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School of 





100 Years 
of Tradition 


Anniversaries are an opportunity to look at the past and the future. Nursing (a verb) has changed very 
little in the past 100 years. Nursing was and Nursing is caring for people, helping them to gain or keep 
good health. 

Nursing (the profession) has changed remarkably in the past 100 years. It has adapted to every 
advance, every new set of know ledge and, as a result, remains a major focal point of the health system. 

100 years ago. The Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing graduate was known for her competence 
and professionalism, her tasks then, like health care generally, custodial. Today our School of Nursing 
graduate is still known for her/his competence and professionalism, as part of the health care team. We 
were good, we are good — I am proud! 

Clive R. Waxman, Jr. 


The Williamsport Hospital 

Congratulations to The Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing on their celebration of 100 years of 
service to the profession of Nursing. A special commendation to the students and faculty whose commit- 
ment to quality patient care has remained steadfast during the past decades. 

Bettyann Hazel 

Director of Nursing 

The Williamsport Hospital 

We, the members of the Lycoming County Medical Society, take great pleasure in having been closely 
associated with this fine clinical school of nursing for the past one hundred years. 

Your graduates have been a credit to the nursing profession and humanity. Nurses have assisted and 
taken care of patients in an understanding and professional way. 

We congratulate you on your anniversary and know that the next hundred years will continue to be a 


Howard H. Weaner, Jr., M.D. 

President, Lycoming County Medical Society 

The Alumni Association 



When an institution reaches it's 100th anniversary of existence, that is certainly worthy of recognition. The idea behind the 
publication of this book was to provide that recognition. 

The number of events that have taken place and the number of people who have taken part in those events is huge. It has been no 
small task to collect, select, verify and compile the vast amounts of facts, hearsay, books, pictures and assorted memorabilia 
amassed in those 100 years. Although it has not been an easy job, it has been a rewarding effort. We may be proud of The Wil- 
liamsport Hospital School of Nursing for the quality of nurse it has always produced. And we may be proud of our graduates for 
their many contributions both to the profession of nursing and to the many people they have cared for around the world. 

We would like to thank all the alumni, and others, who have so generously donated materials, indentified pictures, researched old 
records, searched for addresses and made hundreds of phone calls to help us in our effort to piece together a century of time. 
Without their help this book would never have been possible. 

Unfortunately there are always some bits of information that are lost forever to time and memory. We have made every effort to 
include photos of as many graduates as we could locate and to correctly identify all individuals in the photos we used. We have at- 
tempted to insure correct spelling of names, to provide current addresses and to verify the facts we have published. If there are 
any errors made or additions needed, we urge you to send corrected data to the Alumni Association, c/o the School of Nursing. 

The entire staff hopes that you will enjoy looking through this book as much as we have enjoyed producing it. 


Kathy and Ginny 

/ 00 Years of Tradition Staff 

Editors Kathy Tagliaferri — '80 
Ginny Thompson — '56 

Layout Editor Mindy Welch — '80 

Business Manager Ellen Spooner — '60 

Research Staff Judy Coup — '70 

Gladys Hilling — '61 
Wanda Hendershot — '61 
Peggy Gearhart — '60 
Fran Nardi — '56 
Arlene Stahl — '56 
Ruth Ditchfield — '54 
June Mitchell — '46 
Lois Dodge — '42 
Dorothy Sander — '35 
Ethel Peard — '19 

Acknowledgements Bettyann Hazell 
Jean Balliet 

Mary Jane Cardone — '51 
Joyce Wise and Volunteer Services 
Frank Sbelgio 
Richard Ellis 
Jim White 
Bill Castle 
Dr. David Rife 

The School 

The Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing 

The Williamsport Hospital and the School of Nursing came 
into being only a few years apart, and in response to the same 
growing need for improved health care in Lycoming County. 
Therefore, their histories are closely intertwined, especially in 
the earlier stages of their development. Until the mid-1800's 
Williamsport had had little need for a hospital. The community, 
after all, was very small and its people had long been used to 
looking after their own needs. But in the two decades following 
1 850, a significant amount of industry came to the area, bring- 
ing with it a larger population and the inevitable increase in 
illness, accidents and disease. Something, clearly, had to be 

Right Dr. Jean Saylor 

The first step was initiated in May of 1873 by Dr. J. S. 
Crawford who asked the Lycoming County Medical Associ- 
ation to establish a committee to investigate the feasibility of 
establishing a hospital. The committee, comprised of Doctors 
Crawford, Detwiler and Helsby, soon returned a favorable rec- 
ommendation, which was unanimously accepted by the Medical 
Association. In what must, even then, have been a record for 
rapid action, the hospital was incorporated on August 30, 1873 
— a little over three months after Dr. Crawford formed the 
feasibility committee! 

During the next several years, the Board of Managers raised 
funds for the purchase of a suitable building. Then, on Novem- 
ber 22, 1877, the Board bought the former Harvey Boarding 
House located on the southeast corner of Edwin and Elmira 
Streets. On April 1, 1878 the dream became reality: The Wil- 
liamsport Hospital opened its doors. During its first year of 
operation, the meager facilities of the small hospital served nine 
patients, each of whom paid the princely sum of $3.00 a week for 
room and board. 

Among the physicians who contributed to the early welfare of 
the hospital were Doctors Brown, Nutt, Detwiler, Helsby, 
Crawford, Lyon, Hull, Richter and Rittenhouse. In those days 
doctoring often included nursing, and thus many of the doctors 
spent the days treating their patients and the nights caring for 
them. Dr. Jean Saylor Brown was particularly notable in these 
early years. A conscientious and energetic person. Dr. Brown 
extended herself on behalf of the patients. Because of her con- 
viction that they received inadequate care, she was always eager 
to perform any task that would help to make the hospital a 
better, more efficient place. Among other things, she acted as 
special and night nurse for the three nights following surgery. 
Dr. Brown not only performed the first successful operation of 
significance in Lycoming County; she also contributed the first 
$ 1 00.00 toward an operating room, and she was the first woman 
to serve on the hospital's Board of Managers. 

The number of patients served by the hospital rapidly in- 
creased; in 1880-1881, for example, 54 patients were admitted. 
To deal with the additional demands made on its services, the 
hospital required some sort of formal supervision. The position 
of Superintendent and Resident Physician was created, and on 
November 9, 1881 Dr. Rita Biansia Church was appointed to 
fill that role. Dr. Church was accompanied by Miss Marie 
Griffith, who became the first resident nurse. 

For the next three years Doctors Church and Brown were the 
driving force behind the hospital. They made their own supposi- 
tories and ointments and treated their patients with great dili- 
gence. During these years the hospital was working at full ca- 
pacity, and the demands of nursing care created an increasing 
burden on the doctors. It became evident that additional help 
was needed to care for the many patients. Out of this need, 
Doctor Church, with the aid and support of Dr. Brown, estab- 
lished The Williamsport Hospital Training School for Nurses. 

Daily sweep and mop the floors of your ward; dust 
patient's furniture and window sills; Maintain an even 
temperature in your ward by bringing in a scuttle of coal 
daily; Light is important to observe the patient's condi- 
tion. Therefore, each day, fill kerosene lamps, clean chim- 
neys and trim wicks. Wash the windows once a week; The 
nurses' notes are important in aiding the physicians's 
work. Make your pens carefully. You may whittle nibs to 
your individual taste; Duty hours are 7a.m. to 8p.m., ex- 
cept on the Sabbath, on which day you will be off from 1 2 
noon to 2p.m. Graduate nurses in good standing with the 
director of nurses will be given an evening off each week 
for courting purposes or two evenings a week if you go to 
church regularly; Each nurse should lay aside from each 
pay a goodly sum of her earnings for her benefits during 
her declining years so that she will not become a burden. 
Any nurse who smokes, uses liquor in any form, gets her 
hair done at a beauty shoppe or frequents dance halls will 
give the director of nurses reason to suspect her worth, 
intentions and integrity; The nurse who performs her la- 
bors and serves her patients and doctors faithfully and 
without fault for a period of five years will be given an 
increase by the hospital administration of five cents a day, 
providing there are no hospital debts that are outstanding. 

organdy and a black velvet ribbon. Their responsibilities includ- 
ed preparing meals and doing laundry for patients; laundering 
and caring for the hospital's and resident physicians' linens; 
cleaning and maintaining the surgical instruments; managing 
the furnace; and providing complete bedside care for the pa- 
tient. There is no record of what they did in their spare time! Of 
the two students enrolled in the program in the first year of the 
school's operation, only one, J. Alta King, is recorded as having 
received her diploma in 1884. 

On June 5, 1883, two women were admitted as nursing train- 
ees to the 15 month program, with the understanding that they 
would receive no pay for the probationary first three months. 
These women took classes from Church and Brown, and in 
general followed a regimen patterned after the formal hospital 
experience of physicians. After the probationary period, the 
students began to receive a stipend of $3.00 a month. They lived 
on hospital premises and worked 12 to 16 hours a day. The 
uniform they wore had long detachable cuffs, a high collar, full 
leg-of-mutton sleeves, and a large bow at the neck. The first cap 
was a high-crowned skull cap edged with a band of pleated 

Above Dr. Rita B. Church Left Job description for floor nurses dating back to 
1887 Below Picture shows style of first cap worn by students 

On May 1 , 1 885 the hospital moved to more spacious quarters 
on Pine Street where it now had the capacity to handle 50 
patients. There were two graduates from the training school 
that year and their training included practical experience 
gained by attending mothers during labor and after the baby 
was delivered. Dr. Church continued her 1 5 month course much 
the same as when it was started, with students being responsible 
for most of the cooking and cleaning in addition to patient care. 
Ironically, the founding fathers of the very hospital that spon- 
sored the school were not convinced that the graduate nurses 
were skilled enough to work at The Williamsport Hospital! The 
hospital employed only nurses from more established schools, 
while the graduates of its own nursing school were forced to seek 
work elsewhere. 

The flood of 1889 devastated the building on Pine Street, 
creating a need to locate a site on higher ground for a permanent 
hospital. The Board of Managers purchased the land, then 
known as Old Oaks Park, extending from First Avenue to Wal- 
nut Street and north from Louisa Street, and construction be- 
gan on the new hospital. This new building, which opened in 
September 1891, consisted of three parts. The center portion 
was three stories high and contained the administrative offices 
on the first floor, and sleeping quarters for the residents and a 
staff dining room on the second floor. The student nurses were 
housed on the third floor in one large dormitory room. The east 
and west wings comprised the women's and men's wards. 

Above left Group of doctors, nurses, patients and others in front of St. Charles 
Hotel Right St. Charles Hotel — second site of TWH Below Third home and 
present site of TWH in Old Oaks Park 

Demonstrating the concern of the medical community to con- 
trol contagion, the Contagious Disease Hospital was built in 
1892 on the corner of Rural Avenue and Campbell Street. By 
now the school was well established and contagious diseases 
were added to the curriculum so that the students were prepared 
to work in this new area. 

On March 10, 1893, Dr. Church resigned as Superintendent 
of the hospital and was succeeded by Miss Virginia Loomis, the 
first Nurse Superintendent. Recognizing a need for more clini- 
cal experience in nursing schools, Miss Loomis increased the 
length of the nursing program to two years in 1894. She agreed 
with and implemented many of the theories of Florence Night- 
ingale. The general picture of the nursing school, however, did 
not change: theoretical knowledge was still presented by the 
physicians and the students' clinical responsibilities remained 
the same. 

In 1 895, the nursing school developed its own Alumni Associ- 
ation. This idea was suggested by Miss Loomis who felt such an 
association could be a strong supporter of school unity and 
would promote professionalism. 

The rapidly increasing number of patients being admitted to 
the hospital brought a corresponding need for more nurses. 
Because of this, and the fact that more young women of this era 
were now seeking institutions of higher learning and choosing 
nursing as a profession, the school's enrollment expanded. 

In 1898, under the direction of Miss Daisy Mann, the new 
Superintendent, a more practical cap was designed for the stu- 
dents. It was smaller and fashioned in the shape of a small peak. 
In an effort to give the uniform a more tailored look, ruffles and 
bows were removed. Then, in 1899, Miss Mann requested a 
senior student, Josephine Heiney, to design a cap which could be 
adopted as the school cap. This cap was worn until the current 
permanent-press cap was adopted in 1967. Miss Heiney also 
had the distinction of being the first graduate of the training 
school to be hired by the hospital. 

Top Contagious Disease Hospital 2nd Virginia Loomis 3rd Daisy Mann Bottom 
left second cap style center third cap style right uniform after bow and ruffles 
were removed 

5 « _ * 

By the end of the century, the most pressing problem of the 
training school was adequate housing for the students. A local 
benefactor who took great interest in the nursing school, Mrs. 
Ida Hays McCormick, generously donated funds to build and 
furnish a new residence. Located on Louisa Street at the south- 
east corner of Old Oaks Park, this beautiful building was the 
main residence for students and faculty for 60 years. 

The turn of the century brought many changes to the school 
as Miss Mann first increased the training program to two and 
one half years and then, in 1900, to three full years. She also 
incorporated new educational ideas into the curriculum and 
taught some classes herself, becoming the first nurse instructor. 
Physicians still lectured, but the students were now being intro- 
duced to nursing theory, as well as nursing care and treatment. 
With remarkable advances in medicine and surgery, patient 
care became more complex and the responsibilities of the nurse 
were magnified, leaving her little time for such menial tasks as 
carrying coal and doing laundry. She concentrated more on 
patient care, including preparing special diets, preparing and 
changing poultices, assisting physicians with rounds and charts, 
caring for surgical instruments, and preparing salves and oint- 

ments. She still worked 12 to 14 hour shifts with an occasional 
hour off to attend church. 

In 1918, the Pennsylvania State Board of Nurse Examiners 
was authorized to approve schools of nursing. The Williamsport 
Hospital Training School for Nurses received approval and Dr. 
Rita Church's dream was reinforced. The three year program 
was in full swing under the direction of Miss Mann. The hospital 
had grown from a small nine-patient facility to a 100 bed unit. 
With qualified physicians, surgeons, and nurses, the hospital 
had become the focal point of health care for Lycoming County. 

A major reorganization of hospital administration took place 
in 1925 and for the first time Nursing was separate from hospi- 
tal Administration. Dr. Rush Castelaw became Administrator 
and Miss Lulu Hippie, a 1907 graduate of the training school, 
was named Director of Nurses. Enormous progress had been 
made considering that only 45 years before this the training 
schools' graduates were not thought worthy of employment at 
The Williamsport Hospital. Now one had been chosen Director 
of Nurses! 

Top left Drs. Muffley and Wicr about 1914 
center Miss Heiney right McCormick Nurses 
Home Middle center Medical Staff around 
1914 right Operating Room in old hospital Bot- 
tom left Men's Ward right Medical Staff 
around 1924 

§1 £ fej ■ ' 


Except for the years 1928-1930 when Miss Isabelle Tremor 
and Miss Mazie Murray served one-year terms as directors, 
Miss Hippie remained in charge from 1925-1946. Under her 
strict and able guidance the diploma school gained recognition 
as "one of the best" in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She believed 
strongly in professionalism and stressed this as an important 
part of the nursing students' development. Students now re- 
ceived approximately 300 hours of theoretical instruction in the 
three years of training, and a monthly stipend was paid them for 
their clinical work. Out of this stipend they had to pay a fee for 
broken articles such as bedpans, dishes, and thermometers. 

An ever-present problem for the school was the housing of 
students. Since the McCormick Nurses Home could not acco- 
modate the expanding enrollment, other housing was constantly 
being sought. One dormitory had been converted from the un- 
used contagious disease unit and affectionately termed the "An- 
nex." At other times students were lodged in the old pediatrics 
building on Rural Avenue and occasionally in private homes. 
Dickinson Seminary and Junior College (Lycoming College), 
having very few male students during World War II, had extra 
room so that some first-year nurses were housed there. In 1942, 
Irvin Gleason, a member of the Board of Managers, provided 
two buildings that were converted into nurses' residences. One, 
called "The Maples," was located at 850 Louisa Street, and the 
other was on Campbell Street near Park Avenue. 

Top left Students caring for instruments Top right Lulu Hippie Center top 
Dining room on second floor of old hospital Center bottom Lobby of North 
Building Bottom left Sun porch North Building Bottom right Front of old 
building, North building seen in back 


In 1943. Mr. Daniel Hartman, Administrator, attended a 
meeting in Harrisburg, Pa. where the U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps 
plan was discussed. He immediately made contact with Miss 
Hippie to incorporate this program into the Williamsport Hos- 
pital School of Nursing. In September of that year the Surgeon 
General approved the school and the program went into effect. 
The Cadet Nurse Corps program doubled the enrollment so that 
for two years, two separate classes were started, one in Septem- 
ber and one in February. The government paid tuition costs, 
provided uniforms and also paid each girl a small monthly 

Top left The Annex center Campbell Street residence right The Maples Bottom 
left Brochure detailing proper way to wear Cadet uniform center Student in 
Cadet uniform right Sleeve emblem for Cadet uniform 

Miss G. Winifred Evans was named Director of Nursing in 
1948 following Miss A. E. Wuethner (1946-1948). The post- 
war years, with the advent of antibiotics and increasing empha- 
sis on research, effected vast changes in the medical world, and 
the school of nursing adapted to meet these new challenges. 
Since Nursing education was being directed toward institutions 
of higher learning at this time, the students were taught Chem- 
istry, Microbiology, Anatomy, and Physiology at Lycoming 

A contract was made with the Warren State Hospital during 
this same period to provide students with three months of psy- 
chiatric education. They lived at the institution in one of the few 
buildings without bars at the windows. Second year students 
went to Warren in groups of five to ten and took their training 
with students from several other nursing schools in the state. 
During this three month "affiliation" they were taught by psy- 





U. S. t ubllc Haalth ttwb t - Fadaral Sacufity Agancy 


chiatric nurse instructors in formal classes but received most of 
their education from clinical observation and practice. They 
worked in the Administration Building, Geriatrics, and the 
Mitchell Building which contained the more severely disturbed 
female patients. 

Although great progress was taking place in medical areas, 
some changes at the school were slow in coming. Into the late 
50's, under the gentle but firm direction of Miss Evans, student 
life remained very restrictive. For example, students were re- 
quired to be in the Nurses' Home by 10:00 p.m., and written 
permission was needed to stay out later. Requests for late leaves 
had to be made in person, in uniform, at the nursing school 
office by 4:30 p.m. Junior students could request a late leave 
until 1 1 :00 p.m., Intermediates until 11:30, and Seniors until 1 2 
o'clock. No student was allowed to be out past midnight! The 
School of Nursing had the right to revoke one or all privileges 
for an unlimited length of time following the review of any 
misdemeanor and often did. 

The first six months of training was considered the probation- 
ary period. This time of intense study and introduction to the 
hospital wards was designed to test the suitability of the preclin- 
ical student to the nursing profession. Their uniform was a dark 




Warren State Hospital 

Warren, Pennsylvania 


Cadet brochure You're right . . . 
... if your hair clears your collar 
all the way round. (Hairnets are 
wonderful inventions — and 
fashionable.) ... if your hand- 
bag strap swings straight from 
your left shoulder. You're wrong 
... if your make-up gives you a 
technicolor look . . . if your shoes 
have spike heels, open heels or 
open toes Handbook Gum-chew- 
ing is out of keeping with a 
nurse's professional appearance. 
The student is responsible for 
the conduct of her male guest, as 
well as her own. You are permit- 
ted to smoke on the porch or 
lawn only if you are in street 
clothes. Keys are attached to the 
chain and worn under apron at 
all times. 

Top right Miss Evans top left 'Probies' at Lycoming College Center left Students 
at Warren dressed in patient dresses second Breakfast at Warren third At 
Warren State Hospital right Fun at Warren Bottom left Handbook for Warren 
affiliation right Excerpts from handbook and Cadet uniform brochure 

blue and white striped dress with a starched white apron, collar 
and cuffs, with a black cotton tie at the neck. Called "probies" 
by the upperclassmen, these beginning trainees were required to 
be in the nurses' home by 7:00 p.m. with study hours from 7:30 
to 10:00 and "lights out" at 10:30 p.m. 

Upon successful completion of the required clinical proce- 
dures and the attainment of a passing grade in all subjects, the 
probies were eligible for capping. When this occurred, the black 
tie was removed and for the first time the student wore the white 
bib that matched her apron. The capping ceremony, reflecting 
all that had been achieved, was an impressive and solemn ser- 
vice. Students carried small lamps with lighted candles, recited 
the Nightingale Pledge and received their cap from the Nursing 
Arts Instructor. 

From 1959 to 1971, when Miss Anna E. Pfaff was Director of 
Nursing, vast cultural changes were taking place. Women in 
general were developing a better sense of self-awareness and a 
greatly heightened sense of self-esteem. Such changes in the 
way women regarded themselves made a significant difference 
in an almost totally female profession — Nursing. Nurses want- 
ed to be more involved with the planning of nursing care and to 
work side by side with the physician instead of feeling subservi- 
ent to him. The handmaiden was gone forever! 


Top Uniform as worn by students after cap- 
ing. Center left Probie' uniform middle 
'Probies" right uniforms with bib and cap — 
note stripes on collars denoting level of 
schooling Bottom left Miss Pfaff center 
How to sit without wrinkling apron right 
Pediatrics. Howard and North Buildings 

By the late 50's, housing was once again a prime concern. The 
four residences were old buildings in need of major repairs and 
largely unsuitable for occupancy. The original hospital building 
was still being used as an educational unit. The west wing 
contained Medical Hall and conference rooms and the east wing 
the nursing education offices, classrooms, and the library. Plans 
were drawn to demolish both the old hospital building and the 
McCormick Nurses' Home and to construct in their place a 
dwelling large enough to house all students under one roof. A 
public appeal was made for funds to finance this important 
project. The community responded favorably, with the first 
pledge for $100,000 coming from The Williamsport Hospital 
Auxiliary. The new facility, opened March 12, 1961, contained 
not only housing but an educational wing with classrooms, fac- 
ulty offices, and an auditorium. The residence has the capacity 
to accomodate 138 students, three housemothers, and a full- 
time residence director. 

A radical transformation in the school took place when males 
were admitted to the program. Two male students entered the 
school in 1 96 1 , and on September 4, 1 964, David Ranck became 
Williamsport's first male graduate nurse. There have been 
many male graduates since and they have added a new dimen- 
sion to an old, established program. 

The changes that had begun in the 60's were escalating rapid- 
ly in the 70's. Mrs. Celia D. Blanks, the Director from 1971 to 
1977, was instrumental in the revisions taking place. A welcome 
modification occurred, in 1971, when the blue and white striped 
uniform with detachable collar, cuffs, apron and bib was finally, 
after four decades, replaced by a one piece dress. This perma- 
press uniform, still worn today, is a short sleeved, light blue and 
white pin-striped shift with a full-length white insert to resem- 
ble the apron, and has a white collar and cuffs. At last students 
no longer had to suffer the discomfort of the rough, highly 


Top Promotional brochure 
used for fund raising for new 
nurses' residence, second 
Present residence Center top 
left David Ranck bottom left 
Students at Lycoming Col- 
lege Center right Present 
pantsuit uniform Bottom 
Mrs. Blanks 


starched pieces of the uniform or the painful hours of reassem- 
bling the uniform piece by piece with pearl studs and pins after 
each laundering. Probably the biggest change in uniform style 
came in 1975 when a pantsuit style was approved. This was a 
tunic which was simply a shorter version of the one piece dress 
worn over white slacks and gave the student an option of two 
styles. The stripes, which denoted the years in training, were 
now worn on the cap instead of on the collar. In 1 980 a blue and 
white pin-striped shirt similar to the girl's tunic was adapted for 
the male students. 

On July 1, 1973 the contract between Lycoming College and 
the school of nursing was revised to allow nursing students 24 
college credits for courses taken there. This was an important 
step toward increasing the school's role as an institution of 
higher learning, and it elevated the student nurses' credibility 
when furthering their education. In October of this same year, 
the length of the program was reduced from three full years to 
three academic years. This enabled instructors time to evaluate 
the curriculum and make necessary changes. In providing sum- 
mer vacations, it also gave students an opportunity to supple- 
ment their income to help meet the rising costs of tuition. 

In 1975, the school petitioned the National League for 
Nurses to review its program for accreditation. This certifica- 
tion, desired by all nursing schools, is a sign of excellence. In 
preparation for the committee's visitation, the staff worked even 
more diligently than usual to meet the necessary requirements, 
and in 1976 the N.L.N, accreditation was granted. 

Another significant reorganization took place in 1977. Miss 
Jean C. Balliet was named Director of Nursing Education, thus 
separating the nursing school from the Department of Nursing. 
The school had had Directors of Education before this, but they 
had always been under the supervision of the Director of Nurs- 
ing. Now the school would be a separate entity. 

Today's students have a more varied background upon en- 
trance into the school than previously. While many are the 
traditional student just graduated from high school, others may 
have attended college or worked several years prior to enroll- 
ment. Still others may be married or divorced and already have 
families they have partially or completely reared before return- 
ing to school themselves. The nursing students of the 80's enjoy 
many freedoms unknown to their predecessors since there are no 
restrictions placed on their evening and weekend time. Howev- 
er, they are more closely supervised during their time on the 
clinical units as a nursing instructor is always available. This is 
the same degree-prepared instructor who provides the majority 
of didactic materials. Some theory is of course provided by 
college professors and occasionally by guest lecturers from al- 
lied health care fields such as doctors, pharmacologists, physical 
therapists, and dietitions. Young men and women now gain 
clinical experience in a variety of settings within the community 
that include observational visits to nursing homes, doctors' of- 
fices, institutions, private homes, and several different clinic 
systems. The clinical student of today is expected to use the 


nursing process in conjunction with a holistic philosophy of 
nursing in order to make judgments about their patients' needs 
and then formulate individual plans of care for each patient. In 
addition, today's students are strongly urged to be politically 
aware and to become actively involved in their professional 

The nurse in training 100 years ago functioned in much the 
same capacity as she would upon graduation. With today's vast 
number of treatment modalities, numerous areas of specializa- 
tion, and increasing number of expanded roles, the student 
nurses in school now may not even have a chance to observe all 
the opportunities available to them upon their entry into prac- 
tice. Although today's graduates do not personally provide for 
every aspect of their patients' care; since many aspects of pa- 
tient care that were once provided directly by the nurse have 
now been given over to specialized ancillary departments such 
as Respiratory Therapy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 
Pharmacy, IV team, and Central Service: they do still remain at 
the hub; acting as patient advocate and correlating the services 
needed in the patients' treatment regimen. 

Dr. Rita Church could not possibly have conceived of where 
nursing would go in 1 00 years. She would be delighted, however, 
to see how the school she founded has continually advanced to 
remain current with demands placed upon it by changes in the 
profession. She would be pleased to find an active, viable school 
operating in Williamsport at a time when many other diploma 
programs have closed their doors. Mostly she would be very 
proud to know that the graduates take with them a hard-earned 
expertise that continues to make The Williamsport Hospital 
School of Nursing known and respected throughout the United 



Top left Male uni- 
form Top right Pre- 
sent dress style uni- 
form Left Miss Jean 

Right Threeformer uniform styles modeled by (l.-R) Mabel 
Bosworth, Glady Updegrove and Ethel Peard 


The Student Years 





■ * 


UTtTI -' «I«T »• 

■». II, «•/*•»»» T,i«, 1S4* 

ti. «u .< *■ —«• i«M" svjcfif^ ■" 

H »• f>.«4 

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•r «hi* *■*«. I (•»■»•' «»»-» ' ■** '■ °* 
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l»AT. !■•* .a* \m : — UfM. 

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\ursis Minim: 









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MAV 17. I9W 








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c^tf #•■ 

— --ssr^ 1 


L »\«* I k«* ft + i 

.«•'* *>» l*". »•«•" 


EFFIC , EN cv hbcoro 

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l ToP-' 1 """ 


' ** f . 


D '""" • ' «m . , 

n a - - 

J 1 ■ FV„ 

u ■ ' "■ ' ' ! 

- A -'IKS 

t G « 


A graduate of 1925 describes her probationary period ... We were 
mostly in classes, but in between we went to the assigned wards and 
added duties as we learned them. We had two hours off duty time 
daily, one half a day weekly and every other Sunday evening. When 
classes occurred on off duty time you lost one hour of your off duty 
lime. Duty rotations were made every four months. No over night 
-,ta\s were allowed. One of our class mates made history when in our 
senior year she asked permission to go the her fiance's college for 
House Party week-end and was allowed to go. We couldn't believe it! 


Student Rooms 

Hi. ^ 


A typical day as described by a graduate of 1 926 . . . Floor report from the night nurse starteu 
at 7 a.m. Next came the patient's bath and back rub and linen changes. Patients never took 
their own baths and no tubs or washing facilities were located in the rooms. After morning care 
came medications, doctors' rounds, any special treatments, straighten linen closets, check 
medicine cabinets to ensure an adequate supply of frequently used medications. At noon or 
12:30 you received a half hour lunch, if you could get away, often leaving only one nurse on the 
floor — woe to you if a doctor appeared to make rounds and couldn't find a nurse! In the 
afternoon you did the usual bell answering and PM treatments, medicines, etc. Supper was at 
five then back to give the last hour of TID medicines, evening care and evening report to the 
night nurse at 7 p.m. All backs were rubbed! All patients had hands washed for them if they 
were not able to use a bedside basin. If the nurse was not finished at 7 p.m. she stayed until her 
work was completed — often 9 o'clock. 

Nurses did not work professionally after marriage. Work was not easy to come by at that time. 
Nurses were frequently unemployed as most worked as private duty nurses. The only graduates 
on the floors were supervisors. Unless the husband was ill or a drunkard a married nurse was 
practically ostracized if she worked. It was seen as "taking the bread out of our mouths" by 
those who were single. 



From the early 30's . . . There were no packaged supplies and no Central Service. 
Students made cotton balls, cotton tipped applicators and cut and packaged gauze dress- 
ings. They also sterilized all cathater trays, enema trays and douche trays. There were no 
disposable syringes and needles so these also had to be cleaned and sterilized. These jobs 
were done on the floors and there were sterilizers for each purpose. Students also made all 
peri-pads for use in the hospital. 

Students worked 10 hour days and were on call during the night for emergencies in the 
Operating Room and Labor and Delivery. 

In Peds, students prepared the formulas as well as sterilizing the bottles and nipples. 
Occasionally the container of nipples boiled dry and the nipples burned — what a smell! 

Each day all bedpans and urinals were taken to a room at the end of the wards and placed 
in a bathtub to be soaked in a strong cleaning solution, then scrubbed and hung on racks to 
dry. No one looked forward to this job! 

Each night, flowers were removed from the patient rooms, dead blooms were removed, 
fresh water added and then the flowers were placed outside the patients' rooms. It was 
believed that flowers left in the room would depleate the oxygen supply in the room. 

Students on night duty made supper for the entire night staff if they were assigned to the 

There were interns in the hospital at the time. They lived on the first floor of the North 
Building in the west wing. Students were not allowed to date them!! 


• • ■ 

i. \ > 


Those who gave guidance 

From 1927 graduate ... we had a seniority rule during training. Upperclassmen were to be allowed to enter a 
room or elevator first and you never walked ahead of an upperclassmen. Of course no one went ahead of a doctor! 

From the late 30's and 40's . . . We were up at 6 a.m. Your room had to be neat and your bed made before leaving 
for breakfast and roll call in the dining room. Sometimes we had to line up in front of the nursing office and have 
the hem of our dress measured to ensure correct length. We were to be on duty by 6:45, get report, take TPR's, do 
bathes, change beds, clean the wards, dust beds, clean bedside stands, put urinals and bedpans to soak, clean 
individual thermometer holders and still be in class at 9 a.m. Classes were from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, then a half hour 
lunch, then class from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and then back on the floor for duty from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. or 5 p.m. to 7 
p.m. We were required to be in our room for study from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., then had to have lights out by 1 1 p.m. 
The housemother kept count of any infraction and they were reported to the Director of Nursing. 

We worked 10 and 12 hour days. We went on night duty after six months training and we were the only nurse on 
the floor from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. In the North Buiding the student nurse from Labor and Delivery relieved each 
floor for one to two hours off during the night if she was not busy. If she was busy we worked 12 hours with only 
being relieved for half hour supper around 1 1 p.m. 

The nurse mixed her own IV's by adding 50% glucose to normal saline or distilled water. There were no directions 
as to dosage or amount printed on medication labels, therefore we were required to compute it ourselves. All 
narcotics came in small tablets and we boiled water in a small frying-pan shaped container over an alcohol heater, 
dissolved the tablet in an amount the allowed easy arithmetic to determine proper dose, and discarded the 
unneeded part of the solution. 

There was a tennis court at the back of the North Building during the 30's and 40's. Students were allowed to 
wear shorts to play tennis and to go to and from the tennis court, but that was the ONLY time shorts were 

u-i ^ % f? I? V $ f 


Taken from "Rules and Regulations for Students to be Enforced b> the 
House Committee" dated 1944 . . . Rooms No nails may be driven into 
the walls for hanging pictures. No adhesive to be used anywhere. Turn 
off all lights not in use. Scholarship Students failing to maintain a 
passing average will be placed on study hours five nights a week. Tele- 
phones Night nurses may phone 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 
Other nurses 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Grooming Slacks are not to be worn at 
any time except when the student is going bicycling. Summer months 
During summer months when classes are not in session students are 
allowed out until 10:30 p.m. without a late leave permission. Additions 
By consensus of the School of Nursing Committee it has been deemed 
necessary to have a study period twice a week from 8 'til 10 p.m. for every 
student. Until further notice all students may have one over-nite leave a 
week or one late leave a week, not both. In the future all rules of the 
School of Nursing must be obeyed by every student. 




1 *ib 1 L 



Specialty Areas 

One student during the 50's related an amusing memory. On one of 
her first days on the clinical units as a "Probie" she was instructed to 
'tear up' a chart. She questioned if she was really to tear it up and was 
told to do so. The student did exactly what she was told and then spent 
the next few hours gluing it back together again! 

The first year that "The Oak" was published was 1953. 

Excerpts from "Handbook for Students" 1956. The conduct of a nurse is 
that of a lady. The student should learn to walk quickly and quietly. The 
nurse uses no perfume, but depends on good bathing habits for her 
cleanliness. Two fountain pens, bandage scissors, watch with second 
hand, and nail clippers must be carried at all times while in uniform. In 
the residences, nurses are not to congregate at the windows nor call to 
persons from the window. Window shades must be drawn at night. No 
individual room door may be locked except by the housemother. Ash 
trays must be provided by the student and she is responsible to empty 
them routinely. In using the Recreation Hall, the rooms used to entertain 
your guests will be well lighted at all times. 

Just for fun 

-duaie of the class of 1966 remembers when several of the girls formed a 
singing group and called themselves "The Beetles." The\ went to the SNAP 
convention and won first prize in a contest 

A member of the class of 1967 informed us that that was the year the first 
married student graduated. 

Members of the class of 1970 may recall a 'sit-in' on the front lawn. 

The 70's brought two new stvles in uniforms — both great improvements. 

1980 was the graduation of the first couple to go through school married. It was 
also the first year to have the privilege of co-ed visitation ... it was also the same 
vear that the policv was revoked! 


\7m FlH 




AL v 

X « 





The Graduates 

First graduate of the Williamsport 

Hospital School of Nursing, then 

known as the Williamsport Hospital 

Training School for Nurses. 



film Cnrtlfh* thai *J ' '■ P? ^ / ; 

A/.y rct/iJi/e/e// Mr .AleJcti/er/ f r fft>Je cy- ir//j/7/fc//'c/t /// ///< 
'*// /} ' ' /' / ' '4 ^ / / / ' /' I y 

,//,// /r/j //s/.j.jrv/ s/ Ja/fjjfaefCru rjy/ //f//t////f 
y /////u////.j//r//. fa / I 

J^ ^/fxV. : j 

?^ .//„ // 


/,, lf ///iy 

Abote Diploma of J. Alta King 



Lottie W. Lomison 
Tamor Lomison 


Mary C. Smith 


Emma C. Mix 


Martha A. Bradford 


Annie E. Naugle 


Laura A. Rothrock 


M. Elizabeth Arnold 
Catherine F. Little 
Rebecca Soloman 


L. Augustus Holcomb 


Bertha Rowe 
Ella King 


Chrissie Decker 
Almina S. Gilmore 
Mary L. Simco 
Mary O'Brien 
Drusilla Ranson 
Mary Adeline Saxton 
Margaret E. Heim 
Margaret M. Clark 
D. Louisa King 


Gretta May Swartwood 
Claire R. Pettit 
May Claudine Hauson 
Catherine F. Bolster 
M. Aleira Howell 
F. Elizabeth Hill 


Anna Elizabeth Lay 
M. Frances Thorton 
Estelle DeLaney 
Agnes M. Barber 
May Myers 


Jennie L. Simmons 
Rose E. Sweeley 
Mirna H. Miller 
Mary E. DeLaney 
Harriet K. Walter 
Maggie Belle Moyer 
Minnie Terwillinger 


Martha Washington Redfern 
Katherine Agnes White 
Ida Louise Hirst 
Marie L. Turner 
Lola Boule Thompson 
Emma E. Kunkle 
Bertha L. Maynard 
Cora Elizabeth Palmer 


Right Earliest photo available that is known 

to picture students of the Williamsport 

Hospital School of Nursing . This photo was 

taken August 23, 1894 and was labeled as 

showing "Group of nurses, resident physician 

and superintendents." 

Below Operating Room sometime in the early 



Above Third home and present site of The Williamsport Hospital. Constructed in Old Oaks Park in 1890 and first 
occupied in 1891 

Above Nursing students around 1899 



Oldest picture available of a 
graduating class 

Left to right. Josephine Heiney , 
Alice Hanna. Etta Shoemaker, 
Mary Kunkle. Janette Koons, 
Miss Dais> Mann — Hospital 
Superintendent, Cordelia Bell 



Effie N. Smith 
Edna Maxwell 
Eva Lippiott 
Sue Webster 
Nan Winter 
Jennie Albright 


Allie Pennington 
\1\rta Neshart 
Mars Williams 
Catherine Frain 


Louise Sornbcrger 
Maude Brown 
Ella Owens 
Bessie Grautier 

First Nurses' Residence. Ida Hays McCormick House. 
Constructed 1900. 


Top row. Margaret Hensler, Elizabeth Rodkey, Carrie Rilter. Anna Young 
Row 2. Catherine Murrelle. Nellie Bower, Jennie Hayes, Miss Mann, Grace 
Beck, Olive Gebhart Bottom. Maude Pensyl, Anna Longsdorf 


'tiisLb ' 


Bessie M. Swank 

Minnie McNerney-Underhill 

Rebecca Sallada 

Camilla Jobson 

Emily Reidel 

Elizabeth Mcintosh 

Gwendola Lovelace 

Elsie Bloomer 

Two members of the class of 
identified as Emily Reidel. 

905. Woman on left 


Ada Weaver, Harriet Stadden, Mary Wurster, Alma 
Walker, Eva McNerney, Lulu Hippie (back row far 
right), Margaret Williamson, Atta Albertson, Susie 
Steiner, Margaret Elliot, Beatrice MacVow 


Lula B. Cole 

M. Maud From 

S. Ella Mansuy 

Charlotte E. Quinn 

Bertha M. Rodgers 

Catherine M. Welsh 

Rose E. Woolridge 


Emma A. Mansuy 
Adly Florence Lyons 
Lucy E. Webb 
Mayme Worrell 
Bessie L. Bowen 


M. Bertha Lose 
Elizabeth Childs 
Florence Wise 
Lea G. Reedy 
Jessie M. Darling 


Martha I 



C. Larrivee 

Evaleen L. Keasey 

Mazie A. 


Anna M. 


Lois E. Lilley 

Selma A. 


Matie R. 


Fannie A 

. Rooker 

When a picture caption contains 
some indication of row or standing 
order, the names correspond to the 
people pictured. If no indication is 
included, the names of the class 
members appear in random order 
and do not correspond to the 
persons in the picture. 



Dolly Fry, Nina Dandois, Floye Whiting, Katherine Moyer, E. Mae Piano, Maude Sheffer, Ruby Williams, Margaret 
Swank. Estella Ritter, *01ive Hoover, *Mary TenBroeck, *Anna Fry, Rae Herman, Mabel Moyer, Anna Grace, Elizabeth 
Brogan. (*members of class of 1911); absent from 1910 — Rachael McMurray, Pearl Sanders, Bessie Marks) 


Olive Hoover, Mary Ten- 
Broeck, Anna Fry, Ger- 
tude Newman, Theodosia 
Butt, Emily Brower, 
Mary Rumberger, Wilhe- 
mina Meyers. Agatha 
Braun. Mary Follmer 



■-- >--- -?-- a , & 







Margie Wodrig, Harriet Ballentine, Naomi Lovell, Iva 
Casselberry, Carolyn MacNutty. Florence Dittmar 


Katherine Ulmer, Lavius Emerick, Sancta Dorman, Mina Keenan, Ethel Boggs, Emeline Flad, Abigail Waltz, Nellie 
Calvert, Martha Dreisbach, Hazel Bardo 



L-R Larieon Everley, Flossie Jacoby, Elsie Bickell, Helen Watusky, Estella Courter, Almeda VonDreele, Evaleen Grove, 
Frances Turner, Anna McDonough, Phebe Packer, Sara McClure, Cora Smiley 








11' -I _, L 

\ *T 1* 


Clara Woolridge, Marie Market, Ruby Rubright, Kathryn Eaton, Alvcrna Sterner, Mary Apker, Meryl 
Phillips. Mary Cook, Magdalene Schrader, Bertha Melius, Anna Lohr, Edith Ferguson, Alice Keating, 
Stella Sanders 



Front Essie Avery, Abigail 
O'Neill; 2nd Clara Woolever, 
Frances Davis, Barbara DeR- 
emer, Orpha Amies, Fay Little; 
3rd Eugenia Stull, Eva Guinter, 
Mary Sander 


Front Sara Pepperman, Ethel 
Lind. Ruth Rathmell, Atha 
Harer, Catherine Velotte; 2nd 
Bertha Robins, Ruth Fry, Zoe 



1st Beatrice Hertel. Mar) 

Bailey, Martha Neff, Ethel 

Cole. Maude Lentz, 

Gertrude Gaffes: 2nd Mary 

Jane Carson. Helen Crouse. 

Catherine Hillyard, 

Florence Pepperman, 

Elizabeth Duffy, Lulu 

Glossner. Belle Campbell. 

Ethel Peters: top Laura 

Wurster, Minnie Nau 



L-R Ruth Wright 
Myrtle Frey 
Ethel Sheridan 
Margaret Huling 
Bertha Dunn 
Edna Farrel 
Mabel Bussom 
Mildred Ellison 
Ida Brickley 
Cora Pealer 
Hazel See 


Bertha Ahn, D. Grace DeLaney, Olive Hilliard, Emma Morris, Frederica Myers, Mary Regel, Floy Reinbold, 
Elizabeth Thompson 


Jane Apker 
Grace Clark 
Hazel Fisher 
Mary Hazen 
Lula Keyser 
Kathryn Lindaner 
Louella Youngman 
Bertha Goldy 




fi.4i*>f» * 



1 1 


Ida Blair 
La Von Dedrick 
Margaret DeRemer 
Rene Garette 
Floss Lewis 
Gertrude Verry 




*'v* n >% ** a •« m iV^l 


Front Eva Manley, Teressa Stanley, Helen Yeagle, Doris Eveleth, Dorothy Kurtz, Helen Fegley, Hannah Hill, 
Ernestine Laedlein, Bernice Kirkwood, Madeline Mignot, 2nd Olive Allen, Bessie VanSickle, Helen Brooks, 
Miss Black, Miss Mann, Helen Frontz, Julia Buck, Jennie Buck, Sara Neff 


_ - . L-R Mrs. Johnson (?), Gladys Gimmel, Edna Johnson, Mary Gittkowski, Helen 

1 924 Benjamin, Gertrude Basley, Delia Bell, Katherine Burns, Dorothy Kunkle, Helen 

Reed, Mary Devlin, unidentified, unidentified (not named in identification re- 
ceived — Marion Collins, Amv Harman) 

2f Wititjf] 





192 5 

Front Alice Pfeiffer, Delia Maffet, Helen Shirey, Anna Mattson, Naomi McCarty, Lillian 


2nd Laura McHenry, Gunborg Erickson, Sara Glaes, Clara Shank, Constance Lamb, Helen 


3rd unidentified doctor. Miss Lydia Black 



• mH 

tmf •( * 

W -*JJ 



L-R Mabel Grove, Margaret Blaker, Nellie Harkness, Adessa Furst, Mary Lindsey, Caroline Guiser, Mary 
Koch, Margaret Bryson, Miss Eckman, Evelyn Richter, Miss Hippie, Josephine Smith, Pauline Smith, Madge 
Eberenz, Hazel Cleaver, Muriel Portmore, Alice Heylmun, Flora Johnson, Aletha Riggs, Gertrude Smith 

Front Verda Thompson, 

Pauline Messner, Florence 

Bower; 2nd Edith Pittinger, 

Elsie Fisher, Gene Flamini, Thelma Brickley; 3rd 

Leah Warden, Mary Rosencrans, Helen Ranck, 

Ethel Cooke; absent — Ruth Moore 



Front Martha Steiger. Genevieve Sprout. 

Naomi Strieby. Christine McEwen, 

Loretta Condo; 2nd Grace Springman. 

Matilda Seventrit. Eleanor McGill. Ethel 

Whitmoyer, Marion Wheeland, Beatrice 

Forsythe: 3rd Clara Steinbacher. Blanche 

Pursel. Mar\ Carola Lowe. Bernadine 

Hunter. Elizabeth Huyck. Edith Spotts, 

Irene Gilligan; absent — Alice Rishel, 

Martha Dewald 

"Where nurses attend classes and doctors 


Front Sue Ditamore, Veronica Sampson, 
Margaret Bower, Louise Good, Mary 

Kraken, Anna Mullen, Lucinda Temple, 
Eleanor Davenport, Nellie Rush; 2nd Lois 
Winters, Mildred Witzman, Ruth Bickle, 

Lucille Treon, Lois Hall, Carmen Shrey, 
Ethel DeWald, Elsie Rearick, O'Linde 

Maulcn; 3rd Helen Miller, Helen Adler, 
Ruth Hayes, Marion Kehrer, Laura Ertel; 

absent Iva Metzgar, Josephine Webb 


wiz • 9^9 9 

ft tt e*V*I 

w» ft 







Front Faylene Knauss, Bernadine 
Munderick, Hazel Hamler, Margaret 
Metzger, Martha Devling, Isobel Kirby, 
Ruth Williams; 2nd L. May McCracken, 
Josephine Shaffer, Helen Fry, Dorothy 
Perdy, Ida Jamison, Loma Crofut; 3rd 
Ruth Reed, Pauline Collins, Dena Swank, 
Catherine Hartswick, Catherine Winters, 
Helen Fisher; 4th Pearl Biggar, Gertrude 
Kuemmerle, Elizabeth Gregg; Top Mazzie 
Murray — superintendent of nurses, 
Anna Erdmann — directess of education 

Front Mary Merrill, Thelma McCaslin, 
Alice Eckman, Ceil Sanders, Margaret 
Waltz; 2nd Nellie Mahoney, Lillian 
Larson, Elinor Spotts, Elizabeth Stitzer; 
3rd Elizabeth Waring, Doris Smead, 
Louise Welty, Blanche Heim, Elverda 
Fry, Helen Hays, Edith Black, Evelyn 
Sharritts; Top Kathryn McMahon, 
Charlotte Crandall; absent — Alice 
Bahr, Thelma Ault, Marjorie Ditzler, 
Gertrude Barto 


Front Margaret Kerwan, Elsie 
Reynolds, Irene Slattery, Wilhel- 
mina Newcomer, Laura Weiser, 
Doris Cowden; 2nd Beatrice 
Coumbe. Ruth Williams, Virginia 
Lightfoot, Rilla Laubach, Helen 
Mcintosh; 3rd Marica Hughes, 
Minnie Snyder, Ruth Trostle, 
Elizabeth Brenholtz; 4th Mary 
Ring, Ruth Manavel, Helen Ba- 
con; Top Miss Lulu Hippie; absent 
— Louise Burch 

Front Allegra Shilling, Kathryn Kaupp, 
Marion See, Helen Gray, Alma Hahn; 2nd 
Kathryn Snyder, Beatrice Duck, Edna 
Bond, Vada Brion, Alice Emery, Mildred 
King, Edna Cahn, Lulu Houser; 3rd Miss 
Hippie, Martha Kavanaugh, Helen 
Shearer, Margaret Bower, May Koons, 
Betty Kramer, Ruth Larson, Blanche 
Horn; 4th Ruth Sturdevant, Dorothy Love, 
Vivian Fuller, Dorothy Burns, Dorothy 
Neal, Annabelle Lusk 



Front Blanche Mason, 
Elizabeth Stoetzel, 
Emaline Winner, Ger- 
aldine Smithgall, Sara 
Miller, Annabelle 
Fisher; 2nd Ellen Linn, 
Margaret Wilson, He- 
len May, Phoebe 
Renn, Martha Gray, 
Naomi Meckley; 3rd 
Miss Hippie, Onalee 
Renells, Dorothy Bed- 
ford, Ruth Tiet-Bohl, 
Winifred Raker, Iva 
Carr, Emma Johnson; 
4th Angeline Caprio, 
Louise Beer, Kathryn 
Kerstetter, Freida 
Cox, Maxine Deise, 
Emiline Stafford, Lou- 
ise DeWitt 

.. tfi 9 fist t& &4 


Front Mary Noll, Dorothy Shupp, Ann Scaife, 
Nellie Kerski, Josephine McGrath, Ruth 
Reese, Louise Leeds; 2nd Frances Fowler, El- 
eanor Hess, Aline Murray, Eleanor Lutcher, 
Pauline Kuno, Evelyn Treaster, Bessie Getz; 
3rd Helen Cassidy, Dorothy Sander, Gladys 
Hoover, Alma Watts, Elsie Talley, Helen 
Smith, Florence Blaksley; Top Miss Erdman, 
Miss McCracken, Miss Hippie 



Front Althea Barrett, Margaret Collins, 
Carmen Lorson, Edith Campbell, Cece- 
lia Tarszowica; 2nd Miss Hippie, Edith 
Benson, Helen McLaughlin, Eloise Bair, 
Grace Pealer, Miss Erdman; 3rd Mar- 
tha Devling, Eleanor Caldwell, Rachel 
Hirlman, Vonda Florey, Jean Hess, 
Clara Rambo; 4th Irene Wool, Ada 
Jones, Anna Sander, Eleaner Sharrow, 
Elizabeth Felker, Mae Ott, Vivian Bow- 
er, Doris Keller 

Chemistry Lab 


Front Miss Hippie, Jane Culver, Lois 
Kackenmeister, Frances McCormick, 
Alice Dieffenbach, Mable Hopkins; 2nd 
Sara Hoag, Gladys Updegrove, Viola 
King, Pauline Phillips, Ardis Drumm, 
Louise Konkle; 3rd Emily Albright, Ada 
Deppe, Mary Belle Kriner, Pauline 
Wertman, Alice Miller, Florence 
Probst; 4th Mary Snyder, Juanita 
Heyler, Mildred Brickley, Elizabeth 
Sander, Helen Junod, Anna Kyler 


Front Dorothy Faux, Marion Tolo- 
may, Marguerite Evarts, Mary DeR- 
emer, Ruth Weaver, Kathryn Coch- 
ran, Magdeline Haus; 2nd Elizabeth 
Albright, Dorothy Lewis, Jean Barto- 
lleti, Kathryn Shade, Lurena Bailey, 
Elizabeth McCarty; 3rd Ruth Foster, 
Anna Henninger, Florence Hoster- 
man, Betty Lush, Elinor Hutchison; 
4th Miss Evans, Miss Hippie; absent 
— Bernice Diehl 

(^ * 



"Group B in 

dietetics class' 


Front Thressa Worthington, Martha 
Emert, Frances Leeser, Betty Culver, 
Ada Schultz, Miriam Schultz; 2nd Ja- 
mella Bell, Edna Martz, Martha Hoff- 
man, Marjorie Parker, Marjorie Ten- 
ney; 3rd Martha Hopkins, Bertha 
Hackenberg, Jane Bricker, Sarah 
McGinnis, Betty Schwoerer, Violet 
Wettlaufer; 4th Jennie Wise, Ann Bur- 
gess, Elsie Watkins, Vera Kramer, Mar- 
garet Benson; Top Mary Lowe — class 
advisor, Miss Evans, Miss Erdman, Miss 



,!> V* Wa 


f ! 


Front Dorothy Strayer, Anna Treese, Mary Bacchieri, Dora High, Rosemary Laidacker, 
Helen Heim, Eleanor Heckart; 2nd Lucille Keller, Genevieve Rizzo, Martha Albright, 
Claire Harris, Almeda Lauderslager, Eleanor Askey; 3rd Olga Larson, Helen Penman, 
Martha Katzmaier, Sara Reeder, Dorothy Schultz, Martha McNearney; 4th Laura 
Hayes, Beth Harbach, Anastasia Wiggins, Helen Waltz, Lily Albert, Alyce Harris, Betty 
Snoody; 5th Miss Evans, Miss Erdmann, Miss Hippie, Miss McKeague; absent — Geor- 
gia Quig 

Front Norma Murphy, Geraldine Knaus, Dorothy Fornof, Emmabelle Gloeckler, 
Beatrice Bottorf, Annis Lundy, Betty Beach; 2nd Mary Hall, Beatrice Craw, Rita 
Mayes, June Wertz, Mary Calvert, Agnes Peters, Mary Gladewitz; 3rd Jane 
Mix, Margaret Carter, Ruth Day, Bettibel Wurster, Doris Thomas, Eleanor 
Stutzman; 4th Jean Kramer, Jane Trick, Margaret Quigley, Lorraine Rimert, 
Vera Robinson, Thelma Biddle; 5th Miss Hippie, Ruth Neece, Miss DeWald, 
Betty Gilbert, Betty Swartz 


'f tSk 






Front Frances Fulton, Sara Hartranft, Dorothy Bernardi, Lois Fisher, Victoria Gray- 
boski; 2nd Betty Gresh, Beatrice Weigle, Sara Gerber, Elizabeth Runyan, Hilda Heilman, 
May Coder, Carmela DiMarco, Majele Bostian, Arlene Messner, Janice Fish, Sara 
Gaglione, Genevieve Rockey, Betty Dickson 

Front Mary Pidcoe, Mary Rotundi, Virginia Dale, Mabella Hosterman, 
Aldene Stahl, Irene Dieffenderfer; 2nd Louise Diggin, Jean Korman, Jose- 
phine Strouse, Edith Beech, Miriam Kline; 3rd Dorothy Barger, Virginia 
Francis, Betty Zinck, Georgianna Smith, Nina Peterson; 4th Marie 
Tarszowicz, Pauline Sager, Katherine Plumacher, Martha Ostrom, Sally 
Gilbody; 5th Miss Hippie, Jacque Chaapel, Betty Stahlnecher, Mary Mc- 
Namara, Jean Spade; absent — June Hein 


*- a.* 

Top Elsa Best, Zoe Orner, Elizabeth Orr, Edith Lilley, Arlene Noll, Charlotte 
Shaffer, Dorothy Quay, Marthene Dangle, Violet Holter, Erma Chamberlain; 
Middle Miss Hippie, Margaret Straw, Laura Wellendorf, Marguerite Poust, 
Dorothy Fredericks, Thelma Lynch, Laveral Mase, Margaret Maffett, Jane 
Opp, Emily Shimp; Front Lucille Poust, Maxine Hunter, Doris Finnerty, 
Annie Coull, Margaret Dexter, Elizabeth Wolfe, Mary Carson, Lois Ohl 


The 50th class 


Front Doris Hill, Leah Meily, Doris Gilson, Marion Haggard, Bernice Harbach, Martha Hofer, Rebecca 
Beam, Vivian Reitmcycr, Madelyn Reinwald; 2nd Louise Thursby, R. Eleanor Foresman, Eleanor Young, 
Gladys Whitmcr, Mary Frank, Jean Keller, Fannie Strick, Marie Groulx, Anna Lunger, Lois Farley, Pauline 
Yaggi; 3rd Louise Kujawa, Norma Alexander, Kathryn Hall, Ida Berry, Jean Fisher, Ethel Eisenhauer, Betty 
Adams, Vera Spong, Gladys Paul, lona Conner, Elizabeth Taylor; absent — Betty Fisher, Betty Benning, 
Elizabeth MacHugh, Joyce Vancmon, Beverly Houseknccht, Ethel Waring, Helen Jacobs, Marjorie McGill, 
Mary Temple, Betty Barto 


Front Virginia Curran, Helen Collins, Ruth 
Pegrum, Gloria Morrell, Willa Noden, 
Roberta Woodson, June Peard; 2nd Sara 
Sager, Caroline Mattucci, Velma Snell, 
Geraldine Yenish, Eleanor Ritter, Frances 
Puff, Ruth Gilbert, Doris Maneval; 3rd 
Arlene James, Margaret Dieffenbacher, 
Ruth Haas, Phyllis Gross, Orella Konkle, 
Martina Martz, Elinor Bach, Betty Beechey, 
Marjorie Bergstrom; 4th Helen Yeager, 
Emily Hill, Mary Kay Powell, Mary Rehrer, 
Miriam Hagerman, Dorothy Brobst, Jean 
Frazier, Lucille Musheno, Jeanne Walker, 
Joanne Bass; 5th Eleanor Goodreau — 
instructor, Miss Hippie, Virginia Adams, 
Doris Wise, Mary Berger, Betty Girton, 
Florence Knecht, Doris Brewer, Miriam 
Raker, Eleanor Welshans, Betty Rathburn, 
Betty Kerstetter, Ada Stenger, Leta 
Brownlee, Aldine Dorato, Nellie Illniski 


Front Jean Campbell, Jean Diggan, Sara 
Catherman, Mary Lange, Kathryn 
Casselberry, Evelyn Young, Rheta Wolfe, 
Martha Coffey; 2nd Olga Havlicek, Maxine 
Andrus, Jeanette Bixel, Maetta McKibben, 
Madelyn Brungard, Evelyn Haas, Harriet 
Winters; 3rd Helen Kehrer, Lucille Kiess, 
June Alexander, Eleanor Dentler, Kathryn 
Gee, Jean Savidge, Jacqueline Ranck; 4th 
Florence Forney, Ada Hill, Anna Farley, 
Jane Reid, Sara Bower, Lucille Bieber, 
Marcella McDermott; 5th Jeanne Snyder, 
Caroline Simon, Mary Burchill, Phyllis 
Kaufman, Betty Teed, Helen Dugan; 6th 
Mary Zaner, Doris Hackenberg; Absent 
Edith Rump, Frances Drake, Ann Stiber, 
Vincie Gnoffo 



V v |t 

, : |V ^y 


Front Blanche Williams, Janice Meloy, Ann Walter, Dorothy Shay, Eleanor Wellendorf, Charlotte Edwards, 
Dorothy Boyer, Marjorie Heckman, Margaret Flynn, Ruth Manz, Evelyn Booth; 2nd Martha Paul, Mae Fox, 
Phyllis Wheeler, Evelyn Johnson, Dolores Shaffer, Doris Pauling, Hannah Mosteller, Ivalene Crawford, 
Marguerite Fowler, Constance Gilbody, Carol McDaniel, Lois Hoover, Mary Wurster; 3rd Phyllis Dugan, 
Marian Klinger, Elsie Mae Hoffman, Alma Smith, Elizabeth Rougeux, Freda Kohlberger, Patricia Pringle, 
Edith Clemens, Betty Good, Isabelle Leiser, Mary Helen Bloom, Mary Jane Sheffle 


Front Bobette Miller, Cora 

Evens, Jane Grimm, Wilma 

Forshaw, Dorothy Swank, 

Rose Ellen Weisel; 2nd Betty 

Arrowsmith, Pearl O'Donnell, 

Dodie Haug, Ruth Brown, 

Helen Meek, Alice Shreck, 

Fay Davis, Margaret Manley, 

Sally Cillo; 3rd Gloria Childs, 

Marietta Caldwell, Lois 

Whitmoyer, Jean Bredbenner, 

Shirley Brown, Jean Ludwig, 

Mary Lou Reighard, Norma 


% i £ > £. / ■/ ' - 



Front Sophie Paucke, Marian Dochter, 
Leona Reynolds, Winifred Harlan, Jane 
Alston, Margaret Riss, Jean Davis; 2nd 
Maxine McErn, Lorraine Bass, Doris 
Cohan, June McCarty, Fae Ertel, 
Barbara Leavy, Margaret Mosso, 
Constance Stein; 3rd June English, 
Marguerite Kessler, Jacqueline Erney, 
Nellie Myers, Dorothy English, Lucille 
Dimm, Helen Holdren 

fli * 3 $ 

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Front Constance Yearick, Mary Louise Wolfe, Cora 
Fry, Carolyn Stalcup, Sally Long; 2nd Maxine Cline, 
Judy Hetter, Rozena Kreger, Jane Harbor, Lucille 
Williams, Olive Aderhold, Janet Musheno, Carol 
Andrews; 3rd Shirley Eister, Charlotte Bamford, 
Mary Jane Webster, Elsie Chamberlain, Kathryn 
Bower, Marqueen Smith 


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Front Emily Antes, Pauline Mattis, 
Maxine Moday, Delores Fleisher, 
Mildred Siddle, Madeline Douty, 
Patricia Tobin, Shirley Brectenbach; 
Middle Joan Thomas, Jean Snyder, 
Carol Drake, June Smith, Phyllis 
Hoffman, Mary Bard, Pretta Kramer, 
Peggy Beaver, Barbara Vickery; Back 
Patricia Brady, Doris Felix, Jeannette 
Coder, Rachel Berger, Doris Glace, 
Naomi Kauffman, Shirley Kishbaugh, 
Mary Schriner, Betty Lechner 

* -& $&■*& JO- J 0- J ^O^ 


Front Clara Hough, Jean 

Livingston, Barbara Webster, 

Barbara Innes; 2nd Martha Lee, 

Janet Belles, Doris Horn, 

Elaine Smead, Virginia Eck, 

Margaret Harlan, Constance 

Winters, Eleanor Peters, Ruth 

Ann Murray; 3rd Doris Felko, 

Dorothy Eplcr, June Funk, 

Mary Fuller, Nancy Hayes, 

Margaret John, Fayc Kaycon, 

Mary Ellen Ohnmciss 



Front Shirley Waehner, Joyce Artley, 

Mary Bair, Flo Livermore, Kay 

Connelly, Jane Pelky, Ethel Rae, 

Catherine Lyons; 2nd Suzanne 

Stuempfle, JoAnne Donnell, Amelia 

Larson, Bea Frazer, Lois Huff, Mary 

Rougeux, Dolores Stanzione, Lorma 

Baker, Ruth Neff; 3rd Nancy Eyer, 

Catherine Winters, Kathleen Wolfe, 

Jane Lanterman, Janet Cupp, Doris 

Abernatha, Marie Eck, Lila McQuillan 




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Front Mildred Shaffer, Janette Kotanchik, Shirley Edwards, Muriel Edwards, Joanne Stoudt, Carol 
Shanner, Evelyn Sherman, Carlene Hall, Kathryn Geise; 2nd Beverly Berry, Madelyn Maetta, Emily 
Hollen, Jeanne Flanigan, Florence Keller, Joan Heisley, Dorothy Casselberry, Audrey Freeberg, Shirley 
Johnson, Barbara Fuller; 3rd Nancy Bivens, Catherine Flury, Virginia Coleman, Irene Loudenslager, 
Joanne Niklaus, Patricia Meyer, Jane Albert, Jeanne Reichard, Miss Doris Beaudry — Advisor 



Front Janet Solomen. Anita 
Moore. Sarah Mover, Arlene Rob- 
bins. Alice Yocum. Frances Stan- 
zione, Patricia Hoover. Donna 
Blair. Deanne Downey, Barbara 
Case. Arlene Johnson. Edith 
Kreger; 2nd Joanna Georges, 
Catherine McClintock, Christine 
Kerestes, Joan McHale, Joanne 
Ritter. Mary Beckner, Patricia 
Gentry. Jeanne Brobst, Delores 
Bennett. Shirley Young, Shirley 
Alberts; 3rd Maxine Bailey, Patri- 
cia McMichael. Frances Black, 
Edythe Dadd, Martha Schweikle, 
Dorothy Barbour, Charlene Hart, 
Emily Reynolds; 4th Marguerite 
Bitler. Donna Mincemoyer, Anne 
Myers. Joann Leonard. Barbara 
Glaes. Avalyn Mase, Virginia 
Bower, Deloris Waehner 


Front Barbara Shotts, Jeanne 
Krauser, Annette Kreger, Joyce 
Aurand, Arlene Quimby, Janet 
Bartges, Jean Hendershot, Mary 
Parise, Meriam Bieber, Monya 
Stotz, Llwana Flora; 2nd Roberta 
Stutzman, Roberta Woods, Lor- 
raine Folmar, Mary Jane Myers, 
Ruth Coder, Dawn Brewer, Ann 
Taylor, Eloise Mattern, Elsie 
Hess; 3rd Ann Moyer, Jane Haser, 
Rose Poplaski, Shirley Maneval, 
Nancy Jeffries, Sally Stutzman, 
Catherine McCaleb 



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Front Joanne Hart, Suzanne Han- 
cock, Emma Beierle, Shirley Ricker, 
Virginia Schmohl, Joanna Kling, An- 
drea Wagner; 2nd Bertha Clark, Bar- 
bara Bower, Beverly Schriner, Lu- 
cille Daugherty, Doris Winkelblech, 
Jacqueline Burns, Elaine Justice; 3rd 
Grace Abramo, Nancy Selders, Mary 
Messinger, Sally Lehman, Cather- 
ine Plotts, Betty Lou Burfield; 4th 
Juanita Ladd, Fay Harman, Betty 
Neff, Joan Brosious, Nancy Clouser, 
Joyce O'Donnell 


Bottom to top Wilma Dittman, Patri- 
cia Chambers, Joan Cousart, Myra 
Collins, Jorgie Grimes, Wilma Bunn, 
Edna Jean Bowens, Jeanette Ken- 
drick, Janet Rae Beardslee, Carol 
Barber, Beverly Knauff, Marilyn 
Kreidler, Margaret Laubscher, June 
Lesher, Judith Blackwell, Emily 
Mausteller, Yvonne Marcey, Donna 
Thomas, Joann Shook 




Front Beverly Ransom, Donna Stroble, Eloise Stover, Barbara Miller, Caryll Lorimer, Genevieve Harris, 
Elvera Formica, Shirley Stout; 2nd Mary Ruth Moyer, Martha Erdley, Ellen Grove, Marie Pagana, 
Margaret Agostinelli, Barbara Lowell, Constance Gonzalez, June McGill, Pearl Wycoff, Faylene Kanally; 
3rd Mrs. Rial Heyd, Miss Anna Pfaff, Elizabeth Teuscher, Blanche Cowles, Jane Downin, Norma Ryder, 
Phyllis Harbach, Peggy McKee, Margaret Mealy, Roberta Clees, Betty Ketchum 


Front Carole Brown, Carole Kling, Lindsay Gottschall, Mary Ann Ball, Nancy Stabler, Wanda Calvert, 
Donna Somers, Carol Brickley; 2nd Dina D'Addio, Helen Hennigan, Carole Hoover, Gladys Orme, Aria 
Cromley, Gloria Nace, Shirley Kyle, Joan Martin, Marjorie Finch 



Front Gladys Wimmer, Margaret McClintock, Mina Rutter, Sondra McHenry, Gloria Guerriero; 2nd 
Susan Redmond, Ruth Ann Falck, Marjorie Neff, Eleanor Mark, Judith Stutz, Ann Marie Bronokoskie, 
Sandra Thomas, Judith Bensinger, Sandra Horn; 3rd Carol Glaes, Yvonne Bernocco, Joey Shearer, Ruth 
Harbach, Joan Frank, Pauline Aunkst, Frances Scisly, Lois Keller, Joan Tomlinson 


Front Joanne Chipego, Ann Fair, Nancy Lindgren, Karlene Sheela, Roberta Bliss, Carol Fuller, Joan 
Dieffenderfer, Nancy Martin, Linda Weaver; 2nd Linda Barner, Kitty Sterner, Nancy Simpler, Jane 
Iddings, Martha Emig, Carol Courter, Sandra Ball, Karen Bierly, Barbara Bruno, Alberta Ruspi, Faye 
Waehner, Nancy Mader; 3rd Marlene Grimes, Bonnie Newell, Jeanne Sheaffer, Patricia Noon, Mary Ann 
Martz, Helen Ayers, Nancy Seaman, Dorothy Searles, Kay Downin, Shirley Drum 



Front David Ranck, Love 
McErn, Peggy Hubler, Jes- 
sie Thompson. Vada Mae 
Eder. Naomi Hessler. 2nd 
Diane Crist, Patricia Kurtz, 
Maj Paulhamus, Sandra 
Davis, Patricia Coble, Janice 
Stepp. Shirley Hoover, Janie 
Winter. 3rd Jeanean Ka- 
churka. Ann McCracken, 
Linda Lepley, Brenda Horn- 
ing, Kathy Pagana, Elaine 
Rudneski. Joanne Caven- 
augh, Karen Bower, 4th Sue 
Guinter, Barbara Thrash, 
Janice Wright, Sue Hill, 
Sherry Peters. Martha Bar- 
bee. Nancy Yearick, Laura 


Front Joyce Lowery, Donald Houser, Linda 

Shaffer, Mary Jane Bubb, Louisa Reggia, 

Lois McNutt, Glenn Deitrick, Ann 

Crevelling; 2nd Sandra Mitchell, Betty 

Stoner, Marthalie Ryan, Louise Kahler, 

Frances Peterson, Carole Emick, Judith 

Kinley; 3rd Ann Fremberg, Ellen Engler, 

Mary Ann Boob, Kathryn Thomas, Muriel 

Clarke, Teresa Krawczyk; 4th Gail Ranck, 

Rebecca Bonner, Paula Mikulak, Diane 

Harman, Barbara Clewell, Elinor Ivans, Lois 

Gamble, Sharon Bowen, Shirley Schreck, 

Nancy Godfrey, Sally Watson, April Enck 


/ Qf\f\ Front Maxine Bratton, Marilyn Singley, Janet Loudenslager, Sheryl Wehler, Diana Kryder, Lois Sabo, 

Margaret Stanford, Joan McFadden, Marlene Turner; 2nd June Dahlgren, Rebecca Bower, Martha Hudel- 
son, Diane Rauch, Anna Bortot, Mary Kay Neibauer, James Shellenberger, Leslie Brown, Donna Wurster, 
Carolyn Waltz, Jean Plankenhorn, Charyl Butler, Sharon Harvey, Sharon Bochkay 

J Q/C 7 Front Anita Longin, Margaret Clark, Judy Little, Susan Stocum, Rebecca Kidd, Suzanne McMahon, Sue 

Kotanchic, Mary Ann Poff, Elaine Smetana; 2nd Betsy Cole, Barbara Linn, Mary Elaine Haldeman, Janet 
Bowman, Susan Hunter, Suzanne Rouch, Judith Clees, Marcella Steppy, Barbara Clark, Gail Fisher; 3rd 
Joann Mapstone, Bonnie Adams, Gloria Reichard, Nellie George, Robert Mincemoyer, Jr., Clara Musser, 
Sally Harris, Karla Wimmer 



Front Constance Shafer, Ivan 
Machmer. Elaine Pongrazzi; 2nd Linda 
Bohr, Jean Hackedorn, Raymonda Lay- 
Ion. Elizabeth Harris, Diane VanHou- 
ten. Gloria Fantaski, Judy Smith, Marie 
Reitz, Emily Machmer, Jeanne Laurid- 
sen: 3rd Denise Stahli, Cheryl Tressler, 
Lydabelle Hemens, Joan Wolfe, Marcia 
Gehr, Diane Barrett, Linda Hoover, Al- 
ice Hallow, Mary Homan, Nancy Hock- 
er. Betsy Thomas, Linda Crapek, Mar- 
tha Hathman, Karen Sue Bartlett; 4th 
Pamela Metzger, Doris McCormick, 
June Kurtz, Joyce Emick, Artista Mar- 
chioni, Kay Strassner, Christine Mallin, 
Susan Motter 


Front Judy Sherman, Jean Steininger, Celia Minium, Marilyn Bohlayer, Linda Shultz, Sandra Skutski, 
Jean Kuzneski, Mary Moate, Doris Patterson, Pamela Hanna; 2nd Sandra Newton, Eileen Hoffman, 
Violet Rearick, Barbara Hrinya, Frances Temple, Ginny Clingen, Virginia Barr, Kathy Kline, Dawn 
Savage, Linda Lowery, Lynne Ricketts; 3rd Carol Renk, Cheryl Thomas, Mary Ellen Dwyer, Martha 
Chutko, William Hippo, Nancy Rogers, Donna Kramer, Norma Krydcr, Arlene Heck, Sally Wehr, 
Emilic Holt, Sharon Plotts 



Front Blaine Bush, Kayann Kaupa, Georgina Lucas, Michela Capello, Sandra Brown, Sandra Zaydell, 
Phyllis Geise, Rita Terry, Jeanne Kizer, William Rhine; 2nd Roberta Heyler, Rebecca Burkholder, Bonnie 
Klees, Sandra Weigle, Joy Asby, Margaret Miller, Carol Hooks, Jennifer Gray, Carol Syker, Judy Coup, 
Marie Phleger, Wendy Shindler; 3rd Roxann Renn, Cynthia Ranck, Jeanette Yanulevich, Thalia Reffner, 
Aoice Taylor, Cheryl Stetts, Jacqueline Chrencik, Bonnie Roe, Tondelayo Stickler, Diane Frei, Mary Jane 
Chapin, Bonnie Ogden 


Front Gail Feese, Barbara Hartman, Nancy Hampton, Karen Spencer, Susan Wilcox, Christine Spooner, 
Cindy Orleski, James Molitor; 2nd Carol Peters, Marie Tomalonis, Bonita Kephart, Billie Houseknecht, 
Shirley Moore, Sandra Butler, Peggy Caldwell, Karen Houseknecht, Henry Horning, 3rd Sharon Engler, 
Linda Hagan, Barbara Schnars, Sarah Shrimp, Sharon Fischer, Gloria Gavin, Debra Guthrie, Judith 
Beaver, Connie Auker, Paula Burger, Mina Wales; absent — Lucinda Ditlow, Deborah Rizzo, Karen 
Macklem, Valeri Cruse 



Front Joan Grander, Grace Roupp. Cynthia Leathers, Suzanne Mansuy, Donna Gardner, Bonnie Holmes, 
Susan Snyder, Patricia Bair, Diane Roberts; 2nd Kathy Kratzer, Debra Specht, Sherry Smith, Gloria 
Hutchings, Cynthia Hockman, Ellen Fullmer, Dena Kelley, Sharon Baier, Jan Peters, Barbara Copen- 
haver; 3rd Mary Kane. Kathleen Smith, Kathleen Plank, Veronica Majeski, Eileen Lilley, Daniel Dolan, 
Larry Keltz, Kenneth McCloskey, Ray Klingaman; absent — Desiree Morlock 



Front Janet Forcey, 
Betsy Lyon, Carol 
Burkholder, Shelley 
Taylor, Bobbi Shaible; 
2nd Sherryl Connelly, 
Alice Gruver, Linda 
Whitmyer, Debra 
Diehl, Nancy Fenster- 
macher, Nadine Bair; 
3rd Carletta Smith. 
Janis Sementelli, Ja- 
nette Long, Diane 
Chapin, Kathleen 
Martino, Virginia 
Flook; 4th Christine 
Coffman, Karen Sey- 
bert, Cathy Stover, 
Sharon Lucus, Pamela 
Zimmer, Alison Hciter 



Front Theresa Pompili, Lou Ann Waring, Martha Hostrander, Pamela Taylor, Karen Fischer, Claudia 
Hoffman, Cynthia Schriner, Karen Swanson, George Strunk, Ceclia Cozzi, Sandra Wittman, Tamara Bur- 
rows; 2nd Dorothy Putman, Catherine Hultman, Jane Lingle, Diane Hartung, Lucinda Robbins, Bernadine 
Bryerton, Melody Haubert, Richard Fischer, Elaine Moss, Sandra Beach, Janet Welshans, Sue Cryder, Sallie 
Parker, Lonna Stroup 


Front Sandy Bennett, Leslie 
Berry, Susan Shaffer, Amy 
Lutz; 2nd Jane Bohnert, June 
Klase, Terrie Hursh, Chris 
Coder, Mary Banik, Connie 
Bennett, Josy Lyons; 3rd Karen 
Robb, Cheryl Blank, Jo Anna 
Moyer, Jan Anderson, Ann 
Kaler, Cindy Campbell, Mary 
Lou Kostocki, Jan Stevens, Or- 
leen Clough, Cynthia HelK \ 
Karen McNutt; 4th Sherry 
Springer, Krista Smithgall, 
Mary Lou Eck, Kathy Starr, 
Rita Russell, Gloria Walters, 
Diana Murray, Connie Heiser, 
Dayna Hurley, Sharon Kyler; 
5th Bob Hoffman, Barbara 
Bluff, Ann Miller, Linda Brick- 
ley, Jan Kanaskie, John Isaac- 
son, Cheryl Grugan 


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Front Mark Garverick, Diane Cartwright, Carlinda Leppert, Debra Moser, Kathleen Lovett, James 
Myers; 2nd Kathleen Moser, Patricia Dudek, Linda Daniels, Jeannine Shaffer, Janice Bixel, Kay 
Keefer, Susan Burk, Brenda Sweigard, Sally Cress; 3rd Alda Williams, Charmaine Best, Vicky Skor- 
inko, Candace Nicolosi, Betty Rightnour, Claire Whitmyer, Barbara Ammon, Cathy Harvey, Cathie 
Schneck; 4th Theresa Lantz, Linda Westbrook, Deborah Skunda, Joan Wool, Vivian Carvell, Roxanna 
Corbett, Nancy Stuart, Joan Tarman 

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Front Jane Good, Barbara Marvi, Audrey Fry, Debora Baier, Diana Plymette, Carol Sigafoos, Lonna Fritz, 
Marilyn Neyhart, Vicki Yohe, Karen Kelley; 2nd Cheryl Girio, Sandra Eschbach, Carol Fisher, Vickie Cook, 
Twila Metzler, Cynthia Shaffer, Debra Pepperman, Ruth Ann Echoff, Carol Slack, Carol Powell, Diane 
Staib; 3rd Christine Molek, Kathleen Pasukinis, Barbara Nyman, Kathy Floyd, Barbara Tidd, Judy Aurand, 
Kim Hcdgcland, Debra Klock, Rosanne Mokrzynski, Vicki Eichenlaub, Anastasia Norris; 4th Debra Brown, 
Dawn Basom, Jeanne Nihart, Donna Waldman, Joan Aunkst, Bcrnadctte Anderson, Kathy Hummel, Barbara 
Busshaus, Gail Force, Virginia Maclndoe; 



Front Nancy Miller, Rena Herman, 
Cathy Raymond, Dawn Jones, Linda 
Wagner, Kathy Harstead, Cathleen 
Crowley, Beth Frazier, Cynthia 
Missien; 2nd Sharon Little, Helen 
Whittemore, Christine Murray, Vickie 
Katherman, Debbie Shaffer, Carolyn 
Yorlets, Merrily Frey, Marie Seers; 3rd 
Janet Dieck, Teresa Creveling, Paula 
Fisher, Sharon Harmon, Leslie 
Kennedy, Trudie Wenner, Margaret 
Wehler, Lisa Burns, Mary 
Worthington, 4th Ginny Fisher, Lois 
Aulick, Candy Boswell, Claudia Willis, 
Stephanie Willis, Susan Diem, Mary 
Kay Danneker, Sheila Stabley, Debra 
Masser; absent — Sally Franz 


Front Connie Ritter, Diane Doughty, 
Rochelle Crumb, Ruth Mann, Brenda 
Terry, Kathy Roush, Becky Alexander, 
Leann Stuempfle, Kathy Walker, 
Linda Isernhagen, Linda Dieffenbach, 
Gayle Ganoe; 2nd Vida Endrizzi, 
Phyllis Thomlinson, Deborah Klotz, 
Kathleen Kline, Celeste Caroway, 
Margaret Moyer, Denise Hamm, 
Cynthia Vielleo, Nancy Moyer, Linda 
Peterman, Marianne Peek, Michelle 
Baier, 3rd Sandra Rhodes, Kathryn 
Williams, Janie Fredericks, Dawn 
Henrie, Kandice Kibbe, Erin Downs, 
Sue Mourey, Rebecca Hendershot, 
Margaret Carpenter, Carol Pifer, 
Linda Keiper, Teresa Busia; 4th 
Maureen Crowley, Kelly Glossner, 
Darlene Reeder, Cynthia Carstetter, 
Linda Anderson, Cheryl Hilner, Keith 
Hackenburg, Diane Baer, Geoffrey 
Kiesinger, Trudy Shoemaker; absent - 
Scott Sholley, Deborah Hales 



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Front Linda Hummel, Lori Kline, Laureen Varndell, Stacey Mader, Ann DiFabbio, Julie 
Kirkner, Wilda Rubino, Janice Pysher, Doreen Rigel, Dawn Bartholomew, Anita Owens, 
Deborah Yates; 2nd Celia Watkins, Elaine Wilson, Carol Keister, Dee Ann James, Lisa 
Reeves, Kathleen Morris, Jean Audet, Lesa Lippoli, Scarlet Kelley, Susan Robbins, Melanie 
Plank; 3rd Albert Tagliaferri, Beth Moore, Sharon Floyd, Patricia Kiess, Shelley Search, 
Diane Hooper, Peggy Staub, Linda Hoffman, Melinda Roan, Bettyann Milliron, Kathy 
Tagliaferri, Dawn Stugart, Deborah Mosteller, Bradley Watts; absent Rick Poust 

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Front LeAnne Byerly, Connie Friant, Jean Grego, Connie Frishko, Mary Banko, Audrey Zerby, Leigh Ann 
/ QR J Stahlnecker, Sharon Buckwaltcr, Sharon Shaffer, Cynthia Kline, Irene Tizekker, Sharon Egli, Candace 

Lauver, Patricia Brislin, David Servey, Carolyn Harbach; 2nd Jerry Prater, Christine Vinitski, John 
Bcchtel, Donna Crain, Debra Campbell, Tina Calvert, Kimbcr Johnson, Deanna Phillips, Kimberle Peters, 
David Rhodes, Joyce Vonada, Maureen Shafer, Beverly Lloyd, Cathy Hommel, Carolyn Brooks, Sandra 
Russell, Lisa Wells 


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Front Tanya Smith, Mary Jo Lecker, Constance Barto, Nancy Panko, Deborah Blosser, Lynn Jacobs, Alice 
1QR7 Bartlow, Marsha Hofer, Kylinn Stone, Laurie Doty, Mary Ellen McKissick; 2nd Robin Welker, Janet 
Burd, Pamela Conrad, Janine McGill, Teresa Artley, Brenda Furtak, Sheila Schwab, Kathy Colmen, 
Sandra Berkheiser, Sharon Miller, Colleen Crowley; 3rd Vickie Lenhart, Sandra Stanzione, Barbie Hoover, 
Denise Nihart, Mary Altebrando, Cheryl Holt, Linda Weinhart, Peggy Cartwright, Gwendolyn Stamets, 
Mark McDonald, Donald Swanson 

Front Christianne Wilkins, Julie Chadwick, Randall Forker, Barbara Brungard, Melinda McClusick, 
/ QR ? Pamela Savoy, Barbara Philbin, Georgia Covington; 2nd Diane Wurm, Brenda Noll, Millie Sheatler, Jean 

LeVan, Julie Kookogey, Sue Eckley, Barbara Morrone, Lisa Smith, Lynn Sauers 



The Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing is special. Faculty have been accepting 
female students for over 100 years. The first male student entered in 1961 — long before 
many other schools were able or willing to admit them. 

The School of Nursing is needed. Drawing most of its students from within the a fifty mile 
radius around Williamsport, it supplies professional nurses to all area hospitals. Class- 
mates are usually only a local phone call away. 

The School of Nursing is excellent. In the last decade, the success rate of our graduates on 
the State Board Examination has consistently been over ninety percent. 

The School of Nursing is ever-changing. Each summer, the faculty reviews the total 
curriculum using student, graduate, and employer evaluations. Revisions are made based 
upon sound recommendations and in concert with state and national criteria. Keeping 
abreast of the current state of the art and trends in Nursing education, our graduates are 
guaranteed a sound background of knowledge and skills upon which they will continue to 
build their entire professional lives. 

The Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing is constantly being challenged. As federal 
and state scholarship and loan funds for student assistance are decreasing measurably 
each year, the Financial Aid Officer must expand her knowledge of institutions and 
organizations who support students of nursing. In comparison to many colleges, tuition to 
the school has been kept relatively low in order to allow candidates from all economic 
strata an affordable quality education. Members of the Alumni are commended for their 
continued financial support to needy students. 

Each time the National League for Nursing criteria and the Rules and Regulations of the 
Pennsylvania State Board of Nurse Examiners are revised, the minimum educational 
standards for faculty are increased. Faculty are now required to have earned a Master's 
degree in nursing. Those without a M.S.N., however, find it extremely difficult to hold a 
full-time position and also continue their education at a graduate level. 

These are only a few of the challenges facing the faculty and the students. What we can 
expect in the next one hundred years is truly not known. I will state, however, that while 
many hospital schools of nursing have closed throughout the United States, strong diploma 
programs such as ours will continue to remain a viable educational option for young men 
and women. 

Jean C. Balliet 

Director of Nursing Education, 

The Williamsport Hospital 


The Alumni Association 

The Alumni Association 

The Alumni Association of The Williamsport Hospital 
School of Nursing was founded in 1895, 11 years after the 
school graduated its first student. Today, over 450 of the nearly 
1900 nurses that have graduated from the program, are mem- 
bers of this organization. Regular meetings have been held 
throughout the association's 88 year history, and the nurses who 
attend these meetings are dedicated to maintaining the stan- 
dards of nursing practice, as established by the school. 

From the time of its inception until the present day, the 
functions of the association have remained essentially the same. 
These objectives are: to promote professional and school unity 
among graduates; to support the program and interests of the 
school; to provide for educational advancement of nurses; and to 
support the district, state and national nurses' organizations. In 
fulfilling these goals, the Alumni members have gathered an 
impressive record of service to their fellow graduates, to the 
community and to the school. 

Kathryn Agnes While Crowe, class of 1898. Served as Alumni president 
during 1907 and 1908 

To promote professional and school unity among graduates, 
many projects were started in the early years of the association's 
existence. These undertakings were so successful that they be- 
came traditions, and many are still popular today. The involve- 
ment with state and national organizations, the Nurses' Relief 
Fund, the selection of a graduate pin, and the reception for 
senior nurses were all started during the society's first 20 years. 
These achievements, plus the Nurses' Registry and the Scholar- 
ship Fund, which were established later in the Alumni's history, 
are worthy of note. 

As early as 1905, the Alumni joined the State Associated 
Alumni and later they became affiliated with nursing organiza- 
tions on the national and district levels. For many years, the 
association provided for the president and usually one other 
active member to attend the annual state convention. These 
delegates brought back to the membership information con- 
cerning legislation and current trends in nursing. In recent years 
the organization has sponsored two nurses to attend the annual 
"Nursing East" Conference of the Pennsylvania Nurses' Asso- 
ciation. This three-day symposium is designed to provide infor- 
mation on a variety of subjects in all aspects of nursing service 
and nursing administration. Nurses with degrees or diplomas 
attend these meetings and are able to accumulate continuing 
education credits. 

In the early 1900's, nurses were not covered by any hospital- 
ization or sick benefits, so the Alumni formed a Nurses' Relief 
Fund to provide financial aid for members who were ill and 
could not work. In 1907, the association was comprised of ap- 
proximatily 70 members and each member was assessed quar- 
terly dues of ten cents, in addition to the annual dues, to get the 
fund started. To generate additional funds, the nurses held lawn 
festivals and fairs for which they made baked goods and "fancy 
articles." In later years, to maintain this fund, they held card 
parties, dances, bazaars and rummage sales. Participating in 
these projects to raise money for this worthy cause developed 
esprit de corps among the graduates. The Alumni not only gave 
financial aid to their members, but they also contributed gener- 
ously to the welfare of Dr. Church, the school's founder, in her 

Monetary aid also came from other sources. For instance, 
Miss Daisy B. Mann, having served as Director of Nurses for 
nearly three decades, directed in her will that a fund be set up in 
her name. This endowment, which continues today, is used by 
Alumni members who are hospitalized at The Williamsport 
Hospital and are in need of financial support. The Alumni 
Association has the privilege of suggesting nurses who might be 
eligible to benefit from this fund, each suggestion being subject 
to the approval of the hospital's Board of Managers. 


One important symbol to the association has been the gra- 
duate pin. The selection of this pin, to be presented to nurses 
upon graduation, appears to have been no easy task. Since many 
early members expressed a desire for some formal designation 
of the school from which they graduated, the Alumni estab- 
lished a committee in 1906 to investigate the possibility of a 
school pin. The first design they agreed upon was rejected by the 
hospital committee. Evidently other designs submitted were not 
approved either, for in February 1908, the recorded minutes 
state that "it was decided to give up the idea of a school pin and 
try to get an Alumni pin instead." At the April meeting of the 
same year, a pin was chosen from a catalogue of Dieges and 
Clust Jewelers, the same company from which pins are ordered 
today. Miss Hippie, who was chairman of the pin committee at 
that time, placed the first order, and the pins arrived in time for 
May commencement. The design of the pin chosen in 1908 
appears to have been changed, around 1919, to the pin of the 
present day. The design of the current pin has a blue cross, 
encircled with gold oak leaves in the center, with the words 
"Williamsport Hospital" printed around the edge. The minutes 
of 1919 read, "The question of securing a regular hospital pin 
was brought up and Miss Meyers appointed to interview the 
proper authorities on the subject." Today, members of the class 
of 1919 feel that their class was the first to receive the gold pin 
that is considered to be the official graduate pin. 

1908 was also important because in that year the Alumni 
Association first entertained the graduating class. This year, 
1983, thus marks the 75th anniversary of this grand occasion. 
Although it began primarily as a social event, its continued 
prominence reflects the objectives of the organization by pro- 
moting school unity among graduates. Each year, every gra- 
duate of the school for which the Alumni has an address, re- 
ceives an invitation to the annual reunion. 

According to Alumni minutes, the first reception for senior 

was held at the Park Hotel on the evening of January 19, 1908 and 
through the kindness and generosity of Mrs. Kavanaugh and her good 
husband the affair was a decided success. We were given the use of the 
West Parlor where the guests were received, the East Parlor for cards, 
and the Ballroom besides the use of two rooms on the second floor for the 
guests' wraps. The rooms were brilliantly illuminated and decorated with 
palms and carnations and delightful music was discoursed by the Stop- 
per and Fisk Orchestra. Through the kindness of Mr. Fisk, six musicians 
were sent instead of four and all were appreciated highly. Sixty-three 
persons were present and all expressed themselves as being delighted 
with the evening's entertainment. 
Mrs. Kavanaugh, the former Mary O'Brien, class of 1894, was 
an active participant in the early Alumni Society. 

The Park Hotel as it appeared in 1908 

The first reception was so successful that it was decided to 
make this an annual affair. During the past 75 years the format 
of the reception has gradually changed to the Annual Banquet 
and Dance, but from the beginning it has been a highlight of the 
year's activities. 

The Alumni gained recognition not only for social events but 
for professional activities as well. A function of considerable 
importance to the community for many years was the Nurses' 
Registry. Today, seriously ill patients are cared for in a special- 
ized unit such as Intensive Care, Coronary Care, or Post-Surgi- 
cal Care, by nurses with experience in that particular area of 
nursing. This was not always so. Before the advent of these 
specialized units, the very sick were cared for, individually, by 
private-duty nurses. Registered nurses were employed by the 
family and they worked in the hospital and in the home, 12 
hours a day, seven days a week for as many days, weeks or 
months as they were needed. Sometimes they worked 20 hour 
duty with four hours off during the day if the patient's condition 
was satisfactory. At night they slept on a cot in the patient's 
room, getting up to give the patient medications or feed the 
newborn, if it was a maternity case. Later, the private-duty 
nurse worked eight hour shifts and they would occasionally take 
a day or night off providing they could find a substitute. 

By the late 1960's significant emphasis was placed on educa- 
tional advancement of the registered nurse. The Pennsylvania 
Nurses' Association set up guidelines for nursing that would 
include professional status for nurses, with the projection that 
by 1985, all registered nurses would be required to have a degree 
in nursing. This proposal did not become legislation but it did 
have an impact on the diploma nurse, as many now began to 
attend college to work for a degree. 

To aid graduates in obtaining a degree in nursing, the Alumni 
organized a scholarship fund. The fund was available for gradu- 
ates enrolled in college, full time, in a nursing degree program. 
The Alumni directed that the amount of the loan would be 
reduced by 50<% if the recipient of the loan subsequently worked 
for two years at The Williamsport Hospital. This was designed 
to encourage nurses with degrees to remain in the area. 

Top Class of 1913 at reunion on May 7. 1938. Miss Murray is on far left and 
Miss Hippie on far right. Middle Class of 1919 at a reunion in 1952. Bottom 
Class of 1945 at the 1953 reunion. 

In 1 94 1 , a Nurses' Registry was established by the Alumni to 
provide an organized system of supplying nurses for private- 
duty care of patients. Ten Alumni members donated $10.00 
each to pay the required $100.00 Pennsylvania licensing fee 
needed to conduct a Registry. The Registry employed a full- 
time secretary who was responsible for taking requests for spe- 
cial nurses and filling those requests from the Registry member- 
ship. To join the Registry, a private-duty nurse paid an annual 
fee of $10.00 plus 5% of her wages the first year and 1% or 2% 
thereafter. The entrance fees and commissions paid the salary of 
the secretary and the telephone bills and kept the Registry 

The Registry functioned as a separate unit of the Alumni and 
was governed by a five member committee elected by the associ- 
ation. The committee met monthly, transacted all businesses 
and made their own rules and regulations subject to the approv- 
al of the Alumni. They also made quarterly reports of their work 
and financial status to the membership at the regular meetings. 

The fund grew impressively through the generosity of many 
Alumni who made donations. Unfortunately, not many gradu- 
ates took advantage of this opportunity, so that in 1977 the 
program was revised. Because the members felt this money 
should be used, they contacted the School of Nursing and were 
informed that the financial need of the students was indeed 
great as the costs of tuition were increasing rapidly. After much 
deliberation, the Scholarship Committee recommended to the 
membership that the committee be dissolved and that money be 
donated, yearly, to the School of Nursing Scholarship Fund. A 
Financial Aid Officer, employed by the school, decides in what 
manner the money is disbursed and which students receive mon- 


Several thousand dollars have since been donated to the 
School of Nursing Scholarship Fund. There are no stipulations 
upon those receiving money, but the donation is made with the 
hope of persuading students to seek employment at The Wil- 
liamsport Hospital after graduation. 

In the past 25 years, the association has given a remarkable 
amount of financial aid to the school. Besides the funds given for 
scholarship, the Alumni has donated money to be used for re- 
cruitment of future nurses into the program. They also supplied 
funds for the purchase of books for the school library and for 
equipment and materials for the classrooms. In 1 96 1 , the associ- 
ation furnished the new nurses residence with china and a screen 
for the fireplace in the residence lounge. The Alumni pledged 
$5000 for the construction of this fine building which is the 
present nurses' home. 

Senior students are invited at graduation to join the associ- 
ation; and in recent years, in an effort to encourage participation 
of new graduates, the dues for the first year of membership are 
paid for by the Alumni. In addition to being invited to the 
annual banquet and dance, all students receive a gift from the 
Alumni when they graduate. 

Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing graduates have dis- 
tinguished themselves in all areas of the profession, from clinical 
to administration. A considerable number have served in the 
military, many have gone into nursing education, many have 
entered into specialized fields, and many have earned bachelor, 
masters, and a few, have attained doctorate degrees. Through- 
out its history, the Alumni Association has looked with pride on 
the accomplishments of the graduates of the School of Nursing 
— and it looks forward to promoting and supporting the school 
for many years to come. 

Top Class of 1 950 at graduation formal. Middle Alumni Banquet 1 956. Bottom 
Class of 1956 ready for Alumni Banquet 


Items of interest 

In 1907. Alumni members purchased a silver tea service to be used 
for alumni functions at a total cost of $5.65 

To create more interest in early alumni meetings and encourage 
graduates to attend, a suggestion was made to conduct a nursing quiz 
at the meetings. However, this idea never 'passed the test' 

The entire cost of the reception for senior nurses at the Park Hotel in 
1909 was $37.85. 

On April 21, 1909. the Alumni entertained the state nurses associ- 
ation at the Park Hotel 

In the 20's and 30's, the Alumni supported with donations, many 
worthy causes such as the Tuberculosis Society, the Red Cross and 
the Y.W.C.A. 

The Alumni has published a semi-annual nurses Bulletin or an annu- 
al Newsletter for nearly 50 years 

The annual bazaar held at the McCormick Nurses' Home in Decem- 
ber 1938. netted the alumni $42.25 

Demonstrations on methods of modern treatment were given at an 
alumni meeting held in Medical Hall in September 1939. In 1939, 
the following wage scale was adopted for 12 hour private duty in 
Williamsport: $5.00 per day for general care and maternity cases 
w ithout care of the baby . . . $6.00 per day for maternity care includ- 
ing baby and for infectious cases 

Following a tuberculosis institute held in Medical Hall on October 5, 
1940 the Alumni hosted District Four nurses at a tea in the nurses 

WHSN graduates served in the armed forces in both WW I and WW 
II. The Alumni organization bought Liberty Bonds and aided the 
efforts of the Red Cross by making bandages and by enrolling in the 
Red Cross Nursing Reserve. Several alumni members have served 
their country during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, and in peace 
times as well 

The wage scale of general duty nurses at TWH as presented to the 
Association at the February 1958 meeting: $1 .50/hour for part-time 
duty; full-time rates were $230/month for day shift and $235/month 
for evenings and nights; $5.00/month raises were given every six 
months for five times 

In 1967, Merck Manuals were purchased by the Alumni and placed 
in every nurses' station on each floor of the hospital 

Also, in 1967, the Alumni, after much debate, voted yes, by a narrow 
margin, on the proposal that graduates add a black band to their caps 

At a cost of nearly $1000, a Stryker frame was donated for use in the 
new rehabilitation building of the hospital 

The Alumni Association received in 1968, a gift of $1500 from Mr. 
Edward N. Lewis, as an expression of thanks for the excellent care 
and attention he had received as a patient at the hospital. 

In 1973, $500 was donated to the hospital inscrvicc library for the 
purchase of up-do-date books. In addition, significant sums of money 
were donated to the school of nursing library 

The Holiday dinner, a tradition of the alumni for many years, is a 
special occasion for local members, with 50 to 75 members in atten- 


Annual dues in 1905 were $1.00 
much of an increase in 88 years! 

today they arc $5.00. Not too 



Dorothy Ancerawicz 

Edith Lilies Armbuster 

May R. Babcock 

Martina M. Bechtel 

Laveral (Mase) Beck 

Roberta Lou (Clees) Benfer 

Sue Ann Bergman 

Beverly A. Boone 

Mrs. Mabel (Grove) Bosworth 

Jane L. (Reid) Bozyk 

Mrs. Betty (Girton) Brown 

Nancy Burger 

Alma L. (Hahn) Bush 

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Collins 

Mrs. Carol (Fuller) Confer 

Bernice B. Cotter 

Mary K. Cowher 

Linda Daniels 

Margaret (Corter) Davidson 

Mrs. Mary (Burchill) DeLashmet 

Mrs. Florence DePoe 

Sandra Derbyshire 

Mrs. Vivian (Bower) Doebler 

Patricia A. Dudek 

Mrs. Alys K. Durrwachter 

O'Linde N. Ertel 

Joan D. Eyster 

Clara C. Fisher 

Bette Folmer 

Mrs. Dolores S. Former 

Laura (Hayes) Fravel 

Beth A. Frazier 

Lurena (Bailey) Gardner 

Mrs. Jacque (Chaapel) Garner 

MM Gillespie 

Eleanor C. Goodreau 

Mrs. John (June) C. Green, Jr. 

Elizabeth C. Gregg 

Mrs. Wilma Jane (Dittmar) Hakes 

Barbara W. Harbach 

Mrs. Marjorie Heim 

Violet Helmrich 

Rheta (Wolfe) Hillegas 

Kathryn E. Hirlinger 

Marsha C. Hofer 

Mrs. Lilly I. Isgate 

Carolyn (Stalcup) Jennings 

Ann M. Johnson 

Jane T. Kaar 

Pauline W. King 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Lamade 

Janice W. Lowry 

Mrs. Charles Mackey 

Leta M. Marks 

Lois E. McCarty 

June McNutt 

Susan (Robbins) Mignerey 

June P. Mitchell 

Mrs. Vernon Mitton 

Mary G. Mosser 

Mrs. Janette (Kotanchik) Parenzan 

Emily Paulhamus 

Mrs. Martin Pestel 

Kimberle Peters 

Mrs. Annie Peterson 

Anna Belle (Lusk) Phlegar 

Mrs. Florence Pollock 

Joanne B. Powers 

Catherine (Winters) Ranck 

Lorraine (Bass) Reeder 

Dorothy Rice 

Claire H. Robb 

Dorothy Ronemus 

Mrs. Edith (Campbell) Rougeux 

Mrs. Joseph Salvitti 

Evelyn Seaman 

Mrs. Edward Shafer 

James Shellenberger 

Mrs. Rilla L. Shooter 

Sherry (Smith) Sipes 

Vicky Skorinko 

Mrs. Doris Lee (Felix) Smith 

Arlene (Robbins) Stahl 

Blanche Staib 

Mr. Anthony J. Stanzione 

Mrs. Susan W. Sweet 

Mrs. Jeanette (Bixel) Swisher 

Mrs. Lucinda Thomas (Temple) 

R. B. Tobias, M.D. 

Carmen C. Tuger 

Robert Vanderlin, M.D. 

Mrs. Charlotte (Shaffer) Venema 

Christine F. Uinitski 

W. John Wagner, M.D. 

Jeanne (Lauridsen) Ward 

Celia L. (Minium) Warren 

Celia D. Watkins 

Janet B. Wible 

Mary L. Wolfe 

Dawn (Jones) Woodruff 

Carolyn Yorlets 



Mrs. Harold J. Alstead 

Carol Barber 

Jamella M. Bell 

William R. Brink, M.D. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Christian, Jr. 

Charles E. Cole, M.D. 

Mrs. Z. H. Confair 

Ethel (Waring) Derr 

Miriam Deuchar 

Mrs. Robert A. Elder 

Cora Mae Evens 

Mary C. Fuller 

Mrs. Margaret (Mealy) Gearhart 

Mrs. William H. Gehron, Jr. 

Mrs. Gladys M. Gerchow 

Beatrice Goodwin 

Emily M. Griess 

Vivian E. Hamm 

Roberta Hayes 

Bettyann Hazell 

Wanda Calvert Hendershot 

Anna L. Hinamen 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Isaacson 

Mrs. Robert Krebs 

Margaret A. Maliza 

Mrs. Martha F. Newvine 

The Nuclear Medicine Department 

Ada M. (Jones) Robinson 

C. J. Rodgers, M.D. 

Mrs. Arlene N. Rosien 

Mrs. Kathryn B. Shaw 

Betty (Barto) Smeenk, R.N. 

Ivalene C. (Crawford) Smith 

H. Joseph Suter, M.D. Associates 

Mr. and Mrs. William Ribando 

Maxine H. Robidoux 

Albert and Kathy Tagliaferri, R.N.'s 

Rita (Mayes) Thoerle 

Joan C. Tomlinson 

Mrs. Charles VanCampen 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wasilewski, Jr. 

Maxine (Bailey) Weinhardt 

Marshall D. Welch, Jr., D.D.S., P.A. 

Miss Eleanor L. Young 

WHSN Class of 1983 

Our Vital Statistics 

The Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing is the 
oldest, accredited, viable diploma school of nursing in 

WHSN is the fourth oldest, accredited, viable diploma 
school in the United States 

The total number of graduates reached 1,892 after the 
completion of the 1982 school year 

After the graduation of the 100th year class, the total 
will exceed 1,900 

Special Contributions 

From the Class of 1939; in memory of 
Teddy Worthington Herrod 
Bertha Hackenbury Watts 
Sara C. McGinnis 
Elsie Watkins Tannek 
Ada Schultz 
and class advisor, Mary C. Lowe 

In honor of Ruby E. Rubright, Class of 1915 


Professional Patrons 

Joan Aunkst 

Constance I. Barto 

Naomi (McCarty) Baumunk 

Mrs. Cynthia Belles 

William R. Beltz, M.D. 

Fannie S. (Strick) Boyd 

Mildred Brickley 

Wilhelmine (Newcomer) Brody 

Mrs. Edna Brown 

Dorothy (Lewis) Bubb 

Louis F. Campana. M.D. 

Mary Jane Cardone 

Lee M. Ciccarelli, M.D. 

Patricia A. Coble 

Dr. and Mrs. Kaohlin M. Coffman 

Richard H. Confair 

Mrs. Dorothy (Fornof) Dairy mple 

Mrs. Mildred K. Delaney 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ditchfield 

Drs. Douglas and Somers 

H. A. Ecker, M.D., D.D.S., Inc. 

Vada Mae Eder 

Majele (Bastian) Edwards 

Ethel M. Eisenhauer 

Agnes Farrell 

Mrs. Joan H. Fisher in memory of Doris A. Beaudry 

Dorothy Love Folsom 

Margaret L. (Straw) Franks 

Marguerite L. Gore 

Richard B. Green 

Mrs. Lois Guarino 

Dr. and Mrs. George Ginter, Jr. 

Mrs. Anna S. Gumble 

Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Harrison 

Jean F. Henriksen 

Soo W. Hong 

Francis (Fulton) Huyck 

Martha (Katzmaier) Jackson 

Mrv Gunborg Erickson Jensen 

Jennie W. Jones 

Mrs. Bernice Kackenmeister 

Margaret B. Kctterer 

Helen J. Kitchen 

Jean E. Kramer, R.N. 

Joann (Hart) Krczmer 

Mrs. Dorothy (Frederick) Lupoid 

Eleanor R. Lutcher 

Drs. Lyon, Cooper, Hippie, Georgy, Collins, PC 

Matthew M. Mansuy, M.D. 

Mrs. Mary Matter, R.N. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCarty 

Pankaj G. Mehta, M.D., FACOG 

Janet (Bowman) Meier 

Ruth (Manz) Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mincemoyer 

Edward N. Moser, M.D. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Nardi, Jr. 

E. Allegra (Shilling) O'Connell 

Stuart M. Olinsky, M.D. 

Mrs. Ruth T. Olson 

Barbara H. Palmer 

John E. Persun, Jr. 

Fay E. Peterman 

Jane (Iddings) Pinney 

Aldine (Dorato) Powers 

David R. Ranck 

Mrs. Violet Rittenhouse 

Marcella (McDermott) Salvia 

Sarayo R. Saundararajan 

Carol Brickley Scheurer 

Mrs. Marretta Scheurer 

Ralph E. Schopfer 

Mary R. Schweikle, M.D. 

Joanne R. Sennewald 

Dr. and Mrs. Spencer J. Servoss 

Mrs. Doris Shellman 

Martha C. Silvi 

Ellen (Grove) Spooner 

Mrs. Carl N. Stiber 

Edith (Kreger) Streck 

Nancy S. Story, M.D. 

Susquehanna Gastroenterology Assoc, Ltd 

Martha (Hopkins) Taylor 

Mrs. Vera Kramer Thompson 

Dr. and Mrs. William D. Todhunter 

M. Gladys Updegrove 

Dr. Robert A. Updegrove 

Don and Ruth Weaver 

Mary Wheeland 

Wilfred W. Wilcox, M.D. 

John C. Winter, M.D. 

Mrs. Carol M. (Sykes) Wise 

Sandra Wittman, R.N. 

Bethlehem Steel Corporation 

Cornerstone Family Health 

Emergency Care Physicians Association 

West Branch Radiological Associates 

Robert S. Yasui, M.D., P.C. 




Names that appear without addresses indicate that either no current address could be found or that the 
person is deceased. 

Anvone having additions or corrections to information provided in this directory is urged to contact the 
Alumni Association, c/o The Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing 

Names preceded by an asterisk (*) are those of members of the Alumni Association 


KING. J. Alta Merritt 


LOMISON, Lottie W 

SMITH. Mary C 



MIX. Emma C. 


BRADFORD, Martha A. Erieg 

NAL'GLE, Annie E. McMahon 


ROTHROCK, Laura A. Quinn 


ARNOLD. M. Elizabeth 
LITTLE, Catherine F. 
SOLOMAN. Rebecca 

HOLCOMB, L. Augustus Fickels 


KING, Ella 
ROWE, Bertha 


CLARK, Margaret M. Guise 
DECKER, Mrs. Chrissie 
GILMORE, Almina S. McCall 
HEIM, Margaret E. 
KING, D. Louisa 
O'BRIEN, Mary Kavanaugh 
RANSON, Drusilla James 
SAXTON, Mary Adeline Reed 
SIMCO, Mary L. Book 


BOLSTER, Catherine R. Swoyer 

HAUSON, May Claudine 

HILL, F. Elizabeth 

HOWELL, M. Aleira 

PETTIT, Claire R 

SWARTWOOD, Gretta May Shaffer 


BARBER. Agnes M. 
DELANEY. Estelle 
LAY, Anna Elizabeth 
MYERS, May Hayner 
THORTON, M. Frances Parker 


DELANEY, Mary (Margaret) E. 
MILLER, Mirna H. 
MOYER, Maggie Belle Eckman 
SIMMONS, Jennie L. 
TERWILLIGER, Minnie Glenn 
WALTER, Harriet K. Bigler 


HIRST, Ida L. Grendrum 
KUNKLE, Emma E. Colestock 
MAYNARD, Bertha L. 
PALMER, Cora E. Blair 
REDFERN, Martha W. McLean 
THOMPSON, Lula B. Burnley 
TURNER, Marie L. Artley 
WHITE, Katherine A. Crowe 


BELL, Cordelia 
HEINEY, Josephine 
KOONS, Janette Flummerfelt 
KUNKLE, Mary Castner 
SHOEMAKER, Etta Kreuson 


ALBRIGHT, Jennie Graham 
LIPPIOTT, Eva Gonnerman 
MAXWELL, Edna Bailey 
SMITH, Effie N. 


FRAIN, Catherine Gillepsie 
NEYHART, Myrta Bixler 
PENNINGTON, Allie Evenden 


BROWN, Maude Rodgers 
GRAUTIER, Bessie Tripp 


OWENS, Ella 


BECK, Grace I. 
BOWER, Nellie 
HAYES, Jennie Sell 
HENSLER, Margaret Atwood 
MURRELLE, Catherine 
RITTER, Carrie 
RODKEY, Elizabeth 
YOUNG, Anna 


CHILDS, Elizabeth 
DARLING, Jessies M. 
LOSE, M. Bertha Munro 
REEDY, Lea G. Dimmick 
WISE, Florence Swainbank 


BLOOMER, Elsie Shaw 
JOBSON, Camilla Johnson 
LOVELACE, Gwendola 
McINTOSH, Elizabeth Keyte 
REIDEL, Emily Hartley 
SALLADA, Rebecca Samtarino 
SWANK, Bessie M. Heim 


BOWEN, Bessie L. Courter 
LYONS, Adly F. Stutzman 
MANSUY, Emma A. 
WEBB, Lucy E. Wilcox 


ELLIOT, Margaret 
MacVOW, Beatrice Trauck 
STADDEN, Harriet 
STEINER, Susie Hosier 
WALKER, Alma R. 

WILLIAMSON, Margaret Shaffer 
WURSTER, Mary E. Dunkleberger 


CANDOR, Martha I. Slack 
KEASEY, Evaleen L. Wallace 
LARRIVEE, Josephine C. Swayne 
LILLEY, Lois E. Owens 
MUNRO, Anna M. Metzler 
MURRAY, Mazie A. 
ROOKER, Fannie A Rutty 
SCHOTT, Selma A. Conklin 


COLE, Lula B. 
FROM, M. Maud Campbell 
MANSUY, S. Ella Leyden 
QUINN, Charlotte E. Drick 
RODGERS, Bertha M. Roberts 
WELSH, Catherine M. 


BROGAN, Elizabeth M. 
FRY, Dolly M. Swarthmore 
GRACE, Anna A. 
MARKS, Bessie C. 
McMURRAY, Rachel S. 
MOYER, Katherine J. 
MOYER, Mabel A. 
PLANO, E. Mae Kauffman 
RITTER, Estella M. Shaffer 
SHEFFER, Maude L. Hoffman 
SWANK, Margaret E. Martz 
WHITING, Floye A Davis 
WILLIAMS, Ruby A. Kauderman 


BRAUN, Agatha C. Hazelet 
BROWER, Emily Klein 
BUTT, Theodosia Baker 
FOLLMER, Mary Elizabeth 
FRY, Anna M. 
HOOVER, Olive O 
MEYERS, Wilhelmina A. 
NEWMAN, Gertrude 
TenBROECK, Mary 


DITTMAR, Florence S. Turnbull 
LOVELL, Naomi G. Goble 
MacNUTTY, Carolyn H. Villars 
WODRIG, Margie B. Tobias 


BARDO, Hazel D. Plankenhorn 

BOGGS, Ethel Mingos 

CALVERT, Nellie G. Herman, 2808 Hyson Lane, 

Falls Church, VA 22043 
•DORMAN, Sancta A. Unkle, Box 415, Lamar, 

PA 16848 
DREISBACH, Martha F. Webb 
EMERICK, Lavius E. 
FLAD, Emeline S.C. 
KEENAN, Mina S. 
ULMER, Katherine J. Peeling 
WALTZ, Abagail C. Kent 


BICKELL, Elsie M. Wurster 
COURTER, Estella E Oaker 
EVERLY, Larieon F. Drain 
GROVE, Evaleen A. 
JACOBY, Flossie E. Emick 
McCLURE, Sara C. Freeman 

Mcdonough, Anna d 

PACKER, Phebe L. Crumbling 

SMILEY, Cora L. Ross 

TURNER, Frances L. Fisher 

VonDREELE, Almeda C. Trego, 714 W Main St., 

Watsontown, PA 17777 
WATUSKY, Helena M. Keys 


APKER, Mary E. Gladfelter 

COOK, Mary L. Emerson 

EATON, Kathryn M. Heim 

FERGUSON, Edith Lorraine 

KEATING, Alice Frawley, 701 Broadway, Elmira, 

NY 14904 
LOHR, Anna E. 
MARKET, Marie K. LaPoile 
MELIUS, Bertha 
RUBRIGHT, Ruby E., c/o Roy I. Madsen, P.O. 

Box 2342, La Jolla, CA 92038 
SANDERS, Stella E. 
SCHRADER, Magdalene 
STERNER, Alverna Gilmore 


WOOLRIDGE. Clara A. Knauber 


\RMER. Orpha Estella Little 
AVERV. Essie Mae Jackson 
DAMS. Frances May Houseknecht 
DeREMER, Barbara Elizabeth 
Gl INTER, Eva Irene Gilmore 
LITTLE. Fay Marie Stauffer 
O'NEILL. Abigail Catherine Parker 
SANDER. Mary S Dougherty 
STILL. Eugenia C 
W OOLEVER, Clara Ethel Hazen 


FRY. Ruth M. 

HARER. Atha M Berry 

LIND. Ethel Scheler, 1 133 Magnolia Woods Ave., 

Baton Rouge. LA 70808 
PEPPERMAN, Sara A. Wilcox 
R.ATHMELL. Ruth Naomi Clark 
ROBINS. Bertha Estella Winter 
VELOTTE. Catherine Cashman, Madonna 

Towers, 40001 19th Ave. N.W., Rochester, 

MN 55901 
WISE, Zoe Miriam 


BAILEY, Mary Elizabeth Werner, Virginia 
CAMPBELL, Belle Leona Howard 
CARSON. Mary Jane Bower 
*COLE, Ethel June, Williamsport Home, Ravine 

Road, Williamsport, PA 17701 
CROUSE. Helen Luella Hoehn 
DUFFY, Elizabeth Catherine 
GAFFEY. Gertrude Irene 
GLOSSNER, Lula Pearl 
HERTEL, Beartice May Weigle 
MILLIARD. Kathryn V. Bitler 
LENTZ. Maude Evelyn Shaffer, Ralston, PA 

NEFF, Martha Olivia Johnson 
NOW, Minnie E. Shields 
PEPPERMAN. Florence Marion Monroe 
PETERS. Ethel Estella, Genetti-Lycoming Hotel, 

200 W. Fourth St.. Williamsport, PA 17701 
WLRSTER, Laura Pearl 


'BRICKLEY, Ida Marie Kohler, 652 5th Ave., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
BL'SSOM. Mabel Lorraine Fraser, c/o Beatrice 


ELLISON. Mildred Sophia Jones 

FARRELL, Edana Martina 

FREY . Ida Myrtle Young 

HI LING, Margaret Isabelle Reeser 

PEALER, Cora Elizabeth Potter 

SEE. Hazel Arline Webster 

•SHERIDAN, Ethel Marion Peard. 798 W. Edwin 

St., Box 70 Williamsport, PA 17701 
WRIGHT, Ruth Voelker 


AHN, Bertha Thelma 

DeLANEY, D. Grace Eddy 

HILLIARD, Olive Caroline Gerth 

MORRIS. Emma Mae Anderson 

MYERS, Frederica 

•REGEL, Mary Rebecca McCullough, Harris P. 

Front, Apt. 5B, Harrisburg, PA 17102 
REINBOLD, Floy Marie Buckley 
•THOMPSON, Elizabeth Constance Willson. 

13614 Devon Brook Rd., Baldwin. MD 21013 


APKER, Jane Josephine Pinsonault 

CLARK, Grace Edna Rothfuss 

FISHER, Hazel Margaret Saxon 

GOLDY, Bertha Mae 

HAZEN, Mary Martha Springman 


LINDANER, Kathryn Dae King 

YOUNGMAN, Louella Chambers 


BERGER, Novella 

BLAIR, Dora K. Miller 

•BLASS, Ida M. DeWald, S. Saint Marys St., St. 

Marys, PA 15857 
DEDRICK, La Von Hepler 
DeREMER, Margaret M. 
LEWIS, Floss L. 
VERRY, Gertrude M. 


ALLEN, Olive G. 

BROOKS, Helen Lyons 

BUCK, Jennie E. 

BUCK, Julia M. 

EVELETH, Doris McCarthy 

FEGLEY, Helen Miller, 106 Montgomery St., 

Montgomery, PA 17752 
FRONTZ, Helen 
•HILL, Hannah, 172 N. Second St., Hughesville, 

PA 17737 

KIRKWOOD, Bernice Stryker, 460 Haddon Ave., 
Colls Manor, Collingwood, NJ 08108 

•KURTZ, Dorothy Stiber, 1712 Malvin PI., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

LAEDLEIN, Ernestine Fleming, St. Marys, PA 

MANLEY, Eva M. Huston 

MIGNOT, Madeline A. 

NEFF. Sara E. 

•STANLEY, Teressa Kennedy, R.D. 4, Box 243, 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•VanSICKLE, Bessie Bastian, 900 Coolidge Ave., 
Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 

YEAGLE, Helen 


BASLEY, Gertrude 

BELL. Delia K. 


BURNS, Katherine Shaw, 220 Center St., Ridg- 

way, PA 15853 
COLLINS, Marion Corse 
DEVLIN, Mary Lynch 
GITTKOWSKI, Mary I. Schutt 
GUMMEL, Gladys V. Stiber 
MITCHELL, Amy Harman 
JOHNSON, Edna, Mildred, PA 16832 
KUNKLE, Dorothy P. 
REED, Helen A. 


ERICKSON, Gunborg Jensen, 706 Pebble Dr., 

Greensboro, NC 27410 
•FESSLER, Helen Little, R.D. 1, Rob-Lee Farm, 

Cogan Station, PA 17728 
GLAES, Sara E. Sennett 
GONSMAN, Lillian A. Shrey 
LAMB, Constance 
MAFFET, Delia F. 
MATTSON, Anna Olson, 1 900B Ravine Rd., Apt. 

806, Williamsport, PA 17701 
McCARTY, Naomi Baumunk, Sabinsville, PA 

McHENRY, Laura R. Burlingame 
PFEIFFER, Alice Brenholtz, 208 Front St.. Hel- 

lertown, PA 18055 
SHANK, Clara E. 
SHIREY, Helen G. Goettel 


BLAKER. Margaret Stuempfle, 200 Braodway, 

Myersdale, PA 15552 
BRYSON, Margaret Snyder 
CLEAVER, Hazel Heckman 


EBERENZ, Madge C. Shipe 

FURST, Adessa L. 

*GROVE, Mabel Bosworth, 329 Brandon Ave., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
GUISER, Caroline Auten, Howard, PA 
HARKNESS, Nellie Greenhurst 
HEYLMUN, Alice Gordner, 1441 Richards Ave., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
♦JOHNSON, Flora Jones, 207 Vi S. Market St., 

Muncy, PA 17756 
KOCH, Mary L. 
LINDSAY, Mary Ellen Brobst 
PORTMORE, Muriel Campbell 
RIGGS, Aletha Parks, R.D. 1, Box 237, Linden, 

PA 17744 
RITCHER, Evelyn Gephart 
SMITH, Gertrude S. 
•SMITH, Josephine, 30 E. Union St., Canton, PA 

SMITH, Pauline Damica 


♦BOWER, Florence Pollock, 537 Center St., 

Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
BRICKLEY, Thelma Bastian, 3566 Antiem St., 

San Diegeo, CA92111 
♦COOKE, Ethel Heilman, 417 S. Market St., 

Muncy PA 17756 
FISHER, Elsie M. 
FLAMINI, Gene Parkin, 20 Harbor Lane, N. 

Amityville, Long Island, NY 11901 
MESSNER, Pauline Morgan, 301 Rolling Ridge 

Dr., State College, PA 16801 
MOORE, Ruth Barner 
PITTINGER, Edith VanValin, 204 Valley 

Heights Dr., Williamsport, PA 17701 
•RANCK, Helen Mausteller, Apt. 9 1 9, 1 900B Ra- 
vine Rd., Williamsport, PA 17701 
•THOMPSON, Verda M. Dunkle, 18145 #11 So- 

ledad Cyn Rd., Canyon Country, CA 91351 
WORDEN, Leah Wilcox, 5724 N. Kings Hwy., 

Alexandria, VA 22303 


CONDA, Lucretta 

DEWALD, Martha Hoist, 3810 Poinclana Dr., 
Lake Worth, FL 33463 

FORSYTHE, Beatrice Snodgrass, 506 Sherman 
St., Muncy, PA 17756 

GILLIGAN, Irene Erdley, 836 Market St., Lewis- 
burg, PA 17837 

HUNTER, Bernakine Hayes 

HUYCK, Elizabeth Myers, Lysock View, R.D. 2, 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

LOWE, Mary C. 

McEWEN, Christine, 730 Chenango St., B-7, 

Binghamton, NY 13901 

McGILL, Eleanor M. Jamall 

PURSELL, Blanche Lance, 60 Broad St., Harri- 
sonburg, VA 22801 

RISHEL, Alice Pautz, 1000 Market St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

•SEVENTRIT, Matilda Stout, 500 Park Ave., 
Woolrich, PA 17779 

SPOTTS, Edith Leisering 


STRIEBY, Naomi, W. 787 E. 3rd St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

SPRINGMAN, Grace Paul, 1900A Ravine Rd., 
Apt. 320, Williamsport, PA 17701 

'SPROUT, Genevieve Brungard, 1161 Algoma 
St., Deltona, Fl 32725 

STEIGER, Martha Davis, 1923 Mid Ocean Cir., 
Sarasota, FL 33579 

WHEELAND, Marion Black, P.O. Box 86, Liber- 
ty, PA 16930 



ADLER, Helen V. Williams 

•BICKELL, Ruth Baldwin, 1419 Valley View 
Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701 

•BOWER, Margaret Ketterer. 125 56th Ave., 
South Sunny Shores Village #184, St. Peters- 
burg, FL 33705 


•DeWALD, Ethel, Box 9, 205 Quarry Rd., 
Muncy, PA 17756 

DITAMORE, Sue Knade 

•ERTEL, Laura May, 515 Howard St., S. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•GOOD, Louise, 49 Valley Heights Dr., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

HALL, Lois Diplock 

HAYES. Ruth Smith 

KEHRER, Marion Dryer, 2401 W. South Ave. 
#382, Tempe, AZ 85282 

KRAKAN, Mary Hertz, 1031 Flowers Lane, Mar- 
ysville, PA 17053 

•MAULEN, O'Linde Ertel, 1555 Riverside Dr., S. 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

METZGER, Iva Molinski 

MILLER, Helen 

MULLEN, Anna McGrail 

REARICK, Elsie Busche, 525 Cattpell St., Easton, 
PA 18142 

RUSH, Nellie Snyder 

SAMPSON, Veronica, Pinnacle Towers, Apt. 404, 
Wellsboro, PA 16901 

•SCHAEFFER, Josephine Webb, 217 Forest St., 
S. Williamsport, PA 17701 

SHREY, Carmen Criton 

•TEMPLE, Lucinda Thomas, R.D. 1, Box 244, 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

TREON, Lucille Mimnick, 1646 Andrews PI., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
WINTERS, Lois Baiers 
WITZMAN, Mildred L. Bryner 


BIGGAR, Pearl Poust, R.D. 1, Hughesville, PA 

COLLINS, Pauline Decker 
•CROFUT, Loma Reed, 211 Edgewood Ave., S. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
DEVLING, Martha Batten, 3710 Weyford Lane, 

Holiday Lake Estates, Tarpon Springs, FL 

FISHER, Helen 
FRY, Helen Cheatley 
•GREGG, Elizabeth, 1648 Mt. Everest Lane, 

Toms River, NJ 08753 
HAMLER, Hazel Lawrence, 6302 Robinhood 

Lane, Merriam, KS 66203 
HARTSWICK, Catherine 

•KIRBY, Isobel Lupton, 514 Brandon Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
KNAUSS, Faylene Long, 309 S. Parke St., Apt. 

A20, Aberdeen, MD 21001 
KUEMMERLE, Gertrude, 1009 Washington 

Blvd., Williamsport, PA 17701 
McCRACKEN, Laura M. Brennan 
METZGER, Margaret Binger, 5304 Coral Blvd., 

Bradenton, FL 33507 
MUNDRICK, Bernadine Shaw, 14406 Aqua Frie 

Dr., Sun City, AZ 85351 
PERDY, Dorothy L. Confer, Twin Hills Village, 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
•REED, Ruth Wonsetler, 340 W. Southern Ave., 

S. Williamsport, PA 17701 
SWANK, Dena Wilcox 
•WILLIAMS, Ruth Patton, 703 Bunker Hill Ave., 

Trenton, NJ 08648 
•WINTERS, Catherine, Park Home, 800 W. 4th 

St., Williamsport, PA 17701 


AULT, Thelma Eades, 7403 46th Ave. N., Lot 
343, St. Petersburg, FL 33719 

BAHR, Alice, R.D. 2, Dushore, PA 18614 

♦BARTO, Gertrude Lehman, 400 Pearson Ave., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

BLACK, Edith Tonkin, 1513 N. Campbell St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•CRANDALL, Charlotte, 1 14 Clarendon St., Du- 
boistown, PA 17701 

DITZLER, Marjorie Heim, 410 Myrtle St., Mil- 
ton, PA 17847 

•ECKMAN, Alice Bastian, 328 Lowe St., S. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 


FRY . Elverda Weaver. 721 Main St., S. William- 
sport. PA 17701 

HAYES, Helen 

HEIM. Blanche Staib. 377 Lyons Ave.. William- 
sport. PA 17701 

LARSON. Lillian Mullen 

MAHONEY, Nellie Jones 

McCASLIN. Thelma 

McMAHON. Kathr\n Peterson 

MERRILL. Mars Linaberry 

SANDERS. Ceil Welliver 

SH \RR1TTS. Evelyn Banghart. R.D. 4. Box 401 1 
B. Berwick. PA 18603 

•SMEAD. Doris Abson. 907 W. 4th St.. William- 
sport, PA 17701 

•SPOTTS. Elinor Vogel. 1734 Loyalsock Dr.. 
Apt. 8. Williamsport. PA 17701 

•STITZER. Elizabeth Finkele. 1057 Forest Lake 
Dr.. Naples. FL 33942 

WALTZ, Margaret Williams 

WARING. Elizabeth Heether, 2820 Montebello 
Terr.. Baltimore, MD 21214 

WELTY. Louise Dennis 


BACON. Helen Perry. Park Hill Manor, Wells- 

boro, PA 16901 
BRENHOLTZ. Elizabeth Bower. 620 Grace St., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
BIRCH. Louise Stearns 
COL'MBE. Beatrice Hoffa, 1756 Loyalsock Dr.. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
COWDEN. Doris Kissell, R.D. 1, Jersey Shore, 

PA 17740 
HUGHES, Marcia Parson, 3009 E. Main St., c/o 

Parson Mobile Home, Endicott, NY 13760 
KERWAN. Margaret Connoughton 
•LAL'BACH, Rilla Shooter, 1315 Grampian 

Blvd.. Williamsport, PA 17701 
LIGHTFOOT, Virginia 
•MANEVAL. Ruth Kratzer. 1 19 Larchmont Rd., 

Elmira, NY 14905 
McINTOSH. Helen Jameson 
•NEWCOMER. Wilhelmina Brody, 2 W. Lever- 
ing Mill Rd.. Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 
REYNOLDS, Elsie Moore, Jersey Mills, PA 

•RING, Mary Eiswerth, 916 Pearl Blvd., Mon- 

toursville, PA 17754 
SLATTERY. Irene Clauson, c/o Mrs. Carla Ah- 

neman, 2232 Skeels Ave., Eau Claire, WI 

SNYDER. Minnie Curtis, 1520 Octogan Ave., 

Sinking Springs. PA 19608 
•TROSTLE, Ruth Olson, 638 Seventh Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
WEISF.R, Laura 
WILLIAMS, Ruth Rein, 3406 Robbins Rd., Pom- 

pano Beach, FL 33062 

BOND, Edna Seely, 213 Mary St., Berwick, PA 

BOWER, Margaret Ardry. 21 Androsko Rd., 
Naugatuck, CT 06770 

•BRION, Vada Koch, R.D. 2, Box 396, Cogan 
Station, PA 17728 

•BURNS, Dorothy Parker, 1410 Briarwood Dr., 
R.D. 3, Box 163 C, Montoursville, PA 17754 

•CAHN, Edna Brown, Rt. 2, Box 360B, Boonville, 
NC 27011 

DUCK, Beatrice Goodwin, Beaver Ave., Beaver 
Springs, PA 17812 

•EMERY, Alice Morehart, 2136 Reed St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•FULLER, Vivian Sarap, 1060 S. Main St., Lot 
#78, Brigham City, UT 84302 

•GRAY, Helen Meyer, Rr. 5 1 2 Montour St., Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

•HAHN, Alma Bush, 1401 Locust St., Jersey 
Shore, PA 17740 

HORN, Blanche Evans 

HOUSER, Lulu Bloom, 279 Hale St.. San Fran- 
cisco, CA 94134 

KAUPP, Kathryn Doud 

KAVANAUGH, , Martha Pfeiffer 

•KING, Mildred Delaney, 2503 W. 4th St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•KOONS, May Kline, Box 145, Water St., Knox- 
ville, PA 16928 

KRAMER, Betty Lathrop, 7 Golfview Rd., Doy- 
lestown, PA 18901 

LARSON, Ruth Dieffenbach 

LOVE, Dorothy Folsom, 2355 Ala Wai Blvd. 
#708, Honolulu, HI 96815 

•LUSK, Annabelle Phlegar, 4907 N.W. 2nd Ave., 
Pompano Beach. FL 33064 

NEAL, Dorothy Watkins, 782 Dubois St., Elmira, 
NY 14901 

SEE, Marion Freborough, 217 High St., Youngs- 
ville, PA 16371 

SHEARER, Helen Swain, 464B Chelsea Ct„ La- 
kehurst, NJ 08733 

•SHILLING, Allegra O'Connell, 952 Louisa St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•SNIDER, Kathryn Kelly, 1900B Ravine Rd., 
Apt. 917, Williamsport, PA 17701 

•STURDEVANT, Ruth Litchard, 23525 Hol- 
lander. Dearborn, Ml 48128 


•BEDFORD, Dorothy Dunlap, 2000 East Bay 

Drive, (Colonial Dr.), Largo, FL 33540 
BEER, Louise Malick, 307 N. Third St., Pottsville, 

PA 17901 
CAPRIO, Angelina, 400 E. Bald Eagle St., Lock 

Haven, PA 17745 
CARR, Ivy Ellen Moysey. LaGrangeville, NY 

COX, Freida Scoggins, 2716 Whitewood Rd. 

Westgate Hill, Bethlehem, PA 18016 
DEISE, Maxine Gehron 
DEWITT, Louise Shanahan, 2417 Lincoln Dr., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
FISHER, Annabelle Simpler 
JOHNSON, Emma Wagner, 274 Withinton Ave., 

Ferndale. MI 48220 
KERSTETTER, Katherine Shadowens 
MASON, Blanche Spencer, 2305 Siebel Dr. Peach 

Orchard Heights, Silver Springs, MD 20904 
MAY, Helen Phillips 
•MECKLEY, Naomi Sump, 530 Southmont Ave., 

S. Williamsport, PA 17701 
MILLER, Sara Brower 
RAKER. Winifred, RD 1. Box 175, Liberty, PA 

•RENN, Phoebe Heilig, 2120 W. Fourth St. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
RENNELS, Onalee Paulhamus, RD 1, Box 273, 

Linden, PA 17744 
SMITHGALL, Geraldine Fry 
STAFFORD, Emilene 
•STOETZEL, Elizabeth Gawa, P.O. Box 297, 

Radnor, PA 19087 
TIETBOHL, Ruth Blumberg, 923 Campbell St. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
WILSON, Ellen Linn, 526 Huron Ave. Renovo, 

PA 17764 
WILSON, Margaret Dunlap, 4406 Crescent Dr. 

Lockport, NY 14094 
•WINNER, Emaline Diebert, 441 Woodland 

Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701 


BLAKSLEY, Florence Chaika, 221 East Ave., 
Erie, PA 16507 

CASSIDY. Helen Cortellini, 28 W. Elizabeth 
Ave., Bethlehem, PA 18108 

•FOWLER, Frances Stradley, R.D. 1. Montgom- 
ery, PA 17752 

GETZ, Bessie Tornaben, 47 Taft Ave., Rochester, 
NY 14603 

•HESS, Eleanor Seaman, R.D. 1, Highland Mills, 
NY 10903 

HOOVER, M. Gladys Geistweit 

•KERESKI, Nellie Dunn, 41 7 Elm St., Montours- 
ville, PA 17754 

KUNO, Pauline Helt 

•LEEDS, Louise Smith, 927 High St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

•LUTCHER, Eleanor, 247 Church St., S. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 


McGRATH, Josephine Short, 26440 Highway 58, 

Barstow, CA 92311 
♦MURRAY, Aline C. 277 Grimesville Rd., Wil- 

liamsport, PA 17701 
NOLL, Mary J. McElroy, 712 First Ave., Wil- 

liamsport, PA 17701 
•REESE, Ruth Hoffa, 207 E. Mountain Ave., S. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
♦SANDER, Dorothy, 1926 Memorial Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
•SCAIFE, Ann Gumble, Box 100, Hillsgrove, PA 

SHUPP, Dorothy Mihalyco, 309 Fairmont Rd„ 

R.D. 2, Watsontown, PA 17777 
SMITH, Helen Kotanchik 
TALLEY, Elsie Montgomery, 4400 Nicholas St., 

Easton, PA 18042 
WATTS, Alma Pastusek, 700 Polk St., Wichita 

Falls, TX 76301 


BAIR, Eloise Paulhamus 

BARRETT, Althea Beahon. 211 Davison Ave., 
Canandaigua, NY 14424 

BENSON, Edith Beer, 19 Anderson, Mt. Jewett, 
PA 16740 

BOWER, Vivian Doebler, 622 E. Ninth St., Ber- 
wick, PA 18603 

•CALDWELL, Eleanor Goodreau, 509 Rice Ave., 
Girard, PA 16417 

•CAMPBELL, Edith Rougeux, 400 Mill St., Apt. 
708. Columbia, PA 17512 

COLLINS, Margaret Mitton, 1912 Lome St., 
New Port Richey, FL 33552 

FELKER, Elizabeth Rau, 1087 Stelling Rd„ Cu- 
pertino, CA 95014 

•FLOREY, Vonda Mapstone, 557 Sylvan Dr., S. 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•HESS, Jean Clements, 711 Small Wood Rd.. 
Rockville, MD 20850 

HIRLMAN, Rachel 

•JONES, Ada Robinson, 533 8th Ave., Bethle- 
hem, PA 18018 

•KELLER, Doris Fortin, 1999 W. Southern Ave., 
S. Williamsport, PA 17701 

LARSON, Carmen Hauge, 505 Fairmont Ave., 
Fairmont, WV 26554 

Mclaughlin, Helen 

•OTT, Mae Scott, 501 Garfield Ave., Folcroft, PA 

PEALER, Grace, 201 N. Arch St., Montoursville, 

PA 17754 
RAMBO, Clara Fisher, 46 Surrey Lane, Twin 

Hills Terr., Bloomsburg PA 17815 
•SANDER, Anna Harris, 2018 Wheatland Ave., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
SHARROW, Eleanor Mather 

TARSZOWICA, Cecelia Gamble, R.D. 1, Wells- 

boro, PA 16901 
•WOOL, Irene Conboy, South St., Murray Hill, 

NJ 07974 


ALBRIGHT, Emily Stutzman 

BRICKLEY, Mildred, 12 E. Central Ave., Avis, 
PA 17721 

CULVER, Jane Catherman 

DEPPE, Ada Hennessy, 100 Putnam Pk., Green- 
wich, CT 06830 

•DIEFFENBACH, Alice Probst, 2317 Dove St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

DRUMM, Aris Despagni, 76-15 268th St., New 
Hyde Park, Long Island, NY 1 1040 

HEYLER, Juanita Henry, 159 Mahan Rd., Weir- 
ton, WV 26062 

HOAG, Sarah Greenslade, Caltarangus Co. Infir- 
mary, Machias, NY 14101 

•HOPKINS, Mable Crooks, 735 Louisa St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

JUNOD, Helen 

KACKENMEISTER, Lois Guareno, 83 Shore 
View Rd., Manhasset. Long Island, NY 1 1030 

KING, Viola Pauling, 75 Maple Ave., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

•KONKLE, Louise Kyler, R.D. 3, Box 409, Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

KRINER, Mary B. Fant, R.D. 2, Box 303B, Sum- 
merfield, FL 32691 

•KYLER, Anna Gabel, 1 30 Grove St., S. William- 
sport, PA 17701 

McCORMICK, Frances Flayhart, 601 Concord 
Lane, Sykesville, MD 21784 

•MILLER, Alice, 401 Spruce St., Jersey Shore, 
PA 17740 

PHILLIPS, Pauline Scarborough, 1025 N.W. 
15th St., Bend, OR 97701 

PROBST, Florence Linn, R.D. 2, Box 248, Olean, 
NY 14760 

•SANDER, Elizabeth, 1926 Memorial Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•SNYDER, Mary Love, P.O. Box 102, Liberty, 
PA 16930 

•UPDEGROVE, Gladys, 1301 Grampian Blvd., 
Apt. 3-A, Williamsport, PA 17701 

•WERTMAN, Pauline King, 1687 Graham Rd., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 


ALBRIGHT, Elizabeth Korengo 

•BAILEY, Lurena Gardner, 19 Cedar St., Cort- 
land, NY 13045 

BARTOLLETI, Jean Boehm, 3741 81st St., Jack- 
son Heights, L.I., NY 11372 

CARTRIGHT, Ellen Otterbein, 7705 Avondale 
Terr., Harrisburg, PA 17112 c/o Edward Bock 

COCHRAN, Kathryn Hackenburg, 4638 Calle de 
Retiro, Oceanside, CA 92056 

DEIHL, Bernice Hakes, R.D. 1, Northway Rd., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

DeREMER, Mary Heim, 1 1 Telford Rd., Barring- 
ton, RI 02806 

•EVARTS, Marguerite Campbell, 915 Robins 
Rd., State College, PA 16801 

•FAUX, Dorothy Jamison, R.D. 1, Box 46, Allen- 
wood, PA 17810 

FOSTER, Ruth Egli, 213 W. Chestnut St., Selins- 
grove, PA 17870 

HAUS, Magdeline Grieco, 218 Kendall Ave.. Jer- 
sey Shore, PA 17740 

HENNINGER, Anna Clark, R.D. 2, Box 353, Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•HOSTERMAN, Florence Coup, 85 Orchard 
Terr., Washington, PA 15301 

•HUTCHISON, Elinor Beck, 1330 Sheridan St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•LAMEY, Violet Helmrich, 1316 Watson St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

LEONARD, Louise Gore, P.O. Box 185, Longboat 
Key, FL 33548 

LEWIS, Dorothy Bubb, Box 161, R.D. 2, Linden, 
PA 17744 

•LUSH, Elizabeth Paulhamus, 416 Cypress St., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

McCARTY, Elizabeth Thrash, 642 Third Ave., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

NEITZ, Betty L. 

RECHEL, Marie Wellendorf, 3815 Darby Rd., 
Harrisburg, PA 17109 

•SHADE, Kathryn Hopewell, 425 Fleming St., S. 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•TOLOMEY, Marion Renninger. P.O. Box 16, 
Hillsgrove, PA 18619 

•WEAVER, Ruth Hood, R.D. 2, Suburban 
Shores, Winter Garden, FL 32787 


•BELL, Jamella, 37732 Melrose Dr., Palm 

Springs, CA 92262 
BENSON, Margaret Moyer, Box 36, Church St., 

McEwensville, PA 17749 
BRICKER, Jane Kurtz, 227 Sunset Ave., Lom- 
bard, IL 60148 
•BURGESS, Ann McKeone, 1606 Evergreen 

Ave., Clearwater, FL 33516 
•CULVER, Betty McClintock, Buck Rd., Penns- 

burg, PA 18073 
EMERT, Martha Davis, 130 E. Arch St., Mill 

Hall, PA 17751 
HACKENBERG, Bertha Watts 
HOFFMAN, Martha Martz, 112 Woodmont Dr., 

Paris, KY 40361 
HOPKINS, Martha Taylor, 4258 Verdugo View 

Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90065 


KRAMER. Vera Thompson. 101 Old Oak Dr., 
Unit 109. Buffalo Grove. IL 60090 

•LEESER. Frances Cahn. 44 1 Germania St.. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

MARTZ. Edna. 830 Muskomus. Kansas City. MO 

McGINMS. Sarah 

PARKER. Marjorie Wentworth, 10 Queen Ann 
St.. Friendship, NY 14739 

•SCHWOERER. Betty Gehron. 747 Arch St.. 
Williamsport. PA 17701 

SCHULTZ. Ada Emery 

•SCHULTZ. Miriam Swope. 1651 Liberty Dr.. 
Akron, OH 44313 

TENNY, Marjorie Carson, R.D. 4. Box 355, Jer- 
sey Shore, PA 17740 

W ATKINS. Elsie Tenner 

WETTLAUFER. Violet Pace, R.D. 4, Box 80, 
Danville. PA 17821 

•WISE. Jennie Jones. 1765 Holly Ave., Menlo 
Park, CA 94025 

WORTHINGTON, Theresa Reuhley 


•ALBERT, Lily 1. Isgate, 900 Cemetery St., Wil- 
liamsport PA 17701 

•ALBRIGHT. Martha Papalia, 1830 Four Mile 
Dr. R.D. 3, Montoursville, PA 17754 

•ASKEY. Eleanor Barnes, Hillcrest. Star Route 
Trout Run, PA 17771 

BACCHIERI. Mary Piecuch, Box 1 14, Millerton, 
PA 16936 

HARRIS, Alyce Dieffenbach 

•HARRIS, Claire Robb, 215 Ross St„Lock Ha- 
ven, PA 17745 

HARBACH, Beth Donovan, 713 Fifth St. S.W., 
Vero Beach, FL 32960 

•HAYES. Laura Fravel, R.D. 2, Box 1820, How- 
ard, PA 16841 

•HECKERT, Eleanor, 1111 W. 4th St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

HEIM, Helen Reeser 

HIGH, Dora Schooly, R.D. 2, Box 4, Watsontown. 
PA 17777 

KATZMAIER, Martha Jackson, 805 W. Southern 
Ave., S. Williamsport, PA 17701 

•KELLER, Lucille Callahan. 206 High St., Flem- 
ington, PA 17745 

LAIDACKER, Rosemary Ring 

LARSON, Olga Lillie, 106 Sir Groege Dr., Las 
Vegas, NV 89119 

LOUDENSLAGER, Almeda Schenot, 2325 Essex 
Ave., Deltona, FL 32725 

•McNERNEY. Martha Kaley, 1850 Merrill Ave., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•PENMAN, Helen L. Romesberg, R.D. 1 Box 
328, Hyndman, PA 15545 

QL'IG, Georgia Adams, 31953 Elmwood, Garden 

City, Ml 48135 

REEDER, Sara Sterner, R.D. 2 Montoursville. PA 

RIZZO, Genevieve Mraz 

SCHULTZ, Dorothy Davis, 6304 Alta Verde St., 
Schofield, WI 54476 

SNODDY, Betty Ranch, Watsontown, PA 17777 

•STRAYER, Dorothy Ancerawicz, 241 Dodge 
Ave., Corning, NY 14830 

TREESE, Anna Sciacca, 2226 Central Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•WALTZ, Helen Tietbohl 

•WIGGINS, Anastasia Gorman, 6214 Nassau 
Rd., Harrisburg. PA 17112 


•BEACH, Betty Brumagin, 1646 Taylor PL, Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

BIDDLE, Thelma Weeks, Grace Episcopal 
Church, 2331 E. Adams, St., Tucson, AZ 

•BOTTORF, Beatrice Myers, E. Main St., Beech 
Creek, PA 16822 

CLAVERT, Mary Knapp 

CARTER, Margaret Davidson, R.D. 3, Box 1010, 
Jersey Shore, PA 17740 

CRAW, Beatrice Keeler, Four Mile Dr., R.D. 3. 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

•DAY, Ruth Cervinsky, 2800 Lincoln Dr., Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

FORNOF, Dorothy Dalrymple, 1 10 Lambert Cir., 
Searcy, AR 72143 

GILBERT, Mary McLane, 3 Park Ave., Selins- 
grove, PA 17870 

•GLADEWITZ, Mary Matter, 908 Tule St., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

♦GLOECKLER, Emmabelle Lyons, 475 Percy St., 
S. Williamsport, PA 17701 

HALL, Mary McCauley, 1 15 Garrison Ave., Jer- 
sey City, NJ 07306 

•KNAUS, Geraldine Durkee, 722 Green St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•KRAMER, Jean, 609 Rural Ave., Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

•LUNDY, Annis McCarty, 1321 Penn St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

MAYES, Rita Thoerle, 631 Colonial PL, Baldwin, 
L.I., NY 11510 

MIX,, Louise J. Pass, 10529 Saratoga Cir., Sun 
City, AZ 85351 

MURPHY, Norma Flavio, 45 N. 4th St., Lewis- 
burg, PA 17837 

•NEECE, Betty Nelson, R.D. 4, Box 347, Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

•PETERS, Agnes Farrell, 1122 Rozel Ave., 
Southampton, PA 18966 

QUIGLEY, Margaret Riddell, 1428 Mansel Ave., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•RIMERT, Lorraine Bower, 2613 Dove St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

ROBINSON. Vera Baird, Island Route, Lock Ha- 
ven, PA 17745 

•STUTZMAN, Eleanor Chew, 8912 Falls Chapel 
Way, Potomac, MD 20854 

SWARTZ, Lanrene "Betsy" A. Ross 

THOMAS, Doris Ogden, 421 Burke St., Jersey 
Shore, PA 17740 

•TRICK, Jane Carr, 643 Upper High St., Milton, 
PA 17847 

•WERTZ, June Green, 2505 E. Hills Dr., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•WURSTER, Bettibel Younkin, 614 Elm Terr., 
Riverton, NJ 08077 


BERNARDI, Dorothy Freshwater, 2800 Bluebell 

Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23456 
•BOSTIAN, Majele Edwards, 1801 N.E.28thDr., 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306 
CODER, May Pletcher, R.D. 1, Box 36, Howard, 

PA 16841 
DICKSON, Betty J. Johnson, S5023 Chestnut 

Ridge Rd., Orchard Park, NY 14127 
•DiMARCO, Carmela Tuger, 14500 Prospect, 

Apt. 130, Dearborn, MI 48126 
FISH, Janice L. Stuley, R.D. 1 , Morris, PA 1 6938 
•FISHER, Lois Dodge, 950 Vallamont Dr., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
•FULTON, Frances Huyck, 7832 Alhambra 

Blvd., Miramar Park, FL 33023 
GAGLIONE, Sara J. Smith, 22 September Lane, 

Huntington. CT 06484 
GERBER, Sara Mason 
GRESH, Betty Andreacchi, 7 Hermosa Lane, S., 

San Francisco, CA 94080 
GRYBOSKI, Victoria Lawrence 
HARTRANFT, Sara Loftus, 1743 Clinton Ave., 

Chambersburg, PA 17201 
•HEILMAN, Hilda Kane, 929 Appleby Ct., Vir- 
ginia Beach, VA 23462 
•MESSNER, Arlene C. Overton, 616 Fred St., 

Elmira, NY 14904 
ROCKEY, Genevieve L. Garverick 
•RUNYAN, Elizabeth, 706 Dowd Dr., Shelby- 

ville, TN 37160 
•WEIGLE, Beatrice Stroble, 715 N. Grier St., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 


•BARGER, Dorothy Pophal, 1495 Princeton Ave., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
•BEACH, Edith Persun, R.D. 1, Trout Run, PA 

CHAAPEL, Jacque Garner, 8012 E. Taylor St., 


Buena Park, CA 90621 

DALE, Virginia Garrison, 1301 Tinsman Ave., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

DIEFFENDERFER, Irene Scott, Star Rt. 1, Box 
310, Blue Eye, MO 65611 

DIGGEN, Louise Kime, 208 Erford Rd., Camp 
Hill, PA 17011 

FRANCIS, Virginia Schuyler, Box 652, Aberdeen, 
SD 57401 

•HEIN, June Renk, R.D. 1, Box 11, Cogan Sta- 
tion, PA 17728 

HOSTERMAN, Mabella Nielson, 7055 Farmto- 
Market Rd., MT 59937 

•KLINE, Miriam Deuchar, 163 Wynsum Ave., 
Merrick, NY 11566 

KORMAN, Jean Staidle 

•MARLEY, Sarah Gilbody, 505 N. Grier St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

McNAMARA, Mary Kirby 

OSTRUM, Martha Krise, 1450 Acorn Ave., Pine 
City, NY 14871 

♦PETERSON, Nina Blanchard, 1 1024 W. Okla- 
homa, West Allis, WI 53227 

* PIDCOE, Mary Delong, 1 1 22 Franklin St., Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

•PLUEMACHER, Katharine, 108 Tenth Ave., 
Box 251, Shamokin Dam, PA 17876 

ROTONDI, Mary Pagnotto 

SAGER, Pauline Burke, 5-B Indiana Ct., 
Matawan, NJ 07747 

SMITH, Georgianna Underwood, 3 E. 11th St., 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

SPADE, Jeanne Hartzog 

•STAHL, Aldeen Bauer, 1003 Elmira St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•STAHLNECKER, Betty Mertz, R.D. 5, Box 
66A, Williamsport, PA 17701 

•STROUSE, Josephine Blair, 8 Woodland Rd., 
Bordentown, NJ 08505 

TARSZOWICZ, Marie Stager, 2 Academy St., 
Wellsboro, PA 16901 

*ZINCK, Betty Krampert, 9 Eighth Ave., Ortley 
Beach, NJ 08751 


•BEST, Elsa Stiger, R.D. 2, Box 510, Cogan Sta- 
tion, PA 17728 

CARSON, Mary Holmes, 501 Martin Ave., Mt. 
Joy, PA 17552 

COULL, Annie Peterson, 1205 Mulberry St., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

DANGLE, Marthene Zondory, R.D., Daugherty 
Run Rd., Williamsport, PA 17701 

DEXTER, Margaret Cummings, Prospect St., Box 
46, Troy, PA 16947 

•FINNERTY, Doris Updegrove, 240 Dunbar Rd., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•FREDERICKS, Dorothy Lupoid, R.D. 1, Box 58, 

New Columbia, PA 17856 

HOLTER, Violet Rittenhouse, 33 Henry Rd., 
Norristown, PA 19400 

HOPKINS, Erma Chamberlin, 6615 Adrian St., 
New Carrollton, MD 20784 

HUNTER, Maxine Robidoux, 7203 Martins Ct., 
Lanham, MD 20706 

•LILLEY, Edith Armbruster, 332 N. Montour 
St., Montoursville, PA 17754 

LYNCH, Thelma Pauling, R.D. 1, Allenwood, PA 

MAFFETT, Margaret Bennett, 3032 Fairway Dr., 
Burlington, NC 27215 

MASE, Laveral Beck, 1216 Edward St., State Col- 
lege, PA 16801 

NOLL, Arlene Roseon, Taylor Hill Box 321, 
Charlestown, NH 03603 

•OHL, Lois Rich, Woolrich, PA 17779 

OPP, Jane Miller, 807 Curtin, St., S. William- 
sport, PA 17701 

♦ORNER, Zoe Rehm, 24262 Via San Clements, 
Mission Viejo, CA 92691 

ORR, Elizabeth J. 

•POUST, Lucille Appleman, Turbotville, PA 

POUST, Marguerite Phillips 

QUAY, Dorothy Metz, 206 Nathan PI., Morris- 
town, NJ 08057 

•SHAFFER, Charlotte Venema, 1417 Elwood 
Rd., Williamsport, PA 17701 

•SHIMP, Emily Hartland, R.D. 2, Box 140, Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

•STRAW, Margaret Franks, 1636 Salmon River, 
Placentia, CA 92670 

WELLENDORF, Laura Mitchell, 1201 S. Hill- 
view St., Flemington, PA 17745 

WOLFE, Elizabeth Best, 3921-B Valley Ct„ Win- 
ston-Salem, NC 27106 


ADAMS, Betty J. Howard, 108 E. Maple St., Cou- 

dersport, PA 16915 
•ALEXANDER, Norma Thornton, 1416 Westside 

Ave., Honesdale, PA 18431 
•ALLABACH, Jean Fisher, Box 25, White Deer, 

PA 17887 
•BARTO, Betty J. Smeenk, 725 Lincoln Ave., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
BEAM, A. Rebecca O'Connor, 6536 Renwood 

Lane, Sleepyhollow Run, Annandale, VA 

BENNING, Betty L. Hackenberry, 3700 N. Lake- 
shore Dr., #118, Chicago, IL 60613 
•BERRY, Ida Strouble, 144 N. Williamson Rd., 

Blossburg, PA 16912 
BURKE, Mary Temple, Box 213, Linden, PA 

CONNOR, Iona Petrelli, 5 Candy Lane, Cam- 

mack, L.I., NY 11725 

•EISENHAUER, Ethel, 422 St. Louis St., Lewis- 
burg, PA 17837 

•FARLEY, Lois DiMarco, R.D. 1, Allenwood, PA 

•FISHER, Betty Corter, 412 Oakland Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

FORESMAN, Eleanor Chassereau, 1 750 Valencia 
Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32207 

FRANK, Mary L. Mooney, 1 107 Apple Dr., Me- 
chanicsburg, PA 17055 

GILSON, , Doris Morris, 153 Stevenson Rd. S.E., 
Winter Haven, FL 33880 

GROULX, Marie Kreiser, 32 W. Second Ave., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

HAGGARD, Marian Hoffer, 101 11th St., Phil- 
lipsburg, PA 16866 

HALL, Kathryn McCracken, 105 W. Main St., 
Big Run, PA 15715 

•HARBACH, Bernice Kackenmeister, 1303 Mar- 
ket St., Williamsport, PA 17701 

•HILL, Doris M. Heim, Northway Rd., R.D. 1, 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•HOFER, Martha Kremser, 932 Mulberry St., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

HOUSEKNECHT, Beverly Mull, 907 W. Martin 
St., Martinsburg, WV 25401 

JACOBS, Helen Wolf, 88 Kinsey St., Montgom- 
ery, PA 17752 

•KELLER, Jean Truckenmiller, R.D. 1, Box 300, 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

KUJAWA, Louise Spryng, 9241 Newtown Dr., 
Matthews, NC 28105 

•LUNGER, Anna Hinaman, Apt. 3, 1800 Fenton 
St., Lakewood, CO 80214 

MacHUGH, Elizabeth Hemsky, 2 Shady Rd.. 
Camp Hill, PA 17011 

McGILL, Margaret Tyson, Bowman Lane, R.D. 2, 
Oakwood Estates, Franklin, TN 37064 

•MEILY, Leah Buck, 109 Peach St., Hershey, PA 

•PAUL, , Gladys Gerchow, 1020 Loyalsock Ave., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

•REINWALD, Madelyn Gillespie, 327 Chestnut 
St., Montoursville, PA 17754 

•REITMYER, Vivian Hamm, 2440 Blair St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

SPONG, Vera M. Drayer, Ridge Rd., Box 85, 
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852 

•STRICK, Fannie Boyd, 5200 Brittany Dr. S., 
Apt. 1301, St. Petersburg, FL 33715 

TAYLOR, Elizabeth, Salona, PA 17767 

•THURSBY, R. Louise Myers, 2205 Sheridan St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•VANEMON, Joyce Hopple, Box 92, Woolrich, 
PA 17779 

•WARING. Ethel Derr, 804 Market St., Mifflin- 
burg, PA 17844 

WHITMER, Gladys Jones 

YAGGI, Pauline Ludwig 


•YOUNG, Eleanor. 653 Hepburn St.. William- 
sport. PA 17701 


ADAMS. Virginia Dutcher. R.D. 2. Box 401. 
Wellsboro. PA 16901 

•BACH. Elinor Compton. 1101 Campbell St., 
Williamsport. PA 17701 

*BASS. Joanne Powers. 295 Temple, Satellite 
Beach. FL 32937 

BEECHY. Betty Meadows 

BERGER. Mary Klinger. 15 N. High St., Shire- 
manstown, PA 17091 

BERGSTROM. Marjorie Larson. Box 101. Wa- 
terville. PA 17776 

•BREWER, Doris Smith. 1530 W. Fourth St.. 
Williamsport. PA 17701 

•BROBST. Doroth> Ronemus, 1107 Clair Rd„ 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

•BROWNLEE. Leta Marks. 1116 Clair Rd.. 
Montoursville. PA 17754 

COLLINS. E. Helen Shumway 

Cl/RREN. Virginia Parambo. Box 229, Orwigs- 
burg. PA 17961 

•DIEFFENB.ACHER. Margaret Moore. 669 
Wyncroft Lane, Apt. 4, Lancaster PA 17603 

DORATO, Aldine Powers, 8301 Goshen View Dr.. 
Gaithersburg. MD 20760 

FRAZIER. Jean Henrickson. 451 Hillcrest Dr.. 
Carlisle, PA 17013 

GILBERT. Ruth Rutter 

•GIRTON. Betty Brown, 812 Main St., S. Wil- 
liamsport. PA 17701 

GROSS. Phyllis Conant 

HAAS. Ruth Sebring. 1225 Louisa St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

HAGERMAN, Miriam Simpson, Box 1 25, R.D. 1 , 
Turbotville, PA 17772 

•HILL, Emily Noblit. 22 Maplevale Dr., Yardley, 
PA 19067 

II.INSKI. Nellie Cayer, 6441 Moselly. Hollywood. 
FL 33024 

JAMES. ArleneCryder. 3311 Adelaide Way, Bel- 
mont, CA 94002 

KERSTETTER. Betty Harbach, R.D. 1, Box 
132A Loganton, PA 17747 

•KNECHT. Florence Depoe. R.D 1. Box 93. Ben- 
ton. PA 17814 

•KONKLE, Orella Johnson, 200 Chew Ave., St. 
Michaels. MD 21163 

MANE\ \L, Doris Hotchkiss. R.D. 5, Box 43, 
Greensburg, PA 15601 

•MART/.. Martina Bechtel, 727 Elmira St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

MATH ( CI, Carolyn Wasilewski, 22 Flora Rd., 
Cheektowaga. NY 14225 

•MORRKLL. Gloria Bell, 1 704 Green Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

Ml'SHENO. Lucille Glowinski, Clarion Dr.. Wil- 
liamsport. PA 17701 

NODEN. Willa Potter. 18107 Janestown Cir., 
Northville, MI 48167 

•PEARD, June Mitchell, R.D. 3, Montoursville, 
PA 17754 

PEGRL'M, Ruth Rosser, 340 High St., William- 
sport. PA 17701 

POWELL, Mary K. Steinbacher, Box 435, Sylvan 
Dell Park, R.D. 4, Williamsport, PA 17701 

PUFF, Frances, Bellefonte Hospital, Bellefonte, 
PA 16823 

•RAKER. Marian Venema, R.D. 2. Box 572, 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

RATHBURN, Betty Carlson, 1418 Teomiler Dr., 
Girard, OH 44420 

REHRER. Mary Troutman, 204 Lincoln Ave., 
Pine Beach, NJ 08741 

RITTER. Eleanor Gottschall, 19 Nordale Ave.. 
Dayton, OH 45420 

SAGER, Sara Benthier. 1 335 N. 70th St.. Wauwa- 
tosa 13, MI 53213 

SNELL, Velma Grisham, 3526 Ames St., San 
Diego, CA 92111 

STENGER, Ada Nanioc 

WALKER. Jeanne Galetti, 502 N. Arch St., Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

WELSHANS, Eleanor Jeffries, Hill St., Keese- 
ville, NY 12944 

•WISE. Doris Shellman, 809 Main St., S. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•WOODSON, Roberta Hayes, 914 Hampton 
Ridge Dr., Akron, OH 44313 

YEAGER, Helen Carter, 4826 King Richard Rd.. 
Jacksonville 10, FL 32210 

YENISH, Geraldine Hill. 5255 86th Ave., N. Pen- 
nellas Park, FL 33565 


ALEXANDER, June James, 301 Hillcrest Dr., 
DuBois. PA 15801 

ANDRUS, Maxine Smalley 

•BIEBER, Lucille Lundy, 920 High St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

•BIXEL, Jeanette Swisher, R.D. 2, Box 106, Mill 
Hall. PA 17751 

BOW ER, Sara, 503 Third St., Montoursville, PA 

BRUNGARD. Madelyn, 796 Brookridge Dr., Val- 
ley Cottage, NY 10989 

BURCHILL, Mary Delashmet, 449 Bendale Rd., 
Severna Park, MD 21146 

•CAMPBELL, Jean McCreery. 1617 Elmira St.. 
Williamsport. PA 17701 

•CASSELBERRY, Kathryn Bowman RD#1, Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

CATHERMAN, Sara Fetter, 5 Jefferson Ave.. 
Lewisburg, PA 17837 

COFFEY, Martha Silvi. 21 Merritt St., Jersey 

City, NJ 07305 
•DENTLER, Eleanor Euler, 1204 Black Horse 

Rd., Coatesville, PA 19320 
DIGGAN, Jean Thomas, 101 Centre Sq., Orwigs- 

burg, PA 17961 
•DRAKE, SMITH, Frances Herz, 1116 Wood- 

mont Dr.. Williamsport, PA 17701 
DUGAN, Helen DeVictor, 398 Parkway Ct., Fort 

Myers, FL 33901 
•FARLEY, Ann Sornberger, 1 Charlotte St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
•FORNEY, Florence Schermerhorn, Garner 

House, Apt. 811, Hatboro, PA 19040 
GEE, Kathryn Cooper, Crestwood Rd., Simsbury, 

CT 06070 
GNOFFO, Vincie, 308 E. Brunswick St., Sterling, 

VA 22170 
•HAAS, Evelyn Seaman, 425 Oakland Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
HACKENBERG, Doris Lundy, 708 Broad St., 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
HAVLICEK, Olga Musheno, 1438 Country Club 

Lane. Williamsport, PA 17701 
•HILL, Ada Schick. 2095 Blair St., Williamsport, 

PA 17701 
KAUFMAN, Phyllis Dawson, 231 Spartan Dr., 

Monroeville, PA 15146 
•KEHRER, Helen Kitchen, 2083 Riverside Dr., S. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
KIESS, Lucille Gallagher, 1 1 N. Wynwyd Dr., 

Woodmere, Newark, DE 19711 
•LANGE, Mary Ellis, 5513 Norlina Rd., Virginia 

Beach, VA 23455 
McDERMOTT, Marcella Salvia, 1111 Park Ave., 

New York, NY 10028 
McKIBBEN, Maietta Hoover 
RANCK, Jacqueline Evans 
•REID, Jane Bozyk, 2677 Sortman Ave., S. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
•RUMP, Edith Heim, R.D. 3, 2821 Orchard Ave., 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
•SAVAGE, Jean McCollin, 500 Main St., Wat- 

sontown, PA 17777 
•SIMON, Caroline Hrenko, 2038 Sheridan St., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
SNYDER, Jeanne O'Dell 
•STIBER, Ann McCracken, 1495 W. Mountain 

Ave., S. Williamsport, PA 17701 
•TEED, Betty Tomlinson, 8212 Jeb Stewart Rd , 

Potomac, MD 20854 
•WINTER, Harriet Fornwalt, 729 Wilson St.. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
•WOLFE, Rhete Hillegas, R.D. 1, Box 38, Fair- 
hope, PA 15538 
•YOUNG, Evelyn Crofutt, R.D. 4, Williamsport, 

PA 17701 
ZANER, Mary McDonald, 210 Laurel Lane, 

Lansdale, PA 19446 



*BLOOM, Mary Helen Boatman, 611 Fairmont 

Ave., South Williamsport, PA., 17701 
BOOTH, Evelyn Knapp, P.O. Box 1028, So. Glen 

Falls, NY., 12801 
•BOYER, Dorothy Schaefer, 442 S. Broad St., 

Jersey Shore, PA., 17740 
CLEMENS, Edith Fisher 
•CRAWFORD, Ivalene Smith, Box 281, Milton, 

PA., 17847 
DUGAN, Phyllis Buffaloe, 4515 Bikini Rd., San 

Antonio, TX., 78208 
•EDWARDS, Charlotte, 639 Market St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA., 17701 
ERTEL, Marjorie Smith 
FLYNN, Margaret Wetzler 
FOWLER, Marguerite Neyhart, 2480 Edercrest 

Rd., Williamsport, PA., 17701 
FOX, Mae Keefer, Box 15 New Columbia. PA 

GILBODY, Constance Crane, 717 Third Ave., 

Williamsport, PA.. 17701 
GOOD, Betty Wolf 
HECKMAN, Marjorie 
•HOFFMAN, Elsie Meehan, 109 S. 185 St., 

Lewisburg, PA., 17837 
HOOVER, Lois Kline 
JOHNSON, Evelyn Olson, 256 Fort Hill, Canan- 

daigua, NY., 14424 
KLINGLER, Marian Shaffer 
KOHLBERGER, Freda Pidcoe, 170 Liberty Ave., 

Norristown, PA., 19401 
•LEISER, Isabelle Pontious, 1047 Memorial Ave., 

Williamsport, PA., 17701 
•MANZ, Ruth Miller, 16801 Canterbury Dr., 

Minnetonka, MN„ 55343 
McDANIEL, Carol Calehuff 
MELOY, Janice Goetz, 527 Ontario Ave., Renovo, 

PA., 17764 
MOSTELLER, Hannah Mentzer, 218 Sporting 

Hill, Mechanicsburg PA., 17055 
PAUL, Martha West 
•PAULING, Doris Fairchild, R.D. #2, Box 316 

Watsontown, PA., 17777 
♦PRINGLE, Patricia Solley, 330 High St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA., 17701 
ROUGEUX, Elizabeth McNamara 
SHAY, Dorothy Fullmer, 1300 Harris St., State 

College, PA., 16801 
SHAFFER, Dolores Shira, 1049 Potter Ave., 

Union, N.J. 07083 
SHEFFLE, Mary Jane Harden 
•SMITH, Alma Reitz, 416 S. Washington St., 

Muncy, PA., 17756 
WALTER, Muriel Ann McKinney 
WELLENDORF, Eleanor Gore, 534 Childs Dr.. 

S. Williamsport, PA., 17701 
WHEELER, Phyllis Teufel 
WILLIAMS, Blanche Troutman 
WURSTER, Mary Miller 


ARROWSMITH, Betty Weaver, 405 Cherry St., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

BREDBENNER, Jean Dunham. 40 Millbrook 
Rd., North Haven, CT 06473 

BROWN, Ruth Lindauer, 431 Broad St., Oneida, 
NY 13421 

BROWN, Shirley Bluhm 

•CALDWELL, Marretta Scheurer. 1902 S. Cot- 
tage Grove PL, Kirksville, MO 63501 

CHILDS, Gloria Shaw, Proctor Star R., Box 82, 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

CILLO, Sally, 2514 Waldman Dr., Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

DAVIS, Fay Peterman, R.D. 2, Box 45, Benton, 
PA 17814 

EVANS, Cora M., 1715 Green Ave., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

FORSHAW, Wilma Ranck, 24462 Bay Ave.. Sun- 
ny Mead, CA 92388 

FRITZ, Norma Raski, R.D. 2. Box 89. Benton, PA 

GRIMM, Jane Bollinger, 626 Hey Lane, Spring- 
field, PA 19064 

HAUG, Doris Cotner, 54 Carriage Lane, Chur- 
chill Oaks, Huntington, WV 25705 

•LUDWIG, Jean Moore, R.D. 1, Box 261, Cogan 
Station, PA 17728 

MANLEY, Margaret Hensler 

•MECK, Helen Oechler, 1 1 1 8 Elm St.. Montours- 
ville, PA 17754 

MILLER, Bobette Moore 

O'DONNELL, Pearl Leach, 322 Park Ave., Wool- 
rich, PA 17779 

REIGHARD, Mary Lou Heiney, New Jersey 

•SHRECK, Alice, 341 Pearson Ave., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

SWANK, Dorothy, R.D. 4, Benton, PA 17814 

WEISEL, Rose E. Reas, 2874 Canal St.. Big Flats, 
NY 14814 

•WHITMOYER, Lois McCarty, R.D. 2, Box 621, 
Hughesville, PA 17737 


•ALSTON, Jane Kehler, 3226 S. Main St., Apt. 
37A, Santa Anna, CA 92707 

•BASS, Lorraine Reeder, 62 Longwood Dr.. Strat- 
ford, NJ 08084 

COHAN, Doris Hess, E. New St., R.D. 5, Muncy. 
PA 17756 

DAVIS, Jean Ferrier, 1401 W. Mountain Ave.. S. 
Williamsport. PA 17701 

•DIMM, Lucille Lockard, 512 S. Market St., 
Muncy, PA 17756 

DOCHTER, Marian Fedroff, Box 219A2, R.D. 2, 
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 

ENGLISH, Dorothy Blakeman, 210 W. Matson 
St., Syracuse, NY 13200 

•ENGLISH, June Rogers, R.D. 3, Box 389, Cogan 
Station, PA 17728 

ERNEY, Jackie Dipple, 1 1 1 Pawnee Ave., Oak- 
land, NJ 07436 

ERTEL, Fae Wurster, 1005 Tule St., Montours- 
ville, PA 17754 

HARLAN, Winifred Betz, 729 Malibu Lane, ln- 
dialantic, FL 32901 

•HOLDREN, Helen, 7 King St., Northumber- 
land, PA 17857 

KESSLER, Marguerite Wynn, 9221 Brundidge 
Rd„ Richmond, VA 23235 

•LEAVY, Barbara Spotts, R.D. 2, Hughesville. 
PA 17737 

•McCARTY, June Laudig, 1113 Broad St., Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

McERN, Maxine Painton, 7185 Dogleg Rd., Day- 
ton, OH 45416 

•MOSSO, Margaret Spangler, 717 Green St.. 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•MYERS, Nellie Walter, 2434 East Hills Dr., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

PAUCKE, Sophie Ross, 2407 W. Fourth St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

REYNOLDS, Leona Haines, R.D. 2. Hillsboro, 
NH 03244 

RISS, Peggy Bloom, Ralston, PA 17763 

•STEIN, Constance Egli, R.D. 6, Danville, PA 


ADERHOLD. Olive Russell, 3309 Longwood Dr., 
Pasadena, TX 77501 

ANDREWS, Carol Pysher, 1655 W. Ajo Way, 
#232, Tucson, AZ 85713 

BAMFORD, Charlotte Servates, 1 1 Watson Lane, 
Dover, NH 03820 

•BOWER, Kathryn Bigelow. 621 Third Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

CHAMBERLAIN, Elsie Reynolds, Box 251-H, 
R.D. 2, Palmyra, PA 17078 

CLINE, Mary L. Ripka 

EISTER, Shirley Suiter, 1144 Robinson Rd., 
Pittsburgh, PA 15237 

•FRY, Cora Belcher, 322 W. Olive St., Columbus, 
KS 86725 

HARBER, Jane Diebert, 4 Burning Bush Lane, 
Levittown, PA 19058 

HETTER, Julia Johnson, 6 Headley Dr., New- 
town, PA 18940 

KREGER, Rozena Kinkade, 1740 Fredna Ave., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

LONG, Sally Shatzer, 545 W. King St., Cham- 
bersburg. PA 17201 

MUSHENO, Janet Blair, Fuller Rd., R.D. 3, 
Montoursville, PA 17754 


•SMITH. Marqueen Williams. 136 Highland Es- 
tates. Cogan Station. PA 17728 

•STALCL'P. Carolyn Jennings, 21 B Duncan Hill. 
Westfield. NJ 07090 

*\\ EBSTER. Mary J. Cardone. 331 Jerome Ave., 
Williamsporl. PA 17701 

'WILLIAMS, Lucille Kates. 7 Valley Ridge Ct.. 
Timonium, MD 21093 

•WOLFE. Man L. 316 Locust St., Jersey Shore, 
PA 17740 

•\EARICK. Constance Shaible, 131 1 Almond St., 
Williamsport. PA 17701 


\NTES. Emily Griess. 2 Barbara Dr., Wappingers 

Falls. NY 12590 
BARD. Mary L. Fraatz. 710 Beryl Dr., Kent, OH 

BEAVER. Peggy Heller, 18 Valley Heights Dr., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
BERGER, Rachel Everett, 47 Briarhurst Rd., Wil- 
liamsport. PA 17701 
BRADY. Patricia Barto. Apt. BX9, 300 Horsham 

Rd.. Hatboro. PA 19040 
BREITENBACH, Shirley Watts, N. Williamson 

Rd.. Liberty. PA 16930 
CODER. Jeannette Klein, 3070 Riverside Dr., Be- 

loit, WI 53511 
•DOL'TV. Madeline Ingram. RD. 2, Howard, PA 

•DRAKE. Carol Roan, RD. 3, Box 316, Cogan 

Station, PA 17728 
•FELIX, Doris Smith, 362 Curtin St., S. William- 
sport, PA 17701 
FLEISHER, Delores Derr. 215 W. Main St., Lock 

Haven, PA 17745 
FREV. Jean Lupert, 1804 Franklin St., Ports- 
mouth, OH 45662 
GLACE, Doris Hackenberry, 2 Virginia Ave., 

Shrewsbury, PA 17361 
•HOFFMAN, Phyllis Yasui, 1514 Packer St., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
•KAL'FFMAN, Naomi Franz, Box 140, Maple 

Lane, Millville, PA 17846 
KISBAUGH, Shirley Gordner, 943 Belair Dr., 

Berwick, PA 18603 
KRAMER, Pretta Hose, R.D. 4, Muncy, PA 

LECHNER, Betty Nowakowski, 158 N. Main St., 

Angola. NY 14006 
MATTIS. Pauline Tuckett, 15 Park Ave., Bala 

Cynwyd. PA 19004 
MODAY, Maxine Leffard, 68 1 King St., McKees- 

port. PA 15132 
•SCHRINER, Mary Wheeland, R.D. 3, Box 240- 

V Cogan Station, PA 17728 
SUNYDER, Jean Justice 
SMITH. June Gnau, 3729 Worthington Rd., Col- 

legeville. PA 19426 

THOMAS, Joan Whitmire, R.D. 1, Box 501, Ber- 
wick, PA 18603 

TOBIN, Patricia, 426 Sandy Dr., Glenshaw, PA 

SIDDLE, MILDRED, c/o Inteim House, 250 W. 
Tulpehochen St., Philadelphia, PA 19144 

•VICKERY, Barbary Fowler, Box 43, Penn Acres, 
Pennsdale. PA 17761 


BELLES, Janet Anderson, 1911 McDonald Dr.. 
Champaign, IL 61820 

•ECK, Virginia Fry, R.D. 2, Box 335, Muncy PA 

•EPLER, Dorothy Rice, 2843 Euclid Ave., Du- 
boistown, PA 17701 

FELKO, Doris Mishkin, 17862 Beckley Cir., Villa 
Park, CA 92667 

FULLER, Mary C, 10358 Appleton Rd., Johns- 
town, OH 43031 

•FUNK, June McNutt, 2319 Lincoln Dr.. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

GOHN, Margaret Ohnmeiss, 822 Sterling St., 
Plainfield, NJ 07062 

•HARLAN, Margaret O'Donnell, 148 11th St., 
Renovo, PA 17764 

HOUGH, Clara Smith, P.O. Box 5, Lake Pine- 
crest, Huntington Mills, PA 18622 

♦HAYES, Nancy Shultz, 1 540 W. Mountain Ave., 
S. Williamsport, PA 17701 

HORN, Doris Dorgan, 1321-1 20th Ave., Martin, 
MI 49070 

INNS, Barbara Shaffer, 226 Fifth St., Renovo, PA 

KACYON, Fay McCloskey, 69 Lambeth Loop, 
Fairport, NY 14450 

LEE, Martha Houseknecht, 120 Crawley, St., 
Hughesville, PA 17737 

LIVINGSTON, Jean Sanden, 7716 Elgar St., 
Springfield, VA 22151 

•MAITLAND, Barbara Bohr, 255 Sevon Retreat, 
Big Fort, MT 59911 

MURRAY, Ruth Van Horn, R.D. 4, Box 340, 
Muncy, PA 17756 

OHNMEISS, Mary Coull, 218 E. Larengo Ave., 
Norfolk, VA 23500 

PETERS, Eleanor Rhineheimer, R.D. 2, Box 189- 
B, Wapwallopen, PA 18660 

SMEAD, Elaine Swartz, 1 129 Roberts Rd., Me- 
dia, PA 19063 

•WEBSTER, Barbara Harbach, 1410 Richards 
Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701 

WINTERS, Connie Hoffman 309 Maple St., Jer- 
sey Shore, PA 17740 


ABERNATHA, Doris Neiderberger, 8431 Cape 

Nebubury Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92646 
ARTLEY, Joyce McKeague, 304 Logan Ave., 

Castanea, PA 17726 
*BAIR, Mary Ginter, R.D. 5, Box 256, William- 
sport, PA 17701 
BAKER, Lorma Thomas, R.D. 1, Lewisburg, PA 

•CONNELLY, Kathleen Redden, R.D. 2, Box 

318-E, Montgomery, PA 17752 
•CUPP, Janet, 919 Diamond St., Williamsport, 

PA 17701 
•DONNELL, JoAnne Mackey, Northway Rd. 

Ext., Box 324, R.D.I, Williamsport, PA 1 7701 
ECK, Marie Boinski, 1 1 2 Rualt St., Blossburg, PA 

•EYER, Nancy Dyer, 51 Hadley Rd., Fra- 

mingham, MA 01701 
FRASER, Beatrice Faircloth, 4113 Bender Rd., 

Jacksonville, FL 32207 
HUFF, Lois Hensler, R.D. 1, Linden, PA 17744 
♦LANTERMAN, Jane Fillman, 200 Brown St., S. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
LARSON, Amelia Brooks, 215 Broadway, Tur- 

botville, PA 17772 
LIVERMORE, Flo Landon, R.D. 1, Trout Run, 

PA 17771 
LYONS, Catherine Brownlee, 3490 W. College 

Ave., State College College, PA 16801 
McQUILLEN, Lila Free, R.D. 2, 424 Chester St., 

Pentwater, MI 49449 
•NEFF, Ruth Ditchfield, 327 Louisa St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 
REA, Ethel Mattern, 606 Elm St., Watsontown, 

PA 17777 
ROUGEUX, Mary Salvetti 6005 S. Edgewood 

Ave., LaGrange, IL 60525 
•STANZIONE, Dolores Fortner, 9N. Turnberry 

Dr., Dover, DE 19901 
•STUEMPFLE, Suzanne Hessert, 107 O'Neill 

Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701 
WAEHNER, Shirley Sherman, R.D.I, Westfield, 

PA 16950 
•WINTERS, Catherine Ranck, Rt. 1, Box 405, 

New Columbia, PA 17856 
•WOLFE, Kathleen Bastian, 1626 Walnut St., 

Jersey Shore, PA 17740 


ALBERT, Jane Haas, Trout Run, PA 17771 

•BERRY, Beverly Boone, R.D. 1, Box 62-A, Co- 
gan Station, PA 17728 

BIVENS, Nancy Ullom 

CASSELBERRY, Dorothy Walker 

COLEMAN, Virginia Downey, R.D. 2, Muncy, 
PA 17756 

EDWARDS, Muriel Millman, 10 S. Mt. Rd., Har- 
risburg, PA 17109 


EDWARDS, Shirley Keyser, 720 Pearl Blvd., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

FLANIGAN, Jeanne Yocca 

FLURY, Catherine Harney 

FREEBURG, Audrey Perry, R.D. 3, Box 195, 
Newville, PA 17241 

♦FULLER, Barbara Palmer, R.D. 1 , Box 775, Lit- 
tle Marsh, PA 16931 

GEISE, Kathryn Hirlinger, 377 Champlain Ave., 
Renovo, PA 17764 

HALL, Carlene Hafer, R.D. 5, Williamsport, PA 

♦HEISLEY, Joan Fisher, 3920 Woodvale Rd., 
Harrisburg, PA 17109 

HOLLEN. Emily Myers, 1 1 07 Malone Dr., Orlan- 
do, FL 32800 

JOHNSON, Shirley Perry, 2952 Lavita Lane, Dal- 
las, TX 75234 

KELLER, Florence Edmonds, 621 N. Market St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

♦KOTANCHIK, Janette R. Parenzan, R.D. 1, Box 
241 -A, Hummelstown, PA 17036 

LAUDENSLAGER, Irene Miller, 1 10 Maple St., 
Jersey Shore, PA 17740 

MAIETTA, Madelyn 

•MEYER, Patricia Daneker, 9 E. Ring Factory 
Rd„ BelAir, MD 21014 

NIKLAUS, Joanne Smith, 1410 Adria Blvd., Fort 
Atkinson, WI 53538 

♦REICHARD, Jeanne Belford, 16 Farm House 
Lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011 

SANNER, Carol McCutcheon, 57 Hawley Dr., 
Morrisville, PA 19061 

SHAFFER, Mildred Culp 

•SHERMAN, Evelyn Ritchy, 15 Haley Crescent 
Dr., Groton, CT 06340 

STOUDT, Joanne Pietkiewicz, N.Third St., Mif- 
flinburg, PA 17844 


ALBERTS, Shirley Clemens 

•BAILEY, Maxine Weinhardt, 1110 High St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•BARBOUR, Dorothy Dangle. 1203 Weldon St., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

•BECKNER, Mary Hutchison, 1512 Oakes Ave., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

BENNETT, Delores Kelley 

•BITLER, Marguerite Savidge, 135 Walnut Rd., 
Lewisburg, PA 17837 

BLACK, Frances Reese, 1734 Loyalsock Dr., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

BLAIR, Donna Allison, 1210 Shiffler Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•BOWER, Virginia Thompson, 431 Oakland 
Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701 

•BROBST, Jeanne Ritter, 246 St. Thomas Rd., 
Lancaster, PA 17601 

CASE, Barbara English, 17 Upper Dr., Corning, 

NY 14830 
•DADD, Edythe Sahm, 1407 Park Ave., William- 
sport, PA 17701 
DOWNEY, Deanne Meannet 
♦GENTRY, Dr. Patricia Droppleman, 523 Scenic 

Dr., Knoxville, TN 37919 
GEORGES, Joanna Reyes 
GLAES, Barbara Sidler, 6438 Briarwood Ct., Ri- 

verdale, GA 30296 
HART, Charlene Hanford, R.D. 3. Box 4819, 

Hughesville, PA 17737 
HOOVER, Patricia Watson, 4821 Springtop Dr., 

Harrisburg, PA 17111 
•JOHNSON, Arlene Miller, R.D. 1, Box 256-A, 

Allenwood, PA 17810 
KERESTES, Christine Strimel, 520-C Isabel Ct., 

Edwardsville, PA 18704 
KREGER, Edith Streck, R.D. 1, Box 44, Cogan 

Station, PA 17728 
LEONARD, Joanne Zuber, 2642 Euclid Ave., Du- 

boistown, PA 17701 
MASE, Avalyn Sauter, R.D. 1 , Box 403, William- 
sport, PA 17701 
McCLINTOCK, Catherine Gardner, 715 S. 

Broadway, Pitman, NJ 08071 
McHALE, Joan Solomon, 1544 Mt. Carmel St., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
McMICHAEL, Patricia Collins 
MINCEMOYER, Donna Thomas, 1920 Finley 

Rd., Walworth, NY 14568 
MOORE, Anita Vick, 4213 Elizabeth Lane, An- 

nandale, VA 22003 
MOYER, Sarah Morehart, 3429 Mansfield Dr., 

Rocky Mount, NC 27801 
MYERS, Anne Ruhl, 2207 Linwood Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
•REYNOLDS, Emily Chianelli, 240 Selkirk Rd., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
RITTER, Joanne Sennewald, 8722 Sleepy Hollow 

Lane, Potomac, MD 20854 
•ROBBINS, Arlene Stahl, 3 1 5 Spring St., Dubois- 

town, PA 17701 
SCHWEIKLE, Martha Karchner, c/o Schweikle, 

2905 Orchard Ave., RD 3, Montoursville, PA 

•SOLOMON, Janet Daugherty, 1 728 Almond St., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
•STANZIONE, Frances Nardi, 1314 Woodmont 

Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701 
YOCUM, Alice Herman, R.D. 2, Box 2631, How- 
ard, PA 16841 
YOUNG, Shirley Hillborn 
WAEHNER, Deloris McClelland 


STOTZ,, Monya Adkins, 3154 Willow Bend E„ 
Xenia, OH 45385 

•AURAND, Joyce Swasholtz, 1 1 24 Thompson St., 
Jersey Shore, PA 17740 

•BARTGES, Janet Wible, Box 62, Antes Fort, PA 

BIEBER, Miriam Rohn. 2306 Old Berwick Rd., 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

BREWER, Dawn Johnson, 1 805 Old Berwick Rd., 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

CODER, Ruth Brewer, Box 137, Light Street, PA 

•FLORA, Llwana Peacock, R.D. 8, Box 291, Dan- 
ville, PA 17821 

•FOLMAR, Lorraine Roller, 1329 Country Club 
Dr., Williamsport, PA 17701 

•HASER, Jane Early, 131 Church Rd., Apt. 4F, 
North Wales, PA 19454 

HENDERSHOT, Jean, 902 Rundal Ave., Yeadon, 
PA 19050 

HESS, Elsie Roup, 292 McGuire Pk, Bloomsburg, 
PA 17815 

•JEFFRIES, Nancy Ulmer, R.D. 2, Box 109, Bel- 
lefonte, PA 16823 

KRAUSER, Jeanne Jackson 

KREGER, Annetta Kimble 

•MANEVAL, Shirley West, P.O. Box 199, Mont- 
gomery, PA 17752 

MATTERN, Eloise O'Brien, 256 Harvey Rd., 
Hershey, PA 17033 

McCALEB, Catherine Roberts, P.O. Box 422, La- 
mar, PA 16848 

MOYER, Ann Johnson, 661 Chestnut St.. 
Westwood, NJ 07675 

MYERS, Mary J. Filler, P.O. Box 452, Miami, FL 

PARISE, Mary Prigitano, 21 Susan PI., Katonah, 
NY 10536 

POPLASKI, Rose M. Dunnich, Box 430C, Sha- 
mokin, PA 17872 

QUIMBY, Arlene Simanek, 1871 Robin Hood 
Dr., Fairborn, OH 45324 

•SHOTTS, Barbara Messner, 924 Prospect Ave., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

STUTZMAN, Roberta Daniels, R.D. 3, Box 864, 
Halifax, PA 17032 

STUTZMAN, Sally Thomas, 7659 Stana Ct., 
Lorton, VA 22079 

TAYLOR, Ann Kelly, 328 Montour St., Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

♦WOODS, Roberta Niklewski, 106 Paramount 
Terr., Hagerstown, MD 21740 


ABRAMO, Grace Pelleschi, 2330 W. Southern 
Ave., S. Williamsport, PA 17701 

BEIERLE, Emma Neights 

BOWER, Barbara Munsell, Beech St., Box 261, 
R.D. 2, Cogan Station, PA 17728 

BROSIOUS, Joan Rigby, 1411 Park Lane, Liber- 
ty, MO 64068 


BIRFIELD. Betty L. Welliver. 1408 Bloomin- 

grove Rd.. Williamsport. PA 17701 
BL RNS. Jacqueline Fredericks, 2611 Highland 

Ave . Williamsport. PA 17701 
CLARK. Bertha Potter. RD1. Knoxville. PA 

•CLOl SER. Nanc> Smith, 225 Walnut St.. Mif- 

flinburg. PA 17844 
DAl'GHERTY. Lucille Smith, 421 Westminster 

Rd.. Wenonah. NJ 08090 
•HANCOCK. Suzanne Gilbert. R.D. 5. Muncy. 

PA 17756 
HARMAN. Fay McNierney, RD. 1. Montgom- 
ery. PA 17752 
HART. Joanne Krezmer, 407 Cypress St., Mon- 

toursville. PA 17754 
Jl'STICE. Elaine Miller. 1625 Warren Ave., Wil- 
liamsport. PA 17701 
•KLING. Joanna Johnson. 427 Glenwood Ave., 

Williamsport. PA 17701 
LADD. Juanita Oliver, 4332 Mt. View Dr., Hay- 
market, VA 22069 
LEHMAN. Sally Guiswite, R.D. 2, Jersey Shore, 

PA 17740 
•MESSINGER. Mary Barone, 7235 Wynhill Dr. 

N.E., Atlanta. GA 30328 
•NEFF. Betty Folmar, 1 105 Arthur Road, Mon- 

toursville. PA 17754 
ODONNELL. Joyce Wagner, 5 Victor Ave., N. 

Warren, PA 16365 
PLOTTS. Catherine Catherman, 1115 Lindsay 

Lane. Rydal, PA 19046 
RICKER. Shirley Bauman, 1803 Elmhurst Ave., 

Jersey Shore, PA 17740 
SCHMOHL, Virginia English, 324 Tinsman Ave., 

Williamsport. PA 17701 
SCHRINER. Beverly Gilbert, 3705 Burning Tree, 

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48013 
SELDERS. Nancy Burger, 2554 Anita Dr., Dover, 

PA 17315 
WAGNER, Andrea Parker, 5421 Crestline Rd., 

Hills of Skyline, Wilmington, DE 19808 
•WINKLEBLECH. Doris Thomas. 1375 S. Sec- 
ond Ave., Hughesville, PA 17737 


•BARBER, Carol A., 678 Heller Ave., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

BEARDSLEE, Janet Ivicic, R.D. 1 , Bellefonte, PA 

BLACKWELL. Judith Dingier, 420 S. Front St., 
Jersey Shore, PA 17740 

BOWEN. Edna Levan, 31 Huckleberry Lane, 
Ballston Lake, NY 12019 

•BL'NN, Wilma Hall. 101 Bleaker St., Blossburg, 
PA 16912 

•CHAMBERS. Patricia Fry. R.D. 2, Muncy, PA 

•COLLINS. Myra Arena, 825 Lafayette Pkwy., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

COUSART, Joan Porter, R.D. 1 , Beech Creek, PA 

DITTMAN, Wilma Hakes. 95 Pleasant View 
Terr., Mounted Rd., New Cumberland. PA 

GRIMES, Jorge 

LAIBSCHER. Margaret Miller 

•LESHER. June Kirkendall, 2401 Mill Lane, Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

MARCEY, Yvonne Hoover 

MOSTELLER, Emily McCall, 147 Old North 
Hill, Rochester, NY 14617 

THOMAS. Donna Bennett, R.D. 1, Northumber- 
land, PA 17857 


AGOSTINELLI, Margaret Malizia, 1327 Scott 
St., Williamsport, PA 17701 

•CLEES, Roberta Benfer, 10113 Big Rock Rd., 
Silver Spring, MD 20901 

•COWLES, Blanche Short, 117 48th St. Apt. 3, 
Sea Isle City, NJ 08243 

•DOWNIN, Jane Alderman, P.O. Box 67, Bridge- 
port, WV 26330 

ERDLEY, Martha Barber, R.D. 2, Mifflinburg, 
PA 17844 

•FORMICA, Elvera Peck. 325 Winter St., Du- 
boistown, PA 17701 

GONZALEZ, Constance Reed, 199 Vine St., Se- 
linsgrove, PA 17870 

•GROVE, Ellen Spooner, 524 Vallamont Dr., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

HARBACH, Phyllis Brosha, 127 Hedgerow Dr., 
Morrisville, PA 19067 

HARRIS, Genevieve Schenck, R.D. 1, New Co- 
lumbia, PA 17856 

•KANALLY, Faylene Cain, 1715 Clarion Dr., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

KETCHUM, Betty Oakes, Hillsgrove, PA 18619 

•LORIMER, Caryll Eck, R.D. 1, Box 437, Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

LOWELL, Barbara, 600 Chatham Park Dr., Pitts- 
burgh, PA 16220 

McGILL, June Gallagher, P.O. Box 83, Pine 
Grove Mills, PA 16868 

•McKEE, Peggy Barbour, R.D. 2, Cogan Station, 
PA 17728 

•MEALY, Margaret Gearhart, 1301 Locust St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

MILLER, Barbara Allen, 821 Central Ave., Ren- 
ovo, PA 17764 

MOYER, Mary R. Love, 8636 W. Barkhurst Dr., 

Pittsburgh, PA 15237 
•PAGANA, Marie Zurinsky, 1112 Weaver St., 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
•RANSOM, Beverly Stroble, 1885 Dewey Ave., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 

RYDER, Norma Erdley, 1500 Oakes Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•STOUT, Shirley Durrwachter, 901 W. Fourth 
St., Williamsport, PA 17701 

STOVER, Eloise, R.D. 1, Box 25, Bellefonte, PA 

•STROBLE, Donna Goodspeed 2701 Superior 
Ave., Baltimore, MD 21234 

TEUSCHER, Elizabeth Ryder, Gen. Del. Rou- 
lette, PA 16746 

WYKOFF, Pearl Pulizzi, 700 Kingston PI., Alex- 
andria, VA 22300 


BALL, Mary A. Santibanez 

•BRICKLEY, Carol Schurer, 135 Spruce St., Jer- 
sey Shore, PA 17740 

BROWN, Carol A. 

•CALVERT, Wanda Hendershot Box 402 RD3, 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•CROMLEY, Aria Ragsdale, 333 Hicks Dr., Mar- 
ietta, GA 30060 

D'ADDIO, Dina Wilson, 11518, W. 108th St., 
Overland Park, KS 66210 

FINCH, Marjorie Suhr 

•GOTSCHALL, Lindsay Campbell, 1514 Elmira 
St., Williamsport, PA 17701 

HENNIGAN, Helen Thompson, R.D. 1, 147 De- 
Haven Rd., Beaver Falls, PA 15010 

HOOVER, Carol Trainer, 820 Monroe St., Water- 
gate Village, East Port, MD 21401 

KLING, Carole McQuay, Box 105, Bloomingrove 
Rd., Williamsport, PA 17701 

•KYLE, Shirley Young, Box 183, R.D. 3, Cogan 
Station, PA 17728 

MARTIN, Joan Taddio, 2514 Milmar Dr., Sara- 
sota, FL 33577 

NACE, Gloria Schleh, 561 Valley Rd., Summer- 
dale, PA 17093 

•ORME, Gladys Hilling, R.D. 4, Box 443, Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•SOMERS, Donna Vogel, Box 124, Barnegat 
Light, NJ 08006 

♦STABLER, Nancy Sholder, 5921 Hathaway Rd., 
Lebanon, OH 45036 


•AUNKST, Pauline D. Turner, 508 4th St., Liver- 
pool, NY 13088 

•BAIRD, Mina Rutter, 613 Westland Dr.. 
Greensburg, PA 15601 

BENSINGER, Judith Kissinger, 706 N. Eighth 
St., Selinsgrove, PA 17870 

BERNOCCO, Yvonne Girio, 319 E. 13th St., Ber- 
wick, PA 18603 


•BRONOKOSKIE, Cinda A. Sullivan, 3 Concord 

Way, Dover, NH 03820 
FALCK, Ruth A. Artz, R.D. 1, Hegins, PA 17938 
FRANK, Joan Forsburg, 106 Floral Dr., Gaithers- 

burg, MD 20760 
*GLAES, Carol Eck, 31 1 Central Ave., Box 362, 

Avis, PA 17721 
•GUERRIERO, Gloria Rossman, 2606 Chinchilla 

Dr., Wilmington, DE 19810 
HORN, Sandra Ulmer, R.D. 2, Cogan Station, PA 

KELLER, Lois D. Sheets, 1 4 1 7 Walnut St., Jersey 

Shore, PA 17740 
MARK, Eleanor Buonato 
McCLINTOCK, Margaret Weaver, R.D. 1, Box 

65, Mifflintown, PA 17059 
McHENRY, Sondra Durkin 
NEFF, Marjorie Bennett, R.D. 1, Box 139, Belle- 

fonte, PA 16823 
•REDMOND, Susan Karp, 8140 Crimson Circle, 

Clay, NY 13041 
SCISLY, Francis Aurand, R.D. 2, Drums, PA 

SHEARER, Joey Ashbrook, 13935 Cobblestone 

Lane, Perkington, OH 43147 
STUTZ, Judith Corbett, 37 Appletree Dr., Dav- 

gestris, NY 12477 
♦THOMAS, Sandra Trout, R.D. 2, Montoursville, 

PA 17754 
TOMLINSON, Joan, 4205 Erie Ct., Santa Clara, 

CA 95054 
WEIMER, Gladys Archambault, 2623 Highland 

Ave., Duboistown, PA 17701 


AYERS, Helen Bibleheimer, R.D. 2, Box 212, 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
BARNER, Linda Lee 
BIERLY, Karen Hammer, 200 Roth Dr., Monroe- 

ville, PA 15146 
•BLISS, Roberta Dougherty, 5 Conway St., 

Wellsboro, PA 16901 
•BRUNO, Barbara Whitnack, 312 N. Ligonier, 

St., Latrobe, PA 15650 
CHIPEGO, Joanne, 73 Poplar St., Kingston, PA 

•COURTER, Carol Updegraff, 1211 Eastgate 

Rd., Springfield, OH 45503 
•DIEFFENDERFER, Joan Eyster, 1739 Lewis- 

ville-Vienna Rd., Pfafftown, NC 27040 
•DOWNIN, Kay Gangloff, P.O. Box 8N, R.D. 2, 

Connod Rd., Hughesville, PA 17737 
DRUM, Shirley Corson, R.D. 1, Mahoning Man- 
or, Milton, PA 17847 
EMIG, Martha Weigel, 333 E. Mountain Ave., S. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
FAIR, Ann Plankenhorn, 840 St. Davids Rd., Wil- 

liamsport, PA 17701 
♦FULLER, Carol Confer, 520 Sylvan Dr., S. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
GRIMES, Marlene Hotchkiss, R.D. 1, Houghton, 

PA 14744 
•IDDINGS, Jane Pinney, 68 Trapping Brook Rd., 

Wellsville, NY 14895 
•MADER, Nancy Lucas, Apt. 1, Lot 22, R.D. 2, 

Webbwood, Lock Haven, PA 17745 
•MARTIN, Nancy Dorman, Center St., Picture 

Rocks, PA 17762 
MARTZ, Mary Ann Sweely, 296 Green Valley 

Dr., Big Flats, NY 14814 
NEWELL, Bonnie Klein 
NOON, Patricia, 336 Chestnut St., West Reading, 

PA 19602 
RUSPI, Alberta Peugeot, 64 Dartmouth St., 

Rockville Center, NY 11570 
•SEAMAN, Nancy Hunter, R.D. 1, Box 143A, 

Morris, PA 16938 
SEARLES, Dorothy Young, 76 D. Houston Ave., 

Montgomery, PA 17752 
SHEAFFER, Jeanne Haug, 512 Montour St., 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
SHEELA, Karlene Onuschak, Sixth and Cherry 

Sts., Ringtown, PA 17967 
SHIRK, Sandra Ball 
•SIMPLER, Nancy Messimer, Box 165, White 

Deer, PA 17887 
•STERNER, Kitty Hofer, 525 Montour St., Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 
THOMAS, Nancy Yohey 
•WAHNER, Faye Bibleheimer, R.D. 2, Box 222, 

Montoursville, PA 17554 
•WEAVER, Linda Haldeman, 4 Crabapple Lane, 

Greenville, RI 02828 


♦BARBEE, Martha Rich, 4710 Duncan Dr., An- 
nandale, VA 22003 

BOWER, Karin Bolay, 2623 Euclid Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•CAVANAUGH, Joanne Rothermel, R.D. # 1 , Box 
200 A., Montoursville, PA 17754 

COBLE, Patricia, 1407 Wrightman St., Pitts- 
burgh, PA 15217 

CRESSMAN, Laura Snyder, 113 Union St., Mt. 
Holly, NJ 08060 

CRIST, Diane Kettler, R.D. #1, Box 379K. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

♦DAVIS, Saundra Showers, 24 N. Main St., P.O. 
Box 304, Yeagertown, PA 17099 

EDER, Vada Mae, 318 E. 68th St., Kansas City, 
MO 64113 

GUINTER, Susan Nelson 

HESSLER, Naomi Scharf, 70 Kathy Lane, W. 
Seneca, NY 14224 

•HILL, Sue Obal, 820 Hessian Circle, W. Ches- 

ter, PA 19380 

HOOVER, Shirley Wuertz, 10015 S.W. 102nd 
Ave. Rd„ Miami, FL 33156 

HORNING, Brenda Kent 

HUBLER, Peggy Treaster, 142 N. Pennsylvania 
Ave., Centre Hall, PA 16828 

•KACKURKA, Jeanean Beaver, Rt. 6, Box 417 
Claremore, OK 74017 

KURTZ, Patricia Klobe. 1 Orchard Rd., Milton, 
PA 17847 

•LEPLEY, Linda Hackett, 47 Thurton Dr., New 
Cannon, CT 06840 

•McCRACKEN, Ann Knights, 357 Normandy 
Rd., Shaker Heights, OH 44120 

McERN, Loye Flemming, Manitoba Trail, R.D. 
#2, Indian Mills, Lake, NJ 08088 

PAGANA, Kathleen Wertz, 316 Bennett St., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

•PAULHAMUS, May Babcock, 114 Fairview 
Dr., Montoursville. PA 17754 

•PETERS, Sherry O'Mealy, 2042 N. Konkle Rd., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

•RANCK, David, 807 Mountain View St., Harris- 
burg, PA 17112 

RUDNESKI, Elaine Deery, Box 54, Millerton, PA 

•STEPP, Janice Britt, 60 Pent Pine Hill, 
Applewood, Fogelsville, PA 18051 

THOMSON, Jessie Igou, Howard, PA 

THRASH, Barbara Dykens, 1321 High St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•WINTER, Janie Stahl, R.D. #1, Box 326A, Co- 
gan Station, PA 17728 

LOWRY, Janice Wright, 547 Magnolia Ave., 
R.D. #2, Absecon, NJ 08201 

YEARICK, Nancy Swan, 103 Central Ave., Elk- 
land, PA 16920 


BENNER, Rebecca Griggs, 314 S. High St., Se- 
linsgrove, PA 17870 

•BOOB, Mary A. McMurtrie. 730 Union Ceme- 
tery Rd., Greensburg, PA 15601 

•BOWEN, Sharon Tempesco, Ridge Rd., R.D. 1, 
Box 137, Cogan Station, PA 17728 

BUBB, Mary J. Mondell, 1231 High St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

CLARKE, Muriel Demarco, 539 South Ave., Dun- 
elden, NJ 08812 

CLEWELL, Barbara Ault, 27 Keren Dr., New 
Britain, CT 06053 

CREVELLING, Ann Miller, Box 74, R.D. 1, Al- 
lenwood, PA 17810 

•DEITRICK, Glenn, 120 Vance PI., Long Beach, 
MS 39560 

•EMICK, Carole Cardone, 930 Grove St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

ENCK, April Fairweather, 278 Water Ave., 
Lewisburg, PA 17837 


ENGLER. Ellen Burker. R.D. 3. Money, PA 

FREMBERG. Ann Anderson. 230 Harris St.. 

Harrisburg. PA 17102 
GAMBLE. Lois Cole 
GODFREY. Nancy Popovich 
HARMON. Diane Moles 
HOLSER. Donald. R.D. 1. Box 167. Allenwood, 

PA 17810 
MVINS. Elinor L. Winter, 3-F. Larel Hill Apts., 

Lindenwold. NJ 08021 
•KAHLER. Louise Eakin. R.D. 1, Box 204A, 

Montgomery. PA 17752 
•KINLEV. Judith Cerra. 427 Jackson Ave., Ext., 

Wjrren. PA 16365 
KRAWCZYK. Teresa Smith 
LOWERY. Joyce Pittenger, R.D. 1. Box 225A, 

Montoursville. PA 17754 
McNLTT. Lois. 9411 Shore Rd. 3C. Brooklyn, 

NY 11209 
MIKl'LAK. Paula Davis. 4208 S. Bury Lane. An- 

niston, AL 36201 
MITCHELL, Sandra VanHoesen 
•PETERSON. Frances Clausen, Box 264, R.D. 4, 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
•RANCK.Gail Leidhecker, R.D. 5. Box 14A. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
REGGIA. Louise Jackson, 5210 Hampden Lane, 

Bethesda, MD 20014 
RYAN, Marthalie Paternostro. 71 Bartlow Rd., 

Picture Rocks, PA 17762 
SCHRECK, Shirley Shoemaker 
SHAFFER, Linda Linn, Box 192, R.D. 1, New 

Columbia. PA 17856 
STONER, Betty, c/o Operating Room, Scottsdale 

Memorial Hospital, 7400 E. Osborn Rd., 

Scottsdale, AZ 85251 
•THOMAS. Kathryn Deitrick, 120 Vance PI., 

Long Beach. MS 39560 
WATSON. Sally Veal 


BOCHKAY, Sharon Slagle 

BORTOT. Anna Bittner, 5529 Edsel St., Harris- 
burg. PA 17109 

BOWER, Rebecca Day, R.D. 3, Box 188, Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

BRATTON, Maxine Best, R.D. 2, Box 1 167, Dun- 
cannon, PA 17020 

BROWN, Leslie Confer. 14308 Dairydale Rd., 
Baldwin, MD 21013 

BLTLER, Charyl Turner, R.D. 2, Montgomery, 
PA 17752 

DAHLGREN. June Emigh, 1045 Amboise Dr., 
Mar. on. OH 43302 

HARVEY, Sharon Pittingcr 

HUDELSON, Martha Hauck. 3505 Bethel Rd . 
Boothwyn, PA 19061 

KRYDER, Diane Wotipka, 722 Lonsdale Lane, 
Vista, CA 92083 

LOUDENSLAGER. Janet Turner. 1612 Marlin 
Pkwy., Williamsport, PA 17701 

McFADDEN, Joan Stabley, 1011 Walnut St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

NEIBAUER. Mary K. Cowher, R.D. 3, William- 
sport, PA 17701 

PLANKENHORN, Jean Bepler, 3488 Trenton 
Rd., Columbus, OH 43227 

RAUCH, Diane Tolomay, Box 452, North Bend, 
PA 17760 

*SABO. Lois Siemsen, 1015 Monroe Rd., Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

SHELLENBERGER, James, 1421 Pine Crest Dr., 
S. Williamsport, PA 17701 

SINGLEY, Marilyn Bollengier, 10571 Larry Way, 
Cupertino, CA 95014 

STANFORD, Margaret Quick 

•TURNER, Marlene Brown, Star Route, Trout 
Run, PA 17771 

WALTZ, Carolyn Gordon, Box 2, R.D. 1, Trout 
Run, PA 17771 

WEHLER, Sheryl Thornton 

•WURSTER, Donna Bamberger, 2009 N. Konkle 
Rd., R.D. 2, Montoursville, PA 17754 


BOWMAN, Janet Meier, R.D. #1, Box 425K, 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

CLARK, Barbara Sarge, R.D. #5, Bloomsburg, 
PA 17815 

CLARK, Margaret Horn, R.D. #3, Jersey Shore, 
PA 17740 

CLEES, Judith Hayes, 1521 Devonshire Ave., 
West Lake Village, CA 91361 

COLE, Betsy Casale, 843 W. Third St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

FISHER, Gail Blass, 821 Faxon Parkway., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

GEORGE, Nellie Weller, 9014, Transome Rd., 
Baltimore, MD 21236 

•HALDEMAN, Elaine Cabelly, 4305 SE Alder, 
Portland, OR 97215 

HARRIS, Sally Wilcox. R.D. Morrisdale, PA 

HUNTER, Susan Sette 

KIDD, Rebecca Rhine, 834 Quinton Rd., Leba- 
non, PA 17042 

•KOTANCHIC, Sue Bergman, 716 Meadowlark, 
Rd., Audubon, PA 19407 

LINN, Barbara Riggs 

LITTLE, Judy Swinehart, 406 Burke St., Jersey 
Shore, PA 17740 

•LONGIN, Anita Lansberry, 41 1 Turnpike Ave., 
Clearfield, PA 16830 

•MaclNDOE, Bonnie Adams, 916 Second Ave., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•MAPSTONE, Joann Mincemoyer, 128 Grant 
St., Newark, NY 14513 

•McMAHON, Suzanne Chestnut, Proctor Star 
Route, Williamsport, PA 17701 

•MINCEMOYER Robert Jr., 128 Grant St., 
Newark, NY 14513 

MUSSER, Jane Korbar, R.D. #3, Box 250, Selins- 
grove, PA 17870 

•POFF, Mary Ann Preuss, 370 S.W. 13th St., 
Pompano Beach, FL 33060 

REICHARD, Gloria Blass, 302 Villa St., Danville, 
PA 17821 

•ROACH, Suzanne Corriere, 3643 Lenaire Rd., 
Bethlehem, PA 18017 

•SMETANA, Elaine Evenowski, 35 Brumeda Rd., 
Whitesboro, NY 13492 

STEPPY, Marcella Murray 

•STOCUM, Susan Dick, 302 Avenue D„ River- 
side, PA 17868 

•WIMMER, Karla Smith, 1 22 N. 1 8th St., Allen- 
town, PA 18104 


BARLETT, Karen Sue Naylor 

BARRETT, Diane Synan, 5371 28th St. N.W., 

Washington, DC 20015 
•BOHR, Linda Alberts, 460 Brown St., S. Wil-! 

liamsport, PA 17701 
CRAPEK, Linda Preston, 907 Elmira St., WiU 

liamsport, PA 17701 
•EMICK, Joyce Murphy, Box 336, Proctor Star 

Route, Williamsport, PA 17701 
FANTASKI, Gloria Hunter 
GATHMAN, Martha Horn, 1822 Lenox Rd., 

Schnectady, NY 12308 
GEHR, Marcia Surfield, Proctor Star Route, Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
HACKEDORN, Jean Startzman 
HALLOW, Alice Mitchell 
•HARRIS, Elizabeth Lundy, P.O. Box 553, 

George AFB, CA 92392 
HEMENS, Lydabelle Barrett, Caiya Postal 

18868, Sao Paulo, Capital, Brazil, SACEP 

•HOCKER, Nancy Cavanaugh. R.D. I, Cogan 

Station, PA 17728 
•HOMAN, Mary Crokhuff, 188 Jefferson St., 

Emmaus, PA 18049 
•HOOVER, Linda Pick, 1054 Wayne Ave., Wil-! 

liamsport, PA 17701 
KURTZ, June Zarecki 
•LAURIDSEN, Jeanne Ward, Rt. 2, Box 189. 

Seneca, SC 29678 
•LAYLON, Raymonda Brown, Laurel Rd., South 

Hills, Lewistown, PA 17044 
MACHAMER, Ivan, R.D. 1, Box 236, Hunlock 

Creek, PA 18621 
•MACHMER, Emily Paulhamus, 1628 W. 4th 


St., Williamsport, PA 17701 

MALLIN, Christine Rech, 2301 Albion Rd., Mid- 
lothian, VA 23113 

•MARCHIONI, Artista Zangas, 1229 Via Lan- 
deta, Palos Verde Estates, CA 90274 

♦McCORMICK, Doris Pick, Rr. 10 W. 8th St., 
Watsontown, PA 17777 

METZGER, Pamela Tyler, Rua Mario Pizani 1 58 
Jd. Bella Vista, 13.480 Limeira, Sao Paulo. 
Brazil, South America 

MOTTER, Susan Mariano, 9455 Ellsworth Ct., 
Fulton, MD 20759 

•PONGRAZZI, Elaine Cominsky, 107 Hill Crest 
Rd., Camp Hill, PA 17011 

REITZ, Marie Moore, 2605 1 1th St., Altoona, PA 

*SHAFER, Constance Martin, 2120 Reed St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

♦SMITH, Judy, R.D. 2, Box 1 87. Lock Haven, PA 

STAHLI, Denise Steele, 1651 N. 24th St., Mesa, 
AZ 85203 

STRASSER, Kay Bastian, R.D. 1, Box 118A. 
New Columbia, PA 17856 

•THOMAS, Betsy Crossley, R.D. 2, Box 508, Jer- 
sey Shore, PA 17740 

TRESSLER, Cheryl Brennan, 210 W. Shamokin 
St., Trevorton, PA 17881 

VAN HOUTEN, Diane Zurinsky 

•WOLFE, Joan Keifer, 678 Third Ave., William- 
sport, PA 17701 


BARR, Virginia Codispoti, RD 5, Box 313-E, Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•BOHLAYER, Marilyn, 824 High St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

CHUTKO, Martha Dunlap 

CLINGEN, Ginny Gray, 3651 Roiling Terr., 
Spring TX 77373 

DWYER, Mary E. Jones, 19215 40th West C-2, 
Lynwood, WA 98036 

HANNA, Col. Pamela Feniour, 355 Magnolia Dr., 
Satellite Beach, FL 32937 

HECK, Jane Updyke, Box 203, Tioga, PA 16946 

HIPPO, William, 7235 Robinhood Way, Rose- 
ville, CA 95678 

HOFFMAN, Eileen Wolf, Rt. 6, Box 356, Dan- 
ville, PA 17821 

HOLT, Emilie Shaw, 6 Mort Ave., Keene, NH 

HRINYA, Barbara, 957 Hepburn St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

KLINE, Kathy J. Kendlehardt, 4 1 7 Howard St., S. 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•KRAMER, Donna Woodling, P.O. Box 148, Pic- 
ture Rocks, PA 17762 

KRYDER, Norma, c/o R. Wotipka, 722 Honsdale 

Lane, Vista, CA 92083 
KUZNESKI, Jean Smith, R.D. 1 , Box 3 1 5, Bloss- 

burg, PA 16912 
LOWERY, Linda Maietta, 31 Berkshire PI., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
MINIUM, Cecilia Warren R.D. 2, Box 432, 

Lewisburg, PA 17837 
MOATE, Mary Miller, R.D. 1, Driftwood, PA 

NEWTON, Sandra Hatch, 2617 LaCharles N.E., 

Albuquerque, NM 87112 
PATTERSON, Doris Kraft, 4 Willoughby, War- 
ren, PA 16365 
PLOTTS, Sharon Nagy. 123 Grimesviile Rd., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
REARICK, Violet, R.D. 5, Box 144 Muncy, PA 

RENK, Carol Johnson, R.D. 4, Box 664. Mon- 

toursville, PA 17754 
•RICKETTS, Lynne Maietta, R.D. 4, Box 285, 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
ROGERS, Nancy Warner, 28 Beverly Dr., Beech 

Creek, PA 16822 
SAVAGE, Renee Sewalt, Box 2513, R.D. 2, 

Stewartstown, PA 17363 
SHERMAN, Judy, No. 68 Garden Center #310, 

Broomfield, CO 80020 
SHULTZ, Linda Witmer, 127 N. Spring St. #3, 

Bellefonte, PA 16823 
SKUTSKI, Sandra Miller, 22 5th St., Galeton. PA 

STEININGER, Jean Plymette, R.D. 3, Box 484A, 

Milton, PA 17847 
TEMPLE, Frances, R.D. 2, Box 138, Milton, PA 

THOMAS, Cheryl, 2720 W. 4th St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 
WEHR, Sally Davenport, 3933 Graystone Ct., 

Stone Mountain, GA 30083 


ASBY, Joy Gottshall, PSC Box 4826, APO New 

York, NY 09633 
BROWN, Sandra Lee deBronkart, 8 Voke St.. 

North Reading, MA 01864 
BURKHOLDER, Rebecca Jane Houser, RD 2, 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
BUSH, Blaine Jacob, 406 W. Walnut, Titusville, 

PA 16354 
•CAPELLO, Michella Guinter, 354 'A Cherry St., 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
CHAPIN, Mary Jane, RD 2, Orangeville, PA 

COUP, Judy Faye, 936 Louisa St., Williamsport, 

PA 17701 
DOR WART, Jacqueline Chrencik, 211 Rolling- 
dale Rd., Catonsville, MD 21228 
•FREI, Diane Marie Myers, 1031 Elizabeth St.. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
GEISE, Phyllis Margaret Kohl, RD 2, Box 490, 

Northumberland, PA 17857 
GRAY, Jenifer Jean Lowman, 10615 West Rona 

Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85039 
HEYLER, Roberta Lou Glantz, RD 1 Box 48D. 

Liberty, PA 16930 
HOOKS, Carol Meckley, Box 271, RD 1, Jersey 

Shore, PA 17740 
KAUPA, Kayann Osman, RD 1, Box 41, Mifflin- 

burg, PA 17844 
•KIZER, Jeanne Clarise Hughes, RD 2, Box 

192B, Tioga, PA 16946 
KLEES, Bonnie Jean, 701 Hepburn St., Milton, 

PA 17847 
LUCAS, Georgia Ann Chandler, 534 11th St., 

Phillipsburg, PA 16866 
MILLER, Margaret, c/o Stephen Miller, RD 2, 

Carlisle, PA 17013 
OGDEN. Bonnie Hutcheson, RD 1, West Hill, 

Covington, PA 16917 
RANCK, Cynthia Kocher, RD 3, Box 406, Muncy, 

PA 17756 
REFFNER, Thalia Cook, 4220 Ridgeview Rd., 

Harrisburg, PA 17112 
RENN, Roxann Bentz, 1559 Carousel Dr. War- 
minster, PA 18974 
RHINE, William Edward, 834 Quinton Rd., 

Lebanon, PA 17042 
ROE, Bonnie Jean, c/o Bernard L. Roe, Box 124, 

Nelson, PA 16940 
SCHINDLER, Wendy Gail Schmidt, Alcoa Min- 
erals of Jamaica, PO Box 24 1 , Lingstone, Jan- 

aica, West Indies 
SKYES, Carol Wise, 21 Old Farm Lane, Milton, 

PA 17847 
STETTS, Cheryl Moyer, 2220 Nixon, Caldwell, 

ID 83605 
STICKLER, Tondelayo Bressette, 404 N. Main, 

Mansfield, PA 16933 
TAYLOR, Alice Bolkus, 6408 Para Turn, Bensa- 

lem, PA 19020 
TERRY, Rita Charlene Kotak, PO 518, Tarakan, 

Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia 
WEIGLE, Sandra Lea, 1257 W. 4th, William- 
sport, PA 17701 
YANULEVICH, Jeanette Malisko, RD 1, Box 

103F, Weatherly, PA 18255 
ZAYDELL, Sandra Mohonski, RD 4, Box 623, 

Montoursville, PA 17754 


AUKER, Connie Lantz, Box 134, Proctor Star 

Route, Williamsport, PA 17701 
BEAVER, Judith Hayes, Box 176N, R.D. 2, Se- 

linsgrove, PA 17870 
BURGER, Paula, 1027 Easton St., Key West, FL 



•BITLER. Sandra Irion. R.D. 1. Box 216. Trout 

Run. PA 17771 
•CALDWELL. Peggy. 932 Grove St., William- 
sport. PA 17701 
CRUSE. Valeri 
DAMS. Karen Macklem. Box 125. Island Route, 

Lock Haven, PA 17745 
•DITLOW. Lucinda Sobkowski. 31 Alger PI. 

\e« London. CT 06320 
FEESE, Gail SwartZ, R.D. 1. Box 216, Turbot- 

ville. PA 17772 
FISCHER. Sharon Featherstone, R.D. 2, Box 147, 

Cogan Station. PA 17728 
GA\ ITT, Gloria Horning, 508 Oak St., Ridgway, 

PA 15853 
GLTHRIE, Debra. 46 Pennylane, Duxbury, MA 

HAGAN. Linda Luckenbill, Box 358, R.D. 2, 

Montgomery, PA 17752 
HAMPTON. Nancy. 514 W. 2nd Ave.. S. Wil- 

liamsport, PA 17701 
HARTMAN. Barbara McKeever, 135 Center St., 

Say re, PA 18840 
HORNING, Henry. 508 Oak, Ridgeway, PA 

HOLSEKNECHT. Billie Marlin, 1007 Marion 

Ave., Bellefonte. Wilmington, DE 19809 
HOL SEKNECHT, Karen Busey, 344 Union Ave., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
KEPHART, Bonita Duttery, R.D. 2, Box 245A, 

Milton, PA 17847 
MOLITOR. Capt. James 7-480 BI Street, Elmen- 

dorf A.F.B., Alaska 99506 
•MOORE. Shirley, 2028 N.E. 96, Seattle, WA 

ORLESKI. Cynthia Minnier. 99 Dirkson Ave., 

West Seneca. NY 14224 
PETERS, Carol Palmer, Box 25 1 A, RD 1 , Spring- 

ville, PA 18844 
RIZZO, Deborah, 801 Cemetery St.. William- 
sport, PA 17701 
SCHNARS. Barbara Felty, 4805F McKinley PL, 

Mountain Home ID 83648 
SHRIMP, Sarah Miller, R.D. 3, Box 208B, Sun- 
bury, PA 17801 
SPOONER. Christine Kroboth. R.D. 1, Box 90, 

Linden, PA 17744 
TOMALONIS, Marie Burger. Box 460, Salladas- 

burg, PA 17740 
VOORHEES, Sharon Engler. Box 1 17A, R.D. 2, 

Millerton, PA 16936 
WALES, Mina L. Kepchak, 403 S. State St., N. 

Warren, PA 16356 
•WILCOX, Susan Sweet, 15 Sherwood, Wells- 

boro. PA 16901 


wood, PA 17810 
BAIR, Patricia Hartz, R.D. 2, Box 10, Hughes- 

ville, PA 17737 
COPENHAVER. Barbara, RD 1, Box 240, Sum- 

merhill PA 15958 
DOLAN, Daniel, Box 99. Main St., Blanchard, PA 

♦FULLMER, Ellen Webster, 56 Oak Square Ave., 

Brighton, MA 02135 
GARDNER, Donna Thomas, 25 MacDonald Dr., 

Ocean View, NJ 08230 
GR.ANTIER, Joan Proko 
•LEATHERS, , Cynthia Grenninger, 502 Grape, 

Castanea, PA 17745 
HOCKMAN, Cynthia Shoup. Star Route, Trout 

Run. PA 17771 
HOLMES, Bonnie Eck, R.D. 2, Box 335. Jersey 

Shore, PA 17740 
HUTCHINGS, Gloria Chesney, R.D. 4, Box 191, 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
KANE, Mary Cunnard, 2929 E. Michigan Ave. 

Orlando, FL 32806 
KELLEY, Dena Chapman, 94 Montgomery St., 

Montgomery, PA 17752, OR 1010 W. Hart, 

Pasadena, TX 77506 
KELTZ, Larry, 913 Pierce Lane, Blytheville, AR 

KLINGAMAN, Ray, 630 Oliver St., William- 
sport. PA 17701 
KRATZER, Kathy Harris, Box 33, Pottsgrove, PA 

LILLEY, Eileen Shearer, 300 Susquehanna Ave., 

Curwensville, PA 16833 
MAJESKI, Veronica McCaffrey, R.D. 5, Box 119, 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
♦MANSUY, Suzanne, 1 1 3 May Dr., Apt. 5. Camp 

Hill, PA 17011 
McCLOSKEY, Kenneth 
MORLOCK, Desiree, R.D. 4, Box 39, Jersey 

Shore, PA 17740 
PETERS, Jan Kirby, 602 E. Mountain Ave.. S. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
•PLANK, Kathleen Sawyer, R.D. 1, Trout Run, 

PA 17771 
ROBERTS, Diane, 901 Edgewood Rd„ Riegels- 

ville, PA 18077 
ROUPP, Grace, R.D. 1, New Columbia, PA 

SMITH, Kathleen Mosteller 
SMITH, Sherry Sipes, 1615 Hughes Shop Rd., 

Westminster, MD 21157 
SNYDER, Susan Bailey, R.D. 3, Middleburg, PA 

SPECHT, Debra Achenbach, R.D. 1, Miller- 

stown, PA 17062 


BAIER, Sharon Miller, R.D. 1. Box 131, Allen- *BAIR, Nadine Wolfe, 202 HaydenSt.,Sayre, PA 

BURKHOLDER, Carol LaBorie, P.O. Box 333. 

Interlaken, NY 14850 
CHAPIN, Diane Yeatts, 1113 Rosewood Dr., Tal- 
lahassee, FL 32301 
COFFMAN, Christine Gardner, Box 635, R.D. 4, 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
CONNELLY, Sherryl Elemius, 12C Greenhill 

Dr., Fishkill, NY 12524 
DIEHL, Debra, 1510 East Hill Crescent, William- 
sport, PA 17701 
FLOOK, Virginia. 337 Fulton St., Apt. 4, San 

Francisco, CA 94102 
FORCEY, Janet Allison, R.D. 2, Cogan Station, 

PA 17728 
•GRUVER, Alice Kaler, 4008-D Falcon Cts. N„ 

McGuire AFB, NJ 08641 
HEITER, Alison Maddeson 
JONES, Nancy Fenstermacher, 908 Louisa St., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
LONG, Janette Salvatori, R.D. 4, Hoovers Lane, 

Tyrone, PA 16686 
LUCAS, Sharon Grahan, 28 Grand View Lane, 

Rochester, NY 14612 
*LYON, Betsy Musser, R.D. 1, Box 188A, Willow 

Street, PA 17584 
MARTINO, Kathleen Stopper, R.D. 3, Box 1 7 1 A, 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
SEMENTELLI, Janis Dice, 612 Country Side 

Trail, Edmund, OK 73034 
SEYBERT, Karen Saylor, Proctor Star Route. 

Box 380, Williamsport, PA 17701 
SHAIBLE, Bobbi Staib, 205 Kim Dr., Endwell, 

NY 13760 
SMITH, Carletta, 860 Harrison Ave., Box 106, 

Boston, MA 02118 
STOVER, Cathy Shawley, Box 618, Milesburg, 

PA 16853 
TAYLOR, Shelley, 665 Spruce St., Williamsport, 

PA 17701 
WHITMYER, Linda Hurley, 8 1 8 Hard Rd„ Web- 
ster, NY 14580 
•ZIMMER, Pamela Dill, 50 Grampian Blvd., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 


BEACH, Sandra Brestowski, Box 83C, R.D. 2, 

Drums, PA 18222 
•BURROWS, Tamara Strunk, 128 S. Main St., 

Jersey Shore, PA 17740 
BRYERTON. Bernadine, 5836 Tiffany Ct., 

Georgetown of Lyndhurst, Cleveland, OH 

COLVER, Jean Delansky, 9 1 5 Spruce St., Philips- 
burg, PA 16866 
COZZI, Cecelia Olson, R.D. 2, Lot 23, Muncy, PA 

CRYDER, Sue Lachat, Star Route, Lock Haven, 

PA 17745 


FISHER, Karen Dietz, 833 Johahn Dr., Westmin- 
ster, MD 21157 

FISHER, Richard, R.D. 6, Danville, PA 17821 

HAUBERT, Melody Partner, 307 Chalmers Ave., 
Ferndale, MD 21061 

HARTUNG, Diane Kontz, 1 165 Almond St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

HOFFMAN, Claudia Haile, 6492 Conesus 
Sparta, Town Line Rd., Conesus, NY 14435 

♦HOSTRANDER, Martha Dunn, R.D. 4, Box 40, 
Towanda, PA 18848 

HULTMAN, Catherine Masden, 1515 Cris PL, 
Anaheim, CA 92802 

LINGLE, Jane Rupert, P.O. Box 176, Lock Ha- 
ven, PA 17745 

MOSS, Elaine Peterson, 1 722 Bridge Ave., Daven- 
port, OH 52803 

PARKER, Sallie Hershey, R.D. 1, Box 328A, 
Ulysses, PA 16948 

POMPILI, Theresa Sander. 21 10 W. Fourth St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

*PUTMAN, Dorothy Ulmer, 508 Jordan Ave., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

ROBBINS, Lucinda Harris. R.D. 2, Orangeville, 
PA 17859 

•SCHRINER, Cynthia Belles, English Hills #9, 
R.D. 3, Cogan Station, PA 17728 

*STROUP, Lonna, R.D. 4, Box 35, Muncy, PA 

•STRUNK, George, 128 S. Main St., Jersey- 
Shore, PA 17740 

SWANSON, Karen Ugluzzia, R.D. 1, Stevens- 
ville, PA 18845 

TAYLOR, Pamela Miller, Box 17, Antes Fort, PA 

♦WARING, Lou Ann Ireland, 267 Jordan Ave., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

♦WELSHANS, Janet Saar, 516 Broad St., Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

WITTMAN, Sandra, 829 Center St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 


♦ANDERSON, Jan Smeenk, R.D. 4, Box 309, 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
♦BANIK, Mary C. Hutchison, 13760 Oakmont 

Dr., Victorville, CA 92392 
BENNETT, Connie Hropla, 1403 H. Paegelan 

Scott AFB, IL 62225 
BENNETT, Sandy Bubb, R.D. 1, Box 276, Mill 

Hall, PA 17751 
BERRY, Leslie Stewart, 842 Maple St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 
BLANK, Cheryl Heatley, Box 159A, Morris, PA 

BLUFF, Barbara A. Lubinski, P.O. Box 51, 

Prompton, PA 18456 
BOHNERT, Jane. 1417 Elmira St., Williamsport, 

PA 17701 

BRICKLEY, Linda 1325 Floradora Dr., Belleville, 
IL 62221 

CAMPBELL, Cindy Bird, R.D. 2, Box 125A, 
Catawissa, PA 17820 

CLOUSH, Orleen Smukler, P.O. Box 440, Areata, 
CA 95521 

CODER, Chris Prato, 1017 E. 4 14 St., Berwick, 
PA 18603 

ECK, Mary L. O'Neil, R.D. 1, Box 290, Cogan 
Station, PA 17728 

♦BEISHLINE, Cheryl A. Grugan, 1513 Memorial 
Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701 

♦HEISER, Connie Sekulski, 155 Hanover St., 
Northumberland, PA 17857 

♦HELLER, Cynthia Zimmerman, R.D. 2, Box 
350C, Bellefonte, PA 16823 

HOFFMAN. Bob, 1 245 S. Atherton St., State Col- 
lege, PA 16801 

HURLEY, Dayna Jones, R.D. 1, Box 294G, Mor- 
risdale, PA 16858 

HURSH, Terrie Johnson, 372 Meadow Dr., Cir- 
cleville, OH 43113 

ISAACSON, John, Box 123A, R.D. 3, William- 
sport, PA 17701 

KALER, Ann Riggs, 1 1 Summit Ave., Clifton, NJ 

KANASKIE, Jan, 929 E. Chestnut, Shamokin, PA 

♦KLASE, June Stark, R.D. 3. Box 1 4-B, Sunbury, 
PA 17801 

SMITH, Mary L. Kostecki, R. D 1, Box 264D, 
Mansfield, PA 16933 

KYLER, Sharon Dormire, 2115 Lancelot Dr., 
North Huntingdon, PA 15642 

LUTZ, Amy, 225 29th St., Boulder, CO 80303 

LYONS, Josy Mauger, 1035 E. High St., Belle- 
fonte, PA 16823 

McNUTT, Karen Brelsford, 1729 Lincoln Dr., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

MILLER, Ann Hummel, 54 Fairmont Ave., Sun- 
bury, PA 17801 

MOYER, JoAnna Chubb, R.D. 1, Box 85, Selins- 
grove, PA 17870 

MURRAY, Diana, 329 N. Orange, Mt. Carmel. 
PA 17851 

ROBB, Karen Leonard, 949 Main St., S. William- 
sport, PA 17701 

RUSSELL, Rita Adams, 566 W. Hillside Ave., 
State College, PA 16801 

SHAFFER, Susan Gross, R.D. 2, Watsontown, 
PA 17777 

SMITHGALL, Krista Dibble, R.D. 2, Box 474W, 
Northumberland, PA 17857 

SPRINGER, Sherry, 305 W. 4th Ave., Broom- 
field, CO 80020 

STARR, Kathy Myers, 425 Stevens St., William- 
sport. PA 17701 

STEVENS, Jan Reichert, 142 E. Curtin St., Belle- 
fonte, PA 16823 

WALTERS, Gloria Eoute, Bill Rice Ranch, Rt. 2 
Franklin Rd., Murfreesboro, TN 37130 


AMMON, Barbara Hauck, Mountain Rd. Box 
146, RD 3 Mifflinburg, PA 17844 

♦BEST, Charmaine Conoway, RD 2, Box 144, Lo- 
ganton, PA 17747 

BIXEL, Janice Weaver, RD 1, Loganton, PA 

♦BURK, Susan, 11400 Fourth St. N. St. Peters- 
burg, FL 33702 

CARTWRIGHT, Diane Jones 

♦CARVELL, Vivian, 235 W. Indian Ave.. Apt., B, 
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 

CORBETT, Roxanna Dickenson, E. Park, Baptist 
Church, 1762 E. Prarie, Decatur, IL 

CRESS, Sally, 818 14 5th Ave. Williamsport, PA 

♦DANIELS, Linda, 3547 Greengate Dr., Toledo, 
Ohio 43614 

DUDEK, Patricia, 826 High St., Williamsport, PA 

GARVERICK, Mark, 56 Elm St. Apt. 24, Enfield, 
CT 06082 

HARVEY, Cathy McDermit. RD 2, Box 262B, 
Mill Hall, PA 17751 

KEEFER, Kay Yannacoone, 428 Center St., Mil- 
ton, PA 17847 

LANTZ, Theresa, 90 Academy Hill Rd.. Brighton, 
MA 02135 

LEPPERT, Carlinda Quintero, 3920 Utes Dr. Ti- 
tusville, FL 32780 

LOVETT, Kathleen Sechler, Pine St., Turbotville, 
PA 17772 

MOSER, Debra Shelly, 208 N. Brunswick #4, 
Wichita, KS 67212 

♦MYERS, James, 1031 Elizabeth St. William- 
sport, PA 17701 

♦NICOLOSI, Candace Jacopetti, 113 Redwood 
Dr. Douglasville, PA 19518 

♦RIGHTNOUR, Betty, Box 250, RD 1 Cogan Sta- 
tion, PA 17728 

SCHENCK, Cathie Cross, RD 2 Montgomery, PA 

SEESSELBERG, Kathleen Moser, RD 1, Box 
220-B, Allenwood, PA 17810 

SHAFFER, Jeannine Sampsell, 23 Kinsey St. 
Montgomery, PA 17752 

♦SKORINKO, Vickie, 3547 Greengate Dr. Toledo, 
Ohio 43614 

SKUNDA, Deborah Smith, RD 2, Reynoldsville, 
PA 15851 

•STUART, Nancy 2589B Hydrolic Rd. Char- 
lottesville, VA 22901 

SWEIGARD, Brenda Huffman, RD 2, Mt. Pleas- 
ant Mills, PA 17853 

TARMAN, Joan Stroup, Penn Ledge Apt. F 4-5, 
225 E. Lincoln Hwy. Penndel, PA 19047 


WESTBROOK. Linda Ryan. 20829 Anza #222, 

Torrance. CA 90503 
WHITMYER. Claire Maurer, 818 Faxon Pkway, 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
WILLIAMS. Alda Hinch. 7605 Kingsberry Rd. 

Alexandria, VA 22301 
WOOL. Joan. RD 3. Box 122. Coudersport, PA 



ANDERSON. Bernadette Adamson. 106 Smith- 
field St.. DuBois. PA 15801 

•ALNKST. Joan. RD. 1, Watsontown, PA 17777 

•AURAND. Judy Araway, P.O. Box 22. Kreamer, 
PA 17833 

BAIER. Debora Isaacson. Box 123A, RD. 3, Wil- 
liamsport. PA 17701 

BASOM. Dawn 

•BECK. Cheryl Girio. 420 Clinton St., S. William- 
sport, PA 17701 

BROWN, Debra Warburton, 77 S. 4th St., 
Hughesville, PA 17737 

BLSSHAUS. Barbara Jo, Cross Fork, PA 17729 

COOK. Vickie Cramer, P.O. Box 29, N. Main, 
Benderville, PA 17306 

ECHOFF. Ruth Ann Ream, 32 1 S. Spruce, Lewis- 
town, PA 1 7044 

EICHENLAUB, Vicki Miller, Box 109, 
McEwensville, PA 17749 

•ESCHBACH, Sandra Derbyshire, 5261 Hillside 
Rd.. Northampton, PA 18067 

FISHER, Carol Rice, R.D. 1,1, Winfield, PA 

FLOYD, Kathy Mosteller, 119 Division St.. 
Muncy. PA 17756 

FORCE, Gail, 230 Orange St., Northumberland, 
PA 17857 

* FRITZ, Lonna Hess, 1 482 E. Tanners Creek Dr., 
St. Andrews Place, Norfolk VA 23513 

•FRY, Audrey Schupp, R.D. 1, Benton, PA 17814 

•GOOD. Jane Savidge, R.D. 2. Box 156, Milton, 
PA 17847 

HEDGELAND, Kim Shaffer, 2402 W. 4th St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

HUMMEL, Kathy Araway, Box 258, Winburne, 
PA 16879 

•KELLEY. Karen Banfill, 78 Susquehanna Ave., 
Lock Haven, PA 17745 

•KLOCK, Debra Fry, R.D. 1, Box 139-A, Muncy, 
PA 17756 

MaclNDOE, Virginia Derr, R.D. 2, Box 129A, 
Cogan Station, PA 17728 

MARVI, Barbara, R.D. 2, Box 1 1 5, Montoursville, 
PA 17754 

METZLEK, Twila Gehman, R.D. 3, Middleburg, 
PA 17842 

MOKRZYNSKI, Rosanne Tompkins, 919 Penn 
St., Williamsport, PA 17701 

•MOLEK, Christine Reidy, 3804 Schoolhouse 
Lane, Harrisburg, PA 17109 

NEYHART. Marilyn, 1540 Sherman St.. Apt. 2, 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•NIHART, Jeanne, #45, Coventry at Waterford, 
York, PA 17402 

NORRIS, Anastasia Toner, Box 476A, R.D. 3, 
Mill Hall, PA 17751 

NYMAN, Barbara Askey, R.D. 1, Box 336A, 
Howard, PA 16841 

•PASUKINIS, Kathleen Webster, R.D. 3, Box 
4882, Hughesville, PA 17737 

•PEPPERMAN, Debra, 28 Cherokee Lane, Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•PLYMETTE, Diana McCarty, 323 Cherry St., 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

POWELL, Carol Shaner. 1003 Spruce St., Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

SHAFFER, Cynthia Malizia, 918 Park Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

SIGAFOOS. Carol, 117 Tenth Ave., Shamokin 
Dam, PA 17876 

SLACK, Carol Jones, Box 424F, R.D. 2, Sunbury, 
PA 17801 

STAIB, Diane Rodgers, 2901 Cochran Ave., Du- 
boistown, PA 17701 

TIDD, Barbara Shirey, 306 Brooke Lane, Rights- 
ville, PA 17368 

WALDMAN, Donna, 854 Louisa St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

YOHE, Vicki Morgan, 202 Campbell Ave., Altoo- 
na, PA 16602 


AULICK, Lois, 1848 Frey Ave., Williamsport, PA 

BOSWELL, Candy Young, 2811 A Falcon St., 
Tyndall AFB, FL 32403 

•BURNS, Lisa Reichard, R.D. 1, New Columbia, 
PA 17856 

•CREVELING, Theresa Holland, R.D. 4, School- 
house Rd., Box 394HH, Carlisle, PA 17013 

CROWLEY, Cathy Collins, 235 Green St., 
Edgewater Park, NJ 08010 

•DANNEKER, Mary K., R.D. 3, Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

DIECK, Janet Yalch, 517 or 519 Catawissa Ave., 
Sunbury, PA 17801 

DIEM, Susan Gehman, 305 Wilson Ave., Wash- 
ington, PA 15301 

FISHER, Ginny Higgins, 3460 Old Berwick Rd., 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

FISHER, Paula, 612 North St., Stacey Apt. #1, 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

FRAZIER, Beth, Bon Vista, Apt. G-3, Morgan- 
town, WV 26505 

FREY, Merrily, 621 Market St., S. Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

HARMON, Sharon Torres, 161 Church St., 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

HARSTEAD, Kathy Lorson, 508 W. Carico, Car- 
bondale. IL 62901 

HERMAN, Rena Grio, 63-8 Drexelbrook Dr., 
Drexel Hill, PA 19026 

•JONES, Dawn Woodruff, 2900 Euclid Ave., S. 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

KATHERMAN, Vickie Krebs 

KENNEDY, Leslie Schaefer, 1830 Jameson Ave., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

LITTLE, Sharon, 26321 Via Lara Mission, Viejo, 
CA 92675 

MASSER, Deb, R.D. 2, Box 400C, Cogan Station, 
PA 17728 

•MILLER, Nancy Geedey, 937 High St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

MISSIEN, Cindy, 1011 Allegheny St., Jersey 
Shore, PA 17740 

•MURRAY, Chris Tedesco, 288 Albert Ct., Char- 
lottesville, VA 22901 


SEERS, Marie, 805 Allegheny St., Apt. 6, Jersey 
Shore, PA 17740 

•SHAFFER, Deb Best, 946 Vine Ave., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

STABLEY, Sheila, Box D409, R.D. 1, Lock Ha- 
ven, PA 17745 

WAGNER, Linda Dubendorf, R.D. 1, Box 374K, 
Northumberland, PA 17857 

WALKER, Sally Franz, 1010 Walnut St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

WEHLER, Margaret, 659 Campbell St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

WENNER, Trudie Welliver, 28 N. Main St., 
Muncy, PA 17756 

WHITTEMORE, Helen Hess, 707 High St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

WILLIS, Claudia Briggs, 1013 Luzerne St., 
Johnstown, PA 15903 

•WILLIS, Stephanie Wolverton, 2745 Lincoln 
Dr., R.D. 3, Montoursville, PA 17754 

WORTHINGTON, Mary Swisher, R.D. 1, 
Muncy, PA 17756 

YORLETS, Carolyn 705 W. Winding Hill Rd., 
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 


ALEXANDER, Becky Folmar, Box 98, Antes 
Fort, PA 17720 

ANDERSON, Linda Shively, 151 Rt. 206 Boule- 
vard 22, Apt. 10, Flandes NJ 07836 

BAER, Diane Campbell, Field Station, Star 
Route, Trout Run, PA 17771 

BAIER, Michelle Steinbacher, R.D. #3, Box 129, 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

BUSIA, Teresa, 2510 Columbus Ave., William- 
sport, PA 17701 


CARPENTER, Margaret, R.D. #1, Montgomery, 

PA 17752 
CARSTETTER, Cynthia Krape, 2106 Riverside 

Dr., S. Williamsport, PA 17701 
CROWLEY, Maureen Burkhart, 3442 State, Lake 

Worth, FL 33461 
CRUMB, Rochelle Strange. R.D. #1, Box 2045, 

Mansfield, PA 16933 
•DIEFFENBACH, Linda, 2035 Blomingrove Rd., 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
DOUGHTY, Diane Van Note, R.D. #3, Box 1 35A, 

Towanda, PA 18848 
DOWNS, Erin 

ENDRIZZI, Vida, 208 Spruce St., Sunbury, PA 
FREDERICK, Janie Rhodes 
GANOE, Gayle Peters, English Hills Estates, R.D. 

#3, Cogan Station, PA 17728 
GLOSSNER, Kelly Bower, 2267 Fink Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
HACKENBERG, Keith, R.D. #6, Danville, PA 

HALES, Deborah Steinbacher, 440 Bayard St., S. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
HAMM, Denise Wilfong, 1235 W. Gray Rd., Car- 

mel, IN 46042 
HENDERSHOT, Rebecca, R.D. #3, Box 109, 

Milton, PA 17847 
HENRIE, Dawn, R.D. #5, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
HILNER, Cheryl 1301 Canal Drive, Apt. 12-C, 

Chesapeake, VA 23323 
ISERNHAGEN, Linda, 1124 Locust, Montours- 

ville, PA 17754 
KEIPER, Linda, R.D. #2, Box 433A, Northum- 
berland, PA 17857 
KIBBE, Kandice Williams, 721 Hepburn St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
KISSINGER, Geoffrey 
KLINE, Kathleen Hackenburg, R.D. #6, Danville, 

PA 17821 
KLOTZ, Deborah, 1025 W. Mountain Ave., S. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 
KROPP, Celeste Caroway, Cohick Drive, Nisbet, 

PA 17729 
MANN, Ruth Wymer, R.D. #1, Brockway, PA 

15824 c/o Mann 
MOYER, Margaret Pilgrim, 1 1440 Lindley Lake 

Road, Northeast. PA 16428 
MOYER, Nancy, 1057 Louisa St., Williamsport, 

PA 17701 
MOUREY, Susan Creasy, R.D. #2, Lightstreet 

Rd., Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
PEEK, Marianne, 2751 Lincoln Drive, R.D. #3, 

Montoursville, PA 17754 
PETERMAN, Linda, 307 Smith St., Jersey Shore, 

PA 17740 
PIFER, Carol M 3070, 7740 W. Redlands St., 

Plaza DelRay, CA 90291 
REEDER, Darlene McGinnis, R.D. #1, Box 55A, 

Friendsville, PA 18818 
RHODES, Sandra Kustenbauter, 1 16 N. Wilson 

St., Bellefonte, PA 16823 

RITTER, Connie Laudermilch, 120 Redwood St., 
Harrisburg, PA 17109 

ROUSH, Kathy Lucas, R.D. #1, 417 M, William- 
sport, PA 17701 

•SHOEMAKER, Trudy Hauck, 1048 A Center 
Road, Dover, DE 19901 

SHOLLEY, Scott, Mifflinburg, PA 

STUEMPFLE, Leann Ritter, 1930 Apple St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

TERRY, Brenda Fisher, 435 Howard, S. William- 
sport, PA 17701 

TOMLINSON, Phyllis Garverick, 56 Elm, Apt. 
24, Enfield, CT 06082 

•VILELLO, Cynthia McCracken R.D. #4, Box 
91, Jersey Shore, PA 17740 

WILLIAMS, Kathryn, Box 300, Swiftwater, PA 


AUDET, Jean Zangara, 2252 Fink Ave., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

BARTHOLOMEW, Dawn Stabley. 643 Belle- 
fonte Ave., Lock Haven, PA 17745 

BEISHLINE, Sharon Floyd, 20 Cherokee Lane, 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

BELFORD, Lisa Wirth, 726 Fourth Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

DiFABBIO, Ann Pasco, 1648 Marlin Pkwy., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

HOFFMAN, Linda, 400 Broad St., Apt. 2, Mon- 
toursville, PA 17754 

HOOPER, Diane Waters, 804 Brightley Rd., Nor- 
folk, VA 23509 

HORVATH, Bettyann Milliron, 72 IB Highland 
Ave., Lewistown, PA 17044 

HUMMEL, Linda Fellon, R.D. 3, Box 76, Sun- 
bury, PA 17801 

JAMES, DeeAnn, Brandy wine Manor, Apt. E-l 1, 
785 Cherry Tree Rd., Aston, PA 19014 

KLINGER, Carol Keister, R.D. 2, Middleburg, 
PA 17842 

KELLEY, Scarlet, 1108 W. Southern Ave., S. 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

KIESS, Patricia Rogers, 331 Lyons Ave., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

KLINE, Lori Bair, 208 Fink Ave., Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

LIPPOLI, Lesa, 344 George St., S. Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

MADER, Stacey, Box 549, R.D. 1, Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

MORRIS, Kathleen Keiser, 901 High St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

•MOSTELLER, Deborah Fritz, 490 Hunting 
Creek Rd„ Canonsburg, PA 15317 

•OWENS, Anita Poust, 2832 Heshbon Rd., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

PLANK, Melanie Speelman 

•POUST, Rick, 2832 Heshbon Rd., Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

PUSHER, Janice, 331 Louisa St., Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

REEVES, Lisa, 50 Vi Susquehanna Ave., Lock 
Haven, PA 17745 

RIGEL, Doreen, R.D. 3, Box 74, 18th St., Selins- 
grove, PA 17870 

•ROAN, Melinda Welch, 211 W. Sixth Ave., S. 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

•ROBBINS, Susan Mignerey. R.D. 1, Box 405, 
Honesdale, PA 18431 

•RUBINO, Wilda, 1032 '/> Mary St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

SCOTT, Beth Moore, R.D. 4, Jersey Shore, PA 

SEARCH, Shelley, 1041 Trivoli Crescent, Apt. 
206, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 

SHOLTIS, Julie, 52 S. Main St., Hughesville, PA 

STAUB, Peggy Morehart, Box 590, R.D. 4, 
Muncy, PA 17756 

STUGART, Dawn, Elm Villa Apt. 0, 208 S. Elm 
St., Greenville, NC 27834 


TAGLIAFERRI, Kathy, Presidential Commons, 
Apt. A421 City Line Ave. and Presidential 
Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19131 

•WATKINS, Celia, R.D. 1, Box A-406, Lock Ha- 
ven, PA 17745 

WATTS, Mr. Bradley, 301 Laura Dr., Apt. 1, 
Danville, PA 17821 

VARNDELL, Laureen Willis, 628 8th St. N., Na- 
ples, FL 33940 

•WILSON, Elaine, 1 920 Garden View Plaza, Apt. 
1, Williamsport, PA 17701 

YATES, Deborah, 2101 Brookwood St., Harris- 
burg, PA 17104 


BANKO, Mary 

BECHTEL, Mr. John, 500 Stevens, Stevens Dr., 
Apt. 203, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 

•BRESSLER, Sharon Egli, Box 272, White Deer, 
PA 17887 

BRISLIN, Patricia, 955 Louisa St., Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

BROOKS, Carolyn, 215 Broadway, Turbotville, 
PA 17772 

BUCKWALTER, Sharon, Heintzlmen, Allen- 
wood, PA 17810 

CALVERT, Tina Allison, 7742 Parkwood PI., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

CAMPBELL, Debra, Box 260, Millerstown, PA 

CLITES, LeAnne Byerly, 110 S. Front St., West 
Milton, PA 17886 


CRAIN. Donna. 714 Campbell St.. Williamsport. 

PA 17701 
FRLANT. Connie c/o Mr. Marion Cornelt. 12801 

Southridge Dr. Little Rock. AR 72212 
FRISHKO. Connie. 10513 We> mouth St.. Bethes- 

da. MD 20814 
GRECO, Jean, 1662 Philadelphia St.. Apt. 5, Indi- 
ana. PA 15701 
HALL. Cathy Hommel. 529 Chestnut, Mifflin- 

burg, PA 17844 
HARBACH. Carolyn. 155 Hamilton Rd.. Cham- 

bersburg. PA 17201 
HERMAN. Beverly Lloyd. RD #2, Box 469, 

Lewisburg. PA 17837 
JOHNSON, Kimber. RD. 1. Beech Creek, PA 

LAl'VER. Candace. Box 17, RD#1, Mt. Pleasant 

Mills, PA 17853 
PETERS. Kimberle. 1662 Philadelphia St., Apt. 

5. Indiana. PA 15701 
PHILLIPS. Deana. 733 Green St.. Williamsport, 

PA 17701 
PRATER. Mr. Jerry, 2015 Whitford Ave., S. Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 
RHODES, Mr. David, 941 Park Ave., William- 
sport. PA 17701 
Rl SSELL. Sandra 
SERVEV. David. 1065 W. 4th St., Williamsport, 

PA 17701 
SHAFER. Maureen Johnson, Box 205, RD 1, 

Beech Creek. PA 16822 
SHAFFER, Sharon, Box 9. 322 Martin. Avis, PA 

STAHLNECKER, Leigh Ann Ulrich, 27317 Wes- 

town Blvd., Apt. 911, West Lake, OH 44145 
TIZEKKER, Irene, 74 Main, Coxeville, Beaver 

Meadows, PA 18216 
♦VINITSKI, Christine, 300 E. Lancaster Ave., 

Wynnewood House. Apt. 506, Wynnewood, 

PA 19096 
VONADA, Joyce, 1156 High St., Williamsport. 

PA 17701 
WELLS. Lisa Moore 
•ZART, Cynthia A. Kline, 521 Kelker, Swatara, 

PA 17113 
ZERBV. Audrey Lechtenwalner, R.D. 2, Box 

12911, Hottenslein, Kutztown, PA 19530 


ARTLEY, Teresa, 721 Louisa St., Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

BAR I LOW, Alice, R.D. 2, Box 42, Muncy, PA 

BARTO, Constance, 3 Lincoln, Avis, PA 17721 

BI.OSSER, Deborah, 515 S. Spring Garden, Car- 
lisle. PA 17013 

BIRD, Janet, 643 Green St., Williamsport, PA 

CARTWRIGHT, Peggy. 587 W. Main St., 
Bloomsburg. PA 1781 5 

COLEMAN, Kathy. 912 Claire Rd., Montours- 
ville, PA 17754 

CONRAD, Pamela. Star Route, Box 8A, Lock Ha- 
ven, PA 17745 

CROWLEY, Colleen 

DOTY. Laurie Wagner, 503 Boiling Green Dr., 
Selinsgrove, PA 1 7870 

FURTAK, Brenda, Rt. 1, Box 64, Port Trevorton. 
PA 17864 

GROVER, Mary Altebrando, R.D. 2, Box 360A, 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

HOFER. Marsha, 1206 Mulberry St., Montours- 
ville, PA 17754 

HOLT, Cheryl A., Box 217, Howard, PA 16841 

HOOVER, Barbie, 501 Sylvan Dr., S. William- 
sport, PA 17701 

JACOBS, Lynn, 120 W. Willow, Apt. D, Carlisle, 
PA 17013 

LECKER. Mary Jo, 540 Chestnut, St. Marys. PA 

LENHART, Vickie, 621 Ames PI., Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

McDONALD, Mr. Mark, 915 High St., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

McGILL, Janine. 1100 Ave. F., Riverside, PA 

McKISSICK, Mary E., R.D. 4, Box 25, Wellsboro, 
PA 16901 

MILLER, Sharon, Box 3264, R.D. 3, Berwick, PA 

NIHART, Denise, 415 S. Summit, Lock Haven, 
PA 17745 

PANKO, Nancy, 34 Linnett Lane, Lock Haven, 
PA 17745 

SCHWAB, Sheila J. Swanson, Townhouse if 5, Ce- 
dar Press Rd., RD#2 Lock Haven, PA 17745 

SMITH, Tanya, 616 Green St., Williamsport, PA 

SOMMERS, Sandra Berkheiser, 810 Center St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

STAMETS, Gwendolyn Knerr, 1132 High St., 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

STANZIONE, Sandra, 68 Overhill Rd., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

STONE, Kylinn, 47 W. Fourth St., Williamsport, 
PA 17701 

SWANSON, Donald 

WEINHARDT, Linda Kane, 849 Louisa St., Wil- 
liamsport, PA 17701 

WELKER, Robin Duttry, 420 S. Market St., 
Muncy, PA 17756 


BRINGARD, Barbara, 520 Hill St., S. William- 
sport, PA 17701 

CHADWICK, Julie, Box 125, Camptown, PA 

COVINGTON, Georgia, 21 Balm St., Harrisburg. 
PA 17103 

ECKLEY, Suzanne. 1 10 East Dr., Boalsburg, PA 

FORKER, Randell, 166 Kendall Ave.. Jersey 
Shore, PA 17740 

KOOKOGEY, Julie, 401 N. Washington St., Ti- 
tusville, PA 16354 

LEVAN, Jean, R.D. 3, Box 64, Milton, PA 17847 

McCLUSICK, Melinda A., Pancake Rd., Box 1 97, 
Clarence, PA 16829 

MORRONE, Barbara K., R.D. 1, Box 135. Allen- 
wood, PA 17810 

NOLL, Brenda, 226 N. 7th St., Lewisburg, PA 

PHILBIN, Barbara, 25 1 1 Waldman Dr., William- 
sport, PA 17701 

SAUERS, Lynn, 733 Green St., Apt. 7, William- 
sport, PA 17701 

SAVOY, Pam, P.O. Box 248, Montoursville, PA 

SHEATLER, Millie, 102 Maple Lane. Watson- 
town, PA 17777 

WILKINS, Christianne R., 77 Wagner Ave., 
Montgomery, PA 17752 

WURM, Diane, 319 Brandon Ave., Williamsport, 
PA 17701