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Full text of "William Clark, 1771-1850, [and] Clark descendants : a genealogy with biographical sketches of some of our ancestors : allied families, Gilbert, Botkin, Laird and Huffley"

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"That the generation to come 
uiight know them, even the 
children which should be born..." 

Psalms 78:6 


^ r 



OCT 2 2 1964 


A Gcnoalogy 
Biographical Sketches 

Some of our Ancestors 

Allic'd Pamilies 

Gilbert, Botkln 
Laird and Hcffley 

CAIALC. t:£ NO. 



'5 C>#f:;sr 



Published in 
Monterey Park, Calif, 

Compiled and written by 
Gencvic W. Sheetz 


Printed in 
R)ntcrGy Park, Calif, 

Genevie W, Shoctz 

In fond remembrance of 
my Grandparents 
Harvy and Margaret Price Clark 


lb all, who have passed beyond 
The door of this life's span. 
We pay our tribute and our love 
lb each and every man, 

Fbr, through their efforts, large and small 

Our mighty Nation grew. 

Bringing to us, opportunity — 

Religious freedom, and talents not a few. 

When we pass through the last imrtal door. 
We hope we measure up, 
Fulfilling their hopes for us. 
And "runneth o'er the ciip," 

And may our contributions to this life 
Enrich the heritage of all mankind. 
Bringing to generations yet unborn, 
Joy, happiness, and peace of mind, 

I'br our Ancestors, when they left 
The shores beyond the sea. 
Braved an unknown future, 
^^ich promised life for you and me* 

Genevle W, Sheetz 


(See Gilbert 
page also) 

Ethel Gibson Mills 

C. Ross Mills 

Herald -Examiner Photo 
Genevie W. Sheetz 

Four Generations 

Gladys Snyder Awde 
Susan Jane Long 
Mabel Clark Snyder 
Lois Jane Awde Long 

Fredda Carpenter Barnes 


\Vhat started out as a slender sapling has grovm to a mighty 
tree with many branches. What was to have been a brief recital 
of personal family history has expanded until now there are re- 
corded over 1300 descendants of our common progenitors, William 
Clark and his wife, Mary Catherine ZigL ar Clark. They live in 
28 states of the union, with most of them in California, Illinois, 
Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio and Oregon, 

As the writer searched further, she fo\ind others interested 
in the same project, and the combined efforts of all have brought 
within the covers of this book eight generations born in America, 

With the passing of years, facts have been increasingly hard 
to obtain. Vie have not delved into personal lives, recording only 
vital statistics, and have included no biographical material past 
the second and third generations. Much interesting material came 
to us, but with so. many individuals to consideip, it became imposs- 
ible to include the information, except in a few cases where in- 
dividuals are mentioned incidentally in their parents' biograph- 

In the early days of our family history, we note a predom- 
inance of farmers, and the trades necessary for day to day liv- 
ing. Education v;as not stressed. Today farming has fallen away, 
and we find amongst our nvimbers professional people, skilled art- 
isans, and many with artistic talents, such as music, art, and 
writing. Many have college degrees. We had hoped to give each 
one's trade or profession, his religious and lodge affiliation, 
war record, etc, but this wuld have filled many pages. We can 
give you only a brief resume of the data sent to us. 

There is a predominance of protestants, the Methodists lead- 
ing, with a large number of Catholic families representing their 
faith. In this huge family many fought in the Civil War and 
World War I, Nearly all young men and some women served in one 
capacity or another in World War II and the Korean Conflict, 

The book is divided into nine chapters, one for each branch 
of the Clark family. You will find the families indexed separ - 
ately at the back of the book. This was done to avoid confusion, 
as there are some individuals with the same name, but in differ- 
ent branches. 

Members of the second and third generations are listed with 
their parents, Horo their birth, death and burial information 

is given. This information is not repeated in the section allot- 
ed to each second and third generation individual. His familyre- 
cord begins with his or her marriage record. This was don e to 
conserve space, 

THE NUMBERING SYSTEM: William Clark is 1-1 or number one of 
the first generation born in America, His children are listed 
^-1, 2-2, etc in order of their birth. The number procoding 
a person's name indicates his generation in America and his Chron- 
ological place in his family. Example: If your number is 5-1; 

this means you belong to the 5th generation in America and are 
the fourth child in your family. The number following your 
name is your parent's number. Only blood descendants are number- 
ed. Vfe are sorry we could not index every person appearing in 
the genealogy. 

We trust there are no errors in dates, la me spelling or 
facts. In cases where errors were apparent, we made an effort 
to verify. We give you the infer mation as it came to us. If 
the fault is ours, we apologiz o. 

I-Jhile the writer gathered some of the "fruit," credit must 
be given to those who did the bulk of the gathering. It might be 
said, Ihey picked the fruit, and she baked the pie," 

Tb Mr and Mrs Ross Mills of Urbana, Illinois goes credit for 
gathering the records of all families exclusive of the Gilberts, 
the Harvy and Walter Clark families, and s ome of the George Z. 
Clark family. They provided much information for the biographi- 
cal sketches, 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert Rich of Hartford, Kansas is responsi- 
ble for the George Gilbert records, and gave the writer many bits 
of information, enabling her to trace several families, 

Mrs. Alice Gilbert Harris (now deceased) provided records 
for the Cha-les Gilbert and Marsh families, and provided the mat- 
erial for her father's biography. 

Mabel Clark Snyder of Goshen, Indiana we salute for her work 
on the Walter Clark families, and for providing important inform- 
ation from her father's diary, 

_ Mrs Predda Carpenter Barnes of Van Nuys, California collect- 
ed infer mation for the George Ziglar Clark family, and gave the 
writer much personal help. 

We also would like to acknowledge the cooperation of probate 
co^-rts, particularly those of Clark County Ohio and Montgomery 
Oounty Kansas, and other public agencies in helping all of us to 
procure records necessary for this work, 'The writer thanks the 
personnel of the los Angeles City Library Genealogical depart- 
ment for their help in research. 

We suggest your perusal of names in the genealogy to see how 
many have been passed down from generation to generation, parti- 
cularly Mary Catherine and Clark used as Christian name. 

,rr.^ ^'^ ra me _ CLARK means clerk. In early times when surnames 
rl^^^/l^'^l ^^^"6 adopted a clerk or dark, as it is pronounced in Britain, was a man of learning, a scholar, one who could 
?S^ Ju "T"-!?' °-^'^ usually was connected with the church. It is 
irom the Latin clericus and the French le clcrc. 

enjoy'^t ^""'^"^ responsible for the book sincerely hopes you will 







First Generation in America X 










INDEX 121-133 


Mary Catherine Ziglar Clark 

Mary Catherine Knapp 
John F. Clark Line 

Wm Clark Stone Mary C. Clark 

L.Brighton Cemetery 
Rt. Old Homer Cei;ietery 

Lewis Edward Clark 
Lewis Erail Clark 
Dr. Lewis Clark 
John F. Clark Line 

Mary Botkin Hall-Wm. Botkin 
Melissa B. Yearsley 
Lydia Clark Botkin 


First Generation In America 

In the light of conflicting family stories, concerning 
William Clark and his wife, Mary Catherine Ziglar Clark, it 
has not been an easy task piecing together biographies for the 
pair. We give ydu some facts from authoritative sources, and 
fill in the gaps with bits of family 1 re. We've tried to 
paint an acceptable and reasonable picture out of facts and 
opinions, however conjectural. 

From the Walter Clark family (grandson of William) comes 
the information that five Clark brothers arrived in New York 
from Ireland. One of the brothers, a brick and stone mason, 
parted company with his brothers there, never to see them again. 
He Is believed to have gone to Pennsylvania to ply his trade, 
since this type of work was scarce in Now York. 

This brother's name is not knoTnm„ Whether he brought a 
wife from Ireland or married in this country is not known. Nor 
do we know how many children he had; but according to the l850 
Census for Clark County Ohio, a son, William Clark, age 79 was 
born m Pennsylvania. Walter Clark seemed to think it was this 
William who came from Ireloi^d, making his way to Ohio, In view 
ol tradition in other Clark families, backed up by the l850 
census, this seems highly improbable^ 

William Clark was born August 25, 1771 and our authority 
for this is the Clark family Bible and a Clark family scroll, 
bearing the names and birth dates and marriage date for William 
and Mary Catherine Ziglar Clark, his wife^ The birth dates for 
their children also are inscribed. The Bible and Scroll are 
in the possession of the Gibson family in Illinois. 

According to Walter Clark, his grandfather, William mi- 
grated to Ohio sometime before his marriage December 28, l807. 
Quoting from his diary, "One day William got a "mote" in his 
eye, aid Mary "Elizabeth" had compassion on him, as he stopped 
at her home for a drink, and she offered to take the stone from 
his eye. He thanked her, and asked her name. Time passed, six 
or seven years. He often thought of her kindness. One day, 
while walking along the road he stopped to rest in the shade of 
a house. He asked for a drink. There came a fine lookins 
young woman about 20 years old, and she asked him if he wanted 
to wash and cool off„ When he wont to leave, ho asked her 
name, as she reminded him of the little girl who had been kind 
to him years before, and when she told him, he was almost 
Speechless for her name was Mary "ELizaboth" Ziglar. He asked 
11 he could call and see her, and he sought to make her his wife," 

v,^n • ^^"°f ^^l middle name was Catherine, Mabel Clark Snyder 
dllTfnl T^'^'^H't^ ^°"^^^^d her name with that of her oldest 
np^S So^ ^."-^^^^^S^ °^ possibly that of his own wife, who was 
mme is dih tihf ^'^''^ "^^ spelling of Mary Catherine's last 
SSollPH "y^?\''^^°n f?"^? descondent fomlllos believe it was 
th?; Snr^v ^^^^^ ^^ ^^""^ adopted the spelling "Ziglar," for 
andfh^?^ ^^ ^r ^PP<^^^! written this way in the family scroll; 
?Ms m^e? ' ^'°''^° ^^^"^ ''^''''^'' ^^^^^^ "P^ll^^ his name in' 

Because William wns surprised when he met Mary Catherine 
the second time, we believe the site of their second meeting 
was different from that of their first meeting, viien Mary Cath- 
erine was a child of 13 or lij.. It is possible the first en- 
counter may have been in Pennsylvania, Since Walter claims 
William met her in Ohio the second time, it very possibly could 
have been in Trumbull County, the birth place of their oldest 
daijghter, Elizabeth. One Clark family holds to the story that 
the pair was married in Pennsylvania and rode horseback to 
Ohio on their honeymoon. 

That William was of Scotch- Irish extraction is born out by 
a statement made by another grandson, Harvy Clark, who told his 
granddaughter, Gene vie Knight Sheetz, "I am of Scotch-Irish 
descent, and I had a Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother, named 

Several descondent families agree that Mary Catherine's 
parents came from Germany. Her mother was "a fire blower to 
heal," This practice, it is thought, consisted of fanning the 
patient's body with fire, reciting scriptures the while. Many 
odd customs and superstitions were prevalent amongst the Ger- 
man settlers of Pennsylvania, and some prevail to this day. 

We know that Mary Catherine was a Baptist, and it is poss- 
ible her ppjr'ents may have belonged in Pennsylvania to a strict 
German Baptist sect, known as the Dunkards. William's religion 
is not known, but most Scotch-Irish wore Presbyterian. On the 
frontier in l807, most settlers wore without churcheso b- 
ers, being accommodated only as a circuit rider came through 
occasionally on horseback to preach, baptize, perform marriage 
ceremonies, and sometimes officiate at a funeral. It was not 
an unusual practice to marry the parents and baptize the chil- 
dren at the same time. 

With practically nothing known of the pair, it was not 
possible to link their names with Clark and Ziglar families 
found in the 1790 census for Pennsylvania, in the Pennsylvania 
archives, nor in various available church records. Mary Cath- 
erine's birth place was given as Pennsylvania in the l850 Ohio 
census. Her birth date is given as Sept. [j., 1785 in the Clark 
family Bible oxid scroll. On the scroll she is called Catharine, 
On the reverse side of one of her pictures is written "Lancas- 
ter, which is believed to be the county of her birtho 

According to one doscendent family, Mary Catherine's fath- 
er was a Hessian soldier. Hessians (Brittish mercenary sol- 
diers) were quartered in Lancaster County prior to the Revolu- 
tionary War to keep peace between the Patriots and the Ibries. 
After the war, Hessian prisoners were sent to Lancaster County, 

One of their daughters, Lydia Clark Botkln, was known to 
nave remarked that she remembered her grandfather relating his 
Revolutionary War experiences. Since there is no evidence that 
William's people lived in Ohio, and nothing is Imown of them. We 
assume this grandfather was a Ziglar. The Clarks must have mov- 
ed to Clark County sometime between Sept. 3, l8lO, the date of 

their daughter Elizabeth's birth and Sept, 2, l8l2, when their 
son George was born in Clark County, Probate Court records for 
Clark County show that William bought his iS acre farm on the 
south branch of the Mad River in Clark County from Henry Rcudi- 
sll March l8, l828. 

The Ziglars must have moved at about the same time the 
Clarks moved, ajid lived nearby, in order for Lydia to have 
heard her grandfather's stories in childhood. She was born 
November 19, l8li|.. Families located near each other in order 
to be of help in time of neod or in sickness, since doctors 
were few and far between in the efrly days of the frontiersmen, 
Mabel Clark Snyder says she remembers stories from her child- 
hood, relating that the Ziglars lived in Ohio, 

Family tr-^dition relates that William belonged to the Ma- 
sonic Order, and joined when Free Masonry was young in this 
country. The first lodge in America was establiphed In Boston 
in 1733, and by the time of the Revolutionary War there were 
about 150 lodges in Colonial America, It is believed that 
William became a member prior to his marriage in l807, as he 
did not marry until 36 years of age. At this time there were 
a number of new lodges in Lancaster County, Attempts were 
made by the writer to establish his membership in a Lancaster 
County lodge, to no avail, 

A Whig politically, William was by trade a stone and 
brick mason, a shoe-maker, and a farmer. 

His will made July 3, l850 reveals a great deal about the 
man. It requests the payment of his debts, and he also expec- 
ted others to pay their obligations, as his children were to 
share equally after two of his sons paid the estate i#20 each, 
a considerable sum. in l850 when land could be had for ;,)2,00 an 
acre. Everything was left to his wife for her use, as long as 
she lived. The l850 census showed his land was worth 1^(^23, 
His will was filed Dec, 2, l850 in Common Pleas Court, Clark 
Co\xnty, Ohio , 

After he died in l850, Mary Catherine is believed to have 
remained in Ohio until 1858^;- when the farm was sold to their 
daughter Elizabeth and her husband Sidney C, Gilbert, Mary 
Catherine then went to Illinois, living out her life on the 
farm of her son, William G. Clark near Homer, Dying July l8, 
1873 at the age of 87 years, 10 months, nnd li| days, she was 
buried in old Homer Cemetery. William was buried in Brighton 
Cemetery, Brighton, Ohio, 

See Heffley Biography 

Biography based on tradition and family records, Wlatcr Clark 
diary, l850 census records for Clark Co. Ohio and Champaign Co. 
111.5 Clark County Ohio Probate Court records, obituary for 
Lydia Clark Botkin. Late information indicates Grandpa Ziglar 
deserted the Brittish Army and fought on the side of the colon- 
ists in the Revolutionary War, receiving bounty lands for his 
services. (]vfot substantiated) 


WILLI -i: CL-.X" 

1-1 WILLIAM CLARK b. August 25, 1771 Pennsylvania ( Scotch-Irish 
Parents ■unknown) d. Aug 31, l850 Clark County Ohio bur. 
Brighton Com. Brighton, Ohio, m. Dec 28, l807 (dau. of Ger- 
man parents unknown) Mai^ Catherine Ziglar b. Sept i|, 1785 
Lancaster County, Fenna, d, July l8, 1873, bur. Old Homer 
Cemetery, Homer, Illinois. 

2-1 Samuel B, Clark(l-l) b. Oct. 2, l8o8 Ohio 
2-2 Elizabeth Clark (1-1) b. Sept. 3, l8lO Trumbull Co\anty 

Ohio d. Feb l8, l879, bur. Brighton Com." Brighton, Ohio. 
2-3 George Ziglar Clark(l-l) b. Sept 2, l8l2 Clark County 

Ohio d. Oct 25, 1862 nr Homer, 111. bur Old Homer Com, 
2-1^ Lydia Clark(l-l) b. Nov. 19, 18I/4. Clark Co. Ohio d. 

Jan..[|., 1916 Homer, 111. bur Davis Com. nr Fairmont, 111, 
2-5 Michael Clark (1-1) b. April 30, I817 Clark Co. Ohio d. 

Jan. 31, 1863 Memphis, Tenn. 
2-6 William G. Clark (1^1) b. Aug 12, 1819 Clark Co. Ohio 

d. May 9, 1907 bur Old Homer Cem. Homer, 111. 
2-7 Mary Clark(l-l) b. Doc 10, l821 Clark Co. Ohio d* dato 

unknoxm St Joseph, 111, bur Patterson Cem. St. Joseph. 
2-8 John Fulton Clark(l-l) b. May 1^, 1825 Clark Co. Ohio 

d. Dec. 8, 1850 Clark County Ohio, bur. 
2-9 Julia Ann Clark(l-l) b. July 19, I828 Clark Co. Ohio 

d, Aug 22, 1907 bur STjmmerford Cem. Madison Ohio, 




Of necessity the biography for Samuel B, Clark must be 
brief. The concerted efforts of the writer and her collabor- 
ator, Ethel Gibson Mills turned up only meager information. 
We cannot be sure that he was born in Ohio, but since the sis- 
ter next to him was born in Trumbull County,.' t is possible he 
may have been born there, too, 

When or where he was married is not known, as the Probate 
Court for Clark County Ohio has no record of his marriage nor 
any administration on him. He may have left the state at an 
early age. 

In 1858 he sold his l/8 share in his father's farm to Sid- 
ney C, Gilbert, and the deed was made in Philadelphia City, 
Pennsylvania August 2?, 1858 and signed by him and his wife, 
Mary M, Clark. Her maiden name is not known. 

Although George Z. , Michael, William G. , Lydia, and Mary, 
his brothers and sisters went to Illinois and established 
homes, there is nothing to substantiate a belief that Samuel 
ever came to the state. A Samuel B, Clark, a soldier enlist- 
ed in the Civil War from Vermillion County, Illinois was found. 
There was nothing in his war records to show he may have been 
a son of our subject, although his birth place was given as 
Ohio. After the war, he was released in Texas, and nothing 
more is known of him. 

The 1850 census for Philadelphia City, Fa. did not pro- 
duce a record in that year for Samuel B. Clark, so it is not 
known when he went to the state of Pennsylvania, Clark County 
Ohio Census for l850 did not show him living in that county, 
either. There were many young men by the name of Clark enlist- 
ed from Clark County and its adjoining county of Madison, but 
whether any of them were his sons we were not able to determine, 
There seems to be no tradition concerning this son of William 
and Mary Catherine, 


2-1 Samuel B. Clark (1-1) b. Oct 2, l8o8 Ohio d. 
m, Mary M. 

Elizabeth Clark Gilbert 

Blxima Price Gilbert 

Brighton Cementery 
Brighton, Ohio 

Alice Gilbert Harris 
Daughter of Chas. Gilbert 

Elizabeth Gilbert Rich 
Oldest living descendant of 
William Clark and 
Mary Catherine Z. Clark 

Daughter of Geo. Gilbert 

Mrs Rich and Mrs Harris 
collaborated on book 




Elizabeth Clark, the second child of T;iH.lliain and Mary Cath- 
erine Ziglar Clark, was born September 3, I81O in Trtimbull Coun- 
ty Ohio, Although it had been thought that all of the Clark 
children were born in Clark County, the death certificate for 
Elizabeth revealed her natal place to have been Tmimbull Cbunty. 
It is not known when she moved to Clark County with her family, 
but on May 29, I832 she was married to Sidney C. Gilbert, son 
of Allen and Sabra Bennett Gilbert of Albany, New York, 

lb Elizabeth and Sidney C, Gilbert were born nine children, 
Elizabeth and Alpheus dying in infancy. Austin, born at Harmony, 
Ohio remained a bachelor, dying at the age of k-Q, March I4., 1892, 

Working as a blacksmith since I8 years of age, Sidney was 
a farmer in his late years. He lived on a farm situated near 
the south line of Pleasant Township, and his mailing address 
was Vienna Cross Roads. (See William Clark's biography. ) 

Elizabeth Clark Gilbert died at Springfield, Ohio and 
was buried in Brighton Cemetery, Brighton, Ohio, Sidney C, 
Gilbert, also buried at Brighton, died in the home of his daugh- 
ter, Mary Gilbert Marsh, Pleasant Township, Clark County, Ohio 

Sidney's parents, the Allen Gilbert family came to Ohio in 
iSlij., locating in Harmony Township. Sidney, born nine miles 
south east of Albany, New York, was the second child of his 
father's second marriage to Sabra Bennett, After Allen's death, 
Sabra Bennett Gilbert married Wareham Stacey. lb thisiiunion was 
born one son. Nelson Stacey. Sidney had three brothers and a 
sister besides this half-brother: Ellas Gilbert b. Aug. 2, I808, 
Albany, N. Y. , Amanda Gilbert (Stacey )b. Oct. 6, I813 Albany, 
N, Y., Austin Gilbert b. Oct. 1, I8I6, Mcchanicsburg, Ohio, and 
Butler Gilbert b. Feb. llj., 1819 Clark County, Ohio. Allen died 
in August of this year of milk sickness, 

Mary Hall was thought to have been the first wife of Allen 
Gilbert. A son by this marriage was Edward, born May 3, 1793, 
dying May 2, 1882, Lorraine, N, Y. He married (1) Anna Balch 
April 16, 1817 (b. Aug 27, 1798 Manchester, Vt. d. Sept 21, l8i;0 
Orwell, m. (2) Polly Balch, younger sister of Anna. Daugh- 

ters of Timothy and Hannah Demon Balch. 

Biography based on family records, records from Probate Court 
and 1850 Census for Clark Cbunty Ohio, records from l^s Fred 
Deal of La Grange, Indiana, and substantiated by information 
found in Clark County Ohio History - Pleasant Township- Page 
971; W. H. Beers & Co. Publishers, Chicago, Illinois I88I 
Census and Probate Court records provided by Mrs Sheet z for all 
Gilbert material, as well as research in county histories. 



Her dGScendents 

2-2 Elizabeth Clark (1-1) m. May 29, I832 Clark Co. Ohio (son of 
Allen and Sabra Bennett Gilbert) Sidney C, Gilbert b. Feb 6.. 
1811, Albany, N. Y. d. Mar 10, I889 bur Brighton Cemetery, 
Brighton, Ohio, 
3-1 Allen Gilbert (2-2 )b. Rarch 26, I833 Clark Co. Ohio d. 

abt. June 7, 1898 Coffeyville, Kans. bur Coffeyville. 
3-2 William Gilbert (2-2) b. June 23, I836 Clark Co. Ohio do 

Sept 12, 1883 bur, Summerford Cemetery Madison Co. Ohio. 
3-3 Elizabeth Gilbert (2-2) b. Feb 23, I838 d. Jan. 23, l839 
3-k Mary Gilbert (2-2) b. Apr 23, l8ii.O Clark Co. Ohio d. May 

13, 1913 bur Siimmerford Cemetery, Madison County, Ohio 
3-5 Lydia Ann Gilbert (2-2) b. Sept I3, l8i|2 Clark County 

Ohio d, Sopt 8, 1910 bur Roscdale Com. Los Angeles, Calif, 
3-6 Austin Gilbert (2-2) b. l8i|5 Clark Co. Ohio d. March 

i|, 1892 bur. Bachelor 

3-7 George Gilbert (2-2) b. March 1, l8[i.6 Clark Co, Ohio d, 

April 20, 1932 bur Hartford, Kansas. 
3-8 Alpheus Gilbert (2-2) b. iQl^J Clark Co. Ohio d. after l850 

His name appears on the l850 census record, d. early 

3-9 Charles Gilbert (2-2) b. May 8, l8i|.9 Clark Co, Ohio d„ 

July 16, 1932 Toledo, Ohio bur Summerford Cem, Madison 

County Ohio , 

Allen Gilbert 

Prom an old Reader, published in I816 and belonging to Sid- 
ney C. Gilbert, we learn that Allen Gilbert was born March 26^ 
1833 in Clark County Ohio, He married Sept 29, l853 Amanda 
Lafferty, the daughter of John and Sarah Lafferty of Union Ibwn- 
ship, Chmpaign County Ohio, She was born in l8ij.7, a native of 
that state. Her father, a native of Pennsylvania was bom in 
1809, vdiile her mother was born in iSllj. in Ohio, 

The little that is knovm of Allen's first marriage is giv- 
en in his will, dated Oct 23, 1897 in which he gives the names 
of his five children: Mary Gilbert Faulkner of Kansas City, Miss- 
ouri, William Gilbert of Springfield, Ohio, Ellen Gilbert Brown 
of Marys ville, Ohio, Lydia A, Gilbert Brown of Now Ebver, Ohio 
and Albert Gilbert of Lenapah, Indian Territory. 

It is not known when Amanda Lafferty Gilbert died, but it 
was sometime between the birth of her youngest son, Albert, 
born in I866 and Allen's second marriage in I869, According to 
his daughter-in-law, Nancy Martin Gilbert, Allen gave his child- 
ren into the keeping of their grandparents to raise, and he 
left for Indian Territory. Maether maternal or paternal grand- 
parents is not known. 

Ihor e is little information concerning those children, 
Mary Gilbert Faulkner died, and was buried in Co ffeyvillc, Kan- 
sas. She had one daughter, Odessa Faulkner Pclton, William is 
believed to have remained a bachelor, Albert married Bell 
Johnson in Coffeyville December l5, I89I, had three children, 
and moved to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, whore two more children 
were born. Nothing has been heard from this family in late 

On October 3, 1869 in Indian Territory, Allen married 
Kiamitia Comel West of Cherokee descent. It is not known when 
or where she was born. Her ancestors come over the "Trail of 
Tears," when the United States government forced the removal of 
Cherokee Indians, after the treaty of l835, from their home- 
lands in the southeastern part of the continent, to what was 
then known as Indian Territory, now the state of Oklahoma, 
Thousands perished of hardships and illnesses, either in stock- 
ades before the removal began or on the way. This enforced 
march was alluded to by all Indians of the five civilized tribes 
as the Trail of Tears, By his marriage to Kiamitia, Allen bo- 
came a citizen of the Cherokee Nation by lawful adoption. He 
riE ntions this in his will, 

lb this union were born a son and two daughters, George, 
Fhjthe, and Kiamitia Comel, Upon the death of his wife, ho 
married Josephine Rider, also of Cherokee descent, and they had 
one son, Dennis B, Gilbert, 

According to Nancy Gilbert, "Grandfather Gilbert was avery 
intelligent man. No bad habits — no drinking, gambling, smok- 
ing, or anything like that--and his wd rd was as good as gold 
Itself, No foolishness about him. We all loved him," 

He left an estate consisting of 2500 acres of land, locat- 
ed at Possum Creek, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, about 
seven miles southwest of Coffeyville, Kansas, (of this about 
2000 acres were under fence and ll^OO acres, more or less, act- 
ually in cultivation,) In addition to this he had a farm of 
11^.0 acres adjoining the Kansas State line, and located north 
and west of the Coffeyville and Bartlesvllle Stage Road, 

Dying about June 7, I898, Allen Gilbert was buried in the 
gsjrden on his home place. 

This biography was based on information from a School Reader, 
in possession of Mrs, Effie Marsh Hardman of Englewood, Colo, 
1850 Census records for Clark and Champaign Counties Ohio 
Allen Gilbert's Will-dated Oct 23, I897 

Montgomery Co. Kansas Probate Court- Marriage records, etc, 
Montgomery Co, Clerk's office- Birth records 
US Dcpt of Interior - Census Cards 

Clark County Ohio Probate court Birth & marriage records 
Kansas State Board of Hed th. Family tradition, Mrs Nancy Mar- 
tin Gilbert and Mrs Elizabeth Gilbert Rich. 



3-1 Allen Gilbert (2-2 )m. (1) Sept 20, l853 Clr.rk Co, Ohio(dau. 
of John and Sarah Laf forty) Amanda Laf forty b. 181+7 Ohio 
d. boforc 1869 Ohio. m. (2) Oct 3, I869 Ind, Terr. Kiamitia 
Gomel West b. d. about I880 m. (3) Josephine 

Rider b, 

i;-l Mary Gilbert (3-1 )b. m. Mr Faulkner 

5-2 William Gilbert (3-1 )b. 

k.-3 Ellen Gilbert (3-1 )b, m, Mr Brown 

k-k Lydia Ann Gilbert (3-1 )b. m. Mr Brown 

k-S Albert Gilbert (3-1 )b, abt 1866 Ohio m. Doc 16, l891 
Cbffeyville, Kans. Bell Johnson b. l873 

5-1 Andrew Gilbert (i|-5)b. Ind. Terr. 

5-2 May Gilbert (l4.-5)b. Ind. Terr. 

5-3 John Gilbert (i].-5)b. Ind. Terr, 

5-I|. Cress ie Gilbert (l4.-5)b. Ind. Terr. 

B-$ Allen Gilbert (1^-5 )b. Canada 

Numbers 3 ^^-nd 5 were both born in Canada 
k-1 Mary Gilbert (3-1) 

5-1 Odessa Faulkner ([|.-1 )b. M. Mr Pelton 

[;-6 Ruthe Gilbert (3-1 )b. I870 m. July l5, I889 

Coffeyville, Kans. miliam Thomas Hoffman b. I866 

5-1 James Hoffma.n(i|-6)b. I889 Ind. Terr, 

5-2 Allen Hof fman (li-6)b. I89I Ind, Terr. 

5-3 Minnie Hbf fma.n (1+-6 )b. l89i)- Ind. Terr, 

B-k Charles Hoffman (!|-6)b, I896 Ind. Terr . 

B'S Ralph Hoffman(i|-6)b, l897 Ind, Terr. 

5-6 Christine Hoffman ( i|.-6 )b. 1905 

Ages calculated as of Sept 1, 1902 - Consus Card 
No, i|38l - US Dept. of Interior 
i;-7 George Gilbert (3-1 )b. March 2, 1879 Ind, Terr, d, Feb, 
3, 1933 Coffeyville, Kans. bur Elmwood Cem. Coffeyville 
m. Nov 9, 1899 Coffeyville, Kans. Lula Nancy Martin 
b, Aug 16, 1878 nr lola, Kr^nsas (dau. of John B. Martin 
and Ijora Simpson) 

5-1 Esther Gilbert (1^-7) b, Aug 26, 1900 Ind, Terr, now 
Nowata Co. Okla, d. July 26, 1901 bur Elmwood Cem, 
Coffeyville, Cem. 
5-2 Florence Gilbert (ij.-7)b. Oct I8, 1902 Ifowata Go, Okla 
m. Oct 20, 1929 Tulsa Okla Lois Cajnpbell b. 
No children 
5-3 Allen Gilbert (l+-7)b, Dec 29, 190[|. Nowata Co. Okla 
m. June 6, 192i|. Cbffeyville, Kans, 
Gladys Ruth Phillips b. 

6-1 Betty Jean Gilbert (5-3 )b, 
m. Glen Co f fman b. 
No children 

i;-7 George Gilbert (3-1) 

5-3 Allen Gilbert (li.- 7) (Continued) 

6-2 Allen Eugene Gilbert (5-3)b. Apr 25, 1926 Hamilton 
Kansc^.s m. Aug 11, 1953 Santa Barb.^.ra, Calif. 
Beverly Diane Pisher b. Jan 11, 1930 Detroit, Mich. 
(Her parents William Harvey Pisher and Virginia 
Louise Hollingtcn) 
7-1 Carol Suzanne Gilbert (6-2 )b. June 11, 1956 
7-2 Beverly Roxanne Gilbert (6-2 )b. June 1, 1961 
Both born Los Angeles, Calif, 
6-3 Joyce Gilbert (5-3 )b. 

James Gherser b, 
7-1 James Allen Cherser(6-3)b, 
7-2 Cheryl Ann Cher ser (6-3 )b, 
7-3 Carol Sue Cherser (6-3)b, 
7-k Cindy Lou Cherser (6-3 )b. 

No s. 2,3, 1| born nr San Antonio, Texas 
6-i; Dolores Gilbert (5-3 )b, 

Lo i s Bump b , 
No children 
6-5 Robert Lee Gilbert (5-3 )b. 
Millie Go tts chalk b, 

cr 1 A-. • ^^^?r^^i.l^ ?"^ ^^s Mark Go tts chalk 

5'k Alice Gilbert (i|.- 7 )b. June k, 1908 Nowata Cb. Okla. 

m. Dec 2k, 1937 Pt. Smith, Ark. 

W. Day Waldrep b. Sept 12, Gonzales, Tex. 

[s, of VI, P Waldrep and Sarah T. Diamukas ) 
No Children 
S-5 Ruth Marie Gilbert (i|.-7 )b. March 12, 1911 Nowata Co Okla 

I". Charles Thomas Smith July 23, 1931 

Ch.-.rles T. Smith b. * 


6-1 Charles Duane Smith (5-5 )b, 


Bonnie Uppendahl b, 
6-2 William Gene Smith (5-5 )b, 


Marilyn Stephens 

5-6 George Gilbert Jr(i|-7)b. June 15, 1916 Nowata Cb. Okla 

^' . ^. Smith, Ark 

Pauline Davis b. 


6-1 Paula Jeoxi Gilbert (5-6) b. Nov. 1951, 

6-2 John Allen Gilbert (5-6)b. Nov. 1955 

5-7 John B. Gilbert(i;-7)b. June 3, 1923 Coffeyville, Kans. 
. • . Germany 

Alice Slawik b. r. u -, , . 

CHILDREN Czechoslovakia 

6-1 Esther Gilbert (5-7 )b. Sept. 191,6 

6-2 Barbara Ann Gilbert (5-7)b. February 25, 191^8 



3-1 Allen Gilbert (2-2) Children Cbnt, 

k'Q Kiamitia Cortiol Gilbert (3-1 )b. Doc 29, l880 Ind. Torr. 
d. Jan 13, 1962 Ooffeyville, Kans. m, Aug 28, 1901 
Humboldt, Kans, J.-.ncs Francis McCullough b, 
5-1 Zelma C, McCullough (i;-8 )b. Apr 30, 1905 
m. July 3, 1922 Ifontgomory Co, Kans. 
Elmer Dung an b, 
6-1 Mar-iin Dungan(6-l)b, 
S'2. Olga F. McCullough([<.-8)b, ^fov 7, 1907 Coffeyvillo 
Kans. m. Aug 5, 1928 Cof fcyville (s , of Dell Mark 
Brighton and Agusta Veronica Franck) Mark Ebnald 
Brighton b. Feb 10, 1907 Coffeyville- Kans. 

6-1 James Richard Brighton (5-2) D, V. M. b. Sept 
111-, 1931 Coffeyville, Ks m. Aug 5, 1955 
Goraldinc Alspaugh b, 

7-1 Mark David Brighton ( 6-1 )b, Nov l8, 1956 
7-2 Jacquo Lee Brighton ( 6-1 )b. July 8, 1958 
7-3 Keith Allen Brighton ( 6-1 )b. Jan 28, i960 
All born Manhattan, Riley Co, Kans. 

6-2 Charlotte Ann Brighton (5-2 )b, June 6, 1933 
Coffeyville, Ks. m. June l5, 1956 Charles 
Samuel Herr. 

7-1 Conni Herr ( 6-2 )b. Mar 21^, i960 
7-2 Claudia Herr ( 6-2 )b. Jan li+, 1963 
Both born Manhattan, Kansas 

6-3 Mary Louise Brighton(5-2)b. Dec 31, 19i^0 Man- 
hattan, Kans, m, Jan 29, I96I 
Wilfred Elliot Layman b. 

7-1 Laurel Jeoii Layman ( 6-3 )b, Oct h, 1962 
Kansas City, Mo. 

6-i; Barbara Joan Brighton (5-2 )b. Aug 15, 191.3 
Manhattan, Kans, m. Aug 30, I963 Anthony 

6-5 Ihomas Joe Brighton (5-2 )b. July 20, 19k5 
Manhattan, Ks, 
k-9 Dennis B, Gilbert (3-1 )b, Oct 6, 1883 Webber Falls, 
Ind, Terr, m, * 

(MarA^ Correction: Grace 

5-1 John D. Gilbert ([|._9)b. 



6-1 Kathleen Gilbert (5-1 )b, TI <^ 

6-2 Miya Gilbert (5-l)b, j.' ^• 

6-3 Dennis B. Gilbert (5-1 )b. Japan 

^S^d^Lr^^^Tr^' from Montgomery feunty Kansas Probate Ctourt 
and Ifrs. Noancy Gilbert. Allen Eugene Gilbert and OIrc F. 
Brighton provided records for their families 


millam Gilbert 

Born in Pleasant Township, Clark County, Ohio June 23, 
1836 William Gilbert, second child of Sidney C. Gilbert and 
and Elizabeth Clark Gilbert was a blacksmith all his life, 
having learned the trade from his father. 

It is believed William was married twice, for a son, V3.ll- 
iam Gilbert Jr. was married to Ella Lo rimer Nov 11, I880, Two 
Years later a marriage record in Cla:' k Cbunty Probate Court 
shows William Gilbert (senior) married Eliza Weaver April 20, 

Other Probate Court records show Eliza Gilbert's name sign- 
ed to many of the papers of administration for his estate, 
William died Sept 12, I883 Pleasant Township, Clcc k County, Ohio. 
Eliza lived until April 11, 190i^., Both are buried in Summerford 
Cemetery, Madison County, Ohio. 

A birth certificate for Mabel P. Gilbert born Oct. 11, 1888 
was obtained, and she is believed to have been the daughter of 
William Gilbert Jr. and his wife Ella Lorimcr Gilbert. 

According to Alice Gilbert Harris, a niece of William Gil- 
bert, KLlza V/eaver Gilbert married a second time, a man by the 
name of Jones from London, Ohio, 


3-2 William Gilbert (2-2) m. (l) wife unknown, m. (2) Apr 20, 
1882 Clork County Ohio Eliza Weaver b, Oct I9, l852 d, Apr 
11, 1901+ Both bur. Suinmorfor Cemetery, Madison County. Ohio 
CHILDREN: Son by first marriage y y ^^ 

k-1 William Gilbert Jr. (3-2) b, m. Nov, 11, 188O 

Clark Co. Ohio Ella Lo rimer b, 

5-1 Mabel F. Gilbert (i;-l) b. Oct 11, 1888 Clark Co. Ohio 
4.-2 Henry R, Gilbert (3-2) b. 

m. Susan J. Jordan 


5-1 Clark Wilson Gilbert (1^.-2 ) b, March 15, 1883 

^is genealogy was made up from Clark County Ohio Probate 
Cburt records Henry R. Gilbert could not be placed in any 
to m?i -^^'^.^i^^r* families, and is believed^to beloSg^ 

name of'n .-^J^'^'t.' ■''' ^"" *° '^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^°^ ^^^^^ ^hf 
name of Clark. It is very possible that Wilson may be the 

^is'ch?lS?ef S-11^"" ^^^J^^r^ '"-^'^ ^''^ --^ tSe^^'Ler of 
ThLo ^' William Gilbert Jr. end Henry R. Gilbert 

These records are given for the benefit of^those who might 
a SlorL r^'r-i^'^^'^r '" '^" ^^^S^^^ li^^- Also fouSJ^was 
an^Maftha'LoigSJn! '°"" "^^ '' ^''' '' ^^^^^ ''' ^^^^-^ 


Mary Gilbert 

Mary Gilbert, born April 23, l8i|.0 in Clark County Ohio, 
married Jasper Newton Marsh, son of Wash Noah Marsh and Eliza 
Egrcn Mp.rsh March Ik, 1862, Her husband, vdio v;as born in l835 
died August 28, 1906, Mary Gilbert Marsh lived until May 13, 
1913, dying at the home of her daughter, Effie Marsh Hardman 
in Pleasant Tbwnship, Clark County Ohio, Both Jasper and 
Mary Gilbert Marsh are buried in S\immerford Cemetery, Madison 
County, Ohio, They were the parents of three sons, Arthur, 
Walter, and Auburn Smith Marsh, all deceased, and the above 
mentioned daughter, 

Mrs Hardman is the wife of E, D. Hardman, His father was 
William Hardman, born Feb 28, 1831, marrying Margaret Birely, 
daughter of Lewis Birely Oct 29, lo56. His mDther, Margaret 
Birely Hardman v;as a sister to Rebecca Birely, who married John 
Pulton Clark, (See John F, Clark biography) E, D, Hardman's 
grandfather, Jonathan Hardman, a native of Clarksburg, Virginia 
was a Methodist Episcopal Minister and a colonel of a regiment. 
He located in Greene County, Ohio in I806 near Fairfield, 

Hardman information P, 974 History of Clark County Ohio 168I 
Pleasant Township - W, H. Beers & Co, Publishers, Chicago, 111. 
Other information from Mrs, Effie Marsh Hardman, whose contri- 
bution was xnade to Mrs, Alice G. Harris, 


3"k Mary Gilbert (2-2 )b. Apr 23, l8Z;0 Clark Co, Ohio d. May 13, 

1913 bur Summerford, Ohio m. March II4., 1862 (s, of Wash 
Noah Marsh- and Eliza Egraon Marsh) Jasper Newton Marsh b. l835 
d, Aug 28, 1906 bur Summerford Cem, Madison Co, Ohio 

i|.-l Walter Marsh(3-l+)b. Jan 27, I863 Lundy Lane Clark Cb . 
Ohio, d, Nov 2lj., 19ii.3 Columbus, Ohio bur Summerford Cem 
Madison Co. Ohio m. Jan 28, 1885 Clark Co, Ohi o(Dau. 
of William Eli Yeasol and Lydia Ann Bennett) Elizabeth 
Yeasel b. Nov 17, l862 Harmony, Clark Co, Ohio, d, 
July 26, 19i|8 Hlllsboro, Ohio bur Summerford Cem, Madi- 
son Co, Ohio. 

5-1 Edx-rard Marsh([{.-1 )b. Mar 28, I89O Clark Co, Ohio d. 
May 20, I96O Columbus, Ohio bur London, Madison Co, 
Ohio m. Sept 25, 1916 Cblumbus, Ohio (Dau.of Mr and 
Mrs Chester E. Bryan) Uarda Bryan Robertson 
b. London, Ohio 

6-1 (5-1 )b. d, at birth 

6-2 (5-1 )b, d. at birth 

6-3 Chester Bryan RDbertson(s, of Uarda Ibbertson 
5 children 
5-2 Wilfred Marsh (1^.-1 )b, March ll;, I896 Pleasant Twp 
Cl"jrk Co, Ohio m. March 17, 192ij. London, Ohio 
Jane Tagger t Mitchell b. 
CHILDREN: See next page 


5-2 Wilfred Marshdi-l) 
6-1 Mr.ry Ellen Marsh(5-2)b. Mar 30, 1929 Evans- 
ton, 111. m. July 30, 1955 Ft, Wayne, Ind, 
(s, of James Mason Givens Sr, ) James Mason 
Govens Jr. b, 

7-1 Jane .Ann Givens (6-l)b, Mar 20, 
5-3 Son (1+-1) b. Sept lij., I896 - Stillborn 
^~i\. Mary Ellen Marsh(l;-1 )b. Jan 29, 190i^ London, Madi- 
son Co, Ohio m, (s. of John Henry Murphy Jr and 
Rose Jane Fox) July 20, 1936 Springfield, Ohio 
Charles Cropper Murphy b, Apr 29, 190i|. Highland 
County, Ohio 
6-1 Nancy Rose Murphy ( 5- i|)b. Sept 11, 1937 Hills - 

boro, Ohio (stillborn) 
6-2 Barbara Jo Murphy ( 5- ij- ) b , Feb I8, 1939 
6-3 John Marsh Murphy (5-4)b. Oct 20, 19il.O 
6-ij. Charles Edward Murphy (5-i|-)b, Apr 29, 191^8 

All born Cincinnati, Ohio, but home in Hills- 
bo ro, Ohio 
14.-2 Arthur Marsh (3-lj-)b, abt 1866 Clark Cb, Ohio d. Jan 30, 
1928 Denver Colorado m. (1) 

(d, of Charles McMullan and Martha Hathaway McMullan) 
Lucy McMullan b, Dec 31, I896 Homer, Ohio nr Milford 
Oenter d. Sept 13, 1911 Pueblo, Colo, m. (2) Nelle 

^ Correction: Lucy McMullan b, Dec 31, I869 


5-1 Infant son (i|-2)b, 19OI d, at 6 weeks 

5-2 Martha Marsh(k-2)b. Dec 6, 1903 Wbodstodic, Ohio 

d, Jan 20, I96I Colorado Springs m. Benjamin 

Edward Sutton b. Aug 28, I883 N, Y. City, N. Y, 

d. May 30, 1957 No children 

5-3 Elizabeth Marsh(ij.-2 )b, 

B-k Virginia ])'Iarsh(I|.-2)b. 

m, Daniel Eastman b. 

Two children 

ij.-3 Auburn Smith Marsh (3-ij-)b. Oct 7, 1872 Clark Co. Ohio 

d. March 6, 19^1-5 Calif, bur Columbus, Ohio m, Dec 25, 

1892 Clark Cb, Ohio (1) Toe Runyan b, I876 Catawba, 

Ohio d, bur, S-ummerford, Ohio m, (2) May 30, 

1902 Wilmington, Ohio Marg-^ret Hunter b. Oct 31, I868 

Bloomingburg, Ohio d. Sept 26, 19i;9 Oolumbus, Ohio bur 

Wilmington, Ohio, 


5-1 ?loyd Clark Marsh([|.-3 )b. Dec 28, l89i^. Pleasant Twp 

Clark Co, Ohio d. Apr 19, 1956 Akron, Ohio bur 

Ellet Memorial Cem. m, Dec 31, 1929 Akron V'Ohio (dau, 

of Dr James Harold Broi-m and Rose Smith Brown) Emily 

Rachel Brown b, Nov 9, I89I Mecca, Ohio 


6-1 DuDjio Jasper Marsh(5-l)b, Mar 20, 1931 Akron, 

Ohio m. Aug 18, 1956 (dau, of Charles Douglas 

DeGruchy and Laura Marie Nichols ) Joan Elaine 

DeGruchy b, Jan 12, 1930 Akron, Ohio, 


6-1 Duane Jasper Marsh (5-1) 


7-1 Larry Jay Marsh(6-l)b. Mar 9, 1958 Alliance 
Stark Co. Ohio 

7-2 Joffery Clark Marsh(6-l)h. July 2l\., 1959 
OolumbuB, Franklin Co, Ohio 
5-2 Dorothy G. Marsh (J+-3)b. Oct 2, 1903 Springfield, 
Ohio. m. Nov 23, 1919 Springfield, Ohio Anthony 0* 
Cromis b. July k, l888 Crete, Groeco 
6-1 Anthony Christopher Cromis (5-2 )b. May 1|, 1922 

Columbus, Ohio m, Nov 17, 19i;7 LyndJjur st, N. J. 

Stephane Godzoski b. Oct 1, 1922 Lyndhurst N.J, 


7-1 Marian Cromis (6-1 )b, Feb 21, 1950 

7-2 Mchael Cromis (6-l)b. June 12, 1951i 

7-3 Gregory Cromis ( 6-1 )b. Oct l8, 1957 
All born Lyndhurst N, J, 
6-2 Elizabeth Caths rine Cromis (5-2)b. Sept26, 192ij. 

Columbus, Ohio m, March 3, 19^4-3 Columbus, Ohio 

Calvin James Pappan b, June 6, 1923 Columbus, 



7-1 Kevin Lee Pappan (6-2 )b, Oct, 27, 1958 
Columbus, Ohio 
6-3 George Allen CTOmis(5-2)b, Sept li|, 1933 Colum- 
bus, Ohio m, Jan 27, 195? Columbus, Ohio 

Beatrice Cbllins b, Dec l6, 1937 Colum bus, Ohio 


7-1 Anthony George Cromis ( 6-3 )b, Dec 20, 1962 
6-I4. Michael Robert Cromis (5-2 )b, Feb 2, 19i^-0 

Columbus, Ohio 
5-3 Elizabeth Catherine Marsh (14.-3 )b, March 1906 - 26th 
Springfield, Ohio m. Aug 22, 1929 Wilmington, Ohio 
(s, of Henry Carapen and Katherlne Gaiser Campen) 
Allen Campen b, Dec 27, 1902 Coliunbus, Ohio 
6-1 Kathryne Campen (5-3 )b, June 6, 1930 Columbus, 

6-2 Joanne Campen(5-3)b. Oct lij., 1931 Colvimbus,Ohio 

m, Nov 5, 1951+ 

Carl Trump b, 
6-3 Mary 1. Campen(5-3 )b, Apr 2l\., 1933 Columbus, 

Ohio m. June 18, 1955 

V/illiam D. Clifton b. 





S-k Sercn C. Marsh(U-3)b. Oct 7, 1910 Summerford, Ohio 
m, (1) Dorothy Elizabeth Hakes b, March 15,1910 
Sedalia, Ohio (m. 1929) m, (2) Oct 10, 19ij-7 Virginia 
Hare Farra b, Oct 6, 1917 Robins, Ohio. i\fo Children 
6-1 Donald A, Marsh(5-i|-) see next page 



S-if Soron C, Mp,rsh([j.-3 ) 


6-1 Ebnald A. Marsh(5-I|-)b, May 27, 1932 Columbus, 
Ohio. m. Dec 1950 

6-2 Nancy Marsh (5-i^)b. Nov 11, 19g5 Columbius, Ohio 
m. Oct 1953 

Robert Sin f for b, 
6-3 Carol Ann Marsh(5-I^)bo Apr 3, 1937 Coluinbus, 
Ohio ra. July 195I4. 

Roger Parks b. 
k-k Effie Marsh (3-l+)b. Oct 2?, I883 Clark Co, Ohio m. Nov 
28, 1906 Siiinmerford, Ohio (s. of William Hardman and 
Margaret Birely Hatdman) Ed D. Hardman b. Mar 25, 18?? 
Clark Co. Ohio (tvdn of Ella Hardman) 

5-1 '^lliam Marsh Hardman(i;-I|.)b, May 10, I908 Clark Co 
Ohio m. Jan l5, 19i;5 Seattle, Wash. (dau. of 
Herbert and Anna Marie Wilburn Baxter) Dorothy 
Baxter b. Oct 13, 1912 Chicago, 111 
6-1 William Herbert Hardman (5-1 )b, Jan 2, 19[(.6 

Ft. Lewis, V/ash. 
6-2 Dorothy Ann Hardman (5-1 )b, Apr 21|, 1950 
Pukuoka, Kyushu, Japan 
5-2 Jane Hardman (!;-[). )b, Feb 21, I918 Puoblo, Colo. 

Norman V. V/ilson b, 

6-1 Nancy Ann Wilson(5-2 )b. May 12, I9I4I 
6-2 Norma Jane Wilson(5-2 )b. Nov 20, 191^3 
6-3 Danny Lee Wilson (5-2 )b. Aug I6, 19l|9 
All born Denver, Colorado 

Family records contributed by Mary l^larsh Murphy, Effie Marsh 
Hardman, lAfilliam Marsh Hardjiian, Betty Cromis Pappen, Martha 
Marsh Sutton (now deceased), and certain old records from 
Cla k County Ohio Probate Cburt, 



Lydla Arm Gilbert 

On September 13, l8U2 in Cla- k County Ohio, Lydia Ann Gil- 
bert, fifth child of the Sidney C. Gilberts was born. In a cer- 
emony performed by Reuben Miller, Justice of the Peace, in Sprxng- 
filed, Ohio, Lydia Ann was united in na rriagc Doc, 10, lob? witn 
Samuel Jacob Neibergcr, son of William and Lovinla Statler Noi- 
berger of Summerford, Ohio . 

Sainuel Neiberger served in the Civil War as a private, Ui|th 
Regiment, Ohio Vol\mtcors, Con^any I, Springfield Zbuves from 
Oct 9, 1061 to Nov 3, 1862. He was discharged on a surgeon's 
Certificate of Disability, due to typhoid fever. Sometime after 
the war he became a doctor. 

His pension records show all of their children were born in 
Clinton, Missouri, Two boys, Albert and Clark C, died in in- 
fancy, and are thought to have been buried in Clinton. Leaving 
Clinton in September l877, when their daughter Emma was two 
months old, the family moved to Nebraska City, Nebraska, where 
they resided until they moved to Burlington, Kansas April 1, 
1888. Here their son, Gcrrge W. and daughter Emma were married, 

George, like his father, became a doctor, and married a 
doctor Birdie John. Both practised their professions in Kansas 
City, Missouri, whore George died in 1905; and was buried in 
ElmwDOd Cemetery in that city, Emma married Charles Brand. 

On July 13, 1905 the Samuel Neiberger and Brand families 
moved to Independence, Kansas where the Brands operated a bak- 

In 1910 the two families are found residing in Las Angeles. 
California, the Noibergors at l58 W. Zij-th Street, where, follow-- 
ing an operation Lydia died Sept 8, 1910, She was buried in 
Rosedalo Cemetery, Los Angeles. Dr. Neiberger died in Phoenix , 
Arizona at the Pacific Branch National Home for Disabled Volxm- 
teor Soldiers, Oct. 6, 1921, and also was interred in the Rose- 
dale Cemetery in Los Angeles. 


3-5 Lydia Ann Gilbert (2-2) m. Dec 10, 186? Springfield, Ohio 
(s, of V/illiam and Lovinia Statler Neiberger) Samuel Jacob 
Neiberger b, Nov 13, I838 Summerford, Ohio d, Oct 6, 1921^ 
Phoenix, Arizona bur. Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, Calif- 
L|.-l George W, Neiberger (3-5) b. Jan 19, I869 Clinton, Md, 
m. Birdie John b. (George died 1905/06 bur ElmwDod 

Cem Ifeinsas City, Mo. 
I4.-2 Albert Neiberger (3-5) b. Mar 2, l872 Clinton, Mo. d. Inf, 
I4.-3 Clark C, Neiberger (3-5)b. Apr 5, l875 Clinton, Mo.d. Infc 

Both bur. Clinton, Mo. 
k'k Emma Eva Neiberger (3-5) b, July 30, l877 Clinton, Mo, 

d. March 1956, Ohio m, (1) Charles Brand June 2k 

m. (2) Fred Rowlen d, Martinez, Calif bur Canton, Ohio 
m. (3) Dwight L. Parsons June 19Ul Kent, Ohio (deceased) 



George Gilbert 

George Gilbert was born in Springfield, Ohio March 1, 

l8l|6. At the age of 21 in l867 he moved to the state of Kansas, 

locating near Hartford, where he lived until his death April 
20, 1932. 

Jan 8, l87i; he married Bluma Price, a daughter of George 
W. and Bluma Bavis Price, Settling on a farm east of Hartford, 
the couple raised a family of eight children. He survived his 
wife, who was- born Nov 23, l85l in New Castle, Indiana, After 
her death May 1^, 1923 George Gilbert made his home with a 
daughter, Mrs Elizabeth Gilbert Rich. (Mrs Peter F. Rich) 

Mrs Rich says of him, "l^ Father was a man of thrifty 
habits, honest and upright. He lived by the Golden Rule, al- 
ways doing to others, as he would be done by. He was a farmer, 
and loved being out of doors and was the happiest when vrorking 
on his farm, hunting or fishing, or just enjoying strolls 
through the woods or beside Kansas streams. He had a strong 
constitution, which gave him 8? years of good health. We bur- 
ied him beside my mother in Hartford Cemetery," 

Biographical and genealogical material for George Gilbert 

and his descendents contributed by Mrs Elizabeth Gilbert Rich, 


3-7 George Gilbert (2-2 )m, Jan 8, l87ij. Hartford, Kans (dau. of 
George W. Price and Bluma Bavis Price) Bluma Price b, Nov 
23, l85l New Castle, Indiana d. May l5, 1923 bur Hartford, 

ij.-l Elizabeth Bluma Gilbert (3-70b, Oct 23, I87I]- Hartford, 
Kansas m. Dec 21, I898 Hartford (s, of Daniel Rich 
and Fannie Witmer Rich) Peter F, Rich b. Jan I8, l875 
Hartford, Kans, d. Sept 13, 195^ bur Hartford, Kans, 

5-1 Margret Lucile Rich(it.-1 )b, Oct 19, l899 Hartford, 
Kans, m, March 12, 1926 Newton, Kans.(s. of Del\ 
and Allie Baker Hodges) George 0, Hodges b, July 28 
1900 Harfiford, Kans, d. May 19, 19i|8 bur Hartford, 

6-1 Ramona Grace Hodges (5-1 )b. July 26, 1929 Hart- 
ford, Kans, m, March 21, 1911-8 Harrisonville, Mo, 
(s, of Ira B, Burd and Chloe Viola Hendrickson 
Burd) Ira E, Burd b. Feb 3, 1927 Beggs, Okla, 
CHILDREN: See next page 


6-1 Ramona Grace Hodges (5-1) 
7-1 Jerry Lee Burd<6-l)b, Nov 25, 19lj.8 Hartford, 

Kans. d, Dec 6, ig^B 
7-2 Ronald Dean Burd(6-l)b, Nov l8, 19ii.9 Burling- 
ton, Kans, 
7-3 Craig Eugene Burd(6-l)b. July 30, 1953 Hart- 
ford, Kans, 
7-1; Georjan Lucile Burd(6-l)b. July 6, 1957 
Hartford, I^ans, 
6-2 Duane DeWltt Hodges (5-l)b. Ndv 11, 1931 Hartford 
Kans, in. April 29, 1950 Hartford, (dau. of 
Ralph Blanck and Nina G, Shaffer Blanck) Mara- 
lyn J, Blanck b. Aug 16,1937 Emporia, Kans, 

7-1 Marilyn Denise Hodges (6-2 )b, July 29, 1957 
Witchita, Kans, 
6-3 Dale Eugene Hodge s{ 5-1 )b, Aug l8, 19i+.0 Hartford. 
4-1 Elizabeth Bluma Gilbert (3-7) 

5-2 Anna May Rich([^-l)b, K' y 12 1906 Hartford, Kans, m.Sept 
l8, 1925 Cottonwood Falls,' Kans, (s, of Sam Gillum and 
Lula Mann Gillum) Sam N. Gilliim b. May 7, 1903 Hartford, 

6-1 Samuel Eldon C-illum(5-2)b, May 1, 1926 Hartford, Kans 
d, Dec 1, 19l;9 Kansas City, Mo, m, Oct 9, 19l|.8 Mer- 
ced, Calif, (dau, of Charles Roye and Henrietta Minor 
Rbye) Ruby May Roye b. Nov, 21, 1925 Pontiac, Miss. 

7-1 Rita Sue Gillum(6-l)b, June 5, 19i;9 Kans City,Kan 
6-2 Robert Stanley Gillum (5-2) b. Sept 29, 1928 Hartford, 
I^ns, m. Nov 5, 1914-9 Bonner Springs, Kans, (Dau, of 
Dewey and' Rebecca Reed Howard) ' Betty Joyce Howard 
b. May 21^., I930 New Alia, Okla, 

7-1 Janot Lynn Gllltira(6-2)b, Sept 11, 1955 
7-2 Joan Annette Glllum(6-2)b, Jan Ik, 1958 
Both born I^ansas City, Kans, 
5-3 Joe Albert Rich(I|.-l )b, March 6, 1909 Hartford, Kans, m, 
Aug 17, 1935 Blue MDund, Ivans, (dau, of Charles W, Thomp- 
son and Trella Caldwell Thompson) Donna June Thompson b, 
Jan, 30, 1916 Garnett, I^ns, 

6-1 Joe Ibuglas Rich(5-3) b, Aug 26, 1936 Westphalia, Ks 
6-2 Craig Thompson Rich ( 5-3 )b, Aug 5, 19i;5 McPherson, Ks^. 

6-1 Joe Lbuglas Rich (5-3 )ra, Nov 27, 1956 McPherson, Kans 
(Dau, of Walfred E. and Mary Bock Johnson) Ann Janet 
Johnson b. Sept 29, 1939 McPherson, Kans, 

7-1 Joann Renee Rich(6-l)b, Fob 11, 1958 Mcphorson, 
7-2 Bryan Thompson Rich(6-l)b, June 20, 1959 
McPherson, Kans, 
S^k Grace Elizabeth Rich(lj.-l)b, Fob 2, 1911 Hartford, Kans, 

m, April 1^., 1931, Newton, Kans,(s, of Alftcd L. Zbdy 

and ]y^tle I, Gateka) Glenn Ralph Zody b, Nov 26, I90I; 

Galva, ICans, 


5-14. Grace Elizabeth Rlch(li-l) 

6-1 Marilyn Sue Zody(5-.I).)b„ Fob 26, 1933 Emporia, l^ans, 
m, Oct ll)., 1950 Ejiporia, K^ns, (s. of Ralph Wesley 
Corlett Sr, and V/ilma Irene Eubank) Ralph Wesley 
Corlott Jr. b„ Jimc 27, 1925^ Butler, Bates Co„ Md, 
7-1 Ralph Wesley Corlett III(6..1)bo Nov 13, 1951 

Great Bend„ Kans. d. Ifov 13, 195l 
7-2 Marilyn June Corlett (6-1 )bo Oct 30, 1952 Still- 

v/ator, OlcLa^ 
7-3 VJilliam Max Corlett( 6"l)bo Oct 7, 1953 Kansas 

City, I^bo 
7-1]. Ronald Mark Corlett (6-1 )be Apr. 23, 1958 lOnnsas 
VI ty, m^ 
6-2 Carolyn Ann Zbdy(5-U)t>o Dec 8,, 1931; Einporia, I^ans, 
m, Aug ll;, 1951; V/itchita, Ifcns,(Sc of Tiwis Ho 
Sturgeon and Phyllis Buchanan) Richard V/, Sturgeon 
b, Aug 1;, 1933 Eureka, Ivans ^ 

7-1 John Bradley Sturgeon (6-2 )bo Dec 7, 1961 Witchi- 
ta, Iva.nsc 
6-3 Martha Jane 2bdy (5-l;)bo Oct 10, 1936 Etnporia^ ICans. 
m, Oct 26 _, 1957 Wit Chita, Kans, (s^ of Thurman 
Elsitier Hirman and Noll Pearl Evons ) Edwin LoRoy 
Hinman b^ Fob 1_, 1935 Hobbs New Mexico. 
7-1 Robert LoRoy Iiininan(6-3)b, Aug 7.- 1958 Wichita, 

7-2 Charles Davld Hinman (6-3)b. Apr 8, 1961 Anaheim, 
i;-2 Walter Dean Gilbert (3 7 )b;, Jan 6_, I877 Hartford, Kans^ dc 

Apr 30, 19l;8 Quinton, Okla, bur «' Quint on ^ m, Hartford, Kans, 
Henry Adelaide Byerly b. May 29.- I883 Ncosha Rapids, Itons, 
d, Atoka, Okla- bur (^inton, Oklac 


5-1 Nellie May Gilbert (lL~2_)b, Aug 13j 1902 lola, Kans» me 
Sept 1, 1939 Nex-rport, -\Dntucky Joseph Maxx^rell Meitus 
b. March 30, 1902 Cincinnati. Ohio, No childrcno 
5-2 Hazel Gertrude Gilbert (l;-2 )bo Feb 5, 1905 lola, Kans, m. 
May 22, 1926 Quinton, Okla„ (So of Achilles Dc-.vid Haraway 
and Gertrude '.TCiitsorthy ) Samuel J^ Haraway b„ July 11, 
1888 Hartman, Arko 

6-1 Mary Lee Haraway (5-2 )bo Apr 21, 1927 Peathorston, 
Okla„ mo May 22^, 195l I'ucson, Ariz^ Donald Glen 
Mills bo July 17, 1927 Crawfordsvillc, Indo 

7-1 Martha Lee Mills ( 6.-1 }bo Oct 8„ 1953 Tucson, Ariz„ 
7-2 Ebnald Glen I'lills Jr(6-l)bo July I6, 1955 Cravx- 

fordsvillo, Indc 
7-3 John David' Mils (6-1) bo Apr 28, 1957 Crawfords- 
villc, Ind, 
6-2 Jackson Dean Har avray ( 5-2 ) b , Mar 6, 1929 Tulsa, Okla. 
Doctor Haraway m„ Aug 25. 1950 Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Bettye i-'ayc Sizemorc bo Mar. 2lj., 1929 Okla. City, 
CHILDREN: Sec next page 


6-2 Jackson Doan Haraway(5-2) 

CHILDREN: (See addenda) Page 26 

7-lStoplf.on Jackson Haraway (6-2)b. June 10, 195C 
Ada, Okla. 
6-3 Robert Ray (Pepper ) Haraway (5-2 )b. Sept 21, 193i 
Peatherston, Okla. m. Sept 2, 1956 Hobbs^ Now Mex 
Betty Ann Rudder b. June 13, 1935 Temple^ Texaa 
No children 
i;-2 Walter Doan Gilbert (3-7) 

5-3 Mildred Helen Gilbert (i;-2 )b<, July 22, 190? lola, Kanii., 
in. (1) Jay IQrkland m, (2)Apr 10, 1933 V/llburtox.^ Okla.. 
Martin Vfcods b. July 26, 1891 Lenox, Indian Terr, no 

6-1 IxDla May Kirkland (5-3)b, Feb 13, 192? Ouinton, Ovia. 
$-k Lenora Doan Gilbert ([|.-2)b, Oct 12, 1909 lola,^i. 
k.'-3 Nellie Etta Gilbert (3-7 )b. Doc 1, l879 Hartford/ lians, d. 
Sept 15, 1962 bur. Hartford, Kans, m, Jan 12, 1903 Hartfoi-d 
(s, of Alexander Stubbs and Lucy McBrido) Charles Grant 
Stubbs b. May 12, I878 Vermillion, Illinois, d. May 30-1959 
bur, Hartford, KanSo 

5-1 Dorothy Bluma Stubbs (]+-3)bo Apr 2ij., 1905 Hartford iCai^So 
ra.Peb 22, 1925 Hartford, (s, of Howard D, Hahn ar.d Mary 
A, Hasselbalch) Lou Roy Hahn b„ Sept l5, 1901; Col-:^ub.:3y 

6-1 James Lou Hahn (5-1 )b. Mar 8, 1927 Kansas City, I'o. 
m. Sept 13, 1961 Seattle, Wash, (dau, of RayiTiond 
McParland and Onoto W^ Adamson) Janice Doan KoFai- 
land b, Oct 26, 1937 Girard, Kans. 

7-1 James Lou Hahn II(6-l)b. Oct I8, 1962 Seattie,Wii, 
5-2 J toe C. Stubbs (i;..3)b, Nov 30,, I906 Hartford, Kans, n.. 
July 8, 1925 Ottawa, Kans. "(ddu. of Fred Herri ck and 
Addie Fallen) Helen Herri ck b, July ij., 1909 Garnet 0^ Kans 

6-1 Charles Frederick Stubbs (5-2 )b. Mar 30, 1926 Harc^- 
ford, Kans. m. Jcjn I8, 19^^!- Emporia, Kans. (DaUoOf 
Harold Edward Johnson and lA^nona Hayvxirth) Lois 
Lucille Johnson h„ Nov 23, 1925 Ottawa. Kans, 

7-1 Judith Alloda Stubbs ( :)-l)b„ July I8, 191^.6 
7-2 Bruce James Stubbs (6-1 )b, Nov 5, 1949 
.7-3 Harold Edward Stubbs (6-1 )b. June 1, 1953 
Al 1 bo rn Empo ri a , Kans , 
6-2 Robert Glen Stubbs (5-2 )b, Dec 2i|., 1929 Hartford, KaiT 
m. Oct 19, 19ij-7 Reno, Nevada (dau^ of Marion Spencc 
and Fayrene Fowler) Joan M, Spencc bo Nov 19.-> 193-'- 
Emporia, Kans, 

7-1 J. C. Stubbs ( 6-2 )b. Mar 11, 1952 Topeka, Kans, 
7-2 Glynis Lyn Stubbs (6-2 )b. Dec 1, 1953 lop ck\-,, Kane 
7-3 Lou Ann Stubbs (6-2 )b. June 27, 1955 Topeka^ Ituis 
6-3 Donald Lee Stubbs (5-2 )b. Mar 13;, 1938 £rooria, Kar.c, 



i^-3 Nellie Etta Gilbert (3-7) 
CHILDREN: (Continued) 

5-3 Nellie May Stubbs (ij.-3 )b. July ll+, 1911 Hartford, Kans. 
(Twin) m. May I4., 1929 Lydon, Kans.(s. of Asa Mvin Meek) 
and Viola Belle Baxter) Kcrmit V/esloy Mock b, Apr 21, 
1906 Strawn, Kansas 

6-1 Rosemary Moek(5-3)b. Dec 6, 1932 Emporia, Kans, m. 
May 7, 1955 Topeka, Kans(s, of John A. Manoski and 
Stephanie Barcoski) John Anthony Manoski b. May 30, 
1930 Scranton, Pa, 

7-1 Rosanne Manoski (6-1 )b, Aug 29, 1957 Scranton, Pa 
5-1). Lillian Paye Stubbs (i].-3)b, July lij., 1911 Hartford, Kans 
(Twin)in. March 25, 1931 Council , Grove, Kans, (s, of Os- 
car RDrrester and - Melton) Jesse Herbert Forrester 
b, Feb 23, 1908 MDline, Kans. 

6-1 John Herbert Porrester(5-i4-)b, Dec 6, 1931 Emporia, Ks 
m. Dec 19, I95I4- Emporia (dau, of John Clifford Shoe- 
brooke and Maybelle Kincade ) Care lee Shoebrooke b, 
March 29, 1932 Emporia, Kans, 

7-1 Angle Michole Forrester (6-1 )b. Dec I8, 1955 
7-2 David John Forrester (6-1 )b. Aug 22, 1957 
Both born Emporia, Kans, 
6-2 William Dbnald Forrester (5-i|-)b. Oct 21, 193ij- Emporia 
Kans m, Aug 5, 1956 Emporia (dau, of Mack Robinson 
and Eva Rumford)Pati'icia Marilyn Robinson b, Jan, 
22, 1937 Emporia, Kans. 
7-1 Candace Leigh Fbrrester (6-2)b. Oct 22, 1957 

Emporia, Ksins, 
7-2 Jeffrey Lynn Forrestcr(6-2)b. June 9, 1959 
Bartlesville, Okla, 
6-3 David Joe Forrester (5-[|.)b, Sept 21, 1939 QT:poria,Ks 
b^-k Mary Katherine Gilbert (5-7 )b. Dec 2$, l882 Hartford, Kans. 
m, Jan 1, I9OO Hartford, Kans(s, of Daniel Rich and Fannie 
Witmer) Christian V/. Rich b. Dec I6, l877 Hartford, Kans. d, 
Jan 1, 1929 Hartford, Kans. Mary Katherine Gilbert d. Oct 9, 
1953 Long Beach, Calif, both bur Hartford, Kans 
5-1 Paul Gilbert Rich(l+-[).)b. Sept 25, 1902 lola, Kans. d. 
June 12, 19ij.5 Ponca City, Okla. bur V/infiold, Fans, m. 
(1) Eva Juanita Lockwoodb, 

6-1 Gilbert Eugene Rich ( 5-1 )n. Nov 19, 192ij. Emporia, Ks 
m, Oct 1, 19I4.2 Couer d'Alene, Idaho (dau of Earl 
Russel Johnson and Fannie Rose Stanley ) Lillian Ar- 
lene Johnson b, Oct 5, 1922 Clarinda, Iowa 
7-1 Marva Jean Rich(6-l)b. June 29, 19il-3 Hillsboro, 

7-2 Gilbert Eugene Rich Jr. (6-1) b. May 29,19ij.5 

Spokane, Washington 
7-3Michael Roy Rich (6-1 )b. Oct 17, 19i|6 Portland, Ore 
7-1+ Diana Rose •Rich(6-l)b, Apr 21, 191+8 Portland, Ore 
7-5 Lynda Vaneen Rich(6-1 )b, Jan 27, 1953 Portland, Ore 
7-6Doniso Renae Rich(6-l)b, Jan 13, 1955 Portland, Ore 



6-1 Gilbert Eugene Rich (5-1) 

7-1 Marva Joan Rich(6-1) m, Aug 28, I96I 

(s. of William Robert Thompson Sr and Audrey 
May Goughlin) William Robert Thompson Jrc be 
June 26, 19ij^ Massena, N. Y, (Sec Addenda Pg 25) 

5-1 Paul Gilbert Rich(I).-ij.) m. (2) Jean 


6-2 Beverly Jean Rich - Twice married - 2 children 
5-1 ?-aul Gilbert Rich(i;-i;) m,(3) July 2^ 1929 

(dau, of John George Collmann and Katherine Peters) 

Ethel Louise Collmann b. Oct 25, 1906 Haven, Kans„ 

(Ethel Collmann Rich 2nd Llarriage- Ded. 22, 1952 

Tahlequah, Okla. to J, Mo Garroutte) 


6-3 Aneita Louise Rich (5-1 )b, June 26, 1932 V/infield, 
Kansas, m, (1) May 10, 1952 E. T, Korthcutt Jr^ 
m. (2) Oct 1% 1958 Cannon, Conn. (s. of Ra3rmond 
Strauser and Garnet Dutcher) David Straus er b,NbVc, 
5, 1931; Gloversville, New York. No Children 

6-I4. Robert Harlan Rich (5-1 )b. Feb I8, 1934 Winfield. 
Kans, m, Aug 19, 1956 LaMesa, Texas (dau of Ifcri 
H, Ifeiddatz and Amanda Karchor) Karlene Kaddatz bo 
Nov 19, 1935. No children 
5-2 Francis Witmer Rich(i|.-i<.)b, Sept 1.1, 1909 Hartford, Kans 

m.May 25, 1929 Braman, 0kla,(DaUo of William Morris and 

May Stubbs) vaima Pearl Morris b, June 25, 1910 Pav/-^ 

huaka, Okla, 


6-1 Wendell Dean Rich (5-2 )b, March 1, 1930 Hartford, 
Kans, m« Feb I8, 1950 Yuma, Arizona (Dau,-, of Holiis 
Lee Pucket V/illiams and Helen Veronica Kaiser - 
name changed to Mng in VW-I) Marilyn VJilliams bo 
July 28, 1932 Orange, Calif, 

7-1 Steven Lee Rich ( 6-1 )b„ Dec l5, 1950 Artesia. Cal 
7-2 Randall Doane Rich ( 6-1 )b. Oct 12, 1953 Glcndale. 

7-3 Wendy Lynne Rich (6-1 )bo Sept 26. 1956 Redlands. 

6-2 Norma Joan Rich(5-2)b. June 12, 1932 Hartfordi^ims 
m, June 20, 1950 Long Beach, Calif. (s„ of Vee 
Arthur Logan and Evel3ni Lucille Carter) Arthur La 
Verne Logan b. Dec 12, 1929 Long Beach, Calif, 
7-1 Laurie Lynn Logan(6-2)b, May 18, 1952 Pomona, 

7-2 Kelly Eileen Logan(6-2)b. J-une 19, 1955 GlCxi- 
dale, Calif. 

6-3 Mary Frances Rich(5-2)b, Oct 17, I936 EirrporiajKans„ 
m. Oct 17, I95I; Kjrth Hollywood, Calif, James 
Richardson b, July 5, 1936 Long Beach. Calif. 

7-1 Donald Noil Ridhardson(6-3 )b. Aug 26, 1955 
7-2 Douglas Eugene Richardson ( 6-3 )b. Aug 26, 1955 
Twins-bo th born San Bernardino, Calif, 


k.-k Mary Kathorino Gilbert (3-7) 
5-2 Francis Witmor Rlch(L|.-[).) 


6-k Christy Wayne Rich(5-2)b, Aug 30, 19ij.6 

6-5 Danny Lee Rich ( 5-2 )b. Oct 1, I9I4.O 

6-6 John Allan Rich(5-2)b. Sept 12, 1951 
All born in Long Beach, Calif, 
5-3 Mary Kathorino Rich(li-[^)b. Jan 2l|., I918 Hartford, Kans 

m. Dec 25, 1939 Gouer d 'Alone, Idaho (s, of vailiam 

Frederick Nienstedt and Martha Mathilda Fichler) 

Frederick H. Nionstedt b. June 17, 1916 Hartford, Kans. 


6-1 Michael Frederick Nionstedt (5-3)b, Oct 31, 19i|4 
Emporia, Kans, 

6-2 Christopher Henry Nienstedt (5-3 )b, Oct 9, 191^-6 
Spo kane , Washington. 
k.-B Albert Harvey Gilbert (3-7 )b, March 26, l88i4. Hartford, liana, 
m. March 27, 19l6 Lena Williams b. 

d, Calif, bur DesMoines, Iowa 

5-1 Ronald Gilbert ([|.-5) b, Des Moines, Iowa 

m, Sarah Storey b. Belfast, Ireland 


6-1 Mm Gilbert (5-1) bo 

6-2 Shawn Gilbert (5-1 )bc 
5-2 Warren Albert Gilbert (L|.-5)b, Doslfcines, Iowa 


i;-6 Clarke William Gilbert ( 3-7 )b. Aug 13, I886 Hartford, Kans 
d.. Mar I6, 19l|5 Long Beach, Calif, bur- HDllywood Mem, Gem,' 
Hollyx,rood, Calif, m. Fob 23, 1909 lola, Kans. (dau. of 
David Cooper and Kate Thrasher) Marguerite (Madge) Cooper 
b. July 13, 1888 lola, Kans. d. June 22, 1961; N. Hollywood, 
CHILDRE]M:(bur. Hollywood Mem. Cam. Hollywood, Calif.) 
5-1 Max Vincent Gilbert (i;-6)b. Aug 29, 1910 lola, Ivans, m,- 
May 26, 1935 Albany, N„ Y, (Dau. of /jrthur W. Finkell 
and Anna Martin) Elizabeth Marie Finkell b. Sept 3, 
1910 Albany, N, Y, 

6-1 Ifcry Elizabeth Gilbert (5-1 )b, April 23, 1936 Albany 
N. Y. m. Nov 2, 1957 Albany, N. Y. (s. of Charles 
Jackson Nolan and Marian Maude Walker) Robert 
Walker Nolan b, March 25, 1932 Philadelphia, pa.- 

7-1 David Charles Nolan ( 6-1 )b, Aug li|., 1958 
7-2 Robert Vincent Nblan(6-l)b, Sept 17, 1959 
7-3 Stephen Joseph Nolan(6-l)b. Ihv 9, 1960 
All born in Darby, Penna, 
6-2 Janet Anno Gilbert (5-1 )b. Oct 21, 1937 Albany, N,Y. 
6-3 Grace Marguerite Gilbert (5-1 )b. Nov 5, 1938 Fhila. 
6-1; David Vincent Gilbert (5-1 )b. Fob 9, 19[|.0 Philadel- 
phia, Pa. m. Jan 25, 1958 (dau of Robert Minich 
Sauter and Irma Fyetta Snyder) Elizabeth Ann Sauter 
b. Oct 13, 19l;0 Reading, Penna. 

7-1 Victoria Elizabeth Gilbert (6-[|.)b. Jan 19, 1959 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


I ^iV 

14.-6 Clarke William Gilbert (3-7) 

5-1 Max Vincont Gilbert l[i.-6) Children cont. 

6-5 Ruth Martha Gilbert (5-l)b. June 5, 19^1 
6-6 Ptobort Arthur Gilbert (5-1 )b. Nov 28, 19ij.3 
6-7 April Katherinc Gilbert (5-1 )b. Apr 2, 191^-5 
6-8 Elizabeth latricia Gilbert (5-1 )b. Mar 17, 19ij.6 • 
6-9 Sarah ^Jane Girbert (5-l)b. May 10, 191+7 
6-10 Susan Virginia Gilbert (5-1 )b. Feb l5, 19i;9 
6-11 Joseph V/illian Gilbert (5-1 )b, Apr 2l\., 1951 
6-12 Helen Monique Gilbert (5-1 >bo Jan l8, 1953 
All Born * in Phil'adelphia, Penna, 

5-2 Katherin(S Bluitia Gilbert (i].-6)b. Jan 5, 191i^ lola, Kans. 
in, Jan 3, 1937 Ouray, Colorado (s. of Henri Ziller b. 
Austria and Adelena Souza b. Angels Camp, Calif) 
William B. Ziller b„ April l^, 1913 Ouray, Colorado - 
No children ' 

5-3 George David Gilbert (l;-6)b, Oct Ik, 1922 Gas City,Kans, 
d. May 6, 1961 Hines Vet, Hosp. Chicago, 111, bur. 
Vet. Cem, Sawtolle, Los Angeles, Calif, m. 191+9 
Margaret - 

6-1 Michael Gilbert (5-3) b. Sept 1950 
6-2 Sheila Marguerite Gilbert (5-3 )b. Sept 195l 
[+-7 Emma E. Gilbert (3-7 )b. Mar 10, I887 Hartford, Kans. m, 

Winfleld, Kans, Oscar John Kindt b, I878 Canton, Kans. 

d. Mar 2, I96I Mercy Hosp„ Enid, Okla. bur Fairmont, Okl a 
No children 
[|.- 8' Clinton Eugene Gilbert (3~7)b„ Oct I4., 1892. Hartford, Kans, 

m, June 22, I91I+ Emporia^ ICahSo m^ (dau^ of George Emmet 

^Ich ) Lucille Welch b, Nov 20, l895 Hartford, Kans. 

CHILDREN: (her mother - Cb-ristine Rich) 

5-1 Ned Porter Gilbert (' 3)b, May 30, 19l5 Des Ifcines, la 
m, June 9, 1939 Evanston, Ill„ Chiz Harris b, Oct 6, 
1912 Keighley Kans, 

6-1 John Clinton Gilbert (5-1 )b. Jan 9, 191+2 Chicago, 111 
6-2 Janls Lynn Gilbert (5-1) b, Oct 3, 191+1+ Far sons, Kans. 

5-2 Jean Lucille Gilbert (l+-8)b, July 29 19l8 Emporia, Kans, 
^<(1) Sept 15, 19I1-O Parsons, Kans. Elmer W, Columbia Jr 
m. (2) Apr 5, 1959 San Bernardino, Calif, Ray Connelly 
b, July 7, 1911+ 

6-1 Joan Lucille Cblumbia(5-2 )b. May 11, 19I+8 Brea, 


6-1 Gilbert Eugene Rich(5-1) Son of Paul Gilbert Rich 

7-1 Marva Jean Rich(6-1) m. lAS-lliam Robert Thompson at 
Edge wood, Md 
8-1 Shawn Marie Thompson(7-l)b, May 11, 1962 Aberdeen, 

8-2 Christopher Gilbert Thompson(7-l)b, March 30,1961+ 
Oroville, Calif, 


ADDENDA (Continued) 

5-1 Max Vincent Gilbert (I4.-6) Son of- Clark I'/illiairi' Gilbert 
6-1 Mary Elizabeth Gilb€rt(5-1) Corrcction:m. i'fev 1, 195? 

7-k Jeanetto Mafie Nolan(6-l)b. May 17, 1962 " 

7-5 'Mary srizabeth Nolan(6-l)b. Feb 11, 196[(. 
6-2 Janet Anne "Gilbert (5-1) m. Feb 23, 1963 

Thomas B, Smith b, Jan k., 1939 Philadelphia, Pa 
_ 7-1 Anne Marie Smith(6-2)b, Dec 3, I963 
6-3' Grace Marguerite Gilbert (5-1) m. June 8, I963 

Lt Emil, C. DiMotta Jr b. Nov 22, 1938 Bronx, N. Y. 

7-1 Dawn Marie DiMotta ( 6-3 )b. March 3, 196ij. 
b-l]. David Vincent Gilbert (5-1) 

7-2 David Vincent Gilbert Jr(6-]4.)b, May 2, I96I 

7-3 Michael Paul Gilbert (6-i;)b. June 19, 1963 
Both born Philadelphia, Pa, 
6-5 Ruth Martha Gilbert (6-1+) m. May 25, 1963 

vailiam J. May b. 

CORRECTION: Father of Elizabeth Marie Finkell Gilbert; Arthur 
Prescott Finkell. Mother: Anna FlgrencQ Martin 

6-2 Ilaraway^ Dr. Jackson Dean Son of Samuel J, and Hazel 
Gilbert Haraway 

7-2 Lucinda Lee Haraway ( 6-2 )b. Dec 16, 196O Ada, Okla , 
,7-3 Stuart Dean Haraway (6-2 )b, Apr 3, 1963 Ada, Okla. 


Chr.rlcs Gilbert 

Fbr what little is known of Charles Gilbert, credit is 
given to Alice Gilbert Harris, his daughter. He was born May 8, 
l8ii.9, the youngest of nine children of Sidney C. Gilbert and his 
wife, Elizabeth Clark Gilbert of Clrj:'k County, Ohio. 

On March l6, l875 Charles married in London, Madison County 
Ohio, Nancy Abigail Potee, daughter of Gabriel Milton Potce and 
Lovina A. Mitchell Potee, The couple had four sons. Clerk, 
Pearl, Rea and V/arren, and two daughters, Alice and Lovina, 

Alice Harris stated that her father and mother moved to 
Cherokee County Kansas in the pring of the year, sometime after 
1878, but prior to her birth in Kansas Dec, 2, I88O, Here two 
more children wore born. Living in Kansas until March I888, the 
family moved back to Clcr k County, Ohio. In March of the follow- 
ing year Lovina vras born, and Mrs, Gilbert died as the result of 
childbirth complications March 30th, 

"Father was a wheat farmer," related Mrs, Harris. "Try- 
ing to rxL ke a home for six children, Charles again married in May 
1890, Elizabeth Cave, daughter of Joseph and Johanna Humboldt 
Cave, They moved to Champaign County Ohio, where he farmed for 
a 5c ar. To this union three children were born, Wayne, Ruth, 
and Stella, Later he sd Id and moved near North Lewisburg, 
After the children were grown, he moved to Urbana, thence to 
Springfield, and on to MLdiigan, His health failing, he return- 
ed to Toledo, Ohio to the home of his son, Wayne, where he died 
July 16, 1932," 

He and his first wife are buried in S\immerford Cemetery, 
Madison County Ohio, Elizabeth Cave Gilbert, who died April 
12, 19iji|- is buried in the place of her birth. Waver ly. Pike 
County, Ohio, 



The Charles Gilbert records and biographical material was con- 
tributed by the late Alice Gilbert Harris of Salt Lake City, 
Utah, and substantiated by records from the Clark County Ohio 
Probate Court and information from Madison County Ohio History- 
Sxommerford Township - Page 1115 - W, H. Beers & Co. Publishers 
Chicago, Illinois 1881 

Family records also contributed by Mrs Lila Gilbert Postinger 
of Reno, Nevada and Mrs Lula Gilbert Sisler of Costa Mesa, 




3-9 Charles Gilbert (2'.2)b, May 8, l8[|.9 Clerk Co. Ohio d. JvuLy 
16, 1932 Toledo, Ohio bur, Siimmorford, Nadison Co. Ohio m. 

(1) Nancy Abigail Potoc (dau. of Gabriel Milton Fotco and 
Lovina A* Mitchell Potec) March 16, l875 Clark Co. Ohio. 
She was born March 10, l853 Madison Co, Ohio d. March 30, 
1889 Clark ODunty bur Siunracrford Com, Madison Co. Ohio, m, 

(2) May l5, I890 Clark Co., Ohio (dau, of Joseph and Johanna 
Humboldt Cave) Elizabeth Cave b. Feb 11, 1861; V/avcrly Ohio 
d. Apr 12, 19UJ+ Wavcrly, bur, Waverly, Ohio. 


i^.-l Clark Gilbert (3-9 )b. Dec 2?, I876 Clark Co. d^hio m, 
1902 Martinsfcrry, Ohio (dau. of William Thorn and 
Eliza Jane Sutcr) Ruth Prances Thom b. Sept 9, 1870 
St Louis, Mo. d. Sept 13, 1950 Bridgeport, Ohio bur. 
Wellsburg, W« Va. Correction: Ruth Prances Thom b,l878 
5-1 Lila (Eliza) Margaret Gilbert (l^-Db. Jan 9, 19011 
Wellsburg, W, Va. m. (1) fer I6, 1925 (s. of 
William and Mary Ann Dickenson) Clarence Craig 
Dickcnsonb* July 31* 1900 Lansing, Ohio. m. (2) 
Nov 27, 19)4-5 Reno, Nevada (s. of Alfred Pc stinger 
and Elizabeth Weiss Postingor) August Leo Posting- 
er b« Juno 16, 1902 Elm Grove, W. Va, 
6-1 Eugene Craig Dickenson(5-l )b. May 11, 1927 

Bolairo, Ohio m. Oct 21, 1956 (dau. of Prodor- 
ick Markowski and Moudo Bemico Benson Markow- 
ski) Joan Markowski b, June 26, 1936 Reno, Nov. 
5-2 Clark Gilbert Jr(l).-l)b. Fob 9, 1907 Martinsfcrry, 
Ohio m» 

Prcda dierick b. 
No Children 
5-3 William Sidney Gilbert (1^.-1 )b. Fob 5, 1910 Martins- 
fcrry, Ohio ra, 

Martha Ann Lewis b, July 29, 1911j- Wheeling, W. Va. 
6-1 Sally Ruth Gilbert (5-3 )b. Nov l^, 1932 Bolairo, 

6-2 William Sidney Gilbert Jr(5-3)b. May 27, 1931^- 
!^oeling, VJ. Va . m. Sept 1|., 1955 Barbara 
Robinson b. 
6-3 Cl.?j?k Howard Gilbert (5-3)b, Nov 11, 19l|l Mar- 
tinsfcrry, Ohio 
6-L|. Martha Sue Gllbort(5-3)b. Sept 25, 19l|.3 Bridge- 
port, Ohio 
6-5 Donald Paul Gilbert (5-3 )h. Doc 11, 19lj.8 Martins- 
forry, Ohio. 
5-l|. Eugene Victor Gilbert (lj.-l)b, Aug l5, 1913 Belairc, 
Ohio. m. 

(dau, of Mr and Mrs Samaaol Beverage) Elizabeth 
Beverage b, 

6-1 Phyllis Gene Gilbert (5-l|-)b. 

Harold Sells b. 
6-2 Thom So Gilbert (5-l|.)b. 


3-9 Charles Gilbert (2-2) Chlldron (cont) 

l].-2 Pearl Gilbert(3-9)b. Doc 28, I878 Clark Co, Ohio d. 

Feb 15, 1959 unm. 
k.-3 Alice Gilbert (3-9 )b. Dec 2, I88O Cherokee Co. Kans, d. 
Nov 22, 1962 Salt Lake City, Utah m. (1) Nov 5, l899 
Champaign Co, Ohio (s, of Lewis McConnalia and Ann Sig- 
man McConnalia) William Henry McConnalia b. Sept 29, 
1876 Champaign Co, Ohio d. Sept 20, I906 Champaign co, 
bur Kings Creok Cem, Champaign Co, Ohio, m, (2) Harry 
L, Anderson b, 

m. (3) Oct 2k, 1917 (Div) William G. Harris b.abt l873 

5-1 Pearl McConnalia ([4.-3 )b, Oct 6, 1900 Charpaign Co. 
Ohio m. Mar 8, 1923 Springfield, Ohio (dau, of 
Joseph Granville Thomas and Bessie Dell Collison) 
Edith Mae Thomas b. Mar 31, 1907 Upham, McHenry Oo, 
N. D, d. Aug 11, 19lj-0 bur Glen Haven Com. Spring- 
field, Ohio. 

6-1 Pearl Elizabeth McOonnalia(5-l)b, Fob 17, 1927 
Springfield, Ohio m. Mar 31, 19lj.9 
(s, of Harry (Mike) Brovm and Ella Eisnaugle ) 
Billie Arnold Brown b, Apr 17, 1922 Guernsey 

7-1 Michael Brown(6-l)b. Dec 13, 1955 
7-2 Marlcne Brown(6-l)b, Dec 12, 1957 
7-3 Pe-rl Arnold Brown(6-l)b, Nov l6,195l4-d. 
Nov 16, 195i|-. All Children born in 
Springfield, Ohio, 
6-2 Joyce Edith McConnalia(5-l )b. Apr 16, 1928 
Springfield, Ohio m. Aug 21, 191+7 
(s. of James Franklin Sherwood and Almeda Jo- 
sephine Standcliff ) Clarence Herman Shervrood 
b. May 2, 1922 

7-1 Geneva Louise SherwDod(6-2 )b. May 25, 19i|8 
7-2 Vfayne Edward Sherwood (6-2 )b. Mar 10, 1953 
7-3 David Wesley SherwDod(6-2)b. Apr 19, 1957 
7-k Steven Bryan Sherwood (6-2 )b. Aug ^, 1958 
All children born in Springfield, Ohio 
6-3 miliam Neil McConnalia(5-l)b. Sept 30, 1929 
m, Dec 31, I9I4.9 

(dau, of Clyde J, Kearns and Margaret Dyer) 
Ebrothy Patricia Kearns b. Mar 17, 1929 Clark 
Co, Ohio 
7-1 Patricia Lynn McConnalia (6-3 )b. Oct 5, 1951 

Springfield, Ohio 
7-2 Donna Mae McConnalia(6-3)b, Sept I6, 1953 

Anaconda, Ifcntana 
7-3 William Neil McConnalia(6-3)b. May 23, 1957 

Anaconda, Montana 
7-1; James Douglas McConnalia (6-3 )b, Jan 2l\., I96I 
Anaconda, Montana 


3-9 CharlGS Gilbert (2-2) 


k'3 Alice Gilbert! 3-:') 

5-1 Pearl McConnalia (1^-3) 

6-K Charles Sylvester McConncaia(5-l)b, Apr 1, 1931 
Springfield, Ohio m. July 1931 

(dr.u, of VJin Pronklin Thornberg and Gertrude 
Elizabeth Phister) Martha Ann Thornberg b, 
Apr 30, 1933 
7-1 Charles Samuel 1 :;Connalia(6-i;)b. Feb 11, 

1952 Springfield, Ohio 

7-2 Michael Allen McConnalia (6-l4.)b. Sept 10^ 

1953 Springfield, Ohio 

7-3 Dcbora Kay McConnalia (6-i4.)b. Jan5, 1956 

Springfield, Ohio 
7-if Cheryl Ann McConnalia (6-ij.)b. Oct 22, 1957 

Springfield, Ohio 
7-5 David Eugene McConnalia (6-i;)b. Mov 5, 1958 

Springfield, Ohio 
7-6 James Roger McConnalia (6- i;)b, Dec 10, 1959 

Los Angeles, Calif 
7-7 Jeffery Tbdd McConnalia (6-ii.)b. Jan i;, I96I 
Garden Grovo, Calif, 
6-5 Phillip LeRoy McConnalia (5-1 )b. Aug 21, 1932 
Springfield, Ohio m. July l5, 1951 
Marian Pbulke b. May 10, 1928 
7-1 Phillip LoRoy McConnalia Jr(6-5)b. May 13, 

1951 Springfield, Ohio 
7-2 Peggy Ann McConnalia (6-5 )b. Mar 28, 1952 

Springfield, Ohio 
7-3 Virgil Prances McConnalia (6-5 )b. Mar 9, 

I95I4- Springfield, Ohio (Male) 
7'k. Pearl L. McConnalia (6-5 )b. Mar 7,1955 
Springfield, Ohio (Female) 
5-2 LeRoy McConnalia([}.-3)b<, Oct 17, 1902 Champaign Co, 

5-3 Annabollo McConnalia (i;-3)be Oct 6, 1901; Chajtipaign 
Co, Ohio m. (1) July 5, 1927 Covington, I^, Floyd 
Kent Stoddard b. May 23, 1902 Champaign Cb. Ohio 
m, (2) Bert Smith b, 
6-1 Margaret Ann Stoddard (5-3 )b. Sept 9, 1928 

Urb.ona, Ohio m. Doc 23, 19l|.6 Greenup, IQr.(s, of 
John Sherman Wells and Lilliaji Collins Wells) 
Carl Ebuglas V/ells b. Oct 11, 1923 

7-1 Kenneth Douglas V/ells (6-1 )b. Doc 27, 191^7 
7-2 Lynn Artis Wells ^ 6-1 )b. Nov 2k, 1950 
7-3 Richard Allen Wells (6-l)b, Oct 27,1953 
All born in Urbana, Ohio 


k-3 Alice Gilbert (3-9) 

S-k Nancy Abigail McConnalla ([^.-3)b„ Apr 11, 1907 Champaign 
Co. Ohio m. Mar 29, 1929 (Div) Clifford DoWeese b. 
rti, (2) Everett LoRoy Williams b, 

6-1 Everett LcRoy Williams Jr(5-l|)b. 
5-5 Gladys Augusta Anderson([|.~3)tio Apr 13, 1912 Champaign 
Co. Ohio m. May 26, 1932 Richmond, Ind. (s. of Robert 
Parkes Augustus) Pearl C. Augustus b, Oct 13, 1902 
Goodhopo, Payette Co, Ohio 
6-1 Pearl Chandlier Augustus Jr(5-5)ti, Dec 6, 1931+ 

Springfield, Ohio (see entry below) 
6-2 Ronald Eugene Augustus( 5-5 )b. Dec 9, 1937 Spring- 
field, Ohio m. Jcxi 12, 1956 Mayvillc, Ky, (dau„ of 
Mr and Mrs ElT/>)Dod Lewis Rotroff) Peggy Arleno Ro- 
troff b. Nov 2, Springfield, Ohio 


7-1 Cheryl Kay Augustus (6-2 )b. Nov 28, 1956 
7-2 Gregory Eugene Augustus (6-2 )b„ Mar 11, 1958 
7-3 Michael Lewis Augustus (6-2 )b. Sept l+,1959 

Above children bom in Springfield, Ohiio 
7-I|. Arlene Prances Augustus ( 6-2 )b, Dec 1,1960 
Hunts ville, Ohio 
6-1 Pearl Chandlier Augustus Jr (5-5) 

7-1 Iteborah Jo Augustus (6-1 )b. Jan 12, 195Ij- 
7-2 Dawn Marie Augustus (6-1 )b. Feb Ik, 1956 
7-3 Kenneth Dale Augustus (6-1 )b. Nov 26, 1957 
All born in Springfield, Ohio 
6-2 Mary Alice Augustus (5-5 )b. Feb 6, 19lA Springfield, 
5-6 Ralph Gilbert Anderson (i;-3)b. Aug 16, 191i| Champaign Co 
Ohio m, 

(dau. of Robert Armstrong and Gladys McDonnel Armstrong) 
Opal L. Armstrong bo Mar 27, 1921 Columbus, Ohio 
CHILDREN: (see addendum pg, 33) 

6-1 Harold VJaync Anderson (5- 6 jb. Feb 28, 191+0 Spring- 
field, Ohio mo Oct 1959 

7-1 Teresa Lynn Anderson (6-l)b, May 8, I96O Wester- 
ville, Ohio 
k-k Rca Gilbert (3-9)b, Mar 30, I883 Melrose, Cherokee Co, Kans, 
d. Aug 1, i960 Now Philadelphia, Ohio bur Cadiz, Ohio m. 
Doc 21]., 1906 Brilliant, Ohio (dau. of IflfiTi Calvin Vale and 
Matilda McCullough Fettigrow Vale) ffinnie Pearl Pettigrew- 
Vale b. June 1, 1885 Widinoon, Pa. d, Oct 13, 19i+9 bur 
Greenwood Com, nr Cadiz, Ohio, 

5-1 Harold Fulton Gilbert (ij.-i|)b. Sept 28, 1907 Dillonvale, 
Ohio m. (1) Dec 7, 1927 San Francisco, Calif, (dau. of 
Noah and Eunice PatonO Elizabeth Paton b. Apr 8, I908 
Haley, Idaho m„ (2) Oct 13, 1950 Pleasenton, Calif, 
(dau, of John X. Price and Ethel Edra Evans) Florence 
Anna Price b. Apr 9, 1920 Terra Haute, Ind, No Children 


k'k Rea Gilbert (3-9) 

5-2 Charles Blair Gilbert (l|-[^)b. Dec 2I4., I9IO Huford,Ohio 
m, Apr Ik, 193i4- Wellsburg, W. Va, (dau, of Joseph 
Slentz and Mabel Hines Slentz) Bertha Ellen Slentz 
b, Nov 2, 1917 Jewett, Ohio 
6-1 Harold Eugene Gilbert (5-2 )b, Feb 25, 1935 Hopedale 

6-2 Carl Edward Gilbert (5-2 )b, Nov 2l\., 1936 Jewett, 
Ohio m. Oct 18, 1956 

(dau, of Albert Dewey Pasco and Luella Elizabeth 
Merideth) Vera Luella PaSco b. Nov 6, 1937 Berg- 
holz, Ohio 
7-1 Carlene Sue Gilbert ( 6-2 )b. Feb 19, 1958 
7-2 Barbara Ellen Gilbert (6-2 )b. Jan 30, I960 
Both born ^/heeling, W. Virginia 
6-3Evelyn Eilene Gilbert (5-2 )b. June 2U., 1939 Hope- 
dale, Ohio 
6-k Ralph Earl Gilbert ( 5-2 )b. Mar 17, 19i;5 Hopedale, 
6-5 Charles Blair Gilbert Jr(5-2)b. July 9, 1950 

Steubenville, Ohio 
6-6 David Lynn Gilbert (5-2 )bo Oct 31, 1953 
5-3 Florence Matilda Gilbert (l;-i|)b. June 20, 1912 Vir- 
ginia Stao ¥c Va, iti. (1) Jan li, 1932 Donald Byers b. 
Jan 2i|, 1913 BelBont, Ohio 

m, (2) June l5. 1957 ' . ' Silas and Charlotte Pearson 
Ashdovm) Stanley George Ashdoxm b, Aug Lj., 1909 London, 

6-1 Gilbert Thomas Byers (5-3)bo Dec 28, 1932 Hopedale, 
Ohio m, June 8, 1957 Helen Slles bo 

7-1 Paula Byers (6-l)b, Oct 21)., 1958 Lakewood, Ohio 
7-2 Pamela Jeanne Byers (6-l)b, Apr 19, 1959 
Lakewood, Ohio 
6-2 Shirley Ann ^ers(5-3)b. Oct 12, 1931^- Hopedale, 
Ohio m. Dec 18^ 1953 
liH-lliam Robert Kopras b, 
7-1 Patricia Ann Kopras (6-2 )b. Nov 2i|, 1953 Key 

West Glades, Fla 
7-2 James William Kopras (6-2)b, Nov 25, 1958 
Steubenville, Ohio 
6-3 Edward Keith Byers (5-3)be Dec 30, 1937 Hopedale, 
Ohio m, June 20, 1958 

(dau, of William Somers and Dorothy Rittmayer) 
Joan Dorothy Somers b, Oct 27, 1938 Camden, N. J, 
7-1 Brian Keith Byers (6-3)b, Jan 11, 1959 
6-L|. Penny Lynn Ashdovni(5~3)b, Jan 9, 1958 Elyria, Ohio 
5-i; loiter Rea Gilbert ([;-i4.)b, Jan 9, 191i4- Avila, Wash, Co, 
Pa, m, (dau of Sergey and Edith Tomlinson) 
Margaret Tbmlinson b, Jan 13, Detroit, Mich. 

CHILDREN: (see next page) 


ii.^ll Rea Gilbert (3-9) 

5-l|. Walter Rea Gilbert (1^.-1; ) 

6-1 Valerie Gilbert (5-1; )b. Nov 25, 1952 
6-2 Lindsay Ann Gilbert (5-i|)b, Apr 8, 1956 
Both born Sun Valley, Calif, 
^S Lula Lovina Gilber t (l|-i|)b. June 25, 1916 Negley, Ohio 
m. Mar 3, 1933 Harrison Co. Ohio (S. of Harold and 
Mayme Rhodes Sisler ) Carl Eugene Sisler b, Oct 19, 
1911 Akron, Ohio 

6-1 Charles Richard Sisler (5-5 )b. Sept 12, 1933 Alcron 
Ohio m, Apr 6, 1953 Akron, Ohio (Dau, of Frank 
Rossana and Mary Catalona Rossana) Paula P, Hos- 
anna b. Sept 30, 1935 Akron, Ohio 

7-1 Pamela Marie Sisler (6-1 )b. Jan 2, 1951; Akron 
7-2 Charles Richard Sisler Jr(6-l)b, Mar 25, 1955 

Akron, Ohio 
7-3 Carl Eugene Sisler (6-1) b. May 13, 1959 Akron 
7-1+ Mary Lou Sisler(6-l)b, Jan llj., 1961 Akron, Ohio 
6-2 Marilyn Louise Sisler (5-5)b. July 29, 1935 Akron, 
Ohio m. Aug. 5, 1958 Akron, Ohio m, (s, of John 
Zakich and Dana Achinski Zakich) Daniel Zakich bo 
Jan 1;, 1928 Akron, Ohio 

7-1 Darin Mcheal Zakich(6-2)b, Dec l6, 1)959 Calif 
7-2 Dean Louis Zakich(6-2)b. Feb 10, 1961 Calif. 
6-3 James Robert Sisler (5-5 )b. Sept 11, 191+0 Akron 
6-1; Vfilliam Alan Sisler (5-5)b. Dec 28, 191;!; Akron 
6-5 LuAnne Sisler (5-5)b. June 17, 1952 Akron,0hio 
l^-.^ Warren Gilbert(3-9)b, Apr 21;, l885 Cherokee Co, Kans, 

in, Jan 27, 1909 Mingo Junction, Ohio Lena Barcus b. Mar, 
11, 1879 Richmond, Ohio No children 
I;-6 Lovina Gilbert(3-9)b, Mar 17, l889 Clark Co. Ohio d. June 
18, 1951 Oregon m, 
Clarence ';fclfolk( Wblfold) Div, 

5-1 Clarence Arthur VJblfolk Jr(i;-6)b, Jan ll;, 1925 
l;-7 Wayne Gilbert (3-9 )b, Nov 6, l892 Champaign Co,, Ohio 

Stella b, 


5-1 Ronald Gilbert (l;-7)b, 
i;-8 Ruth Gilbert (3-9 )b. Sept 2, I89I; Chnmplgn Co. Ohio m. 

Pearl Hunter b. 

i;-9 Stella Gilbert (3-9)b, June 6, I896 Champaign Co, Ohio 

Harry Freeman b. 
Addendum: 5-6 Ralph G. Anderson ([;- 3) 

6-2 Dennis Lee Anderson (5-6)b, Apr l5,19l;5 Troy, 


Geo. Ziglar Clark 



Geo. Ziglar Clark 

Frances Peters Clark 

Martin Z. Clark 

Mary A, Clark Dalby 

William Clark 



George Ziglar Clark, the third child and second son of 
William Clark and Mary Catherine Ziglar was born September 
2, 1812 Harmony, Clark County, Ohio, It is believed by the 
writer, that George may have been named for his grandfather 
Ziglar, lAisubstantiated records in her possession seem to 
indicate that his grandfather's name may have been George. 

About 1838, he was married to Mary Ann, a native of Ken- 
tucky, Her maiden name is not known. Coming to Illinois from 
Ohio sometime before iQ^Z (see V/illiam G, Clark biography) the 
family located on a farm near Homer, They vK;re the parents of 
five children, two girls and three boys, the youngest, George, 
bom January 7, l850 lived only a week. 

The following year on July 28th, his wife, Mary Ann, died, 
leaving him to raise the children whose ages ranged S, 7, 9, 
and 12, The mother was buried in Patterson Cemetery, St Joseph, 

May 10, 1853 in Ogdon, Illinois George, a printer in Ogden, 
was united in marriage by Judge J, B, Thomas (v/ith the widow 
of Ichabod P, Freeman, ) Frances Peters Freeman. She was the 
daughter of Mr and Mrs W, I, peters, Mrs Freeman lived on. a 
nearby farm and had three daughters by Mr, Freeman, who died 
July 10, 1851. 

According to the Directory cf Early Settlers, con^^iled by 
the DAR-Illinois-Vbl, 3, Pt.l, page 107- Mr Freeman, son of 

Thomas M, and Lydia Freeman of Belmont, Ohio, married Frances 
Peters Nov l5, I838 and settled on section 19, Ogden Ibwnship, 

George Z and Frances Peters Clark had two sons, Wallace 
and Martin Ziglar Clark, Dying October 25, l862 at the age of 
50, Georrge left his vdfe with two small sons, ages l\. and 6, Two 
of his daughta:' 3 by his first marriage were ll\. and 16 years old. 
According to family tradition, his brother Ifilliam G, Clark, who 

lived close by gave substantial help in the raising of these two 
boys. The two sons by his previous marriage wore old enough to 
fend for themselves, 

George Ziglar Clark was buried in Old Ifomer Cemetery, ibmer, 
Illinois, Mrs Clark died April I4., I898 in Ogden, Illinois and 
was buried in Patterson Cemetery, St Joseph, Illinois, 

Biographies for G© rge Eiglar Clark 
and Martin Ziglar Clark were based 
on material submitted by Mrs Predda 
Carpenter Barnes, granddaughter of 
Martin Ziglar Clark, 




2-3 Goorgc Zlglar Clark(l-1 )ni. (1 )Mary "Ann b, Dec 10, iSli; 

Kentucky d. July 28, l85l Homer, 111. bur Old Homer Com, 

3-1 William Clark ( 2-3 )b. Feb 7, 1839 Cl?j-k Co, Ohio d, 
3-2 John C]2rk(2-3)b. l8[|2 Homer, 111. d, abt 1905 

Chotopa, Kans, bur Ply Creek Com, Faulkner, Kansas 
3-3 Nancy Jane Clark(2-3)b. Oct [j., l8i|4 Homer, 111 d, Oct 

5, 1910 Coldwater, Kansas bur Fly Creek Com, Faulkner, 
3-i\. Mary Ann Clark(2-3)b. Oct 20, 1814.6 Homer, 111. d. Oct 
23, 1930 Weosha Tvrp. Cherokee Co, Kans. bur Fly Cr eek 
Cemetery, Faulkner, Kans, 
3-5 George Clark(2-3)b, Jan 7, l850 Homer, 111, d, Jan li|., 
2-3 George Ziglar Clark (1-1 )m, (2) May 10, l853 Ogden, 111. 
widow of Ichabod F, Freeman (dau, of Mr and Mrs V/, I, 
Peters. Mrs Peters maiden name was Kelly) Frances Peters 
Freeman b. Aug 19, I818 Ogden, 111, d. Apr l^, I898 Ogden 
bur Patterson Cem, St Joseph, 111, 
3-6 Wallace Clark(2-3)b, Feb 18, 1856 Ogden, 111. d. Dec 
2k, 1926 Champaign Co, 111. bur Mt Olive Cemetery 
May vi e w, Illo i s 
3-7 Martin Ziglar Clark(2-3)b. Jan 31, l858 Ogden, 111. 
d, Feb 3, 19ij.3 Champaign, 111, bur GAR Cem. Homer, 111 

William Clark 

William Clark, the oldest child of George Z, and Mary Ann 
Clark, came to the plain state of Illinois with his parents as 
an infant, having been bom in Clark County Ohio February 7, 

His wife Elizabeth's maiden name is not known, and no re- 
cord was found for their marriage. Their child, William, was 
bom about March 23, l862, as his grave stone says he died 
April 20th, 28 days old, Elizabeth died shortly after this 
child's birth at the age of l5 years, 10 months. This infor- 
mation v/as obtained from her grave stoK in Patterson Cemetery, 
St, Joseph, Illinois, 

William Clark and Margaret DDwning were rm rried March l5, 
1863 in Champi ign County, Illinois by T, M, Hess M. G. Th e 
couple went to Kansas to live in l865. 

A diary left by William Clnrk indicates that he was a 
reamer, as he related his travels to California and back, then 
out again to Texas, California, Oregon, and to the state of 
V/ashington, He returned to the state of Kansas in l873. 

According to family tradition William's sister, Nancy Jane 


Clark, went to Coldwater, Kansas to keep house for him. It is 
believed this nay have been after the death of his wife, though 
it is not known when she died or vAiere she is buried, Nancy 
Jane did go to Coldwater in 188?, marrying in I89I. Nothing 
raore is known of \^5.11iam, but it is thought, by some family 
members, that he may have gone to Oklahoma, To date no trace 
of him has been found, 

Margaret Dawning Clar k was born November I8, iQUS in 
Chainpaign County, Illinois, 


3-1 miliam CI ark (2-3 )b. Feb 7, 1839 Clark Co. Ohio d. 

m, (1) Elizabeth b, June 11, l8I|.6 d. April 11, 

1862 Homer, 111, bur Patterson Cem, St Joseph, 111. m, (2) 
March l5, I863 Champaign Co, 111, Margaret Dawning b, 
Nov 18, 1814.5 Champaign Co,, 111, d, 

k-l miliam C. Clark (3-1 )b. April 1, l862 d. April 20, 
1862, (Discrepancy in birth date. Stone says he was 
born Apr 1, l862 died April 20, l862 - 28 days old. 
This, actually, would put date of birth March 28th in- 
stead of April 1, ) 

John Clark 

The second son of George Z, and Mary Ann Clark, 
John Clark x-;as born at Homer, Illinois in l8i|2. growing up 
in T^at was known as the Clark School Neighborhood, At 2.1\., he 
and Almeda Dovming v;ere narried by Thomas \'Jhitlock M, G, March 
11, 1866 in Champaign CoTonty, Illinois, 3he couple had one 
son, vailiam, who in later years lived in Chicago, Illinois, 

Almeda Dawning Clark born Dec 20, l8i;8 died Feb 23, I888, 
(39 years 2 months 3 days) and was buried in Patterson Cemetery 
St Joseph, Illinois, It is believed John moved to Kansas after 
the death of his wife, living at Faulkner, He died about 
1905 at Chetopa, Kansas and was buried in Fly Creek Cemetery 
at Faulkner, 

The biographies for V/illiam and John Clark wore based on tomb 
stones in Patterson Cemetery, St Joseph and Fly Creek Cemetery 
Faulkner, Kans. Champaign County, Illinois npcords, l850 Census 
record for Champaign Co, Illinois, obituaries in Western Star, 
Coldwater, Kans,, William Clark's diary, and family tradition. 
Genealogies for botti i-jero made up from these records. 


3-2 John Clark(2-3)b, 181+2, Homer, 111. d. abt 1905 

Chetopa, Kans, bur Fly Creek Cem. Faulkner, Kans, m, 
March 11, I866 Champaign Co, Illinois Almeda Daiming 


John Clark Genealogy (continued) 

Almcda Eowning b.Dec 20, l8[j.8 Champdlgn Co, 111, d, Feb. 

23, 1888 Champi Ign Co, (37 yrs 2 mos 3 days) bur Patterson 

Com, St Joseph, 111, 


I1.-I William Clark(3-2)b. 

Nancy Jane Clark 

Nancy Jane Clark, a native of Homer, Illinois was born 
October i|, iSljij., one of five children belonging tO' Mary ann 
ani George Zlglar Clc^rk, 

It is not known when die left Homer, but it is reasonable 
to presume she may have moved to Faulkner, Kansas when her 
sister and brother-in-law, the Dalbys moved in I87I. Here she 
lived until 1887, v;hen she moved to Coldwater, Kansas to keep 
house for her brother, William Clark. 

Four years later on July i^., I89I she married William T, 
Palkner, a native of Pennsylvania, Mr Falknor came to Harper 
County Kansas in l88ij., moving the same year to Comanche Covin ty, 
whero he settled on a claim northwest of Coldi^ter, Here the 
couple resided until their deaths, 

]y]r and Mrs Falknor experienced many of the hardships of 
pioneer days, and succeeded in making a home for themselves on 
the prairies of south western Kansas, Nancy Jane was a mem- 
ber of the Christian Church for over ZS years. Obituaries for 
both report sterling characters for the pair, citing a willing- 
ness "to help those in need or render any service of kindness," 
They raised an adopted son, Charles Mullins, 

Nancy Jane Palkner died Saturday, Oct 5* 1910 at her homo, 
and was taken to her former home in Faulkner, Kansas for bur- 
ial in Fly Creek Cemetery, Mr Falkner, age 63, follov/ed her 
in death, a little short of two months on Dec 2, 1910 at t*LC 
homo of W, B, Newman in Coldwater. Mr Falkner was buried in 
Ply Creek Cemetery at Faulkner, Kansas, 


3-3 Nancy Jane Clark(2-3)b. Oct i;, iSIjIi. Homer, 111, d, Oct 5, 
1910 Coldv/:\ter, Kans . m, July 1^, I89I Coldwater, William 
T. Falkner b, abt l8[|.7 Penns. d, Dec 2, 1910 Coldwater, bur. 
Ply Creek Cemetery, Faulkner, Kans, 

li-l Charles Mullins b. 
Adopted son 
ObltuaBries for Mr and Mrs W, T, Palkner from The Western Star 
Comanche Coiinty Kansas-dates: Oct 10, 1910 and Dec 2, 1910 
1850 Census records, ChampLign Co, 111, Family tradition, 


^jIo grift: 

Mary jm Clark 

Bom Oct 20, l8lj.6 at T-Iomer, Illinois, Mary ."sm Clark was 
left motherless at the age of five, when her mother died July 
28, 1851. Her father, George Ziglar Clark, married again in 
l853» Frances Feters Freeman, who mothered ]yiary Ann, her bro- 
thers and one sister, Nancy Jane, 

When nearly 19, Mary Ann married in Homer, Illinois Sep- 
tember 2i|, 1865 the son of Mr and Mrs James Dalby, Albert 
Dalby, Their first two children were born in Homer, 

The family moved to Faulkner, Kansas in I871. Another 
child born in l872 was the first of six to be born in Faulkner, 
Cherokee County, Kansas, Two children died in early childhoodo 

Dying at the age of 8|| years 3 days, October 30, 1930 in 
Neosho Township, Cherokee County, Kansas, Mary Ann Clark Dalby 
was buried in Fly Creek Cemetery, Faulkner, Kansas, Her hus- 
band, Albert Dalby, preceded her in death May 10, 1906, and 
also was buried in Fly Creek Cemetery, 


3-ij. Mary Ann Clark(2-3)m, Sept 2I4., l865 Homer, 111. (s. of Mr 
and Mrs, James Dalby) Albert Dalby b, Jan 23, I837 Homer, 
111, d. May 10, I906 Faulkner, Kans, bur Fly Creek Cem, 
Faulkner, Kans, 

i;-l Ida Jane Dalby (3-ij.)b, Sept 11, 186? Homer, 111, d, June 
21, I9I4J. Parsons, Kans, m, July 10, I889 Columbus, Kans 
William French McAleer b. 186? Cherokee Co, Kans, d, 
Feb 17, 1931 Parsons, Kans, 
5.-1 Ralph William McAleer (i|-l)b. May 12, I890 Chetopa, 

Kans. d, Apr 8, 1932 Unmarried 
5-2 Clyde Basil McAleer ([|.-l)b. Apr 11, 1892 Chetopa, 

Kans, m, Aug 26, 1922 San Francisco, Calif , (dau. of 
Oliver M, McNamara and Martha Hunter) Graco May Mc- 
Namara b, Aug I8, l892 Winfield, Kans. No children 
5-3 Marie Louise McAleer (i|.-l)b, Aug 1, I896 Chetopa, 

Kans, m, (s, of Samuel Nelson Mills and Jane Warden) 

George Sabin Mills b, Oct 1 


6-1 Mary Jane Mills ( 5-3 )b, June 13, 1923 parsons, 

Kans, m, Paul E, Meyer b, 
6-2 GeorgG Sabin Mills (5-3)b. Feb 13, 1928 Parsons, 
Kans. m. Miss Minton 


7-1 Linda Mills (6-2) b, 19ij.7 

7-2 William Mills ( 6-2 )b. 19/i8 

7-3 Debbie Mills ( 6-2 )b. 19ii.9 

7-k Schuyler Mills (6-2)b, 1952 

Children Cont, next page 


,';:;'; iu. 

• • 

6-2 George Sabin Mills Jr(5-3) 

7-5 John Mills (6-2)b. 1951+ 

7-6 Julie Mills (6-2)b, 1956 

7-7 DDnald Mills (6-2)b, 1957 

I4.-2 V/illiam H, Dalby (3-i|.)b. July 28, 1869 Hbmcr, 111, d. Dec 19 

I4.-3 Iva May Dalby (3-i|)b. Mar 28, l872 Faulloier, Kans. d. Fob. 

2k, 1910 bur Faulkner, Kans. m. June 26, l892 Faulkner (s. of 

Joseph Thomas Strahl and Helen Putnam) Harry Thomas Strahl 

b. Ifcv 26, 1869 Marietta, Ohio d. Mar 22, 19l6 St Louis, Mo, 


5-1 Joseph Harry Strahl (l;- 3 )b. Apr 25, l893 Chetopa, Kans. 

d, Dec 6, 1907 
5-2 Hazel Gertrude Strahl (l4.-3)b. July 19, l897 Milo , Mo. 

m. May 3, 19114. Bronaugh, ^b,(s, of V/illiam Henry Taylor) 
William Henry Taylor Jr. b, July 2, I89O Kans, d, Jan 8, 
1950 Santa Paula, Calif, bur Banning, Calif. 

6-1 Hazel May Taylor (5-2)b, Aug ij., 1915 Arma, Kansas 
m, Jan I4., 193^ Straim, Kans (s. Ludvik Prokop 
and Lena Belle Litten) Elmor Louis Prokop b. Fob 9, 
1911 Wilber, Nebraska 
7-1 Ethel May Prokop (6-l)b, Aug 19, 1935 Gridley, 
Kans. m, Dec 27, 1955 San Bernardino, Calif, 
(s. of Charles Boyter and Lucylle Henry) Hen- 
ry Jamds Boyter b, June 7, 1931; San Bernardino 
8-1 Mark James Boyter (7-1 )b. Fob 21, 1957 

Homestead AFB - Dade County, Florida 
8-2 Roben Kay Boyter (7-1 )b. May 2^, 1958 
Homestead AFB - Dado County, Florida 
8-3 Miles James Boyter (7-1 )b. J\mo 19, 1961 
Homestead AFB - Dade County, Florida 
7-2 Margaret Ann Prokop (6-1 )b. Nov 12, 1937 Grid- 
ley, Kans, m. Fob 19, 1956 San Bernardino, Calif 
(s. of John Long and Viola Boynton) Richard 
John Long b, June 7, 193i|. Kingston, Washington 

8-1 Ann Leilani Long ( 7-2 )n. Nov 2i|, 1956 
Ellenburg, V/ashington 
7-3 Ruth Hazel Prokop (6-1 )b, Jan 23, 19i|i4. Parsons, 

1-k Linda Beth Prokop (6-l)b, Nov 1, 19I4.6 Parsons, Ks 
6-2 William Henry Taylor III(5-2)b, June 2k., 1917 Grid- 
ley, Kans d. Mar 30, 1914-9 Gridley m. Dec 19, I9I4.6 
Yuma, Ariz. (d, of Hubert Parkman and lola Grant) 
Norma Lee Parkman b. Mar 2, 1923 Pawhuska, Okla. 

7-1 Henry Lee Taylor (6-2 )b. Sept 27, 19if7 N. Holly- 
wood, Calif, 

Correction: l*i Henry Taylor III d. Beaumont, 
Calif, bur, Beaumont, 


• * 

• • 

5-2 Hcizel Gertrude Strahl(It.-3) 
CHIODR^N: cont, 

6-3 Ruth Virginia Taylor (5-2 )b. Jr.n 6, 1920 Gridlcy, 
ICansas. m, (1) Juno 6, 19l,'-l Los .\ngclos, Calif, 
(DiVDrcod) John riobort Hockcnsmith b, Aug 25, 
1903 Liberty, >b. m. (2) July 30, 191+8 Virginia 
City, Novada(s, of Samuel Larson and Thora Bjor- 
son) Franklin P. Larson b, Jan 26, 1912 Brooklyn, 
Now York, 

7-1 Karon Hazel Hockensinith(6-3) b. Aug 23, 19i+2 
Glendale, Calif, m, March 25, 1961 Richard 
Arnold Strawn b. Mar l\., I9I4I Glendale, Calif. 
7-2 Sally Ray Larsen (6-3)b. Nov 19, 19lj.9 Santa 
Barbara, Calif, 
6-3 Ebnald I^ith Taylor (5-2) b. Apr 18, 193i^- Gridley, 
Kansas m, Oct 12, 1957 VanNuys, Calif, (dau, of 
Jack Acampora and Raffaela Acampora) Lucillo Rose 
Acampora b, Job 26, 1930 Worcester, Mass, 
7-1 Richard Keith Taylor ( 6-3 )b. May 12, I96O 
HbllyvJDod, Calif. 
5-3 Ethel Alberta Strahl(l;-3)b. July 20, 1902 Englevale, 
I^ns, m. Sept 22, 193^1 (s, of William Francis Priest 
and Sophia Maud Libbocke) Donald Francis Priest b.Nbv. 
20, Council Bluffs, Iowa, No children 

5-t). Clark vaibur Strahl (i|.-3)b. Fob 25, 1901; Hannon, Mq, 
ra, Oct 7, 1921; Topeka, Kans, (dau. of Fred F, Droyer 
and Lena Moser.b, Apr 9, 1905 Gridley, ICans. 

6-1 Lois Jeanne Strahl (5-i;)b. Dec 6, 1929 Baldwin, Ifeins. 
6-2 Richard Lee Strahl (5-ll)b. Feb 12, 1931^- Baldwin, Kans. 

6-1 Lois Jeanne Strahl (5-i|.)in. Oct 7, 195l Chanute,Kans, 
(s, of Harvey Cicero Wilkins and Anna Barbara — ) 
Warron Harvoy mikins b. Oct 8, 1925, lola, Ivans 
7-1 John Grifton Wilkins (6-1 )b, July 22, 1952 

Chanute, ICans, 
7-2 James Anthony Wilkins ( 6-1 )b. Doc 10, 1953 

Chanute, Kans, 

Children of W, H. Wilkins marriage to Marion 

Joan Warden w 

Pamela Joanne Wilkins b. Sept 25, 19i;7 Hender- 
son, Nevada 

David Kirby Wilkins b, July 10, 1950 lola, Kans. 
6-2 Richard Leo Strahl (5-1;) b. Feb 12, 193l| Baldwin, Itons 
m. Dec 21;, 1952 Carlylo, Kans. (dau, of James Lewis 
Applegatc and Mary Frances Sponsellcr) Shirley Ann 
Applegatc b, Dec 2, 193i| Carlyle, Kans, 
7-1 Deborah Kay Strahl (6-2 )b. Doc 7, 1953 Indopen- 

dcnce, ICans. 
7-2 David Clark Strahl (6-2 )b, Feb 15, 1957 lola, Kans 
7-3 Barbara Diane Strahl (6-2 )b, June 2, 1959 

Witchita, Kansas. 

. -'^.)Asr 

• • 

-r ': r.~f 


k-3 Ivr. I's.j .Dal-57( 3_ii.) 
CHILDR .N Cont. 

5-5 Prod TiTomas Strahl([i-3)b. July III-, 190? Milo, Vb ,m, 
Aug 17, I93I4- EDvcr. N. J, (clr.u. of Cacronco I, Kcohn 
and n.oroncc Smock; Hazol Hochn b. Doc 19, 1910 Blad- 
ing, Pa, 

6-1 Jcrcne May Strahl(5-5)b, Pob 22, 19^1 Reading, Pa, 
l\.'k Allico S, Dalby(3-i|.)b. Apr 19, l87ij- Paulkncr, Itons. d. Nov. 

19, 1879 
1^.-5 James Fred Dolby (3-l4.)b. Mar 22, 1876 Paulknor, Ivans, d. 

May 1, 1950 bur Rosehill Com. Tulsa, Okla. m. l899 Faulkner 
Kans, Melosia Francos Hester b. Sept 19, I878 Cherokee Co, 
Kans. d. May 2, 1923 bur. Rosehill Com, Tulsa, Okla. 

5-1 Watmita Violet Dalby (ij.-5)b, Aug 7, 1900 Faulkner, ICans. 
m, Apr 21, 1916 Okmulgee, Okla Carl William Bennett b. 
July 13, 1896 Okmulgee, Okla, 

6-1 Beverly Bennett (5-1) b, Jan 31, 1921; Okmulgee, Okla 
m. Aug 9, 19i|-3 Okmulgee, Okla RaymDnd Morrlck b, 

OkmulgCG, Okla, 
7-1 DDnna Ifey Morri ck(6-l)b. Mar 1, 19ij.7 Okmulgoo 
6*1 Beverly Bennett(5-1) m. (2) Sept 2, 1950 Okmulgee, 
li&rd Cleveland Johnson b. Oct 13, 1925 Okmulgee 
7-2 John William Johnson (6-1 )b. Sept I6, 1953 
Okmulgee, OlcLa, 
6-2 Billy Eugene Bennett (5-1 )b, Nov 3, 1927 Okmulgee, 
Okla, m. Apr 25, 195l Okmulgee Dixie Lou Powers b. 
Aug 13, 1926 Okmulgee, Okla. 

7-1 Cynthia Micheal Bennett (6-2 )b. Nov 18. 1952 
7-2 Dcbra Jean Bennett (6-2 )b. Apr 21, 1954 
7-3 Stephen Powers Bennett (6-2 )b. Aug 1958 

All born Okmulgee, Oklahoma 
5-2 Hclon Aretha Dalby( 1^.-5 )b. June 7, 1903 Faulkner, Kans. 
m, March 28, 1928 Tulsa, Okla (s, of David R, McLain 
and Anna M. Huofnor) Edmund Ragan McLain b. Jan l,l897 
Eldorado Springs, Mo, No children 
5-3 May Thelma Dalby([;-5)b, Sept 11, 1905 Parsons, Kans. d, 
Sopt 16, 1935 Gushing, Okla, m, James R, Owens b, Juno 
30, 1900 d. Sept 17, 1935 Gushing, Okla, Both killed 
in Auto accident at Gushing, Okla, No Children 
k-S James Frod Dalby(3-ii.) m, (2) Flora Hoinz b, 
I4.-6 Carrie Gertrude Dalby (3-l4.)b, Dec 2k, 1877 Faulkner, Ifons, 
d, Jan 2, i960 Mcrriam, Kans, bur Faultoor, Kans, m. May 
22, 1897 Faulkner (s, of Albert Faulkner and Mary Dennis) 
Alvah Colvin Faulkner b. Doc 22, l873 Pinovillo, Mo. d, 
Dec 5, 1950 Kansas City, Kans, bur Faulkner, Itons, 

5-1 Fred Colvin Faulkner (I4.- 6) b, Nov 23, 19OI Faulkner, Kiins, 
5-2 Lawrence 0, Faulkner (i|- 6) b, 
5-3 Merle M, Faullmer (ij.-6lb. Juno 1, 1910 m. Doc 1935 

Louise - b, 

5-1 Fred Colvin Faulkner (I4.-6) sec next page for record. 



ij.-6 Carrie Gertrude Dalby(3-ij-) 

CHILDR31^': Cent, 

5-1 Prod Colvin Pr.ulkncr (14.-6 )b. Nov 23, 1901 Faulkner, Kans. 
m. May 29, 19i;l Raytovm, M:^.(p."rt of K. C. Mo.) (Dau of 
Will Eamilton and Glcnora Bledsoe) Zella Elizabeth 
Hamilton b, Nov 2ij., 1909 Greenwood, Mo, No Children 
l;-7 Llllio Gaye Dalby (3-i|)b. Jan 20, I88I Faulkner, Kans, d. Nov 

25, 1908 bur Ply Creok Com, Faulkner, Kans, m, about 1900 

Faulkner Charles Mo Pari in 


5-1 Maurice Lynn McFarlin(l4.-7)b, July 12, I9OI Faulkner, Ifcns 
m. Oct 11, 1923 Flint, Mich. (dau of Harvey Hill and Ruth 
Ellen Green) Ethel Idabelle Hill b. Doc 20, 1907 West 
Branch, Michigan, 

6-1 Muriel Wayne McFarlin(5-l)b. Feb 2, 1925 Flint, Mich. 
d. Nov 23, 1957 m. Oct 7, 19ij.8 Genevieve Wcstfall b, 


7-1 Charles Leo McFarlin(6-l)b, 
7-2 Sue ./>jin McFarlin(6-l)b. 
6-2 Marian Juanita McFarlin(5-l)b, Doc 22, 1927 Flint, 
Mich, d, Oct 31, 1958in(l) Dec 26, 19i;5 (divorced) 
Jack V/arrcn Dinick no children m, (2) 1955 

James McQuoon b, 

7-1 James McQueori Jr(6-2) b, 
7-2 Donna Muriel McQueen (6-2 )b, 

6-3 Clyde Leland McFarlin(5-l)b, Aug 19, 1930 Flint, Mich 

m, 1950 Kate Marshall b. 


7-1 Gary McParlinC(S-3 ) 

7-2 Karen McParlin(6-3)b. 
6-1; Barbara Lucille McFarlin( ^i.^) b. Aug 21, 1931 Flint, 

Mich, m, Juno 21, I9I4.7 Howard Clemens b, 

6-5 Jerry Donald McFarlin(5-l)b, Apr 19, 1933 Flint, 
Mich, m. 1956 Lorraine Perkins b, 


7-1 Terry Donald McParlin(6-5)b, 

7-2 Tommy Dale McFarlin( 6-5 )b. 
6-6 Marcia Joan McFarlin(5-l )b. Sept 13, 19i|0 Flint, Mich 

m, July 29, 1957 

Wayne Lien b, 


7-1 Lourio Ann Lien (6- 6) b, 
6-7 Dennis Verle McFarlin(5-l)b, Dec 9, 19ij.3 Flint, Mich 
6-8 Ronald Warren McFarlin (5-1 )b, Apr 7, 19i|8 Flint, Mich 
6-9 Deborah Sue McFarlin (5-1 )b, Oct 17, 1950 Flint, Mich 



-5 .■ . 


- : ;-;t.::i- 

l|-7 Lillio Gayc DalbyO-Li.) 
CHILDi^ :N: Cont. 

5-2 McLrian Lucille Mc?arlin([j.-7 ) b. May 25, I906 Chotopa, 
Kans m,(l) Doc 22, 1922 ODlumbus, Kans. (S. of Cliff- 
ord Watson and Maggio Criasio Watson) Charles Homer 
Watson b. July 17, 1902 Melrose, Kans. d. Oct 27, 19i|l 
iXlToSabuG, Kans. bur Paulknor. m. (2) July 2, 1943 Coliim- 
bus, Kans Elmer Hornc b. Juno 25, 1910 Foteau, Okla, 

6-lUna Vay iVatson(5-2)b, Mar l5, 1926 Mulrose, Kans. m. 
Sept 30, 19l|2 Columbus, Itans, (s. of Josoph Elbert 
Shaddy and Stcllo Mae Dugan) Robert Doan Shaddyb. 
Aug 6, 1921; Galena, Kans. 

7-1 Barbara Sue Shaddy (6-1 )b. July 31, 19i+5 Joplin,MD 
7-2 Vickl Lynn Shaddy (6-1 )b. May 8, 19i;9 Witchita,Kan 
7-3 Robert Dean Shaddy (6-1 )b. Jan 21, 195l V/itchita. 
6-2 Homer Keith Watson (5-2 )b. Mar 31, 1929 Melrose, Ife^ns 
m, (1) May I8, 19il.9 Cherokee County, Kans. (dau of 
Alfred and Iva Ford) Iva Louise ?brd b. June 10, 
1933 Galena, Kans, 

7-1 Terry Keith Watson(6-2 )b. May 29, 1950 Joplin, 
6-2 Homer Keith Watson(5-2) m. (2) Sept 2k, 1956 Joplin, 
Mo, (dau of Samuel Ezra Shrock and Edna Rose ligg) 
Samme Nolle Shrock b, June 1, 19i|.0 Joplin, Jfo. 

7-2 Lynn Ann Watson(6-2)b. July k, 1957 Joplin, Mo„ 
6-3 ClaroncG Lynn Watson(5-2 )b. Sept 23, 1931 Fichce, 

Oklahoma, unmarried 
6-I4. Dorothy Joan Watson (5-2 )b, Jan 10, 193i|. Faulkner, 
Kans, m, Nov 19, 1955 Springfield, N. J, (s, of 
Harry R, Loehrs and Anna Fisher) Fredrick Henry 
Loohrs b. Nov 10, 1928 Springfield, N. J, 

7-1 Ivimborly Dyann Loehrs (6- [|.)b. Oct 28, 1956 
7-2 Richard Dean Loehrs (6-[|.)b. Sept 29, 1959 
Both bom Lake wood, N. J, 
6-5 Mary Ann V/atson( 5-2 )b, Juno I6, 1936 Faulkner, Kans, 
m. Sept 6, 1957 Witchita, Kans, (s. of Lowell De- 
Witt Denniston and Leona Ann Zbglmann) Gary Dean 
Donniston(6-5)b. July 29, 1933 Witchita, Kans, 
id. Sept 6, 1957 Witchita) 

7-1 Stephanie Ann Dcnniston(6-5)b, Nov 6, 1959 
Witchita, Kans, 

Maurice Lynn McFarlin raised by Ida Jane McAlocr 
Marian Lucille McFarlin raised by her grandmother, 
Mary Ann Cla? k Dalby. 

6-6 Linda Dyann Home (5-2) b. Jan 30, 19i4-8 Baxter, Kans 


3-1+ MciT Ann Clark (3-i+) 
C^TLDRSN: cont, 

il.,.8 Claud M. Do.lby(3-l+)b. Sept 15, 1882 .-^aulknor, Krxns d. 
July 21, 1959 Chetopa, K?.ns. b. Fly Crock Con. Faulknoi 
m. Aug 6, 1905 Chor'^koo County, Itins.(dau, of Colunbus 
Alcxnndor V/antland and Elizabeth Mclinda York) Anna 
Rebecca Wantland b, Aug 12, I883 Ritchoy, >b. 

5-1 Nola ELlon Dalby ([|.-8)b. July 9, 1906 Faulkner, Kans, 
ra, Aug 2?, I92I; Columbus, Kans, (s. of Steven Habt^ 
Brayfield and Clara Bell Hildorbrand) Johnie Sher- 
man Brayfield b, Oct 25, 1903 Turner, Mo, 

6-1 Anna Clara Brayfield (5-1 )b. Sept 3, 1925 
Che top a, Kans, 
5-2 Mabel Gertrude Dalby ([j.-8)b. Oct Ij., I908 Faulkner, 

Kans, m. Feb 23, 1925 V/alter E. Weir b, 
5-3 Mary Ida Dalby (l4.-8)b. Dec 20, 1912 Faulkner, Kans. 
m, March 9, 1931 Columbus, Kans,(dau of Orlcy 
Lawrence and Lida Lawrence) William 0, Lawrence 

^» Nr Faulkner, Kans 


6-1 Peggy Maurinc Lawrence (5-3 )b. May 20, 1932 

Faulkner, Itons. m, June 10, 19i;9 Portland, Ore 

Vomis Loe Stokcsberryb. May 17, 1929 Chetopa, 

Kans . 


7-1 Sandra Jean Stoke sbcri^ (6-1 )b. Nov l5, 191/-9 

7-2 Debra Lea Stokesburry (6-1 )b. May 21;, 1955 

7-3 Lori Rae Stokesbcrry (6-1 )b, June 1, I960 

All born Portland, Oregon 

6-2 William Dean Lawrence (5-3 )b. March 6, 1936 

Faulkner, Kans, m, Sopt 17, 1955 Stevenson, 

Wash. (Betty Marilyn Cedarquist b. Aug, 31, 

1936 Portland, Oregon. 


7-1 Richard Dean Lawrence ( 6-2 )b. May 21+, 1956 

7-2 Steven Lee Lawri^ice (6-2)b, Feb 1, 1958 

7-3 Michael Dalby Lawrence (6-2 )b. Sept §, 

1959 - All born in Portland, Oregon 

5-l| Vera Catherine Dalby([|.-8)bo July 10, 19l5 Faulkner, 

Kans, m. Mar 2, 193l|. Cherokee County, Kans, (s. of 

James Martin and Belle Stover) James Harvey Martin 

b, Oct lij., 1909 Faulkner, Kans. 


6-1 James Claude Martin (5-ij-)b. Sept 26, 1931+ Cblum- 

bus, Kans, m, July 2, I96O Columbus, Kans. 

Judith Joicne Gray b. March 8, 1938 Colunbus, 

Kans . 


6-2 Clarice Faye Martin(5-l+)b. J^n 10, 1937 Colun- 
bus, ICanSo n. Jan 25, 1955 Miani, Okla, 
Leonard Franklin Mitchell b. July 26, 1933 
7-1 Martin David Mitchell ( 6-2 )b„ Sept 20, 1956 

Oolvimbus, I&ns 
7-2 Rebecca Rae Mitchell (6-2 )b. Apr 5, 1958 

5-ij. Vcrc Ccthorinc Dr.lby([i-8) 

6-2 Clarico Pr.yc ]fcrtin(54|.) 
Childron Gont, 

7-3 Jrjncs Looir.rd 14itcholl (6-2) b, Nov 3, 1963 
Rogers, Ark, 
6-3 Honald Gaylo Mr-rtin(5-ij-)b. Apr 17, 1939 Columbus, 
ICans, m, June 2$, i960 Marsha Dianno Smith b. 
July 16, 19ia 
7-1 Molodia Dawn Martin (6-3 )b, Fob 1, I96I Witchi- 

ta , Kans , 
7-2 Julie Annette Martin (6-3)b, Oct 19, 1962 
Wit Chita, Kans, 
6-k Charles Gary Martin (5-U)b. July 19, 19l;l Columbus 
6-5 Harvey Ray Martin (5-U)b. Jan I6, 19lil|. Columbus 

6-6 Dale Ward Martin (5-l;)b, Jan 19, 1952 Columbus 

6-7 Verl Dean Martin (5-ii-)b, June 19, 19Sk- Columbus 

d, June 19, 1951; 
5-5 Claudia Ernestine Dalby (1^.-8 )b, Aug 12, I918 Paxakner, 
Kans.m. (1) Dec ll\., 19iA Faulkner, Kans. (s, of Rhode 
Helm Chesnutt and Chloe Alice Stilos) Roger Samuel 
Ghesnutt b. Mar 18, 1913 Crestline, lians. d. Apr 12, 
1963 (divorced) m. (2) Sept 3, 1962 Miami, Okla Andrew 
Davis b. May 20, 1915 Paycttcvil' -5,Ark, 

6.1 Alice Ann Chesnutt (5-5 )b, July 26, 19ij2 Colvimbus, 

Family records for the Dal by family obtained 
by Prcdda Carpenter Barnes from Ernestine 
Chesnutt Da*is, Clyde McAlcor, Ethel A Priest, 
Hazel G, Taylor, Hazel May Prokop, Ruth Taylor 
Larson, Lillian Strahl, Lois J, vaikins, Richard 
Lee Strahl, Fred Thomas Strahl, Helen McLain, 
Fred Faulkner, Marian L. Horno, Maurice McFarltn, 
Anna R, Dal by, Mary Ida Lawrence. 


Wallace Clark 

Wallace Clark, the oldest son of George Ziglar Clark and 
Prances Peters Clark was born in Ogen, Illinois February l8, 
1856, He married Eliza Thompson September 5, I878 in Cham- 
paign County Illinois, To this union were born two children, 
Lorin Clark and Ava Clark (Youmans,) 

Eliza Thompson Cla? k died July 12, 1926 in Champaign Co., 
Illinois, and was buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery in Mayview, 111. 
Wallace died in December of the same year, and also was buried 
in the Mt Olive Cemetery in Mayvievj, 


3-6 Wallace Clark(2-3)b, Feb I8, l856 Ogden, 111. d. Dec 21;, 
1926 Champaign Co. Ill, bur Mt Olive Cem. Majrview, 111. m. 
Sept 5, 1878 Vhampaign County, 111. Eliza Thompson b, I4arch 
23, 1859 St Joseph, 111. d, July 12, 1926 bur Mt Olive Cem, 

ij.-l Lorin Clark(3-6)b. Feb kf I88O St Joseph, 111, m, Dec 
31, 1910 Homer, 111, Ava Cockagne b, Apr 29, 1882 
Homer, 111. 

5-1 Wallace Arthur Clar k(i|.-l)b. Nov I8, 1925 Homer, 111 
m, Jan 31, 195l Champaign County 111. Shirley Cox 
b. May 9, 192? 

6-1 Linda Jean Clark(5-l)b. Nov 15, 1951 
6-2 Rebecca Ann Clark(5-l)b, Dec 28, 1952 
6-3 Michael Lorin Clark(5-l)b. Dec 2, 1953 
6-[|. Jon Arthur Clark(5-l)b. Apr 1?, 1955 
6-5 Rbger Charles Cla?k(5-l)b. July6, 195? 

All born in Ogden, Champaign County, 111, 
t|.-2 Ava Clark(3-6)b. Oct 31, 189I St Joseph, 111, m, June 
16, 1910 St Joseph, 111. Isaac Youmans b, Dec 28, I890 
St. Joseph, 111. 

5-1 Clark Youmans (i;-2)b. Sept li+, 1911 St Joseph, 111. 
m. Aug 12, 1931; St Joseph, 111, Ruth Phillips b. 
Apr 17, 1913 St Joseph, 111. 

6-1 Russell Younmans (5-l)b. Apr 29, 1936 St Joseph, 
111. m. June l5, 1958 Sparta, 111. (dau, of I^. 
and Mrs Dewoy Seattle) Mary Jane Boattie b, 
July 11, 1936 Sparta, 111. 

7-1 Jane Elizabeth Youmans (6-1 )b. Sept 16, 196I 
LaPayette, Indiana. 
6-2 Sandra Ann Youmans (5-1 )b, June 11, 1939 St 

Joseph, 111. m. Sept I6, I96I Qiampaign, 111. 
(s. of Mr and Mrs Cecil A. M, Hawkins of Lind- 
field. New South Wales, Aus,)Neil Middleton 
Hawkins b, Jan 31, 1935 Australia 


Mcrtin ''^jXqIo.v Clerk 

Martin Ziglr.r Clark was "born January 13, l858 at Honor, 
Illimis, Left fatherless, at the a^^c of [i., Martin had tho 
fatherly guidance in his early years of his Uncle, V/illiam G, 
Clark, who lived on an adjoining farm. 

At tho ago of II4. he took over tho tasks of plovring and 
other farm chores for his vridowed mother. According to his 
granddaughter, Prodda Carpenter Barnes, he loved farming. She 
states his pastimes consisted in going to Ogdcn or St Joseph 
on Saturdays and church on Siondays, and he enjoyed fishing, log 
Skating, and horseback riding. 

The talK 6 ft 2") dark haired young man with blue oyes, 
begcjn courting Lorctta Jane Swcaringen of St Joseph, On a 
trip to town by horseback to sco Lorctta, ho was dressed in 
his finest clothes, and was accompanied by his pet dog, T!hc 
dog, being of an adventurous spirit, routed out an indignant 
skunk, Noodlcss to say, this was one date with his lady love, 
Martin did not keep. Horse, Dog and Martin were made ill by 
the encounter, and Martin and his pet spent the following woek| 
eating and sleeping outside the house. 

He won the favor of Lorctta Jane Svjoaringcn, and they were 
married March 10, I878. Living in St Joseph, Illinois, he 
started a cigar store. Their first three children wcru born 
in St, Joseph, 

The family moved to Cuba, Pulton County, Illinois to op- 
erate a small hotel and bakery. Their fourth child was born 
in Cuba, 

Business was prosperous until an epidemic of smallpox 
broke out in the community, and during the outbreak, the 
panic of the 90 's began, Martin extended credit until finally 
ho went broke. 

Returning to Homer, Illinois, he started an ice cream and 
confectionary store, which included a bake shop and cigar 
stand. He was elected to the to\-m council, which office ho 
held for two terms. Selling his business about- 1912, ho re- 
tired. In 1918 ho moved to Champaign, Illinois, where ho 
lived until his death February 3, 19l|.3, He i-jas buried in GAR 
■Cemetery, Homer, Illinois, 


3-7 Ifertin Ziglar Clark (2-3) m. March 10, I878 St Joseph, 111. 
(Dau, of John Heniy Swcaringen and Catherine Abigail Brown) 
Loretta Jane Swer.ringen b, Jan 29, 1859 St Joseph, 111, d, 
Oct 21, 1935 Champaign, 111, bur GAR Gem. Homer, 111, 
CHILDREN: see next page, 


. t 


3-7 Martin Ziglar Clr.r]:( 2-3) 
G!IILD-i2N : 
k'l Aurora Abigail Clark(3-?)b, July 30, lG79 St Joseph, 111 

d. Apr 1, 1961.1. Geneva, 111. bur, GAR Con, Ibrncr, 111. 

m, Juno 29, 1901 Iloiricr. HI. Cs. of John Lansing 

Burrows and Sibbic Jay) V/alter Losloy Burrov/s b, March 

31, 1879 Homer, 111. d, Oct 25, 1950 Champaign, 111. 

bur GAR Com. Homer, 111, 


5-1 Vernon Lesley Burrows ([|.-1 )b. Mar 1, 1903 Honor, 111, 
m. (1) July 19, 1921}. Joraiic Blaine Clark (2) Doc, 
20, 1936 Oklahoma City, Okla. (dau of Guy Davis 
and Nellie Yjxthyjn \-h.ltQ ) Julia Kbroen Davis b. 
Doc 11, 1906 Yukon, Okla, 

6-1 Clark Davis Burrows (5-1) b. Nov 25, 19i;0 Okla- 
Homa City, Okla, d, June 13, 1955 

5-2 Locta Vonoo Burrows (i4.-l)b. Sept I8, 1905 Homer, 111 
m, June 3, 1928 Champaign, 111, (s, oi Louis M, 
Bcrquist and Eve Hammerbech) Philip Louis Berquist 
b. Aug 8, 1898 Duluth, Minn, d, Aug 22, 19l|.8 
Children : 

6-1 Philip Bcrquist Jr - b. Fob 10, 1932 Peoria, IH 
6-2 Yvonncc Berquist - b. Aug 19, 1935 Peoria, II] 

Philip Berquist Jr. m. Aug 12, 1951; 
Louiso M, Schuclc 
5-2 Leeta Vonec Burrows ([;-l) m, (2) July 28, 1952 Whoat- 

on. 111, Arthur V/, Coo ley b. May 8, l899 Evans ton, 

111. d. Oct 15, 1953 St Charles, 111. bur Evanston. 

no children m, (3) Aug 5, 1955 I'Jc.jnQ, 111, John C,. 

Allen b, Aug 23, 1906 Fairhaven, Mass. No children 
i;-2 Henry Wallace CI ark ( 3-1 )b, Feb 5, I88I St Joseph, 111 
d, Oct 28, 1938 Indianapolis, Ind, btir GAR Com, Homer, 
111, m. June 29, I9OI Homer, 111, (dau. of Rbbcrt R. 
Amerman and Alice J, Lank) Clara May /onerman b,. May 1, 
1880 Ashgrovo, 111 d, March 31, 196k Livergiore, Calif. 
5-1 Dale Clark(lj.-2)b, June 7, 1902 Homer, 111, m, Jan, 

23, 192it (s, of James Philip Mots and Eleanor Hol- 

brook) Maurice Peter Mcts b, Aug 1, 1901 Rochester, 

New York. 


6-1 Molvin Maurice Mots (5-1 )b, Oct 22, 1926 Roches- 
teif, N, Y, m, Nov 28. 1957 Bortina Epplc 

6-2 Laurel Dale Mots (5-1 )b, Jan 10, 1933 Homer, 111, 

5-2 Claudine Clark ([|.-2)b, Feb 22, 1905 Denver, Colo, 
d, Jan 7i I96I4. '-/aynctown, Ind, bur Mt PIopc Com, 
Covington, Ind, m. Feb 27, 1926 Covington, Ind, 
(s, of Daniel V/cbster Bowers and Lottie Elizabth 
Gardner) Gardner S. Bowers b. July 30, 1907 Coving- 
ton, Ind, 
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5-2 Claudine Clark (l|.-2) 

6-1 Loleta May Bower (5-2 )b„ Mar 27, 1931 Cbvington Indiana 
m, Jan 19, 19[|.9 Covington, Ind, Jackie Lee Jones b. 
Jan 16, 1930 Williamsport, Indiana 

7-1 Jackie LeRoy Jones (6.-l)b. July 1, 19i|9 Covongton 

7-2 Goyita Leann Jones (6-1 )b. Apr 20, 1950 Cbvington 

7-3 Madeana May Jones (6"l)b. June 27, 1955 Danville, 111 

1-k Ricky Todd Jones (6-l)b. Feb 28^ 1959 Danville, 111 
6-2 Gardner Daniel Bowers (5-2 )b, Jan ll^, 1939 Covington Ind 

m. i^eh 5, i960 Covington, Ind Nancy Louraine Godby 

b. Aug 20, 19iil Greensburg, Indiana 
6-3 Amber Kay Bowers (5-2 )b. Nov 11, 19[|2 Danville, 111 

m, Apr 20, I96O Covington, Ind. Jerry Warren Brewer b, 

Dec 23, 19IJ-O V/illiamsburg, Indiana 
6-^ Robert Clinton Bowers (5-2 )b. Aug 29, 19i;6 Covington, Ind 
5-3 Lotus Clark (ij.-2)b, Dec 5, 1907 Denver, Colo, m. Mar 17, 1927 
Champaign County, Ill,(s. of James William Harper and Mary 
CHILDREn"^'^''^ ^^^''■^^ ^" Harper b. May 5, 1905 Ogden, 111. 
6-1 Mary Ellen Harper (5-3 )b. July 8, 1928 Danville, 111. 

m. Sept 16, 1950 St Joseph, 111 (s. of Maurice Alfred 

Craine and Marie Elliott) Elliot Maurice Craine b. 

Oct 5, 1921^. Burlington, Iowa. 


7-1 Jeffery V/alter Craine (6-l)b. Mar 13, 1953 Urbana. 

7-2 ;\ndrew Wallace Craine (6-1 )b, June l5, 1956 Feoria. 
5-k Wallace Minium Clark(i;-2)b. Oct 23, 1911 Denver Colo. d. 
Apr 5, 1959 Oakland, Calif, m. Apr 20, 1932 Danville, 111. 
(dau. of James Scott and Florence Pyle) Evelyn Scott b. 
Kov 13, 1911; Danville, 111. 

6-1 Richard Wallace Clark(5-/|)b. Apr 6, 1933 Danville, 111. 
m Sept 22, 1956 Danville, 111. (dau. of Charles Wesley 

n ^""op-^-^n^^? ^"^""^ ^11^^ Murphy)Ebris Joy Mitchell b. 

Oct 28, 1935 Danville, 111. 


7-1 Roger Wallace Clark (6-1 )b. June 7, 1957 i^anville. Ill 
A o I"? ^^"^®1^ Sue Clark(6-l)b. June 20, I96O Danville, 111 
6-2 ^bert Glenn Clark(5-i|)b. Aug 28, 1931; Danville, 111 
6-3 Donna Jean Clark(5-U)b. Aug 8, 1936 Danville, 111 m. 

Oct. 1951; Fred Foures b, 
6-i; Judith Ann Clark(5-U)b. May 30, 1939 Danville, 111 m. 

Feb 1959 Rudy Sett ' 

6-5 Jerry Loe Clark(5-I;)b. Aug 8, 191+2 Danville, 111. 
5-S Jennie Af ton Clark(l+-2)b. Mar 1, 1911; Denver, Cblo. m. Oct 
i' 1937 Crawfordsville, Ind. (s. of Ernest B. Davies and 
Myrtle Dale) Ernest Bernard Davies b. Jan 19, 1916 Feoria 
111. m. (2) May 3, 1959 Martinez, Calif. (s. of Samuel 
Dunbarr and Nellie Glenn) Samuel Irving Dunbarr b. March 13, 
1919 Springfield, Colo, ^ 

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5-5 Jennie Afton Clark(li-2) 

6-1 Roberta Loe Davies (5-5 )b. Juno 1, 19l|.0 Docatur, 111. 
m. Feb 12, 1959 Concord, Calif (s, of John Ov/on Irvin) 
and Euna FG?.rl Irvin) John Charles Irvin b. Dec 7, 19^1 

7-1 Kevin Owen Irvin ( 6-1 )b. May i;, I960 Brovmwood, Tox, 
6-2 Timothy V/allace Davies (5-5)b. Feb I]., 1953 Concord^ Cal. 
5-6 Clara Clrr k(l+-2)b. Jan 3, 1916 Sterling, Colo, m. May 3, 
19i|.7 Danville, Ill.(s. of Samuel and Florence Ghcre Haun) 
James Theodore Haun b. Aug 13, 1920 Homer, 111, Divorced 

6-1 James Theodore Haun Jr(5-6)b, Apr 11, 19i;9 Denver, Colo 
5-7 Otheal Clark(i^-2)b, Oct 30, 1917 Sterling, Colo„ m. Jan 31, 
19ip- Danville, Ill.(s. of George Thomas Anderson and Ecrmc. 
Lee Tedrick) George Tedrlck Anderson b, Apr 2l4.,1913 
Heavener, Okla. 

6-1 John Douglas Anderson (5-7 )b. Aug 17, 19ij-5 Nev;port News, 
5-8 John X. Clark (l4.-2)b. July 3, 1922 Rochester, N.Y. m. March 
20, 19l|-3 (dau. of John J, Burke and Eleanor F. Stretz) 
Helen Burke b, Aug 10, 1920 St Joseph, Missouri 
6-1 Pamela Ann Clark(5-8)b. Feb 21, 1953 St Louis, Mo c 
14.-3 George Vtorthington Clark (3-7)b. Ihv 28, 1882 St Joseph, 111 

d. Sept 12, I9I1-O Unmarried 
k-k Zclla Mae Clark(3-7)b. June 12, I89O Cuba, 111. d. Oct 2, 
1951]. Detroit, Mich bur Dotroit m. (1) July 17, 1905 Danville 
Ill(s, of John Cassius Corpentcr and Nancy Belle Rush) 
Fredclck Richard Carpenter b. Apr 17, l88[j. Sidney, 111. d.^ 
Mar 20, 1958 Kalamazoo, Mich, bur Kalamazoo Divorced m» 
(2) Nov 12, 1916 St Louis, Mo.(s. of Simon Gross and Martha 
Harris) Harry Gross b. July I6, I890 Clay Co. Ill, 
d, Jan 19, 1932 Detroit, Mich, bur Detroit 
5-1 Lelta Vonee Carpenter (ij.-i;)b, Feb 7, 1906 Homer, 111 
m. Aug 15, 1923 Edxjard Durant dlv. m. (2) Oct 31, 
1956 Salome, Ariz, (s, of Albert Lloyd Croy and 
Nettle Edith Mitchell) Norvln Albert Croy b. Oct 
27, 1911 Henryetta, Okla. No children 
5-2 Fredda Martlnctte Carpenter (14.-/4. )b. Aug 8, 1910 

Homer, 111. m, (l)Sept 1;, 1932 Dos IVblncs, Ia,(Sc of 
Vta B, Brunsdon end Mary Louise Clark) V/illlam Bruns- 
don b, Dec 25, 1909 Dos MDlncs, la d, Dec 17, 19l|.9 
Bremerton, V/ash bur V7oodlawn Com, Bremerton m, (2) 
Deo 23, 1951 s. Pasadena, Calif (s. of V/alter Scott 
Barnes and Minnie Bell Higgens) I7allace Alexander 
Cole Barnes Sr, b. Nov 5, l895 Yakima, V/ash No Bhlld 
5-3 Zella Marie Gross (l+-l4.)b, Dec 22, 1922 DesMoincs. la 

d. Dec 22, 1922 
^-k Harry Martin Gross (i4.-i).)b. June 27, 1923 Dos Moines, la 
m. July 21, 1961 (d. of Albert and lad ICrouse 
Schafcr b. Feb 17, 1917 Allen Park, Mich (m, Wayne, 
k-S Unnojned girl (3-7)b. July 17, I896 Homer, 111, d„ July 17, 


Family records obtained by Fredda 
Carpenter Barnes. 




SON IN HOMER. III. Jan. 1. >Iis. Ly4J» 
lloii-in, till- oldest woiniin In Cham- 
,alpM, ilii-d al iKrr homo U<;rf 
a :; oclock lliis moriiius lioni an i 
.lln'-ss lastins Iwu or Hire.; weuks | 
rom i)n<:qni.)nla. Mrs. bolkin cele- , 
iraltHl her lolst birthday anniversary 
(11 .Sovombcr lit. 

The de(,cll(Mit was horn in Clark 
County. O, ,on Nov. I'.i, U,l-1, being 
1 dauKhlor of William and Katherine 
ilark. in l^ilu she marri< d Cfiarlc, 
Rotkin. anu - ttiey moved to L'nion 
■ounty. O. About :>:', years a'^'o the, 
moved to Vermilion county, HI., re 
siding on the state road northeast o.' 
Momer. Mr. Botkin died in IfiSI. 
- „.o ..r 'iro Botktn'" four childre-i 
iro living They are William Boi 
'.I 1 of Kiowa, Kan., and Mrs. Mary 
Mall of Bourbon. Ind 8evcp grand- 
hlldren, is great ttrandchildren and 
Hve great Kroatgrandchildren also 
survive. Mrs. Botkin had been mak- 
ing her home with her gratwlson, 
Charles Hall. 

Mrs. Botkin was grandmother of 
KmmrA Yenrsley and Mrs. ■William 
Shaw of I'rbana. Her daughter, Mra. 
Melissa Ycarsley, died about a year 
igo. In Irl ana, and Mrs. BoUin then 
-ame to Homer to ret^de. 

Mrs. Buikiii had a remarkalile his- 
tory, considei li.f her ero. keeping 
house until she was S8 years of age. 
She Rtin road and sewed at the a?e 
.)f <)3. Tntll her death her mind was 
-:l8Br and she remembered details 
)( harienlngs of her rliildhood. 

A. remarkable tomurc of Mrs. Bot- 
tins lutuiorv ii thai shi-- Qould remcm- 
Der events of recent history as clearly 
18 she could recall the happenings 
during the very early years of her life. 
She look much pleasure in relating 
stories told her by her grandfather and 
others rogArdlrg the Revolutionary 
war, or, aa she called it, "the old 
war." Among other Incidents of 
which ihe told waa the capture and 
escape of her jrandfather at Brandy- 
wine, iB the RevolntlonaJrT^m:^, 

Ix>MeT)tT B««ID«<1 to he-^Ww*^^, 

1)1 'jand In 

,t on the 

spent their 

, about three 

Centenarian resident of Hcm«r 
who died at honne of her grandson in 
Homer, January 4, aged 101 years, 
band and four children in o/lrlition to 
all the other work of her house and 
that which she did in helping her has- 
band clear their land proved sources 
of much amazement to 'ler younger 

After the death of 
1881 Mrs. Botkir .• ■ 
farm on which tht; - 
earlier married life uii 
years ago. 

. When, at the age of 93, Mi-s. Botkin 
was advised to discontinue reading, in 
order that her eyes might not be in- 
jured, she insisted that the papers be 
read to her. In order that she might 
keep abreast of the current events 
She showed keen Interest in noting 
all the new Inventions and more Im 
portant discoveries. 

The funeral of Mrs. Botkin will b« 
held at 10:30 o'clock Thursday morn 
Ing from the First Methodist Episco- 
pal church of Homer, the services 
being conducted by Rev. Edgar, PM- 
tor of the church. The remains wiB 
be laid to rest In Davls-^ cemetery, 
abont six miles east of Homer, near 

I Mrs. Botkln's '^'^'J^'-.-'.^o^.x^ and 

Jan Ij., 1916 
The Champaign Daily News 
Charapaign-Urbana, 111, 




In lieu of a biography for Lydia Clark Botkln, we give 
you herevfith an interesting article, which appeared in the 
January 1|., 1916 issue of The Champaign Daily News, Permiss- 
ion for it's use was granted to Mr Ross Mills of Urbana by 
fhe News-Gazette of Champi ign- Urbana, Illinois, 

The original was yellowed with age, and some of it was 
hard to read. The paragraph viiich is difficult to decipher 
reads, "Longevity seemed to be a characteristic of MrsBotkin's 
immediate relatives, A brother William Clark died at the 
age of 88, He wna tho youngest of the family, Mrs Botkin's 
mother lived to be 88 years old," 

Lydia Clark married Charles Botkin, a native of Union 
County, Ohio January 12, I837. He died January 30, I88I. 
Lydia lived until 19l6, Both are buried in Davis Cemetery 
east of Homer near Fairmont, 


Z-k Lydia Cla-kd-l) m. Jan 12, l837 Clark Cb. Ohio Charles 

Botkin b. May 3, 1811 Broadway Union Co. Ohio d. Jan. 30, 

1881 Homer, HI. bur Davis Cemetery near Homer. 


3-1 Lyman Emmet Botkin(2-l4.)b. Aug 8, I838 Clark Co, Ohio 

d. Sept 21]., 1852 
3-2 Melissa Botkin(2-i|.)b. Feb 21, 181^0 Clark Co. Ohio d„ 

Aug 27, 191i). bur, Yearsley Cemetery near Urbana, Illo 
3-3 William Clark Botkin(2-lj.)b. Apr 5, l8i;2 Clark Co.Omio 

d, Nov 8, 1918 Mowa, Kans, buried Kiowa. 
3-1^. Mary Botkin(2-i;)b. Feb 10, l85l Union Cb, Ohix). d. 

Jan I4., 1932 Napanee, Ind. bur, Davis Cem. Homer, 111^ 
3-5 Infant daughter (2-i;) b, d. infancy 

Melissa E, Botkin 

Melissa Eveline Botkin, oldest daughter of Charles and 
Lydia Clark Botkin, was bom Feb 21, l8i;0 in Clark Ootmty 
Ohio, She married September 9, l858 in Union Cbunty, Ohio, 
John Yearsley, son of Isaac and Ann Rankin Yearsley, To this 
union were born two children, Emmet Grant Yearsley and Clara 
Yearsley (Shaw,) both natives of Union County Ohio, Mr. 
Yearsley was bom September 26, l823 in West Coin, Chester 
County, Pennsylvania, 

In 1865 the couple came to Illinois, vh ere they resided 
on a farm in Somer township, Champaign County until the 
death of Mr Yearsley December 23, I883. At this time Melissa 
moved to Urbana, making her home with her daughter, Clara 
Yearsley Shaw, She died August 27, 191i|.. Both she and her 
00883^4 G£N£ALO -1^^^^ ^ 

0088334 ^fyry. () j^,_._^ OP .. - ^^ 

husband are burled in the Yearslcy Cemctory near Urbana, 
IllinDis, It is said, by xnembGrs of her family, that sho 
never recovered from the trqgic death of hor grandson, Harold 
Shaw in 1913, 


3-2 Melissa Eveline Botkin(2-[|.)in. Sept 9. 18^8 Union Co. Ohio 
(s, of Isaac and Ann Rankin Yearslcy) John Yoarsloy b» 
Sept 26, 1823 W, Gain, Chester Co. Pa. d. Doc 23,1883 
bur, Yearslcy Certi, near Urbana, Illinois 

L1.-I Emmet Grant Yearsley (3-2 )b. July 7, I863 Broadway, 
Ohio d. Aug 19, 19k2 Urbana, 111. bur Wbodlawn Cem, 
Urbana, 111. m. Apr 7, 1886 Soitiers Twp, Urbana, 111 
(dau, of James K, and Mary Jane Spoor Corson) Alma 
Corson b. Sept 28, I863 Urbana, 111. d. Mar 13, 195i^. 
St, Petersburg, Fla. bur Vjbodlawn Com, Urbana, 111, 

5-1 John C, Yoarsley(ij.-l)b, Aug 28, 1887 Urbana, 111. 
d, Nov 21, 1956 Urbana, bur, Vfoodlawn Demetery 
Urbana, 111, m. Doc 5, 1907 Urbana, 111, (dau. of 
John A. and Cordelia Ellen Derrough Edwards ) 
Jessie Edwards b. May 6, 188I4. Urbana, 111. 

6-1 Branct Edwards Yoarsloy (5-1) b. Mar 17,1909 
Urbana, 111. m. (1) Maybelle Lindlcy (Div) 
m.(2) Joan Phillips b, Apr 23, 192l|. Urbana, 
111. (Feb 12, 19ij.3 Urbana, 111.) 
7-1 Mary Jo Yearslcy (6-1 )b. July 27, 1936 

Somers Twp, 111. m, D'-'C^ 12, 195i|. Seattle 
Wash, Jerry Anderson b. 
7-2 John Edwards Year sley (6-1 )b. Feb 27, 19i;5 
7-3 Mary Ellen Yearsley(6-l)b. Nov 29, 19i|8 
l-k Howard Allen Yearsley (6-1 )b. Feb 22, 1952 
7-5 Martha Florence Yearsley (6-1 )b. Sept II4., 
195i| All born Urbana, 111. 
6-2 Jessie Elizabeth Yearsley (5-1 )b. Aug 1, 1917 
Urbana, 111, m. Oct 26, 1937 Indianapolis, 
Ind, Frank Marriott b, Dec 19, 191i+. Somer Twp 
Urbana Cb. 111. 

7-1 Geral^ine Ann Marriott (6-2 )b, Feb 2S, 19i;2 
ra, March 5, I960 Urbana, 111. (s, of Alvin 
L. and Ida Louise Schuette Windier) Roy 
Alvin Windier b, Aug 2i^, 1937 S, Homer, 

8-1 Kay Annetta Windier (7-1) b, Dec 10, 

i960 Champaign, Illinois 
8-2 Camilla Lynn Windier (7-1) b. May 3, 1962 
Champaign, Illinois. 
6-3 Ruth Yearsley ( 5-1 )b. Apr 26, 1920 Urbana, 111. 
m, July 20, 1938 Urbana, 111. Lysle J. Gerdos 
b. Dec 28, 1913 Rt, 1, Allerton, Illinois. 
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6-3 Ruth Yec-rsloy(5-l) 

7-1 Robert George Gcrdes (6-3 )b, Oct 13, 1939 
7-2 Jerry Edwards Gerdcs (6-3 )b. Sept 29, 19l|.0 
7-3 Larry John Gerdes(6-3) b. Sept 29, 19iIo 
7-k. Richard Lyslc Gardes (6-3)b. Aug 8, 19i4.8 
All born Tuscolc, Illinois 
5-2 Mary Yearsley (ij.-i)b. Aug 7, I898 Urbana, :fij)inois 
k'2 Clara Yearsley (3-2)b. Oct 6, 1865 Union Cb . Ohio d. 
Aug 9, 195i| Urbana, m. bur. Wbodlawn Gem. Wrbana 
m. Sept 25^ l88i| Somers Twp Champaign Co, 111. (s. of 
Ezra Allen and Nancy Jones Shaw) Wllliain Talbot Shaw 
b. Nov 2, i860 Urbana, 111. d. Mar 16, 1936 Urbana, 
bur Irtfoodlavm Com, Urbana, 111. 

5-1 Hazel Shr,w(l|-2)b„ Aug 13, l885 Somers TwpChampaign 
County, 111, d. Aug 31, 19i|.5 bur V/oodlawn Cam. 
urbana. 111. 

5-2 Harold Shaw(i^^2)b. July 16, 1893 Somers T wp 

Champaign Co , 111. d. Aug 9, 1913 bur. Wbodlnwn 
. ^ ^ Cemetery, Urbana, Illinois. 

3-3 vailiam Clark Botkin(2-i^)b„ Apr 5, l81;2 Clark Co. Ohio 

William Clark Botkin 

William Clark Botkin., second son of Charles and Lydia 
Clark Botkin, was born April 5, l8[f2 in Clark County Ohio. 
Coming to Illinois with his parents in I863, William was 
mc-rried in December of that year to Catherine McWhorter, a 
native of Indianao ' 

To this union v/erc born Melissa Botkin, who died in in- 
fancy, and Charles A. Botkin, a native of Milton, Illinois. 
After living in Milton, the f.^ily later moved to Harper, 
Kansas, where their son Charles lived, 

Catherine Mcltiorter Botkin died Aug 7, 1911;, and was 
followed in death by William November 8, I918. Both arc 
buried at Kiowa, Kansas , 


3-3 miliam Clark Botkin(2-i].) m. Doc 20, I863 Catherine Mc- 
Whortcr b, Jan 22, l8ij.7 Lebanon, Indiana d. Aug 7, 1911. 
bur. Mowa, Kansas. & o, 7 m- 


1;-1 Melissa Bo tkin( 3-3 )b. Sept U, 1865 d. Aug 6, 1866 
i|.-2 Charles A. Botkin(3-3)b. Oct 25, I868 Milton, 111. m. 
no^o-'-^ -'-^'^^ Caprow, Okla. Ora Stanfiold b. Nov. 3, 
1078 Kentucky d. May 17, 1909 bur Kiowa, Kansas, m. 
(2) 1912 Lillian Hurd b. I888 d. Nov 3, 1933. Charles 
A. Botkin d- , Oct 27, 1950 Mowa, Kans. 

5-1 William Maj?tin Bo tkin( 11.-2 )b. Mar 8, 190O Cherokee 
Strip. Okla, m. Mar 9, 1926 Alva, Okla, Mary B. 
Elliott b, Oct 27, 1900 Cherokee Strip, Okla. 
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5-1 Wllliain Martin Botkin(l|-2) 
6-1 Billio Mario Botkin(5-l)b. June 7, 192? 

Kiowa, Kr.ns. m. March 21, 1914-6 Alva, Okla, 

RayiTcnd Dale Kraft b, Jan Ij., 1926 


7-1 Stephen Dale Kraft(6-l)b. Apr 23, 19i4-7 

Alva, Okla. 
7-2 EDuglas Ray Kraft (6-l)b. Fob 7,lW 

Stillwater, Okla 
7-3 Cheryl ;j^ Kraft ( 6-1 )b. Apr 20, 1950 

Denver, Colorado 
7-[j. Kathy Mario Kraft (6-l)b. March 21;, 1952 

Witchita, Kans. 
7-5 Bruce Marie Kraft ( 6-1 )b, Fob 17, 1951; 

Tulsd, Okla. (See correction) 
7-6 Gail Sue I^aft(6-l)b. July 13,-1957 
Tulsa, OJcla. 
6-2 Lyla Loe Botkin(5-l )b, Dec 11, 1933 Kiowa, 
Kans, m. July 13, 1951 Alva, Okla. Leo 
Ira Cropp b. Aug 31, 1931 Okla. 

7-1 Stanley EaJ?l Cropp (6-2 )b. Sept l5, 1952 

Pt Bragg N. C. 
7-2 Leanne Jean Cropp ( 6-2 )b. July l6, 1955 

Stillwater, Okla. 
7-3 Cindy Sue Cropp (6-2)b. Jan 30, 1957 
Kiowa, Kans. 
6-3 Lyle Doe Bo tkin(5-l)b. Dec 11, 1933 Kiowa, 
Kans. m. May 17, 1956 Denver, Colorado 
Berta Mae Olson b. Dec 7, 1932 Luray, Kans. 
CHILDREN: (See correction) 
7-1 Priscilla Ann Botkin(6-3)b. June 26, 1957 

Ft Meyers, Va. 
7-2 David Lyle Botkin(6-3)b. Mar 7, 1959 

Chicago, Illinois 
7-3 Curtis William Botkin(6-3)b. Sept 6, 
i960 Witchita, Kans, 
5-2 Carl Monroe Botkin (l!.-2)b. Sept 12, 1902 Kiowa, 
Ka.ns, m. May 2, 1926 Kiowa, Kans. (See addenda) 
Opal Allen b. Aug 27, 1901; Alva, Old. a. 
5-3 Charles Victor Botkin(l).-2)b, Aug 1917 laowa, Ks. 

Biographies for Melissa Botkin Yoarsley and 
William Clark Botkin were based on material 
provided by Ethel Gibson Mills, the genealo- 
gical records, and Lydia Clark Botkin's obit- 

Name Corrections: V/ife of 6-3 Lyle Deo Botkin (5-1) should 
read Berta Marie Olson instead of Borta Mac Olson. 

7-5 Bruce Martin Kraft (6-1) instead of 
Bruce Marie Kraft. 

ADDENDA: 6-2 Lyla Lee Botkin (5-1) 

7-1; Beulah Rao Cropp(6-2)b, Aug 27, 1963 
Ptussell, Kansas. 

ADDENDA (Continued) 

5-2 Carl Monroe Botkin (1:1.-2 ) 

*6-l^Patricia Jean Botkin(5-2)b. May 12, 1929 Hardtner, 
Kans. m. Feb 2, 195i| Enid, Okla John R. Tearl b. 
Mar 3, 1927 Atchinson, Kans. 
CHILDREN: ,. ^. ^^ 

7-1 Kelly Ann Tearl ( 6-1 )b. Oct 3, 1955 Bxtburg, 
Germany ,^ 

■-■ 7-2 Michael Tearl ( 6-1 )b. June 25, 1958 Toms River, N.J. 
7-3 John Patrick Tearl ( 6-1 )b. Feb 1, I960 McGuire AFB 

New Jersey 
7-ij. Candace Jo Tearl ( 6-1 )b. Feb 1, 19 61 McGuire AFB 
New Jersey 
7-5 Melanie Tearl (6-1 )b. Feb 3, 1962 Phoenix, Ariz 
7-6 Britt Steven Tearl (6-1 )b. Nov l6, 1963 Izmirc, 


Mary Bo t kin 

Mary Botkin, second daughter of Charles and Lydia Clark 
Botkin, was born in Clark County Ohio, February 10, l85l. She 
came to Illinois from Ohio with her parents in I863 at the ago 
of twelve. On July 3, I867, she married Bartimus Hall, a nat- 
ive of Williamsport, Warren County, Indiana. They were the par- 
ents of four children, Alice Hall ( Thompson, ) Charles Hall, 
William Pay Hall, and Alta Mai Hall (Soalos.) 

Bartimus Hall, age 20, enlisted Nov 10, I863 at Danville, 
Illinois for a period of 3 years for Civil War service. Mus- 
tered in at Camp Yates, he was in Company C, 25th Infantry, lat- 
er transferring to Co. H Nov 30, I863. His record shows he"en.. 
gaged in the Campaign before Atlanta, Ga." He v/as mustered out 
September 21, 1865 with rank of corporel at Victoria, Texaso 

Born April 10, 181^3, Bartimus died July 3, I898 at Homer, 
Illinois. Mary Botkin Hall died January 1;, 1932 at Napanee, 
Indiana, Both are buried in Davis Cemetery, Hbmer, Illinois e 

This biography was based on information gi^ en by Ethel G, 
Mills, the genealogical record, and data found in the Adjutant 
General's report for Illinois, and from his File, Designation 
Number WC i;6l 91I General Services Adm. National Archives, 
Washington, D, C, 


3-I|. Mary Botkin (2-1).) m, July 3, 186? 

Bartimus Hall b. Apr 10, l8l|3 Wllliamsport, Ind, d, 
July 3, 1897 Homer, 111, bur, Davis Cem„ Homer, 111. 

i|.-l Alice Hall(3-[|.)b. Oct 22, 1868 Champaign COo Ill„ 
m. Oct 30, iQdii. Chairpaign Co., Ill, Link "Siort^json 
b, Nov 27, 1859 Vermillion Co, 111. d. Feb 2,19iA 
Kirklin, Indiana bur OakHill Gem. larklin, Ind. 
(Alice Hall Thompson d. Apr 30, 1956 Kirklin, Ind, 
bur Oak Hill- Cemetery) 

5-1 Jessie Thomp so n ( i|.- 1 )b, July 29, 1885 Vermill- 
ion Co., 111. m. Aug 7, 1907 Frankfort, Ind„ 
Jesse McKinney b. July 13, I886 larklin^ Ind. 
d. Jan 21, 19i;6 Mrklin, Ind. 

6-1 Alice Beatrice McMnney (5-l)b, Oct 2i|., 
1908 Ilirklin, Ind, m. Aug 13, 1936 
Jack Crov/der b. 
No children 



k-1 Alice Hall(3-i;) 

5-1 Jessie Thompson ([^.-1 ) 
CHILDREN: Continued 
6-2 David V/ilkinson Mc Kinney ( 5-1 )b. Sept l5, 1910 

Mrklin m. Oct 7, 1933 Mary 

Pauline Williams b, 

larklin, Ind. 


7-1 Mary Prances McKinney (6-2)b, 
6-3 Florence Mae McKinney (5-1 )b, Oct 10, 1912 

Kirklin, Ind. m. May 20, 1933 

Elmer Mugge b, 


7-1 Patty Campbell Mugge ( 6-3 )b, 
6-ij. Marian Elizabeth Mcianney (5-1 )b. Dec 8, 19114- 

Kirklin, Ind. d. Jan 19, 1961; Calif, m. Apr 2k, 

1935 (Div) 1/filliam 0. Kinneman m. (2 ) Mr. Lang- 


7-1 Jogn ICinneman(6-l|.)b, 

Pull name Beverly Joan Kinneman 
m, IVtr. Bakeman b. 
8-1 Julie Ann Bakeman (7-1 )b, 
8-2 Steven Bakeman (7-1 )b, 
8-3 Debbie Bakeman (7-1 )b. 
6-5 Evelyn Lorann Mcianney ( 5-1 )b, Nov 29, 1916 

larklin, Ind. m. July 25, 1937 

Robert Chastain b. July Ik, 1917 Hamilton Co. 



7-1 Debbie Chastain (6-5 )b. 
6-6 John Robert Mc Kinney ( 5-1 )b. Sept 17, 19l8 

Mrklin, Ind. m. Dec 2, 1938 

Lillian Sailor b, Kentucky 


7-1 Shirley Ann McKinney ( 6-6 )b, 

7-2 Kemmer McKinney (6-6) b, 

7-3 John R. McKinney (6-6) tw 

7-k- James Dvd.ght McKinney (6-6) b, 

7-5 Donna Campbell McKinney ( 6-6 )U 

7-6 Jack Allen McMnney (6-6)b, 

7-7 Eddie Lee McKinney (6-6 )b. 
6-7 Mary Ellen McKinney ( 5-1 )b, Dec 27, 1920 Kirk- 
lin, Ind. d. Nov 27, 195i| bur. 

m. Dec 12, 1939 

Jean Pausset b. Terhxane, Ind, 


7-1 Ronald Jean Pausset (6-7 )b, 

7-2 David Lee Pausset (6-7 )b, 

7-3 Robert Pausset(6-7)b. 

7-h Larry Pausset (6-7 )b, 
6-8 Ward Parker McMnney (5-l)b. Dec 17, 1921 Kirk- 
lin, Ind. m. Aug 22, 19i|.3 

Mary Phyllis Stowers b. 


7-1 Garry Dean Mcianney (6-8) b. 

7-2 David Lee Mc Kinney ( 6-8 )b. 


6-8 Ward Parker Mcianney(5-1) 
7-3 Mary Ann McKinney (6-8 )b, 
7-I|. Steven McKinnoy (6-8)b, 
6-9 Phyllis Ann McMnney (5-1 )b, Aug 5, 1921; Klrk- 
lin, Ind. m. Mar 22, 19/+2 
Basil Jeffries b, 

7-1 Sue Diana Jeffrie s( 6-9) b. 
7-2 Paula Jo Jef fric s (6-9)b. 
7-3 Becky Ann Jef fries (6-9)b, 
6-10 Betty Jean McKinncy(5-l )b, Jan 10, 1926 Klrk- 
lin, Ind, m. Mar 12, 19i|-2 

Mllliam Thomas b. Indianapolis, 


7-1 Billy Jo Thomas ( 6-10 )b, 
7-2 Steven Thomas (6-10) b, 
6-11 Barbara Lou McKlnncy(5-l )b. Fob 1, 1927 
Mrklln, Ind. m« Nov 2li, 191+5 
John C. Smith b. Spencer, Ind. 


7-1 John Smith Jr(6-ll)b, 
7-2 Karen Jean Smith(6-ll )b, 
5-2 Georgia Thompson (ij.-l)b. Doc 21]., l886 Vermillion Co. 
111. m. Apr 17, 1912 (s. of Francis M, and Hattie 
Roush Hendricks) Glen Hendricks b, July 5* l886 
Klrklin, Ind. d. July 10, I96I Kirklin bur Oak Hill 
Cemetery. No children 
5-3 Mriam Alice Thompson (ij.-l)b» May 11, 1907 larklin, 

Ind. d. J\ane 12, 1958 Indianapolis, Ind. bur Lincoln 
Memory Garden, Rbyalton, Ind. m. Dec 8, 1923 Flack- 
ville, Ind. Milford Alden Morgan b. Sept 17, 1905 
New Augusta, Ind. 

6-1 Lois Alta Morgan (5-3 )b. July 2, 1921; Now Augusta, 
Indiana m, (1) George Benjamin Hut ton Sr. b, 
(Div) m. (2) Edward David Reed b. Jan 7,1912 
Indianapolis, Ind. jn. Sept 20, 19lj-8 

7-1 Earline Kay Hutton(6-l)b. Oct 21, 19lp- Indi- 
anapolis, Ind. m, Feb 9, I960 
Joseph Bradford Barton b. Mar 30, 1937 
7-2 George Benjamin Hutton Jr(6-l)b. Dec [|., 1914-2 
Indianapolis, Ind, 
6-2 Helen Ruth Morgan(5-3)b, Dec li;, 1925 New Augus- 
ta, Ind. m. (1) Raymond Edvmrd Vaught b, 
Indianapolis, Ind, d. 191+5 Gorman Prison Camp, 
m, (2) May 25, 1914-7 William Morris Hyneman b, 
Nov 16, 1925 
7-1 Patricia Ann Vaught (6-2)b. Oct 21, 1914-2 

Indianapolis, Ind, 
7-2 Michael Lynn lineman ( 6-2 )b. Nov 21, I9I4.8 
7-3 Rebecca Sue Hyneman (6-2 )b, Oct 1|, 19l).9 
Both born Indianapolis, Indiana 


^3 Miriam Alice Thompson (I4.-I) Children (cont) 

6-3 Robort Lowell ^brgan(5-3)b.Pcb 2, 1930 Now Augusta, 
Ind. M, June 20, 1952 

Dolores Mao Jones b, Dec 9, 1929 Indianapolis, Ind 
7-1 Jacquilino Sue Morgrm(6-3)b. Aug 26, B953 
7-2 Deborah June Morgan (6-3)b. Nov 22, 1955 
Both born Indianapolis, Ind. 
I4.-2 Charles Hall(3-l;)b. Feb 2, I87I Homer, 111, m. Nov 20, 
1895 Champaign Co., Ill.(dau, of John Lansing and Sibbie 
Jay Burrows) Iva Lillian Burrows b, Oct 3, lo75 Bement, 
111. d. Oct 25, 1939 Homer, 111. bur GAR Cem. Homer, 111. 
(Charles Hall d. Sept 21, 19l|.6 Harper, Kans. bur GAR Com 
Homer, 111, 

5-1 Beulah Mae Hall (1^-2 )b. Apr 6, I9OO Homer, 111. m. Jan 
21, 1925 Fred Earl Bo swell b. June 7, 1903 Newton, 



6-1 Pred Earl Boswell Jr(5-l)b. Nov 8, 1925 Danville, 

6-2 Robert Dale Boswell (5-1 )b. May 8, 1927 Danville 
6-3 Donald Lee Boswell (5-1 )b, Oct 31, 1928 Danvillo, 

111. d. Jxone 11^, 1958 
6-[|. Mary Ann Boswell(5-l )b. July 22, 1933 Danville, 

111. m, Mr. LaPoc 

6-5 Ellen Louise Boswell (5-1) b. Sept 12, 1935 Danvillo 
in, Mr. Lappin 

5-2 Howard Preston Hall ([|.-2)b. Sept 19, 1905 Homer, 111. 
m. May 29, 1930 Paris, 111. Martha Jones b. March 1, 
1910 Metcalf, 111, 
6-1 Barbara Jean Hall (5-2 )b. July 25, 1931 I-fomer, 111 

m. Mr, Pruitt 

6-2 Howard Ray Hall ( 5-2 )b. July 6, 193^1- Homer, 111. 
6-3 Mary Ellen Hall (5-2 )b. March 5, 19^; Philo, 111, 
6-[|. Dorothy Irene Hall ( 5-2 )b. July 6, 19i;7 Danvillo, 111 
k.~3 William Pay Hall (3-I|.)b. May 9, l873 Homer, 111. d. June 
19, 1928 bur Davis Cem Homer, 111. m, Nov 1, iQ^k St Jos- 
eph, 111, (dau, of Chas, W. Gibson and Sarah Cannon Gib- 
son) Payetto Gibson b, Jan 9, 1877 nr Homer, 111, d. Aug 
5, 19lt.7 Champaign, 111, bur ^yfoodlawn Cem, Urbana, 111. 

5-1 Ruth Hall(i;-3)b, June 10, l897 Vermillion Co. 111. m. 
Aug 23, 1928 Jacksonville, Ill.(s, of Thomas C. John- 
son and Marie Taylor Johnson) Lyman Johnson b, Feb l5, 
1889 Fithian, 111, d, Feb 19, 19i|8 Fithian, 111. bur 
Botkin Cem. Homer, 111, No children. 
5-2 Ralph L. Hall(i;-3)b, Mar 26, l899 Homer, 111, d. Doc 
10, 19k9 Champaign, 111, bur Eastlawn Cem. Urbana, 111 
m. Sept 8, 1932 Chicago, 111. (dau. of Absalum Beulah 
and Laura Brandenburg Beulah) Imogene Beulah b, Apr6, 
1900 casey. 111, d. Jan 27, 1963 Champaign, 111. bur 
East Lawn Memorial Park, No children 
5-3 Helen Hall([j.-3)b, Feb 9, 1901 Ifomer, 111. m, Oct 25, 
1937 Chicago, 111. Paul Conover b, June k-, 1903 
Parmer City, 111. m children 


lUIj:-- ''■' C-- c-^ 

i;-3 millain Pay Hall(3-ij-) 

S-k Eileen Hnll(I|.-3)b. Fob 28, 1903 Hoinor, 111. m, Sopt . 
18, 1922 Covington, Ind, miliam Winters b, June 16, 
1897 White Heath, 111. No children 
5-5 Ada Mario Hall(l|.-3)b, Dec I6, 1909 Vfcst Sal oin, Illinois 
d. May 9, 1928 Urbana, 111. bur WDodlo.wn Com. 
m, Aug 18, 192i|. Danville, 111. Honnoji C, Konradt b. 
6-1 Robert KDnrqdt (5-5)b, Nov 17, 192^ Champaign, 111 c 

. m, . Minta See b. 


7-1 Patricia Ifonradt (6-l)b, Oct 5, 1951 
7-2 Tinya Konradt (6-1 )b, Jan 5, 1955 
Both born. Chaitpaign County, 111, 
5-6 Harold Hall(i|-3)b. May l5, 19l5 Homer, 111, m, Aug 2S, 
191^.2 Stockton, Calif, (dau, of Palmer and Vfonctta 
Burrows Davis) Catherine Davis b. July 17, 19l8 
Homer, Illinois 

6-1 Ronald Hall(5-6)b, Dec 2k, 1914-3 Chr.mpaign.Ill. 
k-k Alta Mai Hall(3-I).)b. July 3, l87b Vermillion Co. 111. d, 
March 2, 1921 Napaneo, Ind, bur Napanee m. Sept 27, I898 
Chanpaign Go,, 111. Isaac Paul Soales b. May 6, l872 Hills- 
boro, Ohio d. Jan 6, 19l^i|- Napanee, Indiana 
5-1 Bartiraus Paul Soales (Ij.-l|)b, Mar 20, 1900 Horaer,Ill. 

d, Aug 29, 1900 HDmer, 111, 
5-2 Gladys Paulette Soales (]+-l4.)b. May 9, 1901 Homer, 111. 
ra. Nov 6, 191^-3 Nappanee, Ind, Arthur Mitchell b. Febo 
20, 1898 Bremen, Indiana No children 
5-3 Lawrence Omar Soales (ij.-l|.)b, Oct 3I, 1903 Homer, HI. 

d, June 20, I9I1.9 South Bend, Ind, bur Bremen, Ind. Com.. 
m, Nov 17, 1928 Bremen, Ind. Aleda May Ewall b. Juno 
17, 1908 St Joseph, Indiana 

6-1 Robert Eugene Soales (5-3 )t). July 1, 1928 Bremen, 
Ind, m. Nov 17, 1950 Plymouth, Ind, Elnora Stimtz 
b, July 2, 1930 Plymouth, Ind, 

7-1 Keith Lamar Scales b. Sept 2l^, 191^.7 Plymouth, 
Indiana (s, of Elnora St-untz by previous marri- 
7-2 Donna May Soales (6-l)b, May 11, 1951 Bremen, 

7-3 Jane Anne So ales ( 6-1 )b. Aug 11, 1953 Bremen 
6-2 (Rev) La Verne Carson Scales (5-3 )b. Oct 19,1932 

Bremen, Ind, m. Juno 30, 1956 Mishawaka, Indiana 
Mary Craig b. Nov 10, 1932 Mishawaka, Ind, 

7-1 Diania Lynn Scales (6-2)b, Aug 27, 1958 Renssel- 
aer, Indiana 
7-2 Julio Kay Scales (6-2)b, Jan 17, I961 Rensselaer 
6-3 Ibnald Lee Soales (5-3) b. Sept 21, 1931+ Bremen, Ind, 
m, Apr 2I4., 1951+ Bremen, Ind, Cajrol Guntcrman b. 
Sept 26, I93I4- Bremen, Indiana 

CHILDREN: Sgc next page , 


5-3 Lavn?ence Omar Scales (i|.-i^) 

6-3 Donald Lee Soales(5-3) . . - 

CHILDREN: " . . 

7-1 Paula Rae Scales ( 6-3 )bt. JuB:y 13, 1955 
,7-2 Lee Ann Scales (6-3 )b. May 30, 1958 
Both born Bremen, .Indiana 

6-[|. Alta Clai'r Scales (5-3)b, Feb 28, 1936 Bremcn/'ind, 

m, Dec 22, 1955 Bremen, Jnd. Allen Molebash b. 
■^ ■ Oct 25, 1935 Bremen, Ind. 
7-1 Audrey Lynn Molebash (6-i;)b, Sept 15, 1957 
7-2 Antoinette L. Molelpash(6-i|.)b. Dec 3, 195^ 
7-3 Michael Allen Molebash (6-[|.)b, Mar 11, I96I 
All born Bremen, Indiana 

Family records obtained by 
Ethel Gibson Mills. 






Michael Clark was born in Clark County Ohio, April 30, 
1817, the fourth child of ^.lailiam and Mary Catherine Ziglar 
Clark, On August 5> l8i|.0 he was united in marriage with 
Ellen J, McLaughlin Martin, 

Their first child, Samuel A, Clark, was born in Spring- 
field, Ohio, Whether the next three children were born in 
Clark County is unknown, but a fifth child, Michael J, Clark 
was born at Colvimbus, Ohio, Franklin County, Ohio Feb, 6,l85i|-. 

Sometime between this date and September 10, 1856 the 
family migrated to Illinois, for their next child, Charles, 
was bom on this date at Mt, Auburn in Christian County, A 
daughter Carrie died in infancy at Decatur, and was buried at 
Mt, Auburn, 

The family settled in Macon Cbunty at Decrtur, where they 
were living when Michael and two of his sons enlisted for 
Civil War Service, 

The first to enlist was Samuel A. who joined Company C 
25th Illinois Infantry June 1, I86I at the age of 20, and was 
mustered in August I4., I86I, 

According to family tradition, the next in the family to 
be fired with patriotism was Hugh, who enlisted as a drummer 
boy at the age of l5. Actually he was only lij. years, 8 months, 
3 days old on July 22, l862 \h.en he enlisted in Company K 
116th Illinois Infantry, We have nothing but records by which 
to judge, but we wonder, if because of Hugh's extreme youth, 
his father joined up to keep an eye on his boy, for Michael 
enlisted at the ago of l^S in the same company, ll6th Illinois 
Infantry, August 28, l862, just nine days before Hugh was 
mustered in, Hugh was the only one of the three to servo un- 
til the end of the war. He died, unmarried, Jiine 19, l873» 

Michael was wounded and died of gangrene at Memphis, Tenn. 
Jan 31, 1863, 

Mrs Clark later married a Mr. Hogan, Jhe died Jan 7, 
1887, and wns buried in Calvary Cemetery, Decatur, Illinoos. 


2-5 Michael Clark (1-1 )m. Aug 5, l8i;0 Ohio Ellen J. McLaughlin 
Martin b, I82I; Ohio d. Jan 7, I887 Decatur, 111. bur Cal- 
vary Cemetery, Docatur, 111, 

3-1 ;3amuel A, Clark(2-5)b, Oct 10, 181^.0 Springfield, Ohio 
d, Aug 2, 1910 Colorado Springs, Cblo, bur. Mt Hope 
Cemetery, Sidney, 111, 


2-5 Michael Clark(l-l) children cont. 

3-2 Isabel ClTrk(2-5)b. n. Oct 21, l866 

Henry Seitz Records unavailable 

3-3 Hugh Clark(2-5)b. Nov 19, l8i;7 Ohio, d, Jan 19, 1873 
bur Calvary Cemetery, Decatur, 111, Unmarried 

3-i^. Elizabeth Clark (2-5 )b, ra. Sept 1, 1869 

John Salsenberger, moved to Nebraska, 5 children. Both 
Mr and Mrs Salsenberger killed by lightening. No re- 
cords available. 

3-5 Michael J. Clark(2-5)b, Feb 6, l85i| Colubus, Ohio d. 
June 25, 1903 Decatur, 111. 

3-6 Caiarles Clark (2-5)b. Sept 10, l856 Mt Auburn, 111. d, 
March 3, 192? Decatur, 111, Bur Calvp.ry Cemetery. 

3-7 Carrie Clark(2-5)b. d, Decatur, 111. hvx 

Mt Auburn, Illinois, (d. infancy) 

Samuel A, Clark 

Samuel A. Clark born Oct, 181^.0 in Springfield, Ohio was 
the oldest child of Michael and Ellen J. Martin Clark. Mov- 
ing with his family, as a lad of l5, to Illinois about l855, 
he grew up in the Mt Auburn - Decatur vicinity. 

Enlisting at Ifomer, Illinois Juno 1, l86l Samuel saw Civil 
War service with Corr^jany C, 25th Illinois Infantry. His regi- 
ment was made up of volunteers from Kankakee, Iroquois, Fbrd, 
Vezrmillion, Douglas, Coles, Champaign and Edgar counties; and 
fought in battles of Foa Ridge, Arkansas, Stone River, Tenn,, 
Seige of Corinth, Miss., Kenesaw Mt,, Georgia, Seige of Atlanta, 
Georgia, and many other skirmishes. 

Since he was not mustered out until September 5, l86i4., we 
assume he was home on leave vdien he married Miss Serena Eaton 
at Sidney, Illinois Januo? y 10, l86i|. 

The couple had 13 chil:lren, 5 of which died in infancy or 
early childhood, Mr and Mrs Clark both died in Cblorado Springs 
Colorado, and are buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery at Sidney, 111, 


3-1 Samuel A, Clark(2-5) m. Jan 10, l86ij. Sidney, 111. Serena 
Eaton b. May 3, l8i;6 St. Joseph, 111. d, Nov 11, 1912 
Colorado Springs, Colo, bur Mt. Hope Cem, Sidney, 111, 
k-l Laura Bell Clark(3-l)b. J\me 19, l865 Sidney, 111. d, 
Dec II4., 1937 Urbana bur Mt Hope, Sidney, 111 m, 
(s. of Allen Crump and Martha Wilkinson) Frank E. 
Crump b. Jan I6, I868 SiLlmey, 111, d. Aug 7, 1933 
Urbana, bur Mt, Hope Cem, Sidney, 111, 

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■ -c 

i;-l Laura Bell Clark (3-1) 
5-1 Alma Mae Cruinp (i|-l )b, Dec 21, l892 Sidney, 111. d. 

Sept 19, 1895 
5-2 Clinton R. Cr iimp ( 1+- 1 ) b. Nov 8, 1893 Sirlnoy; 111, d. 
Oct 2, I960 Springfield, 111. bur. Springfield 
m, June 2, 19l8 Covington, Ind. Ruth Patterson b, 
June 5, 1895 Champaign, 111, 

6-1 Milton Arlie Crump (5-2)b, >b.r 11., 1920 Cham- 
paign, 111. m. Nov 19if9 Las Vegas, Nov, 
Ploriene Sanders b. Feb I8, 1921+ Oklahoma City, 

7-1 Janet Cheryl Crump ( 6-1 )b. Sept 8, 195l 
San Bernardino, Calif. 
6-2 Phyllis Jean Crump (5-2 )b. March lU, 1921; 

Urbana, Ill.ra. Nov i: , 19i|6 Springfield, 111. 
Donald Ray Wilson b. §ept 19, 1920 Springfield, 
7-1 Terry Kent Wilson( 6-2)bo July 6, 1951 
7-2 Suzanne Rae Wilson( 6-2)b. Feb 23, 1953 
7-3 Phillip Berry Wilson(6-2 )b. Dec 23, 1957 
All born in Springfield, Illinois. 
6-3 Louise Alma Crump (5-2 )bo July 8, 1927 Urbana, 
111, m. Apr 15, 1950 Ralph J. ICraft b. 
St Louis, Mo, 

7-1 John Robert Kraft ( 6-3 )b. Sept 21, 195l 
7-2 Carol Ann Kraft ( 6-3 )h. Nov 17, 1952 
Both torn in Mt Vernon, Illinois 
5-3 Arlie I. Crump (i|-l )b, Jan 17, I898 Sidney, 111, m. 
Nov 26, 1931 Indianapolis, Ind, Marie Dyer b, 
July 7, 1903 Urbana, 111, No children. 
5-1^. Flossie F, Crump ( I;- 1 ) b. Aug l5, 1900 Sidney, 111. 
m, Oakley Grayboal b, 

Nd records 
S-S Nellie Marie Crump (l].-l)b. May 20, 1903 Sidney, 111. 
m, Arthur Magill b. 

No records 
i|.-2 Cora Clark(3-l)b. Apr I8, I870 
m, Theodore Aiken 

5-1 Jesse Aiken(.'-2) b. 
5-2 Serena Aiken ([j.-2)b, 
1+-3 Henry J. Clark(3-l)b, Jan I6, 1873 Sidney, 111. d. 
Apr 29, i960 Cblorado Springs, Colo, bur Colo, m, 
Oct 22, 1895 Los Angeles, Calif, Ruth Lockorraan b, 
Feb 18, 1883 

5-1 Samuel Rodney Clark(l4.-3)b. m. Kathleen 

No children 
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k-3 Henry J. Clnrk(3-1) 
Children (Continued ) 
5-2 Roberta Lilac Clar k(ij.-3)b. 
m, Joe lotts 

6-1 Joan Potts (5-2 )b. 
6-2 Marlone lotts ( 5-2 )b, 
6-3 Carol Jean Fotts(5-2)b. 
6-i+ George W. rotts(5-2)b, 
6-5 Joseph Clark Potts (5-2 )ti 
6-6 Arnold Wayne Potts (5-2 )b, 
5-3 Calistta Louise Clark(i4.-3)b, 
m. Homer T. Nickell 
no children 
5-1; Msrian Olga Clark (14.-3 )b. 
m. Andrew Brothers 

6-1 Jerry Brothers (5- lj-)bj 
l;-l4. Willie Clark(3-l)b. Apr 12, 1871 

5 Months 8 days old 
14.-5 Walter P. Clark ( 3-1 )b. Jan 10, l875 

7 months 27 days old 
I4.-6 Julia E. Clark(3-l)b. 
1]. months 17 days old 
l;-7 Ellen J. Cl^-r k(3~l )b. 

5 months old 
l|-8 Jennie L. Clark(3-l)b. Feb 2, I889 d. July 17, I889 

5 months 13 days old 
I4.-9 Charles Clark(3-l)b, d. Apr 23, 1962 

No , records 
ll-lO Arizona Clark(3-l)b. 

m, Geo rge Bidwell 
[|.-11 Nellie Ibdd Clark(3-l)h. 

m, Mr. Boyd 
I4.-I2 Fanny Clark(3-l)b. 

m. Lew A. Burrows 
l|.-13 011a Clark(3-l)bo 
m, Elmer Hunt 

d. Sept 20, 1876 5 Yrs 
d. Sept 7, 1876 1 yr 
Mar 30, 1883 d. Aug 17, l88i| 1 yr 
about Feb 13, 1885 d. July 13, l885 

3-2 Isabel Clark(2-5) no records - see Michael Clark genealogy 
3-3 Hugh Clark (2-5) no records - see Michael Clark genealogy 
3-I|. Elizabeth Clark(2-5) - see Michael Clark genealogy 

Michael J. Clark 

Michael J, Clark was born at Columbus, Franklin County, 
Ohio Feb 6, I85I4-, coming to the state of Illinois with his 
parents, Michael and ELlen J, Martin Clark, when he vras an 

On Jan 8, I87I4. in Decatur, Illinois he married Miss Cath- 
erine Collins, To this tonion were born six children, all of 
whom were born in Decatur. Michael J, Clark died J\ine 25, 1903 
Mrs, Clark lived until 1911. Both are buried at Decatur, 111. 



Michael J, Caork 

3-5 mchael J. Clnrk(2-5) m. Jan 8, I87I4. Docatur, 111. Ceth- 
erine Collins b. Apr 30, 1857 Decatur, 111. d. Mar 6, 1911 
bur, Decatur, 111. 
ij.-l Mary Ellen Clark(3-5)b. Oct 6, l875 Docatur, 111. 

m, Charles Doyle 
ij.-2 Laura A. Bell Clark (3-5)b, Aug 30, l877 Decatur, 111 

m, William F, Bowman 
[j.-3John Michael Clark(3-5)b. Feb 17, I883 Decatur, 111 

m, Nora Shultz b. Fob 25, I88I; York, Fenna, cl, June l5, 

195i; Rockwell, Iowa bur Rockwell, loi-ra 


5-1 Norman J, Clark(i|.-3)b, Dec 8, 1905 Decatur, 111. d, 

1957, iti. Louise Green 
5-2 EcTris A. Clark(l|-3)b. July 12, 1909 Decptur, 111, 

m. Prank Grossman 
5-3 Charlotte J. Clark(I).-3)b. Doc 16, 1919 Rockwell, la. 

m, Donald Logan 
5-I4. Robert F, Clark (ij.-3)b. Aug 29, 1921 Rockwell, Iowa 
m. Mary K. Rottingh^^us b, Waterloo, la, 

k.-k William E, Clark(3-5Tb. July 6, l885 Docatur, 111, m. 
Nov 29, 1917 Decatur, 111. Alberta Langheldt b. July 
11, 1897 Decatur, 111. 

5-1 William Edward Cla' k{k.-k)^» Sept 20, 19l8 Decatur, 
111, m, Anna Marie Murray b. Dec 7, 19l8 Kacon, 111 
d. Feb 16, 19i4-8 St Louis, Mo, bur. Macon, 111. 
Marriage date Oct 5, 1939 Decatur, Ill.m. (2) May 
23, 19ii-9 Havana, 111, Irma M, Shaw b. May 5, 1922 
Decatur, 111 
6-1 William Gregson Clark(5-l)b. Mar 25, 191^^ 

Decatur, 111, 
6-2 Jo Ellen Clark(5-l)b. July 2S, 1950 Decatur 
6-3 Michael Edward Clark (5-1 )b, Dec 12, 1952 
6-Ii. Teresa Jeanne Cl£rk(5-l)b. Sept I^, 1955 

All born in Decatur, 111, 
6-5 Linda K, Clark b. Mar I]., 19l|.3 Decatur (dau, of 
Irma Shaw Clark) m. April 23, I960 Beards tovm, 
111. Ronald Franklin Friend b, July 29, 19lj.2 
Decatur, 111. 

7-1 Dianna Lynne Friend (6-5) b, Dec 19, I960 
7-2 Julie Ann Friend (6-5)b, Fab 2, 1962 
Both born in Decatur, 111. 
5-2 .'\nnabelle Louise Clark (i|-[|.)b, Feb 28, 1921 Decatur, 
HI. n. May 9 , 191^2 Decatur, 111. Edwin W. At- 
water b. Dec 1, 1919 Havana, 111. 

6-1 Edwin W. Atwater Jr(5-2)b. Dec 13, 19i|3 D3catur 
6-2 Anna Lou Atwater (5-2)b. Feb 19, 1914-7 Decatur 
Children continued next page 


k~k William E. Clark Sr(3-5) 
Children ( continued ) 
5-2 Annabolle Louiso Clark (i|-i4.) 


6-3 Paula Jean Atwater(5-2)b. Oct 15, 1953 Docatur,Ill 

6-1^. Douglas Kevin Atwater (5-2)b, June 13, 1955 
Abilene, Texas 

6-5 Joseph Brian Atwater (5-2 )b, Ndv II4., 1958 Mesquite, 
Texas , 
5-3 DDnald Richard (i4.-i4.)b, Oct I6, 1923 Decatur, 111. m, 

June 19, 191+3 Memphis, Tenn, Shirley Atwater b, June 18 

1921; Havana, 111. 


6-1 Donna Joan Clark(5-3)b, Apr 27, 19^4 Decatur, HI, 

6-2 Judy K. Clar k(5-3) Dec I6, I9I4S Decatur, 111 

6-3 Donald Richard Clark(5-3)b, Aug 19, 19I4.7 

6-L|. Susan Marie Clark(5-3)b. Aug 23, 1953 VJbodriver,Ill 

6-5 Christopher Paul Clark(5-3) b. Sept ?, 1955 

6-6 Thomas Patrick Clark{5-3)h. Sept ?, 1955 
Twins born Danville, 111. died at birth 
S-k Robert Michael Clark(l4.-I|.)b. July 31, 192? Decatur, 111. 

Brother Robert of Congregation of Holy Cross, Rolling 

Prairie, Indiana. 
$-^ Alberta Lenora Clar k(l|-l|.)b. Sept 26, 1930 Decatur, 111, 

m. Sept 11, 19i+8 Decatur, 111. Buddy Bill Heitz b, 

Aug III., 1929 Braidwood, 111. 

6-1 Janice Kaye Heltz(5-5)b. June 19, 1951 Decatur, HI 
6-2 William Edward Heitz (5-5)b, Jan 21, 1956 Decatvir 
5-6 Paul Eugene (Pete) Clark([|.-i+)b. Feb i|, 1933 Decatur, 

111. m. Aug 31, 1957 Decatur, 111. Madonna York b. 

Nov 3, 1933 Decatur, 111. 


6-1 Stuart Eugene Clark(5-6)b. Aug i|., 1959 Decatur, 111 

6-2 Kevin Clark(5-6)b. Mar 10, 1962 MDntpelier, Ohio 
5-7 Mary Ifcthryn Clark(L|--i|-)b, Aug k, 1936 Decatur, 111 

Sister Donnel 0, S. A. of the Order of the Hospital 

Sisters Of The Third Order Of St Francis, Springfield, 

5-8 David Dean Cl€c k(i+-ij-)b. Dec 11, 1938 Decatur, 111 

USN - unmarried 
5-9 Frederick Langheldt Clark (l|-li')b. Sept 22, 1914^ 
k-S Catherine Mabel Clark (3-5 )b. Jan 26, I888 Decatur, 111. 

m, Louis Garber 
/+-6 Ruby Veronica Cla' k(3-5)b. Dec 5, l89i|. Decatur, 111., m, 
(1) Mr. Veach m.(2) 1954 Porsythe, 111. Lewis Fence b. 

Dec 10, 1892 St. Joseph, 111, -;. Feb k, 1955 bur Oak- 
CHILDREN: ridge Cem. Springfield, 111, 

5-1 Reva Veach (l4.-6)b, Nov 21, 1^20 

m. Oct 22, I9I1.3 Gilbert E, Governor b. May l5, 



6-1 Joyce Governor (5-1 )b. Dec 21, 19ij4 Decatui;,Ill 

6-2 Barbara Go vernor (5-l)b,Mar 25, 19ii.8 Decatur, 111 

Note: Veronica Clark-Lewis lence Marriage date Oct 23, 195^1- 


Charles Clark 

On September 10, l856 Charles Clark was born at Mt Auburn, 
111, the first of Michael and Ellen J, Martin Clark's children 
to be born in the state, after their arrival from Ohio, 

Just when Charles Clark married Miss Catherine Clancy is 
not known, but their first child, Ellen Bell v/as born in I883. 
To this union were born eight children, all of viiom lived to 
adulthood and married, except Jewel, who die I in 1931 unmarried. 
Their son, Michael joined the navy at 17, mdc ing it a career. 
He remained in the Navy 19 years, 

Charles died March 3, 1927, having been preceded in death 
the previous year by his wife. Both are buried in Calvairy Cam. 


3-6 Charles Clark(2-5)b, Sept 10, l856 Mt Au^rn, 111, d, March 
3, 1927 Decatur, 111. m. Catherine Clancy b. l858 d, 1926 
bur. Calvary Cem. Decatur, 111, 
[4.-1 Ellen Bell Clark (3-6 )b. I883 d. 19i;0 bur Calvary Cera 

Decatur, 111, m. Harry Taylor 
Lj.-2 Mary Clark(3-6)b. Aug 11, l88i^ m, William Herring 

IJ.-3 Charles Clark (3-6)b. May 19, I886 d, Aug 11, 1957 

m, Leona Zay 
k-k Kathryn Clark(3-6)b, Nov 28, I888 d, 1931 m, Lewis 

k-B Michael Clnrk(3-6)b. d. 

m. Pearl 
ij.-6 Elizabeth Clark(3-6)b. Mar i;, l892 d. June 12, I960 

m, John Rutherford 
i^.-7 Jewell Clark (3-6 )b. Apr l5, I896 d, 1931 
5-8 Margaret Clark (3-6)b, Mar 4* 1900 Decatur, 111, d, 

Oct 13, 1962 Decatur, 111, bur Calvary Com, Decatur 

m. Sept 2, 1920 Decatur, 111, Vernard Kikolla 


5-1 Marge Kikolla(i].-8)b. 
m, Mr Ball 

5-2 Clark J, Kikolla (i;-8)b. 

5-3 Bernard P. Kikolla (l^-8)b. 

3-7 Carrie Clark(2-5)b, d. Infancy bur Mt Auburn, 111, 

NOTE: 3-3 Hugh Clark(2-5) 

His birthday is given Nov, 19, l8I|.7, but according 
to insctiption on tomb stone died June 19, l873 
2$ years 2 ircnths old, vAiich wDuld place his birth- 
day on April 19, l8ij.8. 


Cabin built about iS^fO by Wm. G. Clark 

Wm. G. Clark 

Juliet Robinson Clark 

Rev. Walter Clark 

Mary Price Clark 

Wedding Picture 

Cornelia Clark Saunders 
Helon Clark Long 




In l8i|0 V/llllam G, Clark left his parental home in the 
hills of Clark County, Ohio for the wilderness of the prairio 
state of Illinois, Here he vrorked for a year at odd jobs, somo 
of which may have included shoemaking and stone-masonry, trades 
he had learned from his father. It is thought during this year 
he may have acquired a tract of land in Homer Ibvmship and 
built the log cabin which was to house a large family for many 

In iBip., he returned to Ohio to marry his sweetheart, iful- 
let Amanda Robinson, who was the daughter of Leonard and Mary A. 
Fblcy Robinson, both natives of Virginia, Juliet was bom 
November l\., l822 in Virginia, The wedding took place July 8, 
l8ijJL, and family tradition reveals it was an elopement, \iith 
William's sister, Mary and her friend, John Laird, acting as 
witnesses. They wore rurried at Brighton, Clark County, by 
Rev, Cornelius Arbogast, 

According to family tradition he and his bride set out 
immediately for Illinois, but a diary left by his oldest son, 
Walter relates ''When married they went to themselves, having 
nothing to go on or do with. They remained there (Ohio) for a 
few years. Then with my Uncle George came to Illinois," 

Examination of facts reveals that they very likely did re- 
main in Ohio, as Walter contended, for the Illinois census for 
1850 gives Ohio as the birth of their oldest daughtcif. Francos, 
who was born NDVcmber ij., I8/4.2, which probably places William's 
next trip to Illinois sometime in the spring or early summer 
of I8I1.3. 

Since Walter claims Williojn and his brother, George wont 
to Illinois together, it is very possible they wont together 
in l8[|.0, for George's second son, John v/as born in l8[|2 in 
Illinois, The l850 census for Illinois gives his age as 8, 

It hardly seems probable that both couples would set out 
after the birth of Frances in November of l6l\2. This they would 
have had to have done in order for John to be born in Illinois 
in 18[|2, It is the writer's opinion that George and Mary Ann 
and their small son, William already were in Illinois, as be- 
fore suggested. 

The exact date of John's birth has never been found, al- 
though much research was done. If a birth certificate for 

(William Clark's biography based upon family tradition, family 
Bible records, Illinois I85O Census records, Walter Clark's 
diary, owned by his daughter Mabel Clark Snyder, ) 


John is ever found, it may prove the theory. Others may put 
their ovm construction upon the facts here given. 

Again quoting from Walter's diary^ "All the possessions 
they had were a little dandy wagon and two ponies worth >30,00 
apiece, and William owed for one of them; and an old cowhide 
trunk held their clothing for the family, and their clothing 
was in proportion," 

Arriving at their journey's end, we assume William and 
Juliet took up residence in the small cabin he had built in 
l8ij.O for his bride, George built on land adjacent to that of 

Walter continues with the hardships of his parents. "They 
began their life in a new country without help, only as they 
dug it out of the ground. Sickness, poverty, and hardships of 
all kinds would have driven them from the state back to Ohio, 
but he was unable to get away, so he kept struggling for better, 
until gradually he gained a little. For about l5 years, sick- 
ness and loss of property kept him in straightened conditions 
financially. There were bom unto my father 11 children, five 
boys and sijc girls." Two of these children. Pulton and Phidelia 
died in infancy, and are buried in Old Hbraer Cemetery, Homer, 

•itTQo^'^^ '^^^^ census record shows V/illiam's land holdings at 
Jlb25, a considerable svm. by the standards of that day. Walter 
throws a little more light on the struggle the couple had in 
raising a large brood of children, including two grandchildren, 
and assisting vath the raising of two nephex,fs. Says Walter, 

Mover remember of going to Sunday School until l6 or l8 years 
of age. At that time a Methodist class was formed. 1^ mother 
or father was neither of them religious. Only believed in do- 
ing right by all to >diom they had to do by. By years '58 to '60 
we had made considerably," 

It is apparent that prosperity eventually was "dug out of 
the ground," for William gave each of his nine children $l600 
in land. His daughter, Isabel, related that her father built a 
new two-story house when she was about nine years old. (1869) 
He built well, for it is still standing in 196l\., The log cabin 
long had been outgrown for it housed 11 children, his wife, him- 
self and his mother, who came to live with him after the death 
of his father in l850. He was a man of limited education, but 
he showed a willing perseverance that never failed through his 
years of adversity, 

I^on retiring from the farm, William G. went to St Joseph, 
Illinois to live. After the death of his wife, in I89I4., he 
married Mrs. R. H. Mathews in l897. Upon her death, the follow- 
ing year, he married Lucinda Love, who died Oct 13, I898. 

That he was a kindly man is proven by his action in raising 
four children not his own. We sec him at one time returning 
to Ohio to bring his sister-in-law, who vfas ill. She made the 


trip on a feather bod in tho rear of a apring-wagon, A Repub- 
lican politically, ho was a man who took an intoroat in coininun- 
ity ontcrprisos. Ho lived by the Goldon Rule, and in tho words 
of his son, "doing right by all they had to do by," Ho passod 
away May 9, 1907, bringing to a dloso a long and useful lifo in 
the service of others, 

His Descendents 

2-6 WILLIAM G. CLARK(.l-l) m. July 8, l8l9 Brighton, Clark County 
Ohio to Juliet Amanda Robinson (Dau. of Leonard and Mary A, 
Fbloy Robinson)b, Nov 1+, 1822 Va, d. July 20, l89i| bur Old 
Homer Cemetery, Homer, Illinois, 
3-1 Prances Clark(2-6)b. Nov 1^., l8i;2 Clark Cotmty Ohio d. 

May 13* 1875 bur, Patterson Gem, St Joseph, 111, 
3-2 Walter Clark(2-6) b. Sept 8, l8I|4 nr Homer, 111. d, Feb, 

ij., 1920 bur, Mt Hope Cem, Kansas City, Kansas, 
3-3 Fulton Clark(2-6) b. Apr 9, l8i;7 nr Homer, 111. d. Apr^ 

l8ij.8 bur Old Homer Com, Homer, 111, 
3-il. Helon Clark(2-6) b. Jan 10, l8ii9 nr Homer d. Apr 10, 

1872 bur Old Homer Com. Homer, 111, 
3-5 Phidelia Clark(2-6) b. May 23, l850 nr Homor d. May 3I, 

1850 bur Old Ifomer Cem. Homer, 111, 
3-6 Cornolia Cl£rk(2-6) b, Aug 3, l85l nr Homer, d, Dec 31, 

1936 bur Woodlawn Cem, Urbana, 111, 
3-7 Harvy Clark(2-6) b, Aug. 30, 18^3 nr Homer, 111. d. Dec. 

25, 1938» bur Fairhavon Cem, Orange, Calif, 
3-8 Thornton Clark(2-6) b, Apr. 12, 18^6 nr Homor, 111. d. 

Feb 10, 1914.7 bur. Anna, 111, 
3-9 Louisa Clark(2-6) b. Sept 22, 1858 nr Homer, 111, d, 

March 26, 1956 Emporia, Kansas bur. nr Lebo, ICansas 
3-10 Isabel Clark(2-6) b, Nov, 13, i860 nr Homer, 111, d. 

March 16, 195l Champaign, 111, bur. GAR Cem. Ifomer, 111, 
3-11 George Clark(2-6) b. Nov, 27, I863 nr Homer, 111, d. 

Jan, 27, 19i|.0 Rantoul, 111. bur. Patterson Cem, St. 

Joseph, 111. 

Prances Clark 

Frances Clark, first child of William G. Clark and Juliet Amanda 
Robinson Clark came to Illinois from Ohio as an infant, when her 
parents moved to the state in l8[|2 (or l8ij.3), and is the only 
one of thd. r chiMren to bo born in tho state of Ohio, She was 
eight years old in l850, according to the census for that year, 
and it verifies the place of her birth. 

On March 27, l862, at the age of 20, she married John M, Swcar- 
ingen, son of John W. and Zilpha Swoaringen. Of five children 
born to this union only three have been recorded. Dying at her 
home in St. Joseph, 111. she was buried in Patterson Cemetery, 
where her husband also is interred, 



3-1 PRANCES GLARIC(2-6) itio March 27, l862 Champaign Co. 111(3. of 
John W, and Zilpha Swcaringen) John M, Swoaringcn b. Fob. 13^ 
iSLp. Homer, 111. d. May 9, 190? bur Patterson Gem. St Joseph, 

k.~l miliam G. Swear ingcn (3-1) b. Dec 19, I863 St. Joseph, 111 
d. July 18, 1932 Danville, 111. bur. GAR Cem Homer, 111, 
m. J-uno 7, 1885 May view. 111. Emma C. Irwin b. Fob 10, 
1866 Peoria, 111, d. Mar 23, 1954 b^i^. GAR Com. Ifomcr, 111 

5-1 Chester Leo Swearingen(l4.-1) b, Nov 21, I886 Danville^ 
111. d. Mar 3, I960 bur. Springhill Cem. Danville, 
m. Ruth Clawson Oct. 11, 1927 Danville. She was 
born Jan 10, I896 Covington, Ind, 

6-1 William Theodore (5-1) b. Aug I8, 1928 Danville 
6-2 Benjamin Lee Swear ingen (5-1) b, March 2, 1930 
5-2 Bemiece G, Swearingen([|.-1 ) b.July 3, I89I Danville 
m, Jione 5? 1917 Danville (s. of Louis Scott Davis 
and Eva Alice Price Davis) Louis A, Davis b. May 21^., 
1893 Danville. Ill, 

6-1 Burton Irwin Davis (5-2) b. Mar 30, 1922 Peoria^ 
111* mo Oct 23, 1951 Chajnpaign, 111. Doris Jeanne 
Stevenson (FinchiHu) b. Feb. 6, 1926 Champaign, 
7-1 Becki Sue Davis (6-1) b. July 5, 1953 San 

Diego. Calif. 
7-2 Juli Ann Davis (6-1) b. July 5, 1953 - T^vins 
7-3 Steven Robert Finchum b. Oct 10, ISkS Cham- 
paign, 111. 
7-I4. Niki Lynn Finchum b. Apr, 5, 19li-7 Champaign, 
111. children of Itorls Finchijm 

5-3 l^Jora Madge Swear ingen (14.-1) b. Nov. 30, l89l4- Danville 
111. m. May 20, 1921]. Detroit, Mich. (s. of Sterling 
Cord and Sarah Jane Poster Cord) Herman L, Cord b. 
July 26, 1901. CHILDREN: none 
l;-2 Julia Swearingen(3"l) b, Nov 11, I866 St Jos ph. 111, d, 
April 7, 1920 bur Sidney, 111. m. Oct ij., I89I Homer, 111 
Grant Johnson b. March 3I, l865 Clinton Co, I^. d. July 
30, 1950 bur Sidney, 111. 

5-1 Jessie Johnson (14.-2) b. Aug 27, l892 Sidney, 111. d, 
Apr 10, I9I4.3 bur Lansing, Mich. m. July 21, 1917 
Lansing, Mich, Clara Gutzki b. May 12, I898 Lansing, 
5-2 Fay Johnson (1^-2 ) b. Oct 3, l895 d. May I4., 1951 Unm. 
5-3 Ro villa Johnson ([j.-2) b, Jan 5, l897 St Joseph, 111. 
m. J^me 5^ 1921 Champaign, 111. Fritz Bonnell b, Apr, 
21+, 1899 Sidney, 111. 

6-1 Warren Bonnell (5-3) b. June 17, 1923 Urbana, 111 
m. Aug 20, 1950 Mattoon, 111. Joan Skeeks b- Feb 
2, 1923 Mattoon, 111, 
CHILDREN: Next page 


6-1 Warren BonnGl(5-3) 
7-1 Carol Bonncll (6-1) b. Doc 31, 1952 Champaign 

7-2 Dianno Bonnell (6-1) b, Apr 10, 1955 Docntur, 
6-2 Gordon Bonnell (5-3) b. Mar 27, 1925 Urbana, 111. 
m, Aug 19, 195l Urbana, 111. Donna King, b, Apr. 
1, 1930 Pnxton, 111. 

7-1 Michael Bonnell (6-2) b, Dec l6, 195U Alton, 
i;-3 Ro villa Swearingen(3-1) b, Apr 28, 1870 St Joseph, 111. 
d. April 17, 1955 bvir Mt. Olive Cen, Mayviow, 111. m, 
(s. of -St Clair Rice and Elizabeth Peters Rice) Aug 13, 
1890 Homer, 111. Scott Edward Rice b. Feb 3, 1868 Cham- 
paign County 111. d. Nov 1, 195l bur Mt Olive Cem, May- 
view. 111, CHILDREN none 

Family records obtained by 
Ethel Gibson Mills - Urbana, 


Walter Clark 

Walter Clark, not only was the first son of his parents 
but was the first of their children to be born in Illinois in' 

in isio H^rS wJ^'" ^'^^'^"^ ^- '^^^^ ^^il* ^°^ his br?de ba?k 
in 101+04 Here Walter grew to young manhood, helping his father 
on the farm and playing his ^'fiddle" at barn dances? where he 
was to meet his future wife, Mary Elizabeth Price! 

Walter and his brother, Thornton, were violinist<i Hi., 
daughter Mabel Clark Snyder, states tha^her father g^ve up 
violin playing, deeming it was "too worldly.^' ^ 

nine cSilSen^TJ?/- l^H^ ^^.^^e Price, his wife Bluma and 
ininS?^ ?J^.^r -/"^^ ^5^ ^^^^ neighborhood" near Homer, 
Jine cMidreT e^St^oH/''^"^ """"^^ ^^""^ Indiana. Of the' 
married Ma?v PI t^fKLSp?^"" ""^o^ ^irls; and in 1866 Walter 
married Mary Elizabeth Price. Some years later his brothpr 

si'stLs? ' ""^''"^ ^"°^^' ^'^^^"*' ^^^h married one of h:r' 

Mary Enzab^ih^o^J^^^ TJ'^ .*° ^^"'^^ ^" ^^^^' ^^* '^^1^^^ ^"d 
til Sept T iPAft ^ L^^ ?^ "^^ called) did not follow un- 
tolifsciot^ ^; p?^^^'"-^'r ^^^y ^^^ ^ i"^^"t "^"^ed Capi- 
to the Pr?r^fJ^ 26 days It took the couple to make the trip 
dour srj"H w f/ on Lebo Creek in Kansas were hard and hazard- 
dous Said rfalter, "We landed in the Neosha, what was called 

^y^S°s falh^?.^^'^^^^ ^^^ ^^°^^^ -^ ^^^^ Creek^^She're'li'ved 

children'^'xcent'Sfn^Jo^-f'"" "'"k '^' ^^^^^^' ^^^^^ ^^^ °^ his 
ford KansaJ oLSS^ ' ''^^^ ^°'^"- ^^^^^ ^^ ^°^ed to Hart- 

brother H«tW^f,?"?v,^ cooperative store with the help of his 
K^ght (granJ?;the1;'of ?' ^^^^^ "^s sold in I89I to Loui? Clark 
to McFhe^^on Kan^r. . r^\^^ ^^^^"^ (Sheetz) the family moved 
they li?ed untn ?h^; InlZ J°<=;^^"S ^^ Chetopa, Kansas. Here 
ey uvea until they moved to Kansas City, Kansas in I896. 

issued an ?^^?i^ °^ the Methodist Episcopal Church, Walter was 
feJence of ^h^L^" ^''^^^^ October 29, 1879 by the District C^n- 
fJunSpd ?5n ? ^o^ia District, South Kansas Cbnference He 
KanSfs and thf n?S "^"^^^^^^ °"- i" Oklahoma near Chetopa, 

^^^TS^St^ --?"?- c^^Sch-d--me?:ry-- f e^-^ 

nve^b^^Sr^ne'o-ftSe^first t^^i^'^^^^Ji:' ^^ ^^^ -^ °^ 

ed ^tr.i^r.tln^^LTL^t'r TelV,'' '"^ "'"^^^^^ '^''^^ ^°^^- 

ter "LidJ"^fh.^° be near his brother, Harvy and his wife's sis- 

them theL gra^nddaS^ht^^l.tS °T^?' ?^^''---^-> taking with 
since bitfv, I . ? ^^' Getherel Clark, whom they had raised 

Some in San;as'??tv'"V"'^.%f °^* ''^^' ^^^^^ returned S their 

Elizabeth JS^^ive^^^ifS^^i^"^^ 'nf •'" '^^'"I^"^ ^^^O. Mary 

with her daughte? Mabe^ni^i^^ ^ ""^"^ ^P^"* '"^^ ^^^^ years 

augnter, Mabel Clar* k Snyder, m Minneapolis, Minnesota. 



3-2 V/ALTER CLARK (2-6) m.Sept. 13, l866 Hoiner, 111. Mary Eliza- 
beth Price b. Apr. 22, I8i4i4. Terre Hauo, Ind. (birth place 
may be Connersville, Ind) d. Dec. 10, 1930 Minneapolis, Minn 
bur. Mt Hope Cemetery, Kansas City, I^ns. (dau, of George H, 
Price and Bluma Bavis Price) 
ij.-l Capitolia Sciota Clark(3-2) b. July 1, 1868 nr Jfcmer, 

111. d. May 5^ 1917 bur. Mt Hope Cem. Kansas City, Kans. 
m. William Jacob Gordon Cracroft (s, of James Cracroft 
and Sarah Meyers) ^bv. 22, l888. He was born Oct 13, 
1863 Morgan County Ind. d. Oct 23,19lj.5 Inglewood, Calif, 
bur Glendale, Calif. 

5-1 Hazel Pauline Cracroft (t|.-l) b. Sept 1, l899 Hart- 
ford, Kansas d. Apr I8, 1959 Salem, Ore. Bur. Bel- 
crest Cemetery, Salem, Oregon, Unmarried. 
5-2 Mary Ruth Cracroft (ij.-l) b. Aug, 1, 1B91 Leroy, Kans 
5-3 James Walter Cracroft ([(.-1) Legal name Abbey b. Sept 
6, l89ij. Ft Scott, Kans. m. Rita Marie Atwatcr, Phil- 
adelphia, Penna. Sept 29, 1920 

6-1 Rita Marie Cracroft (5-3) b. Buffalo, N. Y. 
6-2 Marguerite Blanche Cracroft(5-3)b. Buffalo, N. Y. 
5-4 Mabel VJilhelmina Cracroft (i|-l )b. Oct 7, l896 Che- 

topa, Kans. d. Sept 9, 19i|.o bur Mt Calvary Cem. East 
Los Angeles, Calif. Unmarried 
S-S Lucie Capitolia Cracroft (ij.-l ) b. Jan. 13, 1899 Ar- 
mourdale, Kans, m. Andrew Carnegie Tilton Surrell 
Feb, li;, 1922. b. April 11, I9OI Tipp City, Ohio. 

6-1 Robert Neil Surrell (5-5 )b. Feb 23, 1923 Kansas 
City, Mo. m. Jan 21, 191+7 (Dau. of Henry Tanabe 
and Margaret Kllmartin) Winifred Daris Tanabe 
b. Feb 7, 1922 Newark, N. J. 

7-1 Robert Henry Surrell (6-1) b, June 21, 19i|8 
7-2 Janet Meredith Surrell ( 6-1 )b. July 1, 1950 
7-3 John Peter Surrell (6-1) b. July 9, 1955 
1-h, Margaret Mary Surrell (6-1) b. Aug 30, 1957 
All born Brooklyn, Kings Co. New York 
6-2 Wanita Joan Surrell (5-5) b. May 17, I92I4. Kansas 
City, Mo. d, 1962 Fresno, Calif, m. 

lOiies b. 

7-1 Patricia Jo Knies(6-2) b, 
7-2 Scott Andrew Knies(6-2) b, 

6-3 Barbara Marie C, Surrell (5-5) b. July 21;, 19 

Hollywood, Calif, m, 

Charles Blanks b, 


7-1 Warren Blanks (6-3) b. 

7-2 Christine Blanks (6-3) b. 

7-3 Gary Blanks (6-3) b. 

7-ij. Barbara Blanks (6-3) b, 

6-i|. Meredith Joy Surrell (5-5) b, April 11, 19 

Oakland, Calif, m. 

CHILDREN: No records available 

1^.-1 Capitolia Sciota Clc.rk(3-2) 

5-6 Sara Lorraine Cracroft (i^-l) b. May 12, 1901 Kansas City, 
Kans, n. Mar 1, 1931 Santa Ana, Calif, (s, of Burris M. 
Nance Sr. and Bertha Marr Nance) Burris McOoy Nance b, 
Apr 23, 1911 Hackett, Ark. 

6-1 Constance Lorraine Nance (5-6) b. Jan 1|, 1932 Hoaiy- 
wDod, Calif, n. Sept 5, 1953 Riverside, Calif, (s. of 
Ralph J, Gauthior Sr and Sally Jackson) Ralph Gau- 
thler Jr. b. Apr 27, 1930 Augusta, Ga. (m, (1) Kath- 
ryn Dalman, ) 
7-1 Kathorino Marie Gauthior (6-1) b. Dec l6, 19514- 

Athena, Ga. 
7-2 Steven Anthony Gauthior (6-1 ) b. Feb 15, 1957 

Riverside, Calif. 
7-3 Michael Edward Gauthior (6-1) b, Nov 2, 1958 

Riverside, Calif. 
l-k David Kevin (6-1) b, Oct 25, 1959 Riverside, Cal, 
7-5 Cynthia Mary Ann Gauthier(6-1 ) b. Dec 19, I960 
Riverside, Calif. 
6-2 Carole Elizabeth Nance (5-6) b. June 20, 1933 River- 
side, Calif .m. Aug 29, 1959 Son Francisco, Crl if. 
(s. of Fred Paul Roth and Louise Meir Rot ) Herbert 
Fred Roth b. Dec ll\., 1931 Areata, Calif. 
7-1 Teresa Ann Roth(6-2) b. May 31, I960 Eureka, 

7-2 Brian Frederick Roth(6-2) b. Mar 2, 1962 Eureka, 
CoL if, 
5-7 William Henry Craycroft (I|-l) b. Oct 26, 1903 St Louis, 
Mo. iti. March 1, 1929 Van Couvcr, Wash, (Dau. of Louis 
Cass Palmer and Lena Lcota Howell Palmer) Frances Helen 
Palmer b. Dec. 23, 1911 Portland, Ore. 

6-1 William Louis Craycrcft (5-7) b. Oct lij., 1929 Van 
Couver, Wash, m, Nov l5, 1952 Salem, Ore. (dau, of 
Charles F, Todd and Mary E, Haver son Todd) Frances 
Elaine Todd b, Aug /|, 1933 Port Gamble, Wash. 

7-1 Cynthia Diane Craycroft (6-1 ) b. Mar Ik, 19514- 
7-2 William Dennis Craycroft (6-1 )b, Oct 27, 1956 
7-3 Wesley James Craycroft ( 6-1) b. Mar 26, 1959 
7-ii. Ruth Ann Craycrcft (6-1) b. Feb l5, 1961 

All born Salem, Ore, 
7-5- Chaa:'lGS Lee Davis (Adopted 1955) b. Sept 11, 
195^4- Los Angeles, Calif, 
6-2 Mayis Alcenc Craycroft (5- 7 ) b. Ndv 13, 1930 Holly- 
wood, Calif, m, Apr 10, 195l Salem, Ore, (s. of Kenn- 
eth L. and Mary McAchran Blackmer) Richard L, Black- 
mer b. Aug li;, 1930 Chicago, 111. 
7-1 Michael Paul Blackmer (6-2) b. Aug 8, 1952 

Oxnard, Calif, 
7-2 Richard Man Blackmer (6-2) b. July 3, 1953 
Oxnard, Calif, 


6-2 Mavis Aloeno Craycroft (5-7 ) 
CHILDREN (Cbnt. ) 

7-3 Roclnoy Williain Blackmor(6-2) b, Sopt 25, 19SL 
Pomona, Calif. 

7-i; Mary Ann Blackmor(6-2) b. May 10, 1956 Corona. 
Calif. "^ ' 

7-5 Carolyn Loo Blackmor(6-2) b, Jan 7, 1958 

Corona, Calif, 
6-3 Josephine Pjrm Craycroft (5-7) b. Sept l5, 1932 Van 
Oouvor, Wash. m. Dec 29, 195l Salon, Oru (s. of Loo 
L, Andrews and Mario Juno Herron Andrewes )Loon Los- 
lie Andrews b. Aug I8, 1928 Stigler, Oklahoma. 
7-1 Kathleen Marie Andrews (6-3) b, Aug 13, 1952 

Long Beach, Calif, 
7-2 Eileon Prances Andrews (6-3) b, Aug 23, 195lj. 

Pensacola, Pla. 
7-3 Coleen Gail Andrews (6-3) b. Doc 28, 1955 

Corona, Calif. 
7-1; Scott Leslie Andrews (6-3) b, Apr 16, 1959 

San Diego, Ccaif. 
6-ij. Mary Rae Craycroft (5-7) b, Nov 11, 1933 Van Cbuvor, 
Wash, m. Sept 30, 195l Salem, Ore, (s, of Christian 
J, Kbwitz Sr and Hazel Graco Von Bchren Ifowitz) 
Christian Julius Kowitz Jr, b. Aug 29, 1926 Salem, Ore 

7-1 Teresa Loraino Kbwitz (6-i|) b. Jan 29, 1953 Salcm. 

7-2 Raymond Christian Kowitz (6-1;) b, Feb 8, 1951; 
Salem, Ore, 

7-3 Ifcrman Travis Ifcwitz(6-1;) b, Oct 9, 1957 Salom, 

7-1; Thomas VJilliam Kbwitz (6-1;) b, Aug 31, i960 Port- 
land, Ore, 

7-5 John Matthew Kbwitz (6-l;)b. March l5, 1962 Port- 
land, Oro, 
6-5 Walter Palmer Craycroft (5-7) b. Jan 5, 1937 Bell, 
Calif, m. June 11, I96O Salem (dau, of George Huege 
and Evelyn Coons Huege) Darle ne La Velio Huogo Hart 
b. Dec 23, 1936 Salem, Ore, 
7-1 Betty Jean Craycroft (6-5) b. June 9, 1961 Salem 

7-2- Nbrecn Hart Craycroft b. Mar 12, 1956 Salem, Ore 
7-3- Colo Hart Craycroft b. Apr ll;, 1958 Salom, Ore. 
Children of Darleno Huege Hart, adopted by 
Walter Palmer Craycroft. 
6-6 Paula Susanna Craycroft (5-7) b. Mar 1, 19i|8 Salem, Or o 
5-0 Charlotte Josephine Cracrof t (i;-l) b. Mar 7, I906 lola, 
Kans. m. Fob 27, 1935 Hugh L, Fry b. Mar 23, 19 
No children 
5-9 Ada Norino Cracroft ([;_1 ) b. May 6, 1909 Kansas City, 

Kans, m, Sopt, 17, 1938 Los Angeles, Calif Richard Owen 
Lightfoct b. Mar 9, 1910 Colton, Calif. 
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5-9 Ada Norinc CrGcroft(ij.-l) Children 

6-1 Ibnald Richard Lightfoot (5-9) b. Aug 8, 19kO Los 

Angeles, Calif. 
6-2 David Owen Lightfoot (5-9) b. Sept i;, l9l^l Los 

Angeles, Calif, 

5-10 Joseph Milton Cracrof t(ij.-l) b. Apr 3, 1911 Kansas City 
I^ans, m. Aug 13, 19i|0 Salem, Ore, Katherine Lorraine 
Sharpnack b, Aug 20, 1921 Alma, Nebraska. 
6-1 Joseph V/illiam Cracroft (5-10) b, Feb l5, 19k6 

Santa Monica, CcQ. if . d. Sept 29, 1952 
0-2- Ann Louise Cracroft b. July 23, 1951| Salem, Oro 
6-3- Sally Victoria Cracroft b. Sept 29, 195? Salom, 
Ore, Adopted Daughters, 


5-1 Hazel Pauline Cracroft (i|-l) b. Sept 1, 1889 

Family Records obtained by Mrs 

^ifiLlliam Craycroft - Salem, Ore. 

Ada Cracroft Lightfoot - Los 

Angeles, Calif, 

Sara Cracroft Nance - Riverside, 


Robert N. Surrell - Nutley, N. J, 


S-2 Mary Ruth Cracroft (i|.-l ) d. Apr 8, 1961j. bur. Belcrest 
Cemetery, Salem, Oregon 

7-6 Lisa Johanna Kowitz(6-l4.) b. June 6, 196ij. Portland, 
Ore. Daughter of Mary Rae Craycroft Kowitz and 
Christian J. Kov/itz. 

5-10 Joseph Milton Cracroft (1;-1) 

Parents of his wife, Katherine Lorraine Sharpnack: 
Zlno G, and Esther Luce Sharpnack. 

NOTE: As this book goes to print, it is believed Lisa Johanna 
Kowitz is the youngest descendent of William and Mary 
Catherine Ziglar Clark. Her birth is the last one to bo 
sent in for recording. 



l|-2 William George Clark (3-2) b. Jan 1, 1869 Lebo Creek, Kana. 
d. May 28, 1937 bur Parsons, Kans, m. May I893 Parsons, 
Kans, (dau. of Wilson Snyder) Grace Mae Snyder b. Sept 7, 
1872 Thayer, Kans. d. Jan 21]., 19i|.9 bur. Parsons, Kans, 

5-1 Lois Harriet Cla'k(Ij.-2) b. Feb I8, l89i4- Parsons, KanSo 
d, Jan 2i|., 1961 bur. Parsons, Kans, m. Nov. 21, 191i| 
Parsons (s. of S, F. Dick) Phillip Sheridan Dick b. 
July 18, 1892 Lawrence, Kans, 
6-1 Harriet Jaunoece Dick(5-1) b. Sept 7, 19l5 Parsons 

d. Sept 7, 1915 bur. Parsons, Kans, 
6-2 Max Sheridan Dick(5-1) b. Mar li|., 1919 Parsons, 
m. Aug 6, 1939 Edith Blanche Johnson b. 
Altmont, Kans, 

7-1 Don Sheridan Dick(6-2) b. Nov 16, 19i+D Parsons 
7-2 Janet Kay Dick(6-2) b. Dec 20, 19t|.3 V/ichita, Ks„ 
7-3 Marsha Sue Dick (6-2) b, Jione 21;, 19i;8 Parsons 
6-3 Dale Philip Dick(5-1) b, Apr Jk, 1928 Parsons m, 
Feb 1, 1950 parsons, Kans. Alberta Neil b. 


7-1 Gayle Suzanne Dick(6-3)b, Jan 8, 1951 
7-2 Philip Wayne Dick(6-3) b, July 20, 1953 
7-3 David Brian Dick(6-3) b. Jan 9, 1957 
All born Parsons, Kans, 
5-2 Eunice Willabelle Clark ([j.-2) b. Mar 30, I896 Parsons 

d, I90I4. bur Parsons, Kans, 
5-3 Opal Leona Clark(ij.-2) b. Mar 28, 1898 Kansas City, Kans 
m. May 30, 1953 Harrison, Ark, (s, of A, W. Wilder of 
Atlanta, Ga, ) Solon Franklin V/ilder b. June 30, I889 
Prairie View, Ark. CHILDREN: none 
S-k Gerald Snyder Clark (ij.-2) b. Jan 27, 1901 Kansas City, 
Kans. m, Nov 11, 1922 Marguerite Bryant b, June I8, 
1896 CHILDREN: none 

S-S Dortha Grace Clork(ij.-2) b, Oct 10, 1909 Parsons, Kans, 
in,July 21, 1928 Kansas City, Kans.(s, of J. W, Peter- 
son) Cecil James Peterson b, July 10, 1907, Parsons 

6-1 Don Wallace Peterson(5-5) h. May 21, 1930 m. Sept 
17, 1955 Kansas City, Mo. Florine Faye Nevrton b, 
July 12, 1935 Prague, Okla. 
7-1 Itonna Louise Peterson(6-l) b. Aug li;, 1956 

Tulsa, Okla, (See jpg 8I for additional child) 
6-2 Jean Elaine Peter son (5-5 )b. Mar 10, 1933 Parsons, 
m. June 1, 1952 Coffeyville, Kans, Derrill Eugene 
Suggs b. June 12, 1932 Coffeyville, Kans. 
7-1 Marion Elaine Suggs (6-2) b. Nov 8, 1955 Coffey- 
ville, Kans, (See pg 8I for additional child) 
5-6 Virginia Joan Clark ([|.-2)b. Mar 20, 1913 Parsons, KanSo n. 
Sept 8, 1936 Parsons (s, of Rev, C, I, Coldsmith) Rev, 
Gordon Willett Coldsmith b, Dec 26, 19II4. Stowe, Mass, 
d, July 31, i960 bur Paola, Kans, 
(see next page) 


5-6 Virginia Jean Clark(ij.-2) 

6-1 KLoanor Grace Goldsmith (5-6) b. May 7, 1937 Kincald, 
Kansas m. George C, Pickering (soo page 81) 

6-2 C3mthia Grace Goldsmith (5-6) b. May 8, 19^5 Parsons 

5-6 Virginia Joan Clark( 14.-2) m. (2 ) Mr Reese (sec pg 8l) 

1^.-3 Harvey Eugene Clark (3-2) b, Jan l5, I87I Lebo Creek, Kans 
m, (1) Oct 7, 1896 Chctopa, Kans, Grace No la Harmon b, 
Chetopa, Kans, d, Feb 22, I898 Lamar, Mo, bur Chetopa, Kans. 

5-1 Mary Gotherel Clark(ij.-3) b, Oct 5, 1897 Lamar, Mo, d, 
Aug 3 J 1929 Kansas City, Mo. bur I^xinsas City, Kans m, 
Aug. 20, 1921 Ibpeka, Kans,(s. of Lewis L. Sewcll and 
Sadie Julia ■Bennett) DDn E. Sewcll b. Aug 12, I896 
Pittsburg, Kans, 
6-1 David Eugene Scwell(5-1) b, Jvinc 22, 1922 Kansas 

City, Kans, 
6-2 Milton Auitcnt Sewcll (5-l)b. Nov 11, 1925 Kansas 
City, Kans, d, Jan 1914-6 Lost at sea aboard USS 
Submarine Gudgeon 
6-3 Lois Elizabeth Sewcll(5-1) b. Aug 1, 1929 d, same 
^-3 Harvey Eugene Clark(3-2) m, (2) June 9, 1902 Jamesport, Md , 
Clarah Brown b. Mar 21, I88O Jamesport, Mo, 

5-2 Kenneth Cla:'k(i|-3) b. May li|, 1903 Kansas City, Kans. 
d. May 28, 191+2 Modesto, Calif, m. Doc I8, 1926 Oregon 
City, Ore. Dorothy Hall b. 
6-1 Jacquelyn Joan Clark (5-2) b, Nov 23, 1928 Portland, 

6-2 Robert Eugene Clark(5-2) b. Feb I6, 1930 Portland, 

6-3 Harriet Lesla Clark(5-2) b. Apr 27, 1939 Modesto, 
5-3 LaVola Glark(l|-3) b. Jan 23, 1912 Portland, Ore. m, 

June 20, 19ij2 Los Angeles, Calif Stanley Mnzol b. Juno 

20, 1913 Los Angeles, Calif, 


6-1 Sharon Loo ianzel(5-3) b. Dec 31, 1914-6 Los Angeles 

6-2 Kathleen Sue ianzol(5-3) b. Sopt 23, 19l|.9 Portland, 
k-k Walter Ottewell Clark(3-2) b. May 22, l873 Lebo Crook, Kans 
d, Oct 30, 1953 Co Vina, Calif, bxir Oakdalc Mem, Park, Covina 
m. (1) Oct 3, 1900 Armourdale, Kans.(dau, John Harvey Lane 
and Ella Capitolia Dymond Lane) Adah Maude Lane b, Dec 3, 
1877 Perry, Kans. d, about 19lj-0 bur Portland, Ore. no child- 
ren, m. (2) Sept 5, 191+3 Kansas City, Kans, Mario Turpin 
(wid, of David A. Jones) b. Aug 20, 1871; Carrollton, Mo, 
k'S Ada Constance Clark(3-2) b. Aug 23, I876 d. Mar 17, I88O 
Information on Grave stone 



I4.-2 William George Clark (3-2) Parents of his v;ife, Grace Mae 
Snyder - Wilson and Sophia Graves Snyder of Bourbon, Ind, 

5-3 Opal Leona Clark([;-2) Parents of her husband, Solon 
Franklin Wilder - Alva Wbods V/ilder and Fannie B, 
Morse, Fannie B, Morse was a direct descendent of 
Samuel B, Morse, the inventor and painter, and she was 
a very fine painter, also, 

S~k Gerald Snyder Clark(l+-2) m, Nov 11, 1922 Price, Utah 
(Dau, of Dr. ^/filliam Cullen Bryant and Audrey Bryant, 
Both had the same last names. ) Marguerite Bryant b, 
June 18, 1896 Chouteau, Okla, 

S-S Ebrtha Grace Clark([|.-2) Parents of her husband, Cecil 
James Peterson - John Alfred Peterson and Earle Myers 
Keene Peterson, 

5-6 Virginia Jean Clark(i4.-2) - Parents of her husband. 

Rev. Gordon Willett Goldsmith - Charles Irwin Coldsraith 
D, D. and Ethel Willett. 

6-1 Don Wallace Peterson (5-5) 

7-1 David James Peterson ( 6-1 ) b, Feb. 3, I960 Oklahoma 
City, Oklahoma 

6-2 Jean Elaine Peterson (5-5) 

7-1 Timothy Eugene Suggs (6-2) b. Jan 23, I960 Oklahoma 
City, Oklahoma 

Parents of Derrill Eugene Suggs - Everett Eugene 
Suggs and Cleda Lucille Bishop 

k-3 Harvey Eugene Clark (3-2) d. Jan I8, 196i|. 

5-6 Virginia Clark ( Coldsmith ) (ij.-2) m. July 21, I961 Paola, Kans 
(s, of Robert A, and Georgia Belle Hales Reese) David Earl 
Reese b. July 28, 1905 Greenwood County, Kans. 
(6-1) Eleanor Grace Goldsmith (5-6 ) m, June 3, I96I Laurence, 
Kans,(s, of Ben Corley Pickering and Vera Crews Pick- 
ering) George Crews Pickering b, Aug 5, 1937 Wamego, 
Kansas . 


l|.-6 Mabol Lois ClP.rk(3-2) b, July 2^., I878 Lobo Crock, Kans, 
m, Juno 12, 1901 Kansas City, Kans, (s. Simon Snyder and 
Nancy Pcttongcr) Erbort Lester Snyder b. Sept 20, I87I Bour- 
bon, Indiana d. June 28, 1957 Goshen, Ind. bur Violott Com 
Goshen, Ind, 

5-1 Gladys Bunola Snyder (l|-6) b, July 13, 1903 Kansas City, 
Kans, m. Doc 30, 1931 Minneapolis, Minn.(s, of Jonathan 
Appleby Awde and Henrietta Juno Middle ton) Everard 
Middlcton Awdo b, Jan 3, I898 Marshaltown, Iowa, 

6-1 Lois Jane Awdo b. Nov 20, 1932 Seneca, South Dakota 
m. Aug 29, 1955 Seneca, S, D. (s. of Balsor Potcr 
Long and Rose Elfrida Peterson) Ray Balsor Long b, 
Oct 3, 1928 Spring Valley Tp. Turner County S, D. 

7-1 Susan Jane Long (6-1) b. Mar 20, 1957 
7-2 DDuglas Ray Long(6-l) b. Jan 3, 1959 
7-3 Mary Ann Long (6-1) b. Sent 22, i960 
All born Sioux Palls, S, D, 
5-2 Eunice Mary Snyder (ij.-6) b. Sept 30, 1905 Kansas City, 
Kans, m, Feb 8, I9I4.7 Goshen, Ind. (s. of Archibald 
Charles Stoll and Anna Henrietta Teckla (Guonther) 
Clarence Edward Stoll b, Oct 21, 1905 Loosvillc, Mich, 
(now Detroit) No children 
5-3 Clark Lester Snyder ([|.-6) b, Nov 22, 1910 Minneapolis, 
Minn, m, June 26, 1937 West Union, Iowa, Olive R. Whit- 
ford b. Sept Ii., 1913 Volga, Iowa, 

6-1 Larry Clap k Snyder (5-3) b. Apr Ij., 19i;0 Yakima, Wash, 
6-2 David Lee Snyder (5-3) b. Sopt 29, 19ii.3 Portland, Ore 
6-3 Peter Whitford Snyder (5-3) b. Mar I8, 1914-9 Palo Alto 

Family Records provided by Mabel Clark 
Snyder, Opal Clark Wilder, and Mrs, 
Marie Turpin Clark. 

3-3 Fulton Clark (2-6) b. Apr 9, 181^.7 d, Apr l8ij.8 
3-5 Phidelia Clark(2-6) b. May 23, l850 d. May 31, l850 
Both bur Old Homer Cemetery, Homer, 111, 


Ho Ion Clark 

Helon Clark, fourth child of the Willlcm G. Clnrks was 
born Jan 10, l8i4.9 near Homor, Illinois, Docombor l6, 1868 
she was married by the Reverend Thomas Vihitlock to William T, 
Long, I)ying at the age of 23, Ho Ion left two small daughters, 
Pcarlctte and Prances Lcota Long, Those two childroh woro 
raised by their maternal grandparents, as their father soon 
followed the mother In death, February 1875. Both parents 
are buried in Old Homer Cemetery, Homer, Illinois, 

Poarletto was about two and a half years old, and Francos 
Loota four months when the Clorks took them to raise. Although 
several of their own largo family had married, they still had 
a fair sized family at home, namely, — Harvy age I8, Ihornton 
16, Louisa li^., Isabel 12 and Gcorgo 9. The family was comfort- 
ably housed in a new homo by this time, having moved out of tho 
small and inadequate log cabin in I869, 

William T, Long was in Company F Illinois Infantry, dur- 
ing the Civil War. 


3-k. Helon. Clark(2-6) m. Dec I6- I868 Homer, 111, William T, 
Long b. about J-une .26, iBl^ d. Fob 26, l875 bur Old Homer 
Cemetery, nr Homer,' 111, (age 30 years 8 months) 
k-1 Pearlette Long (3-ij.)l?. Oct 23, I869 nr Homor, 111. d. 

- Dec 5, 1889 bur Old Homer Com, Near Homer, 111, 
ij.-2 Frances Leota Long(3-l+)b, Nov 27, I87I nr Homer d, July 
31, 19i;8 bur. Anderson, Ind. m. Dec 25, l888(s. of 
Henry Ellis and Lucinda Atkinson Ellis) William Grant 
Ellis b, Oct 1, 18614. Dunlap, Peoria Co. Ill, d. Doc, 1, 
1908 bur Anderson, Ind, 

5-1 Infant daughter (14.-2 )b. May 3, I89I nr Homer, Ill.d. 
5-2 William. Ray Ellis (14.-2) b, July 19, l892 nr Homor, 
111. d. March 20, 1952 Anderson, Ind, m. Oct 23, 
1920 Gladys McCarty b, Dec 20, 1901 Crown Point, Indo 

6-1 Martha Ellis (5-2) b. Feb 10, 1923 m, J-unc 8, 
I9I4-6 Anderson Charles Baldwin b. Sept 29, 1919 
St Louis, Mo, 

7-1 Bruco Martin Baldwin b. Aug 21, I9I4.8- Twins 
7-2 Gregory Ellis Baldwin ( 6-1 )b. Aug 21, 19i|.8 
7-3 Ann Marie Baldwin(6-1 )b, Dec 5, 19l).9 
7-l|. Julia Margaret Baldwin (6-1 )b. Oct 6, 1951 
7-5 Joan Louise Baldwin(6-1 )b. June 18, 195I4. 
7-6 John Charles Baldwin ( 6-1 )b. Jan 19, 1962 
All born Anderson, Indiana 

6r2 miliam Ray Ellis Jr(5-2)b, Aug 17, I92I4. 
Anderson, Indiana d, 


5-2 ^lliam Ray Ellis (lj.-2) 
CHILDREN: continued 

6-3 Carolyn Marie Ellis (5-2)b. Fob 28, 1929 Ander- 
son, Ind. m. July 22, 1950 Anderson, Carl 
Henry Livingston b. Jan 17, 1925 Rayland, Ohio 

7-1 Susanna Livingston (6-3)b, July 22, 1951 
7-2 Carl David Livingston (6-3 )b. Oct 15, 1952 
7-3 Jane Ann Livingston! 6-3)b. Ndv 28, 1953 
7-U. Mark Harrison Livingston (6-3 )b. Dec 20,1956 
All born Anderson, Indiana 
6-i<. Ruth Ann Ellis (5-2)b. July 19, 1930 Anderson 
Ind, m. Dec 27, 1952 Anderson, Staton Morrow 
b. March 13, 1932 LaFaycttc, I^, 

7-1 Steven Guy MDrrow(6-i;)b, Oct 22, 1953 
7-2 Joni ^brrow(6-ij.)b. Feb 26, 1957 
Both born Anderson, Indiana 
6-5 David Rarl Ellis (5-2)b. July 26, 193^ Anderson 
iti. May 19, 1956 Bemadette Lczay b, 
LaRochello, Franco 
7-1 William Ray Ellis III(6-5)b. March 28, 

1957 Franco 
7-2 David Ellis (6-5)b. 
7-3 Christine Ellis (6-5)b. 

Both born Ft Benjamin Harrison, Indianapo- 
lis, Indiana 
7-Ij.- Domino que Lozay Ellis b. 

Adopted, son of Bornadotto Logay Ellis 
5-3 Clinton Hugh Ellis (l4.-2)b. Feb 15, l89ij. nr Homer, 111 
d, Jan 22, 1959 Anderson, Ind, bur East Maplcwood 
Com. m. Jan li;, 1921 Anderson, Jessie Helen Harri- 
son b, Apr 27, 1898 Anderson, Ind, 

6-1 Thomas Hugh Ellis (5-3)b. Nov 29, 1926 Anderson 
m, Feb 1, 19ij.9 Evansvillc, Ind. Eleanor Mary 
Weber b. Sept 23, 1925 Evans ville, Ind. 
7-1 Thomas Berry Ellis (6-l)b. Oct 7, 1950 

Hutchinson, Kansas 
7-2 John Harrison Ellis ( 6-1 )b. June 30, 1952 

Hutchinson, Kansas 
7-3 Richard Clinton Ellis ( 6-1 )b. May 23, 1955 
Rolla, Missouri 
6-2 James Thornton Ellis (5-3)h, Aug 8, 1928 Ander- 
son, Ind, m. May 10, 1952 Indianapolis, Ind, 
Anne Marie Rordholt b, Jan 26, 1931 
6-3 Eleanor Zoo Ellis (5-3)b, Aug 16, 1930 Anderson 
ra. Feb 1;, 1962 Bloomington, Ind, (s, of Alexan- 
der Chadnick of Whiting, Ind. ) Theodore A, Chad- 
nick b, 

7-1 Lori ElisQ Chadnick ( 6-3 )b. Sept 13, 1962 
Huntington Beach, Calif, 

I4.-2 Frr.ncos Loota Long(3-l|-) 
CHILDREN; continuod 
S~k Mertio May Ellis (li._2)be Aug 28, iSgT nr Hbmor, 111 

m. (1) Sept 12, 1917 Louisvillo, Ky Dowey Taylor b. 

Sopt 12, 1897 Anderson, Ind. d. June 2k, 1923 Andcr- 

son, Ind, 


6-1 Edward Koith Taylor (5-i|.)b, Doc 13, I919 Ander- 
son, in. Dec 2, 19I|.0 Pontiac, Mich, Margaret 
Savoic b. Oct 20, 1920 Watseka, 111. 

7-1 Patricia Ann Taylor (6-1 )b. Doc 21, 19i|8 
Watsckn, 111. 
5-!+ 7-2- Mary Rose Taylor b. Fob 3, 1955 - 

Mortie May Ellis (l;-2 )m. (2) Jvmo 28, 1921; Wa\ikesay, 

Wisconsin, (s, of Samuel and Martha Johnson) Ralph 

L. Johnson b. May 3, 189I Grecnwod, Ind. d. June 

28, 1963 bur Maple Grovo Cemetery. Milford, Indo 


6-2 Mary Johnson (5-i^-)b. Feb 2, 1925 Anderson, Ind„ 
m. Oct 10, 19ij4 Watseka, 111. Harold Cross bo 
March 22, 1923 Watseka, 111. 
7-1 Sue Ellen Cross (6-2)b, Aug 2l|, 19I4S Watseka 

6-3 Helen Johnson (5-ij-)b. Mar 6, 1929 Anderson, Indo 
m. Dec 10, 19l|.9 Milford, 111. Maynard Reeves 
b. Ndv 30, 192i|. Iroquois Co, Illinois 

7-1 Eric Reeves (6-3)b. Feb 12, 195l Milford, ni. 
5-5 Mary Ethel Ellis ([,.-2 )b. May 25, 1908 Anderson, Ind 

m. (1) Aug 8, 192ij. Anderson, Prnnk Yattaw b. 1903 



6-1 Noal Yattaw(5r'5)b. Apr 16, 1925 Anderson, Ind. 
m. Apr 18, 19^7 (dau. of William and Hazel 
Younk) Dd lores Younk b. May 2l|, 1930 Indianapo- 
lis, Ind. 

7-1 Sandra Yattaw(6-l)b. July 3, 1914-8 d. July5, 

7-2 William Yattaw(6-1 )b. July l5, 1950 
7-3 Donna Joan Yattav/(6-l)b. Jan 16, 1951; 
7-1; Cheryl Ann Yattaw(6-l)b. Sept 18, 1958 
7-5 Mark Allen Yattaw(6-l)b. Aug 20, I96I 
^ ^ All born Indianapolis, Ind, 

5-5 Mary Ethel Ellis (i;-2) m. (2) Sopt 7, 1930 South 
Bend, Ind. Jessie (Jack) Cbopcr b. Jvne 15, 1906 
Indianapolis, Ind, 

Family records procured by Ethel Gibson Mills 
Urbana, 111. 




Cornelia :;iark 

l'\ two sisters and a brother already married by August 
3, 1871, Cornelia Clark, c'ixth child of Wlllican G, Clark, on 
this date became the wife of Joseph Saunders, a farmer in Ogdon 
Township, Champaign County, Illinois. Joseph saw service in 
the Civil War, serving in Company C li^-Oth Indiana Volunteers 

The family continued to live on a farm a few miles north 
of Cornelia's parents, until they moved to Chairpaign in order 
that their sons might attend the University of Illinois, They 
had three sons, Oliver lived on a farm at MDhomet, Illinois. 
Rome, an olectical engineer acted as im nager of the Fuget Sound 
Power and Light Company at Tacoma Washington from 1913 to 1932. 
He was a member of the Pilgrim Congregational Church at Tacoma, 
Tony was a clothing salesman, and lived in Greenwood, Mississ- 

After the death of Joseph Saunders Dec 1, 1911, Oornolia 
married Alonzo Torwilligor, a hardware mcrchoxit on June ll]., 
1915. She continued to live in her home until her death in 
1936. Mr. Torwilliger died in 1929. 

Cornelia resembled her mother, Juliet, Both were small 
in stature and both had broi^m eyes, 


3-6 Cornelia Clcr k(2-6)m. (1) Aug 3, I87I Urbana, Ill.(s. of 
Benjamin Saunders and Mary Cramp ton Sa\indors ) Joseph S, 
Saunders b, Dec 25, iSijO. Muncic, Ind, d, Dec 1, I9II Cham- 
paign, 111. Bur Woodlawn Cem. Urbana, 111. m. (2) Alonzo 
Terwilliger b. Sept 2?, l857 Champaign County, 111. d. Mar. 
17, 1929 bur, Iflbodlawn Cem. Urbana, Illinois. 

i;-l Oliver Clinton Saunders (3-6 )b. Nov 5, l872 St Joseph, 
111. d. Feb 27, 1962 Urbana, 111. bur Roselawn Cem. 
Champaign, 111. m. Oct 23, I898 Champaign (dau. of Jacob 
Cline and Caroline Storey Cline ) Jennie Mao Cline b. 
Dec 9, 1872 White Heath, 111. d. May 1, 1923 White Heath 
bur Rosolawn Cem. Champaign, 111. 

5-1 Irene Saunders (l|-l)b. Nov llj., 1905 White Heath, 111 
m. Jan l5, 1923 Monticello, 111. Prank L. Hoffman 
b. Sept 13, 1900 Dubuque Divorced 
Children : 

6-1 Robert Donald Hof fman(5-l )b. Sept 25, 1921+ m. 
Aug 28, 191+6 Dubuque, Iowa Itothleon Cbnlon b. 
Sept 3, 1922 Dubuque, Iowa. 
(see next page ) 



6-1 Robert Donald HDffinan(5-l ) 


7-1 Patrick Dbnald Hoffman(6-l )b. Aug 13, 19kl 

Dubuque, Iowa 
7-2 Rebecca Arm Hoffman (6-1 )b. Jan 27, 1952 

Houston, Tex, 
7-3 Paul Brian Hbffinan(6-l)b, Aug 22, 1951; 

Houston, Tex. 
1-k Eric Von Edv/arrt Hoffman (6-1 )b. Oct 22, 1959 

Houston, Tex, 
7-5 Holly Marie Hoffman ( 6-1 )b. Sept li|, 196I 
Houston, Tex, 
6-2 Lois Irene Hoffman(5-l )b. Nov 15, 1932 d, Juno 7, 
1933. BDrn Dubuque, Iowa 
5-2 Benjamin Oliver Saunders (ij.-l )b. June 29, 1909 d. Sopt 
lij., 1909 bur Ingram Cemetery 
I4.-2 Rome C. Saunders (3-6) b. May I8, 1876 St Joseph, 111, d, 

Feb 17, 1962 Sajnta Cruz, Calif, m. Apr 12, 1910 Kansas City, 
MD,(dau, of vailiam Rice Richardson and Mary Isa Fisher) 
Hazel Richardson b, Nov 21, I887 Alta Vista, Kansas 

5-1 Clark R, Saunders (l4.-2)b, Aug 8, 1912 Minneapolis, Mlon, 
™« Sept 1935 Aberdeen, Wash. (dau of Dr and Mrs Austin) 
Betty Austin b, Aug i;, 19l5 Aberdeen, Wash. 

6-1 Marcla Sa\mders (5-l)b. Sept 27, 191+0 San Jose, Calif 
m, Oct 3, 1959 San Francisco, Calif James Edward 
Porterfiold b. Sept 9, 191^0 Oakland, Calif, 

7-1 Tracy Lynn Porterfield( 6-l)b, March Zk, I960 
7-2 Scott Austin Porterfiold (6-1 )b, March I8, 196I; 
Both born Stockton, Calif, 
6-2 John Clark Saunders (5-1 )b, b, Jan 5, 19i;6 Modesto, 
5-2 Paul R, Saunders (l4.-2)b. Sept 21, 19I6 Tacoma, Wash. m. 
Dec 26, 1914.7 Las Vegas, Nov, (dxiu, of Simon Zone Vamcs 
and Jennie Faye Griffin) Esther Varnes b, March 28, 
1918 WallaWalla, Wash. 

6-1 Vickey Saunders (5-2 )b, Feb 2i+, 1952 Pasadena, Calif 
6-2 Linda Saunders (5-2) b. Jan 25, 1955 Pasadena, Calif. 
6-3 Kathy L. Saunders (5-2 )b. Jan li|, 1958 Pasadena, Cal, 
k-3 Tony Clay Saunders (3-6) b, Feb 21, I878 nr Ogdcn, 111. d. 
Feb 1, 19i|.5 Greenwood, Miss, m. Sept 18, 1901 Chicago, 111 
(dau of Lee and Ella Van Wegcn) Etta Van Wogen b. Sept 25, 
1881 Champaign, 111, 

5-1 Madge Eleanor Saunders (ij.-3)b. J-une 11, 190i+ Chanpaign, 
111. m. July 29, 19214. GreonwDod, Miss.(s. of, Phillip 
Henry Thornton Sr.) Phillip Henry Thornton Jr. b, Jan 
7, 1899 Charleston, Miss, 
(see next page) 

NOTE: I|.-2 Rome C. Savmdcrs (3-6) Inurmcnt lOOF Com. 
Saonta Cruz, Calif. 


. »•- -*♦ ■ 

5-1 MadgG Eleanor Saunders (I4.-3) 


6-1 Phillip Henry Thornton (5-1 ) b, Jan 25, 1926 

Charleston, Miss, m. Mar 28, 19ij-8 Bclzoni, Miss. 

Sarah Elizabeth Bryan b. May 8, 1929 Carrolton,Miss. 


7-1 Phillip Henry Thornton IV(6-l)b. Apr 30, 1950 

7-2 Sarah Saunders Thornton ( 6-1 )b. Dec 28, 1951 
Both born Greenwood, Miss, 
6-2 Tbnya Thornton (5-1 )b, Dec 13, 1929 Charleston, Miss 

m. Juno 11, 1914.8 Clo:' ksdale. Miss. Bouldin /doom 

Marley b, Aug 10, 1923 


7-1 Bouldin Mcorn Marley Jr. (6-2)b. Nov 29, 19i|9 

7-2 Christian Thornton Marley (6-2 )b. Oct 23, 1953 

7-3 Madge Florence Marlsy (6-2)b. March 10, 1958 
All born Clarksdalc, Miss, 
5-2 Ellon Cbrnelia Saunders (I4.w3)b, Aug 29, 1913 Greenwood 
Miss, m, Feb 10, 1936 Memphis, Tonn, Robert Lawrence 
Fbssoo b. March lij., 1913 Louisville, Ky. 

6-1 Leigh Ellen Fossoe (5-2)b. Aug 11, 19l;0 
6-2 Robert Clay Possce (5-2)b. May l5, 19ii-3 
6-3 Lawrence Saunders Fbssoo (5-2)b, Aug 1[(., I9J4.7 

All bom Greenwood, Miss, 

Families Records procured by 
Ethel Gibson Mills 

Urbana, 111. 


i ■"l.^.r; .- 

f;;- .■■ 

Rev. Thornton Clark 

George Clark 

Margaret Price Clark Harvy Clark 


^' ^^V ■ ii 

Louisa Clark Goble 

Isabel Clark Gibson 

Hcrvy Clr.rk 

"H" is for Harvy Clra'-k, to the girls 

He »3 a pest; 
lind as for the price Girls 

He thinks they're the best, 
"I" is for Indiana and Indianapolis 

A big tovm, 
i^Jhich is noted for Hoosiers 

VJhe raver they are found. '' --«- 

Thus did Harvy Clark make the news back in December lQ7l\. 
when %he above poem was written as part of an alphabetical 
rhyme by Miss Emma Hodges, and was read at the exhibition giv- 
en by the yoiong people at the California School House (District 
17) at Lebo Creek, Kansas, 

Having moved to Kansas the same year the poem was written, 
Harvy married a Hoosier, one of the Price Girls, Margaret Eliza 
on January 1, l877. Settling on a farm at Lebo Creek, Harvy 
engaged in the stock business and dealt in lands with his bro- 
ther, Thornton, Serving his community as Justice of the Peace, 
he earned the nick-name of "Judge," He also was a member of 
the school board in this place. Three daughters were born in 
Lebo Creek, his son, Paul, being born in Hartford, Kans, 

Ibving to Hartford in I89O, he worked in a cooperative 
store with his brother, V/alter, I'Jhen the store was sold in 
1891 to L, C, Kiight, Harvy and his family returned to Homer, 
Illinois, his former home. Here he lived for av/hile on his 
father's farm, later moving to the Saunder's farm in Ogden 
Ibwnship, Still later, the family moved to Champaign, where 
his davighter, Grace attended the University of Illinois, spec- 
ializing in music. All of his children were musically talent- 

In 1898, the family returned to Kansas, After sojourns 
in Kansas City and Emporia, Kansas, the family settled in lola, 
Kansas, where Harvy was einployed in a cement plant. In I906, 
his wife and two daughters, lA^nifred and /jny, son Paul and 
granddaughter, Genevie left for Orange, California by way of 
Berkeley where the family visited Lide's sister, Nellie Rubart, 
Experiencing the I906 San Francisco earthquake, Lide decided 
Orange County a safer place for her family, Harvy followed a 
year later. 

Their daughter, Grace, died in I9O/4., leaving infant twin 
daughters, one of which died when six months old, Harvy and 
Lide raised the other twin, Genevie Knight, to young ^-jomanhood. 

During his youth, Harvy received an education commensurate 
with the times, learning to read, write, and "figure," He 
worked as a bookkeeper and taught bookkeeping v:hen he lived in 
Kansas, After moving to California, he engaged as a supervis- 
or in the Citrus fruit industry, 


A quiet and kindly m n, Harvy liked to stories of 
his childhood in Illinois, and his favorite was the ono about 
seeing Abraham Lincoln, He was about seven years old when Mr, 
Lincoln came down the road in front of the Clark's log cabin. It 
is thought Mr Lincoln may have boon campaigning amongst the Ill- 
inois farmers, A short distance from the Clark farm, in i860, 
an inn was then standing. Here Abe Lincoln stayed. 

At the time of Lido's death December 16, 1937, Harvy remark- 
ed that ho and Lide had been separated only eight years since ho 
met her when she was 12 years old. The Price family moved to Kan- 
sas from Homer, Illinois in l866, and Harvy followed eight years 
later. They wore married nearly 6l years, Harvy followed his 
wife in death Christmas day 1938, 

-;:- - The poem quoted was printed in the Hartford Times and the 
Burlington Republican, published in Burlington, Kansas, and is 
reprinted here by permission of both newspx pers. The biography 
is based on V/altor Clark's diary and family tradition, 


3-7 Harvy Clark(2-6)m. Jan 1, 1877 (dau. of Gcorfee 17, Price and 

Bluma Bavis Price) Margaret Eliza (Lide) Price b, Jan ll|., iQSk 
Marion, Ind, d. Dec 16, 1937 bur Pairhaven Cem. Orange, Calif, 

L|.-l Grace Gladys Glark(3-7)b, May 12, I878 Lcbo Crock, Kans 
d, June 22, I90I4. lola, Kans bur Hartford, lians, m, Dec 
2lj., 1901 Iola(s, of Louis Clark Knight and Am nda Morrow 
Knight) Biomas Arthur Knight b. Sept 11, I878 HartforcJ, 
Kans d, Dec 7, 1956 Ft Scott, Kans bur Hartford, Kans, 
5-1 Emanuel Knight (i|-l )b. Nov 8, 1902 Hartford, Kans d, 

July 7, 1903 bur Hartford, Kans, 
5-2 Elolso ;u:aa-nda Knight (1^.-1 )b, ?cb 25, 190ij. Hartford Ks 

d, Aug 7, 1901; bur Hartford, Kans. 
5-3 Gene vie Winifred Knight ([|.-l)b, Feb 2S, 190l|. Hartford 
Twin m. July 17, 1925 Sacramento, Calif , (s, of Fred 
Alfred Shectz and Clara Roiss ) Charles Morrow Sheetz 
b. Dec 28, 1900 Casey, Iowa 

6-1 Charles Victor Sheetz (5-3)b, June l^, 1927 Reno, 
Nevada m. Oct 21, 1950 Reno (dau, of V/illiam Pros- 
ton Flake and Amelia Boidon) Lillian Mae Flake b. 
May 13, 192L!. Fresno, Calif. 

7-1 Charles William Sheetz (6-1 )b. May 5, 1953 
7-2 Steven Ebuglas Shoe tz (6-1 )b, Sopt 10, 1955 
Both born in Delano, Calif, 
6-2 Ruth Genevie Shoetz (5-3 )b, July 17, 1932 Sparks, 
Nevada m. June 12, 1953 Monterey Park, Calif (s, of 
Robert L. Gregory and Mlna Claire V/illiams) V/alter 
Eugene Gregory b, June 1|, 1929 Glendalc, Calif, 
7-1 Robert Morrow Gregory (6-2 )b. Doc 2[)., 1959 

Pasadena, Calif, 
7-2 Walter Clark Gregory (6-2 )b. Mar 22, I963 
Canoga Park, Calif. 


14.-2 Winifred Myrtle Clark(3-7)b. Sept 17, l882 Lebo Creek, Kans. 
d, Aug 10, 195^ Lakeport, Cal. Inurn. Melrose Abbey, Orange, 
Cal, m. June 22, 1908 Orange (s, of James Valentine Sutton and 
Elizabeth Talkington) Victor William Sutton b. Aug 2lj., l882 
V/est Orange, Cal d, July 2, 1963 Orange Inurn, Melrose Abbey, 

5-1 Raymond Clark Sutton b. June 22, 1909 Vermont d.Apr 8, 
1962 Compton, Cal bur Greenlawn Cem Bakersfield, Calif, 
m, July 2, 193^1- Yuma, Ariz, (dau of Robt Darneal and Ida 
Litaker) Marie B. Darneal b. Mar 12, 1909 Oklahoma 
6-1 Barbara Marie Sutton b, July I)., 1929 Fullerton, Calif 
(dau of Marie Sutton by prev. Marriage) m. (s, of John 
J. Hahn and Ida Ellis) Harold Hahn b. Aug 22, 
7-1 John Ray Hahn (6-1 )b. Sept 27, 191+8 Bakersfield, Cfil 
7-2 Judy Ann Hahn ( 6-1 )b. Sept 27, 19ii.9 Bakersfield, Cal 
7-3 Jeffery Hahn(6-l)b. Dec 31, 1955 Bakersfield, Cal. 
6-2 Raymond Earl Sutton(5-l )b. Aug 6, 1935 Long Beach, Cal 

d. Feb I4., 1936 bur Orange Cem, Orange, Calif, 
6-3 Arlene Jean Sutton (5-1 )b. Sept 1, 1937 Orange, Calif 
m, (s, of Martin and Helen Peterson Adolphson) Kenneth 
Adolphson b. March 6, 1937 Madera, Calif .m, Madera 
7-1 Raylene Ida Adolphson(6-3 )b. Mar 30, 1958 Madera 
7-2 Martin Eugene Adolphson ( 6-3 )b. July 1±, 1959 
Bakersfield, Calif, 
5-2 Victor Vttlliam Sutton Jr, (b. Nov 21, 1923 Orange, Calif 
1^.-3 Amy Ethel Clark(3-7)b, Oct 10, I886 Lebo Creek, Kans m. Aug 
5, 1925 San Diego, Calif, (s. of Charles W. Beard and Charity 
Baker) Ernest /irchie Beard b, Nov I6, I878 Mansfield, Ohio 
No children 
li.~l\. Twin - unnamed (3-7 )b. Oct 10, I886 Lebo Creek, d. same day 

bur Lebo Creek, Kans, 
kS Paul Edgar William Clark(3-7)b. Feb 25, 1890 Hartford, Kans. 
m. Sept 18, 191i; San Bernardino, Cal (dau. of Willis Ensign 
and Martha Sutf in) Ethel Estelle Ensign b, Jan 29, l893 Lake 
Odessa, Mich, d. Oct 3I, 1958 Anaheim, Cal bur Fairhaven Cem 
Orange, Calif. 

5-1 Paul Elmer Clark(i4.-5)b. Mar 9, 19l6 Orange, Cal m. Aug l5, 
19ij-8 So Pasadena, Cal (dau of Floyd Emmet Knight and Des- 
Demona Harris )Maxine Knight b, Apr 19, 1919 Orange, Cal. 

6-1 Steven Paul Clark(5-l)b. Jan 20, 1951 Santa Ana, Cal 
6-2 David Knight CI ark (5-1 )b, July I8, 1953 Santa Ana, Cal 
S-2 Robert Victor Cla rk ( i|-5 ) b . Oct 19, 1917 Orange, Calif, 
m. Dec 10, 19lj2 Orange (dau. of George Eltiste and Bertha 
Schmet gen) Evelyn Bertha Eltiste b, Nov 2^, 1919 Orange, 

6-1 Dennis George Clark (5-2 )b, July 31, 19if6 Orange, Cal 
6-2 Larry Robert Clark(5-2)b. Feb 2$, 19l;8 Orange, Cal 
6-3 Alice Ethel Clark(5-2)b, Oct 9, 1951 Orange, Cal 
6-[|. Norman Victor Clark(5-2)b, Feb 11, 1955 Inglewood, 



Thornton Clark 

Thornton Clark was born April 12, l856, the eighth child 
of the William G. Clarks, Ho was the only child of this fami- 
ly to attend the University of Illinois, Completing his edu- 
cation at 18, Ihornton and his brother Harvy and a sister, 
Louisa, went to Kansas, where the brothers were in stock and 
land business together. 

Returning to Illinois, Thornton married January 7, l877 
the daughter of John F, and Margaret Springer Correy in I4ay- 
view. They wero the parents of Vincent, who died Jione II4.;, 
1879, 3-nd a second son, Clinton Oliver, 

Thornton farmed for two years one and a half miles East of 
St Joseph in Champaign County, then moved to Mayview, v;hero he 
farmed for several years. At about this time he became an ear- 
nest Sunday School vjorkor and united with the Methodist church. 
Ordained to preach in I878, he became pastor to many churches 
in Illinois and south western Oklahoma until his retirement in 

Prom his brother Walter's diary we learn, "In iSSij. in 
February, I went to Illinois (from Kansas) to help Thornton 
when he was at Mayview, x^fith his preaching, I felt the Lord 
was with me, and answered my prayers, I preached to my old 
friends and pointed to the Lamb of God, that takcth nway the 
sins of the world^ as best I couldo They made me up some mon- 
ey, with which I am buying a watch, vhich I will keep as a 
keepsake," The watch, which is wound vxith a key is in the poss- 
ession of his grandson, Clark Lester Snyder of Los Altos, Calif, 

Thornton was licensed to preach June 6, 1885. In Septem- 
ber 1886 he joined the Illinois Conference of Urbana, Illinois, 

In 1910 he and I>^s Clcr- k were made Super in tendant and 
im tron,, of the I-Qiights of Pythias Home in Decatur, 
Illinois, vjhere they served for six years. 

According to his grcijnddaughtor, Jane Clark Brown, "He was 
an effective witness to his faith in whatever purs-;lt he on- 
gaged: farming, politics, or writing," Ho waa a Republican 
State Legislator In Oklahoma, and at 75 years of age was elec- 
ted I'ayor of Anna, Illinois, His son, Clinton Oliver Clark, 
graduated from the University of Illinois College of Lav; in 
190ij., and was a lawyer in Anna, Illinois, serving as Master in 
Chancery for several years. Two of Thornton's grandchildren 
also graduated from the University of IllinoiSo 


3-8 Thornton Clark(2-6) m. Jan 7, l877 Mayview, Illo (dau„ of 
John P, and Margaret Springer Corray) Mary Corray b» Jan. 
11, 1857 Mayview, 111. d. Apr 26, 191+^ bur .'Vnna, 111. 
CHILDREN: ( sou next pa^e ) 


3-8 Thornton Clark(2-6) 
1+-1 Vincont Clark (3-8 )b. d. Juno Ik, l879 Lcbo Crook, 

lf.-2 Clinton Oliver Clark(3-8)b. Aug i\., I880 Lebo, Kans, d. 
Jan 2, 1958 bur. m, Jan 2^ 1907 (dau of Francis 

Patrick Anderson and Anna Mao Dennis) Ora Anderson b. 
Sept 28, 1882 Anna, 111. d^ July 10, 1953 bur* Anna, 111 
in. (2) Mar [j., 1951+ Champaign, 111. (dau of E, M, Burr) 
Mrs Boss Burr Rothgeb b. Mar 8, 188O, Champaign, 111, 
5-1 Jane Clar k(l|-2)b, Oct 10, 1909 Lawton, Okla. m. 

Doc 7, 1929 Anna, 111. Itobcrt Brown b. Doc 22, I908 
Anna, 111, 

6-1 Marianna Brown (5-1 )b. Fob 26, 1939 Anna, 111, 
m, July 15, 1961 Anna, Ill*(s« of UenCzl L, 
Riley and Dorcithy Roberts Riley) James Robert 
Riley b. March 23, 1939 Chaonpaign, 111. 

7-1 Jill Ellen Riley (6-1 )b. Oct 5, 1963 Cham- 
paign, 111. 
6-2 Beverly Brown (5-l)b. March 27, 1914-5 St Louis, 
Md. m, 1962 Perrysville, Md . William Pugh b. 
May 20, 191+5 Carbondrle, 111. 

7-1 l^fcry ElizabethPugh(6-2)b. Feb 6, I963 
Anna, 111, 
$-2 Clinton Oliver Clark Jr(i].-2)b. June 2, 1913 Lawton, 
Okla, ra. May ^7, 1939 Pana, 111. Rosamond Rood Pen- 
well b. June 18, 1913 Pana, HI. 
6-1 Penwell Ann Clark (5-2 )b, July 3, 191+2 Little 

Rock, Ark, 
6-2 Pamela Isabel Clark(5-2)b. Oct 1, 191+5 V/ashing- 

ton, D, C, 
6-3 Clinton Randolph Clark(5-2)b. July S, 1950 
Toledo, Ohio, 

Family records procured by 
Ethel Gibson Mills 
Urbana, Illinois 


Louisa Clark 

Louisa Clark, or Lide as she was known familiarly by her 
family and friends, went to Kansas as a young girl and kept 
house for her two brothers, Harvy and Thornton. Both brothers, 
marrying in January l877, left Louisa free to marry, and on 
March k of that year, she married Christopher Coble in Cham- 
paign County, Illinois. He was the son of Henry and Mary 
Acors Coble. 

Chris, as her husband was called, was born in Lawrence, 
Kansas in 1851, and it is not known when his family ncved to 
the Lebo area; but according to his birth date, the Cobles 
were ea' ly comers to the state of Kansas, 

We believe "Sister Cbble," to whom Walter Clark referred 
in his diary, must have been Chris's mother, for Mabel Clark 
Snyder says, "I think the Coble family was already in Kansas 
when my father ard mother arrived (1868) for it was "Sister 
Coble" who played a big part in Pa becoming a Christian, as he 
says in his diary," 

At Lebo Creek, the Cobles made their home on a farm, a 
gift of Lide's father. Two of their da\;ghters were born two 
miles north of Strawn, Kansas. Only the youngest, Lola, was 
born at Lebo, 

Chris who was a hunter and fisherman died Feb 17, 1912, 
leaving Lide to run the farm alone. It was not unusual to 
see her manning the plow or tending the farm animals. However, 
hard work did not cut her life short, as she lived to be 97 
yea- s, 6 months and k days old. Retiring from the farm in 
19/4-7, she spent her last years with her daughter, Lola in Em- 
poria, Kansas, until her death in 1956. She is buried near 
Lebo Creek, Kansas in Lebo Creek Cemetery. 

^^ In a tribute paid to her mother, Lola Coble Davis said. 

Mother was the most vjondorful mother that could have been 
given to me, always working hard, pleasant and lovable in her 
home, and good to everyone. She was not a church member, but 
was a Christian woman. " 


3-9 Louisa Clark(2-6)m. Mar i;, l877 Champaign Co. Ill, (s. of 
Henry and Mary Acors Coble) Christopher C. Coble b. l85l 
Lawrence, Kans. d. Feb. 17, 1912 bur Lebo, Kans. 

k-l Isabel Glendora Coble (3-9 )b. Fob 21, 1878 Strawn, Kans. 
m. D-Jc 25, 19c 6 Lebo, Ifens,(s. of Hallie and Marie 
Slead) John Slead b. Sept 3, 1878 Neosha Rapids, Kans. 
CHILDREN (see next page) 


i|.-l Isabel Glondora Coble (3-9) 

5-1 Chris G. Sload(l|.-l)b. Aiog 15, 1909 Lebo, Kens. m. 
May 23, 1928 Emporia, Kans,(dau. of John Downs and 

Josie Hodges) Eunice Downs b, Jan l8, 1909 Hart- 
ford, Kans , 

6-1 Virginia Slead(5-l)b. Jan 8, 1933 Emporia, Kans 
m. July 13, 1952 Lebo, Joe Souder b. Sopt 19, 
1930 Gridley, Kans, 

7-1 Philip Jog Souder (6-1 )b. Aug 3, 1953 
7-2 Sandra Chris Souder (6-1 )b. Aug 19, 1957 
7-3 Julie Ann Soudor (6-l)b. Jan lU, 1963 
All born Kansas City, K'r^nsas 
5-2 Gwendoljm Sload(l4.-l)b. Oct 15, 1901 died infancy 
i;-2 Juliet (Jewell) Amanda Coble (3-9 )b. Dec 21^., l88o Strawn, 
Kans, d. Feb 2, 1953 bur. Burlington, Kans, m, (1) March 
22, 1899 Etrporia, Kans, Louis E. Bristow b, about 
l87l;/75(2ii. when married) m. (2) Feb 20, Emporia, Kans 

(s, of George Segelke and Clara Fravel) Frod Segelkc b. 
Sept li|, 1883 Beatrice, Neb. d. Aug 21, I96I Burling- 
ton, Kans, Inurnment Beatrice, Nebraska. No children, 

5-1 NDlin Estil Bristow(i;-2 )b, Nov 1, 1900, Hartford, 
Kans. m, (1) Oct 2lij 1922 Emporia, Kans, Blanche 
Eastman b. July 9, l899 Matsfield Greon, Kans. d. 
July 16, 1927 Midwest, Wyo . 

6-1 Infant (5-1) d. birth 

6-2 Joe Ralph Bristow(5-l)b. July 16, 1927 Midwest, 
Wo'* Adopted by Aunt and name changed to East- 
man, m. Apr 3, 19i|9 Bnporia, Kans. Jean Hodges 
b. March 31, 1931 Hartford, Kans, 

7-1 Rodney Steve Eastman (6-2 )b. Sept 25, 1950 
7-2 Brenda Jean Eastman (6-2 )b. Dec i;, 1951 
7-3 Cynthia Lin Eastman (6-2 )b. Apr 12, 1957 
All bom Emporia, Kans, 
5-2 Heber Gladis Bristow(U-2)b, d. Infancy 

k-3 Lola Chrystol Cbblo(3-9)b, Apr. 7, I888 Lebo, Itons. m, 
(1) Apr 18, 1906(s. of Rus Lloyd and Elizabeth Evans) 
William Lloyd b. Sept li;, I883 d, July 26, 1955 Emporia, 
No children, ra. (2) July 26, 1957 Emporia, (s. of Joe 
Smith Davis and Ella P. Dicker son) David Mack Davis b, 
Dec 19, 1881; Fayette, Missouri d. Jan 1, I963 Emporia 
bur. Lincoln Cemetery, Lebo, Kans, 

NOTE: Nolin Estil Bristow married twice. No records 

available. Family records provided by daughters 
of Louisa Clark Coble, and procured by Ethel Mills 


Isabel Clark 

Isabel Clark and John Albert Gibson wore married July 6, 
1877. Being wheat time, they delayed thuir honeymoon until 
a more convenient time, when they went by covered wagon to Kan- 
sas. Hero they visited Isabel's brothers and one sister, vftio 
owned land there. They had contenplated locating in Kansas, 
but by the time they arrived, Isabel was homesick. A cousin, 
Wallace Clark and his wife accompanied them on the trip, and 
returned with them to Illinois, 

Mr and Mrs Gibson moved into a tenant house a mile north 
of the William G, Clark home, whore their daughter, Mortie, was 
born. Later they moved to a farm, viiich they purchased on the 
Old State Road near the Clnrk School House. Hero Earl, Ethel, 
and Juanita Gibson were born. 

In 1902 they sold this farm, and bought the William G. 
Clark farm, where they lived for many years. They modernized 
the houso, and the farm was a beautiful placo. After Mr. Gib- 
son retired, they moved to Homer, 

Mr. Gibson was born in Bales County Missouri, coming to 
Chainpaign County Illinois with his mother, brother and sisters 
at the time his father was enlisted in the Civil War, They 
rode horseback with the s^ Idiers, and John said that he rodo 
with lytr, Lincoln, John's father was injured, and died in the 
soldiers home in Dayton, Ohio at the age of [(.0 years, 

Isabel, being born Nov 13, i860, the tenth and next to the 
youngest of the W, G, Clark brood, lived to be 90 years old. 
In 196i4. three of her daughters are living in Illinois: Mertio 
Gibson Krugh of Sidney, Ethel Gibson Mills of Urbana, and 
Juanita Gibson Kudcr of St. Joseph, 


3-10 Isabel Clark(2-6) m, July 6, l877 Homer, Ill.(s. of John 
Wilson Gibson and Nancy Hartman Gibson) John Albert Gib- 
son b, Jan 25, 1858 Butler, Bates Co, Missouri d, Aug. 5, 
1921; bur GAR Com. Homer, 111. 

k-l Mertie Llde Gibson( 3-10)b, Feb k, l879 nr Homer m. (1) 
Doc 31, 1896 Homer, Ill.( s. of William V/esley Dennis 
and Josephine Savage Dennis) James S, Dennis b, Dec. 
27, 1875 Edgnr Cb , 111. d. May 20, 1902 Jamaica, 111. 
bur GAR Cem. Homer, 111, 

5-1 Lenore lone Dennis (/4.-I )b. Sept 25, 1897 d. Nov I898 
5-2 Lois Esther Dennis (ij.-l )b. June 28, l899 nr Homer, 
m. Sept 11, 1923 Homer, (s, of Goorgo Cole and 
Laura Bloxson) Bryan Cole b, Aug 13, I896 Sidney, 111 
CHILDREN: (sou next page) 


5-2 Lois Esther Dermis (i^-l) 

6-1 Sharon Joan Cole ( 5-2 )b. July 2, 1926 Urbana, 
111. m, June 12, 19ij.o Chonpaign, 111, (s. of 
Prank P. May and Mabel Cunningham May ) John F, 
May b. Nov 2V, 1923 Mingo Jet Ohio 
7-1 Judy Patricia May (6-1 )b. May 26, 1914-9 

Stoubentoillo, Ohio 
7-2 John Bryan May(6-l)b, Nov ij., 1952 McKoes- 
port, Penns, 
5-3 Inez Irene Dennis ([j.-l )b, July 23, 1901 FaimiDnt, 
Vermillion Co. Ill, m. Doc 23, 1923 Homer (s. of 
Elmer Rowland and Thurza Bd swell Rowland) Maurice 
Rowland b. July 30, I896 Ludlow, 111. d. May Ik, 
1961 Champaign, 111. bur GAR Com. HDmor, 111, 
No children. 
k-1 Mcrtio Lidc Gibson(3-10) m. (2) July 12, 1905 Homer, 111 
(s. of Jacob Krugh and Isabel Colwcll Itrugh) Bruce Col- 
well Itrugh b. Oct 18, 1876 Homer, d, July 21, 1958 
Urbana, 111. bur GAR Cem. Homer, 111. 

5-i| Isabel Gibson I^ugh ( i;- 1 ) b , Aug 1, 1908 Homer, 111 
m. May 27, 19U5 Sidney, 111, ( s. of Thomas Dicks 
and Mary H. Thompson) Carl B, Dicks b, March 19, 
1899 Broadlands, 111. No children. 
5-5 John Bruce Itrugh([|.-l)b. Doc 2d, 19l6 Hbmor. Changed 
his name legally to John Bruce m. Sept 8, 19ij-6 
Homer, (dau, of John Stubbs and Lillian Barrick) 
Mary Stubbs b. J\me l5, 1925 Deer Creuk, 111, 

6-1 Dianne Leslie Bruce ( 5-5 )t>. Mar 11, 1951 
6-2 John Randolph Bruce ( 5-5 )b. Oct 12, 1956 
6-3 Becky Lynn Bruce (5-5 )b. Sept l5, 1959 
All born in Champaign, 111, 
ij.-2 Clark Arthur Gibson (3-10 )b. Doc 3, 1880 nr Homer, d, 
Dec 25, 1937 Shelbyville, 111, bur Glenwood Cem, Shol- 
byvillo m. March 12, 1902 Chanpaign, 111. (dau, of 
Joseph Perkins and Mary Garrison) Mabel Clare Porkins 
b. June 23, 1883 Chairpaign d. Mar 20, 1938 Shelbyville, 
bur Glenwood Cem. Shelbyville, 111, 

5-1 Mary Janice Gibson ( i;-2 )b. Oct 26, 1916 Sullivan, 111 
m, Juno 18, 1938 Shelbyville, Ill(s. of Harry Wil- 
mer Smart and Bessie lijboters ) V/ilmcr Roy Smart b. 
Aug 11, 1917 Herrick, 111, 

6-1 Roy Gibson Smart(5-l)b, Feb 2), 1939 
6-2 Roger Dennis Sma.rt (5-1 )b, Oct 6, 19kl 
6-3 Sally Lynn Smart (5-1 )b, Jan 26, 19l|7 
6-Ij. Barbara Jean Smart (5-l)b. Aug 22, 19i;8 
6-5 Stephen Harry Smart (5-l)b. March 5, 1955 
All born Shelbyville, 111, 


.1. .JiJ- : 


3-10 Is-'.bol Clr.rlc(2-6) 

CIIIT.DPlSJJ: Continuo^'. 

l!-3 Vincent E-.vl Gr.^son (3-10)b, July 29, I88I1. nr Honor, d. 
Doc 27, I92G l-jivillo. 111. bvir !-\2 Con. lienor, n. 
Sopt 9, 1905 Ibnor (Dr.u. of s '.fintors r.n'". Roso 
Erlwo.rds) D-isy Winters b. I-hrch 17, I883 Sicloll, 111. 
d. Doc 2, 19i-'.5 /I".rvoy, 111. bior GAR Com. lb nor. 111. 

5-1 Itosr.lio lono Gibson (1^.-3 )b. ?ob 13, 1911^- Honor, 111 
n. Ndv 12, 1929 Covington, Ind, (s, of Onr. Itobort- 
son and Mr.ry Dodgo) Clciudo Robertson b, i^ob 2I4., 
1912, Honor, 111. 
6-1 Carclyn Robortson(5-l)b. Juno 28, 1930 Honor, 
111. n. Fob, 15, 19i;7 Honor o.nd divorcod 
Anthony Jacobsnn. b, 

7-1 Larry Stovcn Jr.cobsnr. (6-l)b. Nov 28, 191^-9 
6-1 Cfirolyn Robortson(5-l) m. (2) Oct 12, 1950 
Harvoy, 111. Richard LoRoy Luohor b. J\ano 9, 
1930 Hr.rvoy, 111, 

7-2 Joanotto iCaron Luohor (6-l)b. Oct 3, 1951 
7-3 Ricki Lynn Luohor (6-l)b. Doc 31, 1953 
7-k. Kathryn Joy Luohor (6-l)b. Doc 6, 195l|- 
7-5 Richard LoRby Luohor (6-l)b. Jan 22, 1958 
All born in Harvoy, Illinois 
6-2 Vincont L. ilobortson(5-l)U May 17, 1932 
Honor, 111, n. May 12, 1951 Honor, Svolyn 
Cbndo b, Nov 13, 1932 Honor, 111. 

7-1 Connio Loo RobGrtson(6-2)b. Fob 20, 1953 
7-2 Vp.lorio Ann Robortson(6-2)b. July 29,195^ 
7-3 fandra Kay Itobortson(6-2)b, July 19, 1961 
All bom in Honor, 111. 
6-3 Mary Alico Robertson ( 5-1 )b. May 31, 193i| 

Honor, 111, Marriod May 12, 1951 (<^'*oublo wedd- 
ing with brothor) Marshall Duano badlor b. 
Apr 6, 1929 Ogdon Township, 111. 

7-1 Duayna Lynn Sadler (6-3 )b. Nov 6, 1953 N. C. 
7-2 Mark Loslio Sadlor (6-3)b. Aug 6, 1956 N. C. 
7-3 Gary Allen Sadler (6-3)b, Doc k, 1959 
Plattsburg, N. Y. 
6-k Donald Verne Robertson (5-1 )b. July 9, 1939 
Honor, 111, n, Nov 27, 1958 Goorgctown, HI. 
Marcole Elaine Janes b. July 5, 1939 Goorgc- 
town, 111, 
7-1 Debra Loe RobGrtson(6-i].)b. y\pr 1, 1959 

Honor, 111, 
7-2 April Dawn Robertson (6-l4.)b. .^pr 29, I960 

Urbana, 111. 
7-3 Darla Jxano Robertson (6-I|.)b, Juno 1, 1962 
Honor, 111. 


5-1 iDsr.liG lono Gibson(k-3) 
CIIILDH.^N: ContimAcd 
6-5 ^cno lono :tobortson(5-l)-- . -'eb 28, 19l\l Hbmer, 111. 

m, July 17, i960 "omor to Robert "uclson b, r'eb 10, 

1936 Gilmr.n, 111. 


l^.-[^. Ethol Otolr. Mario Gibson (3-10 )b. Fob 12, I89O nr Koracr, 111. 
m. July 30, 192lj. Homor, 111. (s. of U. G. Mills and liitur,TG R03- 
etta Lawrence) Charles Ross Mills b. Nov I3, 1892 Nooga, 111 
CHILD'lEN; (loss's daughter) 
5-1 Mary Eliza Mills b. May 16, 1915 St Joseph, 111. m. 

May 7. 19t|-2 Urbana, Ill.(s. of Karl R, Fayno end Mario 

ICLoin) Earl R, Payno Jr. b. Doc. 9, 19l8 Dcnvor, Colo. 


6-1 Ross Mills Payno ( 5-1 )b. Juno 26, 19lj.6 Urbana, 111. 

6-2 Earl R. Fayno III(5-l)b. Oct 28, 1950 
i).-5 Juamita Boll Gibson(3-10)b. Oct 31, 1893 nr Homer, 111. m. 
Aug 5, 1913 HDmcr, 111, (s. of Perry Nichols Kuder and 
Emma McCollum) Prank Chalmers Xuder b. Nov I|., I89O St Joseph 

5-1 John Nichols Kuder(ii.-5)b. Oct 29, 1916 St Joseph, 111. 

d. Oct 29, 1916 
S-2 Homer Miles Kudor(L|.-5)b. Oct 6, 1919 St Josoph, 111. m. 

June 9, I9I4I St Joseph(dau. of Clarence Wackor and 

Zelma Tackett) Wanda V/adkcr b, March ij., 1919 lola. 111. 


6-1 Karcl Sue Kuder (5-2)b/ Dec 7, 19iU; Champaign, 111. 

6-2 John Miles Kuder ( 5-2 )b. Mar 11, 1914-9 Kankakea,Ill. 

6-3 Janet Kuder (5-2 )b. May 1, 195i| Joliot, Illinois. 

6-1]. Gaylo Jean Kuder (5-2)b. May 8, 1962 Urbana, 111, 
5-3 Robert Chalmers Kuder([j.-5)b. Dec I6, 1920 St Josoph, 

111. m, July 11, 1921 St Josoph (dau, of Dekol and Cora 

Everett) Myrtle Louise Everett b. Jan 13, 1921 Pcnsa- 

cola, Pla, 


6-1 Everett Kuder (5-3) b. Sopt 23, 19ij.5 ?t. Arkinson, 

6-2 Gregory Kuder (5-3 )b. May 2$, 1951 Fcnsacola, Pla. 

6-3 Steven Kuder (5-3 )b. July 11, 1953 Ft. Walton, Pla. 

Family records procured by Ethel Gibson Mills 
Urbana, 111. 


6-1 Iferel Sue Kuder (5-2) m, June 7, 196l| Charm aign. 111, 
(S, of Fred -i^arl and Evelyn Smith Earl) ffl. chard 
Wayne Earl b. Dec 2, 19^2 Champaign, Illinois 



Goorno Clark 

The yoT -^ftur tho mr.rricii-;c; of their dr.ughter 5tanco3 
Clrj?k to John 11, Swcr.ringon, William G, r.ncl Juliet Cl-Tk wol- 
comod into their cr.bin heme, hursting its socns with 
children, their last child, George, who wr.3 bom November 21, 
1863. It is interesting to note th.-^t he became an Uncle at 
the very tender age of 3 weeks, when his sister, i^nnces, gavo 
birth to Villiara G. Swearingen on December 19th. 

On December 13, 1882 George married Louisa ^.'Jhetstone, and 
they lived on a farm near St Jos .ph, Illinois for several years, 
then moved to St Joseph, where he was a baker for many years. 
In his later life he worked in a hardware store in Chan^jaign, 
Illinois until his retirement, 

Mr and Mrs Clark returned to St, Joseph after his retire- 
ment, living there until they no longer were able to care for 
themselves. They went to live with their son, ?emlc Clcr k, in 
Rantoul, Illinois, where G© rge died. 

Of their three children, only Cleo is living in 1961j., She 
resides in Buena Park, California, 


3-11 George Clcr k(2-6)b. Nov 27, 1863 nr Homer, 111. d. Jan 27, 
191^-0 Rantoul, 111 bur Patterson Com, St Joseph, 111 m, 
Dec 13, 1882 Homer, Ill(dau. of John ly^hetstonc and Amelia 
Clancy) Louisa '^/hctstone b. Nov 3, 1863 d. Nov 21, 19U4 

Rantoul, 111 bur Patterson Gem. St. Joseph, 111. 

hr-1 Cleo B. Clark(3-ll)b. Nov 26, I883 Ogden, 111 m. Mar, 
26, 1907 Champaign, 111. (s. of Alonzo Richards) and 
Priscclla June Fredicka) Eugene Richards b, Aug 31, 
1881 Ogden, 111 d, Aug 9, 1914-5 Champaign, 111. bur 
Patterson Cem. St. Joseph. 

5-1 Evelyn Zeline Richards (ii.-l)b. July 3, 1908 Ogden, 
111. m, (1) Orlcy shorn i.itt-ight b. Pcb 12, 1910 

6-1 Betty Louise Wright (5-1 )b, Feb 9, 1927 Dr.nvillo 
111. m, Apr 31, 1914.6 Orange, Calif. Billy 
/Jiderson b. Mar 28, 192k Los j\ngeles, CaJ.if, 
7-1 Penny Lou .\nderson(6-l)b, Apr I8, 19i|7 
Santa Ana, Calif. 
5-1 Evelyn Zeline Richards (i].-l) m. (2) Oct 29, 1939 
Yuma, Arizona Harry David Zimmer b. May 19, I898 
Montrose, South' 'Da&ota, 

6-2 Harry David Zimmer Jr (14.-1) b. Feb 2S, 19lf2 
Visalia, Calif 



5-2 Mr.rTrirl Richr.rds (li-Db. 5opt 15, 1<:09 0^-''-", 111. n. IX;c 1, 

1930 Ocnvillo, 111. lone Hctoclly ^, July 7, 19114- 

Faign, 111. 


6-1 Beverly Maxinc Uch-rds (5-2)b. Ifcrch 30, 1932 ChcjnpcLign, 
111. m, Nov. 25, 1950 Urbrna, 111. Sojnucl H. Svdh.-rt b. 
June 20, 1932 Chanpaign, 111, 
7-1 Paul Brarlforri Swlh-rt (6-1 )b. Juno 6, 1951 Urbana, 

7-2 Charles EcTwprd Svahnrt (6-l)b, Juno 10, 1953 Long 

Beach, Calif, 
7-3 Dcbra Catherine Swihart (6-l)b, .Aug 31, 19514- Long 

Beach, Calif. 
7-14- Scott ;\n'-lrew Swihart ( 6- l)b, Nov 8, 1956 Long Boach 
7-5 Tamara ./\nn Swihart (6-1 )b. ^fov l8, 1957 Long Boach 
7-6 Pamela Swihart (6-1 )b. J?ji 13, 1959 Long Boach 
7-7 Kevin Patrick Swihart (6-1) b. May 13, I960 
7-8 Kurt Phillip Swihart (6-1 )b. May 13, I960 
TWNS - born Long Beach, Crl if, 

6-2 Carolyn Ann Richards (5-2 )b. Dec 30, 1935 Champaign, 111. 
m. July 11, 1953 Urbana, 111. Robert Dwight Cruse b. 
March a^. , 1935 Champaign, 111, 

7-1 Cynthia Loah Cruso(6-2)b. Sept 3, 1951+ Urbana, 111. 
7-2 Paul Vincent Cruse ( 6-2 )b. Sept ll;, 1955 Long Beach, 

6-3 Stephen Richards (5-2) b. Juno 7, 1952 Champaign, 111. 
5-3 Louise Richard (14.-1 )b. July ij., 1913 Ogden, 111 m. Feb 8, 

1932 Harold Prizzell (divorced) 


6-1 Patsy Joan Prizzell ( 5-3 )b. Doc 2, 1932 Chanpalgn, 111. 
m. Dec 2l|, 1914-9 (s. of Lincoln V/. Bales and Clara Sals- 
man) in Champaign, 111. Ibnald Bales b. Oct l8, 1929 
Champaign, 111, 

7-1 Christine Lee Bales (6-1) U Aug 5, 1950 
7-2 Sandra Kay Bales ( 6-1 )b. Fob 17, 1952 
7-3 Nancy Louise Bales (6-l)b. Nov 20, 19514- 

All born in Champaign, Illinois 
7-I4. Toal Ann Bales (6-l)b. Nov I8, 1959 Urbana, 111. 

14.-2 Pomlo Clark(3-ll)b. Mar l5, I886 nr Ogden, 111. d. July 2I4., 
1953 Champaign, 111. bur Mt Olive Com. Mayvicw, 111. m. (1) 
(dau, of Isaac Divan) Stella Divan b. May I6, I888 Ogdon, 
111, d. May 7, 1914-5 bur Patterson Com, St, 111 
Date of marriage Doc I8, 1907 Ogden, Ill.m(2) Feb 26, 1937 
Elmlra, Mo. V/idow Louise Castle Bluob. March l8,l897 St 
Joseph, 111, d, March 13, 1958 Ft Pierce, i^la. (dau, of 
Prank Castle and Eliza Kellogg) 

5-1 Rexford Clar k(l4.-2)b. Dec 21;, 1912 xRoyal, 111. m, July 
5, I93I4. Fairmont, 111, (dau, of Sam Evans) Georgia 
Evans b, Aug 7, 1913 ^ora.n. 111. (divorced) 
CHILDREN: see next pago 


^-1 Roxfor-l Clerk (I;- 2) 

C'ILD Tinv^: 

6-1 Jocolyn Loo Clark(5-l)b, 16, 1935 Tomer, 111. 
m, (a of ^aye Walter ^rccnr.n o.n.1 Mar£;rj?ot Grusa- 
ing) TJicharcl Dor.n i?roeinr.n b, Nov l5, 1925, 

7-1 Larry Gone ?rooman(6-l)b, June l5, 1952 Urbana, 

7-2 Lounic Richard -Yeoman (6-1 )b, July 1, 1955 
Urbana, Illinois. 
6-2 Linda Clark(5-l)b. Juno 21, I9I4.3 Chicago, 111. 
6-3 Suzanne Clark(5-l)b. Doc 7, 19ii6 Ogdun, 111. 
5-2 Janice Clark(l4.-2)b. Apr 30, 1917 Royal 111. m. Aug 26, 
1936 Covington, Ind. (s, of Grant Freeman and Rosa Ram- 
crt) Carl Freeman b. Nov 22, 1916 Ogdcn, 111, 

6-1 Gary Carl Freeman (5-2 )b. Apr 2, 19i4-5 Ot^don 111. 
6-2 Jan Rosellen Freeman (5-2 )b. July li|, 1950 Ogdcn 
i^.-3 Edna Clnrk(3-ll)b. May 11, I889 Ogden, 111. d. May 10, 19147 
St Joseph, 111. m. Aug 25, 1910 St Joseph, 111. (s, of Al- 
fred Hunt and Isabel Sponco) Orcn M. Hunt b. Apr 11, I889 
St Joseph, 111, 

5-1 Alfred Clark Hunt (i|.-3)b. Jan 27, 1920 St Joseph, 111. 
m. July 13, I9I4.7 Stanton Township, 111. Mary Ellen 
Rushing b. Oct 21, 1925 Homer, 111. 
6-1 Bonnie Del Anna (5-1 )b, June 23, 191^8 St Jo soph. Ill 
6-2 David Clark Hunt(5-l)b, Dec 11, 1952 St Joseph, 111 
5-2 John Merle Hunt (i;-3)b. May 30, 1921 St Joseph, 111. 
m. May 30, 19l[2 St Joseph (dau. of Gordon '-/aggoner) 
Ruth Waggoner b, Apr 10, 1921 LaFlace, 111, 

6-1 Judith Ann Hunt (5-2) b. Apr 30, 19i4l- Champaign, 111 
m, Oct 21, 1962 Ro Seville, 111, Don D, Anderson 
b, Dec 15, 19i|-0 Champaign, 111, 
6-2 Paul Orren Hunt (5-2 )b, Oct 19, 19i|5 Champaign, 111. 
6-3 Douglas John Hunt (5-2) b. Nov 19, 19l;8 Burlington, 

Family records obtained by Ethel Mills 
Urbana, Illinois 



/ V ^V: ; 




In Clark County, Ohio on Decsmber 10, l821, Mary Clark 
was born to V/illiain and Mary Catherine Ziglar Clark, increas- 
ing their progeny to seven. At the age of 20 she married John 
Laird, a native of Ohio, April 21, lQl\2 in the county of her 
birth. John also was 20, 

It is not known when the couple went to Illinois, locating 
near St Joseph in Chan pal gn County, but thd r oldest child, 
Emeline was born in Illinois in IQ14.7 . She was listed as 3 on 
the 1850 census, and a brother John F, was nine months old. 
Mary Prances was born Sq) tember 3, l85i4-, the only one of the 
children to survive. 

It is not known when Mary Clark Laird died or whore she 
is buried, but her husband, John Laird, married Mrs Mary 
Springer November ^, 186I in Chsc paign County, Illinois, plac- 
ing Mary Clark Laird's death sometime between l85i|- and I86I, 

Mary Prances Laird married William Henry Mapes Feb, 19, 
1878 in Champaign County, Illinois, He was the son of Daniel 
and Elizabeth Swearingen Mapes, William Henry Mapes' patern- 
al grandparents, the Samuel Mapes, were from New York State, 
coming to Ohio in I827, and to St Joseph Township in Illinois, 
by the way of Indiana and Kentucky, finally settling near 
"The Bend," His maternal grandparents ware John W, and Zl Ipha 

Swearingen of Kentucky, who settled on section 2l\. on a I67 
acre farm in Champaign County, Illinois, 

It is interesting to note family ties, Mary Prances Laird 
had an Aunt Prances Clark, who married John M, Swearingen. 
John's sister was Elizabeth Swearingen Mapes, mother-in-law 
of Mary Prances Laird, 

The William Henry Mapes family moved to Grand Island, 
Nebraska. They raised two sons, Chsr les and Bert. Mary Frances 
Mapes died December 27, 1932 in Ihllllps, Nebraska at the age 
of 82 years, three months an-^ 2I4. days. V/llliam Henry Mapes 
lived until July 25, 193^, dying in Ihllllps, also. 


2-7 Mary Clark(l-l) m. April 21, 1814^ Clark County, Ohio John 
Laird b. l82l d. 


3-1 Emeline Laird (2-7 )b, l8i;7 - Illincls cl. young 
3-2 John F, Lalrd(2-7)b. l850 - Illinois el, young 
3-3 Mary Prances Laird (2- 7 )b. Sept 3, l85i| Champaign Co. 
111. m. Feb 19, l878_Champaign County, Ill,(s. of 
Daniel Mapes and Elizabeth Swearingen) William Henry 
Mapes b. Aug 10, I85I4. St. Joseph, 111, 
CHILDREN: see next page IO3 

3-3 Mary Frances Laird (2-70 

I4.-I Charles Mapos(3-3)b. Oct 2, l879 Phillips, Nebraska 
d, Aug 11, 1950 Tacorna> Wash* bul?. Tacoma, Wash, m, 
May^liJ., 1902 Giltner, Neb. Mirmio Ilanry h,, Junc-lG, . 
'loo^ Se shier, Nebraska 

5-1 Earl Mapes(i;-l)b» Oct 31, 1905 Phillips, Neb. Unm 
5-2 Clyde V, Mapes (1^.-1 )b. Apr 8, 1909 Ihillips, Neb 
5-3 Verle P. Mapes (ii.-l)b» Dec 11, 1915 Ihillips, Neb 
S-k Lyle H. Mapes (ii.-l )b« Feb 25, 1921 Phillips, Neb 

i|-2 Bert Mapes{3-3)b, Itec 23, l882 Hamilton Co, Neb. n. 
Jan 29, 1908 Grand Island, Neb, Sophia Thomas b. May 
7, 1886 Seward County, Neb, 

5-1 Opal Mapes(I<.-2)b. Dec S, I908 Hamilton Count y. 
Neb, m. Apr 8, 1928 Hamilton Co, Neb Raymond 
Keller b. Dec 7, 1901+ Hamilton County, Neb, 

6-1 Virginia Lee Keller(5-l)b. Nov 6, 1928 Hamil- 
ton County, Neb. m. June 8, I9I4.7 Hiawatha, 
Kans. Clifford Frymire b. Nov 9, 1925 Scotia, 


7-1 Cynthia Kay Frymire (6-1 )b, Nov 20, 19l;7 
7-2 Randall Darold Frymire (6-1 )b. Sep 29,1952 
7-3 Jana Lynn Frymire (6-1 )b. Apr 30, 1959 
All born Grand Island, Neb. 
6-2 Darold Keller (5-1 )b. June 15, 1930 Hamilton 
County, Neb. killed in auto accident v;hile 
in Army May 29, 1951 bur Phillips, Neb, 
6-3 Shirley Ann Keller (5-1 )b. May I6, 193ij. Hamil- 
ton County, Neb. m, Oct I6, 195^4- York, Neb, 
Louis I earl b, Feb 7, 1930 Aurora, Neb. 

7-1 Russel Reank Iearl(6-3)b. May 3, 1955 
Grand Island, Neb. 
5-2 Faye Mapes ([j.-2 )b, Jan 28, 1911 Hamilton Cbunty, 
Neb. m. Nov 12, 1959 Lexington, Neb, Donald 
Milton b. 
No children 

5-3 Pearl Mapes (i;-2)b, Feb ik, 1913 Hamilton Co, Neb. 
d. July 5, 1928 

Information for Mapes family from Portrait and Biographical 
Album of Chaitpaign County 111 Pp 215, 2l6 Chapman Brothers 
1887 Chicago, Illinois. 





John Pulton Clark, the yoiongest son of William and Mary 
Catherine Ziglar Clark was born in Clark County, Ohio, on 
May L|., 182^, At the age of 20, he married November 13, 1814.5 
Rebecca Blrely, a native of Boonsboro, MaiTl^rid, Her parents 
were Lewis and Sarah Birely. 

To this union were born three children, Lewis Edward 
Clark, William H, Clark, who died in infancy, and Mary Cather- 
ine Clark, The marriage was short lived, as John died Dec, 8, 
1850, three months after the death of his father. 

In his father's will, each of John's biHDthers and sisters 
were to share equally in their father's estate after the death 
of their mother, but John was the only one singled out for a 
personal bequest, "I devise and bequeath to my son John and 
his heirs, the rifle gun vrhich I now own, with all the things 
necessarily thereunto belonging," Old English and American 
wills often mentioned personal possessions. In days when 
money was scarce, personal property represented money, and a 
gun or a sword was considered valuable, 

John wns buried at Brighton, Ohio, His vddov/ remarried 
Charles Gar^^rclod, and the fomily moved to a farm one mile north 
of Mansfield, Illinois, Rebecca Birely Clark Garvrood died 
Oct 9, 1916 at Mahomet, Illinois and was buried in Riverside 
Cemetery, Mahomet, 

NOTE: Vfe are told by genealogists that a family name, used as 
a given name often is the clue to a grandmother's maiden name. 
While there is no proof, it is reasonable to believe that 
Pulton may have been the maiden name of V/illiam Clark's mother, 
A number of descendents boar the m me Pulton, Mary Catherine 
came from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania v;horc Robert Pulton 
American engineer, inventor and painter) was bom. Much re- 
search was done, but no fcjnily connections could be ascertain- 
ed, Robert Pulton's mother moved to Washington Coiinty, Penn- 
sylvania, where many Clarks had settled. With so little in- 
formation to go on, no relationship could be claimed. Some 
future Clark genealogist may discover the key which will un- 
lock the secret to William and Mary Catherine's true parentage. 





2-8 John Pill ton ClGrk(l-l)b. May i|., l825 Clr.rk Cbunty, Ohio 
d, Dec 8, 1850 bur Brighton, Clark Co. Ohio, m. Nov 13, 
I8I4.5 Clark Cbunty Ohio (dau, of Lewis Birely and Sarah 
Bircly) Rebecca Birely b. Sept I6, 1827 Boons boro, Mary- 
land d. Oct 9, 1916 Mahomet, 111, bur Riverside Ccmotory 
3-1 Lewis Edward Clark(2-8)b. Sept 29, l8i|6 Clark County 

Ohio d, March 5, 1937 Champaign, 111, bur Mansfield, 111 
3-2 vailiam H, Clark(2-8)b, May 21, l81|.8 Clark County Ohio 

d, Jan 8, l85l 
3-3 Mary Catherine Clark(2ai8 )b. July 30, l850 Clark Goimty 

at Vienna, Ohio d. July 3$ 1932 Albion, Mich, bur, 

Albion, Michigan, 


Dr LoTfis Edwarc! Clark 

Lewis Edward Clark, oldest child of John Pulton and 
Rebecca Birely Clark, ;/as born Sept 29, l8[|.6 in Clark Cbimty 
Ohio, Going to Illinois as a small child, he grew up on a 
farm one mile north of Mansfield, Illinois, He taught in rur- 
al schools prior to serving an apprenticeship xmder Doctor 
McHugh at Mahomet, Illinois, In I868 and >69 he attended Rush 
Medical School in Chicago, Passing the Illinois Medical Board 
examination, he began his practice v/ith Dr Conrad Hawes at 

Dec 28, 1870 in Mahomet, he married Ellen J, Hawes, daugh- 
ter of Dr and Mrs Conrad C, Hawes, The family moved to Mans- 
field, Illinois, vAieve Doctor Clark practised medicine for 
many years, 

Tb this union vrere born tvrc> children. Anna Hawes Clark, 
who married William Forney had five' children. Hazel Catherine 
Forney Rector, Emanuel Clark Forney, Mark Hawes Forney, William 
Paul Forney, and Helen Garwood Forney Guenther. The fpjnily 
moved to lovra vjhere two of their five children were born. 

His second child, Lewis Emil Clark married Mary Ann Tay- 
lor, They lived nine years on a farm at Mansfield, Illinois, 
later moving x-rith their family to Michigan. Here they raised 
four children, Catherine Clark Simpson, Margaret Clrrk Day, 
Lewis Edward Clark, and Joseph Taylor Clark, 

Mrs Ellen J, Clark died January 6, I886 at Mahomet, and 
was buried at Mansfie Id, Illinois, 


Dr Clp.rk married agcin October 19, 188? at Mahomot 
Isabella Cortelyou Carson, daughter of Ftobert Proctor Carson 
and Mary S, Pittman Carson, They had six children, Mary 
Catherine Clr^rk Thomas, Robert Pulton Clark, Horace Edward 
Clark, Helen Clark Vaughn, Ruth Carson Clark Flavin and 
Rebecca Isabella Clark Ibrrell, 

Isabella Cortelyou Carson Clark died March 5, 1919 at 
Mansfield, 111, Dr Lewis Edward Clark lived until March 5, 
1937, dying at the age of 90 years 5 months and l\. days. He 
died at Champaign and was buried at Mansfield, 

Biography for Dr Clark was based 
on information provided by Mary 
Ann Clark Taylor, Isabelle Clark 
DDrrell and Helen Clark Vaughn, 


3-1 Lewis Edward Clark(2-8)m, Dec 28, I870 Mahomet, 111. (dau. 
of Dr- Conrad C, and' Katherine C, Hawes) Ellen J, Hawes b, 
Nov 2, 1852 Mahomet, 111. d, Jan 6, I886 bur Mansfield, 111. 

k-l Anna Hawes Clark(3-l)b, Oct 1, l872 Mahomet, 111. d, 
Dec 21, 1908 bur. Pilot Mound, Iowa m. Oct l5, I89O 
Mansfield, 111, William Forney b, Nov 26, l862 West- 
Minster, Carroll Co. Maryland d, Oct 23, I9I4.3 Boone, 
Iowa bur. Pilot I'bund, lovra 

5-1 Hazel Catherine Forney (I|.-l)b. July 26, 1891 Mans- 
field, 111. d. Jan 11, 1937 Pilots MDund, Ioi>ra 
ra, June 28, 1920 
Guy C, Rector b, 

6-1 Leland Jay Rector (5-1 )b. May 11, 1921 Pilot 
Mound, Iowa m, Aug 13, 19^9 
Alice Koch b. Oct 2, 1927 

7-1 Hazel Catherine Rector (6-l)b, Ndv 23, 1950 
7-2 Esther Marie Rector (6-l)b. Apr 11, 1956 

6-2 Helen Jean Rector ( 5-1 )t, June 21, 1923 Odel, 
Iowa m. Aug 10, 19U5 

Walter M. Lillybrldge b. Sept 11, 1920 

7-1 Sharon Kay Lillybridge (6-2 )b, Dec 2k, 19lj.8 
7-2 Terry Ray Lillybridge (6-2) b. Aug 10, 1951 
7-3 Brian Charles Lillybridge (6-2 )b. Apr 29, 

6-3 Harold Bruce Rector (5-1) 
See next page 


6-3 Harold Bruce Rector (5-1 )b, Aug 9, 1926 Bagley, 

Iowa m, April 2, 1950 

Patricia Ann Vashusok b. March 11, 192? 


7-1, Mary Patricia Rector(6-3)b. Aug II4., 1955 

7-2 Susan Ann Rector (6-3)b, Apr 13, 1957 

6-k Clark Ellsworth Rector (5-1 )b, Apr 3, 193i; 
Pilot Mound, Iowa m. Aug 21, 1956 
Suzanne Sv;ayze b* May 20, 1935 

7-1 Clark Ellsworth Rector (6-I|.)b. Aug 28, 1957 
Pilot Mound, Iowa 
5-2 Emanuel Clark Forney ([j.-l)b, March 3, l893 Mansfield, 
111, m, June I4., 1921 Council Bluffs, Iowa 
Minnie Orr b. Nov 1, 1898 Niabrara, Neb. 

6-1 Robert Clark Forney (5-2 )b. March 25, 1923 Pilot 
Mound, Iowa m, Aug 2ij., 191^-2 Long Pine, Nebraska 
Lucile Elsberry b, Jan 8, 1921 Ogden, Iowa 

7-1 Susan Carol Forney (6-1) b, Jon 5, 19i;7 
7-2 Jean Ann Forney (6-1) b, Dec Li, 1952 
Both born at Eoone, Iov;a 
6-2 Helen Virginia- Forney (5-2) b. Nov S, 1931 Boone, 
lovm m. Dec 25, 1951 Pilot Ifound, lovra Kenneth 
Robert Tabor b, Jan l5, 1931 Fraser, Iov;a 
7-1 John Clexk Tabor (6-2 )b, July 12, 1958 Cedar 

Falls, Iov;a 
7-2 Jayne Marie Tabor ( 6-2 )b. March 20, I96I 
Charles City, lo\ie. 
5-3 Mark Hawes Forney (I4.-I )b. Dec 10, l89ij. Pilot Moiond, 

Iowa d, Sopt 7, 1917 
5-i| Helen- Garwood Forney (ij.-l )b. Itov 13, l897 Pilot 
Mound, Iowa m. Jan, 21, 1921 

Clayton 0, Guenther b, Aug 5, 1877 Stewartville, 
Minn, Helen Garvraod Forney d, Dec 10, 1952 Lanoni, 


6-1 V/illiam Charles Guenther (5-i|-)b. Doc 17, 1921 
Stev/artville, Minn, in, Aug ij., 1955 Riverside, 
Calif, Norma Lee Berry b, March 29, 1928 Taft, 
Kern Cb, Calif, 
7-1 Ada Elizabeth Guenther (6-1 )b, Apr 5, 1956 

Mesa, Arizona 
7-2 Clark Charles Guenther (6-1 )b, Oct l5, 1957 
Fresno, Calif, 
6-2 Marilyn Louise Guenther (5-i|.)b, Oct 29, 1926 

Stewartville, Minn, n, Apr 26, 19ij.7 lov/a City, 
lov/a D, A, Rumrael Jr, b, 
7-1 Ellen Ruiranel(6-2)b. Sept 21, 19/^.9 
7-2 Carolyn Ordell Rupunel (6-2)b, Apr 20- 1952 
7-3 Floy A, Rumrael III(6-2)bo May 10, 1957 


5-5 V/illir.m Paul Forney (i+-l)b 4 Jvine 26, 1905 Eement, 
OklQ. m. Nov 21, 1932 

Marguerite Sheldon bk Oct 6^ 1906 Sheldon, Iowa 
6-1 Kent Mason Forney (5-5 )b» Sept 17, 1932 Hull, 

Iowa m* Nov 2, 1958 Chicago, 111, 

Janice Larson b^ 

i;-2 Lewis Emil Clark ( 3-1 )b. July I6, 1875 Mahomet, 111. d. 
Oct 25, 19[j-6 Elsie, Mich, m. Aug 29, 1901 Mahomet, 111 
Mary Ann Taylor b, March 21;, I876 Champaign Co. Ill, 

5-1 Catherine Clark ([4.-2 )b. July 3, 1902 Mansfield, 111. 
m. June 21;, 1925 Elsie, Mich. Paul J. Simpson b. 
Apr 3, 1902 Garland, Michigan 
6-1 Helen Adelaide Simpson (5-1 )b. Oct l5, 1928 

Leslie, Mich, m. Leon L. Senpsratt b, Jan. 22, 

1931 Saginaw, Michigan 


7-1 Scott Leonard Sempsratt (6-l)b. Nov 12, 1959 

7-2 Gary Lee Sempsratt (6-1 )b. March 19, 1963 
Imperial Beach, Calif. 
6-2 Carolyn Nancy Simpson (5-1 )b, Oct 16, 1931 Leslie 

Michigan m. Nov 8, 1959 

Harry Norman Renfrevx b, Jan 13, 1932 Haverhill, 

New Hampshire 


7-1 Catherine Alice Renfrew(6-2 )b. Oct 10,1960 

7-2 Paula Elizabeth Renfrew(6-2 )b. Dec l5,196l 
Both born at Greenfield, Mass. 
6-3 Barbara Lou Sirapson(5-l)b. Oct l5, 1937 

Leslie, Michigan 
5-2 Margaret Clark(i|-2 )b. Sept 19, 1905 Mansfield, 111. 
m. Dec 2l|., 1937 Elsie, Mich. (s. of Wilber Day and 
Lena Keel Day) Walter E, Day b. Doc 28, 1905 Pan- 
dora, Ohio d. Oct 16, 1952 

6-1 Emily Catherine Day (5-2 )b, Apr 17, 1914-2 Jack- 
son, Michigan 
5-3 Lewis Edward ClaTk(l+-2 )b. Apr 17, 1911 Brecken- 
ridge, Michigan m, June 21, 1936 Ov;aso, Michigan 
Ruth Julia Pettit b. Apr 21, 1909 Owosso, Mich. 
6-1 Lewis Robert Clark(5-3)b, Doc 3, 19i4.8 Lansing, 

S-k Joseph Taylor Clark(ij.-2)b. Aug l5, 1917 Elsie, Mich 
m, Jon 17, 19i4J- Ovid, Michigan Blanche Ilene Vani- 
man b. July 9, 1922 Ovid, Michigan 

6-1 Sue Jo Clark(5-i|)b. Oct 23, 19iA St Johns, Mich 
6-2 Lea Ilene Clark (5-i4-)b. July l5, 1950 was so, Mich 

d. Nov 7, 1959 Elsie, Mich, 

See Addenda pg, llij. 


3-1 Lewis Edward Clark(2-8) in»(2) Oct 19, 188? Mahomot, 111 

(Dau, of Robert Proctor Carson and Mary E, Pittman Carson) 
Isabella Cortelyou Carson b« June 6, l859 Mahomet, 111. 
d. March 5, 1919 Mansfield, 111. 
i|-3 Mary Catherine Clark (3-1 )b. Oct 9, l888 Mansfield, 111 
d. Aug 15, 1957 Mansfield, 111, m. Feb Ik, 1912 Mans- 
field, 111. (S, of Russell Thomas and >b.ry Spratt 
Thomas) James 0, Thomas b* Feb 28, l886 Mahomet, 111, 

5-1 Helen Isabel Thomas (ii.-3)b, Nov 29, 1913 Mahomet, 
111* m. Feb 2?, 1937 Urbana, 111. (S. of Mr and 
Mrs, Henry Spence) Wayne C, Spence b. Sept l5, 
1913 West Liberty, Ky* 

6-1 James Henry Spence (5-1 )b4 Ifcv 21, 1937 Mahom- 
et, 111. m. Jan 2^ 1959 Wayne town, Indiana 
Carol Sue Fruits b. Aug 7, 1938 Rockville, Ind 

7-1 Maria Sue Spence (6-1 )b. Mar 17, 1959 
7-2 Allison Ann Spence (6-1) b. Nov 9, 1961 

6-2 Robert Louis Spence (5-1 )b, Jan 11, 19iA Ma- 
homet, 111, m. Sept 17, I960 

Patricia Ann Beckelhyraer b. Apr 20, 19lA 

Kinzman, Indiana 


7-1 Timothy Robert Spence (6-2 )b. Jan 26,1962 

7-2 Kevin James Spence (6-2 )b. Sept i|, 1963 
Both born Danville, 111, 
6-3 Richard Spence (5-1 )b, Oct 19, 19i|.5 Champaign, 

6-k Paul Spence (5-1 )b. Aug 29, 19i|.8 Crav/fords- 

ville, Indiana 
6-5 Joseph Clyde Spence (5-l)b, Sept 21, 1950 

Crav/fordsville, Indiana 
5-2 Russel Edward Thomas (i|-3)b, Jan l5, 19l5 

m, Feb 17, 19i|3 St Joseph, 111, (Dau, of Charles 

and Retta Viles) Lola Mae Viles b. Nov 22, 1923 


6-1 William Thomas (5-2)b, Jan 28, 19k8 St Joseph, 

6-2 Edward Thomas (5-2 )b. Jan l8, 1950 St Joseph, 

6-3 Owen Thomas (5-2 )b. Mar 21, 1958 St Joseph, 111 
6-ij. John V/ayne Thomas (5-2 )b. Dec 19, 1959 Craw- 

fordsyille. 111. 
5-3 Mary Gordon Thomas (I|.-3)b. May 17, 1920 Mahomet, 
111. m. July 5, 19ii.2 Alexandria, La, (S. of Homer 
Oetgen and Alma Krems Oetgen) Lester Oetgen b. 
Apr 11, 1919 Beards town. 111, 
6-1 Thomas Oetgen (5-3 )b, 19i)-3 Alexandria, 

6-2 Mary Alma Oetgen (5-3 )b, 19/;6 Urbana,Ill 

CHILDREN Cont, next page 




Mary Gordon Thomas ([4.-3) 


6-3 Morle Lynn Oetgen(5-3)t)« 

6-I4. Lloyd VJayne Oetgen(5-3)t). 

6-5 Isabel D. Oetgen (5-3)b. 

6-6 Lesley A, Oetgen(5-3)t), 

Catherine F, Thomas (i|-3)b. Dec 20, 1921 Mahomet, 
111. m. June 5, 195ij- Harold Parris b. Dec 10, 
1918 Blocton, Iowa 
6-1 Clark La Verne Farris (5-i<.)b, July 10, 1955 









Mt Ayr, lowc 

Aug 10, 1957 Bell- 
29, 1923 Mahomet, 

6-2 David Brian Farris (5-ij-)t>» 
ville, Illinois, 
^~S Pauline Ruth Thomas (I|.-3 )b. Feb 
111. m. May 30, 192i^ 

Donald Miller b. Jan l5, 19l5 Greenburg, 
6-1 Lewis Fulton Miller (5-5 )b. March 28, 19l|8 

Urbana, Illinois 
6-2 Carol Sue Miller (5-5)b, June 28, 1950 
6-3 Ralph Jay Miller (5-5)b. Nov 27, 1952 
6-i|. Donald Aaron Miller (5-5 )b, Apr 2, 195i4- 
6-5 l^bses Riley ffiller( 5-5 )b. March 31, 1956 
l^^k Robert Fulton Clark(3-l)b^ Feb 25^ l89r Mansfield, 111, 
d. Oct 27, 1930 St James, Minn, m, Dec ?, 1913 Mans- 
field, 111, (Dau, of Henry E, Hawbaker and Catherine 
Jacobs) Goldia Hawbaker b. May 7, I888 Mansfield, 111. 
5-1 Henry Pulton Clark (Ii.-ij.)b. Aug 5, 191/4- St Johns, Mich 

d. Aug 17, 1917 bur Mansfield, 111, 
5-3 Eugene Lewis Clark (l4.-[;)b. Mar 1, 1923 St James, Minn 

d, Oct 27, 1930 Car accident bur St James, Minn. 
5-2 Robert Carson Clark([|.-I).)b. Aug 10, 19l8 St Johns, 
Mich, m. July 2[j., 19ii-7 Frecport Long Island, N.Y. 
(Dau, of Jacob Satek and Cecile Yelnick) Evelyn 
Satek b. Doc 11, 1917 Richmond Hill Long Is. N.Y, 



6-1 James Edward 

Child of Mrs 
6-2 Kathryn Gail 

ville Center 
6-3 Robert 

Jame s , 
6-1^. Janice 

6-5 Carson 
6-6 Susan Marie Clark(5-2)b. 


Clark (5-2 )b. 

Evelyn Clark 


L.I. N. Y. 
Clark (5-2 )b. 
Lee Clar k( 5-2 )b. 

Dec 12, 19i|6 Rockville 
by former marriage 
June 5, I9I4-8 Rock- 

No v 1;, 19i;9 St 
Apr 10, 1952 St James, 
Lewis Clark(5-2)b, Apr 9, 1955 Madelia, 

Apr 3> 1958 St James, 


U-5Horace Edward Clark(3-l)b. Aug l8, l892 Mens f lei d. 111. 
m. Oct 3, 1913 Charrpnlgn, Ill.(Dau, of Albert Rolla 
Ross and Hannah Bell Hilllgoss Ross) Adelaide Ross 
b. May 2?, l895 Mansfield, 111. d» Jan 7, 1963 Rantoul, 
111. Bur. Mansfield, 111, 

5-1 Ross Edward Clark (ij.-5)b. June 8, 1915 Mansfield, 111 
m, Feb 3, 19i|l Chicago, 111. 

Juanita b» July 18, 19l5 Corpus Christie 

Texas ^ 


6-1 Candla Roselyn Clark (5-1 )b. Doc 23, 19^^ 
5-2 Lydla Isabella Clark(l+-5)b. Jan 7, 1921 M:.noflcld, 
111. M. Sept 7, 19i;6 Champaign, 111. LawrenceEd- 
ward Ober b. Aug 31, 1921 Cincinnati, Ohio d. 
Dec II4., 1957 Detroit, Mich bur Cincinnati, Ohio 

6-1 Stephen Gregory Ober (5-2 )b. May 23, 1951 
6-2 Michael Alan Ober (5-2 )b. Sept 26, 1956 
6-3 Sandra Jane Ober(5-2)b. Jan I8, 1957 
All born Detroit, Michigan 
5-3 Margaret Joy Clark(i;-5)b. Jam 3, 1927 Champaign, 111 
m. May 23, 1958 Gibson City, 111. Chris Spinazzola 
b. Aug 29, 1921 Boston, Mass, 

6-1 Ross Clark Spinazzola (5-3 )b. Aug 5, 1962 
Kansas City, Missouri 
k-b Helen Clark(3-l)b. June 17, l89i; Mansfield, ni. m. 
(1) Apr 26, 1919 Mansfield, 111. (S, of Wesley Monroe 
Hoffman and Emma Prances Kirchester Hoffman) Charles 
Wesley Hoffman b. Aug 8, l895 Champaign, 111. d. Oct. 
5, 1922 bur Champaign, 111. (see addenda pg llM 

5-1 Mary Jean Hof fman(!|-6)b, Jan 3, 1922 Champaign, 111 
m..Dec 2, 19l|-5 Mansfield, 111 (s. of Leo Mehler 
and Nell Thomas Walker) Thomas Walker Mehler b. 
Ndv 3, 191i|. Waynesboro, Va. 
6-1 Helen Walker Mehler (5-1 )b. May 10, 19[j.7 
6-2 Martha Elizabeth Mehler (5-1 )b. Feb 23, 19i|.9 
6-3 Catherine Lee Mehler (5-1 )b. Nov 9, 19Sl^ 
6-ij. John Clark Mehler (5-1 )b, Jan I8, 1957 
All born at Waynesboro, Va, 
k-b Helen Clark(3-1) m. (2)May 1, 1926 Mansfield, 111. 
(s, of Thomas Curtis Vaughn and Mary Duncan Vaughn) 
Richard Leo Vaughn Sr. b. Dec 11, I890 Mansfield, 111. 
d. Oct 13, 1955 bur Mansfield, 111, 

5-1 Richard Leo Vaughn Jr(i|.-6)b. Aug 20, 1929 Cham- 
paign, 111. m. Juno 26, 1953 Chamblee, Ga. Sara- 
lee Sammons b. Oct 22, 1930 Murray. Ky. 
No Children 
5-2 Patricia Lee Vaughn (1^-6 )b. May 9, 1927 Champaign, 
111. m. Aug 15, 1951 Mansfield, Ill,(s, of An drew 
Leon Schalbrack and Clara Schalbrack) Harold Leon 
Schalbrack b, Feb 17, 1920 Amherst, Wisconsin 
CHILDREN: See next page 


I4.-7 Ruth Carson Cl:irk(3-1 )b. June 8, I896 Mansflolcl, 111, 
m, (1) Jan 20, 1920 Mansfield, 111. Lavn'once Necl b, 
Apr 21, 1896 Parmer City, 111. No children 
m, (2)Aug 27, 19i+l Beinont, 111. (s, of Willian Robert 
Flavin and Delia Bridget Gallagher Flavin) Vincent 
Flavin b. Nov 11;, 19o5 Ivesdale, 111. Ifc children 

k-Q Rebecca Isabelle Clark(3-l)b, Oct 26, 1899 Mansfield, 
111. m. June 6, 1931 Mansfield, 111. (s, of Frank 
Marion Dorrell and Anna Katherine Rasmussen Itorrell) 
Russel W. Dorrell b. Ndv 30, I898 Chicago, 111. 
No children 

1^-6 Helen Clark(3-1) 

5-2 Patricia Log Vaughn (I4.-6) 

6-1 Susan Karen Schalbrack(5-2)b. Oct 23, 1957 

Denver, Colorado 
6-2 Sandra Jean Schalbrack (5-2 )b. May 11, 1959 

De n ve r , Co lo ra do 

Family records obtained by Sthel 
Gibson Mills. 


Daughter of Joseph and Blanche Ilene Clark 

6-1 Sue Jo Clark(5-ij.) n, Aug 3, 1963 Mt Pleasant, Mich. 
Richard V/. Bokita b, jan 29, 19kl Elsie, Michigan 
His parents: 

[|.-6 Helen Clark (3-1) d. June 22, 1961^ Durham City Hospi- 
tal. Champaign, 111. bur. Mansfield Cem. Mansfield, 



Mary Catherine Clark 

Mary Catherine Clark, rlaughter of John Pulton Clark and 
Rebecca Birely Clark, was born at Vienna, Clark Cbunty, Ohio 
July 30, 1850, and was but four months old when her father 
died in December of the same year. Her mother remarried, and 
moved to Illinois where Mary Catherine grew up, marrying April 
7, 1869 at Mahomet, Illinois Everett G, Knapp, son of Joel 
and Eliza Blakely Knapp, who v/ere natives of 14as3achus3et3, 
Rev, James T, Orr performed the marriage rites, 

Everett Knapp, a veteran of the Civil War, enrolled at 
Middletown, Illinois June 5, I86I as 1st Sergeant Company I 
25th Infantry, which was composed of voSliunteors from Kankakoo, 
Iroquois, Rjrd, Vermillion, Ebuglas, Coles, Chanpaign and liki- 
gar counties, A series of promotions followed, and he was 
honorably discharged with rank of Captain September S, l861|. 
His war record shows he was wounded at the Battle of Mission 
Ridge Nov 2^, l863» Later records show he was woimded severe- 
ly in the leg Nov 25, I863 at Chattanooga, Tennessee, 

After leaving the service, his pension records show ho 
lived at Mahomet, Illinois, later moving to Kennosaw, Nebraska, 
thence to North Concord a-nd Albion, Michigaj^, where ho and 
Mary Catherine lived for 17 jerjrs. 

They had but one daughter, Maude, Knapp, who wr.s bom 
Jan 11, 1878, She ajid her husband, Jesse Brigham and three of 
their four children were killed in an automobile accident, 
leaving a daughter, Doris, whose married name is i'lerriam, 

Mr, Knapp a retired farmer was born Aug 27, l839 at Vfood- 
stock, Michigan, and died July 27, 1929 at his home, 906 
Perry Street, Albion, Michigan. Mary Catherine Clrj?k Knapp 
followed him in death July 3, 1932, Both ajpo buried at Jilbion, 

This biography is based on information 
obtained from I4r, Knapps Pension record 
No. 759,ii.08 - V/ar Dept. Record and Pen- 
sion Division - National Archives 
Washington, D, C, Also material obtain- 
ed by Ethel Gibson Mills, 


Mary Cathorinc Clark 

3-3 Mary Catherine Clark(2-a) m. Apr 7, I869 Mahomet, 111. 

(Pension record for Mr Knapp also gives Mlddlotown 111. as 

place of marriage) s. of Joel Knapp and Eliza Blakoly Knapp, 

Everett G. Knapp b. Aug 2?, 1839 Vfoodstock, Mich. d. July 

27, 1929 Albion, Mich. 


k-l Maude E. Knapp (3-3 )b, Jan 11, I878 d. Doc. 1918 Parma, 

Michigan, m, Jesso Brigham b, 

d. Doc, 1918 Parma, Michigan 


5-1 n^ris Brigham(i^.-l)b. I906 

m. Otto Merriam b. 

5-2 Everett Brigham (i;-l)b, 

Parma, Mchigan 
5-3 Medrc Brigham (14.- 1 )b. 

P arma , M chi gan 
S-ll Margaret Brigham (ij.-l)b, 

Parma, Michigan 

1907 d. Dec 1918 
1910 d. Doc 1918 
1916 d. Dec 1918 

Family records obtained from Everett 
Knapp »s Pension Record, others fur- 
nished by Helen Clark Vaughn, 




Julia Ann Clark, youngest of the V/illiam Clark family, 
was born 19th cf July,l828 in Clark Coxonty, Ohio, The last 
of nine children to marry, she remainod with her mother, Mary 
Catherine, after her father's death in l850. 

It was stated in William's biography that Mary Catherine 
probably remained in Ohio until the farm was sold in l858. 
Further research seems to indicate the farm vms sold at a much 
earlier date, as Julia Ann conveyed to Sidney C, Gilbert her 
undivided one-ninth share in her father's farm April 6, l856. 
It is very possible Mary Catherine remained in Ohio, only xintil 
Julia married in l852. 

On February 20, l852 she married in Brighton, Ohio Levds 
Heffley, the third son cf Charles and Elizabeth Wilson Heffley. 
Lewis had much the same parental background as Julia Ann. Her 
father was Scotch-Irish and her mother German, 

Lewis's maternal grandparents were of the same Irish- 
German extraction, his grandfather Wilson being an Irishman 
who married a German wife, Lewis's mother, Elizabeth Wilson 
Heffley, a native of Kentucky, was one of 13 children. She 
m rried in iSlij. Charles Heffley of Greene County, Ohio. Born 
in 1789 in Lancaster, Fennsylvania, Charles Heffley died in 
August 1861)., The couple raised a family of eight children, in- 
cluding a set of tv/in girls, Catherine and Sarah, 

Lewis and Julia Ann Clar- k Heffley had four children, Ed- 
ward C, Charles, Maria Jane (Jennie), and William. There 
are no records available for Cha rles and William, 

Dying September 28, I889 Lewis Heffley was followed in 
death by Julia Ann August 22, 1907. Both died in South Vienna, 
Ohio, and were burled at Summerford, Mar^ilson County, Ohio. 


2-9 Julia Ann Clark (1-1 )m. Feb 20, l852 Brighton, Ohio (S. of 
Charles and Elizabeth Wilson Heffley) Lewis Heffley b.Ifov. 
21;, 1830 Madison Co. Ohio. d. Sept 28, I889 So. Vienna, Ohio 
3-1 Edward C. Hef fley(2-9)b. Sept 20, 1856 S. Vienna, Ohio 

d, Dec 31, 1935 Cleveland, Ohio bur. So. Vienna, Ohio 
3-2 Charles Heffley (2-9 )b. 

No records 
3-3 Marie Jane (Jennie) Heffley (2-9)b. Oct 27, I863 

d. Oct, 29, 1910 bur Ferncliff, Springfield, Ohio 
3-k William Heffley (2-9 )b. 

No Records 

Biography based on Mad. Co. Ohio Hist, Somerford Tvrp, Fp 1112, 
1118, 1119 W. H. Beers & Co. I883 Chicago, Illinois 



Eclward C. Heffley 

Edward C, Heffley, the oldest child of Julia Ann and 
Lewis Heffley was born September 20, l856 in South Vienna, 
Ohio, He married Prances Truman, also a nr.tlve of South Vienna, 
The first of five children, Edward Bruce Heffley, was bom 
Aug, 17, 1882 in Springfield, Ohio, Tvro years later a sister, 
Ethel L, Heffley also v;as b? m in Springfield, 

The family must have spent some time in Kansas, for the 
next two children were born in Vine, Kansas in I89I and I893, 
The fifth child, Martin Lewis, was born in Springfield, Ohio, 

Edward C, Heffley died Dec 31, 1935 in Cleveland, Ohio, 

and was buried in South Vienna. Frances Trioman Heffley died 

in May I932 at Springfield, Ohio, and also was buried in South 
Vie nna , 


3-1 Edward C. Heffley (2-9) m. Prances Truman b. March 25, l859 
South Vienna, Ohio d. May 1932 Springfield, Ohio, b^I^ 
South Vienna, Ohio 

1|.-1 Edward Bruce Heffley (3-1 )b. Aug 17, l882 Springfield, 

No records 
k.^2 Ethel L, Heffley (3-1 )b. Sept 27, 1881; Springfield, Ohio 
m, Aug 27, 1912 Springfield, Ohio Harry 0, Baker b. 
Sept 11, 188[|. 
5-1 Wilma Lavern Baker (Ij.-2)b, July 9, 1913 d. Oct 10, 

5-2 Caroline Bernice Baker (l|.-2)b. Doc I8, 191i4.3pringf ield 
m, Aug 16, 19ijl Springfield, Ohio John R. iU?mstrong 
b, Jan 5, 1911 Springfield, Ohio No, children 
5-3 Harry L, Baker ([).-2)b, July 26, 1922 Lawronceville, 
m, March I4., 19I4.9 North Hampton, Ohio Martha Lee 
Hallo ck b, Peb 12, 1927 North Hampton, Ohio, 

6-1 Alan Arthur Baker (5-3 )b. Dec 19, 1950 Spring- 
field, Ohio 
l;-3 Estella Mae Heffley(3-1 )b. Mar 21, I89I Vine, Kans. m. 
June 18, 1912 Springfield, Ohio Roy C. Baker b. March 
22, 1891 Tremont City, Ohio d, Nov 25, 19i;5 Springfield, 
Ohio bur Vienna Cemetery, 

5-1 Ellsworth &aker(i;-3)b. Sept l5, 1913 Springfield, 
Ohio d, Oct 22, 1958 Springfield, Ohio bur Glen 
Haven Cemetery m, Aug 6, 1938 Springfield, Ohio, 
Thelraa G, Hilliard b. May 28, 1911| Springfield, Ohio 

6-1 Carol Sue Baker (5-l)b. March 1, 19l|2 Snring- 
field, Ohio,m, Ndv 23, Springfield', Ohio 

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[|.-3 Estella Mae Heffley(3-1) Continued 

5-1 Elsviorth LeRoy Baker (i^-3) 

6-1 Carol Sue Baker (5-1 )n, John Owens b, J\ane l6, 
19l\l Springfield, Ohio No children 
!4.-i4. Clarence A. Hef fley (3-l)b» Oct 10, l893 Vine, Kansas 
m. Dec 23, 19l5 Dayton, Ohio Margaret Palmer b, Apr 5, 
1897 Springfield, Ohio d. Feb l6, 1957 Springfield, Ohio 
bur South Vienna, Ohio, 

5-1 Mary Catherine Hef fley (l4.-i;)b. Jan 2, 1930 Spring- 
field, Ohio m. Aug 9, 19i|7 Springfield, Ohio Harry 
McKee b. Aug 22, 1926 Marietta, Ohio 

6-1 Linda Deanne McKee (5-1 )b. Aug 8, 19U8 Spring- 
field, Ohio 
6-2 Harry R. McKee Jr(5-l)b. July l8, 1950 
6-3 Michael Eugene McKee (5-1 )b, July l8, 195l 
6-14. Virginia Mae McKee (5-1 )b. Sept 3, 1952 
5-2 Iforina Jean Hef fley (ij.-i4.)b. June 31, 1932 Spring- 
field, Ohio 
5-3 Clarence Heffley Jr(i;-[|.)b, June l6, 1938 Unm. 
^-k Robert E, Hef fley(i|.-[i.)b. July 13, 1939 Springfield, 
Ohio m, Shirley Pxin Rust b. l^fov 2, 1939 Urbana, 


6-1 Robert LeRoy (5-i;)b. Aug 3, 196l Springfield, 0. 
Ij.-5 Martin Lewis Heffley ( 3-1 )b. Springfield, 

Ohio died 
3-2 Charles Heffley (2-9)b. 
Wo records 

l^Iarie Jane ( Jennie ) 


Marie Jane (Jennie) Heffley vxas born October 27, I863, 
the only daughter of Lewis and Julia Ann Clark Heffley. She 
married Alvin C, North, and to this union were born three 
children. Lulu Mae, Harry Edward, and Julia Helen Marie, 

Jennie died October 29, 1910 two days after he forty- 
seventh birthday. Fj- North lived until July 17, 1927. Both 
are buried in Perncliff Cemetery, Springfield, Ohio, 


3-3 Marie Jane (Jennie) Hef f ley (2-9 )m. Alvin C. North b, I86I 
d. July 17, 1927 bur Perncliff Cem. Springfield, Ohio 

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2-9 Julia Ann Clark (1-1) 

3-3 Marie Jane Hefney(2-9) 

k-1 Lulu Mae North(3-3)tw July 27, I889.I, May 30, I9I4-6 
m, 1906 John Arthur Teach b. July 21;, 1882 

cl. Dec 18, 1955 Springfield, Ohio bur Glen Haven* 
Mr, Teach was born Springfield, 
5-1 Grace Ethel Teach (i4.-l)b. Feb 28, 1907 Clark Co 

Ohio m. Cecil Jones One child - son 
S~2 Martin Edvmrd Teach(i|.-1 )b. June 12, 1910 Clark 
Cbunty, Ohio m. (1) Opal Riggs m, (2) Helen 

Children: by first marriage 
i-1 SuEllen Teach (5-2 )b, 
5-3 Margaret Marie Tcach(4-l)b, Dec 11, 1912 Clark 
County, Ohio m. Earl Caldwell b, 
CHILDREN: (Margaret Marie d. Nov 19/J.8 Graybull,Kyo 
6-1 Earline Elizabeth Caldwell (5-3) b. Nov. 
S-k Laura Magdalene Teach (i;-l)b, Oct li;, 191I|. 
Eagle City, Clark Co. Ohio, m. May 23, 1936 
Newport, Kentucky P, 0, Handley b, Oct 21, 1909 
Muncie, Ind, 

6-1 John Richard Handley (5-i4.)b, Sept 5, 1937 
Springfield, Ohio id. Fob 21, 196O /irdjinre, 
Okla. Mary Margaret Laird b, Jan 20, 19i|l 
Arclmore, Okla, 

7-1 Sherri Lynn Handley (6-1 )b, Aug 16, I96I 
Oklahoma City, Okla. 
6-2 Frances Christine Handley (5-l4.)b. Aug 26, 
1938 Springfield, Ohio m. Oct 15, 1956 
Richiaona Ind, Emmet t Dean Ranbottom b.July 
5, 1935 Huntsville, Ohio 
7-1 Victoria Daneon Ranbo t torn ( 6-2 )b. Sept. 
15, 1957 Bellefontaine, Ohio. 
6-3 Judith Elaine Handley (5-i|.)b. Doc 11,1939 
Bellefontaine, Ohio m. Fob 1, 1959 Belle- 
fontaine, Ohio Leonard Earl Newland b. 
Sept 6, 1939 Hardin County, Ohio 
7-1 Robert Earl Ncwland(6-3 )b. Sept 2$, 

1959 Bellefontaine, Ohio 
7-2 Jeffrey Lee Newland (6-3 )b, Apr 5, 
1962 Bellefontaine, Ohio 
$S Myrtle Alb or tine Teach(i|-1 )b, Jiay 26, 1917 
Springfield, Oljio m, Oct 22, 1931+ Kenneth 
Luthor I aimer b, 

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3-3 Marie Jane Heff ley (Jennie) Continued 
i;-! Lulu Mae North (3- 3) 

S-S Myrtle Albertine Teach (I4.-I) 
6-1 Jerry Lee Palmer (5-5 )b, Jan 28, I936 

m, Dec 5, 1956 Liberty, Ind, Mary Straightb, 

March 2^, 1938 


7-1 Pamela Denise Palmer (6-1 )b. Aug 23, 1958 

7-2 Britt Jeffrey Palmer (6-l)b. Nov 22, 1959 

7-3 Eric Scott Palmer (6-l)b. June 28, 1962 
All born in 
6-2 Barbara Jean Palmer (5-5 )b. July 25, 1938 

m. Bill Kennedy 

No children 
6-3 Kay Marlene palmer (5-5 )b, Nov 23, 1939 

m. May 9, 1958 Hunts ville, Ohio Allen Eugene 

Wright b, Jan 17, 1935 


7-1 Richard Eugene Wright( 6-3)b. Apr 9, 1959 

7-2 Timothy Allen Wright ( 6-3 )b, Dec 9, I960 

7-3 Casey Pat Wright (6-3 )b, June 27, 1962 
6-i| Donald Palmer (5-5)b. Dec 29, 19i<.0 Unm, 
6-5 Ronald Palmer (5-5 )b, Dec 29, 19l;0 Twins 
6-6 Robert Phillip Palmer (5-5)b. 2, 19i;3 

m. Dec 9, I96I Logans ville, Ohio Carolyn Sue 

Shigley b. May 12, 19i;5 


7-1 Carla Jean Palmer (6-6 )b, July 12, 1962 

6-7 Shirley /jin Palmer (5-5 )b. Apr i|, 19ij4 

m. Jan 17, 1962 Beaver City, Pa. Robert 
Michael Clark b, June 29, 1914; 

7-1 Richard Michael Clark (6-7 )b. 
\\.-2 Harry Edward North(3-3)b. Sept 9, I89I1- 
m, Ruth 

5-1 Harry E. North Jr(i;-2)b, Aug 29, 1923 


6-1 Allen Edw-rd North(5-l)b. Juno 10, 1945 
I4.-3 Julia Helen Marie North(3-3)b, Apr 7, l899 

Asa Bushnell Burton 

5-1 John Asa Bushnell Burton (I|.-3)b, Dec 20, I916 



6-1 Joan Elizabeth Burton (5-1 )b. Aug 20, 191^; 
6-2 Daniel Burton(5-l )b. July 2, 1950 
3-i; William Heffley (2-9)b, 
No records 


. rf 


Anderson, Dennis Loe 33 
Anderson, Gladys (Augustus ) 31 
Anderson, Hr.rold Wayne 31 
Anderson, Ralph Gilbert 31 
Anderson, Teresa Lynn 31 
Ashdo^^m, Penny Lynn 32 
Augustus, Arlene Frances 31 
Augustus, Cheryl Kay 
Augustus, Dawn Marie 31 
Augustus, Deborah Jo 31 
Augustus, Gregory Eugene 31 
Augustus, Kenneth Dale 31 
Augustus, Mary Alice 31 
Augustus, Michael Lewis 31 
Augustus, Pearl Chandlier Jr 31 
Augustus, Ronald Eugene 31 
Brighton, Barbara ( Trowbridge )11 
Brighton, CharlotteAnn(Herr )11 
Brighton, Jacque Lee 11 
Brighton, James Richard 11 
Brighton, Keith Allen 11 
Brighton, Mary Louise (Layman) 11 
Brighton, Mark David 11 
Brighton, Thomas Joe 11 
Brown, Marlene 29 
Brown, Michael 29 
Brown, Pearl Arnold 29 
Burd, Craig Eugene 19 
Burd, Geor jan Lucile 19 
Burd, J-erry Lee 
Burd, Ronald Dean 19 
Bj'-ors, Brian Keith 32 
Byers, Edward Keith 32 
Bycrs,. Gilbert Thomas 2>2 
Byers, Pamela Jeanne 32 
Bycrs, Paula 32 
Byers, Shirley Ann(Kopras )32 
C amp on , Jo anne ( Trump ) 1 5 
Caitipen, Kathryn l5 
Cajnpon, Mary L. (Clif ton)l5 
Cherscr, Carol Sue 10 
Cherser, Cheryl .Ann 10 
Cherscr, Cindy Lou 10 
Cherser, James Allen 10 
Clark, Elizabeth (Gilbert )[;, 6, ' 
Columbia, Joan Lucille 25 
Corlctt, Marilyn. June 20 
Corlctt, Ralph Wqsley III 20 
Oorlett, Ronald Mark 20 

Corlett, William Max 20 
Cromis, Anthony C. l5 
Cromis, Elizabeth C. (Pappen)l5 
Cromis, George Allen l5 
Cromis, Gregory. l5 

Cromis, Marian l5 
Cromis, Anthony George 1$ 
Cromis, Michael l5 
Cromis, Michael Robert l5 
Dickenson, Eugene Craig 28 
DiMotta, Dawn Mario 26 
Dung an, Marvin 11 
Faulkner, Odessa (Folton) 9 
Fbrrestor, Angie Michele 22 
Can dace Leigh 22 
David Joe 22 
David John 22 
John Herbert 22 
Jeffrey Lynn 22 
William DDn;ild 22 
Albert 9 

Albert Harvey 2k. 
Alice (Harris) 29 
Alice (V/al drop) 10 
Allen 7-9 
Allen 9 
Allen 9 

Allen Eugene ,10 7 
Andrew 9 

April Katherine 25 
Austin 7 
Barbara Ann 10 
Barbara Ellon 32 
Betty Jean(Coffman) 
Beverly Roxanne 10 
Carl Edv;ard 32 
Car lone Sue 32 
Carol Suzcnne 10 
Charles 7, 27 
Charles Blair 32 
Charles Blair Jr 32 
Clark 28 

















































Jr 28 
Howard 28 
i>6.11iam 2I4. 
Wilson 12 
Eugene 2$ 


David Lynn 32 
David Vincent 2^. 
Dq.vid Vincont Jr 
Dennis B. 11 
Dennis B, II 11 
Dolores (Bump) 10 
Donald Paul 28 
Elizabeth 7 
Elizabeth B. (Rich) 
Elizabeth Patricia 




























































Ellen (Brown) 9 
Emma E. (Kindt) 2$ 
Esther 9 
Esther 10 
Eugene Victor 28 
Evelyn Eilene 32 
Florence ( Cainpbell ) 9 
Flo r en ce ( Ashdo wn > 32 
George 7, l8 ' 
George 9 
George Jr 10 
George David. 25 
Grace M. (DiM3tta)ll|,26 
Harold Eugene 32 
Harold Pultoiji 31 
Hazel G. (Harawoy) 20 
Helen Monique 25 
Henry r, 12 .. 
Janet Anne (Smith )2i;, 2 6 
JarJ CD Lynn 25 
Jean Lucille (Connelly) 25 
■: Joseph William -25 
John 9 

John Allen 10 ■ 
John B. 10 
John Clinton 25 
John D. 11 
Joyce ( Cherser )10 
Katherine B(Ziller) 25 
Kathlee, 11 

Kiamitia Gomel (McCullough) 11 
Kim 2i| 

Lenora Dean 21 . 
Lila M.(Festinger )28 
Lindsay Ann 33 . 


Lula L. (Sisler) 33 

Lydia Ann (Brown) 9 

Lydia Ann(NclbGrger )7, 17 

Mabel F. 12 • 

Martha Sue 28 

Mary (Faulkner) 9 

I4ary (Marsh) 7,13 

Mary E. (I^blan) 2i|,26 

Mary K. (Rich) 22 

Max Vincent 2l|. ■ 

May 9 

Michael 25 

Michael Paul 26 

Mildred H. (Woods) 21 

Miya .11 

Ned Eortcr 2$ 

Nellie Etta(Stubbs) 21 

Nellie May(Moitus) 20 

Paula Jean 10 

Pe^arl 29 

Phyllis Gene 28 

Gilbert, Ralph Earl 32 
Gilbert, Re a 31 
Gilbert, Robert Lee 10 
Gilbert, Robert A, 25 
Gilbert, Ronald Zh, 
Gilbert, Ruth (Hunter) 33 
Gilbert, Ronald 33 
Gilbert, Ruth M. (Smith)lO 
Gilbert, RuthM, (May )25,26 
Gilbert, Ruthe (Hoffman) 9 
Gilbert, Sally Ruth 28 
Gilbert, Sarah Jane 25 
Gilbert, Shawn 2\\ 
Gilbert, Sheila M. 25 
Gilbert, Stella (Freeman) 33 
Gilbert, Susan Virginia 25 
Gilbert, Tho^i S, 28 
Gilbert, Valerie 33 
Gilbert, Victoria E, 2.\\ 
Gilbert, V/altcr Dean 20 
Gilbert, V/alter Rea 32 
Gilbert, Vforren 33 
Gilbert, Warren A, 2[|. 
Gilbert, Wayne 33 
Gilbert, William 7,12 
Gilbert, V/illiam-9 
Gilbert, VJilliam-Jr 12 
Gilbert, Vta Sidney 28 
Gilbert, l-to Sidney Jr 28 
Gillum, Janet Lynn 19 
Gill-um, Joaminnette 19 
Gillum, Rita Sue 19 • 
Gillum, Robert S. 19 • 
Gillum, Sajnuel Eldon-19 
Givens, ksxa W\.-- 
Haha, James Lou 21 • 
Hahn James Lou Jr. 21 
Haraway, Dr Jackson -D. 20 
Mary L. (Mills )20 
Lucinda Lee 26 
Robert Ray 21 
Stephen J. 21 
Stuart D, 26 
Ddk) thy Ann 16 
Jane (Wilson)l6 
!#! Herbert l6 
\to Marsh ■l6 
Claudia 11 
Conni 11 










Hardman , 



Hinman, Chas David 20 

Hinman, Robt Leroy 20 

Hodges, Dale Eugene 19 

Hodges, Duane DeWitt 19 

Hodges, -Marilyn D. 19 

Hodges', Rcjnona G. (Burd)l8 

Hoffman, Allen 9 

Hoffman, Charles 9 




CJiristlnc 9 
Jcme s 9 

Mlnnio 9 " 
Hoffman, Ralph 9 
Kirkland, Lola MaySl 
Kbpras, James V/llliam 32 
Kopras, Patricia .\nn 32 
Logan, Kelly Eileen 23 
Logftn, Laurie Lynn "23 
Manoski, Rosanne 22 
Marsh, Arthur II4. 

Auburn Smith llj: 
3aro 1 /-oin ( P ar ks ) 1 6 
Cbnald A. I6 ■ 
Ebrothy G, (Cromis)l5 
Duane Jasper llj. 
Edward 13 
Elizabeth Ik ■ 
Elizabeth C. (Campen)l5 
Ployd Clark lij. . 
Jeffery Clark l5- 
Larry J, l5 
Martha (Sutton) Ik 
Mary Ellen (Givens )1[|. 
Mary Ellen ( Murphy )ll]. 
Nancy (Shaffer) I6 
Seren .C. 15 
Virginia (Eastman) 114. 
Walter 13 
Wilfred 13 

Charles S,-. 30 
Charles S,- 30 
Cheryl Ann 30 
David Eugene 30 
Ebnna Mae 29 
Debora Kay: 30 
James DDUglas 29 
James Roger 30 
Jeffery Todd 30 
J. (Sherwood) 29 
LeRoy 30 

Nancy A, (DeV/eese)31 
Michael iUlen 30 
Patrica Lynn 29 
Peggy Ann 30 
.Pearl 29 

.Pearl E. (Brown) 29 
Pearl L. 30 
.Phillip LeRoy 30 
Phillip LeRoy Jr 30 

Mc Conn alia 
, McConnalia 

Meek, Ro 3emary( Manoski) 22 
Mills, Donald Glen Jr 20 ' 
Mills, John David 20 
Mills, Ma.rtha Loe 20 
Murphy, Barbara Jo Ik 
Chas Edwjfd li| 
John Marsh Ik 
Nancy Rose ik 
Albert 17 
Clark G,17 
Emma E, (parsons ) 
George 17 
Christopher H,2i| 
Michael F. 2k 
David Charles 2k 
Joanette Marie 26 • 
Mary Elizabeth 26 
Robert Vincent 21; 
Stephen Joseph 2tj. 
Kevin Lee l5 




Neiberger , 













Virgil Francis 30 
William Neil 29 
Win Neil Jr 29 
Oaga (Brighton). 11 
Zelma(Dungan) 11 

Rich, .^nna May(Gillum)19 

Rich, Aneita Louise (Strausser ) 23 

Rich, Beverly Joan 23 

Rich, Bryan Thompson 19 

Rich, Christy Wayne 2k 

Rich, Craig Thompson 19 

Rich, Danny Lee 2k 

Rich, Denise Renae 22 

Rich, Diana Rose 22 

Rich, Gilbert Eugene 22 

Rich, Gilbert Eugene Jr 22 

Rich, Francis V/itmer 23 

Rich, Grace S, (Zody) 19 

Rich, Joann Renee 19 

Rich, Joo Albert 19 

Rich, Joe Douglas 19 

Rich, John Allan 2k 

Rich, Lynda Vaneen 22 

Rich, Margret L. (Hodges) I8 

Rich, Mary P. (Richardson) 23 

Rich, Mary K, (Nienstedt) 2k 

Rich, Marva Jean (Thompson) 22,23 

Rich, Michael Roy 22 

Rich, Norma Jean( Logan) 23 

Rich, Paul Gilbert 22,23 

Rich, Randall Dean 23 

Rich, Robert Harlan 23 

Rich, Steven Lee 23 

Rich, Wendell Dean 23 

Rich, Wendy Lynne 23 

Richardson, Ebnald Neil 23 

Richardson, Douglas Eugene 23 

Robertson, Chester Bryan 13 

Sherwood,. David V/csley 29 

Sherwood, Geneva Louise 29 

Sherwood, Steven Bryan 29 

Sherwood, Wayne Edward 29 


Sisler, Carl Eugene 33 
Sisler^ Charles Richard 33 
Sisler, Charles Richard Jr 33 
Sisler, James Robert 33 
Sisler, Luann 33 
Sisler, Marilyn L. ( Zakish)33 
Sisler, Mary Lu 33 ' ■" 

Sisler, Pamela Marie 33 " 
Sisler, VB-lliam Alan 33 
Smith, i\nne Marie 26 
Smith, Cliarles Duane lO 
Smith, V7illiam Gene 10 
Stoddard, Margaret (Wells ) 30 
Stubbs, Bruce James 21 
Stubbs-- Chas PredericT^: 21 
Stubbs, Dofiald Lee 21 
Stubbs, DDrothy B.(Hahn) 21 
Stubbs, aiynis Lyn 21 
Stubbs, Harold Edward 21 " 
Stubbs, J. C. 21 
Stubbs, Joe C, 21 








Judith Alloda 21 

L. Payc (Forrester) 22 

Lou I\nn 21 ■ 

Nellie May (Meek )22 

Robert Glen' 21 
John B. 20 
Shawn Mario 25 

Thompson, Christopher G, 25 
WgIIs, Kenneth Douglas 30 
Wells, Lynn Artis 30 
Wells, Richard Allen 30 
Williams, Everett L.21 
Wilson, Danny Lee l6 
Wilson, Nn.ncy pjm 16. 
Wilson, Norma Jane l6 
WDlfolk, Clarence A, 33 
Zakish, Darin Michael 33 
Zakish, Dean Louis 33 
Zody, Carolyn (Sturgoon)20 
Zbdy, Marilyn Sue{ Corlott )20 
7p dj, Martha Jane (Hinman)20 


Anderson, John Cbuglas 50 
Bennett, Beverly ( Johnson )ljj. 
Billy Eugene [p. 
Cynthia Micheal I4I 
Debra Jern I4I 
Stephen Powers l\.T 
Phillip Louis Jr l^Q 
Yvonne e [(.8 







Bowers, Amber Kay ij.9 
Bowers, Gardener D, ij.9 
Bowers, Loleta M.'( Jones )[|.9 
Bowers, Robert Clinton [|.9 ' 
Eoytor, Mark James 39 
Boytor, Miles James 39 
Boytcr, Roben Kay 39 
Brayfield, Anna Clara )|J| 
Burrows, Clark 'Davis i|8 
Burrows, Leuta V. (Allen)[|.8 
Burrows, Vernon Lesley I4.8 
Carpenter, Predda (Barnes )50 
Carpenter, Vonee (Croy)50 
Chesnutt, Alice Ann l\.5 \ " 
Clark, a; Abigail (Burrows )* i|.8 
Clark, Ava (Youmans ) 1;6 
Clark, Clara (Haun) 50 
Clark, Claudine (Bowers )48 
Clark, Dale(Mets)ij.8 
Clark, Donna Joan(PourGz)i4.'^ 
Clark, George 35 
Clark, George Ziglar 3ij.,35 
Clark, George Vforthington 50 
Clark, Henry Wallace ' 

Clark, Jennie A,(Dunbarr) L|.9 

Clark, Jerry Loe i;9 . 

Clark, Jolm 35, 36 

Clark, John Arthurlj.6 

Clark, John X 50 

Clark, Judith Ann( Sett) 14.9 

Clark, Linda Jean 1+6 . 

Clark, Lor in l\.6 

Cla? k, Lotus (Harper )i^9 

Clark, Martin Ziglar i\.7 

Clark, Mary Ann(Dalby )35,38 

Clark, Michael Lorin [|.6 

Cla rk, Nancy Jane ( Palkner ) 35, 37 

Clark, Otheal (Anderson) 50 

Clark, Pamela /am 50 

Clark, Pamela Su.e I|.9 

Clark, Rebecca j\nn l\.6 

Clark, Richard Wallace ij.9 

Clark, Robert .Glenn i|.9 

Clark, Roger Charles I4.6 

Clark, .Roger Walla ce[|.9 

Clark, Wallace ij.6 

Clark, Wallace A, k-6 

Clark, V/allacc M, 1^9 

Clark, William 35, 36 

Clark, -William G. 36 

Clark, ■ William 37 

Clark, Zella M. (Gross )50 

Craine, Andrew Wallace 1$9 

Craine, Jeffery W, l^S) 

Dalby, vUlice Sil+l 

Dalby, Carrie (Faulkner ) [p. 


D-lby, Claud M, \jh 
Dalby, G. Ernestine (D?, vis ) [4.5 
Dalby, Helen A, (McLaln) [|1 
Dalby, Ida Jane ( Mc Ale or) 38 
Dalby, Iva- May (Strahl )39 
Dalby, James Prod i^.1 
Dalby, Lillio G. {Mc5'arlin)l42 
Dalby, Mabol G, (Weip) kk 
Dalby, Mary Ida (Lawrence ) ^l\. 
Dalby, May Thelma(Ovfcns ) Ip. 
Dalby, Wola E. (Br^yf icl d) Uk 
Dalby, Vera C. (Martin) kk 
Dr.lby, Waunita Vic le t (Bennett )i4l 
Dalby, \\filliaiti H. 39 
Davies, Roberta Lee 50 
Da vies J Timothy Wallace $0 
Dennis ton, Stephanie Ann lj.3 
Faulkner, Fred Colvin ijl»^2 
Faulkner, Lavrrance 0, ijl 
Faulkner, Mern.e M, 1|1 . 
Gross, Harry Martin 50 
Gross, Zclla M^rie 50 
Harper, Mary Ellen (Grain) if 9 
Haun, Jame.s Theodore .Jr 50 
Hockensmith, Karen H,(Strawn)i|0 
Hornc, Linda Dyann 1^.3 
Irvin, Kevin Ov;en 50- 
Johnson, John Vtoi l\l 
Jones, Goyita Lcann I4.9 
Jones, Jackie LeRoy 
Jones, Madfeana May [(.9 
Jones, Ricky Todd ij.9 
Larsen, Sally Ray lio. 
Lawrence, Michael Dalby Ijij. 
Lav/rence, Foggy (Stoke sberry)Iji|. 
Lavjrencc, Richard Dean I|i|. 
Lawrence, Steven Lee l\.l\. 
Lawrence, William Dean- ijli- 
Lien, Lourie .Vnn l\.2 •. 
Loehrs, Kirtberly Dys-nns [j.3 
Loohrs, Richard Dean i+j: 
Long, Ann l^clani 39 .. - 
Martin,. Charles Gary kS" 
Martin, Clarice (Mitchell)ijl|. 
Martin; Dale V/ard l^^ . 
Martin, Haijvey Hay l^,S 
Martin, Jomos Claude l^l^ 
Martin, Julie ;\nnettc 45 
Martin, Melodia Da\^ l\S 
Martin, Ronald Gayle. hS 
Martin,' Verl Dean hS 
McAlecr, Clyde Basil 38 
McAleer, Ma;rie L,(Fli21s)38 
McAleor, Ralph Willixin 38 
McParlin , Ba^'bara ( Clemens ) ij.2 
McParlin, Charles Lee l|2 
McFarlin, Clyde Leland I42 

McFarlin, Deborah Sue l\2 
McFarlin, Dennis Vorlc 1^2 
McFarlin, Gary l\2 
McFarlin, Jerry Donald [|2 
McFarlin, Karen k2 
McFarlin, Marcia J, (Lion) l\2 
McFarlin, Marioji (McQueen) l\2. 1 i n , Mar i an 'L . ( Ho rne ) I4.3 
McFarlin, Maurice Lynn i|2 
McFarlin, Muriel Wayne I42 
McFarlin, Ronald V/arrGnU2 
McFarlin, Sue r^nn i\2 
McFarlin, Terry Dsnald L|.2 
McFarlin, Tbmray Dale l\.2 
McQueen J James Jr 1^2 
McQueen, Ebnna Muriel 1^2 
Merrick, Etonna Kay 1+1 
Mots, Latircl Dale i+8 
Mots, Molvin Maurice I4.8 
Mills, Debbie 38 
Mills, Donald 39 
Mills, George Sabin Jr 38 
Mills, John 39 
Mills, Julie, 39 
Mills, Linda 3^ 
Mills, Mary Jane (Meyer ) 38 
Mills, V/illiam 38 
Mills, Schuyler 38 
Mtchell, James Leonard i+5 
Mitchell, Martin David L|if 
Mitchell, Rebecca Rae k^. 
Mullens, Charles 37 
Prokop, Ethel K^y (Boyter )39 
Protop, Linda Beth 39 
Prokop, Margaret /jin(Long)39 
Prokop, Ruth Hazel 39 
Shaddy, ■ Barbara Sue i;3 
Shaddy, Vicki Lynn I|.3 
Shaddy, Robert Dean 1|.3 
Stokosberry, Sandra Jean Iji; 
Strahl, Barbara Diana I4.O 
Strahl, Clark Wilbur I4.O 
Strrhl, Dn.vid Clark i+O 
Strahl, Deborah Kay l\.0 
Strahl, Ethel (priest) i+O 
Strahl, Fred Tliomas I4I 
Str-hl, Hazel (Taylor) 39 
Strahl, Jercnc May kl 
Strahl, Joseph Harry 39 
Strahl, Lois ( i'/illd.ns ) ij.0 
StrrJil, Richard Lee i+0 
Taylor, Donald Keith U.0 
Taylor, Plazcl (Irolrop) 39 
Taylor, Hem^^ Lee 39 
Taylor, Richard Keith i+O 

Tr.ylor, Ruth V, (Larsen )i4.0 
Taylor, V/illiam H. Ill 39 


VJatson, Clarence Lynn I4.3 

Watson, DDPothy J. (Loehrs )Ij.3 

Watson, Homer Keith 1+3 

Watson, Lynn him 1+3 

Watson, Mary A, (Denniston) I4.3 

Watson, Terry Keith i|.3 

Watson, Una Vay.(Shaddy) I1.3 
Wilkins, David Mr by l+O 

Wilkins, James itothony i;0 

Wilkins, John Grifton ip 

Wilkins j Pamela. Jeanne i+O 

Youmans, Clark l|.6 

Youmans, Jane Elizabeth 1).6 

Youmans, Russell k.6 

Youmans, Sandra Ann (Hawkins) i+6 


Bakeraan, Debbie 57 

Bakeman, Julie Ann 57 

Bakeman, Steven 57 

Bo swell, Donald Lee 59 

Bo swell, Ellen Louise 59 

Bo swell, Fred Earl Jr 59 

Bo swell, Mary Ann 59 

Bo swell, Robert Dale 59 

Botkin, Billie Marie(Kraf t )5Ij- 

Botkin, Carl Monroe 5i+ 

Botkin, Charles A. 53 

Botkin, Charles Victor 5i|- 

Botkin, Curtis V>ftn 51+ 

Botkin, David Lyle 51+ 

Botkin, Lyle Dee Sk 

Eotkin, Lyla Lee (Cropp )51+ 

Botkin, Lyman Emmot 5l 

Botkin, Mary (Hal 1)51,56 

Botkin, Melissa (Yoarsley)5l, 52 

Botkin, Melissa 53 

Botkin, Patricia Jean(Tearl) S5 

Botkin, Pris cilia Ann Sh 

Botkin, William Clark 51,53 

Botkin, miliajTi Martin 53'' 

Clark, Lydia (Botkin) 5l 

Chastain, Debbie 57 

Cropp, Buelah Rae 51+ 

Cropp, Cindy Sue 51+ 

Cropp, Leanne Jean 51+ 

Cropp, Stanley Earl 51+ 

Pausset, Larry 57 

Pausset, David Lee 57 

Pausset, Robert 57 

Pausset, Ronald Joan 57 

Gerdes, Jerry Edwards 53 

Gerdcs, Larry John 53 

Gerdes, Richard Lysle 53' 

Gej?des, Fbbert George 53 

Hall, Ada Marie (Konradt)60 

Hall, Alice (Thompson)56 

Hall, Alta Mai (Soales )60 

Hall, Barbara Jean(Prultt )59 

Hall, Boulah Mae(Boswoll)59 

Hall, Charles 59 

Hallj Dorothy Irene 59 

Hall, Eileen (Winters) 6a 











Hut ton, 


Harold 60 

Helen ( Co no ver ) 59 

Howard Preston 59- 

Howard Ray 59 

Mary Ellen 59 

Ralph L, 59 

Ronald 60 

Ruth (Johnson) 59 

V/illiam Pay 59 

Ear line K. (Barton) 58 

George B. 58 

Hyneman, Michael L3mn 58 
Hyneman, Rebecca Sue 58 
Jeffcrios, Becky Ann 58 
Fefferies, Paula Jo 58 . 
Jefferies, Sue Diana 58 
Kinneman, Beverly (Bakeman) 57 
Konradt, Patricia 60 
Konradt, Robert 60 
Konradt, Tinya 60 
Kraft, Bruce Martin 51+- 
Chcryl Ann 51+ 
Douglas Ray $k ■ 
Gail Sue Sk 
Kathy Marie .51+ 
Stephen Dale Sh 

Geraldine-( Windier )52 

Alice B, (Crowder )56 

Barbara ( Smith )58 

Betty J, (Thomas) 58 











Mc Kinney 



Mc Kinney 

Mc Kinney 

Mc Kinney 


Mc isinney 


Mc Kinney 

Mc Kinney 









Lee 57 

W, 57 


Lee 57 
Evelyn (Chastain) 57 
Plo rence ( Mugge ) 57 
Garry Dean- 57 
Jack Allen 57 
James D, 57 
John Rbbt 57 
John R. 57- 
Kemmer 57 ■ 
Marian (Langford) 57 
:Mary Ann -58 
Mary E, (Pausset) 57 
Mary Pra-nces 57 

Phyllis (Jeffries)^ 
Shirley Imn 57 
Steven 58 
'/ard Parker 57 
Antoinette L, 6l 
Audrey Lynn 6l 
, Michael Allen 61 
j^eborah June 59 
Helen R. (Hyneman)58 
Jacquiline Sue 5.9 
Lois Alta(Reed) 58 
Robert Lowell 59 
Patty Campbell 57 













Mugge , 

Shaw, Harold 53 

Shaw, Hazel 53 

Smith, Karen Jean 58 

Smith, John Jr 58 

Scales, Alta C, (Molebash) 6l 

Scales, Bartlmus Paul 60 

Scales, Diania Lynn 60 

Scales, Ibnald Lee 60 

Scales, Ibnna 14ay 60 

Scales, Gladys 'p. (Mitchell )60 

Soales, Jane Ann 60 

Scales, Julie Kay 60 

Soales, Keith Lamar 60 
Scales, Rev, La Verne Carson60 
Soales, Lawrence Omar 60 
Soales, Lee Ann 6l 

Soales, Paula Rae 61 
Scales, Robert Eugene 6o 
Tearle, Britt Steven 55 
Tearle, Candace Jo 55 
Tearle, John Patrick 55 
Tearle, Kelly Ann 55 
Tearle, Melanie 55 
Tearle, Michael SS 
Thomas, Billy Jo 58 
Thomas, Steven 58 
Thompson, Georgia (Hendricks) 58 
Thompson, Jessie (McKinney )56 
Thompson, Miriam ( Mo rgan ) 58 
Vaught, Patricia Ann 58 
Windier, Kay /^jinetta 52 
Windier, Camille Lyn 52 
Yearsley, Clara (Shaw) 53 
Years ley, Emmet Edwards S2. 
Yearsley, Emmet Grant 52 
Yearsley, Ho^ward Allen 52 • 
Yearsley, Jessie E. (Marriott )52 
Yearsley, John C. 52 
Yearsley, John Edwards 52 ■ 
Yearsley, Martha Florence -52 
Yearsley, Mary 53 
Yearsley, Mary Ellen 52 
Yearsley, Mary ■ Jo (Anderson) 52 
Yearsley, Ruth (Gerdes) 52 
OORRECTION: Above "Tearle" should 
be spelled "Tearl," 


Aiken, Jesse 6k 
Aiken, Serena bl\. 
Atwater, Anna Lou 

Bro the rs , 


Ibuglas Kevin- 67 
Edwin ¥. Jr 66 
Joseph Brian 67 
Paula Jean 67 
Jerry 65 

Clark, Alberta L, (Heitz)67 

Clark, Annabelle L. (Atwater )66 

Clark, Arizona ( Bidwell ) 65 

Clark, Calistta L. (Mickell )65 

Clark, Carrie 63 

Clark, Catherine M.(Garber) 67 

Clark, Charles 63, 68 

Clark, Charles 65 

Clark, Charles Jr. 68- 

Clark, Charlotte J,(Logan)66 

Clark, Christopher Paul 67 

Clark, Lora (Aikin) 61+ 

Clerk, David Dean 67 

Clark, DDnna Jane 67 

Clark, Ebnald Richard 67- 


Donald Richard Jr 67 
Edris A, (Grossman) 66 
Elizabeth (Rutherford) 68 

Slizabeth( Salsenberger )63 

Ellen Bell (Taylor) 68 

Ellen Jk 65 

Eanny (Burrows) 65 

Frederick Langheldt 67 

Henry J, 6i| 

Hugh 63 

Isabel (Seitz) 63 

Jennie L. 65 

Jewel 68 

Jo Ellen 66 

John Michael 66 

Judy K. 67 

Julia E, 65 

Kathryn( Downey). 68 

Kevin 67 

LauraA, Bell (Bowman) 66 

Laura Boll (Crump) 63 

Linda Kay (Friend) 66 

Margare t ( Kiko 11a ) 68 



_ Clark, 
Crump , 

Marian Olga ( Brothers ) 65 

Mary (Herring )68 

Mary Ellen (Doyle) 66' 

Mary Kathryn 

er Eonnel-OSA) 6? 

Michael 62 

Michael Edward 66 

Michael J. 63, 65 

Michael 68 

Nellie Todd (Boyd) 65 

Norman J, 66 
011a (Hunt) 65 
Paul Eugene 6? 
Robert P. 66 
Bro, Robert Michael 6? 
Roberta Lilac (Potts) 65 
Ruby Veronica (Pence) 6? 
Teresa Jeanne 66 
Samuel A, 62, 63 
Samuel Rodney 6l\. 
Stuart Eugene 6? 
Susan Marie 6? 
Thomas Patrick 6? 
Vfelter P. 65 
Willie 65 
vniliam E. 66 
\\hn Edvjard Jr 66 
I'ta Gregson 66 
Alma Mae 61; 

Crump, Arlie I, 6I4. 
Crump, Clinton R. 6Lf 
Crump, Plossie P. (Graybeal )6i^. 
Crump, Janet Cheryl -61+ 
Crump, Louise A. (Kraft )6i|. 
Crump, Milton Arlie 6I4. 
Crump, Nellie M, (Magill)6i| 
Crump, Phyllis J, (Vlilson)6[|. 
Friend, Dianna Lynn 66 
Friend, Julie Ann 66 
Governor, Barbara 6? 
Governor, Joyce 67 
Heitz, JanicG K. 6? 
Heitz, William Edward 6? 
Kikolla, Bernard P. 68 
Kikolla, Clark J. 68 
Kikolla, Marge (Ball) 68 
Kraft, Carol Arm 6I4. 

John Robert 61; 

Arnold V/ayno 65 

Carol Jean 65 

George M, 65 

Joan 65 

Joseph Clark 65 

Marlene 65 

Re va( Governor) 67 
Phillip Berry 6I4. 

Po t ts , 

Wilson, Suzanne Rao 6i|. 
V/ilson, Terry Kent 61; 


Abbey, James W, 75 
Anderson, Fenny Lou 100 
Andrews, Coleem Gail 77 
Andrews, Eileen Frances 77 
Andrews, Kathleen Marie 77 
Andrews, Scott L, 77 
Awde , Lo i s Jane ( Lo ng ) 82 
Bales, Christine Lee 101 
Bales, Nancy Louise 101 
Bales, Sandra Kay 101 
Bales, Teal Ann* 101 
Baldwin, Ann Marie 83 
Baldwin, Bruce Martin 83 
Baldwin, Gregory Ellis 83 
Baldwin, Joan Louise 83 
Baldwin, John Charles 83 
Baldwin, Julia Margaret 83 
Blackmor, Carolyn Lee 77 
Blackmor, Mary /jm 77 
Blackmer, Michael Paul 76 
Blackmer, Richard Alcai 76 
Blackmer, Rodney Vto 77 
Blanks, Barbara 75 
Blanks, Christine 75 

Blanks, Gary 75 
Blanks, Vfcrron 75 
Bonnell, Carol 73 

Dianne 73 
Gordon 73 
Mchael 73 
Vi/arren 72 
Heber Gladis 95 
Joe Ralph 95 
Nolin Estil 95- 
Beverly (Pugh)93 
Marianna (Riley) 93 
Becky Lynn 97 
Dianno Leslie 97 
John 97 

John Randolph 97 
Chadnick, Lori Elise 81; ■ 
Clark, Ada Constance 80 - 
Clark, Alice Ethel 91 ■ 
Clark, i\my (Beard) 91 
Clark, Capitolia(Cracroft)75 
Clark, CI eo (Richards) 100 
Clark, Clinton Oliver 93 
Clark, Clinton Oliver Jr 93 













Bruce , 


Clark, Clinton Randolph 93 

Clark', Cornelia (Saunders) 71, §6 

Clark, David Knight 91 • 

Clark, Donnis, George 91 

Clark. Eortha (Peterson) 79 

Clarki ^ana (Hunt) 102 

Cl-^ k, E>anice Willabelle 79 

Clark, Pernio 101 

Clark ^. I'\ilton 71 

Clark; Frances (Swearing en) 71 

Clark' George 71, 100 

Clark", Gerald Snyder 79 

Cln- k' Grace G. (Knight) 90 

Clc-k"/ Harriet Lesla 80 

Clark-, Harvy 71,89,90 

Cln.'' ko Harvey Eugene 80, 8l 

Cla(-k' Holon (Long) 71, 8 3 

Clafek. Isabel (Gibson )71, 96 

Clark; Jacquelyn Jean 80 

Clark, Jane (Brovm) 93' 

Clarl:. Janice (Freeman) 102 

Clark., Jocelyn (Freemahjl02 

Clark, Kenneth 8o,8l 

Clark Larry Robert 91' 

Clark, LaVolla(Kinzel)80 

Clarke Linda 102 

Clark- Lois Harriet (Dick) 79 

Clark' Louisa (Coble) 71, 9l|- 

Clark'j llabel (Snyder) 82 

Clark, Mary Gethercl (Sevjol )80 

Clark;, Norman Victor 91 

Clark, Opal (Wilder) 79 

Clarjc, Pamela Isabel 93' 

Clark^ Paul Edgar 91 

Clark, Paul Elmer 91 

Clark'. Ponwell Ann 93' 

Glor'k'j Phidelia 71 

Clark p Rexford 101 

Clark, Robert Eugene 80 

Robert Victor 91 

Clar- k. 

Steven Paul 91 
Clark;, Susanne 102 
Clark. Thornton 71, 92 '■ 
Clark- Vincent 92 '• ■ 

Clark";, Virginia J. (Recse)79,8l 
Clark. Walter 71, Ik 
Clark; Walter Ottewell 80 
Clark- William George 79 
Clark^ William G, 69, 71 
Clark., V/inifre'd (Sutton) 91 
Coble", Isabel G. (Slead')9t|. 
Cbble", Jviliet A, (Selgolke)95 
Coble, Lola C. (Davis) 95 
Goldsmith. Cynthia ;\nn 80 
Goldsmith, Eleanor (Pickering ) 8) 
ColC; Sharon Jean (May) 97 

Cracrof t, 


Cracrof t, 












Cray ere ft 















Cross, Sue 













Ada N. (Llghtfoot)77 
Anno Louise 78 
Charlotte (Fry) 77 
Hazel Pauline 75, 78 
James Walter 75 
Joseph Milton 78 
Joseph William 78 
Lucy (Surrcll) 75 
Mr.bel Wilholmlna 75 
Marguerite Blanche 75 
Mary Ruth 75, 78 
Rita Mario 75 
Sally Victoria 78 
Sara Lorrain (Nance) 76 
Betty Jean 77 . 
Charles Lee D^vis 76 
Colo Hart 77 
Cynthia Dianne 76 
Jo s ophinc ( Andre ws ) 7 7 
Mary Rao (Kb wit z) 77 
Ifovis ( Bla ckmer ) 76 
Korccn Hart .77 
Paula Susanne 77 
Ruth Ann 76 
Walter palmer 77 
V/esley James 76 
William Dennis 76 
William Henry 76 
V/illiam Louis 76 
Ellen 85 



Cynthia Leah 

Paul Vincent 

Becki Sue 72 

Juli Ann 72 

Burton Irv;in 72 - 

Chrjrles Lee 76 

Wicki Lynn 72 

Steven Bobort72 
Lenore 96 
Lois Esther (Cole) 
Ino z Irene ( Rowland ) 
David Brian 79 
Dale Phillip 79 
D^n Sheridan 79 . 
Harriet Jaunooce 79 
Janet Kay 79 
Marsha Sue 79 
Max Sheridan 79 
Phillip Wayne 79 


Eastman, Brenda Jean 95 
Eastman, Cynthia Lin 95 
Eastman, Joe Ralph 95 
Eastman, Rodney Steve 95 
Ellis, Carolyn (Livings ton) 8^4. 
Ellis, Christine 8i|. 
Ellis, Clinton Hugh 8I4. 


David Qk 
David Earl 8I4. 
DDrtiinoque 8I4. 
Eleanor Z,(Chadnick) 81; 
James Thornton 8i\. 
John Harrison 8I|. 
Mar t ha ( Bal dl^dn ) 8 3 
Mary E, (Coo per) 85 
Mer'tie May( Johnson) 85 
Richard Clinton 8[i. 
Ruth .;nn ( Mor ro w ) &l\. 
Thomas Berry 8ij. 
Thomas Hugh 8ij. 
miliam Ray 83 ■ 
VJilliam Ray II 83 
vailiam Ray III 8i^. 
Lavrrence Saunders 88 
Fbssee, Leigh Ellen 88 
Possee, Robert Clay 88 
Freeman, Gary Carl 102 

Jan Rose Ellen 102 
Larry Gene 102 
Lounie Richard 102 
Patsy Joan(Bales)101 
Cynthia Mary Ann 76 
David Kevin 76 
Katherino Marie 76 
Michael Edward 76 
Steven Anthony 76 
rk Arthur 97 
Ethel M. (Mills) 99 
Juanita Belle (Kuder) 99 
Mary Janice (Smart) 97 
Mertie Lide (Krugh)96, 97 
Rosalie (Robertson) 98 
Vincent Earl 98 
Robert Morrow 90 
Walter Clark 90 
Eric Von Edward 87 
Holly Mario 87 
Lois Irene 87 
Patrick QDnald 87 
Paul Brian 87 
Rebecca i\nn 87 
Robert Donald 86 
Bonnie Del Anna 102 
David Clark 102 
Douglas John 102 
John Merle 102 
Judith Ann (Anderson) 10 2 
Paul Orren 102 
Jacobsma, Larry Steven 98 
Johnson, Pay 72 

Helen (Reeves )85 
Jessie 72 
Mary (Cross) 85 
Ro villa (Bonnell) 72 



























Gibson, CI 


Gibson j 












Ho f f man , 









Mnzcl, Kathleen Sue 80 
Kinzel, Sharon Lee 80 
.Knies, Patricia Jo 75 
Knies, Scott /aidrow 75 
Knight, Eloise /onanda 90 
Knight, 5knanucl 90 
Kni ght , C-cne vie ( Shoe t z ) 90 
Kowitz, John Mat the vr 77 
Kbvjitz, Lisa Johanna 78, Norman Travis 77 
Kowitz, Raymond Christian 77 
Ifcwitz, Teresa Loraino 77 
Kowitz, Thomas William 77 
Krugh, Isabel Gibson (Dick) 97 
Krugh, John Bruce 97 
Kuder, Everett 99 
Kuder, Gayle Jean 99 
Kuder,, Gregory 99 
Kuder, Homer Miles 99 
Kuder, Janet 99 
Kuder, John Mies 99 
Kuder, John Nichols 99 
Kuder, Karel Sue (Earl) 99 
Kuder, Robert Chalmers 99 
Kuder, Steven 99 
Light foot, David Owen 78 
Li^tfoot, Donald Richard 78 
Livingston, Jane Ann 8I4. 
Livingston, Mark Harrison Ql\. 
Livingston, Susanna Ql\. 
Long, Douglas Ray 82 
Long, Leota F., (Ellis) 83 
Long, Mary Ann 82 
Long, Pearlette 83 
Long, Susan Jane 82 
Lueher, Jeanetto Karen 98 
Luehcr, Ifcthryn Joy 98 
Lueher, Richard LeRoy 98 
Lueher, Ricki Lynn 98 
Marley, 3ouldln Alcorn II 88 
Marley, Christian Thornton 88 
Marley, Madge Florence 88 
May, John Bryan 97 
May, Judy Patricia 97 
Mills, Mary Eliza (Payne) 99 
Morrow, Joni 8L,. 
>brrow, Steven Guy 8[j. 
Nance , Care le E. ( Ro th ) 76 
Nance, Const anceL. (Gauthier) 76 
Payne, Earl R. Ill 99 
Payne, Ifoss Mills 99 
Peterson, David James 8I 
Peterson, Don 'Wallace 79 
Peterson, Donna Louise 79 
Peterson, Jean E, (Suggs) 79 
Porterficld, Tracy Lynn 87 
Portorfiold, Scott Austin 87 


Pugh, Ilary Elizcibcth 93 
Roovos, Eric 85 
nicho.rds, Dcvcrly(Swihart)101 
Rl char ds ; C,?.ro lyn ( Crus o ) 1 01 
Richr.rds> Evelyn ( Zimmcr )100 
Richards^ Louise (Prizcll )101 
Richards^ Mo.drid 101 
Richards, Stcphon 101 
Riley, Jill Ellcn(93 
Robertson, April Dawn 98 
Connie 'Lee 98 
Car o lyn ( Luchc r ) 9 8 
I^arla June 98 
Dcbra Lee 98 
Ebnald Verne 98 
Mary Alice_(Sadler98 
Rone Ione(Hudson)99 
Sandra Kay 98 
Valeric /inn 98 
Vincent L.. 98 
Brian Frederick 76 
Teresa Ann 76 . 
















Saundc rs 


Saundc rs 


Saundc r s 
















She 1 z , 







Smart j 




Duayna Lynn 98 
Gary Allen. 98 
I4ark Leslie 98 


Benjamin Oliver 
Clark R, 87 
Ellen C, (?osseo)88 
Irene (Hoffman) 86 
Olivor Clinton 86 
John -Clark 87 
Kathy L. 8.7 
Linda 87 . 
Mr,dge (Thornton) 87 
Paul R. 87 
Rome C. 87 
Tony Clay 87 
Vickcy 87 
David Eugene 80 
Lois Elizabeth 80 
Milton AvuiKnt 80 
Charles Victor 90 
Oiarles William 90 
Ruth G. (Gregory) 90 
Steven Douglas 90 
Chris 95 
Gwendolyn 95 
Virginia ( Souder ) 95 
Barbara Jean 97 
Roger Dennis 97 
Roy Gibson 97 
Sally Lynn 97 
Stephen Harry 
Clark Lester 
David Lee S2 


Snyder, u\inico ll.(Stoll)82 
Snyder, Gladys U, ():wdo)82 
Snyder, Larry Clark 82 
Snyder, Potor V/hitford 82 
Souder, Julio /jm 95 
Souder, Phillip Joe 95 
Souder, Sandra Chris 95 
Suggs, Marian Elaine 79 
Suggs, Timothy Eugene 8I 
Surrell, Barbr^.ra M. (Clanks )75 
Surrell, Janet Meredith 75 
Surroll, John Poter 75 
Surrell, Margaret Mary 75 
Surrell, Mcrmdith Joy 75 
Surroll, Robert Henry 75 
Surrell, Robert Neil 75 
Surrell, VJanita Joan(Knies )75 
Sutton, /irlcno (Adolphson) 91 
Sutton, Barbara (Hahn) 91- 
Sutton, Raymond Clark 91- 
Sutton, Ra-ymond Earl 91 
Sutton, Victor V/illiam Jr 
Swihart, Charles Edward 101 
Swihart, Dobra Catherine 101 
Swihart, Kevin Patrick 101 
Swihart, Kurt Phillip 101 
Swihart, Fprncla 101 
Swihart, Paul Bradford 101 
Swihart, Scott i'jidrew 101 
Swihart, Tamara .\nn 101 
Svrearingen, Benjamin Lcc 72 
Swoaringen, Borniece (Davis) 72 
Swearingon, Chester Loe72 
Swoaringen j Julia( Johnson) 72 
Swoaringen, Ifora Madge (Cord) 72 
Swearingon, Rovilla(Rice ) 73 
Swearingon, 1/illlam G, 72 
Swoaringen, I7illiam Theodore 72 
Taylor, Edward Keith 85 • 
Taylor, Patricia i'ccm 8 5 
Taylo r , Ro s c " Mary 85 
Thornton, Phillip Hcnrylll 88 
Thornton, Phillip Henry IV 88 
Thornton, Sarah Sciiinders 88 
Thornton, Tonya (Marlcy) 88 
\7rlght, Betty L(/Jidcrson) 100 
Yattaw, Cheryl /inn 85 
Yattav/, DDnna Joan 85 
Yattaw, Mark .vllen 85 
Yattaw, Noal 85 
Yattaw, Sandra 85 
Yattaw, William 85 
Zimmor, Harry David Jr, 100 













Mary (liaird)103 Mapes, 

, Cynthia Kay lOli Mapes, 

, Jana Lynn lOij. '■ Mapes, 

Randall Darold lOi^ Mn.pes, 

Dare Id lOij. Mapes, 

Shirley /inn(Pearl)10i^ Mapes, 

Virginia Lee(Pryniire) lOi^. Mapes, 

Emoline 103 '' Mapes, 

John.P, 103 Mapes, 

Mary Frances (>lapes) 103 Fearl, 

Bert IGLl 
Charles lOii- 
Clyde V, lOi; 
Sari 101+ 
Lylo H, 10i+ 
Opal (Keller) 10l+ 
Fearl IOI4. 
Verio F. 10i+ 
Russel Frank 



Brigham^ Doris (Merriam)ll5 

Brigham, Everett ll5 

Brigham, Margaret ll5 

Brigham, Medre ll5 

Clark, : Anna ■ Hawes (Fornoy )107 

Clark, Candia Rosclyn 112 

Clark, Carson Lewis 111 

Clark, Catherine (Siinpson)109 

Clark, Eugene Lewis 111 

Clark, Helen (Vaughn)112, 113 

Clark, Henry Pulton 111 

Clark, Horace Edward 112 

Clark, Jaxnos Edvjard 111 

Clark, Janice Lee 111 

Clark, John Pulton 105, IO6, [j. 

Clark, Joseph Taylor 109 

Clark, Kathryn Gail 111 

Clark, Lea Ilene IO9 

Clark, Lewis Edward IO6, 107 110 

Clark, Lewis Edward 109 

Clark, Lewis Qnil TO 9 

Clark, Lewis Robert 109 

Clark, I^ydia Isabelle (Obor ) 112 

Clark, Margaret (Day) 109 

Clark, Margaret J. ('Spinazzola)112 

Clark, Mary Catherine (Knapp) I06, 

Clark, Mary C, (Thomas)" 110 

Clark, Rebecca I. (DDrrell) II3 

Clark, Robert Eugene 111 

Clark> Robert Pulton 111 

Clark, Robert Carson 111 

Clark, Ross Edward li2 

Clark, Ruth Carson (Flavin) 113 

Clark, Sue Jo (Bokita)109,113 

Clark, Susan Marie 111 

Clark, VJilliam H. 106 

Day, Emily C 109 

Parris, Clark LaVorno 111 

Parris, David Brianlll 

Forney, Emanuel Clark I08 
Forney, Hazel C. (Rector )107 
Forney, Helen G. (Guenther) 108 











Helen V. (Tabor )108 
Jean i\nn IO8 
Kent Mason 109 
Mark Hawos IO8 
Robert Clark 1(58 
Susan Carol 109 
V/illiam Paul 109 
Ada Elizabeth I08 

Clark Charles 

Guenther, Marilyn (Ruinmo 1)10 8 
Guenther, \-ti Charles 108 
Ho f fraa n, Mary J. ( Mehlor ) 112 
Knapp, Maude E, (Brigham) ll5 
Lillybridge, Brian C, 107 
Lillybridge, Sharon K, 107 
Lillybridge, Tcrr'y Ray 107 
Mohler, Catherine Lcc 112 
Mehlor, Helen Vfol'ker 112 
Mehlor, John Clark 112 
Mehlcr, Martha E, 112 
Miller, Carol Sue 111 
Miller, Lbnald Aaron 111 
Miller, Lewis Pulton 111 
Miller, Moses Riley 111 
Miller, Ralph Jay 111 

Ober, Michael Allen 112 
Ober, Sandra Jane 112 
Ober, Stephen Gregory 112 


Isabel D. Ill 
Lloyd Wayne 111 
Lesley A, 111 
Mary Alma 110 
Merle Lynn 111 
Thomas 110 
Clark Ellsworth 
CI rk Ellsworth 
Esther MarielO? 
Harold BrucolOS 
Hazel Catherine 
Helen (Lillybridge )107 
Lei and Jay 107 
Mary Patricia IO8 



Rector, Susan /uin 108 
Rcnfrow, Catherine A. 109 
Renfrew, Paula E, 109 
Ruinincl, Carolyn 0. 108 
Ruinmcl, Ellon 108 
Rummel, Ploy A. 108 
Schalbrach, Sandra Jean 113 
Schalbrach, Susan Karen 113 
Scmpsratt, Scott Leonard 109 
Sempsratt, Gary Leo 109 
Simpson, Barbara Lou 109 
Simpson, Carolyn K. (Renfrew)109 
Simpson, Helen A, (Sempsratt )109 
Spcncc, Allison Ann 110 
Spence, James Henry 110 
Spenco, Joseph Clyde 110 
Spence, Kevin James 110 
SpencG, Maria Sue 110 

Spence, Paul 110 

Sponco> Richard 110 

SpD nco, mbort Louis 110 

Spenco, Timothy 110 

Spinazzola, Ross Clark 112 

Tabor> Jayne Mario 108 

Tabor, John Clark 108 

Thomas, Catherine (Farris) 111 

Thomas, Edward 110 

Thomas, Helen I, (Spence) 110 

Thomas, John V/ayno 110 

Thomas, Mary Gordon (Oetgcn) 110 

Thomas, Owen 110 

Thomas, Pauline ii. (Millor)lll 

Thomas, Russell Edward 110 

Thomas, William 110 

Vaughn, Patricia (Schalbrack)ll2 
Vaughn, Richard Leo 112 




Baker, Allen Arthur 11? 
Baker, Carol, Sue 117,118 
Baker, Caroline (Armstrong) 11 7 
Baker, Ellsworth L. 117 
Baker, Harry L, 117 
Baker, V/ilma La Verne 117 
Burton, Daniel 120 
Burton, Joan Elizabeth 120 
Burton, John Asa 120 
Caldwell, Earlinc E. 119 
Clark, Julia A, (Heffley) ll6 
Clark, Richard Michael 120 
Handley, Frances Christine 119 

Handley, John Richard 119 
Handley, Judith Elaine 119 

Handley, Sherri Lynn 119 
Heffley, Charles ll6 
Heffley, Clarence ll8 
Heffley, Clarence Jr ll8 
Heffley, Edward Bruce 117 
Heffley, Edv/ard C. Il6, 117 
Heffley, Sstella Mae (Baker)117 
Heffley, Ethel L. (Baker)117 
Heffley, Marie (Jennie )ll6,ll8 

Heffley, Martin Lewis ll8 
Heffley, Mary C, (McKec)ll8 
Heffley, Norma Jean 11 8 

Heffley, itobort E. Il8 
Heffley, Robert LeRoy ll8 

Heffley, V/llliam ll6, 123 
McKee, Harry R, ll8 

McKee, Linda Deanne 11 8 

McKee, Michael Eugene ll8 

McKee, Virginia Mae l£8 

Newland, Jeffrey Lee 119 

Newland, Robert Earl 119 

North, Allen Edward 120 

North, Julia (Burton) 120 

North, Harry Edward 120 

Kbrth, Harry E. Jr 120 

Iferth, Lulu Fiae(Teach)119 

Palmer, Barbara J. (Kennedy ) 120 

Palmer, Britt Jeffrey 120 

Palmer, Donald 120 

Palmer, Carla Jean 120 

Palmer, Eric Scott 120 

Palmer, Jerry Loo 120 

Palmer, Kay M. (V/right) 120 

Palmer, Denise lamela 120 

Palmer, Robert Phillip 120 

Palmer, ibnald 120 

Palmer, Shirley /inn( Gllark)120 

Ranbottom, Victoria Danecn 119 

Teach, l^yrtlo A. (lalmor) 119 

Teach, Grace E, (Jones) 119 

Teach, Laura Magdalene (Handley )119 

Teach, fcrgorct Ii( Caldwell )119 

Toach, Ifertin Edward 119 

Teach, Su Ellen 119 

Wright, Casey Pat 120 

V/right, PdLchard Eugene 120 

Wright, Timothy Allen 120