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REYNOl.n^ M'cjrRicAL 
GE m F ai. 0~Y -OLLF.CTION 



3 1833 03109 8368 





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I, \U,!"\ C. LEWIS, of the city, county and State of 
N"< ' York, i • * j i ii cr of a sound and disposing mind and i .« r . 
do hereby make and declare this my last Will and Tesl tm< at, 
hereby revoking and annulling any and all will? and testa- 
mi i its by me al any time heretofore mad.'. 

!•'; lst. 
It is my will that my funeral expenses and just debts be 
paid as soon as practicable after my decease. 

Secos d. 
1 give, devise and bequeath to Katie McClure and 
Jkssi i: McCi i'!'.].. daughters of £)/-. F. C. MH 'tun . o{ Chii 
Illinois, the sum of 0/<. Thousand Dollar i each : to A i* v llu.v- 
ter, daughter of Darid Hunter, late of Elgin, Illinois, th< 
of 0/>< Thousan I Dollan : to the Trustees of Excelsior Lodgi 
X". 22, o I the fndependenl Order of Odd Fellows, of Chii 
Illinois, the sum of One Thousand D liars, to be placed to ai : 
in the Widows' and Orphans' Fund, of said Lodge; to the 
Chicago Protestant Orphan Asylum, the sum of 
Thousand Dollars; to the Home for the Friendless, of Chi- 

cago, the sum of Four Thousand Dollars; to the Old Peoples' 
Home, of Chicago, the sura of Four Thousand Dollars; to St. 
Luke's Fni i: Hospital, of Chicago, Illinois, the sum of Four 
Thousand Dollars ; to my brother, Henry F. Lewis, the sura of 
Ten Thousand Dollars. 

1 give and devise to my brother, Henry F. Lewis, in trust 
for my niece, Hattie. daughter of my brother, William N. 
Lewis, and who is now married to William Harris, the sum of 
Twenty Thousan D liars; to be safely and securely invested by 
him. and the proceeds thereof, as far as possible, reinvest- 
ed from time to time, vesting said Henry F. Lewis with full 
power and discretion to use said income so as to be of the 
greatest benefit as he may think for the said Hattie ami her 
children, desiring that the same shall be used for their sole use 
and benefit: said, fund to be held during the life of said 
Hattie, and until her youngest child living shall arrive at 
the aire of twenty-one years, when, if she is then dead, I i< s; id 
sum and accuun if any), to be divided equally be- 

tween each of her children, share and share alike; in case of 
the death of either of her children, leaving heirs of their own 
body, then said heirs to take the portion of their deceased 
parent (as it living) ; but in case said Hattie should die with- 
out any child or children or descendants thereof, then said 
devise to revert hack and pass to the Trustees hereinafter 
named, to 1"' held by them in trust, as hereinafter specified, 
said property to 2'" to her children or their descendants upon 
her death, or us soon thereafter as her youngest child shall 
arrive at the age of twenty-one years. 

I give and devise to ray brother, Hi;m;\ F. Lewis, in trust, 
the- sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars; the same to be safely and 

securely invested by him: the income thereof to he for the use 
and benefit of Miss Gertrude Spencer, of Beloit, Wisconsin, 

bo long as she may live; it being my desire that she shall 
have find receive so long as she may live, the sum of One 
Thousand Dollars per annum, payable semi-annually; upon 
her death the principal (and interest, if any,) of said devise to 
revert to the Trustees lie rein after specified, fur the uses and 
purposes set forth. 

It having long been my desire and design to in some man- 
ner provide for and assist those in need of an education, and 
who are so circumstanced in life as to be unable without aid 
and assistance to obtain the instruction and gain access to 
books and papers of art and science that their future advance- 
ment in life requires ; 

Now, therefore, E do give, devise and bequeath all the i 
and residue of my estate, whether real, personal or mixed, 
and wherever situate, unto James M. Adsit, Hexm 1:\ Lewis, 
and Hugh A. White, of the county of Cook and State oi Illi- 
nois, and dear successors and assigns, forever, in trust for the 
several uses, intents and purposes hereinafter specified, viz: 
To keep and hold all the real estate that ! may die seized and 
possessed of, or in any manner entitled unto, in the county u'L 
Cook and State of Illinois, until such times as hereinafter 
specified, and to lease the same upon such terms and condi- 
tions as they deem best. To invest or have invested all my 
per? >nal estate in good notes, bonds or other available securi- 
ties that are well s< cured : such as United States. Cook County, 
Chicago I ity, or good Railroad bond-, or personal bonds or 
n >tes, secured by real estate or good collaterals, tor, during, 
and until A. D. L885, or until such time as the sum of A 
Hundred Thousand Dollars can be realized out of my pers uial 
estate, invested as above set forth. When, it is my will and 
desire that such Trustees or their successors in trust shall 
thereupon proceed to construct a building on the premises 
hereby devised and known as lots on \ 1 i, two (2), thret (3),fcrar 
(4j./?V( t. ')), and >''r i (6), in black number sixty-eight (68),,in the 

original toion, nolo city, of Chicago (unless it is deemed unadvisa- 
ble, as hereinafter specified), to cost not over Two Hundred and 
Fifty Thous nd Dollars; provided, however, that if for any reas- 
ons said Trustees shall deem it (inadvisable, <>n acconnl ol' high 
price of material, or ol' the insufficiency ol' said amount, to 
erect a suitable building, that then and in that case they -ball 
proceed as soon thereafter as the times will permit, and two- 
fifths (2-5) of my said personal estate will be sufficient to erec- 
and fully complete a building, ready tor occupancy, as herein- 
after specified. 

I herewith leave to said Trustees authority to determine 
the exact heighth, size and proportions of said building, but 
desire that the same shall be a good, substantial, plain build- 
ing, every way well constructed tor use, utility and durability, 
and to be plainly and handsomely furnished inside and out. 
but ali extra cost for fineand showy ornamentations or decora- 
tions to be studiously avoided. 

I desire said building to be so constructed as to carry out 
two plans : 

1st. Ln the erection thereof to make and devote as much 
as consistent thereol to general business purposes, so as to get 
as great an income therefrom as possible. 

2d. To provide a large lecture room or hall, also a fine 
reading-room or rooms, and all necessary study room- to carry 
out the plan hereinafter set forth; the said building when com- 
pleted, together with the premises, to be forever devoted to the 
pnrpos< .- herein specified, and tin reafter to be known as, the 
Lewis Institute; and upon the completion thereof, said Trus- 
tees shall invest not o\-f\- Fifty Thousand Dollars in the pro- 
curing of books, papers and pamphlets tor the library and the 
necessary fixtures, designs and apparatus for the studies and 
other rooms : and the said Trustees shall procure all necessary 
librarians and teachers, &c, and adopt all necessary rides, reg- 
ulations and bye laws for tin management and government of 

the officers, students and all persons visiting or otherwise at- 
tending said institution. 

And it is my desire and design that said Trustees shall es- 
tablish and maintain a regular course of [nstruction at night, 
free to all who shall attend the same, pursuant to the rules 
and regulations of said institution, such course to be adapted 
as far as possible to the general uses and vocations of life, and 
of the kind and character not generally taught in the public 
scho Is of said city; and more particularly to the educating of 
persons in the speciiil branches or studies that will he directh 
useful to them in their obtaining a position and occupation 
for lite. 

Also, to maintain and keep up a course of Free Lecture:-, de- 
'. - • I to the Art.-, Sciences and Xatural Philosophy, or in li( u 
thereof. Public Readings, or whatever other form of useful and 
instructive evening exercises may be found the best adapted 
from time to time to the wants of the pub 

A iso. to maintain and keep up a free Reading Room to he 
supplied with the standard newspapers and magazines of the 
day. and also the standard work- on arts and sciences, and 
other- particularly in keeping with the studies taught in said 
institution, avoiding. as near as may be, novels and sensational 

Ai.-o, to maintain a School l\<r the instruction of respectable 
females, in differ* iches of art, science, design, &c. : the 

same to he adapted, as near as may he. to instructions in such 
branches of art, trade, designs, &c, a- wili enable them to gain 
a livelii refrom. 

And as soon a- the income from my -aid estate will justify 
-ueh an outlay, T de-ire to have them establish and maintain a 
thorough Polytechnic School, and to do all in their power to 
ud t'> none in the thoroughness and efficiency of 
tin- teaching therein ; — this in no wise to interfere with the 
School for female.-, hut may take the place (or the course of 
night instructions above referred to, if said Trustees deem it 

[f said Trustees should deem it best to procure more land, 
to use in connection with said lots above described, on which 
said building is to be i re I i I, then and in that case, I fully 
authorize and em hem to *ell and convey or exchange 

any of my other real estate of like value therefor, and 
the lapse of twenty years from my death, I hereby fully author- 
ize them to sell and convey any or all of my real estate, where- 
ever sil -• . \ ■ pt said lots above described, and wbal 
other lots (it* any) are purchased and added thereto in said 
block. And after the lapse of twenty-five years from nu 
death, if said -Trustees or their successors should find that said 
lots ami improvements nknownas Lewis Intstitute shall 

have become unfit for the purpose herein - . notat all 

adapted thereto, that then, and in thai case, said Trustees or 
their su >rs may purchase other property in said city, and 

erect a suitable building thereon, to be known as !.. .vis I 
tutr, ami to be held tor tic same uses and purposes, and 
■' ■ sume trusts herein designated, and thereupon sell and 
convev said premises firsi above specified. Or, in case the 
building; upon said lot? - mid be destroyed by tire, an 
locality thereof having thereby or prior thereto, become un- 
fitted for the locality of said Institute. en and in that - , 
said Trustees or their successors, may sell any oral! of • id 
premises in said block, and reinvest same in some othei 
locality, in said ' \ go, and rebuild said Instil 

it aforesaid: but otherwise, in case of destruction by tire, 
said Institution shall be rebuilt on said premises first above 
described. But 1 further will, thai if a majority of said Trus- 
tees or their successors shall decide before proceeding to erect 
said building on said lots iirsi above described, that the local- 
ity thereof is unfitted for and not suitable for the en ction oi 
said building thereon, and they can procure another site b 
adapted thereto, by the sale and proceeds of said lots first 
named, and other real estate, uol exceeding in value Fifty ! 
sand Dollars, then, and m that case, I fully authorize them to 
sell and convey said lots and other real estate, not exceeding 

in value fifty thousand dollars, and with the same, purchase a 
site where a building thereon can be erected and r< 
advantageously for business purposes. Being desirous, as 
before stated, of procuring a good income from the building, in 
order to aid and assist said Institution. 

In view oi' the mutability of human affairs, f shall hav< to 
trust to the judgment and discretion of said Trustees, to fix the 
amount to be devoted to each branch of said Institution from 
year to year; b ut ' l[ l $ m . v express will and desire 
that in no rase shall the expenses exceed the income 
from my said estate, and that there shall each year 
be a surplus over the expenses, to be carried to a 
contingent account, to be used from time to time in expanding 
and developing the use and efficiency of -aid institution. 

In ease of the death, removal or refusal of either of said 
Trustees to acl in the premises, I hereby authorize and 
empower the others to fill the vacancy; but incase of their in- 
ability, m : refusal so to do tor sixh (GO) days, or in ease 
two or more thereof should refuse or be unable to act in the 
premises, then said vacancy to be filled by the Judges of the 
Circuit Court of Cook county, Illinois, from nanus of per- 
sons furnished them by said Trustees, or either of them, or their 
legal representatives, in cas< they are all deceased. 

It is my will and desire, that upon the erection of said build- 
ing, or upon proceeding so to do, that the Trustees herein, or 
those appointed in their stead, as above provided, upon their 
motion at either time they deem best, shall have the number 
of trustees herein increased to five in the same manner and way 
ibove provided, viz : By the J ndges of the Circuit Court of 
Cook county; and upon failure of Trustees to fill or have filled 
any vacancy in their board, for the space of one year, in man- 
ner and form as provided by their rules and by-laws, then 
and in that case said vacancy shall be filled by the Judges of 
the <i: nit (' Mitt ^t' Cook county, in manner as above pro- 
vided, the Trustees appointed from time to time, as above 
specified, to have like power and authority in the promises, as 


trustees herein named. And it is my will and desire, thai 
said Board of five Trustees, when duh organized, shall pro- 
ceed to pass all necessary rule.-, and by-laws relative to the 
election or selection of Trustees to fill vacancies in the Board, 
and also relative to the appointment and selection of other offi- 
cers or employees to be connected with said institute; and also 
all necessary rules and regulations relative to the management 
and conducting of said Institute, providing i hat the schools and 
lectures shall be. It . i the resident of C ik county; then, in 
case tit. 'it. is room for others, 2d, for the residents of th< I 
of Illinois, and it not then filled, 3d, for residents of any of 
the adjoining Slates. The Board of Trustees, however, to be 
the sole judges as to the admission of parties outside o 
first named. And it is also iny will and desire that said Board 
of Trustees shall include iu their list of officers of said institu- 
tion a Board of Directors or Managers, the presiding! . 
ol iii" Board ol Trustees to b ff io presiding officer ••;' " ! 

Board •>!' Directors or Managers, which <a\<\ last named Board 
to act under the direction and control of the Board of 

And it is also my desire, that ail Trustees shall make an an- 
nual report to the Probate or County Court of Cook County, 
said report to be examined, and if found correct, to be ap- 
proved by the Court, as reports in case of estates, and that 
such reports shall from time to time be duly entered of record 
in said Court for the inspection of all concerned. And that 
they shall procure whatever legislation they deem prudent 
and best for the interest of said Institution, but especiallv pro- 
viding against its being controlled by or in the interest ofanv 
political party, or of any religious sect or denomination what- 
ever, and for that reason particularly guarding every avenue 
that would tend in that way in the manner of selecting and 
appointing Trustees in the premises. And I will and desire, 
iliat in all cases Trustees shall be residents and freeholders of 
( 'ook < 'ounty, aforesaid. 

Said Trustees hereby or hereinafter appointed, are to hold 


thoi r positions during lite or good b havior in office; but any 
failure to attend the meetings of said Board for six months, or 
their duties thereof for a like period, unless in eas< of sickness 
or temporary absence from the County, shall be taken and 
treated as a refusal to act, and a vacancy thereby occur: and 
any Trustee may at any time be rem ived and his successor ap- 
pointed, as provided by the rules and regulation? of said In- 
stitution, for good cause shown. 

And the said Trustees are hereby expressly forbidden to 
mortgage or encumber any real, per- »ual or mixed -'-tare held 
by them in the premises, and also tV< >m making or incurring anv 
indebtedness without funds provided to meet the same. Thev 
are at the same time required to keej well insured all insurable 
property belonging to said [nsti .. and to exercise the 

same care and prudence in rise premises that a | i busi- 

ness man would in the management of his own pr »pertv, and 
no more. 

In the admission of students, or ' tin selection of teachers 
and officers, or in any matter or thing pertaining to said 
Institution, said Trustees shall not make any discrimin; 
or preference on account of the religious views, tenet- 01 
opinions, of any stud< nts, teacher, officer, or applicant of any 
kind. Nor shall they allow any doctrinal teachings in said 

And Lastly. I hereby constitute and appoint my brother, 
ilExm !•'. Lewis, and Hugh A. White, of Cook county afore- 
said. Executors of this ray last Will and Testament, and also 
waiving all bonds of and from my s ;tid Executors, other than 
their personal bonds, as by law required. 

I\ \Y\ rxi-- \Vi>:,i:i..,i , I, the said \ u - ( '. Lewis, have I 

unto set my hand, and affixed my seal, this twenty-third 
day of June, A. D. 1875. (Exe ited in duplies 

Allen C. Lew ts. [> .. | 
Signed, sealed, published and declared, by the said Ai. :.:.:. C. 


Lewis, as and for his last Will and Testament, in the 
presence of us, who in his presence, and at his request, 
and in the pres< uce of each other, have subscribed our 
names as witnesses hereto. 

Vincent C. McCli re, 
No. 220 Warren Avenue, Chicago. 
Robert Gentry, 

Avenue House, Chicago. 
Solomon 11. Tiiomps 

46 Park Avenue, Chicago. 
Proved and admitted to record in open Court, this 1st day 
of November, A. D. 1877. 

M. R. M. Wallace, 

( o. Judge. 

1, Ai u \ C. Lewis, being of a souud mind and disposing 
memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this a Codicil 
to the last Will and Testament by me made and declared, in 
duplicate, on the twenty-third day of dune, A. D. 1875, in the 
preseuee of Viucent C. MeClure, Robert Gentry and Solomon 
H. Thompson, who at my request subscribed said last Will and 
Testament as witnesses : 

It is my will, and 1 hereby revoke and annul the bequest in 
the secoud section of my said last will and testament. •' To 
" the Trustees of Ei Isi • Lodgt No. 22, of tfa Independent Order 
'' of Odd Fello m of Om Thousand Dollars, to be placed to 

"and ''/■■ the Widows' and Orphans' Fund of said Lodge" and in 
lieu, place and stead of said bequest, so revoked as last afore- 
said, r give and bequeath to the Trustees opExcklsiok Lodge 
No. 22, of ill" City of Chicago, in the county of Cook, and 
State of Illinois, oi the rudependenl Order of Odd Fellows 
the sum of Fict Hundred Dollars, to be placed to and in the 
Widows' and Orphans' Fund of said Lodge. 


I give and bequeath to the Trustees or the Eighth Pe - 
byterian Church, of the City of Chicago, aforesaid, the sum of 
Five Hundri d Dollars. 

It is my will, that the several bequests made and mentii 
in the second and third sections of my aforesaid Will, and in 
the first and second sectious ol thi ■'. tl • o, be paid by 

my executors in said Will appointed, out of and from tl 
come of my said estate, as soon after my decease as circum- 
stances will permit, and in no evenl shall any of said beqi 
be paid from or out of the principal o{ my said estate, but 
the same shall be held and kept intact by \x\\ said i 

Foi KTH. 

The fourth section of my aforesaid Will and Testament giv- 
ing and devising to my brother, Henry F. Lev i.-. in trust, the 
sum of Fifteen Thousand Doll o nvest the same and n« 
income th f for the us< and I Miss ( rertrudi > 

cer, is hereby canceled, revoked and annulled, and the sum in 
said bequesi mentioned is to be taken and become a pari 
portion of my residuary estate in said Will mentioned. 

Y\ i- rii. 
J give and bequeath to the aforesaid XI lss Geri ri ni. Spencer. 
ofJBeloit, Wisconsin, for the term of her natural life, an an- 
nuity of Ont Th.ousand Dollars, the same to !■ paid her by 
the Executors of my said last Will, in semi-annual installments 
of /'••■' //'/•"/■ I Dollars each: Provided, that the settlement 
of 1113 said estate shall not 1"' delayed on account or by reason 
of said annuity, but that the same shall be closed and settled 
as speedily as possible; and that upon the settlement of my 
said estate, and the transfer of my said residuary estate to the 
residuary devisees and Trustees in said Will named, said resid- 
uary devisees and Trustees shall pay said annuity in manner 


and form as aforesaid ; and said annuity is hereby made and 
declared to be a charge upon said residuary estate in said 
"Will mentioned. 


It i.- niv will that the following clause in the fifth section 
of ray aforesaid Will, viz : 

" To invest or have invested, all my personal estate in good notes, 
ts bonds , or other avadabl ? rarities that an well secured, ?n 
" United States, Cook County, Chicago City, or good lie 
" Bonds, c "' Bonds or Notes secured by real estati or good. 

u collaterals , for, during, and until A. I). 1885, or until such I ■ •■ 
" as th mm of Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars can b realized 
" out of my perso d dat invested as at forth," be and the 

same is hereby canceled, revoked and annulled, and in lieu, 
place and stead of the clause so canceled, revoked, annulled 
and expunged, as last aforesaid, the following clause be in- 
serted and read and taken as part of said Will, viz. : 

To in esi or have invested all income received, and also 
all moneys realized out of the property I may die seized or 
possessi ! of, in either United States, Cool< County, Chicago 
City or prompt paying Railroad Bonds or personal 
bonds, or Xotes well secured by real estate, or good 
collaterals, or in centrally located Chicago business 
property, for, during and until A. 1 >. 1885, or until 
such time as; the sum of eight hundred thousand dollars 
can be realized on' of said residuary trust estate. [\ being 
my special wish and desire, that said trustees shall keep said 
estate invested so as to be available whenever it shall prove 
desirable to erect buildings hereby contemplated, and only to 
invest in sueh real estate as will produce an income, and that 
can be readily disposed of if desirable and necessary. 


It is my will, that the word "personal" be canceled, revoked, 
annulled and expunged from the following clause in the 

fifth section of my said will, viz : '* Th<it then and in that case 
yskall proceed as soon thereafter as the times will permit, 
'• and tv)o-fifth& (2-5J of my said personal estali will bi siiffid 
" erect and fully complete a building rea iy for occupancy as herein- 
" after specified," and that in lieu, place and stead of the word 
so canceled, revoked, expunged and annulled as aforesaid, 
the words "residuary trust" be inserted, and read, and 
taken as a parr, and portiou of said clause. 


Ii is my will, that in case the Judges of the Circuit Court of 
Cook County. Illinois, cannot or will not act, or in case said ( !ir- 
cuit Court shall he abolished, that then and in thai case or any 
of them the judges of any court of record, at that time held it 
said county of Cook, are empowered and authorized to act in 
any and all eases whereby the term? and provisions of mv 
said last Will and Testament, the said judges of the. Circuit 
Court of Cook county, Illinois, are required to act. 

It is my will, that in case the County Court or' Cook County, 
Illinois, isabolished, or its jurisdiction changed, that then and 
in that ease the annual report required by ray said last Will 
and Testament, to be made <w to lib !' bah or County Court of 
Ooul. County, " shall then be mad..- to such Court as shall suc- 
ceed to the Probati jurisdiction of said County Court, or to 
such other Tribunal or Court, as shall by law be provided in 
such cases. 


It is my Will that the Trustees in said Will named, and the 
Trustees of said Lewi- Institute when the same shall be or- 
ganized and established, and said trust estate shall pas- into 
their possession, control and ownership; shall take charge of 
my lot and vault in Rose Hill Cemetery, in the County of 
Cook and State of Illinois and keep the same at all time- in 
: order and repair. 


Lastly', It is niv will thai in all other respects, the terms 
and condition*, and provisions! of my said last Will and Testa- 
ment, of and to which this is declared a Codicil, shall remain 
unchanged and unaltered, and that the same is herebj ratified 
and confirmed, and thai the executors therein named and ap- 
pointed, shall be the executors (without bonds), of this codi- 
cil thereto. 

In Witness Whereof, 1. Allen C. Lewis, the T< 

herein, have executed this C >dici] in duplicate, under rav 
hand and seal, at the city of Chicago, in the County of 
Cook, and State of Illinois, this twenty-fourth day of Feb- 
ruary. A. D. 1ST7. 

Allen C. Li wjs. [Seal.~\ 

Subscribed, sealed, published, and declared by the said 
Allen C. Lewis, the testator, induplicate as and tor a codicil to 
his last will and testament, bearing date dune -'■). A. I). 1875, 
and witnessed by Vincent < '. McClure, Robert Gentry, and 
Solomon Ii. Thompson, in the presence of us, present at the 
same time, who at the request, and in the presence of, said 
testator, and in the presence of each other, have hereunto 
subscribed our names as witnesses. 

Y. C. McClure, 
No. 259 Warren Avenue. Chicago. 
S. II. Tho.m Pj?0N, 

46 Park Avenue. 
Robert < ! ivi in . 
Sherman House. 
Proved and admitted to record in open court, this 1st <\ny 
of November, A. D. 1877. M. It. M. Wallace, 

Co. Judye. 

is 1727394 


State of [llin 
County of Cook, j 

The People of the State of [llinois, To all persons to 
whom these presents shall come, Greeting: 

K.nov, Ye, That whereas, ALLES C. LEWIS, late of the 
Countv of Cook and Stale of Illinois, died en or about the 
twenty-fifth day of October, 1877, as it is said, after having 
duly made and published his Last Will and Testament, and Codi- 
cil thereto, :i copy whereof is hereunto annexed, leaving . 
time of his death property in this State, .which may lie lost 
roved, or diminished in value, if speedy care be not taken 
of the same; and inasmuch as it appears that Henry. F. Lewis 
and Hugh A. White have been appointed executors in and 
bv the said last Will and Testament to execute the same, and to 
tin end that the said property may be [(reserved for those who 
shall appear to have a legal right or interest therein, and that 
rhe said Will may be executed according to the request of said 
testator, we do hereby* authorize them, the said 1 1 in i ; \ K. Lewis 
and Hugh A. White, as such executors, to colled and secure 
all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits 
which were of the said Allen ('. Lewis at the time of his 
decease, in whosesoever hands or possession the same niav be 
found, in this State, and well and truly to perform and fulfill 
all such duties as may be enjoined upon them by the said Will, 
so far as there shall be property ; and the law charge them and 
in general do and perform all other acts which now are, or ma \ 
be required of them by law. 

Witness, Hermann Likb, Clerk of the County Court 
of Cook County, and the seal of said Court, at 
Chicago, in said County, this first day of Novem- 
ber, A. 1). 1877. 
[L. s.] 

Hermann Lieb, 

( 'h rk. 


Sta i i: of Illinois, ) 

Countv of Cook, i 

1, _ Clerk 

of the County Court of Cook County, in the Slate aforesaid, 
do hereby certify that the foregoing fifteen pages is a true 
and correct copy of the lasl Will and Testament, and Codicil 
thereto, of Allen C. Lewis deceased, and of letters testamen- 
tary issued thereon, on the first day of November, 1877, to 
Henri 1-'. Lewis and Hugh A. White, now in force, as it 
appears from the original on file, and from the records of the 
Count\ Court now in my office. 

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, 
and affixed the seal of the County Court of Cook 
County, at Chicago, in said County, this 

day of 

A. L>. 18—. 


49 64 

tiiiin -