. 
Beian enst'r profession under T. O. Smith, 
civil enir'r, architect and builder, l.~il3-9^; in 
detailing many buildings which were con- 
demned by City of X. Y. made .personally 
about 300 separate reports regarding condi- 
tions of buildings; sup't of building con- 
struction, on eng'ring work, private and pub- 
lie surveys, etc.; topographical draftsman. 
Citv Dep't; ass't to John F. O'Rourke. con- 
tracting eng'r. Xew City Island Bridge; 




:. X. : 


nsp. lock and dam construction. 
Warrior River, Ala.; Jan., 19nl to .Vpril. 19u7, 
insp. masonry and steel construction. X. Y. 
Rapid Tran.Mt Railroad Comm'n. on large 
part of beam tunnel from Citv Hall to 3:;d 
St., Manh:illan Valley Viadtict ( ~'3 niilo 
hingt. Fast Side Viaduct (over S'-'. miles 
long), reinforced concrete inspection slie.l. 
West Farms, X. Y". ; West Side Viaduct (l'-'- 
miles lonirl ; Harlem Ship Canal Bridge at 
Kingsl. ridge. West Side Viaduct extension, 
and steel foundation Van Courtlandt Park 

Kxicnsion. April. lOUT, to date, insj tor ..( 

Steel Blackwell's Island Bridge ( Xo. 4). 
Former private X. Y. Signal Corps. X. li.. 
X. Y. Lutheran. Junior. Am. Soc. Civil 
FuL-'rs. (elected Oct. 5, 1S971. Recreations: 
Athletics (of all sorts). Residence: lUl ^V. 
Address: M Sutton 

X. Y. Citv 

BEMAN, Samuel A.: 

Juri^t: b. Chateau 

gay, X. Y 

Aug. 21, 

(■apt. 27th .Separate 

C.i,. X. G 

N. Y.: 

ltd. Ed'n; mem. Ass 

emhly; co 

unty judge 

sorr.i.-.le. Franklin 

Co., X. 

Y. Add 

BENDER. Harry Hamilton: 

id Sarah (Whitney) lieude 



Utioa, X. Y.. Sept 

Albanv Arad., 1S7 

lu. IMI, Mae L. Kverts: one sum, Kenneth 
K., b. 1SS7. In lio.ik and stationerv t.usi- 
uess, Alljani-, IN-I-Si/; in real estate busi- 
ness, Albanv, ISsr-Oii: now pr.'S. Bender Hy- 
gienic Laboratorv, Alb.inv: director Albany 
CnUnlv Hank, Union Trust Co., Commerce 
Insurance Co., Albany Home Telephone Co. : 
and Albany director of U. S. Fidelity and 
Guaranty Co. of Baltimore, Md. Iieputy 
county treas., Albany Co.. Jan. 1, IfOT, to 
Feb. 1, IJ'J'J; sup't public buildings. N. Y. 
State, ]S99-in02; fiscal supervisor State char- 
ities, I9i''i-U7. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Jlem. Philip Livingston Chapter, Sons of 
Revolution I Albany.' N. Y.I; mem. Albany 
Soc. in N. Y. Clubs: Port Orange. Albanv, 
Albanv Country. Capital City (Albanvl": 
Republican ( N. Y. Citvl. Address: IJu' S. 
Lake Ay., Albany, N. Y. 

Physician; b. Buffalo, N. Y., 1S65; s. 
Nathan Gregory (Jr.) and Gracia Skinner 
(Smith) Benedict; grad. Univ. of .Mich., A.U., 
Univ. of Kutfalo, M.D., Univ. of Pa., 
MD., Ohio Wesleyan Univ.. A.JI. Appoint- 
ed to U. S. Marine Hospital Service, 1.--00, 
but did not serve: held various teaching po- 
sitions in professional schools, including 
professorship in physiology, in Dental Dcpt. 
Univ. of BulTalo, Irdr.-U.iil ; supt. of ethnol- 
ogy, Pan.-.\m. Kxpn, Ulul ; asso. editor, 
Pluladelphia Med. and Surgical Reporter, and 
editor Am. Theraiiist of Kew York. V.-p. 
Am. Acad. Medicine; councillor, Am. Gastro- 
enterologic .Vss'n (gold medal in medicine); 
Med. Soc, State of N. Y. (twice prize essay- 
ist) ; mem. Historical Soc; Soc. Natural 
Sciences, Buffalo: Delta Upsili.n fraternity 
(pres. ^riclngan Chapter and ■\Vcstcrn N. Y. 
Alumni Ass'n). Recreation: American arch- 
.Tologv. Clubs: Univcrsilv, Yaclil. Ad- 
dress: Roanoke Hotel, IJC \V. Chippewa St., 
Buffalo. N. Y. 
BENEDICT, Charles Albert: 

Educator: b. X. Norwich, N. Y., Jan. 15, 
1S70; s. John B. and Annie (Dalrviuple) 
Benedict; grad. Sherburne High School. 18SU, 
Oneonta Normal School, I>03,^ 111. Wesleyan 
Univ., Ph.U., I'.iOl; m. Wellsboro, Pa., Aug. 
15, ItOI, Lena M. Wilbur; one daughter: 
Marion J., b. May 30, 1-lis. Principal Sparta 
(N. Y.) Public" School, 1?93 0J, grammar 
school. Port Jervis. N. Y., ISlUWllI ; prof, 
s.-icnce. Port Jervis High School, l'JOl-01; 
principal Port Jervis High School from 1901. 
In.lcpcnilcnt Democrat." Methodist. Mem. 
P..rt J.rvis Lodge, No. 32.S, P. and A. M. 
Address: (; Catlicrine St., Port Jervis, N. Y. 


Arihitcct; b. N. Y. Citv. Oct. 31. 1'71 ; s. 
Eli and -Martha E. (M'ilclicll) Benedict; 
grad. Public Sch..Ml UO. X. V. Cilv, IfM^, Coll. 
City of N. Y.. l-;il, Columbia Univ., School 
of Archil. -cture, B.S.. I>;i9. i;ntcred oflice of 
Gc.rgc B. Post, architect, as draftsman, 1-99; 
architectural drallsuKin and ong'r, U. S. 
Na\y Yard, llrooklvn, 19cii-iw; since 19"3 
prac'tising ar.-bilect, '.V. Y. Citv. Instructor 
in .ircliiiccturi', SM St. Y. M. C. A. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian: .■Idcr in North 



111 L. 



Alumni Ass'n of Grammar School no, Mun! 
cipal Art Soc. of X. Y.. Liberal Republic. ,ti 
Club. Residence: SO Convent Av. Address- 
1917 Broadway, N. Y. City. 
BENEDICT, Ellas Cornelius: 

Stock bi-okcjr; b. Soniers, N. T.. Jan. 24, 
1S3I. Began as clerk in slock brokers' office. 
lMi)-.'i7; in business for self since 1>.J7 
Originated the Gold E.\changc Bank, which 
grew out of the gold speculation of the 'tUs 
and '70s. Pres. Commercial Acetylene Co 
Marine Engine and .Machinery Co."; direct. u- 
in gas securities. Residence :" 10 W. 31st St. 
Address: SO Broadway, N. Y. City. 
BENEDICT, Henry Harper: 

Capitalist; b. German Flats, N. Y., Oct. 9. 
1?14; eJ. at Little Falls Acad, and Fairtield 
Sem.; grad. Hamilton Coll., ISOO; m. Oct. in, 
lbC7. Maria Xellis, of Ft. Plain, N. Y. En- 
tered employ of E. Remington & Sons, lb(19; 
has been mem. firm of \Vyckoff, Seamans & 
Benedict since Itx.!, pi-es. since 1MI3: pres. 
Remington Typewriter Co.; trustee Hamilton 
Coll. and Brooklyn Inst. Arts and 
Mem. Chamber of Commerce, Sons of Oneida, 
Long Island Hist. Soc, New England Soc, 
" " Hist. Soc, Delta Kappa E'psilon fra- 



e, Un 

versily. Republican, Barnar.l, Lawvc 
ilton. Rembrandt. R.sidenco; 3 E. 73th St. 
Address: i'^0 Broadway, N. Y. City. 
BENEDICT, James Sackett: 

American consul: b. Aurelius, Cayuga Co.. 
N. Y., Mar. i. Is.-jU; s. Nevvton and Asenath 
(Chapin) Bcne.lict; ed. public schools and 
hool, Washington, D. C. : m. Wash- 







F. Tonilins, b. ISSu, and Mac Chase, gradual 

nurse of Auburn (N. Y.) City Hosiiilal, t 

ccived temp..iary apptin't in Engineer's Of- 
fice, War Dep't; consular agent, Stratford, 
Ont., Ib79-S7; commercial agent at Monctou, 
N. B., 1S.S7-97; transferred to Commercial 
Agency of Campbclltown, N. B., Jan. -23, 
lb97; on reorg,ini7.ation of Consular Service 
bv Act of Congress, April .5, WM, appt'd Am. 
consul, CampbellLiwu, X. B. ; appt'd Am. 
consul at St. Jiilm's. X.-wf,.undland, April 
4. 1907. Episcopalian. Roval Arch Ifason, 
Knight Templar; charter mem. Ontario 
Gian.l Lodge of the R..yal Arcanum. Clubs: 
(.■:.mpbelUown, of Cani].l>elItown. New Bruns 
wick, and Citv Club. St. Johns Xewfound- 
bm.L .Wl.lres;: Aiiicrii-an Consulate, St. 
Johns, XeivfoundlanJ. 

BENEDICT, Legraud Lockwood 

Banker and biol-.-r; b. X "' 
I.S.V.; cd. Keiissclaer Poly 

City, Aug. -24, 

Addr.'ss: 27 William St., X. \ 
BENGOUGH, Elisa Armstrong 

Aul!,,.r: b. ill I're.lenck ('.. 
liani J. and Ada M..ssie Am 
priv.ite s.l..„.ls; ni. X. Y. C 

Md.: d. Wil- 

■ s.h.iols; ni. X. Y. Citv. .May, 19111. 
n Bcngough, X, Y. Citv. Author: 
'ca.-up Club. Is'.i7; The Very Voung 
n.l the Aiig.-l Cliil.l. I'; ihe' Talk of 



BENJAMIN, George G.: 

MiTiham; b. L,-;ivcinvoi-th. K:u\.. O.-C. 4, 
1M.3: s. Alfred and Sophia (Wo.iltl Bi-iijn- 
luin; ed. public sdioois of N. Y. Ciiv: m. 1st, 
May -27, 1801, Helen Baum (now- deceased); 
2d. Nov. 10, 1904, ilathilde L. (Otterbourg) ; 
one daughter, nutli L., b. IStW. Started 
business career in l^Tfe with fatlier, Alfred 
Benjamin, and remained "with tinn of Alfred 
Benjamin & Co.. wholesale clothiers, until 
i 1^U5. when started for self in retail business 

I at Broadway and iOlh St. Israelite. Mem. 

■' Met. JIuseuIn of Art, Sat. Arts Club. Xluni- 

I cipal Arts Koc., and many charitable socie- 

(lies; honorary sec. Montetiore Home for 
Chronic Invalids. Countn- home: Jarvis 
l.aue. Far Rockawav, N. Y. Address, 55 
Central Park West, N. Y'. City, 
f BENJAMIN, George Hillard: 

i Consulting en^'ineer, patent expert, and sn- 

flicitur; b. N. Y. Citv, Dec. 25. 1>52 ; s. Park 
and Mary (Western) Benjamin: ed. Phillips 
Acad., Andover, Mass., Union Coll.. Sclienec- 
, ladv, N. Y., LL.B., 1^72; Albany Med. Coll., 

I M.D., IS.o, and I'niv. of Freiburg. Germany, 

i C.E., E.E., Ph.D.; m. 1st, Ogdensburg, N. Y., 

i 1575, Jane M. Sevmnur; 2d: P.ullalo, X. Y.. 

IfjO. Grace H. Tremaine; childi-en: Mrs. F. 
F. Page, Mrs. II. H. Kogers. Jr.. Rosalie D. 
V. Benjamin. Engaged for 25 years as con- 
sulting engineer for many iron, steel, glass, 
copper and other mf'g industries; for ten 
years consulting enirinecr for t>ieiuens Bros. 
& Co., Siemens & Halske, London and Ber- 
lin; consulting engineer for most of the elec- 
trical firms of the world; consulting engineer 
to U. S. and foreign governments on high 
explosives. Expert in patent causes and so- 
licitor of patents. Has made, also, a speci- 
alty of the investigation of personal charac- 
; teristics, student of the Benillou system of 

* measurements. alienist, ar.d investigator 
I along lines connected with deteclion and pro- 
1 vention of crime. Treas. Connecticut Mill 
! Supply Co., Connecticut Devel.ipment Co., 
1 and Abadie Paper Co. ifem. R.ival Soe. for 
5> Advancement of Science, R ival ' lieog. Soc. 
! and many electrical societies in U. S. and 

Europe. Recreation: Yacht (Day Dream), 
j Clubs: Lawvcrs, Turf and Field. Resideuce: 

^ 2 J W. Uth St. Address: 45 Broadway, N. 

Y. City. 

• BENJAMIN, Marcus: 

Editor, U. S. National Museum; b. San 

i Francisco, Calif.. Jan. 17. lt.'.7 ; s. Edmund 

1 Burke and Sarah (Mitchell) Benjamin; 

' father was n merchant of high reputalii.n 

i in San Francisco and later in N. Y. Citv; 

ed. Coll. City of X. Y., Columbia Univ. 

tN (chemical course). Ph. 13.. 157^; honorarv tie- 

' grees of A.M., Lafavette C.dl.. 1559. Pll.Ll., 

Univ. of Nashville, " 1559, Sc.D., I'niv. of 

Pittsburgh, 1904: m. June IG, 1.-92, Caroline, 

d. J, Loring tiilbert, of N. Y. City. In pursuits four years; became editor 

American Pharmacist, 1?S2, ami later of 

r, th,' Weekly 1 

the U. 



City, 1-;;: saniiary eug'r N 

V. City n-d nf Health. 1-55; lecturer "li 
cliemistrv. N. Y. Woman's Jled. Coll.. IS-il; 
wrote articles on mineral paints in .Mineral 
Resources of the United Stales. 1-.-25:.: 
contributor to Applelons Aniuril Cvcl.T.edia, 
1553-191/2; on eaitori:il stalls Cvcloj>e.ha ol 

American Biogr.iphv, ISSf.-SS, Standard Dic- 
tionary, 1591-91, Johnsons Universal Cvclopc- 
dia, 159.1, Encyclop:eilic Dictionary,' 15911, 
American lOdueato'r, 1597, International Y'ear 
Book, 1599-19U2, New International Encyclo- 
paedia, lOUO-o;!. Editor Appleton's Dietiou- 
ary of New York.,159U: Haudbook of Winter 
Resorts, l59»-9o; Haudbook of Summer Re- 
sorts, 1591-97; (Jeneral liuide of the United 
States. 1S91-19IJ2; Canadian Guide Book, 
159a-9s; revised edition of Picturesque 
America, 1594; May Time (a collectiou of 
poems), 1599: Some Noted Paintings by 
Artists of To-day, 1002; Washington Durin- 
War Time, 19o2. Translator of Bertholefs 
Explosive Materials, 1553. Since l59G editor 
of Proceedings. Bulletius and Annual Re- 
ports, U. S. Nat. Museum. Contributor to 
Scientific American. Popular Science Monthly, 
The Chaulauquan, and other popular maga- 
zines. Aulhor: Braddock's Rock, a Studv 
in Local Hislon-. 1599; Jlemoir of Rear Ad"- 
miral Francis Asbury Roe. 19i'3; A Memorial 
of John Henrv Boner, 1905; John Bidwell, 
Pioneer, a Sketch of His Career. 1000, etc. 
Mem. Jury of Awards. World's Columbian 
Exp'n, 159:!. Tenne.».sec Centennial Expn, 
1-97, Trana-Mississinpi Exp'n. 1593, Pan- 
American Expn. 1901. South Carolina Inter- 
state Exp'n. 1902, Louisiana Purchase Exp'n, 
1904, Jamestown Exp'n, 1907. Mem. U. S. 
Assay Comm'n, 159(1. 1599. 19iH, 19i'ti. Sec. 
of Section of Technical Chemistry, Internal. 
Congress of Arts and Sciences, St. Louis. 
1904; -life fellow London Cbem. Soc, A. A. 
-\. S. (v. -p., 1599. local sec. Washington 
meeting, 10o3) ; mem. Am. Chem. Soc., Soc. 
Chem." Industry. Nat. Geog. Soc, Sigma 
Xi. Governor Soc. Colonial' Wars. 1005-07: 
pres. Soc. War of 1S12, 169S-190S; ass't sec. 
Soc. Sons of the Revolution. Ili01-u7, in 
Dist. of Cohimbia; honorarv mem. Ladies' 
Hermila-e Ass'n. and of 'Wacluivia Hist. 
Soc. of N. C. Clubs: Authors (N. Y". Citv), 
Cosmos (Washington, D. C). Residence: 
1703 Q St. Olllcial address: U. S. National 
Museum, Washington, D. C. 

Pai,.nt l.iivver, author; b. N. T. Citv. May 
n, l-!9: s. Park Benjamin (poet) and of 
JIarv (Western) Benjamin; grad. from Trin- 
ity 'Sch., N. Y. City, 1502; U. S. Naval 
Acad., 1507; made several cruises; with Ad- 
miral Farragut, Euro]iean station, If-os ; pro- 
moted to ensign, U-i.S; resigned 15(.9; grad. 
Albany Law- Sell.. LL.B., I-7o; admitted to 
bar s.-nne year (Ph.D.. Union Coll., 1577); 
m. Yonkers, N.Y., 1591, Ida E. Crane. Asso. 
editor Scientific American, 1572-7S; scientitic 
ex]iert and counsel in patent matters, and 
editor-inchief Appleton's Cyclopedia of Ap- 
plied ilechanics, 1.-75-91 ;. asso. mem. Soc. 
Naval Archilects and Marine Kngr's; foreign 
mem. British Chartered Inst." of Patent 
.\gents. Am. Inst. Mech. Eng'rs, Am. Inst. 
Klec. Eng'rs. Author: Shakings, or Elch- 

S. Nil 


iklcs and R.'cipes. 1S75: The End o 


York. 1.-51: The Age of Electricity. 15*0 


Vollaic Cell. 1-92: The Historv of (In 


ctnal Rise in) Electricity, l'595; The 


ory of the I'. S. Naval Academy. lO'Kl 


ng" his contributions to m-wsiiapers are 


Store of llie Telegust ( N. V. Evenini, 


), Tiie Sting of the Wasp I Iiulepend 




ent) ; has also rontr 

scioiitilif and navul suLjecis fj the Furu;n, 
Harper's, The lievis-r oi Reviews, Inuepcnd- 
out and other )jerindie.';]S : was the first to 
advoeate a U. .S. Naval Keserve; eoUected, 
with K. ir. Thompson ..nd K. J. B.rwind, 
\aluable library of rare works rela'in'; to 
eleetricity and presented same to U. S. Xaval 
Acad.; counsel lor the U. S.. AicVers. Soos 
& Maxim, Lt'd; Tl-e North Brili;,a Hi'hbcr 
Co., Siemens & Co., LtM; .Mitie de 
Levals Angturhin and others in varii.Ui pro- 
cecdincs and lili-ntions: mem. (pres.l Naval 
Areliilects' Ass'n of N. Y. CInhs: ITnivcrs- 
ilv (N. Y.), Metropolitan (Washington, 1). 
C). Residence: 270 \V. 73d St. iwinter), 
'the Barnacle. West Hampton Beach, L. J. 
I summer). Address: COS Brondivav, N. Y. 
BENJAMIN, Walter Romeyn: 

Publisher; b. Guilford. Conn., Pent it. 
IS.jl; s. Park and Marv Brower (Western) 
Benjamin; grad. Urion Coll., A.B., IbH, 
A.M., IS77; ni. N. Y. Cilv, Nov. 1, IsOD, 
Rachcic Maria Carolina Toiissaint de Saint 
•Seigne, Baronness de Saint Seigne; children: 
Park, b. lOiio. Otiavia, Cleli.a, Maria Vic- 
toria. .Tournalist in Srhenecladv and Sara- 
toga; II years on X. Y. Sun, publisher and 
editor of The Collector; collector of histori- 
cal documents since I^f7. Republican; for- 
merlv mem. Rep. Co. Com., N. Y. Cilv. 
C,ith"olic. Formerlv historian S. A. E.; mem. 
National Cuion, Address: j:.) Fifth Av., N. 
Y. Cily. 
BENNET, William S.: 

Congressman, lawver; b. Tort .Tervis, N. 
Y.. Nov. 0, lt7o; s. James and Alice Leonora 
(Stiles) Bennet; grad. Albanv Law School, 
LL.r.., (h.jnor maii), liOi; m. 'Gertrude Wils- 
chi.f; children: Augustus W., Sarah A., 
Marv Florence, Kdna Grace. Ollicial re- 
porter Orange Co. ( N. Y.) Board of Su- 
pervisors. 1MI2-9;!; mem. .\ssemblv, 19ul-o2; 
niunicijial court judge, N. Y. Citv, lOnS; rcp- 
rc-ieut.itive J'Jth and «olh Congresses from 
17th ])ist., N. Y., 1;1W.|,0, and reelected to 
f.Ist Ciiu-rcss in I'.i'".. Member Inunigra- 
tion Connn'n. Republican. Presbvt^vian 
Mem. Stale Bar Ass'n, iledieo-Legal Soc. 
Clubs: Republican, Citv, Delta Chi. Ad- 
dress: GO Wall St., N. Y". City. 
BENNETT, Arthur G.: 

Uculisi : b. IlirmiUL-ham, England, Sept. IC. 
l^r,l; .s. John Wing and Emma Fernlov (Law- 
ton) H.-m,ctt; ed. King Edw:,rd Vl's' School, 
Biriniii-liam, Kii-land, till 1>7S. grad. Univ. 
of llulV.ilo, M.I>., l-m (se.ond in class of .'■•i 
members 1; ni. liniralo. N. Y., O.-t. 7, 1>01, 
Alice .McLean R,.ss; children: Alice Kiniiia, 
b. Jan. 11. IKlT, Arthur Lawton, b. Nov. -i. 
1-o-i. Li-ft England, Aug., IN-i',, for Florida, 
with idea of starling oran-e planlalion, but 
came lo lliiiralo following Feb.; after gcadu- 

in ophthaliiiologv in i:nglaod', ikil. V. p. 
Niagara Sanii irium Co.; trustee Lakesi.le 
Ceiuctory. Independent in politics. Epis- 
copalian. Oruli-t 111 Erie Co., Hosp., Niag- 
nra Hosp. and Church Home. Instr. in dis- 
eases of the e^e. Univ. of BiuTalo. Mem. N. 
Y. Slate Med.'Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, liulTalo 
Acad. .Medicine. .Med. Soc. Co. Was 
chairman Se.-tion of ralhology. in BurValo 


Acad. Medicine; pies. Erie Co. Med. Ass'r 
and now chairman Com. of Legislation ii 
.Med. Soc. County of Erie. Mem. Ar:o i , 
Ciub. Aiicieni Landmarks Lodge. F. and A. .M . 
al A.rcanuni, Independent Order Poio: 
Na!. Union, Order of the Iroquois, I. 1 1. 
Heplasoplis and A. O. L). College fraternilv 
Recreations : Trout fishing, chess. Addresi: 
ib AUeu St., BulValo, N. Y. 
BENNETT, Charles Ed-win: 

" . Latin, Cornell Univ.; b. Providence. fi, IS-JS; s. James L. and Luri i 
,_-.., Bennett; grad. Brown Univ., A.H.. 
I^T^; grad. student Harvard Univ., 15S1-m:, 
Leipzig, Berlin, Heidelberg, 16S2-bi (Lilt. U.. 
" cvn, mot) ; ni. Lincoln. Neb., June -J'.i, 
;. Margaret Gale Hitchcock; children; 
rgaret, b. IbS", Lawrence, b. Iff?, Harnld. 
1-Jl, Helen, b. 1.>-U4. Principal pul. la- 
school. Jlillon, Fla., 1S7S-79: classical masur. 
g-Siiig, N. Y., 1S79-S1; head prep, dcji't 
v. of Neb., 1SS4-S1); prof. Latin, Univ. of 
i., lSf9-!il; prof, classical philology, Brown 
;v., 1MI1-9-J: prof. Latin, Cornell Univ., 
n L-9J. Democrat. Mem. Am. Philol. 
.'n. Delta Upsilon. Edited: Xcuophons 
Hellenica, ls92; Taciitus, Dialogus de Ora- 
ribus. IMM: Cicero. Ue Siiicctutc, Iyj7, De 
nicitia. 1MI7; Til'.' Characters of Theophras- 
s, l'Jo->; Caesar. De Bello Gallico, l'J'^■. 
ccro. Selected Orations, KnU ; The .T:neid 
Vir-il, Hio.-i. Author; Beimelt's Latin 

iijiosilion, 1«IC; The ! . •. • , -if Latin, 
•, Critique of So.iM- ■ .- : i.JHiiclivc, 

■ories, IbOS; The t;ii;i': ■,■;>■■ ivcnding of 
in Poetrv. 1S99; 'J lo- leacinug of Greek 

Latin in Secondarv Schools, 1! ; 

Sounds and Intleclions of the Cvprian Dia- 
:, ]f^~; Latin Lessons, 1901; Preparatorv 
in Writer, 19o--.; Latin LaiiL-uage, K""); 
Latin Grammar, re.ise.l edition, I'.ioS. Editor 
of Cornell Studies in Classical Philoloiry, 
s. Am. PhiloL Ass'n. Address: Ithaca, 
N. Y. 
BENNETT, Charles Goodwin: 

Secretarv of the V. S. Senate; h. Dec. 
II, 1«03, and has always resided in the 
lid Benned hoiucslead, 1090 Gates Av., 
111-ookIvn. N. Y. ; ed. in Brooklyn schools, 
LL.B., " Univ. of Slate of N. Y. Mem. 
law firm Daniels & licnnetl. Benni^tt Bldg., 
N. Y. Citv. Trustee Kings Co. Savin-s 
Inst., chm'n B'd Broadway and Gates 
Lrauch of the Mechanics Bank of Brook- 
lyn. Was pres. People's Bridge Ass'n, 
wliich suc.-eeded in having the great \\ il- 
li.imsburg Brid-c built bv llie I'itv of N. Y. 
Aluavs a Kep.ildicaii ; was ihe unsuccessful 
candidate in the -'.111 N. Y. District for o;:d 
C.oi -rcss; elected to the fillh and iVilh Cong- 
resses, serving on the Com. Inler-Slate and 
Foreign Commerce; unsuccessful candidate 
for oOlh Congre 
ale, Jan. i'X 190i 
Melropolitan. Chevy Cli: 




liii). A.ldi 

1). C. 

BENNETT. Charles II.: 



1.01, 1). 

Julv -J, 1S79; s. 
.an <' and l'li'...-l.e lltellierlon) Bi-n- 
grad. Schuvlerville High Sch., 1.-99, 
use Uuiv., A.B, (Phi Beta Kappu), 



n.D.. VjV,; III. Pitts- 
lOiil, Xellie C. Kuso. 
y and lias served as 

lO'll: Drew Then!. So 

tr.wn. N. Y., Sept. -J 

Ordained to tlie mini 

fnstor jr. E. clinrclies at Marion, N. Y., 

l;i"3-04; E. Moricho.s, X. Y.. 1C«'1-I0; Garner- 

ville, N. Y., l'j.ij"ii; North Creek. N. T., 

lOmlOS. Proliibitionist. Jlem. Plli Beta 

Kappa Soc. (Kappa Chapter, Syraeuse 

i'nir.). Address; Long Lake, Hamilton 

Co., X. Y. 

BENNETT, Courtenay Walter: 

Consul ceneral of Great Uritain; h. Ply- 
mouth. En-land, Mav 11, ]«j: s. John Nirh- 
olas Bennett, of Furd Park, Plvniouth. Ap- 
pointed vice-consul at Panama, Oct. -1, l=7i;, 
and was aclins consul there at intervals 
from l^TG to ltS2: appt'd consul at Guate- 
mala, Fob. 13. l^^J: acting consul-general 
there during? 15S1: appt'd consul at Kio 
Grande do Sul, Brazil, Jan. 10, liSo, and to 
Peunion, March 1, IS'.ul. Employed on pub- 
lic service at Paris concernint: Indian Coolie 
Immijrration; made a Companion of the Iiv- 
dian Empire. June 21, 1900. and transferred 
as consul at Bilboa, Spain, June 'J. ICioo. 
Promoted to be consul soneral at San Fran- 
cisco, Nov. n, 1D"1; remained there until 
May, 19C7, going throui'h the earthquake and 
lire of lOi'O. and -vvas transferred June 5, 1007, 
to Xew ■iork, where is now serving as consul 
ceneral of Great Britain. Fellow of Koval 
Colonial Inst. Clubs: Calumet. Down T.nvn. 
Address: J'.ritish Consulate General, 17 State 
Street, X. Y. City. 
BENNETT, David C, Jr.: 

Lawver; b. Brooklyn. X. Y.. Mar. 7. ISTG; 
s. David C. and Harriet Elizabeth (Matht- 
6on) Bennett: ed. Polvlechnic Inst., Brook- 
Ivn, A.B.. 1S95. Columbia Univ. Law School, 
l.L.B., IMS. "Admitted to bar, 1?!1S ; mem. 
firm of Tappan & Bennett. J>cmocrat. 
Mem. (Dutch) Reformed Church. Mem. Phi 
Delta Phi. Clubs: Crescent, Lawyers 
iBrooklvn). Resided in Brooklvn. Oflice: 
19 Wall St., X. Y. City. 
BENNETT, Elleu J. F.: 

Lawver: b. London, England. Julv 23, 
IMii; d. Charles and .Marie t UeCourcv)' Ben- 
nett; ed. State Normal School. Albany, X. Y., 
Cniversity Law School, X. Y. City; m. X. 
Y. City, April 10, Itmn, James II. Marsh; 
ime son. b. Julv 4, lnol. Admitted to bar, 
1M9; luem. law firm Bennett, Marsh .iJ: Ben- 
nett. Denmcrat. Past-matron Order of the 
Eastern Star. Address: oU9 Broadway, X. 
V. City. 
BENNETT, Harry W. 

b. Alt 


X. IT.. Feb. 

s. c. 

and JT 

1 ly 




1. com 

mon sc 

s ■ m 


s C 

ov. 23, 

1S91, Ague 

P. s 





b. 1S92. 


k -W, 


, 1 

. > 


Jr., b. 


7. 1- 




<n Spi 



ed in 





'or pas 


ve > 




'■nior I 

lem. IF 


. Bei 




] 'dfi ; 

id di 



Cuba R. IJ., Xoi-th Kii 
-nvcm-nt Co., Hudson Properties 
iiba Hardwood Co.; v. -p. and .lir.'.tn 
ecolia .Sugar Co., Cub.a. Kepublican 
'taut. Chili; l.:r,vy.TS. Uesid.iir 
■"M End Av. Address; 20 Broad 

BENNETT, James A.: 

Physician, surgeon; b. E. Avon, Livings- 
ton Co., Jan. S, ;S31; s. A. A. and Maria 
(Pierson) Bennett; ed. Genesee Woslevan 
Sem., Lima. X. Y., X. Y. City Univ., m:d., 
IbW; in. Rusliville, X. Y.. Sept. 19. ISCO, 
Kowena Wartield; one daughter, Lizzie, b. 
1MJ3. In practice/ as physician and surgeon 
from 1S(;0; .iss't surgeon 13th and fith N. Y. 
Heavy Arfv Vols.. 1m; 1-0.3. Mem. firm Ben- 
nett &Waiiield. druggists. Traveled through 
Mexico and Pacific Coast, 1S19-57. Coroner 
Livingston Co., 1m;3; has also served as 
town clerk, pres. of village. Trustee Frank- 
lin Acad., Prattsburgh, 3 years. Democrat. 
Mem. Livingston and Steuben Co's Med. 
Soc, \V. jr., Prattsburgh Lodge 5^:3. F. and 
A. M, Address: Prattsburgh, Steuben Co. 
X. Y. 

BENNETT, James Gordon: 

Journalist; b. X. Y. City, Mav 10, 1S41; a. 
James tiordon and Henrietta Agnes (Crean) 
Bennett; educated by private tutors: unmar- 
ried. Carefully trained in journalism, and 
on death of father, 1S72. succeeded to pro- 
prietorship and management of the Herald, 
which has ever since continued. Fitted out, 
at jicrsonal, the Jeaniiette Polar Ex- 
ploring E-\|)d'n; sent Ilenrv J[. Stanley to 
.Virica to find Livingston: for a time con- 
ducted a London edition, and for years has 
conducted and still conducts a Paris edition; 
inaugurated in England the plan of publisli- 
ing siorm warnings telegraphed from the 
I nited, States. Joined John W. Mackcy 


the Con 


Cable Co., which la 
between .Vmerica and Europe (the JIackey- 
Bennett calOes). greatly increasing the vol- 
ume and reducing the cost of transatlantic 
comniiiiiication between the Old and the 
Xew Worlds. Recreation: Yachting: won an 
international yacht race from Sandv Hook 
to the Xecdles. Isle of Wight, against two 
competitors, with his schooner vacht the 
Henrietta, 15M, and sailed a siniilar race. 
1N70, from Queenstown to X. Y. Harbor, but 
was beaten bv the English Yacht Cambria. 
Resides the greater part of the time in 
Paris. Address: 120 Champs Elv.sees. Paris, 
France, or Xew York Herald, X. Y. City. 
BENNETT, James L.: 

Lawver; b. Durliamville, Oneida Co.. X. 
Y., April S. IsUl; s. William H. and Eliza- 
beth A. (Thompson) Bennett; grad. Hamil- 
ton Coll., A. B., A.JI.; ui. June 25, lSi5, 
Emma Mav Wilson: one son. Dwight H.. 
b. ItOO. \Vas U. S. Dist. aify. Eastern 





('leveland; 1 

ow mem. la 

V fi 

rm c 

f B 

ennett & 

Underbill, 1 





-. Pres. 

and di recto 

Long Isla 




Co.. Fa- 

brica de Ci 

ba Cigarros 


- \ 


and di- 

reel or The 



' d 


ir Jlan- 

hat tan Jlr.rt 

gage Co'. I 




Mem. X. V. 

County Law 


■ As 


Clubs; Leag 

,e (Urookly 




n Deiiio- 

ciMtic. Add 

rcss: 1205 D 






John Ira: 

I'rofesM.r ..f Greek: b. Galvn. III., Mar. 
. 1-70: s. John Ira and Maria Elizabeth 
Ccvnolds) Bennett: grad. Union Coll.., 
I'h'i B.'ta Kappa), 1S90 ; grad. student. Ilai- 
ird Univ., l.''9,->; luciu. Am. Sdi. Classical 





h tech., Lliicaso. lsUl-;>5; 
prof. lt97-U"Jl, acting prof. 

Studies. Athens 
Hyile Park 111 
instr. I5lij-U7, ass 

1901-03, prof. Urcfk since ll'i.3, Union Coll. 
Editor Union Univeraitv yu.Trterly, Mem. 
Am. rhilol. Ass'n. Alplia Delta Phi. Ad- 
dress: Sthencctady, X. Y. 
BENNETT, Thomas Archibald: 

.Mech. eng'r; b. -New Bn-htoD, S. I., Sept. 
t, 1S74; s. Thomas Aaron and Emeline 
Naney (Howe) Bennett; grad. Coll. Citv of 
N. Y., B.S., I-Oj, Cornell Univ. (Siblev 
Coll.), jr.E., E.E.. 1.^97; m. -Mar. 22, l#ri9, 
Grace JliuuirU Wliittomore; children: Kalh- 
ryn Howe, h. VJW. Tliomas Archibald, h. 
Km. Tutor Coll. Citv of N. Y"., 1M)7-'J9; with 
Ciifford Bros., Hudson, X. Y., as draftsman, 
cliief draitsmau and sup't, lfW-19W ; since 
ISIUJ with Kobins Conveying Belt Co., as ass't 
to chief eng'r and now production nii^'r. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Jlem. Am. Soc. 
Mech. Eng'rs. Mech. Soc. Coll. Citv of N. Y., 
Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Kesidence: o3 
First St., New Brighton S. I., N. Y'. Ad- 
dress: Park Row Bldg., N. Y. City. 
BENNETT, William H.: 

Steamship broker; b. N. Y. Citv, April 17. 
l!-i2; s. Thomas and Susan S. Bennett; ed. 
in public schools and Eree Acad., X. Y. Citv, 
and frjm Jon's Coll., England; m. Helen 
Elizabeth Harvey. After college was pilot 
on Mississippi: officer and captain under 
British and foreign flags, holding British 
certiticate Xo. 6997, Am. Shipmaster's cer- 
tificate. U. S. certificate for command of 
mercantile steamships, and various others in 
foreign navies. Since 1^S1 senior partner 
in Bennett, Walsh & Co., Steamship brok- 
ers. Also director Atlantic Fruit Co., H. 
A. Kessel Co., Tacas Co., Santa Cal- 
alina Co., Amalgamated Paint Co., Cordova 
Land Co., Bennett Steamship Co., etc. Dem- 
ocrat. Episcopalian. Mem. X. Y'. Produce 
Exchange, X. Y. Maritime E.schange. Mer- 
chant's Ass'n, Marine Sue. of X. Y'.. Jlaster 
Mariners' Steamship Ass'n, Met. Museum of 
Art, etc. Life member Masonic Veterans. 
Knight Templar, Mvstic Shrine, and 32d de- 
gree JIason. Clubs': Xew York. X. Y'. Yaclit, 
Coney Island Jockev, etc. Residence: C93 
West End Av., X. Y. Citv, (winter), Xipi, 
Cuba. _ Address: IS Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BENNETT, William M.: 

Lawver; b. Xaihville, Tenn., .Iiilv 11, ISI'9; 
of Xorthcrn parentage: er,.d. Obcrlin C^.IL, 
A.B., 1S90, Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., Ib03. 
Taught in Columbia Law Sch., subject of 
quasi-contracts, during Spring of A95, dur- 



the p 
ny & Be 

elected Nov.. 19m7, 
of X. Y., serving 
Rciuiblican. We^t 

..f X. 

nnett since Xov. 
sion Co. Mem. 
Y. Republican; 
lien. Assembly State 
Sinn of I'.MS. Clubs: 
Republican, llarcl- 
Ccutral Park West. 
Address: 15 William St., X. Y. City. 

I'.lccin.-rloniical eng'r; b. X. Y'. Citv, 
Juno 1, 1-71: s, David J. and Pauline (Was- 
Bcrmann) Hcnoliel; grad. ]iublic schools, X. 
Y. Citv, IN". IL'ull. Cilv of X. v.. U.S.. -[SM. 
Columbin Univ. Sch. of Mines, K.K., l.'-i'i:. 
Columbia Sch. of I'ure Science, A.M., ISSU; 


m. X. Y. City, June 1, 1897, Therese L. Lli- 
deman; children; David Jacques, b. 1- 
Louis Osmond, b. I'Mi, Jean Salome, b. 1; ■-, 

eer, N. 

nd che 


Coll., ls97-lUul; lectur 
Y. and Brooklvn Board of Ed'n, it-~)l'nl 
Brooklyn Inst. 'Arts and Sciences, 19iJJ-r.i.l 
gen. mg'r and electro-chemist. Rnbcr- 
Chem. Co., Xiagara Falls, X. Y., 19U1 m;. 
fected a new process for the pr-j- 

ction of 



■id b; 


and cheu 
of the ele 



at at 

first to manu- 
facture potash commercially in the U. S. by 
a chemical process; first in the ■\vorld t-t 
make muriatic acid commercially by a syn- 
thetic process. Since luutj gen. 'mg'r Inter- 
nat. Chemical Co. of Camden, X. J. Meia. 
Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, Elcctro-Chemic;,! 
Soc, Alumni Ass'n School of Applied Si i 
ence, Columbia Univ. Mem. F. and A. .M., 
Xat. Geog. Soc. Address: -1143 Chestnut St., 
BENSEL, John A.: 

Civil eng'r; b. X. Y". Citv. IS63: s. Brown- 
lee and Mary :iaclav (Hogg) Bensel : grad. 
Stevens Inst, of Tcclinolo;;v, M.E., 1n-1; n. 
l-!ili. Ella Louise Dav; children: Louise l>av. 
John A., Jr., Evelvn Adelaide. Engr ici- 
I'a. E. R. Co.: consulting eng'r Citv of 
Philadelphia and for the Girard Estate in 
improvement along Delaware River. Phila- 
delpliia. Eng'r-in chief I)cp't of Docks, and 
dock commr, X. Y. Citv. Coram'r B'd c; 
Water Suppiv, 19oS. Mem.. Am. Soc. Civil 
Kng'rs, Inst'n Civil Eng'rs (Great Britain!. 
Chamber of Commerce, X. Y'. Citv. Clubs: 
Ui.iversitv, Uninu, Engineers. Citv Midday. 
Somerset County Country. Address: Marie 
Antoinette Hotel, ii7th St. and Broadway, 
X. Y. City. 
BENSEL, 'Walter: 

l>h^.^iclan, citv olTicial; b. X. Y. Cit.v, 
Jan. "JJ, IN.O; s. 'nrownlee and Mary Macla>- 
HoggI ISen-el; ed. private schools in X. Y. 
Citv, Coll., riivs. and Surg.. M.D., IJiW (wiili 
iion'ors and a prize i ; m. X.-wport, R. I.. June 
19, l.'-Ol, Alice Cooper, grandniece of James 
Fenimore Cooper, the author; one daughter. 
Marv Cooper, b. IS'M. Entered Bellevuc 
llosp., an interne, imiiiediatoly after gradu- 
ating; served 1": vears as junior ass't, sen- 
ior n-i-s't and house surgeon; served 3 nioulbs 
in Sloane .Malernitv llosp.; ass't surgc.ii, 
Vanderbilt Clinic 3 years; clinical ass't, 
instr., and lecturer on surgery, X. Y. Poly- 
clinic Med. School aud liosp., 5 years: in 
jirivate iiraclice since graduation in l.-Oi. 
Appfd meil. insp.. Dcp't of Health, X. Y. 
Cuv, 1MI2: served through various grades un- 
til 'l'-'":!. when aiipt'd ass't sanitary sup't of 
the deii't; prom. .led s.-mitary sup't of d.ii't. 
Julv 1. 19.7; re.-igned .luly b, 19li7. and appt'd 

X. Y. Cil 

Xov. 2.">, 1907, and was rcai>pt'd sanitary sup't 
of Dep't of Health. Uniuuian. Mem. X. Y. 
Co. Med. So.-., N. Y. Stale Med. Soc. Am. 
Med. Ass'n, West End .Med. Soc.. Soc. Alumni 
of l;,.|levin. 11. .s|.., .Vlumiii Soc. of Sloane Jl.l- 
ternilv II .sp., Aluuiiii Ass'n Coll. Plivs. and 
Surg.,' Med. Ass'n Greater City of N. Y., 

Physicans' Mutunl Aid Asb'n, St. Aiiilrew's 
Soc. Countrv liome on Great Soutli B;iv, 
Amityville, L. I. Address: 135 W. S'ith St., 
N. Y. City. 
BENSON, Charles B.: 

Lawvir; b. Valalie. X. T., July 11, lECG; s. 
George E. and Sarah K. (Best) Benson; 
prad. Rutsers Coll., liiO; m. iiudson. N. Y., 
Oct. 9, 1001, Maude S. Mesick; children: 
Charles B.. b. April 11, 1903, .John ilesick. b. 
Aug. 10, ISiO.). Kepulilitan. M,>m. S-foi ned 
(Dutch) Church. Mem N. Y. Geneal. and 
Bio?. Soc, X. Y. Hist. Soc. Author; Van 
Deusen Genealn.rv; The Best F.-'.milv in 
America. Recreations; Automobiling. 'golf. 
Clubs; Reform, Nat. -A.rts. St. Elmo, Rutsers 
<N'. Y'. Citv) ; v.-p. Rulsers r'r.ll"c>- Associa- 
tion of Eastern Xev.- York; Hudson (Hud- 
son). Residence: S"C Warren St., Hudson, 
N. T. Address: 12 South Jth St., Huds.m, 
iV. Y. 
BENSON, John P.: 

Architect; b. Salem. JIass., Feb. S, 1SC5; 
s. George W. and Elizabeth (Pooie) Ben- 
son; ed. in Atelier Daumet-Girault, Paris; 
m. 1893, Sarah Bissel Whitman: four chil- 
dren. Has practised in X. Y. Citv since 
ISOl, built many public and private build- 
ings: also has du:ie considerable vurk in 
northern part of X. Y. Slate and in N"ew 
England. Veteran of Naval Reserve. Mem. 
Soc. of Beaux Arts Archilecis. Am. Inst, of 
Architects. Address: jTl Fiiih Av., N, Y. 
BENT, Francis H.: 

Architect; b. Bjslon. Mass.. IS, 1CC9; 
ed. in Boston; studied in R.>me, Paris and 
London; married. Eugai-ed in practice as 
architect in N. Y'. Ciiy; also ass't Siato 
architect of X. J. Jlembcr of Middlebr.«ik 
Country Club. Residence: Bound Brook, X. 
J. Address: 110 E. 23d St., X. Y. City, and 
Trenton, X. J. 
BENTLEY, Albert Edward: Oid.iiried in Episcopal rcinis- 
try by Bishi.p lluuliii,lon, IfM: in char.;o of 
Episcopal churclifs ai'Jordun. X. Y., 1.-01-9,".; 
Windsor, X. Y.. 1?05; West Hubokeu, X. J., 
IsM; now rector Zion Ch., Douslaston, L. 1. 
Address: Douglaston, L. I., X. Y. 
BENTLEY, Edward M.: 

Laivver. en-r; b. EllenviUe. X. Y.. July 
31, ItOS; s. Edvard W. and Emilv (Humph- 
rey) Benlley; grad. Wiliiston Sem., IsTti, 
Yale, ISjO; m. Waslunglon, D. C, ^^^^ Mary 
H. Merrill; one son, Edw.ird S., b. ijM. In 
l.-Sl built the first commercial electric rail- 
way in America, at Clevel.ind. O.. in coniiec- 
li.m with BeiiTley-Kni_-ht Electric R'v Co., 
which also built ses-eral others of ihe hrst 
successful elec. rajluavs in Ibis countrv; ihe 
Cleveland road was a c.oidnit. or •■under- 
ground trollev" road, a?id the roads of ibis 
iM.o in Xew York and Wa.shinirlon w.^re 
built lindrr the B.ntlevKin^-lu palents. 
M_-'r Dcp't of I'atenis and Inventions, Gen. 
Klec. Co., l.->0-9(; praelised a.s- raech. and 
Plec. expert in p. ten: cases; in 19'V» became 
niem. law firm of Botls, .Shellield, llenllev ,4 
nells. Mem. Am. .\ss-n Elec. Krig'rs. 
Clubs; Century. Lauvrs. Vale, Kork.iwuv 
Hunt. Address: j2 William Si., X. Y. Citv. 


BENTLEY. Isaac Madison: 

Ass'; prol. psychology, Cornell Univ.; b. 
Clin;on, la., June l.;i, 1^70: s. Charles E. and 
Peisis (Freeman) Benllev; ed. Adelphi 
Acad., Brooklye, X. Y'., Univ. of Xeb., B. S., 
ISM, Cornell Univ., Ph.D., ISu;-; m. Marshall- 
town, la., 1S97, Emma V. Beuiley; one daugh- 
ter, Virginia Jj., b.'lOiv:. Ass't in psvchology, 
1:0T-US, i:istr. psychologv, 169S-1902. ass't 
j>rof. psychology from 19'J2, Cornell Univ. 
Fellow A. A. A. S.; mem. Am. Psvchol. 
Ass'n, Am. Philos. Ass'n, Phi Beta Kappa, 
.Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Cooperating edi- 
tor Am. Journal of Psychology; associate 
editor Psychological Index. Address: Cor- 
nell University, Ithaca, X. Y'. 
BENTLEY, Norman Seymour: 

Lawyer: b. Pulaski, S. Y., Julv 1, ISCS: 5. 
William H. and Caroline (Woods) Bentlev; 
grad. Amherst Coll., 1S92. .-Vlbauy La'w 
School, 1S91; unmarried. Admilted to bar, 
Oswego, X. Y'.. l,<yl, and since then engaged 
in practice; for six years, and up to 1904, 

uf la 

of Co 


Benlley; now of law firm of King. Bentley 
& Cullen. Elected recorder of city of Os- 
wego at Xovember election, 1905, took office 
Jan., loot;, and still serving. Director Os- 
wego Traction Co. Republican; Congre-a- 
tionalist. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Amherst 
Coll. Recreations: Gulf, tenuis, hoalin.', 
etc. Clubs; Cii.v, Fortnightly, Oswego Yacht 
and Oswego Countrv; al-.o University (Syra- 
cuse). Address: 2d Xalional Bank Bld'g, 






Walter E.: 



I ■ n 

It. sec. Ac 

ors' Church 


ancc; b 


u 10 

igliTnd, ISlit 

coming to 

U. S., 




ami after 

some tune b 


an actti 



I'v- r-iinlv 

in Sh.ikespu 


and oth 

■ : ■■ , I'ci 

ig brought 





, studied fr 

r the 



, ..niuio.d 

by Bishop 





.cd s.^vi-al 

vears as rec 

or in 

the Dio 


of,1 X. Y 

■„ and in lb 

j7 be- 

came a 


a ted 

with Rev. 

Dr. Rylan 

ce as 

vicar of 



rk's Ch. in 

X. Y. City; 





. R. Hebe 

Xcwton i 

a the 

s.ime c; 



now organi 

zer and nat 

. sec. 




Alliance, of 

which is p 


.Illy the 



r. Address 

Actors' Church 


23d St 

and Broadway, X. Y. 


BENTON, George Alden: 

Lawyer; b. lollaud. Conn., Xfav 7, ISIS; s. 
Azariah L. and Louisa W. (Aldeu) Benton; 
(mother descended from John Alden of May- 
lb. wer) ; grad. Cornell Univ., B. A., 1871 (Pili 
Beta, Columbia Coll. L.iw School, 
I.L.B., 1-71: m. Batavia, X. Y., July », 1^92, 
Calh.irinc S. Westerdeck: children; Lthel 
(11). George, Jr., b. 1.-97, Alice, b. lilou, Helen, 
b. 1903. att'y Monroe Co., l,s-ii-92; sur- 
rogate JI..nrue Co., lS9(;-19oi; county judge 
.Monroe Co. since Jan. 1, I'.Ml. Campaign 
dn Guards. l,-.Sl. K. i.ub- 


Kni.;ht Tenipl.i 



r: ho 

ort, X.' Y. Addr 

WHO'S WHO IX yi:\\ yokk 

luenia, N. Y., May 
29, 1S:;J; ei. Araoiiiu Sem. Became princi|)al 
of a classical and matliematical schuol, IbSl, 
editor and j.)ii:t fuuiider of Amenia Times at 
age of IS), IJecamo active in politics, elected 
supervisor of liis town, lS«-2, and has oi 
had delegations to nominate him for 
Legislature without his ref|uest. lias c 
iribulcd poetry to many publications and has 
poems in many anthologies and books 
poetry, but has never collected his po, 
into a volume. 'Well-known as critic and 
essayist, and as lecturer on literary a 
political topics; was one of the Concord h 
turers at the Emerson Centennial. ISuS. ^ 
thnr: Kmerson a.s a Poet ttwo editions); The 
Truth ali'.ut Protection; (ircflev on Lincoln; 
In the Poe Circle; Persons and Places. Ad- 
dress; Poughkeepsic, X. Y. 
BENTON, Stephen OUn: 

Jlelh. KpLscopal clergyman; b. Middlo- 
town. Conn., April 30, 1S41); s. Eev. Josiah 
T. and .M:iria E. (Granniss) Benton; ed. 
public schools in Providence, R. I., East 
Greenwich (R. I.) Acad., honorary alumnus, 
AVeslcyan Univ., Jliddletown, Conn. (A. M., 
D.IJ.) ; m. Staft'ord Springs, Conn., ISt,!), 
Ellen M. Taft; one daughter, Eva il. En- 
tered minibtry in Providence Conference, 
l.^Tt); served in several important pastorates 
of Conference; presiding elder Providence 
Dist., ]S;iO-('C, New Bcd'ford, mol-OJ; 
sit)cc ltin>, recording sec. Board of Forei'^n 
Missions of M. E. Church. Was mem. 1S?S, 
and mem. and sec. Gen. Conference. M. E. 
Church, ISOJ, ISOfi. ISixt, ll'ijl and 190S; sec. 
New England Southern (formerly Provi- 
dence) Conference, l;-i-10'l;!. Residence: lit. 
Vernon, N. Y. Address: 150 Fifth Av., N. Y. 

BENTON. William DeLaucey: 

Cleri.-;man; b. Theresa, N. Y., ISCO; s. 
Rev. .Milton Brewster and M.-irtha A. (Wil- 
ner) P.enton; ed. Ciianiberl.iin Inst, and 
PennsUvania Cull.; D.D., Griswold Coll., 
Havenport, la.: m. Cuba, N. Y., Aug. H. 
isyo. Alice C. Parker. Ordered deacon, 1=90; 
ordained priest. Isyl, by Bishop Huntington, 
in the K|iisc..|,al ministrv. Formerly rector 
of St. Johns Ch., Bellcfonte, Pa., and St. 
.John's Unlinque, la.; now rector of Kmin,:i- 
uel Ch., Norwich, N. Y. Address; Norwbh, 
N. Y. 
EENTZ, Charles Augustus: 

Physician and surgeon; b. Buffalo, N. Y., 
Feb. -JO, lb;9; s. llenrv and Frances (Gors) 
Bents; ed. BulTalo Public Sclup.d No. 37, 
Bnlfalo Central High Sell .ol, Univ. of Buf- 
falo, il. I)., umi. Engaged in medical prac- 
tice from 1^112. Lecturer and instructor his- 
i"logy, Univ. of Buft'alo, 19nj-oi; lecturer 
bacteriology since P.lOt. Author of papers 
;itic tetanus, rhin.iiihynia, trichiuo- 



BulTalo .\cad. Midi- 
Us'n Bacleriol,. crisis ami P.itholo- 
ell Club. Alpha (InieL-a 
rnily.'t p:ilhol..-ist, BulValo 
(..n. Ilosp. lirie Coiinlv H.isp.. Sisters llosp. 
.\; M Orange St., BulTalo, N. Y. 
BENZINGER, Frederic: 

.'■■uniaiist; I., .Sus.ineli.iiina. Pa., 10, 
Jbis; cd. in public schools. Began in priiit- 

mg oflice, 1S73; established Hnrnellsville f\ 
i.) Uaily News at 19; subsequently iiropr 
of newspapers at Cedar Rapids and D.-s 
.Moines, la., and Omaha and Lincoln Nel, 
since 1S9> on start of Omaha Bee, Chic^,-.', 
Inter Ocean, and Chicago Times-Herald 
transferred from financial editorship lutlrr 
paper to Washington at outbreak of Spanish 
.\m. \\ar; corresppudent at Paris, IM19 luoii, 
-\. y. correspondent since lOOti. Address: 
Herald Bld'g, N. Y. City. 
BEEAN, Theodore: 

JIg'r Gen. Elec. Co.; b. Springfield, Mass., 
Sept. Hi, IgCi: s. Joseph and Kate Beran; ed. 
Public Sch. -in, N. Y. City, Coll. City of X. 
\., A. B., ISSl. Began business career, ISSl ; 

and the West. lS.s^-:^9; since then with' Geii. 
Elec. Co. and its predecessors in various 
capacities; since 1S0.3. mg'r General Eleclric 
Co. Asso. mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs; 
v.-p. N. Y. Elec. Soc. Clubs; Engineers, 
Lawyers, Railroad Club of N. Y. Address: 
30 Church St., N. Y. City. 
EERARD, Eugene Michel: 

Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 2V, ]S,-,3; 
s Joseph EuL-ene and Mary Roche (Grim) 
Berard; ed. puljlic school and private 
Columbia Law School, LL.B.. l»7t;. Enga--ea 
in practice of law from 1S7G: now partner 
law lirm Iloppin ,t Berard. Jlem. Am. Acau. 
Polit. and Social Science, Am. Econolinc 
Ass'n, Nat. Geog. Soc, Nat. Municipal 
League. A. A. A. S., Am. Ass'n for Labor 
Legislation. Am. Forestry Ass'n, councillor 
Am. Ci^vic Ass'n. mem. Nat. Child Labor 
Com., N. Y. Botanical Garden, N. Y. Soc. for 
Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Plav- 
ground Ass'n of America. Residence; Pros- 
pect Av., Hackensack. N. J. Address; 53 
Liberty St., .N. \. City. 
BEEESrOED. Lady William: 


N. Y. 

City; m. 1st, Louis Uamnier.shv, New York: 
2d, is^s, .sth Duke of MarlborouL-h (died 
ISII2) ; 3d, I>9.-). Lord William Beresford (died 
1900). Address: Deepdene, Dorking, Eng- 
BERG, Charles I.: 

Arcliiiect; b. Philadelphia. IS.IB; educated 
in Vhlladelphi: 



Edward II. Clark, 
IbtW; since Ihcn. a 


N. Y. Ci 

rg & Cla 

■ted the Ambn- 
Laboratorv for 
Health Dep't of N. Y. City, the Gillender 
Bnibling, at Wall and Nas.sau Sts., Wind.sor 
Arcade, Hotel Touraine, etc. Jlem. Bd. Kk- 
aminers for Unsafe Buildings, City oi N. Y. 
.Mem. and lo vears sec. Archileclural League 
of N. Y. ; felU'iw Am. Inst. Archil.cts I three 
vears sec. N. Y. Chapter), aial iis delegate 
io Nat. Convention of Arebilects, lIMl-ii,; 
mem Soc. P.ean.'; Arts Arehilecia. Clubs: 
-N.itioiril Arts, Grolier, Players, Cahu-ra, 
Knolhcood Country. Address; Windsor Ar- 
ca.le, N. Y. City. 
BERG, Erust Julius: 

■:lec. and civil eiig'r; b. Ostersuiul, 

!den. Jan. 9, 1S7I: s. Ernst Victor Gabriel 
Josei.hina Kalliarina (Hnniren) Berg; 

il. as civil engr. iioval Poh lechni.'uni, 
Stockholm, Sweden, 1S92; m. Watertowu, N. 

Y., Juno 15, lOOi, Gwendoline O'Brien. Came 
1.1 U. S., isn onsasrd in civil and eloc. 
inl'ring ■with TliuuiMm-ll..ust.Mi Eleo Co., 
I,-.ij-93; Since llioii witli Gen. Eleo. Co., at 
.Sciienectady. Inventor. Autlior: Kleetrical 
Knergy; also papers on dec. sutijects to Pro- 
coodings of Am. Inst. Elec. KnL:r.s; ass't 
editor Steinmetz .Mlernating Current Plie- 
nomena. Jlcm. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, 
Svenska, Mem. Am. Inst. Klec. Enii'rs, Sveu- 
ska Teknolog foreninsen. Address: Care 
General Electric Co., Schenectady, X. Y. 
BERG, Helen McGregor Morse: 

Born Piermont, .\. il., Feb. 17, 1S30; ed. in 
New England; m. St. l^iul's Chnpel, Trinity, 
N. Y. City, July 7, 1S:.3. Prof. Albert \V. Berg, 
organist, composer, and musical critic (golden 
wedding celeLraled in unique manner by 
thanksgiving service in same chapel, July 
7, 190o); children: Eliiaheth Paine, Albert 
Ellery, Louis de Coppet, Walter Gilman (de- 
ceased), Welhnan ilorse (deceased). 0£ Eng- 
lish-Puritan ancestry, and Yale College was 
founded in house of her great-great-grand- 
falher. Rev. Samuel Russell,'a Harvard grad- 
uate. Correspunilent for American papers 
and periodicals wiiile educaliug lu-r ciiildren 
abroad; contb'r to original S.ribner's .Maga- 
zine (now The Century) under editorship of 
l>r. J. G. Holland, and occasionally to various 
(.Iher publications since. Address: 3oG West 
■iolh St., X. Y. City. 
BERGEN, Caroline McPhail: 

Philanthropist; b. Hruoklvn, Aug. 1, ISoO; 
d. Leonard Cassell (it. i).) and Caroline 
(Speir) McPhail; educated iirst at kinder- 
garten and later by private instruction at; m. Jan. -JO, ISSl, Tunis G. Bergen. 
.Much interested in civic beuermenc; by re- 
quest of two dillereut borough presidents. 
made report as to need for imblic baths in 
certain congested neighborhooils. and .sug- 
gested the sites, \vliich were approved and 
purchased by the- city (two of the bailis novr 
linished and others being erected); also, by 
request of the controller, reported on play- 
ground needs, and selected places, which are 
now being developed for the ciiildren; served 
as one of .Slate I'robalion Comm'n by ap- 
plm't of governor, Itinj-Oti: served on Com. on 
h^chool Census. N'. Y. Citv; mrin. Com. on 
Piiysical Welfare of School Children. X, Y. 
City; volunteer probation ollbcr. Children's 
Court, Brooklyn (received gold badge from 
attaches of that court, -Mav, lOiX,).^ Mem. 
.V. Y. State Ass'n Opposed to Kxiension of 
SulTrage to Women. Pres. Brooklvn Free 
Kindergarten Soc; v.-p. lirooklvn Division 
Am. Nat. Ued Cross; mem. State Clrarilios 
Aid Ass'n (pres. Com. for Brooklvn and 
IJneens); trustee Brooklyn S.ic. for Parks 
and Playgrounds; mem. Exec. Can. 
Playgrounds Ass'n of America; direclor .Met. 
Parks Ass'n. X. Y. Citv. Clnbs: Br..oklvn 
Uarnaril (aeling pres.). Woman's Civilas. 
Twi-nlielh CcntMrv (I'.roul.lvn ) . Suiiuii.T 
r-sidenre: Fir Touer. Aiit,-..r.i'. in C.itskiUs. 
Address: lul Wilb.w St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BERGEN, Francis II.: 

Sec. and treas. ferrv; b. Brooklvn, X. Y., 
Mav II. ls..:i: s. liarrel G. and .Sarah W. 
(Conover) lli'rgen: ed. in public school, ami 
al I'.rvant .t SM-.Mloo Business Coll.; in. 
April L':', lS:ii), .Meta 1:. Johnson, ol SabMn. 



Rulh Sevmour, b. Mar. 
1.5, 1SU3. Sec, "treas. and dii"e.-t"r of X. Y. 
& S. Brooklvn Ferrv and Sleam Transporta- 
tion Co. Vileran o'f 2;id Reg't X. G„ X. \'. 
Jlem. Holland Soc, St. Xich.ias Soc. of Xas- 
sau. L. I. Hist. Soc, Sons of Kcvohilion. 
Clubs: BaLsam Lake. Canoe Brook. Address: 
32 Xassau St., X. Y. City. 
BERGEN, Tunis, G.: 

Lawyir; b. Brooklyn, X. Y., May, 1S4S; s. 
Garret G. and Marv (Hubbard) Bergeu; ed. 
Brooklvn Polytechnic Inst., Rutgers Coll., 
A. B., 1S07. I'niv. of Heidelberg, Dr. in Pub- 
lic Law. 1S71, Columbia. LL.B., lS7i; also 
Univs. Berlin and Paris; m. Brooklvn, IhSl, 
Caroline JlcPbail. .Vttached to headciuarters 
German Crown Prince in Franco-Prussian 
War, 1S70. Engaged in practice of law in 
State and U. S. courts, and in S. American 
railroads and enterprises. Mem. Brooklvn 
B'd of Ed'n IJ years (pres. ISil-Sii); X. Y. 
State Comm'r of Charities, l>;3-l'juU. Pres. 
The Bogota Citv R'y Co. of Souih America, 
The Chapinero Co. of Soulh America, The 
Briganline Co., College Heights Land Co. of 
Xiagara Falls; director X. Y. & S. Brooklvn 
Ferry Co., trustee Holland Trust Co. Re- 
publican. Mem. Reformed (Dutch) Church. 
E.K-pres. of Holland .Soc. of X. Y., and of St. 
Xichnlas Snc of Xassau; pres. trustees of 
Brooklvn Heights Sem.; trustee Rutgers Coll.; 
director L. 1. Hist. Soc.; triis'ee Hudsou- 
Fultnn C.I,-' r:'ii(,n Com.; chm'n Com. on 
Hi:.l l> ! '...„. Identified with historical 

11.11: i ■ ik on earlv American (Xew 

N,-iK. HUM, , !,i-t.irv. Recrea 1 ion.s : Outdoor 
si„,ri,. „i,i..i,., lureslry. Clubs: Hamilton, 
Brooklvn, (\, scent Athlelie. (Brooklvn); 
Lawvors, Delta Phi (X. Y. City); Onteora. 
Kesid,-ino: 101 Willow St., Bro<ddyn, X. Y. 
Address: 5G Liberty St., X. Y. City. 
BERGEN, Brunt: 

Civil cngr; b. Brooldvn, April 29, ISll: s. 
Tunis G. .and Klizal,clh (Van Brunt) Ber-en; 
cd. Brooklvn Collegiate and Polytechnic List., 
Rr-nsselaer I'olyi, •clinic Inst., C. E.. 1N13; m. 
Aug. 3. 1671, Elizabeth Vanderveer, Sonier- 
ville, X. J. Employed on Brooklvn 'iValer 
Works and in I'ep't Citv Work.s, Brooklvn, 
lsGt-% (rliief eng'r, l^ni-Dill. .Mem. Am. Soc. 
Civ. Eng'rs, Am. S.ieial Science Ass'n, Hol- 
land S..C, St. Xicli.das Soc Clubs: Hamil- 
r,oi. Criscent Alhlelic. Bav Ridge (Brooklvn). 
Address; 77tli St. and -Shore Road, Brooklyn. 
EEEGH, Albert Ellcry: 

Editor, auihor, dramatic critic: b. X. X. 
Cily; s. Albert W. and Helen .M. (Morse) 
Berg; ed. in X. Y. Cil.v. and studied .S years 
in Europe. On return was I'onr years in edi- 
torial dep't HariHT i- Broihers: recording 
and eorr. see. X. Y. Press Chili, lv-3 t-.t; dur- 
ing .same vears conneclcd in editorial cajiacilv 
or as dramaiic critic with various X. Y. 
dailv and w-ekly papers; also X. Y. corre- 
sp.indent f<.r Ihr.iugiiout F 


ol Ci 

. I.'--;; 
111., K 

..r P. 1' 

lie, f— .•, 


id ill- 

X. Y, 1) 

raatic .Mirror. l.s-7!il; editor of The Slagn, 
ISDIOJ; r.Murnod to Dramaiic :Min-or smr 
as dramaiic erilic and writ.T. I^O.idO: 
mii'g editor Colonial Press, which issued The 
World's Great Classics (Mi vols.). |yi,||o.i;;: 
since then mn'g editor the W.illcr Thoriio 


(15 vols.). 

WHO'S WHO IX xmv roixK 


l*oetry and 

Instructor, and 
Ihor; Diiwn tlie 
duccd l^au-lOuu. 

.ih.?r r'?f?ren<'e 'AOri:s. .Vu- 
^li'pc, .nnd other plays, pro- 
Am. press representative U. 
S Comm'n to P;,ri3 K.vp'n of :t-». ilem. 
Koundi-rs and Tiariots I'f America, Shakes- 
peare Soc. Kesidonee: 3.-,B W. 20th -St. Ad- 
dress: U E. 2od at., X. V. Ci'.y. 
BEEGH, Louis de Conpet: 

Arcllitect; b. X. Y.' City, Dec. 20, 1S5G; s. 
Albert W. and Helen M. (Morse) Bers; cd. 
N. Y. public school. .Military Gymuiisinm \s- 
trow.a, rrussi'a: Jloravian Inst., Lausanne, 
.Suit/er!ar,a, Koyal Realsehule and Eoval 
'■ ' • lie, Slutlgart, Germaiiy. Kn-ased'in 



x. y. 

City from ItTJ; architect for many public 
-priv.ile bld'ss in N. Y. City and at other 
places. Vi'as expert arcbitecturai and sani- 
tary adviser to .Mayor Strous's Committee. 
Planned and supervised -Met. Open. House, 
.\m. Museum Xatural History, rre.,b> 'n. N. y! 
and JIudson .St. Hosps., aud over •_'*) buildincs 
for Yale L'iiiv. .\ulhor: Safe iJuildin- -2 
vols (.Macmilian). and other writings. I'el- 
lo«- Am. Inst. Architects (mem. and founder 
Brooklyn Ch.ip:er) : mem. .4m. Soo. Civil 

Kng rs, Bi klyn Inst. Arts and Sciences, 

boc. Founders and Patriots of -Vmeri 

eran mem. 13lU Retr't Ileavv Arl'y ^ 

Y. Residence: Xe-vport, R.' I. Address: ISO 

Broadway, .V. 1". City. 

BERGHOLZ, Leo Alien 

of I'vlhias. Independent Order of 
ers, Indeijendeul Order Britl. Abraham, a... I 
various minor soeieties. Address: 13a' Xas 
sau St., X. Y. City. 
BEPKELEY, Lancelot M.: 

La\yyer; b. in Virginia; s. Prof. Robert C 
Berkeley (of ti:e W. Va. Univ.) and lanav 
C. (Mi.ior) Berkeley: cd. at W. Va. Uni^ 
and r.niv. of Va.; M. A., Univ. of Va i 
1-UU; unmarried. Mem. editorial staff of th. 
Enalish and American Encyclopedia of Law 
1S91-5-'; subsequently practising law in .\' 
Independent^ Democrat; EpiscopJb 

X. Y. 



X. Cii 

.Vddrcbs: 2l'u Broadw; 
BERKELEY, Robert Maurice 

Clergyman; b. Souihminister, Essev 
land: s. Rev. Geor-e C. and Caroli 
Berkeley; grad. Xashotah Cttis.) Thcol 
■73; m. X. Y. Citv, ls77, Loui 
_d (died ilar. 17, 190i;). Ordered d. 
15.3, ord.iined priest, 1374, by Bishop W 




H. Lo 

bishop of Iowa: ass't St. Jobn'„ ^ .. 
Jveokuk. Iowa, Is73-7t; rector St. Luke's Ch 
Charleston, X. H., Ii74-S2; St. Thomas' Cii 
Hanover. X. H.. I,ss2-S!): since lt.«i) recto 
Zion Ch.. Dobbs Ferrv, X. Y. .-Vddress 
Uobb's Ferry, X. Y". 

BERKELEY, William Nathaniel: 

Fiiysician; b. Chesteilown, Md., Xov. » 


then C. 
at legati, 


n at I'ekir 

ion of about 2 years an 

vice-consul in chariic 

i-kiaiir, and, at same li 

.Tapan: returned to L'. S., 1» 

to IS'.i;, held 
road com-iai 
sherilT. and 
at Crippli 

Creek. C. 
■il -25 


1B03; later pr. 
Syria. Addre.- s : Ai 
eral, Beirut, Syria. 
BERGMAN, Henry; 

Lawyer; b. i„ Ai 
Israel aud Hannali 
seho.ils of X. Y. C 
cents' examination 
tended X. Y. Cniv. 
lOU.I; admitted t-i In 



of th( 
Y. Cii 


of J!t. 

. . deputy 

ado Humane S'..:. 

Appt'd consul 

. to I'rescott. Can., 

nsul-gen. at Beirut, 

:m Consulate Gen- 

ssi.siaiiee; at- 
lool. class of 
completion of 
IDui;. Kac 

as attc 
e ' oper 



A.B.. ItsO 

en Carl': 




ISOl, 1 

nd Fa 

ny Ca 






tory Work wi 

numerous shorl 

paiholo2ical su 

Y. A. 'ad. Medit 

X. Y. -Med. fi 

-Mediciue. Add 


EERKEY, Charles P. 

t Va. _ 
of Viririnia, Ph.B., !?,->, 
■Ilevue Hosp. .Med. Coll., 
ril. llii'S, C. H.Mene Barker, 
an, Good Samaritan Dis- 
City. .\uthor of Labora- 







1, Ind 

(Sint/manl 15, 
nd M-nn. B. S. 
117, Univ. of : 

Sept. 4, IsOl. M 
\insworth. b. 
Since ciraduati. 


Democrat. Mem. X. 
. Y. Pathological Sue, 
;. Y. Soc. of 
W E. 53d St., X. Y. 

y; Columbia Univ.; b. 
\ 1;|j7; s. Peter and 
■key: ed. in sch ni 
1?'J2, M. S.. lir.3; Ph. 

eolo-jeal d.-p' 

Has spent 
in persona 

of .Mil 


ith State 
Vis., and X. Y. 
of several years 


director Mt. Moriah lIo.=p. ile 

■ Hosp.; 

Jing . .. 

I'. S.: now occupied ill study of the uclo-ic 
structure of the of the, 
for X. Y. State Sr.rv.y, in adiliti..n t.i tea.-h- 
ing in Cdumbia Univ. ('..nsuliing geologist the X. Y. City lid of W'.iter Suppiv in 
connection wilU the exidorations of the Cats- 
kill A,|ueduct. ..f .uimerous papers 
on .subjects. Iiidep.-n.ient in poli- 
ties. .Methodist. Fellow Ge.d. Soc. of 
America, A. A. A. S.: in.'m. X. Y. Acad, of 
Science, Minn. .\cad. of Sciences, Xat. Geog. 
Soc: Am. Inst. .Mining Kng'rs, Phi l!,.t..% 
Kappa, .Sigma Xi. phi Gamma Delta frai.r- 
nily and Faculty Club, Columbia Univ. Ad- 
dress: Columbia Univ., X. Y. City. 



BEENHEIMER, Mayor Simon: 


).. X. Y. Cii 

July 3. ISCI: 
ramm.-ir Sch., 
icliman. Kn- 
cimer & Co., 

nd K 
rii. public srhools, Colu 
Columbia Coll.; m. l->4, .Mibs 
tcred employ of -Vdolph Bern 
the oldest and most widely known hu 
the cotton business, Itiso : at end of 4 
was invited to becomo a junior mem. of lirm; 
lirm dissolved in lii4. and new lirm of Jacob 
S. Bcrnheimer & Brother was formed, com- 
posed of Jacob S. and ilayer S. Bcrnlieimer: 
up'tn death of Jacob S. Bernheimer, iiead of 
lirm, Mayer S. was made senior m<'m., con- 
tinuing business under present firm name; 
besides his connection with the firm of wliicn 
he is senior mem., is director in l-owell and 
Suburban St. R. R. Co., and is officially 



ral other 

Ciubs: Republican 
Country, Arkwrijht (N. Y. Citv) ; Old Town 
County, American Yacht, Dalton (Newbury 
port, Mass. J ; and numerous other social or- 
ganizations. Address: IG E. 6id St., N. Y. 
BERNSTEIN, Charles: 

Physician; b. Carlisle, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1ST2; 
B. Abraham and Lva Ann (Youns) Bernstein; 
grad. Albanv .Meeh. Coll., M. "D., ij'Jl; m. 
Warsaw, Jan., 11)04, Lillian Stebbins. En- 
l-'aced in med. practice from 1S94; now sup't 
IJume Slate Custoilial Asvlum. Mem. N. Y. 
ijtate Med. Soc, -V. A. A. S., Ass'n of Oili- 
cers of Institutions for Feeble-minded. 
Mason and Kniirht Templar. Clubs: Rome, 
Rome Country, Tengensa Country. Address: 
Rome N. Y. 

Author, journalist, translator; b. Scher- 
windt, Germany, .Sept. '-'l. IsTli; s. David 
Bernstein and Maria (Kllson) Bernstein; ert. 
in Russia' and United .Slates: m. ^. V. City, 
Jan. 1, 1LM3, Sophie Friedman; cliildr-n : 
Hilda, b. 1U03, Dorothy, b. luuT. I-;dilorial 
writer on The American Hebrew. In sununor 
of 1007 was thrown from a horse whieh was 
struck by an nutouiobile in Monticello, .V. 
Y. The press throughout the United .States 
reported him fatally injured and he thus had 
Ihe pleasure of re.iJing his obituaries. Au- 
thor: The Flight of Time, and other Poems, 
l>i.^; In the liates of Isr.iel, Stories of the 
Jews; Contrite Hearts (novel), 19U5. Trans- 
lator; Foma liordeyev by Gorky i published 
in N. Y'. and in Kni:land, under tiic name, 
The ilan Who Was" Afraid ) : Twenty Si.t 
and One other stories, bv .\Ia.vim Gorky; 
The Duel, novel, bv Anton Chekhov: a K.ries 
of comedies by Anton Chekhov, publi^hed in 
-V. Y. Kvenini; Post (two of these. Tin- Clu.l- 
lenge and The Proposal, were pr..duied bv 
Ihe American Aca.lemv of Dramatic Arts, in 
ll»>o); The Snow .Slorm, a drama in four acts. 
adapted from the Russian. Has contributed 
stories, articles, tran.'ilations and adaptati'ins, 
" " " in;: Post. The Iiidei 






al A,lv 


oilors, Ic.ereatiiMi 

■\ Jyj i'ifth 



nd Je 


irUl and 

, of .■ ., 



.i:t"n'a Li'l 
Boston Wi 
Ihe Libr:.r 


s Joseph 

one of th 



in this e 


A J, ; 
m. Ja 

nd X. 

0.3, Idalii 
orraa J. 


(Ont.) Colle-iato Inst. 

IS Univ.. Canada (M. 

Law School (LL.B.); 

t.jsenblum, of Chicano; 

ettp, b. 1900, .\rlhur 

oitted to bar, 1902; en- 
caged in general practice in N. Y. City. 
Democratic candidate for mem. of Asscmblv, 
from 3Ist Assembly Dist.. Nov., 1U04; ran 
2,000 votes ahead of Judse Parker, but de- 
feated in stronsest Republican dist. in N. Y. 
City; afc-ain candidate in same dist., Nov., 
1903, ran 1,900 votes ahead of ticket, elected 
bv about 100 plurality, re-elected lOoS; on 
Jan. I, 1907, appointed Transfer Tax ap- 
praiser for X. Y. County. Has traveled 
through U. S.. Canada and Europe. Director 
Xorlh End Really Co. (sec-lreas.). Demo- 
crat; 1st vico-eluiirman Tammanv H.all Gen. 
Com. of 31st Assembly Dist.; mem. Cayuga 
Club. Youns Mens Deniociatic Club, Gus 
J. Paul Ass'n. mem. Knichts of Pvlhias, Free 
Sons of Israel, Mt. Sinai ilosp., Washinitloa 
Heights Hosp.. Improved Order of Red lien. 
Address: 320 Broadway, N. Y. City. 
BERRI, WiUiam: 

Merchant: b. Brooklyn, X. Y., Sept. 12, 
ISIS; s. William Berri. Now sole owner Wil- 
liam Berri's Sons, carpet mereliants, Brook- 
lyn, established IMS; principal owner Stand- 
ard Union, newspaper, and of trade publica- 
tions. The Carpet and Upholstery Trade Re- 
view, and The Furniture Trade Review; ono 
of organizers and v. -p. of the Hamilton 
Trust Co. Inventor of several tvpe casting 
machines and other mechanical devices. Di- 
rector Nat. City Bank, Kings Co. Elec. Light 
and Power Co., Edison Illuminating Co.; last 
pres. B'd Trustees is. Y. and Brooklyn Bridge: 
of Commerce; 



Clubs: Lotos. Sphinx, Press (N. 
Kaniiltoii, Brooklvii, Oxford (Brooklyn). Ad- 
dress: £.20 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
EEERIAN, Everett S.: 

Coiumission merchant and banker; b. Marl- 
boro. N. Y., April 2, ISOS; s. John W. and 
>;arali (Smith) Berrian: m. N. Y. Citv, Jan. 
■ji, 1-jS, Anna L. Covert ; one daughter, Irina 
II. (b. 1901). Senior partner lirm of Berrian 
Bros., commission merchants. Prcs. Dealers' 
Uar,k of Brooklvn, director Union Bank of 
l:ro,,khn. Keiniblican. Mem. M. R. Church. 
M:iso,i; m.'m. Uoval Arcanum. Address: 2sl 
McDonougli St., lirooklyu, X. Y. 
BEERY, Arthur: 

L.iwier; ed. Selon Hall Coll.: grad. Colum- 
bia Coll. Law Seh., IbTil; married. .'Mem. of 
lirm of Berrv Bros. Mem. Ass'n Bar Citv of 
N. Y. Clnbs: Morris County Golf, Dem.i- 
erati,-. Residence: The Florence. Address: 
IfO Broadway, \. Y. City. 

BERRY, Edward Sidney: 

Lawver: b. Titnsvilb', Pa., Dec. 3, tfK; s. 
Gurdoli Sill and Klizabelh Shellield (Chase) 
Berrv: Harvard, A. B, 1^91, LL.B..lNr4. Ad- 
1>94: practised in Boston until 
:i in N. Y. Citv. Attoruev for 
IS. Co. While praelising in 

Hall As five 


of Cambridge, Ma^ 
nalist Clubs 


HarvarJ, Graau.itos. Address: 46 Cedar St., 

N. Y. fUy. 

BERRY, Georgo Elcker 

of Sl- 

b. \V. Hun 
;.ke !i 


Oct. 15. 1»05; s. Will 
Kloyd (L.iwronce) Hi-rry; L'ulljy Coll., 
A. B., Itfj (A.M. ]S?S, D. I)., I'JUl); Xewtou 
Theol. Inst'u, ISjO-SU; Univ. of Chicaso, ]bU:i- 
93; I'll. D., Isuj; fellow in «erailir;s, Univ. 
of Chicaeo, ljy3-94; m. Liberty, ile., Aue. 
16, 1S03, Carrie Loela Clough; cliildreu: 
Hilda Marion, b. l^a.i, Miriam Clou-li, b. 
ISDr, Lawrence Wurlliins, b. lOJo. I'astor 
Hnpt. Ch., Liberty, Me., losO-'Ji; oss't iu 
.Sciuitics, Univ. of Chicago, l.s«-Oti; instr. in 
bemitics, IStlO-SS, prof, Semilics, .since ISOS. 
Col-ate Univ. Baptist, ilem. Soc. Biblical 
Luerature and i-.\e:.-e»is, Am. Pliilol. A.-„s ii, 
Am. Oriental Soc.," Nat. Geog. Soc, Kelta 
Upsilon iraternit:, I'lii Beta Kappa. Soc. Ad- 


-V. y. 

BERRY, Joseph riintoft: 

Bishop of .Methodist Episcopal Church; b. 
Aylmer, Canada, May 13, l;.jii; s. Francis 
and Ann L. Berry; ed. Milton Acad., On- 
tario; JJ.D., Lawrence Ur.iv., LL.D., Syracuse 
Univ.; m. loTO, Olive J. Johnson. Enlercd 
ministry of .M. E. Church. Is71; asso. editor 
-Michigan ( L: :-■ i,i ;: \.!i .cate, lSol-90; editor 
Epwurth 11 . lil .11; elected a bishop 

of the -M. i. ' li v the (Jen. Coiif. at 

Los Ang.-I. s. („;.i, v.,v is, loul. Address: 
4jj Fruiikliu St., Buaal'/, ^•. V. 
BEERY, Lucien G.: 

Major U. S. A.; b. New York, Nov. 29, 
lf(j3; appt'd from \. Y., cadet at the U. S. 
Mil. Acad., July 1, 1m2 ; commissi. .ucd Id 
lieut. 4th Art'y, July 1, ISiti; 1st licut. oth 
Art'y, Nov. 2S. 1SU2; grad. Art'y .Sch., lil'2; 
capt. 21st Field Battery, Dec. 15, 19.AI; luajor 
.Vrt'y Corps, Jan. 2j, liluT; assigned to 3d 
Field Art'y June C, 1UU7. Served as capt. 
and ass't adjutant-L-en. U. S. Y., May 12, 
l^SiS to May 31, IfJii. Address: Ft. Sam 
Houston, Tc.'C. 
EERRY, Thomas Ecnjamin: 

Clergyman; (Ir.n. .M. A. Hobart Coll.) 
Ordered deacon, li.l, ordained priest, 1:^73, 
in ministry of Episcopal Ch., by Bishop 
Doaiie, ass't minister St. Paul's Ch., Albau.v, 
N., Y., lt>72-74; rector OranviUe, X. Y. 
1674-77; associate missionary, Kipon, Wis., 
Ib77-i)0; rector Siou.K Falls. S. Liak., 1>JU?2; 
Manlius, .v. Y.. l.'-?2 ; Tnimansburg. .\. Y., 
ls>3; Guilford, X. V., 1;:=!-JS; .since lo>», roc- 
tor Ch. of the Good Shepherd, Buifalo. Kcg- 
istrator of Diocese of Western X. Y. Ad- 
dress: a<; Jewett Av., Buffalo, N. Y. 

ed. Lawrenceville Ac 
tors and Cornell Ui 
i:ii/.abelh Anna Laur 
chiMian: George, b. 
I'.Hia. Fivi 


V. until IM'i); 
of Basel, Snii 
l'.)i;ii. K..bert : 






milled t.i 
in Folsd, 

specialty of matters r 
and the paper in.lnsl, 
thr.e years, on behalf 
interests, has made a 

fter Ic 
rV of X. Y. 
Y., Jan., 
rthage, X. 

tions in various parts of V. S. and Can;,.! 
-Mem. E.Kec. Com., McKinley League of M., 
of N. v., lyjii; aUvays an active, 
Fiiiscopaliaii. Mem N. Y. State Ah, , 
.Mem. Eincdn League of Watcrtown, X. \ 
Clubs: I'oisdam, Carthage. Address; Vu\- 
dam, X. Y. 
BERRY. William James Courtnald: 

Lawyer, librarian; b. Jersey City, X'. J,, 
May 2S, 1647; grad. Englishtown (,X. J. - 
.Vcad., and from Columbia Coll. Law .>5clio..I. 
LL.B., 1S70. Entered employ of a promiiic..: 
law puhlishiug house in X. Y. Cilv. In 1-:., 
when X. Y. Ear Ass'n was organized, !,■ 
came first librarian ajid held the position l-.r 
over 27 years. Served as an ofiicer iu :-ili 
X. Y. Inf., and is now captain in the Old 
Guard. Addres;.: 32 Nassau St., N. Y. Ciij. 
BEERY. Wilton G.: 

Analytical chemist. Mem. Soc. Chem. In- 
dustry, Am. Chem. Soc, Psi Upsilon, S'lns of 
Kevolution. Club: Phi Upsilon. Kesideucc: 
329 W. S3d St. Address (laboratory): Oil 
Washingtou St., N. Y. City. 

l:isuraijce underwriter, broker and agent; 
b. Wechawkcn, X. J., Julv -21. 1S07; s. J. 
(Swiss consul) and Emilie (Becker). Beris.ii- 
mann: ed. Columbia Grammar Sch., N. Y.. 
Paris, Switzerland and Germany; m. X. Y. 
I ity, Mav Ij, lyJS, Maudo M. Smith; chil- 
dren: Jean Jacques, b. 169,), Frederick 
Louis, b. 1M)9. Engaged in insurance busi- 
ness in X. Y'. City 1667; now partner 
in firm of Bertschmann ic ilalov. .Serv.-l 
,v vears Kevcutll He- 1. X. G- X. Y. Club,: 
Xew Y'ork, Badmiinon, X. Y'. Swiss, Wool. 
Merchants, • Central. Kesidence: 3113 West 
End Av. Address; IS E.Ychauge Place, N. V. 
BERWALD, William (Henry): 

Comij-.ser; b. techwerin, .Mecklenburg, Ger- 
manv, Dec, K-04; s. WilUelm and Emilie Bcr- 
wald"; ed. in public schools of Schweriii; 
studied music in .Munich and Stuttgart under 
Pr.>f. Joseph l;li.-inl.erger and Dr. Faissi ; 
Master of -Music, Ui..3, Syracuse Univ. Con- 
ductor orcliestra and chorus two years m 
Ivussia; came to U. S. l.'"92; instructor, 1-V-- 
;..; prof, since June. 1?93, piano and theory 
of music. .-Syracuse Univ. Composer of v.iri- 
ous musi.'al minilicrs. -Yddrcss; 1U2 Ostrom 
Av., Syracuse, -X. Y. 
BERWIND, Edward J.: 

11,,-iir; b. I'hiLidelphia, Pa., June 17. 
rad. U. S. X.ival -Vcad.. 16..9; appt'd eii- 
lulv 4. 1.^70; masier, -Mar. 24, 1.572; r.- 
-Mav II, l57j; title changed to lienl. 
r grade), -Mar. 3. l>.s;; m. Herminie 
. Pies. Benvind-Wlule Coal .Miiinig 
d Inlcrnat. Co.. Havana Coal Co 

Coal C.I 


rd Trust C 
!,.e Fiflh Av. Trust 
S. Y-. & I'orto Rici 
Atchis.m. T.ipcka .'i f 
:•„.. Inlcrnat. Mercan 
S"at. P. 

al C'l 
(Philadelphia) ; 
..; v.-p. and di 


K'y Co., (■ 
.Marino Co.. In 
, M,.rl..n Trust 
Xewport Trust ('• 

Kiver and Pocahonla.; Consolidale.l C'al 
Republic Iron and Steel Co., Santa Fo 
a-otl ,'i l'h.ieui.t K'.v. Tennessee, 
"ji K. 11. Co., Tintic Co., Va. & South- 
ern 14' y Co., Va. Iron, Coal & Coko 


Co., Windboi- Xat. ISank. M.-m. I'. S. 
Niivol Atad. Alumiii Absu ;>i ;. ■ iiu of 

Arr, Am. Geo^, cjuc., Am. : - ... -.K-ual 
lh.,tor.v. Clubs: LuiJn, L' : ; ■, . ; : . iiiis, 

.Mfliupolitiin, .N. y. Yacht, 1: .... • .. ., Tl-u- 
1 .s. Army and Xav.v. lur: aid 'j irl.j, ( r. Y. 
cay); Pliiladelpiua (.PliiladtlijUiaK -Mjtropo- 
liiaii (W.ishin-loii, 1). €./■ L iiioii (iiusioii). 
U. .^idoiice: :; K. oJik St. Address: J Jiroad- 
IV ay, .\. Y. City. 
BERWIND, Jolin E.: 

Vicc-prcs. >Wrwind-\Vhite Cual ilinin^ Co.; 
diroc-lur X. Y. Sliipinn? Co., X. Y. Pr .dace 
K.\chaii^e Bank, RaUtjcn's Aniericau Cumpo- 
tilmu Co., X. Y'. aud Porto K'co Steamship 
Co.; pres. X. Y. .Maritime Ke^isltT. The 
World's Maritime Xews Co., l^ew Kiv.>r aud 
i'odihontns Cous-olidaled Coal Co., dh-cclor 
•Northern Ins. Co. oi X. Y. ; v. -p. auil director 
Havana Coal Co. Clubs: U:iiou, iletr...p,.li- 
tan, X. Y. Y', Racfluet and Tennis. Kosl- 
dence: :i« E. o'.'ih St. Address: 1 Broadway, 
X. Y. City. 
BESEMER, Martin: 

Physician; b. Caroline, N. T, July 14, 
1S18; ed. Jtliaea; attended Eastman's 
Business Coll., Pon.'hkeei.sie, X. Y.; grad. 
Jlumceopathic -Med. Coll., Cleveland. lo,b; also 
studied at X. Y. PoUclinie, 15.-3; ra. IWT. 
Emma Wolcott, of Brooklyn, X. Y. Pr.ictis- 
in;; medicine at Ithaca since l55o: trustee 
Cleveland iled. Coll,, 1;L'3; trustee Glen -Mary 
Home at Owc<;o, X. Y.; ranu. Am. Inst, of 
llomceopathv. Central IlonuoopathiL .Med. 
.Soc., Jlasoiiic fraternitv. Kucreatlons: Hunt- 
ing and shootiiii;. .Vddresa; Ithaca, X. Y. 

Clert'; b. Ilarpoot, .Vrmenia, Julv 23, 
)m;1; s. "ll"vhaimcs Be.-h-etour ; ed. Euphrates 
Coll,, H.,rpoot Armenia, l;5j, Auburn 'iheol. 
.Sem., Ibi'J, Ciiica^-o Univ., Ph.D., 11'mI ; m. 
Clarence, X. Y., -July 2, 1^19, Anna P. Xelles; 
children: Ruth Beatrice, b. l^'.ii. Ilel.-n ,lose- 
phine, b. iJOt. Pastor Presbvteriau Cluirch, 
Barr Centre. X. Y, l-'i-O-Oi, Xorlh Evans, X. 
Y., IbW-W, .VIl,"_-henv X. Y'., I.-M.VIOUI; .Vkron, 
X. Y., from liiol. .Vddress: Akrou, X. Y. 
BEST, Alfred M.: 

Publisher; b. Caldwell. X. J., Aus., 31, 
l>7(i: ed. in public scho.ds of Washington, 
1). C, and .V. Y. Citv, and at Xyaek (X. T j 
High School. Established, ItVJ, and ever 
bince pres. of the corporation of Aitred .\1. 
Best Co., publishers of Best's Insurance Re- 
ports (lire, m.irine and miscellaneous), and 
Best's Insurance Ueports (lile), botli annual 
pnbiications, and the monthlies B.sis In- 
surance Xews and Best's Eiie HLvuram-e 
Xewa. Address: luu William St., X. Y. City. 
BEST, Lvman Austin: 

E.lucator; b. Iloniell X. Y., Au^. 20, 1SC2; 
8. Ilenrv D. and .Vlice .M. (JIcMechiii) Best; 
ed. Cornell Vniv., B. Sc, IsjS (math, schol- 
ar.^hip -I years, mid 

IS yuw luitK 

I strumental in secu 


ICL-islatiou iu i.,ter.-st 
I of teacheis of .V. V. City and c-mntry at 
I:>r^e; iias made a record especially in se- 
curiu:? luiuiane laws for the retireraeut of 
pablio school teachers fur disability and after 
I long sersice. ilem. B'd of Relireiueiil, Bep t 
of Ed'n, X. Y. City, lOoi-lO; see. of B d 
since Jts organization in lOuj. Pres. Brook- 
lyn Teachers' Ass'n, 1003-07, Interborousli 
Council of Teachers; X. Y. City, 1904-07; sec. 
N. Y. Stale Teachers' .issn, 1904-07; pres. 
Dep't Entomology, Brooklyn Inst., several 
J ears. Lecturer on scientitic subjects before 
the Brooklyn Inst, and olher educational in- 
stitutions. Mason 3'J' (past master .\n::!o- 
.Sa;con Lodfe). Recreatioii'5 : Entomolo_'y 
and photosr.iphr. Clubs: iloutauk. School- 
masters,' "Lnivirsitv, (Brooklvu) Masonic 
(Brooklyn). .-Vddress: 917 President St., 
Bro.ddyn, X. Y. 
BESTOP., Arthur Eugene: 

ilircclMr of the Cliatauqua Institution; 
). Bi.von, III., May It'. lS7;i ; s. Orson Porter 
md Laura Ellen uMoore) Bestor; grad. Univ. 
of Chicago, ,V.B., I'JUl; ni. Bedford, Indiana, 
.Mar. il, llWj, Je.iuette Louise Lemon. Pn>f. 
history and polit. science, Franklin Coll., 
Franklin, Ind., IDOl-oa; lecturer iu polit. 
science. Extension Div., Univ. of Chica-o 
since l."ll. Ass't general director Chautau- 
qua In.siitution, loovo. ; director since 1»«1. 
Mem. Ain, Hist. Ass'n, Helta Upsilou, Plii 
Beta Kapiia. Clubs; City, IJuadranglc, (Chi- 
cago). K.-sidence: aU'b Cornell Av., Chi- 
cago, .Vddress: Chautauqua, X. Y, 
BETHUNE, Louise: 

Architect* b. Waterloo, X. Y., July 21, 
1S.J0; d. Ualson W. and l.;mnia M. (Williams). 
Blanchard; -rad. Bull'alo High School, l»7l; 
studied architecture and worked as draughts- 
man, 1,-71. -.■'l; m. Dec. 10, Ijsl, Robert .Ar- 
mour Bethune; one son. Charles W. Bethune, 
M. 1>. Opened indeiiendeiit ollice, Issl, be- 
ing first woman architect in U. S. ; since 
marriage (later in same year), has 

,il ilisti 

on graduation;: elected t. 
kcv; ni. iloniell, X. Y.. 1-S7, Alice Cone, one 
daughter, Cl.ulvs C.iiu-, b. l.-;i'l. .Math, 
teacher, Iloniell' Iligli .Sch., ]>^-l-.-l. Ca-ca- 
riilla Sch., Ith.ica, coie vcur, Bovs lli-li Sch., 
Brooklyn, l>---0: principal Cramniar Sch. 
No. 13 P.rooklvn, l>-',i-looj: Grammar Sell. 
Xo. loS, Brooklyn, from 1002. As pres. of 
various teachers' organizations, has been iu- 





ith hu 




,- England 
I. Daughters Am. Revolution. 
Franklin .St., Buffalo, X. Y. 

Albanv. X. Y., 
],-li.-,; E. Charles" -i. and Anna (Tausfck) Bet- 
t.-lh,-im; cd. Albanv public school, Albany 
Ili-li Scho..l, Cornell Coll. and took a course 
of law wilh Senator Xewcomb in Albany; 
m. East Uriin-e, N. J., June Ij, I-.-''.. Einiu.i 
Hiitdoson; cliililren: Edu iu S.. b. 1-.-.7 (stu- 
dent at Columbia), Cladys Elhcl, b. l-!i-'. 
Spejicer, b. If.U, Dorothy, b. I'.no. 
Served r.s a clerk in the N. Y. Slate Sen- 
ate years; was instruclcd in jcoirnalisni by 
the late Daniel Planning. Established the 
fir-^t newsp.iiier devoud to newspaper mc-i 
(The .lonrnalist. at .^ Union Squarcl: was 
mnna.-er X. y. Dramatic Times, and then- be- 
eaine llie owner, siil,se.|iienllv pur.-hased tin- 
Dramatic News in \>'J'.\ ('onsoli<lated the two: 
n..w editor and iml.ILsher X. Y. Dranialic 
Xcus Dramatic Times, Chicago Dramatic 
Times Vice-prea. Acme Cold Mining Co.: 
director X. Y. Uevelopnient Co., pres. Illus- 
trateil Di-:imatic Press. Republican. Zileui 
I'si Upsilon Soc. Clubs: Greenroom. Liberal 


Kepul)lican. Address: 504 Vc!,t llJth St., X. 

Y. City. 

BETTERIDGE. Walter Eobert: 

Prof. iluljiL'u- language aud litcr.itiirp; b. 
Biga, JIuiHuc Co., X. Y., Dec. lu, l^oj; s. 
James aud J:uie (Johns) Betteridse; ed. 
State Xurmal Sth., Biovkport. N. Y., Univ. 
of Koclifsler, A.B., l>-b; A..\I., in course, 
1S92 (honorary D.D., 1900), Rochester Theol. 
Seal., IsOl; studied in univs. of Uijttingeii 
and Berlin, IjOO-OO; m. Dayton, Oliio, Xov. 
5, 1S91, Mary Caroline Allen. Instr. in 
Hebrew, Rochester Theol. Sem., lSOl-92;'t 
prof., liOi'-lOiio. acting prof., IMo-Ol, ILoyt 
prof. Hebrew lan^uai:e and literature, and 
librarian Rochester Tlieol. Sem. since 1901. 
Baptist. Jlem. Sue. BiMical Literature and 
F..Kcgesis, Vordtrasiatische (.iesellscliMit (Ber- 
lin), Delta Ipsilon fralernitv, Phi Buta 
Kappa Soc. Recreation: Walliinj. Author 
of articles in Biblical World, Bibliotheca 
Sacra, Am. .Journal of Theuloffy. Address: 
18 Sibley Place, Rochester, X. Y. 
SETTLE, Samuel: 

TralKc mg'r. Internal. Navigation Co., of 
N. Y. City; b. Oaklvn, X. J,. iJct. 15. ISOU ; 
s. William and Marv (Sliarpless) Bottle; ed. 
William Penn Charter Sch.; grad. Ilaverford 
Coll., IStS; m. l-ii'.i. Helen Biddle Cinscom, 
d. Clement A. Grisconi, pros. Internat. Nav- 
igation Co. Ininiediaudy after became con- 
nected with Internal. Navigation Co., of 
which is now traflic mg'r and a large stock- 
holder. Clubs: Philadelphia. Riltenhouse, 
Philadelphia Cuuntrv, .Merion Cricket (Phil- 
adelphia); Uniun. Raciiuet and Tenuis. 
Players', Down Town. .Middav, St. Andrews 
Golf, N. Y. Yacht. (X. Y. City); St. James, 
Riverside, (LoMdon, England). Address: 
Fifth Av. and 2uth St., X. Y. City. 
BETTON, James Mauran: 

Hydraulic eug'r; 1.. Siuten Island. N. Y., 
June 19, 1,-53; s. Turl.ult Lane (of Florida) 
and XIarv E. (Jlauran) Betton (of X. Y.); 
ed. Xewpurt, R. I., Lawrence SeicntiHc 
School, Harvard, 1>T1 : m. Host.m. del. 0, ]S7,<. 
Eliza Franklin Weld: one daugluer. Elinor 
Weld Betton, b. ISm;. Connected with Ernest 
W. Bowditeh, landscape gardener, Boston; 
The llayden Co., brass founders. Bost..u; 
Hancock Inspirator Co., .Montreal: Ilenrv 
B. Worthington, Boston and X. Y. Citv"; 
now mf'r sand blast machiuerv. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mctii. ISoston Soc. Civil 
Eng'rs, New Englaiul Water Works Assn. 
Recreation: Golf. Club: Harvard. Address: 
10 E. 10th St., X. Y. City. 
BETTS, Clarence W.: 

Altorncyatlaw; b. Briinswick. Rensselaer 
Co., X. Y., .March 7. I-':?; s. Tli.unas 11. and 
Marv E. (H.all) Bctts: ed. Laiisingl.urgh 
Acad., Trov. X. Y. ; m. Troy, N. Y.. Fell. 11, 
10O3, Mav Corning; one son, Thomas Corning 
Betts. 'Ailmitted to bar. Feb., Is9;i; has 
pra.'Iised law continuouslv since; now of 
i.f Belts & Draper. During l:i":l 


Egvpt. the .Vile. Svria. Palestine. Turkey, 
the Conlincni. and ' Kuilaud. Was private 
61h Separate Co., Trov Cili/.ens' Corps. 1.-1':!- 
9S; during Spauish-Ameriean War was regi- 
mental sergeant-major lM \. Y. Inf., ['. .t; V. 
Tndeiiendent Republiean. .Me„i. N. Y. .<ljle 
ISar Ass'n. .\ni. Soc. lutcruat. Law. Club: 




Dael (Trov). 
ud St., Troy, X. Y. " 


BETTS. Craven Longstreth: 

Author; b. St. ,l.,lin, New Bruns« 
April 23, 1S.53; s. Iliram and Sarah 
(Purdy) Betts; ed. in schools o' ' 
Brunswick; m. N. Y. Citv, Feb. 10, ' 
Elisabeth Cushing Colby. Resident of X 





life; nmre recently devoted to litera 
Translator: Songs from Beranger (61 rhiui 
sons). .\uthor: The Perfume Holder -. 
Persian Love Story; Garland of Sonnets; 
Freeswick's Experiment: also (in collal.or.v 
tiou wilh Artliur Wentworth Eaton), Tal. . 
of a Garrison Town; contb'r of poems t" 
matrazines and periodicals. Club: Saliu.e 
t-undi. Address: 11 Tiilipsou Place, X. Y 

BETTS, George Whitefield: 

Manufacturer; b. Xorwalk, Conn., Sept. 
27, 1^12; s. George Washington and Julia 
(.Miner) Bctts; descendant on paternal sole 
of Thomas Bells, who came from England !■. 
Guilford, Conn., lo:;0, and on molher's side 
of Capt. Tlionias Miner, who came to Anier 
ica wilh the elder Winlhrop, lc:>i, and sei 
London, (^mn., in IWC, and i'! 

Ih, the patentee of Suiithlo 

L. I. Ell. Old Ward Sch., 35, and Coll 
of X. Y., A.n.. isoi: m. April 2:;, In 
.Margaret Eliza Dominick; children: Geor: 
Whitefield, Jr., llobart Dominick, Margar 
Delavan. Manufacturer of paints, varuishc 
brushes and artists' materials; director 
W. Devoe & C. T. Eaynold.s Co.. of X. "i 
su|)posed to bo the oldest commercial hou 
in U. S.. havihg been established 1751 1 
William Post. Also v. -p. Englewood i N.J 
Sewerage Co. Enlisted in 2.",d N. Y. lie;; 


a Pennsvlv 
'4. which 

and defeat of thi 


lirooklvu to protect the citv from the riots: 
later s"crved term of T years in 7lh Keirt. 
X. G. X. Y. Conservative Republican ; lib- 
eral Eiiisropaliau: w.-irdeu St. Pauls Cli., 
Englewood, X. J. Life mem. since 1-57. 
N. Y. Hist. Soc; mem. N. Y. Numismatic 
and Arch:eol. Soc, 7th Reg't Veteran Ass'n. 
Recreations: Studving of tariff suhjecls ami researches. Club: Englewo.el 
(charter mem.). Residence: Englewood, 
N. J. Address: 101 Fulton St., N. Y. City. 
BETTS, George Whitefield, Jr.: 

L:iwver; h. Engkwi.oO, N. J.. Feb. II. 
I,s71; s'. lleorge W. and .Margaret E. (Dom- 
inick) Bells; gra.l. Princelo.i Univ., A, I! 
(cum buiilel, 1-02. A..M.. 1-95; m. Trov. 
N. Y., Nov. 2S, l'.«J3. .Marv Howard Hall. 
Engaged in praeli.e of law 'from 1^95; mem. 
law hrm Hunt. Hill ,>t Bells. Director Beers 
Keallv Co., Nat. Inspection i- Audit Co.. 
Irvini In.provemeut C. 


II gh th, 



t Br 

11 of Furol.e. Dclcgalo 
Vss'n of I'. S. to Into 
Confeveuce, Hamburg. 
102. E]iiscop.-ilian. Rei 


tions: Riding, tennis, golf. Clol.s: Lawyers. I 

WOoJ. N. J. 


Address; 105 Broaslway, ; 

BEY i: It 

BETTS, James Albert: 

Jurist; b. Broadal'uin, Fu'.tnii Co.. N. Y., 
Mar, IS, 1S.J3; s. Isaiuh and :M:ugare', A. 
lllois) Belts; ed. in i"ul..on Co. pubp; 
mIiooIs and grad. Stale yornial Si-h., Ai- 
lanv, X. v., l^Tj; m. Kinsrston, -V. Y., O-l. 
IC, "iSiil, Frances M. Hill. Taiiflit dist. 
school in Saratoga Co., l5:iT3. and was prin- 
i-ipal of public scliool, Kingston. N. Y.,^- 
77; law student and law clerk. IS77-Sn; pro3- 
tised law at Kin-ston, X. Y., from l=iii. 
Was sec. Civil Service Conim'r.. N. Y. 
Slate, It-tSSl; mem. B'd Ed'n. Kingston, 
X. Y., 1SS3-9S; Clerk Pd. Supervisors, I'isler 
Co.. ISOU-ftl; surrogate Ulster Co.. iM)2-9S; 
elected, lt.'J?, ir.r term ending Dec. 31. 19li 
to present position as justice Sunreme 
Court of N. Y.. from 3d .ludicial Dist. 
Democrat. Baptist: trustee Kingston Bap- 
tist Cli. Pres, King-^^lon Savings Bank; 
v.p. Citv Hosp. (Kingston); trustee Wilt- 
wyck Kiiral Cometerv director Old Senate 
House Ass'n, Pine Ili'll Water Co. Addless: 
Kingston, X. Y. 
BETTS, Judson AUerton: 

Lawver; h., Greene Co., X. Y. ; 
s. Cvi-astus and .Maria (AUerton) Kelts; 
ed. in common district school; m. Green- 
ville, N. Y., Xov. sth, ISTi Harriet E. Web- 
ber; children: Orie B.. b. Ib73, Clara W., 
b. 1*75, Anna Phebe. b. Ii77. Lee F., b. lS7Er. 
Held office of assessor 3 years; clerk Bd 
Supervisors of (.Ireene Co., 7 years; county 
treas. IsiJi-lOoi; elected in 1W7. for third 
term. Served 7 rears in ICth Separate Co. 
.\. U. .\. Y. liircL-i,.r Catskill .N'alional Bank; 
trustee Cat.U;ill n.iilding and Loan Ass'n. 
Democrat, Pre>hvt,,rMn. .Mem, Knights of 
IMbLis, Club: l;;|. Van Winkle (Catskill), 
Address: Catskill. (..reene Co.. N. Y. 
BETTS. Samuel Eossiter: 

Lawyer; b. N, Y. Citv, Xov. 5. 1S.)4 ; s. 
lieorge Frederic and Ellen Porter Bells; 
grad. Yale Coll.. A.B.. lS7j, Columbia Coll., 
LL.B.. Ji'77; unmarried. Senior mem, linn 
of Belts, Sheffield, Bentlev & Bells; special- 
tv. patent law. Director in various corp'ns. 
V. S. comlu'r Southern DiM. of N, Y.. -Mem. 
N. Y. Bar Assn. Kepubliean. Trustee N. 
Y. Insfn for Insiru.lion of the Deal and 
Dumb. Mem. Am. .Museum Xat. History (life 
mem.). Met. Museum of An, Loyal Legion. 
.\. Y., Zoiil. Soc. (life meinl. Soc. Colonial 
Wars (life mem.). ;'ons of Kevululion (life 
mem). Soc. War of 1^1,1 Clubs: Union, Cen- 
tury, Univer.Mlv, Yale. Players, Lawyers. 
Uesidencc: loi Madison Av. .Vddress: J2 
William St., N. Y. City. 
BEUGLER. Edwin James: 

Civil eiigr; b. Williainsnnrt. Pa., Feb. iS, 
IMiD: s. .lames .M. am! I'aliierine E. ( McCol- 
luin) B.'Ugler: grad. Wil!i;inisport High Sch. 
(il honor). lv:.>; siiid.-nt L..w^-ll Insl. (Bos- 
Ion). lMi7-;lll; m. I'hiladelpliia, Pa,. Oi-I, 21,, Helen E. While: cliildren: Dorolliy. b, 
l«i:i. Helen, b. I'M. Isabel, b. 1900. With 
liloomburg & Sullivan K, K, (P;l,). on rail- 
road and rngin.-ering. k^-j-00; ass't 
eng'r I'hila.lclpliia .V Keaduig K, R.. on 
railroad cooslrn. lion and niaiiilenanc,., 1-<pm, 
!13: ass't engr .N. Y., New llav.-n \ Hart- 
ford U. l;.. on railroad couslruclbm, I-".;- 

13C-2. i:ic!ud:ng 1-tracking N. Y. Div,. draw- 
bridge at No'walk Kiver, Back Bav Station 
(Boston ), extension of Providence" Div. to 
Soutii S;-jtion, and rolling lift draw at Ft. 
Point Channel; resident eng'r The Boslon 
Te--i.,inal Co., in enar,gc of maintenance and 
engri:'g dep If., luoa-Oj; since I'JUa, civil 
engr Wtstinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co,, on 
general enroling pr-j-ects. Independent in 
polities. Presbyterian. .Mem. Am. Soe. 
Civil Eug'rs, Boston Soc. of Civil Engrs. 
Canadian Soc. of Civil Ei.g'rs. Kesideuce: 
4-10 Kichiuomi Av.. South Orange. X. J. Ad- 
dress: 10 Bridge St.. X. Y. City. 

Entomologist: b, lloboken, X. J., ifarch 
31, IbOl; educiled in public and private 
schools, .X, Y, City. Curator Dept of Ento- 
mologv, .Vm. Museum Xat. llistffry since l>-o. 
Author of -works on Butterllies and Moths, 
and of many contributions in entomology to 
scientific journals. Mem. X. Y. Entomol, 
Soc. (pres., lOnil-Ol). and editor of its Jour- 
nal, vols, I-XI. .Mem, Torrey Botanical 
Club, .-\ddrcss: .\inerican Museum Xatural 
History, X. Y. Ciiy, 
BEYEA, James Louis: 

Phvstcian; b, Coslien. Orange Co., X. Y., 
.Tnlv :;,s, 1,^37; s. Samuel and Sarah (Shaw) 
Bevea; cd. Farmers' Hall Acad.. Goshen, X. 
Y.." X. Y. Honiieopalhie Jled. CoU-. M-D.. 
l.sSO; m. itadison Sq. Presbvterian Church. 
June 2-i, 1903, Frances X. Weston. Engaged 
in practice in X. Y. Citv. from"ls;0. Enlist- 
ed in 7lh Keg't X. Y. Slate Militia in l>:fJl to 
go to Washington at lirst call from Presi- 
dent Lincoln; went to California by steamer. 
Isti-J: was taken bv Alabama. Dee. 4. lnii: 
reached San Fraiic-isco, Calif,, at end of 
Dec, 1N3-2: went to Mexico in l.-l'.l; was aide- 
de-camp to Gens. Allen and Cobb in Xat. 
Guard of Calif., returned to .Vew York, lb77 : 
has been in Xat, Guard more than io years in 
X. Y. and Calif,, having joined K Co., Tl.i 
Reg't, in l:!01: after an absence of 14 years 
returned to same Co., and holds medal 'fo* and faithful service. Went to Europe 
in Una visiting England, Xorway to Xorth 
Cape, Swe.len, Finland, St. Petersburg to 
Mos.-ow, Warsaw, Vienna. Budapest. Venice. 
Paris. Kepublican: mem. 27lli Dist. Re- Club. Elder of University Pla.-e 
Pr.sbvterian Chun-li; mem. Presbyterian 
riK.oi; director Christian Home for Intem- 
perate Men. Chester Crest. Ml. Vernon, X, 
Y. Mem, X, Y. Countv Med, Soc., 
Club, Laf:ivetle Post, Xo. 140. G A. U. Ad- 
dress: The New Weston. 49lh St. and Mad- 
ison Av., X. Y. City.- 
BEYER. Henry Gustav: 

Med. insp. C. S. X.; b. ErnsChal. Saxony; 
s. Carl and Wilhelniina (S.-heibe) Beyer; 
grad. M.D., X. Y. Citv. l>7cl. M. R. C, S,. 
Lundoii. 1?.«1. Ph.D.. Johns Hopkins Univ., 
l->7- m. Portland, .Me., l-o. Harriet Br .wn 
Wcscilt: children: Geor-je Wescitl. b. 1---J. 
Hcnrv Guslav, Jr.. b. Is-."); gi an.lchildren : 
Elizabeth, b. I'loil, Henry Guslav III, b. P.iiS. 
Served at Xaval Hosp., Brooklvn. 1^7i; 77, in 
monitor Passaic. Is77; training-ship Porls- 
moulh. T-77-7!!: P. S. receiving-ship C.ilora.lo, 
N Y Cilv Is7ns0: special dul.v. Wasliinglon, 
i,' C, l.-sls-.; ,.,,ast survev slcamer Itlake. 
I-S3-1; si.erial duly at Smiths.oiiao losl'n. 



ISSI-M: V. a. flagship Trenton. ls^s7-JS; train- 
ing-sliip I'urtsiuuutli, lst3 : Yanti.', tiaiiiinu- 
ship 1SS9-91; promoted to surceoii, May I!), 
1S93; at Naval Acad. Oct., 1^91: U. S. S. 
KaleUh. liWi, U. S. S. Xewark. li:9C-99; U. S. 
S. Ampliitrite, IbOT-OO; U. S. K. S. Wabash, 
liOO: Prairie', Nov., 1901-03; mem. B'd of 
Barracks, 1IW3-0J ; mem. special commi.ssion 
sent to Kn^'hind and Gemianv to study tlic 
sanitary features of naral barracks; inslr. in 
Hygiene at Naval iled. Bch., Washington, U. 

C, 1903-05; olTieial U. S. delegate. Internal. 
Congress for Tnberculnsis, I'aris. Oct. 2-7, 
1905; Internat, Con:,-n-sses ; Stockholm, auli- 
ahohohc, IDu:, Au! Merdaui. Neuroloiv and 
I'sycliiatry. Auc, 1>'7. iicrhn, Uysioiie and 
Demo;;raphy, Sept., l!io7, and Rome, I'hvsical 
Therapeutics, Oct. 1W7; deet surgeon V. S. 
Asiatic Fleet, 1905-07; now chm'n of Commit- 
tee on Exhibiticn. Intcrnat. Congress on 
Tuberculosis. Repuljlican. Protestant. 
Jlcm. Am. Med. Assn, Am. Physiol. Soc, 
Ass'n Pathologists and Bacteriolncisis, Am. 
Public Health Ass'n, Assn Mil. Surgeons of 
U. S.; corr. mem. Internal. Ass'n for Pre- 
vention of Tuberculosis. Clubs: Botolph 
(Boston), Mc.tropolitan (Washington). Ad- 
dress: Care Navy Department, Washiugton, 

D. C. 

BICKHAM, 'Warren Stone: 

Surgeon; b. Shrevepon. La.. Aug. 23, ISCl ; 
s. l>r. Charles Jasper and Annie Augusta 
(Clray) Bie4;ham; prep, ed'n in acads. of 
Univ. of the South (Sewance, Tenu,) and 
Univ. of La., un;il liSi': grad, Med. Dep't 
Tulane Univ. of La.,- Phar.M., Jl.D.,- -Ib^S; 
Coll. Phvs. and Surg. (Columbia Univ.), 
M.U, 1SS7; post-grad, studv at N. Y. Poly- 
technic, and in London; m. London, l^OS, 
Flora Sabiua Brandon. Practised as sur- 
geon at New Orleans; was interne and later 
visiting- surgeon. Charily IIosp., New Or- 
leans? located iu-N. Y". (?ity,-*in practice of 
surgery. Instr. surgery Post-gTad„ Med. 
Sch. and Ilosp. ; ass't instr. opcraiivo sur- 
gery, Coll. I'hvs. and Surg., N. V. Citv; 
instr. surgerv, 'N. -Y. Polvclinic. Was vis- 
iting sargeon Northwestern Dispensarv. now 
surgeon Manhattan Slate IIo.->p. Author of 
text-hook on Operative Surgery, and numer- 
ous contriluitions to med. journ.-ils on sur- 
gical topics. Episc.palian. I'dlow N. Y. 
Acad. Jlediciue; metn. N. Y. Co. Med. Soc. 
N. Y. Co. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. 
Ass'n. Am. Jled. Ass'n, Med. Ass'n of 
Greater N. Y., C..1I. Phvs. and Surg. Alumni. 
CUil.s: Uiih.n League. "N. Y. Athletic. Ad- 
dress: -its Madison Av., N. Y. City. 
BICKMORE, Albert H.; 

Securities: b. .M.uiinsville, Me.. IH'O : s. 
William 11. and Margaret A. (Martin) P.ick- 
niore; grad. Colbv Univ., A. 11., 1^93; m. 
Camden, Me., Oct. 2, 1901, Mvrtle L. French. 
Senior mem. firm of A. II. Biekmore & Co., 
hau-kers. Director Nat. Light, Heat & P.iw.r 
Co., Atlantic Shore Line K'v, Uuhui Secur- 
ities C. iprcs.). Ta\:..rville lias and Klrciric 
Co.. Paua lias an.l hie, trie C.i., .Alar-hall (i;i-i 
and Klectric C..,, l..-\iiigi.,u (.as and Kh-clric 
Co., City Cas and Fie. 'trie Co. of Paris. .U-r- 
Bcvville Hluniimiling C.,., Chariest. ,u llluuii- 
na'ling Co., Itoo.sick Falls Illuiniualiiig C.., 
Bennington Flectric Co.. Springlield C.ial Min- 
ing Co. Kepubliran. M.-ui. Bella Upsilon 
fralerniiy: Phi i;,.ta Kappa. Hecreaiion; 

Yachliiig. Cluhs: League, St. Nicli- 
olas, Cit.v, (..raduales, Lawyer.s, Indian Har- 
bor Yacht, Atlantic Yacht. Residence: :;.<i 
W. 7L-,t St. Address: 30 Pine St., N. Y. City. 
BICKMOKE, Albert Smith: 

Naturalist, educator, prof, emeritus Dep't 
Public Instruction, Am. Museum Natural 
History in N. Y. City; b. St. George, Me. 
JIar. 1, 1S39; s. John and Jane (SeavevI 
IJickmore; grad. Dartmouth Coll., ISOo; 
studied with Prof. Louis Agassiz, ISTO-Cl ; 
grad. Lawrence Scientific School, Harvard 
Univ.. B.S., ISCl; Ph.I>. Hamilton Coll.,'J: 
Dartmouth, ItliU; LL.D. Colgate T'niv., 19iO- 
in. N. Y. Cit.v, Dec. 1(5, 1»73, Charlotte A. 
Bruce. His father, who was a sea c;iptain 
and shipbuilder, took him to Bordeau.\. 
France, at the age of eight, and this vov- 
age inspired him -with love for a life of 
travel ajid the studv of nature. When pur- 
suing his studies under Pi-of." Agassiz, he 
became assistant in the Museum at Cam- 
bridge and went to Bermuda to collect for 
that institution. 1n;2; served in 44th Mass. 
Vols., Oct. 22, ISO-J, to June 18, LSI:;, most of 
time in N. Carolina. Traveled in Malav 
Archipelago and Cochin China, through tli'e 
interior of China and in Japan, and came 
back bv the Amoor River and over Siberia 
to JIos-cow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Lond.iu, 
and New Y'ork; trip lasted from Jan., Itii:., 
to Dec. ISiis (3 Years less 20 davs) and the 
distance traveled over was 44.flir0 miles. 
Became prof, natural historv, Madison (now 
Colgate) Univ., IJOS. Aided' Am. Museum of 
Natural History in procuring its charter in 
Aprtl. li-Cli? first sup't of the Museum, 1809- 
Sl; prof, in charge .Dep't of Public Instruc- 
tion of the Mnscnm, 1SSI-I9U1; now prof, 
emeritus. Traveled at his own expense 
gnth.-ring data an.l photographic illusuations 
for le.-tures as far as the Hawaiian Islands 
and through all the countries between the 
North CSpe, the Straits of tiibraltafand- the 
First Ciitaracl of the Nile, averaging, from 
iv.ij to P.IOI, twelve thousand miles a year. 
Has delivered at the Museum, under 'aus- 
pices of the Stale sup't of public instruction, 
to fca.lurs of 'the free public schools, and 
on holidavs to all citizens, 41S lectures -Willi 
average allend:ince of Oi,;i, upon 213 dilTcrent 
subj.'cts relating to geography and natural 
hisl.iry. A selection of" these lectures has 
b,.-n repeated in the cities and in each 
village of a.idO or more poniilation in State 
of N. Y. Author: Travels in the Eastern 
.Vrchipelago; also prepared descriptions of 

State' Dep't of Edn, ISM l:)ol. Fellow A. 
A. A. S., S,,c. of Naluralisls. Ceol. S.ic .if 
America. Am. tieog. S.ic, N. Y. Acad. S.i-; life fellow Roval Geog. Soc, L.m- 
.Ion. Trustee Am. Museum Natural His- 
torv, Colg.ite Univ., V.issar Coll. and Mad- 
ison .\v. Baiitist- Church. Address: Ameri- 
can Miiscniu iif Historv, 77lli St. and 
(■.■nlral P.irk West, N. Y. City. 
BICKNELL, E«gcn« Pintard: 

Forei_-ii banking; b. Un crdale-on-Hiidsou ; 
s. Joseph luglis and .Maria Theresa . Piei r..- 
pont) liicknell: ]ialern:il ancestor. John I'm- 
tard, was fmiiuler N. Y. [list. Soc; a nialer- 
nal, Rev. James Pierr,.poiit, was a 
founder of Yale Coll.; R..v. Chad, s Inglis, 
Tory rector of Trinity Cli., was a great- 


r\e; connp'-t 

ed ^vith 

the Pic 


nt?, .Tivs. 


nsiables, M 


■■tc ■ n 

yil -1 ;.■ .'in- 


uJson, Uct. 

il. i;")l. 



en: Eleanor 


. b. 1;» : 

'" ' . '■..!, 


I9(!G. Ensa 

-cd in 



•u' 'n. 

11 r 

m of John 


.^ Co. 

of N 

\. City 


a of Munrot 

i Co. 




enliac and 




ti'='s; one 


founders a 

.d form 

;r ores 


tcan Soc. 


X. Y.; a 


and fe'.lo'v 

\m Oii.i- 


ologists' Un 

on. Ai 

iihur oi 


slonal re- 


ews and of n 



on n 

tural h:,- 


ry, especinll 

V ornil 





la>iy. K-e.i, 

enre: W-odme 

■■-', L 

" I. Ad- 


oss: 30 Pine 

St., X. 

Y. Cit: 



V. S._ C-usIo 

us Sor\ 

ice; h. 

WaWec!;, Gei- 


. IJ'jJ ; 

s. Chr 

Fr. and 


ifdorik'c 'if. 




ed. pub- 


school, Fu 

dner I 

1st., en- 

. in 



ulied pliacn; 

,-y and 


rv ; I 

1. BrooW- 


., X. Y., JI, 

y 20, 1 

■•0 Vu" 


_,ehniann ; 


ildreu: .Teai 


nd 'ila 


tc, twins 


lf!)l, Rnth 


rke, 1). 




rv in C.evma 

IV inn 


to U 

fl. Is.C; 


•ved on L 

a'dy F 





\cad. and Columbia Coll. (all X. Y. Citv), 
i-i..B., 1-71; ni. X. Y. Cilv, Xov. 29. IbTS, 
Mvi-a Ellen Field; chiiUreii: Franklin, Jr., 
Myra Ellen (wife of Clarence C. McKib 
b.n). Practising law in X. Y". City from 
frrauuation. J'res. and sen counsel Consoli- 
dated Copper Co. of Va., Alfred 11. .Smith 
■Tewel Co., Pacific Hcctric Co., Lederer 
Amusement Co.. Jmperial Theater Co.. United 
Toilet (Joodi Co., .lolin C. Fisher Co., Con- 
solidated Bakers Chocolate Co.. Lincoln 
,«urely Co.. VC. E, Xaukeville Consolidated 
Attractions. Chm'n of important commis- 
sions in City of X. Y., includinj: the Hall 
of Records, 11th Ward Park, Rapid Transit 
from 122d to 110th Sis.; docks, school 
houses and streets openings. Revised the 
Code of Civil Procedure to conform to the 
consolidation of the courts in X. Y. Slate 
in I?nc. Counsel to corporations here and 
aliroad (including the llcinze Copper Com- 
panies unlil 11107)-. Conimi.ssury oiv, colonel's 
slaft', 5tli Rc-t X. Y. Jlililia, 1S7C. Demo- 
iladison S<i. Presby'n Chur ' 

15 hospil 

ass't to the naturalist, liil-Sl; since IS 
v. S. Customs Service at X. Y. City. V 

Xorth Ann 

ri.a (1S901: "Polar Ilosidt 

the While 

World (1002). Mem. Pol 

Lodge, Xo 

■U\ F. and A. -M.. Xat 

Soc.T Arct 

c Club. E.xplorers- Club. 

ary mem. 

■olnr Research Club, Pliila 

and other clubs and societies. 
l.>2 Osden Av., .ler.sev Citv. X. .T. 
U. S. Custom House,' X. Y. City. 
BIELBY, Isaac P.: 


I dan 

nd .Madison 
•|ica, X. Y. Enlisted as 
^'ar. ISiil, at a little ove 
n Sd X. Y. Vol. Art'y, 
nth X. 

X. Y 

•icton and 

ed. dist. s 
hool. While: 


, Mar. 11, 
Christy A. 
rhool, Cun- 
town Sem., 
llewett, of 
ler in Civil 
ars of ai:e, 
erred. It03, 


r. 1- 

;.-,': ' ivas couns" 

•1 for" SI 


lY's 1 




Ciuintv, 2.J CO 



irs IX 



2 R 

publican); jiul 

je of Mu 


].al C 




i. Town 


id II 




Attor'nov o 

£ S-ic. for 

Prev e 



n: li 

to Animals. 



t Rci 

s Sl 




iiVnIil ''Guard''; 

nd" on 1 

si'on StalT 


th r 

ink of lieut.c 

lonel. 1 


. Vcti 




il War; ass 

t adj.-K 






= stair, Bovs 

in Blue. 





bar of Onei 

la Coun 






1001). Presbyt 

erian; fi 





-". Y 

. jr. C. A.; 

Sli-oil" ti 


■ra nee 




Author: T 

ext book 






• of Orlicers o 
City of flic 






a I -so 




Mem'.' g'< 


Ten. I 




R.. .Ma.onie bi 

lies. Ord 


ot Fa 



e 'k. 

\niaranth: wn 
ipvnan. Clui 

le ritual 






Ilou.-c, rti.a, X. Y. 





cr: b X. V. 

and Fannie i 

Citv. .7.1 

'3. !•:.■ 
) Bic 

i: s 



Coll. Alu 


Met. :Muse 


1S71); Pi 



Xat. Ho 
of Arts 

ir Dm 




eld. Br 


EIEREAIJM, Christopher Henry: 
Consuliin- en-'r: b. in Iowa, 
Christopher and Florence .M. 

Rrad. Co 

dclyn Yac 

ISOl; s. 
Was ll 


.M. E., it;n. 

-riiis at Cornell Univ.; 

1>01, studving systems 
11,. Ensased since l.-O.S 

perfected and patented 
■ al proces- 



Heutscher Ir 

Rifle shootins 

Bid;.. Buffalo, X. Y. 
BIERCK. Albert B.: 

Island R. 
i. R. Jror 

md prof. ■post^!;r:iilu 

b. Brooklyn. X. Y.. 
s and Emma (Wilkin- 
. Univ.; m. Xew York. 
I Hart: one daughter, 
charge of li-hlerairo. N. 
lore & Ohio K. R. Co.. 
Xorthern Pacilic K. R.. 
auditor Prospect I'ark 
R., lyji); auditor Lou: 
I 1S02; also audiu.r 
Co:. Lfd; cen. audi 

auk Steamboat Co 

\". & Kockiiwa 

:lvn & Maiihatta 


Transportation, Gard( 
t/urdtn City, L. I., X. 
BIERHOFF, Frederic: 
yur-fon: Ij. N. Y. 




': s. Joseph 
ed pul.lio 


N. Y., class of >a tor 3 years: Coll. Pins, 
and Surg. (Cnlumbia). SI.D., I>t9; postgrad, 
study Univ. of Berlin, Germany IbOl and 
1S9S1900: nnm^inied. House sursebn ihin- 
hattan Disptiis.iry and Husp., l5yj-9il; resi- 
dent pliysieian. .'-ianitariijm (or Hebrew eliil- 
dren, 1S92-9J ; clinical ass't, Dep't Pedia- 
trics. Vanderbilt Clinic, ls9;l-95: first ass't 
Berliner Allgemeine Eoliklinik, ls9,s-19i:n: at- 
tending surgeon Dcp't of Urology, German 
Dispensary; attending surgeon Dep't of 
Genitourinary Diseases, West Side Ger- 
man Dispensary: prof, genito-nrin.irv dis- 
eases, N. Y. School of Clinical ilc'dicine. 
Served as private, tth Eegt, N. G. N. Y'., 
1S69: promoted to left general guide, later 
sergeant-major, Sth Battalion; promoted to 
battalion quartermaster and 1st lieut. Full 
and honorable discharge, on physical disa- 
bility, 1S98, Independent in po'litics. Fel- 
low Acad, of Jlediciiie: corresponding mem. 
r.\ssociatiiin Francaise d'Uroln.-ip- mem 
Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Urologie: mora. 
Am. ifed. Ass-n. X. Y. Slate .Med. Snc, 
X. Y'. County Jfed. Sue, German Med. Ass'n, 
etc. Recreations: Travel. fishing. Club: 
The Lambs. Address: o3 E. iatb. St., N. Y'. 
BIGAEEL, Prank D.: ' * 

Physicmu and surgeon; b. Fowler, St. 
Lawrence Co., .X. Y., .\ug. 16, IWJO; s. 
Christopher and Samantha (Pike) Bigarel; 
ed. Ives Sem., Antwerp. X, Y., Albany Med. 
Coll., M. D., 191(0, being pres. graduating 
class; m. Antwerp. X. Y., ISSl, Almcda 
Kead; one son: Clande-F., b. is.s:. En- 
gaged in medical practice. Port Lcvden. N. 
Y'.. since grailnation. Pres. X. Y''. Tablet 
Co.; director Port Levden Building and Im- 
provement Co. Pres. Village of pr.rt Levden, 
to which oflice has been elected four ti'iiies; 
has been twice nominated for member of 
Assembly in Lewis Co.; mem. Bd Ld'n. 
Port Leyden. .Mem. Lewis Co. Med. Soc, 
X. Y. .State Jlcd, Soc. Recreations ; Hunt- 
ing, fishing. An instructive and able ])ub. 
lie speaker, often giving addresses on various 
topics. .Mem. Knickirbocker Club, Port 
Leyden. Address: Port Leyden, X. Y. 
BIGELO'W, Clarence O. :* 

Chemist; b. Warwick, R. I., Xov. 29. l?r,l ; 
s. William .Marlin and Margaret Catlmrino 
.■d. l.iiblic schools of .\la>.s.; 



■White. Pre 
T.-p. West Sid. 
trustee Di'p't n 

all Conti 

X. Y. 

1911.-., Grn. 

B'll of Ph: 

Bank: tre, 

■y, Columbi 


, antoiiiobili 
X. Y. Citv. 



■W. ,S3 

EIGELOW, Dana ■Williams: 

Clergyman: b. Wutervillo, N. Y., Xov 
27, ISI.T; .s. Horace and .Inlia Ann (Porter 
Bigclow : grad. Hamilton Cidl., IvOJ (D. D 


Thenl. Sem., ISCS; m. Au 

ne -2 

1, iMiS, Katharine Huntin 


i: Mrs. Kev. Dr. Jami 


let ^\llliams Bigelow, PI 

low, M. Huntington Big 


t'n Ch., Fayettevillc, X 

living chil 




i years: Cong I Cli., Pitche'r, N. Y-.,'5 yea 

Memorial Presby-u Ch., Utica, N. Y., sii 

ISTT. Has traveled in Europe, Brazil, Jap 

China, and the Philippines. Republic; 

Presby'n; stated clerk Presbytery of Ut 

for 25 years; moderator Synod of X. 

1904. Honorary mem. Bacon Post, G. A. 




Oneida Co. Bible Soc; trustee Home 
Homeless, Utica; director Auburn Thcol. 
Sem.; librarian Oneida Hist. Soc. Address: 
es State St., Utica, X. Y. 
BIGELOW, Frank Earna: 

Librarian; b. Amherst, .Mass., Feb. 7, 1SC9; 
s. Orvis Furnian and Marv Helen (Pingrv) 
Bigelow; grad. Amherst Coll., A. B., 1S91. 
C.ilumbia Univ., 1892-9ri; 


Pres. X. Y, 

Society Lib: 



rk So 

Library Club, 1902-93; life 
Library Ass'n. Address: Ne 
ty Library, 109 University Plac 

X. Y. City. 

Lawyer, author; b. Maiden, Ulster Co., 
X. Y., Xov. 25, 1S17, grad. Union Coll., 
lf-3'; iLL. D., Union, ISSO, Racine Coll., ISSO, 
Univ.. City of X. Y.. 1SS9) ; m. Jennie Potilt- 
ney; children: Poultnev, Grace, John, Jr., 
Annie (Mrs. Butler K. Harding). Admitted 
to X. Y. Bar, 1.-39; insp. Sing Sing Prison, 
IStJ-lO; editor X. Y. Evening Post, 1S49-CI ; 
U. S. consul to Paris, ItUl-W; U. S. minister 
to Franc'c. 1m. 1-07; sec. of State for X.' Y.. 
1S7j:i:; dele^-ate of X. Y. Chamber of Com- 
delc-ales Chambers of 

of Ma 

of Con 


■ Pan 

Panama Canal Co. 

Y'. Chamber of Co. 

tee Samuel J. Tilde 

res. Bd of Trust 

ees' > 







f i'r 




d . 



en IMi 








President of firs 
arv mem. of X. 
e.Ki-cutor and tru 
Tildcn Trust: i 

Y. Public Library, Astnr, Lenox and Tilden; first pres. X. Y. Law School; 
tiuMeo X. Y. Metropolitan Museum of Art; 
m.-ni. Art Comnrn City of X. Y. Author: 
The Efl'ect of Sixteen 
a Slave Colony, l>.-.2; 
l?-,f.; Les Etats-Unis 
(Paris); The Wit and 
, l.s7ti; Monograph on 
1^S2; Frame and the 
INS-i; Writings and 
Speeches of Samuel J. Tilden (2 vols.), ISSr,; 
Life of William Cnllen Bryant, 1^9.1; Life 
of S.imuel J. Tilden (2 vols.), I.«r5; Life 
of Franklin (3 vols.); editor of complete 
^\•orks of Franklin (10 vols.); The Mystery 
of Sleep, 1S97, translations of which' have 
appeared in the French. (Jerman and Rus- 
Miin languages: The Supreme Court and the 
Electoral Coimnission — An Op.-n Letter to 
ihe lion. Joseiih II. Choate, 19n:l; Lest We 
rnrget— Oladsloiie. Morlcv, and the Con- 
federate Loan of l.'-'-3, ,T Katilication; The 
Useful Life a Crown to the Simple Life, 
190.1 : Some Recollections of Kdouard I.a- 
bouhive: Our Ex-Presidents. What Shall We 
do for Them, What Shall Tbev Do for Us? 
1900; Peace Given i\s the World Uivcth, 


1907; The Proprium, or What of M:m is 
.\,,t His Own, U'u; The Pii.vima C'iinnl and 
the Dauffhters of Danaiis. IOum Cnrresrond- 
cMi-e and Literarv Jleinorials of S^imufd J. 
■iilden, 2 vols.. VMS. Club: Ci'ntury Ass'n 
<pn^«.). Address; 21 Gramercy Park, N. 
V. City. 
EIGELOW, John, Jr.: 

Ki'lired arinv omiL-r; b. N*. Y. Citv, Jlay 
li lS.i4; s. John and Jennie (Poultnej) 
liiselow; ed. in Paris. Bunn, Freiljerg. and 
Providence, R. I.; glad. U. S. Mil. Acad.. 
1>T7; m. 1SS3, Marv Bi-a.xton Dailani; chil- 
dren: Braxton, b. 1?>7, Jane, Ij. It-SS. 
Oniccr in U. S. Cavalry from IS77; par- 
ticipated in campaign of Sanlia;;o. war with 
Spain, ISOS, and served three vears m Cuba 
.-.fter the -n-ar; wounded in att.Tck on .?an 
Juan, Julv 1, l>!)s: promoted major, 1902; 
retired from active service, Sept. 10, 19in ; 
on duty with organi/.ed militia of ^fass., 
since Peb. 0, 1000. Prof, militarv science, 
.Mass. Inst, of Technology, lHil-95; prof. 
French, same, from Nav. S, 1904. Author: 
Marsla-Tour and Gravelotte; Principles of 
Strate-v; Reminiscences of the Santiago 
Campaign. Jleni. .Mil. Hist. Soc. of Mass.; 
.Mil. Service Institution, U. S. Cavalrv Ass'n. 
Club: Technology (Boston). Address: 62 
Mt. Vernou St., Boston, Mass. 
BIGELOV/, Maurice Alpheus: 

Kducator, bu.l.igist; b. .Milford Center, 
Ohio, Dec. 8, ls7i ; s. Alpheus Kus.sel and 
Ilatlie (Pathemore) Bigelovv; grad. Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ., B. S., kyjl. Northwestern 
Univ., M. S., ]f%. Harvard Univ. Ph. D.. 
1901; m. Chicago, 190U, Anna Xciglick. 
Instr. in biologv. Oliio Wesleyan Univ., 
lS9l-9.i; fellow, ass't and later instr. in 
zocilogv. Northwestern Univ., 1&9J-9& ; instr. 
l?9S-l:)iJ3, adjunct prof. 19u3-07. and since 
1907 prof, biolo-v, Te.-ichers Coll., Columbia 
Univ. -Also editor The Natuie-Stuilv Re- 
view. Fellow N. y. Acad. Science, A. A. 
A. S. (sec. Zoologv Section): mem. Am. Sue. 
Zoologists, Am. Soc. Naturalists; sec. Am. 
NatureStudv Soc.; The Teaching 
of igv in the Se.ondarv School. lOiil 
(Longmans): also onliibutions to journals 
on biological and educali.niul subjects. Ad- 
dress: Columbia Uuiversity, N. V. City. 
BIGELOW, Poultney: 

Journalist; b. N. Y. Citv, Sept. 10, 1S.55: 
s. John and James Tunis (Poultnev) Bige- 
low; grad. Norwich (Coin.) Acad. 1^73, Yale, 
1S79. Columbia l.;nv H.laml, honorarv M. A. 
(Yale). Admitted to N. Y. Bar. lt.rf. Au- 
thor: The Gerni:.n Emperor and His East- 

ern Ne 


( Gen 

lan t 



) : Dow 

the Da 

nube, f 

rom t 

le B 



St to tl 


Sea: The B 




Czar an 



ry of 





for Lii.erty 

1 180(1.1 








; Ch 



the N.n 


Has \ 







in sea 

rch of 


1 cob. Mi: 





vas . 


int.-d le 

turer f 

n Nat 





the L.-i 


of Bo 




I'.iiKi h 

nrti. le 

on" Pa 

f' Pr.- 
i.f L.i 



d bt 

sc of a 

I the a. 

■It. W; 



«n \Va 

■ : hii 







stration and 


modern historv: conducts farm. Mem. 
Royal United Service Inst., Roval Artillery 
Insfn, R.ival Geog. Soc, Authors' Club, 
Ethological Soc. (London); N. Y. Hist. Soc, 
Am. Hist. Soc, Am. Geog. Soc, etc. Rec- 
reations: About everything out of doors. 
Clubs: Centurv, N. Y. Canoe. Royal 
Corinthian Yacht (London), Imperial (Kiel). 
Address: MaldenonHudson, N. Y. 
BIGGS, George P.: 

Phvsician; b. Trumansburg, >f. T., Oct. 
20, 1807; s. David S. and Anna S. (Camp) 
Biggs: ed. Tiumansburg High School, Belle- 
vue llosp. Med. Coll. ( >LD. ) ; m. N. Y. Citv, 
L. Florence Browning; one son, George 
Browning Biggs. Mem. N. Y. Acad. Medi- 
cine, N. Y. Pathol Soc, Am. Ass'n Pathol- 
ogists and Bacteriologists. Alumni of Belle- 
vue Hosp., Alumni of N. Y. llosp. Patholo- N. Y. Citv Health Dep't. N. Y. Hosp., 
ly.iUPJoG. Address: ICS \V. 71st St., N. Y. 
City. ' 

BIGGS, Hermann Michael: 

Phvsician; b. Trumansburg, N. Y., Sept. 
20, IS.jO; s. Joseph Hunt and Melessa I. 
(Pratt) Biggs; ed. public schools. Ithaca 
Acad., and grad. Cornell Univ., A.B., 1m2, 
Bellcvuc Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D., ls,<3, Univs. 
of Berlin and Greifswald, Germany; m. Hor- 
nellsville, Steuben Co., N. Y.. .Vug. IS, 1S9S, 
Frances M. Richardson: children: Katharine 
E., b. Jlav, IfOS; William Richardson, b. 
Sept., lOOL Prof, palliol. anatomy, 1SS6; 
prof, therapeutics and clinical medicine, 
1S92; adjunct prof, medicine, 1S9S, Univ. and 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll. Director Carne- 
gie Laboratorv. ISf-.'j-Oo: patholojist and di- 
rector Bacteriol, Laboratories, Health Dep't, 
N. Y. Citv. lS02-10no: gen. nied. officer Health 
Dep't, 1900. Visiting phvsician Bcllevuo 
Hosp.. St. Vincent's Hosp.,' Willard Parker 
and Riversi'le IIosps. Mem. B'd Directors, 
Rockefeller Inst. Med. Research; honorary 
fellow Sanitary Inst;, Great Britain; pres. 
Nat. Ass'n for Studv and Prevention of 
Tuberculosis. 190500. Fellow Acad. Medicine, 
N. y. : mem. X. Y. Co., N. Y. State and 
Am. Med. .\ss'ns. N. Y. Pathol. Soc. Clin- 
i. al Soc. Pra.titioners' Sue.. Am. Climatol. 
.Soc. British Med. Ass'n, British Inst. Pub- 
lic Health, Inl.Tnat. Tul.erculnsis Bureau. 
Clubs: Universitv, Centurv, Automobile of 
America. Address: 113 W. 57th St., N. Y. 
BIGLOW, Lucius Horatio: 

Merchant (retired); b. Brooklvn. ^raT 26. 
1S33; s. Lucius and Susan A. Biglow: ed. 
Burr Sem., .Manchester. Vt.; m. New York, 
lt.70, Anna Graham. Foun.ler of the Biglow 
& Main Co., music publishers. Pres. and 
director M.-ti-opiilitan Rcaltv Co.; v.-p. and 
director The .Malline Co., Worcester Salt 
Co.; trustee Hamilton Trust Co., Mer.-hants' 
Exclmng.' Nat. Bank. Preferred Acci.l.Mlt Ins. 
Co., Tvpcwriier Co.. W. Va. Pulp and 
I'aiier C.i,, First Nat. Bank. RidL-cfiel.l Conn. 
l:.,iil.n.'e: :!10 West End Av. Address: 2.-.7 
Bioaduay. N. Y. City. 
BILL, Edward Lyman: 



s, Jiulu-.' .I.'lin Wi-ht and Pru.lcnce (Gallup) 
];ill: .sill des.'eiidant from John Bill, who 
came to America, ICSu; ed. State Normal 



School of Conn., and Wcsli'van Univ.; m. 
Lyme. Conn., Feb. 1:;, I!^!^;). Caroline, d. 
Senator James L. Kayniond; three children. 
After leavin;? colle;:e. spent some vears in 
elocutionary work; oflicer in first mi"l. orsiin- 
tzation in Dakota Ty. ; saw active service on 
plains; was elected Jjolice justice; engaged in 
mercantile business at Fargo. X. Dak., and 
was correspundent there of Fabtern papers; 
came to X. Y. Citv, and in I^n? purchased 
part interest in Music Trade Review, semi- 
monthly (established 1>79) ; became its solo 
owner 1601, and has since published it as a 
weekly. Also editor and publisher The Talk- 
ing Machine ^Vorld, monthly maqazine Au- 
thor: The I-ast of the D.a'nvers', Iv.jfi- The 
Sword of the Pvramids, It.^S. Republican. 
Treas. StatD Comm'n to La. Purchase E.xp'n, 
190i. being only representative of a trade 
paper on that hoard. Comm'r of ed'n, Xew 
Kochelle, and v.-p. Xcw Kocliclle Park Ass'n; 
formerly police comm'r New Kochelle. Ma- 
son and bhriner. Mem. Nat. lioo". Soc 
Clubs: X. Y. Press (ex v.-p.). Keiuiblican, 
Xew Rochello Yacht, Wvkarvll Country. 
Residence: Xew Rochelle. X. Y. Address: 
1 Madison Av., X. Y. City. 
BILL, JO«ph A.: 

Born nr„„klyn. X. Y.. 1^74; grad. Canisius 
Coll.. Bultalo, June, lM/1 : m. April 25. 1900, 
Pauline C. Fleck. Fleeted to lid. of Alder- 
men Xov. 5, 19111; appt'd deputy comm'r of 
docks and ferries, June 3. 1»"4 : founded first 
college for white students in Oklahoma Ter- 
ritory, IfUS; pres. Bottling Brewers' Pro- 
tective Ass'n. Brooklyn L-e Exchange; 
charge of private alVairs of M. .Seitz; mg'r 
M. Seitz's Ice Plant, JL Seitz's bottling 
establishment: sec. and treas. Xorth Beach 
Electric Light and Power Co.; Star Hygeia 
Ice Co., of Ynukers, Brnoklvn Union Coal 
Co., Hz. Democrat. Address: ij Orient 
Av., Brookl.\n, X. Y. 
BILLEH, George, Jr.: 

Clergyman; b. London. England. l-iTl; s. 
George an,l Clara E. Biller; ed. in England 
and Berkeley Divinity Seh. ; m. S. .MeAlester. 
Ind. Ty.. Itiiil, Edna Peningcr. Ordered 
deacon, 189S. by Bishop t^larkey and 
priest. l.''9S. bv Bishop Brooke, in ministry 
of the Episcopal Church: now vicar Cha]iel 

of the Inc 





S. .McAleste 


X. Y. City 


iip't All 
1 and 

BILLINGS. Cornelius K. G b. Saralo-a 
Sept. 17, 1-1,1; s. .Ubcrt M. 
(Farusworth) 'Billiiigs: rcmr 
with parent. Ixil; ,,|. publ 
rago, and Ra.-inc Coll., .\ H, 
Blanche, d. Andrew MacLeisI 
lered nnire of People's Has Li:;! 
Co.. Chicago, of vhii'h his fathc 
. of that compauv sil 

A.ldress; 170 E. 7.Mh 

ithian Yacht, X. Y. Yacht, 
Down Town (X. Y. Citv) ; 
League, Washington Park 
lencc: 921 Madison Av 
Y. City. 

Co., X. Y., S 
Amelia A. (Bi 
of X. Y., M.D 
X. Y., Aug. ] 



J. Livingslonville, Schoha 
lit. 29, 1,-59; s. Peter L. a 
yman) Billings; ed. dist. st 
Acad., Med. Dep't Univ. C 
lSt>4; m. Blenheim Schohar 
,J5S(;. Carrie E. Richt 
1S,S7. I 




of Gilboa, X. Y. 
years past. Director Gilboa Wat 
publican. Jlein. Dutch Reformed c'hurch 
Mason. Mem. .Med. Soc. State of X Y Scho 
harie Co. Med. Ass'n. Address: Gilboa, X. Y 
BILLINGS. Frederick Murray: 

Maimiactuivr: b. Loudon. England. June 
1, K-.J.J; s. David and Eliza (Murray) Bil- 
lings; ed. at iirivatc schools ^n Wevmouth 
and London, Oxford. Associate in irts (a 
junior degree for noM-residems ) : m, Boston. 
1S94. E. M. Warren, d. Rev. S. M. Warren 
of Roxbur.v, Mass.; children: John B., h. 
1S95; Harold W., b. Ii97; George L., b. 19110. 
Was m.nny j-ears in London produce broker's 
oflice: came to U. S. in IMl to stud 
Church Sem.. Cambridge, Mass.: 

re 2 years, then entered eiuplo 
or Marren Clieuiical & .Mf'g Co., of X. Y 
City, of which is now sec, treas. and di 
rector. Was active in Liberal politics ii 


ined the 

and for 

Ilacknev Liberal As^ 
gold standard and 




111. lf<), 
■o. En- 
d Coke 




and di 

mil Ilo 
or of 
lit: W 

■ate lai._. 

rive years in the Lnnilon and Scottish Volun- 
teers. Was treas. Majdewood (X. J.) Im- 
provement Ass'n. 19111-112. Mem. Xew Jeru- 
salem Ch. (Swedenborgian) : director ,\m. 
Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Soc., 
X. Y. .\ss'n cf the Xew-Church, XewChureh 
Evidence .Soc. London (lion, sec, I!579-91). 
Resiibi,,e: Great Kills. S. I., X. Y. Ad- 
dress: 17 Battery PI.. X. Y. City. 
BILLINGS, John Haskell: 

PhyMcian; b. Brnk-p..rt. Conn.. .Uig. 20, 
1>.'J'.; ed. Hopkins Grammar Sell.. Yale Med. 
Sch.; grad. Coll. of Phys. and Surg.. X. Y. 
I'ity: past-grarl. studies in A-ienna Hosp.. 
making a special study of diseases of the 
throat; m. If-o, Louise Clark. Onicially con- 
nected with Jlet. Throat IIosp. 3 years, and 
one year as specialist for B'd of Health. 
Fellow Acad, of Medii-ine: mem. Countv 
.Med. Soc; .Mason. Address: 8i Madison 
Av.. X. Y. City. 
BILLINGS. John Shaw: 

i.ibiaiiaii. physician; b. in Switzerland 
Co.. Ind., .\pril 12, INIS; s. James and Abbie 
(Shaw) liillinirs; irrad. .Miami Univ.. Ohio, 
A. I!., ]S-,7. A.M.. 1m;0, M.mI. Coll. of Ohio, 
M.D., IMIO: LL.D., Edinbui 
M.I)., Munich. 1"9. 



Ml \i 





D,C I,.. Cvf.ird, 



■iai llos 
or of .111 

April V; 1>«2; brevet It. col. U. S. A., Mai 

13. ISo:.; c!ipt. and ass' 
.lulv JS. 1-i'U; UK.jor and 
II. cul. ami dc'iJUiy sur; 
June IC, ISa 

WHO'S WHO ix \K\v voiu: 

s't pav-iastfi- . 


St, 1> 




lid 'West 



I'hiladelphia, IM. 1-1.3; si-rvi 
tlic Potomac, ItGS, and 
Corps at battles of Chaucellorsville and 
Cit'ttysbui-g; on hospital duty, JJavid's Island 
and Bcdloe's Isla.-.d, N. Y., Oct., ISOo to 
Feb., ltC4; acted as board of enrollment, and 
then was medical inspector. Army of the 
I'utomac, until Llec, 1-W, tlien in Surgcon- 
Ueneral's office, Wasiiinston, in cliarge of 
organization of Veteran Keserve Coriis, until 
1»;5. and of the Library of the tjurgeon- 
(Jeneral's office until Dec. L'S. 1^;3; curator 
.Medical Museum and Library, Is 




U. S. JIa 
ge of Divi 



o bo. 

rd of 

trustees J 


s Hopkins 



V ai 

d Hi 

spilal, lia 


ore; v.-p. 




f IK 

ilth, ist:i-j 

1 ; 

prof, hy- 


e. L- 



lt'Jl-9C; sin 


IS'Jil, direc- 





c Library. 


ur, Lcno.t 



en F 


lon.s. Mei 

\cad. Nat- 






los. Soc, 




es.). Am. 


d. Ass'n, 



al Si 

Ass n. Am 


cad. iledi- 




A.' S 

, .\at. A 



( tre 




St. Ass'n 


-p., ISM*). 



;ical . 


Congress A 






res.). Am. 


■ail. Polit. 



"ll Sl 



tist. lust.. 



e of 

50 to 



luor Prob- 



es. X 


Library C 





1. Li 


Ass'n, I'J: 


; director 





lie Instilut 






of Ch 

ilera. l<:r: 


cdical Li- 



n thi 

I'. .S., IsTU: ll 


Iviition to 

A •! 


se on 


ene and 1 


r Health; 

Principles of Ventilation and Heating. ls>l: 
second edition. IfUS; Mortality and A'ilal 
Statistics of the V. S., 1>n.;' Index cata- 
logue of the Library of the Sur-eDU-lJen- 

X. Y. Cily. 
BILLINGS. John S.. Jr.: 

Physician; b. C.eorgetoiyn. T>. 
31. IftiO; s. John Shaw aud Katha 
(Steyens) BilliuL's; ed. Enier! 
Washington. I). C, ISTO-SG, .luhu 
Univ., l.-s0-f9. A. B., Coll. Phvs. 
X. Y.. 1>>9-91. Univ. of Pa., "iM'l 
m. Kadclirt'e. S. C, April 20. IMIT. 
Fitz Simons Ilanimund: children: 
III. b. l.»9H. James Henry llai 
19111. In practice in X. V. Citv i 
physician Jolius Hop! 







!-91. Chief of Di' 


.-.mining physic 
Mem. Delta P 
Ardslev. Addr 

if Health, N. Y. Cilv: 
n. X. Y. Stock Kxi-'h; 

BILLINGS, Luther G.: 
.S. X. 

C... X. v., is.-^! 
(Sheldon) Bill 
Civil War ente 

ll. neinscn. Oneidi 
,\nilre\y and Abbii 
:s. At breaking out of tlu 
d tlie V. S. Xavv as actint 




vhile being 
]!.. escaped, 
d to Libby 


ked dii 

.lune.-lM;!, while allaclied the U. S. steamer 
Water Witch, in lieorgia waters, wounded 
and capiured in Confederate attack; taken 
to the husp. at Savannali. lia.; later trans- 
ferred to stockade at .Macon, where, with 
otliers, attempted to escape; 
transferred to Charleston, S. 
but was recaotured and rcmoi 
Prison; at lengih cKchLnged c 
liiver; promoted to ass't paymaster 
IbGj; later pruuioted lifteen numbers 
for ''extraordinary heroism" oi 
Witch; promoted to grade of payma 
4. ItOfl; same year attached toWateree on 
tlie Pacilic coa.^t, destroyed by tidal wave 
.luring earthquake; made cruise to west 
coast of Africa. Ist9. and completed three 
years' cruise as fleet paymaster X. .Vtlantic 
Squadron, on board llag-ships Baltimore aud 
Philadelpliia : Jan.. 1.-9:;, was appointed pur- 
chasing aud disbursing ollicer at X. Y. City. 
Jan., 1^93, and Jan. 9. Ib95. /Tiromotcd pay 
director; retired. March, 1S9S. Address: 
The .Vnchorage, Chappaqua, X. Y. 

Lawyer; niaiiufaclurer ; b. Bloomsliurg. Co- 
Innibia Co.. Pa., Dec. 31. It.j;;; s. Peter and 
.Mahala (lioot) Billmever ; ed. Xormal Sell., 
ISioorasburg, Pa., Lafayette Coll., Easlon. 
Pa.; m. Ulnomsburg, Pi... Dec. 31. 1ST9. Anna 
D. BillmcM'r: one daughter. Helen M. Bill- 
mever (grad. Brvn-.Mawr Coll.. Pa., with 
highest honors of 'college). Admitted to bar 
of Columbia County. Pa.. ISTi; ; served as citv 
treas. liloomsburg. several times, while resi- 
dent there was sec. and treas. Bloomsburg 
Water Co., aud sec. of B'd of Trustees of 
Xormal School; elected di.striet atfy in 1S>S 
and served until J;92. when resigned and 
Went to X. Y. City. Sec. and ass't treas. 
School Furniture Co.; direeior, sec. 

ind trea 





Theta Delta Chi; trustee Bluo 
Xormal Sch. Keorealions: Hunting, 
golf, billiards. Address: 19 W. IStii 

St.. X. 

BINGH.IM. Amelia: 

.\itr.s.-,; b. ilicksville. Defiance County. 
Ol.iii. 1-1.9; d. John IS. and Marie (Holl'mau) 
Simlley: ed. in public schools and at Ohio 
'Wcslevan I'niv.. Delaware. Ohio; ni. Llovd 
.M. liin-ham. .Made debut in The Power 'ni 
Ciold. at The People's Theatre. X. Y., after- 


id Charle 

' Frohi 


eru Magdalen. The Friskv M 
i.tlier plavs. Clulis: Twelft 
ican Playgoers (pres.). Add 
St. X. Y. City. 
BINGHAM. Arthur Walker: 


ly iivo year 



The Amei 




nee been . 
lers, A JIo 
J<.hn.son an 
Xight. Ame 
s: -lu K. -11 




West Cn 


\t.. AonI l:;, 1-:::; s. Kugeue Webb and 
I'auliiie R. (Walker) r.ingliam: cd. St. 
Paul's School, Concord. X. 11.. Yale. A.B.. 
I-;ii'.. Coll. Phvs. aud Surg.. M.D.. ItioU. third 
in class, won 3d Ilarseu l.rije; won lirst 
appointment to Koosevclt llosp. ; m. X. Y. 
City, Jlav io. 1599, Jessie Duncan. Bnorum : 
children:' Arthur Walker, Jr., b. July 13, 



1000, Jessica Boorum, b. April 23, 1903. In 
Koosevelt JIosp., Jiiil. 1, lUUl to July 1, 
lao-i; Sloant ilatc'iiiity JIosp., Oct. 1, lOOJ, 
to Jan. 1, lUUo iinil Julv to Oct., I'JUi. Di.mii- 
onsti-iitor of physioln-y. Coll. I'hvs. and 
Surg., since li.'iJ3; abs t Dci>'t Pediatrics, 
Vanderbilt Clinic. I'ractisiii- physician; 
.■-peciiiljst in diseases of children.' Mem. 
Delta Kappa Epsilm fratcrnitv. Phi lie^a 
Kappa Soc, Quiz Club, Kiversid'e Practition- 
ers' Soc, Roosevelt llosp. --\liiniai, Sloaiie 
Maternity Aluniiii. Clul.: Yale. Address; 
lioi. \V. bSth St., X. Y. City. 
BINGHAM, Theodore Alfred; 

Brig.-gen. U. H. A., police comra'r X. Y. 
City; b. Andovcr, Tolland Co., Conn., Mav 
14, ISM; s. Joel Foote and .Susan I Grew) 
Uingham; ed. Y'ale class of IbTti, M..\., LSfli;, 
West Point Mil. Acad., Is79; m. St. Loni.s, 
Mo., Dec. Ij, liSl. Lucille Kutherfurd; one 
son, Kutherfurd, b. Aug. ;;o, ISsJ. Promoted 
2d lieul. engineers, June, lb79, first lieut., 
June, ItSl, capt., Julv. la^O; major Engineer 
Corps, July, 1»9S. Mil. attache U. S. Em- 
bassy, Berlin, ltS9-9-J, Rome, lS9i-9»; mil. 
aide to President of the U. S. with rank of 
col., l!-97-1903; brig.-gen. U. S. A., Julv 11, 
Itiul; retired July li, 191)1; police commis- 
sioner, X. Y. City, from Jan. 1, igno. Epis- 
copalia.i. Hoyal Arch Mason. Commander 
Legion d'Honnenr, Prance; mem. Soc. Co- 
lonial Wars, Sons Am. Revolution. Clubs; | 
Metropolitan (Washington), St. Xicholas ^ 
(X. Y. City). Address: 300 Mulberiy St., 
X. Y. City. 
EINNEY, Harold: 

Lawyer; b. X. Y. Citv, 1SC7; s. Amos (of 
Boston) and Elizabeth X. (Talbot) Binnev; 
ed. Mass. Inst. Technology, Boston, Colum- 
bian Law Sch., Wnshingtoii, D. C. ; m. li-W, 
Gertrude A. Miles; two daughters. Con- ' 
stance, b. 34911; Prederika, b. PJUl. Ass't 1 
examiner of patents at Washin-lon, 1SS7- 
90, practising in Xesv Y'ork since l.-9ii; mem. 
firm Kinney and Ogden. Jlem. Soc. Chcm. 
Industry, A. A. A. S., Am. Chem. Soc, Am. 
Ceog. Soc, Delta Phi fraternity, Xat. Geog. 
Soc. Clubs: Metropolitan ( W.'ishington, ]>. 
C), Players, Calumet. Engineers, Railroad, 
Strollers, St. Elmo. Chemists. Lawyers. Ad- 
dress: 2 Rector St., X. Y. City. ' 
BINNS, Charles Fergus: 

Director, X. Y. Slate School of Clav 
^Vorliing and Ceramics; b. Worcester, Eng- 
land, Oct. 4, 1.-07; s. Richard William and 


tured on ceramics, Carnegie Inst., BulV;il,i 
Society Xatural Sciences, Cincinnati A.t 
Schools, Chicago Art Inst., Worce»l, i- 
(.\LiSb.) Art .Mus.'iim, etc. Author: Ceramic 
Technology (London, IfOG) ; The Store of 
the Potter (London, 1597); also numerous 
articles in magazines and technical journals. 
Republican: Episcopalian (lay readcil. 
Jlem. Ceramic Soc'. (v.-p. 1900, pres., loot). 
Address: Alfred Cnivcrsily, Alfred, X. Y. 
BIRCHMOEE, Woodbridge Hall: 

Physician; b. Gciie.seo, Livingston Co., 
X. Y., M.iy 11, I5.j:i; s. Rev. John Wood- 
bridge and Mary Jackson (.Morse) Bircli- 
nuire; grad. Trinity (Joll., Hartford. Conn.. 
A.B., lb7i;; Columbus Jled. Coll., .M.D., IjMi. 
Physician, but now engaged in literare 
occupalions only. Formerly editor Mill 
Owners; now editor Tlie Medical E.\-imincr; 
has w-rittcn on chemistry as a science and 
as applied to medical art. Was elected prol. 
physiology, Kansas City Univ., Issj, hut did 
not take the chair because of pressure of 
business. Sec. B'd Directors Reese Chem. 
Co. Has traveled in Mexico in parts seldom 
seen by tourists and in the Spanisli-speakin,- 
portions of America at large ;'also in Europe 
Mem. Am. Gas Light Ass'n, Am. Ass'n of 
Med. E-xaminers, X. Y'. ; honorary mem. Phil- 
adelphia Med. E.xaminers' Ass'n; mem. 
Jled. Examiners' Soc. Drug Club, Delta 
Upsilon. Residence; The Sinclair Hotel. U;J 
Fulton St.. Brooklyn. Address: 90 \Villiam 
St., X. Y. City. 

Clcrgvinan; b. Xcwpnrt, E. I., Sept. " 
1>:6: s. William H. (.M.U.) and Sarah G. 
(King) Birckhead; ed. St. Paul's Sch., Con- 
cord, X. IL, Columbia Univ., A.B., 1mi9 ; 
Episcopal Theological Sch., Cambridge, 
ilass.. B.D., 1902. Ordered deacon 19o2. or- 
dained p-iest 190n, in Episcopal Church. 
Ass't minister. 19n2.0.-,. minister in charire, 
100.'), rector, llino, St. George's Parish. X. Y. 
City. Address: 209 E. IGth St., X. Y. City. 
BIRD, Hobart Stanley: 

Lauver; I.. J, il. rsou, 'U'is., Sept. 10, 1873; 
s. George W. and .Maria L. (Sawin) Bird; 
grad. .Madison (Wis.) High Sch., IsoO, Univ. 
of Wis., D. C. E., IsOl. LL.B., IbOO; m. Fi-b. 2, 
nOO, Aida G. Brattrud, of Madison, Wis., in 
Americ-an Consulate, S.-in Juan, Porto liico, 
o Rico since 



.rune. ls9i 

id. Be 

r) Bi) 

s; ed. 

Worcester Cathedral King 

King's scholar, l-c.9-72; "studied ctieini.stry 
in private laboratcn-y, liirmin-ham, England, 
1S72 71; Gov't School of Dc-cign, Worcester, 
1-72-71 (.M. Sc, Alfred riiiv., Ulol I ; m. 
Lambeg. Ireland. June 7. 1--2. Mary Howard, 
d, R,-v. William Hugh and Elizabeti. (Banks) 
Ferrar; childi ,n : .M;irv Elizabeth, b. 1--:;; 
William llugli Ferrar. "b. IvM; Annie How- 
ard, b. l-,i;; Dorothy Xevill. b. lN-7: Xorah 
Winifred, b. l>,-9. Ent.'ied Koval Worcester 
Porcelain Works. Is72; manage'r succ-ccssivelv 
of chemical laboratory, department of iiaint- 
don sales dejiot, department of ]int- 


of Bii 

Sept.. 1>9S, ! 

Sun and late 

lislu'd, Nov. II 


with nrm 
Jird; went to Porto Rice;, 

.'Vssociated Press; "cslab- 
The San Jnan Xows, first 
1 Porto lUco. a daily 
and English; sold it Ma 

■d to 


Sept., 1901. locating 

iu'ccf 'p"li'ically ' indc'p'end 
spaper until Aug.. lono. wl 
c of the Fi-deral Parly 
campaign of 19o'2, took p 

X. Y. 



tery. and kilns 
cipal. School of Industrial Art, Trc 
X. J., ls!i7.'.i'j; director X. Y. Stale : 
Clay Working and Ceramics from 1900. 


oposed . 
e to An 
adoi.ted ; 

WHO'S WHO i\ xiow \oJtK 


rnnJidato for mem. Legislature from Hu- 
ln.j.-:io. the stroiiL-est I'ederal district, but 
.liTliiied on ground th:il a niitivi; siioulj Ije 
i-liosen. I'res. and dirtt-tor Protective Italo- 
Amcrican Co. Address: 230 <jr;i:id SI., X. 
Y. City. 
BIRD, Joseph: 

liiinker; h. X. Y. City, ISSS; cd. Coll. City 
of -V. Y.; m. June IJ, 1.m.;1, Veronica C. A(k- 
crnian. Entered, l^:i, .Manhattan Sa' inu-s 
lust., of which has been pres. and trustee 
since 1894; also director Manliattau Lite Ins. 
Co. Residence: Larclunont. N. Y. Address: 
on Broadway, X. Y'. City. 
BIRD, William Parke: 

Clergyman ; grad. Univ. of the South. Se- 
wanee, Tenn., l.-f», Cen. Theol. Sem., X. Y. 
City, lS9i Ordered deacon and ordained 
priest, 1S9-2, in luinislry of Episcopal C'lmrch, 
l)y Bishop Litllejolin. Canun niissiouer of 
Catliedral, Garden Citv. L. I., 1^U2•91 ; pre- 
centor of Cathedral, Diocese of L. I., 1694- 
191)1; on cathedral start', Uiocesc of X. Y'., 
1902-04; on staff of archdeacon of X. Y., 
since 1904. Address: C3j Park Av. X. Y. 
BIEDSALL, George W.: 

Eng'r; b. X. V. Cilv, 1?3(1; cd. Coll. of 
X. Y., 1SJ3; ass't eng'r, Dep't of ruhlic 
■\Vorks, 1S71-79; chief eng'r, 1570-9S; cjiief 
eng'r, Dep't of Water Supply, since 1.-9S. 
Mem. City Coll. Club: Met. Museum of Art. 
Residence: X W. S^th St. Address: '21 
I'ark Kow, X. Y. City. 
BIEDSALL, Paul Herbert: 

Clergyman; grad. Trinity Coll., Hartford, 
Conn., B.A. ISsiJ, iU.A., kx:9. Assistant St. 
Paul's Ch., Xew Haven, Conn., lf9U-91: rec- 
tor Ch. of the Ascension, Xe\v Haven, Conn., 
1N91-93; ass't St.'s Ch.. Washington, 
D. C, 1HI3-94; ass't St. Peter's Cli., Alb.inv, 
1*94; is now rector Grace Ch., Albany, X. Y. 
Address: 49S Oliutoa At., Albany, ^■. Y. 
BIRDSALL, Ealpli: 

Clergyman; b. Stockton, Calif., Dec. 27, 
1S71; s. Elias and Cornelia iBennetl P.irilsall: 
grad. Yale, B.A., 1.-.'.;; studied the..l.i-v at 
t-ien. Theol. Sent., X. Y. City, and at Berkeley 
Divinity School, .Middleton, Conn.; m. in 
Christ Church, Cooperstoivn, X. Y., Aug. 2J, 
1904, Jessie Cicelv, d. Judge H. il. Keid, of 
Atlanta: one dau-hter, Gertrude, b. June 29. 
1903. Engaged in newspaper work, l-93-9.'i. 
Ordained priest, ISOS; ass't minister of St. 
Paul's Church. Albany. .N". Y., l-9b: rector 
St. Andrew's Chnrcli. Albany, X. Y., 1599-19m2 ; 


ch, Cooperlown, .V. Y'., from 1U03. Kpis- 
ciipalian. Trustee of the Orphun House of 
the Holy Saviour, Cooperstown, X. W: chin'n 
of The Cooperstown I'entennial, 1907; sec. 
I-Vnimore Cooper Statute Ass'n. Address: 
Cooperstown, X. Y. 
BIRDSEYE, Clarence Prank: 

Lawyer; b. Bn.i.klvn. X. Y., June i\ 15.74; 
s. Lucien (formerly' .iodg.- X. Y. Supremo 
Cnurt) and Catherine .M. (Baker) Bir.lsevc: 
tilted for college at lirooklvn Colleu'iale .and 
Polytechnic Inst.; grad. Amherst. B.A., 1>74, 
M.A., 1>77; LI,. B. C.lumbia Law Sch, l,s77; 
m. Tolland, Conn., Marcli 27 ls7ti, Aila J. 
Cnd.Twood; children: .Miriam. Il.iiri- 
Ij'., Katharine, Clarence, Koger Williaius, 

Elizabeth, ILariraret H. Engaged in the prac- 
tice of law ill Xew York City since gradua- 
tion from college. In l!j79 commenced com- 
pilation of lievised Statutes. Codes and Gen- 
eral Laws of X. V. State, of which there had 
been no inher ciini|ilele revision since 1530; 
111 connection with this work prepared other 
onie of which were subse(|Uently pub- 
re whole or in part. Author: Birds- 
- .) ! :-r;itutes. Codes and General 
of Xew Y'ork (3 editions— 
upplemenis — 1697, 19u5) ; 





of the 

Stale of X. Y., ]-b7 (supple.ncnt. ];91J : Gr 
er X. Y". Charter, 1S97: Bird«eve's Abbott's 
Clerk's and Conveyancer's Assistant, 1S99; 
Analytical Inde.x of the Xew York Code of 
Civil Prucedure, 1900; Individual Training in 
Our Colleges, 1607, in which the colleges "and 
their results are analyzed from the stand- 
point of the student; Can We Reorganize Our 
Colleges, A Plea for Reorganization upon 
Business Principles. Also wrote "Greek 
Letter Fraternities as an Educational Influ- 
ence," The Outlook, July 25. 1906. Much in- 
terested in educational mailers, especially in 


ul the 


ek Letter f 
in conneelion therewith. Kepubliean. Was 
mrni. Co. A., 2.';rd Reg't X. G. S X. Y'., 1S77- 
b3. Congregationalist. Mem. Ch. Psi fra- 
ternity (pres. Alpha Chi Corp'n of Chi Psi, 
Amlierst. Mass.), Chi Psi Club. Address; 43 
Broadwa.v, X. Y. City. 


il Se 

Poiuliev. Onondaga Co., .V. Y"., June 29, lSr.2; 
s. Horatio S. and Laura A. (Chapman) Birds- 
eye; ed. Pompey (X. Y.) Acad., 1S74-SO. State 
Xornial S.hool, Cortland. X. Y., 1»0S4 (clas- 
sical course) ; m. Cortland, \. Y., Sept. S, 
1550, Lillian M. Faircliild; children; Ethel 
I'airchild, b. X.iy. 12, 1555 (died Feb. 9, 15911, 
Mildred Chapman, b. July '25, IS90, Hulh 
Amelia, b. May 13, 1904. Appointed mes- 
senger nnd clerk in the oflice of the State 
Civil Service Commission, Albany, X. Y.. 
after open competitive examination, Oune 1. 
]5-l; was prom. .ted to clerk, to chief clerk, 
to ass't sec. and to sec. Sept. IS, 1900. Meth- 
odi^t; trustee St Luke's .M. E. Church. Al- 
bany. Recreation: Automobilinir. Club: 
]'r.-^s (Albany). Residence; 425 Clinton Av., 
.\n.any. X. Y. Address: State Civil Service 
Coinniission, Albany, X. Y. 
BIEGE, George K.: 

Manufaclnrer; b. Bulfalo, X". Y'.. Dec, 
1519; s. Marlin II. and Kli/,alioth Ann (Kings- 
ley) Birge; ed. Cornell class of 1372; m. 
Carrie Humphrey; children; Marion (nou- 
.Mr.x. Thomas B. Lockwood), Allilhea, Hum 
phrev. Pres. JI. H. Bir-e & Sons Co., in.iii 
ulaclurers of paper hangings, BulValo; pi 


the Pi 

automobiles. BulTalo. Republb 

l.o-ian. Clubs: Buffalo, Saturn, Counir 

Address: The Circle, BulValo, X. Y. 

EIEKINS, Ernest Reeve: 

IMn.-ician. educator; b. Gerinantown, : 
Y.. Feb. 19, 15.7o; s. Rev. Henrv H. ai 
Amanda (Reeve) Birkins: grad. Coll. City . 
X. Y., A.B., 1^77, A.M., 1553; Univ. yU'(\. Col 
X. Y. Citv, 155,i, .M.l)., valedictorian; m. h 
Wilkes-BarrO, Pa., Sept. 17, 1553, Kate 1 



Tuck (died April Ifi, lOOO) 
Barn:, Pa., Jim,' 3u, 13ul. 1: 
S. Tuck. Tiiuslit in Public !i,-lij,il US and 
in Pulilic School S9: princiiKil of Public 
School 111, liovs' l)cpt., ihuihutlan, since 
Sept. 9, isr.3, when he ortMiiizcl the school. 
Taujht evenins school several years; from 
18S9 to IMI.j he was instructor in anatomv 
and phvsiolotcv in the Harlem Eveniis Hifh 
School. Methodist. Hem. Med. Soc. of 
Countv of X. Y. Mem. Soc. of Pedasn-v. 
Address: Public School 10, Manhattan, 117th 
St. and St. Nicholas Av., X. Y. City. 

BIRKMIRE, William Harvey: 

Ar.liii., t. .,.^i,L-.r, author; b. Falls of 
Schuvlkill, I'lal.idrlpbia, Pa., .Tune 25, ISCO; 
s. John Il.irvrv and .Marv A. (Shrouk) Birk- 
niire; ed. public and private schools of Phila- 
delj.hia and Philadelphia Acad, of JIusic; m. 
N. Y. Citv. June VI. Itii, Louisa A. -Meny, of 
Philadelphia; children: Harnld. b. ISUO, Cy- 
ril, b. IsM, Kditli. 1 i-'l, i r,.,l:i. b. INl'O, 
Gladys, b. It'ilo. Si 11 ! .'..ture ^yith 

Samuel Sloan, Pbibi.i i i ; u . ver:il other 
architects of the cm;. :i , , i i.,..x,d to X. Y. 
City, ISS"), from the rc.Vovd .S;icl and KoU- 
ing Mills, Phikidclphia. to lake charKO of 
the construction dep't of Jackson Archi- 
tectural Iron Works, and in lyU The J. B. 
& J. M. Cornell Iron Work 

■:d, Wilkes- I BIRNIE, Douglas Putn.nm: 

Clri-ynKiu: lj. Spriiu-lield, ilass.. l-:,r,: <! 
William and ilarth:i Novcs (Perkins) Bin... 
Yale, B. A. (Phi i3et:i Kapjial, IsTi ; Uiu. : 
Theol. Sem.., X. Y. City, lis.",; m. X. V 
City, Jan. -J-.', 1S90, Lucia Lasell Mei::s; <■■ . 
daughter, Martha Xoyes liirnie, b. ]-•; 
Spent two yc'irs in trip around the wor,.; 
pastor Presbv'n Ch., Ca/.enovia, X. Y., 1--, 
90, Allston Conc'l Ch., Boston, Mass.. 1- 
95, Central Union Ch., Honolulu, H. 'l 
1^9.-,-!l9. Presby'n Ch., Kve, X. Y.. from 1- ■ 
Independent Eepublic.Tn. Trustee Rve Li 
brary Ass'n, Sch. of Pcdau'oiv, Hartfor-I 
Conn. Mem. Sons of Revolution. CUll.s 
Yale. Quill, (X. Y. City); Apawamis (Kve) 
Address: Kye, X. Y. 
BIREELL, Henry: 

Scotland, Xov. 2" 



steel details to 

large commercial buildings and the Ast 
hotels. Uurinir years I>m-19uG was archi- 
tect and euLMoeer for a number of steel 

steel skeleton bnil.ling at Capo Town 


Africa, and .^e^i^-ned the steel eons 


of Mexican Xational Opera House fn 

• Mcxi- 

can Gov't at Mexico City. Direclor 


ton Bank, X. Y. City: pres. Buildi 

lU and 

Ensineerins Co. Author : The I'lann 

n- and 

Construction of Hi:;h Oflb'c Buildin-.- 


ton Construction in Buildin-s: Arclii 


Iron and Steel: The Planning and C 


tion of American Theatres: and variol 

s other 

books treatin- upon tlie science of 


buildins m.lliodv. Ad.lre-ss: Loriiig 



Publisher; b. Xe«- Haven, Conn., ISCO; ed. 
X. Y. Cniv., Class of IS79. Editor and pub- 
lisher Fourth Estate, aiul The Xews Let- 

Cricket, X. Y 


nd Mar 

>nl Xo. 35; r 

1^S9. Mary E. Sarle 

with Ivison, Blake 

ith " 



Y. Citv 

X. Y. 



lan, Taylor 4: Co.. 

iors, Ivison, Blake- 
man ,^- Co. and the Am. Book Co., until Jan. 
1, 19"L'. when was apiiointed and served 
as deputy county clerk, X. Y. Countv. 
190-:-oO, under Thomas L. Hamilton, couiifv 
clerk. Kcpublican; presidential elector. iJti'i. 
from X. Y. State, for McKinley and Hob:irt : 
delegate to Republican Xal. Convention, VX<\ 
from 12tli Congressional Dist., X. Y. ; Sev- 
eeant-atarms. at X. Y. headquarter?. 
Republican Xat. Committee. Director Eciei - 
lie Pen Co., Pi.-rcy Contracting Co., X:il. 
Eiiuipiueiit Co., Oflicc & School Supply C .. 
(pres.K Mem. Aldine Association, l{"epui' 
Mean Club of Citv of X. Y. Address; IJ 
E. 23d St., X. Y. 'City. 
BIS BEE, Eldon: 

Lawyer; b. .Jai'k.snnvilie, Fla.. Anj. -v.. 
l-i:i;; 5. Horatio and Martha F. (Flotardi 
Bisbee; srad. Harvard A.B., lss7: ni. Kennva 
Pa.. Oct. CO, lyj5, Blanclie Saulnier Rob- 
erts; one daUL-hter, Loise E., b. April 3, 
1-07. Mem. law firm of Uushmore, Bisbe... 
Rogers and Slern. Mem. Ass'n Bar Citv 
of X. Y. Clubs: University, Harvard, 
Metropolitan. Address: Jo Wall St., X V. 

BISBEE, Joseph E.irllctt; 


County. Slat 

en Island 

Francis C 

. Athlel 

e (X. Y. Cily 

) ; Calumet 


lliam V 

21 Park R 

jw, X. Y. 

1--S.U, A.M.. 
M. Panu-bi 


He,.. 15 
rtletl) J 
; grad. 

ni. 1st. 
died JIa 

Acad.; h. Pou^h- 

st Coll., A.B., 

(Free-Soil caii.lidi 

te for Presid.-nt, 1-1", 

epn u 

1S14); studied at 
Phihidelphia Acad. 

.Mass. Xcirnial Art S,-h., 
and Royal A.-:uUiiiy, Mu- 


nich. under Julius 

Bcny.ur and Wilhelin Lin- 

denschmidt. Prof 

artist in X. Y. Ci 

tv since' 1->1; was iiist'r. Inst., 3 

years: awarded brnn/.e 


medal Bulla In E.x 

'.'n. imil; bron/.o medal. 


St. Bonis K'ip'n: 

dele-:ite to Fine Arts 


Federation: asso,- 

ate ineni. Xat. Acad. 


Mem. Artists' Eu 

id Soi'. Clubs: X. Y. 


Water Color. Salin 

u-iiiuli LoL.r, 1 life mem.). 

1-7.!. J 

Address, is W. :.7i 

1 St., X. Y. City. 


Barllett. b. 

; b. X. Y. Citv. Am. Ifi, lf.-)2: s 
and Amalie Biseh..ll': ed. puldii 

anil at Columbia Coll. Law Sch., 
1-71: 111. 1st. X. Y. Citv. Oct. 2(1, 
nnie Louise Moshier (died Feb. 
:d, April, Uio.', Elizabeth, widow ol 

of C 

^Y^IO•s WHO ix new york 



■e. Admitted to bar, 1S73; 

ion of arroars in personal 

of N. Y., abs'JW: judi;e Court 

Pleas, X. Y., 1^'j 



& C 




X. y 





nd Liede 





, X 




Supreme Court 

banking firm of Bi 

Mem. Am. Bar Ass' 

Arion, Beetlioven 

Clubs: :Manlialtan, 

ocratie, Colonial. Residence: ISO W. 09th 

St. Address: County Court House, N. Y. 


BISCOE, Walter Stanley: 

Librarian: li. Grafl.jn, Mass.. Feb. 11. IS.W; 
B. Thomas Cuni.^? and Kllen Elmore (Lord) 
Bisroe; ed. Worcester Hi-h Sch. (Mass.), 
1S6S-T0; Amherst Coll., class of ls74 ; unmar- 
ried. Librarian Taunton (Mass.) Public Li- 
brarv, 1S7.J-7C; Walker instr. mathematics, 
Amherst Coll., 1S7(;-7S; actins librarian Am- 
herst Coll., lb7j..-3; ass't librarian Co- 
lumbia Coll., lijJfO; catalogue and senior 
librarian X. Y. State Library since ISSO. 
Mem. Am. Library Ass'n. Biblios. Sue. of 
America, Bibiio:. Soc. (of Knsland), Am. 
Metrological Soc. Recreations: Walkin; 
and mountain climbins. Address: 320 
Madison Av., Albany, X. Y. 
BISHOP, Charles G.: 

Dentist; b. Bavpurt, L. I.: s. George W. 
and Angello S. (L K.luse) Bishop: ed. Bay- 
port Union School: Polytechnic Ins., Brook- 
lyn, Univ. of Maryland, D.D.S.: m. April 10. 
1903. Belle S. Allison, of N. Y. City. Opened 
office, 190-2, in Broad\yay Bank Building, 
Brooklyn. In June, 1503. opened branch 
office at Roslyn, L. I. Republican: Pres- 
byterian. Mem. Masonic fraternity and 
Knight of Pythias. City Chapter Phi Sigma 
Kappa frater'ty. Union League, Club of Brook- 
lyn. Address: s-37 Lafayette Av., Brooklyn. 
BISHOP, Cortlandt Field: 

Lawyer; 1.. N. Y. Citv, Xov. 21, 1S70; 
grad. ■Columbia Univ., A.B., IfOl, Ph.D., 
1S93; Columbia Law Sch., ISO! ; married. 
Mem. Ass'n Bar Citv of X. Y., Am. Mu- 
seum Xatural History. Xat. Acad, of De- 
sign. Soc. Colonial Wars, Columbia Univ. 
Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: Metropolitan, Cily, 
Grolicr. Collectors, Knickerbocker, Automo- 
bile of America, Automobile of Prance. 
Residence: 13 K. C7th St. Address: 52 
William St., X. Y. City. 

BISHOP, Hutchins Chew: 

Clergyman. t)rdered deacon, 1SS2, and or- 
dained "priest. 1^^3, in Episcopal ministry, 
by Bishop Doano. Ass't minister Gra.-e 
C'h., X. Y. City, l.=S2; Calvary Cb., Balti- 
more. Ind., ls-3'; ass't St. Mark's, Cliarl.s- 
ton, S. C, 1"! SO; rector St. i'liilip's Ch., 
X. Y. Citv, since IrsO. Address: lul W. 
:;5th St., X. Y. City. 

BISHOP, Irving Prescott: 

Educator; b. liurlin.-lon FI.ils, X. Y., Xov. 
IS, ISID; s. .lolin and K.stber (.Marcy) Bishop; 
ed. Xcw Berlin (X. Y.) Acad, and Cornell 
Univ. (M.S. Alfred Univ., inoj); m. Xew 
Berlin, X. Y., Xov. 24, lS7.->, Julia W. Allen: 
children: Kov Allen, b. June 10. 1S77, lili.'a- 
beth Loui'.e, b'. Xov. 17. 1S7;1. l'rinci,ial X.-.v 
Berlin (X. Y.) Acad., li-73-7i-,. Union S.-h., 
Perrv, X. Y.. ls7S-f3; l"ree Acail.. Cbatliani. 
X. Y., l^-3!-s; teacher of scjiuice, K 'und 


Summer Schools, I6SC-S7; prii 
Teacher's Retreat, Silver Lake Asse 
1.^91-92; teacher of science, Summer School, 
Eric, I*a.. Is93, and in charge of science ^vork, 
State Summer Inst., Chautauqua. X. Y.. 
Ii-9ij-in07; teacher of science. State Xormal 
School BulTalo, since ISSS. Author: Salt 
i'ields of Vv'estern Xew York: Geology of 
Erie County, Xew York; Petroleum and 
Xatural Gas in Western Xew York; Red 
Book of Xiagara; Methods and Outlines for 
Teaching Physiology; Economic Geology of 
Western Xew York. Has contributed to 
X. Y. State Geographical JIap. Yisited 
Great Britain, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany 
and France, IPUO. Republican. Fellow Geol. 
Soc. of America: active mem. X. Y. State 
Science Teacher's Ass'n (pres. 1903). Rec- 
reation; Fishing. Club: University 
(BuC'alo). Address: 109 Xorwood Av., 
BufTalo, X. Y'. 
BISHOP, Joseph, N.: 

Physician; b. Algonquin. Out.; s. William 
J. uud Marv (Barton) Bishop; ed.' Wheaton 
Coll., HI., (sp'l course), and Long Island 
Coll., Hosp., M.D., 1S7U; m. Xew London. 
Conn., 1S77, Mrs. Gussie M. Marsh. At 
close of Civil ^Va^ was commissioned by 
War Dep't at Washington and held position 
of trust and responsibility for Gov't; ".vas 
sup't ed'n in State of Miss.;, .ilso in 
Florida was postmaster, and identified thirty 
years ago witli development of tliat State, 
and still interested there as owner of orange 
groves and in pineapple culture; built the 
Sanford and Lake Eustis R. R. in Florida. 
In medical practice is specialist in nervous 
troubles, diseases of women, etc. Has vis- 
ited nearly all countries of the world except 
the extreme south of South America, Ausira- 
lia, the Philippines and other islands: has 
been around the world. During travds has 
written letters for publication, which have 
been put in book form, making seven vol- 
umes; lectures on travels and on scientiiic 
sult,iects in connection ^vith professional 
work. Director in various companies. Mem. 
IJ. y. Co. Med. Soc, Am. Jled. Ass'n, Am. 
Inst., Xat. Temperance Ass'n. Residence: 
Yonkers Park, X. Y. Address: 103 Park 
Av., X. Y. Cily. 
BISHOP. Louis Faugeres: 

Physician; b. Xew Brunswick, X. J.. Mar. 
14. I'-Ot; s. James and Mary F. (Ellis) 
Bishop; ed. St. Paul's Sch.. Concord. X. II.. 
was grad. from Rutgers Coll., A. B.. l-.-J, 
A.M.,~I^-o. Coll. Phvs. and Surg. (Columbia), 
M.I>., Ic-^'J, m. X. Y. City, 1S99, Charlotte 
D.iter: one son: Louis F., Jr., b. l^d. 
Resident physician St. Luke's Hosp., IS-',)- 
92. Was S years si!C. X. Y. Acad. Medicine, 
and part of tliat time ehm'n section on 
Practice of Mi'dicine. Xow visiting phvM- 
cian Lincoln Hosp.; in lOol, csiablisbc.l Lab- 
oratory of Clinical Observation, for coop,o- 
of disease by general practili.,n- 


the b' 


as sp 

aid. hi 


r: He: 



as A 

■Al C'ir''c 

,he Hear,, 
lation (E. 
the circu- 




ogy. Spo- 


)t the 


.,71. Trus- 



tee Good Samaritnn Bispcnsarv. Mem. Am 
Jlcd. Ass'n, Am. Acid. iIeaicine,.N. Y. Acid 
Medicine, Patliol. Soc, Neurol.' Soc, Soc 
Alumni St. Luke's and Sloan JIaternity 
Hosps., Delta Phi. X. Y. Hist. Soc. JIason. 
liecTcations: Golf, automobilini. travel. 
Clubs: Calumet, Ct.lurabia Universitv. Chem- 
ists, Automobile Club of America. Address: 
M \V. both St., X. Y. Cit.v. 
BISHOP, Samuel Henry: 

Clergymau; b. Jericho, Vt., 1SC4 ; s. Leet 
A. and Aurilla (Claik) Bishop; ed. Univ. 
of Vt., Union Theol. Scm., Univ. of Berlin; 
m. 1SS9, Rosilla Harrow; one daughter, Fanny 
Aurilla, b. li>M. Kector St. Andrew's 
Episcopal Ch., S. Grange, X. J., and of St. 
Stephen's Ch., Colorado Springs, Colo. Stu- 
dent in philftsophy and comparative religion, 
Univs. of Berlin and Oxford. Corr. sec. 
and gen. ag't. Am. Church Inst, for Xe- 
Kroes. Mem. Am. Oriental Soc, Am. Acad. 
I'olit. and Social Science, Am. Museum Nat- 
ural History, Soc. Promotion Industrial Ed'n, 
i\. Y. Peace S:.c., A. A. A. S.; fellow Am. 
Ccog. Soc.; mem. Alumni Union Theol. Sem., 
Alumni Univ. of Vt. Clul>s: City, Round 
Table. Address: 5UU W. l±;d St., X. Y. City. 
BISPHAM, David S.: 

Musician, grand opera and concert bari- 
tone; b. Philadelphia, Jan. 5, 1^5T; s. Wil- 
liam D. and Jane (Scull) Bispham; cd. 
Haverford (Pa.), Coll. Began musical ca- 
reer as amatear; studied fur opera stage: 
made first apjiearance as professional as 
"Due do Lougueville" in The Basocho. at 
Koyal English Opera, London. Nov., 1S91 ; 
since then has been singin.- principal bari- 
the Royal Opera, Covent Gar- 
th the Metropolitan 



Opera Co 

and Italia 

artists. Club 

Players, (\. "i 

delphia). Add: 


BISPHAM, ■William: 

Merchant; b. Detroit, Mic 
s. John B. and Martha L 
Bispham; ed. Acad, of P. E 
delphia; m. St. Mary's Chu 
N. J., Oct. 7, l-l,.'i, Laura Wisiar; ono son 
Kev. Clarence Wyalt Bispham, b. 1S05, recto 
-' "• Philip's Ch., Philadelphia. Pres 
nd for past forti 
i.,H. Wallace & Co. 
part o 
es of Pa 
Inst, o 

uiong American Ivrii 
Balh (London); Ccnllirv 
Cily); University (Phil.'i 
i: Carnegie Hall, X. Y 

. Mav 5, IS.IS; 
vrie (Collins) 
Church. Phila- 

Civil War in 1st R 

<g't. Gray Kes.Tves' 

Republican; Episc 

Jl.alian; %cc and t 

Trinity Ch. Ass'n. 

-Mem. Hist. S.ic. I 

Hist. Research. Pe 

msjlvania S.,c.. Red 

Soc, St. Luke's II. 

siv. Cathedral Leagu 

ceseof X. Y.; life 

iieni. Charity Organ 

Soc Clubs: C>ii 

ury Ass'n,' Churcl 

pres.), Grolier, The 

Playeis (v.-p.). La 

Address: li; \V. 1 

Slh St., X. Y. City. 

BI.SSELL. Charles 


nd H,. 

«t,.n R. R 
.r and 1 

," nf' 



he bc- 
1- until 


led to be 


a c. 


on the Hudson River R. R.; became sup't 
X. Y. and Harlem R. K., li7-2; sup't Hud- 
son River and Harlem Divisions X. Y. Cci,t:.I 
R. R., Itbl. and in 1-;S, when the X. Y'. r, n- 
tral and Hudson River R. R. was rcdiviijcd 
into an Eastern and a Western Division, l,-- 
sup't of the Eastern Division, extend- 


Y. Cii 


use, X. Y. 

stern Divi; 

ision, became sup't of 

X. Y. Central R. R. 

nd enga'_-.-d 

to railroad- 

in ISOO, when the 
stored to its old di 
the Mohawk Divisio 
until, when he resiL'ned 
in manufncluriug, later return! 
in; as gen. mg'r in charge of completing 
and operating the Findlay, Ft. Wayne and 
%\eslern R. R., as representative of John 
Jacob Astor; comm'r of public works, Citv 
of Albany, 100fl-(>7; since June 4, 190T, fiscal 
supervi.sor of public charities, State of X. Y. 
under appointment of Gov. Hughes. Ad- 
dress: The Capitol, Albany, X. Y. 
BISSELL, Dougal: 

Physician and surgeon; b. Summerville, 
S. C, July 5, U-(i4; s. Titus L. and Annie T. 
(Thompson) Bissell; grad. South Carolina 
Univ., A.B., JSS"., Univ. of Maryland. M.D., 
ISSS; unmarried. In practice as physician 
and surgeon since l^SS. Gynecolog'ist to 
X. Y. State Hosp., Central Islip. L. I.; 
junior attending surgeon to Woman's Hosp. 
in State of X. Y. ; mem. X. Y. Acad, of 
Jledicine. X. Y'. Obstet. Soc, Woman's 
Hosp. Soc, Sons of Revolution, Soc., May- 
flower Descendants. Address: 49 yWest CSih 
St., X. Y. City. 

BISSELL, George Edwin: 

Sculptor; b. Xew Preston, Conn., Feb. 
Ill, 1639; s. Hiram and Isabelle (.Jones) 
Bissell; cd. dist. schools of Xew Presti.n, 
Xorthville Acad., The Giinnerv, Washington, 
Conn.; taught school on Cluir'ch Hill, Wash- 
ington, Conn., while preparing for Y'ale at 
The Gunnery; war broke up college plans; 
enlisted as private Co. A, :;3d Conn. Vols., 
with Banks' Expedition of 9 months' mem. 
serving one year; appt'd acting ass't paymas- 
ter, U. S. X.. Oct. l^'.S; attached to U. "S. S. 
Mary Sandford, S. Altantic Squadron, under 
Admiral John A. Dahlgien, until close of 
Civil War, when returned to civil life; ni. 
Waterbury, Conn., Aug. IG, l>i;.".. Marv E. 
\^■clton; childien: George W., Isabelle r... 
Percy R.; also two s.ins, Ilarrv and Wellie. 
wlio died in childhood. Clerk'ed in store 7 
.M'urs, in Waierburv, Conn., before Civil 
War.; in monumental business w-ith father 

nd brothe 

and I'.iris. Is 
about six vea 
1-^3 and I-Ofi, 

livid. Watc 
Al.ralurm' il 

at Pi 

ghkeepsie, X. Y., 

tatnc wa 

viiile at til 

riods between 
19i'l-0.-.; occu- 
umiissinns for 

A].pellnte Court IIo 


: Y. 


WHO'S WHO in niow yokk 

bronze st.ituo 


Library, 'WasbinKton, D. C. 
of Abraham Lincoln, Edi&b 
bronze relief of "Burns and HiijlUand 
Mary," Ayr, Scotland; statues of Farragut 
and Gen. Sherman for Louisiana Purchase 
?:.\p'n, St. Louis, and groups "Science' 
and "Music" for Liberal Arts Bld'g, same; 
Elton bronze memorial vase, Waterbury, 
Cnnn. ; bronze statuette of the Col. Abra- 
ham de Pcvster Statue, and marble bust of 
Jlrs. de Peyster in Met. Museum of Art, 
N. y. City. Mum. Xat. Sculpture Soc, Mu- 
nicipal Art Soc, X. Y. City. Received hon. 
mention at Paris E.'fp'n. l'J"0: silver medal, 
Louisiana Purchase Kxp'n, St. Louis, IWl. 
Club: National Arts. Address: Mount 
Vernon, N. Y. 
BISSELL, Herbert Porter: 

Lawyer; b. New London, Oneida Co., 
N. Y., Aug. 30, 1S.'.G; s. Amos Alanson and 
Susan Amelia (Willse) Bissell; prepared at 
DeVeaux Coll., Suspension Bridge, X. Y., 
and at Gymnasium CaliiariiKiriuiii. Braun- 
schweig, Germanv: grad. Harvard Coll., A.B., 
ISSO; m. 1SS3 Lucv A-nes C.iffev: children: 
JJary R., Harriott" A., Lucy A. Admitted to 
bar, ISSJ; mem. firm Bissell, Sicard. Bissell 
& Carey until INIG; now of Bissell & Riley, 
corporation lawvcrs. Democrat. Candidate 
for mavor of BulTalo, 19ul ; now ores. Board 
of Ed'n, East Aurora. X. Y. Tru.stee De- 
Veaux Coll., ls>7-00; iiKijor and judge advo- 
cate X. G. X. Y.. l".-,03. im .^th Brigade 
EtaCE. V.-p. The Xi.ngar.i Gorge R. K. Co.; 
director Buffalo & Depew R'y Co. Vestry- 
man Episcopal Church. Mem. X. Y. State 
Bar Ass'n, Lawvers Club of BulTalo, Sons 
Am. Revolution." Clubs: Ellicott (pres.), 
Burtalo (Buffalo) ; Transportation. Univcr- 
Bitv (X. Y. Cilv). Address. 711 EUieott 
Sq", Buffalo, X. Y. 
BISSELL, James H.: 

Physician; b. Boloit, Wis.. Feb. 1.^, 1S37; 
B. Benjamin F. and Harriet (DuBoisI Bissell; 
ed. dis(. schools of Ballslon. Ballston High 
Sch., Albany Med. Coll.. M.D. : one year 
post-grad. course, Berlin, Germany aud 
Vienna, Austria: m. Trov, X. Y'., .fune 4, 
J80.'.. Delia Leggett. Has practised medicine 
and surgerv in Troy since graduation; was 
ass't surgeon in Troy City Hosp. for 
years: has traveled through most of Euro- 
pean countries twice, visited I'acilic Coast 
twice. Mem. Med. Soc. Troy and Vicinity, 
Rensselaer Co. Med. Soc, X. Y. State Med. 
Ass'n, Anglo-Austrian Med. Ass'n of 
Vienna. Life mem. Apollo Commandery, 
Bloss Council, Apollo Chapter and Apidlo 
Lodge, F. and A.M.. aud Oriental Temple, 
Xohles of the .Mvstic Shrine; ineni. Masonic 
Club and of H.l'.O. EI'ks, of Troy. Ad- 
dress: 'ilsT Fifth Av., Troy, X. Y. 
BISSELL, Mary Taylor; 


i; 1>. Br 

X. Y.; d. E. E. L. 

and Marv J. ( Perl 
C.ill,. A.l;.. 1^7.-.. W 
li.linnarv M. 1>.. 1 
her Bissell (died 1 

1. Va' 
5lr,l. Coll. of N. 
l^Tli. Willard Pr 
Engaged in practi 
itv'from l^~l. A 
thor: Household H.vgiene, IHIO; Physic 
Development and K.xcn-ise for Women, ISV 
Manual of Hvgiene, ls;H; also conlributio 
to scientific 'and oilier periodicals. Me 
N. Y. County .Med. Soc, Women's .Med. S( 

Club: 'Women's Universitv. Address: 17 
Madison Sq., Xorth, X. Y. City. 
BISSELL, Pelham St. George; 

Clergvman; li. X. Y'. Cil.v. Dec. 5, 1S5S; 
s. GeoVge Henry and Ophelia Louise 
(Griffenl Bissell; ed. Columbia Grammar 
Sch.; Columbia, B.A.. IbSO, ^LA., 1004; King's 
Coll., London; associate King's Coll., 1«9; 
ni. X. Y. City, June 7, 1SS3, Helen Alsop 
French; one son, Pelham St. George, Jr., b. 
April 11. 1SS7. Ordained in England, by 
late Bishop Creighton, in Church of Eng- 
land, and served fnr several years as curate 
at St. John's, Belhnal Gre.'-u, London. E.. 
■n-bere also had charge of the work among the 
men and lads, especially of the Church Lads' 
Brigade, of which was local captain; on re- 
turning to America, was for a short time 
rector Ch. of Good Shepherd, Milford, Pike 
Co., Pa., which resigned to take present 
charge as rector Ch. of the Tvansflguration, 
I'reeport, L. I., X. Y. Republican. Episco- 
palian. V.-p. South Side Clericus of L. I. 
Mem. Sons of Revolution: life mem. Colum- 
bia Alumni Ass'n and X. Y. Hist. Soc. Rec- 
reations: Rowing and fishing; formerly 
for many vears mem. Manhattan Athletic 
and afterward of the X. Y'. Athletic Clubs: 
as a young man was well known and won 
many "medals as short-distance sprinter. Ad- 
dres's; The Kectorv, Freeport, Long Island, 
X. Y-. 
BIXBY, James Thompson: 

Clergviiian; b. liarre, Mass., Julv 30. 1S13; 
s. Cl.irk Siiiitli and Eli-/abeth (Chyk) Bixby: 
ed. Cambridge (Mass.) High Sch., Harvard. 
A.B.. ISr.l: Harvard llivinitv Srh.. B.D., 1-:": 
studied Univs. of Jena and Leipzig, l-:;- 
S.". (Ph.D., Leipzig); m. Scpi, I, 1-7h, Emma 
Amy J. Gibson, of Bostnn Mlii-.i. F n. M Glen. 
Md., JIar. -20, lOo-J): one .luiL'.ir. Iiui.i: m. 
2d, Feb. it, ISUO, l'"-.'' '>■■' ■■<' rai'^er of 
Y'onkers, X. Y,, l':i r-.- i m^ lui Churches, 
Watertown, Mas-, .. ii Ifast, Me.. 

l<7j-7u: prof. reliL:). i-hy, Meadville 

(Pa.) Theol. Sch., ;-.„'-... Ir .;aier at Lowell 
Inst., 1*77, 1SS3; pastor Unit.irian Ch., Y'on- 
kers, X. Y., 1SS7-)<)01. Author: Religion 
and Science as Allies. 1S05; The Ethics of 
Evolution, IfKio; The Xew World and the New 
Thought, 1902. Jlem. Liberal Ministers' 
.•\ss'n. Clubs: Authors, Xational Arts, 
Plavgoers. Anthropological. Address: 100 
Wobdworth Av., Yonkers, X. Y. 
BIXBY, Willard G.: 

Slioe blacking mfg'r: b. Salem Mass.. 
Jnlv V.i. l^iiS; s.'Henrv M. and Eliza (Svm- 
ond's) Bixbv; ed. grammar and high schools, 
Salem, .Mais.; ilass. Inst, of Technology, 
S.15. in mech. eng'ring, )SS9, receiving in the 
four years more lioiiors than any one else in 
the class ; m. X. Y. Cit.v, June 7, ISOS. Gene- 
vieve Cole (died Nov. iO, 1901). Teacher 
at Mass. Inst. Technologv, ISb'J.gO; mech. 
eng'r. Am. Hell Telephone Co., ISOO-Ol; came 
with S. M. l;i.\bv ><: Co.. 1-01; company went 
into receiver's hand. l.-;):ii'.-i; inter, sted , 





vhich <S. M. Bixb; 




scliool. prcs. Christian Endeavor Soc. Rcc- 

net player. Address; 19-1 Hester St., X. Y. 


BJEEREGAAED, Carl Henry Andrew: 




lj. Fi 


i. Janu 
Coll. and Uiir 


rk, ilay 21, lUi; 
Bjerregaard, rii.D., ct 
Coll.) ; ed. in Fredcriii 
Copenhagen, f:rad. IttJu 
Prusso-Danish V'ar, Ibfi3-C4; 
ofiicer from Rnyal Mil. Acad, 
l>u7; m. IMIS, Jl'atilda J. Thorn 
as lieutenant in iJauish Army and was latei 
of Danish legation to Russian Court; cam( 
to Anieriva for political reasons; tcachei 
and lei-lurer, 1573-711; sinoe J>7'J lil.rariar 
Astor Library, now Astor Branoh X. Y. Puli 
Library — .\stor, Lenci.\ and Tiiden Found 



nd le 

Oriental sulgeits and nivsticism: coliaborati 
on Sla.idard Dictioiiarv. The New Interna- 
tional Encyclopa-dia. The Encyrl,,p.T.dia Amer- 
icana. and_ Jewish Kncyclopa'dia ; contributor 


.Mind (.V. V. Cil 


■) fron 

1, WO. 



Jlysticisni a 

id Xat 


Worship (2 


A Suli 1 



1 of 



m and Fitzi. 



'cd on 


and Doctnn 

e of M 


ism a 

.d Oc- 


(10 vols.) 



r Li- 


X. Y. Citv. 

BLACK, Alexander; 

.Vutlior, artist; b 

X. Y 


y, i.s: 

.1; cd. 

in Bro 

aklyn schools 

at 15 


ime r 


and la 

er literary a 

nd art 


ic, Bt 



at 19 toured 



hvce I 



afo..t, :• ,.,; 

! ..ullaj 



in tlie 

VI, ,■:•,,_,■, ,.;■ - 

-'j; at 

2-2, a 




i)'i ■ 1 i ; ! - 

n court 

s s 


art at 

Nat. A> 
ni. Ibol 

""'1.11 •..'.:.';„■' 

1 Art .■- 



nls' L 

pholograpl.y resulted in i-ontributions 
Century, Kcribiier's and oilier lua,': 
in a book, Photo!;rapl-.v Indoors and 
and in his invention of the Picture 
The picture plays, a combination of 
logue and sterenplicon — "a play on a 
sheet" — the pictures biiuj from ph.ito; 
of living groups bv Mr. Black, ineludt 
uccess; .\ Capital 

ship. Miss An 

vhich he h; 

and Th, 

Story of Ohio, 1- 




.M.idern Daughte 
V.i"-:. .Sundav c( 
It""'.. Addreis: 
X. J. 
BLACK, E. Martin; 

Publisher; b. X. Y. Citv. Aug. '21, ISOl; 
cd. Franklyn C.dl.; married. Lditor and 
l.ablisher of Wall .Street Daily Xews. Mem. 
Fr.undschaft Soc. Clubs: X. Y. Press, 
'-th St., 

Y. Cll 

3LACK, rrank Sv,-ctt: 

graduation, studied law, earning ex- 
penses as reporter on Johnstown (X. Y. ) 
Journal and Troy Whig; admitted to bar, 
IS. 9; has been counsel in niuiiv of the most 
important law cases in the State; member of 
Congress, l>!)."i-97; governor of X. Y., 1S97- 
'j9. Republican. Address; Troy, X. Y. 
BLACK, George Ashton: 

b. Or, 



1. l5j.j; s. George W. and Diana M. (Bal- 
lon) Black; grad. Fitchl.urg (Mass.) High 
Sch.. 1^74; Harvard A.B., 1S7'J; Columbia, 
LL.B., ISSS, Ph.D., 1S^9; m. X. Y. City 
Aug., IS,-:!, Kmina L., widov.- of Henrv Pan- 
ton and d. Joshua H. (M.D.) and Em'meline 
J. Tlionipson. .Vdmitted to X. Y. Bar, 
1^91, but has not practised. Author of 
first part of A Teachers -Manual of Natural 
History Lc'^sons for Primarv and Grammar 
Grades; History of .Munici].al Ownership of 
Land on JI:inh:ittan Island; Science (Func- 
tion) Analysis: Science (Abstr:ict) Analvsis. 
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa (Harvard), A'ss'n 
Doctors of Philosophv of Columbia Univ. 
Traveled in Europe, ltSl-S5, l,-.i7, 1<92. Sum- 
mnr Home: Oldplace, Gardner, Mass. Ad- 
dress: (ii'l W. lioth St., X. Y. City. 
BLACK, Harry St. Francis: 

Pres. U. ,S. Realty and Improvement Co.; 
li. Coboiirg, Out., Canada, Aug. 27, lcli3 ; s. 
Ma.ior Thomas (British Army) and Elisa- 
beth (Wickeus) Black; common school ed'n 
at Cobourg, Out.; in. 1S9J. Allen Mae, d. 
late George A. Fuller, of X. Y. City. Be- 
gan business career in brother's general 
store; joined surveying partv that e.tplored 
Xorthwest to the Pacific Coast; traveled 
for Chicago woolen house on Pacific Coast. 
1^8-2-02; eng:;gcd in banking business^ iu 
State of Washington: entered the Georgo 
A. Fuller co. as v.p., IMJO; was projector 
of enlarged corporation of same name 
i?-21l,l)Oii.(liio capital), of whieh pres.. 



with the U. 
Co. (capital ?Oi;.ijOo,uO()r has been' ].rcs. of 
latter. director, George A. Fuller Co. 
of 111., Battery I'ark Xat. Bank, Alliance 
Realty Co., Broad E.xchange Co. (v.p.), Xat. 
Fircpronling Co,, X. Y. Hippodrome, Plaza 
Uli.raling Co. (v.-p.). Wall Street F..vcli,!ii-e 
Bid g .Vssn. Century Rcaltv Co., L:;nds 
Pur.diase Co.. L:ind Assoi-i:itcs; Mines Co. of 
Am-rica (treas.). D.ilores Mines Co. 

(ireas.), Cedar Street Co. (v.p.). Island 
Realty Co. (v.-p.), Xumber One Hundred 
and Eleven Broadway (v.-p), C.donial Trust 
and Savings Bank, Chicago. Democrat. 
Mason. Recreation. Aulomobiling. Clubs: 
.Metropolitan, .Manhattan, Citv .Midda 

and Fi. 

cht, De 


1. (X. Y. Citv); 

(Pittsburgh). R,.si.l.T.ces:' 

) Weschester Co.; (town! i;i;7 Mad- 
Address: 111 Broadway, X. Y. 

Rolhe>av . 
1-^7, and Fi 
land, June 
liobert K. 

'niv. of Glasgow, A.M , 
ch Coll. ; 111. Paisley, Scot- 
, Edith .Margaret, d. late 


WHO'S wno IX xi;\v yi^iik 


jslry of Free Church of Scotland, 1S91; minis- 
tor o£ iShcrwood Chunh. faislev, Scotland. 
Sept.. 1>01, .St. Georse's Cnilcd I'rco Church, 
Edinburgh, Ij'.in-lSnU; since VJin} p^-of. piDrti- 
cal theology. L'nion Theol. Scm., X. Y. City. 
Delegate to Internat. Concr-ss ol .?c-.ence 
and Art. Louisiana Pui-clius^ Exp'n, S.. 
Louis. lOiU; lecturer on hcuiilctics. Union 
Theol. Som., 10ii.5. Author; The Pream of 
Youth, 4 editions: rnend-ship. :iO e(U;;(.n-, : 
Culture and Restraint. 1 editions; Work, 2 
editions; The Practice of SelfCuKure. TfiU; 
Edinburgh Sermons, l;ii l-ltn^G ; Clirist's Serv- 
ice of Love, (Communion Sermons and lledi- 
tationsi, 1007. Residence : Cnper ilon!- 
clair, X. J. Address; ToU Park Av., K. Y. 
BLACK, John WiUiain: 

Journ,Tlisi and music critic; b. X. Y. Citv, 
Oct. 20, ]>U1; s. Peter and Sarah I McCrea ) 
Black; ed. public schools. f.illo«td by 





Brooklyn, Oct. 30, lf.-9. Flora E. 
children; Helen, .Tolin W. ,lr., Douglas if.. 
Flora E., Jean. Began career as bo- cI>or- 
isler and traveled throughout Xe\y, 
Xcw York and other States in concert and 
opera. One of earliest impersonators of 
Ralph Rackstraw in opera of '-H. M. S. 
Pinafore," which had .such a vogue; has 
been solo tenor and director of several 
choirs, and composer of vocal and instruinen- 
tal musical pieces, especially for church 
use. Local reputation as interpreter of Scot- 
tish songs. Established the numthly "J!u- 
sical Life," Nov., I'.Ml, and conducted it t^yo 
years. Now Saturday and musical editor 
Brooklyn Ti-nes, y-itli' incidental writing of 
special articlci^, editorials and book reviews. 
Rrpnlilicnu. Roricati.rns; Floriculture and 
other pursuits gro-.ving out of possession 
of a suburban home. Address; JO Wyckoll" 
Av., Richmond Hill, L. ]., X. Y. 
BLACK, William Harmon: 

Lavv\er: h. Forsvtli, tia., June 10, ISCS; 
s. Eugene Pinckard and Zac (llar:nan) 
Black; cd. Atlanta, Ua., in public and liiL:h 
schools until b->l; unmarried. Counsel for C. 
H. llallorv *: Co. Author: Black on Xew 
York and New Jersey Corporations; The 
Real Wall Street. V.'as special master, U. S. 
Dist. Court. Xoriheru Uist. of (Jeorgia; pros. 
Young Men's Democratic League, Fulton, 
Co.. (Ja.; sec. (ieorgia Cleveland Club; or- 
ganized, llioj, and has since been v.-p.. 
Citizens' Independent Democracy of X. Y. 
Citv. Comm'r of Accounts, Citv of X. Y., 
l'.lc| o:,. Mem. Kane Lod-e. F. i: A.M. Jfem. 

Soc. in X. Y. (luem. 

.■rat (iudci.cndc.ui; 
Autoinoliiliug, alh- 
books. Clubs: Metropolitan, Law- 
yers, Xew Y'ork, Democratic. J;esideuce; 
IS E. 3!d St. Address: 111 Broadway, X. Y. 

Cb-rKViuau; b. Greenville, Tenn.; s. John 
Xels.Mi and Elsa lAml.rister) lilackburn; 
prad. Xat. Xormal I'liiv.. Lch.uiou, 0„ li.A.: 
postgraduate «"rk a: Sjullnveslcrn Piv.-:bv- 
tenaii Uni.-.. Clarksvillc. 'leiiu.. and D ivid- 
Buu C(dl.. X.C. (received oraior's medal); 
btudied at Theol. Seai.. Columbia, S.C., ; uu- 

Advi.sory B'd). 

married. "VN'as traveling man, Chicago to Pa- 
cilic Coast, two years. Entered ministry; 
ujw- pas-.or Ch. of the Strangers. X.Y'. Citv. 
Trustee John Mortin Ed'n'l Fund (X.Y. 
JIaysville Industrial Inst. Independ- 





Anji-ew's Hoc. Recreation: Travel; 
tra\e)ed in U.S.. Canada. Mexico, Cuba, 
Egypt, Holy Land, England, Ireland, and 
Scotland. Ciubs: Quill, Pvoosevell Home. 
Address: 309 W. 5'ith St., X.Y. City. 

tierirviiian; b. in England; s. George and 
Ellen (Sawyer) Blaeklock; lineal descendant 
Sir Thomas Grcsham (ljia-79), founder of 
Riyal K.\chouge. London; on paternal grand- 
mother's side, cou.sin- of the Duko of liuc- 
cieueh, and, through his mother, a cousin of 
Viscount Miliier, of African fame; ed. St. 
Paul's Coll., Burgh. Coll. of St. Augusliac. 
Canterburv, and Oxford Univ. (won math. 
R.holar.^hip. 1--0, Greek scholarship, IJSO, He- 
brew prizeman. ISUU. Rector St. Andrew's 
Ch.. Wellington, Out., ISDl, curate SI. 
Thomas' Ch., Belleville, Out., 1S9J-W, and St. 
Lukes, Kingston, Out., IbOfi, in Ch. of Eng- 
land: at O.vford, Univ., 1S97-0S; curate St. 
John's Episcopal Ch., Y'onkers, X.\'., ISOS, 
but in Sept., l^OS, became rector St. ^[ar 

Ch., Charier 

ctor Gi 

Ch., Mo 

hawk, X.Y'., 1900-05; since Mav, 190o, 
St. Peter's Ch., Brooklyn. .Mem. Mohawk 
Valley Lodge, -Masons, Jlohawk Chapter, Or- 
der Eastern Star, Herkimer Co. Hist. Soc. 
Kecreations: Mountain climbing, v/alking 
tours, art works, books. Club: Xat. Arts 
(X.Y. Cily^ Address: 3iV State St., Brook- 
BLACKMAN, William Waldo: 



X v., M;iv 2",. is-jii: s. William Wis6 
Sarah A. '(Waldol Biickman; ed. Walervillo 
I X.Y.J Ac:,d., and Hi-h Sell., X.Y., . X.Y'. 
Ilomaopalhic -Med. Coll.. M.D.. 1677; spent: 
spring and saniuier of 1>;'3 at Univ. of Edin- 
burgh. Scotland; m. Philadelphia, Sept. 14, 
]"7, Lora C. Jackson; children; Elinor, b. 
l>'rl. William Jackson, b. 1593. Began lu-oies- 
sional career as interne at Brookl.Mi -M.iter- 
nitv Hosp., two ye.irs; since then in private 
practice in Brookhn. Surgeon to Cumber- 
laud St. Hospital, Brooklyn; consulting sur- 
geon to Prospect Heights Hospital and 
Brooklyn Malernitv. Alumnus tru.-tee X.Y. 
Homoeopathic .Med. Coll. M,-m. Kings Co. 
lloma-o. Soc, X.Y,, State Ilomn'o. Soc, Am. 
iTist. of Homu'opalliy. X.Y. Pathol. Soc, 
Brooklyn Med. Club, -Meissen Cluli. Repub- 
lican. Unitarian. Jlem. Commonwealth 
L.KlL-e F. and A.M. Club: Cresee:it Athletic. 
Address: ;19 Chilton Ac, Brooklyu, X.Y. 
BLACK3L\R, Abel Edward: 

L.iwier; b. Xew.irk, X.J., Aug. 21, l.':j2; 
grad. Hamilton Coll., 1^71, C.lumbia L.nv 
Seh., Ib7b; married. -Mem. firm Baldwin & 
Bla.'; counsel X.Y. Produce K.xch.iuge. 
Meiii. Ass'n Bar City of X. Y. Club: Union 
Lea-ue (I'.rooklyn). Residence: 1072 Bergen 
St.. Brooklyn, -\ddress: 31 Xassau St., X.Y. 
BLACKMER, Anna Wood: 

oa. .V.Y.. Sept. 1. 1>;72: d. 

ud Koxt Anna (Edmonds) 


"\viio-s WHO i.\ MOW Yorac 

land, K.Y., 1S91-94, "Wellesley Cull., 15971901, 
A.D., 19UI. Supervisor Tlh Grade, Traiiung 
Dept.. State Xornial Coll., Y|,sil;inti. Jlich 
19i)l-02; Dcp't of Jlcilud-s. Slate -VorDial Sfh., 
Geneseo, N.V., VMlv:,: ilelliods and Super- 
vision of Trainin; Kep't, .Stale Normal .-;ch., 
Whitewater, Wis., from Ivnr,. Mem. 
Siiakespcare Soc, Wellesley Coll. Address: 
Cortland, X.Y. 

BLACKMER, Henry M.: 

Lawyer; b. Worcester, Mass., .lulv 25, lv09; 
s. Francis T. and -A-bbie K. Blackmer; cd. 
Worcester (Mass.) Ili-h School; in. Colorado 
Springs, Colo., Oct. -a, ijtii, Hclpn Kerr; 
childnn: Jlyron K., b. 1S93. Mar-aret Grav 
b. ISM. Practised law. Colorado Spring's,' 
Colo., nntil 11102 ; since then has resided in 
X.Y. City; ivas dist. attornev, n Paso 
County, Colo.. l^gi-OT. Pres. Cripple Creek 
Central R> Co.. director United Slates Re- 
duction and Rcfliiins Co.. v. -p. Shawnee 
Lightins Co. Republican. Congre:.-atinnalist. 
Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolu- 
tion. Clubs: Union League, Lawyers, Whist 
(X.Y. City); Denver (Denver); Kl Paso 
Club (Colorado Springs), Colo. Residence: 
Scarborough, X.Y. Address: 51 Wall St., 
X.Y. City. 


Lawyer, banker; b. Little Yallev, Catta- 
raugus Co., X.Y., Jan. 12, l-j.5: s'. Lvman 
and Julia Ann (Strait) Blackmon: ed. in 
common schools and at Ten Broeck Acad., 
Franklinville, X.Y.; m. Warsaw, X.Y., Aug! 
21, ].~S», Florence Au-nes Thomas; children: 
Alfred L., b. l>-2, Ward IL. b. ISSl. Mem. 
firm of Torrance i- Blackmon, attorneys, at 
Gowanda, X.Y., for six years: mem. firm 
\\adsworth. Blackmon & Wadsworth, attor- 
neys, BulTalo, X.Y.. fifteen years. Super- 
visor town of Collin.s, Erie Co.. X.Y., for tive 
years. Pres. Bank of Gowanda; treas. Go- 
wanda Water Works Co. Republican. Prot- 
estant. Mem. Krie Co. Bar Ass'n. F. and 
A.M. Mem. Bd. of -Mg'rs, Gowanda State 
llonircopatliic IIosp. (Slate Insane Asvlum). 
Club: liowanda. Residence: Gowanda. X. 
Y. Address: 71S White BId'g, Buffalo, X.Y. 
ELACKMORE, Henry Spencer: 

Clu•mi^t and patent atlornev; h. Yonkers, 
:s. v.. Mar. pi, l^GS: s. Isaac and ilannah M. 
(Dean) Blackmore: ed. in schools of Jit. 
Yernon and X. Y. Coll. Pharmacv (Columbia 
Univ.), Ph.G., If.^S; m. X. Y. Citv, June i, 
yjot. Isalnlle Rostosky. Inventor of a large 
number „i important luetallursical and chem- 
ical processes, and has taken out more than 
loo patents. Contributor to scienlilic jour- 
nals nu subjects relaling to chemist rv and 
metallurgy. Consulting chemist, Consoridated 
Aluminum and Reduction Co.. General In- 
dustrial Alcohol Co., Phoiii.t Kloeirolvlic 
Alkali Co., Am. Anlomatic Disiiifeelant Co 
Chemical Engin.ering and Conslrn.-tion Co! 
and .Me.vican National Leatlier Co.; v.-p. 
lilack-Ford Ulililv Oil Go. Fellow Cliein 
Soc of Great Britain. Am. Geog. Soc, ami 
Xat. Geog. Soc; mem. Am. Chem. S..o., Soc. 
Chem. Iiulustry of threat llritajn. A. A. A S, 
Am. Pharmaeeutieal Assn., X. Y. Stale 
I' Assn.. Scientific Alliance 1 .V. 
Y.), Aiuerican Forestry Assn. (Washing- 
ton, D. 0, Internal. ( licm. Con-ievs (rink- 
lin Insl, (Philadelphia), Alumni ' Ass'n. Coll. 

of Pharmacy of Columbia Univ.. Chemists 
Club, U. S. Xavy League. Mem \'elcr'it, 
Ass'n. 71st Reg't X. G. X". Y. Mem U. 
formed (Dutch) Church. JIason. Knight 
Templar (past commander Bethlehem Coui- 
mandery Xo. .53.), life member 32° Sc..ttish 
Rite, and Shriner (Jlecca Temple). Address: 
Mount Yernon, X. Y. 
BLACKWELL, Antoinette Brown: 

Clergyman, leeiurer, liousck.-eper ; b. Hen- 
rietta, X.\., May, 1S25; d. Joseph and Abby 
(Morse) Brow-n; ed. Monroe Acad, till Ibll- 
grad. Oberlin Coll., Isl7, Oberlin Theol 
Sem., 1S.W (A.M.): m. Heuriclta. X.Y.. Jaii! 
l^oO, Samuel Charles Blackwell; children: 
Florence B. (.Mayhew). Edith B. (A.B., 
M.D.), Grace B. (artist). Agnes (Jones) 
Ethel (Robinson, S.B., .M.U.). Ordained 
Congregational (orthodox) minister, 1SJ3, and 
was first woman clergyman; first woman to 
perlorm marriage ceremony, 1S.J3 ; now Uni- 
tarian. Was settled minister of ConTe-'a- 
tional Church of South Butler and Savann.a'h- 
Wayne Co., X.Y., l!^j2-35. Activclv identitied 
with w-oman sulYragc, purity and other move- 
ments; extensive traveler; visited Palestine, 
Egypt and intermediate places, 10(l3; Oregon, 
Alaska, etc.. 1905; Europe twice, and Western 
States. Mem. Xat., Stale and local federa- 
tions and clubs. Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Women, and several Purity and 
Equ.ility ass'ns; also Woman's Press Clubs 
of X.Y. Cily and X.J. Recreations: Gar- 
dening, travel, physical exercise. Author- 
Shadows of Our Social System (X.Y.). lS5"i; 
Studies in General Science (X.Y.), ISdii; The 
Market Woman; The Island XeigUbors, 1S7I ; 
The S-^xes Throughout Xaturc. 1^7j; The 
Physical Basis of Immortalitv, Isle'- The 
Philosophy of Individuality, or" the One and 
the .Many. lio3; Sea Drift, a parable in 
lt=oj; IS pastor emeritus of All Souls Church! 
Elizabclh, X'.J.; preaching monlhly or oil- 
ener; received on the 7o!h anniversafy of 
Oberlin Coll., the honorary degree of D D 
Address: SIS Bay Wa.v. Elizabeth, X.J. 
Summer arldrcss: Chilm,irk, MaiS. 
BLACKWELL, Francis Ogdeu: 

Consul!!,, g engr; I,. X.V. Citv, June 23, 
1S07; s. James and Augusta (.Mills) Black- 
well; grad. I'rincelou, C.E., lr.s7; m. Anita 
Searles. Began practice as eng'r, 1^.^7 ; now 
niem. firm of Yiele, Cooper and Blackwell. 
consulting eng'rs. Electric and hydraulic 
eiig r of m:iny large power plants. .Mem. 
Am. Soc. Civ. Eng-rs, Am. Inst! Elec. Eiig'rs, 
Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs. Clubs: Uufver- 
sit.v, Princeton, Engineers. Ucsideuco: Kn- 
glewood, X.J. Address: 49 Wall St., X.V. 
ELAINE, Chester G.: 

L.iwyer; b. Varick, Seneca Co., X.Y.. Mar. 
'.". l^M; s. John G. and Angcline (Gamber) 
Blaine; grad. Univ. of .Mich, .-an. LL.D., l^-S; 
m. Galen, X.V., June i.',, IsM, Cissb- A Des- 
mond; one son, Carllon A. Farmer-s s.ui- 
laugiit school in early life; affrwards look 

in N'.V. Stale, April, 1-:!. ' l;.-pulili,aii 
Presbylcrian. .Mem. Masonic fr.ilernily. Ad- 
dre»s: Lyons. X.V. 
BLAIR, Benjamin F.: 

L.avyer: I.. Conslanline. Mich.. June pi 
l^i:7; s. William and I'olma iRoblee) Blair- 

WHO'S WHO IX .\£'.V Yor.K 



grad. Univ. of Mich., A.B., 1861 
b.r. Mich.. Aui. 31, ISG.% 
Ormsby; children : John ZCoble, b July li, 
IbGC. Edwin White, b. Mav 1, 1S7U, Alito 
Amelia, b. Jan. ;0, ISTi, Koss, b. Mar. 
13, IbsO. Began life as harness niikcr and 
paid way throu;r]i collcre, Woriiing at lliat 
trade. Began L.L-al siud:js at Ues Mair.cs, 
la., ISGl; studies inlerrupted by service iu 
Union Arniv: rt-sume.l le_-al stuui;? in ofllee 
of Evarts, Southm.i.vd and Choate, N.Y. City, 
Feb., ISOO. Admitted to bar. Dec, IStJi 


MiTbh, Coe i: Walli; 


of la 
ince Jan., l>.i): successively in tiru's of 
Blair and KuJd, Bliir. Snow ana Rudd. and 
Blair, Rudd and Simmis. Director WaUabout 
Bank of Brooklyn. Enlisted privi.te in 
Union Army, 1>GJ ; appt'd seri;eantinajur on 
organization of reg't; promoted ist It ; pris- 
oner of war, June, l?u3, to Dec, ImU, made 
escape; promoted capt., and served as such 
until mustered out at close of war. Repub- 
lican; pres. Kings Co. Rep. Gen i.'o-u.. l!t.l; 
was tendered and declined position ot" ta-K 
Charles A. Sch 

nn Ar- ' BLAIE, Clinton Lcdyard: 

Louise I Banker: h. Belvidere, X.J., Julv 10, 1SG7; 
s. DoWilt Cliuton and Marv Anna' (Kimball) 
Blair; jrad. Princeton, A.B., It'ju; m. Oct. 1, 
l-;a, ilonnce Usborn Jenninu-s; children: 
Marjory Bruce, Florence Ledvard, Edith 
i>odd, Marie Mem. Blair & Co., 
bankers, X.Y. City. Director: Belvidere 
Xat. Bank, Commercial Trust Co., ot X.J.; 
Green Bay and Western R.R.; Kewaunee, 
Green Bay and Western R.E. of Chicago; 
Ontario, Carbondale and Scranton R'y Co.; 
St. Louis & Hannibal R'y; Securities Co.; 
Susse.v; R.E.; Su.sse.x Realty Co. (pres.); War- 
ren R.R. Co. Mem. b'd of mg'rs, N.Y. Zoul. 
,Soc. and of Post-graduate Hosp. Mem. Am. 
Goog. .Soc, Sons of Revolution. Clubs: 
Metropolitan, Union, Universitv, X.Y. Yacht, 
City Midday, Jekyl Islund, Morris Co. Golf, 
Racquet and Tennis, Princeton, Somerset 
Hills Counlr.v, The Pilgrims, Riding Club, 
Coaching Club of X.Y., Xew York Farmers, 
Whippany River. Residence: Peapack, 
Somerset Co., X.J. Address; 24 Broad St., 
X.Y. City. 

ary Ass 






of electi^ 


1 Ch. 

ih Ch., An 



Alpha Delta i'hi frateruit 
League, Military Order of the Loyal 
of the United Slates. Grant Post, Grand 
Army of the Republic Clubs; Union 
League, Congre:rational, Universitv, (Brook- 
lyn); Fulton "(X. Y. City). Residence: 
2J0 Washington St.. Brooklvn. Address: 20 
Liberty St., X. Y. City. 
BLAIR, Charles H.: 

Lawyer; b. Zauesville, 0., July 5, 1S51 ; s. 
John A. and Theresa (Van Voorhies) Blair; 
ed. public s.huols of Zanesville, Kenv.n Coll., 
Cornell Univ., A.B., 1>72, A.M., 1»7C; m. 
Ithaca, X.Y., Dec. 11, lf73, Emma P. C.irnell; 
children: Ezra C, Charles IL, Jr.. John 
Hamilton. Admitld to bar, 1S73; practised at 
Ithaca to ISNJ; since 1^^■J in X.Y. Cilv, Pres. 
Ithaca Calciidar Clock Co,, Hanover Land an.l 
Dock Co. Capt. X.Y. Xat. Guard, l57(;t.iJ, licut.- 
col. lSNJ-59 and col. 1>?0. RepublicaT. candi- 
date Consiress, 12th Dist., X.Y. Ciiy, 1- "J. 
R.'publican. 'Mason of high rank; mem. i'.si 
UpMlon iraternu.v. Met. Mu.seum of An, 
Municipal Art .Soc; one of founders of Oliio 
.■Scic of X.Y. :Mein. E.\ec Com. Chamber ot 
Commerce, Borou.-h of Richmond, X.Y. City; 
chairman Park Join, of Borough of Ricli- 
Clnbs: Union League, Reimblican, 

Cornell Ui 



1744 Broadwav, X.Y. Ciiv a.ul Ll.-nroc, Illiaca, 
X.Y. Address: 35 Wall St., X.Y. City. 
BLAIR, Charles L.: 

Chief of division, U.S. Snb-Trea.'inrv; b. 
Mancliesler, la.. .March H, l,-c,3; s. Amos S. 
and Laura (lilo.iu.^r) lilair; grad. Xat. Law 
" LL.B., 1-1; m. 

Cbnelan.l, O.. Iv'l, 
dron: Ricbanl W. 

and 11 



lief of 

.aw and Aulhorili.'; 


iurv. Wall St., X.Y 


Commr. .Mem. 


: 225 W. IGJth St. 

BLAIE, DeWitt Clinton: 

Banker: b. Blairstown, Warren Co., X. J., 
1A3G; s. John Inslev and Ann Blair: crad. 
Princeton, liX; m. Isol, Mary Anna Kimball; 
children; C. Ledvard (Princeton, 'Ho), 
John Inslev (Princeton, '9~). Engaged in 
banking in lirm of Blait & Co.; also director 
Warren R. K. Co., St. Louis & Hannibal R'v 
Co., and Sussex Realtv Co. Club: Prince- 
ton. K.sidence: E. 01st St. Address: 
2i Broad St., X. Y. City. 
BLAIE, Ezra C: 

Lawyer: h. Ithaca, X. Y., Oct. 7, 1S74; s. 
Charles H. and Emma (Cornell) Blair; ed. 
Ithaca Public schools and Cornell Univ., 
LL.B., 15S7; m. X. Y. Citv, Sept, 15, 11105, 
Lillian J. Milne. Admitted to bar, l^Oi) ; 
mem. of llrm Blair, Lyman & Blair. Served 
through the Spanish War as private. in -Vstor 
Baiterv. Democrat. Mein. Psi Upsilon 
lr:iternitv. Club: Cornell University ( for- 
merlv sec). Address; 35 Wall St., X. Y. 
BLAIE, James A.: 

Banker; m. Isabelle B. Mvcrs; one son, 
Janies A, Jr. Jlem. firm of Blair & Co. 
Director Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling Kv 
Co.. Central of Cicoriria R'y Co., St. 
Louis & San Francisco K. R. Co., Seaboard 
Air Line Kv Co., .Metropolitan Street R'y 
Co. (Kansas Citv), Underground Elec R'vs 
Co. (London). Pressed Steel Car Co., First 
1S7(;; s. DeWitt Clinton and Mary Anna 
Xat. Bank, The Securities Co., Corn Prod- 
ucts Co.; trustee X. Y. Life Ins. Co., Con- 
tinental Trust Co., X. Y. Secnritv and Trust 
Co. Cluus: iletropolitan. Morris Co. Golf. 
Residence: 9 W. r.Oth St. Address: 2i 
Broad St., X. Y. City. 
BLAIR, John Insley: 

Banker (reiired); b. X. Y. Citv. Dec. 22. 
1-711; s. DeWitt Clinton and .Marv Anne 
(KimbaiU lilair; grad. Princeton, A.B., In;!-*; 
inploy of niair & C„. 



I, I'.ioi), 

to rj»,j; 
cquot, U 

e then in 

travid : 

r-.ity, Br 





u-eton. Middav, X. 
iUadow Brook, Kockawav Hunt 
Address: C K. Cist St., .N. Y. City. 
BLAIE. Odell P..: 

Lawy.r; h. Town of Slieldon, ■^"vomin? 
Co., .\. v., Oct. IM. 15CS; s. Gcorse A. and 
JIarian (Jones) Blair; ed.' iiuLlii; schools and 
Columbian (now George Washington) Univ., 
LL.B., la'JS; m. Attica, X. Y., Oct. 10, IfcOl, 
Antoinette Tag^'art: children: Charlton G., 
b. ISM, Richard, b. 190:1, Eldon K,, h. 19i 5. 
Admitted to bar, ISK; ensaied in practice 
of law in BulTalo from i;'ja. Republican. 
Mem. Erie Co. Bar Ass'n, Y".;M.C.A. Ad- 
dress: 930 EUicolt Square Bld'g, Buftalo, 
K. Y. 
BLAKE, Henry W.: 

Teclinical journalist; b. New Haven, Conn.; 
isn.3; s. Henry T. and Elizabeth C. (Kin-'S- 
ley) Blake, grandfathers were Eli Wl.itncv 
Blake, LL.l). (inventor) and .Jaiii.s h. Kin-s- 
ley, LL.D. (Latinist); ed. 11.: ..i;., i,, ...,:,;.,r 
Sch., and liiilhouse High •■- , , . , . . ii ; 

grad. Yale, Ph.B., 

elec. eng 


liOi, Ja 

m. N. Y. City, June 1, l,-;.l. 
children: Henry Kingsley, h, 
ricrrepont, b. lAi, Adelaide, b 
leaving Mass. Inst. Technologv became 
ciated with the Sprague Elec. R'y 
Motor Co. in constructing el 
its consolidation with the" Ed 
Co., remained with latter oo 
s work, prcpa 

Gen. Elec. 
ly. Whilo 
_ _ . . ^ - - and deliv- 

ered two courses of lectures on clc.'tric rail- 
ways, at Mass. Inst, Technologv.- Sinre 
ISSl, editor-in-chief Street Railwav" 
Director McCraw Publishing Co.' Republi- 
can; I'resby'n. jrem. X. Y. Railroad Club, 
New England Street R'y Club; as-^oc. mem. 
Am. luM. Elee. Eng-rs, Am. Street and In- 
terurban R'y Ass'n. Union Tntenrationale 
de Tramways ct de Chcmins de Fcr d'Jnterrt 
Local. Clubs: Lawvers, Eni-ineers' (X Y" 
City), Englewond, En-lewooil Field, (En^lo- 
v.-ood, N. J.). Residence: En:rlewond. X! J. 
.\ddress: 239 AV. SDlh St., X. Y. City. 
BLAKE, J. Eddy: 

Phy.^ician and sur.-eon: b. .Tersev Citv 
June 12. I^73; s. James A. "(A.M.', 

M.U.I and Alice E. (Eddv) Blake 
and bigh schools; X. Y". Univ., 
Columbia Univ.. M.D., IfOS; Unii 
Germany, M.D. (with honor), l:.( 

nd G( 

any, lOd. 




n. .\tlen.ling 


ian. Bro 



■th. Ep 

scopal H.une. 


. Kings 



■d. Ass' 

n, lirooklvn Pathol. 

Soc., B 



1 Hosp., 

Internes Clu 

,, N. -S 

'. State 



s'n, ,^ m 

Med. A.ssn. 


ess : 3)'J 



son Av. 

Brooklvn. X. 


BLAKE, Joseph Atigtistii 



i; b. San Fr 





l?i;l; s. 

William P. ati 

d Char 

lone III 



tko; ::r 

d. V:,l.-. P.. \ 

. 1--.'' 




1. Rhys. 

and Snr-. . C. 
1", Callia'-ine 






Jr.. and Fr;.n 

is H. 

.d.' P.'.r 




surg.'on St. 


and H 



ispis., ni] 

V of Roosevelt 


an.l CO 



1 to St. l.nkc 

's 11,.., 

p.; i.n.f. 




I'hys. pud 


. (Colu 


Univ.). Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, Ass' 

n Am 

Anatomists, Am. Surg. Ass'n, Am 


Clinical Surgurv, X. Y. Acad. Medicine 

X. V 

Acad. Sciences, Countv and State Med. 


X. Y. Surg. Soc. Clubs; Yale, Univ 


Pviding, Metropolitan. Address: 6ul 


sou Av., X. Y. City. 

BLAKE, Katherine D. XJmsted: 

Educator, writer; b. X. Y. Citv, Julv 10, 
18.)S; d. Frank Geolfrey yuav Umsted and his 
wife, Lillie Bevercu.K (afterwards Mrs. Lillio 
Devcreux Blake); ed. in .Miss Walker's 
Sch., and St. Marv's Sch., and grad. Xor- 
mal Coll., IbTO; studied at Sch. of Peda- 
gogy, X. Y. Univ., lt57-SS. Became princi- 
pal Public Sch. 0, 1S94; organized the first 
Evening High Sch., for Women in X. W 
City, 1^07; chmn Cora, of Teachers and 
Princip.ils that framed and presented to 
Mayiir Grace the monster petition asking for 
the ai>plm't of women on B'd of Ed'ii, 
which resulted in apptm't of Miss Dodge 
,d :.Irs. Agnew as Comm'rs of Ed'n; called 




jnd principals who made the lirst effort 
to secure adequate salaries for city teachers; 
ipoke in reply to President Roosevelt when 
lie addressed the Xat. Edn'l Ass'n; compiled 
the first statistics showing number of dark 
Md badly lighted rooms in public schools, 
end called the attention of superintendents 
ind B'd of Ed'n to them. Contb'r to peri- 
idicahs, verse and prose. V.-p. Ass'n 

of X. 

Special X. Y. City Com. 

charter mem. Soc. Polit. Studv; mem. E.xec'. 

Com.. Xcrmal Coll. Alumnae. Address: 

100 Lexington Av., X. Y. City. 

ELAKE, Lillio Daverettx: 

Born RMc.^h. X. C, Aug. j:, lS3o; d. 
Geor,-e Pullak an.l Sarah Elizabeth (John- 
son) Dcvevenx; descendant on paternal side 
from 'William Devereu.v, who accompanied 
William the Conqueror from France to Eng- 
land in l.'iJf.; and on mother's side from 
Rev. Samuel .lolinsnn, first president of 
King's (now Columbia) Coll.. and his son, 
William Samuel Johnson, one of first '^wo 
senators from Coin., and later pres. C.ilum- 
bia Coll.; also, on both sides, descendant of 
.Tonathan Edwards; ed. Miss Apthorp's Sch.. 
Xew Haven, Conn., and took Yale Coll. with private tutor; m. 1st, l-.).5, 
Frank G. (J. Umsted. lawver. of Philadel- 
phia (died. 1S.-.9); m. 2d, X. Y. Citv. Gren- 
lill Blake (died. isnc). Since 1^70, interested 


i of imp, 
ask the 


.if wr 
ning tlu 


ring legislation 

wiios WHO IX m:\v youk 


the S'jrrivnr. whetlier wiilow or widower. ; 
p,[ualiiv of ii.hciil:»i.-e. Was pres. N. Y. 
Womnii SulTraui: Ass'n 11 yoars. and ot" city 
brauch 14 years: founder and honorary 
pres. Soc. for I'olitiial Study; pres. Xat. 
Lesislalive League since foundation, _19«X\ 
and of X. Y. branch same : pres. X. Y'. 
City Mothers' Ciub; has traveled all over 
U. 'S. speaking in behalf of advancement! 
of ■women; has addressed committees of both | 
branches of Con.n"css. and of legislatures of 
N. \"., Conn., and X. C. Author: S^outh- I 
■wold, 1SJ9; Rockford. 1663: Fe:tered for 
Life. ISTS: Woman's Place To-day, lK^3; A 
Darins Experiment. 1>9I. Address: leO 
Lexington Av., X. Y'. City. 
ElJmE, William Phipps: 

Geologist, mineralngi.^t: 1>. X. T. City. 
June 1. ISiS: s. Elihu and Adeline X. (Mi.x) 
Blake; cd. schools in Xew York and at Yale. 
Ph.B., 1S32 (honorary il.A., Uartmouth: 
D.Sc. Univ. of Pa.); m. S. Berwick. Me., 
Dee. 25, liJJ. Charlotte Haven Lord Hayes; 
three sons livin?: Francis H., Joseph A., 
Theodore Whitney. Geologist and mineralo- 
gist for r. S. Paciuc Ry exploration and 
surveys, l^">3; editor Mining ilagazinc and 
Journal of Geology. l^."i<i-W; engaged in 
exploration of Corastock Lode. Xevada, ISOO; 
mining eng'r to Japaiiesc Gov't, l><a; made 
exploration in China and Alaska, 1S(>3; prof, 
geology and mining. Coll. of Calif., IS'.I: 
organized Seh. of .-Vgriculture and CoU. Me- 
chanic .\ris for Coll. of Calif.: prof, geol- 
ogy and mininr. 1<!)<;-1!>>1 ; prof, geology 
ciuerittis since IiXCn Univ. of .Vriz. : connected 
oflicially with the great international ex- 
positions from 15'^ to l'."'*. Author of 'nu- 
merous papers and articles on scientific and topics. Mem. Am. Philos. Soc. 
fellow Geol. Soc. of London; cor. mem. Geol. 
Soc. F.dinbnrirh: fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. 
Inst. Mining Kngrs. Address: Mill Rock. 
Xew Haven, Cona. 
EI.AKER, Ernest: 

Asst prol". physics. Cornell Univ.: b. Xew- 
town. Bucks Co., Pa. ; s. Alfred and Anna 
P. (Hibbs) niakcr; gmd. Univ. of Kansas, 
B.S.. 15K; Cornell Univ., Ph.D.. 1!Hp1 ; ni. 
Kansas City. Kan.. Sept. 1. UKW. Adelaide 
Marion Cornell ; one daughter, Marion Ade- 
laide, b. Xov., V>'i. Mem. Kansas City 
(Mo.) Board ot Trade. lJll7-»^: ass't in 
phvsics IMij rjill. instructor lOol-ic!. ass't pnif. 
physics from IJoS. Cornell I"niv. tpi.wo- 
palian. ^lem. Am. Phvsical Soc, A.A.-V.S,. 
Beta Theta Pi. Siima Xi. F. and A.M. 
Clubs: Town and Gown .Ithaca. X. Y.). 
Address: 1":; O.ik .Vv.. Ilhaca. X. Y. 
BIi-VKESLEE. Francis Durbiu: 

Clergvman. educator: h. Vestal. X. Y.: s. 
■Rev. Geori:e Harmon and Hester Ann tCar- 
giln Ulakeslee. prop:red for college at 
Wvoming Sem.. Kingsloti. Pa.; grad. Syra- 
cnse Univ.. .V.B., IST.;. A.>r.. ijT..: U.D.. 
Weslevan I'niv., Litt.D., l..wa \V.-;leyan 
Univ.. Ifri.".; m. (^ciic-:eo. X. Y.. S>;u. i>. 
1M». .\ngnsta M. liiiM.,iid: children: I'rof. 
George llul.bard Blakeslee. .\.U.. .\.M.. Ph 1>. 
(prof. hist..rv. Clark Uliiv.i: .Mbert 
A.n.. .V.M., Ph.D. (prof, bolanv Stite .\::r'l 
Coll.. Storrs. Conn.). Theodora Louise. HA.. 
(teacher Flench and German. Hiirh school, 
Wmstevl. Conn.). t.'!erk of quartermaster. 

5iith X. Y. Eng'rs. at Rappahannock Station. 
Va.. Dec. lioo, to Feb. Lv.l: clerk. li.-M.- 
Gen.'s OiKce. Washingloo. D. C Feli. 1^.1. f 
July, l?«o. Pastor M. K. Clitirch. Canisteo. 
X. Y., ISflS; iiriucipal Whitnev's Point 
Union Sch.. 1SC9-T0: pastor M. E. Churcii 
Groveland, X". Y'., lt71-73: principal E. Green- 
wich ;R. I.) Acad.. lirj-S4; abroad traveling 
and studving. 1JS4-5J: pastor Thames St. 
M. E. Church. X'ewport. R. I.. IS^ti-.^T; again 
principal E. Greenwich Acad.. l!j?-99: pres. 
Iowa Wcsleyan Univ.. 1«101900: pres. Caze- 
novia v X. Y. ) Sem.. 19;<>-oS: sup't Bingham- 
ton Dist. Anti-Saloon League from ^ 1^':^. 
lecturer and platform speaker. Republican: 
Jtcthjdist. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc. 
Delta Kappa Kpsilon. Dele::ate to Gen. Coni. 
M. E. Church (Omaha), l^y:!: mem. Central 
X. Y. M. E. Church. Address: Bing- 
hami.):i. X. Y. 
BIAKESLEE. Harvey D.. Jr.: 

La«ver: b. Bunalo. X. Y.. Jtar. 22. 1S77: 
s. li^.rvev D. and Sarah Louise (Tavlor) 
Blakeslee: grad. Central High Sch.. Buffalo. 
l?!)l: Univ. of Rochester. A.B.. 19U0: BuiTalo 
Law Sch.. LL.B.. lOiri: unmarried. .Vdniiited 
to bar. Vjrfl. practising in BuiTalo. ever since. 
Lecturer on law of crimes. Buffalo Law Sch.. 
from IIK^X Elected s:!i>er\-i5or "i-ith Ward. 
Buti'alo. Xov., l'.*'.'*: elected supervisor of 10th 
Ward. Bull'alo. Xov.. IWT. Republican Clubs: 
Lawv.ns. Universil.v. Address: SS Erie 
County Bank Bld'g. Uufi'alo, X. Y. 
BLAKCHAED. George. W.: 

Plivsi.ian: b. Kinglield. Me.. Julv S. ISC.*: 
s. Weslcv and Edora M. (Webster). Bl.iuch- 
ard; grad. Eowdoin, A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa). 
ljt»<: Harvard. A.B.. 1-01: Maine Med. Sch.. 
M.D.. IJDJ; m. Haverhill. Mass.. Anna W. 
Merr.vman: children: William W.. b. ISXi. 
Kenneth, b. l^W, Frances, b. 190O. Theodore, 
b. I'.i'ii. Mem. Am. McJ. Ass'n. Am. Soc 
of the Ront::en Ray. .\ta. Electrotherapeutie 
Ass'n, Am. Urological Ass'u, X. Y. State and 
Orange Co. ifed. Ass'ns, Xewburgh Bay 
Med. Soc Mem. ALiine Soc. of X. Y. 
Club: Xewburgh Ciiv. Address: Highland 
Falls -X. Y. 
EIiANCHASD. James Armstrong: <- 

Jurist: b. l£emlers..n. JelVerson Co. X. Y'.. 
1<13: s. Philip and Catharine (Drummond) 
Blanchar.I; ed. public schools, Ripou C.dl. 
Prep. Sell.: Ripon (Wis.) Coll.. A.B.. Ijri: 
Law Sch.. Colnmtiia I'niv.. LUB.. lS7:t: LL.D. 
Ripon. l"*-.': m. 1<>1. Sallie Mcdbcrv; one son. 
Me.lbcry Uranchan'.. b. IS-l. Engaged in prac- 
tice of law. 1>^7;M>J: appi'd judge of Gen. Ses- 
sions by Gov. Roosevelt. I?:";", and scr\-ed one 
Year; in Sept. r> (K apitt'*! a justice Supre:c.e 
Court X. Y., by Gov. Roosevelt, and elected 
Xov.. UK'l, to same ortice for term exiiiri:»g 
Dec. SI. 1915. Enlisted iMii. .and serve.l .•:..• 
year in Co. I. 2d Wis. Cav. Republic:,!:. 
Eiiisropalian. Trustee St. John's tJuil.l. 
Mem. .\ss'n Bar Cilv of X. Y.. I.afavell- 
Post. G.V.R., etc. Tmslee St. .Torins Guild, 
Clubs: Union League. Republican; Oak- 
land tlolf: Residence: 11 E. S'-Jd St. Ad- 
dress: County Court Hrmse, X. Y. City. 
EL.VNCHAED. Joseph N.: 

I'ici-L-vuian; b. .Vlbaiiv. X. Y.; s. Brig.- 

Gen. .Instus W. and Olivia (Baker) Blan- 

chaid: ed. Amherst Coll.. A.B.. K-Tl. A.M.. 

1.-71, D.D., I«"5; Berkclev Divinilv Sch., 



Aviio-s M-iio i.\ \!£\v Yoinr 

Middletown, Conn.. 1S71; m. St. James'. For.l 
ham, .N. -i., June 3, ISSO Louise Anderson, 
tpiscoijalian i-lersv]:iap : suciv-ss'tcIv len,,,: 
t';nit-'\",'"h' ^i^'V'"' -^' ^■■- «t J"%^.'"'^d"^ 


16SC, 1Sb9, 1902, iri.i.-,- ivn^ m^,n Cl'l,'- ' 
Com.. Bincese o. Michi^.,n; p-^s. Vvfroit 
t^on^'phiNH •?".:• '"7- -^■o'-'h^^st CoL-oei- 
Churrh r,. P "• J^ '"''"■ ^''"- *3om. 

ELANCHET, Clement TheopWUis: . 
,c, -,'":-•'■'.",•'".• '^- -}':'J:l^v.^.skr., ile., April ?3. 
IMj, s. Alexis and .Marie L.'ofTdp ff>iil..Ho\ 
Blanchct; ed. St. Saviour's Coll ,' SP V mV 
VwU\'""t,""?' l?'"' Chicago, 111.'; Nashotah 
OVis.) Theol. Sem., B.D.. IS'S; m. loko- 
hama, Japan by Et Kev. C. M. Williams, 
U.D., Jjisliop ot \eddo, April 2, 1S77 Annie 
Van .Ness .Maltb.v of X. Y. CitV: child "n • 
Amue -Van Ness. Jr., b. Tokio, Japan, Mar 
13, li5,8, (librarian, \ Y Cilv) /iv'.isti 
Louise b. Tokio. Japan, Oct. lo', is7n,' o.ow 
Mrs. John T. Maylott, of Balnraore, ild 
Mane hlizabeth Hall, b. Apponan- R I 

^;'^^an.'^f3.^?^:i::;r;uLd' alij'^i^^^t '^;; 

ii;-u'""'"'',%.^°"' ?'•■ -^I---e"'s 's"^"fi"r 
Oirls, and Innitv Diviniiv in conncc 
Afr^r"".',!!,' ''•■•l'"';''^^ Mission of Episcopal Ch. 
Alter ten jears returned to Anerii-a 
Tisiling prineipal places in China. Jndia' 
Egypt, Liiropeai. Continent, and Oreai 

Bol',r.-„n./.'a'kj""S?or.^e':-l°c's5l5-. ^recr^^'t' 
PcndVnt 'k^-1 'Ti!"-"'.f 7 . since l/oi^Ind" : 
p.iKlent Kepubhcan. Life mem. Asiatic Soe 
of Japan; n-.em. Standing Com. and e.xam- 
inmg chaplain, 1S7S-3, in Japan Mission. 
Mem. .\. -i Clericus. Hudson Universitv 
Do;- f ;'<'P'">- srand master, Columbia 
iJislnct, and past clianl-iin Ki-nn^ t«i 

lL^7--^'k'" -^^ ^" ' P-V"re's. \f^?,:: 
\ff T-.^f?"' -,°- ■■"'=' "'"" P'"*' chaplain 
.Nal. Irotectire Lecion. Writings: P. inrs 

Tc, n°f ''u'^""'r.f? ^""'''r ^"""' t'haracteris". 
'■r^ °;."'e Chinese; Buddhism in Janui- 

Missi? T'' T "' ?-'''."-^"i'""l «-ork in For- "n 
firnnH f,' V-'n^'^H™ of Catechism on Con- 

flstii'al Terms int > Jiinnfo ,..;.i. /-w ■ 

Fninvnlei.lf 'IM. r.1 ' ' "'"' ChlllPSO 

f,''".""^ •^•, ..^1'^ O'^ervance of the Lord's 

me^^ 'u:u:Zr^;:i^'c^.:^: "k::i:Jc:^- 
n^iir-^oiuini:^; ^o:'rt ^"^'^^^^^ ^^'•- 

ELANCHET, John Eaiitiste- 

ri.r.-.vman, author; "l, .s,. Anne, HI., Juno 

C ,1. Hobart C..II (with honors) A.B.; 
l^of- a'ttend i''| ' :^'- •^"'"''' *^""- -^f■'■• 

Loon. Ordered deacon. May "" l<tJl-' ..t!, 

I ^^'".fcedral SS Peter and Paul, Chica-<, 
I J^>.>, c-damed pncst in \1I Saints' CiH ' 
dral, Albany. X. y., ^J' is it%- n ^c" 
rector All Saints' Ch., Mariners' Harbor 
t>ec. and trustee Archdeaconry of Richmond 
Pbi"-T^^;f- -"p"'!- ?°'"' ■■""' "••5°"»' ScTen" ■ 
o i r P"" ^°! '■■■■'"■■■"i'.v. -ALisonic and 
Oud Pcllowo orders. Author: For His Sak,, 
(dedicated to the Y. M. C. A.); The Cruc! 
iHT^: "\"'' '■'"•'"y Three Hours Service- 
Li e .,11 J loems of William Cullen Brvant' 
Holy .Noel; The Sacred -n-reath- Fi-emli 
Drills, Pastoral Card Record, etc 'Address' 
Manners' Harbor, S. L, .N. Y. City 
SLASHFIELD, Albert Dodd: 

r^' Rr if ■ 'i'"^ ^'I'-'' (^°<^^^ Blashtield 
ed Brooklyn Polytechnic and Alexander .Mil 
dents' ^r- -"^ '"-■•"; ••"■t ed'n at Art Stu- 
dents Leasue; ni. Brooklyn, 1»90, Elinor 
Ansado; one daughter, Marion, b. IS)-' Il"s 

t,on for tlie Icadnifr ticriodic-ils \,l,lr...o- 
C7 Willow St., Brooklyn, NY ^"<'"-''^- 
BL.4SHriELD, Edwin Howlaeud: 

fil 1 1 4""'-'' V"^ ''-''^•■> <I>odd) Blash- 
field ed. Boston Latin Sch. and Mass. In. 
of Technology, Boston; went abroad l"h7 
and studied under Leon Bonnat- ni 'Piri^' 



cm"/''. '''''■';■ .'^^■"'•'■'■s Columbian Exp'n, 
Library,' ^^":).;ni,on "'^ank' oF"rS?::i;' 
of "Mi'mf' ■( =.f 7':;, ?"?'■"■ S'nte Cap'itoi 

in Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, .N. Y citv- 
c^.hic.suppe,^,™m, house of W IC S^derl 

^c^p/l V : if'"^ \ ^ci^^i^ol'^vr- "' 

nf f-itv- nf I. .- ,' *-"^! courthouse 

Y rill , '■"^<'"'°"' Appellate Court. X. 

;,'„i '^ , ^ ,^'^^"''' ^ J''^'<"s of 'he Painters- 

,.ct„r'.J r , " i Soc Am. Artists, Archi- 

t' League. Soc. Mural Painters So,. 

•ainters ,, U'ater Colors; hon mem Am' 
Inst, .\i-chitccts. liesidencp- Jo \\' -. C 
St. ^.Address (stujl!;,T'S,;egif BM^g,=t 
ELATCH, Harriot Stanton: 
Tin ''■.»"''-i,,''';'"'T'''tt''- ^'■"''" Falls. X. Y., 
(Ci'.lvf' S, ,' ''■ "'■,"'•>• "• •'""' Klizabctl 
((ady) Stanton: srad. Vassar C.,11 V 1! 

Totll n- r'-t ^T "■'" "^■" K.-'ppaf; ,' 
,l'm' I.e.. "v"''' '.""-• ^^'^ "■ ''■h'lch',,,; 


;;■-;. Schools Cm., „n the ]■:;,,!■ Cm ,"f 
l-.-.b.,an .Soc, Women's Industrial rnj,- Lo- 
cal l,overn,nent-S,K.., Women's SiuTragc .So- 
1-ranclus,. League. Made study of villa'-e 
cmiditions i„ Kugland i.n.ler Charles Bo th 
the statistician. On Exec. B'd Women's 


1 Kca 


Trade Union Lefl:;ue of New York; mein. oi 

Com. of Fifty to aLolisn tiarks on 11th 

Av.; v.-p. Equal Sutfra_'a Li'a?ae. prcE. 

Kquality League of Self-aupporting Women 

wliich numbers 17,000 members in C.'realer I lo'!S-90: Ksi 

Xon- York. Club: AVo.-nen's Ur.iversilv. 1 l.'^OO, to Ap 

Address: lOG E. I'jth St., ^. Y. City. ; June 30, IS-S 

BLAUSS, John Lincoln: 

Kditor; b. X. V. City, Feb. 16. ISiJS; ed. 
public schools and Waliuf-e Coll., Borea, 
Ohio; m. Katherine R. Uirn, of Brooklyn; 
one dauirUter, Ethel Kecina, b. lEUl. Was 
editor Auurican Hanker, IbSS-lOOi; now 
editor The Daily Banker and Stockholuer, N. 
Y. Citv. lias compiKd statistic.-, of banking 
for the annual financial review of the X. Y. 
Times and is editor of The r!ank.i2ine, puh- 
lishod in X. Y. City. .Sec. and tiirector 
Anthony Sturapf I'ublishinj; Co., ii Pino St., 
X. Y. City. Independent in politics. Ad- 
dress: 2J0 WeirfielJ St., Brooklyn, iJ. Y. 
BLAXIVELT, Lillian Evans: 

Prima donna b.p'ano; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Mar. IG, IfTS: d. Peter and Elizabeth Blau- 
velt; ed. public schools and Nat. Conserva- 
tory of Music, X. Y. Citv, under M. Jacques 
Bouhy in X. Y. Citv, and Paris: m. 1st, 
Royal Smith; 2d. William F. Pendleton, of 
N. Y. Citv. Sani in concerts in all iarae 
cities of Continental Kurope and L'. S.. and 
at Court of Italv and Enjland; sans at 
Handel Festival. ' Crvstal Palace, London, 
June, IPOO; re.'eived decoration of order of 
St. Cecilia, Rome, April 7, 1001 (only 
woman ever so honored). Address' -1 
Hamilton Terrace, X. Y. City. 
BLEAKLEY, Louis H.: 

Justi t> of tlie peace; b. Verplanck, West- 
chester Co., X. Y.. June IS, 1S71 ; s. Louis 
H. and Blanche (Walker) Bleaklcv; grad. 
of Verplanck public schools and Uejents' 
Hidi Sch. E.xam. Clerk and later gen. 
salesman wholesale grocery house. X. Y. 
City, IfSS-W; mg'r of and prop'r Empire 
Grove. 3 years; since then, general grocer 
at Verplanck, X. Y. Appt'd justice of the 
peace, April. VJ"2, to llU out unexpired term 
of father, who died Dec, 1901; elei-ted to 
same position. Xov.. 1903. Republican 
leader, Olli Election Dist., Town of Cort- 
land! ; mem. Town B'd and B'd of Health, 
same town. Mem. (Dutch) Reformed Ch. 
Mem. Sons of Veterans. li. P. O. Elks, 
Eagles. Address: Vcr|,lanclc, N. Y. 
BLEECKER, John Van Bcnthuysen: 

RearAdmiral J. S. X., retired ; b. Glen 
Cove. X. Y., Auc 10, 1M7; s. John Van 
Br'nthuvson and Sarah Rosalie (Lynch) 
Blee.-ker; prep, cd'n St. Paul's School, 
Concord, X. H.; entered U. S. Xaval Acad., 
Oct. 9, 1SC.3; grad. 1M,7; m. Broukline, Mass., 
Oct. 2. 1,'>73, 



aree, N. Atlantic St; 

hip Minnesota, lS;3-il; Hartford, Pa- 
Station, li,':t-i7; insp. of new steel 
rs, Pittsburgh, k-S7-;s; torpedo station. 
' " ' Atlantic Station, April, 

); promoted lieut. comd'r, 
June 30, l^ni ; Xavv Yard, Boston, Aug., 1593- 
eu; course at War College. Jane to Sept., 1591; 
S.-in Francisco. E'TOpean Station, Julv, 1590- 
97; commissioneu commander. Doc.,' 1^97; 
comd'g U. S. S. Bancroft, Jan., l.'^9S, to 
April, 1S9S; Xavy Yard, Portsmouth, X. H., 
1;9S1S99: com'd Isla de Luzon, Asiatic Sta- 
tion, 1=991901; comd'5 Marietta, June-Oct.. 
1901; commissioned captain, June 5, 1902; 
War College, 1002; captain of yard, also insp. 
of ordnance, Xavy Yard, Puget Sound. 
Wash., Oct., 1902. to Mav, 19o5; comd'g 
Columbia, June, 190.5; retired at own re- 
quest as rear-admiral, 40 vears' service, 
July. 1903. Clubs: Armv & Xavy, Plavers, 
Lambs (X. Y. Citv). .Vddress; care Xavv 
Department, Washington, D. C. 
BLEECKER, Pierre McDonald: 


N. Y.,; 

John Ste 

1S79, Els 





































1S74 ; 




















■ 1 

e Lynch (now 
uth. R. \.). b. 

N. Atlantic Station, 

istus and Alethea H. (Popl'.am) 
Bleecker; ed. St. Stephen's Coll.. Annan- 
dale, X. Y., B. A., 1S70, M. A., lt.79: l^eii. 
Theol. Scm.. lS7(i-79; m. Ogden, Utah. 1--1. 
Abigail A. Lees (died 1S91 ) ; one dau-hter. 
Aletliea Popliam, b. 1SS6; m. 2d. 1S9S, Ph.cbe 
Proat. Ordered deacon, 1S79, ordained 
priest, ISSl. in Episcopal ministry; assc 
minister Ch. of the God Shepherd. Ogden. 
I'tah, lS79.'-2; niissinnarv in charge St. John's 
Jlission, I.ngan, Utah, 'and Ilidy Innocent.= ' 
Mission, Blackford. Ida., 1SS2-S7; St. James' 
Ch., Upper Montclair, X. J.. lS87-fD; St. 
Margaret Ch., Staatsburgh, X. Y., 1S.-9-97; 
rector Christ Ch., Schenectadv, X. Y., 1-97- 
1901; missionarv in cliarge of St. Paul's Cli.. 
Ravmertown. X. Y., and Ch. of the Hnlv 
Xarae, Bnvnttinvillc. X. Y., 1901-07; sinc'e 
1907 curate St. Luke's Ch., McchanicsviUe. 
X. Y.. and associated parishes: Schaghticoke. 
Stillwater. Round Lake, and East Line. Ad- 
dress: McchanicsviUe, Saratoga Co., X. Y. 
BLENNER, Carle Joan: 

Arti.-,t; b. lli.-hraond. Va., Feb. 1, ISCt- ed. 
Marburg. Germany; grad. Yale Art Sch.; 
.tulian's Acad., Paris; exhibited Paris Salon, 
]"7vS.--n91; World's Columbian E^p'n, 
I-'!; medal at Boston. 1S91; Ilallgarten prize. 
IviD, Xat. Ai'ad. of l)esi'.;n. Clubs; Plac- 
ers. S.ihnagnndi. Yale Alumni. Address: 
oS W. 57lli St., X. Y. City. 
BLESSING, James Henry: 

.Manufa.uirer; b. (iuilderland, Albanv Co., 
X. Y.. Sept. II. iS37; s. Frederick L and 
Lucindia (Smith) Blessing; ed. in scleet 
school at Albanv until 11 vears old. wb.Mi 
owing to father's death, had to go to w.nk; 
after that self-taught: m. 1st. Albanv, X. 
Y., Sept. iri, IS.-)7, Martha Hntson; chiblri'n: 

Martha, b. ISdO, Lucinda (dieil in childlj Il; 

ni., 2d, Piltsfield. Mass.. (),-t.. 1»70. Marv 
Gilson. Apiirenlice to machinist trade, l-:.2- 
,'i7; worked at trade and has sineo taken 



ilh ste 

■am loop, brin 

ging gi 


ip "^o!'^:;;^a 

B'd of S,.pci 

'li'ze.i ■ 



WHO'S WHO IX xi:w york 

of Ij.iar.l. ISOr.) : iiiavov, Il-ai-iaiil, bcin.T first 
K.puljIi.iMi el.Lli-d uuivoi- of Albnnv in t?, 
veurs. Served in V. S. X:.vv in Civil Wivr, 
]>« CI. Jfcm. Am. Soc. llecli. Kns'rs, Soc. 
of Kiii,-'rs of Kastevn X. Y., All.iinv Hist, 
and Art Soc. Address: Albany, N. Y. 
BLEYER, J. Mount: 

Plivsician; b. Pilsen, Austria, ^rarrh Ifi, 
1'5'J; s. S:imuc-1 and Sophia (Zeimer) Bleycr; 
ed. in rilsu.i Ili-ii .School, Austria; an eclectic 
education in the .sciences in Germany, Trance 
and Knglrnd. law m X. Y., medicine at BcUe- 
vue Husp. Med. C.ll., M.D., 1S83, honorary 
LL.D.; ra. \. Y'. Citv, Sept. IS. 1^^3, Ro.^e 
Floersheim; children: Leivy Mount Bleyor, 
B.D.S., Mignon 8. PractisiTiir medicine in 
N. Y'. City from lt;3, specialist in throat, nose 
and lung diseases. Father of electrorulion ; 
ori^'inator of the svstem, !'«; original mem. 
of Committee appt'd by The Jledico-Leeral 
Soc., X. Y'. City, to -secure its adoption. 
Mem. Koyal Acad, of Medicine, Naples. 
Italy; corresponding mem. Acad, of Jledicine, 
Mexico; v.-p. Medico-Legal Soc. -V. Y. City; 
mem. and corr. mein. I'tJ scientitic .societies in 
France. Italy. J[esci,-o, etc. Addfss: SM 
Lexinjcton Av., N. Y. City. 
BLEYTHING, George Dacre: 

Fhvsician; b. Morris Co., X. J., Oct. 17, 
1S42; cd. private tutor and acad. Trenton, 
N. J., and Columbia Coll. Served as in- 
terne at .'it. Luke's IIosp., N. Y'. City; 
mem. Pathological Soc. County Med. Soc, 
Leno-1 Med. Soc, Alumni St. Luke's Hosp., 
Physicians' Mutual Aid Soc. Address: 
C16 Madison Av., X. Y. City. 
BLISS, Alfred V.: 

Clergyman; b. Bangor, Me., Jan. 23, 1S72 ; 
s. ChaHes ]■.. and Louise A. (Tvler) Bliss; 
grad. Kowdoin Coll., A. B.. ISUl. Andover 
Theol. Sem., S. T. B., I«)7; umiiarried. 
Minister Ccnig'l Ch., Ludlow. Vt.. l-"--Kin3; 
since 19M3, minister I'lvmoulh Congl Ch., 
Utica. X. Y'. Kepublican. Address: S70 
Genesee St.. Utica. X. Y. 
BlilSS, Cornelius Newton: 

Dry goods loinmisMon merchant: b. Fall 
River. Mass., Jan. iU. l-^J; s. Asahel Xew- 1 
ton Bliss (of Kehobotli, Mass.) and Irene 
Borden (Luther) Bliss (of Fall Riv.r. 
Mass.); ed. in public sch..:ils and acad., 
Fall River, Jfass., and high school, Xew 
Orleans, La.; m. Bos;on, Mass.. Mar. 30. 
ISJO. Elizabeth Marv Plunier: childrtu: C. 
X.. .Tr, ; lArnc Plumer Bli.-^s. Commenced 
business life in Xew Orleans: later removed 
to lioslon, thence to Xew York in iMa.; uiera. 
firm of liliss, Fahvan & Co.. dry g.^ com- 
mission merchants. Boston. X. Y'. Citv and 
Chicago. Hirector Fourth Xatioual 'Bank. 
Home Insurance Co.; trustee Central Trust 
Co.; also director in various nlfg co.'s in 
Massachiiselts. Secretarv of the Interior 
in President McKinlev's first admiTiistra- 
tion, March i. I".i7. to Feb. in. l,-!.ll. Repub- 
lican: (reas. KepnbliiMn \at. Cnnimillc.. 1-lJ. 
]f!»;, 19"o, 1001. C.Migrogati.>nalisl; president 
of trustees of Broadwav ■i'abenr.icl,-. X. Y. 
Citv: governor Soc of S'. Y. llosp. Clubs: 
Meiropolilan. Century, rnion League (pros.) 
KepubMcan. (X. Y. Ci(v); .Mrtrop.>litan 
(Washington, D. C.) ; .lekvl Island 
(Georgia 1. Resulenc,.: pis M::,lis,,n Av. 
Address: 117 Huane St., X. Y. City. 

BLISS, Edwin Mnnsell: 

Author, editor; b. lO/.room. Turkey. Sei.t. 
1-3, ISIS; s. Rov. Isaac G. Bliss, D.' D.. of 
Am. Bible Soc; ed. Springfield (Mass.) 
High Sch.; Robert Cull., Constantinople: 
Amherst Coll.. A. B., 1S71 (D. U., :s:)ii i : 
student at Yale Divinity Sch., 1S71-72 an.l 
lS7i-77; m. 1st, I'rumia, I'ersia, .Tune 5. l-s"., 
Marie Louise Henderson, of X. Y. (died 
Dec. 12, ls07); m. Jd, Brockton, Mass., Xov. 
S. 1900. E. Theodora Crosby. Ass't agent 
Am. Bible Soc (or the Levant. 1S7J ?i. 
traveling extensively in Turkey and Persia. 
Engaged from ISSS in editing his Encvclo- 
pedia of -Missions (published l:^91); asso- 
ciate editor The Independent, ISOl-l'.lol : 
e<litorial writer Harper's Weekly and X. Y. 
Times. 1901-02; now connected with Fleming 
11. Revell & Co. Field sec. for Xew Eng- 
land Am. Tract. Soc. Mem. Ecumenical 
Conl'ereiu-e on Foreign ilissinns. X. Y'. Citv, 
19U0 (chm'n Com. on Publication and the 
Press); gen. sec Foreign Missions In- 
dustrial Ass'n. Congregationalist. Author: 
The Turk in Armenia, Crete and Greece. 
1?M: Concise Ilistorv of Missions, 1S97. Ad 
dress: 13S Fifth Av., X. Y. City. 
BLISS, Harriet Chalmers: 

Editorial assistant; b. X. Y'. Citv, Xov. 
2S. 1,S7C: d. J)r. Charles and Harriet .M. 
(Ixopper) Bliss; ed. Jliss Salisburvs 
School. Pittsfield, Mass.. l>>-l-93: The M.irv 
A. Bnrnham School, Xorthampton, Mass.. 
1S93-9.J; Smith Coll.. B. Litt., Is99. Asst 
in editorial department of The Cenlurv 
Magazine. Clnb; Women's Universilv. 
Address: 4iU W. lljth St., X. Y. City. 
BLISS. Henry Evelyn: 

Librarian Coll. City of X. Y'. ; b. X. Y. 
Citv. Jan. 29. Is70; s. Henry Hale an.l 
Evelina '.M. (Davis) Bliss; grad. Coll. Cilv 
of N'. Y. ; m. X. Y. Citv. .June 1, 1901, Ellen 
de Koster; children: Enid, b. 19i)3, Mar- 
garet, b. 19U.). At Citv Coll. as librarian 
since IWl. Address: 'College of the City 
of Xew York, X. Y. City. 
BLISS, Robert Woods: 

Diplomat; b. St. Louis. Mo., Aug. 5, 
l'-7.-,; 5. William llenrv and Annie Louise 
(Woods) Bliss: grad. Harvard Univ., A. B., 
l:»'o. Apiiointed clerk in office of sec. ot 
Porto Rico, Oct., 1900; jirivate sec to 
Governor of Porlo Rico, Sept., 1901; U. S. 
Cinisul at Venice, llal.v, June, 190:!; 2d sec' 
of embassy at St. Petersburg. Russia. Oct., 
19.11; si'C of legation at Brussels. Belgium, 
sini'e Jan., 1907. Republican. Club: Har- 
vard (X. Y. City). Resilience: (i E. G.-.tli 
St., X. Y. City. .Vddress: American Lega- 
tion, Brussels, Belgium. 
BLISS, Walter Phelps: 

Capil.illsl; b. X. V. Citv, Mar. 10. 1S70; 
s. Ge.M-ge and Augusta 11. (Smith) Bliss: 
grad. Y.ile. A IS., 1^9-.;; afterward atlendej 
the X. Y. Law S.h.: m. Detroit. , 
A]iril 29. 1S97, Katharine Baldwin. Di- 
rector Chicago. .Milwank.'e & St. Paul R'v 
Co.. Cleveland, CineiiiiKi I i, Chicago k Si. 
Louis R'v C.,.. Jlaul.altan Trust Co.. Con 
tinenlal Ins. Co.. (.luin.v Mining Co.; v. p. 
Galilev Mountain C.ial Co.. Loup Creek Col- 
li. O'V C.... Call.bilaria .Mining Co.. Corralilos 

C....' ll.T/og T.'lepl Svslfins ('.,., and 

Commenial Union Assurance Co., Lt'd, Lon- 



dun; trustee Union Trust Co., Consiilidatod 
lias Co., find CalfduiHii Jus. Co. ui .Sootialid. 
Clubs: Union, KidniL-, Kncciuot and Ten- 
nis. Residence: Bernard.sville. N. J. Ad- 
dress; 71 Broadway, X. Y. City. 

BLISS, William Dwight Porter: 

Clergvman, lecturer, author: b. Cnn- 
slantinople, Turkev, l»:,i;; s. PJdwin E. (D.i>.) 
and llary Isaljella (I'orter) Bliss; ed. at 
Hubert Coll., Constantinoiile. riiillips Acad., 
Andover, Mass., Amherst, A. B., IsTS, Hart- 
ford Theol. Sem., B. D., 1S»-: ; m. London, 
l'-S4, Mary Panialo, o£ Constantinople; one 
daughter, Enid. After C'ousresational 

pastorates at Denver, Col., .-ind S. Xatick, 
-Mass., entered the Episcopal Chur<-h and 
as ordained in l^SG; rector St. (jeorges 


Consolidated Gas Co., X. Y. Citv, 5.«i3-97; 
ines. Bliss Elce. Car Lighting Co., N. Y. 
City and .Milwaukee, since luul. liepublicau. 
Mem. Am. Inst. Eloc. Eng'rs, X. Y. Kail- 
road Chib, Western K'v Club, Chi Psi fra- 
and .Shriner. Club: 






Boston. lSi-7-90; Chui 
Boston. IfM-liO; San Gabriel, Calif., 1S:1S- 
1900: Amitwille, L. I., from 19U2 to Jan. 
1. 1907, resigning to become sec. of The 
Garden Cities Ass'n of America. Expert 
investigator for U. S. Bureau of Labor in 
Europe and U. S. Director Social Science 
Library Bureau. Has lectured in all parts 
of U. S., Canada and England, on social 
subjects. Xoniinated for It. -guv. of Mass. 
by Labor Party, 1S.57. Christian Socialist; 
Broad Cnurch Episcopalian. Organized first 
Christian Socialist Society in U. S., l.«SO. 
Lecturer for Christian Social Union (P. E.), 
IfW-'M. Prcs. Xat. Social Roform Union, 
1900; edited The Dawn, l--i i";. \ni!i.,r: 
Handbook of Socialism; Ti:i ; •: • in 

Socialism. Editor: .\ineri.:ii, - , : - ■, c 
Library, Encyclopedia of .^ ■. .:ii i; : i:ii ; 
also (with -- - ■ ■ 



tcrnat. Congress f. 
Unemplnvcd; .\lpli.- 
"■ S5, tenni 


X. Y. City 

rnat. Lab 
Delia I 


n, Iii- 
f the 

1 Madison 

BLISS, William Henry: 

Lawyer; b. Cuyali.jga Falls, O., Oct. 27. 
1S44; s. rhilenion and Martha W. Bliss; ed. 
in public schools; ni. 1st, St. I.,ouis, April 
6. Ii7i, Annie Louise Woods; 2d, X. Y'. 
City, April 11, ]s9l, Mrs. Anna Blakslev 
Barnes; one son, Kobert Woods (sec. Am. 
Legation, Brussels), and one daughter, An- 
nie Louise, wife of Charles Warren, of B..s- 
ton. Admitted to bar, 1^71 ; ass't U. S. 
att'y. 1S72-7C., U. S. att'y, lS7(it'7, at St. 
Louis, Mo.: afterward v. -p. and gen. solicitor, 
St. Paul & Duhith R. R. Co., and asso. 
counsel Xortliern Pacilic R. R. Co., at St. 
Paul, Minn.; practising in X. Y'. City from 
1S93. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of X. Y., Jfet. 
Mus. of Art, .Municipal Art Soe.. Am. Geog. 
Soc., Soc. of liibli.ipliilcs, Ohio Society. 
Clubs: Union League, Metropolitan, llrolieV, 
Plavers, Down Town, .\ Club „f 
America, (X. Y. Cilv); M.lropoliuui. Cheyy 
Chase. ( : St. I'...lnl|,l, lU.sloii). 
Address: E. (;oth St., X. Y. City. 
BLISS, William Lord: 


b. 11 



s. .fo 

in and 

•■ Eli/ab 




Acad., Broi 

W; 1 


•hiiic Ir 

.St.. B. S.. 1- 



M. E., 

l>:a: m. Bro, 

f. 1^' 

(i, Gr 

ace L-i\ 

rreiice Kii.. 



. Moto 

■ Co., Llrookl 

X. Y., July in, 
lb ILor.l) 







Address: 527 Filth Av., 
X. Y. City. 
BLOCK, Lester W.: 

Lawyer; b. Albany, X. Y., June 19, ISSO; 
s. Emanuel and Helen ( Wolfshoimer; Bloch; 
grad. Grammar School Xu. 11, 1S94 ; Al- 
bany High Sch., ItOo, Union Coll., Ph.B., 
191,12, Albany I^aw School, LL.B., 19lil. Prac- 
tising law from graduation, -with specialty in 
Federal and corporation practice. Appt'd U, 
S. commr for Xonhern Dist. of X. Y., Dec, 
1905, for a period of four years. Republi- 
can. Jewish religion. Mem. Albany County 
Bar Ass'n, Albany Law School Alumni Ass'n, 
Washington Lodge e.5, F. and A. M. (past 
master). Beta Theta Pi fraternity, Xational 
Legal Fraternity of Gamma Beta Gamma (lord 
high vice-ehaneellor). JLjdeni Woodmen of 
America, Eastern X. Y. Beta Theta Pi Alumni 
Ass'n, Albany High School Alumni Ass'n. 
Clubs: City, Adelphi, Capital Citv, Uncon- 
ditional Republican (sec), Young Men's Re- 
j.ubliean, Woou-lin Inn. Residence: 7M Mad- 
ison Av. Address: j7 State St., Albany, X. Y. 
BLOCK, Maurice: 

La^yyer; b. X. Y. Citv, Oct. 1, l'-71; s. 
Gabriel and Adele (Ginsburger) Block; ed. 
X. Y. public schools and Columbia Univ.; 
m. June 2S, lOUS, Belle Pevser; one son, 
Austen G., b. 19o,3. Has been engaged in 
much important patent and trademark litiga- 
tion, of whicli he makes a specialty. Di- 
re, -tor Xat. Air Brake Co. -Mem. Gen. Com. 
T.uiimany Hall, for ■:otll Assembly Dist.; 
mem. Board of Managers Oscco'la Club 
(Tammany Club), 2lith Assemblv Inst.; 
mem. Local School Board, liJth Dist., X. 
Y. City. Democrat. Jewish religion. E.>:- 
pres. Empire City Lodge, Independent Or- 
der Free Sons of Israel. Address: '231 
Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BLOCK, Otto: 

Architect: b. Rochester, X'. Y'., Dec in, 
1>-V.l; s. Philip and Emilie (Otto) Block; 
ed. in Rocliesler schools; m. Rochester, X. 
Y., April '20, 1S9>. Alice Hadden. Engaged in 
pvaeliee as architect at Rucbester since lb~l. 
Republican. Mem. Am. Inst. Arcliitecrs, 
Rochester Eng'riiig Soc; Yonnondio Lodge, 
F. and A. M. ; naiiiilton Chapter, K. A. .M.; 
Monroe Commandery. K. T., and Scotlisli 
Rile societies. Clubs: Oak Hill Country, 
Rochi-ster Whist. Address: Slj Wilder 
Bid's. Uochester, X. Y. 
BLODGETT, Francis Branch: 

Clergyman; b. Daklii'ld, X. Y'.. IS7.-.: s. 
Aiva John and Calherine (Bent) BlodL-ett: 
grad. Hoi. an Coll., B. A., lj;«. Episc.pal 
■rlieol. S.di., Canil.ri.lL-e, Mass., B. D.. Il.lil2, 


T. B., 


iv li 

ed priest, 1 
slu.p Lawrei 

ce. M 

h:irge "ai 

d re 

■tor Ch. of 




., until Feb 

, li'oi; 

Ml Sainis 

' (^11 

hedial, .Ml.; 

nv, X. 

<ept., 19o: 

: no\ 

• iiislr. ill ( 

;en. Tl 

■dered de 

I. pal 



Chelsea Square, N. 

N. Y. Citv. Addre 

Y. City. 

BLODGETT, Frank Dickinson: 

Kdm-iitor, lecturer; I). Corlland, X. Y., 
Mar. 2a, 1S71: s. Alonzo D. and Eleanor 
(Dickinson) Blodgctt ; ed. Cortland Train- 
ing Sch., IsTS-bu; Cortland Normal S<h.. 
16S5SD; Amherst Coll., IstU-OS, A. B., Is93, 
A. M., IJini; m. Oneonla, X. Y., Au;. 18, 
1^97, Helen JIargueritc Wilco.t; children: 
Dorothv, b. 1901, Edward Dickinson, b. 
19IJ1. ilead Dept Latin and Greek. State 
Normal School, Oneonta, N. V., 1^93•^J|J0, 
Dep't Loi-ic and I'cdaiosics since ]'."«;. En- 
gaged in institute and lecture work during 
ten or twelve years. Kepublican; Preshv'n. 
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Delta Kappa 
Epsilon /ralernilv. Club: Oneouta (pres.). 
Address: 77 Elm St., Oneonta, X. Y. - 
BLODGETT, Tllden: 

Lite Insurance manager; b. X. Y. Citv, 
Eeb. ti, 1S53. Began in service of the Equita- 
ble Life Assurance Soc. as a junior clerk, 
in lbt)9, and has continued with it ever since, 
advancing from that to his present position 
as Metropolitan manager of the X. Y. of- 
fice. One of orLranizers and pres. lhO-1, of 
the Life Assurance Ass'n, was chairman of 
the committee of four which organized the 
Nat. Assn of Life Underwriters, and was 
the first v.-p. of that association. Address: 
12U Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BLOOD, Charles H.: 

Lawyer; h. Itahaca, X. Y., April 7, 1S6C; 
s. Charles Farrar and S. Estella (Ilazen) 
Blood: giad. Curnell Univ., Ph. B.. IssS, 
and LL. li., ]S9M; m. Greenville. S. C, Oct. 
11, 19uJ Lonisc Macbeth. .Vdmitted to bar, 
1S90, and cM_-:ig,-d in practice; dist. atfy 
Tompkins Co., tlircc terms, Ib9.7l9lll; county 
judge and surr.igale, Tompkins Co.. cliclci'i 
in 1901. DirCM-tor in local Corporations. 
Held comnii^.sinn as captain in the Cirncll 
Corps of Cadets. Kepublican. Presbvterian. 
ilcm. X. Y. State Bar Ass'n. Trustee 
Cornell Univ.; director Ithaca Conservatorv 
of Music; trustee Ithaca Savings Bank"; 
mem. Kappa Alpha S,.c. of Cornell Univ. 
Mason, Knight of I'ytlnas: mem. B. P. O. 
Elks and .Maccabees. Clubs: Town and 
Cown, City. Country (Ithaca). Address; 1 
Fountain Place, Ithaca, X. Y. 
BLOOD. Sylvester L.: 

Stockbroker; h. Ballston Spa, X. Y'., June, 
1841; s. Albert P. and .Marg.irct Jane (Thur- 
ber) Blood; m. Ballston. Jan., l,-i;9, Eliza- 
beth M. Squires. Began business career 
1?G7; stock broker in N. Y. Citv; now mem. 
S. L. Blood & Co. Protestant.' Clubs: X. 
Y. Yacht, Lotos, Atlanta Yacht, Hamilton 
(Brooklvn), Crescent Athletic. Kesidence: 
273 Henrv St., Brooklvn, X. Y. Address: 
<M Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BLOODGOOD, M. Seymour: 

LandMai... .nliM: I. .\, V. Citv, l^l.-,: s. 
Cvrenus liloo,K-,„.<l; cd. Nat, .\,a"d. Design, 
Art Sliidenls' l..agu.-, and at l\iris. Frame. 
Landsc,ipi> painter: spent lliree \ears travel- 
ing in Europe sluilving art: previous lo art 
career slu.lied arcliitclurc live years. Mein. 
Art Club, Paris, France. Address: 9« Fifth 
Av., X. Y. City. 


BLOODGOOD, Robert Fanshawe: 

Artist; b. X. Y. Cil%; s. .Simeon DeWilt 
and Eliza (Van Scha'ick) Bloodgood; ed, 
N. Y. public schools. Coll. City of X. Y,, 
Xat. Acad. Design Schools, Art Students' 
League; m. Trinity Chapel, X. Y. Citv, J:in. 
22, l.v^9, Eloise Pirsson : children: J<ilm 
Van Schaick, b. Ib90, Eloise Pirsson, b. 
1591. "Was one of the founders of the Art 
Students' League of X. Y., and was its 
vice-pres. and business director for several 
years. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem, 
Museum of Xatural History, Bronx Park 
Zool Soc, Sons of Revolution. Recreations: 
Tennis, motoring, golf. Clubs: Centurv, 
Nat, Arts, X. Y. Athletic, Salmagundi, N. Y. 
Etcliiug. Address: 111 E. 6Uth St., X. Y. 
BLOOMER, William: 

Farmer, fruit grower; b. Marlborough, 
Ulster Co., X. Y., July 28, 1841; s. Thoiuas 
D. and Mary (Dubois) Bloomer; ed. in 
district school, and one term in select school 
at Milton; m. Newburgh, X. Y., Delilah Fer- 
guson; children: Susan Amilia, b. 1897, Helen 
Gould, b, 1899. Engaged in farming in Ulster 
County from boyhood. Supervisor 1672, 18.3. 
1875 and 19UU-0I ;" trustee district schools sev- 
eral years. Del. to convention that nomi- 
nated Samuel J. Tilden for governor of 
X. Y.; a-id has been active for Democratic 
party. Traveled in Florida and the South. 
winter of 1881, visiting various battle fields; 
visited California, and British 
Columbia, ltS2. Presbyterian. Mem. Ad- 
novia Lodge, P, and A, M., Highland. X. 
Y. Address: Milton, Ulster Co., N. Y. 
BLOOMINGDALE, Emanuel Watson: 

Merchant; b. Rome, X. Y., Nov. 2.5. 18:.2; 
S. Benjamin and H.lunnh (Weil) Bioommg- 
dale; grad. Coluinlia, LL.B.. 1577; ni. N. Y. 
Citv. .Ian. 3, 18j7, Adelo liernheimer; one 
daughter, Marion II. Practised law until 
155:j; iu large department store until 19oj. 
Has acted as receiver of many corporations 
and firms: director, and mem. Insurance 
Com,. Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of tlio 
U. S. : director Pheni.K Nat. Bank. Ke- 
publican presidential elector. 19U0 (Mc- 
Kinlev and Roosevelt): Interstate Bridge 
commissioner: mem. Hudson Ter-Centcnarv 
Committee. Committee of Seventy (1891); 
Ireas. Election Laws Improvement Assn. 
Mem. Columbia Coll. Alumni Ass'n; trustee 
JlcKiulev Nat. Memorial; mem. Board of 
Mgrs and of Exec. Com., House of Refuge. 
X.'Y. City; honorary pres. Retail Dry Goods 
Ass'n; director Jewish Protcc-tory and .Vid 
Soc. Clubs: Lotos, Kepublican. Resi- 
dence: 12 W. t;:l|li St. Address: 111, 
Broaduay, X. Y. City. 
BLOOMINGDALE. Iliram Collenbcrger: 

.McTchant: b, N. Y. Cilv. 1>7--.; s. Lvman 
G. and llailie (Ccillcnl.ergcr) lllcomingdalc ; 
ed. Coliiml.ia Ccdicge; unmarric-d, .Mem. 
firm of Bloomingdalc Bros., conducting de- 
partment store :it Lexington lo 3cl Av. and 
alllh 10 cnih Sts., X. Y. Citv: sec. and di- 
rector Walters Piano Company; director 
An-ade Realty Company and identified with 
other bu.siness interests in X. Y. Citv. Ad- 
dress: l.e.yingtou to Third Av,, Wth to IWlh 
Sts., X, Y, City. 

WHO'S WHO IN m:\v yorti-: 







8. Lyman G. and Ihittip (Coil 
Itloomincilale; grad. Columbia Coll. ■ S. I'ool i 
of Architecture), B.S.. li')5. Mem. 6rm of i 
Jilnomini-dale Bros., drparfjent slcru; di- I 
rertor Hudson Oil Co., Jludsun Kealty Co.. | 
Vulcan Detinning Co. Director oydtnham i 
Hosp., N. Y. City, Bloominj-dala Bros, j 
Jlutual Aid Soc. Clulis: Sa'.mujtnndi. 1 
Criterion, Harmonic. Address: Bloomir.s- I 
dale Bros., Lcxinu'ton to 3d Av., 5Sth to 
euth Sts., X. Y. Citv. 
BLOSS, James O.: 

Retired; Ij. Rochester, N. Y., 
Sept. 30, 1647; s. James O. and Dliza \nn 
(Lockwood) Bloss; ed Rochester Hit'h 
.School; unmarried. Came to X. Y'. City 
from Rochester ISoo; clerk -with X'orton, 
Slaughter & Co., and later with '^Voodv.-ard 
& Stillnian, cotton merchants; entered in'o 
partnership, 157.3, with John Chester Inches, 
under linn name BInss Ji Inches: in l.?.sl 
joined .\rchie B. Gwathmev under tinn name 
Gwathmev S: Bloss, and in 1*91, with Georije 
H. Church, under firm name J. O. Bloss 
& Co.; retired l^OS. item. B'd Mjj'rs, K. 
Y. Cotton Exchanje, 1j>0, li67, lSb9, T.-p. 
1S9091, pres. lS9i-W. X'ow v.-p. SauU Ste. 
Jlarie BriJsc Co.; director Duluth, South 
Shore and .Ulantic Ry Co. Clubs: Metro- 
politan, Union League. Address: 912 Fifth 


v., X. Y". Citv, and 
ard, Pasadena. Cal. 


X. Y. City 

BLOSS, Richard P.: 

Civil eh;;r; b. Burlington, Iowa, Oct. Jl, 
1S-.9; s. Jabez P. and Katherine (Van 
Scliaick) Bloss; prad. Rensselaer Polvtcchnic 
Inst., Trov, X. Y., C.E., 1681; m. Aus. 30, 
l^*-:, Klizabeth Peard: one son, R. Peard 
Bloss. Practising as civil cns'r from LSI; 
now resident enjr for Tlie West Viv-inia 
Pulp and Paper "Co.. MeclianicsviUe, X. Y. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Soc. 
Civil Eng'rs. Roval Arch Mason; mem. 
Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternitv. Clubs: 
Island Golf, Clover. Address: 'lOS Se-ond 
St., Troy, X. Y. 
BLOSSOM, Benjamin: 

Importer and e.\porter: b. Brooklvn, X. 
Y., May 20, 1>3S; s. Charles W. and Mary 
W. (Cooke) Blossom; ed. private schools 
and Columbia Coll. .School of Minec; m., 
1st, Oct. 7, IS.-1;. Sarah B. Smith (died Xit,;. 
10, 1M5) ; m. 2d, Xov. 1. IM'5, Minnie Petti- 
grew Cole (widow of Howard Mever). 
Served in Co. A, 2„d Reg't X. G. X. Y., as 
private, corporal, serceant and first scr.::eant 
from Feb., U-7i], to X'l.v., ijSl, and also in 
Co. I, same re-'t, later on. part- 
ner E. Xelson Tibbals & Co.; dirc.-tor 
Bleeckcr Street i- Fulton Kerry K. R. Re- 
imblican. Unitarian. Mem. Sons Am. 
Revolution, Veterans Assns of 2;M Rei;'t 
X. G. X. Y., and Co. A, 23d Re-t X. G. 
X. Y.; h.inorarv mem. Co.'s A and I 23d 
Rcs't X. G. X."Y.; mem. Am. Museum Xa- 
tural Historv. Ree 


and auto 


fornia Club 
itry, Pas.ol, 

Ridin- X, 

and Drivin::, Xew 

■usearoia (X. Y.), 

Residences: Sll Fifth Av., X. 'Y 
»:..'. (Jran^e Grove Boulevard, Pa: 
Address: 12S I'earl St., X. Y. 
r.LOSSOM, Henry: 

Autiicr, playuriiht; b. St. Louis, Mo., 
May 1.:, I5C0: s. Henrv Martvn and Susan 
(Brigham) Blossom; ed. Washinston Univ., 
St. Louis, Mo. Democrat; Presbyterian. 
.\utlior: The. Dociauents in Evidence; 
Checkers, a Hard-Luck Story. Plays: 
Checkers (dramatized from book of same 
name); The Y'ankee Consul: M'lle Modiste; 
The Red Mill; Miss Philura. Clubs: 
Lambs, Players, Larchmont Yacht: also St. 
Louis Club (St. Louis, Mo). Address: The 
Lambs Club, 12S \V. llth St., X". Y. City. 
BLUE. A. Grant: 

Farmer, member of .-\sserablv; b. in Town 
of Deerfleld, Oneida County, X. Y'., on the 
farm wliich he now occupies. Jlav 13, isni; 
ed. in public schools and grad. Ctica Busi- 
ness Coll., 1SS2. Since lt.*2 engaged in farm- 
ing on the old homestead; director First Bank of Poland, X. Y'., of which his 
father was one of the founders and seven- 
teen years pres. Republican; was road 
comm'r G years; elected I0U6 and re-elected 
IO117, mem. Gen. Assemldv of X. Y. from 
3d Assembly Dist. of Oneida County; has 
twice been delegate to Rep. State Conv., 
and maiiv times to local conventions. Odd 
Fellow. Address: Barneveld, R. F. D. X'o. 
2, Oneida Co., X. Y. 
BLUM, Abraham: 

in France, 1S47; s. iloise and 
Blum; ed. in public schools at Stras- 
and also in Talmud Torah Prep. 
Sem.: D.D., Pari^ (France) Jewish Sem. ; 
m. Xew Orleans, 1S71, Hannah Henvigues; 
children: J. L., b. 1S70. R. IL, b. l.«!)l. 
Entered the ministrv at the age of 16; 6 
years in a Congreiation in Lorraine, HI 
years in Galveston, Te.Kas; 7 years in Los 
.Vngeles. Calif.; 2 years in Augusta, Ga., 
where built a svnagoguc; 3 vears in the 
Bron.K, where also built a synagogue for 
which Baroness de Hirsh contributed most 
of the moncv. Chaplain Bellevue, Black- 
welUs Island, Manhattan State, Central 
I.-lip State, and Long Island State Hosps. 
^lem. Bd of Jewish Jlinislers. .Mem. Bnai 
linlh. Mason. Address: jl W. Slth St., 
X. Y. City. 
BLUMENKEOHN. Seigfried: 



and liettic 

. Davids 

.n') Blm 


public scl 

ool in. C 

erniaay : 


Emma S. 

Wolf. Ca 

lie to U 

ed in mere 

antile bu 

siness in 


mi IH«: n 

ow pres. 

S. lilun 


krohn Co., owners of retail stores of Ilackett, 
C.irhardt & Co.: also pres. Wilkins Realty 
Co. Hebrew. Address: Ml Broadway, X. 
Y. City. 
BLUMENTHAl, Maurice B.: 

Lawx r. b. X. Y. Citv. 1-70; s. Ben- 
jamin llhinienthal, school in^p.. and grand- 
son of late Rev. Simon iJlumenthai; lirst 
rabbi of Congregation Rodepli Sliolom; ed. 
in public schools, and Univ. of Citv of X. 
Y.; earned way through college by news- rcportins 


lie ti 






't ihtt. 


1S91, and s'ncc- | brnrj- of Chester 

V. City 


appt'd 1S9S: apjit'tl depuiv c 
of X. Y., Jan. 1, iPOA in 'rha 
X. Y., but resiffiied f-opt., 
of demands of private p'-act 
appt'd counsel to sherirt of N. Y'. 
der Sheriff Krlanior. and reapnnii 
der Sheriff Haves' on Jan. 1, I'j'Wl, 
years. Democrat; organized, and s 
has been chni'n, Spe.-ikers' Surcau. 


I'y ffni;. State 

•tu of Ureater I f:,""",' 

lt.03, because | ^yaie.' 

I formed, 

I C. P)at 


X. Y. 





at offic 

State Ba 




cratic, Pro- 
dress: 30 ; 

BLUNT, Albert C: 

Assn, Lebanon Hosp., 
Temple Kodeph Sholom, 
Clubs: National Demo- 
is.-LoIa. I'OMn T.;.\vn. Ad- 
St., X. Y. City. 


ol. U. 

A.; h. X. 

Y., May 21, 
late Bri«. Cen. .Matthew M. oJIunt 
and grandson of iate Prof. A. E. Church, 
U. S. Jlil. Acad.; appt'd from Texas cadet 
at the U. S. Military Acad., Julv 1, 1ST7; 
prad. June 11, 1^--1: jrad. Art'v Sell., lfS6. 
Appt'd additional L'd li.nit., 3d U. S. A.rt'y, 
June n, ISSl; commissioned 2d lieul. .^Ih 
Arty. Oct. 20, ISrl; 1st lieut. Aui;. lU, ISST; 
served as ass't iiistr. tactics U. S. MIL 
Acad., July 23 to Aug. 2.^. UM; with ro-iment 
to June 1, ISM: at Art'y Sch., Fort' Alon- 
roe, Va., to Julv 20, Jjsi;; proD\oted cant., 
March 2, IWO; a.ljutant-eneral, Dist. Porto 
Kieo, July 1, ISijl. to Julv 1, 19113; major, 
Arfy Corps, April 12, V.m; promoted to 
lieutenant-cilonel. Oct. 20. 10"7, and assi-ned 
Vrtillery. Address; Ft, Schuy- 

X. Y. 

BOARD, Joseph: 

.Merchant; b. Chester, X. Y'., Xov. 9, 1S42; 
s. Peter Seelcy and Madeline C. (Conklin) 
Board; u-reat crandson of Capt. Joseph Board 

ad. Amlii 

Coll., A.B. (Plii Bet'a Kaopa), 

"l^tif; m., 1 

Jan. 1, li(S, Josephine Bradb 

rv Cuirv; 

Oct. 2, IbTti, Hannah A. Cu 

rry (boili 

Tillon. X. H.); children: 

Joseph Ort 

b. 1^72, Anna Tebetls, b. 1 

79. J.,sepli 

Clou-h, b. l.-Sl. Merchant, 

sellins CO 

feed and lumber, since Jan. 

1, J^);.S; no 

firm Board i Brvan. Direct 

or Waterlo 

Water, Li-ht and Power Co 

, ■W'alertov 

S. Dak.; director and sec. CI 

ester (X. 'i 

Telephone Co.; director ChesI 

er Xat. Ba 

(sec. of the board). .<inco 1 

^CS has ac 


nt esta 

of de.- 


if Chesler, X. 
H'd of Supervisors of Oran 
>7SS0, IsSSb!; mem. over 20 v 
irs, D'd Ol Education of C"l 

clerk Villa ;i. < 
■e Chester VillaL-e 



nd \V 









. 1 


s. 1 





le. 1 








■" J 



OAEDMAN. Albert B.: 
Lawyer: Krad. Yale, IS74 ; m. Xew Y-ovk P.onm^r; one son. Philip W. 
7). Admitted to X. Y. Bar. and 
■ilb Benajniin P. Tracy and Thomas 
firm of Tracy, Boardman & Plait; 
I iio« niejuber of litm of Boardman, Plait 
fr Soley. V.-p. and director Central llud- 
I son Steamboat Co.: director Davies Te.xtile 
Co., Tliompscn-Starrett Co. Mem. .\ss'u 
Bar City of X. Y. Clubs; Union League. 
I'nirersit.v. Down Town. X'. Y. .\thlelic 
Garden Citv Golf. Manhattan. Residence' 
40 \V. 53d St. .\ddress: 35 'Wall St., X. 
Y. City, 
BOARDMAN, William Henry: 

Ediior; h. Di.v.m, 111., IMC; s. Isaac S 
and M;iry L. (Dixon) Boardman; -rad. 
I'niv. of Mich., .V.B.. ISi-.i;, C.K., 1m:o ■ m 
1.-74, Henrietta F. Hall; children: Francis, 
b. lS7j. .Mary Ij., b. 1S77. Dixon, b. If-o. 
Bradford, b. l,«s!. Clara, b. lt;i;. Engineer 
on Coast Survey. ISiis. publisher Dixon (HI.) 
Telegraph, lMl)-70; ass't editor Railroail 
Gazette, and later editor and pres. same 
to date. Editor of Railway Gazette, Lon- 
don, EnsUnul. Director Transport Lid 
(London). Recreations: Xature studies, fish- 
ing and burning, golf. Autlior: Lovers 
of the Woods; and manv magazine storied 
of woods incidents. Clubs: Centurv Ass'n; 
Lawyers; St. Andrews Golf; Adirondack 
Leasue; Westi-hester Golf (hon. mem.). Ad- 
dress: S3 Fulton St., X. Y. City. 
BOAS, Emil Leopold: 

is'r Hamburir- 

b. Goerlilz 


l.v-,4 ; 

. Louis .and Mini 

a Boas; ed. 




u Gyn 

nasium, B 


ia G\"m) 

asium. 1 

ierlin; ~rad 

1-7 ' • 

X. Y 


Mar. 21) 

L"S, Han 

let" b'. 



on. He 

rbert Allan. 


le CO 


wilh H 

amburs An 

e, IM: 

and in 

same yi 

ar came to 

V. S. : 

■c 1.-' 

2 j;en. 



erica n 

e ; pt 

es. All! 

s "Line 




in all 
tion fa 


to improve 
was treas 


in Fi 

nance C 

jm re 

alcr X. Y. 


'n, an 

d active 

in obta 

nins the improve- 

It of 

be Erie 



; liv 


of Gern 

anv — ki 

i^-'ht Order 




ISO Ord 

er Red Eac 

e; 'by 


of .\ust 

•ia — otli, 

er Order !• 


eph; 1 

y Kim 

of Italx 




■itiiis an 

d Laz:r 

■as; bv Ki 

i:; of 

•den a 

ol Xorw 

IV— kni: 

lit (1st elas 

s) Or- 

of St. Ol.-.f; 

bv So 

tan of Tur 



r Order 

of Osn 

anieh, comn 


er of 


; bv K 

n; nf Greei 

e— of- 

r Ord 

r of the 


ler; by Pre 
Or.ler of B 


as. Gi 


Soc r 

f America; 

N. Y 

Civi,' 1 


n; mem. CI 



rce of .Si 

Ue of X 

Y.. B'd of 


I rait 

lone o 

f nin'!- directors). 

Kip,''rs; fcllo 

Ac:id. Polit. and Social 

WHO'S WHO IN xr.w youk 


A. A. A. S., \. Y. Zo;;i. So.-.. Met. JIuscum 
of Alt, Am, Mu-seuin Naluviil llist.irv. Am. 
.-^.c-nio and Historic l>ri-sovvation Soc. 
fluL.s: N. Y. Yadit, X. Y. Athletic, Fair- 
llt'Id Countv, Lotos Ueutscher ViTciii. Law- 
yers, Unitarian, Liederkranz, St. llaurice 
i'ish and Game, etc. Residence: (city) 128 
\V. T4th St.; (country) Bonniecrest, Green- 
^■ich. Conn. Address: Hamburg-American 
Bldg, N. Y. City. 
BOAS, rranz: 

Anlliropologist; h. Mindcn, 'WestphaUa, 
July v. 1^:.S; ed. fniv. of Heiae!l.erir, Bonn 
and Kiel univs., liTT-Sl (Pli.D., Kiel, losl) ; 
made vova^e to Batlin's Land, l-^u-il, ass't 
Koyal Ethuog. iUisenm, Berlin; decent 
Eeofrraphy, Vniv. of Berlin, I^j.j-SG; ass't 
editor Science, I>-'i->5: docent aulliropolu;:y, 
Clark Univ., afr>-92: chief ass'i Dep't of 
Anthropology, World's Columbian E.xp'n, 
IS92-91; lecturer anthropolog.v, ISOC-luOO; 
prof, anthropoloir since lOnO, Columbia 
Univ. Ass't curator, ]^0."il9io, curator an- 
thropolocv since 19noii"'.'', Am. Museum 
Natural ^History: lionurarv philoloirisl. Bu- 
reau Am. Ethnology. Directed operations 
and publications, Jesup Xorth I'^ciGc 
Expd'n. Mem. Acad. Sciences; fellow 
A. A. A. S. (v.-p. 1J94-1907). Am. Etlmol. 
Soc. Am. Psvchol. Ass'n, Am. Philos. Soc, 
N. Y. Acad. 'Sciences; honorarv fellow An- 
thropol. Inst, (ireat Britain and Ireland; 
corre-vpondin;.- mem. Anthropol. Societies of 
Berlin, Stockliulrn. Moscow, Paris. Rome, 
Vienna, W a-shumtun and Am. Antiquarian 
and Xnmismalic Sue. Author: Ballin Land: 
The Central Eskimo (lith Annual Report 
Bureau Ethnology): Chinook Texts: Iiulia.i- 
ische Sagen von der Nordwcstkiiste 
Amcrikas (Berlin) : Social Or-anizati.m and 
Secret Societies »C the Kwakiutl Indians: 
Kathlamet Texts; The Eskimo of Batlln 
Land and IUuls.>n Bav; Kwakiull Texts; 
Tsinshian Texts; The Growth of Children; 
also various reports to British Ass'n -Vd- 
vrncement of Science, and Am, Museum 
Natural History. Residence: Grantwood, 
N. Y. Address; Columbia University, N. 
Y. City. 
BOAS, Harriet B. Sterufcld: 

Born Boston; d. Adohdi and Charlotte 
StcrnfcM; cd. It. X. Y. Citv; m, X. Y. 
City, .Mar. 2o, li,-s. Kmil Leopold Boas: 
one son, Herbert Allan. -Mem. Sorusis, B'd 
Mg'rs Xat. .Soc. of New England Women; 
v.-p. for .Middle Stales, Xat. Soc. of Uni- 
tarian Wom.oi: on B'd Mg'rs, Children's 
Charitable Union: mem. E.xec. B'd, City 
Historv Club. Countrv residence; Bonnie- 
crest, Greenwich. Conn. Address: 12t> W. 
71th St., X. Y. City. 
BOCK. Franklin William: 

I'hisi.i.m: b. Bov.oT,, Jtass.. Xov. K. 1S70; 
s. Viilenline and AnL-clme ( W.dilforth) Boek; 
ed. in public s.ho,.ls: prep.ared for 
college bv privaie tutor, grad. MchI. Uep't 
Univ. of Pa., iv.'.i; m. Cliurchvillc, X. Y., 
Aug. 2J, I-L'», .Vliee C. .'iavacc: childr.Mi: 
Margaret, b. Julv 11. lOoH (died April 7, I'.l"-), 
Itobcrt Savage, b. Oct. 27, Ivoj. llonso iihy- 
.Mcian and ear, nose and throat specialist (if 
the .la.kson Heallli Resort of Bansville, X. Y., 
1X19 pJii.;: chief .linical ass't (odden Square 
Throat Ilobj)., London, England, 1903-Dl; in 

private practice at Rochester, N. Y.. since 
ll'Ol. Med. mg'r Rochester Tuberculosis Dav 
Camp; ear. nose and throat surgeon of Ro,-h- 
ester Public Health Ass'n. Uepuldicin ; 
Presbyterian: elder Third Presbv'n Clnireh. 
Jlem. Am. Jlcd. Soc, X. Y. State Med. Soc., 
Monroe Co. Jled. Soc, Rochester Acad. Medi- 
cine, .Vss'n of Am. Institutions for Feeble- 
minded Persons: iires. Parent Teachers Ass'n 
of Rochester School Ij. Recreation: Golf. 
Address: 27 Rowley St., Rochester, X. Y. 
BODINE, George F.: 

Lawyer; b. Uvid, X. Y., Aug. 30, :S73; s. 
Joseph S. and Maria (Jones) Bodine; grad. 
Ovid High School, Ifinj; Cornell Univ. Coll. 
of Law, LL.B., lb9S; m. May 24, 1902, Sarah 
1). Holtmau, Waterloo, X.Y.; children: J. 
Sevc.'.rd, b. IC-OS, Gertrude H., b, 19U4. Ad- 
mitted to bar, ls9s, and has sitice practised 
law at Waterloo, X. Y.; elected dist. attor- 
ney, Seneca Countv, 1904. Republican; 
Preshvterian. Mem. X. Y. State Bar Ass'n; 
chni'u Waterloo Good Government Club; 
mem. Knights of Pvihias, Maccabees, Knights 
and Ladies of Honor, Grange. Clubs: 
Waterloo Wheelman's, Men's Club Presby- 
terian Church, Address; Waterloo, X. Y. 
BODY, Charles William Edmund: 

t'lergvnum, educator; b. Clapham, Eng- 
land, olt. 4, 1,~J1; s. Rev. E. E. Body; ed. 
St. John's Coll., Camb.idge, England, bs7.3, 
M.A.; D. C. L., Trinity Univ., Toroiit.>: 
D.D., Hobart Coll.: U.D., Bishop's Coll., 
Lenno.xville, P. (J., Canada; m. lb,sl Clos- 
tcrton, Cambridgeshire, England, Fr.mces 
Marv Perrv. Tvrrwliit Hebrew scholar of 
Univ. of climbridire, .Us7S; fellow St. John's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1^77-61; provost and vice- 
chancellor. Trinity Univ., Toronto, Can., 
lSSl-91, since 1^94 prof. Old Testament Liter- 
ature and Interpretation Gen. Tlieol. Seni., 
X. Y. Citv. Author: The Permanent Value 
of Genesis (Paddock Lectures for li9)). 
>[em. Am. Theol. Soc, Philos. Soc, an'd 
Oriental Soc. Address; 4 Chelsea Sq., X. Y. 
BOEHM, Harold D.: 

Importer wall i.apers; b. Snow Hill, ^^d.. 
Mav lo, 1S79; s. Lewis Edward and Loinsa 
Anno (Hack) B.iehmn ; grad. Snow Hill llicli 



nd Br 
ated Impor 


.Maryland .Soc. of X. Y. 
Soutliern Soc. of X. Y. Addl-ess: 320 Fifth 
-iv., X. Y. City. 
BOEHM, William Henry: 

.Mech. engr: b. .Memphis. Tenn., Aug, nO, 
l,5i;S; s. Henrv W. and Marv (Condron) 
Boehm: grad. Rose Polytechni'c lust. B.S., 
1.S91, Cornell Univ. .M. M. E., 1M>3; m. 
Memphis. Tenn., Sept, 20, lyjl, Addii 





St. Loiiis. 1^91-97; ass't nn 


'r, St. 

Louis Water W.irks. 1S97-9S; p 


h. dig 

ring and director Uep't Eng'r 


te Agr 

1 and Mch. Cdl. of S. C. CI 



S. C. l,-!is.p,iMl: sup't I)pt>'t 



Insurance, I'idclitv & Casn^ 


of X. 

ce l',)"7 

y, (organi/.er of dep't), 1901 

Slip't lie;, 'Is of Sti'am I'.oiler 



Insurance. Jlem. Am. Soc, .Mt 




Iiy Co 

Eng'rs. Adaross: Fidelity & 
97 Cediir .St., .V. Y. City.' 
BOEKEK, Herrmann: 

Phjiiida.i a„d surgeon; b. Hanover, Ger- 
Ro.Y„V ^•/'■'•'l'--r<'k ^ViUiam and Dorothy 
iioeker; cd. at Hanover and Brauuscluvei'- 
mT^'Ivo'- iS'-'"^-^M')S Island Coll. IIos,.:; 

h De Bjes. Lugased in practice iu X Y 
City from 1S95. Chief apothecary of Re- 
serves, Gorman .irmv, IJ^3. CorresDondh,.- 
Bcc. German Med. Soi! City of X Y^- mem 

Phjsician.s Mutual .\id Soc, Soc. Widows 
and Orphans of .Med. .Men: corresDomlin" 
mem Deutscher .SeeKscherei Verein Inde° 
pendent in politics; Freethinker.' Mem 
German Lculerkranz, Royal -ircannm; trus- 

BOGAEDUS, Estella Mae: 

fTfHl''Ji'''p' ''•., ^-"'•^•ir and Mary Jane 
(Little) liogardus; eighth descendant in 
direct line Irom the Dominie Everadus 
Bogardus, a Dutch clergyman in New Am- 

Ichor' f"'' -\ >■ '■'"•^■': S"-!- Keble 
ftZ- .J'fS;-"? , lousiness April, Ib'JS, with 
Irancis Hendricks & Co., art dealers: in 
Jwb assumed manasement of the Pnhli<;hi>i"- 
Dep't of Karl Thompson Co. i„ Wiifor? 
ganized The Thompson Publishini: Co of 
which is pres. sec. and director. Inventor 
of the blueprint system of studviri- art 
in American schools, and has buift np an 
e.ttensive business enterprise in supi.lving 
schools with bhie-prints for the sludv o^ 
art and literature by her method. Mem. 
Professional Woman's Leai.-ue, x\at. Edn™ 
Ass n, Kastern Art Teacher.s' Ass'n. Clubs- 
Kanatcnah. Round Table. Social Art h, n^ 
orary uiuju.). Address: Syracuse, .\ Y 
BOGAKT, Arthur H.: 
icr?!'^'""'',"?- }'r '", ^"''^ Scotia, Canada, 

Blanche C.mphell Turner: children : 'D.lnnhe". 

7,u,? '-• ';-,,-^"%"' 'i'"*^' ■'"•'" •-■•■'nipbell, b. 
June 2,, pjii^. Served as major and sur- 
geon of the nth Reg't, X. Y. Vols, durin. 

m",i^\". V'' '^''^''"- -■^''">Jin^- surgeon; 
Method, St tpiscopal Hosp., Brooklyn; .it: 
tending sur-eon Kings Conntv Hosp.: pres 

Fr'oust',";,! ""{,- «-'^-i.. l»'-'--fe- Ropnbli'i^^an 
irote.stant. Jlcraber Kings Co. Med. .Soc \ 
\. State Med. Sue, Am. Med. Ass'n.^ Us'n 
of Military Surgeons of U. S., Brooklyn 
&urg. S..C., Brooklyn Pathol. Hoc. Vlumn 

diess: loo Seventh Av., Brooklyn. 
BOGART. Belmont De Forest- 

\ml , ; <^"'"^) '•"-■^"■i: od. Phlliip. Ac.ul., 
Anclover, .M.LSS., 1~-, Columbia, 1M»J- m S 

Hn,m:hVoy"'r' i^'""'';. ""■."M"--y: children ; 

Ilnmi.l.rej b. Il l.-rancis, b. VJv2, Kath- b. linn. Jingaged in general prict ,e 
medicine in .\. Y. City. Republican; 

■nnandaigua Lake. y. Y. 
]' St., X. Y. City. 

I The Will 

dress: 2 „ , 

BOGART, Corinus F 
I vin/^'v "'I'' iJ^'iIUL-e merchant; b. Ceui.r 

and M-u-ii 'iv.""^*' 1*«: s. Solomon ! 


Andrew B b. Is71, Wallace F., b l-r. 

Was fV™er^',"'' '''^"' •-"• <''""h deceased ; 
as Liimer 1 year; grocer, 2 years, Passaic 

;i'ar«"in V \™'' .""d produce business j- 
"I'rt ss,;, '■■.'-">:; ^Jioia pmp'r S. F. B.. 

i- t ,!™J''"S. buying and selling. Serv.I 
J.I full terms on Jury, i„ State and rs 
trnsV>» „^",'l<^Pendeni Democrat, Baptis't ' 
trustee Bap ,st Ch. of ihe Redeemer r, 
Yon^kers^x'^Y"^ .}' ^'- -^"drewrY-',,,.! 
.\. Y City ■ -^duress: HI Warren St., 

BOGART, Harry L.: 
s. L.corge W. and Lleanor (Coogau) Bo-irl- 

\-,;,h ^ • "• ^ rn'ra. -N. Y., July, 10,„i 
Linma Swayze; children: George Her er.' 
feen-vn'„i- :^i'":'„.9""'''"-"', '^- .l'-"''- Was four- 
city edit..r 


Klmir.i Gazette, Klraira's',.,. „,„. 

vertiser i,l„,-, ,"''"';'' ''*'"'"■ '^'m'" -^d 
viitiser. -Vdmilted to bar Hiol- elecred .-.rv 
recorder of Klmira, X. Y., for 4 vearl At Z 
b'y'Re.'nn "'"^■""1 •'^''<"' '" 19M endo ■ d 
F nsEn tbk'i"" m'' «';'-'-'<'d for 4 years on 
£„".\'"\ ".S'^'i'i -^Ie>"- l.'w firm Loyell, Bo- 
Gardner. Democrat: Episcomli i„ 
P. 0. Elks. Modern Woortme, "f 
improved Order Red Men Y^I 
Dri V iV, .,■"«"! 1 1'''*' "' '■''■"""^^'■ce. Reci^e;ili'oi,;; 
J.ri\in,^, w.iiKmg. Address: Elmira X V 
BOGART, John: 

C,,n.,nltiM-.eMg'r; b. Albany, X. Y., Feb, 
llo-in'- ;•-,;;;.' "'""'•■ •■",''' '■■"^'■' ("*-rra;,ns> 
of UlJnvV •%'""""■- "';: '■■■"■'i=^' selttlers 
•lll.n,,- V , ]■ rV Soi'iS there in W)l: gra.l 

Cherl^gtr ^;Sri^^-E,^^- wThi T-Y^;:'"^' 
Sta^e^f'k y!; ^ll^fr'^r:^ ^^;?^'V^' '"^■ 

irfe'/^-,^- ^- .^;':^-' j'-'^'j^rto j\iiy; 

liojio/l nf" !.•«,.", ^ Or" '^ with X,. s. Aruiv. 
itoneu at I'ort .Monroe and in chii-L-e of 
islruction of fort at the Rip Ran'.,. Va . 





bvterian llos| ,,.,,„ 

eral, Club; X. Y. Athlcl 

nt' D,.p't 



.p"i.iie. Pa^kX x:"'y. ci-: 



lore : d 

MS, V 










de park 



l"0 • 



Co., \ 





-•Ion Br 








5 P 



viT Co., 




WHO'S WHO IX m:\v yokiv 


zueta, Rnpid Transit Commissinn, \. Y., the 
NfW York, Westchester & Boslun li'v, Stale 
B'd of Health, N. Y.; deputy State eng'r, 
IsftC-SS; State eiig'r State of X. Y., lSst-91: 
fur some time troas., also sec. and editor of 
publications of Am. Sue. Civil Enj'rs; con- 
sulting advisor.v or e.\-pert eng'r for number 
of railways and in various cases before the 
courts; meiu. various boards; delei;ale of 
U. S. Government lo Congress of Navigation, 
Germany, Kui, and mem. Navigation Con- 
gresses; liiMit.-col. and cliief engr X. G. X". Y. 
.Mem. Am. Sue. Civil Eng'rs. Inst'n of Civil 
Eng'rs, London, Holland Sue. St. Nicholas 
Soc. Club.s: Cenlurv, Universitv, Kngineers, 
Delta Phi, Down Town. Residence: ao Cen- 
tral Park South. Address: 40 Wall St., 
X. Y. City, and 29 Great George St., Lon- 
don, England. 
BOGART, John Bion: 

Surgeon; b. Lower Granville Annapolis 
Co., Xova Scotia. Sept. 19, 1j.j9 ; s. Capt. 
John Heiiry and Caroline Elizabeth (Croscup) 
Bogart : ed. llorton Acad, and Acadia Coll., 
Wolfville. X. b.. Provincial XoruKil Sell., 
Freilericton, N. B.; principal King's St. 
Public Sell., St.. Stephen, N. li., LbTO-Sl; 
grad. Jled. Dep't X. Y. Univ. Med. Coll., 
1N34; on house stall Xew Haven (Conn.) 
IIosp., H niHOlhs. rocfiviug hosp. diploma, 
1^53; m. Mi;, I ; ■ • '. jiaud Lewis (di.-d 
Jan. 13, l:i , , P , ng medicine in Brook- 
lyn since .M;;.. I .-iirgeon to Out-patient 
Dep't. 1,-.-.^,--, ,^- I ,1 ui.iiistrator of anatomv, 
l.sSO-91, L. J. Coll. liosp.; ass"t surgeon, 
lhS7-92, surgeon, l>9i-l!,tlC, surgcon-in-cliief 
since 190fi, ileth. Episcopal Husp.; attend- 
ing surgeon Kings Co. iiosp. from 1^'jij; 
attending surgeon Jewish Hosp., Brooklvn, 
from I.VIO; consulting .surgeon Bushwick 
Hosp., since Irtlo, and Home for Consump- 
tives since IfllHi. Conlrib'r ut surgical papers 
to proceedings of ined. societies. Mem. Med. 
Soc. Co. of Kings. Associated Thvsicians of 
L. I. Med. Soc. State of X. Y.. "Am. Med. 
Ass'n, Brooklyn Surg. Soc. (ex-pres.), Mem. 
Holland Soc. of X. Y. Director Cooperative 
Law Co. of Brooklyn. Visited Europe for 
study and recreation, livi. 1,-93, lyJT, 19lrj; 
other summers usuallv spent in Canada. 
U.-creations: Fishing, golf. Clubs: O.xf.ird 
Dyki'i Meadow Golf (lirooklvn). Jlastigouche 
Fish and Game (Quebec. Can.). Summer 
rebiden.e: Lower lirauville, .Vova Sctia. 
Address: JO:; Clinton Av., Brooklyn, X. Y. 
BOGERT. Edward Strong: 

Mcil. director V . S. X. (retired); b. 
Geneva, X. Y., .May 7, mi;-, s. Stephen Van 
Rensselaer and Amanda (Strong) BoL-ert; 
grad. Univ. of City of X. Y. (Med. Dep't), 
M.n.; m. Brooklvn, X. Y., June C l^M 
Helen Mar Hart. "Kntcred U. S. Xavv, June 
III. l!~01; passed ass't surgeon. June Si, Isr.l; 
surgeon, April r,, iNir,; med. inspector. Sept. 
Ill, l^^:;: med. director, Xov. -^S l~-'l- retired 
by openilion of law Mav 7, l-;is. M,.m. 

Med. Socbly of Ah li of Ibdlevne Hosp., 

mem. .-it. Xi.-linl;,s ,s,,c.. H,,ll.ind Soc. Clubs: 
St. Nicholas. Annv :ind Xavv. Address: 
Hotel Gerard. IJo W. Illh St.. .V. Y. City. 
BOGERT, Edward Strong, Jr.: 

Surge.. u r. S. X.: I.. X. Y. Cilv. April Si. 

I^'i7; s. Edward Sir.oig and Helen M:ir 

U Bogert; .M.D., Columbia Univ., (Coll. 

Phys. and Surg.), 1SS9; m. Coroaadn, Calif., 
Nov. ]<j, 159J, Evangeline Wade. Appointed 
ass't surgeon, U. y. X., April 10, 1590; 
passed ass't surgeon, April 10, lt93; surgeon, 
Dec. 1.), 19IJ0. Served on U. S. Coast Survev 
steamer Blake when engaged in deep sea 

on U. S. Fish Commission'sleamer Alba"tro's3 
while investigating seal lishery and sea life; 
and on tlie men-of-war Philadelphia, Boston, 
New Y'ork, Massachusetts, Lancaster, West 
Virginia ; since ^March ;jO, li-Oj, serving on 
U. S. S. Pennsylvania. Served on U. S. 
ambulance ship Solace during war with 
Spain, 1?93. Shore duty on receiving ship 
New York, at U. S. Naval Laboratory, at 
Navy Yard, X'ew Y'ork; recruiting duly in 
N. Y'. Citv and Buffalo, N. Y'., and at U. S 
Naval Acad. Mem. Ass'n Mil. Surgeons. 
Club: St. Nicholas I N. Y. City). Address: 
care Xavy Department, Washington, D. C. 
BOGERT, George H.: 

Artist; b. X. Y". City, ISGl; s. Henry and 
Helen Anderson (Evans) Bogert; gen. ed'n 
in X. Y'. City schools; art ed'n under 
Thomas Eakins, N. Y. Citv, Raphael Colin, 
Morot and Puvis de Chavanncs, Paris. Ex- 
hibited at Xat. Acad. Design, receivng the 
Webb prize. I?s8, lirst Hallgarten pri/.e, l«'«i; 
Jironze medal of E.xp'n Universelle. Paris. 
lliuti; hon. mention from Pa. Acad. Fine Arts, 
Philadelphia, 1^92. Associate of the National 
Academy; mem. Pa. Acad. Fine Arts, Sor. 
Landscape Painters. Address: an W. o31h 
St., X. Y. City. 
BOGERT, Marston Taylor: 

Prof, organic chemisirv; ]i. Flushing, 
X. Y'., April IS, ISOS; s. Henry A. and .Marv 
Bowne (Lawrence) Bogert; ed. Flushing 
Inst, and Columbia Univ. (manv prizes and 
honors at both institutions. A.B., Ijuu, Pii.ll., 
If'.U, C.dumbia); m. Flushing, N. Y., Sept. 
12, 1S9J, Charlotte E. Hoogland; two daugh- 
ters, Annette H., C. Elsie B. Ass't, l»i)l-9T; 
tutor July-Oct., Is97, instr. 1S9T-191I1, adjunct 
pri>f. It'oi.ul. prof, organic chemistry since 
1901, Columbia Univ., ; mem. Univ. Council. 
Columbia Univ., 19' S. By invitation of I'rcs. 
ideut Roosevelt, mem. Conference on Con- 
servation of N:uural Resources, held at White 
House, May l;i-13, 190s. Jlcm. B'd of Ed- 
itors. Columbia Univ. Quartcrlv, 1901-03; ed. of organic abstracts for Chemical Ab- 
stracts. Lidependi'iit in politics; mem. Re- 
formed (Dutch! Church. Pres. Am. Chem. 
Soc, 1007-09: pres. Chem. Club of X. Y., 
190-S: v.-p. Soc. Chem. Indnslrv (England I, 
iyo2-nt; fellow Chem. Soc. of London 
(F. C. S.), A. A. A. S.; mem. Deutsche 
Chcmische Gesellschaft, Societe Chimbpie de 
France; pres. Ka|ip:i Chapter. Sigma .\i; 
mem. Alumni Ass'n of 'Schools of Science, 
C.dumbia Univ. (mem. B'd Mg'rs. 1,-97-'k), 
Ahinini Ass'n Ciluinbia Coll. (StaTulmg, I!io0'n;); Xich.ds medalist Am. 
K..e. for y.'ar 1905; mem. D.dta Phi frat.T- 
nilv. .Sigma Xi and Phi Beta Kappa h.oii.r 
s.,ciclics. Flushing lust. Ass'n, lfef..nn..l 
Clinrch Union, ]!'d of Foreign 'Missb.n.s ..f 
R.'1'..rined Ch., 19fl.-;-oo, B'd of Supts of 
Rulg.-is Seni.. 19(.;;-oS. Recreati.o.s ; 
Out.b.i.r sports. Clubs: Camp Fire of .\iner 
i.-:i. A,lironda,-k League. Summer h..ini. : 
Charlaualise Camp, Belgrade Lakes, Me. 


VrilOS WHO I\ 

i;ith St. AJ.ivefs: Cu- 



ri; td. 
. A.U., 

EOGERT, Walter Lawrence: 

Jlusiiii.n; l>. i-luihi-.;:, N. Y. ; .■;. 
A. and -Mary Uuw.-e (Lawr.-,u-i- , JVj-i 
1-Mushiiig Inst., l.^Tb-bl, C>.luiubia LuU. 
l.'-SS, CiUimliia Coll., Sell. Pulii. SciuMce, 
A.M., ItJ'J, (.'ulumliia Law Si-li.. lS>i-'JO. Nat. 
Conscrvatury ot ilutic, i;i)l-i)3 U'avJKiny, 

5Iax !Sijick.'r) : 'M..iiied siu^-i'n!;'' 'v/it'k P. A. 
Rivardo, Ueur-'t- IL.i.s lii-l and \V N. Durritt, 
a:id viulin wilh Kduard MjlliMiliauer. Ad- 
luiuc-d to X. Y. liar. ISw : pra-jlisod law 
in X. Y. City, liOOOJ. Becaaie ini'r. o( 
harmony at Nat. Conservatory, IsSSlMUl. and 
at Inst, ilusical Art, -V. Y. City, "lO'JT. Lec- 
turer on luasic t..r X. Y. City Ed Ed'n, 
siutc luoO. Apptd lecturer oa music for 
Univ. K.Ktensiou Sjoc, VJiiilIti; conductor of 
MiUbrook (N. Y.) Choral Sue, sini-e 190:;. 
JIusical director at Tan-Am. Conf, of, Protestant Episcopal Ch., '.Vash- 
in-lon. D. C, IJoJ, and at open-air services 
(alif.'uded by over oo.nh) people) held in 
honor of the Archbi»hop ot Caulerburv, 
Wasliini;ton, 1;»U. Ind.-[,endent in politics. 
Apptd bv Jlavur \ an W vck, trustee tjueeus 
Borough Lihrarv diuki-u.), reappointed by 
Mayor JlcClcllan. I-J-*;: since I'JUl, raem. com. 
of three in cliarire of the erection of Car- 
negie Libraries "in Borough of Queens, 
ilein. Delta Phi fraternitv and MacDoweil 
Ass'n of N. Y. Clubs: National A'-ij, and 
Flushing Countrv. Address: frU JIadison 
Av., N. Y. City. 
EOGGS. George Towar: 

Kailroad ollicial: b. Cliicaco, Feb. 19, ISCl; 
s. Charles Towar and Vir-inia Ann (Clark) 
Bo'-gs: ed. Chicairo publiL- schools, m. Chi- 
cgo. .Tune 7. l.-~l. Grace L. Tobio: four 
children. With Chicago, Rock Island and 
Paeilic R'y Co. and associated companies 
since Sept. 15, l^ju : now ass't sec. and 
ass't treas. of the company, sec. Chicago & 
Alton R'v Co., and other roads cf the 
Rock Island .System: v.-i... ass't sec. and 
treas. Chicago, Ruck Island & Paeilic 
R. R. Co.: director, v.-p., sec. and treas. 
Island Companv, and 


al othe 



Can Co.: diro.-t. 
and ass't treas. Consolidated Indiana Coal 
Co.. R.iek Island Coal Ci... and Rnck Island 
Improvement Co. Kesideu.-e: East Orange. 
N. J. Address: no Broadway, N. Y. City. 

BOC-UE, Virgil Gay: 

Civil euL-'r: b. Xor.'olk. N. Y.. Julv 20, 
I^IG: s. tl.'urge Cha-^.. aiol M.irv (1',-irv) 
K..gue; grad. Renssrl.i.r P..I vl.chnic Inst,. 

Mo., Mar. 1. 1S7J. Svliil Kstelle. d. ILju. 
.luhn L. Ru-,>oll; Samuel Kuss.-H. 
b. ISTil. Viru-ilia. h. 1-7. Malclm. b. K->0. 
Ass't eiig'r Pr..s;.,.ct Park Bn.oMvn. S. Y-. 

and pr 

of Pe 
ipal a.. 


xi:\v vouK 

u N. Y. City, bt 

.V. being consulted by various in- 

V -p., chief eng'V 'and director Western Pa 
ciuc Ry, now building railway from S.ill 
Like City, Utah, to San Francisco: also 
!lirector in subsidiary c-imp.mies and con- 
sulting eng'r for some oliier railways. 
consulting eng'r, Dept of Public Works of 
N. Y. during administration of 
Strong. Mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs, West- 
ern Soc. Civ. Eng'rs. Am. R'y MaintenaTice 
Ass'n, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Cougregaiion- 
alist. Clubs: Union League, ICogineers 
iX. Y. Citv), Paeilic Union (ban Francisco i. 
Address: lo William St., N. Y. Citv; also 
caro Western Pacific R'y Co., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 
BOLANOS, Pio Alvarez: 

Consul of Nicaragua in New York; b. Gran- 
ada. Xicaragua; s. Pio and LKdores (Alvarez) 
Bolanos; grad. Institute Nacional de Brientc 
in Cranada, Nicaragua, as A.B. ; m. N. Y. 
City. May 31. PJUli, Alice Ulloa; one daugh- 
ter, b. lyo7. Was private .sec. of President ,1. 
S. Zclaya of Xii-aragua for several vears. and 

to Ni 


l!)o.i: was also engaged in ixiblishing 
paper at Managus. Nicaragua. lu:iU-o3. Ad 
dress: Ci; Beaver St., N. Y. City. 
BOLD, John E.: 

Clergyiuan. Ordered deacon, 1SS2, and or- 
d. lined priest, l:»c3, in Episcopal Ulinistrv, b\- 
Li.slnH) Doaiie. Rector Ch. of the Cro,s=, 
Tic.idcroga. X. Y., 1«2-S7: St. James' Cli.. 
liulV.ilo. l>S7-f!l; St. .Mark's Ch.. Johnstown, 
Pa., li^9-;)2: St.- .lames' Ch., Oneonla. N. V.. 
].-aJ-U»«); since It'lH). rector Trinity Ch., Wa 
lervlifl. X. Y. Address: 133i First Av.. 
Walervliet, N. Y. 
BOLDT. George C: 

C.ipitaUsI; pros, and director Waldorf-As- 
toria Hotel Co.. Waldorf-Astoria .Segar Co.. 
Waldorf Importation Co.: v.-p. and director 
Apollinaris Agencv Co.; trustee C.irucll 
liiiv.; i.res. Bellevue-Stairord hotels, I'hila- 
delpliia: director Cmmonwealth Trust C. 
of N. Y.. Linc.dn Trust (^i.. X. Y. B'd oi 
Trade and Tr.insponation. Widower. Mem. 
Am. Fine Arts S.ic , Met. Mnscunl of Art. 
Clubs: Suburban. Riding and 1 'riving. Ad- 
dress: II W. Slth St.. x; V. City. 
BOLDT. Herm.-inn J.: 

PbvMciaii. gvne.-ologist: b, near Berlin, 
(.crmanv. June '-'t, l>.">ii: s. Il.-rmann (prom- 
in.-nt agricullnrisl) and Amalie Boldt ; came 
with parents to U. S. in chilJlio..d: ed. bv 
private tutors and in public -ranimar and 
high schools: studied ..nd practised phar- 
m.u-v until saved ine:ins for nu'd. ed'n; grad. 
.Med. School. Cniv. of N. v.. M.I).. I>7!l; 
in. 1-ul. Hcdwig Kniger. daughter of a pub- 
li-her of Berlin. Served as ass't to Prof. 
Fallen, of I'niv. of X. Y.. l.»7!l: engage.l in 

eci'.i.,I:'ieal practice.' Inv.'iitor "" id' 'nnmenms 

gvn .|..gic.-il instruments. and operating 

table f..r abd'oninal surger.v, which re- 
ci-ivcd medal at Paris Esp'ii. P.h».i. etc. C.oi- 

■al p. 

il moi 





". Uhsti 

:,pl,s. Prof, gy 
nate S,-li,.ol a 
u Poliklinik .-1! 



^^l'<^. Soc: MU^\■ Royal Soc. of Medicine, 
I..jinl,.n; 111. 111. Aiu. (Jviicc^'i. Si.c., liitLTiuit. 
i:.vnccol. SuL'., buuliiorii tfuii:. and Gvnc-col. 
S.ic, Gvnecol. Sue. of Gcnuajiv, N. Y. Acad. 
Medicine (ox-pres. Gvnecol. Section). Ad- 
dress: S9 E. Cist St., .V. Y. City. 
BOLDUAN, Charles Frederick; 

I>ii;»iciiin. b:icic.riulo::i5t; b. Bielefeld, 
Germany, May 7, IsTJ; s. William and 
Jiiliane (Divibliolz) Uoldiian; t'rad. Coll. 
riiarmacy, X. Y. Citv, I'li.G., Ii33, Coll. 
Phys. and Surp. (Columbia Univ.), M.D., 
1901; special studies, L'niv. of liorlin. I'MS: 
m. X. Y. Cit.v. Sept. 15, VM;. .Vdele J..iiv^.,., 
Specialist in palUolo^'y and bit'i- : ■ - 
prof, bacteriology 

WHO'S WHO IN \i:\v vouk 

d U. S., desisni 



from li> 



Laboratory. De:>'t of Healtli, N. Y. Lin, 
1UU4. AuiIkt: Immune Sera (i'd edit. i.; 
translator from German of: Serum I)iai;no- 
sis; Collected Studies on 'Immunity; .Sup- 
pression of Tuberculosis. Mem. X. Y. State 
Med, Ass'n, Kins's County Med. Soc., N. Y. 
Pathol. Soc. Republican. Address; GOl W. 
13Jth St., X. Y. City. 
BOLLEE, Alfred Pancoast: 

Civil tiigimer; b. I'iuhulelphia, Pa., Feb. 
23, IMll; s. Heiirv J,,hn and Anna M. (Pan- 
coast) Holler; sriid. Univ. of Pa., A.M., IS-A 
Rensselaer P.dv. Inst., Trov, X. Y., C. E., 
Ib^il; m. Pliiladel|.hia, 1-fll,' Katlierine New- 
bold; cliildren: Margaretta, William X., Al- 
fred P. IL, Richard, l:mlem, Mary .Vewbold. 
In continuous practice of profession since 
IsCl, on important engineering works in vari- 
ous parts of the country, as assistant, chief, 
consulting or coiilrLicliiii,' engineer; now of 
Boiler & Ilo,Ur. ,,,:.,,::,, .^ engineers. Au- 
thor: Praclir.l ,■ ,,;, the Construction 
of Iron Hil!! . i i^VV; contributor 
to .society tr,. i. • d technical jour- 
nals, ileni. Ii.,,t 11 Civ. Knijrs (London), 
.\m. Soc. Cir. Eng'rs. Independent KepuD- 
lican. Clubs: Century (X. Y. CilO ; Repub- 
lican (E. Orange, X. J.). Residence: 3.5 
Prospect St., E. Orange, X. J. Address: 
1 Nassau St., X. Y. City. 
BOLLES, Amos Eugene: 

Publisher and prinlet; b. in Wisconsin, 
Feb. 20. I>r2; s. Xels.iii Ri.-liard and Mel- 
vina (Whitford) Bolles; high school ed'n; 
m. Erie, Pa.. Dee. 27, l~ti7, Jennie Dickinson; 
children: JIartha Talbot, b. l;iJO, Cecilia Re- 
becca, b. lUOJ. Sec. and treas. Trade Maga- 
zine Ass'n; gen. nig'r The House Fur.iish- 
ing Review, X. Y. City; pros. Kipiity Press. 
X. Y. City. Republican; Methodist. iMem. 
Modern Woodmen of America. Clubs; Hard- 
ware, Montclair. Address; 09 Park Place, 
X. Y. City. 
BOLTON, Eegin.ild Pelham; 

Consnlling exfrl eiig r; b. Loudon, Eng- 
land. IS-y;; s. U.'v. .lanns liolton, ISA. (of 
P.dham Prinrv. W. stchestcr. .V. Y.) and Ly- 
dia Louisa (l'>yiii) I'.olloii: iirivale education ; 

1-7^. Kate'Alice. d. 'c.ipt. .lames 'll.dienna! 
R. A.: 2.1, Washinglon. 1>. C, 1^0-', Elli.^lind, 
d. Le.inard lluvck; cliildren: lev Miiv, b. 
lS7:i, Guv Reginalil. b. 1-:;. Teidinii-al prac- 
liral educalion in Lond..n. lS7l-7^; in design- 
ing dep't. F.ilgem.ior Ir.m \V..rl;s. 1-7!); willi 
l:. I). L.avilt. M. i:., 1--I. Trav.'l.'.i in i;ng- 
l.ind, llollaii.l, Irance. llalv, Si.ily, .--ipain 

for mines, shipvard.- 
I'JOI in consulting practice in N. Y. Citv; 
consulting eiig'r to Dep't of Water Suiipfv, 
.v. Y. Cit.v, X. Y. Central & Hudson Uiver 
R. B., The Plant System, R. II. Macv & Co., 
etc. l;piscopalian. Asso. Mem. Inst'n of 
Civil Eng'rs (England). Telford Gold Medal, 
1^01; mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Eiigrs. Am. Soc. 
Mech. Eng'rs, Am. Soe. Xaval Eng'rs, Am. 
Soc. Heating and Ventilating Eng'rs, X. Y. 
Elec. Soc., X. Y. Hist. Soc, City Hist. Club, 
Municipal Art League, Am. Folk-Lore Soc. 


nd 111: 

■ch (X. Y. 
■search and 
.s. Author: 

It of Ml. ■>', 
an Irish Te 
]-.SIh St. (Audnbo 

r.liil. Residei 

Fifth Av. (Xight & Day Bank Bld'g), X. 
Y. City. 

BOND, Alfred Huidekoper: 

Jlanufacturer s agent: b. Boston, ilass., 
IbCO; s. George and Rebecca Calhoun (Huide- 
koper) Bond; academic ed'n; m. N. Y., IJOiJ, 
Louise van Beuren Davis; one daughter, 
Mary Louise, b. 1S97. Agent Geo. W. Wlieel- 
wright. Paper Co,; v.-p. "Atlantic Terra-Cotta 
Co. Served six ve.irs in Mass. Naval Re- 
serve. ' Clubs : Calunieiit, Metropolitan, Al- 
dine. Address; 21 E. i»th St., X. Y. City. 

BOND, Edward Austin: 

Civil eiig'r; b. De.vtcr, Mich., April 22, 
IS 19: cd. jiublic schools of .Michigan and 
business college. Utica, X. Y. ; m. 1st, Nov. 
II. Is73, Gertrude Hollcnbeck; id, Nov. It), 
l'i.)4, Clara Esielle Kllis. Chief eng'r of 
several railroads: State eng'r and survevor 
State of X. Y. .Ian. 1, H-VO. to May 1, 1!»U: 
then resigned to accept position of clim'n 
of Advisory B'd. of Consulting Eng'rs for 
Barge Canal,. S. X. Y., chapter 117, laws l;)o.!, 
S. X. Y. As State eng'r developed svsteiu 
of imiirovement of highwavs under State aid, 
and nade cimplete survev enlarged Kri.' 
Canal. Republican. Address: State Hall, 
Albany, X. Y. 

BOND, Frank S.i 

Retired: b. Sturbridge, Mass., Feb. 1, 
l-:;il; s. Rev. Alvau (D.D.) and Sarah (Rich- 
ar.l.s.m) Bond; ed. Norwich Acad, and llop- 
kinl..n (.Mass.) lligb School; unmarried. 
Began business career in l.-'I'j as clerk in 
treasurer's olhce, Norwich & Worcester R. R. 
Co.; see. Cincinnati, Hamilton & R'v 
C.I., IS-IO-i^J; v.-p. .Miss.iuri. Kansas & Texas 
R'y Co., l;(;s-73; v.-p. Te.ias and Pacilie 
R. R. C..., lf7:iSl; pres. Philadelphia \- 
Readiiig R. R. Co., l!^^2-^;i ; pres. live Asso- 
:iated R'ys, l.-sl-.-i;; v.-p. Cliicago, Milwaukee 
(c St. Paul R'y Co., l,'.il)0. VServed time 
v.-ar.s ill Civil War, lirst as 1st li.'ut. liith 
C..nn. Vols.; .second, eapt. and aidede-eam;. 
on sliiir of Mai. gen. R.iseerans; third major 
and tr. S. Vols. Mem. L..val 
[..■ S.uis of .\m. Revolution, Annv'of 
Ciiiiiberlanil, .Mi't. .lUlsenm of Art. Am. ' .Nfu- 
•., -11111 Naliiral llisl..rv, .Nat. Ai-a.l. Design, 
lie. Clul.s:|...lil.iM, Uiii..,,, I'nion 



BOND, George Hopkins 

■ a'.id 

Jekyl IshiiiJ. 


ccly) I!o 

eU-bniled Presl.v 

s. Willii 
grad. Svracuac I'ni 
lt!*7; Syracuse Univ. 
m. Jan. 29, IH'JI, Flo 

X. T.. Auj. 10, 1S73; 
Ida (Uupkiiis; Bond; 
., Ph.B,, JiUl, I'k.M., 
Law ach., LL.B., IcOT ; 
ence Cherry Woodford; 

Bond & Schoo 
ness corp' 



lOoi, Jolin 
ILi'jS. Admitted to bar 1;U7 ; 
L general practice ol law in 
Y. : mem. law lirm of White, 
leck. Director in various busi- 
i of Syracuse. Sec. Republican 
of Onc.nda^a Co., IMO-uii; State 


: as dist. 


a Irater- 


3i White 

19o3-uti; elected !> 
atl'y o£ Onondaga Co., lor SytM 
ginning Jan. 1, lOus. Republica 
teriau. Mem. Delta Kappa Kps 
nily. Clubs: University, Citizt 40b Walnut I'arU. Addres: 
Memorial Bldg., Syracuse, X. V. 
BOND, Paul Stanley: 

Uflicer Corps of Kns'rs, U. S. A.; h. N. T. 
City, April 15, l?Tl); s. Joseph W. and Jane 
H. Bond; ed. public schools, X. Y. City and 
San Francisco, Calif.; private schools. Conn., 
X. Y., Pa., .\. J., and Va., Univ. of Xevada, 
School of Mines, I.-'JS; distinguished gradu- 
ate, U. S. Mil. Acad., West Point, lOUU; in. 
Cincinnati, Ohio, Julv 9, lyi'i, Marie Douchty, 
d. Judie Charles Lvans; one daughter, Sarah 
Doughty Bond, b. Sept. l!», I'joj. Commis- 
sioned lieut. U. S. .\rt'v, June 13, ISUl), 
1st lieut.. Corps of Kng'rs. U. S. A., Juno 
ia, 1901, and capt. Corps of Eng'rs, Aug. 27, 
19(J7. Kngaged in surveys, river and harbor 
and liglitliouse construction, and other public 
■ of the U. - 






X. Y. 



of V. S. 

and Canada. Address: War Dep't, Wash- 
ington, 1). C. 
BOKD, Walter Huntington: 

Lawyer; b. Waltham. Mass., April C, IS7S; 
B. David Taylor and Emma Gerirudo (Bigc- 
low) Bond; ed. Pratt lust. High School, 
Brooklyn, X. Y„ Univ. of Mich., LL.ll.; 
unmarried. .^dmilted to bar, June, 1901; 
mem. .V. Y. and Jlich. bars. Was in law 
oflice of Judge James B. Dill, 3 years; now 
senior mem. law tjrm Bond & At- 

alled by bus 


rid Canada 


Gould C 
Co., U. 


.itile. Wash, 
isivelv throughout 
rector Arch Cr.iw-ii 
lion Co., Consoli- 
Field & Stream. Ilenrv A. 
v York Die Co., Kepublie "Coal 
Santo Domingo Knitting C..., 
Pepublican; Baptist. -Mem. 
S,.c. -Mel. Museum of Art. 
ouiiiain climbing; has climbed 
-Mis. Rainier, Hood. Shasta and otlier p.'aks 
ill U. S. and Caiiad:i. Clubs: Univ. of .Mich- 
igan, Uraduates. ( N', Y. Citv) ; .Mazama, 
(Portland, Or.-.); Sierra (San Francis,-..); 
Para.lise A-al!ev, (■IVicinia, Wash.). Uesi- 
denre: 17(1 C.luinl.i.i n.i-!.is. Br...)ldvn, N. V. 
Address; S'J l;r..ailw.iy, .\. Y. City." 
BONNAR. John Duncan: 

I'hysician, sur_-e..o: b. near T,.ront.). Out., 
May 7, 1>J2: s. James Turnbull and Marv 

hjmn writer, and Andrew Bonnar, w 
father's cousins; ed. at Coll. of Technologv 
and at Trinity ilcd. Coll., Toronto, of which 
was a felb'^v, received two honor certificates 
and .1 silver medal, lk7d, ,iiid silver medal 
and M.D. degree, and CM. degree from 
Trinity Univ., Toronto, IfeaJ; silver medal, 
Starr gold medal, degree of M.B., and IG 
lirst clas.s honor ceriilicates from "Toront.) 
Univ.; m. June 25, Idso, Caroline Estello 
Harris, d. Hon. JIarvin Harris of Kendall, 
X. Y.; children: Benjamin Harris, b. l5.-=. 
M. Clarine, b. 1S9U. H. Otis, b. I«i3, Svbil 
Lyell, b. 1S97. While practising near To- 
ronto, ].s7s-y), was surgeon to the Credit 
Valley Railway; moved thence to Buffalo, 
X. ^Y., wh.'re has pursued a general medical 
Lectured on surgery 

and c 


y in Colle 
liich at i: 
s taken »i 
Erie Barg 




Canal project, tin 
ral beauty of Xi 
agara Falls, and iu opposition to the schemi 
of removing Forts Porter and Xiagara, anc 
the merging of both in a new militarv 
encampment at Sturgeon Point on the S.iuli 
Shore of Lake Erie, and the efforts of him 
self and associates were approved by Sec 
retary Taft. Visited City of Me.'cico, lain;, 
1900 iveut on exploring tour inn. 
bevond Yukon, and gave severa: 
upon this tour. Republican; Pros 
Trustee Central I'resbv'u Cli , 
Bullalo; mem. Presby'n Union. Jlem. Erii 
Cn. Med. Soc... X. Y. State Jled. Soc, Am 
Med. Ass'n. Bull'alo Hist. Soc. Coll. Phvs 
and Surg, .if Ontario, ButValo Acad. .Medicii'ie, 
Wrote!,il Priii.-iples of ilcdicine (Amer 
May, 1901; presented pap.'r, 
Within and Without tlio 
ift'alo Acad. Jledi.i 

ed Central Co 

at the 

to Con 

il of Bullalo 


1^99, and read a pii 
iial Enlargement; has in prep; 
lie enlitled, James Turnbull. 
Address: 144 Je\ 


Av., liulTalo, X. Y. 

BONNEK, David Findlcy: 

I'ld, 0., April 
I .Martha (Findl. 
.Muskio._-um Coll.. A.B., 1 
C.ll., D.D., 1»91; stud. 
United Presby'n Tlicl. Sem.s. of Xenia s tw.i y,..irs; grad, from latt 







O.. A;: 

ibeth Smith; eight chil- 

li 211, 1 

erv. J 


N'. Y., 1.>,71N|; iiass.d 

Church. P.,st..r. C 

X. Y., 15.S4-91, Flo 

llioS, Eiulicott, X. ¥., fr. 

;ile,l cl.'rk I'l 

ion (■„.. I., 
. K.-pobli, 

sbvlery of IIu.l- 
sui>'t of scho.ils, 
rved part ..( the 
adeiit). Was di- 


roctor U. P. Theol. Sem., Monmouth, 111., 
1SIJ7-7U; pres. B'd Ed'n, I'Morida, N. Y., about 
f'lur years from lis ori;:inizalion. Mem. 
Kat. CJcog. S"C. Frcque'it coiuributor to 



cd Prcib.vlu 


Author (pamphlets): The Ci)ii»litiitiunal Kis'it 
of the Bible to a Place in Our Public Scli'.ols, 
ISTj: The Ecclesiastical Position ar.d Woi-lc 
of Woman, 1S73; Instrumental .Music in the 
Worship of God Divinely Authorized. ISSl ; 
books: Saving the W..rld, i;."i, and The 
Psalmody yuestiou, 16u?. Address: Endi- 
cott, N. Y. 
EONNEY, llelsou P.: 

Lawyer: b. Katon, X. T., June 20, 1ST2; s. 
Klnn G. and Louise (Frasicr) Eonney; grad. 
Colgate Acad., IttU: m. Oneida, N. Y., Jan. 
■1. 1S99, Julia J. Cliapin; one son, Theodore 
C, b. Apiil 9, 1905. Employed by X. Y., 
Ontario and 'Westeru R"y Co. as telecrapbor 
and train dispatcher, ISHO-IOUO; admiitcd to 
the bar .Sept., ISOO; has practised law at Xor- 
vrich, X. \'., ever since. Supervisor town of 
Xorwich, X. Y., 1905-07; chm'n Republican 
County Com., lOlXl-OS; sergeant in Sd Com- 
pany Volunteer Signal Corps in Spanish-Am. 
. War, but had no :,irvice outsi.le of U. S. Di- 
rector Ir.daiid Machine and Foun.lrv Co. 
Republican: C.jni,Te.-alionali5t. Addre.-;s: IbS 
South liroad St., Xorwich, X. Y. 
BONSAL. Stephen: 

Journalist; b. Baltimore, Md., Mar. SO, 
ISCj; s. Stephen and 1 iLei^h) Bon- 
Bal; ed. at St. Paul's Sclio.,1. Concord, X. H., 
and at Gotliiig.ii and Heidelberg, Uormanv; 
m. Mar. 17, luoo, lleurielta F.iirfa.K Morris. 
Special correspondent X, Y. Herald iu war 
between Servia and Bulgaria, 1:^55^ served 
as sec. of legation and cliarge d'atlaires of 
U. S. legations to Peking, .Madrid. Tokb. 
and Korea, l,■^9^-'Jli; spe.;ial corresi>on.!ent 
X. Y'. Herald in ChinoJ.ipanese War, 1.-95; 
Cuban Insurrection, i;li7: Spaui^h•.\mericau 
War, 1S9S; in China during the Boxer up- 
rising; later in Venezuela, the Balkans, Mo- 
rocco, etc. .\uthor: Morocco As It Is, 1S92; 
The Real Situation of Cuba, 1>.)7; The I'ight 
for Santiago, 1599; The Golden Shoo, 
3900. Clubs: Century, Knickerbocker (X. Y. 
Citv), Metropolitan (Washington, D. C). 
Residence; "Whitefields. ' ' Bedford, West- 
chester Co., X. Y. Address: 7 W. -ISd St., 
X. Y. City. 
BONSALL. George Hickman: 

Chr-viiian; b. West Ciicslor, Pa.. Aug. 
20, i.M.i; s. Caleb and Eleanor (Wright) 
Bonsall: studied in schools of native town, 
Pennington Sem., X. J., and privately; grad. 
Drew Theol. Sem., Madison, X. J., Iv.U ; 
pur.-^ued courses of studv in other institu- 
tions ; m. .Madison, X. J., Dec. 23. K-91, Ellen 
Douglas Peck: children: lleorie Hubert, 
Helen Peck. F.innerlv pastor First Presbv- 
terian Ch., Kevport, X. J., and Fewsmiih 
Memorial Presbyterian Church, Xevvark. 
N. J.; now mem. of Presbvterv and 

Cenlril I'l 


BONTECOU, Eecd Erinsmade: 


shington, D. • 

l-r,l; s. Reed Brockwav and Sns 

up) Bonlecou; ed. Williams C.Il.. i 

Harvard Coll., Coll. Phys. and Surg., 







v., X.T. 


m. East 



I., X. 


1^90, Li 



y Vail; 



an M 


b. 1S91, 



e CIn. -It, 

b. INOJ 


■ion Alice 

b. 1»90, 


ir '.!.■■. 

b. I5;is 


d Vai 

, h 


Vtl aiK 




t Ars 


geon to 
been a 







health nthcer city of T 
sician Episcopal Ch. Home. Served Several 
years in Co. A, l'.d Reg't, X.G.X.Y. Dem- 
ocrat. Episcopalian. Ex-pres. Rensselaer Co. 
Med. Soc; Mem. Med. Soc. State of X.Y., 
Med. Soc. Troy and Vicinity. Mem. B.P.O. 
Elks, 111, Troy. Recreations: Tennis, row-- 
ing, swimming. Clubs: Laureate Boat, Elks. 
Address: &2 Fourth St., Troy, X.Y. 

BOOLE, Ella Alexander: 

Coii-.»p.jnding sec; b. Van Wert, 0., July 
20. 155-: d. Col. Isaac X. and Rebecca (.\lbin) 
Alexander; ed. public schools, Univ. of Woos- 
ter (Ohio), \M.. 1S7S, A..M., 1*81. Ph.D.. 
1595; m. July 3, 1683, Rev. William H. Boole 
Idled Feb. 21, 1;90). Active in Woman's 
Clirislian Temperance Union of X.Y'., of 
which was corresponding sec, lSSO-93. v.-p., 
1593-97. ],res., 1597-1003: sec. Young Woiu- 
eu's Branch Xat. W.C.T.U., ISOOliS; chm'n 
Woman's -Anti-Vice Com., X.Y. City, 1902; 
corresponding see. Woman's Bd of Home -Mis- 
sions Presbv'n Ch., U.S.A., from 19m3. Club: 
Woman's Press. Residence: 1129 Av. H, 
Brooklyn, -iddrcss: 150 Fifth Av., X.Y'. City. 

EOOEAEM, John Traucis: 

Enciiieer; b. Jersey City, X.J.. Julv, ISCO; 
s. John Van Vorst and Elizabeth (Wreaks) 
Booraem: of Dutch-Am. ancestry (7 genera- 
tions): cd. Deguhees Inst. (German Sc!i). 
BrooklvTi. Poly. Inst., Brooklyn; Siblev 
Coll.. Cornell Univ., M.E.. E.E., ■]591; m. X. 
Y. Citv, Xov. l.'i, 15r9, Alice A. R. Robert, 
d. of Swiss viee-coiisul: children: Doroihv 
Eveline. -Marguerite, Robert. Coruolia Van 
Vorst. With Henry R. Worthington Co., as 
:ipprcntice; 3 years with engineering dep't, 
and ass't sup't Havemevcr & Elder plant of 
.\m. Sn^ar Refining Co.. Brooklyn; with 
Am. Enameled Brick and Tile Co. since 1.-9), 
as sec, treas. and en-iueer; built plant in 
1591, now largest iu U.S. Veteran Squadron 
A. X.G..V.Y. Mem. Ain. Soc. Jlech. Eng'r.s. 
Chi Chauier. Psi Upsilon fraternity. Recrea- 
tions: Horseback ridini.-, sailioL-. autiouobil- 
ing. Residence: 251 Shore Road. Gr.-ioi- 
wich. Conn. Address: 1 -Madisou Av., X.Y'. 

EOOEAEM. John Van Vorst: 

m V. 

S. He 
St) Bo 


City, X..T., Oct. 

v., 1 

oM, France: 2 years II:i 
ving languages and ma 
teciinic Sell., Carls-ulu 
m. Xov. 7, 1S07, Elir.abt 
John FraiUM.s (M.E.) 

id. .Mount Pie 


g and 
nient ' 
ed bn 


essels, e 



& nounor Sut-ar Rpfinin" 

aiul siip't T>, 

Co., l^::; hiu-r ill same c'ap.lcitlPS Tri'li ll.uo- 
nu'jor & Kl.l.r as «.-ll: c-jiisuUini- r.ig'r to 
BM of Aiu. Siuir li.Minliis Co., " Bruoldvii, 
>;.y., 1,^^;!-;'S. I'lil.Iislied, WflO. a tuoi-o_t.mj)i 
entitled InlornnI l.u. r.-y. a iidho'] I'lopnse.l 
for tho Calculation of' Enaiirv Stored vithiu 
Matter. V.-ii. Am. Enamel Brick & Tils Co. 
Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs, Ai^i. Chc-m. 
Soc, and others. Address; 204 Lincoln 
Place,, X.Y. 
EOOE.ff:M, Louis V.: 

Laujcr; I,. .lerse.v Citv, N. J., Sow 15. 
- .')!; s. Hnnrv A. and Cornelia (Van >'orst i 



N. Y. 

Cit.v liy C. D. Morris two years, Geo. S. 
Aiitlion three years, prepared tor Prince- 
ton; entered of l>rj, Princeton; loft 
during term; grad. Columbia Coll. Law Sch., 
LI.IS., lirfi; m. Jer.scy Citv. X. J., July 19, 
Ih*:, Abigail Van Xostrand; chiUhe:i : " Ab- 
bie N. N., b. ls>:.. lleudrick, h. ISiO, Cornelia 
V. X., b. :.-,'-':, irar..ld Van, b. isnj. 
Ila.s practised la a- from l-SO. yiem. Holland 
.Soc, Alumni of Columbia College. Recrea- 
tions: Golf, driving. Clubs: Princeton, 
E.SSCX Fells. Kesid.nce: Es<.ex Fells, X. 
Y. Address: ICO Fifth Av., X. X. City. 
BOOTH, Arthur Woodward: 

Physician and surgeon: b. Elmira. N. Y., 
Jan. IT, 1571; s. Irving Deuman and Esther 
Wickam (Shaw) Booth; ed. Cornell Lniv., 
course in biologv, lt>ij-01; Univ. of Pa., 
M.D., 1S04; pnst-grad. studv, A'ienna, 
Austria; uiiniarri.'d. Examiner" in t,ui-g.'rv 
for Board of IJ.geuis, re). resenting :Med'. 
Soc. Stale of X. Y. ; attending surgeon Arno- 
Ogden Jlcnioiial Hnsp., IJinira. X. Y. ; 
surgeon to Erie, Delaware, Lackawanna & 
Western, and LehiL-h Valley railroads. Di- 
rector jrerchanis' Xat. Bank, Elmira; pivs. 
Elmira .\cad. .Sciences. Passed ass't sur- 
geon and tiist lieul.. X. G. X. Y. Re- 
publican: Congregalionalist. Mem. Am. ^li'd. 
Ass'n, Med. Soc. Slate of X. Y.. Philadel- 
phi.i Pathol. Soc. Chemung Co. Med. Soc, 
Elmira Acad. .Medicine, i-:mpire Slate Soc, 
Sons -\m. Revolution. Reer.-ations: Hunt- 
ing, fishing. Clubs: Elmira Citv (mem. 
B-d JIs'rs.>. Ccniurv, Elmira Ci.uutrv. Lake 
Kcuka. Address: ' IJii .Main St., Eluiira, 
X. Y. 
BOOTH, B.allington: 

President Volunteers of America; 1). Rrig- 
hnuse. Yorkshire. England; s. Hcv. William 
and Calhcnne (.Miinilord) Booth: ed. Bris- 
tol Prep. Sch., Tau. ton (_\)llegiate Coll., and 
Xotlingham Sem., England; lu. Loudon, Eng- 
land, Sept. Ij. 1,>?7, Maud Charlesworth; 
children: Charles, b. Isju, Theodore, b. 



]>>.vs:. in U. S., ]"7-:iG: founded Iv 

A'olunleers of America. Incorporated 

hgious iihilanthropic organizalion. of 


lias since been president. leave 

ed CK- 

len.sively around llio world. 


li-i..ii5 (W'.mi/'ations and his i-m-ered 


S"" I'mihs in' conneilion 'with cvan 


work. Writer aii.l speaker. Address 

;;i W. 

-^Ih St., X. Y. City. 

BOOTH. Charles Edwin: 

Maiiiifacinier; !., Spiingrichl, Mass 

, .Tiilv 

24, l.sM): s. Alfred and Faunv W„ 



(.vbel) Booth; ed. public schools of Sprln ■- 
Held and Lowell. .Mass., and by 
tutors; unnmii-ied. Pres. Seaboard H.- 
fi-igeiation Co. Visited Auslralia and Xew 
Z-ai.inil in a trip around the world in llnil, 
J\c-pub!ican : Episcopalian. Mem. -Sue. 

Coioni,-.l Wars, Jiistorictienealogieal Soc. of 
Eoatcu, Conn. Hist. Soc, Hartford, L. I. 
Hist. Soc. Brookivn, Am. Xumismatio Soc, 
X. Y. City. Ciu!': National Arts. Ad- 
dress: X.-itional Arts Club, X. Y. City. 
BOOTH, Frederick A.: 

Keal estate; b. X. Y. Citv, Doc 31. ISIS; 
s. WjUiam A. and Louisa (Edgar) Booth; 
ed. X. Y. schools and Columbia Coll. 
(School of Mines); m. Jan. it). ISTl, Marv 
Bruyn Wynkoop. Engaged iu real estate 
business since IsOi: Trustee Seaman's Sav- 
ings Bank, Woodlawn Cemeterv. Associated 
Land Company. K.Necutor anil trustee of 
several estates. Mem. Real Estate B'd of 
Brokers. Traveled through Europe and tho 
East, taking four trijis. Keiiiibliean. Elder 
and treas. The Presbyterian Church on 
Cniversity Place; mem. Presbvterian Union. 
Trustee and treas. Robert Coll., Constanti- 
nople: director X. Y. Christian Homo 
Intemperate Men; trustee and treas. Bible 
House, Constantinople. Club: Adirondack 
League. Rcsblcncc: -11 West 10th St. Ad- 
dress: SCO Broadway, X. Y. City. 
BOOTH, Jolin T.: 

Lawyer; b. Tro.v, X. \., Jan. 1% isns; s. 
Thomas and Auua (Kennedy) Booth; ed. . 
public schools, Trov, .\. Y. ; grad. Troy 
High School, ISSl; ni. l>,tll, Minnie G. Lar 
kin; children: .Marion, b. ISO.",. Thomas Kei.l, 
b. ISl/C. John E., b. 1S03, William R., b. 
1-DO, Grace Mar.v, b. lOol. Robert, b. 1!iii:!. 
Francis \., h. I'.loJ. Admitted to bar. ISSD; 
began practice in Troy; moved. VO'l. to New 
York City, ■where has praclis,.d ever since. 
Director in .several business cBrporntions, 
Democrat. Catholic. P:ist Grand Knight in 
Knights of Columbus; mem. Roval Arcanum, 
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. "Address: 271 
Uroadwa.v, X. Y. City. 
BOOTH, Levis Miller: 

Chemist; b. Chester, Pa.. 1S7S; s. George 
M. and Ellen (.Miller) Booth: grad. Swarth- 
ncire Coll., B. S.. ISHO; m. Riverton. X. J., 
Aiiril 21, lOMj, Alice Lippiiicott; children: 
liiurso Mariin, Jr., b. ISiil. Robert 
lOtt. b. I!l(l7. Chemist, engaged especially 
in water softening and pitriticatiun as pr.-s. 
and director of L. M. Booth Companv. lie- 
publican. Mem. Delta Upsilon fraternilv. 
Club: Machinery. Address: 13C Liberiv 
St., X. Y. City. 
BOOTH, Maud Eallington: Limiis(ichl, Siirrev, England: d. Rev. 
Samuel Charlesworth; educ:ited Bellstead, 
SutTnIk, and in Swilzerhmd: m. London. 
Kuglaud, Sept. Ifi, lss7. liallinglon B.iolh 
(second son of (Icni'i-al Booth): children: 
Charles, Theodora. Kniered S.ilvation .\niiv 
:it 17 as ollicer. serving in Paris, and iii 
Geneva and other parts of Swilzi.rland. in 
which conntr.v, with coinliaiiious. was sub- 
j.'ct to bluer poliie l.erseculion. and was 
expelled from Geneva, although the work was 
latiT SMccessfullv established there; later 



WHO'S WHO ix xew youk 



^.■l■u■s of meetings for the students of Up- 
► :.l;i I'niv., -.lUL-ndcd by INJO of the SUUO 
hludiiits, witli most successful results. With 
l,iisl>and, commaiidod Salvation Army, lib 
WJ. raising: it from persecuted, uiiknow 
niuveinent to one of success and recoj^n 
tiou; tile contention arisini: that they wei 
Americanizing that institution, started, wit 
husband, The Volunteers of Ame 

ud ha 

d with 
ners of 

Started special work for 
L". S., which is now established tn uin 
prisons, from New York to San Francis 
Author: Slecpv Time Stories; Lights 
Childland; Xnd the Pardon Come Too Latt 
The Curse of Septic Scml Treatment; Af 
I'risou — ^Vhat ? ; and other boolcs. Address: 
Si vr. 2ith St., -V. T. City. 
BOOTH, Ealph W.; 

-Merchant, retired; h. Cin.innati, O.. Feb. 
■in, 1Mb; s. Kalph \V. and Juli 
Booth; ed. Anthon's Classical Sch., and 
Columbi.i Sch. of .Mines and Coll.; 
Y- Citv, Nov. SO, 1870, ilarv J. Conklin; one 
son, Kalph \V., Jr.. b. l.-TT. Manager firm 
of H. J. Booth & Co., Cincinnati, O. ; mg'r 
.V. J. Lamp and Bronze Works: pres. aiid 
sup't Consolidated Krnit ,Iar Co. Jlem. 
Old Guard, rank of corporal, of Co. A, Oih 
Iteg't; later capt. on slatt' of Col. Braiuo 
and quartermaster ou start of Col. Hitch- 
cock. Democrat ; Episcopalian. Mem. B. 
1'. O. Elks. Kcsidence: lui.i Bergen St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 110 Nassau St., 
New York. 
BOOTH, WilUam T.: 

Civil eng'r; b. Poughkeepsie. X. Y., May 
24, 1802; s. Oliver II. and Elizabeth P. 
(Ferris) Booth; grad. Harvard Univ., C.E.. 
1>->1; unmarried. lias practised as civil 
eiitf'r from lj>l; tra\e!s have cvered most 
of U. S. and Europe, Ke])uljlican : Presbv- 
tcrion. Mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs. Trus- 
tee Vassar Brothers IIosp. ; veteran fireman. 
Clubs: Harvard (X. Y. Citv), Amrita 
i Poughkeepsie). Address: Poughkeepsie, 
X. Y. 
BOOTH, William Miller: 

Cnsulling cl.cmi--.t and ong'r; b. Paris. 
X. Y., Sept. 4, 1>7m; s. William Jloss aiul 
Irena Cornelia (Miller) Booth; ed. Itamil- 
ton Coll., Harvard L-iiiv., S.H. in cheniistrv, 
'■.■.•■„'<m rii»i hniJc; liu:i- m. Cleveland, ()., 
I'cc. 29, l-sii;. Marian Booth Foster. 
^' i.nce instr. Bulkcley Sch,, Xew London, 
•■"Mil., ]S;)3-04, Berkeley Sch., Boston. IM'l- 
'■"■; ass't in chcmistrv, Pratt Inst., Rrook- 
Iw'.. I.'-ar-O.S; in charge of department. Normal 
School, Cortland. X. Y,. lv,i> l:io;;; in prac- 
'I'e as consulting ehoiiiist anil cng'r sineo 
1"'-'; has made a siiecialtv of the industrial 
u-cs of water and factory w;istes. Pies. 
Ihe Technical Investigation anil Conslruc- 
Kepuhlican; Presbyterian. I'res. 

'••rural X, 
'rtas. Am. 
'o.ns: Short 



-. Ite 

al.oiit the 
"'•road, summer of Ivr,. ( 
n"l..--y. Harvard I .^vi-a.usc) , Address: : 

lllll::;.e lild'g. Syrai Use, X. Y. 

BOOTHBY. John W,: 

, l.auy.-r; b. Kawd.oi Yorkshire. Englali 
•»nlv -l. IMS; s. .I,,|,„ ;i„,i i;ii,,i ].,„, 
(LasHvood) Boothby; grad. Cornell Uni 

B,S., 1ST3. Columbia, LL.B,, ISTT; m. St. 
Ignatius Church, X. Y. City, June 3, 1S>4, 
Lilla, d. Hon. A. ilcDougall, U. S. 
Senator from California. Has practised law 
in X. Y. City siii.e 1>>2; now mem. law firm 
of Boothbv & Baldwin. Mem. Ass'n ilar 
City X. Y., Am. Bar Ass'n. Eepublican; 
Episcopalian, (.iovernor Xew RochcUe Hosp. 
Senior warden Trinity Church, Xew lio- 
chelle, X. Y., where summer residence, 
"Overlook." has been for 22 years. Clubs: 
Cornell L niversitv, Church. Address: 31 
Xassau St., X. Y. City. 
BORDEN, William Cline: 

Major, surgeon U. S. A.; b. Watertown, 
N. Y., Jlay I'J, 1«S: s. Daniel I,, and Jlarv 
Louisa (Cline) Borden; ed. Adams (X. Y.) 
Collegiate Ins!., Med. Dept Columbian 
Iniv., Washington. D. C, M.D., IN-;:; m. 
Oct. 20, IN-J. Jennie E. Adams; children: 
Daniel L., William .\yres. Appfd 1st heiit., 
ass t surgeon U.S..V., 1SS3; captain, 1,^>0; 
major and brigade surgeon, U.S. Vols., IMi^ ; 
major and surgeon, U.S.A., IsOt). During 
;h-Ara. War, com'd Army Gen. Hosp., 



■d Army Gc 


Washington, D,C,, 1,V..,^1'JII7, since 10iJ7 
Ceneraf Hospital, ilanila, P.I. Prof, mik 
surgery. Army Med. Sch,; prof. surg. pathol- 

o-:, :o o Ui.iv. Sch. of Medicine; cou- 

^' i . Gov't iiosp. for Insane, 

W - I, Mem, Ass'n Mil. Surgeons 

or 1 .- , .\iii Med. Ass'n, Med. Soc. of D,C. ; 
honorary mem, Med. and Surg. Soc., D.C. 
Mem. X,Y. Soc, S,A,1{. CInli: Crescent 
Y.icht (Chauinont, N.Y'.). Summer home: 
■■Latonka." (.haumont, X,Y. Address: Care 
Surgeou General, U.S.A., Washington, D.C. 
BOEGLUM, Gutzon: 

Sculptor, painter; b. in Idaho, Mar. 23, 
1m:7; s. Dr. James do la Mothe Borgliiiu and 
Ida (Michelscnl Borgluin; ed. in public 
schools of Fremont and Omaha, Ncb„ and 
St. JIary's Coll., Kan.; studied art in San 
Francisco and went to Paris in 1S90, working 
and studying in Academie Julieu and Ecole 
dcs Bcr.u.t Arts. E.xhihited as painter and 
sculptor in Paris Salon; in Spain, 1M)2; in 
Calif,, l.-!ia-91: returned east and went to 
I.on.Ion in lv»i, remaining there and in Paris 
until kiol. Has been in X.Y. Citv siio-e l:i"J. 
l;\liil.ited in London and Paris, l.>-;li;-i;i 1 ; 
li-ld successful "one man" exhibit in L..n- 
.lon; r.-ccivcd gold medal lor sculpture at La. 
I'urchase Evp n. Is sculptor for w.n-k on 
Cathedral of St. John the Divine, X.Y. Citv, 
and has been selected to exe.-ute tho Sheri- 
dan inonumcnt at Wasliini.-.ou, D.C, Inde- 
pendent in politics; Callinlic. Mein. Roval 
Soc. Artists, Societe Nationnle des 
Beau.K Arts. Architectural League; Scottish 
Kite JIason. Clubs: Plavers, Camp Fire, 
Fencers'. City (X.Y, Citv), Balsam Lake 
Club; Metropolitan ( Washi'ugton, D.C). Ad- 

100 E. Sith St., X.Y. City. 
BORING, William Alciphron: 

.\i.!iil.-ct; I,. C.irluuille, HI,. Sri>t. 0. IS.-.D ; 
s. John -Mclvin and .Marv Adeline (Bailee) 
Jinriiig; ed. Univ. of HI,, 1-sl-si, (^ihlmbia 
I'liiv., X.Y. Cit.v, IS^Si;.^?. Kcole d.-s B.aoi; 
Arts, P ris, France, l.^sT-OU; m. St. Paul 
Oct. 23, l.s|i,-,, Florence Kimball; cliil- 



ct, 10, I'JOT), Has de 

b. IS 



WHO'S wiiu ix m:\v yuuk 


principal cities ot U.S. and Culin; amons 
others, U.S. Immitrraut Station. Kllis Islami. 
}Ias traveled in" ili-.'ciio, Cu'ia, England, 
France, Switzerland, Ilulland, Belgium, Italy, 
Spain, Ireland. Is nienr. lirni ol' liurins & 
Tilton, arehitects; also practising alone, "lie- 
ccived gold medal, i'aris K.\p'n, I'.toO; silver 
medal, Louisiana Purchase E.xp'n; Ijronze 
medal, PanAm. Expn, BulTalo. Jlem. and 
v.-p. Am. Inst. Archileets (an.l X.Y. Chap- 
ter), Soc. IJeau.v Arts Architects, Soc. 
Columbia Univ. Architects, Ar.lulectural 
Lea-ue of N.V.; Kni-ht Templar; trustee and 
incorporator Am. Acad, in Konie. Kecrea- 
tion: Painting landscape. Has often been 
ofBco holder in the professional sn.iclies and 
clubs. Clul.s: Ccniurv Assn (\.Y. Citv ) ; 
Cosmos (Washington, b.C). Address: i:i 
K. 7l5t St., K.Y. City. 
BORN, E. O.: 

Physician, (oculist); b. Burg, Germany, 
July 31. 1.S.-.3; ed. iu Gymnasium in Burg, Ber- 
lin Univ., Phvs. and Surg.. .M.D., IjTT; 
m. St. Lonis, .Mo., llKil, Josephine Ilongh- 
taling. Prof, ophthalmologv, N. Y. Polvclinic 
School and Hu.pilal. .Mem. X. Y. Countv 
Jlcd. Soc, X. Y. State .Med. Sue, Acad, o'f 
iledicine, Jled. Soc. Ureater X. Y'., German 
Jled. Snc. Clubs: Xew York,, 
Lambs, Liedorkranz. Address: tio2 iladisou 
Av., X. Y. City. 
BORNE, John Emil: 

Pros. Colonial Trust Co.; b. Broolclvn. N. 
Y., Dec. 1, In.'..'; s. John E. an.l Elizabeth 
(Pfaff) Borne; ed. in America and Germany 
in iirivato srhnols; m., Oct. 3, l!-77, 
Kellie .M. Lawrence. Entered petroleum re- 
fining business, L-74. firm latierlv. Borne, 
S.rv.user i Co.; turned into a corporation, 
IMiJ; since then prus. and lar_-est owner as 
BorneScryniser Co. Pros, and tru.stce Co- 
lonial Trust Co.; director Xat. Park Bank, 
Jlulual Bank, Plaza Bank, Mount Venn.n 
Trust Co., Kockland County Trust Co., Co- 
lonial Safe Deposit Co., riornc Life Insur- 
ance Co., Eetlikhem Steel C'.rporation, In- 
ternational Steam Pump Co.. Nassau Electric 
Kailroad Co., Citizens' Water Supply Co., 
West Penn. Kailuay Lighting Co.. c:ris\yold 
Worsteil Co.. Kailway Electric Power Co. 
(treas.)Traction, Gas and Electric Finance 
Co. (v.-D.). Episcopalian. Kecreations : 
Aulomobiling, polf, yachting. Clubs: Uni.m, 
Metropolitan, X.Y. Yacht, Tuxedo. Down 
Town Ass'n. Address: 2u5 NV. 57th St., X. 
Y. City. 
B.OREOWE. llallct Alsop: 

Capitalist; grad. C.iluuibia Coll., ISSG; m. 
Anna \V. Clubs: Law\cr^. Delta 
Phi. Counlrv. .\.Y. Athletic. Ad.iress: li.oT 
Fifth Av., X.Y. City. 
EORSODY, Prank:; b. iu llungarv, ISIlS; s. Sam. 
and Jiiliaona (Gellman) liorsodi-; ed. in grad. I uiv, of l:iid.,p'est. .M.D., 

1.S7I, Ci 

b. issi!. 

b. ]>,7;i. 

I.OUi.S, b 

Eihel, b. 1-M, 
L'.-j. Eogage.l 

of mcd 

cine, reci- 

ved awards for 


c impl.-mc 

Us at Ghent, Hid 


IS^O. Pal 

is. L-old nied'.l. 


■). gold 

nedal. P-OO. W: 


for 17 V 

•ars in Uungar^ 


an annu 

il pension. ' .M'. 




Xational d'llygiene Publifpie de France; mem. 
X. Y. County Med. A^s'u, etc. Address: 
■J.:: E. SJd St., X. Y. City. 
BOEST. Heury Vroman: 

Jurist; b. Coblcskill, X.Y".. July C, ISK; 
ed. Brockport Slate Xorinal Sch., and at 
Cornell Univ., ls73-7.); m. 1st, June, ls7S, 
Mattie Earner; 2d, Jlav, 1^72, Alida Yes-don. 
.A.dmitted to bar, 1S77; practised law at Ft. 
Plain, ib75-67, and at -Vmslerdam since ISSS; 
district attorney. lcS4-,Mi; county judge and 
surrogate, .Montgomery Co., X.Y., ZStSsO; was 
grand master LCJ.O.F., L-'JO-IOUO, and lias 
since been grand representative. Address: 
Amsterdam, X.Y. 

BOSHAET, Charles Tred: 

F:iiii,.r; b. Lowvillc. X.Y., Sept. IC, ISGO; 
s. Charles D. and .Marg.irct ( IJnackeubush) 
Boshart; grad. Cornell L'niv.. B.Agar., KsSI; 
m. Lowville, X.Y., Oct. i2, 1S57, Clara Ame- 
lia Smiley; children: Charles Ualph, .Mar- 
garet Amelia. Engaged in farming from boy- 
hood; now also v.-p. and director First Xat., Lowville: director Lowville Rural Cem- 
etery. Uepublican: Lowville, Vjm- 
0.7. Mem. Slate Assemblv, 19i»'., 1907, 1S"S, 
1009. Presbyterian. Address: Lowville, X.Y. 
BOSS, Lewis: 

Astronomer; b. Providence, R.I., Oct. 26, 
ISJG; s. Samuel P. and Luciiida Boss; ed. 
public schools and Lapliam Inst., X. Scituate, 
K.I.: grad. Dartmoulh Coll., -\..M., Ib73; 
LL.D., Union Univ., 1902; m. Washington, 
].'~71. Helen .M. Ilntchinson. Civil ass't in 
charge astronomy Xorthern Boundary Com- 
misMon,- 1S727(;; astronomer U.S. Gov't 
Exjid'n to observe total eclipse. Colo., 1S7S; 
in charge Transit of 'Senus Expd'n Santiago. 
Chili, I»>2, and various others: director Dud- 
lev Observaiorv siiico lb7i;: Slate Sup't 
Weights and jleasures, X.Y'., since L-,-i4. 
Foreign Associate Koyal .\stron. Soc. (gold 
medal, 191 j) : mem. Xat. Acad, of Sciences, 
.\strononiisclie Gcsellsehatt (Leipzig), Astron. 
and Astrophvs Soc; corr. mem. British 
Ass'n Advancement of Science. .Vuthor of 
star catalogues; also of monographs and nrti- 
sidereal svstem and nie- 








positions ; 
rvatory, Albany, X.Y". 

Address: Dudle 
BOSS. Nelson R.: 

ClergvuKUi; grad. St. Steidien's Coll., An- 
nandale, X.Y., 11. A., 1N.9. M.A.. lf>9. S.T.B., 
1.-02. Ordered deacon bv Bishop Doane, 1.-72, 
and priest. l>7i;, bv liislmp Pinckncv. in Epis- 
co]ial niinislrv. Was asst St. George's Ch., 
Xeu burgh, X'.Y.. 1^72: Ch. of the Epiphanv, 
Washinglon. D.C.. ]>7:;; rector Itullierford, 
X.J., 1S77.-I: since is,-l, rector Trinity Ch., 
P.rooklvn. N.Y. Author: The Pra vrliook — ■ 
Uca-oiis Win-. Address: 29 Schcuck .-Vv., 
Brooklyn, X.Y. 
EOSSEET, Louis: 

.M.u..ila.lun-r: b. in Oerinany, 181;); camo 
with parents in l,-.".l, to U.S., settling in 
Itrooklvn; ed. in ,mblic school,-; in.; learned 
the ciirpenlcr's trade, and in l,-i;9 o]icncd his 
own lillie shop at liroadwav and Union Av., 
Brooklvn: now owns and opcrales ono of the 
largest' factories of its kind in tliev U.S., 
employing nearly 1,000 hands.- Admitted his 



own son ns partner, firm ro'.v bcin? Louis 
liussort & Sun. Uireilor Bn.Mrlw.-.v J; nik. 
Brookh-n. Eepublicaii ; sewed as m.|.:, ' i, 
by apptm't of Mayor Low of Br." . - 
SJ: served in Nat. Guard iT vr.n 
Arion Soc, Liederkrani. Sue, Man •• ■ • ;i _. 
Club. Owns cnuntrv place an Far Eo.kaw^.v. 
Residence: 1MU2 ljus.l.wick Av. Address: 
1333 Grand St., Bi'ooklyJ. 
BOSTON, Charles Anderson: 

Lawver; b. Baltiiii..rL.. Md., Ai.?. 31. Irn3; 
s. John E. II. and C-celia iGuytonl Boston- 
cd. private and jiuiilie school? in BriUlniirc; 
lialtimore Citv (.'oil., .Johns Ilopsins Univ.; 
LL.B., Univ. 'of JId., Ij.ii: m. West Orange, 
N.J., Sept. 29, ItliiO, Kthel Lvon ; children: 
Katherine, b. liii_'. I. von. b. VJ'H. Mem. bars 
of Maryland and XcV York, :.nd of the Su- 
preme Court of tlie U..S., and several Federal 
circuits and districts; mem. law tlr.n of 
Hornblower, Miller & Potter: .Vuthor ui 
articles on Medical LaAvs, nni Privileged 
Communications in first and second editions 
of Wittha\is and Becker's Med. Jurispru- 
dence, and associate author of fortiicomin:? 
article on Law of Insaiiitv. in the second 
edition of tlie same publication. Mem. ^im. 
Bar Ass'n, X.V. Slate Bar Assn. As.Vu Bar 
City of N.Y., X.Y. Law Inst., New England 
Soc. of Oranse, N.J., Johns Hopkins Alumni, 
N.y. Alumni of Johns Hopkins Univ., NY. 
Soc. iled. Jurisiirud'-nce, Economic Club, 
N.Y. Inclepondenl Democrat. Residence: 
r.S4 ■^Vest End Av. .Vddress: 21 Broad St., 
N.y. City. 
BOSTON, Joseph H.: 

Artist; h. l-U-id<rc|.ort, Conn. Associate 
Nat. Acad. Design .since 10"l', mem. Soc. .-Vui. 
Artists. Clubb: Brouklvu Art iBrnoklvn); 
Salinasundi (N.Y. City). Address:; 2oa 
iloutague St., Brooklyn. 
BOSTWICK, Arthur Elmore: 

Librarian; b. Lilchlirid, Conn., Mar. S, 
IMio; s. Hr. David Lhnore and Adelaide tMc- 
Kinlev) liostwick; fih in direct descent from 
Arthur Bostock or Bostwick lof the Bo»tocks 
of Bostock Manor, near Chester. Eiii;l;uul), 
who came to .\nicrica, 1010; ed. Lildihi-ld 
Inst., Yalo Univ., B.A., l.-jl ; first iiicuiubeiit 
Silliman fellowship in phvsical scicn.-c. iN^l- 
M. Ph.D.. l;--:i. substitute instructor and proc- 
tor, Yale, 1w3j1; m. June -J, 1 ----,, l.u.y 
Sawver. Insir. hi^li school. Montclair. N..I., 
ISSl-Mi; in literarv wo.k, N.Y. Cilv, l>f'i-'.Q: 
chief librarian N.Y. Free Circulatius Library, 
l!.0,>-i)fl; librarian Brooklvn I'ublic Librarv, 
ItD'O-ifiijl; since l'."'! has been chief of cir- 
culating dept, N.Y. Public Library, includ- 
ing: charse of all branch libraries niow nuin- 
berinu- io). Was on stalT of Applelon's Cv 
clopedia of .-Vmcrican Bio-raphv. l^M;-»a; 
nsst editor Thu Fi.rum, Ib'Jo-yj; associate ed- 
itor and oflice expert in plivsics, Sland.ird 
iJictinnary. l-'.i:;-'.i.-,. Joint author (willi John 
1). Chan.i'lim; Youn- Folks' Cy.-lr.pc.lia of 
(iauMs and Sports; science editor Lil.'rary 
iJi-rest since ]>;ll; also contribulor to iKTiodi- 
cals on scientilic and literarv topics. Pres. 
N. Y. (Cilv) Librarv Club, M--'J0: pres. N. 
Y. State Librarv Ass'n, I0"L'n3: v.-p. .V..I. 
Library; "mem. council Am. Librarv 
.\^^■u. l|i;.l''.; (chairman Com. on Librarv 
■lr..inin_-. l!'"-.'. and of Com. rn Kclalion's 
with iio.dc 'Irade, Ui"l-y7) pres. .\ui. Librarv 

Ass'n, 1907-OS; mem. Advisorv Com., Public 
Kd'u AssE, and of Lib-arv" Council, N.Y. 
■-Mte Univ., liiiji, ftdiow Am. Library Inst. 

ince I'J^^; (iirector People's Univ. E.xtensioQ 
.~;c.: mem. Authors Club. Resilience: 
L'c-.ellyn Park. V.'est Orange, N.J. Address: 
■'.I'j V.'. 2:!d St., N.Y. 
y.OST'W-ICK, Chai:l(!3 Dibble: 

.awyer; b. Ithaci, N.V.. April Sil. ISTO; s. 
tmon V. and Emiiv (Dibble) Bostwick; 
srad. Cornell, A.B., ISO;', LL.B.. IfOl; m. 
aca, N.Y., Lera Lawrence Cobb; one son, 
Charles Lee Bostwick. Eniai,-ed in seneral 

iractice of law. 1S94-9S; sreneral and legal 

ssislant to treas. of Cornell Univ., 1^9S-1'J04; 

inee I;«H, ass't treas. Cornell Univ. Direc- 
tor Ithaca Trust Co. and Itlui.'a Socuritv Co. 
Jleiu. Kappa Alpha .fraternilv. Address: 
Ithaca, N.Y. 
BOSWOETH, Charles: 

Manuiaciurer; b. Three Rivers. Mass., 
Dec. J'j. L-37: s. Henry Alonzo and Samantha 
(Kenfield) Bosworth; ed. public school; m. 
Siiiethport, Pa.. Mar. '20, IfM, Mary K. Ham- 
lin; children: William Hamlin, b. l^t.j, Char- 
lotte Marv, b. IRU. Pres. White, Potter & 
Paise ill's Co. tBrooklyn); v.-p. John S. 
Willard Co. (137 W. 23d St., N.Y. Citv); 
partner Chappell & Bosworth, architects, (2oS 
Broadw.ay. N.Y. City). Mem. Sons of Revo- 
lution. Recreations: Books, pictures, fish- 
ins. Club: Salmagundi. Residence: ,=il 
Jcrt'crson Av., Brooklvn. Address: 415 Wil- 
loUirUby Av., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
BOSWORTH, PraiKke Huntington: 

i'hvsician; b. Marietta, O., ,lan. 23, 1313; 

E. Haniel P. and Deborah ( Wells 1 Bos- 
worth; crad. Yale, l.Ml'i, A.M., IMiS; Bellevue 
Ilosp. Med. Coll.. M.U., 1>(W; m. Marietta, 
O., Sept. 1(\ 1871. ilarv llildreth Putnam; 
children: Marv Douglas, Francke JL, Jr. 
Engaged in-ined. practice in N.Y. City as 
specialist in laivngoloirv; prof, laryngology 
in Bellevue Hosp. JU-d. Coll. Mem. Am. 
Lanni.'ol. .Vss'n (ex-pres.): also lionorary 
fellow' Brilish Larnygol- Soc, and corre- 
sponding mem. Larvngologir-ai societies of 
Pans an.l Berlin; member N.Y. Acad. Medi- 
cine and of the Am. CUmatol.iL-ical Ass'n. 
Author several works on disea.scsdf the nose 
and throat, including his Handbook, 1^79, 
iw.. -volume Treatise, !-■'•::, and Text Book, 
I-.'.:. Clubs: Universitv, Plavers, -Metro- 
jioaian. National Arts. Address: 41 Park 
Av., N.Y. Cit.v. 

BOSWOETH, Francke Huntington, Jr.: 

Arclutccl; b. N.Y. Cilv, .\uv. 29, 1>73; s. 

F. H. and .Marv 11. (Putnam) Bosw.irth; ed. 
Cutlers Sell., N.Y. Cilv, Yale Coll.. A.B.. 
1.-97. Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1-9S-1'J01; 
m. Aiiril ;;o, l:in2, Fannv Hastings Foote ; one 
d., -Marv Hastings, b. liirj. Engaged in prac- 
tice of architecture in N.Y'. Citv from 1901; 
mem. llrm of Bosworth .V: lloldei"i, architects. 
.\lc:u. Soc. oi Beaux Arts Archilect.s. N.Y. 
Chalitir Am. Inst. Ar.-hilccts. Psi Upsilou 
frai, niilv. Club: University. Address: 
U7U Broi'uhvay, N.Y. City. 

BOSWOETH, Rich.ard Harrison: 

('lcr_-vinan: b. Uoolstoun. O, : s. Fn dcri'k 
and PI,,.:.,. (lloL'crsl B.sworlh; grad. III. 
Wf>l,.van Univ., Iih.omin_-loi,, III. (wiih tiist 
prize for essay), A.D., .M.A.; Garrett Biblical 



Inst., Evanslon. 111.. B.D.; m. Snr:ih Mcix- 
sell, ot 111.: childri-n: Ik-atrice (wife of C. 
F. DaltoD, JI.l)., of Burlington, Vt.), Fred- 
erick W. Pastor, seven vears. EujlewooJ, 
ChicapTO; nss't pastor, seven years. Plymoiilh 
Ch., Brooklvn; now pastor ■n-r,ijclhavcn (N. 
Y.) Cons'l Ch. Krpublican. Men.. Jlanhat- 
tan Congreiational Ass'n, N.Y.. Cliatauqua 
Alumni Ass'n of Brooklvn. Recreations: 
Boating, cyclin;:. oanipin^-, :ind travel. Ad- 
drocs: Woodliaven, Queens Borough, M.Y. 
EOS WORTH, William G.: 

Lawyer, l.anker; b. CU.implain. X.T., Mar. 
21, IbOG; s. 11,'irvev anil Eliza iCorbin) Bos- 
worth; grad. Williams Coll., A.B., ]"li; Co- 
lumbia Law Sch. Admitted to, l-l'l, nnd 
engaged in practice. Director, The New Eng- 
land Mnrtu-a^e Security Co. d.res.-i. Atlan- 
tic Brass Co. (pre.<i.). State Kealiv .nnd Mort- 
gage Co. (v.-p. ). Manhattan Beach Hotel & 
Land Co., Ltd. (tre:is.), Wheatlev Realty Co. 
(treas.), Manhattan Beach Co., Marine "Rail- 
i\ay, Rockaway Park Improvement Cn., Heal 
Estate Mortgage Co. Mem. Sons of the Rev- 
olution, l»cita Kapp.l Epsilon Ass'n, Xew 
England Soc. Clubs: Union League. I'ni- 
TCrsity, Lawyers. Knolhvnod Country, Engle- 
wood golf. Address: 192 Broadway, N. Y. 
EOSWORTII, William Welles: 

Architect; b. Marietta, O., lil.'J; s. Daniel 
Perkins, Jr., and Clara t^an Zandt) Bos- 
worth; grad.- Marietta Coll., M.A.; Mass. 
Inst. Technology, Ecole des Beau.v Arts, 
Paris, France: m. All Soul's Ch., X.Y. City, 
Mav, 19M, Elizabeth, d. Rev. Dr. R. Heber 
Newton, of N.Y. City. Engaged in private 
practice in New York, in his own name and 
in association with .larvis Hunt, of Chicago. 
Associate Am. Inst. Architects ; corr. sec. 
.Sue. Bcan.K Arts Architects; of 1st 
Class (bv inheritance) L'.val Legion of U.S. 
(Ohio Comraandervl. Clubs: Centurv, The 
Players, M.I.T. Alumni Ass'n. Address: 
Ni^ht and Dav Bank Bldg., in Fifth Av., 
N.Y. City. 
BOTSFORD. Elmer Francis: 

Lawyer; b. Burke. Franklin Co., X.Y.; s. 
Henry and Jennie (Bromlev) Botsford; ed. 
Franklin Acad., Malone. .V.Y.. Dartmouth 
Coll., A.B., ISSG (A.M.); m. Plattsbnn.-, X.Y.. 
June -19. ].>-02, Katherine L., d. Emorv M. 
and Marv U. livon ; one son. Benedict "Lvon 
(10). Admitted to bar. IStW : coun- 
sel, city of Plattsburg. for several years; 
alderman and acting mayor. U'mi-o.-.; ■alder- 
man, lOilC. Made .-ieven tVips to Alaska and 
Klondike, from Is'.k to pmo. as attorney for 
Joseph Ladue, founder ot Daw.son Citv.' Di- 
rector 1st Nat, Bank of Platlslmri.-. 'Platts- 
burg and Floral Park Realty Co.. Rosedale 
Terrace Co., Brooklvii. N.V. Democrat. 
Presbyterian. Prcs. and trusl.'e Plattsburg 
Public Library Ass'n; tre.stee I'lattsburg 
Acad.; mem. .V.Y. Dartmouth Alumni Ass'n. 
Mem. Frontier l.ndge. No. Tl, F. and A.M., 
Franklin. Vt.. Plattsburg Chapt.^r. R,,\.M., 
No. :;i1. He Soto Commanderv. No. ttl. K.T., 
Oriental Temple. Mvslic Shrine, Tr.iy, N.Y. 
Clubs: Ma.donough .'Social and Cirniiiercial, 
Plattsburg IMd and dun, (Plattsburg. N. 
Y.); N.Y. Athletic, Durti.HMith Coll,-.-e. Psi 
l'|)sih,n. (N.V. City). Address: W Broad 
St., Plattsburg. N.Y. 

BOTSFORD, George Willis: 

Educator; b. West Union, la., Mav 9, 1502; 
s. William Hiram and Margaret (Johnson) 
Botsford; descended from Henry and Eliza- 
beth Botsford, of Leicestershire, England, 
who settled at Milford, Conn., in lasa; ed. 
Univ. of Neb., A.B., I8SI, A.M., ISSD; Johns 
Hopkins Univ., Cornell Univ., Ph.D.. ,,.,151111 
rii„i ;,i:iJc, 1S91 (classical philology and San- 
skrit); m. Kalamazoo, Mich., isoi, Lillio 
Sliaw; children: Jay Barrett, h. 1S04. Doris 
Athena, b. 159(1. Prof. Greek, Kalamazoo 
Coll., Mich., liSC-90, Bethany Coll., IbOl-OJ; 
iiistr. in history of Greece .and Rome, Har- 
vard Univ.. 1-II.5-1902; since -1902, prof, his- 
tory, in chart-e ot the history of Greece and 
Rome, Columbia Uniy. Has traveled, in tlio 
interest of his work, in Ital.v, Sicily, and 
Greece. Independent in polities. Baptist. 
Mem. Am. Pliilol. Ass'n, Am. Hist. Ass'n; 
nieiu. board of editors. Political Science 
Quarterly. Author: Development of the 
Athenian Constitution; History of Greece; 
History of the Orient and Greece, nnd His- 
tory of Rome (all but the first for high 
schools and academies i; Ancient History for 
Beginners; The Story of Rome as Gfeeks 
and Romans tell It (joiutlv with Lillie S. 
Botsford); The Roman A'ssemblies, IfliiS; 

Trial of llic \'. ;.lae and the Cleis- 

thencan u 1 Reform (Harvard 

Studies in ( , . ' ilogv) ; Social Com- 

position 01 lii. 1' i[ rive Roman Populus 
(Polit. Scicii.e Quarterly); Some Problems 
connected with the Roman Gens (Polit. Sci- 
ence Quarterly); also book reviews and short 
articles for the Classical Review. AM. Ilist- 
Review. Classical Weekly, and Nation; arti- 
cles for the International Encvciopeclin, Eucv. 
Britannica. loth edit, (going" to press), and 
for the Kiicyelopedia Americana. Residence: 
Mount Vernon, N.Y. Address; Columbia 
University, N.Y. City. 

BOTSFORD, Samnel Booth: 

Lawyer: b. Vergcnne.s. Vt., Feb. '211, 1ST7; 
s. Cyrus Booth and Julia (Warner) Bots- 
ford: ed. Vcrgennes (Vt.) High Sch., Mid- 
dlcbnry (Vt.) Coll., A.B.. JOn), BulTalo Law 
Sch., LL.B., 19112; m. Clerk in law onico 
of 1;. Cuming Townsend and George Gorhatn, 
BelValo. N.Y., 19iiil(i2; managing clerk in 
otiice of Eugene L. Falk. 19h2 IH; practising 
alone since Jnlv. lOn.-,. Kermblican. Episco- 
palian. Mem. The Avonians (Shakespeare 
study club). Literary Clinic; mem. E.^ecutivo 
Council of Delta Ui.silon fraternity, Guido 
Chorus (male singing soc), 1st v.-p. St. 
Paul's Men's Club (church society); see. 
treas. The BulTalo So,-iety of Verinonters; 
trustee and utt'v for Good Samaritan Free 
Dispensary; ineiri. .Municipal League, Refer- 
endum League, De .Molav Lodge JOS, F. and 
A.JI.; mem. Erie Co. Ear Ass'n (on Mem- 
bership Com.). Recreations: Jlusic, swim- 
ming, canoeinL-. Clubs: Lawyers (see.- 
trcas.), University, (chm'n of "mcmber.ship 
com.); BulValo Delia Upsibm. BulTalo Canoe. 
Addres.i; ?31 Prudential Bldg., Bullalo, S.Y. 

BOTTOME, Harry Howard; 

L.iwMr: b. Yoiil.-ers. N.Y.. June -ir,. IsTfl; 
s. Rev'. Francis {l>.l).^ and Margaret 1 .Mc- 
Donal.n Boltoiiie: ircad. Yale Univ.. A.B., 
]-'J.1. NY. Law Sch, L1..I1.: ni. South Orange, 
N.J., Mary .Madeline Mor-au, Admitted tg 

linr, 1503, and since then cn'aied in pr 
..f Inw. Atloi-nov fcr X.Y. Life Ins. Co., 
IMii-JllOi; general loinu.el for s.ime Co., VM2- 
lir.. Hem. Ass'ii Bar Citv of X.Y. Clul.s: 
Yale, ^'.Y. Albletn-, University, Baltusrol 
Golf. Address: 57 \V. istli St., X.Y. City. 


Lawver; b. Belfast, Ireland, June 9, 1S4S; 
s. Wilfiam and Anna (Tii'imson) Botlomley; 
cd. Royal Academical Insln, private scliools 
and Queens Coll., Belfast; m. April, 1S?2, 
Susan A. Steers; four cluldreu; William 
Laurence (architect), John Francis, Anna 
Thomson, Susanne ileie.lith. A.lmittcd to 
bar, ]^^l;, and since practLsins; in X. V. City. 
^'.-p., gen. mg'r, sec. and director ilarconi 
Wireless Telegraph Co. of America; trustee 
l-.nipire City Savin-s Bank. Independent in 
politics. Episcopalian; vestryman and clerli 
of veslry, St. Andn^v's Cli.. Harlem. V.-p. 
Harlem Librarv, Harlem Dispensary. Kee- 
reations: Golf, tennis. ridinj, sailinj. 
Club: N. Y. Athletic. Residence: i;:.l W. 
13Jd St. Address: 27 William St., .\. Y. 

EOUGHTON, Jiidson Hartwell: 

iMech. eni'r; b. Itoeliesier, X. Y., Jan. 10, 
3SM; s. John Waioleville and Charlotte Tarn- 
sen (Hartwell) Bous;hlon; ed. F:.irlleld ilil. 
Acad. (eapt. and cliicf signal oflicer), Cornell 
Univ., JL E., 19IJ3; m. Rochester, N. Y., April 
■H, 1003, Klsa Lucille Grant; one son: Jud- 
Eon Grant, b. June 29, lOuG. Casualty under- 
writer, mechanical expert, consullintr euj;'r. 
Contb'r to various technical books and 
periodicals. En^'r The Ocean Accident and 
Guarantee Corp'.n, Ltd. (London); sec. and 
treas. Nat. Light and Improvement Co. 
(li:;ht. pov.-cr and traction Eng'rsl. Ifem. 
Am. Soc. Mcch. Ens' "^' ' "" 




SOl-iOJ Mutual 



A hi 


Kapp.a" Psi) 
Cornell Universitv. Address: aoo Broad- 
way, X. Y. City. 
EOUGHTON, Martha A.: 

Author; b. C"i-unna, Mich., Feb. IS, 1SJ7; 
d. J. .\1. (1>.D.) and Hannah E. (Redway) 
Arnold; pr.nd. .Mich. Univ., Ph.B., l^.~o; m. 
I>etroit, Jlich., Julv S, l^M, Willis Bonu-liton, 
I'h.U.; children: " Willis Arnold Bou-lit,,n. 
b. l;.?.-;, Paul Xiiide Boui.-liton, b. 1>X. 
Traveled in Europe suinmer.> of l;iij and 
I'.IOO. Pres. Pallas Clnu, Athens. Ohio, 1>07- 
ti'.i; dcleirate to World's W. C. T. U., Lon- 
IMij. Jlcm, 







of J. M. "Arnold, DO., I.^jO: also vari.Hi 
rflit-ious sours (words and music). Club 
The I'ortiiidltly of llalbush (Brooklvn 
N. v.). Address: 227 E. 17th St., Brooklvn 
-V. Y. 
EOUGHTON, William Hart: 

ehilect; b. Titii.sville. P.t 

nd Je 

[line "1 


on) Bou;;liti 

Il..|ie. Out. 
. l.ithe Ha 
!-';l. Be-a 

of S. 
.n ; ed. 

I'W Am. Insl. Areliileel: 
'•■r "f Ar,l,ii,.,u, .1 
Hiifru.oiot Sue., E. and 

1. lliilVal.i Cl.a|>- 
? Lc>;,L-ue, 
B. V. O. ICiks, 

EOUGHTON. Willis; 

Teaeher, writer, leclnrer; b. Victor, X. X., 
April 17, u:A: s. Myron and Jane M. 
(Earnam) Boufhton; grad. A.B.. Univ. of 
Mich.; A.JL, Dickinson Coll., Ph.D., Ohio 
Univ.; hi£:her diploma. Teachers' Coll., Co- 
lumbia Univ.; m. Detroit, July S, 1»4, Mar- 
liia E. Arnold; children: Willis A., b. l^fo, 
Paul Xinde. b. 1596. Was teacher in Cin- 
cinnati schools; prof. En',-lish, Ohio Univ.; 
lecturer in Enirlish, Univ. of Pa.; now 
te.ieher of English, Er;ismus Hall Hish 
School, X. Y. City System. Author: His- 
torv of Ancient Peoples; ilythoiosy in Art; 
ChVonieles of Erasmus Hall Academy, lUOIl; 
writer for the Arena, Journal of Pedatiosy, 
Magazine of American Ili-lorv. Joiiu au- 
thor: History of Civilization. Joint editor: 
Journal of Pedagogy. Editnr: Irving's Life 
of Goldsmith; Tennyson's Idylls of the Kini;; 
lecturer on En;:lish literature; courses be- 
fore teachers' institutes and under auspices 
of the Bro.iklvn Teachers' Ass'n, Adelplii 
Coll., and X. "Y, City Board of Education. 
Traveled in England and (summer of I'.ilAl) 
in Italv, Switzerland, etc. Mem. Beta Thetu 
Pi fra'lernitv. Address: 227 E. I7th St., 
Brooklyn, X. Y. 

BOURNE, Alvah Wayland: 

Clergyman; b. Ilarpersville, X. Y.. Jan. 2n. 
l«u; .s." Rev. Charles Chapman and Betsy 
Ann (Ilowland) Bourne; ed. Colgate Univ., 
Hamilton, X. Y., 1S7O-70; A.B.. D.D., m. 
Hamilton, X. Y., Feb. 21, 1.^7S, Emma Bar- 
deeu; children: Jlrs. B. C. ifcad, b. ijSO, 
Mrs. Harrv W. Mead, b. ISi.), A. W., Jr., 
b. ISPl, Roland B., b. 1S0.5. Pastor Sherman 
Av. Bapt. Ch., Xewark, X. J., 1S7G-S1 ; West 
:;.';d St. Bapt. Ch., X. Y. City, lS*4-:i7: First 
Bapt. Ch., GloversviUc, X. Y.. l-»7-ltWt; 
lirst Bapt. Ch., Auburn, X. Y., since IGDI. 
Pres. Baptist Youug Peoi.le's Uuion of Stato 
of X. Y., 1001-oii. Republican. Mem. Delta 
Upsilon fratcrnitv. Director Bapt. Ed'n Soc, 
Stato of X. Y. Recreation: Horseback rid- 
iug. Address: 15 James St., Auburn, X. Y. 

BOURNE, Frederick Gilbert: 

Capitalist, manufacturer; m. 1S75, Emm.i 
Keeler; children: Jlav, Marion, Florence, 
Jtarjorie, George G. E.ipres. and director. 
Singer .Mfg Co.: also trustee X. Y. Phono- 
graph Co.; director Libertv Bank. 
Knickerbocker Trust Co.. Commercial Trust. 
Co. of X. J., Albany Trust Co.. -Manhattan 
Co., X. Y. & Long Branch R. R. Co.. .Eo- 
lian, Weber Piano and Pianola Co., Babcock 
& Wilcox Co., liahcock & Wilcox Limit.-d 
iLioulon). Citv ,■!: Suburban Homes Co., Atlas 
C.'uoiit Co.. Dii'hl Mfg Co., etc. .Mem. '■ 

Met. Mn 

Art, Xe 
t.m, Ra, 
Yacht. Sea 
Side Sport: 
(M.lf. K..lii 




England Soc. Club 

-t and Tennis. Lawyers. Xew York 
Jekvl T.sland. Xew York 
orinlliian Yacht. Sontli 
i Golf, Westw. 

l.Oanil. 1'. 



Dakd.ile, L. I. Addr, 
119 Broadway, X. Y. City. 
EOUTELLE, Frazier A.: 

Major. U. S. A.: b. X. Y. Citv. Sept. 
T-lo; enlisled June J. iMd. in jtli X. Y. " 


il Xo 



wnos WHO Tx 

ISfiJ; couiraissinncd 2u lie 
5, l.MW; 1st Ikut., .\r.iil 

]0, ISW; hoiioKibly miiL.,- ... _. . 

Ib'Jo; private, corporal and scr<?'t, Co. F, 
and scrg't major, 1st U. S. CiV., Fc-o. li, 
ISCO, to Feb. r.', 1m;S; i'd liei:t. 1st U. S. 
Cav., Jan. 2. IM.i): 1st lieu:., July 31, ISi'S; 
cnpt., April 24, lff6; retired, Aufr. 27. is;;.-,; 
promoted major, U. S. A.; retired, April 23, 
19U1. Brevetted 1st lieut. lor wlioiivry iu 
action at Lost River, Ore., Nov. 29, 1S72, 
and conspicuou.s gallantry and uicritcriou.s 
conduct during entire Indian '»\'ar. Address; 
335 Pioneer Bld'g, Seattle, Was'i. 

EOtJTON, Archibald Lewis: 

Prof, rhetoric, -N". Y. Univ.; b. Co-tland, 
N. Y., Sept. 1, 1572; s. Lewis nn.\ Emily A. 
(Lsniont) Eoutnn: Corllr.nd Kormal 
School, If02, Anilierst Coll., li.A.. ISOfl, Co- 
lumbia Univ., M.A.,; m. Oneida. N. Y., 
June 12, 1901, Caroline Jessup MacXair. 
Greek master, Rutiers Prep. School, New 
Brunswick, N. J.. 1^M-9S: instructor iu F.ns- 
lish, X. Y. Univ., Ify>-19u0; ass't prof. D-ia;- 
lish, same, 190U-OC; prof, rhetoric since 19ij;. 
Kdited Lincoln and Douirhis Debates, IMS. 
Travelled in Europe, wilh special research in 
Kdinbur^'h Univer^itv, dnrin<; ' ■sabi.iiti-ai" 
absence, 19ll7-l)S. Jlcra. Reformed Church in 
America. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Ad- 
dress: University Heights, N. Y. City. 
BOUTON, George Innes: 

Mech. enu''r: b. St. Louis, Mo., Jlar. 1, 
1873; s. William and Marv Eothery (Cor.kUn) 
Bouton; ed. Washin^rton Univ., B.S. in E.E., 
189-1: elec. encV, 1-UJ: unmarried. With U. 
S. Light ilo'nse B'd, Washington, D. C, 
1S9C-97; with Bryan & Humphrey, consulting 
eng'r, lbl)7-19'J2; with Heine S.ifety Boiler 
Co., as cng'r of Eastern L">ist., since l'J02. 
Kepublicaii: Unilaririn. Jlem. Am. Soc. 
Jlech. I-hig'rs, Kng'rs Club of St. Louis, Xat. 
Gcog. Soe. Clubs: Graduates, Canoe BrooU" 
Country, Entertainment. Address: 11 Broad- 
way, N. Y. City. 
BOUTON, Lewis: 

Lawjer; b. Virsil, X. Y.. yUv 2G, 153S; 
s. Nathan and Jlana ((Jee) Bouton; ed. at 
common school, Cortland Ac.-id., and Cort- 
landviile Acad.; m. Virgil, X. Y., Sept. S, 
1!>7U, Emilv A. Lamont; one son, Archibald 
L., b. Sept. 1, 1^72. Admitted to bar, l=(j7; 
has alwavs practised law in Cortlaml. X. 
Y.; for over 3:. vears partner of Kilev rUamp- 
lin. Tru-itee and allorniv Cortland S:ivio-3 
Bank. RLpubiicaii. I'r.'sbMcrian. Address: 
61 Uuion St., Cortland, X. Y. 
BOUVIER, Johu Vernou, Jr.: 

Lawyer; li. ■rorr.-.-d.ile. Pa., Aug. 12, IsC.'i; 
R. Johri Vern..u and Caroline .NLitl.n (Kn-ing) 
Bouvier; ed. in Paris and in England; gr.ul. 
Columbia Univ., A.B., 18;0 (A.M.), Sih. 
of Polit. Science an.l Sch. of Law, LL.B., 
1S-;S; Phi Beta Kappa, valedicl. 


ho Far West 
t ; Ca'thel 



pros. Xulley public 
.rem. Ass'n Bar Ciiv 
State of X. Y., Soc. 
li Beta Kappa, Delta 



X. Y. City 

April ]fi, iNili, 'Maude E. SerL-eanl ; cliildr 
.Tcdin Venuiu III, William S.r'.-iaut, E, 
Ewing, .M;iude Rei.ellin, Mi.-ludle Carol 
Admitted to bar, I^^^ : now si^nior nnon. t 
Bouvier, Dugro i" l)o>le, counsel for ' 
Trave:er.<i Ins. Co, .V.loa Life Co., Inlerur 
& Interboroti^h ICv Sv.-^tenis and trial 


veled throughout Europe 

nd tin 

of X. Y 
Med. Juri 
Kappa E 

■eports. Cl';bs; Union, University. Colum- 
bia University. Ecsidenoe: .Vutl'ey, X. J. 
A.ddress; 141 Broadway, X. Y. City. 

BOVAIED, Dsvid Jr.: 

Physician: b. C-niltersville, Pa., Sept. 2?, 
18i;7: s. David and Marv A. (McClenahan) 
Bovaird; grad. Prioceton Univ.. A.B., 1SJ9; 
Columbiii Univ., M.D., 1S92; in. Montreal. 
Canada, Dec. 27, ]!:6S, Louise Larken; chil- 
dren: Cecilv Jean, h. 19o0, George Cr;irv. 
b. 1901. Engaged in general practice of 
medicine from 1S92. Visiting physician. 
Sea.,ide Hi^sp. of St.'s \uiild; asso. 
visiting pbvsician. Presbv'n IIosp. Mem. 
Pathol. Soc. County Med. Soc, Acad, of 
.Medicine. Republican. Presbvtenan. Club; 
I'rincton. Addiess: 120 W. jSth St., X. 
Y. City. 
BOWDEN. Joseph: 

Prof, malhennitics, Adelphi Coll.; b. St. 
Dav, Cornwall, En-land, Feb. 10, IS09 ; s. 
Joseph and Elizabeth Ann (Richards) Bow- 
den; grad. public schools, Xew Haven, Conn., 
1^>7; Yale Coll., A.B., 1J91, Ph.D., 1897; m. 
Xew Haven, Conn., Sept. U, 1;92, Ada Etta 
Smith: children: Ada Genevieve, b. ]!-9f., 
Ravmond Joseph, b, vm. .Wst in mathe- 
matics, Shelheld >irnii':.- ,s,.|i,„,i. Vale Univ., 
Irf2-W; tutor m„ ::■■!: ,:;.-„ \ r., i ..l\., 1>9;!- 
97; ass't prof. ;:, .1 • ;'. .:h -. '.i-h.lii Coll., 
1S9S-99; prof. ma;lui::.i!i. -s M;:r,' 1^JLP, Adel- 
plii Coll. Pres. Math. Dep.inment. Brook- 
lyn Inst. Arts and Sciences, 1901-0:). and 
1907-OS. Mem. .\ra. Math. Soc. Ass'n Teach- 
ers of Mathematics in the .Middle States and 
-Marvlaml: Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Recrea- 
tions: Music, bicvcling. Author: Elements 
of the Theorv of Integers ( .Macmillan). Ad- 
dress: 2-1 Clifton PI., Brooklyn, X. Y. 

BOWDOIN, George Sullivan: 

Banker; b. X. Y. Citv; in. Julia Irving 
Grinnell; one daughter, Edith. .Mem. bank- 
ing linn J. P. Morgan & Co. Trustee Mu- 
tual Life Ins. Co. of X. Y., Bank for Sav- 
ing in the City of X. Y.. X. Y. Life Ins. 
ai-.d Trust Co.; treas. and director .Melro- 
pr.iitau Dpera and Real Estate C.i.; director 
X. Y. Ceniral & Hnrlson River E. R. Co., 
Cat;iract Construction Co., Commercial 
luiou Fire Ins. Co., Guaranty Trust Co., 
X. Y. .t Putnam K. R. Co.. Xiagara I.)eveiop- 
nient Co., Niagara Falls Power Co., Xiagara 
Junction R'v Co., West Shore R. R. " Co. 
.Alem. Am. Fine Arts Soc, Xew England 
Soc, Sons Am. Rev.dntioTi, .Met. Museum of 
Art, Am. .Museum of N;itural Ilistorv. 
]:piscop;vlian. Clubs; Union, Union League, 
Metrop.)lil:in, Knickerbocker,, Phueis. 
3;; and Tennis. X. V. Y.,,ht, Tu.vvl.,. 
CMiiorv. Ke.sid.oice; :;;i Paik Av. Address; 
;:; Wall St., X. V. City. 
EOWDOIN, Temple: 

j;anUer; h. Uolurfs Dell. Trvington. X. 
Y., July 11. ].si:3: s. Ge..rge S. Bnwrloin : 
glad. ColunilM.i Coll., l,-.v,: mem. Xew Eng- 
Cliibs; .\Ictrop,.litan. Uiiiversilv. 

lot E. 37lh 




WHO'S wiiu IN Ni:\v youk 


BOWDOIN, William Goodrich: 

j:dil..r; 1j. «. Ihulli-v Kails, M:iss., Sept. 
4. l:uu; ed. imblic s.liools of Mass., .\. V. 
and \. J. First ncuspniJiT wiirk Uono, while 
at school, for Hol.vuki. (Mass.) Trauscriiu : 
later couiiected willi True Democratic Ban- 
ner, Morristuwii, N. .J.; visited Eurupe, 1^07; 
in fall of 1,-07 beLj.iii coiitributiii; tu -V. Y. 
Tinies Saturday Review of Hooks and Art, 
and, IS'J'J, became rcL-uInr contbr to The 
Independent; r.-\,v^,-ii<,;[ S. V. cjun. K. Y. 
World. Brookh I I i ,.:..! Chicago Tribune 
at Rocky ilcuM, . i m i ,,rolina, on e.\pd'u 
t-1 observe ti't, I : ■; the sun that oc- 

curred -Mnv -;, 1'. J. ..iiii-uted -\'. Y. Com- 
mercial .\dverliser and Woman's Home Cuin- 
I.anion (Springiield, O.) at Jlardi Gnis 
Carnival, New Orleans. Itiol; later mem. 
editorial staff The W.. man's Homo Com- 
panion, X. Y. Citv, until Mar. is, l'.«j:i; since 
Mar. 30, 1903. an associate editor The Inde- 
pendent, in chars^e of that journal's art de- 
liarlment. Contb'r at various times to lead- 
ing papers and periodicals of X. Y. City, 
and other cities, and to The Artist, of Lon- 
dun : sometime one of the dramatic critics 
Brooklyn Citizen. Author: A Step Across 
ihc Gulf to Cuba, 1«,1): The Rise of the 
Book Plate, 1001: .James A. Me.Veill Whistler, 
the -Man and Ilis Work. 1901; The Little 
tiirl and Her U.dl. iw.-j: .lack and Jill 
Modernized, lOOi-.; The Bunch of Violets. 
l'.'M7; The Jewelled I);iss;er. lOoj; also cliao- 
lers on hook jilales and lin« bouk-hindinu'S 
to Appleton's Annual Kncyclopadia. Jlem. 
L. I. Hist. Soc. Brooklyn Inst. Arts and 
.Sciences. Allied Arts Ass'n. Clubs: The 
Writers, Xational Arts. Residence: 200 S. 
t-)!ciord St.. Bro„k!vn. Address: Care The 
•Independent, 130 Fulton St., N. Y. City. . 
BO WEN, Clarence Winthrop: 

Author: b. Biookly 


i'h.l>.. l.v-J; associated with Tii 
Independent. 1^74. succeedeil father, llcni 
(■handler Bowen. as publisher. l.-OO: s 
committee of arranirements lor centen 
niversarv of Washin;;ton's inau-ural 
Y. Citv. l;?MI. Anlhor: li.mndary Disi 
ConnoJticut, If-i; Woodstock, an H 
Sketch, l^vl; Memorial Volume of Ce 
of WashiuKlon's Inansuration. IJtK 
dress: 5 F. 63d St., N. Y. City. 
BOWEN, Frederick E.: 

Lawyer; h. Tr.iv. N. Y., Mar. r:, 1S77; 
Alfred S. and Harriet M. (Th.nnas) Bonvci 
id. Trov Acad.. Cornell Cll. of Law, I.L.I 
1^0^; m. Troy. X. Y'., April -.a, l'ji»;. Fliz 
belli V. Collins. Admitted to bar 1-09: no 
judfc City Court of Trov. Republ 
■Mem. King Sol.imon-s I'riini'tive Lod-e. 
-M., I'hi Dell 

1 an- 
I. N. 








of Ac 

.\ddress: i07 River St.. Troy, .V 
BOWEN. Frederick J.: 

Physician: b. Bl..ckville. Cli; 
ly. .\. Y., Dec. II. IM..-,: s. , 

L'.uisa v.. dial ck ) Bowen 

Lend (Ind.) lli,-h Sch.. 1,m,i 

aial .Sur-.. Cbicairo. .M.D., 1>:10; also 


tauqua Coun- 

shua D. and 

-lad. Suuili 

Coll. I'livs. 

X. Y.. 1>01, Ha 

ad. Med. Sell. 

Mem. R 

of Li 

t Mt. Morris, X. Y., since 1.SSS. 
er (X. Y.) Acad, of Medicine; 
■es. and sec. Med. Soc. of the County 
ivingslon. Royal Arch Mason, past mas- 
ter, Mt. ilorris Lodge. One of coroners of 
LiviuKstun Co., past ten years; mem. Bd 
U. S. Pension K.xaminers. Republican. 
Methodist. Recreation: Collector of Indian 
relics. Club: Livingston. Address: Mt. 
Morris, Livingston Co., X. Y. 

BOWEN, Herbert Wolcott: 


b. Broolcly 

X\ Y., Feb. 29, ISJls s. Henry Chandler 
Bowen. founder of the Independent; ed. at 
Paris and Berlin: grad. Yale, lb7S; studied 
law, Columbia, admitted to bar; U. S, con- 
sul, lt-9u, cipusul-gcneral, 1S91, Barcelona. 
Spain; minister to Persia. 1^00; minister 
to Veiiezuel.i, lOolUo; counsel for Venezuela 
and the U. S. at The Haiiie, 1903. Author: 
Verses (B.islon, ISSl): !n Divers' Tones, 
1800; Lo»ing Ground; International Law (X. 
Y., Ib'.Mj). Address: Woodstock; Conn. 

BOWEN, Robert Adger: 

Author, editor. literary adviser; b. Charles- 
ton. S. C.. Dec. 30, ISos; s. Or.samus Allan 
and Clarissa Walton (Adger) Bowen: ed. 
Coll. of Charleston, Washincton and Lee 
I'niv.. Cornell Univ.. class of 1S93. Literary 
editor and adviser. D. Appleton & Co. Au- 
thor various novelettes and short stories in 
.Mnslee s. Lippincott's, Alipleton's, The 
Smart Set, and other magazines. Contriburor 
to the Warner Library of the World's Best 
Literature. Address: 1). Appleton & Co., 
J0-3.J W. 3:;d St., X. Y. City. 

BOWEES, John Myer: 

Lawver; b. Cooperstown, X. Y., Nov. 27, 
ISltl; m. Sustin Uandridge. Since 1S71 has 
re.-ided in X. Y'. City. ' Director Corn Ex- 
ehan-e Bank, Coney Island Jockey Club, X. 
Y. Publishing Co.; trustee. Tennis Bld'g 
Ass'n and N. Y. Inst, for the Blind. Mem. of Reclutiun, Soc. of Colonial Wars. 
Club: Union. Metrooolitan. Meadow Brook 
.Manhattan. Riding, Down Town. Racquet o 
Tennis, Garden Citv Golf, Citv Midd, 
\\hist. Address: 7 West 21st St., X. 
EOWKEK. Richard Rogers: 






X. Y., A. 11.. 1?()S; m. Broidilino, ."Mass.. 
•e Mitchell. Was representative of : 
& Bros., in London, IStU-S:.'; w-as 1st 
.■xecntive, Edison Flee. Illuminating 

Also V.- 
De Lav; 
I'ree Ti 
cal Fdu 


De Laval Ste 
•>:;; The 1 
ers' Guide 



liness, lonl; Of Politi 

lli(i;i; Of Religion. 
:irli.'les. Independe 

t.'d independioit U.'pi 

■s for the I'eo- 
of Life. 10111); 
. 10:d; Of Kdu- 

: of the tirst ci 
V. Ii--islatnre; 
, , . .,\de CInb. and ..i 
' I original li'd Truste 



•o Bronklyii Tul 


of Alii. Ass'n. flubs: 
CitT,,-r, XMlionnl ArCs, Kclurui. Alpli; 
Defta Phi, Hamilton. Address: i'J6 Bruad 
way, X. Y. City. 

BOWLER, Eoljert Pendleton: 


b. Ci 

atl. Ohi. 


Gi-orae I'emllcloii and .Mav (Will 
Bowlur; ed. St. Paiil's Sell., Concord, X. U., 
Harvard, A. 13., IVJo, LL.B., U-im. Admittt-d 
to the Xl'W York bar, It'jT ; pracli.scd I.iw 
for thi-eo vears in the otlic'o of Bowers & 
Saiid.s. Atlai-hed to U. S. Lesation in Ma- 
drid, as siKcial as.sistant to atfy gen. of 
U. S., on resumption of diploiuatic rela- 
tions after Spanish War: served two ye;irs 
there. Director Kcnkec Coal nnd Colce Co.; 
pres. and director eilKimanamo K.xphu-ation 
Co. Clubs: Union. T'niverMty, Kiiickerliocker 
(X. Y. Citv); Jlelropoliian (Washington, 
1). C). Address: 2 Rector St., X. Y. Ciiy. 

BOWMAN, Charles A.: 

Civil b. P.illcrica. Jlass., April 
27, 1>W; s."l'>aiicis and Kli^nbeth K. (Howe) 
Bowman: cd. Howe School, Billcric:i. Mass., 
Mass. Slate Coll., Amherst, .Mass.. B.S., ISsl; 
in. Winchester, Mass.. .Jan. I, lSs9, Jlaud JI. 
Kiplcy; one son, Hiplcy, b. Ii:r2. Pracliscd 
civil ene'rins;, Boston, 11 vears; division 
cng'r, Met. Water Works, Mass., 10 years. 
Since lOtO at Syracuse, X. \'. ; sec. and troas. 
Morrison & rarriii:;toii (incorporated 1, civil 
cns'rs. Mem. Dutch K.'formed (Mmrch. Mem. 
Boston, Soe. Civil Kii_-rs, Am. Soc. Civil 
Ens'rs, Svracuse Tcchiiolo,.v Club. ..\ddress: 
400 James St., Syracuse, X. Y. 
BOWMAN, Edward Morris: 

Musician: b. B:irnar,l, Vt., July IS, ISIS: 
s. Joseph and Ascn.iili I Biirronahs) Bow- 
man; descendant of Xalhaniel Bowman (one 
of founders and proprs of Watertown, 
Mass.), who emigrated iiora Kn-land with 
John W:ntlirop, li-;:;o, and (on maternal 
side) from Uicliard Warren and Sarah Tillcv, 
Mayflower PiU-rims: grad. St. Lawrence 
I'niv., Canton, X. Y. ; piano pupil of Dr. 
William Mason (X. Y. Ciiv) and Franz 
Beudel (Berlin): or-an of John P. Mon.-an 
(X. Y. Citv). Edward Bolide and Au-ust 
Haupt (Berlin), Edward Batiste and Alex- 
ander Cuilmant (Paris), Sir Frederick 
Bridge (London): theory of music, Carl 
Frederick Weil/inann iB'erlinl. Sir Ceorge 
A. Macfarren. Dr. K. H. Tnrpin (London), 
•Tohn P. Morgan (X. Y. City). Or-aiiist 
Old Trinity church. X. Y. Cit\. l-iiOOT: 
teacher and conductor. St. Louis. 'Mo., ]Sf,7- 
.'-7; organist and director of music, fnion 
jr. E. Ch.. M I'resbv'n Cli., and id B:ilit. 
Ch. (St. Louis): Pcddie Memorial Ch. 
(N'ewaik, X. J.), 1^~7 !H. Founder (Is'.r,) 
and director Bapt. Terii,ilp Choir and Temple 
Orchistra C'uil members) Brooklyn, until 
Mav 1, lOiw;: since then or-anist and director I 
C.-il'varv ll:ii.l. (•h.,ir ..f 1 lo numbers (Dr. 
MacArthur's) X. Y. Citv. Tea.h.'r and con- I 
duclor N. Y. Citv. since 1"7: mem. Koval ! 
Coll. Organists, 'London: mem. and co- 
founder Am. Cluild of Organisls: founilcr and I 
fellow (prcs. eight termsl .\in. (^.ll. Musi- | 

Ni:\V YOItK 

lyn y. M. C. A.; mem. B'd (;overnors, S,|uir- 
rcl D-laud Village Corp o: pres. \'irgil ITa.- 
IM-e Clavier .Ml g Co., X. Y. Citv. Antllor: 
Bowman's WeiW-inann's Manual of Harmoi.y 
and Counterpoini. ls7li; contributor to musi- 
cal journals. Residence: lolO Hiawatha 
Road (Av. H.), Fiske Terrace, Brookhii; 
(summer) Siiuirrel Island. Coast of Maine. 
Address (Studio): Steiuway Hall, X. Y. 
BOWMAN, Kenry Hopper: 

Lawyer; b. Patei-son, X. J., Mav 9. ISGl : 
attended Cornell Univ., 1S71-T-J, and X. Y. 
Univ.; grad. Columbia La^v Sch., l.s7J; lec- 
turer ou Commercial Law in Packard's Busi- 
ness Coll.; began practice in X. Y. Citv, 
1S77; prcs. and treas. Peter .\daiii5 Co. and 
Adams & Bisliop Co.. high-grade paper: held 
same oftices in Passaic Quarry Co. Clubs: 
Aldiiie, Monlauk (lirnoklyn).- Address: 3s 
Park Row, X. Y. City. 

BOWNE, Samuel W.: 

.MerclKint; b. X. Y. Citv; s. Cvrus H. and 
Ileslcr (Wood) Bowiie; m. X. \'. Cilv. Is7,-|, 
Xettie Youngs. Mom. IJrm Scott *; 'Bowiie, 
chemists; pres. and director The Cold Pm- 
ccbs Co. 01' Xcw York: director .Etna Xat. 
Bank, Independent Milk Product Co., R. K. 
Carter i; Co.; Baldwin Sleel Co., Cliarleslon, 
W. Va. Clubs; Union League, Knollwood, 
Republican, Citv, X. Y. Athletic. Residence: 
S.'i W. "oth St. Address: -111 I'earl St., 
X. Y. City. 
BOYCE. Frank M.: 

Pli\sician. Slate senator; ed. in iiiiblie 
schools of Saratoga Springs; grad. Albany 
Med. Coll.. '.M.D., pS72. Practised medicine 
at Saratoga Springs 17 years, and \yhile there 


llage trustee of Second Ward, 4 
supervisor of town: in spring of IS 



Nat. . 

Vassar Coll., imiI'.ij 

id dii 


Xov., ISSO, elected mem. X. Y. (ien. 
semblv from 2d Dist., of Saratoga County; 
remov'ed in l.s!il lo East Schodack, Reussela'er 
Counlv. where has since resided. Elecied 
supervisor. Town of Schodack. l.'-or,; elecied 
State senator, I'-O.s. serving 1S09-19(I0; aizain 
elected senator. Xov. Ifti'fi. for term expiring 
in December. lOnS. Democrat. Address: 
East Schodack, X. Y. 

BOYD. Charles S.: 

Snp't of puldic works of State of N. Y. ; 
h. Boston. July 9. IS.'o: s. Samuel L.-Bovd; 
ed. Adeliihi A'cad., Brooklyn: grad. Sch.'" of 
.Mines. Columbia Univ., M.E.. 1S77: pres. 
liowing Ass'n of Am. Colleges, l,s7.V77; 
w-holesale dry -oods merchant in Xew Or- 
leans for several years: banker, and en- 
gaged in important commercial enteriu-ises 
in X. Y. City since Is.-.",; snp't of Public 
Works since De.-. 2u. I'.loi. clubs: Caluim-t 
I N. Y. Cityl. Fort Orail-e 1 Albany). Ad- 
dress; Capitol Building, Albany, X". Y. 

BOYD, James Churchill: 

Civil and nieeli. cng'r: I.. St. Louis. Mo,, 
Aug. 19. D71 : s. Samuel S. and Harriet K. 
1 Churchill) I'.ovd: ed. Mass. Inst, 
nolegv. class of' DU:1: m. Sept. 3, IsVl.".. Ada 
Yer-Mi': one son. James W. Ii. Isn-i. En- 
gage.l .Ml steam elevated and electric rail- 
road desiL-ii and constructiou, together with 
other iinjiorlant en-iuecriug work. Xow con- 
sulting meeh. cng'r, Weslinghouse, Church, 

WHO'S WHO ix ni:\v york 

bia Coll. C 


KVrr & Co. Mf>ml.or -Vm. Soo. Civ. KiilcVs; | 
iiu-Mibcr Am. Soc. Mo-h. Eiig'rs, Te;-lir,.)logj- | 
Clubs of X. Y. and CoinmoEwer.iti. Club. 
Miintiinir, N. J. Kcsidence: 2'.i Pi>vk St., | 
Monlclair, X. J. Office: 10 Bri-Jge St., 1 
.\. Y. City. 
BOYD, John Dalzell: 

Architict; b. N. Y. City. June 10, lf-77; s. 
J..hii and .Mary K. Buyd: ed. Cuhiiubia Univ. 
.S.'hool of Architecturi.-: fiMd. B.S. : won th,- 
silver med^il awarded in tlio conipctilioii h.dd 
by the League of X. Y. ;.ir 
di-aughlslliaiiship .Tnd design in ICuo; sncicu 
OK'Ve de I'Kcole dcs lieaux-Arts. Paris, WiM. 
In 1699 entered the ollice of Richard il. Kf.nt. 
architect where worked for two years: >veut 
to Paris to study architecture, IDi'l ; eiiterea 
f;cole Rationale et ^il.cciak- J- ;■. ,i u , ,\ ! ' . 
1903; studied in the Atelier D. i ; : ' . ■ . 

Deglane, under i[. Declane, i" .1 

to .V. Y. Cit.v, 19(15, where lias m,,<. |.i . 
liscd architecture: entered paniip.'isiup \vnt\ 
K. Lansinf; Sattorlce. forming ni-m uf Hatter- 
lee & Boyd, I'JuS. ilom. Soc. of Bcau.v Arts 
Architects, Sisma Alpha Epsilon fralerniiv. 
Club: Columbia University. Address: ni:3 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 

BOYD, Kobert Edward: 

Kegistnir The tanners' Loan and Trust 
Co.; b. X. Y. Citv. March 10. I'l.l; sun ot 
iJavid I. and Marv Bovd ; father's family 
came to N. Y'. Citv from Albanv, about 
i:9S; m. Martha Fouke Hastinss (born 
Kouke) of Washiniton, D. C. Kesideuce: 
HO W. 21st .St. Address: 20 William St., 
N. Y-. City. 
BOYD, Eobert M., Jr.: 

Lawyer; b Moutclair, X. J., Xlav 5, 1SC3; 
s Itobert M. and Kate B. (Crane) Bovd; 
rracl. Yale. A.B.. 1-M: Columbia S"ch., 
I.I..B., kswi; Colombia Scliool of Polit. Sci- 
'lo-e, M.A.; m. Now London. Conn.. Oct. 20. 
1>9\ Edith Bancroft. Mem. bar in X. Y. 
nod N. J.; in practice of law in both States. 
Mem. of House of Assembly of X. J., 1901- 
"■■■: leader of majority (Kcpublican) in 
House, session of U*o;J: pres. B'd Trustees 
-Montclair Free Public Library. Director 
•ind counsel, .Montclair Trust Co., Bloom- 
ticld Trust Co.; director .Montclair Club, 
lac. Republican. ConirecatiioKilist. Mem. 
I'lii Delta Phi and Psi Cpsilon fraternities. 
Mem. N. Y. Bar Assn I .V. Y. City), Law- 
y.ys' Club of Essex County I X. J.). Rec- 
reation: Tennis. Address: 2U3 Broadway, 
-N. Y. City. 
BOYD, 'William A.: 

I.avvver; b. N". Y. Citv. Xov. 2:.. IJIl; s. 
■b'lui i\ aud Hannah A^nes (Sli.d) P.ovd; 
era. I. Columbia Coll.. A.B.. l-c,i i A. .M.l: i:i. 
N'. Y. Citv, April 10, lilX Adeline To,ld 
^^pcai^llt ■(deceased); children: Ad-iiue 
\ir-inia (wife of William West Shawl. Bea- 
Irii-e Speaisht, Addi.> Storm, Natalie (Ira- 
bam, Lecoitine Aucusta, Constance Cbannccy 
iLiiisevoort. Admitted to bar, 1.-02. and ■■■■ince 
practisins law. Corpt.r.ltion atfv Citv of 
N. Y., l^:.-)?0. Private Vlst R.i't. N. Y. 
Stale Militia in campaiin of IMll, for pro- 
t-li.oi ..f the Wasbiniton; 1st licut. 
' 'd l;.-'t, N. Y. Stale Vols., Pres. Veteran 
\s-'ii, TIst liejiauiil, N. C. \. v.. im,-, oT. 
!■ pi'-.„p:, Mem. St. Nbholas So.-. N. 
V. liios;. and Geneal. Sue, Alumni A.ssn ot 


21 E 

N. Y'. City. 

BOYER, Norman: 

Editor; b. Olney, Montjomerv Countv, 
Md., June 2S, IsTt.; s. Emorv R. and Josephine 
(King) Boyer; grad. Johns Hopkins Univ., 
A.M.. isni, attended Univ. of Md.. 1901-02. 
With Ballimoro Horning Herald, 1893-1902; 
lived in Me.vico, 1902-03: ass't edifor Suc- 
cess Magazine, 1905-07; now associate editor 
The Smart Set. Writer for vari.>us publica- 
tions on life in Me.vico and France. Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Marvland Soc. of X. Y.. 
Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity. Clnb: Grad- 
uates. .Vddress: Phi Sigma KapDa House, 
417 W. lirth St., N. Y. City. 

\ l:0\i:,ii:s, Alsernon: " • 

b. N. Y. Citv, Oct. 13, ISSlr s. 
Il.iorth (late Norwegian poet and 

'i ' I I lid prof. Germanic literature, Co- 
lombia Univ.). and Elizabeth ( Keen 1 Bove- 
sen; cd. Columbia Univ., class ot lOM (did 
n.)t complete course) ; placed end on 'Varsity 
Foot-ball Team: m. Pleasantville, N. Y., 
S.-|il.. 1!":;. Adelaide Mott Barclay. Jtan- 
agiug Cosnuipolilan .Magazine, 1902- 
oj. Cioilribuled short stories, poems, etc., 
to periodiials. First stoi-v published in 
LippiiHolt's llonthlv, 1002. Author: .\ 
Passion in .V Suburb (olav in one act), 
produced at Berkeley Lyceum, N. \'. Citv. 
Mar., 1901. Invalid, 1905-00, operated upo'n 
for appendicitis, unsuccessful! c, Sept., 1905. 
but successfuUv bv Dr. W. T. Bull, Mav, 
19110; has contracts for several plavs, etc, 
Mem. Alpha Delta Phi. Lives half of each 
vear in Paris and Rome. Club: The 
Strollers (N. Y. Citv). Address: "The 
Willows," Wcstbury. L, L, N, Y. 
BOYESEN, Iljalmar Hjortli, 2d: 

Lawvcr: ediior, b. Ithaca. X. Y., 
Julv 7. 1.^79; s. Hjahmr lljorth and Eliza- 
beth Morris (Keen) Boyesen ; grad. Colum- 
bia Coll.. A.B.. P.IOii; Columbia Law School, 
l.L.B., 1901; uuiuarried. Associated in prac- 
tice with Sullivan & Cromwell, lawyers, 
since lOi'l. .Managing editor Cosmopolitan 
Magazine, in0o-o3; editor Twentieth Centurv 
.Magazine, l:ii«; assoeiale e.litor Woman's 
Home Comtianiou. l'J05-oO. Mem. Alpha Delta 
Phi Alumni Ass'n, Columbia Univ. Demo- 
crat; Episcopalian. Recreations: Tenuis, 
swimming, ri.ling. Club: Columbia Uni- 
versity. Residence: Irvington-on-IIudsou, 
X. Y." Address: 19 Wall St., N. Y. City. 
BOYLE. Charles Cumberson: 

Plivsiciau; b. N. Y. Citv, Feb. 19, IP.'.I: s. 
John ■ Chur.hill .and Anna Augusta (Cook) 
Bovle: direct desei-ndant of (leorge Stanton, 
who settle. I in N. Y. from the West [ndi.-, 
whose great-graiiddaiigbler married in Trinity 
Church in 17'il, Cal.-b I'.ovle whose son. Henry 
Titian Bovle. was l)r, l;..vle's grandfather: on 
mother's 'side descendant of Cooks of Mon- 
moulli County, N. J., and the Cumbersons of 
Long Island, all ancestors in this country 
before the UevolulioM; cil. in X. Y. Citv 
schocds: grad. N. Y. Honncnatliir Coll. and 
llosp.. 1S77: in. X. Y, City. O.-t. 13. I-sl, Tsa- 
lud Slacev Watkins: children: William 

Chni-.-hill Bovle (di ased>. Slacev Walkins 

Bovle, M.l>. i:ir.;:ig.-.l 




ear surgeon to the N. Y. Ophthalmic liosp.. 
Jletrjpolitan Hosp., Blnckwuils isliuid Dep t 
iif Charities; sec. of Ited. B'd of the Metro- 
politan IIosp. Served eit'lit years in 7lh 
Keg't. X. G. X. Y. Kcpubh. in; lipiscopaliaii. 
Jlein. Sons of Revolution throu^-h Xalhaniel 
Holmes' creat great ijrand father. KesidPiu-e: 
CIS W. Oith St. Olliee: 40 W. 37th St., X. Y. 

BOYLE, John J.: 

S.ulptor: 1). .N", Y. 
Samuel and Catherine 
lu public and private 
of stone carver; studc 
lin Inst. (Phiiadelphi 
anatouiy and disstciij 
Keen, I'hiiuiU-iphia : si 
,Vrls, riiilailelplua, 1S7 
Arts, I'aris. 1-77-MJ: 
Klizalieth Carroll. Kni: 


1;>1; livec 
uted group The Sti 

'itv, .Jan. 13. 1?51; s. 
Mc.-Vulev) Bovie: ed. 
ehools; karned trade 
t of dr,TuinK, Frank- 
), 1S73-7-1; student of 
; under Dr. \V. W'. 
lied iit Acad, of Fine 
70; Ecole des Beau.\ 
I. Pliiladelphia, IMii, 


llihia, lfj7. Othe 
icon and Plato Stat 
Library, Wa 


ris Salon, ISSO. and 
rniont Park, Phila- 
proniinent works; 

I rotunda Com 
uston) ; 


adelphia Posl- 
1 Paris. April. 1000, 
ch Gov't) : besides 

replica erected ii 
under auspices of Freu 
numerous busts, medalii 
medals from F,cole des Beau 
World's Columbian Exp'n, 
Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buft'alo, Woi. 
Art Comni'n Greater X. Y. 
Mem. X'at. Sculpture Soc. (S 
Council), Architectural I.eai.-ue, N. Y. 
Clubs: T St,uare (Philadelphia); -Vational 
Arts (.V. Y. City). Address: iol \V. oist 
St., N. Y. City. 

BOYLE, ■William Henry: 

Colonel, V. S. A. (retired); 1). : 
N. Y., Nov. 13, 1530 ; ed. Abb 
Brooklyn, X. Y.. and fniv. Louisville, 
cd Cnion Arniv as 2d lieut., 5th X 

Arts. Paris; 
Chicago, l-'.i3; 

Appt'd mem. 

Jan. 1, 1906. 
•ears of Exec. 



Jan. Ill, Ijoi 
lustcred out, 
■Vrt'y, .Mar. -7 
; partici])ated 
Snickers C.., 
and CI:arle.-ilo 

Ist Hi 


Mr,, and major. May 
baltles at's 
iligton, Lyuchburi.-, 

2d V. 

Inf., .\laj 

Civil Wat 
U. S. 

,'. 111. l.-(;7; Capt., 21.ft Inf., 
major (Mh Inf.. Mar. J.-i. li-'.)>; 
I'. S. Inf.. May 5. l^'.'O; re- 
ve service, Xov. 13. Unai; pro- 
S. A-, retired. ■::■,. I'.nu. 
with Apaches at Svcauioro 
An,... Mac 30, 1S7J (ri-cou'LUiendcd 
a. Crook for brevet for dimi.iL-mshed 
ry): battles of I.ava Beds against 
Indians. Xov. 2'.). 1-72, to .Innc I, 1-73 
.mci»l,-d by G - 


et fo 

I'oMtc India 
On- , .lulv 1.1 
Hill. JulV 1, 

i;h h.isi 

lie 11. 






BOYNTON, Ch.arles Homer: 

Clergyman: b. Lake Side, Wayne Co., X. 
Y., Dec. 7, l-3s; s. Lorenzo K. and Harriet 
M. tXorthrup) Boynton; grad. Brockporl 
State Xormal Sch., ISSo, Univ. of Kochesler, 
A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa), l?hC, Gen. Theol. 
Sein., X. Y. Citv, B.D., l-M), X. Y. Univ., 
X. Y. City (postgrad.), Ph.D., ISsO; m. June 
1, 1502. Frances llowland Cogswell, d. Wil- 
liam F. and Martha ( Ureck) Cogswell of 
Kochester, X. V.; children: Richard, b. 
IbOJ, James Breck, b. I.vjb, Martha Cogswell, 
1901, Charles Francis, b. I'Jue. ~ ' 

Macedon Acad., Maccdon 


lss9-9ij ; 

Y., sin 



'C Juii 






haplnin and deputy 
ueneral Convention, Diocese of Western. X. 
Y. Lecturer on liturgies and homiletics, De 
Lancey Divinity Sch. Trustee Carv Col- 
legiate Inst., Oakfield, X. Y. Pres. Counlrv 
Parsons' Club; grand chaplain Gamma Sigmii 
fraternity; mem. Alpha Delta Phi fraternitv, 
P. and A. M. (past master) and Koval Arch 
ClKipler. Traveled in Europe, suiumer of 
1-01. Attended Lambeth Conference of 1,S97 
as chaplain to Bisho|i of Western X. Y. Ad- 
dress: Geneseo, X. Y. 
BOYNTON, Edward Briggs: 

Second v.-p. Am. Heal Estate Co.; h. 
Hartford. Conn., Oct. 2S. ItCO; s. Henry Mat- 
thew and Lorena (Briggs) Bovnton; ed. 
public and high schools of Hartford. Conn.; 
m. Xov. 9, l,s.i7, Jennie P. Sloane; one daugli- 
ter, Olive, b. 1-.-9. Engaged in real estate 
business from 1-liB: since 1905, v.-p. and 
director Am. Real Estate Cd. Councilman, 
1697-99; alderman, U-00-lnol, Hartford, Conn.; 
grand regent of the grand council of Koval 
Arcanum. Stale of Conn., lOOi-nri. Eei>uli- 
lican. Baiitist. Treas. Conn. Bapt. Ed'n 
Soc. Mem. St. John's Lodge, Masons; 
Washington Commanderv, K. T. ; Sphinx 
Tenure (Shrine): ii. II. 'W'ebb Council Rnval 
.Vrcanum. all Hartford, Conn. Clubs: Dun- 
w. iodic Conntrv, Hartford. Address: 527 
Fifth Av., X. Y. City. 

BOYNTON, rr.-ink David: 

Suii't Illiaca, X. Y. : b. Pot«dam, 
X. Y., April 2!l. l-l.:;; s. Kr.nnklin and Julina 
(Have.-) Bi.voton; grad. Potsdam Slate Xor- 1-S7; Mi.Ulleburv Coll. (Vt.), A.B., IMil ; 
lf;iinilton Coll., A.M'., L-91; Svracuse