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Full text of "William and Anne Robinson of Dorchester, Mass; their ancestors and their descendants"

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3 1833 01423 8973 


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nUl Co. 


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bapl. June 14, 1640; 
manand Represent- 
ative; died Sept. 16, 

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b, in D 


7- 1677; 

married ^ 

.-irch 13. 

1706; die 
n- '714- 


735; mar. 

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4. i6S^; 

sole he 

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of Dar 

died J a 









]:d\vard doubleday Harris, 










^ T^ILLIAM ROBIXSOX, gentleman, of Dorchester, .^fasfa- 

cluisetts, the central figure of this family -sketcli, was 
desceiulcd from that Wii-liam Kobixson wiiose name appearci 
among tlie early settlers of old Dorchester. 

Until recent years there was room for doubt wlielher the later 
^Villiam was a descendant of the earlier man of the same name, or 
of Jamp:s Robixsox, who was also prominent in the councils of the 
town. The fortunate preservation of original documer;ts in two 
brandies of tlie descendunts of the elder ^\'illiam establislie^ the lino 
as it was publicly announced in the X. E. Historical and Genealogical 
Register, ix. 339, upon the authority of Dr. Edward Jlobinson, of 
Xevr' York City. 

1. William' Robixsox, the emigrant, first appears in our Xcw 
England history, as a member of the Church in Dorclif-ster in the year 
1G3G. His name is in the list of Freemen of IS May. Itj-i2, raid 
on the rolls of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of 
Boston in the following year. 

Xotl'iing v/hatever is known of his parentage or birtli-jilace. flis 
name does not appear in any of the shipping lists thrit liave i. eea 
found, nor is there on record anything by which his age can be 
more than approximately ascertained. If he were twenty-iive at 
the birth of his first child, he may have been born in 1GL5, or even 
much earlier. 

His first recorded purchase of real estate was Feb. 25, 10>ol, 
when he obtained from John Phillips, of Boston, for the sum of £150, 

an estate in Dorchester ''near unto Xaponsett Ivivcr/* with tlie hou:-e, 
barns, etc. thereon, together with several adjacent and outlvin'^' 
parcels ot" uphnid and meadow. 

In IthU, Oct. 7, he sold for £[U] to Tiniotliy Tileston of Dor- 
chestc!-, cooper, a ''little lionse" and ten acres of land on "TiJe-niill 
Creeke, and half a corn water-nii!l standing on tlic tide in tlic 
creeke, coninioniy calletl Salt Creekc or Brooke, near Ca[>taine's 
Xcck." It is s;iid tiiat this mill he had bought of Edward l>reek. 
For more than two hundred years it lias been known as " Tileston's 
Mill," and was standing though probably altered, as lute as l^^f -37. 

lie was made Town Constable in 1G.30, and Kater or Assessor for 
tlie years 1G58, 10 GO and IGGl. 

His wife, and the mother of his children, was that ^Margaret, wb.o 
was ]i\ing as late as 7 Oct. 1GG4, when she united with hiui in a 
conveyance to Timothy Tileston. He married a secontl, Ursula, the 
widow of Samuel llo-ier, but earlier ;tiil, the widov,- of Ste[ihen 
Strccter, whose 5t<;)ry may be read in the Register, '■■ xxxvi. 1Gl% 
and whom he must have taken to wife after July, IGGo.f 

"William Kobinson died 6 July, IGG-S. As told in Eev. John 
Elliot's Diarv, lie was "drawn through bv v'' coiiwhcel of liis mill. 
and was torn in pieces and slain." The place of his burial is un- 

His v, idow, Ursula, married 15 July, 1G73, Griffin Crafts of 
Roxbury, for her fourth and last husba;id. 

In the files of the Suffolk Co. Probate is this paper : — 

"' My will is that after the burial! of my Bcly & my debts liounosrlj 
pay(h my Loviiii^^ wife Ur.^ula shall have cL- Enjoy my dwellini: iloase 
together with the Orchurd & meadow adjoyning to the same & Ilemn yard 
& that {.art of the new barne & old barne I now Enjoy, stable Cow yard & 
one hiille of t!ie Pasture, witliin fence & seaven Acres of Salt marsh by 
the River side »S: halfe the fresli meadow by Thomas Trotts & all my 

* Thi^ refer-i'nce to ttie " Rpiriner," and ai! similar references in succeedin;r pages, apply 
to the " New- Engiani Historical and Genc.iioijical Kei-i-ter," Boston. 

t It ha- been >urii>oscd iti:it Wiliiani Rubinron had a previous wife, Prudence, the grcunds 
for the su;ipo-ition beiri^' rlje somewhat am'ii^iious wordm? of his will; bat a careful 
examination of the evidence-? does not confiriii the writer in that belief, aud he is forced to 
accept the concluiioa that Margaret and Ursula were his only wives. 

ERRAIUM for Yfm. & Anne Robinson.,, their 
ancestors and descendants. Harris, E»D. 
p. 4, line 7 should read "Smelt" not Salt. 
-Suffolk Deeds, v.l, la. 

in,?;.f, 1S39 

jjlantiiii;- j:i-oa:!(] by my IToine wiiliin t!io 2;ri?;^.t T.ot?, Elenvou Acres bee it 
more or loss — mv will is that my wife;ill have Ilousini;; plaiulu;^ Li'.nd 
moarlcv Pa>"u:-e A: all that I )i''>v<' Jvij'iy, with all t!to priucknlgos holoiiijini^ 
to the same uiiriiii; her lif<\ if .>liee Continue my wiililmv — lUit at h.ur 
niarriaL;"e or ikath then to kaiie all to my Sonn i)v; while shee huth it to 
keope lloasii.u" "N; feiiciiiijj iu gool Teiinentablo reparo e^- to make uoe wast 
or strov iijini; ir. bv falliiij; wdj!! ur Timber ov anything,' else — And 1 (.riue 
to my sonn liicrease Kobbinsoii af:er my wiues decease or marriay'e ilbure 
Acres of my salt mar,-h lying next Thomas Trott's ditcli being the west 
End of my m.eadow. And all my Laud lying on the south siile of the high 
[_'way] leadin;^ from my house to iiepotiset milk which I purchased of John 
3Iinot. yi' ^^'ituin2tI)n, Enoch Wi.>\vell it Goodman Pearse, bee it wliat it 
will more or less ic Iving out of fence, the south side lying next to the Lai'd 
of Thomas Hilton, the East End to brother lk;>w & the north si^le with [he 
liigh way abone mentioned it lialfe my Lott lying by the Skeei)e j>en it 
halfe of all mv CkiiTion rights I have in Dorchrstertt that with what I have 
already given him to bee his Eortion^my vriil is that if my Sonii Increase 
doe sell the li'otire Acres of salt mar.-h iS: tiie 4 Lott Ends mentioned 
before, then my sonn Samueli ^hall haue it hee paying for the marj-h 
twenty pounils in money & for tlte Upland I'etm poniuls in motiey. And 
that hee shall not Sell it to any I^lse from his brother but if his Ib-otlur 
will not iriue that price, then hee may sell it to whom he will. — my will is 
that after my wittes death or n:arriage my Eklest Somi Samuel IJubinsoii 
shall haue all my Houses Land it Meadows I haue in Dorchester to wliat 
I haue alrt.;i'iv given him. Excepting what I haue given to my Sonn 
Increase Ke.-binson, it that to bee his Portion hee paying within Two yeares 
after my death to my daughter Prudence bridge of Roxbury the suiiie of 
Twenty pounds in corne & Cattle. — And to my daughter Waiting Penniman 
of Braintry Twenty pounds, in the same pay & kind, to all my Grand- 
children that are tlien lining Tenn shillings a peece. Excepting my sonn 
Increase Eldest sonn, that bears my name, And my daughter Pruvlence 
which bearcs my wiues name, to them two twenty shillings a peece to bee 
payd within tv.-o yeares after my death their t^athers giuing discliarge for it, 
these Legacies & portions being payd then my Sonn is freed from all, it hath 
to his proper use as is aboue mentioned, with what I gaue him before when 
hee was married is worth Three Hundred pounds — ray will is & ] Give to 
my wife one Cow & a mare which was ^Jrs. .Shriuiptons, to bee added to what 
I haue giuen — And I give Mary Streeter, my wiues daughter foure pounds 

as a Ti..ken of niv loue to Iict & for all my Household Goods bedding liiiiioii 
& wollcii liiass and pewter & Iron Potts Andjrons all that is uitliin my 
House tliat is mine wlKtt-oeiier as all my Cattle of all s>_irts all my Hus- 
baudrv tooles as plowes, Carts, wlieeles, chaines, & all iron toolos oc Carjien- 
ters tooles whatsoeuer within and \Yithout, my debts being taken oni all tln^ 
remainder to bee ICquallv divided between Increase, Prudence cc \\'.-ut:ng, 
to bee theires to what 1 h.ave giuen aboue mentioned if any — 

Endorst — This Will of our late Deare iVather "William Pobinsou written 
on the other side with hi- ewne hand which wee Acknowledge wee doe all 
aoree <fc Consent to bee allowed & Recorded & made good as wittnes our 
hands : this : 31 : July : 1G6S. 


Ursula X Robinson. 


Samuel Rol)inson. 
Increase Robinson. 
John liridge. 
Jose}d3 Penniman." 
An inventory of the estate, amounting to £435. 12. G, was filed, and 
adniinh-tration granted, 1 G Jalv, 1GG8, to Iiicrea>e Robinson, the son, and 
to John Liidge and Josepli Penniman, sons-in-law of the deceased. 
The issue of William Robinson were : — 

2. i. Sa>[Uel, the "ekle-^t son" and pro'iably that '-clilkl of William 
Kobiuson ■' that -was baptized 14. 4. lotO. 

ii. IxcnKASK. bapt. 14. i. 164L>; married Feb. 10, 16G3, Parah Pcnniraan ; 
living iu Taunton in 16(38: had son William named in liis ^raiT:!- 
father"s "will, arid son Ebenczer of Taunton, who. C'ct. 7. 17ns, %viih 
wife Mary, gave receipt to Ids " uncle Sarnnell liobinson of Dor- 
chester" for payment for lands •• due to me and to my brothi^-r.''* 

iii. Pp.O'EN'Ci:, bant. iOiS: m. John Bridge of Roxburv, v.'ho died Aug. 
20, lt]74; issue:— i. Mary, b. April 2d, lt';61 : bapt! Mnrch 20, 1G63; 
m. March 23. 10^1, .Joseph Lyon. ii. Prudence, b. .Tune 11, 16G4; 
m. June 2, 1CS4, John May. iii. Marsraret, b. July 18, 16GG; d. at 4 
year.-, iv. Edward, b. Sept. 9, 166S. v. John! b. Jan. 11, lo71. 
vi. Margaret, b. March 11, 1672-3. 

iv. W.\iTiNG."bapt. 26. 2. 1646; m. 2.5. 7. 1666. Joseph Pe'^niinan, of 
lirainiree: she d. Aug. 21, 16'J0; deacon Peunimau cUfd Xov. 5, 
1705; issue: — i. .Joseph, b. Jan. 20, 1670; d. after returning from 
service in Canada, Jan. 22, 1690-1. ii. James, b. Feb. 16. 1673. 
iii. Moses, b. March 15, 1676. iv. Moses, b. Feb. 14. 1677: d. 
July 29, 1718. v. Deborah, b. Feb. 27, 1679; m. Dec. 5, 1701, 
Samuel White. 

2. Samuel' Robinsox ( Vi'ilUam^), called by his father his " eldest son," 
and without doubt the child that was baptized June 1-1, 1640, was 

* Orisinal MS. in the bands of a descendant of Samuel in 1SS7. 

a resident of Dorchester, and became proiniiicnt in civil affairs, lie 
was chosen Constable in 1C6G-7, Kater or Assessoi' in 1077. 1G80, 
'S2, 'S8 and '84; vSelectman in 1GS8 ainl ICO'l; R'-pro-entative in 
1701 and DepiUv in 17u2. In the town and chnrrh rt'Cord> his 
nanie is usually distingnished by the prefix of respect. " Mr." 

He was prosperous and acquired a good estate. By his father's 
will he inherited all of the real proj^erty excepting the portions l^e- 
queathed to his l)rotluT Increase. Of the extent and valiui ui his 
inheritance, unfortunately there is no record. The fir>t purchase of 
lands by him that appears in the Registry of Deeds was under date 
of l)ec. IS, 167G, when Jonathan Hill conveyed to him one acre 
'•' v\ithin the great Lots," abutting upon his own pi'operty there. Ou 
the second of May, 1715, wdien seventy-live years of age, he, with 
" the free consent of 3Iary his wife," executed a conveyance to his 
"eldest son Samuel Ivobiusou of Dorchester, husbandman," v.hich 
is of such importance in a genealogical sense, as to warrant more 
than a passing notice here. It embraced all that '' certain Messuaa:e 
or Tenement and several parcels of land hereinafter mentioned and 
described lying Scituate iu Dorchester aforesaid. That is to say, 
my dwelling house, outhouses" etc., " land, pastures, Salt and Fresh 
meadows containing in the whole Sixty acres be it more or less, 
butted and bounded Westerly in j^art with the Country road and 
partly with the Land of Major Robert Spurr and partly with the 
land of Thomas Lions, Northerly partly with the Land of James 
Trott and in part with the Land of Samuel Trott, Easterly with the 
Land of Samuel Trott in part, and partly with the land formerly 
Samuel Hill's, Southerly in part with the highway that leads through 
Dorchester to Naponset Mill, and partly with Land belonging to tlie 
heirs of Ouesiphorus Tilestone." This was, undoubtedly, the home- 
stead inherited from his father, William Robinson, and augmented by 
later purchases of his own. The conveyance also included a lot in 
the Six Acre Lots on the south side of the road to Xaponset, four- 
teen acres of salt marsh ou the Naponset River, nine acres in the 
First Division, eleven acres of woodland abutting upon the '• Five 
hundred Acres Town Land, known by that Name," thirty-four and 
a half acres "lying near a place called Mother Brooks," on the 
south side of the Roxbury line, — '• one half of the said premises 
being in the present actual possession of y* said Samuel Robinson 


J^^l^" "Tlie use. benefit and income profit and improvements of 
one moiety or full Inili" part of all the said Iiousing. T-aiids and other 
jiromi-es" were reserved to himself and v.ife during tluir n:itnr:d 
lives, and the condition of the conveyance was. that the n:!"antr-e. or 
hi.s heirs, shonld. within the space of twelve montlis after ilio lit^iths 
of the grantors, pay to '• our son. ]Mr. John Ko'/iuson Mini.-tfr of 
DiixborouLjh or his heiis the Sum of One llundrtjd pounds, and to 
our Son in Law C'apt. Jonathan GulI'Vi.r ten shillings, haveing 
given him a Marriage portion with his \\ ife." 

■ The date of the mariiage of Samuel Robinson has not yet been 
ascertained. It was probably in IGGo. His wife, the mother 
of his tliree children, was IMary, the oldest child of Ridiard and 
Faith (Withiugton) Uaker of Dorchester. She was bai>ti7,ed "2 (12) 
1G40, and against the name on the church record is written " mar- 
ried Mr. Robinson."' In the Baker Genealogy lately jirinted in 
Register, xliii. p. 282, from the manuscript of Mr. Edmund J. 
P)al-:e!-, her death is stated as occuri'ing Aug. 27, 171i, Imt lier 
tiirnature to thu conveyance above mentioned, shows conchisivcly 
that she was living May 2, 1715, and the death of "Mary, wife of 
Mr. Samuel Rubinson," ^lay 0, 1715, was uudoul)tedly hers. 

Samuel Robinson died Sept. 10, 1718. No will or papers con- 
cerning the administration of his estate are on file. 

The issue of Samuel and Mary Robinson were: — 

3. i. SAMrr.L, b. .Tune 13, lOhu. 

ii. Mauv. b. Aui:. 11. ICiJs: ni. Jonathan Gulliver (b. Oct. 27. M.:r), 
sou of Anthony of Dorchester) of .Miilun, where lie was Repre- 

iii. John. b. March. 1071: irraduated at Harvard CoUeae, 1G05; minister 
of Duxbury, 1702-1738; removed t«j Lebanon, Ct., where he died 
Nov. U, 174.") :t m. Jan. 31 , 170.". Hannah, daughter of llcv. Ichabod 
"Wi-wall. of Duxbnry. who was •• drt.iwned in tlic r-ca near Xanta>- 
ket 15eae!i.'" '22.'l722. Tiie of liev. John au'i Ilaiuiah 
Kol)inson were : — 

1. Mary. b. Feb. 23, 170G; drowned Sept. 22, 1722, witli her 


2. Uanwh, h. Nov. 2, 170= : m. Sept. 1, 1729, Nathaniel Thomas; 

d. Feb. 1'.'. 1730-1. 

3. Althea. b. Mav 20, 1710: m. Rev. Abel Stiles, of Woodstock, 


4. Beft'j. b. Sept. 2.s. 1712 : m. Rev. Jacob Eliot, of Goshen parish, 

Lebanon; d. Mareli 15. 17.JS. 

♦ Important ccne.ilogical facts concerning their descendants are set forth in the Release, 
printed in full on a sub-'-quent p;i2;e. 
t See his Epitaph in Register, xii. 57. 

5. John. b. April IG, 171.5; Yale CoUeiro KSO; d. iu Bozrali. Ct., 

Aiiir. I'l. 17.^4. 

6. S'ii,ui'L h. July 10. 1717; d. Deo. 10. 1717. 

7. i^'(;(Y/(. b. Dec. "l3. 1718: la. IK'C. !>. 17;-.:,. Joiiatli-in Trumbull, 

H. C. 1727. of Lebanon, a-.-.d dii d M:iy :',l. 17<». 

8. Ich'ibo'.i. h. Doc. 12, 1720: luerchant oi' Lcb:uion : d. Jan. 20, 


3. Samuel' Kodixsox (SsnnucI,- William^), called bv Iiis father hh 
"eWe.-t son," born in Dorchester June 13, ICCG. lie liveil 
witli his father iijiou the pateru:xl estate iu Dorchester, and, as has 
been shown, became its possessor in 171.3. Upon the records he is 
styled '• Jr."' to distinguish hini from his father as well as from tliat 
other Samuel Kobinson of Dorchester who was called •••2d.'' lie 
was chosen Cou'^table iu 1700, but apjiarently held no other pulilic 
oflice. ^lany jiurchases of real estate by him in Dorchester and 
Milton aptiear on the records, and at his death he left to his heirs a 
large estate. The release of the other heirs of his lather's estate, 
which has been already alluded to, au unrecorded instrument still 
e.\isti!)g in the lianas of a descendant, is here inserted for the pur- 
pose of more fully demonstrating the various family alliances. 

" "Whereas Sam' and ^lary Robinson of Dorchester deceased did in their 
life time give unto their son John Robinson of Duxbrough Sundry Gifts 
and bequests And more perticulerly the sd. Sam' Robinson did give unto 
his sd. Sou the Sum of one hundred pounds to be paid to him by his brotlicr 
Sam' Robinson of Dorchester aforesd. as may appeare by a Deed of gift 
from sd Sam' Robinson to his sd Son Sam' Ro'oinson baring date 3Iay 2, 
1715, which liundred pounds the said Sam' Robinson hath faithfully and 
compleatly paid to the s*^ John Robinson. And also the sd Sam' and 
Mary Robinson having in their life time given and bequeathed to their only 
Daughter Mary the wife of Jonathan Gulliver Sundry Gifts and bequests 
in lier life time and since her decease have given to their grauJaughter 
Mary Rawson eldest Daughter of said ^Nlary Gulliver Sundry goods and 
moneyes And the sd Sam' Robinson did also give to the sd Mary Rav.son 
one third part of his money and other eiiects all which has since been 
delivered to her faithfully and to her full content and satisfaction by her 
Uncle Sam' Robinson. 

And the sd Sam' Robinson Deceased did also give to his other two 

• Register, viii. 2ol; ix. 339; xii. 56; xiii. 17-5; xv. 223; xvii. 279. Also Memoir of 
the Rev. William Kobiii;on, bv Rev. Edward Kobia^on, D.D., N. Y., lS-39. 



gr;ii;(iaui:li'. Ilaiiiiuh niid I.ydia Gulliver dar.iiliters of *<1 'Shwy Gulliver 
deceased the olhur two tliiidi of liis tnuiio\\-.s ami other elVi et'^ ami teuu 
pouuilj a jiiece to be paid to each of tlu-in by tlieir uncle Saur Rohiuson. 
the m1 Saui' Ivnbiusou also gave to his Sou .luuathau Gulliver the suui of 
'J'eiiu -hiiliui:- to he j»aid u;. his s-mi Satn' K-uun-on as may aii[)ear by sd 
Deed of May 'J'^ 1715, all of which goods cattle niouy.-s and other eti'ecis 
have been faithi'ully and coni[.leatIy deliver. -d and paid to each of them by 
the sd Sarn^ Kobiu.-on to their full Satisfaction and content. "Wherefore 
v.e the sd. Johu Robin-on. Jonathan Gulliver, Mary Rawsou together 
with hcT liu-baud David Rawsou, Hannah Gulliver and Lydia Gulliver 
with her hu-band Johu GuUiver do by these presents for ourselves and 
each of ourselves lor our heirs and each and either of them do fully 
absolutely and for ever acpiit and discharge him the sd Sam' Robin.-ou 
and his heirs forever by these presents of and from the sd sums and every 
of them and of and from all manner of claim interest or demand which we 
or our lieirs or either of us or either of our heirs now have ever had or 
in: 'ht ]:a-,c to the e,-iatc of the abovesd. Sam' and Mary Robinson deceased 
either personal or reale or to any part or parcel there. 

lu wiiuess wdiereof we have hereunto set our bauds aud scales this tenth 
day of October 1718. 

Signed, sealed & Deliv*^ John Robiiison (s.) 

in presence of us Hannah Gulliver (s.) Jonathan Gulliver (s.) 

Isaac How John Gulliver (s.) David Rawson (s.) 

Abram How Lvdia Gulliver (s.) ^^ , ^^" , ^ 

^ ^ Mary-[- Rawsou (s.) 

The will of Samuel liobinson, in the original document, is on 
file in the Probate Oiiiee in Boston, It is as follows : — 

'•' In the name of God Amen. The Twenty Sixt day of March in y* 
Seventh year of y^ Reign of our Sovereign Lord George y^ second King of 
Great Britaine Sec. Annoque Domini 1734. 

I, Samuel Robinson of Dorchester In y^ County of Suflolk in his majes- 
ties province of y* Massachusetts Bay In New England Yeoman Being 
weak In Body, but of sound disposeing mind and Memory Thanks be given 
to God Therefor: Calling to mind The mortality of my Body, and knowing 
that It is apointted to all men Once to Dye: Do make and ordaine this my 
last "Will and Testament That is to say Principally and First of All I give 
and Recommend My Soul into y^ bunds of God that Gave It And my Body 


I Recommend to v* Earth, to Be buried. In Decent Clirist'um Uarial, 
at the Di?-cretion of my Kxecutor: Nothing Douhtiiig liut at y* Genenil 
Iveisurreotion I slr.ill receive The same againe by y'' Mighty powtr of God: 
— And as Toiichiiiir such \VorIdIy Kitate Wliereof with It hath phased 
God to Dle-s 3Ie In tliis life: 1 Give demise, and di5[>oie of y'^ same In 
y* Following; manner and Form. 

Imprimis 'Mv Will Is that my Fnneral charges and just Debts Be all 
well and tru^lv ['nid and I)i-eharged l)y ray ExeLnit')r liereaftL-r nam-.-d. 

Item, I Gi\e to my lovcing wife Dorcas Robinson Two llund(_re>l and 
Fifty Ponnds In s'' Province Bills of Publick Credit, And the value of 
Two Hundered Pounds more of my moveable Estate within ir.y House 
(which she shall Clmse) For her best Accomodation : — And Also Fo:ty 
Pounds per Aniium In said Province Bills or the present Value thereof In 
other passing muny or Bills of Ci-edit. To be paid by ray Executors 
yearlv so loiii: as my wife shall rcmaiue my Widow" i^c no longer: Al-o 1 
Give to mv wife, ^ly Xegro Woman Violeta Dureing her my said wifcs 
Natureal life and after my wife's decease the s"^ Negro woman to return to 
]Mv Executor or his heirs. 

It. I Give to my Daugliter Mary Stone besides what I h ive Given her at 
her marriage (which was Two Hundred Pounds) Eight Ilundered P'junds 
la s*^ province Bills of Publick Credite or the present Value thereof In 
other mony or Passing Bills of Credite, To be paid by my Executor within 
the space of Two years after my Decease To my s'^ Daughter or to her 
heires — In full <.>f her portiun out of my Estate. 

It. Give and Ijequeuth to my Son ^VilIiam Kobin-on his heires or Assigns 
For Ever All ray whole Estate Both Real and Personal, In s'* Dorche-,ter 
Or Elsewhere Excepting the Two Ilundered Pounds of moveable Estate 
I have before Given my wife and the negro woman dureing here life as 
aforesaid. lie IMv said son William Robinson Or his Executors or Ad- 
ministra" Pavinir or Causeinii; To be paid to my wife y'^ lecracies or Gifts 
above Bequeathed within .y- space of Forty Dayes after my decease Ex- 
cepting what is lo be paid to Her Annually. And Also paying to i.-iy 
dau'^hter !Mary Stone as above Eight Hundered I'ounds within the said 
space of T'^wo Years after my Decease. And all my Just Debts and 
I'uneral Charges w hom I likewise Constitute, Even him mj s*^ son William 
Robinson To be the sole Executor of this my last will and Testement 
Hereby utterly disallowing revoking and Disanmdling all and Every other 
or Foraier wills Legacies bequests And Executors By Me In any wise 


before named willed and beqneatlicd. Ratifviiis; and Coiifirniing This aud 
no other to be my last will & TestanieiU. In Witness whereof I have 
hereniuo Set my hand & f-eal The day and Year before Written. 
Si:.aied, sealed published '''' 

1-^ronouiicea cv JJeclared uiuik. 

By y^ said Samnel Ivobinson To be 
bis last will ct Testeincnt 
lu y*^ presence of Us the 

Thomas Lyon 
Tho' Trott 
Elisha Davenport 
Kath' Toplitr." 

Samnel Robinson was twice married, — first to Mary Wiswall, 
March 13, 170G, v.ho died Angust 27, 1714,* and second to Dorcas 
Carver, Dec. 11, 1723. lie died March 00, 1734, in the GSth year 
of his age, and his grave-stone may be seen in tlie Dorchester 
burying-ground. Dorcas, his widon-, died Nov. 27, 1740, ai:ed 
about 81, and was buried by his side, tlie foot-stone alone remaining 
to mark the spot. A receipt, given by her to her step-son, A\'il!iani 
Robinson, dated July 24, 1734, as legatee under her husband's will, 
is still prescFved in the hands of his descendants. Her will, dated 
June 10, 1740, and proved Dec. 30, 174G, is on tile in the Loston 
Probate. Twenty pounds are given to the Rev. Jonathan Bowman ■■ 
of Dorchester, a like sum to the poor of the parish at the discretion 
of the deacons, ten pounds to the negro wotnan Yioleta, erne hundred 
pounds to Samuel the son of William Robinson, and the residue of 
her estate to Dorcas the daughter of Peter and iNIary Stone. Iler 
stejvson, William Robinson, and Peter Stone were constituted the 
executors. This will contains no hint of her parentage or of anv 
blood relatives. 

Samuel Robinsonj had but three children, all by his first wife 
Mary : — 

• She was horn in Dorcliester, Avi^ist 27, 1677, the datic;hter of Enoch and Elizabeth 
(Oliver) \\ 'swall, whose story mav Ijc read in tlie ReLri.-,ter, xl. .50. 

t Tlii-; Sainuel must not be confounded -witli Saniu<d, lioru lfJ70, tlie son of James and 
Mary Roliin.-on, or his brother Jr,hii, the minister of Duxbury, with the other John, hr.rn 
1675, also a son of James and Mary. Tlie mistake, as previnusls- stated in the^e pai;-ei, 
has been often made. James Kobiuson of Dorehester is believed to have been of an "en- 

4. i. "WiixiAM. b. Feb. i:.. 1707: bnpt. Juno 29. 

ii. M A}iY. b. March 2ii. 1710; bai>t. same day : m. Peter Stone of Boston, 

and I'.ad a danLrlitev ]")<ircas. livins in 174t;. 
iii. MAiiCAiun-. b. Nov. 24. 1712; d. Dec. 24, 1712. 

4. "William'' Uop.insox (Sitmuel.^ SniiiwI,- inHiiD/i^), tlie only .son of 
Samuel liobinson of Dorchester, was luirn Feb. 1"», 1707. IIo 
inherited the paternal estates and lived at the homestead in Dor- 

Jn 1735 he was chosen Constable, in 1736 Surveyor of High- 
ways, was a Juror in 1737, Surveyor in 1739 and 1740, and aijain 
in 1749. Posscssinij an ample fortune, he followed no \ocation, 
and was styled, in conveyances, "gentleman." 

His wife, whom he married July 17, 173-3, was Anne, tlie dan:;hter 
of Thomas Trutt. She was born in Dorchester Ajiril 27, 1718, 
and after her husband's death married Capt. Benjamin ]3eale of 
Quincy, who died April 3, 1793, in his 91st year. jMrs. Anne Beale 
died in Quinc\', Jan. 1 G, 1792, in her 74th year. 

AV illiam Robinson died '"suddenly" in Dorchester, April 1, 17G1. 
His grave-stone is to be seen in the old cemetery there. He left no 
will. His eldest son Lemuel was bound as administrator Ajtril 17, 
17C1. Among his effects were noted a Negroman named Tom, 
valued at £G,* and two other slaves, a man and a woman. The 
real estate remaining at his deatli consisted of the mansion, with 
"great barn" and other buildings; eighty acres of pasture v.est of 
the hi)use; twenty-six acres of "mowing land and orcharding" 
south of the house; ten acres of mouing land at the north: thirteen 
acres of salt rnarsli ; one acre and a half of orchard "' near the late 
Mr. Davenport's;" a wood lot of fifteen acres at Dedham ; twelve 

tircly distinct f:imi!y from tlie elder William. Tie w;!s a " hu'ljrindni:iii,"' nmi mnnicJ 
Sept. 27, lO'U, Mary, tii'j d.uiL;iit.;r of Tiiomas Alcoclwjl' iJeilliLim. .She ^v.l- liuii O.i. 4, 
1C44, and died in Derchc;ter, Maicli 13, 171S. James 'Ho!jiu;on died intu.-tate, Apiil IS, 
1694. He had is.>ue :— 

1. James, b. Nov. 8, lf.G5. 

2. Thomas, b. .\i)ril 15, IG^S. 

3. Samuel, 1.. Sept. 14, 1070. 

4. Marv, h. March 17. 1073. 

5. Jolui, b. April 17. 167o; d. Fcl). 6, 1743. 

6. Ib-nry, b. June 21, 1G7S ; died the next dav. 

7. Ebeuezer, born July .5, lOSi; idlled a: tlic 'tight at Port Royal, May 27, 1707. 

• There is in exi-tence a paper relatin? to the unreha^e of a m-irro, presnmaiiiy tii<^same: 
" I'oiton, 0:tiil)er 7th 1741, '1 li.-n Rec'd of William ItoMu^ ai one lliin.ired and forty 
Pounds being in full f jr a Negro Man named Tom of about Tweuty Two Years ot Age. I 
Say Reed pr. John Salmon. " 


acres of woodland at IlilTs meadow; eight ncres near Jack-oii's 
]MilI; sixteen arres in Horse Slioe .Swamp; twelve acres and over 
in 3ra.ilia[)aug Swamp, and ei^dit acres of " Slie"[> Pasture." A 
distribution was made between the heirs, viz.: to the wid(jw "'her 
thirds;" to Leaiuel, the oldest son, '* a double share;" and one 
seventh to each of tlio others, viz. : Samuul, Josepli. Aim the wife 
of Samuel Pavson, Jei'Usha the wife of .loseph Fenno, and Zibialu 

After the death of the widow of A\'illiam Robinson, April IC, 
17i)2, her portion in her husband's estate was divided between the 
survivino; children. 

The Tkott family, to ^vh^ch !Mrs. Kobinson belonged, was of early standing 
in Dorchester, Tn<:i."\iAS^ Trutt, its head, having been admitted to full com- 
munion in the cliureli. March S, lC>ii. Sarah, his wife, is ?.a:d to have been a 
daughter of George Proctor of Dorchester. She died ^fay 27, 1712. Xotliir.g 
is known of the parentage of Thomas Trott nor of his birthplace. He early 
acfiuired real estate, and at his death at the good ag^e of '-2. Aug. 2S. IGIm'), 
di\ided a large estate between his sons and dauii'hters. His avIU is on tile iu 
Boston. The children of Thomas and Sarah Trott, so far as knoM'u, were :— 

1. Thom\s, b. al.oiit 1G44. V . ,. v -' 

2. Preserved, b.ipt. M:inh 19, 1G46; m. John Baker. 

3. S.uah, b. Jan. IG, 16."i3; in. Barnard Capen. 

4. Mary, Ij. Jan. 26, 16-56; proljably dead wlien her father made his will. 

5. Samuel, b. Aug. 27, 1600; was a luisbandman of Dorclie-tcr, and d. Aui;. 172t. 

By Ids %vile Mercy, dau. of Benjamin Beal, he had a large family or' sons and 
G. John, b. Nov. 2t, 1664; was a cooper of Milton, where he died An::;. 2-;, 1719, 
having m.arried, fir.-t, Meliitahlc. daughter of S.unucl Fligliy; and, second. 
Deliverance, widow of Jose[ili Withington. Tiiree dau.LjLters and one sun, 
Jolm, survived him. 

7. ThanKfuI, I). Dt-c. -5, 1667; m. Jolm Ilinkley. 

8. J.mies, b. June 2, 1671; husbandman of Dureiiester ; m. Sarah Pierce, an.l d. 

Sept. 27, 1719. His widow .--urvived manv yt^■lrs, and d. in Bo-ton, Oct. 2 
1764. Of two sons, James tiie elder is believed to have left no male issue, aud 
David the younger died June 28, 1747, probably unmarried. 

TuoMAS- TicoiT, Jr., the oldest son of the emigrant, met h;< death by a fail 
from his cart, .Tan. 13, 16l)4, during tin,- lifetime of his father. He and his ivu'e 
Ann (Mdiose family name no diligence has discovered) owned the cln.irch cove- 
nant July 2.3, 1677. She survived her husband, and is remembered in the will 
of the elder Thomas, but does not aftenvards appear on the records. Her 
children were : — 

1. Sarah, b. Ju!v 10, 16S1 ; d. 0:t. 3, 1693. - 

2. Mary, b. Jan. 2;j. I(.S2; living in 1604. -.. - ' ■ ■ ' ■"_'.■ 

3. Thomas,-' b. Nov. 4, 163-3. 

TiiOMA.s^ Trott, Avho seems to have been the only child of his parents living 
in 1711, when his paternal grandmother made her will, was heir to the place 
that had been his father's home, the '-little house" with its •' sLxteen acres of 


land adjoiniiiir." lie marrkd Zibiali IJoyall (born Nov. 15, ITiSo, danglitcr of 
Isaac Huyall of PorclK'.-ii.'r) about 17o<, and al\vay< lived in Dorchester.* llo 
died tlu-re Jan. 2. 17r.i'. and hi? wulow followed Aug. 25, 17(_;5. Their childron 
MO re : — 

1. Lemuel, b. or l-ar.t. Mav2S, 17r.9: -radiintcd at II -.rvard CoHi'^c 1730. and d. 

at se.i or alioad, uiiuiairitJ, having sailed for Europe lor tbe beaKtit of his 

2. Thoiaa-. bapt. Jiuio 2S. 1713; d. in idiildhood. 

3. Ziliiali, b.ipr. Jane 26, 1713; lu. May 1, 1733, John Crevath of Boiton, and Lad 


4. Anne, h. Ai ril 27, 171S; ui. M'iliiaiu Robinson. 

The issue of William and Anne Robinson, all born in Dorchester, 
were: — 

5. i. Lktmukl, h. March 4. 1736. 

6. ii. Samuiu.. b. April 12. I'oS. 

7. iii. Ann. b. Sept. 7, 17-10. 

8. iv. Jr.nL'sHA. 1'. dune S'K 1743. 

V. Ztiuah, b. May 31. 174'.': m. May 13. 176G, Isaac Packard of Milton, 
and died wiihin a few months after her marriage, being then iu 
her eigiiteeuth year, AS'itlniut i>sae. 
vi. -]()S]:r!i. b. Xov. lo. 17.53; wa^ a mariner, unnjarried : he cnmraatnded 
tho privateer '•rilgrini." of ciirhteeu gnus, .sailing from Salem lu 
1777. and until 17^2 when she was lo^t. His will is on lile in Salem. 
It is dated •• Cape Coa-t Castle." Aug. 13, 17.S5. He calls him-elf 
master of the ship Africa. •' sick and weak in body, in the garrison 
of Cape Coast on the Gold Coast of Africa." To his nephews, 
Tliomas Trott lloliiuson and William Ki;>binson. he gives each 
£1800, and the rest of the estate to his brother Samuel, whom he 
makes executor '• to do justice to the aforesaid Thomas and Wil- 
liam."' The -svill M"as presented for probate July 15. 1780, by the 
executor, who represented that the testator died iu Africa. It was 
admitted Aug. 1, 1791, and soon afterwards the estate was settled. 

* Not to be confoanded with this Thomas Trott, is that other man of the same name, a 
black-mith, who was of Durche;ter as early as 1699, then with a wife, and whom we trace 
throuudi divers vieissiiudes a- late as 1714. ' Ic i- evident that he coidd nor Lave been ci'.lier 
a son or grandson of the elder Thomas of Dorchester, but was grandson, throu-di his 
mother, of Robert Stanton, and nephew of Thomas St-inton, who, Aug. 22, 1702, gave hiaa 
six acres of land on Nepor.set River. By wife Abigail he had : — 

1. Abiirail, b. 10;'9. 

2. Thomas, b. Sty:. 25, 1701. 

3. John, b. Jan. 17, 1703. 

4. Samuel, b. Aug. 11, I70S. 

Feb. 26, 1705, he was admitted an inhabitant of Boston, and the same day permission 
was given him by the S<.lerrmen to set up a smith's shop on the highway at the" " north side 
of the gate next to Roxbury." Jan. 23, 17u9, Thomas Trott belonging to Dorchester, 
" Ciime from tlionce into this town [Boston] some titne in or about y'= month of July l.i<r, 
and being li-ted in Her M.ijesty's Service as one of ye iaontro-<es, having brou'..;ht hi> wife 
and children itito this town, they are likely to become a Tov.-n Charge."^ The next year, 
1710, then of Boston, he sold the land given him by his kinsman Stanton in 1702. In'l714, 
having been warned out of the town, deposed that for "several years pa->t he hath re- 
moveiJ from one Tov.'u to an(jther an 1 unsettled until he settled at Roxbury, and dwelt 
there for more than one year together, and that aljout five months since he came from 
thence and hath resided here iu Boston." 

5. LtMUEL^ RoBixsox (William,* Sa/nncI,^ Sanv/rl,- William^), the 
eldest sou of William liobin>on of D.v/i-liester, \v:xs born [March 4, 
17oG. He was adopted in his boyhood by his gi'andiatlier, Thuinas 
Tiott, and brouglit up by liim. lie was chosen Town Surveyor iu 
17t)S-9, and again in 1771 ; was commissioned captain in the militia 
Aug-. 2'2, 1772 (the commission siLined by Governor 1 lutchinsou is 
now in the possession of his descendant, Lemuel-Robinson Clears of 
Brooklyn, N. Y.) ; was chosen Selectman and Survevor in 1773-4; 
Representative in 1774, and the same year a member of the Artil- 
lery Company; and in 1775 was made 3Ioderator of the Selectmen. 
At the outbreak of hostilities, or perhajis earlier, he was commis- 
sioned Colonel, and at once took an active part in the recruiting of 
troops. Fearing an invasion of Dorchester ]>y tlie enemy, his family 
were hurried from their home a few days after the Lexington fight, 
and sought refuge in Stoughton under the hospitable roof of Samuel 
Tucker, whose wife was a cousin of Mrs. Robinson. Here the 
youngest child of the family was born a few weeks later, and was 
baptized in the meeting-house under the name of the illustrious 
comrnander-in-chief. The house in Dorcliester became the recruit- 
ing station for the regiment, and the temporary residence of alarmed 
families from the '• neck," who occupied it until the return of its 
proper occupants later in the season. ]\Ieantime Colonel Robinson 
was with his troops, and just prior to the evacuation of r>oston by 
the English army in Marcii, 1776, was stationed on Dorchester 
Heights. After the departure of the enemy he was quartered in the 
city, and died of the small-jtox July 20, 177G, being buried by night 
in a tomb in the Granary burying-ground. 

Lemuel Robinson was married in Boston, by the Rev. Dr. 
Cutler, to Jeru?ha, daughter of George^ ]Minot.* ._ She was born 
Jan. 9, 1733-4, and died a widow on the homestead in Dorchester, 
June 28, 1817. 

• He was born Sept. 7, 1703; married Dol-. 29, 1729, to Abiirail Fcnno, and died in Dor- 
chcftcr Nov. 10, 174-i. His father, JolinS Mmot, was l)oi-ii in DorrlR'srer Oct. 10, 1672; 
marncil May 21, 1G93, Mary dauu'liter of John Baker and PrLserved Trott, and died Maixdi 
21, 1717-lS. Ilii tather, John-" Minor, was horn in Dorehester. Jan. 22, 1618; married 
Mareh 11, 1C70, hlizabeth, diughter of Edward Bieek, and died Jan. 26, 16';i0-l. His 
father, Joim^ Minor, was born in EnLiland, April 2. Iij26; came to Dorelicster in New 
Enirland; in.irried May 19. 1617, Lydia d;iu,::hter of Nicii'da- Bntler, and died Au-ii<t 12, 
166y. Hisfatlier, Geor:;e= Minor, was oorn in Enirland. .\uu'. 4, lo9i; came to Dorelie>ter 
in 1634 v.-irh wife Martha, and died Dec. 2i, 1671. His father, Thomas' Miuot, was of 
Satfroa Waldeii, Essc.s', England. 


The ibjiie of Col. Lemuel aud Jerusha IJobiuson, all born in 

Dorchester, were : — 

P. i. Ann. b. An:. 2:\ 17t;0: rn. Xathaniol Blako. 

ii. Tii<)MA>-Ti;<)i v. b. Auir. '22. ITdi*: m. N.)v. i'.;. 1:9.".. Polly, the oUlc-t 
danirlilvr of Amos Holbvook. .M.I)., and ilii d in Milton, ^virll()Ut 
issiio. Oct. i. 1S24. His Avidiv,v (bm-n May t3. 177.".) diod at the 
rosidi-iicc of her brotli;'r-in-la\v. Dr. Harris, in Canibridire, l-\-b. 
25. 1.^17, and wa- bnried in her father's tondi. 

10. iii. JEUfsiiA, 1). March 11. 17(U: in. Dec. o, 17j'.b Amos Holbrook. M.D., 

of MiU(m. his third wife. 
iv. ZiHi.ui-lJiiYAi.i.. b. reb. l'), 17<;G; ra. Dec. '2-i. 17S7, John Dolboare, 

and died Mithont issne, July 8. IS-")."). She ^vas buried in the 

Royall temib in the Dorche-ter buryinir-uronnd. 
V. "WiLLiAM-lioYAi.T.. b. Auij;. 1'4, 17(",S; "d. Oct. 7. 17G9. 

11. ri. Mai:y. b. July 14. 1770; m. David Spt-ar. '' 

12. TJi. Sat-aii. b. Sept. i-'l, 1771: m. John >iears. 

viii. ELiZAnKiii. b. Nov. 2'J, 1772; d. unmarried in Dorchester, aud was 

buried m the K(n-all tomb. 
ix. GKOKC.r.-WASHixrrTOX, b. July 23. 177,"): sailed for Knssia Avith C'apt. 

Wilder and died at Aux Cayes, Uispauiola. April 11, 170,3. 

C. S.^MUEL* RoBixsox ( JVillian/* ASaniucI,^ SaniKe!,' William^), the second 
son of "William and Anne, was born in Dorchester, April 12, 1738. 

lie married Dec. 3, 17 Gl, Lois Davis, who died April, 1777. 

He married second, Nov. 15, 1777, Hannah ILil], aud removed to 
Salem from Dorchester, where he had previously lived. At Salem 
he spent the remainder of his life, dying there Aug. 8, 1808. His 
epitaph may be read in the Howartl St. burying-ground. Plis 
widow died in Salem Oct. 12, 1S25, aged SO, aud wus buried iu the 
Charter St. ground. 

Capt. Samuel Robinson made his will Oct. 28, 1805. In it 
be called himself, as did his father, "gentleman." To his wife 
Hannah he gave the improvement of all his real estate in Salem, 
at her death to be divided between his children. His personal 
property he g'tve to his children, whom he made the executors. 
The will was proveil at Salem, Sept. 5, 1808. 

The will of Hannah, the widow of Captain Robinson, was made 
Sept. 24, 1825. Her sister Priscilla, the wife of Roger Farnura of 
Walpole, N. H., was to receive an annuity of ?50, and at her death 
said annuity was to be divided between the children of Mary Robin- 
son, wife of Dr. Daniel Oliver of Hanover, N. IL, and the children 
of "William Robinson of Augusta, Me. Legacies were given to 
Sally, the wife of Samuel Llagge of Boston; to Sally Miles, daugh- 
ter of the said Samuel Blagge; to Grace aud Margaret Spear; to 






Catlieiiue Gibbs, widow, of Boston, and her dnughter Hannah Hall 
Robinson: to ZMaigaret, daughter of James Price; to Catherine, 
widow of Charles Hall of r>oston ; to Dr. x\nius Holbrook and his 
wife Jerusha; to Huldah Davis; to Susan, daughter of Ebenezer 
Wales of Dorchester; to Anna. dau^Iuer of Jusejih Wales; to IMrs. 
Zibiah DuHiear; to Anna Jane, daughter of Edward Holden of 
lioston. The wlU wa^ proved Nov. l.j, 1S25. 

The issue of Capt. Samuel Robinson, all by Ids first wife, and 
born iu Dorchester, were : — 

WiiT.T v>r. b. Sept. 20. I7r.'2. 

I.01-. b. Nov. i".i. ]7i.U: ni. Edward Pulling. 

rklosKS, b. July, 17G7; d. in childhood. 

A>rN^ RoBixsox (W/lh'am,* ASamuel.^ Samuel,- WiUiani^), eldest 
daughter of William and Anne, was born in Dorchester, Sept. 7, 17-40. 
She married, Feb. 21, 17 GO, Samuel Paysou. He was born Jan. 
29, 1732, son of George and IMary (Trott) Payson of Dorchester. 
He was a carpenter, and resided in the southerly part of Dor- 
chester, on what is now Adams Street. During the Revolntiou 
he served as private iu Capt. Samuel Clapp's company. He died 
Dec. C, 1S03, aged 71 years, and his widow died Sept. 13, 1817. 

The issue of Samuel and Anne (Robinson) Payson were : — 

i. Anne. b. Xov. 23. 1760: d. at age of six weeks. 

Gkokge. b. Oct. 29, 17^".l. 

S.\3U-i:l, b. Juiv 28. 1765: d. Nov. 2G. 17GG. 

Samvel. b. Sept. 27. 1707. 

"WiLi.iAM, b. Oct. 2i, 1770; d. at the asre of three months. 

Anna. b. Oct. 2, 1772: ni.' Edward Holdt.-u. 

LE.Airrx, b. July 29, 177G. 
viii. WiELijLM-HE:s'iiY, drowned in mill-pond, at Milton, when five years 

Jlrusha' Robinson ( William,'* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ William^), the 
second daughter of William and Anne, was born in Dorchester, 
June 30, 1743. 

She married, first, Joseph Fenno of 3Iilton, who died Jan. 19, 
1767, aged 32 yrs., as his epitaph iu Milton tells us. 

She married, second (published Feb. 1. 1772), John ^NUellus of 
Boston, and died P'eb. 20, 1811, with issue by both husbands. 

The issue of Joseph and Jerusha (Robinson) Fenno were: — 












i. JosEriT, b. March? ITOt!; in. Nov. 12, 1788. Mfiry-Gillman, dauijchter 
of DuilUy aiul Dorcas (March) Woodln-iiliz.*, %vho wa-^ b. iu 1770 
and d. Aiiril '21). lMi',>. He rciimvcd to Maine. Issn<>: — 

1. M'U-:!-A->n. h. Feb. 23, 1700; m. Kobert rioutmaa of Salem, 

and d. May 7. 1S1;>. Icavinir i^"^uo one cl\ild. 

2. John- WooJIii-idnr, b. in Salcni. July ;'.n. 17^2 ; in. Sept. 21, ISIO, 

Anna-F. Grafton, and d. Nov. 7. ISJLt. 
ii. TiTATC-iiKi:. d. unmarried at ago t»f 27 yrs. 
iii. Danu'.l. of Worcester. 

Tlie issue of .Tohn atid Jeruslia (Kobinson) Melius were: — 

19. Iv. '\VII.I,TA^I. b. in Milton. Feb. 1. 177o. 

20. A'. Xaxcv, b. 177-1; \n. Benjamin Crehore. 

9. Ann' Ronixsox {Lnnu,}," (fV/Z/a/;?," Samvel,'' Sam^'cl^ William^), t!.e 
eldest child of Col. Lemuel, was born in Dorchester, Aug. 29, 17G<X 

She rnariied, Oct. 21, 17S2, Nathaniel Blake. He was born 
Dec. 19, 1758, in the Gtli generation from "William Blake of Dor- 

ISalhauiel Blake died May 12, ISOG, and his wife died May 30, 

Their issue were : — 

i. X.vti]axti:l, b. March 2.5, 17S3: d. nnmarriccl, ^lay 30, 1S08. 
.Tosr.i'ii-Koiuxsox, b. Sept. 1, 1781. 
Xaxcy, b. Feb. 1.'), 178(1: m. Elisha Field. 
SAMUKf,. b. Dec. 30. 1787. 

Sallv-Stkvkx.s. b. Dec. 23, 1789: d. May 2r>, 180G. 
IlAi;i;ii;r. b. Feb. 21, 1792: in. Samuel lirownel, Nov. 11, 1825, and 

d. Avithout issue, .Jan. 11, 1829. \ 

FExr.n, b. June 21. 1794. 
.TKRFMiAU-SMrni-UoiKS. b. Dec. li, 179.5. 

ZiJUAii-Doi-BEArvK, b. Julv 30, 1802; m. Joseph-L. Fisher, Nov. 7, 
1823. who d. in Boston. "May IG, 1852 ; shed. inF^orchester, Feb. 1, 
187J. Issue, an only child : — 

1. CaroUnc-Zehiah, m. Dec. 10, 1851, "U'illiam-P. Lfa\itt, dentist, 
of Boston, and has : — 

1. C'aruluie-S., b. in Dorchester. March 15, 18.54. 

2. Gcor(ji:-Oscar, b. in Dorchester. Aug. 13, 1855. 

10. jEKrsn.v^ Ror.Txsox [Lpmv.el,^ William,^ Sami'el,'^ Satnuel,^ William^), 
second daughter of Col. Lemuel, was born in Dorchester, 'March 1 1 , 
1764. She married, Nov. 2, 1789, Amos Ilolbrook,* M.D., of 

* Amos Holbrook vrns bom in Bclliiigham, .Ian. 2-3, 1754, the eldest son of Lnl^e and 
Mercy (FotkI) Iloll.nook. By bis lirst'wife Melatiah Howard and his second Faticiice 
Vose,' be bad issue : — 

1. Samuel, b. Aug. 2.3, 1773; in. Jnuc S, 1800, Sarah, daughter of Col. Lemuel 

Robinson and widow of John Mears (see paire 21). 

2. Polly, b. May G, 1775; m. Nov. 2G, 1795, Thoma.s-Trott Robinson (see page 17). 















jMilton, a widely known and skilful practitioner, who died June 17, 
ISI'2. His wife Jeni-ha died Nov. "Jl, ISTi.'^. 

The children of Amos and Jeru>Iui Ilororook were: — 

i. WiiXTAM. b. Sept. 22. IT'.'O: d. Anir. 27. 1701. 

2G ii S M;AH-Pr.i;Kix>. b. .Tiilv 14, 1704: m. W. K. Vincent, 

iii. ^VII.I.IAM. b. ,Ma> 1'7, it'.t:.: d. Feb. ll?. ],^1L>. 

iv. CATiir.KiNF.. b. .Inly C. 17'.'',t: d. -Jan. 2'.i. Isni. 

V. Gr.oiMiK. h. .Ian. ib 1 •^o2 : d. .Tan. 20. b<'M',. 

27. vi. CATiiEinNK. b. May 31, 1S04 ; m. T. W. Harris. 

11. INIaky'' Robixsox (Lci/iurl," William* Samuel,^ Snmucl' William^), 
the fourth dan^^hter of Col. Lemuel, was horn in Dorchester, July 
14, 1770. She married Sept. 28, ISOO, David Sjiear.* merchant 
of Boston, but later a resident of Dorchester. He died in Dedhain, 
Feb. 19, 1S2I>. His widow died Dec. 10, ISCO, and was buried in 
the Ivoyall tomb. 

The children of David ami Mary Spear were : — 

28. i. MARY-Tno:MAS, b. in ISOl ; m. E. 1>. McLane;hlin. 

ii. GKOKOi:-ra'>si:i L. l.>ap. in Trinity C'lnirch. j;o>ton. Aurr. 13. ISO — ; 

served his time witli ]■".li^lla and .Josluia Vose, hatters, and died, a 

youns man. unmarried. 
iii. Tn<)MA.>-lJ., m. Auix. o. 1^20. Abby S. "Whitney: was in Boston in 

tlie employ of tlie Xew En:j;laud Glass Ware Co. : afterw"ards was 

a ci'ockery dealer in Charlesto'wn. and then removed to Tlioniasto!i, 

Me., where lie was a liouse and ship painter, and at times -'went 

wlialincr"; he had a son Thonaas. 
iv. Edwakp-Pl'LLIXG. m. April 19, 1S29. Alncrail Eicliard-^on ; was a 

trold-beater and repairer of watclie^; : removed to Tliomaston, Me. 

He had at least one chikl :— 1. Geor'jre-Dolljeare. b. Feb. 1S30. 

3. Betsey- At i.FX, b. Dec. 2G, 1778; m. Feb. 12, 1814, Aiaas.i Fidler, and d. June 

11, 1817. 

4. CiiAur.KS-HAKVE-i, b. .\n-. 9, 17S1 ; d. May, 17S2. 

5. Clai!ISs.\, h. .^u:r. 23, 1784; m. March 20, ISIO, Dr. Henry Gardner, and d. 

Feb. 10, ISCO. " 

Liikc5 HoP)rnok, the fatlicr if Dr. Amo> Holbi-ool;, liorn in Bellincrham, March 20, 
1724 : marrii-d Mercy Pond, born ])<.c. 28, 173 ), the danirhterot' elder .John Pond oi" Med«\iv 
(-ce Ilar!-;>'.- Pond' Geneal.igy ), and died Nov. 3, 177-5. The irrave-stune- of Lnlce and 
Mercy Honirook may be j^een, side by side, in the Imryinf: around of Nnith Belliiigham. 
John' Iloliirook, thc'father of Lake, was norn Sept. 24, 1679, "and died in Bellingham. .May 
11, 176-5. 'I'he family nairje of his wife Ilatuiah i-: unknown. Pi-ter' Holbro'ik, the fither 
of John, was Ijorn Au?. 7, lC-5-5, and died in Mendon, >biy 3. 1712. Tli^. f nniJy name of 
his wife Alice is unknown. Tlioinas' Ilolbro-ik, the f.uiier of Peter, wa> ten years old 
when his father brouirht him heie in 163-5. He died at Braintree, J(dy 22, 1607, havini,' 
married Joanna, the d lughter of Henry Kin;i[nan. Thomas' HuHirook, senior, with tu.s 
wife Jane, aiid children, frfrn Broadway, near Weymouth, England, came over in 1635, 
and settled in Weymouth, Ma.-s. He died about 107-5. 

• Davifl^ Spear (Xatiinn,* Jo.-eidi,^ Natliiniel,^ George') married (1) Mar_'aret, dui. of 
Stephen H.dl, Feb. 22, 173-5; sh- died Sept. 2-5, 1196, li.ivin- h id i-.sue:— 1. Samuel-Blairi:, 
bap. 22, 17SX; 2. Gilibs bap. Sept. 21, 1788; 3. Graee-Willis, b. N(,v. 28, 1790; 4. 
Margaret-CunniDgham-Hall, b. May 2-5, 1793; 5. Catherine, b. April 10, 1704. 


12. Sahah® Robinson (Lcmficl'' ]]^ilh'aiu^ Smuiel^ Saintiel,- William^), 

the iluh ilaiigluer of Col. Lemuel, u";is lioni in Dorclie.-ter, .Sept. '2'^, 
1771. She nianiLil Sei)t. 7, 17'.I4, ,Iohn Me;ir.s of Koxlmry, who 
died Fell. -27, 17'J7. aged OG years. .She married (-2) .June 8. ISOD, 
Samuel Ilolhrook. the eldest son of Amos Ilolbrook, 31.0., of 31 il- 
toii. and dird Mateli 2'0, ISOl. Her husband wa'^ lo->t at sea about 
Feb. 22. lSn2. The only child of Sarah (llobiusou) by her first 
husband, John Clears, was : — 

29. i. .John. b. at Roxbury, Sept. 21, 17',>:>. 

By her second husband she liad :— 
ii. Gkokgk-Thomas, b. >rarch 14, ISOl ; d. Aug. 30, ISOl. 

13. "William^ Rorinson (^a/^^/f/.* William.'^ Samuel.^ SmNU,'!,' William^), 

the eldest sou of C'apt. Samuel, with whom it was left to jierpetuato 
the name, was born in Dorchester, .Sept. '20, 17G2. lie was of 
llallowell, 3Ie., a trader and mariner in 17S.4, and eventually set- 
tled in Au<.Hista, 3Ie., where he carried on extensive and lucr.itive 
business as a merchant. lie was married in Augusta, by the Rev. 
Daniel Stone, Nov. 10, 1801, to 3Iartha Crosby, and died there 
Oct. 1, 1S3G. His v.idow died Jan. 12, 1837, aged 03. 

The children of Capit. "William Roliinson were : — 

1. Sr-SAX, b. July 16, 1S02; m. July 2S. 1S31, George-W. Allen of Rox- 
bury; she d. Nov. 12, 1.5.52. No issue. 

ii. JosErii, b. Jan. 3, 1S04 : merchant of Augusta; d. unra. there, Doc. 
24. 1-35. 

iii. "\Vii.i-iA>r. b. June 3. 1S0.5; m. May 4, 1S31. Ann Steele of Baltimore, 
Md., and d. in Boston. April 0. 157,"). without issue, the last of liis 
race descended fron^ William and Anne Robinson to Viear the name. 

30. iv. Ei.iZABK.Tii CuosHY. b. March 11>. 1S07; m. Alden Brisrirs. Jr. 

31. V. Mary-Pulling, b. Feb. 17, 1810; m. Charles-.Iewett Wingate. 
vi. Maktiia-Lois. b. Jan. 5. 1812; d. Sept. 14, 1S38, unui. 

vii. EfNKK-PAY-oN-. b. Feb. 8, 1814 : m. Au^r. 29, 1839, John-A. Chand- 
ler of An^-iista. and d. Jan. 23. ]>42. Issue : — 

1. Wilii'rra-Ii'uhinsun, b. May, 1840; d. March 20. 1S41. 

Tiii. Georgk-Cko^hy, b. Dec. 10, 1818"; d. unm. April 5, 1875, at Charles- 
ton, S. C. 

14. Lois^ Robinson {Samuel.^ William* Scniuicl,' Samnel,' William^), 

oidy daughter of Cupt. .Samuel, was born in Dorchester, Nov. 29. 
17C4. She married in .Salem, April 21. 170G, Fdward Pulling, a 
graduate of Harvard 1775, and a juacti^ing lawyer of Salem. He 
was a prominent Free-mason, and the master of Essex Lodge from 


1703 to 170S. He died Dec. 1, 1790, oged 44, and his wife died 
isov. 4, 1S18. Ijoth were buried iu the Charter Street ground, 
where their e[>itai)hs may be read. 

The issue of Edward and Lois Pulling was: — 

32. i. IM \i:Y-PiOnrN'sox. b. in Salem, July 2C,. 1707; m. Daniel Oliver, M.T). 

15. Geokgk« Paysox (Aune,^ WUUani,' Samuel,' Samuel,^ IHllunn'), 
the oldest son of Samuel and Ann (Robin-on) Payson, was born in 
Dorchc>ter, Oct. 20, 17G1. lie was a farmer, and lived ori Adams 
St., Dorchester, on the land now included in the limits of the new 
cemetery. His wife was Sally Fenno, a native of Milton. 
George Payson died in Dorchester, May, 18-37. Issue: — 

33. i. Johx-Fkn-xo, b. ^larch 2S, 17.S9. 

ii. Gf.<)1;(h:. b. April 23, 1702; m. and liveil in State of New York. 

iii. Sai.i.v, b. Nov. 27, 17!i-l ; m. William Haley, and d. in Chelsea. Jan. 

l:]. 1.S74 ; of three cliildren, a son died soon after returning from 

the war. and two dciULrhters married. 
iv. Xaxcv, b. 1707; m. Isaac Hall of IJayidiam, Ma<s. 
V. Olivf., b. I'^OO; m. GL-ori;-e Stower> aiul lived in Chelsea; an only 

clilld born to them had an only child, both di;ad in 1S80. 

IG. Sa.mukl* Paysox {Aiin^ William,'^ Sanwel,^ Samuel,^ Willfatn^), son 
of Samuel and Ann (Pobinsou) Payson, was born in Durchester, 
Sept. 27, 1767. 

He v,-as a soldier in Capt. James Robinson's company in the regi- 
ment commanded by Col. Ezra Baldwin, which marched in 1787 to 
Springfield for the suppression of the Shays rebellion. He subse- 
quently held the oUice of I\Iajor in the militia, and resigned previous 
to 1813. 

" Samuel Payson was a blacksmith, and bought the shop the 
propei'ty of the late Zebulon Peirce in 1700, situated in the north- 
erly part of the town, the westerly side of Jones's Hill, at th.e junc- 
tion of what is now Columbia and Hancock Streets. In 1810 he 
bought the estate former>y owned by Jonathan and Dr. Piiineas 
Holden: it contained ten acres, with the house and barn which are 
now on it, standing near the corner of Hancock and Cross vStreets, 
and included all the triangle enclosed by Hancock, Cross and 
Columbia Streets (except a house and small lot of land owned by 
the heirs of Thomas Clap[> on Columbia Street); and his first pur- 
chase of the shop whose location was where there is now a sub- 


st;intial stone one for b];ick>mithing. The old mansion house was 
built nearly one liunilreJ years ai^o by Dr. William Ilolden (who 
died Mar. 3, 177C) for his two sons above named. Formerly there 
was ou Uie place a goodly number of clierry and pear trees, but 
recent improvements have exterminated many of them. There arc 
now on the place fifteen dwelling houses, live barns, two blacksmith 
shops, one wheelwright and one harness-maker's shop, one livery 
stable, and other small buildings. Three of the sons of Major 
Payson liave built houses on the place, and two of them, and two 
of the daughters and one grandson reside there with their families 
uov.- (I8G0)."* 

Major Payson was three times married. (1) April 9, 1791, to 
Sarah, daughter of Jonathan aud Sarah (Leeds) Trescott of Dor- 
chester, who died 3Iay IG. 1797, aged 31 years; (2) April 11, 1799, 
to Lydia Trescott. a bister of his first wife, who died September 12, 
181 1, aged 33 years; (3) April, 1812, to Lucy, daughter of Jonathan 
and Mary-Ann (Baker) Ilolden, who died October 25, 1831, aged 
50 years. He died in Dorchester, August 28, 1847. His issue 
vrere : 

34. i. Saraii-Lkkhs, b. Jan. 26, 1792; m. Samuel Bridge, 
ii. Samlel, b. Sept. G, 17'J3; d. Jan. 2, 1803. 

iii. Thomas, b. Sept. 7, 1795; d. Jau. 27. 1800. 

iv. Thomas, b. Jan. 2G, ISOO; d. Jan. IS, 1820. 

v. LYinA, b. Jan. 19, 1802; d. July 12, 180G. 

vi. Mary-Fj'.a>-cis. b. :Mr.rch 20, 180i ; d. Jime 3. 1805. 

35. vii. Maky-Franxis, b. May 2-1, 1806; m. James Pierce. 

viii. Tydia, b. Jan. 1, 1809: livins: unniarru-d, 1S90, in Dorchester. 

36. ix. AxN-RoBiNSOx. b. Feb. 2S, 1811; m. Charles-P. Ripley. 
3:. X. Samckl-Trescoit, b. Oct. 22, 1810. 

xi. Joux-Baker. b. Dec. 3. ISIS; d. Sept. 9, ISS-i. 

38. xii. Thomas, b. March 13, 1822. 

39. xiii. Henry, b. April 22, 1.824. 

17. Anne- Payson {Au)i.' Wilh'a-m,'^ Sronuel,^ Samuel,' JT/Z/jar,!^), daugh- 
ter of Samuel and. Ann (Robinson) Payson, was born in Dorchester, 
October 2, 1772. She married, July 31, 1791, Edward Holden, boru 
in Dorchester, August 30, 17G9, fifth chiM of Samuel and Hannah 
(Kelton) Holden. He died on the passage from St. Domingo to 
Boston, November 16, 1823. His widow long survived, and died 
in Bangor, Me., February 28, 18C1, aud was buried with her kin- 
dred in the Eoyall tomb in Dorchester. 

* From manuscript of Mr. Edward H. Payson. 


The i^sne of Edward and Anne ITolden were: 

40. i. Edwaiu). h. in Dorch',\-ti^r, Doc. 25, 1701. 

ii. SrKriiicx-CLEVKULY, b. in Dorcho^tcr. April 30, 1793; d. May 27, 

iii. Ann-Jane, h. in Milion, Oct. 0, 170,5; d. nnni. in l^angor, Me., 

Seiitombor, l.^r.l. 

41. iv. Gr.OKGr-WASHiNGTON. b. in Boston, Oct. 22, 1707. 

V. Jami:s-Ani)i;i:\vs. b. in Boston, Oct. 13, 1700; consular commercial 
OLTont for the U. S. at Anx Ca}-os. and lo.-t o:V St. Domiuiro soon 
after Au;;. 12. 1S27, unni. 

42. vi. CHAi;LOTri>McLF.LLAN, b. in Boston, Oct. 2S, ISOl. 

43. Yii. Lucy, h. in Dorchester, May 3, 1804. 

44. viii. Enoch-Puatt, b. in Dorchester. Sept. 2G. isQi^. 

ix. Maky-Field, b. in Dorchester, July IG, ISOS ; d. March 1, 1814. 

X. jL'Dini-SArxDEKS. b. in Dorche.->ter, Feb. 10, isll; d. Oct. 16, ISll. 

45. xi. jEUK>nAii-FENNO, b. in Dorchester, April 2, 1S13. 

xii. Mauy-Dix-Haekis, b. in Dorchester, April 30, 1815; d. iu Baltimore, 
Md., Nov. 30, 1857. 

18. Lemuel^ Paysox (Ann.^ William,'* Samuel,^ Sanuiel," William''-), son 

of Samuel and Ann (Robinson) Payson, was born in Dorchester, 
July 29, 1776, and early settled at Salem. lie married, Aj^ril 27, 
1801, Joanna, daughter of Col. Ezra and Alice Newliall. She was 
born in Pynn. March 17, 17S1, and died in Salem, October 9, ISGl. 

Lemuel Payson died in Dorchester, September 22, 1822, and was 
buried in the Koyall tomb. 

His issue were : 

William-IIen]:y, b. May 11, 1802; lost at sea, unm. March, 1S26. 

EDWAr,iJ-IIoi,r>EN, b. Dec. 5, 1803. 

Lfmi-ee-Albeet, b. Oct. 22, 1805. 

Alice-Nkwhall, b. Jan. IG, 1808: m. July 4, 1837. Hamlin Davis, of -^ 

Lowell, who (I. Avithout issue, April 30, 1830. She resides, in 1800, 

in Salem, -with her brother Edward-II. 

19. WiLM.\M* Mf.llus (Jerusha,° William,* Samuel,' Samuel,^ William^), 

the only son of John and Jerusha (IJobinson) Melius, was born ia 
Milton, February 1, 1770. 

He married, in 1805, Amelia, daughter of Rev. James Lyon, of 
Machias, Me. She was born there October 17, 178G, and died iu 
Salem, January 15, 1851. 

lie was a ship-master, and died on ship-board at New Orleans, 
La., June, 1827. 

The issue of Capt. "William and Amelia Melius were: 

I. A-MELiA, b. at Machias, Me., April 25, 180G; m. Edward-II. Payson 
(see Xo. 46j. 








ii. Wii.i.TvM. b. at >racluas, March ?, ISO'?; d. nnm. in Portsmouth, 

N. II.. Jan. 8. 1S2S. 
iii. John. b. in >rachias, Sept. 24, 1800; d. Nov. 24, 1824. 
ir. Jamk<. b. in Dorche.-^ter. Dec. 23, 1811: d. in New Orleans, inim. 
V. Cii vt:i,ks, b. iu Dorche^tor, Dec. 23, 1S13; d. Mav 15, 18:?D, in 

vi. Heniiy. b. in Dorchester, Aug. 24, 181G; d. Dec. 24, 18G0, in Los 

An-elcs, Cal. 
vii. Gkoiigk. b. in Dorchester, July 22, 1818; d. in Louisville, Ky., in 

■winter of 18r'9. 
viii. EowAKf). b. iu Dorche>ter, ^Larch 7, 1>20; d. in China. 
ix. MAiUA-LoriSA, b. in Dorchester, June 10. ls22. 
X. FnAXCi^. b. iu Dorchester, Feb. 3, 1^24; d. in Los Anijeles, Sept. 

19, 1803. 
xi. Ann-F.uza. b. in Dorchester, March G. 1S2G ; d. in Sacramento, Cal., 
Dec. 7, 18G1. 

20. Nancy*^ Mellus (Jcrus/ia,^ William* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ JIT/Zmm' ), 

youngest child of Jolin and Jerusha (Robinsou) Melius, was born in 

1774. She married (pub. October 22) 1791, Benjamin Crehore, 

born in 17G5, son of "William and Ann Crehore of !Miltou. He 

was a furniture maker of Milton, and died there October 14, 1S32. 

She died there May 3, 1854, aged 79 years 6 months. 

The issue of Benjamin and Xancy Crehore were: 

1. A>rN--JKKrsnA, b. in Milton, March 14. 17C'."i; d. unm. May 14, 1820'. 
ii. ZiKiAH-KovALL, b. in Milton, Feb. 29, ISOl; d. unra. April IB, 1880. 
iii. WiiT.iAM, b. iu 1802; m. Eliza Blood of Eoxbury, and d. Aug. 24, 
18-38. Shed. Nov. Ifi, 1871. Issue were : 

1. Ann-E., h. Oct. G, 1834; m. Henry E. Eeed of South Bostou. 

2. William, of South Bostou. 
iv. Son, died in 1812, aged C years. 

V. Map,y-Ax>--Fexxo, b. 1812; d. unm. Aug. 9, 1830, aged 18 years. 

21. JosEPn-RoBixsox'' Blake {An7i,^ Lemuel^ William* Samuel,^ 

Samuel,^ William^), second son of Nathaniel and Ann (Robinson) 

Blake, was born in Dorchester, September 1, 1784. He married, 

November 7, 1808, Sarah "Wilson, who was born November 6, 1791. 

The issue of Joseph-Robinson Blake were: 

i. JoHX, b. Jan. 24. 18C0 : d. Doc. 23, 1316. 

ii. N.A>XY-Wii.sox, b. Jan. 24, 1812. 

iii. Sarau-Ste^-exs, b. June 18, 1813. 

iv. Lucy-Gay, b. Oct. 26. 1817. 

V. Charles-Gf.eex, b. Aug. 13, 1819. 

vi. Joiix, b. July 6, 1822. 

vii. Wii.i.iAM-GRAyviLLE, b. Jtily 19, 1S27. 

22. Nancy' Blake (Ann,' Lemuel,'' William* Samuel,^ Samuel,"^ Wil- 

liam^), oldest daughter of Nathaniel and Ann (Robinson) Blake, 
was born in Dorchester, February 16, 1786. She married, June 6, 


1800, Eli^ha Field, who was born Novcmbor 17, 1777, anJ died 
December 20. 1825. She died in Milton. :\Iay 31, 18G6. 
The issue of Klish;i and Nancy (Blake) Field were: 

i. SAKAH-Bi.iKE. b. Oct. 2(1. ISOS; m. Gcorcrf r.:ixtcr of Milton. 

ii. Mu:y-Ann. b. Oct. '2i}. isQa; ni. John B. H. Lambert of Dorchester, 

and had issue. 

iii. Jo.-TAii. b. March 20. ISIO; of Milton; issnc. 

iv. Geokge. b. Feb. 5, 1812; of Milton. 

V. H.AJSXAH. b. Jan. 7. 1813. 

vi. Kancy-Bi-akk, b. March 20, 1815. 

is. vii. Hakiukt-Blake, b. i\-b. 15, 181S. 

?3. Samiti^'' Blake, son of Nathaniel and Ann' (Eobinson) Blake 
[Lemuel,'" William* Samuel^ Somud,' Williaui'^), was born in Dor- 
chester, December 30, 17S7. He was a resident of Easton and 
South Abington, a cabinet-maker. 

He married Susanna, daughter of Benjamin Bates, who died 
October 14, 1879. He died in South Abington, February 18, 18G2. 
The issue of Samuel and Susanna Blake were : 

Samuel, b. Jnlv IG. 1810. 

SrsAX, b. Jan. 8. 1814. 

Sally, b. Sept. 8, 1810; m. Oct. 9, 1838, Nathaniel W. Gushing of 

Hanson ; d. Sept. 3, 1830. 
MAr.Y-KoBiNSOx, b. March 27, 1819. 
Betsey-Zibiah-Dolbeak, b. June 29, 1821; m. Lemuel Robinson 

Mcars (sec 20, iv.). 
Claiussa, b. Aug. 20, 1823; d. May 13, 1870. 
Bex.jamix-Bates, b. May 6, 1826. 

Arethusa-Cakolixe, b.Aug. 7, 1828; d. in Brooklyn, May 1, 18S1. 
HARnrET-AuGrsTA, b. Oct. 9, 1830; m. Xov. 25. "l857, Xathaniel- 

Arthur Fauuce of Kingston; d. June 27, ISGO, "without issue. 
CATHRinNE-HAP.nis, b. Sept. 1-t, 1833. 
Lymax-Kepid, b. Aug. 2i, 1S35. 

24. Peter^ Blake, son of Nathaniel and Ann* (Robinson) Blake 
(Lemuel,^ William* SamU':l,^ Samuel,'^ William^), was born in Dor- 
chester, June 21, 170-4; was of Dorchester. He married, April 13, 
1820, Fanny Colburn, who died in Dorchester, March 29, 1864. 
He died at Champaign, 111., April 2, 1833. 
Their issue were : 

i. Willlvm-Xathaxiel, b. April 10, 1821 ; d. Jan. 4, 1840. 
ii. Petep.-Merrloi, b. July 7, 1822; d. Dec. 15, 1823. 

55. iii. Peter- Merrhjvi, b. April 15, 1825. 

iv. Hexky-Fraxcls, b. April C, 1827; unm. ; of Boston in 1890. 

56. V. George-Minot, b. Nov. IG, 1629. 

■57. vi. Augustes-Colbcrx, b. Ang. 18, 1832. 

vii. Robert-Thaxter, b. Jan. 6^, 1835; d. April 21, 1835. 



















vVn. FAX>r\'-KFnKCCA. b. Fob. S, ls:k'. ; in. May 4, ISoS, Hoiiry Lovell of 

Ch;uup;iii:ii. 111., b. 3Iaieh '2o, is;".! ; resides in 1*00 at Champaign, 
Mith i-~<ue : 

1. Fanny-Cora, b. May 24. IStll. 

2. .Vtirii-J^rbccca. b. Nov. 4, ].>r,2; m. June 23, IS.SS, John-Alfred 


3. Katie-Lillinn. b. Fob. 3, ISO:"*. 

4. Flor>).c<-J-:iUch. h. Oct. 27, 1.^74. 

25. jERKMiAH-S>tnH-Boit:s" i)LAKK. SOU of Nathaniel and Ann* ( Roliiii- 

son) Blake {L'lnucK^ WUliiun* Smiiucl,^ Samuc/,' Williaiu^). was 
born in Dorchester, Deoemlier 11. 1795. lie was a resident of 

He manied March 17, 1819, Lucy Davenport, horn .Jannaiy 18, 
1797, and died September 20, 1873. He died December :.'4, IS.jl. 

The ijsue of" Jeremiali-.S.-B. Blake were: 

i. Jeremiah, b. 1822: ni. Anirnst, isol, Eliza , and died \vitliout 

issue at Patterson, X. J., Aug. IS, 1851. 
ii. Lucy-Anx. b. Jan. 15, 1821; rn. Sept. 15, 1841, Jobu-Codinau Clapp 

of Boston, and d. Oct. 8, 18G7. Issue were : 

1. Ehuaa-hadore, b. Dec. 1.". 1^43; ni. May 12, ISGS, Edward 

P. Brown; d. in Boston, Dec. 4. 1S8.S, with issue : (i.) Edith- 
Blakc, b. July 7. ISCO; (ii.) Ethel-I>adore, b. Xov. 30, 1871; 
(iii.) Harold-Gilbert, b. Mar 13. 1S75. 

2. Hcrhert-Cod.aan. b. Jan. 31,' 184<1; II. C 18C7: M.D. 1870; 

ni. Jan. 31, 1S78, Mary-O. Kichardson of Brooklyn; iu 
1800 of Boston, with issue: (i.) Theodora-TN'hite, 1). Jan. 
20,1870; (ii.) Lncy-Blake, b. Jan. 4, 1831; (iii.) Mariou- 
Lazelle, b. Sept. 21, 18S2. 

3. Arthur-Blake, b. June 11, 1S51; unni. 1880. 

4. Austln-Fhdps, b. July 1. 1853; m. 1878, M. -Annie Peinick of 

Chelsea — of Boston, Avith issue: (i.) Ravmond-Gilinore. b. 
May 9, 1879: Lawrence-Reiuick, b. Oct. 14. 1881; (ii.) 
Norman-Stuart, b. Aug. 17, 1883, d. Jan. 9, 188G ; (iii.) 
Lilian-Blanche, b. Nov. 12, 1885. 

26. S.\H.A.n-PEi;KiNS^ Hoi.brook {Jcrusha,^ Lemuels Wi7liam,* Satimrl,' 

Sa?}iHeI,^ William^), oldest daughter of Amos Holbrook hy his wife 
Jerusha (Robin-on), was born in Milton. July 14, 1794. 

She married. November 20, 1816, "William-Ellery Vincent, wlio 
died in Dorchester, April 12, 1858; for many years an olFicer of the 
State Bank of Ijo^ou. His widow died in Dorchester, .July 5, 1881, 
and was buried with him in the Holbrook tomb at ^Nlilton. 

Their issue were: 

i. "NYir-LiAM-Hoi-BROoK Yen-cent, b. July 14, 1S18; m. Feb. 27, 1^54, 
Susan-Elizabeth BroAvn. He was a merchant in Valparaiso, 
Chili, and afterwards was a marine insurer of Boston. He died 
in Dorche-ter, Feb. 21, 1876. His widow died without issue, 
Jan. 20, 1?52. 


ii. Sai;, b. April 24, 1S20; lu. Doc. '28. 18.t7. Edward-Aniory 
Dexter, of Boston. He died in Dorclioster, May 10, ist',."). His 
■widow died in Dorchester, March '2, IS.s'J. Issue, two dauLchters: 

1. ISllen-Amori/. 

2. S'ti-ah- Vincent. 

iii. Georgi>Hi-js"ky, b. Oct. 12, 182G; d. unin. in Dorcliestcr, April 29,>. 

C.VTHEKiNi:^ IIoLKUOOK (JcrusJut,^ LcmiicI,^ WiUium,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,^ WiUicnn^'). youngest daughter of Amos Ilolbrook liy his 
wife Jerusha (Robinsou), was boru in Dorchester, May 31, 1801. 

She married, November 16, 1821, Thaddeus-Williara Harris, 
M.I)., of Milton, afterwards Librarian of Harvard College. He 
died in Cambridge. January 1 C, ISjG. His widow long survived 
and died iu Cambridge, December 24, 1SS7. 

Their issue were : 

i. Wn:i.TAM-TnAi)i>Ers, b. Jan. 2o, 1S2G; H. C. 1S4G; d. unm. in Cam- 

bridjre, Oct. 10. 1854. 
ii. Sakaii'-Cathluink, b. Xov. 7, 1827; d. Sept. 10, 1S28. 
iii. HAnKiET-GARPiNKR, b. Jan. 2, 1829 ; m. Jan. 27, lS.:i:3, George-Phillips 

Bond, H. C. 1845, rhillips Professor of Astronomy and Director 

of tlie Observatory of Harvard College; d. Feb. 17, 1SG5. She d. 

Dec. 12, 1853. Issue : 

1. Elizabeth-LiKhtune, b. Oct. 21, 1853. 

2. Catherine- Ila rr is , b. April 2, 1856. 

3. Harriet-Drnnij, b. Sept. 28, 1857; d. Feb. 22, 1S53. 
iv. Emma-Foi:bes, b. Dec. IG, 1830. 

V. CATHEiaNE, b. Oct. 2, 1832. 

yi. CirARLES, b. Oct. 2, 1832; of Boston ; m. Jan. 1, 1857, Sorab-Eliza- 
beth Ilovev, and has issue : 

1. Thad'ieits- William, b. Jan. 19, 18(;2; H. C. 1884. 

2. Marian-Chaplin, b. Nov. 19, 1867. 

3. Katherine. b. April 7, 1S72 ; d. Aug:. 2:>, 1873. 

4. Charles-Clarendon, b. Nov. 11, ls73; d. Jan. 9, 1876. 

yii. Amo.s-Hoebrook, b. July 9, 1^34; merchant at Boston and Seattle, 
Washington; m. June 9, 1859, Lucy-Elizabeth Lewis. No issue. 

viii. Clarendon, b. March 24, 1836; to". Oct. 18. 1865. Isabcl-Meriel 
Bailey, who died at Laporte. lud., June 27, ISGG; m. 2d, Juno 7, 
1870, Frances-Maria Walker : iu 1690 of Chicago aud Boston. Has 
issue : • 

1. Clarendon, b. at Dubuque, Iowa, March 6, 1875. 

2. Catherine-Holbruok, b. at Dubuque, Julv 19, 1S7G; d. Aus;. 9, 


3. Edirard-Douhleday. b. at :Marshall, Texas, March 21, 13S1. 
Ix. Edward-Dol'BLED.vy, b. Sept. 20, 1839; architect, of Boston and 

New York; m. Oct. 5, 1864, Katheriue-Brattle Wheelock, and has 
issue : 

1. Kat.herine-BrutHe , b. in Carabridize, Sept. 26. 1870. 

2. Williani-Cary, b. in Brooklyn, N. Y.. June 25, 1883. 

I. TnOMA.s-KOBiN.soN, b. June 15, 1842; H. C. 18G3 ; D.D. ; reutor of 
St. Paul's Church, New York, in IS90; m. June 20, 1867, Margaret- 
Schenck Van Kleeck, and has issue: 


1. Jiohert-Van Kleccl; b. June 23, ISCS ; Columbia Coll. ISSD. 

2. Mnrmret. b. Oct. 23, 1870. 

3. WiUiam-Tivullrns. b. Doc. 25. L^72 ; d. May 12, 1S74. 

4. Emma. b. March 8, 1870. 

5. Edith- Hi, Ihronk. b. July 7, 1S78; d. April 27, 1S70. 

0. Mau-Enbinsnn. b. May 3, ISSO. 

S. Elhn-\nnA/i'irl-, , 
xi. Ei.iZABrxH, b. Nov. 1, 184i. 

xii. SAi;A.H-llAr.KiF.T, b. Sept. 23, 1849; m. Nov. '20, 1S7D, Lewis-Mayer 
vllauiilton; of Cumberland. Md.. 18',10. Issue: 

1. E^rtha, h. in Cambridge, July 18, 1881. 

28. Mary-Titomas^ Spear, daughter of David and Mary' (Robinson) 

Spear {Lemuel,^ William* Samuel,^ Scn7utel,- IVilliani^), was born in 
1801. She married. November 24, 1825, P>phraim-Baker Mc 
Laughlin, sou of James and Elizabeth (How) ^McLaugliHu of Red- 
ford, N. II. In 1843, the surname of the family was changed to 
that of Mason. For many years Mr. Mason was a crockery-ware 
dealer of Boston. He died May 18, 18G9. His wife died December 
3, 1870. 

Their issue were : 

i. ITkxry-W., b. Jan. 10, 1827; m. Marion Gage, and had two sons, 

Louis-Gage and KdwarJ-Hainmond. 
ii. Mary-T., b. Oct. 11, 1828; m. 1849, William Hammond; in 1890 of 

Harrison Square, Boston, and d. Feb. 24, 1880. Their issue were : 

1. WiUiam-JTe7ir>i, b. Mav 29, 1850. 

2. Grace, b. Feb. 12, 1853. 

3. Albert-Eallard. b. Dec. 31, 1855. 

4. Mar>j-Alice, b. Dec. 25, 18iJ4. 

iii. JosKPH-IL, b. Xov. 23. 1830; m. in 18G4, Agnes Rathburn, and died 

■without issue, Julv, 1888. 
iv., b. Nov. 9, 1832; m. Jan. 11, 1SC4, Amelia-Isabella 

Houghton of Bellows Falls, Vt. She d. June 10, 1877. He is a 

resident of Boston, with issue : 

1. Darid-Uovqhton, b. Oct. 14, 1809. 
V. "WiLLiAM-IL, b. July 10, 1837; ra. Jan. 9, 1869, Mary-W. O'Brien of 

Thomaston, Me. ; in 1890 a resident of Everett, Mass., with issue : 

1. AUce-GiTtrude. 

2. Ed,rard-Darid. 

3. Manj-Venttia. 

29. JOHN^ INIears. only child of John and Sarah' (Kobinson) Mears 

(Lemuel,^ William,* Samuel,^ Samuel' William^), was born in Rox- 
bury. September 21, 1795; was of Dorchester, and a merchant of 
the Boston firm of Prouty & Mears. lie married, December 1 2, 
1810, Lucy Withington, daughter of Edward and Eunice, and died 
in Worcester, April 29, 1S7G. His wife died in Dorchester, April 
12, 1872. 


The issue of John and Lucy Mcars were: 

i. Lrcv-WiTnixr.TON-. b. Sept. 18, 181?: in. Oct. 11, 1837, Lorenzo 
Prouty of Hanover. He died in Canton, Ma-^s., May I'J, 1S72. In 
IS'JO she is living in Pcoria, 111. Their issnc %vere : ' 

1. Lucit-CaroliiiP. 

2. Lor'enzri, b. March, ISP.O; d. Mav 0, 1872. 

3. FAbn-Ma.ri'^. b. Oct. 18, 1S12: m. 1..-1). Grosvenor. 
ii. Sak.vh-Korinsox. b. March 31, 1>20: d. Sept. 30, 1820. 

iii. JuHX. b. Anir. 17, 1821; m. Martha-A. Eaton, Avho d. Jan. 16, 1864r. 
He m. 2d, Mrs. Caroline-A. Chainberlaiu, and iu 1800 is a resident 
of DorchestL-r. Issue: 

1. Jfartha-Ann. b. Jan. 7. 18'U. 

2. JI(.ur>j'Au'!Ustii.s, b. Ani;. 23, 18G6. 

3. Lucii'E., b. Feb. 12, 18G9. 

iv. Lv:MrKi.-Kop.iNS(>N". b. Feb. 6, 1825; ni. May 8, 18ol, Betsy-Zibiah- 
Dolbcar P.hike (No. 23, v.), and iu 1^'jO resides in lirooklyn, X. Y. 
Issue : 

1. John, b. Oct. 20. 18o4; m. Nov. 15, 1877, }.Iary-Louise Bur- 

roughs. ^vhi> died Mav 28. ]>7n. 

2. mnrii-E'hr,irJs. b. Dec. 14, \io(\\ d. Aug. 14. 1800. 

3. IJ:zu-Zlbiah-Dolbenr, b. June 1, 18G4; d. June 12, 18G5. 

V. Sakaii-Ei.izabetii, b. Jau. 8, 1827; m. June 15, 1848, Edward- 
Alexander Daniniers. and died Aviihout issue, Oct. 11, 1859, in 

vi. Anx-Bkowx. b. Xov. 22, 1829 ; d. in Dorchester. March 5, 1847. 

vii. GKORGE-WASnixoTON-. b. Aug. G. 1834; of Dorchester; m. Mary- 
Louisa Nichols of Brooklyu^N. Y., and died in Boston, June 2G, 
1^82. Issue were : 

1. WUluun-N., b. in Brooklyn, Sept. 17, 18G5. 

2. Geonje-W., b. in Brooklyn, June 17, 18G7. 

3. Louis, b. iu Dorchester, Aug. 16, 1874. 

4. Clarence, b. in Dorclicster, Dec 22, 1875. 

30. ELTZABETH-CpiOSBY' Rotuxsox ( William,^ Samuel," JViUiam,* Samuel,^ 

Samuel,^ IVi'lIiam^), second daughter of Capt. Williaui, was bora in 

Augusta, Me., March 19, 1S07. She married, July 25, 1827, Alden 

Briggs, Jr.. a native of Pembroke, INIass., and died June 10, 187-1. 

I\Ir. Briggs was born February 20, 1797; a farmer; and died at 

Pembroke, April 30, 1861. 

The i.=3ue of Alden and Elizabeth-Crosby Briggs were : 

.i. Aldex, b. Jan. 25, 1^29: d. Feb. 24, 1-31. 
ii. Ai.i'EX, b. Dec. 27, 1830; d. Jan. 7, 1853. 
iii. "Willi AM-TuATCUEn. b. Sept. IS. 1832; m. Jan. 13, 18G2, Caroline- 

Judson Baker of Providence, R. I.. Avho died Aug. 13, 18G4: he 

was a farmer of Pembroke, and died July 4, 1873. without issue, 

at Boston. 
iv. Martha-Elizabeth, b. Xov. 15, 1834; d. March 15, 1851. 
V. Geokoe-Crosbv, b. March 29, 1837; m. June 3, 1SG3, Annie-Loring 

Briggs of Boston ; merchant, of Boston ; he died at Media, Penn., 

Sept. 3, 1882. Issue : 

1. norry-Lorino, b. Nov. 3, 1S64; of New York. 
vi. Sophia, b. Nov. 21,' 1838; d. Nov. 14, 1857. 


Tii. IlExnY-PAYSoN. b. An?. 23, IS 10; m. May 8, 18C7, Kathcrino- 
Elizaboth Briggs of I5ostoii; a inorcluiut; residence, ISl^O. Brook- 
liue. Issue : 

1. Geonje-J.orind, b. in Boston, Anir. 1, isns. 

2. Arr-*rt-PaiJSou, b. in Dorchest.T. Ang. 11, 1870. 

3. KadKn/i^-I^ohuisoii, b. in Brookline, March 12, 1S77. 
viii. Mkhcy-Aipkn, b. Dec. 11, 1^1.2: d. Aug. 20, is3i. 

ix. Su.-~AN-Ai.i.KX. b. Dee. 20, 1S45 ; d. Oct. 2is 1S4G. 
X. jKROME-IviDnri;. b. May 4, Ls-t<;>; of Boston. 
xi. Infant Sou, b. ,lau. 2, 1S52; d. Jan. 5, 18.32. 

31. i^lAKY-PiLLiXG^ JvOBixsox (William,^ Saiuiiel," William* Samuel," 

Samuel,' William^), third daughter of Capt. William, was bora in 
Augusta, Me., February 17, 1810. She married, in 18.:>2, Charles- 
Jewett Wiugate of Waterville, Me. lie was born April, 1810; 
jeweller; living in 1890. She died in 1S3G. 

The issue of Charles-J. and Mary-P. Wingate were: 

i. CnAKLKS-"\yiLT.iAM, b. Sopt. 25, 1834; m. Ann-Katherine Allen of 
Dresden, Me. : jeweller, of Boston. Has issue : 

1. Jlarij-Kathrrine. b. Aue:. 10. LfGC; m. Nov. G, 188?, Beniamin- 
rarker Hale of Haverhill, Atass. 
ii. IlF.XRY-rAYSox, b. April, 1S3G; d. October, 1S3G. 

32. I\lAnY-Roi)ixsON" Pulling, only child of I-xlward and Lois* (Robin- 

son) Pulling (Samuel,' William,* Samuel,^ Samuel,' William^), was 
born iu Salem, July 26, 1797. She married Dec. 1, 1817, Daniel 
Oliver, sou of Rev. Thomas-Fitch Oliver, by his wife Sarah 
(Pynchou). He was born Sept. 9, 1787, graduated at Harvard 
College 180G; M.D., Professor of Physiology at Dartmouth College 
and of the Medical College of Ohio. He died June 1, 1842; his 
widow died in Boston. January 4, 1882. 

The issue of Dr. Daniel and Mary-R. Oliver were : 

i. Fitch-Edward, b. Nov. 25, 1819; Dartmouth 1839; M.D. ; of Bos- 
ton, 1890. 

ii. AVilllam-Pyn-chox, b. .Tan. 29. 1822: d. at sea, Mav 9. 18.'o. 

ill. AXDREW. b. Feb. 23, 1824; Harv. 1842: S.T.D. ; of New York, 1890. 

iv. . MARY-ELiEX,.b. Dec. 28, 1626; d. May 31, 1835. 

V. KATnEP.rNX-SEw.iXL, b. Sept. 6, 1825 ; m. William-Edward Coale, 
M.D., and d. Dec. 19, 1856; issue, one child, George-OUver-George. 

vi. ISABELLA-LOCLSA, b. Nov. 9, 1833; unmarried. 

33. Jonx-FEX'xo'^ Pats ox, son of George* and grandson of Samuel and 
Ann* (Robinson) Payson ( William,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ William^ ), was 
born in Dorchester, March 28, 1789. He married 1st, July 14, 
1822, Elizal>€th Blanchard, who was born in T\'eymouth, September 
12, 1793, and died in Boston, December 13, 1823. .He married 2d, 


July 12, 182G, Deborah B;iiloy, wlio wa; born in Weymouth, 
December 29, 1708, and died in Boston, January 20, 183G. He 
married od, Dolly French, who was born in lloston, July 31, 1708, 
and died in Braiiitree, June 25, 1874. ^Nlr. Payson died June 16, 

His issue were: 

i. Johx-Blan-ciiakp. b. in Boston, May 20, 1823; d. March 1, 1825. 
ii. Johx-Fknno, b. in Boston, Juno 2i. 1-^:^7; ni. April It"!, 18,"o, Lizzie- 
M. Hall of Boston, and lias issue, all born in West Boxbury : 

1. M<jrion-TJ=zi>', b. March 20, 1857. 

2. Annie-Pa'ison, b. Oct. 19, 1800; d. Oct. 1, ISGl. 

3. Grare-Mar,jnrct, b. Oct. r,, ISCl. 

4. Fonnic-Loui'sp, b. Feb. 17, 18G3. 

5. Lillifi-J., b. Sept. S, 18(U. 

6. Annn-lIo.U, b. July 24, 18G7. 

7. John-ln-inn. b. July 2(5, 1872. 

iii. Geokge-H., b. in Chelsea," Oct. 19, 1830: d. April 28, 1SG5. 

iy. HAP.KiF.T-ELiZAnKTH. b. in Boston, 3Iay 9, 1838; m. Aug. 24, 1863, 

Gustayus-A. Damon of Boston; no issue. 
V. CnAF.LE-s-WiLLiAM, b. iu Boston, Oct. 10, 1839 ; m. Lizzie Reed of 

Boston; no issue. 

34. Sarah-Leeds' Payson. daughter of Samuel,^ and granddaughter of 

Samuel and Aun^ (Robinson) Payson {William* Samuel,' Samuel,'^ 
William'^), was born in Dorchester, January 26, 1792. Slie married, 
December 21, 1809, Samuel Bridge, who died October 8, 1S4S. 
She died iu Dorche>ter, December, 1812. 
Issue were: 

i. SAK.iLn-TF.KScoTT, b. Oct. 1, 1810 ; m. Dec. 1. 1836, Charles-TV. Emyth; 
resides in Framingham, and has issue, an only sou, Charles. 

35. Mary-Fraxcis^ Paysox, daughter of Samuel^ and granddaughter of 

Samuel and Ann* (Robinson) Payson {William* Samuel,^ Samuel,' 
William^), was born in Dorchester, May 24, ISOG. She married, 
November 28, 1833, James Pierce, born April 18, 1797, son of 
James and Lydia (Clapp) Pierce of Brookline. He was a tanner, 
of Dorchester, where he died, February 9, 1839. In 1890 she is 
living in Dorchester. 
Issue were: 

i. John, b. Nov. 10, 1834; m. April 24, 1S61, Augelina-Tew-ksbury 

Batterman; of Dorchester, M-ith issue: 
1. William, b. Feb. 10, 1864. 
ii. Maj>,y-Elizabeth, b. Jan. 27, 1839 ; in 1890 living, unmarried, with 

her mother. 

36. Axx-Robix?on' Paysox. dan^Iiter of Sauuiol* and graiuldaiigliter of 

SaunicI ami Aim* (Ivobinsoii) Paysou {William.* .S'imuel,' Satiniel.^ 

Williain^). was boru iu Doi-cliestt.'r. February 2s, 1811. Slic manieil, 

ZMay 10, 1813. Charles-P. Hipley, born at Ib-i.lgewater, Vt., 

Feb. 27, 1808, son of Joseph (born in P!yini>ton. ^lass., June 17, 

1777) 1)V wife Susann:v (Cottle) (born in Woodstock. Vt.. May 11, 

1770). Residence, Dorchester, whero IMr. liipley died July 27, 

1SG6. She died February 8, 1S70. 


i. Sami-el-Payson-. b. May 13. l^U; d. Sept. 17, 1.^4.:.. 

ii. I•:^>wAKl>-PAY•^ox. b. Oct. 30, ISt J ; ra. Oct. 4. 1,^71, Frances-Eninia 

ITnrdiiiu', b. iu Boston, Xov. 19, 1812; residence iu 1890, Kiver?idc, 

III., with i->ne: 

1. AUri -lI,:i;V_u<;u b. .June 25, 1873. 

2. Fraii':> s-rii'jsu:i., b. SLpt. 0. 1874. 

0. Ilnh'-rt-JLirris, b. June i!. 1^7o. 

4. rr^d,n>-k-Cli<nuIlrr, b. June 2."., 1877. 

5. Anm-ruhin^od, b. Dec. G. 1878; d. Teb. 13, 1^79. 

iii. Josr.FiT-TREscoTT, b. Feb. 22. LSIS; ni. ,Tau. 1, ]n>0, Ilarriet-T. 
Conantz; resid.'uce iu 1890, Oak Park, 111.. %vitli i>sue : 

1. Aitnr-L'ubijison, b. March 21, 1>S1. 

2. r<:iul-JIortnn, b. Feb. 2.5, l-?>3. 

3. Charirs-Trescntt, b. April 29. 1886. 

4. Josrj.h-Picixc, b. March 29, 18.s9. 

iv. CiTAni-Ks, b. Jan. 30. ]8r.2; m. Sent. 30, 1880, Clara-May Smith, b. 
Feb. 23. l.^.-)o : residence in 1890, Dorchester, >Yith issue: 

1. Edi-'ird-Pn'iscn, b. Sept. 13, 1881. 

2. H>'hn-J)r,nr, b. :March 19, 18>3. 

3. Clara-Diyison, b. Xov. ."., L'^88. 

V. Gr.OKGE-HowK, b. Jan. 31, 1833; d. Feb. 1. 1839. 

37. Samuel-Trescott' Paysox, sou of Samuel^ and grandson of Samuel 

and Ann* (Robinson) Payson ( William* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Williahi}), 

was born in Dorchester, October 22, 1816. He married 1st, October 

3, 1839, Lucinda, born 1816, daughter of Aminidab and Lucinda 

Thayer, who died in Newburyport, July 7, 18-35. He married 2d, 

February, 18.36, widow Sarah (Smith) Philbrick. Pie was a mer- 

cliant, resident of Brooklyn, wh'i-re he died, Dec. 3, 1889. 

The issue of Samuel-Trescott Piiysoa were: 

i. IlENnY--TjiAY-En, b. June 29, 184.5: d. Oct. 22, 184G. 
ii. Axne-Mauia, b. Dec. IG, 1846: unm. 
iii. I-uciNDA-TjtAY'Ea, b. May, 1835; d. Aus:- 4, 1833. 
iv. Saml-el-Ci.ikfoud, b. July 17, 1865; m.'^iu Chicai^'O, Sept. 27, 18S8, 
Marj-Cecilia Green, b. Feb. 22, 18G7 ; now of Chicago. 

38. TuOMAS^ Paysox, son of Samuel* and grandsou of Samuel and Ann* 

(Robinson) Payson (WiUiarn* Samuel,^ Samuel," William^), was 


born in Dorclicstcv, IMarch 13, 1822. lie marricil, May 13, 1852, 

]Me]iiid:i-P., daughter of Samuel :iiul Betsey (Fay) r>lake, born in 

■\Var\vick, September 20, 182-3. He diud in Florida. July 28, 1877, 

liaving issue: 

i. AxxA-lIoi.PKN-, b. Sept. 22. 1R51; m. M.ay 30, 18S1, Albert-Willson 
Bee. Is.-ue : 

1. AU'crt-Wnison. b. Auir. 11, 1882. 

2. Charha-IJvtrett. h. Oct. 2:^ ISSi. 

ii. TTouack-Blake, b. Oct. 19, 1850; m. Sept. 12, 1887, Ella Pingrey of 
Nowburvport. Issue : 

1. rn'racf- Stanirnod, b. June 23, 1880. 
iii. CuAiu.ys-TiiOMAS, b. May 23, ISCO; d. April 28, 18Gi. 
iv. Nkllle-Fay, b. April 1, isCG; d. :».lay 12, 1875. 

Bo. Hfnry' Paysox, sou of Samuel* and grandson of Samuel and Ann* 
(Kobinson) Payson (Willi am,* SconucI,^ Samuel,^ Willia^n^), was 
born in Dorchester, April 22, 1824. He married, July 3, 1849, 
Margaret-Ann Eichardson of Moultonborough, N. H., who died 
May 12, 1888, in Moultonborough. Henry Payson was a resident 
of Dorchester, and died there November 20, 1859, without issue. 

40. Edwaiid'^ Holdex, son of Edward and Anne* (Payson) Holden, and 

grandson of Samuel and Ann* (Robinson) Payson ( William* Samuel,* 
Samuel,* William^), v^ as horn m Dorchester, December 25, 1791; 
graduated at Yale 1812. He married, July 13, 1820, Elizabeth-F. 
Williams, who was born March 13, 1797, and died without issue, 
February 10, 1821. He married 2d, June 23, ^825, Saiah 

*-McClanachan; was a lawyer; resident of Kentucky, whore he died, 
March 5, 1827. 
His issue was : 

1. Eli.jaii-Edward, b. in Falmouth, Ky., March 27, 1820. 

41. Geokgu-Wastuxgtox" Holdex, son of Edward and Anne* (Payson) 

Holden, and grandson of Samuel and Ann* (Robinson) Payson 
( William.,* Samuel,' Samuel,'^ William^), was born in Boston, October 
22, 1797. He married, November 15, 1829, Almira-Webster 
Webb of Portland, Me., and settled at Bangor, where he died, 
January 12, 1852. 

The issue of George- W. and Almira- W. Holden were : 

i. Edwakd-Paysox. b. Ecb. 2, 1831. 

ii. CHAfa.OTTK-LAXT>LK. b. March 27, 1833. 

iii. Al.mir.\-Webb, b. Jan. 26, 1835 ; d. Nov. 6, 1837. 

,, 1596274 

iv. Gkokgk-Fexxo, b. Oct. 30, 1837; m. Jan. 31, l^iU, Jomiie ^Yaller, 
ami has issuo : 

1. Gtonje- Waller, b. Jan. 30, ISfiT; d. Jan. 8, 1870. 

2. Manli>i-Pii'i-'^''7t, h. Jan. 18, 18G'J. 

3. Ahninr-W-'''b. b. An-- 17, 1878. 

V. IIknuv-Apams, b. Nov. 1-2, 183!.*; m. Oct. 17, 1874, IIcnrknte-H. 
Coombs, and has issno : 

1. Brrth'i-Coomhs. b. Oct. 19. 1875. 
vi. "\Vn-i.iAM-WiiirrLK. b. Jan. liJ, 1812; ni. July 17. 1m'..">, Maitha-Jaue- 
Morrill Shepard. lie d. June 20, 1S7G, -with issue: 
1. Jfay-JIoniU, b. May 1, 18GG. 

42. Ciiaulottk-McLellan" IIoldex, daughter of fid ward and Anne* 
(Tayson) Ilolden, and granddaughter of Samuel and Ann* (Robin- 
son) Tavson {WiUiain* Samuel,^ Samuel," iniliiun'), was born in 
Boston, October 28, ISOl. She married 1st, January 1, 1828, 
"William, sou of Benjamin and Mary (Kimball) Lander of Salem. 
He died suddenly at New Orleans, January 23, 1833. She married 
2d, William-Jennison, son of Jonathan and Mary (Jennison) Whip- 
ple of Cambridge. He was a graduate of Harvard in 180.3, a 
lawyer, and resident of Cambridge, where he died November 4, 1850, 
without issue. She died in Baltimore, Md., June 1, 1887. 
The issue of William and Charlotte-M. Lander were: 

i. J.oiKS-Hoi.DKX, b. in Ncav York. March 10, 1829 ; in. at Los Angclos, 
Cal., Oct. 1, 1852. MarLjarita-V.-M. Johnson, M'ho died Aug. 25, 
18G1. He in. 2d, Nov. 5, 1872, Mary-Ella Holden, and d. at Los 
xVngeles. June 10. 1873. Ilis issue -wore: 

1. WiUiam, b. Jan. 2, 185-!:. 

2. Cadota, b. Nov. 17, 1855; d. Jan. 2, 1857. 

3. Carlota, b. Aug. 10, 1857; d. same day. 

4. lyanciica-Grrfrude, b. Dec. 19, 1858; m. William-H. Stodr 

dard, and has issue. 

5. Carmen, b. Jan. U, 18G1 : d. June C, 1SG2. 

6., b. Aug. 23, 1873. 

43. Lucy'' Holdkx, daughter of Edward and Anne' (Payson) Holden, 

and crranddaughter of Samuel and Anu^ (Robinson) Payson (Wil- 

liain* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ WiUiam^), was born in Dorchester, May 3, 

1804. She married, July 22, 1827, Seth Reed of Boston. He was 

born August 22, 1799, son of Rev. AVilliara and Olive (Poole) Reed. 

She died in Baltimore, November 13, 1855. 

Issue : 

i. Olive-An-x. b. in Boston. Jan. 2, 1S2S ; d. Sept. 8, 1828. 
ii. Wii.i.iam-Edw.u:d. b. in Boston. Nov. IG, lb29 ; m. Dec. 8, 1853, 
Sarah-Elizabeth Thomas, and has issue: 
1. Mar>j-Enima, b. Nov. 7, 1855. 


2. Lnr>i-JInhhn, b. May l:!, ISr.S: m. Oct. 15, 15S5, Tlov. William- 

A. Carroll, hi ISSS at Calcutta, India, ^YiLll issue, Cliarlotte- 
Kocd, b. Oct. i:.. ism;. 

3. Saroh-EIt:ah(th. b. Oct. 4, ISr.O. 

4. ./,./,». b. Jan. 31, l.^r,;!. 

D. ,S.'/(. b. July 12, lS7t;; d. Doc. 2s, ISSO. 
iii. SAMrK.i.-l'AVsux, b. in Baltiuiorc. March '-'1, IS;;;;: m. Aiicr. 2:"!, ls.").i, 
rwachel--.\.iii) IJroAvu, and d. July is, isijl, in the Finley Hospital, 
Wa.-^hinirlon, D. C. Ts.siie: 

1. SniiiHiI-ro'json. b. May 20, 1S"»0; m. Matilda Lydard, and has 

i^sne: (i.) Anua-Lanra, b. :Marcb 9, lsti4 ; (ii.) William- 
Edgar, I). June 21. 1SS7. 

2. Oiiix-Ann, b. May 5, l^:>' : m. Jiuie 8. l^si, Williain-lvhvard 

AVortlien (b. Jan. 17, l>i.")8), and has issue: (i.) Gurncy, b. 
June 12, 1.S.S2; (ii.) (,>live-Aniy, b. Xov. 28, 1S84 ; (,iii.) 
Bessie-Varina, b. Dec. ol. lssr>. 

3. Ch>irhAt.:-n,Adr)i,h. \\^n\ 0, is:,!); lu. Oct. 10, 1882, Jason- 

rhillips Wurthen. 

4. I'ii^'Ii'i-L'l(::.abLth, b. Aug. I, 18G2; ni. July lo, 1880, Franklin 

Iv. jAMr.s-IIoi.iiKX, b. in Baltimore. July C, Is:).'); in. Jan. 27, bsco. jn 
ib.livar Co., Miss., Lula-J. Deupree (b. Jan. 14, isr.o). He d. in 
Memphis, Tean., Aug. 17, ls77. She d. in Columbus, r^Iiss., Jan. 
17, 187.'<. Issue : 

1. JnJu,-\V>'Jh:fre,h. May ;?0. 1870. 
V. WAl.LACl:-^\'II.l.Al:l1, b. in Baltimore. July 2*;, ]8.':;8. 
vi. Sr.Tii-GiKNKY, b. in Baltimore. July 20, IslO; m. July, 1800, Sarah- 
J. McCurley, and d. June 2(;. Is^O. [ssuc : 

1. Lattra-Gr'iJio.i,i, h. June IC>, IShG. 

2. Chirrlotte-EUr.ahrth. 

vii. LrCY-IIi)i.DF.x, 1). in Baltimore, Julv 24, 1842; d. in Boston, num. 
Oct. 1:3. issij. 

viii. CnAin.OTTF.-WnirM.K, b. in Baltimore, Xov. 12. 184.5. 

ix. Mary-Ladia, b. in Baltimore. July 2, 1849 : m. July 12, 1875, Joseph- 
Henry Sherbert, ar.d has is-ue : 

1. Jos(ph'r.o'i,i''l. b. Jan. 17. 1877. 

2. ChnrUs-Rof^roe. b. Dec. 27, 1878. 

3. Ibhn, b. Xov. 15, lss2. 

4. L'ulond, b. Feb. 4, 188G. 

44. Exocn-PRATT' IIoldex, son of Edward and Anne^ (Payson) 
Ilolden, and grandson of Samuel and Ann^ (IJobiuson) Pajson 
( Williaiii,'* Saiauel,^ Sauiueh^ Williain^), was born in Dorcbester, 
September 2G, ISOC. He married. December 10. 1811, Elizabeth, 
boru August 31, 1814. daughter of "William and Catherine Ijums. 
lie died in Paltimore, July 13, 1SS6. 
Issue were : 

i. A>rN--PAYSON, b. in Baltimore. Oct. 27. 1845. 
ii. CATHrjuxi>BAi:NES, b. in lialtimore. Feb. 2:5, 1847. 
iii. ENuCH-ruATT, b. in Baltimore, Jan. 17, 1849: m. Sept. 12, 187C, 
Senilia Nelson, and has issue: 
1. Mm-y-IRlzabcth, b. Dec. 2, 1877. 


iv. JilARY-Er.i.A, b. in Baltimore, Au<:r. 17, 1851 ; m. Nov. 5, 1S72, Jaracs- 
lioUk-u Luiuler (see 42. i.), and has issue: 
1. Aniia-JL'hhn, b. Aug. 23, 1673. 

Ab. Jerkmiau-Fexxo' IIoi.dfx, son of Edward and Anne* (Payson) 
Holden, and gnii^Uon of Samuel and Ann* (Robinson) Payson 
(William* Samuel.' Samuel,'' lyilliam'). was born in Dorchester, 
April 2, ISlo; changed his name to Edward. He married 1st, 
Charlotte-Gray, daughter of William and Bey (Lewis) Gallison of 
IMarMehead. He married 2d, Sarah-A., daughter of Henry and 
Sarah (Reynolds) Singleton, who died June 25, 1819. He married 
3d, July 28, 1851, Elvira, daughter of Pardon Parker of Wind- 
ham, Ct., who died December 22, 1852. Edward Holden was a 
resident of St. Louis, where he died. 
His issue were: 

Charlotte-Gali-Isox, b. March, 1S41 ; d. June, 1S49. 

l)i"NCAX, d. ajred 10 months. 

EDWARD-SixGLEfON. b. iu St. Louis. Xov. 5, 1847; graduated. B. S., 
at Washingti>u University of St. Louis, 186(1 : at West Point Mili- 
tary Academy. 1870; 2d Lieut. 4th U. S. Artillery, 1870; 2(.l Lieut. 
U. S. Corps of Engineers, 1871; Professor of ^Mathematics, U. S. 
Navy, 1873; Director of the Washburn Observatory, Madison, 
Wis., 18>.l ; President of University of California. 18.s.3; Director 
of the Lick ftliservatory, Santa Clara Co., Cal., 1888; LL.D. L'ni- 
versity of Wisconsin in 188G and Columl)ia College in l^s7. He 
TO. in St. Louis, Mo., May 8, 1871, Mary, dau. of Prof. William 
Chauvenet. Issue : 

1. William-Cho>a-enct, b. in West Point, X. Y., February, 1872- 

d. .July l.j, 1872. 

2. JLjbel, b. in Washington. D. C, Xov. 10, 1873. 

3. Jfildred, b. in Washington, Jan. 1, 1875. 

4. Edirard-Cliouvcnft, b. in Washington. June 22, 1S77. 

iv. Sai:at[-Ee^-ira, b. Dec. 1, 187)2; m. at Red Wing, Xov. 2, 1871, 
Charles-L. Kellogg; residence, Chicago, 111. Issue: 

L Ediranl-llohlen, b. Aug. 9, 1873 ;^d. . 

2. Manj-Uden, b. 1875. 

4G. Edward-Holdkx^ Paysox, son of Lemuel,® and grandson of 
Samuel and Ann^ (Robinson) Payson ( JViUiam* Soiuul,' Samuel,'' 
William^), was born in Salem, December 5, 1S03. He married, 
November 3, 1827, Amelia, daughter of Capt. William Melius of 
Dorchester. She was born in Machias, Me., April 25, ISOG, and 
died in Salem, April 23, 1889. 

Mr. Payson, in 1890, is a resident of his native city, probably 
the eenior in age and office of any bank officer in the L'nited States, 
having served as cashier continuously iu one bank (First National, 


formerly tl\e Cotumercial) and iu the same room, for nearly sixty-five 

years, and is now daily discharging tlie duties of that otlice, in the 

enjoyment of the conlideuce and regard of the community. 

His issue were: 

i. MAr.Y-r.Li.KN-. b. Oct. U. 1S2S; d. Jan. 16. 1836. 
ii. lI.vuiar.i-AMKi.iA, b. Nov. ;:;, lSo3; m. Pub. 21, 1661, Gcorge-W. 
Folton. of Cliica;o, 111. Issue : 

1. Anni<:-EiuUrntt. b. Jan. 17, 1863. 

2. Albert, b. Feb. 7. 1865. 

3. U-sfie. b. July 28, lo.73. 

iii. AVn.i.i.or-EowAr.D, b. July 14. 1839; d. Jan. 2. 1841. 

iv. Wu.t.iAM-EDWAun, b. Feb. 14, 1842; m. Xov. 7, 1875. Mrs. Marie 
(HoIit) Medbury, and resides at Norton, Ma^s. ; Avithoui issue. 

V. Ai-RJ'r.T-HExr.Y, b. Dec. 1. 1847; graduated at West Point Military 
Acaileu!}-, 1>68. at the head of hi< class; 2d Lieut. Euirineers: In- 
structor in Mathematics at "West Point. I'^r.'.i ; 1st Lieut. Knudneers, 
187U: on duty at Willetfs Pt. and Boston, 1872-1*75; Instriictor 
iu Military EnaineerinL: at West Point. 1875; on duty on Pacitic 
Coast fron] 1877 until his resignation from the service in 1887. He 
m. Nov. 19, 1884, Abbie-Josephine, dau. of John Parreit of Sau 
Franci-co. and has issue: 

1. Elizahfth-Christine, b. Dec. 12, 1885. 

2. Edirard-Albcrt, b. Aug. S, 1887. 

47. LE.Mr}:L-Ai,?u",UT" Paysox, son of Lemuel^ and grandson of Samuel 

and Ann^ (Robinson) Payson ( William,^ Samuel.^ Samuel,'' William^), 
was born iu Salem, October 22, 1805; graduated at Amherst, 1835; 
clergyman, preached for many years in various portions of the 
western States, and in 1890 is in Massachusetts. 

He married, in 1838, Clarissa-0., daughter of Col. Saxtou of 
Lockport, N. Y. She was born July 17, 1803, and died Apiil 19, 

His issue were: 

i. Mary-Ellex, b. March 30, 1839; d. Oct. 14. 1S69 ; unm. 
ii. Edwakli-Saxtox, b. Sept. 26, 1842; m. Caroline Morrill, and re- 
sides, in 1800. iu Boston: without i-sne. 
iii. b. April 11. 1-46: d. AprU 15. 1848. 
iv. Wh.i.iav-Ai.dkrt, b. March 22, 1850; d. Feb. 20, 1S53. 

48. Harriet-Blake^ Field, daughter of Elisha and Nancy' (Blake) 

Field, and granddanghter of Xathauiel and Ann® (Robinson) Blake 
(Leiuuel,^ Willi am, ^ Samuel,^ Samuel,' William^), was born February 
15, 1818; married, November 4, 1840, William-T. Cooper; in 1890 
residents of Gloucester. 
Issue : 
i, Harkiet-E., b. Aug. 10, 1S41 ; d. March 19, 1854. 


ii. Wii.T.iAAi-M., b. Jan. 2P. lSi4: d. Sept. 29, 1844. 

iu. Ki.iz vHKTii-I.. b. Nov. 4. 1>47. 

iv. FANNir.-E.. b. Sept. 24. K^.".0. 

V. Wii.iJAM-T.. b. Sept. 28. l^oG. 

vi. AKiiiii:, b. May 10, l^J.s -, d. Dec. 11, li?r,2. 

49. Sajiuel' Bt are, sou of Samuel" Blake, and grandson of Nathaniel 

and Ann^ (Ivobinson) RJake (Lemuel,^ William* Sninutl,^ SaimhA,^ 
William^), was born July IG, 1810; married, April 16, 1834, Julia- 
Ann, daughter of Barnabas Stetson. He was of South Abiiu^ton, 
where he died July 31, 1672; liis widow survives. 
Issue : 

i. SAMm.-XKWTOX, b. Juno 10, 1847 : has issue. 

ii. Uknuy-Augustls, b. Aug, 17, ISJiO; lawyer, of New York; has 

ill. JuLiA-AN"N-rTTE, b. Dec. S, 18o5; m. Frederick Williams of Fox- 

borougli, and has issue. 

50. SusAN^ Blake, dau^jhter of Samuer Blake, and granddauorhter of 

Nathaniel and Anu^ (Robinson) Blake {Lemuel* William* Samuel,^ 
Sami/el.' Vniliam^), was born January 8, 1814; married Abraham 
Holmes; residents iu 1800 of Bradford. 

i. Gkorge-Nye, b. Feb. 4. 1845; m. Harriet-Sophia Littleflekl of 
Stouirhton, now of Bradford. Issue : 

1. ", b. Dec. 20, 1873. 

2. WW.inm-Ennis. b. March 27, 1876. 
ii. S-On.T.E, b. July 17, 18 IG; d. Feb. 7, 164S. 

iii. SvsAX-ELiz.vBExn, b. July 11, 1848; m. June 27, 1872, Benjamiu-T. 
Ilandv. and has issue : 

1. Frtderick-0., b. Dec. 25, 1874. 

2. Louise-IIAmes, b. Oct. 19, 1876. 
iv. Sally-Bl.UvT;, b. Feb. 18, 1851. 

V. M.u:Y-i;Mr.i>-sox, b. May 21, 1853; d. Nov. 18, 1856. 
vi. Wileeoi-En-nis, b. June 29, 1S55 ; d. Aug. 13, 1856. 
vii. BEN.Ei.Mix-BL.UvE, b. Oct. 13, 1857. 

51. Maky-Robtxson^ Blake, daughter of Samuel" Blake, and grand- 

daughter of Nathaniel and Ann* (Robinson) Blake {Lemuel,^ Wil- 
liam* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ William^), was born March 27, 1819; 
married, January 7, 1841, Jacob Fullerton of South Abington, 
where she died August 14, 1846. In 1890 he is a resident of 

Their issue were : 

i. Mary-Ella. b. Dec. 11, 1842; d. Julv 26, 1846. 
ii. Willloi-Blajte, b. Oct. 8, 1841; d. Dec. 24, 1844. 


b'2. Benjamix-Batks^ Blakk, son of Samuel Blake, and grandson of 

Nathaniel and Ann* (Robinson) Blake {T.rinnrlJ' WiUuvn,^ Samurl.^ 

S'li/i'uL' Williant*), was born Mixy 6, lS2l); resided at North 

Bridgewater, now lii-ockton; married, October 28, 1847, Eunice- 

Jocelyn Howard, and died at Brockton, Ang, 12, 1857. 

Issue were : 

i. Muiv-Ei.LA, b. Feb. 12, 1850; m. Jan. 0, 1870, Jacob-Djor Bonney, 
who d. Dec. 22, 18S7, leavino; is-ue : 

1. Loiiise-JL>irin-J, b. Nov. 20, 1870. 

2. Frank-L'-sUr, b. Peb. 28, 1872. 

ii. Bkx.tamix-Huwahd, b. Nov. 13, i^Jil ; in 1800 is of California, 
■with issue. 

53. Cathkiune-IIaruis- Blake, daughter of Samuel Blake, and grand- 

daughter of Nathariiel and Ann'^ (Robinson) Blake {Lemuel,* 
William,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ William^), was born September 14, 
1833; married, January 20, 1853, John-Russell Brown of South 
Abington. He died July 20, 18G0, and she died January 13, ISGl, 
both at South Abington. 
Issue : 

i. LvMAX-KussKLL, b. May 20, 1854; d. Oct. 5, 1854. 
ii. CATni:raxi:-Bi.AiCE. b. Nov. 11, 18G0; m. Oct. 10, 1889, at Bordeaux, 
France, Ferdinand Milani. 

54. Lymax-Reed* Blake, son of Samuel' Blake, and grandson of 

Nathaniel and Ann* (Robinson) Blake {Lemuel,^ William,* Samuel,^ 

Samuel,' William'^), was born August 24, 1835; married, November 

27, 1854, Susie-Victoria Hollis, and 2d, ELmma Delaski. He was 

resident of Boston, and died in Newton, October 5, 1883. 

Issue were: 

i. Edith-Entelyx, b. Oct. 15, 1857; m. Oct. 15, 1877, iu GenBany, 
Alexandre Andrea;, and has issue : 

1. L'/nian-Iiubert. b. Jan. 2(;, 1880. 

2. Gordon- 0!:<2"r, h. April 10. 1882. 

.^. Lonh^'-Eniraa-L', b. March 18, 18-^4. 
ii. GOKDOX, b. April 15, 181)4; d. 1880, iu Ashville, N. C. 

55. Peter-Merria3i* Blake, son of Petcr'^ Bl.ake, and grandson of 

Nathaniel and Ann'' (Robinson) Blake [Lemuel,^ William,* Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ William^), ^vas horn in Dorchester, April 15, 1825; mar- 
ried in Boston, December 12, 1852, Rosalie, daughter of Joseph 
Hall of Boston, and in 1890 is a resident of Roxbury. 
Issue : 
i. Charlottk-Hall, b. in Dorchester, June 21, 1854. 


5G. Gforge-Min'ot^ T5lake, sou of Peter' Blake, and graiulsoii of 

Nathaiiiel and Anne® (Kobinson) Blake {Lcmud,^ William,'* Samuel,^ 

Siunuel,^ William^). \\\i^ born Nov. IS, ISi'O; married March 27, 

1800, Ann Anderson, and died January 12, ISSC. 

Issue : 

i. Anxik-Fkaxi r.s, b. Feb. 14, 1S57. 

ii. Jf.xxii;-AM)i:i;.-(.)X, b. Nov. I'J. 1S50. 

iii. ^lAGGrK-Lori>K. b. April ,5, 1^02. 

iv. Gf.(>ui:;k-\Vilt.iam, b. Sept. !>. 1804; of Dorchester in 1S90. 

V. M.U".Y-Ki;r.vK<. b. June 13, 1SC.7. 

57. AuGUSTUs-CoLBUKX^ Bl.\ke, son of Peter' Blake, and grandson of 

Nathaniel and Ann^ (Robinson) Blake (Lc/uuel,^ William,* Samuel,^ 

Samuel,- William^), was born August 18, 1832; married Novemlicr 

21, 1852, Adj-Derby Woodard, and iu 18'JO lives in Champaign, JU. 


i. AL-sax-AuGUSTUs, b. March 4, 1Sj4; of Miuiieapolis. 
ii. Faxxtk-May, b. :\ray 4, 1SG6. 
iii. Caf.rie-Ax^n'a, b. Dec. 20, 1670. 


Tavo estates in Dorchester were, in former times, identified witli 
the history of our Kc>'jinson family. Tiie first of tliese was the 
ancestral home, descending in the male line until about the close of 
the last century, when, in the division of the inheritance, it passed 
into the hands of femal-j branches, and, eventually, entirely away 
f)-om the family. The second was the handsome estate that fell to 
Colonel Lemuel Eobinsou on the death of his maternal grandfather 
in 17u2, and whicli, after a century's occupation by his daughters 
and daughters' heirs, in gradually lessening area, has passed, also, 
into the possession of strangers. 

The locations of both these estates have been determined, and the 
precise boundaries of the second can be accurately desci-ibed. 

Where our emigrant, William Kobinson, first lived after his 
arrival in Dorchester in or before 1G3G, and befure his purchase of 
the first of these estates, we can only conjecture. In December, 
16-15, ''there was given to Edward ])reck (by the hands of most of 
the ijihabitants of this town) smelt brook Crecke one the Condicon 
that he doe set a mill there." It is certain that Breck immediately 
built the mill, and th:it lie sold it to A\'illiam Iiobins':»n. The stream 
Called variously Smelt Brook, Salt Creek, and Tide-mill Creek, 
flows into the Xeponict Hiver from its west bank near its mouth, 
separating "Captain's Xeok" from the main land, its source being near 
what is now Harrison Square. Breck's mill was built for grinding 
corn, and was on the present Mill Street, where it crosses the stream. 
William Bobinson prubably lived in the ''little house" near by, 
which he sold in liJG-l with ten acres of land and one half of the 
mill t(j Timothv Tileston. It was here that he met his violent death 


a few years later, and from thence liis body was borne aloni;- the 
"Lower Road" to his lionie, a mile distant. There is no record of 
the sale, by the heirs, of his reiualning interest in the mill. 

On Feb. 2r>, 1G51-2, probably wliile living in the "little house" 
near the n^ill, our ancestor bought of John Phillips the hitter's im- 
pro^■ed estate on the Lower I\oad, containing in area about thirty-two 
acres. Phillips was a "biscuit maker," or baker, who had been long 
prominent in town alFairs, and. had jiccunmlated considerable pro- 
perty. He had removed to Boston in 1650, and afterwards became 
one of the founders of, and a deacon of the Second Church. In 
Clapp's History it is said that his homestead was on Leeds's Lane, 
now Savin Hill Avenue, but the records show that he was a large 
holder of realty in other parts of the town as well. 

The house lots of most of the early settlers were between Mount 
r>owdoin and Savin Hill, in the northerly part of the town, but the 
allof-inents to freemen gradually extended the settlement towards the 
Nvest and south. In 1G33 Israel Stoughton was given right to erect 
a mill on the Xcponsct at th.e place known as the "lower falls," and 
the next year the selectmen laid out a " cartway" leading to the [)lace. 
This was perhaps the beginning of the highway which was im- 
proved from time to time, known soon as the "country road from 
Dorchester to Xeponset mill," later as the "Upper Eoad," and now 
as Washington Street. It seems to have been formally established 
as a highway in 1(361. The "field called the Great Lots" began 
" a little south of ^Meeting House Hill, and extended to the 
Neponset,"'^" being crossed by the Upper Road.f "While the 
road to Stoughton's mill was developing, a similar operation was 
going on east of it, a road to "Pine Xeck" being laid out in 1661, 
followed by the projection of another through the " Six acre lots " 

Clapp's Dorckes'er. 

oi iiie upper noau. particularly tiie e:ury uai.;er aate or vcq. i, iboi, conciu.-iveiy suow3 
that there was at that time a well recoguLzed "old road" between Spurr's Hill and the 



ultimately reaching tlie Xcpoiiset at the mill, known first as the 
''Lower Eoad," and now as Adams Street. For many years 
these two avenues, the Upper and Lower Koads, were the only 
thoronghtarcs between Boston Xeck and the bridge at Stougliton's 
mill. They wound around the bases of the hills and avoided the 
gwam})s in unstudied curves that liave been preserved to our day. 
The large area enclosed by them was in hill and dale, meadow and 
marsh. Here were the Great Lots,* the Six and Eight acre Lots, 
and the Great Ix)t Ends. Li the early part of this century, adven- 
turous spirits, seeking more direct communication with their 
neighbors than tlie devious Avindings of the Upper and Lower Ivoads 
allowed, projected a "turnpike," straight as the arrow flies, bisecting 
the wide area between the ancient highways, striking the Neponset 
bridge at the joining of the two. Old farms were cut in twain and 
cross streets took the place of the old lanes. Later the turnpike 
becauie Dorchester Avenue. To-day the entire area is divided and 
sub-divided by well built streets lined with substantial residences. 
Within this territory both of the Robinson farms were located, and 
both are now crossed by the railroad tracks of the Shawmut branch. 
Phillips, while a resident of Dorchester, had been busy acquiring 
real estate. In 1G35 it was ordered in town meeting that he should 
have "two acres of land that lyes betwixt the ends of the great lotts 
and three acres tliat is granted to Alexander ^liller." In 163G he 
was granted "six acres next to Goodman ]\Iin<jt and Richard Collicot 
in the fresh marsh." In 1039 he bought of Thomas Hatch "a great 
lott Avith a howse on that 16 akers " with other land besides, and in 
1642 he obtained by exchange from Christopher Gibson "the end of 
his great lott that lyeth to John Phillips great lots ends." 

* In a recent letter to tlie writer from Mr. Daniel W. Baker occur the following lines 
relating to the Great Lots, Tliey are given a place here as the conclusions of a careful 
student of the early history of Dorchester. 

"I think it probable that the tract referred to in the town records as the 'Great Lots' 
was somewhat ditfcrent at different dates. What was meant for town record purposes was 
such tract as was farmed in common at the date of recurd, being enclosed by one f'nt e, 
which fence was maintained by town authority (tlioughat tl;e land-owner's expense) while 
in this state. As from time to" time individual owners assumed the respousibiiity of main- 
taining euch his own fence, enclosmg his own particular lot, the town authority was with- 
drawn, but was still exercised over other tracts which had been cleared from forest and had 
been fenced in common." 


All of these acqiii^itious were in the region that has been mentioned. 
The propcrtv that lie sold to ^VilliaIn Kobinson is described in the 
convevaiice us his "dwelling house in dorehester neare unto Xapon- 
sctt lAiver, with all outhouses, barnes, stables, cowhouses, yards, 
gardens, orchards, and all other Appurtenances thereunto in any 
wise belonging and also severall parcells of laud meadow and upland 
hereafter mentioned and cx[)ressed that is to say one parcell of land 
or fence estimated five acres bee it more or Icsse, also an eight acre 
lott he hath bought of William lilake of Dorchester lying within 
fence and also fowerteenc acres of meadow adjoyning unto the said 
eight acre lot. Also fower great lott ends contayning by estimation 
thirty two acres be they more or less." The consideration was X150. 
There is no reason to doubt that this estate became the homestead of 
AVilliam Kobinson, and that a portion of it, at least, was the pro- 
perty described in las will printed in full on a previous page, and 
given therein to his eldest son Samuel. Subsequent deeds locate it 
as west and north of the Lower Koad, reaching certainly from the 
present ]Minot Street to some distance south of Codman Street, with a 
frontage on the Lower Road near the junction of Codman Street. The 
land upon the opposite, or south side of tiie road which he distinctly 
tells us he bought of John Minot and others, was the share given to 
his youngest son Increase, and v\ith this we have no further concern. 

The widow Ursula did not long interfere with her stepson's exclu- 
sive enjoyment of the estate, for in five years she married Grifiin 
Crafts and went to lioxbury. 

Samuel Robinson materially added to his domain, purchasing at 
various times contiguous pieces towards tlie north until his bounds 
reached to the south line of the Trutt estate, and \vestward until he 
had acquired a frontage on the Upper Road. lie bought also on the 
south side of the Lower Road north of the present cemetery. As we 
have seen he disposed of his estate before death, providing for his 
daughter Gulliver and son Jolm out of his personal property, and 
o-ivinc: the realtv to the elder son Samuel. 

At his father's death in 1718, his mother having already departed, 
Samuel Robinson, Jr., entered into the full possession of the estate. 


As oarlv as in 1707 he had commenced the purchase of land adjoining 
his fatlier's, and in 1720 lie bouglit of Joseph Leeds four acres in tli3 
"Six Acre Lors" at the bend in the Lower opposite the junc- 
tion of the present Marsh Street and Ciranite Avenue, thereby hu'gely 
increasing liis frontage upon the liiglnvay. A portion of this hist 
named purchase is now in the occupation of ]Mr. F. L. Pierce. At 
his death in 173 i ho followed tlic example of his father and grand- 
fathui-, and instead of dividing the realty, satisfied the claims of his 
only other child out of his personal estate, and left the house and 
hinds to his sou A\ illiam, the widow being amply provided for. 

So at the age of twenty-seven ^^'illiam Kobinson became the owner 
of quite an extensive and valuable domain, there being in the aggre- 
gate over one hundred acres of orchard, pasture and tilled land 
within the area bounded on the east and west by the tvro great roads, 
south of what is now Beaumont Street. Here he lived until his 
sudden dcatli in 17G1 at the age of fifty-four. His granddaughter 
Dolbeare, in her old age, told the writer's brother that "he had no 
occupation, but enjoyed himself in riding and hunting." AVith his 
death the hereditary succession to the estate by the eldest son ceased, 
and it was divided between the heirs, consisting of the widow, — the 
eldest son Lemuel, then married and living with his mother's parents 
on the Upper Road, — Samuel, wdio married six months later and 
lived on the estate, — Ann, then wife of Samuel Payson, — and 
Jerusha, Zibiah and Joseph, minors. ^Ir. Payson improved his 
wife's portion by erecting the house now standing at the corner of 
Codman and Carruth Streets, owned by ]Mr. James Pope, where he 
lived until his death. Jcrusha's portion, now bisected by Fredcrica 
Street, adjoined the Payson on the east, and the house where she lived 
with her son "William Melius is that known as the Glover place. 
The widow of William Robinson married Captain Beale, and re- 
moved to Quincy. Lemuel, it will be remembered, died during the 
War. In 1785 his portion of the estate, about forty acres, probably 
lying south of the present Codman Street, was purchased by his 
son-in-law, John Mears. After the widow Beale's death in 1702, 
the distribution of the remainder of the estate was effected, Xathn'--'-' 


Blake becoming the largest purchaser. Blake's house was on 
Adams Street a few rods south of Codman. Ilis purchases event- 
ually includotl all the frontage on the west and north of Adams 
Street from about the railroad crossing to, or beyond ^Minot Street, 
including the shares of Mrs. Melius and Samuel Robinson. In 1803 
jNIr. Blake sold the lot at the bend of Adams Street (now the F. L. 
Pierce property) to Jonathan and Daniel IMerce, and after the death 
of liis widow in 1808 (not 1803 as incorrectly printed on page 19) 
the heirs disposed of the remainder. 

The house occupied by William^ Eobinson before his death in 
17G1 is known to have been on the west side of Ailams Street in the 
vicinity of the present school-house. ^Irs. Dolbeare said that her 
father, the colonel, ''pulled down the old house where his fatlier lived, 
and built on its cellar a building for his hired men, called the 'bar- 
racks.'" This building was standing, in a ruinous condition, within 
the memory of those now living. There is some evidence that the 
house occupied by the earlier generations was north of this, and 
reached by a lane, perhaps where New Minot Street is. 

The other Hobinson Estate was upon the Upper Road, south of 
Ashmont Street, and reaching eastward as flxr as the present Carruth 

Could Thomas Trott, after his long sleep of one hundred and 
thirty years in the Dorchester grave-yard, assume his earthly form 
and revisit the scenes of his youth and old age, two only of the ancient 
landmarks would greet his eyes, marking the spot where his life was 
spent. Haifa mile south of the old town-hall, on the easterly side 
of Washington Street, can be seen in this year 1800, the stone 
walls that mark the entrance on either side to '' Tolman's lane." 
Here was the northerly boundary of bis farm. Should he pass to 
the rear of the modern house that covers the site of his ancient 
dwelling, he would see there, in the old door-yard, the huge boulder 
about which he played as a child, and which neither time or the 
hand of man has altered. All else is changed. Old bounds are 
gone ; a street divides his acres from west to east ; the " turn- 


pike" crosses them diagonally from north to south; railroad trains 
whiz over the fields, and on the eastern contincs Carruth Street, with 
its line of pretty residences, occupies his meadows. 

To trace the prior ownership of this estate which he left to his 
grand.ion, except by induction, is impossible. Xo map of the earlv 
grants to Dorchester settlers exists, and the transfers of realtv as 
recorded are so meagre in their descriptions that but few can be 
recognized. But we know that the emigrant Trott was the owner 
of fifty acres in the Great Lots, and that when the Upper Road was 
laid out the Trott farm was crossed by it, a portion reraainino- on 
each side. AMit-n the settler made his will in 1()94 he gave to the 
young grandchild that bore his name, and to his sister, "sixteen 
acres of land which lieth about their fathers hous and a letle hous 
which standeth upon it wdiicli they live in, their mother relict to mv 
son Thomas to have the improvement of all I have given to these 
ray to gran Children." The father had just met his death by an 
accident, lleeords are silent concerning the after life of the youno- 
widow and the little girl. Both were probably dead when the emi- 
grant's widow, Sarah, then aged and infirm, made her will in 1711. 
We cannot reasonably doubt that the estate thus bequeatlied to 
Thomas, 3d, was the same on which he lived, and where he died in 
1762. By contemporaneous deeds it appears that adjoining pro- 
perty was owned by the younger sons of the emiorant, nrobablv 
their shares of the original farm. 

Early in life our Thomas married Zibiah, the daughter of Isaac 
Royall, a near neighbor, and the owner of land ou the same side of 
the Upper Road. Four children were born to them, one of whom 
died in childhood. The eldest, Lemuel, graduated at Harvard in 
1730, and soon after died abroad. Zibiah, the older of the tv.'o 
girls, man-ied John Crevath and went to Boston, and the younger, 
Ann, married our William' Robinson. So it came that as Thomas 
Trott and his wife advanced in years they took into their house the 
grandchild Lemuel, named for their own son, and, eventually, made 
him their heir. He, in his turn, married, and brought his wife 
home to aid in the care of his grandparents. Their wills are on 


rcconl. That of Thomas Trolt, dated Xov. 24, 17G0, gives to his 
wife the improvement of the estate during life ; to his daiigliters 
Crevath and Robinson, each £06. 13. 4. in addition to what he had 
alre;uly : given them; to grandson Tliumas Crevath £133. G. 8., 
with reversion to the other Crevath children, Lemuel, Zibiah, Mary 
and Elizabetli ; and to Lemuel Rol)inson all the rest of the estate. 
The widow Zibiah made her will March 8, 17t)4, and with the ex- 
ception of small legacies to her daughters, left all that she had to 
the favorite grandson. Of the life and fortunes of Lemuel Robin- 
son we have had glimpses on a previous page. His share of his 
father's estate on the Lower Road, added to the Trott inheritance, 
made him a large proprietor, and as the land was all in tillage it 
was necessary to employ a considerable force of laborers in its culti- 
vation. To acconnnodate these he built upon the site of his father's 
bouse, the building called " the barracks." At his death the widow 
was left with eight children, the oldest scarcely sixteen, and the 
youngest a babe in arms. Six years later the daughter Ann married 
Nathaniel Blake, and took, as her portion of the estate, a house and 
land ou the Lower Road south of Codman Street. Five years after- 
^Yards Zibiah married John Dolbeare, and went to live with him on 
the adjoining estate, just north of Tolman's Lane, v.hich in former 
times had been the Royall home. In 1784 Thomas Trott Robinson, 
the oldest son, sold to John Mears the house and about two acres 
off the Bouth-west corner of the estate. An old survey of the lot 
bought by ^Ir. Mears indicates a street frontage of about 2o0 feet, 
by a depth of 400 feet, the house being close to its north line. In 
1817, after the widow Robinson's death, a final division of the estate 
was made. From a survey made by T^Iather "Withington at that 
date it appears that the home farm was a tract Go 6 feet in width, 
extending from the " Great Road " on the west to lands of William 
Tolman and the AVithingtons on the east, that is to say, to the line 
of the present Carruth Street. On the north it was bounded nearly 
its entire length by Tolman's lane, on the south by John Mears 
(nearest the Great Road), Samuel TopliiT and Ichabod Frost, all 
the last holding under 'earlier conveyances from the Robinson heirs, 


iiidicatiug a greater wielth of the estate at a previous time. Tlie 
frontage upon the Great Uoad -was but about 300 feet, the elbow 
made by Tolinan's I^ane cutting away the north-west corner, and 
the sale to Mears in 1 Tj^i having made inroads at the soutli west. 
At the division the larger portion of this mapped tract passed into 
the hands of the younger Jolui ]Mears (the son of Sarah Robinson 
by her first husband, John ^Nlears, Sr., Avho liad died in 1707), and 
until a conll>arati^L'Iy h\te day his descendants liave occupied the old 
house in which Thomas and Zebiah Trott lived and died. A 
modern house marks the site of the ancient one. It was about 150 
feet from the street, approaclud by a swcc])ing driveway between 
old trees, most of which are now gone. The main entrance was in 
the middle of the front, the rooms on either side, and a deep L 
reaching back in tlie rear. It had been built in sections, the north- 
erly one being very old, — "two hundred years," — it is said. It 
seems probable that t!)is was tlie original Trott house, the newer 
portion having been built, perhaps after the death of the aged widow 
Sarah, by Thomas the third. The barn was near Tohnan's lane, 
north-east of tlie house. In it were stored the field-pieces smuggled 
out of Boston under the noses of tlie Briti>]i sentries in the early 
days of the occupation. It was taken down by ]Mr. Mears, and the 
barn of the present day, in tlie rear of the house, is the one built by 
him to take its place. 

South of the })roperty bouglit by ]Mea)'s in 1784, on what was 
Kobinson land at Col. Lemuel's death, there was to be seen as late 
as 1845 an old cellar, wiiich, it was said by ]Mrs. Dolbeare, was that 
of an older Trott liouse. l\n-haps it was all that was left of the 
little house mentioned in the will of Thomas Trott, senior, as the 
home of his grandchildren. 

It will be remembered that Col. Robinson's daughter Zibiah mar- 
ried John Dolbeare and occupied the place on ^Vashington Street 
north of Tohnan's lane. Here, for many years preceding her 
death in 1855, she and her widowed sister, Mrs. Spear, lived to- 
e;ether, tlie last of their o-eneration. Tohnan's lane extended from 
the Upper to the Lower Road, but not in a straight line. All but 
its western end is now in public use as Ashmont Street. Thomas 


Tolraan, whose will was made in 1711, lived in a house on the 
northerlv side ofthehine, midway between AA'a^hinuton Street and 
Dorchester Avenue, I^aac Ri)yall,* the carpenter, owning hmd west 
of him, se[)aratin2: the Tohnan pr()[)orty Irom the street. Samuel 
Jones ^^■as his neighhur on t!ie north, and the I'rott tarm adjoined 
hini on the south. Tolman's liouse-lot and j)asture reaeiied east- 
ward nearly to Dorchester Avenue, the house ot iiis son Daniel 
standing at what is now the corner of Ashniont Street and the 
Avenue. Directly ea.>t of Daniel's house-lot was a tract reaching 
through to the Lovrer lioad, bequeathed by the will of Thomas to 
his son Daniel. 0\er the southern line of this })ro{icrty the lane 
was in use at an earlv date for access to the ln)uses of Thomas ;ind 
Daniel. In 1700 Thomas Pearce, Sr., owned a small lot of an 
acre and a quarter with a frontage of about 200 feet on the Up[)er 
Koad, preventing the continuation of the lane to that thoroughfare. 
Pearce sold to l-aac Poyall, Jr., and the lane, jiroljably by an 
arrangement with the Trotts, was turned at right angles towards the 
south, and, again, at a distance of 200 feet, towards the west, 
reaching the road between the Koyall and Trott properties. It is 
this end of the lane, with its right-angled elbow, that is still pre- 
served, the stone walls that bound it serving to conspicuously mark 
its location. 

About the same tirjie (1706) that the younger Royall bought 
the Pearce lot, he bought of John Plum a square lot of one 
acre immediately adjoining it on the north. Isaac Koyall, the 
father, owned the land north and east of the Plum lot. On this lot 
Isaac lived utiril his removal to St(.)Ughton in 172(>, then selling his 
house lot to Thomas \Vhite. In the hou^e in v>]iich he lived, Mr. 
Dolbeare and his wife lived and died. Isaac lu^vall, Sr., died in 

1720, having previously conveyed to his son Robert the house and 
lands north, and west of the son Isaac's. Here Kobert lived, and 
died in 175G, leaving but one child Josejih, who was born May 13, 

1721. This Joseph early went to Antigua, and became the man- 

• The fir-t wife of Isaac Royal!, Sr., was Ruth, th-^ daughter of Thomas Tolnian, Sr., 
and si-ter of the Thomas Toiman of Tohiiaii's h\ne. Tht-re is uo reeoid of purchase of the 
estate on the U|)[ er Road by Rfivall, and its proximity to the Toiman lands makes it possi- 
ble that he received it with liis wife, as a part of her dowry. 

ager of the extensive estates there of liis relative, tlie lion. Isaac 
lioyall. From the West Indies he went to London, and died there 
June 3, 1814, in Great Cumberland Street, aged 03. There is no 
evidence that he ever returned to this coiuitrv. His mother lived a 
widow on the homestead until 1773, and during her life he carefullv 
provided for her comfort through the agency of friends in the neigh- 
borhood. How his estate e&<-'apcd confiscation it is not easy to see. 
He was an uin'ompromising Tory, and in IIS'2 gave his Dorcliester 
realty to his distant cousin Penelope Vassall, herself of Toi-y strain, 
rather than to his nearer relatives of different political leanings. 
Fii'ty years ago he was remembered in the older generation as 
"English lloyall." It is believed that he never married. 

The widow Penelope Vassall was the only daughter of an older 
Isaac Royall, and sister of the Hon. Isaac, the refugee, in whose 
service Joseph Royall had gone to tlie A\'est Indies.* Her husband 
was Henry Vassall of Cambridge, the owrscr of extensive planta- 
tions in Antigua, who died ]\Iarch 17, 17G9. There is ample evi- 
dence that, through political and other causes, her aflhirs were in a 
greatly embarrassed condition after the Revolution. In her strait- 
ened circumstances she sold the Royall lands by parcels. Ezra 
Badlam, Feb. 20, 17^3, bought from her five acres of pasture land, 
bounded east by the heirs of Lemuel Robinson and by Joseph How, 
and west by the Upper Road. On ^lay 15, 1784, Stephen Badlam 
bought from her nine acres of pasture adjoining E^ra Badlam's pur- 
chase, and north of it. Both of these properties were soutli of the 
Trott farm. August 10, 1784, Desire Tolman bought from her the- 
homestead, eonsi.-ting of throe and a half acres, with the liouse,. 
bounded north on Ebenezer Jones, east on lands of Aquila Tol- 
man deceased, south on the Tohnan lands and Benjamin Dolbeare 
(the old John Plum lot), and west on the Upper Road. "With this- 
last was included tlie barn and orchard lot on the opposite side of 
the road. The old Royall homestead afterwards was known as tht^ 
"Dorr place." 

- « See the writer's Nev,- p;ngliad Royalls, Bo;ton, 18S5, 


"Shipped as maiu-topman on board the private armed ship Franklin, 
Josepli Robinson, Commander, for a four mouths cruise, iu September 1779. 
Cruised off Newfoundland, took one Prize, thence to the Bahama Islands, 
meeting with no success; then went off Sandy Hook, and cruised until some- 
time in December, took three or four prizes, returned to Salem, where the 
sliiji was frozen up till the month of ^larch in that terrible winter of 17S0. 

'' In March entered on board the ship Pilgrim of Beverly, Joseph Robin- 
son, Commander. Cruised ofi' New York till the last of June, took five or 
six prizes, put into Newport twice to land prisoners, the vessels we had 
taken, being armed, had a large complement of men; landed from seventy 
to eighty each time; last time we returned to Beverly, where the ship was 
refitted, and I shipped again for a six months cruise. 

"Sailed in July, cruised off Cape Clear, on the coast of Ireland, and in 
the chops of the English Channel, last of November or first of December, 
put into Bilboa with one prize, having stranded and sent three or four home. 

Refitted the ship, sailed running down the Trades until within three or 
four degrees of Barbadoes, where we cruised until we took a Brig and two 
Ships from London, bound to the Islands with cargoes of provisions and 
dry goods. One of them, the Mary, was armed with twenty-four guns with 
a complement of ninety odd men, which we took after an action of one and 
a half liours. 

" Arrived at Beverly the last of February with the Prizes. Sailed again 
as soon as the ship was refitted, wliich was in May, for the coast of New- 
foundland. Fell in with and took two or three of the annual tieet. Was 
chased off" by a Frigate. Ran for the west coast of Ireland. Took several 
Prizes, one of which was a Sloop of War Brig that had hove her guns over- 

* \Villi:iin Rohin^on, eldest son of C.ipt. Sanmcl, was horn in Dorchester, Sept. 20, 1762, 
and died in Augusta, Mo., Oct. 1, IS'iG. The comrnander of the Pilgrim was his uucle 
Joseph Robinson, who died at Cape Coast, Africa, in 178-5. 


board in a gale of Wind. She was from the West Indies with dispatches 
from Adiiiiral Rodney. Had on board a Po-t Captain by the name of 
Henry Siaitli. Also a ^faster Commander and oilier otn..ers. After 
cruising sometime longer and taking two or three more Prizes, put all 
prisoners on boanl a neutral ship. Captain Smith giving his word and honor 
that he wuiild use his intliience to have an equal number of Americans 
exchanged, that he would not serve until he was exchanged. I understood 
afterwards that he fulfilled his word, and that Captain Maidey was exchanged 
for Captain Smith. We then put into IJrest with a Prize Brig loaded with 
sugar, refitted and coppered the ship and sailed. Arrived home the last of 
September or Hrjt of Octuber, after taking three or four more Prizes. 
After refitting and manning the ship, sailed for Marblehead in December 
1781, where we went to make up our complement of men. 

''Cruised to windward of Barbadoes, took several Prizes, one of which 
was the Prince William Henry, Packet from Falmouth for Barbadoes 
with the mail. Sent several prizes into St. Pierre, Martinique, put into 
St. Pierre, watered and relittt-d tlie ship. Sailed to leeward iu company 
with the Poius, Franklin and Brutus of Salem, and the Brig Faulkner of 
Philadelphia on an expedition to take the Island of Tortola, in which Vt'e 
failed, owing, as was supposed, from their having received information from 
^Martinique of our intended attack. Crui^^ed sometime to leeward iu com- 
pany with the Porus. Took one Ship bound to Jamaica, sent her into St. 
Kitts. Beat up to windward of Barbadoes, was chased off, j)ut into St. 
Pierre, watered and sailed, stopped two or three days at St. Kitts; sailed 
to the northward. Took a Packet Brig from Jamaica bound to Falmouth. 

" Cruised sometime oft the coast of Nova Scotia. Took a ship from the 
West Imlies bound to Halifax, returned to Beverly with our Prize. Some- 
time in September 1782, after refitting, we proceeded to Portsmouth where 
we shipped men suflicient to make up our crew. The next morning after 
sailing, at dayligjit saw two ships to eastward v.-liich proved to be the Chat- 
ham 50 gun ship, and a Sloop of War which we had run out of sight during 
the chase. Both ships came in, anchored in the afternon of the next day 
and commenced firing on the Pilgrim, hulled her in about twenty places." 


Men'TIOX has been made on a jtreceding pnge of the f:enealorric;il work 
issued by the Rev. Edward Ro!>uison, D.D. This was confined to those 
descendants of tlie emigrant William.' Robinson that came through his 
grandson John' of Duxbury. 

The Rev. Lncieu Moore Robinson, of Pliihideiphia, Pa., is preparing a 
genealogy of tlie descendants of the emigrant, through his son Incukasi:' 
of Taunton, the most prolific branch of the jjareut stem. For the first four,..ijinT>q ''otli ni.-i''e O-'-id femnlc line-^ will be traced as fully as po'^.-ible; 
in the later generations only the male lines will be given. In the fourth 
generation froai the emigrant, there were, so far as known, through the Taun- 
ton line, William,'' In-CKkase,'' Josiafi.'* .John^ and Geoiigp:* (Increase,' 
Increose,'^ Williairi}), Eben'ezer^ and Josiah* {Ehenezer,^ Increase,^ ]Vil- 
lioin^), concerning whom nothing has been published. Any information in 
regard to any of these lines will be gratefully received by Mr. Robinson.* 

iMr. Charles E. Robinson, of New York, has in preparation for the press 
another genealogical work, intended to embrace all of the Robinsons known 
to have been here in the early days of the colonies. In order to facilitate 
his labors, a list of the principal heads of families in his manuscript is here 
inserted. Abkaha.m. Gloucester, died Feb. 23, 1645. Alcester arrived 
]May 13, 1C52, in ship Jolm and Sarah, in Mass. Bay, and with hira 
C/iarles, Daniel. James. Jvln. PafricJ:. Andrea7, Charlestown 1677, wife 
Elizabeth. Ciikistopiier, of Exeter, N. II., wife Elizabeth Hilton. 
Christopher, Governor of Virginia under Charles II., great-grandson of 
John Robinson of co. York. Francis, counsellor at law of Saco, 1643. 
George, of Rehoboth before 1643. George married in Boston 1657. 
Gain, from Ireland, of East Bridgewater 1763. Henry, eastern Penn. 
1740. Isaac, Barnstable, sou of Rev. John of Leydeu. James of Dor- 

* His present address is 1715 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. 


Chester 1664, wife Mary Aloock. Jamks, Boston 1653, ^yife IMarthn Buck, 
a mariner, alive in 1673. James, Scarboro' 1666, Now Castle 1675, wife 
Liicretia Fox:weIl. Jacop,, New llaveu 1600, wife Sarah Hitchcock. 
JOHX, Salem 16oS, Haverhill 16-10. Joiix, Topsfield 166S, wife Dorothy 
Perkins. JosiAn, Spencer 1743. Josfpii, Audover 1 671. NATiiANir.r., 
Boston, wife Damaris, 1655. Nathaxu.l, Boston, will tiled 1667. 
Nicholas, arrived in Mass. Bay 1635 with wife Elizabeth, and family. 
Kiciiakd of Indian Thicket, Va., 1623. Ror.ERT, of Newbury 1664. 
Rowland, Newport 1662, a native of Cumberland Co., Eng. Samltkl, 
Hartford 1665. Sa:mukl, Fairfield 1674. STErnt:x, Dover. N. 11., 1663, 
sou of John of Haverhill. Thomas, Roxbur}' 1640. Thomas, Hartford 
1640, and later of Guilford. Thomas, Scituate 1642. later of Boston. 
Thomas, Boston 1646, wife Margaret, and a. second, Sarah. Thomas, 
Boston 1652, died 1665, widow Elizabeth, his third wife. Tuo.AtAs, New 
Haven 1643, had son of same name. Thomas, Salisbury 1652. T^o^rAS, 
Newtown, L. I., 1657. Thomas, New London 1665, married Mary Wells. 
Thomas, Wallingford, Ct. 16S0. Thomas, East Haddam 1605, wife 
Lydia. Thomas, Lancaster Co., Pa., 1730. AYilu.iam, Dorchester 1635. 
William, Salem 1637, granted land there. AVilliam, Braiutree 1662. 
William, Watertowu 1671, wife Elizabeth. 


Alcock. 13, 5G 
s Alien, 21, 31 
Aiuler-QTi, 41 
Anclre;v, 40 

Bad lam, 52 

Bailev, 2S, 32 

Baker, S, 14, IG, 23, 30, 44 

Baldwin, 22 

Bates, 26 

Batterman, 32 

B:ivt*-r, 2'3 

Bcale, 13, 14, 40 

Bee, 34 

Blagge, 17 

Blake, Alvin-An::;ii.-tu>, 41 

Ann (Anne), 19,20,26, 
27, 3S, 39, 40,41,49 
Annic-Fr.inces, 41 
Aretliuia-Canjliiifi, 2G 

Benjamin-Bate?, 26, 40 
Benjamm-Ho^vard, 40 
Betsev, 34 

beare. 26, SO 
Carrie- Anna, 41 
Catherine-Harris, 26, 

Charles-Green, 2-5 
Charlotte- Hall, 40 
Ciarks.-a, 26 
Edilh-Evelvn, 4'0 
Fannie-May, 41 
Fanny-Fcebecca, 27 
George-Minot, 26, 41 
Gcorge-Wiiliain, 41 
Gordon, 40 
Harriet, 19 
Henry- Augustus, 39 
Henry-Francis, 26 
Jennie-Anderson, 41 
Jereniiih, 27 
Boies, 19, 27 


Blake, John, 25 

Joseph-Robinson, 19, 

Julia-Annette, 39 
Lucy- Ann. 27 
Lucv-Gav, 25 
Lynian-Reed, 26, 40 
Majztrie-Louise, 41 
Mary-Ella, 40 
Marv-Rcevcs, 41 
MeliVida-r.. 31 
Nancy, 19, 25, 26, 33 
Nancv-\\'i!s(-in, 25 
Nathaniel, 17, 19, 25, 
26, 27, 33,39,40,41, 
Peter, 19, 26, 40, 41 
Peter-Merriam, 26, 40 
liohcrt-Thaxter, 26 
Sallv, 26 
Sallv-Stevens 19 
Samuel, 19, 26, 34, 39, 

Samuel-Newton, 39 
Sarah-Stevens, 25 
Susan, 26, 39 
Susanna, 25 
AVilliam, 19, 45 
William-Granville, 25 
"William-Nathaniel, 26 
Zibiah-Dolbeare, 19 

Blanchard, 31 

Blood, 25 

Bond, 28 

Bonney, 40 

Bowman, 12 

Breck, 4. 16, 42 

Bridge, 5, 6, 23, 32 

BrigSs, 21, 30, 31 

Brown, 27, 36, 40 

Browcel, 19 

Buck, 66 

Burroughs, 30 

Butler, 16 

Capen, 14 

Carroll, 36 
Carver, 12 
Ciianiberlain, 30 
Chan Her, 21 _ 
Chauveuet, 37 
Clapp, IS, 22, 27, 32 
Cloutman, 10 
Coale, 31 
Co!l)urn, 26 
Collioott, 44 
Conantz, 33 
Cooml'S, 35 
Cooi>er, 3S, 39 
C )n;e. 33 
Crafi^. 4, 45 
Creliore, 19, 25 
Crevath, 15, 4S, 49 
Cro-l.y, 21 -- v 
Cu^hinq', 26 
Cutler, 16 

Dammers, 30 

Damon, 32 

Davenport, 12, 13, 27 

Davis 17, IS, 21 

Delasiu, 40^ 

Deupree, 35 

Dexter, 2S 

Dolbeare, 17, IS, 46, 47, 49, 

50, 51, 52 
Dorr, 52 

Eaton, 30 
Eliot. S 
Elliott, 4 

Farnum, 17 

P'aunee, 26 

Fav, 34 

Fefton, 38 

Fenno, 14. 16, IS, 19, 22 

Field, 19, 26, 33 

Fi>her, 19 

Foxwell, 56 

French, 32 

Frost, 49 

Fuller, 20 


Fuller ton, 30 

G:icc, 29 
G;i!Jiion, 37 
GarJner, 20 
Gi!)b,s 13 
GniftoiJ, 19 
Green, 33 
Gro^vonor, 30 
Gulliver, S, 9, 10, 45 

Hiile, 31 
llalcv, 22 

I1li1I;17, 18,20,22,32,40 
■~il:\miUoii, 29 
naiuuionJ, 29 
Haiuly, 39 
Hardiu:r. 33 
Harri-, 17 20, 2S, 29 
Hatch, 44 
11111,7, 14 
Ililtou, o, 55 
Hinklcy, 14 
llitchcuck, oQ 
Hofcr, 38 
Hollirook, Alice. 20 

Amos, 17, IS, 19, 

20 21, 27, '-'^ 
Catherine, 20, 28 

Clarissa, 20 
George, 20 

Hannah, 20 
Jane, 20 

Joanna. 20 
John, 20 
Luke, 19, 20 
Mercv, 19, 20 
Peter", 20 
PoUv, 17, 19 
Sam'ne!, 19, 21 
Sarah- Ferkini,20, 

Thoma?, 20 
William, 20 
Holden, Almira-Webb, 34, 35 
Ann (Anne), 23, 24, 

34. 35, 36, 37 
Ann-Jane, 24 
Ann-Pay ?on, 3G 
Anna-Jane, 18 
Bertha-Coombs, 0-5 
Catherine-Barnes, 3o 
Charlotte-Gal li-on,37 
Charlotte-Lund' T. 34 
24, 35 

Holden, Duncan, 37 

Edwani, 18, 23, 24, 

34, 35, 3!'., 37 

EdNvard-Payson, 31 
Elij.ih-Kdv.-ard, 34 
Euocli-l'ratt, 2-1, 3f) 
Georf;e-F(.!ino, 35 
Gcori:e-Waller, 35 

24.' 31 
Hannuh, 23 
Henry-Adams, 35 
James-Andrews, 24 
Jercmiah-Fenno, 24, 

Jonathan, 22, 23 
Judith-Saunders, 24 
Lucv, 23, 24, 35 
Mab'el, 37 

Manley-Payson, 35 
Marv-Ann, 23 
Mary- Dix- II arris, 24 
Marv-Eli/abeth, 36 
Mary-Ella, 35, 37 
Marv-Fidd, 24 
Mav-M^nill, 35 
Mildred, 37 
Phineas, 22 
Samuel, 23 
Sarah-Elvira, 37 
Stephen-Cleverlv, 24 
William, 23 

William- Whipole, 35 

HolHs, 40 

Holmes, 39 

Hosier, 4 

Houghton, 29 

How, 5, 10, 29, 52 

Howard, 19, 40 

Hovey, 23 

Hutchinson, 15 

Ijams, 36 

Jackson, 14 
Jenniion, 35 
Johnson, 35 
Jones, 51, 52 

Kello-g, 37 
Kelton, 23 
Kimball, 35 
Kingman, 20 

Lambert, 25 
Lander, 35, 37 
Leavitt, 10 
Leeds, 23, 46 
Lewii, 28, 37 

Lions. 7 
Littk'field, 39 
Lovell, 27 
Lydard, 36 
Lyon, 6, 12, 24 

March, 19 
Mason, 29 
Mauk'X", 54 
May, 6 

Mears, Ann-Broun, 30 
Clarence. 30 
Geor:;e- Washington, 

HL-nry-Angustus, 30 
Henry-Ed\vards, 30 
John, 17, 19. 21, 29, 

30, 46. 49, 50 
Lemnel-llobinson, 16, 

2G, 30 

beare, 30 
Louis, 30 
Lucv, 30 
Lucy-E., 30 
Lucv-Withington, 30 
Sarah, 17. 19, 21,29 
Sarah-Elizabeth, 30 
Sarah-llobinson, 30 
William-N., 30 
McCIanaclian, 31 
McCurlev, 36 
McLaughlin, 20, 29 
Medbuvv, 38 
Melius, "Amelia, 24, 37 
Ann-Eliz), 25 
Charle-, 25 
Edvvard, 25 
Francis, 25 
George, 25 
Henry, 25 
James, 25 
Jerusha, 19, 24, 25, 

46, 47 
John, 18, 19, 21, 25 
Mari.i-Loui.-a, 25 
Isancv, 19, 25 
William, 19, 24, 25, 
37, 46 
Milani, 40 
Miles, 17 
Miller, 44 ' 
Minot.o, 16, 44, 45 
Morrill, 38 

Nelson, 36 
Newhall, 24 
Nichols, 30 

O'Brien, 20 

Oliver, 12, 17, 22, 31 

Packard, 15 


P'ukcr 37 rearcc, 51 Robinson, Jcriivlm., l.",. 17, 13, 

p'urett' 3S rcr^r^L^ .i l'\ -7, 'J^, 46 

Pavson' \n.crt-IIc;irv. 3S Pcnuinian, 5, 6 John, S. ',', M, 12, 

Alice-Ne-.vha)!. 24 Perking 5b 13, 4o, do, oh 

Ann (Anne), 14, IS, PhiUTick, 33 Joseph, 14, lo, 21, 

o-> '^3 24. 31, 32, Phillips. 3, 43, 44 4G, 03, oG 

33* 34, 3-), 3-1, 37, Pi'-Tcc, 14. 22, 23, 32, 46, 47 Ju^iaii. .55. V, 

SS' 4<i Pini-'i-ev. 34 Lenuicl, 13, 14, 1.5, 

Anne-Maria, 33 Pluui, :51, .52 If', 17, l:», 20, 21, 

Anii-ll..t'iiiSOu, 23,33 Pond, 19, 20 42, 4G, 48, 4'J, 50, 

Anna, IS Poole, S-J o-> 

Anna-Hall. 32 Pope, 4G Loi--, Ks. 21, 31 

Ann.i-H.'lLlen. 34 Price, IS Lncu^i-M., ore, oo 

Annie. 32 Proctor, 14 Lyvht, .-jG 

Charl.-£-Tliom:;s, 34 Proutv, 20, 30 Mar-:Tet, 4, 13, oG 

Charles-William, 32 Pulliiiiz, IS, 21, 22, 31 M.-irtlui-Lois. 21 

Clara-Arn.3S Pvnchon, 31 Mary, S. 'J, 10, 12, 

F.d\Tar<l-Alher:, 33 " ^P'^U-H-'-^n. 

Edwani-Hol.len. 23, Rathl.urn, 29 M;iry.Pulli:i-, 2i, 

24 37 Pvawson, y, 10 31 

Edward-Saxton, 3S Reed, 25, 32, 35, 36 Mo.^cs, IS 

ElizaLeth-Cliristinc, Reuiick, 27 Nathaniel, 56 

38 RevnoMs 37 Nichuia.^ -yJ 

Fannie-Loni.e, 32 Richardson, 20, 27, 31 ' Patrick, .5.D 

Georce, IS, 22, 31 Ri-l.v, 14 Prudence, n 

Georue-H., 32 Riplev, 23, 33 Richard, .^G 

Graee-^Liririu-et, 32 Robinson, Aliraham, .55 Robert, oG 

Harriet-Amelia. .38 Alcester, 55 Rowland, .36 

HarriLt-l::li/a!)Cth,.32 Althea, S Saninel, .3. G, ,,8, 

Henrv, ■ :■( 34 Andrew, .55 9, 10, 12. 13, 14, 

Henrv-fl^aver, 33 Ann (Anne), 1-5, 15, 17, IS, 21, 45, 

- Horaee-Pdake, 34 17,18,10,31,32, 4fi, 47,_-53 oG 

Horace-.'^tanuo„d,34 33, 34. .35, 3G, 37, Sarah, h. 19, 21, 

John-Baker. 23 33, 39, 40, 41, 49 29, 50, .5'; 

John-Blanchard, 32 Bettv, S Stepnen. -jo 

John-Fenno, 22, 31, Charles, .55 Susan. 21 

32 Charies-E., 55 Tnoma^ 1-j, -7/6 •- 
Jolm-Irvii.c, 32 Chri-toplier, 55 Thonias-Tn;tt, 15, 
Lemuel, IS. 24.37. 3S Daniaris, .5G 17.19,4:) _ 
L''mue!-An.en,24,38 Daniel, -55 Ur.nla, ■.. (., io 
Lillie-J :'.-^ ]Jorca=, 11, 12 Waitin,-, 6 
Lucinda-Tuavcr, 33 Kbenezer, 6, 13, -55 William, 3. 4. G, 7, 
Lvdia •■'3 ■ Edward, 3, 9, 53 9,11,12,13,14, 
Marion-Lizzie. 32 Elizahtth, 17,55, 15, IG, 17. IS, 21, 
Marv, 13 56 30, 31, 42, 45, 4b, 
MarvEl'.n 33 Elizaijcth-Crosbv, 47, 43, .:)3. o5, 00 
Marv-Franci^ -^3 32 21,30 William-Royall, 17 
KaiuT •''^ Eunice-Pavson, 21 Zibiali, 14, 15, 45, 

Nellie-Fay, 34 Faith, 9 vf^'-'^ •, 1- 

01ive,22 Francis 00 Zi!.M!i-Roya:l, 1, 

Sallv ■^■' Gain. 55 Rodney, 54 

Satmier. 14, IS, 22, Geur^e, 55 RoyalL 15, 20,23, 24, 43, 51,52 

23, 24. 31, 32, 33, Georu-e-Crosby, 21 

34' 35 3G 37 33, GeoiLC-V.'a.-liing- Salmon, 13 

45' ton, 17 Saxton,3S 

Samuel-Clifford, 33 Hannah, 8, 17 Shepard, 35 

Samucl-Trescott, 23, Henry, 13, 55 ShertxTt, 30 

33 Ichabod, 9 Shrimpton, 5 
Sarah-Lrcds 23, 32 Increase, 5, 6, 7, Singleton, 37 
Thoma-. 23, 33 45, 55 • Smith, 27, 33, 54 
William! IS I-aac, -V) Smytii, 32 
William-Albert, 33 Jacub, -56 Sp.-ar, 17, 20, 29, .dO 
AVilliam-Kdward. 3S James 3, 12, 13, Spurr, 7, 43 
William-Heurv,lS,24 22, 00, 56 Stanton, 15 


Steele. 21 
Stetson. 39 
Stiles, S, 12 
Stoddard, :^'> 
Stone, 11, 12, 13. 21 43, ii 
Stowors, 22 
Streetor, 4, 5 

Thaver, 33 
Tilcj.ton. i, 7, 42 
Thoma«. 8, o5 
Tolnian, 49, -il. 52 
Topliir, 12, 49 
Trescott, 23 
Trott, Abiu'ail, 15 

Ann (Anne), 13, 14, 1-5, 

David, 14 

Jame?, 7, 14 

Trott, John, 14, 15 

Lemuel, lo, 48 
Marv, 11, IS 
Merev, 14 
Preserved, 14, IG 
Samuel. 7. M, 1-5 
Sarah, 14, 4S. 49, 50 
Thankful, 14 
Thomas. 4, 5,12,13,14, 
15, IC, 47, 4S, 19. .'lO 
Zibiah, 15, 4S, 49, 50 

Trumbull, 9 

Tucker, 16 

Van Klecck, 28 
Va.ssan, 52 
Vincent. 20, 27, 23 
Vose, 19, 20 

Wales, 18 

Walker, 2S 
Waller, 35 
Watkiu-. 3'! 
Webb, 31 
Wells .y] 


WliipiMO. :r> 
White, G, 51 
Whitnev, 20 
Wilder.' 17 
Williams 3 4, 39 
Wii>on. 25 
Winii.ite, 21, 31 
Wiswall,5. 8. 12 
Withiiiunoii, 5, S, 14, 29,49 
Woodard, 41 
Woodbridire, 19 
Worthen, 3G