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Who's Who in S. A. E. 

A Biographical Dictionary 

of Notable Living 

Members of the 










R 1^22, L 




« ♦ • • 

• • • 

* ■ % • • • • » 

• « 


With the appearance of this volume, the place of Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon as the foremost of fraternities, in the multiplicity of its pub- 
lications, is still further assured. Few fraternities have even ap- 
proximated ours in its endeavors to use the printed word for the 
benefit of its members. S. A. E. collectors are already finding that 
the five foot shelf will not contain the numerous books which have 
appeared in recent years. The field is still white and any disposed 
to cultivate it in behalf of S. A. E. will find ample opportunity. 

The publication of Who's Who in S. A. E. was brought about 
by a desire to furnish the fraternity information concerning its 
distinguished sons. It is a year since the work was commenced of 
gathering data, and the finished book will now show how well we 
have succeeded in the original purpose as well as in the larger field 
into which our editorial labors lead us. For we soon found that 
there was even a greater demand in the fraternity for a directory 
of our professional men, and so along with the names of those 
who have accomplished things in statecraft, in literature, in the 
arts and the church, we have included the names of a great num- 
ber who are adorning their professions and who in their various 
communities have won places of honor and respect. Together with 
these were later added the names of hundreds of our men who are 
still in college halls, and who have there evidenced their good quali- 
ties by their work in scholarship or in other activities of campus 
life. It is to be r^^etted that early in the effort to bring the publi- 
cation to pass, it was represented that admission to its pages was 
only open to subscribers. Nothing could be more mistaken than 
this for the pages which follow contain the names of hundreds, 
'^ who in the greater life of the world, in the professions and in our 
' colleges, have won places, and yet have not subscribed to this pub- 
» lication. The chief reason why the volume is not even a fuller one 


' is because thousands of those who have been circularized (and this 
includes every living member of the fraternity), have failed to re- 
turn statistics. To what extent they were influenced by the ill re- 
port, we can only guess. To be just, it is a well knoviti i^cX. \haX. 








fraternity alumni as a rule do not respond to requests for informa- 
tion, whether it be for a catalogue, a chapter letter, a pocket di- 
rectory or any other line of effort. After an experience of many 
years in this line of work, we are ignorant of any method that will 
force an answer. If a man won't reply when you furnish him the 
postage and continues to ignore repeated requests, he simply won't, 
and any suggestion we have ever seen to remedy this has been com- 
posed of what Shakespeare spoke of as, "Words, Words, Words." 
The names in the book have been arranged in alphabetical order. 
The biographies are followed by a locality index. It is hoped 
that the volume will be useful in calling attention to the large ntmi- 
ber of men in S. A. E. who, to use the vernacular, have made good. 
Many of these are infrequently mentioned in the public prints and 
yet a close inspection of these pages will show that hundreds of 
places of importance in American life have called S. A. E.'s to their 
service. It is good for the fraternity to know about these, her 
sons, and to this end, she is presented with this record. 

William C. Levere, 

Evanston, III., July 8, 1912. 

Who's Who in S. A. E. 

ABBOTT, Leander Byrorip Jr., meroaof 
tile; b. Rozbury* Mass.* 1880; i. Lieaii- 
der B. and May D. (Wmtoomb) A.; 
ed. at Harvard Uniyenity, 1908; ini- 
tiated by Maasachiuietta Oanuna» Jan. 
12, 1901; m. Irene Virginia Oroton. 
April 1909. AddiiBSB, 266 Walnut 
Ave., Rozbtiry, Mass. 

ABBOTT, Wendell Peaae, American Ra- 
diator Co., b. Lawrence, Mass., May 8, 
1885; B. J. and Julia (Pease) A.; ed« at 
Harvard University, 1906; initiated 
by Massachusetts Gamma» Nov. 17, 
1904. Address, 108 Summer 8t, Law- 
rence, Mass. 

ABERCROMBIE, Daniel Putnam, Jr., 
treasurer of the Conn. Valley Street 
Ry. Co. and Athol and Orange Street 
Ry Co.; b. Wiley Falls, Mass., Deo. 19* 
1875; s. Daniel and Julia A.; ed« at 
Massachusetts Institute of Technol- 
ogy, 1897; initiated by Massachusetts 
lota-Tau, March 10, 1894; m. BUa A. 
Cracher, 1898. Address, Oreenfleld, 

ABRAM8, Frank Whlttemore^ student; 
b. June 24, 1889; s. Zachariah and 
Mary Louise (Farmer) A.; student at 
Syracuse University; vic^iuiesident 
junior engineers, executive committee 
senior class, Tau Delta Sigma, class 
footbaU; initiated by New York Del- 
ta, Oct 18, 1907. Address, 40 Rock- 
way Ave., Rockville Center, L. L 

ABY, Hulette Fuqua, lawyer; b. Crystal 
Springs, Miss., Jan. 16, 1879; s. 
Samuel H. and Mary J. A.; ed« at 
University of Mississippi, Louisiana 
State University and Law School of 
Millsaps CoUege; initiated by Miss- 
issippi Gamma, Feb. 2, 1895; was a 
mem. of University of Mississippi 

football team for two years and the 
Louisiana State University football 
team for two years. Coached Mill* 
saps College team; represented 
Louisiana State University in OuU 
States Oratorical association in 1899. 
Party nominee for mayor of Tulsa in 
1908 and defeated by two votes; mem. 
Masons, Blks, Commercial Law 
League of America; mem. of the law 
firm of Aby and Tucker; m. Cora Mae 
Hansel, July 18, 1906. Address, 609 
8. Blwood Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 

ACKERBURQ, Harry Albert, student 
Northwestern University; b. Cindni- 
nati, Ohio, Nov. 26, 1889; s. J. Albert; 
initiated by Illinois Psi-Omega, Feb. 
26, 1911; president sophomore class; 
mem. Trig committee; president 
Gauntlet society. University track 
team. University football squad, atli* 
letic reporter Daily Northwestern, 
freshman pU^ cast; eniinent warden; 
eminent chronicler. Address, 1418 
Hood Ave., Chicago, HL 

ACKERBURQ, Harry Emanuel, Jr., stu- 
dent Northwestern University Law 
School; b. Chicago, HL, March 18, 
1891; s. Henry B.; initiated by Illi- 
nois Beta, Oct 28, 1909; eminent 
chaplain. Address, 788 Fullerton 
Ave., Chicago, HL 

ADAMS, Frank G., supreme treasurer 
Phi Alpha Delta, legal fraternity, mer- 
cantile; b. Saybrook, IlL, May 14, 1885; 
6. George M. and Margaret J. A.; ed. 
at Northwestern University; initiated 
by Illinois Psi-Omega; mem. THg 
cast; assisted at the Installation cere- 
monies of Iowa Beta and Illinois 
Delta; initiated into the Phi Alpha 
Delta legal fraternity while a student 
in the law department of lUinoia Wefr 
leyan Univenity uA %\«Rftj^ wvt«M 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

treMoror of Natl bodj in 1911. Jul- 
dresB, 417 N. Main 8t, Bloomington. 


AQLER, Abram W., lawyer, clerk of tlie 
courts of Stark county, O., b. WU- 
mot, O., Apr. 18, 1878; a. Wllliam H. 
H. and Mary Jane (Wilhrtm) A.; 
student at Mount Union Ck>Uegek 
1891-8, and graduated from Ohio 
State UniTersity, 1897; initiated by 
Ohio Sigma, June 4, 1892; admitted 
to the practice of law by the Supreme 
court of Ohio, May 28, 1897; mem. of 
the Masonic order. Canton lodge. No. 
60; Knights of Pythias, Lily lodge. 
No. 862, Junior Order of American 
Mechanics, O. W. Holmes council. 
No. 41; Loyal Order of Moose, Canton 
Lodge* No. 288. He has seryed 
throu^ seyen campaigns as chair* 
man of republican county conunittee, 
and is now in second term as clerk 
of courts of Stark county. At time of 
re-election receiyed 4100 more TOtes 
than the head of his ticket and was 
1600 Yotes ahead of any candidate of 
his party; m. Lida May Deal, June 
16, 1904. Address, 885 Cassully St, 
Canton, Ohio. 

AIN8W0RTH, Harry, physician and 
surgeon; b. Thomasville, Qa., Aug. 4, 
1877; s. H. B. and Amelia A.; ed. at 
Emory College, 1900; initiated by 
Georgia Bpsilon, Sept. 25, 1896; presi- 
dent of the Thomas County Medical 
society; secretary board of health; 
brother of Haywood B. Ainsworth 
Georgia Phi, 1897; m. Marion W. 
Hayes June 2, 1911. Address, 127 
Broad St 8., Thomasville, Ga. 

AINSWORTH, Howard Dearborn, engi- 
neer for the Alaska Treasure Gold 
Mining Co; b. Minneapolis, Ifinn., 
Apr. 8, 1886; s. George A. and Adde- 
iaide D. A.; ed. at Leland Stanford 
UniTersity; initiated by California 
Alpha, Sept, 1904; mem. of Geology 
and Mining society of American Uni- 
Tersities. Address, P. O. box 188 
Juneau, ^i^ ir^^ 

ALEXANDER, Claude Elmer, clergy- 
man; b. Franklin, Ind., Aug. 15, 1878; 
s. J. J. and Mary A.; ed. at Frank- 
Un CoUege, 1902; initiated by Indi- 
ana Alpha, Not. 2, 1899; pastor of the 
4irst Presbyterian church, BartlesTille, 

Okla»; m. Daisy M. Johnson, Sept 20, 
1904. Address, 115 E. Fifth St, 
BarUesTiUe, Okla. 

ALEXANDER, Hooper, lawyer legls- 
tator; b. Rome, Ga., Oct 6, 1858; s. 
Thomas W. and Skrah (Jorce) A.; 
ed. at the UniTersity of Georgia, 1879; 
initiated by Georgia Beta, Oct 6, 
1875; president of the clasi of 1879 
(permanent); mem. of the Demos- 
thenian Debating society; assistant 
editor of the Record at the time of 
founding; delegate to S. A. B. Nat'l 
couTentions in 1876 and L878; mem. 
of the State Legislature of Georgia 
from 1904 to date; m. Amelia Hutch- 
ins, Oct 17, 1894. Home, Decatur, Ga. 
Office, 1019 AUanta Nat'l Bank Bldg., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

ALEXANDER, Ludwell Brooks, depart- 
ment manager Busch Magneto Co.; b. 
New York City, Dec. 25 1880 ; s. Dr. W. 
T. and Anna G. (Thayer) A.; ed. at 
Columbia UniTersity, 1904; initiated 
by New York Mu, Not. 7, 1902; man- 
age Tarsity orchestra; captain of 
Yarsity water polo team, 1903-04; 
serred the chapter as eminent deputy 
archon; mem. of the American society 
of Mechanical Engineers, society of 
Automobile Engineers, Columbia Uni- 
Tersity club. Motor Boat club of Am- 
erica; m. Mary Maltby, June 6, 1908. 
Address, 616 W. 116th St, New York 

ALEXANDER, Maurice M., banker; b. 
BurksTille, Ky., May 8, 1890; s. John 
L. and Mary (McGee) A.; ed. at Cen- 
tral UniTersity, 1909; initiated by 
Kentucky Kappa, Sept 25, 1907; emi- 
nent recorder of chapter; mem. of 
Chamberlain Literary society; with 
the Fanner's Deposit Bank of Camp- 
bellsTille; mem. of Masons. Address, 
CampbellsTiUe, Ky« 

ALEXANDER, Roy Adonis, mercantile; 
b. Trafalgar, Ind., Apr. 25, 1882; s. 
Cyrus and Laurella A.; ed. at Frank- 
lin College, 1905; initjlated by Indiana 
Alpha, Oct 12, 1901; Tice-president of 
his class, class manager; president of 
Periclesian society; eminent archon, 
and eminent correspondent of chap- 
ter; paymaster Pacific Coast depart- 
ment Condensed Milk Co.; m. Bess 
Willard Mason, at Bethany, IlL, Oct 


6, 1909. AddreM, «10 tttth Aye., 
8«atUe> Waah. 

ALEXANDER, William Barkley, Uw- 
yer; b. Pine Bluff, Ark., Sept 4, 1886; 
8. W. B. and Lutie A.; ed. at Central 
UniYersity, 1906, Uw, 1906; initiated 
by Kentucky KapjMt, Sept 20, 1902; 
▼ice-president Athletic asaociation, 
1905; emin^it archon and treasurer of 
cbapter; attended the Memphis Natl 
convention of 1904; brother of John 
O. Alexander, Kmitucky Kappa; en- 
gaged in practice of law. Home, 715 
W. Fifth Ave. Office, 612 Citisen's 
Bank Bldg., Pine Bluff, Ark. 

ALLEN, Harry Vaas, electrical engi- 
neer; b. New Bern, N. C, Dec. 4, 1877; 
8. George and Leah M. (Jones) A.; 
ed. at Davidson College, 1898, and at 
Massachusetts Institute of Tech« 
nology 1901; initiated by North Caro- 
lina Theta, Sept 27, 1894, and later 
affiliated with Massachusetts lota- 
Tau; vice-president of his class; emi- 
nent archon and treasurer of North 
Carolina Theta; mem. Duxbury Tacht 
club; Illuminating Bngineers society; 
Sons of Jove (trade orf^uiizatlon) ; 
electrical engineer with the General 
Electric C!o. Address, 80 Church St, 
New York City. 

ALLEN, Herman C, consulting engin- 
eer; b. Coloma, Ind., June 2, 1870; 
s. Joseph and Mehala Burgess 
(Stalker) A.; ed. at Purdue Univer- 
sity, 1895; mem. Irving Literary so- 
ciety; initiated by Indiana Beta, Oct 
21, 1898; civil, hydraulic, consulting 
engineer, and mem. of the Tannott- 
Allen Engineering Co.; irrigation 
specialists; mem. American Society 
of Civil Engineers; formerly engin- 
eer at Glasgow and Great Falls, 
Mont, assistant city engineer at 
Indianapolis, Ind., and consulting 
engineer for Sheridan, Wyo.; m. Zoe 
Ten Brook, June 14, 1899. Address, 
412-14 Empire Bldg., Spokane, Wiash. 

ALLEN, Homer Hlller, mercantile; b. 
Conneaut O., May 14, 1877; s. Henry 
C. and Mary E. (Fowler) A.; ed. at 
Pennsylvania State College, 1897; in- 
itated by Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, 
Jan. 17, 1898; College honors, editor- 
in-chief. College monthly. Free Lance; 
business manager junior annual. La 

Vie; organized College press bureau 
cadet msjor of battalion, senior year; 
eminent archon of chapter; delegate 
St Louis Nat'l convention, 1896; 
mem. of Masonic bodies; with Gen- 
eral Western Agency, Susquehanna 
Coal Co., Erie, Penn.; m. Mary B. 
Frederick, Sept 28, 1907. Address, 
662 W. 8th St, EMe, Penn. 

ALLEN, Hugh Lorenzo, mechanical en- 
gineer; b. Fftyette, O., Oct 7, 1884; s. 
Dr. Donald A. and Enia M. A.; ed. at 
Case School of Science, 1908 ; initiated 
by Ohio Rho, Nov., 1905; mem. class 
track team; eminent archon and 
treasurer of chapter; mem. Toledo 
society of EIngineers; Rubicon lodge, 
No. 287, Masonic order; with the en« 
gineering department Boker Bros.; m. 
Florence E. Breese, June 15, 1910. 
Address, 2621 Lawrence Ave., Toledo, 

ALLEN, Jacob Dickinson, Clerk of the 
Supreme Court of Missouri; b. Frank- 
lin county, Ky., Sept 12, 1859; s. Rich- 
ard N. and Jennette A. ; ed. at Kentuc- 
ky Military Institute, 1882; initiated by 
Kentucky Chi, 1879; salutatorian of 
class and senior captain of corps; 
delegate to Atlanta Natl S. A. E. con- 
vention, 1881; secretary of Grand 
Chapter, 1881; nephew of Gen. Rob- 
ert T. P. Allen, S. A. E. and cousin 
of Gen. Robert D. Allen, S. A. E.; del- 
egate to Nat'l Democratic convention, 
Chicago, 1892, and Denver, 1908; 
chairman of Missouri state com- 
mission, which located and built state 
hospital for Insane at Farmington; 
editor and proprietor of Butler Weekly 
Times for twenty-six years; elected 
Clerk of the Supreme Court of Mis- 
souri, 1910; m. Ida R. Wood, of But* 
ler. Mo., Oct 6, 1886. Address 217 E. 
McCarty St., JefPerson City, Mo. 

ALLEN, James Seddon, lawyer; b. 
Stamford, Conn., Aug. 31, 1885; s. 
Richard H. and Lizzie C. (Walker) A.; 
ed. at University of Tennessee, 1907; 
initiated by Tennessee Kappa, Oct 10, 
1905; winner junior law scholarship; 
winner "Cyc" prize as leading senior 
class; Phi Kappa Phi (honor so* 
clety); brother of Thomas H. Allen, 
S. A. E.; eminent d^mty archon, 
1907; pracUcVn^ \a^. Ksi^T^ia^ W.^ 



Bxchanga Bldg., UempUi, Tann. 

ALLEN, 8hlH*y WilUr, CorMtor; b. 
Shflrmu, N. T., Oct. 14, 1SS8; s. Wal- 
ter O. Kod Harriet (Richardson) A.; 
ed at Iowa Stat« Collegft, 1909; Inlt- 
ated by Iowa Qamma, Mar, 1909; step- 
brotlier of Frank Llbb«T, Iowa Blgma; 
CoUege honors, president bachelor 
debating club, represented I ,B. C. In 
atate oratorical meet 1909 winning 
second place; editor 1909 year bo<A, 
"The Bomb," glee club, manacw 
sophomore play, Joint author senior 
play, mem. Delta Sigma Rho {tona- 
■Ic), Alpha Zeta (agrlcnltural), Car- 
dinal Qulld (Bailor senate), eminent 
correspondent; prealdent ol Iowa 
Qamma association; mem. aocletr of 
American Foreaten; Foreet Aasl» 
tant. Foreat service, O. 8. goTera- 
ment. Address, V. B. Foreat Ser- 
vice, Treka, CaL 

ALLEN, Terry West prealdrat tele- 
graph and telephone company; b. 
New Orleana, La., Dec. 80, ISSS; 
I. J. H. and Loralne (Wladom) 
A.; ed. Waahlngton Unlveralty, 1907: 
Initiated br Hlaaourl Alpha, Oct 10. 
1908; College honors, mem. ot Prolma 
Bodety, "Thirteen" eodetr, asalstant 
aianager baaeball team, leading part 
in dramatic dub annual play, treaa- 
vrer same; eminent deputy archon 
and warden In chapter; delegate to 
AUanta, 1903, AUanUc City, 1909, Kan- 
aaa Citr, 1910, S. A. B. Nat'l convui- 
tloDS and to province ZeU, 1905, lota, 
1909, attended Memphle, 1904, S. A. 
B. Nat'l; delegate from the 8th Tenn. 
district to Democratic Natl conven- 
tion, 1908: president ot Uie Bun Tele- 
phone and Telegraph Co., preaidmt 
of the Stantonvllle TeL Co.; tonnerlr 

. preaident of Bank of Nlzon. Addreaa, 
Blka Bldg.. Jackson, Tann. 

ALLEN, Thomae Hampton, vic»presi- 
dent the Allen Engineering Co.: b. SL 
Louis, Mo., Oct 27, 1881; a. R. H. and 
U«le A.; ed. at the Unlventty of 
Tennessee; Initiated by T«nneaaee 
Kappa, Jan. U, 1900; mem. PU Kmq- 
pa Phi society; eminent archon; dele- 
gate to Washington 8. A. E. Nat'l con* 
Tentlon, 1902; vlce-prealdent and gen- 
eral manager ot the Allen Engineering 
Co.; m. PhylUa Blanchaxd, Feb. %t. 

1909. Addreaa, Exchange Bldg., Hem- 
phi b. Teon. 

M.LEN, Walter W., b. Clayton, N. T.; 
a. Rev. W. B. and H. H. (Hlggs) A.; 
ed. at St. Stephen's College; aecretary 
oF class, manager and captain basket 
ball team; Initiated by New York 
Slgma-Phl, June 8, 1908; visitor to 
Atlantic City 8. A B. Nat'l con- 
vention, 1909; m. Minnie Zaiser, 
SepL 12, 1911. Address, SO N. Rhode 
Island Ave., AtlanUc City, N. J. 

ALLISON, Robert Lyie, mercantUe; b. 
June 11, 1884; s. Robert L. and L.H- 
clnda E. (Carr) A.; ed. at the ITnlver- 
Blt7 or Chicago, 1910; IntUated by 
IlUnolB Ttaeta, March 9, 1906; eml- 
nen archon, treasurer and recorder; 
delegate to AtlanUc City B. A. B. 
Nat'l convention, 1909. Addreaa, 
145 Walnut St., Coming, N. T. 

ALLSTRAND, Harry Prentice, student 
Iowa State College; b. Sept. 8, 1886; a. 

A. U and Mary (Prentice) A.; In- 
iniUated by Iowa Qamma, May 7, 1910; 
eminent warden at the installation of 
South Dakota Blgma; varsity football. 
College annual, yell master. Address, 
903 Virginia St., Blouz Ctty, Iowa. 

ALMAND, Robert Barry, with South- 
em Bell Co.; b. 1S79; s. Darid M. 
and Amanda O. A.; ed. at Mercer 
University; initiated by Georgia Pal, 
Sept. 17, 1896; eminent treaaurer; 
mem. Knighu of Pythias; brother of 
Edward A. Almand, Qeorgia Delta, 
and Jeaae Almand, Georgia Delta; 
cbtef clerk to dlrialon superintendent 
Southern Bell Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co.; m. Edna Jenktna, OcL 11, 
1911. Addresa, care Southern Bell 
Co., Charlotte. N. C. 

ALMY, Don R., lawyer; b. Grand Raplda, 
Mich.. March 26. 1874; a Dr. J. Eben 
and Martha (Rohinaon) A.; ed. at 
Cornell Unlveralty, A. B., 1897, L. L. 
B., 1898; president senior class. 
College ot Law, Boardman Theala 
prise. Dnlversitr Qlee cinh. Phi Delta 
Phi, Thelema, Round Table; Initiated 
by New York Alpha, Jan. 20, 1894; 
served as prealdent New York Alnm- 
nl aasoclatlon; delegate or Tlat 
tor to province Beta oouvenUona alnce 
1901, rialtor to Atlantic City 8. A. 

B. Natl convention. 1909; active 



in financing New York Alpha chai>- 
ter house; joint author of The Stand- 
ard Accounts of S. A. B., adopted at 
S. C. meeting in New Orleans 1911, 
where he was present; trayeled in 
Europe, 1908 and 1910; assistant 
general solicitor of the Inter- 
urban Street Railway Co., New 
York, mem. law firm Almy ft Com- 
stock; author: Treaties on Classifi- 
cation of Imports under Tariff Acts; 
Address, 68 William St, New York 
ALT, Arnold Dettmar, research chem« 
ist; b. Toronto, Canada, June 22, 1880; 
0. Adolf and Helena B. A.; ed. at 
Washington UniTersity; mem. Sigma 
Xi society; initiated by Missouri 
Beta, Dec. 11, 1897, eminent archon 
and treasurer, attended Memphis S. 
A. B. Natl conTention of 1904, two 
terms as president of the St Louis 
Alumni association; mem. American 
Chemical society, Bngineers club of St 
XjOuIs; research chemist for the Mai- 
linckiodt Chemical Works. Address, 
8819 W. Pine Blvd., St Louis, Mo. 

ALTMAN, John Thomas; physician; b. 
Milan, Tenn., Aug. 21, 1864; s. J. W. 
and Rachel A.; ed. at Union UniTer- 
sity, 1882; initiated by Tennessee Eta, 
Feb., 1888; mem. American Medical 
association, A. P. H. A.; professor of 
obstetrics at Vanderbilt UniTersity; 
mem. city board of health; m. Mattie 

A. Bedford, Dec; 9, 1886. Address* 
Bre Bldg. Nashville, Tenn. 

AME8» Charles BIsmark, lawyer, b. 
Macon, Miss., Aug. 1 1870; s. Charles 

B. and Sarah J. (Longstreet) A.; ed. 
at Emory and Henry, 1890, Law, Uni- 
versity of Mississippi, 1892; winner 
of improvement medal and essayist 
medal at Emory and Henry and was 
graduated with special distinction in 
law; initiated by Mississippi Theta, 
spring 1888, afliliated with Virginia Pi« 
'09, Tennessee Nu, '91, Mississippi 
Gamma, '92; dean of law department 
Epworth University; president Union 
Trust Co., Oklahoma Oas and Electric 
Co., director American National Bank, 
mem. National Committee of National 
Economic League, mem. Oklahoma 
Supreme Court commission; mem. law 
firm Flynn, Ames and Chambers; m. 

Elizabeth P. Allen at Macon, Miss.. 
Feb. 6, 1894. Address, Lawrence 
Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 
AMMON, Robert, metallurgical engi- 
neer; b. Bljrria, O., Dec. 20, 1887; s. 
Charles H. and Harriet A.; ed. at Case 
School of Science, 1910; vice-president 
of class, school senator, mem. Pick and 
Shovel club; initiated by Ohio Rho, 
Oct 6, 1906, eminent archon, '10; chap- 
ter steward '07-10; metallurgical engi- 
neer with Anaconda Copper Mining 
Co. Address, 412 Fifth Ave., Great 
Falls, Mont 

ANDERSON, Arthur Pickett, lawyer 
and probate judge; b. Stonington, 
Conn., June 28, 1876; s. Jerome S. 
and Emma (Horn) A.; ed. at Boston 
University, 1901; initiated by Massar 
chusetts BetarUpsilon, Jan. 6, 1898; 
mem. Phi Delta Phi; general practice 
of law at New London, Conn., 
until 1904, when he was elected 
judge of probate for the district 
of Oroton, which office he has 
held since; m. Jessie P. (Ashbey) A.; 
April 1906. Address, Noank, Conn. 

ANDERSON, Harry, farmer; b. Wis- 
dom, Ky., Nov. 8, 1886; s. B. O. and 
Lucy (Murphy) A.; ed. at Bethel 
College; captain College football elev- 
en, '05; initiated by Kentucky Iota, 
Oct, 1906, eminent warden; mem. of 
Modem Woodmen of America; m. 
Mary F. Carrier, Dec. 25, 1906. Ad- 
dress: Edmonton, Ky. 

ANDERSON, Hugh Crump, mayor and 
capitalist; b. 1853; ed. at Union 
University and Cumberland Univer- 
sl^; initiated by Tennessee Eta, 1870, 
later afEUiated with Tennessee Lamb- 
da; delegate to Atlanta S. A. E. Natl 
convention, 1872; visitor S. A. E. Natl 
convention, 1879; see S. A. E. History 
vol. I, p. 318; mem. Tennessee legisla- 
ture, 1878-81; mayor of Jackson, six- 
teen times; president First National 
Bank ; president Electric Light Co. ; m, 
Lena Burdett, Sept 16, 1898. Address, 
Jackson, Tenn. 

ANDERSON, Lewis Noetrand, physi- 
cian; b. Brooklsm, N. T., Sept 2, 1872; 
s. Samuel C. and Harriet N. (Nost- 
rand) A.; ed. Columbia University, 
1895; a charter mem. New York Mu« 
1895; mem. Am^cVoaxL ^«^<(»2l 



cUUoD, New ToA SUto Hadlcal u- 
■ocUUon, Awoclktod Phriicluu Lone 
bland; BrooUn Usdlcal •ociatr; 
TMtryinui ot Christ church; m«iii. 
boud of msiukgera E, D. T. U. C. A.; 
ehftlrman of Iflth wsrd commlttae on 
public health; m. Laurs A. Gbapman, 
Oct. 17, IBOO. AddrMB, US Bedford 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. T. 

ANDERSON, Mlltoii JaffarMin, Uwrer; 
b. Jaaper, Tenn., 1876; a. Hilton W. 
and BllEabeth (lltUar) A.; ed. Vandei^ 
bllt Untrer«ltT,189B; Initiated bj Ten- 
nessee Nu, Dec. IG, 1894; an Inatalllng 
otBcer of Loulalana Bpallon and 
Louisiana Tau-Upillon. 1897; vlal- 
tatlon wart at Motlier Hn and othw 
Chatters; read law In olllce of CoL 
Oaniett Andrews, Chattaaoosa; mem. 
law firm of Anderson ft Crabtree, 
Memphis; m. Blancbe Porter, Nov. 
SI. 1»06. Address, Pwter Bids.. 
HemptilB. Tenn. 

ANDERSON, Rudolph M.. arctic ex- 
plorer; b. Decorah, la., Jane SO, 1878; 
a. John E. A.; ed. at the UniveraitT 
ot Iowa, 1906; captain Iowa track 
team, Unlveraltjr record for hurdlee, 
a charter member of Iowa Beta, 1906; 
del^ate to prortnce Zeta conventlcxi. 
IMG; veteran Spanish-American war, 
corporal 5Snd Iowa VoL Inf.; Joint 
leader tor the atetansson-Anderson 
Arctic expedition which has been In 
the tar north tor the iBSt four years 
for the American Museum of Natural 
Blstorr making ethnological collec- 
tions and explorations. Address, care 
American Hnseum ot Natural Hit- 
tory. New York City. 

ANDREWS, Alexander Boyd, Jr., Uw- 
yer; b. Henderson, N. C„ Peb. t, 
1873; s. Alexander B. and JuUa M. 
(Johnston) A.; ed. at Onlverslty of 
North Carolina. 1898; Initiated by 
North Carolina XI, Sept. 7, 1889 ; emi- 
nent arcbon and recorder; delegate 
province convention, Atlanta, IStE; 
delegate Nat'l S. A. E. convMitltxi 
Charlotte. 1889, Atlanta. 1891; at- 
tended Atlanta S. A. E, conrentlfm 
1904; associate editor ot the Record; 
Qrand C<Hnmander of Rntghta Temp- 
lar ot North Carolina, 1907; Junior 
Qtand Deacon Grand Lodge ot Uaaooa, 

North Carolina, 19IS; mem. Amwlcan 
Bar association. North Carolina Bar 
association; m. Helen H. Sharpless, 
Nov. 5, 1908. Residence, 411 N. Per- 
son SL; office, ISI Fayettevllle St., 
Raleigh, N. C. 

ANDREWS, Champe S., lawyer, manu- 
facturer; b. Tazoo City, Hiss., Hay 
IS, 1876; B. Col. Qamett and Rosalie 
(Bemlce) A.; ed. at Alabama Pcdy 
tectinlc losUtute, 1S94; flrat hontHv 
class of 1894; captain of cadet com- 
pany, winning price sword for beat 
drilled company; Initiated by Alabama 
Alpha-Hu, Nov. 1, 1890 ; eminent 
archon and treasurer; brotlier to O. 
B. Andrews, B. A. B., and A. B. An- 
drews, 8. A. B.; delegate Nat'l S. A. E. 
convenUon, Atlanta, 1S91, Chattanooga 
lB9a, Pittsburgh. 1893, Washington. 
lg94; St Louis, 1898, Nashville, 1898, 
Boston, 1900; eminent supreme treas- 
urer 1894-98; author ot law creating 
board of trustees, first president of 
board of trusteei, editor of the Rec- 
ord, 1902; author ot song. "To the 
Violet" in S. A. B. song book; captain 
ot the 3rd Tennessee VoL Infy. Span- 
ieh-American wsr ; past Exalted Rulsr 
New Tork Lodge No. 1, B. P. O. B.; 
ptat departmMit commander New 
York department Spanish- American 
war veterans ; mem. Sons of the Revo- 
lution; naval and military order ot 
Spanish war veterans; counsel tor the 
New York County Medical aoctetr, 
l)l>0-1907; contributor to magazines; 
mem. American Bar association: New 
York City Bar aaaoclatlon; m. H^ 
riette J. KIrber, Sept 14, 1909. Ad- 
dress, Army and Navy club. New 
York City. 

ANDREWS, Claude V., state attorney; 
b. Ulaml county, Ind., Oct. IS. 1873: s. 
William P. and Edith V. A.; ed. 
Franklin College, 1898; class orator; 
represented College in state oratorical 
contest, 1897; mem Pericleslan Liter- 
ary society; Initiated by Indiana 
Alpha, Sept. 13, 1894: eminent archon, 
1S98; delegate Nat'l S. A. B. 
convention, Bt. Louis. 1896; presi- 
dent Peru Commercial club, state's 
attorney for Slst Judicial circuit, Ind.; 
m. Laura Hay Lukens Nov. SG, 1901. 
Residence. 119 N. Wabash St: Office, 



Wabarii VaUer Tniit Bld(., Peru, 

ANDREWS, Jamaa Hatiry Millar, BnpL 
Uses and cables PUla. R^ld Tniuit 
Co.; b. B«l£ut. Iraland, Jan. 31, 1876; 
s. Jamea W. and Mary (Cannlcbael) 
A.; «d. P«ma7lTUi« State CoUege. 
1898; prealduit Glee clnb, president 
Tlieaplait Dnmattc aaaocUtlon, edi- 
tor on Freelance board, Latin board, 
leader major of College battalion, 
honor mlUtair cradoate; mein. Pren 
club; Junior uaemblr committee; 
initiated hj PMUisrlTanla Alpli» 
Zeta, Sept. 32, 1894; wrote Im- 
portant 'article on tlie "8. A, E. Coat 
of Arma," see S. A. B. Hlatorr: 
brotlier of Frederick O. Andrewi, 
Pennarlvanla Alpha-ZeU: autbor 
"Some NotM on Rail CormgaUon." 
Electric RaUwar Journal, Sept, 
1910, Joomal of tbe Tramwaya and 
Light RaUware aasociaUon, London, 
Oct ,1910, Bee alao the proceedings The 
lnterDatl<Hial Tramwaya association, 
Brnssels, 1910; "Some Ualntenance 
Features of Street Railway Track," 
The Engineer, OcL, 1908; mem. Tbe 
EnglneerB club of Phlladelpbla; asso- 
ciate mem. Americas Electric Rail- 
war BssoclatloD, first Uentenast en- 
gineer battalion National guard of 
Penniylvanla; m. Esther McKinler 
Bender, Not. 16, 1904. Address, 60S 
8. 4lBt St., Philadelphia, Penn. 

ANDREWS, John Davis, lawyer: b. 
Hamilton, O., Jan. S7, 1881; b. AUen 
and Belle A. ; M. Oblo State UnlTerslty 
1903; initiated by Ohio Tbeta, Not. SS, 
1899; brother of Stanley B. An- 
drews, 8. A. E.; m. Harie B. Long, 
Not. 2S, 1905. Address, 708 Rent- 
schler Bldg., Hamilton, O. 

APPEL, Vallae Orvllls, student Har- 
vard UnlTenlty; b. Pocahontas, 111., 
Aug. 6. 1889; a. J. H. and Ida (Idler) 
A.; ed. Unlreraity of Chicago, 1911; 
president senior class, editor 1910 an- 
nual, mem. Owl and Serpent; initiated 
by niinoia Theto, Jan. 1908, eminent 
archon, (3 terms), delegate Kan- 
sas City S. A E. Natl convention, 
1910; Uaveled in Eiurope; mem. Ha- 
■onlc order; law student at Harvard 
University. Address, 207 Cralgle 
HaU. Cambrtdge, Uoss. 

APPLEBY, Clarenss WllUa, merchant; 
b. Tsrestum, Pens., Uarcb 16, 1886; 
B. Charles J. and Carrie (Clark) A.; 
ed. Allegheny College, 190S, mem. 
football eleven, basketball tMun, 
captain gymnosinm class, College 
bond, mem. Quill club; Initiated 
by Pennsylvania Omega, Dec. 10, 
1905; mem. of Hotlenden club, order 
of Maccabees, shoe business, Ad- 
dreflB, 401 B. 9th Ave., Tarentom, 

APT, Fredsric Oaslay, lawyer, b. 
Pratt, Kan.. July S. 1889; s. Charles 
H. and Blanche (Qasloy) A.; ed. Unl- 
verslt; of Kansas; Initiated by Kan- 
sas Alpha; eminent archon, delegate 
province Zeta convention, Iowa 
Cltf. 1909, Lawrrace, 1911, attended 
s; A. B. Natl convention at Kan- 
sas City, 1910, vice-president of prov- 
ince Zeta since 1909; mem. Masonic 
order. Address, lola, Kan. 

ARCHER, Elmer T., consulting en- 
gineer; b. Lockport, N. T., Dec. 6, 
1879; B. W. F. and Hary A.; ed. 
University of Arkaneaa, 1901, Uni- 
versity of Illinois; initiated by Ar- 
kaD8B8 Alpha-Upsllon, June 24, 1899, 
affiliated later with Illinois Beta, 
brother of Arthur W. Archer, nitnols 
Beta, attended B. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tioB, Memphis, 1904, Kansas City, 1910, 
senior mem. of the firm of E. T. 
Archer & Co. AddresB, 425-6-7 Beats 
Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

ARCHER, willism M., civil engineer; 
b. Jellico, Tenn., Jon. 22, 1886; a. J. 
F. and Jane (Perkins) A.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Tennessee, president of 
FreBhman class, football team, '09; 
mem. Modem Woodmen of Ameri- 
ca. Address, Jellico, Tenn. 

ARCHIBALD, William Lorlng, real 
estate; b. Panola county. Miss., July 
18, 1S67; s. W. L. and Caroline E. 
(Bradshaw) A.; ed. University of 
MIsBlsBlppl; Initiated by MlBBlsslppI 
Gamma, 1884. Address, Oxford, 

ARMSTRONG, Chariao Henry 0„ stu- 
dent at University of Pennsylvania; 
b. March ZSth, 1S91; a. Frank and 
Cora (Hary) A,; initiated by Penn- 
sylvania Theto, Oct, 19, 1910; var^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 

May Day sporta committee. Addresa, 
104 Noble Aye.» Grafton, Penn. 

ARMSTRONG, Philip MeCutcheon, 
secretary and general manager; b. 
Detroit, Mich., Dec. 8, 1885; a. Edwin 
E. and Louise (McCutcheon) A.; ed. 
University of Michigan, special course 
in the University of Leeds (England), 
in chemistry of leather industry; as- 
sociate editor "Michiganensien," 
class football; mem. Alchemists, pres- 
ident Camera club. Glee club; initi- 
ated by Michigan Iota-Beta, Dec. 18, 
1902; eminent deputy archon and her- 
ald; secretary and general manager 
Armstrong Tanning Co.; Detroit Uni- 
versity club. Country club. Boat club. 
Tennis club. Address, Hart and 
Charlevoix Aves. or University club, 
Detroit, Mich. 

ARNOLD, William W., lawyer; b. Ob- 
long, ni., Oct 14, 1877 ; s. Berzelius M. 
and Mary K. (Baker) A.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Illinois, 1901; initiated by lUi- 
nois Beta, Feb. 23, 1901; mem. Robert 
Bruce lodge, 191, Knights of Pythias, 
Robinson, 111.; Crawford lodge, 124, 
Robinson, 111.; Benevolent and Pro- 
tective Order of Elks, Robinson 
lodge, 1188, Robinson lodge. No. 250 
Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, 
Robinson Chapter, 225, Royal Arch, 
Goran Commandery, No. 14, Knight 
Templars, Olney, 111.; Oriental Con- 
Bistery Scottish Rite^ Chicago, 111., 
Medinah Temple, Ancient Order of 
Mystic Shrine, Chicago, IlL; mem. 
law firm McCarty & Arnold; m. Kate 
Wheeler Busey. Address, Robinson, 


A8HCRAPT, Cyrus Washington, mayor, 
president cotton mills; b. Clay county, 
Ala., Feb. 27, 1866; s. Andrew J. and 
Eliza (Wiley) A.; ed. Alabama Poly^^ 
technic Institute, 1888; honor man 
of class, winner oratorical medal ; Ini- 
tiated by Alabama Alpha-Mu, Sept 20, 
1887; deputy archon; brothers, Lee, 
Erister and Fletcher Ashcraft, all of 
Alabama Alpha-Mu; held chair of 
English in State Normal School for 
two years after graduation, six years 
in newspaper work, mem. society 
of Promotion of Industrial Bduoar 
tion; president Ashcraft Cotton 
Mills, present Mayor of Florence; m. 

Janie P. Dunklin, Oct 9, 1895, (died, 
1900); 2nd., Zaidee EUis, Oct 28, 
1906; 3rd., Ldllian C. Brown, Feb. 8, 
1910. Address, Florence, Ala. 

ASHCRAFTl Fletcher, manufacturer; 
b. Ashland, Ala.; s. Andrew J. and 
Eliza (Wiley) A.; ed. Alabama Poly- 
technic Institute, 1900; cadet captain, 
Co. A, 1899-00, president Wirt Ldter- 
ary society; initiated by Alabama 
Alpha-Mu, Sept 25, 1897; eminent 
archon; manager Tennesseie Ferti- 
lizer CU).; m. Emma Bivings, 1904. 
Address, Florence, Ala. 

ATKINSON, Spencer Roane, Jr., manu- 
facturer; b. (Camden county, Ga., 1886; 
s. Dean D. and Sarah (Hardee) A.; 
ed. Georgia School of Technology; 
initiated by Georgia Phi, Jan. 9, 
1904, deputy archon, brother of Frank 
B. Atkinson, Georgia Phi; mem. 
Ocean lodge, 214, Masons; postmas- 
ter, stockraiser, manufacturer and 
operator in turpentine; m. Agnes 
Akin, April 27, 1908. Address, Mount 
Pleasant, Ga. 

AUGUST, Robert Munford, insurance; 
b. Richmond, Va., Feb. 8, 1881; s. 
Ben T. and Gertrude (Shell) A.; ed. 
Virginia Military Institute, 1902; 
Second Lieutenant Cadet battalion, 
leader in final German; initiated by 
Virginia Theta, AprU 11, 1908, 
(charter member); special agent 
Home Insurance Co., N. T.; m. Eliza- 
beth Starlings, Sept 23, 1911. Ad- 
dress, 88 South St, Baltimore, Md. 

AULDRIDGE, Theodore Forest, law- 
yer; b. Tipton, Iowa, Jan. 28, 1888; 
s. Lewis Severance and Emma A.; 
ed University of South Dakota, 1910; 
business manager of Volante^ class 
treasurer; Initiated by South Dakota 
Sigma, Jan. 28, 1911, (charter mem- 
ber); mem. law firm of Boucher, 
O'Brien, Johnson and Auldridge; 
assistant in office of Attomey-Cfen- 
eral of South Dakota. Address, 
Pierre* S. D. 

AUSTIN, Albert Milton, lawyer; b. 
FrankUn, Tenn., July 25, 1873; s. 
Milton S. and Susan (Eddy) A.; ed. 
Ohio Wesleyan University, 1894; class 
president associate editor College 
paper, toastrmaster Pan-Hellenic Lea- 
gue, manager class team; initiated 


by Ohio Delta, Jan., 1891; delegate 
S. A. E. Nat'l conve&Uon Ch»t- 
tanO(«a, 1892, Plttaburgh. 1893, Waata- 
Ington, 1891, St. Loula, 1896, Naab- 
Tllle, 1898, Boston. 1900, AtlanUc Cltr. 
1909; president proTlnce Delta, 1S9X, 
when tbe provtnce included all tbe 
norttiem chapters from Hassacbua- 
etta to California; Joint-founder of 
Ohio Theta, 1892; elected eminent 
supreme treasurer In 1892 and 
re-elected In 1893, vhlch ofllce be 
filled vlth great credit to himself and 
usefulness to tbe fratemltr, elected 
eminent supreme archon la 1891 and 
re-elected In 1898, during this ad- 
mlnlstratltm the fratemity grew and 
proapered greatly; author of plan to 
fnmlsh each Initiate wltb badge, re- 
installed ffev Tork Alpha, meuLi board 
of trustees, delegate from 8, A. E. to 
Inter-Frateinlty conference; traveled 
In Europe and resident of HeUco for 
a period; mem. law firm Redding, 
Qreeley and Austin; m Florence 
Peabody, Aug. 26, 1902, at Ban Fran- 
cisco, Cal. Addreu, Patter Bldg., 88 
Park Row, New York City. 
AUSTIN, John Eddy, mercantUe; b. 
Clinton county, O., July 27, 1880; a. 
Hilton S. and Susan (Bddy) A.; ed. 
Ohio Wesleyan University; claai 
president, prep, manager Athletic 
UBodatlon; initiated by Ohio Delta. 
April 6, 1901, eminent treasurer, tIsJ- 
tor Hemphls S. A. B. convratlDn, 1904, 
brother of Albert U. Austin, Ohio Del- 
la; traveled In Europe; owner of tbe 
Austin Pboto Supply Co.; m. Itabel 
Watklna, Oct. 8, 1908. Address, 726 
Cherry St, Chattanooga, Tenn. 


8AD0ER, Irwin Samuel, construction 
engineer; b.' Perry, N. T. Feb. IE, 
1886; B. Volney H. and Catherine B.; 
ed. Syracuse TTnlTersltr, 1908; class 
president, class football teams; Initi- 
ated by New Tork Delta. Feb. 22, 
1897, (charter member), eminent 
archon and herald; engineer in 
charge of the construction of tlie 
Delta Dams at Delta, N. T., costing 
tU,000.(KH). Address. 719 ft. Waah- 

taftoB St. Rome, N. T. 

BAOLEY, Frank Randall, meroantlle; 
b. Hudson. N. T., Feb. 1, 1867; s. 
John H. and Lydla B.; ed. St. Ste- 
phen's College, 1877, senior class 
president, captain baseball team, , 
flrst prise in ethics, elocution and 
psychology; Initiated by New Tork 
StgmarPbl, June 18, 189&, (mem. 
of local Sigma-PU). manager for 
W. A. Hazard & Co., salt manufact- 
urers. New Tork and Chicago; m. 
Lily Brush, April 11, 1883. Address. 
439 N. Grove Ave., Oak Park, lU. 

BAILEY, Francis Wayland, educator; 
b. Stamford. N. T., June 20. 188G; a. 
RoBcoe Bailey; ed. Syracuse Unlver^ 
Blty. 1910; mem. class debate team, 
class baseball team; Initiated by New 
York Delta, March, 1909, eminent 
chaplain, lodge director; principal 
Chenango Forks High schooL Ad- 
dress, Chenango Forks. N. T, 

BAILEY, Edward Burke, physician; b. 
DemopollB, Ala., 1878; s. J. L. and An- 
nie (Comleh) B.; e<| University of VI>H 
glnla,l897; Initiated by Virginia Oml- 
cron April 25, 1896; formerly surgeon 
transport Holt, S. S., line. New ToA 
City to Brazil and West Indies; sur- 
gMn Mexican Copper Co., at Ramos, 
San Luis PotosI, Meiico, surgeon U. 
S. Army with services In tbe P. L, 
1st. Lieut Medical Reserve Corps. U. 
a. Army; now In general practloe of 
medicine; m. Mellesa Allen, Sept. It, 
1904. Address, Demopolls. Ala. 

BAILEY, Frederick William, medical 
specialist; b. Iowa City, la., Aug. 26, 
1878; s. Mathew H. and Anna (Wick- 
ham) B.; ed University of Iowa, B. S.> 
1901, M. S.. 1908, H.D., 1905; Initiated 
by Iowa Beta, Feb. 11, 190S, (charter 
mem.), physical director of Univer- 
sity gymnasium. Instructor in phy- 
siology. College of Medicine, 1901-06, 
assistant professor In eye, ear, nose 
and throat, CnlTersity of Iowa, 180S- 
OS.mem. American Academy of Ophtb. 
American Medical association, Iowa 
State Medical association, stafC of St 
Luke's Hospital, epeclaUsts in bead 
aud throat diseases; m. Bertha Wil- 
kinson, July 16, 1907. Residence, 1882 
Second Ave. Office, 309-10 Securi^ 
Bank Bldg., Cedar Ri^ids, Iowa. 

BAILEY, Th«odor« %., «1A9 \«£&nc\ Xt. 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. R. 

PlKtUbur^ N. T., June 1, 187S: *. 
WllUftm H. and lCarth« A. (ScrlTw) 
B.; ed. Fudue n&lTsnltjr, B. H. B^ 
1896. CorneU UiUvenltr, H. E. 1898: 
mam. Tau Beta Fl socletj: InitUtod 
b; Indiana B«t«, Oct. SI, 1891, emi- 
nent arclum and treasurer, mem. 
American aocietr Mechanical En(l- 
neen, Natl Oeosraphlcal aoclety. 10>- 
Bonlc ordH, New Bncland Corn^ 
clab, Tliamea club, secretair *i>d 
treasurer New London Ship and Bn- 
glne Coh Chief Engineer Electric 
Boat Co.; m. Loulle C. Braxton. 18»9; 
Addreu, 168 Williams St., New Lon- 
don. Conn. 

BAILEY. Wlillam Stuart, lawyer, may- 
or; b. Canton. Hlis., Oct 6, 1876; a 
wmiam H. and Ellaabeth (M'hixm) B.; 
ed. UnlTerslty of Texas, 18B8; Initi- 
ated b7 Texas Rho, March 1, 1897; at- 
tended Boston S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1B«0; mem. Maaona, Enl^t 
Tonplar, Shrine: mayor of Calvert, 
Texas, three terms; Counsel for the 
Bankws' Trust Co., Houston, Texas; 
m. Tallulah Prince Smith, April 27, 
1906. RMidence, 406 Westmoreland 
Are. Offlce, Duloa National Bank 
Bldg., Houston, Texas, 

BAKER, Horace Portaes, lawyer; b. 
MayriUe, N. T., April 16, 187S; e. 
George Albert and Julia (Hurlbnrt) 
B.; ed. Harvard nnlverslty, 1901; in- 
itiated by Massachusetts Gamma. 
Not. 27, 1897; eminent archon, record- 
er and treasurer, delegate Boston S. 

A. E. Nat'l convention, 1900, attended 
Washington S. A. B. Nat'l convention 
1902, alternate delegate to AtlanUc 
City convention, 1909, served aa pres- 
Unit Pittsbargh Alumni assoclaUon; 
brother of George A. Baker, Masssr 
chosetts Gamma; travels! in Europe. 
Address, 413 Wabash Bidg., Pitts- 
burgh, Penn. 

BAKER, Herbert Sumner, pnbUsher; 
b. Manchester. N. H., Dec. 2S, 1876; 

B. Edward and Martha J. B.; ed. 
Harvard University, 1902; mem. edi- 
torial board Harvard Illustrated Mag- 
asine 1900-01; initiated by Massa- 
chusetts Gaming March 18, 1899, 
eminent deputy archon, attended 
Boston S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 
1900. mem. staff of Bobbs-MerrlU 

Co., pabllshen; m. AUca L« SoUee 
Sanlord, Hay 81, 1906. Addrees, 84 
Unlou Square East, New Tork City. 

BAKER, Warren Vsrtion, editor; b. 
areensburg, Kan., July IS, 1889; a 
Warren and Elliabeth B.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Kansas: initiated by Kansas 
Alpha, March IS, 1908. Addresa, SOU 
Broadway, Great Bend, Kan. 

BAKER, William Hose, lawyer, may- 
or. Judge; b. Jacksonville, FlA, 
March 21, 1868; s. James and Fanny 
B. ; ed. Davidson CoUege, 1888, Wash- 
ington and Loe University; president 
Phi society, class salutatorian; Initi- 
ated by North Carolina Theta, 
Ja.n. 15, 1885, afflllated later with Vir- 
ginia Sigma, delegate Columbia B. A. 
G. Nat'tcouTentlon, 1887; county Judge 
at JEtchsonville, Fla., 1898-01, mem. and 
president ot clt7 council, 1901-07, may- 
or of Jacksonville, 1907; m. Kate Le 
Grand Graves, Feb. IS, 1896. Resi- 
dence 27 Lomaz St. Offlce, AUan- 
tlc Natfl Bank Bfdg, JacksonvlUe. 

BAKER, Osmsn Dais, University In- 
structor; b. PaoU, Wis., Jan. 4, 1885; 
B. E. D. and Llda (Ellaworth) B.; ed. 
Iowa State College, class presldwit; 
mem. Alpha Zeta, Bfgma Sigma so- 
cieties; miUated by Iowa Oamma, 
May 22, 1908, anlnent recorder, treae- 
urer ol Iowa Gamma association; in- 
structor in Animal Industry at the 
University of California. Addrees, 
Davis, Cat 

BALDWIN, Clarke E., lawyer; b. 
Canandaigua, Mich., Nov. 24, 1871; 
s. Edward C. and Marllda E. B.; ed. 
Adrian C<^ege; initiated by Michigan 
Alpha. Nov. 5, lS9t, later aflUlated 
with the Michigan lota-Beta; mem. 
the Michigan Constitutional conven- 
tion 1S07; m. Adella A. Wing, Nov. 
14, 1899. Addrees. Masonic Temple, 
Adrian, Mich. 

BALDWIN, George Clyde, civil engl- 
neeri b. Kinsman, O.. April 14, 1884; 
B. George and Emma (LeSuer) B.; 
ed. University ot Kansas, 1906; presi- 
dent ot the engineers, 1904-05; mom. 
Sigma XI; Initiated by Kansas Alpha 
1904; eminent archon, 1905-06; stew- 
ard; delegate Province Zeta con- 
vention, Lincoln, Neb., 1905; for 


four years was chief of party making 
the Alaskan Boundary survey, dis- 
trict engineer Idaho district, U. S. 
Geological survey; associate mem. 
American Society Civil Engineers; 
m. Helen Havens, Nov. 16, 1910. Ad- 
dress, 615 Idaho Bldg., Boise, Idaho. 

BALDWIN, Ralph Harvey, Insurance; 
b. Winnebago City, Minn., March 24, 
1882; s. George W. and Cynthia 
(King) B.; ed. University of Minne- 
sota, 1905; Initiated by Minnesota 
Alpha, Jan. 27, 1902 (charter mem), 
chairman of the province Delta 
convention committee, Minneapolis 
1904; delegate Memphis S. A E. 
Natl convention, 1904; m. Charlotte 
C. Whlted (deceased), June 6, 1908. 
Address, 933 Hawthorne Ave., Port- 
land, Ore. 

BALDWIN, William Frazler, student at 
University of Illinois; b. July 7, 1892; 
s. Archlbold S. and Martha (Frader) 
B.; ed. Vlri^la Military Institute, 
University of Illinois; Initiated by 
Virginia Theta, Oct 24, 1909, later 
affiliated with Illinois Beta. Address, 
1364 E. 49th St, Chicago, IlL 

BALL, Eustace Hale« author and pub- 
lisher; b. CkOUpolls, O., Nov. 4, 1881; 
s. George W. and (3ora <Bayea) B.; 
ed. University of Cincinnati, 1908, 
Harvard University, 1906; Initiated 
by Ohio Epsllon, Oct 24, 1900, later 
affiliated with Massachusetts Gamma, 
made the department head drawings 
for The Record; author of "The 
"Striker," a novel of American labor 
life, and of eighty-four Juvenile vol- 
umes, under various nommes de 
plume, founder of the College World 
Magazine, editor and publisher cC 
The Broadway Buzz Magazine. Ad- 
drees, 1440 Broadway, New York 

BALL, Roseoe Lawrenee^ tsimw; b. 
Toluca, IlL, Oct 11, 1884; s. (Jeorge 
and Maria B.; ed. Eureka College^ A 
B., University of Illinois, 1908; Ini- 
tiated by Illinois Beta, Oct, 1906, 
Eminent chaplain; traveled In Cuba 
and Mexico, school director; m. Lucy 
R. Burgess, March 21, 1911. Address, 
Toluca, ni. 

iALLARD, Jess. L^ lawyer; b. Echo, 
Ind. Ty., Jan. 11, 1889, s. Thomas 

and Elizabeth B.; ed. Cumberland 
University, 1909; fullback, varsity 
football team; initiated by Tennessee 
Lambda, Oct 16, 1908; eminent her- 
ald; youngest practicing attorney In 
Oklahoma. Address, Grove, Okla. 

BALLENGER, Edgar Garrison, phy- 
sician; b. Tryon, N. C, Nov. 20, 1877; 
s. Thomas T. and Anna (Garrison) 
B.; ed. Purman University, University 
of North Carolina, University of 
Maryland; Initiated by South Caro- 
lina Phi, Nov. 1895; brother of 
Claude W. Ballenger, South Carolina 
Phi; specialist in genlto-urlnary dis- 
eases; lecturer Atlanta School of 
Medicine; editor Atlanta Journal- 
Record of Medicine; president Fulton 
County Medical society; mem. staff 
Presbyterian hospital; mem. Ameri- 
can Medical association; Southern 
Nebraska association; Georgia Medi- 
cal society; mem. Atlanta Ath- 
letic club. Piedmont Driving club; 
traveled in England, France, Ger- 
many. Author, Genito-Urlnary dis- 
eases and Syphillis, 1908. Residence, 
128 MyrUe St Office, AUanta Nat'l 
Bank Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

BALLEW, William Murray, studlmt, b. 
Corydon, la., Nov. 1, 1891; s. Theo- 
dore C. and Ida (Laney) B.; student 
at Northwestern University; mem. 
Northwestern Dramatic club; initi- 
ated by IlUnols Psi-Omega, Oct 16, 
1910; eminent herald and chaplain. 
Address, Corydon, la. 

BALTHIS, Russell Forest, forest super- 
visor; b. Colfax, la., Nov. 1, 1880; a 
Isaac C. and Dora (Keffer) B.; ed. 
Iowa Stote College, 1907; right 
guard, football team, 1906; initiated 
by Iowa Gamma, Oct 21, 1905; alter- 
nate delegate Atlanta 8. A E. Nat'l 
convention, 1906; forest supervision, 
forest service, U. 8. department of 
Agriculture; m. Magdalena Kennedy, 
June 1, 1909. Address, care Forest 
Service, Cloudcroft N. M. 

BANKHEAD, John Hollls, Jr., lawyer; 
b. Lamar county, Ala., July 8, 1878; s 
U. S. Senator John H. Bankhead, Sr., 
and Tallula (Brockman) B.; ed. 
University of Alabama, 1891, presi- 
dent senior class; initiated by Ala- 
bama Mn, ApT\\ 1^, \%%%; msm^ k^ar 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

bama legislature, 1908; author, Ala- 
basia Blection Law; m. Muia Hae- 
kint, Dec. 26, 1894. Address, Jasper, 

BANKS, Strother Addleon, trust offi- 
cer; b. Henderson, Ky., Nov. 13, 
1879; s. David and Martha (Sebree) 
B.; ed. Cumberland Unlyerslty, 1898; 
Initiated by Tennessee Lambda, Sept 
9, 1897; brother of David Banks, Ken- 
tucky Kappa; an alumnus who has 
taken an active Interest In the fra- 
ternity; trust officer of the Union 
Bank and Trust Co. Address, 137 
Elm St, Henderson, Ky. 

BANKS, Willard AInsworth, student; 
b. Dec. 3, 1891; s. Louis A. and Jessie 
(Fremont) B.; attended Denver 
University; student at Ohio Wes- 
leyan University, varsity track team; 
initiated by Colorado Zeta, Oct 2, 
1909, now affiliated with Ohio Delta. 
Address, 449 N. Sandusky St, Dela- 
ware, Ohio. 

BARKER, Charles Clyde, prosecuting 
attorney; b. MerriUan, Wis., Sept 
15, 1880; s. Jerome L. and Sophia 
Agnes (Davis) B.; ed. University of 
Michigan, 1901; mem. Friar's club, 
class football team; Initiated by 
Michigan lotarBeta, Jan. 24, 1899; 
mem. law firm of Boyd (Michigan 
Alpha), and Barker, prosecuting at- 
torney, Grant county. City attorney 
of Alliance; mem. Elks. Address, 
Foster Bldg., Denver, (^lo. 

BARKER, Clare H., lawyer; b. Gran- 
ger, 0., May 13, 1876; s. William 
and Lelia (Hills) B.; ed. Ohio Wesle- 
yan, 1900; initiated by Ohio Delta, 
Jan. 20, 1898; m. Mary M. Burt Sept 
5, 1905. Address, Youngstown, Ohio. 

BARKER, Ervin J., lawyer; b. Cresco, 
la., June 2, 1888; s. Jeremiah and 
Ada (Upton) B.; ed. University of 
Iowa, 1906; class vice-president cm>- 
tain Iowa track team, 1905, high 
jump, Olympian games at St Louis, 
1904, record high Jump; initiated by 
Iowa Beta, Feb. 11, 1905 (charter 
mem.); delegate province Zeta 
convention, Lincoln, Neb., 1905; m. 
Alice M. Coward, June 9, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 410 Hyde Blk., Spokane, Wash. 

BARKER, Frank Philip Kendriok, den- 
tist University Instructor; b. Glad- 

wyne, Penn., April 14, 1884; s. Thom- 
as H. and Josephine (CU)nrad) B.; ed. 
University of Pennsylvania, College 
of Arts, 1907, dental department 
1907; editor of Pennsylvania Dental 
Journal; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Theta, Oct 21, 1908; eminent herald; 
instructor in dentistry in University 
of Pennsylvania, and in Temple Uni- 
versity; mem. DelU Sigma Delto; 
past officer in the following lodges: 
Sweedland lodge. No. 219, Knights 
of Pythias; Merlon lodge, No. 210, 
Odd Fellows; Cassia lodge. No. 278, 
Free and Accepted Masons; Junior 
Order Mechanics, 169, Delta Sigma 
Delta Prof. Fraternities. Residence, 
Gladwyne. Office, 905 Flanders Bldg., 
15th and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia, 

BARNARD, Virgil Gates, custodian of 
flies; b. AUanta, Ga.. Nov. 7, 1891; s. 
Judge George S. and Liaura (Dowl- 
ing) B.; student at the University of 
Alabama, clasb football, baseball, 
basketball, track: initiated by Ala- 
bama Mu, Sept 18, 1911; elected cus- 
todian of the Nat'l flies by the su- 
preme council, 1911. Address, Ozark, 

BARNETT, John Wheelwright^ b. 
Leominster, ESngland; s. John and 
Margaret (O'Shea) B.; ed. Univer- 
sity of California, 1911; cast ot 
Junior farce, cast of Senior extrava- 
ganza, cast of Skun and Keys plsy; 
mem. flnance committee senior week 
and committee senior records, mana- 
ger junior "informals," senior as- 
semblies committee; mem. SkuU and 
Keys; initiated by California Beta, 
Sept 7, 1907; eminent archon, depu- 
ty archon, herald, warden, treasurer; 
delegate to flrst convention of prov- 
ince Kappa; Kansas City S. A. E. 
Nan convention, 1910. Address, 2519 
Ridge Road, Berkeley, Cal. 

BARNQROVER, Walter John, student; 
b. 1888; s. J. E. and Maggie (Scrog- 
gie) B.; student at University of 
Iowa; initiated by Iowa Beta, Dec. 
10, 1910. Address, 400 N. Clinton 
St, Iowa City, la. 

BARNITZ, Edwin Elder, Uwyer; b. 
Carlisle, Penn., Dec. 8, 1887; s. J. Ed- 
win and Mary M. (Byster) B.; ed. 



Dtddnson College, 1909; mutager'lii- 
chlef Dickinson Law Review; inltl- 
Kted bT PennsrlvanU SlgDU-PU, 
June t, ISOB; eminent recorder; dele- 
gate province Beta convention State 
College. 1908: B. P. O. BlU. Ad- 
drau, 131 East Main St, Carlisle, 

BARNEY, WInfleld Supply, CoUege pro- 
fessor; b. Washington, N. H., Nov. IS, 
1S83; s. Bupplr aud Harr Jane (Thla- 
seU) B.; ed. Dartmouth, 1906; special 
honors, Pni7 modern language, prize 
la French, second Thajer prize In 
mathematics; salutatorlan. Magna 
,cum laude; Phi BeU Kappa; Initiated 
hj New Hampshire Alpha; studied at 
the University of Grenoble, France, 
1911; mem. University club of Gene- 
va, N. T.; assistant protessor ot 
Romance languages, Hobart College, 
William Smith College, Geneva, N. 
Y.; m. Hlnnle O. Dmry, Sept. 9, 1907. 
Address, 408 Pultner St., Geneva, N. 

BARR, Alfred Tennyaon, student, b. 
March 8, 1898; s, David C. and Julia 
(Murphy) B.; student at the Uni- 
versity of South Dakota; mem. var- 
sity football squad, class vice-presi- 
dent; InlUated by South Dakota 
Blgma, Nov. I, 1911. Addreai, BeUe 
B\>urche, S, D. 

BARR, Chariee James^ UlaiU|laiv; b. 
AurorsL, ni., Jan.. 1869; t. James G. 
and Sarah H. (Miller) B.; ed. Unl- 
ventty ot Michigan, 189S; Initiated 
by Michigan lota^Beta, Jan. U, 1S89 
(charter mem.); principal High 
School, Hancock, Hlch., 1S9M8, prin- 
cipal High School, Marinette. Wis., 
1S»»«0, New Tork State Library 
School, Albany, B. L. S., 190S, John 
Crerar Library, 1908-date; mem. City 
club. Residence, 816 Anhland Ave., 
River Forest, 111. Office, John Cre- 
rar Library, Chicago, 111. 

■ARR, Oeonia Dudley, Jr, student; b. 
Jane 1, 1887; a WiUlam H. D. and 
Blla Prances. (Smith) B.; student at 
at Stephen's CoUege; Initiated by 
New Tork Slgmn-Phi, March 4, 1910; 
eminent recorder. . Address, 7S Lex< 
ioCtoa Ave., Buffalo, N. T. 

BARRKLL, Oeerge Emaraen. dentist; 
b. Tort, He., Oct,, U, U71; s. Charles 

C. and Martha B.; ed. Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1900; initiated by Massachus- 
etts Gamma, June 11, 1896. Address, 
179 Newbury St, Boston, Mass. 
BARRETT, Dennis Barton, bank presi- 
dent; b. Calhoun, Ga., Oct 19, 1878; 
e. Joseph W. and Anue Laura, (John- 
BOD) B.; ed. Emory Collage, 1895; 
Initiated by Georgia Epsllon, Sept S9, 
1893; eminent recorder; president 
Wbltfleld Co. Fair association, treas- 
urer Dalton Chamber ot Commerce, 
bank president, trustee Dalton Fe- 
male College; mem. school board; m, 
Mary McCamy, June 1, 1898. Ad- 
dress, Dalton, Ga. 
BARRETT, LsRoy Carr, College profea- 
Bor; b. C^e Girardeau, Mo., March 
11. 1877; s. Thomas and Sophia 
(Muschany) B.; ed. Washington and 
Lee University, 1897; Phi Beta Kap- 
pa at Johns Hopkins, 1904; InlUated 
by Virginia Sigma, Oct 15. 1894; emi- 
nent archon; delegate St Louis S. 
A. E. Nat'I convention, 1896; prof- 
(eseor of Latin, Trinity College; 
editor of Kashmir Atharva Veda, 
Books I and II. Address, Trinity 
College, Hartford, Conn. 
SARflETT, Thomas C,, lawyer, lieuten- 
ant-governor; b. 1860; ed. University 
of the South; Initiated by Tennessee 
Omega, Aug. 30, 1881; on the 10th of 
June, 1884, he founded Texas Rho 
at the University of Texas, with Seth 
M. Morris, John I. Bonner, William 
A. Roberts, Tates Flannlgan and R. 
J. Folder aa charter members. Two 
years later he founded Louisiana 
Zeta at Thatcher Institute, Shreve- 
port, La. This chapter only lived 
two years. Elected to the Louisiana 
State Senate In 1896, serving until 
1910, when he became lieutenant-gov- 
ernor of Louisiana, m. Lilian Quarlea 
Ho II I ngs worth, 18S7. Address, Shreve- 
port. La. 
BARROW, Edward Robertson, analyti- 
cal imd consulting chemist; b. Port 
Allen, La., June 18, 1S78; s. Cordellus 
J. and Martha J. (Robertson) B.; ed. 
Louisiana State University, 1899; 
Initiated by Louisiana Epsilon, Jan. 
£1, 1897 (charter mem.); eminent 
correspondent; delegata ^a^^a,'GA 
coaventlon, NutnUiv, IWl', 4iA»o>uk 



Memphis 8. A. B. Nat'l convention, 
1904; president Memphis Alumni as- 
sociation, 1904; ofllcial chemist for 
the Memphis Merchants' EiZchange; 
mem. American Chemical society; 
m. Myrtelle Edmonds, June 28, 1905. 
Address, 121 South Court St, Mem- 
phis, Tenn. 

BARRY, John M., lawyer; b. Lynn, 
Mass., Oct 15, 1872; s. Richard P. 
and Mary A. B.; ed. Boston Unlver^ 
slty; initiated by Massachusetts Beta- 
Upsilon, Nov. 10, 1893; chairman of 
L3mn school board. Address, 343 
Union St, Lynn, Mass. 

BARTLEY, Donald A., student; b. Sept 
4, 1886; s. Sylvester and Alice (Sar- 
tor) B.; student at University of Indi- 
ana; initiated by Indiana Gamma; 
mem. Skelton club. Address, 614 
Fess Ave., Bloomington, Ind. 

BARTME8S, James William, mercan- 
tile; b. Tipplcanoe Ci^, June 23, 
1886; s. James T. and Mary B. (Rout- 
son) B.; ed. Cumberland University, 
1908; football eleven, 1904; honorary 
mem. Phllomathean society; mem. 
Carruthera society, athletic repre- 
sentative to faculty; initiated by Ten- 
nessee Lambda, Sept 8, 1904; emi- 
nent recorder and warden; hardware 
business; mem. Covington club. Ad- 
dress, 324 Walnut St, Covington, O. 

BARTON, George Allen, Jr., student; 
b. Jan. 29, 1891; s. George A. and Pe- 
mala (Harrison) B.; student at the 
University of Missouri; mem. varsity 
football team; Initiated by Missouri 
Alpha, Sept 24, 1910. Address, 2624 
Troost St, Kansas City, Mo. 

BARTON, Jeese B^ Jr., telephone engi- 
neer; ed. University of Wisconsin; 
mem. Monastic society; initiated by 
Wisconsin Alpha, 1908, eminent 
archon; telephone engineer with the 
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. 
Address, 1825 S. Pacific Ave., Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

BARTON, William W., mercantile; b. 
iCansas City, Mo., Jan. 27, 1890; s. 
William and Fannie A (Waddell) B.; 
ed. University of Missouri; Univer- 
sity tennis team; Initiated by Mis- 
souri Alpha, Sept, 1908; attended 
iCansas City S. A. B. Nat'l conven- 
tioo, 2910; with the Barton Bros. 

Shoe Co. Address, 3310 Harrison St, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

BARTLETT, Theodore Russell, realty; 
b. Chicago, 111., March 3, 1882; s. 
Theodore A. and LlUeas J. (Fergn- 
sin) B.; ed. University of Michigan, 
1903, LL. B.; iniUated by Michigan 
Iota-Beta, Oct 26, 1900, eminent 
archon and treasurer, secretary of 
province Delta, 1902-04; treasurer of 
the Kansas City Alumni fund for the 
Nat'l convention of 1910; real estate; 
m. Wlnnifred Patton, June 26, 1907. 
Address, 212 Commerce Bldg., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

BATES, John Thaxter, College profes- 
sor; b. Calais, Me., Oct 10, 1883; s. 
John D. and Mary E. B.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Maine, 1907; president Uni- 
versity Washington county club, 
class treasurer; initiated by Maine 
Alpha, Feb. 18, 1905; eminent archon, 
correspondent steward, president 
Maine Alpha corporation; delegate 
to province Alpha convention, 1906; 
assistant professor of Mechanical 
engineering at Iowa State College. 
Address, 604 Douglas Ave., Ames, Ia» 

BATTLES, Charles Edwin, city physi- 
cian; b. East Cleveland, O., March 11, 
1877; s. O. T. and Sobra B.; ed. Mt. 
Union College, 1898, Greek orator; 
initiated by Ohio Sigma, April 20, 
1896, eminent archon; city physician 
for Cleveland, Ohio; m. Caroline M. 
Davis, Aug. 5, 1903. Address, 8084 
W. 26th St, Cleveland, Ohio. 

BAUGH, Neville Richmond, Philippine 
educator; b. Ceylon, India, June 21, 
1876; s. Rev. George and Harriet B.; 
ed. University of California, 1899; 
principal Bulacan Trade School at 
Malolos, Bulacan province, Philip- 
pine Islands; m. first, Josephine 
Barry (deceased), 1898, second. Pilar 
de la Hoz. Address, Malolos, P. L 

BAXTER, Harry, mechanical engineer; 
b. Murdoch, 111., Oct 10, 1885; s. M. 
and Carrie (Jones) B.; ed. Milliken 
University, 1909; baseball team; ini- 
tiated by niinois Delta, Jan. 14, 1911, 
(charter mem.); mem. Masonic 
order; m. Faye B. Long. Address, 
Newman, IlL 

BAYLOR, CurUs Ellsworth, bank pres- 
ident; b. St Davids'. Bl., Oct 18, 1873; 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


8. George T. and Mary Jane (Qhryockj 
B.; ed. Adrain College and Univeraity 
of Michigan; initiated by Michigan 
Alpha, Jan. 11, 1893; president of the 
State Bank of Cuba; nL Caroline 
Hanna Scott, Aug. 9, 1911. Address, 
Cuba, m. 

BEACH, Sylvester Judd, physician; b. 
Dedham, Mass., April 7, 1879; s. 
Seth Curtis and Francis (Hall) B.; 
ed. Harvard University, 1901; ini- 
tiated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
Dec. 3, 1893; attended Boston S. A. 

E. Natl convention, 1900; president 
province Alpha, 1904; mem. Aescula- 
pian club, Boston; physician, speci- 
alist, eye, ear, nose and throat; m. 
Louise Harris, of Portland, Me., Oct. 
7, 1909. Residence, 20 Myrtle St 
Office, 283 Water St, Augusta, Me. 

BEALL, John Collier, civil engineer; 
b. Atlanta, Ga., Sept 9, 1899; s. 
Arthur C. and Lillian (Collier) B.; 
ed. at Georgia School of Technology, 
1911; initiated by (Georgia Phi, April, 
1908. Address, 663 Piedmont Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

BEAR, Herbert Keller, chemist; b. Phil- 
adelphia. April 1, 1887; s. Benjamin 

F. Bear; ed. Pennsylvania State Col- 
lege, 1911; associate editor, "La 
Vie," 1911; mem. Thespians, Glee 
club, junior promenade committee, 
sophomore banquet committee, Phar- 
sonisus, choir; initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania AlphSrZeta, Oct 8, 1908; emi- 
nent archon, correspondent, herald; 
attended Atlantic City S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, 1909; chief chemist Edi- 
son Illuminating Co., Detroit Mich.; 
mem. American Chemical society. 
Address, 312 Vinewood Ave., Detroit, 

BEARCE, Henry W., physician; b. Heb- 
ron, Me., Oct 5, 1881; s. Herrick M. 
and Mary J. B.; ed. University of 
Maine, 1906; varsity track team, 
senior class prophet; mem. Bowl and 
Ladle club; initiated by Maine 
Alpha, Oct. 4, 1902; eminent deputy 
archon and recorder; author of tech- 
nical papers on the density and 
thermal expansion of liquids; assist- 
ant physician of the U. S. govern- 
ment bureau of standards; mem. 
Philosophical society of Washing- 

ton; m. Kate E. Merrill, Dec. 1, 1907. 
Address, care Bureau of Standards, 
Washington, D. C. 

BEARD, Archibald Hlldreth, student; 
b. Pueblo, Colo., May 13, 1890; s. John 
H. and Catherine (Morris) . B.; ed. 
University of Kansas, 1910; mem. Nu 
Sigma Nu Medical fraternity; initi- 
ated by Kansas Alpha, March 12, 
1908, eminent recorder, warden; stu- 
dent now at Harvard Medical School; 
mem. Innominate club; Masonic or- 
der. Address, 291 Brookline Ave., 
Boston, Mass. 

BEARD, Robert Briggs, student; b. Oct 
22, 1889; s. J. S. and Ida (Wiley) B.; 
ed. University of Alabama, 1909, B. 
S., and at present a student in medi- 
cal department of Tulane University; 
mem. Phi Chi; initiated by Alabama 
Mu, Oct 1912, now affiliated with 
Louisiana Tau-Upsilon; brother of 
F. S. Beard, Alabama Mu (deceased). 
Address, 332 N. Three Notch St, 
Troy, Ala. 

BEARDSLEY, Orsamus Drake, manu- 
facturer; b. Freedom, Ohio, Sept. 7, 
1874; s. Byron Paine and Orsula 
(Drake) B.; ed. Ohio State Univer- 
sity, 1898; initiated by Ohio Theta, 
Nov. 10, 1894, eminent archon; dele- 
gate province Delta convention, 1896, 
Ann Arbor, Mich.; past president of 
the Chicago Alumni association of 
S. A. E.; thirty-second degree Mason; 
manufacturer of steel; m. Jessie 
Sykes, Nov. 6, 1900. Address, 930 W. 
19th St., Chicago, 111. 

BEASLEY, Cecil A., lawyer, b. Dec. 20, 
1876; s. Ww L. and Sarah F. (Howell) 
B.; ed. Alabama State Normal Col- 
lege, 1896, University of Alabama, 
1900; winner William J. Bryan medal 
at the University of Alabama for 
best essay on the science of govern- 
ment; state senator of Alabama and 
private secretary to U. S. Senator J. 
H. Bankhead; mem. royal arch Ma- 
sons, Odd Fellows, Red Men, K. of P. ; 
mem. law firm of Beasley and Wright; 
m. Louise Robertson, Jan. 18, 1910. 
Address, Fayette, Ala. 

BEAVER, Charles W. student; b. Feb. 
16, 1893; 8. Thomas K. and Fannie 
(Seiber) B.; student at Gettysburg 
College; varsity basebslU sAhlAtl^^ 


editor of GflttTBtrarsUn: InltlKtod by 
PenniylTUiia Delta, J&n. 6, 1910. Ad- 
droM, Academia, Penn. 
BECKHAM, John Crcppi WIckllfTa, 
lawyer, former gOTemor: b. Wlckland, 
Ky., Auk. G. 186S; ■. WUUam N0Uiei> 
toa and Julia Terls (WlcUUfe) B.; 
biB mother was the daughter of 
Charles A WlcUlffe, a Koremor of 
Kr., hla matanuJ uncle waa Robert 
Wlcklttfe, a gorernor of Louisiana, 
and his father (I839-82), a lawyer and 
legislator; ed. Central UnlTersltr, 
1S88; Initiated by Kentucky Kappa, 
Sept 16, I8S4. In September, 1888, 
he was appointed principal of the 
BardBtown public S'chooL He re- 
■igned Us princlpalship In 1893, 
and opened a law ofllce. On August 
6, 1893, the day he became eligible, he 
was nominated for the Kentucky leg- 
islature ou the democratic ticket, and 
was elected without opposition. In 
1895, he declined renomluaUon. In 
January, 1896, the death of his suc- 
cessor, Isaac, brought his name again 
to the front, and he waa nominated 
and elected at the special election. 
Feb. 1. He was renominated and 
elected without oppoalUon, and In the 
session of 1898 no opposition was 
given to his selection as speaker of 
the house. In 1S99 he was nominated 
for lieutenant governor of Kentucky 
on the ticket with William Ooebel. 
After the balloting the contest waa 
carried before the general asiembly 
and on Feb. 1, 1900 the contest was 
decided in favor of Goebel and Beck- 
ham. Upon the death of Oov. Goebel, 
on Feb. 3, Beckham became governor 
to serve until the following regular 
election, but before that time he waa 
nominated as the Democratic candi- 
date, July 20, 1900, and on Nov. 6, 
was elected to fill out the term ending 
Dec. 1908. At the state Democratic pri- 
mary held Hay 9, 1908, be was nom- 
inated without opposition to be the 
Democratic candidate for governor for 
* the full term of four years, beginning 
Dec. 8, 1903, and waa elected by 26,350 
majority. The principal accompllsb- 
ments of bis administration of eight 
years were the restoration of peace I 
and gulet from tbe turbulent and ' 

chaotic condition which existed In the 
state at the time of Gov. Qoebel's at- 
aaaalnaUon; Uie complete rehablllta- 
Uon of the state's finances and credit, 
and the payment of the entire state 
debt, one mllUon dollars bonded debt 
being paid before It was due. the col- 
lection of tbe neglected civil war 
and Spanish war claims against tbe 
Federal Oovemmeut, amponUng to 
about |I,S00,00D; the great improve- 
ment ia the public institutions ol 
the state and the establishment ol 
new institutions; the advance and 
progress in the schools and the cause 
of education, including tbe extension 
of the State University and the estab- 
lishment of tbe Normal Schools; the 
building of the new State Ca^iltol; and 
the accomplishment of all these and 
other improvements without an in- 
crease In the tax rata or borrowing 
a dollar. During his administration 
he waa also instrumental in the pas- 
sage of a county Unit law and other 
temperance measures under which 
tbe "dry" territory of Kentucky was 
extended to about one hundred of the 
one hundred and nineteen counties of 
the state, and In the enforcement of 
the laws for the Sunday closing of 
ealoone. In 1906, he was nominated in 
the Democratic State primary as the 
candidate for the U. S. Senate, but 
was defeated In the General Assembly 
of 1908, by W. O. Bradley, tbe Repub- 
lican nominee, four Democratic mem- 
bers having bolted, and voted for 
Bradley. He returned to the practice 
of law In Frankfort, Ky., as a member 
of the firm of McQuown ft Beckham, 
and In 1909, became the editor of the 
Kentucky Btate Journal, while con- 

. tinulng his law practice, but retired 
from the newspaper work in 1911, to 
devote his entire time to his law 
practice; m. Jean Raphael Fuqua. 
Address, Frankfort, Ky. 

iBEEDY, Louis Samuel, lawyer; b. Stan- 
ley. B. C. Feb. 22. 1873; s. Joslah 
Crosby and Laura M. (Dlndhard) B.; 
ed Leland Stanford University. 1S9S; 
Initiated by California Alpha, Oct. 21, 
1893; eminent archon and correspon- 
dent; first president of province Kap- 
pa; president of the San Fran- 


daco Alumni aasocUtlon ot B. A. B.; 
bioUier Of WImlov B««dr. CaUfornla 
Alpha; m. Mabel El Hotmer, June 
tt. 1908. Addreis, 310 Sansome 8t^ 
San FTaaclsco, CaL 
EEOLE, Claudloue Franela, student; 
b. Sept 21, 1889; ■. Francis and Uarj 
(Corle) B.; student at Gett^iburg Cot 
lege; captain varsl^ football team, 
TanltT basketball team. Addrees, R. 
V. D. 2, Everett, Penn. 
EEM, Perry Lewla, student: b. Oct 4, 
1891; a L. C. and Hargaret (Graham) 
B.; student at Adrian College; end 
football team, captain basketball, 
class treasurer; Initiated by Mlctal- 
gan Alpha, Feb. 1, 1908. Address, 
Rlchwood, Ohio. 

ELKNAP, Harry T., Insurance; b. Per- 
TT, O., Oct 26, 1886; s. B. 8. and Anna 
(Tyler) B.; ed. Oblo State UnlTerelt7. 
1908; mem. Pbl Delta Phi; initiated 
by Ohio Theta, March 18, 1906, emi- 
nent archon, delegate to province 
Delta conrentlon at Deleware, Oblo, 
1908; mem. Masonic order; surety 
bond business and insurance. Real- 
dence, 492 K 105th St; Office, 801 
Park Bldg., Cleveland, O. 
ELKNAP, John Gordon, Insurance; b. 
Perry, O., Jan. 29, 1S84; a. E. S. and 
Anna O. B.; ed. Ohio Sute nniver- 
slty, 1907; Initiated by Ohio Theta, 
March 18, 1905, eminent archon, dele- 
gate Atlanta S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1906; trustee and chairman of 
finance committee in connection with 
the securing of a permanent home 
for Ohio Theta, which has been oc- 
cnpted by the chapter since Oct 1, 
1911; brother of Harry T. Belknap, 
Ohio Theta; district manager of 
Continental Casualty Co.; m. Marguer- 
ite Lisle, June 16, 1911. Residence, 
224 W. 10th Ave.; office. 21-22 Mar- 
setU Bldg., Columbus, O. 
ELKNAP, Robert Brown, student; b. 
Nlles, Hlch.. Dec. 81, 1889; ed. Dart- 
mouth, 1912; manager Freshman 
baaeball team; Initiated by Nev 
Hampshire Alpha, Dec. 4, 1908; emi- 
nent arcbon and treasurer; dele- 
gate province convention at Wtffces- 
ter, Haas. Address, 164 Bmnson 
Ave., Benton Harbor, Hicb. 
ELL, Frank Fraderiok, engineer; b. 

Fblladelpbia, Penn., Sept 26, 1S88; a. 
Frank F. and Helen G. (Bdwaida) 
B.; ed. Haasacbuaetta Institute of 
Technology, 1910; treaaurer year 
book; varsity track squad, class fotrt- 
ball, first marahall at grsidnatlon ex- 
ercises, class representative Institute 
and executive committee of Institute; 
mem. O. 8.; R.; S.; Initiated by Mas- 
sachusettB lota-Tau, Oct 15, 1906, 
eminent archon, deputy archon and 
treasurer; traveled In Europe and 
Hawaiian Islands; with the Portland 
Railway Light and Power Co., en- 
gaged In construction ot EMacada 
dam, at Portland, Oregon. Addresa, 
Bristol, Penn. 

BELL, Urban RsdclilTe, lecturer on 
drama; b. Versailles, 111., March 14, 
1911; a J. R. and Lota O. (Chene- 
worth) B.; ed. Drake University, Mll- 
llkln University, 1912; captain win- 
ning debating team, 1911; winner In- 
ter-society oratorical contest; presi- 
dent dramaUc club; iniUated by IIU- 
nols Delta, Jan. 14, 1911, (charter 
member) ; eminent archon and re- 
corder; mem. "Drama League ot 
America," lecturer on lyceum and 
Chautauqua platforms. Address, 167 
N. Falrvlew Ave., Decatur, 111. 

BELL, William Lewis, mercantile; b. 
Cleveland, O., Oct 29, 1884; a. David 
and Jennie A. (WllUam) B.; ed. Caae 
School of Applied Science, 1906; mai^ 
shal athletic association, manager 
football team; InlUated by Ohio Rho, 
(charter mem.); traveled In Europe, 
spent one year In London In vocal 
study; mem. Singers club of Cleve- 
land; cashier Bell Oannent Co. Ad- 
dress, 1S63 E. SlBt 8t, Cleveland, 

BELLAMY, Marsden, lawyer, county at 
tomey; b. Wilmington, N. C, Dec. 4, 
1S7S; s. Marsden and Harriet H. B.; 
ed. TTnlverstty of North Carolina, 
1899; edltor-in-chfef Tar Heel; Phi 
Beta Kappa, Gordon's Head; Initiated 
by North Carolina XI, Oct, 1S96; 
tvother of John D. Bellamy, Jr., 
North Carolina XI and Dr. R. H. Bel- 
lamy, North Carolina XI; city attor- 
ney, 1905-1909, county attorney, 1909- 
— , chairman Democratic cous^ exe- 
cutive committee', \»uU«e \:& \k« 


practlca with bit brother, John D. 
Bellamr, Jr.: m, 8u« Chtnc, Nor. 14, 
IBOe. AdroM, ^^aimlnston. N. C. 
BELLAMY, RutMll, dUgnosUdui UHl 
■urgeon; b. WllmlngtoD. N. C, rob. IS, 
1871; B. Dr. W. J. H. and Kmxj (Roa- 
aell) B.; ed. UniTenltr ol North Car- 
oUna, 1891, uid DarldMn CoUege; 
captain football team and prwldent 
athleUo ^latr, Davidaon Colloga; 
initiated by North Garotlna XI. S«pt 
1887, later afflUated with North Caro- 
lina Tbeta; delegate dwrlotta^ North 
Carolina province convention, 1889; 
mem. ot reception committee to Pres- 
ident HcKinler at the reception t«i- 
dered br New York S, A. B, Alumni 
aasoclatlon, 18SG; received llret prlie 
North Carolina SUte Medical Board, 
1891. He was Srat prise Interne 
at BeUevue Hoepltal. New Tork 
Citr, from 1S9S ta 1894; at the General 
Hoepltal, Vienna, and Berne, Bwltaer' 
land, with Prof. Theodor Kocber, aur- 
glcal clinic, in 189G and 1896; In- 
■tructor In New York TTnlvwalty 
Hedlcal Departmwit from 1895 to 
1898; In ComeU Dniveraltr Medici 
Department from 1898 to 1906; ae- 
aletant in clinical dlagnoaia to the late 
Prof. A. L. Loomia, attending pbjai* 
cl&n BeUevue Hospital Diapenaary: 
asalatant surgical clinic to the House 
of Relief with Prof. L. A Stlmion, 
■even reara; aealatant to Prof. John 
A. Wyeth's clinic (surgery) at the 
New York Polyclinic HoapltaL Dr. 
Bellamy was the originator and or- 
ganizer of the Manhattan Uatemlty 
Hospital and Emergency Surgical 
Tent Stations for out-lying city parks 
and ambulance stations New York 
City. He has alao practiced seven 
eummers at Newport, R. I.; waa 
captain and assistant surgeon of 
Squadron A. New York CaviOry. He 
acted with this company as apecisl 
escort to President Theodore Roose- 
velt on hla inauguration, March 4, 
1905, and previous as Qovemor of New 
Tork State in 1899, and as vlce-pr«ei- 
dent In 1901. He spent one year 
) in the Rocky Mountain region, from 
Manitoba to Mexico, and Is a 
big game sportaman and txplot- 
er, and la the author of aeveral 

scientific cllmatogical and magaiina 
articles. Volunteered for Spanish- 
American war. New York Cavalry. 
MdUL Cornell University club, the 
Deutsche Btudenten: author, "TwMity 
Years in Sui^ery and Medicine," con- 
taining original articles on Delirium 
Tremens, Tuberculosis, Fractures, Ty- 
phoid Fever and Constructive Sur- 
gery; m. Constance Trenholm, a 
daughter of the lata Hon. WlUism L. 
Trenholm (comptroller of tbe Cur- 
reacy of the United Statea, an author 
and prominent financier), and a graad- 
daughter of the late George Alfred 
Trenholm, who was Secretary ot the 
Treasury of the Confederate States of 
America. Address, N. Srd SL, WU- 
mlngton, N. C. 

BENDER, Jehn Rhalnhold, university 
professor; b. Button, Neb., May 14, 
1KS2; s. Jacob and Blugenle (Rice) B.; 
ed. University of Nebraaka St Louia 
Institute of Law, 1912; captain foot- 
ball and baseball tesms, track squad, 
mem. athletic board master of care- 
monies Junior prom.; initiated by Ne- 
braska Lambda-Pi; director athletics 
and professor of physical education 
at St. Louis University; M. A. In Oar- 
man from Washington State College, 
L. L. B. from the St. Louis Institute 
o! Law; m. Pearl J. CasseU, Sept. 16, 
1909. Address, care St. Louis Univer- 
sity, St Louis, Mo. 

BENEDICT, Harry Yandell, univeralty 
professor; b. Louisville, Ky., Nov, 14, 
ISSS; B. Joseph and Adele (Petera) 
B.; ed. University of Texas, 1892, 
Harvard, 1898: Phi Beta Kappa, First 
Honor; initiated by Texaa Rho, Oct 
l8Sg. Uter afiUlated with Hasaa^ 
chusetts Gamma; Dean of College of 
Arts and professor (rf applied HiUhe- 
matlcs. University of Texaa; Ameri- 
can Mathematics society, S. P. B. B., 
Fellow A. A. A. S., president 
Texas Academy of Science, PIl D. 
Harvard 1S9S, author of a text book 
now in print: m. Ada Stone, June 27, 
1909. Address, University Ave., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

BENNET, Jr., George Waahington, law- 
yer; b. Providence, R. L, April IS, 
1877; s. George W. and Mary B. (Hor 
ton) B.; ed. Boston University, 1903; 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


initiated hj Massachusetts Beta-Up- 
silon, March 16, 1901. Address, 14 
Jenkins 8t, ProYidence, R. L 

BENNETT, Albert George Branwell, 
student; b. Feb. 24, 1886; s. Edmonds 
and Janie (Martyn) B.; student at 
University of the South, yarsity foot- 
ball team; initiated by Tennessee 
Omega, April 10, 1906. Address, 
Trinity Rectory, Mobile, Ala. 

BENNETT, Herbert H^ mercantUe; b. 
Camden, N. J., Jan. 22, 1888; s. 
Benj. F. and Ldlian M. B.; ed. Mas- 
sachusetts Institute of Technology, 
1909; class football; initiated by Mas- 
sachusetts lota-Tau, Nov. 24, 1905; 
eminent treasurer, warden and her- 
ald; delegate Natl convention at At- 
lantic City, 1909, chairman DeVotie 
Memprial Hall committee, Atlantic 
City, acting secretary province Alpha 
convention at Wbrcester, 1910, charge 
of Aubumdale which was attended 
by Supreme Council; engaged in wool 
business, a Mason, Grecian lodge, 
Lawrence, Mass. Address, 869 Bea- 
con St, Boston, Mass. 

BENNETT, Wallace Cherrington, mer- 
cantile; b. Worcester Mass., Jan. 24, 
1887; s. George W. and Claudine Eliza- 
beth B.; ed Harvard University, 1908; 
captain gymnastic team, won inter- 
collegiate club swinging contest, 
1907; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, BCarch 22, 1907; steward; 
secretary Boston Alumni association 

5. A. E.; investigator of Dartmouth lo- 
cal (see p. 405, VoL 3 S. A. E. His- 
tory); m. Lois E. Williams, Aug. 16, 
1910. Address, 174 Arlington St, 
Wollaston, Mass. 

BENNINGHOFF, Harvey Baxter, edu- 
cator; b. near Titusville, Peim., April 
8, 1894; 8. Louis Nelson and Mary 
(McClintock) B.; ed. Franklin Col- 
lege, 1901, University of Chicago, 
1907; initiated by Indiana Alpha, Nov. 

6, 1896; Superintendent Mandalay 
High School, 1908-04, president Dun- 
can Academy Tokyo; professor of 
Philosophy of Religion, Waseda Uni- 
versity, Tokyo; mem. of Asiatic 
Bocle6^ of Japan; m. Trottee 
Merrell, March 14, 1901. Address, 91 
Ben Tencho, Ushigome, Tokyo, Japan. 

BENSON, John Cabot, student; b. Feb. 

27, 1890; s. John Wesley and Harriet 
Mary (Cabot) B.; ed. University of 
Wisconsin and University Jof Min- 
nesota, 1912; Wisconsin football 
team, 1910; initiated by Minnesota 
Alpha, Nov. 21, 1911; brother Paul 
Benson, Minnesota Alpha. Address, 
Heron Lake, Minn. 

BENT, Roger Kane, student; b. May 20, 
1891; s. Samuel Adams and Sallie EL 
B.; student at University of Denver; 
initiated by Colorado Zeta, Oct 24, 
1911. Address, 1407 St Paul St, Den- 
ver, Colo. 

BERCKMANS, Robert Craig, horticul- 
turist and orchardist; b. Augusta, Ga., 
July, 1863; s. Prosper J. and Mary 
(Craig) B:; ed. University of Geor- 
gia, 1882; First Lieutenant University 
Cadets; initiated by Georgia Beta, 
Sept 1880; brother of P. J. Alfonso 
Berckmans, Geori^a Beta; former 
president American association of 
Nursenrmen, president of Southern 
nurserymen association and Georgia 
State Horticulturist society; mem. 
State Board Ehitomology, traveled ex- 
tensively in Europe and other coun- 
tries, retired officer Georgia National 
Guard (cavalry); m. Caroline Home, 
April 1905. Address, Augusta, Ga. 

BERKELEY, Alfred Rives, clergyman; 
b. Jackson, Tenn., Sept 2, 1880; s. 
Edmond and Julia (Ramsey) B.; ed. 
University of North Carolina, 1900; 
president athletic association, editor 
and business manager of magazine; 
initiated by North Carolina Xi, Oct 1, 
1897; eminent archon, delegate S. A. 
E. Nat'l conventions at Nashville, 
1898, Boston, 1900; attended Atlanta 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 1906; dele- 
gate province conventions at Char- 
lotte, Washington, Winston-Salem; 
president Gamma province, 1903-07; 
Episcopal clergyman, delegate to 
triennial convention of Episcopal 
church; m. Sarah Bernard Manning, 
Dec. 11, 1907. Address, 2631 Wharton 
St., Philadelphia, Penn. 

BERKLEY, Howard U student; b. July 
30, 1887; s. J. Harry and Anna Mar- 
garet (Thomas) B.; ed. Pennsylvania 
State College, 1913; initiated by Penn- 
sylvania Alpha-Zeto, Oct 21, 1911. 
Address, Partang, P«aii. 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

BIG K EL, Aekertp engineer; b. Greentop, 
Mo., Jan. 18, 1881; b. Albert and Laura 
(Gatlin) B.; ed. Uniyeraitj of Arkan- 
sas, 1902; initiated by Arkansas 
Alpha-Upsilon; president Commercial 
Construction Co., mem. Engineer's 
club, Mason; m. Bffle Jones, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 514 Reliance Bldg., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

BIDWELU Harold Ward, student; b. 
March 24, 1893; s. George L. and 
Leonora E. (Walker) B.; student at 
Worcester Pol3rtechnic Institute, 
class treasurer; initiated by Massa- 
chusetts Delta, Oct 6, 1911. Address, 
26 Lenox St, Hartford, Conn. 

BIDWELU Raymond Austin, lawyer; b. 
Springfield, Mass., March 11, 1876; s. 
James Franklin and Frostine V. 
(Brown) B.; ed. Harvard University, 
1899; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, 1897, delegate to province 
conventions; city prosecuting attor- 
ney, American Economic association. 
Board of Corporators of Springfield 
hospital, executive committee of the 
Springfield association for the pre- 
vention of Tuberculosis; m. Bertha 
D. Upham, April 19, 1905. Address, 
85 Avon Place, Springfield, Mass. 

BIGGERS, John D., commercial secre- 
tary; b. St Louis, Mo., Dec. 19, 1888; 
s. W. D. and Emma M. B.; ed. Wash- 
ington University and University of 
Michigan, 1909; treasurer, baseball 
manager, class track and baseball 
teams; mem. of Druids, Lock and 
Chain, Oblis, Junior Hop committee; 
initiated by Missouri Beta, later affili- 
ated with Michigan Iota-Beta; emi- 
nent archon, treasurer, correspondent 
and recorder; delegate province 
convention at Delaware, Ohio, 1908; 
president Detroit Alumni association; 
secretary Toledo Board of Com- 
merce; editor. The Detroiter. Ad- 
dress, Toledo, Ohio. 

BILLS, Benjamin Franklin, student; b. 
Geneseo, 111., June 10, 1908; s. Clar- 
ence M. and Celia M. B.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Chicago, 1912; literary editor 
Cap and Gown, reporter Daily Ma- 
roon, winner Junior Extemporaneous 
Speaking Contests, Associate Title 
Speech, Hammer Acceptance 
Speech; initiated by Illinois Theta, 

Jan. 10, 1908; emlnmit archon, treas- 
urer and chronicler. Address, 228 W. 
Paul St, Geneseo, lU. 

BINGHAM, Miles Franklin, student; b. 
Aug. 31, 1892; s. Edward Todd and 
Stella (Miles) B. ;ed. George Washing- 
ton Universi^, 1918; assistant mana- 
ger track, mem. student advisory conb 
mittee on athletics; initiated by 
Washington aty Rho, Nov. 19, 1910. 
Address, Columbus, Ohio. 

BIRD, Harry MofTat, insurance; b. Sau- 
gatuck, Mich., June 28, 1877; s. 
Charles E. and Harriet L. B.; ed. Pur- 
due University, 1900; class secretary, 
class football, mem. Carlyle Literary 
society; initiated by Indiana Beta, 
1898; later affiliated with Michigan 
lotarBeta; eminent recorder, started 
movement for acquisition of present 
house Michigan lotarBeta; successive- 
ly clerk, alderman, president village 
beard. Mason; m. E<stelle Putman, 
Aug. 12, 1904. Address, Saugatuck, 

BI8COE, John E., lawyer; b. Washing- 
ton, D. C, May, 21, 1884; s. Henry L. 
and Annie (Earl) B.; ed. Virginia MU- 
itary Institute, 1904; George Wash- 
ington University Law School; initi- 
ated by Virginia Theta, later affiliated 
with Washington City Rho; eminent 
chronicler. Address, 1106 bth Ave., 
Huntington, W. Va. 

BISHOP, Charles McTyelre, university 
president; b. Jefferson, N. C, Feb. 2, 
1862; s. B. W. S. and Julia A. B.; ed. 
Emory and Henry College, 1884, de- 
bater's medal* Junior president of 
CalliQpean society; editor Claxion; 
valedictorian of Calliopean society; 
initiated by Virginia Pi, April 26, 
1884; eminent archon, brother of Prof. 
D. H. Bishop, Tennessee Nu; minister 
Methodist Episcopal church. South, 
president Southwestern University, 
(Georgetown, Texas; Cole Lecturer 
Vanderbilt University, 1909; author: 
"Jesus, The Worker;" traveled in 
Europe, 1900; m. Phoebe Eleanor 
Jones, June 3, 1889. Address, George- 
town, Texas. 

BISHOP, David Horace, university pro- 
fessor; b. Newborn, Va., 1870; s .B. W. 
S. and Julia A. B.; ed. Emory and 
Henry College, 1891, Vanderbilt Unl- 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


versity, 1897; president graduate club 
Vanderbilt; initiated by Tennessee 
Nu, Nov. 16, 1896; brother of Presi- 
dent C. M. Bishop, Virginia Pi; profes- 
sor of English, University of Missis- 
sippi; traveled in Ehirope, contributor 
to periodicals. Address, University 
of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss. 

BISHOP, Harold Elwell, student; b. 
Aug. 23, 1889; s. C. I. and Elwell A. 
B.; student at Syracuse University; 
executive committee, double seven, 
honorary chemistry, baseball, assists 
ant in chemistry and in minerology, 
vice-president and secretary Chemi- 
cal club; initiated by New York 
Delta, Nov. 6, 1908. Address, 83 
College St, Montpeller, Vt 

BI8LAND, John B^ student; b. Banna, 
La., May 9, 1889; s. Mr. and Mrs. J. 
B. B.; ed. Louisiana University, Colo- 
rado School of Mines; initiated by 
Louisiana Epsilon; later affllated with 
Colorado Lambda; student in min« 
ing engineering. Address, S. A. E. 
House, Golden, Colo. 

BI8SET, Guy Aloyslus, naval con- 
structor; b. Harrodsburg, Ky., Aug. 
23, 1877; 8. David Aloyslus and Mat- 
tie Belle (Overstreet) B.; ed. Cen- 
tral University, 1899; U. S. Naval 
Academy; football Central University 
and Naval Academy; second in grad- 
uating class Naval Academy; head of 
class in mathematics; initiated by 
Kentucky Kappa, 1894; naval con- 
structor U. S. Navy; mem. society of 
Naval Architects and Marine Engin- 
eers; post graduate course naval arch- 
itecture at Universi^ of Glasgow and 
Royal Technical University, Berlin; 
m. Harriet Echols Caperton, Oct 22, 
1902. Address, 241 McKee Place, 
Pittsburgh, Penn. 

BLACK, Arthur Q., lawyer, Judge; ed. 
University of Missouri, Washington 
University Law School, Harvard Law 
School; initiated by Missouri Alpha,' 
Oct 1, 1898, later affiliated with Mas- 
sachusetts Gamma; Judge circuit 
court; envoy to Morocco on civil 
criminal code; m. Adele Overall, 
1907. Address, Commerce Bldg., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

BLACK, Robert Adair, lawyer; b. Ham- 
ilton, Canada, June 1, 1882; s. Rob- 

% ert Watt and Eleanor (Knott) B.; 
ed. University of Cincinnati, 1904; in- 
itiated by Ohio Epsilon, 1899; grad- 
uate Cincinnati Law School; L. L. 
B.; m. Mary Agnes Dickerson, Cin- 
cinnati, Oct 7, 1909. Residence, 3614 
Florida St; Offices, Gerke Bldg., 
128 E. Sixth St, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

BLACK, William Carson, surgeon and 
legislator; b. Barbourville, Ky., Nov. 
27, 1874; s. John A. and Hannah 
(Postlewaite) B.; ed. Central Univw- 
sity and Union College; president 
senior class union; initiated by Ken- 
tucky Kappa, Sept 30, 1893; minority 
leader Kentucky legislature, 1904-06; 
regimental surgeon Second Ken- 
tucky State Guards, 1900; county 
health officer, medical examiner for 
county; coal operator; Mason, Maca- 
bees, Odd Fellow; m. Mary Etta 
Shaffer, Aug. 2, 1905. Address, 
Barbourville, Ky. 

BLAIR, James Thomas, lawyer, su- 
preme court commissioner; b. Lou- 
don, Tenn., Nov. 11, 1871; s. Samuel 
T. and Louise O. B.; ed. Cumberland 
University, 1895; class president, vice- 
president athletic association; foot- 
ball, baseball; initiated by Tennessee 
Lambda, March, 1894; eminent arch- 
on; mem. legislature, 1899, 1901; as- 
sistant attorney-general of Missouri, 
1909-1911; appointed April, 1911, 
commissioner to aid supreme court 
Missouri, commission performs func- 
tions of the supreme court; president 
Obion College, 1895-96; m. Grace E. 
Ray, June 19, 1901. Address, Supreme 
Court Bldg., Jefferson City, Mo. 

BLAIR, Ray Welsh, manager; b. Han- 
over, Penn., Jan. 23, 1884; s. G. Mil- 
ton and Emma (Welsh) B.; ed. Penn- 
sylvania State College, 1906; manager 
College football team, 1905, College 
orchestra and band; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, Sept. 26. 
1902; manager Baltimore branch 
of John R. Livezey, Philadelphia, 
Penn. m. Nettle L. Wilson, Nov. 11, 
1911. Address, 5 Commerce St., 
Baltimore, Md. 

BLAKE, Maxwell, consul general; b. 
1877; ed. University of Missouri, 1898; 
initiated by Missouri Alpha, March 12, 
1895; on the eta:^^^ tox ^^^^x^ ^^»r 


MOM and tben entered the diplomatic 
service, and now the American Con- 
sul Qeneral at Tangier, Uoroooo. Ad- 
drees, American Consulate, Tangier, 

BLAKEY, WItlism Mabson, Uwyer; b. 
Uontgomery, Ala., Dec. 17, 1869; s. 
David T. and Uarj a. (Mabson) B.; 
ed. University of Alabama. 1S88; pres- 
ident PbllomathlG Llterarr soclet]'; in- 
itiated by Alabama Mu, 1885; eminent 
archon; conntr tax conunlasfoner, at 
tom^ for county board ot review; 
m. Bva R. Pinch, Sept U, IMS. Ad- 
dress, First NaUonal Bank Bldg., 
HontgomerT, Ala. 

BLANPIED, D. Robert, educator; b. 
Jacksonville, IlL, Nov. 13, 188G; s. 
David Selson and Bertha (Sawyer) 
B.; ed. Dartmouth, 1908; varsity ten- 
uis and hockey, claaa foottiall, clsas 
executive board; Initiated by New 
Hampshire Alpha, 1908; eminent 
archon; attended Natl convention at 
Atlanta, 1909; traveled In Europe; 
summer course at University of 
Grenoble, France. Address, 89 State 
St., Hontpeller, Vermont. 

SLOUNT, James Henderson, lawyer; 
b. Clinton, Qa., March 3, 1869; s. 
Hon. James H. and Eugenia (Wliley) 
B.; ed. University of Georgia, 1887; 
Columbia Law School, 1901; Initiated 
by Georgia Beta, Nov. 26, 1886; llrst 
lieutenant Third U. S. Voluntew In- 
fantry, Spanish-American war, 1S98; 
trst lieutenant 29tli Volunteer In- 
fantry 18S9 — 01 ; appointed U. 8. 
Judge In tha Philippine Islands. 1901, 
resigned In 190G; mem. Cosmos club, 
Washington; Anny and Navy club, 
New York: author Georgia Forms 
and Practice, 1S9S; contributor to 
magazines. Address Cosmos club, 
Washington, D. C. 
BLYTHE, vemon, physician and sur- 
geon; b. July 13, 1S76; s. WUllam 
and Martha (Wright) B.; ed. Bethel 
College, Central College, New Tork 
University, 1900; class president two 
years; Kentucky State Medical so- 
ciety; Initiated by Kentucky Iota, 
Sept 27. 1892; brother of Leon D. 
Blythe, Kentucky Iota; Mason, author 
medical artlclee; m, Henrlette Koger, 
June, 1906. Address, residence, 806 

IN S. A. B. 
N. Seventh St; office: 608-606 City 
Nat'I Bank Bldg., Paducah, Ky. 

BOCOCK, Clarence Edgar, College pro- 
fesBor; b. CasUotion, IlL, Dec. 24, 
1876; s. Cyrus and Eleanor B.; ed. 
University of Illinois, 1899; La Circle 
Francals, Natural History society; 
Initiated by lllinoU Beta, 1898; dean 
and head department science Idaho 
State Normal School; m. Lillian Nor- 
mlngton. Not. 26, 1907. Addresa, Al- 
bion, Idaho. 

BO DWELL, Joseph Henry, student; b. 
July 8. 1891; e. Wlllard A. and Cve- 
Tie Alice (Gage) B.; student at 
University of Maine, class track; In- 
itiated by Maine Alpha, Oct U, 1910. 
Address, 311 PeUiam St, Uethuen. 

BOLAN, John Ezra, lawyer; b. Woon- 
Bocket It I.. Dec. 19, ISGI; s. John 
Vaughn and Hannah Elizabeth B.; 
ed. Boston University, 1900; InlUated 
by Massachusetts Beta-Upsllon, 1899; 
mem. Rhode Island Bar association; 
m. Mary M. Hopewell, April 8, 1888. 
Address, 1489 Westminster St, Provi- 
dence, H. I. 

BO LEND, Rax George, physician; b. 
Milwaukee. Wis., July 27. 1887; s. 
Mr. and Ethel Uarr (UcCormack) 
B.: ed. University of Oklahoma and 
University of lUlnola, 1909; while a 
student at the University of Okla- 
homii he was the flrst man selected 
by Professor E. Marsh Williams for 
the founding of the local which later 
became Oklahoma Kappa and in 
whose creation he bad a large share. 
Before the local received Its charter 
h-e became a student at the Univer- 
sity of Illnola and was there Initiated 
by Illinois Beta, Feb. 22. 1909; mem. 
of tLe Alpha Kappa Kappa medical 
fratenlty; delegate to Atlantic City S. 
A. E. Nat'l convenUon, 1909, from the 
Kansas City alumni association; m. 
Pearl Davis Boose, March 24, 1911. 
Address, 1119 N. Hudson St. Okla- 
homa City. Okla. 

BOLGER, William Augustine, student; 
b. Aug, 27, 1892; s. Thomas O. and 
M. J. (Carroll) B.; ed. Worcester 
Polytechnic InsUtute, 191G; InlUated 
by Massachusetts Delta, Oct 28, 
1911. Address, Dodge St, Glouces- 
ter, Mass. 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A- E. 


BOLLES, WlllUm Edward. pUrwrl^t; 
b. D«trolt, Mich., Dec. 23, 1872; B. 
John B. and Harriet F. (Snow) B.; 
ed. UnlTorsltr of Hicblg&n. 1896; 
editor D. of U. d&Il;, WrinU« and 
Oracle, class football, banjo club; 
IdUated by Michigan Iota-Beta, Not. 
13, 1893; formerlr an editor of De- 
troit Free Press, also Twentietb 
Century Review; mem. Lowell Liter- 
ary society; traveled In Brabama 
Islands; Christian Science practi- 
tioner; ro. Mary A. Olasa, June H, 
1889. Addreu, 320 W, Warren Ave., 
Detroit, Hlch. 

BONAVITA, Savlire Marlon, mercan- 
Ule; b. April 11, 18S9; s. J. U. and 
Kate (Ward) B.; ed. Kentucky State 
University; Initiated by Kentucky 
Bpsllon. Oct, 1910; mem. Natl 
Bankers association; manager Her- 
chanta Deliverr Co.; m. Elvera 
Smith, Oct 8, 1910. Address. 109 W. 
Sixth St, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

BOND, Joseph Herbert, student; b. 
April 11, 1899; s. Thomas and Sllen 
(Price) B.; ed. student at St Ste- 
phen's College, 1914; mem. Olee 
club; Initiated by New Tork Slsmi^ 
Phi. Nov. 18, 1910; eminent treas- 
nrer; brother of W. B. Bond, New 
Tork Slgma-Phl. Address, WlUlams- 
town, Penn. 

BOND, Oliver Jamea, citadel inperln- 
tendent; b. Marlon, 8. C. Hay 11, 
186G: s. O. J. and Sarah A. (Wayne) 
B.; ed. Tbe Citadd, 1886; Initiated 
by Sooth Carolina lambda, 1884; 
superintendent of the Citadel; au- 
thor of novel Amzl; past commander 
K. of P.; mem. St Andrew's society; 
m. Mary Flstibum Roach, July 9, 
1898. Address, The C:itadel, Charles- 
ton, S. C. 

BOND, William Henry, student; b. 
July 28, 1892; t. Thomas and Ellen 
M. (Price) B.; ed. student at Bt 
Stephen's Ckillege, I9l4; Gternun 
club, Qlee club; vice-president Debat- 
ing society; Initiated by New Tork 
SlgnurPU. Nov. 19, 1909; brother of 
Joseph H. Bond, New Tork Slgma- 
Phl. Addreaa, William stown, Penn. 

BONDURANT, Davfd Simpson, ato- 
dent; b. Cairo, lU., Jan. 1, 1893; s. Al- 
phens Alonio and Mary Jue (Baker) 

5.; ed. student law departmNit, Cum- 
berland University; Initiated by 
Tennessee lambda, April 10, 1911. 
Addreas. 708 Walnut St, Cairo, m. 

BONNER, Harry Vary, clerByman; b. 
Orwell. N. T., Aug. 28, ISSl; s. Albert 
and Mary B.; ed. Syracuse Untver- 
eity, 1909; TheU BeU Phi; Philadel- 
phia society; Initiated by New Tork 
Delta, Feb. 22, 1907 (charter mem.); 
clergyman Presbyterian church; m. 
Begale Laney, Aug. IG, 1906. Addresi^ 
LaFayette, N. T. 

BOOTH, George Dougtasa, clergyman; 
b. Montgomery, Ala., Feb. 4, 1877; a. 
Ambrose and Kate (Douglass) B.; 
ed. SouLhwestem Presbyterian Unl- 
Terelty, 1903; class secretary and 
hlBtorlan; manager football; editor 
monthly and annual publications; 
president Literary society; tnltlsted 
by T^nnesBee Zeta, Nov. 20, 1907; 
eminent archon, deputy archon, treaa- 
urer, chronicler, herald; delegate 
Washington S. A. E. Natl conven- 
tion, 1903, province convention, Knox- 
vllle, 1899, secretary of province, 
president of province, Theta, 191»— ; 
pastor Napoleon Avenue Presbyter- 
ian church. New Orleans; moderator 
of Synod of Louisiana, president 
Kins College, Tennessee, 1903-04; 
dean Orleans-Ietterson T. T. Insti- 
tute, 1910 — ; pastor Madison and 
Hendereonvllle. Tenn., 19024S, First 
church. NashvlUe, Tenn., 1904, Mon- 
roe, La., 1905-10; m. Rilla Irene Lee, 
April 30, 1906. Address, 4320 Cole- 
slum St., New Orleans, La. 

BOOTHBV, Ralph Edwin, student; b. 
June 2, 1890; s. Charles H. and Edith 
M. (Wetaks) B.; ed. student at Har- 
vard University, 1912; second year 
honors in classics, executive commit- 
tee. Classical club, president Uedtord 
club : initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, March 4, 1911. Address, 
41 Farragut Ave., Medford, Mass. 

BORLAND, Carl Allen, student; b. 
Jan. 19. 1888; s. J. C. A. and Belle 
(Boylan) B.; ed. student at Allegh«iy 
College; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Omega, June 12, 1899. Address, 540 
E. 10th St, Erie, Penn. 

B0RLE8KE, Stanley, student; b. Aug. 
20, 1888', B. Hennui '9. «&& VAsa."^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

(Evans) B.; ed. student at Univer- 
sity of Michigan, 1912; vanity foot- 
ball and basketball; mem. Triangles, 
Vulcans and Webb and Flange. Ad- 
dress, 806 Tbird Ave., Spokane, 

BOUANCHAND, Hewitt, lawyer; ed. 
Louisiana State University, 1901; in- 
itated by Louisiana Epsilon, Dec. 3, 
1898. Address, New Roads, La. 

BOURLAND, Albert Pike, administra- 
tor; b. Falcon, Ark., Nov. 14, 1861; s. 
Bayliss W. and Francisca B.; ed. 
Union, Vanderbilt, Columbia, Munich 
and Leipsig Universities; editor Col- 
lege journals, scholarship modem 
languages Vanderbilt, 1882; initiated 
by Tennessee Eta; an administrator 
of Peabody Education fund, South- 
ern education board, Rocfkefel- 
ler Sanitary commission, professor 
English Union University, 1883-90, 
professor English, Monteagle Summer 
School, 1887-91, manager Monteagle 
Assembly, 1892-98, superintendent 
Monteagle Assemb^, 1899, professor 
English Literature Peabody College, 
1890-1910; traveled and studied in 
Europe, 1895, Universities at Stras- 
burg and Munich, 1906-10, Germany, 
Universities at Munich and Leipsig, 
graduate student; m. Noble Jarman 
(deceased), March 4, 1886. Address, 
725 Southern Bldg., Washington, 
D. C. 

BOWLES, Warde R., student; b. July 

I, 1892; 8. Charles David and Almeda 
(Thompson) B.; ed. student at Har- 
vard University; Alpha Phi Sigma, 
Harvard Deutscher Verein, senior 
dormitory committee; Speaker's 
club, Washington State club; initi- 
ated by Massachusetts Gamma, Nov. 

II, 1911; S. A. E. building commit- 
tee; brother of Jesse Charles 
Bowles, Massachusetts Gamma. Ad- 
dress, 2649 Shoreland Drive, Seattle, 

BOWLES, Jesse Charles, student; b. 
June 17, 1890; s. Charles S. and Al- 
y^'^a (Thompson) B.; ed. student at 
cle^i-rd University; initiated by 
Sept- ^»husetU Gamma, Dec. 9, 1911. 
Blythe, K 2649 Shoreland Drive, Seat- 
medical ax ^ 

June, 1906.' i^hn Bethel, mayor, attor- 

ney general ninth Tennessee Judicial 
circuit; b. Screw's Creek, Tenn., Nov. 
4, 1879; s. Thomas F. and Cordelia 
B.; ed. Cumberland University; ini- 
tiated by Tennessee hambda. Sept 
8, 1899; attorney general ninth Ten- 
nessee Judicial circuit; mayor Waver- 
ly, 1903-08; m. A. Whitfield, Nov. 1, 
1900. Address Waverly, Tenn. 

BOWMAN, Joseph H^ student; b. Dec 
29, 1891; ed. student at Pennsylvania 
State College, 1914; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Alpha Zeta, Oct. 8, 
1910. Address, 14 Bertha St, Pitts- 
burgh, Penn. 

BOWDOIN, Harold Webster, phannar 
cist; b. Kennebunk, Maine, Jan. 23, 
1891; s. Charles and Josephine B.; 
ed. University of Maine, 1911; Glee 
club; initiated by Maine Alpha, Dec 
11, 1909; eminent herald, warden, 
chaplain. Address, Pleasant St, Ken- 
nebunk, Me. 

BOYD, Elbe Harvey, lawyer; b. 1871; 
ed. Adrian College, 1902, LL. B. Uni- 
versity of Michigan; initiated by 
Michigan Alpha, Nov. 13, 1896; mem. 
of the law firm of Barker and Boyd. 
Address, Foster Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

BOYD, Samuel Becket, contractor; b. 
Knoxville, Tenn., March 30, 1874; s. 
John M. and Jane (Franklin) B.; ed. 
University of Tennessee, 1896; ini- 
tiated by Tennessee Kappa, Oct, 
1892; delegate S. A. E. Natl conven- 
tion, Chattanooga, Tenn., 1893; bro- 
ther of R. I. Boyd, Tennessee Kappa; 
m. Julian Webb, Aug. 3 1908. Ad- 
dress, K. of P. Bldg., Columbus, 

BOYLE, J. Neville, district attorney; 
b. New York Oity, Feb. 18, 1884; s. 
John P. and Margaret B.; ed. Colum- 
bia University, 1906; captain varsity 
crew, football, student board of rep- 
resentatives; initiated by New York 
Mu, 1904; eminent warden and her- 
ald; assistant U. S. attorney south- 
em district of New York, assistant 
attorney committee on grievances 
Bar association. New York Ci^. Ad- 
dress, 156 E. 127th St., New York 

BRABHAM, M. William^ church sec- 
retary; b. Bamberg, S. C, Dec. 6, 
1885; s. Clarence Robert and Mamie 



(Hotuon) B.: ed. Wofford COUw», 
IMS; cUu HcrstuT ud treunrer, 
Tsraitr bKMbKll, vlc»-precldeiit Lit- 
•raiT ■oclstr: Inltlatad by South 
C&rolliu Oftmma, Sept 37. IWl; emi- 
nent archon, deputy &rcbon and 
chronicler; city treaaurer, Bamberg, 
S. C, 1909-10; field eecretuT North 
Carolina Sunday School board of 
the H. E. charoh. South, county presi- 
dent of IntematltHial Sunday School 
aaaoclatlon, mem. executlTe commit* 
tee uid Sunday School board of the 
South Carolina conference ol the 
Methodist church; m. Marie Btokea, 
Dec. 10, 1906. Addren, Raleigh. N. 

BRACKEN, Olfn William, student; b. 
Nor. 18, 1892; s. Charles H. and 
Florence (Wiflllams) B.; student at 
Unlrerslty of Pennsylvania; Initiated 
by Pennsylyanla Theta. Feb. 19, 
1911. Address, 810 W. Pleasant St., 
Corry, Penn. 

BRADFORD, Kenneth, physician; b. 
Talladega, Ala., Jan. 19, 1882; a. 
Paul and Isabella B., ed. Alabama 
Polytechnic Institute, 1901; Unlrer* 
slty of Virginia, 1905; mem. Nu Sig- 
ma Nn, Raven society; Initiated by 
Alabama Alpha-Mu, Jan. 13, 1808, 
later affiliated with Virginia Oml- 
cron, eminent archon and chronicler; 
secretary and treasurer province 
Gamma, 1904-06 ; health olDce City of 
Staunton; mem. Virginia Medical so- 
ciety and American Medical society; 
m. Llllle Camp, June, 1908. Address, 
316 E. Frederick St, Staunton, Va. 

BRADFORD, Lawrenet J., accountant: 
b. Bradford, Ky., Oct. 3. 1SS4; s. Alex- 
ander J. and Hay (Dudley) B.; ed. 
University of Cincinnati. 1904; Initi- 
ated by Ohio E^Uon, Nov. 11, 
1904; m. Alice L Davis, June 16, 
1909. Address. 678 Grand Ave., 
Price Bill, CInclnnaU, Ohio. 

BRADFORD, Wffllam Patrick, Uwyer; 
b. Carroll county, Tenu., March B, 
18SS; B. Edward L. and Florena J. 
(Dodd) B.; ed. CnmberUnd Univer- 
sity, 1909; represented Cumberland 
University, first International Sto- 
dent'a Bible Study confweoee held 
In the world, Ctriombns, Ohio; Initi- 
ated br Tepaassea Lambda, 1M8; 

Mason. Address, AlbertviUe, Ala. 

BRADLEY. Arthur James, student; b. 
May, 28 1888; s. Elliott O. and Ber> 
ttaa E. (Brown) B.; student at Unl- 
veraity of niinols, 1912; mem. Hel- 
met, Scarab, Ku Klur, Junior prome- 
nade committee, senior memorial 
committee; initiated by IlUnola Beta, 
Jan. IS, 1909. Address. 1020 Thhrd 
^ve.. E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

BRADLEY, Eugene Patrick, student; 
b. Deover, Colo., Nov. 23. 1888; s. 
JobD T. and Emma (Ensmlnger) B.; 
ed student at University of Illinois, 
1912; mem. Shield and Trident, Hel- 
met; initiated by IlllnolB BeU, Feb, 
27. 1909; eminent archon and treas- 
urer; delegate S. A, E. Natl conven- 
tion, Kansas City, 1910; mem. Am- 
erican society of Heating and Ven- 
tilating Engineers. Address, SS27 
Maple Ave., St. Louls, Mo. 

BRADLEY. LemI Fletcher, mercantile; 
b. X^ke Benton, Minn., Jan. 28, 1887; 
a William H. and Fannie M. (Flet- 
cher) B.; ed. University of Minne- 
sota; Initiated by MlnnesoU Alpha, 
Sept. 29. 1900; assistant caahlw 
Wlneton Harper Fisher Co., Hlnne- 
apolls, Minn. Address, 411 Walnut 
St., Minneapolie, Minn. 

BRAILSFORD, Alexander Moultrie, 
physloian and surgeon; b. Fulton, 8. 
C, Feb. 11. 1871; B. A. Moultrie and 
Anua Julia B.: ed. The Citadel. 1891, 
South Carolina Medical College; 
graduated Lieut. Co. A., orator St 
graduation, valedictorian. South 
Carolina Medical College, 1897; inl- 
Uated by South Carolina Lambda. 
1887; eminent blstorian; president 
A. C S. Surgical association and 
Ree Dee Medical society; surgeon 
Natl guards 3rd 8. C. regiment; 
mem. American Medical association. 
Soutb Carolina Medical association, 
Atlantic Coast Line Surgical aseoclar 
tion, Tri-Btate Medical associaUon; 
commander of Sons of Confederate 
Vetera OB, department of Northern 
Virginia; m. Elizabeth Schofleld, Nov. 
IS, 1901. AddrasB, Front St. Mulllns. 

BRANIGIN, Charies D., student; b. Aug. 
11, 1888; B. John 8. and UaUIda 
(BridKM) B.; atuAesK. aX Tna£A!i&. 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

College; class president, vice-presi- 
dent football, track captain, basket- 
ball, baseball, associate editor Frank- 
lin; initiated by Indiana Alpha, May 
18, 1912. Address, Bridgeport, Ind. 

BRANDON, William Woodward, judge; 
b. Talladega, Ala., 1868; s. F. T. J. 
and Carrie (Woodward) B.; ed. 
University of Alabama, 1892; initi- 
ated by Alabama Mu, 1891; elected 
honorary vice-president of province 
Epsllon, 1903, attended the Memphis 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 1904, electr 
ed by that convention a mem. of the 
board of governors of DeVotie Me- 
morial building; delegate province 
Epsilon convention at Birmingham, 
1906, where he was re-elected honor- 
ary vice-president; delegate Atlanta 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 1906; re- 
elected honorary vice-president of 
province Epsilon, 1907; appointed 
president of province Epsilon by 
Supreme Council in 1908 to fill va- 
cancy; responded to address of wel- 
come at Atlantic City S. A. E. Natl 
convention, 1909; elected president 
of province Epsilon by the province 
convention held at Rome, Oa., 1909; 
elected eminent supreme archon d 
the fraternity by the Kansas City 8. 
A. E. Natl convention, 1910; eminent 
recOTder at the re-installation of 
South Carolina Delta, 1911; his 

chief work in the fraternity has 
been for the DeVotie Memorial 
hall, which was erected largely 
through his efTorts and is a mon- 
ument to his loyalty to the 
founder of the fraternity; served 
in tho Spanish-American war as 
captain and later as major of the 
2nd Ala. VoL, later brigadier general; 
adjutant general of the state of Ala- 
bama for ten years, state auditor of 
Alabama for four years, mem. Ala- 
banui legislature, at present probate 
Judge of Tuscaloosa county; m. Liz- 
Eie Andrews Nabors, June 27, 1900. 
Address, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

BRANTLEY, William Gordon, Jr., law- 
yer; b. Blackshear, Oa., March 15, 
1886; s. William and Jessie Kate B.; 
ed. University of Georgia, 1907, 
Oeorge Washington University; 
haseball squads, editor-in-chief 

Georgian, student representative of 
University of Georgia at confer- 
ference for education in the south 
at Pinehurst, N. C, 1907, commence- 
ment orator at Franklin College* 
1907; initiated by Georgia Beta, 
Sept, 1904, later affiliated wlthWash- 
ington City Rho; eminent archon both 
chapters; fbr three years private sec- 
retary to Congressman W. G. Brantp 
ley of Georgia; Mason. Address, 
care Jones and Brantley, 908-9 Can- 
dler Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

BRATTEN, Vernon Guilford, student; 
b. Nov. 11, 1887; s. Dr. T. O. and 
Octavia Francis (Phillips) B.; stu- 
dent at Vanderbilt University; holder 
Cartwell scholarship; initiated by 
Tennessee Nu, Oct 1, 1910. Ad- 
dress, Lebanon, Tenn. 

BRAUN, Robert Henry, student; b. 
April 6, 1891; s. Adolf and Emma 
M. (Foster) B.; student at the Uni- 
versity of Michigan; Glee club. Union 
opera committee, Michigan Union 
opera, 1911; initiated by Michigan 
Iota-Beta, Nov. 6, 1910. Address, 
2021 South Grand Ave., St Louis, 

BRECKINRIDGE, James Carson, cap- 
tain U. S. Marine corps; b. Memphis, 
Tenn., Sept 13, 1877; s. Clifton R. 
and Katherine C. B.; ed. University 
of Tennessee; initiated by Tennessee 
Kappa, June 17, 1898. Address, U. 
S. S. Utah, care postmaster. New 
York City. 

BR EN EM AN, John Bartley, mining en- 
gineer and chemist; b. Riverside. 
West Va., June 6, 1870; s. Richard 
B. and K. W. B.; ed. Mount Union 
College, Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology, 1897; initiated by Ohio 
Sigma, Nov. 2, 1893, later affiliated 
with Massachusetts lota-Tau, 1896; 
brother of Richard E. Brenneman, 
Massachusetts Gamma; mining engi- 
neer and technical chemist, mine 
manager; mem. WeBtemi Society of 
Bni^neers, A. P. and A. M., B. P. O. 
B.; m. Jessica A. Diamond (de- 
ceased), Nov. 27, 1897. Address, 
Leadville, Colo. 

BRENNEMAN, John Vincent, educator; 
b. Tomah, Wis., July 1, 1872; s. Ed- 
ward and Mary B.; ed. University of 


WUc<HaLBlii. 1902; mam. onUorlcal de- 
iNttlac and dramatic olutM; Inltlatad 
bj WVscoualn Alplia, Feb. 7, IS08; 
■ntlnent archon; sufwrlntandent of 
public aehtMla of Ironwood, Ulch.; 
m. Jease L. Hammond, July U, 1B09. 
Addreu, U4 Vanghan St, Ironwood, 

RENNAN, Napoleon Bnico, law- 
7«r; b. LonlaTlU^ K7.. Sept B, 1888: 
altr of Oklaboma, 1918; Blackatone 

a. Tb<Hnaa and Anna V. <Braca) B.; 
od. Central UnlToraitr, 1907; Initiated 
b7 Kentnckr Kappa, 18O6; vlce-preil- 
d«nt of pro^ee Iota, aecretarT treas- 
nrar Lonlsvfllo Alumni aaaociatlon, 
& A. B. Addrau, realdence, 881 S. 
FUUt St., office, 808-11 Paul Jonea 
Bldr, LonlsTlUe, &j. 

HENNER, AlUn L, paTmaatar; b. 
West Lebanon, Ind,, April S, 1884; a. 
J. H. and Jennie R. (RemaberK) B.; 
«d. ITnlvwaltT of Indiana, 190S; Tar- 
tUT football. LIt«ranr aocletr. Col- 
lace band, aecretarr bnalnen board 
tor Artnttna; Initiated by Indiana 
ffa"""*i Jan. 14, 19H <charter mem.) ; 
aaaiataiit chief accountant Oliver 
Chilled Plow Worke, chM of tlme- 
keapinc coat recorda and parmaater; 
m. Opal K. Satta, June H, 1908. Ad- 
dreaa, SS4 Haney Ave,, Boutb Bend, 
IKNEMAN, Glenn Shaffer, engineer; 

b, Saxton. Pann., April 8, 1884; a. 
Michael Buraey and Anna Uttr B.; 
ed. Penurlnnln State CoUece, 1908; 
Initiated br PennaylTUila Alpha-Zeta, 
Mar M, 190B; eminent archon, treaa- 
urar, warden, berald, treaanrer and 
director PMinajlTanla Alptaa-Zata 
boUdlng aaaodaUon; delesate con- 
nntlon prOTlace Beta, 1908; brother 
Of P. B. Br«ieman, Pennarlvanla 
AlpbarZeta: englneerlns depulment 
Batea MacUne Co. Addreaa, 1808 
Benton BL, JoUet, m. 
IKSTELLE, Rudolph Emila, clarsr- 
BMu; b. New Tork atr, JDI7 4, 1871; 
a. HaJ. Ckarlea and HatUda (That- 
duf) B.; ed. at atepban'a Collese, 
UK; Taledlctorian; Initiated br New 
Tork BlKma-PU, Feb. 31, 1895 (char- 
ter mem.); eminent recorder; rector 
8t Panl'e Bplaeopal church, Camden, 
M. J., held ▼aitooa dioceaan offlcea. 

four extended trlpa abroad; m, Beaale 
Maud Croake, Nov. 9, 1899. Addreaa, 
505 Linden St, Camden, N. J. 

BRETCH, Donald Mllone, atndent; b. 
March 27, 1890; a, Samuel and Delia 
(Mllone) B.; ed. atndant at Dnlver- 
tribunal; initiated br Oklahoma KMjf- 
pa, Oct. S9, 1910. Addreaa, Hobart, 

BRIOQEMAN, Charlea Thorlay, atn- 
dent; b. Feb. 31, 1898; a. Wentael 
Andrew and Oertmde Morre (Lane) 
B.; ed. student at St Stephen'! Col- 
lege, 1913; aaaoclata editor St Sta- 
ph en'a Maaaeegar, clase treaaurw: 
mem. Dravm club; Initiated br New 
York Slgma-Phl, Not. 19, 1909. Ad- 
dresB, Uplanda Farm, Rhlnebeck, 
N. Y. 

BRIDGFORTH, Walter Robert, banker; 
b . Quiet Shadea Plantation, Taaoo 
county, HlBB., March 88, 1868; a. 
Robert Moore and Marlab (Hutchin- 
son) B.: ed. Kentucky Military Insti- 
tute, 1879, UnlTeralty of Virginia; 
first honor; captain of Co. A.; Initi- 
ated by Kentucky Chi, Nov., 1877, 
later affiliated with Virginia Omlcron; 
essayist for Augoata convenUoD; 
b&nker and planter; father of Allen 
Bridgforth, HisalBalppl Gamma; m. 
Pauline Buaan McConnell, March G, 
1890. Addreaa, Quiet Shadea Planta- 
tion. Pickens, Mtsa. 

BRIGG8, Thomaa T.; b. (Toeymana, N. 
J., Hay 2, 1874; a. Jdha N. and BUsa- 
beth H. (Trego) B.; ad. Worceatar 
Polytechnic Inatitute, 1898; Initiated 
by MaaB&chuaetta Delta, Not. 8, 1895; 
traveled In Buroite twice; mason; 
m. Henrietta BlauTett, Sept 19, 1910; 
AddreSB, Coe}'mBnB, N. Y. 

BRIGHT, Dudley Seymour, civil engi- 
neer: b. Waahlngton, D. C. Jan. 19, 
1884; s. Albert W. and Molly H. B.; 
ed. UnlTeraltr of PennsriTania, 1907; 
Initiated br PennaylTanla Theta, Dec. 
10. 1003; eminent deputy archon, re- 
corder; delegate convention proTfnce 
Beta. April, 1907; BBalatant engineer 
Pittsburgh Steel Prodnots Co. Ad- 
drese. reeldenca, 4788 Bayard St, of- 
fice, care Pltuburgh Steel ProducU 
Co., 1901 Frlck BIdg., PItUburgh, 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

BRINDLEY, Augustus Roteoe, lawyer 
and legislator; b. farm, Cherokee 
county, Ala., Dec. 9, 1877; s. Perry K. 
and Josephine B.; ed. University of 
Alabama; president Kent club law 
organization; initiated by Alabama 
Mu, Oct., 1901; delegate province con- 
vention, Birmingham, Ala., Dec., 1901; 
elected to legislature of Alabama in 
Nov. 1910. On assembling of legis- 
lature was named as chairman of 
house committee on Ways and Means, 
the leading committee of the house, 
having charge of ail matters of taxa- 
tion and revenue. Also a mem. of ju- 
diciary, municipal organizations and 
Insurance committees. Was the au- 
thor of present revenue law of Ala- 
bama; took leading part in legisla- 
ture in all matters pertaining to those 
subjects. The Montgomery Adver- 
tiser, leading daily paper of the state, 
called him the closest and best In- 
formed student of finance and taxa- 
tion in the legislature. Attorney for 
Alabama Great Southern railroad; 
Nashville, Chattanooga & St Louis 
railroad. Western Union Telegraph 
Co., Southern Bell Telephone and 
Telegraph Co. and other leading cor- 
perations in that section of Alabama; 
mem. of firm of Goodhue, Brlndley & 
White, lawyers; m. Irene Lee Good- 
hue (deceased), Aug. 17, 1910, at 
Chautauqua, N. T. Address, Gads- 
den, Ala. 

BRIN8MADE, Robert Bruce, metallur- 
gist; b. Elmira, N. T., Aug. 27, 1878; 
s. Hobart and Ella Mary (Lyon) B.; 
ed. Washington University, 1894, Le- 
high University, 1895; graduated with 
cum laude; initiated by Missouri 
Beta, April 30, 1892; director Wiscon- 
sin State Mining Trade School, form- 
erly professor of mining engineering 
University of New Mexico and Uni- 
versity of West "Virginia; mem. Am- 
erican Institute Mining Engineer and 
American Economic association; au- 
thor "Mining Without Timber;" m. 
Helen C. Stenbock, July 24, 1909. 
Address, Apartado 186 Puebla, Pue, 

BRISCOE, John T., lawyer and legis- 
lator; b. Slacks Wells, Texas, Jan. 2, 
1879; s. Gtoorge T. and Susie C. B.; 

ed. Cumberland University, 1905; 
class representative University an- 
nual, secretary inter-collegiate ora- 
torical association of Tennessee; ini- 
tiated by Tennessee Lambda; served 
in 30th and 31st Texas legislature; ul 
Hattie Grifflfths, March 22, 1911. Ad- 
dress, Devine, Texas. 

BRITTIAN, Wilbur F^ student; b. Pitts- 
burgh, Penn., March 26, 1887; s. Fred 
C. and Elizabeth C. B.; ed. Adrian 
College, 1908; at present student at 
Pennsylvania State College; class 
president, varsity basketball, manager 
baseball, president athletic associa- 
tion; mem. literary society, vice-presi- 
dent student government association; 
initiated by Michigan Alpha, June 10, 
1906; eminent archon and deputy ar- 
chon; visitor Atlantic City S. A. E. 
Natl convention, 1909; secretary- 
treasurer Pittsburgh Alumni associa- 
tion of S. A. E.; studying forestry at 
Pennsylvania State College. Address, 
2433 Park View Ave., Pittsburgh, 

BROCKIE, John Melkle* clergyman; b. 
Chapel Hall, Scotland; s. Adam and 
Agnes (Meikle) B.; ed. University of 
Maine, 1906; class chaplain; initiated 
by Maine Alpha, 1906; eminent chap- 
lain; Presbyterian clergsrman, gradu- 
ate Bangor Theological Seminary; 
Mason, K. of P.; m. Mary Alice Has- 
kell, June 8, 1904. Address, Holland 
Patent, N. Y. 

BROCKWAY, Herman Lyman, clergy- 
man; b. Rawson, N. T., July 4, 1874; 
s. Ezra and Ellen (Thrall) B.; ed. 
Northwestern, 1906; president of 
Deru, Aleth Teth Nun, president 
athletic association. Intercollegiate 
debate, Hinman literary society, pres- 
ident inter-fraternity council; Initi- 
ated by Illinois Psi-Omega, Oct 17, 
1902; eminent archon, deputy archon, 
herald; pastor First Methodist 
church, SpringviUe, fbrmerly pastor 
at Fairport, N. T., 1907-9, Medina, 
1906-7, president conference Epworth 
league four years, fbunder Epworth 
league Institute at summer school 
Silver Lake assembly; delegate to 
Garrett commencement 1912 from 
Genesee conference; Mason, Odd 
Fellow; m. Minette Metcalf, May 20, 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


1903. AddreBB, Springvllle, N. Y. 

BROOKSy Louis Samuelp clergyman; b. 
Iiudlngton, Mich., Feb. 13, 1873; s. 
Lioals Samuel and Lucy (Bordner) B.; 
ed. Moont Union College, 1894, Alma 
College, 1896, Princeton University, 
1899, Princeton Theological Seminary, 
1899; college football; Scribner prize 
in Greek at Princeton, class secre- 
tary, first alumnus to be elected to 
board of trustees. Alma College; ini- 
tiated by Ohio Sigma, Oct 9, 1891; 
eminent recorder; pastor Presbyterian 
chnrch, Howell, Mich., library com- 
mission Howell, Mich., Moderator De- 
troit Presbytery, 1907; delegate to 
Presbyterian general assembly, 1906; 
trayeled Great Britain, Holland, Bel- 
gium, Germany, Australia, Italy, Swit^ 
zerland and France, 1907. Address, 
Howell, Mich. 

BROOKS, Stanley, C* broker; b. Cleve- 
land, O., Sept 28, 1886; s. Arthur S. 
and Florence B. B.; ed. George Wash- 
ington University, 1908; initiated by 
Washington City Rho, June, 1906; 
vice-president E. M. Campbell's Sons 
Co., municipal bonds; m. Margaret 
Looise Dahill, Jan. 2, 1909. Address, 
1437 N. Delaware St, Indianapolis, 

BROWN, A. Glenn, student; b. Arm- 
strong, m., July 30, 1890; s. E. A, and 
Anna M. B.; student at Northwestern 
University; president Alpha Theta 
Nun, Psmunid, Deru, students coun- 
cil, class football and tracks, secre- 
tary athletic association, Hinman lit- 
erary society, eoitor-in-chief Syllabus, 
and Daily Northwestern; initiated by 
nUnois Psi^Omega, Feb. 28, 1909, emi- 
nent archon, correspondent chroni- 
cler, herald; delegate convention pro- 
vince Delta, Chicago, 1910, delegate 
Kansas City S. A. B. Natl convention, 
1910; brother of Russell E. Brown, 
Illinois Psi-Omega. Address, Ava, 


BROWN, Arthur Thomas, student; b. 
Aug. 1, 1888; s. Edward F. and Cath- 
erine A. (Freeman) B.; student at 
Syracuse University, president fresh- 
man law class, editor Daily Orange; 
mem. Boar's Head Dramatic society; 
initiated by New York Delta, Oct 20, 
1910. Address, Florida, N. T. 

BROWN, LeRoy, physician and surgeon; 
b. Hanover county, Va., 1860; s. 1?V11- 
liam LeRoy and Sallie J. (Fleming) 
B.; ed. University of Georgia, 1876, 
Vanderbilt University; founder medal 
Vanderbilt Medical department 1887; 
initiated by Georgia Beta, 1860, later 
affiliated with Tennessee Nu which 
chapter he reorganized; attending sur- 
geon to the Woman's hospital. New 
York City, also consulting surgeon 
Manhattan State Hospital, fellow and 
secretary American Gjmecological 
society; fellow Academy of Medicine; 
m. Demetria Simmons, Dec. 21, 1892. 
Address, 148 W. 77th St, New York 

BROWN, Dee Carlton, student; b. Jan. 
1, 1890; s. Clark W. and Sadie C. (MU- 
ler) B.; student at University of Penn- 
sylvania; editor University daily; 
mem. board Pennsylvania Punch 
Bowl, monthly; initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania Theta, Feb. 18, 1910. Address, 
2102 Bleventh St, Altoona, Penn. 

BROWN, Francis Kenneth, student; b. 
Dec. 16, 1891; s. J. M. and Clemmie K. 
(Crider) B.; ed. student at Davidson 
College, 1914; initiated by North Car- 
olina Theta, April 29, 1911. Address, 
603 S. Main St, Salesbury, N. C. 

BROWN, Hugh Screven, U. S. army offi- 
cer; b. Oct 21, 1878; s. Clinton I 
and Mecca (Joyner) B.; ed Univer- 
sity of Georgia, 1898; varsity football, 
gymnasium and track teams; initi- 
ated by (Georgia Beta, Sept 1906; 
captain coast artillery, officer in U. 
S. volunteers in Philippines, 1899-1901, 
graduate artillery School Fort Mon- 
roe, 1904, in regular establishment 
Coast Artillery, 1901-1911; m. Anna 
Augusta Coyle, April 26, 1906. Ad- 
dress, No. 4 Ck)lumbia Barracks, Ohio. 

BROWN, John Qrlest, lawyer; b. Edina* 
Mont, Oct 29, 1879; s. Ed. J. and 
Amelia X. B.; ed. Kirksville, Normal, 
Missouri University, Tale; declama- 
tion medal and oratorical contest 
Kirksville, first Shakesperean contest 
M. S. U. 1901, mem. Yale dramatic, 
1902-3; initiated by Missouri Alpha, 
Sept 12, 1900; attorney for Northern 
Pacific railroad company in Montana; 
formerly Assistant Attorney General 
for Montana; m. Je«k«k^ Cot^^^XNa. 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 

Aflhlock, 1904. Address, 545 N. Rod- 
ney* Helena, Mont 

BROWN, J. Earie, lawyer; b. Bade, 
Mich., Jan. 27, 1872; s. B. F. and 
Louisa 8. B.; ed. Uniyersity of Michi- 
gan, 1896; mem. Oracle Board, 1895; 
initiated by Michigan Iota-Beta, Nov. 
4, 1892; eminent archon; at present 
mem. Michigan Democratic National 
Central committee; city attorney 
8t Johns, Mich., for three terms, 
mem. M. W. of A. Law committee; m. 
Cecilia M. Wiggins, (deceased), Feb. 
18, 1903. Residence, 8t Johns; office, 
Lansing, Mich. 

BROWN, William Raymond, student; b. 
Aug. 1, 1892; s. William H. and Ella 
L. (Smith) B.; student at Worcester 
Polytechnic Institute; initiated by 
Massachusetts Delta, Dec. 9, 1911. 
Address, 160 West 8t, Winchendon, 

BROWN, Russsll Elbert, studoit; b. 
Armstrong, ni.. Nov. 6, 1891; s. B. A. 
and Anna M. B.; student at North- 
western University; mem. undergrad- 
uate board of control; local editor 
Daily Northwestern, dramatic club; 
initiated by Illinois Psi-Omega, Feb. 
26, 1911; eminent herald. Address, 
Ava, ni. 

BROWNING, Perelval Dewees, civU and 
mining engineer; b. Orbisonia, Penn., 
8ept 12, 1884; s. W. Tayor and LaRue 
(Dewees) B.; ed. Bucknell Univer- 
sity; basketball manager; fraternity 
editor school annual, 1903; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Zeta, June 16, 1901; 
eminent archon, recorder, chronicler, 
treasurer; delegate WVishington 8. A. 
B. Natl convention, 1902; delegate 
province convention Ithaca, 1904. 
Address, Orbisonla, Penn. 

BRUCE, Sidney, student; b. March 6, 
1896; 8. J. McD. and Lucy V. (Ha- 
good) B.; student at Davidson Col- 
lege; initiated by North Carolina 
Theta, April 29, 1911. Address, Pic- 
kens, S. C. 

BR UN DAG E, Edward F*, chemist; b. 
Port Chester, N. Y., Nov. 4, 1878; s. 
Robert and Carry B.; ed. Worcester 
Polytechnic Institute, 1904, Cornell 
University; initiated by Massachus- 
setts Delta, Feb. 12, 1901, later affili- 
ated with New York Alpha; superin- 

tendent Thomason Chemical Co.; 
mem. New York Chemists club. Geo- 
graphical society. Royal Arcanum; m. 
Stella Davis, 1904. Address, 1211 
Calvert 8t, BiJtimore, Md. 

BRUN80N, Stiles Mslllehamp, student; 
b. Dec. 21, 1892; s. Peter Craddock and 
Jessie (Mellichamp) B.; student at 
Davidson College; initiated by North 
Carolina Theta, Sept 11, 1911. Ad- 
dress, Hotel St Joseph, Orangeburg, 
8. C. 

BRYAN, Mliton, lawyer, judge, legis- 
lator; b. near Benton, Columbia coun- 
ty, Fla., Oct 28, 1869; s. David Stew- 
art and Nancy B.; ed. Emory College, 
1887; initialed by Georgia Bpsilon, 
Jan. 20, 1888, later affiliated with 
Florida Upsilon, which chapter he 
founded; eminent archon; judge Va- 
lusia county court, Florida; mem. 
legislature of Oklahoma territory and 
first and second legislature of state 
of Oklahoma; vice-president State Bar 
association; m. Viriginia Dallis Bryan, 
June 80, 1887. Address, 204 W. Main 
St, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

BRYAN, William Morgan Case, physi- 
cian, university instructor; b. St 
Louis, Mo., Nov. 24, 1875; s. William 
J. S. and Nethie (Case) B.; ed. Wash- 
ington University, 1897, University of 
Michigan, 1898, Johns Hopkin's Uni- 
versity, 1902; editor Student Life; in- 
itiated by Missouri Beta, Oct 6, 1894; 
eminent treasurer and chronicler; at- 
tended St Louis S. A. E. Natl con- 
vention; instructor in ear, nose and 
throat diseases St Louis University; 
otolaryngologist to Alezian Bros. 
Hospital St Louis; resident physi- 
cian German Hospital, Fhiladelphla, 
1902^; mem. St Louis Medical so- 
ciety, Missouri State Medical associa- 
tion, American Medical association, 
American Academy of Ophthalmology 
and to Lamgology; honor mem. 
Phi Beta PhC medical fraternity; 
m. Helen Louise Kemlin, June, 
1908. Address, Metropolitan Bldg., 
Grand Ave., and Olive St, St Louis, 

BRYANT» Vaughn, newspaper work; b. 
Kansas City, Mo., Sept 19, 1888; s. 
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. B.; ed. University 
I of Missouri, 1911; vice-president 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


senior clan lit JonmallBin; board of 
editors University UlsBoorlaii and 
Owl. manager Qoadrvngle Dramatic 
club, senior play committee, Jonlor 
prom, committee; mem. Kappa Tau 
Alpbk, boaorarr fraternity In Journal- 
ism, mem. Hounds, Tomb and Key; 
autbor of Hundred DoUar Bill musical 
comedy presented by Quadrangle 
Dramatic club; Initiated by Mtuourl 
Alpba, Sept. S6, 1907; eminent arcbon 
and cbronlcler; S. A. E. building com- 
mittee; attended Kansas City S. A. H. 
Nafl canTentlon, 1910; reporter oa the 
ICansas City Star; traveled tbree 
montbs In Mexico. Address, 3025 
Flora Ave., Kansas City, Ho. 

BUCHANAN. Fnnk A, Jr„ Insurance; 
b. Newpwt. Kr., Dec. 6, 1882; s. Mr. 
and Hrs. F. A. B.; ed. Unlreslty of 
Cinctimat], DniTorslty of MlcUgan. 
IMW; basket ball, manager football 
team at Cincinnati; mem. Slgma-Slg- 
ma; Initiated by Oblo BpsUon, Oct 
S4, 1908; brother of Harry O. Bu- 
chanan, Jr.: 8. A. B.; general agent 
Amertcan Fidelity Co. Address, 
residence: 632 Washington Are., New- 
port. Ky.; office: Johnston Bldg^ Cin- 
cinnati, Ohia 

BUCHANAN. J. David, physician; a. P. 
C. and America V. B.; ed. Bmory and 
Henry, 1889, University of New York 
and BeUevue Hedlcal CoUege, 1892; 
editor Emory and Henry Exponent, 
official Literary socle^; initiated by 
TlrgtnU Pi, Oct 1884; eminent 
arcbon; brother of A. B. Buchanan. 
Vliglnia Fl; tint assistant physician 
8. W. Steele Hospital; chairman 
Smyth county democratic commit- 
tee; D. D. G. M., A. F. and A. H., 
Address, Harion, Ta. 

BUCHANAN, Richard Bell, studmt; b; 
Dec 16, 189S; s. O. V. and HatUe 
(Starr) B.; student at Unlreralty of 
nilnois; Initiated by nUnols Beta, Oct 
28, 1911. Address, 201 N, Hoffett Ave., 
JopUn, Ho. 

BUCKINGHAM, Theophllus Nash. In- 
surance; b. Uemphls, Tenn., Hay 81, 
1880; s. Hlles Sherman and Annie 
(Nash) B.; ed. Harvard University, 
1903, trnlTersity xif Tenneasee Law 
Schotri. 190248; captain footbaU, 
baaatall, track, nrted best all around 

athlete at Tennessee; mem. HcKln- 
ley club; initiated by Haesochuaetts 
Qamma, Jan. 37, 1900; later affiliated 
with Tennessee Kappa; eminent 
deputy arcbon, Uassachuaetts Gam- 
ma; attended Hemphla S. A. K. Nat'l 
convention, 1904; now president of 
[he Hemphis Alumni association; 
Qre and general Insurance busl- 
aess; bootball critic for Hemphla 
Commercial-Appeal, contributor to va- 
rious magazines, IncludlDg Recrea- 
tion; amateur heavy weight champion 
Southern A. A. U.; trap shooter, de 
luxe; m. Irma Lee Jones, Jtme 1. 
1910. Address, residence, 11S4 Union 
Ave., office, 1 S. Hain St, Memphis, 
BUCKM1NISTER, William Read. law. 
yer; b. Melrose, Mass., Jan. IT, 1872; 

B. William Bradley and Christine J. 
(Chanse) B.; ed. Harvard University, 
1894; graduated summa cum laude, 
3. 8. B. Harvard. 1896; InlUated br 
Uassachusetta Qamma, March 17, 
1S98 (charter member) ; founder 
Massachusetts Gamma and Its first 
eminent archon; mem. Salem club, 
Salem, Uass.; m. Mary A. E. Ulller, 
first June 10, 1887, Mabel C. Coz, sec* 
ond, Dec. 2. 1908. Address, residence. 
Forest Hall, Burlington, Blasa., and 
Westminster Hotel, Boston; Office, 
449-461 Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

BUHRMAN, Robert Louis, chemist; b. 
Nov. 16, 1889; s. Harry C. and Ellzs' 
betta (Fopp) B.; ed. Universtty of 
Micbl^n; mem. Alchemists, class 
athletlce; Initiated by Michigan Iota- 
Beta, March 6. 1909; chemist with 
the Andrews Steel (ki. at Newport 
Ky. Address, 918 Elberon Ave., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

BULKELEY, Archie Wllllama; b. Nov. 
23, 1888; s. James C. and Sarah C. 
((k>pley) B.; student at University of 
Denver; Initiated by (Colorado Zeta, 
Jen. 25, 1910. Address, Frulta, Colo. 

BULKELEY, Max M., lawyer; b. Knox 
county, ni.. Sept 29, 1883; s. James 

C. and Sarah C. (Copley); ed. Univer- 
sity of Denver, 1908; varsity football; 
Initiated by Colorado Zeta, Dec. 19. 
1908; brother of R. C. Bulkeley. Colo- 
rado Zeta and Archie W. Bulk«VBT. 
CQlorkOo ZMa; tfta te mu ft 4»m!ws«»>!& 



COODtj central committee; B. P. O. B. 
and I. O. O. V. Address, Wr»T. Colo. 

BULL, Henry Tflghman. V. 8. army 
ofllcer: b. Weit Cheater, Va., Mar U. 
1880; a. Commodore Jamea H. and 
Kate (TlUman) B.; ed. UnlTeraltj of 
tbe SouUi, 1901: Harvard nnlveraltT: 
initiated by Haaaachtuatta Oanuna, 
March 18, 1899, Uter afflUated with 
Tennenee Omega; Pint Lieutenant 
ISth U. a. caralrr; m. Sally Pranklis 
Walnwright, April G, 1904. Addreaa, 
Fort Riley, Kan. 

BULLITT, JoshuaPry, lawyw; b. JeBer- 
Hin county. Ky., July 24, 1866; a. 
Joshua Fry and Bllsabetta Roland 
(Smith) B.; ed. Washlnston and Lee 
Unireraity; initiated by Virginia Big. 
ma, Oct, 1876; took high rank in his 
claaaes and a leading part in college 
life, and especially in the literary so- 
cieties and ethletlcs; studied law 
with a private class under his father 
and es-attorney-gener&l, James Speed. 
He commenced the practice of lav in 
18S0 !n LoulsTlUe, wltb his father. In 
1887, he and Henry C. HcEtowell, of 
Lexington, Ey., (now Judge of the 
United States Circuit Court tor the 
Western District of Virginia) went to 
Mineral City (now Big Stone Qep), 
formed a partnership, and soon en- 
Joyed a lucrative practice. In 1894 
the firm of Bullitt ft McDowell waa 
dissolved, and in 1S95, Mr. Bullitt 
formed a partnership with Mr. J. L. 
Kelly, with offlces at Big Stone Gap 
and Bristol, Va. Their bnaineas fa 
chiefly for corporations, but they do 
alflo a general piactlce. Mr. BuDltt 
Is also president of the Big Stone 
Ow I'and Co., the Centnry Land 
Co., and The Virginia-Kentucky 
Coal emigration. He was a member 
of the Kentucky Legislature In 188&- 
6; a candidate for c<HigreaB In Vir- 
ginia in 1896, bnt withdrew from the 
race after the adoption of the Chi- 
cago platform. He waa first Lieut, and 
then Capt of the Crescent Hill Quarda 
(Cavalry), which afterwards became 
Co. B. of the LoulsvlUe Legion. Bis 
military training stood Um well In 
hand when he moved to Big Stone 
Gap. He and hla partner, Hr. Mc- 
JkfwvH Msamlsed the "Polio* Onard" 

of Big Stone Ov), a Uw.and-or4er or- 
ganliatloa eatabUalied nnd« authority 
of the town conndL About forty of 
the beat men ot the town Joined. Bol- 
lltt waa elected captain. From one ot 
the most disorderly of southwest Vir- 
ginia towns. Big Stone Oap aoon be- 
came the moat orderly. The "Guard" 
is Billl kept up. "Blufr^raaa and 
Rhododmdron," by John Fox, Jr., oon- 
tains tlila dedication: "To Joahna F. 
Bullitt, Henry Clay McDowell. Horace 
Fox, the first three captalna of the 
Guard." One of the stories of this 
book, "CivHising the Cumberland," 
contains a very interesting account 
ot the "Police Guard" and Its captain. 
In 1SB7 be organised the athletic asso- 
ciation of the Big Stone Gap, of wbicb 
be was president until he resigned in 
1906. His favorite diversiona are rid- 
ing, shooting; tennis, pool baas flahlng, 
whlBt and chess. He is the author of 
"Panics and Their Causes" which ap* 
pearad is the Southern Magaalne In 
1894; of the "New Woman," an ad- 
dress delivered before the AJumni as- 
sociation of the Washington and Lee 
University in 1898, and afterwards pub- 
lished In the Southern Collegian; of 
"Truats and Labor Unions," a paper 
read at the Virginia State Bar Assn. 
meeting in 1998, and published in the 
renorts ot the meatlsg; and ot "Ob- 
JecU<ms to the Torrens System," a 
pamphlet which la given the credit ot 
having defeated the Torrens BUI In 
the Virginia Leglalature In 190G-6. 
At the 191t meeting of the Virginia 
Bar association be was elected presi- 
dent; m. Maggie Talbott Churchill, 
18S5. Address, Big Stone Oap, Va. 
BUNTING, George Herbert, pree. Bunt- 
ing-Stone Hardware Co.: b. Qalveaton. 
Tex.. Oct 19, 1878: B. Robert Frank- 
lin Bunting, St., (deceased), Tennes- 
see Zeta, and Chrissie (Sharps) B.; 
ed. Southwestern Presbyterian Uni- 
versity: captain varsity football, cap- 
tain varsity baseball, varsity cham- 
pionship long distance running; bus- 
iness manager College paper; Initi- 
ated by Tennessee Zeta, April 26, 
1891; with Harry H. Cowan, Michi- 
gan Alpha, he waa the tonnder of 
PennKytvanla AlplukZeta, which took 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

Ita naaw tram a eombliutlon of the ' 
saiiiM of their obJipten: together 
with hie brothw, Bmitj Banting, Ten- 
neaeee Zetn, he revlTed Oeorgla 
BpeUon In 189S, which had sne- 
cnmbod a victim of tbe blackball 
(see 8. A. E. HIet Vol II.. p. 171), 
while reeldlng lo Atlanta in the earlr 
nlnetlee, he was a atrong factor, and It 
was his training that Influenced the 
fratenltr careers of O. Bendee Hai^ 
rison. Georgia Fhl, and Uo^d S^irlow, 
Ceorgla Phi, both of whtMU later be- 
came emlnmt aapreme archon; he 
became a oo4(nmder with hla brother, 
Harrr Banting, of the B. A. E. Hostler 
(now pnbUshed under the name <A 
tbe FU Alpha) and was Its flrst 
baslnesa manager; when Ulssourl Al- 
pha and Mlsaoiirl Beta In their earlr 
hlBtory passed through the period of 
streas, he Tlslted them, and rerlved 
them, and from that time ther have 
steadUr developed Into the strong 
chiqrtera ther are at present; In 18S4, 
be founded Arkansas Alpha-Upsllon 
and a little later, he organised tbe 
two locals which In 1897 became 
Lonlalana Bpsllon and ijoulslana Tau- 
UpeUon; he was an organiser of the 
Atlanta, Chicago and Kansas Cltr 
Alninnl association of the frateniltr 
and while living In these cities serv- 
ed aa president of each; he was prov- 
Ince prealdent of province Oanuna 
(now province Bpsllon), and of Prov- 
ince Zeta; delegate to the S. A. B. 
Natl convention at Chattanooga. 
18>2, St Lonls, 1896, Washington, 
IMS, Memphis, 1904, Kansas Citj, 
1910; he has been an associate editor 
of the Record for flfteen years; In 
1901 he co-operated with Elmer B. 
Sanford, Hichlgsn Iota-Beta, in the 
establishment of Kansas Alpha and 
acted as eminent recorder at the 
Installation of that chapter; s. of 
Robert F. Bunting, Sr., Tennessee 
Zeta, brother of Robert F. Bunting, 
Jr., Tennessee Zeta, William M. Bunt 
Ing, Te n nesse e Zeta, Harry Bunting, 
Tennessee Zeta; a president of tbe 
Bvnttn^tone Hardware Co. in Kan- 
sas <^tr, be Is the bead of the largest 
hardware concern in the southwest; 
mem. University club, Hld-Dar club. 

Commercial chtb, CUj club; m. Ka^ 
Jorle Hunger, Sept. S6, 1901. Ad- 
dreoB, 804-8 Walnnt street, "'■"■m 
City, Mo. 
BUNTING, Henry sunhope, publisher; 
b. 1870; B. Robert Franklin, Sr., Ten- 
neesee Zeta, and Chrlssie (Sharps) 
B.; ed. Southwestern Presbyterian 
University, 1891; winner Washington 
Irving society medal, 1887; editor In 
cblef S. W. B. U. Journal, 1890, winner 
DDiverslty Journal eeaaylBt medal, 
1891; president Washington Irving Ut- 
erary society, 1891; winner flrst medal 
one hundred yard dash, winner tolnt 
society public debate, 1S91, coot- 
mencement orator, 1891; Initiated by 
Tennessee Zeta, Sept IS, 1S88, while 
a senior In the preparatoTT depart- 
ment of the Unlverdty and so had 
five years of active membership; he 
revived Tennessee Eta and Ken- 
tuckr Iota in 1888; elected associate 
editor of the Record br the 1888 
convention and was presented with 
a gold headed cane by the same 
convention for securing largest 
number of Bubscrlbers to the Record 
that year; he revived the Tennessee 
Kappa In 1890; founder of Colorado 
Chi In 1891 and aa his recommenda- 
tion to this chapter the Investlgatloa 
followed which resulted in the estab- 
llBhment of Colorado Zeta; he was the 
originator of a series of letters writ- 
tec on a type-eetting machine, struck 
off on proof paper, and m^led to 
numerous and widely separated S. A. 
E. workers, these unique documents 
were white hot with fraternity enthn- 
Blaam and have become known as 
"The Bunting Specials" In the -his- 
tory of the fraternity; they were 
really the fore-runner of the 
Fhl Alpha. Copies are very rare. 
Together with bis brother, George 
H. Bunting, Tennessee Zeta, he 
fouided the S. A. E. HusUer 
(now published under the name of 
The Phi Alpha) and was Its flrst 
editor; the Atlanta Nat'l convention 
of 1891 unanimously tendered him 
the position of eminent supreme ar- 
chon, which be declined; he was 
greatly Interested In the removal of 
our mother ctk&ptAT at \^« '^3'n!n«n.\xi 


of AUliuna, and In the Bummer of 
1891, with the aBslstance of ftlumnl 
Kt Florence, AIa., he lalUftted WUUftm 
Mitchell Adanu, a Bophomore tn that 
InetltuUon, who resided In Florence, 
and AdamB returned to TuBColooaa 
and re-eatabUshed Alabama Hu; 
AdamB afterwardB wrote the In- 
spiration for the work of re-eBtablleh- 
Ing Hu chapter Is Isrgelr due to bro- 
ther H. S. Bunting;" visited H. C. 
Burser, Ohio Sigma and Oeorge K. 
Denton, Ohio Delta In Boston In 1898 
and with them planned for New Eng- 
land extension; together with hia bro- 
ther, Oeorge H. Bunting, Tennessee 
Zeta. he reTlred Georgia Epsllon In 
1892; he performed one of the most 
Important flerrices ever rendered Sig- 
ma Alpha EpBlIon when In the sum- 
mer ot 1892 he visited Toscoloosa and 
after a vigorous Bearch succeeded In 
recovering the original secretair'a 
minutes of tlie first two years of the 
mother chapter'B existence. These 
records had been lost for over thirty- 
four rears and If they had not been 
recovered at that time, it is probable 
they would have been lost forever 
(see S. A. B. Hist., Vol. II., p. 176), 
he was elected an alunmus advisory 
member of the supreme council by 
the Pittsburgh Nat't convention of 
1898, a position which lias disappear- 
ed In the course of the evolution ot 
this governing body; he was associ- 
ated with bia brother, lieorge H. 
Buntlnfc, In the organisation of the 
Kansas City and the Chicago Alumni 
association of the fraternity, and tie 
was the first secretary of the latter 
and later its president; he founded 
Illinois FsI'Omega In 1894; delegate 
to the 9. A E. Nat'l conventions at 
Nashville, 188S, Atlanta, 1891, Chat, 
tanooga. 1S92, Memphis, 1904; acted 
as eminent recorder at the Installa- 
UonB of Wisconsin Alpha and 1111- 
nolB Theta; author of "Hot Greek 
SporU" in the songs of Sigma Alpha 
Epsllon; fl. of Robert F. Bunting, St., 
Tennessee Zeta, brother of Robert F. 
. Bunting, Jr., Tennessee Zeta, William 
M. Bunting, Tennessee Zeta, Oeorge 
H. Bunting. TeanesBoe Zeta; after 
graduation he was on the staff of the 

AtlanU ConaUtutlon, the Chicago TH- 
bune and a contributor to periodi- 
cals; graduated from both the Klrks- 
vllle School of Osteopathy and in the 
regular school of medical practice; 
publisher of the Osteopathic Journal 
and other medical papers; in 1906 he 
purchased The Novelty Newa, then a 
mere circular and has built It up Into 
one of the greatest trade papers In 
the world, and a property of substan- 
tial value; author of a book entitled, 
"Specialty Advertising — the New 
Way to Build BuBiness:" m. Cbrtsto- 
belle Van Asmus, June SO, 1898, at 
Orand Rapids, Mich. Residence, Lake 
Blutt, ni, office, S16 8. Market St, 
Chicago, 111. 
cantile; b. Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 18, 
1866; s. Robert F. Bunting. Br., Ten- 
nessee Zeta, and Chrissle (Sharpe) 
B.; ed. South wee tern Presbyterian 
University, 1888; associate editor and 
business manager of the College 
paper; mem. track team, vanity 
crew; initiated by Tennessee Zeta, 
Dec. 16, 1885; eminent c(»Tespondent; 
delegate Columbia, B. C. S. A. B. 
Nat'l convention. 1887, Chattanooga 
S. A. B. Nat'l convention. 1892; at- 
tended the NaehvtUe S. A. B. Nat'l 
convention, 18BS, and the Kansas 
City S. A. B. Nafl convenUon, 
1910; he was one of the earliest 
members of the fraternity to urge the 
erection ot a memorial to the founder; 
editor of the Florence, Ala.. Herald 
1389-42; business manager Bl Paso, 
Tex., News, 1902; publishing business 
la Chicago In 190S; since 1904 vice- 
president of the Bunting-Btone Hard- 
ware Co.; mem. Commercial clnb, 
City club, Knife and Fork club. Elks. 
Address, 804-6 Walnut St. Kansas 
City, Mo. 

lURTIS, Chariee Lamb, student; h. 
Dec. 28. 1892; s. Henry J. and Carrie 
C. (Jobes) B.; student at Syracuse 
University; initiated by New York 
DelU, Oct 20, 1911. Address, 1164 B. 
Stole St, Trenton, N. J. 
BURTON, WIIMsm Albert, college treas- 
urer; b. Trafalgar, Ind., Jan. 19, 1871: 
B. James T. and Mary A. B.; ed. 
Franklin College, 1908; Initiated by 



Indlaaa Alpha, Jan. 27» 1900; brother 
of Gran B. Barton, Indiana Alpha; 
treasurer of Franklin College; m. 
Mabel A Fraley. Aug. 29, 1905. Ad- 
dress, 138 W. Adams St, Franklin, 

BUTLERy George Pllneae, educator; b. 
Augusta, Ga., Jan. 30, 1875; s. George 
P. and Blla (Morague) B.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Georgia, 1894, Uniyersity of 
North Carolina; captain in cadet bat- 
talion. University of Georgia, 1893-4; 
mem. order of Geinghouls, Univer- 
sity of Georgia, Sphinx, captain 
Georgia football team, 1894-5; initi- 
ated by Georgia Beta, Oct 1, 1891, 
later affiliated with North Carolina 
Xi; principal and commandant Rich- 
mond county Academy; m. Levy Carl- 
ton, July 26, 1906. Address, 544 Tel- 
fair St, Augusta, Ga. 

BUTLER, Paul Laighton, student; b. 
Boston, Mass., June 4, 1884; s. David 
P. and Bleanor R. (Bisbee.; ed. Har- 
vard University, 1908, at present stu- 
dent Harvard Law School; vice-pres- 
ident University debating council; in- 
itiated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
Nov. 24, 1905; eminent recorder and 
steward; delegate Atlantic City S. A. 
B. Natl convention, 1909, served on 
important committee of investigation 
which was a factor in bringing New 
Hampshire Alpha into the fraternity, 
(see S. A. B. History, Vol. n, page 
405) ; traveled all Buropean countries 
except Russia and Norway, also vis- 
ited northern Africa and Asia Minor; 
m. Bessie Wilson Smith, Aug. 20, 
1909. Address, 74 Park St, Somer- 

BUNTING, Jsmes Ernest, engineer and 
contractor; b. Flushing, N. T., Nov. 1, 
1874; s. James and Harriet (Samnis) 
B.; ed. Harvard University, 1898; in- 
itiated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
March 7, 1896; First Lieutenant 3rd 
U. 8. VoL infantry 1898, saw service 
during Spanish-American war at San- 
tiago, Guantanamo, Baracoa, Cuba, 
Mason, Alderman New York City, 
190e-7; m. iignes M. GUUes, 1891. Ad- 
dress: Flushing, N. Y. 

BUNTING, Robert Franklin, II, graph- 
ite miner; b. Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 
18, 1866; s. R. F. and Chrissie 

(Sharpe) B.; ed. Southwestern Pres- 
terian University, 1889; initiated by 
Tenessee Zeta, Dec. 26, 1886; s. R. F. 
Bunting, Tennessee Zeta, brother of 
Henry S. Bunting, Tennessee Zeta, 
George H. Bunting, Tennessee Zeta 
and WdUiam M. Bunting, Tennessee 
Zeta; delegate Nashville S. A. B. 
Natl convention, 1888, and Chatta- 
nooga 8. A B. Nat'l convention, 1889, 
charter mem. Chicago Alumni associa- 
tion of S. A. B.; managing director of 
the Black Donald Graphite Co., Ltd, 
doing graphite mining and refining 
business at Calabogie, province of 
Ontario, Canada, m. Anna Jewel Bod- 
die, at Memphis, Tenn., June 14, 1897; 
Address, care Black Donald Graphite 
Co., Calabogie, Ont, Can. 

BURDETT, Harold William, chemist; 
b. Leominster, Mass., Dec. 30, 1887; 
8. William Chase and Marrian 
(Clough) B.; ed. Worcester Polytech- 
nic Institute, ItflO; class cross coun- 
try team; initiated by Massachusetts 
Delta, March 9, 1907; eminent herald; 
chemist Viscoloid Co.; mem. Leomin- 
ster Board of Trade, Fitchburg Choral 
society, president Colonial club. 
Address, 67 Orchard St, Leominster^^ 

BURDETTE, John Homer, lumberman; 
b. Hinton, W. Va., Feb. 2, 1888; s. L. 
B. and Bettie A (Withrow) B.; ed. 
Gettysburg College; baseball; initi- 
ated by Pennsylvania Delta, Sept 24, 
1910. Address, 1553 Quarrier St, 
Charlestown, W. Va, 

BURGER, Hiram Growl, clergyman; b. 
Lisbon, O., Jan. 30, 1865; s. Samuel 
and Lovina (Crowl) B.; ed. Mount 
Union College, 1890, Boston Univer- 
sity; editor College paper, The Dyna- 
mo; Greek orator, 1890, contest de- 
bater, 1890; initiated by Ohio Sigma, 
Oct 27, 1887, later affiliated with 
Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon; first 
eminent archon of Massachusetts 
Beta-Upsilon, eminent recorder of 
Ohio Sigma; founder of Massachu- 
setts Beta-Upsilon and active in other 
New Bngland extension work; editor 
of the Record, and mem. of the Su- 
preme Council 1894-96, delegate to 
Cincinnati, 1890, Chattanooga, 1892, 
Pittsburgh, \%^Z, ^aa\i\xl1l^oIl, VS^V, 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

mnd 8t LonlB, 1896, 8. A. B. Nat'l 
conventions; attended province Alpha 
conventions; clergyman Methodist 
church; m. Nellie Abigale Bums, Oct 
81, 1906. Address, 8ylvania, Ohio. 

BURKE, Walter Horace^ pnbUc service 
corporation; b. Lyman, Maine, June 
7, 1884; s. Israel 8. and Bvelyn M« 
(KimbaU) B.; ed. University of Maine, 
1906; 8oplL Hop committee. Junior 
Prom, committee, chairman Univer- 
sity assemblies and senior class day 
committee, varsity football and bas- 
ketbaU; initiated by Maine Alpha* 
May 9, 1903; eminent recorder; with 
8tone and Webster Management 
association, (General Managers Public 
8ervice Corporations; m. Grace 8. Ha- 
ley, Oct 18, 1909. Address, 1604 Com- 
merce 8t, Dallas Texas. 

BURNAUQH, H. M., student; b. May 
17, 1892; s. James Duncan and Lucile 
(Clary) B.; student at Kentucky 
State University; Qlee club. Dramatic 
club, Strollers, Mystic Thirteen; in- 
itiated by Kentucky Epsilon, Oct 10, 
1910. Address, Paris, Ky. 

BURQE88| Louis Green, educator; b. 
Waterford, Ontario, Sept 19, 1882; 
s. B. W. and Katherine (Green) B.; 
ed. University of Wisconsin, 1908; 
business manager, 1908 Badger; initi- 
ated by Wisconsin Alpha, Oct 1906; 
instructor Central High School, De- 
troit; mem. Detroit Bar; Mason. Ad- 
dress, 128 B. Blizabeth St, Detroit 

BUR FORD, Cyrus Edgar, surgeon, uni- 
versity instructor; b. Qivard, ni., Aug. 
20, 1876; s. G. M. and Blizabeth B. B.; 
ed. Central College, 1899, St Louis, 
University; president senior class; 
St Louis University Medical departs 
ment; initiated by Fayette branch of 
Missouri Alpha, Oct 1, 1896; genito- 
urinary surgeon; instructor genito- 
urinary diseases medical department 
St Louis University, genito-urinary 
surgeon St Louis City Hospital, Mt 
St Rose Sanitarium, St Louis Mater- 
nity Hospital; mem. American Uro- 
logical association and American 
Medical association; m. Katherine 
Humber, June 35, 1899. Address, Cen- 
tury Bldg., St Louis, Mo. 

BURKS, Paul, lawyer; b. Adairville, 

Ky., July 31, 1878; s. Jessie H. and 
Sabina (Dismuhes) B.; ed. Cumber- 
land University, George Washington 
University; baseball and track; initi- 
ated by Tennessee Lambda, Jan. 23, 
1897; charter member of 8. A. B. 
Alunmi association of Southern Cali- 
fornia; in charge A. T. ft Sante Fe 
railroad company's law department 
for Arizona since 1904, with same de- 
partment as assistant solicitor since 
1899; secretary Arizona Bar associa- 
tion; m. Stella BumiUer, April 26, 
1905. Address, Prescott Ariz. 

BURLING, Harold Dodge; ed. Univer- 
sity of Illinois, 1911; initiated by lU- 
inois Beta. Address, Riverside, 111. 

BURNETT, Joseph Hamilton, student; 
b. July 27, 1893; s. Thomas L. and 
Margaret B.; student University of 
Maine; varsity football squad, class 
football; class executive committee; 
initiated by Maine Alpha, Nov. 17, 
1911. Address, 1193 Bennington St, 
B. Boston, Mass. 

BURROW, Robert, student; b. Feb. 6, 
1889; s. Robert and Bell (Lyle) B.; 
student at Cumberland University; in- 
itiated by Tennessee Nu, Sept 1908, 
later affiliated with Virginia Sigma, 
later affiliated with Tennessee. 
Lambda. Address, 711 Hoi. Ave., 
Bristol, Tenn. 

BURROWS, William, clergyman; b. 
New York City, 1880; s. WilUam and 
(Gertrude B.; ed. St Stephen's College, 
1902, Berkeley Divinity School, 1905, 
Tale, 1906; senior class president; in- 
itiated by New York SigmsrPhi, Feb. 
12, 1897; eminent archon, deputy 
archon, recorder; rector Trinity Epis- 
copal church, Bloomington, Ind.; m. 
Winifred B. Johnson, 1906. Address, 
Trinity church, Bloomington, Ind. 

BURTON, Royal Lawrence, student; b. 
May 4, 1890; s. James B. and Eta 
(Renners) B.; student at Franklin 
College; class president, football, 
captain baseball and basketball, man- 
ager baseball; initiated by Indiana 
Alpha, Dec. 17, 1908. Address, Sand- 
bom, Ind. 

BURTON, Scott Noel, student; b. Pied- 
mont, S. D., May 28, 1888; s. Joseph 
W. and Mary S. B.; student at Univer^ 
sity of South Dakota; mem. Sterling 


Law MaocUUon, bniliiMB nunagw 
Tolantc^ College weeklj; InltUted by 
SoatlL Dakota Sigma. Jan. S7, ISll. 
(charter mem.): emlaent arcbon and 
treasurer. Addreaa, E3m Sprlnga, 
8. D. 

BUSHNELL, Clarence E, mercbantUe; 
b. JeBerwm, O., Not. 22, ISSI; ■. J. 
C. A. and Laara A. (Oag«) B.; ed. 
Honnt UuloD CoUess, 1882; president 
claaa day; initiated by Oblo Sigma, 
JnlT IS. 188S; mercbant, RoTal Arch 
MaaoB. Knlgbt Templar, Tin^tnn 
Temple A. A. O. N. H. S-i m. Annie 
H. Norman, April 10. 1S84. Bealdence, 
49B Plrmontb Are., offlce, 82 Carroll 
St, Boiralo, N. T. 

BUTLER, Henry Audubon, manofM- 
torer; b. Tonngatown, C, Oct. 8, 
1872; B, Joeepb Green and Harriet 
Vooibeea (Ingeraoll) B.; ed. Harvard 
UalTerally, 1897; bonorable mention 
In German literature, PI Eta aodetr, 
Pierian Sodality, Deutscher Vereln, 
Harvard; Initiated by HaaiachaBetta 
Gamma, Jan. 21, 1898; captain and 
manager 8. A. E. baseball team, S. 
A. B. tootbaU team; engaged In Iron 
and ateel biutnesa, aaalatant general 
superintendent Toungstown Sbeet and 
Tube Co.: two general tours of Bur- 
ope; m. Sarah Grace Heatb, Oct 18, 
1900. Address. S2 Wick Place. 
Toungatoim, 0. 

■UTLER, Peter Watten, eapItaUst; b. 
Uadlaon, Ga., April 4, 1886; ■. Daniel 
Edward and Virginia T. (Walton) B.; 
ed. Uercer nniverilty, 1877. Sontliem 
Hedlcal College, 1884; first honor 
Southern Medical Oollege; initiated by 
Georgia Psi, Dec. 8. 1ST2; state sensr 
tor, l»aa.l904, presidential elector, 
1908-1909; owner and manager local 
telephone plant; m. Louise Goodwin. 
1891. Address, Leesburg, Pla. 

BYLUND, Watton Robert, student; b. 
Hay 21, 1888; a. Walter and Anne 
(Blmle) B.; ed. Uassachnsetts In- 
atltnte of Technology; varsity track; 
mem. U. L L A. A. and Advisory (3oun- 
etl, claaa executive committee. Ad- 
dress, 16G Derby Ave., Derby, Caaa. 

BYNUM, Ollvsr Clegg. broker; b. 
Orange eonnty, N. C. Hay 10. 1864; a. 
Luther B. and S. J. B.; ed. University 
ot Hortta Carolina, 1886; chief mar 

shall, 188G; Initiated by North Caro> 
Una XI, March U, 1886; attended 
NashvUIe S. A. B. Natl cwventlon, 
1885; cotton goods broker; n. Cara 
J. AtwAter, Jan. 16, 18W. Address, 
22 Battery St. San BVanelact^ Cat 

CABANI8S, Edward H.. Uwyer; b. 
PoryBth, Ga., Oct 1, 1857; a. George 
A. and Juliet (McKay) C; ed. Mercer 
University, 1815; class salutatorlan, 
eecood hoDor on graduation; Initiated 
by Georgia Fsl. Oct 15. 1812; former- 
ly mem. Alabama BUte Senate, pres- 
ident Blnnlnijiam Bar Bssociation; 
m. Martba F, Jelks, sister ot Gov. 
JelkB, at Union Springs, Ala., Dec. 
13, 18S2. Residence. 1251 Highland 
Ave., offlce. First National Bank 
Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. 

CABANI88, Henry Harrison; b. 
Forsyth, Ga., June 21, 1S48; e. Judge 
Elbrtdge Gerry and Sarah (Chfpman) 
C; ed. University of Georgia; Initi- 
ated by Georgia Beta. Jan. 1867; 
publUher of the Atlanta Journal, 
1SS7-03, Augusta Chronicle. 1903-05; 
state manager Cltlsens' Lite Insur- 
ance Co.; associate secretary Geor- 
gia Senate, 18 years; president Nv 
tional Union 1899-00: president 
Georgia Press association; prealdent 
Southern Press association; vice- 
president Associated Preas; preat 
dent Carnegie Library, Atlanta, IBOl- 
02. Addreae. 406 Peachtree St, At 
lanta, Ga. 

CADWELL, Ralph Kenneth, student; b. 
Nov. 2. 1894; B. OrviUe Clyde and 
Mlonie (Burdlck) C; student at 
Unlveralty ot South Dakota; College 
orchestra, 1911; initiated by South 
DakoU Sigma, Nov. 1. ISll. Address, 
732 W. 8th St, Slouz, FbUb. S. D. 

CAFFERV, Jamas Parkerson, civil en- 
gineer; b. Lafayette, La., Oct 2. 1890; 
e. Chas. D. and Mary Catherine C; 
ed. VirgluU Military Institute, 1910; 
football t«am. 1909; initiated by Vir- 
glala Theta, Dec. 1909; brother of 
Jefferson Caffery, Lonlalans Tau-Up- 
sUon; civil ea^aeer with Southern 
Pacific railroad. Address, Lafayette, 



CAFFERY, Jaffanon, diplomat; b. La- 
fayette, La., Dec. 1, ISSS; >. CharlM 
D. and Uarr C. (Parkenoa); ed. at 
Tulaoe Unlveraitr, 1906; class vice- 
preeldent, track team; Initiated bj 
LoulBlana Tau-tJpallon, Oct S, 1903, 
eminent treasurer; In the United 
States diplomatic service; at present 
secretarr of legation and charge d* 
affairs, ad Interum to Venesnela. 
Address, cue American Legation, 
Caracas, Venezueta. 

CAIN, Stith M„ lawyer, h. 1888; ed. 
VasderbUt University, 1890; Initiated 
by Tennessee Nu, Sept SO, 1894; Unl- 
Terslty club. Address, Vanderbllt 
Bldg., NashTlUe, Tenn. 

CAIRNS, Clyds Kampsr, mercantile: b. 
Walnut HiUs, Cincinnati, O.. Aug. 6, 
1877; s. George 3. and Rhoda C; ed. 
University of Cincinnati, IBOO; Initi- 
ated by Ohio EpsUon, Sept 28, 1896; 
eminent archon, deputy arcbon and 
correspondent attended province 
conventions at Colambua, duunpaign, 
Lafayette, Delaware, Chicago; dele- 
gate to S. A. E. Nat'l convention at 
Nashvine, 1898; Boston, 1900; visi- 
tor at Atlantic City Nat'l convention. 
1909; served as president of Cin- 
cinnati Alumni association, president 
of province Delta, 190(M)8; traveling 
solicitor for the American Tool 
Works Co., builders of metal working 
lathes, radial drills, etc. > Address 
Rldgetown Ave., College HIU. Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

CALOER, Milton, banker; b. Wilming- 
ton, N. C, July 12, 1881; s. William 
and Alice C; ed. University of North 
Carolina, 1908; track team, PU Beta 
Kappa; Initiated by North Carolina 
XI, Oct 2, 1900; brother of B. B. 
Calder, North CaroUaa XI; savings 
bank cashier. Address, Sll N. Srd 
St, Wilmington, N. C. 

CALDWELL, Harlan Laa^ geologUt; b. 
Slouz FaUs, S. D., March 16, 1SS6; s. 
George E. and Uary C; ed. Univer- 
sity of South Dakota, 1911; local edi- 
tor of College paper; business manar 
ger of Junior Annual; mem. of Phi 
Psl Omega Engineering club; Initi- 
ated by South Dakota Sigma, Jan. 27, 
1911; attended province convention 
Mt Jowa City. 1909, as represenUk 

tlve of petitioning local at Univer- 
sity of BooUi DakoU, also in same 
capacity attended Nat'l conventlou at 
Kausae City; assistant Topographer 
V. S. Qeologlcat Surv«y. Address, 
6S5 S. Minnesota Ave.. Biouz Falls, 
S. D. 

CALDWELL, Joseph Anderson, lawyer; 
b. Bristol, Tenn„ Dec. SS, 1884; s. 
John H. and Margaret C; ed. Univer- 
Bity of Tennessee, University of Vir- 
ginia, 1906; at University of Tennes- 
see, president of athletic association, 
editor-in-chief of Volunteer, varsity 
football, I908-0G; at University of 
Virginia, vanity football, mem. of 
Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity and T. 
I. L. K. A.; Initiated by Tennessee 
Kappa, Jan. 14, 1904, later afflUated 
with Virginia Omicroa; eminent 
archon of Tennessee Omicron, 1900, 
and of Virginia Omicron, 1907. Ad- 
dress, 6S0 Locust St, Bristol, Tenn. 

CALDWELL, Joseph Hardwiek, mer- 
cantile; b. Chattanooga, Tenn., March 
21, 1S91; ■. James L. and Margaret 
(Hardwiek) C; ed. Cumtierland Uni- 
versity, 1910; president of Jnnlor 
^aw class, president of Dratelian 
Literary society, vanity football, 
1909-1910; initiated by Tennessee 
Lambda, Sept 18, 1909; eminent re- 
corder and eminent archon; delegate 
to Iota province convention at Clarks- 
vUle; passed Tennessee Bar examin- 
ations at age of nineteen, the yonng- 
eat on record; secretary and sales- 
manager of the Tennessee Store 
Works. Address, Lookout Hottntaln, 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

CALKINS, Donald James Famandraw, 
civil engineer; b. Lewis county. 
Wash.. May 16, 1888; s. Myron James 
and Minna (Ford) C; ed. University 
of Washington, 1907; claaa president 
1906; Initiated by Washington Alpha. 
cl»rter mem.; eminent archon 1900- 
07; assistant city engineer, Everett, 
Washington; m. Mabel Bryant 
Adams, Sept 6, 1910. Address, 
1624 Wetmore Ave., Everett Wash. 

CALL, Msriyn Bush, physician; b. Iowa 
City, ta., June SO, 1888; ed. Unlvei^ 
sity of Iowa. A. B., 1906, M. D. 1911; 
Scimitar and Fes, Irving Institute, 
Dnmatle club; initiated by Iowa 



Beta^ Feo. 8, 1908; eminent recorder, 
eminent treasurer; visitor at prov- 
ince Zeta c<mTention, 1909; house 
pbjsician Iowa State Hospital. Ad- 
drees, University Hospital, Iowa 
City, la. 

CALLAHAN, Morgan Batchelor, stu- 
dent; b. Sept 14, 1891; s. Joshua B. 
and Adelaide B. (Batchelor) C; 
student at George Washington Uni- 
versity; initiated by Washington City 
Rho, Nov. 18, 1911. Address, Somer- 
set, Mcmtgomery county, Md. 

CAMERON, Dwightt clergyman; b. 
(Geneva, Switzerland, Jan. 2, 1875; 
s. Dwight Foster and Fannie B. (Nor- 
ris) C; ed. University of the South, 
1908; president Pi Omega Literary 
society two years; winner of Knight 
Medal in saocotion, 1901; mem. min- 
strel club and dramatic club; initi- 
ated by Tennessee Omega, April 
10, 1900; eminent warden, deputy 
archon, correspondent and archon; 
clergyman Protestant Bpiscopal 
church; m. Violet Willard Bielby, 
June 1, 1905. Address, 1006 Luttrell 
St., Knoxville, Tenn. 

CAMERON, James Oscar, lawyer and 
ci4>italist: b. 1867; ed. Cumberland 
University, 1889; initiated by Tennes- 
see Lambda, April 10, 1885; regent 
New Mexico MiUtary InsUtute, 1890- 
1896; commissioner to the Tennessee 
Centennial e^[K>Bition; delegate to 
National Irrigation Congress, delegate 
to National Democratic convention, 
1904, New Mexico State Councillor, 
1906-1907; Shriner; president Camer- 
on Lumber Co., Ltd., Victoria, B. C; 
m. Beatrix Freeman, daughter of 
Judge A. A. Freeman, associate Jus- 
tice of New Mexico, April 27, 1893. 
Residence, 1263 Richardson St, ofllce, 
365 GarbaUy Road, Victoria, B. C. 

CAMPBELL, Bruce Alexander, legis- 
lator, lawyer; b. Albion, ni., Oct 28, 
1879; s. Joseph M. and Annabel C; 
ed. University of Illinois, 1900; presi- 
dent Bryan Democratic club, 1898, 
assistant editor mini, varsity debate 
team 1899; Phi Beta Kappa, (charter 
meuL); eminent correspondent and 
treasurer; delegate to province con- 
ventions at Champaign and St Louis, 
president of board of directors Illi- 

nois Beta association; state represen- 
tative in the Illinois legislature 1905; 
mem. executive committee Illinois 
SUte Bar association, 1911; ap- 
pointed member of practice com- 
mission by Gov. Deneen, 1910-1912; 
president Illinois Elks association* 
present member grand lodge of Elks; 
district attorney for B. A O. S. W. 
railroad for Illinois and Missouri, 
division counsel Southern railroad; m. 
Beulah W. Campbell, June 19, 1906. 
Residence, 1472 College Ave., E. St 
Louis; ofllce, Kramer, Kramer and 
Campbell, 624-633 Murphy Bldg., E. 
St Louis, 111. 

CAMPBELL, George Franklin, student; 
b. Feb. 8, 1889; s. William and Agnes 
(Paterson) C; student at Purdue 
University; editor-in-chief 1912 "De- 
bris," president Pan-Hellenic Coun- 
cil; initiated by Indiana Beta, April 
3, 1909. Address, Coal City, HI. 

CAMPBELL, Hilary Ersklne, lawyer; b. 
Havana, ni., Oct 3, 1876; s. Washing- 
ton Hilary and Elisabeth (Conwell) 
C; ed. Leland Stanford Junior Uni- 
versity, University of Chicago, North- 
western University Law School; ini- 
tiated by California Alpha, Oct 1899; 
president Chicago Alumni association, 
1908; Shriner; clubs: Chicago Athlete 
ic, Edgewater Golf, Edgewater Coun- 
try (president); traveled in Europe, 
1897; mem. of State and Chicago Bar 
associations; partner in law firm 
Pain, Campbell and Kasper; m. Lor- 
raine Decker, June 26, 1901. Resi- 
dence, 1066 Berwyn Ave., Chicago; 
office, 1301 l8t Nan Bank Bldg., Chi- 
cago, ni. 

CANBY, Henry 8., physician; b. Port- 
land, Ore., March 14, 1876; s. James 
P. and Francis Olivia C; ed. Univer- 
sity of Colorado, Bellevue Hospital 
Medical College, 1901; baseball and 
tennis teams; initiated by Colorado 
Chi, Sept 25, 1896; m. Eleanor S. 
Shakelford, Sept 22, 1909. Address, 
606 Metropolitan Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

CANNING, John Edwsrd, lawyer; b. 
Ballinamore, Ireland, March 29, 1865; 
8. John and Margaret (Creamer) C; 
ed. Boston University, 1895; initiated 
by Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon, 
March 29, 1894; mem. University 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

club, Catholic club. Knlshts of Co- 
lumbus, partner of law linn of Corn- 
stock and Canning, Providence R. I.; 
m. Bllen Q. Fitzgerald, Oct 29, 1895. 
Address, 10 Weybosset St, Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

CANNON» Henry Ross, mercantile; b. 
Dec. 6, 1886; s. Richard and Sarah 
(Thomas) C; ed. Bethel College.' 
1906; Philomathian Literary society; 
iniUated by Kentucky loti^, 1908; 
eminent correspondent; mem. Odd 
Fellows, Woodmen of the World. 
Address, Leitchfleld, Grayson coun- 
ty, Ky. 

CANTRICK, Qeorge Townsend, student; 
b. Feb. 1, 1892; s. Frank and Mary 
Townsend) C; student Adrian Col- 
lege, class of 1914; vice president of 
class of 1911, society orator, 1911, de- 
bating team, 1911; editor-in-chief- 
Freshman World; initiated by Michi- 
gan Alpha, Jan. 28, 1911. Address, 
Adrian, Mich. 

CAPERS, John Q.» lawyer; b. Anderson, 
S. C, April 17, 1866; s. Bishop Bllison, 
(deceased) S. C. Delta, and Charlotte 
(Palmer) C; ed. South Carolina Mili- 
tary Institute, 1885; Furman Univer- 
sity; president CUOiopean Literary 
society, winner orator's medal, 1884; 
initiated by South Carolina Lambda, 
1884, (charter mem.), later affiliated 
with South Carolina Phi, Furman 
University; served the fraternity as 
editor of the Record, eminent su- 
preme treasurer and eminent su- 
preme archon, delegate to conventions 
at Nashville, 1888; Charlotte, 1889; 
Cincinnati, 1890; Atlanta, 1891; Chat- 
tanooga, 1892, and Washington, D. C, 
1894; mem. for South Carolina of the 
Republican Natl committee; dele- 
gate at large Chicago Natl conven- 
tions, 1904 and 1908; mem. of Bar, 
Supreme Court of the U. S., U. S. 
district attorney for South Carolina, 
U. S. commissioner Internal Revenue, 
1907-09; studied in European coun- 
tries the internal revenue system of 
taxation; author Condensed Treatise 
Internal Revenue Laws; m. Lilla 
Trenholm, 1895. Address, Bvans 
Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

CAPSHAW, James Winfred, student; 
b. Dec. 5, 1891; s. Dr. M. T. J. and 

Rebecca M. (Briggs) C; student at 
University of Oklahoma; mem. Ath- 
letic council 1909, also secretary- 
treasurer 1910, and president of same 
1911; varsity football captain 1911), 
All Southwestern team, 1908-10, pres- 
ident of 1914 Law class, assistant 
manager of ''Sooner" (Ck>llege an- 
nual); mem. of Senate Literary 
society; Phi Delta Phi legal frat- 
temity; initiated by Oklahoma Kap- 
pa, Oct 23, 1909; delegate to county 
and state democratic convention, 
1912; brother to Elmer A. Capshaw, 
Oklahoma Kappa. Address, Norman, 

CARBERRY, William Lawrence, edu- 
cator; b. Panora, la., March 18, 1885; 
s. James Henry and Mary Anne 
(WaUh) C; ed. University of Iowa, 
1909; president senior class; Zeta- 
gathian, Newman and Waskivi so- 
cieties; president Hyperion Literary 
society, winner Freshmen Oratorical 
contest, varsity football, track and 
baseball, humorous editor of Hawk- 
eye; initiated by Iowa Beta, Nov. 17, 
1906; eminent correspondent; prin- 
cipal of Schools, Tankton, S. D.; 
Knight of Columbus, Forester. Ad- 
dress: Tankton, S. D. 

CARD, Nathaniel Forest, student; b. 
Sept 13, 1890; s. McLau«^ilin and 
Edith May C; student at University 
of Denver; varsity football; initiated 
by Colorado Zeta, Oct 2, 1909. Ad- 
dress, Manville, Wyo. 

CAREY, Howard J., student; b. July 
28, 1891; s. Emerson and Anna May 
(Puterbaugh) C; student at Cornell 
University, football squad, soccer, 
class rush team; initiated by New 
York Alpha, Oct 23, 1909; eminent 
correspondent, treasurer, chronicler. 
Address, 821 Main St, Hutchinson, 

CAREY, William M.; b. Pueblo, (3olo., 
Sept 30, 1886; s. Martin A. and Co- 
ral3m C. (Potter) C; ed. University 
Of Denver, 1908; initiated by Colora- 
do Zeta, 1905; experienced railroad 
rate clerk; m. Berta L. Cathcart, Oct 
4, 1906. Address, Box 239 R. R. 1, 
Pueblo, Colo. 

CARLINQ, Philip, student; b. Oct 8, 
1889; s. Alfred and Christina (Staver- 



feldt) C; student at STracuse Uni- 
versity; varsity basebaU; initiated by 
New York DelU, Oct 20, 1910. Ad- 
dress, Jamestown, N. T. 

CARLSON, Robert Clarence^ student; 
b. Brooklyn* N. T., Jan. 5, 1890; s. 
Adolph Otto and Anna Louise C; 
student Northwestern University; 
mem. Qlee club» Adelphic Literary 
society, vice-president T. M. C. A., 
Oxford club; initiated by Illinois 
Psi-Omega» April 4, 1910; eminent 
chronicler. Address, 113 S. Oxford St, 
Brooklyn, N. T. 

CARMODY, Arthur Bernard, real 
estate; b. Tacoma, Wash., April 22, 
1889; s. Daniel and Anna (Fitzpatr 
rick) C; ed. University of Washing- 
ton; initiated by Washington Alpha, 
April 22, 1910; European travel. Ad- 
dress, 727 18th Ave., North Seattle, 

CARNDUFF, Arthur Wiliard, lawyer; b. 
Chicago, ni.. Sept 23, 1885; s. William 
and Agnes C; ed. University of Indi- 
ana, 1907, Northwestern University 
School of Law, 1908; "Syllabus" staff 

1908, 'Arbut-is" staff, 1907; mem. of 
Acacia, Phi Delta Phi legal frater- 
nity; initiated by Indiana Qamma, 
Feb. 1, 1907; eminent correspondent 
1907; author short stories and 
lyrics; m. Alia Mary Rhodes, Oct 20, 

1909. Residence, 562 Adams St, 
office, 527 Broadway, Gary, Ind. 

CARNEY, Edwin Lee^ mercantile; b. 
ClarksviUe, Tenn.; s. Norfleet Lynn 
and Hattie (Qrinter) C; ed. South- 
western Presbyterian University; in- 
itiated by Tennessee Zeta, Sept 24, 
1904; eminent herald, chronicler, re- 
corder, correspondent treasurer, depu- 
ty archon and archon; delegate prov- 
ince Nashville, 1906, Jackson, 1911; 
Natl convention Atlanta, 1907 and 
Atlantic City, 1909; president of prov- 
ince Iota; brother of Norfleet L. Jr., 
Clarence G. and Richard R., Carney; 
with Dunlay Milling Co. Address, 825 
Franklin St, ClarksviUe, Tenn. 

CARNEY, Richard Rodney, student; b. 
Dec. 3, 1894; s. Norfleet Lynn and 
Hattie (Grinter) C; student South- 
western Presbyterian University, 
class of 1915; initiated by Tennessee 
Zeta, Nor. 1, 1911; brother of B. L. 

Carney, Tennessee Zeta, N. L. Car- 
ney, Jr., Tennessee Zeta and C. G. 
Carney, Tennessee Zeta. Address, 
325 Franklin St, ClarksviUe, Tenn. 
CARPENTER, Percy Robert, coUege 
professor; b. Meriden, Conn.; June 4, 
1882; s. Arthur and NeUie Maria C; 
ed. Harvard University, 1907; gym- 
nastic team three years, manager and 
captain-elect of same, secretary-treas- 
urer Harvard-Exeter club, varsity 
track team; initiated by Massachu- 
setts Gamma, Dec. 16, 1905; assistant 
professor Hygiene and ^lysical Edu- 
cation Amherst CoUege, assistant 
Dean three years; editor Intercol- 
legiate gsrmnastic handibook, Spald- 
ing's Athletic library, contributor of 
athletic articles to New York Sun, 
Boston Journal, Field and Stream, 
Motor Boating; author "Guidebook 
of Fishing in the Yellowstone Na- 
tional Park;" m. Percy Viola Mln- 
ich, Nov. 24, 1906. Address, Ken- 
drick Place, Amherst Mass. 
CARR, Clarence James, student; b. 
Sept. 19, 1892; s. Almon and Elizabeth 
(Houser) C; student at Allegheny 
College; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Omega, April 3, 1911. Address, 1085 
Market St, MeadvUle, Penn. 
CARR, Fred Parker, lawyer; b. Orford, 
N. H., March 10, 1876; s. John Oscar 
and Mary E (Edwards) C; ed. Bos- 
ton University, 1903; Initiated by 
Massachusetts Beta-UpsUon, Feb. 16, 
1901; mounted orderly under Gen. 
Frank in Spanish-American war; 
mem. Mt Vernon lodge I. O. O. F., 
board of aldermen, Medford, Mass.; 
m. Lucy A. Witham, Aug. 5, 1908; 
Address, residence, 16 Temple St W. 
Medford, Mass., office, 101 Tremont 
St, Boston, Mass. 
CARROLL, John Russell, student; b. 
Nov. 19, 1893; s. Harry M. and Carrie 
Lewis (Davis) C; student at Dickin- 
son CoUege; class baseball; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi, Sept 19, 
1910. Address, Federalsburg, Md. 
CARROLL, Thomas Andrew, lawyer and 
legislator; b. Providence, R. I., March 
13, 1869; s. Patrick and Hannah (Mor- 
rison) C; ed. Boston University, 
1895; Initiated by Massachusetts 
Beta-UpsUon, Nov. 10, 1893; eminent 



archon; delegate Nat'l convention, 
Washington, D. C.» 1894; mem. State 
Legislature 1902, 1907, 1908, candi- 
date for lieutenant-governor and at- 
torney general on the democratic 
ticket; traveled in Mexico. Address, 
87 Weybosset St, Providence, R. I. 

CARSON, John Avery Gere Jr., mgr. 
naval stores; b. Savannah, Ga., Nov. 
3, 1882; s. John A. Q. and Carrie G. 
C, ed. Georgia School of Technology, 
1904; initiated by Georgia Phi, Sept. 
27, 1899; mem. Ancient Landmark 
lodge No. 281 F. and A. M. Georgia 
Chapter No. 3 R. A. M., Palestine 
Commandery No. 7, K. T., and Alee 
Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.; clubs, 
Oglethrope, Savannah Golf, Savan- 
nah Tacht; vice-president Carson 
Naval stores Co.; m. Ruth C. 
Ward, Nov. 1, 1910. Address, Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

CARTER, Richard Whitney, student; b. 
Aug. 14, 1890; student Ames College; 
class 1914; yell leader, treasurer 
Freshmen class; initiated by Iowa 
Gamma, June 3, 1911. Address, 1817 
6th Ave., Rock Island, 111. 

CARTWRIGHT, Troy Cantreil, student; 
b. Dec. 3, 1891; s. George B. and 
Dorothy (Bradford) C; student at 
University of Michigan; initiated by 
Michigan Iota-Beta, Nov. 11, 191L 
Address, 980 Marion St, Denver, 

CARUTHER8, Allen, lawyer; b. Lobar 
non, Tenn., Feb. 22, 1866; s. William 
and Fanny C; ed. Cumberland Uni- 
versity, 1887; initiated by Tennessee 
Lambda, Sept 25, 1885; assistant 
prosecuting attorney Logan county, 
Oklahoma, 1891-1892; chairman Dem- 
ocratic Central committee, Logan 
county, Oklahoma, 1891-1892; candi- 
date for Supreme Court, Second De- 
partment State of New York, 1911; 
large clientage among German nobil- 
ity; delegate to numerous politi- 
cal conventions; m. Loretta Caru- 
thers, 1898. Address, 47 W. 34th St, 
New York City. 

CARY, Foster Harrington, physician; 
b. Jamaica Plain, Mass., Aug. 30, 1874; 
s. Hiram and Frances C; ed. Harvard 
University, 1898; initiated by Massa- 
chusetts Gamma, Nov. 21, 1896; dele- 

gate Nat'l convention Washington 
Du C, 1909; mem. Massa/chusetts 
Medical society. Past Master Olive 
Branch lodge A. F. and A. M.; visit- 
ing physician to Memorial and Wor- 
cester City Hospitals; m. Catherine 
Wklton Carter, Oct 1911. Address, 
11 Elm St, Worcester, Mass. 

CAS8EDY, Harvey Irving, student; b. 
Norfolk, Va., Oct 18, 1890; s. Jdtm L 
and Vesta H. C; student University 
of Pennsylvania, Wharton; Freshmen 
Poster committee; initiated by Penn- 
sylvania Theta, Oct 19, 1910; emi- 
nent correspondent; secretary Alle- 
gheny Improvement Co. Address, 
Forest Glen, Md. 

CA88IDY, Herbert Arthur, clergsrman; 
b. Washington, D. C, Dec 12, 1885; 
s. Arthur B. and Fannie Florence; ed. 
Boston University; class baseball and 
basketbaU, vice-president debating 
club, vice-president and treasurer T. 
M. C. A.; initiated by Massachusetts 
Beta-Upsilon, Oct 14, 1908; eminent 
herald, warden, chaplain; clergy- 
man in Methodist church; m. Bthel 
Bugbee Smith, April 5, 1911. Ad- 
dress, 21 Bfain St, North Baston, 

CA8TLEN, Charles Ruby, physician; b. 
MadisonviUe, Ky., June 29, 1886; s. 
Charles H. and Alice (Taylor) C; ed. 
Washington University, Medical 
School, 1909; varsity fbotball four 
years; initiated by Missouri Beta, 
Oct 15, 1905; visitor province Zeta 
ccmvention St Louis and Natl con- 
vention Kansas City 1910; Medical, Re- 
serve Corps, U. S. army, physician St 
Louis City Dispensary Service; broth- 
er of Harry Wightman C, Missouri 
Beta, 1909. Residence, 82 Amherst 
Ave., University City, St Louis, Mo. 
Address, Medical Reserve Corps, U. 
S. army, Washington, D. C. 

CA8TLEN, Harry Wightman, lawyer; 
b. Owensboro, Ky., Aug. 18, 1884; s. 
Charles H. and Alice (Taylor) C; ed. 
Washington University, 1909; presi- 
dent Freshmen class and Senior Law 
class; mem. Blackstone debating so- 
ciety, varsity footbaU 1905, 1906, 1907, 
mem. Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity; 
initiated by Missouri Beta, Oct 15, 
1905; eminent archon; delegate Natl 



conventloii, Atlanta; city clerk Uni- 
▼ertitj 01^ and with American Wo- 
man's league; brother of Charlee 
Ruby C; Mlsaouri Beta, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 82 Amherst Ave University 
City, St Louis, Mo. 

CHAMBERS, Roscoe Conkling, broker; 
b. Ottumwa, Iowa, Sept 26, 1879; ed. 
UnlYersity of Kansas, 1904; mem. 
Quill Club; editor-in-chief University 
of Kansas Weekly; initiated by Kansas 
Alpha, charter mem.; eminent treas- 
urer, chronicler, correspondent; mem. 
committee of K. C. Alumni fOr Nat'l 
convention, 1910, Kansas City; con- 
tributor to Record. Address, 185 
Linwood Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

CHANDLER, Henry Alfred Ernest, Uni- 
versity professor; b. Victory, Vernon 
county. Wis., Mar. 5, 1878; s. William 
Heorj and Btoile (Hendrix) C; ed. 
Northwestern University, 1905; mem. 
Deru (senior societyl, Adelphic Lit- 
erary society, president History club 
and Men's club, Alunmi president 
1905; initiated by Illinois Psi Omega, 
Oct 18, 1900; eminent correspondent 
delegate province Delta convention, 
Champaign and Washington, S. A. B. 
Natl convention, 1902; acted as emi- 
nent correspondent at the installa- 
tion of Wisconsin Alpha, eminent 
warden at the installation of Kansas 
Alpha and eminent recorder at the 
re-fnstallation of Virginia Theta; 
professor of economics and history 
and head of department of economics 
at the University of Arisona; two 
trips abroad, visited Italy, France, 
Germany, the Netherlands, Switser- 
land and England; contributor to 
magaaines and newspapers on educa- 
tional, economic and social ques- 
tions; mem. American Economic As- 
sociation, American Historical As- 
sociation, American Political Science 
Association, American Association 
for the Advancement of Labor Legis- 
lation; m. Elisabeth Williams, Aug. 
1, 1898. Address, University Campus, 
Tucson, Arts, 

CHANDLER, Leo 8t Cialr, banker; b. 
St Louis, Mo., Sept. 4, 1878; ed. Le- 
land Stanford Junior University, 1900; 
initiated by California Alpha, Sept 
12, 1896; trust officer, Los Angeles 

Trust and Savings Bank; m. Louise 
McFarland. Residence, 687 W. 28rd 
St, Los Angeles, CaL office. Trust 
department Los Angeles Trust and 
Savings Bank, Los Angeles, CaL 

CHANDLER, Walter C, lawyer; b. 
Jackson, Tenn., Oct 5, 1887; s. Wil- 
liam H. and Mary Knozie (Clift) C; 
ed. University of Tennessee, 1909; 
class football, baseball, basketball, 
class president and poet associate 
editor "Orange and White;" mem. 
Phi Kappa Phi honorary fraternity; 
initiated by Tennessee Kappa, Oct 14, 
1907; eminent recorder, correspond- 
ing secretary Memphis Alumni asso- 
ciation of S. A. E.; winner of prise 
offered by Colonial Dames of Am- 
erica for best essay on Colonial Am-' 
erlcan history; mem. Mississippi His- 
torical society; author various arti- 
cles on Tennessee, Mississippi and 
Confederate history; associated in 
practice with C. L. MarsiUiot Ad- 
dress, 1282 Exchange Bldg, Memphis, 

CHAPMAN, James Edwin, mining engi- 
neer; b. near Cherokee, Iowa, Dec. 
27, 1875; s. Thomas E. and Lydia L. 
C; ed. Northwestern University and 
Columbia University; editorial staff 
of "Northwestern," "Syllabus Board," 
casts "Trig Cremation" (freshmen 
play), and Junior play; initiated Illi- 
nois Psi-Omega, S'ept 12, 1894, (char- 
ter mem.), later affiliated with New 
York Mu; delegate S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, Kansas City, 1910, con- 
tributor to Record of S. A. E.; mem. 
American Institute of Mining Engi- 
neers, Nat'l Qeographic society, Am- 
erican Association for Advancement 
of Science; has been engaged in min- 
ing work in Ecuador, Central America 
and Mexico; assistant superinten- 
tendent of the Mammoth mine, which 
is one of the largest copper mines 
in the world; m. Alma Marie Peter- 
son, Dec. 28, 1909. Residence, 344 S. 
Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. Of- 
fice, Mammoth, Shasta county, Cal. 

CHAPPEL^ Allen Robert, student; b. 
Nov. 80, 1888; s. Dr. George M. C; 
student at Iowa State College, class 
captain Quo Vadis, varsity basket- 
baU, 1909, 1910, \^\\, N%x%Ntoj \s»V 



baU, 1909, 1910, 1911, all-Ml8B0url 
Valler team, 1910, 1911, second All- 
western team (Eckeraairs), 1911; 
mem. Athletic council. Cardinal 
guild, A. A. fraternity; initiated by 
Iowa Gamma, May 17, 1909. Address, 
1144 20th St, Des Moines, Iowa. 

CHAPPELLE, John D^ lawyer; b. 
Whistler, Ala., May 11, 1884; s. L. 
H. S. and Isabella E. C; ed. South- 
em University, 1904; initiated Ala- 
bama Iota, Sept 27, 1900, later affi- 
liated with Alabama Mu; eminent ar- 
chon, 1904, vice-president province 
Epsllon, 1904-1906, delegate to prov- 
ince Epsilon convention, 1904; demo- 
cratic nominee county Judge, Logan 
county, Ala., 1910; brother of L. H. 
S. Chappelle, Jr., Alabama Iota, and 
T. H. Chappelle, Alabama Iota. Ad- 

. dress, 108ViK E. Oklahoma Ave., Guth- 
rie, Okla. 

CHARL8, George Herbert, manufactur- 
ing; b. Cincinnati, Ohio, May 27, 
1878; 8. George Henry and Lizzie H. 
C; ed. Cincinnati University, ex- 
1902; president Athletic council, cap- 
tain football team; initiated by Ohio 
Epsilon, Oct 5, 1898; mem. Middle- 
town board of education, American 
Society Testing Materian; assistant 
secretary and sales manager Am- 
erican Rolling Mills Co., Middletown, 
Ohio; m. Alice C. Medaris, June 5, 
1901. Address, 806 Yankee road, 
Middletown, Ohio. 

CHARTERS, Werrett Wallace, Univer- 
sity dean; b. Hartford, Ontario, Oct 
24, 1875; s. Alexander M. and Mary 
Ann (Mealey) C; ed. McMaster 
University, University of Chicago, 
Ph. D., 1904; president senior 
class (McMaster); initiated by 
Illinois Theta, March 9, 1903 (char- 
ter mem.) ; dean of School of Educa- 
tion, University of Missouri; mem. 
Association College Teachers of Edu- 
cation, Theta Delta Kappa (honor 
educational fraternity) ; author, 
Methods of Teaching; m. Jessie 
Blount Allen, Dec. 23, 1907. Ad- 
dress, 215 S. Garth St, Columbia, 

CHASE, Arthur Clifford, horticulturist; 
b. Sheepscott Me., July 8, 1886; s. 
NoTA A. C; ed. University of Maine, 

1910; president freshmen class, var- 
sity baseball, football and track, as- 
sistant artist "College Prison;" initi- 
ated by Maine Alpha, Oct, 1906; as- 
sistant Horticulturist, Waldo Hills Or- 
chard Co. Address, Macleay, Ore. 

CHASE, Daniel, T. M. C. A. work; b. 
Baring, Me., Nov. 26, 1885; s. Gran- 
ville Chase and Caroline (Polleys) 
C; ed. University of Maine, 1908; 
class president varsity football and 
baseball, president Debating society, 
Liberati, T. M. C. A. ; initiated by 
Maine Alpha, Sept 1904 ; eminent her- 
ald and archon; delegate province Al- 
pha convention, 1908, vice-president 
province Alpha 1908-1909; county sec- 
retary T. M. C. A., Eastern Delaware 
county, N. T.; m. Alice S. Bearce, 
Jan. 31, 1911. Address, Y. M. C. A. 
BIdg., Roxbury, Delaware county, 
N. Y. 

CHASE, Howard Harwood, student; b. 
Dec. 18, 1889; s. William H. and 
Annie S. (Harwood) C; student, 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
class 1913, treasurer sophomore 
class; initiated Massachusetts Delta, 
Oct 30, 1909. Address, 25 Grove Ave., 
Leominster, Mass. 

CHASE, Lyie Dudley, student; b. Leb- 
anon, N. H., Jan. 30, 1888; s. Eugene 
C. and Sarah (Dudley) C; student 
at Dartmouth College; mem. College 
choir, Greek Play, 1909, Prom show, 
1908, Glee club, 1908, freshmen foot- 
ball squad, varsity track squad, 
1908-1911; initiated New Hampshire 
Alpha, Dec. 4, 1908; visitor province 
Alpha convention, Worcester, 1910. 
Address, 24 Spring St, Lebanon, 
N. H. 

CHASE, Sumner Bereman, student; b. 
April 6, 1888; e. Charles B. and 
Eulalie (Rittner) C; student at Uni- 
versity of Iowa (medicine); mem. 
Dramatic club. Ivy Lane, Nu Sigma 
Nu medical fraternity; initiated by 
Iowa Beta, Oct 19, 1908. Address, 
West Iowa City, Iowa. 

CHENEY, Charles Baldwin, editor; b. 
Ft Madison, Iowa, June 29, 1872; s. 
J. W. and Lavinla (Baldwin) C; ed. 

' Simpson College, 1894; Barker ora- 
torical medal, 1891, president senior 
class; initiated Iowa Sigma, Feo., 

WHO-S WHO IN a. A. : 


1890; eminent archoo; secretary to 
majror of UloneapoUi, 18SB-1B0O; po- 
litical editor UfnneapoUa Journal; 
European travel, ISOd; m. Lova M. 
Allen, Feb. 23, 18S9. Addreee, 2431 
Hennepin Are., Minneapolis, Minn. 

CHENEY, Roydan WInthrop, insur 
ance; b. West Lebanon, N. H., April 
29, 187S; B. Reuben Howard and 
Nellie Adelaide (Buiroughe) C; ed. 
Harvard UnlTersltr, 1901; Initiated 
by Hassacbueetts Qamma, May IS, 
1898; eminent recorder; asalstant 
manager for New Hampahlre and 
Vermont, Tbe Mutual Life Insurance 
Co., Tlce-presldent New Hampshire 
Life Underwriter's club; Mason, F. 
and A. M., Calumet club of Manches- 
ter, Harvard club of New Hampshire, 
Harvard club of Keene, Wllloughby 
Flsb and Game club, Le Beau Lac 
Boat club; m. Nellie May MacLarn, 
Jan. 7, 1909. Address, 641 Beech St, 
Manchester, K. B. 

CHITTENDEN, Rollln d'Evsrs, stu- 
dent; b. Sept It, 1893; s. Ledru Rol- 
lln and Henrietta (d'Evers) C; stu- 
dent at University of Denver; Inter- 
collegiate debater, winner Cranston 
oratory prize, editor-ln-chlef Kyne- 
wisbok. captain class football and 
baseball, mem. dramatic club; Initi- 
ated by Colorado ZeU, April 4, 1911. 
Address, 415 S. High St, Denver, 

CHUBB, Herman Blaney. student; b. 
July 28, 188T; s. Col. Cbarles St 
John, U. S. A., and Sarah (Eaton) 
C; student at Oeorge Washington 
University; assistant editor "Qeorge 
WaahlnKton University News," as- 
alstant edlto^ "The University 
Hatchet;" mem. Enoclnlan Debating 
society and Calcium club, prealdent 
senior class; Initiated by WashlnK- 
toD City Rho, March 20, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 6 Tbe Lenox, Wasbhiston, D. 
CHUMBLEY, John A» lawyer; b. 
March 26, 1887; a. WUUam and Bai- 
lie C; ed. Cumberland Unlveralty, 
1910; Lebanon Law School; president 
Literary aodety and Debating club; 
Inlated br Tenaa — o e Lambda. Oct 4, 
IIM; mem. K. of P. lodse, K. R. and 

S.; partner law firm Crownover and 
Chumbley, TuUahoma and Hanchea- 
ter, Tenn. Address, Tullahoma, 

CtASAUGH, aamuel Francis, editor; 
b. Birmingham, Ala, March 6, 1890; 
8. John Henry and Martha (Hlnton 
Graves) C; ed. University of Ala- 
bama, A. M., 1909; editor of College 
weekly and annual; mem. Glee club, 
pr^flldent Dramatic club; Initiated 
Alabama Mu, Sept, 1906; eminent ar- 
chon, delegate S. A. E., Atlantic City 
convention, 1909; eetabltsher and 
'idilor "The Tuscaloosa News;" au- 
thor newspaper and magazine arti- 
cles. Address, Tuscaloosa, Ala- 

CLAIBORNE, James Robert, Jr., law- 
yer; b., 1882; ed. University of Mls- 
Bouri, 1906; Initiated by Missouri Al- 
pha, Sept 12, 1903; criminal and clvU 
practice state and federal courts. 
Address, 714 Wainwright Blvd., St 
Louis, Mo. 

CLARK, Andrew Minor, engineer; b. 
Keokuk, Iowa, April 11, 1887; s. Roll- 
1q and Virginia (Minor) C; ed. Uni- 
versity of Illinois, 1911; mem. "Hel- 
ment" honorary sophomore society; 
iDitlated by Illinois Beta; with Halll- 
dle Machinery Co. Address, 2808 
Broadway, North SeatUe, Wash. 

CLARK, Byron Currle, clergyman; b. 
Clarkton, N. C, Feb. 17, 1870; s. 
John H. and Margaret A. (Currie) C; 
ed. Davidson College, A. M. Prince- 
ton. 1893; represented college In In- 
tercollegiate oratorical contest, class 
iirt^sldent; Initiated by North Carolina 
Tbeta, Sept 14, 1887; delegate S. A. 
E. Nashville convention. 1888; direc- 
tor National society for Broader Edu- 
ciition; doctor of divinity; author 
"The Church that Conquers;" bro- 
ther of O. L. Clark. North Carolina 
Theta; m. Edith Oldham, Feb. 17, 
1897. Address, Salisbury, N. C. 

CLARK, Edward Leonard, student; b. 
March 6, 1886; s. Horace and Amy 
E. (AndrewBj C; student at Syra- 
cuse Unlveralty; freshmen baseball, 
treasurer Junior class; Initiated by 
New York Delta. Nov. G, 1908. Ad- 
dress, Wllllamstown. Vt. 

CLARK, Willis A^ contractoi-. b. Iwil. 
», 18S4; ed. Ia\ul& fiXKatox^ ^Ms!isn 



Univerilty* 1907; leader of orches- 
tra; initiated by California Alpha, Jan. 
1905; eminent archon; general con- 
tractor; m. Stella Whitman, Feb. 8, 
1911. Address: residence, Warrin 
AiMurtments, Post and Jones Sts., San 
Francisco, CaL; office, 667 Monad- 
nock Bldg., San Francisco, CaL 

CLARKE, Samuel Edwin B., student; 
b. Jan. 6, 1890; s. Beers and Jane 
(Bowers) C; student at University 
of Minnesota; mem. Adelphian club; 
initiated by Minnesota Alpha, Not. 7, 
1910. Address, W. S6th St, Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

CLARKE, Thomas Henry, lawyer; b. 
Arctic, R. I., April 14, 1878; s. Thom- 
as W. D. and Susan B. (Hammond) 
C; ed. Boston University, 1908; ini- 
tiated by Massachusetts BetSrUpsilon, 
March 24, 1908; mem. Manchester 
lodge No. 12, A. F. and A. M.; gen- 
eral practice; m. Marie B. Theis, Oct 
18, 1910. Residence, Centerville, R. 
I. Office, 912 Banigan Bldg., Provi- 
dence, R. L 

CLAUSEN, Rasmus, Jr., civil engineer; 
b. Steelton, Penn., Aug. 28, 1886; s. 
Rasmus and Mary (Anderson) C; ed. 
Bucknell University, 1911; varsity 
(football, basketball, track; initiated 
Pennsylvania Zeta, June, 1908; emi- 
nent recorder; bridge and construc- 
tion inspection. Address, 117 King 
St, Harrisburg, Penn. 

CLAYTON, Hoy B., student; b. Aug. 
3, 1890; s. W. D. and Samantha 
(Lewis) Ct; student at University of 
Wisconsin, freshmen football; initi- 
ated by Wisconsin Alpha, Dec. 9, 1911. 
Address, 222 E. Russell St, Monroe, 

CLAY, Saunders E., lawyer; b. Hender- 
son, Ky., March 29, 1882; s. James 
F. and Bessie (Eaves) C; ed. Central 
University 1904; initiated by Kentucky 
Kappa, Sept 14, 1901; county attor- 
ney McCracken county, Ky.; m. 
Katherine A. Curry, Danville, Ky., 
Feb. 9, 1910. Address, Paducah, Ky. 

CLOUQH, Clifton Cromwell, student; 
b. Nov. 9, 1888; s. Charles A. and Jen- 
nie S. (Cromwell) C; student at 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, di- 
rector athletic board, secretary Wor- 
cester Cbemicai club, mem. board of 

editors of senior class book, varsity 
track and footbaU (captain 1912), 
holder local shot put and discus 
records; initiated by Massachusetts 
Delta, Oct 14-19, 1908; delegate to & 
A. B. Kansas City Nat'I convention, 
1910. Address, Vineyard Haven, 

CLUTTON, Frederick Homer, college 
registrar; b. Butler county. Pom., 
Sept 6, 1884; s. Qeorge WUson and 
Ellen (Ridgeway) C; ed. Northwes^ 
em University, A. B., 1907, A. M., 
1908; fellowship in economics depart- 
ment, 1907-1908, winner Harris prise 
in economics, 1908; mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa; initiated by Illinois Psi Ome- 
ga, Feb. 22, 1908; registrar of medical 
school. Northwestern University; 
mem. University club of Chicago; m. 
Bffie Virginia Fixen, Aug. 4, 1909. 
Address, 1813 Carmen Ave., Chicago, 


COBB, Edwin, physician and Univer- 
sity instructor; b. Independence, 
Iowa, June 18, 1886; s. Frank B. and 
Nettie O. (Dolphin) C; ed. Univer* 
sity of Iowa, A. B., 1909, M. D., 1911; 
editor medical department of annual 
and medical department of ''Hawk- 
eye," mem. Hyperion club. Phi Rho 
Sigma medical fraternity, varsity 
baseball; initiated by Iowa Beta, April 
1910; instructor in medicm schoc^ 
University of Iowa, eye, ear, nose and 
throat specialist Address, 609 S. 
Clinton St, Iowa City, Iowa. 

COBB, James Orr, student; b. Qreens- 
•boro, N. C, Oct 12, 1892; s. J. S. and 
Nannie (Orr) C; student at David- 
son College, class football and base- 
ball, business manager of college an- 
nual. Junior commencement orator; 
mem. Gryphon club; initiated by North 
Carolina Theta, Jan. 11, 1909; emi- 
nent recorder, chronicler, treasurer, 
deputy archon and archon; delegate 
province convention, Charlotte, N. C, 
and S. A. B. Kansas City Natl con- 
vention. Address, 816 WUlard St, 
Durham, N. C. 

COBBS, Nicholas Hamner, student; b. 
March 6, 1893; s. John Lewis and Ida 
Belle (Woodfln) C; student at Uni- 
versity of the South; initiated by Ten- 
nessee Omega, Oct 19, 1910; brother 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


of Beverly W. Cobbs and John L. 
Cobbs, S. A. E. Address, 124 Mobile 
St., Montgomery, Ala. 

COBURNy Frank Dure, real estate; b. 
Macon, Qa., Nov. 4, 1889; s. Frank 
Augustus and Anna Bstelle (Dure) 
C; ed. Mercer University, 1909; ini- 
tiated by Georgia Psi, Sept 16, 1908; 
eminent treasurer, delegate province 
convention Macon, 1911, and S. A. E. 
Atlantic City Nat'l convention, secre- 
tary and treasurer Macon Alumni as- 
sociation of S. A. E. 1910-1911, pres- 
ident of same 1911-1912, vice-presi- 
dent province Epsilon. 1912-1913; 
hereditary member of the Society of 
the Cincinnati in the state of Rhode 
Island and Providence plantations; 
clubs, Cherokee and Idle-Hour Coun- 
try, Macon Ga. Address, Kilkare 
Farm, R. F. D., No. 1, Macon, €kt. 

COBURN, William Turiey, civil engi- 
neer; b. Washington, D. C, May 80, 
1886; s. Turley and Jennie C; ed. 
George Washington University, stage 
manager in College productions; in^ 
tiated by Washington City Rho, Nov. 
20, 1908; eminent correspondent; in 
olBce of engineer of bridges, Dis- 
trict of Columbia. Address, 42 The 
Montlcello, Mt Pleasant St, N. W., 
Washington* D. C. 

COCHRANE, Leon John, student; b. 
Nov. 7, 1890; s. John and Sarah 
(Rom) C; student at Syracuse Uni- 
versity; meuL executive committee, 
1912; Pi Delta Epsilon journalistic 
society, Onondaga board, debate club, 
1912, athletic governing board and 
senior council, freshmen football, as- 
sistant editor "Daily Orange," class 
treasurer, manager track team, 
cheer leader; initiated by New York 
Delta, Nov. 6, 1908. Address, 185 H 
W. Eighth St, Oswego, N. T. 

COCHRAN, William Samuel, Uwyer; 
b. Radnor, Ind., Aug. 1, 1884; s. Isaac 
N. and Isabel C; ed. University of 
Michigan, 1905; mem. Barristers; ini- 
tiated by Michigan Iota-Beta, April 28, 
190S; delegate S. A. E. Memphis 
Natl convention; chairman republi- 
can congressional committee of Okla- 
homa; United States Indian agent 
Nowatu, Okla., 1908-1909. Address, 
Muskogee, Okla. 

CODINGTON, Arthur Henry, lawyer; b. 
Scotland, Ga., Feb. 18, 1883; s. Au- 
gustus and Mary Elisabeth (Bonnell) 
C; ed. Mercer University, 1902, 
George Washington Law School, LL. 
B., 1906; first honor Mercer Univer- 
sity Law School, 1902, Steed medal 
for best thesis on legal subject 
Speer prize in constitutional law; ini- 
tiated by Georgia Psi, Sept 28, 1899; 
eminent chronicler, alternate prov- 
ince convention, Macon, Ga., visitor 
S. A. E. Atlanta Natl convention, 
1906; assistant district attorney for 
southern district of Georgia; general 
practice in Macon, Ga.; member of 
bar of U. S. supreme court; brother 
of Herbert A. Codington, Georgia Psi; 
m. Kate Haynes Fort Athens, Ga., 
Sept 10, 1908. Address, Govern- 
ment Bldg., Macon, Ga. 

CODMAN, Glen Lewis, student; b. 
July 26, 1889; s. Lewis and Mrs. C; 
student at University of Michigan; 
class track, 1911, Glee Club, 1910- 
1912, Michigan Union opera, 1909 and 
1910; initiated by Michis^ui Iota-Beta. 
Address, Honor, Mich. 

COERR, Jacob Morris, clergyman; b. 
Morris, N. T., 1878; s. Charles Thomp- 
son and Charlotte (Morris) C; ed. 
St Stephen's College, 1894; initiated 
by New York Slgma-Phi, Feb. 21, 
1895, (charter mem.) ; secured permis- 
sion from College authorities for ad- 
mission of a national fraternity and 
got the Sigma-Phi local society re- 
ceived as a chapter of S. A. B.; Priest 
in charge of Christ church and rec- 
tor of Christ Church School for 
Boys, Port Jefferson, N. T.; mem. 
Suffolk lodge No. 60, F. and A. M.; 
author "The People's Mass Book;" 
m. Carlotta Cowing, 1900. Address, 
Port Jefferson, Long Island, N. T. 

COFFEY, Walter Castella, University 
professor; b. Hartsville, Ind., Feb. 1, 
1877; s. Calvin Allen and Josephine 
(Simmonds) C; ed. Franklin Col- 
lege, University of Illinois, Agricul- 
tural College, 1906; final honors; ini- 
tiated by Indiana Alpha, April 16, 
1898; mem. Alpha Zeta, technical ag- 
ricultural fraternity, Sigma XI hon- 
orary fraternity; honorary mem. Am- 
erican Rambouillet 8h%e\> Bt^A^x% 



association, chairman of committee 
on breeding sheep and goats of Am- 
erican Breeding association, 1907- 
1911; special agent Federal Tariff 
board March to November, 1911; 
mem. American society for Advanc- 
ing of Science, University Club of 
University of Illinois; Knights of 
Pythias; assistant professor Sheep 
Husbandry, University of Illinois; au- 
thor Bulletin 129, Circular 125, lUi- 
nois Agricultural Bxperimental Sta- 
tion; m. Jennie Crisler Lardner, 
Aug., 1907. Address, 607 W. Ore- 
gon St, Urbana, ni. 

COFFIN, Gardner Penfleld, student; 
b. July 28, 1893; s. Charles Q. and 
Addie L. (Penfleld) C; student at 
St Stephen's College; initiated by 
New York Slgma-Phi, Dec. 8, 1911; son 
of Charles Gardner Coffin (deceased). 
New York Sigma-Phi. Address, 147 
Broad St, Catskill, N. Y. 

COLBURN, Avery Reeves, electrical 
engineer; b. Colton, N. Y., March 19, 
1881; s. J. B. Colbum; ed. North- 
western University and University of 
Wisconsin, 07; on staff of Wisconsin 
Cardinal, mem. Integral 4; initiated 
by Illinois Psi-Omega, Oct 11, 1899, 
later affiliated with Wisconsin Alpha, 
eminent archon, recorder, deputy, cor- 
respondent; delegate to province 
Delta convention, (Columbus, Ohio, 
1900; associate mem. American In- 
stitute of Electrical Engineers. Ad- 
dress, care American Smelting and 
Refining Co., Sante Ago, Chile. 

COLBURN, Harrison SIner, financier; 
b. Fitchburg, Mass., May 23, 1876; s. 
Henry J. and Eliza A. C; ed. Purdue 
University, A. B., 1900, Columbia Uni- 
versity, A. M., 1902; president Y. M. 
C. A^ senior class president, presi- 
dent Tan Beta Pi Honor society; ini- 
Uated by Indiana Beta, Feb. 24, 1895; 
vice-president Flatbush Trust Co., 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. Bessie Lewis, 
Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 15, 1900. Resi- 
dence, 807 E. 18th St Office, 839 
Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

COLDWELL, Ballard, lawyer; b. El 
Paso. Texas, SiBpt 8, 1886; s. Wil- 
liam Michie and Stella (Brinck) C; 
ed. University of Texas, 1908; varsity 
football, 1905-1907; iniUated by Texas 

Rho, 1904; brother of Colbert Cold- 
well, Virginia Theta and PhiUp Cold- 
well, Texas Rho. Residence, 1121 
Los Angeles St Office, 504 Caples 
Bldg., El Paso, Texas. 

COLE, Frank Clayton, patent lawyer; 
b. Chagrin Falls, Ohio, July 12, 1879; 
8. Harry L. and Helen E. C; ed. at 
Ohio Wesleyan University, A. B., 
1903, and Columbia University, LL. 
B.; mem. Glee club; initiated by Ohio 
Delta, Jan. 17, 1900; eminent archon; 
mem. Graduates club. Address, 67 
Wall St, New York City. 

COLEMAN, William, manufacturer, 
planter, banker; b. Goshen Hill 
Township, S. C, April 15, 1875; s. 
Robert L. and Victoria Susana (Rice) 
C; ed. WotTord College, 1896, also 
University of North Carolina and 
Harvard University; manager of ath- 
letic association, president of Pres- 
ton society, commencement debator; 
initiated bv South Carolina Gamma, 
Oct 8, 1891, later affiliated with 
North Carolina Xi and Massachusetts 
Gamma; delegate to Pittsburgh and 
Washington S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tions, 1893 and 1894; president 
Glenn Lawey Manufacturing Co., 
Mecklenburg Manufacturing Co., 
Enoree Plantations, and William 
Coleman and Co., bankers; m. Eve- 
lyn K. Coleman, June 6, 1900. Ad- 
dress, Whitmire, S. C. 

COLO ROVE, Paul Carleton, student; b. 
March 13, 1888; s. Dr. Chauncy P. 
and Winifred Delia (Mack) C; stu- 
dent at University of Iowa; initiated 
by Iowa Beta, Nov. 27, 1909; mem. Phi 
Rho Sigma medical fraternity. Ad- 
dress, 2422 College St, Cedar FftUs, 

COLLIER, Bryan Chevet, civil engin- 
eer; b. Indian Spring, Ga., March 19, 
1870; s. Bryan A. and Addie V. C; 
ed. University of Georgia, 1890; mem. 
Phi Kappa Literary society; initi- 
ated by Georgia Beta, Oct 5, 1885; del- 
egate to Charlotte (1889), Boston 
(1900), Washington (1902), Memphis 
(1904), AUanta (1906), S. A. B. Natl 
conventions; mem. supreme council 
of S. A. E., 1889 and 1890; a founder 
of Georgia Phi; mem. board of trus- 
tees of S. A. E., 1900, through 1911; 



president New York Alumni asaociar 
tion of S. A. £.. 1904; mem. Am- 
erican Society of Civil Engineers; at 
present resident engineer for con- 
tractors in construction of Kensica 
dam and reservoir; m. Minnie Bar- 
rett Sprague, March 12» 1895. Ad- 
dres8» PleasantvlUe Station. West- 
chester County, N. T. 

COLLIER, Lester Norman, insurance; 
b. Tryselo, Ark., Aug. 31, 1887; s. T. 
W. and L. A. C; ed. University of 
Arkansas, 1904; initiated by Arkansas 
Alpha-Upsilon, May 25, 1904; visitor at 
Memphis S. A. B. Nat'l convention, 
1904; general solicitor for Equitable 
Life Assurance Society of New York; 
m. Emma Prewett, Forest City, Ark., 
Nov. 29, 1909. Address, Box 177, Au- 
gusta, Ark. 

COLLI NQWOOD, Qeorge, student; b. 
March 23, 1889; s. James and Sarah 
fJane (McFarlane) C; student at 
University of Michigan; mem. staff of 
"Michiganensian;" initiated by Michi- 
gan Iota-Beta, Nov. 7, 1908; brother 
of Frank M. C; S. A. B. Address, 
603 Beech St, Holyoke, Mass. 

COLLINS, Edward Welles, physician; 
b. Keokuk, Iowa, Nov. 12, 1877; s. J. 
W. M. and Gertrude N. C; ed. Uni- 
versity of Cincinnati, 1900; mem. Phi 
Alpha Sigma medical fraternity; ini- 
tiated by Ohio Bpsilon, Sept 28, 1896 ; 
mem. Drun County Medical society. 
State Medical society, American 
Medical association, Denver Chemical 
and Pathological society; ear, nose 
and throat specialist; m. Lila Routt, 
Feb. 9, 1906. Address, Metropolitan 
Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

COLLINS, Jerry, student; b. Sept 9, 
1884; s. John T. and Bridget A. (Bos- 
sidy) C; student at University of 
Michigan; mem. student council. Tri- 
angles, Vulcans, Michigamua, Web 
and Flange, Tau Beta Pi honorary 
fraternity, assistant editor "Tech- 
nic/' 1911-1912, president of the Engi- 
neering society, vice-president of the 
Michigan Union; initiated by Michigan 
lotarBeta, March 11, 1911. Address, 
8. A. E. House, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

COLLINS, Joseph Daniel, physician; 
b. Warren, Mass., 1881; s. Mr. and 
Mary T. C; ed. Purdue University, 

1905; mem. Phi Rho Sigma medical 
fraternity, varsity baseball; initiated 
by Indiana Beta, April 5, 1902; emi- 
nent archon. Address, 88 Pomeroy 
Terrace, Northampton, Mass. 

COLLINS, Wales Smith, civil engineer; 
b. Mexico, N. T., Feb. 15, 1879; s. My- 
ron W. and Josephine C. C; ed. Colo- 
rado School of Mines, 1905; varsity 
track team; initiated by Colorado 
Lambda, Jan. 30, 1903 (charter 
mem.); attended at province conven- 
tion at Denver; associate mem. Am- 
erican Society of Civil Engineers; 
resident engineer for James A. Green 
and Co., Inc., Chicago, 111., in charge 
of Construction of Cingotia System; 
m. Carrie Edna Freer, Nov. 21, 1906. 
Address, Brogan, Ore. 

COLQUITT, Wiiiiam Neyle, city offi- 
cial; b. Savannah, Ga., March 8, 
1878; s. Wialter Wellborn and Lilla 
H. C; ed. University of Georgia, 
law, 1898; charter mem. "Scroll and 
Pen," editor College weekly, varsity 
football, holder of varsity and south- 
em intercollegiate record for the 
mile run; initiated by Georgia Beta* 
Sept 16, 1897; visitor at province 
Gamma convention, Winston-Salem, 
1899, secretary Atlanta Alumni as- 
sociation of S. A. E., 1898-1900, sec- 
retary Savannah Alumni association 
of S. A. E., 1910; mem. Savannah 
Public Library board, Lieut CoL on 
stafT of Governor Brown of Georgia, 
author of magazine articles; at pres- 
ent secretary to the 'mayor of Sa- 
vannah; m. Dolores BoisfeuiUet, 
Macon, Ga., Nov. 9, 1905. Address, 
22 E. Henry St, Savannah, Ga. 

COLVIN, Q rattan, lawyer; b. Colum- 
bus, Ga., Feb. 5, 1876; s. John and 
Mary C; ed. University of Georgia, 
1897, later Harvard Law School, 
1900; class poet, editor in chief '97 
Pandora, associate editor Red and 
Black; initiated by Georgia Beta, Jan. 
8, 1894; president of New York Alum- 
ni association; mem. Harvard club. 
Catholic club. New York Southern 
society. Bar association; m. Mar- 
lorie Catchings, Dec. 7, 1911. Ad- 
dress, 165 Broadway, New York City. 

COM INS, Edward Irving, student; b. 
March 12, 1889; s. Irving E. and Etta 


R. C; stadent at Worcester Poljrtech- 
nlc Institate, Tao Beta Pi; initiated 
by IfaMadmaetts Delta, April tS» 
1909, eminent correspondent, vice- 
president trustees of Massachusetts 
Delta. Address, 12 Hawthorne St, 
Worcester, Mass. 

CONQER, Chariee Phylander, capital- 
ist; b. Jackson, Tenn«, i«*eb. 4, 1876; 
s. S. R. and Amelia (Ck>x) C; ed. 
Union University, 1898; orator's 
medal AppoUonion Literary society, 
1896; initiated by Tennessee Bta, 
March 4, 1895, delegate Natl conven- 
tion, Atlanta, 1896; treasurer and 
general manager American Forest 
Co., secretary treasurer and general 
manager Portland A Southern Ry. 
Co., Lumbermen's club. Address, 
5209 Cabanne Ave., 718 Old Nat'I 
Bank of Commerce Bldg., St Louis, 

CONKLIN, Chariee Wallace; mercan- 
tile; b. Bucyrus, Ohio, June 17, 
1884; s. Geo. A. and Millie C; ed. 
Case School of Applied Science, 1907; 
Skull and Bones, baseball team; ini- 
tiated by Ohio Rho, June, 1904; emi- 
nent herald; secretary and head 
draftsman of Hughes-Keenan Co., 
Mansfield, O.; m. Mary M. Cave, Aug. 
1, 1910. Address, 121 W. Second St, 
Mansfield, O. 

CONNER, Ralph Melvin, civU engin- 
eer; b. Bast Wilton, Me., March 25, 
1878; s. Charles M. and BmUy (Al- 
len) C; ed. University of Maine, 
1903; Phi Kappa Phi, varsity track 
team, manager basketbaU team, 
treasurer Athletic association, mem. 
student's council; initiated by Maine 
Alpha, Feb. 22, 1901; eminent archon, 
delegate to province Alpha ccmven- 
tion; engineer U. S. reclamation 
jservice. Mason; m. June Marie Ham- 
ilton, Jan. 12, 1910. Address, care 
U. S. Reclamation Service, Helena, 

CONSTABLE, Milton Jackson, mechan- 
ical draughtsman; b. Johnstown, Pa., 
June 26, 1875; s. Noah and Phoebe 
(Boyle) C; ed. Mount Union 0>1- 
lege; initiated by Ohio Sigma, Sept 
19, 1898; mechanical draughtsman 
Lorain Steel Ck>., Johnstown, New 
York and Washington Street Rail- 

way Slot System; Royal Arcanum 
Past Regent; church organist; m. 
BlU B. MltcheU, Johnstown, Pa., 
jJune, 19, 1901. Address, 581 Grove 
Ave., Johnstown, Penn. 

CONVERSE, Alexander Jenkens, lieu- 
tenant Philippine Ck>nstabulary; b. 
0>lumbus, Ohio, Dec. 8, 1887; s. Qeo. 
L. and Antonia (ThomUm) J.; ed. 
VirginU Military Institute, 1909; ini- 
.tiated by Virginia Theta, Oct, 1905; 
honor graduate of the 0>nstabu- 
lary School of Instructions. Address, 
Philippine Constabulary, Manila, P. I. 

CONWAY, Eustace, student; b. Sept 
1, 1892; s. J. A. and Mary Bell 
(Kiger) C; student at Tulane Uni- 
versity; varsity football and base- 
ball teams, captain freshman base- 
ball and sophomore football teams, 
Tau Delta Kappa, assistant football 
toach. Junior club, Olive WVeath so- 
ciety; initiated by Louisiana T^u- 
Upsilon, Oct 17, 1910. Address, 1629 
Monroe St, Vicksburg, Miss. 

COOK, Arthur A., lawyer; b. Taooma, 
Washington, July 11, 1885; s. C. A. 
(yook; ed. University of Washington, 
1909, Uw, 1911; Phi Delta Phi, var- 
sity basketball team. University of 
Washington Daily staff, manager var- 
iity Olee club, varsity quartette, 
mem. Badger Debating club, assistant 
business manager Tyee, mem. cham- 
pionship Junior basketball team; ini- 
tiated by Washington Alpha (charter 
mem.) May 80, 1906, eminent archon; 
brother of Burton A. Cook, Wluihlng- 
ton Alpha; delegate to Kansas City 
convention, 1910. Address, 621 Sixth 
Ave., Tacoma, Wash. 

COOK, Louis Gray, educator; b. Kala- 
mazoo, Mich., 1877; s. Samuel C. and 
Emily S. C; ed. University of Min- 
nesota, 1901; class treasurer; initi- 
ated by Minnesota Alpha, Jan. 27, 
1902, (charter mem.); delegate to 
Washington, D. C, Nat'I convention* 
first meeting of Alpha Kappa Pi held 
at his home; chemist in Bast High 
School, Minneapolis; m. Gertrude S. 
Evans, June 29, 1909. Address, 66 
Clarence Ave. S. E., Minneapolis, 

COOK, Thomss Tyson, editor; b. Port 
Royal, Penn., Aug. 26, 1885; s. Mer- 



Tine A. and HannAh Mary (Tyson) 
C; ed. Gettysburg' College; sopho- 
more iMuid, Knii^ts of Round Table, 
Inter^lass debating team, winner 
prUe story ocmtest, editor Gettys- 
burgian weekly, contributor Mercury 
montbly; initiated by PennsylTania 
Delta, Sept, 1908; assistant editor 
The Telephone News, author Thirty- 
Three and other Action, The Rust on 
the Blade, research work in UniTer- 
sity of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg 
Golf Club, Mas<m. Address, 1600 
Spruce St, Philadelphia, Pa. 

COOKE, Bennett Wellington, adyertis- 
ing; b. Mansfield, Ohio, Oct 81, 1889; 
s. E. T. Cooke; ed. UniTersity of lUi- 
nois, 1912; class fbotbail; initiated 
by Illinois Beta, Oct 28, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 545 Arlington Place, Chicago, 

COOKE, Frederick Hosmer, naval of- 
fleer; b. Cincinnati Ohio, March 11, 
1879; 8. Henry Parkhurst and Mary 
(Barker) C; ed. Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology, 1900; class prop- 
het; initiated by Massachusetts Iota- 
Tan, May 8, 1897; eminent archon; 
Tisitor Washington convention, 1902, 
Boeton, 1900, delegate province Al- 
pha convention, 1900; associate mem. 
A. S. C. B.; visited England, Ger- 
many, France, In 1910, to inspect com- 
mercial and naval dockyards and the 
like; served two years and eight 
months naval station, Avitc, Philip- 
pine Islands, returning via. India, 
ESgypt and Europe. Address, Navy 
Yard, Norfolk, Va. Permanent ad- 
dress. Bureau Yards and Docks, Navy 
Dept, Washington, D. C. 

COOLEY, Lloyd C, student; b. Boston, 
Mass.. Oct 29, 1887; s. Charles Al- 
bert and Fannie M. C; ed. Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology, 
1911; vice-president Junior class, 
Osiris, athletic editor Technique, 
1911; initiated by Massachusetts 
Iota-Tan, Nov. 22, 1907; eminent ar- 
chon; visitor province convention, 
WJorcester, 1910, delegate Kansas 
City S. A. B. Nan convention, 1910. 
Address, 26 Stetson St, Brookline, 

COOLEY, Paul N., student; b. May 16, 
1889; s. Geo. L. and Clara B. C; ed. 

Ohio State University, 1914; varsity 
football; initiated by Ohio Theta, 
Dec. 16, 1910. Address, North Do- 
ver, Ohio. 

COOPER, Conard Edward, lawyer; b. 
Dumbarton, N. Y., 1888; s. Edward 
and Ida C. (Whippo) C; ed. Univer- 
sity of Kansas, 1909; initiated by 
Kansas Alpha, 1906; assistant gen- 
oral attorney Missouri, Kansas & 
Texas Railway Co.; m. Nana E. Mad- 
den, Sept 21, 1910. Address, care 
Legal Dept, M. K. & T. Ry. Co., 
Parsons, Kan. 

COOPER, Elmer M., bonds; b. Roberts, 
nL, March 16, 1887; s. James A. and 
Cynthia L C; ed. University of lUl- 
nois, 1910; initiated by Illinois Beta, 
1906; Mason, Elk. Address, Chanute, 

COOPER, George William, dentist; b. 
Albany, Ga., Nov. 27, 1869; s. Rev. 
Wm. Henry and Rebecca A. (Reyn- 
olds) C; ed. Mercer University, 1893; 
initiated by Georgia Psi, Oct 4, 1889; 
m. Ora J. Russell, Cedartown, Ga., 
Sept 28, 1898. Address, Ashbum, 

COOPER, Ralph Hayes, insurance; b. 
Port Homer, Ohio, March 28, 1876; s. 
E. W. and Harriet (Stewart) C; ed. 
Mount Union College, 1908; varsity 
football and basketball teams, mana- 
ger basketball team, manager College 
annual; initiated by Ohio Sigma, 
1909; eminent archon; visitor S. A. 
B. convention, Washington, D. C, 
1902; West Virginia State agent 
Hartford Fire Insurance Co. and 
Citizens Insurance Ck>. of Mo.; 
Mason. Address, 1011 Schmulbach 
Bldg., Wheeling, W. Va. 

COPE, Harold Whlteomb, public serv- 
ice; b. North Vernon, Ind., May 30, 
1875 ; 8. U. C. and Eva ( Whltcomb) C. ; 
ed. at Franklin College, 1896, Purdue 
University, 1898; business manager, 
1898 Debris, mem. Skulls of 13; ini- 
tiated by Indiana Alpha, Sept 26, 
1892, later affiliated with Indiana 
Beta; eminent archon; delegate to 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention at St. 
Louis, 1896; assistant manager in- 
dustrial and power department West- 
inghouse Electric and Manufacturing 
Co.; mem. University Club of Pitts- 



burgfa, Edgewood Country club. 
Masons; m. Dorothy Ann McDoel. 
Address, 7211 Meade St, Pittsburgh, 

COPE, Ralph Pearce, College profes- 
sor; b. Hanoverton, Ohio, July 12, 
1885; s. John A. and Emma (Pearce) 
C; ed. Mt Union College, graduate 
honors chemistry; initiated by Ohio 
Sigma, 1905; professor of chemistry, 
Washington State CoUege; mem. Am- 
erican Chemical society. Address, 
Washington State College, Pullman, 

COPELAND, Arthur SUnley, insur- 
surance; b. Angelica, N. T., Oct 5, 
1883; s. Rev. Benjamin and Harriet 
(Rice) C; ed. Syracuse University, 
1904; business manager Ssrracuse 
Daily Orange, president Orange club; 
Initiated by New York Delta, Feb. 
22, 1906 (charter mem.); special 
agent Provident Life and Trust Co.; 
m. Luclle M. Hardy, March 19, 1906. 
Address, 48 Werner Park, Rochester, 
N. Y. 

COR BIN, Robert Ad wood, student; b. 
Hammond, La., Dec. 10, 1889; s. R. 
A. and Catherine (Morrison) C; stu- 
dent at Tulane University, Alpha 
Kappa Kappa (medical), junior Ger- 
man; initiated by Louisiana Tau-Up- 
silon, Oct 26, 1907; brother of Ran- 
dolph Corbin, of Louisiana Tau-Upsi- 
lon. Address, Hammond, La. 

CORBIN, Randolph, student; b. Ham- 
mond, La., Jan. 19, 1893; s. R. A. and 
Catherine (Morrison; C; student at 
Tulane University, varsity football 
team; initiated by Louisiana Tau-Up- 
Bilon. Oct 15, 1911; brother of Rob- 
ert Adwood Corbin, of Louisiana 
Tau-Upsilon. Address, Hammond, 

CORNELL, Job Robert, student; b. 
Aug. 8, 1890; s. W. J. and Nettie J. 
(Wilson) C; ed. University of Iowa, 
1914; Irving Institute, Iroquois, Ser- 
geant Co. B., cadet regiment, civics 
editor of 1912 Hawkeye; initiated by 
Iowa Beta, Oct 9, 1911. Address, 
Winterset, Iowa. 

COR NICK, Howard, lawyer; b. Knox- 
ville, Tenn., June 10, 1874; s. Tully 
R. and Sophia Kennedy (Boyd) C; 
ed. University of Tennessee, 1895; 

manager football and baseball 
teams, president Chi Delta Literary 
society; initiated by Tennessee 
Kappa, Oct 11, 1898; delegate Nat'l 
S. A. E. convention, Nashville, 1898; 
mem. firm of Comick, Frantc, Mc- 
Connell and Seymour; m. Lillian 
Waring, Oct, 1901. Address, 946 
Temple Ave., Knoxvllle, Tenn. 

C08LEY, Harvey Harter, sales agent; 
b. Troy, Ohio, Dec. 25, 1877; s. Har- 
vey Allen and Sarah Ellen C; ed. 
Ohio State University, 1901; initi- 
ated by Ohio Theta, Nov. 12, 1898, 
eminent archon; brother of Jo^ W. 
Cosley, S. A. E.; sales agent Cam- 
bria Steel Co.; m. Eidna Alice Oyer, 
Aug. 27, 1908. Address, 304 West 
St, Wheaton, ni. 

COVELL, Vernon Royce, engineer; b. 
Jefferson, Ohio, Dec. 13, 1866; s. H. J. 
and Louise W. C; ed. Ohio State 
University, 1895 C. E.; representative 
of class in University Senate, editor 
College paper Lantern, president of 
Y. M. C. A.; initUted by Ohio Theta, 
(charter mem., June 8, 1892) ; eminent 
treasurer, secretary of state associa- 
tion of 8. A. B.„ delegate National 
8. A. E. convention Wkuihington, D. C. 
Dec. 1894; deputy county engineer, 
associate mem. American society of 
Civil Engineers, mem. Engineers 
society of Western Pennsylvania, 
vice-president Wilkensburg Civic lea- 
gue, vice-president Allegheny county 
Sunday school association, superin- 
tendent South M. E. Sunday school; 
m. Corrie C. Bailey, Oct 6, 1897. Res- 
idence, 816 Sbuth Ave., Wilkins- 
burg, Penn. Office, room 308 Court 
House, Pittsburgh, Penn. 

COVINGTON, H. RImmer, civil engi- 
neer; b. Siemont Miss., Sept 28, 
1885; s. G. W. Covington; ed. Univer- 
sity of Mississippi, 1906; iniUated by 
Mississippi Gamma, Nov. 24, 1903; 
eminent treasurer; county surveyor 
Madison county; city engineer Can- 
ton, Miss. Address, Canton, Miss. 

COWAN, Harry Herkimer, mercantile; 
b. Cuba, N. Y., March 4, 1865; s. 
John and Mary C; ed. Adrian Col- 
lege, 1890; editor "The CoUege 
World;" initiated by Michigan Alpha, 
Jan. 22, 1887, (charter member); 



eminent archon, delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Cincinnati* 1890» 
Atlanta* 1891* Chattanooga, 1892* 
Pittsburg^ 1898* Washington* 1894* 
attended the Washington convention 
of 1902; elected as associate editor of 
the Record by the 1888 convention; 
elected editor of the Record by the 
1890 convention and re-elected by 
the convention of 1891 and 1892; he 
was the founder of Pennsylvania 
Sigma-Phi* 1890; from this chapter 
he extorted a promise that it would 
give all its sympathy and aid to any 
effort toward the revival of Pennsyl- 
vania Delta* near by, the first north- 
em chapter of the fraternity; he was 
the founder of Indiana Alpha* 1890; 
the joint founder with George H. 
Bunting* Tennessee Zeta* of Pennsyl- 
vania AlpharZeta* which took its 
name from their two chapters; 
author of "Zoamus Sasagapo" in the 
songs of Sigma Alpha Bpsilon; 
brother of John F. Cowan* Michigan 
Alpha; With the H. J. Heinz Co. 
Address* Big Rapids* Mich. 

COWDREY, Louis Rader, capiUlist; b. 
Paasaic* N. J., Oct 14* 1871; s. DeWitt 
Clinton and Mary (Diver) C; ed. Cor- 
nell University, 1896; vice-president 
freshmen class; initiated by New 
York Alpha* Feb. 22* 1892; eminent 
treasurer; participated as alumnus in 
the development of New York Alpha* 
president New York Alpha associa- 
tion of S. A. E.; vice president Pas- 
saic Cotton Mills* director Merchants 
Bank* Passaic* director Holyoke Mor- 
tor Works* justice of the peace; 
trustee Passaic public libraries; 
author Manuel Laws and Orders 
Governing the National Guard of New 
Jersey; New Jersey Historical so- 
ciety; sergeant major Second N. J. V. 
I. Spanish-American war* captain 
and quarter-master Fifth New Jer- 
sey infantry; m. Mary Howe 
Maxim* Dec. 17* 1907. Address* resi- 
dence* 93 Boulevard, Passaic, New 
Jersey; business care Catlin & Co., 
345 Broadway, New York City. 

C0WLE8* Calvin DuvaU Jr., captain 
U. S. army; b. Fort Supply, Indian 
Territory, June 26, 1880; s. CoL C. D. 
(6th Inftotry U. S. A.) and Mary E. 

(Hitchcock) C; ed. University of 
North Carolina, B. A., 1901, Johns 
Hopkins University* M. D., 1905; in- 
itiated by North Carolina Xi, Oct. 10, 
1900; brother of Henry C. Cowles* 
North Carolina Xi; captain medical 
corps U. S. army. Just returned from a 
two years tour and duty in the Philip- 
pines. Address, present station, cap- 
tain Medical Corps, U. S. army. West 
Point, N. Y.; permanent address* 
Surgeon General's office, U. S. A.* 
War department* Washington* D. C. 

COWLES, Luzerne 8., designing engi- 
neer; b. Hartford, Conn., July 6* 
1876; s. Walter A. and Sarah E. (Nor- 
ton) C; ed. Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology, 1897; mem. Technique 
electoral committee, secretary and 
president Civil ESngineering society; 
Initiated by Massachusetts lota-Tau* 
March 10* 1894; eminent archon; 
delegate province Alpha conventions 
1897* 1898* 1910; attended Boston S. 
A. E. Nat'l convention* 1900; associ- 
ate editor Record 1896; province Al- 
pha* treasurer : 909-1910; secretary- 
treasurer and president of Boston 
Alumni association; treasurer board 
of trustees for Massachusetts lota- 
Tau chapter; toastmaster "Auburn- 
dale" Banquet* 1902; assistant de- 
signing engineer with Boston Ele- 
vated Railway Co.; author "The En- 
gineer and Architect Unite" ^ and con- 
tributor to Boston society of Civil 
Engiueers and American society of 
Civil Engineers; mem. National (Geo- 
graphic society* Boston society of 
Civil Engineers, associate mem. 
American society of Civil Engineers; 
secretary joint engiueering commit- 
tee of Boston; traveled through Eur- 
ope; studied at University of Geneva, 
Switzerland, 1898 to 1899; veteran of 
First Corps of Cadets, Massachusetts 
volunteer militia; m. Amy E. Olm- 
sted* June 11, 1902. Address, 15 
Dwight St., Brookline, Mass. 

COX, Albert Lyman, lawyer; b. Raleigh, 
N. C, Dec. 1, 1883; s. Wm. Ruffin and 
Ruffin and Fanny Augusta (Lyman) 
versity of North Carolina, A. B., A. 
M., 1904; Harvard Law School, 1908; 
class president, chief ball manager; 
Gimghoul, Golden Fleece, All-Southern 



end football, track team; initiated by 
North Carolina Xi, Sept 16, 1901; 
eminent archon; delegate Atlantic 
City 8. A. E. convention 1909; presi- 
dent proTince Gamma 1908-1910; 
brother of Francis Auguitus Cox of 
North Carolina XI; mem. of general 
asBembly of North Carolina, 1909; 
nL Arabel Nash, Dec. 1, 1909. Ad- 
dress, Raleigh, N. C. 

COX, Frsncis Augustus, lawyer; b. Ra- 
leigh, N. C, Aug. 21, 1885; s. Win. 
Ruffin and Fanny Augusta (Lyman) 
C; ed. University of North Carolina, 
1905, University of Virginia; class 
historian; Gimghoul, Philanthropic 
society; commencement ball mana« 
ger; initiated by North Carolina Xi, 
Sept 16, 1902; eminent archon; dele- 
gate Memphis convention 1904; 
brother of Albert L. Cox, North Caro- 
lina Xi; affiliated with Virginia Omi- 
cron; president Raleigh democratic 
club; traveled in Europe 1908; Mas- 
on, Raleigh chapter R. A. M.; counciL 
Address, Raleii^ North Carolina 
Commercial National Bank Bldg. 

COX, John Lewis, student; b. Feb. 28, 
1890; s. Wm. Jas. B. and Celinda B. 
(Branham) C; student at University 
of Michigan; class baseball manager, 
intei^lass basketball manager; 
Sphinx, Friars, Michigamua, Druids; 
Michigan daily sUflT; associate edi- 
tor Michiganensian year book, Mich- 
igan Union membership committee. 
Crimson Chest cast, general chair- 
man An Awakened Rameses, the 
Michigan Union Annual opera; initi- 
ated by Michigan loU-Beta, Nov. 7, 
1908. Address, 1927 Avenue H, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

COX, Stanley Cullen, physician; b. 
South Hadley Falls, Mass., July 2, 
1883; s. Dr. Gardner and Bmma 
(Howard) C; ed. University of Mich- 
igan, A. B., 1908, M. D. 1910; chair- 
man of honor committee, treasurer of 
medical class, secretary literary soci« 
ety; Sphinx, Friars, president Mich- 
igan Union, varsity basketball team, 
class football, baseball, basketball 
teams, chairman of senior reception, 
general chairman of junior hop; initi- 
ated by Michigan lotarBeta, 1904; 
eminent archon; brother of Frank 

Cox, S. A. B. Address, 242 Maple 
St, Holyoke, Mass. 

COYNE, Harold Sisson, student; b. 
June 18, 1898; s. Thomas F. and Blla 
(Sisson) C; student at Syracuse 
University; initiated by New York 
Delta, Oct 20, 1911. Address, 1000 
Willis Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

COZARTt John M., lawyer; b. Wash- 
ington, Ga., Oct 24, 1886; s. John 
Pettus and F. (Anderson) C; ed. Uni- 
versity of Georgia, 1908; Casque and 
Gauntlet, Thallans; baseball team, 
1907, freshman debater, winner of 
sophomore declamation cup; initiated 
by Georgia Beta, Sept 17, 1904; emi« 
nent archon; attended Atlanta S. A. 
B. convention 1906; K. of P. Address, 
809 Union Bank Bldg., Augusta, Ga. 

CRABB8* Leo Barr» mercantile; b. Day- 
ton, Ohio, Nov. 22, 1888; s. Franklin 
D. and Blisabeth (Barr) C; ed. Uni- 
versity of Kansas 1906; initiated by 
Kansas Alpha, Feb. 14, 1908; eminent 
correspondent; attended Kansas City 
S. A. H convention 1910; associate 
editor Record; treasurer Union Bank 
Note Co.; thirty-second degree 
Mason, Athletic club. Commercial 
club, Kansas City club. Address, 
8588 Gillham Road, Kansas City, Mo. 

CRADDOCK, Charles Egbert, mercan- 
tile; b. Alamo, Tenn., Nov. 12, 1889; 
s. J. W. and Mollie B. (Smith) C; 
ed. University of Tennessee; mana- 
ger freshman football team 1908, vice* 
president Volunteer Union, numager 
varsity football team, 1911, exchange 
editor Orange and White, secretary 
Cotillion club; initiated by Tennes- 
see Kappa, Oct 12, 1908; eminent 
archon; with W. A. Craddock Tailor- 
ing Co. Residence, Millington, Tenn. 
Business address, 621 Memphis 
Trust Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 

CRADDOCK, George Qllmert mercan- 
tile; b. Chatham, Va., Oct 20, 1888; 
s. John W. and Mary (Peachy) C; 
ed. Washington and Lee University; 
initiated by Virginia Sigma, Oct 
1909; wholesale shoe business. Ad' 
dress, 208 Madison St, L3mchburg, 

CRAIG, Robert Hall, student; b. June 
26, 1891; s. James and Mary Vandel- 
ing (Long) C; student at Pennsyl' 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


Tmnia State CoUege; Tanlty baiket* 
bftU, trmck and baaebali teams, class 
honor roll, 1914; initiated by Penn- 
sylvania Alpha-Zeta, Oct 8, 1910. Ad- 
dress. Camp Hill^ Cumberland coun- 
ty, Penn. 

CRAMBLET, Thomas Ellsworth, Col- 
lege president; b. Tappan, Harrison 
county, Ohio, Sept 17, 1862; s. Jacob 
and Sarah C; ed. Mt Union College, 
1885; graduated College of the Bible, 
University of Lexington, Kentucky, 
with honors of the class 1887, L. L. D. 
de0ree University of Pittsburg 1900; 
class president, class orator, Republi- 
can Literary society; initiated by 
Ohio Sigma April 4, 1885; leader of 
the local society at Mt Union Col- 
lege and the principle factor in mak- 
ing it a chapter of the iiratemity; 
president of Bethany College since 
1900, mem, Omaha, Nebraska, School 
board; during his ten years of presi- 
dency at Bethany College has re- 
ceived 1700,000 in gifts and student 
body has quadrupled; pastor Salem, 
Ohio, three years, Omsiia, Neb., five 
years, and Pittsburgh, Penn., six 
years; traveled through Burope, 
ESgypt and Holy Land, 1900; m. first, 
Delia 8. Weaver, (deceased) ; second, 
Grace B. Williams. Address, Beth- 
any, W. Va. 

CRANCH, A. Qlrard, physician; b. 
Brleb PouL, May 14, 1880; s. Bdward 
and Ronette (Hunt) C; ed. Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania 1908, graduated 
New York Homeopathic Medical Col- 
lege; mem. freshmen crew, mem. 
combined musical dubs. University 
band and orchestra; initiated by 
Pensylvania Theta, Feb. 9, 1901, 
(charter member), eminent recorder; 
attended Nat'l 8. A. B. convention 
Washington, D. C. 1902; held Found- 
er's Day reunion of all S. A. B. in and 
near Brie, Penn., for four successive 
years at his office; partner with Dr. 
H. S. W. Hardwicke in V^Uowbrook 
Fish Hatchery and Poultry farm, two 
years president Homeopathic Medical 
society of Brie county, Penn.; Phi 
Alpha Oamma medical fraternity. 
Address, Willowbrook Fish Hatchery, 
Centerville, R. F. D., Crawford coun- 
ty, Penn. 

|CRANDALL« CllfTdrd Waldorf, Uwyer; 
b. Argentine township. Green county, 
Mich., Nov. 17, 1874; s. Jesse M. and 
Susan C; ed. Adrian College 1896, 
University of Michigan, Law, 1899; 
president senior class Adrian 1896; 
oratorical contest prise, Adrian 1896; 
initiated by Michigan Alpha Oct 7, 
1891; eminent archon; affiliated with 
Michigan lota-Beta; delegate to prov- 
ince Delta convention at Ann Arbor, 
1906; m. Cora A. Davin, Aug. 27, 1901. 
Address, Port Huron, Mich. 

CRAWFORD, Merlin Cross, student and 
instructor; b. Chilton, Texas, Aug. 21, 
1889; s. William Basel and Alice 
(Donaldson) C; ed. University of 
Texas, 1912; athletic council, won 
"T" freshman year gymnasium team, 
gymnasium director; initiated by 
Texas Rho Nov. 22, 1909; eminent 
treasurer. Address, (3omer Bumitt 
and Beach Sts., Calvert, Texas. 

CREAQH, Thomas Blvin; b. Cuggs- 
ville, Ala., March 22, 1842; s. Oerard 
Walthall and Bliza Ann (Davis) C; 
ed. University of Nashville, 1863; 
class president, Agathindan literary 
society; initiated by Tennessee Nu, 
Nov. 1859; collector of accounts, jus- 
tice of peace. Mason, Knight Tem- 
plar, C. 8. A. private in Col. West 
Adams' regiment, second lieutenant 
two years, nine months in quarter- 
master department; m. Zuleika Bugg, 
Jan. 15, 1862. Address, First Ave. 
and Washington St, Selma, Ala. 

CRENSHAW, David Dudley; b. Der- 
mott. Ark., May 12, 1891; s. John T. 
and Anna C; ed. Central University. 
1911; president senior class, Te 
Rounde Table literary society, Frag- 
erica, associate editor the Cento 
monthly, exchange editor of the week- 
ly, associate editor of the College 
annual, senior prize for highest 
scholarship, secretary and treasurer 
Kentucky Center Collegiate Oratorical 
association, president Chamberlain 
literary society, mem. student coun- 
cil; initiated by Kentucky Kappa, 
Sept 1907; eminent deputy archon; 
brother of Wm. Shelton Crenshaw, 
Tennessee Nu, John Crawford Cren- 
shaw, Kentucky Kappa, J. Llewellyn 
Crenshaw, K«nl\ic)L^ ^^v^^ ^^-^ 



dress, Dermott, Ark. 

CRICHTON, Powell, lawyer; b. Mindeiif 
La., June 29, 1884; a. Thomas and 
Kate (Jackson) C; ed. liouisiana 
State University 1903; Harvard Uni- 
versity Law, 1907; representative on 
College paper, manager College year 
book; initiated by Louisiana Epsilon, 
Sept 20, 1900; eminent archon; dele- 
gate Washington Nat'l S. A. E. con- 
vention 1902, province Theta conven- 
tion 1903, president province Theta 
1903-1904; brother of Thomas Crich- 
ton, Jr., Louisiana Epsilon; mem. 
Harvard club. Southern society, 
Georgia society, New York Ci^ Bar 
association. Address, 14 Wall St, 
New York City. 

CROAL, Charles Clinton, lawyer; b. 
Day county, South Dakota, Aug. 22, 
1891; s. John P. and Mary J. C; ed. 
University of South Dakota, 1911; 
mem. Kappa Kappa Rho local peti- 
tioning Phi Delta Phi; class football 
and basketball teams. Sterling law 

• literary society, Collegiate editor The 
Volante, winner of first honor prize 
for senior thesis in law school class 
1911; initiated by South Dakota 
Sigma, Jan. 27, 1911; (charter mem- 
ber); first eminent recorder of South 
Dakota Sigma; one of the eleven 
founders of the P. H. P. society at the 
University of South Dakota. Ad- 
dress, Sisseton, South Dakota. 

CROCKER, Theodore Doane, commer- 
cial engineer; b. Elyria, Ohio, Oct 8, 
1878; s. Otis D. and Dora R. (Hart- 
shorn) C; ed. Ohio State University, 
1904; initiated by Ohio Theta April 

6, 1901; eminent archon; with Milwau- 
kee Electric Railway and Light Co.; 
m. Hilda L. Weber, Sept 14, 1907. 
Address, 440 Kenilworth Place, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

CROCKER, Thomas Farmer, student; 
b. June 23, 1892; s. E. H. and Ada 
(Farmer) C; student at Iowa State 
College; vice-president sophomore 
class; initiated by Iowa Gamma, May 

7, 1910. Address, 1117 South 32nd 
St, Omaha, Neb. 

CR088» Elmer Lincoln, Academy prin- 
cipal; b. Mansfield, Ohio, Sept 8, 
1863; s. Aaron and Elmlra (Culver) 
C; ed. Dickinson College, 1891; vale- 

dictorian. Phi Beta Kappa, Bellesletp 
ters; initiated by Pennsylvania Sig- 
ma-Phi, Oct 11, 1890; eminent arch- 
on; delegate to the Cincinnati S. A. 
E. Nat'l convention, 1890; principal 
Wilmington Conference Academy; m. 
Emma Leuh Miller, Sept 2, 1891. 
Address, Dover, Delaware. 

CROUCH, Benjamin W^ bank presi- 
dent, lawyer; b. Edgefield now Salu- 
da county. South Carolina, Aug.ll, 
1868; 8. Noah and Sallie (Smith) C; 
ed. Wofford College, 1893; class pres- 
ident first president of literary soci- 
ety, junior debater, editor (College 
journal; initiated by South Carolina 
Gamma, Oct 16, 1885, eminent arch- 
on; instrumental in resuscitation of 
South Carolina Gamma 1890; presi- 
dent the Bank of Saluda, secretary- 
treasurer Saluda Land and Improve- 
ment Co.; was first clerk of court 
new county of Saluda, elected State 
Senate 1907, largely instrumental in 
formation new county Saluda, mayor 
of town, planned fight and succeeded 
ridding county of dispensary in 1906; 
delegate National Democratic con- 
vention 1904; Mason, Knights of Py- 
thias, Eastern Star; m. Daisey Nor- 
ton, November 1897. Address, Salu- 
da, South Carolina. 

CROVATT, Alfred Hayne, lawyer, 
United States commissioner; b. 
Brunswick, Georgia, Jan. 15, 1888; 
s, Alfred J. and Mary L. C; ed. 
Emory College 1904; mem. D. V. S.; 
captain field sports, mem. track 
team; initiated by Georgia Epsilon, 
Sept 19, 1900; eminent archon; at- 
tended Washington Nat'l S. A. E. con- 
vention 1904 and Atlanta Natl conven- 
tion 1906; affiliated with Georgia 
Psi; son of Alfred J. Crovatt of 
North Carolina Rho-Rho, brother of 
William C. Crovatt of Georgia Epsi- 
lon; United States Commissioner 
Southern District of Georgia. Ad- 
dress, Brunswick, Ga. 

CROVATT, Alfred J. lawyer, former 
mayor; b. Charlestown, S. C, 1868; 
s. William and Theodora F. C; ed. 
Carolina Military Institute 1877; pres- 
ident literary society; Initiated by 
North Carolina Rho-Rho May, 1876; 
attended Washington, D. C, Nat'l 



convention 1904, Atlanta S. A. E. 
convention 1906, delegate Augusta, 
Georgia convention 1883; chairman 
Democratic Eizecutive committee, 
mayor of Bnmswick, Ga., three times, 
Judge county court, referee in bank- 
ruptcy, attorney for two railways and 
Western Union Telegraph Co. and 
Jekyl Island club; m. Mary Lee 
Schlatter, 1880. Address, Bnms- 
wiclc, Ga. 

CRUMP, John David, public official; b. 
West Point, Miss., Aug. 30, 1886; s. 
fitephan A. and Lelia C. C; ed. 
Emory College 1907; president fresh- 
man class, class captidn baseball 
team, basket ball and track teams; 
initiated by Georgia Epsilon, Sept 16, 
1902; state and county tax collector 
of Bibb county. Address, 263 Second 
St, Macon, Ga. 

CULBERT80N, John Giffen, manu- 
fiu^urer; b. Knox, Penn., Sept 3, 
1883; 8. Albert and Lavina M. C; 
ed. Pennsylvania State College, 1906 
mechanicsJ, 1907 mining; LaVie 
board; initiated by Pennsylvania Al- 
pha-Zeta, Oct 1, 1903; eminent arch- 
on; delegate province Beta, April 
1906, Atlanta S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion 1906, province Beta at Cornell 
1904, attended Zeta Iowa City 1909; 
president Pennsylvania AlphSrZeta 
association 1906 and 1907, vice-presi- 
dent 1908, delegate Syracuse installia- 
tion February 1907; secretary-treas- 
urer and general manager Wichita 
Falls Motor Co., vice-president and 
secretary Wichita Falls Gas and Oil 
Co. Address, Box 385, Wichita Falls, 

CUNNINGHAM, Arthur J., lawyer; b. 
Beloit, Wis., Nov. 21, 1885; s. John A. 
and Nora C; ed. University of Color- 
ado 1911; order ot the Golden Crab at 
University of Colorado; football team 
at University of Colorado; Phi Delta 
Phi; initiated by Wisconsin Alpha, 
Oct 20, 1906; eminent recorder at 
Wisconsin Alpha, eminent deputy 
arehon at Colorado Chi; affiliated 
with Colorado Chi; delegate province 
Delta, Delaware, Ohio, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 428 Goodwin Block, Beloit, 

CUNNINGHAM, Chester William, stu- 

dent; 1). Doc. ,31. 1801; s. C. C. and 
Anna (Rockafellow) C; ed. Iowa 
State College 1914; freshman football 
team 1910, varsity football team 1911 ; 
initiated by Iowa Gamma, June 5, 
1911. Address, iCnozville, Iowa. 

CUR ME, George Oliver, Jr., University 
instructor; b. Mt Vernon, Iowa, Dec. 
24, 1888; s. Prof. George D. and C. C. 
(Smith) C; ed. Northwestern Univer- 
sity 1909, graduate student University 
of Chicago for Ph. D. degree; Phi 
Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi; class baseball 
and football teams, Syllabus board. 
Dramatic club, class play; initiated 
by Illinois Psi-Omega, Oct. 1905; emi- 
nent arehon; assistant in teaching 
stafT of department of chemistry at 
University of Chicago; mem. Ameri- 
can Chemical society; spent one year 
at Harvard. Address 20 Hitchcock 
Hall, University of Chicago, Chicago, 

CURTIS, Edward Qllman, lawyer; b. 
Somerville, Mass., Dec. 7, 1886 s. 
Edward Bissell and Mary Augusta 
(Colson) C; ed. Harvard University 
1909; University gymnastic team; 
initiated by Massachusetts Gamma 
May 19, 1906; eminent arehon, chair- 
man house committee. Address, 20 
Prescott St.. Cambridge, Mass. 

CURTIS, Walter Makepeace, educator; 
b. Franklin ville, N. C, Feb. 18, 1867; 
s. Dennis and Lucy Eden C; ed. Uni- 
versity of North Carolina, 1889, grau- 
ated cum magna laude; initiated by 
North Carolina Xi, Jan. 8, 1887; emi- 
nent secretary; secretary and treasur- 
er Greensboro Female College; mem. 
Western North Carolina Conference, 
M. E. church. South; m. first to Kate 
K. Wright, 1895, second to Litipia 
Evans, 1907. Address, 108 Odell 
Place, Greensboro, N. C. 

CUSHMAN, Orvllle Elaworth, student; 
b. Dec. 25, 1886; s. Egbert M. and 
Hannah A. (Lawrence) C; student 
at University of South Dakota; 
University band and orchestra, mana- 
ger University Cooperative store; in- 
itiated by South Dakota Sigma, Nov. 
1, 1911. Address, Vermilion, South 

CUTTEN, Charles Pryde, lawyer and 
state senator; \>. Itxn^Vjdb^ C>^., HLvi 


S. 187S; s. MTld P. And Kat« (Mo- 
Gntta) C: Ad. LalBod SUtnftird Unl- 
vcnltr, 18M; odltorliMhM CoU«ca 
dally isn, pTMldMit of prMf club 18S8, 
PU DelU PU; InltUtod br CaUfomlk 
Alpha Sept. IS, IBM; MBlnant cottw- 
pondflot: mem. CalUOmla AHembly 
1M7: m«m. CalUorata State S«ute 
IMW and 1911, Ghalrman Senate Ft- 
nance committee IB 11, attorney for 
Callfomla State Commlaeloii In Lo- 
nacy; m. Harjorie Vasbursh Bamea, 
Sept. 18,1MS. Realdence. IS Common- 
WMlth Are. OIBee, room 1S09, Hnm- 
boldt Bank Bids., Ban FrancUco, Cal. 

CUTTING, Wlnthrep B, student; b. 
Jan. SO, 1890; a. Bdward L. and Caro- 
line Augnata (Kenlaton) C; atndent 
at Harvard nnlvenlty; Initiated by 
Haaaactanaetta Oamma, Not. 11, 1911. 
Addreaa, LeUnston, Maaa. 

CUTTS, Framla Thacher. city offlclal; 
b. Hannibal, Ho., June 28, 1880; a. 
Oeorce T. and Mary F1«ncla C; ed. 
WaahlnKton UnlTeralty 1909; Initi- 
ated by Mlsaonri Beta, Dec. 16, 1899; 
eminent treasurer; attended Uem- 
pblB B. A. B. Nat'l oonveuUon 1904, 
mem. St. Loula Alumni association; 
engineer In charKe distribution sy- 
■tem of St. Louie water department; 
mem. Engineers' club of Bt Louis. 
Address. 8971 Cook Ave., St. Lonla, 

DaCOSTA, Harold Foresee, student; b. 
Dec 6. 1890; s. Albert Rapheal and 
Dora (Donaldson) C; student at Uni- 
versity of nilnols; Initiated by Illi- 
nois Beta, Oct 89, 1911. Address, 
2386 Cleveland Ave., Chicago, HI. 

DALE, John T. stadent; b. Jan. 29, 
1889; a. John T. and Leila (Graves) 
D.; stadent at Northwestern Univer- 
sity; IsitUted by IlUnlos Psl-Omega. 
1907; eminent srchon, recorder, coi^ 
respondent, deputy archon, warden. 
Address, Wlnnetka, IlL 

DALRYMPLE, Alfred T. physician; b. 
Boston, Mass., Oct 28, 1866; s. John 
A, and Susan D. (Richardson) D.; ed. 
Boston University, 1899; honorable 
mention; editor school paper; Initi- 
ated by Hassachusetts Beta-Upsllon, 

March IS, 1897; _ 

physician and sorgson to the North 
End Mission DUpensary 
Havertck Dlapensary; mi 
chusetts Bnrglcal aoclety, 
setu Horn. Medical society; m. Addle 
Blanche Whltmoro, 1898. Address, 
339 K St.. South Boston, Maaa. 
OALTON, Laoy W. Uwyer; b. Union 
county, Mass., Nov. 16, 1867; a. James 
H. and Martha E. D.; ed. University 
or MtsBtsalppi, 1886; InltUted by MIs- 
alSBlppi Gamma, Oct 6, 1888; mam. 
1. O. O. T., praetorian of K. of P., 
Elks; married Mary T. Mitchell. New 
Albany. Aug. 8, 1888. Addreaa, 401 
Pacific Are., Plalnview, Hale county, 

DANIELS, Edward Perry, student; b 
Jan. 30, 1881; a. Rev. Leverett R. and 
Harriet Jane (Pratt) D.; Student at 
Allegheny College; mem. Alliance 
Francaiee, Le Petit Baton; tnltUtted 
b; Penaaylvaala Omega, Oct. M. i 
1911. Addreaa. Mala St, Taimouth, ; 

DARNALL, Charlas BDss, real estate; 
b. ArgeDtlne, Kan. Aug. 2. 1891; s. : 
C. D. and Edith O. D.; student at 
University of Kansas; Initiated by 
Kansas Alpha, October 1909; at- 
tended Nat'l 8. A E. convention at 
Kanaas City, 1910. Addreaa, 1612 S. 
Twenty-flrst St, Kansas City, Kan. 

□ARON, Don Milton, b. Oct 1, 1889; s. 
Jacob M. and Ellsa Jane (Smittli) D.; 
ed. University of Hlchlgan. 19U; 
president of the "Cercle rraooalB,*' 
Cercle Prancala annual play, Michi- 
gan en sian staff, art critic of the 
MicblKanenslan, mandolin clnb; In- 
itiated by Hlchlgan Iota-Beta. Oct 
19. 1907. Addreaa, 1687 Brush St. 
Detroit, Mich. 

DARROUQH, Rlaldo Allen, atudent; 
b. Oct 80, 1890; 8. S. A and May 
(Nlven) D.; student at University at 
Kansas; Pan-Hellenic Coimcll 1910- 
11-12, secretary 1910, law editor 1912 
annual law scrlmnntge committee, 
senior football, 1918; Initiated by 
Kansaa Alpha. Nov. 32, 1909. Ad- 
dress, SG37 Main St, Kanaas City, 



» UniTeraity, 1908, Haryard 
rslty Law one year; Tulane 
L906; class president, editor-ln- 
of The OliTe and Blue, the Ta- 
ireekly, editor-in-chief of the 
ilaya, the Tulane Annual^ 
f Burke debater; elected by the 
» alumni as alumni editor of the 
and Blue; a member of the IV 
f duiing the year at Haryard of 

society, he has since been 
1 national president; initiated 
)uisiana Tau-dJpsilon, Dec 9, 
president of province Theta, 
; president of the New Orleans 
i association, 1906; secretary- 
rer of the Tuiane Citizens' Bn- 
mt Fund; mem. Boston club; 
ir of William Keman Dart, 
ana Tau-Upsilon; John Dart, 
ana Tau-Upsilon; Benjamin W. 
Liouisiana Tau-Upsilon; mem. of 
r firm of Dart, Keman and Dart, 
mce, 6931 St Charles Ave. 

837-41 Maison Blanche Bldg., 
)rleans. La. 

¥illiam Kernan, lawyer; b. New 
IS, La., Msdrch 16, 1886; s. 

P. and Mary L. (Keman) D.; 
ilane University, 1906; histori- 
sss football, Kappa Delta Phi, 
iwi Olendy Burke Literary so- 

editor-in-chief and business 
;er of College weekly, editor-in- 
College monthly, law editor^in- 
College annual, associate editor 
ekly and annual; initiated by 
ana Tau-Upsilon, June 2, 1902; 
IT of Henry P. Dart, Jr., Louisi- 
'au-Upsilon, John Dart, Lousia- 
an-Upsilon, Benjamin W. Dart, 
ana Tau-Upsilon; eminent arch- 
lapter delegate at Memphis S. 
Nat'l convention 1904, alumni 
te at Atlanta S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
n 1906, assistant editor Record 
1906, assistant editor S. A. B. 
at Memphis, editor-in-chief S. 
Atlantic Daily, editor province 
I 1906, vice-president province 
; junior member of Dart, Ker- 
id Dart, law firm. Residence, 
It. Charles Ave.; office, 837-41 
I Blanche Bldg., New Orleans, 

r, Harry Wilton, broker; b. 

Memphis, Tenn., Oct 14, 1882; a. 
Thomas S. and Maimie (Taylor) D.; 
ed. Washington and Lee University, 
Virginia MiUtary InsUtute, 1906; in- 
itiated by Virginia Sigma, Jan. 28, 
1908; a member of the local society 
Lambda Beta, which became the re- 
organized Virginia Theta; eminent 
deputy archon, correspondent; broth- 
er of William T. Davant, Virginia 
Theta, Charles R. Davant, Virginia 
Theta, Edward T. Davant, Virginia 
Theta; captain Co. F, Second infantry 
National Guard of Virginia; machin- 
ery and equipment broker; m. Fran- 
ces E. Jordan, Nov. 8, 1906. Address, 
1226 Clarke Ave., Roanoke, Va. 

DAVID, William L. lawyer; b. Titus- 
ville, Penn.; r. William Luther and 
Elizabeth Susan (Gibson) D.; ed« 
Ohio SUte University; initiated by 
Ohio Theta, April 18, 1896; served 
as prosecuting attorney of Hancock 
county, Ohio; a member of the law 
firm of Blandin, Hogsett and Oinn. 
Address, Schofleld Bldg., Cleveland, 

DAVIDSON, Benjamin Palmar, student; 
b. Nov. 1, 1893; s. John and Davida 
(McLeod) D.; student at Tulane Uni- 
versity; captain freshman tug-of-war, 
vice-president freshman class, footr 
ball; initiated by Louisiana Tau-Upsi- 
lon, Oct 16, 1911. Address, 1427 State 
St., New Orleans, La. 

DAVIDSON, Stephen Lock, Jr., bonded 
abstracter; b. Wichita, Kan., Feb. 28, 
1884; s. C. L. and May L. D.; ed. 
Massachusetts Institute of Tecdmol- 
oy, 1908; initiated by Massachusetts 
lota-Tau, March 1906; eminent arch- 
on; visitor at Kansas City S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention 1910; m. Florence 
Tuttle, June 9, 1909. Address, resi- 
dence, 1826 N. Lawrence Ave. OflSce, 
Court House, Wichita, Kan. 

DAVIES, John Rees, University in- 
structor; b. June 4, 1889; s. John E. 
and Hannah (Roberts) D.; doing post- 
graduate at Northwestern University; 
initiated by Illinois Psi-Omega, Oct. 
22, 1911. Address, 1614 Hinman ave- 
nue, Evanston, 111. 

DAVIS, C. Edwin, editor; b. Hugaton, 
Kan., Aug. 4, 1887; s. Mr. Davis and 
Mary E. (Allen) D.; ed. University d 



Oklahoma, 1910; president aopho- 
more class, captain class baseball, 
football captain yarslty basketball 
1908-09, manager 1909-10, varsity 
track team, senate literary society, 
D. D. M. C. class society, University 
orchestra; initiated by Oklahoma 
Kappa, Oct 23, 1909, (charter mem- 
ber); president of lota-Tau local 
fraternity; attended the Kansas City 
Nat'l convention 1910; city editor 
daily newspaper; mem. New Mexico 
Editorial association; Archaeological 
and Oeological society of Rocky 
Mountains; Master Mason, Elk City, 
Oklahoma, chapter 186, B. P. O. Blks 
lodge 1244. Address, Clovis, New 

DAVIS, Charles F., civil engineer; b. 
Worcester, Mass., Dec. 20, 1882; ed. 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 
1907; initiated by Massachusetts 
Delta, Oct 1, 1908; elected president 
of province Alpha, 1906, after a term 
as province vice-president; delegate 
to the Atlanta S. A E. Nat'l con- 
vention, 1906; engaged after gradua- 
tion in construction, including work 
on the Oimbel building and the Bel- 
nord apartments. New York City, 
the latter being the largest apart- 
ment house in the world, cover- 
ing one entire city block, twelve 
stories high and containing 176 apart- 
ments; now superintendent for the 
Kewanee Water Supply Co; m. 
Orayce Wialls Worcester, August 18, 
1910. Residence, 999 W. 163rd St 
Office, Room 2080, 50 Church St, 
New York City. 

DAVIS, Daniel Charles, manufacturer; 
b. Jackson, Ohio, May 17, 1880; s. 
John S. and Mary (Parry) D.; ed. 
Ohio State University, 1906; initiated 
by Ohio Ineta, Jan. 17, 1903; eminent 
recorder; assistant superintendent 
Bass Foundry and Machine Co; Mas- 
on. Address, 712 B. Wayne St, Fort 
Wayne, Ind. 

DAVIS, Eugene Tyler; b. Sept 3, 1888; 
student at Massachuseitts Institute 
of Technology, Harvard University; 
Initiated by Massachusetts lota-Tau, 
Oct 1907, now affiliated with Massar 
chusetts Qamma. Address, 117 Trow- 
bridge St, Cambridge, Mass. 

DAVIS, Frank E^ student; b. Jan. 
1891; s. William S. and Maria 
(Sickles) D.; student at University 
Kansas; Friars, Good Oovemm 
club; initiated by Kansas Alpha, i 
26, 1908. Address, 709 Mississi 
St, Lawrence, Kan. 

DAVIS, Q. Oilman, lawyer; b. Bosi 
Mass., Aug. 13, 1881; s. Major Cha 
G. and M. Annie H. (Sawtelle) D.; 
Harvard University, 1903, law, IS 
initiated by Massachusetts Gam 
Nov. 17, 1900; eminent archon, d 
gate to province Alpha convent 
1901, to S. A. B. Nat'l conventiOE 
Washington, 1902, served as px 
dent Boston Alumni association; 
Helen Palmer Davidson (deceasi 
Feb. 21, 1906. Address, 53 State 
Boston, Mass. 

DAVIS, James Curren, student; b. 1 
17, 1895; 8. Thos. B. and Viola 
(Mooty) D.; student at Bmory < 
lege; relay team, football team; 
tiated by Georgia Epsilon, April 
1911. Address, Franklin, Ga. 

DAVIS John, lawyer; b. Lupkin, An 
ina county, Texas, Aug. 28, 1877 
James Pierce and Mary Jane (( 
ron) D.; ed. Cumberland Univen 
1903; initiated by Tennessee Lami 
Sept 5, 1902; mem. of Meador 
Davis law firm; m. Marguerite I 
gan, Nov. 24, 1904. Address, of 
Linz Bldg., Dallas, Texas. Reside! 
3801 Holmes St, Dallas, Tex. 

DAVIS, Thatcher Frank, student; 
Oct 16, 1891; s. Zeph W. and M 
(Armstrong) D.; student at Unl 
sity of Illinois; initiated by nil] 
Beta, Oct 28, 1911. Address, 1 
Blackstone Ave., St Louis, Mo. 

DAVIS, Jr^ William Anthony, : 
estate; b. Anniston, Ala., Oct 
1889; s. W. A. and Laura (Sylvesl 
D.; ed. Vanderbilt University, IS 
Owl club, Ferret club, Conmux! 
club; initiated by Tennessee 
Sept, 1908; eminent archon; v 
Anniston City Land Co.; Annii 
Country club; president The id! 
Address, Anniston, Ala. 

DAVIS, William Lloyd; University 
tension lecturer; b. Manstoo, Y 
April 7, 1878; s. William S. and I 
riet (Wilson) D.; ed. MUwaukee I 



mal College, 1899-1901, Uniyeraity of 
WiBConsln, 1903; Philomethea Liter- 
ary society, debated for Milwaukee 
Normal College against Wliitewater, 
debater for Uniyersity of Wisconsin 
against Iowa, mem. Edwin Booth 
Dramatic society, leading part in sey- 
erai plays; initiated by Wisconsin 
Alpha, Feb. 7, 1903 (charter mem.); 
eminent archon; attended proyince 
Delta conyention, 1904, delegate, 
1904, at Memphis S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
yention; yisited fifteen chapters; rep- 
resentatiye for the Northwestern 
Mutual Life Insurance Co., at 
Uniyersity of Wisconsin; extension 
lecturer for the Uniyersity of Wiscon- 
sin on Kipling, Steyenson, and bio- 
graphical and educational topics; in- 
structor at Uniyersity of Wisconsin, 
1903-4; m. Sabena Herfurth, Dec. 3, 
1910. Address, 420 N. Carroll St, 
Madison, Wis. 

DAVISON, Glenn Huston, student b. 
April 10, 1891; s. O. C. and Lura J. 
(Goodwin) D.; student at Allegheny 
College; treasurer of sophomore 
class. Glee club. Quill club Le Petite 
Salon, manager of Allegheny Literary 
M<mthly, Ciyic club; initiated by 
Pennsylyania Omega, June 13, 1910. 
Address, Diamond, Penn. 

DAY, Arthur H., traveler; b. Pandora, 
Ohio, Feb. 1, 1890; s. Dr. H. M. and 
Jessie (Ayres) D.; ed. Ohio Wesleyan 
Uniyersity, captain freshmen foot- 
ball and track teams, winner of the 
50 jrard dash championship at C. G. 
A. C. games, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1908, 
yarsity football, 1908, yarsity track, 
•09, '11, '12, yice-president O. W. N. 
A. A., mem. Owl and Skull junior so- 
ciety and O. W. *N. Cosmopolitan 
club; initiated by Ohio Delta, Noy., 
1907, yisitor at the Delta proyince 
conyention, 1908; trayeled around 
the world in 1909-10, stopping at Ha- 
waiian Islands, Japan, China, Philip- 
pines, South Philippines, Borneo 
Islands, Malay Peninsula, India, Ara- 
bia, ^^pt, Italy, Gibraltar, Morocco, 
Spain and Azores Islands, did re- 
search work in the economic and so- 
dolc^cal conditions met with during 
the trip; mem. Masonic lodge, Dela- 
ware clnb; author of the Rag-time 

Millionaire on His Trip Around the 
World. Address, 98 West Central 
Aye., Delaware, Ohio. 

DAY, John Warren, student; b. March 
16, 1888; s. Michael Joseph and Bl- 
yina (Grinnell) D.; student at St 
Stephen's College; captain and mana- 
ger of College basketball. College 
football, president of freshmen and 
sophomore classes; mem. Glee club 
and Athletic association; initiated by 
New York Sigma-Phi, March 9, 1909; 
eminent archon, warden. Address, 
147 Webster St., East Boston, Mass. 

DAY, Leonard, lawyer; ed. George 
Washington Uniyersity; assisted 
Lawrence Janney, Massachusetts 
Gamma, in organizing the local so- 
ciety Beta Lambda Beta, which 
later became the re-organized Wash- 
ington City Rho, being re-installed 
March, 1905, at which time he was 
initiated with the other charter mem- 
bers; attended the Memphis S. A. E. 
Nat'l conyention, 1904, as a represen- 
tatiye of the petitioning local; attend- 
ed Atlantic City S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
yention, 1909; counselor at law and 
patent expert. Address, 2 Rector St, 
New York City. 

DAY, Percy Mortimer, mercantile; b. 
Chicago, 111., May 20, 1886; s. Dayid 
M. and EfDe O. D.; ed. University of 
Indiana, 1909; initiated by Indiana 
Gamma, Feb., 1907; m. Louise L. 
Mayhew, Dec. 26, 1908. Address, 
1010 Maple Ave., La Porte, Ind. 

DAY, Roy Montgomery, student; b. 
April 12, 1886; s. H. S. and C. N. 
(Starr) D.; student at Iowa State Col- 
lege; sophomore class play, Junior 
class play, vice-president T. M. C. A.; 
initiated by Iowa Gamma, May 22, 
1908. Address, 1613 Linden Ave., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

DAY, William Taylor, lawyer; b. Great 
Barrington, Mass., Sept. 2, 1876; s. 
William Horace and Sara Ives (Tay- 
lor) D.; ed. Boston University, 1903; 
initiated by Massachusetts Beta-Up- 
silon, Nov. 17, 1900; mem. Republi- 
can Town committee, selectman of 
Great Barrington, 1904, secretary of 
The Housatonic Agricultural society, 
director of Berkshire Hills Paper Co., 
director of Berkshire WhltjbUmACc^A 


WHaS WHO m 8. A. B. 

corporator of Great Barrington Sayings 
Bank, corporator of Great Barrington 
Free Library; m. Gwendolyn Owen, 
July 22, 1907. Address, West Ava, 
Great Barrington, Mass. 

DAYTON, Howard Hay, mercantile; b. 
Amboy, New York, Aug. 80, 1884; s. 
BenJ. B. and J. Anna D.; ed. Syrar 
cuse University, 1906; manager Uni- 
versity orchestra; initiated by New 
York Delta, Feb. 22, 1907 (charter 
mem.); brother of Charles Hodge 
Dayton, New York Delta; tea im- 
porter and wholesale grocery speci- 
alties. Residence, 332 Lake Ave. 
OflOLce, 161 N. Union St, Rochester, 
New York. 

DEAN, Arthur Blaine, civil and electri- 
cal engineer; I. Estelline, South Dsr 
kota. Sept 17, 1884; s. Clarence B. 
and Hattie D.; ed. University of 
Washington, 1909; initiated by Wash- 
ington Alpha, May 80, 1906 (charter 
mem.) ; eminent recorder; Snohomish 
County Engineers society; University 
club. Address, comer of Wall and 
Wetmore Sts., Everett, Wash. 

DEAN, Charles Hermon, lawyer; b. 
Senatobia, Miss., Nov. 12, 1884; s. 
John Franklin and Benona (Hawk- 
ins) D.; ed. Vanderbilt University 
and University of Mississippi, 1907; 
Vanderbilt track team, associate 
editor of both the Vanderbilt Univer- 
sity weekly and monthly, mem. Van- 
derbilt Glee club; graduated in law 
with distinction at University of Miss- 
issippi, winning iCnickerbocker prize 
and prize offered by Edw. Thompson 
Co., for best thesis, organized and di- 
rected first glee club at the Univer- 
sity of Mississippi; mem. Instrumen- 
tal club; initiated by Tennessee ,Nu, 
Sept 26, 1903; aflUiated with Miss- 
issippi Gamma; delegate Memphis S. 
A. K Natl convention, 1904; m. 
Clemmie Tucker, Senatobia, Miss., 
March 25, 1909. Address, 116 E. 
Chickasaw St, Brookhaven, Miss. 

DEAN, Henry Ewing, manufacturer; b. 
Rome, Ga., Sept 9, 1885; s. Linton 
Adams and Agnes (Smith) D.; ed. 
University of Georgia, 1906; initiated 
by Georgia Beta, Sept 13, 1902; af- 
filiated with Georgia Phi; son of L. 
A. Dean, Georgia Psl; brother of Sid- 

ney 8. Dean, Georgia Phi; Joel Dean, 
Georgia Phi; attended S. A. E. Natl 
convention, Atlanta, Ga., 1906; gen- 
eral superintendent of Atlanta A^- 
cultural Works; mem. Transporta- 
tion club. Address, P. O. Box 993, 
85 Peachtree Circle, Atlanta, Ga. 

DEAN, Joel, mercantile; b. July 11, 
1882; s. Linton Adams and Agnes 
(Smith) D.; ed. Georgia Institute of 
Technology, 1902; initiated by Geor^ 
gia Phi, Sept 28, 1898; son of L. A 
Dean, Georgia Psi; brother of Henry 
Ewing Dean, Georgia Beta and Sidney 
S. Dean, Georgia Phi; attended S. A 
E. Natl convention, Atlanta, 1906; 
southern representative of the Fair- 
banks Co.; mem. of York No. 197, 
Masonic lodge. New York City. Ad- 
dress, care The Fairbanks Co., Balti- 
more, Md. 

DEAN, Linton Adams, lawyer; b. Chat- 
tanooga county, Ga., Jan. 24, 1866; a 
Henry W. and Jane (Adams) D.; ed. 
Mercer University, 1875, Columbia 
Law School, A. M. degree from Mer- 
cer University, 1878; anniversarian 
for Phi Delta Literary society; ini- 
tiated by (Georgia Psi, Jan. 21, 1878; 
father of Joel Dean, Georgia Phi, Sid- 
ney S. Dean, Georgia Phi and Henry 
Ewing Dean, Georgia Beta; attended 
province Epsilon convention at Rome, 
Ga., Dec, 1909; state senator in 
Georgia, 1886-7, mem. of house of rep- 
resentatives of Georgia, 1908-09; m. 
Agnes Smith, Oct 29, 1878. Address, 
Rome, Ga. 

DEAN, Sidney Smith, farmer; b. Rome, 
Ga., March 14, 1881; s. Linton Adams 
and Agnes (Smith) D.; ed. Geoi^a 
Institute of Technology and Univer- 
sity of Georgia; captain class foot- 
ball, captain varsity track, varsity 
football; mem. Athletic council; ini- 
tiated by Georgia Phi, Jan. 29, 1898, 
affiliated with Georgia Beta; son of 
Linton Adams Dean, Georgia Psi, 
brother of Joel Dean, (Georgia Phi and 
Henry Ewing Dean, (Georgia Beta; 
eminent archon; attended S. A. B. 
Nat'l convention at Atlanta, Ga^, 
1906; principal of Rome High School, 
1902-04; Master Mason; (Country 
club. Address, Rome, Ga. 

DEATRICK, David Philip, dentist b. 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 

OMtratiars, Pcoil. April 6. 1880; ■. 
DKTld Philip ud Clan BUgabeth 
(Elcliolts) D.; ed. OMtjiOnug, DnlT«r- 
■Itr of PeamiTlTanla; clasa bauboll, 
Phronakoameaii lltenrr societr. Chor- 
us Mask and Wig club; initiated by 
Pennarlvanla Delta, June 8, 1809, affili- 
ated wltb Pennaylranla Theta; emi- 
nent recorder; attended S. A. B. Nat'l 
cooTentioii at Atlantic Cltr IB09, round- 
er and chairman board of tniiteea, 
Pennaylvanla Delta, 1903-10, founder 
and aecretarr-treaaurer Pennirlvania 
Delta corporation of S. A. B., vice- 
president proTlnce Beta, 1908, reel- 
ected, 1908, mem. local and charter, 
aOIlated at entabUBbment of Penn- 
•rlTanla Theta, Peb. 9, 1901; author 
The Gay Widow, a musical comedr; 
mem. Harrisburg, Lebanon Valley 
and Pennarlvanla State Dental soci- 
eties; one of the fonndera of the 
HIddlatown Conntrj' club, Its first 
secretary, then president, treasurer, 
founder of Mlddletovn Clef and 
Drama club, vice-president and stage 
manager of It, treasurer HIddletown 
T. H. C. A.; m. Marion King Clark. 
at Middletown, Penn.. April 20, 1911. 
Addreaa. 29 N. Union St, Middle- 
town, Danphlo County, Penn. 

DECKENBACK, Peter RItte, student; 
b. July SI, 1890; s. John and lAvlnla 
C. (Rltte) D.; student at St Ste- 
phen's College; librarian Olee club, 
•ecretary Deb^lng club: initiated by 
New York Slgma-Phl, Nov. it. 1910. 
Address, 17 Madison St, Orange, N. 

DECKER, Harry Paul, auditor; b. 
Sharon. Penn., Aug. 18, 1888; s. J. 
W. and Bllsabetb E. (Smith) D.; ed. 
Colorado School of Mines, 1911; Ini- 
tiated by Colorado Lambda, Oct 6, 
IMM, affiliated with Ohio Rho; emi- 
nent deputy arcbon; with Republic 
Iron and Steel Co., In general audit- 
ing departmoit, Toongstown, Ohio; 
Mason. Address, 1015 Bobbins Ave., 
NUea, Ohio. 

OEEMER, Prank Jack, student; b. Aug. 
81, 1891; B. W. C. and (WIndle) D.; 
student at Allegheny College; var- 
sity football, band and track; Inl- 
ated by PennsylTanla Omega, Feb. 
17, 191S; brother Homer Leroy 

Deemer, Pennsylvania Omega. Ad- 
dress, 81 W. Washington St, Lisbon, 
DeFORD, John T„ lawyer; b. Ottawa, 
Ohio, June 30, 1874; s. Samuel F. 
and Mary V. D.; ed. Mt Union Col- 
lege, 1896; mem. editorial staff of 
auQual, inter-colleirlate debating 
team; Initiated by Ohio Sigma, 
Sei>t 11, 1893; vlUage solicitor; ra. 
Maiy F. Penney, Dec. 24, 1S96. Ad- 
dress, Minerva, Ohio. 
DeFORD, Union Corwin, lawyer; b. 
Carroll county, Ohio. Nov. 16, 1888; 
B. John W. and Blvlra D.; ed. Mt 
Union College, 1886; class president, 
took part In debate and oratorical 
contests; Initiated by Ohio Sigma. 
April 4, 1886; eminent archon and 
recorder; Judge of the probate court 
in Carroll county, Ohio, 1894- 1900; a 
mem. of the law firm Ami, Wilson, 
Harrington ft DeFord; mem. of Blks, 
and Masonic orders; traveled In 
Canada, Mexico and tbe United 
States; m. Bva R. Rue, Dec. 3, 18S8. 
Address, Mahoning Bank Bldg., 
Youngatown, Ohla 
DENNIS, Henry Murdoek, student; b. 
June 26, 1893; s. Clarence and Ger- 
trude (Murdoek) D.; student at 
University of Minnesota; Initiated 
by Minnesota Alpha. Dec. 16, 1910. 
Address, Ashland, Wis. 
DENNIS, Louis Denton, lawyer; b. 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa; s. Dr. A. B. and 
1,. T. D.; ed. State University of 
Iowa, 1906; captain baseball team, 
1906; Initiated by Iowa Beta In the 
Tail of 1906. Address, care Rlckel ft 
Denals, attorneys. Cedar Rapids, la. 
□ENGLER, Frederick Louis, United 
States Army officer; b. Rot Springs, 
Arkansas, Aug. 9, 1377; s. Frederick 
and Mary A. D.; ed. University of 
Arkansas, 1899; Initiated by Arkan- 
sas Alpha^UpBlloD, Nov. 2, 1895; at- 
tended S. A. B. Nat'l convention at 
Washington, D. C, 1902; captain. 
Coast Artillery corps, U. 8. army; 
visited tbe Philippine Islands and Ja- 
pan; m. Jean Vincenheller, July 23, 
1902; stationed at Fort Moultrie, S. C. 
DENIO, Ralph, stock raiser; b. Long- 
mont Colo., Dec. 23, 1877; s. James 
W- Ud Haltle \tM\ot> ^-■. 'A-'^t^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

yersity of Colorado; initiated by 
Colorado Chi, Sept 30, 1895; eminent 
archon; delegate to S. A. E. Natl 
convention, Nashville, Tenn., 1898; 
exalted ruler Sheridan lodge No. 
620 B. P. O. Elks; m. Ruth Evans 
(Castor) D. Address, 608 Sumner 
St, Sheridan, Wyo. 

DENMARK, Ellsha Peek Smith, law- 
yer; b. Brooks county, Ga., Dec. 4, 
1854; s. Thomas I. and Amanda 
(Groover) D.; ed. Mercer University, 
University of Georgia; initiated by 
Georgia Psi, Jan. 3, 1873; affiliated 
with (Georgia Beta; brother of Brant- 
ley A. Denmark (deceased), Georgia 
Beta, and ueWitt C. Denmark (de- 
ceased), Georgia Beta, father of 
Remer L. Denmark, Georgia Beta, 
Augustus H. Denmark, Georgia Beta, 
and Thomas I. Denmark, Georgia 
Beta; state senator in Georgia, 
1880-81, chairman of Lownes County 
Board of Education, chairman of 
Board of Education of city of Val- 
dosta; mem. of law firm of Denmark 
and Griffin; m. Mary E. Lane, Jan. 
6, 1881. Address, residence, 305 Hill 
Ave., West Valdosta, Ga., offllce, 7-9- 
11 Strickland Bldg., Valdosta, Ga. 

DENT, Stanley Hubert, Jr., lawyer; 
member of congress; b. Eufaula, 
Ala., Aug. 16, 1869; s. Stanley H. and 
Anna Beall (Toung) D.; ed. Southern 
University, 1886; initiated by Alar 
bama Iota, Nov. 29, 1884, affiliated 
with Virginia Omlcron, brother of 
E. T. Dent and H. A. Dent Alabama 
Iota; once member of supreme coun- 
cil of S. A. E.; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Cincinnati, Ohio, 
in 1890; United States congressman 
from Alabama in sixty-first and sixty- 
second congresses; prosecuting at- 
torney Montgomery county, Ala.; m. 
Etta Tinsley, Louisville, Ky., June 
23, 1897. Address, 404 Felder St, 

Montgomery, Ala. 
DENTON, George Kirkpatrick, lawyer; 
b. Webster county, Ky., Nov. 17, 
1864; s. Geo. M. and Emma D.; ed. 
Ohio Wesleyan University and Bos- 
ton University; won annual oratori- 
cal contest at Ohio Wesleyan, 1890, 
represented it in Ohio State contest, 
JS91, taking third place; valedicto- 

rian at Boston University, 1893; ini- 
tiated by Ohio Delta, Nov. 17, 1888 
(charter mem.); delegate to the 
Nashville, 8. A. E. Nat'l convention, 
1888, Joint founder with H. C. Bm^ 
ger, Ohio Sigma, of Massachusetts 
Beta-Upsllon, opening the way for 
New England extension; affiliated 
with Massachusetts Beta-UpsUon; m. 
Sara L. Chick, Boston, Mass., Dec. 
16. 1895. Address, 1108 Powell Ave., 
Evansville, Ind. 

DeSILVA, Howard Carpenter, student; 
b. Aug. 19, 1887; s. William J. and 
Mary A. (Bloodgood) D.; student at 
Syracuse University, varsity base- 
ball squad. Phi DelU Phi, Devil's 
Own Senior Law society; initiated 
by New York Delta, Oct 22, 1909. 
Address, Arena, N. Y. 

DETTELBACH, Frank Clifton, mana- 
ager; b. Cleveland, Ohio, July 15, 
1876; s. S. E. and Caroline (Fleeing) 
D.; ed. Allegheny College, 1899; ini- 
tiated by Pennsylvania Omega, Sept 
21, 1898; manager Newburgh office 
The Cleveland Trust Ck>.; thirty-sec- 
ond degree Mason, Knight Templar; 
m. Marie Louise Shutts, Feb. 12, 
1901. Address, 10210 Clifton Blvd., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

DEUEL, Harry Austin, superintendent; 
b. Grand Island, Neb., April 12, 1872; 
8. W. A. and M. E. D.; ed. Leland 
Stanford Junior University, 1898, tak- 
ing B. S. degree in mechanical engi- 
neering; initiated by California Al- 
pha, Sept. 15, 1894; served as presi- 
dent of province Eta; delegate to S. 
A. E. Nat*l convention, St Louis, 
Mo., 1896, to S. A. E. Natl conven- 
tion, Boston, Mass., 1900; superin- 
tendent Open Hearth Department of 
Colorado Fuel and Mac. Co.; m. Mary 
Adeline Youngblodt, Dec. 19, 1900. 
Address, 205 W. Ormon, Pueblo, 

DEVOR, Jr., Jenner Hlgbee, student; 
b. May 20, 1891; s. Dr. John H. and 
Ada B. (Smith) D.; student at Penn- 
sylvania State College; manager var- 
sity baseball; initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania Alpha-Zeta, Jan. 18. 1909. Ad- 
dress, 126 N. Main St., Chambers- 
burg, Penn. 

DeWOLF, Tensard, reformer; b. Bnt^ 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


*eaxL, 1876; s. Heniy DeWolf; 
llegbeny College, 1898; presi- 
athletic association, editor an- 
initiated bj Pennsylvania 
a» Oct 12, 1894; secretary of 
Toter's Civic league; m. Anne 
. Fainirather, June 30, 1902. 
MM, residence 8316 Delaware 
office, 1374 Frick Bldg. Annex, 
lorgh, Penn. 

R, Alfred Simpson, student; b. 
1 24, 1891; 8. H. P. Simpson and 
1 K. D.; student at Syracuse 
unity; mem. Double Seven, 
r society, 1913 Onondagan board 
r Prom committee; initiated by 
York Delta, Oct 22, 1909. Ad- 
, 29 College St, Montpelier, 

James Lee, manufacturer; b. 
ton, Iowa, Aug. 19, 1880; s. 
el and Delia Ann D.; ed. North- 
tm University; board of editors 
Syllabus, sophomore treasurer, 
imore play and Trig, the fresh- 
play; initiated by Illinois Psi- 
;a, March 11, 1899; eminent ar- 
deputy archon, treasurer, 
dcler, assisted in installation of 
as Alpha, attended S. A. E. Natl 
uition at Kansas City, Mo., 1910, 
dent Hutchinson Alumni associa- 
of S. A. E.; manufacturer of 
ice and cold storage, secretary 
^arey Salt Co., secretary of 
r Ice and Cold Storage Co., 
tary Hutchinson Interurban 
Co., treasurer Hutchinson Salt 
president The Pan-Hellenic as- 
tion of Hutchinson, Kan.; m. 
Jean Handy, May 7, 1907. Ad- 
I, 532 First Ave., East Hutchin- 

RSON, Richard Tunis, lawyer; 
llliamstown, Ky., Oct 22, 1884; 
m. W. and Cora T. D.; ed. Uni- 
ty of Cincinnati, 1906; mar- 
, lieutenant of the flag rush, 
•all, baseball, Blue Hydra club, 
m; initiated by Ohio Epsilon, 
80, 1902; eminent archon, her- 
and correspondent; mem. Phi 
i Phi. Address, residence, 3971 
hwood Ave., Rose Hill, Cincin- 
office, 403-6 Bell Block, Sixth 
Vine Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

DICKINSON, Jacob McQavock, lawyer, 
former secretary of war; b. Colum- 
bus, Miss., Jan. 30, 1861; s. Henry 
and Anna (McGavock) D.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Nashville, A. B., 1871, A. 
M., 1872; law student at Columbia 
University, University of Leip- 
zig, and in Paris; initiated by 
Tennessee Nu, Oct 10, 1870; active 
in the re-organization of the chapter; 

at the age of fourteen, toward the 
close of the civil war, he enlisted 
with some Mississippi volunteers in 
the Confederate army and served im- 
til the end of the war; practiced law 
in Nashville, 1874-99, was assistant 
attorney-general of the United States, 
1896-7; commissioned for special 
service on the supreme bench of Ten- 
nessee; practiced law in Chicago, 
1899-09; general counsel for the Illi- 
nois Central R. R., 1901-9; was coun- 
sel for the United States before the 
Alaskan Boundary Tribunal, and his 
argument won for his country for all 

time the territory in dispute. Lord 
Chief Justice Alverstone, of England, 
who presided over the tribunal, de- 
clared Judge Dickinson's presenter 
tion of his case, the strongest he had 
ever heard. President of the Am- 
erican Bar association, 1907-8; he was 
elected past eminent supreme ar- 
chon (title since changed to honor- 
ary) by the S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion held at Memphis, 1904, appointed 
secretary of war in the cabinet of 
President Taft, 1909, resigning in 
1911 to resume the practice of law 
in Nashville; has appeared as toast- 

masteii and served as speaker at 
many S. A. E. banquets, and was 
toastmaster of the S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
vention banquet in Memphis in 
1904, where his address on contem- 
poraneous political conditions attract- 
ed wide attention; m. Martha Over- 
ton, of Nashville, Tenn., April 20, 
1876. Address, Nashville, Tenn. 

DICKINSON, William Lennel, student; 
8. Ed. and Annie (Fagan) D.; stu- 
dent at University of Oklahoma; ini- 
tiated by Oklahoma Kappa, Feb. 3, 
1912. Address, Sulphur, Okla. 

DICKS, George Eveleth, manufacturer; 
b. Natchez, M\ee., S«^1. VI, VWl\ %. 



Mr. and Hn. ChKrlM B. Dicks; ed. 
GeorglB Initltnte of Todmotcvy, 
1910; Bprlntsr on track team; Inltl- 
Ued by Georgia Phi, Oct 14, 1K6; 
president of the HyattrDtcka Motor 
Co. Address, 1904 Palmer Ave., New 
Orleans, La. 

DICKSON, Hugh !_, lawyer; b. Water 
Volley, Mlsa., Aug. IJ, 1871; s. Wm. 
R. and Ella P. D.; ed. Dnlverstty ol 
Mississippi, 1890; initiated by Miss- 
issippi Gamma. Sept IS, 1886; district 
attorney, San Barnard Ino county, 
California, 1907-09; general counsel 
for Brotherhood of Locomotive Fire- 
men and Engineers; m. Ola W. Hat- 
thews, June 12, 1904. Residence, 819 
Indiana Ave., Peoria, TIL, office, 1217 
Jefferson Bldg., Peoria. III. 

DtEFENDORF, SUnley Rowland, stu- 
dent; b. Joly 4, 1890; s. Prank 
W, and Nellie D.; student at 
Syracuse University; Initiated by 
New Tory Delta, Oct. 20, 1911. Ad- 
dress, 102 E. Third St., Oswego, 
New ToFk. 

DIEHL, Samuel Reynolds, student; b. 
March 16, 1892; s. James F. and Ara- 
bella Erwln (Pomeroy) D.; student at 
Gettysburg College; varsity football, 
class baseball; Initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania mita. Not. 12, 1909. Address, 
CsahtowD, Penn. 

DILLARD, James 8., United States 
army officer; b. Norfolk, Va., 1882: 
ed. Tulane University, 1901; Initiated 
by Louisiana Tan-Upsllon, Dec. 4, 
1897; capUls in the United States 
army; m. Elinor Webster Lusk, 1005. 
Address, care Adjutant-Oeneral, U. 
S. Army, Washington, D. C. 

DILLARD, James Hardy, educator; b. 
Nanaemond county, Va., Oct 24, 
185G; s. James and Sarah Brownrlgg 
(Cross) D.; ed. Washington and Lee 
University and Tulane University; 
Initiated by Virginia Sigma. 1878; 
assistant professor mathematics, 
Washington and Lee Unlveralty, 
1S76-7, principal Rodman School, Nor- 
folk, Va., 1877-8! Norfolk Academy, 
1882-7, Navy Institute, Washington 
U., St Louis, 1887-91, professor Latin, 
1891-1907, dean Academic Colleges, 
1904-07, Tulane U., president Jeanes 
.FiyaadMtioB (for negro rural schools) 

since 1907, president Natl conference 
Church clubs, 1001-2, New Orleaai 
Free Kindergaiten asaodatlan. 189*- 
1006, New Orleans Public Library 
since 1904; mem. Louisiana State 
Board of Education, 1904-08: Sontb- 
em Educational Board since 1908; 
Board Administration Tnlane Unlve^ 
sity since 1909; author of Arlthmetle 
Exercises, 1B87, selections trom 
Wordsworth, 1S90, Fifty Letters of 
Cicero, 1902, Aus dem Deutachen 
Dlchterwald (Favorite Oerman 
Poems), 1903; contributor to news- 
papers on educational and economio 
subjects; inlUaled by Virginia Sig- 
ma, 1873; m. Mary C. Barmanson. 
Norfolk, Va., July 5, 1882, 2nd Ava- 
rene Llpplncott Bndd, ML Holly. N. 
3. Nov. 18, 1899. Address. 571 
Andubon St, New Orleans, La. 

Dl LLON, Harold Hayward, mercan- 
tile; b. Onamosa, Iowa, March 16, 
1880; s. William H. and NelUe H. 
( Hayward) D. ; ed. Hassachusetta 
Institute of Technology, 190S; initi- 
ated by MassachusetU Iota-Tan, Sept 
S6, 1900; attended S. A. E. Nat'I con- 
venUon at Boeton, Mass, 1900; in the 
automobile business with The Hud- 
son Car Ck>.; m. Carrie Margaret 
KolUnger, March !5, 1907. Address, 
S29 S. 11th St, Uncoln, Neb. 

DILTZ, Russell Alan, student; b. Sept 
IS, 1890; 8. Hoses A. and Amanda 
U. (March) D.; student at Pardna 
University; varsity football for two 
years; initiated by Indiana Beta, Jan. 
38, 1910. Address. WInamac, Ind. 

DIMICK, Daniel 6. mercantile; b. 
Lyme. N. H.. Nov. 21, 1878; a. Albert 
B. and Mrs. A. B. Dlmlck; ed. Wor- 
cester Polytechnic InsUtnte. 1898; 
football, treasurer: Initiated by Maft- 
sachusetts Delta. March 9, 1806; 
vice-president American Casting Co.; 
m. Elizabeth A. Clark. Oct 23, 1901. 
Address. 1327 Cullom St, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

DIM8MORE, Archie Nevada, student; 
b. Jan. 2, ISS8; s. Archie J. and Jen* 
nle (Boyd) D.: student at Alle- 
gheny College; secretary T. M. C. A., 
mem. Glee club '08 and '09, Thobnrn 
club; Initiated by PennsylTanto 


. E. 

Omega, April 16, 1908. Address, 
Ford City, Penn. 

DINK1N8, Patrick Candlsr, Btndeiit; b. 
Not. S6, 1898; b. Samuel C. and Kate 
(Caadler) D.; Btndent at UnlTeraltj 
<rt the Sooth; InlUated by Oeorgia 
Phi. Sept. SS, 1911, affiliated with 
Tennessee Omega. Addreaa, EOS N. 
Blvd., Atlanta, Ga. 

DIVINE, Ellaier Robert, etudent; b. 
Aug. 15, 1890; etudent at Iowa State 
College; Sigma Sigma; Initiated bj 
Iowa Oamma, Uaj l, 1910. Ad- 
dreaa. Sycamore, HL 

DIXON, William Victor, atudent; b. 
SepL S9, 1S91: a. Orlii S. and Blrda 
(Wheeler) D.; student at Syracuae 
Dnlveralty: Initiated by New York 
Delta, Oct 20, 1911; brother of W. C. 
DlxoQ, New York Delta. Addreaa, 
Warner, New York. 

DOAK, Rufua Randolph, mercantile; b. 
Lebanon, Tenn., Feb. 19, 1878; a. 
John and Buna Vlata (Langford) D.; 
eiL Cumberland Unlveralty, B. S., 
189S and Lav, 1896; president Ameae- 
faa e an Literary aoctety; Initiated 
by Tenneaaee Lambda, Oct. El, 1890; 
brother of Samuel Doak, Tenneaaee 
Lambda, Errln Doak, Tenneaaee 
Lambda; eminent arcbon, depu^ we- 
Chon, recorder and treasurer; dele- 
gate to S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 
Waablngton, D. C, 1894 and S. A. 
E. Nat'l conrentlon, Nasbrllle, Ten- 
neaaee, 1S98; employee In clerk's ot- 
flce congress, 1894-5; clerk and mas- 
ter of Wilson Co., Tenn.: m. Bea- 
ale Qraham Weir, Not. S, 1900, Ad- 
dreaa. Lebanon, 1 enn. 

DOAN, Prank Carlaton, DnlTorslty 
professor; b. Nelsonvllle, Ohio, Feb. 
IS, 1877; a. Charlea H. and Jennie 
(Austin) D.; ed. Hiram College, Ohio 
State Unlveralty, B. Ph., 1898, Har- 
Tard Unlveralty, A. M., 1900, Ph. D., 
1904; PU Beta Kappa, editor-in-chief 
Lantern and HaUo. president of Ora- 
torical asBociatlan; Initiated by Ohio 
Theta. Oct, 1896, afllllated with Has- 
■aehosetta Gamma, 189S-99; rlsltor at 
proTlnce Delta couTentlon, Colum- 
bus. Ohl<^ 1898; compiler and author 
of Hock Ritual sanctioned by S. A. I 
E. Natl couTentlon at Naahrllle, 
Tenn.. 1898; proteaaor of peyohology j 

and ediK-alioii, Ohio Itniverait)'; 
lueiu. American Psychological asso- 
ciation, American Philoaophlcal as- 
sociation, American Aaaociatlon for 
the AdTancement of Science, associ- 
ate mem. of the Society for Physical 
Research (English), associate mem. 
or American Society for Physical R» 
search, International Ckingreaa for 
the History of Religions, Inter- 
na tlonaler Kongreas for Phlloso- 
phla, International Council ot 
Unitarian and Other Liberal Think- 
ers and Workers, Religious Educa- 
tion association, Brahmo-BomaJ of 
Calcutta (India), honorary mem. of 
the Japanese Unitarian association; 
autbor of Religion and the Modem 
Mind; traTeled lu Germany, 1906, 
19US, In France, 1911; m. laabel WIl- 
eon, July ^d, 1900. Address, 519 
Chestnut St, HeadTille. Penn. 
DOAN, Norman Eugens, county law lib- 
rarian; b. Sacramento, Cal., July 8, 
iSSti; s. Warren E. and KltUe E. D.; 
ed. Leland Stanford Junior Unlver- 
Rlt.v, 1909; class treasurer; initiated 
by California Alpha, 1906; county law 
librarian, Sacramento county, CaL 
Address, Courthouse, Sacramento, 
DOCKERY, Claudius^ lawyer; b. Han- 
gnm, N. C, April 4. 1865; s. OIlTor 
H. and Sallie (Dumas) D.; ed. Dnl- 
versity of North Carolina, 1887; 
Salutatorian of class, president ot 
law class, Judge of Moot court, mem. 
of Phi Theta Phi, president Dealectic 
society, won RepreaentatiTe Medal at 
commencement, 1S86; Initiated by 
North Carolina XI. Feb. 21, 1885; 
eminent archon; delegate to S. 
A. E. Nat'l convention at Co- 
lumbia, S. C, 1887; to S. A. 
E. Nat'l convention, Pittsburgh 
Penn., 1S93, *o S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
vention, Washington, D. C, 1894, to 
S. A. E. Nat'l couTention, St Louis, 
Mo., 1896. presided over S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Pittsburgh, elect- 
ed eminent deputy aupreme archon at 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention, Washing- 
ton, D. C, 1894; vice counsul-general, 
Rio Janerio, Brasll; mem. North 
Carolina legislature, 1896-97, mem. 
executive commVUm (it \]K« VMxt. ^ 



trustees. University of North Caro- 
lina^ United States marshall, eastern 
district of North Carolina, second 
term; traveled in South America; 
mem. I. O. O. F.; m. Maud May Ry- 
der, April 16, 1900. Address, 411 Elm 
St, Raleigh, N. C. 

DOHONEY, Alfred P^ lawyer; b. Paris, 
Texas, March 8, 1867; s. Eben L. and 
Mary (Johnson^ D.; ed. University 
of Texas, 1889; initiated by Texas 
Rho, Jan., 1887; brother of E. L. 
Dohoney, Jr., Texas Rho; Mason. 
Address, residence, 623 Pine BlufT 
St., Paris, Tex., office, 217 N. Main 
St., Paris, Tex. 

DOLE, Charles Elbert, banker; b. Leb- 
anon, N. H., May 4, 1886; s. Charles 
A. and Helen (Stevens) D.; ed. Dart- 
mouth College, 1909; initiated by 
New Hampshire Alpha, May 2, 1908. 
Address, Lebanon, N. H. 

DONNELLY, Joseph F^ student; b. 
Aug. 7, 1889; s. M. Donnelly and 
Emily (Bryant) D.; student at Penn- 
sylvania State College; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, Oct 8, 
1910. Address, 743 S. 15th St., Phila- 
delphia, Penn. 

DONNEN, Ralph Royal, student; s. 
Royal J. D.; student at University of 
Denver; initiated by Colorado Zeta, 
Nov. 17, 1908. Address, 1640 Eigh- 
teenth Ave., Denver, Colo. 

DOOLITTLE, Lewis Joseph, patent at- 
torney; b. Plantsville, Conn., Dec. 9, 
1868; 8. Joseph R. and Cornelia H. 
(Paddock) D.; ed. Cornell Univer- 
sity, M. E., 1893, and New York Uni- 
versity Law School; Cornell Con- 
grress, class historian. New York Law 
School; initiated by New York Alpha, 
May 17, 1892; eminent archon; dele- 
gate to S. A. E. Nat'l convention at 
Chattanooga, Tenn., 1892, Pittsburgh, 
Penn., 1893, Washington, D. C, 1894, 
Atlanta, Oa., 1906, Atlantic City, N. J., 

1909, Kansas City, Kan., 1910, dele- 
gate to province Beta convention, 

1910, president of province Beta, 1892- 
93, 1910, president New York Alumni 
association, 191041; 2nd lieutenant 
let Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, 
Spanish-American war, also served 
on general court martial board; 
specialist in patent and trade-mark 

law; vice-president and directi^ Hy- 
gienic Soap Granulator Co., director 
U. S. Alloy Co., formerly president 
and director Manhattan Switchboard 
Co.; mem. Cornell University asso- 
ciation of Brooklyn; m. Minnie Ran- 
dall, July 15, 1898. Address, 2 Rector 
St, New York City. 

DOPP, James Lawrence, student; b. 
fiept 28, 1892; s. G. W. and Sarah K 
(Walsh) D.; student at University of 
Minnesota; mem. Adelphlan club, 
Theta Tau; initiated by Minnesota 
Alpha, March 9, 1911. Address, 719 
Ellis Ave., Ashland, Wis. 

DORRANCE, Arthur Calbraith, stu- 
dent; b. June 21, 1898; s. John and 
Eleanor Gillingham (Thompson) D ; 
student at Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology; class vice-president, 
class relay team; initiated by Massa- 
chusetts lotarTau, Nov. 12, 1910; 
brother of John Thompson Dorrance, 
Massachusetts lotarTau. Address, 
1700 Pine St., Philadelphia, Penn. 

D0R8EY, Erastus Roy, lawyer; b. At- 
lanta, Ga., Nov. 10, 1885; s. Judge 
Rufus T. and Sarah (Bennett) D.; 
ed. University of Georgia, 1906, U. S. 
Military Academy, 1908, Columbia 
University; mem. Casque and Gaunt- 
let, Thalian Dramatic club. Cotillion 
club, Aniversarian Literary society. 
Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity, Hamil- 
ton Court, Columbia; captain varsity 
track, varsity football, editor and 
business manager *'Red and Black," 
president Glee club; initiated by 
Georgia Beta, Sept. 14, 1902; eminent 
deputy archon, delegate to province 
convention, Columbus, Ga., 1905, and 
Atlanta S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 
1906; brother of Cornelius Dawson 
Dorsey, Georgia Beta. Address, 
Third Natl Bank Bldg, Atlanta, Ga. 

DORSEY, Llewellyn Morse, student; b. 
Oct 13, 1892; s. Mr. and Alwilda 
(Marshall) D.; student at University 
of Maine; freshman football; initiated 
by Maine Alpha, Nov. 17, 1911. Ad- 
dress, Augusta, Me. 

D08H, Roy Huntley, lawyer; b. Stuart, 
Iowa, July 29, 1876; s. Jacob R. and 
Abba M. D.; ed. Simpson College, 
Ohio Wesleyan University, A. B., 
1900, A. M. 1907; varsity football. 



tennis championship three times; initi- 
ated by Iowa Sigma, April 8, 1893, lat- 
er affiliated with Ohio Delta; eminent 
archon, delegate province convention, 
Ann Arbor, 1899; city attorney; au> 
thor of Treatise on Red Polled Cat- 
tle; traveled in Mexico; mem. Mason- 
ic order; m. Cora M. Peters, 1902. 
Address, Stuart, Iowa. 

DOUGLAS, Archibald Hugh, Ensign U. 

5. Navy; b. Bennettsville, S. C, Feb. 
8, 1885; s. Archibald Jennings and 
Mrs. D.; ed. University of Tennessee 
and U. S. Naval Academy, 1908; class 
president, baseball, wrestling, crew, 
football (captain at Annapolis, 1907), 
leader oi class German, mem. hop 
committee; initiated by Tennessee 
Kappa, Oct 1, 1901; traveled in Eng- 
lan, France, Denmark, Sweden, Rus- 
sia, Germany, Canada; mem. Moun- 
tain City club, Chattanooga, Tenn., 
Army and Navy clubs, New York and 
Washington, D. C; in engineering 
office, U. S. S. New Hampshire. Ad- 
dress U. S. S. New Hampshire, care 
Postmaster, New York City. 

DOUGLAS, Howard Milner, farmer; b. 
Mcintosh, Ala., Nov. 16, 1890; s. How- 
ard and Bessie (Milner) D.; ed. Vir- 
ginia Military Institute; baseball 
squad; initiated by Virginia Theta, 
Oct 24, 1909; mem. Mobile Yacht 
club. Address, Mcintosh, Ala. 

DOUGLAS, James McDowell, college 
professor; b. Blackstock, S. C, Sept 

6, 1867; s. James and Margaret (Mc- 
Etowell) D.; ed. Davidson College, A. 
B., 1893, Ph. D., Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity; president En society, varsity 
team three years, first honor last 
two years; initiated by North Caro- 
lina Theta, Sept 20, 1890; professor 
of Natural Philosophy, Davidson Col- 
lege since 1902; brother of J. L., R. 
Lu, and David Douglas, North Caro- 
lina Theta; m. Annie Bella Munroe, 
May 27, 1909. Address, Davidson 
College, Davidson, N. C. 

DOUGLASS, Shannon Clay, Jr., lawyer; 
b. St. Louis, Mo., Sept 29, 1887; s. 
Shannon Clay and Nellie H. (Burr) 
D.; ed. University of Missouri, 1910; 
mem. "Tomb and Key," "Mounds," 
(jnnlor society), chairman junior 
prom, varsity track team, 1906, 1907 

(captain 1908), mem. Phi Alpha Del- 
ta legal fraternity; initiated by Mis- 
souri Alpha, Sept, 1906; eminent 
treasurer and archon, visitor at Kan- 
sas City S. A. E. Nat'l convention; 
mem. Kansas City Athletic club; 
brother of William Burr Douglass, 
Missouri Alpha. Residence, 2619 
Forest Ave., office, 814 N. T. Life 
BIdg., Kansas City, Mo. 

DOWD, Arthur King, student; b. Feb. 
8, 1893; s. Patrick H. and Ellen 
(King) D.; student at Syracuse Uni- 
versity; mem. freshmen and sopho- 
more debating teams, stafT "0aily 
Orange;" initiated by New York 
Delta, Oct 20, 1910. Address, 205 
Bellevue Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

DOWLING, Linnaeus Wayland, Univer- 
sity professor; b. Medina, Mich., Dec. 
7, 1867; s. Philip Henry and Diana 
Theodosia D.; ed. Adrian College, 
Clark University, Royal Univer- 
sity Turin, Italy, University of 
Wisconsin; mem. Sigma Xi hon- 
orary fraternity; initiated by 
Wisconsin Alpha, Feb. 7, 1903, (char- 
ter member); assistant professor of 
mathematics. University of Wiscon- 
sin; mem. Americ&n Mathematical 
society, Wisconsin Academy of 
Science, Circolo Mathematigo di Pal- 
mero; author "Conformal Representa- 
tion of Certain Triangles;" travel 
and study in Europe 1905-1906; m. 
Jessie S. Clapp, Sept 12, 1899. Ad- 
dress, 2 Roby Road, Madison, Wis. 

DOWNE, Edward Reynolds, engineer; 
b. Fitchburg, Mass., Aug. 16, 1888; s. 
Henry S. and Helen (Page) D.; ed. 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 
1910; initiated by Massachusetts Del- 
ta; eminent archon, 1910; delegate 
province Alpha convention, 1910; 
travel and study in England, France 
and Switzerland; equipment depart- 
ment, American Radiator Co. Ad- 
dress, care Nationale Radiator Ges- 
ellschaft m. b. H., Shonebeck, Elbe, 

DR06TE, Henry F., lawyer; b. St 
Louis, Mo., May 28, 1880; s. Henry 
and Emana (Leidner) D.; ed. at 
Washington University, 1901; initi- 
ated by Missouri Beta; eminent ar- 
chon; secTetaT7-tt«%aMT«t %\.. \a>q&s^ 



Alumni tMoclatlon, 8. A. E., delegate 
to province Zeta convention, Kuuu 
Clt7, 1901 and ISDS, and Lincoln, 
1B05, president and ylce-prealdent 
province Zeta, delegate to S. A. El. 
Nat'l convention, MempUe, 1B04; 
mem. 44th and 46th general as- 
sembly of HlBBourl. Addren, San 
Diego, Cal. 

DR08TE, Herbert H, mercantile; b. 
St LoulB, Hluonri. Aug. IS, 1888; 
a. Henrr and Emana (Leidner) D.; 
ed. Washington Unlversitj, 1911; Init- 
iated by Hlisouri Beta, Feb. 11. IBOS; 
brother of Henry P. Droete, Hiasourl 
BeU; wlUi James H. Forbes Co. Ad- 
dresi, 8817 Ashland Ave., St. Louie, 

DRUM, Raymond Borland, superinten- 
dent; b. sure Oaks. Penn., March 1, 
1888; s. Robert B. and Sarah A. 
<HoCleflse) D.; ed. Allegheny College, 
1910; varsity basebaU. QolU chib, 
manager College weekly; Initiated by 
Pennsylvania Omega, Feb. S, IBOT; 
brother of Ed. C. Drum, Pennsylvania 
Omega; eminent archon, deputy arch- 
on and recorder; superintendent of 
coal mine. Address, California. Penn. 

DRYER, Thomas Bailey, civil and min- 
ing engineer; b. Birmingham, Ala., 
Jan. 11, 1889; s. J. B. and Alice 
(Griggs) D.; ed. Alabama Polytechnic 
Institute, 1908; captain varsity bas- 
ketball, director Olee club, associate 
edltoi^ln-chlet of College paper; Initi- 
ated by Alabama Alpha-Mu, Sept. 14, 
1906; eminent archon and correspon- 
dent; with Ann of Motley and Dryer, 
consulting engineers. Address, e!2 
Woodward Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. 

DUBOIS, Clayton Conrad, student; b. 
March IS, 1S91; s. M. and Eatherlne 
(Both) D.; student at University of 
South Dakota; orchestra; Initiated 
by South DakoU Sigma, Nov. 1, 1911. 
Address, CentrevUle, 8. D. 

DUDLEY, Benjamin Harmon, civil engi- 
neer; b. Constable, New York, Jan. 
SI, 1886; B. Harvey J. and Carrie 
M. (Harmon) D.; ed. Dartmouth Col- 
lege. 1909; mem. Qamma Alpha; Initi- 
ated by New Hampshire Alpha, May 
S, 1908; eminent deputy archon; clvl» 
aiWlneer with N. Y. G. ft H. R. R. R. 

Address, 95 ColumUa St, AUmny, H. 

DUFF. Jacob Roy, student; b. Aug. U, 
1892; s. M. W. and Mary A. (Boeior) 
D.; student at Ohio State nniversity; 
Lambda Tan Rho, senior social com- 
mlttae, Pan-Hellenic representative 
1911-lS. Address, 7S Fourteenth Ave., 
Columbus, Ohio. 

DUFFEE, Daniel Jackson, chemist; b. 
Oranleeton, Alabama. July 8, 188S: 
B. WlUlam H. and Elizabeth (Qran- 
lee) D.; ed. Alabama Polytechnic In- 
stUute, 1909; first lieutenant in corps 
or cadetB; hiltlated by Alabama 
Alpha-Mu, Feb. 2, 1907; eminent 
deputy archon. Address, S018 Ave- 
nue F., Enaley, Ala, 

DUNCAN, Robert Selman, student; b. 
June SO, 1892; s. N. B. and Daaie 
(Bowles) D.; student at Emory Col- 
lege; Initiated by Georgia EpsUon, 
Sept. 81, 1911; brother of J. R. Don- 
can, Georgia BpsUon. Address, 
Douglas vllle, Qa. 

DUNCAN, William Adolphus, United 
States army surgeon; b. FrankUn, 
Ky.. March 31, 1911; s. Dr. George 
W. and Dorlnda A. D.; ed. Kentucky 
Slate College, B, M. E., 1897, Vander- 
bllt University, H. D., 1903, United 
States Army Medical School, 1906; 
class poet, representative of engl- 
neerlng department at Kentucky 
State College, winner claBs scholar- 
Bh1|>B 1900-01 and 1901-02, Glenn 
Medical, 1902. Founders Hedal snd 
City Hospital Intemesblp, 1902-03, 
Hoff Memorial Medal Army Medical 
School, 1906; initiated by Tennessee 
Nu. Nov. 9, 1901; captain In Medical 
Corps, U. S. A, Address, U. S. Army 
Field Medical Supply department. 
Washington, D. C. 

DUNHAM, Sturges Sigler, lawyer; b. 
Toledo. Ohio, Nov. 28, 1874; s. Ed- 
mund S. and Anna H. D.; ed. Ohio 
Wesleyan University 1897; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Initiated by Ohio Delta, 
SepL 26, 1898; eminent correspon- 
dent; attended province Delta con- 
vention, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1894; m. 
Stella Warren Secreet, 1906. Ad- 
dress, 149 Broadway, New York City. 

buNLAP, Walter Davie, secreUry; b. 
I Selma, Ala., Aug. 2, 1871; s. WlUlam 


Dukes and Anne (Davie) D.; ed. Ala- 
bama AgricultuiiU and Mechaakcal 
College and Alabama PolTtecbnlc la- 
ctate; Junior apeaker; Initiated by 
AUbama Alpbo-Ho. Oct, 14, 1886; 
eminent corrMpondent, aasoclate 
editor of Record; mem. New York 
S. A. EL Alumni aasoclatlon. Ad- 
dress, 84 W. 46Ui St, New Tork City. 

DUNN, Freeman Heaaton, student; b. 
Feb. 8, 1891; s. Ed. L. and Kate 
(Heaston) D.; student atUnlversltyot 
Ofclalioma; Olee club soloist, Arthur 
Vbote Huelc club; Initiated by Okla- 
homa Kappa, April 13, ISll. Address, 
4SS W. 14tb St, Oklalioma City. Okla. 

DUNN, Joseph Turner, lawyer; b. 
Greensboro, Hiss., July 1867; s. Capt 
J. B. and Ulssnln B. D.; ed. Unlver- 
aitr of HlsalBBlppl, 1887, Cumberland 
UnlTersity, L. L. B., 1891; president 
Phllomethean Law society, Cumber^ 
land UnlTerslty; iniUated by HlsBle- 
dppl Gamma, Oct. 188S; affiliated 
with Tennessee Lambda; eminent 
oorreapondent; mem. of all Demo- 
cratic state conventions since 1888, 
delegate to Democratic National con- 
VMition, 1B04; judge of the circuit 
for the 5th Judicial district of Ulssla- 
slppi; m. Budora De Lashmet Feb. 9, 
189S. Address, Eupora, Webster 
countT. Hiss. 

DUNN, Ralph Knox, Insurance; b. Arka- 
delphla. Ark.. March 1, 1887; e. B. J. 
and Carrie B. D.; ed. Dnlrerslty of 
Arkansas, 1S07; initiated by Arkan- 
sas Alpba-npsilon, Nov. 11, 1904; 
Tice-prealdent of the Oklahoma City 
S. A. E. Alumni association; sgencr 
cashier for the American Home Life 
Insurance Co. Address, 100041 Col- 
cord Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

DURST, Robert Johnston, mercantile; 
b. Peoria, ni., Jan. 8, 188E; s. Charles 
E. and Laura J. (Miles) D.; ed. Case 
School of Applied Science, 1906; man- 
ager freshman football; initiated by 
Ohio Rho, Feb. IS, 1905, (charter 
member). Address, 1519 First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 

DURHAM, Frank HIM, student; b. May 
«, 1888: s. R. L. and Carry (Hill) D.; 
student at University of Minnesota; 
Initiated by Minnesota Alpha, Oct 18, 

6. E. Mlnneaijolis, Minn. 

DWIGHT, Herbert Bancroft, UnlTersity 
profeeeor; b. Windsor Locks, Conn., 
May 3, 1879; s. William Alfred and 
Rosanna (Bancroft) D.; ed. University 
or Colorado, 1904; class historian, 
1901 engineers, secretary and treasur- 
er oF sophomore. Junior and senior 
claeses ; Initiated by Colorado Chi. 
Oct. 27, 1900; eminent archon and 
chronicler, trustee of the chapter; del- 
egate to province Eta convention Den- 
ver. 1903; acted as eminent warden 
at the InBtallatlon of Oklahoma Kap- 
pa; professor of mechanical engineer^ 
!ng at the University of Okla- 
lahoma; mem. of Dwight and 
BoBwell, Engineers; association A L 
E. E., mem. gas. electric and railway 
aaBocIatlon of Oklahoma, mem. of Ok- 
labomsi Academy of Science; m. Ivy 
Ethel Campbell, Denver, Colo., Dec. 
27, 1905. Address, Box 707, Norman, 

DYSART, George Philip, student; b. 
Nachusa, 111.. Jan. 25, 1890; s. Collins 
and Ida (Johnson) D.; student at 
Northwestern University; varsity 
football and basketball squads, soplto- 
more football; Initiated by Ullnols 
PBl-Omega, Feb. JO, 1910; eminent 
warden, steward, acted as eminent 
warden at the Installation of lUinoIs 
Delta. Address, 319 8. Crawford Ave., 
Dlion. m 


EAGLETON, Harold Falrburn, student; 
b. Nov. 25, 1889; s. Charles Henry and 
Catherine Lent (CofSn) E.; student 
at St. Stephen's College; Initiated by 
New York Slgma-Phl, March 9, 1910; 
AddreBB, Brldgehampton, Long Island, 
N. Y. 

EATON, Robert Byers, student; b. Ree 
Hei^htB, South Dakota, June 9, 1886; 
B. Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. E.; ed. 
Dartmouth College, 1909, at present 
student at Boston University Law 
School; Initiated by New Hampshire 
Alpha, May 2, 1908; eminent warden. 
Address. 43 Rockland St, Rozbury, 

EATON, Stanley Gale; b. Montpelier, 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

Vt, March 18, 1889; 8. F. L. and LdUi- 
an (Gale) E.; ed. Dartmouth College, 
1911; Phi Beta Kappa, ylce-president 
senior class, scholarship honors; in- 
itiated by New Hampshire Alpha, May 
1908, (charter mem.) ; eminent archon 
and chronicler; attended province con- 
vention Worcester 1910; traveled in 
Europe 1911. Address, 2902 Jackson 
street, Sioux City, la. 

ECKMAN, Arthur W., lawyer; b. Vicks- 
burg. Miss., April 11, 1885; s. John W. 
and Mada E.; ed. University of Texas, 
1907, University of Southern Califor- 
nia; class treasurer; assistant direc- 
tor of gymnasium; Phi Delta Phi at 
Southern California; initiated by Tex- 
as Rho, March 10, 1904; eminent treas- 
urer. Residence, 123 S. Bunker Hill 
Ave., office, suite 204, Higgins Bldg., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

EDMONDS, Audley Rexford, student; b. 
Jan. 1, 1891; s. A. J. and Sara A. (Say) 
E.; student at Allegheny College; ini- 
tiated by Pennsylvania Omega, Feb. 
18, 1911. Address, Bruin, Penn. 

EDWARDS, Benjamin Johnsten, lawyer. 
Judge, legislator; b. Monroe, Ga., 1859; 
s. John Prior and Catherine Jane E.; 
ed. University of Georgia, 1879; 
champion debater Demosthenian soci- 
ety; sophomore. Junior and senior 
speaker; adjutant University corps of 
cadets ; initiated by Georgia Beta, fall 
of 1876; general assembly of Georgia, 
1909-1910. Judge of Walton county 
court, 1891-1905, clerk Superior court, 
1891; delegate to Georgia State Demo- 
cratic convention 1892, mayor of Mon- 
roe 1888-9; associate editor of Walton 
Vidette 1880-81, practice law 1879- 
1891; m. Mollie Neel Walker, 1881, 
(deceased). Address, Broad street, 
Monroe, Ga. 

EQLIN, Henry Wirt Thomas, U. S. army 
officer; b. Fairfto Court House, Va.; 
s. Benjamin and Ann (Thomas) E.; 
ed. Virginia Military Institute 1905; 
class president, vadedictorian; initi- 
ated by Virginia Theta, Sept 1904; 
delegate Atlanta S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
tion, 1906; delegate province Gamma 
convention Washington, D. C, 1905; 
First Lieutenant United States Cav- 
alry; m. Patty Alvord Johnston, Dec. 
7, 1909. General address, care War 

Dept, Washington, D. C. 

EH RICH, Howard, financier; b. New 
York City, April 5, 1888; ed. ComeU 
University, 1905; manager track and 
cross country teams, captain golf team, 
chairman senior ball committee. Alpha 
Samach, Sphinx Head; initiated by 
New York Alpha; eminent archon; 
attended Washington S. A. B. Natl 
convention, 1901. Address, 43 Ex- 
change Place, New York City. 

EINSTEIN, Robert Stuart, student; b. 
August 11, 1890; s. Joseph E. and 
Ella Florence (Rinehart) E.; student 
at Dickinson College; Comus club. 
Junior committee, dramatic club. Col- 
lege comedy; initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania Sigma-Phi, Oct 19, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 133 S. Pitt St, Carlisle, Penn. 

EI8ENBERS, Percy Oliver, student; b. 
May 29, 189i; s. George William and 
Elizabeth Dorathea( Schomaker) K; 
student at Cornell University. Ad- 
dress, 3344 PerrysviUe Ave., N. S. 
Pittsburgh, Penn. 

EI8ENMAN, Edgar S., student; b. 
March 4, 1892; s. S. A. and A. E. (Suf- 
folk) E.; student at University of 
Pennsylvania. Address, 101 Du Bois 
Ave., Du Bois, Penn. 

ELDRED, Arthur Gordon, lawyer; s. 
Charles Franklin and Emma (West) 
E.; ed. Harvard University, 1905; in- 
itiated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
May 17, 1901; m. Marie Wheeler, June 
8, 1910. Address, Warren, Penn. 

ELDREDQE, Alton WInnlfred, lawyer; 
b. S. Harwich, Mass., April 15, 1879; 
s. William A. and Emma D. E.; ed. 
Brown and Boston Universities, 1902; 
initiated by Massachusetts Beta-Up- 
silon, March 16, 1901; eminent arch- 
on; mem. law firm of Eldredge and 
Pierce; m. M. Ella Sargent, Dec. 12, 
1906. Address, 78 Vermont St, Boston, 

ELLIOTT, George Koch, chemist and 
metallurgist; b. Sidney, Ohio, Aug. 21, 
1888; s. Charles A. and Anna Caro- 
line (Kinsinger) E.; ed. University 
of Cincinnati, 1903; captain varsity 
football and track, baseball; a found- 
er of the Weekly News; mem. of the 
Forum; chairman class day commit- 
tee; initiated by Ohio Bpsilon, Oct 
18, 1899; chief chemist and metal- 



lurgiat The Limfcenhelmer Co., di- 
rector natural science department 
Cincinnati Technical School, 1903-4; 
lecturer and writer on metallurgy 
and steam engineering; mem. Am- 
erican Chemical society. Society of 
Chemical Industry, American Society 
for Testive Materials, Intematiomd 
Association for Testive Materials, 
Ohio Society for Mechanical, Electri- 
cal and Steam Engineers, Mason. 
Address, 2110 Fulton Ave., Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

ELLIOTT, Roy Wllllan\ student; b. 
May 14, 1893; s. William W. and 
Julia C. E.; student at University of 
Michigan; initiated by Michigan Iota- 
Beta, Nov. 25, 1911; brother of Har- 
old A. Elliott, S. A. E. Address, 224 
S. Mount Vernon St, Prescott, Ariz. 

ELLIS, Leonard Richard, physician 
and surgeon; b. Tuscaloosa, Ala., 
June 2, 1874; s. Evander C. and Mary 
Lavlnia (Taylor) E.; ed. Bethel Col- 
lege, 1893, Vanderbilt University, 1899, 
class president at Vanderbilt, Philo- 
mathean Literary society at Bethel; 
initiated by Kentucky Iota, Oct. 16, 
1892, later affiliated with Tennessee 
Nu, 1896; delegate to Washington, D. 
C, S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 1902, 
president Arkansas Alumni associa- 
tion, S. A. E.; president board of 
health, city physician, alderman, 
major surgeon Arkansas Nat'l 
guards, surgeon for Rock Island and 
Iron Mountain railroad, assistant sur- 
geon general United Sons of Confed- 
erate Veterans; mem. American 
Medical association, American Rail- 
way Surgeons associations, Rock Is- 
land Surgeons association, U. S. 
Military Surgeons association, Ark- 
ansas State Medical association, 
Mississippi Valley association; lived 
in Mexico one year; Shrine, Knight 
Templar and all Masonic orders. Elk; 
m. Edna Alta Cobum, June 15, 1904. 
Address, Hot Springs, Ark. 

ELVIN8, Polltte, lawyer, former con- 
gressman; b. St. Francois county. 
Mo., March 16, 1878; s. Jesse M. and 
Zelma (Politte) E.; ed. University 
of Missouri, 1899; class historian; 
initiated by Missouri Alpha, Dec. 16, 
1898; mem. 6l8t U. S. congress, elec- 

toral College, 1904; m. Florence 
Kells, Nov. 25, 1901. Address, El- 
vins, Mo. 

ELWANQ, William Wilson, clergyman; 
b. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 16, 1865; ed. 
Southwestern Presbyterian Univer- 
sity, 1887, University of Missouri, 
1902, Westminister College; Phi Beta 
Kappa at Missouri, Phi Delta Phi; 
initiated by Tennessee Zeta, Oct, 
1884 ; delegate Columbia, S. C, S. A. E. 
constitutional convention, 1888, Co- 
lumbia, S. C, S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1888; attended the Kansas 
City S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1910, grand historian, 1888-92; 
mem. general assembly, 1894, 1898, 
1904, Moderator Synod of Missouri, 
1907; author "Social Function of Re- 
ligious Belief;" translator of Paul- 
sen's "German Universiries;" m. 
Margaret Horsman (deceased), July 
1, 1891. Address, Tenth St and 
Broadway, Columbia, Mo. 

ELY, Edwin Williams; b. Dec. 1, 1890; 
s. Thomas T. and Rebecca Oracle E.; 
student at St. Stephen's College, foot- 
ball. Glee club. Athletic association, 
Deutcher Zirkel, assistant science 
laboratory; initiated by New York 
SigmarPhi, Nov. 19, 1909, eminent 
chronicler, delegate province Beta 
convention, New York, 1910. Ad- 
dress, 73 West 88th St, New York 

ELY, Robert Herman, student; b. Aug. 
17, 1890; 8. Henry Sesson and Mary 
Celina (Abbott) E.; student at Uni- 
versity of Minnesota, editor School 
of Mines Society Bulletin, chairman 
auditing committee Junior ball asso- 
ciation, Sigrma Rho, mining fratern- 
ity. Gopher board. Masquers; initi- 
ated by Minnesota Alpha, Oct 2, 
1909. Address, 620 Boulevard W., 
Duluth, Minn. 

EMMERSON, Ray J., lawyer; b. Albi- 
on. 111., May 4, 1883; s. Morris and 
Ida E.; ed. University of Illinois, 
1906, Theta Kappa Nu, Political Sci- 
ence club. Moot court; Initiated by 
Illinois Beta, April 1, 1904; m. Marie 
A. Schilling at Lincoln, 111., April 14, 
1909. Address, 410-12 Brown-Marx 
Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. 

EMERSON, TheopKllus Roy; b. Emer- 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

son, N. Y., March 5. 1888; ed. at Cor- 
neU Unlveniity, 1906; initiated by 
New York Alpha, Oct 18, 1901; m. 
Bmily McCall, Dec. 18, 1904. Ad- 
dress, 157-9 Duane St, New York 

EMERSON, Walter Bradbury, student; 
b. Aug. 81, 1890; s. Bradbury and 
Lillian Florence B.; ed. University 
of Maine, junior prom, committee, 
aid sophomore hop, secretary and 
treasurer, A. S. M. E.; initiated by 
Maine Alpha, Nov. 17, 1911. Ad- 
dress, 258 Alfred St, Biddeford, Me. 

EN 08, Herbert Cory, mining engineer; 
b. Jerseyyille, IlL, May 5, 1882; s. 
Chas. W. and Sarah E.; ed. at Co- 
lumbia University, 1906; senior so- 
ciety Nacoms, varsity football, sub 
varsity crew, president senior min- 
ing society; initiated by New York 
Mu, Oct 17, 1902; eminent archon; 
examining engineer for London EiX- 
ploration Co., manager Tehauntipec 
Silver Mines Co., office Mexico City 
as consulting engineer. Address, 
Quirk Bldg., Oante No. 1, Mexico, D. 

ENSIGN, Charles Sidney, Jr., lawyer; 
b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 22, 1875; s. 
Charles bidney and Angeline Faxan 
(Barker) E.; ed. at Harvard, 1899, 
Boston University, 1903, class vice- 
president, graduated cum laude; ini- 
tiated by Massachusetts Beta-Upsi- 
lon, March 15, 1902; mem. American 
Bar association; m. Florence Shep- 
ard Page, Oct 11, 1905. Residence, 
293 Franklin St, Newton, Mass., 
office, 30 Court St, Boston, Mass. 

ERB, George Krause, student; b. July 
30, 1894; s. Samuel and Mary Shindel 
(Krause) E.; student at Pennsylva- 
nia State University; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, Oct 21, 
1911. Address, 31 S. Seventh St, 
State College, Penn. 

EPPERSON, Clarence Craig, lawyer; 
b. WUliston, Fla., Nov. 11, 1887; s. 
J. B. and Pencie A. (Willis) E.; ed. 
at Mercer University, University of 
Florida, junior and senior class presi- 
dent, John Marshall Debating soci- 
ety. Athletic association; initiated 
by (Georgia Psi, fall term, 1906; candi- 
date for House of Representatives, 

Florida legislature, bill clerk Florida 
legislatore, 1911 session. Address, 
Williston, Fla. 

ERNST, Harry A., lawyer; b. Green- 
Cord, Ohio, Jan. 27, 1868; s. Jonathan 
and Margaret E.; ed. at Buchtel Cot 
lege. Mount Union College; initiated 
by Ohio Sigma, Jan., 1890. Address, 
6 B. )<*ederal St, Youngstown, Ohio. 

ESKRIDQE, John Marshall, lawyer; b. 
Dresden, Tenn., Sept 28, 1877; s. 
Benjamin Jc^mston and Catherine 
Frances E.; ed. at University of 
Texas, 1904; initiated by Texas Rho, 
Jan. 27, 1904; city attorney four 
years, Waxahachie, Texas; mem. 
law firm Cobbs, Eskridge & Cobbs; 
of San Antonio; m. May Boyer of 
Willacy, May 8, 1908. Address, Cen- 
tral Bldg., San Antonio, Texas. 

ESHELMAN, Fayette Clinton, student; 
b. July 4, 1890; s. U. H. and Jane 
(Carrier) E.; ed. at Allegeny (Al- 
lege, at present student at Bucknell 
College, Annual board, Theta Delta 
Tau, Phi Delta Sigma; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Omega, Nov. 11, 1909, 
affiliated with Pennsylvania Zeta, 
Sept 29, 1910. Address, 15 W. Park 
St., Franklin, Penn. 

EVANS, Arthur Fred» lawyer; b. South- 
bridge, Mass., Nov. 5, 1877; s. Frank 
H. and Julia R. (Jones) B.; ed. at 
Boston University; mem. Cap and 
Gk)wn committee, graduated com 
laude; initiated by Massachusetts 
BetarUpsilon, Feb. 16, 1901; special 
justice, district court of Winchen- 
don, Mass., town clerk since 1909; 
past presiding officer in Grange, I. 
O. O. F., deputy great sachem. Im- 
perial O. R. M.; m. Marguerite J. 
Cross, Jan. 1, 1908. Address, 408 
Central St, Wlnchendon, Mass. 

EVANS, Charles Tyndall, educator, au- 
thor; b. Olen Moore, Penn., July 14, 
1872; s. Samuel and Annie M. E.; 
ed. at Dickinson College, 1896, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Sigma Xi (honorary scien- 
tific), first honors in class for four 
years, valedictorian, class president 
John Tyndal Fellowship in physics 
at Pennsylvania, 1899-1901; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi, Sept 
23, 1892, attended Washington, D. C, 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 


5. A. E. Naf 1 conyention, 1894, buBi- 
nesB manager of the catalogue of 
1893, president of province Beta, 
1894; instructor physics and chem- 
istry in The Hill School, author of a 
chemical arithmetic, 1909; mem. 
American Chen^cal society. Ad- 
dress, The Hill School, Pottstown, 

EVANS, David Howard, lawyer; b. 
Philadelphia, Penn., Oct 13, 1878; s. 
David and Mary (Adelle) E.; ed. at 
Massachusetts Institute of Technol- 
ogy, 1900, University of Pennsylvania, 
1902; initiated by Massachusetts 
lota-Tau, March 9, 1897, later affili- 
ated with Pennsylvania Theta, of 
which chapter he was a joint-found- 
er; delegate to the Atlantic City, 1909, 
and Kansas City, 1910, S. A. E. Nat'l 
conventions; attended the Boston S. 
A. E. Natl convention, 1900; presi- 
dent of the Philadelphia Alumni as- 
sociation; vice-president of Province 
Beta; mem. of the law firm of Hig- 
gins, McNeill and Evans; m. Miss 
Kelly. Address, 1428 Land Title 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Penn. 

EVANS, Edgar James, student; b. May 

6, 1888; s. William J. and Essie 
(Powell) E.; student at Northwest- 
em University; initiated by Illinois 
Psi-Omega, Oct 16, 1910; eminent 
chaplain; brother of William Henry 
Ehrans, Ohio Sigma. Address, 312 
Camp Ave., Braddock, Penn. 

EVANS, William Henry, rancher; b. 
Pittsburgh, Penn., 1876; s. William 
J. and Essie (Powell) E.; ed. at Mt 
Union College; mem. Glee club; in- 
itiated by Ohio Sigma, May 18, 1896; 
mem. Masonic Order, Elks; brother 
Edgar James Eva^^s, Illinois Psl-Ome- 
ga. Address, 4X Ranch, Coachella, 

EVAUL, Joel Wilbur, mercantile; b. 
Palmyra, N. J., Jan. 2, 1883; s. Isaac 
and Sarah Emma E.; ed. at 
Allegheny College 1907; football, 
manager track, mem. engbieering so- 
ciety; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Omega. 1907; with the Crescent 
Lumber Co. Address, 500 Second 
St, Marietta, Ohio. 

EVERiST, Hubert H^ mercantile, b. 
Beardstown, IlL, March 8, 1887; s. 

Lucius G. and Anna H. E.; ed. Pur- 
due University, 1909; initiated by In- 
diana Beta; manager L. G. Everist 
jobbing business, Sioux City; m. 
Julia L. Green at St Augustine, Fla., 
Jan. 16, 1912. Address, Sioux City, 

EWING, Frank Hazen. lawyer; b. Al- 
liance, Ohio, Nov. 5, 1868; s. William 
H. and Margh C. (McDonald) E.; 
ed. at Mount Union College, 1888» 
Western Reserve University, 1901; 
class president; initiated by Ohio 
Sigma, Sept 30, 1889; president of 
board of elections. Canton and Stark 
counties; m. Mattie Holies at Al- 
liance, Ohio, 1894. Residence, 2096 
East 89th St, office, 305 Cuyahoga 
Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 

EYSSELL, Carl G., mercantile; b. 
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 27, 1889; s. 
Moritz and Elmma (Seiben) E.; ed. 
at Washington University; Obelisk, 
Lock and Chain; initiated by Mis- 
souri Beta, Oct., 1908; eminent ar- 
chon, attended Atlantic City S. A. 
E. Nat'l convention, 1909; secretary 
M. Eyssell Construction Co. Ad- 
dress, 3842 Flora Ave., St Louis, 

FAIRCHILD, Samuel G., student; b. 
Feb. 17, 1892; s. WiUiam G. and 
Ellen E. (Campbell) F.; student at 
University of Kansas; student sec- 
tion American society of Mechanical 
Engineers, first lieutenant student 
company, National Guard of Kansas; 
class football; initiated by Kansas 
Alpha, Feb. 6, 1911. Address, 551 
Sherman St, E. Hutchinson, Kan. 

FALKNER, J. W. T., Jr., lawyer; b. 
Ripley, Miss., July 25, 1882; s. J. W. 
T. and Sallie (Murry) F.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Mississippi 1910; initiated by 
Mississippi Gamma, Jan. 1909; broth- 
er of M. C. Falkner, Mississippi Gam- 
ma; m. Sue Harklns. Address, Ox- 
ford, Miss. 

FALKNER, Murry Cuthbert, railroad 
official; b. Ripley, Miss., Aug. 17, 
1870; s. J. W. T. and Sallie (Murry) 
F.; ed. University of Mississippi 
1889; initiated by ^\a%\%<q\^^\ ^«ss!l- 



ma» Sept. 1889; brother of J. W. T. 
Falkner, Jr., MiBsisBippi Gamma; at 
present with Standard OU Co., treas- 
urer and assistant manager Gulf and 
Chicago R. R. C .; m. Maud Butler, 
Nov. 8, 1897. Address, Oxford, Miss. 
FARNHAM, Gordon Dudley, chemist; 
b. Mt Airy, Ohio, June 8, 1879; s. 
Charles Augrustus and Irene (Gor- 
don) F.; ed. University of Cincin- 
nati; manager News; initiated by 
Ohio Epsilon, Oct 18, 1899; eminent 
treasurer; chemist Jarecki Chemical 
Co., Cincinnati, Ohio; mem. Ameri- 
can Chemical society. Address, Box 
145, Mt Airy. O. 

FARRELL, Harry Herschel, designer; 
b. Outten, 111., Jan. 1, 1888; s. John 
E. and Maggie B. F.; ed. Millikin 
University; winner first prize in de- 
sign 1907; initiated by Illinois Delta, 
Jan. 14, 1911; designer Faries Man- 
ufacturing Co., Decatur, 111. Address, 
1012 W. Wood St, Decatur, HI. 

FAUCON, James Patteson, clergyman; 
b. Goshen, N. T., Feb. 1, 1857; s. 
Maurice and Mary Elizabeth (Brew- 
ster) F.; ed. St Stephen's College, 
1879; initiated by Sigma-Phi local 
1876, by New York Sigma-Phi 1896; 
secretary, master; spent one year in 
foreign travel; an organizer of the 
College club of New York City. Ad- 
dress, 44 Stuyvesant St, New York 

FAULK, Leonidas Barkdull, student; 

b. Nov. 21. 1889; s. Robert W. and 
Florence S. (Barkdull) F.; student 
at Tulane Univers'ty; Stars and 
Bars, senior scholarship society, Phi 
Beta Phi (medical fraternity); ini- 
tiated by Louisiana Tau-Upsilon, Dec. 
12, 1908. Address, 315 Pine St, Mon- 
roe, La. 

FAULKNER, Thomas Howard, Jr., stu- 
dent; b. Aug. 27, 1892; s. Samuel S. 
and Elizabeth (Niles) F.; student at 
University of the South; initiated by 
Arkansas Alpha-Upsilon, later affili- 
ated with Tennessee Omega. Ad- 
dress, 503 Biscoe St, Helena, Ark. 

FAY, Edwin Whitfield, University pro- 
fessor; b. Winden, La., Jan. 1, 1865; 
s. Edwin H. and Sarah Elizabeth 
(Shields) F.; ed. Southwestern Pres- 
brterl&n Vniversliy, Johns Hopkins 

University; Phi Beta Ejtppa; initi- 
ated by Tennessee SSeta, Nov. 14, 
1882; professor. University of Texas; 
mem. American Philological asaocia- 
tion, American Oriental society, So- 
ciete di Linguistique de Paris; form- 
erly professor Latin, University of 
Chicago; traveled in Ehirope; studied 
at University of Leipzig; m. Lucy 
Belle Hemphill, Dec. 20, 1904. Ad- 
dress, University Station, Austin, 
FAWCETT, Jacob Pennypocker, law- 
yer; b. Boyce Station, wan. 2, 1851; 
ed. Mt Union College, 1871; initi- 
ated by Ohio Sigma, July 28, 1892, 
having been a member of the local 
which subsequently became Ohio 
Sigrma; after graduation, he read law 
with William C. Pippitt of AUiance, 
and was admitted to the bar at Ra- 
venna, Ohio, April 9th, 1874. Prac- 
ticed law at Alliance until Auguat, 
1877, when he moved to the city of 
Canton, Ohio, to follow his profea- 
sion, and has resided there ever 
since. Judge Fawcett was for many 
years prominently identified with 

political affairs ana has been hon- 
ored with a number of offices. In 
1876 he was elected mayor of Mt 
Union. From 1882 to 1886 was a 
member of the Canton City council, 
serving as president of that body the 
last year. He was chairman of the 
Republican County Central commit- 
tee for two years. Nov. 23, 1886, 
Grov. Foraker appointed him probate 
Judge of Stark county, to fill a va- 
cancy, occasioned by the resignation 
of Judge Myers. In 1887 and again in 
1890 he was elected to this position, 
by handsome majorities, both times 

overcoming substantial Democratic 
pluralities in the county. He is a 
member of lodge 266 I. O. O. P., 
Lilly lodge 362 K. of P., Canton 
lodge No. 68 B. P. O. Elks. On his 
retirement from the probate offljce in 
February, 1894, Judge Fawcett re- 
entered the active practice of the 
law, at which he has won success 
and liberal patronage. For several 
years he was president of Uie Board 
of Public Safety for the city of 
Canton, Ohio, and f6r twelve years 


mt of the Board of Directors 

Stark coanty Workhouee; m. 
A. Hltcbe'l, daughter of 
States Senator John H. 
>U or Oregon, Feb. 6, 18TT. 
IS. SchaSer Block, Canton, Ohio. 
I80N, Marvin Henry, farmer; 
ant, !&., Jan. IS, 1SS6; a. J. H. 
I Julia F.; ed. Iowa State Col- 
SIO; ro;al JudglnK team (live 

1910; InlUated bj Iowa Gam- 
irtns 1907; eminent recorder; 
r of Paul G. Fedderaon, Iowa 
a; general and live stock 
'; won championship on car 
attle In Shortfed conteat at 
ntematlonal Stock show. Ad- 
B. F, D., No. 1, Bryant. Iowa. 
tSON, Paul C student; b. 
es, 1890, student at Iowa State 
b; varsity football aquad, var- 
aseball, claas baseball, Sigma 

Kappa Phi, Gamma Zeta Phi; 
3d b; Iowa Gamma, Mar 11, 

brother of John Fedderson, 
lamma. Address. Bryant, Iowa. 
4, Harlan Luther, educator; 
impalgn. III., Jan. 22. 1873; t. 
Benjamin and Margaret 
S) T.i ed. Adrian College 1900; 
poet, manager football team, 

essay In Einglish literature, 
leal prize annual contest, liter- 
tcletles, editor College World, 
sat r. M. C. A.; InlUated by 
xa Alpha. Nor. 13. 1S9S; eml- 
rchon and chronicler; dean at 
I College until 1911; prolessor 
1 and Practical Theology, 
tlnlster Theological Seminary; 
of Sigma Echoes In Sigma 
Bpsllon songs, The Hear^wtBb 
■ Calendar; m. Annie Calms, 
I, 1901. Address, Westminister, 

', Walter Hanchett, stndent; b. 
I. 18SI; 8. George H. and Rosa 
anchett) F.; student at Alio- 
College; assistant chemist, as- 
: manager glee club, director 
B band; Initiated by Pennsyl- 
OmeKa. Feb. 12, 1910. Ad- 
Krle, PennsylTanla. 
, Donald Barry, bridge eagl- 
b. LaPorte City, la., 1888; s. 
r and Hlnnle (Banr) V.; ed. 

Iowa State College, Ames Iowa 1905; 
InlUated by Iowa Gamma, April 1906; 
with Hewitt and Brown, architects, 
and engineers. Minneapolis, la 
charge of structural engineering 
and general assistant; Minneapolis 
Engineers club. Civil Elnglneers so- 
ciety, St. Paul, Minn.; m. Jessie 
Dorr, April, 1909. Address, 716 S. 
4th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

FElKER, Pradarick MorMs, editor; b. 
Northampton, Mass., June 14, 1881; 
E. Frederick Christian and Fannl« 
iThayer) F.; ed. Worcester Polytech- 
nic InsUtute 1901; class secretary, 
ulumnl secretary, special asslBtant to 
director of Electrical Engineering 
department 1904-05; InlUated by 
Massachusetts Delta, Dec. 7, 1901; 
eminent archon and deputy archon, 
chairman house committee; manag- 
ing editor Factory magazine, techni- 
cal editor System magaelne; ap- 
l>aintee at Harvard University Grad- 
uate School of Business Admlnlstntr 
tlon In Industrial Organization 1910; 
m. Elizabeth Baker Campbell, Oct. 
3, 1906. Address, Madison St. and 
Wabash Ave., Chicago. III. 

FELTS, Ernest J., lawyer; b. Russell- 

, ville, Ky., Nov. 3. 1882; s. Mr. and 
Mrs. J. H. Felts; ed. Bethel College, 
lAOG; class president, football, track 
and gymnasium teams; initiated by 
Kentucky lota, Sept. 19, 1903; emi- 
nent archon; delegate Memphis 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention 1904; coun- 
ty attorney; mem, DemocraUc 
committee. Address, RusBeilTllle, 

FENGER, Frederic Abllgaard, naval 
architect; h. Chicago, 111., May 1, 
1882; s. ChrlsUan and Caroline F.; 
ed. Cornell University. 1906, Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology; In- 
itiated by New York Alpha, Oct 18, 
1902, later affiliated with Massachu- 
setts lota-Tau; eminent archon, del- 
egate Atlanta S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
Uon, 190S, secretary province AJpha 
1910-11. Address, 656 Sheridan 
Road, Winnetka, III. 

FERNSLER, David Coble, edncator; 
b. Lebanon, Penn., Feb. 17, 1889; a. 
George Sbermui •&& %vnb ba^ 



(Coble) F.; ed. St Stephen's College, 
1910; clasB president, aecretajy 
Dragon club, business manager and 
assistant editor College papers, prize 
in German; initiated by New York 
Sigma-Phi, June 11, 1907; eminent 
archon and deputy archon; brother 
of Paul Leonard Femsler, New York 
SigmarPhi; instructor of English, 
Saint John's School of Salina, Kan.; 
author of Letters from Bermuda; 
traveled in Bermuda; mem. Social 
Science club of Salina. Address, 
Saint John's Military School, Salina, 

FERNSLER, Paul Leonard, student; b. 
Jan. 19, 1892; s. George S. and Sarah 
Ann (Coble) F.; student at St 
Stephen's College; secretary-treas- 
urer junior class, secretary of senior 
class and of the (invocation of Un- 
dergraduates of St Stephen's Col- 
lege, business manager of The Mes- 
senger; initiated by New York Sig- 
ma-Phi, Nov. 20, 1908; brother of 
David Coble Femsler, New York Sig- 
ma-PhL Address, R. F. D. No. 1, 
New Cumberland, Penn. 

FENLON, Robert Lawrence; b. Clin- 
ton, Iowa, Nov. 18, 1886; s. Charles 
E. and Matilda K. F.; ed. Iowa State 
(>>llege, 1909; initiated by Iowa 
Gamma, May, 1906; m. Florence M. 
Prime, June 6, 1907. Address, Co- 
manche, la. 

FERGUSON, Howard Dean, mercan- 
tUe; b. Elmira, N. Y., Feb. 26. 1887; 
s. William and Adelia F.; ed. Purdue 
University 1910; track; initiated by 
Indiana Beta, April 6, 1907; commer- 
cial traveler. Address, 600 W. Gray 
St, Elmira, N. Y. 

FERGUSON, James Molyneux, drafts- 
man; b. Hastings, Neb., Nov. 9, 1882; 
s. John M. and Agnes J. (Sawyer) 
F.; ed. University of Nebraska, 1903, 
University of Washington, 1907; in- 
itiated by Washington Alpha, May 
30, 1906; chief draftsman, Seattle 
Water department; m. Edna W. 
Kiefer, June 30, 1908. Address, 210 
N. Boylston Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

FERTIQ, Clarence H., educator; b. Mil- 
waukee, Wis., June 11, 1883; s. John 
H. and Ann Elizabeth (Boyd) F.; 
ed. at Univeralty of Wisconsin, 1907; 

mem. Badger Board; Initiates 
Wisconsin Alpha, Oct, 1904; em 
archon; president Milwaukee Al 
association S. A. E. 1911-12; nu 
training instructor Washington 
School. Residence, 253 20th 81 
flee, care Washington High 8c 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

FiCKLEN, Boyce, Jr^ banker 
Washington, Oa., July 23, 18g 
Boyce and Mary (Hill) F.; ed. E 
College, 1904; class secretary, 
baseball, basketball, relay and 1 
mid-term debater. Gamma Lai 
Delta; initiated by Georgia Bp 
September 17, 1901; eminent 1 
urer; delegate Washington D. 
A. E., 1902, Nat'l convention; br 
of F. H. Ficklen, G^eorgia E«pf 
banker and newspaper man; 
Lucy Reese Dillard, June 28, 
Address, Washington, Oa. 

FICKLEN, Fielding Hill, editor, 1 
er; b. Ficklen, Oa., Nov. 30, 18*; 
Boyce and Mary (Hill) F.; ed. E 
College, 1898; class treasurer, p 
et; secretary, treasurer of the 
literary society; Washington 1 
day orator, junior and senior oi 
winner junior medal, editor E 
Phoenix; initiated by Oeorgia 
Ion, Sept 22, 1894; eminent 1 
urer of chapter when it won nat 
fraternity flag for best flnancial 
dition; delegate St Louis, 
Nashville, 1898, Boston, 1900 
tended Washington, 1902 and i 
ta, 1906, S. A. E. Nat'l convent 
delegate province Gamma co 
tion, president province Oax 
joint owner and editor of Wac 
ton Reporter, cashier National 
of Wilkes; m. Celeste Bounds, 
19, 1901. Address, Washington, 

FIELD, Joseph Harris, lawyer; b 
lumbus. Miss., 1840; s. Judge J< 
Wesley Field; ed. Nashville TJi 
sity, now Vanderbilt University, 
versity of North Carolina, 
mem. philanthropic society; inil 
by Tennessee Nu, Jan., 1857, i 
ter mem.), later afilliated with ] 
Carolina Xi; he was initiated I 
any other S. A. E. now living; 
nent correspondent; delegate to 

. freesboro S. A. B. Natl convc 



'hicli was the first Natl con- 
of the fraternity; mem. Mis- 
legislature three successive 
delegate to Democratic State 
tlons in Mississippi; author of 
ae and newspaper articles; 
Tellow, Mason; was Noble 
and Lfocturer of Odd Fellows. 
B, Dickinson, N. D. 
, Henry Livingston, mercan- 
. Centerville, R. I.; s. Henry 
Lizzie P. (Bennett) F.; ed. 
Iter Polytechnic Institute, 
ditiated by Massachusetts Del- 
r. 24, 1899; with B. B. and R. 
; m. Bessie M. Pardo, Dec. 21, 
Address, 61 Arlington Ave., 
mce, R. I. 

\E, Benjamin DeWItt, stu- 
t>. Aug. 18, 1891; s. Rollin D. 
>ui8e (Bum) F.; student at 
sity of Kansas Glee club; in- 
by Kansas Alpha, Sept 27, 
Address, Blue Rapids, Kan. 
I, William H., mining engi- 
b. Brookings, S. D., Nov. 27, 
s. Harry R. and Lida H. 
e) F.; ed. Colorado School of 
1906; football; initiated by 
lo Lambda, Jan. 30, 1903, 
ir mem.); eminent archon, re- 
Address, Socorro, New Mez- 

David Edward, Jr., student; 
L 13, 1890; s. Mr. and Mi^s. 
Edward Finley; student at 
Washington University; inlti- 
' Washington City Rho, March 
1. Address, Yorkville, S. C. 
lylord Hulett, student; b. Aug. 
; s. Sheridan H. and Nellie 
:) F.; student at Syracuse 
rity; freshman executive com- 

class tootball and baseball; 
d by New York Delta, Oct 20, 
Address, Sodus. N. T. 
irry Spauldlng, physician and 
i; b. Waverly, N. Y., March 
tO; s. George W. and Anna 
Carsons) F.; ed. Cornell Unl- 

University of Pennsylvania; 
, A. Wv. A. (honorary medical 
ity); initiated by New York 
Oct 8, 1898; later affiliated 
Pennsylvania Theta; eminent 
at Pennsylvania Theta; dele- 

gate province Beta convention, 1902; 
brother of Robert A. B^lsh, New York 
Alpha; attending surgeon People's 
Hospital, Sayre, Penn., surgeon for 
Leigh Valley railroad Co., special 
medical examiner for State Board of 
Health; consulting physician Sayre 
Board of Health, examiner for New 
York Life, Pennsylvania Mutual, 
Travelers, Philadelphia Life, Scran- 
ton Life and Northwestern Life In- 
surance Cos.; mem. Valley Academy 
of Medicine, association of Leigh Val- 
ley Surgeons, Lehigh Valley Medical 
society, association of New York and 
New England Railway Surgeons; m. 
Ruth Esser Junkin, March 26, 1910. 
Address, 114 S. Wilbur Ave., Sayre, 

FISH, Samuel C, clergyman; b. 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., June 25, 1876; 
s. Ira and Almeda (Meyers) F.; 
ed. St Stephen's College, Columbia 
University, 1904, General Theological 
Seminary, 1907; initiated by New 
York Sigma-Phi, Oct 12, 1900; emi- 
nent archon; St Ann's church, 
Bridgehampton, St John's church, 
Southampton, Long Island, examin- 
ing chaplain of the diocese of Long 
Island; m. Elizabeth Donaldson at 
Chicago, ni., April 4, 1910. Address, 
Bridgehampton, Long Island, New 
York City. 

FISHER, Gale Howard; b. Ridgeway, O., 
June 17, 1887; s. B. F. and Minnie D. 
F.; ed. Adrian College 1912; class 
president manager football team, 
president athletic association, busi- 
ness manager Adrian College World, 
vice-president student government 
board; initiated by Michigan Alpha, 
April 25, 1908; eminent archon, dep- 
uty archon, chronicler, recorder; del- 
egate Kansas City S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
vention, 1910; province Delta con- 
vention Chicago, 1909; brother of 
Paul L. Fisher, Michigan Alpha. Ad- 
dress, Ridgeway, Ohio. 

FISHER, Henry Benedict, educator; 
b. Belvidere, 111., Dec. 18, 1870; s. W. 
H. and Mary Chamberlain (Benedict) 
F.; ed. Northwestern University 
1896; Phi Beta Kappa, Hinman liter- 
ary society, associate editor of Sylla- 
bus; initiated by UlUioick PiA^-Ox^^^c^ft^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 

Sept 20, 1894, (charter mem.l; dele- 
gate province Delta convention Ann 
Arbor, 1896, vice-president province 
Delta; superintendent of schooli 
Hinsdale, 111.; A. F. and A. M.; m. 
Jessie Mildred Sweeney, Dec. 28, 1899. 
Address, 14 Blaine Ave., Hinsdale^ 

FISHER, Paul FIshburn, student; b. 
Sept 8, 1890; s. Benjamin F. and 
Minnie D. (Flshbum) F.; student at 
Adrian College; class treasurer, pres- 
ldent» treasurer and secretary Star 
literary society; Initiated by Mlchl- 
gan Alpha, April 26, 1909; brother of 
O. H. Fisher, Michigan Alpha. Ad- 
dress, Rldgeway, O. 

FI8KE, Charles NormMi» surgeon TJ. 
S. Navy; b. East Jaffrey, N. H., April 
22, 1876; s. Stephen Burllngame and 
Alice Norman (Stebblns) F.; ed. 
Harvard University 1899; freshman 
debating society; Initiated by Massa- 
chusetts Gamma, June 5, 1895; med- 
ical officer U. S. navy, house physi- 
cian Boston City Hospital 1899, as- 
sistant surgeon 1900, passed assis- 
tant surgeon 1903 and surgeon U. S. 
N. 1907, assistant to surgeon general 
of navy, 1909, In charge division of 
Vital Statistics and Personnel In 
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Navy 
department 1909-10, Instructor In 
naval hygiene and duties of naval of- 
ficers Naval Medicine School, Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1910-11, editor U. S. 
Naval Bulletin 1909-10, contributor to 
various journals of medicine and hy- 
giene; mem. association of Military 
Surgeons of U. S., American Public 
Health association, Congrress of Hy- 
giene and Demography, Washington, 
D. C, 1912; secretary of section VIII 
on Tropical Military and Naval Hy- 
giene In above Congrress; traveled 
extensively on U. S. warships; m. 
Helen Tucker Hawke, at U. S. Navy 
yard, Mare Island, Cal., Sept 25, 
1902. Address, Division Surgeon, 4th 
Division, U. S. Atlantic fleet U. S. S. 
Georgia, care Bureau of Medicine 
and Surgery, Na'"y Dept, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

FI8KE, Walton Charles, student; b. 
Jan. 18, 1890; s. Edwin L. and Su- 
san N. (Salem) F.; student at Uni- 

versity of Michigan; Triangles, claM 
track; Initiated by Michigan Iota 
Beta, Biay 26, 1911. Address, 25 W. 
Genesse St, Homell, N. Y. 

FITE, Houston Barstow, student; b. 
July 26, 1885; s. R. L. and Nannie K 
(Daniels) F.; student at Tulane Unl 
verslty; Phi Delta; Initiated bj 
Louisiana Tau-UpsUon, Oct 21, 
1909. Address, Flte Rawsey Bldg, 
Muskogee, Okla. 

FITE, Waldo Arrlngton, student; b 
Jackson, Tenn., Feb. 28, 1890; s. Wal 
ter and Mary Elizabeth F.; student 
at Union University; class president 
and vice-president representative ti 
primary oratorical contest edltor4n 
chief Cardinal and Cream; initlatei 
by Tennessee Eta, Jan. 11, 1907 
eminent archon, deputy archon, re 
corder, chronicler, correspondent 
herald; delegate Kansas City S. A 
E. Nat'l convention, 1910, province 
Iota convention Clarksvllle, Tenn 
Address, 189 Poplar St, JackaoD 

FITZSIMONS, Robert E^ mercantile 
b. Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 8, 1887; i 
Thomas George and Susan Am 
(Cushlng) F.; ed. Case School o 
Applied Science; business manage 
annual, assistant editor Tech, secrc 
tary athletic association; Initiates 
by Ohio Rho, March 3, 1906; eminen 
archon; vice-president The Flti 
Simons Co. Address, 2352 E. 40t] 
St, Cleveland, Ohio. 

FLEECE, Hugh Berry, lawyer, b. Taj 
lor county, Ky., April 3, 1878; i 
George Phillips and Nannie W. F. 
ed. at Central University; edltor-ln 
chief College monthly; Initiated b] 
Kentucky Kappa, Sept 14, 1895; del 
egate province convention, Lezlng 
ton, Ky.; brother of Joseph W 
Fleece, Kentucky Kappa; two yean 
educational department PhUlpplni 
Islands; m. Anna Bell Fox, Sept i 
1908. Residence, 127 Pennsylvanii 
Ave., office, 626-8 Paul Jones Bldg^ 
Louisville, Ky. 

FLENNIKEN, Frank Wallace, Insur 
ance and real estate; b. KnoxvlUfli 
Tenn., Jan. 1, 1875; s. E. H. toA 
Mary A. F. ; ed. University of Tennet 
see, 1900; m. Ella J. Coffin, June % 



1910. Address, Empire Bldg., Knox- 
Tllle, Tenn. 

FLETCHER, Lindsay Z^ student; b. 
April 29, 1890; s. Ldndsay and Etta 
(Zimmerman) F.; stadent at Univer- 
sity of South Dakota; initiated by 
South Dakota Sigma, Jan. 27, 1911; 
eminent chronicler. Address, Mont- 
rose, S. D. 

FLINN, Alfred Douglas engineer; b. 
New Berlin, Penn., Aug. 4, 1869; s. 
Matthew Bonner and Sarah Jane 
(Jones) F.; ed. Worcester Polytechnic 
Institute, 1898; initiated by Massa- 
chusetts Delta, May 1, 1900; de- 
signer of Wochusett dam and Wes- 
ton aqueduct in Massachusetts; 
lecturer on water works and sewerage 
to classes in the Lawrence Scienti- 
fic School of Harvard University; 
managing editor. The Engineering 
Record, 1902-04; general inspecting 
engineer for the Aqueduct Commis- 
sioners of New York City, 1904-05; 
designed the Cross River Dam and 
reservoir, made the preliminary 
studies for the Ctroton Falls dam 
and reservoir, 1905; department en- 
gineer of Headquarters Dept, 
Board of Water Supply, New York 
City; in charge of the engineering 
plans of the work fOr obtaining from 
the Catsklll Mountains an additional 
supply of water for New York City; 
superintended the preparation for 
the Ashokan Reservoir and the Cats- 
kill Aqueduct, estimated cost of which 
is $162,000,000; mem. American soci- 
ety of Civil Engineers, New England 
Water Works association, Harvard 
Engineering society; Municipal En- 
gineers of the City of New York; 
Park Hill Country club; m. Mary B. 
Davis, Nov. 1, 1900. Address, care 
Board of Water Supply, 165 Broad- 
'way. New York City. 

FLOOD, Henry Delaware^ lawyer; con- 
gressman; b. Appomatox, Va., Sept 
2, 1865; s. Joel W. and Ella W. 
(Faulker) F.; ed. Washington and 
Lee University, University of VIt- 
ginia; charter member Phi Beta Kap- 
pa, Washington and Lee (Jniversity; 
Initiated by Virginia Sigma, Oct 1, 
1S81, later affiliated with Virginia 
Omlcron, which chapter he re-organ- 

ized; mem. of C!ongress from Vir- 
ginia for twelve years, former state 
senator, mem. House of Delegates 
from Appomatox county. Address, 
Appomatox, Va. 

FLOWERS, Norman, secretary chamber 
of commerce, Jackson, Mich.; b. Phil- 
adelphia, Penn., March 2, 1878; 
s. Charles and Mary (De Normandie) 
F.; ed. University of Michigan, 1896; 
chairman freshman executive com- 
mittee, editor University of Michigan 
dally, Oracle and Wrinkle; chairman 
reception committee junior hop; in- 
itiated by Michigan Iota-Beta, Oct 
14, 1893; eminent treasurer; dele- 
gate province convention 1895; ap- 
pointed to board of control of the 
Michigan Home of Feeble-Minded and 
Epileptic at Lapeer; m. Mabel Os- 
bum Farrand, Nov. 30, 1898;. Ad- 
dress, 209 N. Blackstone St, Jack- 
son Mich. 

FLUHRER, Robert Charles, student; 
(Hake) F.; student at Gettysburg 
b. Oct 7, 1891; s. William and Emma 
(Hake) F.; student at (Gettysburg 
College; student representative on 
athletic council, editor Oettysburgian, 
press club, captain varsity basket- 
ball; Pen and Sword; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Delta, Jan. 5, 1910. Ad- 
dress, 52 S. Duke St, York, Penn. 

FOLTZ, Joseph Qarold, dentist; b. Par- 
is, Ohio, Dec. 2, 1877; s. John and 
Ella F.; ed. Mount Union College; 
initiated by Ohio Sigma, Jan. 1900; 
m. Ella M. Bock, Sept 16, 1909. Ad- 
dress, Dime Bank Bldg., Canton, O. 

FONVILLE, De Roy Ransom, lawyer; 
b. Stonewall Spring, N. C, Sept 9, 
1882; 8. L. J. and Sallie E. F.; ed. 
University of Virginia, 1909; Raven 
society. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta 
Phi, Delta Sigma Rho; captain debat- 
ing team Virginia vs. Johns Hop- 
kins, won central oratorical contest 
and Southern oratorical contest, pres- 
ident University of ViiTsinia Civic 
club and Washington Literary so- 
ciety; initiated by Virginia Omicron, 
May 10, 1908; attended province 
Gamma convention, Charlotte, N. C, 
1910; president Toung Men's Demo- 
cratic club, Charlotte, N. C, former 
president Mechlenberg county Sun- 



day School asBOCiation. Address, 
Law Bld£., Charlotte, N. C. 

FONVILLE, Luther Lafayette, Uwyer; 
h. YorkYiUe, Tenn., Feb. 17, 1880; ed. 
Southwestern Baptist Uniyersity, 
1908; president senior class, class 
Taledictorian; represented Soath 
western Baptist Uniyersity in Inter- 
Collegiate oratorical contest 1908; 
won best debater's and orator's medal 
in Caliopean literary society, won 
Strickland medal; initiated by Ten- 
nessee Eta, Sept 18, 1899, later affili- 
ated with Tennessee Lambda; emi- 
nent archon both chapters; dele- 
gate to Washington, D. C, 1902, and 
AUantic City, 1909 S. A. E. Nat'l 
conyentlons; proyince Iota con- 
yention 1906, president proyince Iota, 
1907-12; mem. Joseph E. Martin 
Shakespeare circle; Mason, Ellk; m. 
Annie Celeste Sayage, (deceased), 
Dec. 17, 1908. Address, 604 E. Col- 
lege St, Jackson, Tenn. 

FORBES, Gideon Robert, landscape 
artist; b. Northampton, England, 
Feb. 2, 1886; s. Alexander and Mary 
F.; ed. Harvard University 1909; 
mem. Topiarlan, Pen and Brush, and 
Thumb Tack clubs; master in land- 
scape architecture; initiated by Mas- 
sachusetts Gamma, Nov. 26, 1911; 
traveled in Great Britian and France. 
Address, 375 Arlington Ave., Jersey 
City HeighU, N. J. 

FORD, Edward Ernest, educator; b. 
Hemel Hempstead, England, Oct 16, 
1880; 8. George E. and Emily (Ewer) 
F.; ed. Syracuse University 1904; 
mem. of the Orange club, Glee club; 
initiated by New York Delta, Nov. 
1908; head physics department at 
West High School, Rochester, N. Y.; 
m. Jennie Elizabeth Randall, June 
26, 1907. Address, 83 Brooks Ave., 
Rochester, N. Y. 

FORD, Howard Willis, student; b. 
Dec. 5, 1890; s. Willis H. and Electa 
Bean F.; student at University of 
Michigan; publicity committee Mich- 
igan Union Opera; Sphinx literary 
society, manager basketball; initi- 
ated by Michigan Iota-Beta, June 6, 
1910. Address, 42 Fbrest Ave., 
Springfield, Mass. 

FORDYCE, Frank W., student; b. Oct 

12, 1891; s. Dr. O. and Anna A. (Tell) 
F.; student at Northwestern Uni- 
versity. Grinnell College, Iowa; class 
track; initiated by Illinois Psi-Ome- 
ga, Oct 22, 1911. Address, Gathrle 
Center, la. 

FOREMAN, Lauren Wood, pubUcity 
agent Southern Railway Co.; b. 
Washington, Ga., May 9, 1880; s. Rn- 
fus Lauren and Helen (Quin) F.; 
ed. at Emory College, 1901 ; class orar 
tor, president Few Literary society, 
literary editor The Zodiac, College an- 
nual; initiated by Georgia Epsilon, 
Sept 21, 1898; eminent archon, re- 
corder, treasurer; attended Atlanta S. 
A. E. Nat'l convention, 1906, province 
Gamma convention, Macon, 1901, 
and province Epsilon convention, Co- 
lumbus, Ga., 1903, president of Gam- 
ma province, 1903; formerly telegraph 
editor and city editor. The Atlanta 
Constitution; mem. Capital City, At- 
lanta and Atlanta Athletic clubs; 
mem. Board of Trustees Emory Col- 
lege, 1908-11. Address, t*. O. Box 872, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

FORT, James Lynn, lawyer; b. Amerl- 
cus, Ga., Nov. 18, 1888; s. Allen and 
Floyd (Hollis) F.; ed. Mercer Uni- 
versity 1907; initiated by Georgia 
Psi; eminent deputy archon; son of 
Allen Fort Georgia Beta, brother of 
Allen Fort Jr., Georgia Beta and Hol- 
lis Fort, Geoi^^ Psi; private secre- 
tary to Congressman D. M. Hughes. 
Address, Americus, Ga. 

FOBS, Earl D., student; b. June 6, 
1892; 8. H. Milton and Mary Malissa 
(Anderson); F.; student at Ohio 
State University; varsity football, 
track and gymnasium teams; Aes- 
culi, Gamma Phi, Bucket and Dipper; 
initiated by ohio Sigma, Oct 10, 
1909; brother of C. M. Foss, Ohio 
Theta. Address, Longview Hospital, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

FORWARD, John Francis, lawyer; b. 
South Hadley, Mass., Oct 16, 1872; 
s. George H. and Frances L. (Mo- 
Master) F.;ed. Trinity Ck>llege, 1896; 
class statistician, track team, gradu- 
ate secretary and treasurer athletic 
association, secretary Trinity Alumni 
association; initiated by C!onnectlcut 
Alpha, Nov. 10, 1898; republican can- 



didate for legislatiire 1910, special 
prosecuting attorney for city of 
Hartford; mem. historical society, 
mem. execntive Uniyersity club of 
Hartford; formerly principal of Salis- 
bury Academy, Salisbury, C!onn. Ad- 
dress, 11 Central Road, Hartford, 

FOBS, Harold Riehard, student; b. 
Portland, Me., June 18, 1886; s. Mr. 
and Mrs. U. Richard F.; student 
at Harvard University, Dartmouth 
College, 1909; auditor seni'^r class at 
Dartmouth; initiated by New Ham- 
shire Alpha, May 2, 1908; eminent 
archon and deputy archon; law stu- 
dent; traveled in Italy, France, Swit- 
zerland, Holland, Germany, Belgium, 
England and Scotland. Address, 88 
Perkins Hall, Harvard Law School, 
Cambridge, Mass. 

POSTER, Charles Bradford, banker; b. 
Hope, Ark., May 26, 1880; s. W. T. 
and Zora (CrowsonX F.; ed. South- 
western Presbyterian University, 
University of Arkansas; initiated by 
Tennessee ^eta. Sept 18, 1897, later 
aflUiated with Arkansas Alpha-Upsi- 
lon; eminent archon, deputy archon, 
treasurer, recorder, chronicler; dele- 
gate Nashville, S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1898; secretary Arkansas Alum- 
ni association; brotJier of W. T. Fos- 
ter, Jr., Tennessee Zeta; cashier 
Hempstead county Bank, Hope, 
Ark.; m. Nancy Lightle, June 27, 
1907. Address, Hope, Ark. 

FOSTER, Clyde Dwight, real estate; 
b. Lowell, Ind., March 4, 1880; s. Al- 
bert and Mary E. F.; ed. North- 
western University, 1907; class presi- 
dent; initiated by Illinois Psi-Ome- 
ga, Oct 5, 1903; eminent archon, 
treasurer, warden; delegate Atlanta 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention 1906, and 
Atlantic City, 1909; province conven- 
tion at Lafayette, 1906; m. Ella Har- 
riett Bradley, June 14, 1911. Address, 
1925 Orrington Ave., Evanston, lU. 

FOSTER, Dudley HamptoYi, insurance; 
b. Honega, Ohio, July 6, 1869; s. Jo- 
seph and Amanda F.; ed. Ohio State 
University, 1895; initiated by Ohio 
Theta, Nov. 19, 1895; vice-president 
Pittshnrgh 8. A. B. Natl convention; 
treasurer Great Northern Life Insur- 

ance Co., Toledo, Ohio; Mason, Elk; 
mem. Ohio club of Columbus, Ohio. 
Address, 240 Spitzer Bldg., Toledo, 

FOSTER, Murphy, John, U. S. naval 
ofScer; b. Bayou Sale, La., April 16, 
1886; s. William Prescott and Nina H. 
F.; ed. Louisiana State University, 
1905; initiated by Louisiana Epsilon, 
Sept 17, 1902; midshipman, if. S. 
navy. Address, U. S. S. Mississippi, 
care Postmaster, New York, N. T. 

FOSTER. Otto Earl, student; b. Feb. 
24, 1887; s. A. J. and Rachel (Dick- 
ens) F.; student at University of Ok- 
lahoma; editor student paper; mem. 
Oklahoma-Missouri debating team, 
football squad, class football and 
track; mem. Senate and Sooner Bar 
literary societies; Phi Delta Phi, 
Lincoln county club, House of repre- 
sentative literary society, Monnett 
club court; initiated by Oklahoma 
Kappa, Oct 28, 1911. Address, 
Chandler, Okla. 

FOSTER, Robert Arnold, capitalist; b. 
Sacramento, Cal., Jan. 19, 1877; s. 
John Curry and Mary Starkweather 
(Patterson) F.; ed. University of 
California 1898; Sigma Xi, varsity 
ball team; initiated by California 
Beta, Nov. 24, 1894, (charter mem.); 
eminent archon, deputy archon, re- 
corder, treasurer, chronicler; dele- 
gate St. Louis S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion 1896; managing engineer, city 
engineer Clarkson, Wash., consulting 
engineer Asotin, Wash.; mem. A. S. 
C. E., president Alaska Peninsular 
Coal Co., superintendent and engineer 
Lewiston Clarkston Improvement 
Co.; m. Katherine Lucretia Fairchild, 
Sept. 3, 1901. Address, P. O. Box 
218, Lewiston, Idaho. 

FOSTER, Walter Chapin, lawyer; b. 
Washington, D. C, Feb. 14, 1884; s. 
Franklin Justus and Elizabeth Jane 
(Weaver) F.; ed. University of 
Pennsylvania 1907; manager var- 
sity basketball; Phi Kappa Beta; in- 
itiated by Pennsylvania Theta, Oct 
21, 1903; eminent archon, deputy 
archon, chronicler; delegate province 
Beta convention 1904, attended prov- 
ince Delta convention, 1906; Mason. 
Address, Alexandria, Va. 



F0U8T, James Leonldas, lawyer, state 
senator; b. Chattanooga, Tenn., 1867; 
ed. Emory and Henry College 1891, 
Cumberland Uniyersity; initiated 
by Virginia Pi, Jan. 1891, later affili- 
ated witb Tennessee Lambda; emi- 
nent archon, delegate Atlanta S. A. 
E. Nat'l convention 1891; state sena- 
tor 1904-08; m. Nina Snow, 1910. Ad- 
dress, Hamilton National Bank Bldg., 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

F0WLE8, George Milton, clergyman; 
b. Allegheny county, Penn., May 7, 
1868; s. Richard and Sarah A. 
(Shipley) F.; ed. at Mt Union Col- 
lege, 1894, Boston University; class 
president; initiated by Ohio Sigma 
July, 1892;. brother of Richard M. 
Fowles, Ohio Sigma, assistant sec- 
retary of the board of foreign 
missions of the Methodist church, 
author of "Down in Porto Rico," 
traveled in Europe, West Indies, 
Mexico; Mason lodge, chapter 
commandery; m. Elizabeth S. Day, 
Dec. 26, 1896. Address, 150 Fifth 
Ave., New York City. 

FOX, Haughton Kost, clergyman; b. 
Winchester, 111., Nov. 8, 1871; s. 
Richard E. and Lavinia A. (Coultis) 
F.; ed. Adrian College, 1895; class 
president, valedictorian, physical di- 
rector of College, 1893-95, orator Star 
Literary society; initiated by Michi- 
gan Alpha, Oct 28, 1890; eminent ar- 
chon; minister Presbyterian church; 
M. A., 1899, B. D., 1900. Ph. D., 1901; 
m. Josephine Kathryn Grossman, 
May 9, 1900. Address, Memorial 
Manse of the Presbyterian church. 
Fifth St, Covington, Ind. 

FOX, John Murray, mine manager; b. 
Detroit Mich., Dec. 29, 1880; s. J. B. 
and Mary S. (McGregor) F.; ed. at 
Harvard University, 1903; initiated 
by Massachusetts Gamma, March 28, 
1903; eminent archon; m. Harriett 
K. Crockett 1908. Address, Tonopah, 

FRAILEY, Oscar Arthur, engineer; b. 
Elk Falls, Kan., March 14, 1883; s. 
Henry and Fanny F.; ed. at Univer- 
sity of Washington, 1907; basket- 
ball; initiated by Washington Alpha, 
May 30, 1906 (charter mem.); vice- 
president Coast Engineering Co. Ad- 

dress, 2180 Hoyt Ave., Everett 

FRAiZER, Cecil Cooper, stadent; b. 
June 15, 1892; s. A. J. and Amelia 
H. F.; stadent at George Washington 
University; initiated by Washington 
City Rho, Nov. 19, 1912. Address, 
1412 Euclid St, Washington, D. C. 

FRANKLIN, Charles Beman, student; 
b. Aspen, Colo., April 6, 1888; s. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Franklin; 
ed. at University of Michigan, 1910; 
Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, 
Toastmasters' club at Michigan; ini- 
tiated by Michigan Iota-Beta, Nov., 
1906; eminent chronicler, delegate 
Kansas City S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1910; province Delta conven- 
tion; studsring law at the Uni- 
versity of Chicago. Address, 1244 
Humboldt St, Denver, Colo. 
Camden, N. J., Aug. 20, 1881; s. De- 
Witt Clinton and Jane Nelson F.; 
ed. University of Pennsylvania, 1907; 
president James Wilson Law club 
and Civic club; initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania Theta, Feb. 9, 1901; eminent 
chronicler, delegate to Washington 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 1902; m. 
Alice Voorhees Van Arsdale, Feb. 14, 
1908. xtesidence. The Capitola, office, 
343 Central Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

FRAZER, William Harry, cotton brok- 
er; b. Tupelo, Miss., May 5, 1882; s. 
J. R. and Emma F.; ed. at South- 
western Presbyterian University; 
varsity baseball; initiated by Tennes- 
see Zeta, Oct 18, 1894; manager 
Famsworth Evans Co.; m. Leala 
Strain, Jan. 21, 1908. Address, Miss- 
issippi Ave. and Fourth St, Clarks- 
dale. Miss. 

FREDRICH8EN, Ame» student; b. 
Dec. 18, 1892; s. Gabe and Hannah 
(Herlofsen) F.; student at the Uni- 
versity of South Dakota; class foot- 
ball, varsity band; initiated by South 
Dakota Sigma, Nov. 1, 1911. Ad- 
dress, Nemo, Lawrence county, S. 

FREEMAN, Charles, College dean; b. 
Espyville, Penn., Oct 16, 1864; s. 
Joseph Hampton and Julia (Wild- 
rick) F.; ed. at Allegheny College. 
1891, Phi Beta Kappa, class orator 
commencement day; initiated by 





Pennsylyania Omega, June 10, 1888, 
eminent archon, delegate Cincinnati 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 1890; dean 
of Westminister College; mem. Am- 
erican Chemical society, A. A. A. S.; 
m. Mary Nevada Miller, July 12, 
1911. Address, New Wilmington, 

FREEMAN, Charles Ellsha, clergy- 
man; b. St Louis, Mo., April 5, 1858; 
8. Elisha Percival and Cjrnthia (Nor- 
throp) F.; ed. at St Stephens Col- 
lege, 1883; initiated by New York 
Sigma-Phi, Feb. 23, 1893, Chaplain, 
N. T.; Alumni association, S. A. E.; 
m. Helen Maude Cordukes, Dec. 31, 
1904. Address, 803 Washington St, 
Orand Haven, Mich. 

FREEMAN, Davis, lawyer, judge; b. 
Savannah, Ga., Sept 26, 1863; s. 
George C. and Sarah E. F.; ed. at 
University of Georgia, 1883; senior 
class poet, anniversarian Demosthe- 
nian Literary society and Sophomore 
declamation contest; initiated by 
Georgia Beta, March 1880; eminent 
archon; mem. Savannah Alumnus 
chapter, editor of the S. A. E. Rec- 
ord, 1885, attended Louisville, 1883, 
and Athens, 1884 S. A. i2. Nat'l con- 
ventions; judge city court of Savan- 
nah; m. Nellie B. Parrish, Jan. 17, 
1894. Residence, 101 East 3lBt St, 
oflElce, County Court House, Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

FRENCH, Dudley Kimball, chemist; 
b. Chicago, 111., May 1, 1881; s. Har- 
ry D. and Nellie M. (Kimball) F.; ed. 
at University of Chicago, 1906, Tig- 
ers Head, Cross Country club, U. of 
C. Mandolin club; initiated by IIU- 
nois Theta, May 22, 1903, attended 
province Delta convention, Chicago, 
1910; directing chemist Dearborn 
Drug and Chemical Works; secretary 
Chicago section American Chemical 
society; m. Helen Margaret Nind, 
Oct 9, 1910. Address, 1450 E. 66th 
St, Chicago, 111. 

FRENCH, Horatio Glenney, capitalist; 
b. Staten Island, N. T., March 24, 
1863; s. William Glenney and Eliza 
F. F.; ed. at St. Stephen's College; 
initiated by New York Sigma-F^ 
Feb. 21, 1895; with J. P. Morgan and 
Co.; m. ElfaBa Olivia White, April 17, 

1885. Address, 168 W. 186th St, 
New York City. 

FRENCH, Royal F., physician and sur- 
geon; b. Humboldt, Iowa, July 14, 
1883; s. Franklin F. and Eliza T. F.; 
ed. at University of Iowa, 1909; 
wrestler; initiated by Iowa Beta» 
Oct. 14, 1905; eminent treasurer and 
steward; ear, eye, nose and throat 
specialist; m. Margaret Thompson, 
June 7, 1911. Address, 1001 W. 
State St, Marshalltown, Iowa. 

FRENCH, Wilbur Maynard, physician, 
surgeon and university professor; b. 
Evans, Colo., July 29, 1896; ed. at 
University of Illinois, 1902, Missouri 
University, 1909, Alpha Kappa Kap- 
pa; initiated by Missouri Alpha, 
March 13, 1897; mem .Chicago Alum- 
ni association, S. A. E.; professor 
Pediatrics Illinois Post Graduate 
School, University of Illinois, pedia- 
trician to the University Hospital 
and West Side Hospital; mem. Am- 
erican Medical association, Illinois 
Medical society, Chicago Medical as- 
sociation, Chicago Pediatric society; 
m. Mabel Shelton, at Macon, Mo., 
1903. Address, 3958 W. 16th St, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

FREY, Edward Spangler, civil engin- 
eer; b. York, Penn., March 19, 1881; 
s. Samuel C. and Lillie Irene 
(Shaeffer) F.; ed. at Pennsylvania 
State College, 1903; varsity football, 
manager baseball team, Thespians, 
Golf club. Press club, Terpsechorian 
club; initiated by Pennsylvania Al- 
pha-Zeta, Oct 14, 1899; eminent 
deputy archon, chronicler, delegate 
province convention Carlisle, 1900; 
division engineer state highway 
department of Pennsylvania; mem. 
Engineers Society of Central Penn- 
sylvania at Harrisburg, F. and A. M., 
R. A. M., K. T., A. A. O. N. M. S. at 
Harrisburg; m. Roxie Irene Snively, 
June 15, 1904. Residence, 53 JefFer- 
son Ave., office, 54 Hartman Bldg., 
York, Penn. 

FRICKER, Jalcob Ellsworth, mechani- 
cal engineer; b. Reading, Penn., Nov. 
23, 1888; s. Ellsworth and Clara S. 
(Reigner) F.; ed. at Pennsylvania 
State College, 1911; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta May 1, 



1909; eminent deputy archon. Ad- 
dresB, 226 Clymer St, Reading, Penn. 

FRID, Edward Montague, mechanical 
engineering and building construc- 
tion; b. New Hamburg, N. Y., March 
4, 1890; B. Mr. and Mrs. Edward F.; 
ed. at Pennsylvania State College, 
1910, Phi Kappa Phi, musical clubs; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Alpha- 
Zeta, Oct 4, 1907; eminent corres- 
pondent Address, 2209 Madison Sq., 
Philadelphia, Penn. 

FRITCH, Louis Charlton, engineer; b. 
Springfield, 111., 1868; s. Joseph and 
Margaret F.; ed. at University of 
Cincinnati; initiated by Ohio Epsi- 
lon, Dec. 2, 1889; chief engineer of 
the Chicago, Ureat Western R. R., 
president American Railway Engin- 
eers association; m. Francis Myers, 
1904. Address, 5119 Kimbark Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

FRITCHEY, Ross H., electrical engin- 
eer; b. Harrisburg, Penn., Sept 22, 
1878; s. John F. and Anna (Horn) 
F.; ed. at Pennsylvania State Col- 
lege, 1905; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Alpha-Zeta, Oct 1, 1902; eminent ar- 
chon; meter engineer, Oakland Gas, 
Light and Heat Co.; Modem Wood- 
men of America, Improved Order of 
Red Men, Jr. Order United American 
Mechanics. Address, 1315 Castro 
St, Oakland, Cal. 

FRUDDEN, William Elmer, student; 
b. March 28, 1891; s. Mr. and Mrs. 
J. F.; student at Iowa State College; 
Initiated by Iowa Gamma, June 3, 
1911; brother of C. E. Frudden, 
Iowa Gamma.. Address, 606 Jackson 
St, Charles City, Iowa. 

FULLER, Hugh Nelson, student; b. At- 
lanta, Ga., July 28, 1890; s. Olin C. 
and Sidney (McGauhey) F.; student 
at Harvard University, Emory Col- 
lege, class president and historian, 
D. V. S. Senior Honor society, man- 
ager and member track team, presi- 
dent Few Literary society, editor-in- 
chief Emory Phoenix, president 
Greater Emory club, graduated cum 
laude; initiated by Georgia Epsilon, 
Oct 19, 1907, later affiliated with 
Massachusetts Gamma; eminent ar- 
chon, deputy archon, treasurer, 
chronicler, delegate Kansas City, S. 

A. E. Nat'l convention, 1910, province 
Epsilon convention, 1909. Address, 
269 Ponce deLeon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

FULLER, Marshall Andrew, banker; 
b. 1884; ed. at University of Tennes- 
see, 1906; initiated by Tennessee 
Kappa, Oct 6, 1902; secretan^ and 
manager Snyder Cotton OU Co., as- 
sistant cashier Snyder Naf£ Bank. 
Address, Snyder, TezftB. 

FULLER, Walter Clark, engineer; b. 
Mount Vernon, N. T., April 8, 1875; 

B. Edward P. and Carrie (Bacon) F.; 
ed. at Worcester Polytechnic Insti- 
tute, 1898, class secretary and treas- 
urer; initiated by Massachusetts 
Delta, Nov. 2, 1895, eminent treas- 
urer; chief engineer Herring-Hall- 
Marion Safe Co.; m. Anna Collins 
Kidd at Cleveland, O., Dec. 80, 1902. 
Address, 212 Eaton Ave., Hamilton* 

FULLER, Frank 8., Jr., student; b. Oct 
7, 1893; s. Frank and Lilian Arnold 
(Day) F.; student at Davidson Col- 
lege; manager and mem. track team; 
initiated by North Carolina Theta. 
Address, 302 E. Main St, Durham, 
N. C. 

FUNKH0U8ER, Samuel King, lawyer; 
b. Harrisburg, Va., Dec. 4, 1883; s. A. 
Paul and Minnie K. F.; ed. at Vir- 
ginia Military Institute, 1904, Ohio 
State University; class vice-presi- 
dent football. Phi Delta Phi, Bucket 
and Dipper, business manager an- 
nual, lieutenant cadet battalion; ini- 
tiated by Virginia Theta, March 6, 
1904, later affiliated with Ohio Theta. 
Address, 30 Broad St, New York 

FURBER, Pierce Powers, engineer; b. 
St. Louis, Mo., Oct 23, 1885; s. 
Pierce P. and Kate (Montgomery) 
F.; ed. at University of Minnesota, 
1908; Theta Tau, Engineering; ini- 
tiated by Minnesota Alpha, Oct 15, 
1904; eminent archon, deputy ar- 
chon, warden, chronicler, recorder; 
assistant engineer C. A. P. Turner; 
mem. American Society C. E., con- 
sulting engineer. Residence, 4517 
S. Dupont Ave., office, 816 Phoe- 
nix Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

FURLOW, Floyd Charles, mercantUe; 
h. Americus, Ga., 1877; s. Timo^ 


v. «iid Xjoolm (Boons) ^-i ed. ftt 
QeorsU School of Tecbnology. 1897; 
dua praatdsiit, nuuucer football 
taun, editor-ln-chlef The OeoTgla 
Tecb.: initiated br Georgia Phi, Juir 
SO, 1894, pTflHldent of Gamma prov. 
ince (noiv EpbIIod), 1897-98; eminent 
■apreme archon, 1898-00; rlce-preel- 
dent The Otis EHevator Co.; m. Ne-1 
lie Johnson, 1899. Addresa, care 
White Hall BIdg., Now Tork Cltr. 

FURLOW, Stewart Davenport, mer- 
canUle; b. Jan. 81, 1881; a. TImothr 
H. and Loulae (Boung) F.; ed. at 
Georgia School of Technology, 1S04; 
class president, captain claaa base- 
ball; InitUted by Georgia Phi, April 
26, 1900; eminent treasurer, brother 
of Jamea W. Purlow, Georgia Phi; 
commercial salesman; Maaon, EUk. 
Addreaa, 80 Lee St, Americua, Ga, 

FURMAN, Earl U«, Btudent; b. Aug. 
34, 1890; b. Lewis G. and Bertha. May 
(SammoQs) F.; Btudent at Syracuse 
TTnlTersity: Initiated by New Tork 
Delta, Oct SO, 1910. AddreBB, 2046 
8. Sallna St, Syracuse, N. T. 

FYPE, James Robert, atudent; b. Oct 
13, 1891; B. John H. and Hannah 
GmUy (McCourt) F.; student at Uni- 
versity of South Dakota; class 
president, manager annual; Initiated 
by South Dakota Sigma, Jan. 27, 1911, 
eminent warden. Address, 11 How- 
ard St, Waltham, Mass. 

GAGE, John Bailey, lawyer; b. Kansas 
City. Ho., Feb. 24, 1887; s. John C. 
and Ida B. O.; ed. at UnlverBlty of 
Kansas, 1907; X. T. Z. club, Kanaaa- 
Hlaaourl Debating team, claas histo- 
rian; initiated by Kansas Alpha, Jan. 
18, 1904; eminent archon, deputy ar- 
chon and recorder; professor of law, 
Kansas City School oF Law; mem. 
Arm Gage and Richardson, attorneys. 
Address, 3700 E. 9th St, Kansas City, 

GALBRAITH, Wilbur Floyd, student; 
b. August IS, 1891; a. Alexander W. 
and Oella (Beadell) Q.; student at 
Allegheny College, varalty baseball. 
Block A. club, class debater, '10, 
■ football, '18, clans baaebaU 

and baaketball; Initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania Omega, Dec. 14, 1910. Addreaa, 
Coa] Centre, Penn. 

GALBREATH, Orvlllo Smith, lawyer; 
b. Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 22, 1S46; b. 
John H. and Martha J. (Draper) Q.; 
P(l. at Cumberland UnlverBlty, 1868; 
Initiated by Tennessee Lambda; 
county Judge, 1884-7, city attorney, 
1889-92, county attorney five consecu- 
tive terms; mem. U a sonic order. 
Woodmen of the World, Royal Arcan- 
nra and Improved Order of Red Men; 
[last great eachem In Imp. O. R. M,; 
great sachem of Colorado In the 
order In 1891-92; has been a great 
rt^presentatlve to great council of 
United States for a number of years; 
m. Elizabeth A. Jackson of Sumner 
county, Tenn., Oct S, 1868. Address, 
1819 West Second Ave., Durango, 

GALLAND, Louts George, broker; b. 
Ladoga, Wis.. June 16, ISSS; s. Wil- 
liam and Adella G.; ed. at North- 
» astern University, 1908; title role 
in Junior play; Initiated by nilnoU 
Fsi-Omega, Jan. 14, 1907; eminent 
deputy arcbon, delegate to province 
Delta convention, 1908; vtce-preal- 
dent Guarantee Bond and Mortgage 
Co., Oklahoma City, Okla. Addreaa, 
91)3-4-5 SUtes Nat'I Bank Bldg., 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

iGALLOWAY, Thomae Walton, Univer- 
!<lty professor; b. Columbia, Tenn., 
Nov. S, 1866; a. WUliam Thomas and 
E. R. (Smith) Q.; ed. at Cumberland 
University, 1887, Harvard Univer- 
sity, president Y. M. C. A., editor of 
c:oIlege paper; Initiated by Tennes- 
Boe Lambda, 1887; holder of scholar- 
sbip at Harvard, 1889-91 and again 
in 1897-98; laboratory assistant in 
Botany, 1889-91, proctor, 1889-91. win- 
ner of graduate Bowdoin prize for 
thesis on Experimental BTldence ot 
Transmission of Acquired Character 
In Organisms; author 1, Teit Book of 
Zoology. Blaklstone; 2. Elementary 
Zoology, Blaklstone; 3. Numerous 
Biological, Educational, and Philo- 
sophical Essays; learned societies, 
mem. American Microscopical bo> 
clety, Boston Society of Natural His- 
tory, Central Aasoclatlon Science and 



Mathematics Teachers, niinoia Acad- 
emy of Sciences, Fellow American 
Association for Advancement of 
Science, secretary of American 
Microscopical society, and editor of 
its Transactions, a quarterly journal 
of microscopical research; profes- 
sor of Biology at Millikin Univer- 
sity; m. Mary L. Armstrong, Dec. 
22, 1892. Address, 1332 West Wood 
St., Decatur, 111. 

QALT, Charles Elijah, structural en- 
gineer; b. St Louis, Mo., Sept 4, 
1888; s. Elijah Lamb and Marie 
Louise (Berger) G.; ed at Washing- 
ton University, 1911; initiated by 
Missouri Beta, Oct. 23, 1907; eminent 
archon; Sigma Xi, St Louis Eni^- 
eers club. Address, 2104 Lafayette 
Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

GAMBLE, Frank Asbury, lawyer; o. 
Jasper, Ala., April 8, 18/9; s. Frank- 
lin A. and Mary A. G.; ed. at South- 
ern University, 1899, University of 
Alabama, 1900; manager Southern 
University baseball team, 1898-99, 
and football 1898, honor roll each 
year in College Junior orator, inter- 
society debater, senior orator; ini- 
tiated by Alabama Iota, 1893, affili- 
ated with Alabama Mu, 1899-1900, 
brother of Foster K. Gamble, Ala- 
bama Iota and Thomas Owen Gam- 
ble, Alabama Mu; eminent archon 
and correspondent; attended S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Nashville, 1898, 
Boston, 1900, Memphis, 1904, Atlanta, 
1906, president province Epsllon 
two terms, vice-president province 
Epsllon three terms; register in 
chancery Walker county, Ala., solicit- 
or 14th Judicial circuit, Ala., clerk 
house of representatives, Ala. Ad- 
dress, Jasper, Ala. 

GAMBLE, Merrltt Campbell, student; 
b. Feb. 14, 1892; s. Edwin H. and 
Mary A. (Campbell) G.; student at 
Northwestern University; initiated 
by Illinois Psi-Omega, Oct 22, 1911. 
Address, 1212 Elmwood Ave., Evan- 
ston. 111. 

GANTT, Nicholas Jourdan, lawyer; b. 
Magnolia, Ark., July 13, 1879; s. Nich- 
olas J. and Laura B. G.; ed. at Van- 
derbilt University, academic, 1901, 
Jaw, J 903; president Junior law, '02, 

associate editor monthly paper and 
annual; initiated by Tennessee No, 
Sept 29, 1900; eminent archon and 
correspondent, delegate to province 
Epsllon convention, Birmingham, 
Ala., Dec, 1901, delegate S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention, Washington, Dec^ 
1902. Residence, 410 W. 11th Ave^ 
office, 614-15 Citizens Bank Bldg., 
Pine Bluff, Ark. 

GARDNER, Leslie Breckenridge, bank 
cashier; b. Gatesville, Texas, Jan. 12, 
1885; s. F. M. and Lucetta (Milnes) 
G.; ed. at University of Texas, 1910; 
initiated by New York Mu, Jan. 12, 
1885; assistant cashier of First State 
Bank and Trust Co., Waco, Texas. 
Address, 52b N. 16th St, Waco, Tex. 

GARNER, Alan Freeman, student; b. 
April 3, 1890; s. John William and 
Mrs. J. W. G.; student at George 
Washington University; initiated by 
Washington City Rho, Nov. 18, 1911. 
Address, Falls Church, Va. 

GAVIN, Thay, student; b. April 18, 
1888; s. James B. and Rebecca a. 
(Hedges); student at Adrian Col- 
lege; president Star Literary so- 
ciety, also treasurer and chaplain, 
football, 1909-10; initiated by Michi- 
gan Alpha, Feb. 19, 1910; eminent 
deputy archon, treasurer, warden 
and herald. Address, 218 E. Market 
St, Bluffton, Ind. 

GARR, Charles Grain, physician and 
surgeon; b. Hillsboro, Ky., Oct 12, 
1884; s. Dr. C. R. and Sallie R. G.; 
ed. at Vanderbilt University, 1905, 
Hospital College of Medicine; won 
Curator's medal (2nd honor); initi- 
ated by Tennessee Nu, Sept 28, 1901, 
brother of Dr. C. R. Garr, Kentucky 
Kappa; eminent depu^ archon, trus- 
tee of Kentucky Epsllon chapter, one 
of the organizers of Summer lodge 
of S. A. E., a club of S. A. R's which 
existed at Flemingsburg, Ky., 1904- 
.05, maintaining club rooms and help- 
ing in summer rushing; secretary 
Kentucky Midland Medical society; 
mem. American Medical society and 
Kentucky State society. Address, 
154 N. Upper St, Lexington, Ky. 

GARRISON, Stewart Lee, stadent; b. 
Mobile, Ala., Dec. 11, 1891; s. Charles 
and Bessie (Denby) G.; stadent at 

WHO'S WHO IN a. A. E. 


H DnlTer>lt7: Initiated b^ 
Aosetts OBmma; eminent ar- 
ad chronicler. AddreBs, Crlcli- 
[oblle, AJa. 

I, Robert Aq student; b. July 
•1; B. Edmund H. and Anna M. 
I G.; student at Dtcklnson Col- 

aophomore preeident, eopho- 
band. Skftcbagence, Skull and 
Aptaln varsity tracn, W. C. A 
captain relay team, mem. of 
, rarslty football; fnlUated by 
rlTanla Blgma-Phl, Sept 2S, 

Address, Wyoming, Del, 
f, Victor Hugo, civil engineer; 
ba, Kan., Uay 13, ISBS; s. John 

Emma (Ulserei) Q.; Initiated 
uhlngton Alpha, May 25, 1906 
er mem.) ; eminent correspond- 
lem. S. A. E. Club House asso- 
1 and S. A. E. Seattle Alumnt 
lUon; dlTleloQ engineer Stone- 
er Engineering Corps; mem. 
can Society Civil Elnglneera, 
ddresB, 7638 Bagley Ave., Seat- 

OD, Harold Qould, physician 
irgeon; b. Marshalltown, Iowa, 
, 1ST5; e. George W. and Susan 
I) G.; ed. at Dnlverslty ol Colo- 
B. 8., 1900; Johns Hopkins Unl- 
T, 1904; captain football team. 
Initiated by Colorado Chi, Sept 
9S; brother ol Omar E. Gar- 
Colorado Zeta; eminent ar- 
1900; delegate to 8. A. E. Nat'I 
itlon at Boston, Mass., 1900, 
ite to S. A B. Nat'I convention 
aMngton, D. C, 1902, from Den- 

A. E. Alumni assoclaUon, dele- 
to province Eta convenUon at 
ir, 1901, 1910, president o( prov- 
Ha; m. Amy S. Johnson, Brans- 
Wli., Sept 6, 1906. Residence, 
ace St, office, 624 Metropolitan 

Denver, Colo. 
POD, Omar Elvln, lavyer; b. 

Marshalltown, Iowa, July 6, 

a. George W. and Susan G. Q.; 

University of Colorado; mem. 

and Dagger, varsity football, 

•09, '10, winner of Colorado 
oratorical contest 1901 and rep- 
stlve of Colorado In Inter- 
contMt, 1901; InlUated by Colo- 
Eeta. Sept 21, 1896, afflllated 

with Colorado Chi, 1897; brother of 
Dr. Harold Gould Garwood, Colorado 
Cbi; president of Bta province, 1B08- 
12; delegate to S. A. B. Natl con- 
ventions Atlantic City, 1909, and 
Kansas City, 1910; deputy district at- 
torney at Denver for two years, sec- 
retary of the University of Colorado 
for seven years; mem. republican 
county central committee lor last 
four years. Instructor at Bonlder Law 
Scliool part of one year; oathor of 
Be\'era] articles on Practical Work- 
iDga of Equal Suffrage In Colorado; 
m. Jeanne Coulter, 1906. Residence, 
610 W. Seventh Ave., offlce, 81B-317 
Tabor Opera House Block. Denver, 
GAWTHROP, Robert 8., lawyer; b. 
Newton township. Cluster county, 
PeDn.; B. Thomas C. and Emma R. 
G.; ed. at University of Pennsylva- 
nia. A. B., 1901; president of senior 
class, varsity baseball, 18B9-1900- 
1901. winner of prize for highest av- 
erage In studies of any member of 
varsity athletic team, 1900; initiated 
hv Pennsylvania Theta. Feb. 9, 
^W^ (charter mem.); attended S. A, 
E Xafi convention at AUantIc City, 
If fill; chairman of county committee 
of republican party. Chester County, 
district attorney, Chester 



T-ocke HoBklns. Nov. 8, 1906. Hesi- 
dPTico. 325 W. Miner St, office, 119 
N. High St., West Chester, Penn. 

GAZLAY, William Soaoor, railroad 
man; h. Henderson, Ky., Nov. 31, 
IR^I: 8. AddlBon M. and Maria S. Q.; 
ed. at Northwestern University. 
1904: track team, 1901-2-3-4; mem. 
Derti; Initiated by UUnols PsI-Om«- 
ga, Oct 13. 1900; eminent recorder; 
president of the Elvaneton, Alumni 
association of B. A B.; mem. board 
of directors. Illinois Psf-Omega 
Building association; chief clerk 
Milwaukee and Wisconsin division 
Chicago and Northwestern R. R.; 
mem. Western Economic society; m. 
Virginia Elizabeth Miller, June IS, 
1906. Address. 6416 Sheridan rood, 
Chicago, til. 

QENTRV, John Joseph, judge; b. 1866; 
«d. at WoDord Collega and notvsi^ 



Bity of Virginia; initiated by Soath 
Carolina Gamma, Oct 16, 1885, 
affiliated with Virginia Omicron; 
judge of Probate court, Spartan- 
burg county, S. C, from Jan., 1895 to 
Jan., 1911; at present student in the 
Baptist Seminary, Louisville, Ky. 
Address, care of Baptist Seminary, 
Louisville, Ky. 

QEIB, George Albert, student; b. July 
18, 1888; s. William F. and Laura 
C. (Lipke) G.; student at University 
of Minnesota; president of sopho- 
more engineers; initiated by Minne- 
sota Alpha, March 9, 1911. Address, 
211 Earl St, St Paul, Minn. 

GEORGE, William Walker, secretary; 
b. Jessamine county, Ky., Aug. 10, 
1888; s. Abner Hunter and Lulu 
(Sandusky) G.; ed. at Southwestern 
Presbyterian University, 1909; half- 
back on varsity football, short stop 
on varsity baseball, representative 
declamation contest, won four medals 
for oratory and debate; initiated by 
Tennessee Zeta, Sept, 1907; secre- 
tary of the A. H. George Co.; m. 
Archer J. McLeod, Oct 6, 1910. Ad- 
dress, 1605 Twenty-Third Ave., Meri- 
dian, Miss. 

QERBER, Elmer Louis, architect; b. 
Dayton, Ohio, April 19, 1875; s. John 
F. and Katherlne (Schroer) G.; ed. 
at Massachusetts Institute of Tech- 
nology, 1899; initiated by Massa- 
chusetts lota-Tau, March 7, 1896; 
mem. of Gerber and Lett architects; 
m. Anna Gross, Nov. 9, 1904. Ad- 
dress, 205 Lexington Ave., Dayton, 

GERRISH, Leo Melville, student; b. 
Berlin, N. H., Dec. 7, 1887; student at 
University of Maine; initiated by 
Maine Alpha, Sept 26, 1907. Ad- 
dress, S. A E. House, Orono, Me. 

GESSELL, Walter Judson, financier; 
b. Heron Lake, Minn., Jan. 8, 1888; s. 
John L. and Harriet A. G.; ed. at 
University of Minnesota, 1908; ini- 
tiated by Minnesota Alpha, Feb. 14, 
1905; eminent deputy archon, chroni- 
cler and herald, chapter trustee, dele- 
gate to province Delta convention, 
Delaware, Ohio, 1908; mem. firm J. 
L. Gessell and Son, real estate and 
jOziAncial agents, Hanley, Saskatche- 

wan, Canada. Address, Hanley, 
Saskatchewan, Canada. 
QETCHELL, Edward U, stndent; b. 
May 4, 1884; s. Leonard M. and Anna 
C. (Flagg) G.; student at University 
of Maine; assistant manager fresh- 
men football, manager varsity foot- 
ball, sophomore Owls; initiated by 
Maine Alpha, Oct 14, 1910. Address* 
R. F. D., No. 40, Waterville, Maine. 

QETTY8, Francis McKeedin, banker; 
b. Athens, Tenn., July 20, 1872; s. 
W. and Belle (McKeedin) G.; ed. at 
University of Tennessee, 1891; ini- 
tiated by Tennessee Kappa, Feb. 28» 
1890; eminent archon; served as 
president of the Nat'l AssociatiflaL 
Credit Men for two years, it is the 
largest trade organization in the 
United States; m. Elsie Briggs, Naah^ 
ville, Tenn., Oct 8, 1901. Address, 6th 
and Main St, Louisville, Ky. 

GIBBS, George Slocomv, electrical en- 
gineer; b. Oct 24, 1873; s. Daniel N. 
and L. Maria (Slocomb) G.; ed. at 
Worcester Polytechnic Institate, 
1896; initiated by Massachusetts 
Delta, March 10, 1894 (charter 
mem.); sales engineer for Westing- 
house Electrical and Manufacturing 
Co., mem. American Institute of 
Electrical Engineering, Ci^ club 
(Boston), Highland club, Massachus- 
etts lodge, F. and A. M., DeMolay 
commandery K. T. Boston council, 
Massachusetts consistory S. P. R. S., 
32nd degree, Aleppo Temple; m. Jane 
Mjmich, Aug. 30, 1900. Address, 71 
Park St, West Rozbury, Maas. 

GIBSON, Alfred Ernest; b. Toronto^ 
Canada, Nov. 28, 1885; s. W. A. and 
Mary (Welz) G.; ed. Ohio State Uni- 
versity, 1909; track team; initiated 
by Ohio Theta, Feb. 16, 1906; m. 
Mary E. Wallihan, Aug. 26, 1910. Ad- 
dress, 4103 Clinton Ave., N. W., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

GIBSON, James Bruden, lawyer; b. 
1880; ed. at Wofford College, 1901; 
initiated by South Carolina (Jamms, 
Oct 6, 1897. Address, Dillon, S. C. 

GIBSON, Robert, Jr., lawyer; b. Mari- 
etta, Ga., Oct 22, 1868; s. Robert and 
Annie (Glover) G.; ed. at University 
of the South and Columbia Unive^ 
sity, 1887, law, 1892; captain base* 






ball team, president PI Oinega» Bng- 
liah oration, 1887, German oration, 
1888; Initiated by Tenneasee Omega^ 
Ans. 26, 1884, brother of William 
Gibson. Tennessee Omega; delegate 
to 8. A. E. Natl conventions at Nash- 
Tille, 1885, Atlanta, 1906, and AtlanUc 
Cit7, 1909, president of the board of 
trustees, which has in charge the snr- 
plas funds of the Nat'l fraternity; 
represents several million dollar 
estates; mem. various committees in 
Tammany hall. Bar aasr elation in the 
city of New York; mem. local school 
board in New York city; m. Grace 
Llewellyn Jones, Aug. 16, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 14 WUl St, New York City. 

6IBSON, Stewart Knowlton, mercan- 
tile; b. McPherson, Kan., May 8, 
1888; s. Charles E. and Helen 
(Knowlton) C; ed. at Dartmouth 
College, 1911; freshman and sopho- 
more football; initiated by New 
Hampshire Alpha, May 2, 1908; emi- 
neot treasurer, attended S. A. E. 
Naf 1 convention at Kansas City, 
1910; with wholesale electrical 
goods house. Address, 80 Bigelow 
road. West Newton, Mass. 

ttlESY, Paul C, wholesale drug sup- 
plies; b. Portland, Ore., Sept 29, 
1887; s. Dr. A. J. and Ida H. (Church) 
G.; ed. at Leland Stanford Jr., Uni- 
versity, 1910; initiated by California 
Alpha, Sept 12, 1906; eminent ar- 
chon, deputy archon, chronicler, cor- 
respondent and warden; wholesale 
drug. Address, University Club, Port- 
land, Ore. 

GILBERT, Newell Clark, physician; b. 
Clinton, 111., Dec. 6, 1880; s. Newell 
Danon and Elizabeth Marion (Clark) 
G.; ed. at University of Wisconsin, 
B. S., 1903, University of Michigan, 
1903-04; Northwestern University, 
Medical School, 1907, M. D.; Phi Rho 
Sigma, Sigma XI; initiated by Wiscon- 
sin Alpha, Feb. 7, 1903 (charter mem.) 
affiliated with Michigan lota-Tau; 
clinical assistant at Northwestern 
University Medical school. Address, 
8 Illinois St, Chicago Heights, 111. 

GILBERT, Royee Wheeler; sanitary 
engineer; b. LeMars, Iowa, 1887; s. 
Amos Wheeler and Bllen (Alworth) 
0.; ed. at University of Minnesota, 

1908, Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology, 1909; Triangle club, 
civil engineering society. Biological 
club; initiated by Minnesota Alpha, 
1904, affiliated with Massachusetts 
lota-Tau; author; mem. committee on 
prevention of diseases for Boston 
Chamber of Commerce; m. Victoria 
Sordoni, Aug. 14, 1911. Address, 789 
Boylston St, Boston, Mass. 

GILCHRIST, Albert Waller; gover- 
nor; b. Greenwood S. C. Jan. 15, 1858; 
s. Gen. William E. and Rhoda Eliza- 
beth (Waller) G.; ed. at Carolina 
Military Academy, 1876, United 
States Military Academy, 1882; ini- 
tiated by North Carolina Rho Rho, 
1876; mem. Florida house of repre- 
sentatives, 1882-84; '93, '95, '03; in- 
spector-general of Florida and mem. 
governor's staff, rank of colonel, re- 
signed as brigadier-general of Florida 
Militia, June, 1898, and enlisted as a 
private in Co. C, 3d U. S. Vol. Int. 
served in Santiago, Cuba, and mus- 
tered out with rank of captain, gover- 
nor of Florida, 1909-13, descendant of 
Col. Joseph Ball, grandfather of 
George Washington and of Col. Con- 
way, grandfather of James Madison. 
Address, Tallahassee, Fla. 

GILL, Jackman Andrew, student; b. 
July 29, 1892; s. Gus A. and Mattie 
(Elmore) G.; student at University 
of Oklahoma; mem. of stafF of Uni- 
versity magazine. University oratori- 
cal council. University house of rep- 
resentatives, critic of Blackstone 
Tribunal, editor of Fraternity Dope 
Sheet associate editor of student 
paper. The Umpire, made one of the 
nominating speeches at the mock 
Nat'l convention at University of 
Oklahoma, Veh. 15, 1912; initiated by 
Oklahoma Kappa, Feb. 3, 1912. Ad- 
dress, McAlester, Okla. 


QILLEM, Jennings Frederlcki student; 
b. Oct. 6, 1890; s. Capt Alvan C. and 
Lily (Cummins); student at Univer- 
sity of tne South; varsity football, 
captain-elect football team of 1912, 
varsity baseball team; initiated by 
Tennessee Omega, Oct 18, 1911. Ad- 
dress, Fort Ogelthorpe, Dodge, Ga. 

GILLESPY, Jannes McAdory; b. Birm- 
ingham, Ala., Ye^>. %V, \%^^\ ^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

Dr. John S. and Mary Bucenia 
(Owen) G.; ed. at Alabama Poly- 
technic Institute, B. S., 1910, Uiiiyer- 
Bity of Alabama, law, 1912; vice- 
preaident junior law class. Glee club, 
1911, cadet corporal, sergeant and 
first lieutenant; initiated by Alabama 
Alpha-Mu, Sept 9, 1907; afllliated 
with Alabama Mu; brother of John 
Sharp GiUesby, Jr., S. A. E.; emi- 
nent deputy archon and correspon- 
dent at Alabama Alpha-Mu. Ad- 
dress, 2006 Highland Ave., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

GILMER, James N.; b. 1839; ed. at 
Georgia MUitary Institute, 1859; ini- 
tiated by Georgia Pi, Feb., 1857; went 
to Columbia, S. C, in 1869 intending 
to Tisit second S. A. E. general con- 
vention but it was not held because 
of lack of delegates; entered the con- 
federate army at outbreak of the 
civil war; rose from lieutenant suc- 
cessively to ranks of captain, first 
battalion Hilliard's legion, Alabama 
volunteers, adjutant-general on stafT 
of Gen. Gracy and adjutant-command- 
er Alabama volunteers; commission 
merchant; m. Lizzie B. Gilmer. Ad- 
dress, 4760 14th Ave., N. E., Seattle, 

GILMORE, Abner Blanks, editor; b. 
New loeria. La., Nov. 29, 1877; s. 
John Young and Margaret (Blanks) 
G.; ed. at Tulane University, 1899; 
varsity and class football; initiated 
by Louisiana Tau-Upsilon, Jan. 22, 
1897 (charter mem.); eminent treas- 
urer and warden; attended S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at St Louis, 1896; 
editor, publisher and proprietor of 
The Modem Sugar Planter; m. Ehi- 
nice Foster Rowland, Dec. 17, 1906. 
Residence, 1032 Eleanor St, office, 
612 Camp St, New Orleans, La. 

GLAENTZER, Edwin, student; b. 
Aug. 16, 1890; s. George W. and Eliza- 
beth (Terwilliger) G.; freshman and 
varsity track teams; initiated by 
New York Delta, Oct 20, 1911. Ad- 
dress, 68 Heights Road, Ridgewood, 
N. J. 

GLASGOW, Joseph Anderson, lawyer; 
b. Fincaatle, Va., Ifarch 81, 1867; s. 
William A. and Grace E. G.; ed. at 
W'aBtlngton and Lee Univenity, 

law class, 1891; initiated by VI 
Sigma, Oct, 1886; brother of W 
A. Glasgow, Jr., Virginia Sigmi 
McPheeters Glasgow, Virginls 
ma; m. Maria Washington & 
Dec. 16, 1896. Address, 12 N. 
Ington St, Staunton, Va. 

GLASGOW, Wiilfam Anderson, Jr 
yer; b. Faircastle, Va., April 29, 
s. William A. and Grace E. G.; 
Washington and Lee Universit3 
1886; orator's medal; initiati 
Virginia Sigma, May, 1883; b 
of Joseph A. Glasgow and E 
Pheeters Glasgow, Virginia 8 
m. Jean Cresswell, Macara, O 
July 8, 1897. Address, 124 S. 
St, Philadelphia, Penn. 

GLASS, James Gamewell, educat 
Columbia, S. C, Sept 12, 18 
Peter B. and Ella R. G.; ed. a 
versity of the South, 1886, theol 
class, 1887; Pi Omega Litera 
ciety, won cup for best oration 
in Pi Omega, Bishop Lyman 
for declamation, 1886, medal 
essay, 1886; initiated by Teni 
Omega, Nov. 7, 1881; founder of 
Carolina Delta; elected eminent 
treasurer, 1883, re-elected, 188 
on the resignation of Willia 
Guerry as eminent grand ajrcl 
1884, he was elected by the 
chapter to succeed him; a 
factor in the re-establishment 
C. Xi, one of the most active 1 
of northern eztention; delegaU 
A. E. Nat'l conventions at Lou 
1883, Athens, 1884, Nashville, 
Columbia, 1887; m. Eva Lee 
banks. Sept 28, 1899. Addresf 
Qulntard Ave., Anniston, Ala. 

QLEASON, Alfred Cookman, 
estate; b. near Elizabeth, Pens 
22, 1881; s. William G. and 8a 
(Day) G.; ed. at Allegheny Gc 
varsity football; initiated by 
aylvania Omega, Feb. 26, 189$ 
nent chronicler; alderman, 
magistrate, acting mayor of M 
port Penn.; mem. B. P. O. 1 
186, F. O. E. No. 286, McKc 
chamber of commerce; m. 
Florence Good, Oct 1, 1909. 
dress, 406 Ninth Ave., McKei 



rharles Qooch, real estate; b. 
3d, Cincinnati* Ohio, Jan. 10, 
I. W. W. and Clara O. G.; ed. 
rersity of Cincinnati, 1908; inl- 
t>7 Ohio EpBilon, Nov. 12, 1904; 
Aiae Land and Development 
;d. Address, care Chi Lodge, 
lin, Douglas county. Ore. 

John Mark, philanthropist; b. 
ore, Md., Oct 28, 1858; s. WU- 
Hilkins and Ellen Mark 
) O.; ed. Washington ft Lee 
sity, 1879; initiated by Vir- 
SiC^a, Oct, 1874; general di- 
of the Russell Sage Founda- 
n. Mary Willcox Brown, May 
f2. Address, 136 E. 19th St, 
ork, N. Y. 

Russell Verstllle, civil engin- 
Columbus, Ga., June 6, 1879; 
L and Rosa Ellen (Verstille); 
Georgia Institute of Technol- 
Ld University of Georgia; ini- 
by Georgia Phi, Sept 29, 1896, 
)d with Georgia Beta; at pres- 
perintendent of Benquet Road, 
, Philippine Islands; mem. 
I, Georgia, Capitol City club, 
mt Driving club, Baquio Coun- 
lb, Baquio, P. I. Address care 
I City Club, Atlanta, Ga. 

;, Earl Ballard, student; b. 
M, 1890; 8. Christopher and 
\ (Simcox) G.; student at 
9ll University; varsity track; 
id by Pennsylvania Zeta, June 
LI. Address, 249 W. 11th St, 

t, William VanDova, student; 
. 29, 1891; s. Joseph L. and 
\ N. (Williams) G.; student at 
■sity of Indiana; secretary of 
nore class; mem. Strut and 
Dramatic club; initiated by 
a Gamma, Feb. 25, 1910. Ad- 
1207 N. N St, Bedford, Ind. 

Qaien Van Rensselaer, architec- 
draftsman; b. Macomb, 111., 
19, 1884; s. Stephen Van Rens- 
and Mary Elizabeth (Metcalf) 
L at University of Illinois; 
(Junior Architectural); ini- 
bjr niinois Beta, February 23, 
eminent archon, deputy ar- 
ad wurden; mem. B. P. O. E. 

Address, 538 N. Randolph St, Ma- 
comb, 111. 

GODDARD, Guy, student; b. Nov. 14, 
1885; s. Thomas M. and Martha F. 
(Leppes) G.; student at University 
of South Dakota; president of fresh- 
men class; mem. N. S. D., football, 
holder of South Dakota State record 
in sixteen pound hammer throw; 
initiated by South Dakota Sigma, 
Jan. 27, 1911. Address, Vermillion, 
S. D. 

GODFREY, Frederick Earie, railroad 
man; b. Somerville, Mass., Jan. 9, 
1884; s. Samuel Gill and Nellie 
(Toung) G.; ed. at Universit^^ of 
Pennsylvania, 1905; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Theta, Oct 30, 1902; at^ 
tended Nat'l convention at Washing- 
ton, D. C, 1903; with Pennsylvania 
R. R. Co., treasurer's office at Phila- 
delphia; choir director, First Bap- 
tist church, Phoenixville; mem. Sa- 
voy Opera Co., Fellowship club. Ad- 
dress, 155 Cricket Ave., Ardmore, 

GOES, CllfTord Cecil, student; b. Jan. 
19, 1892; 8. Springer and Angeline 
(WIckham). G.; student at Syracuse 
University; freshman coxswain. Si- 
wash club, sophomore society, sopho- 
more executive committee; initiated 
by New York Delta, Oct. 20, 1910. Ad" 
dress, 745 S. Crouse Ave., Syracuse, 
N. J. 

QOETCHIUS, Julian Scudder, manufac- 
turer, mayor; b. Milledgeville, Ga., 
June 14, 1873; s. George T. and Julia 
(Scudder) G.; ed. University of Geor- 
gia, 1893; initiated by Georgia Beta, 
Jan. 16, 1890; assistant treasurer, sec- 
retary and treasurer The Raven B\iel 
Co., secretary finance committee of 
the Saltville Bank; in charge of the 
Mathieson Alkali Works, a ten mil- 
lion dollar concern, manager of sales 
of the bicarbonate department; dele- 
gate to two Democratic state conven- 
tions; mayor of Saltville for past 
three years, treasurer of same for 
ten years previously; past master of 
Masonic lodge, Knight Templar, mem. 
Occa Temple of Shriners; m. Eliza- 
beth Ficklen Miller, Bedford, Va., 
Nov. 29, 1905. Ad^iT^ll^ ^t&!Ci^^^^ 




16, ISOO. Address, New Haven, Mo. 

QRANNI8, John Avery, banker; b. 
Lebanon, Tenn., Aug. 26, 1884; a. H. 
Wl and Mai7 W. O.; ed. Cumberland 
University, 1903; InlUated by Ten- 
neeeee Lambda, Sept. S, IBOO, aflUl- 
ated with Tennessee Nu; son of H. 
W. Qrannls and brother of Joe G. 
OranniB, Tenneasee Lambda; emi- 
nent archon; attended S. A. E. Nat'l 
coDventianat Mempble, 1904; assisted 
In making the 1904 S. A. E. cata- 
logue; with Cumberland Valley Na- 
tional BanK. Address, iSOO B. Bel- 
mont Circle, Nashville, Tenn. 

ORANPNER, William Frederick, stu- 
dent; b, Aug. 9, 1890; s. Robert and 
Mary (Leistner) Q.; student at Dic- 
kinson College; Initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania Slgma-Phl, Oct 11, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 9 S. Tenth St., Harrlsburg, 

QRATZ, Alexander Howerton, student; 
b. Sept. 14, 1891; s. Alexander Ham- 
ilton and Birdie V. (Ogden) Q.; 
student at University of Michigan; 
manager class basketball; Initiated 
by Kentucky Epsllon, Oct. 15, 1908, 
now afflliated with Michigan Iota- 
Beta; brother of Marfleld OraU. Ken- 
tucky Eprllon. Address, 440 Fayette 
Park, Lexington, Ky. 

GRAVERSON, John Louis, lawyer; b. 
South Bend, Ind., Nov. 24, 1882; s. 
John and Sarah A. G.; ed. University 
of Indiana, Law, 1910; Phi Delta Phi; 
Initiated by Indiana Gamma, Nov. 25, 
1910. Address. Sheridan, Wyoming. 

GRAVES, Alexander Wilson, student 
b. Dec. 31, 1889; s. J. S. and OUa 
(WUson) O.; student at Tulane Uni- 
versity; Kappa Pal, junior club, scrub 
football; initiated by Louisiana Tau- 
Epsllon; brother of John H. Graves, 
S. A. E. Address, Talladega, Ala. 

GRAVES, Frederick Roscob, clergyman; 
b. Smtthvllle, Ga., May 6, 1868; s. 
Nathan and Sarah (Watklns) G.; ed. 
Southwestern Presbyterian UnWer- 
slty 1893; valedictorian, president W. 
I. L. P., business manager S. P. U. 
Journal, faculty orator, winner Intei^ 
society oratorical medal 1S91; Initi- 
ated by Tennessee Zeta March 10, 
1S90; eminent arcbon; delegate to 
CJiMttanooga 3. A. E. Nat'l conven- 

tion, 1892; moderator several chnrch 
courts, commissioner to the General 
Assemblies of 1902 and 1911; inatmo- 
tor In History and English. 1891-tt; 
traveled extensively in Europe, RoyikI 
Arch Mason; lecturer. A Pilgrim't 
Journey Though England and Scot- 
land, Pictures Prom Italy, Miche- 
langelo, The Han Who Succeeds; 
pastor of the Presbyterian church; 
m. Laura Johnson, Dec. 27, 1903. 
Address, 1102 Porter St, Helena. 

GRAY, Carl Raymond, Jr., engineer; 
h. Wichita, Kan., April 14, 1889; a. 
Carl R. and Harrtette G.; ed. Waah- 
JDgton University, University of Illi- 
nois, 1911; class president and secre- 
tary. Obelisk, IxKk and Chain; initi- 
ated by Missouri Beta, SepL 27, 1907, 
later atBIIated )with Ullnola BeU; 
eminent recorder; attended Atlantic 
City, 1908, Kansas City, 1910, 8. A 
E. Nat'l conventions; delegate prov- 
ince Zeta convention St Louis, 1907; 
assistant engineer, Oregon Electric 
Ky.; m. Gladys E. Beach, Oct U, 
1911. Address, 1021 Quimby St, 
Portland, Ore, 

GRAY, George Alexander, student; b. 
Dec. 21, 1892; s. Adam Oliver and 
Amy Georgena (Davis) Q.; student 
at Untverstty of Chicago; freshman 
football; initiated by Illinois Theta, 
Jan. 14, 1912. Address, S918 Lexlng^ 
ton St, Chicago. 111. 

GREEN, Charles Henry, lawyer; b. 
Freeport III-, July 8. 1873; s. Charles 
T. and Emma. L. (Carter) G.; ed. 
Northwestern University 1902; Deru, 
Delta Chi; inlUated by niinois Pai- 
Omegga, Dec. 3, 1897; delegate to 
province Delta convention, 1902; U. 
S. Commissioner, secretary Stephen- 
son County Bar association, president 
C. H. Green Manufacturing Co., sec- 
retary Morse Lumber Co., and Lin- 
coln Mausoleum Co.; m. Qratla E 
Wadeil, Jan. 1909. Address, State 
Bank Bldg.. Freeport HI, 

QREEN, Eugene K., physician and sur- 
geon; b. Minneapolis, Mian., Sept 12, 
1870; s. John and Rosle G.; ed. Uni- 
versity oi Minnesota, 1903; Initiated 
by Minnesota Alpha, Jan. IT, 1902, 
(charter mem.); Instmctttf at Unl- 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


Tenrity b1iic« 1908; m. Edna TMkey, 
June 80, 1B04. AddroM, SOT R«ld 
Comer, MlnneftpoUs, Hlnn. 
SREEN, Howard Ruggl«s, student; b. 
Auk. IB. 18»0; s. WUUam Albert and 
Elizabeth Grace (Cooley) O.; stu- 
dent at Unlversltr of Illinois; InlU- 
ated b7 nilnoiB Beta. Hay 9. 1910. Ad- 
dreaa, Sll Daniel St, Champaign, 


GREEN, Will Planty, newspaper writ- 
er; b. Warsaw, 111., Aug. 19, 1888; 
s. Cbarles S. and Paunle H. O.; ed. 
at UnlTerelty of Denver; vice- 
president Law Btudentfl' BESoclatlon, 
chairman class social committee; 
mem. Phi DelU Phi, legal trateraitr, 
Sigma Delta Chi, Journalistic fratern- 
ity, department editor of the Unlver- 
alty Annual; Initiated by Colorado 
Keta. Feb. 8, 1911; staff of Denver 
Republican, 1907-12; mem. Denver 
Press club. Address, Warsaw, 111. 

GREENWOOD, Oliver Parker, manu- 
facturer; b. BlUerlca, Mass., March 
15, 1888; s. George Parker and Alice 
Rebecca (Harding) G.; ed. Dart- 
mouth College, 1909; class basketball. 
College orchestra and band; Initi' 
ated by New Hampshire Alpha, 
March 16, 188S; eminent archon and 
treasurer. Address, Box 201, Billerl' 
ca, Haas. 

GREOORY, Albert Ernest, assayer; b 
Sandhurst, Berkshire, England, Nov. 
8. 1879; a. John a. and Harriett 
Marr (Tombs) O.; ed. Colorado 
School of Mines, 1910; initiated by 
Colorado Lambda; head assayer Tom. 
boy Q. M. Co.. Ltd.; A. F. and A. H. 
R. A. M.; m. Mary Hunter, March 18, 
1909. Address, care Tomboy Gold 
Mines Co., Ltd., Smuggler, Colo. 

QREOORI, Raymond J., student; b. 
Oct. 21, 1S91; B. Louis and Caroline 
(Immerfall) G.; student at Univer- 
sity of Illinois; InlUated by Illinois 
Beta, Oct S8, 1911. Address, 1236 
Eddy St, Chicago. HI. 

GRIFFIN, John Thomas, bank presi- 
dent; b. Suffolk. Vs., Feb. G, 1838; s. 
Nathaniel and Virginia Ann Q.; ed. 
George Washington University, 1869, 
(then Columbian College): initiated 
by Washington City Rho, Nor. 80, 

18ES, (charter mem.>; enlisted in 
Confederate army, civil engineer aer- 
vice, staff duty; president Merchants' 
and Farmers' Bank, In charge ot 
Prejiaratory department of George 
Waehlngton University, 1S59-6I; m. 
Julia A. Benn, Oct 7. 186S. Address, 
cRro Merchants' and E^irmers' Bank, 
Portsmouth, Va. 

GRIFFIN, Vem Arthur, lawyer; ' b. 
Southwick, Mass.; s. Walter P. and 
AUena (Dribble) G.; ed. Boston Uni- 
versky 1902; Initiated by MassachU' 
settB BeU-UpeUon, March 17, IBOO; 
former councilman of Everett, Mass.; 
m. Mary Emllle Black. June 7, 1906. 
Address. 46 Mountain View St, 
SpringOeld, Mass. 

GRIFFITH, Thomas Gruion, student; 
b. Aug. 2. 1890; B. Thomas and SalUe 
Cniion (Andrews) G,; student at 
Worcester Polytechnic Instltnte; Ini* 
liated by MassachusettB Delta, Oct 
6. 1911. Address, 206 E. Seventh St, 
Charlotte. N. C. 

GRIMES, Henry Holbrooke, real estate 
and Insurance; b. Roxbury, Mass., 
Se|)t.. 16, 1SS6; s. James M. and An- 
nie K.; ed. Boston University 1911, 
Amberst College 1907; associate edi- 
tor Hub, class football, tennis, debat- 
ing club; Initiated by Maesachasetta 
Beta-UpBllon, Oct 14, 1908; eminent 
recorder, treasurer; attended Atlan- 
tic City. 1909. B. A. E. Nafl conven- 
tion, province Alpha convention Wor- 
cester. Address, 119 High St, Peoria, 

GRISWOLD, Jeremiah Van Wart, in- 
Burance; b. Jersey City. N. J.. March 
Ti, 1ST6; ed. Cumberland University, 
1898; captain of football team; initi- 
ated by Tennessee Lambda, Sept 9, 
1S9T. Address. Dallas, Tei. 

GROOVER, Robert Norton, student; b. 
Aiie- 12, 1894; s. Gordon L, and Fran- 
cis I Norton) Q.; student at Emory 
College; Initiated by Georgia Bpsl- 
Ion, Sept 21, 1911. Address, 106 E. 
3Tth 3t, Savannah, Oa. 

GROSE. Qeorus Richmond, clergyman; 
b. Wood, W. Va.. July 14, 1889; ■. 
Andrew D. and Mary E. G,; ed. Ohio 
Wealeysn University 1894, Boston 
University School of Theology; pres- 
ident T. H. C. A., Athontan Uterary 



•ocletr, one of four bonor men In 
graduating cUu, Ptal Beta Kappa; 
InlUated by Ohio Delta, Oct 7, 18»B; 
paitor Grace H. E. church, Balti- 
more; contributor to HethodUt Re- 
view, Zlon'B Herald; m. Lucy Dlcker- 
■on, 1B94. Addrees, 1119 W. Lan- 
T&le St., Baltimore, Hd. 

OROSER, Samuel Haakana, promoter; 
b. Brooklyn. N. T.. Dec. 21, 18B7; a. 
Thomas W. and Hary B. (HasUns) 
O.; ed. St. Stephen's College 1879; 
Glass president and historian, captain 
baaeball team, drill master boat 
club; initiated by New Tork Slgma-Phl 
1888, mem. local aigma-Phl which be- 
came New Tork Slgma-Phl; contri- 
butor of articles on race problem 
and conditions In Mexico and Porto 
Rico; traveled in Canada, Mexico, 
Porto Rico and Cuba; mem. Hard- 
ware club of New Tork. Oraduates of 
New York, City club of New York, 
Marine and Field of New York, Shel- 
ter Island Tacht club, Empire State 
society, Sons of American Revolu- 
tion society; Mayflower descendants; 
m. Bertha B. Cooper, Sept 21, 1882. 
Residence, Oyster Bay, office, Room, 
lOOG, 286 Fifth Ave.. N. Y. 

GROVES, Robert Dinwiddle, student; b. 
April 88, 1911; s. J. L. and EUsa- 
betb (Tevis) D. O.; student at Uni- 
versity of Missouri; football, basket- 
ball; InlUsted by Missouri Alpha, 
Sept 24, 1910. Address. Dover, Mo. 

0RUBB8, John Rodman, lawyer; b. 
RuBsellville, Ky.. June 15, 1877; i. 
Charles 8. and Nannie R. O.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Virginia. 1800; Phi Alpha 
Phi; InlUated by Virginia Omicron 
April 25. 1896; eminent archon, 
chronicler: attended Nashville, 1898. 
8. A B. Nat'I convention. Addreea. 
Kenyon Bldg., LoulBvllle, Ky, 

ORU EN EWALD, Arthur Herrmann, 
lawyer; b. Oshkosh, Wis., Hay 20, 
18SB; s. William F. and Bertha (Herr- 
mann) Q.; ed. University of Wiscon- 
sin 1809; Phi Delta Phi. Phi Alpha 
Tau; captain golf team. Bdwln Booth 
Dramatic club, senior class play; In- 
itiated by Wlsconala Alpha, Nov. 
1905; eminent archon; delegate prov- 
ince Delta convention Delaware 
1909; attended province IMta ooit> 

venUon Chicago, 1810; law Orm 
aruenewald and Oruenewald. Oih* 
kosh. Addrew, 18 Waugoo SL, Osh- 
icosh. Wis. 

GURR. Wlltlam Henry, lawyer; h. Bibb 
county, Qa., Feb. 8, 1871; s. E. M. and 
N. C. a.; ed. Emory CoUege, 1817; 
latemociety debater, speaker's place 
awarded on clasa standing In Junior 
and senior year; initiated by Oeorgla 
iQpsllou, Feb. 24, 1894; city attorney, 
county court attorney; delegate to 
Btate convention, 1908; m. Helen H. 
Giles. Sept 16, 1900. Addreea, Daw- 
son, Qa. 

GUERRY, Sumner, student; b. Oct 6, 
1892; s. William A. and Annie (Mo- 
Bee) G.; student at University of the 
South; vice-president Pi Omega liter- 
ary society, secretary and jnnlor 
class; Initiated by Tennessee Ome- 
ga, Oct 4. 1910; son of William A. 
(luerry, Tennessee Omega, brother of 
.iJexander Ouerry, Tennessee Omc«a. 
Address, 195 Broad St, Charleston, 
3. C. 

GUERRY, William Alexander, bishop; 
b. Clarendon county, S. C, Jn^ 7, 
1861; s. Le Grand and Margaret 
(Brallsford) O.; ed. University of 
the South. 18S4; InlUated by Ten- 
nesBee Omega, Aug. SO, ISSl. (char- 
ter mem.); delegate to Augusta, 1882, 
Athens. 1883. Columbia. 8. C, 1887; 
a vigorous friend of northern exten- 
sion; revised the S. A. E. ritual In 
]SS2; elected supreme grand archon 
of the fraternity In 1883 and re- 
elected In 1884; served as editor of 
The Record and HUtorian; chaplain 
and professor of bomlletics and pas- 
toral theology In the University of 
the South. 1898-1907, coadjutor bis- 
hop of South Csrollna, 1907, bishop 
In ISOS; fatber of Alexander Ouerry, 
Tennessee Omega, Sumner Oueny, 
Tennessee Omega; m. Annie McBee, 
Nov. !2, 188S. Address. 195 Broad 
St.. Charleston. S. C. 

QUTHERY, Bernard J., lawyer; b. La- 
Rue, Ohio, Jan. 30, 1882; a. Joeeph D. 
and Mayme E. G.; ed. Ohio WeBleyan 
University, 1904; class orator, busi- 
ness manager Buou. Phi Beta Kap- 
pa; initiated by Ohio DelU Jan. 11, 
1901; brotber of Htrwin O. aaOarr 



Ohio Delta; president Cleveland 
Alumni aseoclation S. A. E.; m. 
Marie Lihlne, June 9, 1910. Address, 
iaoi-02 Citizens Bldg., Cleveland, O. 


HACKNEY, Theodore D., student; b. 
June 10, 1888; s. G. W. and Ora 
(Goffe) H.; student at Uniyersity of 
Missouri, Law School; football 1909- 
1911, basketball 1909, basebaU 1910; 
mem. Mounds, Mystical Seven, Quo 
Vadis, Druids. Address, 607 B. Wal- 
nut St, S)[>ringfleld, Mo. 
man class pin committee, second 

HACKMAN, Wiiliarn Henry, student; 
b. Vincennes, Ind., Dec. 25, 1889; s. 
H. H| and Mrs. H.; student at Uni- 
Yersity of Indiana; mem. Booster 
club, football team; initiated by In- 
diana Oamma, 1907; eminent herald; 
visitor at province Delta convention, 
Chicago; delegate to Atlantic City S. 
A. E. Nat'l convention, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 12 N. Second St, Vincennes, 

HAIR, Harry James, mercantile; b. 
Pana, 111.. June 15, 1883; s. John and 
Aurelia (McCoy) H.; ed. Purdue Uni- 
versity, 1906; assistant manager and 
stage manager dramatic club, mem. 
Glee club; initiated by Indiana Beta, 
April 14, 1903; eminent recorder; 
machine tool salesnian, Manning, 
Maxwell and Moore; m. Katherine 
Stanford, Sept 15, 1909. Address, 
5117 Center Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. 

H ALBERT, William Hayes, physician; 
b. Cymston, Tenn., 1847; s. Pleasant 
and Nancy (Crawford) H.; ed. Cum- 
berland University, M. D., 1878; ini- 
tiated by Tennessee Lambda, Jan. 15, 
1888; for 22 years member State 
Board of Medical Examiners; twice 
president Tennessee EiClectic Medical 
society; mem. Tennessee Historical 
society; mem. Masonic order. Elks, 
Knights of Pythias; private 9th Ten- 
nessee cavalry, C. S. A.; father of 
Thomas Edwin Halbert, Tennessee 
Lambda; m. Susan J. Beattie, Sept 
15, 1870. Address, First National 
Bank Bldg., Nashville, Tenn. 

HALL, Alexander McMillan, U. B. 
army officer; b. Knozville, Tenn., 

Nov. 19, 1878; s. H. W. and Anette 
M. H.; ed. University of Tennessee, 
L. L. B., 1901; class prophet; mem. 
K. K. K. honor society; initiated 
by Tennessee Kappa, Sept 12, 1896; 
eminent correspondent; First Lieu- 
tenant U. S. army, 28th infantry; 
duty in Porto Rico, Cuba and Philip- 
pine Islands; mem. B. P. O. E. Knox- 
viUe No. 160, "The Lambs," Army 
and Navy club. New York City. Ad- 
dress, care Adjt Oen. U. S. A., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

HALL, Ernest James, sociologist; b. 
Somerville, Mass., Dec. 7, 1885; s. 
John James and Annie Randolph (Van 
Lew) H.; ed. Harvard University; ini- 
tiated by Massachusetts Gamma, Feb. 
12, 1912; was supervisor of Industrial 
Work in Albay province under the 
Philippine Civil Service Commission, 
1907-09; made a special study of 
economic conditions and sociological 
problems in the Philippines, and this 
data will soon be published in book 
form; author of "An Elementary 
Spanish Grammar." Address, 157 
Winthrop St, Medford, Mass. 

HALL, James McKethan, student;, b. 
June 29, 1893; s. George Hodges and 
Delia (Woodward) H.; student jat 
Davidson College; initiated by North 
Carolina Theta, Dec. 15, 1911. Ad- 
dress, Red Springs, N. C. 

HALL, John Fielder, lawyer; b. Lexing- 
ton, Tenn., Jan. 16, 1883; s. J. N. and 
Lyde (Fielder) H.; ed. Cumberland 
University, 1905; initiated by Ten- 
nessee Lambda, Nov. 1904; mem. 
state legislature of Tennessee 1909 
and 1911 sessions; m. Mary Mur- 
ray, June 7, 1911. Address, Lexing- 
ton, Tenn. 

HALL, Marlon Anderson, lawyer; b. 
Oct 27, 1887; s. Oscar Stitt and Anne 
McCormick (Sherrill) H.; student at 
Cumberland University; president 
Philomatheon literary society; char- 
ter member of Alpha Kappa Zeta 
legal fraternity; initiated by Tennes- 
see Lambda, Septl7, 1911; eminent 
deputy archon. Address, 1590 Wav- 
erly Place, Memphis, Tenn. 

HALL, Roland Francis, student; b. 
Nov. 25, 1888; s. Edward and Hannah 
(Brierly) H. student at Cornell Uni- 


venlty; rreabmui track team, genend 
athletic director (clasB 1912), varsity 
football aquad 1910, Taralty track 
team 1910 and 1913; initiated br 
New York Alpha. Oct i>l. 1908. Ad- 
dresB, 6 Oberlln St, Worcester, Mass. 

HALL, Robert Leavsll, banker; b. Hert- 
dan HfBS., April 24, 1890; s. Robert A 
and Annie (WIllfamB) H.; ed. Soutb- 
westera Preebj^rian Unlrerslty, 
1910; Initiated by Tennessee Zeta, 
Sept 26, 1906; exchange teller. Citi- 
zen's National Bank. Address, 901 
22nd. Ave., Merldan, Hiss. 

HALL, Wlllism Thomas, College pro- 
fessor; b. New Bedford, Mass.. Aug. 
4, 1874; 8. Anthony D. and Mary B. 
(Soule) H.; ed. Hassacbusetta Insti- 
tute of Technology, 1896, also Univer- 
sity of Oottlngen, Germany; Initiated 
by Massachusetts lota-Tau, Oct 80, 
1894; mem. American association 
for Advancement of Science, Ameri- 
can Chemical society; author of 
translations from German as follows. 
Tread well's Analytical Chemistry 
(2 vols.), Clausaen's Beet Sugar 
Manufacture (with George W. Rolfe), 
Jettmar's Leather Manufacture (wltji 
J. W. Phelan), H. and W. Bilti's 
Laboratory Methods of Morganic 
Chemistry (with A. A. Blanchard), 
Blitz's Introduction to Experimental 
Horganlc Chemistry, Abderbalden's 
Physiological Chemistry (with Geo. 
Defren), Borcher's Metallurgy (with 
C. R. Hayward), Ostwald's Introduc- 
tion to Chemistry (with R. 8. Wil- 
liams), ClauBsen's Chemical Analy- 
sis of Electrolysis; assistant editor 
chemical abstracts In charge of de- 
partment of Metallurgy; assistant 
professor of Analytical Chemistry; 
m. Agnes Dunham Allen, April 17, 
1901. Residence, 37 Pomfret St, 
West Roxbury. College, Massachu- 
setts Institute of Technology, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

HAMILTON, Andrew Alexander, stu- 
dent; b. Aug. 7, 1890; s. John Henry 
and Anabelle (Brown) H.; student at 
University of Kansas; freshman 
class treasurer and baseball; mem. 
Black Helmet (sophomore society), 
J'i-tan (Junior society), student coun- 

cU 1910 and 1911; Initiated by Kan- 
sas Alpha, Oct SS, 1910. Address, 
529 W. Maple St, Columbus, Kan. 

HAMILTON, Ernest Clevsland, student; 
b. Aug. 1, 1889; s. Joseph E. and 
[Catherine (Dick) H.; student at Uni- 
versity of Iowa; freshman football, 
basketbsll, baseball; mem. Iroquois, 
Irving literary society, sergeant Ca 
D Cadet regiment; Initiated by Iowa 
Beta, Hay 4, 1911. Address, Wlntei^ 
sat la. 

HAMILTON, Henry Raymond, mercan- 
tile; b. Oak Park. HI., Oct 28. 1889; 
g. H. R. and Mary (Shufeldt) H.; ed. 
Northwestern University, Cornell 
xrniversity; Initiated by Illinois Psl- 
Omega, Feb. 19, 1810; with Nubian 
Paint and Varnish Co.. Chicago. 
Address, 322 Forest Ave., Oak Park, 


lAMLET, Harry Oabrial, U. S. revenue 
offlclal; b. Kastport, Maine, Aug. 27, 
1S74; s. Oscar C. and Annie H. H.; 
fd. Massachusetts Institute of Tecb- 
Dology and Graduate School of In- 
Htructton U. S. Revenue Cutter Ser- 
vice ; initiated by Massachusetts 
lota-Tau. Feb. 23, 1893; assistant In- 
Bpector 5th Llfe-Savlng district First 
Lieutenant U. S. R. C. S.; m. Francel 
Allen Hastings, Fort Townsend, 
Wash. April 26, 1904. Address, care 
Treasury dep:irtment Washington, 
D. C. 

HAMMER, Blrchsli, student; b. Hay 
<), 1892; B. Tbomss Bocklns and 
Flora M. (Levering) H.; student at 
I'nlverBlty of Pennsylvania, chair, 
man class pin committee, second 
place in broad-Jump In spring and tall 
track meets 1909, first place In same 
1910. second place In same event 
Inter-fratemlty meet, 1911; mem, 
class note paper committee; Initiated 
by PenQsylvanta Theta, Nov. IS, 
1909; brother of Thomas P. and John 
Levering Hammer. Pennsylvania 
Theta. Address, 30 Oowen Ave., 
Phlladalphla. Pens. 

HAMNER, William Edward, Student; b. 
Nov. IS. 1891; s. Joseph Burks and 
Fannie (Latham) H.; atudent at Unl< 
verstty of Kansas; class football; 
mem. Ptal Alpha Delta legal frate^ 



nitr; Inlttalad by Kanus Alpha, Oct. 
18, 1909; broQier of Hanr Cham- 
bers Hamner, Hluoari Alpha. Ad- 
dress, Brandon, Fla. 

HAMPTON, John Roblnwn, Insurance: 
b. JohnBTlUe. Ark., Not. 6, 1S76; a. Q. 
H. and Bra (Wombell) H.; ed. Cen- 
tral University, 1898; Initiated by Ken- 
tucky Kappa, April 15, 1894; delegate 
province convention Atlanta, 1S96; 
brother of Luclua Graham H. Ken- 
tuckr Kappa; m. Virginia Holder- 
neas. Mar B, 1904. Address, Home 
Insurance BIdg., Fordyce, Ark. 

HAMPTON, William Wad«, Jr., Uwyer; 
b. OalnesTUle, Fla., Jan. S6, 1884; s. 
William Wade and Mary E. H.; ed. 
UniTsralty of the South. 190S, Wash- 
ington and Lee University, 1908; 
mem. S. B. C. (Ribbon) society. Phi 
DelU Phi legal fraternity; Initiated 
by Tennessee Omega, Sept. 27, 1902, 
Ut«r aSUated with Virginia BIgma; 
mem. of Arm of Hampton and Hamp- 
ton. Address. Porter Block, Oalnes- 
Tllle Fla. 

HANCE, James Harold, U. S. offlcial; 
b. Chicago, 111., Aug. 14, 1880; s. 
Henry and Mary E. H.; ed. North- 
western University, B. S., 1901, Uni- 
versity of Washington, School of 
Uinee. K. H., 19ll; mem. junior cast, 
glee and mandolin clubs (Northwest- 
ern). Sigma XI honorary fraternity 
(Washington); inlUated by IlllnolB 
Psi-Omega, March 13, 1900; assistant 
geogolist, U. S, Oeologlcat Survey; 
m. Inns Buah Watson, Salt Lake City. 
Oct 19, 1910. Address, care U. S. 
Oeological Survey, Waehington. D. C. 

HANOLEY, Robert Wardrop, student: 
b. Sept 22, 1890; a. Marlon Love and 
Carrie (Longe) H.; student at Penn- 
sylranis State College; mem. Phi 
Kappa Phi society; Initiated by 
Pennsylvania Aipha-Zeta. Nov. 25, 
1911. Address, 650 Waahlngton Ave., 
Carnegie, Penn. 

HANEY, Joalah Rowan, Jr., physician 
and surgeon; b. Talladega, Ala., 1885; 
8. Josiah Rowan and Sara A (San- 
den) H.; ed. Univerelty of MlsslBsfp- 
pl, 1908, JelTerson Medical College, 
1910; smmaBliim director; Initiated 
br HlsdBilppl Qamma, Sept ISOG; m. 

Mary Katherine Orr, July 1, 1»11. 
Address, Clovls, New Mexico. 

HANEY, William Porter, snrgeon; b. 
Omaha, Neb., Feb. E, 1877; s. Edwbi 
and Inez (Porter) H.; ed. Unlvenlty 
of Nebraska. 1898, Rush Medical 
College. 1901; Initiated by Nebraaka 
Lambda-PI, Nov. 20, 1898; interne 
Marine Hospital San Francisco. 1902- 
j»i)3, chief Surgeon Carranea Con- 
solidated Copper Co. Address. Ron- 
guito Hospital, La Carranea Sonors, 

HANNAPORD, Edgar Northcott. me- 
cbanical engineer; b. Cincinnati, 
Ohio. April 26, 1879; b. Samuel and 
Anna Belle (Hand) H.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Cincinnati, 1902; Initiated by 
Obio Epsilon, Oct. S, 1898; mechan- 
ical engineer for Cincinnati Board of 
Education (6 years); mem. Peck-An- 
derson and Peck Co.. heating and 
ventilating contractors and engineers; 
ni. Florence Lucille Jones, June t, 
l!>i)5. Address, 2901 Montajia Ave., 
Westwood, Cincinnati, O. 
ANSEN, Harry Arthur, editor; b. 
Davenport. Iowa, Etac. SS, 1S84; i. 
Hans and Christine H.; ed. Unlver- 
Elty of Chicago. 1909; edited College 
publications and wrote several Col- 
loRe plays; initiated by Illinois The- 
ta, June 2, 1907; treasurer of Chica- 
go Alumni association of S. A B. 
1911-1912; mem. South Park No. 662 
A. F. and A. H.; staff of the Chl- 
ca);o Daily News and editor of "The 
University of Chicago Magazine." 
Address. 5462 Lexington Ave.. Chi- 
cago. 111. 

HAN8SEN, Henry M., civil engineer; 
b. Carroll. Iowa, Jan. 24, 1883; s. 
Mr. and Agnes H.; ed. Iowa State 
College, 1906; Initiated by Iowa Gam- 
ma, June 3, 1906; eminent corres- 
pondent; city engineer. Carroll. Iowa; 
brotber of Daniel Webster Hanssen, 
Iowa Gamma. Address, Carroll, la. 

HARALSON, James Murphee, mercan- 
tile; b. Talladega, Ala.. 1889; s. W. 
W. and Mrs. H.; ed. Alabama Poly- 
technic InsUtute, 1910; initiated by 
Alabama Alpha-Mu, 1909; with Con- 
solidated Gas Co., Address, car* 
Consolidated Oas Co., 29 E. 21st St, 
New York aty. 



HARDE8TY, Benton Cahoon, lawyer; 
b. Harrington, Dela., Not. 15» 1877; 
8. William O. and Eugenia (Merri- 
ken) H.; ed. DicklnBon College, Ph. 
B., 1901, Waahington University, L. 
L. B., 1904; (at Dickinson) winner 
gold medal prise. Belles lettres ora- 
tory society and sophomore. Junior 
and senior essay prizes; mem. inter- 
society debating team (leader 1901), 
inter-Collegiate debating team 1901, 
Phi Beta Kappa honorary fraternity; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi, 
Oct 6, 1899; eminent recorder and 
deputy archon; attended province 
Beta convention 1900; head of de- 
partment of Physics, Missouri State 
Normal School, 1901-1903; state and 
federal court practice. Residence, 242 
N. Ellis St, office, 24-27 First Nation- 
al Bank Bldg., Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

HARDING, Harry P^ educator; b. 
Beaufort county, N. C, Aug. 14, 1874; 
s. MaJ. Henry and Sue E. (Sugg) H.; 
ed. University of North Carolina, 
1899; class orator 1894 and 1895, edi- 
tor College magazine, graduated 
"Cum Laude, mem. Shakespeare 
club (treasurer); Alpha Theta Phi 
honorary fraternity, (since associated 
with Phi Beta Kappa); initiated by 
North Carolina Xi, June 1895; emi- 
nent treasurer, 1895 and 1896, archon 
1899; principal New Bern City 
Schools, 1899-1901, superintendent of 
same. 1902-1904, superintendent Ox- 
ford City Schools 1901-1902; vice-pres- 
ident State association of city super- 
intendents 1902, president state asso- 
ciation of principals, 1909; m. 
Lucia E. Ives, Dec. 23, 1903. Ad- 
dress, 11 Tenth Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 

HARDY, Walter Baker, student; b. 
Aug. 22, 1887; s. Miles and Mary H.; 
student at Tulane University, Medical 
School; editor "Jambaiaya," mem. 
Phi Chi medical fraternity; initiated 
by Louisiana Tau-Epsilon, Oct 12, 
1908. Address, Tyler, Ala. 

HARDY, Wilson Moore, pubUsher; b. 
Rome, Oa., Dec. 21, 1881; s. Samuel 
Graham and Kate (Moore) H.; ed. 
University of Georgia, 1902; editor 
and manager "Georgian," varsity foot- 
ball and track, adjutant cadet corps, 
/f7/er-C9Jj£igjate debater; meuL Casque 

and Gauntlet, Sphinx, Phi Kappa lit^ 
erary society (president), Thalian 
Dramatic club, (manager), president 
T. M. C. A.; initiated by Georgia 
Beta, Sept. 25, 1899; eminent archon, 
treasurer; delegate to province con- 
ventions at Macon 1901 and Char- 
lotte, N. C, 1903, and Boston S. A. 
B. Nat'l convention; treasurer prov- 
ince iiamma; captain and adjutant 
4th regiment National Guards of 
Georgia; mem. Board of Trusteea of 
State School for Deaf; secretary 
Rome Board of Trade, business man- 
ager Rome Tribune Herald; m. Ida 
Hess Tomlinson, Goldsboro, N. C. 
Oct 8, 1908. Address, 419 Broad St, 
Rome. Ga. 

HARLE, Edwin, student; b. April 1, 
1891; s. R. J. and A. A. (Bertly) 
H.; student at University of Pennsyl- 
vania; French club play cast; cricket 
squad, varsity soccer team; initi- 
ated by Pennsylvania Theta, Oct 21, 
1910. Address, Cairo, Egjrpt 

HARLE, Hugh Coffin; b. Atlanta, Ga., 
Sept 27, 1882; s. James W. and 
Julia (Coffin) H.; ed. Washington 
and Lee University 1904, University 
of Chicago, Leland Stanford Junior 
University; initiated by Virginia Sig- 
ma, Oct 18, 1902, later affiliated with 
Illinois Theta and California Alpha. 
Address, 165 Madison Ave., New 
York City. 

HARNDEN, Arthur DeWItt, lawyer; b. 
Waverly, N. Y., July 26, 1879; s. 
Rufus Sayre and Amy (Bosworth) 
H.; ed. at Cornell University, 1903; 
mem. University senior banquet com- 
mittee, chairman senior law smoker, 
mem. Phi Delta Phi and (Chancery 
Legal societies; initiated by New 
York Alpha, Oct 8, 1898; eminent ar- 
chon, 1903, attended Washington S. 
A. E. Nat'l convention, 1902; m. Es- 
ther McKeever, Sept 27, 1904. Ad- 
dress, 1016 Berger Bldg., Pittsburgh, 

HARPER, Harry Halsted, real estate; 
b. New Concord, Ohio, Sept 20, 1882; s. 
Moses Lyle and Laura Belle (Hal- 
sted) H.; ed. at University of Chi- 
cago, 1908; initiated by Illinois Theta, 
April 14, 1905, eminent archon, cor- 
respondent, deputy archon, d9l<&g$tB 



to Province convention, Delaware, 
Ohio, 1908, secretary-treasurer prov- 
ince Delta, 1910-1912; mem. City club 
of Chicago, secretary-treasurer Co- 
operative Realty club; real estate 
broker; brother of Lyle Harper, Illi- 
nois Theta; m. Bugenla Mae Mao- 
Laorin, May 5, 1910. Address, 40 N. 
Dearborn St, Chicago, ni. 

HARR, Dean, hotel manager; b. John- 
wm City, Tenn., Feb. 11, 1889; s. 
WilUam and Alice (Nelson) H.; ed. 
at University of Oklahoma, class 
baseball, mem. House of Representa- 
tives Literary society; initiated 
by Oklahoma Kappa, Oct 22, 1909 
(Charter mem.); president and dele- 
gate from Iota Tau petitioning local 
at University of Oklahoma to Atlan- 
tic City S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 
1909 and delegate to Kansas City S. 
A. B. Natl convention, 1910, from 
Ardmore, Okla., Alumni association 
of S. A. E.; manager Whittington Ho- 
tel; m. Flodie McKay, Oct 18, 1911. 
Address, care Whittington Hotel, Ard- 
more, Okla. 

HARRINGTON, Curtis Lyman, real 
estate and insurance; b. New Rich- 
mond, Wis., April 29, 1876; s. George 
N. and Eifle M. H.; ed. at Northwest- 
ern University, 1904, University of 
Minnesota, L. L. B.; initiated by Illi- 
nois Psi-Omega, Oct 22, 1900; ad- 
mitted to practice of law supreme 
court of state of Minnesota, 1904; 
president Harrington-Skiles Co. (5 
years), president Harrington Sales 
Co.; master Mason; clubs, Interlach- 
en, St Albans, Ck>mmercial, Rotary; 
m. Mary E. Willis, Sept 2, 1903. 
Residence, 4332 Fremont Ave. S., of- 
fice, 208-209 Plymouth Bdlg., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

HARRINGTON, Fred Blanchard, stu- 
dent; b. New Castle, Penn., April 18, 
1888; s. S. J. and Katherine (Blanch- 
ard) H.; ed. at Pennsylvania State 
College, 1911; now medical student 
University of Buffalo, class basket- 
ball (captain, 1908), varsity basket- 
ball, mem. sophomore hop commit- 
ter 1909, Nu Sigma Nu medical fra- 
temtty, Druids, Parmi Nous; initi- 
sled by Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, 
Oct 17, 1907, eminent recorder, 1909. 

Address, 430 College Ave., Beaver, 

HARRIS, Curtis Lea* lawyer, state 
senator; b. Alliance, Ohio, May 31, 
1862; s. Joel G. and Louisa E. H.; ed. 
at Mount Union College, 1883, class 
historian; initiated by Ohio Sigma, 
June, 1883; elected state senator, 25th 
senatorial district, 1910, chairman of 
republican county central committee; 
general attorney and counsel for a 
national and three state banks, tele- 
phone company, and other corpora- 
tions; mem. city council, school and 
library boards; m. Mary L. Miller, 
Sept 16, 1885. Address, El Dorado, 

HARRIS, Garrard, author; b. Colum- 
bus, Oa., May 14, 1875; s. James Wal- 
ton and Gertrude Kate (Oarrard) H.; 
ed. at University of Georgia, North 
Georgia Agricultural College; initi- 
ated by Georgia Beta, Sept 13, 1900, 
later aflEiliated with Georgia Delta, 
delegate to Atlanta and Chattonooga 
S. A. E. conventions, 1891 and 1892; 
organized Chattanooga and Jackson, 
Miss., Alumni associations of S. A. 
E.; associate editor of Record of S. 
A. E. for four years, practiced law, 
1898-1910, district attorney 8th judi- 
cial Circuit, Miss., 1907-1908; mem. 
Baronial order of Runnemede, cap- 
tain Co. F, 3rd Miss. Inf., M. N. G. 
four years; major and aide on staif 
of Governor Jas. K. Vardaman four 
years, chairman board of trustees Al- 
corn Agricultural and Mechanical 
College, 1905-1909; newspaper man 
and magazine writer, author of many 
serials published in current periodi- 
cals; m. Mary Lou Sykes, Aberdeen, 
Miss., Nov. 14, 1906. Address, 943 
Boyd St, Jackson, Miss. 

HARRIS, George Henry, civil engin- 
eer; b. West Toledo, Ohio, July 17, 
1878; s. John W. and Alice S. H.; 
ed. at Adrian College and University 
of Michigan, 1902; initiated by Michi- 
gan Alpha, Nov. 13, 1896, later af- 
filiated with Michigan Iota-Beta; as- 
sociate mem. American Society of 
Civil Engineers; division engineer, 
Michigan Central R. R.; brother of 
John Strong Harris, Michigan Alpha; 
m. Wllhelmina M. Z%\%\ftT, S>ii^<^ ^^ 



1907. Address, 138 Ross St, St 
Thomas, Ontario, Canada. 

HARRIS, Helton Wlills, consul gen- 
eral; b. near Alliance, Olilo, April 23, 
1858; s. Joel O. and Louisa E. H.; 
ed. at Mount Union College, A. B., 
1882, Ph. D., later, and Cincinnati 
Law School, L. L. B., 1887; Greek ora^ 
tor; initiated by Ohio Sigma, 1894; 
for fourteen years mem. law firm of 
Fording and Harris, Alliance, Ohio; 
appointed U. S. consul at Mannheim, 
Oermany, Dec. 19, 1899, at Nurem- 
berg, Germany, March 30, 1907, and 
American consul-general at large as- 
signed to Eiuropean district as con- 
sular inspector, Jan. 25, 1909; m. 
Effle M. Leek, Alliance, Ohio, Jan., 
1889. Address, care U. S. Despatch 
Agency, 4 Trafalgar Square, London, 

HARRIS, Joseph H., Jr., post office of- 
ficial; b. Moberly, Mo., April 17, 1878; 
8. Joseph Henry and Florence B. H.; 
ed. at University of Michigan, 1901; 
initiated by Michigan Iota-Beta, Oct 
2, 1897; cashier post office. Address, 
901 Armour Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

HARRIS, Seale, physician, editor and 
university professor; b. Cedartown, 
Ga., March 13, 1870; s. Dr. Charles 
H. and Margaret Anne (Monk) H.; 
ed. at University of Georgia, Univer- 
sity of Virginia, 1894; iniUated by 
Georgia Beta, Sept 17, 1891, later af- 
filiated with Virginia Omicron, emi- 
nent archon Virginia Omicron; 
professor of practice of medicine in 
the University of Alabama; secre- 
tary-treasurer of Southern Medical 
association; editor-in-chief of South- 
em Medlcid Journal; mem. American 
Society of Tropical Medicine, Fellow 
of London Society of Tropical Medi- 
cine and Hygiene. Residence, 947 
Government St, office, 905 Van Ant- 
werp Bldg., Mobile, Ala. 

HARRIS, Thomas Jackson, lawyer; b. 
Cortland, Ala., Nov. 2, 1886; s. John 
Hunter and S\isan (Jackson) H.; ed. 
at Vanderbilt University, 1910; sec- 
retary-treasurer senior class, mem. 
Vanderbilt Undertaker's club;, initi- 
ated by Tennessee Nu, Oct, 1908; 
eminent deputy archon. Address, 
Cortland, A]tL 

HARRISON, Byron Patton, congress- 
man; b. Crystal Springs, Miss., Aug. 
29, 1881; ed. at University of 
Louisiana, 1902; initiated by Louisiana 
EpsUon, Oct 22, 1899; district at- 
torney, 1905-1910, elected to the 
United States congress firom sixth 
Mississippi district 1910; m. Mary 
Bdwina Mclnnis, Oakesville, Miss., 
1905. Address. Gulfport Miss. 

HARRISON, George Hendree, clergy- 
man; b. Atlanta, Ga., Sept 2, 1876; 
s. Z. D. and Mrs. H.; ed. at Georgia 
School of Technology, B. S., 1895 and 
University of the South, 1902; at 
former school, manager of College 
paper, commencement debater and 
reader of thesis, varsity football and 
class president at University of the 
South, proctor of St Luke's hall, 
president Literary society, mem. 
Chelidon honorary society; initiated 
by Georgia Phi, June 21, 1892, later 
affiliated with Tennessee Omega; 
eminent archon, president province 
Gamma, attended province and S. A. 
B. Natl conventions, 1894-1906, emi- 
nent supreme treasurer, 1898-1900 
eminent supreme archon, 1900-1902; 
rector St. Mary's church, Jacksonville, 
Fla., brother of Z. D. Harrison, Geor- 
gia Phi; m. Ethel Watt 1904. Ad- 
dress, 2112 Laura St., Jacksonville, 

HARRISON, George Paul, lawyer, for- 
mer congressman; b. Chatham 
county, Ga., March 14, 1841; s. George 
Paul and T. A. H.; ed. at Geori^ 
Military Institute, 1861; first honor, 
senior captain of cadets, mem. Ly- 
man Hall literary society; initiated by 
Georgia Pi, Nov. 6, 1858; formerly 
state representative (eight years) 
and senator and member of congress, 
took part in constitutional conven- 
tions of Alabama, 1875 and 1901; 
president of Alabama Bar associa- 
tion, vice-president American Bar as- 
sociation; general counsel Western 
R. R. of Alabama; 2nd Lieut, Ist 
Lieut, adjutant major, colonel, and 
brigadier-general 1st Ga. regulars 
and 82nd Ga. volunteers, C. 8. A.; 
now commander of Alabama division 
U. C. v.; past grand master of 
Masons in Alabama; m. Sara Nan- 



nally, 1901. Address, 201 South 
Tenth St, Opellka, Ala. 

HARRISON, Henry Sydnor, author; 
b. Sewanee, Tenn., Feb. 12, 1880; s. 
Dr. Caskie Harrison; ed. at Columbia 
UniTersity, 1900; initiated by New 
York Mu, Dec. 8, 1897; eminent ar- 
chon, treasurer; vice-president prov- 
ince Beta, 1898; editor of The Record, 
editor first convention dally, con- 
tributor to S. A. E. song book, dele- 
gate S. A. E. Nat'l convention at 
Washington, 1902, Memphis, 1904. 
Atlanta, 1906; author of Queed which 
appeared in May, 1911, of which over 
125,000 copies have been sold, con- 
tributor of short stories to McClure's, 
Smart Set, and other magazines. Ad- 
dress, Charleston, W. Va. 

HARRISON, John Green, university 
professor; b. Washington county, 
Ga., 1867; s. Oreen Berry and Ella- 
phalr (Mayo) H.; ed. at Mercer Uni- 
versity, A. B., 1889, D. D., 1901, 
Southern Baptist Theological Semi- 
nary, University of Berlin, Germany, 
champion debater; mem. Circeronian 
society. Junior orator, assistant busi- 
ness manager "Mercerlan' (College 
annual); initiated by Georgia Psi, 
Nov. 5, 1887; eminent correspondent, 
recorder, archon, delegate to S. A. 
E. Nan convention, 1889; high 
school principal, 1890-1895, county 
president Orangeburg Collegiate In- 
stitute, pastor Tatnall Square Baptist 
church, Macon, Ga., 1899-1904, 1905- 
1906 travel in Egypt, Palestine, Eu- 
rope; mem. Masonic order. Southern 
Society of Philosophy and Psychol- 
ogy, A. A. A. S., Southern Educa- 
tional association; professor of 
philosophy and education, Mercer 
University; m. first, Bessie Winn 
Gilmore, 1894 (deceased, 1902), sec- 
ond, Ruth Barrett, WUkes county, 
June, 1911. Address, Mercer Univer- 
sity, Macon, Ga. 

HARRISON, William Robert, educator; 
b. Florence, Ala., Jan. 16, 1869; s. 
Martin L. and Martha Edna (Smith) 
H.; ed. at University of Alabama, 
1889, president Gulf States Oratorical 
aMoclatkm; superintendent of 
schools. Union Springs, Ala., presi- 
dent of Alabama Educational associa- 

tion, conductor Teachers' Institute; 
mem. Knights of Pythias; m. Eva 
Trawick, Oct 10, 1900. Address, 
Union Springs, Ala. 

HARRISON, Zadoc Daniel, HU mer- 
cantile; b. Decatur, Ga., June 1, 
1883; s. Zadoc Daniel and Laura 
(Hendree) H.; ed. at Georgia School 
of Technology, 1904; president of 
engineering and chemistry section of 
Junior class; initiated by Georgia 
Phi, Sept. 27, 1899; eminent warden; 
mem. Masonic order; general man- 
ager Amlcaloia Marble Co.; brother 
of George Hendree Harrison, Georgia 
Phi; m. Maude Otto Hudson, Sept, 
1906. Address, Ball Ground, Ga. 

HART, John Walter, student; b. March 
21, 1892; s. Walter S. and Melvina 
M. (Day) H.; student at University 
of Maine; sophomore and junior 
declamations, assistant manager 
track and baseball, manager of 
masque "Practical Husbandry of 
Maine;" initiated by Maine Alpha, 
May 6, 1910. Address, Holden, Me. 

HART, Laurence Collett, student; b. 
May 8, 1891; s. Samuel F. and Clara 
(Bums) H.; student at Massachus- 
etts Institute of Technology; mana- 
ger Glee club, editor-in-chief of 
"Technique" (College annual); initi- 
ated by Massachusetts lota-Tau, Oct 
23, 1909. Address, 60 Hulfman Ave., 
D&yton, Ohio. 

HARTING, Walter Casper, engineer; 
b. St Louis, Mo., Feb. 7, 1889; s. 
Edward O. and Louise H.; ed. at 
Washington University, 1911; sopho- 
more secretary-treasurer, senior 
president, mem. '*13," Pralma, var- 
sity football, 1909-1911 (captain 
1911), business manager "1911 
Hatchet" (College annual) ; initiated by 
Missouri Beta, Sept 26, 1907; emi- 
nent correspondent and archon, dele- 
gate Kansas City S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
vention; assistant engineer, city of 
St Louis Testing Laboratory; bro- 
ther of Otto F. Harting, Missouri 
Alpha. Address, 5707 Florissant 
Ave., St Louis, Mo. 

HARTLEY, William Howard, student; 
b. Aug. 17, 1890; s. Leonard B. and 
Ida Bell (Mann> H.; student at 
Syracuse Univeralty; troshmflSL lo^tr 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

ball; tnlUatod by N«w Tort Alpha. 
Oct 10, IBll. Addreu, 115 Aahlud 
Ave., Buffalo, N. T. 

HARTMAN, P«ul Gayer, banker; b. 
Mt Jo7 townahip, Ad&ma connt)', 
Penn., Nov. 9, 1S86; a. Jacob An- 
drew and Barbara B. (Oayer) H.; 
ed. at Oett^aburg ColleKe, 1910; 
claaa vlce-prealdent; Initiated br 
Pennaylyanla DelU, Sept. 24, 1906; 
mem. Independent Order of Odd Fel- 
lows, and I. 0. H.; caahler Llttlea- 
town Natl Bank; m. Anna Rutb Lit- 
Ue, Sept. 14i 1910. Addreaa, UtUea- 
town, Peno. 

HARTCN, Gaorga Maurice, lawyer; b. 
PltUburgh, Penn., Not. 5, 1866; a. 
Theodore M. and Emily R. H.; ed. at 
Adrian CoUege, Ph. B., 1S91. and Unl- 
Teralty of Michigan. LL. B., 1892; 
clBBS prealdent and orator, prealdent 
and critic Star Literary society; Ini- 
tiated by Michigan Alpha, Oct 22, 
1887, later affiliated with Michigan 
Iota-Beta; eminent archon, recorder, 
correBpondent. delegate to Charlotte, 
18S9, Cincinnati, 1S90, Atlanta, 1S91, 
Plttebargh, 1893, S. A E. Nat'I con- 
TentionB, presided at Atlanta S. A. 
E. Natl convention, 1891, prealdent 
Pittsburgh Alumni asBOclatlon of S. 
A E. for aeveral yeara; acUve In 
forming cltlsen'a party In Pittsburgh; 
EuropesQ travel; m. Car ice New- 
man, May 3, XS06. Residence, 6020 
Orafton St, oDce, 605-911 Berger 
Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

HARTZELL, Paul, atudent; b. Feb. 26. 
1892; s. Charles V. and Mary Em- 
ma (Tomllneon) H.; student at St. 
Stephen's College; Initiated br New 
Yorli SlgmtPhl, Dec. &, 19ll. Ad- 
dress. 612 N. Sixteenth St, Harria- 
burg, Penn. 

HARVEY, John Victor, mining engin- 
eer;; b. Sioux City, Iowa, June 12, 
1887; a. Isaac A. and Margaret H. 
(Simpson) H.; ed. at Colorado 
School of Mlnee, 1911; class teams, 
mem. "Theta Tau" honorary so- 
ciety, Tranler Literary society; Ini- 
tiated by Colorado Lambda. Oct 10, 
1906; delegate to Kansas olty S. A. 
B. Nat'I convention, 1910; asElstant 
Mtaa^er Qto. Devel. Co. Address, 

ADattado No. 26, QDauai>lato, oto, 

HARVUOT, Clifford Tribble, real 
eatate; b. Emporia, Kan., Aug. S, 
18g7; s. Alexander M. and Belle R. 
M.; ed. at Unlveralty of Cincinnati, 
1910; Initiated by Ohio Bpsiloo. Not. 
2S, 1907; m. Eather B. Bfahop. Oct 
21, i911. Address, 607 Mercantile 
Library Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

HARWOOD, Thomas Fitch, lumber- 
man; b. July 21, 1888; a. Willis S. 
and Charlotte (Burr) H.; ed. st 
Colorado School of HInea, 1909; claaa 
president leader of Mandolin club, 
cheer leader; Initiated by (Colorado 
Lambda; m. Helen Copea, Oct 10, 
I9it. Addreaa, 215 Woodland Ave., 
Dloonilngton, DL 

HASTINQ8, Edwin George, Unlvei^ 
Bity iirofeasor; b. Austlnbnrg, Ohl<^ 
Aug. 11, 1872; e. Oramel P. and Su- 
san E. H.; ed. at Ohio State UnlTer- 
eity, 1S98, Univeraity of Wisconsin, 
1S9;); freshman arbor day orator; Ini- 
tiated by Ohio Theta, Not. 10, 1894; 
aeielflted in founding of Wisconsin 
Alpha; associate professor of agrl- 
oultiiral bacteriology. University of 
Wisconsin, bacteriologist of the agri- 
cultural experiment station and 
ctmlrraan of the department of agrl- 
cullural bacteriology, mem. of Wis- 
consin Live Stock Sanitary board. So- 
ciety of American Bacterlologlats, 
Sigma XI, Alpha Zeta. Science club of 
the University of WIeconsin. Fellow 
of American Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science, traveled a 
year In Germany, Switzerland, Den- 
mark and England; Joint author 
with H. L. Ruaaell, of Experimental 
Dairy Bacteriology, Agricultural 
Bacteriology and Outlines of Dalrr 
Bacteriology; m. Blvlra J. Waters, 
Sept. 16, 1902. Address, 1906 W. 
Lawn Ave., Madison, Wla 

HASTINGS, Harry Leander, manufac- 
turer; b. Worcester, Mass., April 19, 
1876; a. Leander A and Lucy M. 
(Lowe) H.; ed. at Worcester Poly- 
Uchnlc InaUtnte, 1899; InlUated by 
Maseachuaetta Delta, Nov. 16, 1894; 
eminent deputy arcbon, recorder, cor- 
reapondent; visitor at province con- 
ventions, treasurer Hassaobusetts 



Delta corporaton four yean; mem. 
Knii^t Templars, Masons, Odd Fel- 
lows; corporal Massachusetts Mili- 
tia six years; manufacturer of horse 
goods; m. Margaret W. Watrous, 
Oct., 1898. Address, 14 Foster St, 
Worcester, Mass. 

HATCH, Edward Sparhawk, physician; 
b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 2, 1875; s. 
Monroe W. and Rhoda J. (Spar- 
hawk) H.; ed. at Harvard Unlyersity, 
1897; initiated Massachusetts Gam- 
ma, March 9, 1895; mem. Louisiana 
No. 102 F. and A. M.; formerly as- 
sistant orthopedic surgeon Carney 
Hospital, Boston; at present ortho- 
pedic surgeon Toms Infirmary and 
the New Orleans Dispensary for 
Women and Children, practice lim- 
ited to orthopedic surgery; author of 
treatises on orthopedic surgery; m. 
Blanche A. Baxter, Jan. 16, 1900. 
Residence, 2035 Octavia St, office, 
1126 Maison Blanche Bldg., New Oiv 
leans. La. 

HATCH, Robert Hsrrison, student; b. 
Concord junction, Mass., Sept 6, 
1889; s. Edgar Harrison and Mrs. H.; 
ed. at Dartmouth College, 1911, now 
student at Harvard Law School; class 
football and hockey; initiated by 
New Hampshire Alpha, May 22, 1908; 
eminent deputy archon, delegate to 
province convention at Worcester 
and Kansas City S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
vention. Address, Barrett's Mill 
Rd., Concord Junction, Mass. 

HATTON, Augustus Raymond, univer- 
sity professor; b. Vevay, Ind., Sept 
27, 1878; a Augustus and Mary La- 
vinia (Howard) H.; ed. at Franklin 
College, Ph. B., 1898, University of 
Chicago, Ph. D., 1907; senior class 
president Junior orator, editor-in- 
chief College paper, 1897; initiated by 
Indiana Alpha, Dec. 7, 1893; eminent 
archon, delegate province Delta con- 
vention, 1905; mem. Ohio State Con- 
stitutional convention, 1912, Cleve- 
land Chamber of Commerce, Cleve- 
land Municipal association, execu- 
tive Council American Political Sci- 
ence association, Nat'l Municipal 
league, special lecturer on ci^ gov- 
ernment Harvard University, 1911; 
author Digest of City Charters, also 

articles on municipal government; 
professor of political science; m. 
Nancy Mathews, Franklin, Ind., Nov. 
11, 1903. Address, Western Reserve 
University, Cleveland, Ohio. 

HAUGHTON, Ernest Harian, capital- 
ist; b. Elk Creek, Neb., Aug. 22, 1874; 
s. Samuel and Anna H.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Nebraska, 1895; master of 
ceremonies junior and senior proms, 
editor Junior annual "Sombrero," as- 
sociate editor "Nebraska News;" W- 
tlated by Nebraska Lambda-Pi, May, 
1893, charter mem.; eminent archon, 
delegate to Washington S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, 1894; mem. Illuminating 
Engineers society. University club, 
Illinois Athletic club; president 
Bryan-Marsh Co., Monarch Incandes- 
cent Lamp Co., Pareah Mining Co., 
Nela Profit Sharing Co., Nela Invest- 
ing Co., Nela Anticipation Co.; m. 
Julia Moore Yeaman, Henderson, Ky., 
June 4, 1901. Address, care Bryan- 
Marsh Co., 431 Dearborn St., Chica- 
go, 111. 

HAWE8, Chsries Sumner, mercantile; 
b. Chelsea, Mass., June 7, 1869; s. 
William and Marianna J. (Locke) 
H.; ed. at Harvard University, 1898, 
and George Washington University; 
initiated by Massachusetts Oamma, 
March 17, 1893, charter mem., later 
affiliated with Washington City Rho; 
eminent treasurer, first vice-presi- 
dent of Boston Alumni association 
of S. A. E., one of the organizers of 
Washington Alumni association, dele- 
gate from Boston Alumni association 
to Washington S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1893, and chairman of execu- 
tive committee at same; travel in 
Europe; in government service for 
ten years; now state agent for the 
Sl)inella Co., William Frank depart- 
ment; m. Francis Wilson, Dec. 15, 
1897. Address, care The Spinella 
Co., Meadville, Penn. 

HAWES, Thomas Samuel, lawyer; b. 
Newton, Ga., Aug. 17, 1874; s. A. u. 
and Elvira N. H.; ed. at Emory Col- 
lege, A. B., 1896, University of 
Georgia, LL. B.; at latter, law class 
president and mem. Thalians; initi- 
ated by Georgia Bpsilon, 1898, later 
afllliated with Qeor^ B«ts.\ m^t&« 

114 WHO'S WHO I 

AnwrlcMi Bar Msoclatlon; citfUJix 
Co. I. 4th Int. O. a. T„ 1S»-1908, 
major In ume, 1908-ltOe; general 
connael OeorgiB. Florida and Ala- 
bama R. R.; m. Stella Vlrslnla 
Wrii^t, 1896. Addreas, Balnbridge, 

Addreea, Bast 


HAWKE, ChaHM Cllfferd, atudent; b. 
Aug. 4. 18SG; ■. V. A. and BUa B (Cal- 
4er) H.; A. B. UnlTerilty <rf DenTar, 
at present atudent at Unlveralt? of 
Minnesota; at former ichool, varaltr 
basketball, baseball. lootball, at lat- 
ter, mem. tennis champion doublet 
team, UnWeniltr of Minnesota Hedl- 
cal socletr, Nu Sigma Nu medical 
traternlt]'; Initiated by Colondo 
Zeta. Oct. 23, 190S, later affiliated 
with Minnesota Alpha. Address, 
Denver, Colo. 

HAWKINS, Carl Leon, railway engin- 
eer; b. Oreenfleld, Mo., April 1, 
1888; B. WilUam J. and LuUe F. (Gar- 
rett) H.: ed. at Washington UnlTei^ 
alty, 1S06; clasa secretary and treas- 
urer; Initiated by Missouri Beta, Oct. 
81, 1901; eminent chronicler, re- 
corder, deput; archon, visitor at 
province Zeta convention, St Loois, 
1907; chief engineer. United Rail- 
ways Co. of Bt. Louis. Address, 
. 5050 Maple Ave„ St Louis, Ho. 

HAWTHORNE, Donald Kent, lawyer; 
b. Coming, Ark., April 2G, 1ST7; s. 
J(dm C. and Blizabeth (Beloate) H.; 
ed. at University of Arkansas, 1899, 
and Washington UntverBlty Law 
School; manager baseball team, 
189S; initiated by Arkansas Alpha- 
Upsllon, Oct 1907, later afflllated 
with Missouri Beta; visitor to Mem- 
phis S, A. E. Nat'l convention, 1904; 
mem. Arkansas Bar association, Am- 
erican Bar aasociation; m. Rowena 
Davles, Dec. 18, 1899. Address, 
Jonesboro, Ark. 

HAYDON, William G„ lawyer; b. near 
Columbia, Mo., March 31, 1864; s. 
George and Bettle M. H.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Missouri, 1888; inltlsted by 
Missouri Alpha, M^, 1S84; eminent 
archon, correspondent; mem. state 
board of education. Masonic order; 
practising lawyer; brother of Forrest 
and Curtla Hay don, Missouri Alpha; 
m. Jemle £. Osborne, Stnllsborg, 

Wis., Dec. 80, 1896. 
I^as Vegas. M. M. 

HAYES, Aldan B^ student; b. Aug. 19, 
1891; s. Fred P. and Nellie M. (Bui^ 
ger) H.; student at nniversl^ of 
Maine; InltUled by Maine Alpha, 
Oct 14, 1910. Addteaa, SO Vernon 
St, Bangor, Me. 

HAYES, Ralph Waldo EmarMn, manu- 
facturer and Inventor; b. Stark 
county. 111., Fab. 19, 1878; a. Eugene 
K. and Matilda J. H.; ed. at Univer- 
sity of Michigan. i896; vanltr loot- 
ball tour yeara; initiated by Michi- 
gan Iota-Beta, Oct 11, 1S90; mem. 
city council, local board of Improve- 
ments, SSnd degree Mason, Knight 
Templar and Shriner; brother of A. 
L. Hayes, Michigan Iota-Beta, P. S. 
Hayes, Michigan Iota-Beta, and P. C 
Hayes, Illinois Beta; m. Bntella 
Mluk, Feb. 86, IS9$. Address, Oalva, 

HAYWARD, Harry Woodford, lawyer; 
b. Portage Lake. He., Sept IT, 1875; 
8. Jarvis and Bnnise H.; ed. at Trin- 
ity CoUege, 1897, and Harvard Uni- 
versity; clsas preaidrat, manager 
football team; initiated by C<nn«ctl- 
ciit Alpha. Sept, 1898, later afflllated 
with Macsachusetts Oanuna; eminent 
archon, treasurer, delegate to prov- 
ince Alpha convention, 1896, mem. 
Nat'l Board of Trustees of S. A. EL 
since April 8, 1906; mem. Orm of 
Cleveland, McLean and Hayward. 
Address, 87 Williams St, New Tortc 

H EAD, James DeKalb, lawyer; b. 
Richmond, Ark., May 4, 1S71; a. Jtdin 
C. and Marr AH.; ed. at Unlverelty 
of Arkansas, 1894; graduated with 
honors of the class; Initiated by 
Arkansas Alpha-Upsllon, July 9, 1894, 
charter mem.; first eminent archon 
of the chapter; representative In the 
Arkansas legislature, 1898; m. Fliw- 
ence Williamson. April 87, 1S99. Ad- 
dress, Suite *20 State Nat'l Bank 
Bldg., Tezarkana. Ark. 

HEARD, Isaac Thomas, cotton and In- 
surance; b. Augusta, Oa., Feb. 16, 
1860; a laaac T. and Amy H.; ed. at 
University of Georgia, 1871; sopho- 
more declamation medal; Initiated 
by Oeorgla Beta, 18<8: first treMurw 



of tta« Nftti tntemity'; m«m. Covn- 
bT Club of AvgusU, CommercM 
Clob of AngiutA; ongised In cotton 
bnaliuHi, genenl ag«it Pennsyl^Mntft 
Hatiul Ltfe Inannnce Co.; m. Eu> 
Dlca D. Heard. 188G. AddreaB, 814 
Drer Bldg., Anjputa, Q«. 

HCCKERT, Stdnay Fredarlek, Jr., •In- 
dent ftt Contell UnlTersltr; Initlkted 
bj New York Alpha. Addreaa, SST 
Stratford Ave., PltUburgli, Fenn. 

HEINRICH8DORF, Paul, public ao- 
Goontant; b. Cincinnati, Ohio, Hay 
SE, 1867: a. Otto and Hlnnie <Ka^- 
nel) B.; ed. at Unlveralty of Cincin- 
nati, 1893; Initiated by Ohio Bpsllon, 
Dec X. 1889; mem. HanMlman lodge 
Na 208, F. and A. H.; public account- 
ant; m. Gertrude DaTla, Feb. S, 190B. 
Addreaa, 1706 Logan St, dnclnnatl, 

HEINTZ, MIchaal O., Uwyer; b. Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, Oct. is, 1868; m. Mich- 
ael and Mary (Qeyer) H.; ed. at 
Unlvenlty of CInclnnaU, 1890; InlU- 
ated by Ohio Bpillon. Dec. 1, 1890; 
mem. Hamilton County Bar Board of 
Education, Royal Arch and Bcottlih 
RIt« Haaon and a Shriner. Past Com- 
mander Ohio Dlvliion Sona of Veter- 
ana; brother of Victor HelnU, Ohio 
Ep^lon, and Walter HelnU, Ohio 
Epallon; m. Edith Rauchfuai. Real- 
dence, 8637 Branaton Ave., oIDce, 
MW-916 Provident Bask Bldg., Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

HEMPELMANN, Thaodore C physi- 
cian; b. St Loufe. Mo., Oct SS, 188G; 
M. Henry C. and Mary E. H.; ed. 
at Washington Unlverstty. 1908; 
medical representative "Student 
Life," 1907-1908, claaa representative 
"The Hatchet." 1908, mem. Alpha 
Omasa Alpha (honorary medical); 
initiated by Hlseonrl BeU, Oct 10, 
1M3; eminent herald and deputy ar- 
chon; clinical aaaiatant St Louis 
Cblldren's hospital, mem. 8t Louis 
Medical association. City Hospital 
Alumni association; Missouri State 
Medical association; American Med- 
ical aaaodation; two years study 
In clinics of BerUn and Vienna; prac- 
tlca itmltad to diseases of children; 
bnOux of Walter L. Hempelinanii. 

Missouri Beta. Address, S9I1 Univer- 
sity St, St Louis, Mo. 

HEMPELMANN, Walter Leo, engin- 
eer; b. St Louis, Mo., July S7, 1881; 
s. Henry C. and Mary EUzabeth H.; 
ed. at Washington University, 1905; 
Initiated by Missouri Beta, Nov. 8, 
1900; eminent arcbon, recorder, 
treasurer, deputy arction; engineer 
in charge Bituminous Roadways, St 
Louis Street department; brother of 
Theodore C. HempeUnann, Hlasourl 
Beta; m. Senera A. Roenltz, Nov. 6. 
1910. Address. 8914 Dodler St, St 
Louis, Mo. 

ENDERSON, Wiriiam Henry, advei^ 
tlBlngi b. New York City, Feb. 84, 
1881; B. William James and BUa 
(Carter) H.; ed. at Cornell Unlvei^ 
slty, 1904; class director baseball, 
varsity pitcher; Initiated by New 
York Alpha, Nov. 4, 1900; advertlBing 
business, mem. firm of Wagner-Fleld 
Co.; m. Helen Vaughan, March 1. 
1909. Residence, Zi Ivanhoe Ter- 
race, Kast Orange, N. J., oIDce, care 
Wagner-Field Co , 17S0 Broadway, 
New York City. 

HENE8, Othmar Haimuth, student; b. 
May 28, 1891; s. John and Rosa (Lei- 
sen) H.; student at University of 
Michigan; InlUated by Michigan 
Iota-Beta, Nov. S. 1910; brother of 
John Edwin Henes, Michigan Iota- 
Beta, and Walter E. Henes, Michi- 
gan lotflr^Beta- Address, 1202 Main 
St, Menominee, Mien. 
ENRIE, Harrison C, chemist; b. 
Shamokln, Pa., Sept. 17, 1886; s. W. 
H. and Emma (Lewis) H.; ed. at 
Pennsylvania SUte College, 1909; Ini- 
tiated by Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, 
Dec.. 1906; mem. Board of Directors 
T. M. C. A., Warren Country club; 
chemist Copper Queen Cons. Mining 
Co. Address, Blsbee, Ariz. 

HENRY, Don J., lawyer; b. Ashland, 
Kan.. Feb. 4, 1SS7; s. Harry W. and 
Eva H.; ed. at Unlvenlty of Indiana, 
1909; Initiated by Indiana Oamma, 
Jan. 18, 1907 (charter mem.); emi- 
nent correspondent, treasurer sad ar- 
cbon; general practice. Address. La 
Porte, Isd. 

HENRY, Frank Joseph, student; b. 
July », 1889; s. Wiuiam C. and Llda 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

(Merrimaa) H.; student at UnlTer- 
sity of Denver; manager track team, 
captain class football, class Imseball 
and track team, assistant manager 
College paper; Initiated by Colorado 
Zeta, Nov. 18, 1908. Address, Uni- 
versity Park, Colo. 

HENRY, William Madison, Uwyer; b. 
Walker county, Oa., Feb. 12, 1868; s. 
W. W. and Mary (Cleghom) H.; ed. 
at University of Georgia, 1876; Junior 
medalist, intermediate debate, presi- 
dent Demosthenian society, champion 
debater, junior and senior speaker 
(honors given for scholarship); Ini- 
tiated by Georgia Beta, Aug. 2, 1876; 
at present vice-president of province 
Epsilon; judge of superior courts of 
Rome judiciid circuit for twelve 
years; mayor of Summervllle, Ga., 
1879; mem. legislature, 1886-1887, for 
Chattanooga county; m. Dora Rudi- 
cil (deceased), Nov. 8, 1881; m. 
Evel3m Dimock, March 28, 1904. Ad- 
dress, 501 East Third St, Rome, Ga. 

HENRY, Patrick, lawyer and former 
congressman; b. White Hall, Madi- 
son county, Miss., Feb. 12, 1843; s. 
Patrick and Bettie C. (West) H.; ed. 
at Western Military Institute; mem. 
Eresophian and Hermenlan Literary 
societies; Initiated by Tennessee 
Nu, 1859; two terms in Mississippi 
legislature (house), one term In 
senate; delegate state at large to 
constitutional convention; mem. 
55th and 56th U. S. congresses from 
seventh district of Mississippi; 
major 14th (consolidated) Missis- 
sippi Inf. C. S. A.; mem. State Board 
American Red Cross; m. Margie E. 
Cocke, Feb. 10, 1874. Address, 
Brandon, Miss. 

HEN8EL, Charles Norton, physician 
and surgeon; b. Fargo, N. D., March 
3, 1882; s. John Henry and Anna 
Cecelia (Norton) H.; ed. at Univer- 
sity of Minnesota, A. B., 1905, M. D., 
1908; 2nd Lieut, cadet corps, editor- 
in-chief Minnesota Magazine, mem. 
Dramatic club, Nu Sigma Nu medical 
fraternity; initiated by Minnesota 
Alpha, Jan. 27, 1902; eminent corres- 
pondent, deputy archon, and archon, 
visitor province Delta convention, 
1903, and Ifemphis S: A. E. Nat'l con- 

vention, 1904; delegate to At- 
lanta S. A. E. Natl conven- 
tion, 1906; general practice as 
physician and surgeon; brother of 
Kenneth N. Hensel, Minnesota Al- 
pha; m. Rae Lillian GkXNlenow, St . 
Paul, Minn., June 21, 1911. Real- j 
dence, 955 St Clair St, office, 223 
Moore Bldg., St Paul, Minn. 

HERRNSTEIN, William H.; manufac- 
turer; b. ChiUicothe, Ohio, June 2, 
1880; s. Henry and Mary Bealle H.; 
ed. at University of Michigan, 1902; 
initiation committee senior class, aU- 
freehm^n class, junior class and 
reserve football teams; initiated by 
Michigan Iota-Beta, March 8, 1901; 
eminent archon, delegate province 
Delta convention, 1901; public service 
secretary; mem. board of education; 
treasurer The Standard Cereal Co.; 
m. Sallie Snyder, June 2, 1904. Ad- 
dress, 299 Chestnut, ChiUicothe, Ohio. 

HER8CHELMAN, Daniel Edward, law- 
yer, mayor; b. St. Phillips, Ind., Nov. 
6, 1880; s. Andrew and Lena H.; ed. 
at University of Indiana, A. B., 1906, 
LL. B., 1907; initiated by Indiana 
Oamma, Jan., 1907; mem. Muskogee 
county election board, mayor of 
Porum; author of articles on Manual 
Training and on Italian Immigration. 
Address, Porum, Okla. 

HERTWIQ, Herman Schwed, lawyer; 
b. Macon, Oa., Nov. 20, 1880; s. Her- 
man and Emma (Schall) H.; ed. at 
Mercer University, 1902; general ex- 
cellence medal, 1902; mem. Phi Del- 
ta Literary society's debating teams 
against law school, 1901, and against 
Ciceronian society, 1902; assistant 
editor "Mercerlan;" initiated by 
Georgia Psl, Sept 28, 1898; eminent 
correspondent; mem. law firm of 
Everett, Clarke and Benedict Resi- 
dence, 146 Lefferts PL, Brooklyn, N. 
Y., office, 79 Wall St, New York City. 

HESS, Frederick I. S., city school offi- 
cial; b. Louisville, Ky., Dec. 22, 1888; 
s. Chas. P. and Louise K. H.; ed. at 
Central University, A. B., 1909, A. M. 
and LL. B., 1911; mem. Round Table, 
varsity basketball and football teams, 
senior class historian, chemistry fel- 
lowship, 1909-1911; Initiated by Ken- 
tucky Kappa, Oct 6, 1906; eminent 



treuurer, correfpondent uid srctaon, 
delegate provltice Iota coDveatloD at 
Knoxrille; chief attendance otflcer, 
LoulflTllle public flctaoolB. Address, 
322 'E. College St. LonlsrlUe, Ky. 

HETZEL, Frederick Craft, atudent; b. 
Jan. 6, 1892; s. Wllhelm and Har 
gsret (Craft) H.; student at Oettys- 
burg College; mem. musical club; Ini- 
tiated by Pennsylvania Delta, June 1, 
1911. Address, W. Apple St, Con- 
nellsTlIle, Penn. 

HEWITT, Clarence Thurman, student; 
b. near TaylorrlUe, lU., Not. IS, 1888; 

a. L. D. and Ella S. H.; student Unt- 
verslty of Illinois; Initiated by IIU- 
nols Beta, Oct 23, 1S09; eminent 
warden, visitor at Kansas City S. A. 
E. Nat'l convention, 1910. Address, 
815 E. Poplar 8t, Taylorvllle, IIL 

HEW80N, Earl Oranvllle, real estate; 

b. Klngsbur;, ind.. Hay 20, 1886; s. 
John W. and Mary L. H.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Chicago, 1907; IniUated by 
Illinois Theta, 1906; eminent treas- 
urer, delegate province Delta conven- 
tion, Lafayette, Ind., 1908; real es- 
tate business; m. Harguerhlta Mu- 
riel Pearce, AprU 23, 1908. Resi- 
dence, 1040 Woodward ave., office, 
12t 8. Main St. South Bend, Ind. 

HEYWOOD, Charies Wardstl, physi- 
cian; b. Oct 14, 1871; s. Joseph T. 
and Sarah (Boocock); ed. at TJnlver- 
sfty of Michigan, 1892; Initiated by 
Michigan Iota-Beta, Oct S, 1889; phy- 
sician. Riverside, lU. 

HIQQIN8, John Woodman, steel nutnu- 
factnrer; b. Sept 1, 1874; s. Milton 
Prince and Katherlne Eliiabeth 
(Cbapln) H.; ed. at Worcester Poly- 
technic Institute, 1896; class secre- 
tary, bolder of bicycle record; Ini- 
tiated by Massachusetts Delta, Oct 
18. 1896; corporation trustee; mem. 
American Society of Mechanical 
Bnglneen. Tatnuch Country club; 
travel in Europe twice; president 
Worcester Pressed Steel Co.; m. 
Clara Louise Carter, Jan. 17, 1906. 
Addreu, 184 Highland St, Worcester, 

HICKS, Arthur P., lawyer; b. Rome, 
Mich., Sept 8, 1878; s. Roswell H. 
and Sarah (Smith) H.; ed. at Adrian 
CoUaca^ Dnlvertltr ot Mlehtgan, A. 

B., 1901, LL. B., 1908; mem. Alpha 
Nu society debating team, entered 
society debating, 1901; Initiated by 
Michigan Alpha. Nov. 6. 18BE; assist- 
ant attorney general of Michigan, 
April, 190S-Dec., 1911, general prac- 
tice at present;m. Octa N. Curtis, 
Oct. 12, 1896. Address, 917-910 P^ord 
Bldg., Detroit Mich. 

HIGHTOWER, Chariey Counee, physl- 
clan and surgeon: b. Heidelberg, 
Miss.. 18S6: s. Mr. and MatUe (Craw- 
ford) H.; ed. at University of Mluis- 
slppi, 1908; class president, mem. 
baseball and football teams; initi- 
ated by Mississippi Qamma, 1906; 
assistant surgeon for short time in 
U. S. Navy (resigned); mem. Knights 
of Pythias, American Medical asso- 
ciation; brother of E. Q. Hlghtower, 
Mississippi Qamma. Address, 923 
Main St, HatUesburg, Miss. 

HIGLEY, Elmer Ellsworth, clergyman; 
b. Williams county, Ohio, July 6, 1867; 
s. Miles Warren and Amanda Ann 
(Snow) H.; ed. at Allegheny college, 
1892 and Drew Theological Semi* 
nary; IniUated by Pennsylvania 
Omega, Sept 29, 1887; honorary de- 
gree D. D.. mem. Masonic order; au- 
thor "Homespun Religion;" brother 
of Oren B. Hlgley, Pennsylvania 
Omega; m. Alice Dowler, JUig. IS, 
1892. Addreee, 1367 Bannock St, 
Denver, Colo. 

H I LL, Qaors* Herbert, engineer; b. 
Saco, Me., Nov. 11. 1883; s. Herbert 
S. and Martha A (Ooldthwalte) H.; 
ed. at University of Maine, 1906; 
mem, Musical clubs, Phi Kappa Phi 
honor society; Initiated by Maine Al- 
pha, May 9, 1903; eminent treasurer; 
street railway engineer. Address, 
ISll cniestnut St. Harrlsburg, Penn. 

HJLL, Harold Vater; b. Indianapolis. 
Ind., Not. 29, 1889; s. Edwin and 
Leola H. ; ed. at University of minois, 
1911; mem. Olee club and orcbestra; 
Initiated by Illinois Beta. Jan. 11, 
1908; eminent recorder and deputy 
archon, attended at Kansas City 8. 
A. B. Nat'l convention, 1910. Ad- 
dress, 44 B. 3rd South St, Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

HILL, Lemuel Downing, banker; b. 
Columbus, a&., V«\>. », VWt-, «. 1.%. 



and Helen Mary (Downing) H.; ed. 
at UnlYeraity of Georgia, 1907; man- 
ager track team, editor weekly "Red 
and Black;" initiated by Georgia 
Beta, Oct 14, 1908; eminent corres- 
pondent, delegate proTince Bpailon 
convention; teller Third Nat'l Bank. 
Address, 815 Broad St, Columbus, 

HILLp Waiter Ormsby, civil engineer; 
b. St Louis, Mo., Jan. 14, 1888; s. 
William Preston and Winnitred 
(Quinn) H.; ed. at University of Cin- 
cinnati; initiated by Ohio Epsilon, 
eminent warden, with the engineering 
corps of the Illinois Central R. R. 
Address, care Harding Annex Bldg., 
Jackson, Miss. 

HIL8MAN, Agnew Hodge, physician 
and surgeon; b. Albany, Ga., June 
22, 1876; s. Palarmon and Bella G. 
H.; ed. at University of Georgia, 
1896; mem. Phi Alpha Sigma; initi- 
ated by Georgia Beta, Sept 17, 1892; 
railroad surgeon and visiting sur- 
geon Memorial hospital; mem. Am- 
erican Medical association. Elks; bro- 
ther of L. R. Hilsman, Tennessee 
Omega and T. G. Hilsman, Georgia 
Phi; m. Lucy Leigh Burmly, 1891. 
Address, 206 Jelferson St, Albany, 

HILLYER, Carlton, railway official; b. 
Athens, Ga., Oct 21, 1844; s. Junius 
and Jane Selina (Watkins) H.; ed. at 
University of Georgia, 1866; com- 
mencement valedictorian, shared 
first honor with two others; initiated 
by Georgia Beta, Jan. 15, 1866; char- 
ter member; visitor Augusta, Ga., S. 
A. E. Natl convention, 1874; mem. 
city council, 1874, president of class 
of 1906, Chatauqua, N. Y., vice-presi- 
dent Association of American Rail- 
way Accounting Officers; mem. 
Hayne circle, Webb's Masonic lodge; 
author "All Sorts of Statements;" 
auditor, Georgia R. R.; m. Lucy Cary 
Thomas, Athens, Ga., Feb. 18, 1874. 
Address, P. O. Box 608, Augusta, Ga. 

HILTON, Charles Ordway, division 
manager; ed. at Northwestern Uni- 
versity, 1911; mem. Aleph Teth Nun 
(Civics club), "Syllabus" board, Hin- 
man literary society, business man- 

Bgrer Junior play; initiated by IlllnoiB 

Pal-Omega, 1907; eminent deputy ar^ 
chon; assistant division manager, 
Chicago Telephone Co. Address, 
1505 Oak Ave., Bvanston, IlL 

HILTON, Frederick Harvey, lawyer; 
b. South Framlngham, Mass., Feb. 
10, 1882; s. Frederick S. and Frances 
O. H.; ed. at Boston University, 
1908; mem. Phi Delta Phi legal frar 
temity; initiated by Massachusetts 
Beta-Upsilon, Nov. 16, 1901; eminent 
treasurer, trustee, delegate at Wash- 
ington S. A. B. Nat'l convention, 
1902, and several province conven- 
tions; mem. Massachusetts legisla- 
ture, 1908 and 1909, candidate for 
state senate. Residence, 20 Lincoln 
St, South Framlngham, office, 99 
State St, Boston, Mass. 

HINCHMAN, Benjamin, Jr^ real 
estate; b. Johnstown, Penn., Jan. 18, 
1881; s. B. F. and Mollie (Sharp) H.; 
ed. at Dickinson College, 1905; cheer 
leader, mem. relay and track teams, 
"Microcosm" (year book) board; ini- 
tiated by Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi, 
March 14, 1902; attended province 
Alpha convention at Ithaca, 1904; 
real estate business; author scenari- 
os for motion pictures, also S. A. El 
song. Address, 649 Main St, Johns- 
town, Penn. 

HINSDELL, Oliver Edwin, actor; b. 
Elgin, 111., Sept 15, 1889; s. Oliver 
and Harriett (Starr) H.; ed. at 
Northwestern University; mem. 
freshman play committee and cast 
Hinman Literary society. Dramatic 
club. Gauntlet (inter-fraternity), 
reader for Olee club; initiated by Illi- 
nois Psi-Omega, 1909; minor part in 
support of Hackett juvenile with 
Thomas Players, leading man "The 
Rosary," mem. of The Evanston 
Stock Company. Address, E^^anston, 

HOAGLAND, Archibald M., lawyer; b. 
Willlamsport Penn., June 30, 1879; 
s. John P. and Elizabeth (Miller) H.; 
ed. at Dickinson College, 1903; class 
vice-president football, captain 
basketball, Boyer prize in torts, treas- 
urer inter-frat society, Comus club; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi, 
Nov. 9, 1900; district attorney Ly- 
comula coun^. Knight Templar; m. 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 


Blanclie Bovee, Not. 16, 1904. Ad- 
dress, 2414 W. Foortli St, WUliams- 
poit, Penn. 

HOBB8, Russell D., fire insurance in- 
spector; b. Sprin^eld, Mass., Sept 
24, 1886; s. Joshua N. and Carrie B. 
(Spratt) H.; ed. at University of 
Chicago, 1909; initiated by Illinois 
Theta, Feb. 26, 1906; eminent re- 
corder; attended Kansas City S. A. 
B. Natl convention, 1910, province 
Theta convention, 1910, assisted at 
the installation of Oklahoma Kappa. 
Address, 602 Insurance Bldg., Oklar 
homa City, Okla. 

HOBBSt Thomas Gibson, lawyer; b. 
SaltviUe, Va., March 31, 1886; s. J. B. 
and Belle G. H.; ed. University of 
Virginia 1909; baseball, class his- 
torian law department; debater 
Washington literary society, class 
president and president Alumni asso- 
ciation at Milligan College; initiated 
by Virginia Omicron, Oct 1907; emi- 
nent chronicler; secretary and treas- 
urer province Gamma, 1910-12, 
elected president of province Gam- 
ma, 1912. Address, 16-18 Law Bldg., 
Lynchburg, Va. 

HODGES^ Charles Otto, student; b. 
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. SO, 1889; s. 
Mr. and Mrs. JaKe Cooper Hodges; 
student at University of Virginia; 
initiated by Virginia Omicron, Oct 
29, 1909; eminent recorder. Address, 
1201 Avenue K, Birmingham, Ala. 

HOFFMAN, Eugene Robert, student; b. 
May 29, 1910; s. John and Katherine 
(Fliesleber) H.; student at Univer- 
sity of Wisconsin; Tau Beta Pi; in- 
itiated by Wisconsin Alpha, June 1, 
1911. Address, 406 8. Pine St, 
lillensburg. Wash. 

HOFFMAN, Harry Clyde, physician 
and surgeon; b. Jenners , Penn., Feb. 
2, 1877; s. Jacob and Sarah (Homer) 
H.; ed. Gettysburg College 1901, 
University of Pennsylvania 1906; 
president freshman class at College 
and senior class in Medical School, 
football, baseball, basketball at both 
sdhools; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Delta, June 6, 1899; later aflUiated 
with Pennsylvania Theta; eminent 
archon; delegate province convention 
Carlisle^ Penn., 1900; president 

Fayette county Medical society 1910; 
mem. College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, Pittsburgh, Penrose Gyneco- 
logical society. Blue lodge of Mar 
sons; m. Evelyn Day, Sept 4, 1910. 
Address, 186 S. Pittsburgh St, Con- 
nellsville, Penn. 

HOFFMAN, Walter Henry, Jr., chem- 
ist; b. New Orleans, La., March 3, 
1887; s. Walter H. and Mary M. 
(Waterman) H.; ed. at Louisiana 
State University, 1910; president 
Sugar and Agricultural club and Uni- 
versity Cotillion club; initiated by 
Louisiana liipsilon. Sept 22, 1906; 
eminent treasurer, warden, herald, 
chronicler; delegate province The- 
ta convention, Norman, Okla., 1910, 
vice-president province Theta, 1909- 
12; sugar chemist with American 
Beet and Sugar Co., Oxnard, CaL, 
and Cuban American Sugar Co., Ca^ 
banas, Cuba. Address, 1608 State 
St, New Orleans, La. 

HOGAN, Reginald Rockwood, mercan- 
tile; b. St Louis, Mo., Dec. 21, 1881; 
8. Robert G. and Cornelia S. H.; ed. 
at University of Missouri, 1902; cap- 
tain track team, varsity football; ini- 
tiated by Missouri Alpha, Sept 18, 
1899; sales manager Genesee Lum- 
ber Co.; volimteer U. S. army, 1898, 
first Mo. Vol. Infantry, lieutenant U. 
S. Marine corps, 1904^7; Mason, Blk, 
Society of Ancestral Armoral Bear- 
ings, Sons of the American Revolu- 
tion; m. Hallie Allen McCrary at 
New York City, Aug. 6, 1906. Ad- 
dress, Baltimore, Md. 

HOGSTETT, Robert Hamilton; ed. at 
Tulane University, 1904; initiated by 
Louisiana Tau-Upsilon, Oct 6, 1900. 
Address, 484 Pearler St, New Or- 
leans, La. 

HOLBROOK, Harold Edwin, dentist; 
b. Milwaukee, Wis., June 80, 1880; 
s. Arthur and Josephine (Tenny) H.; 
ed. at Harvard University, 1908; 
Eoological research; initiated by 
Massachusetts Gamma, Feb. 26, 1900, 
eminent deputy archon, delegate 
province Alpha convention at Bangor, 
Me., twice president of Milwaukee 
Alumni association, S. A. E.; staff 
Children's Free Hospital, State and 
local Dental BOCletLea; t!l« Ibol^l 


WHCra WHO m S. A. B. 

ElUabetli Leott, April 14, 1909. Ad- 
dreu, eiS OoldimltliB Bldg., HII- 
wftukee. Wis. 

H0LDERNE88, Marvin Eariy, banker; 
b. CbambertTUle, Ark.; a. A. 8. and C. 
B. H.; ed. at Vanderbllt (JnlvenllT, 
1902; clBBB president, h(Kior commit- 
tee, Commodore club, muikger base- 
ball, secretary Athletic sssoclation, 
representative to Soutbem Interool- 
legiate aUUetlc asaoclatlon, chairman 
publication committee; Initiated br 
Tennesaee Nu, Nov. 19, 1S98; eminent 
archon. treasurer, clironlcler, herald, 
warden, delegate NaabTllle, 1898, Boa- 
ton, 1900, WashinKton, 190S, Mem- 
phis, 1904, AUanta, 1906, Eansaa 
Cit7, 1910, S. A. E. Nat'l cooven- 
tiona, province Iota convention, 190(t, 
president province Epellon, 1901 and 
province Iota, 1907, elected emlnuit 
aupreme deputy archon at Washing- 
ton, 1902, voted In favor of iasnlng 
charter tor Virginia Tlieta, 1908, 
mem. committee to arrange for flttl- 
eth anniversary celebration at At- 
lanta convention, 1906, contributor to 
the Bong book and Record, president 
Nashville Alumni association B. A. 
S3.; elected eminent supreme record- 
er of Kansas City Nat'l convention. 
^910; treasurer T. H. C. A.; Nashville 
local Master Boy Scouts of America: 
mem. Hermitage club. Coffee House 
club, board of tr«de Industrial bu- 
reau. Commercial club, Vanderbllt 
Alumni association. Athletic club, 
Crockett Ranch Shooting club. Ad- 
dress, Fourth Ave. and Union St, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

HOLLAND, Ezeklel Harold, real estate; 
b. Flowery Branch, Qa., March 25, 
1872; a. ArcUbald H. and Jeanette 
Mauldtn H.; ed. at Mercer Unlvei^ 
sity, 1894; senior orator; Initiated by 
Georgia PsI, Sept. 26, 1891, eminent 
archon, herald; president Association 
Realty Seles Co.; m. Nepple Wlarren, 
Dec. SO. 1896. Address, 304-6 Georgia 
Life Bldg., Macon, Qa. 

HOLLAND, Philip Edgar, American 
consul; ed. at Union Univeralty, 
1900; Initiated by Tennessee Elta; 
practice law at Jackson, Teon., 1900- 
10; appointed United Statea Concol 
mt Fnerto Plat^ Ban Domingo. Ad- 

dress, care American Gonsalate, 
Puerto Plata, San Domingo. 

MOLLIS, John Porter, lawyer, legis- 
lator; b. Rodman, 8. C, Nov. 24, 
lgT2; i. Peter and Victoria (Gaston) 
H.; ed. at WttUord CoUe«e, 1895, 
Johns Hopkins University; senior 
orator. Phi Beta Kappa, Doctor of 
PhtloBOphy, Johns Hopkins; initiated 
by Soath Carolina Gamma. Oct. 16, 
1892; mem. South Carolina general 
assembly, author ol The Early Period 
of Reconstruction In South. Carolina; 
m. Mary Walker, June 22, 1909. Ad- 
dress. Rock Hill, S. C. 

HOLMES, Alfred Raymond, student; 
b. Aug. 10, 1891; e. Fred T. and Mary 
C. (AUIes) H.; student at Syracuse 
University; InfUated by New Tork 
Delta, Oct 20, 1910. Address, 103 
Ballard Ave., Syracuse, N. T. 

HOLMES, Edward A^ physician; b. 
Tazewell county, Va., Sept 29, 1873; 
s. Major E. A. and Sallie Campbell 
Otarratt) H.; ed. at University of 
Virginia, 1867; initiated by Virginia 
Omicron, April 25, 1896, eminent 
(leiHity archon, delegate Seventh In- 
ternational Congress on Tuberculosis 
at Washington, D. C; mem. Ameri- 
can Medical association, Medical So- 
ciety at Virginia, Southwestern Vir- 
ginia Medical society. Mason, dele- 
gate National Farmers Congreea at 
Haleigh, N. C; m. Annie Pateraon 
Derrick. Aug. IT, 1911. Address, 
Chath&m Hill, Va. 

HOLMES, Howard Samuel, banker, b. 
Chelsea, Mich., June 2, 1886; S. Har- 
mon 3. and Edith (Leavitt) H.; ed. 
at University of Michigan, 1907, class 
baseball. Initiation committee fresh- 
man banquet; initiated by Uichli^ 
lota-Bata, Oct. 17, 1603. eminent 
treasurer, herald, recorder, steward; 
delegate AUanta, 1906, S. A. B. Nat'l 
convention, attended Kansaa City, 
1910, 8. A. E. Nat'l convention, bro- 
ther of Ralph H. Holmea, Michigan 
lota-Bata. Address, Chelsea. Mich. 

HOLMES, Ralph Harmon, mercantile; 
b, Chelsea, Mich., Feb. 'i, 1882; s. 
Harmon S. and Edith (Leavitt) H.; 
ed. at University of Michigan, 190S; 
Initiated by MlcUgan loU-Beta, Dec. 
S, 1900; brotlier ot Howard Samuel 



Holmes, Michigan Iota-Beta; treasur- 
er and director Hygienic Food Co., of 
Battle Creek; mem. Athleston club; 
m. Frances C. Noyes, 1904. Address, 
Battle Creek, Mich. 

HOLMES, Walton, Jr^ insurance and 
real estate; b. Kansas City, Mo., s. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Holmes Jr., ed. 
at University of Missouri, 1909; 
Tomb and Key, captain freshman 
baseball, varsity baseball squad; ini- 
tiated by Missouri Alpha, Jan., 1907; 
eminent deputy archon; attended 
Kansas City S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1910; mem. Kansas City Ath- 
letic club and Country club; m. 
Martha Woods, Nov. 4, 1908. Resi- 
dence, 3960 Warwick Blvd., office, 704 
Dwis^t Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

HOL8TON, John George Frederick, Jr., 
surgeon; b. Zaneeville, Ohio, Aug. 29, 
1879; s. J. G. F. and Mary B. (Wedge) 
H.; ed. at Gettysburg College, Ohio 
State University, 1901; mem. musical 
clubs; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Delta, Nov. 17, 1899; president Penn- 
sylvania Delta corporation, 1910-11; 
general and orthopedic surgery, 
graduate Jefferson Medical College, 
1903; orthopedist and assistant gyne- 
cologist, Bethesda hospital, Zanee- 
ville; visited Berlin, Munich and Vi- 
enna, 1910; editor Phi Beta Pi quar- 
terly, 1904-6, supreme vice archon 
Phi Beta Pi, 1907-08; supreme archon 
Phi Beta Pi, 1911. Address, 620 
South St, ZanesvlUe, Ohio. 

HOLT, Harold, student; b. Courtland, 
N. T., May 81, 1886; s. Arthur and 
Sarah B. (Pollitt) H.; student at 
Western Theological Seminary, St 
Stephens College, 1911; president 
senior class and student convocation. 
Dragon club, secretary Athletic as- 
sociation, manager football; initiated 
by New York Sigma-Phi, Nov. 15, 
1907, eminent archon, deputy archon, 
chronicler. Address, 60 Lake Ave., 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

HOLT, Joseph W., real estate and 
insurance; b. Elmore county, Ala., 
Sept 8, 1882; s. Wl C. and K. W. H.; 
ed. at University of Alabama, 1903, 
aasodate editor Crimson-White, held 
third hlgbegt military office in class; 
initiated by Alabama Mu, Oct 7, 1899; 

brother of William I. Holt, Alabama 
Mu; president Highland Lake club 
of Flat Rock, N. C; m. Lucile W. 
Lahey, Nov. 11, 1906. Address, 404 
First Natl Bank Bldg., Bftontgomery, 

HOLTZCLAW, Robert CllfTord, chem- 
ist; b. Perry, Ga., Oct 4, 1888; s. R. 
N. and Evelyn (Gilbert) H.; ed. at 
Georgia School of Technology, 1904; 
initiated by Georgia Phi, Sept 27, 
1902; eminent chronicler; brother of 
B. W. and J. G. Holtzclaw, Georgia 
Phi; assistant state chemist of 
Georgia; m. Claribel Peary, Dec. 10, 
1907. Address, 130 Capital Bldg., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

HOLZER, William Francis, student; b. 
Harrison, N. J., Aug. 29, 1887; s. 
Frank and Sarah Louise (Hippie) 
H.; student of medicine at Dart- 
mouth College; Initiated by New 
Hampshire Alpha, May 2, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 109 Eilshemius Ave., Arling- 
ton, N. J. 

HOOD, Arthur Warner, assistant sup- 
erintendent; b. Pawtucket R. I.> 
March 8, 1887; s. John P. and Vella 
M. H.; ed. at Worcester Polytechnic 
Institute, 1911; initiated oy Massa- 
chusetts Delta, Sept 28, 1907; at- 
tended province convention at Au- 
bumdale, Mass., 1908, president 
Providence Alumni association, S. A. 
E.; assistant superintendent J. N. 
Polsey Manufacturing Co., Paw- 
tucket, traveled in Ehirope; m. Mari- 
on Clough, Dec. 27, 1911. Address, 
79 Cottage St, Pawtucket, R. L 

HOOPER, William Edward, lawyer; b. 
Darlington, Wis., Oct 29, 1889; s. W. 
J. and Grace W. H.; ed. at Univer- 
sity of South Dakota, 1911; Delta 
Phi Delta, Sterling Law society. 
Classical club, second honors for 
senior thesis; initiated by South Da- 
kota Sigma, Jan. 27, 1911; eminent 
deputy archon; one of the organizers 
of the local P. H. P. Address, 
Gregory, S. D. 

HOPKINS, Harold Miller, student; b. 
Oct 22, 1892; s. Asa G. and Nettie 
(Miller) H.; student at Ohio State 
University; initiated by Ohio Theta, 
May 22, 1892. Address, Mechanics- 
burg, Ohio, 



HORN, CharlBi U student; b. lUrch 
E, 1888; ■■ Oeorge L. and Annie H. 
(Cooi>er) H.; itudent at llDlTeraltr 
of HlnneMta; Plil DeltA Phi, J. B. 
aaaoclatloD, Board Qo vera on Uln- 
oesotA Union; l&itUted by Minnesota 
Alpha, Dec. 17, 190S. Addreee, Ida 
Qrove, Iowa. 

HORNER, Marian Hoyt, edncator; b. 
Harorla, Iowa, May 4, 1ST8; a. Eu- 
gene Brandon and Susan Cordellla 
Oeare) H.; ed. at Unlveraltr of Illi- 
nois, 1901; Phi Beta Kappa, Hatchet 
orator, aseoclate editor claaa annual, 
represented unlversltr In iDtercotleKl- 
ate debate and oratorical contest: Ini- 
tiated br minolB Beta, Jime 9, ISW; 
eminent correspondent; chief exami- 
nations dlTlalon New York State 
Historical association, National Edu- 
cational association, traveled In Brit- 
ish Isles; m. Qeoja Dagmer Gaston, 
Sept. 16, 1904. Address, 872 Lancas- 
ter St, Albany. N. T. 

HORNER, Richard H., student; b. 
Sept. 30, 1890: s. Wtlllam R. and B. 
C. (Wertz) H.; student at Pennsyl- 
vania State College; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, Oct 2, 
1909. Address, 267 HarUey St, York, 

HORNER, Wtlllam Worti, student; b. 
June 11, 1893; a. William Rudolph 
and Henrietta Catherine (Wortz) H.; 
student at Pennsylvania State Col- 
lege; Initiated by Pennsylvania AI- 
pha-Zeta, Oct 21, 1911; brother of 
Richard H. Homer, Pennsylvania 
Alpha-ZeU. Address, 267 N. Hartley 
St, York, Penn. 

HORTON, Jay Raymond, mercantile; 
b. Dundee, N. Y., March 12, 1886; e. 
Emmett and Ussa (Swarts) H.; ed. 
at Univerelty of llimois, 1911; initi- 
ated by Illinois Beta, 190S; wholesale 
and retail mill supplies, traveled In 
Bermuda Islands ; m. Anna Cleve- 
land, June 1, 1909. Address, Horton 
Machine Works, Bimira, N. Y. 

HORTON, Robert E., student; b. Sept 
22, 1887; s. Jonathan A. and Kather- 
Ine (Boland) H.; student at Cumbei^ 
land University; initiated by Tennes- 
see Lambda, Sept 1, 1911. Address, 
.ay /5«*ft Tex, 

HOTZ, Hariey James, stvdent; b. Nov. 
27. 1890; s. WUUam J. and MatUda 
(Ward) H.; student at Iowa SUt« 
University; initiated by Iowa Beta, 
Oct. 19, 190S: brother of WllUam 
Hotz, a. A. B. Addreao, 7DS E. Jef- 
ferson at, Iowa City, Iowa. 

HOUSTON, Frank Klttrell, banker; b. 
Woodbury, Tenn., July 4, 1S82; a. Mr. 
and Mrs. W. C. H.; ©d. at VanderbUt 
University, 1904; football, president 
literary society. College orator and 
debater, associate editor College 
paper; initiated by Tennessee Nu, 
Sept. 29, 1900; eminent arcbon. 
deputy archon, warden, herald; 
delegate Memphis, 1904, Atlanta, 
19()6, S. A. E. Natl conventions; 
president province Iota, 1905-7, treas- 
urer and secretary of Nashville, 
Alumni association S. A. E.; aasist- 
H.Dt cashier First Natl Bank, Nash- 
ville, for three years aecretoir Ten- 
nessee Bankers' association; director 
Nashville Board of Trade. Address, 
First Nat'] Bonk, Nashville, Tenn. 

HOUSTON, William Cannon, Jr., b. 
March 19, 1884; a William Cannon 
and Lura (KlttreU) H.; student at 
George Washington University; Ini- 
tiated by Washington City Rbo, Nov., 
1!I09. Address, Woodbury, Tenn. 

HOWARD, Hal B„ mercantile; b. Aber- 
deen, Miss., April 12. 1881 ; a. 
James W. and Minnie K. Howard; ed. 
at University of Tennessee, 1901; 
Kappa Kappa Kappa, president Ger- 
man club, football; Initiated by Ten- 
nessee Kappa. Oct 18, 1897; eminent 
deputy archon, recorder, herald; at- 
tended Washington, 1S02, Memphis, 
1904. S. A. E. Nat'l conventions, prov- 
ince convention at Nashville; S. A. B. 
day at SL Louis Exposition, 1904; 
charge of sale department with the 
Drew-Grosae Paint Co.; traveled In 
Kurope. Address, Memphis. Tenn. 

HOWARD, Ruosell Qrifltth, student; b. 
Feb. 23, 1889; s. J. Q. and Alice R. 
(Hartzell) H.; student at Universltr 
of I'ennaylvanla, freshman. Junior 
and senior crews, wrestling squad, 
architectural society, combined musi- 
cal clubs; Initiated by Pennsylvania 
Theta. Dec. 17, 1911. Address, 8 N. 
36th St, PhilodelpblK, Pann. 

WHO B WHO IM 8. A. : 


HOWRY, Charl«i Bowen, tederkl 
Indffe; b. Oxford, MlsB., Hay 14, 1844; 
•. Judge James H. and Narclua 
(Bowen) H.; ed. UnlTercltr of Hla»- 
luippi, 1807; anlTenaiT orator Her- 
maen sode^; Initiated by Hlesla- 
■tppl Qunma, 1S66 (charter mem.); 
president NaahvlUe convention, 1867; 
■flrred leveral terms as past supreme 
■rcbon; fatber of C. B. Howry, Jr., 
Vlrglnta Sicma; Judge of tbe United 
States court of claims, mem. Hlssls- 
■Ippt bouse ot representatlTes, 1880- 
4, mem. democratic Nat') committee, 
1891-4, United SUtes dUtrlct attor- 
ney, 1886-9, aasistant attomey-Ken- 
enU of United States, 1SS3-6, mem. 
American Bar association, traveled In 
Eturope and America, L. L. D., Uni- 
versity of HlBsUslppt; eubaltem 
otBcer In the confederate army, parti- 
cipated In nine battles, severely 
woonded, trustee University of Miss- 
issippi; wben Judge Howry relin- 
quished the offlce of bonory eminent 
supreme arcbon in 1904, he said, "I 
ataall ever esteem tt my sweetest hon- 
or, nest to having presided over a 
general convention of Sigma Alpha 
E^llon when it was struggling for 
recognition, that In my mature years, 
I was selected from a membership of 
ten thousand gentlemen to be once 
and again the honorary bead ot an 
order that. In Influence and worth, 
will compare favorably with any 
similar organization in the world." 
m. SalUe Bird. Address, U. S. Court 
of Claims, Washington, D. C. 

HOWnV, Charles Bowen, Jr., adver- 
tiser; b. Oxford, HlBB., July 18, 1S83; 
B. CHiarlee Bowen and H&IUe (Harris) 
H.; ed. at Virginia HlUtary Institute, 
190fi, Washington and Lee Unlver- 
■Ity; vice president Mississippi club; 
initiated by Virginia Sigma, Sept IE, 
1902; attended Washington Nat') con- 
vention, 1902, assisted at the InlUa- 
tlon of ViiglnU Military InsUtute 
local Into 8. A. E.; son of Judge 
Charles B. Howry, MIsBlppl Gamma; 
cotton planter and advertiser; m. 
Ann Le S^ienr Trigg, July 13, 1908. 
Address, 717 Commerce Bldg., Kan- 
sas City, Ho. 

HOVVZE, AuguMin Clayton, lawyer. 

judge: b. Athens, Oa., Aug. 17, 1846; 
s. Joba and Claudia (Clayton) H.; 
ed. at University of Qeoi^^la, 1869; 
Initiated by Qeorgla Beta, 1867; 
president Athena, 1869, 8. A. E. NafI 
convention; fatber of Harlon W. 
Howze, OoorEla Beta; mem. consti- 
tutional convention for state of Ala- 
bama. 1901; Judge of probate court 
and crimlD&l court of Jefferson 
county, Ala.; appointed on board ol 
visitors to United States Military 
Academy at West Point by President 
Roosevelt, 1902; m. Vallle Long at 
Athens, Gs.. Feb. 16, 1870, first; Mrs. 
Nannie Arrlngton at Birmingham, 
Ala., Dec. 9, 1889, second. Address, 
Steiner Bldg., Blrmlngbam, Ala. 
OWZE, Marlon William, United 
States army officer; b. Marlon, Ala., 
Feb. 7. 1880; a. A. C. Howse and Val- 
eria (IX)ng) H.; ed. at University ot 
Georgia, 1899; Initiated by Georgia 
TietH, Oct 5, 1895; s. of A. C. Howie, 
Georgia Beta; first lieutenant 8rd 
Held artillery. United States army, 
alde-de-csjnp to General Grant Ad- 
dress. Governors Island, N. T. 

HUBBARD, Chsriea Pitcher, studHit; 
b. Jan. 22, 1833; s. Charles D. and 
Gertrude (Pitcher) H.; student at 
Cornell University; class football; 
Initiated by New York Alpha, Nov. 
11, 1^11. Address, Wyncote, Penn. 

HUBBARD, Clifford L., student; b. 
Shannon, 111,, Aug. 22, 1889; s. Henry 
B. and Etta (Gemmlilj H.; student at 
Northwestern University; chairman 
clafs eoclol committee, b'ack, basket 
ball; Initiated by Illinois Psl.Omega, 
Feb., 1909; eminent deputy archon, 
treasurer, chronicler, attended prov- 
ince Delta convention. Address, 
1014 2lBt St, Rocii Island, 111. 
UDDLESTON, Henry Grady, student; 
b. Nov. 22, 1890; s. Millard Fillmore 
and Lula (Quarlee) H.; student at 
Cumberland University; clase artist, 
yell leader, president Middle Tennes- 
see club; Initiated by Tennessee 
Lambda, Sept 30, 1909. Address, B. 
Burton St., Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

HUDSON, Arthur J., patent lawyer; 
b. Boston. Mass., June 21, 18B0; s. 
J. E. and BHiabeth J. E.; ed. Case 
School of Applied Science IMS, Unl- 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

verslty of Georgetown 1907; vice- 
president athletic aBaociation, edi- 
tor Junior annual; Initiated by Ohio 
Rho, 1908, (charter mem.); attended 
Washington, 1902, S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
vention aa delegate from local; organ- 
ized local which became Ohio Rho, S. 
A. E.; mem. American Electrochemi- 
cal society; m. Grace T. Stailey, Aug. 
22, 1908. Address, 1228 CitUens 
Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 

HUDSON, Irving McLaren, lawyer; b. 
Benson, Minn. Dec. 27, 1884; s. 
Sanford H. and Laura H.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Minnesota 1909; Academic 
baseball; associate editor Minnesota 
magazine; dramatic club; initiated 
by Minnesota Alpha, March 28, 1908; 
eminent archon, correspondent; del- 
egate Atlantic City S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention 1909; m. Margaret Den- 
field, Aug. 2, 1911. Address, Benson, 

HUDSON, Ellis Herndon, College in- 
structor; b. Osaka, Japan, June 17, 
1890; s. George G. and Delia A.; ed. 
Millikin University 1911; chairman 
senior play, member High Honor so- 
ciety, winner intersociety oration and 
debate; president Glee club; T. M. 
0. A. literary society; initiated by 
Illinois Delta, Jan. 14, 1911, (charter 
mem.) ; instructor in Syrian Protestant 
College; traveled in Europe and Holy 
Land. Address, care Syrian Protes- 
tant College, Beirut, Syria. 

HUDSON, Theodore Wilson, student; 
b. Nov. 15, 1891; s. James A. and 
Julia Annie (Alderman) H.; student 
at University of Missouri; initiated 
by Missouri Alpha, Feb. 12, 1910; 
brother of James F. Hudson, Missouri 
Alpha. Address, 11 Glen wood Ave., 
Columbia, Mo. 

HUEBEL, Herbert Henry, student; b. 
Nov. 21, 1889; s. Christian J. and 
Cecelia (Faille) H.; student at Uni- 
versity of Michigan; sophomore socie- 
ty, freshman football, varsity football; 
Initiated by Michigan Iota-Beta, Nov. 
12, 1909. Address, 616 State St, Me- 
nominee, Mich. 

HUGHES, Isaac S., lawyer; b. Toungs- 
town, Penn., Dec. 4, 1880; s. Eli and 
Susan H.; class president, editorial 
work OB the Star, Christomathian; 

Initiated by Michigan Alpha, April 18, 
1908; eminent archon, depaty arch- 
on; delegate to Memphis S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention 1904; circuit court 
commissioner; m. Nina O. Smith, 
Oct 12, 1910. Residence, 910 On- 
tario St, office, Stewart Block, Port 
Huron, Mich. 

HULL, Albert Francis, mercantile; b. 
Marshalltown, la., Oct 15, 1887; s. 
Charles H. and Allle W. H.; ed. 
State University of Iowa 1910; class 
football; initiated by Iowa Beta, Oct 
12, 1906; delegate province Zeta con- 
vention at Iowa City 1909; member 
firm of H. Wltland Son and Co. Ad- 
dress, 408 W. State St, Marshall- 
town, la. 

HULL, Joseph Lumpkin, lawyer; b. 
Athens, Ga., May 6, 1895; s. A. L. 
and Callie (Cobb) H.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Georgia 1904; Casque and 
Gauntlet; initiated by Georgia Beta, 
Sept 15, 1900; eminent archon; dele- 
gate Washington S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
vention 1902; son of A. L. Hull, (Geor- 
gia Beta, brother of M. M. Hull, T. C. 
Hull, Harry Hull, A. L. Hull, Georgia 
Beta. Address, 826 American Na- 
tional Bank Bldg., Oklahoma City, 

HUMESTON, Edwin Alden, mercantile; 
b. Guys Mills, Penn., Jan. 15, 1876; s. 
Edwin Ruthven and Martha (Alden) 
H.; ed. Bucknell University 1899; 
football; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Zeta, Oct 18, 1897; eminent treas- 
urer; attended province convention; 
wholesale hay dealer; m. Evelyn Ell- 
ing Booth, Jan. 1, 1900. Address, 
668 Baldwin St, Meadville, Penn. 

HUMPHREY, Edward Frank, Univer- 
sity instructor; b. Winnebago, Minn., 
April 22, 1878; s. John G. and Louise 
N. (Hayt) H.; ed. University of 
Minnesota; Phi Beta Kappa; mana 
ger of Minnesota magazine; initiated 
by Minnesota Alpha, Jan. 27, 1902, 
(charter mem.); instructor in His- 
tory, Columbia University; author of 
Politics and Religion in the Later 
Roman Empire, articles in Columbia 
Encyclopedia of Original Docu- 
ments; mem. American Historical 
association; spent a year at Sorbonne 
Paris in Ecole Praclique des Hautes 



Eltades; Mason, Acacia. AddresB* 
1120 Amaterdam Ave., New York 

HUNT, Donald A., student; b. Feb. 

2, 1890; 8. Charles W. and Nellie 
(Davie) H.; student at Iowa State 
College; varsity football, bachelor de- 
bating society, athletic council for 
1913; initiated by Iowa Gamma, June 

3, 1911. Address, Logan, la. 

HUNT, Don Martin, lawyer; b. Clarln- 
da, la.. May 26, 1888; s. C. J. and 
Ora (Rlbble) H.; ed. University of 
Nebraska, University of Missouri 
1909; ; initiated by Nebraska Lambda- 
Pi, March 1908; Mason. Address, 
Oregon, Mo. 

HUNT, Harrison Randall, student; b. 
March 7, i889; s. Henry H. and 
Agnes B. (Howard) H.; student at 
Allegheny (Allege; varsity debating 
team, class debating teams; treas- 
urer senior class, president ora- 
torical association, manager class 
football; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Omega. June 12, 1909. Address, 464 
Park Ave., MeadvlUe, Penn. 

HUNTER, Raymond Blue, student; b. 
June 28, 1893; s. Frank N. and Cath- 
erine (Blue) H.; student at Adrian 
College; Lambda Phi society; initi- 
ated by Michigan Alpha, March 4, 
1911. Address, Adrian, Mich. 

HUNTER, Robert Ellel, civil engineer; 
b. Chester, Penn., Nov. 3. 1886; s. 
Peter and Elizabeth (Macadam) H.; 
ed. Pennsylvania State College 1908; 
Initiated by Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, 
April 24, 1906; attended province 
Beta conventions 1906 and 1908; as- 
sistant to civil engineer Baldwin Lo- 
comotive Works, Eddystone, Penn. 
Address, Box 42, Moore, Penn. 

HUNTINGTON, Richard Thomas, stu- 
dent; b. April 14, 1889; s. Julius Fran- 
cis and Helen (Thomas) H.; student 
at University of Maine; sophomore 
Owl, corporal military department; 
initiated by Maine Alpha, Oct 1, 
1909. Address, 63 Qreen St., Augusta, 

HUPP, Louis Qorham, manufacturer; 
b. Kalamasoo, Mich., s. Charles J. 
and Anna M. H.; ed. University of 
Michigan 1896; Initiated by Michigan 
lotarBeta, Jan. 27, 1894; manufacturer 

of automobiles, secretary of R. C. H. 
corporation, Detroit; m. Lillian K. Ha- 
zlewood, Oct 27, 1906. Address. 676 
East Grand boulevard, Detroit, Mich. 

HURLBURT, William Blair, student; 
b. April 19, 1891; s. R. F. and Mary 
(Blair) H.; student at University of 
Iowa; Ivy Lane society, associate edi- 
tor Dally lowan, Iroquois; Initiated 
by Iowa Beta, May 6, 1910; brother of 
R. B. Hurlburt, New York Alpha. 
Address, Iowa City, la. 

HU8KE, Bartholomew Fuller, clergy- 
man; b. FayetteviUe; N. C, Aug. 15, 
1884; s. Alexander S. and Margaret 
(Fuller) H.; ed. University of North 
Carolina 1903, University of the South; 
Alpha Theta Phi; Initiated by North 
Carolina XI, Oct. 6, 1900; brother of 
Marion S. Huske, North Carolina XI; 
rector Christ church Episcopal, New 
Bern. Address, New Bern, N. C. 

HUSKE, Marlon Strange, educator; b. 
FayetteviUe, N. C, Jan. 7, 1889; s. 
Alexander Strange and Margaret 
(Fuller) H.; ed. University of North 
Carolina 1909; Davidson College 1911; 
class secretary* Intercollegiate deba- 
ter, president Y. M. C. A.; mem. stu- 
dent's coimcil; mltlated by North Caro- 
lina XI, Sept. 1906, later affiliated with 
North Carolina Theta; eminent re- 
corder, treasurer house fund, brother 
of B. F. Huske, North Carolina Xi ; as- 
sistant principal Westminister Pre- 
paratory School, Rutherfordton. Ad- 
dress, Rutherfordton, N. C, R. F. D. 
No. 4. 

HYLAND, Mark W^ lawyer; b. Des 
Moines, la.. Sept 26, 1887; s. William 
M. and Mary A. H.; ed. University of 
Iowa; Phi Delta Phi; captain football, 
track, basketball; initiated by Iowa 
Beta, Nov. 1911. Address, Tama, la. 


IRBY, Alvin Stull, lawyer; b. Cran- 
fordsville. Ark., Feb. 16, 1882; s. S.J. 
and Susan Jessie (Hlldebrand) I.; ed. 
University of Arkansas 1905; pres- 
ident literary society; Initiated by 
Arkansas AlpharUpsilon, Sept. 26, 
1903; eminent recorder; mem. law 
firm of Poindexter and Irby; Blk. 
Address, Black Rock, Ark. 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

IRONS, Harold Gerard, saperintendent; 
b. Providence, R. I., May 8» 1876; s. 
Alfred B. and He'en (Hatheway) I.; 
ed. Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
1900; president senior class, manager 
and tackle football team; initiated by 
Massachusetts Delta, Oct 16, 1896; 
attended Boston S. A. hi. Nat'l con- 
vention, 1900; superintendent Manier 
Dunbar and Co., shoe factory; m. Win- 
nefred Kendall, Sept 14, 1905. Address, 
10th Ave. and Harrison St, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

IRVIN, Alexander, banker; b. Oct 26, 
1879; s. Charles E. and Mary (Fort- 
son) I.; ed. Emory College 1900; 
mem. Few literary society; gradu- 
ated second honor; initiated by 
Georgia Epsilon, Sept. 17, 1896. Ad- 
dress, Washington, Oa. 

IRVIN, Isaiah Tucker, Jr., lawyer; b. 
near Washington, Ga., April 4, 1876; 
s. Charles E. and Mary (Fortson) L; 
ed. Emory College 1898; Latin medal 
in Junior year, speaker's place in sub- 
freshman, sophomore. Junior and 
senior years, one of champion debat- 
ers at commencement by Few liter- 
ary society; initiated by Georgia Ep- 
silon, Jan. 6, 1893. Address, Wash- 
ington, Ga. 

IRWIN, James Harvey, student; b. 
Dec. 12, 1892; s. J. Kennedy and Mar- 
garet (Webb) (deceased), I.; stu- 
dent at University of Pennsylvania; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Theta, Dec. 
17, 1911. Address, Brighton Road, 
Ben Hook, Penn. 

IRWIN, Reginald Fairfax, civil engi- 
neer; b. Leesburg, Va., 1884; s. Fair- 
fax and Alice L. (Paulsen) I.; ed. Vir- 
ginia Military Institute 1907; vice- 
president final ball; initiated by Vir- 
ginia Theta, 1905; elected eminent 
archon but did not return to school 
to serve. Address, care C. H. Smith, 
Warrenton, Va. 

I8HAM, Alonzo Keyt, engineer; b. Aug. 
11, 1877; s. Asa Brainard and Mary 
Hamlin (Keyt) I.; ed. Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology 1901, Univer- 
sity of Washington 1906; Sigma Xi; 
initiated by Massachusetts lotarTau, 
Jan. 7, 1898; attended Boston S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention 1900; consulting 
mechanical and contracting engineer; 
mem. PaciAc Northwest society of 

Engineers; Loyal Legion; m. Grace 
Henderson, Feb. «2, 1907. Address, 
1759 N. 26th Ave., SeatUe, Wash. 
iVEY, John A., College president; b. 
Warren county, Ga., April 4, 1848; s. 
Oliver and Amanda ( Ellis j I.; ed. 
Howard College, Mercer University 
1875; initiated by Alabama Beta-Beta, 
Dec. 1871, later afliliated with 
Georgia Psi; president LeVert Col- 
lege, Talbolton, Ga.; clergyman Bap- 
tist church; m. Alice Biitchell, Nov. 12, 
1878. Address, Dawson, Ga. 

JACKSON, James Foster, student; b. 
Oct 23, 1890; s. Samuel T. and Clara 
B. (Linscott) J.; student at Univer- 
sity of luaine; menL Tau Beta Pi 
1912; tennis team 1911; initiated by 
Maine Alpha, Sept 25, 1908; brother 
of Ralph L. Jackson, Maine Alpha. 
Address, Jefferson, Me. 

JACKSON, Leicester L., orchardist; b. 
Monson, Me., June 20, 1882; s. George 
Frederick and Anne Jane (Fallen) 
J.; ed. at University of Chicago; ini- 
tUted by Illinois Theta, 1908; dele- 
gate province Delta convention. West 
Lafayette, 1906; brother of George P. 
Jaclison, Tennessee Nu and Illinois 
Theta. Address, 135 Eureka St, Red- 
lands, Cal. 

JACKSON, Louis Spurgeon, real estate 
and insurance; b. Hephzebah, Ga., 
Feb. 18, 1888; s. C. H. S. and Ludie 
(Swint) J.; ed. Mercer University 
1906, Brown University 1911; iniU- 
ated by Georgia Psi, Sept 17, 1902; 
attended province convention Birm- 
ingham, Ala.; nL Harriet Frances 
Bloodworth, June 9, 1909. Address, 
Box 359, Forsyth, Georgia. 

JAHNCKE, Ernest Lee, capitalist; b. 
New Orleans, La., Oct 13, 1877; s. 
Fritz and Margaret (Lee) J.; ed. 
Tulane University 1899; treasurer 
athletic association, bushiess mana- 
ger College weekly and annual, lead- 
er mandolin, banjo and glee clubs, 
German club, tennis club; Initiated 
by Louisiana Tau-Upsilon, Jan. 22, 
1897; eminent archon; brothei* of 
Paul Jahncke, Louisiana Tau-Upsilon 
and Walter Jahncke, Loulaiana Taq- 
Upsilon; delegate Nashville oonren- 



tloiL 1898; president Jahncke Nayi- 
gation Co.; director of German Amer- 
ican National Bank and German 
American Sarings Bank; mem. Amer- 
ican Society Civil Engineers and 
American Society Mechanical Engi- 
neers; vice-commodore Southern 
Tacht club; mem. Boston, Pickwick, 
Louisiana and French Opera clubs; 
m. Cora Van Voorhis Stanton, June 
1, 1907. Address, 3928 Carondelit St, 
New Orleans, La. 
JAMES, Alexander Long, Jr., oflBcer U. 

5. army; b. Laurinburg, N. C, Aug. 

6, 1886; s. Alexander Long and Mary 
(Patterson) J.; ed. Davidson College 
1906, U. S. M. A., West Point, 1908; 
class historian, cheer leader; mem. 
Philanthropic society, associate edi- 
tor The Howitzer at West Point; in- 
itiated by North Carolina Theta, Sept 
10, 1902; brother of Hinton James, 
North Carolina Theta, Hand James, 
North Carolina Xi, Fairly James, 
North Carolina Xi, Walter James, 
North Carolina Theta; second lieuten- 
ant U. S. cavalry; graduate School of 
Musketry, aid-decamp to Brig. Gen. 
A. S. Schuyler; University club, 
Honolula. Address, care War De- 
partment Washington, D. C. 

JAME8, George Frederick, lawyer; b. 
Hull, Mass., June 6, 1880; s. John W. 
and Ehnma J. (Reed) J.; ed. Boston 
University 1908; graduated cum 
laude; initiated by Massachusetts 
BetarUpsilon, Nov. 18, 1900; eminent 
treasurer; m. Grace L. Vamey. Dec. 
12, 1908. Address, Natasco Ave., 
Hull, Mass. 

JAMES, Hinton, bank cashier and in- 
surance; b. Laurinburg, N. C, April 
24, 1884; s. A. L. and Mary (Patter- 
son) J.; ed. Davidson College 1906; 
mem. Philanthropic society; com- 
mencement marshall 1904; initiated 
by North Carolina Theta, Sept 10, 
1902; brother of A. L. James, Jr., 
North Carolina Theta, A. H. James, 
North Carolina XI, W. S. James, 
North Carolina Theta, F. P. James, 
North Carolina Xi; secretary and 
treasurer North Carolina Country 
Bankers association; Argyle club. 
Mason, K. of P. Address, Laurin- 
burg, N. C. 

JAMES, Waiter Scherer, student; b. 

March 8, 1894; s. Alexander Long and 
Mary (Patterson) J.; student at 
Davidson College; brother of Hin- 
ton James, North Carolina Theta, A. 
L. James, North Carolina Theta, A. 
H. James, North Carolina Xi, F. P. 
James, North Carolina Xi; initiated 
by North Carolina Theta, Jan. 9, 1911. 
Address, Laurinburg, N. C. 

JANES, Henry Lowry, diplomatic ser- 
vice; b. Racine, Wis., Dec. 24, 1879; s. 
David G. and Helen M. (Henery) J.; 
ed. University of Wisconsin 1902, Ph. 
D. degree at University of Wiscon- 
sin 1906, graduate work at University 
of Berlin, Columbia University, Sor- 
bonne and Faculte de Droit Paris; 
president Junior class. Junior response 
orator, class day ceremonies; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Athens debating socie- 
ty; mem. of intercollegiate team 1902 
winning against University of Minne- 
sota; mem. 1902 Badger board, 
scholarship 1903 University of Colum- 
bia; initiated by Wisconsin Alpha, 
Feb. 7, 1903, (charter mem); eminent 
archon; American diplomatic service 
on special duty Department of State 
as assistant chief. Division of Latin 
zi.merican AfPairs; second secretary of 
legation Havana; first secretary of 
legation Santiago, Chili; first secre- 
tary of embassy, Rio de Janeiro, Bra- 
zil; first secretary of embassy, Con- 
stantinople, Turkey; acted as Charge 
d' Affaires at these ports; detailed to 
address Business Men's convention 
for discusssion of Latin American 
commerce held at Pan-American 
Union, Washington, Feb., 1911; repre- 
sented government of the U. S. at 
launching at Quincy, Maine, of Argen- 
tine battleship, Rivadavia; delegate 
of the University of Wisconsin to the 
first Pan-American Scientific Con- 
gress at Santiago, Chili, 1908; m. 
Anita B. Adrian, Oct 8, 1909. Ad- 
dress, State Department Assistant 
Chief, Division of Latin American Af- 
fairs, Washington, D. C. 

JANNEY, Lawrence A^ lawyer; b. 
Washington, D. C, July 19, 1881; s. 
Bernard T. and Laura (Browne) J.; 
ed. Harvard University 1902, George 
Washington Universi^ Law 1906; 
I vice-president freshman class and 
president of sophomore class at 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

Q«orge Washington XJniyeraity; Initi- 
ated by Maaaachuaetts Gamma, 
March 18, 1889; eminent archon 
Washington City Rho; affiliated with 
Washington Ci^ Rho; president Bos- 
ton Alumni association; attended Bos- 
.ton convention 1900, Washington con- 
vention 1902; delegate Washington 
Alumni association to Memphis; found- 
er of revived Washington City Rho; 
mem. firm of Emery, Booth Janney 
and Vamey; m. Marion Robbins, 
June 1, 1905. Residence, 99 Col- 
chester St, BrooKline, Mass., busi- 
ness, 50 Congress St, Boston, Mass., 
149 Broadway, New York City. 

JEFFER8, Frederick Lysle; b. Leaven- 
worth, Kan., April 21, 1886; s. William 
A. and Carrie B. J.; ed. University 
of Michigan 1908; iniUated by Mich- 
igan Iota-Beta, March 9, 1905; emi- 
nent recorder; attended Aransas City 
S. A. B. convention 1910. Address^ 
36 Pearl St, Hartford, Conn. 

JEFFORDS, Harrison Morton, student; 
b. July 13, 1888; Russell M. and Ruh- 
amah (Erskine) J.; student Syracuse 
University; chairman sophomore vig- 

. ilance committee, freshman footbidl 
team, freshman crew; initiated by 
New York Delta, Oct 22, 1909. Ad- 
dress, Williamstown, Vt 

JEFFREY, Harold Bedford, student; 
b. Nov. 16, 1892; s. George and Ame- 
lia (Frick) J.; student at University 
of Denver; initiated by Colorado Zeta, 
Oct 24, 1911. Address, 1618 Ogden 
St., Denver, Colo. 

JENKINS, Albert Edward, student; b. 
Sept 12, 1882; s. John S. and Mary 
E. (Beal) J.; student at University 
of Oklahoma; vice-president of 1912 
law class In 1910; mem. Phi Delta 
Phi legal fraternity; initiated by Okla- 
homa Kappa, Oct 29, 1910; ten years 
in U. S. army during which time he 
served in the Philippine Insurrection, 
the Chinese Relief expedition (Boxer 
Uprising), the Spanish- American war; 
recommended for certificate of merit 
for service in San Francisco earth- 
quake and fire. Address 26 East 
Fifth St, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

JENKINS, John Chase, student; b. 

Sept 11, 1890; s. John C. and Kate 

(McLeod) J.; student at University 

of Denver; initiated by Colorado 

Zeta, Jan. 26, 1910. Addreaa, 1418 
Pearl St, Denver, Colo. 

Jannlnga, Allen Dunning* student; b. 
April 21, 1888; s. Bphraim J. and 
Alice Sophea (Walker) J.; student at 
St Stephen's College; associate edi- 
tor College Messenger, varsity baaket- 
ball team; mem. board of directors of 
Glee club; mem. athletic aaaociatlon, 
Qerman club; initiated by New York 
Sigma-Phi, March 9, 1909; eminent 
deputy archon; brother of Blroy J. 
Jennings, New York Sigma-Phi. Ad- 
dress, 1222 Herkimer St, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

JENNINQ8, EIroy JefTary, student; b. 
June 20, 1885; s. Ephraim J. and Alice 
Sophia (Walker) J.; student at St 
Stephen's College; president student 
body, president senior class, pres- 
ident Junior class, varsity foot- 
ball and baaketball teams; mem. 
Glee club, athletic association; Dra- 
gon club, German club; initiated by 
New York Slgma-Phi, June 1908; 
eminent archon; brother of Allen Jen- 
nings, New York SigmarPhi. Address, 
1222 Herkimer St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

JETT, Carter Coleman; b. Jett Ky., 
Feb. 23, 1877; s. W. W. and Sallie E. 
J.; ed. Kentucky State University 
1899; Sigma Xi; initiated by 
Kentucky Epsilon, Feb. 10, 1900, 
(charter mem.); founder of Minne- 
sota Alpha; attended Washington S. 
A. E. convention, 1902; delegate 
province Iota convention, Liexington, 
Ky., 1903; with Pittsburgh Crucible 
Steel Co., Midland, Penn.; instructor 
University of Minnesota 1900 to 1902. 
Address, West Austintown, Ohia 

JEWETT, Frank Fanning, officer U. S. 
army; b. Faribault, Minn., Aug. 7, 
1878; s. Rchard Henry ue^ and Eliza 
(Nutting) J.; ed. University of Min- 
nesota 1901; initiated by Minnesota 
Alpha, Jan. 27, 1902, (charter mem.); 
first lieutenant infantry, U. S. army, 
inspector-instructor National guard of 
Arizona; three years residen^ce in 
Philippine Islands; traveled around 
the world; m. Clara Bvarts Steward, 
Aug. 11, 1903. Address, 661 North 
Sixth St, Phoenix, Aris. 

JOHN, Maxcy Luther, mayor and law- 
yer; b. BennettsviUe, Marlboro coun- 
ty, S. C, June 26, 1866; s. James 



Thonuui and Margaret (McRae) J.; 
ed. UnlTeraity of North Carolina 
1888, law 1892; buaineas agent, com- 
mencement marshal; initiated by 
North Carolina Xi; eminent archon; 
delegate and vice-president Constitu- 
tional convention, Columbia, 8. C, 
1887; member committee to revise 
constitution; delegate S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, 1887, at Columbia; mem. 
National convention, 1889; national 
historian, 1887; former member 
State Democratic Executive commit- 
tee, thrice county superintendent pub- 
lic education, thrice mayor of 
Laurinburg, vice-president State Bar 
association 1899; mem. Bar of U. S. 
Supreme court; m. Lila Hamilton 
Bell, May 18, 1898. Address, Laur- 
inburg, N. C. 

JOHNSON, Albert M^ mercantile; b. 
Kishwaukee, III., April 9, 1880; s. 
Frank C. and Carrie hi, J.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Illinois 1908; president of 
freshman class; initiated by Illinois 
Beta, March 31, 1900; eminent arch- 
on; attended province Delta conven- 
tion; superintendent Barnes Drill 
Co.; traveled through Europe 1900; 
m. Harriet Anne Johnson, Oct. 29, 
1907. Address, 611 Auburn St, Rock- 
ford, nL 

JOHNSON, BIythe W. student; b. Ver- 
non, Texas, Sept 15, 1892; s. Robert 
C. and Mina (Bl3^e) J.; student at 
University of Oklahoma; initiated by 
Oklahoma Kappa, Oct 4, 1909. Ad- 
drees, 803 N. Hudson St, Altus, Okla. 

JOHNSON, Carl Andrew, mercantile; 
b. Sherman, Grant county, Ky., Jan. 
22, 1883; s. Mr. Johnson and Dora 
May (Points) J.; ed. Franklin College 
1905; initiated by Indiana Alpha, Oct 
12, 1901; manager Heating Depart- 
ment Indianapolis branch of Crane 
Co. of Chicago; m. Margaret M. 
Spillman, Sept 16, 1905. Address, 
956 West 30th St Indianapolis, Ind. 

JOHNSON, John Hamilton, student; b. 
Dec. 24, 1888; s. John Hughes and 
Anna (Hamilton) J.; student at Uni- 
versity of Iowa; Waskwi honorary 
junior society; Polygon club; initi- 
ated by Iowa Beta, Feb. 5, 1910, affili- 
ated with Wisconsin Alpha. Address, 
109 S. 8th St., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

JOHNSON, Charles Boggy, student; b. 

June 30, 1891; s. Montford T. and 
Adelaide (Campbell) J.; student at 
University of Oklahoma; class foot- 
ball 1910; initiated by Oklahoma 
Kappa, Oct 28, 1911. Address, Nor- 
man, Okla. 

JOHNSON, Francis Leavell, b. Cres- 
cent, West Virginia, Oct 26, 1890; s. 
Capt W. R. and Mrs. W. R. J.; ed. 
Virginia Military Institute 1910; gym- 
nasium team, class football and base- 
ball teams; initiated by Virginia 
Theta, Oct 1906; eminent correspon- 
dent and recorder; captain and assis- 
tant professor Virginia Military In- 
stitute 1910; coal business. Ad- 
dress, Crescent, W. Va. 

JOHNSON, Fred Am, lawyer; b. Em- 
porium, Penn., May 1, 1880; s. John 
C. and Fannie (French) J.; ed. 
Swarthmore College 1902, Dickinson 
Law College 1906; class president at 
Law School; editor College year 
book at Law School; on staff of year 
book at Swarthmore; editor of Col- 
lege paper at Swarthmore; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi, Oct 16, 
1903; mem. firm of Johnson and Mc- 
Namey; district attorney of Cameron 
county; Mason; married in 1905. Ad- 
dress, Emporium, Penn. 

JOHNSON, Frend Irvln, clergyman; b. 
Hockingport, Ohio, May 6, 1868; s. 
Edward W. and Mary J. J.; ed. at 
Ohio Wesleyan University, 1894, Bos- 
ton University, 1896, Ohio Wesleyan, 
M. A., 1896, S. T. D., 1911; initiated 
by Ohio Delta, April 8, 1894; affiliated 
with Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon; 
minister in Methodist Episcopal 
church; delegate to the general con- 
ference, 1912, district superintendent 
of the Mt Vernon district. North 
Ohio conference, 1908; m. Halla 
Auvesgne Skivlngton, Sept 16, 1897. 
Address, 205 N. Gay St, Mount 
Vernon, Ohio. 

JOHNSON, Harvey, publicist; b. Craw- 
ford county, Ga., Feb. 4, 1864; s. Rich- 
ard M. and Georgia (Wate) J.; ed. at 
University of Georgia, A. B., 1884, B. 
L., 1885; champion and intercollegiate 
debater of Phi Kappa society, mem. 
baseball team. Junior and senior 
speaker; initiated by Georgia Beta, 
Aug., 1882; delegate Louisville, Ky., 
convention, 1888, delegate to Ather*— 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

Ga., conyention, 1884, won orator'a 
medal at Atheni convention; secre- 
tary Southern Fertilizer association* 
mem. Oeorgla legislature, 1892, 1898, 
United States Consul to Antwerp, 
Belgium, 1898-1897, alderman city of 
Atlanta, 1899 to 1901, mayor pro tern 
of Atlanta, 1900 to 1901; m. Bftaude 
Clarke. April 28, 1890. Address, 625 
Peachtree St, Atlanta, Oa. 

JOHNSON, Joseph H^ mercantile; b. 
Milton, Penn., Nov. 23, 1882; s. Bd- 
ward W. and Sallie (Housel) J.; ed. 
at Dickinson College, 1905; Raven's 
Claw, Belles Letter Literary society, 
president and mem. Glee and Mando- 
lin clubs; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Sigma^Phi, Sept 18, 1901, eminent ar- 
cbon, attended Nat'l S. A. B. conven- 
tion, Washington, D. C, 1902; retail 
coal and office supplies, mem. of Mil- 
ton City coimcil, I. O. O. P., B. P. O. 
B.; m. Katherine Hobbs, Sept 28, 
1907. Address, 421 N. Front St, 
Milton, Penn. 

JOHNSON, Nell Robert, student; b. 
July 3, 1893; s. B. B. and Mollis 
(Graham) J.; student at University 
of Oklahoma, president of freshman 
class, freshman football team, menL 
College house of representatives; ini- 
tiated by Oklahoma Kappa, 1915. 
Address, Norman, Okla. 

JOHNSON, Paul Arthur, contractor; b. 
Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 14, 1887; s. 
G. L. and Anna J.; ed. at University 
of Minnesota, 1911, treasurer senior 
class. Scabbard and Blade (military). 
Rod and Transit club. Phi Tau en|^- 
eering fraternity, crack drill squad, 
T. M. C. A. cabinet, vice-president 
Junior ball, business manager Bngin- 
eers Magazine; Initiated by Minne- 
sota Alpha, March 9, 1909, eminent 
treasurer; brother of Philip John- 
son, Minnesota Alpha. Address, 2911 
Lyndale Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

JOHNSON, Philip S., student; b. June 
28, 1891; s. G. L. and Anna (Thomp- 
son) J.; student at University of 
Minnesota; initiated by Minnesota 
Alpha, Nov. 13, 1911; brother of Paul 
Johnson, Minnesota Alpha. Address, 
2911 Lyndale Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

JOHNSON, Robert, student; b. May 29, 
1889; B. WUilam T. and Agnes M. 

(Harris) J.; student at George Wash- 
ington University; initiated by Wash- 
ington City Rho, Nov. 20, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 3286 Bast Ninth St, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

JOHNSON, Virgil U lawyer; b. Craw- 
ford county, Penn., Aug. 11, 1872; s. 
H. J. and Melissa (Lindsey) J.; ed. 
at Allegheny College, A. B., 1892, A. 
M., 1893, Ph. D., 1895, f6r merit; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Omega, 
Oct 2, 1891, delegate to S. A. B. 
Nat'l conventions Atlanta, Ga., 1891 
and Pittsburgh, 1894, one of the 
foimdMti of Massachusetts Delta, affi- 
liated with Massachusetts Gamma; 
m. Cora Brown, Oct 8, 1906. Ad- 
dress, Mercer, Penn. 

JOHNSON, Walter Talmags, lawyer; b. 
Irwinton, Ga., Dec. 24, 1875; s. John 
Lafayette and Mary J. J.; ed. at 
Bmory College, 1896; best legal thesis 
University of Georgia, 1898, editor-in- 
chief College annual at Emory, 1896, 
speaker's place at 'Emory, 1895 and 
1896; initiated by Georgia Bpsilon, 
Oct. 6, 1893, affiliated with Georgia 
Beta; general counsel Central (Geor- 
gia Power company, Blectrical Securi- 
ties company and Oconee BlecMc 
Light and Power company; m. Clara 
de Graffenried Ripley, July 31, 1909. 
Address, Jefferson Terrace and C^eor- 
gia Avenue, Macon, Ga. 

JOHNSON, William Rawson, mercan- 
tile; b. Crescent W. Va., April 4, 
1887; s. William R. and Mary (AgU- 
ouby) J.; ed. at Virginia Military In- 
stitute, 1907; German club, class foot- 
ball and baseball team, cadet cor- 
poral, sergeant and color guard; ini- 
tiated by Virginia Theta, 1905; emi- 
nent archon, treasurer, correspon- 
dent; delegate to province Gamma 
convention, 1908, vice-president prov- 
ince Gamma; vice-president and 
general manager W. R. Johnson 
C^al Ck>., and also Kanawka Coal and 
C^ke Co.; mem. Commonwealth and 
Westmoreland clubs, Richmond, Va., 
Bdgewood Country club, (Tharleston, 
W. Va. Address, Montgomery or 
Crescent, W. Va. 

JOHNSTON, Charles Hawthorne^ law- 
yer; b. Portland, Me., Feb. 19, 1888; 
s. Frank C. and Mary B. (Jones) J.; 
ed. at Boston UniTersity, 1904; Maine 





Debating club; Bigelow club; in- 
itiated by Masflachusetts Beta-Up- 
tilon, Nov. 13, 1902, eminent her- 
ald, eminent recorder; attended 
Alpha province convention, 1908; 
councilman, Portland, 1910 and 
1911; M. C. M. A., K. of M., I. O. O. 
F.; m. A. Isabelle Saimdera, June 26, 
1907. Address, 95 Exchange St, Port- 
land, Me. 

JOHNSTON, Harrison, Jr., lawyer; b. 
Columbus, Miss., March 28, 1880; s. 
Toby W. and Sue (Harris) J.; ed. at 
University of Michigan, 1904; initi- 
ated by Michigan Iota-Beta, Nov. IS, 
1903; attended Kansas City Nat'l 
convention, 1910. Address, 519 New 
York Life BIdg., 2816 Brooklyn Ave., 
Kiansas City, Mo. 

JOHNSTON, Milton Stevens, manufac- 
turer; b. Middletown, C, Oct 18, 
i880; s. Mr. Johnston and Rosa 
(Stevens) J.; ed. at Ohio State Uni- 
versity; initiated by Ohio Theta, 
1908; paper boxboard manufacturer, 
city councilman. Mason; m. Ethel 
Barakew, June 3, 1909. Address, 428 
South Main St, Middletown, Ohio. 

JOHNSTON, Roy Alpheus, lawyer; b. 
Jackstone, Tenn., Sept 8, 1886; s. 
James E. and Willie Belle J.; ed. at 
University of Tennessee, 1906, 'class 
vice-president, 1906, Phi Kappa Phi, 
prize for highest scholarship, 1906, 
medal for best record in Moot court 
and Legal proceduiie; initiated by 
Tennessee Kappa, Oct, 1904; state 
delegate to International Tax confer- 
ence at Milwaukee, 1910, assisted in 
compiling article on Municipal cor- 
porations in Cyclopedia of Law and 
Procedure, 1906, 1907, general attor- 
ney for State Revenue agent for East 
Tennessee, 1910; m. Wanda Marjorie 
Thouam, Jan. 5, 1910. Address, 
606-608 Empire Bldg., Knozville. 

JOHNSTONE, Alan, Jr^ student; b. 
Newberry, S. C, July 11, 1890; s. 
Allan and Lilla R. J.; student at Uni- 
versity of South Carolina; president 
Junior class, class baseball team, win- 
ner Roddey debater's medal, winner 
preliminary Sbuthem Inter-Collegiate 
Oratorical association, second place in 
Sonthem Inter-OoUegiate Oratorical 
contest 1911; initiated by South 

Carolina Delta, March 22, 1911 (char- 
ter mem), eminent archon. Address, 
1800 Johnstone St, Newberry, S. C. 

JONES, Amos Blanch, College presi- 
dent; b. Boydton, Va., Dec. 4, 1841; 
s. Rev. Amos Wesley and Caroline 
Matilda (Blanch) J.; ed. at West Ten- 
nessee College and East Alabama Col- 
lege, D. D., Universty of Alabama, 
1886; LL. D., Southwestern Baptist 
University, 1886; initiated by Tennes- 
see Eta, 1865; president of Huntsville 
(Ala.) Female College, 1880-1897, 
Memphis Conference Female Insti- 
tute, 1897-1902, Mason; C. S. A. cap- 
tain 6th regiment Tennessee Volun- 
teers, company H., second sergeant to 
the captain, 1861-65. Was woimded 
in the battle of Chickamauga, cap- 
tured, but escaped. Was in the bat- 
tles of Belmont Shiloh, Chicka- 
mauga, Murfreesboro, Atlanta and 
numerous others; m. Mary Cordon 
Gates, Feb. 8, 1868. Address, Somer- 
ville, Tenn. 

JONES, Frank Edgar, insurance; b. 
Pekin, 111., Aug. 4, 1872; s. John 
Anthony and Ida B. (Bergstresser) 
J.; ed. at Northwestern University, 
1897; initiated by Illinois Psi-Omega, 
Sept. 17, 1894 (charter mem.) emi- 
nent archon; brother of Albert R. 
Jones, Illinois Psi-Omega; mem. of 
Chicago Alumni association and E^van- 
ston Alumni association; special 
agent New England Mutual Life In- 
surance company of Boston, Mass., 
mem. University club of Cnicago and 
University club of Evanston, mem. 
Western Economic society; engineer 
for American Luxfer Prism Co., 1897- 
1904; m. Josephine L. Van Leer, June 
1, 1899. Address, 705 First Nat'l 
Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

JONES, Chester Lloyd» university pro- 
fessor; b. Hillside, Wis., March 6, 
1881; s. Emos Lloyd and Eleanor J.; 
ed. at University of Wisconsin, 1902; 
Phi Beta Kappa, twice elected to 
intercollegiate debaters, vice-presi- 
dent Hesperian Literary society, 
president Pennsylvania chapter of 
Phi-Eta graduate fraternity, 1904- 
1905, Nat'l president of Phi-Eta since 
1905; initiated by Wisconsin Alpha, 
April 13, 1908, an organizer of the 
local wMch. \>Qcam^ NT^s^ks<qa\!Ql fe^^s^ 



of S. A. E.; affiliated with Pennsylva- 
nia Theta; associate professor of 
political science at University of 
Wisconsin; author of Consular Ser- 
vice of the United States, The Bco- 
nomic History of the Anthracite 
Tidewater Canals, Readings on Par- 
ties and Elections in the United 
States, Wage Payment Legislation, 
mem. American Society for Interna- 
tional Law, American Political 
Science association, American society 
for Labor Legislation, American His- 
torical association, The American 
Academy of Political and Social 
Science; studied at University of 
Berlin, 1905, University of Madrid, 
1906, associate editor of Annals of 
the American Academy; m. Caroline 
Frank Schock, Jime 30, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 412 N. Carroll St, Madison, 

JONES, Henry Philip, lawyer; b. Way- 
nesboro, Ga., Jan. 5, 1887; s. William 
E. and Inez (Wllkens) J.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Georgia, academic, 1907, 
law, 1908; initiated by Georgia Beta, 
Sept, 1904; eminent recorder, coiv 
respondent ftnd deputy archon; dele- 
gate to Birmingham province con- 
vention, 1906; brother of William W. 
Jones, Georgia Beta, Sidney C. Jones, 
Georgia Beta. Address, Waynesboro, 

JONES, George Herbert farmer; b. 
Bullock county, Ala., July 19, 1882; s. 
D. G. and Alice (Tompkins) J.; ed. 
at University of Alabama, A. B., 1902, 
A. M., 1903; highest honors, 1900- 
1901-1902, editor-in-chief Crimson- 
White, 1902, and Corolla, 1903, adjvt- 
ant and military organization; initi- 
ated by Alabama Mu, Nov. 5, 1902; 
delegate to province Epsilon conven- 
tion, 1903; mem. board of governors 
of the De Votie Memorial; secretary 
and bursar-registrar Universty of 
Alabama, 1902-1908. Address, Fltz- 
patrick, Ala. 

JONES, Henry Walter, lawyer; b. 
Chester, Penn., Jan. 7, 1876; s. Ed- 
mund and Anna L. J.; ed. at Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania, 1899; Phi Beta 
Kappa, editor of Red and Blue, prize 
for freshman composition, honors of 
clASB in sophomore and senior years, 
honorable mention sight reading of 

Latin, senior philosophy prize; ini- 
tiated by Pennsylvania Theta, Feb. 9, 
1901 (charter mem.). Address, 25 
East Fifth St, Chester, Penn. 

JONES, John Langdon, student; b. Jan. 
10, 1891; s. Mr. Jones and Lllla F. 
(Lang) J.; student at Harvard Uni- 
versity, Alpha Phi Sigma society; ini- 
tiated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
May 27, 1911; mem. New House com- 
mittee. Address, 6012 Ridge Ave., 
Roxborough, Philadelphia, Penn. 

JONES, Nyle William, real estate and 
loans; b. Williamsburg, Iowa, Sept 
2, 1881; s. Robert A. and Mary A. J.; 
ed. at University of Iowa, 1905, presi- 
dent of law class, captain football 
team, 1904, Junior annual dedicated to 
Bro. Dwight Griffith and himself by 
class of 1906; initiated by Iowa Beta, 
eminent secretary; m. Virginia Hal- 
deman, Aug. 30, 1906. Address, 420 
N. Linn St, Iowa City, Iowa. 

JONES, Robert Harrison, Jr., lawyer; 
b. Jacluonville, Fla., June 7, 1884; s. 
R. H. and Susan G. J.; ed. at Prince- 
ton University, A. B., 1906, Univei^ 
sity of Georg^ law, 1908; mem. 
Theta Lambda Phi legal fraternity, 
mem. of Sphinx, mem. (Basque and 
Gauntlet president Phi Kappa Liter- 
ary society for two years; in intei^ 
coPegiate debating team, president 
InterK^ollegiate Debating league, 1907 
and 1908, Phi Beta Kappa at Prince- 
ton University; initiated by Georgia 
Beta, eminent recorder; president of 
Atlanta Alumni association of S. A 
E., 1910; toastmaster Founders' Day 
Banquet In Atlanta, Ga., 1911; mem. 
of Atlanta Bar association; general 
counsel for Atlanta Development Co.; 
m. Kate Waldo, Nov. 5, 1910. Resi- 
dence, 10 Adair Ave., office, 410-411 
Peters Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

JONES, Russell Paul, student; b. Aug. 
15, 1889; s. Paul and Jeraldine (Hunt- 
ley) J.; student at University of 
Iowa, captain freshman football, 
manager freshman athletics. Si Mu 
freshman society, varsity football 
team, 1910; initiated by Iowa Beta, 
Oct 15, 1909. Address, 1710 Eighth 
St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

JONES, Robert Pepin, student; b. Feb. 
24, 1889; s. Gomer and Ella Virginia 
(Pepin) J.; student at George Wash- 



ington UnlYeraity; initiated by Wash- 
ington City Rho, May 18, 1910. Ad- 
dress, Olencarlyn, Va. 

JONES, Walter Burgwyn, lawyer; b. 
i«iontgomery, Ala., Oct. 16, 1888; s. 
Thomas Ooode and Oeorgena (Bird) 
J. ; ed. at University of Alabama, law, 
1909, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 
1910; president law class. University 
of Alabama, 1909; vice-president Kent 
Law club; initiated by Alabama 
iUpha-Mu, 1906; eminent archon of 
Alabama Mu; affiliated with Alabama 
Mu; private secretary to United 
States district Judge north and mid- 
dle districts of Alabama; mem. of 
Knights of Pythias. Address, 323 
Adanu St, Montgomery, Ala. 

JORDAN, Harry Edward, civil engin- 
eer; b. Coulterville, 111., Nov. 15, 
1882; s. Walter Scott and Sue (Wood- 
worth) J.; ed. at Franklin College, 
1903; scholarship society, football 
manager, 1902; assistant in chemistry 
department, 1902; initiated by Indi- 
ana Alpha, Dec. 5, 1900; eminent ar- 
chon; vice-president province D^ta, 
1903; attended province Delta con- 
vention, 1906; superintendent filtra- 
tion department Indianapolis Water 
Co.; mom. committee on Standard 
Methods of Water Analysis of Ameri- 
can Chemical society, advisory mem. 
of same committee of The American 
Public Health association, meuL Am- 
erican Society of Civil Engineers, 
American Institute of (Hiemical En- 
gineers, American Society for Test- 
ing Materials, American Chemical so- 
ciety, American Public Health asso- 
ciation. Society of Chemical Industry, 
English Indiana Engineering socie^, 
Indiana Water Supply association, 
consulting sanitary expert; m. Ruth 
Emma Low, Sept. 12, 1907. Address, 
113 Monument Place, Indianapolis, 

JUDKINS, James Henry, lawyer; b. 
Montgomery county, Ala., Feb. 2, 
1839; s. John C. and Elisa J. J.; ed. 
at University of Alabama; initiated 
by Alabama Mu, Oct 25, 1857; affili- 
ated with Virginia Omicron; the only 
survivor of the ante-bellum mother 
chapter; grandfather of John W. 
Dorr, Virginia Omicron; United 
States marshal middle district of 

Alabama, 1908-11; sc^citor for El- 
more Co., assistant United States at- 
torney for middle district of Ala- 
bama; private secretary to Ctovemor 
Watts, 1863-65; C. S. A. captain, ad- 
jutant Clayton's brigade, adjutant 
first Alabama regiment cavalry; m. 
Mary Lizzie Johnston, Jan. 16, 1862. 
Address, i.15 Moulton St, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

JUDSON, George A., lawyer; b. Crooks- 
ton, Minn., Aug. 16, 1881; s. Lor^izo 
H. and Elisabeth (Cameron; J.; ed. 
at University of Minnesota, 1908; ini- 
tiated by Minnesota Alpha; Great 
Falls Universi^ club. Mason. Resi- 
dence, 526 Seventh Ave., North, of« 
fices, 3 and 4 Dunn Blk., Great Falls, 

JUDSON, Walter Raymond, engineer 
and contractor; b. Dayton, Ohio, Oct 
7, 1882; s. Francis H. and Mary M. 
(Myers) J.; ed. at Ohio State Uni* 
versity, 1903; Sigma Xi; initiated by 
Ohio Theta, May 19, 1900, eminent ar- 
chon; mechanical engineer with Vic- 
tor M. Braschi; University club, 
Mexico City, Parral Foreign club, 
Parral; m. Isabel MacGregor, Aug. 
6, 1906. Address, Apartado 830-2a 
CoUe Capuchinas 54, Mexico D. F., 

JUDY, Ernest Lee» lawyer; b. Arling- 
ton, Kan., Oct 24, 1889; s. Asa J. 
and Margaret J.; ed. at University 
of Kansas, 1911; freshman football 
and baseball teams, 1908; initiated 
by Kansas Alpha, Oct 18, 1909; emi- 
nent herald and warden. Residence, 
816 Sandusky Ave., office, rooms 6 
and 7 Barker Bldg., Kansas City, 


KABLE, Charles Howard, architect; b. 
Virden, 111., May 30, 1881; s. Benja- 
min Franklin and Anna Maria 
(Freeman) K.; ed. at University of 
Illinois, 1902; Alpha Delta Sigma; ini- 
tiated by Illinois Beta, Jan. 28, 1899; 
attended Washington S. A. E. Natl 
convention, 1902; associated with 
state architect of Oregon at Salem, 
also conducts architectural offices at 
Portland; m. Bthel Mackey, Aug. 26, 
1909. Addre&a, ea.^V\A\ ^\^.> ^S^^'^scfi^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

Ore^ end 218 Board of Trade, Port- 
Jand, Ore. 

KAE8ER, William Qeorga, manufactur- 
er; b. Highland, 111., Nov. 22, 1882; 
8. Frits and Katherine C. K.; ed. at 
UnlYeraity of Illinois, 1904; manager 
Illinois InteracholasUc, 1904; initi- 
ated by Illinois Beta, Oct 27. 1899; 
eminent archon; delegate province 
convention at Minneapolis, 1908; 
brother of A. F. Kaeser, niinoia 
Beta and E. F. Kaeser, Illinois Beta; 
manager Helvetia Milk Condensing 
Co., Greenville, 111.; m. Clara M. 
Vogt, Sept 6, 1905. Address, Green- 
ville, m. 

KAILER, Frank Spencer, student; b. 
June 7, 1888; s. E. J. and Emma 
(Bull) K.; student at the University 
of Illinois; Helmet club, Ku Klux, 
class baseball, class emblem commit- 
tee, assistant manager interschol- 
astic circus; initiated by Illinois 
Beta, Feb. 23, 1907. Address, Ore- 
gon, 111. 

KARCHER, William Leonard, physi- 
cian and surgeon; b. Freeport 111.* 
Feb. 12, 1875; s. John W. and Ann 
Elizabeth K.; ed. Northwestern Uni- 
versity; initiated by Illinois Psi- 
Omega, Sept 23, 1895; surgeon to St 
Francis Hospital, Freeport 111.; m. 
Louella L. Lacy, June 21, 1905. Ad- 
dress, Freeport IlL 

KAUFMAN, John Glass, Uwyer; b. 
Leesport Penn., April 7, 1875; s. 
Llewellsm Mirkle and Mary (Bamett) 
K.; ed. at Harvard University, 1895, 
University of Pennsylvania Law 
School, 1904; graduated Harvard 
cum laude with honorable mention 
in history; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, Nov. 10, 1893; brother of 
Edward L. Kaufman, Pennsylvania 
Zeta; principal high school, Sidney, 
Ohio, 1895-98, Mason Blue Lodge, 
Council and Commandery, Indepen- 
dent Order of Red Men; m. Mary 
Loughlin at Sidney, Ohio, Dec. 18, 
1900. Residence, 6832 Gorsten St, 
office, 1218 Stephen Girard Bldg., 
Philadelphia, Penn. 

KAVANAUQH, Luke Joseph, lawyer; 

Springfield, Mass., Sept 13, 1877; s. 

Luke and Cecilia (Barnes) K.; ed. 

Boston University, University of 

Denver, 1908; Brown University; 

initiated by Hassachnsetts BetarUp- 
ailon, March 28, 1903; city attorney, 
Bnglewood, 1911-12, deputy district 
attorney, Arapahoe, 1910-1913, vice- 
president Rocky mountain Brown 
University Alumni association. Ad- 
dress, 411 Continental Bldg., Denver, 

KEELER, Frank Weseott student; b. 
Sept 17, 1892; s. William and Flor- 
ence (Wescott) K.; student at Syra- 
cuse University; chairman freshman 
executive committee, class basketball; 
initiated by New York Delta, Oct 20, 

1911. Address, 127 N. Second St, 
Olean, N. T.. 

KEEQAN, Cleveland T., student; b. 
Nov. 12, 1891; s. Charles John and 
Katherine (Brett) K.; student at 
Syracuse University; class baseball; 
initiated by New York Delta, Oct 20, 
1911; brother of Leo Francis Keegan 
and Harry Brett Keegan, New York 
Delta. Address, Skaneateles, N. Y. 

KEEGAN, Leo Francis, student; b. 
June 8, 1890; s. Charles John and 
Catherine (Brett) K.; student at 
Syracuse University; class baseball; 
initiated by New York Delta, Oct 20, 
1911; brother of Cleveland T. and 
Harry Brett Keegan, New York 
Delta. Address, Skaneateles, N. Y. 

KEEGAN, Harry Brett, student; b. 
Jan. 8, 1899; s. Charles J. and Cath- 
erine (Brett) K.; student at Syra- 
cuse University; gsrmnasium leader, 
circus, executive committee; initiated 
by New York Delta, March 31, 1909; 
eminent archon, auditor; brother of 
Cleveland T. and Leo Francis Kee- 
gan, New York Delta. Address, 
Skaneateles, N. Y. 

KEENAN, Robert B^ student; b. July 
26, 1891; s. Bruce Lazelle and Alice 
Martha (Overstreet) K.; student at 
Universi^ of Oklahoma; Glee club; 
initiated by Oklahoma Kappa, Feb. 3, 

1912. Address, Talequah, Okla. 
KEI8ER, Venice Duncan, student; b. 

June 7, 1893; s. Francis R. and Melta 
(Duncan) K.; student at University 
of Indiana; initiated by Indiana Gam- 
ma, Jan. 16, 1911. Address, 2946 Ken- 
wood Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 
KELLAM, Sydney Sheppard, physician; 
b. near Belle Haven, Va., March 11, 
1874; s. Sheppard Smith and Mary 



HiTudA (Stringer) K.; ed. at Unl- 
verslt; of Virslnla: Initiated bj Tlr- 
glsls Omlcron, March 6, 1898; lecre- 
tary and treaaurOT Accomac Hedlcal 
■ocletT- Addreai, Bella Haven, V&. 

KELLER, Edwtn ChariM, atadent; b. 
July T, 1890; a. Robert and Sarab O. 
(HcConTllle) K.; student at Unlrer- 
sltr of Mlctalgan; all-freahman tlx>^ 
ball team; Initiated b7 Michigan Iota- 
Beta, Not. 2G. 1911. Addreaa, 103S 
Third Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

KELLER, Homer Lafayette, educator; 
b. Jenera, Ohio, March 13, 1880; a. 
Jacob 8. and Mary Elliaheth K; ed. 
at Ohio Weeleyan UnlTeralty, 190*; 
captain varsity football, preildent 
Amphyctlonlan, assistant In philos- 
ophy; inltlat«d by Oblo Delta. AprU 
6, 1901; eminent archon, chronicler; 
delegate province Delta convention, 
Minneapolis, 1904; Instructor of 
chemistry. Polytechnic High School, 
Los Angeles; m. Carolyn Mae Her^ 
rlngton, Aug. 2G, 1S09. Address, 329 
E. L«mon St, Monravla, Cal. 

KELLER, Orrjn E. M.; b. Minneapolis, 
Minn.. Oct 31, 1883; s. B. C. and 
Caroline (Bchlenle) K.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Minnesota, 1906; Initiated 
by Minnesota Alpha, Sept 26, 190S; 
assistant general manager M. W. 
Savage Interests; m. Adelaide U. 
Crosby, June 24, 1908. Address, 4T24 
8. Emerson St, Minneapolis, Minn. 

KELLOGQ, Francis Bentley, United 
fitatea forest service; b. Anaheim, 
Cal., Aug. 38, 1879; s. George Herbert 
and Fay (Chase) IE.; ed. at Univer^ 
sity of California, 190G, Tale Univer- 
sity, M. P., 1907: Skull and Keys, as- 
sistant editor Journal of Technology: 
Initiated by California Beta, Sept 27, 
1902; deputy supervisor. Cascade 
Nat'l Forest; mem. Hoo Hoo, Port- 
land University club. Address, Bn- 
gene, Oregon. 

KELLOQQ, Neal 8.; b. Hinckley, Ohio, 
Aug. 16, 1876; a. Casslus A. and Em- 
ma D. K.; ed. at Ohio Wealeyan Uni- 
versity, leOZ; varsity football; Initi- 
ated by Ohio Delta. Oct 7, 1898; 
cashier for the A. I. Root Ck>.; m. 
Mabel L. Harrington. Oct 14, 1902. 
Addreaa, 658 W. Liberty St, Medina, 
KELLY, Howard Walton, Jr„ student; 

b. July 4, 1898; a. H. W. and JoM- 

phlne M. K.; student at Unlventty 
of Illinois: tnitUted by Illinois Beta, 
Oct 28, 1911. Address, 919 Broad- 
way, Normal, m. 

KELLY, William Lloyd; ed. at Univel^ 
Bity of Illinois, 1910; initiated by 
nilnois Beta. Addresa, SbelbyvlUe, 

KENNEDY, Oliver Wflllams, student: 
b. May 26, 1891; s. Oeorge H. and 
KaCberlne (WlUlams) K.; studrat at 
University of Pennsylvania; editorial 
board The Pennsylvanian; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Theta. Address, 
1224 Haasachusetts Ave., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

KENT, O. Clare, lawyer; h. North 
Shenango town^lp, Crawford county, 
Penn.; s. J. O. and Mary (Free) K.; 
ed. at Allegheny College, 1896; class 
vice-president mem. Allegheny Lit- 
erary society; Initiated by Pwinsyl- 
vanla Omega, Sept 14, 1892; dis- 
trict attorney, Crawford county, 1906- 
12; m. Marion L. Irvin, April 14, 
1903. Address, 709 Alden St, Head- 
vllle, Penn. 

KENT, Ralph Sherlock, lawyer; b. 
Genoa, Oblo, Aug. 2, 1878; s. Ell A. 
and Sarah E. K.: ed. at Cornell Uni- 
versity, 1905; president senior class, 
Dunaton, Aleph Samach, Sphinx Head 
varelty tootbalT, Intercollegiate de- 
bate team; initiated by New York 
Alpha, March 9, 1900: eminent treas- 
urer, steward; delegate Boston S. A. 
E. National convention, 1900; presi- 
dent province Beta, 1904-06; one ot 
the authora of The S. A. E. Standard 
Accounts; one of the chief factors in 
the New York Alpha Chapter House 
aeaaclatlon; mem. American Bar as- 
sociation; m. Alice Virginia Kyle. 
Residence, 163 Lancaster Ave., office. 
917 Chamber of Commerce, Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

KERR, Charles Macdonald, civil engin- 
eer; b. New Orleans, La., Nov. 29, 
1SS4; a. Frank H. and Kate Almaide 
(Bonnabel) K.; ed. at Tulane Univer- 
sity, 1907; varsity track, business 
manager College weekly; Initiated by 
Louisiana Tau-Upsllon, Oct 34, 1908: 
assistant state highway engineer ot 
Louisiana; m. 'H.e\«& '^bs^asa. ^:x>\sw^ 

WHCrS WHO IN 8. A. B. 

Sept. S, IMS. Address, &4» P17U11U 
St., New OrleMu, La. 

KERR, Loran Alv«r«dO| r&llroad praal- 
dent; b. Tlppecmsoe Cltr, OUo, BepL 
11, 1S75; 8. ElliB H. and BtU K.; ed. 
&t Ohio Wealeyan UnlT«mtr. IMO; 
T. H. C. A. committee; Initiated by 
Ohio Delta. Sept, 1908; broUier of 
Raymond A. Kerr. Ohio Delta; preal- 
dent of C. H. and R R., wiUi ganenl 
management of road, secretary and 
general manager The Helletta Land 
Co.; at one time profeuor in William- 
ette University and later secretarr 
and registrar; m. Ifargaret Reynolda, 
June 24, 1909. Address, HcBee, 8. G. 

KERR, Raymond A., lawyer; b. Tippe- 
canoe City. Ohio. Not. 10, 1880; a. 
Hills H. and EUa K.; ed. at Ohio Wes- 
leyu University. 1902, Unl*erait7 of 
Michigan, 1906; associate editor of 
Michigan Law Review; initiated by 
Ohio Delta, April 22, 1866, laUr affi- 
liated with Michigan lota-BeU. emi- 
nent archoa. chronicler, recorder; 
brother of Loran A. Kerr, Ohio Delta; 
m. Myra M, Wehrly. April 18, 1906. 
Address. Tlppec&noe City. Ohio. 

KE88LER, George Walter, lawyer; b. 
aac City. Iowa, May 4. 188S; s. John 
and Salome K.; ed. at Gettysburg 
College. 1908. Columbia University; 
second honor. Pen and -.vord. Mask 
and Wig, gymnasium team, class toot- 
bail, president Phliomatheon Liter- 
ary tociety, editor the 1908 Spec- 
trum, assistant editor The Mercury 
and the 1908 Bulletin, master of cere- 
monies commencement week; Initi- 
ated by Pennsylvania Delta, Jan. 3, 
1906; eminent arebon, chronicler; 
delegate Inetallatlon of New York 
Delta, attended province Beta con- 
vention, 1910; Univervlty scholar of 
political economy In Columbia Unl- 
veralty, 1908-9, University scholar of 
political science In Columbia Univer- 
sity, 1909-10; superintendent of hon- 
est election committee of New York 
city; mem. Graduate Economics club, 
secretary Gettysburg Alumni fund, 
Mcretary -treasurer New York Gettys- 
burg club. Address, 1120 Amsterdam 
Ave., New York City. 

KEWLEY, Joseph Edward, lawyer; b. 
Toledo, Ohio, Hay 26, 1883; s. Thom- 
M0 ana Eleanor K.; ed. at OUo State 

University, IBOB; claas praoldMit 
•wilor class orator, varsity debating 
team; initiated by OUo Theta, 1904; 
legal department Nat'l Electric Ljunp 
Co., Cleveland; m. Florenoe H. Hntch- 
ins, Oct 7. 1911. Address, 1477 E. 
114th Place, Cleveland, Ohio. 

KIMBALL, Clarence, lawyer; b. New 
York CitT, Nov. 4, 1884; a. WUUom 
C. and Blanche L. (Read) K.; ed. at 
Cornell University, 1907. Harvard Law 
School, 1910: Initiated by New York 
Alpha, Oct 10, 1903; eminent archon, 
steward. Address, 216 W. SSrd St., 
New York City. 

KIMBALL, Georsa Deerlna, corpora- 
tion official; b. Portland, He.. May 17, 
1868; s. George L. and Fally A. K.; 
ed. at University of Denver, 1895; 
business manager The Oracle, secre- 
tary Oratorical association; initiated 
by Colorado Zeta, Dec. 18, 1891 
(Charter mem.); eminent archon, 
(■Jironfcler; eminent supreme deputy 
uchon, 18 98-1 BOO, eminent supreme 
treasurer, 1900-1906, 1910 — , eminent 
supreme archon, 1906-1810; president 
province Eta, 1864-98; delegate to St. 
Louis, 1896, NashviUe, 1898, Boeton, 
1900. Washington, 1902, Memphis, 
1904, AUanta, 1906, Atlantic City, 
1909, Kansas City, 1910, S. A. E. Nat'l 
(inventions; delegate province Eta 
<xiavention. 1S9G. 1897, 1900, 1902, 
1904, 1906. 1908; first president Colo- 
rado State Association of S. A. K; In- 
Atalled Colorado Lambda; contribu- 
lor to Record and to song book, voted 
for charter to Virginia TheU; the 
father of the Natl ponhellenic coun- 
cil, the organisation having resulted 
from a series of reoolutions presented 
by him at a conference of Greeks In 
Chlcuo. The Oklahoma chapter of 
3. A. E. took "Kappa" as its name in 
his honor; general manager The 
Routt County Coal Co. and The Rng- 
by Fuel Co.; m. Grace R. Porter, Hay 
16, 1912. Address, 314 McPhee Bldg., 
Denvor, Colo. 

KIMBROUQH, Robert Alexander, uni- 
versity president; b. 1866; ed. at 
Union University; Initiated by Ten- 
nessee Eta, Feb., 1891; profeeoor of 
Qreek and Latin. Union University, 
1896-00; president of Union Dniver- 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. : 

Hlty; m. Hajttaa Cotin. Address, Jaolt- 
Bon, Tenn. 

KINDER, Linus 6, Iftwyer, district 
Judge; b. Ckpe coimtr. Ho., Not. 9, 
1865; B. WUllam F. ud Marr Si- CUf- 
lord) E.; ed. TJntTersItr of HtBiourl; 
Initiated hj Mluourl Alpha. Not. 29, 
1887; diBtrlct Judge 64tli Judicial dts- 
trlct. 1905-, district attorner 60tli 
Judicial district. 1892-1896; Mason, 
Scottish and York Rite, 3Snd degree, 
B. P. O. E.; m. Mary L. Rhodes, Dec. 
24, 1889. Address, FlalnTlew, Tex. 

KING, CampbstI Thomas, Jr., student; 
b. Hacon, Qa., Dec. IT, 1888; s. Camp- 
bell T. and Stella (Hunt) K.; student 
at Georgia Institute of Technology; 
president Sbclety of Civil Engineers, 
seoretary, treasurer, vice-president 
Hacon club; Initiated by Georgia FhL 
Oct 3, 1908; eminent archon, deputy 
archoQ, herald, warden. Address, 390 
College St, Macon, Ga. 

KING, David Mataon, United SUtes 
army oOteer; b. Bmyra, Ohio. Not. S, 
18<9; ed. at Mount Union College, 
1889, West Point. 1893; initiated by 
Ohio Sigma, Oct. 30. IS03; major ordi- 
nance department United States 
army; mem. American Society for 
TesUng Materials, trsTeled in China, 
Japan, Philippines. Hawaiian Islands, 
Guam; Instructor in mathematics at 
United SUtes MUltary Academy, 
189S49; m. Marguerite T. FUger, Jan. 
7, 1897. Address. Rock Island Arse- 
nal, Rock Island, IlL 

KING, Lloyd William, student; b. Feb. 
28, 1S89; s. F. WV and EHIa (Perdy) 
K.; student at University of Denver; 
Class football, president Dramatic 
club. Gamma Phi Beta play; initi- 
ated by Colorado ZeU, Jan. 26, 1910. 
Address. Hooper, Neb. 

KING, Remaen Porter, lawyer; b. At- 
lanta. Ga., Sept- 26, 1906; s. Porter 
and Carrie (Remsen) K.; ed. at Unt- 
Terslty of Oeorgia, 1908; Initiated by 
Georgia Beta, Sept 26, 1906; AtlanU 
Athletic club. University club. Resi- 
dence. 1171 Peschtree St., office, 424 
Empire Bldg., Atlanta. Ga. 

KINGMAN, Alton Hayward, student; h. 
July 7, 1889; a Herbert L. snd Abble 
A. (Packham) K.; student at Woi^ 
ceater PolytAchnlc Institute; Initiated 
br MasnchnsMU Delta, Oct 14, 1908. 

Address, 131 Market St, Brockton. 

KINQBBURY, Stuart Bowler, naval ar- 
chitect; b. Paw Paw, Mich., July 9, 
1881; s. G. P. and Ella M. (Hopkins) 
K.; ed. at University of Michigan, 
1904; class fooU»aU; initiated by 
Michigan loU-Beta, Jan. 12. 1901; 
eminent archon; Great Lakes Engin- 
eering Works, Detroit; m. Wiunlfred 
B. Converse. June 2S, 1906. Address, 
390 Hubbard Ave., Detroit, Hlch- 

KING8TON, Merton 8., university pro- 
fessor; b. Northfleld, Minn., March 
30, 1881; s. A. O. and LesUna A. (Lov- 
erlng) K.; ed. at University of Mln- 
oeeota, 1904; Tau BeU Phi; inlUated 
by Hinnesota Alpha. Jan. 27. IB02 
(charter mem.); asslBtant professor 
of mining engineering. UnlTersIty of 
Minnesota, consultlns engineer spec* 
lallzing in Iron; Hason; m. Fern 
D. Maraell, Oct 30, 1906. Address, 
1206 SeTenth St, 6. BL. Hlnneapolls, 

KININQHAM, Robert Bstrd, insurance; 
b. Danville, 111., Sept IS. 1886; s. C. 
N. and Ellen K.; ed. at NorthweaV 
ern University, 1909-; freahman foot- 
ball; Initiated by Illinois Psi-Omega, 
Oct IS. J906; eminent chronicler, 
warden, house treasurer; assistant 
general agent Northwestern Mutual 
Life Insurance Co. Residence, 606 N. 
Vermilion St, office. 309-312 Adsms 
Bldg., Danville, HI. 

KINBEY, Henry Merrill, mercanUIe: 
b. Oakland. Cal., Aug. 16, 1884; s. 
Charles Wesley and Henrietta Isa- 
bella K.; ed. University of California, 
1908; Initiated by California Beta, 
Sept, 1904. Address, care Northern 
Electric Railway Co., Chico. Cal. 

KIRCHER, Harry B.; b. 1881; s. Henry 
A. and Bertha E. K.; ed. at Unlvei^ 
slty of Illinois. 1904; mem. American 
Oas Institute, American Institute of 
Electrical Engineers; m. AlUe Ayre, 
1906. Address. Belleville, 111. 

KIRK, Waiter Alex, mercantile; b. 
Leavenworth, Kan., July 8. 1886; ed. 
at University of Kansas, 1909; Initi- 
ated by Kansaa Alpha, Oct 16, IB06; 
head stock keeper Stadebaker Utg. 
Co. Address. 1929 8. Calumet Are., 
Chicago, III. 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

KIRK, Arohl« Raymond, student; b. 
July 9, 1880; 8. J. P. and BaUie W. 
K.; student at University of Iowa; 
freshman baseball, basketbaU, f6otr 
ball, track; initiated by Iowa Beta, 
Oct 16, 1909; brother of 0. B. Kirk, 
Iowa Qamma and C. N. Kirk, Iowa 
Beta. Address, 400 N. Clinton St, 
Iowa City, Iowa. 

KLOVE, Noah Q., farmer; b. Leland, 
111., Dec. 13, 1882; s. Andrew A. and 
(Randyei) K.; ed. at Northwestern 
TJniyersity; initiated by Illinois Psi- 
Omega, Oct 17, 1902; eminent chron- 
icler; attended Memphis S. A. B. 
Nat'l conyention, 1904; secretary Le- 
land Law and Order league; m. Ger- 
trude B. Mosey, June 10, 1908. Ad- 
dres8» Leland, 111. 

KNIGHT, Charles B., student; b. Dec. 
24, 1892; s. Byron Charles and Clara 
8. (Nims) K.; student at Dartmouth 
College, Keene club, class basketball; 
initiated by New Hampshire Alpha. 
Address, R. F. D. No. 13, Marlboro, 
N. H. 

KNODE, Ralph Brown, mercantile; b. 
Hagerstown, 111., Jan. 24, 1884; s. 
Henry Clay and Francis (Petty) K.; 
ed. at Purdue University, 1906; treas- 
urer Athletic association; initiated by 
Indiana Beta, April 11, 1903; eminent 
Treasurer; attended Memphis, 1904, 
Atlantic City, 1909, S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
ventions; manager H. C. Knode and 
Co.; m. Edna McLillan, Oct 16, 1909. 
Address, 34 S. Meridian St, Indiana- 
polis, Ind. 

KNOWLTON, Frederick Kirk, manu- 
facturer; b. Chicago, 111., Feb. 23, 
1879; 8. Mark D. and Abbie E. (Cur- 
rier) K.; ed. at Purdue University, 
Columbia University; initiated by 
. Indiana Beta, March 19, 1897, later af- 
filiated with New York Mu; head of 
Knowlton Co., Rochester, N. T., the 
largest paper box machinery con- 
cern in the world; m. Elizabeth Kent 
Stone. Residence, The Pines, Pitts- 
ford, N. T., oflkce, 21-35 Elizabeth St, 
Rochester, N. T. 

KNOX, Arthur Howell, architect; b. To- 
peka, Kan., July 8, 1880; s. Wesley L. 
and Ovilla (Cole) K.; ed. at North- 
western University, 1902; illustrator 
College annual; initiated by Illinois 
rsl-Omega, Dec. 8, 1898; eminent 

deputy arohon, acted as eminent cor- 
respondent at the installation of 
Minnesota Alpha; m. Ethel Hemp- 
hill, July 2, 1906. Address, 1646 
Tribune Bldg., Chicago, IlL 

KNOX, John Calvin, lawyer; b. Reefs 
Bluff, Ark., May 81, 1862; s. Robert 
C. and Elisabeth D. K.; ed. at Central 
University, 1886; graduated magna 
cum laude; initiated by Kentucky 
Kappa, Sept 20, 1884; m. Effle Carr, 
Sept 25, 1889. Address, Monticello, 

KNOX, Philander Chase, secretary of 
state; b. Brownsville, Penn., May 6, 
1853; 8. David and Rebecca (Psige) 
K.; ed. at Mount Union College; a 
mem. of the local society, the Sigmas 
at Mount Union, which subsequently 
became Ohio Sigma, into which chap- 
ter he was received with the other 
alumni of the local; admitted to the 
bar, 1875; assistant United States dis- 
trict attorney for western district of 
Pennsylvania, 1876-77; attorney-gen- 
eral in the cabinets of Presidents 
McKinley and Roosevelt; United 
States senator from Pennsylvania, 
1904-1909; secretary of war since 
March, 1909; he was placed in nomi- 
nation for president of the United 
States before the 1908 republican 
Nat'l convention and received the 
votes of sixty-eight delegates; m. 
Lillie smith, 1880. Address, 1527 K. 
St, Washington, D. C. 

KOEHLER, Hugo C, lawyer; b. Dun- 
dee, Ohio, June 14, 1869; s. Conrad 
and Catherine (Allman) K.; ed. at 
Mount Union College, 1896; class vice- 
president varsity baseball and foot- 
ball; initiated by Ohio Sigma, April 
25, 1891; eminent archon, recorder; 
delegate to Washington, D. C, 8. A. 
E. Nat'l convention, 1894, province 
convention at Ann Arbor, 1896, acted 
as eminent recorder at initiation of 
William McKinley; mem. law firm of 
Hart and Koehler, Alliance, Stark 
county Bar association, president of 
Alliance board of trade, mem. city 
hospital board; m. Mae Myers, June 
8, 1899. Address, 82 W. Cambridge 
St, Alliance, Ohio. 

KOENIQ, Frederick Oilman, lawyer; 
b. New Orleans, La., Oct 14, 1884; s. 
Theodore Carl and Emma W. K.; ed. 



at University of Alabama, 1907; sec- 
retary-treasurer law class, associate 
editor Ck)llege annual, secretary-treas- 
urer EroBophic Literary society, vice- 
president Kent club; initiated by Ala- 
bama Mu, 1905; eminent treasurer. 
Address, 1524 S. 16th St, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

KOKEN, William Theodore, manufac- 
turer; b. St Louis, Mo., Nov. 2, 1878; 
8. William and Rosa (Schroeder) K.; 
ed. Washington University, 1901, Co- 
lumbia University; Tau Beta Pi; ini- 
tiated by Missouri Beta, Oct 16, 1897; 
president Banner Iron Works, St 
Louis; Mason; m. Mary Lange, July 
23, 1902. Address, 4560 Shaw Ave., 
St Louis, Mo. 

KOTZ, Emil Frldolin, mechanical engin-. 
eer; b. Syracuse, N. T., Aug. 24, 1887; 
s. Emil M. and Pauline K.; ed. Syra- 
cuse University, 1910; class secre- 
tary, treasurer; Mechanical Engin- 
eers sociey; initiated by New York 
Delta, Nov. 6, 1908; mechanical and 
heating ventilating engineer, mem. of 
Technology Club of Syracuse. Ad- 
dress, 1111 McBride St, Syracuse, N. 

KRESS, George Henry, physician, sur- 
geon, university professor; b. Cincin- 
naU, Ohio, Dec. 23, 1874; s. Henry 
and Selma (Kern) K.; ed. at Univer- 
sity of Cincinnati, 1899; author senior 
graduation play, associate editor Mo- 
Micken Review, one of tte founders 
of Cincinnati Student; initiated by 
Ohio Epsilon Nov. 14, 1892; eminent 
archon, chronicler, correspondent; 
delegate to Washington S. A. BL 
Nat'l convention, 1894 and chairman 
of its committee on extension, presi- 
dent Ohio State association S. A. E., 
which merged into the first province 
Delta convention, associate editor of 
the Record, editor of the Manual of 
S. A. E.; former president Los Ange- 
les Alumni association S. A. E.; co- 
author Sing Brothers Sing song; mem. 
Phi Rho Sigma; secretary of faculty 
and professor of hygiene. University 
of California, resident physician. 
Good Samaritan hospital, Cincinnati, 
1899-1900, assistant surgeon, Nat'l Sol- 
diers Home hospital, Dayton, Ohio, 
1900-8; mem. of the board of coun- 
cilors of the Medical Society of the 

State of California, secretary and 
treasurer of the Los Angeles County 
Medical association; mem. of the pub- 
lic health commission of the Medical 
Society of the State of California; 
mem. of the certified health commis- 
sion of the Los Angeles County Medi- 
cal association; president of the Cali- 
fornia Association for the Study and 
Prevention of Tuberculosis, and for 
several years editor of its bi-monthly 
bulletin; president of the Los Ange- 
les Conference of Social Workers; 
vice-president of the board of direct- 
ors of the Los Angeles Associated 
charities; associated editor of the 
"Southern California Practitioner ; " 
mem. of publication committee of 
California State Journal of Medicine; 
mem. Los Angeles Clinical and Patho- 
logical society, Los Angeles County 
Medical association. Southern Cali- 
fornia Medical society. The Medical 
Society of the State of California, 
American Medical association; Am- 
erican Academy of Medicine, Natl 
association for Study and Prevention 
of Tuberculosis, Los Angelos Univer^ 
sity club, chief of the Pacific District 
of Phi Rho Sigma; received gold and 
silver medals in the educational leaf- 
let contest at the International Tuber- 
culosis Congress, Washington, D. C, 
1908; senior attending physician to 
the Los Angeles Helping Station for 
Indigent Consumptives; attending 
physician to the Tuberculosis Depart- 
ment of the Los Angeles County hos- 
pital; practice largely nose, throat 
and lungs; editor of a volume en- 
titied, 'The History of Medicine in 
Southern California;" as a physician, 
his specialty is eye, ear, nose and 
throat; m. Elizabeth Hamilton Hill, 
June 16, 1903. Address, 240 Brodbury 
Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 
KRUTTSCHNITT, Julius, railway man- 
ager; b. New Orleans, July 30, 1854; 
B. John and Penina (Benjamin) EL; 
ed. Washington and Lee University, 
1873; initiated by Virginia Sigma, 
1870; one of the foremost railroad 
men of the United States, having been 
general manager and director of many 
systems and at present one of three 
men, having in charge the Harriman 
roads. ReaV^wi^^, ^^ "^^S^wrsia ^Naws^^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 

office, 135 Adams St, Chicago, IlL 

KREB8, Stanley Aaron, pdysiclan; b. 
Mahoney City, Penn., July 18, 1888; 
8. Thomas Richards and Katherlne 
K.; ed. Unlyerslty of Pennsylyanla 
1911; board of representative; Ty- 
son Medical Society Phi Rho Sigma; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Zeta, Juie 
18, 1907. Address, 111 W. Centre St, 
Mahoney City, Penn. 

KUEVER, Rudolph Andrew, University 
instructor; b. Lowden, la., Oct 27, 
1887; s. August and Caroline 
(Hensch) K.; ed. University of Iowa 
1911; Hawkeye committee; Phi Delta 
Chi; Mortar and Pestle club, class 
baseball; initiated by Iowa Beta, April 
17, 1908; scholarship committee; atr 
tended province Zeta convention 
1909; instructor University of Iowa; 
mem. American Pharmaceutical as- 
sociation, Iowa State Pharmaceutical 
association, Baconian club. University 
of Iowa; Mason. Address, 120 N. 
Clinton St, Iowa City, la. 

KUHLKE, George Oswald, student; b. 
Dec. 26, 1893; s. John C. and Caroline 
C. (Weber) K.; student at Cornell 
University; initiated by New York 
Alpha, Nov. 5, 1910. Address, 815 
Clinton St, Brooklyn, N. T. 

KUHNERT, Louis C, Jr., manufactur- 
er; b. Chicago, 111., Jan. 23, 1884; s. 
Louis and Lena K.; ed. Purdue Uni- 
versity 1903; initiated by Indiana 
Beta. April 5, 1902; delegate from 
Chicago Alumni to Atlantic City 
1909; attended Washington 1902 S. A. 
E. convention; manufacturer aeronau- 
tical motors; m. Leota Mae Springer, 
April 22, 1908. Address, 5549 Madi- 
son Ave., Chicago, lit 

KULP, Walter L., graduate student; b. 
West Middlesex, Penn., July 29, 1890; 
s. J. J. and iiilla Reed K.; ed. Alle- 
gheny College 1911; varsity track, 
secretary-treasurer athletic assooia* 
tlon; initiated by Pennsylvania Ome- 
ga, Sept 21, 1907; emment deputy ar- 
chon, herald; delegate province Beta 
convention 1910; graduate student 
Allegheny College; mem. F. and A. 
M. Address, S. A. E. House, Mead- 
▼ille, Penn. 

KUPFER, Carl Albert, U. S. forest ser- 
vice; b. Des Moines, la., July 28, 
1879; A Hermtok A and Mai^iEaret 

(Jann) K.; ed. Iowa State College 
1907; Alpha Zeta; secretary debating 
league, Phileleutheroi literary soci- 
ety, intercollegiate debate team, staff 
Iowa State College Student; editor 
junior class book Bomb, president for- 
estry club, cast sophomore. Junior and 
senior class plays; initiated by Iowa 
Gamma, Nov. 1906; eminent chroni- 
cler; president Iowa Gamma associa- 
tion; Forest Service U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Office of Products, 
District 5; mem. society of American 
Foresters, National Geographic so- 
ciety; m. Margaret Whitney Hosier, 
Jan. 17, 1910. Address, Forest Ser- 
vice, San Francisco, Cal. 

LAIRD, Albert C, student; b. Randolph, 
Me., Jan. 31, 1890; s. Fred L. and 
Nelly (Cox) L.; student at Dart- 
mouth College; initiated by New 
Hampshire Alpha, 1909; studying law 
In oidce of father. Address, 7 Claren- 
don Ave., Montpelier, Vt. 

LAKE, Eugene Patterson, mercantile; 
b. Muncie, Ind., Nov. 9, 1889; s. A. T. 
and Rosalie (Patterson) L.; ed. 
Adrian College, 1912; freshman 
World" staff 1907; business manager 
College World" 1911, president ora- 
torical league 1911, Glee club 1910; 
initiated by Michigan Alpha, Feb. 1, 
1908; eminent archon, herald, warden, 
chronicler, and recorder; delegate 
province Delta convention, Delaware, 
Ohio, March, 1908. Address, 319 E. 
Gilbert St, Muncie, Ind. 

LAKIN, Herbert Conrad, lawyer; b. 
Worcester, Mass., March 11, 1872; s. 
George B. and EUena Kimball (Put- 
nam) L.; ed. Harvard University, 
1894; ; class orator; Phi Beta Kappa; 
varsity track team; mem. Hasty Pud- 
ding club. Harvard Union, Hiurvard 
Crimson, Institute of 1770; initiated by 
Massachusetts Gamma, Nov. 16, 1894; 
brother of Charles A. Lakln, Massa- 
chusetts Gamma; delegate S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention, St Louis, 1896, 
Nashville 1898; president province 
Alpha, 1897; editor of the Record, 
1896-1899; mem. board of trustees; 
with law firm of Bvarts, Choate and 
Beamon, N. T. City, 1904; mem. Cen- 





turr ftuociatlon; m. Helen Wftrdner 
Beunon, Oct 8, 190S. Reald«nce, 
Sherbrooke Road, Scarsdale, N. T. 

LAKENAN, Robert Farr, Jr, stndent: 
b. Aug. 6, 1S90; a. R. F. and Sopbla 
(Ridge) L.; Btudent at Unlveralty of 
Mleavarl; ialtlated bj MlsBourl Alpba, 
Sept 25, 1909; mem. Quadrangle club. 
Residence, 821 Weet Armour Blvd., 
Kansas City, Ho. 

LAMBERT, Fonaa Allan, UniTenltT 
profeBBor; b. Kenton, Oblo, Dec. 4, 
1886; 1. 8. E. and Marie (Wllaon) L.; 
ed. Obio Bute Unlveralty 1910; var- 
altr "O" asaoclatlon; Alpba Psl (Na- 
tional Vet. Med. rraternlty) ; Initiated 
by Oblo Theta, Dec. 4, 1886; eminent 
archon, treasurer and chapter trus- 
tee; attended province Delta conven- 
tion, "08, treasurer and trustee of the 
Ohio Theta B. A. K. bouse corp ; aseiet- 
ant profesaor of Comparative Anato- 
my, College of Vet Hed,. Ohio SUte 
UnlverBlty; m. Dorothy M. Irvine, 
Dec. 14, 1911. Address, 8 Uib Ave., 
Columbus, Oblo. 

LAMBERT, John Edward, life Insur- 
ance; b. lUay, Tex., Dec. 28, 18S7; 
a. John P. and Klnna (Caucb) L.; 
ed. at University of Oklahoma; foot- 
ball team; Initiated by Oklahoma 
Kappa, April 13, 1911; general agent 
American Home Life; traveled 
through Mexico; Mason, Klk, presi- 
dent Oklahoma City 3. A. ti. Alumni 
association; m. Inez McMillan, Feb. 
14, 1912. Address, 1000-1001 Col- 
cord Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

LAMBERT, Walter A„ student; b. Sept 
14. 1893; B. O. P. and Mary (King) 
L.; student at UnlvMSlty of Kansas; 
Initiated by Kansas Alpba, Oct 17, 
1910. Address, 5 th and Congress, 
Leavenworth, Kansas. 

LAMKtN, Edgeworth, lawyer; b. 
Athens, Qa., July 4, 1884; s. Robert 
Wm. and Elizabeth (Stovall) L.; ed. 
University of Qeorgia 1905; president 
freshman class, varsity baseball team 
1904; president University Oennan 
club; initiated hy Georgia Beta. Sept 
14, 1901; eminent archon; attended 
B. A, E. Atlanta Nat'l convention, 
1906; attorney tor legal depart- 
UMit for Sontbem railway; Ha- 
mm; m. Sarah Hunter Oerdlns, 

June 7. 1911. Addresa, P. O. Box, 896, 
Athens, 6a. 

LaMONT, LouIb Cook, electrical engi- 
neer; b. Brooklyn. N. T., Dec. 2, 1884; 
B. Louis Van Rensaeler and Ellzabetli 
D. i>.ook) l4iM.; ed. Virginia Military 
Institute 1905; Initiated by Virginia 
Theta, April 11. 1903, (charter mem.}; 
eminent treasurer and herald. Ad- 
dress, 103 LewlBohn Bldg., Butte, 

LAM80N, Frank FItts, chemist and 
manufacturer; b. Salem, Mass., Nov. 
29. 1ST2: a. William 8. and Harlanna 
(Abbott) L.; ed. Harvard University 
1897; Initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, Marca 8. 1896; eminent 
archon: chemist and manufacturer; 
Mason, Knight Templar, Shriner, 
mem. of council; m. Lena Harston 
Joseelyn, Dec. 9, 1902. Residency 
284 Park Bt, Newton, Mass., business 
address, 702 Old South Bldg.. Boston, 

LANAGAN, James Francis, lawyer; b 
Paris. Ky., Nov. 16. 1878; b. John 
and Mary (O'Brien) L.; ed. Stanford 
University, 1900; Phi Upstlon; var- 
sitv baseball, musical clubs; Initiated 
by California Alpha, Sept 20, 1906; 
emlcont treasurer; m. Clara Bart 
July 2. 1902. Address, 310 Sansom St, 
San Francisco, Cal. 

LANDEE, Prank J., lawyer; b. Nov. 14, 
I8S4: s. Frank A. and Hannab 
(Johnson) L.; ed. Northwestern Uni- 
versity, 1910; initiated by Rllnols Psl- 
Ome^. Dec. 2, 1907; practicing law 
in Mollne, 111.. Mason and mem. of 
Moline club; m. Lorraine SIver, April 
2», 1911. Residence. 636 11^^ St, 
business address, Old Post Olllce 
Iildg.. HoUne. III. 

LANDON, Horace Zeblna, mercantile; 
b. Burlington. Vt, Feb. 19. 1890; s- 
Lealand W. and Helen L.; ed. Wor- 
cester Polytechnic Institute 1911; 
president senior class; Sigma XI; 
manager of football, leader of orches- 
tra; initiated by MaBsachusetts Delta, 
Bept, 27, 1907; eminent archon; dele- 
gate 8. A. K. Nat'l convention Atlan- 
tic City. 1909; with F. W. Bird and 
S6n. E. Walpole, Mass. Address, 44 
Park St., Bordentown, N. J. 

LANG. Chester Henry, student; b. Jan. 
13. 189a-, a. 3otai k. »a4\to.'«i. Vfe-Jitest- 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

man) L.; ed. Univerfity of Michigan; 
initiated by Michigan Iota-Beta. Ad- 
dress, 624 W. Seventh St, Brie, Penn. 

LAN GLAND, George S., lawyer, Judge; 
b. Decorah, Iowa, April 9, 1884; a. 
H. M. and Ella L.; ed. Uniyersity of 
Minneaota 1907; initiated by Minne- 
sota Alpha, Oct 7, 1908; eminent 
archon; attended province Delta con- 
vention 1904; Judge of Municipal 
court. International Falls, Minn., m. 
Pearl Irene Zierath, Oct 19, 1910. Ad- 
dress, International Falls, Minn. 

LANDMAN N, Alfred Gustav, student; 
b. New York City, April 16, 1890; a. 
G. and K. (Zinsser) L.; ed. Harvard 
University 1912; Alpha Phi Sigma; 
initiated by Massachusetts Qamma, 
April 6, 1910; eminent recorder and 
correspondent; brother of Otto Fred- 
erick Langmann, Massachusetts Qam- 
ma. Address, 121 West 57 St, New 
York City. 

LANGMANN, Otto Frederick, architect; 
b. New York City, Dec. 4, 1884; s. 0. 
and K. (Zinsser) L.; ed. Harvard Uni- 
versity 1906, Columbia 1908; Pierian 
Sodality, Pen and Brush club; initi- 
ated by Massachusetts Gamma, May 
19» 1906, affiliated with New York Mu 
1907; traveled in Europe. Address, 
121 West 57 St, New York City. 

LANTZ, Charles Philip, athleUc direc- 
tor; b. West Fairview, Cumberland 
county, Penn., Dec. 14, 1884; s. Wil- 
liam and Henrietta G. L.; ed. Gettys- 
burg College, 1908; president sopho- 
more class, Pen and Sword, football, 
baseball and basketball teams, musical 
clubs; initiated by Pennsylvania Del- 
ta, April 19, 1904; brother of Harry A. 
Lantz, (deceased), of Pennsylvania 
Delta; eminent archon; athletic di- 
rector East Illinois State Normal, 
Charleston, 111.; Mason; m. Mary B. 
Eshelman, Nov. 28, 1909. Address, 
Charleston, 111. 

LARRABEE, Don M., lawyer; b. Em- 
porium, Penn., March 11, 1877; s. Mar- 
cellus and Georgia A. L.; ed. Alle- 
gheny College 1899 and University of 
Pennsylvania Law School 1902; pres- 
ident of All^sheny literary society at 
Allegheny University; vice-president 
Hare law club at University of Penn- 
sylvania; business manager of Ameri- 

van Law Register: initiated by Penn- 

sylvania Omega; March 9, 1896; as- 
sisted in founding Pennsylvania The- 
ta chapter at University of Pennsyl- 
vania and presided as toastmaster at 
the banquet the night this chapter 
was instituted, Feb. 9, 1901; county 
chairman of Lycoming county, Penn., 
for Republican party; m. Olive E. 
Moore, Oct 7, 1908. Address, 129 W. 
Fourth St, Williamsport, Penn. 

LATIMER, Joseph Marlon, farmer; b. 
Lowndesville, S. C, Jan. 26, 1885; s. 
Jas. T. and Ella L. L.; ed. Wofford 
College 1907; sophouMre marshal, cap- 
tain gsrmnasium team; Calhoun liter- 
ary society vice-president junior de- 
bater; initiated by South Carolina 
Gamma, Sept 22, 1904; eminent arch- 
on; delegate Atlanta convention; 
graduate Eastman Business College; 
m. Caroline Russell Don, Feb. 22, 
1911. Address, R. F. D. No. 5, Iva, 
S. C. 

LATIMER, William Carroll, lawyer; b. 
Lowndesville, Abbeville county, S. C, 
March 31, 1879; s. Hon. Asbury C. 
and Dora Alice (Brown) L.; ed. Wof- 
ford College 1900 and University of 
Virginia 1903; Phi DelU Phi; debat- 
er's medal University of Virginia, his- 
torical essay medal Wofford College; 
initiated by South Carolina Gamma, 
Nov. 16, 1896; eminent archon; atr 
tended convention Nashville, Tenn., 
1897, Washington, D. C. 1902; affiliated 
with Virginia Omicom; in firm of 
Watkins and Latimer; traveled in 
Europe; m. Francis Wallace, Paducah, 
Ky., Oct 15, 1908. Address, 1501-1505 
Fourth National Bank Bldg., Atlanta, 

LAUQHLIN, Robert Virgil, student; b. 
Feb. 10, 1892; s. John Wesley and Liz- 
zie (Dickey) L.; student at Univer- 
sity of South Dakota; Kappa Kappa 
Rho Law club; Initiated by South 
Dakota Sigma, Jan. 27, 1911, (char- 
ter mem.). Address, 181 Capitol Ave., 
Pierre, S. D. 

LAURIE, Thomas Forrest, physician 
and surgeon; b. Auburn, N. T., May 7, 
1881; s. Samuel and Jeannle (Mc- 
Allister) L.; ed. Cornell University, 
1907; chairman freshman buiquet 
committee, class football team. Uni- 
versity Glee club, Cornell Masque; 
iniUated by New York Alpha, Oct 10, 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 


1903; medical staff of Matteawan 
State hospital, Hudson street hospital, 
N. T., Manhattan Biaternlty hospital, 
N. T., medical Inspector of Schools of 
Auburn, N. T.; mem. New York 
State Medical society, Cayugo coun- 
ty Medical society. Auburn City Med- 
ical society, personal assistant to 
Dr. W. S. Cheesman, Auburn, N. T.; 
m. Edith Stewart Sherrill, Aug. 6, 
1911. Residence, 16 Woodruff Place, 
office, 22 William St.. Auburn, N. T. 

LAWRENCE, Clark Johnathan, stu- 
dent, b. March 13, 1889; s. Edward 
W. and Mary F. L.; student at Cor- 
nell University; Gargoyle, L'Ogive, 
glee club, sophomore quartet, general 
athletic director, freshman and var- 
city football team, president fresh- 
man class College of Architecture, 
sophomore cotillion committee. Junior 
prom, committee, executive commitr 
tee; initiated by New York Alpha, 
Feb. 1910. Address, 132 Elm St, 
Malone, N. Y. 

LAWHEAD, Frank, lawyer; b. Auburn, 
Ind., May 25, 1885; s. James G. and 
Eliza (Walter) L.; ed. University of 
Indiana 1910; Phi Delta Phi; initi- 
ated by Indiana Gamma, June 11, 
1907; eminent archon; brother of 
Nixon Ray Lawhead, Indiana Gam- 
ma; B. P. O. E. Address, Sheridan, 

LAYER, Hugo, manufacturer; b. Chi- 
cago, ni., Oct 17. 1887; s. Frank C. 
and Bessie (Kuera) L.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Illinois 1911; Helmet, KuKlux, 
Yoxan; varsity football, sophomore 
cotillion, senior committee; initiated 
by Illinois Beta, Nov. 2, 1907; dele- 
gate province Delta convention 1910; 
attended Nat'l convention Kansas 
City, 1910; reinforce concrete with 
American Steel and Wire Co., Chi- 
cago. Address, 1810 Central Park 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

LAYTON, 8. Herrick, educator; b. 
Lacking county, Ohio, Oct 16, 1866; 
s. Francis Marion and Lucinda P. L.; 
ed. Ohio Wesleyan 1896; instructor 
in English at College; initiated by 
Ohio Delta, Oct 11, 1896; affiliated 
with Ohio TheU; president Tri-SUte 
Teachers' associaUon; mem. execu- 
Uve committee N. W. O. T. A.; high 



school life certificate; author A Real- 
istic Reader; active member N. E. 
A; superintendent public schools of 
Lancaster; m. Minnie M. Brashares, 
Nov. 1, 1896. Address, 707 E. Main 
street, Lancaster, Ohio. 

LAYTON, Harry Philips, financier; b. 
Jameqpoift Mo., June 22, 1872; s. 
James Alexander and Louisa Marcel- 
la (Philips) L.; ed. University of Col- 
orado 1895; president senior class, 
four years on varsity football team, 
president Bell literary society, busi- 
ness manager "Silver and Ctold, 
business manager "The Clombine, 
the first annual of the University; 
initiated by Colorado Chi, April 11, 
1891, (charter mem.); eminent arch- 
on; delegate of Board of Trustees to 
Atlantic City 1909 and to Kansas 
City 1910, Nan convention of S. A. 
E.; active since 1898 in New York 
Alumni association; mem. of Board 
of Trustees; president H. P. Layton 
Co., dealers in bonds and mortgagee, 
vice-president Bayano River Lumber 
Co.; m. Martha Bliss Dickinson, Jan. 
8, 1898. Address, 11 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. 

LEACH, George Washington; b. Mala- 
ga, N. J., June 23, 1885; s. Alonco 
and Katherine (Hoelzel) L.; ed. 
Bucknell University 1907; advisory 
board, athletic apsociation; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Zeta, June 19, 1904; 
eminent archon; delegate Atlanta 
convention 1906; brother of Walter 
S. Leach, Pennsylvania Zeta; m. 
Ursula Dawes Pawnley, June 23, 
1910. Address, New Bethlehem, 

LEACH, Walter 8., mercantile; b. 
Bridgeton, N. J., July 8Q, 1887; s. 
Alonzo and Katherine L.; ed. Buck- 
nell University 1911; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Zeta, June 18, 1908; 
brother of George W. Leach, Penn- 
sylvania ZeU; m. Mable Coon, Sept 
14, 1911. Address, New Bethlehem, 

LEARMONTH, William James, stu- 
dent; b. Oct 26, 1889; s. James and 
Nettie (Gibson) L.; ed. University 
of Michigan 1912; class baseball 
team, sophomore society; Triangles 
Yttloans, Michlgamusk Fciix«\ tsw^v 


WHO'S WHO IN & A. ■. 

ball committee, varsltr tootbaU mftn- 
ager, prealdsnt ftthlettc uiodatlon, 
mem. Athletic Board of Control, mem. 
Board of Dlrecton of Athletic aiso- 
clatlon; Initiated br Mlohlcan lotar 
Beta, Not. 11, 1W8. Addreia, 19 
Charlea St, Holroke, Ha>e. 

LeCRON, Jamaa Defreea, secretary to 
governor ; b. WaTnesboro, Penn., 
Aug. 30, 1886; a John J. and Dade C. 
(Prater) L.; ed. Nortbweetem Unl- 
veralty 1908; Deru; editor In chief of 
Srllabus, associate editor of the 
Northweitem: InlUated b; llllnolB 
Psl-Omesa, Oct. 24, 1904; delegate 
province Delta convention, Indiana. 
1907; secretary to the governor of 
Wyoming; U. A UniTeraity of Wy- 
oming, formerly registrar University 
of Wyoming; m. Helen Cowleg, March 
3S. 1911. Address, Cheyenne, Wyom- 

LEE, Edwin Ferdinand, educator; b. 
Eldorado, lowa^ July 19, 1884; a. 
Andrew and Carrie L.; ed. North- 
western University and Upper lova 
State University; represented Upper 
Iowa State Untversl^ In intercoUegl- 
ate debate, aecond prize Deering de- 
bate contest; InlUated by Illinois Fst- 
Omega, March 30, 1906; paetor at 
New Hampton, Iowa; instructor Tl- 
ong Hoa Hive Koan School at BatSr 
ivla, Java. 1911-12; pastor of English 
speaking church at Kuala Lumpur, 
capltol of the Federated Malay 
States; traveled through Europe and 
the Orient; at present doing work 
in history of the European Colonial 
policies in the Far East; m. Edna 
Dorman, June 8, 1909. Address, Wes- 
ley Manse, Kuala Lumpur. P. H. S, 

LEE, John Perry, lawyer, lieutenant 
govemor; b. Rara AvU. Miss., Nov. 
8, 1S6S; B. John R. and Sarah Eliza- 
beth (Greene) L.; ed. at Cumberland 
University; Initiated by Tennessee 
Lambda, 1890; represeuUtlve in leg- 
islature, 1897. senator thirteenth 
senatorial cistrlct of Arkansas, 1906, 
and 1907, lieutenant governor of 
Arkansas. 1905 to 1907, retired from 
politics In 1907 and now practicing 
law, worshipful master Masonic 
Blue LoOge, lUgb priest Boyal Arch 

chapter, filled the stattooa erf BL of 
P.. DUk. Addroaa, CUrendoB. AA. 
LEE, Richard Edwin, oollege profes- 
sor: b. Philadelphia, Penn., SepL 9, 
1S76; a Mattblaa and Sarah Eliza- 
beth (Cook) L.; ed. at Northeast- 
ern Ohio College, Mount Union Col- 
lege, Harvard Unlveraity, Cornell 
University. University of New York; 
vice-president of class. Phi Beta 
Kappa; Initiated by Maasacbuaetts 
Gumma. 1906; prateasor of chem- 
ist:? at Allegheny College, honorary 
m^m. Alpha Chi Sigma <;hemical 
fraternity; mem. American Chemical 
8uc;lety, Fellow American Aaaocia- 
tloa for the Advancement of Science, 
"Tsxt Book of Experimental Chem- 
iattr." "Outlines of Qualitive Chemi- 
cal Analysis," Authors club (Lon- 
don), mem. Royal Society of Arte 
(England), research contributions 
electrical method for determining 
density of a solution; limestone an- 
alyals, new methode tor the analysis 
of the sine and calcium groups; m. 
Kathleen Carter, June 7, 1901. Ad- 
dress, 313 LoomU St., MeadvIUe, 

LEE, Thomas Zanslaur, lawyer, iudge- 
b, WoonsockeL R- I.. Sept. 26. 1866; 
B. Thomas and Eleanor M. L.; ed, at 
Boston University, 1897; Initiated by 
Mujeachusetta BetarUpsllon, April 1, 
1SS7; delegate to Natl conventltm s' 
A. E., 1910, AtlanUo City; clerk of the 
house of representativee, 1888-1902- 
admitted to the bar of the supreme 
court of the state of Rhode Island, 
circuit court of the United SUtes, 
and to the bar of the supreme court 
of the United SUtes, JusUce of the 
district court of the twelfth judicial 
distrlcL 1893-1898; mem. of the firm 
of Barney and Lee since Jan. 1st, 
1900; author of "The Rlghte of 
Women Under the Law." "History of 
Rhode Island, published by W. H. 
Parish company, of Chicago, volumes 
Vni and IX of the Journal of the Am- 
erican Irish Historical society, and 
other works; mem. of the bowd ot 
fellows of the Boston University 
School of Law; life mem. of the Am- 
erican Irish Historical society and Its 
secretary-general from January 16th, 
1909. to January llab 1911; mem. ot 

WUtra WHO IN e. A. B. 


the Amertesn Bar uaoclaUon, and 
delegste rrom tlie Rhode Iiland Bar 
SMocladon to the conTentlon In Port- 
land, Me., Jnlj, 1907, and reproMnta- 
tlvfl ol the Boatoa University School 
of Law at the convention In Detroit 
In 1909; repreientatlve from the Boa- 
ton Universltr to the International 
Law asBocIatlon'B coaCerencea In 
Lond<Hi In 1910; mem. of Interna- 
tiona Law association. Bureau of 
Comparative Law, Rhode Island Bar 
asaoclation, American Historical as- 
sociation, American Political Science 
eoctetr. Rhode Island Historical so- 
ciety, Rhode Island CItlsens Histori- 
cal association, Rhode Island Society 
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ani- 
mals, Woonsocket Day Nurserr and 
Children's Home, Rhode Island Yacht 
club, Automohlle Club of Rhode 
Island, Catholic Club of New York. 
Webster Chapter Phi Delta Phi, first 
president of the Providence Alumni 
association of the Sigma Alpha Ep- 
sllon; life mem. of the Cape Cod 
Pilgrim Memorial association. Ad- 
dress, 49 Westminster St., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

LEEDOM, Hsmpton Blaynay, Insur- 
ance; b. Httwaukee. Wis.. April SS, 
1888; a. James and Katharine (Blar- 
ney) L.; ed. at Unlverrtty of Wls- 
ccmeln. 1908; Initiated by Wiscon- 
sin Alphs, 190E; Are and liability in- 
surance. Address, Mitchell Bldg., 
MUwankee, Wis. 

LEOOAT, John Cochrane, lawyer; b. 
Lowell. Mass.. Sept S8. 1883; s. 1^1- 
llam and Elisabeth (Duming) !>.; ed. 
at Boston DDlverslty. 1906; Inltlsted 
by Hacsacbusetts Beta-Dpsllon, 1905. 
Address, 640 Broadway, Lowelt, 

LEMLY, William Bslo, officer United 
States Marine corps; b. Salem, N. C, 
Aog. SI, 18TE; a. William A. and B. 
C. B. L.; ed. at University of North 
Carolina. 1896; InlUated by North 
Carolina XI. Sept S. 1892; brother 
of F. H. Lemly, North Carolina XI; a 
veteran of the Spanish-American 
war. the PhtDpcIne Insurrection and 
the Boxer rebellion; he waa the first 
United States marine wounded In 
the battle of Tien-Tsin, China; re> 
covered In time to enter Peking with 
the relief cohimn; m. Adelaide BL 

Von Windegger, Dec. IB, 1901. Ad- 
dress, Headquariers U. S. Marine 
Corps, Washlngtoa, D. C. 

LE&8EL, Leonard Rax, student; b. 
Jan. 9. 1890; s. John and Mondane 
(Tubbs) L.; ed. at Iowa State C(d- 
lege. 1913; claas track, varsity track, 
football reserve, secretary Alpine 
club, ^uo Vadls society. Bachelor 
Debatittg society; Initiated by Iowa 
Gamms, March 9, 1910. Address. 
1803 First Ave., Perry, Iowa. 

LEONARD, Henry Alexander, super- 
vlEor; b. Atlanta. Oa.. April IS, 1880; 

a. H. C. Leonard; ed. at Georgia 
School of Technology, 1902; football 
team; Initiated by Georgia Phi, Dec. 
3, iSSI; brother of Louis James 
Leonard, Georgia Bpsllon; aOlIlated 
with South Carolina Oamma, at- 
tended Atlanta S. A. E. Nafl con- 
ventloc, 1906; material supervisor 
Southern Bell Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co.; m. Mayme a. Wynne, 
Dec. 14. 1904. Address, 63 E. He^ 
rittB Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

LETCHER, Glbney Oaear, lawyer; b. 
Henderson, Ky., June 30, 18S6; s. 
James H. and Dora P- L.; ed. at Cen- 
tral University, 1906, Princeton Unl- 
verBitv, M. a., 190$, University of 
Virginia, Central University, LL. B., 
190S; salutatorian, 190G, historian, 
1903. football team, captain base- 
ball team, vice-president Chamber- 
lain Literary society; while at 
Princeton was honorary mem. Whig 
Literary society. Triangle club, Mei^ 
wick Graduate club; Initiated by 
Kentucky Kappa. Sept 14, 1901, 
deputy archon; delegate province 
convention at Birmingham, Ala., 
1901. affiliated with Virginia Oml- 
cron: author municipal laws of the 
city of Henderson, Ky.; mem. Natl 
Geographic eoclety; traveled in Ba- 
rope. Mexico, Alaska; m. Katherlne 
Hodge. Nov. 8, 1911. Address, cor. 
Center and Green St£., Henderson, 

LEUE, Albreeht Frederic, mercantile: 

b. Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 21, 1877; s. 
Adolph and 'Conradlne L. ; ed. at 
University of Cincinnati, 1898; Cin- 
cinnati Y. M. C. A Night Law School, 
clasB treaBOTW ^a. trwiom*^ *^ 


WHO'S WHO m &. A.K. 

sophomore year, president Junior 
class basketball team, track team, 
business manager McMicken ReTiew, 
editor McMicken Review, bu^ness 
manager Cincinnatian, 1898; initi- 
ated by Ohio Bpsilon, Oct 16, 1897; 
eminent archon, attended Atlanta 
Nat'l convention, 1906, delegate prov- 
ince Delta convention, 1908, delegate 
Atlantic City Nat'l convention, 1909, 
delegate Kansas City Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1910, editor province Delta An- 
nual, 1899; mem. Nat'l ritual com- 
mittee, 1909, associate editor Phi Al- 
pha, author of S. A. E. songs; pur- 
chasing agent for the Triumph Elec- 
tric Co.; admitted to Ohio bar. Ad- 
dress, 2210 Ohio Ave., Cincinnati, 

LEUTWiLER, Oscar Adolph, univer- 
sity professor; b. Highland, 111., Feb. 
16, 1877; s. Adolph and Selina L.; 
ed. at University of Illinois, 1899, 
class treasurer, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma 
Psi, Shield and Trident, class base- 
ball; initiated by Illinois Beta, Jan. 
28, 1899 (charter mem.) ; director Illi- 
nois Beta association; assistant pro- 
fessor of Machine design. University 
of Illinois, author Notes on Machine 
Design and Notes on Mechanics of 
Machinery; mem. American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers, Society for 
Promotion of Engineermg Educa- 
tion; m. Elise V. Kaeser, Sept. 5, 
1901. Address, 511 West Green St, 
Urbana, 111. 

LEVERE, William C, was born in New 
Haven Conn., Oct 10, 1S72, the son 
of Charles F. and Mary E. Levere. 
He entered Northwestern University 
with the class of 1898 and on Sept 
26, 1894, was initiated by Illinois Psi- 
Omega, being the tenth of the charter 
members; winner of debate between 
liberal arts department and law de- 
partment; mem. of the University 
Governing Council and representative 
of his class in the College Senate; 
eminent correspondent and herald 
and delegate to Nashville, 1898, Bos- 
ton, 1900, Washington, 1902, Mem- 
phis, 1904, Atlanta, 1906. Atlantic 
City, 1909, Kansas City, 1910, S. A. 

JR N&tl conventlona; associate edi- 

tor of the Record; author of the pres- 
ent system of S. A E. records, de- 
visor of the Badge picture, visitor to 
seventy chapters, discoverer of CoL 
John Rudulph, sole surviving founder 
of the fraternity, after he had been 
lost to the order over forty years; 
president of Illinois Psi-Omega build- 
ing association; editor of The Origi- 
nal Minutes, 1904, editor of the 1904 
Catalogue, editor of the Songs of Sig- 
ma Alpha Epsilon; author of the His- 
tory of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, in three 
volumes; originated in S. A. E., the 
plan of the annual alunmi chapter 
letters and Tear Book and editor of 
the same in 1906 and 1912; author of 
the Life of Noble Leslie DeVotie; 
author of Who's Who in Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon; editor of the Pocket Direc- 
tory of S. A E.; author of the S. A. 
E. convention daily; acted as emi- 
nent archon at the installation of 
Illinois Beta, Minnesota Alpha, Illi- 
nois Theta, Kansas Alpha, Wiscon- 
sin Alpha, Virginia Theta, Iowa Beta, 
Ohio Rho, Washington City Rho, 
Iowa Gamma, Indiana Gamma, Okla- 
homa Kappa, South Dakota Sigma 
and assisted at the installation of Illi- 
nois Delta; founder of Indiana Gam- 
ma and joint founder of Illinois The- 
ta, Iowa Beta, Iowa Gamma, Wash- 
ington Alpha, Wisconsin Alpha; 
elected eminent deputy supreme 
archon, 1900, eminent supreme 
archon, 1902, re-elected eminent 
supreme archon, 1904, eminent su- 
preme recorder, 1904. honorary E. 
S. A., 1909, resigned same in 1910 to 
accept vacancy as eminent supreme 
treasurer, re-elected honorary E. S. 
A., 1910; editor Evanston Index, 
1901-5, magistrate of city court 1899- 
01, city treasurer, 1901-8, member of 
the Illinois legislature, 1906-7, presi- 
dent of the Society for the Erection 
of Evanston Historical Tablets, Secre- 
tary of the Evanston Historical so- 
ciety; clubs, Evanston, Westmore- 
land C'Ountry, Commercial; Thirty- 
second degree Mason, Knight Temp- 
lar, Shriner; author. Imperial Amer- 
ica, Twixt Greek and Barb, The 
Evanston Poets, Sharper Than a Ser- 
pent's Tooth (pli^), Vivian of Mack- 
inac; four European trips, travel 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


lectures. Address. 600 Dayis St» 

Evanston, 111. R. M. 

LEWI8, Edward R., lawyer; b. Indi- 
anapolis, Ind., June 15, 1886; s. Chas. 
S. and Adaline L.; ed. at Harvard 
University, 1908; mem. Harvard De- 
bating team, Harvard Monthly; de- 
gree cum laude; Phi Beta Kappa; ini- 
tiated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
Nov., 1905; eminent correspondent; 
brother of Chas. 8. Lewis, Jr., and 
Montgomery Lewis, Massachusetts 
Gamma. Address, 611 Newton Clay- 
pool Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

LEWI8, Philip K., banker; b. Wichi- 
ta, Kan., July 13, 1885; s. Hiram W. 
and Katnarine (Strong) L.; ed. at 
University of Michigan, 1909; initi- 
ated by Michigan Iota-Beta, 1905; 
vice-president Gold Savings State 
Bank, vice-president The Anchor 
Trust Company of Wichita; Mason; 
m. Mabel Irene Ellis, June 23, 1909. 
Address, 916 Oilman Ave., Wichita, 

LIBBY, Orfn Grant, university profes- 
sor; b. Hammond, Wis., June 9, 
1864; s. Asa and Julia (Barrows) L.; 
ed. at University of Wisconsin, 1892; 
special honors in pedagogy. Ph. D. 
degree; a mem. of the local which 
became Wisconsin Alpha; initiated 
by Wisconsin Alpha, Dec., 1907; 
head of department of History, Uni- 
versity of North Dakota; president 
State Library Commission of North 
Dakota, 1909; secretary State His- 
torical society of North Dakota; pres- 
ident State Audubon society of North 
Dakota; president Mississippi Valley 
Historical association; mem. Ameri- 
can Historical association, Wiscon- 
sin academy of Sciences; author 
Geographical Distribution of the 
Vote of the Thirteen States on the 
Constitution in 1787-8, 1894; editor of 
Historical Collections; State His- 
torical Society of North Dakota, vols. 
I, II, ni; m. Eva G. Cory, Sept 12, 
1900. Address, 409 S. Sixth St, 
Grand Forks, N. D. 

LIBBY, Wilbert Andrew, orchardist; b. 
Standish, Me., Feb. 20, 1879; s. Wil- 
lie M. and Martha J. i Wilson) L.; ed. 
at University of Maine, x^Ol; execu- 
tive committee. Junior prom commit- 

tee. Photo society, varsity track 
team, class track team, class foot- 
ball team; initiated by Maine Alpha, 
Feb. 22, 1901 (charter mem.); first 
recorder of Maine Alpha; attended 
as petitioner from local the S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Boston, 1900; 
road commissioner, delegate to re- 
publican county convention, 1908; 
K. of P., P. of H., Maine Dairyman's 
association, Maine Poultry associa- 
tion; m. Mabel Mary Wheatley, Jane 
21, 1905. Address, R. F. D. No. 2, 
Sebago Lake, Me. 

LICHTENSTEIN, Howard, produce; 
b. New York City, Sept 24, 1877; s. 
Seamen and Catharine (Hoyt) L.; ed. 
at Columbia University, 1908; base- 
ball team, Rowing association. Engin- 
eering society, T. M. C. A.; initiated 
by New York Mu, April 22, 1895; at- 
tended province Beta convention, 
1896. Address, 251 West 89th St, 
New York City. 

LIGHT, Curtis Roy, student; b. Dec. 
24, 1889; s. Byrd Light and Martha 
(Corbin) L.; student at University of 
Illinois; president Junior class, var- 
sity baseball team. Junior inter- 
fraternity society; initiated by Illi- 
nois Beta, March 20, 1911. Address, 
Brook, Ind. 

LILLY, Wiliiam, lawyer; b. Lambert- 
ville, N. J., Nov. 25, 1884; s. John and 
La villa (Smith) L.; ed. at Harvard, 
1907; freshman crew, senior crew; 
initiated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
March, 1905. Address, care Under- 
wood, Van Vorst and Hoyt rooms 
401-^37, 25 Broad St, New York City. 

LINDHOLM, Paul Purcell, lawyer; b. 
Black Hawk, Carroll county. Miss., 
Dec. 23, 1886; s. P. A. and Elizabeth 
(Purcell) L.; ed. at University of 
Mississippi, 1907, LL. B., 1911; his- 
torian class of 1907, baseball team, 
capt. fteshman baseball team, assist- 
ant editor Die Miss.; scholastic hon- 
or for six years; initiated by Missis- 
sippi Gamma, Nov. 17, 1903; eminent 
archon (three times); mem. of the 
law firm of Hooker and Lindholm. 
Address, Lexington, Miss. 

LINDSAY, Lewis Bonner, stockman and 
lawyer; b. Gainesville, Tex., Auji^. ^\^ 
1871; B.3am^alA,wA3wai\»\*A^A^« ^^ 


wHcrs WHO IK a A. K 

Vrntttntts ol Tom, ISM, ValTsnltr 
of MlcUcaa, ItM; nam. bovd ot U- 
ncbns AtbMle aMoefaUkw at Dat- 
Tenlt7 at MtcUgaa; moL board o( 
oAlora ot Tb» PaUadlam at UalTor- 
■Itr of MlchlKMi; loltlaud br Tama 
Rtao, 18S>: afflUated with HlcUsan 
Iota-B«ta; aarred aa preatdcot ot 8. 
A. E. Bnlldlas eorporatloii at Hlehl- 
Su>; iwpotnted anponiaor of cooaaa 
of tbiiteenth dlatrlct of Tazaa by 
Prealdant Taft; In lAarca of tbe 
work In fortr-eisbt countlea. Ad- 
dreaa, OalneavUle, Tozaa. 

LINDSEY, J. Frank, atudant; b. Jnlr 
9, I8S9; fl. Oeo. W. and Luclnda M. 
(Brans) L.; student at UDlTeraltT 
of Indiana; freihman baaeoall team. 
mem. UnlTeraltr QIm cluo; Initiated 
tj Indiana Qamma, Jan. 16, Iftll. Ad- 
dreaa. Oak town, Ind. 

LING, Charles JoMph, college protea- 
■or; b. Auburn, N. T., Dec. g, IttJ; 

a. HaniT and ElUabeth L.: ed. at 
Coraell Unlvenlty, B. S., 1890; Den- 
ver UnlTeraltr, Ph. D., 1902; InlU- 
ated br Colorado Zeta. Not. S, 1900; 
eminent archon; vlce-prealdeot prov- 
ince Eta, 1902-1904, president prov- 
ince Eta. 1906; delegate Nat'l 8. A 
B. conventton, Memphis, 1904; Fel- 
low A A. A S.; mem. Aetronomlsche 
Oeselschaft, mem. American Physi- 
cal society, professor physics and 
aatronomy Allegheny College; m. 
Myrtle H. Byan. Not. 12, 1S90. Ad- 
dreu, care Allegheny College, Head- 
vltle, Penn. 

LINO, Louis Chaunoy, editor; b. De- 
troit. Hlch., Feb. 12, 1874; s. Conrad 
and Demarls L.; ed. at Harvard Unl- 
Terelty, 1898; Initiated by Haasa- 
chusetts Qamma, Uarch 7, 1S96; af' 
Dilated with Michigan lota-BeU, 1897; 
assistant managing editor and dra- 
matic critic Detroit Journal. Ad- 
dress, 115 Alfred Bt., Detroit, Mich. 

LINK, Edmondson Benjamin, student; 

b. Jan. i. 1890; student at TJntverslty 
ot Denver; Initiated by Colorado 
ZeU. Feb. 6, 1912. Address. Las 
Cnices, N. M. 

LITTLE. Jamas Monroe, student; b. 
^ubwm, Ala., Feb. 2d. 1876; a. 0. B. 
Moa it. a L.; od. at Alabama Poly- 

tecbnic iDstitate. IMS; initiated by 
Alabama Alpba-Mn. 1S90; law stu- 
dent atOUakoiaaniilTeralty.I^lS: m. 
Grace Rndulph ta dao^ter 9t one of 
the founders), June tt, 19M. Ad- 
dress, 716 E. Gray St. Nomuun. OUa. 

LITTLE, John, clwgyman; b. Tnaca- 
loosa. Ala-. April 29. UJt; m. John 
and Amanda Banks (Harris) L.; ed. 
at University of Alabama. 189S; Ini- 
tiated by Alabama Mu, April 30, 
IS92; biDther of R. H. UtUe. Alar 
bama Uu; American superintendent 
and founder of The Preabyterian Col- 
ored Mlseiona. a work which la at- 
tracLtng considerable attention In re- 
ligious circles; m. M. Eleanor Tar- 
rant, Sept. X. 1906. Addreaa, «18 
Floral Terrace, Iioulavllle, Ky. 

LITTLE, John Doaler, lawyer; b. 
April 17, 1871; s. William A L.; ed. 
at tTniverelty of Georgia, 1890; annl- 
versarian of the Demostbenian ao. 
ciety, editor-in-chlet college annual. 
flret honor graduate; initiated by 
Georgia Beta, Oct S. 188G; speaker 
Georgia house of repreBsntativea, 
1S98-190E. Address, Atlanta, Oa. 

LtTTLE, Julian Hampton, bank presi- 
dent; b. LitUe's Mills, N. C. May 26, 
D^ii.i; a J P. LltUe, ed. at Univer- 
eiiy or Norib Carolina, 1888; football, 
bftBeball; InltUted by North Caro- 
lina XI. Feb. 81, 1886; brother of Wm. 
M. Little. North Carolina Xi; organi- 
zer and president of Charlotte Trust 
Co. and Charlotte Realty Co.; [xresl- 
dent Little-Long Co., at preaent pres- 
ident of Independence Trust Co. Ad- 
dress, Charlotte, N. C. 

LITTLE, Richard Harris, publisher; b. 
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Aug. 29, 1878; a. 
John and Amanda (Harris) L.; ed. 
St UnlverBity ot Alabama, 1896, law, 
ISSC; Initiated by Alabama Mu, Oct. 
», 1892 ; eminent archon, 1896; 
nephew ot John Webb Kerr (one ot 
the founders) and brother of John 
Llitle, Alabama Mu, and Robert I. 
Little, Alabama Mu; pubUsher ot 
newspaper and la realty bnalness; 
m. Johnnie Dardea, Aug. 4, 190S. Ad- 
drees, 2223 Broad St, Tnacaloosa, 



LITTLE, Robert Irvltifl, anlTeraltr In- 
Btructor; b. TuBcaloosa, Ala., Aug. 30, 
1881; 8. Jotin and Amanda (HarrlB) 
L.; ed. at UnlTenlty of Alabama, 
1901; initiated hj Alabama Mu, Oct. 
1, 18ST; nephew of John Webb Kerr 
(one of ttae founders) and brother of 
Richard H. Little, Alabama Mu, and 
John Little, Alabama Mu, inetructor 
UnlTersity of Alabama; studied in 
Oottingen and Paris, ISOS. Address, 
2223 Ninth St., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

LITTLE, William Mysra, Uwyer; b. 
Little's Mill, N. C, March 2S, 1867; 
s. John P. and Fanny (Myers) !>.; ed. 
at Dnlveralty of North Carolina, 
1888; class president, chief marshal, 
valedictorian, winner of PhiUips 
medal for mathematics; initiated by 
North Carolina Xi, F'eb. 24, 1886; emi- 
nent archon; consul of the United 
States at Tequelgalplia, Honduras; 
contributor of literary and descrlpt' 
ire articles to newspapers, formerlr 
principal of Statesville, N. C, high 
school, assistant principal Cape Fear 
Academy at Wilmington and assist- 
ant Instructor of E^lish at Univer- 
sitr of North Carolina. Address, 
Sturie Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. 

LITTLETON, LeRoy Jossph, banker; 
b. Stockton, Cal.; e. Tillman B. and 
Catherine (Hayes) L.; ed. at Univer- 
sity of Calltomla, 1907; iniUated by 
California Beta, Jan. 80, 1904; mem. 
of Nst'I Geographic society, Wash- 
ington, D. C; m. Josephine Emily 
Brlcker, May 21, 1909. Address, 846 
W. Vine St, Stockton, Cal. 
LOHMAN, Harry Wllltam, miner; b. 
Sept 11, 1882; s. Fred and Isabella 
Hayles (Velderman) L.; ed. at Colo- 
rado School of Mines, Columbia Unl* 
verslty. B. 8., E. M., M. A. degrees; 
Initiated by Colorado Lambda, Sept 
11, 1882; mem. Columbia Alumni As- 
sociation of E>enver; afflllated with 
New York Ma; manager of the Colo- 
rado Gold Dredging Co.; m. LlUom 
HungerfOrd, June 17, 1911. Address 
Breckenrldge, Colo. 
LOMAX. Page Tayloa, lawyer; b. at 
Loala. Ho., June 17. 187B; a. S. W. 
and Fannie C. L.; ed. at UnlTenlty 
ot Texas, 1SS9: Treverant and (^h- 

ran Insurance prlxe, law thests; Ini- 
tiated by Tezra Bho, Oct 2. 1897; 
eminent correspondent; m. Mary 
Knox Thomson, Dec 21, 1904, Ad- 
dress, Rooms 709-711, Wheat Bldg., 
Ft. Worth, Texas. 

LOMBARD, Paul Irving, lawyer, legis- 
lalor; b. Springfield. Mass., July 16, 
1ST5; s, Edward Murray and Eitta 
Bltse L.; «d. at Boston UnlTersity, 
1901 : Initiated by HasoachusetU 
Beta-Upsilon, Dec. 9, 1899; eminent 
correspondent; mem. Massachusetta 
houee of representatives, 1910, 1911, 
mi2. Address, 31 Elm St, Spring- 
Held, Mass. 

LOMBARD, Wlilard Price, lawyer; b. 
Drayton Island, Fla., July SO, 1889; 
B. Fred E. Lombard; ed. at Boston 
University, 1911. L. L. B. (cum 
laude); initiated by tfassachusetts 
BeUL-Opailon, Feb., 1909; delegaU to 
province convention, Worcester, 
Mass.; Justice ot the peace, notary 
public. Residence, 81 Pleasant St, 
Everett, Mass., business, 39 Court 
St., Boston, Mass. 

LONDON, Henry M., lawyer, Btate 
seoator; b. Plttsboro, N. C, April 11, 
1879; s. Henry A. and BetUe (Jack- 
eon) L.; ed. nntverslty ot North 
Carolina, 1899; editor UnlTersity 
Magaslne and Tar Heel; graduated 
cum laude; IniUated by North Caro- 
llnii Xi, Oct. 3, 1896; eminent cor- 
respoodent; delegate Nat'l S. A. E. 
convention at Washington, D. C„ 
1902; mayor of Plttsboro. 1908-1906; 
mem. state bouse of representatives, 
1907, state senator, 1911-12; m. 
Mamie EUlot, Nov. 26, 1908. Ad- 
dress, Plttsboro, N. C. 

LONG, Aufluatus White, oniverslty pro- 
fesKir; b. Chapel HiU, N. C, Not. 
37, 1882; s. Thomas A. and Loa 
(White) L.; ed. at University ot 
North Carolina, 1S86; essay medalist 
and representative medalist; Initi- 
ated by North Carolina XI. Sept 8, 
1888; assistant professor ot Ebigliah 
at Princeton University: delegate 
Kounty and cougreasfonal conven- 
tions; editor EngUah Pmima, kmnAr 
can PoQini', m. c '" ' ~ "■■" 

WHO'S THO m 8. A. B. 

LONO, WMIlam Hanry, lawyer; b. Mar- 
Bholltown, Iowa, Oct 4, ISSS; ■. Wtl- 
llam and I>ucr Catherine (Pen?) 
L.; ed. Northweatem Unlreralty. 
1906, law, 1910; initiated by IlUnola 
Fsl-Omega, June 6, 1905, eminent ar- 
chon; secretary to president of 
Northwestern UalTerslty, 1907 to 
1910. Addreu, G16 Monadnock Bldg., 
Chicago, lU. 

LOOMI8, Oeorgt Allan, student; b. 
May IT, 1909; a. Lewte A. and Qrace 
(Wtlkerson) L.; ed. at low* State 
College, 1918; Initiated by Iowa Gam- 
ma, U&y IT, 1909. Address, 3G9 
Fountain St., Cherokee, Iowa. 

LOOP, Chaatar H., U. S. army offlcer; 

a. C. L. L..; ed. at Virginia Military 
InsUtute; initiated by VlrKlnla Theta; 
Ueuteoont United States army- Ad- 
dress, Fort Flager, Wash. 

LORE, Charles Lawrenea, student; b. 
Aug. 4, 1S90; s. James T. and K. V. 
(Jamison) L.; ed. Allegheny Col- 
lege, 1912; varsity baaebaU, manager 
basketball; vice-president Junior 
class, president Classical club, cap- 
tain class baseball, class football, 
class track, class basketball. Block 
A. club; Initiated by Pennsylvania 
Omega, Oct. 10, 1908; brother of 
James T. Lore of Pennsylvania 
Omega. Address, 106 Custer Ave.. 
Vandergrift, Penn. 

LORING, Georfie William, student; b. 
Jan. 16, 1891; s. William L. and Julia 
£. (Lauton) L.; student at Worcester 
Polytechnic Institute; initiated by 
Massachusetts Delta chapter, Sept. 
29, 1910. Address, Main St., Central 
Village, Conn. 

LOTT, Warren, Jr., county ordinary; 

b. Waycross, Qa., May 26, 1882; s. 
Warren and Harriet (Williams) L,; 
ed. Davidson College, 1901; initiated 
by North Carolina Theta, April 21. 
1899; affiliated with Georgia Beta, 
cadet United States Miliiary Acad- 
emy, 1903-7; second lieutenant 17th 
Infantry, U. S. A., resigned commls- 

g/oa In army Jan. 3, 1908; nut grow- 
er, ordinary. Ware county, Qa., 190B. 

Address, IKS Plant Ave., WaycroH. 

LOVELL, Aldls Wlllard. Uwyer; b- At 
stead, N. H., Sept SI, 1879; a. Henry 
AidU and Oegrglana B. (I'ellowi) L.; 
I'll at Dartmouth, 1908, Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1808; Boston University, 
i:ii)7; Qamma Eta Gamma ic^al 
rratemlty, Hoore prise in sool- 
ogy, LL. B. cum laude and LL. 
U., Boston University; initiated by 
Massachusetts Beta-Upallon, 1B06; 
admitted to bar and United States 
district court; clerk of probate court, 
dietrict of Waterbury; Harmony 
Lodge, No, 42, P. and a, M., The 
CoanecUcut Society of the Order of 
the Founders and Patriots of Am- 
erica. Address, 108 Bank St, Water- 
bury, Conn. 
LOVETT, Archibald Battle, lawyer, 
mayor; b. Sylvanla, Oa., June SI, 
IKS4; a. J. F. Lovett; ed. at Mercer 
University, 1902; Initiated by Oeoi^ 
gla PsI, Sept. 19, 1899; delegate to 
Alemphla Nat'l convention of 8. A. E., 
It*ii4; secretary Alumni association 
M'blch entertained convention at 
Memphis; mayor of Sylvanla. Qa.; 
m. Corrie Overstreet June 20, 1908. 
Address, Sylvanla, Screven county, 
LOWE, Oeorga Dean, editor; b. Quit- 
man county, Ga.. Sept. 16, 1877; s. 
John T. and Etta J. {Kirksey) L.; 
ed at Emory College, 1897; clase 
prophet, 189T; captain football team, 
1S07. Boynton medalist, 1896, editor 
Kmory Phoenix, 1897, editor-in-chlef 
Tho Zodiac, le9T; Initiated by Geor- 
gia EpsUon, Nov. 11, 1893; eminent 
recorder and correspondent; editor 
The Sportsman and Motorist; author 
of Men of Mark in Georgia and vari- 
ous technical handbooks devoted to 
southern manufacturing Induatriee, 
contributor to magazines and sclen- 
tlQc papera, editor at various times 
of trade and technical publications, 
IncludlDg Cotton, Cottonaeed OH 
Magazine, Southern Engineer, Con- 
crete Age, Ice, Oarage and Southern 
Automobiles; m. Marguerite Brown, 
April 4, 1901. Addraaa, 16 Sella Ave., 
Atlanta, Oa. 



LOWELL, Henry Parkvr, editor; b. 
Somerrllle, Hub., Dec. 21, 1887; m. 
Frank U. LoweU; ed. at NorthwMt- 
em UalTenltr. 1910; preildent 
■enlor claas, 1910, Dem aealor taon- 
onrj fratemltr. bvelunan and fopho- 
more football team, aophomore track 
team, editor-In-chlet ol 1910 annual. 
The SylUbuB, aasoclate editor North- 
western -^agastne, cartoonist North- 
weatem Trl-Weekly, lllnatrator of 
the College annual three rears, presi- 
dent College T. M. C. A.; aotbor 
freshman play; Initiated by Illinois 
Psl-Omega, Oct 7, 1907; eminent ai>- 
chon; epecial writer staff Reslater 
and Leader. Addreea, Register and 
I^eader, Editorial Dept, West Fourth 
St. and Court Ave.. Des Holnes, 

LOWRIE, WHDam Leonard; American 
GODBuI; b. Adrian, HIch., 1869; s. A. 
H. Lowrle; ed. at Adrian College, 
1889; valedictorian, prise In Wn gi'^fc 
literature. Horall and clau oratory; 
Initiated by Michigan Alpha. Jan. 82, 
18ST: affiliated with tUcUgan Iota- 
Beta; eminent archon of Michigan 
Alpba and Michigan Iota-Beta; dele- 
gate Nat'l 8. A. B., Chattanooga, 

1892. NaahTllle. 1888, Pittsburgh, 

1893, Washington, 1894, conTentlons; 
secretary of Judiciary committee mi- 
nolfl state legislature, newspaper and 
magazine writer; University of Leip- 
zig, i891-lS92; secretary (second) 
United States Legation at Rio de 
Janeiro, Brazil, 1898, Tlce and deputy 
consul general, Rio de Janeiro, 1899, 
United Btates consul at Weimar, Ger- 
many, 1906, consul at Erfurt, Ger- 
many. 1908, consul at Carlsbsd, Aus- 
tria, 1909: m. Amy W. Alden. Ad- 
dress. Carlsbad, Austria. 

LOWRY, Robert Alexander, mercan- 
Ute; b. Farmtngton, Mo., Feb. 10, 
1889; s. Mr. Lowry and Jessie Kclll- 
Taine (White) L.; ed. at University 
of Kentucky, 1910; mystic 13. Lamp 
and Cross, manager football team; 
Initiated by Kentucky EtpsUon, Oct, 
1907; eminent archon; brother of T. 
W. Lowry, S. A. E.; with the anllivan 
Macbinery Co. Address. 24 Trinity 
St, Claremtmt, N. H, 

LUCIUS, Edward BuIhm, lawyer; b. 

Summit, N. J., Aog. 21, 188&; s. Otto 
and Maria (Dies de Bulnes) L.; ed. 
at Unirenlty of Michigan and North- 
western university; Initiated by 
Michigan lotarBeta, 1907; president 
Chicago Alnmnl association. Ad- 
dress, 1282 First Nat'l Bank Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

LUCIUS, William Irvin, mercantile; b. 
HartweU, Ohio, Sept 7, 1887; m. 
Charles W. and BUsabeth (Myer) L.; 
ed. at Purdue University, 1808; initi- 
ated by Indiana Beta, April 6, 1907, 
eminent deputy archon; Rochester 
representative AlUs-Chalmen Co.; 
m. Helen Muehlmatt, June 1, 1910. 
Address, 17 Orlton Place, Rochester, 
N. Y. 

LUENING, Edwin Garfield, educator; 
b. Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 8, 1881; a. 
D. C. and Frances L.; ed. at Unive1^ 
sitj o[ WisconBin, 1906, Oerman club 
and took part In Oerman dramatics, 
University orchestra, librarian of or- 
chestra; initiated by Wisconsin Al- 
pha, Oct 28, 1904; secretary and 
treaeurar Milwaukee Alumni associa- 
tion ol S. A, E.; teacher In Hllwau- 
kee Public Schools; mem. of Scholar- 
affia; traveled In Germany, ISIO. Ad- 
dress. 323 Fifteenth St, Mllwanke^ 

LUM. Burton Oscar, horticulturist; b. 
Camanche, Iowa, Feb. 23, 1883; a. 
Charles E. and Almyra A. L.; ed. at 
University of Washington, 190B; 
track team, Olee club. Dramatic 
club; initiated by Washington Alpha 
(ciiarler mem.). May 30, 1906; eml- 
neDt archon; delegate to Atlanta S. 
A. E. convention, 1906, chairman of 
S. A. E. history committee at Atlanta 
convenUon; writer of articles In 
magazines on irrigation; m. Pansy 
Mary McKee, Jan. 12, 1911. Reel- 
deuce. 703 N. Second St, buBlnese. 7 
N. Second St, North Yakima, Wash. 

LUMPKIN, Alva Moore, lawyer; b. Mll- 
ledgeviUe, Ga., Nov. 13. 1886; s. Wil- 
liam Wallace and Annette Carolina 
L.; ed. at University of South Caro- 
lina, 1908; president senior law class, 
190S, president Clariosophic Literary 
Bccletv, manager football team, aa- 
soclate editor College magailne, on<- 
tor wntoi ^».■w <i\»a». ■nw«w«**^ '•' 


' <:l«t7 in Southern Intancbolactlc Ora- 
torical Basodatlon, alw StMe Ister* 
■cholastlc OrKtorlcat ajuocUUon; lIl^ 
tlAted by Sooth Caroltiw IMta, 
HBFch 11. 1911; wM Ant prMldent 
of local Bpallon Mn Delta that wm 
granted chaner at Kanua Citr Nat'l 
S. A. B. convention, 1910; ropreaent- 
ed local B. H. D. at proTince Oamma 
conTsntlon, IMS, AtlanUc Cltr Nat'l 
8. A. E. convention, 1909 and Nat'l S. 
A. E. Kansas Cl^ convention, 1910; 
brotlier of Hiqte H. Lumpkin, Tennes- 
■M Omega, and Morris C. Lumpkin, of 
South Carolina Delta. IBIO; elected 
Tlce^resldent of Province Qamma, 
191i; aecretar? of senate of Sonth 
Carolina, special referee ot supreme 
court of South Carolina. Address, 
1»S WaehinKton St. Columbia, S. C 

LUMPKIN, Hope Henry, clerKTman; 
b. Union Point, Oa., Oct 9. 1882; a. 
William Wallace and Annie C. L.; ed. 
at UafverBlty of South Carolina, B. 
A., 1904. University of the South, B. 
D., 1907; vice-president senior class 
and student bodr, UDlversltr of 
South Carolina, Blue Ribbon (Crown 
and Serpent). University of the 
South, Tarslt7 football team Univer- 
sity of South Csrolina and Unlversltr 
of the South, Clariosophlc socletTi Uni- 
versltr of South oaroUna, Bopberim, 
University ot the South, Punch and 
Judr (dramatic clab),Universlt7 ot 
the Sonth. president Clariosophlc soci- 
etr, a society one hundreds years old 
at University of the South, Dwight 
medal at University of Che South for 
phUoEophlcal and Biblical Greek, di- 
rector of minstrel club at University 
of South Carolina, mem. mterschol- 
asUc Wi-ltera club. B. U.; twice rep- 
resentative in the Southern Intercol- 
leKlate Oratorical contest; InlUated 
by Tennessee Omega. July 5, 190*; 
eminent archon; delegate S. A. E. 
nroeth anniversary convenUon, At- 
lanta, 1908. author of song In 8. A. B. 
•otig book; brother of Aiva M. Lnmp- 
Wn, South Carolina Delta, and Mor^ 
m c. Lumpkin, South Carolina 
Delta; priest of Protestant Episcopal 
church, chairman Sunday School 
»mmls«ion of the Dioc«» of South 

t^mOn*; «Ml«taat cbtpUln ^nenl 

o( the United Sons of CooMente 
Veterans, also for South Carolina 
campa; m. ICary Isabella Headttraon, 
AprU S7, 1909. Address. Darlington. 
8. C. 

LUND, Benjamin Richard, atndesit: b. 
May 16, 1891; s. Anthon and Bolette 
lOCterson); student at University of 
MlnaesoU; Initiated by HInneaoU 
Alpha, Nov. tl. 1911; mem. Tan 
Sbonka club. Residence, Dawson, 

LUND. Oscar Simon, student; b. Hay 
IS, 188S; s. Anthon and Bolette (Ot- 
terson); student at University of 
Minaesota; Initiated by Mln&esota 
Alpba, Nov. 7, 1910; mem. Nu Sigma 
Nu. Address. Dawson, Minn. 

LUTZ. Fred RIchsrd, student; b. Feb. 
e. 1S92; s. William and MetUda L. 
(Russell) L.; student at University ot 
Denver; initiated by Colorado Zeta, 
Oct. 24, 1911. Address, 1779 8. Peart 
St., Denver, Colo. 

LUTZ, Henry Eugene, lawyer; b. Bnck- 
hammon. W. Va, Aug. 20, 1880; s. 
Kugene and Ada Bassel L.; ed. at 
iTnlveralty of Virginia,, 1908; law 
fraternity Phi DelU Phi, aasoclate 
editor College annual; initiated by 
Virgin Omlcron. Nov. 8. 1901; emi- 
nent archon. Address, 629 Equitable 
RIdg.. Denver, Colo. 

LYDDAN, J. D„ farmer; b. Webster, 
Kv., Sept 16, 1887; s. John and Alice 
(Henry) L.; ed. Bethel (Allege 1907; 
manager basketball, manager and 
captain baseball, correspondent Beth- 
el Athletic asBociatiani initiated by 
Kentucky Iota, March IT, 1906; dep- 
uty eminent archon; delegate prov- 
ince convenUon, Naahville. Tenn.; 
aflUlated with Kentucky Kappa; 
brother of Michael H. Lyddan S. A. 
E.: farming and live stock dealer; 
mem. Good Luck 18 dub, a club ot 
13 bachelors. Address, Webster, 

LYPORD, Pcroy Lang, forest wglneer; 
b. Waverly, New Twk, Aug. 7, 1884; 
s. Prederte B. and Cora (Lonman) L.; 
ed. C^meU Universltr 1»M: varsity 
basketball team, captain 1906-190C; 
initiated by New Tork Al^a. Dec. 
19, 19DS; mam. ot trm oC a A. LJ^ 
ford and Co.. pio i wers Im llMMt ■D^ 



ver work la Canada; Is a member ot 
the Canadian society ot Forest Bn- 
glneera, and ot the society ot Ameri- 
can Foresters; evidence o( his work 
is to be found In a general torest sur- 
Ter and map ot soathem New Hamp- 
aUre publldied in 1»B by the New 
Hampshire Poreatir commission, as 
wall as in the detailed torest surrey, 
tncludlnc topographical maps tor the 
Blordon company. The area covered 
to date by the Hlordon survey Is 
1,760 square miles; when a student at 
Cornell he was prominent In all 
tonus ot athleUcs, Including footbaD 
and rowing. He was "stroke" ot the 
Cornell "varsity" tour-oared crew, 
which made a name tor themselves In 
1902. Address, 206 Board ot Trade 
Bldg., Montreal. Canada. 

LYMAN, Charies Wood, postmaster; 
b. New Orleans, La., Nov. 25, 1868; s. 
W. R. and Uaiy A. (Campbell) L.; 
ed. Southwestern Presbyterian Uni- 
versity 1889; Eraduate Princeton 
Seminary 1892 ; orator 1888 com- 
mencement, president Waahington 
Irving literary society, associate edi- 
tor College Journal, elected alumni 
poet; Initiated by Tennessee Zeta, 
June 1887; postmaster at Rayne, I>a.; 
president Louisiana State association 
of Presidential postmasters; state 
republican commlttoeman Louiaiana; 
secretary Qay-Shattuck Law Bnforce- 
ment league otAcadla parish, secretary 
Acadia pariah execntlve committee, 
secretary Rayne Fire aasoclatlon; 
mem. Lake Charles lodge B. P. 0. 
Elks; m. Louise Rochel, Jan. 31, 1908. 
Address, Rayse, La. 

LVNCH, William Edmund, student; fa. 
Oct 12, 1892; s. WlUIam Edward and 
Kate (Holsteln) L.; student at David- 
son CoUege; Initiated by North Caro- 
lina Theta. Jan.. 1910. Address, 
Bdgefleld. S. C. 

LYNE8, Carlos, real eaUte broker; b. 
Charlotte. N. C, Oct », 1876; a. J. 
Colton and Pauline (Hicbel) L.; ed. 
at Georgia School of Technology, 
1S97; aaalstsnt editor OeorgU Tech.; 
Initiated by UeorgU FU, Sept. 189S: 
district nMd conunlaaloBer, Atlanta 
Tom Tenln, peat re p rasentatlTe 
Gnad Lodge K. of P., awL Bad Hw, 

Old Quard ot Gate City Guard; aon 
ot J. Colton Lynes, North Carolina 
Rho-Rho; mem. firm of Thomson 
and Lynes, realty; m. Hartha Eleanor 
Stapleton, June 14, 1900. Address, 
18-20 Walton St. Atlanta, Ga. 

tYON, Jamas Adair, Jr., university pro- 
fessor; b. York, Penn., Hay 4, 187S; 
s. James A. and EUsabeth (Barrin- 
ger) L.; ed. Southwestern Preaby* 
terlan University, 1895; vice-presi- 
dent of class, football and track team 
at Southwestern Presbyterian Uni- 
versity and University ot Virginia, 
president ot Stewerd Literary soci- 
ety at Southwestern Presbyterian 
University; Initiated by Tennessee 
Zeta, Dec. 13, 1893; eminent archon 
of both Tennessee Zeta and Virginia 
Omlcron; province convention, 1897, 
delegate from Virginia Omlcron to 
Nat'l convention at Nashville, 1898; 
brother ot S. C. Lyon, Tennessee 
Zeta; professor of physics at Tulane 
University; mem. Astronomical and 
Astrophyslcal societies; public lec- 
tures on astronomical subjects; am- 
ong the Illustrated scientific lectures 
given by him are: "The Heavens and 
the Earth." "The Solar System," 
"Comets," "Earth Heat;" m. Elisa- 
beth Winston Antrim, Aug. ;S9, 1900. 
Address, 1210 Broadway, New 0> 
leans, La. 

tY0N8, William Russell, mercantUe; 
b. Morgantowa, W. Va., Sppt 87, 
18S2; s. F. P. and Carrie (Donaldson) 
L.; ed. Adrian College, 1910; presi- 
dent freshman class, vice-president 
Junior class, tootball, basketball and 
baseball teams, president AthleUc aa- 
soclatlon, basketball manager, presi- 
dent Star liltersry society, debater la 
the Star anniversary program; Initi- 
ated by Hichigan Alpha, April 88, 
1906; eminent archon, delegate to At- 
lanta S. A E. Nat'l convention, 1906, 
Ohio Wesleyan, 1908, provlace con- 
vention, secretary and treasurer proT- 
ince Delta 1908 to 1910. in attendance 
as secretary and treaanrer pravlnoe 
Delta convention, Chicago, 1910; rep- 
reaentattve H. J. Heine Co.; repre- 
sented Adrian College throng Weat 
Vlr^nla a&& V«akxi\-na&a. «a. «bfits«~ 


MmADAM, Hanry Qraham, pbjBldan: 
b. New York Ctty, Arrll 7, 1873; ■. 
Qnham and M&ir Shoommaker 
(Cone) H.; ed. at ColomDla Dnlvei^ 
slt7, 1896; flret prise In biology, hon- 
ora in anatomr; Initiated by New 
York Mu, Feb. 21, 18BE (charter 
mem.); preeident province Beta; 
delegate to Wa^lngton, 1902, and 
Boflton, 1900, 8. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tlons, vice-president Nat'l board of 
truatees, 19D0-; medical laapector 
New York board ot Health, 18B5-; 
medical luperTlaor of the Ward 
Bread Co., visiting physlcltui Nortli- 
weatern Dlapensary. 1897-1900, vlilt- 
Ing physician Northern Dlspenaary. 
1900-1903; Instructor New York Post 
Uraduate Hospital. 1895-1910; medi- 
cal Inspector ot schools, etc.; mem. 
of New York, ijotmty and State Medi- 
cal societies, president New York So- 
ciet]' of Dermatology and Qenlto Uri- 
nary Surgery, secretary New Post 
Graduate Clinical society, former 
president New York Alumni SMOcla^ 
tlon. Past Ezalter Ruler B. P. O. 
Blks; m. Irene Van Tine, Jan. 19, 
1899. Address, 544 W. ISTth St., New 
York City. 

MACARTNEY, Thomas Waksflald, en- 
gineer; b. Des Moines, Iowa, Nov. SO, 
1883; a. Frederick 0. and Charlotte E. 
(Webster) M.; ed. at Purdue Univer- 
sity, 1906; Initiated by Indiana Beta, 
April 14, 1903; eminent archon, at- 
tended province Delta convention. La 
Fayette, 1906; city engineer's office; 
m. Margaret Victoria Scarborough, 
Sept, IS, 1911. Address, 2160 Laurel- 
shade Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

MACBRIDE, Philip D., lawyer; b. Iowa 
City, Iowa, March 21, 1887; s. Thomas 
H. and Harriet D. M.; ed. at Univer- 
sity of Iowa, 1908; Initiated by Iowa 
Beta, fait ot 1905; secretary and treas- 
urer Seattle Alumni association, S. 
A. E.; law firm ot Peterson and 
Macbrlde; m. Edith Ball, Sept 4. 
190A Address, 302 Hogue Bldg., Seat. 
t/e, Waab. 

MacCONNELL, John Wllsen, physi- 
cian, college professor; b. McCon- 
nellsvllle. S. C, Jan. 11, 1878; a. Mr. 
and Mrs. John D. H.; ed. at Dftvldaon 
College, 1903: class vice-president. 
College baseball; initiated by North 
Carolina Theta. Sept. 7, 1899; emi- 
nent archon; delegate Boston S. A. 
E. Nat'l convention, 1900, attended 
province Gamma convention at Chai^ 
lotce; protesBor biology, Davidson Col- 
lege, former resident physician Pres- 
byterian hospital, Baltimore; m. Ag- 
nes Doyle at BalUmore, July 28, 
1909. Address, Davidson, N. C. 

MacELROY, Andrew Jackson, pub- 
lisher; b. Homeworth, Ohio, S'ept. 14, 
1875; a. William and Ellia Ann U.; 
ed. at Cornell University, 1S98; mem. 
class day committee, manager and 
mem. Lacrosse team, cross country 
team, mem. of debating and literary 
societies, coutrlbutor to College an- 
nual; Initiated by New York Alpha, 
May 18, 18!>8; attended Atlanta S. 
A. E. Nat'l convention, 1906; con- 
tributor to the Record, founder ot 
New York Delta; general agent tor 
D, Appleton and Co.; treasurer 
Acorn Publishing Co; contributor to 
magazines under the nom de plume 
ot Jock MacQregor; mem. American 
Academy oC Political Science and 
American Geographical aociety; 
made the world's record for encircl- 
ing the earth in 1908 tor the New 
York American; lecturer on travel 
and educational subjects: m. Laora 
Agnes JoDCB, Dec. 25, 1900. Resl- 
denoe, 580 W. 16lBt St., oIBce, 36 
w. 32nd St., New York City. 

MacGOWAN, William Nelson, student; 
b, 1889; s. Mr. and Emallne (Nelson) 
M.; student at Harvard University; 
freshman football, varsity scrubs; 
initiated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
May, 1910, Address, 213 B. Court St., 
Ottumwa, Iowa. 

MACK, William, lawyer, law writer 
and author; b. Mayesvllle, S. C, Oct 
24, 1805; s. Joseph Bingbam and 
Harriet (Banks) M.; ed. at David- 
son College, 1883, University of Mis- 
souri. 1S8T, University of Calltomla; 
salutatorlan at Davidson, valedlc- 
tarlan at Hlaaourl; Initlatad by 



North CbtoIIdk TheU, Hay 22, 1883, 
later aOtUated wltb HlHOurl AluhA, 
later affiliated with CaUfornla Alpha; 
eminent archon; president Chatta- 
nooga b. A. E. Nat'l convention, 
1898; delegate LoulavUle, 1888. 
Chattanooga, 1892, Washington, 1894, 
S. A E. Nat'l conventions; revived 
Missouri Alpha, co-founder of Cali- 
fornia Alpha; brother of Aloxaadar 
Mack, North Carolina Tliota, Edward 
Mack, North Carolina Theta, Har- 
rington MacK, North Carolina Theta, 
FtkhcIb Murrj Mack, North Carolina 
Theta; mem. American Bar associa- 
tion; author of seventr-flve Isw 
books. Mason, Knight Templar, 
Shrlner; m. Minnie Frank Bajlei 
(deceased), June 1, 1899. Addreas, 
SO Wail St. New Work City. 

MACKALL, Hsnry Clinton, Uwyer; b. 
Moorhead, Minn., Feb. 18, 1886; a. 
Benjamin F. and Mary K. M.; ed. at 
University of MlnnesoU, 1806, Har- 
vard University, 1S09; permaneBt 
chairman class executive committee 
at Unlveretty of Minnesota, claca 
baseball and basketball, associate 
editor Minnesota Magazine, Bong and 
Stein, Scabbard and Blade, Delta 
Chi; United States army recommen- 
dation from University of Minnesota 
corps of cadets, captain Co. A. Unlvei^ 
slty of Minnesota corps of cadets; Ini- 
tiated by MlunesoU Alpha, Oct 17, 
1903, later affiliated with Massachu- 
setts Gamma; eminent warden, hei^ 
aid, chronicler; attended province 
Delta convention, 1904, province Al- 
pha, 1910. Address, 701 HlnnesoU 
Loan and Trust Bldg., Minneapolis, 

MACKALL, Porter Alexander, mercan- 
tile; b. Savannah, Oa., Jan. 18, 1890; . 
B. William Whann and Annie (Oreen) 
M.; ed. at Virginia Military Institute, 
1910; vice-president final ball, cheer 
leader, second lieutenant cadets; Inl- 
Uated by Virginia Theta, Sept, 1906; 
eminent herald, warden; with Ameri- 
can Naval Stores Co. Address, 12 
W. Harris St, Savannah, Ga. 

MacKENZIE, Frederick Wtlltam, editor; 
b. Black Earth, Wis., July ^1, 1898; 
8. John Benjamin and Annie (Johns) 
M.; ed. at University of Wisconsin, 

ISOS; chairman Cap and Gown com- 
mittee. Iron Cross, editor Sphinx, as- 
sociate editor Wisconsin Llterarr 
Magaslne, secretary student confer- 
ence committee, commencement day 
orator; initiated by Wisconsin Alpha, 
April 18, 1903; eminent srchon, 
chronicler; managing editor LaFoI- 
lette'fl Weekly Magazine. Address, 
803 State 8t, Msdiaon, Wis. 
MACKEY, Richard Nathan, physician 
and surgeon; b. Waverly Penn., Jan. 
6, ISS7; s. N. C. and Anna (BUss) 
M-; ed. at BuckneU University, 1908; 
Initiated by Pennsylvania Zeta, June 
IT, 190E; house surgeon Moses Tay- 
lor hospital, assistant to chief sur- 
geon D. L. and W. R. R., mem. Am- 
erican Hedlcal society, Pennsylvania 
Medical society, former president 
Andre's Medical society. Medico Chi, 
Philadelphia; Mason. Address, care 
Moses Taylor Hospital, Scran ton. 

MacKNiOHT, John Henry, telephone 
manager; b. Jersey City. N. J., Nov. 
25, 1880; s. John and Mary M.; ed. 
University of Minnesota 1907; chair- 
man class finance committee, presi- 
dent Sis Year Medics; Initiated by 
Minnesota Alpha Oct 17, 1903; oo- 
foiinder Iowa Beta; m. Bertha Helen 
Brooks, Sept 17, 1908. Address, 418 
3. Spring Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. 

MACLAY, Edgar Qlelm, engineer; b. 
Tipton, Miss., Aug. 7, 1879; s. Cyrus 
Culbertson and Laura B. M.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Missouri 1902; initiated by 
Missouri Alpha, Sept 18, 1899; vice- 
president Chicago Alumni association 
S. A. E. 1908-9; brother of William 
H. Maclay, Missouri Alpha; chief 
engineer of The American Construc- 
tion Co., Houston; associate member 
American society of Civil Bnglneen. 
Address, 91& Carter Bldg., Houston, 

MACLEAN, Malcolm Roderick, mercan- 
tile; b. Savannah, Ga., Nov. 24, 1885; 
s. Malcolm and Mary Mcintosh 
(Mills) M,; ed. George Sifiool of 
Technology 1906; class bletorlan, 
toastmaster senior banquet, captain 
track, editor-in-chief Geor^ Tech, 
cheer leader; Initiated by Georgia PU, 
Oct. ^, 1.WJl\ emVtt«B.\. \x«uw»vc-. «r 



tended AtlanUc City S. A. E. Natl con- 
yea tion, 1909; sales agent American 
Steel Foundries; mem. Bngineers' 
club of Philadelphia, Oglethrope club 
of Savannah, Universitj club of Phil- 
adelphia, Springhaven Country club. 
Address, Chester, Penn. 

MacMILLAN, James Blaine; b. PhUa- 
delphia, Penn., April 13, 1882; s. 
James R. and Annie B. (Ray) M.; ed. 
George Washington University; initi- 
ated by Washington City Rho 1908; 
private secretary to Peter A. B. Wld- 
ener; traveled six months through 
England, France, Germany, Denmark, 
Sweden and Russia; F. and A. M.; 
mem. West Overbrook Tennis club, 
West Overbrook, Penn. Address, 829 
Highland Ave., Philadelphia, Penn. 

MADDOX, Robert Foster, banker, form- 
er mayor; b. Atlanta, Ga., April 4* 
1870; s. Robert F. and Nannie (Rey- 
nolds) M.; ed. University of G^eorgia, 
Harvard; initiated by Georgia Beta, 
Oct 4, 1886; vice-president of the 
American National Bank, treasurer, 
Maddox-Rucker Co.; county commis- 
sioner of Fulton county, 1907-08; 
mayor of AtlanU, Ga., 1909-10; menu 
Capitol City, Piedmont Driving, Atlan- 
ta Athletic, Harvard^ Address, care 
American National Bank, Atlanta, 

MADIERA, Easton Earl, clergyman; b. 
St Louis, Mo., Jan. 8, 1868; s. Addison 

D. and Marie Louise (Isette) M.; ed. 
St Stephen's College; senior prize 
essay; initiated by New York Sigma- 
Phi, Nov.5 , 1896; contributor to S.A. 

E. Song book; traveled in Europe, 
Orient, Holy Land and Egypt; author 
of Mission of the Episcopal Church 
to the Twentieth Century; m. Marie 
Louise Ireland, Dec. 22, 1896. Ad- 
dress, St. James Rectory, 54 N. Frank- 
lin St., Titusville, Penn. 

MAGENiS, John Edward, lawyer, form- 
er legislator; o. North Adams, Mass., 
May 6, 1873; s. Daniel B. and Mary 
(Kelly) M.; ed. Boston University, 
1894; initiated by Massachusetts Beta^ 
Upsilon, April ZJ, 1892, (charter 
mem.); eminent andion; mem. Massa- 
chusetts legislature, 1897-98; special 
Justice district court of Northern 
Berkshire; m. Anna Bola&d» 1898. 

Address, 45 Main St, North 

MAHAFFEY, Hambleton Boyd, student; 
b. Dec. 26, 1891; s. Elmer Elbridge 
and Sarah Ann (Wilson) M.; stu- 
dent at St Stephen's College; secre- 
tary-treasurer Dragon's club, society 
for promotion of Religion and Learn- 
ing in Church Schools, Colleges and 
Seminaries; first prise in matha- 
matics which was open to freshmen 
and sophomores of all Episcopal 
Church Colleges; initiated by New 
York Sigma-Phi, mov. 19, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 1124 15th Ave., Altoona, Penn. 

MAHAFFIE, George Barton, student; 
b. Oct 3, 1889; s. George B. and Mary 
(Williams) M.; student at University 
of Oklahoma; initiated by Oklahoma 
Kappa, Feb. 3, 1912; mem. University 
football squad 1911. Address, Hobart 

MALLORY, Harry Winthrop, Jr^ stu- 
dent; b. April 23, 1892; s. H. W. and 
Katie (McRae) M.; student at David- 
son College; initiated by North Car- 
olina Theta, Jan. 8, 1912. Address, 
Laurinburg, N. C. 

MALLORY, Hugh 8. D., lawyer; b. 
Talladega county, Ala., Feb. 6, 1848; 
s. James and Ann M. (Darby) M.; ed. 
University of Virginia; mem. JefTer- 
son society; initiated by Virginia Omi- 
cron, 1868; several years chairman of 
Democratic State Executive Commit- 
tee, former president of Dallas 
County Bar association and State Bar 
association of Alabama, former 
Grand Master of Masons and Grand 
Dictator of Knights of Honor, presi- 
dent of Alabama Baptist State con- 
vention, vice-president of Southern 
Baptist convention; m. Jacqueline 
Louisa Moore, Oct 15, 1872. Resi- 
dence, 225 Lafsley St, office. Baker 
Bldg., Selma, Ala. 

MANN, Edwin J., manufacturer; b. 
West Paris, Me., March 11, 1878; s. 
Lewis M. and Mary A. (Towne) M.; 
ed. University of Maine 1900; initi- 
ated by Maine Alplia, Feb. 82, 1901; 
Junior partner of firm of Lewis M. 
Mann and Sons; F. and A. M. Ad- 
dress, West Paris, Me. 

MANN, James Tift, city attorney; b. 
Albany, Gku, March 24, 1880; a. Wal- 



ter D. and Irene (Tift) M.; ed. Uni- 
veraity of the South 1899, University 
of Georgia 1900; initiated by Tennes- 
see Omega, Dec. 17, 1896; police com- 
missioner, chairman Democratic coun- 
ty executive committee; mem. 
Georgia legislature, 1905-06; as- 
sistant Judge advocate National Guard 
of Georgia 1906-7; city attorney Al- 
bany, Ga., 1906 — ; Elk; m. Mary 
Royall SUllwell, Jan. 12, 1911. Ad- 
dress, 424 Tift St, Albany, Ga. 

MANNING, M. N., lawyer; b. Line- 
viUe, Ala., July 8, 1867; s. Henry 
A. and Martha C. (Burroughs) M.; 
ed. Southern University; represented 
Belle Lettre literary society in con- 
test for sophomore medal, also contest 
for Orator's Medal during commence- 
ment 1887; initiated by Alabama 
Iota, May 26, 1886; former editor Clay 
County Advance; Judge of the County 
court of Clay county, 1890-1904; lay 
delegate to North Alabama annual 
conference M. E. church. South; lay 
delegate to General Conference of 
Methodist Episcopal church. South, 
Asheville, N. C, May, 1910; vice-pres- 
ident of the Alabama Sunday School 
association; m. MoUie E. Garrison, 
Nov. 10, 1891. Address, 171 South St, 
Talladega, Ala. 

MANGUM, Robert Henry, deputy solici- 
tor; b. Tuskegee, Ala., April 21, 1876; 
s. T. F. and Julia (Perkins) M.; ed. 
Southern University 1895; commence- 
ment orator, associate editor College 
magazine, manager baseball team, 
class historian; initiated by Alabama 
Iota, Feb. 29, 1892; deputy solicitor 
for Dallas county; Mason, Knight of 
Pythias, Odd Fellow, Elk. Address, 
1009% Broad St, Selma, Ala. 

MANSFIELD, Joseph Wiikins, lawyer; 
b. Jelferson county, G«l, Sept 18, 
1880; s. J. G. and Margaret (Cheyne) 
M.; ed. Central University 1899, (then 
Centre College); initiated by Ken- 
tucky Kappa, Sept 16, 1894; brother 
of E. C. Mansfield (deceased), Ken- 
tucky Kappa; mem. House of Repre- 
sentatives, 1910-11; past dictator 
Loyai Order of Moose; m. Margaret 
Ravenel, Dec. 11, 1906. Address, 
Harris Bldg., Spartansburg, S. C. 

MAPESy Milton Cravvford, engineer; b. 

New York City, April 4, 1888; s. 
Charles A. and Clara B.; ed. Columbia 
University 1909; King's Crown club, 
second varsity basebail; initiated by 
New York Mu, Oct 11, 1906; eminent 
correspondent; delegate to Atlantic 
City S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 1909; 
department of lighting engineer. Gen- 
eral Electric Co. Address, 32 Rugby 
Road, Schenectady, N. Y. 

MARKy Clarence, manufacturer; b. 
Chicago, 111., Oct 30, 1882; s. Clay- 
ton and Hannah (Griffith) M.; ed. at 
Harvard University; initiated by 
Massachusetts Gamma, Dec. 12, 1908; 
attended S. A. E. Nat'l convention at 
Atlantic City, 1909; brother of Clay- 
ton Mark, Jr., Illinois Beta; served 
as vice-president of Evanston S. A. B. 
Alumni association; in charge of 
Mark Mfg. Co., plant at Evanston, 
111.; mem. University club of Chica- 
go and Harvard club of Chicago; m. 
Francis Tracy, April 14, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 916 Elmwood Ave., Evanston, 

MARLAND, William Henry, manufac- 
turer; b. Coming, N. Y., July 6. 1874; 
s. George M. and Almira M.; ed. 
Cornell University, 1901; initiated by 
New York Alpha, Oct 9, 1898; treas- 
urer and manager of Reading Rubber 
Manufacturing Co. and agent for San- 
ford Mills, Dept L.; m. Marion 
G. Goodall, Jan. 14, 1903. Residence, 
Shailer St., Brookline, Mass., office, 
Reading, Mass. 

MARSH, George Austin, Jr., student; 
b. Dec. 6, 1892; s. George A. and At^ 
lanta Gerry (Tuttle) M.; student at 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute; initi- 
ated by Massachusetts Delta, Oct. 6, 
1911. Address, 311 Mesa Ave., Pueb* 
4 lo, Colo. 

MARSH, Michael Goodrum, clergyman; 
b. Bedford, Tenn., March 17, 1871; 
s. John W. and Sarah L. M.; ed. 
Southwestern Baptist University, 
1897; special honors in English; initi- 
ated by Tennessee Eta, Sept 18, 
1897; founder and promoter of the 
World Wide Orphanage Union; m. 
Anna Lelia Beasley, Dec. 4, 1898. Ad- 
dress, Flintville, Tenn. , 

MARSHALL, George S., lawyer; b. near 
Coming, 0.» 3w3u ^%. \%^^\ %. ^^!«i«c^^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

and TbereBa (Maxwell) M.; ed. Ohio 
State University 1897; represented 
Ohio State In Intercollegiate oratori- 
cal contest, president senior class, as- 
sociate editor-in-chief of College paper 
The Lantern; Phi Delta Phi; initUted 
by Ohio Theta, April 6, 1896; mem. 
city council of Columbus, deputy 
inspector of Building and Loan 
association of Ohio, 1901-03; speci- 
al counsel of city of Colum- 
bus, 1905-09, city solicitor, 1909-10; 
mayor, Columbus, Ohio, 1910-12; 
mem. F. and A. M., 38nd degree; I. 
O. O. F.. M. W. A., W. O. W. Im- 
perial Order of Red Men, Royal Ar- 
canum. Residence, 217 •/. lltii Aye., 
office, 1011-1014 Outlook Bldg., Colum- 
bus, O. 

MARSHALL, L. J., clergyman; b. 
Adrian county. Mo., Jan. 24, 1870; s. 
William and Mary J. (Wigington) M.; 
ed. University of Missouri; editor-in- 
chief of Saritar; initiated by Missouri 
Alpha, Sept 29, 1894; eminent archon, 
delegate to Washington &>. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, 1894; minister Wabash 
Ave., Christian church, Kansas City; 
mem. and secretary of board of direc- 
tors of Christian Church Hospital as- 
sociation ; ; m. May Belle Hammott, 
1896. Address, 3306 Olin St., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

MARSHALL, Malcolm Yeaman, stu- 
dent; b. Henderson, Ky., Sept. 14, 
1889; 8. William Jefferson and Lelia 
(Yeaman) M.; medical student at Uni- 
versity of Michigan; class president, 
representative to medical society; Nu 
Sigma Nu; pathology staff; initiated 
by Michigan Iota-Beta, Nov. 1906; emi- 
nent warden, custodian, historian. 
Address, 604 Center St., Henderson, 

MARSTON, Benjamin, state senator; 
. ed. Kentucky Military Institute; initi- 
ated by Kentucky Chi, Nov. 10, 1869; 
served in Confederate army, volun- 
teering as a private at the age of 19 
and came out a colonel, fought in the 
battle of Belmont, Shiloh (where he 
was wounded and promoted on the 
field by General Polk), Perry vllle, 
Murfreesboro , Poison Springs; en- 
tered political life in 1865, after the 
surrender of Lee; served in the La. 

state senate from 1879 to 1884; 1908 
to 1910. Then resigned because of 
big overflow of Red river In 1908 
which cost him a fortune; served on 
the Crop Pest commission four years, 
and has fought the Boll Weevil 
eight years and has succeeded as is 
attested by the best planters on xwed 
River and elsewhere; also taught the 
South how to overcome the Cotton 
Caterpillar, out of which the South 
has made hundreds of millions of 
dollars; he also passed through the 
Louisiana senate the fishing bill; he 
is a fisherman as well as an agricul- 
turist. Address, Shreveport, La. 

MARTIN, Carroll B^ student; b. June 
22, 1892; s. W. W. and Lee (Brown- 
ing) M.; student at State University 
of Iowa; Polygon and Irving liter- 
ary societies. Si Mu, Owl and Keys, 
first sergeant Co. C. cadets, associate 
editor Daily lowan, sophomore cotil- 
lion committee; initiated by Iowa 
Beta, Feb. 11, 1911. Address, Van 
Meter, la. 

MARTIN, Edward Berry; b. Bufaula, 
Ala., Dec. 1, 1885; s. Bugene C. and 
Mary Eugenia (Berry) M.; ed. ESmory 
College, 1906; Krex, class basketball, 
football, baseball and relay; freshman 
commencement speaker, senior honor 
roll, senior biology medal, secretary 
athletic association; Initiated by 
Oeorgia Epsilon, Sept 19, 1902; emi- 
nent archon, treasurer, correspon- 
dent; attended Atlanta S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, 1907. Residence, 18, 10th 
St, office, Georgia Chemical Works, 
Augusta, Ga. 

MARTIN, John D., manufacturer; b. 
Cleveland, O., Feb. 29, 1880; s. Ed- 
win S. and Agnes (Alford) M.; ed. 
Ohio SUte University, 1901; initiated 
by Ohio Theta, Jan. 14, 1899; manu- 
facturer of pressed brick; m. Elisa- 
beth D. Reid, Oct 11, 1905. Address, 
New Straitsville, O. 

MASSEE, W. Welllngtony educator; b. 
Modena, Wis., 1874; s. William Mas- 
see; ed. University of Minnesota, 
1901, Columbia University; managing 
editor Minnesota magazine, associate 
editor Minnesota Daily, alternate in- 
tercollegiate debating team; initiated 
by Minnesota Alpha, Jan. 27, 1892, 



(charter mem.): heodmaiter Hums 
countrr Sbhool and Kauee Summer 
Tutoring School; aattaor of Bast of 
Obc&t Wilde, Modem Dramatics, How 
to Study Shakeapeare, Engllih A, Bn- 
gltsh B; mem. School Halter's asao- 
elation. New Tork City; American 
PIsygoera, Nat'l OeograpUc eoclatr> 
W&Bhlngton; m. Florence A. Masraw, 
190G. Addreea, Nat'l Arts Club, New 
York City. 

MATHEWS, Gordon, mercantile; b. 
Joneaboro, Ark., June 1, 1880; a. Z. 
T. and CynthU J. (Witt) M.; ed. 
University ot Arkanaaa 1900; class 
prealdent, football; Initiated by Ar> 
kanaaa Alpba-Dpallon, Oct 8, 1898; 
Elka; m. Bertha Keimedr, April 12, 
1903. Address, 711 Union St. Jonea- 
boro. Ark, 

MATHEWS, Richard Leonard, physi- 
cian and surgeon; b. Springfield, 
renn., Feb. 6, ISSS; b. Samuel A. and 
Minnie Belle (Izor) M.; ed. Vander- 
bllt University 190S; class honor 
roll; Initiated by Tennessee Nu, Sept 
27, 1902; Mason, M. W. A., A. O. U. 
H.; m. Tablthla Blanche Moore, 
daughter of Col. Quiltord S. Moore. 
Address, W. May St, Springfield, 

MATHIA8, Daniel Francis, student; b. 
Dec. 24, 1892; s. D. W. Mathlas; stu- 
dent at Tulane University, Unlveraity 
of Illinois; A. K. K.; InlUated by 
Illinois Theta, Jan. 16, 1911, later 
afflliated with Louisiana Tau-UpsUon. 
Address, 1139 W. Howard Ave., 31- 
loxl MtsB. 

MATTHEWS, Albert Thompeon, sup- 
erintendent; b. April 2, 1ST7; s. 
Robert Allen and Salile (Thompaon) 
M.; ed. Qeorgla School of Technol- 
ogy, 1898; InlUated by Georgia Phi, 
Feb. 2, 1896 ; superintendent of 
Thomaaton Cotton Mills; m. Joae- 
phlne Stamps, Jan. 1, 1900. Addreaa, 
Thomaston, Qa. 

MATTI80N, George Eaton, lawyer; b. 
Clinton, la.. Sept. 22, 1S7&; a. B. F. 
and Helen C. (Baton) H.; ed. at 
Northwestern nnlTeraltj. University 
Of Iowa, L. L. B., 1899; InltUted by 
Illinois Psi-Omega, Sept 23, 189G; 
amlnent archoa, herald, recorder; 
mayor ot MechanlceviUe, la., 1900; 

Mason, B. P. o. E„ K. of P.; m. Im- 
die Ellla, Sept 8, 190E. Address, 
Dolorea, Colo. 

MAUPIN, Edward Bewlin, banker; b. 
Shelbyville, Tenn., July IS, 1886; ed. 
Vanderbtlt University; prealdoit ot 
Junior clasa. Commodore clnb, maiia>- 
ger baseball team; initiated br Tea- 
nessee Nu, Feb., 1905: eminent 
chronicler; assistant caahler People 
National Bank; m. Mary Kennedy, 
Nov. 9, 1910. Address, ShelbyrlUe, 

MAYO, Lincoln, mechanical engineer; 
b. Boston, Mass., Sept 26. 1886; s. 
Eliot B. and Susan E. (Lincoln) M.; 
ed. Masaachusetta Institute of Tech- 
nology. 1909; InlUated by Massachn- 
Betia lota-Tau. t'eb. II, 1906; eminent 
deputy archon. Addreaa, II Robeson 
St., Jamaica Plain, Boaton, Mass. 

MAYTAG, Lawls Bergman, mechanical 
engineer; b. Newton, la., Aug. 24, 
-SS8: a F. L. and Dena (Bergman) 
M.; ed. Iowa State Oollege 1910; 
Kappa Phi; Calculus, varsity base- 
hall, claas tennis; initiated by Iowa 
Gamma, Hay, 1906; eminent record- 
er, warden: delegate AtlanUc CHty 
S. A. B. Nat'l convenUon, 1809; mem. 
board of directors of Iowa Qamma 
association; aaalstant general mana- 
ger The MayUg Co.; B. P. O. B.: 
traveled In Europe 1909. Address, 
Neinon. la. 

MCALLISTER, Chariea Eldridge. atu- 
dent; b. Oct 10, 1894; a. Chariea 
li^dward and xJllzabeth (Qreen) U.; 
Etudent at St. Stephen's College; 
clasa secretary and treaanrer, presi- 
dent freshman debating club. Dragon 
club, Glee club, elementary Greek 
Prlxe; initiated by New Tork Slgma> 
Pbj. Nov. 18. 1910. Address, «07 Stli 
St.. N. B. Washington, D. G. 

McARY, Hugh Monroe, atudent; b. 
Dec. 22, 1893; s. Daniel Hunter and 
Carrie (Monroe) M.; student at 
Davidson College; IniUated by 
North Carolina Theta. Dec. 12, 1911. 
Addreaa. Laurinburg, N. C. 

McCaba, Howard H„ mercantile; b, 
Carnegie, Penn., Dec. 12, 1887; s. 
L. H. and Alice J. (Hults) H.; ed. 
Pennsylvania State College; initiated 
by Pennsylvania UBbar'bAa., tya... 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

1908; with Allegheny Safe Deposit 
Co.; mem. American Forester's asso- 
ciation; m. Marguerite Marlon Kirk, 
June 28, 1911. Address, 1246 Resaca 
Place, Pittsburgh, Penn. 

McCALLIE, Spencer Jarnagin, educa- 
tor; b. Chattanooga, Tenn., Aug. 24, 
1875; s. Thomas Hooke and Ellen 
(Jarnagin) M.; ed. Southwestern 
Presbyterian Uniyersity 1897, gradu- 
ate work University of Chicago; foot* 
ball team; initiated by Tennessee 
Zeta, Dec. 5, 1892; eminent archon; 
attended Washington S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, 1892, Nashville, 1898; 
headmaster the McCallie School; 
mem. American Historical associa- 
tion, American Political Science as- 
sociation; traveled in Europe sum- 
mers of 1908 and 1911; delivered 
alumni address, 1910; m. Alice Flet- 
cher, Aug. 15, 1906. Address, The 
McCallie School, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

McCAMANT, Bruce, draughtsman and 
estimator; b. Harrlsburg, Penn., May 
4, 1882; s. Thomas and Delia M.; ed. 
Pennsylvania State College, 1904; in- 
itiated by Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, 
Nov. 1, 1900; eminent archon, chron- 
icler, correspondent, herald; dele- 
gate to Washington 1902, Memphis 
1904 S. A E. Nat'l conventions; chap- 
ter editor 1904 catalogue; with 
Pennsylvania Steel Co., Steelton. 
Address, 511 N. 2nd St, Harrlsburg, 

McCAMPBELL, Eugene Franklin, sec- 
retary state board of health, univer- 
sity professor; b. MarysviUe, Ohio, 
April 15, 1883; s. James McCampbell; 
ed. at Ohio State University, Univer- 
sity of Chicago, Rush Medical Col- 
lege; Ph. D., cum laude, Chicago, Sig- 
ma Xi; initiated by Ohio Theta, 
Nov. 30, 1901; eminent recorder; 
professor of bacteriology Ohio State 
University, secretary state board of 
health of Ohio, author of Laboratory 
Methods for Experimental Study of 
University General Bacteriology, and 
numerous articles on pathology and 
bacteriology; mem. American Asso- 
ciation of Bacteriologists and Patho- 
logists; traveled in Mexico to inves- 
tigate typhus fever; m. Katherine 
Scott, Jan. 14, 1906. Address, Ohio 

State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

MeCANN, Frank, lawyer; b. Pittsbnri^ 
Penn; ed. at University of Mlchifljm, 
University of Southern Califomia; 
Phi DelU Phi; initiated by Michigan 
Iota-Beta, Nov. 6, 1910. Address, 707 
Equitable Savings Bank Bldg., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

McCART, Robertt Jr., mining engineer; 
b. Ft Worth, Tex., Dec. 18, 1882; s. 
Robert and Fannie B. M.; ed. at 
Colorado School of Mines, 1905; ini- 
tiated by Colorado Lambda, Jan. 30, 
1903; eminent correspondent; mana- 
ger Inde Gold Mining Co.; mem. 
American Institute of Mining Engin- 
eers. Address, Inde, Durango, Mex- 
ico, or Arlington Heights, Ft Worth, 

McCartney, John David, publisher; 
8. Thomas J. and (Gertrude (Neigh- 
bour) M.; ed. at Northwestern Uni- 
versity, University of Georgia, 1902; 
senior essayist. Casque and Gauntlet, 
editor-in-chief College annual Pan- 
dora and College Monthly Georgian, 
mem. winning intercollegiate debat- 
ing team, 1902, officer of Press club, 
English Literature club, Wiregrass 
club; initiated by Illinois Psi-Omega, 
Dec. 3, 1898, later affiliated with 
(Georgia Beta; eminent deputy ar- 
chon, treasurer, correspondent; at- 
tended Atlanta S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1909, province Epsilon conven- 
tion, Macon, 1901, Rome, 1909, pres- 
ent at installation of Illinois Beta, 
president province ESpsilon, 1911-, 
vice-president province Epsilon, 
1910, contributor to Record and Phi 
Alpha; one of the owners and man- 
aging editor of Tribune-Herald, 
Rome, Ga., associate editor Monthly 
Masonic Magazine, secretary manu- 
facturers and Merchants 'association, 
magazine contributor. Knight Temp- 
lar, Shriner, Elk, past eminent com- 
mander. Crusader Commandery, 
Knights Templar, director Poosa 
Country club; m. Jeanne L. Brown, 
April 22, 1908. Address, Tribune- 
Herald Bldg., Rome, Ga. 

McCLEARY, Elmer Theodore* superin- 
tendent; b. Pine Grove, Fnrnance, 
Penn., Aug. 27, 1878; s. Bphriam and 
Isabel M.; ed. at Pennsylvania State 

WBO'S WHO IN a. A. 1 


College, 1901; clus president aid 
mem. executive oommlttee, captain 
basketball, msjisger football, mem. 
Dramatic club; Initiated by Fennsjl- 
vanla Alpha-Zeta. Sept 86, 1807; emi- 
nent arcbon; attended province con- 
Tentlon at Lewlsborg, 1898 and Cai^ 
Usle, 1900; superintendent Toonss- 
town Sheet and Tube Co., mem. Am- 
erican Chemical society, American 
and InternaUonal Society ot Testing; 
Materials, author of several metal- 
lurgical papers on Iron, steel and 
coal; m. Anna Jenkins, Feb. 1, 1906. 
Address, 161G Elm Bt, Youngstown, 

IcCLINTOCK, John Thomas, Unlvei^ 
slty professor. Junior dean College ot 
medicine; b. Burlington, la., June 1, 
1873, s. J. C. and M. B. H.; ed. State 
University or Iowa; Initiated by Iowa 
Beta, Feb. 1905; brother or Calvin Ter- 
rr HcCllntock, Iowa Beta; professor 
physiology and Junior dean College 
of Medicine, State University of 
Iowa; studied at Vienna, Leipzig and 
Berlin University; m. Beulah H. 
Qeorge, June 20, 1900. Address, 230 
Falrchild St, Iowa City, la. 
IgCLURE, Alfred Rose, student; b. 
April 9, 1889; s. Robert S. and EUa 
(Caldwell) H.; student at Allegheny 
College; secretary-treasurer athletic 
aasociaUon, sclentiflc club; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Omega, March 14, 
1908. Address, Sandy Lake, Penn. 
IcCONN, Chsrles Maxwell, University 
secretaiT and registrar; b. Ironton, 
0., July 22, 1881; s. David Charles 
and Fanny (Lewis) M.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Minnesota 1904; associate edi- 
tor Minnesota magazine; initiated 
by Minnesota Alpha, Jan. ST, 1902, 
(charter mem.) ; eminent archon, 
chronicler; delegate Washington S. 
A. EL Natl convention, 1902; prov- 
ince Delta convention Minneapolis, 
1904; secretary and registrar Uni- 
versity of Illinois; m. Prudence 
X^Uy Pratt, June 24, 1908. Address, 
1106 California Ave., Drbana, ni. 
IcCONNELL, Wllltam Ross, mercan- 
tile; b. Mt Airy. Oa.. April 17, 1883; 
s. John C. and Hester (ITurr) M.; 
•d. Haroer University 1906: InitUted 
by Georgia Fsl, Sept 17, 188S; 

brother of E. V. McConnell, Georgia 
Fsl; attended province Qamma con- 
vention, 1901 ; manager McConnell 
Wholesale Shoe Co.; mem. United 
Commercial Travelers, Elk; m. Jane 
C. Ware, June 1, 1909. Address, 82 
Academy St, Qainesvllle, Qa. 

McCORO, Edwin Alphonso. student; b. 
Georg^wn, IU.( Dec. 6, 1888; m, 
Oria L. and Ella (Barnes) M.; stu- 
dent at Northwestern University; 
Inklated by Illinois Fsi-Omega, June 
9, 1911; eminent recorder. Address, 
602 W. Madison St, Danville, 111. 

McCORD, Quyt* P., lawyer; b. Cairo, 
Ga., 8«pt. 2, 1884; a. James W. and 
Mary C. (Walker) M.; ed. Waaklng- 
toD and Lee University 1909; var- 
sity football; initiated by Virginia 
Sigma, Feb. 29, 1908; mem. Semi- 
nole club at Florida State which un- 
Buccessfully petitioned the Memphis 
convention, 1904, petitioner from local 
to that conventldn; United States 
commissioner, county solicitor, coon- 
sel for C. P. and A. Ry Co.; mem. 
B. P. O. Elks. Address, Tallahassee, 

Mccormick, Orover Newton, lawyer; 
b. Brighton, Tenn., Dec. 23, 1886; s. 
0. N. and Nannie M. M.; ed. (Cum- 
berland University, 1909, Ersklne 
College, 1908; valedictortah law 
ctaEB, orator Academic class. Junior 
debater in Academic at BrsUne, 
represented law class In Pennsy^ 
vanla state oratorical contest, man- 
ager Brskine CktUege baseball team, 
won Junior debater's medal and the 
Kirkpatrick medal for best orator at 
Ersklne, represented Ersklne in 
South Carolina state oratorical con- 
test and won medal; Initiated by 
Tennessee Lambda, Oct, 1909; emi- 
nent archon; mem. Business Men's 
club and Memphis Athletic club. 
Residence, 99 Aubumdale St, olBce, 
102-4 Porter Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 

McCORMfCK, John J. D„ student; at 
Ck>mell University; football, base- 
ball; Dunstan, Aleph Semach, soph- 
more pipe committee, genera] comp 
mlttee; Initiated by New . York 
Alpha. Address, 226 Chestnut St, 
Bolyoke, Mass. 

UeCORMlCK, A«.'in«>'n& ^wiSkW. «» 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

doit; b. Dec. 4, 1892; s. A. L. and 
MolUe (RoyaU) M.; student at Tu- 
lane Univenity; Junior club; initi- 
ated by Louisiana Tau-Upailon, Oct 
17, 1910. AddreM, Senatobia, Miae. 

McCORRY, Thomat, lawyer, judge; b. 
Jackson, Tenn., April 29, 1872; e. 
Henry Wood and Lucy (Cole) M.; ed. 
Cumberland University 1895; initi- 
ated by Tennessee Lambda, Septv 
19, 1894; county judge of Madison 
county, Tenn.; m. Saddle E. Mercer, 
Dec. 6, 1906. Address, 101 Bolirar 
St, Jackson, Tenn. 

McCORVEY, Qessner Tutwiier, law- 
yer; b. Greene Springs, Ala., Aug. 
26, 1882; s. Thomas Chalmers and 
Netta (Tutwiler) M.; ed. University 
of Alabama 1903; secretary-treasur- 
er Kent club, varsity football, class 
baseball and football, freshman hon- 
or roll; first lieutenant University 
cadet corp in junior and senior year, 
color sergeant in sophomore year; 
Initiated by Alabama Mu, Oct 8, 
1898; junior member law firm of 
Inge and McCorvey. Address, 309-11 
Van Antwerp Bldg., Mobile, Ala. 

MeCRILLIS, Ralph Waldo, lawyer; b. 
Denver, Colo., Nov. 6, 1882; s. Edwin 
and Mary A. M.; ed. University of 
Michigan, 1906; chairman Cap and 
Oown committee; Colorado club; 
initiated by Michigan Iota-Beta, Nov. 
13, 1903; eminent chronicler. Resi- 
dence, 1208 Race St, office, Bquit- 
able Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

MoCULLOUQH, Joseph Allen, lawyer; 
b. Sept 9, 1865; s. A. C. and Ann R. 
(McCullough) Steppe, adopted by 
uncle and name changed; ed. Uni- 
versity of South Carolina, lb67; pres- 
ident Clanasophic, editor Collegian; 
initiated by South Carolina Delta, Jan. 
10, 1884; delegate Atianta S. A B. Nat'l 
convention 1886; associate editor of 
Record; former member state legis- 
lature of South Carolina, city attor- 
ney, special judge Court of Appeals; 
m. Maud d'Alorgny, 1890. Address, 
208 Broadus /Lve., GemmiU, S. C. 

MeOONNELL, Arohie, meroanUle; b. 
Okolona, Miss., 1884; s. F. J. and 
Ana (OiUiard) M.; ed. Southern Uni- 
versity; football, baseball. Belle 
Ltettor Bodety; initiated by Alabama 

Iota, Oct 16, 1908; brother of 
Augustus H. Mcltonnell, Alabama 
Iota; eininent deputy archon; Blk, 
KnighU of Pythias. Address, Oat- 
lin St, Okolona, Miss. 

MoDONALD, Clarence, Philippine pro- 
vincial treasurer; ed. Ohio Wesleyan 
1899, University of Washington 1901; 
varsity baseball; initiated by Ohio 
Delta, 1896; treasure Province of 
Rizal. Address, Paaig, Risal Prov- 
ince, P. I. 

McELDERRY, Hugh Francis, banker: 
b. McElderry Station, Ala., Feb. 11, 
1886; s. George T. and Biary (Irion) 
M.; ed. Alabama Polytechnic In- 
stitute, 1906; class football, base- 
ball, track and basketball; initiated 
by Alabama Alpha-Mu, Jan. 10, 1903; 
eminent archon, treasurer, chroni- 
cler; teller, Talladega National Bank. 
Address, Talladega, Ala. 

McGEHEEy John Marshall, mercantile; 
b. Oct 16, 1890; s. R. S. and EUiza- 
beth (Cox) M.; ed. Kentucky State 
University, 1911; initiated by Ken- 
tucky BpsUon, Oct 1890; with 
Strouse and Bros. Address, Prince- 
ton, Ky. 

McGEHEE, Lucius de Yampert, phy-4 
sician; b. Woodville, Miss., March 

20, 1881; 8. B. L. and Anna 0. 
(Webb) M.; ed. Tulane University, 
1904; class president captain varsity 
baseball; initiated by Liouisiana 
Tau-Upsilon, June 11, 1898; eminent 
chronicler; brother of J. W. McGe- 
hee, Alabama Iota, E. L. McGehee, 
Alabama Iota, and C. G. McGehee, 
Louisiana Tau-Upsilon; Mason, 
Knifi^t Templar and Shriner. Ad- 
dress, Hammond, La. 

McGUINNESS, James Holmes, clergy- 
man; b. New York City, March 18, 
1872; s. John and Katherine (Cham- 
bers) M.; ed. St Stephtti's College, 
1896; class president organist; initi- 
ated by New York SigmarPhi, Feb. 

21, 1895; contributor to the Songs 
of Sigma Alpha Bpsilon; S^^iaoopal 
clergyman; author of The Other 
Side of B. H. Harrimaa; fbunder of 
two Bpisoopal parishes; Fellow 
Guild of Churoh Musicians, London; 
received the degree of Doctor of Di- 
vinity from St John's College, An- 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


napoliB, Md., upon tbe nomination 
of the governor of New York, the 
Bishop of New York, the Bishops of 
Nebraska, Harrisburgh, Arkansas and 
E. H. Harriman; m. Amy Alms 
Chamberlain, Nov. 11, 1899. Address, 
Chester, N. Y. 

McGUIRE, Frank Edward, clergyman; 
b. New Florence, Penn., Feb. 14, 
1876; s. John and Bmma M.; ed. 
Mount Union College, 1901, Boston 
Unlyersity; business manager annual, 
Unonian, football; initiated by Ohio 
Sigma May 18, 1896; pastor of the 
strongest English church in Mexico; 
traveled abroad; studied at Oxford; 
m. Lillian May Rood, Sept 1, 1904. 
Address, P. O. Box 1291, Gante St, 
No. 6, Mexico City, Mex. 

McHENRY, Armand G., student; b. July 
5, 1888; s. Martin A. and Carrie W. 
(Holbrook) M.; student at Tulane 
University, formerly at Vanderbilt; 
Initiated by Tennessee Nu, Oct 1, 
1904, later afBliated with Louisiana 
Tau-Upsilon. Addijess, 1000 Jack- 
son St., Monroe, La. 

MclNTYRE, Francis Pt lawyer, b. 
Savannah, Ga., July 22, 1881; s. 
James W. and Catherine (Foley) M.; 
ed. University of Georgia; varsity 
football; initiated by Georgia Beta, 
Sept 22, 1881; captain of Georgia 
Hussars of Savannah; chairman of 
county democratic executive com- 
mittee; m. Lucy Lumpkin Batrow, 
Nor. 24, 1909. Address, Savannah 
Bank and Trust Co. Bldg., Savannah, 

Mcintosh, waiter MaHette, mercan- 
tile; b. San Francisco, CaL, April 26, 
1874; s. W. P. and Kate D. (Wade) 
M.; ed. Leland Stanford Junior Uni- 
versity, 1898; reporter Daily Palo 
Alto; mem. Sword and Sandals; initi- 
ated by California Alpha, Oct 21, 
1893; eminent archon; president 
Redlands Sanitary Laundry Co.; B. 
P. O. B.; m. Margaret Blagichard 
Reed, June 8, 1908. Address, 856 
Alvarado St, Redlands, CaL 

McKEEy Solomon Reidy educator; b. 
Mecklenburg county, N. C, Aug. 26, 
1264; 8. B. A. and M. J. (Reid) M.; 
•d. Davidson College 1888; class 
president, won debater's medal; initi* 

ated by North Carolina Theta, Sept 
12, 1884; eminent correspondent; 
eminent deputy archon of province 
C 1887-88; instructor in Bingham 
School, instructor in mathematics, 
Davidson College 1887-88, professor 
natural science Odgen College, 1895- 
99, professor chemistry Southwestern 
Presbyterian University 1899-1906; 
m. Mary K. Bingham, 1896. Address, 
Bingham School, Asheville, N. C. 

McKEEN, Harry Ross, clergyman; b. 
Kelsey, O., July 8, 1875; s. Samuel 
E. and Annie (Coulter) M.; ed. Mt 
Union College; initiated by Ohio 
Sigma, May 15, 1896; Congregational 
minister; five years principal of 
schools, Bellevue, O.; 32nd degree 
Mason, L O. O. F., M. W. A.; mem. 
State Congregational Homes Mission- 
ary Board of Oklahoma, state and as- 
sociation scribe of Congregational 
churches, state officer Oklahoma C. 
E. society. Journalist and lecturer; 
m. Cora R. Aushutz, Dec. 29, 1897. 
Address, Galtry, Okla. 

McKENZIE, John Wallace, real estate; 
b. Groten S. D., June 14, 1890; s. 
Kenneth, and Luella (Bates) M.; ed. 
University of Minnesota, 1911; chair- 
man senior prom committee, busi- 
ness manager Minnesota magazine 
and daily, sporting editor Minnesota 
Gopher; initiated by Minnesota 
Alpha, May 8, 1908; eminent archon, 
deputy archon, warden; delegate to 
Kansas City S. A E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1910; province Delta conven- 
tion Chicago, 1910; mem. Interlachan 
and University clubs. Address, 1786 
S. James St, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Mclaughlin, Fred Oanlel, student; 
b. May 12, 1890; s. Cornelius and Eli- 
zabeth (O'Hara) M.; student at 
Syracuse University; sophomore and 
Junior executive committee; Tau 
Delta Sigma; upper class Engineer- 
ing society, Siwash club; initiated 
by New TorK Delta, May 20, 1910. 
Address, Skaneateles, N. T. 

McLEAN, William Howard, electrical 
engineering: b. Jan. 8, 1888; a. George 
and Margaret Blla (Wood) M.; ed. 
University of Arkansas, Purdue Unl- 
yersity; initialed bi IkS^suBoouk lb^^$&»r 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

wlUi Indlast Beta; eminftnt krohon 
of Indluft BeU, emfnent <lepat7 
ftrchon of ArkAnuifl Alphm-Upillon; 
■ecretuy-treaiurer, The Auto Supply 
Co. Addreu, 9S0 W. 2nd St., UtUe 
Rock, Ark. 

McLEOD, Samufll Kenneth, Ouuicler; 
b. Ju. 13, 1874, Detroit. Ulch., ■. 
Duncan and Sarah Jane (White) H.; 
ed. UnlTenit7 of Ulchlsan, 1S9S; 
Initiated b; Michigan loU-Beta. Dec. 
7, 1S95; prominent in the flnan- 
dng and purchasing of preient 
home of Michigan lota-Beta; Ma- 
son; m. LouIm Painter Jackson, 
Oct 21, 1903. Residence, 65 Alga- 
Ave., oIRce, 610 Penobscot Bldg., 
Detroit. Mich. 

McLELLAND, John Howard, pharma- 
cist; b. Mooresville. N. C. Dec 18, 
1882; 1. J. R. and Mair D- (Rankin) 
M.; ed. Davidson College, 1903; toot- 
ball team, athletic committee; initi- 
ated by North Carolina Tbeta, Sept 
26, 1899; eminent archon, deputy 
archon; delegate province conren- 
tlon Macon; second place in state 
board esamlnaUons In 1909; Chree- 
tonlan club; K. of P., D. O. K. K. Ad- 
dress, Mooresville, N. C. 

McLURE, John Rankin, educator; b. 
Troy, Ala., Nov. 6, 1SS8; b. Richard 
V. and Sarah BUiabeth (Hamll) H.; 
ed. Unlverslt; of Alabama, 1911; 
honor roll; Palestra, Philosophy 
club; associate editor of Univeralty 
weekly Crimson and White; mem. Y. 
M. C. A. cabinet; initiated by Ala- 
bama Hu. Sept. 1909; eminent re- 
corder, chronicler; special treasurer 
DeVotle Memorial Hall fund, chair- 
man committee which formulated 
plans for furolBhlng DeVotle Hall, 
chairman committee which secured 
the Brown Home as chapter house 
for Alabama Mu; superintendent 
city schools, Troy; mem. Alabama 
Educational association and National 
aesociatlon. faculty or the High 
School at Gadsden, Ala, 1908-9. Ad- 
dress. 465 E. Elm St, Troy, Ala. 

MeMAHON, Edward MichaeF, Insur- 
ance; b. Manitowoc county. Wis., 
March 6, 1884; s. Patrick J. and Mar- 
^ret M.; ed. University of Wlscon- 

aln, 1008; claea president. Iron Craaa; 

Phi Delta Pht. Phi Alpha Tu; Td- 
low Helmet, Inter Praiernlty socletr; 
represented University in Nmlheni 
Oratorical league In IMS; editor of 
WiBconsin Alumni magailne; aecre- 
tary of student's conference; initi- 
ated by Wlaconaln Alpha, Oct 1906. 
eminent archon. recorder, correa- 
pocdent; delegate to province Del- 
ta convention at Chicago in 1910; 
sec re tary treasurer of Wisconsin cor 
po ration of Sigma Alptia Epallon; 
brotber of Stephen 1. McMahon. Wla- 
couHin Alpha and Francis B. McMa- 
hon, Wisconsin Alpha; general agent 
tor Northwestern Mutual Life Insure 
anco or Milwaukee; mem. Madlaon 
club, University club of Madlaon, Mad- 
ison Country club; Knights of Cerium- 
bus. Address, Madison club, Madison, 

McMAHON, Stephen John, lawyer; b. 
Meeme, Wis., Jan. IS, 1881; s. P. J. 
and Margaret M.; ed. Unlveraity of 
WiBConsln, 1906; president of senior 
clasE, Phliomathla Debating sodety, 
EdwiD Booth dramatic socletr; won 
the junior class oratorical con- 
test, commencement orator; Initiated 
by Wisconsin Alpha, Feb. 9, 1903 
(charter mem.); delegate to Wash- 
ington S. A. E. Nat'l convention. 1902; 
assistant U. S. attorney for Eiastern 
District of Wisconsin, city attorney of 
Antigo, Wis., 1908-11. Residence, 
2T04 McKInley Blvd., offlce, 604 
Goldsmith Bldg., Milwaukee. Wis. 

McMASTER, FItz Hugh, legislator; b. 
Winnesboro, S. C, July 22, 1867; s. 
George Hunter and Mary E. M.; ed. 
Uiiiversttr of South Carolina, 1S8S; 
class president, valedictorian class, 
champion debater, 1887; Inltlatod by 
South Carolina Delta, Nov. 4, 1884; 
eminent archon and treasurer; at- 
tended Columbia S. A. E. Natl 
convention. 1887; mem. of legislature 
l»Ol), reelected 1908, again reelected 
1910: Insurance commissioner of 
South Carolina; author of Lords 
Proprietors of South Carolina; 
KoEmos club of Columbia; toured 
Europe. 1907; Mason; m. Eliz- 
abeth Waring. Nov. 8, 1898. Address, 

\ Columbia, S. C. 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 


McMASTER, Wlltlam Henry, CoU^e 
pre»ldeiit: b. Centrevllle, Ohio. S«pt. 
17, 18TB: 1- jamu Nelacm vid Suun 
Ellzabetli (NeO) H.; ed. UL Dnhni 
College, 1899, Drew Theological Sam- 
loaiT 1902; prealdent oratorical aa- 
soclatloD, English CUaatcal oration, 
editor The Drnamo; initiated bj 
Ohio Sigma, Nov. 4, ISSE; eminent 
archon, treasurer, recorder; mem. 
New York Alumni aaaoclatlon B. A. 
E.; preildent Mt Union College and 
profeiBOr ol English Bible and Phi- 
losophy of Religion; paator or Em- 
bury H. E. church BrooalTn 190S-09; 
traveled in Europe ISOO and spent 
one year In graduate work at United 
Free church College, Glasgow, Scot- 
tuid; m. Isabella ThoTium Mills, Uay 
8. 1907. Address, IGll South Union 
Ave., Alliance, Ohio. 
McMillan, Douglas Moore, student; 
b. Mftr 8, 1891; s. J. L. and Jaaie 
(Hoore) M.; student at Davidson 
CoUege; iniUated by North Carolina 
Theta. Jan. 8, 191S. Addresa, Red 
Stirlngs, N. C. 
McMillan, Edward J, assUtant gen- 
eral manager; b. KnoxvlUe. Tenn., 
Feb. 10, 1910; s. E. B. and Belle C. 
(Welker) M.; ed. University of Ten- 
nessee; initiated by Tennessee Kap- 
pa, Oct. 18. 1906; assistant general 
manager, Standard Knitting Hills. 
Address, 416 W. Haln Ave., Knoz- 
ville, Tenn. 
McMillan, Roacoa Drake, physician 
and surgeon; b. Sept 18, 1887; s. B. 
F. and Mrs. Low (Purcell) M.; ed. 
Davidson College 1908, University of 
North Carolina 1910, University of 
Ulchlgan; initUted by North Caro- 
lina Theta, Sept.. 1904, later affiliated 
with North Carolina Xi; brother of 
B. F. McMillan, Jr., North Carolina 
Tbeta. Address, Red Springs, N. C. 
McNEEL, Harry Eart, student; b. Feb. 
8, 1889; s. John A. and ld» (Shackel- 
ford) M.; student at Emory College; 
commencement speaker lunlor year, 
relay runner, third vlce-prealdent 
Qeorgla students missionary league; 
initiated by Georgia Bpsilon March 
4. 1911. Address. Jackson, Ala. 
MeNeeSE, Oswald Wilson, banker; b. 
Lake Charlea, La., Oct 18, 1880; a. 

John and Susan (Bilbo) M.; ed Loulv- 
lana SUte University, 1908; captain 
class football and baseball, captain 
varsity football, varsity baseball; Ini- 
tiated by Louisiana BpaUon, Sept. 18, 
1900; eminent deputy archon; dele- 
gate to Memphis ?. A. E. Natl con- 
vention, 1904; president provinoe 
Theta; asaiatant cashlw Lake Charlea 
National Bank; major lit Infantrr 
Louisiana National Guards; m. Gro- 
ver Cleveland Dupre, Sept 14, 1910. 
Address, Lake Charles, La. 

McNIECE, Charles Rex, engineer; b. 
Mansfleld, Ohio. Oct IT, 1888; s. 
Thomas B. and Addle (Ueely) M.; ed. 
Caae School of Applied Science, 1911; 
mem. athletic board, chairman school 
supper committee, president and vice- 
president College senate; Sigma XI, 
TheU Sigma Phi; initiated by Ohio 
Rho. Oct 26. 190T; eminent herald 
and chronicler; with The UL Vernon 
Bridge Co.. Mt Vernon, Ohio. Ad- 
dress, 289 West Fourth St. Hans- 
field, Ohio. 

McNOBLE, Qaorge Francis, lawyer; b. 
Rich Gulch, Cal., July 29, 1866; a. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. H.; ed. University 
or California 189G; Boulder speaker, 
t;old medal Intercollegiate debate 
ii^tanford Unlveralty; initiated by 
CalUonila BeU, Nov. 39, 1S9S; emi- 
nent archon; for twelve years dis- 
trict attorney of San Jacquln county, 
reclamation lawyer; mem. Nat'l and 
State Bar associations; m. Mary Car- 
roll. May 6. 1911. Address. 222 B. 
Main St, Stockton, CaL 

M EADOW, David Wllaon, lawyer. 
Judge; b. Hadison county, Ga., Uarch 
28, 1S53; s. Berry Jones and Elizabeth 
King (Mllliford) H.; ed. North Geor- 
gia Agricultural College 1880. UniVM^ 
slty of Georgia 1882; debater Phi 
Kappa society, champion debater; Ini- 
tiated by Georgia Delta March 1880. 
later afllllated with Georgia BeU; 
mem. board trustees Hadison County 
Academy for twenty years; mem. 
Georgia legislature 189G-96, solicitor 
general 1900-09, Judge superior court 
1909 — ; delegate from Georgia to 
Democratic National convention at 
Kansas ClVr. \W(i\ t&. %a:A)» KSmrM*. 



Colbert, Oct S, 1886. AddresB, El- 
berton» Gft. 

MECKLEYp Robert Byer% electrical 
engineer; b. Harriaburg, Penn., April 
19, 1885; B. Samuel R. and Sarah 
Jane M.; ed. Pennaylvania State Col- 
lege 1908; mem. boards of Pennsyl- 
vania State Collegian and LaVie; 
president Thespians, Dramatic club; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Alpha Zeta, 
Oct 1904; eminent archon, recorder, 
chronicler; delegate province Alpha 
convention 1908; patent department 
General Electric Co., Schenectady, 
Rugby Road, office, Patent Dept 
General Electric Co., Schenectady 
N. y. 

MECKLIN, John Moffat, College profes- 
sor; b. Poplar Creek, Miss., Jan. 21, 
1871; s. Augustus Hervey and Judith 
Isabella (Naylor) M.; ed. Southwes- 
tern Presbsrterian University 1890, 
Union Seminary, graduate work 
Princeton University 1896; speaker's 
medal, Spencer Greek prize, Maitland 
and Scribner prizes in Greek at 
Princeton; initiated by Tennessee 
Zeta, Sept 14, 1889; pnofeseor of 
Philosophy in Lafayette College, pro- 
fessor of Greek at Washington and 
Jefferson 1892-92, Instructor in La- 
fayette College 1901-2; studied three 
years in Germany, Ph. D., Leipzig 
1899, fellow in Johns Hopkins 1900- 
01; contributor to scientific journals; 
mem. American School for Classical 
Study at Athens 1899-1900; American 
Philosophy association, A. A. A S.; 
m. Laurie Whitney Babcock, April 
27, 1897. Address, College Campus, 
Easton, Penn. 

MECREDY, Henry Edwards, civil engi- 
neer; b. Roanoke, Va., Oct 26, 1888; 
s. James and Charlotte Crane (Ed- 
wards) M.; ed. Virginia Military 
Institute, 1906; football, gymnasium 
team, captain track; mitiated by Vir- 
ginia Theta Oct 23, 1908; civil en- 
gineer for railroad contractor, assis- 
tant professor Virginia Military Insti- 
tute, 1908-09; Mason. Address, 35 
N. Market St, Petersburg, Va. 

MEDLEY, Francis EdwaM, lawyer; b. 

Ireland, Aug. 11, 1883; s. Edward and 

Mary (Saunders) M.; ed. Boston Uni- 

versJty 1910; gmdnated cum laude; 

initiated by Massaehasetts Bet»-Up- 
silon, Dec. 21, 1907; eminent de- 
puty archon, chronicler, herald; dele- 
gate province Alpha convention Wor- 
cester 1910; m. Emma Caroline Ol- 
son, June 12, 1910. Residence, 24 Ftum 
Bar Ave., Wlnthrop, Mass., office, 20 
Court St, Boston, Mass. 

MEEK, Stanley Robert, student; b. 
Jan. 19, 1892; s. Robert B. and Mar- 
garet C. (Cresap) M.; student at 
State University of Iowa; Si Nu, 
sophomore cotillion committee; initi- 
ated by Iowa Beta, Oct 16, 1909. Ad- 
dress, Bonaparte, la. 

MEHAFFYp James William, lawyer; b. 
Sallna county. Ark., Dec 26, 188t>; 
s. T. M. and Anna A (Poe) M.; ed. 
Arkansas University 1909; initiated 
by Arkansas Alpha-Upsilon, Sept 
1908; eminent archon; m. Ora E. 
Mitchell, Sept 6, 1911. Address, 1704 
W. 19th St, LitUe Rock, Ark. 

MEIER, Elmer H.; b. St Louis, Mo., 
Oct 30, 1888; s. Julius W. and Ida 
S. M.; ed. Washington University, 
1911; initUted by Missouri Beta, 
Sept 27, 1907; attended province 
Zeta convention 1907; bond salesman 
John Nickerson, Jr., Mason. Address, 
6227 Vernon Ave., St Louis Mo. 

MELL, Thomas Sumner, lawyer; b. 
Athens, Qa., Feb. 1, 1869; s. Patrick 
Hues and Lurene M.; ed. University 
of Georgia 1880; president senior 
class, anniversarian, champion de- 
bater Phi Kappa society; initiated 
by Georgia Beta Aug. 1877; presidrat 
Athens S. A E. Nat'l conv«|ntion 
1884; attended Atlanta 1886; Colum- 
bia 1887, Nashville 1888, CharloUe 
1889, Cincinnati 1890, AUanU 1891, 
Atlanta 1906 S. A EL Nat'l conven- 
tions; elected the first eminent 
supreme archon of the fraternity at 
the Nashville, 1886, convention; re- 
elected in 1886-87-88-89; son of P. H. 
Mell, Georgia Beta, brother of J. D. 
Mell, Georgia Beta, C. I. Mell, C^r- 
gia Beta, J. C. Mell, Georgia Beta, 
E. B. Mell, Georgia Beta; mem. of the 
Georgia state legislature, 1894-96. Ad- 
dress, 267 Hill St, Athens, Ga. 

MELLOWESp Alfred Wfthyman, mei^ 
cantile; b. Dayton, O., April 7, 1879; 
s. James and Blisa M.; ed. Cornell 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


University, 1906; initiated by New 
York Alpha Oct 18, 1902; aerved as 
custodian of lUes; with H. W. Johns- 
Manville Ck>; m. Agnes B. Nisbet, 
June 8, 1909. Address, 802 Conover 
Bldg, Dayton, O 

MELLU8, Edward, physician; b. Zum- 
brota, Minn., Nov. 7, 1872; s. Bdward 
Lindon and Lucy (Steams) M.; ed. 
Harvard University, 1895; initiated 
by Massachusetts Qamma, May 26, 
1893; eminent archon and corres- 
pondent; delegate Washington 1894, 
Nashville, 1898, Boston, 1900, 8. 
A. E. Nat'l conventions; at- 
tended Washington 1902, S. A. B. 
Nat'l convention; editor 8. A. E. 
Record, 1900-01; m. Marion Heath 
at Augusta, Me., June 1, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 1660 Washington St, West 
Newton, Mass. 

MENDENHALL, Earl, banker; b. 
Chadd's Ford, Penn., Jan. 6, 1886; s. 
Aaron and Hettie Ann (Shoemaker) 
M.; ed. University of Pennsylvania, 
1906; Friars, editor of the Pennsyl- 
vanlan. Mask and Wigs plays; initi- 
ated by Pennsylvania Theta, Nov. 20, 
1902; eminent archon, recorder; dele- 
gate province Beta convention 1906; 
trustee Pennsylvania Theta chapter; 
mem. Union league of Philadelphia; 
m. Anna Aileen Edson, Oct 8, 1910. 
Address, 11 Elliott Ave., Bryn Mawr, 

MERRELLy H. Dayton, educator; b. 
near Kohoma, Ind., March 6, 1878; 
8. William Taylor and Charity A. 
(McDowell). M.; ed. Franklin Ck>l- 
lege 1900, University of Indiana 1901; 
captain baseball, football at Franklin, 
dramatics; initiated by Indiana Al- 
pha, Jan. 7, 1896; instructor in 
mathematics Evanston High School; 
University club of Evanston. Ad- 
dress, 1017 Qrove St, Evanston, ni. 

MERRIAM, Ned Alvln, coach; b. Lake 
Geneva, Wis., Oct 26, 1884; a John 
Revilo and Harriet (Fuller) M.; ed. 
University of Chicago 1909 ; Skull and 
Crescent Owl nnd Serpent Iron 
Marie, captain track, football, Olym- 
pic team 1908, chairman of day Junior 
day; initiated by Illinois Theta, Feb. 
3, 1906; eminent deputy archon, en- 
gaged in agriculture, fbotball and 

track coaching; m. Harriet BstSr 
brook Wilkes, Sept 8, 1909. Address, 
R. F. D. No. 1, Lake Geneva, Wis. 
MERRIAM, Ralph, lawyer; b. Atlanta, 
ni., Nov. 80, 1880; a Jonathan and 
Lucy (White) M.; ed. University of 
Chicago 1908; intercollegiate debatr 
ing team, winner Northern Oratorical 
league contest 1908; initiated by Illi- 
nois Theta, March 9, 1908 (charter 
mem.); first eminent archon; m. Ida 

B. Carothers, Aug. 1, 1907. Residence, 
1203 E. 60th St, ofllce, 723 Woman's 
Temple Bldg., 108 8. LaSalle St, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

MERRIAM, Robert Stanleyp mining en- 
gineer; b. New Brunswick, Canada, 
July 4, 1878; a Leander Otis and 
(Jeorglana E. Humphries; ed. Univer- 
sity of Minnesota 1905; junior ball 
committee; initiated by Minnesota 
Alpha, Jan. 27, 1902, (charter mem.) ; 
trustee 1904-06; city engineer, Wa^ 
lace; B. P. O. E.; m. Mabel Fleming, 
Dec. 21, 1907. Address, Wallace, 

MERRILL, Henry Petlngale, govern- 
ment o^cial; b. Washington, D. C, 
Sept 29, 1867; s. Henry S. and Eliza 

C. M.; ed. at Oeorge Washington Uni- 
versity, 1907; initiated by Washington 
City Rho, March 25, 1906; chief clerk 
office examiner of accounts Isthmian 
Canal Commission, Washington, D. 
C; m. Bessie Q. Sinclair, Aug. 19, 
1889. Address, Franklin Park, Va. 

MERRITTp Edward Havlland, student; 
b. Brooklyn, N. T., May 27, 1887; s. 
James H. and Adele (Ovington) M.; 
student at Harvard University; Har- 
vard Illustrated magazine; initiated 
by Massachusetts Qamma, Dec. 4, 
1908; eminent treasurer. Address, 8 
Monroe Place, Brooklyn, N. T. 

M ERR ITT, Luclen, financier; b. Duluth, 
Minn.; s. Leonidas and Elizabeth B. 
L. M.; ed. University of Minnesota, 
1904; initiated by Minnesota Alpha, 
Jan. 27, 1902, (charter mem.); emi- 
nent archon; president Northern 
Dredge and Dock Co., alderman 7th 
ward, Duluth; m. Qrace Benham, Oct 
4, 1904. Residence, 4611 Oneota St, 
office, 104 Providence Bldg., Duluth* 

MERRITT, L. Fotd, ftoAwsV. X^- Ki^e^ 



8, 1898; a. Luciua A. and Minnie A. 
(Shepard) M.; student at University 
of Michigan; aU-freshman football 
team; initiated by Michigan lota- 

. Beta, Nov. 25, 1911. Address^ 80 Bast 
Buclid Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

MERWINp Chariee Lewis, newsiM^^er 
publisher; b. Braseyille, Ohio, Oct IS, 
1876; s. Wells and Sophronia m.; ed. 
at Mount Union College, 1900; class 
president, Lenuaean Literary society; 
initiated by Ohio Sigma, Oct. 7, 1896; 
eminent archon; delegate to Colum- 
bus S. A. E. province convention* 
1900; m. Estella D. Meek, June 26, 
1902. Address, Bast Palestine, Ohio. 

MESSICK, Joseph Cullen, university 
professor; b. Mechanicsburg, Ohio, 
May 1, 1876; s. James J. and Frances 
A. M.; ed. at Ohio Wesleyan Univer- 
sity, 1902; graduate study at Tale 
University, M. A., 1909; studied in 
Italy, 1912; Phi Beta Kappa; initi- 
*ated by Ohio Delta, Dec. 7, 1900; emi- 
nent archon; professor of Latin at 
Ohio Wesleyan University; mem. Ohio 
College association. Classical Associa- 
tion of the Middle West and South; 
professor of Latin Mount Union Col- 
lege, 1902-1908, associate professor of 
Latin, Ohio Wesleyan University, 
1909-1910, Brown professor of Latin, 
Ohio Wesleyan University, 1910 to 
present; m. Clara Millhon, June 21, 
1906. Address, 28 West Lincoln Ave., 
Delaware, Ohio. 

METCALF, James Albert, editor; b. 
Adrian, Mich., Nov. 13, 1874; s. Fes- 
tus R. and Elizabeth Frances (Mc- 
Eldowney) M.; ed. at Adrian college, 
1897; won oratorical prize of inter- 
society contest; initiated by Michigan 
Alpha, Nov. 26, 1893; president of 
province Delta; owner and editor of 
the Dawson County Review, state 
president of the Epworth League of 
Montana, also of the Methodist Lay- 
man's Association of Montana, mem. 
American Academy of Political and 
Social Science of Philadelphia; con- 
tributed article in Annals of the Aca- 
demy on the subject of the Recall of 
the Judiciary; Mason, Elk, Knight of 
Pythias; m. Ethlyn C. Wilson, Nov. 
16. 1898. Address, Glendlve, Mont. 

AfETTS, Edwin Anderson; b. Wilming- 
ton, N, C„ Aug, 10, 1880; s. James 

Isaac and Cornelia Frothingham 
(Cowan) M.; ed. at Unirersity of 
North Carolina, 1900; essayist second 
year; Initiated by North Carolina Xi, 
Oct 6, 1907; secretary and treasurer 
of the Worth Co., St John No. 1, 
A. F. ft A. M., commodore Carolina 
Tacht club since 1910, ci4;>tain Wil- 
mington Light Infantry since 1909, 
mem. L. Ariosa Qerman club; ul 
Elizabeth C. Cotohett June SO, 1906. 
Address, 909 Market St, Wilmington, 
N. C. 

METZQER, George Stanleyp educator; 
b. Turbotville, Penn., July 24, 1888; 
s. E. C. and Anna (Harmon) M.; ed. 
at Bucknell University, 1910; Phi 
Delta Sigma, upper class honor soci- 
ety, class football team, varsity 
squad, second prize in psychology and 
ethics; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Zeta, June 1907, eminent archon; 
delegate province Beta convention. 
New York City, April, 1910; Univer- 
sity club of Williamsport Address, 
Montgomery, Penn. 

METZGER, William Albert, lawyer; b. 
Leesburg, Va., Jan. 6, 1876; s. O. T. 
and Maria L. M.; ed. at Washington 
and Lee University, 1893; initiated by 
Virginia Sigma; m. Fanny Dawson, 
Feb. 28, 1906. Address, Leesburg, 

MEYER, Robert William, student; D. 
Aug. 14, 1889; s. Henry and Martha 
(Taylor) M.; student at Bucknell 
University; ' College annual board, 
Pan-Hellenic committee; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Zeta, June 19, 1909; 
brother of Henry Q. Meyer, Jr., Penn- 
sylvania-Zeta. Address, Reberaborg, 

MEYERS, Floyd, student; b. April 16, 
1891; s. George F. and Anna L. (Ken- 
nedy) M.; student at Franklin Col- 
lege; class president football, basket 
ball, captain baseball; initiated by 
Indiana Alpha, Oct 22, 1909. Ad- 
dress, Rensselaer, Ind. 

MICHAELS, William Henry, Jr^ stu- 
dent; b. Feb. 14, 1891; a. W. H. and 
Mary B. (Shillito) M.; student at 
Syracuse University; initiated by 
New York Delta, Oct 20, 1911. Ad- 
dress, 41 Nelson Ave., Cooperstown, 
N. Y. 

MICOU, Benjamin, lawyer; b. Tallas- 



see, EUmore county, Ala., May 21, 
1865; 8. Benjamin Hall and Mary 
Jane C. (Sims) M.; ed. at UniverBlty 
of the South, 1886, Cumberland Uni- 
versity and University of Virginia; 
president literary society at Univer- 
sity of the So.uth, on winning team of 
inter society oratorical contest; ini- 
tiated by Tennessee Omega, Aug. 30, 
1887; afEUiated with Tennessee 
Lambda and Virginia Omicron; mem. 
of firm of Herbert and Micou, city at- 
torney for Anniston, Ala. for three 
years, chief clerk of Navy department 
1893 to 1897; mem. Metropolitan club 
and Chevy-Chase club; m. Ella A. 
Herbert in 1891. Residence, 1612 
21st St, N. W., Washington, D. C, 
office, 1419 Q. St, Washington, D. C. 
MIDDELKAMP, Leroy Louis; b. War- 
ronton. Mo., March 4, 1880; s. Wil- 
liam and Jennie M.; ed. at Colorado 
School of Mines, 1905; president of 
freshman class, fOur years football 
team, two years track team, three 
years mem. athletic board; iiUti- 
ated by Colorado Lambda, Jan. 
30, 1903; eminent treasurer; del- 
egate Memphis convention, 1904; 
superintendent for Elllamar Mining 
Co., Ellamar, Alaska^ and of the Fid- 
algo-Alaska Copper Co., Fidalgo Bay, 
Alaska; m. Jeannette Polster, July 
20, 1908. Address, Elamar, Alaska. 
Ml DDL ETON, Leonard Reynolds, stu- 
dent; b. Feb. 5, 1892; s. William J. 
Middleton, M. D., and Lavinia Ster- 
ling (Towson) M.; student at St 
Stephen's College; treasurer of class, 
1915; initiated by New York Sigma- 
Phi, Dec. 8, 1911. Address, 103 N. 
Second St, Steelton, Penn. 
MIELENZ, Fred MaKIn, banker; b. 
Wahoo, Neb., Aug. 11, 1876; s. 
Charles L. and Matilda M.; ed. at 
University of Nebraska, 1899; initi- 
ated by Nebraska Lambda-Pi, Oct 18, 
1897; private secretary to Chief Just- 
ice John J. Sullivan, Supreme Court 
of Nebraska; m. Mamie Heaton, June, 
1902. Address, Dexter, N. M. 
MILBURN, Frank William, sales man- 
ager; b. Lexington, Ky., Oct 31, 1881; 
8. J. D. and Margaret Georgia (Rus- 
sell) M.; ed at Kentucky State Uni- 
versity, 1901; three years on varsity 
fbotball team; initiated by Kentucky 

Epsilon, March 16, 1901; with South- 
em Engine and Boiler Works, Jack- 
son, Tenn.; ul Ruby Ross Ramage, 
June 10, 1908. • Address, 420 East 
Chester St, Jackson, Tenn. 
MILBURN, John Rudlslll, assistant ex- 
aminer U. S. Patent Office; b. Wash- 
ington, D. C, Dec. 26, 1886; s. Page IC 
and Nannie R. (Woodward) M.; ed. 
at Dickinson College, 1906; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi, Sept 25, 
1903; eminent archon; brother of J. 
W. Milbum, Pennsylvania Sigma- 
Phi; delegate to province convention, 
1906; mem. District of Columbia Bar; 
traveled in Europe, 1910. Address, 
U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D. C. 
MILBURN^ Joseph W., government of- 
ficial; b. Mt Savage, Md., Nov. 21, 
1881; s. Page and Nannie R. (Wood- 
ward) M.; ed. at Dickinson College, 
ls^02, A. M., 1904, LL. B. Oeorgetown 
University, 1909, M. P. L. George 
Washington University, 1910; initi- 
ated by Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi, Oct 
14, 1899; brother of J. R. Milbum, of 
Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi; attended 
province Beta convention, 1902 and 
Nat'l convention at Washington, 
1902; examiner United States Patent 
office; traveled in Alaska, 1903 to 
1904, Hawaii, 1904, Europe, 1910, with 
United States Coast and Geodetic sur- 
vey; F. A. A. M.; instructor McKinley 
Manual Training School, Washington, 
D. C, 1905; mem. District of Ck>lum- 
bia Bar since 1909. Address, U. S. 
Patent Office, Washington, D. C. 

MILES, Vincent Morgan, lawyer; b. 
Marion, Va., Oct 16, 1885; s. Oeorge 
W. and Mattie (Morgan) M.; ed. at 
Washington and Lee University, 
1907; class secretary, S. B. C. honor- 

I ary society, two years on football var- 
sity, pulled number 3 on the four 
oared shell, manager football team, 
1905; initiated by Virginia Sigma, 
Oct, 1904; eminent archon; attended 
province Oamma convention, Wash- 
ington, 1905; city attorney of Ft. 
Smith, Ark., Asst attorney Mo. Pac. 
Ry.; m. Evelyn ^rezevant Williams, 
Feb. 8, 1910. Address, Merchants 
Bank Bldg., Fort Smith, Ark. 

MILLAR, Leslie Walker, mercantile; 
b. Boston, Mass., March 22, 1879; s. 
William K. aiid idUft. T. ^^^Vis«N ML.\ 

WHO'S WHO IN B. A. tt 

ed. at HaHftclinMtts Instltate of 
Technoloer, 190S; aBsisUnt cIub 
aecretarr; Inltlatod bj MaswcbitBetU 
Iots-T«i, JftD. 7, 1S98; eminent ar- 
cIioD, delegate to proTtnce convention, 
Boiton, 189S, Boston, 1901, province 
Alphm convention; attended Boetnn 
convention, 1900, WaahlnKton, 1902; 
president province Alpha, 190S to 
1904, eminent lupreme recorder, 
1904; m. Bdna Hae Donning, Nov. 
17, 1»04. Addreaa, ITS DevouaUre 
8t, Boiton, Haas. 

MILLER, Arthur Edgart, civil engineer; 
b. Rockvllle, Conn., Peb. 10, 1888; a. 
Frederick Ferdinand and Amelia U.; 
ed. at Dartmouth College and Unlver- 
■Itr of nunola; lnlUat«d by New 
Hampehlre Alpha, Dec 4, 1908; affili- 
ated with IIllnolB Beta; with U. S. 
Lake B^irvey. Addreaa, 618 SL HarkB 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. T. 

MILLER, Chariae Powell, railroad 
man; b. Alliance, O., Nov. tl, 1867; 
I, EWtnuel and Emma (Powell) U.; 
ed. at Mount Union College, 1896; 
honor oration Llnnaeaa Llterarr lo- 
clety; initiated by Ohio Sigma, Peb. 
14, 1891; PennEylvanla R. R. agent; 
m. Alice WllBon, June 89, 1909. Ad- 
dreaa, 1121 South Arch Ave., Alliance, 

MILLER, David H., mercantile; b. Ger- 
mautown, Philadelphia, Penn., 1887; 
8. Alfred S. and Florence (Durrln) 
H.; ed. at Pennsylvaiila State Col- 
lege, 1907; Initiated by Pennsylvania 
Alpha-Zeta, Oct. 1. 1903; aaleaman 
with J. S. and W. S. Kuhn. Inc.. Bank- 
ers; Philadelphia lodge. No. 72 F. A 
A. M.; m. Christine MacNaugbton, 
Sept. 14, 1908. Address, ZZ7 E. Wal- 
nut Ave.. MerchantvUle, N. J. 

MILLER, Ely Delmer, T. H. C. A. gen- 
eral secretary; b. i^wlstown, Ohio, 
Nov. IG, 1874; s. Samuel H. and Mar- 
tha B. H.; ed. at Adrian College, 
190G, Ph. B. degree; vice-president of 
sen lor cl&as, manager of baseball 
team, 1906, second place In English 
literature contest, exchange editor of 
College World; Initiated by Michigan 
Alpha, Dec. 8, 1901; eminent archon; 
county T. M. C. A. secretary ot Bast- 
em Delaware county, N. T., 1905; m. 
Edaa J. Bncliasaii, Jnse 29, 1889. Ad- 

dress, 1020 Townaend Bt, T^ailBg. 

MILLER, Eugena E^ student at P^ui- 
gylvaala State College; b. Nov. 16, 
1890; s. Bllmer E. and Snaan (Blun- 
der) ; Initiated by Pennsylvania Alpha- 
Seta, Dae. IT, 1911; mem. CoUege foot- 
bsU team. 1910, 1911. Addrvsa, Har- 
lisbnrg, Penn. 

MILLER, Franklin, Uwyer; b. 
eaater, Mo., March S6, 1878; a. Bsoiry 
A. sod Ella (Potter) MiUer; ed. at 
Onlveralty ot Uls-onrl, 1901, Waah- 
mgton nnivertlty. 1908; prealdent of 
freshman class, Unlverrtty ot Hla- 
tourl, 1897; president Junior class at 
Washington University, 1902; D. H. B. 
H. senior society University of Mis- 
gonri, 1901, Phi Beta Kappa, Unlver- 
■ity of Missouri, 1902, winner of Jos. 
S. Rollins Junior scholarship at Uni- 
versity of Missouri, valedictorian in 
academic and education departments, 
1901, winner of alumni prise tor blgh- 
Mt standing for two years course and 
examination at Washington Unlvei^ 
slty, 1908; intUated by Mlssonri Alpha, 
Sept. 19, 1898; eminent archon; affili- 
ated with Missouri Beta; mem. of Ann 
at Wagner and Miller, treasurer and 
mem. ot executive committee ot St 
Louis Bar association; mem. of the 
Code club oi St. Louis, mem. ot His- 
aouri Bar association; m. Msnde 
Barnes, Oct. 28, 1907. Residence, 
&S71 Washington Ave., olDce, 880 
Pierce Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

MILLER, Lawrence T., atudent; b. July 
10, 1S90; a John F. and Bffie (Dice) 
U.; student at Allegheny College; 
captain football team. 1912, Block A 
club, Sclentlflc club; Initiated by 
Pennsylvania Omega, Feb. 18, 1911. 
Address, 209 Spring St. Meadvllle, 

MILLER, Leonard J., mercantUe; b. 
Sterling, 111., Sept 21, 1879; a. Joseph 
T. and Elisabeth M.; ed. at University 
of Illinois, University ot California, 
1904; Initiated by Illinois Beta, Sept 
27. 1900, affiliated with Calltomla 
Beta; manager ot the Astec Fuel Co.; 
m. Anna B. Riley, Oct 27, 1909. Ad- 
dress, Albuquerque, N. M. 

MILLER, Louallen Frederick, College 
professor; b. Anrora, DL, Sept 23, 
1876; a. WilUam J. and BOIsalMth J. 



M.; ed. at Unireraity of Michigan, 
1899; fellowship at University of 
Wisconsin, 1901 to 1902; initiated by 
Wisconsin Alpha (charter niem.)» Feb. 
7, 1903; head of department of Phys- 
ics, Colorado School of Mines; m. 
Mabel A. Chinnock, June 20, 1906. 
Address, 1036 15th St., Golden, Colo. 

MILLER, Paul Henderson, student; b. 
Nov. 25, 1890; s. John Michael and 
Jane May (Henderson) M.; was stu- 
dent at Washington university, now at 
University of Michigan, Triangles, 
Olee club, Michigan Union Opera two 
years; initiated by Missouri Beta, 
Oct. 10, 1908; affiliated with Michi- 
gan Iota-Beta. Address, 5883 Von Ver- 
sen Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

MILLIKEN, Joseph, Knowles, mercan- 
tile; b. Salem, Mass., July 5, 1876; 
s. Charles D. and Helen K. M.; ed. at 
Harvard University, 1896; initiated 
by Massachusetts Qamma, May 25, 
1893; treasurer Mount Hope Furnish- 
ing Co., North Dighton, Mass.; Ma- 
son; m. Carrie E. Dodds, June 3, 
1903. Address, 230 Winthrop St, 
Taunton, Mass. 

MILLING, Roberts Clay, lawyer; b. 
Winnfield, La., Nov. 2, 1885; s. Mr. 
and Mrs. R. E. Milling; ed. at Louisi- 
ana State University and Washington 
and Lee University, academic, 1908, 
Louisiana State University, law, 
1909; initiated by Louisiana ESpsilon 
Sept 1904; eminent archon; affiliated 
with Virginia Sigma; brother of W. 
F. Milling, Louisiana Epsllon. Ad- 
dress, Franklin, La. 

MILLS, Alfred Keister, lawyer; b. West- 
erville, O., Dec. 5, 1877; s. Job 
bmith and Mary (Keister) M.; ed. at 
Denver University, 1902, Lebonon Val- 
ley College, 1904, Tale University, 
1905; class president, varsity base- 
ball and tennis teams, editor College 
magazine, Qlee club; Initiated by 
Colorado Zeta, May 25, 1899; attended 
Atlantic City convention, 1909; emi- 
nent correspondent; executive com- 
mittee county Republican organiza- 
tion; writer of articles on History of 
the Philippine Islands; m. Edith C. 
Frants, Dec. 27, 1911. Address, 
Annville, Penn. 

MIMS, William Oscar, lawyer; U. S. 
oommissioner; b. Parrottsville, Tenn., 

Dec. 26, 1867; a. D. A. and Margaret 
(McSween) M.; ed. at Emory and 
Henry Ck>llege, A. B., 1896, Cumber- 
land Universi^, law, 1891, president 
Junior class at Emory and Henry Ck>l- 
lege, Hermesian literary society, win- 
ner of Robertson prize for oratory at 
Emory and Henry College, Collins 
prize for best writer; initiated by 
Virginia Pi, Feb., 1887, eminent ar- 
chon, delegate to convention at Chat^ 
tanooga, Tenn., Dec, 1892; affiliated 
with Tennessee Lambda; attorney of 
Newport mem. board of education at 
Newport Tenn., stockholder and di- 
rector Volunteer State Life Insurance 
Co., stockholder and director Mer- 
chants and Planters Bank, Newport; 
m. Cora L. Massey, Dec, 1895. Ad- 
dress, Peck Ave., College Hill, New- 
port Tenn. 

MI8H, George B^ broker; ed. at Dick- 
inson College, 1910, Ph. B.; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi. Address, 
149 Broadway, Singer Bldg., New 
York City. 

MITCHELL, Alexander Robert, 
clergyman; b. Charleston, S.- C, Sept 
1, 1860; 8. Alexander R. and Ann Re- 
becca M.; ed. at University of the 
South, 1882; president Pi Omega lit- 
erary society, varsity baseball team, 
essayist for literary society, president 
of Missionary society; initiatcMl by 
Tennessee Omega, Aug. 20, 1881; first 
archon and charter mem.; clergyman. 
Episcopal church, rector of Gtood 
Shepherd, Cola., S. C, fourteen and 
one-half years, rector of Christ 
church, QreenviUe, S. C, eleven and 
one-half years, delegate three times 
to general convention of SSpiscopal 
church, secretary and treasurer board 
of missions, dean Greenville conven- 
tion; m. first Harriet Couturier 

' Thomas, second, Mary Mazyck Lucas. 
Address, 501 E. Washington St, 
Greenville, S. C. 

MITCHELL^ John Jackson, lawyer, 
farmer; b. Florence, Ala., 1854; s. W. 
H. and Martha (Jackson) M.; ed. at 
Cumberland University, 1874; initi- 
ated by Tennessee Lambda, 1874; 
Florence, Ala., Alumni chapter; twice 
probate Judge Lauderdale county, 
twice member Alabama State Legisla- 
ture, chairman waya and mAASA ^Aic&e> 

'S77; !.. .1. f), n,,id n 'f{ ,£{\;°. 
ed. a( Alybaniit l'olvtechiili> dist 

plf ; k'";'"'" ^'°- -^^ ^^ Alabama 
Polytechnic Institute; initiated by 
Alabama Alpha-Mu; eminent archon; 
brother of Capt, A. Mitchell. S. A. E ■ 
cadet at the United States Mliltarr 

.Qn"o '"*'■ ■'"°*' ^"^ 1S3S' to Jwn« 12 
isoa, when be was graduates and pro- 
moted In Che army to aecond lleuten- 
ant. corps of engineera; »erved at 
?Sn? ^' ^-, '■■ ^"^ "' l^''^. to Feb. B. 
1W03. engineering work In laUnd of 
MIndana, Moro country, to Feb 9 
ia04; at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., to 
July 20. 1905: flret lieutenant, cd™ 
or engineerB. April 23, 1904; In ikli^ 
mlBh at Ramaln, Mindanao. P. I., Feh 
1. 1904; atatlatical officer target com- 
peUtlonB to Aug. 20. 1905; engineer 
at the School of AppiicatioQ, Waeli- 
ngton BarrackH, d. C. to Oct 1. 
i.T.'h '^7''°''^'«Bance map of Cuba 
iBland of Cuba, to May 1. 1907: at 
i^^Jo^^f"" B^^'-a'^kB. D. C. to inn" 
14, 1907; target competition. Fort 
Keogh. Mont, to Sept. 1. 1907- In- 
etructor in Department ot Engineer- i 
Ing, United States Military Academy 
West Point, N. Y., from Aug >g 1807 
to Aug. 23. ms; asslBtant profewor-' 
cantaln i-orps of englneera, Oct 16, 
ro War medal, Armr of Cu- r 



Medical assoclatloii, mem. Medical 
Historical Society of Chicago; author 
of Industrial Sanitation; m. Golda M. 
Taylor, 1908. Address, 404 Ashland 
Blvd., Chicago* 111. 

MOHLERp Bruce Monroe, chemist and 
bacteriologist; b. Fremont, Ohio, Aug. 
20, 1888; s. David and Ella M.; ed. at 
Ohio SUte University, 1909; mem. 
Sigma Xi; initiated by Ohio Theta, 
Oct 2, 190 i; eminent deputy archon; 
attended province Delta convention at 
Delaware, Ohio, 1908; chemist and 
bacteriologist with Minnesota State 
board of health; mem. Sigma XI so- 
ciety, American Public Health asso- 
ciation. Address, Minnesota State 
Board of Health, University of Minne- 
sota, Minneapolis, Minn. 

MONIER, Roy Hughes, financier; b. 
Hopkins, Mo., Jan. 12, 1881; s. Charles 
and Charlotte M.; ed. at Northwest- 
em University, 1904; initiated by Illi- 
nois Psl-Omega, Nov. 25, 1901, emi- 
nent archon, delegate to province 
Delta convention at Minneapolis, 1904; 
Chairman Nat'l song book committee; 
president province Zeta, 1909-11; 
chairman republicaa congressional 
committee, second district of Missouri, 
vice president Missouri Republican 
•clubs, mem. American EiConomlc as- 
sociation; m. Lucy A. Derickson, June 
28, 1905. Address, 608 North JefTer* 
son St, CarroUton, Mo. 

MONTAGUE, Edwin Asbury, physician 
and surgeon; b. Cromwell* Ky., 1870; 
s. Mr. Montague and Nancy Ellen 
(Leach) M.; ed. at Bethel College; ini- 
tiated by Kentveky Iota (charter 
mem.), Nov. 17, w88; brother of W. 
C. Montague, M. D., of Kentucky Iota; 
delegate to convention at Nashville, 
Tenn., 1888; physician to Tacoma city 
schools; mem. American Medical as- 
sociation, mem. Washington State 
Medical association, mem. Pierce 
county Medical society. Mason, Elk, 
K. of P., mem. Commercial club and 
Chamber of Commerce; m. May R. 
Richmond, 1905. Address, 3802 S. 
38th St, Tacoma, Wash. 

MONTAGUE, Wallace Tenney, student; 
b. July 2, 1889; s. George C. and Ma^ 
tie J. (Worth) M.; student at Wor- 
cester Polytechnic Institute; manager 
of Tech News, 1909, also one of the 

founders, class treasurer, 1910, mem. 
W. P. I. Chapter of Associated Cosmo- 
politan clubs; initiated by liassa- 
chusetts Delta, 1912. Address, 42 
Abbott St, Worcester, Mass. 

MONTQOMERYp Charles Jenkins, phy- 
sician and surgeon; b. Milledgevllle, 
Oa., April 27, 1868; s. James Gardner 
and Fanny H. (Brown) M.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Georgia, 1887, Princeton 
University, 1889, University of Penn- 
sylvania, 1892; initiated by Georgia 
Beta, Oct 4, 1883; county physician, 
Richmond county; mem. board of 
trustees Georgia State Sanitarium, 
professor medical Jurisprudence, toxi- 
cology and hygiene at University of 
Georgia; retired; mem. Association 
Military Surgeons, U. S., mem. 
Georgia State Medical association, 
mem. Anthropological association; 
m. Jessie Scott, Dec. 24, 1901. Ad- 
dress, The Hill, Augusta, Ga. 

MONTGOMERY, James Nelson, T. M. 
C. A. secretary; b. Birmingham, 
Ala., July 29, 1887; s. WilUam G. M.; 
ed. at Washington and Lee Univer- 
sity, 1910; vice-president sophomore 
class. Phi Delta Phi legal, S. B. C. 
ribbon, basketball squad, class base- 
ball and basketball, orator's medal 
Washington Literary society, his- 
tory scholarship, general secretary 
Y. M. C. A., 1910; an editor on Col- 
lege weekly; initiated by Virginia 
Sigma, Nov., 1906; eminent recorder, 
treasurer, and deputy archon; stu- 
dent international secretary T. M. C. 
A. for the south. Address, 827 S. 
30th St, Birmingham, Ala. 

MONTGOMERY, James Taliaferro, 
lawyer; b. Houston, Chickasaw 
county. Miss., March 2, 1861; s. Dr. 
Jacob P. and Reglna (Taliaferro) 
M.; ed. at University of Mississippi, 
1883; initiated by Mississippi Gam- 
ma, Dec, 1882. Residence, 1000 
Burnett St, olBce, 801 Ohio Ave., 
Wichita Falls, Tex. 

MOORE, Albertus Adair, physician 
and surgeon; b. Camden, S. C, 1874; 
s. Albertus A. and Carrie Aiken 
(Clarke) M.; ed. at University of 
South Carolina, 1893, University of 
Virginia; initiated by South Caro- 
lina Delta, Nov., 1891; affiliated with 
VlTgliiia OTnVcwni\ VsA\x>^^\x3it ^^-rasSftk 



Medical College, N. T., aBSiatant yIb- 
iting surgeon women's diseases 
Bellevue, New York City and the 
Manhattan Maternity hospitals, 
mem. New York Academy of Medi- 
cine, mem. American Medical associ- 
ation, mem. New York State Medical 
association, mem. American Revolu- 
tion, mem. Southern Aero. Address, 
43 East 33rd St, New York City. 

MOORE, Alien L., student; b. June 24, 
1890; 8. John Jay and Lucy (Davis) 
M.; student at University of Min- 
nesota; Minnesota Daily, eminent 
coniespondent; initiated by Minne- 
sota Alpha, Nov. 7, 1910. Address, 
1311 Clark St., Le Mars, Iowa. 

MOORE, Brooke Lindsay, chemist; b. 
Harrisburg, Penn., Jan. 23, 1878; s. 
William and Mary B^ncis (Zollin- 
ger) M.; ed. at Pennsylvania State 
College, 1901; on board class publi- 
cation, graduation orator; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, Sept, 
1897; eminent correspondent; chemist 
The Mautain Conper Co.; Mason. 
Address, Martinez, Cal. 

MOORE, Carroii Switzer, editor; b. 
Cranbury, Hood county, Tex., July 
25, 1887; s. Rev. William Jennings 
and Augustus Letitia (Shurley) M.; 
ed. at University of Oklahoma; Judge 
of elections, chairman executive com- 
mittee of sophomore class, senate 
literary society, varsity baseball 
team three seasons, manager and 
captain, member of class teams; ini- 
tiated by Oklahoma Kappa, Oct 23, 
1909 (charter mem.), eminent ar- 
chon, attended province Theta con- 
vention at Norman, 1909; secretary 
Oklahoma city Alumni Association of 

5. A. E.; reportorial staff The Daily 
Oklahoman. Address, care Daily 
Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

MOORE, Darius Carries, physician and 
surgeon; b. Summerville, Penn., Jan. 

6, 1879; s. David K. and Martha C. 
(Carries) M.; ed. Allegheny Col- 
lege, 1902; president freshman class 
Jefferson Medical College, football 
and baseball teams; coroner Beaver 
dKmnl7 1911, for four Tiears, staff 
Rochester General hotq^ital; m. Nolle 
Graham Jackson, Nov. 6, 1907. Ad- 
dreBB, Monaca, Penn. 

MOORE, Fred, physician; b. Harlan, 

Iowa, May 10, 1888; s. Edwin and 
Elizabeth (Watters) M.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Iowa, B. A., 1906» M. S^ 
1910, M. D., 1911; varsity footbaU 
team three years, track team two 
years, president athletic union, meuL 
University committee, class presi- 
dent Sigma Xi; initiated by Iowa 
Beta, Feb. 11, 1905 (charter meuL), 
eminent archon; staff General hos- 
pital, Montreal; author studies in 
Cardiac Arnrthmia; formerly in- 
structor in biology at University of 
California. Address, Gtoneral Hospi- 
tal, Montreal, Canada. 

MOORE, Garland Stephen, lawyer; b. 
Huntland, Franklin county, Tenn., 
1874; s. J. K. and EUsa (MiUer) M.; 
ed. at Cumberland University, law, 
1906; manager Cumberland football 
team, 1905; initiated by Tennessee 
Lambda, 1904; lecturer on medical 
Jurisprudence at University of Ten- 
nessee, attorney general pro tem in 
place of Gen. Jeff McCam; Mason, K. 
of P., mem. Nashville Commercial 
c^ub; m. Dec. 9, 1908, Carrie Moulton 
Corbin. Residence, 1007 Villa St, 
office 8-9 Vanderbilt Law Bldg., Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

MOORE, James Wayne, manufacturer; 
b. Meadville, Penn., Oct 21, 1881; s. 
John Willis and Ehnma A. M.; ed. at 
Georgia School of Technology, M. E., 
1901; class president 1900 and 1901, 
varsity baseball team, 1899 and 1901, 
commencement debater, 1900; initi- 
ated by Georgia Phi, Nov., 1898; emi- 
nent treasurer; delegate convention 
at Boston, Mass., 1900; secretary 
and treasurer Atlanta Utility Works, 
East Point, Ga.; m. Harriet S. Mash, 
Nov. 23, 1904. Address, 829 Ponce 
de Leon St, Atlanta, Ga. 

MOORE, John Calvin, chemist; b. Leb- 
anon, Ind., Sept. 26, 1882; & Thomas 
R. and Josephine (Chambers) M.; 
ed. at Franklin College, 1906; foot- 
ball team, 1906; chairman Republi- 
can Ways and Means committee and 
president Republican dub, 1904; ini- 
tiated by Indiana Alpha, Oct 28, 
1902; eminent arohon; brother of 
Russell Moore, Indiana Alpha; vice- 
president Franklin Alumni 8. A. B. 
association; teacher In Cass Techni- 

\ cal High School, Detroit, Mleh^ city 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


chemiit, Indianapolis, Ind., 1909-1910, 
mem. American chemical society. 
Address, Cass Technical High School, 
Detroit, Mich. 

MOORE, John Swan, student; South- 
western Presbyterian University; s. 
John W. and Helen (Lewis); initi- 
ated by Tennessee Zeta, Oct 2, 1911; 
mem, baseball, football and basket- 
baU second teams, 191u, 1911; win- 
ner of Greek prize, 1910. Address, 
714 South 30th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

MOORE, J. Washington, lawyer; b. Col- 
Uerville, Shelby county, Bftarch 16, 
1866; ed. at Vanderbilt University, 
A. B., 1890, LL. B., 1891; winner ot 
the Southern Inter-collegiate Oratori- 
cal contest; initiated by Tennessee 
Nu, Dec., 1886; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nan convenUons at Nashville, 1888, 
Atlanta, 1891, Chattanooga, 1892, 
Pittsburgh, 1893, Washington, 1894, 
Nashville, 1898, Memphis, 1904; elec- 
ted eminent supreme archon by the 

1891 convention and re-elected in 

1892 and 1893; a member of the house 
of Representatives of the general as- 
sembly of Tennessee in 1903; was ap- 
pointed assistant attorney general of 
the tenth Judicial circuit of Tennes- 
see, Sept. 1, 1910, and is holding that 
position now; is a mem. of the board 
of directors of the Southern Insur- 
ance company, and was general coun- 
sel of that company prior to Sept. 1, 
1910, having resigned upon accepting 
the position of assistant attorney 
general of the tenth circuit; from 
Sept 1, 1907 to Sept 1, 1908, served 
as assistant attorney general of the 
tenth circuit under Oen. F. M. Bass, 
8. A. E., during the last year of his 
administration; mem. of the Royal 
Arcanum, the Modem Woodmen of 
America, the Tribe of Ben Hur, the 
Legion of the Red Cross, Knights of 
Pythias, Dramatic Order of Knights of 
Khorassan, the Nashville Chamber of 
Commerce, and the Press club of 
Nashville, the Uniform Rank of 
KnlghU of Pythias and of the En- 
dowment Rank of Knights of Pythi- 
as; m. Mary R. Arm8tead,Na8hvllle, 
Tenn., Jan. 20, 1892. Address, 604 
Unicm Bank Bldg., Nashville, Tenn. 

MOORE* LawrsMe Badfer* student at 
Harvard University; b. Oct 14, 1891; 

s. Ehnest B. and Grace M. (Badger) ; 
initiated by Massachusetts Oamma, 
May 27, 1911. Address, 5 Rural, 
Medford, Mass. 

MOORE, MacAi faster, manufacturer; 
b. Detroit, Mich., March 15, 1881; s. 
Charles and Alice (Merriam) M.; ed. 
at Harvard University, 1908; initiat- 
ed by Massachusetts Oamma, Nov. 
17, 1900; Canadian manager Simplex 
Electric Heating Co.; m. Mary Kath- 
erine Jones, Nov. 6, 1905. Address, 
Belleville, Ont, Canada. 

MOORE, Wayne H., mercantile; b. Hot 
Springs, Ark., Feb. 24, 1889; s. Wil- 
liam H. and Carrie B. M.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Arkansas, 1910; initiated 
by Arkansas Alpha-Upsilon, Nor. 30, 
1908, local sales manager and secre- 
tary VaUey Planing MiU Co., Hot 
Springs, Ark. Address, 906 Malvern 
Ave., Hot Springs, Ark. 

MOREHEAD, John Motley, engineer; 
b. Slakesville, N. C, Nov. 3, 1870; s. 
Joseph T. and Mary E. M.; ed. at 
University of North Carolina, 1891; 
initiated by North Carolina Xi, Sept 
5, 1887; eminent treasurer, attended 
convention at Charlotte, 1889; mem. 
Chicago S. A. E. Alumni association; 
engineer tests Peoples Gas Co., en- 
gineer Union Carbide Co., Jury of 
award, St Louis Exposition, director 
American Gas Institute, author of 
Analysis of Industrial Gases, mem. 
American Gas Institute, m^m. 
American Institute of EUectrolysis, 
mem. English Intendion Acetylene 
association; to Europe seven times 
installing machinery. Address, Peo- 
ples Gas Bldg., Michigan Ave., at 
Adams St, Chicago, HI. 

MOREHOUSE, Monte T., lawyer; b. 
New Brunswick, N. J., Dec. 14, 1880; 
s. James U. and Anna Belle M.; ed. at 
Dickinson College, 1904; class secre- 
tary, Allison Literary society; initi- 
ated by Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi, 
April 3, 1902; eminent archon, man- 
ager Commercial Casualty Insurance 
Co., Buffalo office; m. MadaUn T. 
Miller, Feb. 8, 1909. Address, 10 
North Ashland Ave., Buftalo, N. T. 

MORSE, Joei SnHth, merchant, banker, 
farmer; b. Abbeville, 8. C April 9, 
1883; s. Amos B. and Jannie (Smith) 
M.; ed. at DaMsiwoL Cx:i\««^ ^s»^^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

m, clui pnal- 
deot. Glut Bccretanr: Initiated bj 
North Carolina TheU, Sept. 11, 1900; 
eminent treuurer and recorder; dele- 
gate to Nat'l S. A. E. conrentlon at 
WasblnKton, 1002; K. of P. Ad- 
dreaa, Abbeyille, S. C. 

MORGAN, Haynea Lawrence, leglala- 
ture; b. Marlon, Smrth cotmtr. Va., 
Hay 28, 186S; a. Vincent S. and Harr 
Jane (Bleaslng) M.; ed. at Bmory 
and Henrr College, ISSB, Unlveraltr 
of Virginia, law, 1890, won the de- 
clalmere and writera medals at Em' 
ory and Henry College; initiated by 
Virginia PI, Dec, 1895; affiliated with 
Virginia Omicron; mem. of Virginia 
Leglalature, 1S96-189G, atock farmer; 
mem. of the general board of atate 
hoapltala; Hason, ahrlner; m. llary 
R. Gwyn, 1893. Addreaa, AapenTaSe, 
Seven Mile Ford, Va. 

MORQAN, Herschel Seymour, student; 
b. March 12, 1891; a. William Alonio 
and Martha Beatrice (Atteberry) 
M.; Btudent at Univeralty of South 
Dakota, mem. varalty football aquad, 
1910 and 1911, mem. class basketball 
team, 1911 and 1912, mem. track 
team, 1911; Initiated by South Da^ 
kota Sigma, Jan. 27. 1911 (charter 
mem.), eminent herald. Addreaa, 
Bellefouche. S. D. 

MORRIS, John Evane, educator; b. 
Not. 13, 18EG; a. Allan J. and Jane 
(Evans) M.; ed. at Mount Union Col- 
lege, 1884; salutatory; Initiated by 
Ohio Sigma, Feb. 26, 1894; general 
agent. The Sheldon School, twice 
delegate to republican state conven- 
tion, elgbteeu years superintendent 
of schools, Alliance, Ohio, mem. Nat'l 
Education association; spent one 
year in Europe; I. O. O. F., organised 
the Alliance circle, mem. Alliance 
Country club, lay delegate M. E. 
church general conference, 1912; m. 
Emma P. Vaughn, June 6, 1SS9. Ad- 
dress. 208 East Oxford St. Alliance, 

MORRIS, Seth Mabry, occullst and 
aurlst; b. Auatln. Tex., June 15, 1867; 
s. Dr. W. A. and Lucy (Trigg) H.; 
ed. at University of Texas, B. S., ISSS, 
Columbia School Pbyalclans and Sur- 
geons, M. D., 1891; honor graduate 
at medical eeboQl; professor of opth- 

aimologT and oUOogy in medical de- 
partment of nnlTenlty of Teiai; 
mem. Oalreaton County Uedloa] so- 
ciety. Texas State Medical aoctety, 
American Medical asaodatlon; ram- 
mer 1S91 to 1893 In Berlin worUng 
Id chemlstjT: president AJnnoni As- 
sociation of Dnlverslty of Texas, 
1S92 to 1898; m. Eulab Stanley 
Evans, June 6. 1S96. Address, II) 
Tremont St, Oalveston, Tex. 

MORRIS, William Lenflfellow, Uwyar; 
b. Brookllne, Mass., March 21, 18TT; 
e. William Francis and Marian Adele 
(Longfellow) M.; ed. at Uaaaachua- 
etts InsUtute of Technologr. 1899, 
George Washington University, H. P. 
L... 1902; president L' Avenlr, French 
society at MassacliUMtts Institute of 
Technology: mem. Die Oeaellaehaft, 
German society at Massacbueetts Ut- 
etitute of Technology; initiated by 
Washington City Rho, Mart± 2, 190S 
^charter mem.); attended Atlantic 
City convention, 1909; lawyer and 
patent attorney; traveled in Euro- 
pean countries; m. Winifred Orer, 
June 13. 1906. Address, 2 Rector St, 
New York City. 

MORRISON, Harvey Lee, mayor; b. 
Statesvllle, N. C, Dec. 4, 18S6; s. 
William Harvey and Ellen J. Slmon- 
tOD M.; ed. at Davidson College, 
1SS7; Initiated by North Carolina 
Theta, Oct, 1888; eminent archon; 
delegate to Atlanta Nat'l conven- 
tloD, 1886; mayor of Okolona, Mfss., 
for past eight yean; Insurance busi- 
ncBs; Mason, K, of P.. Jr. A. U. A. M., 
W, of W.; m. Mattle Blanche Stovall, 
Sept 30, 1891. Address, Okolona, 

MORRISON, Roblay Howe, Chemist; b. 
Norway, Me., Jan. II, 1886; a. Arthur 
B. and Fannie R. (Howe) M.; ed. at 
Univeralty of Maine, 1909; mem. 
mualcal cluba, BLem. orchestra and 
band; Initiated by Matne Alpha, Feb. 
15, 1908; eminent correspondent; 
brother of Preeland J. Uorrlson, 
Maine Alpha; chemist for Oxford 
Paper Co.; mem. Rnmford Business 
Hen's club, mem. Rnmford Mechanics 
Institute; m. Leola M. Noyea, Oct 19, 
1910. Address, 27 Free St, Romford, 



MORROW, Edgar D^ fanner; b. New- 
man, 111., July 27, 1886; a. Jamea 
and Rachel M.; ed. at the MiUi- 
kin UnlYeralty, 1907; preaident Ath- 
letic association; mem. track team. 
College debater; initiated by Illinois 
Delta, Jan. 14, 1911 (charter mem.), 
president of the local, delegate of 
local to Atlanta, 1906; m. Susie H. 
Akers, Dec. 7, 1910. Address, New- 
man, 111. 

MORSE, Frank Thomas, insurance; b. 
Orange, Mass., Nov. 26, 1888; s. Wil- 
liam W. and Vera E. M.; ed. at Dart- 
mouth College, 1906; football and 
baseball teams, manager Medical 
School baseball team; Initiated by 
New Hampshire Alpha, May 2, 1908 
(charter mem.); claim department 
Travelers Insurance Co., Newark, N. 
J.; mem. Orange lodge F. ft A. M. 
Address, 90 Hollywood Ave., East 
OrajifiTO I^ J 

MORTON, Edward Watts, fruit grower 
and poultryman; b. Kennebunk, Me., 
March 7, 1887; s. Edward Watts and 
Luella (Jordan) M.; ed. at Dart^ 
mouth Ck>llege, 1911 and 1913; cu- 
rator Junior, chairman senior com- 
mencement committee. Senior Skulls, 
Alpha Zeta, manager varsity track 
team; initiated by Maine Alpha, Sept 
29, 1905; eminent archon; brother of 
Harry J. Morton and Lincoln E. Mor- 
ton of New Hampshire Alpha; alter- 
nate province convention, Dec, 1907, 
sent by Maine Alpha in Feb., 1908, to 
visit local Chi Tau Kappa at Dart- 
mouth; m. Gladys Gertrude Stack- 
pole, Feb. 21, 1911. Address, Box 
109, Darby, Mont 

MORTON, Oakley Kendall, student; b. 
Aug. 22, 1911; s. Byron C. and Stella 
A. (Toung) M.; student at University 
of Chicago; class treasurer, varsity 
Glee club, band, choir, Mandolin club, 
Blackfriars play* 1912; initiated by 
Illinois Theta, Jan. 22, 1911; eminent 
correspondent Address, 111 Court 
St, Crown Point Ind. 

MORTON, William Hickman, college 
president; b. 1864; ed. at Central Uni- 
versity, 1888; initiated by Kentucky 
Kappa, March 4, 1882 (charter 
mem.); 1888-1898; principal Potomac 
Seminary, Romney, W. Va., 1893- 
1895, president Franklin Female Col- 

lege, Franklin, Ky., 1895-1896, presi- 
dent Elizabeth Aull Seminary, Lm- 
ington, Ky., 1896-1903, professor of 
mathematics, AAeville College, Ashe- 
ville, N. J., 1908 to date, professor of 
physics and astronomy, Converse 
College, Spartanburg, S. C, and 
chairman of the faculty; Mason; m. 
Susan Graham Van Lear, June 20, 
1888. Address, Spartanburg, S. C. 

MOVE, Hubert Nelson, mercantile; b. 
Cuthbert Ga., June 14, 1891; s. An- 
drew Clinton and Dixie Louise (Har- 
ris) M.; ed. Alabama Polytechnic 
Institute, 1911; initiated by Alabama 
Alpha-Mu, Sept 4, 1908; with A. J< 
Moye ft Son. Address, Cuthbert Ga. 

MOVER, Edward C. A^ lawyer; b. 
Philadelphia, Penn., March 81, 1878; 
s. B. Frank and Eva C. M.; ed. Buck- 
nell University, 1900; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Zeta, March 19, 1898; 
eminent archon; affiliated with 
Pennsylvania Theta; brother of H. 
B. Moyer, Pennsylvania Zeta; at- 
tended S. A. El Nat'l convention at 
Boston 1900, Washington 1904; edi- 
tor first volume provine Beta annuaL 
Address, 1827 DeKalb St, Norris- 
town, Penn. 

MOVER, Herbert B^ educator; b. 1876; 
ed. Bucknell University, University 
of Pennsylvania; initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania Zeta (charter mem.), later affili- 
ated with Pennsylvania Theta, of 
which chapter he was the founder and 
at whose installation he was an offi- 
cer; assistant editor of the S. A. E. 
manual; vice-president of province Be- 
ta, 1904; associate editor of the Re- 
cord; composer of an unique S. A. E. 
yell In Greek, (see p. 189. vol. m, S. A. 
E. History) ; principal of the Cape May 
High School; m. Anna G. Sieber, 
Dec. 25, 1900. Address, Cape May, 
N. J. 

MOVER, Torrance Calvin, edueator; 
b. New Berlin, Penn., March 21, 1890; 
s. Joseph H. and Emma J. (Sanders) 
M.; ed. University of Nebraska, 1911; 
Nu Sigma Nu medical fraternity; 
freshman arbor day orator, Nebraska 
Wesleyan University; mem. Orphili- 
an society at Nebraska Wesleyan 
University; Neocosmian society at 
Union Seminary, Pennsylvania; 

18, isas. 

Mo. offlt«. 710-714 Vmea'Hldg, 
Unlit, Mo, 
MULDER, Rltie, real estate; b. Rose 
Lawn, Ind,, Feb. 5, 18S4; ed. North- 
weatern Unlveralty; initiated bj tOi- 
nlos Psl-Omega: eminent itenUd; 
delegate S. A. E. Natl convenUon, 
Atlanta. Ga.. 1906; attended province 
Zeta convention St. I>ouIa, Mo, 1807 
delegate province Delta convanOon 
Delaware, 1908. Chicago, 1910; t1c«. 

president province Delta, I9li ■ 

president Efanstoo[niii aMOCla!^ 
tlon; editor S. A. B. Year book ud 
Cbftpter Letters 1909 and 1910, Ad- 
dress, Evaniston. Ill 

b. Peb. 12. 1889; s. Thomas L. ud 
Sophia C. (Clarlt) M.; Btudent at 
university ot Minnesota; Delta Sig- 
ma Delta; University Giae club; In- 
lated by Minnesota Alpha, March » 
IBIL Address. H21 University Ave., 
a. E., Mlnneaimlls. Minn 
MULLIN, Henry Ju|Ib„, real estate and 
Insurance; b. Minneapolis Minn 
Dec 8 1881; s. Zachan Taylor and 
f«'''« ^- M-: «<*■ Harvard Univaralty 
1906; iniUated by MaBsachuwtti 
"■"""" "°'^- 6. 1902; eminent treas- 
ued Waahinuton. D. C. s. 



L. D., The Man, published by the 
State Co., Columbia, S. C; worshipful 
master. Masonic lodge, A. F. M., three 
terms; m. Lucia Landum, Dec. 18, 
1899. Address, Lancaster, S. C. 
lURDOCK, William G^ lawyer and 
postmaster; b. Milton, Penn., July 27, 
1881; ed. Bucknell Uniyersity 1904, 
Dickinson College, law, 1907; initi- 
ated by PennsylYania Zeta, Dec. 19, 
1901; delegate province conyention 
New York Mu, 1903; delegate at Re- 
publican state convention, 1910; ap- 
pointed postmaster of Milton, 1911; 
director and secretary of the Moun- 
tain Water Co., secretary Milton 
Fair and Northumberland Co., Agri- 
cultural association; treasurer Pro- 
tected Home Circle of Milton; 1908 
served as worshipful master of Mil- 
ton lodge No. 256 F. and A. M.; 
scribe of Warrior Run chapter Royal 
Arch Masons at Watsontown, mem. 
Williamsport Consistory and Adoni- 
ram Council of Williamsport, Blk; 
published a history of Free-masonry 
1909; a history of The Brady family. 
Address, Milton, Penn. 
lURPHY, Edgar G^ author; b. Fort 
Smith, Ark., Aug. 31, 1869; s. S. W. 
and Janie (Gardner) M.; ed. at Uni- 
Tersity of the South, 1899; has served 
as executive secretary of the South- 
em Educational board, vice-president 
Of the Conference for Education in 
the South, chairman Alabama Child- 
Labor committee; mem. executive 
committee National Child-Labor 
board; editor of OiBcial Reports of 
Race Problems in the South and of 
Reports on Conference for ESducation 
in the South; author. The Larger 
Life, 1896, Words for the Church, 
1896, Problems of the Present South, 
1904, The Basis of Ascendency, 1909; 
m. Maud King, Aug. 31, 1891. Ad- 
dress, 206 Livingston St, New Haven, 

lURPHEY, Julian Clay, financier; b. 
Bamesvllle, Ga., April 26, 1880; s. 
Thomas E. and Alice (Hammond) 
M.; ed. Mercer University, 1900; in- 
itiated by Georgia Psi, April 3, 1897; 
president of province Epsilon, 1903- 
07; delegate to S. A. B. Nat'l con- 
vention at Washington, 1902, Mem- 
phis 1904, Atlanta, 1906; in banking. 

real estate and insurance business; 
m. Fanny Ross Plant, April 10, 1907. 
Address, 548 Orange St., Macon, Ga. 

MURRAY, Clyde Caldwell, mercantile; 
b. Punxsutawney, Penn., s. V. S. and 
Amelia (Campbell) M.; ed. Alle- 
gheny College, 1908; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Omega, Sept. 1904; 
eminent treasurer; manager The 
Reynoldsville Brick and Tile Co.; F. 
and A. M.; m. Mary Belle Jones, June 
24, 1909. Address, Reynoldsville, 

MURLIN, John Raymond, University 
professor; b. Auglaize county, Ohio, 
1874; s. John A. and Isabel (Hamil- 
ton) M.; ed. Ohio Wesleyan Univer- 
sity, B. S., 1897, A. M., 1899, Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania, Ph. D., 1901; 
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi; assisted 
in physiology at Ohio Wesleyan, 
Harrison Fellow in Zoology at Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1899-1901; 
initiated by Ohio Delta, April 4, 1894; 
eminent archon; delegate S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at St. Louis, 1896; 
delegate to province convention at 
Ann Arbor, 1895; assistant professor 
of physiology; president Village Im- 
provement association, Hasti&gsonr 
Hudson, N. T.; editor and translator 
of Tigerstedt's text book of physi- 
ology; mem. American Physiological 
society, American society of Zoolog- 
ists, mem. society for Experimental 
Biology and Medicine; associate 
fellow New York Academy of Medi- 
cine, fellow American association for 
Advancement of Science; mem. 
American society of Biological 
chemists; traveled in Europe; m. 
Josephine Seaman, Sept 7, 1899. Ad- 
dress, 28th St, and First Ave., New 
York City. 

MUSE, John B., student; b. Feb. 22, 
1890; s. James Clarence and Maude 
(Bla^bum) M.,; student at Cum- 
berland University; initiated by 
Tennessee Liambda, Sept 11, 1911. 
Address, 714 N. Pearl St, Dallas, 

MUTHER, Walter Paul, student; b. 
March 1, 1890; s. Lorenz and Liouisa 
(Bbert) M.; student at Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology; initiated by 
Massachusetts lotarTam^ Qq>c 1&^ 
1909; m«m\i«t c^ftiia ^^Mdu^^AiSX «s^^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

football teams, member "Technique" 
board. Addreu, 91 Arlington 8t, 
Newton, Mass. 
MYERS, Walter Lawrence, UniTerslty 
instructor; b. Lawrence, Kan., Sept. 
23, 1886; s. John E. and Jennie 
(Pentzer) M.; ed. Uniyersity of 
Iowa, 1908; class president; Phi 
Beta Kappa; in Northern Oratorical 
league contest, 1907; prize story in 
junior annual, 1905 and 1908; initi- 
ated by Iowa Beta, 1905; eminent 
correspondent; delegate province 
Zeta convention, 1907; instructor in 
English at University of Iowa; 
author of short stories, "The Cross- 
ing of the Trails," Outing magazine, 
1910, "A Trail to be Traveled," Out- 
ing magazine, Nov. 1911. Address, 
1046 College St., Iowa City, la. 


NAFF, Clarence Raymond, lawyer; b. 
Council Grove, Kan., Sept 3, 1877; s. 
Joel and Jennie Caroline (Sowers) 
N.; ed. George Washington Univer- 
sity, 1906; initiated by Washington 
City Rho, March 3, 1905, (charter 
mem.); eminent recorder; in U. S. 
Land Service; writer of short stories; 
mem. A. F. and A. M.; mem. Pan- 
Hellenic of Montana; secretary of 
George Washington University Alum- 
ni association of Los Angeles; m. 
Sue Avery Brenizer, June 15, 1905. 
Address, 508 Federal Bldg., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

NASH, Howard Pervear, judge; b. Bos- 
ton, Mass., Dec. 8, 1871; s. Osbom 
Preble and Abby Annie P. N.; ed. 
Harvard University, A. B., 1893, 
Boston University, L. L. B., 1896; 
graduated magna cum laude at Har- 
vard University and cum laude at 
Boston University; initiated by 
Massachusetts Gamma, March 17, 
1893, (charter mem.); eminent re- 
corder; affiliated with Massachusetts 
Beta-Upsilon; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'l conventions at Pittsburgh 1893, 
Washington 1894, St. Louis 1896, 
Nashville 1898 and visitor to Boston 
1900, Washington 1902; eminent su- 
preme recorder 1894-1900; president 
ot province Alpha; judge City Magis- 
trate'8 Court aecond division City of 

New York, appointed Judge City 
Magistrate's Court for term of ten 
years on July 1, 1909; editor-in-chief 
Encyclopedia of Form and Prece- 
dents, editor^ijorchief Cyclopedia of 
Law and Procedure; mem. Deutsche 
Chemische Geaellschaft, Berlin; tra- 
veled through iSiUrope, 1894; jxl Em- 
ma Augusta JoneSb July 26, 1899. 
Residence, 472 E. 2l8t St., Brook- 
lyn, N. T., office, 150 Nassau St, 
New York City. 

NEILL, James Francis^ actor and man- 
ager; b. Savannah, Qa., Sept. 29, 
1860; s. John and Isabella (Riberon) 
N.; ed. Carolina Military Institote, 
University of Georgia 1882; Demos- 
thenian society at University of 
Georgia; initiated by Qeox^ia Beta, 
1880; Lob Angeles S. A. EL alumnus; 
a brilliant and versatile actor, well- 
known throughout the country as 
father of all stock companies at pres- 
ent operated in the U. S.; m. Bklythe 
Chapman, March 4, 1898. Address, 
The Lambs, 180 W. 44th St, New 
York City. 

NEILL, Lloyd BInford, lumber; b. East 
Rochester, Ohio, Jan. 27, 1888; a 
James E. and Anna W. N.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Denver, 1909; class treas- 
urer; mem. basketball team 1906, 
1907; captain of team 1908, manager 
of team 1909; initiated by Colorado 
Zeta, Oct 14, 1905; eminent archon; 
brother of O. D. Neill, Colorado Zeta; 
secretary-treasurer of the NeiU Lum- 
ber Co.; m. Alta Grace Stewart, Oct 
26, 1910. Address, 1020 6th St, 
Greeley, Colo. 

NELL, R. Boyd, student; b. Dec 24, 
1891; s. Adam and Phiana (DiUer) 
N.; student at Gettysburg College; 
Phrenaeosmian literary socie^, Ze- 
tasophic club, captain soccer team; 
medical society of Penn College, 
College orchestra, glee club; initi- 
ated by Pennsylvania Delta, Feb. 
21, 1911. Address, Allen, Penn. 

NEWCOMB, Charles Milton, Univer 
sity professor; b. Durand, Wis., Oct 
14, 1882; s. Rev. George T. and Ella 
(Coleman) N.; ed. at Ohio Weeleyan 
University, 1907; class president, 
basketball team, president senior lec^ 
ure course, 1907; initiated by Ohio 
Delta, March 12, 1904; eminent jurch- 



on; professor of oratory UnlYersity 
of Chattanooga; critic and reader 
with the Alkahest Lyceum system of 
Atlanta, Oa.; chairman W. and M. 
committee Nat'l Speech Arts asso- 
ciation, 1910; editor Official Record 
1911; mem. official board Nat'l Speech 
Arts association; m. Bertha May Har- 
rison. Address, UniYersity of Chat- 
tanooga, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

NEWCOMB, Cyrus rorsythr physician 
and surgeon; b. McLean County, 111., 
Dec. 12, 1879; s. WilUam Kendal and 
E. o. N.; ed. Uniyersity of Illinois, 
1904; mem. senior ball committee; 
initiated by Illinois Beta, March 16, 
1901; secretary of Champaign Coun- 
ty Medical society; mem. of staff 
and instructor in training school J. F. 
Bumham hospital; attending physi- 
cian Garwood Home; mem. Nu Sig- 
ma Nu medical fraternity; mem. Uni- 
Tersity club of Chicago; author med- 
ical magazine articles; one year in 
Europe chiefly in Vienna; attended 
clinics also in London, Paris, Rome, 
Pisa, and Buda Pesth; mem. Illinois 
State Medical society, American Med- 
ical association, Aesculapian society 
of Wabash Valley, American Medical 
association of Vienna, Austria, (life 
membership). Address, 311 West 
Hill St, Champaign, IlL 

NEWTON, Isaac Merldlth Stariing, 
student; b. Aug. 7, 1892; s. Mr. New- 
ton and Amanda C. N.; student at 
Tulane Uniyersity; Initiated by 
Louisiana Tau-Upsilon, Oct. 15, 1911; 
brother of Thomas C. Newton, Vir- 
ginia Sigma, and Lieut Cherubusco 
Newton, Jr., Virginia Sigma. Ad- 
dress, Monroe, La. 

NEWTON, J. Worth, oU operator; b. 
Dana, Ind., Oct. 10, 1888; s. Dr. and 
Q. O. N.; ed. Uniyersity of Indiana, 
1911; initiated by Indiana Gamma, 
Oct 8, 1907; eminent deputy archon, 
recorder; secretary to superinten- 
dent of Bridgeport division, Illinois 
Oil Field (the Ohio Oil Co.). Ad- 
dress, care The Ohio Oil Co., Bridge- 
port ni. 

NEWTON, Thomas Cason, lawyer; b. 
Boetrop, Monehouse parish. La., April 
9, 1886; s. Cherubusco and Amanda 
N.; ed. Washington and Lee Unirer- 
sity, 1907; initiated by Virginia Sig- 

ma 1905; eminent recorder; brother 
of C. Newton, Jr., Virginia Sigma, 
and Sterling Newton, Louisiana Tau- 
Upsilon. Address, Monroe, La. 

NICKER80N, Alexander U Uwyer; b. 
Acton, Mass., Oct 23, 1887; s. Bow- 
man C. and Eliza R. (Williams) N.; 
ed. Boston University, 1909; Phi Del- 
ta Phi legal fraternity; initiated by 
Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon, March 
26, 1907; eminent archon; mem. 
board of trustees of Massachusetts 
BetSrUpsilon. Residence, Jamaica 
Plain, Mass., office. Room 1004, 18 
Tremont St, Boston, Mass. 

NICHOLS, Earle Glen, student; b. Dec. 
26, 1891; s. Oliyer C. and Jennie 
(Brown) N.; student at Iowa State 
College; Philomathean literary so- 
ciety; initiated by Iowa Gamma, June 
3, 1911. Address, Panora, Iowa. 

NICHOLS, WInfleld, student; b. July 
13, 1893; s. James H. and Annie E. 
(Trice) N.; student at Dickinson Col- 
lege; initiated by PennsylYania Sig- 
msrPhi, Sept 22, 1911. Address, Den- 
ton, Md« 

NICHOLS, Leroy C; b. Saco, Maine, 
March 27, 1884; s. Oeorge N. and An- 
geline (Parsons) N.; ed. University 
of Maine, 1906; class treasurer; Phi 
Kappa Phi; initiated by Maine Alpha, 
Nov. 20, 1903; m. Behesta i»i, Saeger, 
April 5, 1911. Address, 2065 Com- 
monwealth Ave., Aubumdale, Mass. 

NICHOLLS, Jesse Crook, major U. S. 
army; b. Tuscaloosa county, A^, 
Aug. 29, 1874; s. A. B. C. and M. E. 
(Foster) N.; ed. Uniyersity of Ala- 
bama, 1895; representative of class 
1898 at West Point; iniUated by Ala- 
bama Mu, April 30, 1892; brother of 
Augustus H. Nicholls, Alabama Mo, 
Benjamin F. Nicholls, Alabama Mu; 
major ordinance department U. S. 
army; chief ordinance officer Army of 
Cuban Pacification; traveled through 
United States, Mexico, Hawaii, Cuba; 
m. Florence Zacharie Ellis, Sept 26, 
1906. Address, care War Depart- 
ment Washington, D. C. 

NICKELS, Albert Mortimer, student; b. 
May 18, 1890; s. Fred G. and Mary C. 
(Nash) N.; student at University of 
Maine; mem. of banjo club; initiated 
by Maine Alpha, Oct 1, 1909. Ad- 
dress, Gh«m^«\^ ^%« 



NI8BET, James Clarence, Jr^ ciyil and 
mining engineer; b. Madisonville* 
Ky., Aug. 1, 1883; 8. W. A. (deceaaea; 
and Nannie J. vJ&goe) N.; ed. Ken- 
tucky State University, Purdue Uni- 
versity; Liamp and Cross of Ken- 
tucky State University; manager 
football team 190& and 1906; initi- 
ated by Kentucky Epsilon, May 24, 
1902; eminent archon; affiliated with 
Indiana Beta; attended convention at 
Memphis, Tenn., 1904; m. Lanna 
McLeod, Dec. 16, 1909. Address, 424 
E. Center St, Madisonville, Ky. 

NI8BET, Waiter Olin, physician, sur- 
geon. University dean; b. Van Wyck, 
S. C, Oct 6, 1866; s. John Newton 
and Mary J. N.; ed. South Carolina 
University, 1886; post graduate work 
in Berlin, Germany; initiated by 
South Carolina Delta, March 4, 1882, 
(charter mem.); eminent archon; 
mem. Charlotte, N. C, S. A. E. Alum- 
ni association; dean and professor 
gastro-lntestinal diseases at Univer- 
sity of North Carolina; mem. South- 
ern Manufacturers; m. Eugenia 
Heath, 1892. Address, 505 N. Tryon 
St., Charlotte, N. C. 

NOBLE, George DeVotle, Jr., assistant 
state librarian; b. Montgomery, Ala., 
Oct 1, 1889; s. George D. and Ida 
(Ponder) N.; ed. Alabama Polytech- 
nic Institute; Initiated by Alabama 
Alpha-Mu, Sept 10, 1909; cousin of 
Noble Leslie DeVotie, founder of S. 
A. E. fraternity. Address, 301 Ala- 
bama St, Montgomery, Ala. 

NODINE, Arthur Carlton, student; b. 
March 25, 1889; s. Carleton E. and 
Mary (Wright) N.; student at Alle- 
gheny College; manager College book 
store, treasurer Duzer Du Dramatic 
club, winner freshman oration con- 
test leader mandolin club, president 
Allegheny Civic league, mem. Quill 
club; Y. M. C. A. delegate to Lyn- 
wood, Ohio; mem. society of Applied 
Science; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Omega, Oct 10, 1908. Address, 9 
W. Bless St, Titusville, Penn. 

N0RD8TRUM, Royal Frank, student; 
b. Jan. 17, 1889; s. Mr. and Mrs. A. 
M. Nordstrum; student at Iowa State 
College; class and varsity track 
teams, class football team; Veterin- 
ary Medical society; initiated by 

Iowa Gamma, May 7, 1910. Address^ 
Humboldt, Iowa. 

NORTHCUTT, FofMt Cllftoii» st«4eBt; 
b. Dec. 22, 1898; a. Jeose O. and 
Florence May (Nicholla) N.; student 
at University of Denvw; alternate in- 
tercollegiate debate; initiated by 
Colorado Zeta, Feb. 6, 1912. Address, 
822 Chestnut St, Trinidad* Colo. 

NORTH, Paul McCoy, lawyer; b. Atchi- 
son, Kan., March 6, 1872; a. James 
M. and Hattie (McCoy) N.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Colorado, B. A., 189S, i^ad 
uate National University, Washing- 
ton, D. C, L. L. B., 1901, L. U M., 
1902; class historian, 1898; president 
Philomathean society, 1887; editor 
Portfolio, 1890; initiated by Colorado 
Chi, April 11, 1891, (charts mem.); 
eminent correspondent, 1891; broth- 
er of James F. North, Colorado Zeta; 
delegate S. A. E. Natl convention 
Ohattanooga, ; 1892; province presi- 
dent 1892; joint founder of Colorado 
Zeta; delegate to various state Re- 
publican conventions; mem. Com- 
mercial Law league of America; 
U. S. census enumerator 1890, special 
examiner U. S. census bureau in 
Washington, D. C, 1899-1902, post- 
master, Ooldfield, Colo., 1905-1906, 
mem. city council Rocky Ford, Colo., 
1911-1913; mem. New C^itury club, 
Victor, Colo.; m. Stella Gertrude 
Phillips, July 1, 1901. Address, 511 
S. Fifth St, Rocky Ford, Colo. 

NORTON, Carl Hauk, editor; b. Akron, 
Ohio, June 13, 1888; s. Frank W. and 
Clara (Hauk) N.; ed. Purdue Univer- 
sity, 1910; assistant manager orches- 
tra, mem. of band; initiated by Indi- 
ana Beta, April 6, 1907; eminent 
treasurer; advertising writer and 
solicitor Richmond Ehrening Journal, 
Richmond Yacht club; m. Frances 
Ruth Bethel, Oct 4, 1911. Address, 
817 E. Marshall St, Richmond, Va. 

NORTON, Irving Towns, student; b. 
Oct 20, 1891; s. George A. and Ella 
Frances (Towns) N.; student at Wor- 
cester Polytechnic Institute; initi- 
ated by Massachusetts Delta, Feb. 
17, 1911. Address, 111 North St, 
Northampton, Mass. 

NORTON, Ralph Pak*ker, student; b. 
Aug. 23, 1888; s. Charles E. and Har- 
riet (Parker) N.; student at Wor- 



cester Polrtechntc IniUtuto; InlU&tod 
by MaasacliDsetU Delta, Sept 28. 
1909. AddresB, 4 Oakland Bt.. Han- 
oheater, Codh. 

NORWOOD, Chariea Auguetus, lawyer; 
b. Hamilton, Haas., Aug. 21, 18S0; a. 
Calev J. and Martha 8. (Doane) N.; 
ed. Harvard UnWeralty 1802; Initi- 
ated by MaHachu^etta Oamma, March 
17, 1900; selecUnan, moderator, 
school committee; repreeentative to 
general court; apeclal Justice third 
district of Essex txiunty; mem. Bfas- 
aachusetts, American, Bssex county 
Bar associations; vice president First 
National Bank, Ipswick. Residence, 
Hamilton, Mass., business, 70 State 
St. Boston, Mass. 

NUCKOLLS, Carlisle, manntactnrer; 
b. Toone. Tenn., Feb. 9, 1889; s. Jolm 
W. and Francea R. N.; ed. at Vander- 
t>Ut Unlveraltr, l&ll; InltUtsd by 
Tennessee Bta, Oct 6, 190S, later 
affiliated with Tennessee Nu; emi- 
nent archon; mem. of firm of Shaw- 
oee Qarment Manufacturing Co. Ad- 
dress, 118 N. Bell St, tjhawnee, 

NUNN, Romulus Armtstead, lawyer; 
b. Jones county, N. C, June 88, 
1876; a. Henry S. and Nancy F. N.; 
ed. Davidson College and University 
of North Carolina, 1898; initiated by 
North Carolina Tbeta, later affiliated 
with North Carolina Xi; mem. state 
I^alature; m. Elizabeth Qulon 
Nlcholls, April 28, 1903. Addrera, 60 
Craven St, New Bern. N. C. 

OATE8, Robert M. capitaUst; b. Chai^ 
lotte, N. C, March 30, 1869; s. David 
W. and Anna U. (Blanks) O.; ed. 
Davidson College, 1888; secretary, 
vice-president and president of Phi 
society, chief mar shall at commence- 
ment, ISSS; IniUated by North Caro- 
ollna Theta. Jan. 1888; eminent re- 
corder; attended S. A D. Nat'l con- 
vention St Atlanta, 189E; mem. North 
Carolina Tbeta Alumni association; 
pretident manager and owner of the 
Hendersonville Light and Power Co.; 
m. Claudia D. B. Holt, Dec 9, 1891. 
Address, Hendersonville, N. C. 

OBER, John Larcem, student; b. Aug. 

11, 1890; s. John A. and Janet A. 
(Cohoon) O.; student at University 
of Maine; initiated by Maine Alpha. 
Oct 1, 19D9; mem. Prism board, Cal- 
ander committee; lieutenant Ad- 
dress. Beverly Farms, Moss. 

O'BRIEN, WtlDs John, student; b. June 
26, 1889; ■. B. M. and Louise M. 
(Lnblse) O.; student at University 
of Iowa; football three yeara, all- 
Weetem and all-Amerloan teama; 
Waakwl Junior society; track team 
two yeara; Initiated by Iowa Beta. 
Oct 19, 1908. Address, 1806 Tentfa 
St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

O'CONNELL, M. Fradrlek, Uwyer, 
mayor; b. Hopedale, Maaa., June 14, 
1870; a MorUgh and Julia (Keating) 
C; ed. Boston University, 1889; ctw- 
taln baaeball; initiated by Haaaacbu- 
setts BeU-Upsllon, March 19, 1898; 
representative to general asaembly 
four years, mayor at present; m. 
Josephine Caroline Hann (deceased), 
Norwich, Conn., Aug. 1, 1906. Ad- 
drees, 22 Prospect St, Fttchburs; 

0G8URN, Charlton Q„ Uwyer; b. 
BuUer, Ga., Aug. 19, 18S2; s. Charl- 
ton Greenwood and Irene (Wynn) O.; 
ed. at Mercer University, 1902, law, 
190G; Initiated by OeorgU Psi, Sept 
19, 1898. later affiUaUd with Massa* 
chusetts QammB; brother of William 
F. Ogbum, OeorglB Psi; eminent 
archon, treasurer; delegate to S. A. 
E. Nat'l convention at Memphis, ia<H', 
delegate to province Gamma conven- 
tion, 1901; vice-president of province 
Epailon; president Atlanta S. A. B. 
Alumni association; president Oibba 
Gas Engine Co., now Standard Gas 
Power Co.; m. Dorothy Stevena, June 
8, 1910. Addresa, 8024-4 Candler 
Bldg., Atlanta. Ga. 

OLIVER, Laandar D„ lawyer; b. Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, Nov. 29, 1871; a War- 
ner S. and Elisabeth (Chadwick) O.; 
ed. University of Cincinnati; preal 
dent of freshman class; mem. Phi 
Delta Phi; IniUated by Ohio Elpsilon, 
Nov. 14, 1892; prealdent of Pleasant 
Ridge Welfare aaaoclaUon; m. Ada 
Beatrice Burkhold, Jan. 88, 1901. 
Realdence, 6242 Robinson road. Pleas- 
ant Ridge, Hamilton county. Ohio, 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

office, 601 Johnston Bldg., Cincinnati, 

OLIVER, Nelson Horatio, mercantile; 
b. Port Townsend, Wash.; s. Nelson 
T. and Flora M. A. O.; ed. at Hanrard 
UnlYersity, 1908; initiated by Hassa- 
chusetts Gamma, Dec. 9, 1899; at- 
tended S. A. E). Nat'l conyention at 
Boston, 1900; delegate to the installa- 
tion of Maine Alpha, at Bangor, Me. 
Chicago sales manager of Cuhahy 
Packing Co.; m. Edna A. Baltic, June 
li, 1908. Residence, 61 E. 69th St, 
office, care Cudahy Packing Co., O. 
D. C. Department, 111 W. Monroe St., 
Chicago, 111. 

OLIVIER, Charles Pollard, College pro- 
fessor; b. 1884; ed. University of Vir- 
ginia, B. A., 1906, M. A., 1909, Ph. D., 
1911; mem. Raven society; Phi Beta 
Kappa; initiated by Virginia Omi- 
cron, Oct 11, 1902; Vanderbilt fellow 
in astronomy, Leander McCormick 
Observatory, University of Virginia, 
1906-09, during most of this assistant 
in astronomy in the University; on 
the staff of the Lick Observatory, 
Mount Hamilton, Cal., July 1909 to 
December, 1910; fellow in astrono- 
my, Leander McCormick Observatory, 
Jan. to June, 1911; at present pro- 
fessor of physics and astronomy, 
Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Ga.; 
mem. of the American association for 
the advancement of Science. Ad- 
dress, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, 

O'NEIL, Frank B., law student; b. 
Waterbury, Conn., May 4, 1879; ed. Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1902; initi- 
ated by Pennsylvania Theta, Feb. 9, 
1901; formerly in real estate business 
at Waterbury, Conn.; trial justice at 
Woodbury, Conn.; mem. King Solo- 
mon's lodge No. 7, F. and A M., also 
of the chapter and council; Sons of 
the American Revolution, Country 
club, Orenaug club and Harvard club 
of Connecticut; m. Alice B. Hartland, 
Wilkesbarre, Penn., 1906. Address, 
77 Bank St., Waterbury, Conn. 

O'NEIU Joseph, civil engineer; b. Feb. 
14, 1883; s. P. J. and Sarah L. 
(Sears) O.; ed. University of Kansas, 
1906; manager senior baseball team; 
initiated by Kansas Alpha, Feb. 14, 
1903, f charter mem.); eminent arch- 

on, recorder and chronicler; attended 
8. A. E. Nat'l conventton at Kansas 
City, 1910; province Zeta conveatlon, 
1904; city engineer, Leavenworth, 
Kan.; associate member of Aiaarican 
society of Civil Engineers, mem. 
American society MuniciiMd Improve- 
ments, mem. Kansas Engineering so- 
ciety; Master Mason. Address* MS 
Olive St, Leavenworth, Kan. 

OSBORNE, William Wilson, state sena- 
tor, banker, lawyer; b. Graniteville, 
S. C, Oct 19, 1867; s. John Howard 
H. and Mary (Stoney) O.; ed. Mer- 
oer University, University of Qeorgis, 
1896; sophomore speaker at Mercer 
University, jimior speaker at Univer- 
sity of Geoi^a; initiated by Oem^ 
Psi, Sept 24, 1882, Uter affiliated 
with Georgia Beta; made business 
manager of the Record at 8. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Nashville, 1886; 
urged Northern extension; delegate 
to the S. A. E. Nat'l convention at 
Athens, Ga., 1884; literary contestant 
at the convention; assisted in editing 
Catalogue for 1886; state senator in 
Georgia, 1894-6; mem. Georgia House 
of RepresentaU^es, 1892-8; solicitor 
general Eastern Judicial Circuit of 
Georgia, three terms from Jan. 1, 
1897 to Jan. 1909; president Ebcchange 
Bank of Savannah; m. Louette Dale> 
April 11, 1894. Address, 118 E. Thir- 
ty-First St, Savannah, Ga. 

OWEN, Alfred Winn, engineer; b. New- 
port Ky., June 28, 1877; s. William 
and May C. (Booth) O.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Cincinnati, 1898; students ex- 
ecutive committee, 1897-8; initiated 
by Ohio Epsilon, March 20, 1897; 
eminent chaplain 1897-8; assistant 
engineer, chief engineer's office, C. 
N. O. and T. P. Ry.; m. Harriet Snt- 
phin, July 10, 1907. Residence, 8137 
GafFar Walnut Hills, office, care Chief 
Engineer's office, C, N. O. and T. P. 
Ry., Ingalls Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

OWEN, Richard Jackson, civil engi- 
neer; b. Shelbyville, K^., June 18, 
1865; s. David and Matilda O.; ed. 
Kentucky Military Institute, 1882; 
senior cadet captain of battalion, 
Philomathean literary society; initi- 
ated by Kentucky Chi, 1880; brother 
of W. B. Owen, Kentucky Chi; 
founder of Ohio Sigma, April 4, 1885; 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


first proYlnce archon of province Del- 
ta; promin^it in helping to keep Mis- 
souri Alpha alive; delegate to S. A. 
£. Nan convention at Atlanta, 1881, 
and Louisville, 1888; mem. American 
Technical society; assistant profesr 
sor of mathematics at Kentucky Mil- 
itary Institute, 1883-86, professor of 
mathematics at Belle Plain College, 
Texas, 1888-89, now civil engineer; 
four years in Mexico City, 1894-97; 
m. Lila Eaton Rice, at El Paso, Texas^ 
Jan. 20, 1901. Residence, 1622 Boule- 
vard, office, 218 Caples Bldg., El Paso, 
OWENS, Jesse Thomas, educator; b. 
Armington, 111., Jan. 19, 1886; s. John 
Thomas and Nannie B. C; ed. uni- 
versity of Oklahoma, 1910; Senate lit- 
erary society. University Male quar- 
tette and Glee club; initiated by Ok- 
lahoma Kappa, Oct 23, 1909, (charter 
mem.); eminent archon, tireasurer, 
correspondent; delegate to S. A E. 
Nat'l convention at Atlantic City, 
1909; for the local Iota Tau; delegate 
to province Theta convention, 1910; 
principal Perkins Public Schools. Ad- 
dress, 323 E. Washington Ave., 
Quthrie, Okla. 

PAE88LER, Robert Tressel, student; 
b. Sept. 9, 1890; s. Vinton S. and 
Laurena H. (Tressel) P.; student at 
Harvard University; initiated by 
Massachusetts Gamma, Oct 29, 19xi.. 
Address, 6 Gary St., Binghampton, 
N. Y. 

PAINTER, George Russell, publisher; 
b. Telluride, Colorado, Feb. 4, 1890; 
8. (Hiarles F. and Eliese C. (Rohiver) 
P.; ed. University of Denver, 1911; 
treasurer of freshman class, two 
years on baseball squad, mem. stu- 
dent athletic commission; initiated 
by Ck>lorado Zeta, Feb. 5, 1908; broth- 
er of David S. Painter, Colorado Zeta; 
eminent archcm, deputy archon, 
treasurer, recorder; mem. board of 
trustees, delegate to S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention at Kansas City, 1910; 
mem. Telluride lodge No. 56, A. F. 
and A. M. Address, Telluride, Colo. 

PALMER, John William, lawyer, rail- 
road claim agent; b. Independence, 

Iowa, Oct 18, 1884; s. Henry S. and 
Jessie C. P.; ed. University of Illinois, 
law, 1910; initiated by Ulinois Beta, 
Oct 22, 1908; eminent archon; dele- 
gate to S. A E. Nat'l convention, At- 
lantic City, 1909. Address, 1806 Mem- 
phis Trust Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 

PALMER, Orren L., College professor; 
b. Ostego, Ohio, Jan. 11, 1868; s. Mar- 
tin R. and Emeline (Baker) P.; ed. 
Adrian College, 188S; initiated by 
Michigan Alpha, April 18, 1896; man- 
ager Monarch Fence Co., professor 
of mathematics, Adrian College; m. 
Elizabeth Gibbs, Sept 9, 1907. Ad- 
dress, 10 State St, Adrian, Mich. 

PALMER, Thomas Waverly, Jr^ stu- 
dent; s. Thomas W. and Lulu (Rain- 
er) P.; ed. University of Alabama, 
1910; treasurer freshman class, pres- 
ident junior class, varsity football, 
varsity track, tying southern record 
for 440 yard dash in 1909 ; mem. class 
football, track, baseball and basket- 
ball, sophomore speaker, chairman in 
senior year of College honor commit* 
tee which regulated and controlled 
honor system of University of Alar 
bama, business manager of annual, 
mem. of dramatic club (in Shakes- 
pearean casts); initiated by Alabama 
Mu, Sept 1906; eminent archon, 
deputy archon, recorder; delegate to 
province Epsilon convention at Bir- 
mingham, 1907; attended province 
Alpha convention at Cambridge, Dec. 
9, 1911; second year law student at 
Harvard. Address, Montevallo, Ala. 

PALMER, William Halles, physician; 
b. Albany, N. Y., Feb. 16, 1882; a. 
Dr. Frank A and Nellie (Lyke) P.; 
ed. Cornell University, 1903; treas- 
urer of sophomore class; initiated by 
New York Alpha, Oct. 29, 1899; house 
surgeon Bellevue hospital, 1903-06, 
Falkirk, 1906, Bloomingdale hospital 
for Insane, Butler hospital, Medical 
Interne Rhode Island hospital; mem. 
Providence Medical society; author 
of several monographs on medical 
subjects; traveled West Indies and 
South America in 1908; m. Laurina 
M. LaGue, Nov. 10, 1906. Address, 
274 Broad St, Providence, R. I. 

PARHAM, Thomas Qariand, lawyer; b. 
Forevt City, Ark., March 24, 1883; 
8. T. H. and SalUA Pa %\» ^::?iaa&X^*«t« 

Masonic- lod^*': musical director of 
IJeldorf thcatt^r orclu'stra; ni. Doro- 
thy Fraiu't^s Kiiicaid. (Jlenarin, 111., 
April 12, iyu5. AddresB, 318 S. Fourth 
St., Independence, Kan. 

PARKE, Edward Ray, student; b. May 
to, 1891; a. Albert and Delia (Bal- 
lard) P.; student at Bucknell Uniyer- 
sity; junior prom committee; Theta 
Delta Tau; president Phi Delta Sig- 
ma; initiated by Pennsylvania Zeta, 
June 19, 1909. Address, Troy, Penn. 

PARKER, Allen, treasurer; b. Dec. 20, 
1881; a. William A. and Martha E. 
P.; ed. UniTersity of Alabama, 1901; 
initiated by Alabama Mu, Nov. 13, 
1898; brother of Graham Parker, Ala- 
bama Mu, Thornton Parker, Alabama 
Mu; assiatant treasurer in charge of 
sales department Tremont Lumber 
Ca; m. Annabel Josephine Milbum, 
Oct 26, 1910. Address, Winnfield, 

PARKER, Howard Q^ mercantile; b. 
Pawtucket, R. L, May 7, 1888; s. John 
M. and Bveline tf.; ed. Worcester 
Polytechnic Institute, 1911; class 
secretary; Initiated by Massachusetts 
Delta, February 18, 1910; mem. 
Parker-Luther Co., commercial print- 
ing. Address, 42 Barton St, Paw- 
tucket, R. L 

PARKER, Robert James, student; b. 
Syracuse N. T., March 3. 1M9: a 

History of 
lion; men 
for study 
.Jones, Ju 
Monroe A 

b. near Fi 
ed. St SU 
of Sigma-l 
New York 
tiated by 
New Yorl 
Address, 6 

7, 1891; s 
dent at Ia 
versity; va 
itiated by i 
dress, 224( 
Cisco, GaL 


Aug. 20, 1) 

M. (Shutt) 

lege; presii 

Lambda PI 

and track, 


letic associ 

gan Alpha, 

Capac, Mic 

Feb. 3, 189 
Maud (Lya 



U. S. Circuit court of Lake View Ir- 
rigation Go. Address, Cody, Wyom- 

PATTERSON, Andrew Henry, Univer- 
yersity professor; b. SItlem, N. C, 
Sept. 28, 1870; s. Rufus Lenior and 
Mary Elizabeth (Fries) P.; ed. Uni- 
versity of North Carolina, 1891; pres- 
dent 1887-1890, mem. Gimghoul, Uni- 
yersity of North Carolina; Sphinx, 
Uniyersity of Georgia; president 
tennis club; mem. football team; 
manager baseball team; president of 
Dialectic literary ' society, winner 
Philosophical oration; initiated by 
North Carolina Xi, Oct 8, 1887; 
brother of Rufus L. Patterson, North 
Carolina Xi, John L. Patterson, North 
Carolina Xi and Edmund V. Patter- 
son, North Carolina Xi; eminent 
archon and recorder; professor of 
physics and astronomy, Uniyersity of 
Georgia, 1898-1908; dean of School of 
Applied Science, Uniyersity of North 
Carolina; fellow A. A. A. S.; mem. 
American Physical society, Ameri- 
can Elechtrochean society; asso- 
ciation Harvard Engineers; studied 
at Berlin and Cambridge, 1905-06; m. 
Eleanor S. Alexander, Sept. 8, 1897. 
Address, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

PATTERSON, Mark Samuel, student; 
b. April 27, 1891; s. M. J. and NeUie 
E. (Traversee) P.; student at Wor- 
cester 1-olytechnic Institute; initiated 
by Massachusetts Delta, Sept. 29, 
1910. Address, 1439 Williams St, 
Denver, Colo. 

PATTERSON, Gilbert Brown, lawyer, 
former congressman; b. Maxton, N. 
C, May 29, 1863; s. Gilbert and Mar- 
garet P.; ed. University of North 
Carolina, 1886; initiated by North 
Carolina Xi, Feb. 21, 1885, a charter 
member of the revived chapter, and 
elected its first eminent archon; mem. 
North Carolina legislature, 1898-1902; 
mem. United States Congress, 1903-7. 
Address, Maxton, N. C. 

PATTERSON, William E. lawyer; b. 
Hunter, Belmont county, Ohio, Feb. 
5, 1873; ed. Mt Union College, Ph. B., 
1893, West Virginia State University, 
Law, 1895; received Bishop Neely 
prize for highest grade of scholar- 
ship and general culture in his class; 
initiated by Ohio Sigma, 1889; elected 

professor of mathematics in Mt 
Union College immediately upon 
graduation, resigning to «iter the law 
department of West Virginia State 
University; in 1897 he removed to 
Cleveland, where he has engaged in 
practice of law; mem. Knights of Py- 
thias, Knights of Korassan, Knight 
'lemplar, Thirty-Second degree Mar 
son; mem. Masonic club, Tippecanoe 
club. Chamber of Commerce and 
Cleveland Athletic club; m. Bertha 
M. Pierce, Nov. 1, 1911; residence. 
East Cleveland, office, 707-8-9 Ameri- 
can Trust Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 

PATTERSON, William Hart, mercan- 
tile; b. Baltimore, Md., Jan. 3, 1882; 
s. William H. and Georgie (Bvans) 
P.; ed. Purdue University, 1905; man- 
ager freshman baseball team; initi- 
ated by Indiana Beta, April 6, 1902; 
eminent deputy archon and historian, 
sec. and treasurer for two years of 
Chapter House association; attended 
province Delta convention. Cham- 
paign, 1902; delegate of Pittsburgh 
Alumni association to S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention at Kansas City, 1910; sec- 
retary and treasurer of Pittsburgh 
Alumni association of S. A. joj., 1909- 
10, president 1910-1911; head of re- 
sale division of industrial and power 
sales department, Westinghouse Elec- 
tric and Manufacturing Co., Pitts- 
burgh, Penn.; m. Edith White, June 
17, 1907. Address, Comer S. Negley 
Ave., and Elmer St, Pittsburgh, Penn. 

PATTERSON, Walter Scott, student; 
b. Sept 13, 1890; s. William H. and 
Hester Ann (Mooney) P.; student at 
Syracuse University; freshman foot- 
ball; initiated by New York Delta, 
Oct 30, 1911. Address, 67 Sycamore 
St, Holoyoke, Mass. 

PATTILLO, James Anderson, insur- 
ance; b. Arkadelphia, Ar&., June 1, 
1886; s. James O. and Jennie A. (Row- 
land) P.; ed. Central University; initi- 
ated by Kentucky Kappa, Sept 1907; 
with A. B. Banks and Co., Fordyce, 
Ark. Address, Fordyce, Ark. 

PATTiSON, Parvin N., district mana- 
ger; b. Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 22, 
1878; s. Augustus E. and Pinkie 
(Webb) P.; ed. University of Michi- 
gan; initiated by Michigan Iota-Beta, 
Oct 2, 1897; district manA^^T^Uspoa^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

Uln St&tM Telepbone Knd Talegrmph 
Co.: m. Maude L. WaUon, Anc SI. 
tflOS. Address. S81 B. TUrd Bt, Trln- 
IdBd, Colo. 

PAU8T, Benjamin AlsMiider; b. MU- 
wankee. Wis., Dec. 15, 1880; ■. Ha- 
thlos J. and Agnes P. P.; ad. Unlvar- 
slt7 or Wlaconiin, 1104; captain 
class basketball team, PbUomUbla 
•ocletr. Badger board; Initiated br 
Wisconsin Alpba, Feb. 7, 1908, (cliar- 
ter mem.) ; eminent archon, treas- 
urer, recorder; delegate to province 
Delta coDTentioD at Minneapolis. 1904. 
Cblcago, 1910; president HlnnesoU 
Alpba Building association, also direc- 
tor Wisconsin Alpba Building asso- 
ciation; was secretary, treasurer and 
president of Twin Ultr K ^ E. Alum- 
ni aoaoclatlon; belped organize Mil- 
waukee S. A. B. Alumni aaaoclation 
and was its secretsjr; real estate; 
mem. Masonic order; m. Jess Carlisle 
Wblted, June 6, 1907. Address. 4SSI 
Dupont Ave., 8. Minneapolis, Hlnn. 

PEARCE, Wilbur Celton, mercantile; b. 
Bellefontalne, Ohio, Harcb 9, 1883; 
s. Harry and Emma (Colton) P.; ed. 
Ohio Wesleran UnlTersity. 1906; InlU- 
ated b; Obio Delta, Jan. 17, 1908, later 
afBllated wltb Ohio Tbeta; secretary 
The Colton Bros. Co.; m. Mary Qra- 
bam, A-^ril 14, 1907. Address, 109 E. 
Williams Are., Bellefontalne, Oblo. 

PEARSON, Edwin Arthur, superinten- 
dent; b. Richmond, Ind., April S, 
1878; B. Calvin W. and Martha T. P.; 
ed. Belolt College, 1901, post graduate 
at University of Chicago; class sec- 
retary, captain class baseball and 
football teams; InlUated by Illinois 
Tbeta, March 9, 1903, (charter mem.); 
eminent treasurer; represented the 
petitioning local Gamma Rbo at 8, 
A. E. Nat'l convention at Washing- 
ton, 1902; super In* en dent Huber and 
Funrman Drug Milts, Fond du Lac, 
Wis.; m. Metta K. Haines, Aug. IS, 
1911. Address, 178 Everett St, Fond 
du Lac, Wis. 

PEABE, James Norman, contractor; b. 
Columbus, Ga., Nov. 1, 1885; s. J. Nor- 
man and Anna Vivian Pease; ed. 
Georgia Instltuta of Teebnology and 
WaaUngton and Lee University; 
Measurer of sophomore class, Wash- 
tagtoD and Lee University, basketball 

tMm at the aam« Unlvanttr: tnek. 
team at Oeorsla ^natltoto at Tech- 
nology; InlUated by OmfkU FU, 
Sept. 80, IMS, later affllUted with 
Virginia Sigma: eminent treaanra*, 
herald and warden; attended 8. A. K. 
National convention at Atlanta, IWt; 
mem. of firm of Ou-dlnler and t'ease, 
general contractors. Addren, 1418 
Third Ave., Columbus, On. 

PEEBLES, Emory Bua^ plaot«r: b. 
Vienna. Ala., April 18, 1889; a. WU- 
liun ^., and Bettle G. (Darrov) P.; 
ed. University of Alabama, IBll; 
president freshman class, varsity 
football and baseball: initiated by 
Alabama Mu, Sept 14. 1907; brother 
of Frank Darraw Peebles, Alabama 
Mu. Address, Vienna, Ala. 

PEIRCE, Albion Q., Uwyer; b. Hethnen, 
Mass., June 88, 1880; s. James and 
Ella L. P.; ed. Boston University, 
1 905 ; InlUated by Massachnsetu 
BeU-Upftllon, Dec. 6, 1903; eminent 
recorder; formerly mem. school com- 
mittee of Methuen, 1905-11. Address, 
Bay State BIdg., Lawrence, Haas. 

PELO, WTIIIam Jossph, editor; b. 
Watertown, N. T.. May 86, 1871; a. 
Joseph and Susan (Deno) P.; ed. 
Harvard University, 1884; PUIoaopU- 
cal society and St Paul society; in- 
itiated by Hassacbusetts Oamma, 
March 10, 1884; graduate financial 
adviser Massachusetta Gamma chap- 
ter 1911-18; editor SUver Burdett and 
Co., publishers: assistant professor 
of educaUon at University of Kansas, 
1906-06; assistant in educaUon, Har- 
vard, 1908^; author of Sanborn 
Spelling Series; mem. American as- 
sociation for Advancement of Science 
and National Educational association; 
mem. Boston Economical club, Har- 
vard club of Boston; lectured on edu- 
cational topics before Teacher's In- 
Btltutee and convenUons; m. Florence 
Mildred Boyston, Aug. IS, IWl. Ad- 
dress, 281 Columbus Ave., Boston, 

PENDLETON, Fleming, Jr., student; b. 
Aug. SI, 1893: B. nemlng and aallle 
(Lincoln) P.; student at Unlveralty 
of MisBonrt; initiated by Hiseoori 
Alpha, May SO, 1911. Address, Inde- 
pendence, Ho. 



PENDLETON, John T. lawyer, Judge; 
b. Christian county, Ky., March 24, 
1845; B. William Henry and Isabella 
(Major) P.; ed. Bethel College, Louis* 
vllle. Law School and Washington 
and Lee Uniyersity; valedictorian ad- 
dress mentioned by the New York 
World as one of the most notable ad- 
dresses of commencement; initiated 
by Kentucky Iota, later affiliated with 
Virginia Sigma, 1868; delegate S. A. 
R Nat'l convention at Atlanta, 1872; 
Judge of the Superior Court for the 
Atlanta Circuit since 1905; twice audi- 
tor and assistant city attorney and 
for four years judge of the recorder's 
court;' prominent in church work, 
president of the State Mission board 
and a member of the Home Mission 
board of the Southern Baptist confer- 
ence; enlisted in First Kentucky 
Cavalry of the Confederate army at 
sixteen years of age, was with his 
regiment in many of the battles 
fought by the western army includ- 
ing the celebrated charge against the 
federal line of infantry at Ferryville, 
served under General Forrest during 
the greater part of the war, but was 
with General Wheeler in 1862, after 
battle of Missionary Ridge was cap- 
tured and confined in the federal pris- 
on at Fort Delaware until the end of 
the war; m. BUa Bowie, Westmore- 
land county, Virginia, in 1871. Ad- 
dress, 666 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, 

PENDLETON, William Edmund, stu- 
dent; b. Dec. 27, 1889; s. Charles R. 
and Sally (Peeples) P.; student at 
University of Pennsylvania; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Theta, Nov. 3, 1911. 
Address, 31 Hardeman Ave., Macon, 
Oa. , 

PERRY, George Sanfordr student; b. 
Nov. 8, 1889; s. William Nelson and 
Liaura (Barker) P.; student at Uni- 
versity of niinois; initiated by Illinois 
Beta, Oct 28, 1911; mem. Western 
Star lodge No. 240, Champaign, A. F. 
and A. M. Address, 211 B. Daniel 
St, Champaign, IlL 

PERRY, JoMph Bowman, student; b. 
March 9, 1888; s. James F. and Stella 
(Runyan) P.; student at University 
of Minnesota; mem. Board of Gover- 
nors, Men's Union, Theta Tau, Tau 

Shonka club; eminent archon. Ad- 
dress, 626 Sixth Ave., S. E. Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

PETERMAN, ORREN U, merchantUe; 
b. Texas, Oct 18, 1887; s. H. T. and 
Margaret (Pharris) P.; ed. University 
of Oklahoma, 1910; vice-president of 
class, footbfOl, debating; initiated by 
Oklahoma Kappa, Dec., 1909; brother 
of Leon A. Peterman, Oklahoma Kap- 
pa; with Continental Gin Co. Ad- 
dress, care Continental Gin Co., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

PETERS, Edward Mann, insurance; D. 
Chelsea, Mass., May 8, 1881; s. Rob- 
ert Lindsay and Mary P.; ed. Bostop 
University, Law, 1911; chairman 
Boyd Abbott Memorial committee; 
Phi Delta Phi; initiated by Massachu- 
setts Beta-Upsilon, Nov. 11, 1908; 
eminent archon; attended S. A. E. 
Nat'l conventions Atlantic City, 1909, 
and at Kansas City, 1910; agent for 
over twelve insurance companies; 
mem. I. O. O. F., Scots Charitable 
society, Medford Good Government 
association, Medford Royal House 
association, Medford Mountain club, 
Massachusetts Peace society; tra- 
veled in Canada, Great Britian, Ire- 
land and France. Residence, 61 Irv- 
ing St, West Medford; ofllce, 70 
Kelly St, Boston, Mass. 

PETERSON, Cecil Ray, Uwyer; b. Uti- 
ca, Kan., July 31, 1888; s. Milton W. 
and Ida O. P.; ed. University of Indi- 
ana; Rheinhard club, class track and 
basketball teams, debating College 
paper; initiated by Indiana Gamma, 
Oct. 3, 1907; eminent archon, treas- 
urer and chronicler; delegate to prov- 
ince Delta convention at Chicago in 
1910; mem. Pan Hellenic Council. 
Address, Gary, Ind. 

PETERSON, Erwin Albert, physician; 
b. Xenia, Ohio, March 27, 1878; a. 
Albert E. and £<mma S. (Tressler) 
P.; ed. Ohio Wesleyan University, 
1903; president athletic association, 
director of glee club and College 
quartette; initiated by Ohio Delta, 
Sept 21, 1901; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat*l convention at Washington, 1902; 
a physician doing social work aa 
headworker of Goodrich Social Settle- 
ment, Cleveland, Ohio; m. Caroline 
Mable 8Uv^t« 3\m!^ VS,^^^^. Vk&!^sM«^^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

612 St Clair Ave., Jleveland, Ohio. 

PETTING WELL, Charles 1., lawyer; b. 
Newburyport, Mass., Dec. 28, 1878; s. 
Andrew H. and Mary (Nash) P.; ed. 
Harvard University, 1901; initiated 
by Massachusetts Gamma, March 18, 
1899; m. Edith Winslow, June 20, 
1906. Residence, 5 Greenwood St, 
office, Wllman Block, Amesbury, 

PFOHL, John Kenneth, clerg]rman; b. 
Winston-Salem, N. C, Aug. 13, 1874; 
s. Christian Thomas and Margaret 
(Sieivert) P.; ed. University of 
North Carolina, 1898, Moravian Col- 
lege and Theological Seminary, 1900; 
editor University magazine, mem. 
Shakespeare club, president and sec- 
retary of Y. M. C. A. , leader glee club, 
editor-in-chief The Comenian, presi- 
dent The Comenian literary society, 
glee club and orchestra, salutatorian 
of class of 1900, Seminary; initiated 
by North Carolina XI, Jan. 1897; emi- 
nent archon; pastor Home Moravian 
church; m. Harriet Elizabeth Whit- 
tington of East Bend, N. C, Aug. 21, 
1901. Address, 624 S. Main St, Win- 
ston-Salem, N. C. 

PHELPS, John, lawyer; b. New Orleans, 
La., Dec. 12, 1886; s. William A. and 
Mary Mathilde (Morrison) P.; ed. 
Leland Stanford Junior University, 
1909; initiated by California Alpha, 
Sept., 1906; brother of William Ber* 
niss Phelps, Colorado Lambda; mem. 
University club. Address, 632 Laugh- 
lin Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

PHELPS, Ralph L., electrical engineer; 
b. Stockton, Cal., Nov. 22, 1880; s. 
J. Larose and Flora (Baker) P.; ed. 
University of California, 1902; mem. 
glee club. Skull and Keys, cast junior 
farce, mem. staff of Daily Califomian; 
initiated by California Beta; eminent 
archon; organized San Francisco S. 
A. E. Alumni association, serving as 
secretary, treasurer and president 
successively, now president province 
Kappa; electrical engineer in charge 
of Pacific Coast Division office for 
Eastern Cable Engineers, Pacific 
Coast manager of The Safety Insul- 
ated Wire and Cable Co.; m. Florence 
A. Boone, April 18, 1904. Address, 
589 Howard St, San Francisco, Cal. 
PIERCE, Edwin Sibley , mercantile; b. 

Kansas City, Mo., May 16, 1886; s. 
Sibley A. and Harriett N. (Baraaid) 
P.; ed. University of Michigmn, 1969; 
Initiated by Michigan Iota-Beta, May 
2, 1906; eminent deputy archon, cor- 
respondent recorder, warden; at- 
tended S. A. E. Nat'l conventioii Kan- 
sas City, 1910; salesman Rapid Ad- 
dressing Machine Co., m. Demans 
Snell, Dec. 28, 1911. Address^ 85 
Devonshire St, Boston, Mass. 

PIERCE, Jeremiah Albert, corporation 
president; b. LeadviUe, Colo., July 
25, 1886; s. Jeremiah N. and fl^ma 
(Davis) P.; ed. University of Denver 
and University of Iowa, 1909; senior 
class president mem. Scimeter and 
Fez, staff of Dally lowan, deportment 
editor Hawkeye, commencement mar- 
shal; Initiated by Colorado Zeta, May, 
1906; later affiliated with Iowa Beta; 
eminent archon, treasurer, chronicler; 
president The Pierce Drug Stores Co. 
Address, 1660 Vine St., Denver, Colo. 

PIERROT, Adolph Qeorge* educator; b. 
Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 17, 1888; s. 
Theodore and Emma P.; ed. UnlTe^ 
sity of Chicago, 1907; class orator, 
chairman play committee. University 
of Chicago Dramatic club. Black 
Friars, president Fenclbles debating 
society; Phi Delta Phi, Delta Sigma 
Rho; represented University of Chi- 
cago in Hamilton Oratorical contest 
won Ferdinand Peck prize, committee 
of Reynolds club; initiated by Illinois 
Theta, Mar 9, 1904; eminent archon, 
herald and warden; attended prov- 
ince £ta convention at Denver, Colo., 
1909; instructor in English and de- 
bating coach at University of Colora- 
do; played with Donald Robertson 
players; mem. Scientiflc society at 
University of Chicago. Address, 
1511 12th St, Boulder, Colo. 

PIERCE, George Washington, Univer- 
sity professor; b. Weboervllle, Texas, 
Jan. 11, 1872; s. George W. and Mary 
Elizabeth (Gill) P.; ed. University of 
Texas, B. S. C, 189S, A. M., 1894, 
Harvard University, M. A., 1899, Ph. 
D., 1900, Leipzig, 19004)1; inlUated 
by Texas Rho, Nov. 26, 1890; assist- 
ant professor of Physics Harvard Uni- 
versity; Inventor ot devices tor wire- 
less telegraphy; m. Florence H. Good- 

> wln« Aug. iZ, 1904. Addrees» 5 Mer- 

WHO'S WHO IN a. A. B. 


c«r Circle, Cambridge, UaM. 

PIGFORE^ CUranee Ellas, lawyer; b. 
1874; ed. SonthweBtern Baptlat, 18H: 
Initiated br Tumeues Eta, Not. 
1S90. AddresB, Jackion, Tenn. 

PILCHER, Rufua J. forester; b. CoBter, 
8. D., Jan. 15, 1S87; ■. Joeepb E. and 
Jane A, P.; ed. UnlTeralty of Nebras- 
ka, 1910; BOptiomore football taam, 
1907; initiated b; Nebraska Lambda- 
Pi, Mar 16, 1907; forest nuiger In U. 
S. Forest service; tor two jean 
■uperlnteodent of Wind Cave Nat'I 
Park, Hot Springs, S. D. Address, 
Deadwood, S. D. 

PINKERTON, Roy David, editor; b. 
Crookston, Hliin., June IS, 1886; s. 
Henry David and HatUe (Newton) 
P.; ed. nniversitr of Washington, 
1911; senior president. Oval club; Sig- 
ma Delta Chi; editor of dally, assist- 
ant editor or Tyce. cla«B and College 
crew, asaoclate editor of Washing- 
tonlan and Washington Alunmna; In- 
itiated by Washington Alpha, 1907; 
author of magazine articles for Col- 
liers, Bookman and Literary Digest, 
author of photo plays. Address, Edi- 
torial Rooms, The Tribune, Los Ange- 

PITTMAN, Robert TuttI*, chemist; b. 
FayettevUle. Ark., May S3, 1874; a. 
James M. and Margaret <Perl) P.; ed. 
University of Arkansas, 1894; class 
secretary and treasurer for two 
years; Initiated by Arkansas Alpha- 
Upallon, July 9. 1894, (charter mem.) ; 
eminent recorder. 1894; chief chem- 
ist, SloBB-Sheffleld Steel and Iron Co., 
Birmingham, Ala.; m. Bessie O. 
Browne, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Oct 14, 
1901. Address, 8800 Cypres! Ave., 
Blrmtngham, Ala. 

PITTS, Wilton Grady, student; b. Nov. 
SI. 1891; s. A. B. and Rosa (Sumerall) 
P.; student at Tulane University; in- 
itiated by Louisiana Tan-Upsilon, Dot 
17, 1910. Address, Hailehnrat, Miss. 

PIXLEV, August John, business; b. 
Portage, Wis.. Dec. IS. 1885; s. Jacob 
and Augusta (Bachmann) P.; ed. 
University of Chicago; mem. Skull 
and Crescent; Initiated by Illinois 
Ttaata. Jan. S4, 1909; restauranteur. 
AddrsM no W. Madison St, Chica- 
go, m. 

PtATT, John Moade, government oBl- 
cial; b. Petersburg, Va., Dec. S, ISSS; 

8. Rev. William H. and Elinor (Bev- 
erlr) M. P.; ed. University of the 
South; initiated by Tennessee Omega, 
Aug. 26, ISgS; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'I convention at Atlanta, 1884; 
caehler U. 8. Internal Revenue ser- 
vice. Address. 1101 Geary St, San 
Francisco, Gal. 

PLUMB, Alexander Webb, educator; b. 
Red Creek. N. T., Dec. 14. 1S70; s. S. 
Hiram and Nancie (Pease) P.; ed. 
Cornell University, 1898; Initiated by 
New York Alpha, May 14, 1898. Ad- 
dress, Kingston, N. T. 

ROE, Roy Robert, student; b. Jan. S8, 
1888; s. L. M. and Lieu P.; student 
at Cumberland University; initiated 
by Tennessee Lambda, Jan. SI, 1911. 
Address, 823 Boston Ave., Tulaa, 

POMEROV, Curtis H., lawyer; b. Lock- 
port, N. Y.. Dec. 8, 1886; s. Chester T. 
and Vemle L. P.; ed. UnlTersity of 
Minnesota, Law, 1911; initiated by 
Minnesota Alpha, March 9, 1909; eml- 
npnt deputy archon. Address, S07 
7tb St, Moorehead. Minn. 

POMEROY, Edgar Erastus, lawyer; b. 
Holyoke, Mass.. Jan. 17, 1878; i. 
P!dg&r J. and Emma (Loomls) P.; ed. 
University of Georgia, B. 8., 1898, B. 
I.. 1899; historian tor senior class, 
vice-president Boptaomore class; Tuk- 
fali, Sphinz, manager and mconber 
football team. mem. athletic council, 
editor of The Red and Black and Pan- 
dora, president Phi Kappa society, 
junior and senior hop committee; cor- 
poral, sergeant captain and major of 
battalion, president law class; initi- 
ated by Georgia Beta, Sept S4, 1894; 
eminent archon and treasurer; pres- 
ident province Gamma, 1898-1801, sec- 
retary province Qamma, (now Bpsl- 
lon), 1897-1898; attended province 
convention at Nasbville. Winston- 
Sal sm and Macon; mayor pro-tem at 
Atlanta, 1909-10, councilman and al- 
derman at Atlainta, 1908-10; colonel 
Firth regiment Natl guard of Geor- 
gia; mem. firm of Uoore and Pome- 
ray; m. Lucia Henry Williams, Sept 

9, 1908. Residence, 895 E. North Ave., 
ofllce, 9S&-5 AtlanU Natlmal Bank 
BIdg., AUantA, viv. 



PORTER, Am, student; b. 8wt 19. 

1S94; H. W. C. and Su-Kh Elian (Fu^ 
rell) P.; itudeot at Bmor; Collace; 
manager and mem. of freataman foot- 
ball team, mem. freabman baaketball 
and relay teams; Initiated by Georgia 
EpBllon, Oct 7, 1911. Addresa, 686 
Prospect Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

PORTER, Roy Hiram, College profes- 
sor; b. South Paris, Maine, Not. 16, 
1SS3; s. GrandWlle H. and Ida W. P.; 
ed. UnlverBtty of Maine, 1906; 
Bowl and Ladle, captain and 
varsity track team, captain and mem- 
ber varsity relay team; Initiated by 
Maine Alpha, May 9, 1903; eminent 
archon and warden; attended prov- 
ince Alpha and province Beta con- 
ventions; assistant professor of 
Mechanical Engineering, Iowa .iitate 
College; m. Bessie M. Ripley. Dec. 
21, 190S. Address, 703 Hodge Ave., 
Ames, Iowa 

POTTER, Hollis Elmer, physician; b. 
Wonewoc, Wis., Feb. IS, 1S80; s. Bl- 
vardo C, and Emma H. P.; ed. tJni- 
verslty of Chicago, 1904; InlUated by 
lllinoU Theta, March 9, 1908; mem. 
Phi Rho Sigma: staff of Presbyterian 
hospital and Cook county hospital; 
vice-president American Roentgen 
Ray society. Address, 1410 Peoples 
Qas Bldg., Michigan Blvd. and Adams 
St., Chicago, 111. 

POTTEIGER, Crsrence Reuben, chem- 
ist; b. Sinking Springe, Peon., Jan. 4, 
1SS5; s. Charles W. and Ida S. (Ruth) 
P.; ed. Penneylvanla State College 
and George Washington University; 
mem. orchestra at Pennsylvania State 
College; treasurer Junior class at 
George Washington University; Initi- 
ated by Pennsrlvanla Alpha-;&eta, Oct. 
16, 1903; later affiliated with Wash- 
ington i^lty Rho: eminent archon and 
CO rree pendent; delegate to province 
Beta convention, alternate delegate 
to S. A. E. Nat'l convention at Atlan- 
ta, 1906, attended S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
tion at Atlantic City, 1908; bacterio- 
logist; ctaemlBt In U. S. department 
of Agriculture (Dairy Division); Thir- 
ty-second degree Mason, Harrlsburg 
Consistory, Rajah Temple, A. A. O. 
N. H. S. Address, 1400 Chapln 8t, N. 
W.. WaMblngton, D. C. 

POTTS, Qeora* W, Btodent; b. Dae. t, 
13S9; s. David A. and Jaania (ah•a^ 
er| P.; student at Bucknell Unlvcc 
sUy; freshman bauanat oommlttee, 
freshman and sophomors tMuli, 
sophomore historian, traaanrer Buck- 
nell University Law clnb, Thets 
Delta Tau; Initiated by Pannsyt 
vania Zeta, June IS, 1910. Ad- 
dress, 119 Clopper Ave., Qraens- 
hurg, Penn. 

POWELL, Cuthbert, phyalclan and sn^ 
geon; b. Danville, Va., Jnlr is. 1878; 
s. Cuthbert and Loulaa (Coles) P.; 
ed. University of Colorado, Unl- 
verBity of Denver, 1901; m«m. of 
Omega Upailon Phi; inltlatsd by Col- 
orado Chi, Dec. 10, 1898; danMOStra- 
tor of Anatomy, Unlveraity of Denver 
Medical CoUege, 1904-6; attending 
gynecologist at Denver Ctty and conn- 
ty bospIUl 1905-8, gynecologtat Jew- 
leb Consumptive Relief society, ma- 
geoQ 9t. Luke's hospital, Denver, Col- 
orado, surgeon and gysecoloKtat Bvan- 
gellcal Lutheran Sanitarium, medical 
referee The Mutual Life Inaunuce 
Co. of New York, surgeon Tnvel- 
ers Insurance Co., Srst llentenant Mad- 
fc-Bl Reserve Corps, U. 8. armr; muL 
Denver City and County Medical 
society, American Medical titry'f- 
tion: Unlveraity club, Denver: Army 
and Nav7 club, Waahlngton, D. C; m. 
Mary Walbum Morrison, Sept. 19, 
190S. Address, 1681 Weeton St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

POWELL, Hamilton Smead, lawyer; b. 
Mt. Holly, Ark., Feb. &, 1871; ed. 
Washington and Lee UnlveralQr. B. 
l>„ 1SS3; initiated by Virginia Sigma, 
1S92: prosecuting attorney of the 
thirteenth Judicial circuit of Arkanaaa, 
eervlog four yean, at preaent a» 
BffitBQt attorney of the St. Loula, Iron 
Mountain and Southern Railway Co.; 
mem. firm of Powell and Taylor. Ad- 
(ireHK, Camden, Ark. 

POWER, John Donald, student; b. Jan. 
20, 1383: s. Michael and Mary Agnes 
I MacCreighton) P.; student at Wo> 
c«ster Polytechnic Institute; c^ttaln 
and member toott>all team, track 
team, record bolder for hammer 
throw; initiated by Maaaacbuaetts 
Delta, April IS, 1909. Addreaa, I^enoz, 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 


POWER, John Edward* student; b. Not. 
S, 1891; 8. J. and M. T. (Noble) P.; 
student at University of Minnesota; 
initiated by Minnesota Alpha, Nov. 
10, 1911. Address, 17 S. 17th Ave. 
E., Duluth, Minn. 
POWERS, Allan Raymond, student; b. 
San Rafael, Warin county, Cal.; b. 
Dr. George Herman and Cornelia 
( Chapman i P.; ed. University of Call- 
ifomia; initiated by California Beta, 
Feb. 1908; B. S., at Cornell Law 
School, 1901-03, received M. F. at 
Tale, 1904, spent years 1904-07 in U. 
S. Forest service, returning then to 
study medicine at University of Cali- 
fornia, now student at Cooper Med- 
ical College. Address, 2822 Clay St, 
San Francisco, Cal. 

POWERS, Dwight, lawyer; ed. Boston 
University, 1905; initiated by Massa- 
chusetts BetarUpsilon. Address, 61 
Court St, Boston, Mass. 

POYNEER, Frederick Julian, mercan- 
tile; b. Williamsburg, Iowa, March 8, 
1885; s. George and Emma (Schaeffer) 
P.; ed. University of Iowa, 1908; base- 
ball team, associate editor of Annual; 
mem. Die Germania; initiated by 
Iowa Beta, March, 1905; eminent 
deputy archon; delegate to province 
convention at St Louis; acted as emi- 
nent deputy archon at installation of 
Iowa Gamma, June 3, 1907; wholesale 
coal business; mem. University club. 
Commercial club and Country club; 
m. Virginia P. Mann, Sept 5, 1911. 
Address, 1719 D Ave., Cedar Rapids, 

PRATT, Benjamin Atlee, civil engineer; 
b. Madison, Wis., 1883; s. Atlee D. 
and Mary E. (Myers) P.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Minnsota, 1909; track team; 
initiated by Minnesota Alpha, March 
9, 1906; brother of Robert A. Pratt, 
Minnesota Alpha and Chelsea C. Pratt, 
Minnesota Alpha; eminent recorder, 
herald, and chronicler; civil engineer 
and surveyor. Address, 411 Walnut 
St, S. E. Minneapolis, Minn. 

PRATT, Chelsea C, physician; b. Chip- 
pewa Falls, Wis., June 6, 1877; s. At- 
lee D. and Mary E. (Myers) P.; ed. 
University of Minnesota, 1906; Nu 
Sigma Nu; initiated by Minnesota 
Alpha, Jan. 27, 1902, (charter mem.) ; 
brother of B. A. Pratt, Minnesota 

Alpha and Robert Pratt, Minnesota 
Alpha; eminent deputs^ archon; at- 
tended S. A. E. Natl convention at 
Washington, 1902; m. Blanche W. 
Wheeler, June 5, 1907. Residence, 915 
East River St, office, 910 Donaldson 
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

PRATT, John Wesley, Jr., student; b. 
May 15, 1892; s. John W. and Elnora 
(Hosely) P.; student at Syracuse Uni- 
versity; chairman freshman executive 
committee, two terms, freshman re- 
lay team; initiated by New York Del- 
ta, Oct 20, 1910. Address, 225 N. 
Fourth St, Clean, N. Y. 

PRATT, Robert Andrew, surveyor; b. 
Madison, Wis., Jan. 17, 1886; s. At* 
lee D. and Mary E. (Mayers) P.; ed. 
University of Minnesota, 1909; Scab- 
bard and Blade, cadet captain, ci4>- 
tain of Scabbard and Blade, captain 
of cracK squad; initiated by Minne- 
sota Alpha, Sept 29, 1906; brother of 
C. C. Pratt, Minnesota Alpha and B. 
A. Pratt, Minnesota Alpha. Address, 
411 Walnut St, S*. E. Minneapolis, 

PRENTI8, Henning Webb, Jr., adver- 
tising; b. St Louis, Mo., July 11, 1884; 
s. Henning W. and Mary M. (McNutt) 
P.; ed. University of Missouri, 1903, 
University of Cincinnati, M. A., 1907; 
Phi Beta Kappa; tennis team, assist- 
ant manager glee club, class orator; 
initiated by Missouri Alpha, Sept 11, 
1901; brother of Morton M. Prentis, 
Missouri Alpha and Joseph E. Pren- 
tis, Missouri Alpha; eminent corres- 
pondent; advertising manager of Arm- 
strong Cork Co., Pittsburgh, Penn.; 
secretary University of Cincinnati, 
1905-7; mem. Pittsburgh Athletic as- 
sociation; m. Ida Bemlce Cole, Sept 
2, 1909. Address, 340 Melwood St, 
Pittsburgh., Penn. 

PRE8TRIDGE, John Newton, edtor; 
b. Selma, Ala., Feb. 5, 1853; s. John 
Elijah and Sarah F. (McCraw) P.; 
ed. Howard College; initiated by Ala- 
bama Beta-Beta, 1871; ordained Bap- 
tist ministry; pastor at New Castle 
and Bark's Brand, Ky., 1882-4, Hop- 
kinsville, Ky., 1884-9, First Church, 
San Antonio, Texas, 1889, Winchester, 
Ky., 1891-4, Williamsburg, Ky., and 
president Williamsburg Institute, 
1894-8; founder 1E9& «A!l «^\»t ^2^"^ 



1908« Baptist Argus, aided in organi- 
zing The Baptist World Publishing 
Co., which bought The Baptist Argos 
and began the Baptist World, May 1, 
1908; suggested and promoted to suc- 
cess Baptist World Congress, London, 
July, 1905, and was chosen secretary 
for America; m. Fannie Clardy, Hop- 
kinsville, Ky., May 17, 1887. Resi- 
dence, 306 W. Broadway; office, 660 
4th Aye., Louisville, Ky. 

PRICE, Earl Curtis, hotel proprietor; 
b. Vincennes, Ind., bept 11, 1884; s. 
James A. and Serelda P.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Indiana, 1907; assistant law 
librarian, temporary treasurer law 
alumni association; initiated by Indi- 
ana Gamma, Jan. 18, 1907; m. Martha 
L. Wilson, Dec. 6, 1910. Address, 
Worthington, Ind. 

PRICE, John H. lawyer; b. Toungstown, 
Ohio, July 31, 1878; s. Morgan P. and 
Margaret C. P.; ed. Mt Union College, 
Ohio State University, Western Re- 
serve University, 1900; editor-in-chief 
Dynamo College monthly, Unionian 
College Annual, and Reserve Law 
School Annual; president Linnean lit- 
erary society, winner annual debate; 
initiated by Ohio Sigma, Sept 20, 1897; 
private and later second lieutenant 
in Spanish-American war, mem. 8th 
Ohio Volunteer Infantry; former 
president Cleveland and Northern 
Ohio Alumni association of S. A. El 
former president Mt Union College 
Alumni association; mem. law firm of 
Price, Album, Daoust and Album, 
Cleveland ; chairman Republican coun- 
ty executive committees 1906-07; 
mem. Republican county and city 
committees, 1906-12; delegate to 
all Republican state conventions 
since 1905; special counsel to 
Attorney General of Ohio 1909-11; 
vice-president Ohio State Bar asso- 
ciation 1910-11, mem. American Bar 
association; editor of history Ohio 
National Guard and Ohio Volunteers 
in war with Spain; traveled in Europe 
in 1900 as newspaper correspondent; 
mem. Union club. City of Cleveland 
Chamber of Commerce, and Ohio 
State Board of Commerce; m. Flori- 
da Gailliard Staats, June 3, 1903. Res- 
idence, 1888 B. 90th St, office, 714- 
722 RocketeWer Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

PROVINE, John W^ CoUege prerident; 
b. Cole's Creek, Miss., June 19, 1886; 
s. R. N. and Nannie (Ooyen) P.; ed. 
University of Mississippi, B. S., 1888, 

A. M., 1890, University of GoetUngen, 
Ph. D., 1893; initiated by Bfisaisaippl 
Gamma» Oct, 1886; in 1898 wu 
elected to the chair of chemistry in 
Mississippi College, in 1896 wu 
elected president of MlMissippi kaA- 
lege, resigning in 1898 to assume 
again the head of the department of 
chemistry, in June, 1911, was called 
again to the presidency of Misfiissippi 
College, which position he is now 
holding; m. Mary Sproles, Aug. 15, 
1896. Address, Clinton, Miss. 

PRYOR, Frank* Jr., mercantile; b. 
Pueblo, Colo., Feb. 18, 1886; 8. Frank 

B. and Mary P.; ed. University of 
Colorado, Law, 1908; baseball team, 
1907; initiated by Colorado Chi, Oct 
1906. Address, Comer Main and 
Second Sts., Pueblo, Colo. 

PUDER, George rl., lawyer; b. Win- 
chester, Ind., Nov. 17, 1887; s. Conrad 
and Julia C. P.; ed University of 
Chattanooga, Law, 1909, University of 
South Dakota, Law, 1910; Ks^pa 
Kappa Rho; initiated by South. Da- 
kota Sigma, Jan. 27, 1911, (charter 
mem.); delegate from local P. H. P. 
to province Zeta convention at Iowa 
City, Nov. 1909. Address, Timber 
Lake, S. D. 

PUGHE, George Arthur, lawyer; b. Den- 
ver, Colo., Jan. 29, 1884; s. Charles E. 
and Mary D. P.; ed. University of 
Colorado, Law, 1909; football team, 
manager baseball team, 1907, mana- 
ger interscholastic meet, 1909; initi- 
ated by Colorado Chi, Oct 8, 1904; 
brother of John Franklin Pughe, Colo- 
rado Chi; eminent deputy archon, re- 
corder, warden and herald; delegate 
to province convention twice; Re- 
publican county chairman for Moffat 
county; secretary Craig Commercial 
association. Address, 600 Tampa St, 
Craig, Colo. 

PUGhE, John Franklin, stock-raiser; b. 
Sunshine, Colo., Feb. 2, 1878; s. 
Charles E. and Mary D. P.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Colorado, 1908; football 
team, captain and member basketball 
team, mem. D. V. V.; initiated by 
Colorado Chi, Oct 9, 1901; brother of 



George A. Pughe, Colorado Chi; emi- 
nent recorder; attended province Eta 
convention at Denver* 1901; engineer 
Green Canon Coal Co.; make-up man 
in U. S. mint for four years. Address, 
R. F. D. No. 4, Longmont, Colo. 
PURTON, Astiey B., geological survey- 
or; b. Minneapolis, Kan., Oct 17, 
1886; s. Astley R. and Catherine 
(Jones) P.; ed. University of Kansas, 
1907; initiated by Kansas Alpha, May 
18, 1908; brother of Thomas A. Pur^ 
ton, Kansas Alpha; eminent archon, 
treasurer and correspondent; dele- 
gate to S. A. B. Nat'l convention at 
ii^tlanta, Ga., 1906; U. S. Geological 
Survey. Address, 615 Idaho Bldg., 
Boise, Idaho. 
PURTON, Thomas Anthony, electrical 
engineer; b. Minneapolis, Kan., March 
14, 1889; s. Astley R. and Catherine 
(Jones) P.; ed. University of Kansas, 
1911; social committee. Sachems, a 
senior society, tennis and class bas- 
ketball; initiated by Kansas Alpha, 
Oct 5, 1906; eminent archon, treas- 
urer, and correspondent; attended S. 
A. E. Nat'l convention at Kansas City, 
1910; brother of Astley B. Pur- 
ton, Kansas Alpha. Addrese, Minne- 
apolis, Kansas. 

PUTMAN, Frank Israel, physician; b. 
Geneva, Neb., April 25, 1883; s. H. S. 
and H. L. P.; ed. University of Ne- 
braska, 1907, John A. Creighton Medi 
ical College, 1908, post graduate in 
London, Berlin, Munich and Vienna in 
eye, ear, nose and throat; football; in- 
itiated by Nebraska Lambda-Pi, Oct. 
6, 1908; brother of Harry Hale Put- 
man, Nebraska Lambda-Pi; specialist 
in eye, ear, nose and throat; past 
county coroner; traveled in ESurope in 
1910-11; mem. American Medical as- 
sociation. South Dakota Medical soci- 
ety, Sioux Falls Academy of Medicine, 
Sioux Falls Seventh District Medical 
society, American Medical association 
of Vienna (life membership) ; m. Sue 
Gertrude Reed, Sept 9, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 180 S. Phillips Ave., Sioux 
Falls, S. D. 

PUTNAM, Harry Bancroft, lawyer; b. 
Westfleld, Mass., Sept. 7, 1878; s. Ru- 
fus E. and Ophelia C. (Bancroft) P.; 
ed. Boston University, Law, 1899; in- 
itiated by Massachusetts Beta-Upsi- 

lon, March 19, 1898; representative in 
state legislature, 1911, former chair- 
man Republican Town committee, 
clerk of District Court of Western 
Hampden, five years, town counsel 
three years^ trustee and c^lerk of 
Westfleld Savings Bank; mem. 
Grange, Sons of Veterans and Mason- 
ic bodies; m. Margaret McLeod, Feb. 
28, 1903. Address, 89 Court St, West- 
field, Mass. 

QUAINTANCE, Altus Lacy, entomolog- 
ist; b. New Sharon, Penn., Dec. 19, 
1870; s. G. P. and S. J. Q.; ed. Flori- 
da Agricultural College, B. S. A., 1893, 
Alabama Polytechnic Institute, M. S. 
1894; initiated by Alabama Alpha-Mu, 
Oct 15, 1893; on faculty Alabama 
Polytechnic Institute, 1894, Florida 
Agricultural College 1895-1898, Mary- 
land Agricultural College, 1901-1903, 
connected with Florida, Georgia and 
Maryland EiXperiment Stations, 1895- 

1903, Maryland State Entomologist, 
1901-1903, Entomologist for U. S. 
department of Agriculture 1903 — ; 
mem. Maryland Horticultural society 
(secretary 1902-1903); chairman En- 
tomology section, association Agricul- 
tural Colleges and Experiment Sta- 
tions, 1903, St Louis Academy of 
Sciences, fellow A. A. A. S., president 
association Economics Entomologists 

1904, president Entomological society 
of Washington, 1912; Joint author, 
"Coccidae Americanae," author arti- 
cles published by U. S. department 
of Agriculture, also Experiment Sta- 
tion Bulletins; mem. Masonic order. 
Cosmos club; m. Nellie M. Tecum, 
Lake City, Fla., Dec. 12, 1895. Ad- 
dress, care Department of Agricul- 
ture, Washington, D. C. 

QUIQLEY, Arthur Joseph, electrical 
engineer; b. Lake Geneva, Wis., 1876; 
s. Edward and Thankful (Stevens) 
Q.; ed. University of Wisconsin, 1903; 
class treasurer, stroke on freshman 
crew which won from Cornell, Co- 
lumbia and Pennsylvania in 1900, sub- 
varsity eight, 1901, stroke varsity 
four, 1903; initiated by Wisconsin 
Alpha, Feb. 7, 1903, (charter m«nLA\ 
vlce-pteaVteiiX. ol %. K. ^. ^2c?^ 



bouae Mioclatlon, Seattle; mem. 
ProtecUTe Order o( Elka, former- 
ly associate member American Insti- 
tute Electrical Engineent; author of 
magazine artlcleB; sales manager 
AgTitter, Qrtswold Co., electric manu- 
facturers. Address, 4522 llth Ave. 
N. E.. Seattle, Wash. 

QUINN, Elmer George, student; b. Oct 
5. 1891; B. George J. aud AJlce S. 
(Qlddinga) Q.; student at Syracuse 
UnlTerslty: mem. sophomore execu- 
tive committee, chairman senior ex- 
ecutive committee, 1912 Onondaga 
Board, Monx Head; Junior prom com- 
mittee; Pi Delta Epailon (Journalis- 
tic); Tau Delta Sigma, upper class 
engineering society, associate editor 
Daily Orange; initiated by New 
Tork EtalU, Nov. 6. 1908. Addresi, 
82 Park Place, RockvUle Center, L. I., 
N. T. 

QUINN, Max F„ student; b. Feb. 23, 
1SS8; s. P. F. and Josephine (Qrote) 
Q.; student at University of Minne- 
sota. A B. at Oonzaga College; 
mem. Theta Tau; Initiated by Min- 
nesota Alpha, Oct. 16, 19DS. Ad- 
dress, E. S19 Sharp Ave.. Spokane, 


RADER, Marvin Andrew, clergyman 
and editor; b. Marsball, Mo., Dec. 26, 
1S66; s. Rev. A. M. and Mrs. Isa- 
bella A. (McFarlan) R.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Denver, A. B., 1897, A. M., 
1903. O. D., 1908; president Evans 
Literary society for three terms, 
winner economics essay prize on buI>- 
Ject, "Cause and Cure of Hard 
Times," class president, mem. foot- 
ball team two years, prealdent Inter- 
State Oratorical contest, Columbia, 
Mo., 1896; Initiated by Colorado Zeta, 
Dec. 7, 1893; superintendent Manila 
district, MetbodUt Episcopal church, 
Pblllppine Islands; author several 
books In Tagalog; traveled around 
the world; special study of etbnol- 
<^y in United States and Europe; 
first graduate to receive the doctor 
of divinity degree from University of 
Denver, also first graduate to preach 
the baccalaureate sermon; editor of 
the Pblitppine ohrletlan Advocau 

for last six years, al»o ot PhlUppiiM 

Observer; m. Jean E. Halvtoftd. Den- 
ver, coio., June 6, 1900. Addreaa, 
221 Mosaledo, Manila, P. L 

RAGIN, William Crasawall, ralltoad of- 
ficial; b. Summerton, S. C, Ans- 10, 
ISSO; 9. John Jamea and Jnlla Jenk- 
ins iCroswell) R.; ed. at Emory Col- 
lege, i90l; Initiated by Qeorgla Bpsl- 
ion. Sept 15, 1897; mem. Uaoon, Qa., 
B. P O. Elks No. 130; commercial 
agent AtlaoUc Coast Line R. R.; m. 
Eugenia A- Henderson, Hacon, Gs_ 
Se[>t. n, 1908. Addreaa, 148 Ockla- 
naka Ave., Ocala, Fla. 

RAGSDALE, Samuel Lothalra, edu- 
cator; b. Milan. Tenn., Oct 1. 1S7S; 
B. WilUam Peter and Clara Annie 
(U'lillamson) R.; ed. at Dnlon Uni- 
versity, 1904; mem. and maaagM ot 
basket ball and football teama, clasi 
liiEtorlan, athletic association, treas- 
urer, valedictorian and medalist Ap- 
olloDlan Literary society, prealdent 
interEocIety Oratorical aosodaUon; 
Initiated by Tennessee Eta, Jan. 30, 
]»04; attended 8. A. E. Day at St 
I.ouis Elxposition, 1904, and Memphis 
S. A. E. Nat'i convention, 1904; presi- 
dent Alumni association Peabody Col- 
lege. University of Nashvilla; prlncl- 
pa) of Prescott School; m. Clara Ade- 
lia Wilson, HllUngton, Tenn., Juns 
30, 1H09. Address, 16 South Idlewlld 
St., Memphis, Tenn. 

RA1NEY. Robert M„ Judge; b. Bher 
man. Tex., Sept 19, 1882; a. Jeese O. 
aod Annie E. R,; ed. at Cumberland 
University, 1904; Inmated by Ten- 
neBBee Lambda, Sept 4, 1903; mem. 
flret Oklahoma leglalature, district 
Judge since April, 1909: m. LiUlan 
Fryer. Paris, Tenn., Aug. 12, 1905. 
AiJdreEs, Atoka, Atoka county, OUa. 

RAIT, Donald DeWttt, student at Iowa 
State College; b. Jan. 11, 1891; a. W. 
D. and M. (Johnston) R.; Initiated 
hy Iowa Gamma. Not. 28, 1911. Ad- 
dress. 1402 Wlllia Ave.. Perry, la. 

RAMBO, Hal Fletcher, student at Uni- 
versity of Kansas; b. June 13, 1891; 
B. CasHlus W. and Alice Jane (Flet- 
cher); Initiated by Kansaa Aljdis, 
uct. 18, 1909; mem. Unlveralty foot- 
ball squad. Addreaa, T17 8. Main 8L, 
Ottawa, Kan. 



RAM8EUR, Luelen Shuford, mercan- 
tile; b. Nov. 4, 1876; 8. L. M. and 
Mary (Bland) R.; ed. at UnlYersity 
of Arkansas; initiated by Arkansas 
Alpha-Upsilon, Oct 12, 1895; m. 
Alma Lafferty, Little Rock, Ark., 
Nov. 6, 1901. Address, 205 Elm St, 
Hot Springs, Ark. 
RAMSEY, Robert Waddy, lawyer; b. 
Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 6, 1886; s. Rob- 
ert W. and Mattie H. R.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Tennessee, 1910; senior 
class prophet, president literary so- 
ciety, captain track team, 1910, full- 
back on football team, 1910; initi- 
ated by Tennessee Kappa, Oct 12, 
1908; eminent archon; mem. Busi- 
ness Men's club; brother of Howard 
K&Tl Ramsey, Tennessee Kappa and 
Ira Armstrong Ramsey, S. A. El; m. 
Louisa Boyd, Sept 7, 1911. Resi- 
dence, 1010 Nelly Blye PI.; office, 315 
Memphis Trust Bldg., Memphis, 

RAMSEY, William Howard, editor; b. 
Glean, N. T., Aug. 27, 1883; s. Wil- 
liam Henry and Juliette (Preston) 
R.; ed. at Syracuse University, 1906; 
initiated by New York Delta, May, 
1907; city editor Olean Evening 
Times; m. Bess Marie France, Dec. 
31, 1907. Residence, 312 N. Third 
St, office, care Olean Times, Olean, 
N. Y. 

RAND, Herbert Wilbur, university pro- 
fessor; b. Oil City, Pa., July 2, 1872; 
B. Henry H. and Ella A. R.; ed. at 
Allegheny College, A. B., 1892, Har- 
vard University, A. M., 1898, Ph. D., 
1900; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Omega, Dec. 9, 1889; eminent archon 
and treasurer; mem. American Acad- 
emy of Arts and Sciences, American 
Society of Zoologists; assistant pro- 
fessor of Zoology, Harvard Univer- 
sity; m. Claire Forbes Hammond, 
Dec. 27, 1900. Address, Garden Ter- 
race, Cambridge, Mass. 

RANKIN, Emmett, public service; b. 
Madison Court House, Va., Aug. 13, 
1885; s. H. L. and Ada R. (Read) R.; 
ed. at Washington and Lee Univer- 
sity, 1907; mem. football team, 1903- 
1905, captain 1905; inluated by Vir- 
ginia Sigma, Oct 23, 1905; eminent 
correspondent; general manager 
Shenandoah River Light and Power 

corporation; brother of H. L. Ran- 
kin, North Carolina Xi.; m. Mary E. 
Chapman, April, 1911. Address, Lu- 
ray, Va. 
RATH M ELL, John Beach, student 
at Ohio Wesleyan University; b. 
June 14, 1890; s. John R. and Edith 
(Beach) R.; initiated by Ohio Delta, 
Dec. 4, 1909; president freshman 
class. University football team, 1910, 
1911. Address, 315 Sixth St, West 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

RATLIFF, Alvln Bums, farmer; b. 
Bethel. Ky., Dec. 24, 1882; s. C. M. 
and Kate (Bums) R.; ed. at Ken- 
tucky State (College, 1906; initiated 
by Kentucky Epsilon, Sept 20, 1902; 
m. Lida Mae Botts, Nov. 4, 1908. 
Address, Bethel, Ky. 

RATLiFF, Raymond, lawyer, legisla- 
tor; b. Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept 22, 
1872; s. Joseph M. and Mary (As- 
bury) R.; ed. at University of Cin- 
cinnati, A. B., 1894, Harvard Univer- 
sity, Law School; initiated by Ohio 
Epsilon, Nov. 15, 1890, later affiliated 
with Massachusetts Gamma; emi- 
nent archon, Ohio Epsilon, president 
Province Delta, 1892-1893, delegate to 
Chattanooga S. A E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1893; assistant prosecuting at- 
torney, Hamilton county, 1898-1901, 
mem. of Ohio legislature, 1908-1912; 
m. Lamme Frizell, Oct 29, 1897. 
Residence, 311 Broadway, office, 711 
Mercantile Library Bldg., Cincinnati, 

RATLIFF, Wallace Berry, student; b. 
Dec. 8, 1890; s. Wallace B. and Eli- 
zabeth (Berry) R.; student at Uni- 
versity of Michigan; class baseball 
manager, mem. Friars, Triangles, 
Michigan Union opera, 1911; initi- 
ated by Michigan Iota-Beta, Nov. 12, 
1909. Address, Carlisle, Ky. 

RAYTON, Wilbur B., mercantile; b. 
Irondequoit, N. T., Nov. 19, 1884; s. 
George W. and Alice M. R.; ed. at 
Syracuse University, 1906; initiated 
by New York Delta, Nov., 1907; 
mem. of Scientific stafT of Bausch 
and Lomb Optical Co.; m. Elizabeth 
Patterson McNalr, Sept 2, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 30 Crawford St, Rochester, N. 

READING, William Dean, student; b. 
June 5, 1890; a. H. G. %AA.*^i«jtML^ ^^s^ 



(Dean) R.; student at Bucknell Uni- 
versity; mem. freshmen tennis and 
football teams, varsity football team, 
associate editor of Ck>llege weekly 
paper; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Zeta, June 17, 1911. Address, 1313 
Otter St., Franklin, Penn. 

REAGAN, Herbert Everett, contractor; 
b. Henry county, Ind., March 19, 1877; 
s. Benj. F. and Marcelia (Polk) R.; 
ed. at University of Nebraska, 1897; 
Initiated by Nebraska Lambda-Pi. 
Dec. 11, 1896; contractor for railroad 
construction; m. Ethel MacArthur, 
March 19, 1901. Address, Riverside, 

RECORDS, Frank Saunders, educator; 
b. Franklin, Ind., April 1, 1889; s. 
John N. and Agnes (Saunders) R.; 
ed. at Franklin College, 1911; busi- 
ness manager senior class and "Blue 
and Gold;" initiated by Indiana Al- 
pha, Oct 26, 1907; eminent archon 
and correspondent, delegate Province 
Delta convention, Chicago, 1910; 
History and English teacher in Trav- 
erse City high school. Address, 839 
Sixth St., Traverse City, Mich. Per- 
manent address, 349 W. Jefferson St, 
Franklin, Ind. 

RECTOR, William Henry, assistant at- 
torney general; b. Nashville, Ark., 
Aug. 12, 1884; s. George L. and W. K. 
R.; ed. at University of Arkansas, 
1905; president special class, 1903; 
mem. Mathetian Literary society, 
best student actor, 1904; Initiated by 
Arkansas Alpha-Upsilon, Sept 26, 
1903; eminent archon, president Ft 
Smith Alumni association of S'. A. E.; 
assistant attorney general of Arkan- 
sas, head council, jurisdiction F. 
Woodmen of the World; author "Ar- 
kansas Laws." Address, Fort Smith, 

REDELIN, Albert Norman, student; b. 
April 15, 1893; s. Dr. A. A. and Clara 
(Krieg) R.; student at Bucknell Uni- 
versity; mem. freshman baseball 
team; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Zeta, June 18, 1910. Address, Free- 
land, Penn. 

REED, Edwin Winsor, student; b. 
April 14, 1891; s. Edgar and Mary 
Turner (Soule) R.; student at Wor- 
cester Polytechnic Institute; initi- 
ated by Massachusetts Delta, Oct 6, 

1911; brother of B. Howard Reed, 
Massachusetts Delta. Addren, 60 
Woodland St, Worcester, Mam. 

REEPy Samuel Nicholas, university pro- 
fessor; b. June 21, 1877; s. Leonard 
and Mrs. R.; ed. at Drake University, 
A. B., University of Chicago, Fh. D^ 
University of Minnesota; mem. of 
the local which became Illinois 
Delta; initiated by Minnesota Alpha, 
Nov., 13, 1911; mem. American Socio- 
logical society; professorship in Uni- 
versity of Minnesota. Address, 602 
Essex St. S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

REE8, Edwin Arthur, student; b. Den- 
ver, Ck)lo., April 8, 1891; s. Charles 
and Elva R.; student at University of 
Denver; chapter baseball team, as- 
sociate editor "Kynewisbok" yesr 
book, T. M. C. A. treasurer, assistant 
to professor of chemistxy; mem. 
Delta Chi chemistry society; average 
of 96.45 in scholarship; initiated by 
Colorado Zeta, Oct 2, 1909; eminent 
herald, treasurer and depu^r archon. 
Address, 4159 Fox St, Denver, Colo. 

REESE, Asbury Stamper, dentist; b. 
Todd county, Ky., March 26, 1877; a 
Asbury and Sarah B. R.; ed. at Ken- 
tucky State University, 1900; cap- 
tain football team, 1899; mem« Psi 
Omega dental fraternity; initiated by 
Kentucky Epsilon, Feb. 10, 1900; bro- 
ther of Samuel T. Reese, Kentucky 
Epsilon; m. Mamie Winkler, Nov. 
25, 1903. Address, Pikeville, Ky. 

REESE, Ezeklei Ewlng, manufiicturer; 
b. Pensacola, Fla., Oct 27, 1870; a 
George and Anna Pickens (Simp- 
son) R.; ed. Southwestern Presby- 
terian University, 1889; initiated by 
Tennessee Zeta, May 1887; mem. 
Osceola club and lodge No. 15, F. and 
A. M.; president Gulf Machine 
Works. Address, "Driftwood," Pensa- 
cola, Fla. 

REESE, Samuel Fletcher Demaree* law- 
yer and farmer; b. Todd county, Ky., 
Dec. 13, 1837; s. Thomas G. and Su- 
sannah (Demaree) R.; ed. at Union 
University, 1860; mem. Appolonian 
and Calliopean honor societies, rep- 
resented latter in eighth debate, 1859, 
chosen by the faculty to have the 
diplomas of the class printed; ini- 
tiated by Tennessee Bta, Oct 27, 
1858; eminent correspondent, visitor 



at Nashville, S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion, 1898; professor of Latin Nepho- 
geon Ck>llege, 1873-1874, president and 
professor of Latin Stonewall College, 
1874-18/9, editor Blkton Register, 
1881-1885, and Fairview Review, 1891- 
1897; Royal Arch Mason, Odd Fellow; 
lawyer, farmer and editorial writer; 
has a reputation as a linguist. Ad- 
dress, R. F. D. 2, Box 21, Trenton, 

REESE, Wlilard, lawyer; b. Batonton, 
Ga., April 6, 1880; s. Joseph B. and 
Lou Emma (Sporks) R.; ed. at Mer- 
cer University, LL. B., 1900; initi- 
ated by Georgia Psi, Sept. 16, 1896; 
mem. firm of Bennet, Twitty and 
Reese; m. Ejmma Leila Callaway, La 
Grange, Ga., Jan. 23, 1907. Address, 
Brunswick, Ga. 

REEVES, Henry, lawyer; b. near 
Greenville, Ga., July 26, 1872; s. 
Madison and Mary (Render) R.; ed. 
at Mercer University, LL. B., 1901; 
Class president, 1901; initiated by 
Georgia Psi, Sept 19, 1900; mem. 
Masonic order. Odd Fellows, Knights 
of Pythias; solicitor of the city court 
of LaGrange; m. Susie Thomas, Au- 
burn, Ala., June 12, 1906. iLddress, 
LaGrange, Ga. 

REICH ARDT, Walter Frederick, civil 
engineer; b. Little Rock, Ark., Jan. 
1, 1881; s. Edward and Pauline 
(Brandt) R.; ed. at University of 
Arkansas, 1903; mem. baseball and 
track teams, manager of latter, presi- 
dent tennis club, officer university 
band, mem. Glee club and orchestra; 
initiated by Arkansas Alpha-Upsilon, 
Sept 21, 1900; eminent correspon- 
dent, as president of Arkansas 
Alumni association attended Mem- 
phis 8. A. E. Nat'l convention, 1904, 
attended S. A. E. Day at St Louis 
exposition, delegate to Atlanta S. A. 
E. Natl convention, 1906, secretary, 
vice-president and president of Ar- 
kansas Alumni association of S. A. 
E., now president Little Rock Alumni 
association of S. A. B.; associate 
mem. American Society of Civil En- 
gineers, mem. Western Society of 
Engineers, American Society Muni- 
cipal Improvements, Internationa) 
Engineering Congress, St Louis, 
1904; six years member Pulaski 


County Democratic Central commit- 
tee, presented paper on Sewage Dis- 
posal at St Louis exposition, 1904, 
also a paper "Paving Materials of the 
Southwest," at Congress of American 
Society of Municipal Improvements, 
Birmingham, Ala., 1906; secretary of 
University club. University Board of 
Trade committee; secretary "En- 
campment committee," Confederate 
Veterans Reunion, Little Rock, May, 
1911; at present, CoL and Chief of 
Engineers, Ark. Nat'l Guard; mem. 
Arkansas Rifle Team, Camp Perry, 
Ohio, 1910, and Capt of Arkansas 
Rifle team at same camp, life mem. 
Natl Rifle Association of America, 
winner of marksman, sharpshooter 
and expert rifleman's badge, also re- 
volver expert Address, 1201 Welsh 
St, Little Rock, Ark. 

REID, William SUnley, student; b. July 
18, 1890; s. James Reid, Jr., and 
Elisabeth (Stanley) R.; student at 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute; in- 
itiated by Massachusetts Delta, May 
16, 1911. Address, 55 Fruit St, Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

RENNICK, Eugene Hamilton, lawyer; 
b. Nelson, Neb., Dec. 28, 1887; s. J. 
H. and M. A. (Lyon) R.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Illinois, 1910; mem. varsity 
baseball team; initiated by niinolB 
Beta, Sept, 1906; in states attorney's 
office. Address, Toulon, 111. 

REINECKE, William Otto, engineer; 
b. Washington, D. C, May 15, 1886; 
8. Otto C. and Ella Blanche; ed. at 
Gettysburg College, 1907; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Delta, Oct 2, 1903; 
visitor AUantic City S. A. B. Natl 
convention, 1909; Pacific coast man- 
ager Dehlstrom Metallic (Construction 
Co. Residence, 2505 Gtough St, of- 
fice, 916-920 Rialto Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

REYNOLDS, Henry Grady, student; b. 
Montevallo, Ala., Jan. 11, 1889; s. L. 
H. and Dora (Marshall) R.; student 
at University of Alabama, Law 
School, A. B., 1911; president Alpha 
Sigma Delta legal fraternity, 1911- 
1912; initiated by Alabama Mu, Sept 
14, 1907; mem. Red Men, Woodmen 
of the World, Royal Arch Mason, 
Knight Templar, Shriner (held record 
for being yQ\m%^l ^^xNsk»t V^ "^^^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

United States) ; brother Of L. C. Rem- 
olds, Alabama Uu. Addreas, CantoD, 

REYNOLDS, Norman Eb«n, ttadent; 
b. July 7, ISSS; s. Robert B. and 
Nancy Q. (Smith) R.; student at Uni- 
Tersftr of Oklaboma; mem. Black- 
atone Tribunal: initiated by Okla- 
homa Kappa, Feb. 3, 1912. Addreas, 
Muskogee, Okla. 

RICE, Charles Dobbs, student; b. Uai«b 
16, ISSl: s. Fount and Bde (Prancla) 
R.; student at Iowa State College, 
Veterinary department, B. S. at 
Georgetown College; Initiated by 
Iowa Gamma, March 9, 1911. Ad- 
dreas, Terrlll, Madison county, Ky. 

RICE, Edward Alonzo, manufacturer; 
b. South Deerfleld, Hasa., Aug. 1, 
1881; a. Alonzo H. and Maria A. R.; 
ed. at Cornell University, 1904; ini- 
tiated by New York Alpha, Dec. 15, 
1900; chairman o( school board and 
library trustees; summer of ISOS In 
Europe; secretary, Arms Manufactur- 
ing Co., the oldest manufacturer of 
pocket-books In the United States; 
m. Elizabeth Hosmer Guilford, Sept. 
14. 1905. Address, South Deerfleld, 

RICE, Fisher Kaeler, lawyer; b. Somer- 
Tllle, Mass., Bept. 11, 1SS2; b. Charles 
F. and Emma E .R.; ed. at Boston 
University, Law School, 1906; mem. 
law clubs; Initiated by Massachusetts 
BetSrUpallon, March 7, 1904; eminent 
recorder; general law practice. Resi- 
dence, 143 Summer St., Sommerville, 
oBlce, 30 Court St., Boston, Mass. 

RICE, Heber Holbrook, lawyer; b. 
Paintsvllle. Ky., Dec. 21, 1882; n. 
Hsrry B. and Mary L. R.; ed. at Ken- 
tucky SUte University, B. S., 1904, 
Harvard University, LL. B., 1907; 
senior class president, mem. "Lamp 
and Cross," associate editor and busi- 
ness manager "Echoes" (college an- 
nual) ; initiated by Kentucky E^sUon, 
April 13, 1901 ; eminent correspond- 
ent, delegate to Province Iota conven- 
tion at Lexington, Ky., Dec, 1903; 
republican candidate for West Vir- 
ginia legislature, 1910, being youngest 
in the field; brother of Jules Verne 
Rice and Edgar Poe Rice, Kentucky 
BpMlloa. Residence, 1009 SIxtb Ave., 

office, 414 Tenth St, HontliistMi, W. 

RICE, Howard C, mechanical «aglneer; 
b. Buffalo, N. T.. June 11, 1S81: a 
William H. and Donald C. R.; ed. at 
Cornell University, IMG; mam. Scalp 
aad Blade and mual(»l clntw; Initi- 
ated b; New York Alpha. Dec 14, 
1901; eminent warden, recorder, 
treasurer, deputy archon; export 
sales manager Buffalo Forgs Co., Bot- 
falo Steam Pump Co., The Oia. L. 
S'quier Mfg. Co. Address. IBS Ash- 
land Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

RICE, John A. Jr„ Rhodea acbolar: tk 
Darlington, S. C, Feb. 1, 1888; a. Bev. 
John A. Rice; ed. at Tulaoe UnlTe> 
Blty, 1911; Initiated by Louisiana Tan- 
Upsllon. Oct. 190S: eminent corres- 
pondent; delegate to the 8. A. E. 
Natl conv-enUon at Atlantic atr, 
1909; successful competitor for tta« 
Rhodes Echolarship from Louisiana In 
1910. Address, Queen's CoUece, Ox- 
ford. En El and. 

RICE, oiin Robaon, educator: b. Biu- i 
gess Store, Va.. 1ST7; s. Albert F. and 
Martha (Leonard) R.; ed. at Dick- 
inson College, 1899; made burawell 
addreas; secretary, vice-prasldeat and 
liresideut Belles Lettrea society, 
chief of tnter-BOclety and inter-colle- 
giate debating teams; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Slgma^Phl. Jan. 8, IS97; 
eminent correspondent aad archoo; 
mem. Elks, Knlghta of Pythlaa; noml- 
nated for democratic caadMate for 
mayor. 1910; secretary Froatbaig 
Board of Trade, tfeaaurer Maryland 
Sho> Co., Cumberland, Md., auperin- 
tendent of Beal hl^ acfaooL Ad- 
dresE, Gladstone Hotel, Froatburg, 

RICE, Paul B. 8., state otflcisj; b. Cross 
Keys, Va.. July 17, 1891; a. Rev. & 
L. and Margaret R.; ed. at Gettys- 
burg College, 1911; mem. Pen and 
Sword, sophomore band, Flrnt Trlam- 
vlrate, Presa club (treas.), acrub 
freshmen, sophomore (captain) foot- 
ball teams, claas basketball team 
Junior prom committee, banquet com- 
mittee, asalBtant bnalneas manager 
"Spectrum," manager Taralty football. 
Junior class prealdent; inltlatad by 
Pennsylvania Delta. Sept SO, 1907; 
eminent archtm. Iftll, delac>to to Kan- 



sas City 8. A. B. Nat'l convention, 
1910; field agent for Pennsylvania 
Chestnut Tree Blight Commission. 
Address, Lewistown, Pa. 

RICHARDS, John V^ mining engineer; 
New York City, July 9, 1879; s. J. P. 
M. and Grace (Pettit) R.; ed. at Colo- 
rado School of Mines, 1902; class ath- 
letic director, mem. football team. 
Scientific society, captain track team, 
1902; initiated by Colorado Lambda; 
one of the organizers of the "Loft- 
ers," which was later admitted as 
Colorado Lambda chapter of S. A. 
E., attended province Zeta conven- 
tion at Denver, 1904; mem. American 
Institute of Mining Engineers, Uni- 
versity club of Spokane, Mining 
Men's club, chairman committee on 
mining, Spokane Chamber of Com- 
merce; travel and professional work 
in EiUrope, Mexico, Canada;, contri- 
butions to scientific magazines. Ad- 
dress, 1002 Old Natl Bank Bldg., Spo- 
kane VS^ash 

RICHTMANNi William Oscar, manufac- 
turer; b. Arcadia, Wis., Nov. 30, 1876; 
8. Peter and Katharine (Maurer) R.; 
ed. at University of Wisconsin; sec- 
retary class 1892 and 1893, School of 
Pharmacy, secretary Pharmaceutical 
society, 1893; a mem. of the local 
which became Wisconsin Alpha; ini- 
tiated by Wisconsin Alpha; mem. 
American Pharmaceutical association, 
American Chemical society, American 
Association for the Advancement of 
Science, chairman scientific section 
American Phanfaaceutlcal association, 
1911-1912; mem. of all York and Scot- 
tish Rite Masonic orders, Shriner; in- 
structor in Practical Pharmacy, Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin, 1898 and 1899, 
instructor in Pharmalagnosy, 1900 
and 1901, expert in Pharmalognosy, 
United States department of agricul- 
ture, 1902-1906; resident manager of 
Satsuma Co., since 1907; m. Matilda 
Watson Muir, July 80, 1902. Ad- 
dress, First St and Third Ave., Sat- 
suma Heights, Fla. 

RICHARDSON, Jay, lawyer; b. Topeka, 
Kan., June 27, 1885; s. Homer D. and 
Coe L. R.; ed. at University of Kan- 
sas, University of Michigan, 1907; 
manager of Mosque club, mem. Phi 
Delta Phi legal fraternity; initiated 

by Kansas Alpha, Oct., 1904; eminent 
archon, correspondent, treasurer, 
deputy archon; president of Jefferson 
club of Kansas City; mem. law firm 
of Gage and Richardson. Residence, 
27 E. 55th St Terrace, oflice, 318 New 
York Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

RICHARDSON, Charles Henry, univer- 
sity professor; b. Topsham, Vt., Sept. 
26, 1862; s. Robert and Rosetta (Dex- 
ter) R.; ed. at Dartmouth College, 
1892; class historian, orator at the 
Tower, mem. Philomathean society, 
library committee, football team; ini- 
tiated by New York Delta, Feb. 26, 
1909; one of the founders of Chi Tau 
Kappa, which became New Hamp- 
shire Alpha chapter of S. A. B., presi- 
dent Alumni association of New York 
Delta; Fellow Geological Society of 
America, mem. American Association 
Adv. Science, American Chemical so- 
ciety, Sigma Xi, Pi Phi Chi, Eighth 
International Geological Congress, 
science committee Paris exposition, 
1903, mem. Vermont Geological Sur- 
vey since 1895; author of fiction, po- 
etry, scientific papers and reports, 
economic geology text in preparation; 
professor of mineralogy, Syracuse 
University; m. Katharine May Davis, 
June 16, 1892. Address, 759 Comstock 
Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

RICKARD, Arthur P., manufacturer; b. 
Niles, Ohio, Dec. 20, 1884; s. Benja- 
min J. and Jennie C. R.; ed. at Mount 
Union College, 1907; manager class 
annual, mem. basketball and base- 
ball (captain) teams; initiated by 
Ohio Sigma, April 13, 1903; attended 
province Delta convention at Lafay- 
ette, Ind., 1906, secretary and treas- 
urer. The Northern Engraving Co., 
college annual engravers; m. Pearl 
M. Long, Feb. 24, 1910. Address, 316 
Kentucky Ave., Canton, Ohio. 

RIDDLE, Silas Swallow; b. Shamokin, 
Pa., Sept. 20, 1884; s. Findlay B. and 
Anna K. (McCoUum) R.; ed. at Penn- 
sylvania State College, Lafayette Col- 
lege, 1909; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Alpha-Zeta, Oct, 1905. Address, 357 
Center St., Bloomsburg, Penn. 

RIEPE, Carl Christopher, student; b. 
March 9, 1885; s. Fred and Sophie 
(Frewert) R.; student at University 
of Iowa; mem. IrvtcLi; In&tlt^tA^ 1^^^- 



gon. Scimitar and Pex (honomrr 
■enlor), Iroquoli. Phi Delta Phi (1^ 
gal), buBlDeiB manager senior play, 
department manager 1912 Havkeye 
(annual) ; Initiated by Iowa B«ta, Oct. 
9, 1911. AddreBB, 838 FranUln St. 
Burlington, Iowa. 

RIQBY, Qaorg« N., lawrer; b. New 
Tork City, July 10, 1874; od. at Cor- 
nell UnlverBlty, I89E; InlUated by 
New York Alpha, June 6, 1892; emi- 
nent archon, 1893; mem. New York 
leglBlature, 1903-1905; m. Maud E, 
Laurence, April 10, 1897. AddreM, 
63 Sunnyslde Drive, Yonkere, N. Y. 

RIKE, Elmer Roy, Buperln ten dent of 
Bchoola; b. Plqua, Ohio, Feb. IG, 18S0; 
s. Jamee D. and Mrs. R.; ed. at Ohio 
Wesleyan University, 1906; claBB 
president, president of 1906 alumni, 
varsity football three years; initiated 
by Ohio Delta, Dec. 12, 1902; eminent 
archon and treasurer; superintendent 
of city flchools; brother of James B. 
Bike, Ohio Delta; m. Laura Siegfried 
of St. Louis, July 6, 1910. Address, 
Tippecanoe City, Ohio. 

RILEY, Lee, Jr., student; b. Aug. 6, 
1892; s. Lee and MolUe (O'Doherty) 
R.; student at University of KaQBae; 
Initiated by Kansas Alpha, Dec, 
1910. Address, 250S N. Tenth SL, 
Kansas City, Kan. 

RIL,EY, WIIMam F., lawyer; b. Alns- 
worth, Iowa, March 20. 1SS4; a. F. and 
Anna R.; ed. at University ot Iowa, 
1907; in Minnesota preliminary de- 
bates for two years, class president 
Junior year, manager senior class 
play, mem, Waakwi Junior society, 
Irving Institute, Newman socle^, 
track team 1905-1907, captain 1907, 
Cross Country club, class president 
senior year; Initiated by Iowa Beta, 
Feb. 11, 1905; eminent archon, mem. 
Dee Moines Alumni aseoclatlon of S. 

A. E.; general law practice; m. Cath- 
erine Green, Aug. 23, 1910. Resi- 
dence, 1515 E. Ninth SL, office, 602 
Capital City Bank BIdg., Des Moines, 

RINEHART, Stinley Marshall, physi- 
cian; b. PltUburgh, Pa., Jan. 25, 1867; 

B. William and Louisa R.; ed. at Ad- 
rian College, 1888; Star society de- 
bates, 1884, orator, 188S, third t»se 

on varsity team, 1887-88, 1 
er&ture eaiay prite, 1886, orattoB 
prize, 1888; Initiated by Htchlcan At 
pha, Jan. 22, 1887; eminent archon, 
1888, correapondent, 1886, attended 
Pittsburgh S. A. El Nat'l cooTentloti, 
1893, aaalated in organlxlns Pennsyl- 
vania Alpha-Zeta. an officer at the In- 
fltallatlon of Pennaylvaulm Slcma-Phi 
and Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta; atndy 
In Vienna, Berlin, Munich, and Lon- 
don, county medical Inspector, state 
department of Health, phystdaa^- 
charge State Tuberculosis Dlapensary, 
PltUburgh, city physician glnce 1894, 
BpeciallBt In heart and lungs; a 
Msiry E. Roberts, (Camoua author), 
April 22, 1896. Address, 954 Beedi 
Ave. N. S. Pittsburgh, Penn. 

RINKENBACH, Edwartl Loula, Jr,, itn- 
dent; b. May 31, 1890; ■. Edward 
Louis and Mary Blliabeth (Shlsler) 
R. ; student at Pennsylvania State Col- 
lege; Initiated by Pennsylvania Al- 
pha-Zeta, Jan. 8, 1910. Addrev, lit 
Forster St, Harrieburgh, Penn. 

RINNE, John Isaac, physician; b. Alto- 
ga, Ind., April 80, 1887; s. Henry C. 
and Susie (Gardner) R.; ed. at Unl- 
verBlty of Indiana, 1907; initiated by 
Indiana Gamma, Jan 18, 1907 (charts' 
mem.) ; mem. Knights of PythJas, Phi 
Beta PI (medical); Interne Indiana- 
polls city hospital, 1909-1910; prac- 
tising physiclsn; m. Dora Scbmttt, 
June 6, 1911. Addresa. Lapel, Ind. 

RtPLEY, Thomas Jackson, lawyer; b. 
AtlanU. Ga., July 14, 1862; s. Thomal 
R. and Laura D. (Conner) R.; ed. at 
University of Georgia. 1884; daas 
orator and poet; initiated by Qeorgla 
Beta, Oct, 1880; one of the most ac- 
tive In tupportlng the fraternity in a 
time of depreseioQ and one who made 
successful efforts In building It up; 
delegate to S. A. B. Nat'l convention, 
Athens, 1884; captain (Georgia militia 
for five years, first lieutenant tUrd 
Qeorgla volunteers, Spanish-Ameri- 
can war; mem. of Atlanta bar. Pied- 
mont Driving club, Atlanta Bar asio- 
clatloQ; m. Pauline Howard, ot De- 
catur, Ga., Nov. 25, 1890. Residence, 
111 W. Peacbtree St, office, 61^ 
Pryor St., AUanta. Qa. 

RITCHIE, Robert Welles, war corree- 
pondent; b. Greenfield, Hiaa, June 17, 



1879; 8. Robert and Hannah (Thomas) 
R.; ed. at Uniyeraity of California, 
1902; mem. Skull and Keys, Golden 
Bear, author of three farces; initiated 
by California Beta, Sept 16, 1899; 
eminent archon, 1902; war correspon- 
dent for New York Sun in Russo- 
Japanese war, Mexican revolution, al- 
so correspondent in Japan, Korea, 
China, Labrador, Mexico, Cuba, Cen- 
tral America; author of fiction and 
essays for Harpers, McClure, and 
other publications; m. Jean Knight, of 
New York, Aug. 1, 1909. Address, 
"The Sun," 170 Nassau St., New York 

RITTENH0U8E, Karl David, student; 
b. March 2, 1888; s. James Hall and 
Ida R. (Cole) R.; student at Pennsyl- 
vania State College; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, Oct 12, 
1907; brother of Leonard Cole Ritten- 
house, Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta. Ad- 
dress, 1610 Washington, Ave., Scran- 
ton, Penn. 

RITTER, Herman, lawyer; b. Chicopee, 
Mass., July 18, 1886; s. WUlian and 
Elmma J. R.; ed. at Boston Univer- 
sity Law School, 1910; initiated by 
Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon, March 
24, 1908; eminent treasurer; practic- 
ing lawyer. Address, 820 Springfield 
St, (Thicopee, Mass. 

RlTZf Louis Parky civil engineer; b. 
E2vansville, Ind., April 17, 1886; s. 
A. P. Ritz; ed. at Millikin University, 
University of Michigan, 1909; initi- 
ated by Illinois Delta, Jan. 14, 1911; 
m. Bertha J. Woolley, Feb. 14, 1911. 
Address, 1009 S. Third St, Louisville, 

ROACH, Corwine E., newspaper man- 
acrer; b. Virginia, 111., June 20, 1885; 
8. Samuel B. and Belle (Corwin) R.; 
ed. at Millikin University, 1911, presi- 
dent literary society, mem. five inter- 
society and inter-collegiate debate 
teams, manager of "Co-op" three 
years, senior class president; initi- 
ated by Illinois Delta, Jan. 14, 1911; 
petitioner from Millikin University lo- 
cal at Kansas City S. A. E. Natl con- 
vention; business manager "Ehrening 
Republican." Address, Kankakee, 111. 

ROBERTS, James Crawford, univer- 
sity official; b. Steubensville, Ohio, 
Auk* 27, 1866; s. Henry Oliver and 

Carrie R.; ed. at Ohio Wesleyan Uni- 
versity, 1892; class vice-president 
twice represented literary society, 
won oratorical contest 1891; initiated 
by Ohio Delta, Jan. 24, 1890; eminent 
archon and correspondent, helped es- 
tablish Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon 
and Massachusetts lotapTau; mem. of 
Central Ohio conference; financial 
secretary of Ohio Wesleyan Univer- 
sity; m. Bertha M. Cameron, June 14, 
1891. Address, 334 N. Sandusky St, 
Delaware, Ohio. 

ROBERTSON, Gordon, student; b. Dec. 
27, 1891; s. Robert and Annie M. 
(Trask) R.; student at Harvard Uni- 
versity; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, Nov. 11, 1911. Address, 83 
Lovett St, Beverly, Mass. 

ROBERTSON, James Parish, Jr., stu- 
dent; b. Culpeper, Va., July 27, 1888; 
s. James Parish and Mary E. (Grat- 
tan) R.; ed. at Virginia Military In- 
stitute, 1908. University of Virginia, at 
present medical student University 
of Pennsylvania; president academic 
class, 1908-1909, mem. Alpha Pi, P. K., 
T. I. L. K. A., Hot Foot; initiated by 
Virginia Theta, Nov., 1904, later af- 
filiated with Virginia Omicron; emi- 
nent archon of Virginia Omicron, 
1909, visitor at Atlantic City S. A. B. 
Nat'l convention, 1909. Address, 8 
West Hill St, Charlotte, N. C. 

ROBINSON, Addison Baker, denUst; b. 
Paw Paw, Mich., Oct 27, 1877; s. Mrs. 
J. M. Robinson; ed. at University of 
Michigan, dental class, 1901; initiated 
by Michigan lotarBeta, April 2, 1898; 
mem. of Michigan state board of den- 
tal examiners, 1907-1910; m. Emma 
A. Adams, Jan. 20,. 1910. Address, 44 
Sheldon St, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

ROBINSON, Elmer F., abstracter; b. 
St Helena, Neb., June 17, 1882; s. 
James C. and Kate R.; ed. at Univer- 
sities of Nebraska and Michigan; ini- 
tiated by Nebraska Lambda-Pi, Jan. 
12, 1903, later affiliated with Michigan 
Iota-Beta; eminent correspondent; 
brother of James C. Robinson, Jr., S. 
A. E. Address, Hartington, Neb. 

ROBINSON, George Philip, mining en- 
gineer; b. Minden, La., June 28, 1880; 
8. Madison J. and Mina (Fuller) R.; 
ed. at Colorado School of Mines, 1904; 
initiated b'j CoVyc^Ao VawsX^^v^ ^'jX. 



16, 1903; visitor to province conven- 
tion at Denver, 1903; superintendent 
of mine and smelter; m. Mary J. 
Moyle, March 20, 1906. Address* 
Campo Morado, Estado de Guerrero, 

ROBINSON, Lewis Perrine, student; b. 
April 30, 1890; s. Millard F. and EUsa- 
beth A. (Savidge) R.; student at 
Bucknell University; manager and 
mem. class football team; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Zeta, June 18, 1910. 
Address, Danville, Penn. 

ROBINSON, Waiter Widcliff, student; 
b. March 8, 1893; s. W. W. and Sarah 
(Payne) R.; student at Davidson Col- 
lege; initiated by North Carolina 
Theta, Jan. 8, 1912. Address, Easley, 
S. C. 

ROCKWELL, Harvard Selden, student; 
b. June 21, 1891; s. John and Hulda 
(McMullen) R.; student at Univer- 
sity of Minnesota; president sopho- 
more engineering class; initiated by 
Minnesota Alpha, Oct. 2, 1909. Ad- 
dress, Duluth, Minn. 

ROGERS, Joseph Spenser, physician 
and surgeon; b. Adams county, Ohio, 
1875; s. T. J. and Louisa (Mason) 
R.; ed. at University of Colorado, 
1900; quarter back on football team, 
president senior medical class; ini- 
tiated by Colorado Chi, Sept 25, 1896; 
coroner of Elbert county, Colo., 
county physician; Master Mason. Ad- 
dress, Kiowa, Colo. 

ROGERS, Richard Reid, lawyer; b. 
1867; ed University of Virginia, 1888; 
Initiated by Virginia Omicron, 1887; 
general counsel of Panama Canal. 
Address, 165 Broadway, New York 

ROGERS, Walter L., banker; b. At- 
lantic, Mass., March 10, 1882; s. Henry 
C. and Lilian (Ahrens) R.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1904; mem. 
freshman football and sophomore 
baseball teams; initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania Theta, March 7, 1901; on com- 
mittee Atlantic City S. A. E. Nafl 
convention, 1909; in banking business 
.with Chas. D. Barney and Co., Phil- 
adelphia, Penn. Address, Highway 
Ave., Riverton, N. J. 

ROGERS, William M., Rhodes scholar; 

b. Oxford. Miss., Jan. 25, 1884; s. 

Judge William M. Rogers, Virginia 

Sigma, 1869, Virginia Omicron. 1875; 
ed. at Miasissippi A. and M. CoUase, 
B. S., 1907, Southwestern Presby- 
terian University; first lieutenant Lee 
Guards, varsity football two yean, 
president and organizer of Engineer 
ing society, commencement orator (it 
A. and M. College), at Southwestern 
Presbyterian University, mem. Coot- 
ball, baseball and basketball teams 
for two years, captain-elect of foot- 
ball team; initiated by Tennessee 
Zeta, 1907; football coach at Sootli- 
westem Presbyterian University, 
1910. Address, Oxford Universitj, 
Oxford, England. 

ROGERS, Zachary BroaduSt lawyer; b. 
Barbour county, Ala., Sept. 4, 1872; 
s. W. S. and M. B. R.; ed. Mercer Uni- 
versity, 1891; class poet and treas- 
urer; initiated by Georgia Psi, Oct 18, 
1889; general counsel Elberton and 
Eastern R. R. Co.; m. Lula Lee 
Zachry, of Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 6, 190S. 
Address, Elberton, Ga. 

RONDTHALER, Howard E^ coUege 
president; b. Brooklyn, N. T., June 
17, 1871; s. Rt Rev. Edward and 
Mary (Jacobson) R.; ed. at Univer- 
sity of North Carolina, 1898; presi- 
dent Dialec society, Gimghoul; initn- 
ated by North Carolina Xi» Sept 10, 
1890; eminent archon; professor 
Moravian College, 1903-1909, presi- 
dent Moravian Theological Seminary, 
president Salem College for Women 
since 1909; editor Wachavia Mora- 
vian; mem. society for Propagation of 
the Gospel. North Carolina Geological 
survey, Elisha Mitchell Science so- 
ciety; m. Katherlne G. Boring, 1898. 
Address, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

ROOKE, Robert Levi, student; b. June 
21, 1891; s. C. M. and Olive Susan 
(Kreamer) R.; student at Bucknell 
University; mem. A. I. E. E., Theta 
Delta Tau societies, class baseball 
team; initiated by Pennsylvania Zeta, 
June 18, 1910. Address, Winfleld. 

ROSE, Thomas Duncan, electrical engin- 
eer; b. FayetteviUe, N. C, Aug. 9, 
1889; 8. George M. and Augusta J. 
(Steele) R.; ed. at Universitj of North 
Carolina, 1910; mem. varsity baseball 
team; initiated by North Carolina XI, 
Sept., 1907; eminent archoin, tress- 



iirer and correspondent; engineer 
with General Electric Co. Address, 
525 Liberty St, Schenectady, N. T. 
ROSE, Wliiiam Gumming, University in- 
structor; b. Greenville, S. C, April 4, 
1887; 8. John M. and Mary E. (San- 
tos) R.; ed. Davidson Ck>llege, A. B., 

1907, Yale University, Ph. D., 1911; 
vice-president athletic association 
1906, Junior orator, 1906, marshall, 
1906, graduated third in class; mem. 
Sigma Xi (Tale chapter); historian, 
1903-04, class president, 1905-06; initi- 
ated by North Carolina Theta, Sept 5, 
1903; eminent archon, deputy archon, 
correspondent, recorder, chapter rep- 
resentative in Pan-Hellenic Council; 
author of the following scientific pa- 
pers: Modified Method for Clinical 
Estimation of Pepsin, Archives of In- 
ternal Medicine, Vol. 5, 1910, Muric 
Acid and Carbohydrate Metabolism, 
Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 
10, 1911, EiXperimental Studies on 
Creatina and Creatiniae (three pa- 
I>er8), now in press; instructor in 
physiological chemistry. University 
of Pennsylvania. Address, Labora- 
tory of Physiological Chemistry, 
School of Medicine, University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Penn. 

ROSS, Arthur Seneca, chemist; b. Rar 
venna, Ohio, Aug. 25, 1873; s. Albert 
A. and Mary G. R.; ed. Ohio Wesley- 
an University, 1899; three years as- 
sistant in chemistry; initiated by Ohio 
Delta, Oct 80, 1897; chief chemist 
Milwaukee Ck)ke and Gas Co., secre- 
tary and treasurer Wartman Drug 
Co.; m. Amanda Gruhl, Feb. 23, 1908. 
Address, 676 Delaware Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

ROSS, Jack F., Jr., railway official; b. 
Mobile, Ala., Dec. 6, 1885; s. Jack F. 
and Emma (Buck) R.; ed. Virginia 
Military InsUtute; initiated by Vii^ 
ginia Theta; eminent treasurer; trav- 
eled in Europe, 1906; general agent. 
Mobile and Ohio R. R.; m. Mary 
Lane, Canandaigua, N. T., Oct 16, 

1908. Address, 4th S. Government 
St, Mobile, Ala. 

ROSS, Percy A., electrical engineer; b. 
LeRoy. N. T., July 21, 1887; s. John 
C. Ross; ed. Syracuse University, 
College of Applied Science, 1911; 
mem. varsity relay, track, and cross- 

country teams; initiated by New 
York Delta; eminent deputy archon; 
mem. American Institute Electrical 
Engineers; engaged in installation of 
sub-stations in coal mines. Address, 
General Delivery, Jenners, Penn. 

ROSS, Roy Meneley, student; b. June 
10, 1890; 8. W. C. and Lillian M. 
(Meneley) R.; student at University 
of Illinois; initiated by Illinois Beta, 
Oct 23, 1909; brother of Glenn 
Thompson Ross, Illinois Beta. Ad- 
dress, 412 Iowa St., Urbana, 111. 

ROWE, Joseph Zerbe, real estate; b. 
Aug. 20, 1873; s. Joseph Zerbe and 
Sara (Layenberger) R.; ed. Bucknell 
University, 1901; commencement ora- 
tor, debater, mem. varsity football 
and track teams; initiated by Penn- 
sylvania Zeta, Feb. 9, 1898; eminent 
archon (two years), deputy archon, 
treasurer; delegate Boston S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention, 1900; attended 
Washington, S. A. £1 Nat'l convention 
1902, in interests of Chicago Univer- 
sity securing a charter; mem. Ma^ 
sonic order; real estate broker. Ad- 
dress, 7 W. Madison St, Chicago, 111. 

ROWELL, Alexander Hendrix, lawyer; 
b. Rowell, Ark., June 19, 1880; s. W. 
S. and Margarette Alice R.; ed. Cen- 
tral University, 1902; associate edi- 
tor "Cento," president Chamberlain 
literary society, won intercollegiate 
declamatory contest 1899, class ora- 
tor, 1902, president intercollegiate 
oratorical association of Kentucky, 
1901-1902; initiated by Kentucky 
Kappa, Sept 17, 1898; eminent 
archon, 1902, president Arkansas 
Alumni association of S. A. E.; mem. 
Arkansas legislature, 1905 and 1907; 
practicing lawyer; m. Ruvye May 
Woodson, July 11, 1906; brother of 
Dr. F. C. Rowell, Kentucky Kappa, W. 
D. Rowell, Kentucky Kappa. Resi- 
dence, 1507 W. 6th Ave., office, 4th 
Floor, Citizens Bank Bldg., Pine Bluff, 

RUBINKAM, Nathaniel, post-graduate 
student; b. Jamestown, N. T., Jan. 2, 
1888; s. Nathaniel I. and Sarah E. 
(Shoemaker) R.; ed. University of 
Chicago, 1910, now post-graduate stu- 
dent at University of Chicago Law 
School; initiated Nov. 1906; emi- 
nent recorder and treaauset; d<^V^^g&Jtj^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 

province Delta convention, Chicago, 
1910; 1900-1905 spent In study in 
Europe. Address, 4560 Oakenwald 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

RULE, Edward A.; b. Des Moines, Iowa, 
July 26, 1881; s. A. H. and Jennie 
(Clarke) R.; ed. University of Iowa, 
1904; initiated by Iowa Beta, Feb. 11, 
1905, (charter mem.); estimator for 
United States Gypsum Co. Address, 
2517 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, D. 

RUBURSH, Raymond Cllfrord, student; 
b. Sept. 24, 1891; s. Thomas R. and 
Emma (Hahn) R.; student at Uni- 
versity of Indiana; mem. varsity base- 
ball team; initiated by Indiana 
Gamma, Jan. 16, 1911. Address. Lon- 
don, Ind. 

RUDISiLL, Wesley Haven, electrical 
engineer; b. Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Jan. 6, 1883; s. Lewis A. and 
Katie B. (Hopkins) R.; ed. Dickinson 
College; Initiated by Pennsylvania 
Sigma-Phi, June 3, 1901, later afflU- 
ated with Ohio Theta; associate mem- 
ber American Institute of Electrical 
Engineers; Masonic order; electrical 
engineer with Alabama Power Devel- 
opment Co., chief engineer and elec- 
trician Anniston Electric and Gas Co. 
Address, Anniston Electric and Gas 
Co., Anniston, Ala. 

RUN YON, Charles Vineyard, lawyer; 
b. Trenton, Ky., June 25, 1886; s. 
Frank J. and Brenda V. R.; ed. 
Southwestern Presbyterian Univer- 
sity, A. B., 1906, University of Virginia. 
LL. B., 1909; manager baseball team, 
1905, president athletic association, 
1905-1906, secretary and president 
Stewart literary society, local editor 
of Southwestern Presbyterian Uni- 
versity Journal, 1904-05, at University 
of Virginia member Phi Beta Kappa, 
Raven society; initiated by Tennessee 
Zeta, Sept. 20, 1902, later affiliated 
with Virginia Omicron; at Tennessee 
Zeta, eminent archon, correspondent, 
herald, chronicler, deputy archon; at 
Virginia Omicron, eminent deputy 
archon and treasurer; attended 
Memphis S. A. E. Nat'I convention, 
1904; delegate to province conven- 
tion at Nashville, 1905; practicing 
lawyer; son of Frank J. Runyon, Ten- 
jaessee Zeta, brother of Bryce F. Run- 

yon, Tennessee Zeta. Addresa, 1104- 
1210 Exchange Bldg., Mempbls, Tenn. 

RUPLE, Ferdinand William, contrac- 
tor; b. Cottonwood, La.» Oct. lit, 1886; 
s. Commodore Perry Ruple and Marj 
Tucker (McCuIIoch) R.; ed. Case 
School of Applied Science, 1909; initi- 
ated by Ohio Rho, Oct 28, 1907; mem. 
Iris lodge, Webb chapter of Masonic 
order; general contractor. Address, 
1871 E. 66th St, Cleveland, Ohio. 

RUSSELL, John Edward, author; b. 
Davenport, Iowa, April 22, 1886; s. 
Charles E. and Abby (Osborne) Rus- 
sell; ed. Northwestern Universltj, 
1907; editor Northwestern magazine; 
initiated by Illinois Psl-Omega, Oct 
5, 1903; eminent correspondent, as- 
sisted In putting out Songs of S. A 
E.; feature writer and traveling cor- 
responent for New York Herald; mag- 

. azine writer; author of novel, "The 
Society Wolf;" socialist party work- 
er; m. Grace Bolster, June 7, 1906. 
Address, 605 W. 156th St, New York 

RUSSELL, Richard B., Judge; b. 1861; 
ed. University of Georgia, 1879; initi- 
ated by Georgia Beta, Aug. 4, 1877; 
mem. Georgia legislature, 1882-1887, 
Judge Western Circuit court of 
Georgia, Solicitor General; at present 
Judge of Georgia Court of Appeals; 
m. Iva Dillard. Address, Winder, Ga 

RUSSELL, William English, engineer; 
b. PennvlUe, Ind., 1879; s. Aioert and 
Ellanor (English) R.; ed. Purdue Uni- 
versity, 1905; mem. athletic board, 
football and track teams ; initiated by 
Indiana Beta, April 5, 1902; senior 
mem. house committee; mem. Mason- 
ic order; assistant engineer Illinois 
Central R. R.; m. Bessie May Hunt- 
er, Sept 15, 1910. Address, Assistant 
Engineer's Office lUinolB Central R. 
R., Clinton, 111. 

RYAN, Michael Lawlesa, student; b. 
April 28, 1891; s. Edward and Eli- 
zabeth (Lawless) R.; student at Sy- 
racuse University; vice-president 
freshman medical class, mem. staff 
"Daily Orange," two years, 1918 Onon- 
dagau board, Denison declamation 
contest; Alpha Kappa Kappa (medi- 
cal); initiated by New York Delta, 
Nov. 6, 1908. Address, Marcellns 
Falls, N. Y. 



RYDEN, Hugo Loult* civil engineer; b. 
Des Moines, Iowa, Dec. 10, 1887; b. 
Charles and Christine (Johnson) R.; 
ed. University of Iowa, 1911; varsity 
basketball, 1909-1911, capUln 1911; 
Initiated by Iowa Beta, Feb. 12, 1910; 
eminent herald, 1911; civil engineer 
D. L. and W. R. R. Co. Address, 334 
Montgomery St, Syracuse, N. T. 

RYLAND, Robert Knight, artist; b. 
Grenada, Miss., Feb. 10, 1873; s. Wil- 
liam S. and Mary (Morton) R.; ed. 
Bethel College, 1892; class valedic- 
torian and president; initiated by 
Kentucky Iota, Nov. 17, 1888; won 
scholarship. In 1902, Prlz de Rome on 
Lazarus scholarship; three years 
study In Italy, 1902-1905; mural paint- 
er, also Instructor In drawing Cooper 
Union; son of William S. Ryland, 
Kentucky Iota, brother of T. J. Ry- 
land, Kentucky Iota, J. N. Ryland, 
Kentucky Iota. Address, 207 B. 17th 
St., New York City. 

SABIN, Charles Gilbert, physician and 
surgeon; b. Wisconsin 1876; s. 
Charles H. and Margaret W. S.; ed. 
Northwestern University, 1904; Phi 
Beta Kappa, Sigma XI, Deru; varsity 
football, editor-ln-chlef 1904 Syllabus, 
medical scholarship; Initiated by Illi- 
nois Psl-Omega, Nov. 25, 1901; city 
bacteriologist Portland; m. Sara 
Agnes Lawler, Sept 21, 1910. Ad- 
dress, 624 Marquam Bldg., Portland, 

SABIN, Leiand H., lawyer; b. Centre- 
viUe, Mich., May 14, 1872; s. Marden 
and Mary (Smith) S.; ed. University 
of Michigan, 1898; Initiated by Mich- 
igan lota-Beta, Oct 11, 1891; m. Elolse 
E. Skinner, June 2, 1909. Residence, 
136 Henry St, office, 602-3 Ward Bldg., 
Battle Creek, Mich. 

SAEQMULLER, Frederick Bertholdt, 
mercantile; b. Alexandria county, Va.; 
8. George N. and Marie T. S.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Virginia, 1902, Massachu- 
setts Institute of Technology; presi- 
dent engineering class; initiated by 
Virginia Omicron, Nov. 10, 1900, later 
affiliated with Massachusetts lota- 
Tau; attended Washington S. A. E. 
Natl convention, 1902; mem. firm of 

Bausch and Lomb Opt Co.; 
studied three years in Oermany. Ad- 
dress, 1100 St Paul St, Rochester, 
N. Y. 

8AQAR, William SutcllfTe, student; b. 
Jan. 7, 1911; s. Alfred and Margaret 
(Shaw) S.; student at Harvard Uni- 
versity; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, May 6, 1911. Address, 6 Ste- 
vens St, Methuen, Mass. 

8ALLEY, Thomas Elliott, student; b. 
Nov. 15, 1891; s. J. A. and Elizabeth 
(Bull) S.; student at Davidson Col- 
lege; varsity football squad; initiated 
by North Carolina Theta, Jan. 11, 
1909; brother of J. A. Salley, North 
Carolina Theta. Address, 137 B. Rus- 
sell St, Orangeburg, S. C. 

SANBORN, Herbert Leo, electrical en- 
gineer; b. Portland, Me., March 6, 
1884; s. I. Wesley and Emma (Cary) 
S.; ed. Harvard University, 1908; 
initiated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
May 19, 1906; eminent archon, recor- 
der; attended Atlanta S. A. E. Natl 
convention, 1906; delegate Boston 
S. A. E. province convention, 1908; 
a factor In the establishment of New 
Hampshire Alpha, (see S. A. E. His- 
tory, Vol. Ill, p. 404); traveled in 
Mexico, Central and South America, 
West Indies. Address, Great North- 
em Hotel, MiUlnocket, Me. 

SANBROOK, George Russell, student; 
b. Dec. 18, 1893; s. Mr. and Mrs. 
George T. S.; student at Syracuse 
University; initiated by New York 
Delta, Oct 20, 1911. Address, 728 
5th Ave., Watervliet N. Y. 

SANDERSON, Clarence Herbert, elec- 
trical engineer; b. Martinsville, IlL, 
Aug. 28, 1880; ed. Ohio State Univer- 
sity, 1902; class baseball and football, 
lieutenant in Ohio State University 
battalion; initiated by Ohio Theta, 
Nov. 1908; eminent correspondent; 
with Westlnghouse Electric and 
Manufacturing Ck>, section engineer in 
charge switchboard and power sta- 
tion designing; associate in A. L B. 
E.; author of articles on switchboard 
and power station designs; night in- 
structor in mathematics at Carnegie 
Technical Schools; m. Gertrude Hen- 
rietta Gallagher, Jtme 1, 1904. Ad- 
dress, 208 Meade St, Pittsburgh, 



SANDERSON, Lewis Rivers, student; 
b. March 25, 1891; s. George Rivers 
and Alexandria (Lawrason) S.; stu- 
dent at Iowa State College; president 
of sophomore Pan-Hellenic, secretary 
of T. L. B/s; initiated by Iowa Gam- 
ma, Dec. 21, 1911. Address, 747 E. 
36th St, Chicago, 111. 

SANFORD, Elmer Bird, lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago, 111., Nov. 12, 1881; s. Merrett 
S. and Jennie J. S.; ed. University of 
Michigan and University of Kansas, 
1903; general chairman freshman 
banquet committee; initiated by 
Michigan Iota-Beta, April 7, 1900, later 
affiliated with Kansas Alpha; eminent 
correspondent; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention, Washington, 1902, 
Memphis, 1904, Atlanta, 1906, Atlan- 
tic City, 1909, Kansas City, 1910; 
founder of Kansas Alpha; president 
Of province Zeta, 1903-09; mem. staff 
of first convention daily, presided over 
trial of Simpson College case at prov- 
ince Zeta convention; delegate to 
1905 province Zeta convention; dele- 
gate to province Zeta convention in 
1907; editor 1909 convention daily; as- 
sociate editor of The Record, 1903-10; 
elected by the Supreme Council, April 
19, 1910, as editor-in-chief of The 
Record to fill a vacancy; re-elected 
editor-in-chief by 1910 S. A. E. Nafl 
convention; secretary of the city, 
county and congressional Republican 
committee; m. Allee Barbee, Dec. 9, 
1910. Residence, 3212 Warwick Blvd., 
office, 1001 Commerce Bldg., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

SANFORD, George Otis, project engi- 
neer; b. Brockton, Mass., Aug. 17, 
1871; s. William A. and Ellen (Bat- 
tles) S.; ed. Worcester Polytechnic 
Institute, 1895; initiated by Massa- 
chusetts Delta, Oct 3, 1894; project 
engineer, U. S. Reclamation service. 
Milk river project, Montana; mem. 
American society of Civil Engineers; 
m. Edith B. Roby, Jan. 6, 1898. Ad- 
dress, Malta, Mont 

SAVAGE, Slias Anthony, government 
official; b. Chelsea, Mass., Feb. 17, 
1872; s. Andrew J. and Elizabeth A. 
(McDonald) S.; ed. Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, 1894; initiated 
by Massachusetts lota-Tau, Dec. 30, 
1892; superintendent U. S. Light 

House service, Boston, Mass., mem. 
society of Naval Architects and Ma- 
rine Engineers; m. Florence Clifford, 
May 30, 1895. Address, 82 Monu- 
ment St, West Medford, Mass. 

SAWYER, Everett B., manufacturer; b. 
Michigan, Feb. 9, 1877; ed. UniTersity 
of Nebraska, 1897; initiated by Ne- 
braska LambdarPi, Oct 25, 1894; dele- 
gate S. A. E. Natl convention St 
Louis, 1896; brother of LcJloy Saw- 
yer, Nebraska Lambda-Pi; president 
of Cushman Motor Works; m. Mary 
E. Conly. Address, care Cushman 
Motor Works, Lincoln, Neb. 

SAWYER, Harry Ansel, chemist; b. 
Portland, Maine, April 17, 1882; a 
Ansel G. and Hattie S.; ed. UniTersity 
of Maine, 1904; musical clubs, leader 
Banjo club; initiated by Maine Alpha, 
Feb. 22, 1901; delegate to province 
Alpha convention in 1904; chemist at 
S. D. Warren Co., paper mills; mem. 
Ancient Craft, Capitulor and Cryptic 
Masonary, also I. O. O. F.; m. Ger 
trude M. Bums, Chicago, IlL, Sept 
12, 1911. Address, 64 Lamb St, Cum- 
berland Mills, Maine. 

SAWYER, Henry Clinton, lawyer; b. 
Fitchburg, Mass., Jan. 24, 1878; a 
Samuel W. and Laura (Townsend) 
S.; ed. Boston University, 1899; initi- 
ated by Massachusetts Beta-ITpsilon, 
March 13, 1897; chapter trustee; as- 
sistant district attorney Northern dis- 
trict; assistant professor of Adjective 
Law, Boston University. Address, 5S 
State St., Boston, Mass. 

SAWYER, Leroy Pursel, manufacturer; 
b. Schoolcraft Mich., Dec. 26, 1878; 
8. Herbert B. and Lina F. 8.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Nebraska, 1899; initiated 
by Nebraska Lambda-Pi, Oct. 18, 
1895; delegate S. A. B. Natl conven- 
tion at Nashville,, 1898; president 
The Buckley and Blectric Co.; m. 
Jessamine A. Pike, Dec. 4, 1907. Resi- 
dence, 7312 Cedar Ave., office, 714 
Engineers Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 

SAWYER, Paul Backus, general mana- 
ger; b. LaFayette, Ind., May 8, 1879; 
s. A. L. and Hattie B. S.; ed. Purdue 
University, 1900; initiated by Indi- 
ana Beta, April 15, 1899; eminent 
archon and correspondent; mem. Dee 
Moines Alumni association of S. A. 
E.; general manager Des Moines Elec- 



trie Co., m. Cecelia Sherman, Sept 28, 
1904. Address, Comer 8tli and Lo- 
cust Sts., Des Moines, Iowa. 

8AUNDER8, Fenton G., student; b. 
April 24, 1892; s. Lor|n Maxon and 
Julia h (Green) S.; student at Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Theta, Dec. 17, 1911. 
Address, The Wyoming, Washingtcm, 
D. C. 

8CHAEFER, Christian Henry, student; 
b. May 4, 1892; s. Christian William 
and L. (Wolf) S.; student at Syra- 
cuse University; initiated by New 
York Delta, Oct 20, 1910. Address, 
682 Oak St, BufTalo, N. T. 

SCARBOROUGH, Henry Lee» planter; 
b. BishopviUe, S. C, June 9, 1866; s. 
Wilson D. and Gertrude C. (Spencer) 
8.; ed. South Carolina College; initi- 
ated by South Carolina Delta, Oct 16, 
1883; attended S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion at Columbia, S. C, in 1887, as- 
sisted in founding South Carolina 
Lambda; planter and wholesale lum- 
ber broker; served four successive 
terms as treasurer Sumter county, 
voluntarily retiring, now serving 
sixth year as commissioner of Public 
Works, City of Sumter; mem. Royal 
Arch Masons, K. of P., W. O. W., and 
T. P. A., being sent as a representa- 
tive to National T. P. A. convention at 
Philadelphia, June, 1911; director in 
Sumter T. M. C. A. and chairman of 
Its membership committee; m. Leon- 
ora ESmma Eichelberger, Jan. 17, 1889. 
Address, 419 N. Main St, Sumter, S. 

8CHEIDECKER, Glenn W. Smiley, stu- 
dent; b. July 30, 1890; s. S. L. and 
Theiza M. (Smiley) S.; student at 
University of Illinois; initUted by IIU- 
nois Beta, Oct 22, 1910. Address, 
119 N. Maple St, Sycamore, 111. 

8CHENCK, Charles Plume* physician; 
b. Burlington, Iowa, March 29, 1879; s. 
Walter and Emma Eliza (Combs) S;. 
ed. University of Iowa; mem. Sigma 
Xi and Phi Rho Sigma; captain bas- 
ketball team, president cross country 
club, 1904; mem. Irving Insutute, Mid- 
dletonian society; Alpha Phi Delta; 
cadet major University battalion, 
track team; initiated by Iowa Beta, 
Feb. 11, 1905, (charter mem.); dele- 
gate to province convention at Lin- 

coln, Neb., 1905; brother of W. L. 
Schenck, Iowa Beta; specialist in eye, 
ear, nose and throat; mem. Iowa State 
Medical society, Texas State Medical 
society; m. Murrell Belva Hanna, 
June 22, 1911. Address, 707 W. 
French Ave., Temple, Texas. 

SCHENCK, Paul Wilfong, insurance; b. 
Lincolnton, N. C, Jan. 7, 1882; s. 
David and Sallie (Wilfong) S.; ed. 
University of North Carolina; Pi liter- 
ary society; initiated by North Caro- 
ollna Xi, 1905; brother of Michael 
Schenck, North Carolina Xi; manager 
for insurance general agency embrac- 
ing North Carolina, South Carolina, 
Georgia and Virginia; president his- 
torical organization. The Guilford 
Battle Ground Co.; vice-president 
Merchants and Manufacturers club, 
vice-president North Carolina Trust 
Co., vice-president Southern Under 
writers Insurance Co.; m. Margaret 
McClung Alexander, June 16, 1909. 
Address, 219 S. Eugene St, Greens- 
boro, S. C. 

SCHENCK, Walter Leslie, dentist; b. 
Burlington, Iowa, March 4, 1882; s. 
Walter and Emma Eliza (Combs) S.; 
ed. State University of Iowa, 1911; 
class representative in engineering, 
freshman basketball team, mem. Uni- 
versity orchestra, captain, lieutenant^ 
colonel and colonel of cadet regiment; 
initiated by Iowa Beta, Oct 19, 1906; 
brother of Charles P. Schenck, Iowa 
Beta; eminent treasurer and recorder; 
attended province Zeta convention 
at Iowa City in Nov. 1909. Address, 
care City National Bank Bldg., Tem- 
ple, Texas. 

SCHOCH, George Schnure, automobile 
business; b. Selin's Grove, Penn., July 
5, 1879; s. Ira Christian and Mary 
(Eyer) S.; ed. University of Pennsyl- 
vania; class track team; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Theta, Feb. 9, 1901, 
(charter mem) ; automobile agent and 
owner of a garage; mem. Quaker City 
Motor club, the Susquehanna Valley 
Auto club. Address, 0>rner Market, 
and Walnut Sts., Selin's Grove, Penn. 

SCHMIDT, Richard S^ student; b. Dec. 
10, 1890; s. F. M. and S. (Oswald) S.; 
student at University of Minnesota; 
initiated by Minnesota Alpha, Nov. 
13, 1911. Addresa, %<\^ ^&^3eL k^ 



N. Minneapolis, Minn. 

SCHOPPE, William Freeman, educator; 
b. Pittafleld. N. H^ May 24, 1904; a. 
Harvey 8. and Mary E. (Cuahman) 
S.; ed. UnlTeraity of Maine, 1907; Al- 
pha Zeta; class football and basket- 
ball, varsity track team; initiated by 
Maine Alpha, May 24, 1904; assistant 
professor of Animal Industry in 
Poultry Husbandry; mem. Borgenan, 
Montana, lodge No. 16, A. F. and A. 
M.; m. Marguerite D. Pilabury, Bel- 
fast, Maine, Aug. 4, 1909. Address, 
Orono, Maine. 

8CHWARZ, Ralph A^ student; b. Chi- 
cago, 111., Dec. 14, 1890; s. Siegfried 
and Mary S.; student at Northwestr 
em University; Gauntlet society, cap- 
tain freshman track, varsity track, 
varsity swimming; initiated by Illli- 
nios Psi-Omega, Feb. 20, 1910; emi- 
nent treasurer and recorder. Ad- 
dress, 534 Aldine Ave., Chicago, 111. 

SCHUYLER, Norton, student; b. Jan. 7, 
1891; B. William and Heidee (Reming- 
ton) S.; student at University of Mich- 
igan; initiated by Michigan lotarBeta, 
Oct. 10, 1908, later affiliated with 
Michigan Iota-Beta, brother of Mont- 
gomery Schulyer, Missouri Beta, Rem- 
ington Schulyer, Missouri Beta. Ad- 
dress, 1615 Missouri Ave., St. Louis, 

SCOTT, Fitzhugh, architect; b. Milwau- 
kee, Wis., Nov. 9, 1881; s. Fred M. and 
Mary E. S.; ed. Georgia Institute of 
Technology, 1902; Initiated by Georgia 
Phi, Oct. 16, 1897, later affiliated with 
New York Mu; eminent archon and 
deputy archon; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Atlanta, 1906, 
from Milwaukee Alumni association; 
m. Elsie Laudrune, Atlanta, Georgia, 
Dec. 9, 1908. Residence, 626 Summit 
Ave., office, 914 Pabst Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

SEAL, Eugene F., corporation official; 
b. Millersburg, Penn., Aug. 5, 1883; 
s. John and Bertha S.; ed. Pennsyl- 
vania State College, 1905; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, Oct. 12, 
1901; with The Pennsylvania Steel 
Co., auditor of Steelton; mem. Muni- 
cipal league, Hbg. ledge, F. and 
A. M. No. 629, Thirty-second degree 
Mason and A. A. O. N. of Mystic 
Shrine, Zambo Temple; m. S. Justina 

Brightbill, Sept 5, 1905. Address, 306 
Walnut St, Steelton, Penn. 

SEASHORE, Carl Emilp UnivenitJ 
dean; b. Morlunda, Sweden, Jan. 28, 
1866; s. Carl Gustaf and Einlly Cha^ 
lotte S.; ed. Gustavus Adolphua A. B., 
1891; Tale Ph. D., 1895; clan presi- 
dent and valedictorian, Sigma Xi; a 
member of the local society which be- 
came Iowa Beta; initiated by Iowa 
Beta, Feb. 11, 1905; assistant in Psj- 
chological Laboratory of Tale, 1895- 
97, assistant professor of Phlloaopliy, 
State University of Iowa, 1897, profes- 
sor of Psychology, 1902, head of de- 
partment of Philosophy and Psycholo- 
gy, 1905, made dean in 1908; author 
Of Manual of Experiments in Psy- 
chology, Work and Fatigue, Periodi 
of Mental Work, Normal lUiisioD, 
Localization of Sound, Psychologr 
of Singing, and The Meaaurement of 
Musical Capacity; editor of the Uni- 
versity studies in Psychology, Joint 
editor of Journal of Educational Psj- 
chology, consulting editor of Pftj- 
chological Review; inventor of Voice 
Tonoscope, Spark Chronoscope, Piy* 
chergograph, audiometer, soond peri- 
meter, multiple recorder, and other 
prychological instruments; presld^t ! 
Western Philosophical aasociatioii. 
president of American Paychologictl 
association, 1911, and Tice-president 
of International Congress of Piy- 
chologists, 1913; m. May Roberti 
Holmes, 1900. Address, 204 Fairchild 
St., Iowa City. Iowa. 

8EAY, Thomas Howard, lawyer and at- 
tomey general; b. Greensboro, Alir 
bama, June, 1886; s. Thomaa and 
Clara S.; ed. Southern University and 
University of Alabama; Initiated bf 
Alabama Iota, Sept 23, 1901, later 
afDJiated with Alabama Mu; eminent 
archon at Alabama Mu; attended 
province Epsilon convention, 1907; 
assistant attorney general of Ala- 
bama. Address, 512-14 First National 
Bank Bldg., Montgomery, Ala. 

8EGAR, Ralph, electrical engineer; b. 
Nov. 11, 1888; s Charles L. and 
I^ouise Stillman; ed. Massachnsetti 
Institute of Technology, 1905; Elec- 
erical ESngineering society; initiated 
by Massachusetts lota-Tau, March 15. 
1902; electrical contractor in Wtaitall 




Electrical Co. Address, 7 Granite St, 
Westerly, R. I. 

8E I PP, Henry Christian* Jr^ mercantile; 
b. Pittsburgh, Penn., Aug. 21, 1889; 
ed. Pennsylvania State College, 1911; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, 
Oct. 1907; attended province Beta 
convention at State College, Penn., 
1908; commercial traveler for The 
Haughton EHevator and Machine Co. 
Address, T. M. C. A., Toledo, Ohio. 

8ELECMAN, Charies Claude, clergy- 
man; b. near Savannah, Andrew 
county, Missouri, Oct 13, 1874; s. 
Isaac H. and Josephine B. S.; ed. 
Central College, 1899; football, Aris- 
totelian L. L., represented College 
in Inter-College debate with Missouri 
Valley, won annual declamatory 
medal, state oratorical contest 1896, 
at Kansas City, represented Missouri 
in Interstate Oratorical contest at 
Topeka, Kansas, May, 1896; initiated 
by Fayette branch of Missouri Alpha, 
Sept 19, 1894; eminent archon; dele- 
gate to S. A. E. Nat'l convention at 
St. Louis, 1896, from dispensation 
chapter; pastor of Institutional 
church known as Kingdom House, M. 
E. church. South St Louis; confer- 
ence secretary of Missions of Missouri 
conference from 1907-10; traveled in 
Ehirope studying city problems of the 
church, June to Sept in 1906; in Lon- 
don, Liverpool, Glasgow, Eidlnburgh, 
Paris, Rome, Naples and Venice; m. 
Bess Kyle Beckner, April 27, 1899. 
Address, 1033 S. 8th St, St. Louis, 

80LEGUE, Charies Albert student; b. 
Nov. 21, 1884; s. Charles William and 
Sarah Louise (Corcoran) S.; initi- 
ated by Washington City Rho, Nov. 

• 20, 1909; eminent archon. Address, 
Logansport Ind. 

SELVAGE, Watson Bartemus, Univeiv 
sity professor; b. New York, June 19, 
1873; s. John Theo Watson and Anna 
M. (Bartemus) S.; ed. St Stephen's 
College; mem. C. O. E. Q. and Phi 
Eta, editor-in-chief of College paper, 
president Mask and Gown; initiated 
by New York Sigma-Phi, Feb. 21, 
1895, later affiliated with New York 
Alpha and Pennsylvania Theta; emi- 
nent archon; president province Beta, 
1900-04; delegate S. A. E. Nat'l con- 

ventions at St Louis, 1896, Nashville, 
1898, Boston, 1900, and Washington, 
1902; professor of ethics and apolo- 
getics. University of the South; only 
American ever a Fellow of an English 
University, Fellow of Owen's College, 
in the University of Manchester, 
lecturer in the University of Manches- 
ter. Address, University of the 
South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

SENIOR, Dr. Philip Henry, manufact- 
urer; b. Holyoke, Mass., 1882; s. H. 
M. and H. E. (Scofleld) S.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1905; vice- 
president Darby society, president 
Massachusetts club, business mana- 
ger of Pennsylvania Dental Journal; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Theta, May 
14, 1903; eminent treasurer; mem. 
New York Institute of Dental Tech- 
nique and Republican club of New 
York City; m. Sophia F. Munder, Oct 
21, 1909. Address, 10 W. 126th St./ 
New York City. 

SEVIER, KIrby Weathersby, railroad 
man; b. Nov. 5, 1888; s. L. and Meta 
(Weathersby) S.; ed. University of 
Alabama, 1909; secretary sophomore 
class, vice-president Junior class; in- 
itiated by Alabama Mu, Sept. 1906, 
later affiliated with Virginia Sigma; 
brother of L. Sevier, Jr., Virginia 
Theta; rate clerk of O. and C. R. R.; 
mem. Masonic lodge. Address, 11 
Margaret Apartments, Birmingham, 

8EVIER„ Landers, Jr., railroad man; 
b. Birmingham, Ala., July 17, 1893; s. 
L. and Meta (Wethersby) S.; ed. Vir- 
ginia Military Institute; iniUated by 
Virginia Theta, Nov. 28, 1908, brother 
of Kirby W. Sevier, Alabama Mu; 
freight traffic department of A. G. 
S. R. R. Address, 11 Margaret Apart- 
ments, Birmingham, Ala. 

SEXTO N, Vincent LeQrand, lawyer; b. 
Chatham Hill, Virginia, Sept 1, 1868 ; 
s. Thomas K. and Freelove Elizabeth 
S.; ed. Emory and Henry College; in- 
itiated by Virginia Pi, Sept 28, 1888, 
later affiliated with Virginia Omicron; 
senior member of firm of Sexton and 
Roberts; chairman democratic coun- 
ty committee, mayor of Tazewell, Va., 
1897-98; m, Leola Alderson, Tazewell, 
Va., April 23, 1895. Address, Tazewell 
Ave., Graham, Va. 



SHANE, Adolph, College professor; b. 
Austria, Feb. 27, 1879; s. William 
and Mary S.; ed. Iowa State College, 
1905; Sigma Xi;; initiated by Iowa 
Gamma, June 3, 1905, (charter mem.) ; 
associate professor of Electrical E2n- 
glneering at Iowa State College; after 
graduation first connected with Okla- 
homa Agricultural and Mechanical 
College and later with University of 
Pennsylvania; m. Anna E. Kierulff, 
June 30, 1908. Address, Iowa State 
College, Ames, Iowa. 

SHANNON, Michael Francis, lawyer; 
b. Los Angeles, Cal., July 28, 1887; s. 
Michael and Nellie S.; ed. University 
of Michigan, Law, 1909; Law Review, 
Wool Sack, Barristers; initiated by 
Michigan Iota-Beta, 1906; delegate 

5. A. E. Nat'l convention at Atlantic 
City, 1909; deputy district attorney 
for Los Angeles county. Address, Hall 
of Records, Los Angeles, Cal. 

SHEARER, Wayne Lelnbach, physi- 
cian; b. Reading, Penn., Oct 3, 1876; 

6. Benjamin and Clara A. S.; ed. Penn- 
sylvania State College, 1900; leader of 
Mandolin club, also member of Man- 
dolin and Banjo clubs of University of 
Pennsylvania; initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania Alpha-Zeta, Jan. 31, 1898, later 
affiliated with Pennsylvania Theta; 
eminent treasurer; delegate to prov- 
ince Beta convention at Lewisburg, 
Penn., Carlisle, Penn., in absence of 
president and vice-president as sec- 
retary and treasurer presided at prov- 
ince Beta convention at New York 
City; mem. St John's lodge. No. 435 
F. and A. M., Elxcelsior Royal Arch 
chapter No. 237, Reading Command- 
ery No. 42 K. T. and Rajah Temple 
A. A. O. N. M. S., Reading, Penn.; 
m. Marie C. Hoffman, Philadelphia, 
Penn., June 1, 1905. Address, 101 W. 
Greenwich St, Reading, Penn. 

SHEFFLER, Frank Furrey, stock rais- 
er; b. Mowiaqua, 111., May 23, 1885; 
s. Prank and Mary F. S.; ed. the 
Millikin University, 1908; sophomore 
president, Orlandian president, three 
times on debating team; initiated by 
Illinois Delta, Jan. 14, 1911, (charter 
mem.); stock raiser and dairy farm- 
er; m. Frances Helen Campbell, Feb. 
23, 1909. Address, R. F. D. No. 55, 
iniopoliB, lU. 

SHELDON, Carl EdmundSv lawyer; b. 
Sterling, 111, April 21, 1876; s. Clar- 
ence Leslie and Mary L«titia (Craw- 
ford) S.; ed. University of Illinois 
Law, 1902; initiated by Illinois 
Beta, Jan. 28, 1899, (charter mem.); 
brother of J. R. Sheldon, IlUnols Be- 
ta; first eminent archon of chapter, 
holding office four terms; delegste 
to province Delta conventiona at Co- 
lumbus, Ohio, 1900, Champaign, BL, 
1902, Minneapolis, Minn., 19<M, La- 
Fayette, Ind., 1906; delegate to S. A 
E. Nat'l convention at Boston, 1900, 
Washington, 1902, Memphis, 1904, 
Atlanta, 1906, AtlanUc City, 1909, 
Kansas City, 1910; attended province 
Zeta convention at Lincoln, Neb. 1905; 
president province Delta, 1902-6, chap- 
ter house officer, 1904-06, eminent su- 
preme deputy archon; editor of Phi 
Alpha, 1906-10; prosecutor fbr £rate^ 
nity in Simpson case, Lincoln, Neb^ 
1905; incorporated National frate^ 
nity under laws of Blinois, Iftarch 9, 
1906; committeeman in charge of in- 
stallation of Indiana Gamma; and 
acted as eminent recorder at installa- 
tion; city attorney of Sterling, 1907 
— ; board of education, Wallace 
School, Sterling, 1908 — ; mem. Ms- 
sonic lodge A. F. and A. M., chapter 
Commandery, O. E. S.; Red Men, B. 
P. O. E., Royal Arcanum. Address, 
Sterling, 111. 

SHELLER, Wllllanv lawyer; b. Len- 
ark. 111., Feb. 14, 1872; s. Jeremiah G. 
and Sarah A. S.; ed. Northwestern 
University, 1896; treasurer of sopho- 
more class, vice-president athletic as- 
sociation, 1895-1896; mem. Hinman 
literary society; initiated by IHinois 
Psi-Omega, Sept 15, 1894, (charter 
mem.); first eminent archon of the 
chapter; delegate to S. A. E. Natl 
convention at Washington, 1894; mu- 
nicipal Judge and referee in bank- 
ruptcy at Everett, Wash.; m. Delia J. 
Hoyt, Mason City, Iowa, Sept 12, 
1905. Residence, 2522 0>lby Ave., 
office, 330 Stokes Bldg., Everett 

SHELLEY, Harry, student; b. March 13, 
1887; s. Christian Wolfe and Hortense 
(Ashenfelter) S.; student at Penn- 
sylvania State CoUege; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta, March 4, 



1911. Address, 413 Boas St, HarrlB- 
burg, Penn. 

SHEPHERD, T. Pope, chancellor, b. 
Chattanooga, Tenn., May 27, 1877; 8. 
Lewis and Lila 8.; ed. Southwestern 
Presbyterian University, Cumberland 
University; president law class at 
Cumberland University, football; in- 
itiated by Tennessee Zeta, Nov. 28, 
1896, later aflUlated with Tennessee 
Lambda; brother of Fred S. Shepherd, 
Alabama Alpha-Mu; eminent archon 
at Tennessee Lambda; delegate to 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention at Nash- 
ville, 1898; chancellor, third chancery 
division of Tennessee; trip around 
the world. Address, 316 E. 8th St., 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

SHERMAN, Charles Greene, consulting 
engineer; b. Fall River, Mass., Jan. 3, 
1878; ed. Worcester Polytechnic In- 
stitute, 1902; initiated by Massachu- 
setts Delta, Jan. 10, 1899; eminent re- 
corder and herald; attended S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Boston, 1900; edi- 
tor province Alpha Annual; province 
Alpha president 1909-11, 1911 — ; m. 
Ina Berenice Bayard, Aug. 2, 1911. 
Address, 131 State St, Boston, Mass. 

SHERMAN, Edward A., financier; b. 
Newport, R. I., July 16, 1879; s. Albert 
Keene and Mary E. (Baker) S.; ed. 
at Harvard University, 1901; IniU- 
ated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
April 20, 1908; treasurer Newport 
Trust Co., school committee, 1906- 
10, city council, 1905-11, aide-de- 
camp with rank of colonel on staff 
of the governor of Rhode Island; 
mem. Rhode Island Consistory, 
thirty-second degree Mason. Ad- 
drees, 12 Clarke Rd., Newport, R. I. 

8HERMAN, Lawrence Fremont, law- 
yer; b. Lynian, N. H., May 11, 1881; 
8. Joseph F. and Agnes E. (Sweet) 
8.; ed. at Boston University, law, 
1904; initiated by Massachusetts 
Beta-Upsilon, Nov. 13, 1902; eminent 
treasurer; manager Boston Na- 
hant and Pines Steamship Co., treas- 
urer of Ocean Pier Co., corporation 
specialist and underwriter; mem. 
Economic club, Boston Bar associa- 
tion, Boston Chamber of Commerce; 
m. Elisabeth Louise Hamley, June 
27, 1906. Address, 84 State St, 
Boston, Mass. 

SHERMAN, Ralph Holmes, student; 
b. Dec. 31, 1890; s. George C. and 
Laura (Palm) S.; student at Univer- 
sity of Minnesota; initiated by Min- 
nesota Alpha, Nov. 13, 1911. Ad- 
dress, 2728 Pillsbury, Ave. So., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

SHIELDS, Deli A.; b. Lincoln, Mo., 
1885; s. Edward M. and Laura B. 
(Kennedy) S.; ed. at University of 
Missouri; initiated by Missouri Al- 
pha, Oct, 1905; poultry and produce; 
mem. Elks. Address, 306 W. 5, Se- 
dalia. Mo. 

SHIELDS, Walter, civil engineer; b. 
Dallas, Tex., Jan. 3, 1876; s. George 
and Margaret R. (Martin) S.; ed. at 
Washington University, 1899; initi- 
ated by Missouri Beta, Oct. 5, 1894; 
eminent archon; attended province 
convention at Ck>lumbia, Mo., 1894^ 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention at St Lonta 
1896, chairman of committee of if ^ 
rangements for the above conYetj^^j^X 
tion; civil engineer and contractorrij/;? 
m. Nellie Bond, July 3, 1902. Rest^ ^ 
dence, P. O. Wellston, Mo., R, P. D.^ 
No. 28, offlice, S. J2. cor. Eighth and 
Locust Sts., St Louis, Mo. 

8HIPP, Eli0Mforth Maltby, mining en- 
gineer; b. New York City, May 16, 
1882; s. Slamuel E. and Nellie (Malt- 
by) S.; ed. at Columbia University, 
1903; rowing club, class track; 
mem. King's Crown, political soci- 
ety; dramatic soQtoty; initiated by 
New York Mu, ^m 16, 1882; atl«BAed 
S. A. E. NpH aanvention at Aflantic 
City, 19afc executive board. New 
York S. A. E. AluQihi «M»ciatSon; 
mining and metaUurgioii en^^eer 
(consulting); mining statistician, 
1910, United Stales gOTemment sta- 
tioned in New York; mem. American 
Institute of Mining Engineers; di- 
rector in mining and forestry 
companies in Nova Scotia and Can- 
ada; mem. Powelton club and 
Columbia Univeniltj club; resi- 
dence, 189 Grand 8t» Newburgh, N. 
Y.; office, 2 Rector 8t« New York 

8H I PP, John Edgar Dw iMiyar; b. 

Cusseta, Ga., Oct 4, 18B»; i. WU^ 

Ham Wl and Frances (McIj«ftMd^ 

S.; ed. at Alabama Polytechnic IMBh- 

tute, 1879; initiated by Alabamsk hh 




pha-Mut June 15, 1878 (charter 
mem.)> founder of Tennessee Kappa 
and Alabama Iota; brother of Robert 
L. Shipp» Alabama Alpha-Mu, Wade 
H. SThipp, of Alabama Alpha-Mu; 
founder of city of CordelU Oa. He 
settled and bought 120,(H)0 acres land 
there and commenced to build a city 
in the plney woods with no railroad 
nearer than 45 miles. He secured 
three railroads for the town within 
four years and built a hotel— Su- 
wanee House, — banks, opera house, 
cotton factory, foundaries, machine 
shops, etc., and in ten years the 
population was 4,000. Population is 
now 6,000. He is president of Ameri- 
cus Security Co.; mem. of legislature 
' of Georgia 1883 and 1884; author of 
*'Qiant Days, or Life and Times of 
William H. Crawford." m. Freddie 
Brook, May 13, 1882. Address, Am- 
ericus, Ga. 

8H I PP, Robert Lee, lawyer; b. Cris- 
seta, Ga., Aug. 12, 1872; s. W. W. and 
Mary F. S.; ed. at Alabama Poly- 
technic Institute, 1892; initiated by 
Alabama Alpha-Mu, Sept, 1899; sen- 
ior mem. law firm Shlpp and Kline, 
mayor of Moultrie, 1894 to 1895, mem. 
Georgia legislature, 1900 to 1901, 
Judge city court, Moultrie, 1907 to 
1908, chairman county democratic 
executive committee; m. Emily E. 
Kline, 1896. Address, Moultrie, Ga. 

SHORE, Clarence Albert, physician; 
b. Winston-Salem, N. C, Nov. 26, 
1878; 8. Henry W. and Laurina 
(Boyer) S.; ed. at University of 
North Carolina, 1901, Johns Hopkins 
Medical School, 1907; initiated by 
North Carolina Xi, May 11, 1901; 
brother of H. J. Shore, Washington 
City Rho; director State Laboratory 
of Hygiene, Nu Sigma Nu medical 
fraternity, Mason, Pythian. Address, 
Raleigh, N. C. 

SHORT, George Ninlan, mercantile; b. 
Bellefontaine, Ohio, Aug. 30, 1883; s. 
E. J. and Mary R. L.; ed. at Ohio 
Wesleyan University, 1905; initiated 
by Ohio Delta, Jan. 17, 1902; eminent 
deputy archon, delegate S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, Memphis, 1904; with 
Colorado Portland Cement Co. Ad- 
dress, 507 Ideal Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
SHOWALTER, Jamet Robinson; adver- 

tising; b. Fort Lapwai, Idaho, Sept 
27, 1886; s. John Jackson and Jennie 
Robinson S.; ed. at University of 
Pennsylvania, 1910; the Friar senior 
fraternity, on art staff of the Penn- 
sylvania Punch Bowl, editor-ln-chlef 
of the Punch Bowl, mem. of the Pitts- 
burgh club, mem. of the first Inter- 
fratemity baseball league, mem. of 
the Press club; initiated by Penn- 
sylvania Theta, 1906, eminent treas- 
urer. Residence, 5610 Ellsworth 
Ave., office, 823 Fourth Ave., Pitts- 
burgh, Penn. 

8IBBET, Herbert A^ corporation of- 
ficial; b. Cincinnati, Ohio, July 24, 
1877; s. John Wesley and Anne EliUr 
beth (Fry) S.; ed. at University of 
Cincinnati, 1901; business manager 
McMechen Review, a monthly; mem. 
of the Glee club; initiated by Ohio 
Epsilon, Oct 16, 1897; eminent tress- 
urer; vice-president and manager 
Compania Constructora Richardson, 
S. A. Yaqui Valley Irrigation Project 
Sbnora, Mex.; mem. University clvb 
of Los Angeles, Cal.; m. Mary OUver 
Sampson, Dec. 26, 1899. Addrsss, 
709 Lankershim Bldg., Los Angeles, 

8ICKMAN, Jonathan Vaughan, lawyer; 
b. Vanport, Penn., April 24, 1877; a 
Alonzo Patterson and Sad*ah J. S.; 
ed. at University of Colmrado, 1899, 
law, 1901; initiated by Colorado 
Chi, Sept. 30, 1895; eminent archon; 
m. Myrtle M. Harrah, Au^^. 10, 190C 
Address, Louisville, Colo. 

SILVESTER, Clarence Clark, clergy- 
man; b. Davenport, Iowa, Aug. 31. 
1881; s. Rev. W. W. and Mary H. 
(Westcott) S.; ed at St Stephen's 
College and University of Pennsyl- 
vania, 1903; initiated by New York 
Slgma-Phi, Nov. 24, 1899; eminent re- 
corder, affiliated with Pennsylvania 
Theta, attended Washington conven- 
tion, 1902 and the Atlantic City con- 
vention, 1909; clergyman Protestant 
Episcopal church; m. Ruth Parmelee, 
Nov., 1911. Address, 162 W. High 
St., Somerville, N. J. 

SIMMS, Arthur Benjamin, bank caslh 
ler; b. Covington, Ga., Nov. 25, 1879; 
s. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. S.; ed. at Em- 
ory College, 1899; initiated by 
Georgia Epsilon, 1905; deiegate to 



5. A. E. Nat'l conyentlon, NaBhville, 
1898; cashier Fulton Nat'l bank. Ad- 
dre88» Fulton Nat'l Banic, Atlanta, 

8IMM8, John Field, lawyer; b. Wash- 
ington, Hempstead count7» Ark., May 

6, 1885; s. Thomas H. and Mary 
Field S.; ed. at Vanderbilt Univer- 
sity, 1906; initiated by Tennessee 
Nu, 1904, eminent archon, Panhell- 
enic representative; attended prov- 
ince convention, Nashville, Tenn., 
brother of A. Q. Slmms, Arkansas 
AlphSrUpsilon and of W. C. Simms, 
Texas Rho; assistant district attor- 
ney, mem. from Miller county in 38th 
general assembly of state of Arkan- 
sas; spent two years in Mexico. Ad- 
dress, 706 East Fifth St, Texarkana, 

SIMMONS, Claude WInsor, student; b. 
Aug. 25, 1892; s. Frank and Lottie 
(Field) S.; student at Syracuse Uni- 
versity; staff of Daily Orange; ini- 
tiated by New York Delta, Oct 20, 
1911. Address, 209 Main St, Coopers- 
town, N. Y. 

8IMONTON, Francis Greer, educator; 
b. New Castle, Penn., Jan. 24, 1884; 
s. Willis and Venice (Anderson) S.; 
ed. at Allegheny 0>llege; secretary 
engineering society; Initiated by 
Pennsylvania Omega, Nov. 26, 1907; 
m. Nellie M. Hoffmaster, Dec 16, 
1909. Address, R. F. D. No. 3 New 
Castle, Penn. 

SIMPSON, Samuel R., lawyer; b. 
W)averly, Tenn., Dec. 23, 1861; a W. 
C. and M. D. (Long) S.; ed. at Cum- 
berland University, law class, 1886; 
Initiated by Tennessee Lambda, 1886; 
prosecuting attorney from 1900 to 
1904; m. Sue H. Harris, June 26, 1898. 
Address, Paragould, Ark. 

SIMPSON, Thomas McNIder, Jr., Col- 
lege professor; b. Eittoick, Chester- 
field county, Va., Jan. 12, 1882; s. 
Thomas McNider and Jocasta Lend 
(Gray) S.; ed. at Randolph Macon, A. 
B., 1901, University of Virginia, M. 
A., 1907; class poet at Randolph 
Macon, public debater and final orator 
at Randolph Macon, mem. of staff of 
the annual at Randolph Macon, also of 
the University of Virginia annual, of 
the Randolph Macon monthly, and of 
the 0>llege Topics of University of 

Virginia, Vanderbilt Fallow in astron- 
omy at University of Virginia, 1901 
to 1905, instructor in mathematics at 
University of Virginia, 1906 to 1907; 
initiated by Virginia Omicron, Oct 
11, 1902; eminent deputy archon; at- 
tended S. A. B. Natl convention at 
Washington, 1902, attended Atlantic 
City Nat'l convention, 1909, delegate 
to Kansas City Nat'l convention, 1910, 
secretary province Gamma, 1908-10, 
president province Gamma, 1910-12; 
mem. Record staft since, 1906, ex- 
change editor since 1910; professor of 
mathematics Converse (College, mem. 
Nat'l Education association, Nat'l 
Geographic society, Astronomical and 
Astrophysical Society of America. Ad- 
dress, care Converse CU)llege, Spartan- 
burg, S. C. 

SINCLAIR, John Fay, student; b. Dec. 
10, 1884; s. Edward and Rose L 
(Craft) S.; student at University of 
Denver; class president, varsity base- 
ball, yell master, mem. student com- 
mission; initiated by O>lorado Zeta, 
April 4, 1911. Address, University 
Park, Colo. 

SINGER, George Park, college profes- 
sor; b. CU)ncord, Penn., Aug. 5, 1878; 
s. Rev. George A. and Jennie E.; ed. 
at Dickinson 0>llege, 1893, degree of 
doctor of pedagogy, 1907; Phi Beta 
Kappa; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Sigma-Phi, Oct. 11, 1890; eminent 
treasurer; delegate to S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, Chattanooga, 1892, one of 
the editors of the 1893 catalog, he re- 
vived Pennsylvania Delta in 1893 (see 
S. A. E. History, Vol. II, p. 255) ; pro- 
fessor of science. State Normal 
School since, 1894, mem. of American 
Association for Advancement of 
Science, Pennsylvania Educational as- 
sociation, mem. of correspondence 
committee of the Grand Holy Arch 
Chapter of Pennsylvania; m. Ruth 
Loveland, Dec. 20, 1898. Address, 411 
West Church St, Lock Haven, Penn. 

SINSEL, Otis Alderson, gas engineer; 
b. Flemington, W. Va., March 25, 
1876; s. William A. and OUve (Nea- 
ter) S.; ed. at Adrian 0>llege, 1902, 
presMent freshman class, secretary of 
senior class, varsity baseball team, 3 
years, president Lambda Phi literary 
society, editor 0>llege World; initl- 



ated by Michigan Alpha, Nov. 5, 1898» 
eminent archon; superintendent De- 
troit City Gas Co., mem. Palestine 
lodge No. 357 F. ft A. M., Detroit, ac- 
tive mem. Michigan Gas association 
and American Gas Institute, N. T.; m. 
Lodie E. Flatt, Dec. 28, 1903. Ad- 
dress, 155 Melbourne Ave., Detroit, 

8I880N, Thomas Upton, congressman; 
b. Attala county, Miss., Sept 22, 1869; 
ed. at Southwestern Presbyterian Uni- 
versity, 1890; Cumberland University, 
1894; initiated by Tennessee Zeta, 
May, 1889, later affiliated with Ten- 
nessee Lambda; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nan convention, Charlotte, 1889; 
practised law Memphis, Tenn., 1894-5, 
since at Winona, Miss.; elected to 
state senate of Mississippi, 1900, presi- 
dential elector; elected district at- 
torney, 5th Miss. Jud. Dist, 1903; 
mem. of United States congress for 
the 4th Miss, district since 1909; 
Grand Master of the Masonic lodge 
of Mississippi, 1905. Address, Win- 
ona, Miss. 

8iZER, William A., financier; b. Lin- 
coln, Nebraska, Aug. 17, 1883; s. Ed- 
ward R. and Elizabeth C. S.; ed. at 
University of Nebraska; initiated by 
Nebraska Lambda-Pi; secretary-treas- 
urer The Shedd-Sizer Co., offices at 
Omaha, Neb., vice-president The 
Shedd Inv., Co., Omaha, Neb., presi- 
dent Western Preferred Development 
Co., Basin, W)7o., secretary-treasurer 
Northwestern Farms Co., secretary- 
treasurer Broadacres Farm, Inc., 
Basin, Wyo., secretary-treasurer 
Broadmoor Land Co., Basin, Wyo., 
treasurer Big Horn Canal association, 
director in each of the above compan- 
ies, mem. Wyoming State Board of 
Immigration; m. Edith W. Shedd, 
Sept 19, 1906. Address, Basin, Wyo. 

8KiLE8, Aivin V^ real estate; b. Min- 
neapolis, Minn., Oct. 12, 1878; a 
Thomas D. and Kate W. S.; ed. at 
University of Virginia, 1899; initiated 
by Virginia Omicron, Oct 8, 1896; 
eminent t/easurer, attended province 
Delta, 1904, helped organize Minne- 
sota Alpha; served as president Twin 
City S. A. E. Alumni association; trav- 
eled in every state of the union; m. 
Helene B. Hawley, April 15, 1903. 

Address, 1716 Colfiuc Ave. So, Ifin- 
neapolis, Minn. 

8LADEK, Victor Robert, student; t. 
Aug. 25, 1891; s. Adolph and Anna 
Layer S.; student at University of HU- 
nois; first lieutenant and battalion 
adjutant University regiment. Junior 
year, captain and regimental adjutant, 
senior year. Scabbard and Blade, hon- 
orary military fraternity; initiated 
by Illinois Beta, April 21, 1910. Ad- 
dress, 1617 S. California Ave., Chi- 
cago., 111. 

8LEE, Ackley Roads, student; b. June 
14, 1892; s. Charles Ackley and BeUa 
Hardy (Gelley) S.; student at Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania: initiated by 
Pennsylvania Theta, Nov. 6, 1909. 
Address, 24 Bassett St, Marblehead, 

8L0NNEQER, Willis Dsniel, student; 
b. Nov. 28, 1888; s. John and Barbaia 
Zimmerman S.; student at Uniyersitj 
of Illinois; iniUated by Illinois Bets, 
March 16, 1911. Address, Washing- 
ton, 111. 

8MALL, Charles Hughey, consul; b. St 
Louis, Mo., Sept 2, 1880; s. Charias 
E. and Laura A. S.; ed. at UnlTersity 
of Pennsylvania, 1903, Kansas City 
S'chool of Law, LL. B., 1903; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Theta, Feb. 9, 1901, 
(charter mem.), eminent herald, dele- 
gate from local to Boston conventioii, 
1900; American vice-consul general at 
Guatemala City, Guat., traveled 
through Europe and South America, 
was American vice- consul general In 
charge of Bogota, Colombia, 1910 and 
part of 1911. Address, 3607 Holmes 
St., Kansas City., Mo., permanent; or 
Guatemala City, Guatemala. 

8MALTZ, Alfred George* student; b. 
July 14, 1890; s. J. G. and Carrie 
(Snyder) S.; student at University of 
Minnesota; initiated by Minnesota 
Alpha, Oct 2, 1909. Address^ 1601 S. 
Main St, LeMars, Iowa. 

8MILEY, William Yale, student; b. Aug. 
7, 1888; s. William D. and Clara 
(Rounds) S.; student at UnlYersity of 
Minnesota, captain varsity track team, 
"M" man, cross country teun, Min- 
nesota daily. Gopher board* board of 
athletic control. Grey FrlMr% B. A^ 
'09, M. A. degree at Tale^ law at 
Minnesota, 1912; initiated by MInne- 



Bota Alpha, Oct 28» 1905. Address* 
1121 University Ave., 8. E., Minneapo- 
llB, Minn. 

8MITH, Albert Durant, college presi- 
dent; b. June 30, 1854; s. Mr. Smith 
and Irene Bennett (Nix) S.; ed. at 
University of Georgia, 1877, senior 
debaters medal Phi Kappa Literary 
society; initiated by Georgia Beta, 
Oct, 1875; assistant poetnuuBter Birm- 
ingham, Ala., served as professor of 
mathematics and president of Howard 
College; Mason; m. Mamie Wells, 
Jan. 5, 1882. Address, 8024 Hillman 
Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

SMITH, Charles Capers, lawyer; b. 
Charleston, S. C, June 26, 1884; s. 
Robert Atmar and Mary Eugenia S.; 
ed. at University of South Carolina, 
law, 1907, academic. University of 
North Carolina; literary editor Caro- 
linian, Euphradian representative Rad- 
dy contest, Euphradian representative 
Southern Oratorical contest, valedic- 
torian; initiated by South Carolina 
Delta, 1910; mason, K. of P., O. U. A. 
M., W. O. W. Address, 709 Law 
Range, Sumter, S. C. 

SMITH, Charles Franklin, real estate; 
b. Fort Cumby, Wash., Aug. 13, 1874; 
B. i^tunklin Guest and Fannie L. 
(Dauchy) S.; ed. at Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, 1898; baseball 
team, mem. Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology, Tacht club; initiated 
by liassachusetts lota-Tau, Jan. 7, 
1896, eminent correspondent; presi 
dent Crafton Fumigation association, 
secretary and treasurer Crafton 
Orange Growers association, mem. 
University club, Redlands County 
club; m. Majorie V. C. Fargo, July 
11, 1907. Address, Box 153, Route 2, 
Redlands, CaL 

SMITH, Clinton Henry, student; b. July 
24, 1890; s. Frederick and Mary Lou- 
ise (Burger) S.; ed. at Harvard Uni- 
versity; Harvard-Andover club, fresh- 
men crew squad; initiated by Massa- 
chusetts Gamma, Jan. 21, 1911; emi- 
nent warden and treasurer. Address, 
Allegheny, N. T. 

SMITH, Eari Denlson, manufacturer; b. 
Kokomo, Ind., Jan. 8, 1876; s. Isaac 
V. and Francis A. (Denlson) S.; ed. 
at Purdue University, 1897; field mar- 
shal, secretary Athletic association; 

initiated by Indiana Beta, May, 1894; 
food manufacturer and inventor; m. 
George Denning Ellis, June 8, 1898. 
Address, Delphi, Ind. 

SMITH, George D^ entomologist; b. 
Shiloh, La., Feb. 23, 1886; s. Dr. Geo. 
P. and Lottie S.; ed. at Louisiana 
State University, 1908; varsity base- 
ball team two years, senior cadet cap- 
tain; initiated by Louisiana Epsilon, 
April, 1907; in charge of Delta lab- 
oratory, U. S. Bureau of E2ntomology. 
Address, Tallulc^, La. 

SMITH, Gerald Karr, T. M. C. A. gen- 
eral secretary; b. Gallon, Ohio, Oct. 
22, 1882; s. Stephen L. and Ifary E. 
S.; ed. at Ohio Wesleyan University, 
1904; varsity quartette, three years; 
initiated by Ohio Delta, June, 1903; 
president Employed Offlteers associa- 
tion, T. M. C. A of North and South 
Carolina; m. Leah M. Beall, Oct 11, 
1906. Address, care Y. M. C. A, 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

SMITH, Herbert Edward, mercantile; b. 
San Jose, Cai., Aug. 16, 1886; s. Mr. 
and Mrs. Sandford E. S.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of California, 1911; initiated 
by California Beta, Jan., 1907; assist- 
ant Pacific coast manager of the Safe- 
ty Insulated Wire and Cable Co., of N. 
T. Address, 589 Harvard St, San 
Francisco, Cal. 

SMITH, Jesse Bond, student; b. July 13, 
1890; s. Benjamin F. and Emma L. 
(Bond) S.; student at George Wash- 
ington University; president Techni- 
cal High School Alumni association; 
initiated by Washington City Rho, 
March 9, 1909. Address, 101 Chest- 
nut St, Takoma Park, D. C. 

SMITH, James Brookes, college profes- 
sor; b. Lexington, Ky., March 11, 
1885; s. Benjamin Warfield and Lillie 
(Treadway) S.; ed. at Central Uni- 
versity of Kentucky, University of 
Virginia, B. A. and M. A. degrees, 
1906; Raven society of University of 
Virginia for scholari^ip, on staff and 
assistant editor-in-chief College Top- 
ics, University of Virginia semi-week- 
ly; initiated by Kentucky Kappa, 
Nov. 24, 1909; eminent correspondent, 
assistant editor province Gamma an- 
nual, 1905; attended Natl conven- 
tion, Washington, 1902, attended 
province Gamma convention. Wash- 



ington, 1905» Becretary-treasorer ^f 
province in 1905, affiliated with Vir- 
ginia Omicron; professor of mathe- 
matics, Hampden Sidney College, 
was adjunct professor in Georgia 
School of Technology, 1906-i907, head 
of Mathematics department in Rich- 
mond, Va., high school, 1907-1909, 
fellow and instructor in astronomy. 
University of Virginia, 1909-1910, as- 
sistant professor mathematics, 
Hampden Sidney College, 19x0-1911, 
full professor since 1911; mem. 
American Mathematical society, A. 
A. A. S.; m. Margaret Morton How- 
ison, Aug. 16, 1910. Address, Hamp- 
den Sidney College, Hampden Sid- 
ney, Va. 

SMITH, John Rockwell, clergyman; 
b. Lexington, Ky., May 26, 1883; s. 
Benjamin W. and LiUie (Treadway) 
S.; ed. at Central University of Ken- 
tucky, A. B., 1904, A. M., 1904, B. 
D., Presbyterian Theological Semi- 
nary of Kentucky, 1907; editor-in- 
chief College weekly, 1901-1903, as- 
sociate editor College annual, com- 
mencement speaker, 1903; initiated 
by Kentucky Kappa, Feb. 24, 1900; 
eminent archon, delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention, 1902, at Washing- 
ton, D. C, 1904 at Memphis, Tenn., 
delegate province convention, 1903 
and 1905, president province Iota 
(then called Epsilon) 1902; pastor 
of First Presbyterian church; m. 
Miss Allene Fox, Nov. 6, 1907. Ad- 
dress, Harrison St., Lebanon, Ky. 

SMITH, Juan, lawyer; b. Ft. Worth, 
Tex., Dec. 22, 1888; s. Mr. and Mrs. 
J. H. S.; ed. at University of Texas, 
1911; initiated by Texas Rho, Oct 
23, 1907, eminent archon. Address, 
1015 N. El Paso St., El Paso, Tex. 

SMITH, Leonard Famsworth, student; 
b. July 19, 1891; s. Henry M. and 
Katherine M. (Burns) S.; student at 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute; ini- 
tiated by Massachusetts Delta, Oct 
30, 1909. Address, 120 Graham St, 
Gardner, Mass. 

SMITH, Lowry, b. Shelbyville, Ky., 
Sept 4, 1884; s. Mr. Smith and 
Maude (Lowry) S.; ed. at Ken- 
tucky State University, 1906; initi- 
ated by Kentucky Epsilon, Sept 19, 
1903; superintendent of tie treating 

plants. Northern Pacific Railway Co., 
Brainerd, Minn. 

SMITH, Marionp lawyer; b. Atlanta, 
Ga., Nov. 16, 1884; 8. Hoke and Ma- 
rion (Cobb) S.; ed. at University of 
Virgixiia, 1903; Sphinx, vanity foot- 
ball team, editor Georgian, editor 
Pandora; initiated by Georgia Beta. 
Sept, 1900; eminent archon, vice- 
president Toung Men's Democratic 
league. Address, Peters Bldg., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

SMITH, Nelson H^ student: b. FM>. 
15, 1890; s. Marcell N. and N. F. 
(Hood) S.; student at Harvard Uni- 
versity; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, Dec. 9, 1911. Address, 51 
Babcock St, Brookline, Masa 

SMITH, Raymond Frederick, pub- 
lisher; b. Allegany, N. T., March 22, 
1885; 8. Frederick and Mary (Bur 
ger) S.; ed. at Harvard Universitj, 
1907; class basketball team four 
years, senior baseball team, chai^ 
man Prof. James' Loving Cup Com- 
mittee; initiated by MassachuseUs 
Gamma, May 26, 1905, eminent 
deputy treasurer, eminent corres- 
pondent; brother of Clinton Henry 
Smith, Massachusetts Gamma; atp 
tended Atlanta convention, 1906, at- 
tended province convention at Maine 
Alpha, 1907, attended province con- 
vention at Massachusetts Gkuooma, 
1911, vice-president province Alpha, 
1911; senior member of Smith & Co., 
70 Kilby St; one of the authors 
of Huebsch-Smith Progressive Les- 
sons in German, 1911, principal Alle- 
gany high school, Allegany, N. T., 
1907-1910. Address, 20 Prescott St, 
Cambridge, Mass., home address, Al- 
legany, N. Y. 

SMITH, Roy P. postmaster; b. Lodi, 
N. Y., Nov. 15, 1877; s. Mr. and Mrs. 
E. F. Smith; ed. at Southwestern 
Presbyterian University, 1899; mem. 
varsity football team, 1906 and 1907, 
manager football team, 1907; initi- 
ated by Tennessee Zeta, Sept 26, 
1896; postmaster ClarksviUe, Tenn.; 
m. Tennessee Harris, Oct 16, 1901. 
Address, 302 Home Ave., ClarksviUe, 

SMITH, Thomas Alexander Jr^ stur 
dent; b. Ridgely, Caroline county, 
Maryland, Jan. 19, 1889; s. Thomas 



Alexander and Adah Clayton 
(Frazer) 8.; ed. at DickinBon Col- 
legOb 1909; law student at Unlveraity 
of Maryland; class football and base- 
ball teams, mem. Union Philosophi- 
cal, mem. Musical club; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi, Sept., 1905; 
eminent archon. Address, 633 W. 
Franklin St, Baltimore, Md. 

SMITH, Thomas D., lawyer; b. Boston, 
Mass., Sept 15, 1882; s. George A. 
and Lila F. (Dickinson) S.; ed. at 
Harvard University, 1906, Boston 
University, law school, 1909; vice- 
president senior year at law school; 
initiated by Massachusetts Beta-Up- 
silon, Oct, 1906; vice-president Bull- 
Terrier Club of America, president 
Manchester Terrier Club of Ameri- 
ca; m. Mabel L. Goddard, Sept, 1906. 
Address, 53 State St, Boston, Mass. 

8MITHp Vincent Baker, student; b. 
Sept 27, 1889; s. Robt Bmmett and 
Virginia Rose (Baker) S.; student 
at Ctoorge Washington University, 
football squad, sargentrat-arms of 
class, mem. executive committee; ini- 
tiated by Washington City Rho, 
Nov. 19, 1910. Address, 8007 P St N. 
W., Washington, D. C. 

8MITH, Warren Du Pre, geologist; b. 
Leipzig, Germany, May 12, 1880; s. 
Prof. Chas. Forster and Anna (Le- 
land) S.; ed. at University of Wis- 
consin, 1902, M. A. degree at Stan- 
ford University, Ph. D. at Wiscon- 
sin University, fellow in geology. 
University of Chicago, 1904-1905, stu- 
died in Ley den and London; Phi 
Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, on varsity 
track team at Wisconsin University 
three years, also "W" man; initi- 
ated by Wisconsin Alpha, Feb. 7, 
1903 (charter mem.); chief div. 
geology and mines. Bureau of 
Science, Philippine government, fel- 
low Geological Society of America; 
mem. F. R. G. S., (England) fellow 
Nat'l Geological Society of America, 
mem. of American Association of 
Advanced Science, spent seven years 
in the Orient; m. Phoebe Ellison, 
July 14, 1910. Address, 811 Domin- 
gues Alfonso, Manila, P. I. 

8NITE, Francis Joseph, lawyer; b. 
Chicago, HI., Aug. 16, 1877; s. Albert 
and Josephine (Gass) S.; ed. at 

Harvard University, 1899, law, 1901; 
captain and stroke Harvard Law 
School crew two years, winner of 
Royal Phelps Carroll Challenge cup 
for single sculls, 1901, Mississippi 
Valley championship, 1902 North- 
western championship, 1901 and 
1902, sailed winning yacht Mavour- 
neen from Chicago to Mackinac Is- 
land, 1911; initiated by Massachus- 
etts Gamma, Jan. 12, 1901; assistant 
corporation counsel, Chicago City 
Law Department, 1907-1908, trial atp 
tomey for city, 1907 to 1911, Chicago 
Bar association, T. M. C. A., K. of 
P., D. O. K. K., Harvard club, Hamil- 
ton club, Chicago Tacht club. City 
residence, 2072 Ogden Ave., Chi- 
cago, country residence, Elmhurst, 
lU., office, 1845 CU)mmercial Natl 
Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

SNOW, Harry Montreville; b. Paw 
Paw, Mich., May 21, 1875; s. Edgar 
M. and Ida A. S.; ed at Ohio 
Wesleyan and University of Mich- 
igan; Initiated by Ohio Delta, Sept 
26, 1894; secretary United Reali- 
zation (^o., formerly superintend- 
ent of city schools in Michigan, 
Illinois and Wisconsin; m. Leta G. 
Packer, Aug. 16, 1899. Residence, 
514 Greenleaf Ave., Wllmette, IlL, 
office, 1310 Harris Trust Bldg., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

SNOW, Walter Austin, clergyman; b. 
Austinburg, Ohio, Sept 13, 1872; s. 
Albert H. and Cornelia S.; ed. at 
Ohio State University, 1897, Chicago 
Theological Seminary, 1900; editor- 
in-chief The Lantern, college weekly, 
president college T. M. C. A.; initi- 
ated by Ohio Theta Nov. 14, 1893; 
attended Nat'l convention St Louis, 
1896, Nashville convention, 1898, 
province Delta convention, Delaware, 
Ohio, province convention at Evan- 
ston. 111., 1898, president province 
Delta convention, 1898-1900; assisted 
in establishing Illinois Beta, Minne- 
sota Alpha, and Wisconsin Alpha; 
general secretary of North Dakota 
Sunday School association, pastor 
Oak Park O>ngregational church, 
Minneapolis, five years, associate 
pastor Peoples church, St Paul, 
Minn., held pastorate in Glenwood, 
Minn., and in L4ving8ton, Mont» 



holds present position since April* 
1910, representative in North Da- 
kota of the International Sunday 
School association; m. Ella May Mor- 
ris, Aug. 23, 1899. Address, 20 Bow- 
ers BIdg., Fargo, N. D. 

SNYDER, Robert McClure, Jr., mer- 
cantile; b. Louisville, Ky., Jan. 17, 
1876; B. Robert M. and Frances 
(Hord) S.; ed. University of Mis- 
souri, 1897; class historian, associate 
editor The Tiger, first lieutenant Col- 
lege battalion, first medal annual 
competitive drill. 1896; initiated by 
Missouri Alpha, Sept 29, 1894; emi- 
nent treasurer; attended S. A. E. 
Nan convention at St. Louis, 1896; 
province president 1898; interested 
in natural gas and petroleum produc- 
tion; director Kansas Natural Gas Co., 
director Caney Gas Co., director N. T. 
Oil and Gas Co., trustee Fine Arts 
Institute of Kansas City; m. Mary 
Bowen, April 10, 1906. Address, 4550 
Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo. 

80ULE, Ward, student; b. April 19, 
1887; 8. William W. and Marlon E. 
(Frisbie) S.; student at University of 
South Dakota; mem. Kappa Kappa 
Rho law club petitioning Phi Delta 
Phi for charter; initiated by South 
Dakota Sigma, Nov. 1, 1911. Ad- 
dress, Rapid City, S. D. 

SOUTH, Furman Jr., student; b. Jan. 
13, 1891; 8. Furman and Elizabeth 
(Nagle) S.; student at Cornell Uni- 
versity; initiated by New York Al- 
pha, Feb. 25, 1911. Address, 1425 
Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Penn. 

SOUTHWORTH, Raymond Gurton, stu- 
dent; b. Allerton, 111., July 7, 1890; s. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. South worth; stu- 
dent at Northwestern University; 
class secretary. Pyramid sophomore 
society, desk editor Daily Northwest- 
em, business manager Syllabus, 
freshman debating team vs. Chicago 
University freshman. Kirk Prize Ora- 
torical contest, varsity debate 1912; 
initiated by Illinois Psi-Omega, Feb. 
11, 1910; eminent recorder and dep- 
uty archon; representative at in- 
stallation of Illinois Delta and South 
Dakota Sigma. Address, 411 Ann St, 
Danville, 111. 

SPANGLER, Harold Hartman, stu- 
dent; h. Aug. 1, 1892; s. George E. 

and Carrie B. (Hartman) 8.; student 
at Gettysburg College; Philo Uterarr 
society, class treasurer, vanity foot- 
ball team, Junior prom, sophomore 
band; initiated by PennaylTania Del- 
ta, Dec. 6, 1909. Address, 48 York 
St, Gettysburg, Penn. 

SPANTON, William Alfred, realty (9e^ 
ator; b. Pruett Ky.; s. T. W. and 
Lucy Ellen (Frazier) 8.; ed. Ksii- 
tucky State University, 1904; editor 
Blue and White, 1908, Lamp and 
Cross, varsity football team; Initi- 
ated by Kentucky Epsilon, Oct i, 
1900; eminent archon, delegate to 
S. A. El Nat'l convention Washing' 
ton, 1902; president of the Spanton 
Co.; m. Elizabeth Lee Searles, Nov. 
29, 1910. Address, 269 Oak St. 
Portland, Ore. 

SPAULDING, Maxwell L.; b. Chicago^ 
111., Nov. 12, 1884; s. Charles W. and 
Genieve (Maxwell) S.; ed. Pordns 
University, 1908; varsity football 
team; initiated by Indiana Beta, April 
1905; department manner Westing- 
house EHectrlc Co.; m. Anna Cornelia 
Dunham, April 7, 1908. Address, 1107 
Traction Bldg., Cincinnati. Ohio. 

SPEAR, Graham Brown, student; 
b. March 8, 1888; s. John Q. and 
Orpha (Brown) S.; student at Uni- 
versity of Maine; class treasurer, aid 
military hop first and second year, 
lieutenant, business manager Prism, 
junior week committee; initiated bf 
Maine Alpha, Sept 25, 1908. Addresa^ 
33 Marengo Park, Springfield, Mass. 

SPICERy Everett Manning, student; b. 
Groton, Conn., Aug. 4, 1884; a 
E}vlBrett and Harriet (Belden) \B.; 
was student at Worcester Polytech* 
nic insUtute till 1911, now at Sheffield 
Scientific School of Tale University; 
mem. athletic committee at Wor- 
cester Polytechnic Institute; var- 
sity football and track team at Wo^ 
cester Polytechnic Institute; initiated 
by Massachusetts Delta, May 21, 
1908; eminent correspondent; at- 
teinded province AJpha convention, 
1909. Address, 94 Lake Plac^ New 
Haven, Conn. 

SPIN KB, Mareellus Qamer, U. 8. anny 
officer; b. Meridian, Miss., June 16, 
1874; s. Enoch B. and Valeria C. 
(Gamer) S.; ed. BfisslsslppI Agrieol- 



tural and Mechanical College, 1895; 
initiated by Mississippi Theta, Oct 
81, 1891; captain Coast Artillery 
corps, U. S. army; traveled in Pliilip- 
pines Islands,, China, Japan, Cuba; 
mem. Fort Monroe club, mem. Army 
and Navy club, Manila, first U. S. Ai^ 
tiUery Mess, Governor's Island club, 
mem. Cumberland club, Portland, 
He.; m. Carolyn G. Claybaugh, Dec. 

■ 26, 1903. Address, 12 Grayhurst Park, 
Portland, Me. 

SPRING, Henry, student; b. Jan. 15, 
1891; s. Emmanuel C. and Emma 
(Heinrich) S.; student at University 
of Michigan; class baseball team for 
two years, varsity hockey. Sphinx, 
Crimson Chest cast, glee club, class 
^ack manager, 1912, mem. committee 
Inter-class athletics; initiated by 
Michigan Iota-Beta, March 12, 1910. 
Address, 217 S. Fifth Ave., Ann Ar- 

* bor, Mich. 

SQUIRE, Walter Edmund, organist; b. 
La Grange, 111., July 22, 1883; s. Ed- 
mund and Sarah S.; ed. Northwest- 
em University, student of music in 
Evanston, Chicago and Paris; initi- 
ated by Illinois Psi-Omega, Dec. 22, 
1903; delegate province Delta con- 
vention, Purdue, 1906; musical edi- 
tor of the Songs of Sigma Alpha Ep- 
silon, organist American church in 
Paris, 1909-11; traveled in Great Bri- 
tain and the Continent; mem. Ameri- 
can Guild of Organists; organist and 
director Plymouth Congregational 
church; m. Carrie E. Mason, Nov. 
14, 1908. Address, 4751 12th Ave., 
N. E., SeatUe, Wash. 

SQUIRES, Ralph Elmore, general sec- 
retary Y. M. C* A.; b. Clifton, Pierce 
county, Wis., Sept 8, 1876; s. George 
B. and May (Lunt) S.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Minnesota, 1902; managing 
editor Minnesota magazine; initiated 
by Minnesota Alpha, Jan. 27, 1902, 
(charter mem.); secured a |65,000 
^ant for the T. M. C. A. at Winona, 
Minn., where he was general secre- 
tary for nine years, also received a 
935,000 endowment for it; general 
secretary at St Joseph; Mason; m. 
June Alice Howe, Oct 13, 1902. Ad- 
dress, St Joseph, Mo. 

STAHLNECKER, H. Wilson, lawyer; 
b. Floortown, Montgomery county. 

Penn., June 27, 1878; s. Edwin S. and 
Anna R. (Teakle) S.; ed. University 
of Pennsylvania, A. B., 1899, A. M., 
1900, LL. B., 1903; executive commit- 
tee Junior and senior years; Phi Beta 
Kappa, associate editor Red and Blue 
three years, Faculty Prize in Greek, 
George Allen Memorial Prizes in 
Greek and Latin, Alumni Prize for 
best Latin essay by member of senior 
class, Harrison Scholar in classics; 
in law school was vice-president Hare 
Law club, board of editors American 
Law Register, secretary and presi- 
dent Student's Legal Historical so- 
ciety; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Theta, Feb. 9, 1901, (charter mem.); 
eminent archon; attended province 
Beta convention at Carlisle; a peti- 
tioner from local to S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, Boston, 1900; repre- 
sented Philadelphia Alumni associa- 
tion at province Beta Philadelphia 
convention, 1904; attended S. A. El 
Nat'l convention at Atlantic City, 
1909; mem. Morristown School Board 
since 1903, treasurer of board 1907- 
1908, secretary 1910-1911; Mason, 
Odd Fellow; editor of Montgomery 
county Lien Schedule and Legal 
Daily; mem. Philadelphia Bar; m. 
Kathryn Schwenk Johnson, Aug. 6, 
1910. Residence, 622, Swede St, of- 
fices, 329 DeKaib St, Norristown, 
Penn., and 601 West End Trust Bldg., 
Philadelphia, Penn. 

STAIR, Theodore Preston; b. Spring 
Green, Wis., Nov. 20, 1883; s. Dr. and 
Mrs. J. B. Stair; ed. University of 
Wisconsin, 1908; Monastics junior 
society; initiated by Wisconsin Al- 
pha, Oct, 1905; eminent warden and 
herald; with Thos. D. Murphy Co. 
Address, Red Oak, Iowa. 

8TALLCUP, James Alfred, lawyer; b. 
New Madrid county. Mo., Dec. 12, 
1877; s. M. H. and Sue A. (Gregory) 
S.; ed. Vanderbilt University, 1900; 
initiated by Tennessee Nu, Oct 3, 
^896; eminent treasurer; police Judge 
and attorney general of Hot Springs^ 
Ark.; mem. of legal firm of Belding 
and Stallcup; m. Dorothy W. Waters, 
April 15, 1903. Address, 635 Central 
Ave., Hot Slprings, Ark. 

8TANLEY, Augustus Owsley, congress- 
man; b. ShelbyvUle^ K3r«> ^^ ^V 



1867; 8. Rev. William and Amanda 
(Owsley) S.; ed. Centre College* 
1889; initiated by Kentucky Alpha- 
Epsilon, Feb. 5» 1885; presidential 
elector 1900; mem. 58th to 62nd 
congresses, 1903-1913, Second Ken- 
tucky district; m. Sue Soaper, April 
29, 1903. Address, Henderson, Ky. 

STANLEY, Harry Rufut, lawyer; b. 
Lawrence. Mass., July 10, 1875; s. 
Charles Rufus and Eleanor Maria 
(Swett) S.; ed. Harvard University, 
1898; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, Nov. 21, 1896. Address, 16 
State St., Boston, Mass. 

STAPLER, Otway HIckt, student; b. 
Sept 15, 1890; s. James and Lelia 
(Breedlove) S.; student at Univer- 
sity of Oklahoma; Blackstone Tri- 
bunal; initiated by Oklahoma Kappa, 
Oct. 29, 1910. Address, Tahlequah, 

STAREK, Frank J., government official; 
b. Cleveland, Ohio, March 14, 1883; 
ed. Harvard University, 1904, George 
Washington University Law School; 
initiated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
Nov. 17, 1900. later affiliated with 
Washington City Rho; eminent 
archon at Washington City Rho,; 
brother of Otto Starek of Massachu- 
setts Gamma; attended Boston con- 
vention, 1900 and Washington con- 
vention, 1902; marshal. U. S. Com- 
merce Court, National Press club. 
Address. 3211 Nineteenth St., N. W. 
Washington, D. C. 

STARK, Drew Dell, realty; b. Minne- 
apolis. Minn., July 23, 1889; s. George 
A. and Harriet E. S.; ed. University 
of Maine, 1912; initiated by Maine 
Alpha, Sept. 25, 1908; mem. Alumni 
chapter of S. A. E. at Portland, Ore.; 
mem. The Stark Co.; mem. Ameri- 
can Federation of Musicians, Port- 
land. Ore., Pan-Hellenic association. 
Address, The Dickinson, 193 Main 
St., New Britain, Lionn. 

STARR, David U, lawyer; b. 1866; ed. 
Allegheny College, 1893; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Omega, Oct. 21, 1889; 
m. Leona K. Phillips. Address, 81 St 
Nicholas Bldg., Pittsburgh, Penn. 

STAUFFER, Claude Maxwell, director 
of music; b. Rlngtown, Penn., Oct 2, 
1874; s. Frank and Mary A. S.; ed. 
DickiDBon College, 1905; vice-presi- 

dent ComuB club, president of muieal 
club, organist and director of mniie 
at College church two years; initiatid 
by Pennsylvania Sigma-Phl, Jan. SO, 
1901; eminent archon; director of 
music at U. S. Carlisle Indian School, 
manager and director of the Carlisle 
Indian band, organist and chorister 
First Lutheran church, Carlisle; 
mem. faculty of Carlisle Indiin 
School, Mystic Shriner, Thirty-second 
degree Mason, mem. Cumberland Stir 
lodge of Masons, mem. B. P. O. E.; 
m. Maude Augusta Heagy, Dec 29, 
1904. Address, U. S. Carlisle Indian 
School, Carlisle. Penn. 

STAUFFER, Leslie DeWitt, University 
instructor; b. Belle vue. Ohio, April 
3, 1888; s. F. G. and Elizabeth (Kei- 
per) S.; ed. Ohio Wesleyan, 1910; 
captain football track team, basket- 
ball team; initiated by Ohio Delti, 
Nov. 1906; eminent archon; delegate 
to Chicago province convention, 1910; 
teacher and coach at University of 
Chattanooga. Address, 1024 B. 10th 
St, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

STAUFFER, S. Walter, student; b. 
Aug. 13, 1888; s. John Hanson and 
Ellen (Nelson) S.; student at Dic- 
kinson College; class treasurer, clsss 
president, sophomore band, Skull and 
Key, Raven's Claw, Musical clubs; 
mem. of senate, president of musi- 
cal clubs, treasurer Comus club; in- 
initiated by Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi, 
Sept 21, 1908. Address, Walkers- 
ville, Md. 

8TEEB, Carl E., University secretary; 
b. Medina, Ohio, Nov. 10, 1874; s. 
Mr. and Mrs. John S.; ed. Ohio State 
University, 1899; initiated by Ohio 
Theta, Nov. 2, 1895; delegate to S. A 
E. Nan convention, Nashville, 1898; 
acted as eminent recorder at instal- 
lation of Illinois Beta; secretary Ohio 
State University; m. Kathryn M. 
Davy, Oct 17, 1900. Address, 1956 
luka Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

STEELE, Henry Smith, student; b. 
March 1, 1883; s. Joseph G. and Mary 
(Smith) S.; student at Bucknell Uni- 
versity; president junior class, mem. 
American Institute of Electrical En- 
gineers, class baseball and football 
teams; Theta Delta Tau, Phi Delta 
Sigma; initiated by Pennsylvania 



i, June 18, 1910. Address, New 
umdria, Penn. 

N, Clarence G.» dentist; b. War 
Neb., Nov. 1, 1883; s. John 

Marie Louise S.; ed. University 
Nebraska, 1906, president sopho- 
e class, varsity baseball team, 
and 1904; initiated by Nebras- 
jambda-Pi, Nov. 17, 1902; eminent 
espondent; with Lincoln Ball 
, Western league, 1906 and 1907; 
liable E. Mellinger, June 6, 1908. 
ress, Scotts Bluff, Net). 
NBERGEN, Peter HIggInt, flnan- 
; b. Mason county, W. Va., April 
1875; s. John WV and Sarah E. 
iMeter) S.; ed. Central Univer- 

of Kentucky; initiated by Ken- 
y Kappa, Oct 31, 1891; brother 
Isaac VanMeter Steenbergen of 
tucky Kappa; m. Sallie Lewis 
uUough, June 25, 1902. Address, 
Main St, Point Pleasant W. Va. 
MER, Clifford M.; b. Cincinnati, 
1 2, 1877; s. Fred A. Stegner; ed. 
ersity of Cincinnati, 1899, Cor- 

1900; class president University 
Cincinnati track team, mandolin 
; initiated by Ohio Epsilon, 1896; 
ty-second degree Mason; consult- 
mgineer; m. Adele Bentley, Sept 
1906. Address, 615 Mercantile 
Ekry Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 
.ING, Charles William, lawyer; 
3Roy, 111., Jan. 20, 1888; s. Joseph 

Hattie B. S.; ed. University of 
rer, A. B., 1909, University of 
h Dakota, LL. B., 1911; president 
omore class, mem. class football, 
ball, basketball teams, editorial 
)r 1909-1910 and business mana- 
1910-1911 of Volante at Univer- 

of South Dakota; initiated by 
rado Zeta, Oct. 1905; eminent 
ty archon at Colorado Zeta, later 
sited with South Dakota Sigma; 
ent archon at this chapter; at- 
»d Kansas City Nat'l convention, 
; attended province Eta conven- 

1907 and 1909; attended Zeta 
Ince convention, 1909; founder 
P. H. P. local now South 
»ta Sigma; the chapter was 
)d "Sigma" in his honor; menL 
Irm of Marquis and Sterling, 
irtown, S. D. Address, 15-17 Gass 
t Watertown, S. D. 

8TETLER, Aaron Miles, student; b. 
Nov. 24, 1911; s. Henry S. and Mary 
E. S.; student at Bucknell Univer- 
sity; class football team, electrical 
engineering society; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Zeta, Nov. 24, 1911. Ad- 
dress, Middleburg, Penn. 
8TET80N, Frederick WInsiow, physi- 
cian; b. Nashua, N. H., 1871; s. 
Charles F. and S. Ellen (Colbum) 
S.; ed. Harvard University, 1894, 
Medical School, 1897; graduated at 
Boston City hospital, 1899; initiated 
by Massachusetts Gamma, March 17, 
1893; mem. Massachusetts Medical 
society, mem. American Medical as- 
sociation; Union lodge A. F. and A. 
M.; physician to Boston Dispensary, 
instructor in medicine Tufts College 
Medical School; m. Josephine M. 
West 1906. Address, 504 Warren 
St, Boston, Mass. 
STEVENS, Myron Sibley* engineer; b. 
Greenfield, Mass., Jan. 23, 1886; s. 
Joseph W. and Myra (Sibley) S.; 
ed. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 
1909; initiated by Massachusetts 
Delta, Oct. 1905; assistant engineer 
Boston and Maine Railroad; Mason. 
Address, 10 Franklin St, Greenfield, 

STEVENSON, Chester Arthur, student; 
b. Aug. 1891; s. Wyatt and Elizabeth 
(Dawson) S.; student at Ssnracuse 
University; treasurer freshman class, 
chairman executive committee law. 
Delta Tau Junior society, Siwash club, 
manager 1914 baseball team, assist^ 
ant manager hockey team, executive 
freshman committee; initiated by 
New York Delta, Oct 20, 1910. Ad- 
dress, 88 Railroad St, Cohoes, N. Y. 
STEVENSON, Reston, College instruc- 
tor; b. Wilmington, N. C, May 5, 
1882; s. James Chapman and Eliza- 
beth Jocelyn (Smith) S.; ed. Univer- 
sity of North Carolina, 1902; Phi Beta 
Kappa at University of North Caro- 
lina, Sigma Xi at Columbia Univer- 
sity; senior class tennis and baseball 
teams; assistant in chemistry at 
Cornell University, 1903-1905; initi- 
ated by North Carolina Xi, Oct 1, 
1899; eminent recorder and deputy 
archon; afOliated with New York 
Alpha; instructor in chemistry at the 
College of the City of New YqtIl^ «AAr 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

retary ChemiBtry Teachers' club of 
New Tork City, mem. Chemists' club, 
mem. American Chemical society. 
Address, 501 W. 110th St., m. T. City. 

STEWART, Clyde Herbert, judge; b 
Geneseo, 111., July 6, 1878; s. F. M. 
and Carrie M. S.; ed. Denver Univer- 
sity, 1903; Phi Delta Phi, law frater- 
nity, faculty prize 1903 law; initiated 
by Colorado Zeta, 1902; county Judge 
Delta county; m. Pearl Hibbs, 1907. 
Address, Delta, Colo. 

STEWART, Charles Oran, University 
professor; b. York, Nebraska, Jan. 
30, 1882; s. John and Margaret 
(Evans) S.; ed. University of Ne- 
braska, 1902; initiated by Nebraska 
LambdarPl, Oct 21, 1899; eminent 
archon; attended Zeta province 1909; 
mem. Societe des Anciens Textes 
(Paris); mem. Societe Internationale 
Phonetique, Paris; studied in Prance. 
Address, Iowa City, Iowa. 

STEWART, Ralph Chambers, lawyer; 
b. Philadelphia, June 15, 1898; ed. 
University of Pennsylvania, 1899, 
Law, 1902; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Theta, Feb. 9, 1901, (charter mem.); 
he was one of the organizers of the 
local which became Pennsylvania 
Theta and represented it at the S. A. 
E. Nat'l convention, Boston, 1900; 
he was the first eminent archon of 
the chapter; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Washington, 1902 
Memphis, 1904, Atlanta, 1906, Atlan- 
tic City, 1909, Kansas City, 1910; 
served as president of the Philadel- 
phia S. A. E. Alumni association; 
president province Beta, 1906-10; 
acted as eminent correspondent at 
the installation of Washington City 
Rho, and as eminent recorder at the 
installation of New Tork Delta and as 
eminent deputy archon at the instal- 
lation of New Hampshire Alpha; a 
member of the committee which re- 
vised the ritual of the fraternity and 
one of the authors of the S. A. E. 
Standard Accounts; mem. University 
club of Philadelphia, University of 
Pennsylvania club of New York, the 
Lotos club, the Masonic orders; m. 
Elizabeth i^ueen Williams. Address, 
314 Commonwealth Trust Bldg., Phil- 
adelphia, Penn. 

ar/CKNEY, Frederick Grist, Univer- 

sity professor; b. Entaw, Ala^ Seiit 
2 J, 1888; B. Frederick G. and MaiT 
E. (Ward) 8.; ed. Vnlwmnity of All- 
bama, A. B., 1902, A. M., 1903, A K. 
1907 Harvard UnlTersiiy; class tress* 
urer and secretary, fbotbalU base- 
ball and track teams, board of edi- 
tors of College weekly and annnsl; 
initiated by Alabama Mn, Oct 9. 
1898; eminent archon; delegate to 
S. A. E. Nat'l conTentlon WashlngUn ! 
1902; secretary and treasurer bosrd 
of Governors DeVotie Memorial Hall; 
adjunct professor of English. Unive^ 
sity of Alabama; contributing editor 
Tuscaloosa News. Address, Unive^ 
slty, Ala. 

8TICKNEY, Park Washburn, civil ensl- 
neer; b. Harwood, N. D., Nov. 7, 1886; 
s. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. S.; ed. Dart- 
mouth College. 1908; initiated by New 
Hampshire Alpha, May 2, 1908. Ad- 
dress, Union Depot, Duluth, Minn. 

STILL, Ralph A^ student; b. June 9» 
1891; s. A. J. and Dora (Knelbler) a; 
student at Bucknell Unlveralty; vice- 
president freshman class, editdris- 
chief College annual, mem. German 
Verein; Initiated by Pennsylvania 
Zeta, June 18, 1910. Address, IC 
E. Market St, Danville, Penn. 

STOCKTON, A. Raymond, student; b. 
March 31, 1893; s. D. C. and Laura 
(Davidson) S.; student at University 
of Kansas; Black Helmet society, Psn- 
Hellenic; initiated by Kansas Alpha, 
Oct 17, 1910. Address, 3642 Centrsl, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

STOFFREGEN, Otto Garfield, mercan- 
tile; b. St Louis Mo., Dec. 26, 1881; 
s. Charles and Augusta 8.; ed. Wash- 
ington University, 1903; initiated by 
Missouri Beta, Dec. 16, 1899; brother 
of Charles StofTregen, Missouri Beta; 
buyer for Steinwender-StofTregen 
Co.; m. Jennie Evans, April 29, 1912. 
Address, 3514 Hawthrone Blvd., St 
Louis, Mo. 

STOKES, Robert N., student; b. Sept 
28, 1895; s. R. L. and Margie (Fish) 
S.; student at Emory College; foot- 
ball team; initiated by Georgia Ep- 
silon, Oct 28, 1895. Address, 607, 
4th St. W.. Moultrie, Ga. 

STONE, Charles Frederick, commercial; 
b. Chattanooga, Tenn., Feb. 28, 1883; 
s. F. J. and Emma A. 8.; ed. Georgia 


School of Technology, 1903; initiated 
by Georgia Phi, Sept 27, 1901; emi- 
nent correspondent; attended S. A. 
B. Nat'l convention, Washington 1902, 
Atlanta, 1906; delegate Atlantic City, 
1909; elected eminent supreme treas- 
urer, 1906 and re-elected 1909; sales 
agent for Atlanta Steel Co.; m. Vir- 
fljnla Butler, Jan. 17, 1906. Address, 
181 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

ITONE, Edward Carletorii lawyer; b. 
liezington, Masa, June 29, 1878; s. 
Alvah C. and Alice A. (Tufts) 8.; 
ed. Boston University, 1900; initiated 
by Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon, 
March 19, 1898; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention, Boston, 1900; mod- 
erator town meetings, selectman, Lex- 
ington; mem. house of representa- 
tives, Massachusetts, 1908 and 1904; 
instructor and lecturer Boston Uni- 
versity School of Law, professor and 
member of faculty Boston Y. M. C. A. 
Evening School of Law; Worshipful 
Maater Masonic lodge; m. Katharine 
Lieggett Brooke, June 27, 1908. Resi- 
dence, 9 Auburn Road, Lexington, 
Mass., office, care Sawyer, Hardy and 
Stone, 53 State St., Boston, Mass. 

ITONE, George H., lawyer; b. Parker, 
Turner county, S. D., Aug., 23, 1883; 
s. George W. and Augusta G. S.; ed. 
University of Minnesota, 1904, editor- 
in-chief of Minnesota magazine, 1903; 
initiated by Minnesota Alpha, Sept 
21, 1902; states attorney, 1907 to 1911; 
secretary Mott Commercial club; firm 
of Crane and Stone; president of 
National Investment Co., vice-presi- 
dent Security Investment Co., of 
Jamestown, N. D.; m. Gladys Bass- 
ford, March 12, 1909. Address, Mott, 
N. D. 

STONE, Orra Lavllle, lawyer; b. Wor- 
cester, Mass., May 27, 1873; s. Louis 
L. and Josephine A. (Cheney) S.; ed. 
Boston University, 1901; graduated 
with cum laude degree LL. B.; initi- 
ated by Massachusetts BetarUpsilon, 
Dec 3, 1898; eminent archon; dele- 
gate S. A. B. Nat'l convention, Bos- 
ton, 1900; secretiuT republican town 
committee, secretary fourth Massa- 
chusetts congressional district com- 
mittee, chairman fourth Massachu- 
setts congressional district, appointed 
in 1904 as clerk of the second Dis- 

trict Court of Eastern Worcester, ap- 
pointed in 1904 as probation officer, 
president Lambsdee club of Clinton; 
mem. Trinity lodge A. F. and A. M.; 
Clinton Royal Arch chapter; com- 
mander Lieutenant A. L. Fuller 
Camp, 19, Sons of Veterans and in 
1902-1903 was division commander 
of Massachusetts Division Sons of 
Veterans, and under his administra- 
tion 1,200 members were added, the 
largest gain ever made in a i^ngle 
year; mem. Clinton lodge K. of P.; 
trustee Worcester Bast Agricultural 
society. Address, 77 High St, Clin- 
ton, Mass. 

STONE, Thomas H., lawyer; b. Jasper, 
Tex., Dec. 6, 1871; s. Thomas Mar- 
shall and Bmily Florida (Kyle) S.; 
ed. at University of Texas, 1893; ini- 
tiated by Texas Rho, 1890; brother 
of Arthur Kyle Stone, Texas Rho 
(deceased); city attorney for Hous- 
ton, 1902-1906, president Houston 
club, director of Chamber of Com- 
merce, mem. of Thalian club, mem. 
of Houston Tumverein, Blks club. 
Mason; m. Florence Ford, Feb. 23, 
1898. Residence, Beaconsfleld apart- 
ments, office, 607-508 First Nat'l 
Bank Bldg., Houston, Tex. 

STOVALL, Pleasant, editor and pub- 
lisher; b. 1857; ed. at University of 
Georgia, 1875; initiated by Georgia 
Beta; delegate to S. A. B. Nat'l con- 
ventions, Augusta, 1878; Nashville, 
1879; Augusta, 1882; Louisville, 1883; 
brother of B. A. Stovall, Georgia Beta; 
editor and publisher of the Savan- 
nah Press. Address, Savannah, Ga. 

STOW ELL, Clarence Warner, edu- 
cator; b. Springfield, Mass., May 1, 
1877; s. (George Merrill and Kate 
Blizabeth S.; ed. at University of 
Maine, 1900; class vice-president 
and treasurer, class track and foot- 
ball teams, varsity track, on Prism 
annual board, assistant editor The 
Cadet Monthly, editor and founder 
The Campus Weekly, mem. and lead- 
er of the Glee club, college quartette; 
initiated by Maine Alpha, Feb. 22, 
1901 (charter mem.); founder and 
president of local Iota-Phi; attended 
Boston Natl convention as petitioner 
1900, delegate to province convention 
at Cambridge, 1^Q\ ^sA "^^^^^ ^x«via> 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

Me., 1905, Boston, 1907, Worcester, 
1910, attended S. n. E. Nat'l oonven- 
lion at WashingUm, 1902, delegate to 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention, Memphis, 
1904, Atlanta, 1906, Atlantic City, 
1909, Kansas City, 1910, province sec- 
retary, 1901-1903, province president, 
1903-1904, eminent supreme recorder, 
1904-1910, eminent supreme deputy 
archon, 1911, founder of New Hamp- 
shire Alpha, mem. Providence 8. A. 
E. Alumni association; author of Ele- 
mentary Chemistry, Bookkeeping and 
Accounting; Masonic connections. 
Harmony lodge 9, Pawtucket, R. L, 
Murray R. A. chapter, Kennebunk, 
Me., Maine council, Biddeford, Me., 
St. Amand commandery. No. 20, Ken- 
nebunk, Me., Palestine temple, A. A. 

0. N. M. S., Providence, R. I.; mem. 
Barnard club, mem. Edgewood Tacht 
club, mem. University Glee club; m. 
Grace Leigh Dinsmore, July 12, 1907. 
Residence, 89 Albert Ave., Edgewood, 
R. I., ofELce, 357 Westminster St, 
Providence, R. I. 

8TOWELL, Leon Carl, student; b. Nov. 

1, 1891; 8. Mr. and Mrs. Carlon 
Nelson S.; student at Harvard Uni- 
versity; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, May 6, 1911. Address, 65 
South Main St., Orange, Mass. 

8TRACHAN, Willis Lloyd, lawyer; b. 
Colorado Springs, Colo., July 8, 1878; 
8. William and Jessie C. S.; ed. at 
University of Colorado, Ph. B., 1900, 
LL. B., 1902; manager Coloradoan 
Vol. I. annual; initiated by Colorado 
Chi, Sept 25, 1896, affiliated with 
New York Alpha; county attorney, 
1909-1911; m. Ottie Gilbert, Nov. 15, 
1904. Address, 416 Elxchange Bank 
Bldg., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

8TRATTAN, Harry Ferguson, banker; 
b. Strattonville, Penn., Sept 24, 1874; 
s. John R. and Emma (Ferguson) S.; 
ed. at Allegheny College, 1898; ini- 
tiated by Pennsylvania Omega^ Feb. 
14, 1895; assistant cashier First 
Nat'l Bank of Clarion, Penn., Clar- 
ion lodge, 277 F. A. M.; m. Amanda 
J. Rulofson, May 8, 1901. Address, 
342 Wood St, Clarion, Penn. 

8TROTHER, Graner D., student; b. 
Nov. 21, 1891; s. Sterling Price and 
Mary Ada (Griffin) 8.; student at 
Univenlty of Oklahoma, freshman 

and sophomore footteU taaoi. 1 
sity Glee club; initiated liy 
homa Kappa, April IS, 19U 
dress, 820 N. Lee, Altus, Okla 

STUBB8v James Baytop, lawy 
Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 28, 1 
Theodore B. and Ellen A. B.; 
Washington and Lee UnlTeral 
B., 1871, M. A^ 1872; aaal^ 
orator and medalist debatoi 
ham and Lee Literary aoclel 
Uated by Virginia Sigma, 1870 
senator, 1881-1888, city attar 
Galveston, Tex., president Tu 
association and Galveston 
Bar association, chairman of 
ton County Democratic Ex 
committee eight years, mem. 
cratic State Executive com 
Mason, S8nd degree, R. A 
Master Harmony lodge. No. < 
and A. M., Galveston. Addie 
22nd St, Galveston, Tex. 

I8TUKE8, Taylor Hudnall, hanl 
Manning, 8. C, June 1, 1898; i 
and C. H. 8.; ed. at Davidsc 
lege; manager class baseball, 
tary Eumenean Literary aodel 
tiated by North Carolina Thet 
8, 1910; eminent recorder as 
respondent; assistant catfiier 
Of Clarendon. Address, Mann 

STUMP, Hsriey Calvert, stude 
Sept 25, 1886; s. Henry O. an 
ise (Eldridge) S.; student at 
College, business manager i 
World, 1909-1910, editoi^in-chi« 
lege World, 1910-1911, pn 
sophomore class. Star Society 
1911, president Star Literary i 
captain football team, 1912, fi 
squad. 1909-1910-1911; Initlat 
Michigan Alpha, April 26, 190t 
dress, Ridgeway, Ohio. 

STURM, Frederick Bernard, Uni' 
professor; b. Saline, Midu, « 
1870; s. Jacob and Emily (Ke: 
ed. at University of Michigan; 
of local society at University o 
which became Iowa Beta; in 
by Iowa Beta, Feb. 7, 1905 (< 
mem.); assistant professor o 
man. University of Iowa; ant 
articles in "Modem Language 1 
editor of Oerstacker's Infi 
Schiller's "Der Neffe als ( 



Stem's "Die Wiedertaufer/' studied 
at Universities of Leipsig and 
Munich, 1896-1897; m. Isabel Currier, 
Aug. 10, 1898. Address, Iowa City, 

8UDDATH, William E., lawyer; b. 
Warrensburg, Mo., Feb. 26, 1888; s. 
J. W. and Nellie De O. 8.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Missouri, 1905 and 1907; 
initiated by Missouri Alpha, Sept 19, 
1908; eminent recorder; m. Leacy 
Naylor McDonald, June 28, 1910. Ad- 
dress, 215^ North Holden St, War- 
rensburg, Mo. 

•ULLIVAN, Arthur Richard, Jr., law- 
yer; b. Rome, Qa., March 24, 1884; 

a. Mr. and Laura Weller S.; ed. at 
University of Georgia, 1906; varsity 
tootball, 1903 to 1905, track team, 
1904, mem. baseball team, 1904 to 
1906, captain baseball team, 1905- 
1906, P. P. of Sphinx, Theta Lambda 
Phi, president Georgia Law Debating 
society, Demosthenian society, mem. 
Advisory board, chosen speaker rep- 
resentative of law department, 1906; 
initiated by Georgia Phi, Oct 13, 1900, 
eminent archon, aflUiated with Geor- 
gia Beta; brother of J. B. Sullivan, 
Georgia Beta; attended S. A. E. 
Natl convention, Atlanta, 1906; vice- 
president and general manager Stand- 
ard Sewer Pipe Co., Rome, Ga., trav- 
eled in Cuba, Canada and ESurope; 
mem. Capitol City club, mem. At- 
lanta Athletic club at Atlanta, Ga., 
mem. Crosa Country club and Elks 
club at Rome, Ga., Knight Templar, 
Mystic Shriner; m. Flora Von Bried- 
enbach, April, 1911. Address, 816 
Fourth Ave., Rome, Ga. 

•ULLIVAN, Charles Michael, student; 

b. March 8, 1889; a John and Norah 
(Cronen) S.; student at University 
of Illinois; junior councilman, Illi- 
nois Union, associate manager 1912 
niini, assistant business manager 
DaUy Illini, 1910-1911, business 
manager Daily Illini, 1911-1912, mem« 
1912 Senior Memorial committee, 
mem. Senior Honorary society; ini- 
tiated by niinois Beta, May 29, 1911. 
Address, 326 S. Galena Ave., Free- 
port, ni. 

•UMMERa, Joseph Andrew, educator; 
b. Mooresburg, Tenn., Dec. 26, 1886; 
a. Dr. J. A. and A. N. S.; ed. at Uni- 

versity of Tennessee, 1910; baseball 
team, 1909, track team, 1910; initi- 
ated by Tennessee Kappa, Feb. 9, 
1909, eminent recorder and deputy 
archon; brother of Thomas P. Sum- 
mers, Tennessee Blapiia, Grover C. 
Summers, Tennessee Kappa, and 
Paul T. Summers, Tennessee Kappa; 
assistant principal Rockwood higa 
school, principal Liowistone high 
school, 1910-1911. Address, Rock- 
wood, Tenn. 
SUMMERS, Myron Charles, mercan- 
tile; b. Struthers, Ohio, March 18, 
1887; 8 .Charles and Marion (Struth- 
ers) S.; ed. at Purdue University, 
1911; initiated by Indiana Beta, April 

4, 1908; Youngstown Alumni S. A. E. 
association; sales department De- 
forest Sheet and Tinplate Co.; mem. 
The Niles club. Address, 908 Rob- 
bins Ave., Niles, Ohio. 

SUMMERS, Thomas Pinkney, banker; 
b. Mooresburg, Tenn., Oct 28, 1883; 
8. Dr. and Mrs. J. A. S.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Tennessee, 1907; manager 
football team, 1906, four years on 
baseball team; initiated by Tennes- 
see Kappa, Oct 6, 1908; brother of 
Grover C. Summers, Tennessee Kap- 
pa, Joseph A. Summers, Tennessee 
Kappa, Paul T. Summers, Tennessee 
Kappa; eminent archon, delegate to 

5. A. E. Nat'l convention, Atlanta, 
1906; banker. Citizens Bank of Rog- 
ersville. Address, Main St, Rogers- 
ville, Tenn. 

SUMMEY, Albert T., real esUte; b. 
Covington, Ky., Oct 25, 1878; s. 
George and Elisabeth R. S.; ed. at 
Southwestern Presbjrterian Univer- 
sity, 1897, University of Tennessee, 
1900; mem. Phi Kappa Phi society at 
University of Tennessee, presid^it 
of Ehigineering society at University 
of Tennessee; initiated by Tennessee 
Zeta, Oct 5, 1895, affiliated with Ten- 
nessee Kappa, eminent correspond- 
ent; assistant to real estate agent, 
Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co.; trav- 
eled in Europe, studied at University 
of Leipsig, Germany. Address, 28 
South Second St, Wilmington, N. C 

SUTTON, Stephen Justis, student; b. 
July 26, 1891; s. George Leslie and 
Minerva (Glick) S.; student at Ohio 
State Unlv«cait9\ lAv^^^cSft^ ^Sss^^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

1910-1912; initiated by Ohio Theta, 
Oct. 15, 1910. Address, 539 B. Rich 
St., Columbus, Ohio. 

SWARTZ, Charles Edgar, mercantile; 
b. Selinsgrove, Penn., June 16, 1876; 
8. E. T. and A. M. (Clarke) S.; ed. 
at Dickinson College, 1899; class 
track team; initiated by Pennsylva- 
nia Sigma-Phi, Sept 27, 1895; cashier 
Atlantic Refining Co.; m. Jeanette 
McQanah, May 7, 1907. Address, 815 
Prescott Ave., Scranton, Penn. 

SWEET, Harrison Schuyler, student; 
b. Aug. 29, 1888; s. Herman S. and 
Mary (Williams) S.; student at Buck- 
nell University, chairman A. I. E. E., 
class football team, varsity football 
team, Theta DelU Tau, Phi Delta 
Sigma; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Zeta, Jan. 18, 1910; brother of Stuart 
W. Sweet, of Pennsylvania Zeta. Ad- 
dress, 3 Avery PL, Utica, N. Y. 

SYKES, Richard Lycurgus, physician; 
b. Jan. 27, 1840, Loundes county. 
Miss., s. Richard and Martha A. S.; 
ed. at University of North Carolina, 
1860; initiated by North Carolina XI, 
1857. Address, 612 Main St., Colum- 
bus, Miss. 

6WASEY, Lawrence Mabry, b. Limer- 
ick, Me., 8. George H. and Abbie 
(Mabry) S.; ed. at University of 
Maine, 1902; Maine Photographic so- 
ciety; initiated by Maine Alpha, Feb. 
22, 1901 (charter mem.); eminent 
deputy archon; selectman of Limer- 
ick; editor of Ossipee Valley Herald, 
I. O. O. F. Address, Limerick, Me. 

SWIFT, Newton, composer; b. Spring 
Lake, N. Y., July 23, 1871; s. Nathan 
RusB and Mary Priddy b.; ed. at 
Adrian College, 1890; initiated by 
Michigan Alpha, Feb. 22, 1890; piano 
teacher and composer; mem. of fac- 
ulty of Cornell University, music de- 
partment; traveled in Europe, 1906 
and 1908, composer or scenes from 
child Life, Concert Gavotte, Twelve 
Children Pieces, Six Characteristic 
Pieces, Norsk, Amdurette, Jungle 
Love, Bass Clef Land, A Day at the 
Fair, Story Time and Play Time; m. 
Susan M. Dilley, june 25, 1907. Ad- 
dress, 517 Pierce Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

TABER, Charles H.; clvU eu^aeet; b. 

Union City, Penn., Not. SS,1908; t.A. 
N. and Nina L. T.; ed. Pennsylvanii 
State College, Case School of Applied 
Science, 1911; initiated by Ohio Bho 
Nov. 28, 1908. Address, 702 N. Eor 
vay St, Dallas, Tez. 

TABOR, Parker Wilson; b. Pittsburg. 
N. H., July 81. 1884; s. Richard A. 
and Sarah J. T.; ed. Dartmouth Col- 
lege, 1907; Initiated by New Hamp- 
shire Alpha. May 2. 1905. AddrsM, 
PitUburg, N. H. 

TAFT, Frederick U, lawyer, judge; b. 
BraceviUe. Ohio, Dec. 1, 1870; s. New. 
ton A. and Laura (Humphrey) T.; 
ed. Mt Union College, 1889, Cincin- 
nati Law School; Latin oration; initi- 
ated by Ohio Sigma, May, 1888; emi- 
nent archon; attended S. A. E. Natl 
convention, Cincinnati,, 1890; mem. 
Supreme Council, 1890-91; mem. law 
firm of Smith, Taft and Arter; presi- 
dent Ohio State Bar association, judge 
of Court of Common Pleas, 1906, as- 
sistant county solicitor, 1898-1901. 
chairman twenty-first congressional 
committee, 1896 and Republican city 
and county executive committees in 
1900; delegate Republican Nat'l con- 
vention, 1908; m. Mary Alice Arter, 
Oct 28, 1901. Residence, 7915 EucUd 
Ave., office, 1206 Williamson Bldg., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

TALLMADQE, Harold Chaster, student; 
b. April 7, 1891; s. Clarence Delafleld 
and Nellie (Porter) T.; student at 
University of Michigan; manager 
class track, Michigan Daily stafT; 
cast Michigan Union opera, class so- 
cial committee; initiated by Michigan 
Iota-Beta, Nov. 6, 1910; brother of 
Myles Pptter Tallmadge, Michigan 
Iota-Beta. Address, 1140 Lincoln 
Ave., Denver, Colo. 

TALLMAN, Homer HInton, physician; 
b. Quinn county, la., Nov. 18, 1878; 
s. John C. and Margaret Jane (Eb- 
right) T.; ed. Northwestern Unive^ 
sity. Liberal Arts, 1897, Medical 
School, 1900; initiated by Illinois Psi- 
Omega, March 9, 1895; mem. and med- 
ical examiner for Modem Woodmen 
of America, Royal Neighbors, K. O. F. 
M. and North American Union, Knight 
Templar, thirty-second degree Mason. 
Address, Culver, Ind. 

TANQUY, Edward Eariey, student; b. 



Dec. 28, 1890; b. H. Q. and Mary A. 
(Tingle) T.; student at Pennsylvania 
State College; Triad, president of 
Thespians; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Alpha-Zeta, Oct 8, 1908; eminent 
archon. Address, 1425 Fairmount 
Ave., Philadelphia, Pehn. 

TANT, Simeon Davld» lawyer; b. Colo- 
rado City, Texas, Dec. 10, 1887; s. 
Andrew Jackson and Virginia F. 
(David) T.; ed. Cumberland Univer- 
sity, 1910; initiated by Tennessee 
Lambda, Sept. 4, 1909; eminent re- 
corder; B. P. O. Elks. Address, Fred- 
erick, Okla. 

TAXMAN, Chariee T., lawyer, former 
representative; b. Worcester, Mass., 
Dec. 16, 1871; s. R. James and Susan 
M. (Taylor) T.; ed. Harvard Univer- 
sity, 1894; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, Nov. 10, 1893; delegate S. A. 
E. Nan conventions, Pittsburgh, 1893; 
Nashville, 1898, Boston, 1900; author 
of ritual used by Nat'l fraternity 
1898-1900; mem. Massachusetts House 
of representatives, two terms, 1899 
and 1900; alderman City of Worces- 
ter, 1906; president of board of direc- 
tors of Public Library; four Euro- 
pean trips; m. Anna C. Svedberg, 
Aug. 28, 1901. Address, 900 Slater 
Bldg., Worcester, Mass. 

TAYLOR, Arthur Wendell, educator; 
b. Warren, Mass., Feb. 27, 1884; s. 
William F. T.; ed. Dartmouth College, 
1907; associate editor of The Dart^ 
mouth; initiated by New Hampshire 
Alpha, Oct 15, 1909; instructor in 
science Salem High School; mem. 
American association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science, three years at 
Marine Biological Laboratory Woods 
HoU, head collector in Botany, 1910. 
Address, 288 Essex St, %T. M. C. A., 
Salem, Mass. 

TAYLOR, Charles DIehl, clergyman; b. 
Sinnemahoning, Penn., July 31, 1873; 
s. Andrew Edwards and Cleopatra 
Florence (Diehl) T.; ed. Dickinson 
College, 1896, M. A., 1901; class sec- 
retary, junior committee, junior prom 
committee, vice-president and secre- 
tary Union Philosophical literary so- 
ciety, chairman T. M. C. A. publica- 
tion committee; initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania Sigma-Phi, Sept 23, 1892; as- 
sociate editor Record, 1904 — , one of 

the editors of 1898 S. A. E. catalogue, 
delegate S. A. E. Nat'l conventions 
Washington, 1902, Memphis, 1904; 
delegate province Gamma 1905, helped 
reorganize Pennsylvania Delta, May, 
1893, and Washington City Rho, 1904- 
1905; pastor Market street Methodist 
Episcopal church; m. Cordelia De 
Wolfe Barries, Feb. 27, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 312 S. Market St, Winchester, 

TAYLOR, Dean, editor, publisher; b. 
Warren, Ohio, Oct 8, 1879; s. Benja- 
min J. and Gertrude (Taylor) T.; ed. 
Mount Union College, 1902, special 
student Harvard, 1902-3; class vice- 
president, president oratorical asso- 
ciation, treasurer aUiletic association, 
editor-in-chief of The Dynamo; initi- 
ated by Ohio Sigma, Nov. 13, 1899, 
later affiliated with Massachusetts 
Gamma, 1903; eminent archon, deputy 
archon, recorder, correspondent; del- 
egate S. A. E. Nat'l conventions, 
Washington, 1902, Memphis, 1904; at- 
tended Atlantic City, 1909, Kansrs 
City, 1910; delegate province Delta 
convention. Champaign, 111., 1901, re- 
organized Alliance Alumni associa- 
tion in 1902 and twice its delegate 
editor province Delta Annual, 1902; 
assistant to eminent supreme record- 
er, 1903; author articles on coat of 
arms and on The Record's Irregu- 
larities; devoted much time to the de- 
velopment of the fraternity symbol- 
ism with special reference to the Coat 
of Arms and executed colored design 
in 1904 catalogue; appointed chair- 
man of committee on ritual revision 
at 1904 convention; report accepted 
at supreme council meeting, 1910; ed- 
itor and one of the proprietors of the 
Fairfield Daily Journal; m. Jessie I. 
Minneley at Meadville, Penn., Oct 22, 
1906. Address, 206 S. Court St, Fair- 
field, la. 

TAYLOR, Emerson Lee, student; b. 
March 26, 1891; s. Sterling Barnes 
and Lila Josephine (Piper) T.; stu- 
dent at Ohio State University; mem. 
Makio board, vice-president Political 
Science club; initiated by Ohio Theta 
Oct 15, 1910. Address, 344 E. Rich 
St, Columbus, Ohio. 

TAYLOR, French Lee, student; b. Aug. 
23, 1884 ; s. P. W. and Daina. CX^mb^^N 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

T.; student at University of Denver; 
varsity football; initiated by Colo- 
rado Zeta, Jan. 25, 1910. Address, 
2233 S. Josephine, Denver, Colo. 

TAYLOR, Howard Carleton, student; b. 
April 25, 1892; s. James R. and Eliza- 
beth (Barth) T.; student at Syracuse 
University; Phi Mu Alpha; initiated 
by New York Delta, Oct. 20, 1910. 
Address, 413 W. Beard Ave., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

TAYLOR, Herbert Foster, student; b. 
March 7, 1890; s. James W. and 
Sarah J. (Gale) T.; student at Wor- 
cester Polytechnic Institute; senior 
class president, mem. Skull, track; 
initiated by Massachusetts Delta, 
Oct. 6, 1911. Address, 1 Spring St. 
Amesbury, Mass. 

TAYLOR, Harry Edward, College in- 
structor; b. New Zealand, Oct 18, 
1887; s. E. B. and Anna (Brown) T.; 
ed. Kentucky State University, 1909; 
initiated by Kentucky Epsilon, Oct 
1905; instructor in coal mining, Wash- 
ington State College; Master Mason, 
Elk. Address, Pullman, Vvash. 

TAYLOR, Pleasant Addison, student; 
b. Oct. 3, 1890; s. James I. and Fan- 
nie L. (Lease) T.; student at Univer- 
sity of Oklahoma; varsity football, 
captain track, class president; mem. 
senior honor society, assistant in Phy- 
siology and Anatomy, 1911-12; initi- 
ated by Oklahoma Kappa, Oct 28, 
1911. Address, Robberson, Okla. 

TEETERS, Charles Ellis, educator; b. 
Alliance, Ohio, Jan. 25, 1881; s. vVil- 
liamson and Dorcas (Johnson) T.; ed. 
Mount Union College, 1902; basket- 
ball. Bishop Neely prize, class secre- 
tary, contest orator; initiated by Ohio 
Sigma, Sept 25, 1901, later affiliated 
with Illinois Theta; eminent archon; 
brother of Wilber J. Teeters, Ohio 
Sima and Walter J. Teeters, Ohio 
Sigma; principal high school; m. 
Fanny F. Oldroyd, 1905. Address, 824 
Walnut St, Canal Dover, Ohio. 

TEETERS, Wilber John, College dean; 
b. Alliance, Ohio, Oct. 10, 1866; s. 
William and Dorcas E. (Johnson) T.; 
ed. Mount Union College, 1893, Uni- 
versity of Michigan, 1895; initiated 
by Ohio Sigma, Nov. 3, 1891, later 
affiliated with Michigan iota-Beta; 
and later with Iowa Beta; bto- 

ther of Charles E. Teeters, Ohio 
Sigma and Walter J. Teeters, Ohio 
Sigma; eminent chronicler Ohio Sig- 
ma; delegate S. A. K Natl conven- 
tion, Kansas City, 1910; president 
province Delta, 1894-95; dean of th» 
Pharmacy College, University of 
Iowa; mem. American Pharmaceuti- 
cal association and secretary of sec- 
tion on education and legislation; 
Fellow American association for the 
Advancement of Science; president 
Boemer Pry Co., Iowa City, lows, 
Farming Co., Alberta, Canada, and Un- 
wood-Iowa Land and Cattle Co., Ra- 
ton, N. Mexico; m. Anna Helen Hol- 
lister (deceased), July 23, 1906. Ad- 
dress, West Side, Iowa City, la. 

TEFPT, Clarence, lawyer; b. Avoca, 
Neb., May 24, 1871; s. Orlando and 
Elizzie H. (Kirkpatrick) T.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Nebraska, 1896; initiated 
by Nebraska Lambda^Pi, May 26, 1893, 
(charter mem.); delegate 8. A. E. 
Nat'l convention, Plttaburgh, 1893, 
and officer of that convention; presi- 
dent province Zeta, 1894; delegate 
first province Zeta convention, 1895; 
m. Caroline I. Sheldon, June 29, 1898. 
Address, Weeping Water, Neb. 

TENNEY, Frank Chester, grain com- 
mission; b. Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 
13, 1883; s. William M. and Julia (Mc- 
Nair) T.; ed. Harvard University, 
1907; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, 1904; eminent archon; grain 
commission, secretary Stinson-Tenney 
Co. Residence, 26 W. Grant St, office 
Stinson-Tenney Co., 59 Chamber of 
Commerce, Minneapolis, Minn. 

TERRAL, Joseph Edward, lawyer, form- 
er legislator; b. Quitman, Miss.; s. 
Judge Samuel H. and Mary Elizabeth 
(McLoud) T.; ed. Mississippi Agri- 
cultural and Mechanical College, 1888; 
major cadet battalion Mississippi 
National guards; president Dialectic 
literary society; initiated by Missis- 
sippi Theta, Dec. 1887; prosecuting 
attorney Kiowa county, Oklahoma,for 
term ending Jan. 1, 1913, and also for 
term, 1903-05; mem. Oklahoma legis- 
lature 1909-10, Mississippi legislature, 
1892-4; Mason, M. W^ A., W. O. W., 
K. of P.; m. Willie TroUer, Dec. 15, 
1897. Address, Hobart, Okla. 

TERRY, Francis Augustus, lawyw; h. 



March 9. 1888; b. William L. and 
Maiy Caroline (Dickson) T.; ed. Uni- 
Tersity of Arkansas, 1911; initiated 
by Arkansas AlpharUpsilon, Oct 
27, 1906; eminent archon, treas- 
urer, warden, herald; Mason. Ad- 
dress, 1422 Scott St, Little Rock, Ark. 

THEI8, Frank Albert, student; b. Nov. 
7, 1890; s. John Albert and Sarah 
(Dockson) T.; student at University 
Of Kansas; initiated by Kansas Alpha, 
Oct 18, 1909. Address, 3527 Broad- 
way, Kansas City, Mo. 

THERIAULT, Dana L., lawyer, state 
senator; b. Caribou, Me., Feb. 12, 
1876; 8. Frank and Philomene T.; ed. 
XJniyersity of Maine, 1900; class pres- 
ident; initiated by Maine Alpha, Feb. 
22, 1901, (charter mem.); mem. of 
Maine legislature 1907 and Senate, 
1911 — ; m. Mabel C. Kelley, Jan. 14, 
1908. Address, Fort Kent Me. 

THIE8ING, William Skinner, student; 
b. Dec. 22, 1889; s. W. and Mary Drue 
(Skinner) T.; student at Kentucky 
State University; Key society, Mystic 
Thirteen, Tau Beta Pi, gym team, 
glee and mandolin clubs, stage man- 
ager The Strollers, Fan-Hellenic 1911- 
12, drum major of battalion, 1909-10; 
initiated by Kentucky Epsilon, Oct 3, 
1908. Address, 72 W. 10th St, Coving- 
ton, Ky. 

THIESS, John Bernhard, lawyer; b. 
Chicago, ni., Feb. 14, 1882; s. J. F. 
Christian and Anna T.; ed. Purdue 
University, 1906; Tau Beta Pi, cheer 
leader; initiated by Indiana Beta Oct 
24, 1903; eminent treasurer; attended 
province Delta convention Lafayette, 
1906; with Western Electric Co.; 
mem. Bar of Illinois; author of Toll 
Telephone Practice. Address, 2461 
Hamilton Court Chicago, 111. 

THIQPEN, Percy, banker; b. Clinch 
county, Ga., July 25, 1886; s. R. S. 
and Sarah (Kelly) T.; ed. Mercer Uni- 
versity, University of Virginia, 1905; 
Phi Delta literary society at Mercer; 
initiated by Georgia Psi, Sept 24, 
1903, later affiliated with Virginia 
Omicron; eminent recorder; Masonic 
orders, Shriner; assistant cashier 
Merchant's bank of Valdosta. Ad- 
dress, 500 N. Patterson St, Valdosta, 

THOMAS, Alexander Roscoe, student; 

b. Dec. 18, 1890; s. W. E. and Mary 
A. (Walker) T.; student at University 
of Missouri; Phi Alpha Delta, Mounds 
society, class president; Initiated by 
Missouri Alpha, Sept 25, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 816 N. Main St, CarroUton, 

THOMAS, ChaHes Crankshaw; b. At- 
lanta, Ga., Dec. 20, 1902; s. Henry 
Wailes and Margaret (Crankshaw) 
T.; ed. Washington and Lee Univer- 
sity, 1905; class president S. B. C, 
varsity track, varsity tennis cham- 
pionship, annual board; initiated by 
Virginia Theta, Sept 20, 1901; emi- 
nent archon, deputy archon, treasurer, 
chronicler; attended S. A. E. Natl 
convention, Washington, 1902, Atlan- 
ta, 1906; a founder of Virginia 
Theta, associate editor of The Record, 
business manager The Record; inter- 
ested in the cotton business, publish- 
ing and building contracting; ad- 
mitted to bar in 1907. Address, 7 
Peachtree Place, Atlanta, Ga. 

THOMAS, Robert W., student; b. Oct 6, 
1890; B. T. J. and Carrie E. (Weller) 
T.; student at Allegheny College; 
mem. College mandolin club, Duzer 
Du dramatic club. College civic 
league, Le Petit Salon, president of 
Quill club, class president varsity 
debater, assistant editor and editor-in- 
chief of College year book; initiated 
by Pennsylvania Omega, Oct. 10, 
1908. Address, 376 Harbor St, Con- 
neaut, Ohio. 

THOMAS, Truman Aldrlch, mechanical 
engineer; b. Blocton, Ala., April 23, 
1889; 8. P. B. Thomas; ed. Alabama 
Polytechnic Institute; initiated by 
Alabama Alpha-Mu, Sept 11, 1910; 
delegate province Epsilon convention 
at Rome; mem. new chapter house 
committee. Address, Aldrlch, Ala. 

THOMAS, Theodore Huff, student; b. 
March 22, 1890; s. G. W. and Jennie 
(Smith) T.; student at Harvard Uni- 
versity; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, Nov. 11, 1911. Address, 600 
N. Carroll St, Carroll, Iowa. 

THOMAS, Jesse, mercantile; b. Knox- 
ville, Tenn., Feb. 4, 1877; s. Jacob L. 
and Lucy M. T.; ed. University of 
Tennessee, 1898; president Chi Delta 
literary society; initiated by Ten- 
nessee ICappa, Oct. 8, 1894; eminent 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

archon, chronicler, recorder; alter- 
nate delegate St Louis, 1896, S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention; contributor to Phi 
Alpha, 1896-98; treasurer Cowan Mc- 
Cleney Co., president Commercial 
club, 1908-09, vice-president Appa- 
lachian Exposition, 1910; m. Lucy 
Cowan Hale, Oct 21, 1908. Address, 
804 W. Main St, Knoxville, Tenn. 

THOMPSON, Arthur Stanley, civil engi- 
neer; b. Brink Haven, O., Aug. 11, 
1885; s. J. B. and Lizzie L. T.; ed. 
Case School of Applied Science and 
Ohio State University, 1909; initiated 
by Ohio Rho, Oct 26, 1906, later affili- 
ated with Ohio Theta; engineer Knox 
county. Address, Gambler, Ohio. 

THOMPSON, Harry Worthington, ad- 
vertising manager; b. Fern Leaf, Ky., 
March 22, 1886; s. J. J. and Love T.; 
ed. Kentucky State University, 1907; 
initiated by Kentucky Epsilon, Sept 
19, 1903; eminent recorder; broUier 
of J. J. Thompson, Kentucky Epsilon; 
with The Fleischmann Co., Cincin- 
nati; mem. Fort Mitchell County 
club; nL Vemer Curry, June 7, 1911. 
Address, 49 tit Louis St., Covington, 

THOMPSON, John James, mercantile; 
b. Fern Leaf, Ky., Nov. 15, 1879; s. J. 
J. and Love (Worthington) T.; ed. 
Kentucky State University, 1903; in- 
itiated by Kentucky Epsilon, Feb. 21, 
1901; eminent archon, recorder; 
brother of Henry W. Thompson, Ken- 
tucky Epsilon; manager machinery 
department The Queen City Supply 
Co., Cincinnati; F. and A. M.; engi- 
neer's club of Cincinnati; m. Minnie 
K. Norrls, March 20, 1907. Address, 
Briar Cliff, Ft. Thomas, Ky. 

THOMSON, Albert Danner, real estate; 
b. Oct 15, 1877; s. William L. and 
Nina (Danner) T.; ed. Emory Col- 
lege, 1898; initiated by Georgia Epsi- 
lon, Sept 20, 1895; brother of W. D. 
Thomson, Georgia Epsilon, J. S. 
Thomson, Georgia Epsilon, L. D. 
Thomson, Georgia Epsilon; Atlanta 
City Council, 1912 and 1913; trip 
around the world via Suez Canal; 
mem. Atlanta athletic club, Univer- 
sity club, K. of P. Residence, 449 N. 
Boulevard, office, 20 Walton St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

THOMSON, George Franklin, student; 

b. Craig, Mo., June 2, 1892; s. Wllliim 
S. and Carrie J. (Holfman) T.; sta- 
dent at Northwestern University; 
Gauntlet Inter-Fraternity, Trig pUy 
cast advertising manager Trig pli7, 
dramatic club, Alpha Teth Nun, as- 
sistant editor Daily Northwestern, 
advertising manager 1918 Syllabu, 
Syllabus board 1914, asaiitant busi- 
ness manager Daily Northwestern ; 
initiated by Illinois Psi-Omega, Feb. 
26, 1911; eminent recorder, oorrei- 
pondent; attended province Delta 
convention at Champaign, 1912. Ad- 
dress, Craig, Mo. 

THOMSON, Robert Johnson, physician 
and surgeon; b. Frost, Ky., 1878; a. 
volney E. and Nancy S. T.; ed. Ken- 
tucky State College, 1900; initiated by 
Kentucky Epsilon, April 28, 1900; 
chief surgeon of Tucumcari hospital; 
thirty-second degree Mason, division 
surgeon E. P. and S. W. and 0. R. L 
P. systems; m. Miranda Louise 
Spears, Oct 4, 1902. Address, Tucum- 
cari, N. M. 

THOMSON, William Danner, lawyer; b. 
Atlanta, Ga., May 18, 1876; s. William 
S. and Nina (Danner) T.; ed. Emory 
College, 1895; class football; initi- 
ated by Georgia Epsilon, Sept 17, 
1892, later affiliated with New Yoik 
Mu; eminent archon at Georgia Ep- 
silon; delegate S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion Washington, 1895; attended At- 
lanta, 1906; president Atlanta Alumni 
association, 1906; brother of Albert 
D. Thomson, Georgia Epsilon, John 
D. Thomson, Geonsia Epsilon, Logan 
D. Thomson, Georgia Epsilon; m. 
Sallie Collier Jones, June 80, 1909. 
Residence, 12 Springdale Road, office, 
902 Candler Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

THORN, Carroll R^ banker; b. Dayton, 
Wyoming, Jan. 26, 1888; s. Joseph D. 
Thorn; ed. University of Washing- 
ton, 1911; initiated by Washington 
Alpha, Dec. 20, ^907; bank teller. 
Address, Sheridan, Wyo. 

THORNTON, Joseph Scott, student; b. 
Sept 3, 1891; s. Harry P. and Anna 
R. (Faulkner) T.; student University 
of Michigan; orchestra of Michigan 
Union opera, 1910; initiated by Michi- 
gan Iota-Beta, March, 11, 1911. Ad- 
dress, 302 W. 21st St, Brie, Penn. 

THORNTON, John ThurstoHt physician; 



b. Richmond, Va., Oct 21, 1875; b. 
WiUiam M. and E. Rosalie (Harrison) 
T.; ed. Uniyersity of Virginia, 1896; 
Pi Mu, associate editor Corks and 
Curls; initiated by Virginia Omicron, 
Nov. 3, 1894; eminent chronicler; 
president Ohio county board of health. 
Pathologist, city hospital. Wheeling; 
mem. American Medical association, 
Ohio County Medical society. West 
Virginia Medical society. University 
club, Carroll club. Knights of Colum- 
bus, Colonade club, medical referee 
Mutual Life Insurance Co.; m. Helen 
Agnes Thomson, 1905. Address, 
Woodsdale, Wheeling. W. Va. 

THREADQILL, Jesse Mercer, physician 
and surgeon; b. Newton, Okla., Jan. 
28, 1873; s. F. A. and Martha (Har- 
nett) T.; ed. Mercer University, 1893, 
St Louis College of Physicians and 
Surgeons, 1898; speaker's place soph- 
omore, Junior and senior years, cham- 
pion debater Ciceronian society; in- 
itiated by Georgia Psi, Nov. 8, 1889; 
eminent recorder; m. Nina Reaves, 
Aug. 26, 1897. Address, New Douglas, 

THURSTON, Edward Day, Jr., Univer- 
sity instructor; b. New York City, 
Oct 23, 1882; s. Edward D. and Sara 
(Leggett) T.; ed. Columbia Univer- 
sity, 1907; Sigma Xi, associate editor 
Spectator; initiated by New York Mu, 
Nov. 8, 1901; eminent treasurer; del- 
egate province Beta convention, 1905; 
Instructor in mechanical engineering, 
Columbia University, colaborator with 
Prof. C. G. Lucke in preparing Engi- 
neering Thermodynamics; m. Susan 
S. Hathaway, May 19, 1908. Address, 
Columbia University, New York City. 

TIDEMAN, William John, manufactur- 
er; b. Detroit, Mich., June 29, 1888; 
s. Henry Tideman; ed. University of 
Michigan, 1911; iniUated by Michigan 
Iota-Beta, Dec. 81, 1907; eminent treas- 
urer; vice-president of The Dudley 
Tool Co., vice-president Menominee 
Electric Manufacturing Co. Address, 
Menominee, Mich. 

TIQRETT, Isaac Burton, banker; b. 
1878; ed. Union University, 1898; in- 
itiated by Tennessee Eta, Jan. 80, 
1894; attended the S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
vention, Memphis, 1904; president of 
Union Un! /ersity, 1910; cashier of the 

Union Bank and Trust Co. Address, 
Jackson, Tenn. 

TILLOTSON, Benjamin Frank, court 
official; b. Marion, la., Nov. 6, 1887; 
s. Frederick L. and Alice (Durham) 
T.; ed. University of Minnesota, 1911; 
initiated by Minnesota Alpha, Oct 18, 
1907; secretary to Chief Justice, Su- 
preme Court of North DaiLota; study- 
ing for admission to bar. Address, 
Box 488, Bismark, N. D. 

TIMMONS, Willis Menefee, mercantile; 
b. Calhoun, Ga., April 15, 1882; s. 
Benson E. L. and Lucy (Menefee) T.; 
ed. Emory College, 1903; baseball and 
relay; initiated by Georgia Epsilon, 
Jan. 28, 1889; attended S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, Atlanta, 1906; secretary. 
The Crumby-Sharp Hardware Co., di- 
rector Atlanta Builders Exchange; 
mem. Atlanta athletic club; m. Aline 
E. Mitchell, June 6, 1906. Address, 
1373 Peachtree St, Atlanta, Ga. 

TIMPERLY, William Daniel, designer 
and estimator; b. June 10, 1887; s. 
John H. and Anna (Clark) T.; ed. 
University of Minnesota, 1910; Theta 
Tau, Scabbard and Blade, Grey 
Friars; initiated by Minnesota Alpha, 
May 5, 1909; eminent archon; with 
Crown Iron Work Ck>. Address, 2635 
Polk St., N. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

TIMS, John Chapel, clergyman; b. Kos- 
ciusko, Miss.; s. William Chapel and 
Elizabeth (Thompson) T.; ed. 
Southwestern Presbyterian Univer- 
sity, 1896; initiated by Tennessee 
Zeta, Oct 10, 1892; Presbsrterian 
minister; m. Elizabeth Pasco, Nov. 20, 
1901. Address, 412 Zack St, Tampa, 

TOLBERT, Raymond Austen, student; 
b. Vernon, Texas, March 17, 1890; s. 
James R. and Emma (Gilbert) T.; 
ed. Southwestern University, 1911, at 
present at University of Oklahoma; 
class vice president, law football 
team, critic Sooner Bar, president 
Senate, board of University of OklSr 
homa magazine, president Intercolle- 
giate Prohibition league; secretary of 
the legislative committee of seven 
largely responsible for securing |125,- 
000 for law building; mem. Ames club 
court and press club, business mana* 
ger Southwestern magazine; initi- 
ated by Oklahoma Kappa, Nov. 1910; 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 

eminent correspondent, chronicler, 
warden; founder of Oklahoma direc- 
tory of S. A. E.; secretary-treasurer 
R. S. Winn and Co. Address, 208 N. 
Hill St. Hobart, Okla. 

TOLMAN, Hugh Harrison, b. Dec. 28, 
1888; 8. Fayette Cahlll and Mame E. 
(White) T.; ed. University of Illinois; 
Initiated by Illinois Beta, Oct 28, 
1908. Address, Red Oak, la. 

TOMPKINS, Charles Walsh, lawyer; b. 
Jhfobile, Ala., Feb. 13, 1870; s. John 
R. and Fanny (Williams) T.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Alabama; initiated by Ala- 
bama Mu. Feb. 20, 1887; past counsel- 
lor commander of Maple camp, No. 5, 
W. O. W., president of Ladies and 
Knights of Security, trustee of Tus- 
cahoma Tribe, No. 59 Improved 
Order of Red Men, past supreme coun- 
sellor of the Independent Order of 
Beavers; m. Belle Bland. Office, 216, 
217 Pollock Bldg., Mobile, Ala. 

TOOMEY, Edward Galbralth, student; 
b. Oct 13, 1892; s. H. J. and Mary 
(Galbralth) T.; student at University 
of Wisconsin; initiated by Wisconsin 
Alpha, Dec. 9, 1911. Address, Deer 
lodge, Mont. 

TOWERS, Donigan Dean, superinten- 
dent; b. Rome, 6a., March 1, 1882; 
s. R. H. and Mary E. (Dean) T.; ed. 
Georgia School of Technology; first 
honor graduate, indoor and outdoor 
athletic champion 1902; initiated by 
Georgia Phi, Jan. 1898; eminent treas- 
urer; superintendent Canton Cotton 
Mills; Knights Templar; m. Pauline 
Embree, Oct 1, 1907. Address, Can- 
ton Ga. 

TOWERS, John H., naval aviator; b. 
Rome, Ga., Jan. 30 1885; s. William 
M. T.; ed. Georgia School of Tech- 
nology, 1905, U. S. Naval Academy, 
1906; initiated by Georgia Phi, Sept 
28, 1901; licensed international avia- 
tor, one of three officers of the United 
States navy selected by the govern- 
ment for aviation duty; traveled over 
the world. Address, care Navy De- 
partment, Washington, D. C. 

TOWNSEND, David, physician; b. 
South Natick, Mass., May 6, 1873; s. 
George James and Lucy M. (Rich- 
ards) T.; ed. Harvard University, 
1896; initiated by Massachusetts 
Oamma, March 9, 1895 ; eminent treas- 

urer, recorder; superlnteiideiit Jiff* 
dan Memorial Sanatorlnm (for Tabtf- 
culosis); author severml articles in 
MedicaJ Journals on Day Camp tot 
Tuberculosis; traveled in England. 
Germany and Switzerland; Unlve^ 
aity club, Boston; mem. Massachnaetts 
Medical association; m. Mary B. 
Crulkshank at Lincoln, EIngland, 
Nov. 1, 1902. Address* Jordon Me- 
morial Sanatorium, River Blade, New 
Brunswick, Canada. 

TOWNSEND, Stewart 8. student; b. 
March 22, 1889; s. J. F. and J. F. 
(Stewart) T.; student at Allegh«iy 
College; varsity football, captain 
baseball, class basketbidl; mem. 
Modem Problems club; Initiated by 
Pennsylvania Omega, Oct. 10, 1898. 
Address, Perryopolis, Penn. 

TOWNSLEY, Paul Harold, U. S. Recla- 
mation Service; b. July 81, 1889; s. 
Samuel S. and Margaret B. (Leech) T. 
ed. University of Sonth Dakota; 
mem. varsity band and orchestrt, 
manager University Lectare course, 
senior class president; initiated by 
South Dakota Sigma, Nov. 27, 1911; a 
charter member and first Tice-presl- 
dent of P. H. P. local. Address, care 
Flathead Camp, U. S. Reclamation 
Service, Ronan, Mont. 

TRACY, Mac Alexander, lawyer; b. 
McKenzie, Tenn., Dec. 10, 1888; s, 
Daniel Webster and Nora T.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Oklahoma, 1909; senior 
class president, captain class bas^wU, 
varsity basketball squad; mem. For- 
um literary society, assistant librari- 
an and treasurer of the University 
of Oklahoma, 1907 and 1908; initiated 
by Oklahoma Kappa, Oct 23, 1909, 
(charter mem.); first historian Okla- 
homa Kappa; has been principal of 
schools at Elk City, Okla., and super- 
visor of boys at Oklahoma School for 
the Blind, Ft Gibson. Address, Elk 
City. Okla. 

TRAM M ELL, Lee, Jr., student; b. Sept 
4, 1892; s. Lee and Anna Godfrey T.; 
student at Emory College; Initiated 
by Georgia Epsilon, Sept 21, 1911. 
Address, Madison, Ga. 

TREDER, Oscar F. R. clergyman; b. 
Albany, N. T., May 6, lo<7; s. Ru- 
dolph and Emma (Helwig) T.; ed. St 
Stephen's College, 1901; varsity foot- 



ball» librarian St Stephen's College, 
class orator, winner philosophy prize, 
mathematics prizes; initiated by New 
York Sigma-Phi, Nov. 18, 1897; emi- 
nent archon. treasurer; delegate S. 

A. E. Nat'l conventions, Nashville, 
1898, Boston, 1900; Washington, 1902; 
provisional delegate general conven- 
tion of Protestant Episcopal church; 
m. Lillian E. Howe, Oct 5, 1904. Ad- 
dress, East Hampton, Long Island, 
N. Y. 

TREZEVANT, Roy Hayne, mercantile; 
b. Memphis, Tenn., March 23, 1882; 

B. M. B. and Susan K. T.; ed. Univer- 
sity Of Tennessee, 1902; initiated by 
Tennessee Kappa, Oct 1, 1898; emi- 
nent chronicler; attended S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention Memphis 1904; 
brother of Stanley H. Trezevant, Ten- 
nessee Omega; manager Madison 
Trust Co., Memphis, president Chicka- 
saw Stone and Material Co.; m. Lois 
Hunt Oct 23, 1907. Address, 536- 
540 Scimitar Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 

TREZEVANT, Stanley Hamilton, law- 
yer; b. Memphis, Tenn., June 10, 
1884; s. M. B. and Susan Keith (Sim- 
mons) T.; ed. University of the 
South; initiated by Tennessee Omega, 
April 1, 1902, later affiliated with 
Tennessee Kappa; eminent archon; 
delegate Memphis 1904 S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention; brotiier of Roy H. Treze- 
vant, Tennessee Kappa. Address, 
1500 Memphis Trust Bldg., Memphis, 

TRIMBLE, Carleton Thompson; b. 
Trimble, 111., Nov. 12, 1887; s. John 
Dunlap; ed. University of Illinois, 
1911; Shield and Trident business 
manager 1911 Illio, circulation mana- 
ger Daily mini, interscholastic circus 
manager, class sergeant at arms; in- 
itiated by Illinois Beta, May 4, 1908; 
eminent archon, treasurer; mem. A. 
F. and A. M.; m. Lettie Louise Busey, 
Jan. 11, 1912. Address, Trimble, 111. 

TUCKER, John Voden, lawyer; b. La 
Grange, Me., July 28, 1873; s. Arthur 
S. and Anna I. T.; ed. University of 
Maine, 1904, Boston University, 1909, 
Harvard; Deutscher Verein; initiated 
by Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon. Ad- 
dress, 5 Church St, Sanford, Me. 

TUPPER, Frederick Qeddlngs, mechani- 
cal and electrical eng^eer; b. 

Charleston, S. C, July 12, 1882; s. 
Samuel Y. and Deas (Geddings) T.; ed. 
University of Georgia, 1900; initiated 
by Georgia Beta, Sept 13, 1897; emi- 
nent chronicler; son of Samuel T. 
Tupper, Tennessee Nu, brother of 
Samuel T. Tupper, Jr., Georgia Phi; 
assistant engineer South Eastern Un- 
derwriters association; graduated U. 
S. Naval Academy, 1904, commis- 
sioned ensign U. S. Navy, Jan. 1906, 
resigned Feb. 1906; m. Maymie M. 
Miller, Nov. 17, 1904. Address, 529 
Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

TURNER, Job Darbin, educator; b. 
Minnie, Ky., March 18, 1875; s. John 
Burk and Mary Ann T.; ed. Ken- 
tucky State College, 1898; class treas- 
urer, football and track, president 
Henry Clay Law society, captain 
cadet company, secretary-treasurer 
student mess; initiated by Kentucky 
Epsilon, Feb. 10, 1900; eminent deputy 
archon; mem. board of trustees of 
Kentucky Epsilon; delegate S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention Memphis, 1904; prov- 
ince Iota 'convention; head of Feed 
Control division of Kentucky, secre- 
tary-treasurer association of Feed 
Control officials of the United States, 
1910-11, alumni manager of athletics 
of Kentucky State College, 1907-08, 
president Alumni association, 1910; 
m. Ann Garland Claybreeke, Oct. 25, 
1906. Address, 135 Washington Ave., 
Lexington, Ky. 

TURNER, Orvllle Hickman Browning, 
chief engineer; b. Cherry Box, Mo., 
Nov. 25, 1862; s. Luther and Eveline 
(Baker) T.; ed. Missouri State Uni- 
versity, 1888; editor-in-chief Univer- 
sity Argus; initiated by Missouri 
Alpha May 25, 1884, (charter mem.) ; 
attended S. A. E. Nat'l convention at 
St Louis, 1892; chief engineer St. L. 
R. M. and P. Ry. Co.; mem. American 
society of Civil Engineers and Engi- 
neer's club Of St Louis; m. Maud 
Hawkins, March 11, 1891. Address, 
Raton, N. M. 

TURPIN, William Conrad, mercantile; 
b. Millwood, Va., Aug. 24, 1891; s. Wil- 
liam C. and Evelyn (Nelson) T.; ed. 
University of Georgia; class historian. 
Junior cabinet Delta Delta, T. K. A., 
athletic editor Red and Blade, chair- 
man Senior Hop committee; initiated 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 

by Georgia Beta, Dec. 4, 1909, later 
affiliated with Georgia Psi; eminent 
recorder; with Macon Brick Co. Ad- 
dress, 376 Orange St., Macon, Ga. 

TUTTLE, Arthur J., lawyer; b. Leslie, 
Mich., Nov. 8, 1868; s. Ogden U. and 
Julia £. (McCentum) T.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Michigan, 1895; class histori- 
an. Palladium board. Phi Beta Kappa; 
initiated by Michigan Iota-Beta, June 
18, 1891; eminent archon, deputy 
archon, treasurer, served as president 
of province Delta; delegate S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention Chattanooga, 1892, 
PitUburgh, 1893, Washington, 1894, 
founder of Nebraska Lambda-Pi; 
county prosecuting attorney, 1899- 
1902, state senator, 1897-1910, U. S. 
district attorney eastern district of 
Michigan at Detroit since Sept 1, 
1911; traveled in Spain, Italy, Switzer- 
land, France, Germany, England, Ire- 
land, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Rus- 
sia and Poland ; mem. University club, 
Detroit; m. Jessie B. Stewart, March 
11, 1903. Address, Leslie, Mich. 

TWINING, Granville Howard, physi- 
cian and surgeon ; b. Corning, la., July 
25 1876; s. L. T.; ed. Northwestern 
University 1906, Rush Medical Col- 
lege, 1910; Syllabus board, Sigma Xi, 
Deru, Hinman literary society; initi- 
ated by Illinois Psi-Omega, Nov. 25, 
1901; eminent archon; served as vice- 
president province Zeta; division sur- 
geon C. M. and P. S. Ry., local surgeon 
C. M. and St. P. Ry.. Spanish-Ameri- 
can war veteran, served in the Philip- 
pines; interne Presbyterian hospital, 
Chicago; m. Wilhelmine M. Sommer, 
June 24, 1911. Address, Mobridge, S. 

TYE, Benjamin W., lawyer; b. Atlanta, 
Ga., March 26, 1887; s. John L. and 
Carrie (Wilson) T.; ed. Georgia 
School of Technology, Yale Univer- 
sity; initiated by Georgia Phi, Feb. 
1905; delegate S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion Atlanta, 1906, Atlantic City, 1910; 
mem. law firm Tye, Peeples and Jor- 
dan; district attorney L. and N. R. R. 
Co., division counsel N. C. and St. L. 
Ry., counsel for Georgia I. C. R. R. 
Co.; mem. Capitol City club. Pied- 
mont Driving club, University club, 
and Atlanta athletic club; m. Annie 
C&verly, Nov. 16, 1910. Address, 413- 

420 Equitable Bldg., AtUnta» Ga. 
TYSON, Blakely M., rancher; b. Brook- 
lyn, N. T., July 28, 1888; ■. Charles 
H. and Cora B. T.; ed. Stanford Uni- 
versity, 1911; initiated by California 
Alpha, Sept 1907; orange rancher. 
Address, Mentone, CaL 


UHL, Elmer Jeremiah, mercantile; b. 
Indianapolis, Ind., May 4, 1886; s. 
John and Louisa (Marts) U.; ed. Pnr- 
due University, 1910; claas football 
and basketball, civil engineering so- 
ciety; initiated by Indiana Beta, Dec 
14, 1907; eminent deputy archon; del- 
egate to Delta province convention at 
Chicago, 1910, one of the organizers 
of Dallas S. A. E. Alumni association; 
Texas representative for Memphis 
Steel Construction Co., of Memphis, 
Tenn. Address, 829 Wilson Bldg., 
Dallas Tex. 

UNDERWOOD, John DeLose, inBU^ 
ance; b. Washington, D. C, May 4, 
1876; s. Zeriah Green and Snsan F. 
(Andrews) U.; ed. Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, 1898; L'Avenir 
society, glee club member; initiated 
by Massachusetts Iota-Tan, Oct 20, 
1894; fire insurance inspector and ad- 
juster; mem. of Technology club of 
New York; m. Maud Arnold, April 21, 
1909. Address, 128 Park Ave., STwarth- 
more, Penn. 

UNDERWOOD, Franklin Mason, school 
principal; b. Joplin, Mo., Oct. 8, 1880; 
s. S. A. and Sarah A. (Whitwell) U.; 
ed. University of Missouri, 1902; 
president Athenaeum literary society; 
initiated by Missouri Alpha, Sept. 12, 
1899; eminent recorder; principal of 
Fanning Public School, treasurer Mis- 
souri State Teachers association; 
mem. Schoolmaster's club, menL Prin- 
cipal's club. Address, Rose Fanning 
School, Grace and McDonald ave., St 
Louis, Mo. 

UN8W0RTH, Samuel, rector; b. Bolton, 
Lancashire, England, Feb. 8, 18S2; s. 
William and Elisabeth U.; ed. St 
Stephen's College, 1875; member of 
the Sigma-Phi society which later be- 
come New Tork Sigma-Phi; initiated 
for New Tork Sigma-Phi by Califbmia 
Alpha; rector Trinity Episcopal 


church; m. Haniuh Dawson, July SS, 
ISTif. Addreu. lis W. Second St., 
Ruio, NaT. 

VAILE, JamM B„ merc&aUle; b. Santa 
Barbara, Cal., Aug. 10, 1884; ■. Mr. 
and Mm. Cliarlea S. Valle; ed. at Unl- 
Terslty of Colorado, 1B07, Pomona 
College, 1908; football team, Dra^ 
matlc club, Phi DelU Phi; Initiated 
b7 Colorado Chi, 1906; auperlnten- 
dent orange packing house. Ad> 
dresi, Porterrille, CaL 

VAILE, Wllllan Newell, lawyer; b. 
Kokomo, Ind., June 22, 187S; §.' Joel 
Frederick and Charlotte Marlon 
{WMte) v.; ed. at Tale UnlverBlty, 
1898. entered Harvard UnlTeralty, 
Law School, 1898, but was sent home 
after three months In Cambridge hos- 
pital with typhoid, contracted In the 
military service of the United 
States. Entered the Law School of 
UnlTerslty of Colorado, 1899, and 
again returned to Harvard Unlvei^ 
■Ity Law School; Initiated by Colo- 
rado Cbl, Feb. 4, 1899; president of 
Province Bta; Junior mem. of firm of 
VaUe, McAIUster & Valle; mem. of 
Denver and Colorado Bar associa- 
tion, mem. of American Academy of 
Political and Social Science, mem. of 
American aHealth league; m. L, E. 
Hall, June IE, 1902. Residence, Ar- 
vada, Colo., office, 420 EquiUble 
Bldg.. Denver, Colo. 

VAN CLEVE, William Marvin, lawyer; 
b. Uacon, Mo., Feb. 10, 1880; s. Wil- 
liam H. and Fannie N. Van C; ed. at 
Cumberland University, 1903, Wash- 
ington University; Initiated by Ten- 
nessee Lambda, Sept 20, 1898; m. 
Florence Wardell. June 27, 1907. Ad- 
dress, Macon, Mo. 

VANOIVER, Almuth C„ lawyer; b. 
Gadsden, Ala., June 21, 1879; s. Well- 
ington and Florence (Cunningham) 
v.: ed. at Alabama Polytechnic Insti- 
tute. 189S; Initiated by Alabama AI- 
phsrMn, Oct. 18SG, eminent archon, 
attended S. A. E. Nat'l convention at 
8t Louie, 1896; deputy assistant dis- 
trict attorney New York county, 
1906-1W8. Residence. 44 west 44th 

I Nassau St., New Tork 

St, oDce, 3 

VANDIVtER, Huflh Emerson, student; 
b. April 19, 1S91; s. Ira C. and Ella 
(Forsythe) V.; student at Franklin 
College; class president baseball 
squad, varsity football and basket 
baU; Initiated by Indiana Alpha, Feb. 
10, 1911. Address, Franklin, Ind. 

VAN INWEQEN, H. Barensten, stu- 
dent; b. Aug. 5, 188S; s. Charles F. 
and Bmma L. (Van Etten) V.; stu- 
dent at Cornell University; Initiated 
by New Tork Alpha. Address, 29 
CoJe St., Port Jervls, N. T. 

VAN MATRE, Harold, clvU engineer; 
b. Cincinnati, O.; s. Henry and U. 
F. (Huntington) V.; ed. at Univer- 
sity Of Cincinnati, 1902; captain foot- 
ball team, 1900; initiated by 
Ohio Bpstlon, Oct. G, 1S98; brother 
Of Morgan Van Matre, Ohio EpsUon, 
Everett Van Matre, Ohio E^sUon, 
Lawrence Van Matre, Ohio EpsUon; 
Chief engineer and treasurer of the 
Canadian Perro-Concrete Co. Ad- 
dress. SOS PaclSc Bldg., Vancouver, 

VAN HOESEN, Frank C, student; b. 
June 30. 1891; s. F. P. and Adeline 
(Miller) v.; student at University of 
Pennsylvania; initiated by Pennsyl- 
vania Theta, Oct 21, 1910. Address, 
340 Oxford St, Rochester. N. T. 

VAN VLECK, Arthur N/e, student; b. 
Aug. 1, 1890; B. J. N. and Mary C. 
(Nye) v.: student at George Wash- 
ington Universtty; Initiated by 
Washington City Rho, Nov. 18. 1911. 
Address, 1410 EucUd St, N. W., 
Washington. D. C. 

VAWTER, William Arthur, II., manu- 
facturer; b. Danville, Ind., May E, 
1884; s. William A. and Alice Rebecca 
(Hadley) V.; ed. at Northwestern 
University, Cornell University, 1905; 
while at (^mell University, mem. of 
Sphlni Head, golf team, manager 
of cross country team, mem. Inter- 
collegiate C. C. league, associate edit- 
or of senior class book. Mosque Dra- 
matic club, Sunday Night club; Ini- 
tiated by Illinois Pst-Omega, Oct 18, 
1900, affiUated with New Tork Alpha, 
eminent treasurer and correspon- 
dent at New Tork Alpha, alternate 
delegate from New Tork Alpha Mem- 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

phU conTention, 1904, alternate dele- 
gate from Chicago Alumni aasocla- 
tlon to S. A. E. Nat'l convention at 
Atlantic City, 1909; delegate from 
Chicago Alumni ataociatlon to 8. A. 
E. Nat'l convention at Kansas City, 
1910; attended province Delta con- 
vention at Chicago, 1910; aaslBtant 
manager of Baker Vawter Co.; m. 
Dorothy Pattibone Fuller, 8ept 10, 
1910. Address, 184 Bellvlew St, Ben- 
ton Harbor, Mich. 

VERNON, Irving Evans, lawyer; b. 
Shelbume, N. H., Nov. 1, 1878; s. 
Edward J. and Emma 8.; ed. at Bos- 
ton University, 1901; mem. William 
E. Russell society, mem. New Hamp- 
shire club; Initiated by Massachus- 
etU Beta-Upsilon, Dec. 3, 1898, emi- 
nent treasurer, attended 8. A. E. 
Nat'l convention, Boston, 1900, dele- 
gate to province Alpha convention, 
1900; assistant county attorney of 
Cumberland county, Portland city 
council, 1903-1904; m. Elsie McGln- 
gan, June 6, 1906. Address, 390 Con- 
gress St., Portland, Me. 

VERNON, James Mercer, Jr., student; 
b. Sept 16, 1887; s. James M. and 
Bertha Tudor V.; student at George 
Washington University; initiated by 
Washington City Rho, Nov. 20, 1909. 
Address, Everett, Wash. 

VERY, William Gardner, student; b. 
June 4, 1892; s. Charles H. and Mary 
E. (Gardner) V.; student at Worces- 
ter Polytechnic Institute; initiated 
by Massachusetts Delta, Nov. 26, 
1910. Address, 6 Roslyn St., Salem, 
Itf ass. 

VIGAR8, William Chester, farmer; b. 
Eldora, Iowa, Jan. 31, 1890; s. James 
and Anna V.; ed. at Northwestern 
University; class track and baseball 
teams; initiated by Illinois Psi- 
Omega, Feb. 19, 1910. Address, El- 
dora Iowa 

VINCENHELLER, George Ashton, fruit 
grower and distributor; b. Ranger, 
Tex., Nov. 3, 1877; s. William G. and 
Virginia L. V.; ed. at University of 
Arkansas, 1901; president Junior 
class, baseball team four years, cap- 
tain of baseball team 1900 and 1901, 
football team four years, captain 
1900. track team; Initiated by Ar- 
kaDBBB AJpha-Upsllon, Nov. 5, 1898, 

eminent treaanrer and deputy uv ^ 
chon; delegate to proTince conven- 
tion, Kansas City, 1899, delegate to 
Nat'l convention* Boston, 1900, at- 
tended Memphia, Tenn.» conTentkm, 
1904; m. Miriam A. Austin, Oct 1, 
1902. Address, 22 E. Center St, Fay- 
ettevllle. Ark. 

VINCENT, Earl W^ student; b. Ifaith 
27, 1886; s. George G. and Mary T. 
(Wright) v.; student at Unlvenity 
of Iowa, B. A., at Monmouth, 1909; 
initiated by Iowa Beta, Feb. 10, 1911. 
Address, Keota, Iowa. 

VININQ, Vernon E^ student; b. Jan. 
16, 1888; s. Samuel J. and AdeUne 
(Elsworth) v.; student at Ohio State 
University; Glee club reader; initi- 
ated by Ohio Delta, Oct, 1907, aflUi- 
ated with Ohio Theta. Address, 
Cellna, Ohio. 

VIOLETTE, Eugene Morrowp college 
professor; b. Pittsville, Mo., Sept 
4, 1873; 8. Thomas H. and Julia 
(Horn) v.; ed. at Central College, 
1898; local editor of Central College* 
1897, winner of Dockery scholarship 
prize, 1897, president of T. M. C. A, 
1897; Initiated by Fayette branch of 
Missouri Alpha, Oct 8, 1895; profes- 
sor of history. State Normal School, 
KlrksviUe, Mo., since 1900, author 
of History of First District Nor- 
mal School, History of Adair coun- 
ty, mem. of American Historical 
association, mem. Missouri Society of 
Teachers of History and Govern- 
ment; m. Hallle Hall, Sept. 18, 1902. 
Address, Klrksvllle, Mo. 

VIRGIN, Edward Harmon, librarian; 
s. Rev. E. W. and M. E. (Harmon) 
v.; ed. at Harvard University, 1899; 
initiated by Massachusetts Gamma, 
Nov. 27, 1897, eminent archon; dele- 
gate to S. A. E. Nat'l convention, 
Nashville, 1898, Boston, 1900, Wash- 
ington, 1902, Memphis, 1904, eminent 
supreme recorder, 1900-1904, author 
of "A Bibliography of S. A. B.," con- 
tributor to the songs of Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon; librarian of the General 
Theological Seminary of the Protest- 
ant Episcopal church, mem. Ameri- 
can Library association, president of 
New York Library club, traveled in 
Europe. Address, Chelsea Sq., New 
York City. 



VOLK, Marcus Henry, student; b. July 
27, 1886; s. George W. and Lura T. 
(DeLiano) V.; student at University 
Of Denver; captain varsity football 
and varsity baseball, track and 
basketball; initiated by Colorado 
Zeta, Oct 2, 1909. Address, San 
Diego, Cal. 

VOSS, Walter C, mercantile; b. Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, Dec. 24, 1883; s. George 
W. and Helen V.; ed. at Case School 
of Applied Science, 1906; senate, 

1906, Pick and Shovel club, manager 
of track team, 1905, mem. Glee club, 
1905; Initiated by Ohio Rho, Feb. 18, 
1905 (charter mem.); mem. Sigma 
Rho local and attended Memphis con- 
vention to help obtain charter for 
Ohio Rho; eminent archon; ma- 
chinery salesman. Address, 10526 
Churchill Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 


WADE, Franklyn Charles, lawyer; b. 
Fredonia, Kan., Nov. 29, 1878; s. D. 
F. and Roena Beatty Wl; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Indiana, 1908; Alpha Delta 
Sigma and Tau Epsilon Phi, honor- 
ary local societies, mem. football 
team, 1903, 1905, 1906, captain elect 

1907, all state left tackle for three 
years. Phi Delta Phi; initiated by 
Indiana Gamma, Jan. 19, 1907 (char- 
ter mem.), eminent deputy archon, 
petitioner for local to S'. A E. Natl 
convention at Atlanta, 1906, when 
charter was granted; m. Lenora Lo- 
raine Tobin, July 31, 1911. Address, 
Fredonia, Kan. 

WAD8W0RTH, Albert Hodges, real es- 
tate; b. Matagorda, Tex., March 10, 
1887; 8. W. B. and Julia (Hodges) 
W.; ed. at University of the South, 
1908; initiated by Tennessee Omega, 
1894; m. Lurline Andrews, Dec. 1, 
1910. Address, Matagorda, Tex. 

WAGQENER, Roy, mercantile; b. 
Franklin, Ind., March 14, 1881; s. Rob- 
ert and Nancy Brown (Telton) W.; 
ed. at Franklin College, 1904; mem. 
football team, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1903, 
captain, 1899, 1900, field captain 
1903; initiated by Indiana Alpha, 
Sept. 26, 1900; superintendent of J. 
D. Case Planing Mills; m. Edith Mae 
Mnlendere, Nov. 7, 1906. Address, 

comer Morgan and Eleventh Bts., 
Ruahville, Ind. 

WAGNER, Edward Carl, manufac- 
turer; b. Chicago, ni.. Sept 19, 1881; 
B. Edward and Minnie M. W.; ed. at 
Washington University, 1903; cap- 
tain baseball team; initiated by Mis- 
souri Beta, Nov. 23, 1899; secretary 
and treasurer Forest Park Brewing 
Co.; m. Ida Stoffregen, April 28, 1909. 
Address, 3514 Hawthorne Blvd., St 
Louis, Mo. 

WAKEMAN, Albert DuBols, mercan- 
tile; b. Oct 6, 1885; s. W. J. and 
Mary (Relljea) W.; ed. at University 
of Cincinnati, 1908, track team and 
tennis team; initiated by Ohio Bpsi- 
lon. Sept, 1904, attended convention 
at Memphis, lenn., 1904; building 
material business; mem. University 
club, mem. Mutteromoh A. A club, 
Portland Rowing club, Irvington 
Tennis club. Address, 770 Northrup 
St, Portland, Ore. 

WALDO, William Beadle, lawyer; b. 
Canon City, Colo., Aug. 7, 1884; s. 
Charles E. and Lida B. W.; ed. at 
University of Colorado, 1911; mem. 
Phi Delta Phi; initiated by Colo- 
rado Chi, Oct 16, 1908; eminent ar- 
chon; delegate to S. A E. Nat'l con- 
vention, Kansas City, Mo. Address, 
621 River St, Canon City, Colo. 

WALECHKA, John H., financier; b. 
Teopolis, Wis., Jan. 12, 1887; s. Mr. 
Walechka and Anne (Kocian) W.; 
ed. at University of Wisconsin, 1907; 
Iron cross. Monastics, chairman of 
Badger Board, 1906, in inter-collegi- 
ate debate against University of 
Michigan, 1906; initiated by Wis- 
consin Alpha; banking, manufact- 
turing, financing enterprises; mem. 
Republican State Central committee; 
m. Janet Mikel, Dec. 8, 1907. Ad- 
dress, Eland, Wis. 

WALKER, Carroll Preston, mercantile; 
b. Dyersburg, Tenn., Sept 18, 1888; 
s. Dr. J. P. C. and Jennie (Doyle) 
W.; ed. at Bethel College; football 
manager, 1907-1908, initiated by Ken- 
tucky Iota, Oct 6, 1906; eminent cor- 
respondent and treasurer; with 
B^Eunsworth-EiVanB Cotton Co. Ad- 
dress, Dyersburg, Tenn. 

WALKER, James Oecar, farmer; b. 
Mecklenburg County, N. C, March 



25, 1879; 8. H. J. and Catherine E. 
Berryhill; ed. at DaYi'dton College, 
1901; initiated by North Carolina 
Theta, Dec. 23, 1896; Southern Manu- 
facturers club, Colonial and Meck- 
lenburg Country club, 32nd degree 
Mason, Knight Templar, captain 
Arab Patrol Oasis Temple, A. A. O. 
N. M. S. Address, Charlotte, N. C. 

WALKER, Francis William, engineer; 
b. New Brighton, Penn., Sept 29, 
1888; s. Francis William and Lilia 
(Francos) Gould; ed. at Pennsylva- 
nia State College, 1911, post gradu- 
ate at University of Illinois, 1911; as- 
sistant business manager of CoUege 
annual, mem. Sigma Xi, football 
team; initiated by Pennsylvania Al- 
pha-Zeta, affiliated with Illinois Beta, 
eminent archon; superintendent of 
Beaver Fall Art. Tile Co.; ceramic 
engineer, mem. American Ceramic 
Society and American Chemical so- 
ciety. Address, Patterson Heights, 
Beaver Falls, Penn. 

WALKER, George Johnson, contract^ 
ing engineer; b. Monroe City, Mo., 
Jan. 5, 1881; ed. at University of 
Missouri, 1902, 1904; mem. local 
senior society A. E. B. H., mem. Tau 
Beta PI; initiated by Missouri Alpha, 
Jan. 20, 1900; associate mem. Am- 
erican Society Contracting Engin- 
eers; m. Rheyma Miller, April, 6, 
1910. Address, 5433 Elmer St., Pitts- 
burgh, Penn. 

WALKER, Henry Q., lawyer; b. Font- 
anelle, Iowa, Oct. 7, 1878; s. Philip 
and Belle (Grass) W.; ed. at Univer- 
sity of Iowa, L. A., 1904, law, 1906; 
president Junior class, Phi Delta 
Phi, general manager athletics, 1904- 
1905; short story prize, Pickard 
prize for extemporaneous debate, rep- 
resented the university in Northern 
Oratorical league contest at Ann Ar- 
bor, 1905, and Hamilton club con- 
test at Chicago, 1905; and at Wis- 
consin-Iowa debate, 1904; initiated 
by Iowa Beta, Feb. 11, 1905 (charter 
mem.); delegate of petitioning chap- 
ter to S. A. E. Nat'l convention at 
Memphis, 1904, where charter was 
granted, referee in bankruptcy, 1906; 
city solicitor of Iowa City, 1907- 1911, 
lecturer in law at University of Iowa, 
^909-1910, mem. Iowa Bar association. 

mem. American Bar aModatlon, 
curator State Historical Society of 
Iowa, captain of Companj I. 54th 
Infantry I. N. O.. 1909-1910; pott- 
master at Iowa City; m. Slgny Veb- 
len. Sept 12, 1906. Address, 527 
North Linn St, Iowa City, Iowa. 

WALKER, Paul Attee, atudent; b. 
Washington county. Penile a. Joseph 
L. and Hannah J. W.; ed. at Univer- 
sity of Chicago, 1905, Ph. B^ 1909, 
student at Univenlty of Oklahoma, 
law; mem. Dramatic club and debatr 
ing society at University of Chicago, 
mem. Oavel club and Holmes Law 
club at University of Oklahoma, 
Ferdinand Peck Prise, acholarship 
oratorical contest, fteshman and 
sophomore debating teams at Uni- 
versity of Chicago, Oklahoma-Kansas 
debating teams, 1911, 1912, chairman 
student legislative committee of law 
school at University of Oklahoma; 
initiated by Illinois Theta, March 9, 
1903 (charter mem.); eminent a^ 
chon, affiliated with Oklahoma Kap- 
pa, eminent archon; attended 8. A. 
E. Nat'l convention, Memphis, 1904, 
delegate S. A. E. Natl convention at 
Atlantic City, 1909, Kansas City, 
1910, delegate province Theta con- 
vention, 1910; president province 
Theta, 1908-1912, visited chapters of 
province Theta, 1908; petitioning del- 
egate from Holmes Law club and Plii 
Delta Phi Nat'l convention, Cincin- 
nati, 1911; first consul of Holmei 
chapter Phi Delta Phi; law student, 
instructor, debating and oratory at 
University of Oklahoma, principal 
Shawnee High School, Shawnee^ 
Okla., 1905-1908. Address S. A. E. 
House, Norman, Okla. 

WALKER, Clifford, lawyer b. Monroe, 
Qa., July 4, 1877; s. B. Sanders and 
Alice (Mitchell) W.; ed. at Unive^ 
slty of Georgia, 1897; president 
Demosthenian society, medalist de- 
bater of Demosthenian society, found- 
er and business manager The Geor- 
gian, founder and first debater 
Georgia-North Carolina debates, 
sophomore declaimer medalist. Junior 
debater's medal. Junior orator, editor 
Red and Black, serg.-major and adjut^ 
ant battalion cadets, president Y. M 
C. A.; initiated by Georgia Beta, 



Sept. 12, 1894» son of B. S. Walker, 
Georgia Beta, brother of B. S. Walk- 
er, Jr., Georgia Beta, delegate to At- 
lanta province conyentlon, delegate 
to S. A. E. Nat'l conyention at St 
Louis, 1896; mayor of city of Monroe, 
Democratic State Bxecutive commit- 
tee, releree in bankruptcy, solicitor 
general western circuit, grand chan- 
cellor Geongia Knights of Pythias; 
m. Rosa Carter Matthewson, April 
29, 1902. Address, Monroe, Ga. 

WALKER, Stuart Wilson, Uwyer; b. 
Berkeley county, W. Va., Nov. 5, 
1862; s. James H. and Mary E. W.; 
ed. at Washington and Lee Univer- 
sity, 1882 and 1883; initiated by Vir- 
ginia Sigma, Oct, 1883; mem. State 
legislature, U. S. Attorney; delegate 
to democratic Natl convenitlon at 
Kansas City; m. Miss Thayer, Oct 4, 
1894. Address, Martinsburg, W. Va. 

WALKER, William Bohler, clergyman; 
b. Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 3, 1852; s. 
Mathew Talbot and Maria Louise 
W.; ed. at University of Georgia, 
1872; class debater junior and 
senior year, final orator Demosthe- 
nian society, first medalist sopho- 
more declamation, varsity baseball 
team three years; initiated by 
Georgia Beta, 1869, eminent archon; 
won medal for oratory at S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Atlanta, 1872, 
founded chapter at the University of 
the South; delegate to S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, Atlanta, 1872, Augusta, 
1878, Atlanta, 1881, Augusta, 1882; 
an advocate of northern extension; 
clergyman of P. E. church; m. Bes- 
sie Beecher Shew, Feb. 6, 1878. Ad- 
dress, Ashland, Va. 

WALLACE, Arthur T^ lawyer; b. Des 
Moines, Iowa, March 28, 1888; s. 
James and Margaret W.; ed. at Uni- 
versity of Iowa, 1910; mem. freshman 
football and basketball teams; initi- 
ated by Iowa Beta, Oct, 1907; emi- 
nent herald and deputy archon; dele- 
gate to S. A. E. Natl conventions, 
Atlantic City, 1909; Kansas City, 
1910; delegate to province Zeta con- 
ventions, Iowa City, 1909, and Law- 
rence, 1911; secretary-treasurer pro v. 
ince Zeta, 1909-11, president province 
Zeta, 1912 — ; mem. Polk county Bar 
association, Iowa State Bar associa- 

tion. Address, 703-707 Citizens Nat'l 
Bank Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa. 

WALLING, Lester Stratton, student; 
b. Jan. 6, 1891; s. Walter N. and 
Millie (Stratton) W.; student at 
Harvard University; initiated by 
Massachusetts Gamma, March 4, 
1911. Address, 49 Woodbine St., Au- 
bumdale, Mass. 

WALLI8, William Albert, mercantile; 
b. Watertown, Mass.; s. Anthony H. 
and Carrie I. (Whitton) W.; ed. at 
Adrian College, 1903; initiated by 
Michigan Alpha, Nov. 10, 1899; emi- 
nent archon; superintendent and 
draughtsman in art glass concern. 
Address, 3308 Eiaston Ave., St. Louis, 

WALTON, Charles Franklin, Jr^ stu- 
dent; b. April 18, 1890; s. Charles F. 
and Etta F. (Files) W.; student at 
Harvard University; initiated by 
Massachusetts Gamma, Dec, 1909. 
Address, 12 Nevens St, Portland, 

WARD, Archibald Bertrand, U. S. treas- 
ury department; b. Bear Branch, 
Ind.; 8. Samuel G. and Margaret 
(Dennis) W.; ed. at Franklin College, 
1902, Cincinnati University; class ora- 
tor, class treasurer, Webster Literary 
society; initiated by Indiana Alpha, 
May 26, 1902, affiliated with Ohio 
Epsilon; teacher, county superinten- 
dent of schools, two years in Philip- 
pines, mem. Indiana State Teachers' 
association, mem. Nat'l Geographic 
society, traveled extensively in Ja- 
pan, China, Philippines, Southern 
Asia and Europe, Mason; m. Ida Bur- 
roughs, 1905. Address, 197 Ridge 
Ave., Lawrenceburg, Ind. 

WARD, Frank Anthony, designer; b. 
Sterling, 111., Aug. 24, 1888; s. Henry 
Clay and Mary Catherine (Anthony) 
W.; ed. at University of Illinois, 
1911; vice-president 1909 and in 1910 
president of Architects club. Univer- 
sity quartet 1905-1908, Glee and Man- 
dolin clubs, 1908-1910; initiated by 
Illinois Beta, Nov. 10, 1906, eminent 
herald and correspondent attended 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention at Kansas 
City, 1910; brother of Philip Henry 
Ward, Illinois Beta; with Myron 
Hunt, architect. Address, Los Ange- 
les, (3al. 




WARD, Hugh Malcolm, student; b. 
July 25, 1893; 8. George S. and Jes- 
sie Robinson MoseW.; student at Uni* 
versity of Pennsylvania; initiated by 
Pennsylvania Theta, Dec. 19, 1911; 
brother of Ralph D. Ward, Pennsyl- 
vania Theta, Walter S. Ward, Penn- 
sylvania Theta. Address, Blackburn 
Rd., Sewickley, Penn. 

WARD, John 8^ engineer; b. La Cen- 
ter, Wash., March 3, 1884; s. W. S. 
and Lydia A. W.; ed. at University of 
Washington, 1909; crew and football 
team; initiated by Washington Al- 
pha, May 30, 1906; brother of Homer 
H. Ward, Washington Alpha, Arthur 
H. Ward, Washington Alpha; county 
engineer of Lewis county. Wash. Ad- 
dress, 914 Second St, Centralia, 

WARD, Philip Henry, student; b. Ster- 
ling, 111., Oct 28, 1891; s. Henry C. 
and Mary C. W.; student at Univer- 
sity of Illinois; trustee Illinois Pub- 
lishing Co. two years. Helmet, Phi 
Delta Phi, John Marshall Law club. 
College Dancing club, junior prom 
committee, Lincoln league, business 
manager Siren, 1911; initiated by Illi- 
nois Beta, Oct 23, 1909; brother of 
Frank A. Ward, Illinois Beta; emi- 
nent chronicler, attended S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Kansas City, 1910, 
traveled in Europe, 1911. Address, 
807 Ave. B., Sterling, 111. 

WARFIELD, Richard Emerson, manu- 
facturer; b. Healdsburg, Cal., Jan. 26, 
1881; s. Richard Henry and Luta Em- 
erson W.; ed. at Leland Stanford 
University, 1903; vice-president sen- 
ior class; initiated by California Al- 
pha, Sept 22, 1899; delegate S. A. 
E. Nat'l convention, Washington, 
1902, Memphis, 1904, organized prov- 
ince Kappa, 1911; vice-president and 
secretary International Endless Chain 
Saw Co. Address, 34 University PL, 
cor. East Ninth St, New York City. 

WARNER, Arthur 8lmms Dudley, re- 
finer; b. Jordan, N. T., July 15, 
1884; s. Charles Mortimer and Alice 
(Emerick) W.; ed. at Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1907, Harvard Mechanical 
club; initiated by Massachusetts 
Gamma, Dec. 9, 1904; New York S. A. 
E. Alumni association; engineer War- 
ner Sugar Refining Co., sugar refiner; 

mem. American Chemical society; 
m. Margherita Hall Arkell, Nov. 4, 
1908. Residence, 404 Riverside Driven 
office, 79 Wall St, New York City. 

WARNE8, Burl U student; b. June 3, 
1889; s. John E. and Ada M. (Ha^ 
rand) W.; student at University of 
South Dakota; University band and 
orchestra; mem. track team, 1908; 
cross country team, 1908; initiated 
by South Dakota Sigma, Jan. 27, 
1911. Address, Clear Lske, South 

WARREN, William Harry, student; b. 
Aug. 3, 1889; s. William Sherman and 
Rose Evelyn (Stacy) W.; student at 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute; in- 
itiated by Massachusetts Delta, Oct 
30, 1909. Address, 39 Horlburt St. 
Cambridge, Mass. 

WARWICK, Herbert Sherwood, Uni- 
versity official; b. Waynesville. Ohio, 
June 14, 1884; s. C. W. and Anna M. 
(Sherwood) W.; ed. Ohio State Uni- 
versity, three years, B. A., 1906, Den- 
ver University, one year. University 
of Mich, S. S., 1906; varsity Ohio 
association, secretary athletic board, 
football team Ohio State University, 
1905 and 1906; cheer leader, chair- 
man of carnival, mem. of F. and A 
M.; Archbar Orotto, Rotary dnb; 
initiated by Colorado Zeta, Sept 27, 
1902, later affiliated with Ohio TheU; 
eminent archon; delegate to Pordueb 

1906, Delaware, 1908, Chicago, 1910, 
province conventions; elected vice- 
president of province Delta, 1908; 
delegate S. A. B. Natl conven- 
tion Kansas City, 1910; president 
province Delta, 1910-11; aecretary of 
Ohio State University asaociation of 
alumni and students, secretary-treas- 
urer of the C. W. Hain Safe Co., 
Columbus, Ohio; m. Hazel Ruth HaiB, 
June 10, 1908. Residence, 382 King 
Ave., office, Ohio Union, Ohio State 
University, Columbus, Ohio. 

WA8HBURN, Benjamin Martin, stu- 
dent; b. Bethel, Vt, June 1, 1887; a 
Seth Monroe and Kate Strong 
(Brooks) W.; ed. Dartmouth College, 

1907, student at General Theological 
Seminary, N. T.; salutatorian; Pbl 
Beta Kappa; on Argis board. Dra- 
matic club, Pray Modem Language 
prize, Warren Scholarahlp, Rufii 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 


Choate Scholar; president of class 
and president of Missionary society 
at General Theological Seminary; in- 
itiated by New Hampshire Alpha, May 
2, 1908; attended S. A. B. Natl con- 
vention Atlanta, 1906 as representa- 
tive of locaL Address, 175 9th Ave., 
New York City. 

WAS80N, Harold James, student; b. 
April 24, 1889; s. B. S. Wasson and 
Margaret C. (Camp) W.; student at 
University of Minnesota; initiated by 
Minnesota Alpha, Oct 18, 1907. Ad- 
dress, LaPorte City, la. 

WATERH0U8E, William Eben, lawyer; 
b. Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 10, 1876; 
ed. Harvard University, 1898; initi- 
ated by Massachusetts Gamma, March 
9, 1895; instructor Detroit School for 
Boys, 1898-99; Harvard Law School, 
1899-01; delegate province Alpha con- 
ventions, 1906, 1907, 1910; delegate 
8. A. E. Nat'l convention, Atlanta 1906, 
Atlantic City, 1909; president of prov- 
ince Alpha, 1907-10; influential in 
bringing New Hampshire Alpha Into 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; acted as emi- 
nent recorder at the installation of 
New Hampshire Alpha; practicing 
law. Address, 50 Congress St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

WATERMAN, William John, real estate 
and farm lands; b. Kasota, Minn., 
June 11, 1876; s. William and Ann 
(Lambhin) W.; ed. Denison Univer- 
sity and Chicago University, 1904; 
football team at Denison University, 
freshman football team at Chicago 
University, scholarship at Chicago 
University, secretary Calliopean so- 
ciety at Denison University, chair- 
man senior College council at Chi- 
icago University, gave address of wel- 
come representing student body of 
University of Chicago on visit of Heir 
Apparent of Throne of China in May 
1904; initUted by Illinois Theta, 
March 9, 1903; eminent archon; dele- 
gate province Delta convention at 
Minneapolis, Minn., 1904, treasurer of 
Illinois Theta Alumni association, 
1906-1911; treasurer and manager 
Irvington Development Co.; mem. of 
firm of Waterman and Faville; gen- 
eral secretary T. M. C. A. of Univer- 
sity Of Chicago, 1904-1905, mem. of 
the board of managers; mem. City 

club of Chicago; mem. committee of 
Public Education; m. Eva L. Gage, 
June 12, 1906. Residence, 6133 
Greenwood Ave., office, 909 Associa- 
tion Bldg., 19 South LaSalle St, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

WATERS, Leonard O., T. M. C. A. di- 
rector; b. Winchester, Mass., June 
21, 1884; s. Charles A. and Martha 
Leone W.; ed. Boston University, 
1914; basketball and football teams; 
Initiated by Massachusetts BetarUp- 
silon, 1909; eminent deputy archon; 
boys' work director Somerville, T. M. 
C. A.; m. Lillias F. Freeman, 1910. 
Address, 148 Sycamore St, Somer- 

WATKINS, Edwin Dial, physician; b. 
Meridian, Miss., Aug. 10, 1881; s. Ed- 
mund and Idielette (Dial) W.; ed. 
University of Virginia B. S., 1902, 
Columbia University, M. D., 1906; 
Alpha Beta, Miller Fellowship in bi- 
ology; initiated by Virginia Omicron, 
Sept. 24, 1898; eminent archon; 
brother of W. H. Watkins, Tennessee 
Zeta; Presbyterian hospital, N. T., 
1906-1908, professor chemistry Univer- 
sity of Tennessee Medical College; 
practice with Dr. John M. Maury; m. 
Minnie Bowles James, Oct 31, 1911. 
Address, 720 Memphis Trust Bldg., 
Memphis, Tenn. 

WATKINS, Edward Merrill, student; b. 
1888; s. Edward and Margaret (Wil- 
liams) W.; student at Adrian College; 
vice president of freshman class, ten- 
nis team, 1911; secretary Lambda 
Phi literary society; initiated by 
Michigan Alpha, Dec. 15, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 2149 State St, Granite City, 

WATSON, James T. mercantile; b. Chi- 
cago, Dec. 18, 1889; s. James and 
Minnie (KimbaU) W.; ed. North- 
western University, 1911; varsity 
track team; initiated by Illinois Psi- 
Omega, Oct 28, 1907; eminent arch- 
on; attended S. A. E. Nat'l convention 
Kansas City, 1910; with James Wat- 
son and Co., printers, Chicago. Ad* 
dress, 932 Forest Ave., Wilmette, 111. 

WATSON, Thomas E., publicist; b. Co- 
lumbia county, Ga., Sept 5, 1856; s. 
John S. and Ann EUsa (Maddox) W.; 
ed. Mercer College; initiated by 
Georgia Psi, Oct. Vi1Z\ mnoou <^m^t^^ 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

House of RepresentatiTe, 1882-S» Dem- 
ocratic elector at large, 1888» mem. 
52nd Congreaa (1891-8) as Populist, 
secured the first approprlatioii for 
free delivery of mails in rural dis- 
tricts that Congress ever passed, 
nominated for vice-president at St 
Louis Populist convention which en- 
dorsed Bryan for president, 1896, 
nominated for President by People's 
party, 1904, began publication of 
Tom Watson's magazine in New 
York, 1905, publisher of Watson's 
Jeffersonian magazine and The Week- 
ly Jeffersonian since 1906; author of 
The Story of France, Life of Thomas 
Jefferson, Life of Napoleon, Life and 
Times of Thomas Jefferson, and 
Bethany, a Study and Story of the 
Old South. Address, Thomson, Ga. 

WATT8, Edward Seabrook, lawyer; b. 
Montgomery, Ala., June 5, 1882; s. 
Thomas H. and Johness B. (Eddires) 
W.; ed. Alabama and Columbia Uni- 
versities; brother of Dr. J. W. Watts, 
Alabama Mu, Troy Watts, Alabama 
Mu; initiated by Alabama Mu, 1904; 
practice in all courts State and Feder- 
al including Supreme Court of U. S.; 
county attorney Montgomery county, 
mem. State Epeleptic commission to 
establish an epileptlcal colony in Ala- 
bama, conducted from the beginning 
the case of Alonzo Bailey vs. State 
of Alabama and finally winning it in 
the Supreme court of the U. S. This 
case attracted national attention and 
has been discussed in the leading 
magazines and related to peonage; 
traveled in Europe and Canada; m. 
Virginia Tyson Norwood, Nov. 4, 1908. 
Address, Montgomery, Ala. 

WAYMAN, Charles 8., mercantile; b. 
Yorkville, 111., Nov. 12, 1887; s. John 
and Catherine (Bowen) W.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Michigan, 1911; initiated by 
Michigan Iota-Beta, Oct 1907; at- 
tended province Delta convention, Chi- 
cago, 1910; salesman for Joseph T. 
Ryerson, N. Y., steel and machinery. 
Address, 371 Harvard St., Cambridge, 

WEBB, Frank Bell, clergsonan; b. 

Eutaw, Ala., Nov. 5, 1848; s. William 

P. and Martha B. W.; ed. University 

of MiBFiBSlppl and Washington and 

JLee University, 1869; pteaV^^tiX. 

of Washington society; Intti 
Mississippi Gamma, 1866^ 
mem.); later affiliated with 
Sigma; eminent archcm; Coi 
Virginia Sigma; pastor of Fir 
dega Presbyterian church, tw 
erator of Sjmod of Alabawr 
Moderator Synod of Tenneas 
yean editor of Orphan's 
Monthly, chairman of ezecvt: 
mittee of Orphan's Home, 
years member Foreign Mlaal 
mittee of Southern Pras 
church, for five years moi 
board of directors of Columb 
logical Seminary, S. C, foi 
years was Stated Clerk of i 
Alabama Presbsrtery, for tn 
president of Isbell Female C( 
Talladega, Ala., degree of d 
divinity conferred by Ruthf< 
lege, 1898, was a commisaioa 
the General Assembly of { 
Presbyterian church at the F 
byterian council at Waahingtc 
Nov. 1899; m. Mary White 
Oct. 30, 1872. Address, 17( 
St., Talladega, Ala. 

WEBBE, William Edward, far 
Chicago, 111., July 6, 1886; s. 
Edward and Annie Barter 
Purdue University, C. B., 19 
versity of Wisconsin, S. C, A| 
class president at University 
cousin; founder of Short Con 
temity Alpha Alpha at Univc 
Wisconsin; initiated by Indiaj 
April 9, 1904; eminent deputy 
attended province Delta con' 
Purdue 1906, Chicago, 1910, 
paign, 1912; vice-president ] 
Delta, 1910 and 1911; preside 
ince Delta, 1911. Address, 
Hill Farm, Barrington, lU. 

WEBER, Lewis John, lawyer; 
luth, Minn., Aug. 6, 1888; 
Charles and Sarah Peters (Tl 
W.; B. A. degree 1909 at 8 
University, student at Com 
University Law School; ▼!< 
dent Junior and senior clai 
Southern University; Alpha 
Delta law fratemi^; manage 
ball team Southern Univerait 
1908; mem. Belles Lettrea 
society, president of the aociet 

I \^Q^, scphomore orator, won 



commencement orator's medal* senior 
omtor's medal, repreeented College 
in Alabama State Oratorical contest. 
United Daughters <^ Confederacy 
orator at commencement 1909» was 
secretary to president of Southern 
Union, 1907-1908, assistant in Science 
department, 1908-1909; initiated by 
Alabama Iota, Feb. 1907; eminent 
archon; later al&llated with Tennes- 
see Lambda; organized Mobile Alum- 
ni association in 1910; elected secre- 
tary of Mobile association of S. A. B. 
Address, Great Falls, Mont 

WEBSTER, Bethuel M^ lawyer; b. 
Wattsburg, Penn., Feb. 9, 1871; s. 
Grove F. and Elizabeth W.; ed. Uni- 
Tersity of Colorado, 1894; football 
team, 1892 and 1893; initiated by 
Colorado Chi, Oct 21, 1892; eminent 
treasurer; president province Eta, 
1898-1899; m. Anna L. Davidson, June 
15, 1899. Address, 611-615 Kittredge 
Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

WEBSTER, Clyde Irvin, lawyer; b. 
Eaton Rapids, Mich., Aug. 10, 1877; s. 
H. P. and Sarah J. W.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Michigan, 1899, Law, 1901; 
class orator, senior literary class, 
1899; iniUated by Michigan Iota-Beta; 
eminent archon; president province 
Delta 1906-08; delegate S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention, Boston, 1900, Atlanta, 
1906; delegate province convention, 
1906; visitation to Dywyki, 1906; 
member firm of Choate Webster 
Robertson and Tehmann; m. Edith 
May Hughes, Sept 4, 1901. Resi- 
dence, 31 King Ave., office, 433 Ma- 
jestic Bldg., Detroit Mich. 

WEBSTER, Frederick Alonzo, Dhysi- 
dan and surgeon; b. Maiden, May 8, 
1881; s. Francis C. and Helen J. W.; 
ed. Boston University, 1903, post 
graduate course in London, Polyclinic 
College for Physicians and Surgeons; 
initiated by Massachusetts BetSrUpsi 
Ion, Nov. 13, 1902; m. Helen E. 
Mooney, July 21, 1905. Address, 28 
Hale St, Beverly, Masa 

WEED, Theodore L., head of postal 
savings system; b. Norwich, Conn., 
March 4, 1874; s. L. Walter and Julia 
T. W.; ed. George Washington Uni- 
versity; initiated by Washington City 
Rho, Nov. 4, 1905; official stenogrsr 
pher of the United States Evacuation 

Commission in Cuba, 1898; chief of 
the civil division of the military gov- 
ernment of Cuba, 1899-02; private seo- 
retary to Secretary of Commerce 
Strauss, 1906-08; secretary of the 
chairman of the National Republican 
committee, 1908; chief clerk of the 
Department of Commerce, 1908-10; 
chief clerk of the U. S. Postoffice 
department 1910; secretary of the 
board of trustees of the postal sav- 
ing system, 1910-12; appointed in 
1912 as the General Director of the 
Postal Savings system; secretary of 
foundation for the promotion of in- 
dustrial peace; m. Elizabeth Maud 
Newman, Feb. 1, 1899. Address, 
Washington, D. C. 

WEEKS, Elbert Wright Jr^ student; 
b..Jan. 29, 1890; s. E. W. and Jennie 
E. (Biggs) W., (deceased); student at 
University of Iowa; Si Mu, Waskwi, 
Irving Institute, Polygon, Iroquois, 
chairman Junior prom committee, ser- 
geant C!o. A., cadet regiment humor- 
ous editor 1918 Hawkeye annual; in- 
itiated by Iowa Beta. Address, Guth- 
rie Center, la. 

WEEKS, Seth Biggs, student; b. Guth- 
rie Center, la., Dec. 15, 1887; s. El- 
bert W. and Jennie (Biggs) W.; stu- 
dent at State University of Iowa; 
football; initiated by Iowa Beta, Oct 
12, 1907; eminent archon; delegare 
S. A. E. Nat'l convention, Kansas 
City, 1910; brother of E. W. Weeks, 
Jr., Iowa Beta. Address, Guthrie 
Center, la. 

WELDON, James Lindsay, lawyer; b. 
Pittsburgh, Penn., Jan. 27, 1888; s. 
James S. and Jennie A. (Patterson) 
W.; ed. Allegheny College, 1908; 
Quill club; mem. Pan-Hellenic com- 
mittee; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Omega, June, 1905; eminent treas- 
urer. Address, 461 Frick Bldg., An- 
nex, Pittsburgh, Penn. 

WELFARE, Harry George, engineer; 
b. Cleveland, Ohio., Feb. 28, 1883; s. 
Maurice W. and Mattie L. W.; ed. 
Case School of Applied Sciences, 
1905; class vice-president Tau Beta 
Pi, Sigma Xi, football, track, presi- 
dent mechanical engineer's club, local 
editor of Case Tech, senior society. 
Owl and Key; initiated by Ohio Rho, 
Feb. 18, 1905, (charter mem.); engi- 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

neer National Carbon Co., associate 
A. I. B. E. Address, 1368 Lakeland 
Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. 

WELLS, Russell, B., student; b. Dec. 
8, 1891; B. Charles Edgar and Estelle 
(Bonney) W.; student at University 
of Denver; glee club, captain class 
football, class basketball, captain 
baseball; initiated by Colorado 2tota, 
Oct 1, 1900. Address, 1464 Milwau- 
kee St., Denver, Colo. 

WELLH0U8E, William Earl, student; 
b. April 19, 1889; s. Peter and Mary 
(Reid) W.; student at University of 
Kansas; initiated by Kansas Alpha, 
Oct. 17, 1910. Address, Topeka, Kan. 

WELTY, Donald Carlisle, fruit grower, 
real estate; b. July 8, 1888; s. Duncan 
O. and Margaret O. W.; ed. Iowa 
State College, 1912; class president* 
track team, extension department 
lecturer, grain Judge, instructor; in- 
itiated by Iowa Gamma, May 1909; 
managing editor Greater Bitter Root 
magazine, secretary Bitter Root Val- 
ley Apple Growers union; m. Ruth EL 
Coakley, Nov. 5, 1910. Address, Ham- 
ilton, Mont 

WENSTRAND, David Eric Wllhelm, 
physician; b. Motala, Sweden, May 6, 
1876; B. Andrew E. and Ida W. W. 
ed. Northwestern University, 1900; 
initiated by Illinois Psi-Omega, Oct 
17, 1894, (charter mem.); 3rd assist- 
ant medical director of the North- 
western Mutual Life Insurance Co., 
Interne Cook county hospital, 1900-02, 
Fellow in Pathology, Rush 1902-03; 
mem. Milwaukee Medical association, 
Wisconsin State Medical Association, 
American Medical association, Chi- 
cago Pathological society; mem. 
Grand Council of Phi Rho Sigma 
from 1899, at present chairman; 
author of the History of Phi Rho 
Sigma; m. Gertrude Walters, Jan. 1, 
1907. Residence, 733 Summitt ave- 
nue, office, care Northwestern Mu- 
tual Life Insurance Co., Milwaukee, 

WENTWORTH, Edward Norrls, Col- 
lege professor; b. Dover, N. H., Jan. 
11, 1887; s. Elmer Marston and Eliz- 
abeth (Town) W.; ed. Iowa State 
College, 1907; class treasurer. Alpha 
Zeta, author official College song; 
mem. 1906 and 1907 live stock Judg- 

ing teams which won at Intematioiiil 
Live Stock Bxpoftition at Chicago; 
Initiated by Iowa Gamma» Feb. S, 
1906; eminent archon; contributed 
two songs to the S. A. E. song book; 
associate professor of animal hui- 
bandry, Iowa State College; mem. 
American Society of Animf^i Nutri- 
tion, American socie^ of Naturalists, 
Iowa Academy of Science, American 
Breeder's association; m. Alma B. 
McCuUa, June 14, 1911. Address, 609 
Welch Ave., Ames, la. 

WE8T, Preston Caplinger, lawyer; b. 
Rodney, Miss., Aug. 19, 1868; s. Pres- 
ton Caplinger and Winifred (Wilcox) 
W.; ed. Southwestern Presbyterian 
University, 1888, University of Vir 
ginia, 1890; awarded Stewart Societr 
Improvement medal, faculty orator at 
commencement, 1887, inter-society de- 
bate, won inter-society oratorieil 
contest, varsity track; initiated by 
Tennessee Zeta, Sept 18, 1886, later 
affiliated with Virginia Omicron; emi- 
nent archon Tennessee Zeta; preii- 
dent of province C; delegate to S. A 
E. Nat'l convention Columbia, 1887, 
and attended at Kansas City, 1910; 
mem. Muskogee Bar aaaociation, Ok- 
lahoma State Bar association, and 
American Bar association; m. Bes- 
sie Douglass Shelby, Oct 80, 1897. 
Address, 329 South Sixth St, Mas- 
kogee Okla. 

WE8TBR00K, Josephua QrMne; b. 
Madison county, Tenn., Sept 9, 1837; 
B. Gray and Margaret W.; ed. at 
Union University, 1859; CaUeopean 
Literary society; initiated by chapter 
at Union University, Murfreesboro, 
Tenn., 1857; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention at Murfreesboro, 
1858. The only living surrlvor of the 
first Natl convention of 8. A. E.; 
author of Bugle and Oun, C. S. A., 
private Cheatham's division of 
Scott's battery; m. Josephine A. 
White, Aug. 27, 1857. Addremi, 35 
S. Division, West Point Mice. 

WE8TERFIELD, Ellery Hill, lawyer; 
b. Monmouth, IlL, Jan. 18, 1870; s. 
James and Esther (Moore) W.; ed. 
at Monmowth College, A. B^ 1893, 
Washington University, LL. B^ 
1896; initiated by MiSMmri Beta, 
April 13, 1896, eminent correspon- 



dent; mem. UnlTenltr club, Omaha, 
mem. Happy Hollow club, mem. 
State Hietorical Bocletr, SUte Bar 
asioclatloD, Sona ol Revolution, Al- 
den Kindred of America, Nebraska 
lodge No. 1. A. F. ft A. M.; m. Eliza- 
beth Edwards Orange, Oct. 9, IBOI; 
Residence. S17 North Fiftieth Are., 
olflce, S45 Omaha Nat'l Bank Bldg., 
Omaha, Neb. 

WEaTMORELAND, Wade H., D. 8. 
Army officer; b. Oreenvllle, S. C, 
June 29, 1S66; a. Dr. Jeaae Morgan 
and Emma Suaan (Helakell) W.; ed. 
at South Carolina Military Academr, 
1882; lalUated by South CaroUna 
Lambda. Dec. 13, 1883 (charter 
mem.) ; attended S. A. E. Nat'l con- 
▼entfon at Cincinnati, 1890; flrat 
lieutenant 11th cavalir, profeaaor ot 
militaiy aclence and tactlca, Colum- 
bia Military Academy, Columbia, 
Tenn., Spantab-American war and 
Fblllpplne Inaurrectlon, third U. S. 
Tolnnteer Infantry, company I, cap- 
tain in Spanlah-American war, 11th 
cavalry, aecond lieutenant, later flrat 
lieutenant In Philippine Inaurrectlon; 
m. Helen Edith Thebaut, March 2, 
1901. Addreaa, Columbia, Tenn. 

WHATLEY, Seaborn Thornton, life In- 
Burance; b. Havana, Hale county, 
Ala., Jan. 9, 1SS7; a. J. W. and B. C. 
W.: ed. at tinlveralty ot Alabama, 
1907; varalty football team, 1906. 
prealdent Athletic aaecclatlon, 1906, 
editor The Carsalle. 190B; Initiated 
by Alabama Mu, Sept 19, 1903, eml- 
aent archon; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention, Memphla, 1904; bro- 
ther of Fred S. Whatley, Alabama 
Uu. and Bmmet M. Whatley, Ala^ 
bama Mu; Held superintendent Re- 
liance Life Inaurance Co. Address, 
329 Burke, Seattle, Waah. 

WHEELOCK, Seymour Edwin, commla- 
■lon buslneas; b. Chicago, Jnly 16, 
1879; a. Seymour A. and Fannie R. 
W.; ed. Northweatem nnlveralty, 
1900; mem. Unlvertltr tootball team; 
Initiated by niinola Pal-Omega, Dec. 
18, 1899; vice-president the Bvanaton 
8. A. EL Alumni aaaociatlon; mem. 
Board of Directors IlUncria PsI-Omega 
Bldg aaaociatlon. Addreaa, 832 Cen- 
tral Ave.. Wllmette, III. 

WHJTCOMB, Fred Campbell, unlTer- 
alty profesBcr; b. North Vernon, Ind., 
a. laaao G. and Chlorenda Patrick 
W.; ed. at Franklin College; tnlU- 
ated by Indiana Alpha, Feb. 10, 1892 
(charter mem.); profeaBor, Miami 
University, author bulletins, maga- 
zine artlclea, mem. Nat'l Educational 
aasoclation; Mason; m. Nellie Col- 
lins, Nov. 23, 1898. Addreaa, 31t) 
East Church St., Oxford, Ohio. 

WHITE, Carl Foster, architect; b. 
Cleveland, Ohio, Feb. 27, 1881; a. 
Henry Windsor and Ida Adama (Fos- 
ter) W.; ed, at Cornell University, 
M. E., 1903, B. Arch, degree in 190E; 
mem. Qargoyle of Epsllon Alpha; Ini- 
tiated by New York Alpha, Jan. 27, 
1900 ; eminent archon, attended S. 
A- E. Nat'l convention, Memphis, 

1904, AtlanUc City, 1909, alternate at 
province Beta convention, mem. Ritu- 
al committee, treasurer Cleveland 
Alumni association, secretary, trus- 
tee and director of New Tork Alpha 
Alumni association; Cleveland chap- 
ter American Institute of Architects; 
m. Cornelia Olive Packard, June 6, 

1905. Residence, 2292 East 89th St., 
business, 819 Citizens Bldg., Cleve- 
land. Ohio. 

WHITE, Hubert Draper, real eatate; b. 
Park Ridge, 111., Dec. 24, 1889; a. 
Frank B. and Suaan D. W.; ed. at 
Unlveralty of Wlaconain, 1911; Scab- 
bard and Blade, on Badger board; Ini- 
tiated by Wisconsin Alpha, Dec. 12, 
1907, eminent archon; attended 
Delta province convention at Chi- 
cago, 1910; wrote prize annual let- 
ter, 1910; manager Sborewood FzTma 
Co. Address, Saugatuck, Mich. 

WHITE, Homer Orsan, student; b. 
March 31, 1890; a. William Henry 
and Beaele A. (Rudd) W.; atudent 
at Syracuae Unlveralty; clasa foot- 
ball team, varsity baseball squad; 
InltUted by New York DelU, March 
81, 1909. Address. Hoosick Falls, N. 

WHITE, John Chanler, clergynuu; b. 
Laureas county, S. C, May 21, 1867; 
s. Thomas Qrunke and Martha Phoebe 
(Edlaga) W.; ed. 8L Stephen's Col- 
lege, 188B, graduate ot the General 
Theological Seminary, 1891; Initiated 
by New Tork Slgma-Phi, July 29, 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

1896; priest filplscopal church; at 
present priest Missionary Diocese of 
Springfield; secretary of the standing 
committee of the diocese, rural dean 
of Jacksonville; m. Katherine Dres- 
ser, Sept 10, 1891. Address, 802 
South Glenwood Ave., Springfield, 
WHITE, John Merrill, student; b. CaU- 
fomia, Penn., Nov. 25, 1888; s. Allen 
J. and Jane (Buvall) W.; ed. Alle- 
gheny College, 1911, student at Gar- 
rett Biblical Institute, Evanston, IlL; 
sophomore debate at Allegheny Col- 
lege, College band. College council, 
and delegate to state T. M. C. A. con- 
vention at Allegheny College; initi- 
ated by Pennsylvania Omega, Sept 
21, 1907; eminent archon, delegate S. 
A. E. Nat'l convention Atlantic City, 
1909. Address, California, Penn. 
WHITE, Samuel Knox, student; b. July 
10, 1893; 8. Hon. A. F. and Mary 
(Marshall) W.; student at Bucknell; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Zeta, Sept 
24, 1909. Address, Fairfield, Penn. 
WHITE, William Bew, lawyer; b. Al- 
bany, N. T., April 16, 1886; s. John J. 
and Charlotte E. W.; ed. Cornell Uni- 
versity, 1908; chairman class election 
committee, Cornell Daily Sun, inter- 
collegiate athletic calendar; Round 
Table, Phi Delta Phi; initiated by 
New York Alpha, 1904; eminent ar- 
chon; delegate to province conven- 
tion at State College, Penn., 1908; 
with Davies, Auerbach, Cornell and 
Barry. New York uity; mem. Cornell 
club, New York City, Albany Univer- 
sity club. Address, Room 707, 34 
Nassau St, New York City. 
WHITEHEAD, Herbert Hopkins,, stu- 
dent; b. Sept 8, 1889; s. H. C. and 
Vara (Qunn) W.; student at Iowa 
State College; Welch Eclectic Liter- 
ary society, vice-president 1911, I. S. 
C. Student staff, College weekly, ath- 
letic editor, class tennis 1908-11, var- 
sity tennis, 1910, College tennis 
champion, 1911; Alpha Zeta; initiated 
by Iowa Qamma, May 17, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 209 8th Ave., LaOrange, 111. 
WHITEHOUSE, Carlisle 8., mercan- 
tile; b. Versailles, Ky., Aug. 13, 1888; 
B. Ous and Laura M. (Sea) W.; ed. 
Central University; class secretary 
and treasurer; mem. Freshman club. 

mem. Chamberlain Ldterarj w 
second football team; inltlati 
Kentocky Kappa; general ata 
men; mem. Knights of Pytblm^ 
mercial club. Address, Hitfli 9 
Versailles, Ky. 

WIGHTMAN, James Wesley, eiei 
engineer; b. Aug. 16, 1888; a 
ley H. and Jennie (Smith) W 
University of Colorado, 1911; 
Tau Beta Pi; initiated by Oo( 
Chi, March 4, 1909; brother of 
L. Wightman, (Colorado Cbl; at 
ent in the teiitlng department • 
Greneral Electric Co. Address 
N. College St, Schenectady, N. 

WHITFIELD, Aleck Gordon, m 
tile; b. Chicago, 111., Aug. 26, 1( 
Fred and Minna (Gordon) W 
University of Chicago, 1911; 
The Blackfriars; initiated by 1 
Theta, Jan. 19, 1908; man. St C 
lodge, A. F. and A. M.; with tl 
celsior Motor Manufacturing Cc 
dress, 5637 Madison Ave., CI 

WHITMORE, James A., aecreta 
Rathbone, N. T., Oct 1, 1880; s 
ence and Belle W.; ed. Nort 
em University; initiated by ] 
Psi-Omega, Oct 3, 1904; eminen 
den; secretary of the Intemi 
committee of the T. M. C. A., ] 
tion secretary of the Men anc 
gion Forward Movement; m. 
ence B. Crane, Sept 4, 1906 
dress, 124 Bast 28th St, New 

WHITNEY, Alfred Carpenter, 
facturer; b. Hyde Park, 111., J; 
1881; s. Frank L and M. Louii 
ed. University of Minnesota, 19' 
itiated by Minnesota Alpha, J; 
1902, (charter mem.); emineni 
on; delegate province Delta c 
tion. Champaign, 1902; author 
tiac, a drama of old Detroit; 
dent Schurmeier Wagon Co. 
dress, 585 Portland Ave., St 

WHITNEY, Ralph Edward, stud< 
Keene, N. H., April 20, 18 
George E. and Lura L. (Ninu 
student at Dartmouth College; 
ma Alpha scientific fmtemi^ 
tain class basketball; initiate 
New Hampshire Alpha, Jan. 28 



eminent deputy archon. Addret8» 4 
College St, Hanover, N. H. 

WHITE, Harry M.; b. Waahington 
county, Penn.; ed. Allegheny College; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Omega, 
Oct 27, 1900; brother of John Merrill 
White, Pennsylvania Omega; m. 
Bffie Mae Davis, Nov. 19, 1903. Ad- 
dress, Belle Vernon, Penn. 

WHITE, John J., Jr., note broker; s. 
John J. and Charlotte is:. W.; ed. Cor- 
nell University, 1905; musical clubs; 
initiated by New York Alpha, May 21, 
1902; brother of WiUiam Ben White, 
New York Alpha. Address, 4854 
Washington Ave., Chicago, IlL 

WHITE, Walter E., lawyer; b. Denver, 
Colo., Nov. 21, 1872; s. Jonathan B. 
and Charlotte Alice (Lutts) W.; ed. 
University of Colorado, 1897; initi- 
ated by Colorado Chi, Sept 15, 1894; 
eminent archon, treasurer; delegate 
to S. A. E. Nat'l convention Wash- 
ington, 1902, Kansas City, 1910; del- 
egate all province Eta conventions 
since 1895; president province Eta 
1901-05; president Denver Alumni as- 
sociation two terms, treasurer Colo- 
rado Chi Alumni association that 
built chapter house; authority on 
real estate and land values; m. Edna 
M. Curtis, Oct 24, 1900. Residence, 
800 Marion St, office, 809-10 E. and 
C. Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

WIEMAN, Harry Lewis, University 
professor; b. Cincinnati, Ohio, June 
13, 1883; s. William F. and Mary L. 
(Darr) W.; ed. University of Cincin- 
nati, A. B., 1905, A M., 1906, Univer- 
sity of Chicago, Ph. D., 1909; Phi 
Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi; captain toot- 
ball, 1903, baseball; initiated by Ohio 
Epsilon, Oct. 16, 1901; president 
alumni association of Ohio £3psi- 
lon, 1911; assistant professor of 
Zoology, University of Cincinnati; 
contributor to scientific Journals; 
mem. American association for Ad- 
vancement of Science, American as- 
sociation of Anatomists, Ohio Aca- 
demy of Science, Woods Hole Marine 
Biol corporation. Address, 4540 
Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

WIGHT, Raymond Maynard, student; 
b. Somerville, Mass., June 12, 1888; 
8. A. M. Wight; student at Harvard 
Law School, Dartmouth College, 1909; 

initiated by New Hampshire Alpha, 
May 2, 1908, (charter mem.). Ad- 
dress, 34 King St, Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

WIGHTMAN, Charlae Dexter, Uwyer, 
former state senator; b. Lafayette, 
Ohio, Nov. 25, 1866; s. J. L. and Clar- 
inda W.; ed. Adrain College, 1889; 
oratorical prize, 1889; initiated by 
Michigan Alpha, Jan. 22, 1887; emi- 
nent archon; attended S. A. E. Nat'l 
convention Cincinnati, 1890; presi- 
dent of Cleveland Alumni association 
S. A. E.; prosecuting attorney, 1894- 
97, state senator, 1898-1901, postmas- 
ter Medina, Ohio, 1905-1911. Ad- 
dress, Medina, Ohio. 

WIGHTMAN, Lucius Irving, advertis- 
ing specialist; b. Des Moines, la., 
Nov. 23, 1875; s. Henry and Ann 
(Roberts) W.; ed. University of Colo- 
rado, 1899; initiated by Colorado Chi, 
Feb. 12, 1896; specialist in machinery, 
and engineering advertising; author 
of Compressed Air (text book) and 
Tunnels and Subways in New York 
in collaboration with Gilbert and 
Saunders, contributor to current 
journals; m. Edith Cairns, June 8 
1907. Residence, 45 Walnut St., Mont- 
clair, N. J., ofElce, 29 Broadway, New 
York City. 

WILBUR, Hollls Adalbert, internation- 
al secretary; b. Honeoye, N. Y., April 
19, 1875; s. Leonidas F. and Caroline 
W.; ed. Ohio Wesleyan University, 
1896; class president and secretary; 
Phi Beta Kappa; president Y. M. C. 
A initiated by Ohio Delta, Dec. 18, 
1893; eminent archon; attended S. A. 
E. Nat'l convention St Louis, 1896; 
international secretary Y. M. C. A; 
m. Mary I. Matteson, Aug. 21, 1901. 
Address, No. 3 of 33 Kitano Cho 2 
Chrome, Kobe, Japan. 
WILBUR, Robert Alexander, dentist; 
b. Charleston, S. C, Nov. 7, 1866; s. 
Theodore A and Mary (Cutiino) W.; 
ed South Carolina Military Academy, 
1886, University of Maryland; College 
football and baseball, senior class 
president; initiated by S. C. Lambda 
May 18, 1884, later afflUated with 
Virginia Tau of which he was the 
founder; eminent archon Virginia 
Tau; president dental society. Mason, 
Past Master F. and A M., Higk 
Priest R. A M., eminent commander 



KnighU Templar, Thrice liloBtrloas 
Master R. and S. M., and 32nd degree 
Mason; m. Coroline MacClave, Feb. 
1893. Address, 313 £. Water SL» El- 
mira, N. Y. 

WILCOX, Walter 8., educator; b. Can- 
ton, Penn., Nov. 17, 1880; b. Emerson 
B. and Harriet R. (Leavitt) W.; ed. 
Bucknell University, 1904; class pres- 
ident, captain and center on football 
team; initiated by Pennsylvania 
Zeta, June 15, 1901, eminent arch- 
on, correspondent; principal Bucknell 
Academy; Masonic order; m. Frances 
E. Scott, March 22, 1906. Address, 
Lewisburg, Penn. 

WILDBERGER, Robert H., lawyer; b. 
1852; ed. Kentucky Military Institute, 
1871; Initiated by Kentucky Chi, Oct. 
1869; delegate S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tions, Richmond, 1877, Nashville, 1879, 
Atlanta, 1881; editor of the S. A. E. 
catalogue of 1877; became head of the 
national fraternity by his election as 
president of the Grand chapter In 
1877, which position he held until 
1882; founder and first editor of The 
Record, 1880; one of a number who 
in the early eighties urged the nation- 
al fraternity to adopt a system of 
life insurance; m. Ida May Wilkinson, 
April 14, 1892. Address, Ciarksdale, 

WILDER, Max Lincoln, student; b. Jan. 
16, 1894; s. Julian and Grace (Thom- 
as) W.; student at the University of 
Maine; initiated by Maine Alpha, 
Oct. 14, 1910. Address, Augusta, Me. 

WILKINS, Wiiiiam Archibald, finan- 
cier; b. Waynesboro, Ga., July 6, 
1873; s. W. A. and M. C. W.; ed. 
Emory College, 1903, University of 
Georgia; class vic^-president, mem. 
baseball team. Phi Kappa literary so- 
ciety, vice-president Georgia German 
club, sophomore and Junior speaker; 
initiated by Georgia Epsilon, Oct 14, 
1899 ; eminent archon, recorder, treas- 
urer; attended S. A. E. Nat'l conven- 
tion Chattanooga, 1892; vice-president 
of the Bank of Waynesboro, cotton 
broker, captain and regimental ad- 
jutant in Georgia Nat'l Guards; m. 
Emma Couturie, Nov. 21, 1906 at New 
Orleans. Address, Wlajmesboro, Ga. 

WILKINSON, Harry Herman, manufac- 
turer; b. near HlUsboro, Tenn., Feb. 

10, 1887; B. J. B. and Deeeis (Stxick- i 
ler) W.; ed. University of Virgbda; 
initiated by Virginia Omicron, 1907; 
proprietor of the Fort Worth Monu- 
mental Works; m. Grace Goldoi, Jan. 
8, 1910. Address, 111 B. Belknap St. 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

WILLIAMS, Alfred Owen, student; b. 
June 6, 1889; s. Jonathan E. and Ma^ 
tha (Woodson) W.; student at the 
University of Michigan; class secre- 
tary, mem. Aero club, mandolin dob; 
initiated by Michigan lotarBeta, Nov. 
6, 1910. Address, 1408 Washtenaw 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 

WILLIAMS, Albert Sidney, Uwyer; b. 
Manchester, N. H. Aug. 8, 1869; a 
George W. and Kate (Murchison) 
W.; ed. University of Virginia, Uni- 
versity of North Carolina; initiated by 
North Carolina Xi, Sept. 8, 1887; 
brother of David R. Williams, North 
Carolina Theta; Masonic orders, 
Knic^t Templar, Shriner. Addresi, 
Carolina Apartments, Wilmington, N. 

WILLIAMS, Clayton M^ lawyer; b. 
Seneca county, N. T., Dec. 22, 1878; 
B. Charles M. and Jennie Diline (Corn- 
well) W.; ed. University of Missoori, 
1907; class historiui. Phi Delta Phi, 
Senate debate; initiated by Missouri 
Alpha Sept 24, 1904; eminent archon, 
recorder; president, treasurer of S. 
A. E. club, the chapter house cor- 
poration; mem. law firm of Williams 
and Price; B. P. O. Elks, Bverett 
Golf and Country club, Everett Ten- 
nis club; m. Grace Lucile Parker at 
Jefferson City, Mo., March 7, 1908. 
Address, 403-5 Commerce Bldg., Bver- 
ett Wash. 

WILLIAMS,' Clarence Meade, studoit; 
b. Aug. 19, 1891; s. Meade and Anna 
(Bunkman) W.; student at Univer- 
sity of Indiana; initiated by Indiana 
Gamma, Feb. 25, 1910. Address, 225 

E. Water St., ML Vernon, Ind. 
WILLIAMS, Edgar Green, Uwyer; b. 

Florence, Miss., Jan. 19, 1876; s. John 

F. and Laura (Moore) W.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Mississippi, 1900; initiated by 
Mississippi Gamma, Feb. 6, 1897; B. 
P. O. B., F. O. E., W. O. W., K. of P., 
K. O. T. M., president Cotillion dub. 
Address, care Quinn and WSUiams, 
McComb City, Miss. 



WILLIAMS, Franklin Earl Cranston, 
Educator; b. Fort Collins, Colo., Aug. 
4, 1883; B. WUliam Edwin and CaUsU 
(Rosell) W.; ed. at Denver Univer- 
Bity, 1906; senior class president, 
track team; initiated by Colorado 
Zeta, April 12, 1902; eminent corres- 
pondent, delegate to province Eta at 
Denver; engaged in educational work 
tinder the Missionary board of the 
Methodist Episcopal, church; princi- 
pal of Kong Ju high school; m. Alice 
L. Barton, July 6, 1906. Address, 
Kong Ju, Chosen, Ji^pan* 

Williams, Granville Mercer, metallogra- 
pher; b. Utica, N. T., Dec. 81, 1889; 
8. Granville W. and Eliza G. (Mercer) 
W.; ed. at Columbia University, 1911, 
junior dinner committee, manager 
freshman fencing team, varsity show. 
Glee club. Players club; initiated by 
New York Mu, Nov. 11, 1907; emi- 
nent recorder, correspondent, attend- 
ed province Beta convention, 1910; 
metallographer. New Jersey Zinc Co.; 
mem. Columbia University club. Ad- 
dress, 135 Prospect Park, West, 
Brooklyn, N. T. 

WILLIAMS, Wiley J^ Jr^ mercanUle; 
b. near Milton, Fla., June 15, 1876; 
8. Wiley J. and Margaret (McDavid) 
W.; ed. at Southern University; mem. 
Clariosophic Literary society; initi- 
ated by Alabama Iota, Oct 29, 1894; 
owner general 6t7 goods store, city 
clerk and treasurer of Milton, Fla., 
Mason, K. of P., Woodmen of World, 
I. O. O. P., Red Man; m. Mary Ellis, 
Aug. 6, 1902. Address, Milton, Fla. 

WILLIAMS, William Brown, assistant 
postmaster; b. March 27, 1879; s. A. 
M. and Rena (Brown) W.; ed. at 
Emory College, 1899; initiated by 
Georgia E^silon, later affiliated with 
Georgia Phi; eminent historian; dele- 
gate to province Epsilon convention 
at Macon, 1901. Address, Thomas- 
ville, Ga. 

WILLIAMS, Wayne Cullen, lawyer; b. 
Indianola, IlL, Sept 20, 1878; s. Daniel 
J. and Katherine Wl; ed. University 
of Denver, 1906; winner of Chancel- 
lor's prise in essay contest on French 
Revolution, editor College paper, seo- 
ond place in state oratorical contest, 
1900, mem. winning team in interstate 
debate, 1905; initiated by Colorado 

Zeta, April 6, 1899; eminent corres- 
pondent; delegate to province Eta, 
Denver, 1900; candidate for Colorado 
legislature on Democratic ticket, 1906, 
alternate to Democratic Natl conven- 
tion, St Louis, 1904; author of an 
article The Law of the Air; m. Leva 
B. Day, Dec. 1, 1909. Address, 4205 
W. 30th Ave., Denver, Colo. 

WILLIAMS, Richard Pardee, Jr., edu- 
cator; b. Richmond, Va., Feb. 6, 1886; 
s. R. P. and M. F. W.; ed. University 
of Virginia, 1908; class historian, 
vice-president of department of grad- 
uate studies. Raven society. Phi Beta 
Kappa, mem. advisory board of ath- 
letic association; initiated by Virginia 
Omicron, June 1907; eminent treas- 
urer; instructor in Latin and Greek at 
Episcopal High school; Mason; mem. 
University club of Washington, D. C, 
and Colonnade club of University of 
Virginia. Address, Episcopal High 
School, Alexandria, Va., (in summer), 
219 C. St, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

WILLI FORD, Emmett Polk, mercantile; 
b. Colliervllle, Tenn., Oct 21, 1884; 
ed. Southwestern Baptist University, 
1905; initiated by Tennessee Eta, Oct 
12, 1901; mem. Memphis Alumni as- 
sociation S. A. E.; with Wilson Ward 
Co. Address, 49 Union St, care Wil- 
son Ward Co., Memphis, Tenn. 

WILLIS, James Davis, lawyer; b. June 

11, 1884, Waco, Texas; s. Joel Sel- 
man and Mannie Baldwin (Davis) W.; 
ed. Baylor University, 1906, Univer- 
sity of Texas, 1911; class secretary- 
treasurer, associate editor Coyote and 
Cactus, manager and player basket- 
ball team, mem. band, P. E. C, army 
and navy club; initiated by Texas 
Rho, Oct 8, 1908; eminent deputy 
archon, steward, executive committee 
chapter house; lawyer and notary 
public; Knights of Pythias. Resi- 
dence, 617 S. Fourth St, office. Court 
House, Waco, Texas. 

WILLS, Allan B., mercantile; b. De- 
troit Mich., March 12, 1881; s. Wil- 
liam and Nelea W.; ed. University of 
Michigan, 1905; iniUated by BCichigan 
lotarBeta, Oct 19, 1901; eminent 
deputy archon, recorder; purchasing 
agent The National Malleable Cast- 
ings Co.; m. Julie F. Brinkman, June 

12, 1909. Address, Flat 6, \/yuidotte 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

Colo., Oct 15, 1907. AddresB, 817 
Sheridan Road, Chicago, 111. 

WOLF, John Q., physician and sur- 
geon; b. Boulder, Colo., July 21, 1882; 
8. W. W. and Anna (Gibbon) W.; ed. 
University of Colorado, 1906; class 
president, baseball captain, basket- 
ball; initiated by Colorado Chi, March 
15, 1902; eminent archon; delegate 
to S. A. E. Nat'l convention at Mem- 
phis, 1904; connected with Colorado 
Fuel and Iron Company's medical 
department; m. Ethel O. Site wart, 
June 1910. Address, 1145 Berkeley 
Ave., Pueblo, Colo. 

WOLF, Robert Jacob, student; b. 
March 23, 1891; s. Jacob Charles and 
Catherine (Painter) W.; student at 
Gettysburg College; Phrena literary 
society, class football, basketball and 
baseball, varsity track, mem. of stu- 
dent council, band and orchestra; 
initiated by Pennsylvania Delta, Sept 
26, 1910. Address, 1423 Shoop St, 
Harrisburg, Penn. 

WOMACK, Francis, mayor; b. Pitts- 
boro, N. C, Dec. 26, 1865; s. John A. 
and Rebecca F. W.; ed. University 
of North Carolina, 1887; declaimers 
medal in 1885; initiated by North 
Carolina Xi, April 11, 1885; mayor 
of Reidsville, N. C, now serving sec- 
ond term; county chairman Demo- 
cratic executive committee, 1902-1906; 
insurance, served as president of 
North Carolina Fire Underwriters; 
delegate to National association; m. 
Mamie Salzman, April 22, 1902. Ad- 
dress, Reidsville, N. C. 

WOOD, Alfred Walker, publisher; b. 
Hopkins ville, Ky., Oct 25, 1869; s. 
Hunter and Rosalie (Green) W.; 
ed. South Kentucky College; initi- 
ated by the first Kentucky Epsilon, 
now known in historical records of 
the fraternity as Kentucky Alpha- 
Epsilon, Feb. 5, 1885, (charter mem.) ; 
eminent warden, chronicler; publish- 
er Daily New Era; Mason, Knight of 
Pythias; served as city treasurer of 
Hopkinsville for four terms; m. 
Madge Fairleigh, Dec. 5, 1899. Ad< 
dress, 716 E. 9th St., Hopkinsville, 

WOOD, Charles Parkinson, engineer; b. 

Warrenton, Va., March 11, 1883; s. 

David Pollard and SalUe (.PaTklii- 

son) W.; ed. Cornell Unlyeraity, 1904; * 
initiated by New York Alpha, Oct 
20, 1900; eminent oorrespondent; 
brother of Daniel Pollard Wood. Jr^ 
Georgia Phi; attended S. A. E. Natl 
convention Washington, 1908; dele- 
gate province Beta, 1904; delegate 8. 
A. E. Nat'l convention Atlantic City, 
1909; associate editor Record, 1905, 
assistant editor Record, 1905, editor 
of Record, 1906-10; president Atlanta 
Alumni association, 1911; aecretaiy 
Standard Gas Power Co., Atlanta, 
Ga.; associate member American In- 
stitute Electrical Ehiglneers, mem. 
University club of Atlanta, mem. At- 
lanta Athletic club, mem. "Fulton 
Blues," fifth regiment Georgia Na- 
tional Guard. Address, 190 Peach- 
tree St, Atlanta, Ga. 

WOOD, Frank Bishop, real estate; b. 
Oceanside, L. L, Sept. 12, 1868; a 
George and Abby A. B. W.; ed. 
Adrian College, 1898; Lambda Phi 
literary society; initiated by Michi- 
gan Alpha, Sept 26, 1890; K. of P.; 
m. Margaret May Spragua, April, 
1894. Address. 181 Atlantic Ave., 
Rockville Center, N. T. 

WOOD, Horace Wyndomsp student; b. 
Tuscola, 111., March 21, 1886; s. John 
A. and Alice S. (Ray) W.; ed. St 
Stephen's College, Kenyon College, 
A. B., 1911; student at General 
Theological Seminary; secretary of 
freshman class. Phi Beta Kappa, edi- 
tor-in-chief Kenyon Reveille, 1910, edi- 
torial staff Kenyon Colleii[an, presi- 
dent Kenyon assembly, 1910, class 
orator commencement, 1911; Initiated 
by New York SigmarPhl, June 11* 
1907. Address, 2501 North Eleventh 
St, Terre Haute, Ind. 

WOOD, Pelfce Mead, student; b. July 
10, 1888; s. Judson I. and Hannah M. 
(Mead) W.; student at Cornell Uni- 
versity; initiated by New York Alpha, 
Oct 1907. Address, 74 Woodland 
Ave., Gardner, Mass. 

WOODBERRY, Qsorge Roundy, stu- 
dent; b. Aug. 7, 1890; s. Horace W. 
and Margaret (Roundy) W.; student 
at University of Maine; manager 
baseball team, senior honorary so- 
ciety; initiated by Maine Alpha. Nov. 
5, 1908. Address, 68 Cabot St, 
Beverly, Mass. 



WOODS, Edgar Hail, lawyer and plan^ 
er; b. Kemper county. Miss., April 
18, 1864; 8. Hervey and Callie (San- 
ders) W.; ed. Southwestern Presby- 
terian University, 1885, University of 
Mississippi; medal Stewart literary 
society at Southwestern Presbsrteri- 
an University, Hennean medal senior 
debate University of Mississippi; ini- 
tiated by Tennessee Zeta, 1884; dele- 
gate S. A. E. Nat'l convention Athens 
1884; raised a company of infantry 
and served during the Spanish-Ameri- 
can war as a captain in Second Mis- 
sissippi volunteers, served as commis- 
sary general on the staff of Governor 
E« F. Noel of Mississippi, appointed 
June 1911, Brigadier General com- 
manding Mississippi National Guard; 
m. Elizabeth Bullus Scott, Dec. 27, 
1893. Address, Rosedale, Miss. 

WOODSIDE, Joel Davis, manufacturer; 
b. Woodville, S. C; s. J. L. and Ellen 
(Charles) W.; ed. Davidson College, 
1898; class president, president stu- 
dent body, president literary society, 
manager football and baseball teams; 
initiated by North Carolina Theta, 
Sept 24, 1894; eminent archon; del- 
egate S. A. E. Nat'l convention, St 
Louis, 1896; president Fountain Inn 
Manufacturing Co., vice-president and 
treasurer Woodside Cotton Mills Co., 
director Farmers and Merchants 
Bank, Greenville, S. C, president of 
Woodside Investment Cio.; m. Maude 
Dorsey, 1901. Address, 531 North 
St, Greenville, S. C. 

WOODWARD, William Q^ student; b. 
Aug. 11, 1892; s. William and Louise 
(Giesen) W.; student at Tulane Uni- 
versity; varsity football, track, base- 
ball. Junior club, captain sophomore 
tng-of-war team; initiated by Louisi- 
- ana Tau-Upsilon, Oct 17, 1911. Ad- 
dress, 7321 Felicia St, New Orleans, 

WOODWORTH, Earie Bristol, student; 
b. Feb. 15, 1893; s. Asher A. and Em- 
ma (Bruestle) W.; student at Uni- 
versity of South Dakota; initiated by 
South Dakota Sigma, Jan. 27, 1911; 
eminent chronicler; brother of HalUe 
Walter Woodworth, South Dakota 
Sigma. Address, Vermillion, S. D. 

WOODWORTH, Hailia Walter, student; 
b. May 7, 1890; s. Asher A. and Emma 

(Bruestle) Ww; student at University 
of South Dakota; initiated by South 
Dakota Sigma, Oct 11» 1911; broth- 
of Earle Bristol Woodworth, South 
Dakota Sigma. Address, Vermillion, 
S. D. 

WOODWORTH, Joiin Cotton, retired 
professor; b. Bacon HiU, N. T., Nov. 
22, 1856; s. Reuben T. and Sarah M. 
(Briske) W.; ed. St Stephen's Col- 
lege, 1881; initiated by New York 
SigmarPhi, Feb. 21, 1895, (oharter 
mem.); formerly head master Bond 
Hall; Masonic Blue lodge. Chapter 
Council, Commandery and Shrine, 
Odd Fellows, Independent order of 
Red Men, B. P. O. Elks. Address, 
250 Caroline St, Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y. 

WOOLF, John Sherman, lawyer; b. 
Randolph, Ohio, Oct 14, 1886; s. S. 
A. and Mary S'. W.; ed. Oberlin Col- 
lege, 1903-5, Mt Union College, 1908; 
class president baseball, debate; in- 
itiated by Ohio Sigma, 1906; brother 
of Edward C. Woolf, (deceased), Ohio 
Sigma; traveled four months in west^ 
em Europe; m. A. Marie Thompson, 
Oct. 6, 1909. Residence, 210 18th St, 
Pacific Grove, Cal., office, Hientz 
Block, Monterey, Cal. 

WOOLLEY, Clarence Nelson, lawyer; 
b. Berkeley, R. I., Sept 13, 1887; s. 
Thomas E. and Mary J. W.; ed. Bos- 
ton University, 1908; graduated with 
magna cum laude. Phi Delta Phi; 
initiated by Massachusetts Beta-Up- 
silon, March 26, 1907; commissioner 
on Uniform State Laws for the State 
Of Rhode Island. Address, 108 Oak 
Hall Bldg., Pawtucket R. I. 

WOOTEN, William Edward, lawyer, 
former state senator; b. Dawson, Ga., 
Dec. 18, 1866; s. Council Blemey and 
Rosamond (Mercer) W.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Georgia, 1886; president 
Demosthenian literary society, editor- 
in-chief University Reporter, associ- 
ate editor Pandora annual, won Junior 
speaker's place In oratory; initiated 
by Georgia Beta, Jan. 1883; eminent 
archon; mem. first supreme council 
of the fraternity; delegate to S. A. E. 
Nat'l convention, Augusta, 1886, and 
won convention medal for oratory, an 
editor of the S. A. B. catalogue of 
1886; Georgia House of Representa- 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. E. 

tives 1890-92. State Senate, 189^94, 
Solicitor General since 1896, captain 
Albany Quards, major 11th regiment 
infantry Georgia state troops, aid-de- 
camp to Governor, major third bat- 
talion first Georgia volunteer infantry 
during Spanish-American war, colonel 
fourth regiment infantry National 
Guards of Georgia, and now retired 
with rank of Brigadier General Na- 
tional Guards of Georgia; m. Evel]m 
Page Carter, 1892. Address, Albany, 

WORTH EN, George Bedell, lawyer; b. 
Warsaw, 111., May 17. 1877; s. George 
B. and Mary L. W.; ed. University 
of Illinois, 1898; manager track team; 
initiated by Illinois Beta, Jan 28, 1899, 
(charter mem.); was a petitioner 
from Red Ribbon local to the S. A. 
E. Nat'l convention, Nashville, 1898; 
attended province Zeta convention 
Lincoln, 1905; corporation lawyer; m. 
Ella M. Horstman, Sept. 1, 1902. Res- 
idence. 2212 8th St., office, 501-2-3 Al- 
ston Bldg., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

WRIGHT, Barry, lawyer, legislator; b. 
Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 3, 1883; s. Sea- 
born and Anna (Moore) W.; ed. Uni- 
versity of Georgia, 1902; vice-presi- 
dent Phi Kappa literary society; In- 
itiated by Georgia Beta, Sept. 1898; 
brother of Louis Wright, Georgia 
Phi, Max Wright, Georgia Beta, 
Graham Wright, Georgia Beta; mem. 
Georgia legislature, chairman Demo- 
cratic executive committee, mem. 
bar of Supreme Court of the United 
States, and American Bar associa- 
tion, captain Georgia National 
Guards. Address. Rome, Ga. 

WRIGHT, Edmund A., engineer; b. 
Rome, Ga., s. R. Toombs and Mary 
E. (Ivens) W.; ed. Alabama Poly- 
technic Institute, 1907; scholarship 
sophomore year, athletic board, man- 
ager football team, captain Co. D, 
chairman honor system committee; 
initiated by Alabama Alpha-Mu, Oct. 
1903; eminent archon, recorder; 
delegate S. A. E. Nat'l convention 
Memphis, 1904, attended province 
Epsilon convention, Rome, 1908; sales 
engineer Westinghouse Electric and 
Manufacturing Co., Atlanta. Ad- 
dress, care Westinghouse Electric and 
Afanu/acturlng Co., IZZZ CaTiA\«>T 

Bldg., AtlanU, Ga. 

WRIGHT, Homer C^ student; b. June 
18, 1888; a. David R. and Emma 
(Boyer) W.; student at Qettyabnrg 
College; class and scrub fbotbaU, 
mem. student council; initiated by 
Pennsylvania DelU, Nov. 25, 1911. 
Address, R. F. D. No. 36, ConneUs- 
ville, Penn. 

WRIGHT, Henry Wilkes, CoUege pro- 
fessor; b. St James, Mich., Ang. IC 
1878; s. Henry and Jessie (Wilkes) 
W.; ed. Cornell University, 1899; ini- 
tiated by New York Alpha, Hay 14, 
1898; attended province Beta con- 
vention at Carlisle, 1900; professor 
of philosophy Lake Forest College, 
articles in Philosophical Review, 
Journal of Philosophical, Ps7chok>gi- 
cal and Scientific Methods, Intema- 
tional Journal of Ethics, American 
Journal of Theology; mem. American 
Philosophical association. Western 
Philosophical association, American 
association for Advancement of 
Science; m. Celia Evelyn Morgan, 
Sept. 4, 1903. Address, Lake For- 
est College, Lake Forest, m. 

WRIGHT, James Bascom, lawyer; b. 
New Market, Tenn., Nov. IS, 1875; a 
J. C. and Martha W.; ed. University 
of Tennessee, 1896; valedictorian, 
won orator's medal Chi-Delta society, 
represented Chi-Delta in debate; initi- 
ated by Tennessee Kappa, Oct 8, 
1894; delegate S. A. E. NafI conven- 
tion, Washington, 1894; district at- 
torney Louisville and Nashville R. R- 
Co. ; m. Dora Virginia Wliitaker, June 
14, 1900. Address, 517 Cumberland 
Ave., W., Knoxville, Tenn. 

WRIGHT, John H^ lawyer; b. near 
Suffolk, Va., Nov. 19, 1839; s. WU- 
liam J. and Martha (Eley) W.; 
ed. Columbian College (now George 
Washington University), 1859; Uni- 
versity of Virginia; initiated by 
Washington City Rho, Nov. 30, 1858, 
later affiliated with Virginia Omicron; 
brother of William S. Wright, Wash- 
ington City Rho; James E. Wright, 
Washington City Rho, Thomas J. 
Wright, Washington City Rho; en- 
listed in the Confederate army for the 
war; was made orderly sergeant of Co. 
I, 9th Virginia regiment* in which his 
brother William was second lieuten- 

WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


ant. Just before the evacuation of 
Norfolk by the Confederate joldiem, 
was commlBsioned to raiae a company 
for the 6l8t Virginia regiment known 
as Co. H, 6l8t Virginia regiment, of 
which he was commisaioned captain 
soon after reaching Petersburg, Va., 
where the regiment was stationed 
until the autumn of 1862; then or- 
dered to Army of Northern Virginia 
under General Robert B. Lee. Was 
subsequently assigned to scouting 
duty around Norfolk, Va., and in rear 
of Grant's army after he crossed to 
south side of James River and had 
frequent conflicts with raiding parties 
Participated while on scouting duty in 
the capture of the XT. 8. gunboat 
"Smith Briggs/' at Smithfleld, Va., 
In 1863, destroying the gunboai cap- 
turing nearly four hundred prisoners 
besides killing and wounding many, 
liavlng sent a shot from a piece of 
Held artillery, through the boiler 
of the gunboat, scalding to death a 
number of those on board. Was in 
service until the war ended with the 
surrender. After the war, he 
founded and was principal of a pri- 
vate school in SufPolk, Va., elected 
prosecuting attorney of the county; 
removed in 1891 to Roanoke, Va., 
where he has since been engaged in, 
the practice of law; m. Virginia 
Johnson, March 20, 1862. Address, 
World Bldg., Roanoke, Va. 

WRIGHT, Thomas Henry, Jr., student; 
b. Feb. 1, 1892; s. Thomas H. and 
Fannie M. (Baker) W.; student at 
Iowa State College; class vice-presi- 
dent; initiated by Iowa Gamma, May 
7, 1910. Address, 209 South Seventh 
St., Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

WRIGHT, William Wllberforee, Jr^ law- 
yer; b. Toulon, IlL, August 12, 1878; 
a William W. and Mary (Hopkins) 
W.; ed. University of Illinois, 1904; 
initiated by Illinois Beta, Jan. 28, 
1899, (charter mem.); delegate 8. A. 
IL Natl convention, Washington, 
1902; acted as eminent deputy archon 
at the Inatallatlon of Iowa Beta; 
mem. law firm of Wright and Wright; 
mem. Creve Ck>uer club of Peoria, 
Masonic lodge; m. Phoebe Louise 
Robins, Oct 20, 1909. Address, 
Toulon, ni. 

WYCKOFP, Jamas Edward, student; b. 
Oct 30, 1890; s. James H. and Bmma 
A. (Bartholomew) W.; student at 
Syracuse University; mem. Pi Beta 
Tau. Address, 216 Bryant Ave., 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

YEAMAN, M. V. P., clergyman; b. 
iOwensboro, Ky., April 28, 1867; s. 
Malcolm and Julia (Moore) Y.; ed. 
Southwestern Presbyterian Univer- 
sity; initiated by Tennessee Zeta, 
Sept 18, 1887; brother of Harvey 
Yeaman, Michigan Iota-Beta; Presby- 
terian minister, elected three times 
to National Assembly of church, 
lioderator of Synod of Kentucky, 
1909; m. Bmma R. Fishback, June 19, 
1889. Address, Harrodsburg, Ky. 

YOCCO, George Henry, civil engineer; 
b. Los OatoB, CaL; ed. University of 
California, 1908; initiated by Cali- 
fornia Beta, Oct 1904. Address, Ap- 
plegrate, CaL 

YOU NO, Allyn Abbott, University pro- 
fessor; b. Kenton, Ohio, Sept 19, 
1876; s. 8. E. and Bmma 8. Y.; ed. 
University of Wisconsin, 1902; initi- 
ated by Wisconsin Alpha, Feb. 7, 
1908, (charter mem.); brother of 
Evan E. Young, Wisconsin Alpha; 
professor of Economics, Washington 
University; associate editor Ameri- 
can Economic Review; author of 
articles on economics and statistics; 
Fellow of Royal Statistical society; 
formerly head of department of 
economics at Stanford, lecturer on 
economics at Harvard, 1910-11; m. 
Jessie R. Westlake, 1904. Address, 
Washington University, St Louis, 

YOU NO, Evan E., diplomat; b. 1878; s. 
8. E. and Bmma 8. Y.; ed. University 
of Wisconsin, 1908; initiated by Wis- 
consin Alpha, Feb. 7, 1903, (churter 
mem.); represented the Phi Phi Phi 
local as petitioner at the 8. A. IL 
Natl convention, 1902; veteran of 
the Spanish-American war; was com- 
missioned first lieutenant and ad- 
jutant for gallant^ at Marilao, April 
18, 1899; promoted to captain and ad- 
jutant 11th Cavalry, U. 8. V.; Ameri- 
can minister to Ecuador; m. Dawn 



WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 

Waite, at Belvldere, 111., August S, 
1905. Address, care American Con- 
sulate, Quito, Ecuador. 

YOU NO, William Edward, fruit grower; 
s. Charles E. M. and Francis (Stan- 
f(rth)f.; ed. Ohio Weslejan Univer- 
sity, 1908; class treasurer, frat foot- 
ball, critic literary society, member- 
ship secretary College T. H. C. A.; 
Initiated by Ohio Delta, Dec. 1904; 
officer and stockholder in The W. W. 
Famsworth Co.; m. Ruth E. Fams- 
worth. Feb. 11, 1908. Address, Water- 
vllle, Ohio. 

YOU NT, Barton Kyle, U. S. army offi- 
cer; b. Troy, Ohio, Jan. 18, 1884; a. 
Noah and Ivy K. T.; ed. Ohio State 
University, West Point, 1907; Initi- 
ated by Ohio Theta, Oct 4, 1902 ; lieu- 
tenant U. S. army. Address, Fort 
Sheridan, 111. 

YOU NT, Courtland Matson, student; b. 
near Franklin, Ind., Jan. 10, 1889; s. 
Edwin and Matilda Caroline T.; stu- 
dent at Franklin College; class pres- 
ident, football and track, Perlcleslan 
literary society, Scientific association; 
Initiated by Indiana Alpha, April 12, 
1910; eminent archon, recorder, repre- 
sentative at Installation of Illinois 
Delta. Address, Greenwood, Ind. 

YOWELL, Everett J., astronomer; b. 
Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 2, 1870; b. 
Richard C. and Sarah L. (Lloyd) Y.; 
ed. University of Cincinnati, 1891; 
class secretary; initiated by Ohio Ep- 
silon, Feb. 11, 1893; chief assistant 
Cincinnati Observatory, mem. U. S. 
Naval Observatory Eclipse party ex- 
pedition to Spain, 1905; instructor U. 
S. Naval Academy, 1906-09, Instructor 
In mathematics University of Cincin- 
nati, 1895-97, International Latitude 
Observer, 1910; mem. American 
Mathematical society. Astronomical 
and Astrophysical society. Fellow 
American association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science; studied at 
Oottingen, 1894-95. Address, Grelst 
and Corbett Aves., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

ZACHRITZ, Edgar F., lawyer; b. St 
Louis, Mo., Sept 5, 1887; s. William 
and Emma (Henzpeter) Z.; ed. Wash- 
ington University, 1910; Phi Delta 

Phi, Triangle club, yaraity basebsU; 
Initiated by Missouri Beta, Oct U, 
1907; eminent archon; mem. Alumni 
association, S. Al E.; mem. law ilm 
Zachrlts and Zachrits; Mlsaourl Atb- 
letlc club, Llederkrans, Washington 
University Alumni aoaociation. RbA- 
dence, 2921 Lafayette Ave., offlce^ 
1807 New Bank of Commerce Blds^ 
St Louis, Mo. 

ZEHy Russell Smith, student; b. Auro- 
ra, Ind., Sept 21, 1890; s. George ind 
Margery Z.; student at Indiana Uni- 
versity; initiated by Indiana Oamoa; 
eminent treasurer. Addreaa, Indlini 
Ave., Aurora, Ind. 

ZEHNER, Herman Emeraon, student; 
b. May 25, 1889; s. Jacob and Emma 
E. Z.; student at Bucknell University; 
College annual board, claaa fbotbaH 
varsity basketball, baseball and fbo^ 
ball; initiated by Pennsylvania Zete, 
Dec. 6, 1918. AddresSp Tamaqoa, 

ZEMP, Albert Sidney, lawyer; b. Cam- 
den, S. C, March 25, 1883; a. Eugene 
Capers and Mary (Blakeney) K.; ed. 
Vanderbllt University, 1910; Commo- 
dore club, Ferrett club; initiated by 
Tennessee Nu, Oct 1908; eminent 
archon; representative of 8. A. E. in 
Pan-Hellenic Council, Vanderbflt; 
mem. law firm Bonsted and Zemp. 
Address, Toppenish, Wash. 

ZINKy R. E., Industrial engineer; ed. 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Cor- 
nell University; Initiated by Massa- 
chusetts Delta, March 9, 1909, later 
affiliated with New York Alpha; with 
Fletcher Engineering Co. Address, 
1108 Central Ave., Bridgeport Conn. 

ZURPLUH, William Nicholas, super- 
intendent; b. Perrysburg, Ohio, Nov. 
15, 1870; s. John and Rosina Z.; ed. 
Ohio State University, 1894; class 
vice-president football, Horton liter- 
ary society, first lieutenant cadet bat- 
talion; initiated by Ohio Theta, June 
3, 1892, (charter mem.); eminent 
chronicler; served as treasurer prov- 
ince Delta, associate editor of The 
Record; superintendent Dayton Ar- 
cade Co.; m. Gertrude Dempey, May 
25, 1899. Address, 271 Arcade Bldg.* 

ZWICK, William Q. J^ engines; b. 
West Carrolton, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1882; a 
Dayton, Ohio. 


WHO'S WHO IN 8. A. B. 


HeniT and Bertha (Faul) Z.; ed. Case 
School of Applied Science, 1904; cap- 
tain track, Ylce-prealdent of aUiletlo 
association, chairman of executive 
committee of athletic association, 
<pre8ident of The Ohio Intercollegiate 
AthleUc association, 1904; Initiated 

by Ohio Rho, Feb. 18, 1906, (charter 
mem.) ; secretary of The Forest City 
Engineering Co., Cleveland ; F. and A. 
M., Scottish Rite Mason and Noble 
Of Mystic Shrine; m. Bessie L. Beach- 
em, Dec. 28, 1903. Address, 402 
Superior Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 


BROWN, Wallace E., manufactorer; b. 
Belief ontalne, O., May 9, 1874; s. Rob- 
ert H. and Jennie B. B.; ed. Unlver- 
alty of Mlchlgui, 1898; Initiated by 
Michigan Iota-Beta, Nov. 2, 1894; 
president Michigan Gas Mantle Co. 
Address, 21 Water St, Detroit, Mich. 

BRUNDAQE, Avery, architect; b. De- 
troit, Mich., Sept. 28, 1887; s. Charles 
and Minnie (Lloyd) B.; ed. Univer- 
sity of Illinois, '09; manager track 
team, Sigma XI, Theta Delta Tau, 
track and basketball, editor-ln-chlef 
Literary m&gazine. Phoenix; Initiated 
by Illinois Beta, April 12,1907; emi- 
nent deputy archon, correspondent; 
architect's superintendent, American 
representative at the Olympic games, 
Stockholm, 1912. Address, 8626 Evan- 
ston Ave., Chicago, IlL 

CALDWELL, Robert Brflce, mayor; b. 
Chester county, S. C, Aug. 18, 1874; 
8. James McC. and Janle (Brice) C; 
ed. Erskine College; initiated by 
South Carolina Mu, June 18, 1892; 
mayor of Chester, 1907-09; attorney 
at law, bank president, president com- 
mercial club; m. Leila Lathan, Dec. 

19, 1900. Address, 136 Saluda St, 
Chester, S. C. 

DUQQER, Walter Sheppard, educator; 
b. Bates vlUe, Miss., Dec. 17, 1880; s. 
William and Sarah (Foster) D.; ed. 
Union University (then Southwestern 
Baptist University) ; scholarship 
medal; awarded first honor for best 
oration at graduation; Ph. D., A. M., 
LL. B.; initiated by Tennessee Bta; 
secretary of the Tennessee Text-book 
Sub-commission, president of the 
Principals association of Memphis 
City Schools; Business Men's club; L 
O. O. F., K. of P., Mason. Residence, 
1166 Overton Park Ave., oflice, Busl* 
ness Men's club, Memphis, Tenn. 

METCALP, Charles W., Jr., Insurance; 
b. Memphis, Tenn., Oct 10, 1874; s. 
C. W. and Mary E. M.; ed. University 
of Tennessee, 1895; initiated by Ten* 
nessee Ki^pa, Feb. 1, 1891; eminent 
archon; delegate S. A. E. Natl con* 
ventlon Chattanooga, 1892; chairman 
Natl convention committee, Memphis, 
1904; m. Juliet White, Oct 10, 1899. 
Residence, 1888 Central Ave., offlce. 
Exchange Bldg., Memphis, TeasL 




- I' 3 


Locality Index 


William R. Bradford, lawyer. 

Truman A. Thomas. 

William A. Davis. Jr^ Real Estate. 
James G. Glass. Clerflryman, 102S 

Qulntard Av. 
Wesley H. RudlsUl, Elec. Bnff. 

Edward H. Cabanlss, Lawyer, 88S-7 

Nat'l Bank Bldff. 
John Lfc Cox, 1927 Avenue H. 
Daniel B. Dimlck, Mtg„ 1827 CuUom 

Thomas B. Dryer, CAM. Enff-* 822 

Woodward Bids* 
Roy J. Emmerson, Lawyer, 410-11-12 


2008 Highland Av. 


Brown -Marx Bldff. 

James BC GUlesi 

Jr., Lawyer, 

Charles O. Hodffes, 1201 Avenue K. 
Aujrustln C Howxe, Lawyer, Stelner 

Frederick G. Koeniff, Lawyer, 1624 8. 

Sixteenth St. 
William Myers Little, Lawyer, Sturie 

James N. Montgomery, Y. M. C. A. 

Sec'y, 827 a TblrUeth St 
John L Moore, 714 & Thirtieth St 
Robert T. Pittman, chemist 2800 

Cypress Av. 
Kirby W. 

Sevier, Ry., 808 Woodward 

Landers Sevier, Jr., Ry., 11 Margaret 

Albert D. Smith, Asst Postmaster, 

8024 HiUman Av. 
Truman A. Thomas, Mechanical Enff., 

1711 Elffhtn Ave., N. 

Henry G. Reynolds. 

Thomas J. Harris, lawyer. 


Edward R Bailey, Physician. 

Daniel J. Duffel, Chemist 2018 Ave- 
nue F. 

Cecil A. Beasley, Lawyer. 

George Herbert Jones. 

Cyrus W. Ashcroft Mfff. 
Fletcher Ashcroft Mfff. 
John J. Mitchell, Lawyer. 
WUliam H. Mitchell, Lawyer. 

Augustus R. Brindley, Lawyer. 

Harry EL McNeeL 

John H. Bankhead, Jr., Lawyer. 
Frank A. Gamble, Lawyer. 

Howard M. Doufflss, Farmer. 


Albert G. B. Bennett Trinity Reefy. 
Stewart I* Garrison, Crichton. 
Seale Harris. Physician, 906 Van 

Antwerp Bids. 
Gessner T. McCorvey, Lawyer, 809- 

10-11 Van Antwerp Bldsr. 
Jack F. Ross, Jr., Ry. OIBcial. 
Chas W. Tompkins, Lawyer, 218-217 

Pollock Bldff* 


Thomas W. Palmer, Jr. 


William M. Blakey, Lawyer, First 

Nat'l Bank Bldff. 
Nicholas H. Cobbs, 124 Mobile St 
Stanley H. Dent Jr., Congressman, 

404 Felder St 
Joseph W. Holt Real Estate, 404 

First Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Walter B. Jones, Lawyer, 828 Adams 

James H. Judkins. Lawyer, 216 

Moulton St 
Edgar G. Murphy, Author. 
George DeV. Noble, Jr., State OflH- 

cial, 801 Alabama St 
Thomas H. Seay. Lawyer, 612 First 

Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Edward S. Watts, Lawyer. 


€toorge Paul Harrison, 201 8. Tenth 


Barnard, Custodian of 

Thomas B. Creagh, First Av. and 

Robert H. Mangum, Lawyer. 
H. S. D. Mallory, Lawyer. 

Virgil O. 

Alexander W. Graves. 

BC N. Manning, Lawyer. 

Hugh F. McEldernr, danker. 

John R. McLure, Educator, 486 E. 
Elm St 

Frank R Webb, Clergyman, 170 Cof- 
fee St 

Robert R Beard, 822 N. Three Notch 
William _W._ Brandon, _LAwyer. 
Robert L LitUe, Univ. Instr.. 2222 

Samuel F. Clabongh, Editor, 
obert L I 
Ninth St 

Richard H. LitUe, Publisher, till 

Broad St 
€toorge R Worthen, Lawyer, 601- 1*8 
Alston Bldg. 

Walter R Hardy. 
UatoB Sjsfftegs. 

William R. Harrison, Bdnoator« 



ALABAMA— CoBtlB«e4. 


Frederick O. Stlckney, UnlT. Prof. 

Emory B. Peebles, Planter. 


Harrison C Henrle, Chemist. 

Frank F. Jewett, U. 8. Army Oflloer, 
661 N. Sixth St 

Paul Burks, Lawyer. 

Roy W. Elliott. 114 3, Mount Vernon, 



Henry A. E. Chandler, Univ. Prof. 
Univ. Campua 


Lester N. Collier, Ina 
Blaek Rock. 

Alvln 8. Irby, Lawyer. 

Hamilton S. Powell, Lawyer. 

John P. Lee, Lawyer. 

David D. Crenshaw. 

George A. Vincenheller, Fruit Grow- 
er, 21 E. Center St. 

John R. Hampton, Ina 
James A. Pattlllo, Ina 
Fort Sailtk. 

Vincent M. Mllea Lawyer. 
William H. Rector, Asst Att'y Oen. 

Charles B. Foster, Banker. 

Daniel K. Hawthorn, Lawyer. 
Gordon Matthewa Merchant, 711 
Union St. 

Thomas H. Faulkner, Jr., 601 Bis- 

col St. 
Frederick R. Grayes, Clergryman, 
1101 Porter St. 
Hot Sprlncs. 

Leonard R. Ellla Physician. 
Wayne H. Moore, 906 Malvern Av. 
Lucien Ramseur, Mercantile, 106 Elm 

James A. Stallcup, Lawyer, 621 Cen- 
tral Av. 
Little Rock. 

William H. McLean, Elec Ensr., 920 

W. Second St. 
James W. Mehafty, Lawyer, 1704 

W. Nineteenth St. 
William H. Rector, Lawyer, State 

Walter F. Relchardt, Consulting 

Civil Eng., 1201 Welch St 
Frances A. Terry, Lawyer, 1422 
Scott St. 

James C. Knox, Lawyer. 

S. R. Simpson. Lawyer. 
Plae Bluff. 

William B. Alexander, Lawyer, 611 
Citizena Bank Bldg. 

Icholas J. Gantt, Lawyer, 

Cltlsens Bank Bldff. 
Thomas O. Parham, Lawyer, 110^ 

Alexander H. Rowell, Lawyer, Clti- 

xens Bank Bldff. 

James D. Head, Lawyer, State Natl 

Bank Bid*. 
John F. Slmms, Lawyer, 706 S. Fifth 

Allen Wlnham, Banker, 1109 Pecta 



€toorve H. Toooo, Civil Bnyr. 


John W. Bamett 1609 Rld^e Rd. 
Frank R Kelloffff, Forester, 98 El 
Camlno Real. 

Henry M. Klnsey, with N. Elect R. 


William H. Brana Ranchman, 4X 

Osman D, Baker, Univ. Inatr. 
Loa Aaselea. 

Leo a Chandler, Capitalist 
Arthur W. Eckman, Lawyer, 

Hlfffflns BldflT 
George H. I&esa, 

Bradbury Bldf^ 

n. jLa 
able Bank Bldff. 

Frank McCani 


Physician. 146 

wyer, 707 Bqnlt- 

Clarence R. Naff, Lawyer, 601 Fed- 
eral Blda. 

James Nelll, care Belaaco Tbeatra 

John Phelpa Lawyer, 611 Lauffhlla 

Roy D. Plnkerton, Editor The Tri- 

Michael F. Shannon, Lawyer, Hall of 

Herbert A, Blbbet, Corporation Of- 
ficial, 709 Lankerchim Bldff. 

Frank A. Ward, 1017 Hibenuaa. 

James E. Chapman, Mininff Bnsr. 

Brooke L Moore, Chemist 

Blakely M. Tyson, Oranffe Rancher. 

Homer L Keller, Educat