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Published by 
6 Beacon St»t 

Copyright, January, 1909 



LODGE, HENRY CABOT, Republican, of 
Nahant. Was born in Boston, May 12, 1850; 
received a private school and collegiate educa- 
tion; was graduated from Harvard College 
in 1871; studied law at Harvard Law School 
and graduated in 1875, receiving the degree 
of LL.B.; admitted to Suffolk bar in 1876; 
in the same year, 1876, received the degree of 
Ph.D., for thesis on ''The Land Law of the 
Anglo-Saxons;" profession, that of literature; 
is a member of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society, of the Virginia Historical Society, of 
the American Academy of Arts and Science, 
of the New England Plistorical and Genealogical 
Society, and of the American Antiquarian 
Society, and has received the degree of Doctor 
of Laws from Williams College, Clark Univer- 
sity and Yale University; was permanent 
chairman of the Republican national conventions 
of 1908 and 1900; chairman of the committee 
on resolutions of the Republican national 
convention of 1904 at Chicago; was a member 
of the commission on Alaskan boundary ap- 
pointed by the President; served two years in 
the Massachusetts House of Representatives; 
was elected to the 50th, 51st, 52d, and 53d 
Congresses; was elected to the United States 
Senate Jan. 17, 1893, to succeed Henry L. 
Dawes; was re-elected in 1899 and 1905. His 
term will expire in 1911. 



lican, of Dalton, was born at Dalton, April 23, 
1853; was educated at Williston Seminary; 
Easthampton, Mass. Is a paper manufacturer, 
was a delegate-at-large to the Republican 
national conventions of 1892, 1896, 1904 and 
1908; was selected as the Massachusetts mem- 
ber of the Republican National Committee in 
1892, 1896, 1904 and 1908 (member of advisory 
committee latter year), was lieutenant-governor 
in 1897-'98-'99, and governor in 1900-'01-'02 ; 
was appointed to the United States Senate 
Oct. 12, 1904, to fill the vacancy caused by the 
death of Senator Hoar. He was elected by 
the Legislature in January, 1905, to fill out the 
term which expired March 3, 1907, and was re- 
elected for a full term of six years in January, 
1907. His term will expire in 1913. 




MEYER, GEORGE von L., Postmaster- 
General. Born in Boston, June 24, 1858. 
Harvard 1879. Trustee. Boston common 
council 1889-'90, board of aldermen 1891; 
Massachusetts House of Representatives 1892- 
1896 (speaker 1894-'96) ; Republican national 
committeeman 1898-1905; chairman Massa- 
chusetts Paris Exposition managers; ambas- 
sador to Italy 1900-'05; ambassador to Russia 
19()5-'()7; Postmaster-General since March 4, 
1907. Director of Ames Plow Company, Amos- 
keajz; Manufacturing Company, Old Colony 
Ti ust Company, United States Securities Com- 
p:niy; trustee Provident Institution for Savings, 
Suffolk Heal P^state Trust; member of advisory 
board American Boiuhng Com})any. 


AMES, BUTLER, 5th District, Republi- 
can, Lowell. Born there in 1871; public 
schools, Phillips Exeter, West Point, Mas- 
sachusetts Institute of Technology. Mechani- 
cal and electrical engineer. Agent Wamesit 
Power Co. of Lowell. Common council, Massa- 
chusetts House of Representatives three years; 
elected to 58th, 59th and 60th Congresses. 
Re-elected to 61st Congress. 


GARDNER, AUGUSTUS P., 6th District, 
Republican, Hamilton. Born in Boston Novem- 
ber 5, 1865; Harvard College 1886, degree of 
A.B. Served as captain and assistant adjutant- 
general on the staff of Gen. James H. Wilson 
during the Spanish-American War. Massa- 
chusetts state Senate two years; elected to the 
57th Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the 
retirement of Hon. William H. Moody to be- 
come Secretary of the Navy, and to the 58th, 
59th and 60th Congresses. Re-elected to 61st 


GILLETT, FREDERICK H., 2d district 
Republican, Springfield. Born Westfield, Octo- 
ber 16, 1851; Amherst College, 1874, Harvard 
Law School 1877. Lawyer. Assistant attor- 
ney-general of Massachusetts from 1879 to 1882; 
Massachusetts House of Representatives 1890 
and 1891; elected to 53d, 54th, 55th, 56th, 
57th, 58th, 59th and 60th Congresses. Re- 
elected to 61st Congress. 


GREENE, WILLIAM 8., 13th District, 
Republican, Fall River. Born Tremont, Taze- 
well County, 111., April 28, 1841; public schools. 
Real estate and insurance business. Coninioii 
council four years, president three years; 
mayor of Fall River 1880, 1886, 1895, 1896, 
and 1897; appointed postmaster 1881; re- 
appointed postmaster 1898; resigned and was 
elected to the 55th ('ongress to fill out the 
unexpired term of Hon. John Simpkins, de- 
ceased; also elected to 56th, 57th, 58th, 59th 
and^60th Congresses. Re-elected to 61st Con- 


KELIHER, JOHN A, 9th District, Dem- 
ocrat, Boston. Born there November 6, 1866; 
pubHc schools. Real estate. Massachusetts 
House of Representatives 1896-'97, state Senate 
1899-1900; elected to 58th, 59th and 60th 
Congresses. Re-elected to 61st Congress. 


LAWRENCE, GEORGE P., Lst District, 
Republican, North Adams. Born Adams, May 
19, 1859; Drury Academy, Amherst College, 
Columbia Law School. Lawyer. Appointed 
judge of district court of Northern Berkshire 
1885; Massachusetts Senate 1895-96-97, presi- 
dent last two years. Elected to 55th, 56th, 
57th, 58th, 59th and 60th Congresses. Re- 
elected to 61st Congress. 


LOVERING, WILLIAM C, 14th District, 
Republican, Taunton. Born Rhode Island, 
1835; Cambridge High School, Hopkins Classical 
School. Cotton manufacturer. Massachusetts 
state Senate 1874-'75; delegate Republican 
national convention 1880; elected to the 55th, 
56th, 57th, 58th, 59th and 60th Congresses. 
Re-elected to 61st Congress. 


McCALL, SAMrj:L W Stli District, Ko- 
publicaii, Winchester. Borii East Providence, 
Pa., February 2S, 1851; New Hampton (N.H.) 
Academy 1870, Dartmouth College 1874. Law- 
yer; Massachusetts House of Representatives 
1888, 1889, and 1892; delegate to Republican 
national conventions of 1888 and 1900; elected 
to 53d, 54th, 55th, 56th, 57th, 58th, 59th and 
60th Congresses. Re-elected to 61st Congress. 


O'CONNELL, JOSEPH F., 10th District, 
Democrat, Boston. Born Dorchester, Decem- 
ber 7, 1872; St. Mary's Parochial school, Boston 
College, Harvard Law School 1896. Lawyer. 
Elected to 60th Congress and re-elected to the 
61st Congress. 


pi:ti:rs, Andrew j., nth District, 

Democrat, Boston. Born there April 3, 1872. 
Harvard College 1895, Harvard Law School 
1898. Lawyer. Massachusetts House of Rep- 
resentatives 1902, state Senate 1904 and 1905. 
Elected to 60th Congress and re-elected to the 
61st Congress. 


ROBF]RTS, ERNEST W., 7th District, 
Republican, Chelsea. Born East Madison, Me., 
November 22, 18/)8; jmblic schools. Highland 
Military Academy, Boston University Law 
School. Lawyer. (>ity council of Chelsea two 
years; Massachusetts House of Representatives 
three years; Massachusetts state Senate 1897 
and 1898; elected to the 56th, 57th, 58th, 59th 
and 60th Congresses. Re-elected to 61st Con- 


TIRRELL, CHARLES Q., 4th District, 
Republican, Natick. Born Sharon, Decem- 
ber 10, 1844. Dartmouth College 1866. Law- 
yer. Massachusetts House of Representatives 
1872; state Senate 1881 and 1882; presidential 
elector 1888; elected to 57th, 58th, 59th and 
60th Congresses. Re-elected to 61st Congress. 


WASHBURN, CHARLES G., 3d District, 
Republican, Worcester. Born there January 
28, 1857; Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
1875, Harvard University 1880. Admitted to 
Suffolk bar 1887. Massachusetts House of 
Representatives 1897 and 1898, and Massa- 
chusetts state Senate 1899 and 1900; delegate 
Republican national convention 1904; Massa- 
chusetts member of committee to notify Theo- 
dore Roosevelt of his nomination. Elected to 
60th Congress and re-elected to the 61st Congress. 


WEEKS, JOHN W., Tith District, Re- 
publican, Newton. Born Lancaster, N. H., 
April 11, 1860; United States Naval Academy 
1881. Banker and broker. Midshipman 
United States Navy 1881-83; Massachusetts 
Naval Brigade ten years, six years as command- 
ing officer; member Governor Wolcott's mili- 
tary advisory board during Spanish-American 
war. Alderman three years and mayor two 
years, city of NeAvton; member national mone- 
tary commission ; member finance committee of 
Republican national committee 1908; elected 
to 59th and 60th Congresses. Re-elected to 
01st Congress. 


REYNOLDS, JAMES B., Assistant Secretary 
of the Treasury. Born Saratoga, N. Y., Feb. 17, 
1870; Glens Falls Academy 1886, Dartmouth 
1890. State House and Washington correspond- 
ent for Boston Advertiser and Record 1891-'94; 
editorial writer New York Press 1895. Execu- 
tive Secretary Republican State Committee 
1896-1905; delegate Republican National Con- 
ventions 1896, 1900, 1904. 



COOLIDGE, LOULS A., Assistant Secretary 
of the Treasury. Born Natick, Mass., October 
8, 1861; Harvard 1883. In journalism on 
Springfield Republican 1883-8; private secretary 
Senator Henry Cabot Lodge 1888-91; Washing- 
ton correspondent for Boston Journal and New 
York Commercial Advertiser; editor Congres- 
sional Directory; indexer Congressional Record; 
clerk committee on election of president, vice- 
president and representatives in Congress, 51st 
Congress; Director of Literary Bureau, Repub- 
lican National Committee, 1904. President 
Gridiron Club, 1904. 


PUTNAM, HERBERT, Librarian of Congress. 
Born New York, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1861; public 
and private schools, Harvard 1883, Columbia 
Law School. Admitted to Suffolk bar 1892, 
Librarian Minneapolis Public Library 1887-1891 ; 
librarian Boston Public Library 1895-99. Ap- 
pointed Librarian of Congress 1899. 


MOSIOLK^', EDWARD A., Secretary Inter- 
state ('onnnerce Commission. Born Newbury- 
port, March 23, 1846; academic education. 
Admitted to bar of Supreme Court of United 
States. Member of Massachusetts Legishiture. 
Leading authority in United States on measures 
or apph'ances to procure safety of railroad 
employees and travelers upon railroads. 


McMILLIN, FRANK E., Chief Inspector 
Post-Office Department. Born Latrobe Fur- 
nace, Jackson County, O.; public scliools. Rail- 
way postal clerk 1883 to 1896, chief clerk rail- 
way mail service 1896 to 1899, inspector 1899 
to 1905, assistant postmaster of Boston 1905 to 
June, 1907, inspector in charge Washington 
division June, 1907, to January, 1908, appointed 
chief inspector of department January 2, 1908. 



Photo by Purdy. 



DRAPER, EBEN S., Republican, Hope- 
dale. Born in Hopedale, 1858; preparatory 
training at Allen's school, Newton, Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology. Employee 
of Draper Co.'s cotton mills and machine shop; 
selling agent for the company 1896; typical 
New England manufacturer. Chairman Massa- 
chusetts delegation, Republican national con- 
vention, 1896; lieutenant-governor 1906-'07-- 
'08; acting governor for several months of 1908, 
during the illness of Gov. Guild, and gained 
high commendation for the signal courage and 
wisdom with which he exercised the executive 
powers; president of Massachusetts Volunteer 
Aid Association during the Spanish War, and 
raised $200,000 for the equipment of the hospi- 
tal ship '^Bay State"; president of the Repub- 
lican Club two years, also a member of the Nor- 
folk, Middlesex and Massachusetts Clubs. 
Member of corporation of the Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Eye 
and Ear Infirmary; one of the managers of the 
Milford Hospital. 




Boston. Born at Jamaica Plain, Boston, July 
13, 1871; comes of a distinguished lineage; 
prepared for college at Roxbury Latin School 
and Adams Academy, Quincy; graduated 
from Harvard in 1893 and from the Harvard 
Law School in 1896; played for four years on 
varsity baseball team, captaining the team in 
'92 and '93, in both of which years it won from 
Yale; afterwards head coach' of nine; lawyer 
and president of the Blackstone Savings Bank. 
Entered politics in Ward 11 in 1899 being on 
the successful ward committee ticket; treasurer 
of the republican city committee in 1900; House 
1901-'02-'03-'04-'05, committees on taxation 
(clerk and chairman), banks and banking, rules, 
street railways (chairman) ; Speaker of the 
House in 1904 and 1905; in 1905 he retired 
from the legislature to make the running as the 
candidate of his party for Mayor of Boston but 
was defeated at the polls. Member Battery A 
for three years; 2d lieutenant United States 
marine corps during war with Spain; ensign 
Massachusetts naval brigade. Member board 
of overseers of Harvard University, Country, 
Puritan, Boston Athletic Association and other 


OLTN, WILLIAM M., Secretary of the Com- 
monwealth, RepubHcan, Boston. Born in War- 
renton, Ga., September 18, 1845. Printer and 
newspaper writer. Private in the Civil War, 
36th Massachusetts volunteers. Secretary of 
the Commonwealth since 1891. Masons, 33d 


CHAPIN, ARTHUR B., State Treasurer, 
Republican, Holyoke. Born Willimansett Vil- 
lage, Chicopee, November 17, 1868; Holyoke 
schools, Phillips (Andover) Academy 1887, and 
Amherst College 1891. Two years with the 
"Youth's Companion"; studied law with his 
father. Judge Chapin of Holyoke, and was ad- 
mitted to the bar in 1895. City solicitor of 
Holyoke, 1896. Mayor of Holyoke six years. 
State Treasurer, 1905-'06-'07-'08-'q9. Bank 
director, member of numerous social clubs, 
closely identified with church and Y. M. C. A 
work; member of the Masonic order, 

TURNER, HENRY E., State Auditor, Re- 
publican, Maiden. Bom in Boston, May 4, 1842. 
Educated in the public schools and at Pierce 
Academy, Milton. Able accountant and a writer 
and speaker on economic subjects. Treasurer 
Maiden Republican city committee 1883, presi- 
dent 1884; member of the legislature four times, 
committees on drainage, railroads, manufactures 
and public health, State Auditor since 1901. 
Executive committees of the ^Middlesex and 
Republican clubs. Mason, Royal Arcanum, 
A. O. U. W. 

MALONE, DANA, Attoniey-Geiieral, Re- 
publican, Greenfield. Born in Arcade, N. Y., 
1857; graduated from Harvard Law School, an(l 
was admitted to the bar in 1881. 8ix years 
trial justice at Greenfield. Trustee of the Frank- 
lin Savings Institution. House 1893-'94, chair- 
man of committee on judiciary; senator 1895-'96, 
chairman of probate and insolvency and judici- 
ary. Attorney-general 1906-'07-'08-'09. Re- 
publican state committee; member of grade 
crossing commission and New Bedford-Fair- 
haven bridge commission. District attorney, 
northwestern district, two terms. Mason, past 
commander K. T. 


BARRY, EDWARD P., Executive Council, 
3d District; Democrat, Boston. Born there 
November 28, 1864; public schools, Boston 
University Law School. Attorney at law. 
Common council two years. President South 
Boston Citizens' Association, treasurer Ideal 
Harp Company. Executive Council 1907-'08, 
committees on pardons, charitable institutions 
and prisons, harbors and public lands and rail- 
roads, military and naval affairs. 


BEMIS, ALBION F, Executive Council, 2d 
District; Republican, Brookline. Born Brook- 
field, July 19, 1856; public schools, Amherst 
College. Straw goods manufacturer. House 
1901 and 1902, committees on manufactures, 
federal relations (chairman), public lighting 
(clerk). Senate 1903 and 1904, committees on 
constitutional amendments (chairman), metro- 
politan affairs, public lighting, parishes and 
religious societies (chairman). Executive Coun- 
cil 1907-'08, committees on pardons, charitable 
institutions and prisons, finance, accounts and 
warrants, state house. 


Council, 1st district, Republican, New Bedford. 
Born there March 28, 1853; public schools. 
Contractor and builder. Common Council 1887; 
board of public works three years; Republican 
state committee fifteen years. Executive Coun- 
cil 1908, committees on harbors and public 
lands and railroads, military and naval affairs, 
state house. Elks, Masons, K. T. 32d degree, 


COLE, SAMUEL, Executive Council, 5th 
district, Republican, Beverly. Born Rutland, 
Vt., December L5, 1856; public schools. Market 
gardener. School committee thirteen years; 
president Common Council 1895-'96; Mayor 
1901-'02; House 1897-98-'99, committees on 
cities (clerk), engrossed bills, ways and means; 
Senate 1903-'04, committees on drainage (chair- 
man), election laws, ways and means, federal 
relations (chairman), taxation (chairman). 
Executive Council 1908, committees on harbors 
and public lands and railroads, military and 
naval affairs, state house. Director savings and 
co-operative banks ; ex-president Board of Trade. 
Masons, K. T., Odd Fellows, R. A., O. U. A. M. 

(JLIDDEN, WALTER 8., Executive Council, 
4th district, Republican, Somerville. Born 
Pittston, Me., April 30, 1856; public schools, 
Dirigo Business College, Augusta, Me. Meat 
and provision business as manager N. E. Hollis 
& Co. Executive Council 1908, committees on 
finance, accounts and warrants, military and 
naval affairs, state house. Masons, R. A. C, K. 
T., Odd Fellows, 999th Artillery Association, 
Central Club. 


GOETTING, AUGUST H, Executive Council, 
8th District, Republican, ^Springfield. Born 
New York. Wholesale music. Delegate from 
New York to Republican national convention 
1880, Republican city committee, Springfield, 
Republican state committee (chairman 1897- 
'98-'99-1900-'01-'02); Executive Council 1908 
(appointed November 25 to fill vacancy). Mas- 
sachusetts Club, Middlesex Club, assistant 
quartermaster-general staff of Gov. Brackett, 
assistant adjutant-general staff of Gov. Green- 


Council, 7th District, Republican, Fitchburg. 
Born Worcester, June 26, 1876; public schools, 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Manager Iver 
Johnson Arms and Cycle Works. Board of 
Aldermen three years (chairman two years). 
Senate 1907-'08, committees on banks and bank- 
ing, cities, public lighting (chairman), constitu- 
tional amendments, federal relations, rules. 
Masons, K. T., 32d degree, Shriners, Royal and 
Select Masters, trustee Fitchburg Savings Bank. 


JONES, SEWARD W., Executive Council: 
6th District, Newton. Born Ebensburg, Pa., 
February 9, 1857; public schools and soldiers' 
orphans' schools of Pennsylvania. Granite 
industry. Republican city committee eight 
years, state board of insanity four years, New- 
ton board of health thirteen years. Executive 
Council 1907-'08, committees on pardons, 
charitable institutions and prisons, on harbors 
and public lands and railroads, military and 
naval affairs, State House. Director Newton 
Centre Trust Co. eleven years; president Newton 
Centre Savings Bank ten years. Massachusetts 
Republican Club, Newton Club, Norfolk Club, 





TREADWAY, ALLEN T., Berkshire-Hanip- 
shire-Hampden, Rep. Stockbridge. Born there 
September 1(3, 1867; public schools, Amherst 
College 1886. Hotel business; proprietor of the 
famous Red Lion Inn of Stockbridge. Housc^ 
1904, committee on ways and means; Senate 
1908, committees on labor, agriculture, bills 
in third reading and taxation (chairman); for 
many years chairman of the Republican town 
committee of Stockbridge. Vice-President Stock- 
bridge library, president Stockbridge Lighting 
Company, trustee Lee Savings Bank. Masons, 
32d degree. Knight Tem})lars, past district dep- 
uty grand master of the 15th district. 


ABBOTT, GIDEON B., 9th Suffolk, Republi- 
can, Boston. Born there May 4, 1874; public 
schools, Harvard. Manufacturers' agent. Com- 
mon Council three years; House 1906-'07, 
committee on street railways. Senate 1908, 
committees on fisheries and game (chairman), 
harbors and public lands, street railways. 


BIRCH, GEORGE F., 4th Worcester, Rep., 
Milford. Born there April 12, 1848; public 
schools. Provision dealer. House 1905-06- 
07, committees on public health, Libraries, 
taxation, recess committee on fire insurance. 


BRAY, CLIFFORD B., 2d Essex, Republican, 
Beverly. Born, Turner, Me., January 5, 1857; 
public schools of Turner and Lynn, Mass. Shoe 
manufacturer. Board of aldermen 1897; Re- 
publican town and city committee since 1884 
(chairman 1908). Republican and Union clubs 
of Beverly, Essex club; Liberty lodge Masons, 
Amity chapter, St. George commandery, Beverly, 
all Scottish Rites lodges, Sutton Lodge Perfec- 
tion, Salem, others in Boston, and Allepo Temple 
Shrine, Boston. 


BUNTING, GEORGE, 5th Essex, Republi- 
can, Methuen. Born Lawrence, August 31, 
1868, public schools. Clerk. House 1907-'08, 
committees on taxation, pay roll. 


BURNHAM, LEWIS, 1st Suffolk, Republi- 
can, Boston. Born Essex, April 23, 1844; 
public schools. Coal business. Boston com- 
mon council 1889-90; House 1892-'93, com- 
mittees on prisons, election laws (chairman). 
President Suffolk Coal Company, director 
Columbia Trust Company, trustee Sumner 
Savings Bank; Masons, G. A. R. 


BUTLER, JOHN J, 7th Suffolk, Democrat, 
Boston. Born Ireland, June 7, 1865; national 
schools. Car driver, station master, collector. 
House 1904-'05-'06, committees on relations 
between employers and employees, constitutional 
amendments, libraries, liquor law; Senate 1908, 
committees on engrossed bills, liquor law^, 
metropolitan affairs. K. C, A. O. H., John 
Mitchell Literary Association, Metropolitan 
Mutual Aid Association. 


COWEE, EDWARD A., 2d Worcester, Repub- 
lican, Worcester. Born West Boylston, July 
23, 1857; public schools. Miller and grain 
dealer. Selectman West Boylston; House 1896- 
'97, committees on agriculture, federal relations; 
Senate 1908, committees on agriculture (chair- 
man), engrossed bills, fisheries and game, 
public service. Masons, Odd Fellows. 


CROSBY, J. HOWELL, 6th Middlesex, 
Republican, Arlington. Born Belmont, Decem- 
ber 30, 1867; public schools, of Arlington. 
Market gardener. House 1899-1900-'01-'02, 
committees on banks and banking, taxation, 
ways and means (clerk), public service; school 
committee, board of selectmen. Boston Market 
Gardeners' association, Middlesex Club. 


DEAN, WILLIAM M., 1st Bristol, Repub- 
lican, Taunton. Born there November 16, 
1874; Boston University Law School. Lawyer. 
House 1906-'07-'08, committees on constitu- 
tional amendments (clerk), federal relations 
(clerk), ^elections (chairman), ways and means 
(clerk). Odd Fellows, K. T., Sons of American 





DICKINSON, FRANCKE W., 1st Hampden, 
Republican, Springfield. Born there April 19, 
1849; public and private schools. Undertaker. 
Real Estate. Common Council 1888-'89-'90 
(president 1890); alderman 1903-04, mayor 
1905-'06; Senate 1908, committees on cities, 
election laws (chairman), federal relations, 
Winthrop, Nayassett, Commercial Travelers' 
clubs; Mason 32d degree, Royal Arcanum, 
Odd Fellows. 


DIXON, EDWARD W., 3d Suffolk, Dem- 
ocrat, Boston. Born Dublin, Ireland, No- 
vember 9, 1846; public schools. Comer's Com- 
mercial College. Master mariner. Common 
Council two years, alderman 1897-'98-'99; 
Senate 1907-'08, committees on cities fisheries 
and game, counties, harbors and public lands. 


DOYLE, JAMES H., 4th Suffolk, Democrat. 
Boston. Born there 41 years ago; pubhc 
schools. Liquor dealer. House 1893-'94, com- 
mittees on leave of absence, drainage, j^ubiic 
service; Ward 12 Democratic committee (chair- 
man eight years) ; board of aldermen 1899, 
1900-'01-'02-'03-'04 (chairman 1901-'02-'03- 
'04); superintendent of streets 1906-07. 


EVANS, WILMOT R., JR., 4th Middlesex, 
Republican, Everett. Born there March 18, 
1878; public schools, Harvard 1900, Boston 
University law school 1903. Lawyer. House 
1905-'06, committees on judiciary, federal rela- 
tions, probate and chancery (chairman). 


FARLEY, DENNIS E., Franklin-Hampshire, 
Republican, Erving. Born Colrain, June 12, 
1852. Shelburne Falls Academy. Paper manu- 
facturer. House 1907-'08, committees on rail- 
roads, federal relations (chairman). Masons, 
Shriners, Red Men, A. O. U. W. 


FISK, CHARLES D. B., oth Suffolk, Repub- 
lican, Boston. Born Hooksett, N. H., February 
17, 1850; public and private schools. Presi- 
dent Legal Protection Company, trustee of 
real estate, director Citizens' Mutual Insurance 
Company. Ex-president Boston Marketmen's 
Republican Club; Republican Club of Massa- 
chusetts. House 1905 and 1907, committees 
on parishes and religious societies, taxation 
(clerk), mercantile affairs; Senate 1908, com- 
mittees on liquor law (chairman), mercantile 
affairs, metropolitan affairs. 


GREENWOOD, LEVI H., 3d Worcester, 
Republican, Gardner. Born there December 
22, 1872; public schools Gardner and St. Pauls 
School, Concord, N. H., 2 years at Harvard, 
class of 1896. Publisher. Member Republican 
town committee (vice-chairman). President 
Gardner News Company, director Haywood 
Bros, and Wakefield Company, Gardner Electric 
Light Company, First National Bank of Gardner, 
trustee Gardner Savings Bank. 


GRIMES, JAMES W., 7th Middlesex, Republi- 
can, Reading. Born Hillsboro, N. H., November 
21, 1865; Pliillips Andover, Boston University. 
Lawyer. House 1897-'98-'99, committees on 
constitutional amendments, roads and bridges 
(chairman), probate and insolvency, printing 
(clerk); Senate 1907-'08, committees on legal 
affairs, printing, street railways (chairman), 
towns, recess committee on fire insurance. 
Masons, Odd Fellows, Sons of Veterans, Mystic 
Star, N. H. Club, Middlesex Club, Republican 
Club, Home Market Club, Suffolk and Middlesex 
Bar Associations. Director First National Bank 
of Reading, trustee Blackstone Savings Bank. 

HARVEY, JOHN L., ^th Middlesex, Kei)ul)- 
lican, Waltham. Born North Fairfield, Hudson 
county, Ohio, December 5, 1857; Ohio Wesleyan 
University, Boston University Law School. 
Lawyer, trustee. Chairman board of water 
commissioners one year, city solicitor seven years 
mayor four years. Waltham Business Men's 
association, Waltham Republican club (execu- 
tive committee), Asbury Temple association 
(treasurer), N. E. Alumni of Ohio Wesleyan 
University (president two years), member of 
corporation Waltham hospital, corporation of 
Leland Home for Aged Women in Waltham 


HIBBARD, JOSEPH H., 8th Middlesex, 
Republican, Lowell. Born Shoreham, Vt., 
April 3, 1860; public schools, Ticonderoga 
Academy 1878. Musician, violinist, director 
and manager. House 1905-'06, committees 
on prisons, mercantile affairs; Senate 1908, 
committees on insurance, prisons, roads and 
bridges (chairman). Odd Fellows, Elks, Red 
Men, Foresters of America. 


HULTMAN, P]UGENE C, 1st Norfolk 
Republican, Quincy. Born Boston, July 13, 
1875; Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Consulting engineer. Republican city commit- 
tee, city council; House 1906-'07-'08, com- 
mittees on election laws (clerk), water supply 
(chairman), public lighting. Technology Club, 
Granite City Club, Quincy Point Business 
Men's Club, Boston Y. M. C. A., Knight 
Templars, Mystic Shriners. 


KEITH, EBP]N S. 8., Cape, Republican, 
Bourne. Born Sagamore, October 24, 1872; 
public schools. Railway car manufacturer. 
Republican town committee. Senate 1907-'08, 
committees on ways and means, counties (chair- 
man), election laws, libraries, public health. 
Masons,' K. P. 


KI':rni, liOL.WD M., -M llymouth, Kc- 
publicnii, l^i id^cwiitci-. i^orri there March Hi, 
1847; [)ul)Hc' schools, academy. Contractor 
and builder. Republican town committee 
twenty-six years (chairman four years) : House 
19()7-'08, committees on labor, parishes and 
religious societies, fisheries and game, prisons. 


MAHONEY, DANIEL D., 2d Hampden, 
Democrat, Chicopee. Born England; public 
schools. Lumber mills, brewing last sixteen 
years. Alderman three years, city marshal 
Chicopee, 1904; Senate 1906-'07-'08, commit- 
tees on engrossed bills, agriculture, labor, pris- 
ons, railroads, public health, recess committee 
on Sunday laws. Foresters, Eagles, Red Men. 


MORSE, HARRY P., 4th Essex, Republican, 
Haverhill. Born Bradford, July 29, 1854; 
public schools. Box manufacturer. Selectman 
and overseer of poor five years; Board of Alder- 
men 1901-'02 (president 1902); House 1904-'05- 
'06, committees on relations between employers 
and employees, banks and banking (clerk), 
railroads, taxation (clerk) ; Senate 1907-'08, 
committees on cities (chairman), railroads. 
State House, roads and bridges (chairman). 
Masons, K. P., A. O. U. W., Essex and Haverhill 
Republican Clubs. 


MULLIGAN, HENRY C, Lst Middlesex, 
Republican, Natiek. Born there March 6, 
1854; Harvard Law School, 1879. Lawyer. 
Trial Justice Natick police court since 1892, 
president board of library trustees 18 years, 
school committee 24 years (chairman). Presi- 
dent Natick Five Cents Savings Bank, president 
Natick Commercial club, Masons, K. T., S. of V. 


NASH, MELVIN S., 1st Plymouth, Republi- 
can, Hanover. Born Abington, August 3, 
1857; public and private schools. School- 
teacher, insurance agent, minister. Library 
trustee, school connnittee nine years; House 
1894-1907-'08, committees on public health, 
parishes and religious societies, roads and 
bridges (clerk), liquor law, towns (chairman). 
Masons, R. A. C, K. T., Odd Fellows. 


NORCROSS,'ARTHUR D., Worcester-Hamp- 
den, Republican,^ Monson. Born there Novem- 
ber 7, 1848; Monson Academy, Massachusetts 
Agricultural College 1871. Music business 
thirty-seven years, retired; mercantile, farming, 
cattle; treasurer savings bank, director national 
bank. Postmaster five years, school committee, 
selectman eight years, water commissioner. 
House 1904-'05-'06; committees on relations 
between employers and employees, prisons 
(clerk), labor, public service; Senate 1908, com- 
mittees on insurance, labor (chairman), towns 
(chairman), water supply. 

O'CONNOR, PATRICK H., Oth Suffolk. 
Democrat, Boston. Born there January 1, 
1882; public schools. Collector. Common 
Council two years; House 1907-'08, committees 
on education, liquor law. Knights of Columbus, 
A. O. H., St. Augustine's Ushers' Club, honorary 
member Mercer Club. 


PARKER, W. PRENTISS, 8th Suffolk, 
Republican, Boston. Born there 50 years ago; 
public schools. Banker. Trustees of pauper 
institutions of the city of Boston (chairman) ; 
Board of Aldermen 1908. Treasurer Fellowes 
Athenaeum, Roxbury, director of Old Ladies' 
Home, Roxbury. 


POTTER, ELMER C, 1st Worcester, Repub- 
lican, Worcester. Born Framinghani, August 23, 
1868; public schools, Dartmouth 1892. Teachei, 
lawyer. House 1903-'04-'0r)-'06-'07, com- 
mittees on constitutional amendments (clerk), 
probate and chancery, military affairs, taxation 
(clerk), mercantile affairs (chairman), federal 
relations (chairman), judiciary, rules; recess 
committee on labor; Senate, 1908, committees 
on constitutional amendments (chairman), judi- 
ciary, railroads. 


ROCK WOOD, BRADLEY M., 2d Norfolk, 
Republican, Franklin. Born there May 24, 1862 ; 
public schools, Bryant & Stratton Business 
College. Woolen manufacturer. Republican 
town committee, registrar of voters, selectman, 
water board (chairman) ; House 1906-'07, 
committees on public health, water supply. 
Home Market Club, Republican Club of Massa- 
chusetts, Norfolk Club, Knight Templars. 


ROSS, SAMUEL, Bristol, Republican, 

New Bedford. Born Cheshire, England, Feb. 
2, 1865; public schools. Cotton mule spinner. 
House 1892 to 1899, committees on labor 
(chairman), State House, libraries; House 1902 
to 1908, committees on labor (chairman), 
constitutional amendments, recess committee 
on Sunday laws, recess committee on labor. 
President National Spinners' Association, 


SALTER, WILLIAM R., 1st p]ssex, Repub- 
lican, Lynn. Born Eastport, Me., July 6, 
1861; public schools. Shoe business, news- 
paper, traveling salesman, insurance. House 
1899_1900-'01-'04- 05, committees on public 
service, cities, federal relations, election laws, 
employers and employees, fisheries and game 
(chairman), insurance; Senate 1907-08, com- 
mittees on drainage (chairman), harbors and 
public lands (chairman), mercantile affairs, 
election laws. K. P. 


SHAW, JAMES F., 3d Essex, Republican, 
Manchester. Born Newburyport, July 18, 1873; 
public schools. Street railway building and 
operating. Senate 1907-'08, committees on 
rules, ways and means, military affairs (chair- 
man). Masons, Elks. 


Republican, Cambridge. Born Boston, Novem- 
ber 1, 1871; Harvard A.B., 1895; Harvard 
Law School, 1897. Lawyer. Cambridge Com- 
mon Council 1899 to 1902 (president 1902); 
Senate 1908, committees on bills in the third 
reading, judiciary, legal affairs (chairman). 
Ex-president and ex-secretary Republican city 
committee; ex-secretary Republican state com- 
mittee; secretary Middlesex Club; chairman 
executive committee Republican Club of Massa- 
chusetts. Mason, Knight Templar. 


STEVENS, ELMER A., 3(1 Middlesex, He- 
publican, Someiville. Born Anson, Me., Janu- 
ary 15, 1862; public schools. Provision dealer. 
Common Council 1895. House 1896-1904-'05, 
committees on cities, public service (chairman), 
elections; Senate 1906-'07-'08, committees on 
metropolitan affairs, prisons (chairman), public 
service (chairman), recess committee on taxa- 
tion, ways and means (chairman), constitutional 
amendments, parishes and religious societies, 
fisheries and game, special Jamestown committee. 


TEELJNO, RICHARD S., 2(1 Suffolk, 
D('niocrat, Boston. Born there Dee. 26, 1878; 
Boston College 1899, Boston University Law 
School, 1904. Lawyer. House 19()6-'07, commit- 
tees on probate and chancery, recess committee 
on insurance, rules, insurance, Taxation Com- 
mission of 1907. Knights of Columbus, Massa- 
chusetts Catholic Order of Foresters, Catholic 
Alumni Sodality. 


TURNER, JOSEPH, 2d Bristol, Republican, 
Fall River. Born Lancashire, England, March 
23, 1852; public schools. Mill operative, farmer, 
provision dealer. Common Council four years, 
alderman-at-large four years; House 1907, 
committee on cities; Senate 1908, committees 
on public charitable institutions, public health 
(chairman), taxation. Masons, R. A. C, K. T., 
Odd Fellows, K. P. 


TURTLE, WILLIAM, Beikshire, Republican, 
Pittsfield. Born Cheshire, June 20, 1855; 
Harvard Law School. Lawyer. House 1899, 
1900 and 1901, committees on rules, judiciary, 
railroads, (chairman); House 1906-'07, com- 
mittees on rules, street railways (chairman), 
recess committee on taxation (chairman), judici- 
ary (chairman), recess committee on labor 


COOLIDGE, HENRY D.. clerk of the Senate' 
Concord. Born Chelsea, August 2ij, 1858; 
public schools. Mercantile business several 
years. Assistant clerk 1886-'87-'88; elected 
clerk in 1889 and re-elected every year since. 


1II^]MIN()T()N, DAVID T., sei<reanl-a(-anns, 
Sonicrvillo. J^oni Plainfiold, June 11, 1845; 
public schools. Suporintondout of manufactur- 
ing of emery wheels. Appointed messenger 
1890; Senate doorkeeper 1S93; elected sergeant- 
at-arms 1904. G. A. R., Masons. 


IIORTON, RKV. EDWARD A., chaplain of 
the Senate, Boston. Born Springfield, Sept. 
2S, 1843; educated in University of Michigan, 
Meadville Theological School, Heidelberg Uni- 
versity. Served in U. S. Navy during Civil 
War. Chaplain Massachusetts Grand Lodge of 
Free Masons; also of Kingsley Post 113, G. A. R. 
Chosen chaplain of Senate in 1904. 


DAVIS, LUKE K., doorkeeper of the Senate, 
Worcester. Born Jaffrey, N. H., February 23, 
1845; public schools. Woodworker. State 
House messenger twelve years; assistant door- 
keeper five years; appointed doorkeeper 1904. 
G. A. R., K. of P. 





WALKER, JOSEPH, 2d Norfolk, Republi- 
can, Brookline. Speaker of the House. Born 
at Worcester, July 13, 1865; educated at 
Phillips Exeter Academy, Brown University 
1887, Harvard Law School 1890. Trustee, 
lawyer. Prominent in the local affairs of Brook- 
line having served for seven years on the school 
committee, also as chairman of the republican 
town committee; has been a member of the 
republican state committee and of the state board 
of charity. House 1904-'05-'06-'07-'08, serv- 
ing in 1904-'05-'06-'07 on the committee on 
ways and means, in 1906-'07-'08 on the com- 
mittee on rules and in 1908 on the committee on 
railroads (chairman). 


ABBOTT, JOSEPH, 25th Suffolk, Republi- 
can, Boston. Born Hyannis, May 22, 1874; 
public schools. Railway starter. Republican 
ward committee 1906-'07; House 1908, com- 
mittee on federal relations. K. P., Red Men. 

ADAMS, ARTHUR S., 16th Essex, Republi- 
can, Marblehead. Boiii there February 14, 
1869; public schools, Bryant & Stratton Com- 
mercial School. Freight cashier Boston & 
Maine railroad. House 1908, committee on 
towns. Masons, Red Men, Odd Fellows, Repub- 
lican Club. 


ADAMS, SCOTT, 2d Hampden, Republican,. 
Agawam. Born there March 27, 1874; Brown 
University 1895. Lawyer. Registrar of voters 
four years, selectman, assessor and overseer 
of the poor three years (chairman 1906), secre- 
tary-treasurer Republican county committee 
1903-'08. Winthrop Club of Springfield. 


ANDREW, MANUEL, 1st Middlesex, Demo- 
crat, Cambridge. Born there Feb. 10, 1876; 
public schools. Barber. Alderman two years, 
assistant assessor two years; House 1907, com- 
mittee on metropolitan affairs. Elks. 


ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM M., 25th Middle- 
sex, Republican, Somerville. Born Mechanics 
Falls, Me., August 17, 1850; public schools. 
Cooperage manufacturer and dealer. Alder- 
man three years. Member official board First 
M. E. church, Somerville, director and ex- 
president Somerville Y. M. C. A., ex-president 
Somerville Board of Trade, Republican Club of 
Massachusetts, Masons, Royal Arcanum, A. O. 
U. W., associate member Kinsley Post, G. A. R. 


ARNOLD, WALLACE E. W. N., 5th Ply- 
mouth, Democrat, North Abington. Born there; 
pubHc schools. Shoe manufacturer. House 
1908, committee on mercantile affairs. Quincy 
Yacht Club, Cape Cat Club. 


ATKINS, CHARLES W., 24th Middlesex, 
Republican, Everett. Born Caanan, Me., June 
22, 1854; public schools. Real Estate. Ever- 
ett common council 1904-'05, board of alder- 
men 1906-'07. Elks. 


AVERY, WILLIAM B., 1st Franklin, Re- 
publican, Charlemont. Born there July 11, 
1856; public schools. Farmer. Selectman. 
Grange, former president Deerfield Valley 
Agricultural Society. 


BARLOW, ERSON B., 17th Middlesex, Re- 
publican, Lowell. Born Helena, N. Y., Octo- 
ber 20, 1883; Helena Academy, Carnall Commer- 
cial College. Real estate, insurance, pub- 
lisher. Y. M. C. A., Lincoln Club, Metropoli- 
tan Club. 


BARNARD, FRANK K., 27th Middlesex, 
Republican, Winchester. Born Franklin, N. H., 
February 17, 1871; Phillips Exeter 1888, Dart- 
mouth '91. Lawyer. Selectman 1907-'08; sec- 
retary Boston Evening High School 1898-1903. 
Winchester Country Club. 


BARNES, FRANK L, 5th Middlesex, ' Re- 
publican, Waltliam. Born there August 20, 
1864; public schools. Electrical engineer and 
contractor. Board of aldermen three years; 
House 1908, committee on water supply. Ma- 
sons, A. O, U. W., Business Men's Association. 


BARRETT, CHARLES H., 21st Essex, 
Republican, Gloucester. Born there June 23, 
1868; public schools. Provision business. Com- 
mon Council two years; Board of Aldermen 
(president); Republican state committee; House 
1908, committee on street railways. K. P., 
Red Men, Eagles, Business Men's Association, 
Master Mariners' Association, Essex Club. 


BAIUIY, JOHN J., 8th Hampden, Deiriocrat, 
Chicopee. Born Springfield January 4, 1877; 
public schools, Holy Cross College. Clerk 
Chicopee water department, reporter. School 
committee eight years. 


Republican, Boston. Born Cambridge; public 
schools. Broker. Republican Club of Massa- 
chusetts. Ward 1 Republican Club. 


BAYLEY, EDWIN A., 29th Middlesex, 
Republic£fn, Lexington. Born Jamaica Plain, 
Boston, July 30, 1862; St. Johnsbury, Vermont, 
Academy, Dartmouth College 1885, Boston 
University Law School 1891. School committee, 
town counsel, moderator, Lexington, 4th Con- 
gressional district committee eight years, Orange 
County, Vermont, Republican committee 1886- 
'87. Middlesex Bar Association, Old Belfry 
Club of Lexington. 


BAZIOLEV, WILLIAM A. L., 8th Worcester, 
Republican, Uxbridge. Born England 1872; 
public schools New Hampshire. Real estate, 
treasurer New England Conservatory of Music. 
Republican town committee, trustee public 
library, trustee Thayer School Funds. Presi- 
dent Blackstone Valley Agricultural Society, 
M. V. M. ten years. 


B1-:AX, ,IAMKS W.. lM Miaaiosex. Hepul)lican. 
Canibriil^w Horn Soiium\ ilU^ May 11. 1S(U). 
SomorvilU^ lli^h Sehot^l. Koponer. proprietor 
(^ambridiiv dironiclo. Soniorvillo ooinmon coun- 
cil ISOO '91. I'itizens' Trade Association, 
Masons. Klks. 


BISHOP, lOIJAS H.. nil M 1. 1. Il.vsrx . li.^pul. 
licnti. Ncwioii. Hn. II ilu'ic J. l.S(il); 
IMiillips Ali(l()\r;. Il;ii\;ii(l |S!)I. ll.uAanl Liiw 
School IS!)7. Lnwyci. )iil >lic;m fity com- 

iiiittcc, Hoaid of Aldc.incii thicr years; House 
19()7-'OJS, coiniuit tec on judiciary. Massachu- 
setts Club and various eolh^ge and social clul)s. 


BLAISDELL, ALBERT (\, 19th Middlesex, 
Republican, Tewksbuiy. Boui Lowell 1853; 
public schools, business college. Principal and 
proprietor Lowell Commercial College and Lowell 
Business College. Moderator, school committee, 
auditor three years, selectman seven years, 
assessor eight years, overseer of the poor seven 
years, board of health eight years, library trus- 
tee 12 years, chairman of all boards. Masons, 
Grange, I. O. O. F., Sons of Veterans (past 
division commander). 


BLANCHARl), (.^HARLES V., 2()tli Middle- 
sex, Republican, Somerville. Born Cambridge 
February 2, 1866; public schools, ('omer's 
Commercial College. Bookkeeper, financial 
manager. Republican city committee, Board of 
Trade; House 19()6-'07-'08, committees on 
printing, rules (clerk), public lighting (clerk), 
taxation, recess committee on taxation. Taxa- 
tion Commission 1907. Masons, Odd Fellows, 
Legion of Honor. 


BOLGER, GEORGE F., 3d Berkshire, Re- 
publican, Adams. Born Fall River May 24, 
1872; public schools. Insurance agent. Sons 
of Veterans, Knights of Columbus, American 
Order of Foresters. 


BONNEY, J08IAH S., 21st Middlesex, Re- 
publican, Wakefield. Born New Bedford, Feb- 
ruary 4, 1865; New Bedford High School, Massa- 
chusetts College of Pharmacy 1892. Druggist. 
Treasurer school committee 1905-'06-'07, secre- 
tary health board 1896-'97, milk inspector ten 
years. Massachusetts Pharmaceutical Associa- 
tion (chairman committee on queries and papers 
1908), trustee Massachusetts College of Phar- 
macy eight years. 


BOUVIER, J. A. WILFRID, 11th Bristol, 
Republican, Fall River. Born St. Hugnes, P. 
Q., Canada; St. Aime College, Farnham College. 
Druggist. Franco-American Republican Club 
of Massachusetts, Elks, Eagles, K. P., A. O. U. 
W., various French societies, Fall River Bowling 
Green Club, Union Club. 


BRAYTON, ISRAEL, 11th Bristol, Republi- 
can, Fall River. Born there August 5, 1874; 
Harvard 1896, Harvard Law School 1899. 


BREED, ARTHUR B., 13th Essex, Repub- 
lican, Lynn. Born there June 30, 1857; pub- 
lic schools. Retired grocer, real estate. Com- 
mon council 1884-'85-'86; House 1887-'88, 
committees on mercantile affairs, railroads; 
Senate 1890-'91, committees on street railways 
(chairman), cities, constitutional amendments; 
Executive Council 1893-'94, committees on 
harbors and public lands, charitable institu- 
tions, prisons, railroads, accounts, military 
affairs. President Lynn Republican Club, Ox- 
ford Club. 


Suffolk, Democrat, Boston. Born there on 
May 7, 1883; public schools, Boston College, 
Georgetown College. Lawyer. Common coun- 
cil 1906; House 1908, committee on legal affairs. 
K. C, A. O. H., Democratic State Committee. 


BROWN, CHARLES H., 28th Middlesex. 
Republican, Medford. Born Vermont, January 
19, 1879; public schools. Metal furniture. 
Board of Aldermen two years; House 1907-'08, 
committees on banks and banking, metropolitan 
affairs. Medford Club, South Medford Repub- 
lican Club. 


BURCKEL, ALFRED J., oth Essex, Re- 
publican, Lawrence. Born Peacedale, R. L, 
August 7, 1860; public Schools. Cigar manu- 
facturer. Common Council 1903-'04. I. O. O. F., 
Turn Verein. 


BURKE, WILLIAM R., 9th Worcester, Demo- 
crat, Milford. Born there July 14, 1870; pubHc 
schools. Salesman. Milford C. T. A. (presi- 
dent), Eagles (president), A. O. H., Certiis Club. 


BURNETT, ANDREW J., 22(1 Middlesex, 
Repul)licaii, Melrose. Born ('harlestovvn, 1860; 
public schools. Plumbing. Town finance com- 
mittee three years, town and city committees 
eighteen years, ward alderman four years; alder- 
man at large two years; House 1906-'07-'08, 
committees on public lighting, counties (clerk), 
liquor law, recess committee on fire insurance. 


BURNS, ALFRED S., 1st Plymouth, Demo- 
crat, Plymouth. Born there February 6, 1860; 
public schools. Grocer. Registrar of voters; 
House 1907-'08, committee on harbors and 
public lands (clerk). Odd Fellows. 


BURR, HERBERT W., 24th Suffolk, Re- 
publican, Boston. Born there June 15, 1866; 
public schools. Merchant tailor. Common 
Council three years; House 1906-'08, commit- 
tees on constitutional amendments, public 
service (clerk), election laws. Massachusetts 
Republican Club, New Dorchester Club, Shaw- 
mut Club, Ashmont Club. 


BUTTERICK, GEORGE F., 3(1 Worcester, 
Republican, Sterling. Born there August 16, 
1855; public schools, Haws Business College 
(Worcester). Farmer. Moderator, selectman, 
assessor, overseer of the poor, road commis- 
sioner. I. O. O. F., trustee Worcester East 
Agricultural Society. 


CALLAHAN, TIMOTHY F., 9th Suffolk, 
Democrat, Boston. Born there September 5, 
1881; pubHc schools. Student. House 1907- 
'08, committees on election laws, metropolitan 
affairs. * 


CAMPBELL, ROBERT B., 3d Norfolk, 
Republican, Hyde Park. Born there 1880; 
high school, business college. Water works, 
concrete construction. Water Commissioner. 
K. P. (chancellor commander), Knights of 
Kohrassom (secretary). 


CANEDY, ZEBULON L., 6th Plymouth, 
Republican, Lakeville. Born there; public 
schools. Farming, teaming, lumbering. Select- 
man, assessor and overseer of the poor, ten years. 


CARBREY, JAMES B., 11th Essex, Demo- 
crat, Peabody. Bom Lowell, January 16, 
1854, public schools. Morocco dresser. As- 
sessor eight years; House 1907-'08, committees 
on street railways, tow^ns. Massachusetts Catho- 
lic Order of Foresters. 


CARLETON, IGNATIUS J., 5th Suffolk, 
Republican, Chelsea. Born East Boston, Au- 
gust 7, 1866; public schools. Professional 
baseball fifteen years, manufacturer of preserves. 
House 1908, committee on insurance. Knights 
of Columbus. 


cester, Democrat, Worcester. Born Boston, 
January 11, 1867; public schools. Painter. 
Common council 1904-'05; board of aldermen 
1906; member Industrial School Commission 
of Worcester; House 1908, committee on rail- 
roads. St. Anne's Total Abstinence Society, 
president Worcester Central Labor Union three 


CHASE, A. PRESTON, 20th Essex, Republi- 
can, Dan vers. Born Danvers, January 25, 1866; 
public Schools, Boston University Law School. 
Lawyer. Moderator since 1901, treasurer since 
1905, chairman Republican town committee. 
Masons, R. A. C, Knight Templars, major sub- 
sistence department M. V. M. 


CLARK, FREDERICK C, 11th Norfolk/ 
Republican, Medway Born Franklin, Septem- 
ber 23, 1859; public schools. Grocer. School 
committee. Trustee and member investment 
board Medway Savings Bank, Masons, I. O. O. F. 



tucket, Republican, Nantucket. Born there May 
31, 1862; Coffin School, Chicago Homeopathic 
Medical College. Physician. School commit- 
tee fifteen years, selectman five years (chairman 
one year), board of health; House 1907-'08, 
committees on election laws (clerk); fisheries 
and game, education. Masons, K. T., Odd 
Fellows, Red Men, John B. Chace Engine Co. 


COLPOYS, FRANCIS L., loth Suffolk, Demo- 
crat, Boston. Born there February 7, 1884; 
public schools, Comer's Commercial College. 
Solicitor. Boston common council 1907-'08. 
St. Augustine's C. T. A., Knights of Columbus, 
A. O. H., M. C. O. F., Heptasophs, Celtic Club, 
Samoset Club. 


' (X)NANT, HARRISON J.. VMh Worcester, 
Republican, Worcester. Horn Charlton 1848; 
public schools, Nichols Academy. Hardware 
merchant. Masons. 


" CONLEY, MARTIN F., 16th Middlesex, 
Democrat, Lowell. Born Ireland, April 27, 
1870; public schools, commercial college. 
Barber. Overseers of the poor four years; 
House, 1906-'07-'08, committees on public 
charitable institutions, drainage, public health. 
Foresters of America, Royal Arcanum, Young 
Men's Catholic Institute. 


CONVERSE, HOWARD P., 4th Middlesex, 
Republican, Newton. Born Columbus, O., 
July 4, 1866; Oliio State University. Struc- 
tural engineer. Alderman three years. Massa- 
chusetts, Exchange, Newton, Newton Boat, 
University Clubs, Masons. 


COOGAN, THOMAS F., 14th Suffolk, Demo- 
crat, Boston. Born Dublin, Ireland; Boston 
public schools. Grocery clerk. Common coun- 
cil two years; House 1908, committee on fish- 
eries and game. Heptasophs, A. O. H., For- 
esters of America, William E. Russell Club of 
City Point. 


COOK, BENJAMIN A., 12th Worcester, 
Republican, Fitchburg. Born (Guilford, Vt. ; 
public schools. Merchant. House 1908, com- 
mittee on street railways. Masons, R. A. C, 
Odd Fellows, Park Club, president Fitchburg 
Board of Trade and Merchants' Association 


% COOMBS, FRANK O., 1st Bristol, Republi- 
can, North Attleboro. Born Providence, R. I., 
December 17, 1857; public schools, commercial 
college. Designer and engraver. House 1907- 
'08, committees on railroads, ways and means, 
counties. il^Odd Fellows, K. P., Elks, Foresters 
of America. 


COON, JAMES H. L., 3()tli Middlesex, Repub- 
lican, Watertown. Born Barnstable, October 16, 
1853; public schools, Eastman Business College 
(Poughkeepsie, N. Y.) Insurance engineer. 
State inspector of factories and public buildings 
1885-91. Selectman. 


CORMACK, JOHN S., 13th Essex, Republi- 
can, Lynn. Bom Grand Falls, New Brunswick, 
June 7, 1875; j)ublic schools. Dealer in grocer- 
ies, confectionery and periodicals. Republican 
city committee five years (secretary three 
years) ; House 1908, committee on mercantile 
affairs. Lynn Republican Club, Prospect Club, 
Odd Fellows, Red Men. 


CROCKER, FRANKLIN B., 3d Barnstable, 
Republican, Brewster. Born there March 29, 
1856; public schools. Mariner 12 years, grocer 
21 years. Masons. 


CURLEY, DANIEL J., Jr, 18th Suffolk, 
Democrat, Boston. Born there December 23, 
1874; pubHc schools. Station master. Com- 
mon Council two years; House 1907-'08, 
committee on drainage. Shawmut Club, A. O. 
H., A. 0. U. W., Ward 18 Democratic Club. 


CURTISS, ELMER L., 3d Plymouth, Repub- 
lican, Hingham. Born Derby, Conn., June 11, 
1861; Bridgewater Normal School. Attorney 
at law. House 1908, committees on bills in the 
third reading, education. Masons, Odd Fellows, 
Boston City Club, Young Men's Republican 


CURTISS, FRANK, 8th Berkshire, Demo- 
crat, Sheffield. Born there December 15, 1838; 
East Hampton Seminary. Street railways and 


GUSHING, GRAFTON D., 11th Suffolk, 
Republican, Boston. Born there August 4, 
1864; Nobles and Harvard. School committee 
four years; House 1906-'07-'08, committees 
on education (chairman) liquor law (clerk), 
ways and means, rules, metropolitan affairs 


CUTTING, ALFRED L., 13th Middlesex. 
Republican, Weston. Born there January 27, 
1868; public schools, Bryant & Stratton'school, 
Grocer and general merchant. Selectman since 
1900, postmaster Kendal Green 1889 to 1899, 
House 1908, committee on towns (clerk). Odd 
Fellows, Waltham Business Men's Association, 
Weston Athletic Ass'n, Republican|^Club of 


DALY, FRANCIS L, 17th. Suffolk, Demo- 
crat, Boston. Born there March 4, 1882; public 
schools. Traveling salesman. Ward 17 Demo- 
cratic committee 1906, commor- council 1907-'08. 
Tammany Club, M. C. O. F., A. O. H., Red Men, 
Knights of CoJumbus, St. Patrick's T. A. and L. 


DAVIDSON, EARI- E, 23d Suffolk, Repub- 
lican, Boston. Born Hudson, February 2, 
1878; Boston Latin school, Yale 1900. Insur- 
ance broker. Boston common council 1907-'08. 
Republican Ch^b of Massachusetts, Boston City 
Club, Masons, 1st Conn. Volunteer Infantry 
1898, Battery A., M. V. M. 


DAVIES, THOMAS, 10th Hampden, Demo- 
crat, Holyoke. Born Didsbuiy, England, Feb- 
ruary 11, 1875; public schools. Mill employee, 
hotel clerk. Democratic city committee. I. 
O. O. F., M. U. 


DAVOL, RALPH, 5th Bristol, Republican, 
Taunton. Bom there August 12, 1874; public 
schools, Harvard University. Press writer. 
House 1908 committees on education (clerk), 
parishes and religious societies. 


DEAN, HENRY E., 21st Worcester, Re- 
publican, Worcester. Born Oakham, Septem- 
ber 29, 1862; public schools and business college. 
Manufacturer wire goods. Common Council 
four years; House 1907-08, committees on 
fisheries and game, prisons (chairman). Masons, 
Odd Fellows, Worcester Continentals, Worcester 
Commercial Travelers' Association, Republican 


DENNETT, (^HARLES E., 23(1 Middlesex, 
Republican, Maiden. Born Portsmouth, N. H., 
Nov. 13, 1837; public schools. Real estate 
and insurance. Postmaster four years, board 
of aldermen two years, Republican city com- 
mittee (president three years) ; House 1906-'07 
committee on mercantile affairs, recess com- 
mittee on fire insurance. Masons, Knights of 
Honor, Odd Fellows. 


DENNY, DANIEL E., 13th Worcester, 
Republican, Worcester. Born there July 14, 
1845; Worcester Academy. Real estate and 
insurance. Common Council two years (presi- 
dent one year) ; House 1906-'07-'08, com- 
mittees on cities, mihtary affairs (chairman). 
Knights Templar, Knights of Pythias, G. A. R. 


DICKSON, CLIFFORD H., 6th Berkshire, 
Republican, Pittsfield. Born Middlefield, March 
2, 1875; pubhc schools. Shop and newspaper 
work, 14 years U. S. Postal Service. School 
committee 1907-'08. Masons, I. O. O. F., 
A. O. U. W. 


DOANE, GEORGE E., 7th Plymouth, 
RepubUcan, Middleboro. Born there June 10, 
1854; Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Hardware. Vice-president Middleboro National 
Bank, Middleboro Business Men's Club, Masons. 


DONOVAN, JOSEPH E., 3d Suffolk, Demo- 
crat, Boston. Born Lynn, April 21, 1882; 
public schools. Attorney-at-law. Common 
Council two years; House 1908, committee on 
banks and banking. Jackson Club, Catholic 
Literary Union. 


DORMAN, WILLIAM E., 12th Essex, Re- 
publican, Lynn. Born there June 23, 1875; 
Chauncy Hall, Harvard University 1898, Har- 
vard Law School 1901. Lawyer. School com- 
mittee six years, • chairman two years; House 
1907-'08, committees on election laws, printing, 
judiciary. Harvard chapter Phi Beta Kappa, 
Delta Upsilon, Masons. 


DOW, CHARLES E., 22d Suffolk, Republican, 
Boston. Born Machiasport, Me., 1875; Colby 
College, Boston University Law School 190L 
Lawyer. Ward 22 Republican committee two 
years. President Ward 23 Republican Club, 
Boston Yacht Club, 

DOYLE, AXOUEW P., 8th Bristol, Re^ 
publican, New Bedford. Born Ireland, August 
15,1869; public schools. Insurance. Common 
Council, Board of Aldermen; House 1906-'07- 
'08, committees on insurance, liquor law, cities, 
special recess committee on insurance. Celtic 
Club, Ancient Order of Hibernians, Knights of 


DHLSCOLL, FLORENCE J., 19th Suffolk, 
Democrat, Boston. Born there October 15, 
1871; public schools. Tag maker. Democratic 
ward committee; House 1907-'08, committees 
on libraries, military affairs. Knights of Colum- 

DUANE, PATRICK J., 5th Middlesex, 
Democrat, Waltham. Born Cork, 'i Ireland, 
August 18, 1862. Public schools, J[Sprague 
Correspondence School of Law. Attorney. 
Alderman two years, overseer of the^poor; 
chairman Democratic city committee; House 
1906-'07-'08, committees on public service, 
constitutional amendments, education, election 
laws. A. O. H., Knights of Columbus, Foresters 
of America, Mechanics' Debating Club. 


DURGIN, HORACE E., 24th Essex, Repub- 
lican, Wenham. Born Wenham, December 4, 
1863; Limerick (Me.) Academy. Carriagesmith 
and builder. Moderator ten years, town treas- 
urer .nine years, chief fire department 13 years, 
chairman Republican town committee ten years. 
Essex Club, Essex County Poultry Association, 
Masons, I. O. O. F., Red Men, Order Eastern 
Star, Daughters of Rebecca. 


DWIGHT, THEODORE F., 4th Hampden, 
Republican, Springfield. Born Northampton 
Sept. 19, 1863; public schools. Real estate 
and insurance. Common council 1899-1900; 
House 1905-06, committees on cities, education, 
labor. Republican Club, Winthrop Club, Board 
of Trade. 


DWYER, JOHN F., 7th Norfolk, Democrat, 
Weymouth. Born there February 9, 1862; 
pubHc schools. Express business 21 years, real 
estate and contractor. Selectman, overseer 
of the poor, assessor, library trustee, post- 
master five years, democratic town committee 
(chairman). Director South Shore Co-operative 
Bank, trustee Weymouth Hospital Association, 
vice-president and director Weymouth Agri- 
cultural Society, A. O. H. 


EASTMAN, S. ALDEN, 9th Worcester, 
Republican, Milford. Born in Dennysville, 
Maine, October 14, 1847; public schools. Manu- 
facturer of wood and paper boxes. House 
1908, committees on labor, libraries (clerk). 
Masons, K. T. 


EBSEN, CHARLES E., 17th Essex, Republi- 
can, Salem. Born there May 14, 1874; public 
schools. Manager. Republican city committee 
four years. Salem Republican Club, Now and 
Then Association, Washington Association, 
Masons, Royal Arcanum, Red Men. 



ELLIS, HENRY A., 2d Barnstable, Republi- 
can, Yarmouth. Born there November 5, 1879; 
Hyannis Normal School, University of Maine. 
Lawyer. Beta Theta Pi. 


ELMORE, SAMUEL D., 3d Middlesex, 
Republican, Cambridge. Born Hartford, Conn., 
December 29, 1868; Exeter 1889, Harvard 
1893, Harvard Law School 1896. Lawyer. 
City government. Republican city committee: 
House 1907-'08, committee on judiciary. Re- 
publican Club, Colonial City Trade Association, 
Bar Association, K. T. 


EMERSON, FREEMAN O., 12th Suffolk, 
Republican, Boston. Born Gorham, N. H., 
January 12, 1857; Hebron (Me.) Academy. 
Real estate and insurance, gents' furnishings 
14 years. Common council 1892-'93-'94-'95; 
House 1897-1900-1901, committees on street 
railways, cities, parishes and religious societies 
(clerk). I. O. O. F., K. P., Republican Clubs 
of Massachusetts and Ward 12. 


FAIRBANKS, GEORGE C, Oth Middlesex, 
Republican, Natick. Born there; public schools. 
Newspaper publisher. Assistant postmaster 
1868-69. President Massachusetts Press As- 
sociation four years, vice-president Republican 
Editorial Association, Masons, K. T., I. O. O. F. 


FAY, THOMAS J., 18th Suffolk, Democrat, 
Boston. Bom there April 24, 1879; public 
schools. Salesman. Common council two 
years; House 1907-'08, committees on public 
charitable institutions, insurance. A. O. H., 
Ward 18 Democratic Club, Knights of Columbus. 


Democrat, Boston. Born there Oct. 1, 1871; 
public schools, Boston University Law School. 
Lawyer. Common council two years. House 
1907, committee on election laws. 


FOGG, CLARENCE J., 25th Essex, Re- 
publican, Newburyport. Born there July 10, 
1853; public schools. Shoe cutter. Common 
council one year, board of aldermen two 
years; House 1906-'07-'08, committee on liquor 
law, special recess committee on taxation, coun- 
ties (chairman), taxation, Taxation Commis- 
sion 1907. Masons, A. O. U. W. 


FOOTE, CHARLES R., 5th Berkshire, Re- 
publican, Pittsfield. Born there July 9, 1865; 
public schools, commercial college. Contracting 
mason. Common council 1902-'03, board of 
aldermen 1905. Mason, Royal Arcanum. 


FOSTER, NATHAN B., 4th Plymouth, Re- 
publican, Rockland. ■^Born there August 4, 
1847; public schools. Manufacturer of shoe 
blacking, dressings, etc. K. P., Knight Temp- 
lars, Union Glee Club. 


GARCELON, WILLIAM F., 4th Middlesex, 
Republican, Newton. Born Lewiston, Me., 
October 24, 1868; Bates College 1890, Harvard 
Law School 1895. Lawyer. House 1907-'08, 
committees on ways and means (clerk), election 
laws (chairman), railroads. 


GARDNER, CHARLES M., Tith Ilanipdeii, 
Republican, Westfield. Born Huntington, July 
19, 1872 ; public schools. Trade paper repre- 
sentative and magazine writer. Massachusetts 
Civic League, lecturer State Grange, institute 
speaker State Board of Agriculture, Knights of 
Pythias, Red Men. 


GATES, JOSEPH S., 10th Worcester, Repub- 
lican, Westboro. Born Petersham, October 3, 
1856; pubHc schools. Merchant. Town clerk 
six years, auditor seven years, tax-collector two 
years; Republican town committee seventeen 
years; House 1908, committee on agriculture. 
Masons, Odd Fellows. 


GIFFORD, WILLIAM H., 9th Bristol, 
Democrat, Westport. Born Dartmouth, Jan- 
uary 20, 1851; public schools. Merchant and 
farmer. Deputy sheriff six years. Masons, 


GLEASON, EDWARD W, 1st Berkshire, 
Republican, Clarksburg. Born Hartford, Conn., 
September 5, 1853; public schools. Farmer. 
House 1893, committees on public health, 
public reservations; associate county com- 
missioner, chairman of selectmen 20 years, 
school committee three years, tax collector 
eight years. 


GOOD, JEREMIAH J., 17th Suffolk, Demo- 
crat, Boston. Born there May 6, 1865; public 
schools. Undertaker. Common council 1902; 
House 1903-'04-'05, committee on cities, print- 
ing; Smoke Inspector City of Boston 1906-'07. 
Tammany Club, St. Patrick's T. A. Society. 


GRADY, THOMAS J., 6th Suffolk, Democrat, 
Boston. Born Newport, R. I., December 16, 
1877; private school, Boston College, Boston 
University Law School. Lawyer. Common 
council two years; House 1903-'04-'05-'06-'07- 
'08, committees on probate and chancery, bills 
in the third reading, ways and means, judiciary, 
constitutional amendments, federal relations, 
public health; Executive Council 1906. 


GRAHAM, WILLIAM J., Sth P]ssex, Demo- 
crat, Lawrence. Born there October 2, 1873; 
Phillips Andover, Tufts Medical School, ('ity 
committee 1896 to 1900; House 1904-'05-'06- 
'07-'08, committees on fisheries and game, 
federal relations, cities. Knights of Columbus. 


GREENE, HAMILTON J., 1st Dukes, Re- 
publican, Oak Bluffs. Born Mansfield, 1850; 
private school. Superintendent of water works 
18 years, superintendent of Vineyard Grove 
Company, real estate. Selectman and assessor 
six years. I. O. O. F. 


GREENLEAF, LUTHER C, 20th Suffolk, 
Republican, Boston. Born Abbot, Me., Decem- 
ber 27, 1866; public schools, commercial college, 
Boston architectural schools. Architect. 
Young Men's Republican Club of Ward 20, 
Republican Club of Massachusetts, Colonial 
Club, Appalachian Mountain Club, Boston Archi- 
tectural Club, Masons. 


GREENWOOD, HAMLET 8., 18th Middle- 
sex, Republican, Lowell. Born there 1871; 
public schools, Evening Law School Boston 
Y. M. C. A. Attorney at law. Common coun- 
cil 1902-'03; House 1908, committee on legal 
affairs. Masons, R. A., Lincoln Club. 


GUILD , JULIUS, 10th Noifolk, Republican 
Walpole. Bom there March 30, 1850; pubhc 
schools. Farmer. Selectman 16 years (chair- 


HAIGIS, JOHN W., 3d Franklin, Republican, 
Montague. Born there July 31, 1881; public 
schools. Stationer. Treasurer and collector 
1903-'04-'05-'06, auditor 1907, chairman board 
of assessors 1908; Republican town committee. 
President Turners Falls Board of Trade, Peske- 
ompiskut Club, Masons, R. A. C, K. T., I. O. 
O. F., Red Men, D. O. H., Odd Fellows Social 


HALL, HOMER A./2d Berkshire, Republican, 
North Adams. Born there November 24, 1871; 
public schools. Shoe cutter. House 1908, 
committees on labor, public health. Elks^ 
Kepublican city committee, 


HALLIDAY, JAMES A., 15th Essex, Re- 
publican, Saugus. Born Annapolis, N. S., 
December 28, 1836; public and private schools. 
Newspaper publisher. Republican town com- 
mittee, overseer of the poor eight years (chair- 


HAM, HARRY H., 20th Suffolk, Republican, 
Boston. Bom there March 16, 1883; public 
schools, Dartmouth 1905. Lawyer. House 
1907-'08, committees on bills in third reading 
(chairman), printing, legal affairs (clerk). Sons 
of Veterans, A. O. U. W., Masons;. 


cester, Republican, Worcester. Born there 
October 18, 1877; pubHc schools. Fourteen 
years American Steel & Wire Co. Common 
council two years; House 1908, committee on 
insurance. Worcester County Republican Club. 
Masons, Odd. Fellows. 


HANCOCK, PORTUS B., 10th Plymouth, 
Democrat, Brockton. Born Coventry, Vt., 
February 19, 1836; pubHc schools. Produce, 
real estate, msurance. House 1899 to 1902, 
1904-'05-'06-'07-'08, committees on libraries, 
public service, fisheries and game, federal rela- 
tions, harbors and public lands, public charitable 
institutions, military affairs. Knights of Py 
thias, Odd Fellows, Red Men, G. A. R. (hono- 


HANRAHAN, BERNARD F., 2d Suffolk, 
Democrat, Boston. Born there July 27, 1875; 
public schools. Common council 1905-'06-'07 ; 
House 1908, committees on libraries, printing. 


HARDY, FRANK O., r2th Worcester, Re- 
publican, Fitchburg. Born there 1870; public 
schools. Brass foundry business. Board of 
aldermen 1908. Republican Club, Boston Ath- 
letic Association, Brae-Burn Country Club, 
Tatnuck Country Club, AJpine Golf Club, Park 
Club, Fitchburg Rifle and Gun Club, Camp 
Fire Club of New York, Merchants' Association, 
director Fitchburg Safe Deposit and Trust 


HARRINGTON, EDWARD F., 10th Bristol, 
Democrat, Fall River. Born there August 10, 
1878; private school. Groceries. Councilman 
one year, alderman six years. Sacred Heart 
Christian Doctrine Society, Clover Club, A. O, H, 


HASKELL, MELVIN, 23d Essex, Republi- 
can, Gloucester. Born there January 8, 1848; 
public schools. Groceries and provisions 20 
years, retired in 1885. Republican city com- 
mittee 15 years, city council one year. Essex 
Club, I. O. O. F. 


HATHAWAY, KDWARI) R., 8ih Bristol 
Republican, New Bedford. Boi n there January 
29, 1874; public schools. (Jlothing business. 
School committee two years. Dartmouth Club, 


UATTON. ,IAMi:s A.. 4ih Suttolk. IVnioorat. 
l^oston. Horn there Oeiober ISSo: private 
aiul [uiblie seliools. Roslon rniversity 
School Lawyer. (\Mninon eouneil 1907- 

'08. Knights of roliiinlnis. Father Mathow 
Temperance Society. A. l\ 11.. M. 0. O. F.. 
Catholic Literary Union. 


HAYES, JOHN J., 4th Suffolk, Democrat, 
Boston. Born there. Public schools, Boston 
College, Boston University Law School. Law- 
yer. Common Council 1906-'07; House 1908, 
committee on education. Bunker Hill Demo- 
cratic Club, Catholic Literary Union, K. C, 
Fr. Mathew T. A. & L. Society. 


HESTER, WILLIAM A., 6th Essex, Dem- 
ocrat, Lawrence. Born Lowel), October 24, 1873; 
private and public schools. Commercial pur- 
suits. A. O. H., Spanish War Veterans, Eagles. 


HEWITT, LEWIS J., 25th Suffolk, Republi- 
can, Boston. Born Leicester, England, Febru- 
ary 13, 1870; Wigleston Preparatory College. 
Publisher and printer. House 1908, committee 
on insurance. Ward 25 Republican committee 
(chairman). Masons, K. P., Red Men. 


HICKEY, WILLIAM P., 14th Suffolk, Demo- 
crat, Boston. Born there November 17, 1871; 
pubHc schools. , Expert swimmer, former super- 
intendent L street bath. Common council 
1896-'97-'98. Warren Club, City Point Catho- 
lic Association, N. E. O. P., A. O. H. 


HILTON, FREDERIC H., 7th Middlesex, 
Republican, Framingham. Born there Febru- 
ary 12, 1882; public schools, Boston University 
Law School. Lawyer. House 1908, commit- 
tee on legal affairs. Masons, R. A. C, Knight 
Templar, Shriner, A. O. U. W., Country Club, 
director South Framingham Co-operative Bank. 


HOBSON, ERNEST E., 1st Hampden, 
Republican, Palmer. Born there September 
29, 1878. Public schools, University of Maine 
Law School 1900. Lawyer. Secretary Re- 
publican town committee two years; House 
1907-'08, committees on judiciary, ^rules. Red 
Men,^Royal Arcanum, Sons of Veterans, Palmer 
Business and Social Club, . 


HODSKINS, FRANK G., 7th Hampden, 
Republican, Springfield. Born there December 
26, 1876; public schools, Harvard College. 
Attorney-at-law. House 1907-'08, committees 
on engrossed bills, legal affairs (clerk, chairman). 


11()(;AN. WILLIAM ^\., ls( Middlesex 
1 )(Mn()('i-a I , (';mil); Uoi'ii (\-in;id;i, .luiu 

2, IS7(>; public schools. 1 1 onw orkci*. House 
11)07 'OS, cominillcc on li(|Uor l;i\\ . 

HOLBROOK, HENRY E., 9th Norfolk, 
Republican, Stoughton. Bom North Easton, 
March 21, 1870; public schools. Real estate. 
Republican town committee five years, town 
finance committee. President Stoughton Gun 
Club, Masons, R. A. C, Red Men, Knights of 


HOLDEX, JOSEPH W., 31st Middlesex, 
Republican, 8toneham. Born there October 
10, 1867; public schools. Milk dealer. Board 
of public works, selectman. I. O. O. F., A. O. 
U. W., Knights of Pythias. 


HOLMAN, SAMUEL M., 1st Bristol, Repub- 
lican, Attleboro. Born Norton, January 1, 
1862; public schools, Amherst, Boston Uni- 
versity, Harvard Medical School. Real estate, 
coal and wood, photographer. Tax collector 
nine years, school committee three years; 
House 1907-'08, committees on elections, towns, 
harbors and public lands (chairman). Knights 
of Pythias, Royal Arcanum. 


HOLMGREN, JOHN P., 14th Worcester, 
Republican, Worcester. Born Sweden, May 1, 
1873; public schools. Business manager news- 
paper. Common council two years, board of 
aldermen two years, Republican city committee 
four years (chairman). Worcester County Re- 
publican Club, Masons, R. A. C, 1. O, O. F, 
Knights of JH onor. 


HOLT, CHARLES T., 6th Hampden, Repub- 
lican, Springfield. Born Petersham, August 
1, 1845; public schools, Newton Theological 
Institution. Coal merchant eight years, clergy- 
man twelve years, now engaged in insurance 
business. Republican town committee; water 
commissioner, public library trustee; House 
1907-'08, committees on harbors and public 
lands, parishes^and religious societies (clerk). 
Masons, G. A. R. 


HOLT, EDGAR G., 5th Essex, Republican. 
Methuen. Born Lawrence July 2, 1874; Phil- 
lips Andover Academy, Princeton University, 
Ice business. Masons, T. O. O. F., Elks, captain 
Co. L, 8th regiment, M. V. M. 


HOLT, HARRY R., 4th Bristol, Republican, 
Taunton. Born there July 21, 1877; public 
schools, Comer's Commercial College. Clothing 
business. Republican city committee nine 
years, common council 1904-'05-'06. 


HOSMER, FRANK A., 3(1 Hampshire, 
Republican, Amherst. Born Woburn, No- 
vember 14, 1853; Amherst College. School 
teacher twelve years; editor Berkshire Cour- 
ier" two years; president of Oahu College, 
Honolulu, ten years. Member Advisory Coun- 
cil under Provisional Government in Hawaii; 
House 1908, committee on ways and means. 
Masons, R. A. C, Amherst Club. 


JEFFREY, WILLIAM T., 19th Essex, Re- 
publican, Salem. Born there January 23l, 
1876; public schools. Republican city com- 
mittee; common council 1906-'07; House 
1908, committee on harbors and public lands. 
M. C. O. F., A. 0. H., Salem RepubKcan Club. 


KEEFE, TIMOTHY J., 10th Middlesex, 
Democrat, Hudson. Born Monson, June 11, 
1862; public schools. Clothing business. Sewer 
commissioner. Knights of Columbus. 


KEENE, SIDNEY B., 25th Middlesex, Re- 
publican, Somerville. Born Appleton, Me., 
January 10, 1861; public schools. Wholesale 
hay salesman. Republican city committee 
seven years (treasurer), Board of Aldermen 
three years (president one year); House 1907- 
'08, committees on libraries (clerk), water 
supply (clerk), metropolitan affairs. Vice- 
president Somerville Board of Trade, Somerville 
Sons of Maine Club. 


KELLY, JAMES H., lOth Suffolk, Democrat, 
Boston. Born there November 14, 1870; 
public schools. Foreman printer. Common 
council 1907-'08. 


KEMP, FRANK D., 5th Hampden, Re- 
publican, Springfield. Born Holyoke, June 
9, 1862; public schools. Dairyman. Common 
Council one year, alderman one year; House 
1907-08, committee on ways and means. Ma- 
sons, K. T., Masonic Club. 


*^KENDRICK, DANIEL W., 6th Bristol 
Republican, Fairhaven. Born there July 7, 
1849; public schools. Farmer. Secretary Re- 
publican town committee; school committee 
since 1905. 


KENNEY, MICHAEL J., 3d Bristol, Re- 
publican, Taunton. Born there July 12, 1863; 
public schools. Insurance agent. Alderman 
three years; House 1907-'08, committees on 
cities, fisheries and game (clerk), public service. 
A. O. U. W., American Order of Foresters, 
Knights Sherwood Forest. . , 


KILL AM. JAME8 W., 20tli Middlesex, Re- 
publican, Reading. Born there July 12, 1874; 
public schools, Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology. Engineering department metro- 
politan water and sewerage board since 1897. 
Selectman five years (four years chairman), 
treasurer Republican town committee; House 
1908, committee on water supply (clerk). 
Masons, Odd^Fellows, Good Fellowship Club, 


KINNEY, ORVIS F., 8th Plymouth, Re- 
pubhcan. West Bridgewater. Born Barford, 
P. Q., Canada, May 23, 1880; pubHc schools 
West Bridgewater. Market gardener. Audi- 
tor 1902, selectman, assessor and overseer of the 
poor since 1903, treasurer Republican town 
committee 1908, trustee Howard funds. Knights 
of Pythias, Mason, N. E. O. P.,^^Grange. 


KITTREDGE, EDWIN M., 14th Middlesex. 
Republican, Lowell. Born in Billerica, Sep- 
tember 27, 1872; public schools. Real estate 
and care property. House 1908, conanxittee 
on prisons 


KNIGHT, JAMES H., 22d Suffolk, Re^ 
publican, Boston. Born there October 11, 
1876; public schools. Lawyer. House 1908, 
committees on engrossed bills, public health. 
Republican Club of Ward 22, Jamaica Plain 
Citizens^ Association, Veteran Firemen. 


LANE, FREDERICK S., 12th Norfolk, 
Republican, Foxboro. Born Norton, May 8, 
1849;M Stone's English and Classical School, 
Straw .business, electric light, bank treasurer. 
House X 1908, committee on street railways. 
Masons, Knights of Honor, Grange, Eastern Star, 


LANGELIER, LOUIS F. R., 6th Norfolk, Re- 
publican, Quincy. Born Boston, November 29, 
1873; public schools. Manager book publishing 
house. City council four years, trustee public 
library, Republican city committee (secretary). 
N. E. Trade Press Association (secretary), 
Squantum Yacht Club, Wollaston Club. 


LEARNED, WILLIAM F., 2d Worcester, 
Republican, Gardner. Born there January 12, 
1850; public schools. Shipper S. K. Pierce & 
Son. House 1907-'08, committees on prisons, 
payroll (chairman), secretary Republican town 
committee ten years. Odd Fellows. 


LELAND, LOUIS, 2d Worcester, Republi- 
can, Templeton. Born there October 17, 1844; 
public schools. Merchant. Selectman 1886 to 
1892,. town treasurer 1894. Narragansett Club, 
Masons, A. O. U. W. 


L1-:()NAK1). .)()Si:ril. ^)th Sullolk. IVm- 
ocint, Boston. Horn [\\vvv Octobor 1(>. 1S7S; 
pnblic scliools. Lil\^ insur:in(H\ Connnon coun- 
(m1 1907. Quincy (Muh. (\itluHlrnl V. M. C. A. 

LEONARD, J. HENRY, 23d Suffolk, Repub- 
lican, Boston. Born there September 18, 1879; 
public schools. Salesman. Common Council, 
1905- '06; House 1908, committee on State 


LEWIN, CHARLES, 7th Bristol, Republi- 
can, New Bedford. Born Lancaster, England, 
May 20, 1852; Phillips Academy. News- 
dealer, mill operative 42 years. Republican 
city committee two years. Founder loom- 
fixers' local and national organizations; North 
End Merchants' Club (president). 


LINCOLN, MINOT J., 2nd Bristol, Repub- 
lican, Raynham. Born there April 2, 1857; 
public schools. Grocer and farmer. L O. O. F. 


LOMASNEY, MARTIN M., 8th Suffolk, 
Democrat, Boston. Born there December 3, 
1859; pubHc schools. Real estate. Board of 
Aldermen 1893 to 1895; Senate 1896 and 1897, 
committees on engrossed bills, constitutional 
amendments, harbors and public lands, public 
health; House 1899, 1905-'06-'07-'08, com- 
mittees on metropolitan affairs, public service. 
Hendricks Club. 


LOVETT, GEORGE E., 12th Suffolk, Repub- 
lican, Boston. Bom there February 27, 1849; 
public schools, Chauncy Hall. Ironworker. 
Common council 1888-'89-'90; House 1893- 
^94, 1908, committees on military affairs (chair- 
man), State House, election laws, public service. 
Ward 12 Republican Club, Masons, Odd Fellows, 
Commander Boston Light Infantry Veteran 


LYMAN, JOHN A., 2d Hampshire, Repub- 
lican, Easthampton. Bom there March 13, 
1863; pubhc schools, Williston Seminary. 
Plumbing and heating business. Republican 
town committee (chairman), town finance com- 
mittee (chairman). Republican Club, Pas- 
commuck Club, Masons, R. A. C, K. T. 


MAD8EN, JENS J., lltli Hampden, Repub- 
lican, Holyoke. Bom Denmark, October 9, 
1869; . public schools. Business manager news- 
paper. House 1908, committee on railroads, 
Bay^State Club. 


M ALLEY, C^HARLES A., 2()tli Suffolk, Re- 
publican, Boston. Born Northfield, January 22, 
1876; public schools. Real estate and insur- 
ance. House 1907- '08, committees on harbors 
and public lands, election laws (clerk). Masons, 
R. A. C, K. T., Roosevelt Republican Club, 
Park Street Club, Young Men's Republican 
Club Ward 20, 


MANCOVITZ, DAVID, 8th Suffolk, Demo- 
crat, Boston. Born Poland; public schools, 
Boston University Law School. Attorney at 
law. Common council 1903-'04-'05, House 
1908, committee on taxation. Hendricks Club, 
K. P., Heptasophs, Hebrew Immigrant Aid As- 
sociation, Federation of Hebrew Charities. 


Republican, Lynn. Born Wellesley, March 20, 
1842; public schools. Newspaper reporter. 
Postmaster Wellesley three years; House 1908, 
committee on metropolitan affairs. West Lynn 
Republican Club, Sons of American Revolution. 


McCANN, MATTHEW, 14th Essex, Repub- 
lican, Lynn, Bom Calais, Me., January 1, 1863; 
public schools. Cigar merchant. City Council 
five years; House 1904-'05-'06-'07-'08, com- 
mittees on prisons (chairman), federal relations, 
mercantile affairs, public service, street railways. 
Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows, Red Men, 


McCarthy, CHARLES F., 9th Middlesex, 
Democrat, Marlboro. Born there August 15, 
1876; public '. schools. Newspaper reporter. 
House * 1908, committee on military affairs, 
public service (clerk). • K. of C, A. O. H., 
Spanish War Veterans, Sons of Veterans, Pas- 
time Boat Club. 


McCarthy, DANIEL J., lOth Suffolk. 
Democrat, Boston. Born there March 6, 1876; 
pubHc schools. Harvard. Confectionery and 
fruit. House 1907, committee on liquor law. 
Knights of Columbus, St. Alphonsus Associa- 


McCarthy, JEREMIAH F., 3d Suffolk, 
Democrat, Boston. Born there July 7, 1857; 
public schools. Real estate. House 1899- 
1900- '08, committees on street railways, public 
service (clerk), election laws. Catholic Literary 


shire, RepubUcan, Pittsfield. Born New Hart- 
ford, Conn., October 1, 1873; Pittsfield pubhc 
schools. Clerk. House 1908, committee on 
water supply. Masons. 


McDAVITT, THOMAS P. ].3tli Suffolk, Dem- 
ocrat, Boston. Born there; public schools. 
Caterer. Common Council 1905-'06; House 
1908, committee on parishes and religious soci- 
eties. South Boston Catholic Club. 


McGONAGLE, PHILIP J.. (Uh Suffolk, Dem- 
ocrat, Boston. Born there October, 21, 1871; 
public and parochial schools. Roofer, Common 
Council five years; House 1907- '08, committees 
on parishes and religious societies, state house. 
Knights of (^olumbus, Jefferson Club, Roofers' 
Protective Union. 


McTERNEN, ANDREW, 9th Essex, Repub- 
lican, Andover. Rubber worker. Board of 
fire engineers eight years, board of pubHc works 
two years. Masons, I. O. O. F. 


MEADE, TIMOTHY J., 10th Plymouth, 
Democrat, Brockton. Born Boston, November 
7, 1864; public schools. Shoemaker. Common 
Council three years, Board of Aldermen two 
years (chairman one year); ex-secretary Demo- 
cratic city committee; House 1908, committee 
on prisons. K. C. 


MEEHAN, JOHN F., 15th Middlesex, Dem- 
ocrat. Lowell. Born there November 24, 
1875; public schools, Alleghany College. Clerk. 
House 1907-^08, committees on public service, 
mercantile affairs. Young Men's Catholic As- 
sociation, Eagles. 


MELLEN, CHARLES C, 8th Norfolk, 
Republican, Braintree. Bom Wrentham, De- 
cember 15, 1857; public schools. Lawyer. 
Masons, L O. O. F. 


MELLEN, JAMES H., 18th Worcester, 
Democrat, Worcester. Born Nov. 7, 1845; pub- 
lic schools. Editorial, mechanical. Common 
council, board of aldermen; House 1877-'78- 
'99-1900-'06. Committees on labor (chair- 
man), state house, revision of statutes (special), 
public charitable institutions, rules, mercantile 
affairs, railroads, taxation, finance, expendi- 
tures, ways and means, prisons, recess com- 
raittee on Sunday laws. 


MEYERS, JULIUS, 2d Middlesex, Repub- 
lican, Cambridge. Born Pose, Germany, De- 
cember 6, 1854; public schools. Merchant. 
Common Council three years; House 1906-'07 
-'08, committee on street railways, recess com- 
mittee on taxation, < public health, Masons, 
K. P., Odd Fellows, Red Men, 


MILDRAM, SAMUEL H., 24th Suffolk, 
Republican, Boston. Born Arlington, Decem- 
ber 4, 1867; public schools. Special agent. 
Common Council three years; House 1907- '08, 
committee on taxation (chairman), Taxation 
Commission of 1907. Colonial Club, Dor- 
chester Gentlemen's Driving Club, New Dor- 
phester Republican Club. 


MONTAGUE, DAVID T., 10th Suffolk, 
Republican, Boston. Bom Bridge water, Vt., 
April 2, 1864; Goddard Seminary, Tufts College, 
Boston University Law School. Lawyer. 
Ward committee (chairman), Common Council 
1905- '06- '07, register of probate Suffolk county 
August-December, 1907. Middlesex Club, Re- 
publican League of Ward 10, B. A. A., Eco- 
nomic Club, Vermont Association of Boston, 
Bostonian Society, P. S. A., Masons 32d degree, 
T., Elks. 


MOORE, FRED, 9tli Bristol, Republican, 
Fall River. Born Hyde, Cheshire, England, 
April 4, 1874; public schools. Shipping clerk, 
insuranr»e solicitor. Alderman at large two 
years; House 1908, committee on mercantile 
affairs. Foresters of America, Knights of 


MOORE, WILLIAM S., 2d Plymouth, 
Republican, Duxbury. Born there February 
23, 1846; Lawrence Scientific School of Har- 
vard University 1866, U. S. Naval Academy 
1868. Commodore U. S. N. (retired). Town 


MORSE, LESLIE K. 3d Essex, Repub- 
lican, Haverhill. Born there January 18, 1860; 
public schools. Farmer. Common Council two 
years (president one year); House 1907-'08, 
committees on prisons (clerk), liquor law. 
Masons, Wachusett Club. 


MOSELEY, WILLIAM G., 1st Norfolk. 
Republican, Needham. Born Brookline, Octo- 
ber 31, 1858; Needham public schools. Law- 
yer, hosiery and knit goods manufacturer 20 
years. Auditor four years, selectman two 
years (chairman), school board since 1904, 
Incorporator of and secretary and treasurer 
Needham Co-operative Bank since incorpor- 
ation in 1892. 


NASON, ARTHUR L., 4th Essex, Repub- 
lican, Haverhill. Born there October 24, 1872 
public schools. Shoes. Republican city com- 
mittee three years; House 1906-'07-'08, com- 
mittees on parishes and religious societies 
(clerk), roads and bridges (clerk). Central 
Club, Odd Fellows. 


NICHOLS, MALCOLM E., 10th Suffolk, Re- 
publican, Boston. Bom Portland, Me., May 
8, 1876; Harvard 1899. Newspaper reporter. 
Common Council two years. Ward 10 Repub- 
lican Committee; House 1907-'08, committee 
on metropolitan affairs (clerk), recess com- 
mittee on fire insurance. 


NIEDNER, WILLIAM, 23d Middlesex, Re- 
publican, Maiden. Born there October 18, 
1876; public schools. Manufacturer fire hose. 
Common Council two years, Board of Aldermen 
two years (chairman 1908). Maiden Club, 
Shawmut Club, Maiden Auto Club, Maiden 
Turn Verein, Masons, 1. O. O. F., Elks. 


NORDBECK, ALBIN P., 9th Plymouth, 
RepubHcan, Brockton. Bom Stockhohn, Swe- 
den, August 23, 1872; pubKc schools. Build- 
ing contractor. City Council, Board of Alder- 
men, sewerage commission (chairman), repub- 
lican city committee (treasurer). Scandinavian 
Republican Club (president). 


NOYES, JAMES M., 14th Essex, Repub- 
lican, Lynn. Born Warren, N. H., August 10, 
1842; public schools. Confectioner. City 
Council two years. Served 12th N. H. Volun- 
teers 1862 to 1865. G. A. R., I. O. O. F., S. T. 


O'BRIEN, J. FRANK, 4tli Suffolk, Dem- 
ocrat, Boston. Born there January 0, 1879; 
Harvard. Lawyer. Common Council two 
years; House 1908, committee on parishes and 
religious societies. A. O. H., Catholic Literary 


O'BRIEN, WILLIAM H., 16th Suffolk, 
Democrat, Boston. Born Gloucester, Septem- 
ber 9, 1864; public schools. Telegrapher. 
House 1908, committee on pubhc charitable 
institutions (clerk). Ward 16 Democratic Club, 
K. C, Elks, A. O. H. 


OLIVER, JAMP:S, 1st Worcester, Repub- 
lican, Athol. Born there June 28, 1836; Har- 
vard Medical School. Physician. School com- 
mittee ten years; medical examiner; House 
1907-'08, committees on military affairs, pub- 
lic health. Masons, Grange, G. A. R. 


PAIGE, JOHN E., 5tli Worcester, Repub- 
lican, Southbridge. Born there November 30, 
1878; Hopkinson School, Harvard 1901. As- 
sistant Treasurer Central Mills Company. Re- 
publican town committee six years. Director 
Southbridge National Bank, trustee South- 
bridge Savings Bank, Southbridge Club, Winter 
Club of Worcester, Masons 32 d degree. 


PARKS, JOSEPH A., 10th Bristol Dem- 
ocrat, Fall River. Born Preston, England, 
May 2, 1877; public schools. Cotton mill em- 
ployee, insurance, real estate. Alderman 1903; 
House 1904-'05-06-'07-'08, committees on 
cities, elections, labor (clerk), military affairs, 


PATTISON, LOUIS E., 7tli Worcester, Re- 
publican, Webster. Born Boston, December 
30, 1843; public schools. Lumber, wood and 
coal business. House 1908, committee on 
banks and banking. G. A. R. 


PATTISON, THOMAS, Lst Barnstable, Re- 
publican, Barnstable. Born London, England, 
January 20, 1854; public schools. Retired 
mariner. House 1903-'04-'07-'08, committees 
on harbors and public lands, labor, federal rela- 
tions, public lighting (chairman), recess^^com- 
mittee|on labor. Masons, Red Men, Odd^Fel- 
lows, K. P. 


PEIRC^E, WALDO H., 4tliJ^Hampshire, Re- 
publican, Prescott. Born there February 25, 
1850; New Salem andf Monson Academies. 
Farmer. Chairman selectmen, assessors and 
overseers of the poor 15 years. Masons, Grange. 


PENNIMAN, HARRY A., 2d Middlesex, 
Republican, Cambridge. Born there March 26, 
1867; public schools. Book-keeper and fore- 
man carriage manufacturing business. Common 
Council 1905, Board of Aldermen 1906-^07. 
Citizens' Trade Association, Masons, I. O. O. F., 
Knights^of Pythias, Red Men. 


PERRY, LAURENCE S., 7th Bristol, Re- 
publican, New Bedford. Born there February 
21, 1883; public schools, University of Maine 
Law School 1907. Lawyer. Sigma Beta Pi, 
Phi Kappa Phi. 


PICKFORD, JOHN H., 20tli Worcester, 
Republican, Worcester. Born Manville, R. L, 
September 9, 1849; public schools. Building 
contractor. House 1906- '07- '08, committee on 
public charitable institutions. City Republican 
Club, Odd Fellows. 


PIERCE, MYRON E., lltli Suffolk, Repub- 
lican, Boston. Born there 1874; public schools, 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Har- 
vard Law School, 1898. Lawyer. House 1908, 
committees on cities, federal relations. Re- 
publican city committee five years; Common 
Council four years. 


POLLOCK, ROBERT E., 18tli Essex, Re- 
publican, Salem. Bom there October 23, 1851; 
public schools. Hair-dresser. Board of Fire 
Engineers; license commissioner (chairman 
twelve years); House 1907-'08, committees 
on drainage (clerk), public service, public light- 
ing. Salem Republican Club, Veteran Fire- 
men's Association, A. O. U. W. 


POPE, FRANK H., 11th Worcester, Dem- 
ocrat, Leominster. Born Sandwich, March 7, 
1854; public schools, Dean Academy. Boston 
Globe correspondent. House 1908, com- 
mittee on ways and means. Secretary Demo- 
cratic state committee 1897. Odd Fellows, 
Leominster Club, Union Club, Marlboro. 


^ POWERS, JAMES F., 13th Suffolk, Dem- 
ocrat, Boston. Born St. John's, Newfoundland, 
October 1, 1872; Lawrence grammar school. 
Wholesale and retail liquor dealer. Chairman 
Ward 13 Democratic committee three years; 
House 1907- '08, committee on banks and bank- 
ing. Eagles, Foresters, Heptasophs, A. O. H. 


PREECE, ALFRED J., 1st Hampshire, Dem- 
ocrat, Northampton. Born London, England, 
January 14, 1868; public schools. Steam car- 
pet cleaning business. Common Council 1904, 
Board of Aldermen 1905-'07-'08, democratic 
city committee. Veteran Firemen's Associa- 
tion, I. O. O. F., Sons of St. George, A. O. U. W., 
Red Men. 


Republican, Haverhill. Born there September 
13, 1885; University of Alabama Law SchooJ. 
Lawyer. Elks. 


publican, Brookfield. 
1859; public schools. 

E., 4th Worcester, Re- 
Born there October 5, 
Farmer. Masons. 


QUIGLEY, FRANCIS X., 9th Hampden, 
Democrat, Holyoke. Born there November 20, 
1882; pubhc schools. Newspaper reporter. 
House 1908, committee on cities. Holyoke 
Philo Celtic Club. 


QUINN, MARTIN L.. 12th Essex, Repub- 
lican, Swampscott, Born Lynn, January 19, 
1862; public schools. Roofing business. Se- 
lectman four years, overseers of poor one year. 
Red Men, Knights of Pythias, Essex Chib, 
Hillside Improvement Club. 


REIDY, MICHAEL J., loth Suffolk, Demo- 
crat, Boston. Born there August 8, 1870; public 
schools. Telegrapher and stenographer. Com- 
mon council 1894-'95; House 1896-'97, commit- 
tees on constitutional amendments, state house, 
education. Member national executive board of 
commercial telegraphers' union. 


RICE, LYMAN M., 8th Worcester, Repub- 
lican, Grafton. Born there April 12, 1849; 
public schools. Coal dealer. Selectman three 
years, chairman of assessors 14 years, moderator 
21 years. Masons, Grange, O. E. S. 



RILEY, THOMAS P., 23d Middlesex, Dem- 
ocrat, Maiden. Born Medford, July 11, 1875; 
public schools, Seton Hall, Boston University 
Law School. Lawyer. House 1908, commit- 
tees on bills in third reading, printing; Demo- 
cratic city committee. K. C, Elks, A. O. H., 
honorary member Shawmut Club and Quincy 


ROBINSON, WILLIAM M., 2Gtli Suffolk 
Republican, Chelsea. Born there July 21, 1875; 
public schools, Worcester Academy. Furniture. 
Alderman four years (chairman finance com- 
mittee); House 1907- '08, committees on elec- 
tion laws, street railways. Masons, Alter Ego 
Club, Cosmopolitan Club. 


ROUSMANIERE, JOHN E., 21st Suffolk, 
Republican, Boston. Born there October 14^ 
1877; Harvard (college and law school). Law- 
yer. House 1908, committee on judiciary. 
Ward 21 Republican committee five years^ 
Massachusetts Club, Masons. 


SARGENT, HARRY E., 6th Worcester, 
Democrat, Leicester. Born there June, 1864; 
public schools, Leicester Academy. Super- 
intendent of streets, farmer. Town treasurer 
since 1904, overseers of poor seven years, water 
commissioner three years, selectman three 


SARGENT, RALPH, 1st Essex, Repub- 
lican, Merrimac. Bom there December 5, 
1848; public schools. Ice business. Select- 
man, assessor and overseer of the poor nine 
years, superintendent of streets two years. 


SAUNDERS, AMOS T., 10th Worcester 
Republican, Clinton. Born Waterford, Me., 
May 3, 1874; Bridgton (Me.) Academy, Boston 
University Law School 1900. Lawyer. Town 
solicitor three years. Republican town com- 
mittee five years (chairman three), moderator. 
Republican Club of Massachusetts, Worcester 
County Republican Club. 


SCULLY MICHAEL J., 4th Hampden, 
Democrat, Springfield. Bom Ireland, Decem- 
ber 4, 1863; public schools. Railroad. City 
Council 1904 to 1909. Brotherhood of Rail- 
way Trainmen, Foresters of America, A. O. V. W. 


SEGEE, SAMUEL A., 27tli Suffolk, Repub- 
lican, Revere. Born Swampscott, January 10, 
1853; public schools, Lynn Mercantile Academy 
1869. Mason and builder, real estate. Audi- 
tor two years, assessor 15 years, selectman 
three years. Masons, 1. O. O. F. 

303 3 

SMITH, ARTHUR L., 2d Franklin, Repub- 
lican, Greenfield. Born Cornish, N. H., June 
20, 1859; public and private schools. Brick 
manufacturer. Country, Sportsman^s, Green- 
field and Masonic Clubs, Masons, K. T. 


STEARNS, HARRY N., 3d Middlesex, Re- 
publican, Cambridge, Born there October 5, 
1874; public schools, Harvard (College and 
Law School). Lawyer. Republican city com- 
mittee, Common Council three years (chair- 
man one year); House 1907- '08, committees 
on rules, cities (chairman). 


STONE, ELISHA D., 11th Middlesex, Re- 
publican, Ayer. Born Harvard, May 6, 1852; 
Lawrence Academy. Fire insurance. Town 
treasurer for past 20 years, selectman seven 
(chairman three), Republican town committee 
15 years (chairman). Masons, I. O. O. F. 


SWANN, GEORGE, 11th Plymouth, Re- 
publican, Brockton. Born Derby, England, 
July 18, 1859; pubHc schools. Elastic goring 
weaver. Common Council 1903-'04-'05 (pres- 
ident 1905); Board of Aldermen 1906; House 
1908, committee on public charitable institu- 
tions. RepubHcan Club, Masons, Odd Fellows, 
Sons of St. George, Brockton Cricket Club, 
Lookout Fishing and Gunning Club. 


TARBOX, CLAUDE H., 26th Essex, Repub- 
lican, Newbury. Born there 48 years ago; 
public schools. Grain business. Selectman U 
years (chairman). Boston Chamber of Com- 
merce, I. O. O. F., O. U. A. M. 


TETLER, JAMES R., 7th Essex, Republican, 
Lawrence. Born there; pubKc schools. Mas- 
ter plumber. City council 1902-'03. Masons. 


THOMAS, WILLIAM R, 5th Norfolk, Re- 
publican, Quincy. Born there September 24, 
1871; public schools, Boston L'niversity Law 
School. Lawyer. City solicitor three years. 
Elks, I. O. O. F., A. and H. Artillery Co., Gran- 
ite City Club, Quincy Yacht Club, Norfolk Club, 
Citizens' Association, Board of Trade. 


THOMPSON, JOHN F., 26th Middlesex, 
Republican, Somerville. Born Eastport, Me.; 
public schools. Druggist. Board of aldermen 
1903-'04-'05; RepubHcan city committee ten 
years. St. Croix Valley Association. 


THOMPSON, JOHN H., 17th Worcester, 
Democrat, Worcester. Born there August 26, 
1873; pubhc schools. Plumber. Common 
Council two years; House 1908, committee on 
public service. Father Mathew T. A. B. Society, 


TOLMAN, JAMES E., 22d Essex, Repub- 
lican, Gloucester. Bom there; public schools, 
Boston University Law School. Law student. 
Common Council three years (president two), 
mayor 1903-'04. 


TYTUS. ROBB deP., 7th Berkshire, Demo- 
crat, Tyringham. Born Ashe\'ille, N. C, Feb- 
ruary 2, 1875; 8t. Mark's School, Yale. Archae- 
ologist and farmer. Union, University and 
Yale Clubs of New York. 


UNDERHILL, CHARLES L., 25th Middle- 
sex, Republican, Somerville. Born Richmond, 
Va., July 20, 1867; pubHc schools. Hardware 
dealer. House 1902-'03-'08, committees on 
federal relations (chairman, clerk), cities (clerk), 
counties^ pay-roll. Elks, Masons, Royal Arca- 
num, Somerville Y. M. C. A., Winter Hill Im- 
provement Association, Somerville Board of 
Trade, Central Club, Ward 5 Republican Club. 


UPTON, ALTON A., 4th Franklin, Repub- 
lican, Orange. Born Templeton, November 21, 
1864; public schools. Mechanic. Republican 
town committee (secretary, chairman). Equit- 
able Club, I. O. O. F., Red Men, Sons of Veterans. 


VARNUM, CHARLES F., 17th Middlesex, 
Republican, Lowell. Bom there June 28, 1846; 
Colby. Contractor and builder. Common Coun- 
cil two years; House 1893, committee on rapid 
transit. House 1907-'08, committees on rail- 
roads, mercantile affairs, State House (chair- 
man). Odd Fellows, K. P., R. A. 


WALKER. FRED F., 20th Middlesex. 
Republican. Burliiiijton. Born Burlington. Jan- 
uary 1S68; public schools, Bryant Stratton 
Business College. Market gardener and dairy- 
man. Town auditor, school committee. To- 
wanda Club of Woburn. Masons. R. A. C. 


^AVALL, l':i)WIN. W.. 2d llaiiipdeu, Repub- 
lican, Wilbraham. Born Thomaston, Me., April 
20, 1852; public schools. Cashier. Town clerk 
and treasurer past six years. I. O. (). F. 


W ALLIS. JOSI.PH A.. JDth l.ssi^x, Kt'pul)- 
lican. Ut'\(M-ly. Horn \\\rvc \)vvru\\)vv \'2 
lSo7; public schools. Shoe maiuifact iiPcr. 
Selectman, aldcnunn. mayor two ycai*s; House 
19()S. conunitt(»c on public liuhtinii-. Repub- 
lican Club. I'nion Club, l^astern ^'acht (Mub. 


WALSH. THOMAS S.. 'M Hampden. lUiinib- 
lican, Sprin^fickl. Born llartliind, Conn., 1859; 
public schools. Boil(M' maker. House 1908, 
committee on water su|)})ly. Board of Trade, 
N. E. O. P. 


WARNER, FRED P., 21st Suffolk, Repub- 
lican, Boston. Born Plympton, N. S.; public 
schools, Digby Academy. Lumber business 
sixteen years. Common Council 1904-'05-W; 
House 1908, committee on State House. Dud- 
ley Club, Canadian Club of Boston, Boston City 


WARREN, CLARENCE A., 27th Suffolk, 
Republican, Chelsea. Born Durham, N. H., 
July 9, 1882; public schools. Lawyer. Alder- 
man three years. Director of Board of Trade, 
director of Y. M. C. A., Masons. 


WASHBURN. ROBERT M., 22d Worcester, 
Republican, Worcester. Born there January 4, 
1868; public schools, Harvard College. Law- 
yer. House 1908, committee on railroads, 
(clerk); Worcester Republican city committee. 
Republican Club of Massachusetts, Worcester 
County Republican Club, Quinsigamond Boat 
Club, Worcester Club. 


WAUGH, WILLIAM, L., 26th Middlesex, 
Republican, Somerville. Bom Waugh's River, 
Colchester County, N. S.; public schools. 
Carpenter and builder. House 1907- '08, com- 
mittees on counties, cities. Masons, Knights 
Templar, Odd Fellows, Red Men, New England 
Order of Protection. Somerville Board of 
Trade, Vice-President Somerville Associates, 
Director Winter Hill Co-operative Bank. 


WEEKS. WILLIAM E., 24tli Middlesex, 
Republican, Everett. Born Portland, Me., 
June 23, 1880; public schools, Boston Univer- 
sity Law School. Lawyer. House 1905-'06- 
'07- '08. committees on roads and bridges (clerk), 
engrossed bills, education, legal affairs (chair- 
man), recess committee on lal)or, rules, street 
railways (chairman). 


sex, Republican, Ashland. Born there Septem- 
ber 17, 1867; public schools, Massachusetts 
College of Pharmacy 1890. Druggist. Town 
clerk, school committee (chairman), assistant 
engineer fire department, Republican town 
committee. Masons, R. A. C, K. T., Shriner. 


WILDER, GEORGE A., 12th Middlesex, 
Republican, Townsend. Bom there March 2, 
1859; public schools, Phillips Andover Acad- 
emy. Printer. Town clerk eight years, treas- 
urer four years, school committee 12 years. 
Republican town committee. Masons, I. O. 
O. F., Grange. 


WILLCUTT, AVILLIAM B., 24th Suffolk, 
Republican, Boston. Born there December 
14, 1874; public schools. Manager. Common 
Council 1906-'07; House 1908, committee on 
cities. Republican Club of Massachusetts, 
Ward 24 Repubhcan Club, Young Men's Repub- 
lican Club, West Side Republican Club, Matta- 
pan Road Club, Ashmont Club, Shawmut Club, 
Dorchester Yacht Club, New England Iron 


WILLETTS, ISAAC E., 11th Bristol, Repub- 
lican, Fall River. Born Boston, November 8 
1879; public schools. Garbage contractor, 
deputy sheriff. House 1905-'06-'08, commit- 
tees on public charitable institutions, printings 
public health (clerk), cities. 


WILLS, THOMAS P., 10th Essex, Repub- 
lican, North Andover. Bom Randolph, Vt., 
June 18, 1843; public schools. Carpenter and 
pattern maker. Secretary and treasurer Re- 
publican town committee ten years. G. A. R., 
U. V. U., Masons, R. A. C, K. T., Shriner. 


WOLCOTT, ROGER, 4th Norfolk, Republi- 
can, Milton. Born Milton, July 25, 1877; Hop- 
kinson's school, Harvard A. B. 1899, LL. B. 1902. 
Lawyer. Milton warrant committee, Republi- 
can town committee since 1905. Private 1st 
Mass. Heavy Artillery in Spanish War, private, 
corporal, 2d lieutenant, 1st lieutenant, captain 
and adjutant 1st Heavy Artillery, lieutenant- 
colonel and inspector-general M. V. M. Director 
Everett Mills, York Manufacturing Company, 
member corporation Provident Institutions for 
Savings and Suffolk Savings Bank, Society 
Colonial Wars, Society of Cincinnati, Loyal 
Legion, \J. S. W. V., Bar Association. 


WOOD, RUSSELL A., 3d Middlesex, Re- 
publican, Cambridge. Bom there March 25, 
1880; public schools, Harvard College 1903. 
Newspaper work. Common Council 1904-'05- 
'06; vice-president Non-Partisan Municipal 
Party. Masons, 1. O. O. F., Elks. 


WOODSIDE, ERNEST W., 1st Suffolk, 
Republican, Boston. Born Alberton, P. E. I.; 
public schools, Boston University Law School. 
Lawyer. Common Council 1905-'06-'07. 
Ward 1 Republican Club, Central Club, East 
Boston Cricket Club, Masons, I. O. O. F., 
Knights of Pythias. 


KIMBALL, JAMES W., Clerk of the House, 
Republican, Lynn. Born there December 17, 
1858; public schools. Printer. Page and mes- 
senger in House six years; assistant clerk 1888 
to 1897. Masons. 


of the House. Born Augusta. Me., November 
11, 1840. Graduated from Bowdoin college in 
1862 and from Andover Theological Seminary 
in 1866. Elected chaplain of the house in 1879, 
and re-elected each year since. 


PEDRICK, THOMAS F., House door- 
keeper, Republican, Lynn. Born Marblehead, 
February 20, 1846; public schools. Shoe busi- 
ness. Messenger sixteen years, assistant door- 
keeper three years; Lynn Republican city com- 
mittee twenty years (as chairman two years). 
Odd Fellows, K. of H. 


BEATTY, JAMES, Postmaster. Born Au- 
gust 26, 1845. Enlisted Co. I, 22d Regiment. 
September 6, 1861; served three years. Ap- 
pointed messenger of House January, 1886;- 
legislative postmaster January, 1893. Alder- 
man Waltham three years. Commander Post 
29, G. A. R., Waltham. Odd Fellows, A. O. 
U. W.