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Practical Politics. 






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Practical Politics. 



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Governor of Massachusetts. 

FOSS, EUGENE N., Democrat, Boston. 
Born West Berkshire, Vt., Sept. 24, 1858; 
educated in public schools and for two 
years at University of Vermont which gave 
him degree of A. B. in 1901. Traveled 
through West selling patent lumber dryer; 
entered employ of B. F. Sturtevant Co. in 
1882 and in 1890 became treasurer and gen- 
eral manager of company. Also president 
Becker Milling Machine Co., Mead-Morrison 
Mfg. Co., Burgess Mills and Maverick Mills; 
director Brooklyn Heights R. R. Co., 
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co., vice-pres. Mas- 
sachusetts Real Estate Exchange. Republi- 
can candidate for congress in 11th district 
in 1902 and 1904 and defeated both times 
by John A. Sullivan, Democrat. Defeated 
in 1904 as a candidate for delegate-at-large 
to Republican national convention. Nomin- 
ated by Democrats for lieutenant-governor 
in 1909 and defeated by Louis A. Frothing- 
ham, Republican. Elected to 61st Congress 
to fill vacancy from 14th district in March, 
1909. Elected Governor in November, 1910, 
as Democrat and Democratic Progressive 
(nom. papers), receiving 229,352 votes to 
194,173 for Eben S. Draper, Republican, 
11,396 for Daniel A. White, Socialist, 3277 
for John A. Nichols, Pro., and 2613 for Mor 
itz E. Ruther, Soc. Labor. Member N. E. 
Cotton Manufacturers' assoc, N. E. Shoe 
and Leather assoc, National Assoc, of Man- 
ufacturers, Algonquin. Boston Art and Ex- 
change clubs. 


Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts. 

FROTHINGHAM, LOUIS A., Republican.. 
Boston. Born at Jamaica Plain, Boston, 
July 13, 1871; prepared for college at Rox- 
bury Latin School and Adams Academy, 
Quincy; graduated from Harvard in 1892 
and from the Harvard Law School in 1896; 
played for four years on varsity baseball 
team, captaining' team in '92 and '93, after- 
wards head coach; lawyer, president of the 
Blackstone Savings Bank, treasurer and di- 
rector Frothingham Buildings. Entered pol- 
itics in Ward 11 in 1899 being on the suc- 
cessful ward committee ticket; treasurer of 
the Republican city committee in 1900; 
House 1901-'02-'03-'04-'05, committees on tax- 
ation (clerk and chairman), banks and 
banking, lules, street railways (chairman); 
Speaker of the House in 1904 and 1905; in 
1905 retired from the legislature to become 
candidate of his party for Mayor of Boston 
but was defeated at the polls. Elected lieu- 
tenant-governor in 1908, re-elected in 1909 
and 1910, receiving 205,243 votes to 197,057 
for Thomas F. Cassidy, Dem. Ind.; 11,446 for 
Patrick Mahcney. Soc; 5191 for William G. 
Merrill, Pro.; and 4735 for Henry C. Hess, 
Soc. Labor. Member Battery A for three 
years; 2d lieutenant United States marine 
corps during war with Spain; ensign Mas- 
sachusetts naval brigade. Member board of 
overseers of Harvard College ; Country, Pur- 
itan, B. A. A. and other clubs. 

OLIN, WILLIAM M., Secretary of tho 
Commonwealth, Rep., Boston. Born War- 
renton, Ga., Sept. 18, 1845. Printer and 
newspaper writer. G. A. R., A. F. A. M. 
(32d degree). Private 36th Mass. Volun- 
teers, Civil War, Secretary of the Common- 
wealth since 1891. 

STEVENS, ELMER A., Treasurer and Re- 
ceiver General, Rep., Somerville. Born An- 
son, Me., Jan. 15, 1862; public schools. Pro- 
vision dealer. House 1896-19o4-'05; Senate 
1906-'07-'08-'09; elected State Treasurer by 
Legislature of 1909 to fill vacancy, elected 
in November, 1909, for full term and re- 
elected in 1910. 

TURNER, HENRY E., State Auditor. Rep., 
Maiden. Born Boston, May 4, 1842; public 
schools and Pierce academy, Milton. Ac- 
countant. A. P. A. M., R. A., A. O. U. W., 
Middlesex club and Republican club of 
Mass. Treas. Republican city committee of 
Maiden, 1883, pres. '84. House 18S9-'90-'91- 
'99. State Auditor since 1901. 


SWIFT, JAMES M., Attorney-General, 
Rep., Fall River. Born Ithaca, Mich, Nov. 
o, 1873; public schools of Fall River, Michi- 
gan state normal school, University of 
Michigan, Harvard Law school. Lawyer 
A. F. A. M., R. A. C, K. T., Elks, K. P. 
(P. C), Harvard club of N. Y., B. A. A., 
Harvard Law school assoc, assistant dis- 
trict attorney, Southern district, 1899- 
1900-'01-'02: district attorney Dec. 1, 1902 
to 1911. Elected attorney general 1910. 


Council, 1st district, Rep., New Bedford. 
Born there March 28, 1853; public schools. 
Contractor and builder. Masons 32d degree, 
K. T., M. S., Elks. Common council 1887; 
board of public works for three years; Re- 
publican state committee IS years. Execu- 
tive Council lfl08-'09-'10, committees on har- 
bors and public lands and railroads, mili- 
tary and naval affairs, state house, finance, 
accounts and warrants, pardons. 


Council, 2d district, Rep., Norwood. Born 
Bedford, May 3, 1854; public schools. Mas- 
ter printer. Boston Typothetae (pres. 9 
years), United Typothetae of America, A. 
& H. Artillery Co. (commander 1902-'03), 
Coast Artillery (captain and nuartermas- 
ter), pres. Norwood board of trade 3 years, 
B. A. A.. Aldine club of New York, Masons 
32d degree. Trustee Norwood public library 
(chairman 5 years); executive council 1910, 
committees on finances, accounts and war- 
rants, military and naval affairs. 

Council, 6th district, Rep., Westford. Born 
there May 10, 1862; public schools, Westford 
Academy. Granite business. Masons 32d de- 
gree, Grange, Rep. club of Mass., Middlesex, 
Masonic and Yorick clubs. Moderator; 
House 1899, committee on street railways, 
Senate 1901-'02-'03, committees on street 
railways (ch. 3 years), revision of corpora- 
tion laws (special 1903), mercantile af- 
fairs, taxation; Executive council 1910, com- 
mittees on pardons, harbors and public 
lands and railroads, state house. 

GLIDDEN, WALTER S., Executive Coun- 
cil, 4th district, Rep., Somerville. Born 
Pittston, Me., April 30, 1856; public schools, 
Dirigo Business college, Augusta, Me. Meat 
and provision business, as manager N. E. 
Hollis & Co. Masons, R. A. C, K. T., I. O. 
O. F.. 999th Artillery Association, Central 
club. Executive Council 1908-'09-'10, com- 
mittees on finance, accounts and warrants, 
military and naval affairs, state house. 


Council. Stli district, Rep., Springfield. Born 
New York, Wholesale music. Massachu- 
setts club, Middlesex club, asst. q. m.-gen. 
staff of Gov. Brackett, asst. adj.-gen. staff 
of Gov. Greenhalge. Delegate from New 
York to Rep. national convention 1880, Re- 
publican city committee, state committee 
(chairman 1S97 to 1902 inclusive); Execu- 
tive council 1908 (to fill vacancy)-'09-'10. 
committees on harbors and public lands and 
railroads, military and naval affairs, state 
house, pardons. 


GOVE, WILLIAM H., Executive Council, 
5th district. Rep., Salem. Born South Ber- 
wick, Me., Sept. 4, 1851; public schools, 
Harvard 187C, Harvard law. Lawyer, 
pres. and gen. mgr. Lydia E. Pink- 
ham Medicine Co. Mason 32d degree, I. O. 
O. F., House l903-'04, committee on judi- 
ciary; Rep. city committee since '90 
(ch. 3 yrs.), alternate to national con- 
vention 'OS; Executive council '10, com- 
mittees on finance, accounts and warrants, 
harbors and public lands and railroads, mil- 
itary and naval affairs. 

QUINN, JOHN, Jr., Executive Council, 3d 

district. Dem., Boston. Born there Dec. 16, 
1860; English High school, Y. M. U. A. Law 
school. Lawyer. Common council 1891-'92; 
House 1893-'94, committees on rapid transit 
(clerk), elections; Senate 189o-'96-'9T, com- 
mittees on banks and banking, metropolitan 
affairs, woman suffrage, rules, redisricting, 
investigation Norfolk County courthouse; 
House 1903-'04-'05-'06-'07, committees on 
railroads, rules, compensation state and 
county officials (special), recess committee 
on taxation, judiciary. 

Council, 7th district, Rep., Douglas. Born 
Pittsfield, Dec. 28, 1855; public schools. 
Woolen manufacturer. A. F. A. M. House 
1902, committee on public lighting; Senate 
1907-'08, committees on drainage, harbors 
and public lands, insurance, public service 
(ch.), mercantile affairs (ch.), military af- 
fairs, taxation. 



PEDRICK, THOMAS P., Sergeaiu-at-Arms, 
Rep., Lynn. Born Marblehead, Feb. 20. 
1816; public schools. Shoe business. I. O. 
O. P., K. of H. Lynn Rep. city committee 
20 years (chairman 2 years) ; assistant as- 
sessor 5 years, clerk of board 17 years, 
special county commissioner 3 years. House 
messenger 1884 to 1901, assistant doorkeep- 
er '01-' 04, doorkeeper '04-' 10; elected serge- 
ant-at-arms '10, re-elected '11. 





TREADWAY, ALLEN T., Berkshiie-Hamp- 
shire-Hampden, Rep., Stockbridge. Born 
there Sept. 16, 1S67; public schools, Am- 
herst college 18S6. Hotel business; proprie- 
tor of the famous Red Lion Inn of Stock- 
bridge and If eaten Hall in the same town. 
House M>' [ i, committee en ways and means, 
Senate 1908, committees on labor, agricul- 
ture, bills in third reading and taxation 
(chairman), unanimous choice of the Re- 
publican caucus and of the Senate for pres- 
ident in 1909; nominated by both Repub- 
licans and Democrats for Senate of 1910. 
and unanimously re-elected president of 
the Senate: re-eleeted president for 1911; 
for many years chairman of the Re- 
publican town committee of Stockbridge, 
president Stockbridge Lighting Company, 
trustee Lee Savings Bank, Masons, 32d de- 
gree, Knight Templars, past district deputy 
grand master of the 15th district, past grand 
warden of grand lodge, Shrine. 


ADAMS, ARTHUR S., 2d Essex Rep., 
Marblehead. Born there Feb. 14. 1869; pub- 
lic schools, Bryant & Stratton Commercia] 
school. Freight cashier B. & M. R. R. Ma- 
sons, I. O. O. F., Red Men, Republican club. 
House 1908-'09-'10, committees on towns 
(chairman), parishes and religious societies 

Senate '11, towns (ch.). engrossed bills 
(ch.), public lighting. 


BARNES, GEORGE L., 1st Norfolk, Rep., 
Weymouth. Born there June 27, 1879; pub- 
lic schools, Boston University Lav/ school 
1900. Lawyer. House 1904-'05-'O6, commit- 
tees on engrossed bills (cli.), public light- 
ing (eh.), special recess committee en in- 
surance '06. 

Senate '10, taxation (ch.), insurance, legal 


BENNETT, FRANK P., JR., 7th Middle- 
sex, Rep., Saugus. Born Palermo, Me., 
1878; public schools, Harvard, 1900. Pub- 
lisher, vice-pres. and director Frank P. Ben- 
nett & Co., Inc., treas. and director Oakland- 
vale Farm, Inc. Member 2d Corps Cadets. 
House 1905-'06, committees on ways and 
means, agriculture (clerk). Senate 1910, 
committees on counties (ch.), street rail- 
ways (ch.), ways and means. 

'11, street railways (ch,), ways and 
means, taxation. 


sex, Rep., Somerville. Born Cambridge Feb 
2, 1866; public schools, commercial college 
Financial manager. Masons, I. O. O. F., K 
P., Legion of Honor, board of trade. Rep 
rity committee; House WOG-'Ql-'OS-'Od. 
committees on printing, rules (clerk), pub 
lie lighting (clerk), taxation, recess com 
mittee on taxation '06, taxation commission 
''»7, public charitable institutions (ch.) 
Semite '10, committees on prisons (ch.). 
public lighting, railroads, water supply. 
'11, railroads (ch.), public lighting, rules. 

BROWN, CHARLES H., 8th Middlesex, 
Rep., Medford. Born Vermont, January 
19, 1879; public schools. Metal furniture. 
Medford, South Medford Republican clubs. 
Board of alderman two years; House 
1907-'08-'09-'10. committees on banks and 
banking, metropolitan affairs, constitutional 
amendments (ch.), federal relations (ch.). 

Senate '11, education (ch.), constitutional 
amendments (ch.), water supply, metropoli- 
tan affairs. 


CHASE, CHARLES S., 1st Bristol, Rep., 
Dighton. Bom Swansea, Jan. 10, 1840; 
public schools. Dighton Academy. 1 lorist. 
A. F. A. M., Middlesex club, Taunton Yacht 
club. School committee, auditor, selectman, 
overseer of poor, board of health (ch. 13 
yrs.), moderator 20 yrs., justice of peace, 
Rep. town committee (ch. 20 yrs.), House 
1S91, committee on fisheries and game. 

Senate '11, public health (ch.), towns, en 
grossed bills. 


CUR LEY. MARTIN P. P., 8th Suffolk. 
Bern., Boston. Born Ireland, Oct. 24, 1859; 
public schools, Roxbury evening high. Fur- 
niture dealer. R. A., Roxbury Business 
Men's assoc. 

Senate '11, prisons, street railways, coun- 


DENNY, DANIEE E., 2nd Worcester, 
Rep., Worcester. Born there July 14, 1845; 
Worcester academy. Real estate and insur- 
ance. Knights Templar, Knights of Pythias, 
G. A. R. Common council. two years (pres. 
one year) ; Hbuse 1906-'07-'08-'09, commit- 
tees on cities, military affairs :(ch.) ; Senate 
'10, committees on military affairs (ch.), 
cities, insurance. 

'11, military affairs (ch.), cities, insurance. 

DOYLE, JAMES Jn., 4th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there June 17, 1867; public 
schools. Liquor dealer. House l893-'94, com- 
mittees on leave of absence, drainage, pub- 
lic service; Ward 12 Democratic commit- 
tee (chairman eight years) ; noard of alder- 
men 1899, 1900-'01-'02-'03-'04 (chairman 
1901-'02-'03-'04) ; superintendents of streets 
1906-'07; Senate '09-'10, committees on fed- 
eral relations, public health, taxation, mili- 
tary affairs, street railways. 

'11, ways and means, taxation, harbors 
and public lands. 


EVANS, WIL.MOT R., JR., 4th Middlesex. 
Rep., Everett. Born there March 18. 1878; 
public schools, Harvard 1909, B. U. Law- 
school 1903. Lawyer. House 1905-'06, com- 
mittees on judiciary, federal relations, pro- 
bate and chancery (ch.*) recess com- 
mittee on taxation '06; Senate '09-'10, com- 
mittees on bills in third reading, constitu- 
tional amendments, education (ch.), judici- 
ary, federal relations, election laws. 

'11, judicijary (ch.), constitutional amend- 
ments, public service. 

GATES, JOSEPH S., 4th Worcester, 
Rep., Westboro. Born Petersham, Oct. 
3, 1856; public schools. Merchant. Masons, 
Odd Fellows. Town clerk 11 years,, auditor 
7 years, tax collectbr 5 years, Rep. town 
committee 17 years (ch. '10); House IbuS- 
'09, committee on agriculture (clerk '08, 
ch. '09). 

Senate '11, prisons (ch.), agriculture, fish- 
eries and game. 


GRAINGER, EDWARD J.. 1st Suffolk, 
Dem., Winthrop. Born Boston, Feb. 13, 
1878; public schools, Boston college 1898, 
Harvard medical school 1903. Physician. K. 
C, Elks. Physician to Milk and Baby Hy- 
giene assoc; board of health. 

Senate '11, public health, labor, liquor 


GREENWOOD, LEVI H.. 3d Worcester. 
Rep., Gardner. Born there Dec. 22, 1872; 
public schools and St. Paul's school, Con 
cord, N. H., 2 years at Harvard, class of 
1896. Publisher. Pres. Gardner News Co., 
director Haywood Bros, and Wakefield Co., 
Gardner Electric Light Co., First National 
bank, trustee Gardner Savings bank. Senate 
1909-'10, committees on banks and banking 
(ch.), street railways, ways and means, tax- 
ation (ch.), railroads, special on Southbridge 

Savings bank; '11, ways and means (ch.), 

state house (ch.), rules. 

1IALLEY, DENNIS E., 5th Essex, Dem.. 
Lawrence. Born Natick May 26, 1863; pub- 
lic schools. Cigar manufacturer. Common 
council 2 years; House 1892-'93, committees 
on liquor law, printing; Senate 1908, com- 
mittees on parishes and religious societies, 
public lighting, state house. 

'11, state house, water supply, public- 



HATTOX. JAMES A., 2d Suffolk, Dem. 
Boston. Born there Oct. 22, 1883; private 
and public schools, B. U. law school 1905. 
1 awyer. K. C. Father Mathew Temperance 
society. A. O. H., M. C. O. F.. Catholic Lit- 
erary Union. Common council 1907-'08; 
House '09-'10, committees on engrossed 
bills, constitutional amendments, election 

Senate '11, engrossed bills, election laws, 
legal affairs. 


HIBBARD, JOSEPH EL, 8th Middlesex, 
Rep., Lowell. Born Shoreham, Vt.. April 3. 
1860; public schools, Ticonderoga academy 
1878. Musician, director and manager. I. O. 
O. F., Elks, Red Men, F. of A. House 1905- 
'06, committees on prisons, mercantile af- 
fairs; Senate 1908-'09-'10, insurance, prisons, 
roads and bridges (ch.), military affairs, wa- 
ter supply, street railways. 

'11, roads and bridges (ch.), military af- 
fairs, street railways. 


sex, Dem., Concord. Born Waltham, April 
8, 1887; public schools, Phillips Exeter. Har- 
vard college, Harvard law school. Lawyer. 
A. F. A. M., R. A. C, Boston Press club; 
vice-ch. Dem. state committee 1909, treas. 
town committee, sec. 4th Cong, district com- 

Senate '11, agriculture, liquor law, towns. 


HUNT, JOHN H., 1st Worcester, Dem., 
Worcester. Born there March 14, 1876; pub- 
lic schools, Boston University law school. 

Senate '11, drainage, education, federal 


KEITH, ROLAND M., 2d Plymouth, Rep., 

Bridgewater. Born there March 16, 1847; 
public schools, academy. Contractor and 
builder, Masons, Rep. town committee 27 
yrs. (ch. 4 yrs.) ; Hbuse 1907-'08, committees 
on labor, parishes and religious societies, 
fisheries and game, prisons; Senate '09-'10, 
fisheries and game (ch.), prisons, street 
railways, election laws. 

'11, counties (ch.), fisheries and game 
(ch.), street railways. 


LOMASNEY, JOSEPH P., 3d Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there March 10, 1863; 
public schools. Real estate. Common coun- 
cil 1888, House 1890-'91-1900-'01, committees 
on printing, constitutional amendments, in- 
surance, congressional redistricting, Battle 
of Bennington celebration (special), ways 
and means, funeral of Gov. Wolcott (spe- 
cial), Deputy Supt. Bridges, Asst. Water 
commissioner city of Boston, Dem. state 
committee; Senate '10, committees on ci- 
ties, fish and game, bills 3d reading. 
'11, 3d reading, cities, prisons. 

MACK, JOHN H., Berkshire, Dern., North 
Adams. Born there 1868; public schools, 
Boston University law school. Lawyer. K. 
C, F. of A., A. O. U. W. Dera. candidate for 
"lieutenant-governor in 1899. 

Senate '11, fisheries and game, legal at* 
fairs, military affairs. 


M ALLEY, JOHN F., 1st Hampden, Dem., 
Springfield. Born there Jan. 29, 1878; pub- 
lic schools, Yale law school. Lawyer. Elks, 
(P. E. R.), M. C. O. F. Senate 1910 (to fill 
vacancy), committees on counties, military 
affairs, prisons. 

'11, judiciary, rulfs, constitutional amend- 


.M ELLEN, WALTER B., Worcester and 
Hampden, Rep., Brookfield. Born there 
Sept. 24, 1860; public schools. Farmer. Ex- 
Pres. Worcester South Agricultural society, 
Masons, Grange, Ch. Rep. town commit- 
tee, selectman, overseer of the poor, road 
commissioner; House 1902, committee on 
roads and bridges; Senate '10. commit- 
tees on agriculture (ch.), towns, labor, spe- 
cial on milk (ch.) 

'11. agriculture (ch.), public service (ch.), 


MULLIGAN, HENRY C, 1st Middlesex, 
Rep., Natick Born there March 6, 1854; 
Harvard law school, 1879. Lawyer. Pres. 
Natick Five Cents Savings hank. Mason, K. 
T., Trial justice Natick police court 
since 1892, pres. board of library trus- 
tees 18 years, school committee 24 years 
(ch.) ; Senate '09-'10, committees on const, 
amendments (ch.), engrossed bills (ch.), 
legal affairs, printing, election laws (ch.), 
banks and banking, judiciary. 

'11, metropolitan affairs (ch.), judiciary, 


MURRAY, MICHAEL J., 9th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there July 11, 1860; pub- 
lic schools, Boston Latin school. Proprietor 
Brigham's Hotel; vice-pres. Mt. Washington 
Co-operative bank. Elks, R. A., A. O. U. W., 
Workmen's Benefit assoc, K. C, I. O. H., A. 
O. H. 5 F. O. E., Y. M. C. A., Catholic Union, 
Charitable Irish society, Boston chamber of 
commerce. Mass. Hotel Keepers' assoc, Bos- 
ton Hotel assoc. 

Senate '11, insurance, metropolitan af- 
fairs, state house. 


XASH, MEL.VIN S., 1st Plymouth, Rep., 
Hanover. Born Abington, August 3 ; 1857; 
public and private schools. Minister, gen- 
( ral agent Universalist Publishing House. 
Masons, R. A. C, K. T., I. O. O. F. Library 
trustee, school committee; House 1S94-1907- 
'08, committees on public health, parishes 
and religious societies, roads and bridges 
(clerk); liquor law, towns (ch.) ; Sen- 
ate '09-'10, education, public charitable in- 
stitutions, towns (ch.), insurance (ch.). 

'11, insurance (ch.), liquor law (ch.), pub- 
lic charitable institutions. 

NASON, ARTHl'R L., 4th Essex, Rep., 
Haverhill. Born there Oct. 24, 1872; public 
schools. Shoe worker. Central club, I. O. 
O. F. Rep. city committee 3 years; House 
1906-'07-'08-'09, committees on parishes and 
religious societies (clerk), roads and 
bridges (clerk, ch.) Senate '10, committees 
on drainage (ch.), roads and bridges, wa- 
ter supply (ch.) 

'11, water supply (ch.), cities, roads and 


NEWHALL, GEORGE H., 1st Essex, Rep., 
Lynn. Born there Oct. 24, 1850; public 
schools, Wesleyan academy. Real estate and 
insurance. Rep. club. A. F. A. M., I. O. O. 
E.. Red Men, K. P., A. O. U. W., pres. Lynn 
"board of underwriters. Common council 2 
years, alderman 4 years. House 1894-'95- 
1906-'07-'08, committees on cities, const. 
amendments, insurance, public service 

(ch.), recess fire insurance laws '07. Sen- 
ate '10, committees on public service (ch.), 
-cities, harbors and lands. '11, cities (ch.), 

counties, harbors r.rid pub lie lands. 

PEARSON. CHARLES H., 2d Norfolk. 
Rep., Brookline. Born Portland, Me., Jan. 
7, 1849; public schools, Chauncy Hall. Clock 
manufacturing; treasurer and director 
Chelsea Clock Co., treasurer and director 
Boston Clock Co. B. A. A., Boston Yacht 
club, Boston Art club, Exchange club, Nor- 
folk club (pres.). Park commissioner 
2 years, selectman 3 years; Rep. town com- 
mittee, 2d Norfolk senatorial district com- 
mittee, county committee (ch.) 

Senate '11, federal relations (ch.), election 
laws, mercantile affairs. 

POWERS, JAMES F., 6th Suffolk, Dera., 
Boston. Born St. Johns, Newfoundland, Oct. 
1, 1872; Lawrence grammar school. Theatri- 
cal manager. Eagles, Foresters, Heptasophs, 
A. O. H. Chairman Ward 13 Dem. commit- 
tee three years; House 1907-'08-'09-"10, com- 
mittees on hanks and banking, street rail- 

Senate '11, hanks and hanking, railroads, 
3d reading. 


QUIGLEY. FRANCIS X., 2d Hampden, 
Dera., Holyoke. Born there Nov. 20, 1882; 
public schools. Newspaper reporter. Holy- 
oke Philo Celtic club. House 1908-'09-'10, 
committees on cities (clerk), taxation 

Senate '11, public service, taxation, pub 
lie charitable institutions. 


ROSS, SAMUEL, 3d Bristol, Rep., New 
Bedford. Born Cheshire, England, Feb. 2, 
1865; public schools. Cotton mule spinner. 
Pres. National Spinners' assoc. House 1892 
to '99, committees on labor (ch.), statt 4 
house, libraries; House 1902 to '08, labor 
(ch.), constitutional amendments, recess 
committee on Sunday laws '00, i ecess com- 
mittee on labor '07; Senate '09-'10, labor 
(ch.), libraries, printing, public health, pri- 

'11, labor (ch.), ways and. means, public 


Hampshire, Rep., Ware. Born Rochester, X. 
Y.. Feb. 14. 1869; Williston seminary. Law- 
yer. Masons, Shrineis, Odd Fellows, Ch. 
Rep. town committee, selectman, town 
counsel; House 1907-'08, committers on in- 
surance, rules, railroads, special recess com- 
mittee on fire insurance laws '07. 

Senate '11, 3d reading (ch.). drainage 
(ch.), judiciary, railroads. 


STEARNS, HARRY X.. 2d Middlesex, 
Rep., Cambridge. Born there Oct. 5, 1K74; 
public schools, Harvard ( college and law 
schotol). Lawyer. Rep. city committee, 
common council three years (ch. one year): 
House 1907-'0S-'09. committees on rules, ci- 
ties (cm.). 

Senate '11, election laws (ch.) : judiciary, 
metropolitan affairs. 


TIMILTY, JAMES P., 7th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there March, 1865; public 
schools. Contractor. Ward 18 Dem. club 
(pres.), Pavers' Union (pres.), State, City 
and Town Employees (pres.) ; F. O. E., A. 
O. U W. Board of aldermen 1908-'09. 

Senate '11, drainage, mercantile affairs, 
roads and bridges, 


folk, Rep., Boston. Born Plymouth, Oct. 29. 
1870; Prince, Chauncy Hall and Hopkinson's 
schools, Harvard '94. Lawyer. Rep. city 

committee 13 yea 

rs. Common council 1897- 

'98; board of aldermen 1900-'01-'02. Senate 
'10, committees on banks and banking (ch.), 
education, constitutional amendments, spe- 
cial on milk. 

'11, banks and banking (ch.), education, 
harbors and public lands (ch.). 


TOLMAN, JAMES E., 3d Essex, Rep., 
Gloucester. Born there Nov. S, L8C7; pub- 
lic schools. B. U. law school '09. Lawyer. 
Common council 3 years (pres. 2), mayor 
L903-'04; House '09, committee on public 
lighting (clerk). Senate '10, committees on 
bills 3d reading (oh.), legal affairs, mercan- 
tile affairs, constitutional amendments. 

'11, legal affairs (ch.),. mercantile affairs, 
public lighting (ch.). 


TURNER, JOSEPH. 2d Bristol, Rep., Fall 
River. Born Lancashire, Eng., March 23, 
1852; public schools. Retired, mill opera- 
tive, farmer, provision dealer. A. F. A. M., 
R. A. C, K. T., I. O. O. F., K. P. Common 
council 4 years, alderman-at-laige 4 years: 
House 1907, committee on cities; Senate 
1908-'09-'10, public charitable institutions 
(ch), public health (ch.), taxation, fisher- 
ies and game, harbors and public lands, in- 
surance, public service. 

'11, public charitable institutions (ch.) 
federal relations, railroads. 

WHITE, JOH\ E., Cape, Rep., Tisbury. 
Corn Lawrence, Dec. 13, 1873. Public, 

schools. Banker, president Martha s Vine- 
yard National bank. Masons. Selectman of 
Edgartown 5 years (eh. 1 year) ; House 1905 
committee on ways and means. Senate '10, 
committees on libraries (ch.) banks and 
banking, ways and means, special on South- 
bridge Savings bank (ch.) 

'11, mercantile affairs (ch.), ways and 
means, banks and banking. 




WALKER, JOSEPH, 2d Norfolk, Repub- 
lican, Brookline. Born at Worcester, 
July 13, 1865; educated at Phillips Exe- 
ter academy, Brown university 1887. 
Harvard law school 1890. Trustee, law- 
yer. Prominent in the local affairs 
of Brookline, having served for 7 years on 
the school committee, also as chairman of 
the Republican town committee; has been 
a member of the Republican state commit- 
tee and of the state board of charity; presi- 
dent Republican club of Massachusetts 
1907-'08. President Brown Alumni associa- 
tion of Boston and Vicinity. House 1904-'05- 
•<>6-'07-'08-'09-'10-'ll. serving in 1904-'05-'06- 
'07 on the committee on ways and means 
(chairman '07), in 190<5-'07-'O8 on the com- 
mittee on rules and in 1908 on the commit- 
tee on railroads (chairman) ; elected speak- 
er in 1909 and re-elected in 1910 and 1911. 

AHEARN, DAVID C, 7th Middlesex, Dem., 
Framingham. Born Rotherham, Eng., Nov. 
4, 1879; public schools, Framingham high 
school 1899, B. U. law school 1906. Lawyer. 
House '10, committees on counties, bills 
3d reading, special on Lyman school. 

'11, judiciary. 


AHERN, TIMOTHY J., 19th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there Nov. 28, 1878; parochial 
school, Boston college 1898, Boston Univer- 
sity law school 1901. Lawyer. K. C. (D. G. 
K.), St. Alphonsus association (ex-vic^ 
pres.), Catholic alumni sodality. 

House '11, public service. 


ARKWELL, OSCAR E., 21st Worcester, 
Rep., Worcester. Born Westboro, March 11, 
1867; public schools. Grocery and provision 
dealer. Common council 2 years. 

House '11, fisheries and game. 


dlesex, Rep., Somerville. Born Mechanics 
Falls, Me., August 17, 1850; public schools. 
Cooperage manufacturer and dealer. Mem- 
ber board First M. E. church, director and 
ex-pres. Y. M. C. A., ex-pres. board of trade, 
Rep. club of Mass., Masons, R. A., A. O. U. 
W., associate member Kinsley post, G. A. 
R. Board of aldermen 3 years; House 1909- 
'10, committees on education (ch.), liquor 

11, education (ch.), liquor law. 

ARSENEAULT. ALFRED, 6th Worcester, 
Dem., Spencer. Born there Jan. 3, 1869; 
public schools. Holy Cross college, West 
Farnham, P. Q., Can. (2 years), Hinman s 
Business school, Worcester. Grocery and 
provision clerk. Democratic town committee 
15 years, K. C, F. of A. Registrar of voters 
12 years. House '10, committee on federal 

'11, public lighting. 


ATKINS, FRANK W., 14th Essex, Rep, 
Lynn. Born Canaan, Me., Feb. 18, 1850; pub- 
lic schools. Real estate dealer. I. O. O. F., 
A. O. U. W., Oxford and Intervale clubs. 
Trustee Lynn public library 6 years. 

House '11, harbors and public lands. 


AVERY, WILLIAM B., 1st Franklin, Rep., 
Charlemont. Born there July 11, 1856; pub- 
lic schools. Farmer. Grange, former pres- 
ident Deerfield Valley Agricultural society. 
Board of selectmen; House 1909-'10 commit- 
tee on agriculture, special on milk '10. 

'11, agriculture (ch.). 


BAGG, AARON, JR., 2d Hampdeu, Rep., 
West Springfield. Born there June 21, 1839; 
public schools, Wilbraham and Monson 
academies. Farmer. 

House '11, banks and banking, labor. 


BAGLEY, EDWARD C. K., 1st Suffolk, 
Rep., Boston. Born there July 22, 1875; pub- 
lic schools. Wholesale clothing business 
since 1891. Rep. club of Ward 1, A. F. A. M., 
I. O. O. F., Encampment, Hooker Assoc, of 
Mass., East Boston Improvement assoc. 
Common council 1906-'07-'08-'09; republican 
candidate for presidency in '08. 

House '11, taxation. 


BAKER, J. HERBERT, 11th Norfolk, Rep., 
Medfield. Born there June 21, 1855; public 
schools. Newspaper correspondent, carriage 
worker, Grange, U. O. G. C. Rep. town com- 
mittee, clerk of board of library trustees, 

House '11, insurance. 


BAKER, WTLLTE W., 10th Norfolk, Rep., 
Westwood. Born Dedham (Westwood) April 
30, 1856; public schools. Carriage painter, 
i'arming; director Dedham Co-operative 
bank 20 years; grange (master 4 yrs.), A. 

0. U. W. (financier 22 years), A. F. A. M., 

1. O. O. F., Encampment. School commit- 
tee 17 years (sec. 4 years), town clerk 14 
years, board of fire engineers Dedham 6 
years, chief engineer Westwood 14 years, 
chairman citizens' committee on division of 
town 1897. House '11, towns. 


BARLOW, ERSON B., 17th Middlesex, 
Rep., Lowell. Born Helena, N. Y., Oct. 20, 
1883; Helena academy, Carnall Commercial 
college. Real estate, insurance, publisher. 
Y. M. C. A., Lincoln club, Metropolitan club. 
House 1909-'10 committees on insurance, 
public service, payroll. 

'11, banks and banking, payroll (ch.). 

BARRY, JAMES F., 2d Hampden, Dem., 
Agawam. Born there Dec. 4, 1857; public 
schools. Coal dealer, farmer. Selectman, as- 
sessor, overseer of poor and member of 
board of health 16 years, tax collector 2 

House '11, railroads. 


BARRY, JOHN J., 8th Hampden, Dem., 
Chicopee. Born Springfield, Jan. 4, 1877; 
public schools, Holy Cross college. Clerk 
Chicopee water department, reporter. School 
committee eight years; House 1909-'10, com- 
mittee on education (clerk.) 

'11, education, state house. 


outh, Dem., Plymouth. Born there June 22, 
1862; public schools, Plymouth high class of 
'79. Bookkeeper Bradford Joint Co., 1881 to 
1902, treasurer and manager since 1902; 
vice-pres. Plymouth Co-operative bank 1803 
to 1902, pres. since 1902. Red Men. Select- 
man past six years (ch. past five.) 

House '11, towns. 


BASTION, JOHN J., 6th Berkshire, Dem., 
Pittsfield. Born there June 9, 1866; public 
schools. Shoe dealer 9 years, electrical 
worker 3 years, life insurance 8 years. K. 
C, Eagles, Veteran Firemen's assoc. City 
council 1891-'92. 

House '11, insurance. 


BEAN, JAMES W., 2d Middlesex, Rep., 
Cambridge. Born Somerville May 11, 1866, 
Somerville high school. Reporter, pro- 
prietor Cambridge Chronicle. Citizens' 
Trade Assoc, Masons, Elks. Somerville 
common council 1S90-'91; House 1909-'10, 
committees on ways and means, rules, spe- 
cial on milk '10. 

'11, ways and means, rules. 


BELLAMY, WILLIAM A., 3d Bristol, 
Rep., Taunton. Born Sheffield, Eng., Sept. 
16, 1879; public schools. B. Y. M. C. A. eve- 
ning law school. Lawyer. I. O. O. F. (mem- 
ber grand lodge), Elks. Common council 
1905-'06, board of sewer commissioners '07, 
House '10, committee on education. 

'11, education, 3d reading. 


BLISS, ALVIN E., 23d Middlesex, Rep., 
Maiden. Born Brookline, Sept. 16, 1858; pub- 
lic schools. Supt. and manager electric- 
lighting plants. Masons, R. A. C, K. T., 
M. S., I. O. O. F., Encampment, Canton, 
Rebekah lodge; K P., Elks, Middlesex, Mai- 
den, Kernwood, Melrose Athletic clubs. 
Common council 1887-'88, Rep. city commit- 
tee, 4th Councillor district committee, 
House '10, committee on cities (clerk.) 

'11, cities, constitutional amendments, 


BLODGETT. CHARLES M., 23d Middle- 
sex, Rep.. Maiden. Born Stoughton. April 
3, 1870; public schools, Harvard medical 
school. Physician. Elks, Red Men, K. P., 
Eagles, Maiden club, board of trade. Com- 
mon council 1906-'07, board of aldermen 
? 08-'09-'10 (ch. '10). 

House '11, taxation, 


BODFISH, EDWARD C, 6th Plymouth, 
Dem., Wareham. Born there March 12, 
1871; public schools. Dry goods. Lotos club. 

House '11, fisheries and game. 

BOGUE, ARTHUR, 14th Essex, Dem., 
Lynn. Born Keene, N. H., Nov. 11, 1875; 
public schools of Lynn, Boston University 
law school. Lawyer. Elks. City council 

House '11, constitutional amendments, 
legal affairs, 


BOOTH, WILLIAM, 9th Bristol, Rep., Fall 
River. Born Hyde, Cheshire, Fng. ; Fali 
River puhlic schools. Collector. Central 
Republican, Friendship Social clubs, K. P. 
F. of A., Philanthropic Burial society, Rep. 
city committee, board of aldermen 4 year.-. 
House '10, committee on drainage (seat de- 
clared vacant Jan. 19, 1910). 

'11, public service. 


BOTHFELD, HENRY E., 4th Middlesex, 
Rep., Newton. Born New York, N. Y., March 
4, 1859; public schools of Newton. Trustee, 
owner and manager of real estate; importer 
and manufacturer 20 years. Boston and 
Newton Unitarian clubs, trustee Newton 
hospital, Real Estate Exchange, Chamber of 
Commerce. Common council, board of. ald- 
ermen (pres.), mayor 1895, scnool commit- 
tee (eh.). House '10, committee on met. af- 

'11, liquor law (ch.), metropolitan affairs. 


BOWKER, GEORGE E., 4th Plymouth, 
Rep., Hanson. Born Hanson, Aug. 5, 1356; 
public schools. Clerk in general store and 
assistant postmaster; wholesale confection- 
ery and cigars 1880 to '92. A. F. A. M., A. 
and I. O. K. of M., I. O. O. F., S, of V. Sec- 
retary Rep. town committee. 

House '}1, drainage. 


BRACKETT, JOHN G, 29th Middlesex, 
Rep., Arlington. Born Boston, Apr. 12, 1879; 
public schools. Harvard 1901, Harvard law 
school '04. Lawyer. Rep. club of Mass., Mass. 
Bar assoc, Boston Bar assoc, Boston City 
club; A. F. A. M., R. A. C. Asst. to district 
attorney Middlesex county 1909-'10, Rep. 
town committee (ch.)., moderator since 1907. 

House '11, judiciary. 


BREATH, MELVIN B., 26th Suffolk, Dem., 
Chelsea. Born there March 28, 1881; pub- 
lic schools, Chelsea high, Boston college, 
Boston University law school. Lawyer: K. 
C, Elks. Board of aldermen 1008. 

House '11, legal affairs. 


shire, Dem., North Adams. Born Becket, 
Aug. 24, 18G0; public schools of Pittsfield. 
Counting room North Adams Transcript. K. 
P., I. O. O. F., Masons, Elks, Veteran Fire- 
men's association, fire department 14 years. 
City council 5 years. House '10, committee 
on public lighting. 

'11, street railways. 


RRENNAN, FRANCIS J., 17th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there Oct. 15, 1879; pub- 
lic schools. Clerk. A. O. H., K. C, Tam- 
many club (treas.). Democratic city com- 
mittee 3 years, common council 190S-'09 
House '10, committee on libraries. 

'11, insurance. 


BRENNAN, JAMES H., 4th Suffolk, Dem, 
Boston. Born there Dec. 21, 1888; public 
schools. Clerk Federal Trust Co. K. C, 
Irish National Foresters, St. Mary's Catholic 

House '11, banks and banking. 


BRENNAN, JAMES J., 3d Suffolk, Dem. 
Boston. Born there May 2, 1882; public 
schools. Steam engineering. A. O. U. W., 
Local 74 I. U. S. E. Common council 1908-'09 

House '11, water supply. 

BROPHY, MICHAEL J., 2d Suffolk, Dem, 
Boston. Born England, August 31, 1882; 
parochial school. Coal weigher. Assump- 
tion Catholic assoc, Jeffries Point Rowing 
assoc. Common council 1909. House '10, 
committee on public health. 

'11, election laws. 


BUCK, HERBERT N., 20th Middlesex, 
Rep., Wilmington. Born there March 27, 
1362; public schools. Grocery business 27 
years. A. F. A. M., R. A. C, K. T., Congre- 
gational club of Boston, Goodfellowship club 
of Reading, Men's club of Wilmington. Se- 
lectman, assessor, overseer of poor 4 years 
(ch. selectmen 2 years). 

House '11, taxation. 


BUCKLEY, JOHN P., 11th Plymouth, 
Dem., Brockton. Born Ireland, May 31, 
1853; national schools. Custodian. M. C. O. 
F. (P. C. R. and D. H. C. R.), A. O. U. W. 
(P. M. W. and D. G. M. W.), K. C. (treas. 
and P. G. K.). 

House '11, prisons. 


BURKE, WILLIAM R., 9th Worcester, 
Dem, Milford. Born there July 14, 1870; 
public schools. Salesman. Milford C. T. 
A. (president), Eagles (president), A. O. 
H., Certus club. House 1909-'10 committees 
on prisons, cities. 

'11, cities. 


BURNS, GEORGE R., 9th Hampden, 
Dem., Holyoke. Born Marlboro, Jan. 4, 1882; 
public schools, Holyoke high, Holyoke Busi- 
ness institute. Freight clerk B. & M. R. It 
7 years. Brotherhood Railway Clerks, Sou Mi 
Holyoke lyceum, Dem. city committee 1900- 
'07. Board of aldermen 1907-'10. 

House '11, counties. 


BURNS, JAMES D., 17th Essex, Dem.. 
Salem. Born July 4, 1876; public schools, M. 
I. T., Lawrence Scientific school of Harvard 
university, civil engineer. Elks, A. O. U. YV.. 
S. of V., Harvard Engineering assoc. Dem- 
ocratic city committee. 

House '11, public service. 


folk. Dem., Boston. Born Germany, Aug. 25, 
1883; public schools, Boston English high, 
Boston university law school. Lawyer. Hen- 
dricks club, K. P., Federation Jewish Char- 
ities, Boston Press club. Common council 

House '11, legal affairs, engrossed bills. 


CALLAHAN, THOMAS F. J., 25th Suffolk. 
Uem., Boston. Born there Oct. 24, 1873; pub- 
lic schools, Comer's commercial college, 
Boston university law school. Lawyer. K. 
C, Allston Improvement assoc. 

House '11, education. 


CARMODY, JOHN J., 3d Hampden. Dem.. 
Springfield. Born Chicopee, Nov. 2. 187o; 
public schools, Mass. college of pharmacy. 
Druggist, K. C, A. O. H., Romanic club. 

House '11, banks and banking. 


CARR, CHARLES L., 24m Suffolk, Rep.. 
Boston. Born Boston, Dec. 25, 1876; public 
schools, Harvard college, Harvard law 
school. Lawyer. Rep. clubs of Massachu- 
setts and Ward 24, Boston City, Dorchester 
Yacht clubs. Rep. city committee 1906-'07, 
common council '08, board of aldermen '09. 
House '10, committee on met. affairs 

'11, metropolitan affairs. 


CARR, JOHN. 21st Suffolk, Rep., Boston. 
Born Antrim, N. H.. August 19. 182S; pub- 
lic schools. Banker. Chairman hoard of 
directors First National Bank, pies, and 
trustee Eliot Five Cents Savings bank, pros, 
and director B. F. Sturtevant Co., director 
John Hancock Mutual life Ins. Co., and Elm 
Hill associates, treasurer of trustees Bosto 1 
Baptist Social union, pres. and trustee Home 
for Little Wanderers. House '10, commit- 
tees on federal relations, banks and bank- 
ing; '11, federal relations. 

CARR. PATRICK B., 4th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born Cambridge, April 16, 1884; 
public schools. Retail grocery clerk. M. C. 
O. F., A. O. H., Charlestown Business Men's 
assoc. • 

House '11, drainage. 


CASEY, THOMAS J., 14th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there March 18, 1878; public 
schools. Business department Boston Trav- 
eler. Common council 1908-'O9. 

House '11, constitutional amendments. 


CAVANAGH. JAMES F., 24th Middlesex, 
Rep., Everett. Born Chelsea, June 19, 1872; 
public schools, Boston Y. M. C. A. evening 
law school, B. U. law school. Lawyer, for- 
merly Boston manager N. Y. Life Ins. Co. 
and state manager Washington Life Ins. Co. 
House '10, committees on insurance, taxa- 
tion, special on Southbridge Savings bank. 

'11, banks and banking (ch.), rules. 


CHAPMAN, FRED P., 12th Norfolk, Rep., 
Franklin. Born there Feb. 1, 1866; Dean 
academy, Tufts college 1886. Transitman 
G. C. & S. F. R. R. lS80-'88, paymaster Ray 
Woolen Co. '88-'92 and supt. '92 to 1900. 
agent Ray Mill of American Woolen Co. 
'00-'02, pres. Franklin Yarn Co. since '02. 
Masons, Home Market, Norfolk clubs. House 
'10, committee on railroads. 

'11, railroads. 


CLARK, ALLEN, 25th Suffolk. Bern., Bos- 
ton. Born Wolverton, Eng., April 1, 1870; 
public schools. Contractor. House 1904-'0<j, 
committees on taxation, election laws. 

'11, prisons, military affairs. 


CLARK, WENDELL P., 2d Worcester, 
Rep., Winchendon. Born Princeton, Oct. 25, 
1843; public schools. Flour, coal and grain 
dealer, formerly chair manufacturer. Red 

House '11, counties. 


CLIFF, ZEBEDEE E., 26th Middlesex, 
Rep., Somerville. Born Sept. 23, 1864; pub- 
lic schools. Architect and builder. Masons, 
I. O. O. F., K. P. West Somerville board of 
trade (pres. 1902-'03). Board of aldermen 
1905-'06, board of health 1907-'08-'09, Rep. 
city committee. House '10, committee on 
public charitable institutions, special on Ly- 
man school. 

'11, public charitable institutions (ch.). 


COGSWELL. JOHN H., 12th Essex, Rep., 
Lynn. Born there July 4, 1875; public 
schools, B. U. law school '09. Lawyer. Hep- 
tasophs, Foresters, American Benefit socie- 
ty. House '10, committee on legal affairs. 

'11, public lighting, elections. 


COLLINS, SAMUEL I., 1st Essex, Rep., 
Amesbury. Born Salisbury (now Amesbury), 
March 4, 1857; public schools. Real estate 
and dairy farming. I. O. O. F. 

Pouse '11, public service. 


COLPOYS, FRANCIS L., 15th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there Feb. 7, 1884; pub- 
lic schools, Comer's commercial college. So- 
licitor. K. C, St. Augustine's C. T. A., A. 
O. H., M. C. O. F.; Heptasophs, Celtic club, 
Samoset club. Common council 1907-'08; 
House '09-'10, committees on state bouse, 
public service. 

'11, public service. 


CONNOLLY, DANIEL L., 9th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there March 11, 1882; 
public schools, Tufts college. Undertaker. 
Catholic Union. 

House '11, metropolitan affairs. 


CONNORS, JOHN D.. 17th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there July 5, 1878; public 
schools. Motorman B. E. R. Co. Tammany 
club of Ward 17. Common council 1909. 

House '11, state house. 


CONVERSE. ELI M., 4th Worcester, Rep., 
West Brookfield. Born Brookfield, Oct. 31. 
1850; public schools. Merchant. A. F. A. M. 
Chairman board of selectmen 5 years, 

House '11, drainage, 


CONWAY, JOHN J., 2'id Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there Sent. 2, 1874; public- 
schools. Milk dealer. House 190§-'O6-'O7-'10, 
committees on public service, counties, 
ways and means. 

'11, counties, ways and means, 


CONWELL, LEON M., 26th Middlesex, 
Rep., Somerville. Born there April 15, 1870; 
p-ublic schools of Newton and Philadelphia, 
Pa., Princeton university 1892. Editor Som- 
erville Journal. Central club of Somerville. 
Somerville school committee. House '10, 
committee on ways and means. 

'XX, ways and means. 


COON, JAMES H. L., 30th Middlesex, 
Rep., Watertown. Born Barnstable, Oct. 1(1, 
1853; public schools, Eastman Business col- 
lege (Poughkeepsie, N. Y.). Insurance engi- 
neer, State inspector of factories and pub- 
lic buildings 1885-91. Selectman; House 
1909-'10, committees on state house, taxa- 

'11, mercantile affairs, public service 


COTTER, MICHAEL H., 15th Essex, Dem., 
Lynn. Born Ireland, Apr. 7, 1867; public 
schools. Insurance and cigar dealer. Dem. 
state committee, ch. Dem. city committee. 

House '11, drainage. 


COX, OHANNING H., 10th Suffolk, Rep., 
Boston. Born Manchester, N. H., Feb. 28, 
1S79; Dartmouth 1901, Harvard law school 
'04. Lawyer. Boston Bar assoc, Masons, 
Boston City, University, Woodland Golf, In 
tervale Country clubs, Association of Dart- 
mouth Alumni cf Boston (sec). Common 
council '08-'09. House '10, committees on 
bills 3d reading (ch.), legal affairs. 

'II, mercantile affairs (ch.). 


CRAKE, RUS3ELE D.. -3d Middlesex, Rep., 
Cambridge. Bom Hartford, Conn., May 20, 
1N77; public schools, Concord, N. H., high 
school. Harvard 1900. General manager 
Bank-Clock Co. Cambridge Rep. (treasj, 
Boston City, Vesper Country, Cambridge 
Economy, Colonial clubs. Non-partisan city 
committee (vice-pres.), Rep. city committee, 
common council 2 years, board of aldermen 
2 years. House '10, committee on railroads. 

'11, street railways, public lighting. 


CROCKER, COURTENAY, 11th Suffolk, 
Rep., Boston. Born there Feb. 4, 1881; Volk- 
nian's school, Harvard 1901, Harvard law 
school '05. Lawyer. Massachusetts club. 
Rep. club of Massachusetts. Rep. city com- 
mittee '06-'07-'08-'09-'10, common council 
'O8-'09. House '10, committee on ways and 
means (clerk). 

'11, ways and means. 


CRONIN, DANIEL F., 18th Suffolk, Dem.. 
Boston. Born Ireland, Nov. 15, 1879; public 
bchools, Boston college. Painter. Timilty 
club (sec'y). Common council 1907-'08-'09. 
House '10, committee on fisheries and game. 

'11, water supply. 


CROWLEY, WILLIAM A. IL, 7th Suffolk, 

Dem,. Boston. Born St. John, N. B., Jane 
22, 1869; public schools. Clothing cutter. 
K. C, A. O. H. Common council 1901-'02-'03- 

House '11, drainage. 


CCFF, THOMAS S., 19th Middlesex, Dem., 
Lowell. Born Ireland, Dec. 26, 187S; public 
schoois of Lowell. Druggist. K. C, Y. M. 
C. I., U. S. Bunting C. C. & A. A. House 
'10, committee on public health. 

'11, public health. 


CURTIN, THOMAS P.. 24th Suffolk, Deni., 
Boscon. Born Chelmsford, March 6, 1ST0; 
public schools. Printer; sec. Boston Typo- 
graphical Union. 

House '11. labor, constitutional amend 


CUS'HING, GRAFTON D., 11th Suffolk, 
Rep., Boston. Born there Aug. 4, 1864; No- 
bles school and Harvard. Lawyer. School 
committee four years; House 1906-'07-'08-'09- 
'10, committees on education (ch.), liquor 
law (.clerk), ways and means, rules, metro- 
politan affairs (ch.), libraries. 

'11, metropolitan affairs (ch.), rules. 



CUSHMAN, ALFRED W., 3d Barnstable, 
Rep., Prorincetown. Born Duxbury, Aug. 

18.. 1842; public schools and Partridge acad- 
emy, Duxbury. Conductor N. Y., N. H. & H. 
K. R. Mascns, I. O. O. F., O. R. C. House 
'10, committees on harbors and public lands, 
roads and bridges. 

'11, roads and bridges. 


DALY, GEORGE T., 12th Suffolk, Dem. 
Boston. Born Boston, June 19, 18G6; pub 
lie schools. Tea salesman. M. C. O. F. (P 
C. R.), Knights of St. Rose (past counsel) 
Knights of St. Rose corporation, K. C. (G 
K.), Young Men's Catholic assoc, Concord 

House '11, street railways. 


DAMON, DAVTD EL, 12th Middlesex, Rep., 
Ashby. Born Ashby, Dec. 28, 1852; public 
schools. Farmer and contractor. Grange, 
[. O. O. F. 

House '11, agriculture. 


DANFCRTH, HENRY G., 1st Bristol, Rep., 
Norton. Born Raynham, Feb. 6, 1843; pub- 
lic schools, Union Business college of Phil- 
adelphia. Shoe business in Philadelphia 
1867 to '71, European salesman McKay Sew- 
ing Macnine Co. '74 to '84, manufacturer in 
Norton '85 to 1904, farming' since '04. 
Grange, A. O. U. W. School committee 15 
years, selectman and assessor 1906-'ll. 

House '11, state house. 


DAVIES, THOMAS, 10th Hampden, Deni., 
Holyokc. Born Didsbury, Eng., Feb. 1J, 
1875; public schools. Mill employee, hotel 
clerk. I. O. O. F., M. U. Dem. city com- 
mittee; House ir>09-'10, committees on la- 
bor, election laws 
11, railroads. 


DAVIS, ARTHUR S., 22d Middlesex, Rep., 
Melrose. Born San Francisco, Cal., March 
30, 1867; Chelsea public schools, B. U. law 
school. Lawyer. Masons, I. O. O. F., Elks. 
Board of aldermen 3 years. House '10, com- 
mittees on election laws, bills 3d reading. 

'11, 3d reading (ch.), election laws. 


DAVIS, NATHAN W., 6th Bristol, Rep., 
Freetown. Born there March 19, 1857; Epis- 
copal academy, Cheshire, Conn.: class of 
1874. Gun manufacturer. A. F. A. M., I. 
O. O. F. Town treasurer, hoard of regis- 
trars of voters; Rep. town committee (sec). 

House '11, public service. 


DAY, DANIEL P., 8th Middlesex, Rep., 
Hopkinton. Born Worcester, Aug. 20, 1867; 
public schools. Clothing and shoe dealer; 
local representative Boston Globe. A. F. A. 
M. (P. M.), 1. O. O. F. (P. N. G.), A. O. U. 
W. Town treasurer past 6 years; Rep. town 
committee (sec. and treas.). 

House '11, banks and banking. 


DEAN, CHARLES A., 21st Middlesex, 
Dem., Wakefield. Born England: public 
schools. Rattan business, farming. I. O. 
O. F. Assessor, finance and sewer commit- 
tee, sec. public library, pres. board of trade; 
Mouse 1893-'99-'00-1901-'02-'03-'06-'07-'08-'10, 
committees on taxation, revision of corpor- 
ation laws, insurance, rules, special recess 
committee of 1906 on insurance, railroads. 

'11, ways and means. 


DOW, GEORGE L., 3d Middlesex, Rep., 
Cambridge. Born there Dec. 9, 1878; pub- 
lic schools, Dartmouth college. Real estate 
and insurance. Cambridge Rep. club (vice- 
pres.), Middlesex club, Masons, Economy 
and Colonial clubs of Cambridge. Common 
council 1905, board of aldermen '06-'07, Rep. 
city committee, Non-Partisan city commit- 
tee (ch. '09). House '10, committee on 
cities; '11, cities, elections. 


DOYLE, ANDREW P., 8th Bristol, Rep., 
New Bedford. Born Ireland, August 15, 
18G ( J; public schools. Insurance. Celtic 
club, A. O. H. Common council, board of 
aldermen; House 1906-'07>08-'09-'10, commit- 
tees on insurance, liquor Jaw (clerk), cities, 
special recess committee on insurance. 

'11, cities, liquor law, state house (ch.). 


DUGAX, LAWRENCE J., 7th Worcester, 
Dera., Webster. Born there Nov. 17, 1874, 
parochial and Webster high schools, Jeffer 
son (Fnila., Pa.) Medical college. Druggist 
K. C, A. O. H. House '10, committee on 
roads and bridges. 

'11, roads and bridges. 


DWYER, JOHN F., 7th Norfolk, Dem., 
Weymouth. Born there Feb. 9, 1862; public 
schools. Express business 2L years, real es- 
tate and contractor. Director Soutb Shore 
Co-operative bank, trustee Weymouth Hos- 
pital assoc, vice-pres. and director Wey- 
mouth Agricultural society, A. O. H. Select- 
man, overseer of poor, assessor, library trus- 
tee, postmaster 5 years, Dem. town commit- 
tee (ch.); House 1909-'10, committees on 
banks and banking, towns. 

'11, roads and bridges, insurance. 


EAGAN, JAMES F., 20th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston, Born Framinghani, July 1G, 1879; 
public schools of Framinghani. Clothing 
business 17 years. Pres. Boston Internation- 
al Retail Clerks' Protective assoc, K. C. 

House '11, public health. 


EAMES, HARRY M., 9th Essex, Rep., An- 
(dover. Born there July 9, 1856; public 
schools. Wool sorter and wool buyer, 
treasurer Crescent Worsted Co., farming at 
present. A. F. A. M. (P. M.), R. A. C. (P. 
H. P.), K. T., M. 8., I. O. O. F., R. A. Select- 
man, assessor, overseer of poor 1907 'OS-'09- 
'10 (ch. all 4 years); House (from Law- 
rence) 1887-88, committees on Hoosac Tun- 
nel and Troy and Greenfield R R-, federal 
relations (clerk), liquor law. 
'11, roads and -bridges. 

EDGBLL, CHARLES N., 2d Worcester, 
Rep., Gardner. Born there Jan. 29, 1843; 
public schools, Bane (Vt.) and New Ipswich 
academies. Fire insurance, A. F. A. M.. 
K. T., M. S., R. & S. M., O. E. S.. I. O O. F., 
A. O. U. W„ Gardner Boat, Ridgely clubs, 
retired capt. M. V. M. Selectmen, overseers 
of poor, board of health, chief fire depart* 
ment. House '10, committee on military 

'11, prisons, elections. 


EDSON, GEORGE W. W., 10th Middle- 
sex, Dem., Stow. Bom Boston, Nov. 23, 
1845; public schools, studied law 2 years. 
Toy manufacturer, artist, photographer, me- 
chanical draughtsman. designer. pattern 
and model maker, agriculturist, horticultur- 
ist, floriculturist. Independent Boston Fasi- 
leers, 26th unattached Co., H. A., and Co. 
K, 4th Mass. H. A., 1864-'65, G. A. R., S. of 
V., assoc. member Co. M, 5th Regiment, M, 
V. M., Grange, Stow Civic club. 

House '11, military affairs, 

ELDRIDGE, CHARLES W., 26th Middle- 
sex, Rep., Somerville. Born Boston, Oct. 16, 
1877; public schools. Salesman with Chase k 
Sanborn since 1883. I. O. O. P., United Com- 
mercial Travelers, Somerville 4th of July 
assoc. "Board of aldermen 1907-'08-'09; Rep. 
city committee 1906-'07-'0S-'09-'10. 

House '11, prisons. 


ELLIS, GEORGE H., ith Middlesex, Rep., 
Newton. Born Medfield, Oct. 3, 1848; dis- 
trict schools. Printer and publisher. Treas- 
urer and director George H. Ellis Co., trus- 
tee Mass. Agricultural college, Simmons 
Female college, executive committee United 
Typothetae of America (pres. 1905-'0C- 
'07), City, Economic, Twentieth Century, 
Unitarian, Reform clubs. Board of alder- 
men 4 years. House '10, committees on 
ptr^et railways, labor. 

'U. street railways, labor (ch,), 

ELWELL, CHARLES E., 23d Essex, Rep., 
Rockport. Born there June 20, 1882; public 
schools, Gloucester Business college. Fish 
glue manufacturer. Red Men, I. O. O. F. 
(Encampment), Masons. Housp '10, commit- 
tee on harbors and public lands (clerk). 

'11, harbors and public lands, pay roll. 


FAY, WILTON B., 27th Middlesex, Rep.. 
Medford. Born Hyde Park, Oct. 3, 1865; 
public schools. Accountant; Rep. club of 
Mas-.. Horticultural society, Middlesex, 
Medford, Neighborhood, Medford Boat 
clubs, Medford Historical society, Rep. 
state committee 1908-'u9-'10-"ll, Rep. city 
committee (ch. '01 to '06), 8th Cong, dis- 
trict committee (treas. since '01), alternate 
national convention '08. Medford park com- 
mission (ch.). House '10, committee on 
-ways and means; '11, ways and means, 


FISHER, EDWARD, 11th Middlesex. 
Dem., Westford. Born there Aug. 22, 1874; 
Westford academy, Boston University law 
school. Lawyer. Spalding Light Cavalry as- 
soc. (sec), Middlesex town and city clerks 
assoc. (former sec). Town clerk since 1902. 
House '11. judiciary. 


Dem., Haverhill. Born Ireland, Dec, 1852; 
public schools. Heel and inner sole manufac- 
turer. City council 2 years. 

House '11, cities. 


FLANAGAN, JOHN T., 16th Worcester. 
Dem., Worcester. Born Worcester, May 25. 
1869: public schools and classical high. Un- 
dertaker. A. O. H. (pres. Division 3), treas 
United Divisions A. O. H., Elks (loyal 
knight). M. C. O. P., Father Mathew T. A. 
and B. society, St. John's T. and L. guild 

House '11, prisons. 


FLOWER. HAROLD H., 2d Franklin. 
Rep., Greenfield. Born Ashfield, Jan. 13, 
1879; Sanderson academy, Williston semin- 
ary, Harvard university. Lawyer. A. F. A. 
M., R. A. C, K. T. 

House '11, constitutional amendments, 
legal affairs, engrossed bills (ch.). 


FOGG, CLARENCE J., 25th Essex, Rep., 
Newburyport. Born there July 10, 1853; pub- 
lic schools. Shoe cutter. Masons, A. O. U. 
W. Common council one year, board of al- 
dermen two years; house 1906-'07-'08-'09-'10, 
committees on liquor law, special recess 
committee on taxation, taxation, taxation 
commission 1907, counties (ch.) 

11, counties (ch.), public lighting. 


FOLEY, LOUIS A., 20th Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born Acton, Aug. 11, 1875; Law- 
rence public schools, Gleason academy of 
Hudson, Boston university law school. Law- 
yer. Young Men's Democratic club of Ward 
20, K. C, A. O. H., A. O. U. W., Knights 
of Equity. 

House '11, insurance. 


gus. Born Troy, N. H., Aug. 14, 1859; pub- 
lic schools. Train despatcher B. & M. R. R. 
Masons, Royal Arcanum. Registrars of vot- 
ers, board of selectmen fch.); House 1907- 
'08, committees on taxation, elections. 

'11, public health. 


GIFFORD, BENJAMIN D., 2d Barnsta- 
ble, Rep., Chatham. Born Provincetown, 
Nov. 19, 1845; public schools, Colgate uni- 
versity, Albany Medical college. Physician. 
Masons (P. M.), Barnstable District Medi- 
cal society (ex-pres.), Ancient and Honor- 
able society of Nantucket Pilgrims (pres.). 
Deputy collector of customs, postmaster. 

House '11, public health. 


GIFFORD, WILLIAM H., 9th Bristol, 
Dem., Westport. Born Dartmouth, Jan. 20, 
1851; public schools. Merchant and farmer. 
Masons. Deputy sheriff six years; House 
1909-'10, committee on fisheries and game. 

'11, ways and means. 


GOFF, ELLERY L., 5th Bristol, Rep., Re- 
hoboth. Born Taunton, April 17, 1858; pub- 
lic schools. Farmer and insurance. Grange, 
Rehoboth Antiquarian society (secretary). 
Town clerk 16 years, tax collector. House 
'10, committee on towns. 

'11, towns. 


GRAHAM, WILLIAM J., 8th Essex, Dem., 
Lawrence. Born there Oct. 2, 1873; Phillips 
Andover, Tufts Medical school. K. C. City 
committee 1896 to 1900; House 1904-'05-'06- 
'07-'08-'09-'10. committees on fisheries and 
game, federal relations, cities. 

'11, cities, public lighting. 


GREEN, JAMES I., 4th Suffolk, Dem, 
Boston. Born there Apr. 9, 1885; parochial 
schools, Boston Latin school, Boston college. 
Law student. Bunker Hill Dem., Hayes 
Square, City Square and Elicott social clubs. 
Common council 1909; Dem. city committee 

House '11, harbors and public lands. 


Middlesex* Rep., Everett. Born Alstead, N. 
H., May 29, 1S55; Everett public schools. 
Retired; 20 years wholesale produce dealer, 
10 years with Boston Seaman's Friend so- 

House '11, education. 


GRIFFIN, .TAMES F.. 22d Suffolk. Dem, 
Boston. Born Boston. Jan. 19, 1884; pub- 
lic schools, evening high. Broker, member 
of Boston Curb exchange: with A. S. Ice- 
land ft Co. 9 years. K. C. Moose (P. D.), 
Star of Jamaica Veteran Firemen. 

House '11. harbors and public lands. 

J 69 

HAIGTS, JOHN W., 3d Franklin, Rep., 
Montague. Born there July 31, 1881; public 
schools. Stationer. President Turners Falls 
board of trade, Peskeomipiskut club, Ma- 
sons, R. A. C, K. T., I. O. O. F., Red Men, 
D. O. H., Odd Fellows' Social club. Town 
treasurer, collector, auditor, board of as- 
sessors (ch.)j water commissioner; House 
1909-MO, committees on railronds (clerk), 
rules (clerk). 

'11, rules, railroads, federal relations 


HAINES, BENJAMIN F., 28th Middlesex, 
Rep., Medford. Born Boston, Nov. 25, 187G; 
New Bedford high school, Brown University, 
Boston University law school. Lawyer. 
South Medford Rep. and Medford clubs; 
Elks. K. P., Red Men, Sons of St. George, A. 
F. A. M., R. A. C, K. T., M. S. 

House '11, legal affairs. 


HALL1DAY, WILLIAM, 10th Essex, Rep., 
North Andover. Born Andover, Jan. 13. 
1S53; public schools. Clerk. Masons, R. 
A. C, K. T., I. O. O. F. Selectmen and over- 
seers of poor 1889-1900-'08-'09 (ch. 1900), as- 
sessors 1909; House 1896, committee on 
towns, 1909 (to fill vacancy), labor; '10, 
towns (clerk). 

'11, towns (ch.). 


HANCOCK, PORTUS B., 10th Plymouth, 
Dem., Brockton. Born Coventry, Vt., Feb. 
19, 1836; public schools. Produce, real 
estate, insurance. K. P., I. O. O. F., Red 
Men, G. A. R. (honorary). House 1899 to 
1902, 1906-'07-'08-'09-'10, committees on libra- 
ries, public service, fisheries and game, 
federal relations, harbors and public lands, 
public charitable institutions, military af- 

"11, public charitable institutions. 


HARDING, CLARENCE W., 5th Plymouth, 

Dem., Whitman. Born South Abington 
(now Whitman) Feb. 7, 1868; public schools. 
Shoe business. I. O. O. F., A. O. U. W., Boot 
and Shoe Workers' Union. Board of select- 
men 1910; Dem. town committee. 
House '11, federal relations. 


HARDY, FRANK O., 12th Worcester, Rep., 
Fitchburg. Born there 1870; public schools. 
Brass foundry business. Rep. club, Boston 
Athletic assoc, Brae-Burn and Tatnuck 
Country clubs, Alpine Golf club, Park club, 
Fitchburg Rifle and Gun club, Camp Fire 
club of New York, Merchants' assoc, di- 
rector Fitchburg Safe Deposit and Trust 
Co. Board of aldermen 1908; House '09-'10, 
committees on railroads, labor (ch.). 

11, railroads, constitutional amendments 


HARDY, LEONARD F., 2d Hampshire, 
Rep., Huntington. Born Weedsport, N. Y., 
Oct. 24, 1874; pivblic schools, Fairfield 
(N. Y.) Military academy. Lawyer. Masons, 
(P. M.), R. A. C, K. T., M. S., Grange. Board 
of selectmen, assessors, overseers of poor 
(ch. 12 years), water commission (ch.), 
Rep. town committee. House 10, commit- 
tee on street railways. 

'11, street railways (ch.). 


tol, Dem, Fall River. Born there August 
10, 1878; private school. Groceries. Sacred 
Heart Christian Doctrine society, Clover 
ciub, A. O. H. Common council 1 year, 
board of aldermen 6 years; House 1909-'10. 
committees on libraries Kclerk), water sup- 

11. mercantile affairs. 


HART, JAMES A., 241 h S tffolk, Rep., Bos- 
ton. Born Gaysboro, N. S., Oct. 29. L864; 
public schools. .Merchant. A. F. A. M., I. 
O. O. F., Encampment, Dorchester Gentle- 
men's Driving, Ashmont, Ward 24 Rep., 
East and Men's clubs. Common council 

House '11, federal relations. 


HATHAWAY, EDWARD R., 8th Bristol, 
Rep., New Bedford. Born there Jan. 29. 
1S74; public schools. Clothing business. 
Dartmouth club, Elks. School committee 
2 years; House 1909-'10, committees on state 
house, public service, constitutional amend- 

'11, street railways. 


folk, Rep., Dedham. Born New Bedford, 
Sept. 12, 1870; Harvard (2 years) class of 
'93. Trustee; director Acushnet Mills cor- 
poration, Hathaway Manufacturing Co., Po- 
tomska Mills corporation, Wamsutta Mills 
corporation, all of New Bedford. 

House '11, street railways. 


HAWLEY, TRUMAN R., 23d Middlesex, 
Hep., Maiden. Born there Oct. 17, 1876; 
public schools, Harvard 1900, Harvard law- 
school '05. Lawyer. Massachusetts club, 
Rep. club of Massachusetts, A. F. A. M, 
Common council 2 years. 

House '11, taxation, liquor law. 


HENEBERY. MICHAEL A., 17th Worces- 
ter, Deni., Worcester. Born there Nov. 10, 
1S77; public schools, Boston Y. M. C. A. 
Evening law school '08. Lawyer, supt. rail- 
road construction C years. K. C, R. A., Ful- 
ton club, City Employes' union. Board of 
health 7 years. House '10, committee on in- 

'11, street railways, 


HENNESSEY, MICHAEL, 4th Berkshire, 

Dem., Dalton. Born Adams, Sept. 16, 1854; 
public schools. Cotton mill supt. IS years, 
life ins. agt. and supt. 7 years, sealer U. S. 
treasury dept. Geo: mill 2 1-2 years. A. O. 
H. (pres.), F. of A. (trustee). Dem. club 
of Dalton (chairman). Selectman 2 years, 
registrar of voters 12 years. 
House '11, mercantile affairs. 


HICKEY. WILLIAM P., 14th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there Nov. 17, 1871 ; 
public schools. Real estate, former supt. 
L street ba-h. Warren club. Elks, S. B. 
A. A., N. E. O. P., A. O. H. Common coun 
cil 1896- T 97-'98; House 1909-'10, committees 
on federal relations, counties. 

'11, taxation. 


HILDRETH, MERRICK E., 1st Worcester, 
Rep., Petersham. Born there Aug. 1, 1840; 
public schools. Farmer. 

House '11, public health. 


HILL, FRANCIS M., 13th Essex, Rep., 
Lynn. Born Boston, Feb. 28, 1882; Lynn 
classical high school, M. I. T., Boston uni- 
versity law school '05. Lawyer. School com- 
mittee one year. 

House '11, constitutional amendments, en- 
grossed bills. 


HOBBS, CLARENCE W., JR.. 13th Wor- 
cester, Rep., Worcester. Born Woodfords, 
Me., Oct. 1, 1878; public schools, Worcester 
high, Harvard 1902, Harvard law '04. Law- 
yer. Worcester county Rep., Economic, 
Commonwealth clubs, board of trade, Wor- 
cester Continentals. Rep. city committee, 
'08, common council '09. House '10, commit- 
tees on legal affairs (clerk), eng. bills, 

'11, judiciary. 


HOLBROOK, HENRY W., 1st Hampden, 
Rep., Palmer. Born Palmer, Feb. IS, 1875; 
public schools, Tufts college. Wholesale and 
retail coal business 14 years. A. F. A. M., 
R. A. C, K. T., M. S., Palmer Business and 
Social club. Selectman 4 years (chairman 

House '11, mercantile affairs. 


HOLDEN, JOSEPH W., 31st Middlesex. 
Rep., Stoneham. Born there Oct. 10, 1867; 
public schools, .\lilk dealer. I. O. O. F., A. 
O. U. W., Knights of Pythias. Board of pub- 
lie works, selectmen House 1909-'10, com- 
mittee on public lighting. 

'11, public lighting, prisons. 


HOLMES, ALEXANDER, 7th Plymouth, 

Rep., Kingston. Born there July 28, 1867; 
public schools, Hopkinson's school of Bos- 
ton, Harvard 1889, M. I. T. Farmer. Rep. 
town committee (ch.), Plymouth County 
Rep. club (pres. 3 years). Board of select- 
men (ch.), overseer of poor, assessor, 
school committee, tree warden; House 
1901-'02, committee on mercantile affairs. 
'11. election laws. 


HOLT, CHARLES T., 6th Hampden, 
REp.. Springfield. Born Petersham, August 
1, 1845; public schools, Newton Theologi- 
cal institution. Insurance, coal mer- 
chant, clergyman. Masons, G. A. R. Re- 
publican town committee; water com- 
missioner, public library trustee; House 
1907-'08-'09-'j.^, committees on harbors and 
public lands, parishes and religious soci- 
eties (clerk); insurance (ch.), military af- 
fairs; '11, insurance (ch.), military affairs. 


HOWARD, HARRY L., 3d Hampshire, 
Rep., Hatfield. Born West Swanzey, N. H., 
Jan. 26, 1874; Smith academy, Hatfield, 
Child's Business college, Springfield. Gra:n 
and coal business 6 years, now general in- 
surance. A. F. A. M.; Rep. town committee 
(ch. 3 years), county committee 1911. 

House '11, towns. 


HOWARD, WILLIAM N., 2d Bristol, Rep., 
Easton. Born there Sept. 23, 1871; public 
schools. Farmer and insurance. Secretary 
State Grange (12 years), Masons, House 
'10, committee on agriculture (clerk). 

'11, agriculture. 


HOWE, CHARLES H., 11th Worcester, 
Rep., Leominster. Born there Dec. 17, 1850; 
public schools. Manufacturing. Water com- 

House '11, public lighting, labor. 


HOYT, WILLIAM S., 13th Essex, Dem., 
Lynn. Born Boston. Jan 27, 1840; public 
schools. Constable, collector, auctioneer, in- 
vestigator. Former depaty U. S. marshal, 
former deputy collector customs. 

House '11, liquor law. 


HUGHES, JOHN J., 3d Berkshire, Dera., 
Adams. Born Alford, 1867; public schools 
of Adams. Granite cutter. Knights of Co- 
lumbus, Robert Emmet Benevolent assoc, 
Adams Anti-Tuberculosis society. House 
'10, committee on prisons (clerk). 

'11, taxation. 


FiURD, LYMAN E., 18th Essex, Rep. 
Salem. Born Lynn, Aug. 17, 1875; public 
schools. Harvard college, Harvard law 
school. Lawyer. Salem, Salem Billiard, 
Salem Republican clubs, Now and Then as- 
soc. Common council T90<5-'07-'08-'09 (pres- 
ident 'U9>. House "If. committee on judiciary. 

'11, judiciary. 


cester, Rep., Worcester. Born Worcester 
Oct. 4, 1859; public schools. Worcester & 
Nashua and B. & M. R. R. 33 years, clerk, 
ticket agent, freight cashier. Worcester 
County Rep. club, I. O. O. F. 

House '11, insurance. 


JENCKES, EDWARD N., Stli Worcester, 
Dem., Douglas. Born Burrillville, R. I., Dec. 
31, 1S4G: public schools, business college. 
General store. Assessor Burrillville 4 years. 
Rbode Island assembly 1882-'S3, selectman 
of Douglas 15 y:s. (ch.), town clerk T yrs., 
board of assessors. 

House '11, towns. 

: y 

KEEFE, DAVID P., 11th Bristol, Rep., 
F3ll River. Born Fitchburg, Sept. 29, 1855; 
public schools. Salesman, advertising soli- 
citor. Rep. club; Veteran Firemen's assoc. 
House 1904-'05-'06-'07-'08-'10, committees on 
federal relations, libraries, parishes and 
religious societies (en.), elections, election 
laws, public charitable institutions. 

'11, public charitable institutions. 


KELLY, MICHAEL, 19th Essex, Dem., Sa- 
lem. Born Treland, June 17, 1840; public- 
schools of Salem and Peabody. -Morocco 
manufacturer 30 yrs. Elks. Overseeis of 
])oor. school committee, board of aldermen; 
House IftOO-'Ol. committees on banks and 
banking, counties. 

'11, election laws. 


KENNEY, JAMBS T., 21st Suffolk, Den.., 
Boston. Born Central Falls, R. I., June 20, 
1870; public schools. Musician, newspaper 
work. A. O. H. (pres. Div. 50), Roscommon 
club (pres.), Musician's Union No. &, Musi- 
cians' Mutual Benefit society, delegate C. L. 
U. 14 yrs. 

House '11, public lighting. 



KIERNAN, LOUiS R., 5th Suffolk, Dem., 
Chelsea. Born there Aug. 26, 1884; public 
schools, Boston University law school. Law- 
yer. K C, Elks, Owls. 

House '11, election laws. 


dlesex, Rep., Lowell. Born England, Dec. 21, 
1852; public schools. Confectionery and ci- 
joirs. 1 O. O. F. Common council 1893-'94. 
House '10, committee on drainage. 

'11, street railways. 


KING, CLIFFORD L., 4th Bristol, Dem., 
Taunton. Born there Apr. 8, 1873; public 
schools. Reporter Taunton Herald-News. 
Democratic city committee. Clerk Taun- 
ton license commission 1901-'04. 

House '11, counties. 


KNOWLES, H. BERT, 21st Essex, Rep., 
Gloucester. Born Corinna. Me., May 2, 1809; 
public schools. Lawyer, railroad business 
24 years. A. F. A. M., R. A. C, K. T. Alder- 
man 1907-'08. 

House '11, legal affairs. 


LaMOUREUX, WILFRED J., 5th Worces- 
ter, Dem., Southbridge. Born there Dec. 13, 
i879; St. Joseph's seminary, Watertown, N. 
Y., Grand seminary, Montreal, P. Q. Furni- 
ture dealer, notary public. Eagles, Red 
Men, Catholique Foresters, Cercle Canadien, 
Club les Intimes. Library committee 3 
years, auditor 2 years, sewer commission 7 
years. House '10, committee on drainage, 
special on Southbridge Savings bank. 

'11, banks and banking. 


LANGELIER, LOUIS F. R., 6th Norfolk, 
Rep., Quincy. Born Boston, Nov. 29, ISTd; 
public schools. Manager book publishing 
house. N. E. Trade Press assoc. (sec), 
Squantum Yacht club, Wollaston club. City 
council 4 years, trustee public library, Rep. 
city committee (sec.) ; House 1909-10, com- 
mittees on harbors and public lands ( clerk, 
'09, ch. '10), banks and banking. 

'11, harbors and public lands (ch.), roads 
and bridges. 


LANGTRY, ALBERT P., 5th Bamftfen, 
Rep., Springield. Bern Wakefield, July £7, 
1 SCO ; public schools. Editor and pablifetier 
Springfield Union. .Masons, Middlesex club, 
Rep. club of Massachusets. Ex-member ami 
ex-sec'y Rep. state committee. House '10, 
committee on mercantile affairs. 

'11, election laws (ch.), fisheries and 
game, rules. 


LEONARD, JOSEPH, 9th Suffolk, Dem . 
Boston. Born there October 16, 1878; pub 
lie schools. Life insurance. Kuincy club, Ca- 
thedral Y. M. C. A. Common council lii'17. 
House '09. committee on printing. 

'11, cities, insurance. 


LEWIN, OHARLES, 7th Bristol, Rep., 
New Bedford. Born Lancaster, England, 
May 20, 1852; Phillips academy. News- 
dealer, mill operative 42 years. Founder 
loom-fixers' local and national organiza- 
tions; North End Merchants' club (pres.)- 
Rep. city committee; House 1909-'10, com- 
mittee on labor. 

11, public charitable institutions, labor. 


LILLEY, ESDWIN F., 9th Worcester, Rep... 
Milford. Born there Aug. 29, 1X70; public 

schools. Jewelry business L8 years. Elks, I. O. 
(). F., Grange, A. F. A. M., M. S. Rep. town 
committee 7 year.^ (ch. 2 years). Selectman 
2 years (ch. one). 

House '11, public health, harbors and pub 
lie lands. 


LOMASNEY, MARTIN M., 8th Suffolk, 
Dem. Boston. Born there December 3, 1859; 
public schools. Real estate. Hendricks club. 
Board of aldermen 1893 to 1895; Senate 1896 
and 1897. committees on engrossed bills, 
constitutional amendments, harbors and 
public lands, public health; House 1899. 
1905-'0G- : 07-'08'09, committees on metropol- 
itan affairs, public service. 

'11, metropolitan affairs, rules. 


LOMBARD, PAUL I., 5th Hampden, Rep., 
Springfield. Born there July 16, 1875; 
public schools, B. U. law school. Lawyer. 
Rep. and Winthrop clubs. Chairman Rep. 
city committee 1907-'08. House '10, commit 
tee on cities. 

'11, cities. 


LOOK, WILLIAM J., 1st Dukes, Rep.. 
Tisbury. Born Tisbury, June 20, 1867; pub- 
lie schools. Carpenter and electrical work- 
er. A. F. A. M. (master Martha's Vineyard 
lodge 4 years). I). D. G. M. 27th Masonic 
district 2 years; Rep. town committee 15 
years. Selectman, assessor and overseer of 
poor 9 years (ch. 7 years), county commis- 
sioner since 1905. 

House '11, fisheries and game, 


MacCONALD, HERMAN A., 20th Essex, 
Jiep., Beverly, riorn Stockholm, Sweden, 
Nov. 11, 1881; public schools, Beverly high, 
Lynn Business college, Boston Y. M. C. A. 
Evening law school 1910. Lawyer, clerk and 
stenographer, 4 years in governor's office. 
Beverly Rep. club, A. F. A. M., Municipal 

House '11, liquor law, legal affairs. 

MAGUIRE, JAMES P., 22d Suffolk, Dem, 
Boston. Born Boston, 1880; public schools, 
Boston Latin. Brokerage business. 

House '11, education. 

MAHONEY, JOHN C, loth Worcester, 
Dem., Worcester. Born Ireland. March 22, 
1878; national schools of Ireland, public 
schools of Worcester, evening high, Boston 
Y. M. C. A. Evening law school. Clerk 
Worcester water dept. 8 years, law student. 
A. O. H., K. C, F. of A., Irish National For- 
esters, Worcester City Employees' Union, 
C. L. U., O'Connell Associates, Adams De- 
bating society. 

House '11, legal affairs, election^;. 


MARCHAND, GEORGE E., 17th Middle 

sex, Roj)., Lowell. Born there Dec. 22, 1877; 
public schools. Chauffeur. Eagles, Metro- 
politan. French Citizens' social, Middlesex 
Social, Centreville Social and Chauffeurs' 
clubs. Common council 1907-'08, House '10, 
committee on prisons. 
'11, prisons (ch.). 


sex, Uem., Marlboro. Born there Aug. 15, 
1876; public schools. Newspaper reporter. 
K. of C, A. 0. H., Spanish War Veterans, 
Sons of Veterans, Pastime Boat club. 
House H«08-'09-'10, committees on public ser- 
vice (clerk), military affairs (clerk), mer- 
par' ile ai airs. 
11. judiciary. 


MCCARTHY, KldE.NK A., Jr., 6th Bs- 
sex, Dem., L.iwrence. Born there Sept. 12, 
1856; public schools. Real estate and in- 
surance. Eagles, Knights of Equity, Pair- 
mouth Athletic club, Jefferson Social ciub. 
Common council 1909-'10 (pres. '10), pub- 
lic library trustee. 

House '11, mercantile affairs. 


McCarthy, john f., 16th Suffolk, 

Dem., Boston. Born there July 21, 1880; 
public schools. Salesman. 

House '11, harbors and public lands. 


MeOl LLOUGH, THOMAS F., 11th Hamp- 
den, Dtm., tiolyoke. Born Palmer; public 
schools. Cigarmaker. Central Labor union, 
Cigarmakers' union (sec), Park Lyceum 
Social club. House '10, committee on la- 

'11, fisheries and game, pay roll. 


MoFXANEY, JAMES A., Jr., 20th Suffolk. 
Derr.., Boston. Born there Sept. 6, 1883; 
public schools, evening high, Franklin insti- 
tute. Manager Boston Column Co. Catho- 
lic club of Dorchester. 

House '11, taxation. 


McGIVERN, JOHN D., 16th Suffolk, Dem. r 
Boston. Born there Sept. 19, 1883; public 
schools. Clerk N. Y„ N. H. & H. R. R. Co. 
Ward 16 Dem. club, Madison Social club. 
Common council 1906-'07-'08-'09. 

House '11, drainage. 


McGRATH, MICHAEL F., 6th Middlesex, 
Dem., Natick. Born there Oct. 26, 1861; 
public and private schools. Real estate and 
insurance, formerly shoe worker and shoe 
manufacturer. M. C. O. F., A. O. H., Eagles, 
F. of A., Knights of Sherwood, Boot and 
Shoe Workers' union. Board of selectmen 5 
years (clerk 3 years, chairman 1 year). 
House MO, committee on towns. 

'11, mercantile affairs. 


McINERNEY, JAMES H., 19th Suffolk. 
Dem., Boston. Born Ireland, Dec. 13, 1871: 
national schools, Hardware salesman, elec- 
trician, contractor, granite. A. O. H., K. C ., 
Russell and Mitchell clubs. Common coun- 
cil 1899-1900; ch. Ward 19 Dem. committee 
'02-'03-'04-'08-'10-'ll; House '01-'02-'03, com- 
mittees on public service, parishes and 
religious societies, libraries, water supply. 

'11, constitutional amendments, military 


McKAY, HUGH M., 27th Suffolk, Rep., 
Revere. Born Montreal, June 10, 1870; pub- 
lic schools of Montreal and Hamilton. Steel 
engraving. I. O. O. F. (P. G.), A. F. A. M., 
Elks, Bay State Yacht club; Rep. town 
committee 8 years. Selectman 1907-'08-'09 
(ch. '09). 

House '11, cities. 


McMORROW, WILLIAM M., 23d Suffolk. 
Dem., Boston. Born there Oct. 22, 1885; 
public schools, Boston college '06, Harvard 
law school 2 years. Law student, teacher 
Boston college high school '08-'09, drug 
clerk in vacations. A. O. H., Forest Hills 
Improvement assoc. 

House '11, banks and banking. 

MEADE, TIMOTHY J., 10th Plymouth 
Dem., Brockton. Born Boston, Nov. 7, 1864: 
public schools. Shoemaker, K. C. Common 
council 3 years, board of aldermen 2 years 
(chairman 1 year), ex-secretary Democratic- 
city committee; House 1908-'09-'10, commit- 
tees on prisons (clerk), federal relation-;, 

11, ways and means. 


MEANEY, JOHN F., bth Worcester, 
Dem., Blackstone. Born Scituate, R. I., Jan. 
5, 1880; public schools Blackstone, B. U. 
law school. Lawyer. Foresters of America, 
A. O. H. Town solicitor past 8 years, tax 
collector past 6 years, Democratic town 
committee, state committee 1908 (chair- 
man executive committee), 1909-'10-'ll. Sen- 
ate '10, committees on legal affairs, towns, 
drainage, public lighting, special on milk. 

House '11, judiciary, agriculture. 


MER1UTT, JOSEPH F., 2d Plymouth, 
Dem., Norwell. Born South Scituate (now 
Norwell) July 26, 1872; Derby academy, 
Hingham. A. F. A. M. Town clerk 8 years, 
treasurer 2 years. 

House '11, towns. 


MONTAGUE, DAVID T., 10th Suffolk, 
Rep., Boston. Born Bridgewater, Vt., April 
2, 1864: Goddard seminary, Tufts college, 
B. U. law school. Lawyer. Masons 32d de- 
gree, K. T., Elks, B. A. A., Middlesex, Eco- 
nomic; cuius, Vt. Assoc, of Boston, Boston- 
jan society. Ward committee (ch.), Kep. 
city committee (pres. '09) ; common coun- 
cil 190b-'0b- s 07, register of probate '07; 
House 1909-'10, committees on banks and 
banking (clerk), insurance, cities (ch.), 
elections (clerk); '11, cities (ch.), insur 


MORGAN, CHARLES H., 7th Essex, Rep., 
Lawrence. Born there Jan. 15, 1869; pub- 
lic schools. Wool sorter, newspaper and 
periodical store. I. O. O. F. (P. N. G.), En- 
campment, Wool Sorters' Benefit assoc. 
Common council 1901-'02. 

House '11, water supply. 


MORRILL, CHARLES H., 4th Essex, 
Socialist, Haverhill. Born there Oct. 6, 
1874; public schools. Shoemaker, directory 
work, collector, justice of peace. Central 
Socialist club, Men's club of First Univer- 
salist church. Socialist state committee, as- 
sistant assessor 1902 to '09. House '10, 
committee on taxation. 

'11, taxation. 


MORSE, EDWARD T., 8th Plymouth, 
Rep., East Bridgewater. Born New Bed- 
ford, Sept. 13, 1868; public schools. Machin- 
ist; savings bank trustee, treas. Carver 
Mutual Accident Insurance assoc. Rep. 
town committee (treas.) ; school committee 
19 years. 

House '11, education. 


MULVENY, FRANK, 11th Bristol, Rep., 
Fall River. Born there June 14, 1886; pub- 
lic schools, Bristol County law school '07. 
Lawyer. I. O. O. F. 

House '11, legal affairs. 


MURPHY, DENNIS A., 15th Middlesex, 
Rep., Lowell. Born there Sept. 26, 1S7G; 
public and parochial schools, Mt. St. Mary's 
tEmmetsburg, Md.) college, A. B. 1899, Cath- 
olic University (Washington, D. C.) L. L. 

B. 1902. Real estate and farming, principal 
Franklin evening school several years. K. 

C, A. O. H., C. Y. M. L., Celtic associates. 
House '11. public service. 


MURPHY, JAMES J, 12th Suffolk, Dem , 
Boston. Born there Feb. 11, 1885; public 
schools. Salesman. Concord club. 

House '11, state house. 


MURRAY, DAVID W., 3d Norfolk, Dem., 
Hyde Park. Born Boston, Sept. 9, 1874; 
public schools of Hyde Park, Boston college, 
Boston University law school. Lawyer. 
Elks, K. C, A. O. H., M. C. O. F., Norfolk 
Bar assoc, Hyde Park Business Men's as- 
soc, Hyde Park Historical society. Chairman 
town advisory committee, Dem. candidate 
for Congress 12th district 1906. 

House '11, public health, 3d reading. 


MURRAY, WILLIAM J.. 3d Suffolk. Dem.. 
Boston. Bora there Oct. 7, 1885; public 
schools. Teamster. Teamsters' union.. 
Mystic Social club. Common council 190 1 ). 
House '10. committee on drainage. 

'11, roads and bridges. 


NEWTON, WILLIAM L. V., 13th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there Feb. 28, 1881; 
public schools. Produce dealer. K. C. Com- 
mon council 19D3-'04; House '06-'07; com- 
mittees on parishes and religious societies, 
public service. 

'11, metropolitan affairs. 


outh, Rep., Hull. Born Barnstable, Jan. 5, 
1876; public schools, Bridgewater Normal 
school. Schoolmaster. I. O. O. F. Modera- 
tor, town treasurer, secretary Rep. town 
committee. House '10, committee on metro- 
politan affairs. 

'11, metropolitan affairs. 


VORDBECK, ALBIN F., 9th Plymouth. 
Rep., Brockton. Born Stockholm, Sweden, 
Aug. 23, 1872; public schools. Building con- 
tractor. Scandinavian Rep. club (pres.). 
Common council, board of aldermen, sew- 
erage commission (ch.), Rep. city commit- 
tee (treas.); House 1909-'10, committees on 
drainage, water supply (ch.). 

'11, water supply (ch.), drainage. 


Rep., Hamilton. Born there Aug. 21, 1880; 
public schools, Harvard, Harvard law school 
'05. Lawyer; vice-pres. First National bank 
of Ipswich. Essex county Rep. club, Old 
Town Country club, Salem club, Harvard 
clubs of Boston and Newburyport. Special 
justice 3d district court of Essex, selectman 

House '11, judiciary. 


O'BRIEN, MICHAEL E., 3 8th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there Sept. 18, 1878; 
public schools. Painter B. E. Railway car 
shops. Timilty club. Common council 1907- 
'08-'09. House '10, committee on federal 

'11, public lighting. 



O'CONNEJLL, CHARLES R., 11th Essex, 
Dem., Peabody. Born there Sept. 16, 187'.; 
public schools. Printer. K. C, I. T. U., M. 
O. O. Camels. Chairman Peabody investiga- 
tion committee. 

House '11, water supply. 


O'DOTnNELL, FRANCIS I)., Gth Suffolk, 
Den:., Boston. Bern Cambridge, Dec. 30, 
1873; public schools. Cable worker N. E. T. 
& T. Co. K. C, Jefferson club, Halcyon as- 
sociates. Common council 1909. House '10, 
committee on liquor law. 

'11, liquor law, state house. 




O'HEARN, WILLIAM A., 2d Berkshire, 

Dera., North Adams. Born North Adams, 
March 8, 1887; Drury high school, North 
Adams, Georgetown university 1909. Law- 
yer. Elks, K. C, A. O. H. Special agent in 
California for Department of Interior in 
General Land Office service, congressional 
private secretary. 

House '11, legal affairs, elections. 


Dem., Sharon, 
public schools. 
R), A. O. H., 

JEREMIAH, 9th Norfolk, 
Born there Dec. 12, 1861; 
Contractor. M. C. O. F. (C. 
Dem. town committee 2-) 

years (ch. <S years). 
House '11. counties. 


O'NEIL, DENNIS A., 2d Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there June 16, 1882; public 
schools. Coal dealer. K. C, Elks, M. C. O. 
F. Common council 1908-'09. House' 10, com- 
mittee on liquor law. 

'11, liquor law, elections. 


ORSTROM, CHARLES A., 18th Worces- 
ter, Dem., Worcester. Born Sweden. March 
IT, 1878: public schools in Sweden. Barber. 
I. O. O. F., Red Men, Swedish Charitable 
assoc... Svea Gills and Engelbrackt clubs; 
Dem. city committee 5 years. Common 
council 5 years, board of aldermen one year. 

House '11, public lighting. 

PAL.MJEJR, PRANK A,, 8th Berkshire, Rep., 
Stockbridge. Horn there Apr. 11, 1843; pub- 
lic and private schools. Farmer; school 
teacher 2 years. State hoard of agriculture, 
Housstonic agricultural society (pres.), 
Grange, 49th Mass. Volunteers in Civil 
War. Assessor, school committee. 

House '11, agriculture. 


PARKER, JOSEPH H.. .JR.. 20th Middle 
sex, Dem., Wobiirn. Born there Apr. 1<>, 
1871; public schools. Furniture and carpet 
buyer. Towanda and Bay Side Smelt clubs. 

1 1 (.use '11, metropolitan affairs. 


PARKS, JOSEPH A., 10th Bristol, Dem., 
Fall River. Born Preston, England, May 
2, 1877; public schools. Cotton mill em- 
ployee, insurance, real estate. Alderman 
1903; House 1904-'05-'06-'07-'08-'09-'10, com- 
mittees on cities, elections, labor (clerk), 
military affairs, counties, street railways, 
commission on workingmen's compensation 

'11, street railways, labor. 


PATTEE, ASA L., 1st Barnstable, Rep., 
Falmouth. Born Thornton, N. H., 1870; pub- 
lic schools, Potomac (Washington, D. C.) 
university, Cincinnati Medical college. Phy- 
sician. Masons (P. M.), K. P. (P. C), I. O. 
O. F., Red Men, Succannesset club. Board 
of health 10 years. House '10, committees 
on fisheries and game, liquor law. 

'11, public health (ch.). 


PEXXIMAX. HARRY A.. 2d Middlesex, 
Rep., Cambridge. Bora there March 26, 
1867"; public schools. Carriage manufactur- 
ing business. Citizens' Trade assoc, Ma- 
sons, I. O. O. F.. Knights of Pythias, Red 
Men. Common council 1905, board of alder- 
men 1906-'0T: House ? 09-'10, committee on 
mercantile affairs. 

'11, mercantile affairs, military affairs. 


POPE, FRANK H., 11th Worcester, Dem.. 
Leominster. Born Sandwich, March 7, 1854; 
public schools, Dean academy. Boston 
"Globe" correspondent. Secretary Democra- 
tic state committee 1897. I. O. O. F., Leom- 
inster club, Union club of Marlboro. House 
1908-'09-'10, committees on ways and means, 
rules, elections. 

'11, ways and means, rules. 


PREECE. ALFRED J.. 1st Hampshire. 
Dera.. Northampton. Born London. England. 
Jan. 14, 1868 - Is Steam 

cleaning - s Veteran Fii e 

I. O. O. F S as of St. George. A. 
{'. \ v .. R<- 1 Men. Common council 1904, 
board of aldermen 9 Dem. city 

committee. House '09, committee on agri- 
< ulture. 

'11. public charitable institutions. 


PURCELL, JOHN J., 7th Bristol, Dem., 

New Bedford. Born Milltown, N. B., Aug. 
30, 1870; public schools. Mill worker. Dem. 
city committee; A. O. H., F. of A., Loom 
Fixers' union. 

House '11, water supply. 


PUTNAM, HARRY B., 12th Hampden, 
Rep., Westfield. Born there Sept. 7, 1878; 
public schools, Boston University Law 
school 1899. Lawyer; trustee Westfield Sav- 
ings bank. A. F. A. M., R. A. C., K. T., 
M. S., Grange, S. of V., Westfield club; Rep. 
town committee 6 years. Town counsel 3 

House '11, judiciary. 


QUINN, MARTIN L., 12th Essex, Rep., 
Swampscott. Born Lynn, Jan. 19, 1862; 
public schools. Roofing business. Red 
Men, Essex club, Hillside Improvement club. 
Selectmen 4 years, overseers of poor; House 
1909-'10, committees on harbors and public- 
lands, constitutional amendments. 

'11, railroads. 


QUINN, MICHAEL P., 5th Berkshire, 
Dera., Pittsfield. Born Williamstown, Apr. 17, 
1873; public schools. Restaurateur. 

House '11, prisons. 


REED, ALBERT C, 26th Essex, Rep., 
Georgetown. Born Rockland, Me., March 23, 
1858; public schools, Waltham high, school 
of oratory, Boston, Wesleyan University, 
Boston University Medical school. Physican. 
A. O. U. W., Chi Psi Wesleyan, Hahnemann 
society and alumni assoc. of B. U. Medical 
school. School committee (ch. past six 

House '11, water supply. 


REED, JOSEPH J., 1st Middlesex, Dem, 
Cambridge. Born Brookline, July 12, 1867; 
parochial and public schools. Fruit and 
produce dealer. House '10, committee on 
public service. 

'11, railroads. 


REIDY, MICHAEL J., 15th Suffolk, Deal., 
Boston. Born there August 8, 1870; public 
schools. Telegrapher and stenographer. 
Member national executive board of coin- 
merchial telegraphers' union. Common coun- 
cil 1894-'95; House 1896-'97-1909, committees 
on constitutional amendments, state house, 
education, taxation. 

'11, street railways. 


RICKER, GEORGE A., 22nd Essex. Rep., 
Gloucester. Born there March 30, 1877: 
public schools. Granite contractor and 
builder. Common council 5 years (presi- 
dent 1 year), superintendent of streets 1908. 
House '10, committees on public lighting, 
harbors and public lands. 

'11, mercantile affairs. 


RIDEOUT, RALPH R., 25th Middlesex, 
Rep., Somerville. Born Castle Hill, Me., 
1875; Castle Hill high school, Comer's Com- 
mercial college. Sec. and treas. Winter 
Hill Co-operative bank, treas. Somerville 
Institution for Savings. A. F. A. M., I. O. 
O. F., K. P., Webcowit and Middlesex clubs; 
Rep. city committee (pres. '08-'09), Ward 4 
Rep. club (pres. '06-'07). Board of alder- 
men 1908-'09-'10 (pres. '10). 

House 'V , metropolitan affairs. 

RYAN, THOMAS. 1st Middlesex, Dem., 
Cambridge. Born Ireland, April 17, 1877; 
public schools. Teaming. Common council 
1907-'0S. House '10, committee on met. af- 

'11, metropolitan affairs. 


SALTONSTALI,, JOHN L., 20(h Essex, 
Rep., Beverly. Born Beverly, May 23, 1878; 
Groton school, Harvard University. Member 
of firm of Hunt, Saltonstall & Co., invest- 
ment securities. Vice-pres. Rep. club of 
Mass., Beverly and Essex county Rep. clubs. 

House '11, fisheries and game, insurance. 


SANBORN, JOHN C, 5th Essex, Dem., 
Lawrence. Born Lawrence Dec. 1, 1868; 
Lawrence high school, Dartmouth college 
1891, Boston University La,w school '90. 
Lawyer, formerly school teacher. A. F. A. 
M., Home cluh of Lawrence (director), Mer- 
rimack Valley Country club /(former direc- 
tor) Lyra society. 

House '11, judiciary. 


SARGENT, EDGAR E., 4th Hampshire, 
Dem., Relchertown. Born Boston, Nov. 4, 
1854; private school in New York. Farmer. 

House '11, labor, agriculture. 


SATJNBEKS, A.MOS T., lOtfi Worcester, 
Rep., Clinton. Born Waterford, Me., May 
3, 1874; BridgetOB (Me.», academy, B. U. 
Law school 1900. Lawyer. Republican club.-; 
of Mass. and Worcester county. Town so- 
licitor 3 yrs, Republican town commute*' 
5 yrs. (ch. 3 yrs.), moderator; House 1909- 
'10, committees on judiciary (clerk '09), 
liquor law (ch.), elections, commission on 
workingmen's compensation '10. 

'11, judiciary (ch.). 


Dem., Lawrence. Born Frankfort, Germany, 
July 23, 1882; public schools, Lawrence com- 
mercial school. Book-keeper and clerk, I. 0. 
O. F., Encampment, Loyra Glee club. 

House '11, public charitable institutions. 


SCIGLIAXO. ALFRED, Cth Suffolk, Dem., 
Boston. Born there June 3, 187G; public 
schools. Bartender. Eagles, Jefferson club, 
Columbus society. Mediterranean Fishing 
club. Common council 1909. House '10, 
committee on harbors and public lands. 

'11, federal relations. 


SCULLY, MICHAEL J., 4th Hampden, 
Dem., Springfield. Born Ireland, Dec. t, 
1SG3; public schools. Employee H. & M. 
R R. Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, 

Foresters of America, A. (). CJ. \V. City 
council 1!J(H to '09; House 'CS-'IO, commit 
tee on railroads. 

'11, railroads, taxation. 


SHANNON, NORMAN, 7th Berkshire, 
Dem., Becket. Bom Fort Covington, X. Y., 
Nov. 21, 1872; public and private schools. 
Farmer. A. F. A. M. 

House '11, agriculture. 


SHARP, BENJAMIN, 1st Nantucket, Rep., 
Nantucket. Born Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 
1, 1S58; Coffin school, Nantucket, Swarth- 
more college, U. of P. medical school 1879, 
Universities of Berlin, Leipsic, Wueraburg 
(Ph. D. '83). Zoologist. Academy of Natu- 
ral Scientists, Athletic club of Nantucket. 
Zoologist Peary expedition 1891, professor 
zoology IT. of P. House '10, committees on 
libraries (ch.), fisheries and game, 

'U, fisheries and game (ch.). 


SILVESTER. ALBERT H, 19-th Worces- 
ter, Rep., Worcester. Born Boston, Jan. 21, 
JS59; public schools, Danvers high school, 
Card machine operator. I. O. O. E., Wor- 
cester Society of Antiquity; Worcester 
County Rep. club, Rep. city committee. 

House Ml, federal relations, labor. 


SORENSON, THEODORE L., 1st Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Bom there 32 pears ago; 
public schools. Cornice maker and profes- 
sional singer. Sheet iron workers' union. 
Common council U*07-'08. House '10, com- 
mittee on railroads. 

'11, railroads. 


STEVENS, GEORGE H., 14th Middlesex, 
Rep., Dracut. Born Norwich, Conn., August 
13, 1868: public schools of Lowell. Gro- 
ceries and provisions, Union Pacific R. R. 
5 years. I. O. O. P., Masons, Grange, Ves- 
per Country cluhs, 5 years Oregon national 
guard. All various town offices in Dracut; 
House 1905, committees on libraries, roads 
and bridges, '10, roads and bridges. 

'11, roads and bridges, military affairs. 




.. . 


SULLIVAN, WILLIAM J., 13th Suffolk, 
Dem., Boston. Born there Apr. 14, 18G5; 
public schools, Boston University Law 
school. Lawyer. K. C, A. O. H., M. C. 
O. F., N. E. O. P., St. Vincent de Paul so- 
ciety, Columbus Day Nursery. Common 
council 1891-'92; House 1901-'02, committees 
on probate and chancery, judiciary; trustee 
pauper institutions city of Boston 1905- 

House '11, meicantile affairs. 

SWEENEY, EDWARD A., 1st Bristol, 
Rep., Attleboro. Born Boston, June 15, 1853; 
Boston public schools. Book-keeper and 
business manager, manufacturing jeweler 
1 , years; director First National bank of 
Attleboro, Attleboro Savings and Loan as- 
soc, trustee Attleboro Savings bank, Attle- 
boro Building assoc, Fifty Associates of At- 
tleboro. A. F. A. M., R. A. C, K. T., M. S., 
H. P., I. O. O. F., Red Men, Pilgrim Fathers, 
board of trade (directoi). Auditor L2 yrs. 

House '11, federal relations. 

TEEHAN, DANIBL W., 12th Worcester, 
Dem., Fitchburg. Born Upton, Aug. 81, 
1868; public schools. Clothing 12 years, 
cigar manufacturer 10 yrs. Elks, Eagles, 
K. C, A. (). H. 

House '11, cities. 


TEWKSBURY, ALFRED, 27th Suffolk, 
Rep., Winthrop. Bern there Sept. 19, 1857; 
public schools, Comer's commercial college. 
Retired ; shoes and dry goods 20 yrs. Win- 
throp Rep. club, Pleasant Park Yacht club. 

House '11, water supply, harbors and pub- 
lic lands, state house. 


THOMAS, WILLIAM R., 5th Norfolk, Rep., 
Quincy. Born there Sept. 24, 1871; public 
schools, B. U. law school. Lawyer. Elks, 
I. O. O. F., A. and H. Artillery Co., Graniie 
City, Quincy Yacht, Norfolk clubs, Citizens' 
association, board of trade. City solicitor 
3 years; House 1909-'10, committee on met- 
ropolitan affairs. 

'11, metropolitan affairs. 


TOOMEY, EUGENE F., ICth Middlesex, 
Dem., Lowell. Born there Apr. 21, 1875; 
public schools. Clerk. K. C, A. O. H.. 
Maine w Temperance society, Young Men's 
Catholic Institute. School committee 1907- 

House '11, federal relations. 


TUFTS, NATHAN A., 5th Middlesex, Rep. 
Waltham. Born Fitchburg, April 15, 1879; 
Fitchburg high school '96, Brown university 
"(JO, B. U. law school '03. Lawyer. Repub- 
lican club of Waltham, D. U. fraternity. 
Elks (P. E. R.), I. O. O. F., Masons. Board 
of aldermen 3 yrs. (chairman finance com- 
mittee '09). House 'JO, committees on en- 
grossed bills (ch.), election laws. 

'11, legal affairs (ch.). 


TURNER. ROBERT N., 5th Middlesex, 
Rep., Waltham. Born there March 6, 1882; 
public schools, M I.-T., Boston University, 
B. U. law school. Lawyer. Waltham Repub- 
lican club, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi 
fraternities. Republican city committee, 
board of aldermen. House '10, committee 
on judiciary (clerk). 

'11, election laws, education. 


UNDERBILL, CHARLES L., 25th Middie- 
sex, Rep., Somerville. Born Richmond, Va., 
July 20, 1867; public schools. Hardware 
dealer. Elks, Masons, R. A., Y. M. C. A., 
Winter Hill Improvement association, board 
of trade, Central club, Ward 5 Republican 
club; House 1902-'03-'08-'09-I0, committees 
on federal relations (ch.), cities (clerk), 
counties, payroll, rules, public lighting (ch.). 

'11, public lighting (ch.), military affairs, 


UPTON, ALTON A., 4th Franklin, Rep., 

Orange. Horn Templeton, Nov. 21, 1864; 
public schools. Mechanic. Equitable club, 
I. O. O. F., Red -Men, S. of V. Republican 
town committee (chairman); House 1909-'1Q, 
committees on counties, education. 
'11, drainage (ch.), counties 


WASHBURN, ROBERT M., 22d Worees 
ter, Rep., Worcester. Born there Jan. A 
L868; public schools, Harvard college. "Law- 
yer. Republican club of Massachusetts 
Worcester County Republican club, Quin 
sigamond Boat club, Worcester club. Repub 
lican city committee; House 1908-'09-'10 
committees on railroads (ch.), rules, liquor 
law, Libraries, special on Southbridge Sav 
ings bank. 

'11, railroads (ch.), rules. 


WELLS, HENRY G., 3d Essex, Rep., 
Haverhill. Bom Bridgeport, Conn., Oct. 12, 
1879: public schools, Tilton (N. H.) semi- 
nary. Wesleyan university, Harvard law 
school. Lawyer. Common council. House 
'10, committee on insurance (clerk). 

'11, election laws, insurance. 


WHEELER, WILLIAM H.. 3d Worcester, 
Re))., Hubbardston. Born Lexington, Sept. 
4, 1N4.S; public schools. Merchant. A. F. 
A. M., A. O. U. W. House 1S94, committees 
on finance, expenditures. 

House '11, public charitable institutions. 

WHITE, NORMAN H., 2d Norfolk, Rep., 
Brookline. Born Montclair, N. J., Dec. 25, 
1871; public schools, University of New 
York, Harvard. Treasurer of Boston Book 
Binding company, director Brookline Na- 
tional bank. Vice-pres. Brookline Republi- 
can club; House 1907-'08-'09-'10, committees 
on metropolitan affairs, education (ch.), 
ways and means (ch.). 

'11, ways and means (ch.), rules. 


WHITE, THOMAS W., 4th Middlesex, 
Rep., Newton. Born there Jan. 10, 187G; 
public schools, Mass. College of Pharmacy. 
Druggist. Middlesex, Newton Players', Bos- 
ton City clubs, I. O. O. F., Masons, Knights 
Templar, Shriners. House '10, committee 
on ways and means. 

'11, ways and means. 


WILiLETTS, ISAAC B., 11th Bristol, Rep., 
Fall River. Born Boston, Nov. 8, 1879; pub- 
lic schools. Garbage contractor, deputy 
sheriff. House 1905-06-'08-'09-'10, committees 
on public charitable institutions, printing., 
public health (clerk), cities, fisheries and 
game, roads and bridges (cm). 

'11, roads and bridges (ch.). 


WITT, ERNEST A., 7th Hampden, Rep., 
Springfield. Bom there July 12, 1875; public 
schools, commercial college. Mercantile 
real estate. I. O. O. F., S. of V., Co. H Naval 
Brigade (hospital steward, yeoman, treas- 
urer). Secretary Republican city committee 
1908-'09, assistant, assessor past G years. 
House '10, committees on liquor law, mili- 
tary affairs (clerk). 

'11, military affairs (eh.). 


WOLCOTT, ROGER, 4th Norfolk, Rep., 
Milton. Born Milton, July 25, 1877; Hop- 
kinson's school, Harvard '99, LL. B. 1902. 
Lawyer. Private 1st Mass. Heavy Artillery 
Spanish war, capt. and adjt. 1st Heavy 
Artillery, lieut. vol. and insp.-gen. M. V. M. 
Director Everett Mills, York Mfg. Co., mem- 
ber corporation Provident Inst, for Savings, 
Suffolk Savings bank, Society Colonial 
Wars, Society of Cincinnati, Loyal Legion, 
U. S. W. V.; House 1909-'10, committees on 
railroads, street railways (ch.). 

'11, railroads, elections (ch.). 

WOOD, CHARLES J., 2d Middlesex, Rep., 
Cambridge. Born there March 18, 1854; 
public schools. Real estate and insurance. 
A. F. A. M., A. O. U. W. 

House '11, public charitable institutions. 




*§2* «k 




4 i 



WOOD, RUSSELL A., 3d Middlesex, Rep, 
Cambridge. Born there March 25, 1880; pub- 
lic schools, Harvard college 190: 1 ,. News- 
paper work. Masons, I. O. O. F., Elks. Com- 
mon council 1904-05-'0G; vice-president Non- 
partisan Municipal party; House 1909-'10, 
committees on taxation, constitutional 
amendments (ch.). 

'11, taxation (ch.). 


WRIGHT, AUGUSTUS E.. inth Worces- 
ter, Rep., Southboro. Born Southboro, Feb. 
25, 187.S; Phillips Andover academy L8UG, 
Harvard 1900. General stove. A. F. A. M. 

Mouse '11, taxation, state house. 





Messrs. Evans of Middlesex, Mulligan of 
Middlesex, Stearns of Middlesex, Schoon- 
maker of Franklin and Hampshire and M al- 
ley of Hampden. 


The President , Messrs. Greenwood of 
Worcester, Blanchard of Middlesex, Mulli- 
gan of Middlesex and Malley of Hampden. 

Ways and Means. 
Messrs. Greenwood of Worcester, White 
of the Cape, Bennett, of Middlesex, Ross of 
Bristol and Doyle of Suffolk. 

Third Reading. 
Messrs. Schoonmaker of Franklin and 
Hampshire, Lomasney of Suffolk and Pow- 
ers of Suffolk. 

Engrossed Bills. 
Messrs. Adams of Essex, Chase of Bris- 
tol and Hatton of Suffolk. 



The Speaker, Messrs. "Underbill of Somer- 
ville, Gushing of Boston, Washburn of Wor- 
cester, Haigis of Montague, Bean of Cam- 
bridge. Langtry of Springfield, White of 
Brookline, Cavanagb of Everett, Pope of 
Leominster and Lomasney of Boston. 

Ways and Means. 
Messrs. White of Brookline, Bean of 
Cambridge. Crocker of Boston, Conwell of 
Somerville, Fay of Medford, White of New- 
ion, Pope of Leominster, Conway of Bos- 
ton, Dean of Wakefield, Meade of Brockton 
and Gifford of Westport. 

Messrs. Saunders of Clinton, Kurd of 
Salem, Hobbs of Worcester, Brackett of Ar- 
lington, Norwood of Hamilton, Putnam of 
Wostfield, McCarthy of Marlboro, Ahearn 
of Framingham, Meaney of Blackstone, 
Fisher of Westford and Sanborn of Law- 

Messrs. Wolcott of Milton, Dow of Cam^ 
bridge, Edgell of Gardner, Cogswell of 
Lynn, O'Neil of Boston, O'Hearn of North 
Adams and Mahoney of Worcester, 


Third Reading. 
Messrs. Davis of Melrose, Bellamy oT 
Taunton and Murray of Hyde Park. 

Engrossed Bills. 
Messrs. Flower of Greenfield, Hil! of Lynn 
and Burroughs of Boston. 

Pay Roll. 
Messrs. Barlow of Lowell, Elwell of Rock- 
port and McCullough of Holyoke. 



SENATE— Messrs. Mellen of Worcester 
and Hampden, Gates of Worcester and Hoar 
of Middlesex. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Avery of Charlemont, 
Howard of Easton, Palmer of Stockbridge, 
Stone of Sudbury, Damon of Ashby, Mean- 
ey of Blackstone, Shannon of Becket and 
Sargent of Belchertown. 

Banks and Banking. 

SENATE— Messrs. Tinkham of Suffolk, 
White of the Cape and Powers of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Cavanagh of Everett, Barlow of 
Lowell, Bagg of West Springfield, Day of 
Hopkinton, Lamoureux of Southbridge, Car- 
mody of Springfield, McMorrow of Boston 
and James H. Brennan of Boston. 



SENATE— Messrs. Xewhall of Essex, Den- 
ny of Worcester, Nason of Essex and Lo- 
masney of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Montague of Boston, 
Doyle of New Bedford, Bliss of Maiden. 
Dow of Cambridge, Lombard of Springfield, 
McKay of Revere, Graham of Lawrence, 
Burke of Milford, Leonard of Boston, Fitz- 
gerald of Haverhill and Teehan of Fitch- 

Constitutional Amendments. 

SENATE— Messrs. Brown of Middlesex, 
Evans of Middlesex and Malley of Hamp- 

HOUSE— Messrs. *Crane of Cambridge, 
Bliss of Maiden, Flower of Greenfield, Hill 
of Lynn. Curtin of Boston, Mclnerney of 
Boston, Bogue of Lynn and Casey of Bos- 

SENATE— Messrs. Keith of Plymouth, 
Newhall of Essex and Curley of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Fogg of Newburyport, 
Upton of Orange, Fay of Medford. Clark of 
Winchendon, Conway of Boston, Burns of 
Holyoke, O'Leary of Sharon and King of 

SENATE — Messrs. Schoonmaker of Frank- 
Transferred from Public Lighting. 


lin and Hampshire, Timilty of Suffolk and 
Hunt of Worcester. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Upton of Orange, Nord- 
beck of Brockton, Bowker of Hanson, Con- 
verse of West Brookfield, Crowley of Bos- 
ton, McGivern of Boston, Patrick B. Carr of 
75oston and Cotter of Lynn. 

SENATE— Messrs. Brown of Middlesex, 
Tjnkh ■-. d Hunt of Worces- 


HOUSE — Messrs. Armstrong of Somer- 
ville, Bellamy of Taunton. Turner of Wal- 
tliam. Greenwood of Everett, Morse of East 
Bridge water, Barry of Chicopee, Callahan 
;;i Boston and Maguire of Boston. 

Election Laws. 

SENATE— Messrs. Stearns of Middlesex, 
Pearson of Norfolk and Hatton of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Langtry of Springfield. 
Davis of Melrose, Turner of Waltham, Wells 
of Haverhill, Holmes of Kingston, Brophy 
or Boston, Kiernan of Chelsea and Kelly of 

Federal Relations. 

SENATE — Messrs. Pearson of Norfolk, 
Turner of Bristol and Hunt of Worcester. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Haigis of Montague, 
John Carr of Boston, Sweeney of Attleboro, 
Hart of Boston, Silvester of Worcester, 


Scigliano of Boston, Toomey of Lowell and 
Harding of Whitman. 

Fisheries and Game. 

SENATE — Messrs. Keith of Plymouth, 
Gates of Worcester and Mack of Berkshire. 

HO [ T SE— Messrs. Sharp of Nantucket, 
Langtry of Springfield, of Bev- 
erly, Look of Tisbury, Arkwell of Worces- 
ter, Stevens of Marblehead, McCullough of 
Holyoke and Bodfish of Wareham. 

Harbors and Public Lands. 

SENATE:— Messrs. Tinkham of Suffolk, 
Newhall of Essex and Doyle of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Langelier of Quincy, 
Elwell of Rockport, Lilley of Milford, 
Tewksbury of Winthrop, Atkins of Lynn, 
Griffin of Boston, McCarthy of Boston and 
Green of Boston. 


SENATE — Messrs. Nash of Plymouth. 
Denny of Worcester, Barnes of Norfolk and 
Murray of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Holt of Springfield, 
Montague of Boston, Wells of Haverhrll, 
Saltonstall of Beverly, Hurlburt of Worces- 
ter, Baker of Medfield, Francis J. Brennan 
of Boston. Bastion of Pittsfield, Foley of 
Boston, Dwyer Qf. Weymouth and Leonard 
of Boston. 


SENATE— Messrs. Ross of Bristol, Mel- 
len of Worcester and Hampden and Grain- 
ger of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Ellis of Newton, Lewin 
of New Bedford, Howe of Leominster, Bagg 
of West Springfield, Silvester of Worcester, 
Parks of Fall River. Curtin of Boston and 
Sargent of Belchertown. 

Legal Affairs. 

SENATE — Messrs. Tolman of Essex, 
Barnes of Norfolk. Hatton of Suffolk and 
Mack of Berkshire. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Tufts of Waltham, Flow- 
er or Greenfield, MacDonald of Beverly, 
Mulveny of Fall River, Knowles of Glou- 
cester, Haines of Medford, O'Hearn of 
North Adams, Burroughs of Boston, Breath 
of Chelsea, Mahoney of Worcester and 
Bogue of Lynn. 

Liquor Law. 

SENATE— Messrs. Nash of Plymouth, 
Hoar of Middlesex and Grainger of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Bothfeld of Newton, 
Doyle of New Bedford, Armstrong of Som- 
erville. Hawley of Maiden, MacDonald of 
Beverly, O'Neil of Boston, O'Donnell of Bos- 
ton and Hoyt of Lynn. 

Mercantile Affairs. 
SENATE— Messis. White of the Cape, 


Tolman of Essex, Pearson of Norfolk and 
Timilty of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Cox of Boston. Penn'- 
man of Cambridge, Stone of Worcester, 
Coon of Walertown. Ricker of Gloucester, 
Holbrook of Palmer, Harrington of Fall 
River, McGrath of Natick, Sullivan of Bos- 
ton, Hennessey of Dalton and McCarthy of 

Metropolitan Affairs. 

SENATE— Messrs. Mulligan of Middle- 
sex, Brown of Middlesex, Stearns of Mid- 
dlesex and Murray of Suffolk. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Gushing of Boston, 
Thomas of Quincy, Bothfeld of Newton, 
Charles L. Carr of Boston, Nickerson of 
Hull, Rideout of Somerville, Ryan of Cam- 
bridge. Lomasney of Boston, Newton of 
Boston, Connolly of Boston and Parker of 

Military Affairs. 

SENATE— Messrs. Denny of Worcester, 
Hibbard of Middlesex and Mack of Berk- 

HOUSE— Messrs. Witt of Springfield, Holt 
of Springfield, Underhill of Somerville, Pen- 
niman of Cambridge, Stevens of Dracut, 
Mclnerney of Boston. Clark of Boston and 
Edson of Stow. 

SENATE— Messrs. Gates of Worcester, 


Curley of Suffolk and Lomasney of Suffolk. 
HOUSE — Messrs. Marchand of Lowell, 
Holden of Stoneham, Edgell of Gardner, 
Eldridge of Somerville, Clark of Boston, 
Quinn of Pittsfield, Flanagan of Worces- 
ter and Buckley of Brockton. 

Public Charitable Institutions. 

SENATE — Messrs Turner of Bristol, 
Nash of Plymouth and Quigley of Hampden. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Cliff of Somerville, 
Keefe of Fall River, Charles J. Wood of 
Cambridge, Wheeler of Hubbardston, Lewin 
of New Bedford, Hancock of Brockton, 
Preece of Northampton and Schlapp of Law- 

Public Health. 

SENATE — Messrs. Chase of Bristol, Ross 
of Bristol and Grainger of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Pattee of Falmouth, 
Lilley of Milford, Gifford of Chatham, Hil- 
dreth of Petersham, Cuff of Lowell, Forri- 
stall of Saugus, Eagan of Boston and Mur- 
ray of Hyde Park. 

Public Lighting. 

SENATE— Messrs. Tolman of Essex, 
Blanchard of Middlesex, Adams of Essex 
and Halley of Essex. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Underhill of Somerville, 
Holden of Stoneham, Fogg of Newburyport, 
Cogswell of Lynn, Howe of Leominster, 


-Hardy ot Fitchburg, Graham of Lawrence, 
Arseneault of Spencer, Orstrom of Worces- 
ter, Kenney of Boston and O'Brien of Bos- 


Public Service. 

SENATE— Messrs. Mellen of Worcester 
and Hampden, Evans of Middlesex and 
Quigley of Hampden. 

HOUSE — Messrs. Coon of Watertown, 
Collins of Amesbury, Davis of Freetown, 
Booth of Fall River, Colpoys of Boston, 
Ahern of Boston, Murphy of Lowell and 
Burns of Salem. 


SENATE— Messrs. Blanchard of Middle- 
sex, Schoonmaker of Franklin and Hamp- 
shire, Turner of Bristol and Powers of Suf- 

HOUSE — Messrs. Washburn of Worces- 
ter, Hardy of Fitchburg, Haigis of Montague, 
Chapman of Franklin, Wolcott of Milton, 
Quinn of Swampscott, Scully of Springfield, 
Sorenson of Boston, Davies of Holyoke, 
Reed of Cambridge and Barry of Agawam. 

Roads and Bridges. 
SEX ATE — Messrs. Hibbard of Middlesex, 
Nason of Essex and Timilty of Suffolk. 
HOUSE— Messrs. Willetts of Fall River, 

♦Transferred from Constitutional Amend- 


Stevens of Dracut, Cushman of Province- 
town, Langelier of Quincy, Eames of An- 
dover, Dugan of Webster, Dwyer of Wey- 
mouth and Murray of Boston. 

State House and Libraries. 

SENATE — Messrs. Greenwood of Worces- 
ter, Murray 07 Suffolk and Halley of Essex. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Doyle of New Bedford, 
Tewksbury of Winthrop, Wright of South- 
boro, Danforth of Norton, O'Donnell of Bos- 
ton, Barry of Chicopee, Connors of Boston 
and Murphy of Boston. 

Street Railways. 

SENATE— Messrs. Bennett of Middlesex, 
Keith of Plymouth, Hibbard of Middlesex 
and Curley of Suffolk. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Hardy of Huntington, 
Ellis of Newton, Hathaway of New Bedford. 
Crane of Cambridge, Killpartrick of Lowell, 
Hathaway of Dedham, Parks of Fall River, 
Reidy of Boston, Henebery of Worcester, 
Breekenridge of North Adams and Daly of 


SENATE — Messrs. Barnes of Norfolk, 
Bennett of Middlesex, Doyle of Suffolk and 
Quigley of Hampden. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Russell A. Wood of 
Cambridge, Hawley of Maiden, Blodgett of 
Maiden, Buck of Wilmington, Wright of 
Southboro, Bagley of Boston, Morrill of 
Haverhill, Scully of Springfield, Hughes of 

Adams, Hickey of Boston and McElaney of 



SENATE — Messrs. Adams of Essex, Chase 
of Bristol and Hoar of Middlesex. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Halliday of North An- 
dover, Goff of Rehoboth, Storm of Braintree, 
Howard of Hatfield, Baker of Westwood, 
Bartlett of Plymouth, Merritt of Norwell 
and Jenckes of Douglas. 

Water Supply. 

SENATE— Messrs. Nason of Essex, 
Brown of Middlesex and Halley of Essex. 

HOUSE— Messrs. Nordbeck of Brockton, 
Tewksbury of Winthrop, Reed of George- 
town, Morgan of Lawrence. O'Connell of 
Peabody. Cronin of Boston, Purcell of New 
Bedford and James J. Brennan of Boston. 



- jOSm 



tfev 5