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Copyright, January, 1913. 
Practical Politics. 


United States Senator. 


LODGE, HENRY CABOT, Nahant, United 
States Senator, Rep. Born in Boston, May 12, 
1850; received a private school and collegiate 
education; graduated from Harvard college 
in 1871 and from Harvard Law School in 
1875, receiving the degree LL. B.; ad- 
mitted to Suffolk bar in 1876; in the same 
year, 1876, received the degree of Ph. D., for 
thesis on "The Land Law of the Anglo- 
Saxons;" profession, that of literature; is 
a member of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society, of the Virginia Historical Socie- 
ty, of the American Academy of Aits 
and Science, of the New England Historical 
and Genealogical Society, and of the Ameri- 
can Antiquarian Society, and has received 
the degree of Doctor of Laws from Williams 
College, Clark University, Yale Unive s!ty 
and Harvard University; is an overseer of 
Harvard College; was permanent chairman 
of the Republican national conventions of 
1900 and 1908; chairman of the committee 
on resolutions of the Republican national 
convention of 1904; chairman Republican 
state convention 1912; was a member of the 
commission on Alaskan boundary appointed 
by Pres. Roosevelt; served two years in the 
Massachusetts House of Representatives; 
was elected to the 50th, 51st, 52d, and 53d 
Congresses; was elected to the United States 
Senate Jan. 17, 1893, to succeed Henry L. 
Dawes; was re-elected in 1899 and 1905 and 
1911. His term will expire March 3, 1917. 


United States Senator. 


United States Senator, Rep. Born at Dal- 
ton, April 23, 1853; was educated at Willis- 
ton Seminary, Easthampton, Mass. Is a pa- 
per manufacturer. Was a delegate-at-large 
to the Republican national conventions of 
1892, 1896, 1904 and 1908; was selected as the 
Massachusetts member of the Republican 
national committee in 1892, 1896, 1904, ! 1908 
(member of advisory committee latter year) 
and 1912; was lieutenant-governor in 1897- 
'98-'99, and governor in 1900-'01-'02; was ap- 
pointed to the United States Senate Oct. 12, 
1904, to fill the vacancy caused by the death 
of Sen. George F. Hoar. He was elected by 
the Legislature in January, 1905, to fill out 
the term which expired March 3, 1907, and 
was reelected for a full term of six years in 
January, 1907. His term will expire March 
3, 1913. 


Secretary United States Navy. 

MEYER, GEORGE von L., Hamilton, Sec- 
retary of the Navy, Rep. Born in Boston, 
June 24, 185S. Harvard 1879, (honorary LL. 
D. 1911). Trustee. Boston common council 
1889-'90, board of aldermen 1891; Massachu- 
setts House of Representatives 1892-1896, 
speaker 1894-'96; Republican national com- 
mitteeman 1898-1904; chairman Massachu- 
setts Paris Exposition managers; am- 
bassador to Italy 1900-'05; ambassador 
to Russia 1905-'07; Postmaster-General 
March 4, 1907, to March 6, 1909, when 
he became Secretary of the Navy. Trustee 
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, Provi- 
dent Institution for Savings, Suffolk Real 
Estate Trust, director Josiah Webb & Co. 

HITCHCOCK, FRANK H., Newton, Post- 
master-General, Rep. Born Amherst, Ohio, 
Oct. 5, J 867; has resided in Massachusetts 
from early boyhood. Graduated from Harvard 
in 1891, studied law and was admitted to the 
bar. Served as assistant secretary cf the 
Republican national committee in campaign 
of 1904 and was first assistant Postmaster- 
General from 1905 to 1908. Elected chairman 
Republican national committee in July, 1908, 
and conducted the campaign which resulted 
in the election of William H. Taft as Pres- 
ident. Was appointed Postmaster-General 
by Pres. Taft, March 5, 1909, when he re- 
signed as chairman of the national commit- 

1 1 

Ambassador to Russia. 


GUILD, CURTIS, Boston, Ambassador to 
Russia. Born in Boston, Feb. 2, 1860; pre- 
pared for college at Chauncy Hall school; 
graduated from Harvard in 1881, class ora- 
tor. Publisher "Boston Commercial Bulle- 
tin." Lieutenant-governor 1903-'04-'05. Gov- 
ernor in 1906-'07-'08. Prominent in politics 
for upwards of twenty years, being heard 
frequently on the stump in state and na- 
tional political campaigns, particularly in 
the Bryan campaigns of 1896 and 1900, and 
accompanied Pres. Roosevelt on his speak- 
ing tour of the West in the latter year; 
chairman Republican state convention 1895; 
vice-president Republican national conven- 
tion 1896; president Republican Club of Mas- 
sachusetts 1901-'02; chairman on Massachu- 
setts day at the Atlanta and Nashville ex- 
positions. Adjutant 6th Massachusetts Regi- 
ment, M. V. M.: brigadier-general on staff 
of Gov. Wolcott; Spanish War veteran, be- 
ing commissioned as lieutenant, 6th Massa- 
chusetts Volunteers; promoted to be inspec- 
tor-general of 7th Army Corps with rank of 
lieutenant-colonel, and later inspector gen- 
eral of the department of Havana, where he 
achieved success in solving the sanitation 
problem, and won high commendation as 
well as the offer of higher positions from 
Pres. McKinley. Member Boston Chamber 
of Commerce. Masons, 32d degree. Ambas- 
sador of U. S. to Mexico Centennial 1910; 
appointed Ambassador to Russia by Pres. 
Taft in 1911. 


Ambassador to Japan. 


ANDERSON, LARZ, Brookline, Ambassa- 
dor to Japan. Born Paris, August 18, 1866; 
educated at Phillips Academy, Exeter, N. H., 
and at Harvard, from which he graduated 
in 1888. After two years of foreign travel he 
entered Harvard Law school but left at end 
of first year to accept post of second secre- 
tary of the legation at London, serving un- 
der Minister Robert Lincoln and Ambassa- 
dor Thomas F. Bayard. In 1894 he was ap- 
pointed first secretary of the embassy at 
Rome under Wayne MacVeagh and remained 
under Gen. William P. Draper. Appointed 
Minister to Belgium by Pres. Taft in 1911 
and appointed Ambassador to Japan in De- 
cember, 1912. Volunteered for service in 
Spanish War and appointed assistant adju- 
tant-general with rank of captain. Member 
of the Society of the Cincinnati, Order of 
the Loyal Legion and Order of the Spanish 


CURLEY, JAMES M., Member Congress, 
12th district, Dem., Boston. Born there, Nov. 
20, 1876; public schools. Real estate and 
insurance. Boston common council 1900-'01, 
Massachusetts House of Representatives '02- 
'03, board of aldermen 1904-'05-'06-'07-'08-'09, 
city council 'lO-'ll. Elected to 62d and 63d 


Congress, 8th district, Dem., Cambridge. Bern 
New Brighton, Pa., April 8, 1875; public 
schools, Geneva college 1895, Harvard Law 
school '98. Lawyer. A. P. A. M., I. 0. O. P. 
Massachusetts House of Representatives 
1903-'04-'05, committee on cities. Elected to 
63d Congress. 


gress, 6th district, Rep., Hamilton. Born in 
Boston, Nov. 5, 1865; Harvard College 1886, 
degree of A.B. Served as captain and assist- 
ant adjutant-general on the staff of Gen. 
James H. Wilson during the Spanish-Ameri- 
can War. Massachusetts Senate two years; 
elected to the 57th Congress to fill the va- 
cancy caused by the retirement of Hon. Wil- 
liam H. Moody to become Secretary of the 
Navy, and to the 58th, 59th, 60th, 61st, 62d 
and 63d Congresses. 


gress, 2d district, Rep., Springfield. Born 
Westfield, October 16, 1851; Amherst College, 
1874, Harvard Law School 1877. Lawyer. 
Assistant Attorney General of Massachusetts 
from 1879 to 1882; Massachusetts House of 
Representatives 1890 and 1891; elected to 
53d, 54th, 55th, 56th, 57th, 58th, 59th, 60th, 
61st, 62d and 63d Congresses. 


GILMORE, EDWARD, Member Congress, 
14th district, Dem., Brockton. Born there, 
Jan. 4, 1867 ; public schools. Grocer and pro- 
vision dealer. A. O. H., K. C, M. C. O. F. 
Alderman five years, Democratic state cen- 
tral committee eight years; Massachusetts 
House of Representatives 1907-'08, committee 
on roads and bridges. Elected to 63d Con- 


GREENE, WILLIAM S., Member Congress, 
15th district, Rep., Pall River. Born Tre- 
mont, Tazewell County, 111., April 28, 1841; 
public schools. Real estate and insurance 
business. Common council four years, presi- 
dent three years; mayor of Fall River 1880, 
1886, 1895, 1896 and 1897; appointed post- 
master 1881; reappointed postmaster 1898; 
resigned and was elected to the 55th Con- 
gress to fill out the unexpired term of Hon. 
John Simpkins, deceased; also elected to 
56th, 57th, 58th, 59th, 60th, 61st, 62d and 63d 
Congresses. • 91 

MURRAY, WILLIAM F., Member Con- 
gress, 10th district, Dem., Boston. Born 
there, Sept. 7, 1881; public schools, Harvard 
1904, Harvard Law school. Lawyer. Bcston 
common council 1904-'05, Massachusetts 
House of Representatives 1907-'08, Execu- 
tive Council 1910. Elected to 62d and 63d 


PETERS, ANDREW J., Member Congress, 
11th district, Dem., Boston. Born there, 
April 3, 1872; Harvard College 1895, Harvard 
Law School 1898. Lawyer. Massachusetts 
House of Representatives 1902, state Senate 
1904 and 1905. Elected to 60th, 61st, 62d and 
63d Congresses. 

PHELAN, MICHAEL F., Member Con- 
gress, 7th district, Dem., Lynn. Born there 
Oct. 22, 1875; public schools, Harvard college 
1S97, Harvard Law school 1900. Lawyer. 
Massachusetts House of Representatives 
1905-'06, committee on public health (clerk), 
the judiciary. Elected to the 63d Congress. 


ROBERTS, ERNEST W., Member Con- 
gress, 9th district, Rep., Chelsea. Born East 
Madison, Me., Nov. 22, 1858; public schools, 
Highland Military Academy, Boston Uni- 
versity Law School. Lawyer. City council 
of Chelsea 1887-'88, Massachusetts House of 
Representatives 1894-'95-'96, Massachusetts 
state Senate 1897 and 1898; elected to the 
56th, 57th, 58th, 59th, 60th, 61st, 62d and 63d 


gress, 5th district. Rep., Lowell. Born there; 
August 18, 1881. Harvard college (A. B., A. 
M.), Harvard Law school (L.L. B.). Lawyer. 
Lowell common council, school committee. 
Elected to 63d Congress. 


gress, 16th district, Dem., Yarmouth. Born 
there July 20, 1858; Adams academy, Har- 
vard college 1882. Wool business; director 
Commonwealth Trust Co. Boston Athletic 
assoc., Democratic club of Massachusetts, 
Grange, Barnstable Agricultural society 
(pres.). Elected to 63d Congress. 


TREADWAY, ALLEN T., Member Con- 
gress, 1st district, Rep., Stockbridge. Born 
there Sept. 16, 1867; public schools, Amherst 
college 1886. Hotel proprietor. A. F. A. M., 
33d degree (past grand warden, past deputy 
grand master 15th dist.). Massachusetts 
House of Representatives 1904, committee 
on ways and means; Senate WOS-'f^-'lO-'ll, 
committees on labor, agriculture, bills in 3d 
reading, taxation (ch.), president of Senate 
in 1909-'10-'ll. Elected to 63d Congress. 


WEEKS, JOHN W., Member Congress, 
13th district, Rep., Newton. Born Lancaster, 
N. H., April 11, 1860; United States Naval 
Academy 1881. Banker and broker. Mid- 
shipman United States Navy 1881-'83; Mass- 
achusetts Naval Brigade ten years, six 
years as commanding officer; member Gov. 
Wolcott's military advisory board during 
Spanish-American war. Alderman three 
years and mayor two years, city of Newton; 
member national monetary commission; 
member finance committee of Republican 
national committee, 1908; elected to 59th. 
60th, 61st, 62d and 63d Congresses. 


WILDER, WILLIAM H., Member Con- 
gress, 3d district, Rep., Gardner. Born Bel- 
fast, Me., May 14, 1855; public schools. Man- 
ufacturer (Wilder Industries, Inc.); lawyer. 
Elected to 62d and 63d Congresses. 


WINSLOW, SAMUEL E., Member Con- 
gress, 4th district, Rep., Worcester. Born 
there April 11, 1862; public schools, Willis- 
ton seminary, Harvard college 1885. Skate 
manufacturer. Republican city committee, 
Republican state committee (ch. 1893). 
Elected to 63d Congress. 



Governor of Massachusetts. 


FOSS, EUGENE N., Dem., Boston. Born 
West Berkshire, Vt, Sept. 24, 1858; educated 
in public schools and for two years at 
University of Vermont which gave him de- 
gree of A. B. in 1901. Entered employ of B. 
P. Sturtevant Co. in 1882 and in 1890 be- 
came treasurer and general manager of com- 
pany. Also president Becker Milling Ma- 
chine Co., Mead-Morrison Mfg. Co., Burgess 
Mills and Maverick Mills; director Brooklyn 
Heights R. R. Co., Brooklyn Rapid Transit 
Co., Robert B. Brigham Hospital corpora- 
tion, vice-pres. Massachusetts Real Estate 
Exchange. Republican candidate for Con- 
gress in 11th district in 1902 and 1904 and 
defeated both times by John A. Sullivan, 
Democrat. Defeated in 1904 as a candidate 
for delegate-at-large to Republican national 
convention. Nominated by Democrats for 
lieutenant-governor in 1909 and defeated by 
Louis A. Frothingham, Republican. Elected 
to 61st Congress to fill vacancy from 14th dis- 
trict in March, 1910. Elected Governor in 
November, 1910, and reelected in 1911 and 
1912, receiving 193,184 votes to 143,597 for 
Joseph Walker, Rep.; 122,602 for Charles S. 
Bird, Prog.; 11,493 for Roland D. Sawyer, 
Socialist; 2702 for Frank N. Rand, Prohibi- 
tionist, and 2212 for Patrick Mulligan, So- 
cialist Labor. Member of N. E. Cotton Man- 
ufacturers' assoc., N. E. Shoe and Leather 
assoc., National Assoc. of Manufacturers, Al- 
gonquin, Boston Art and Exchange clubs and 
Democratic club of Massachusetts (vice- 
pres.). 35 

Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts. 

WALSH, DAVID L, Dem., Fitchburg. 
Born in Leominster, Nov. 11, 1872; Clinton 
High school 1890, Holy Cross college 1894, 
Boston University Law school 1897; presi- 
dent and valedictorian of his class at high 
school, president and orator of his class at 
college, president and valedictorian of his 
class at law school. Lawyer; member of 
firm of Walsh & Walsh of Fitchburg and 
Clinton. Elected to House of 1900 and 1901 
from the Clinton district and served on the 
committees on bills in 3d reading and met- 
ropolitan affairs in both years. In the fall 
of 1901 he was defeated for the Senate by 
547 votes in a strong Republican district. In 
1911 he was unanimously nominated by the 
Democrats for lieutenant-governor and was 
defeated at the election by only 4151 votes. 
Renominated in 1912 and elected, receiving 
189,719 votes to 156,098 for Robert Luce, 
Rep.; 96,168 for Daniel Cosgrove, Prog.; 12,- 
944 for Robert B. Martin, Socialist; 4575 for 
Alfred H. Evans, Prohibitionist and 2020 
for Dennis McGoff, Socialist Labor. Was a 
delegate-at-large to the Democratic national 
convention of 1912 and a member of the com- 
mittee and sub-committee on platform of 
that body. He is a member of the Elks, 
Knights of Columbus and Democratic club 
of Massachusetts (vice-pres.). 


DONAHUE, FRANK J., Secretary of the 
Commonwealth, Dem., Boston. Born Need- 
ham, August 2, 1881; public schools. Editor. 
B. P. O. E., K. of C, A. O. U. W., S. of V., 
Democratic club of Massachusetts (pres.), 
Dorchester club, Colonial club, Ward 20 
Democratic club (honorary vice-pres.). Park 
commissioner of Needham 1903-'04-'05 ; chair- 
man Democratic town committee 1903-'04-'05- 
'06-'07; delegate-at-large to Democratic na- 
tional convention of 1912 and secretary of 
the committee on credentials of that body. 
Elects secretary of the Commonwealth 
Nov. 5, 1912. 


STEVENS, ELMER A., Treasurer and Re- 
ceiver General, Rep., Somerville. Born An- 
son, Me., Jan. 15, 1862; public schools. Pro- 
vision dealer. House, 1896-'04-'05, commit- 
tee on cities, elections, public service (ch.) ; 
Senate, 1906-'07-'08-'09, metropolitan affairs, 
prisons (ch.), public service (ch.), ways and 
means (ch.), const, amendments, parishes 
and religious societies, fish and game, pub- 
lic charities, cities; elected State Treasurer 
by Legislature of 1909 to fill vacancy; 
elected in November, 1909, for full term an:! 
re-elected in 1910, 1911 and 1912. 


WHITE, JOHN E., Auditor, Rep., Tisbury. 
Born Lawrence, Dec. 13, 1873; public schools. 
Banker, president Martha's Vineyard Na- 
tional Bank. Masons. Selectman of Edgar- 
town 5 years (ch. 1 yr.) ; House 1905, com- 
mittee on ways and means; Senate '10-'ll, 
committees on libraries (ch.), banks and 
banking, ways and means, special on South- 
bridge Savings Bank (ch.), mercantile af- 
fairs (ch.) ; elected Auditor of the Common- 
wealth by the Legislature to fill vacancy, 
July 6, 1911, elected for full term at State 
election, 1911, and re-elected in 1912. 


SWIFT, JAMES M., Attorney-General, 
Rep., Fall River. Born Ithaca, Mich., Nov. 
3, 1872; public schools of Fall River, Michi- 
ban State Normal School, University of 
Michigan, Harvard Law School. Lawyer. 
A. F. A. M., R. A. C., K. T., Elks, K. P. 
(P. C), Harvard Club of N. Y., B. A. A., 
Harvard Law School Asso., Assistant Dis- 
trict Attorney, Southern District, 1899-'00- 
'01-02; District Attorney, Dec. 1, 1902, to '11. 
Elected Attorney-General, 1910, and re- 
elected in 1911 and 1912. 


COLLINS, EDWARD D., Executive Coun- 
cil, 3d district, Dem., Boston. Born there 
1878; public schools, Unive slty of Notre 
Dame. Lawyer. K. C, Elks, Heptasophs, 
City Point Catholic association. House 1908- 
'10, committees on constitutional amend- 
ments, banks and banking. Elected to Ex- 
ecutive Council by Legislature to fill vacancy, 
Jan. 23, 1912; committees on pardons, 
finance, nominations. 


DENNY, DANIEL E., Executive Council, 
7th district, Rep., Worcester. Born there 
July 14, 1845; Worcester Academy. Real 
estate and insurance. Knights Templar, 
Knights of Pythias, G. A. R. Common coun- 
cil two years (pres. one year). House 1906- 
'07-'08-'09, committees on cities, military 
affairs (ch.); Senate '10-'11-'12, committees 
on military affairs (ch.) cities, insurance, 
public service. 

Council, 5th district, Rep., Haverhill. Born 
Gloucester; public schools. Care of estates. 
Massachusetts, Essex and Middlesex clubs. 
Chairman Republican city committee 6 
years; House 1885-'86, committee on public 
health (ch) ; Senate 1894-'95, state house 
(ch.), water supply, taxation, constitutional 
amendments, redisricting (special), public 
health (ch.); executive council 1912, commit- 
tees on harbors and lands and railroads, 
military and naval affairs, state house. 


G0ETT1NG, AUGUST H., Executive Coun- 
cil, 8th district, Rep., Springfield. Born New 
York. Wholesale music. Massachusetts 
Club, Middlesex Club, assistant quartermas- 
ter-general staff of Gov. Brackett, assistant 
adjutant-general staff of Gov. Greenhalge. 
Delegate from New York to Republican na- 
tional convention 1880, Republican state 
committee (chairman 1897 to 1902, inclu- 
sive) ; executive council 1908 (to fill va- 
cancy) - , 09-'10-'ll- , 12, committees on harbors 
and public lands and railroads, military and 
naval affairs, state house, pardons, nomina- 


HAM, GUY A., Executive Council, 2d dis- 
trict, Rep., Boston. Born Boston, July 8, 
1878; Boston Latin school, Dartmouth col- 
lege 1900, Harvard Law school 1903. Law- 
yer; pres. Stoughton Trust Co., vice-pres. 
Dorchester Trust Co., director Boulevard 
Trust Co., Attleboro Trust Co., Medford 
Trust Co., N. E. Casualty Co., Mass. Fire & 
Marine Ins. Co., Republican Club of Mass., 
Young Men's Republican club of Dorchester, 
S. of V., S. A. R., A. F. A. M., K. T., M. S. 
House 1903-'04, committees on revision of 
corporation laws, bills 3d reading (ch.), rail- 
roads (clerk) ; Asst. U. S. District Attorney 
1904 to 1908; Delegate Republican national 
convention 1912. 4g 

KEITH, EBEN S. S., Executive Council, 
1st district, Rep., Bourne. Born there Oct. 
24, 1872; public schools. Car manufacturer. 
Masons, K. P. Senate 1907- , 08- , 09, counties 
(chairman), election laws, libraries, public 
health, insurance (chairman), military af- 
fairs, ways and means; delegate Republican 
national convention 1908; executive council 
1912, committees on pardons, harbors and 
lands and railroads, state house. 


McGregor, Alexander, Executive 

Council, 4th district, Rep., Maiden. Born 
Ontario, April 9, 1866; public schools. Treas- 
urer Houghton & Dutton Co., director Bea- 
con Trust Co., Scots Charitable Society 
(president 1907-'08). Trustee Soldier's Home. 
Executive council 1912, committees on finan- 
cial, military and naval affairs, state house. 


Council, 6th district, Rep., Newton. Born 
Sullivan, Me.; public schools. Pres. Simp- 
son Bros., Inc., concrete paving; vice-pres. 
Newton Savings bank, director Newton Trust 
Co., Newton Co-operative bank, trustee Bos- 
ton Suburban Electric Cos. G. A. R., New- 
ton, Hunnewell, Unitarian and Katahdin 
clubs, Chamber of Commerce. 


PEDRICK, THOMAS P., Sergeant-at-Arms, 
Rep., Lynn. Born Marblehead, Feb. 20, 
1846; public schools. Shoe business. I. O. 
O. F., K. of H. Lynn Rep. city committee 
20 years (chairman 2 years); assistant as- 
sessor 5 years, clerk of board 17 years, 
special county commissioner 3 years. House 
messenger 1884 to 1901, assistant door- 
keeper '01-'04, doorkeeper '04-'10; elected 
sergeant-at-arms in January, 1910, and re- 
elected in 1911-'12-'13. 





GREENWOOD, LEVI H., 3d Worcester, 
Rep., Gardner. Born there Dec. 22, 1872; 
public schools and St. Paul's School, Con- 
cord, N. H., 2 years at Harvard, class of 
1896. Publisher. President Gardner News 
Co., director Heywood Bros, and Wakefield 
Co., First National Bank, trustee Gardner 
Savings Bank. Senate 1909-'10-'ll, commit- 
tees on banks and banking (ch.), street rail- 
ways, taxation (ch.), railroads, special on 
Southbridge Savings Bank; ways and meani 
(ch.), state house (ch.), rules; elected presi- 
dent of Senate of 1912; re-elected in 1913. 


ALLEN, CLAUDE L., 4th Middlesex, Rep., 
Melrose. Born South Thomaston, Me., Jan. 
11, 1878; Boston public schools, Boston Uni- 
versity Law School, 1900. Lawyer. Masons, 
R. A. C, K. T., Shrine, Melrose and Boston 
City clubs, Middlesex and Massachusetts 
Bar associations, Melrose Y. M. C. A., Sons 
and Daughters of Maine, Maiden Historical 
Society, Middlesex club, Melrose board of 
aldermen 1906; city solicitor, 1906 to 1912; 
Senate '12, const, amendments (ch.), judi- 
ciary, metropolitan affairs. 

'13, judiciary, metropolitan affairs (ch.), 
rules. 54 

BAGLEY, EDWARD C. R., 1st Suffolk, 
Rep., Boston. Born there July 22, 1875; pub- 
lic schools. Wholesale clothing business 
since 1891. Rep. club of Ward 1, A. F. A. M., 
I. O. O. F., Encampment, Hooker Assoc., of 
Mass., East Boston Improvement assoc., B. 
P. O. E., N. E. O. P., Republican club of 
Mass., Winthrop Republican club, Common 
council 1906-'07-'08-'09; Republican candi- 
date for presidency in '08; House , 11- , 12, 
committees on taxation, mercantile affairs. 

Senate '13, harbors and lands, mercantile 
affairs (ch.), roads and bridges. 


BAZELEY, WILLIAM A. L., 4th Worces- 
ter, Rep., Uxbridge. Born England 1872; 
public schools New Hampshire. Real estate, 
treasurer New England Conservatory of Mu- 
sic. Republican town committee, trustee 
public library, trustee Thayer School Funds. 
Pres. Blackstone Valley Agricultural Society, 
M. V. M., ten years, alternate to Republican 
national convention '12. House , 09-'12, com- 
mittees on ways and means, railroads. 

Senate '13, social welfare (ch.), railroads, 


BELLAMY, WILLIAM A.. 1st Bristol. Rep., 
Taunton. Born Sheffield, Eng., Sept. 16, 
1879: public schools, B. Y. M. C. A. evening 
law school. Lawyer. I. 0. 0. F. (member 
grand lodge), Elks. Common council 1905-'06, 
board of sewer commissioners '07; House '10- 
'11-'12, committees on education, bills in 3d 
reading, cities. 

Senate '13, cities, harbors and land (ch.). 
state house (ch.). 


sex, Rep., Somerville. Born Cambridge, Feb. 
2, 1866; public schools, commercial college. 
Financial manager. Masons, I. O. O. F., K. 
P., Legion of Honor. House 1906-'07-'08-'09, 
committees on printing, rules (clerk), pub- 
lic lighting (clerk), taxation, recess commit- 
tee on taxation '06, taxation commission '07, 
public charitable institutions (ch.) ; Senate 
'10-'11-'12, prisons (ch.), water supply, rail- 
roads (ch.), public lighting, rules, congres- 
sional redistricting (special, ch.), street rail- 
ways (ch.), Western Mass. trolleys (sp.). 

'13, rules, public lighting, street railways 


BRENNAN, JAMES H., 2d Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there Dec. 21, 1888; public 
schools. Clerk Federal Trust Co. K. C, 
Irish National Foresters, St. Mary's Catholic 
Assoc. House '11-'12, committee on banks 
and banking. 

Senate '13, engrossed bills, insurance, mu- 
nicipal finance. 


CHASE, A. PRESTON, 2d Essex, Rep., 
Danvers. Born Danvers, Jan. 25, 1866; public 
schools, B. U. law school. Lawyer. Masons, 
R. A. C, K. T., major subsistence depart- 
ment, M. V. M. Town treasurer since 1905, 
chairman Republican town committee; 
House 1909-'10, committees on military af- 
fairs, election laws. 

Senate '13, election laws (ch.), labor, rail- 


CLARK, EZRA W., 2d Plymouth, Rep., 
Brockton. Born Glover, Vt, Oct. 12, 1842; 
public schools, O. L. Institute, Newbury 
Seminary, Jefferson Medical College 1870. 
Physician. Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows. 
House 1905-'06-'07, committees on election 
laws, counties, printing, constitutional 
amendments, public service (ch.). Senate 
'12, education (ch.), liquor law, public char- 
itable institutions. 

'13, education, liquor law, public health 


COOLIDGE, CALVIN, Berkshire, Hamp- 
shire, Hampden; Rep., Northampton. Born 
Plymouth, Vt, July 4, 1872; St. Johnsbury 
Academy, Amherst 1895. Lawyer. City 
council 1899; city solicitor 1900-'01; clerk of 
courts 1903; Republican city committee 1904; 
House 1907-'08, committees on constitutional 
amendments, mercantile affairs, judiciary, 
banks and banking; Mayor 1910-'ll; Senate 
'12, agriculture (ch.), cities, legal affairs 
(ch.), Western Mass. trolleys (special, ch.). 

'13, municipal finance, railroads (ch.), 
rules. 62 

DRAPER, HENRY J., 8th Middlesex, Dem., 
Lowell. Born there, March 4, 1859; public 
schools. Car painter. S. of V., (P. C), F. of 
A. (C. R.), Knights of Sherwood, Owls, 
Moose, Buffalo, Div. 551 Street Railway Un- 
ion (past pres.), Mathew Temperance Insti- 
tute. Common council 1889; House 1898, 
committee on counties. 

Senate '13, public institutions, taxation, 
bills 3d reading. 


ELDRIDGE, EDRIC, Cape, Rep., Yar- 
mouth. Born there, Sept. 12, 1849; public 
schools. Wholesale grocer. Republican 
Club of Mass. Masons, R. A. C, K. T., M. 
S., Boston Wholesale Grocers' Association 
(executive board, pres. 1901-'02), Mass. Board 
of Trade (vice-pres.), Wholesale Grocers of 
New England (trustee), Society of May- 
flower Descendants, Society of Colonial 
Wars, Sons of American Revolution, Na- 
tional Geographic Society. Senate '12, mer- 
cantile affairs, roads and bridges (ch.),ways 
and means, congressional redistricting (sp.) 

'13, banks and banking, federal relations, 
ways and means (ch.). 


FAY, WILSON B., 6th Middlesex, Rep., 
Medford. Born Hyde Park, Oct. 3, 1865; 
public schools. Accountant. Republican 
Club of Mass.; Horticultural society, Mid- 
dlesex, Medford, Neighborhood, Medford 
Boat Clubs, Medford Historical society. 
Rep. state committee 1908-'09- , 10- , ll-'12, 
Rep. city committee (ch. '01 to '06), 8th 
Cong, district committee (treas. since '01), 
alternate national convention '08-'12. Med- 
ford park commission (chairman). House 
'10- , 11-'12, committees on ways and means, 
counties (ch.). 

Senate '13, banks and banking (ch.), fish 
and game (ch.), ways and means. 


FISHER, EDWARD, 7th Middlesex, Dem., 
Westford. Born there Aug. 22, 1874; West- 
ford academy, Boston University Law school. 
Lawyer. Spalding Light Cavalry assoc. 
(sec), Middlesex town and city clerks' assoc. 
(former sec). Town clerk since 1902. House 
'11-'12, committees on judiciary, bills 3rd 

Senate '13, agriculture, ways and means, 


Dem., Boston. Born there, July 12, 1882; 
public schools, Dorchester high. Real es- 
tate. K. of C, M. C. O. F., Dorchester club, 
Dorchester Catholic club, Dorchester Im- 
provement assoc., Dorchester Real Estate 
Brokers' assoc. 

Senate '13, insurance, roads and bridges, 
state house. 


GARST, JULIUS, 1st Worcester, Rep., Wor- 
cester. Born Dayton, O., Dec. 12, 1855; Uni- 
versity of Illinois, University of Michigan 
(M. D., 1878). Physician; manufacturer of 
proprietary medicine. American Political 
Science assoc., American Economic assoc., 
American Sociological society, National Mu- 
nicipal league, Worcester Economic club, 
board of trade. House 1903-'04, committees 
on printing (clerk), taxation, election laws. 

Senate '13, election laws, engrossed bills 
(ch.), public service (ch.). 


GORDON, GURDON W., 1st Hampden, 
Rep., Springfield. Born Sheffield, Nov. 26, 
1871; Great Barrington high school, Wil- 
liams college 1897, Boston University Law 
school 1900. Lawyer. Springfield board of 
health 7 yrs. House '12, committee on street 

Senate '13, public lighting (ch.), street 
railways, ways and means. 


HALLEY, DENNIS E., 5th Essex, Dem., 
Lawrence. Born Natick, May 26, 1863; pub- 
lic schools. Cigar Manufacturer. Common 
council 2 years. House 1892-'93, committees 
on liquor law, printing; Senate 1908-'11-'12, 
committees on parishes and religious socie- 
ties, public lighting, state house, water sup- 
ply, const, amendments, insurance. 

'13, cities, education, public service. 


HERSEY, FREDERIC M., 1st Plymouth, 
Rep., Hingham. Born there Jan. 8, 1853; 
public schools. Civil engineer. Knights of 
Honor (grand dictator of Mass. 1896), trus- 
tee Hingham Institution for Savings, direc- 
tor Hingham Co-operative Bank, director 
Hingham Mutual Fire Insurance Co., trustee 
Hingham public library; school committee 
1882 to 1908 (ch. 7 years), Hingham munici- 
pal light board (ch. since 1894). House 
1900-'01, committee on mercantile affairs 
(ch.) ; Senate '12, engrossed bills (ch.), har- 
bors and lands, public lighting, water supply 
(ch.), municipal indebtedness (sp.). 

'13, municipal finance (ch.), towns, water 
supply (ch.). 71 

HICKEY, WILLIAM P., 6th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there Nov. 17, 1871; public 
schools. Real estate, former superintendent 
L street bath. Warren club, Elks, S. B. A. 
A., N. E. O. P., A. O. H. Common council 
1896-'97-'98; House 1909-'10-'11-'12, commit- 
tees on federal relations, counties, taxation. 

Senate '13, banks and banking, state 
house, bills 3d reading. 


HILTON, FREDERIC H., 1st Middlesex, 
Rep., Framingham. Born there Febru- 
ary 12, 1882; public schools, Boston Uni- 
versity Law School. Lawyer. Masons, R. A. 
C, Knight Templar, Shriner, A. O. U. W., 
Country Club, director South Framingham 
Co-operative Bank. House 1908-'09, commit- 
tee on legal affairs (clerk), towns (ch.). 

Senate '13, legal affairs (ch.), street rail- 
ways, water supply. 


^ 1 

HOBBS, CLARENCE W., Jr., 2d Worces- 
ter, Rep., Worcester. Born Woodfords, Me., 
Oct. 1, 1878; public schools, Worcester high, 
Harvard 1902, Harvard Law '04. Lawyer. 
Worcester County Republican, Economic, 
Commonwealth clubs, board of trade, Wor- 
cester Continentals, Republican city com- 
mittee '08, common council '09; House '10- 
'11-'12, committees on legal affairs (clerk), 
engrossed bills, judiciary (clerk), elections 
(ch.), commission on voluntary assoc. (sp.) 

Senate '13, cities (ch.), fish and game, ju- 
diciary. 74 

HORGAN, FRANCIS J., 9th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there, July 2, 1869; public 
schools, Boston College, Boston University 
Law School. Lawyer. A. O. U. W., R. A., K. 
C, M. C. O. P., C. O. F., Massachusetts Real 
Estate Exchange, Boston Press Club, 
Jamaica Plain Co-operative Association, 
Park Co-operative Society. Common council 
1896-'97; House 1898-1900-'01, committees on 
probate and insolvency, elections, railroads; 
principal assessor of Boston 1906-'07. Senate 
'12, engrossed bills, roads and bridges, state 

'13, cities, federal relations, legal affairs. 


Rep., Nahant. Born there December 9, 1876; 
public schools, Bryant & Stratton Business 
College. Town treasurer. Fr. Mathew Tem- 
perance Society, K. P., Twentieth Century 
club of Lynn, Maolis club. House 1906- 
, 07-'08, committee on banks and banking, 

Senate '13, mercantile affairs, public ser- 
vice, roads and bridges (ch.). 


JOYCE, THOMAS M., 4th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there Dec. 8, 1880; public 
schools. Clerk. Heptasophs, Concord and 
Sheridan Clubs. Common council 1905-'06- 
, 07- , 08-'09. Senate '12, banks and banking, 
bills 3rd reading, counties. 

'13, counties, election laws, metropolitan 


MACK, JOHN H. Berkshire, Dem., North 
Adams. Born there 1868; public schools, 
Boston University Law School. Lawyer. K. 
C, F. of A., A. O. U. W. Democratic candi- 
date for lieutenant-governor in 1899. Sen- 
ate , 11-'12, fisheries and game, legal affairs, 
military affairs, state house, street railways. 

'13, judiciary, street railways, towns. 


MCCARTHY CHARLES F., 5th Middlesex, 
Dem., Marlboro. Born there Aug. 15, 1876; 
public schools. Newspaper reporter. Demo- 
cratic club of Mass., K. of C, A. O. H., Span- 
ish War Veterans, Sons of Veterans, Pas- 
time Boat Club. House 1908- , 09- , 10-'ll, com- 
mittees on public service (clerk), military 
affairs (clerk), mercantile affairs, judiciary. 
Senate '12, insurance, military affairs, 

'13, military affairs, public health, social 


McDEVITT, JOHN J., 1st Norfolk, Dem., 
Quincy. Born there, June 13, 1877; public 
schools, Boston college. Granite salesman. 
K. of C, Moose, Quincy A. A., Bryant A. C, 
West End club; City council 1909-'10. 

Senate '13, counties, harbors and lands, 
liquor law. 


McGONAGLE, PHILIP J., 3d Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there October 21, 1871; public 
and parochial schools. Roofer. Knights of 
Columbus. Jefferson club, Roofers' Protective 
Union. Common Council five years; House 
1907-'08-'09, committees on parishes and re- 
ligious societies, state house. 

Senate '13, const, amendments, engrossed 
bills, mercantile affairs. 


McLANE, WALTER E., 2d Bristol, Rep., 
Pall River. Born Taunton, Dec. 30, 1863; 
public schools. Cotton business. Elks, Ma- 
sons. Alderman-at-large 4 years; Senate '12, 
bills 3rd reading, fisheries and game, liquor 
law (ch.). 

'13, federal relations (ch.), liquor law 
(ch.), taxation. 


MONTAGUE, DAVID t., 5th Suffolk, Rep., 
Boston. Born Bridgewater, Vt., April 2, 
1864; Goddard seminary, Tufts college, B. U. 
law school. Lawyer. Masons 32d degree, K. 
T., Elks, B. A. A., Middlesex, Economic clubs, 
Vt. Assoc. of Boston, Bostonian society. 
Ward committee (ch.), Rep. city committee 
(pres. '09) ; common council 1905-'06-'07, 
register of probate '07; House 1909-'10-'ll, 
committees on banks and banking (clerk), 
insurance, cities (ch.), elections (clerk). 

Senate '13, insurance (ch.), legal affairs, 
public lighting. 


Rep., Hamilton. Born there Aug. 21, 1880; 
public schools, Harvard, Harvard law school 
'05. Lawyer; vice-pres. First National bank 
of Ipswich. Essex county Rep. club, Old 
Town Country club, Salem club, Harvard 
clubs of Boston and Newburyport. Special 
justice 3d district court of Essex, selectman 
1908-'09-'10. House '11V12, committee on 
judiciary, fisheries and game, water supply. 

Senate '13, counties (ch.), judiciary, mili- 
tary affairs (ch.), public health. 


QUIGLEY, FRANCIS X., 2d Hampden, 
Dem., Holyoke. Born there Nov. 20, 1882; 
public schools. Newspaper reporter. Holy- 
oke Philo Celtic Club. House 1908-'09-'10, 
committees on cities (clerk), taxation 
(clerk) ; Senate '11-'12, public service, public 
charitable institutions, congressional redis- 
ricting (special), labor. 

'13, fish and game, labor, water supply. 


ROSS, SAMUEL, 3d Bristol, Rep., New 
Bedford. Born Cheshire, England, Feb. 2, 
1865; public schools. Cotton mule spinner. 
Ex-pres. National Spinners' Association. 
House 1892 to '99, committees on labor (ch.), 
state house, libraries; House 1902 to '08, 
labor (ch.), constitutional amendments, re- 
cess committee on Sunday laws '06, recess 
committee on labor '07; Senate '09-'10-'ll-'12, 
labor (ch.), libraries, printing, public health, 
prisons, ways and means, mercantile affairs. 

'13, education (ch.), labor (ch.), social 


STEARNS, HARRY N., 2d Middlesex, 
Rep., Cambridge. Born there Oct. 5, 1874; 
public schools, Harvard (college and law 
school). Lawyer. Rep. city committee, com- 
mon council three years (ch. one year); 
House 1907-'08-'09, committees on rules, cities 
(ch.); Senate '11-'12, election laws (ch.), ju- 
diciary, metropolitan affairs, rules. 

'13, judiciary (ch.), metropolitan affairs, 
military affairs. 



TIMILTY, JAMES P., 7th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there March 29, 1865; public 
schools. Contractor. Ward 18 Dem. club 
(pres.), Pavers' Union (pres.); State, City 
and Town Employees (pres.); F. O. E., A. 
O. U. W. Board of aldermen 1908-'09; Sen- 
ate '11- , 12, committees on drainage, mercan- 
tile affairs, roads and bridges, public light- 

'13, mercantile affairs, rules, public light- 


WARD, CHARLES E., Franklin-Hamp- 
shire, Rep., Buckland. Born there, Oct. 17, 
1849; public schools, Powers institute. 
Miller, lumber, flour and grain. I. O. O. F., 
Selectman, school committee, state board of 
agriculture; House 1902-'03-'04-'05-'06, com- 
mittees on agriculture, counties (ch), edu- 
cation, federal relations (ch.), ways and 
means (ch.), rules. 

Senate '13, agriculture (ch.), const, amend- 
ments, ways and means. 


WELLS, HENRY G., 4th Essex, Rep., Ha- 
verhill. Born Bridgeport, Conn., Oct. 12, 
1879; public schools, Tilton (N. H.) sem- 
inary, Wesleyan university, Harvard Law 
school. Lawyer. Common council; House 
, 10-'11-'12, committees on insurance (ch.), 
election laws, congressional redistricting 

Senate '13, const, amendments (ch.), in- 
surance, legal affairs, public institutions. 


Hampden, Rep., Hubbardston. Born Lex- 
ington, Sept. 4, 1848; public schools. Mer- 
chant. A. F. A. M., A. O. U. W. House 1894, 
committees on finance, expenditures: House 
11, public charitable institutions; Senate '12, 
agriculture, public charitable institutions 
(ch.), towns. 

13, agriculture, public institutions (ch.), 
towns (ch.). 


WILLIAMS, LOMBARD, 2d Norfolk, Rep., 
Dedham. Born Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1874; 
Harvard 1897. Bond broker. Medford city 
council 1900-'01 (pres. '01), House 1902-03, 
committees on revision of corporation laws 
(clerk), state house (ch.), metropolitan af- 
fairs; Massachusetts commission on Pan- 
American exposition (vice-pres.). 

Senate '13, metropolitan affairs, taxation 
(ch.), bills 3d reading (ch.). 





CUSHING, GRAFTON D., 11th Suffolk, 
Rep., Boston. Born there, August 4, 1864; 
received preparatory education at Noble's 
school, graduated from Harvard college in 
1885 and from Harvard law school in 1888. 
Taught at Groton for several years, but of 
late years has devoted himself to the profes- 
sion of law. Served for six years on the 
Boston school board and was president of 
that body for two years. Served as presi- 
dent of the Republican Club of Massachu- 
sett in 1905 and 1906, as treasurer of the 
Republican city committee of Boston since 
January, 1909; is president of the Lincoln 
Club of Boston, president of the Massachu- 
setts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to 
Children, chairman of the Massachusetts 
Child Labor committee and was a delegate to 
the Republican National convention of 1912. 
He was elected to the House in the Fall of 
1905 and in the following session served on 
the committees on education and liquor law, 
being clerk of the liquor law committee. In 
1907 he was chairman of the committee on 
education and served also on ways and 
means. In 1908-'09-'10-'ll, he served as 
chairman of the committee on metropolitan 
affairs and as a member of the committee on 
rules. In 1911 he also served as House chair- 
man of the special committee on the creation 
of a public utilities commission. Elected 
speaker of the House of 1912; re-elected in 


ABBOTT, ESSEX S., 3d Essex, Rep., Ha- 
verhill. Born Lynn, March 11, 1870; public 
schools of Lynn, Haverhill and Boston. 
Lawyer, formerly sole leather salesman and 
dealer in shoethreads. Pentucket club. City 
solicitor lOOS-'O^'OS-'OT. 

House '13, judiciary. 


ACHIN, HENRY, JR., 17th Middlesex, Rep. 
Lowell. Born there, June 30, 1883; public 
and parochial schools. General insurance 
agent. C. M. A. C, C. O. F., U. S. J. B. d'A., 
Centralville, Pawtucketville and Middlesex 
clubs, Citoyens Americains. Common council 
1909-'10-'ll; House '12, committee on insur- 

'13, insurance, roads and bridges. 


AHERN, TIMOTHY J., 19th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there Nov. 28, 1878; parochial 
school, Boston college 1898, Boston Univer- 
sity law school 1901. Lawyer. K. C. (P. G. 
K.), St. Alphonsus association (ex-vice- 
pres.), Catholic alumni sodality; House '11, 
public service. 

'13, legal affairs. 


ANDERSON, JOHN A., 20th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born Quincy, Oct. 12, 1879; public 
schools, Dorchester high, Boston Commer- 
cial college. Reporter on Boston American. 
Dorchester Democratic club (treas.), News- 
writers' Union, M. C. O. F., Dorchester Gen- 
tlemen's Driving club. 

House '13, counties. 


ANDREWS, HENRY L., 20th Middlesex, 
Rep., Woburn. Born there, June 11, 1850; 
public schools. Job printer; founded and 
for 15 years published Woburn News. I. O. 
O. F., Veteran Odd Fellows association, 
Masons, Sons American Revolution. Regis- 
trar of voters 7 years; alderman-at-large 
1904-'05-'06- , 07- , 08; House '12, committee on 
military affairs. 
'13, military affairs, federal relations. 


ANNIS, CHARLES H., 12th Essex, Rep., 
Lynn. Born there, Jan. 12, 1859; public 
schools. Shoe worker. I. O. O. P., (P. G.)# 
Encampment (P. C. P.), Red Men (P. S.), 
Common council 1907, alderman 1908-'09. 

House '13, federal relations. 


ARKWELL, OSCAR E., 21st Worcester, 
Rep., Worcester. Born Westboro, March 11, 
1867; public schools. Grocery and Provision 
dealer. Common council 2 years; House '11, 
fisheries and game; '12, public charitable in- 

'13, public institutions, fish and game. 


dlesex, Rep., Somerville. Born Mechanics 
Falls, Me., August 17, 1850; public schools. 
Cooperage manufacturer and dealer. Mem- 
ber board First M. E. church, director and 
ex-pres. Y. M. C. A., ex-pres. board of trade, 
Rep. club of Mass., Masons, R. A., A. O. U. 
W., associate member Kinsley Poet, G. A. 
R. Board of aldermen 3 years; House 1909- 
'lO-'ll, committees on education (ch.), liquor 

'13, education, social welfare (ch.). 

ATWOOD, CHARLES N., 7th Plymouth, 
Rep., Middleboro. Born there; public 
schools. Box manufacturer. Middleboro 
Commercial club. Selectman. 

House '13, liquor law, elections. 


BABB, GEORGE W. P., 23d. Suffolk, Rep., 
Boston. Born there, Aug. 20, 1866; public 
schools. Real estate and mortgage broker; 
pres. Roslindale Co-operative bank. Repub- 
lican club, A. F. A. M., Highland club, Co- 
operative Bank Secretaries' club. 

House '13, cities. 


BACIGALUPO, JAMES J., 6th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there, May 16, 1884; 
public schools, Boston English high, Ballou 
& Hobigand Preparatory school, Boston Uni- 
versity Law school '08. Lawyer. K. of C, 
Dante Alighieri society. Trustee Childrens' 
Institutions of city of Boston. 

House '13, legal affairs. 


BALL, FREELON Q., 1st Hampden, Rep., 
Monson. Born Charlotte, Iowa, Jan. 27, 
1869; private schools. Lawyer. Board of 
assessors (ch. past 10 yrs.), board of water 
commissioners (clerk past 11 yrs.). 

House '13, taxation. 


BALLANTYNE, JOHN, 21st Suffolk, Rep., 
Boston. Born Western Ontario, July 9, 1869; 
public schools. Lawyer. Common council 
1909; House '12, committee on metropolitan 

'13, metropolitan affairs, const, amend- 


BARNES, CLARENCE A., 2d Bristol, Rep., 
Mansfield. Born Brooklyn, N. Y., August 
28, 1882; Yale college, Yale Law school. Law- 
yer. Republican club, Masons, R. A. C, K. 
T., M. S., Yale club, Boston Athletic associa- 
tion, Winthrop club, Chamber of Com- 
merce. House '12, committee on judiciary. 

'13, judiciary, elections (ch.) 


BARRY, JAMES F., 2d Hampden, Dem., 
Agawam. Born there, Dec. 4, 1857; public 
schools. Coal dealer, farmer. Selectman, 
assessor, overseer of poor and member of 
board of health 16 years, tax collector 2 
years; House , 11-'12, committee on rail- 

'13, railroads. 


BARRY, JOSEPH L., 14th Essex, Rep., 
Lynn. Born there, Nov. 21, 1880; public 
school, Harvard University, Boston Uni- 
versity Law school. Lawyer. Lynn Histori- 
cal society, Harvard club of Lynn, Oxford 

House '13, banks and banking. 


BECK, JOHN E., 27th Suffolk, Rep., Chel- 
sea. Born Boston, May 10, 1869; public 
schools. Publisher Chelsea Gazette. Board 
of aldermen 1898-'99-1900-'01; House 1902-'03, 
committees on fisheries and game, printing 
(clerk), street railways; Senate 1905-'06, 
committees on cities, drainage (ch.), harbors 
and lands (ch.). Mayor 1908. 

House '13, metropolitan affairs. 


BELDING, EVERETT E., 5th Hampden 
Rep., Springfield. Born there, Feb. 15, 1879; 
public schools, Phillips Andover academy. 
Treasurer and general manager Everett B. 
Belding Co., dealers in shoe store furnish- 
ings. Masons, Winthrop club. City council 

House '13, public lighting. 


BENSON, JOSEPH J., 24th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there, August 6, 1885; public 
schools. Clerk, conductor. 

House '13, military affairs. 


BIGELOW, ENOS H., 7th Middlesex, Rep., 
Framingham. Born there, May 5, 1855; 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Harvard 
Medical school. Physician; president Fram- 
ingham Trust Company; House '12, commit- 
tee on public health. 

'13, public health (ch.), liquor law. 


BLISS, ALVIN E., 23d Middlesex, Rep., 
Maiden. Born Brookline, Sept. 16, 1858; 
public schools. Supt. and manager electric 
lighting plants. Masons, R. A. C, K. T., 
M. S., I. O. O. F., Encampment, Canton, Re- 
bekah lodge; K. P., Elks, Middlesex, Maiden, 
Kernwood, Melrose Athletic clubs. Common 
council 1887-'88, Rep. city committee, 4th 
councillor district committee; House 'lO-'ll- 
'12, committees on constitutional amend- 
ments, rules, cities (ch.), municipal indebt- 
edness (special). 

'13, cities, municipal finance (ch.), rules. 


BLODGETT, CHARLES M., 23d Middle- 
sex, Rep., Maiden. Born Stoughton, April 
3, 1870; public schools, Harvard medical 
school. Physician. Elks, Red Men, K. P., 
Eagles, Maiden club, board of trade. Com- 
mon council 1906-'07, board of aldermen '08- 
'09-'10 (ch. 10); House , 11-'12, committees 
on taxation, metropolitan affairs. 

'13, ways and means. 


BODFISH, EDWARD C, 6th Plymouth, 
Dem., Wareham. Born there March 12, 
1871; public schools. Dry goods. Lotos club. 
House '11, committee on fisheries and game. 

'13, fish and game. 


BOLAND, J. BERNARD, 1st Berkshire, 
Rep., North Adams. Born there, Jan. 21, 
1886; public schools, Georgetown University. 
Lawyer; practiced in Boston with James P. 
Magenis 1908-'ll, since then in North Adams; 
teacher in Boston Evening Commercial High 
school 1910-'ll. Elks, K. of C, N. E. George- 
town club. 

House '13, taxation. 


BOOTH, WILLIAM, 9th Bristol, Rep., Fall 
River. Born Hyde, Cheshire, Eng. Fall 
River public schools. Collector. Central 
Republican, Friendship Social clubs, Elks, 
Moose, K. P., F. of A., Philanthropic Burial 
Society. Rep. city committee, board of alder- 
men 4 years; House '10, committee on drain- 
age (seat declared vacant Jan. 19, 1910) ; 
House '11-12, committees on public service, 
public lighting. 

'13, public lighting, elections. 


BOTHFELD, HENRY E., 4th Middlessex, 
Rep., Newton. Born New York, N. Y., March 
4, 1895; public schools of Newton. Trustee, 
owner and manager of real estate; importer 
and manufacturer 20 years. Boston and 
Newton Unitarian clubs, trustee Newton 
hospital, Real Estate Exchange, Chamber of 
Commerce. Common council, board of alder- 
man (pres.), Mayor 1895, school commit- 
tee (ch.). House '10-'11-'12, committees on 
liquor law (ch.), metropolitan affairs (ch.), 

'13, metropolitan affairs (ch.), rules. 


BOYLE, PATRICK H., 21st Essex, Rep., 
Manchester. Born Ireland, Dec. 20, 1849; 
public schools of Manchester. Liveryman. 
K. of C, Pilgrim Fathers. Republican town 
committee (ch.). 

House '13, water supply. 


BRADSTREET, ALVAH J., 20th Essex, 
Rep., Danvers. Born there, Oct. 18, 1862; 
public schools; Sprague Correspondence 
School of Law. Milk dealer. A. F. A. M., R. 
A. C, K. T., I. O. O. F. (P. G.), K. P. (P. C .), 
Grange, Good Templars, Danvers Historical 
society, Bradstreet Family assoc. (pres.), 
Salem Milkmen's assoc. (pres.), Danvers Im- 
provement society. Selectman, assessor, Re- 
publican town committee, justice of peace, 
notary public. 

House '13, public health. 


BRENNAN, JAMES J., 3d Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there May 2, 1882; public 
schools. Steam engineering. A. 0. U. W., 
Local 74, I. U. S. E. (pres.). Common coun- 
cil 1908-'09; House '11-'12, committees on 
water supply, pay roll. 

'13, public lighting. 


BRENNAN, JOHN P., 3d Middlesex, Dem., 
Cambridge. Born there March 1, 1876, pub- 
lic schools, Boston University Law school. 
Lawyer. Democratic club of Mass., Harvard 
Democratic club (honorary member), A. O. 
H., K. C, Knights of Equity, Mystic Nobles 
of Granada. Board of aldermen 1908-'09, 
House '12, committee on metropolitan af- 

'13, metropolitan affairs. 


BROGNA, VINCENT, 6th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born Italy, May 14, 1887; public 
schools. Boston University Law school. 
Lawyer. K. C. Democratic state committee 
1911, House '12, committee on legal affairs. 

'13, liquor law. 


BROPHY, MICHAEL J., 2d Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born England, August 31, 1882; 
parochial school. Real estate and insurance. 
Assumption Catholic assoc., Jeffries Point 
Rowing assoc. Common council 1909; dele- 
gate Democratic national convention '12; 
House '10-'11-'12, committees on public 
health, election laws, congressional redis- 
ricting (special), metropolitan affairs. 

'13, metropolitan affairs. 


BUCKLEY, DANIEL J., 8th Hampden, 
Dem., Chicopee. Born Chicopee, March 31, 
1876; public schools. Plumber. K. C, A. 0. 
H., Red Men. Democratic city committee 
(one year), alderman 1908-'09-'10-'ll; House 
'12, committee on military affairs. 

'13, public service. 


BUCKLEY, JOHN H., 24th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there, July 27, 1863; public 
schools, English high. Real estate; director 
Massachusetts Co-operative bank. Ward 24 
Democratic club; Elks, K. of C, Dorchester 
Gentlemen's Driving club, Dorchester 
Trades' assoc. (sec). 

House '13, water supply. 


BUCKLEY, JOHN P., 11th Plymouth, 
Dem., Brockton. Born Ireland, May 31, 
1853; national schools. Custodian. M. C. 0. 
F. (P. C. R. and D. H. C. R.), A. O. U. W. 
(P. M. W. and D. G. M. W.), K. C. (treas. 
and P. G. K.), House '11, committee on 

'13, harbors and lands. 


BURDICK, MORTON H., 3d Berkshire, 
Dem., Adams. Born there Nov. 27, 1886; 
public schools, Williston seminary, George- 
town University (academic and law school.) 
Real estate, law student; sec. and treas. 
Berkshire Auto school. Berkshire Demo- 
cratic, New England Georgetown and Hia- 
watha clubs. House '12, committee on towns. 

'13, roads and bridges. 

BURKE, FREDERICK H., 1st Middlesex, 
Dem., Cambridge. Born there, June 10, 1885; 
public schools, Cambridge Manual Training 
school, Boston Y. M. C. A. evening school. 
Civil engineer, with Boston Elevated Rail- 
way; formerly with Charles River Basin 
commission and with city of Cambridge. K. 
of C, A. O. H., Father Mathew T. A. Society, 
Middlesex Outing club, Newfoundland Ad- 
vancement assoc., East Cambridge Improve- 
ment assoc. ' Common council 1909-'10-'11-'12 
(pres. '11-'12). 

House '13, water supply. 


BURNS, JAMES D., 17th Essex, Dem., 
Salem. Born July 4, 1876; public schools, M. 
I. T., Lawrence Scientific school of Harvard 
University. Civil engineer. Elks, A. 0. U. 
W., S. of V., Harvard Engineering assoc., 
Democratic city committee; House '11-'12, 
committees on public service, harbors and 
public lands, roads and bridges. 

'13, railroads. 


BUTLER, OTIS W., 14th Middlesex, Rep., 
Lowell. Born Pelham, N. H., March 6, 1874; 
public schools. Manufacturer; 17 years 
sketch maker Hamilton Print Works. Ma- 
sons, R. A. C. Common council (2 years) ; 
House '12, committee on mercantile affairs. 

'13, mercantile affairs. 


CARBARY, MATTHEW J., 9th Worces- 
ter, Dem., Milford. Born Hopkinton, Oct. 
11, 1872; public schools. Provision dealer. 
K. C, Elks, Eagles, A. O. H., G. A. R. (as- 
sociate member). Selectman 1908-'09-'10-'ll 
(ch. '09-'ll); trustee Milford hospital; House 
'12, committee on agriculture. 

'13, mercantile affairs. 


CARMAN, JULIUS F., 6th Hampden, Rep., 
Springfield. Born South Coventry, Conn.; 
public schools of Springfield. Retail grocer 
and real estate. Republican city committee 
12 yrs., board of aldermen 2 yrs., beard of 
supervisors, fire commission. 

House '13, election laws. 

CARNEY, WILLIAM E., 4th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there, Jan. 16, 1878; public 
schools. Clerk. A. O. H., O. O. O., U. O. P. 
F., M. C. O. F., Webb Pressmen No. 3. Com- 
mon council 1908-'09. 

House '13, public service. 


CARO, MAURICE, 5th Suffolk, Rep., Chel- 
sea. Born there, Sept. 10, 1880; public 
schools, Harvard college, Harvard Law 
school. Lawyer. A. P. A. 1VL, R. A. C, 
Shikinah, F. of A. 

House '13, cities. 

CARR, PATRICK B. 4th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born Cambridge, April 16, 1884; 
public schools. Rectifier. M. C. O. F., A. O. 
H., K. C, I. N. F., Charitable Irish society, 
Charlestown Improvement assoc., Charles- 
town Business Men's assoc. House '11-'12, 
committees on drainage, mercantile affairs. 

'13, public lighting. 


CASASSA, ANDREW A., 27th Suffolk, 
Rep., Revere. Born Boston, Sept. 17, 1886; 
public schools, Boston University Law 
school. Lawyer. Chamber of Commerce, Re- 
vere board of trade (pres. 2 yrs.). Republi- 
can town committee 5 yrs., school committee 
3 yrs., selectman 2 yrs. 

House '13, legal affairs, engrossed bills. 


CASEY, THOMAS J., 14th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there March 18, 1878; public 
schools. Business department Boston Trav- 
eler-Herald. Common council 1908-'09, House 
Ml, constitutional amendments. 

'13, election laws. 


CATHERON, ALLISON G., 20th Essex, 
Rep., Beverly. Born Kempt, Queen's county, 
N. S., June 26, 1878; Beverly high school, 
Bates college, Harvard Law school. Lawyer, 
principal Norwell high school 1900-'02. Ma- 

House '13, social welfare. 


den, Rep., Springfield. Born Troy, N. Y., 
Sept. 28, 1858; public schools, Springfield 
Collegiate institute. Publisher, editor "Work 
With Boys," chairman Federated Boys' 
clubs, accountant, manufacturer. Masons, 
S. A. R., Winthrop and Country clubs, board 
of trade, pres. Springfield Playground assoc., 
trustee Springfield International Y. M. C. A. 
college. Common council 2 yrs., alderman 
3 yrs. 

House '13, social welfare. 



mouth, Prog., East Bridgewater. Born Chi- 
cago, 111., Sept. 28, 1867; Boston Latin and 
St. Paul's (Concord, N. H.) schools. Adver- 
tising agent. Masons, R. A. C, Council, K. 
T., R. A. Mayflower Descendants, S. A. R., 
Bostonian society, Old Colony Union, B. A. 
A., Chamber of Commerce, Pilgrim Publicity 
assoc., Boston Yacht club, Boston Sales Man- 
agers' club, Mass. state board of trade (vice- 
pres.). Board of health (ch.), sewer commis- 
sion (ch.), school committee. 

House '13, mercantile affairs. 


CHAPMAN, DANIEL J., 16th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there, Jan. 18, 1878; 
public schools, Boston college 1898. Real es- 
tate and insurance. 

House '13, insurance. 


CHURCHILL, JOHN W., 1st Plymouth 
Rep., Plymouth. Born there, Nov. 17, 1853; 
public schools. Cranberry culture, contractor 
and builder. A. F. A. M., R. A. C, K. T., M. 
S., I. O. O. F, Red Men, Old Colony club. 
School committee, selectman, water commis- 

House '13, fish and game. 


CLARK, ALBERT B., 7th Berkshire, Rep., 
Lee. Born Sheffield, June 5, 1854; public 
schools, Sheffield high, South Berkshire In- 
stitute. Lawyer. Berkshire County Repub- 
lican club, Masons. House 1897, commit- 
tees on constitutional amendments, probate 
and insolvency; House '12, judiciary. 

'13, judiciary, state house (ch.). 


COGGAN, M. SUMNER, 23d Middlesex, 

Rep., Maiden. Born Dudley, Nov. 14, 1873; 
Maiden public schools, Boston Latin, Bow- 
doin college, Boston University Law school. 
Lawyer. A. F. A. M., Maiden club. 
House '13, judiciary. 


COLLINS, SAMUEL I., 1st Essex, Rep., 
Amesbury. Born Salisbury (now Amesbury), 
March 4, 1851; public schools. Real estate 
and dairy farming. I. O. O. F., J. O. U. A. 
M. House '11-'12, committees on public serv- 
ice, fisheries and game, roads and bridges 

'13, public service, roads and bridges (ch.). 


CONWAY, JOHN J., 23d Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there, Sept. 2, 1874; public 
schools. Lawyer. House lMS-'OO-'OT-'lO-'ll, 
committees on public service, counties, ways 
and means, congressional redistricting (sp.). 

'13, ways and means, social welfare. 


COOK, D. HERBERT, 7th Bristol, Rep., 
New Bedford. Born there, June 2, 1861; pub- 
lic schools. Contractor and builder. Re- 
publican city committee; Knights of Pythias. 
Common council 7 yrs., (pres. 2 yrs.). 

House '13, counties. 


COTTER, MICHAEL H., 15th Essex, Dem., 
Lynn. Born Ireland, April 7, 1867; public 
schools. Insurance and cigar dealer. Dem. 
state committee, chairman Dem. city com- 
mittee; House '11-'12, committees on drain- 
age, insurance. 

'13, cities. 


COUGHLAN, ARTHUR J., 10th Middlesex, 
Dem., Maynard. Born Concord; public 
schools. Insurance and real estate. Elks, 
Eagles (past pres.), Maynard Business Men's 
assoc. (pres. 2 yrs.). Collector of taxes 2 
yrs., assessor 3 yrs., selectman 7 yrs., chief 
fire department 8 yrs. 

House '13, insurance. 


COURTNEY, JOHN J., 3d Hampden, Dem., 
Springfield. Born there, Nov. 17, 1887; pub- 
lic schools. Cigarmaker. M. C. O. F. (V. C. 
R.), Romanic club, Cigarmakers' Union, Mc- 
Dermott Outing club. 

House '13, labor. 


COWLS, WALTER D., 3d Hampshire, Ind., 
Amherst. Born there, June 30, 1852; 
Williston seminery, Mass. Agricultural col- 
lege. Farmer, lumber dealer. 

House '13, railroads. 


COX, ('MANNING H., 10th Suffolk, Rep., 
Boston. Bom Manchester, N. H., Feb. 28, 
1ST!); Dartmouth L901, Harvard Law school 
'04. Lawyer. Rep. Club of Mass., Lincoln 
club, Boston Bar Assoc., Mass. Bar Assoc., 
Masons, Boston, City, University, Woodland 
Golf, Intervale Country dubs. Rep. city 
com. 1907-'08, common council '08-'09. House 
*10-'11-'12, committees on bills 3d reading 
(ch.)i legal affairs, mercantile affairs (ch.)» 
public utilities (sp.), rules, judiciary (ch.), 
commission on voluntary associations (sp.), 
13, judiciary (ch.), rules. 

1 56 

CRAIG, JOSKPH, 18th Middlesex, Rep., 
Lowell. Born Calais, Me., Sept. 3, 1860; 
public schools. Railroading. Brotherhood 
of Railroad Signalmen, Order of Railroad 
Telegraphers, Masons. Republican city com- 
mittee 10 yrs. House '12, committee on 

'13, public service, elections. 


CREED, JOHN J., 15th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born Boston; public schools, Tufts 
Dental school. Dentist. K. C, M. C. O. F. 
House '12, committee on taxation. 

'13, taxation. 


CROCKER, COURTNEY, 11th Suffolk, 
Rep., Boston. Born there Feb. 4, 1881; Volk- 
man's school, Harvard 1901, Harvard Law 
school '05. Lawyer. Massachusetts club, 
Rep. Club of Massachusetts. Rep. city com- 
mittee , 06- , 07-'08-'09-'10- , ll- , 12 ; common 
council '08-'09. House '10-'11-'12, committee 
on ways and means (clerk). 

'13, ways and means (ch.). 


CURLEY, PATRICK J., 3d Middlesex, 
Dem., Cambridge. Born Ireland, Jan. 27, 
1854; public schools. Contractor. K. of C. 
Alderman 1910- , 11-'12- , 13. 

House '13, taxation. 


CURTIN, JOHN A., 2d Norfolk, Rep., 
Brookline. Born Boston, April 3, 1870; Eng- 
lish High, M. L T., University of Berlin. 
Lawyer; director Boulevard Trust Company, 
trustee Union Institution for Savings. Re- 
publican club of Massachusetts, Brookline 
Republican club, B. A. A., University club, 
major A. D. C. staff of Gov. Guild; select- 
man 6 yrs., Republican town committee 
(ch. 3 yrs.), Republican state committee (sec. 
1910-'ll). House '12, committee on election 
laws (clerk), taxation. 

'13, banks and banking (ch.), labor. 


DAHLBORG, EDWARD N., 9th Plymouth, 
Prog., Brockton. Born there, May 30, 1887; 
public schools, Bryant & Stratton Commer- 
cial college. Merchant, contractor. A. F. A. 
M., R. A. C. Progressive city committee, 
common council 1912. 

House '13, state house. 


DALY, GEORGE T., 12th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there, June 19, 1866; public 
day and evening high school. House fur- 
nishing merchant. M. C. O. F. (P. C. R., 
member High Standing committee), Knights 
of St. Rose (Past Consul), St. Rose Realty 
assoc. (director), K. of C. (P. G. K., warden 
Boston chapter), A. O. H. (vice-pres.), Y. M. 
C. A. of Boston (past pres.), Charitable Irish 
society, Mystic Nobles of Granada, Concord 
club, South End Improvement Assoc. Com- 
mon council 1907; House '11-'12, committee 
on street railways. 

'13, street railways. 


DARLING, ALBERT M., 3d Franklin, 
Rep., Sunderland. Born there, Nov. 4, 1864; 
Powers institute (Bernardston). Farmer 
and lumberman. A. F. A. M. Selectman 

9 yrs. 

House '13, agriculture. 


DAVIES, EDWARD, 2d Berkshire, Rep., 
North Adams. Born Newtown, North Wales, 
July 23, 1867; public schools. Merchant. 

House '13, counties. 


DEAN, CHARLES A., 21st Middlesex, 
Dem., Wakefield. Born England; public 
schools. Rattan business, farming. I. O. 

O. F. Assessor, water commissioner, sewer 
committee. House 1898-'99-1900-'01- , 02-'03- 
'06-'07- , 08- , 10-'ll-'12, committees on taxation, 
revision of corporation laws, insurance, rules, 
special recess committee of 1906 on insurance, 
railroads, ways and means, congressional re- 
districting (special). 
'13, railroads. 


DOHERTY, JOHN F., 9th Bristol, Dem., 
Fall River. Born Wareham, June 9, 1881; 
Rogers & Allen Business college, Boston 
University Law school (L. L. L. D. cum laude 
1912). Lawyer; accountant and auditor. 

House '13, banks and banking. 


DOLBEN, WILLIAM H., 26th Middlesex, 
Rep., Somerville. Born Boston, Jan. 23, 
1878; M. I. T. Mechanical superintendent. 
Masons, R. A. C, Clarendon club, West 
Somerville board of trade (pres. , 11- , 12). 
Republican city committee 1905-'ll (pres. 

House '13, metropolitan affairs. 

3 68 

DONAGHUE, PETER J., 20th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born Minneapolis; public 
schools, Y. M. C. A. Evening Law school 
1904. Lawyer; attorney carpenters' and 
teamsters' unions since 1905; former pres. 
Teamsters' Joint Council. A. O. U. W., M. 
C. O. F., A. O. H., Irish National Foresters, 
Everett Aid assoc. 

House '13, railroads. 


DONOVAN, JAMES H., 2d Middlesex, 
Dem., Cambridge. Born there, Oct. 4, 1881; 
parochial school. News business. 

House '13, military affairs. 


DONOVAN, JOHN L., 7th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there, June 3, 1876; public 
schools. Salesman. Common council 1898- 
'99-1908-'09, deputy sealer of weights and 
measures, deputy city collector. House 1900- 
'01-'10-'12, committees on printing, gypsy 
moth (special), drainage, harbors and public 
lands, state house. 

'13, election laws. 


DOUGLASS, JOHN J., 2d Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there, Feb. 9, 1873; public 
schools, Boston college 1893, Georgetown uni- 
versity '96. Lawyer, playwright. East Bos- 
ton Civic league (vice-pres.). House 1899- 
'00-1906, committees on bills 3d reading, 
probate and insolvency, harbors and lands, 
state house; sec. Boston beard of health 

House '13, street railways. 

DOYLE, ANDREW P., 8th Bristol, Rep., 
New Bedford. Born Ireland, August 15, 
1869; public schools. Insurance. Celtic 
club, A. 0. H. Common council, board of 
aldermen. House 1906-'07-'08- , 09-'10- , ll- , 12, 
committees on insurance, special recess com- 
mittee on insurance, cities, liquor law (clerk), 
state house (ch.), municipal indebtedness 

'13, cities (ch.), liquor law, municipal 


DRURY, GEORGE P., 5th Middlesex, Rep., 
Waltham. Born Boston, August 13, 1876; 
public schools of Waltham, Harvard 1897, 
Harvard Law school 1900. Lawyer; asst. 
clerk Suffolk superior civil court 8 years. 
Masons, Grange, Veteran's Assoc. First 
Corps Cadets, Oakley Country and Boston 
City clubs, Waltham board of trade, Massa- 
chusetts, Suffolk and Middlesex Bar assoc. 
House '12, judiciary, bills 3rd reading. 

'13, judiciary, bills 3d reading (ch.). 


DUCHARME, ELI J., 3rd Bristol, Rep., 
Taunton. Born St. Gabriel, Can., Sept. 17, 
1869; public schools. Dry goods merchant. 
Franco-American Republican club, L. O. O. 
M., St. Jean Baptiste society, L'Union Can- 
adian society, Taunton Gentlemen's Driving 
club. Common Council 1900. 

House '13, mercantile affairs. 


DUNCAN, WILLIAM S., 10th Worcester, 
Rep., Clinton. Born England, Feb. 11, 1876; 
Kimball Union academy (Meriden, N. H.), 
iBoston University Law school. Lawyer. 
Masons. Town counsel 2 yrs., school com- 
mittee 6 yrs., Republican town committee 
(ch.). House '12, committee on street rail- 

'13, street railways, rules. 


DWYER, JOHN F., 7th Norfolk, Dem., 
Weymouth. Born there Feb. 9, 1862; public 
schools. Express business 21 years, real es- 
tate and contractor. Director South Shore 
Co-operative bank, trustee Weymouth Hos- 
pital Assoc., vice-pres. and director Wey- 
mouth Agricultural society, A. O. H. Select- 
man, overseer of poor, assessor, library 
trustee, postmaster 5 years, Democratic 
town committee (ch.), House 1909- , 10- , 11- , 12, 
committees on banks and banking, towns, 
roads and bridges, insurance, public service. 

'13, roads and bridges, taxation. 


EAMES, HARRY M., 9th Essex, Rep., An- 
dover. Born there July 9, 1856; public 
schools. Wool sorter and wool buyer, treas. 
Cresent Worsted Co., farming at present. 
A. F. A. M. (P. M.), R. A. C. (P. H. P.), 
K. T., M. S„ I. O. O. P., R. A, Selectman, 
assessor, overseer of poor 1907-'08-'09- , 10 (ch. 
all 4 yrs.). House (from Lawrence) 1887-'88, 
committees on Hoosac Tunnel and Troy 
and Greenfield R. R., federal relations 
<clark), liquor law. House , 11-'12, roads 
and bridges, elections, agriculture (ch.). 

'13, agriculture (ch.). 


EATON, FREDERICK W., 13th Middlesex, 
Rep., Concord. Born there, April 22, 1879; 
Concord high, Harvard college 1900, Har- 
vard Law school. Lawyer; private secre- 
tary to Sen. Geo. P. Hoar for 2 yrs. Re- 
publican club of Massachusetts, Massachu- 
setts club, Harvard club of Boston, Boston 
City club. Republican town committee (ch.). 

House '13, railroads, engrossed bills (ch.). 


ELDRIDGE, CHARLES W., 26th Middle- 
sex, Rep., Somerville. Born Boston, Oct. 16. 
1877; public schools. Salesman with Chase 
& Sanborn since 1893. I. O. O. F., United 
Commercial Travelers, Somerville 4th of 
July Assoc. Board of aldermen 1907-'08- 
'09. Republican city committee 1906- , 07- , 08- 
, 09- , 10. House , 11-'12, committees on prisons, 
state house (ch.). 

'13, mercantile affairs (ch.). 


ELLIS, GEORGE H., 4th Middlesex, Rep., 
Newton. Born Medfield, Oct. 3, 1848; dis- 
trict schools. Printer and publisher. Treas- 
urer and director George H. Ellis Co., trus- 
tee Massachusetts Agricultural college, Sim- 
mons Female college, executive committee 
United Typothetae of America (pres. 1905- 
'06-'07), City, Economic, Twentieth Century, 
Unitarian, Reform clubs. Board of alder- 
men 4 yrs.; House '10-'11-'12, committees 
on street railways, labor (ch.), railroads 

'13, railroads (ch.), social welfare. 

cester, Rep., Leominster. Born Fitchburg, 
Oct. 12, 1864; public schools, Bryant & Strat- 
ton Commercial college. Manager plumbing 
and heating business. I. O. O. F., R. A., 
Leominster club, Monoosuock club. Select- 
man 6 yrs. (ch. 4 yrs.), town auditor. 

House '13, public lighting. 


FAULKNER, GEORGE W., 6th Berkshire, 
Rep., Pittsfield. Born there, Jan. 24, 1874; 
public schools. Lumber dealer. I. O. O. F., 
Grange, Y. M. C. A., Veteran Firemen. 

House '13, insurance. 


FAXON, JOHN G., 12th Worcester, Rep., 
Fitchburg. Born City Point, Va., Dec. 9, 
1864; Quincy high school, Adams academy, 
M. I. T. 1888. Insurance; 25 yrs. district 
correspondent of Boston Herald; formerly 
printer. Fitchburg Taft league (sec. '12), 
Mason, R. A. C. (M. E. H. P.), K. T., Fay 
club, Associated Charities, Anti-Tuberculosis 
societies, M. I. T. Alumni Assoc., treas. First 
Parish Unitarian, board of trade, Fitch- 
burg Historical society. Trustee Fitchburg 
Public library, city council 2 yrs. formerly 
clerk of committees and clerk of common 
council 5 yrs. 

House '13, insurance. 


PELKER, CHARLES H., 8th Norfolk, 
Rep., Avon. Born there, August 19, 1854; 
public schools. Grocery business in Avon 
15 yrs.; grain business in Brockton 15 yrs.; 
now manufacturer poultry drinking fountain 
and feeder in Boston. Water commissioner 
3 yrs. 

House '13, public service. 


FELLOWS, JOHN B., 12th Worcester, Rep., 
Fitchburg. Born there August 13, 1878; pub- 
lic schools. Bookkeeper Fitchburg National 
bank. Masons, R. A. C, K. T., Elks (sec. 
Fitchburg lodge), Fay club. Common 
council 1908-'09, alderman 1910- , 11. House 
'12, committtee on banks and banking 

'13, cities, const, amendments. 


FELTON, FREDERICK B., 2d Franklin,, 
Rep., Greenfield. Born there, Aug. 25, 1856; 
public schools, Eastman Business college, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Provision business 
1880 to 1900, manufacturing 1900 to 1907, at 
present secretary board of assessors. Lieu- 
tenant M. V. M. 1887 to 1894. 

House '13, municipal finance. 



FERGUSON, JAMES H., 8th Worcester, 
Rep., Millbury. Born Bristol, R. I., July 
12, 1851; public schools. Hardware and 
plumbing. Masons, 32nd degree; I. O. O. P. 
Selectman, board of health; House 1894, 
committee on water supply. 

House '13, military affairs. 


FERRING, BENJAMIN, 11th Bristol, Rep., 
Fall River. Born Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 
18, 1878; high school, seminary, normal 
school. Lawyer, lecturer at Thibodeau col- 
lege, Fall River; formerly book-keeper and 
teacher in business college. 

House '13, legal affairs. 


FERRY, JAMES R., 9th Worcester, Rep., 
Northbridge, Born North Uxbridge, Oct. 4, 
1859; public schools. In office of Whitin 
Machine Works. I. O. 0. F., Mumford Fish- 
ing and Shooting club. Republican town 
committee; selectman 9 yrs., overseer of 
poor (ch.). 

House '13, banks and banking. 


FESSENDEN, ALFRED N., 12th Middle- 
sex, Prog., Townsend. Born there, Apr. 24, 
1867; public schools, Wilbraham academy, 
M. I. T.; treas. B. & A. D. Fessenden Co. 
(lumber and cooperage) ; treas. Fessenden 
& Lowell Co. (Reed's Ferry, N. H.); 
treas. Annis Grain & Lumber Co. (London- 
derry, N. H.); pres. Annis Flour & Grain 
Co. (Manchester, N. H.); pres. Fessenden 
Cooperage Co. (Hoboken, N. J.); pres. Kil- 
bourn & Co. (Sandusky, O.); director Town- 
send National bank. Progressive town com- 
mittee; A. F. A. M., Grange. Fire engineers, 
park commission. 

House '13, banks and banking. 


FISHER, WILLIAM A., 14th Essex, Rep., 
Lynn. Born Bangor, Me., 1856; public 
schools. Salesman. I. O. O. P., Encamp- 
ment, Canton; R. A., Intervale club. Com- 
mon council 1902- , 03, alderman , 04- , 05. 

House '13, state house. 


FITZPATRICK, DANIEL, 6th Essex, Dem., 
Lawrence. Born Ireland Feb. 2, 1880; pub- 
lic schools. Provision dealer. Elks, Eagles, 
K. C, Irish American, Pastime, Imperial and 
Spicket clubs. Common council 1907; House 
'12, committee on state house. 

'13, const, amendments, elections. 


FLANAGAN, JOHN T., 16th Worcester, 
Dem., Worcester. Born Worcester, May 25, 
1869; public schools and classical high. Un- 
dertaker. A. O. H., (pres. Division 3), coun- 
ty president A. O. H., Elks (exalted ruler 
Worcester lodge), M. C. O. F., Fr. Mathew 
T. A. and B. society, St. John's T. and L. 
guild (ex-pres.). House '11-'12, committee 
on prisons (clerk). 

'13, public lighting. 


FOSGATE, ELMER G., 2nd Worcester, 
Rep., Ashburnham. Born Winchester, N. H., 
July 20, 1859; public schools, Dartmouth 
Medical school 1888. Physician. Massachu- 
setts Medical society. Republican town com- 
mittee (ch. 2 yrs.), school committee 16 
yrs., selectman 3 yrs. 

House '13, public institutions. 


FOWLE, J. EUGENE, 25th Essex, Rep., 
Newburyport. Born there Nov. 22, 1880; 
public schools, business college. Hotel busi- 
ness (D. H. Fowle & Son, Wolfe Tavern). 
Essex club, Masons, R. A. C, K. T., Elks, 
A. O. U. W. Common council 3 yrs. (pres. 
1 yr.). House '12, committee on military 

'13, ways and means, rules. 


GALLAGHER, JOHN J., 4th Norfolk, 
Dem., Milton. Born there, Dec. 7, 1869; 
public schools. Mill supplies. 

House '13, towns, elections. 


GIBLIN, THOMAS J., 1st Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there, May 7, 1873; public and 
parochial schools. Real estate broker, build- 
er. Cleveland club, Orient Heights Yacht 
club. Board of aldermen 1909. 

House '13, harbors and public lands. 


GIFFORD, CHARLES L., 1st Barnstable, 
Rep., Barnstable. Born there March 15, 
1871; public schools. Publisher, real estate, 
insurance. Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights 
of Pythias. House '12, committee on in- 

'13, public service (ch.), payroll. 


GORDON, ISAAC, 9th Suffolk, Dem., Bos- 
ton. Born Russia, March 14, 1883; Y. M. 
C. A. Evening Law school 1905. Lawyer. 
K. P., Brith Abraham, Boston Children's Aid 
society. Common council 1909; House '12, 
committee on taxation. 

'13, judiciary. 


GRADY, FREDERIC J., 1st Norfolk, Dem., 
Dedham. Born there August 4, 1881; pub- 
lic schools, Boston University Law school 
1904. Lawyer. Elks, K. C, Dedham Histor- 
ical society, Dedham Carnival Assoc., So- 
ciety in Dedham for Apprehending Horse 
Thieves, East Dedham Improvement Assoc. 
Registrar of voters 1904-'08, assessor 1908- 
'12, moderator 1911-'12; House '12, commit- 
tee on const, amendments. 

'13, education, bills 3d reading. 


. GRAHAM, WILLIAM J., 8th Essex, Dem., 
Lawrence. Born there Oct. 2, 1873; Phillips 
Andover, Tufts Medical school, K. C. City 
committee 1896 to 1900; House 1904-'05-'06- 
'C7- , 08-'09- , 10- , ll-'12, committees on fisheries 
and game, federal relations, cities, public 
'13, cities. , 

GREANEY, ARTHUR G., 9th Hampden, 
Dem., Holyoke. Born there, May 15, 1888; 
St. Jerome institute, Holyoke high, Holyoke 
Business institute. Shipping clerk White & 
Wyckoff Mfg. Co. Park Lyceum social club. 

House '13, state house. 


Middlesex, Rep., Everett. Born Alstead, N. 
H., May 29, 1855; Everett public schools. 
Retired; 20 yrs. wholesale produce dealer, 
10 yrs. with Boston Seaman's Friend So- 
ciety; House '11-'12, committees on educa- 
tion, public service. 

'13, public institutions (ch.), education. 


GRIFFIN, JAMES F., 22nd Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born Boston, Jan. 19, 1884; pub- 
lic schools, evening high. Broker, member 
of Boston Curb Exchange; with A. S. Ice- 
land & Co. 9 yrs. K. C, Moose (P. D.), Star 
of Jamaica Veteran Firemen. House , 11- , 12, 
committees on harbors and public lands, 
elections, fisheries and game. 

'13, federal relations. 


HACKETT, WILLIAM N., 21st Suffolk, 
Rep., Boston. Born there, March 26, 1874; 
public schools, Boston English high. Man- 
ager retail jewelry store. Walnut Ave. 
Municipal league, Lincoln club, Elm Hill 
league, Page Class Forum, Joseph Warren 
Day Assoc. (pres.), I. O. O. P. Republican 
ward committee 1904-'05-'06; common coun- 
cil 1907-'09. 

House '13, taxation. 


HAINES, BENJAMIN F., 28th Middlesex, 
Rep., Medford. Born Boston Nov. 25, 1876; 
New Bedford high school, Brown University, 
Boston University Law school. Lawyer. 
South Medford Republican and Medford 
clubs; Elks, K. P., Red Men, Sons of St. 
George, A. F. A. M., R. A. C, K. T., M. S. 
House '11-'12, committees on legal affairs, 
education (ch.). 

'13, legal affairs, education (ch.). 


HALL, EDWARD M., 5th Berkshire, Dem., 
Pittsfield. Born Bennington, Vt., Jan. 19, 
1875; public schools of Hoosick Falls, N. Y. 
Bricklayer, mason and plasterer. Elks, K. 
C, Father Mathew Temperance society, 
Berkshire Gun club (pres.). Democratic city 
committee (sec), House '12, committee on 
public health. 

'13, fish and game. 


HARDY, LEONARD F., 2nd Hampshire,, 
Rep., Huntington. Born Weedsport, N. Y.„ 
Oct. 24, 1874; public schools, Fairfield (N. 
Y.), Military academy. Lawyer. Masons 
(P. M.), R. A. C, K. T., M. S., Grange. 
Board of selectmen, assessors, overseers of 
poor (cb. 12 yrs.), water commission (ch.),. 
Rep. town committee. House , 10- , 11- , 12,. 
committees on street railways (ch.), special: 
on public utilities (clerk), Western Mass» 
trolleys (sp.). 

'13, street railways (ch,), municipal fi- 
nance. 209* 

tol, Dem., Fall River. Born there August 
10, 1878; private school. Groceries. Sacred 
Heart Christian Doctrine society, Clover 
-club, A. O. H. Common council 1 yr., board 
of aldermen 6 yrs. House 1909-'10- , 11- , 12, 
committees on libraries (clerk), water sup- 
ply, mercantile affairs. 

'13, mercantile affairs. 


dlesex, Dem., Cambridge. Born Warner Vil- 
lage, N. H., Dec. 25, 1854; evening schools. 
Furniture dealer 25 yrs.; bookbinder, com- 
mission driver, fruit dealer. Elks, K. C, 
A. O. H., Eagles, I. N. P., A. O. U. W., I. 
S. C. Board of aldermen 2 yrs. 

House '13, state house. 


HARROP, JAMES L., 19th Worcester, 
Rep., Worcester. Born Lancashire, Eng. 
(while parents were visiting there from U. 
S.), Apr. 28, 1866; public schools of Leicester, 
Mass. Dry goods. I. O. O. F., A. F. A. M., 
R. A. C, K. T. Common council 2 yrs., 
board of aldermen 2 yrs. 

House '13, insurance. 


HART, GEORGE F., 7th Worcester, Rep., 
Webster. Born there, Nov. 9, 1859; public 
schools, Nichols academy, University of 
Vermont Medical school. Physician and sur- 
geon, vice-pres. Webster Co-operative bank. 
Mason, 32nd degree, K. P., Massachu- 
setts Medical society. Selectman, board of 
health, state board of health. 
House '13, public health. 


HATHAWAY, EDWARD R., 8th Bristol, 
Rep., New Bedford. Born there Jan. 29, 
1874; public schools. Clothing business. 
Dartmouth club, Elks. School committee 
2 yrs.; House 1909-'10- , 11-'12, committees on 
state house, public service, constitutional 
amendments, street railways. 

'13, street railways, federal relations (ch.). 


HAYES, GEORGE H. W., 24th Essex, Rep., 
Ipswich. Born Georgetown, March 16, 1871; 
Georgetown public and high schools, Boston 
University Law school. Lawyer, practising 
at Ipswich since 1896. Special justice 3rd 
Essex district court, town counsel past three 
years, member municipal light and water 
commission since 1904, member school com- 
mittee since 1905 (ch. since 1910). 

House '13, legal affairs. 


HAYS, MARTIN, 25th Suffolk, Rep., Bos- 
ton. Born New York, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1876; 
public schools. Lawyer. Elks, Masons, O. E. 
S., Heptasophs, A. O. U. W., Neighborhood 
club, Faneuil Improvement association. 
House '10-'12, committees on legal affairs, 
public lighting, congressional redistricting 
<sp.), municipal indebtedness (sp.). 

*13, municipal finance, public lighting. 


HENEBERY, MICHAEL A., 17th Worces- 
ter, Dem., Worcester. Born there Nov. 10, 
1877; public schools, Boston Y. M. C. A. 
Evening Law school '08. Lawyer, superin- 
tendent railroad construction 6 years. K. C, 
R. A., Fulton Club, City Employees' Union. 
Board of health 7 years; House 'lO-'ll-'^, 
committees on insurance, street railways. 

'13, street railways. 


HERSEY, IRA G., 3rd Plymouth, Rep., 
Hingham. Born there March 12, 1860; pub- 
lic schools. Contractor and builder. Vice- 
president Home Saving Bank, director Bea- 
con Trust Company. Republican Club of 
Massachusetts, Masons, 32nd degree, Odd 
Fellows, Mechanics' Charitable Assoc. (pres.). 
House '12, committee on ways and means. 

'13, ways and means. 


HILL, FRANCIS M., 13th Essex, Rep., 
Lynn. Born Boston, Feb. 28, 1882; Lynn 
Classical High school, M. I. T., Boston Uni- 
versity Law school '05. Lawyer. School 
committee one year; House '11-'12, com- 
mittees on constitutional amendments, en- 
grossed bills, legal affairs. 

'13, judiciary. 


HORAN, TIMOTHY J., 3rd Middlesex, 
Dem., Cambridge. Born there, August 14, 
1879; public schools, Rindge Manual Train- 
ing school. Picture frames. R. A., P. of A., 
North Cambridge A. C. Common council 
1908- , 09- , 10- , ll- , 12 (pres. '12). 

House '13, election laws. 


HULL, JOHN B., Jr., 8th Berkshire, Rep., 
Great Barrington, Born Stockbridge, July 
17, 1871; Massachusetts Agricultural college 
1891. Coal merchant. A. F. A. M., Grange. 
Republican town committee (sec. 10 yrs.), 
chairman committee on 150th anniversary 
town of Great Barrington. 

House '13, ways and means. 


cester, Rep., Worcester. Born Worcester 
Oct. 4, 1859; public schools. Worcester & 
Nashua and B. & M. R. R. 33 years, clerk, 
ticket agent, freight cashier. Worcester 
County Republican club, I. O. O. F. House 
, 11- , 12, committees on insurance, congres- 
sional redistricting (spl.), public service. 

'13, insurance (ch.), const, amendments. 


HURLEY, JAMES M., 9th Middlesex, 
Dem., Marlboro. Born there, Dec. 27, 1882; 
public schools. Real estate and insurance; 
formerly shoe worker for 12 years. K. C., 
A. O. F., Nebegonga Boat club. Common 
council 1909-'10; board of aldermen 1911. 
House '12, committee on public service 

'13, cities. 


JEWETT, VICTOR F., 17th Middlesex, 
Rep., Lowell. Born Tyngsboro, Nov. 26, 
1881; public schools, Hopkinson school (Bos- 
ton), Harvard college 1905. Vinegar manu- 
facturer. Harvard club of New York, Boston 
City club, Yorick club, Vesper Country club, 
Benj. Butler Veteran Firemen's Assoc., Co. 
K 6th Mass. infantry. Common council 
1909-'10 (pres. '10); House 1912, committee 
on taxation (clerk). 

'13, railroads, election laws. 


KEEN AN, MICHAEL S., 13th Essex, Rep , 
Lynn. Born Liverpool. Eng., May 12, 1855; 
Boston public schools. Cordwainer. M. C. 
0. F., Moose, A. 0. H., Lynn club. House 
1910-'12, committees cn election laws, roads 
and bridges. 

'13, harbors and lands (ch.), election laws. 


KELLY, MICHAEL, 19th Essex, Dem., Sa- 
lem. Born Ireland, June 17, 1840; public 
schools of Salem and Peabody. Morocco 
manufacturer 30 years. Elks. Overseers of 
poor, school committee, board of aldermen. 
House 1900-'01, committees on banks and 
banking, counties; '11-'12, election laws, 

'13, counties. 


KENNARD, WILLIAM W., 25th Middle- 
sex, Rep., Somerville. Born there, Sept. 3, 
1874; public schools, Harvard college 1897, 
Harvard Law school 1900. Lawyer. Ma- 
sons. House '12, committee on cities. 

'13, election laws (ch.), water supply. 


KINNEY, WILLIAM S., 10th Suffolk, Rep., 
Boston. Born there, Nov. 13, 1882; Boston 
English high school, Boston University Law 
school 1903. Lawyer. Elks, Masons, Boston 
Bar Assoc., Economic, Boston Yacht and 
Boston City clubs. Common council 1909; 
Republican city committee 4 yrs. House 
'12, committees on const, amendments 
(clerk), taxation. 

'13, taxation (ch.), federal relations. 


LaCROIX, LOUIS, 11th Norfolk, Rep., 
Millis. Born Medway, Sept. 8, 1851; Wor- 
cester academy. Farmer. Grange, Masons. 
Town clerk 28 yrs., assessor 10 yrs., select- 
man 5 yrs., library trustee 25 yrs. 

House '13, towns. 


LAWLER, CHARLES S., 24th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there, Sept. 17, 1879; 
public schools, Boston English high. Printer 
(with Boston Journal, formerly foreman city- 
printing plant). A. O. H., Heptasophs, M. 
C. O. F. Democratic ward committee 4 yrs. 

House '13, education. 


L»E BOEUF, FRANCIS X., 11th Bristol, 
Rep., Fall River. Born St. Ours, P. Q., 
April 21, 1853; public schools, Dajanais acad- 
emy, St. Ours. Insurance, patrolman and in- 
spector in police department for 13 yrs. 
Common council 2 yrs. House '12, commit- 
tee on federal relations. 

'13, public institutions. 


LEONARD, JOSEPH, 9th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there, October 16, 1878; pub- 
lic schools. Life insurance. Quincy club, 
Cathedral Y. M. C. A. Common council 
1907; House 1909-'11-'12, committees on 
printing, cities, insurance. 

'13, insurance. 


LESLIE, WILLIAM J., 6th Norfolk, Rep., 
Quincy. Born Rockland, Me., March 8, 1876; 
public schools. Wholesale clothing. Nor- 
folk, Unitarian and Wollaston Yacht clubs, 
Scottish Clans, Spanish War Veterans, Co. 
K, 5th Regiment, M. V. M., 10 years. (1st 
lieut). Republican city committee 1910-'ll- 
'12 (sec. 'ID ; city council 1911; House '12, 
committees on harbors and public lands, 
military affairs. 

'13, military affairs (ch.), election laws. 


LIBBEY, GEORGE W., 22d Middlesex, 
Rep., Melrose. Born Epping, N. H., Oct. 1, 
1858; public schools, academy and com- 
mercial college. Educational work; former- 
ly superintendent of schools. Melrose club, 
Sons and Daughters of New Hampshire. New 
Hampshire House of Representatives 1879- 
'80; Melrose board of aldermen 1906-'07; 
House '12, committee on metropolitan af- 

'13, metropolitan affairs. 


LOMASNEY, MARTIN M., 8th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there, Dec. 3, 1859; pub- 
lic schools. Real estate. Hendricks club. 
Board of aldermen 1893 to 1895; Senate 1896 
and 1897, committees on engrossed bills, 
constitutional amendments, harbors and 
public lands, public health; House 1899, 
1905-'06-'07- , 08- , 09- , ll-'12, committees on met- 
ropolitan affairs, public service, rules, public 
utilities (sp.), ways and means, commission 
on voluntary associations. 

'13, ways and means, metropolitan affairs. 


LOOK, WILLIAM J., 1st Dukes, Rep., 
Tisbury. Born Tisbury, June 20, 1867; pub- 
lic schools. Carpenter and electrical worker. 
A. P. A. M. (master Martha's Vineyard 
lodge 4 yrs., D. D. G. M. 27th Masonic dis- 
trict 2 yrs.) Republican town committee 
15 yrs,. selectman, assessor and overseer of 
poor 9 yrs. (ch. 7 yrs.), county commissioner 
since 1905; House '11-'12, committees on fish- 
eries and game, labor, taxation. 

'13, labor (ch.), fish and game. 


LUCRE, FREDERICK H., 13th Worces- 
ter, Rep., Worcester. Born Greenfield, Sept. 
5, 1869; public schools. Watch and diamond 
business, pres. The Hermann Lucke Co., Inc. 
A. P. A. M., I. O. O. F., Red Men, B. P. O. 
E., Commonwealth club, Tatasit Canoe club. 
Republican city committee 3 yrs., common 
council 3 yrs., board of aldermen 2 yrs. 

House '13, mercantile affairs. 


LYDOX. JOHN J.. 15th Suffolk, Dem., Bos- 
ton. Born there. Nov. 4. 1SS4; public schools. 
Publisher South Boston Inquirer. B. P. O. 
E., K. of C. (4th degree), N. E. O. P., St. 
Augustine's Lyceum. K. of E.. Madison So- 
cial club. South Boston Citizens association, 
9th regiment. M. V. M. (color sergeant). 

House '13. federal relations. 

MAGUIRE, JAMES P., 22d Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born Boston, 1880; public schools, 
Boston Latin. Brokerage business. House 
, 11- , 12, committees on education, counties 

'13, const, amendments. 


MAHONEY, HARRY J., 2d Middlesex, 
Dem., Cambridge. Born there, Nov. 23, 1873; 
public schools. Editor and publisher Cam- 
bridge Sentinel. St. John's Literary Insti- 
tute, Catholic Union, St. Mary's Catholic 
Assoc., K. of C. 

House '13, municipal finance. 


MAHONEY, JOHN C, 15th Worcester, 
Dem., Worcester. Born Ireland, March 22, 
L879; national schools of Ireland, public 
schools of Worcester, evening high, Boston 
Y. M. C. A. Evening Law school (L.L.B. '12), 
Boston University Law school. Clerk 
Worcester water department 9 vrs, lay stu- 
dent. A. O. H., K. C, F. of A., Irish Na- 
tional Foresters, Worcester City Employees' 
Union, Elks, Moose, Aztec club. Democratic 
city committee; House '11-'12, committees 
on legal affairs, elections, municipal in- 
debtedness (sp.). 

'13, municipal finance, public health. 


MANNING, DANIEL C, 11th Essex, Rep., 
Peabody. Born Salem, July 17, 1881; Pea- 
body high school, Harvard college 1904, Har- 
vard Law school 1906. Lawyer. 

House, '13, taxation. 


MANSFIELD, GEORGE E., 4th Plymouth, 
Dem., Rockland. Born North Abington, 
Nov. 2, 1864; public schools. Insurance and 
undertaking. Democratic club of Massachu- 
setts, K. of C., F. of A., M. C. O. F., A. O. 
H., F. O. E., Moose, Massachusetts Insur- 
ance Assoc., Embalmers' Assoc., Undertak- 
ers' Assoc. 

House '13, agriculture. 


MARTIN, JOSIOI'H W., .Jr., 1st Bristol, 
Rep., North Attleboro. Born there, Nov. 8, 
1*84; public schools. Managing editor North 
Attleboro Chronicle. Moose, N. El Moose; 

Assoc. (treas*). Twelfth congressional dis- 
trict committee I yrs. House 12, committee 
on public lighting. 

13, public Lighting, towns (cb.). 


MATUKU, JOHN L.. 1st Hampshire, Uep., 
Northampton. Horn Amherst, .Ian. i>, 1S51; 
public schools, deneral contractor. A. P. 
A. M.. I. O. O. V.. K. P.. Orange, vicc-prcs. 
Massachusetts state board of trade. Mayor 3 
yrs., city council. 

ITonse 18, cities. 


MCCARTHY, JOHN F., 16th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there, July 21, 1880; 
public schools. Clerk. House '11-'12, com- 
mittees on harbors and public lands, public 

'13, liquor law. 


McCULLOUGH, LEO F., 13th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there, July 1, 1882; pub- 
lic, schools. Law student. Common council 
1905-'06-'07-'08-'09 (pres. '09). House '12, 
committees on engrossed bills, drainage. 

'13, taxation. 


McDERMOTT, EDWARD J., 6th Worces- 
ter, Dem., Leicester. Born there, August 8, 
1863; Leicester academy. Retail grocer. 
K. of C. Selectman 6 years, (ch. 3 yrs.), 
overseer of poor, registrar of voters. House 
'12, committee on towns. 

'13, agriculture. 


McETTRICK. MICHAEL J.. 17th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there, 1848; public 
schools. Civil engineer, agent. K. of C, 
A. 0. H., Roxbury Veteran Firemen's Assoc. 
House 1885 to 1891, 1906 and 1907; Senate 
1892; committees on labor (ch.), ways and 
means, education, elections, constitutional 
amendments, woman suffrage, child labor 
(sp.), state expenditures. Congress 1893-'94. 
Senate 1908, committees on federal relations, 
prisons, ways and means. 

House '13, social welfare, rules. 


McGRATH, KDWARD E., 18th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born County Galway, Ire- 
land, Feb. 21, 187G; Irish nati( nal schools, 
Keene (N. H.) high school. Clothing sales- 
man. K. C, M. C. 0. F., A. O. H., Charitable 
Irish society, St. Alphonsus Assoc., 9th regt., 
M. V. M., Gaelic league, Roxbury A. A., 
Shawinut and Pioneer clubs. House '12, 
committee on military affairs. 

'13, military affairs, payroll. 


McGRATH, MICHAEL F., 4th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born Bennington, Vt., March 
24, 1887; public schools, Charlestown high 
1903. Banking and brokerage. A. O. H., 
Catholic Literary Union. 

House '13, banks and banking. 



Mclaughlin, edward f., 12th Suffolk, 

Dem., Boston. Born there, June 6, 1883; pub- 
lic schools, Mechanics Arts high. Life in- 
surance agent. Ward 12 Democratic club. 
House '13, social welfare. 


McMANUS, P. JOSEPH, 19th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there, Nov. 21, 1875; 
public schools, Georgetown university. Law- 
yer. K. of C, A. O. U. W., St. Alphonsus 
Assoc., Avon associates (pres.), Pioneer as- 
sociates, Roxbury Crossing club. 

House '13, public health. 


MEADE, TIMOTHY J., 10th Plymouth, 
Dera., Brockton. Born Boston, Nov. 7, 1874; 
public schools. Shoemaker. K. C. Common 
council 3 yrs., board of aldermen 2 yrs. (ch. 
1 yr.), ex-secretary Democratic city commit- 
tee; House 1908-'09-'10-'ll-'12, committees on 
prisons (clerk), federal relations, cities, 
ways and means, const, amendments, mu- 
nicipal indebtedness (sp). 

'13, cities, municipal finance. 


MEANEfY, .ioiin P., 8th Worcester, Dem., 
Blackstone. Bom Scltuate, K. [., Jan. 
J 880 ; public schools lUackstone, B. U. 
Law school. Lawyer; Special Justice 2d 
Southern Worcester district court. Fores 
ters of America, A. O. II. Town solicitor 
past 10 yrs., tax collector past s yrs., Dem- 
ocratic town committee, state committee 
1908 (ch. executive committee), 1909-'10-'ll. 
Senate '10, committees on legal affairs, 
towns, drainage, public lighting, special on 
milk; House '11-'12, judiciary, agriculture, 
congressional redisricting (sp.), rules, west- 
ern Massachusetts trolleys (sp.). 

'13, judiciary, rules. 


MITCHELL, JOHN, 4th Hampden, Dem., 
Springfield. Bern there, Sept. 4, 1877; pub- 
lic schools. Flour, hay and grain dealer. M. 
C. O. P., Moose, Camp Winch club. House 
'12, committee on fisheries and game. 

'13, public institutions. 


MORGAN, CHARLES H., 7th Essex, Rep., 
"Lawrence. Born there, Jan. 15, 1869; pub- 
lic schools. Wool sorter, newspaper and 
periodical store. I. O. O. F. (P. N. G.) , En- 
campment, Wool Sorters' Benefit Assoc. 
Common council 1901-'02. House , 11-'12 > 
committees on water supply, roads and 

'13, roads and bridges, harbors and lands. 


MORRILL, CHARLES H., 4th Essex, Soc, 
Haverhill. Born there, Oct. 6, 1874; public 
schools. Shoemaker, directory work, col- 
lector, justice of peace. Central Socialist 
club, Men's club of First Universalist church. 
Socialist state committee, assistant as- 
sessor 1902 to '09. House , 10-'11-'12, com- 
mittees on taxation, education. 

'13, education. 


MOULTON, J. WARREN, 3d Worcester, 
Rep., Rutland. Born there, 1867; public 
schools. Woolen manufacturer. Selectman 
since 1906, water commissioner, constable, 
Republican town committee (treas.). 

House '13, roads and bridges. 


54ULVENY, FRANK, 11th Bristol, Rep., 
Pall River. Born there, June 14, 1886; pub- 
lic schools, Bristol County Law school '07. 
Lawyer. I. O. O. F. House '11-'12, commit- 
tees on legal affairs, elections (clerk), tax- 

'13, public health, water supply (ch.). 


MURPHY, DENNIS A., 15th Middlesex, 
Rep., Lowell. Born there, Sept. 26, 1876; 
public and parochial schools, Mt. St. Mary's 
(Emmetsburg, Md.) college, A. B. 1899, Cath- 
olic University (Washington, D. C.) L. L. 

B. 1902. Real estate and farming, principal 
Franklin evening school several years. K. 

C, A. O. H., C. Y. M. L., Celtic associates. 
House '11, public service (clerk). 

'13, public health. 


MURPHY, JOHN J., 14th Suffolk. Dem., 
Boston. Born there, May 23, 1888; public 
schools, South Boston high, Massachusetts 
College of Pharmacy, Boston University Law 
school. Pharmacist. A. O. H., Kappa Psi, 
South Boston High School Alumni Assoc , 
South Boston Press, Congress and South 
Boston Collegiate clubs, Flood associates. 
House '12, committee on drainage. 

'13, liquor law. 


MURRAY, PATRICK E., Jr., 18th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there; public schools, 
Roxbury high. Undertaker. Ward 18 Demo- 
cratic club, M. C. O. F., K. of C, A. O. H., 
A. O. U. W. Democratic ward committee. 

House '13, public lighting. 


NAPHEN, WILLIAM J., 6th Middlesex, 
Rep., Natick. Born there, Dec. 6, 1879; pub- 
lic schools, Boston Y. M. C. A. Law s hool 
1903. Lawyer. Natick Commercial club. 
Republican town committee 1905-'06-'07-'08 
(sec. '06-'07). House '12, committee on in- 

'13, insurance, federal relations. 


NA.°:ON, PARKER H., 26th Essex, Rep., 
West Newbury. Born there, Jan. 3, 1870; 
public schools, Emerson College of Oratory. 
Farmer, writer, public reader. Essex Repub- 
lican club, West Newbury Men's club, Jr. O. 
U. A. M. Republican town committee 15 yrs. 
(ch. 12 yrs.), library trustee 18 yrs. (ch. 16 
yrs.), moderator 10 yrs., school committee 8 
yrs., inspector of animals 3 yrs. 

House '13, agriculture. 


NEWHALL, ARTHUR N., 31st Middlesex, 
Rep., Stoneham. Born Appleton, Me., Sept. 
26, 1873; public schcols. Shoe stock manu- 
facturer. Knights of Pythias, Red Men, 
Spanish War Veterans. Selectman 1905- 
'06- , 07-'08- , 09- , 10-'ll. House '12, committees 
on drainage, state house (clerk). 

'13, state house, military affairs. 


NUTTING, EDWARD H., 11th Worcester, 
Rep., Leominster. Born there, July 6, 1869; 
public schools. Retired; proprietor Leomin- 
ster Baking Co. 10 yrs. Leominster club, 
board of trade, I. O. O. F., I. O. R. M., K. P., 
B. P. O. E., R. A. Selectman 190S-'09-'10-'ll- 
'12 (ch. '09-'10). 

House '13, water supply. 


O'BRIEN, WILLIAM P., 17th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born Lewiston, Me.; public 
schools, Lowell Textile school. Blanket 
manufacturing. Tammany club (pres.), A. 
O. U. W. (P. M. W.), A. O. H. House '12, 
committee on state house. 

'13, water supply, bills 3d reading. 


O'KEEFE, J. HOWARD, 5th Bristol, Rep., 
Taunton. Born there, Nov. 3, 1883; public 
schools, Brown University 1906 (A. B., A. 
M.), Harvard Law school 1909. Lawyer. 
Knights of Columbus. Republican city com- 
mittee. House '12, committee on legal af- 

'13, legal affairs, payroll (ch.), bills 3d 


O'LEARY, JEREMIAH, 9th Norfolk, Dem., 
Sharon. Born there, Dec. 12, 1861; public 
schools. Contractor. M. C. O. P. (C. R.), 
A. O. H., Democratic town committee 20 yrs. 
(ch. 8 yrs.). House '11, counties. 

'13, counties. 


QRSTROM, CHARLES A., 18th Worces- 
ter, Dem., Worcester. Born Sweden, March 
17, 1878; public schools in Sweden. Barber. 
I. O. O. F., Red Men, Swedish Charitable 
Assoc., Svea Gills and Engelbrackt cluts. 
Democratic city committee 5 yrs.; common 
council 5 yrs., board of aldermen 1 yr. ; 
House '11-'12, committees on public lighting, 
banks and banking. 

'13, banks and banking. 


PARKER, JOSEPH H., Jr., 20th Middle- 
sex, Dem., Woburn. Born there Apr. 16, 
1871; public schools. Furniture and carpet 
buyer. Towanda and Bay Side Smelt clubs. 
House '11-'12, committee on metropolitan 
affairs (clerk). 

'13, metropolitan affairs. 


PARSONS, HENRY H., 23d Essex, Rep., 
Gloucester. Born there, August 11, I860; 
public schools. Building mover. Red Men, 
K. P., Lynn, Hamilton and Cape Ann Driv- 
ing clubs. Common council 2 yrs., board of 
aldermen 2 yrs., mayor 3 yrs. House '12, 
committee on harbors and public lands. 

'13, harbors and lands, counties. 


PARSONS, NORMAN B., 20th Worcester, 
Rep., Worcester. Born there, Sept. 28, 1865; 
public schools. Farmer and surveyor. 
Worcester Republican club (treas. 4 yrs.), 
, Knights of Pythias. Common council 1903- 
'04-'05. House '12, committee on drainage. 

'13, counties, const, amendments. 


PEIRCE, FRANK D., 29th Middlesex, Rep., 
Lexington. Born there Jan. 2, 1851; public 
schools, business college. Provision dealer; 
trustee Lexington Savings bank and mem- 
ber of investment committee. Republican 
town committee 5 years, selectman 8 years 
(ch. 5 years), overseer of poor, highway sur- 
veyor, trustee of public trusts. 

House '13, metropolitan affairs. 


PEPIN, CHAUNCBY, 18th Essex, Rep., 
Salem. Born Quidneck, R. I., March 5, 1869; 
Salem public schools. Watchmaker and 
musician. St. Jean Baptiste Fraternal 
Assoc., Lynn Musicians Assoc., Union, Cana- 
dian, Klondike and French Naturalization 
clubs. Common council 1900-'01-'02. House 
'12, committee on water supply. 

'13, mercantile affairs. 


PERRY, LAURENCE S., 7th Bristol, Rep. k 
New Bedford. Born there Feb. 21, 1883; 
public schools, University of Maine Law 
school 1907. Lawyer. Sigma Beta Pi, Phi 
Kappa Phi. House 1909-'10-'12, committees 
on libraries, education, legal affairs. 

'13, taxation, insurance. 


PIPER, HORACE H., 8th Middlesex, Rep., 
Ashland. Born there 1855; public schools. 
Blacksmith and wheelwright. I. O. O. F., 
R. A., Republican town committee 8 years. 

House '13, towns. 


POOLE, WILLIAM H., 30th Middlesex. 
Rep., Belmont. Born Weymouth, Dec. 21, 
1864; public schools, Comer's Commercial 
college. Proprietor Poole Piano Co. A. F. 
A. M., Pilgrim Fathers. Auditor 2 years, 
assessor 7 years, finance committee, Repub- 
lican town committee. 

House '13, mercantile affairs, labor. 


PRATT, ALMON L., 4th Hampshire, Rep., 
Belchertown. Born there Nov. 6, 1863; pub- 
lic schools. Lumberman. A. F. A. M., 
Grange. Assessor 12 years. 

House '13, towns, elections. 


sex, Rep., Haverhill. Born there Sept. 13, 
1885; University of Alabama Law school. 
Lawyer. Elks, K. P. House 1909-'10-'12, 
committees on engrossed bills, constitu* 
tional amendments, legal affairs, public 
lighting (clerk). 

'13, railroads. 


PRIME, WINFIELD F., 27th Middlesex, 
Rep., Winchester. Born Charlestown, Nov. 
22, 1860; public schools, Boston University 
Law school. Lawyer. Republican Club of 
Massachusetts, A. F. A. M. 32d degree, I. O. 
O. F. House 1890 (from Charlestown), 
committee on probate and insolvency. 

'13, judiciary. 


PUTNAM, HARRY B., 12th Hampden, 
Rep., Westfield. Born there Sept. 7, 1878; 
public schools, Boston University Law 
school 1899. Lawyer; trustee Westfield 
Savings bank. A. F. A. M., R. A. C, K. T., 
M. S., Grange, S. of V., Westfield club; Rep. 
town committee 6 years. Town counsel 3 
years. House '11-'12, committees on judi- 
ciary, rules, ways and means (clerk). 

'13, ways and means, rules. 


QUINN, JOHN E., 1st Middlesex, Dem., 
Cambridge. Born there Dec. 20, 1884; pub- 
lic schools, Harvard Summer school, even- 
ing law school. Lawyer. Knights of Colum- 
bus, St. John's Literary Institute. Common 
council 1908-'ll, House '12, committee on 
legal affairs. 

'13, legal affairs, engrossed bills. 


RIEUTORD, LOUIS O., 5th Worcester, 
Dem., Southbridge. Born Springfield, May 
13, 1873; public schools, College de L'As- 
somption (P. Q.) Lawyer. Conseil Ro- 
chambeou, L'Union St. Jean Baptiste d' 
Amerique. Town counsel. House '12, com- 
mittee on mercantile affairs. 

'13, legal affairs. 


ROBINSON, ROBERT, 8th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there Jan. 4, 1889; Phillips 
grammar. Boston Latin, English High 
schools (class orator English High 1906), 
Boston University Law school 1910. Law- 
yer. Hendricks club, Hebrew Citizens' 
league (sec), I. O. B. A., I. O. U. H., Pi 
Sigma Alpha, K. of P., Pearson Literary 
association, sup't first Jewish Sunday 
school 4 years, director boys' clubs at 
Frances Willard settlement, Frances Newell 
settlement and Junior Zionist Council of 
N. E. 

House '13, cities. 


ROBINSON, WILLIAM M., 26th Suffolk, 
Rep., Chelsea. Born there July 21, 1875; 
public schools, Worcester academy. Furni- 
ture. Masons. Alderman 4 years (chair- 
man finance committee) ; House 1907-'08- 
'09-'10, committees on election laws, street 
railways, federal relations (clerk). 

'13, street railways. 


RUSSELL, WALTER F., 10th Plymouth, 
Dem., Brockton. Born Sandwich, March 15, 
1866; Brockton public schools. Railroad- 
ing, shoe cutter. Plymouth County Demo- 
cratic club, Owls. 

House '13, labor. 


SANBORN, CLIFFORD B.. 10th Norfolk, 
Rep., Norwood. Born there Aug. 1, 1874; 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1895, 
Harvard Law school, '99. Lawyer; clerk 
district court of Northern Norfolk. I. O. O. 
F., A. F. A. M., K. T., Norwood Business 
Assoc, (pres. 1907-08). School board 7 
years (ch. 5 years), sewer commission, 
moderator since 1904. 

House '13, education. 


SANBORN, JOHN C., 5th Essex, Dem., 
Lawrence. Born Lawrence Dec. 1, 1868; 
Lawrence high school, Dartmouth college 
1891, Boston University Law school '96, 
Lawyer, formerly school teacher. A. F. A. 
M., Home club of Lawrence (director), Mer* 
rimack Valley Country club (former direc- 
tor), Lyra society. House '11-'12, commit- 
tees on judiciary, congressional redisrict- 
ing (sp.) 

'13, ways and means. 


Dem., Lawrence. Born Frankfort, Germany, 
July 23, 1882; public schools, Lawrence com- 
mercial school. Book-keeper and clerk, 
L O. O. F., Encampment, Loyra Glee Club, 
House , 11- , 12, committee on public chari- 
table institutions (clerk). 

'13, public institutions. 


SEARS, HENRY H., 2d Barnstable, Rep., 
Dennis. Born there July 17, 1845; public 
and private schools. Merchant until 1907, 
director Cape Cod National bank, vice-pre&. 
Bass River Savings bank. A. F. A. M. 
(P. M.), K. P., Red Men, Grange. Select- 
man 13 years (ch. 12 years), assessor, 
school committee 9 years, trustee and treas. 
Jacob Sears Memorial Library corporation. 

House '13, banks and banking. 



SESSIONS, WILLIAM J., 2d Hampden, 
Rep., Hampden. Born there Dec. 18, 1859; 
Wesleyan academy, Brimfield high. Agri- 
culture and stock raising in South Dakota 
until 1894, agriculture and fruit raising in 
Massachusetts since. A. F. A. M., Grange. 
School board and legislature in South Da- 
kota (committees on judiciary, ways and 
means, irrigation and drainage, engrossed 
and enrolled bills, ch.) ; in Hampden, select- 
man, moderator, Republican town commit- 
tee (ch. last 15 years). 

House '13, public service. 


SHARP, BENJAMiJN, 1st Nantucket, Rep., 
Nantucket. Eorn Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 1, 
1858; Coffin school, Nantucket, Swarthmore 
college, U. of P. Medical school 1879, Uni- 
versities of Berlin, Leipsic, Wuerzburg (Ph. 
D. '83). Zoologist. Academy of Natural 
Scientists, Athletic Club of Nantucket, 
Zoologist Peary expedition 1891, professor 
zoology U. of P. House , 10-'11- , 12, commit- 
tees on libraries (ch.), fisheries and game 
(ch.), public health. 

'13, fish and game (ch.), public health. 


SHEPARD, HERBERT N., 4th Worcester, 
Rep., Warren. Born there Oct. 6, 1870; 
public schools, Worcester Business college. 
Lumber business and manager dairy farm. 
West Brookfield Farmers' club (pres. 1903), 
Worcester South Agricultural society (ex- 
ecutive committee), Red Men, Grange (mas- 
ter). Republican town committee, overseer 
poor 5 years (ch. 3 years). 
• House '13, public institutions. 


SHERBURNE, JOHN H., 2d Norfolk, 
Rep., Brookline. Born Boston, Jan. 29. 1877; 
Hopkinson's school, Harvard college 1899. 
Harvard Law school 1901. Lawyer. Capt. 
Battery A, Field Artillery, M. V. M., Massa- 
chusetts club, Republican club of Massa- 
chusetts, Brookline republican club, Boston 
City club, Boston Athletic Assoc., Masons 
Republican town committee. House '12, 
committee on metropolitan affairs. 

? 13, const, amendments, state house. 


SMITH, CHARLES D., 22d Essex, Dem., 
Gloucester. Born Shapleigh, Me.; public 
schools Maine and New Hampshire, studied 
law in office of late Hon. William D. North- 
end of Salem. Lawyer. Knights of Pythias 
(past chancellor, member grand lodge and 
grand tribunal). Former clerk of Glouces- 
ter police court, common council 1894-'95. 
HO'ise '12, committee on taxation. 

'13, mercantile affairs. 


SMITH, JEROME S., 3d Barnstable, Rep., 
Provincetown. Born there Nov. 19, 1850; 
public schools. Dairy business; formerly 
engaged in beef business and followed sea 
for 5 years. Masons, Odd Fellows. House 
'12, committee on fisheries and game. 

'13, fish and game, labor. 


SMITH, RALPH M. s 26th Middlesex, Rep., 
Somerville. Born Provincetown, June 23, 
1883; Somerville Latin school, Y. M. C. A. 
Law school. Lawyer. West Somerville board 
of trade, Clarendon club. Board of aldermen 
1909-'10-'ll (vice-pres. 10, pres. '11). 

House '13, military affairs. 


SPENCER, HENRY B., 11th Hampden, 
Rep., Holyoke. Born Springfield, June 28, 
1848; public schools. Telegraph operator, 
fire inspector, caretaker Mt. Tcm reserva- 
tion. Holyoke Republican club (vice-pres.) ; 
Republican city committee 37 years. 

House '13, harbors and lands. 


STEVENS, JOHN G., 16th Essex, Dem., 
Marblehead. Born there April 15, 1874; 
public schools. Shoe manufacturer. I. O. 
O. F., Encampment, Red Men, Marblehead 
club, Veteran Firemen's Assoc. Overseer 
of poor 1905-'06, selectman 1907-'08-'09-'10. 
House, '11-'12, committees on fisheries and 
game, harbors and public lands (clerk). 

'13, street railways. 


STONE, JOHN H., 24th Middlesex, Rep., 
Everett. Born Boston, August 22, 1881; 
public schools, Maiden high, 1900; Harvard 
college '04, Harvard Law school '07. Law* 
yer. A. F. A. M., K. T., Middlesex Bar 
Assoc., Everett board of trade, Kappa Gam- 
ma Chi club of Harvard. Common council 

House '13, mercantile affairs. 


STREETER, MERRILL E., 7th Hampden, 
Rep., Springfield. Born Wilbraham, August 
2, 1850; public schools, Wilbraham academy. 
Carriage maker until 1909, since then 
cement construction. A. F. A. M. Repub- 
lican city committee 3 years, common coun- 
cil 1 year, alderman 2 years. 

House '13, fish and game. 


SULLIVAN, BENJAMIN F., 1st Suffolk, 
Lem., Boston. Born there Jan. 25, 1875; 
public schools. Real estate; 5 years in 
Boston fire department. Elks, Knights of 
Columbus, East Boston Catholic Literary 
Assoc., East Boston and Orient Heights 
Yacht clubs. House '12, committee on 

'13, public service. 


SULLIVAN. DAVID F.. 10th Hampden, 
Dem., Holyoke. Born Canton, April 4. 1870; 
public schools. Insurance; formerly cotton 
operative and later paper maker. Eagle 
lodge of Papermakers, 3 years international 
organizer of International Brotherhood of 
Papermakers of America. Democratic city 
committee 1911-'12. 

House '13, harbors and lands. 


SULLIVAN, LEWIS R., 20th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there August 29, 1874; 
public schools. Auditor Boston Central 
Labor union, Ward 20 Democratic club, Dor- 
chester Catholic club, Meeting House Hill 
Improvement Assoc. Alternate to Demo- 
cratic national convention 1912, Ward 20 
Democratic committee. 

House '13, const, amendments. 


SULLIVAN, MICHAEL T., 5th Norfolk, 
Dem., Quincy. Born there Jan. 25, 1866; 
public schools. Real estate and insurance; 
formerly granite cutter. K. of C. 

House '13, insurance. 


SULLIVAN, THOMAS D., 10th Bristol, 
Dem., Fall River. Born there April 28, 
1875; public schools, Bristol County Law 
school. Lawyer; grocery business 1897-'06. 
K. of C. (P. G. K.), Young Men's Temper- 
ance society, Catholic club (ex-pres.), 
Union club (ex-pres.), Moose (ex-pres.). 

House '13, labor. 


SULLIVAN, WILLIAM J., 13th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there April 14, 1865; 
public schools, Boston University Law 
school. Lawyer. K. C, A. 0. H., M. C. 
O. F., N. E. O. P., St. Vincent de Paul 
society, Columbus Day Nursery. Common 
council 1891-'92; House 1901-'02, committees 
on probate and chancery, judiciary; trus- 
tee pauper institutions city of Boston 1905- 
'06-'07; House '11-'12, mercantile affairs, 
public charitable institutions. 

'13, judiciary. 


TAYLOR, SAMUEL L., 11th Middlesex, 
Rep., Westford. Born there, Dec. 4, 1845; 
public schools, Westford academy. Farmer. 
Masons, Grange (p. m.), Troop F Cavalry 
Assoc., board of trade, Middlesex North 
Agricultural society (trustee). Assessor 
past 15 years (several years ch.), registrar 
of voters. 

House '13, agriculture. 


folk, Rep., Plainville. Born there (then 
part of Wrentham), March 31, 1854; public 
schools. Merchant; director and trustee 
Plainville Loan Assoc. Republican town 
committee, selectman and overseer of poor 
of Wrentham. House '12, committee on 

'13, counties (ch.), roads and bridges. 


TOOMEY, EUGENE F., 16th Middlesex, 
Dem., Lowell. Born there April 21, 1875; 
public schools. Clerk. K. C., A. O. H., 
Mathew Temperance society, Young Men's 
Catholic Institute. School committee 1907- 
'08-'09-'10. House , 11-'12, committees on fed- 
eral relations (clerk), public charitable in- 

'13, public institutions. 


TUFTS, NATHAN A., 5th Middlesex, 
Rep., Waltham. Born Fitchburg, April 15, 
1879; Fitchburg High school '96, Brown Uni- 
versity '00, B. U. Law school '03. Lawyer. 
Republican club of Waltham, D. U. frater- 
nity, Elks (P. E. R.), I. O. O. F., Masons. 
Board of aldermen 3 years (chairman finance 
committee '09). House , 10- , 11- , 12, commit- 
tees on engrossed bills (ch.), election laws, 
legal affairs (ch.), congressional redisrict- 
ing (special), rules. 

'13, legal affairs (ch.), rules. 


TYLER, E. WARREN, 1st Worcester, 
Rep., Athol. Born there, Feb. 19,1874; pub- 
lic schools, business college. Fruit grow- 
ing; grocer. Masons, Knights Templar, Po- 
quaig club. Water commissioner, selectman 
2 years (ch. 1 year). House '12, committee 
on public lighting. 

'13, street railways. 


UNDERHILL, CHARLES L., 25th Middle- 
sex, Rep., Somerville. Born Richmond, Va., 
July 20, 1867; public schools. Hardware 
dealer. Elks, Masons, R. A., Y. M. C. A., 
Winter Hill Improvement association, board 
of trade, Central club, Ward 5 Republican 
club; House 1902-'03- , 08- , 09- , 10-'ll- , 12, com- 
mittees on federal relations (ch.), cities 
(clerk), counties, payroll, rules, public light- 
ing (ch.), public utilities (sp.), military af- 
fairs, street railways. 

'13, public lighting (ch.), railroads. 

VINCENT, JOHN M., 6th Bristol, Rep., 
Acushnet. Born there, Jan. 7, 1856; public 
schools. Farmer. 

House '13, roads and bridges. 


WALLACE, JOHN R., 15th Essex, Dem., 
Lynn. Born Keyport, N. J., Jan. 18, 1877; 
public schools, Holmes college (Keyport, 
N. J.). Salesman and broker. M. C. O. F., 
F. of A., Colonial, Pine Hill Improvement 
and European Tourist clubs. House '12, 
committee on towns. 

'13, towns, federal relations. 


WARNER, JOSEPH E., 4th Bristol, Rep., 
Taunton. Born there, May 16, 1884; public 
schools, Harvard 1906. Lawyer. City 
council 1907-'ll. 

House '13, ways and means. 


WASHBURN, ROBERT M., 22d Worces- 
ter, Rep., Worcester. Born there Jan. 4, 
1868; public schools, Harvard college. 
Lawyer. Republican club of Massachusetts, 
Worcester County Republican club, Quin- 
sigamond Boat club, Worcester club. Re- 
publican city committee; House 1908-'09-'10- 
, 11-'12, committees on liquor law, libraries, 
special on Southbridge Savings bank, rail- 
roads (ch.), rules, public utilities (sp.), 
ways and means (ch.). 

'13, railroads, street railways. 


mouth, Rep., Scituate. Born there August 
12, 1870; public schools. Plumbing and 
hardware; trustee South Scituate Savings 
bank, director Rockland Trust company. 
Selectman and assessor 1907-'08-'09 (ch. 
'09), school committee, Republican town 

House '13, towns. 


WEBSTER, CHARLES H., 4th Franklin, 
Prog., Northfield. Born there Oct. 27, 1866: 
public schools, Powers' Institute (Bernard- 
ston). Lawyer; formerly druggist and be- 
fore that proprietor general store. A. F. A. 
M. (P. M.), R. A. M., K. T., O. E. S. (patron). 

House '13, public lighting. 


WEBSTER, GEORGE P., 10th Essex, 
Prog., Boxford. Born there, Jan. 9, 1877; 
public schools. Farmer. Essex Republican 
club, Masons, Grange, O. U. A. M., Spanish 
War Veterans. House, '12, committee on 
federal relations. 

'13, agriculture. 


WHITE, THOMAS W., 4th Middlesex, 
Rep., Newton. Born there Jan. 10, 1876; 
public schools, Mass. College of Pharmacy. 
Druggist. Middlesex, Newton Players', Bos- 
ton City clubs, I. O. O. F., Masons, Knights 
Templar, Shriners. House '10-'11-'12, com- 
mittees on ways and means, election laws, 
commission on voluntary associations. 

'13, ways and means, rules. 


WILLIAMS, CHARLES H., 19th Middle- 
sex, Rep., Billerica. Born England 1868: 
public schools. Baptist clergyman; former 
ly granite cutting (supt). A. F. A. M. 

House '13, labor. 

WILSON, HERBERT A., 25th Suffolk, 
Rep., Boston. Born there Nov. 27, 1870; 
public schools. Engineer; formerly in en* 
gineering department city of Boston for 22 
years. Ward 25 Republican club, Lincoln 
club, Neighborhood club, Aberdeen club, 
Faneuil Improvement Assoc., American So- 
ciety of Civil Engineers. 

House '13, metropolitan affairs. 


WILSON, THOMAS E. P., 12th Essex, 
Rep., Lynn. Born Peabody, March 22, 1878; 
public schools, Boston University Law 
school. Lawyer. A. F. A. M., Theta Epsilon 
club, Phi Delta Phi club. Republican city 
committee (ch. '12). 

House '13, legal affairs. 


WING, CLARENCE J., 3d Norfolk, Rep., 
Boston. Born Belfast, Me., July 8, 1880; 
Bangor, Me., high school, Boston University 
Law school '04. Lawyer. I. O. O. F., K. P., 
Red Men. Town clerk Hyde Park 1909-'12. 

House '13, water supply. 


WOOD, JUDSON L, 2d Worcester, Rep., 
Gardner. Born Millbury; public schools, 
Brown University 1879. President Gardner 
Journal Publishing Co. and editor Gardner 
Journal; engaged in educational work for 
32 years as teacher public and private 
schools, high school principal, supervisor of 
schools and lecturer at N. Y. state summer 
schools. Delta Upsilon, Gardner Boat club. 
House '12, committees on education, liquor 

'13, liquor law (ch.), education. 


WORRALL, GEORGE M., 1st Bristol, 
Rep., Attleboro. Born Marshfield, Dec. 11, 
1869; public schools of Pawtucket, R. I., 
East Greenwich academy. Real estate and 
insurance; formerly superintendent of 
transportation on street railway. A. F. A. 
M. L O. O. F., Grange, board of trade, Bristol 
County Assessors' Assoc. (vice-pres.), 
Selectman (ch.), assessors (ch.), sewer 
committee (sec), New Form of Government 
committee, formerly school committeeman. 

House '13, street railways. 


WRIGHT, GEORGE L., 10th Worcester, 
Rep., Boylston. Born there, Dec. 31, 185G; 
public schools, private tutor. Surveyor and 
conveyancer; former school teacher. Masons 
(P. M.), I. O. O. F. (P. G.), S. of V. (P. C.), 
Grange, City and Town Clerks' Assoc. of 
Worcester county (exec. com.). Town clerk 
since 1891, selectman 13 yrs. (ch. 11 yrs.), 
school committee 28 yrs. (ch. 26 yrs.), trus- 
tee public library 1880-1912, moderator, Re- 
publican town committee. 

House '13, taxation. 


WRIGHT, HENRY D., 1st Franklin, Rep., 
Rowe. Born there, Jan. 18, 1872; Deerfield 
academy. Farmer. House '12, committee on 
liquor law. 

'13, agriculture, liquor law. 


WYMAN, WINDSOR H., 5th Plymouth, 
Rep., Abington. Born Peru, Me., April 14, 
1857; Hebron academy, Waterville Classical 
institute, Waterville college 1882, Newton 
Theological institute '86. Nurseryman since 
1894, proprietor Bay State Nurseries, North 
Abington, and Framingham Nurseries. 

House '13, social welfare. 





Messrs. Stearns of Middlesex, Allen of 
Middlesex, Hobbs of Worcester, Norwood 
of Essex and Mack of Berkshire. 

Ways and Means. 

Messrs. Eldridge of the Cape, Fay of 
Middlesex, Ward of Franklin and Hamp- 
shire, Gordon of Hampden and Fisher of 

Bills in the Third Reading. 

Messrs. Williams of Norfolk, Hickey of 
Suffolk and Draper of Middlesex. 

Engrossed Bills. 

Messrs. Garst of Worcester, McGonagle 
of Suffolk and Brennan of Suffolk. 


The President, and Messrs. Blanchard of 
Middlesex, Allen of Middlesex, Coolidge of 
Berkshire, Hampshire and Hampden and 
Timilty of Suffolk. 




The Speaker, and Messrs. White of New- 
ton, Bothfeld of Newton, Cox of Boston, 
Bliss of Maiden, Tufts of Waltham, Putnam 
of Westfield, Duncan of Clinton, Fowle of 
Newburyport, Meaney of Blackstone and 
McEttrick of Boston. 

Ways and Means. 

Messrs. Crocker of Boston, White of New- 
ton, Putnam of Westfield, Hersey of Hing- 
ham, Blodgett of Maiden, Fowle of New- 
buryport, Hull of Great Barrington, Warner 
of Taunton, Conway of Boston, Lomasney 
of Boston and Sanborn of Lawrence. 

The Judiciary. 

Messrs. Cox of Boston, Barnes of Mans- 
field, Clark of Lee, Drury of Waltham, Hill 
of Lynn, Prime of Winchester, Abbott of 
Haverhill, Coggan of Maiden, Meaney of 
Blackstone, W. J. Sullivan of Boston and 
Gordon of Boston. 


Messrs. Barnes of Mansfield, Craig of 
Lowell, Booth of Fall River, Pratt of Bel- 
chertown, Atwood of Middleboro, Fitzpat- 
rick of Lawrence and Gallagher of Milton. 

Bills in the Third Reading. 

Messrs. Drury of Waltham, O'Keefe of 
Taunton and Grady of Dedham. 

Engrossed Bills. 

Messrs. Eaton of Concord, Casassa of 
Revere and Quinn of Cambridge. 

Pay Roll. 

Messrs. O'Keefe of Taunton, Gifford of 
Barnstable and E. E. McGrath of Boston. 



SENATE— Messrs. Ward of Franklin and 
Hampshire, Wheeler of Worcester and 
Hampden and Fisher of Middlesex. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Eames of Andover, 
Wright of Rowe, Taylor of Westford, 
Darling of Sunderland, Nason of West New- 
bury, Webster of Boxford, McDermott of 
Leicester and Mansfield of Rockland. 

Banks and Banking. 

SENATE — Messrs. Fay of Middlesex, 
Eldridge of the Cape and Hickey of Suf- 

HOUSE — Messrs. Curtin of Brookline, 
Sears of Dennis, Fessenden of Townsend, 
Ferry of Northbridge, Barry of Lynn, Or- 


strom of Worcester, Doherty of Fall River 
and M. F. McGrath of Boston. 


SENATE— Messrs. Hobbs of Worcester, 
Bellamy of Bristol, Halley of Essex and 
Horgan of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Doyle of New Bedford, 
Bliss of Maiden, Fellows of Fitchburg, Babb 
of Boston, Caro of Chelsea, Mather of 
Northampton, Graham of Lawrence, Meade 
of Brockton, Hurley of Marlboro, Cotter of 
Lynn and Robinson of Boston. 

Constitutional Amendments. 

SENATE— Messrs. Wells of Essex, Ward 
of Franklin and Hampshire and McGonagle 
of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Sherburne of Brookline, 
Ballantyne of Boston, Parsons of Worces- 
ter, Hurlburt of Worcester, Fellows of 
Fitchburg, Fitzpatrick of Lawrence, Ma- 
guire of Boston and Lewis R. Sullivan of 


SENATE — Messrs. Norwood of Essex, Mc- 
Devitt of Norfolk and Joyce of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Thompson of Plainville, 
Parsons of Worcester, Parsons of Glouces- 
ter, Cook of New Bedford, Davies of North 
Adams, Kelly of Salem, O'Leary of Sharon 
and Anderson of Boston. 



SENATE— Messrs. Ross of Bristol, Clark 
of Plymouth and Halley of Essex. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Haines of Medford, 
Greenwood of Everett, Wood of Gardner, 
Armstrong of Somerville, Sanborn of Nor- 
wood, Morrill of Haverhill, Grady of Ded- 
ham and Lawler of Boston. 

Election Laws. 

SENATE — Messrs. Chace of Essex, Garst 
of Worcester and Joyce of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Kennard of Somerville, 
Jewett of Lowell, Leslie of Quincy, Keenan 
of Lynn, Carman of Springfield, John L. 
Donovan of Boston, Casey of Boston and 
Horan of Cambridge. 

Federal Relations. 

SENATE — Messrs. McLane of Bristol, 
Eldridge of the Cape and Horgan of Suf- 

HOUSE— Messrs. Hathaway of New Bed- 
ford, Naphen of Natick, Andrews of Wo- 
burn, Kinney of Boston, Annis of Lynn, 
Griffin of Boston, Wallace of Lynn and 
Lydon of Boston. 

Fisheries and Game. 

SENATE— Messrs. Fay of Middlesex, 
Hobbs of Worcester and Quigley of Hamp- 


HOUSE — Messrs. Sharp of Nantucket, 
Smith of Providence, Look of Tisbury, Ark- 
well of Worcester, Streeter of Springfield, 
Churchill of Plymouth, Hall of Pittsfield 
and Bodfish of Wareham. 

Harbors and Public Lands. 

SENATE— Messrs. Bellamy of Bristol, 
Bagley of Suffolk and McDevitt of Norfolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Keenan of Lynn, Mor- 
gan of Lawrence, Parsons of Gloucester, 
Spencer of Holyoke, Buckley of Brockton, 
Giblin of Boston and Sullivan of Holyoke. 


SENATE— Messrs. Montague of Suffolk, 
Wells of Essex, Fitzgerald of Suffolk and 
Brennan of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Hurlburt of Worcester, 
Naphen of Natick, Achin of Lowell, Faxon 
of Fitchburg, Perry of New Bedford, Faulk- 
ner of Pittsfield, Harrop of Worcester, 
Leonard of Boston, Coughlan of Maynard, 
Chapman of Boston and Sullivan of Quincy. 


SENATE— Messrs. Ross of Bristol, Chace 
of Essex and Quigley of Hampden. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Look of Tisbury, Smith 
of Provincetown, Curtin of Brookline, Wil- 
liams of Billerica, Poole of Belmont> Sulli- 
van of Fall River, Russell of Brockton and 
Courtney of Springfield. 


Legal Affairs. 

SENATE— Messrs. Hilton of Middlesex, 
Wells of Essex, Montague of Suffolk and 
Horgan of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Tufts of Waltham, 
Haines of Medford, O'Keefe of Taunton, 
Hayes of Ipswich, Wilson of Lynn, Casassa 
of Revere, Ferring of Fall River, Quinn of 
Cambridge, Rieutord of Southbridge, Baci- 
galupo of Boston and Ahern of Boston. 

Liquor Law. 

SENATE— Messrs. McLane of Bristol, 
Clark of Plymouth and McDevitt of Norfolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Wood of Gardner, Doyle 
of New Bedford, Wright of Rowe, Bigelow 
of Framingham, Atwood of Middleboro, 
McCarthy of Boston, Brogna of Boston and 
John J. Murphy of Boston. 

Mercantile Affairs. 

SENATE— Messrs. Bagley of Suffolk, 
Johnson of Essex, Timilty of Suffolk and 
McGonagle of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Eldridge of Somerville, 
Butler of Lowell, Pepin of Salem, Poole of 
Belmont, Stone of Everett, Lucke of Wor- 
cester, Ducharme of Taunton, Chandler of 
East Bridgewater, Harrington of Fall River, 
Carbary of Milford and Smith of Gloucester. 


Metropolitan Affairs. 

SENATE— Messrs. Allen of Middlesex, 
Stearns of Middlesex, Williams of Norfolk 
and Joyce of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Bothfeld of Newton, 
Ballantyne of Boston, Libbey of Melrose, 
Beck of Chelsea, Wilson of Boston, Pierce 
of Lexington, Dolben of Somerville, Lomas- 
ney of Boston, Parker of Woburn, Brophy 
of Boston and Brennan of Cambridge. 

Military Affairs. 

SENATE — Messrs. Norwood of Essex, 
Stearns of Middlesex and McCarthy of Mid- 

HOUSE — Messrs. Leslie of Quincy. An- 
drews of Woburn, Newhall of Stoneham, 
Smith of Somerville, Ferguson of Millbury, 
E. E. McGrath of Boston, Donovan of Cam- 
bridge and Benson of Boston. 

Municipal Finance. 

SENATE — Messrs. Hersey of Plymouth, 
Coolidge of Berkshire, Hampshire and 
Hampden and Brennan of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Bliss of Maiden, Doyle 
of New Bedford, Hays of Boston, Hardy of 
Huntington, Felton of Greenfield, Meade of 
Brockton, Mahoney of Worcester and Ma- 
honey of Cambridge. 

Public Health. 

SENATE— Messrs. Clark of Plymouth, 


Norwood of Essex and McCarthy of Middle- 

HOUSE — Messrs. Bigelow of Framing- 
ham, Sharp of Nantucket, Mulveny of Fall 
River, Hart of Webster, Bradstreet of Dan- 
vers, Mahoney of Worcester, McManus of 
Boston and Murphy of Lowell. 

Public Institutions. 

SENATE — Messrs. Wheeler of Worcester 
and Hampden, Wells of Essex and Draper of 

HOUSE — Messrs. Greenwood of Everett, 
Arkwell of Worcester, LeBoeuf of Fall 
River, Fosgate of Ashburnham, Shepard of 
Warren, Schlapp of Lawrence, Toomey of 
Lowell and Mitchell of Springfield. 

Public Lighting. 

SENATE — Messrs. Gordon of Hampden, 
Blanchard of Middlesex, Montague of Suf- 
folk and Timilty of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Underhill of Somerville, 
Booth of Fall River, Hays of Boston, Martin 
of North Attleboro, Belding of Spring- 
field, Farnsworth of Leominster, Webster 
of Northfield, Carr of Boston, Flanagan of 
Worcester, Brennan of Boston and Murray 
of Boston. 

Public Service. 

SENATE— Messrs. Garst of Worcester, 
Johnson of Essex and Halley of Essex. 


HOUSE— Messrs. Gifford of Barnstable, 
Collins of Amesbury, Craig of Lowell, Ses- 
sions of Hampden, Felker of Avon, B. F. 
Sullivan of Boston, Carney of Boston and 
Buckley of Chicopee. 


SENATE— Messrs. Coolidge of Berkshire, 
Hampshire and Hampden, Bazeley of Wor- 
cester, Chace of Essex and Fisher of Mid- 

HOUSE— Messrs. Ellis of Newton, Wash- 
burn of Worcester, Underhill of Somerville, 
Priest of Haverhill, Jewett of Lowell, Eaton 
of Concord, Cowls of Amherst, Barry of 
Agawam, Dean of Wakefield, Burns of 
Salem and Donaghue of Boston. 

Roads and Bridges. 

SENATE — Messrs. Johnson of Essex, 
Bagley of Suffolk and Fitzgerald of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Collins of Amesbury, 
Morgan of Lawrence, Achin of Lowell, 
Thompson of Plainville, Moulton of Rutland, 
Vincent of Acushnet, Dwyer of Weymouth 
and Burdick of Adams. 

Social Welfare. 

SENATE — Messrs. Bazeley of Worcester, 
Ross of Bristol and McCarthy of Middlesex. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Armstrong of Somer- 
ville, Chamberlain of Springfield, Catheron 
of Beverly, Ellis of Newton, Wyman of 


Abington, McEttrick of Boston, Conway of 
Boston and McLaughlin of Boston. 

State House and Libraries. 

SENATE— Messrs. Bellamy of Bristol, 
Hickey of Suffolk and Fitzgerald of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Clark of Lee, Newhall 
of Stoneham, Sherburne of Brookline, 
Fisher of Lynn, Dahlborg of Brockton, Har- 
rington of Cambridge, Greaney of Holyoke. 

Street Railways. 

SENATE— Messrs. Blanchard of Middle- 
sex, Gordon of Hampden, Hilton of Middle- 
sex and Mack of Berkshire. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Hardy of Huntington, 
Washburn of Worcester, Hathaway of New 
Bedford, Duncan of Clinton, Robinson of 
Chelsea, Tyler of Athol, Worrall of Attle- 
boro, Henebery of Worcester, Daly of Bos- 
ton, Stevens of Marblehead and Douglass of 


SENATE— Messrs. Williams of Norfolk, 
Bazeley of Worcester, McLane of Bristol 
and Draper of Middlesex. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Kinney of Boston, 
Perry of New Bedford, Manning of Pea- 
body, Ball of Monson, Boland of North 
Adams, Hackett of Boston, Wright of Boyls- 
ton, Dwyer of Weymouth, Creed of Boston, 


McCullough of Boston and Curley of Cam- 


SENATE— Messrs. Wheeler of Worcester 
and Hampden, Hersey of Plymouth and 
Mack of Berkshire. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Martin of North Attle- 
boro, Pratt of Belchertown, LaCroix of 
Millis, Waterman of Scituate, Piper of Ash- 
land, Wallace of Lynn, McDermott of 
Leicester and Gallagher of Milton. 

Water Supply. 

SENATE — Messrs. Hersey of Plymouth, 
Hilton of Middlesex and Quigley of Hamp- 

HOUSE — Messrs. Mulveny of Pall River, 
Kennard of Somerville, Boyle of Manches- 
ter, Nutting of Leominster, Wing of Boston, 
Burke of Cambridge, Buckley of Boston and 
O'Brien of Boston. 


First Division — Messrs. Eames of Andover 
and Grady of Dedham. 

Second Division — Messrs. Butler of Lowell 
and Mahoney of Worcester. 

Third Division — Messrs. Hill of Lynn and 
Conway of Boston. 

Fourth Division — Morgan of Lawrence and 
Dwyer of Weymouth.