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Full text of "The Winston simplified dictionary : including all the words in common use defined so that they can be easily understood"

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r ■ = 

















/ /o0^ '.-'' k y^ 



Thb John C. Winston Ca 

This dSctionarjr, including its appendicet^ 
It an original work and is fully protected by 
the copyright law. All persons are warned 
against reproducing the t«ct in whole or ia 
jMtfl wltbout the perminion of the puhUahera. 


The ^Hnston Simplified Dictionary has been made to meet a distinct 
need felt by many teachers. It is obviously desirable that eyerymie should 
form the habit of consulting a dictionary. The dictionary habit will develop 
a more accurate understanding of the meaning of words, and a larger 
vocabulary. Yoimg people are apt, however, to become discouraged in their 
efforts to use a dictionary if they do not find the desired information in a form 
they can readily understand and use. 

Clear and Complete Definitions. One of the most important 

qualities of a dictionary should be that the definitions be clear and complete. 
Many dictionaries have been made by condensing larger ones. This plan is 
apt to result in definitions that are harder to understand than those of the 
larger dictionary. For example, a child ^o finds that contagion is '' trans- 
mission of disease'' will fail to get the idea unless he knows the meaning of 
transmission. If he looks at the next word, contagiotUf he finds that it is 
** communicable or spreading by contagion." If he is industrious enouc^ to 
look up transmission, he finds that it is ''the act of transmitting; state of 
being transmitted." He may look below to the verb transmU and find the 
key to his problem ; or he may satisfy himself with a guess long before he has 
run the dedBnition down by repeated references. 

The ^VtHnstoa Simplified Dictionary makes every entry clear. At 
considerable expense of space it explains every word in such simple language 
that only a single reference will be needed. For example, even in closely 
related words like the noim transmission and the verb transmit, each word is 
ccHnplete in itself. 

Wealth of Verbal Illustration. Thousands of words are much more 
easQy understood from their context in sentences than from formal definitions. 
For this reason, the Winston Simplified Dictionary gives many more illus- 
trative sentences and phrases than any other similar dictionary. 

Pictorial Illustrations* In a similar way the meanings of many 
words can be immediately made clear by pictures. The illustrations in this 
dictionary are new pictures prepared for their teaching value in clarifying 
the meanings of words that need pictorial illumination. 

Typography. The type used for each entry in the Winston Simpli- 
fied Dictionary is large and clear, thereby quickly assisting the location of 
any word. It is the result of careful tests, the most modem facilities of the 
typemakers' art having been employed to produce the most legible page. 
Hie use of capitals has been limited to the proper nouns, names, etc. The 
sedcer thus finds each word as it appears in general usage. 

Pronunciation. The pronunciation of words is indicated by a 
l^onetic respeUing with diacritical markings. These diacritical marks will 


Iv Preface 

be easily understood. No attempt has been made to indicate obscure anJ 
difficult distinctions. The system is a simplified adaptation of those in most 
common use in school and college textbooks. As a further aid to obtain 
the quick pronimciation of each word, the Key to Pronimciation is given 
at the foot of each page. 

Vocabulaiy. The selection of the vocabulary of the Winston Simplified 
Dictionary has been made with particular care. It includes not only all the 
words in ordinary use, but also the vocabularies of the science, history, civics, 
and current events that are so rapidly growing in both elementary and 
secondary schools. Particular attention has been given to the very con- 
siderable new vocabulary that has grown out of the World War. 

^^ecial Features* The Winston Simplified Dictionary includes 
several unusual features calculated to furnish essential information and 
to stimulate scholarly interest. Not only does it give the tables of weights 
and measures, abbreviations, prefixes, suffixes, etc., usually foimd in such 
volumes, but it also gives a most valuable chapter entitled "How Our 
Language Has Grown," which should be mastered by every English-fipeaking 
person. Another feature of unusual value is the Dictionary of Mythology 
which is particularly needed in clearing up allusions not only to the mythology 
of the Greeks and Romans but also to that of the Scandinavian and Teu- 
tonic races. In the Dictionary of Names and Places will be found listed 
the more important cities, countries, lakes, rivers, seas, and moimtains of 
the world, as well as the outstanding characters in history. Men and women 
whose names stand for achievement in art, literature, science, politics, philan- 
thropy and the varied branches of human activity are mentioned. These 
include the great figures of the past as well as those living to-day. 

The World War stimulated interest in the places where the fighting was 
at its fiercest, and pains have been taken to include as many of these as space 
would permit. Here, too, will be found names of the fighting men who 
were most prominent in that great conflict. 

The Glossary of Business Terms also is of great value in these days 
when the practical affairs of life are claiming larger and larger attention in 

A New Book on a New Plan. Winston's Simplified Dictionary is 
not a revision of an older work nor an abridgment of a larger dictionary. 
The experienced and efficient teachers who produced it have chosen a 
vocabulary with special reference to educational needs; they have expanded 
and illustrated the definitions so as to make them immediately intelligible; 
they have included the new words that are coming into our vocabulary in 
such profusion; they have introduced new features that have long been 
needed in a practical everyday dictionary for school and home, and have 
avoided the error of defining difficult words by repeating the words them- 
selves, or by introducing other words equally difficult. 





Making New Words ix 





Key to the Signs Indicating Sound xix 



NAMES 731 










In a very literal sense, The Winston Simplified Dictionary is a new and 
original work. The publishers feel that some account of the process by which 
it was made is due to the editors, compilers, and the large corps of assistants, 
who for more than three years worked diligently in its preparation. 

The publishers placed in the hands of the editors as a basis for their work 
a dictionary somewhat larger than the present volume, and very similar to 
the dictionaries in general use. This work was based on the foundation laid 
by Noah Webster and other lexicographers. As this dictionary (published by 
ourselves) had been recently revised and was in general use, it was thought 
that with comparatively little change it could be made to serve the purpose 
of the present work. It was then tested by the fundamental principle under- 
UNDERSTAND IT. This test revealed the essential weakness of all dic- 
tionaries made on any other principle. 

The result of this experiment, made necessary an extraordinary amount 
of the most careful, original work. The first copy was revised by a capable 
editor; then the entire book was copied in long-hand. Several experienced 
scholars amplified, restated and illustrated the definitions in galley proof. 
New kinds of material were introduced; new methods of clarifying meanings 
were discovered, and with great labor and expense, the entire book was har« 
monized. The entire book was reset, and further refinements were insured by 
having every word revised by a corps of experts. Over eight hundred neu 
iUti^raiions were made expressly far thin book. 

The editors whose names appear on the title-page divided their responsi-^ 
bility. Besides exercising careful judgment on every question of method and 
form, one of them i>assed upon the simplicity and adequacy of the definitions 
and the correctness of the English, and the other upon the scientific and 
technical accuracy of all scientific statements. 

From this description it is evident that The Winston Simplified Dictionary 
represents original work based upon careful scholarship, and wide pedagogical 
experience, such as has not been given to any elementary dictionary previously 
pid)li8hed. We believe that the editors and their assistants have done their 
work well, and are entitled to high praise for their accomplishment. This 
dictionary is offered to the schools of America and to the general public, in 
full confidence that it will be of immense value to all who use it. 




Tlie study of a foreign kuguage may have given you your first realisa- 
tkm of the relationdiip between English and the other langua^ of the world. 
When you be^ the study of a foreign speech, you are surprised to find how 
many words m the language you are studying are like English words. If 
you studv Latin, you will meet parenSf for instance, which by the simple 
chance of the s to t becomes our English word parent. The word rumor is 
exactiy like the English word. November, tpanafero (transfer), and a great 
many more are easihr recognised by their resemblance to English words. 

If vou stud^r Ftench, you will have the same experience. In French 
YOU will find, for instance, annoncer, to announce, consoler, to console, and a 
urge number of other words much like their English equivalents. 

The Engtish language, therefore, is closely related to several other, 
languages. French and Anglo-Saxon are her parents; she is a p^rand- 
dai^ter of Latin and a distant cousin of Greek. And, as is the case with the 
descendants of human famihes, English has some traits from all the languages 
which have helped to make her what she is. 

Hie stoiy oi the birth and development of English is most interesting. 
Twelve or thirteen centuries ago Endand was not the busy, important island 
she is now, but was covered with forests and inhabited by tne Britons, a 
people belonging to a race called the Celts. They used one of the f onns of 
the Celtic language, for no English language was then in existence. 

Over on the eastern coast of Europe, where your maps now show 3rou 
Denmaric and Holland and Germany, hved tribes of bold and cruel pirates 
called the An^ks, the Saxons, and the Jutes. These peoples spoke a language 
somewhat like the present German language, or perhaps more like the Dutch 
spoken in Holland. These pirates, in their many-oared boats, made their 
way to the coast of Britain m search of food or of treasure, cut once oil 
the shores of the island, they found this land so much pleasanter than their 
own cold and stormy home on the other side of the North Sea that many 
of them decided to stay and make new homes for themselves in Britain. 

And thus srew up in Britain the Anglo-Saxon tongue, a result of the 
mixture of the torms of German spoken by the two strongest invading tribes. 
The name of the country, too, was changed, and became Angleland or Engelond, 
taking the name of one of the pirate tribes. From this it is easy to see how 
the name became England and the language came to be called English. 

Thou^ at first Anglo-Saxon words seem entirely unfamiliar, a closer 
studv will show you a number whose resemblance to English is easily recog- 
nisable. Morgen tid is easily converted into morning tide. Godes means 
of Qod or God*s, for the apostrophe has come to take the place of the e in the 
Old English possessive. Conael becomes cctndle by only a slight change, 
and beorht merely shifts the position of r and changes eo to h^ to become 

A rathev hasty study shows how nearly related are English and Angkv 
Saxon. But there is another interesting fact to be observ^ in this study. 
The life of these people was so simple that it was occupied chiefly with the 
simplest needs of existence-— eating and drinking and keeping themselves 
alive in spite of many foes. It naturally foUowedf that the woras that have 
been inherited by modem English from the Anglo-Saxon tongue are for the 
most part simple words. These simple words are sometimes called "homdy 
wofds," because they ''come home^' to people as the everyday words ot 


viii How Our Language Has Grown 

everydav life. Such words are home, light, fire, God. In this list are also 
included most of our common prepositions and conjunctions, such as to, 
from, over, and. 

A new element was brought into the language, however, by the intro- 
duction of Christianity in the sixth and seventh centuries. The Anrio- 
Saxons were heathens, worshiping many gods who, they beheved, presided 
over the forces of nature. Thus there were Thor, the thunderer, famous 
for his strength, and Balder, the sun god, and Eastee (compare Easter), the 
goddess of spring. But in the year 59/ there came from Rome a missionary 
of the Christian religion, named St. Augustine. Other missionaries followed 
him, who established the church in Britam and converted many of the people. 
The church services were read in Latin. And so there came into the language 
a number of Latin words, some of them haviag a Greek origin. These words, 
for the most part, have to do with religion and the church, as bishop, priest, 
creed, and similar words. Such words do not come to us directly from the 
Latin. As they were used by the Anelo-Saxons, they came to oe slightly 
changed. The word bishop will show how such modifications came about. 
The Latin form was episcopus (compare the Knglish word episcopal — ^per- 
taining to a bishop) ; imder the influence of the Anglo-Saxon it became biacop, 
for the tendency of the simple, unlearned English was to shorten the lon^, 
ponderous Latin words, and to change a p into a b; our modem word is 
oishop, the c being changed to h for the sake of greater smoothness in pro- 
nunciation. Similar changes took place in many of the other Latin words 
which at this time enriched the language. 

But the most important new element was jret to come. In 1966 a band 
of men from the continent of Europe, imder the leadership of William of 
Normandy, known as William the Conqueror, landed in England. These 
people, known as Normans, or Norman French, came from a district in the 
northwestern part of France, called Normandy. As their name shows, the 
Normans were ori^uiallv Northmen, from the shores of Denmark, Sweden, 
and Norway. Durmg their piratical raids they had often landed on the coast 
of France, and being pleased with the fertile soil and the bcilmy climate, had 
at last forced the king of France to grant them some territory, and made 
permanent homes for themselves in the land. 

But the Northmen had adopted the civilization and, in lar^ part, the 
language of the French. This language was a form of the Latm Luiguage. 
for the Gauls^ ancestors of the French, liad been subjects of the Romans ancl 
had used their speech, adapting it to their own speech and needs. Thus the 
Norman French spoken by William of Normandy and his followers was a 
tongue founded on the Latin, or, as it is often called, a Romance language, 
because it was one of those languages based on the speech of the Romans. 

Thus was brought into England an entirely new language family. And 
it had come to stay; for the Normans in a snre&t battle conquered the Saxon 
king, Harold, and William became king of England. As the Normans were 
now the ruling race on the island, French became the language used in law 
courts, the language of hterature, of the rich, and of the nobles. French 
was taught in the schools. It was used at the court of the king. It waa the 
language of writing. 

The Ando-Saxons, however, who hated the Normans as their conquerors 
and despised the French language as the language of ithe conquerors, clung 
to their native tongue. Thus for a long time the two languages existed side 
by side — French, the language of the noble, rich, and educated; Saxon, 
the speech of the simple and the poor. 

As time wore on, however, contempt on one hand and bitter hatred 
on the other gave way to a feeling of interest and friendship. The people 
ceased to be French and Anglo-Saxon, and became Englishmen, citizens 
of a common country. It thus became more and more necessary that all 

How Our Language Has Grown ix 

the people be able to communicate with each other; Normans used more 
AnfiJoSSron, Anglo-Saxons more French. The result was a new language, 
the slow growth of many years, the vocabulary of which was largely Anglo- 
Saxon, the grammar, largely French. . . , , , . , , , 

As we noticed that the words expressing smiple. homely ideas are largely 
from Anglo-Saxon, so the language of learning and formal speech is from the 
French; for the Norman French were more highly civilized and educated 
than the Saxons. As the French had Latin as its foundation, a large Latm 
element came, in changed form, with the French into English. The foUowmg 
table wdU help to make this clear: 


































It is thus to Anglo-Saxon that we look back as the source of our familiar^ 
everyday speech; to Latin, through French, as that ton^e which has 
enriched and dignified our language with the terms of science, learning^ 
and more formal speech. 

The Norman Trench was the last great influence brought to bear upon 
the English language. Year by year, century by century, fiiglish has ^wn 
and changed. How different from present-day English, for mstancey is the 
language of Shakespeare! 

These changes come about in various ways. Sometimes words creep 
into the language from foreign tongues, as, for example, the French word 
chic, stylish, or the Latin expression vice versa, which have now become a 
real part of the English language. Often woros drop out of use altogether 
or come gradually to have new meanings. Thus the old word dept, meaning 
named, and an, meaning if, are no longer used. The word humorous originaUy 
mean^ not funny or causing laught^, but full of whims; straighi meant at* 
one time inunediately. as sSiakespeare writes, "I'll be with you straight" 
Presently formerly had the same meaning; when a man said, "I will come 
presently," he meant immediaidy and not in a short time, which is our modem 
meaning. Again, new conditions and new inventions call for new words. 
Thus automobile and phonograph and airplane and many, many more words 
came into the language as the things they name came mto existence. Such 
words, too, as mugwump, carpet^gger, landslide were originally political 
slang, but are now recosmzed parts of the English l£mgua(|e. So atso, any 
one can give numerous illustrations of new words that came mto the language 
during the World War. Some such change in our speech is brought to peso 
fdmoet ever^ day. 

Such, m outline, is the story of the growth of the English tongue — a 
l^wth which will never cease as long as English is spoken. For language 
18 alive, a real being, growing, developing, changing, as man, as the raoe, 
grows, develops, changes, and oearing from year to year traces of the history 
€t the race. 

Making Nbw Words 

Now that 3rou know something of the history of our language, you will 
be interested to learn how some of the separate words became a part of the 

X How Our Language Has Grown 

EogliBh language, and how some have been put together and built up from 

Interesting stories are connected with manv of our words. Have you 
«ver wondereOi for instanoCi why two slices of bread wiUi meat or some 
other food between them is called a sandwich? In the ei^^teenth oentury 

the table tried the same experiment. The new daintv soon srew popular, 
and was named after the man who invented it. the Earl of Sandwich. 

Another instance of a "story word" is the word palace^ meaning the 
house where a kine or a wealthy and important person lives. This was so 
named from the PaGitiumy one of the seven hills of Rcmie, where lived Augustus^ 
the first great Roman Emperor. 

Many more such story words might be mentioned; but there are other 
and more common ways in which words are adopted into the Plnglish language. 
As we shall see, one of the most common ways is by fitting together parts 
of words from other tongues, especially from Latin and from Uerman. Most 
words of more than one syllable are formed of two or more distinct parts. 
The most important part, or foundation, of the word — ^the part that really 
^ves the thought of the word — ^is called the root or the siem. For instances 
m the srord marine the stem is fnor, from the Latin word mare (pronounced 
m&-r&), meaning sea. Thus marine means pertaining to the sea; we have 
extended its meaning so that we say that marines are sailors of the sea, and 
marine trade means trade on the sea. The same stem appears in the words 
mariUme and manner. The stem of the word dictate is atd, meaning speak 
or savt a stem which we find also in such words as predict^ to say bdfore or 
foretell, contradict, to say against or oppose, and dictionary, that which savs. 
The stem of the Latin word for foot is pfd Sowehavepedasasteminpetzo^ 
quadruped, and pedestrian. 

In many words there are two parts of eoual importance, or two stems. 
Such a word is phonograph, Phon is a Greek stem meaning sound, found 
also in telephone, megaphone, and other words; graph is also a Greek stem 
meaning write. You will recognize it in such words as telegraph, autoffraph, 
and paragraph, A phonograph, then, in its literal meaning, is a contnvance 
tiiat writes sounds. 

The word thermometer is another two-stem word. Thermo is from a 
Greek word meaning heat, and meter is a common stem meaning measure. 
Thus a th^mometer is an instrument that measures heat, as a thermostat 
is a device for keeping the temperature of a room always the same. For 
thermo, as we have seen, means heat and stat is from a Greek word meaning 
to stand still. Many more such words of two stems you will find from a 
studyof an unabridged dictionary. 

Words of one stem, however, are much more common than those of 
two or more. Most words have just one imporUnt part whose meaning 
is more or leas changed by a less important syllable. It this syllable is put 
before ast^n, it is ciuled a pre^; if it is added after a stem, it is called a sumx. 

A knowledge of prefixes and suffixes is a great help to a fuller under- 
standing of English words. A prefix usually alters the meaning of the word 
itself, and the suffix chtmges the part of speech. Thus if to fiie word take 
we prefix mis, the meanins becomes to take wrongl^r, or to make an error; 
for mie means wrongly. If, however, we add to ntikake the suffix en. the 
word is changed from a verb to an adjective, though the meaning of the 
word itself is not changed. Again, to prefix trans to the word plant adds 
to the original meaning the idea of removal from place to place, but to add 
to transpwnt the suffix (Me merely makes the word an adjective without 
changing the tiiought. 

How Our Language Has Grown 


n& foUowmg table will help you to see how words aie built up from 
stems, prefixes, and suffixes. Notice that, thou^ the literal meanins and 
the meanins in common use are by no means always the same, yet the uteral 
"MMfc«*»ffr he[ps, decidedly, the understanding of the word. Notice also that 
the pidix frequently becomes changed in form for the sake of greater ease 
in pronunciation. Thus ad, meaning to or for or agaxruty becomes ac when 
used with a stem whose first letter is c, as in the words accept (ac^ to: cep(, 
take*take to oneself) and accede {ac, to; eaefe. yield "-yield to). When ad 
\b placed before a stem beginning with f,ihea becomes /. Such a change 
has taken place, for instance, in the word affix (af^ to; fix, fasten « fasten to). 
Again am oecomes col when used before a stem whose mitial letter is I, as 
in the word coUed (col, together; led, to gather "gather together). 








agam or 









weigh out 
or pay 



able to be 

act of 

that which 

one who 




able to be 

act of do- 

that which 

to pay out 

one who 
does well 



to remove, to , 

easily carried 

of a deed 

that which 
sends one 
for in for* 
mation i 

to pay out 

one who con- 
fers a bene- 

Some ol the more common prefixes and suffixes derived from Latin, with 
their meanings, are included in tne following lists: 

Prefixes Used m Words 

o* or €i5- "■ away, from ob-duct, o5-6tract, a5-sent, ab* 


od-, o^, qf- "• to, at ocMiere, od-just, oAfix, ac-cept 

ante' »• before arUe-dato, ante^cedent 

arUir, ant' ■« against (Greek) an^i-davery, an/t-eeptic, OTi^-ago* 

autO' » self (Greek) oii/o-mobile, otito-graph, oK/o-bi* 


6i- ■■ two &i-sect, &i-c3rcle, &t-ped 

dreum' ■■ around arcum-ference, ctrcum-stanoe 

eori'f eol-, com', co', oof *> with or together . .con-nect, co^-lc^. co-operato 
d^ ■> away from, from, down de-tach, de-aceno, d^i^end 

xii How Our Language Has Grown 

Prbfixbb Used in Words 

eqid' « equal ^giii-distant, eoui-angular 

ea?-, e- or eo- = out, from ea>oept, 6x-oluae, ex-peiL 

tn-, if-, im-f ir*, en-, etc. =* in, on, not indorse, t>»-dude, tMe^ 

inter' = between inter-pose, inter-cede 

man-, mono- » one, alone (Greek) mono-tone, mono-logue 

per- = through. pcr-ceive, pcr-mit 

post- =» after, behind po8(-pone, po«<-8cript 

pre- = before pre-pare, pre-cede 

pro- = before, for, forth, forward pro-vide, pro-cession, pro-poee 

re-, red- =» back, again re-gain, re-read, re-fresh 

eu6-, suo, suf'f sug-f sum-, sup- =* under . . . et^ject, sw/-fer, sub-mit 

/mne- = across (ran«-fer, transpose, trans-port 

tm-, uni- = one uni-form, uni-com 

Suffixes Used in Words 

'•able, -iWe = capable of cap-a52e, measiuwi5Ze 

^age « amount, state mue-o^e, cour-ope 

'^mcSf -ence — relating to, condition of appear-ance, independ-enoe 

-or, -ary = relating to muscul-or, pulmon-arj/ 

-{lie = to act, to cause anim-o/e 

^ion « action, condition degener-ation, civiliz-otion, 


«ceoue, -cUms = like falla-cioiw, gra-cioti^ 

-ey = quality, state pira-cy, lima-cy 

-/y = make 8atis-/y, horri-/y 

-iCf '4cal = one who or that which classH^coZ, geometr-ic 

-icUms = like unto del-ictou«, mal-^tcious 

-ion = action, being, condition miss-ion, rebell-ion 

-dons = full of reli^-ioTM, suspic^'on« 

-i«e, -ize = to do, or make. critio-iae, bapt-tze 

-iw = having the character, given to talkat-^it^, posit-itic 

-ment = state astonish-me/U, banish-ment 

-ous = full of, of the nature of peril-oii«, wond^-o^^a 

-iy = condition or character digni-<2/, p\inrty 

The Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes, however, form by no means the 
whole of the English language. They have been spoken of first because they 
are the easiest to understand, as they are Uttle changed, in form and meaning, 
from the original. The real strength of the language, the more familiar, 
simpler words, the words of common, everyday speech, are Teutonic in 
origm. They were brought into England by Teutonic tribes, the Angles 
and the Saxons, who settled there in the fifth century. 

A study 01 the following list of Anglo-Saxon words will give some idea 
of the influence of the Teutonic element in the familiar speech of every 
Englishman and American. 

hacan « bake bake, baker 

beatan = strike beat, beater 

heran = bear bear, bearer, bearaole 

bindan = bind bind, bound, bond, band 

bitan = bite bite, bitten, bit 

bugan = bend bow, bough 

cat = cat cat, kitten 

ceap = bargain cheap, chop 

How Our Language Has Grown xiii 

diwfan ■• split cleave, deft, cliff 

cnawan « know know, knew, knowledge 

cunnan = know cunning 

daelan " divide deal 

dragan ■= to draw draw, drag, dray 

faran « go or travel far, fare, farewell 

fleogan ■» flee flee, fled 

hlaf = bread loaf, lord ( = bread-keeper, from hlaf -\- 

weardf a guard), lady (= bread-kneader, 
from hlaf -f- digan, to knead) 

licgan • to b'e lie, lay 

maegan = be able inay» mi^t, mighty 

raedan » read or guess read, riddle 

iredan ■■ to walk tread, trot 

treaw ■■ apod faith true, truth 

wiian ■« Know wit, wot, witty 

A comparison of these stems with the Latin stems mentioned above 
will show that the Ando-Saxon stems have been far more changed in their 
conversion into English words than have the Latin. These changes, how- 
ever, have come about for the very reason that the Anglo-Saxon is me oldest 
element of our language and has thus been much altered because of the 
paasajnB of many centuries and the influence of other tongues brousht later 
mto ESngland. Similar changes are seen in the Anglo-^xon premces and 


OH' or a- = on a-bed, a-board 

fare' = before /ore-bode, /ore-cast 

/or- «- thoroughly /or-give, for-gidt 

gegen^ or gain- = back or again ^ain-eay 

mia' » wrong mw-lead, mis-trust, mt«-deed 

im- as not tm-holy, t^nnio, un-bind 

al' or allr « quite aZ-one, (U-most, ol-mightv 

in- = in tn-come, in-etep, tn-land 

o/- or off' =* from oj^-spring, ojf-ehoot 

otwr- ■« above or over {W«er-ca8t, <wer-throw 

<tri- = two <u>i-light 

under' — under ufwicr-etand, under-bid 


-crafl = skin handi-cra/iJ 

"dom = power, office \dng-dom. prince-cfom 

-en 9* diminutive chick-en (from cock)^ kitt-«n (from ccrf) 

-er « one who or that which bak-cr, work-er 

"hood = state or rank boy-^oorf, man-hood 

-ing (ori^nally son of) = part of farth-tn^ (fourth part) 

-MTHr or -dug « verbal noun suffix 8ing4ng 

-kin, -lino = diminutives lamb-Arin, darling 

-loch or Hedge »» gift, sport know-^^e 

'Sdpe or sfkp — shape or form king-«/itp, wor-«^tp 

stede or -stead » place home-stead 

-ed or -en = material gold-en, wood-en, gild-ed 

-feaet or -fast « firm 8tead-/as< 

-feald or -fold « denotes multiplication . .mani-/oW, two-/o2d 
•«c or -dih ■» nature of cl:»ld-i«^, fool--wA 

xiv How Our Language Has Grown 


4e$9 « k)06e from , hope-ZeM, power4es9 

4ike or 4y — like home-2y, loye-2y, lady-Ziibe 

"BUM or -«om« « like wm-some 

'^vard = direction back-ixtord 

-lin^ or -2on{^ « direction head-2on{^ 

HMM B manner like-iriM 

Another kind of words which come to ua from the Anglo-Saxon is the 
group of ''self-explaininff'' phrase compounds. Such woras are offhand, 
meanwhile, thraughouty nooodif oftentimeSf whenever, and a number of others 
which will readily occur to you. For the Old English was rich in words 
formed by the umon of two independent words. 

From the word land^ for instance, there were once sixty-three compounds. 
Most of these are no longer part of the language, thou^ some remain, as 
landlord and landmark. 

Though the Anglo-Saxon langiiagge forms, as has been shown, the basis 
of the English language, and the Latm has made a verv large contributicm, 
no small part of our vocabulary has been transferred bomly from other 
lansiuages besides these two. Italy, Spain, India, Arabia, the West Indies, 
all nave contributed their share. From Italy we have borrowed many terms 
pertaining to music and to the refinements of cultured life. Such words 
are Wfretto, crescendo, balcony, cameo, intaglio, caiacomb. Spain has con- 
tributed many words naming commercial products, as indigo, guaoa, vanUla, 
aUioator, as well as some others such as matador and mosquUo. From Holland 
and Scandinavia come words pertaining to commerce and the sea, amons 
which are schooner, wagon, yacht, skipper, sloop. India and Arabia with 
their products sent words naming them, such as chintz, candy, orange, borax, 
divcm, alcohol, amber, coffee, cotton. Biblical literature brings us Hebrew 
terms, as cherub, jvbuee, amen, alleltiia. ephod. 

America's contributions to the Knglish language have come from the 
Mexicans, from the peoples of South America ana the West Indies, and 
from the North American Indians. From Mexico come chocclaU, coyoU, 
tomato; from South America, tapioca, guano, jaguar, quinine, alpaca: mm 
the West Indies, hurricane, maize, pdaio. The North American Indians 
have given us such terms as moccasin, moose^ raccoon, tobacco, squaw, papoose — 
words which name things common in an Indian's daily life. 

In this way has the whole world contributed and still is contributing 
to the language of the English-speaking peoples. What wonder, then, thiS 
the F^n^iah tongue is full and rich and flexible? Its wealth of meaning, its 
beauty, its power, are the result of centuries of growth and of the gifts bestowed 
by East and We«t. by North and South. Such a heritage may well be tha 
pride of every Tgngiiahmim and every American . 



1. Monosyllables, and polysyllables accented on the last syllable, ending 
in a single consonant preceded by a single vowel, double the final 
consonant before a suffix beginning with a voweL 

-l^r-fed= planned. 
*^ \ + in^ ■= plan'ninff. 
^^ r + ing = oc-cui^ring. 

\ + ence = oc-cur'rence. 

8. Words endine in two or more consonants, words ending in a consonant 
preceded by two or more vowels, and pol3r8yUables not accented on 
the last syllable, do not double the final consonant before a sufiix begin- 
oing with a vowel. 

act + or a actor, 
feud + al *=■ feudal, 
offer + ing »■ of 'fer-ing. 

3. Words ending in a double consonant usually drop the last oonsonant 

before a Sims. 

full + nees ^ fulness. 
skiU + f ul - skilful 

Usage permits many such words to be speHed with either a smgje or a 
double oonsonant. 

4. Words ending in silent e retain the e before a suffix beginning with a 

GODSonant, and drop the e before a suffix beginning with a vimeL 

state + ment » statement, 
state + ing "" stating. 


whole + ly = wholly. 

awe + ful » awful. 

argue + ment « argument. 

dye + ing = dyeing. ^ 

Words endmg m oe (as place) and ge (as courage)~ietaiii thee before a 
or Oy so that c Kudg may have their soft sounds: 

peace + abk^ » peaoeable. 
courage + ous » courageous. 

0. Words endmg in ie drop e and change t to y before ioQt 

die + iag "■ dying. 

zvi Simple Rules for Spelling Derivative Words 

e. Words ending in y, if & consonant precedes y, change y to t before any 
mifhx except one beginning with i; if a vowel precedes y, tlie y m 

pity + ful « pitiful. 

Eity'4- ing = pitying. 
uy'Hher « buyer. 

7. The regular rule for formation of plurals of nouns is to add 8 to the singular. 

If the final letter of the singular will not \mite with « {aa ch, ah, 9^ J, 
Xf i), add es. 

church, churches, 
fox, foxes. 

8. Nouns ending in a consonant and y form the plural by changing y to i 

and adding e«. 

daisy, daisies. 

9. Nouns ending in a consonant followed by o form the plural by adding es, 

negro, negroes. 

10. The formation of the third person singular present of verbs follows the 
rules for the plurals of nouns. 


Varied SpeDiiigs. If two or more variations of the spelling of a single 
word exist, the rule followed is to let each appear in its proper alphabetical 
place in the list, with pronunciation, definition, etc., given as usual, followed 
by "Also,'' and the variant in heavy type. An exception is made to this 
rule when the position of the two variants is consecutive or practicafly so. 
In this case, the word given first, and defined, is that selected as prefeiable. 
For illustration, see oegis and fusUeer. 

Analogoiis Fonns. In cases where two derivatives from the same root 
word are practically identical in meaning, the less common one has been 
given in heavy type, with ''Also,'' and has not been listed elsewhere. See 
(uxusatcry, acceptabilUy, Cross references have occasionally been U8ed« 
with ''Also," in words almost identical in meaning. See htaiher. 

Capitals. When the word listed is a proper noun or adjective, it 
appears in the vocabulary with a capital. If it has two forms, one common, 
one proper, the form given in the vocabulary is the original or more impor- 
tant form of the word, the other being repeated beneath, with the definition 
belonging to it. See genesis. 

Hyphens. Alight hyphen is used to mark division into syllables, except 
after an accented syllable; as, e^ab'o-raie, A heavy hyphen is used to 
separate the parts of a compound word; as, fa'ther<n4aw. 

Pronunciation. Pronunciation of every word in the vocabulary ii 
given in parenthesis immediately after the word. If a word serves as more 
jT ii^n one part of speech, and the second is pronounced differently from the 
first, the pronunciation of the second is inserted in parenthesis after the name 
of the part of speech. See altemaie. 

Grammatical Information. Principal parts of verbs are given in 
brackets after the name of the part of speech (v.i. or v.t.), if the verb is 
irregular or if they are desirable for other reasons. Similarly, irregular plurals 
of nouns and comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives are given in 

Etymology* No attempt has been made to analyze sources of words, 
except when a word or phrase has been adopted bodily from a foreign language. 
In that case the name of the foreign language appears in brackets after the 

Derivatives. Certain derivative words which come directly from words 
listed in the vocabulary are given after the definition of the original wofd» 
with the part of speech of the derivative indicated. See adorabU. 



attj Adjective. ^ It Italy, Italian. 

A. D Anno Domini (Year Jap Japan, Japanese. 

of our Lord). Lat Latin. 

adv Adverb. maac Masculine. 

Am America, American. Mbth Methodist. 

AfU Antonym. Mbx Mexico. 

Ab Arabic. mt Mountain. 

A. 8 Anglo-Saxon. n Noun. 

Aus AustriajAustrian. N North. 

B. C Before Christ. naut Nautical. 

Baft Baptist. neui Neuter. 

Bbl Belgium, Belgian. N. Z New Zealand. 

Br Britain, British. oba Obsolete. 

Can Canada, Canadian. p,a4j Participial adjective. 

Cath Catholic. pfd Preferred. 

C Centigrade. fi I^ural. 

Co Company. Porr Poetic. 

CO County. Port Porti^, Portu- 

CoLLOQ Colloquial. guese. 

com Commonly. p,p Past participle. 

comp Comparative. Present participlei 

CoNFBD Confederate. Prbs President. 

Cong Con^gationalist. prep Preposition. 

C. 8 Christian Science. pre8 Present. 

Deft Department. rRssBT Presbjrterian. 

E ..East. pron Pronoun. 

Egypt Egyptian. prov Province. 

Eng England, English. p,t Past tense. 

Epis Episcopal, Episco- Kubs Russia, Russian. 

palian. S South. 

etc Et cetera (and so Scot Scottish. 

forth). sing Singular. 

F Fahrenheit. Span ^Minish. 

/m Feminine. sq following. 

Fr France, French. sq. m Square miles. 

G.Br Great Britain. superl Superlative. 

Gen General. Switz Switzerland. 

Gbr German, Germany. Syn Svnonym. 

Gr Greece, Greek. TWt Teutonic. 

Hind Hindu. Turk Turke3r, Turkish. 

Hung Hungary, Hunga- Unit Unitarian. 

rian. U. S United Stat^. 

i.e Id est (that is). v.i Verb intransitive. 

irUerj Interjection. v.t Verb transitive. 

Ir Ireland, Irish. W West. 

See ''Abbreviations Used in Writing and Printing,'' page 803. 



KxT TO TBB Signs Indicating Sound. 


The word aeoent is applied to the q>ecial emphawi which is plaoed upon 
certain ^yllablee in words of more than one syllable. Sometimes a woid has 
one accented syllable, which is indicated by a aing^ mark H after the syl- 
lable. Sometimes a word has two accented oyllablee, a principal, or heayier» 
one and a secondary, or lighter, one. The princq>al accent is indicated by a 
sin^ mark [1, and Uie secondary by a double mark [1. 


i, as in itc^ pile, fl'yor, is called hng a. It occurs in accented syllables. 

i, as in foli-lge, sen'ftte, often represents long a in unaccented tyOaUes. 

i, as in rire, pAr^ent, pre-pftre^ represents a in accented eyOdUes ending in r. 

i, as in dt, gir'ret, is called shoii a. It occurs in accented sjdlables. 

I, as in lo'cll, If-fect', often represents sfujrt a in unaccented eyOMee ending 
in a consonant. 

ly as in dOniy flr^ drt, is called hroad or Italian a. 

A, as in isk, C(Hn-mAnd', is called intermediate a. 

dy as in bd-na'nd, pd-rade^ represents intermediate a in unaeoented eyUMeet 
usually those not ending in a consonant. It is called indeierrmnate a, 

€y as in £'vai, sctoe, con-ckle', is called long e. It occurs in accmted syllables. 

^ as in ^voit', d6-scribe, cr^te^ pro-pri'^^, often represents long e in 
unaccented effiablee. 

^ as in de^^', Ibc'tra, Mge, tf-f^', Ibd-M, h called short e. It occurs in 
accented syllables and in unaccented first and last syllables. 

t» as in nov'tl, re'ctnt, often represents ehort e in unaccerded eyOMee. 

§, as in writ'Sr, con'f8r-ence, represents unaccented e before r. 

I, as in light, de-^^t', I-de'a, is called long u It occurs in accented and 
unaccented syllables. 

I» as in dfn, be-dEn. dla-sect^ is called short u It occurs in accented and un- 
accented syllables. 

(S^asinhdpe,c^d,ech'5, is called Zon^o. It occurs in accented and unaccented 

^ as in pd-ta'to, d-boy'y often represents long o in unaccented eydaklee. 

d^ as in c6rd, dr'der, a-ddm', cl6th, is called open or irUermediaie o. It occurs 
in accented syllables ending in a consonant, often before r. 

8^ as in oftr'al, st^, 5b-]a'tion, is called short o. It occurs in accented and 
unaccented syllablefi. 

8» as in c&n-pare, cor'ft-net, usually repeaents short o in unaccented syHMes, 

fl, as in cilre, fl'nit, hfl'man, is called long u. It occurs in accented syllables. 

tf as in i^-nite, hft-maae', cir'cil-late, represents Umgu in uaaeoeated eyOMes. 


A Guide to Pronunciation 

fi, aa in htma, oc-ciir', fiir, represents dccerited u before a single r in the same 

ii, as in hiir'ry, dp-set', cflt, is called short u. It occurs in accented and 
unaccented syllables. 

fi, as in fo'cfis, sfip-port', siic-ceed, usually represents short u in unaccented 

ii, as in me'nii, represents French u or German w-umlaut. 

Sometimes a certain sound of one vowel is indicated by a special marking 
of another. Thus: 

a, as in all, wa'ter, walk, is represented by 6. 
Oy as in what, was, is represented by 6. 
e, as in re-fer', herd, is represented by tL. 
e, as in there, where, is represented by A. 
iy as in stir, irk'some, is represented by d. 
iy as in e-lix'ir (unaccented), is represented by §. 
iy as in ma-chine, mo-bile', is represented by ^. 
o, as in move, do, to, is represented by 65. 
0, as in wom'an, wor'sted, is represented by d6. 
o, as in come, hon'ey, is represented by fl. 
Oy as in word, worse, is represented by ft. 
u, as in true, sure, is represented by 65. 
u, as in pull, su'gar, is represented by 66. 
y, as in rhyme, cry, is represented by I. 
y, as in myth, rhythm, is represented by I. 
y, as in myrrh, myrtle, is represented by H. 
^ y, as in martyr, satyr, is represented by 5. 

» » 
























































pfay } ^^^® ^^^ ^^^ ^^ *• 
j^^' } bave the sound of 6. 

^*^^^' \ have the sound of i. 
aye, / 

laugh, has the sound of X. 

steak, ] ' 

veil, have the sound of fi. 

they, J 

learn, has the sound of 0. 


have the sound of fi. 



height, \ j^^^^ ^j^^ g^yjj^ ^f ^ 
eye, j 


A Guide to Prcmunciation 


:^. Sis Sew/ }»-ve the sound of «. 

ew, as in sew, has the sound of 6. 

ie, as in yield, has the sound of 6. 

ie, as in tie, has the sound of i. 

oa, as in foam, ] 

06, as in doe, 1 ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ 

00, as m door, r '"**^ ^'"^ o^jkuika 

ow, as in blow, J 

oy, as in toy, has the sound of oi. 

00, as in boot, is marked 65, long. 

00, as in foot, is marked d6, short. 

oil, as in soup, has the sound of 6b, 

ou, as in could, has the sound of db, 

ow, as in prowl, has the sound of ou. 


Certain consonants are used to indicate other special consonant sounds. 


(tch, as in catch, 
ti, as in question, 
te, as in righteous 

f, as in feel, is used to indicate ( P^ ff |^ J^^T"^' 
' ' \^ gn, as m cougn. 

r gu, as in guest. 

g, as in good (hard g), is used to indicate < gue, as in plague. 

[ gh, as in gnady. 

gz is used to indicate x, as in ex-ist, ex-ample, 
hw is used to indicate wh, as in when, where. 

' gj as in gem (soft g). 
gi, as in religion. 
j, as in joy, is used to indicate < ge, as in pigeon. 

ai, as in soldier. 
[ dge, as in judge. 

f ch, as in chorus (hard ch), 
k, a» in kept, fa u«ed to indicate ^|,^Jl„T,^,[^''"* ^>- 

^ qu, as in conquer. 

kh is used to indicate the Cfcrman ch, as in loch. 

ks is used to indicate x, as in sex, extra. 

kw is used to indicate qu, as in inquire. 

n is used to indicate gn, as in design. 

A, as in bank, function, is used before hard g or A;. 


A Guide to Pronunciation 

t. is used to indicate French nasal n or m, as in enfant. 

A^ «« ;« i,x«« <»',.»«.« / is used when g is soft. 
Ag, as in long, singer, | indicates gue, as in tongue. 

r, as in red, is used to indicate rh, as in rheumatism. 

r c, as in center (soft c). 
s, as in seem (sharp a), is used to indicate < sc, as in science. 

ss. as in miss. 

sh, as in show, is used to indicate 

' ch, as in machine. 

ce, as in ocean. 

ci, as in racial. 

sci, as in conscience. 

si, as in version. 

8S, as in issue. 
, ti, as in motion. 

t, 08 in try, is U8ed to indicate { g; ^ P «gPPf- 

th is used to indicate th, as in thin, thick. 
th is used to indicate th, as in soothe, they. 
V, as in vain, is used to indicate f , as in of. 

z, as in ga*e, is used to mdicate ( f " •" ^"fi^ * *^- 

\ X, as in Xerxes. 

zh is used to indicate * 

z^ as m azure, 
zi, as in glazier. 
8{ as in measure, 
si, as in provision, 
g, as in rouge. 


bAt, fAt;f<nmd;boil;fuActioii;duM;good;Io]r;tten,ttuck;liw— whuinirfien; ^— 

tflHi kH in azuTe: kh — ch as in Inch. See nronnncliiHoii V«» «.«-»« »;»■ *■• "^ii ^^ 

a|„,t <Miltt'j ».(. fp.t. and p.p. a) 
-DUl p_pr. ■baulnal, to bonUr 

cod: wltlk 
'mCnt). n. that vhleil 

a-but-ment , , 

UkB ■nppnrttBC Miuetnr* at Ihe <nd c< an 
. V^miKmO. ft. gnat deptlifif water or 

Uumr Talwir-flovHjns plant of ttwi boan 

Mm* coontr; or of a 

phatkiyllablBlii, or dmots the vocal dliiclon 
of. a word br tOrm <r modulation ol the 
Toee; to pranoojice: marie the nrened 
•yllatala ct a word br uas or a lUn: dr-" 
npoo tw amptuwJu. aa a paway ormuoic, 
&C-C6Il-tU-at6 piuurita in nMsidng or 

af I'an* (Ui-afpt'). B.l. to Uke (r 
HC-Cept with appniral. as a gift, 
-~ — to agree to, cracqnlatCT In; »», U 

par; a*. 


DOcnil a dnrt. 
Ivs. take, admit. 

acioptaJbUJ-ty iS-SSS?!?^ 

welcome or aciMablo. Alio. aiiaBlaMaB— ■ 
llC-GCpi-a-Die lug; weicooM: asmsble; 
ai, an acajitabU gUtr — uv. aceaptablr. 
aC-Cept-anCe taking what W o&hwI; j 

■-■ — with approval; * 

'" — — ^a»e. 

Itk-eCt'd-rO, n. one who. er 
. that whlcb, aids In an anlan; 
aacccmp anlnm ut adj . coDtrfbntliig. Alto, 

tha acquirement of propectv br 
maot. growth, or labor expended. 

a cbM agent: outrlbuu 
ildiDi In 

aS-den-tai"ly r^--H*n.ii n.<u...i» 
ac-claim "'"^''' '■'»<>*"■!*??'■«•! 
ac-cla4na-tion ^' ~ ' 


oDtbmatoriov, orpraln; the a<l 
n«lut<<>nl>y oral ■ ot«. 

ac-di-mate tTdurS^t « r' 

ditkin* of (pmpcratim. DKdntui 
adapt to Ds« oonditkim ' ' 

ac^M-ma-tion jJiSyiiSla 

Of beewnlnrmaa 

Ite, senftte, rtre, cftt, locti, fir, 4sk, pdrsde; ecbie, flrent, Cdge, navti, refSr; 
right, Bin; oOld, they, cArd, stftp, compare; flnit, finite, bfim, cat, fodta, menll; 

lOMw nr dUtannt ccm wIIMoib oT tempantor*. 




Roll dL of hoiur li 

■iTfla. Uie atcolaat b ■ Idn on eacb cbedc 

luxmi mo-date iaS?Ml& si 

MoltAbla; to adjiut. settlo; Bupply or farnb 
do ■ fkvor to: to lend moner tor Um cc 

Am. Mrve, obllga. Adapt, flt, mlt. 
Aal. (He dlwbdKB. fmpsde). 

ac4»mjno-dat-mg iii^%'^:t^ 

a, ofm idfddinK dlipoaluon; MUiiaina oiM- 
to the d^rea at othcn. 

ac-a> iSiSSViiliu: 

"™i or MUuaunaDt: tbit wbldi ■uppUea > 
K or dadra; lodcODf : ■ losn o( money, as 

accomplice i^^^^^^ 

nn,''iIilT^ era . a 

ac_rnm TtMsh ("Om'pllih), t.t. to brinn 
aC-COm-pUSU to nw; to complBte: to 

dim. oSect. eiecuie, acblave, owfect. 

a«om-pUshed SXS"Ul£U\ 

Bnlshed; perfected: poosessed or sodal quall- 

ac-com-plish-ment ^&ll?"„^"^; 

•**""'-•*— -' -,a met or nnderiakliig: rulfll- 

Sfin. quailDl^Lion. acqulrmnsDt^ 

KC~COra j(tb: gnot: as. to accord 
cnlM: to adJiHt or bring to agreement; 
iQ hannonr; to agree In pitch and tofl 

^VHr. p. grant, allow, admit. 

ac-cordjm'e SSf lia..;; ; 

acta inn In attordance with his b^JeT. 

ac-conUnt'*^!^""""- "" 

accord iflff ^ti^M-lag). paaf. Bgmdng: 

lecnrdlnrir : ■ ■■ ii i la blj; w. b* 

aciOT<tillg4y iSS3fflli,?ft»S 

qucntly; mraMblir: u. ha bcUeVed be «ia 

R^t and acted 00- 


(K-Mfdl-ao), n. a J 
■DUU keyed moaleal ■ 

St^Tsi I 

■oimd by the i 
the *liu npo 


redtal. reckoning, Uu. ebain. 

accoonta-ba-i-ty !5:T^g3X 

Ity for the canrloc oat of ao obligation or 

Si/n. punishable, amenatla. 
or pf\nn taTi_rv IS-koun'tlMi). n. Hib 
aC-COUn-ian-l^ .rt or pramca of one 
skilled la bookkeeping. 

ac-coim-tant ifffi'kSSMTr'SS?. 

Inatlon of books : an expert boo^eeper. 

ac-cou-ter *■'"--■ -"■'° ■^'~' 

dran: lo outfit a 

ac-cou-ter-ments i^p^ 

equlpmenta or oulflt. AIM. m 


■tamp with auihority: send witik cre- 
ats. as an ambaasador to a forelgll conn- 
try: to believe and accept aa true, 

ac-cre-tion {5;i',Sig!OT.Th"iiS!*S?iSijSr 

a channel by an accrtUoa ot shifting sand. 
ar i-ni* lft-kroo-i,|i.(. togtow: (oinimaja: 
aC-CrU6 to come to or happen natunJlr; 
me or be added by Incrauie, aa Intmai 

ac4|u^u^iate ^"gji^ ti^ 
ac-cu-mu-k-tion ^■^m^'^*S'^<i3: 

iBCUag tosetber; a heap. 

ac-cu-mu-la.tiTe Sa'2-'S3£ 

posed to. collect or hisp ap: cotlective. 
»ej-n Tft-CV (Ik'a-nl-aE). n. the qu^ty 
*W*-^U-i *l.-v*jr ^ being correct; exactncaa 

af r>ii rata (tk'd-rit). adj. conforming to 
aC-CU-tate l^cl-. free from error; predao. 

accursed 6 


ar rnrcAH <i^-ka»t; A-kOr'sCd). pMdi. 
ai»-i#uiacu doomed to destruction; ruined; 
detestable. Also, •ocurst. rti 

aC-CU-Sa-uOn of wrongdoing;* a declara- 
tion of the commission of a crime or error. 
AC ^1 ca fiiTA (4-ka'zd-tIv). n. the ob- 
aC-CU-oa-UVO jective case, denoting the 
objeot of tne verb or preposition. 

aC-CU-Sa-tO-ty taining to. or containE^ 
a diarge of wrongdoing. Also, aooaaatlonaL 
an nttoA (ft-kOz), v.t, to charge with guilt 
aC-CUSe or blame: to ftnd fault with. 
an tfMtc or (i^lc(iz''6r) . n. one who formally 
Iti^-cua-ci charges an offense against 

art^ta f/Mn (&-ktts'tam), v.t. to become 
aC>CUS-IQXII famiUar with by use; as. to 
aeeustom oneself to now conditions. 

fir-nie f attipH (&-Ws'tamd), p.adj. ft©- 
a\^-«ai9-iUillCU quent; usual; often prac- 

or A ^)> n. [p/. aces (-&)], a unit; a card or 
a^c diemarlced with a single spot; a very 
small quantity; an earned point, in tennis or 
similar games* ad aviator who has brought 
down at least five enemy airplanes. 

anckf Ki -Hr W-«Or'hI-tI). n, [pi. acerbities 
-i#ci-ui-ljr (-tte)J, sourness, as of unripe 
fruit; sharpness: harshnms or sefverity of 
temper or expression. 

tkr At-flTi 1 1iH«k (is'«t-&m-lld: -lid), n. 
ai^-cv-ou-A-uuc a pungent white powder: 

one of the coal tar products, used as a medi- 
cine to prevent or reduce fever. 

antk +tr <ir iH W-»CtTk ftsld), a clear 
-ce-UO a.i^-lU liquid, with a strong sour 
ta&te and peculiar sharp smoU; the add in 

arof <ir Ion A (d-sfitl-len), n. a colorless 
-i^ci-y-icllc i^as produced by mixing 
water with calcium carbide: the most brilliant 
tUumlnating gas known, used extensively for 
lighting purposes and in working iron and steel . 
orViA v&k), n. pain, more or less constant: 
ai^UC p,i, to suffer, or be in pain, bodily or 
mental; as, my tooth aches; my heart aches. 

ar>\%\axrek (a-chSv'), v.t. to perform, carry 
-i^iiACVC out, accomplish; to gain or 
bring to a successful end oy an effort: v.i. to 
bring about a desired result. 

Syn- do. accomplish, effect, ftilfll. execute, 
gain. win. 

arhiAiTA TnATi+ (<i-ch5v'm«nt), n. asuc- 
-ClUeve-menX cessful action; a great or 
heroic deed; something accomplished or car- 
ried out by boldness or unusual ability. 

Ar\\\\ loo (<i-kir6z).n. the greatest Greek 
-l^uu-ACd iiero of the Trojan War; hero 
of Homer's IHad. 

fic\\ t-ncr (^U^Qfi:). enduring or caus- 
auu-Ul^ Ing pam; painful. — adv. aohincly. 
ar\\ rA mflt tr («c'r6-mat'ik). adf. col- 
acn-rO-mai-lC orless: a term used In 
optica] work to describe glass that transmits 
light without affecting Its quality; as, the 
achrorruUic lens of a camera; in music, with- 
out accidentals or modulation. 
fir iH (^'Id)> ^i' sour, and sharp or biting 
ai»-AU> to the taste, as vinegar: n. a sour 
si'bHtanro. usually liquid; iin cbemistry. that 
which combines with a bane to form a salt. 

a n\A \ -fv (^l-sIdl-fT). v.t. and t.l. [p.t. and 
a-Clll-l-iy p,p, acidified, addlfyingl, 
to make or become sour; to embitter, 
a n\A \ 4v (d-sld'I-tl). n. sourness; tart- 
a.-i^lU-1-iy noss. Also, addnets. 

(«c-nOrej). v.t. [p.t. and 
p.p. acknowledged. 




£.pr. acknowledging], to admit or own to be 
*ue; to recognize; as, to acknowledge an ac- 
quaintance by bowing: to confess; to admit 
tne recdpt of; as, to acknowledge a letter. 
Svn. avow, grant, allow, concede. 
Ant. (see deny). 

ac-knowl-edg^nent iiL«: °m tii 

admission or recognition of a truth; ooo- 
fesslon; avowal; the expression of apprecia- 
tion of a favor or ben^t conferred * a recdpt. 
or mo (&k'in6), n. the top; the highest 
a.\^Mlus point; the crisis c€ a disease. 
at* £\ Ivrfo (&k'6-llt), n. an attendant; an 
aC-O-iyic assistant; the hoy who watts 
upon or serves a priest at the altar during 
the \Iass. 

o/» /\ ni-fo (&k'6-nlt). n. a poisonous plant 
aC-U-lUiO with blue or purple flowers, the 
monkshood bdng one of the family; a paio- 
soothlng extract from the plant, especially 
used for fever or neuralgia, 
a /«/%«>« (&'kOm; &'k&n). n. the seed or 
a-COm ftTiit of the oak; a small nut with iu 
base hd(* in a natural 
woody cup. 

a-cous-tic iliUf;:' 

kous'tik) , adj. having to 
do with the sense of hear- 
ing; pertaining to the 
sdenoe of sound; as. we 
hoard every word because 
of the unusual acoustic 
properties of the room. Also, aoonstlcal. — adv, 

o r/\iic -ftrc (<i-k09s'tlks; d-kous-tlks), n. 
a-UOUb-UCS the sdence of sound; the 
study of the effects of sound upon the organs 
of hearing. 

or niiain-f fft-lnrRnf), v.t. to notify; 
aC-quaini make familiar with; furnish In- 
formation to; as. to acquaint oneself with 

Sun. enlighten, make aware, make known, 

ac-quaint-ance ^-^^iSS^Ue "^ 

dther persons or things; a person known to 
one, but with whopi one is not very intimate. 
—n. af*niT**itannnsh1p i 

or_misiiTif oH (fi^kwSn'tM), p.adj. hav- 
aC-qXiaini-ea ing personal or mutual 


or mil ocro (Wc'wt-Ss), v.i. to agree by 
aC-qUl-eSCt? not objecting; to quletlv 
comply or "submit; to assent oy silence: fol- 
lowed usually by in; as. to acguiesce in a policy 
determined upon. — adj. acqulesosnt. — adv, 

Svn- agree, accede, comply, consent. 

Ant. (see protest). 
or mil oc-Tonro C&k'wl 8s'$ns). n. the 
aC-qUl-eS-CeilCe act of s u b m 1 1 1 1 n g; 

silent assent. 

or miiro (5--kwtrO. v.t. to gain or obtain 
ai^-quAic possession of, usually by one's 
own physical or mental exertions; as. to 
acquire a habit. 

ac-quire-ment ^^i'^?^^;JLo^^ 

cdflre. skill, etc.; attainment; that which ie 


or-niii CI fiATi (&k'^-«I«hi;fln). n. the 

au-ulu-ai-UUll act of gaining possession: 

as. the acQuisition of property; a material 

possession gained by any means. 

o/* mti-f (ft-kwlf), v.t. [p.t. and p.p. ac- 

ac-quiL quitted, acquitting], to re- 

lease: set free: 

large, as a d ebt: to mo- 

Ate, eenAtc, rAre, cit, lodU, fttr, Ask, pdrade; scSnc, ^vent, £dge, novtl, refSr; 
right, fiin; cdld, 6bey, cdrd, 8t6p, c6mpare; iinit, Unite, bftrn, cut, focus, menii; 



■uDtr: *■, till priHMT 1 

D. fDrglTV, dflftr. 

~ ,, aadtimn. conTictl ■ 

init ta\ (^^cwIC'U). n. the act 0< ■ 
[UtC-iai Una tree- the ataU oT b^ 

Sim- ponlDo. fDrgli 

aC~gUtt-tal unc ^^''the ■UE«ar''b^ 
Mt fin: Lbi Judlda] decluftUcoi or "not 

aC-QUll-lallve charge or release froTD 
itoblorotlur llBbUll;: ■ receipt In fuU, or k 
vrlttoi atAlemoit tnelag ooe from furtber 

f^^^%nLl!t>. n. the meMure of Isnd con- 
H-VXC talninf IM oqUfrro rods, cc 43.500 

T^r* «er» '*''*-*Jl- "■ U>e number oT 
a-Cre-age acna in a tract or land; tbe 
oillre quanlit; of land Id a Usct. 

ac-rid '"'''*''■ ""i ^"^ " *"'™ ■'*m" 

tacln?; stlQ^ng: n, an acrid or Irritant 
"" ""^ ' ' ' ;Ui'rt-mifS>fla). odj. 


■psecb. Alsot e.— ' 


Ant. (see sentleuu, co 

ac-ro-bat igJ^Sring" 

tath ai ttimbUns. vauJUnx, IrapeiiiiJt, 
— 04. Bosbatio. — ad>. aia«t«tlaaOT> 

Miop-oJis iSi?58;?;Si.3»!fh5ns 

Utbart part or dtadd oT a Oradan dty, 
iBBallr Etw lita of the oriidiial aettlaneilt; 
u. EbB moat splendid production of Oreek 
art. tha Partheooo, b m tlie ocroiiDht o( 

prBfi. trom aide 

'ln°wSS one 
or mim ma 01 i»c«r3. uunn in order, form a 

ar4 (^^ !^d»dT UiMwhldi la done; 
ui'^ ibe proceia of domg: a deeree, aUM. or 

prludpal d 


ttli>-UVU Id motloD. u opposo 
belDg at r«at: tbe dohic of son 

effect of one bodr or substance uj. 

onlr Kbca abiKalar: aomeihtus doni 

' -' - "i^iaTlDr: only wben pluraf; a auli 

party anlnil another In a court 

ddooa at a 
ot, Biploll. feat. 

t HtAEA nf belnff 

duct; b^iavlDr: only 
by oneparty agsiml 1 

effective ■noUon^sa of maefalnen'; 


or- *rtr» (U'Ov). uff. 1 
aC-UVe power or <]aaUC 

BC tii_a1 (Ui'ttm). oJi. eitothiB Id tact: 
Ili^lU-ai real aa oppoao) to mecriy poaL- 
ble: preaont. 

Sjtn. positive, genuine, catabi. 

Ant. (aeeQctfdous). 

aC-tU-ai-1-Ty mck l-ti»)l. roadb': (««; 


lit exlstenco, 


as, be ocHihUu came at laat. 

ao-tu-a-ry ISMl^- 

court; one «bo la skmnTlD co: 

a-CUJnen jJ^JeSS;' wmet. . _ 

crimination: keenneas itf Indght. 

Sin. Insight, keenneaa. aa^diy, abanmn*. 

An!, (see bluatcess, Mupldltr). 
a m+s (d-kQt). adf. aharp-polntnl: men- 
a-CUte {illy keen; clevtr; oolck ot pBN 

Irnt a diaesae; ' high In pitch; ahrlll.— oA. 

Smu shrewd. InCelUcenC. 
^nl. (aee blunt or dull). 

a-cule.ness ;j-ȣa' J; 



piece of niiiafc In ivbicb tbe mnvemeDt la slow. 
AJ am (*d'&iii),n. in the Bible story of 
AU-OIU thecreatloo, theOrstman.— Qene- 

ad-a-mant ^|lS^" 

hardo(»; any suhstMico of 

ad-a-man-tine ^^'o 

Ad-am's ap-ple^K-^reS 

Syti. aceommodan 

B stage .—luf/. adaptable. 

ac-tJon-a-ble i^':^^^o?Si'w. 

btfOt, rdit; found ; boil; fuAct ion ; chase ; good ; joy 1 f Am, thick ; hv ^ wh as in when; 
zb— z uBiD azure; kh=ch as in loch. See pronunclatiaa kej, pagea xi:^ to xxii. 


a-dapt^-ba-i-ty a^^X^^^i- 

•bla tooonltirni M condlUoiu. 

ad-ap-ta-tion Si3KiSSr~ ■! 


ad-den-dum sSS'lSk i — 

be Jcdnod to nmstliliia: an appaDdlx la ■ 

ad-der BDake/tbe iiDlHDoiu viper r>f En- 
rope; ■ pfrson or thing ctut vunw up miinbm, 
ad HiVt (l-<lllrt'). e-l. todBTOleorgtvooue- 
(U'Ict) . one who la dpvi>t«d to anraethliiK. 

ad-dl-tlOIl tn. or remilt ot lummbv op ' 
numb«n; the thlnt Jobwd; the uniSu of two ' 
or mon nomben fa one «um; a Ulle pUced 
■n«r » nune. denoUu rank, u eaqnlre: • dot 
pUoad at Hie aide of a Dal« to Indlcats the 
laaaibaihicof theaoond br ooe-half. 
^ni. Inrrreiii, aaxnkm. anlaiwaait, e>- 


DOtmpt: tospoU: i.f. to become (pciaid. 

adjUe-head-ed SJ'l''!KSSaffi 

ft-). tJ. to 

ad-dress^-giaph SSSSS^iiSi 

for amadiliMiued (o direct ctreolan, bitters. 

.ini. (aee aloofli«B) . 

a-OieU adleui (d-dOTl, a fkreweU; sobd 
Tbtiea at paittnc: fnterj, (ood-bT: nrB~ 

ad ja"cen-cy Sffi*™ t,"U5Si' 
aSjUSTiSiSS'- "'■ ""■ "~"^ 

Sun. borderlne. ndKhBorlnc. 

AoL (MedlMutl. 
nA iar tivA <U'lk-Hv). n. a part of 
aa-jeC-nve speech eipreiidn> qnaUty or 
condition: a woni used to quality. llmH. or 
deSne aDouu.— ad>. adjMitl*^. 

aa-JOin ,.(. „ lie next to: H, hie prop- 
erty a^Joftts bla brother'a 
aa-JOm-lIlg cloee to; jolnlna to; aZ 

oiUtrtnir- *■ 

o^^med the meeting: 

tOratime: aL Ui 

latma adfoumfd, 
9lrn. poatpoDe, 

ad-joum-ment ^'^pi,tu,« (^: m 

.9im- poatpoDe, doae, end. mapend. 

■ ■ ,i (l-Jllm'mfcit), n. Mm 

'* act of putting off; *^' 
meeting dll anolhcr 
— ^— tday. 

w dedde a dlapQM 

adjidied &»!SiM«.4"S,"aS 
ad.ju^-cate S^'gSd"Ji5S.'°.'aS 


kcall]', or b7 a court; a Judicial decUon. 
aA ntnet (U'**l«l. n. aomethln* added 
aO-JUnCI to another thing, but twt a neo- 

.^m. addition, appendage. 

ad-junctiye SSSSJWSSaffl: 
ad-ju-ra-tion SSaSa A <.«! 

the form of an oadi. 

aA iiira (I-'JODr'). t.t. to aonunandon oath 
aa-]Ure unasrpalnofapaialty; todurga 
lolemDlr; to entreat nmeatly. 

ad-just to'S^'^u?*"?i!5° " 

rate; to settle or bring to a BatlafBctorr M 
as, to adlarl accounta.— a4. adlnlaMa. 

.Sim. aet right, Dt, put In order, 
nil titet_AP (1-Jlls't«r). n. one who r 
aa-jUSI-er |,iai. mm right, or malco 

Babr Oi 


(i-Jdat'mfait). 1 

ate, senite, rAre, cit, lodU, fir, Ask, pdrade; scene, trent, Mge, novtl, refir; 
r^t, ain; cOld, &bey, cArd, stOp, c&mpare; Onit, Dilute, bfiru, cat, fodks, meaa; 



aA hi tun J^ (U-aO-OMi). n. the omct 
tMlBta a cobmal or othar Ugb offltr- 

ad-iu-taiitia;2\'^a . 

■CkR-oncer who uciau UiB X 

nork. common In IdiUl \^ ' 

ad-ju-tant gen<er-al J ( 

(Kl-Sti-ttnt Mn'Sr-U). [pi W ^ 

kdluUnU 8«ienl|. the chief •' r 

«l«ff-d.mcBrof»n«rDiy.lhrnugh " 

aa jnin-lS-ier manage u cWef igent iir 
minjslflr. KB a king, prpeldent. or ]ud^; 
direct the appUcatloa of the laws; dLsponse; ab, 

Hcrmneot; to settle a decca^fd perhin's estato. 

ad-min-is-tra-tion ihon"r'n'"ora<rt^i 

ad-min-iS'tra-tive ^! 

ad-min-is-tra-trix trtta>?'n.''] 

mhiLatraciicea ('(rft-tJl'B£i>|. a wuma 
polntAl by liw to settle a dec«iGGd p 

Arit. (see doteatabln) ■ 

ad-mi-ral ^„di;'*J,'t 
ad-mi-ral-ty Sti^" 


ndted by beauty oi 

ad-mire '^^ 

ad-mis-si-ble ^ 

!l-bl), ail. lorthr 

ad^nit-tance ^'^ 

actual antnnce. Abo,U 

ad-mii-ture EJ^-SSTS^" 

by mUnE two or more In^ndlenU. 

adjnon-ish S.ffi"'S' -.'n? "tTC 

■Ouct: to dhect; to rjilde; to caution. 

ad-mo-ni-tion Si'm/ ^™r'o"'i«5: 
ad-mon-i-to-ry a^"?^"*;, -SS: 


a-UO haste: truuiMu 



a-dopt '^ 

llrthood to m"n7»l 'aaS 
[M'O-lju'enl) , adl- giowlM 

aHnn tinn (d-dOp'ahttn) , n. Iha set (rf 
-UOp-UOU caiiinit as ones own: the act 
of acceptlnit and putthia hit« luei ai, tb» 
adoption or roformH xpellinK- 

a-dor-a-ble iSSS-SaSmSfJ^ 
aSore ^f **'^- i^ 'hi^^'VFo'S 

InMDEtdy; to adoilre greatly: t.i. lo offer 
vorahtp.-^-p.ojfi. adarlai. — n. adorvr. 

a^m iSftr".^- ™.SeS^''\l^i,.^,2S: 


a-dom-ment S^rdS^VioiT- ■'™- 

n Hrift liJ-drtft'). oiO.'and atft. floating at 

a-uru( random: at the mercy at the wlDd: 


a Ati\\* <i-6roW), adj. skilful; (Bpert; 

a-arOlT gipva-; cunnlii: ready In Invm- 

a-droit-ness il^g'"SifiIi "^''i?^'^*' 
ad-u-ia-tion i^'SimSi" 

prals« ; Sat' 

ad-u-la-to-ry iffoiV''fl«K"]iil;'"pt3Si 

b tmo; as. he niade full admvjion of his t Impure by mliJng In a foreign or poorer 
fullt. Hubstanro, a-<i. 10 aiiuUrralr i^anny by tbe use 

i??4L'?i5'ESsl''"S°Hi!^i; a-dS-Ter'a-'Son aSSif.".'' 1 

ponnft. mifler. lolcrile. In ■ rnlituiT nlth Ihe inlpntloo of passlog tt 

adultery lo 

o Hill for rr {d-dHl'tSt'D.n. \pl, adultedea 
a-aUi-ier-y 1.^1 the ac«ofbraakiiigor 
vkdattng the marriaee vow of faithftiliiess. 

flrl VII In rtnn ^ vd-Wr&n). according 
au va-lO-rem to value: ad valoran 
dntr* an Import duty or enlarge on goods at 
a certain rate pet cent based on their actual 
value at the port of shipment. [Lat.] 
tkA vonro (&d-v&ns'). v.i. to go forward: 
au-voiii^c tj. to cause to go forward: to 
propose; as. to advance an opinion; to in- 
crease; as, to advance prices: to further; as, 
to advance a cause; to make a Daymen t of 
beforehaod: n. a moving forward; improve- 
mont; an addition to or rise in value; an 
approach, as toward acquaintance: usually 
In plural; a loan; pa\Tnent beforehand: adj. 
being or occurring before; as, an advance sale 
of tickets; an advance agent. 

ad-vance-ment tte^:ff*"pViSrSn 


a A xra-n fflcrA ((id-v&n't&J), n. a state of 
au-voxi-tagc; advance or forwardness; 
superior position; a benefit: anything that 
aids or assistct; as, he had the chantage ot a 
good education. 

tkA XFnn ffl o-Amic ^^d^vAn-ta^Jfis), adj. 
aa-Van-ia-geOUS beneficial; profitable; 
favorable. — adv. advantageously. 
a A i7ari+ (id'vgnt), n. a coming or arrival: 
au.-vciiL as, the adt>ent of a \isitor; the 
advent of winter. — ^Advent, the period of the 
year including the four Simdays before 
Christmas, which prepares for the coming of 
Jesus Christ. 

AH T7on-f icm (&d'v6n-tlzm), n. the doc- 
/lU-Veni-lblU trine that Christ is com- 
ing a second time to establish a personal 
kingdom on earth. 

AH xrckTi^ ic4- (&d'ven-tlst), n. one who 
xxu-vciAt-iat bcUeves in the second com- 
ing of Christ. 

fld VPtl +1 fiAilQ (M'vSn-tlsh'fls). adj. 
aU-Veu-U-UOUS happening by chance; 

casual; accidental; produced out of normal 
and regular order. — adv. adventitiously* 
atK xrtxn fiirA (ftd-v6n'tfir), n. a bold 
au- vcAi- 1, uxc undertaking; a daring feat; 
the encountering of risks; a remarkable 
experience; the taking part in an uncertain 

tkf{ VPTI fiir Ar (ftd-ven't<ir-?r).n.onewho 
au.-v^u-i,iu-c;x engages In new and dan- 
g«*ous enterprises; a soldier of fortune; one 
who seeks distinction by false show or pre- 

fld VPTI tiir Acc (M-vfin'tiir-fe), n. a 
au-VCIl-lUr-ebb woman who seeks dls- 
thiction by false show or pretense. 


full of risk; daring: requiring courage: ven- 
turesome. Also, adTentnresome. — -ado. adven- 

fkA xTArK (^'vfirb). n. a word used to 
a,u.-vc;xu modify a verb, an adjective, or 
another adverb. 

aH xrckT Ki 0I (&d-var'bl-&l), adj. modlfy- 
au-ver-Dl-ai jn- ^ ^^^^^ adjective, or 

adverb. — adv. adverMaU^. 

ad-ver-sa-ry S'tSl: "ii"'-.SS^ 

toe\ opponent: antagonist. 
flfl VPr Qfl fiVP (ftd-vftr'sd-tiv), adj. cx- 
ttU-Ver-^a-UVe pressing opposition; as. 
an adversative conjunction is one that con- 
nects oontrastlnff words or ideas. 
flH trorGA (Aa'vSrs). adj. opposed to; 
au-VPAap opposite; unfavorable; con- I 


trary: hostile; unfortunate; as, odterM 
circumstances. — ode. advendjr. 
II H VAr ci fv (&d-v0r'8l-tD, n. the revene 
ItU-ver-^l-iy or opixxlte of proepertty; 
misery; distress or unhapplness. 
aH vaH- (&d-vfirt'). v.i. to turn one's 
au-vcxt attention to; to refer to incidental- 
ly; to allude to; as, to advert to what we were 
saying a while ago. 

II rl vprt PTirA (&d-vfir't«ns), n. atten- 
aa-VeiT-ence tlon; noUce; heed. 

ad-vert-ent i^23rS^'*°*^- '"'^' '*^«^- 

aH xrg^r +1CA (&d'ver-tl2': Wver-tlsO. v.t. 
au-vci-UDC to give notice to; to turn 
the attention of others to: announce; Inform; 
publish: v.i. to give notice, as in a newspaper, 
etc. Also, adTertise. — n. advertiser. 


a printed notice regarding goods oi ere i for 
sale; an announcement ; a bringing into notice. 
fkA virp ^Sd-vt's'), n. an opinion given that 
«.u-vx\^^ js worthy to be lollowed: counsel: 
as, I have come to you for advice concerning 
my choice of a college: information given by 
letter, telegram, eto.; as. advices ftom Europe 
Indicate a desire for peace. 

aa-YlS-a-DU-l-iy the quality of being 
in accordance with good judgment; desirablf 
ity. Also, advisablcness. 
aH inQ A hip (&d-\iz'(}-bl). adj. proper to 
au-Via-a-UiC be done; in accordance 
with good judgment: prudent; expedient or 
suitable. — adv. advisably. 
aH xrio.^ (ftd-vlz). v.t. to offer an opinion; 
****"^*^*' to counsel; inform; to recom- 
mend as wise, pruaont. etc.. to suggest as a 

with cau- 

.. . ^.^ , — ,^... , not hastily. 

aH VI QP TTIPrif (ftd-vi2'm6nt). n. con- 
au-VlbC-intaiX sideration; as. I wiU take 
the matter imder advisement. 
aH VI ^n rxr (ftd-%i's6-rr). adj. having 
****"**"^^"* J power to suggest or to coun- 
sel: as, an adtisoru committee. 
aH vn ra rtr (5d-v6'kd-sr) , n. the act ot 
nKi-yM-y^a-i^y pleading for, supporting, 
or recommending, 

aH \rr\ rafp (^'v^k&t). n. one otlled to 
UU-VU-catC the aid of another; one who 
pleads the cause of another in a court of law; 
a pjeader in favor of any person or thing; 
as. an advocate of peace. 

fkA'T (&dz). n. a cutting tool, somewhat like 
a.^*' an ax. ha^ing a curved blade at right 
angles to the handle, and used in siiapmg ana 
flnlsbing timber. Also. adze. 
«n_HilA (e'dn). n. Roman official who had 
cc-uuv charge of pubUc and private build- 
ings, public games, etc. Also, edile. 
«*» <yic ^^'jls). n. any influence or power 
«*^-6** which protects; oriRinally, in Greek 
myth, the storm-cloud around the thunder- 
bolt, the especial weapon of Zeus; in art. It 
is usually shown as a shield bordered with 
serpents, carried by Athena. Also. egis. 
717 A I1 ATI (6-6'U-&n).«d!M)ertalningtothe 
ZCr-O-U-an winds: trom Molus, the god of 
the winds: ttollaa harp, an instrument, the 
strings of which give out musical sotmds when 
the wind blows through them. Also. sollaB. 
t^_f%r\ ^^'^")' 1- ft period of time too lone 
«;-vxi to measure; an age. Also, eon. 
a tirsif^ (a'er-&t). v.t. to charge with gas. 
A-^x -AI.C ^ air or carbon dioxide: to e«- 
pose to the action of air; to treat with 
oxygen, as the Mood. 

At€^ senllte, rflre, oflt, locil, fXr, Ask, pdrade; scdnej Svent, ^kke, novll, ref6r; 
ri^Di, dn; e6\d, dbey, cdrd, 8t6p, c5mpare; (init, dtute, biini, cut, fociLi, mentt; 




a-er-at-ed bread {,*^iS^^bV 

charging the dough with gas. Instead of 

osln^ yeast or baking powder. 

o H T-t ol (i-*'rt-ftl>. (^dj. relating to the 

•l-^-**-*" air: existing or happening in the 

air; airy: hence, liigh; lofty; an. af'Ha/ flight. 

o o-r {« ^^'^' *^^ »'6r-l), n. an eagle's nest; 

ll-d -IC a brood of eagles or hawks. Also, 

BiflX]r« vyxle* cyry* 

o gxT- t irkfm (5'6r-r-f3rm), adj. having the 

•*"•*?* "■*•"■■• V J. Jxi form of air; gaseo'is. 

a ^-r t ftf (a'5r-I-fD, rf. T/>.f and p.p. 

«'-'5X-A-ijr aerifled, a&ijr>ingj, to coxn- 

bloe with air; to fill with air. 

aa-r r\ rlrrhtna (a'Sr-d-drSm') . n. a buUd- 
-CX -i/-Ui UAiic ing where flj'lng machines 
are stored and tested: a ground or field used 
for airplane instruction and practice. Also, 

a ij-. ^ f/vS1 (a'5r-o-foil) , n. any thin wing- 
a.-c;x -CF-lUll nke structure, flat or curved, 
designed to support bodies by its reaction on 
the air through which it moves, 
o Sr rfc crram (a'?r-6-gr&m). n. a wireless 
a-cx-VF'^icuii tel^raph message, 
o Hi- /\ <nin (a'€r-OH^n') . n. a gun for use 
a-cx -v-^UAX against aeroplanes and air- 

o i;- ^ It*^ (5'§r-o-lIt'). n. a meteorite or 
a-CX -U-xllC shooting star. Also, ateolith. 

aK-r rfcl rk mr (a'er-6r6-J!) . n. the science 
-Cl-UX-U-gjr of the air; atmospheric laws 
and conditions. 

a-6r-o-me-chan.ic i;''l%f^ '^^'i^ 

expertly trained in the care, adjustment, and 
repair c^ flying machines. — adj. atiromechani- 

aKf /\m A +»'r (a'6r-dm'6-t«r), n. an 
-<7r-UIxi-C-tcI Instrument for weighing 
the air. 

av— -fc ««oii-f (a'?r-o-n6t).n. anagrialnav- 
-cx-U-IUtUL igator; an aviator or 

n Kr f\ryat^ fir (5'€r-C-n6'tIk), adj. re- 
tt-CX -O-nau-UU latlng to tho science or 
art of flying. Also, a^ironantloal. 

aar fxrtott ftrc (a'Sr-d-n6'ttks), n. aCr- 
-er-O-naU-UCS lal navigation; the sci- 
ence or art of traveling in the air. 
ll_Ar_ft Tkiarifk (a'er-fr-plan"). n. an alr- 
a-er-O-piaiie craft or flying machine, 
kept aloft by the reaction of motbr-propelled 
planes upon the air. Also, alrplaae. 

a|ir_A <n1aii tc+ (a'§r-^plan1st), n. the 
-CX-U-pidU-lbt operator of an a^oplane. 
u Af r\ c»f<i4> (S'^-^tiLt). n. a balloon; a 
o-cr-O-Siai hying machine. 

fl JJr A c+flf Ire (a'Sr-^^-etfttlks), n. the 
a-cr-O-SXaX-lCb branch of science that 
deab with the properties of ^U* and of gases 
not In motion, and with the balance between 
them: used in connection with the operation 
of gas balloons or lighter-than-air flying 

ft-Pr fi_cfa finri (a'Sr-A-stSshfSn). n. 
a-er-O-Sia-non that part of the science 
«aMal navigation that deals with lighter- 
•j***-***" flying machines, or aircraft unpro- 
vided with motive power. 
me fViA-f it* (fis-thStflc) . adj. pertaining to 
«>^^ beauty ; appreciating the l^eau- 
wiL Also, esthetic. — adv. estheiioallF, ma- 
thttlcally. ^^ 

»o-uict-li,& science or theorv of the 
«>»utiful In nature or art. Also, esthetics. 
A.fof (d-f&r), adv. at, to, or from a distance; 
as, the sound came from afar. 

ai ia Kil i -Hr (4ffl-bU'I-ti), n. the quality 
ai-ia-DU-l-iy of being friendly or ooar- 

of fo Kla (af'o-bl),adi. <as,v to approach; 
••*-*•*- uxc courteous in speech and manner; 
fHendly. — adv. affably. — n. affableness. 
of foir (^f&i"). n. that Mhlch is done, or if 
ax-xax& to be done; business of any kind: 
often in plural. 

flf iari (i-f^'kf). v.t. to produce an eflTecl 
ax-xc\^t upon: as, heat affects tho body; 
to InQuence; to be fond of; to fk^quent; to 

flf it^r in +imi (fif'6k-ta'shfin), n. the 
ttl-lCC-UX-UUXX assuming of a manner 
which is not one's own; pretense; display. 
of frkr-f A/1 (i-f€k't«d), p. adj. acted upon 
ttl-xcct-CU or influenced: attacked, as 
by disease; not natural; as, affected man- 
ners. — adv. affectedly. 

ai f*»r+ i«<r (^f^k'tlng), , p.adj. having 
<u.-i.d/i.-xxig power to ezdtethe emotions; 
pathetic. — adv. affeotincly. 
ot f A/» "tArkTy (&-fdk's^i)n), n. the state of 
ai-iei/-UOIl ha\ing the feelings touched 
or excited; inclination; attachment; fond- 
ness; disease. 

Syn. love, attraction, liking. 

Ant. (see aversion). 

af-fec-tion-ate ^-^''"'o'i"1x}>'r«aSi 

love; kind; fond. — odr. affectionately, 
of fi onoo (&-n'&ns). n. trust; faith; » 
Ol-li-auuc marriage-con tract: v.t. to be- 
troth, or bind by promise of marriage. 

of -fi Ha TTif (arT-dS'vlt),n. aswomstate- 
ai-n-lia-VlI racnt in writing. 

of fil 1 of A (2i-ni'I-at). v.t. to adopt: to 
«**""*■*"** •'^ receive into a family as a soo 
or daughter; to receive into a society or club; 
to Join; as, to affiliate oneself with a certain 
set of people: r.t. to bo intimately connected 
or associated: followed by with' as, he 
affiliated with a number of learned societies. 
— n. affiliation. 

of "fin 1 -Hr (i-nm-tl). n. [pi affinities 
tU-mi-1-iy (-tlz)!, nearness of Mn; relation- 
ship by marriage, in distinction to relation- 
ship by blood; a natural liking for a person; 
physical or chemical attraction* a relation- 
ship between species or groups depending c» 
likeness of structure. 

of firm (&-fOrm'). v.t. to assert strongly: 
cu-XAXAu. p.f_ to conflrm. as a Judgment, 
decree, or oroer, in court; to tell with con- 

flf firmo +1AT1 (if'2r-m5'shfin),n.theact 
ai-Hr-IUa-XlOn of asserting or declaring 
anything to be true; a solemn statement or 
dsclaration in cotui) that he will tell the 
truth, by one opposed to taking an oath. 
of firm_o fiir*» (&-mr'm&-t!v). n. that 
ai-Iinn-a-IlVe which declares; a state- 
ment which asserts that a fact is so: adj. 
positive; confident. 

of fiv (ft-fncs'). r.t. to attach; to fasten to: 
tU-llA „. (ftf'rias), a letter or syllable added 
to the beginning or end of a word; a sufllx 
or prefix. 

of fif rf (&-flIktO. t.t. to cause prolonged 
oi-xiAi^i. pain to body or mind; to distress; 
to cast down; to trouble grievously. 
of flir +tnTi (&-flIk'shan),n.prolongedpaln 
ai-mc-non of body or mind; great 

Sun. pain, calamity, misfortune, adversity, 

of fill An<*A (ftflO^ns). n. an abundant 
ai-xxu-cixi.t; supply, as of thoughts, 
words, riches; wealtJi. 

W6t, fdbt ; found ; boil ; f uAct ion ; chase ; good ; joy ; then, thick ; hw =» wh as in when ; 
zbaii as in azure; kh»ch as in loch. See |»t>nunciation key, pages xix to xxii. 

affluent 12 

AT flii Anf (&f100-tet), n. a stream or 

<U-11U-CUI rtver that llowa into another: 

€Uij. having abundance; wealthy; flowing 

freely. — oiU. afflueatlir. 

a4 fnrA i^ford'), v.L to supply; produce; 

ai-IOra yield; to be able to bear the 

expense of. 

^f fraxr (&-fra'). n. the fighting of two or 

txi'ii-ixy more persons in a pubUc place;* a 

noisy quarrel. 

flf irttrhf (*-Mt'). v.t. to frtghten; terrify; 

•"-Allgut alarm; confuse. 

a-f -frrfenf (&-fHiot'). r.(. to confront; oppose 

oi-iiUiii face to ftoce; insult designedly or 


Syn. annoy, displease, insult, irritate, 
offend, provoke. 

Ant, (see please, conciliated 
a4 <rViovi (&rK&n) . n. a ( ro< heted or knitted 
ai-gnall soft ^ool blanket.— Afghan, a 
native .of Afghanistan: od/. relating to 

tk i\»\t\ (<i-^<10. ode. to. In, or on. Hie field; 
«*"**^*'^ astray; out of the way. 

a -fir A (^-Hr'). adj. and ode. on fire; as, a 
-111 c house afire; to set afire. 
aflorviA (<i-fiam'). <»//. and adp. on fire; 
-UtUllC ablate; as. aflame with patriotism. 
aflrkof (d-fldf). odjf. and a<fr. lxM*ne on the 
-uuai water; on shipboard; in circula- 
tion; nnflxed; adrift; moving. 

aif\ni¥ {'A-t(S6t'\, adv. on foot; as, they 
-lUUi traveled afoot; astir; stirring; 

af/\ii1 ((i-four). Qdj. and adv. in ontanglo- 
-luui ment or collision; as, to fall afoul of 
an obstacle. 

o frai/1 (<i-fHLd'). adj. firightened; flUed 
a-iioiu with fear. 

tki rtigx^ (&f'r6t; d-flr6t0. n. a powerful and 
oi-icci evil spirit, demon, or monstrous 
giant, in Arabian legends Also, afrit. 

afrAcVi id'trieh'). ode. again; anew; 
-11 can newly; over again. 
K4 rA n^ry (&rri-k&n). n. a native of Africa: 
ill-rl-Cail ad), relating to Africa. 
^ff (&ft). adj. and adv. a nautical term, 
•Ul meaning towards the stem or ba<^ part; 
as, the aft part of the ship; the sailor went 

j^ff ckT (^tSr)* ^d). next; subsequent; 
oit-ci later; as. a/ltfr-days; behind In 
place; as. the after part oi a ship: adv. behind; 
subsequently in time or place: prep, in succes- 
sion to; later in time; in imitation of; aocord- 
Ing to; next In rank or excellence; in pur- 
suit of. 

<rff CkT tAtkTk d^tfr-klftp*). n. something 
Oii-er-uap happening after an affair is 
supposed to be at an end. . 

flft Ar-Hflmn (Wtfr-dimpO. n. the suf- 
ail-er-aallip focating gas found in coal 
mines after an explosion of fire-damp: ciUled 
aI»o choke^amp. 

flff Ar o-Iaut (if't^'iflS'). n- the reflec- 
ail-er-glOW nan idtin the western sky 

after sunset. 

frff Ar mofVi (^'tfir-m&th), n. a second 

mt-Cl -m a m mowing in a season; that 

which follows any condition, circumstance, or 

emotion; as the aftermath of love. 

off Ar nrkTkn (<^ft?r-n65n'), n. the part of 

CU t-Cl -J.llA/11 thth rfav htAfnrAon nnnn and 


the day between noon and 

aft-er-thought |IS^?^*3^- S"^ 

Is finished; an idea that comes too late. 
aff_Ar urarHQ (^f'tfir-wSrux), adp. at a 
ail-ei-Wiuas later time; subsequently. 
Also, afterward. 


A train id-gin'), adt. a second time; onoe 

a.-giuu more; in return; further; anew; 

on the other hand; besides; repeatedly; as, 

again and again. 

a o-oinef (a-gtasf). prep, opposite to; to 

a-KoiUdi opposition to; contrary to one*a 

inclinations or wishes. 

a trartgk ^d-g&p'i d-gipO. od^. andadr. gap« 

«*-S**F^ ing; with the mouth wide open In a 

state of expectation, astonishment, or eager 


atr^u^fk i^i^t). n. a precious stone, witb 

ix^-aic colors in stripes, clouds, etc.; a 

boy's playing marble: a small size of tjrpe. 

acTA ^^)* ^' ^ particular ptxlod of time tn 

**&" life or in hist<MT: the length of time 

already lived; time: v.i. and v.t. to grow old; 

to make old. 

flcr aH (^i'M; aj'd}, p.adf. old; far on Id 

o^-cu years; having lived long. 

aCTAn rv Ca'Jfin-«l). n. operation; action; 
-fedi-cjr the business of one acting for 
another; a place where business is done for 

another person or firm. 
a iyAri+ (a.'i^m). n. oi 
a-gCllL for another; 

one who acts, espedally 
an active power or 

Svn. actor, doer, factor, operator, performer, 

Ant. (see principal, chief)- 

ag-gl0ni-6r-ate ^[^er^into a cltistcr or 
heap* accumulate: adj. (f-gl6m'^-At). gath- 
ered into a heap or cluster: n. a collection or 
heap of things of different kinds. 

ag-glom-er-a-ti<m |,n«^3;^*a.-. 

lection or heap of things. 

atr alii +i nflf a ffi-glW'tl-nat), v.t. to 
ag-giU-U-naie unite, as by glue: adj 
glued together; adhering. 
atr trran Hit^ (ftp'rln-dlz), v.t. to make 
OK-SAoU-Ulzr grcat«- in power, rank, or 
ridies; enlarge; elevate; extend. 

ag.gran-dize-ment L&i?)? n!**lA: 

vancement; increase in jx>wer. honor, size. 
ACT frrfl Vflf A (M'rd-va't), r.t. to add to a 
«*S"0''^*"'***'^ burden; to make heavier or 
w<n«e; to increase; to trouble ch* annoy. — n. 

asr trrtk vflf tntr (fter/rd-vStTng), p.adj. 
^fe-S^a-valr-lilg making worse or more 
annoying. — adv. aggiavattni^. 
atr trrt^ o-flf a (ftg'r*-«»t), v.t. to collect or 
«*&-8'''^~o***'^ bring together; to amount 
to; as. his debts a(7^<vaf«d fifty dollars; gather 
into a mass or body; accumulate: n. (ig're- 
g&t), total; as. tiie aggregate ot his debts: the 
entire number: mass; a mass formcxl by the 
union of similar particles: adj. formed into a 
mass or total; as. the aggregate amount. 

atr trrtk tra +iati (ag'r©-ga'sh(in).n. aool- 
ag-gre-ga-UOn lectlon gathered into one 
whole or mass. 

atr crrAQ cirni (i-Rr&h'fln). n. unpro- 
ag-greS-SlOn yoked attack or assault; 
an act of unfriendliness or offense, as an unlaw- 
ful entering upon another's rights or territcry. 
atr trrf^R civA (&-Kr6s'Iv), adj. moving 
ag-greS-Slve forward with vigor; un- 
justly attacking. — adr. aggresslT^. — n. ag* 

atr crrpfi Qn*.(&-gr6s'&'),T». one who attacks 
«&-&* ^'^-^Ul or injura another. 
atr cm Atr A (MfrSV). v.t. to bear heavily 
*&"&**^'^ upon; to oppress; to cause 
SOTTOW to; to afflict. 

a trhacf (d-gimt'), adj. struck with suddeo 
0.- ^ 1 1 got Burpri<te. horror, or terror. 

_mm - ^^ - - - 11 II ' — ' 

Ate, senAte, r&re, c&t, lodU, f&r, Ask, pdrade; scAnej dvent, £dge, novll, refSr; 
i^t, 1^; cdld, 6bey, cdrd, 6t6p, compare; finit, Omte, btoi, cat, focfis, menil; 


(U-a) . adj. quick-movlna : 

<; nimble: »ld ol tbe 

"■""■ ■'"■- - ■-•I. ««IoB (-B.)I. 
mor or foreign 

disturb; Ineii 


ag-i-te^tion SS'^l;,^ 

meal; open. iLCtlvedlKunlOQ: vlaleni 


a^ow ^^ 

eppfl up polltlrft] or ^nduv- 

odj. «nd Hdc. In ■ Blow; 
Oushol irlcb ploaMuie or 
chooki were all MlDis. 

ag-no-meniKfSSi.& :; £; 

S[>ll«l to A person; tA. waahlnirton nccdyed 
tMnomen. Fntbiv ol tii> Counlrr. 
ag-OOS-uC tbai Dwn knows the QniU or 
rfwnllal natnn at QOliv. one who nellhcr 
ftfflrnii nor dontga tbe eilauace of Sod ; odf. 
relatlDg (a thOM wbo deny mil knowledge of 
God or to their l«w±]na : oxpresalnr ISDoraDce. 

ag-nos-ti-cian aS3'.?1Sin!- iffi 

ag-ri-cul-ture S?S'2fV'i53,S 

Ing flelds by lueof tbe plow, etc.; Ullice; 

ag.ri-ciil-tur-ist Sif.'SSW'Siw!: 

afloat; hence, tirou^t to m slop 

Lended b7 

^Ju'diT, tnlcri. ui exdunatlaa sxpnwlve of 

B Via (^-b"'}. Ints-y. an exctuutloa Bipm- 
a^Dlt ^vB of lrliimpb,«»tUficUon. niT^rtH, 
or o^Dtempt. 

aiead ISS; SS.!!" " "" '™'- 

a kun (d-tatai'l. Infcrf. mn utlennce. cle*F- 
a-nem jog or the thr«t. or slight cough to 

a-hoy i'';^;*C^p*Xr^" 

a-gO attar the noun; na, s tho 
-to. to nut time; ai, long oi 

ag-o.iiize Sff* 

ag-Miiiiig atSsIS'jSSt^ 

erphntcml pain- J—"-— — 


a-graji-an-Uiui pHScipie o 

ertqtBlcUvWonof pubUcland: ullAlk 
rtapect to luid or real estata holding, 
a (TTAA (d-«r6'). c.t. to tunnonlie phi 
a-yCe SSl. menlaUj, or morally; 

lo be snitable; tt. the same food does i 
»»r«wllh everybody; settloj arraoge. 

a-gree-a-bil j-ty ^1^i?*o?Sirt"i,'pie 
a!p-ee-a-ble l^'*S'o'^iiud""^ "iSl^ 

axnlbruble; suluble, 
Svn. pleasant. pIi^aHlag. chanrdng. 
AM, (see dlaagTBBalijiil . 

a-greeji-bly '^-^t^^- ""■ '^'""^' 


Syn., n. mark, object. deeigD. 
aun-ieSS lentlon; purposelan. — adi. alm- 

air oughiy.' ■ 

tbe uuld whl 

■: to display; 1 
brealbp; the at 
r; behavior; In m 

au UIHJi.C oparaled by CMmpressed air. 

air cas-Ue £„;"'■ •"' «""■ 
air cham.ber SJnSVffl-.'ior'iS 

Tin nir rhamha nt a lifelmat. 




oir nrai^ (Ar'kr4fl). n. [pi. aircraftj. any 
ttU-vicuk form of craft or machine for fly- 
Ins or sailing through the air, as an airplane, 
balloon, etc. 

o««i Ar-rkmA (ftr'drom). n. ana>iation Add; 
air-arome a building where airplanes are 
stored. Also, attrodrome. 
atr o-ac ^^ K^^' ^^ illuminating gas 
«*** &«•» made fVom air charged with the 
vapor of petroleum, naphtha. et«. 
atT trttrk (^ e^)> & Kun from which the 
iUi giui projectile is expelled by com- 
pressed air. 

air hrA^ (fir' hoi), a local region in the 
•*** UVIC atmosphere having a downward 
movement and offering less than the usual 
support to a fl>'ing machine; a spot in the 
ice not frozen over. 

air in cr < Axing), n. a walk, ride, ix drive 
«-"•*•*"& in the open air; exposure to the 
air or fire. 

oir lino (^i* ^)> ^ straight line between 
OH line two places: s bee line. 

flir Inrlr (ftri<ik'). «• wi air-tight ante- 
<UA lUt/A. chamber for a submarine caisson ; 
tn the World War, the space between two 
damp blankets, placed at the opening of a 
dugout to make It gas proof. 

oir nIonA (A**'pJ»"»') • ^- ao aircraft or 
UU-piOllc flying madiine kept aloft by 

the reaction of motor-propeUed planes upon 
the air. Also, a<§roplan«. 
atT nionf (^ pl&nt). a plant uncon- 
air piailX nocted with the ground, which 
appears to live upon ah*; popular name for 
certain orchids. 

fllr nnmn ^*r PAfnP). ^ machine for 
<ui pump exhausting, compressing, or 

transmitting air. 

oir cfiin <&r'shlp'), n. any largo machine 
on -oiiip for navigating the air ; most often, 
s machine supported by gas-filled bags and 
propelled through the an* by mechanical 
power, as the dingible or stcerable balloon. 

air-speed me-ter <r''^;„„.Sft'12f 

measuring the speed of aircraft, or flyUig 

oir.ficrfif i^^^')* <^)' so thoroughly 
Oil UgUL closed that no air can enter. 
atT V (^^* ^^i- expoBOd to. or composed of. 
•***"j air; breezy; unsubstantial; gay. — adc. 
airily. — n. airiness. 

aid A ^)' ^' ^ passageway leading to the 
*****^ seats in a church or other place of 
assembly: an aislelike space, as la a store or 

aisir (<^i^^)f o^)- and a<fr. slightly turred 
"J*** or opened, as a door; out of harmony; 
as. his nerves were aiar. 
a Irim K/\ (<i-klm^bd). ad), and adv. with 
ii-lUUl-UU the hands on the hips and the 
elbows turned outwards. 

alrfff (d-ktn'K adj. and ade. of kin; re- 
-iLlll la ted by blood; allied by nature, or 
having the same properties; as, envy and 
jealousy are akin. 

a1 o Kac f^r (&l'<l-bAs'tSr), n. a white. 
ai-a-Dttb-Lt?! marblclike mineral, found, 
chiefly, near Florence. Italy. 
^ la cart A (&' lii k&rt'). according to the 
a la. (^ariO card or blU of fare: used of a 
menu card with the price of each dish givoi. 

alarlr (^lU^O. interi. an exclamation ex- 
-lai^A pressive of blame, sorrow, or sur- 

a1a/« ri Ht (d-l&k'rf-tT) . n. eager readiness; 
-lai^-ii-ty joyous activity; briskness; as. 
to move with nlncrity. 

a1 a m/\/1o (ftld-mod': i'W-m6d').adp.ln 
ai-a-niOae the fashion: adj. fiwhionable; 
spr\'ed in a special manner, as pie with Ice 
cream, beef with vegetables, etc.: n. a thin, 
light, glossy black silk. Also. 4 la mode. (Pb.1 

alarm (d-l&rm'). v.t. to arouse to a sesw 
-laxiU of danger; strike with fear oC 
dango": n. a call to arms; a warning of dan- 
ger; the fear of danger. Also.alanun. 
alarm in a (^^-lifcrmlng). p. adj. exdtlnc 
-lann-ing apprehendon or fear; dfts- 

fllUng with 


with sudden ftoar; 

alorm ic-f (dllirm-Ist), n. one who exdtei 
-laim-lSX fear by exaggerating bad 
news or foretelling calunlties. 
a la rv faid-rl: Wd-ri). adj. of or pertatn- 
a-ia-i J in^ to wings; wing-shapod. 

a lac (^-^^'}' <ni<>rX an exclamation cx prca- 
-loo j^ive of unhapplness. 
a IK (&I^)' ^* ^ church vestment of whlta 
•***' linen worn over the cassock. 
ol Ko frrhcc (&l'bd-trfis), n. a sea-bird of 
Ol-Ua-UUdd the petrel family, found on 
southern seas and the An^^wiM 
whole Pacific Ocean. AlDatK>« 
but not the Northern 

ill hl» if (W'belt), 
ai-Dc-lX c on i. al- 
though; even though; 
not wi thstand i ng. 

son with white skin 
and hair and pinkish 
eyes; an animal or plant paler in colcn: than 
most of its kind. ^.^ 

ol Kiim (&l'bQm), n. a blank book tn which 
lU-UUlli to insert autographs, photograph*, 
stamps, etc. 

a1 hit rtiAn (W-bQ'mto). n. the white of 
ai-DU-meu an egg: a thick, sticky sub- 
stance found in many animals or plants. Alfto. 

a1 hit m* nmiG (U-btl'ml-nfls). adj. con- 
ai-Du-IIl>-I10US talning a form o« 
nourishing matter like the white of an egg. 
Also. albumlnoM. 

ol rol Ha (^l-k&]'d6). n. hi Spain, tha 
***'^'*""**^ mayor or judge of a town. 
a1-rTiA miQf (ftl'k^-mlst), n. one who 
ai-CUe-IIilbL studied or practiced early 

ol t^Vm. "Tvity (WTcft-ml). n. the chemistry ot 
ai-Cne-iny the MWdle Ages: the pro- 
fessed art of transmuting or changing the 
common metals Into gold. 
ol f,^ U^l (&i'k0-h61). n. a colorless liquid 
tU-CU-Ul/l formed by the fermentation of a 
watery sugar solution, usually prepared by 
the action of malt on starch; a powerful 
stimulant and antiseptic; diluted with 
water, an intoxicant: wood aloobol. a by- 
product of charcoal, extenslv^y used com- 
mercially. — adj. aleoh«dlc. 

al-rn hn\ torn (Wlcd-hOl-inn). n. a d% 

ai-CO-nOi-lSIIl ©ased condition produced 

by the too great use of ftarmented or dlsttlled 


ol rrvtTA (U'kdv; U-kSvO. n. a recess in a 

lu-i^uve room, as for a bed. bookcases. 

etc.; a retired spot. 

ol /lar (dl'dSr). n. a class of shrubs growing 

ai-uer i^ moist land and related to tlif 


ol rior mon (drdSr-m&n), n. (pi. aid 

ai-aer-man men (-mftn)l. in English 

Irish municipalities, 
rank to the mavor: 

a magistrate next In 
In the United States. 

Ate. senate, rAre, c4t, locil, fMr, Ask, pdrade; scdne, 6vent, Mge, novil, ref€r; 
r^ht, sin; c6ld| 6bey, cdrd, stfip, compare; unit, finite, bftrn, cilt, fociis, menii; 

ta» with nilad Mvan uid OuUn. mm- 

HBtiiis » dtr wwd or dlstiriet. 

^^(U). n. > UrttHXland bev tuds 6m 

m Ida (it4B'},a4t.uidad(.KiiuiUalUnn:an 
S-iee iheleaordidtvetKideartbeihlp.UH 
■Idaanr iramthewliMl: ouparitetoiueiulur. 
a1 n«n (U'Am). n. the liapcrlaJ Btuidanl of 
ai-eiu tiie TarUib Empire. 
_ lai^ (d4llrri, ad), on the wmUA; kctlTs; 
B^IelX tcltfc; rautr; TisUuit: n. bm look- 
oot: k Kiurdliic unuutmrpilHi M.tobeoo 
the aim. — oA. alwUr. 

B-l6t!TJ16SS qiuiitr or ^idiis TigOuit or 
watdkful; acUiIty. 

tm irltablH eKh. the accent raUlng im the 
■enod Myllable of each foot. 
al fpl fa (U~fU'M). n. a deep-rootad plant 
ai-iai-ia of European orlgio irhlch srowa 
ftom one to four feet In heJ«bt and prodacea 
(wa to di CRipa a rear. In the weitem part 
of Uh United Stata It Is tbe atapls bay and 
Knee plant. 

a\^*' hrn CU'Jt-bnl) n. a branch of 
Ol-ge-Dia nutkemadca naing letten and 
other iTDibola to nmment quajitltleB, 
111 irp hrn ic- lU'J»-brt'lliJ, adj. occurrinK 
•"-S»'-W*''--l»' In, or dealing vrtth. that 
branch of maChemallt^ which usaq letters and 
■mbola to reprexint quantitlEs. Also, alx- 
boleal.— <idr. aUebridoallT. 

a1i_aa <&1I^>' "' W. allaaa (-«z)], an as- 
-u-CUt 5i]nied name: adv. ofharwlse named. 
al i Ki <U1-W, n. the plea of bavlng been 
U-I-Dl elHirhere at the time an oOenM 
vai committed. 

al ion iti'yio). n. a Rirelgiier; a pcraon 
Ml-ieu iivliig Id a countrjr otber than Mi owa 
Tltboat Uio dffhle of dtlxemhlp; a atranger: 
04- foreign; etrange; dtffcrflat. 
Ill ipn^tA (W'ren-St). i.t. to eatrango or 
H1'-1B1I~HM9 turn away, u the Wlocuom; 
■raiuttr to another, ax protKnr. 

9l-ieii.a.tion Ssr'S ii VnSJt 

t feeing or the affectlona; trana- 

a-ltoht iffSil'.;'' 

dent^r: adi. and ads. 

l: adj. and 
. . troopa. Al. 

a-lign-ment i^ 

a-lign laiVut idiuiirtt . _ 

" ~ LB troope. Also, aUue. 

■ M-iln'mJnl), 

o uUuated. Also, alhu- 

B IJItb (d-niiO. ad), rmembllng one another; 
a-U&t: Himuar: ode. In the i&me mannir. 

a].i-ment iSSSi'iuS- SiSS'S 

■npporta.— ^/. aJlmantal, 

al I iniwi ta rrr <UT-mIn'td-rn, adj. tmt- 

ai-i-raen-ia-ry laiotog to rooi; notS- 

ttona or noorlihlng. 

al-i-men-ta-ry ca Jial ^"tlrSu ■?,'"; 

mat dnct or tube which conveya food to 
the Momadi and carrln olT unused matlAr. 

al-WnOJiy ,'S>"an "Siowa^maSe "by- 
decree of onirt to a <rir« out of ber husband's 
eAale on aepaT^tton or dlrorcc. or pending 




or amount; toUU; agirrfear 
an eotlr^y; ooe'a entire p 
whoUj: eniirelr; completely. 

Al-lah name tor Gtod, In nae 

al-Ie-gorjj:al ffiM^Sii'S,T; 

toemblance. AIM. aUacoilc. gMSf"""' "* 
al-le-go-rv !*J,?:f*:^i..''.;Jp';.^'S?*? 

=-80-ry ra 

ct by The use ol 

*"~^^~^U~"* the Lordl n. a eong or cry of 
lLl-li;-VI-a.[.C leesen; make eaaler; mlU- 

al-Iey-way i^;;-^^;^,^" " "^ 

all liail (Olhal), all hislttat a phrue of 
au n ail salutation or greeting. 

AU-hal-lows gi?;''^^'il,h'r£^'"'o^,Si 




n. reUtkm or 
neotloii D7 birth or matrlage; 
union between nations or partAm, 

Svn. confederacy, ftision. league, ];>artner- 
ahlp, onion, coalition, compact. 
Ant, (see a^Mtration). 

al-U^-tor ^^Sat^' "• *^ *™*" 

fli ltf_Ar_fl ffon (Wit'Sr-i'shiln), n. the 
al-IIi-er-a.-uOIl repetition of the same 
Initial letter in closely succeeding words, or In 
words directly following oa h other. 

fll llt-l»r A tivi» (*:"t'6r^-Uv). adl. per- 
CU-Ut-er-a-UVe tainlnK to. or charac- 
terized by. the repetition or words beginning 
with the same letter: as. alliterative verse. 
al 1/\ ^of A (Al'5-kat). v.t. to assign or allot: 
ai-iu-i»«.tc distribute; apportion: as. to 
atlocate shares. — n. allocation, 
fli In Hi ill •&-15'dI-U). adj. free of rent; 
Ol-XU-Ul-OA held Independently: opposite 
to fettdal: n. land thus held. Also, alomal. 
o1 1/> no-fli (SI'9-p&th). n. one who tarron 
cu-lu-UttUl or practices a system of medi- 
cine which treats disease by Inducing an 
action opposite to that of the disease treated. 
Also, aUopathlst. 

CU-iO-paLa-li; to the system of medicine 
whldi treats disease by causing an action op- 
IK)elte to that of the disease treated. 

Ill Iatl^ fViv (ft-Wp'<*-thD. n. a method of 
ai-iOp-a-Uiy treamig disease by Inducing 
an action opposite to that of the disease it is 
sought to cure : distinguished trom'homeopathy. 
o1 1rki> (&-IdtO. v.t. {p.t. and p.p. allotted. 
<U-lUt allottlngl. to distribute or 
divide, as by lot; apportion, aa shares; assign 
or grant for a specific or definite purpose. 
o 1 1 /%-!> m ATi'l' (fc-lOt'mfint) . n. act of dlvld- 
ai-lOt-meni mg falrly; that which is so 
divided; an allowance: especially, an allowance 
made to a soldier's fanulv for their support 
during his absence tot service In war. 
a1 IcktMr (&-louO. v.t. to grant: consent to, 
tU-lUW yield; admit; deduct: set apart; 
as. to a/totr so much for loss; permit; approve : 
v.t. to malce concession or provision: followed 
by /or. 

fli lAvr_fl Wa (&-lou'd-bl). adj, permlssl- 
<U-lUW-tt,-Uie ble; lawful; pndseworthy; 
acceptable. — adr. allowably. 
a1 Inur on^A (&-lou'&ns), n. admission; 
al-iUW-aii%/C concession; a definite sum 
or quantity granted; as. an allowance of 
spending money; an allowance of food; 
sanction or approval: v.t. to limit to a fixed 
expenditure or consumption of money, food, 

a1 Iav (&-lon. ti. any mixture of metals; a 
•**"*^j baser metal used in mixture with a 
finer one; an admlxture?of good with evil: v.t. 
to combine ; to form a compound by the fUnion 
or mixing of two or more metals; reduce in 
standard or. quaUty by mixture; as to alloy 
gold or silver with copper; debase. 

fl11.rAitn#1 (fil'roand'). adj. veraatBe. or 
aU"fOuI10 many-aided: capable of doing 
many things; as. a good all-round worianan. 

AU Souls' Day «{.gSUf 'wSS^SS 

second, by the CatboUc Church, in honor 
c^ the dead. 

oil cninA i^Vsvlb'), n. the ftidt or beny of 
ou-^piUC? the pimento, a tree of the west 
Indies: so named because It Is supposed to 
combine the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and 

a1 littflA (&-liidO. v.i. to refer Indirectly: 
ai-lUae with Uk to hint at. 
fli liirA (ft'lOr'). v-<* to tempt by the oltar 
cu-iui ^ of something good. real, or appar- 
ent; entice; attract. 

a1 liirA mAnf (^-Ifir^mSnt). n. Oie act of 
ai-iure-iueui attracting: temptation. 

aUur-ing «rA»«-,£5Sl«.*™'^= 

o1 111 etrkti (&-lu'zhim), fi. a casual refer- 

<U-iU-blUU ence to, or slight mention of. 

something: a comparison or r efe r ence for 


o1 1ti eivA (&-Iii'sIv). adj* having reArenoe 

<u-lU-dAVC to something not deflnltcdy or 

fully e xpr essed. — adv. allu«hre|y. — n. alliislva* 

fll lu Vl-fll (a-W'v*-«)v«^!i- relaUng to. or 
<u-iu- Vl-oi composed of. day. mud, orother 
material left by miming water. 
a^Ut rn nn (&-ia'vI-dn), n. land added to 
ai-iU-Yl-On » ahoro or rlver-bank by the 
action of the water. 

a1 111 VI iim (&-Hl'Ti-fim). ft- (P^ alluvia 
ai-iU-Vl-Uin J^^i a deposit of earth. 

sand, and clay (mud), or of layers of sand and 

clay, made by a river against its banks. 

Ill Iff (^U'). v.t. \p.t and p.p. allied, 

•**"*J allying]], to unite by marriage, U'eaty. 

league, or conf^Bderacy: mnd or connect hw 

friendship or resemblance: n. {pi allies eft-US')!, 

one united, related, or associated by thcM 

means; a confederate. 

Al-ma Ma-ter ie«o ©r insti^ticm m 

which one has been educated; UteraUy, fiD»> 
terlng mother. JLat.I 

111 mil niir (ol'ma-nik), n. a year-t>ook, 
ai-ma-IiaC or calendar, giving the order 
of the days of the we^ and month, facti 
about the heavens, tide-tables, church festi- 
vals and fasts, and other varied Information. 

al-might-y '^^V^ „°^,„5^«S£gt.^ 

The Almighty, the omnipotent Qod. 
o1 r*\nnA (&'m(ind; al'mfind). n. the nut- 
ai-onona mce kemel of the fhiit of a smaU 
ti^ee somewhat like the peach: the tree itself; 
anything like the almond in shape. 
o1 m/\n Ar (&l'mQn-&). n. one who dla* 
<U-1UUU-C1 penses or distributes charity. 
o1 tnrkc+ «M'm6st). adv. nearly; very 
ai-mOSl nearly; weU-nlgh: aU but. 
olmc C^-^^h n.sing. (used sometimes bm 
•*****»], charity; anything freely glveo 
to relieve the poor. 

olmc VimiGA Oixnz^ous'). n. a house en- 
aimS-nOUSe aowed by private or public 
charity and devoted to the use of the poor. 
o1 OA (^^'^)' ^' 'P'- aloes (-^z)), the comm<Hi 
Ol-uc name for a number of plants, natives 
of the warm cUroates of the Old World, and 
especially of the southern part of Africa. 
o1 rkAC (&l'6e).n.p/.avery bitter drug, made 
cu-uca ft-om the Juice of the leaves of 
several kinds of aloe; the fragrant resin or 
wood of the wood-aloe: the usual meaning 
in the Bible. 

ftte. senftte, rAre, cit, locAl, fib*, Ask, pih-ade; 8c6nej 6vent, Wge, novll, ref€r; 
rignt, sId; c6ld, dbey, c6rd, stdp, compare; i^t, i^te, bOni, cSt, focfis, menfi; 




o 1/>ff (d-lttft0.a^*aiiautic«l term: oo high: 
a^UAt ^ above the earth; at the nuet- 
head. or on the higher tuxIs or zlgging of a 

al/MiA {d-lSof), adj. and ado, without or 
'^vx&c apart flrom another; solitary; single 
er singly; onlr; by itself, 
o IrMitf (d-ldng). prep, and odr. by the 
O-AUUg length; lengthwise: in a line parallel 
with the lengUi; onward: as. let us walk aUmg. 

a^nmtr cIHa (ti^dng'sIdO. ado, by the 
-iOng-Siae .ide; side by side. 

Irki^f Cd-IOOT). ado. at a distance but 
a-iut/x within sight; purposely keeping 
apart; as. to stand aloof. 

fl \f\t\i riAce (d-lGOriOB), n. the state of 
a-^OUX-uCbS keeping away from; ezdu- 
dveness; as, aloofhess or manner. 

alrkit^ (d-lottd'), ado, with raised voice: 
-iOUU loudly: with a great notoe: audibly. 
a1 9\a^ a (&l-p&k'd), n. a sheeplike animal 
ai-pac-a native of the Andes of ChlU and 
Pern; the doth made from the long, soft, 
silky wool of this animal. 
a1 nATi-linm (W'pen'bdm'), n.h long 
ai.peU-nOIU and nearly straight horn 
used by the mountaineers of the Alps. 

al-pen-stock STSJSSki'^th'^* 

Iron spike, used by mountain-climbers. 

01 nVfto (U'fd). n. the first letter of the 
oA-piia Oreek alphabet; hence, the first or 
beginntng of anything. 

o1 nVio fiA^ (U'fd-bfit), n. the letters of a 
Oi-piUt-UCl language arranged in the 
Q8U&1 order. 

Ill nhfl "h**+ ir (U'f<i-b6tTk). adl relating 
ai-piia-Dei-lC to the letters of a language 
hi their i>roper order. 

al-pha-bet-i-cal S2^'MV J^li 

order of the letters of a language; as. an alpha- 
Utieal Ust of names. — ado. alphabetloally. 

Ill nViii \\t>i ITA (WM-b«t-Iz), P.t. ^to ar- 
ai-pna-DeX-lZe range in the usual wder 
of tM letters of a language. 
fli rAoH 17 (01-rMT), adp. by or before a 
oi-aciiu-jr particular time; beforehand. 
fli erk (OrsS; Ol'sd). odr. and conj. in like 
«»A-oU nianner: likewise; further, or in 
additi<m; too: besides. /^ *N 

fli tor (Pl'tftr). n. in the] fi^Jf 

ai-UU OhristJan Church, r^^^ 

the Communion table; in 
uident times and in hea- 
then coun^es, a raised 
place of ear^ or stone, on 
which to offer sacrifice or 
bum incense to the gods. 
fli fAt- (dl'tSr). r.r. to 
<u-tc& diange in some 
respect: to vary somewhat: 
f.i. to become somewhat 

al-ter^.ti<m i^'jg: 

n. a change <^ form or state: the 

ing the change 

fli far i^of A (&l'ter-k&t: firt&vkSt). o.i. 

iu-u?i:-caie to contend or dispute in 

wonls; wrangle; dispute with anger or heat. 

Ill fAr_/»fl finn (al't€r-ka'shftn). n. a dls- 

U-ier-Ca-UOn pute- angry debate. 

fil f Ar ttaf A (&l'tSr-n&t; ortH^r-n&t). v.t. to 
nt-vcx-uaic cause to occur by turns: 
9 A. to take place by turns; followed by with: 
id). (U-t<ir^4t; 4rt«r-nftt). t«'-1ng place by 
turns; first one and then the other; in bot- 
any, following eadi othw by turns on oppo- 
•ite sides of a kumxi : n. a substitute. 

act of mak- 

iil f Ar Vktk ffl/m (iltlir^i&'shfin; ti'tXt- 
ai-ier-Iul-uOu n&'shfin), n. the taking 
turns or the following in succession, one after 
another; as, the aUernation of day and night. 
fli f Ar no ffiTA (ftl-tOr^nd-tlv: 01-tQpnd- 
ai-Xer-Oa-Xiye tlv). adj. giving the diolce 
of two things, only one of whidi may bo 
taken, done, etc.: n. something thatmust be 
done, taken, etc, instead of something dae: a 
du^oe between two things. — ado. altsmatfrely. 

Syn., n. dioloe, option, preference, pick^ 

AnL (see compulsion). 

al-tliougli W.2itSlS!°"Sior3ai?: 

Ill ffm A f Ar (U-tlm'e-ter), n. aneroid 

oi-uiu-c-tci. barometer gniduAted to show 

altitude instead of pressure: used on ain>lanes, 


a1 <ffl •hitfiA (U'tl-tfid) extended up* 

ai-U-VUae ward;height: as. theaMrtMto ofa 

mountain; highest point or degree. 

-,. adj. mlndfhl 
of the wants and interests of 

111 f A (^'<^)> <^^* ^Sh: n. the part sung by 
«"-w the lowest female voice, oetween th« 
tenor and soprano; the contralto; the tenor 
violin or vida. 

fll to-ceth-er (^I'tw-ge^h'Sr). ado. 

CU-lU-geui-er whoUy; oompletdy; eo- 

tirdy; without exception. 

fll tni iQtn ,(W'trOT-Iaan), n. regard for the 

ax-u u-idiu interests of others: opposite 

to selfishness. 

Ill frii 1Q+ (ftl't»-o5-fat). n. a person devoted 

Oi-UTU-l^l to the wdfare of others. 

al-tru-is-tic •3?;{.'?»:S;^?i 


a1 -iim (%l'Qn)). n. a white, transparent, salt- 
cu-uxAx line substance largdy used In medi- 
cine and industrv: common alum is a double 
sulphate of alununum and potaaosium. 

alii tni Tm id-i^'na-ndh n. a compound 
-lU^iiU-Utt ^m two parts aluminum and 
three parts oxygen: the most abundant of 
all the earths: the main part of all clays: 
largely used in dyeing and calico-printing. 

alu tni niitn (<tl*»'™^-°<^™)' "• » biuish- 
-iU-UU-UUIU white metal noted for its 

lightness: the most plentiful of all metallic 

substances, but never found in a pure state. 

Also, aluminium. 

H Itltn nil (<*-lflin'n&). n. [pi. alumnae 
a-Auxu-xw (-nS)J, a woman graduate of 
a school, college, or university. 

alutn nua (d-lOm'nfls), n. \pl. alumni 
-iUm-UUS ^.nDJ. a man graduate of a 
school, oolite, or university. 
nl ivil VQ «^i'^5«: 61'w4z). adr. at aU times; 
OA-wajra constantly; ever; continually. 

alvQ Qiltn (<i-lfe/unJ). n. a plant bearing 
-ly^-MUU smaU. white, sweet-scented 
floHars: commonly called stceet alyssum. 
II miifn .('i-nian'), ado. with for^ or vlo- 
**" " ' " ' " lence; suddenly; at full n eed. 

a mill iriim (ti-m&l'g&m). n. any metalllo 
-UUU-gaui mixture of which mercury 
is the chief ingredient; a mixture or com- 
pound of different thin^. 

arrml-Cra rrmfA (a-m&l'gd-mSt). o.t. to 
-mai-ga-maxe aUoy or mix mercury 
with another metal : mix to form a compound : 
o.i, to mix or combine so as to make uniform.* 
as. one race amalgamates with another. 

a-mal-ga-ma-tion ^^i^.K:^^iS'^'^ 

mixing mercury with another metal; the 
separation of precious metals trora the raother- 
rock by means of quicksilver; the blending or 
mixing of different elements or things; the 
union or consolidation of two or more com- 
panies or businesses into one concern^ 

b55t, f d5t ; found ; boil ; f uAct ion ; chase ; good ; joy ; f/ien, thick ; hw = wh as in when ; 
ihsz as in azure; kh»ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pa^^ xix to xxii. 


which UtQ chief incrallent ii ma^nlta, m 
' ~ Q (Im'd-riU'lhln). a4l- 



am-bas-sa-dor i^^H^t^"' 

am-bas-sa-dor ex-traor-di-na-ry 

Apodal mls8iDa by the 

am-bas-sa-dor plen-i-po-ten-tl- 


bJLviador; A voman charged with the pcrfOnn- 

,,_, ,- - ,, . ■ ytllowish msln oi 
-u^i fnimmy flubatance found on the 
H of thp BalUc: odj. msde of mnbof 

am-ber i 

am-ber-gris *;y'*^iinV 'SSu^i 

la tropical noon: wtod In pvrfumery. 

am-bi-dex-trous idT'»h'lui'^''b^k 

hands alike. 

am-bi-gu j-ty 2Sffiffi-ai,,"i..K 

fnlnns or unosUlnty. aiieclBll)- of UnguiigB. 

am-U-tion SSiS'Sbki.'i^S oJSK 

M political pomr or llttrair ' 

am hlo (lm'^)> *-<- ■* BppUed lo peopls. 
am-Die utnatuleuriKGe: lonniidw: 
u sppUed t« DonM. to lo >t ■ pamlUr piua 
In wUcli the animal moTBa by URbw (he two 
feet on the awne side lotMber: ■■ * pecoUkr 
Caltofahone: anj'naysall. 

or amell; in mytboiocji the food of tiie soda: 

IKo-si-ai Ssr SSi.r"i.SS; 
STbro-type iSffil?-™ii- 4.»B3; 

the llgbl parts oT a phoUwiph are praducad 
Iq allror^ the dark parts ahowiov aa a bAck- 
grouQd through the clmr aUa. 

am-bu-Iance i'SSW.IiS.^SS 

of the slrli and wounded lo a faosplUJ; a 
fltld hoepilal. 

am-bu-la-to-ry ^^^-Jg;"^"^-"*;; 

walk about -, movable; lanpotmrj': n, ■ 
plan for waUdjig; a corerai way, m^ aa « 

am-bush [t^' 

lying concHaldl in oi, 

a-meer Sv'ifoiwm 

iMan. Also, unlr. •D 

a.meUo-rate g;SS?i^'li'iS!M 

cer; Improve. 

a-meUo-ra-tion SSSr'SS?"'" 

IS'men': ti'mSn'). adi. verily: * 
■■ t Uie end of a iii«;«r 

here troops lie hldd< 
innpecle&y: the m- 

edan ruli 


a-men i; 
a-me-na-ble (; 

id-bi). . 

■c Impair). 

a-mend-ment ii 


a-mends If'^^ 

-men-I-iy ;.tlx| . pleaaanUiiH: lenlal- 
Ity: dviuty. 

amarfa {d-mQn'). i.I. to punish by a 
-merce £,e or by taking away any i^t 

O. con 

Ite, genXte, rire dt, locAl, fUr, iak, pdrade; actee, ftrent, Mse, novtl, refSr; 
tigbt, du; c61d, <Bbey, cArd, aUip, (Aa^tK; floit, fliute, bfiin, cat, foc&a, meofl; 

A-mer-i-can-ism i''ptaS'."S^ira"; 

ciulom. IV objects peculiar to, or originatt n g 
In. tbe Untied 9UU<s. 

A-mer-i-can-ize Kfi'"°«^™t 

or accord with Ibe mann era and cusloauoT Ulii 
United Sutaa.^^i. Amulcaulzatlau. 

am-e-inySI purpjo variety of quirli or 

am-e-thys-tine ™™aUngf' '™p5^ 
a-iiu-a.-Dii-1-ty ^cace or <u9position. 


a-mi-a-ble ^^^^a^^TI^^^: 
am-ixa-ble '^^^i^l'K^^Vi: 

am-nes-iTr ^'„^a& 

pardon for oirpnnH avalnst a 
pardon for political offDoden. 

a-mce-ba lnT^»bS;'?- 

PODdi: tbe almplen fonn of ai 


OTAnuM, (lie tira^dimaa. ccoicerDiDK tde puniab- 

9-momit fi-Si5i"S- 'i '»i,"S-.S 

■niuunJtil ftlmoat to a tbmu : n. the total mim 
flTti nA^A 1^'l>lr'), Hr tbe unit or mca^- 
^£^ .^JSH™"'' '^ '"^ ■tranBtl' of an 
Atn nltlK < ■• (im-mil-dl. Tipr animals 
nStpniO-l-a iiviM both on fend and In 
Iter, nidi a» frtm and turtl»»: the fourth 
uvfBion of anima^fl with backbones, mldvav 
wtw«a fliha and ren'Mns. which In their 
w^nat« brealtw by gUla. 

am-phib-i-an fi^""£!^''oi"aSd»SMD 
am-phib-i-ous i^'^V^^i^'^t u^.^'^ 

'■ AniDlilthulor rrbcCoUteuni at Borne,) 

BTTi iil*> (iun'pD.aitf.fulI, large; eiUnulTe; 
HlU-pit; spacfoua; abiiodaot: auOlcleBt to 

am-pli-fi-ca-tion {.'"X^m™!"™: 

toasloo: as, the ampJIflrnli-m of a aubJeCT. 

am-pli-fi-w ^t'lSi^fO^"^-^ 

mako lar^^er or mor^ full: v-i. to add to vrhat 
hofi bo«n nald or wrllt«n ; to apeak or writo at 
gi^at leosUi. 

^I/n. develop, eipand, «c«nd, widen h 

am-plUude iKf^KJiS; "Si 

brmdth and width; larseiieea of 


am-pu-tate t^^t'oa'i himen^SS'^ 
am^u-ta-tion S5S3S^'S"^tt£« "S? 

atnurlr l^''"^')- '"''■ I" ■ rocklcaa or 
-mUCK jreniied way: uied In the phraM, 

am-u-let '*^,S;i'''Jta; ^^"oTbiS 

an il'n'i •"•''J' a't. any: each: properly an 
•u* aai.. used before nouna of the Elngular 
numbar only, and only hofo™ wurd! bavInK aa 

dta^ 01 ouiice?'^'"' our. a 

a-nab-a^is ^a°tn!P-- ":-' -'^"''^ 

an-ach-TO-nism ^ 

't'fce!^l».^P ^-°- 


lare pliieee a clock 

tjBt, fdttj found; boil; fuiotion;chase; good; joy; (ftcn,thick;hw 
n^ I Bam azure; kh— ch asinloch. See proaunciation key, p 

proaunciation key, pages x 



ap f>Tn| || 

In Julius CsBsar, althoui^ doda had not yet 
been invented at the time when OaoBar lived. 

an-a-COn-Oa Jarge south American snake 
which crashes its victims, usually birds and 
email animals; any large snake that Idlls its 
lurey by squeeidnff it: a i>ython or boa. 

an<a mi o (a-nS'ml-d). n. the condition of 
-UiC-llU-a not having enough blood, or of 
having blood of poor quanty. Also, anemia. 
iifi-fl aram (ta'd-grftm), n. the changing 
ttli-a-grain of the order of the letters of a 
word or sentence so as to form a new word or 
•entence: a word obtained by reading the 
letters ox another word backwards: as, live is 
an anagram of evil. 

a^al (&'n&l), adj. relating to the anus or 
"**«** end of the digestive tube or aliment- 
4kry canal. 

iin-fll CTAQ ir C&n'M-J«8'Jk), adj. pain- 
ttU-ai-geS-lC dulling; insensible to pain. 
fl. analcesla. 

aTifll A crmic (<i-nU'6-gils). adj. having 
-U«U-U-gUUa some resemblance; similar; 
corresponding to something dse. 

aTlfll n tr\F (Ar^^^'^i^* «• \P^ analogies 
-UlU-U-gy (-Jit)j, agreement or resem- 
blance between things somewhat different; 
as, we say study enlightens the mind, thus 
making an analogy between study and liiidit, 
the former being to the ndnd what the latter 
is to the eye. — adj. anatogloaL — adv. ana- 

Syn. likeness, similarity, relation, propor- 
tion, comparison. 

Ant. (see unllkeness). 

anal xr etc (<i-n&Il-ste), n. \pl. analyses 
-nai-y-SlS {.^z\\^ the division or separa- 
tion of a thing into the parts that compose it: 
as, ana/y9i5 of a plant; ana/i/sis of a chemical 
compound; ana^9i« of a sentence; analysis of 
a mathematical problem; analysis ot the 
«>ntents of a book. 


<in fl Ixrf \r (&nM-lIt'Ik), adj. relating to, 

cux-a-x V t-i\* or separating into, component 

parts. Also, analytloaL — adv. aaalytloallir. 

an a 1-ir7A (&n'd-llz). v.t. to separate into 

cui-a-ijr^c component parts; to examine 

closely and critically. Also, analyse. — n. an- 


An a ni oc (&n-d-n!'&s), n. in the Bible. 

^m-a-IU-aS a follower of the Apostles, 

who, with his wife. Sapphira, was struck dead 

for lying; hence, a liar. — ^Acts v. 

on o nAc-f (&n'<l-pd8t). n. a poetic foot or 

au-a.-pcdi measure consisting of three 

syllables, with the accent on the last; as, 

I am mon' I arch of all' | I survey'. Also. 

anapsBst. — adj. anapestlo. anapiestio. 

a nor rhin (d-niir'klk), adj. in a state of 
-lUUr-unil^ lawlessness or disorder; with- 
out rule or government; in confusion. Also, 

An-flrrVi {cm (&n'dr-klzm). n. lawless- 
Kll-Ol CAl-ldlU ness; confusion; anarchy; 
tiie doctrine that all government is an evil. 
An o-r/«Vi icf (&n'dx^-kl8t), n. one who re- 
<Ul-aiCll-l&t gards all government as evil 
and believes as a political ideal In living with- 
out any government; any person who stirs up 
violent revolt against established rule or 

<in-iirrVi xr (f^'dr-lO), n. absence or lack 
«***"*"*'•"•" J of government; a lawless con- 
dition of society; disorder: confusion In 
general; the theory of individual liberty. 

a-nath^-ma SiiniiS}};"ulS'- 

curse of the Church in excommunicaUoa; 
a prayer that calamity may (Ul ui>on a iMr> 
son; the thing or person so cursed. 
fl-n a f Am in if^'d-t^mfk). adj. relat- 
aU-a-lOin-K; j^g to dissection, or to 
the parts or structure of the body. Also. 
anatomioaL — adr. anatomically. 

an of A micf (d-n&t'6-mlst), n. one hav- 
-nai-O-nUSl jng a complete knowledgk 
derived from dissection, of the structure of 
plants and animals. 

anof A mxr (d-nftt'6-ml). n. [pi. anato- 
-nai-O-my mles (-mlz)J. the science of 
the structure of plants or animals, but espe> 
dally of the human body: the art or sdenea 
of (uasection; a descriptive account of tlM 
parts of an organic body. 
on roc "fAf (ftn'sSs-tSr), n. a person ttook 
OU-uea-iUi whom one is descended Id 
direct line; a forefatho*: a progenitor. 
on roc frol (&n-«te'tr&]), adi. pertainlnf^ 
tUi-ceS-uai to. or connected with7 one's 
forefathers; derived firom one's progetnlton; 

on r AC frv (&n's£6-trD.n. the line of one's 
CUl-CCd-uy descent traced ftx)m a period 
more or less remote; the persons oomprlstnc 
such a line; lineage. 
on r^hnr (iATcfr). n. a heavy 
an-Cnor iron imi>lement for 
securing a vessel to the ground 
under water: that on which de- 
pendence is placed for security or 
stability; a metallic clamp seciuing, 
a tie-rod connecting opposite walls 
to prevent bulging: v.t. to secure a 
vessd by a h^vy iron implement 
lowered i^ito the water; grapple; 
hold fast. Bfcuo* V 

fln rTlAr-flaP (*A1c8r4U). n. agbank; V.«w 
ttU-CUOr-age suitable or cu»- iTiSs*. ^il 
tomary place for the securing of crown or 
vessels to the ground imder water; throat; «, 
the hold attained by an anchor; fluke: /, #• 
harbor-dues for mooring vessels in bills or 
aport. peaki£», 

an-cho-ret <?S?*-?^^",iA^ '^Voii-^ 

leaves the world and lives alone, usually to 
devote his time to the study of religion or 
philosophy; a recluse; a hermit. Also, aa- 

on rhfk-uv (to-chSM; &n'ch6-vD, n. [pL 
an-CaO-vy anchovies (-vis) 1. a very small 
herrlngllke fish foimd in the Mediterranean, 
noted for its peculiar flavor, and used fior 
pickling and as a sauce. 

on r«Avi^ (Sn'shSnt). adj. of or relating to 
ail-i;iclll the early history of the world; 
of past times or remote ages; of great age or 
antiquity: n. one who lived in times long ago; 
a standard bearer, or ensign: now obsolete. 
onH (^°d), conj. a word connecting a word. 
****** clause, or sentence with one of Uks 
kind and equal rank that precedes it. 
on/1 1 f Anc (^ndl'drnz), the two 
ana-l-rons metal supports for boldlnc 
logs in a fireplace; flre-dogs. 

an-ecdot-al g"'^l{2^^ vA*S3 

personal stories. 

on or Ha^ A (&n'fik-:dot). n. a brief story 

<Ul-cU-UUiC of an entertaining character; 

a teame and i^thy account of some Inddent. 

chiefly about a well-known i>erson. 

o no ml o (d-nS'ml-d), n. lack of blood 

a-ne-mi-a ^ a living body. Also, 

mla. — adj. anemio. 

Anchor, a. 
stock : b» 

Ate, senUte, rAre, cAt, lodLl, fMr, Ask, pdrade; sctoe^ 6 vent, ^dge, novll, refSr; 
right, sin; cdld, bbe^, cOrd^ stdp, compare; Mt, Omte, bikii, cut, focfis, menii; 

an-e-mom-e-ter '^t^fiSiU^- 

■peed, or torcB. □ 


wtDd-Oover or | 

coDUlnlns k Uqi 
■a quIiikBllTBr; u 
oJdbattfry; on &: 


br ttw nM - 

tbaOc ton of 

Itam wUA (111 - 

■ poliiHr to nuiT 

Hngoosseala Ui 

■ore: mucti a>ed In meuuilog altitudes. 

an-es-the^U K'SWSSWffl 

Ml* la flueoCB of dross or <II*mh. Also, uu 

ftifllbis; n. B dnw whic^ produce! InHat 
a4ieW in ■ new muoBr « ttylo. ^'^' 

•"lis** one of ui onKr M^ir^tiul Mtoid- 
uta nppaHl to fina ■ coiuikUod betwem 
baano and sartb, aa from Ood to maoldDd: 
a (piric of btH. ai a lUlaa oiwat an old 
En^lah mM cota bsarlnc as Imutt of the 
an£aiig(f Mldiad. 
Altjrnl ir (bi-JOIli). ad/. oemUal: para; 

^>®"™^ •">"■ ""» "orafis. Boon. Uld 

tin Angsl Oabrld 

) tbe Virgin Mary of 

»n-ger i!^' 

fDrrorwronc; wrath: r^ttoprovoke 
meat; udM Is wratbi snncs. 

Ant (aee fiirbeaniioa. 1o*s>. 
antwi nil ilbl'JlHid; tn-JTild). n. aji Is- 
•UJ-gl-na ianud condlUon of Uio throat, 

an-^-na pec-to-ris So!^r*mS?^* 

■paam of Hie ateiot. very onen accompuili 

■ufaca meeting: i 

t toil and aai-devfl. 



An-gll-Gan itoag to the EBMbUsbed 

Church of Ensland and to churchca la other 

counulcs In uxord with il: n. a nuanber of 

tbe AngUc&n Chureh or tbe Chureh of 


An (rlt pan icm 'U'sU-k&n-lDn), n. HlB 

An rrli pWs (ft^'gD-ali). r.r. to make Env- 
An-gU-ClZe iish: to miHe to accord «■ 
agree w)Ui K— ■-■- -■ 


latlOH (o B 
an Ams^can 



of EnKland a 

tloent; the la 

caCaDd gor- "—■ - ' 

mun AneoT 

anddoala: . ,. 


Innamed with patriont 

full 0[ poluta; unR^ccTul; idovIiib aivlt^ 

an-gu-iar ilS^iS'whf| u„^^ 


an i lina (^'I^: Ko'I-tCn). n. a colorieaa 
an-l-ime ,^- aHDHmnd which la the baae 
or ■tai-ttog-potut In t&e preparalloD af manr 
ridi djem. Alao, SBalln. 

an.i-mad-ver..sion ihto7."°.'S^i^t 

olUdam; reproof. 

an-i-mad-Tert iS ;H."SKil.'t£ 

tuT motion: a. bauC: sn loferior being: ^ 
brute: odj, of or belooidnit to tedlng aDO 
movliui creaturea: aa. the animal kingdom; an 
aRtmai Inallnct. 

an-i-mal-cu-lai S-l-StSBi S 

minute or mlcrmcoplc CTe&tare. 

an i TTinl rnlp '^l-mU'kGlt.n.oneoTa. 

an-l-niai-cme claaa of minute or nearlr 

an i ma\ icm (ln1-mU-Iiin),n.ttteatat» 

an-1-mai-i sm of hem, i, fln ^,n,yd ), t 




sensual insUncts or appetites: the theory 
which regards mankind as mere beasts, or as 
<lomlnated by brutish qualities and passions, 
and not by spiritual impulses. 
an i mo^A (&n'I-m&t). t.t. to Impart Ufo 
HU-l-UiaiC to; to Inspire with energy or 
action: enliven : stimulate: rouse: adj. 
(&n1-m&t)\ endowed with natural life; full of 
spirit and vigor. — p.adj. animated. 
0v% t ma -finn (&nn-m&'shan). n, the act 
an-l-ma-XlOn ©r giving llfe or spint: the 
state of being enlivened: vivacity; exhilara- 
tion; eagerness: sprightliness. 
on i mrkC i Hr (anl-mCsl-tD. n. [pi. anl- 
an-l-inOS-l-iy mosltles (-tlr)l, hostility; 
hatred: active enmity. 

an I miie (*n'I-in<i»). n. mind; moving 
<Ui-l-lllUD spirit, or purpose; hostile inten- 

an IcA (&Ql8); n> the oonmion name for an 
<ui-iav Egyptian plant yielding the aro- 
matic aniseed. 

on ItIa <&A'kl). n. the joint or articulation 
ou-iuc connecting the foot with the leg. 
on Irlof (ftAlddt), n. an ornamental ring 
oii-iuci. for the ankle; a fetter or shackle; 
a support for the ankle. 

on nol ic^ (&n'&l-Ist). n. a compiler of 
ou-UIU-ldi historical events as they occur 
year by year. 

on nolc (&n'IUz). a description, hls- 
OU-uoid tory, or register issued ttom 
time to time, of events as they happen year 
by year: chronicles. 

on nool (&-n61'). v.t. to render soft and 
<Ul-ucai tough by heat: as. to annetU 
glass so that it ^ill be less brittle: bakecn-fuse. 
on nAT (&-n6ks'), r.f. to add or attach at 
au-ucA the end: to affix or connect; to 
unite, as a smaller thing to a greater; as. 
to annex a conquered province to a kingdom: 
n. something attached to something else; an 
auxiliary buUding. 

on nAT-fl +iAn (in'Sk-sS'shfln). n. the 
an-neZ-a-XlOn act of addln* or Joining; 

as. the annexatum of territory: that which is 
joinod or added. 

ATI TlAT-fl fiAfl icf (in'6k-s5'shfln-l8t). 
an-neX-a-UOU-lSi „. one who believes 

In. or promotes, the addition of territory to 
his own country by joining to It the whole or 
part of another country. 
on ni fii Ifl+A (^-niliT-lat). v.t to reduce 
ttU-IU-iU-Utie to nothing; wipe out of 
existence: destroy. 

on ni fii 1o firm (&-nI'hT-la'8hfin). n. 
an-ni-ni-ia-UOn total destruction; non- 

an-ni-ver-sa-ry ffi;^'?,"^- C-rX. 

the return in each year of the date c^ an 
event: the annual commemoration of an 
event: a day for the annual celebration of an 

on nn Tht\ mi ni <^'^ dOml-nl). In the 
an-nO JJO-nU-ni vear of our Lord; in 

t^e year (spedfled) of the Christian era: 
eommonly abbreviated A. D. [Lat.] 
on n/% -faf A (&n'6-t£t). v.t. to mark or 
<Ui-UU-Utic note by way of explanation 
or criticism, as a book. 

iiTi nn ffl ft on (in'ft-ta'ahfin), n. a note 
ttU-UU-Ut-UlIU of explanation, comment. 
ot crt^dsm. made in connection with any text. 
ATI Tkf%fa fnr (ftn'^-ta'tgr), n. one who 
an-BO-Xa-lOr writes remarks by way of 
comment or critidsm upon the work or works 
of an author: a commentat<»-. 
on nminoA (&*noun8'), v.t. to proclaim 
an-nuunce qt make known, formaljy or 

In a public manner: to pronounce by judicial 
sentence: to publish: to prodaim. 

an-nounce jnent it?S^'^S&i£: 

Ing or declaring: that which Is setforth or 
made known; a proclamation; publlcatloii: 

on rkf\xr (&-noiO. v.t. \p.t. and p.p. annoyed; 
cuA-AAUjr annoying], to vex or taxmbte 
by repeatea acts: tire or disturb by petty 
injury or opposition. 

on TknxF on pa (&-nol'&ns). n. the act of 
aUiUOy-ailCc causing vexation: a feel- 
ing of trouble «* vexation; the thing c 
which teases, bothers, mr troubles. 
on nnxr incr (A-noilng). adj. vexing; 
an-nOy-ing log; irritating. 

on nnxr in cr Ixr (&-noi'Ing-lD. adr. In a 
an-noy-ing-iy verjiUous or troublesome 

on nil o1 (&n'ti-&l), adj. happening once Id 
au-uu-tu. twelve months: yearly; of or 
pertaining to a year; completed In a yc 
lasting or living for only a year or seas 
as. an annual plant: n. a book or literary 
collection pubUsh<)d once a year; anything thai 
lasts but one year, as a plant. — odr. annua 11f» 
on nil 1 fani* (&-nQ'M&nt). n. one who Is 
an-nu-l-iani in receipt of. or is entitled 
to receive, a certain sum of money each year, 
on nil 1 fir (&-nQ'I-tO. n. Ipl. annuities 
aU-UU-l-iy (-tiz)l, a sum of money pay- 
able in periodical or yearly Installments: a 
yearly Income granted by another. 
on mil (ft-nulO. v.t. [p.t. and p.p. annulled. 
lUl-UUl ppr, annulling], to make void, 
abolish, or do away with, as a law. decree, or 

ATI mil mAiif (i-n01'ni«nt). n. the act of 
an-nUi-meUI destroying the force of; 

an-nun-ci-ate SJiS'^SSSfiV.iJ'S;^ 

•*** ****** ^*-«*i.v known oiSclally or pub- 
licly: announce. 

an-nun-ci-a-tion i?n£?'5iU4(rn)??L= 

the act of making kisown: proclamation. — 
Annnnclatlon, the Catholic Church festival 
(LAdy Day, March 25) celebrating the an- 
nouncement to Mary, by the angel Gabriel, 
of the incarnation of Christ. — Luke I. 28-38. 

on miti ri_o fnr (*-nan'shI-&'t«r). n. m 
an-nun-Cl-a-XOr signaling device: an 

Indicator used in hotels, elevators, etc. and 
connected with the bells and telephones to 
show where attendance is required. 

on -A HvnA C&n'^-cUii)* <><U* assuaging or 
an-O-ayne reUevlng pain: n. a drug 
which reeves pain: an opiate. 

anoinf (<i-°olnt'). r.f. to pour oil upon: 
"AXMixxh In a religious c«*emony. to poor 
oil upon by way of consecration: consecrato. 

annm-ii ImtQ (<i-nOm'd-10K).ady.devlat- 
-UOIU-a-iUUS ing or turning aside from 

the common order: abnormal: irregular. 

anAm_o Ixr (<*-n6m'd-lD,n. a deviation or 
-uuiu-a-iy turning from the naturml 
order; anything that deviates fktnn the com* 
mon rule. 

a-non '^&l^^^:, SSS?^. «»w>twv: 
a-non-y-mous 4« ^^^TSa^Jf .2S5: 

nameless; as. an anonvfnoia letter. 
on-nfVi Ar (&-ntl</)'er). adj. and pron. one 
ou-vux-d ninrA- not the Same; as, he has 

become another man: 
one eise. 

any other; any or some 


a reply to a 

response or re joinder : 
fc diance: a solution. 

Ate, senUte, rAre, cAt, locAl, filr, Ask, pdrade; scAne, dvent, 6dge, novll, refSr; 
rigfit, sin; cdld, 6bey, c6rd, stdp, c6mpare; flmt, (inite, bClrn, c5t, fodb, mend; 




M of > mathflmatfqJ ptt>blem: vJ. toq>e«kor 
write In reply to a <iae8tloii, reguert* diaUenge, 
rtimand, letter, or anytfatng aeld or written; 
respond to an act; as. to oiuti>er the bell: to be 
aooonntable fbr; as. he had to answer for his 
sins; to reply to a charge. 

an-swer-a-We '^"^"i'-^^iS^ 

reply; liable to giye an account; responsible. 
0j|f (4nt). n. a small insect, usually social 

an-tag^-nism iSi:*?^^!. & ^ 

oppcmeots or opposing forces; nostillty. 

mfflfr-/\-nifif (&n-tftg'd-nlBt). n. a com- 
-iag-O-UlsSi petltor; one who contends 
with another In combat or argument; an 

an-tag-o-nis-tic gSrSsSS?' SSl'i^S?; 

acting in opposition; opposed. 

an-tag^ \^jSg:^^ 

ftralry or opposition. 

an tiiir.n niTA (to-tird-nU). vd. to op- 
«11-Ulg-U-111AC pose; hinder; counter^ 
act; contend against; compete with: 9.i. to 
set in opposition. 

antarctic iS*iSS?^-^^„SS!*^i^ 

Mii«r-«i «^-ii««^ ^Q arctic, or ncMxn pole; 
relating to the south-polar regions; soutnem: 
Antsrotlo Oeean. the south-polar ocean. 
tt«i4> Ao-f A«* (snt'it'Sr),n. an animal whl(^ 
oui-eit^cr fieeds upon ante. 

an-te beUiim rtar^^2Siy. SSS 

the American Civil War. [Lat.] 

an f A /«a#1a (&n't^«8d'). r.(. to precede 

'»**-''**-*'^^'* or go before in time or space. 

an-te^ed-ence i^'Sl2:S"of %,£! 

before in time, place, rank, or order; pre- 
cedence; priority. Also, antecedency. 

-le-ceo-eux noun to which a relative 
or other pronoun refers; as. Lincoln Is the 
president who is most beloved by the common 
perale: "president" Is the antecedent of 
*who'*: ph the previous events and influences 
In a person's life: adj. preceding. 

an-te-Ciiam-Der ^^ apartment leadinff 
into the principal room: an outer room where 
persons wait for an interview. 

mfA_#1ofA (fa't^-dat*), v.t. to give an earlier date to than the right 
one* as. to antedate a check; to occur at an 
earlW tune: as, the Civil War antedated eman- 
cipation: Shakespeare antedates Milton: n. a 
date eanier than the actual date. 

an f A^i In \n^n (*n't6-dl-lQ'vi-in). 
aU-Xe-Ol-iU-Yl-an adt. of or relating to 

the time <m> period before the Flood; pertain- 
ing to very ancient times; antiquated: n. one 
who. or that which, lived before the Flood. 
fin f A 1/>rkA (&n't^ldp). n. an animal be- 
OU-ie-iOpe longing to the same family as 
the deer and the goat. 

Mf A rriA TtA l_«ti (&n't«-m«-rid'l-&n), 
-Xe-me-na-1-an adj. before noon: 

relating to Uie forenoon: regularly abbreviated 
orihortened to A. M. 

1111 f A tifl ffll (&n't^nE't&l). adi, occnr- 
lUl-xe-Iia.-iai nng or exIstlxiR before birth. 
ATI fAvi no (in'ten-d), n. \pl. antennse 
au-xen-lia l^u one of the Jointed horns 
or fMlers upon the heads of insects; a fttune- 
woric of wires supi>orted In the air for sending 
snd reodvtng the dectric waves of wireless 

All f A •min-fifll (in'tA-niip'sh&l), a^.i 
an-ie-nUp-liai ceding marriage; mads 
before marriage; as. an antenupHai sgrsfr- 
ment about property. ^ ^ ^ 

an-te-pe-ault 'X^^:^*iJ^;^ 

but two of a word; the third syllable from the 
end. Also, nntepennltlnuu 

an-te-pe-nul-tijnate gl^ltg^ 

lating to the last but two: n. that which to 
last but two. 

ark f A rt etr (in-tS^n-Sr). adj. situated 
CUi-ifS-ii-Ui more to the front; former; 
earlier; preceding. 

an-te-rOOm before, or formlng^an en- 
trance to. another: an antediamber. 
4%mm ^liAYvi (&n'thfim}, H. a composition 
ail-Uieiil from the Scriptures or liturgy 
set to sacred .music; a song of praise or 

on •fViA'T (BA'thSr), n. the part of a flower 
Oll-Uier oontainmg the poUen. 

flfi fViAl_A_<nf (4n-th6rd-JI). n. a oollec- 
an-inOl-O-gy tjon of chc^ce Doems, epi- 
grams, or other literary extracts by dUnreot 

fln ftirfl-rlfA (&n'thrd-sTt), n. a hard. 
an-inra-Clie mineral coal burning with- 
out smoke and giving intense heat. 
on •fU'T^'w (&n'thr&ks), n. [pi, anthraces 
an-mraX J.«8r)J, a contagious disease of 
animals, especially of cattle and sheep; a 
burning ulcer or tumor, Uke a bolL 
on -fVit-rk Tke\%A (&n'thr6-pold). adj. man- 
an-inrO-pOia ute: n. one of the higher 
apes resembling man. 

an.thro-pol-o^t }gs:*n.'*ciS°w& 

Studies the science and history of the human 

an-thro-pol-o^ SS'^SS^c?-^ S 

mankind; a systematic study of man as 
regards his orli^. nature, origmal condition, 
etc. — adj, anthropolosic, anthropoloclesl* 

an-thro-pojnet-ric iSS'.'S^^fJS 

to the measurement or proportions of the 
human body. 

an-thro-po-mor-phic S^'^fr^,: 

manlike or resembling man. Also, •nthrope* 


dress, op gesture; fantastic; grotesque. 

an-ti-air-craft ^S^'^'w^g: 

as. antiaircraft guns; equipped to shoot 
against airships; as, anti-aircraft batteries. 
An "fi rVirtc4 (&n'tl-kr!st) , n. an opp<ment 
iin-U-CnnSI of Chrlst; especially, the 
great personal opponent expected by many to 
appear before the end of the world. — 1 John 
11. 22. 

fln fir I nnf A (&n-tls1-p&t). v.t. to look 
tUl-Ul^l-pn.iV forward to; to expect; to 
foresee and do befuvband; to prevent: s.l. 
to treat of something before the proper time; 
to recur at shorter intervals than usual. — od^. 
antldpatory, antioipattre. 

Syn. apprehend, expect, hope, forecast, 

an-tic-i-pa-tion 2S-«'.«'*'*'"Ui 

befbrehand; expectation; hope; foretaste; 

h<Sbty fd6t; found; boil; fu&ct ion; chase; good; joy; then, thick; hw «wh as in when; 
zh *z as in azure; kfa ■•ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages six to xxii. 


AIl-ll-Cli-]I18Z crous or ridicuioiis drop 
In thou^t and ezprassion; an abrupt descent 
fhun the mention of xnon important to len 
Impwtant thinies: opposite to eUmax, 

flti •ri_rxr_rlAnA OUi'tf-afkldn), n. an at- 
an-a-Cy-CiOne mospherlc condition In 
which the ordinary features of a cyclone are 
reversed, or when the winds, which are light, 
flow ftrom instead of towards the center. 
fin -H Hnf o1 (&n'tI-dat'4I), aOj. of the 
HU-U-UUi-iU nature or quality of a rem- 
edy f6r poison. 

on -fi Arxi-A (&n'tikldt), n. a medicine 
au-U-OOie which counteracts the effects 
of poison or disease; that which annuls, 
counteracts, or tends to prevent evil; m 

fill tl fl» hrill* (in'tI-f5T)ill).a<fi. tending 
Au-u-AC-uxiic iQ cm-© or prevent fever. 

an-ti jna-cas-sar i'SoSS^i^SS'kA 

or arms of a chair, a sofk. etc.; a tidy. 
on "fi mrk nrr (&n'tI-mo-nI), n. a white 
an-U-mO-ny ghlnliig metallic element 
entering Into various unixMtant alloys, as 
pewter. Babbitt motal. type metal, etc.; also 
used In certain medidnes. as tartar emetic 
fln tin O mv (fn'tmi^mX), n. the opposl- 
<Ui-UU-U-luy tion of one rule, law, or 
principle to another; any rule or law opi>oeed 
to another. 

aii-tip4i-thy ffluri^)!"- S'-SSSS 

aversion or dislike; loathing: disgust; the 
object of dislike: followed by to, aifainst, 
benoeen, or for. 

Sun, aversion, distaste, hatred, hostility, 

AnL (see attraction). 
iiTi tl nhnn i^'t''irt6o). n. a musical re- 
OU-U-pXiOU sponse. as in a chant. 

an tinVl^nnl (*n-tlf'^nil),adi. relating 

an-upn-O-IUU to responsive singing: n. 

a book of anthems: a collection of musical 

responses, charts, or hymns. 

fln finli-A ni7 (&n-tIf'6-nD. n. {pi. antlph- 

an-upn-O-ny oalm (-nl*)f, the alternate 

or responsive singing by a choir divided into 

two parts, each part rendering alternately 

verses of a hynm or anthem; a musical 

setting of sacred verses arranged for alternate 


Hfl fin ft Hfll (in-tlp'6-d&l). adi. rolaUng 

aa-Xip-O-Oai to the opposite eddes of the 

l^obe; diametrically opposite. 

ATI +1 nnHA (&n'tl-p5d), n. one who re- 

ttU-U-poue aides on the opposite side of 

the earth; that which is directly opposite to 

•omethlng else. 

an-tip-o-des !£S^;^^ Si'L^ 

sides of the globe, have their feet directly 

opposed to each other ; the two portions of the 

earth's surfkce which are exactly opposite 

to each other; the direct opposite of a 

person or thing. 

An tl f\\r rtn (&n'tl-prnn). n. a drug, 

aU-U-py-riU obtained from coal-tar. used 

for the relief of neuralgia, nervous headaches, 

and fevers. 

fln tl mm ri_fln (»n'tI-kwS'rt-&n), adj. 

an-U-qua-n-aU relating to ancient 

things or times: n. a student of ancient 


an tl ntto frr (&n'tMcwi-rD , n. one who 

an-U-qua-ry ig attached to ancient 

things and is learned in their history; one 

who collects relics of formor times for the 

purpose of study. 

24 anyway 

an-ti^uat-ed ^X5 J^IS5U;2S: 

obsolete or out of use; ancient. 
fln tiniiA (&i^t«kO. adj. of or pertatahis 
lui-uque to a former age; ancient: m. 
something of n*eat age; a relic of ancient timea. 

iSyn.. <idj. old-fashioned. 

Ant, (see modem, new). 

an-tiq-ui-ty SS'^'T!^!. » "i^-, "^^ 


- , ,.. great «-«v, 

early ages; the people or races of ancient 
times; that whidi belonged to. or survlvia 
firom, ancient times; a relic. 

an-ti-sep-tic g5'MS2-5'4i2S?'5 

decay: n. any substance whl<di destroys 
disease germs or prevents their growth. 
fin titVi_A_ciR (to-tith'^-ste), n. (pi. an- 
au-UUl-e-SlS tltheses (-s«x)I. opposition; 
contrast; expression by contrast or opposi- 
tion of words or ideas: a figure of speech that 
^lowB oontntft; as, **To err Is human; to 
forgive divine. " — ad), aatlthetio, aaUtbetSeal. 
«in tl tnw in (to'tl-tfik'sin), n. a prevent- 
an-U-XOZ-in jv© of. or cure for, diphtheria 
and other contagious diseases. 

<in ti.trflHA (in'tl'tridO. n. a tropical 
an-U-iraae ©r southern wind blowing 
steadily In an opposite direction to the trade 
wind, which diowb easterly toward the 

<int 1 ^r (&nt1Sr), n. the entire horn, or any 
cuit-ACi branch of the horn, of any member 
of the deer family. 

an tn nirm (*n't^nlm). n. a word which 
an-XO-nym ig the opposite, in meaning 
of another word in the same language: oppo- 
site to svftonynL 

antic (&'nas). n. the posterior opening of 
-uuo the digestive ^be ~* •"wi«t»*w»-» 

n. a block, 
usually of 
iron faced with steel, 
on which I metals are 
hh'mmjojed andrj-i^ 
shapecL y"j 

anX-l-e-ty zX'^Sn.n. tpJ. anxieties (-tia)!. 
a condition of mental uneasiness, arising firoa 
fear or solicitude. 

Svn, concern, care, dread, fear, 

AnL (see ease, calmness). 

anX-lOUS corned: greatly trou^d: .«, 
solicitous or uneasy; desirous; as, anxious ttt 
please. — adv. anxioosly. — n. anxlonsness. 
^n XT (to'^t ^J' one. Indeterminatdy or 
■***V indefinitely; some; one of an IndeO- 
nite number, quantity, or degree: pron. one: 
anyone: (pi.) some: adv. to any extent; at 
all; in any degree: used with comparatives: 
as. any better. 

fln V htkA xr (6n'I-bM-T), n. an ordinary 
a^^-j 'U\j\A-y person; any person: some 
one of imi>ortance; as. Is he anybody f 
Evorbody who was anybody was there. 
tktx V hnixr (6m-hou). adr. in any way or 
<^^M.-y 'MXKfy^ manner; in any case; at any 

fln V tViinff (fel-thing). n. a thing of any 
lUi-y-UiUig sort; something or other, 
no matter what; any object, state, act, 
event or fact, whatever. 
on v \atkxr (to1-wa), adc. In any manner; 
•***V*way anyhow; no matter what hap- 
penn; nevertheless. 

Ate, senate, rAre cit, lodll, fUr, Ask, p<h>ade; scfine^ ftvent, ^dge, novSl, refSr; 
rij^, Bin; cdld, 6bey, cdrd, stdp, compare; Onit, i!lmte, biirD, cut, fodb, m«iii; 



Apostles* Creed 

an V urIiorA (*n'Miw»r), ait. In or H 
ttod IC anuiolttrt. 

an-v-wise ^S^^^'J^^tu^'S'iS"' " 
An-zac S"^?^S« S^S^^^c^m™' 

tnmtth of AuMTsllB sni] che DomtnioD of New 
ZcaUnd Id the BrlcUh Empire: comnoaud of 
the iDlttal IMMis irf AuMrtUk—Now^ealwid 
Army Ccrni. 

a-Or-ta ,ail«f ulo? wEldi ourla tbe blood 
fmn Uke baart U> an parta oC the body except 

bsUUns what !■ dow pan of Kow MexJcorArl- 
una.aTid Mexico: a membvof > guuiaf des- 
pcnw crtmliuls InfcalinK the stroeuof Purii. 

a-pan uiuder; ao as to be aepanted for 

a-pmi- m cIH room or tevaal coDunrfjxl 

hootft aet apart aa a hcmie: pL aay aulte <tf 

a'^^ t>i(»t- ir «P*<l-t«"«lJO. in«. irithout 
■P-a->-'l<'>^l^ rsellns or emoUon; paaalon- 
laaa; languid. Also, ■natbadeaL—aib. ara- 

nn-M thv «P'<l-tlin.n.lp(.apatlil«a(-tlilx)l. 


pronn lo awrtJo In 

a-plomb itrS^h -k -^S^grSSie^ 

la oneseU, [Fb.1 

a-poc-a-lypse i|tP?*.?ri2^L; 

Apawfnm. llii 

tie DlMi 



I. a (alucae monkey naemhUng 

tlie bmlly of tbe ap« 


•Tth TfBiT long amu: 

indiulo tlw gorDK 

mlmle. aa an'ape. 

anoalr (<l-ptb'),aibr. anaaUeal temi: In a 
-peaa oearly upiigiit iwaitJon; In an up 
and down direction. 

a «a i^ ant (d-pCrt-ent). n. a mild laia- 
a-pe-n-eni ,|ve modldco or food, Ukn flea 
or pnuua: adj- gently laxative; opening the 

im_or tlirfk (ip'8r-tllr), n. an opening: a 
ap-ei-nui; gap. hole, chiiun. or pauago: 
any fUrect Inlet or outlet. 
a-peX KiS^fiiim' (Vptk^™. tte* point! 

a nhfljsiji (d-n^^S),' n. loa of the 
a-pna-Sl-a poior of speech. Of tbe proper 
uae oT wcvds. due to disease or Injury of the 

a niisl • nri (^-f^'yOn: d-fSTI-fln). n. \pl. 
a-paei-t-(m aphrlla l-yil)l, that point In 
. isfl«the»l'f™n the'™"' or a come 
a-phld small." wln8lffl»"iiB«x. p™ltlc'on 

anh n Ttcm (ifD-riim), n. a concbe or 
apn-O-nSm brief slaunnont of a rule or 
prercpt; a maxim. 

Aph-TO^i-te ^d!^^oVe".nd?-S^ 
Venua. — avhnHUta.a richly colored liucierfly. 
-pi-a-ry , -1,^0 wlnre been are kept, a 
bee^ioose: a colleetlon of blvm. 

avHAftA Id-pSe'). cjcfr. toor for each ppfBOn 
-piece or ihiD,; Mch: mvi-n i llv. 


le Christiana and 

'^ S?°j 

Juplt^ and 

Lelo. Also, Hell... 

a nn\ji irpt ir ('i-P«'6-»t'0'>. ««. «•- 

a-pol-0-gize f^ 

m^a amends for a_, „ 

one's own betialt or that ot anoUier. 

ap.o.iogiie !asaA:sSi" 

a fictitious stoiy containing a mora] t 
such as £8op'i nobles, 

a.pol-o-gy M.'t'Ui.iSl.i'S 

something spoken, vrltten. or offve 

ap-o-plec-tic gSj"2?ai.1,'A,,j^ 

prcKure: afflicted with loss of power Uiroagli 
the breaking of a blood-TaaeT In (he bram. 
Also, apoplcdtlcaL 

ap-o-plei-y S'^ST^iSiSiS'^ 

motion, rceulclng from a broken blood-nasal 

-pUb-l,a-!>y l^aii the Bi.lng up of what 
onp hM iin)f.™od ca- hollqved. as Wth, ptto- 
clplis, or party, 

anrtc fatf (il-pO»'tit), n. one who haa 
-pOS-iaie furssken his fslih or paitJi 
one ^ho ahandons bis pTofmdon aTt^r hartng 

le charfied *rtth a 



a-pos-tle itPA; 

npTsons specially selects 
or social ri^'ormer, 

A-pos.tles' Creed *l?';;JsSiS 

Ihe rhrlMlan religion. In Ita prownt wordlDC 
datin g lYo m ahoul .wo A, D. 

■■ of Ohiin. I 

er to Uh^ ■««, docmne. or pncueti •*. uu 

mpaioHc ics or the aptatoHc tUth. Al», 

a-pos-tro-phe £t'%°^a "^i^^ 

wSana tUrfleuy ^ powxi or pfncma who uuy 
or mar not be pnmtot; Uw iIsd ['|. lued to 
d^uCa the -—■—■"- mull ■ irard at one or 
monlMMr*, or to dBiKil« the poMee ' 

S-poth-e-ca^ itSSiJil?; 

fln.nal1 iop i*-P«nii«). p.od/' torotring 
ap-ptui-mg iiorror or (Uni»7: frtehtful. 

aP-P»-™-™B p,. .n outnt. or toota. uwn- 

an nap aI IL-pftr'el). n. clotlilng. drea. or 

ded. P'Pr. AppereHn^^]. to clothe; nimtah or 

an nar ant ll-ptr'int), adj. opoi to view: 
ap-pai-oni capable of befig bmUt uod<r- 

ap-pa-ri-tion iS2t-^n''°\;,SJLSS''^r 

■EDethluc not real or isnglble: ■ ghost or 
■pecur: the Bnt IppearancD of ■ atar an«- 
iBVtiic been obecnred or inTinlble. 
*n TW>(lT d-f*!''. '■'- to transfer or raftr to 
ap-petU a MpMor court or Judite; as. to 
opjwal a caae: r.1. to Tttrr to aeothcr person 
<r trlbniiBl; entreat, call tor, or Invoke aid. 
Kr aid or|mnpa(liy; the riirtil ofrrfnrlnga 

another for proof.— ^i.odj. appuling. — adii. 

aa naap C-pfrO. iJ- to come or be In 
W-JHNU g|^[. u, beoomo vWble: coma 
behre: as. to apptar In court: to Bmns: u. 
be a^fort to be very ill; to come before the 

ap-pear-ance ggS^i^'' a^bt.':' 


apparition; oatward show; 
bcAit* tbe pabnc; tlM mn- 
bcartaw, or aspect. 

ap-pease fS&;'-ar&"Si.S.'2g; 
ap-pel-lant *■£!-»■ ."iaS?«ffi 

one who appeals to a Judge, or to any OlbiDial. 
an nAl In+s (i-pB'ti), o^. relating to 
ap-pei-iaie .ppcak; ^ir an apprnoM 

an TWkl In firm (Ip'^t'shfln). n. the 
ap-pei-ia-UOTl n^a, hub. or dntgna- 
Uon OT Vhk2i a person or thing Is caUedor 
' " or appealing &on^ a lower to a 

ap.pen.dage aS Atb-STSa 

proper part of a greato- thing, mieh as an 
l; Knet^ilng added as an adfuoct or that 

IPX. BCceHXry. adjnoct. addition. f^S^S?"i,"aS 

I. appendlcea 
Tupplem ental; 

appeudli.'~a wormlike organ,' ordinarily tluM 
or four Incba In length, dtuated at the begtD- 
ning of iha Intestine in man and armo anhnala. 

ap-perj:ep.tion SSSSSJiSS 

.,__. ... ' of the mind by Which It beeomea 

its Ideas as IM own. 

antMirtnin '^p'^^tin'). v.t. to belong 
ap-per-iam ,„ by right, nature, ud 

nn TIP Htp (ip'*-ilt), n. a phyidcal mTtng 
ap-pe-Qie far mod; the dtslTB to satlsty 

ap-pe4iz-er JS^'^^ m wh^S^SS 

-*— '— '~ anythtnjr; anylMng that gives a 
food.— infl,app*r^-- 


an nlanea (1-plOz'l. n. t!be etproaian at 
ap-piaUbe sppror^y clanplng; appro- 

ap-pie awpll-knoKinrwalmcmunlrersally 

an nil atl/*p (ft-pirfttuil. n, the act of 
?!?. r^ putting Into use; wmethtng 
\pptiance3 of a trade; tbe appH- 

jf 'S 

ap-pli-ca-ba-i-ty SS;^''rS;^2i"?'ibpr^ 

nn nil* ra hIp (Ipll-lKl-b]). adj. Bt; snlt- 
Bp-pU-Ca-Die aLlB^.nproprlale; a>. that 
™^wiu not opp e to me. . a»- 

an nM rant (IP'U-kEnt). n. one who asks 
ap-pU-Cani „ reque«u something; ■ 

ap-pU -ca-tion J,j 

IKpnT-kl-shfln), It. the act 


WBs lessened by the application of heat ; the 
thins put on; the practical demonstration of 
a pruKdple; the act of requesting; a request: 
doee attention. 

An rAit^d (^i>V<^)*padj. put on or to; 
**Jr"F**^** employed or used; as, applied 
mechanics. * 

on nil n%tS (A'pl61dk'). n. any omamenu- 
ap-pu-quc tion in dress or upholstery cut 
(Tom other patterns and laid on to a founda- 
tion of any material: adj. laid on. [Fr.] 

aTfc nlTT (&-P^. *'•'• iP'^' a°d o.p. applied. 
lr"F*J applyiniE]. to bring into con- 
tact with something; lay on; to put into 
Sractice; to devote to a particular purpose; to 
X the mind upon: v.i. to ask; to petition; 
to request; to have some connection; as, 
(heir remarks do not apply to you. 
on TW\inf (&-Point'), r.r to name; to 
np-puiAik establish by decree; to assign; 
to designate for an office: to fix the time 
and order of : to fUmish or equip: v.i. to 
decree; (utlain; determine: nominate. 
on nrkinf ^a (ft-Poln'teO. n. one who is 
ap-puilll-CC chosen to fill an office or 

position of trust. 

an nniflf mprxi (^Polnt'mfnt). n. the 
ap-pOlUt-nieui act of asslgiiing to an 
office or trust; the position or office assigned 
or held; an engagement; an arrangement to 
meet by mutual agreement: pi. furniture or 

on ntxT +irfcn (^-Por'shGn), r.(. to assign by 
ap.por-UOU gome rule; distribute or set 
out in just proportions. 

Svn. allot, assign, appoint, divide. 

Ant. (see collect). 

ap-por-ti(m-ment it^t'^r^i 

Ing into Just shares. 

on_nn clf«» (ftp'd-alt), adj. appropriate; 
^ ap-pO-Slie suitable;^ well adapted; fit. 
on_nA c{ -Hnn (ftp'o-zlsh'fln). n. the act 
ap-pO-Sl-UOn of placing side by side; 
the setting of a word or phrase beside anoth^ 
without a connective, by way of explanation: 
as. St. Mark, the Evangelist. 
fln-TW) Q1 five (*-P02l-tIv), a^. explana- 
ap-pu-ol-UVC tory: n. a word or phrase 
•et beside another to explain it. 

at\ nroic o1 (&-pr&x'&l). n. the act of val- 
ttU-piiUa-iU. uing or putting a price upon; 


A«« •n-roic A (VprazO . v.t. toset a price upon ; 

ap-piiUae value; estimate the worth of. 

fln.nrfllQP tn^^nt (&-Pri2'mftnt). n. the 
ap-piiUae-IIieili act of valuing; an 

authorized estimate or valuation. 
on nroic Ar (&-priz'Sr). n. a person 
Up-piiUa-cr licensed and sworn to esti- 
mate the value of goods or estate. 

on tvr^ ri_fl Wa (&-pr6'shI-d-bl). adf. ca- 
ap-pre-Cl-a-Die paWe of being valued. 

perortved, or estimated; perceptible. 
on nro ri ofo (&-pre1shI-it),t.«. to value; 
ap-pre-Ul-tt,1.6 estimate the worth of: 
esteem highly; to recognize worth and quality 
of; to prize; to be sensible of; to raise in 
i^dne: t .i. to rise in price or value. 
on_nrA ri_fl finn (i-pre'shl-I'shfln). n. 
ap-pre-Cl-a-UOn th© lust valuation, or 
proper recognition of worth or merit; sym- 
pathetic imderstandlng; a rise in value. 
on_nrA i»l_fl fiVA (*-pre'8hI-a-tIv). adj. 
ap-pre-Cl-a-UVe ghowlng esteem or In- 

terest; as, an appreciative audience. 

fln_nrA IiaiiH (*P'r^h6nd'), v.t. to take 
ap-pre-nena or lay hoUi of; seize: 
arrest; take mental hcdd of: as, to apprehend 
the meaning of a statement; anticipate or 


27 apricot 

expect, usually, with fear: v.i. to incline to 
believe; suppose; catch the idea or mnaniig; 
to look forward with fear. 

ap-pre-hen-si-ble i^'^^SS.'i'S 

ing conceived; understandable. 

avk nrA liAn_cmn (&P'r^hte'sh(in). n. 
ap-pre-nen-SlOD the act of seizure or 

of laying hold of; arrest; mental grasp; 
perception; anticipation of evO; fear or d»- 
trust of the future; anxiety. 

ap-pre-hen-sive i»S3?*g''*!Stn. "^ 

grasp; fearfUl of evil; anxious for the future; 
worried. — adv. apprehensively. — n. apprehca- 

51 n nrATi fir a .(&-pr6n'tls). n. one bound 
ap-preu-uue by agreement to serve 
another a certain number of years in <»xler to 
learn a trade cu* craft; a novice, or one slightly 
voved in anything: v.t. to put under the care 
of a master for instruction In a trade or craft. 

ap-pren-tice-ship ^'^»'S?^gU 

or time served while learning a trade. 

on n-riCA (&-prizO. v.t. to give notice 

ap-pxAoc to by way of warning; to advise; 

to inform. Also, appme. 

a n nri7A (^PrizO. v.t. to put a value upon; 

ap-pn^e to appraise. 

on nrnarh (a-pr6ch0. v.i. to draw or be 
ap-pruacu near: v.t. to come near to tn 
quality, character, or condition; to nearly 
equal; n. the act of drawing near; access: 
as. the approach to kings; passage or avenue: 
as. the approaches to the dty were well 
guarded. — adj. approachable, 
on nrn ha finn (&P'riWbS'8hfln). n. the 
ap-prO-Da-XlOn actofpronounclnggood; 
commendation; sanction. 

fln nrn nrt-nfe (ft-pr5'pri-it).».t. totake 

itp-piU-pxi-a,lc to oneself. In exclusion 
of others; claim or use, as by an exclusive or 
sole right; set apart or assign to a particular 
use; as. Uie government appropriated money 
for the building of good roads: adj. (E-prir- 
prl-ftt).flt; apt; suitable; proper. — oar. appro- 
priate^. — n. appropriateness. 

ap-pro-pri-a-tion &''1S'^**?Jii 

apart for a particular use or person; the act 
of taking to oneself; anjrthing set apart for a 
special use or purpose. 

51 n nrnv^l (ft-pi^Vil), n. approbation: 
ap-piUV-tU sanction; ratification; consent. 
•% nrnir A (^-prCQr') , v.t. to test, or demon- 
ap-pxuw strate; ratify; pronounce effi- 
cient or sufficient; be pleased or satisfied with; 
commend: r.i. to express satisfttctlon with: 
usually followed by of. — padj. apprortof . 

an nrnv inir Iv (^-priJOvTng-ii). a^. tn a 

ap-piUV-Uig-ljr commendatory manner 
or one implying satisfaction. 

51 n nrnx i mflf a (ft-prOk'si-mit), v.t. to 
ap-prox-l-UUilc come dose to; to 

cause to approach: v.i. to approach closely; 
to be nearly equal: adj. (&-prok'sI-nUlt). near 
in resemblance or position; almost equal: 
nearly correct. — adv, approximately. 

ap-pur-te-nance [g;? VJJlt^ 1 

relates to something else; an adjunct or ap- 
pendage; that which belongs to an estate or 
property, as trees and shrubbery. 

ap-pur-te-nant liUSS^-S^Si,?^^ 

pcMtant thing; accessory; incident, 
o nri rnf (&'Pri-kOt; &p'rl-k0t). the friiH 
a-pxi-CUl of a tree allied to both the plum 
and the peach. 

h6bt, f dbt ; found ; boil ; f uiiction ; chase ; good ; joy ; f hen, thick ; hw « wh as in when; 
zh«c as in azure; kh ^ch as in loch. See pronundation key, pages xix to sdL 

conlalDlna Udrir <lsys. 


A-pril SSSi,i^aij 

-pni lOQI poMKl upOT or deceived on 
A«rtl 1. or All Fbok' Day. 

a „-{_«_-: (I i>n-0'rt: m-ph-ot*), from Uh 
mcot pnceedlDiE rrom cause to effact. ILat,<«i S^^ii *SS"!fflAw'"r'?A'^ 

nxarl^. wotd irn ttae (Kiot of a pmon'i 
Clothaalbr iirol«clloii aromunenl; a loalberr 
oonrlDB tBr UH [d an open carrlaee; >□]-- 
ttdzv U» ac aproD In form or uae. 

c (ftp'rft-pfl'j.ndr. to thepurpOBO 


ft " 



happy. Atso. 

gr aaitctaBry (tf a cburch. 


(lpt>. ttdf. lultable: ixrtlnant: appro- 
pmu); Ibble; incUoed; prone: readyi. 
i; quJclc of eomprehezuloD. — n. aiitii«a«- 

■I-IUUO anithlm: Btni 

apt-i-lUUO iSJthlii; 

■^^U** used ■■ Af. In phvnuici' 
eate ttta BddlUon of wa(er. [Lit.] 

a-qua-ma-rine ^^ 

kh-Crean [d color, usod i 

aq-ua-reUe iSiC?^c 
a-qua-ri-iim fj;'" ' 

iparont befy], blu- 

I'l. n. a palndDB to 

_ .l-ttin), n. lot. aqua- 

(-d), and aquarlunu 

Mbllc bulldins devoted to the ahowlng i 
lun ooUectloiu of mtter plsnU and anlnub 
•_miat Ir ('->'*'*1I"' <■"/- relating t 
a-qUai-lC „«,; growing or Uvlngtn c 

Oniiui nato-: pi. iral«r spona. 

a-qua vi-tae oth«di»tiiied'ipirtt«. ^l"., 

nn iiA HiiH- (U['wt.dlUit). n. a conduit 
aq-Ue-aUCl „ amnclBl cbannci for nin- 

uEa Catiiklll aaaahut, by meana (if wblcb 
New York la mppu^ with waiiir. 

a-que-ous ^^'^'^i'L^^m T ^a^. 


OOTed. aa the Inalr of an eiagle; booked: 
prominent: as. an ai/utllnt nvw. 

Ar-ab ffiKiMii;"."'" " *"'"■ " of IheArabIc « 

can and Hyrlan doierta. H 

ar-a-besque j,V»k^; n 


3 Arcadia 

Ar.a-blc nu-mer-als i^^?."!; 

flmirea 0, 1. 3, B. etc of Hindu origin, uanl 
by the Arxba uid lntn>ducad Into Sorope In 
the tweifUi contury. t 

ar a KIa (ir'd-bl), edi. Qt for tlte plow: 
Sr-a-Die .ulted lo the purpcaa of cnltl- 

ar-bi-ter ^e'''^'?i 
ar-bit-ra-ment ^ 

a penon havlns 
di'dde a dlq>ul«: 

ur^^er of deeM- 
Judsee or timplreB; 

ar-bi-tra-ri-iy ^ 

ble nLaimfr ; Imperiou 

ar-bi-tra-iy {f '" 

ar-bi-trate ^ 

pute; (o wttle a dliputa ai umpire; medlata. 
ar hi ira tinn (Hr'bl-tn'abBn), n. tbe 

]l-Er*-rt), adj. I 


to settle the dUFenoice between them: 

al-OOT Ota or Tins tnlned oyer a latt 
Tork BO aa to make a leafy roof: a aha 

Ar-bor Day ^ 

apart lii c«taln r 
O'lMl). adj. Ilke.OT 

ar-bo-re-al {J 

attached to. or liv_„ ... 

ar-bo-res-cent SfSSi!'!^^ 

ar Kn ra tiim (*rT>6-re'tflm) , n. [pi. w- 
tU-DU-re-lUni borctunia (tflniijj.aplace 
In which rare troea are culUTsted and exhib- 
ited for adentlJIc purpoeeH- 

ar-bo-ri-cul-ture iK^'^-^Siu™ ' Si 




contented pastoral people: hence, 
or scene of simple pleasure or quiet 

any region 
liet liappi" 
Also, AxcidW'--adj. Aximdida. 

ArrVi (^^i^)* ^- A structure of brick or 
******* masonry, the wedge-shaped parts of 
which follow a curved line: usually fcsmlng 
the top of a door, window, or gateway; part of 

Aroh. a, abut- 
ments: 9, voussoln, 
or areh stones; «, 
springers: <, Impost; 
In, Intrados; p, 

lera: k, keystone; 

ix, extrados. 

A curved line: v.t. to cover with a curved 
•tructure; to bend or curve: r.i. to form a 
bent or curved top or covering: curve: adj. 
dilef; of the first rank: used as a pre^; as, 
archbishop; cunning: crafty; shrewd; mis- 
chievous; roguish; sportive: coy. 
ar ^Kf»_rk1 f\ tricf (&r'k§-dlM^>JIst) 
ar^nS-Ol-O-glSX versecf in the study of 
ancient things; an antiquary. Also, arohe- 

ar-CnW-Ol-O-gy science of antlquitieo; 
the study of prehistoric remains, or the relics 
of the early races of mankind. Also, arche- 
«locy. — ad). aroh»olo«lo, aroh»oIoclcaL 
ar rVia tr (Kr-kilk). adj. relating to a 
«i-i»lia-iu remote period; old-flsahioned; 
antiquated. Also, arrhaloal. 

ar-cha-ism Sr^SSk&.S '^ST «- 

prosaion. or idiom. 

arch-an-gel 2?2^«li„ft^ "^ "^ 
arch-bish-op '^S^^Si^^ 

district or province in the Oredc. Roman, and 
Sni^isli churches. 

arch-bish-op-ric 2S*SS?'SE^i: S 

province of an archbishop; the province over 
which the archbishop has authority. 

arch-dea-COII ©IBcer ranldng'nit below 
a bishop. 

s^rrh rliirli acc Olrch'dtich'fis), n. the 
arcn-aUCn-eSS wife of an archduke; 
a daughter of the impoial family of Austria. 

flrrh_Hlirh v (Jirch'dflch'D, n. [pi. arch- 
arcn-^UCU-y duchies (-Iz)I, the territory 
or rank of an ar<^duke or archduchess. 
ttrrVk Hiilro (iirch'dOkO. n. a prince of the 
IUCa*UUli.6 imperial house ofAustria. 
flrrli ^n a mv (ftrch'to'd-ml), n. a prln- 
arcn-en-e-mj clpal enemy; §atan. 



arrV% Ar xr (ftr'chlk^-I) , n. the art. practice. 

nxi;il-er-y or skin of one who uses the 

bow and arrow. 

or_rliA fxmfk (irtc^tTp). n. the original 

«i-i^UC-l.ypc pattern upon or after 5^ch 

a thing is made; a model: the original or 

fandamental tsrpe-structure from which a 

(Hr'cher), n. a bowman; one 
skilled in the use of the bow and 


sroup of plants or tnimals haw 


arch-fiend S^iSTliuS: *^» "*« * 

A^/*Vi iA (^chT) n. in the World War, aa 
/ircxi-ie anti-aircraft gun. 

arrh Incr (ar'chXng). p.adi. curving abpw 
tucil-uig something; as. the arOttk 

shaded the street. 


2U:-(;iU-pei-a.-gO archrpelagoes.-fOi 
(-g5z)). any sea or body of wat^ containios 
numerous islands: the island-f^roup itselC 
or r\\t ^A/H* Virna-tekt), n. one versed feD 
ar-Cni-XeCI the art of building and fi 
various styles; one who plans or diwigi 
buildings and supOTlntends their construc- 
tion; hence, one who plans, devises, or ptota; 
a contriver: a designer; a maker. 

ar-chi-tectur-al aa'J£«!E;'^irt~S 

buUding; in harmony with the rules of Uia 
building art. — ado. ar«^t«otaraIly. 

ar-chi-tecture ^XJ^-'E^ik'U& 

Ing, especially of fine or beautiftil IraiDdlngii: 

the method or style of building; co 

tton; worlananship. 

nr-rhi frflVA (ttrTc^-trilvj. n. the 

«* -Cni-lXave aivlsion of an entabtotiff% 

or wall supported by columns; that pan 

which rests immediately on the columns of 

a building or structure. 

nr-rViiiTA (ilriflv). n. [pi. archives (-kfva)!. 

oi-^^Aiivc a record I preserved as evidenoec 

pi. the place where public or state records are 

kept; state or public documents, or records 

of historical value relating to a nation or to 

a family. 

or^Vi 1x7 (&rch1I). adv, in a coy maniiers 

arca-iy roguishly; playfully. 

arch-ness i*S^'Sfe^^*«' "«f^ 

Of* nhrktt (ftr^kOn), n. a chief magistral ot 
ux-vuuu ancient Athens; one of the nine 
chief magistrates chosen to supointend cM 
and religious matters. 

arrh v^a'U (^rch'w&). n. an opening or 
axi«Ai-wajr passage beneath a curved or 
vaulted roof. 

arc liffhf (^k 1^^)* A Ugd^^ produced bf 
aru UgXli a current of dectridty 

between two carbon 
distance fh>m each o 
used on city streets, 

points placed a 
thOT. such 
of the north pole L polar; 

as the WgMi 

arr -ftn (iirk'tik). adj. relating to the 
Oi^^UU of the north pole; polar; nor 
frigid: n. in the United States, a wa r ui l y 
lined, waterproof overshoe. — Arotlo Oeaaa* tos 
north-polar ocean. 

arC-tlC Cir-Cle narvcirde paraUelto^ 

equator and distant 23* 28' fkt>m the nortli 


nf^Anf (&r'd8nt).; burning; flerrs 

cu-ucui warm: growing; passionate; eagnt 

zealous; vehement. 

ar-dent spir-its ffiilSXaS^'ScS" 

brandy, whisky, etc. 

Mf Af\f (ILr'd^). n. warmth of affection or 

ox-uvx passion; eager desire; zeal. 

fir Hit Aitc (iir'dil-as). adj. steep; hard to 

climb: attended with «•«• 
labor or exertion : difficult. — ads. arduouilF. 
oro (^)« present tense plural number of 
a*** the verbfo5r. 

orA ^^)' ^' ill the metric system, ameasuro 
■u ^ of surface: 100 square metera. equal to 
119.6 square yards. 

bd&t , f d6t ; found ; boil ; f uiiction ; chase ; good ; joy ; f^n, thick ; hw » wh as in when; 
{h-z 48 in azure; Ich »ch as in loch. See prQayaciatioii kej} pages xix to xsdir 




a-^ o (i'rM). n. [pi areas (-d«)l, any 
-x^-o. surface having bounds, wnether 
natural or artificial, as the floor of a hall, 
etc.; any defined extent of land-surface; 
the sunken space at the base of a building 
separating it rrova the street and affording 
light to the basement; extent; range; scope; 
region: tract; as, the settled area of tho 
United SUtes. 

afA nil «i->^'Q<i). n. \pl. arenas (-ndz)l. 
-1 c-UA the central inclosed space (usually 
strewn with sand) of a Roman amphitheater. 
in which the gladiatorial combats took place; 
hence, a scene or field for combat or exertion 
of any kind; as, the western arena of tho 
great SSuropean War. 

/il-e-Op-a-gUS tribunal, or highest court. 
, of ancient Athens, so namcMl from its situa- 

Ition on the hill of Ares (Mars); hence, any 
high court or tribunal. 

a«* tfAfi^ (iir'j£nt), adj. made of. or resem- 
lU-gCUl bling. silver; silvery white; bright 
like silver. 

oT-trnn (^r'gOn). n. a ci>lorle«s. odorless. 
** "S*'** gaseous element found in tho air. 
At trck Tiaiif (Urgd-nOt), n, one of the 
/il -gO-lmUl band of Greek heroes who 
sailed in the ship Argo to Colchis in quest of 
the grolden fleece; one of the gold seekers who 
went to California in 1849. 
flr trck cxr (i^'K^O. n. [pi argosies (-slz)]. 
***"&^~*J a large merchant vessel fllltxi 
with costly ^oods. 

jif |v«« A (^'gO), v.i. to show or offer reasons 
AA-^UC in support of, or in opposition to. 
a proposition, opinion, or measure; to reason, 
dispute, discuss; contend in debate: r.(. to 
debate or discuss; prove. 

Syn. debate, dispute, reason upon. 
ar tnt tn^nf (ar'gO-mfint) . n. a presenta- 
***"&»*""*^'"*' tlon of proofs of. or reasons 
for or against, something; a discussion, con- 
troversy, or debate; the subject of a dis- 
course or writing; an abstract or simmiary of 
a book. 

ar-gu-men-ta-ti<m <5s;f*-„"'?ge-'S;t 

of reasoning and disputing; discussion. 

flr tni mAII fn fiVA (&r'g<l-m6n'td-tlv). 

ar-gu-meu-ia-uve adj. consisting of. 

or exhibiting a process of. reasoning; given to 
discussion; showing reasons for; controversial. 
Ar inic (^'f>rfls), n. a giant fabled to have 
XXI -guo a hundred eyes: argus, a watchful 

flr fniQ.AxrAH («lr'gfls«Id') . adj. watchful; 
ax-gU9-eycU vigilant; extremely observ- 
ant; sharp-sighted. 

afitk (a'rlHl; &'rl-d). n. an air; a melody 
"**"** or tune for a single voice with accom- 
paniment; an elaborate solo part in a can- 
tata or oratorio, etc. 

A r{_ari (5'rt-&n). adj. relating to the doc- 
xm.-AA-aAX trines of Arius. who taught that 
Christ was the noblest of men. but that ho 
was not divine. 

fir lH ('^'Id). adj. having little or no raln- 
*"■"*'* fall: dry; parched; barren. 

ariH 1 f\r (a-rldl-tT) . n. the state of being 
"****"*" V dry; barrenness; want of life or 
Interest. Also, aiidness. 

ari<rVlf (<^-n^)' o<i^' correctly; in a proper 
-AxgAxt „^y Qj. form; without sin or error. 
ariRA (<^-*^«'). r.i. Ipt. arose, p.p. arisen. 
-AAD^ arising], to motmt up or ascend; 
to come into view; to rise or get up; to 
spring up: to come into existence or action; 
to originate. 

Sun, flow, spring, proceed, rise, issue. 

fir 1R for m r\F (ftr^s-tfik'rd-sl). n. \pL 
aX-lB-lOg-ra-Cy aristocracies (-six)!, «>▼- 
emment by pen^na of the highest rank m a 
state; the nobility or chief persons in a state: 
those regarded as superior to the rest of tkietr 
community in rank, wealth, or intellect. 

a-nS-tO-Crat sonage of high * nmk^*^ 
noble birth; one who upholds tho aristocracy 
or favors government bv the few; a peraoii 
who possesses traits like the nobility; a 
haughty person. — adj. aristocratio, arteto* 
eraUcal. — adv. aristooratloallj. 

a rifVi mA fir (d-rlth'm^tlk), n. the sd- 
a-llUi-lllc-UU enco of numbers; the art 
of computation or reckoning by figures. 

ar ifVi m^f i ral (ir^th-meti-kil). adj. 
ar-lUl-nieX-l-Cai of or relatlM to thtt 

science of numbers, or to its rules. — ad9» 


a riih triA fi rtan (<i-rlth'm6-tlsb'fin; 

a-nm-me-n-cian irith-md-tishin),**! 

one skilled in tho science of numbers. 
orlr (<^i*^)> ^' ^ chest; the oblong box. kept 
«*A^ in the Holy of Holies, containing the 
Covenant, or tables of tho Law. in the Jcwiali 
Tabernacle, and later placed in the Tomple 
of Solomon. — Exod. xxv.. 1 Kin^ viii; the 
ship in which Noah and his family remained 
during tho Deluge. — Gen. vi; honce, a place of 
safety or rofuge. 

arm ^^rm), n. the limb of the human body 
txxxix which ogtends fh>m the shoulder to 
the hand; the anterior or fore-limb of any 
animal having a backbone; any projecting 
or diverging organ or part of a main body or 
trunk, as the branch of a tree, the side^leoe 
of a chair, an inlet of the sea ; a weapon : vJL 
to ftimish or equip with weapons of offense or 
defense; fortify or provide against: v.l. to 
fit oneself with weapons, or take to onesdf 
means of defense. 

or mo Ho l<Lr-m&'dd), n. a fleet of armed 
ai-UlU-ua. vessels; a squadron: Invincible 
Armada, the Spanish fleet sent against Eng^ 
land in 1588, by Philip II. 
flr tno Hit In <i^'ma-dn'5), n. [pi. arma- 
ar-ma-OU-iO dlllos (-ox)l. a four-footed 
animal found in South America and Texaa 
having the body and head covered with an 
armor of small bony plates. like a coat of mafl. 
ar mo rriAnf (&r'md-mfint) . n. a body of 
ar-ina-IueilX forces prepared for war, 
either military or naval; the cannon and snuill 
arms of a fort or warship: the number and 
weight of guns of a war vessel; the equip- 
ment or act of equipping for defense or 

arma fiirA (&r'md-tfir). n. armor; that 
lU-lIllt-iUAC which serves as a means of 
defense; iron bars or ft*amework used to 
strengthen a building; in dynamo-electric 
machines, that part In which electric power 
is produced in a generator or consumed in a 

arm rhair (i^rm'char*), «. a chair fte- 
uriU-CiUUX nished with supports for the 

4i«*m f«i1 (iirmTd6I), n. as much as the 
arm-nU can hold. 


(^'ml-stis), n. 
a brief pause lo 
war by agree- 
ment of the op- 
posing forces : a 

aitn 1o^ (ilrmlSt). n. asmall 
mm-ieX iniet of the sea; a 

Ate, senAte, rftre, c4t, locAl, fir, Ask, pdrade; 8c*ne, fivent, 4dge, novll, refSry 
right, Bin; c6ld, 5bey, c6rd, 8t6p, c6mpare; flnit, Unite, biirii, ciit, focib, men^: 

ar-mor teettTa oonrlnc tar tin bodr to 
likUle: tba iCmI pMtog of a 

u-jnor-dad iUd?,Uj' 

Iroo- or cteal-dBil: R. ■ nr 
Tend pcMscUd br Mad plat- 

ar-mor^r S?^y, » 

toMkfr of webpoDfl. ihldtb. «(Cp I 
or ooB who bwl cbu8e of the 
mOltarr oatOC ot uothor: tbe 
keepfr of tbe weapooa of a 
Uoop or tunleBhlp. < 

book ot dlctloiury of luiraJdlc 
davicea with ibe naoKi of p«r- 

ar-moi plate iK,'"^; 

iron or iteei pUte with whicb 
a fort or ship U covered tix 
proWcUoD ssalnat ahell-flre. 

ar-mor-v S^^S-^^^K- 

bcjcL^ of pfinoDS cngftffed la moral wa^re^ 
hOHt; an array; forcBa; troops, 

ar-my worm SSSIc^^^r™ 

r nikv 


a jOTjai Sisr^"- ssr* J "as 

a iToDi ilMp or a MMa o( 
'), ddi. (n m Uns; tn CRlB': 


U^g-glO chwd produoad tn rapid mo- 
st niia Kiie'(^^'*^J> •>- ■ Uud ol 
al-qW-OUS guD In UK Mora Hie miM- 
kM. Alao, buqiubBi. 

ar raian U-rln')- *■!■ to Call to account: 
<u-iBi£u toaummon (a prtwawrl Into oont* 


(i-rinj'). tJ. to vat ) 



. of putting In propv 

ch la onlBred or a^ 

mecnoa or stylo of dtntaaltloa; 

(iLr^c). odf. notorious; tlioroad 

*"^-»"-y anangBineot of a body of mn 
vben tbaim up for batila: an ordfly collafr 
doUling, CBpedally gay SothCic; apiianll 
t.t. [p,t. and p.t>. arrayed,, arrarUiB], M 
Place or Oitpoua In order: to manhal; M 
(iBCkitf dren. 

Hr-iettf behlndband: tbat wUcb la unl 
done, ODlatandlnK, or unpaid: a debt whlA 
roDuiUis unpaid : as, arrtara tn not or Cauai 
commonly In plural. 

ar rnar aff» <'-'*'^)' "■ >■" X*^ » 
ar-rear-age condition or bttog betdnd- 
hand; that which remalna unpaid and ot*- 

legal authority: toielie 

d fix, u the ay* or 

1 byleeala'mhorily. 
e. hold, detain, ■ecnra. 

ai-riv-al (SfS 

object; the parson i 

or riTTa (I-rtV). i.t. to ooma to Or raad 
tta-llVC as a duBClnaUon ; niadi a point i 
stage; gain or comnas an object; attain to 

(lr'fr«KnB), n. a tttOat i 
"^ J lOparlorlty; a 

Dndi o dignity, rani 

alo mptoto-*-— 

I (tF id/ OT<f> 


arrogate 32 

to datm unduly or wl^ premmptaoai luide. 

■*-rO-ga-uailn»aktoc unjtut claims; tbe 
act of teldnf more than one ie entitled to take, 
or Tfvar (^^)» ". a slender, pointed shaft. 
aa-AVW usually feathered and barbed, made 
to be shot from a bow: a figure used In maps, 
etc.. to indicate direction. 

flr rnixr fiAflfl /^/^-^^M). n. the head or 
ar-rOW-neaa b^-b or an arrow; an 
aquatic or water plant so named from its 

ar-rOW-rOOt obtained from* the root- 
stock of sereral kinds of West Indian plants, 
much used for Ibod. 

Pf-fiA nul (l^H^4i&l). n. a buflding for the 
**"*»^"**** storage or manufacture of arms 
and military stcn« for land or naval service. 
or QA nir C&r'ae-nlk). n. a deadly mineral 
OX-SV^lUi^ poison used in medicine, rat 
poisons, dyes, etc: called also whUe arstnie. 
or-fiTMn (l^efiu). n. the malicious or inten- 
oa-DVUi tional setting fire to and burning 
of any building. 

P«a. (Irt). nTthe use of means to the acoom- 
AA !• pUshment of some end; music, painting, 
sculpfure, or literature, or the practice of 
one of them; practical sldll; knack: cunning: 
pL the branches of learning included in the 
ordinary oourse of academic study: r. i. sec- 
ond pers. ores, indie, sing, of the verb fre: used 
mly m suemn or poetic style. 
Ar -fA mie (irns-mls), the Greek goddess 
Af-ltS-UlUS of the moon and of the hunt: 
caBed by the Romans Diana. 
ar -f-A rl ill (Kr-tS'rI-&l). adi. relating to, or 
ar-ie-n-ai contained In, the large Uood- 


jif> f AT 17 (&r't6r-D, n. \pl arteries (-Iz)K 
•**"*^*V one of a system of tubes or ves- 
sels which carry the blood from the heart to 
aD parts of the body; any great channel; as 
an artery of trade. 

ar-te^ian weU <«Sf«SSSS 'g?' &SS 

Into the earth. 

orf fi«1 (irt'tMI).a4y. cunning: crafty; un- 

aXl-riU real.--odp. Mtfally.--fi. artfulness. 

Sym. shy. tridgr, Inslnoere. 

AnL (see oaDdH). 
flr fi^hn1r«» (v^ti-<:hfik). n. a tall plant, 
OX-U-CnOKe ^r the aster fttmUy. having a 
flower head that Is used as food; the root of 
an American —nflnwer (Jerusalem artichoke) 
used as a substitute fbr potatoes. 
A«> 44 /»1a (ir'tl-kl). n. a distinct portion or 
ax-U-«;i«? BMniber; a ainglo cUuse. item, 
or partloular. as in a formal agreesnoit or 
trsator; a oondss statement: a prose com- 
poelaoia, complete In itself, m a ne^^spaper, 
msgiiine, or work of reference; as, an article 
OB peaee: a material thing, as one of a class; 
M. an amols of slothing; an Item; any of the 
" I words a, an, and the used before 
and sobstantiveB to define or limit 
applloatlon; also, their equivalents in 

langnages: v4. to, bind by written 

agresment, as an apprentice. 

ar fir 11 \ar 0^tIk'fi-l(ir). adj. rating to 

ar-UC-U-iar ^he iolnl» or to a Joict. 

ar tfcti l^te (»J^tnc'fi-iit). ».r. to join 

IU:-lli;-U-iai« together; unite by a Joint; 
% form words: utter In distinct syllables; 
s^eak as a human being: v.i. to utter distinct 
sounds; speak with distinctness: ad). (Hr-tlk'fi- 
Ht) , jointed ; formed with Joints ; uttered with 
distinctness. — ado, artleolateiy. 

ar-ticu-la-ti<m iSiJ^aSSfStaST 

ly: a distinct utterance; the act of Jolnlnc: 
a joint or juncture between bones; the polnf 
ot separation of organs or parts of a plant. 
nr it firA (»r'tl-fii). n^a skilful 
ax-U-UCe ance; a crafty device; 
wile, trick, or stratagem. 

Syn- finesse, cunning, craft. 

Ant. (see oi>enness). 
tkT fif 1 rtxr (iiir-tin-s€r). n. a skilled or 
OX-UX-i-l^cx artistic worker; a mechanic: 
a maker or constructor; an Inventor. 
or fi fi tf««a1 (iir-tl-flsh'il), adj, made or 
tu-U-U-ClOl contrived by art; produced 
by human skill or labor; as, artificial heat; 
feigned; unreal: assumed: affected: not 
genuine or natural.— odr. artUkelaliy. 

ar-ti-fi-ci-al-i-ty f^^^^Ui 

tmreal or unnatural: that which Is affected or 
unnatural. Also, arttfldalness. 
flr fi1 \ckTxr (u^tn'fr-D. n. mounted caa- 
ox-tu-A^A-jr non; great gims: ordnanoe: 
the oflSoere and men Handling the mounted 
guns of an army. 

ar fi cofi (ir'tl-xin). n. a trained 
oi-U-oolA man; a mechanic; a 
cra f t sm an. Also, artisan, 
arf tc-f (l^tlst). n. a person of esp 
on-lSl sj^^ talent, or ability In palntmc. 
sculpture, music, or literature: especial^ 
applied to a painter or sculptor. 
tkT ^^aJ^r (&r-tls'tlk). adj. beautHtal; oon- 
ar-US-UC celved and executed with skill: 
as. an artistic ending to a play or boc>k: dis- 
playing perfection of design or ccdoring; 
characterized by esthetic fueling or having 
an appreciation of beautiful things: as, aa 
artiauc temperament. 

ar-tis-ti-caUy 2l^;"^^-bg|^u.'« 

rules and practice of art. 

«i«>f lAce (t^lfis). adj, ft-ee from guile; hon- 

AAi.-A^90 est; simple; natural; unaffe 

sincere. — adt. artlessly. — n. artl( 


white people of Europe and southern A^la 
have descended. 

flis (^')' *^^' equally; in like manner; fbr 
<^^ example; because: similar to: amj. 
while; when; because. 

flC-fl ffkf 1-Hfl (&sM-f6t'Md). n. a vahi- 
tiA-a-iCi-A-ua able drug with a perststeDt 
odor and a bitt^- taste made from the roots 
of certain Oriental plants of the celery fkmlly 
and especially useful in treating hysteria or 
in quieting the nerves. Also, asafosttda. assa* 

ae Kac -fric (Be'b&'tds;i2-bfe't6s). n. it 
ti2>-ueb-l02> soft, fibrous. Incombustible 
material used in fireproof curtains, clothing, 
roofing, etc. Also, asbestus. 
oe ror\A (&-8&)d'). v.i. to take an upward 
ao-v«VAA\A direction; mount; go up; rise; 
to proceed from an infi»*lor to a superior posi- 
tion ; rise from a lower to a higher pitch or ume : 
r.(. to go or move upward upon; cUmb; go 
toward the source; as, to ascend a river. 
oe rarxiK flti rv (ft-«fin'd&n-«l). n. a gov- 
aa-vcuu-aiA-i^jr erning or controlling 
power or Infiuence; domination; rway. Also. 

flc ri»riH_iiTif (ft-eCn'd&nt). adj. rising: 
ttD-i^fSliU-llUt superior; predominant: 
above the horizon: n. superiority; a com- 
manding influence; predominance; an ances- 
tor: opposite to descendant. Also, ascendent. 

Ate, senate, rAre, c4t, locAl, fllr, dsk^ p<irade; sctoCj ftvent, Mge, novll, refSr; 
light, sin; c6ld, 6bey, cdrd, stdp, c^pare; Anit, (hiite, htarUf cut, foc^, mentt: 


a« t*Ai% aif\t% (&-8to'abAn)> n. the act of 
OS-UCU'^iilu movlof upward; a rising: 
Asocnstoa, the ascent of Christ into heaven. 

As-cen-sion Day t'SlSdiS"ro?S-di^S 

after Easter, on which is celebrated Christ's 
ascaision into heaven.— Acts L 
oc tf«onf (&-«fint'). n. the act of rising; an 
oo-vcAil* upward movement; the act of 
climbing; the way or means of reaching a 
height; a hiU or high place: an upward slope. 
oc ri»r "fflin (fa'&^tanO, v.L to make cer- 
ao-(;ei-uUU tain; to find out; to deter- 
mine deflnltely by test or examination. 
oerA+ ir ti-«et'Ik), adj. severely self- 
a»-CCi-A\« denying; exceedingly rigid in 
the exercise of rell^ous duties: n. one who 
gives up the things of -the world and devotes 
Elmsev to religious exorlses; one who sub- 
jects himself to severe methods of living; a 
hermit; a recAvae. — adv. asoetloally. 
oe n£ki- i /^cm (i-sCtl-sIzm) . n. the con- 
aS-Cei-l-ClSin aitlon or mode of Ufa 
adopted by one who renounces worldTy 
aflSurs; severe self-denial. 
oc tf*riKA (&s-krfb'). v.t. to attribute, Im- 
a2>-vAXUC pute, or refer, as to a cause; to 
consider to belong to; to assign: set down; 
as. losses may often be ascribed to imprudence. 
— ad), asorlteible. — n. asociptloa. 
o CAn ftr ((i-s^'tnc). ad), troa fk*om the 
a-dcp-uv germs of disease; surgically 

qqI* (&sh). n. \pL ashes (-fe)1. a common 
•i^>u tin^)^ and shade tree belonging to the 
olive family: the wood of the ash tree: hence, 
scnnething made of the wood, as a staff or the 
shaft of a spear or lance; what remains of a 
body or substance that is burned: pL the 
waste of burned ooal; the remains of a 
human body. 

o cViOTTiA/l (d-shSmdO. p.adi. affected or 
a-bmuueu touched by contempt or dls- 
gimoe; cast down or dejected by conscious 
goat: abashed by a sense of indecorum or mis- 
behavior; reluctant or hesitating through 
fear of reproach. 

ocVi ATI (&sh'^). ad), relating to the ash- 
oou-cu tree; made of ash; of the pale 
grayish color of ashes; pale. 
tk cliorA (<>-sb5r). adv. on shore; to the 
ur9U,\jLSS shore: as. a ship driven ashore 
in a gale: on land. 

Ash Wednes-day, ?* Sf^of L^SlI 

so called because of the former custom of 
sprinkling ashes on the heads of penitents. 
tkcmAfk (<^ldO. ado. on or to one side; out 
a-OAUC of a g^ven direction; apart; away 
tnmi n. a speech or remark made in a lower 
tone than the rest of the conversation, and 
MBumed to be heard only by the person for 
whom it is intended; someuilng apart fh>m 
the main issue. 

llfi-1 niriA (^s'l-nlo)' o,d). relating to the 
cio-A-AUAJ.^ ass; having the nature or qual- 
itles of an ass; obstinate; stupid; silly; as, 
an asinine remark. 

flc_i Titri t ^xr (fts1-nln1-tl), n. the quality 
as-l-nin-l-ty of being Uke an ass; obstf- 
nate stupidity. 

HqIt ^^^\' ^•^- ^ request; seek to obtain by 
**^'* words; petition or bog for; claim or 
demand; expect or require; as, what price 
do you askf Inquire respecrting; as. to ask 
the way* question; invite: r.i. to make 
request; inquire afto*. 

.Syn. crave, beg. beseech, i>etitlon, request. 
..AnX, (see command). 

33 aspirate 

aclrotii^A (o-sk&nsO. cidp. sideways: awry; 
-^**"^*? from the comer of the eye; 
disdainfully; distrustftilly. Also, askant. 
n clrAur (<i-6kiiO. ad), and adt. awry: out 
a-OA.W¥ of order or position; crooked, 
o clanf (d-«l&nt'). adj. and adt. not at 
a-biOUl. right angles; sloping: oblique; 
obliquely: prep, across hi a slanting position. 
o clAAn (d-«l$P'). ad), and adv. in a state 
a-OACup of slumber; dormant; uncon- 
scious; numbed. 

a-slope J„^^g2- pSS'tto^r" "*• *° " 


(lirectlon: leaning. 

flcn (^P)> ^' ^ small 
•*»P poisonous snake of 
Egypt; the common vi- 
per, or adder, of Europe. 
Also, aspio. 

as - par - a - gus 

(fts-p&r'd-gds) , n. a plant 
of the illy family having 
tender eatable shoots, 
used as a 

as - pect 

(fis'p^t), n. 

visual on 

mental ap- __ 

{)earance * ^*- 

ook; mien; air; outlook or prospect; appear- 
ance; view. 

ocn Afi (Rs'pSn; As'pfin). n. a kind of pop- 
aop-UAA lar tree whose leaves tremble in 
the slightest breeze: adi. relating to such a 
tree; quivering like a leaf of such a tree; 
tremulous; shaking. 

AC Tkar f fv (6«-p6r'^-tT). n. [pi. asperities 
ad-pcA-A-ljr (-tiz)]. roughness of surface; 
unevenness: roughness or harshness of sound; 
sourness; bitterness of taste or temper; 
crabbedness; moroseness. 
oe nArcA (&s-P^^')> v*'* to spread false 
ao-pCADC reports against a person or his 
character; to slandOT; to besprinkle. 
oc «Ar cmn (fts-pQr'shOn), n. injury by 
oo-pCA-dAUAA false charges; a slanderous 
report; calumny; a sprinkling, as of dust or 

oc nViol-f (&s'nUt), n. a black bitumen; a 
Oo-pAAOAt mineral pitch used for paving, 
rooflng. and cementing: v.t. to Iry down or 
cover with bitumen. Also, asphaltom. 

ac «Vir\ HaI (fis'f^dfil). n. the name of 
aS-pnO-uei several plants of the lily 
femlly; the daffodil of the older FnplLsh poets; 
in Greek mythology, the asphodel was the 
flower of the dead, its pale blosscms covering 
the meadows of Uados. 

oc nVnrY i_fl (fts-flk'sl-d) . v. a stopping of 
a9>pAAjJL-A-a. the pulse; the lifeless con- 
dition caused by the stoppln^f of the breath, 
as Jn choking, drowning, etc.; suffocation 
Also, asphyxy. 

oc nVi-wY 1 fl+A (ft»-flx'sl-at). v.t. to suffo- 
ad>pAAjJL-A-aLC cate; to caasf death or 
Its symptoms, bv depriving of oxyv-n. 
oc Tfcir (&s'plk). n. a poisorouH a.«sp. or 
ao-pAV Egyptian \iper; a clra" n^cat jelly 
containing fowl, game, Psh, etc.; the spike 
lavender yielding a volatile cIl. 
oc Tfcir ori+ (fts-plr'int), adj. ambitious: n. 
ao-pAA-OAAt one who seels to attain, or is 
ambitious for. some high object or pasition; 
a candidate. 

oe ni fO'fA (Rs'pl-Hlt), v.t. to pronounce 
2t^-pi-AaiC with a full breathing; to pre- 
flx or add the sound of the letter h: n. the 

b^t, f d6t ; found ; bofl ; function ; chase ; good ; joy ; f/ien, thick ; hw « wh as in when; 
2h «z as in azure; kh «ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxii. 

L' WU- (U'pl- 

-itklrmdr paanwed: MublttoD. 
■ nt va tn nr li^pfr'd-tSrD. o^. nlBt- 
— a-pUa-tO-^ In, "iS brwUUiii; ratud 
Co to* <fth»ii*iy ocBlr« 

■a An>a (I*j>lrO. i-l' to (Mk nTWr or daifni 
m>-pue «ttb louclac: yeKTD fOr Uuc vhlcli 
It bMMr ornobla': rlM or Bscaid; cokkt. 
as nj nn (la'pi-Ai). ». ■ white powdw 

rti^nnH*" bsMMbe, ooldi, etc 

_ivloc knwer ei . .» . , ,, , 

Ihui the hone: ■ duU. atupld reUow. 
as-ea fM t^n (la'4-feti-dd). n. & drag 
■S-Sa-iei-I-aS wju, » penlslait odor 
and hitter ttxle mula from the feUd nun 
[ado of eoUhi Orlenul ptanta of the oela-y 
IkaUlT. AIM. ■— Iwtllla, ■MjWldn. 
asj£an <hU'), cJ. to lUI anoD or BttMl 

a**"*-*"* Bttackliw: n. one who, c» 
Out -which, ktlacln. 

le who kOta. or 

tU. Kcntli- u 

It of unolher or othin. or for nw»rd: 

aJSa"si-nate STSS^i' iic£.SS 

mouu: lUr auddenly or uiii>iisr»i murder 

td-afllL'l. n. an kttuk vllh tIo 
lence b> pbnlcal means; ai 

„ — ID atuut by mlUUr; forco; i 

vtoleiit attack br monl fOn». aa by lue o 

Ibraat to do bodUT violence or Injury ti 

to atUck violmtlvj 
it by ilslble mana 

ri. uio at-t or process of And- 

metiils in a mrtuUlc cotn- 
OT, especially the standard 

cs-say Sira 

imrlty'or BiM • 
•ubatance or inv». » 
day* of chivalry, a u 


as-say-er ^S;*'', 

arpointad to t«st tbflpuu-, 

as.sem-blage *-";?'«"i 

any or pcmia broticht tontlia' iB ooa 
laa and Bir a coaunon oDleet, whetliw 
BltekHU. eduaUonal. pgllUcal. o BOClal; • 
Metlns: a oonsrefalJiHi; a lecMaUTe doof; 
bogle call to brine tnx^ toaeUw: (&• 
9COiid beatlnv of a dnm before • iDana. 

as^em-bly^naii ^^^^b«~br^ii 

art, or lawBiaktns, body. 

n. the *« or ai 
taCBDCo; ePE""" 

ance; to affirm: todedani'; 

A0 cA^ +iAn (i^r'ah^). n. the aci tf 
aS-Ser-nOn iedarlog paslllTely: Omt 

which la affirmed; a podtlre dedantkN 
wlttaout attempt at pioof: an nnnincned 

asSltive ffiSfffiiiSS?"-"- 

OS cBce Ii4<ta'), v.l. to tli or CMmnlne. ■•■ 
OS-acBCt damaaea; to Si, nt«^ or aet a 
certain charge upon, as a tai; as. the propstr 
■u aisajfi too blirh: to etUniate or lalns 
offictelly for the purpoae of taialioa.— •$ 

as-sessed tai*si^d'*S*Ais^ 

of propsCT, 

ipp olntedto 

wmcn u usaoie for pay 
Item of on'e'a propertj 

as-sev-er-ate ' 



aT-sYd-u-ous it^'^p%^i,^/- 

t-tn, n. Ipl. asaU 

nUoi'" "^Mi ' ■ 

pL Btudlrd an4 

assignee 3 

. lUrt^M). It. OM (o whom 
_ 9 uirtlilDC la made over, dther 

■t or tor bli own UM and enJoymaDl. 
BS-SIgn-meiH ,p,r(. aUolment, or w»- 
polDtDMnit to Kane urtlcular psraon or we: 
innrfWof UtlsorUiUrDat: IbedeadofmMiiC 
■BOcUng sucb ft tnnafer. 

AR-Rttm^r ^*•'^™ln, "- one who mna- 
"S-51gn-Or ia, „ iniBrtBt: one who 
apiniiiia or allots. Ateo. aulciw. 

as-sim-i-late S^^™ «'*a^«^t 

with KBHlhlnff elsa; ia atnorb or take iato 
liwOr, a« nourishmeni ; n.f. to become slinllar: 

Bs-sim-Ua-tion itJSJSS'S/iSS- 

log Into agTMiaeiit or banoDny; ths sUlfl of 
bouiff ahflorbed. or oT b«comLriT a pari of, 
an nit!* (t^in'l, V.I. to act u> a bclpor: 
aS-SlSl to help: lo aid: give aupporl lo; 
attflnd: reUtivfl: t.t. to lond help or aid. 

as-sis-tanceJ5^'^;'^ "^'"^''- •"' 
as-sis-tant |*;^^";diurr''nl''S 

who, {,-■''■■■ ' ■ 


as-size **J|2j"-'^-™-™ 

bj iarj ot dvU oft 
held reffuUi 


n of jiurtk 

of tlio BupremB i 


oaliy in plJ 

u. the astOt Ot bnad and ale. 
ae Oft t^ atA <l-<S'tihl4t). n. a compan- 
■S-SO-CUaie ion; & cmifodiirate: an all;-: 
OB* balancing to a aoctcty or institution: 
adj. Joined In Interest, object, oe pHrpouc; 
BharlnB olQce or omplwnient, as a coClcaRue 

"•jTn^UiV;_''^&^Ml>'t-i'io'unilB: jX 

_ ita. appropr 

as-suinp-ti<Hi iJ?SffJ»??*^-^JflS! 

■nlf: the act or takJot. . 
ipposed: the taking oi 

Sotu c^im. arTDgate. apwcwlate. 
■■ -lUnp'aKln), 
. -aldng to or L 
c for snnted: 

nrbal or unsMlod e 

a IL^honr'bu}, > 


afusort-ment ^r* 

of* mried charaelor; 
cbc«« aswrtmcnt or cai 

as-suage iti:7"''i 
as-sume ^V"??'!;! 

wOl: apiiroDriare; talr 

(t-sArt'mSnt), i 

3 para ting and anTine- 

mm. aa pain or BiM; 
;i. in take to: take 

for gmmerf: 'jifco In 

ac ciifail (t-^SBrd'). p.ail}. nude car- 
aS-SUrea tlUn:pHr»ntecd:self-poamMd; 
ancs pirtlcy stinS!"' "'' "* "* 
as-sur-eu-iy uJnly; mthont doabc, 
with firmness. 

as-sur-ed-ness £S^£ii""™.^^ 
As-syr-ia ot asi» cut of the 

loner at tbo head ot a povvful a 

Included Babylonia. PalcsUiie» buu mi* 

nelEhboriiuc couiiirl«. 

As-syr-i-an tSSi;1iATT&S 

InnBuBRe; n. a native of Aaayrla ; tbelanpusa 

ae +a«- (A^^'f^^). 1. a Tariet/ of rardsa 
Ub-ier ni^nt of the thistle (Umily, with 
nllBrnaloWv™ and rav-flow.w» Bhlcb Tmrr 

nIaDt Df this clan 
1. the figitra or a 

' ■ -.Unij or 

- -- IndlcaM 

lottws or word™ omitlad [• • •]: M.tonuirk 

a i-*^rrt l'1-elQm'l , udf. and a({>. a nautical 
a-olcm term: at or toward the back of a 
ahlp: behind a ahlp. 

ae tar nirl Ita'tOrold) . n. one of the man? 
aS-ier-Oia ,niall phmnts wImko orbilTua 
between Japiter and Man: adj. starllke: 

aline: the same defect In ■ lent. 

a.stir SiSSPA" •*■"»••»"• 

ac fnn fell l«-U^^). >•(< toatrfke wtth 
aS-lOn-lBQ audden womfct: to aurprtei 


(tU. pRUaUDCnt with Ibe widlbla bRMb. 

t».ji-ia-<ion S-'eSaS'- J SiS 

the rMrnlu Oaln tor Mnieiamg hlglMr or 
batlT thil Ch»t already pen— id; unUtlaB. (JriS^Suf — Sd 

Is-SM^si-nato ft*iSS'!i- n;<£.^ 

neana; ilay ndden]y or unawane; muntor 
tv (uddas or invcbtroui violence. 

as-sas-si-na-aon i!?!S'"S!Sl E, 

MCrM. KHiieUnies at the blddlns of olhtn or 
fW reward: murdtr. 

«E_sai-1l' O-^It'O. "' ■» altack with vlo- 
KS-SaUll lence (it phyrioil means: an 
onaUugbt: an attack by military foros: » 
vSoleot attack by moral rorce» a4 by use of 
arguDHnt or haetOa worda: an attempt or 

bodJlr vloleace or Injury to anotbR-: attack a 
lomoed pcKltlnn by a sudden cbar^e. 

OS-a»y log the <iu»niltf or proponlon of 
mny one or more metals In a meiAllIc com- 
pouDd, ore, or alloy, apedally ihe ntaodard 
parity of gold or sUtit coin or titilllDn; tbe 
•ubslvice or metal to be tat«d: In the 
dayi of chivalry, a trial by danfr?r; rlak; 
■dventnre: ».l. Ip.i. and p.p. attiycd. 
MwylDiil. to subject to anab-sls: to Bncf 1?ie 
QOaDUty or praportlon or one or more of the 
parta of a metal- I*-*"*'!. "■ ons "ho analyiw 
aS-Say-er melals: an omcor of the Mint 

. — ...-. --ipuriiy of bullion and coi- 

(t-eem-hUJ), n. the s 
of (lalliorlnB togelhi 

1-blage _. 

Uw (late or being calltt?«t In 

— oup or coUectlon of per 

dngs: the fltung togethi 
Itcea. as of maduoar: ■ 


pany of penont brooiftt tuiMha- li 
place and tor a commim object, wl 

opoa which (lie Kddltn nrike tfa — .^ 

as-sem-bly-man SS^^^ 

llTe, or lawmaking, body, 
ItS-^eUl concede, to Mrae to 

« poaltlTdy. or wi th m 

a rlshts and llbtrtliar' 
oD car tin^ 1&-a11r'shfin). n. tbe act ef 
aS-Ser-nOIl dMlanng poriUvely: (tut 
which li sfflrmed: a podclve declarBlloa 
without attempt at ptoof: an unsuppcrted 
ac_s(^tiTm (l-sOr'tti'). ndi. podtlTe:ooj»- 

as-ser-nve jtamt m «tatemont, 

'&-•«•'), vJ._ta flior determine, aa- 

at- cAE onr |i-*«'Gr), n. one appotnMl ttt 
as-heb-bur csUmaM the valtie 6f pn^xtO 
for taatlon. 

n«.c«>ts <*B'iU). n.pJ, all the pronw^ ofa 
tia-b«ia perwon. Arm. or eatato which may 
be used to nay his or IM debts: property 
which 1* usable forpailnn credltota : all that 

one's property. 


aS-56V-6i-iiLC or avtff pisl'llyplyl o 

aEsev^er-a-HoB UlS^J^SSSi^-Ji 

docliratloD. as upon oath: 

as-si-du-i-ty SZ'lSA'aS-.^ 

cation or unremitting attention to: d<lli[cnai: 
peisevarance : constancy: pi. atudlcd and 

no ciii IT ftiic (i-Bid'O-fis), adf. constant 
aS-Sia-U-OUS i,, application: devoted; 

one to ichom property or Interfflt Is left or 
man. bis h^n. and as'itms. 

as-sig-na-tioii ;S3S»2 

■ — used chlffly tn si"-" — - 





(18*1-00. n. one to whom 
anyttains !■ niAdd over* either 
In trust or for his own use and enjoyment. 
fl^cion mPTit (&"«In'm«nt). n. a setting 
a^-blgU-IUt^Ut apart, allotment, or ap- 
pointment to some particular person or use; 
transfer of title or interest: the deed <rf writing 
effecting such * transfer. 
06 e«cm /\«* (ftsl-nOrO, n. one who trans- 
•*^-^*B"-vi fers an Interest; one who 
appoints or aHots. Also, assicner. 
flQ citn I la-fo (Srs&n'M&t), v.t. to bring 
HS-bUU-l-Utie to likeness or agreement 
with something else; to absorb or take Into 
Itself, as nourishment: v.i. to become similar; 

as^im-i-la-tion itJ^:j;j;;^«?^iSi*S! 

Ing into agreement or harmony; the state of 
being absorbed, or of becoming a part of. 
oeeiof (&-«iBt), t.t. to act as a helper; 
•*^"»*»*' to help; to aid: give support to; 
attend: relieve: v.i. to lend help or aid. 
llft.fiiQ.fflnrA (ftrslfi't&ns). n. help; aid; 
a&-fild-UUiCe succor; support. 

AC ele i-on-f (&-8ls't&nt).otfi. helping; lend- 
OGHOId-uUll inif niji; auxiliary: n. one 

who. or that which, helps; a helper; an 

oo e«7A (&-«IzOt ^- [pI- assizes i-9t)], a court 
OD-dlAC; or session of jusUce for the trial 
by jury of dvll ortaimlnal cases: the sessions 
beta regularly In each county of England by 
judges of the Supreme Court: usually in plu- 
ral; the time or place of holding the assize: 
usually in plural; In English History, an 
ordinance (udng the weight, measure, and 
price of articles of general use sold in market: 
as. the OMits of bread and ale. 
oo CA t*t o-fA (&-80'shI-at). n. a compan- 
OO-oU-^l-ltlC ton; a confederate; an ally: 
one belooflng to a society or Institution: 
adj. jolnea in Interest, object, or purpose; 
sharing office or employment, as a colleague 
or partner; connected by habit, function. 
or sympathy: (&-05'shI-St). v.t. to unite; Join 
with: connect: accompany, as a compainlon, 
friend, or confederate: v.i. to unite in com- 
pany; to hare fellowship: to unite in action. 
AO-fiA-ri-A flAfl (*-«6'8l-i'8hfln:4-66'shI- 
aS-SO-Cl-a-UOn i'ahfln). n. the act of 
joining together or the state of fellowship; 
the union of persons in a society or dub: a 
body of persons organised for a common 
object: a corporation; a connection of ideas; 
that which Is mentally connected with a thing. 

Syn, combination; company; partnership; 

Ant, (me Isolation). 
oe_erk nani«A (&s'o-n&ns). n. resemblance 
aS-SO-nance of sound: rhyme in which 
Towels correspond but consonants do not; 
as, bdlfv and lady. 

fle.eo nnnf («a'6^i&nt). adj. having re- 
IUl-»U-llaul. sembUnce of sound. 
Ae c£\T^ (&-sdrtO. v4. to divide or separate 
asft-oUl t Into lota, classes, or kinds; to 
dassiry: arrange: v.i. to agree; to suit; be 
In accordance with. 

flO-JSArt mPTlf (*-»6rt'm8nt). n. the act 
ttSI-oUi t-iuciil. of separating and arrang- 
ing; a dassifled collection of i^cles or goods 
era varied character; as, the box contains a 
choice assortment of candy. 
oe etiocTA (&-«w&J').r.<. to soften or soothe: 
HO-OUagC allay or lessen, as pain or grief; 
appease or pacify, as passion, 
oo eiirriA (&-"{hn'). v.t. to take to; take 
09-9 uiuv up or Into: take upon one- 
self: appTOPrtate: take for granted: take in 

appearance: pretend to possess: v.i. to be 
arrogant: to presume. — p.adj. assuming. 
Syn. claim, arrogate, appropriate. 

flC Qiimn-finn (firsOmp'shOn). n. the act 
aS-SUmp-UOn of taking to or upon one- 
self; the act of taking for granted; the thing 
supposed; the taking of a person to heaven; 
a verbal or unsealed contract; arrogance; 
supposition: a disposition to claim more than 
Is one's due. 

ac citf onrA (ft-shCOKins). n. the act or 
aS-SUr-auce gtate of being sure; mtain 
expectation; a pledge; confidence; obtain 
proof; clear evidence; sdf-possesslon : self- 
reliance; courage: Impudence: a deed or 
other legal evidence of the conveyance of 
property: Insurance. 

ac citf A (&-shOOrO, v.t. to make sure or 
ao-ouxc certain; to inspire confidence by 
dedarstlon or promise; to secure to anothv; 
to free from uncertalntv; to Insure, aa 
against loss by fire or death. 
ac cttTCkA (&-sh<R)rdO. p.adj. made oer- 
ad-aiucu tain; guaranteed; self-possessed; 
Insured: n. a person In whose fkvor an Insur- 
ance policy stands. 

aS-SUT-ed-ly tahUy; without 'doubt; 
with firmness. 

aS-SUT-ed-neSS talnty; fUlfconJIdenoe! 

Ae crrr ia (&-«Xrl-&), an ancient country 
AS-Syr-ia. of Asia esst of the river Tigris, 
long at the head of a i>owerftil empire whidi 
Included Babylonia, Palestine, and the 
neighboring countries. 

Ac cirr i flti (i^-Bfr'WUi) . adj. reUtina to 

/Ib-byi-l-IUl Assyria, its people, orthelr 

language: n. a native of Assyria; the language 

of Assyria. 

oc "fAf (&s'tSr), n. a variety of garden 

ab-1,er plant of the thistle IkmUy. with 

alternate leaves and ray-flowers which vary 

from white to lilac, blue, or purple, common 

in the United States; any plant of this class. 

oc "l-Ar iclr (fis-tfir-Isk). n. the figure of a 

Ub-LCi-ldA. star 1*1 used In printlnj| or 

writing as a reference mark, or to indicate 

letters or words omitted [* * *]: r.f. to mark 

with such a star. 

o d-At-n (dstdm'), adj. and adv. a nautical 

a-dtciu term: at or toward the back of a 

ship; behind a ship. 

a c f Ar /\iA (ftsOSr-oid) . n. one of the many 

a^-1,f;i-UlU gniaU phinets whose orbits He 

between Jupiter and Mars: adj. starlike; 


flcffi mfl (i^'md; Is'md). n. a disease, at- 

abUl-um tended by difficulty of breathlM. 

aSth-mat-lC affected with difficulty ^ 
breathing: n. a person suffering fttun 
disease attended by difficulty in breathing. 

as-tig-maUc Si''lSrSi^'%^ 

curing, a defect of the eyes because of which 
the rays of light do not focus property. 

as-tig-ma-tism itSI^S'iSfSUiU 

of the eye because of which the rays of light 
do not meet in a point on the retina but form 
aline; thesamedefect Ina lens. 

a«Stir (^~<'^^')> ^' ^^ ^^* ^^ ^^ more; 

AC f Afi icfi '(&s-tdn^), v.t. to strike with 
U^-lUU-i^U sudden wonder; to surprtse; 
to amaze. 

as-ton-ish-ing i^^^olSSS; «55S. 


b6&t, fd6t ; found; boil; fuAction; chase; good; joy; then, thick; hw >"wh as in ¥dien; 
zh ">c as in azure; kh «Bch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxiy 




as-ton-ish-ment ^^^S^T'^J^'Ui 

mrprlaed; amaxement. 

AC -fiMtn/1 (&i-toundO. *'.(• to strike with 

a»-lUUUU amazement: fthock: alarm; 

stun. — p4idj. astonndlnc. — adio. astowndlngly. 

o ei-roH Hlo (<i-strftd'l) . ado, with one leg 

a-SUItU-Uie on each side of sometlilng; 


AC -f*^ IrViori (is'trd-k&n) , n. tlie skins of 

ao-tm -niimi yoongr lambs, the curly 

wool of which looks like fur. obtained trom 

Astrakhan, a city in Russia; an imitation of 

Ibis wool or ftir. 

oc 4^o1 (fis'triU), adj. relating to the stars; 

Od-UOi starry: star-shaped. 

il-fifnitf «l-stra'). adr. out of the right way 

a-ouajr or proper place: wandering. 

o o¥T\A£k id-isMd'), adv. with Uie legs wide 

U-ttUlUC apart: astraddle. 

ae_frfln cr«k-n rxr (is-trln'i&i-BD, n. the 
aS-mn-gen-Cy quality of being binding; 
harshness; severity. 

IIQ_frin-irATlf (*»-trIn'j8nt). adj. btndtng; 
a^-UJU-geut contracting: opposite to 
ioxdi-v.* n. a substance or medicine that con- 
tmcts the tissues and ^ecks discAiarges. 
oe ¥rf\ IoKa (is'tro-l&b), n. an instirunent 
O^-UU-lttUC formerly used for measuring 
the heis^t of the sun or stars: now. super- 
seded or replaced by the sextant. 

as-trol-o-ger 35S?''&'*&^~?v2l2 

by t> tiw t" # of the stars. 

fl&.frn1.n v\r (»»-tr6l'6-JD,n. astronomy In 
a^UTUi-O-gy itg earUest form: the art of 
predtetlng ot foret^ling events by the ap- 
peaBaaoe of the heavens, or by reading the 

fifi-frr«n-n triAr (Ss-trdn'A-mer). n, one 
aS-lXOn-O-mer ^^o studies or is versed 
In tlM science dealing with the stars, planets, 
and other heavenly bodies. 

as-tro^om-ic-al <tf«?'lS;SS?'S:"<i^ 

aeoording to. the laws of the heavenly bodies. 
Also, astroaomlc* — ada. astronoaUci 

as-tronom-i-cal signs i^*'^^)'; 

the signs of the zodiac, or paths of the moon 
and principal planets, i 

as-tro-nom-i-cal year S?iLi^*K"'a 

year the length of which is determined' by 
observing the neavenly bodies. 

OA-frori-n mxr (Ss-trdn'fi-mD.n.thestudy 
aS-iron-O-iny of the heavenly bodies; 

the science t^di describes the heavenly 
bodies and their motions. 
flo f«if A (is-tOf). adj. shrewd: keen; cun- 
«»-lUiC ning: crafty: subUe.— ode. astutely. 

Syn. acute, sharp, sagacious, skilled, wily. 

Ani, (see blind) . 

as-tute-ness <S;«S;"«; "• ™°°^= 

a -Clin A^T (<i-saii'<l&'). <i<^. apart; sep- 
a-ftUU-uer aratdy: into parts; in pieces. 
II -SV liim (d-«T'ltoi), n. [pi. asylums 
a-Sy-AUm (-iflinz)l. a place of refuge, 
retreat, or security; an Institution for the 
care or relief of the aged, poor, or afflicted. 
nf (ftt). prep, simple presence or position in. 
«*^ on. nearby, or the like; as. at the center; 
at the top: at home; at hand, etc.; position, 
state, condition, etc.; as. at dinner; ct play; 
at work, etc.: relative position, degree, price, 
time, etc.; as. ai the beginning; at the fourth 
house from the comer: at ten years of age. etc. 
o-f fl vicm (&t'd-vTzra). n. a similarity or 
m-g-YiDiAi. likeness to a distant ancestor 

or relative, such as the strong resemblance of 

a child to his great-grandftither. but not to his 

own Ikther; the return of any disease f^om 

which an ancestor in remote generations has 


flf_fl infl +11* (4t'd-vli'tlk), adj. of or r»- 

at-a.-VlS-UC latlng to the resemblanoe 

to ancestors. 

afA (^^)* P*"^ tense of the traasttiTe and 

"•••^ intransitive verb oat. 

a-fA lior (^'t&4y&0. n. a workshop; a 
-le-uei studio; spedflcally. the studto 
of a painter or sculptor. [Pb.] 

afViA icm (.i'thi-Izm). n. dlsbeUef In. or 
-lae-ism denial of. the existence of a God. 
afYiA ic-f (&'th^bt). n. one who dls- 
-UlfS-lSl. beUeves or denies the extsteoce 
of a God. 

a-the-is-tic g'l^^SS^:!'^ «iSS5lS 

disbeUefinGod. Also, athsis&al. 

AfViA no (ti-the'nd). n. In Greek myti»- 
-lae-Iia ology, the goddess of wtodooi 
and of war: called by the Romans Minerva. 
flfVi A fiA iim (&th'^DS'Qm). n. \pl. ath- 
ain-e-ae-Uin eneunw (-Omx) and atho- 
nea M)), an institution or dub devoted to 
the study of literature and art; a building 
used as a library or reading room. Also, 

a-fViircf (^-thdrstO. adj, thirsty; flgura- 
-lUUM tively. having a keen desire; 
athirst for knowledge. 
afYi Ia+a (&thiet). n. one trained to 
aui-lCiC tend in feats of physical streng;tlL: 

I^hyslcal power and 

one possessed of great 

ath4et-ic aS^*SK;«H*V£: JSaSy«^ 

**•'** *>*fc AW those trained for physical con- 

tests, or to their perfmnanoes; stfoi 
vigorous; muscular. — adv. attaletlei 
flffi lA<f ire (&th-l«t1ks), n. any sjrstem of 
aui-ACWlCS training by gymnastic exei^ 
cises or outdoor sports: the system of rules 
and principles used in physical or bodily 
training, as running, rowing: gymnastic 
dses coUectlvelv. — n. atkliwnlMMi 

a+finmrf (a-thwftrtO. ad9, across; 
-lUWIUi side to side: crosswise: prep, 
across the course or directioii of, as of a ship; 
firom side to side of. 

af{l4. (d-tllt), adj. and adv. In the posltios 
-uit or with the action of a person w^^irtng 
a thrust; tilted. 

At-lan-tic O-cean ^^:Sl *''^k 

separates Europe and AfHca itom America. — 

adj. Atlantic. 

Q^ lac (&t1fts),n. \pl. atlases 

awias J.^)j ^ coOecUon of 

maps botmd in a volume. — 
Atlas, In mjrthology. one of the 
Titans condemned to bear up 
the heavens or the earth. 

atlas pow-der ^uM«f " 

a powerftil explosive used for 
blasting purpoBes, as in build- 
ing railroadis, removing tree 
stumps, etc. 

at-mos-phere ^IVk^S: 

the air which surrounns* the* 
earth; the influence, mental Atlas 

and moral, exerted on a per- 
son by hlK environment or surroundings. 

at-mos-pher-ic fft'S^*'?^.?^ 

conslBtlng of, existing in. or dependent up<m, 
the air. Also. atnio8ph«ioaL 

Ite, senAte, rAre, cAt, lodU, filr, Ask, pdrade; scdne^ ftvent, Mge, novil, r^€r; 
right, sfa; cdld, dbey, cdrd, 8t6p, compare; flnit, finite, " 

bOm, oSt, focib, men^ 

atmospheric pressure 



at-mos-idier.ic pres-sure ft^r^^t 

prfeh'dr), the preesura exerted in every 
mrection upon a body by the air: equal to 
14 2/3 pounds to the square inch, 
o f/vll <<i-t6r: ftt'dl). 71. a coral island in the 
a-iiiu form of an outer ring of coral sur- 
rounding a basin or lagoon. 
of rtm ^&t'fim). n. the smallest part into 
ttL-UiiA which an element can be divided 
without losing its nature; a minute quantity; 
as. he has not an atom of sense, 
o f/\m it* (a-tdm'Ik), adj. consistins; of 
a-iUlii-AV matter in tlie smallest partides; 
extremely minute. Also, atomioaL 
Q'f /\m 170 (&t'ilm-iz). r.(. to reduce to 
at-Ulii-l^C very fine particles; to spray. 
of r\Tn 17 At* (afam-iz'Sr). n. an Instru- 
ai-OIIl-l^-t;i nient for changing a liquid 
to a fine spray in ord^ to disinfect, cool, etc. 

afiMiA (<>-ton). v.i. [p.t. and p.p. atoned. 
-iilliC atoningj. to make reparation 
or amends, as for injury done or implied; 
give satisfaction for: v.t. to expiate. 

a^fvn£k mA-nf (d-tdn'mSnt). n. amends or 
-iUUC-IUCUt satisfaction for wro^ or 
injury: something done or suffered by way of 

a^r^ ttrv\ (I'trt'Qm). n. a square hall or 
-Ul-UUl court lighted ftx>m above, into 
which the other rooms of the house open : in 
ancient Greece, the main room of the house; 
the main part of the auricle of the heart. 

afr/% i«irkiie (d-trd'shfts), adj. wicked In 
-UU-UIUUO the highest degree: extremely 
criminal or crud; outrageous. — adv. atro- 

aWr^n « 4rT id-trHa'IrtS), n. [pi. atrocities 
-UUl^l-lY (-tiz)]. enormous wickedness: 
extreme cruelty. 

of f/v TkVkrr (ftt'r6-fT), n. a wasting of the 
at-XU-piiy body, or any part of the body, 
due to the lack of food, or ansing from lack of 
nourishment : v.i. [p.t. and p.p. atrophied, 
atrophying), to waste away: to dwindle. 
flf rA f%inA (ftt'rd-pln), n. a very danger- 
ai^ro-pUiC ous pobon found In the deadly 
nightshade or belladonna. Also, atroptai. 
of foi*Vi (&-t&chO. ifi' to fasten, or flx, 
ai-ui\«u or on; bind; connect with 
appoint to; connect by ties of affection; 
take, or seize, by legal authcnity: v.i. 
adhere or belong to; as, no blame attached to 

iif fo rVi^ (i'ti'shiO. n. one who is 
ai.-ui.«\«uc attached to an embassy or lega- 
tion in a foreign court, as an aide or assistant 
to the ambassador: an officer on the staff of a 
higher officer. [Fn.) 

flf fflrVi TTl**tlf (J^t&ch'mdnt). n. adhcr- 
ai-ia.i;il-iueux ence; fldeUty; affection 

or regard : that which connecte. or the thing 
which is connected; in law, a seizure of the 
person, goods, cm* estate by l^ral process. 
of foi«1r ^&-t&k'). r.t. to assault: fall upon 
at-iai^A. ^yjth force; assail with intent to 
overcome, or to damage, dlso-edit. or bring 
into ridicule; begin to affect or act upon, as 
disease: r.I. to make an onset: n. the act of 
assailing in any sense of the word; spedfl- 
caUv. a battle: a seizure by illness. 

Syn., r. assail, assault, encounter. 

Ant. (see defend). 
of foin (&-tin'). v.t. to achieve: gain; ac- 
av-Muu oompUsh: v.i. to reach; come, or 
MTlve. at. 

attain^-ble S^*;^-aV°^^i^^* """ 
attainder <S'^;?*>.-."-.iSS ^Ig'J'^S 




persons under sentence of death for 
or felony. 

of fflln triAfif (&-tin'm&it). n. the act of 
aX-Xam-IIieill arriving at or reacbing m 

the result of exertion or effort; an acquir»> 


of fotnf (&-tantO. v.t. to taint; to oor- 

ai-UUUl rupt; sully or stain by disgrace. 

flf far nf roc_AC ^^^'^ of nJz'te). an 

firom the petals of 
ottar, otto. 

the rose. 

or pure 

flf f ATnnf (&-t^mptO. r.t. 
av-iempx to accomplish; 

to make an effort 
try; endeavor 
or essay to i>erform: try to win; attack, or 
invade: n. a trial or endeavor: an effort to 
gain a point: an attack or assault. 
of f An/1 (&-t&]d), r.(. [p.t. and p.p. at- 
ai-t«;ilU tended, attending), to wait 
upon; accompany or be present with; serve 
or look after m any capacity; t>o present at; 
accompany or follow: v.i. to pay heed or 
regard to; listen; care for. 
flf f AnrI onrA (i-t^'d&ns). n. the act of 
at-tCUU-llUCt; waiting on: presence; the 
persons in waiting. 

flf f AfiH on'f (&-t&i'd&nt). n. one who 
at-lCUU-Olli accompanies in the service 
or train of another; one who is present; tiiat 
which Is consequ^it upon anvthing else 
adj. accompanying or immediately fcdJowlng 
as, intemperance, with all its attendant evils 
being present; depending on or owing duty 
or service to. 

of f An firm (&-t&i'shftn). n. the act of 
ai-lCU-UlIU applying the mind to any- 
thing; consideration or regard for anv per- 
son or thing; a mark or act of civility or 
courtesy; care for the comfort of others; a 
military command to assume the attitude at 
motionless erectness and heed. 
flf fAn fiiTA (i-t«n'tlv), adj. heedftil; to- 
aX-ien-UVe tent; mindfUI: regardful of 
the wishes of others. 

of fAn 11 of A (&-ten'tl-at). v.t. to make 
ai-Xeil-U-axe thin or slender; " thin out 
by dilution: v.i. to become thin, slender, or 
fine; lessen: adj. (&"tdn'<!i-4t>. thin: slender. 

flf fAtl ii_fl fiAil (&-tto^-4'8hiJn). n. the 
aX-Xeu-U-a-UOn act or process of mak- 
ing slender, or of thinning out by dilution; 
the state of being slender. 
flf f Afif (&-t€sr), t.l. to bear witness to; 
at-t^Dt to certify as being genuine or taru^ 
especially In an official sense; to give proof 
of; to manifest. 

of f AC fo fii\n (ftt'Ss-tE'shfin). n. the act 
tti-ieb-Ut-UlIU of certifying: testimony or 
evidence given on oath. <m* by official dedara- 
tion; swearing in. 

of fir (&t11<)i ^- ^^^ room or space Inunedl- 
at-uv ately beneath the roof of a house; 
a garret. 

Af fir (!^^'^)> odj. relating to Attica, In 
xxt-LAV^ Greece: classical: dellcat«. 
flf firi» (^tlrO. n. dress: clothes: habit; 
at-UA^ garb: v.t. to dress; dothe; array; 

pf fi fi|/lA (&t^-tQd). n. bodily position or 
at-u-tuu^ posture: the bearing assumed 
by a person which shows or indicates Mb 
feeling, opinions, or Intuitions; pose. 

tkf ff\r.naxF ^^^^''^^' »»• tp'- attomeyi 
at-iUA-aicjr (-nTz)J, a lawyer or legal reiM^ 
sentative: one legally qualified to act for 
another In the transaction of private busineM. 
or In the management, prosecution, or de- 
fense of actions at law. 

at-tor-ney-gen-er-al L^ii?^°^:^^; 

b66t, f d6t ; found ; boil ; f uAction ; chase ; good ; joy ; //len, thick ; hw « wh as in when^ 
2h>2 as in azure; khsch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxii. 




chief law oflQcer appointed to act for a govwn- 
ment: the chief law ofBcer of a '^tato. 
0X fra^f (&-tr&kt'). rX. to draw to. or 
tti-Uavi towards: cause to approach; 
draw by moral influence: invite; allure. 
of -ffotf* -H/vn (ft-trftk'shan). n. the power 
al-uai^uuu ©r act of drawing to or to> 
wards; charm; that which charms. 
of ffoi* ftt7ft (&-trftk'tIv). adj. cha r min g ; 
ai-lXaC-UVe allurine: inviting. 
of 4-riVk itf A (i-trlb'Qt). r.t. to ascribe: 
ai-UlU-Uie Impute: assign: n. (Et'rl-but). 
trait; property; a characteristic. 
of fW Vfcti fiAti (ftt'rI-bQ'shiin), n. the act 
ai-Xn-DU-UOn of imputing a quality or 
characteristic to a po'son or thincr; an 
ascribed quality or character; designation. 
of frlK 11 fit7ia (ft-trlb'ti-Uv). n. a word 
ai-UlU-U-UVe denoting a quality; a 
word Joined to and describing a noun; an 
adjective or adjective phrase. 
of fri fi/\Ti (&-trlsh'Qn), n. the act of 
a I- Ul-Uiiu rearing by rubbing; abrasion; 
the state of being worn ; grief for etn arising 
only trom fear of punishment. 
of fiiriA <^tQn'). t.<. to put In time; bring 
cti-tUliC jjito accordance or narmony. 
4»tt iM-ivri (O'bilm). adj. reddish-brown: 
aU-DUm said usually of the hair. 
our fi/\Ti (dk'shfln), n. a public sale of 
ttUV-Uilli property or goods to the highest 
bidder; the property or effects so offered for 
sale: v.t. to sell to the highest bidd^: auction 
brldj|«, a variety of the game of bridge whist. 
oii#* fiAii fi^ar (6k'shiSn-5r'). n. one U- 
auv-uuiA-c^x censed to sell property or 
goods by public sale: v.t, to sell to the 
nli^est bidder. 

oil Ho^rirviic «V<la'shfis). adi. bold: dar- 
aU-Oa-ClOUS ing: spirited; Insolent; im- 
pudent. — adv. aadaciouuy. 
oil /lor 1 fir (6-dfis'I-tI), n. [pi. audacities 
aU-OaC-l-iy (-tiz)J, boldness; daring; 
■pirit; prestmiptuousness: impudence. 

Syn. impertinence, hardihood. 

Ant, (see meekness). 
ail Ai 1\1a (6-dI-bi), flrfi. loud enough to be 
aU-ai-Die heard.— adr. audibly. 
oil At Arir» (6'dl-*ns). n. an assembly of 
ll.U-ui-c<u%^v hearers : admittance to a 
hearing or formal Intervlow with one of high 

oil Atf (O'dit). n. official examination of 
ttU-lUt claims or accotmts; a regular set- 
Uement of accotmts: v.t. to examine and ad- 
just, as accotmts or claims: v.i. to act as 
examiner of accounts. 

oil At f AT (d'dl-tSr). n. a hearer or listener; 
nu-Ui-LUi a person appointed to examine 
and verify accotmts and claims. 
fill Hi fA ri iitn (0'<M-t6'rI-iXm), n. [pi. 
aU-ai-IO-n-Uni audltoHa M). and audi- 
torlim:)s (-ilmz)l, the space in a theater or other 
public building assigned to the audience. 
ail At fA rxr (fi'dl-td-H). adj. relating to 
au-ui-tv-Ajr bearing, or to the sense or 
organs of hearing: n. an audience: a place or 
•pace allotted to hearers; an auditorium. 
ail tr^T (A'S^)* ^- ^ carpenter's tool for 
nu-^cx boring holes larger than these 
bored by a gimlet. 

fiiicrfif (^^)< ^' anything: any part; in 
AUgxxL arithmetic, a cipher: hence, naught, 
nothing: atfr. inany way: at all. Also, oufht. 
oii<r monf (Ag-m6nt'). v.t. to increase; to 
aug-lUCUL enlarge in size or extent: r.i. 
to grow larger: Increase in strength. 
flii attr (d'^^K ^- ^^ ancient times, one 
au-^UA ^ho officially foretold events by 
pattu-al signs or omens, such as the flight of 

birds, thunder and lightning, etc.; one who 
professes to foretell events by omens: m 
soothsayer: a prophet: v.i. to Infer firom 
signs or omens : r.<. to predict, betoken or infer. 

Sun- 1>. forebode, predict, prophesy. f(M>et^. 

Avi. (see assure). 
All «ni rv (p'K^-rf), n. \pl. auguries (-rtr)I. 
•****&**"* J the art or practice of foretelllDg 
events by reference to natural signs or omens; 
an omen; prediction. 

fill oiiQf «i-KQst'). adj. imposing: having 
au-guoi. grandeur and dignity: majestic; 
of a nature to inspire a'^o and reverence: of 
high rank; eminent: noble: solemn: awful. — 
Aucust, n. the Eighth month of the ye«r« 
having tiiirty-one days: named by the Romao 
emperor, Augustus Cffsar, in his own honor. 
fliinf (^V> ^' ^^® sister of one's father or 
auiii mother; also, an uncle's wife. 
oil ra l^'i*^)* "• &° imaginary influence, 
•***"*«* force, or matter issuing fh>m the 
hiunan body and stu'rounding it like an 

oil rA of A (6're-ftt). adj. goldCT; gilded: 
ttU-re-aie splendid. 

oil rck /\ 1o (0-re'^M). n. a halo, radiance. 
UU-XC-U-ilt or bright cloud sturounding 
the figures of Christ, the Virgin, and the 
saints, as represented by the painters. Also, 

oil ri riA (O'rt-kl). n. the outer ear: that 
au-AA-v«AC part of the ear which projects 
from the head: one of the two chambers ai 
the heart which receive the blood ft-om the 

oil rtr 11 lor (fi-rik'<l-ldr), {idj. relating to 
au-iiu-u-iai the oar or to the sense of 
hearing: privately addressed, as to the priest 
in the ccnfessional : perceived by the ear; 
known by report: obtained by the ear; ear- 
shaped; belonging to the chambers of the 

All rif AT miQ «>-rtf'8r-fls), adj. g<dd- 
aU-ru-er-OUS bearing: yielding or con- 
taining gold: as, auriferous quartz or strata. 
oil ri fArm <6'rl-fftrm), adj. ear-shaped: 
au-n-lUIin having the form of the human 
ear: as. an auriform shell. 
oil rA ro «^-r6'rd), n. [pi atiroras (-rd*)|. 
au-lU-ia the rising light of the rooming: 
the dawn or dayspring: Aurora, the Koman 
goddess of dawn. —-adj. auroral. 

au-ro-ra bo-re-a-Us {£^,'£1^,355.1 

radiance of the sky in far northeni latitudes 
at night. (Lat.] 

au-ro-ra aus-tra-lis i^^f th^ 

radiant night lights of the southern polar sky. 


fliiQ T\tra ^Os'Pfe). ^' IP'- auspices (-*z)J. 
a.uo-|/A^^ an omen or sign drawn trotn 
birds; an omen or sign in gen«*al: as. an 
auspice of good fortune: protection; patron- 
age: flavoring influence: generally In fluial. 
fliiQ ni riAiiQ f^ Pteh'fis), a4j. having 
aud-|ii-i/AUUd promise of success or hap- 
piness: favorable: fortunate: prosperous. 
otic fArA (Os-ter'). adj. imadorned; severe 
aua-lCiC or strict: rigid In character or 
mode of living: se%'erely simple: sotu*: harsh; 
rough to the taste. — adv. austerely. 

Sun. rigid, rigorous, stem. 

Ant. (see dissolute). 
011C fi»r 1 fv (Os-t^ra-tT) . n. roughness or 
auo-t^x-A-tjr severity of manner or life: 
harsh discipline; stem simplicity. 
All fViA-n fir ^^thCn'tlk), adj. genuine: 
aU-men-UC original: duly authorised; 
true: trustworthy. Also, anthentlcsl. 

tte, senftte, rflre, cftt, locil, filr, ask, pdrade; scfine, €vent, ddge, novil, ref€r; 
rij^t, sin; cOld, 6bey, c6rd, st6p, c6mpare; unit, iinite, bftrn, ciit, fociis, menii; 


au-then-ti-caUy ff^'^iSS^ 

muiiur: autfaoriiAtlTiIir; aetiullri mlly; with 

auSen-a-cate SlSitS'k^ S 
au'Sen-a-ca.tion i'^St°S'.'""i 

lot the geoulneiuH. tnitb. or crcdlbUlly ot 
njUiiag: to law, tbe offlcUl veriacxtlon of > 

anSeaSc-i-ty SSg'S'ffi."™! 

lO acceptance. 

"■■_!'■?£ ...... 

a book : one who outka 


au-thorSi .. 

thing : ui origlnatoi 

teSon of wilting; _ .j™_^. 

au-thor-i-ta-tive SST^Att 

demand obedience; with the air orbi ' 

duly «ni>oirired: dJctaCorlal: positlTe; c 

maedlasi h, he acted In on aulhorUatirt 
maoner. — aOt. anthorttaUnlr. 

au-thor-i-ty S«"St'2!i!'pow4''!ir?teht°^ 

Ocatlon or supp^ for slamment or actions 

mind: a ralo-: one' to wbom appeal ot 
rrfowice can bo made: pi. the govwrnnent 
or legal officials. 

au-thor-i-za-tion {e;'^t^'-'5f^g;lC 

. IS'luftp-U). r,(. 'to clothe' 
- power: give a right to 

Bii *n (ft'tA-li »rc/lr'ln«nlaBaelf: of __. 
aU-10- aaU;ott{iieV. as. aulomobUa, moving 

au-thor-ize ^ 

att-to-in-toz-i-ca-tion il^^ii?K: 

, fbrm of poUonlng, o 

m pzvducfKl within oa 

nil tn mat iV [0-l6^nJWTk), ad}. haTlnc 
aU-lO-mai-lC mBpowtcofiaU-motlooor 

Hlf-actlon; dooa uncougdoiuly or from ftaro* 
of bablt: n. tplatol which can be rapldlr dis- 
charged without — '-■— •>- >■ »'-~ 

au-to-mo-blljst JSI^hol^^'^cc^: 

trolaa motor-car^ s chaulTsur, 

au-to-mo^or i*;iS^;Sk=." ' ""■ 



an +iitn« (A'tQm). n. the season between 
aU-nUnn summer and winter, bednnlDK 
about Seplambcr 23. and ending about 
December 23: often <^led Jail, as being 
the time of the lUUng qf the Ircvni: a period 


duced or nthered In thci I&ll; relating to Che 
polod of llh when middle ago ia past. 

au-tum-nal e-qui-nox i-i^^lSoE'l 

luilllBria (-rii)l, a beliKr; an anbtant: a 
confedenite or ally; ald^of any kind; a verb 
which help* to tonn the mooda and tAie^fe of 
other verbs: pi. foreign troopa In (he servlco 

n Trail (^T^'). r.f. to be of UK, value, or 
B.-Van KTvlce: to give aid (owani an end: 
to serve for a punwHe; as. wealth does not 
opafl OD a desv-t &land: i.I. to t>i^ -uvan- 
tagsof.arpraat by; as. I oniUed myself ot his 
,«*«. _ .—_. -~~~- loirarda an end: advan- 

bAt, fdbt; found; boll; fuActioii;cha8e;sood; Joy; (Aen,tluck;hw—wha8m«rfMn; 
ih^iasiiiuuie; kh— ch ftsin loch.( See prepimclttioit kej, pagta ax to nai. 

•■rtb IroDi the helghta at a mounlaln \ anr- 
thliw tluc ovmtaelDU by audden uid natat- 
laaa Ibrco: u, ui ataianau of woe. 
av-a-nce & ™ltJi: coveWusnaia: ou- 
pldltr: cracdlnaa. 

ai-a-ri-cious KSSMjft.'^i! 

■reedr (or gain : itnnilnc rapadoH; mlorly. 

a-VaSt Htopi niwrhifid' "" 

aTMitnt i'l-'*'"': d-Y«nn. inter), bceonel 


. ji sUMnai 

ipuimo of ft niunbcr of dtftrvBt 

■■■■■. Uw «««iM»i typ«: ».(. lo fl— ' •'-- 

■CO br ulUuneUc by dirldlni [> 
Moona * nnmber; to ndac« to ■ luimu. 

a-Vellte luRant; bcvliiB ■ rBpucuDt 

, n, oppoajtlon or 

.^r_ „ at mind: anllp- 

Bied dbltke: Lbe objoct or cmne of 

^vn. haired, uiUpaUiy. 
AM. (m affscthm). 

a-ver-sion '„ 

t dblt 

BlMBiln Arluloa. I, Lunilpr tin 
(IVll); 4.CurUaU[t]WHS llSM)i «. 

a-Ve ajaluutlon: Ai^an AvoMaria ("Halt 

vaigeaoco: to requlni sallsfoctloa tor tnjiur; 

av-e-nue '-^^^k « \'pE.";°'r*idi 

flpintlvoJy, moaiu of aco^s or allalumeot; 
aa. hard work \s tho surest nteniie lo surc^. 
a w<*r C-vOr'), t.(. |o.r. aiid p.p. avorrnd. 
B-VCI p „r, avirrinal. to afflnn posHively; 

avTr" .!eT«ii.'i,'r 37!ras:; 

OaantlUa of tba same kind addul toeothtr 
pODSd of Hugaf cost at varlom llmES fl, H. ". 

1. tb« hfMo or ucred 


A-ves-ta '^^^'^l; of-y«aara ^ 

Zoro»at»Tla Ihc Buibur; Ibo Zend- A vesta . 
a-Vl-a-ry «Voii»fl, lirg'o ™ito,'or taclo«uw 

(light; the art or sclenCB of IrBVPllng bl' alr- 

n tH Ji +nr {S'*>-l'Wrl. n. a fly«: «ib 
a-Vl-a-tOr op,;rator or a Oylng machine; 

a-vi-a-trix iK™ ■';!!"';&£n''o'™"Al£>" 

a-vi-cul-ture Cfl^^ngptbMT;*" 
a-vid-i-ty i?;!"^!'^'^""" 

jnt^nnpna " 

ln[«nfipin»a of d 

itc, Bonate, tflre, cit, lodl, ftr, Ask, jxtrade; BcCne, (vent, Sdge, novil, tetir; 
r^t, eln; cfild. Obey, cArd, st6p, cSmpore; dnit. Unite, bftro, cut, focus, meofll 

a-void i^SS?' 
a-votd-ance i| 

J. to keep twar train; 
I abaUiD amn. 
rold-ina). n. the act of 


(Or wfltghlTis all commiidlileH (scppt prvdmu 
matalH. gvma. and drugs. 

a-vouch to^™^i-,^i7: 

to declare postdvely; to voDcb iv w •uano 
Ar: to Kuannuw: admit or confHa. 

luMttr — aif. anwM. — ad». amwWlr. 

Aat. (see deDr). 

aTTMiT al <D-Toa'U). n. an open d«lan- 
-VOW-ai uon; , 6^ik aeknooledgiiMDt: 

a-vun-cu-lar ^TJ^'iS'^n^ 

aTwrait (A-wW);u>ioak 
-nan or eipect; (o bo nady ftr. 
n wairn f^-''^*^- "J- IP-*- ">d PP. •■o 
a-WBKe awakea, p^ awiiJ^I. 

Ulas sleep; pnt Inui actloo; to Infoaa d 

•dT: (o become al«r(: ad}.' not aleepl] 
nOHd bmii •leeo or loaoUilij ; In a (tate 

terlTal: a4f. roudng; ei<;lllnB; atl 

tton of malt: 

inWMAf pittes In a 

Ibedeilrtoa ofarblintan on po bU nibialctsd 
(Uoo: tbac wblcb la awa rded oc uditaed, u 

a-Ware consdon; vlgllaat.— ^. a w awn m . 
K-WaaXI Just above the aur&oe of the 
waler ao tb»t the iravw break ova-, m trreck- 

wltti water; kept wet; aa, the deda were 
iHiA: toned aboat bj the waves. 

arwra-jT (^^^'l' otff- abaent; at a dirta nr e; 
-nay out of exlstetice; off; remored: 
nmoie: In anoth«r direction; cont Duously; 
•s. ho wortKid ouHif.' inltr}, besonel dtnartl 
aura «>)■ " aolemn ftiari the fCeUDs or 
B1VO emoHod Ingptrod by vlewinK somo- 
Ihlng sublime; a sense of deep admtratloa 
and respect; rerereoce: r.(. U> itrika or 
luplre witb fOellngs of solemn reapect or 
ftar: restrain by fear or respect. 

Syn, n- dread, fear, reverence. 

AiU. (see hmllUriCy). 

a-weath^r l^-^T'^^'^to'SS^ "" 
awe-some C^Sk^^'^^T"^' °"* 

■W fill WWWl. <^l- tiJiplrlnK or Impresa- 
KW-nU toK wilh gnmt fear or revepence: 
>a.UMai>rii'maleaty of nod: or » dreadful or 
appaOlnn natnTe: solema. — n. awtniimi. 

bAt, f At ; round ; boil 1 ftiAction ; chase ; good; joy ; fAcD, thick j liw - wh u 
dixiMinazuie; Ui=ch asiD loch. Sec pronuadation key, pages x: 

awI[.wardS""i3aff' ' 

£ini. adMe, byword, mailm, prorsb. By- 

Ant. (see absurdity). 
a-r t n-mat ir lik'^-ft-mimo. ■«. sd^ 
aZ-I-O-UUIl-lC evidooi: provarUsl; of tlia 

DatunofarecelTed prlndple. Also. aslOBiatl- 

~* -U.. aaMsDattaaily. 

(Cc-al.), B. IpL aiea {.«fa)J. tb» 

■— ' — Blraight line, real or 

through a bodyj_ upra 


aX-le which" BUDports I 

ax-le-tree t! 

aye Sfi 

aye „"'',pi:'';y^I,.,r.'^ .^f^^^ 

A^-shirelS 3s:f?'^£wS*S'^ 

At top i'^'<^>> '>- a member of the 
AZ-ieC indlan tribe which founded the 
M oilcan empire conquered by Cortei Id 
ISIB: a<lj, relating to the Aitee laea or 


a blaM or err, m t ttuiw- 
iUdc or orr i' *■ tb a tp <k 

n^al niCU), n. Uw ran sod. or luprsms 
iM-tU bitog wonliliwcl BBpedkUy by Ui« 
PtuxDlduu bsfor* the time oi Cbrlst. 

bab-ble ,Si;j'LSX! 

Ulk chUdtahly; tr '■-' — * 

fectly: ia uil. an Aecreu; blab: 

Svn-, r, *nd n. chatter; Dnttlo. 
IibK War (Mb-Ur), n. one who UJla Idly 
DBD-Oier ir UunigbllOBl;. or who chs^ 
ton he n dlB M ly or mlachlovoiulT. 
ttaKa O^U. n. [pi. hkbcs (bibUI. an Infknt 
OaOe or f ouDK Silld or dthir hi. 

lit child or dl 

Ba-belSSSiti' ' 

CODTUBlDn or laiiKiu« 

oonfuoloD ; a place of i 

Gmesli, vbiTO Ute 

ttis large spes or monkoy* wltb doEllka mm 
■lei. of Africa and Anbla. 

Uhn Ib&'U). n, [pi. bablea <-1z||. a chile 
-DT ifl vmi; ■£ Infant of either ui 
a unall child: babrband. coUoquiaUy. a bunc 
havbiK8f»™v»i-jeor«100 — tj). babrtib. 

Bab-y-lon iS'SSi 'JS. VS.. 

Ionia hi Hie Euptmus Valley, famed fur li 
wealth. Iniurio- — -* 


I the deereo 

ting to the deuree of 

- ■ -Mt claai. 

a Frenrb card 

•vmoa deUvervd to a gnduMlDR clsw. 

bac-ca-rat ^^^^^Z^^^ 

fambUoK game. 


bachelor aS**'iS S1'HS'_, 

Bnt dagne In may Md oT Isrnlns at a eoUeite 
or nnlTiwlti', 

bach^e-lor's-but-toB SSS.'^S'S 

the flowdlng planU the blovunw of whit* 


r pan of the bo4j 

thing: tbe put or a book n hi'ie tt l£ Kned El 
binding; iha part or a knife, sword, etc, 
oppodte to the rulling olgo: c.I. to fumMi 

t^.ormouut: socoDdorBUpport: UfiUBlly with 

take ftoclt hartr 

back.bite ff'SJu. 


back-gam-mon ^iM'i.g.Tg 

penoa playi nlth Rruum plme wboce oiovta 


acape; the ponloa or a pTcTure rsrihnt awar 
from tbe Bpcctnlor. or lying bctirwn or 
above ibe cnlif Dgureg: Uie whole of a lur- 



bad;:^d 'S^"S^'S^ 

lEft: adj. inade wllh the back or the hand, 
or with the hand lumHl backwaid: M. » 
backfutnd stroke; Indirect; iBrfnccre.— <Ttf^- 


aid or KippoR given to a pcnm (r cam 

back-sheesh fSS'^TOJiS,'? 

>HltT AlKsfc«*BfcWl.l. >.h ... h .>i* 

, senlte, rlre, ett, looU, fir, Ask, pdrsde; seine, event, edge, nov&I, refer; 
it, dn; cOld, Obey, cArd, stAp, o&mpare; Onit, Ooite, bArit, cat, focfia, meotf; 


fispt cMa (bU'iU'), n. Ibe bind purl < 
oppooed to the rnmt; Ute bind part uf a 

back-sUde SfS^iii "itSZ 

p.^r. bockaliuLn^T. la sJJp rack; ^ruluA^ly t 
birn iiway or nul snuy frbin s nJlelou one 

back-Stays -'*^>'^^i "^^'i^'^^sS?! 


1 bag ;i 

gUp. to 

adit In KippoRicg . _ 

devised to Btxengthcn et tho back. 

back-ward SI';i?"iS,'?rSS'. s 

» mr opposii- '- '- — '■ 

reluctant; hciiilHt. 

■ctiricg; bosiiTll]; 

or prfKTiss; 

back-wa-ter fI'*k'b''''dB' "■^''^■'u^ 

body of watiT ihua tKld ^ck; '^ta thrown 
lack by the tur^lnE of a K-ata-'nlioel or tlifl 


Rneh or thinly Ecttlod dteliict fur from any 


tbe back «r..l Eldifl. 

bac-te-ri-a ^'^J^ 

i'rt-d). ; 

bac-te-ri-ol-o-gist S^nf7^'^^ 

hnr to ri^fji (rv ibst-tJ-ri-OlWD, n, 
OBC-ie-ri-Cl-O-gy u,o Bdamcc study 
c/ bactAla. mlqrobce, or dlwafio ^cnns. 

bad isai. :'i] isscnsx -ass 

Cfvmpting; hurtrut; oSiinflvct dpfe 

f^im- ImiKTfcct, bif'ricr, TTvmfl, ilniul, 
Imizioral. detrlnicntaJ. dlsaereeablB. 

Ant. (we KoodJ. 
hadpp *%'l "■ .* dlstlnctlTO mark, sUtn. 
U**"BC cw token to dcnoie the ocmpatlcc. 
aaodstlon, ot acLlevcmeDtc of tho person ty 
viKini It la wtm; Uie mark or lakm of 

IHIUK-er Bnhnal wtlch hurroirs In tto 
Cmma, Ukea molfi; c,(. to annoy; to potfr; 

paa-i-nage it-b,, „ pi.'jrfui j«u'2i' „ 

ftanttrt sood-bamored plouLUiiry. IFr.1 
fuf fln (bin), e.t. tohrlnstbDrtrortaotlo 
UUX-aO nolbiJW by niadng difficulties In 
HieijM; hence^blnder.^a. - " " 


Ibinuig). adt. dlaconeerttriG: 
™"'~'ii«; paplBilng. 

ab used to play luft'lnK 

ptacle In anlBia 
Lc, purchased 

I.Ducb; a waUei: 

Ly the baf: 
iro cr csptoro. 

[e b'mI 

hair a talla (iie'd-t^"), n. a trifle; • 
Dag<a-Teue jpnio play«l Kith a lllllant 
cue and nine balls on an ctlong beard cdi> 
tslslng aloe holoe^ a Etcrt, l^t [Itcc of 

rl '- 

1, le teuta. dotbtna, 

D of an army: tffl 

It eh a traitkr ro- 

Hi a person, usually. 

a irly or Jcklngly, a 

jrater by dlrpifjt cr 

tricket, (dthi 


vtais a looe or 
x: Bwelled. looM, 

. a cbrllt-loaMl 
deal lEstrunent 
d-taB from vhko 

1°^ ta^^D m " 


jt7 or 

IraAj of a priaorcr; the 

Fsicr out of a boat: In 
croaspleccs placed end 

Koil 1 ■oiiVlr Chan-w!k), n. tlie dM 
f. (llil'm&it). n. 


the a^lon of bccon:tlfiE nzte 


■view to ccittlFB them; 
Ireshmiait taLra on a Journ 




'ib fcoJ:™ i'e fccd'and^dr 
loy: to feed ian anliral): 
r drlEk upon a Joxirney; 

inlsals irltb a 

the scttlrK on 
■ by bltins oi 

■tufl . «l(b 
hardeo br 

baize. ,„,„, 

bake S':i-ii^'rS'm''3 

dry beat, as biicka: r.f. lo do t 

baklTjr: to bMvinie hard by heat. 

hole ar (bSk'fr), n. ore wbcseljndD«s 

□au-er (^ ^lake and aell brewl. blsci 

hflk or TT "Jik'?r-n. n. (pi bakerit* <- 
DaK-er-y , p,,ce where tread, cakes. I 
-- "and sold. 

b66t, t*t; found; boa;fiiAetion;chase;goo<l; joy; (ften, thick ;hw = whBi 
iliBS as in azure; bh=cb aa in loch. See promuiciatiOD key, pages x; 


(tat ani-a tl>U'lna), n. ■ pair of'scala roi 
Dai-ance .elghlDB: ■ RMl-yu^; tht 
act of mighlng or «ti. 

pblie: iisullDess oT mind: 
•knlty: an egualltv be- 
tween Om totala of tiro L J 
■Ida of u account; the d & 
««■■ (boontniciiliFrsIde; a H 
tlusumorwelgbt necoisary ^ B* 


fcl« .- 

u one thing ninlnsi anotber: to o 
make equal: lo flod oul tbe dlOerri.v., ^ 

account; r.i. lo ho of equal »ciBhl. rurtv. or 

bal-ance of pow-er irhSuch a^V-il 

o? a amall partf^lo")"^ ^ttTelther %(""« 
Urn T onej and 10 gnin a majorit)'. 

bal-ance of trade i^'^J 
bal<ance sheet mont*'^^!" 

Uie buslDHB. 

taUmce whMl ffJSS'SW 

hoatsry or uniHrwrar. 

hnl^n nv HJS'i'ft-ni). «. |pi. ba 

Oai-CO-ny (.niDj. , pl.tfonn or i_ 
built out rrom the vail of a bulkUng, ■ 
Inclosed by a lwLustradi> or nUlLng. 

bald IK.SSiS'' " "" " — 

ft* then, fur, follase. e 

bal-der-dash ^ 

bald-ness ^iff "^rec^ 

Tin1_i1ric (bfll'drik), n. a I 
ttte mlBt. or over odd i>hould< 
bnaat. usually to support a 
Abo. Iisldrlck. 

IWC ■aoda: aa, a bolaorcol 
op Into Urge bundl.« for atora 

bale-ful K»r'd,S,: 

balm of Gilead 


Bphoro: u round ixxly 1 

Rame Tilajod with a muiid body. 
piiclKil, kicked, or knocked; " ~ 



or package ot 

S' oT^ deadly 
woeOil; de- 

ridee nf land left 


balm ^ _ _ 

used for boatln«oru>olhlnK: balsam; anything 

balm-l-neSS qiia'llty of beCw KwUilng w 
reTreablnglr fragrant. 

balm of Gil-e-aa fSg^aJ^e^ofl^^ 

nov*l, refSr; 
ioc&s, menil; 


ktnds of ft^sr&nt resins, as that of the ever- 
green tree or Arabia: the balsam flr. 
Hoi m/\ rol (b4I-m6r'il), n. a striped 
Ottl-luU-iai woolen stuff, strong and dur- 
able; a laced walking shoe. 
Kolm V (bam 'D. ad>. soft: mOd; soothing; 
vuiui'y spicy; firagrant: refreishlng; as. 
the balmv air of spring.— ^r. halmllj, 
Kol cam (bftrs&m), n. an oUy. fl-agrant 
iMU-ooiu substance obtained ftom cer- 
tain trees or shrubs, and used for medicine 
or In perfumery; balm; the name applied to 
mvtnd trees, shmbs, or plants yielding an 
ofly. reslnouB substance: as. the balsam flr: 
anything sootiilng or healing. 
Kol cam to (b61-e&mlk). adj. haytog the 
UlU-daUi-li^ qualities of. or yielding, a 
fragrant. oHy, resinous substance; soft; 
■oothing : healing. 

Kol tic ^Ar (bft]'fis-t&'). n. one of a set of 
Oai-ua-tei small pUlars that support the 
hand rail of a parapet 
or balustrade. 

bal- US-trade 

(b&l'As-trid) . n. a row of 
■mall pillars, or balus- 
grj. topped by . p^ 3^„^, 

bam-bi-no SK-^iuS- if' ,X?*5l 

flftnre <^ the infEuit Christ wrapped in swad- 
dling clothes. (It.) 

hiifn Kao (bto-bCOO. «• the name of cer- 
DaiU-UUU tain tropical grasses having 
hard. thick-Jointed stems, used for furniture, 
poles, canes, etc. 

UAf% (bftn), n. a public announcement or 
****** edict: a sentence of excommtmlcatlon 
passed by the church: a curse; anyauthorita- 
Bve prohibition: pi. public announcement 
glTen In a ^un^ of an intended marriage: 
fX [p.t. and p.p. banned,, banning], to 
curse; to call evil down upon; to place under 
a curse; to forbid the use <^. 



fifl flfl (W-nH'nd;, ba-nto'Jl). n. a 
-lllt-ua tropical plant which bears a 

ftvit used as food; the fruit of the plant. 
KflnH (b&nd), n. that which binds to- 
»WUiii gether; that which connects; that 
idiich embraces, supoorta. or restrains; a 
ftrap. tie. shackle, or fetter; collar; a driving 
belt; a company of persons united by a com- 
mon object: a body of soldiers; a body of 
musicians performing on wood and brass 
wind-instruments: v.t. to unite in a troop, 
company, or confederacy; to mark with a 
band: v.t. to associate or unite together for 
aome common purpose. 
Kon/I atTA (b&n'dlLj), n. a strip of cotton 
imuu-a^e or other material used in 
dressing and binding up wounds, etc.: a 
band: vJ. to dress, cover, or bind with a 
•Mp of any soft material.* 

Kon_#1fln fifl (b&n-din'd). n. a large. 
Dan-Oan-na bright colored. sOk or cot- 
ton handkerchief. ha>ing a red or blue back- 
ground with yellow or white dots or figures 
upon it. Also, **a»i*tt^»^n 
KoTiH KrkY (b&nd'bdks'), n. a light box of 
DttUU-DUX pasteboard, etc., for holding 
bonnets or hats. 

Kon Hooii (bKn-dOO. n. Ipl bandeaux 
Dan-UCaU I^Qt)]. a uarrow band or fillet. 
«s c€ ribbon, worn above the forehead or 
jut>und the hair. 

45 bank 

hflfiH t^A (bta'dCd; b&n'did). p.adi. allied, 
Dauu-ea confederated; united; marked 
by stripes of different color or material. 

ban-de-role iJ»;2^1i-; ".•JgJif SlJ 

carried at the head of a lance or mast. 
hflfi-Hif (b&n'dit). n. [pi. bandits (-dita) 
Dan-Oil and banditU (-dit'l)]. an outUw; a 
brigand: a robber; a highwayman. 

Kon-Hrk \fk£kr (b&n'dd-lSrO. n. a broad 
Dan-aO-ieer leather belt, worn over the 
shoulder and across the breast, for holding 
cartridges. Also, bandolier. 

KonH co-nr 0>&°cl sO). an endless steel saw 
uait\A oaw ninning on pulleys; a belt- 

Kati-Hv (bftn'dl}, v.t. [p.t. and p.p. bandied, 
*'*""^J bandylnc:]. to throw or 
knock to and tro, as a ball in play; to too* 
fkt>m one to another; give and take; to 
exchange; as, to bandy words: M. to oca- 
tend: strive: n. a dub bent at the end for 
striking a ball; a hockey-«tick; a game 
played with such a club, commonly called 
hockey: adj. bent outward at the knees; aa. 

Ko-riA (ban), n. a scourge; disease; polaoii; 
*'*"^ that which causes death, rain, or 
destruction; hence, a deadly poison, vice, or 
sin : as. intemperance is the oane of society. 

syn. poison, ruin, injury, destruction, pec*. 
hflnA fill (bin'fS61), adj. poisonous: per> 
Dane-lUi nldous: deadly.— adr. banefi^. 
Viflna O^&iiir). n. a heavy blow; a loud, sud- 
*'*"*5 den noise; ftt>nt hair cut shori and 
worn in a fringe over the forehead : v.t. to beat, 
as with a dub orcudgd; to thump; to handle 
roughly; to produce a loud soimd by or troux; 
as. to bang the door; to cut straight across, 
as the hair over the forehead: v.i. to make a 
loud noise; to thump violently. 
Hon ala 0>&A'sI). n. an ornamental rtog 
ucuA-^A^ worn upon the wrists and ankles 
in India and Africa: a ring-bracdet. generally 
with small ornaments hanging from it. 
Vifln ifln frAA (b&n'yln tr6), the Indian 
Oau-iau tree fi2-tree,whidb spreads over 
a large^ area by sending down shoots fkiom Ita 
branches: these take root and becoone new 
tiimks. Also, banyan* 

Kon icli (btolsh), v.L to condemn to 
uaii-l&ll exile; expd ttom the country ag 
a punishment; to drive away; to dispd mm 
the mind. 

Syn. eject, dismiss, evict, otist, dlstodge. 

ban-ish-ment .^^2? S^^ 

ing away; the state of being expelled; exUe; 

Kon ic f Ar (b&nls-tCr), n. a haluster: 
Oau-lb-ier «/. a balustrade of a staht^se. 
Kon if\ (b&n'Jd). n. a stringed musical 
uoii-ju instrument somewhat like a guitar, 
having a long neck, and a body like a tam- 
bourine. — n. banjolst. 

Konir Ot>&^)t n. a place for the custody, 
ucuuv loan, exchange, or issue of money; the 
office of a banking company: a heap, mound, 
or ridge of earth; a steep slope; an deva- 
tlon or rising ground beneath the sea or at 
the mouth of a river, forming a shoal or 
st;allow; as. the Banks of Newfoundland: 
the ground forming the sides ot a river or 
stream: a bench for rowers; a row of oars: 
r.t. to put. BB money. In a bank: to inclose, 
defend, or fortify with a bank: pile or heap up; 
to incline ^an airplane) laterally, or make to 
revolve about the fore ard aft axis: r.i. to 
have an account v^ith a banker: right bank. 
to Incline (an airplane) with the right wi ng 

bSbtf fd&t ; found ; boil ; funct ion ; chaso ; good ; joy ; f/ien, thick i hw = wh as in when ; 
zh=z as in azure; kh=ch as in loch. See prontmclation key, pa^^ xix to xxii. 

bank bill 

too quickly at 

bank bill 



Sok L>n). m uoie Ihu«I br b 

... n^f *a"^5l''S^''bU?''of'«- 
hanl^ hnnlr <''™ bOOk). the pua book 
DaiLK DOOK kept by a <leinStOT. to 
which »™ cnwred c " ■ '^ 

bank cred-it i' 

(he InteKHt at a corUbl ntt 
dpal oT a nof« from the tlmi 


changing. bEulnB. or caring ff 
DanK-mg imdiiig. eichan 

bank note £SS blr'afeSm 

bank. paJiLble on damand, and forming 
PKrt of^ the money la drculatlam a note 
payable at a bank. 

hanir nint <U<^^''^Pt). n, a person le- 
DanK-rUpi gaiirUoctarHi to bo unahla to 

flnanaa! credit ul 

of being legally Insolvent, or unable to pay 

all debla; bllure In buninog. 

kon TiAr (b&n'fir). n. a piece of cloth or 

Dan-ner ,uk attacbcd M a pole or stafT, 

•Dd usually workad "Ith soine device or 

motto: an enslgD, standard, or Sag o( a 

cauDtrj, Btate, or order. 

tlfln Tinck ^^'^''^^^H ^- * ^hlck cake made 1 

>[>t»od marriage, gl 

1 due aotlCD oT i 



thurcli. Also. 

ban-quet ^ 
ban-shee ^ 

Ina to the bell^ 

particular hcnue, and foretells the death i 
mar member of ue (Omlly by appearing an 
Qtcering a wotrd. wild, mournful cry. 

ban-tarn SiSSSiiiif iSS." "i.' 

aoldlcr tmder the standard army belglit i 
five fe«t. three Inches. 

tkan tor (bin'tSr), n. good-natured pin 
Oan-ier .antry or teaaliig: oolioqulalJy. 
cfaalleogp: r,'. Co address good-huinoredty: a 
tack Jestingly: make run of. lo tnck mrsnl; 
ImpiHe upon: coUoquially, te challeusi'. 

Sun„ n. chaff, mockery, ridicule, ieeriiu 

bantling S^^^'^l^^^.^^ 
ban-yan S^bJ^''---"- ■ '■" 

aMal rooU that gro' 
^ |Kl fbna additional 

.TIChB of irblCh Bl 

ban-zai hur" 

live LbolimlM;™! 

ba^-bab !^^ 

Also, monkiybt 

bap-tism la 

auSeri.'d b& bapHi 

bap-tis-mal lt%^^ 

Imen" onlyf anif l-iltoi' 
' ' " iraed con.,....*., 

.. ,_ the bapILjmal — 

after a uubllc doclaralloa of bltb III 


portion of the church building In which tab 
rite of baptism is pcrftiniicd. Also, baptlster* 
hantJTS lliip-iL!'). C.I. to sprinkle or poor 
uap-OZe KiiiT on. or Immerrw In wattv. 
as a rL'llglous ceremony: to admit to the 
C'hiiRtian i^hurcb by applying water: to 


o murieln- 

■t^OD Ol a notei. eH:„ WDB 
noiilbplece connecting 't! 
the iiprighl llntTarai 





It Into equal measures of time; the sphce and 
notes Indosed by two such lines: v.t. [p.t. and 

6 p. barred, p pr. barring], to fasten witih a 
vr; to bindei : to obstruct; to exclude; to 
dose; to prohibit; to mark with bars. 

(barb), n. that which resembles a 
beard at the mouth of animals; one 
ot a race c^ horses noted for speed and endur- 
ance, brought by the Moors to Spain; the 
sharp point ^aartending badcward Itom the 
point of an arrow, fish-hook, etc, any sharp 
projection resemming such a point: v4. to 
rarnish witii sharp pmnts. 
Kftr l^A ri-nn (bkr-b&'rl-&n). n. in history. 
Dor-ua-n-an a foreigner. usuaUy in a be- 
llttiing sense: a man in a rude state aboye Uiat 
of Uie savage: a cruel, brutal man: adj. rude; 

OJQCivllized; inh HTnim, 

Kor Kor ir (b4r-b&rlk). adj. relating to. 
Dar-Dar-lC ©r Uke. uncivliized people; 
cruel; rude; roughly gonpeous; as, barbaric 
splendor; striking or picturesque; wildly 
magniflcont; foreign. 

ranoe of art and literature. 

Kar Kflr t Hr (bftr-birl-U). n. [pi bar- 

Dar-Dar-l-iy bantles (-tte)l. brutal or 

inhuman conduct; an act of savage cruelty; 

as. the barbarities of war; lack of good taste 

In stjrle or art. 

har hfl rAiie (b»rl)d-rfls). adj. undvil- 

Oar-Da-rOUS i^ed; mde and Ignorant; 

cruel; Inhuman; wild: unpolished in speech; 

rude or harsh in sound. — adv. barbarously. 

Svn. brutal, rude, uncouth. 
Ko-r Ko ri7A (b&r'bd-riz), v.t. and v.i. to 
KHU-ua-ll^C make or become rude or 

Ko-r Ka otiA (biirlie-ldi). n. a fk'ame on 
Dar-De-Cue wWch aU kinds of meat or 
fish are roasted or smoke-dried: the carcass 
of an ox, hog. etc.. roasted whole; a social or 
political feast at which animals are roasted 
whole: r.t to dress and roast whole, as a hog. 
Also, barbaone. 

Koy-KaH (blirbd; b&r'bdd). adj. having a 
uoj. u^\A sharp point or points; as. barbed 
wire entanglefnents are placed bef<n*e trenches : 
barbed wire, a twisted wire full of sharp 
points, or thomlike projections. 
WaT t>Ar (b&rn^Sr). n. one whose business 
INU -uci Is to shave the beard and cut and 
drnm the hab*. 

Kflf Kar rv (bErljar-I). n a shrub bearing 
Dar-Der-ry bright red berries. 
Ka-r Ka'H'a (b&r-bdf). n. the platform or 
wai-UClW? breastwork of a fortiflcation. 
firom which cannon may be flred over a para- 
pet; naval, an armcu^ parapot prote<"ting 
guns which are flred over the turret and not 
through portholes. 

Ko«* Ki #«on (blir'bl-k&n). n. a tower or 
Kmr-Ul-CttU other outpost which defends 
the entxance to a castle or city. 
Kor ra rnla (bttr'kd-rol). n. a simple. 
uox-va-Avic popular song or melody 
sung by Venetian gondoliers; an imitation 
of such a song. Also. barearoUe. 
V^^-rA (t>^^rd). n. formerly, a poet and singer 
■'»**** who composed and sang V€a«es in 
honor of heroes and princes, generally to the 
accompaniment of a harp; a poet. 
t^aTA 0>^)t adf. uncovered; naked; nude; 
UcUC having the head uncovered; uncon- 
cealod; simple; unadorned; unfurnished; 
plain; threadbare: empty; poor: scanty; 
9J, to uncov(>r: to reveal ; to expose. 
barely* — n. barspi 

VkaTA Korlr (bAr-bftk'). adj. and adt. on 
Dare-OaCK a horse without saddto or 
covering; as. a bar^fack rider; he was used 
to riding ftorebad:. 

hart^ itkrt^iK (bftr'fist). adj. without 
Diue-laceu cealment; undisguised; 
shameless; audacious; impudent.-^-oab. 

hflr-ffflin (WU^«*>: -^). n. an agreeoieiit 
*'•" -gcuix or contract between two or more 
parties with reference to the sale or transfer 
of property; a compact or pledge mutually 
agreed upon; that which is acquired or sold 
at a low price; an advantageous purchase: 
v.i. to make a contract or agreement; to 
trade; to negotiate: v.t. to hand over for % 
consideration; barter; trade. 
KflrffA <l>^)* ^* A flat-bottomed vessel, of 
ucugu large carrying capacity, used In 
loading and unloading ships, and fat carry* 
ing fraght on rivera and canals; a pleasure 
boat; a large double-banked boat or a war- 
ship, used by a flag ofBcer.—- n. barganan. 
Uo«. ; fn-riA (bb^-tdn). n. a male voice 
ucu-A-tuiAC midway between a tenor and 
a bass and having some of the characteristics 
of each; a person having su^ a voice: adj. 
having a range of voice higher than bass ami 
lower than tenor. Also, barytone. 

V\t%rlr ^^*^^)» ^* ^ three-masted vessd; 
*'•***» any small boat or vessel: the cover- 
ing of the trunk, branches, stems, etc.. of 
trees and other plants; the sound or cry 
made by dogs, or a sound resembling it: si. 
to remove by stripping; to scrape the sldn 
trom; to tan by means of an InfUaon of baric: 
v.i. to utter a sharp, short sound like the 
noise made by a dog; to cou^ 

Kflr 1ax7 (t>*^i*^)> n* ^ grain, used as a food 
uiu-ACjr and in the manufacture of malt 
liquors; the plant which yields the grain. 

bar-ley-com '^^!''r^%L^S£ 

the personiflcation of strong drink. 
Kflrm (l>i^i™)t n. the foam rising upon beer 
ucuAAi. or other malt liquors when ferment- 
ing, and used as leaven in bread making; 

Kor moi/l (blir'mad'). n. a girl or woman 
Dar-maia ^ho serves food and drink at 
the liquor counter of an inn or other place of 

Bar-me-cide S!}j:rtSS:.; "SkT^n 

the Arabian Nights it is related of one of the 
Barmecides, a Persian family, that, having 
invited a beggar to dine with him. he served 
his guest only imaginary food. 
y^fi-rn O^^rn). n. a covered building for tb» 
uixxu. storage of grain or other fetrm pro- 
duce: often used as a stable. 
l\ar na pIa (b&r'nd-kl). n. a kind of wUd 
uOkL -ixa.-i^AU jgroose of northern seas; a 
shellfish that cUngs or adheres to rocks and 
the l>ottom of ships. 

bar-o-graph <|£'^S*Pae^«, V?!£ 

cording the pressure of the atmosphere. 
Kar A <miTn (b&r'd-gr&m), n. the record 
OaX-O-gram of a barograph. 

hfl rnm a far (bd-rOm'6-t«r). n. an in- 
ua-ruiu-c-tei strument for measuring 
the weight or pressure of the atmosphere: 
used for showing cm* foretelling changes of 
weather, or to find heights, et<;. 

Kflr A THAf rir (bir'ft-mdt'rik), adj. re- 
Dar-O-mei-nC latmg to. made with, or 
shown by. a barometer, or instrument for 
measuring the weight and pressure of the 
atmosphere. Also, paromstrleal. 

b6btt f d&t ; found ; boil ; f uiietion ; chase ; good ; joy ; iheiif thick ; hw <« wh as in when ; 
^aes as in azure; kh «ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxii. 






l>o«> /^n (bir'An). n. In Great Britain 
Oar-UU other countries, the title of a 
or noMeman. of the lowest rank 
Kar ftn tktra Cbftr'fln-AJ), n. formerly, the 
Dar-On-age whole body of British peers; 
DOW. the body of peers of the lowest rank; 
the dlKnity or rank of a member of the lowest 
grade in the peerage. 

Kar nn Aee (M^&n-^). n. a baron's 
Dar-On-eSS wife: a lady holding a baro- 
nJal title in her own rltdit. 
Kov /\n A'¥ (b&r'An-et), n. an inherited 
Ucu-UU-CL title or degree of honor next 
below a baron and above a knii^t; the per- 
son holding this title. 

Kor An oi¥ rxr (b4r'fln-6t-sn. n. the title 
Dar-un-ei-Cy and dimity of a baronet. 
Uo rn nl fli (bd-r5'nl4U). ad), relating to 
Ua.-l U-Ul-ol a baron, or pec?r of the lowest 
grade, or to a barony; as. a baronial castle. 
Kor rfcn xr (bir'O-nl). n. \pl. baronies (-12)1, 
McU -4ill-jr the rank of a baron, or peer of 
the lowest grade: the domain of a baron. 
Kor A eronA (Wta^ft-skap). n. an instru- 
UcU-U-9UU|iC ment for showing (dianges 
tn the pressure of the atmosphere without 
measuring its weight; a storm- or weather- 

\%sk roil r Via (bd-r<SlHhO. n. a roomy, four- 
Da-rOUCne wheeled carriage with a fold- 
ing or fkUlng top. 

Kor#iiiA (biLrk). n. a smsU three-masted ves- 
Oarque gel; any smaU boat. Also. bark. 
Kttr rtt#«1y> (b&r'ak). n. a large structure or 
Oar-racil ^w of buUdlngs for lodging 
soldiers and officers; a building or collection 
erf huts within an indosure in whidi a body 
<tf men are lodged : genially in plural. 
Kor ro (VA (b4'rdzh0 . n. a curtain of burst- 
Dar-rage ing shells flred by artlUery so 
as to pass over thi heads of advancing troops 
and fall In a lin3 in ttont of them to protect 
Uiem from attack. [Pa.] 
Kor rol (b&r^fil). n. a round, bulging cask 
UcU-iCA or vessel, of greater length than 
breadth, and having flat ends or heads; the 
quantity which a barrel should contain; any- 
tnlng lUce a barrd In shape; the tube of a 
flrearm; a drum or cylinder: p.f. [p.(. and p.p. 
barreled, barreling], to put or pack In 
a barrel. 

bar-rel or-gan iSij:«rSrn*t?ii.eS "Bn 


Kor rAvi (b&r'en). ad), unproductive; un- 
Dar-reu fruitful; sterUe; lacking: profit- 
less: empty: n. an unproductive tract of 
land. — aie, Darrsaly. — n. barrenness. 
Kor ri ^o/Ia (b&rl-kad'). n. a fort made 
WoX-ri-WlUC In haste of such materials 
» are nearest to hand, and which will servo 
to obstruct the progress or attack of an ene- 
my, or shield a bo»;ieged party; any bar or 
obstruction: t.t. to obstruct or stop up; 
fortify or inclose by a barrier. 
Kflr t\ Ar (b&r'l-^r). n. anything which 
■'•**"**"*'* hinders or obstructs; a bar or 
obstacle to progress, approach, or attack; 
an inclosing renco or boundary wall; a limit 
or boundary. 

Syn- bar. hindrance, obstacle, obstruction, 
rampart, bulwark. 

Ant. (see opening). 
Kor r\ Ar rAA-f Cbfcrl-Cr ref). a reef of 
woA-AA-cx xcci coral surrounding an is- 
land, or skirting the mainland, and Inclosing 
an open channel or lake. 

Ko r rlfi €r < biir'Ing) , obstructing; keep- 
uoA-AAUg In;; out: prep, excepting; leav- 
JQg out of account. 

Kor nc f Ar (bftrl8-t«r), n. in England, a 
IHir-rib-iei Uwyer; In Scotland, an advo> 
cate; an attorney or counselor at law. 
Kor Tfvar 0>v'd), n. a frame covered wtth 
uar-row boards, and fitted witii handles 
at both ends, or with a wheel at cne end and 
shafts at the other, ani used for transporting 
goods by hand; a light hand-carriage carried 
by two men. 

Kflr f Ar (1>^^)> t^.i. to traffic or trade by 
ucu-td exchanging one commodity for 
another: t.t. to give m exchange. 
Kor XT f/\nA (b&rl-tdn), ad), intermediate 
*'«"-J -•'WliC between bass and tenor, aa a 
male voice or instrument: n. a person with 
such a voice; a voice having su<^ a compas. 
Also, baritone. 

Koc o1 (b&s'&l), ad), relating to or fbrmtu 
uad-oi the base; fundamental; easentlaL 
Ko coU (bd-sOlt^; b&s'Olt). n. a hard. 
ua-doit ereenish-black rock of volcanic 
origin. — adj. basaltic. 

KflCA (^^)> ^' ^o P<^ of A thing on whict 
ua.dC It rests; a foundation or groundwork: 
that which combines with an add to form a 
salt; a fortified line f^m which the operm^ 
tions of an army proceed; a starting plaoe; 
in some games, a station or goal: v.t. to 
lay a foundation lor; establish: ad), worth- 
less: inferior; spurious or false; of mean 
spirit; morally abJect or low; deep or (rave 
in sound: commonly, bass. — odr. basely. 

•Si/n.. ad), vile, mean, dishonorable. 

ArU. (see noblcO. 
KocA Koll (b&s'bOl'). n. the national gaoM 
Dase-Oaii of the united States, played 
with bat and ball by nine players on a side, 
on a field with four stations known as bsset, 
arranged in the shape of a diamond. 
Koc A Kr\orH (bas'b6rd').n. a board form- 
Oase-DOara ing the foundation or bo^ 
tom of something; a wide molding at tiM 
bottom of the walLs of a room. 

of low or 

mean; pie- 

KllQA Knm (bas'bOm'). ad). 

uaoc-uuiAi mean parentage; 

beian; illegitimate. 

Koc A Iacc (b&s'16s). ad), unfounded: 

uadC-ACoo groundless; untrue. 

Koc A liriA (^&s*lln). n. a measured Une 
ua.9C~iuic used in surveying, and triangu- 
lation; a lino traced in the rear of a gun. 
Koc A mon (bas'min), n. \pL basemen 
Dase-man (-mSn)). n. any one of the 
plasTOTs who, in baseball, are stationed at the 
first, second, and third bases or stations, 

Koc A mAnf (bas'mdnt). n. the lowest 
Uabc-UICUL part of a structtue; the 
lowest story of a building. 
Koc A riAce (bas'nfis), n. the state or 
UitdC-iiCOd quality of being mean or 
dishonorable; meanness; disgraceful con- 

KocK fill (b&sh'f8&l). ad), shy; easily 
UadU-lUl barrassed: modwrt, to «»« 
retiring; diffident. — adv. basMolly. — \ 

Ko cir n)as'Ik), ad), fundamental; as. a 
ua-aii^ basic principle; in chemistry, per- 
forming the office of a base in a salt. 
Ko cil 1 ro (bd-sn-I-kd). n. \pl. basUICAs 
Ua-bU-l-l/U (-kaz)). in ancient Rome. % 
public hall of simple oblong design used as a 
court of law; a church buut on such a plan; 
for esamplo. St. roter's. in Rome. 
Koc 1 liclr (o&«l-lfek; bftsT-Usk). n. a 
uaa-A-uoA. fearful. Imaginary creature, a 
kind of serpent, lizard, or dragon, whoae 
breath and look were supposed to be fktal In 
their eff(H7t; the name of a lizard. 

fcte, senfttc, rAre, cAt, locll, fftr, Ask, pdrmio; scene^ dvent, Wge, novll, refSr; 
i^t, giu; cold, 6bey, c6rd, stdp, c&mpare; unit, Onite, bdrn, cut, fociis, men^; 



itflfilrf't-hall (l>*«'lt«-l><U). "■ • Popal»r 
lias->lxCL*utfll jtBiro ■ameirlut reaem- 
bUdC fDiiil)ftU.asu^yj>Ured la ■ xjiaiiuhui] 
with inmi of Ovs on > iMe. ukd with BoaU or 
»)«Mi at ach «id: ■ vharloJ kh>llllad bkll 

hue >u li*f {M'i«-I«; U(-ir4-IS0. n. low 
Das-re -liei nUet-. in •culpmre, t, form 
of cutdna In which Ihe Ognna aiuid ont very 
dtehtlvbooi the buk^onnd. Abo, hu*- 
hSa WwnHn^ hMM-rlUna. 
Ivaea (!>*>>. n. the nune at vmrioua flahea 
DBSS or (b* perch funllr: the Amerlcui 
Umo-lree: matuns mads trom lu birlc. 
tiaee 1™1>- «*■ Kw In tono: deep; Bnn] 
UOoo n, (lie lowest part In the bannoDy or 
k murical compoiltlon; the lowest male voice; 
nwwhodnaauialowest nude part. Alco.haia. 

bass-bar <S£Ki<i^i.!ffi.^'^ 

btttnunsBU to i laliT the preuura of the 

w clef .%?!&ss5ysr!tel 

bas^Hnet rr.53S; 

baikel with a hood at one 

aDd, lund u a owlle for | 


havlnc a long curved 

bass vi-ol SSiSSU »" ■■"■ 

iBtruaiant of the violin cluaa, used tor play- 
toe the lowoHt part in mudc. (b*at). n. the toueh Inner flbroue bark 
DaSl of vailmu treea. espedaUy of the 
hraa: rope or matting made rrom thla bark. 
hne-tarrl (bto'tdrd). n. a child who« 
DaS-ISrO parenla were not marrlHi; an 
aolmal of loforlor qtuUly or breed: ddl. 
becotlen and bran out of lawful wedlock; 
not genolne; Ikiae. 

baste dri^! 

silRhtly, I 

bas-tUs iSBSi„»S|-,i i.'"SSa 

of a fonJfleil place : — B mI IU. an old CMtle la 
Pari* UMd u a >t«te prf' — ■'-alroyed by the SS 

cooibtlng of beattns i 
-SiafB — - 

cudff^; to flow. ^». faavDmida. 
hag tinn Tbla'cfaaii}, n. an earthwork 
DaS-aon Haa with brlcU or .tone, pro- 
Jectlni from Ihe main body of a fort, eooi- 
mmdlng the outworks and ground! befM« It. 
Va«- (oat), n. a hAvy wooden stick or idabj 

cricket, and dmltar games: a batsman; » 
brickbat or part of abrlck; & nocturnal Hying 
creaturv which has 4 soft furry body, ana 
wings -■ ■• -— ' — 

has 4 soft furry body, and 
a Bkin stretched between the 
" — - ■ which feeds oo 

cluift baaetwU 

Atitr of bread 
a quantity o( 

lo hit or sttfl»': i.t. to usi 
or cricket. 

batch £H„"„ro; 

anything produced at one . _ „ , „ 

hn taati (>>^td'l. n. [si. bateau, bat«eatu 
Oa-ieaU l-uml > ffght boat used on 
AmdiCBD tlvcn; a clumsy boat with a Hal 
bottom. Also, tnttaao* 
hath {*»th)in- IP'- >»th» (bittsH. the 
UHUlofwsshlng or covering the bodr - 
waUr, or of exposbw It to any oths' a 
vapor; the state at being aovered *na ■ 
flDld, u sweat: a veael holdtbg water Rir 
bathing; a building or room Btted up for 
bathing purpoeea: a vceMl ooDlalnlnf ft 
liquid for treatment of an object put mto 
11; the water or otlKrUquid used In Dathlnc. 
KfltTiB ititOii. D.t. to put taito water or 
Daiue other llcruld; to wash; to tove; to 

idr with 

with anything, a 

ba-thos i^i^^ krfSrtS'™ 

place In writing or speech. 

ba-tistejteS^- • '^ 
ba-ton £V ™i-^^ia"ba 

the ttlrk used by the' leader of 
an orchMtn with which l« beat 

bat-tal-ion fooi-«idier»; uusTiyrwuiog 

batten m^ 


ihlp; thosl.r 

with Htrlpo of wood : 

~.....,»ntB living; — -' *" 

his flocks In rich pi 

as. iho shopp-ralser 

- ^-., .. bocuraefit; be pros- 
perous at the eipense of ottaor- 

I strike with heavy. 

c by h 


^arUb, ss flour, <«■, 
DK.. Mxi«n uwrum- lu^d used In cookery; uie 

h adigi-d placfB. and condstjng of a lal— 


with a head of Iron WMnewiiat 
bling the head of a ram. 
tuit.tAr V (b»t'«M). n. Ipl batteriei (^J. 
DH t-ier -y the act of beating another : 
a^ In law, aaaault and batUry; a number of 
latge guns with their acoompanlment of ofll- 
oen, men. and equlfiments. for field opera- 
tions; anjr raised w(H>k where guns are moun- 
ted and gunners protected; an apparatus for 
producing electridty. 

Kof finer (b&tlng). n. wool or cotton 
Uat-uui^ prepared In sheets: the act of 
hitting or striking, as in a bi^ game. 
I^^j. xf ^ (bftti), n. a fight or encounter 
imt-UO between opposing forces; a com- 
bat: a contest or struggle for mastery: 9,i. 
to contend in a fight; to struggle; as, to 
battle against dUDcult&es. 

Syn., n. action, combat, engagement. 
Kof flA Hnro (bfttl-dOr). n. a kind of 
Dai-Ue-aore Ught racket used for play- 
ing battledore and shuttlecock, a game in 
which a light ball is tossed back and forth 
betwe^i two players with rackets. Also. 

Hflf flA m^nf (bitn-mfint). n. a wall for 
Dat-UC-lIieill defense or a castle tower, 
consisting of alternate solid and open spaces; 
a parapet with open spaces. 
Kflf fla nlflfiA Cu&t'I-plin). n. an air- 
Dai-Ue-piane plane equipped with 
machine guns, etc. 

Kflf ^Ia cViin (b&tn-shXp'). n. a larfce. 
uai-uc-ouip strongly armored ship car- 
rying heavy guns. 

Kail KIa tl^'bl). n. a trifling piece of 
UttU-UlC finery; anything showy or gay 
but without real value; as, Christmas trees 
are trimmed with many a pretty bauble: a 
child's plaything; the wand or staff carried 
by a court Jester, or king's fool. 
Katv/I rr (bOdl). adj. obscene; Immoral: 
Dawa-y indecent: lewd. 
Kovrl (bOI). v.i. to cry out with a loud, ftill. 
uawi and sustained sound: 9.t. to pro- 
claim loudly: to shout: n. a loud prolonged 
cry. — n. bawlcr. 

Katr (b&). n. a curve (m: inlet In the shore of 
vOj a sea or lake: the body ot water 
between two capes or headlands; a recess 
or opening in walls: a place for storing coal: 
the Itaov part of a ship between decks: the 
laurd-tree. noble laurel, or sweet-bay; an 
honorary garland or crown, composed of 
woven laurd leaves, given as a prize to 
conquat>rs and successful poets: the deep- 
toned prolonged bark of a dog; state or 
position of anyone obliged to foce an enemy 
or other pursuer when no escape is possible; 
as. to stand at bay: a honse of a red or red- 
dish color approaching to chestnut: v.i. to 
bark with a deep sound, as hounds in the 
chase: v.(. to bark at; to pursue with bark- 
ing: adj, red or reddish approaching to 
diestnut: applied to horses. 
Kotr VkAT rxF (h&l)«r-I). n. the laurel tree; 
Uay-UCi-ijr the wax myrtle. 


(b&'5-n6t). n. a 

diort 'lagger— 

like Instrument attached to the muxsle of a 

rifle: v,L to stab or drive with a baycmet. 

KflV-TMi (W'OT), n. [pi bayous^(-«Os)l, In 

Day-4iU the southern United States, the 

outlet ot a lake, or one of the mouths of a 

river; a slow watercourse. 

lt%arr ram (^ rOm). a fkttgrant liquid. 

Day mm prepared ^m the leaves cl the 

bayberry and used ftar toilet purposes. 

00 beambig 

Katr urtn-HAvr ^^ wln'dB). the window 
Day Wm-aOW or windows farming m 
bay. or recess, in a room, and esrtending 
wards from the wall: usually of a e 
sided shape. 

Ko 7aor (hd-sirO. n. In the Bast, a 
ua-AOOi ket-place or exchange: a haU 


series of rooms with stalls for the tale of 
goods; a sale of tmncy articles, onially fti 
aid of some charity. Also, baaav. 
Ka (bfi). v.i. [p.t. was. p.p. been. beln^ 
^v to exist; nave existence in fact, phjwu 
or mental; to include or Invcdve as a resnlt: 
produce: become; last; mean; to happen: 
to conc^n; to bdong. 

KAorVi (bech). n. \pl beadies (-fe)]. the 
ucauu portion of the shore of the sea ot 
of a lake which is washed by the waTta. 
es];>eclally the sandy or pebbly part: vX to 
run or haul up, as a vessel or boat, upon the 
beach: v.i. to land on a beadi: to stnoid. 

beach comb-er SSSg'^^U.lrg 

from the ocean: one who waits about wharves 
or along the shore on the lookout for wreck- 
age or plunder. 

Kaa rnn (^'loi). n. a signal of wamlnf 
Mca-i'VU or guidance, on sea or land: 
flMinerly. a flro lighted on a hill or In a high 
tower to signal danger or assemble troopa. 
etc.: v.t. to light up, as a beacon; fUrnlsh 
with beacons: v.i. to shine as a beacon. 
KaaH (bed), n. a little ball of any materfai, 
ucau pierced through and Intended to be 
strung with others and worn as an ornament, 
or to form a rosary, etc; any small body 
shaped like a little globe: a drop or bubble: 
as, a bead of perspiration: a small knob oi 
metal at the end of a gun-barr^ used In 
taking aim; hence, to draw a bead is to take 
aim; a narrow, rounded molding or pro- 
jecting band: v.t. to ornament with beamng. 
Kao/I incr (bSdlng). n. bead omamenta; 
Deaa-ing beads coUectlvely: fboth on 
liquors: a kind of openwc^k trimming 
through which ribbon iyr tape Is run. 
Kaa /11a (bS'dl), n. a messenger or crter 
UCO.-UAC of a court; a parish offlco* with 
various small Jduties connected with a church 
or vestry, etc 

ViAn ctIa (^'s1)> ^' <^ small hound, fmn- 
uca-^ic erly used for hunting hares. 
ViAfllr OiSk)* n. the bill of a bird: the 
uccuk homy jaws of some animals; any- 
thing which is pointed or shaped like the kwl 
<^ a bird: the metal-covered prow of an 
ancient ship Intended to pierce the vessels of 
an enemy; the powerful projection of steel 
forming part of the bow of modem war 
v essel s.-— iid^. hfskrd 

KaoIt Ar (b^'Sr). n. a large drinking eop 
waik-ci or vessel with a wide mouth; an 
open-mouthed vessel with a projecting Up. 
KAom (t>Sin). n. a long piece of timber or 
ucaiiA |]^n used to support the rafters of a 
building: one of the principal aos s wlw 
horizontal timbers of a building or ship; tfie 
extreme breadth of a ship: the bar of a 
balance cm which the scales are hung: the 

Slndpal stem of a deer's hcnns which bean 
e antlers: a ray or the parallel raya of 
light given out from the sun or any ottier 
body which gives forth Ught: 94. to aand 
forth, as rays of light: f .<. to shine. 

beam com-pass fflSSIf "^"fe 

drawing large drdes. 

beam-ing ^t7°&-fcf;'4iV£S'«K 

rays. — adv. hsamlnaly. 

Ate, senite, rAre, c&t, lodU, fir, Ask, pdrade; 8c6nej ^vent, Mob, novll, ref6r; 
right, sin; c6ld, dbey, o6rd, stdp, o6mpare; Onit, iimte, bOni, cat, focfts, meafi; 



beauty spot 

Kaoti (Mn). n. the smooth. Udney-fihajped 
v^^^ seed (rf msny plants: the plant 
Itnlf; the popular name of other vegetable 
seeds o^ Crufts resembUng true beans. 
Uj^nf. (bAr). n. a large, heavy wild animal 
•f^f**^ whkai lives on flesh, and insects: 
the name of two groups oi stars in the north- 
tm hemisphere called the Great Bear and 
the Little Bear; one who attempts to lower 
the value of stock in order to buy cheap: 
omKMfte to buO; a rude, uncouth, or 
wutal person: rJ. Ip.t. bore. bare. v.p. 
DorDO. bearing], to support or hold 
op: canry or convey; suffer or endure; be 
answerable for. as blame; possess, wear, or 
ow; have in or on; contain; keep, especially 
Id the mind; as, to bear no malice or hatred 
m my heart; admit or be capable oi; as, 
his life will not bear examination; show or 
•shibit: bring forth or produce; as, the oak 
tree bears acorns: v.i. to be capable of sup- 
porting; be fhiltftil; to press, or welRh upon 
or agamst; tend; be related: take effect; be 
Miated: whoi used passively bear (to pro- 
duce) has as its p.p. bom; as, an Infant was 

KAor'fl U'lg^Cb^d'^iieatbelng 
uvai -a.- uic borne or endured: tolerable. 

bear bait-ing ^„,^^*^ iCt 

with captive bears. 

KaotH (bfird), n. the hair that grows on 
UVUA%A (tie human fkce, chiefly of male 
adults; anything which resembles this hairy 
Dowtii: as. the oeard of a goat; the brlstle- 
vn hAlrs on the heads of barley and other 
grains: any of various points or projections, 
M the point projecUng backward on an arrow 
to prevent it firom being easily drawn out of 
a wooxid. etc.: v.t. to take by the beard: 
oppoee f^oe to face; to defy; as, to beard 
the liOD in his den.— odi. bearded* 

tu^ArH lAfifi (b5rd3«s).^ adi. without a 
DearO-ieSS growth of hafr on the fsoe 
or anything resembling such growth; as. a 
leartfcess youth; bearalest wheat; youthniL 
M. — lisai'dlssiniss 

U^or-Ar (bftr^). n. one who. or that which. 
W^nx'^M, carries or sustains; as. a bearer 
of dispatches: a tree or plant that yields a 
good crop of nrult; one who holds a check or 
other OToer for the payment of money. 

bear gar,den <?&e'SS2JUkS;!t'&? 

QMirftjhenoe. any scene or place of tumult 
or diaorder. 

K^ar in<r (b&rlng). n. the act of enduring 
uxJOA -lug with patleooe: manner of carry- 
ing the head and body; as. I knew him by 
his bearing; behavior; meaning or signifl- 
eanoe: the act or power of produdng; the 
part of a machine wat supports the friction; 
the dlrectloo or point of the compass In 
whlGh an object Is seen; the position of one 
olMect with respect to another: usually In 
plnral: was so dark that it was Impossible 
itar us to get our bearings; an emblem or 
flgnre on a coat of arms: usually In plural. 

bear-ish iS^l;^^'^- "^^ "• 

Kaoo4 (bSst), n. any four-footed animal, as 
Waoir distinguished ftt>m bfa^. insects. 
Sihes, and man; a person rode, coarse, or 
fUitur, or whose actions degrade him below 
the wvel of a reasonable being; a brute. 
fiAoef Jv (bSstOi), adj. brutal: low: vfle; 
v9USX^y beastlike; as. beasUv habits.— n. 

IfeAof (bSt), 9.t. lp.t. beat, p.p. beaten, beat. 
■W»» beathurl. to strike with repeated 

blows; thrash; knock: pound or break: 
flatten or spread by blows: in hunting, to 
range ^over in order to rouse and drive mut 
game; as, to beat a* thicket for a hare; dash 
or strike against, as water or wind: traad. 
as a path: overcome or vanquish; escel| 
be too dlfOcult fbr; flutter, as wings: v.i, to 
strike repeatedly; throb; dash or faU with 
force or violence; torFound a siflmal or summons, 
as by a drum; to sail against ue wind by tack- 
ing: n. a stroke whidi is made again and again; 
a throb; a footfall: a round or course which Is 
firequently gone over; as. the pollceman'fe 
beat; the rise or tall of the hand or foot mark- 
ing the divisions of time. 
KAaf an (bet'n), p.adj. worn by use, as 
UCai-cU by the tread of foet; conquered; 
exhausted; baffled. 

l\£kw¥ An urnrlr (b6t'n-wQrk). n. metal 
DeaX-en-WOriL shaped by being pounded 
on an anvil. 

Ka_«i +if ir (bB'd-tXflk). adj. having power 
Oe-a-Ul-lC to bless or render pedtectly 
happy; bUssfUl: beatiflo vision, the direct 
vidon of God, regarded as the bliss of the 
angels and saints. Also, beatlfloaL 

hA-iif i fi m finn (b^&tl-n-kfi'shfln), 
De-ai-1-n-Ca-XlOn n. the act of blesstaig 

or the state of beins blessed: in the Roman 
Catholic Church, the act of the Pope In 
declaring a dead person to have reached the 
rank of the blessed. 

KA_fif t fv (be-itl-fl), f.t. lp.t. and PP. 
De-aX-1-iy beaUfled, beatlfyingl. to 
make happy: bless with complete heavenly 
enjoyment; in the Roman Catholic Church, 
to declare by public decree that a dtttd person 
has attained the rank of "the blessed," giving 
him the right to public religious honor.— n. 
bfatifloatlon ■ 

Koo-f «n<y (bStIng), n. the act of striking; 
UCt&i-uig a flog^g; a puling or throb- 
bing; a defeat. 

KA-fif i fii/lA (bd-fttl-tild). n. bliss of the 
De-aX-l-iUae highest kind: blessedness; 
any one of the nine declarations made m the 
somon on the Mount (Matt, v.) with regard 
to the blessedness of those who have certain 

Kaoii 0^)> *>' [P'- beaus or beaux (bOa)]. a 
ucau man who dresses himself strictly 
according to the fEishion; a ladies' man or 
suitor; an escort; a lover. 

hAflii i^A^I (W,I-d5U). an kleal of 
DeaU 1-ae-ai QxceUence; a faultless 

beau monde .U'5S$i''iS?i'***°°- 
beau-te-ous ^tS&JSS;^^SSiZ 


beaU-ti-ful »'»'^u^cliarm 
delight the senses: lovely. 

Spn, fine, handsome, comely, exquisite. 

Ant. (see homely, ugly). 

beau-ti-ful4y S2S'-'>i »*• 


or attractive 

h All 11 fi i\r (bfl'tl-fl). tJ. \pj. and 0.9. 
DeaU-U-iy beautified, beautlfjr&& 
to make charming or deUghtful : to adorn. 
hAIIll fv (bfl'ti), n.[pl. beauties (-tfa)!. 
Oeau-iy those qualities which are moet 
pleasing to the eye or ear. or to the mind; 
a particular grace or charm; a channing, 
graceful woman. 

beau-ty spot S^[\^' 0I, «Sf - * 

to increase or call attention to its charm. 

b05t, fd&t ; found ; boil ; f miction ; chase ; good ; joy ; f /len, thick ; hw ^ wh as in ¥iien ; 
A«s as in azure: kh =^cb as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xzii. 




Kao vAr (M'rSr), n. an aniniAl Uvtng 
Uoa-vci partly on land and partly In 
water, having teeth formed fbr snawinc. and 
flM( for both BwUnming and walking: noted 
fbr its skill in building dams across sUvams. 
and valuable for its fUr; a gentleman's hi^ 
hat: so called because formerly made of 
beaver sldn, though now of silk; a heavy 
woolen doth: the fUr of the beaver. 
Kao xr^r frAA (M'vfir tr§). the sweet- 
uea-Ver ixec bay. common in the 
United States: so called because beavers eat 
its bark. 

Ka ra\m (b^k&m'). v.L to make still: In 
UC-i^OAAU nautical language, to keep (a 
rihip) motionless because of alack of wind. 
Ka roue a (b*-kdz'). ads. by reason of: 
uc-i^auac as, you are ill because of your 
own imprudenco: conj. for the reason that; 
dnce: masmuch as: as. you are punished 
because you do wrong. 

be-chance {JSirS.''-h»U!"* •*• *" 

KArlr 0>^)> ^' ^ little brook, or the valley 

UOi'A through which It runs: a nod, or 

other gesture, full of moaning: as. ^ey come 

and go at your beck and call. 

Ka^It A'f (h^'^t). n. a contrivance tn 

UOl^A-et ships to confine small spars or 

loose ropes, etc 

KaoIt An (bfik'n). v.i. and v.t. to make a 

UCvik-uu signal to another by a motion 

of (he-head or hand; call or signal by signs. 

Ka r>\r%t%A (b6-kloud'). v.t. to darken; to 

Oe-UiUUU obscure; to dim. 

Ka nArriA (b^kOm'). v.i. [p.t. became, p.p. 

W'l^Miuv become, beromingj. to 

pass trom one state to anoth<x" come or 

grow to be: v.t. to suit, or be suitable to: 

agree with; grace or adorn. 

hfl^Otn inc (^WSmlng). p.adj, fit; 

UU-VUUI-1U|^ proper: appropriate; bo- 

fltttng; as. r espect toe (^ age is oecomino in a 

young person. 

Sun* decent, aeemlv, suitable. 

Ani, (see unbecoming). 
%%aA (dM). n. an article of furniture upon 
MCU whica one rests or sleeps; anything 
whldi serves as a resting-place, or in wliich 
something lies or is imbedded; a portion of a 
fnu^en prepared and set apart for plants; 
the bottom of a river or any body of water: a 
layer of rock: either of the horizontal sur- 
fhkoes 6t a buildtnff stone: v.t. [p.t. and p.p. 
be(Med. p-pr, beading], to fUmish with a 
bed: plant, as flowers; lay in a layer; lay 
flat, or in order: v.i. to go to bed. 
KA-#1flh "hlA (b^-dEbl). v.t. to «>rlnkle: 
De-OaD-Olc; to splash: to wet. 
Ka #IoiiK (b^HdOb'). v.t. to smear over with 
Ue-aaUD something oUy or dirty; to 
soil; besmear. 

Ka AaT tIa (b^&sl), v.U to dazzle; to 
DC-OaZ-Zie bewUder: to confUse. 
KaH Kiia ^1^^*^ ^^^ /■ n. a small, dark- 
ucu-uu^ brown, flat-bcdied. blood-mick- 
Ing insect, of \ lie odor, oft en found in bed«. 
Ka#1 /I in a (bMlng). n. a bed and Its 
UCU-UUl^ covers, etc.: the materials of a 
bed, whether for man or beast: bed clothes. 
Ka /IacIt (b^<l«k'). v.t. to adorn; to 
ww-vicvik decorate; to ornament; to 

Ka /I Aur (b6-dQ'). v.t. to moisten with, or as 
De-uew ^th, dew. 

KaH fAl low (Md'fa-15). n. one who 
Dea-iei-iUW shares another's bed: hence. 
(pi.) two people sharing the same experiences. 
Ka Aln% (bft-dlmO. v.t. to darken; todoud; 
Pe-Oim to dim: as. tears bedim the eyes. 

Ka-Hit An (,bi-dU'n; b*-dl'zn}. rJ. 
De-OlZ-en ieck or adorn with 

Ka«1 lam (I'M'ULm). n. a madhouse; 
Oea-iam ssyium or hospital for lunattcas; 
hence, any scene of uproar and ccmfUsioiL 
"Da/I nil In (Wd'»-to: b6d'»-to). n, a 
-Dea-OU-m wandering Arab or tenfr- 
dweUer of Arabia. Syria, and northern Africa. 
Ka Aracr ctIa (bMrigl). v.t. to make wot 
De-arag-gie and dirty by dragging (as 
garments) in mud or rain. 
Ka/I ^A (bM'rid'). adj. confined to bed by 
Dea-na age or sickness; bedtest. Also, 

Ka/I i-/w»1r (bdd'rOk), n. a mining term: 
Oea-rOCK the soUd rock underlying ttas 
superficial upper crust; solid bottom. 
Ka/I cfAorl^ (bM'stM). n. the fkiunework 
Dea-Sieau supporting a bed. 
Ka/I firlr (bMm). n. a bag or case ol 
ucu-uviv strong Unen or cotton for con- 
taining the feathers or other materials of a 

Kaa (^)> ^* ^° izttect which st<NreB up lbs 
ucc pollen of flowers fCM* food, oc whidh 
makes honey and wax: the honey-bee kepi 
in hives for the sake of its honey and wax; 
an industrious person ; a social meeting for 
work on behalf of a neighbor, a diaritabls 
object, or for some other purpose: as, a 
spelling bee, a quilting bee. or a husking bee. 
Kaa KrAa/l (bg'brdd'). n. a brown bitter 
UCC-UiCau substance, consisting of the 
pollen of flowers. coUocted and stored by bees 
as food for their young. 

KaapK (bSch). n. [pi. beeches (-te)I. a treo 
Deeun yielding a hard timber and edibto 
triangular nuts. 

beech-en <«^'& ^l ^S^Ti^H 5 

Kaa AO-f* Ar (^ SfSr). a brightly colored 

Dee eai-er bird of the Old Worfd that 

feeds on bees. 

KAAf ^^^^^' n* fP'- beeves (b6vz)1, the flesh 

UCCA of an ox. bull, or cow, when killed 

for food; the name 

applied in a cattle 

country to an ox, cow. 

or bull when full 


beef -eat-efj 

(bSf'St'er). n. one who 
eats beef ; hence, a 
large, fleshy person; 
a popular name for 
one of the Yeomen of 
the Guard in England 

Beef. 1. neok: 2, shak- 


adj. fleshy; brawny; fkt: 

who attend the king l^S.Pjf^f • SaiSKH^'t^iSS: 

of London. 

KAAf ef Aoir (berst&k'). n. a slice of 
Deei-SieaK suitable for cooking 
broiling or frying. 

beef-y H:«- 

Kaa KiiTA (b«'hlv'), n. a box or 
UCC-A41W covering for a swarm d 
and serving for the storage of honey. 
Kaa linA ^^ Un), the straight coarse por- 
ucc line sued by a bee returning ladea 
to the hive; hence, the most direct way ftook 
one point to another. 

Be-el-Ze-bub ^jwe, the prince ordemoas 
or devils; hence, the devU himself. 

Ate, senftte, rftre, c&t, locAl, fMr, Ask, pdrade; scSne^ 6vent, Mee, novU, refir; 
right, Bin; cOld, dbey, cdrd, st5p, compare; finit, (imte, bftrii, cut, focfis, menfl; 

bee moth 


oocor to: v.f. come to paas. 
Ka li<f (b^nt'). P't. IP J. and p.p. het 
UC-Ut p,pr, beflttlngj, to be worth] 
•nltabla for. — pMdj. pellttlnc. — adv. 1 

Kaa m/\i>1i (M mOth), a moth which lays 
Dee inOUl na egg* m beehives, and whose 
yoong foed upon the wax. 
KAA-n (bin; bfo), past participle of the 
UfSfSiL verb be. 

(bSr). n. a fermented Uquor made fW>m 
any grain ttoxn which flour may be 
made, but generally ftom barley which has 
been soaked and allowed to sprout, with 
hops or other substances added to give a 
hitter flavor: a fermented extract of the 
roots and other parts of various plants, as 
ginger, spruce, etc.. such as ginger Deer. 
Kaac urflv (bez'wftks'). n. the wax of 
uucs-woJL -vrhlch bees make their comb. 
liA^f (bSt). n. a plant cultivated for its 
•'vct sweet, edible, fleshy root: used as a 
vegetable and also In making sugar. 
Ha A flA (bS'tl). n. any insect having four 
ucc-u^ wings, the outer pair being hard- 
ened and serving as a homy covering to the 
tamer pair; a heavy wooden mallet: r.I. to use 
a heavy wooden mallet on ; to finish, as cotton, 
tioth. etc, by beating with a heavy woodoi 
mallet: v.i. to be prominent: jut out; over- 
hang, as a cliff: adj. overhanging; prominent; 
as. a 6e<t/e brow. 

Kaa flino' (bS'tUng). adj. standing out; 
vw-ixLU|^ overhanging; as. beetling eye- 
brows: a beetlina cUff. 

Ka fall (bd-fOIO. f!'t. Ip.t. befell, p.p. be- 
uc-ioiA fallen, befalling], to happen or 
oocor to: «.<.jcome to pass. 

y of; 

Ka icktr (b6-f0gO. v.t. to envelop in a fog 
v^'XMf^ or mist; hence, to confuse. 
Ka i/\rA (b^f^OI'). v.t. to deceive; i to lead 
Ue-IOOi astray; to delude. 
Ka f/\ro (b^for'). prep, in fkx>nt of; com- 
UV-lUlO ing flrei In space, time, or rank; 
In p res en ce of sight of; earlier than: adt. in 
fkont: In advance; previouslv; formerly: 
already: conj. sooner than; rather than. 
Ka fnrA hanti (b^^rOitod'). adv. in 
De-IOre-Iiana advance; before the time: 
Mdj. forehanded. 

Ka intti (b^foulO. v.t. to soil; to dirty; 
De-IOUi to poUute; to foul. 

be-friend j^^^h ^i 

assist: to fsvor; to benefit. 
Ka ffiH^lA (b^fttd'dl). v.t. to confuse; 
De-lUO-aie to becloud, as with liquor. 
Kact (b^). v.t. and v.i. [p.t. and p.p. oegged. 
**^S begging), to ask in coarlty; ask 
ftareamoBtly; beseech; entreat with humility; 
uk as a favor; to practice asking for alms: 
m beg to, in polite usage, to ask. request, 
todre; as. / beg to state. 

Syn. implore, solicit, supplicate. 

Ant. (see give). 
be-f&n 1^4^^'^' ''^^ tense of the verb 

Ka aAf (ME-gCt'). v.t. Ip.t. begot, begat. 
■'^"S^'' p.p. begotten, begot, beget- 
tlngl. to be the fktbor or sire of; produce; 
cause to exist: as, idleness begets discontent. 
Kact erar (b^'^'*). n. one who asks with 
*'^&"5**'* humility; one who makes It his 
business to ask for alms; one who is reduced 
to extreme poverty: r.t. to take everything 
%way firom; to use up all the possibilities 
If; as. the hontmi or a battlefield beggar 

K^a aar li tiasq (b«g'Sr-lI-nes), n. ex- 
W*6-5** "<"*"*^®^ treme poverty; mean- 

to act as 
or shield; 

53 being 

Kact ffflr 1v (bfig^er-ll), adj. Uke, or In the 
DCg-gai-ljr condition of. one In greftft 
poverty; poor; mean; contemptible. 
Kao- erar XT (b6g'«r-n. n. the act or state 
UC^-^ai-jr of one who asks alms; extrana 

Ka cnn fb*-gln0. v.i. fp.t. began, p.p. b€«un, 
uc-^ru beginning), to come into exist- 
ence; to ariso; to take the first step or do the 
first act; to start: v.t. to cause to be; to 

Ka crin tiAr (be-f^'€r). n. one who enten 
De-gm-ner upon anything for the first 
time; a founder; an oriipinator. 
Ka trrn nina (be-gln'ing). n. the first 
De-gm-nmg cause; the first stage of 
anything; the source; the starting point. 
Ka ffntiA Cbe-R6n'). <nrrrj. go awayl de- 
uu-^UAA^ parti a*i. begone firom my sight! 
Ka o-ft nt_«i (t^go'nl.^). % kind of plant 
UC-gU-Ul-a cultivated for Its ornamental 
leaves and showy flowers. 
Ka trrk*' (b6-got0. rast- tense and past par- 
UC?-gUl udple of the verb beget. 
Ka o-nf f ATI (t^fit'n). past rartlciple of 
De-gOI-ien the verb beget; as. wealth be- 
gotten of toil. 

Ka cmTTi a (b^-erbnO. v.t. to sofl with dirt; 
ue-l^iUUC as. smoke and dust begriVM 

be-grudge £tS;;5'?i.' |io2JKSl'& '*' 
be-guile i^;>bV- ^^^rSr T&iS 

statement; to ensnare: to cause to paas 
pleasantly, as the time; entertain. — n. 

begun ;^i?S^A.'»*' '*'^»"' '^ »^ 

Ka Kflif (b^bllT). n. advantage: favor; 
uc-ucuA support; defense; stead; inter- 
est: preceded always by the preposltione 
in. on, or upon. 

Ka KfltTA (bd-hftvO* v.t. to conduct, carrj* 
uu-iiavc or manage: v.i. to act; conduct 
ones^ in a proper manner. 
Ka haxr in-r (be-h&v'yfir) . n. conduct and 
UC-liav-lUi manners whether good or 
bad; carriage; deportment; demeanor. 
Also, hebavtour. 

Ka KAorl^ (b^hddO. v.t. to cut off the head 
UC-UCUU of; to execute by cutting off tlie 
Ka KaIH (b^biadO. Mst tense and past 


participle of tlie verb behold. 
Ka KAcf (b^hfisf). n. a command: pr*- 
ue-UCdt copt: as. to do his master's behetL 
Ka Kin/1 (be-hind'). prep, at the back of; 
De-UlUU on the other side of; remaininc 
after; infnior to: adv. at the back: in the 
rear; toward the back; out of sight; past 
in point of time; in arrears. 

Ka Kifirl KflflH (b6-hfnd'h&nd'}.a((^.and 
De-nina-nana aav. back in time or in 

progress; late; backward; in arrears in pay- 

Ka hnM (b^bSld'). v.t. \p.t. and p.o. 
De-nOia beheld. beholdingl. to fix 
the eyes upon; have in sight* look at; 
observe with care: v.i. to look; direct or fix 
the mind. — n. beholdsr. 
Ka KaIH Pti (^^-bSI'dn). p.adj. indebted; 
De-nOlO-en ©bUged: bound in gratitude: 
as, the world is much beholden to its great 

Ka KrkniTA (b6-h60v'). v.t. to be necessary. 
De-nOOVe or be at; as. It will behoove you 
to mend your ways. Also, bshovs. 
Ka irktr (being), of be. continuing to 
PC-UAg exist: n. the state of existing: 


ig to 

bd5t, f d6t ; found ; boil ; fiihct ion ; chase ; good ; joy ; f/ien, thick ; hw « wh as in when ; 
fch"z as in azure; kh^ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to ladL 


•Uch exbM 
Baprcaw BrtrtL 

be-jew-el is-is. bS-viiM ji. 

JemUncl- '•> orDament or fumlata vlcli i 

ha la Knr (b*-li'ta«r). ».(. W Iwat witi 

De-ia-DOr iju^ blaw«: u> tbntb. A1k> 


ha lat Art (t*-llt'M),ji.adJ.del.ved:ovor 

be-lay i'^'^'i,^i,S's''"p£r''imt,"i?« 

u U) bold rsst. 

belch '**'ri^' '■' •"* '""^TlrS" 'S&im™ 

ttoto Oio sloniach; n. (bo act of fOrdns oui 

wlnA rrom Ihe utomacb. 

KaI jliam (Ml'dtm), n. an ugly cdd wo 

DS-iea-guer ^^ mtmnaa friUi an ainu 

be-Iie ,'^l 

ttiow to rw tall 

be-Uef f^ 

be-Uev-a-ble ^rfj^'o/^'UTaJ^ 

MpWd u imthj ondlhle, 

lia IfaiTB (l>S-lev'). c.(. to accept u ■ 

place conBdence In^ an, to itiiti the 
apoct or hope; r.f. to bave ^Itb; b« 
or len sure or the trulh of aDytUng; (n 

be-Uev-er '^ZS 


li Homethlnii not ac 
<pt« a rellgToiu fall 

ha lit Ha (bUltl). '■'■ W c»u»e to appear 
Oe-UI-Ue ,ni»UT to run down by speak- 
ing bZU btlngjy or; to depredate. 
hall <^*h "■ ■ bolfuv meulUc naael, 
□eU uiuatly cup-ehaped. and Kliliig fortll 
a clear, ringing sound wbonstruck; anything In 
the rorm of a bell, as the corolla ol a Bower: 
pi. the dlvUlona of daily time niarked each 
Eair-hour by stroks on a bell. enpedaltT on 
■hIpboArd r.l. toputabelloniM. toMtacat. 
hal la Arm tin fbfll'rt-dOnM), n. the 
Oei-ia-aon-na deadly mghtsbade. a 
Buropean polHmoiu pbint with reddish bell- 

bell buoy {S! "lyb? 

:ludlDB poetrT 

UtMl-UUW-Cl pUnt wh«e 9bw« rara 
bio llttin bolLi; io Rugland. a dalTodU: 
variety of apple. 

bel-Ii-cose ^^: 

bel-Ug-er-ence ISfS'tti^ir; 

Oei-Ug-er-eni ing ■«; rotating to ww 
<^ warfare: nnrUke: n. n pa«'er wbicb b 
carrying on war; aa. the chief bclUgtrti.U Id 

beU jMt-al a^^^'liii^'S'aS 

bel-Iow iSS'.iV 

viSe™ as' (be'ErTlotrS 



rhlcb extendi 

bel-ly-band |^ 

n. a baiX 
DUDd Che beUr. 

be-long-ing S^^Jf^^: "^S"* 

ite senate, rire, cit, loci!, fBr, 4sk, pdrade; scfine, event, idgc, novfti, reffir; 
right. Bin; Md, Abey, cArd, etdp, cWpare; fluit, Unite, bfltn, cat, foc&s, met^; 




dev to the hmrt: n. one who Is greatly 

UO-IUW beneath: not eo high: lower 
(than) In rank or eaoeUeooe; lower In value, 
price, etc: adv. In a lower place; on the 
Mrth; in hell, or the regions of the dead; 
IB a tower rank or grade; under. 
RaI eliav Tar (bS-ehiz'dr). n. In the 
Dei-SnaZ-Zar ^iwe. the last king of 

Babylon. — Danid t. 

KaH (bBt). n. a girdle or band used around 
UVlt the walat; anything like a band, or 
anything which encircles, restrains, or sup- 
ports as a band: a strip; a band; a badge 
ibowtng knl^tly rank; one of the rings 
aroond the planet Jupiter; an endless band 
eoonecttng two wheeu. pulleys, or cylinders 
and rsTrfng motion troaa one to the other. 
tnch as theWtt connecting the two wheels of a 
sewing noa^iine: #.(. to encircle, as with a 
iMuad or girdle; surround: togirdon.asasword. 
KaH aA (bat'M), adj. wearing a dlstino- 
DCii-eO tive bdt; as. a beUed knight; 
msriritd or adorned wttii a band or circle; 
as. the 5stt«d kingfisher.^ 
hgA t7A-HArA (bWlv^^af; It. bei'vll- 
Dei-Ve-aere di'r*). n. UteraUy. a 
beautiful view; an open structure raisea upon 
the top of a house affording a wide view; a 
smnmerfaouse buUt on a little hill so as to 
command a view. 

Ka mirA (be-mlrO. r.(. to soU by passing 
W-UIUO through mud; to fix in the mud. 
Ka m/von (be-m5n'). r.l. to lament; be- 
De-moan ,raU; pity; to grieve for; as. 
to fttmoflfi one's lot. 

KAfirYi (btech). n. U>1 benches (-«s)1. a 
uvitvu long seat; a strong table on which 
medianlcs do their work; the seat where 
lodges sit in court; the persons who sit as 
Judges; tlie court. 

bench war-rant ,<gS^pS.%SiiitaS 

ior the arrest of an offendo:. ipven out by a 
court or judge, as distinguished from a 
Jostioe's warrant given out by a magistrate. 
Kah/I (btad) . v.t. to curve or make crooked ; 
UCUU move or turn aside out of a straight 
line: direct to a certain point; cause to 
yield: flasten: v.i. to be <»: to become curved 
or crooked: be turned towards; bow or be 
submissive: n. a curve; a turn; a crook: 
as. the bend <^ a river. 

Syn.. V. deviate, Indine. twist. 
Ka vtAO'fli (b^neth'; b^nSI/kO. prep, lower 
U6-ueaui In place, with reference to 
something above: under the pressure of; 
lower In rank, dignity, or excellence than; 
unworthy of : cufv. in a lower place; below. 
Kayi A^irf (bte't-dlkt). n. a newly mar- 
ucu-o^uiut ried man. especiallv one who 
has been long a bachelor: from Benedick in 
Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing. 
hAn.A-Hir fiAti (b«m>-dlk'shfln). n. the 
Den-e-aiC-UOn ^ct of Wesslng; a bless- 
ing or e xpr ession of kind wishes solenmly or 
alnctionat^y called down upon one: the 
•hort blessing pronounced at the close of 
public worship. 

hAfi A far finn (bte'9-fftk'shfin). n. the 
Oeu-e-iaC-UOn act of conferring a bene- 
fit; a beneflt conferred: a charitable gift. 
luMi_A fflc frtr (bfo'V-f&k't^). n. [fern. 
Oen-e-iaC-IOr bcnefactressl. literally, 
one who does good; one who does a favor 
cr perftorms an act of kindness: a friendly 
helper or patron. 

hAfi A flcA (bSn'i-fIS). n. originally, an 
OCn-e-nce e^ate in IsAds granted for life 

only, and held at the pleasure of the donor; 
the poaiUon of priest in some especial parteh 
in the Chun^ of England; a ciiur^ in |>oa- 
session of a regular Income; the income itself. 


gift, or work. 

be-nef-i-cent ^^^i^: SS 

Itable: kindly. — adv. beweflot»t&. 
Syn. bountiful, generous, liberal. 
AnL (see covetous, miserly). 

ben-e-fi -dal i^2rr '»>ihSa.1!-S- 
b^-fi^-a-ry a?;fi.r,2a^.n?: 

thing as a gift; one who receives a beneflt or 
advantage, as the person who receives the 
proceeds of a will, or insurance policy: a 
priest who has been given a church Uving: 
adj. of the nature of a charity or dcmatlon; 
as. beneficiary gifts. 

Kayi a fif (bte'd-fit), n. an act of Idndness; 
Udi-v-iAt a favor conferred; whatever 
promotes the happiness and well-being of a 
person cu* thing, or adds to the value ot 
property; a theatrical performance, the pro- 
ceeds of whl^ go to one of the actors, etc. : 
v.t. to do good to; be of service to: v.i. to 
gain advantage; make improvement. 

.Son., n. favor, advantage. Idndness. 

Ant. (see injury). 

Ka fiAV_n lAfiPA (b»-nSv'd-lins). n. the 
De-nev-O-ience wOl to do good: chari- 
tableness: good-will: an act of kindness: a 
royal tax formerly Imposed upon the people 
under the name of a gift to the ruler. 

Syn. beneficence, humanity, kindness, ten- 

Ant. (see malevolence). 

Ka fiAV o lAtif (b^n«v'6-l«nt),adi.kind- 
De-nev-O-lcnt jy; charitable: generous; 
ready to give to good objects. — adv. bsnsvo* 

"Rati aul liaKf (b«n-gfir Ht). a firework: 
Den-gai Ugni used also for signaling 
at sea because it gives a steady bright blue 
light: called also bhie Ught. 

Ka nio-Kf (b6-nJtO. f-(. to enshroud In 
uu-iugiAb darkness; overtake by night: 
usually in past participle: benighteiA. ove^ 
taken by darkness: Ignorant: depraved. 
Ka nicm (b^nln'). adj. of a kind or gentle 
De-mgn disposition: fiftvorable; health- 
ful; as. a benign influence. — adv. benignly. 
Ka nia nanf (bft-nlg'nlnt). adj. Idnd; 
De-nig-nani paclous: as. he showed a 
benignant interest In our small affairs; genial: 
helpful; gentle; salutary. — n. benlgnancy. 

be-nig-ni-ty <SSSf«;iSiJl: "wnlSSnSS^ 

nature; gradousness: gentleness: mildnest; 

as. benignity of character. 

Kati i c/m (btol-sn; bfoa-en). n. a bl ew 

Den-l-SCm i^g; a benediction. 

"Rati io mfn (bfo'jd-min) n. In the Bft^ 

Den-ja-mUl ble. the youngest son olr 

Jacob. — Genesis xxxv. 18. 

KAn-f (bfot). p.t. and p.p. of bend: ad$^ 

u^ui curved; crooked: strongly inclined; 

determined: n. a turn; a leaning (mental or- 

Intellectual) toward something: as. a berU toe- 

music or art; disposition; a stiff or wiry 

Ka niiffiK (b^nOm'). v.t. to stupefy; to. 
De-numD deprive of feeUng- as. a feo%. 
benumbed by cold: to render inactive j tq, 

b5&t, fd^; found; boil; function; chase; good; joy; then^ thick ; hw » wh as in whw)* 
xh«s as IB azure; kh "ch as in loch. See pronuodation key, pa^ xix to xxii» 


•bov«: tii*<l(«TaearMO(NiDteioeedtuorniiv 
r*~'">r u. bv nicoeHlsd AttHntd hi* lUitHrt 
hooe: odf. fttftdlMuraafUtlurkinT: rondsr: 
n. ite nditaiice ■flw dotb, w Id the Aitun. 
V. vani LMi'lnt). n. k sold ooiii of 
De-ZaUl SyunUtun or ConnuUiiople. In 
BW In Bnrop p tra m Uie <jth to tbe ISui cen- 

h» a1 (Mt%i).n.U>e>lopei>Ethaedseor » 
Oez-ei cntHnB tool: the rim which mr- 
rooDds Uld IUt«B > Rem In lu sMtlng; the 
nppv part or the s«m which Is shore tin 
■ettlns: the groore hi which the glue of & 
wmtdi fa fltt«£ 

liA TiniiB (b*-cBIO. n. SRUMplsredwIth 
De-Ztque eanla from which t£s two and 
■Iz ipota luve been uken. 

bi- Waj^ S2?biS.r^ *"= '^~- 
bi-an-ni«l i^^1^n^--^bJ! 

Ki DC I'tt'la). n. \pL hliHa <-«i)]. m obHqne 
Ul-HS ar dbKOn^ line. eapedaU; a cut 
■croas ■ fkbric: hence, fa dnnmKklDC. a 
■eun lOniied br uniting the edgea ot two 
plecn of cloth cut acroea the Ihreada of the 
matflrial; a **^"<t ef the nynd tow&rd a 
MTllcular Uilng, dadre. or opLtkni: preju- 
dice: P.I. [p.l. azid P'P- blaaed., blaalDgJ, 
to give a HirtlcnUr dlreclkm to:'lncUne to 
one dde: fiflaence: prejudice: as. the oen- 
papera wa reul Moi our oplnlona: ode. In a 

,Jir(blb). n. 'a cloth placed nndar the 
"" - ■ I. especially of a child, to ptawct- 


bib-ber ;^„!S«-.".- tip'^S"^ *"^ '^ 
bib-cock {IS'^'^Sij.n Jo^e"' '"'^' ' 

KM*- iJl':'^'- "■,?'"' "S"*" writUlKi. of Ihe 
In the otlglnai tfmgue or trao&iated: thu 

Rih 1i Pdl (unnf-kSii odf. of or pcnain- 
OlD-11-Cai lug to the Bible; acriptural.— 
ode. BlbUflaHy. 

bib-li-og-ra-phy SSKtSHpaS! 

Of books, tbcdr nutbors, material, slyio oi 
inlntLiid. dal«R, editlona, clasKlflcallon. bis- 

Wb-U-o-maJii-a S5»fSK!S:,S 

pofisoaaing rare and curious boolcn. 
K;h_1i_n_Tn(i_nt_ar lbnjni-6.ina'Ql-tli), 

bi-cen-te-na-ry iS?^utd",^'3,- "■in'S! 

BTant. or Itr ceMntkn: o^f. 

bUenSen^SaSairjSb ^ 

dredjaan: n. tbe two hundredth aanliuaaiT 
of an evaot, or lla odebcaUon. 
ht./-»n« (M'aepa), n. a mvade havbiK two 
Dl-CepS piu«a ot attadunent to tlieboae; 

zuctinff Is now In conuooD iiaa.> 
hTJrvJiiKt lW*-lJ«'t). n. one who ridea 
>,:J IbM), t.l. Ip.l. bade (lAd) or Wd. p.p. 
Ola bidden, blXp.p'. bidding), to make M 
olTor of; to propose as s price: to offer for; 

as many as ye fiball And. bid 10 the marriage." 

bid-da-ble ^S'^'t^'aSfc/i^lrS.- ""- 
bid-ding in''Ind?* pr^i»™ijSS';"-aHfT; 
bide J,if^''^L^'L'■'Fu!^■''^n!^o■ r^d^ 

bid-ing i^li^Pi p^^V"^"- ""^ 
bi-en-ni-al on'™"!;? 'Vwo"*"™^'"^^ 

for two yenrs. as jAanla: n. a plant which 

i fa belJ 

. ... m which 
containlne It fr 


bill of mortaliQF 

Qwy be used botti fbr reuUnB »nd lODg 

bihu-cate ff-JKS'b SrSi^'; 

odj. (bi-rUr'Ut], dlvldod into two bnochee: 
torked. Atoo. adj. UtamMd. 

biJur^-tion iS:^"SI2 SS.'S; 

hjiv (bW). adj. (comnflr. bigger, mprrl 
"^fi mat), large, bulky: gnum up; r 
KHneLUnK Important: full to overlloffliii 
Me with grief; leemlng: as. Ma wlUi pre 
lioinpoiu; itt, to rvel M^. — n. bignwi- 
hilr_n mist fblK'n-mliit), n. (me wli 
Dlg-H-nUSl more than una hiubai 

big-a-my JJ 

one Ume.— adi. ,___ 

big-horn ^'^ 

d In a ex 

Dlg-Ol u,3 bUDdl; atUcbed to a puUcular 
^ved. cbiin:b» or part^; one wbo irlll not 
allow u> oUurq Ilic enloymeDt oT oplnjona 
which differ from hte own. 
i\ia nt eH Ibig'Ol-Sd), adj. obetlnsielr 
Dlg-Ol-ea a^ bluntlr atlacbed lo Hme 
oved, prmclice. or pairt/: nnwIUlng Co allow 

Wlat or nl (M-UfBrAl). arfj. ralatli 
-'••'-«^*«' to or havtoie two side 

Mv-i IMTjo), n. Ip(. bilboes (-bfii)]. 
-DO renlBT or sword: pi. a long bar 
IroD *IU> cbahu ft>r the feet, and ■ hook i 

by I 


bile ffi 

.„. mdeet nan of 

I which the vowel rnita 
r.i. to nprlnfl a leak ' 
or Mlge. or a ship. 
tttlffA IM t(ir "''y wO't«r|. water which 
Ullge W«-iei gaiiiBra In the bollom of 
■ sblp» UFia&lly very tll^4Mrrer«ble In odor. 

Wltn mini IW'fih-Bwili, ad)- wdtten or 
-Un-gUtU mprewed In two languagoa; 
nalog two langiiaRea. — adp. bSUncnallT. 

M irate IhU'ja"). ndj BufTcrinit from an 
-lOUSs iiinem unially accompanied by 


engii4TeJnent: lo eacaue or 
[a purson, place, or tiling) ; 
bill ll>U'.. "■ .»" »«"'"' 

r d^ud, a. by 

for gooda aold. 

-k after hlsdutTlnlhe 

rc^tandnonflghtlTig wo 
r.f.lo he quartered <h- 1 

bU-let-doui r? 

dOOi'; Fh. bJ"y*'dOB jj. b lovB-iBtrer: irom 

hill hnnlr (bn'b«ik-), n. a lonall kind ol 
Dlll-nOOK hatchet with a booked point. 

bil-liardS in^'in'^Swong' 5Sh-<5l'^ 
table, wllb Ivory ballx and a cue. 

million mlillonii' 


named a certain sum al a flied time, In p»y- 

bm 0f°lad-tagl5''S™,iS:S 

o bo ahlppad by 
to dellTQ- Ihom 

biU of mor-tal-i-ty (5° "i»£SEi 

of the number of dvatha (also Urtha) In a 

bm of sale g?.."'b?S;.'JB'VTS; 

KHUl proiwrty lo tho buyer. 

hit Inn Ibrl'Bn). ". ■ mlitun of Rold and 

flopper or othv base metBl, lued In ™*'^"ff 
eotns D( low value. 

Mln* (bU'Qt), n, uncoined toJd or dlTSr 

Mln«r (bU'B). n. s eroit nvs of the m 
-low .welled b)- Oie wind: i.l. to riH 
and roll in Urge wmvea cr Mmaia.—aiii. 

UI Itt (bat), n. a btndgwui or <dnb: ■ 
DU-iy poUcemui'a dub. 
hi TTiA 4iil 111- Ibl-me-UUlk), adj. of. re- 
Ol-me-iai-UC luting to.oriBliu.>donble 
metal Biandard for & syiiem of cobw or cm^ 
rency^ relating ui two laelaU- • 

Kimatolliem (bi-mSt'll-tmil. n. the 
Dl-meT-ai-USm Miopllon br law or two 
met&lfl (ftA floLd and HllTer] to be used In the 
moner of e CDUatry at h flied ndatlve value. a,"SM' .^.^S: 

aa, a bimonMy maganne. 

!,;„ (bin), n. an InclMed place and as a 

OUl nceptadetOranrmaterialias.aaialHn. 

ij tMnn 01 
imponnd be 

al ton*: unite br bonds of aff< 
alty. or ilnty: bold by any moral 
or restrain; protect or atrenEthen 

bordsr. or covtri fasten tocetbei. .^ .. 

■Uck ■ofsUia': to obtiRe by a pnanlse. law 
j[„^_ «_ . ._ r..._ . — ..>,_ ■_ . _ .. . 

i\ins (bin}, n. tba twining Bt«DI 
DUie Tills or otiur cIlmhinK plan 

bin-na-cle ^'^i^V^ 

an kept (he compaa and li>hu 


•^O glass 1 
of botli eyes 

Dm-oc-u-iar o^j. sdspwd to tho um ot 

both oym at the same tlmej au. irinocular 
glaases: n, any glaas fltwd for use of both 

bTnotmi J £°°i"'a£iSv°Cs'H 

of two Wnns connected by the sten plDs [ + 1 
or minus 1 — 1. an 1] + 6: ai), "■"■'"'"if of two 

Dl-O-grapn thiW^T ino^iiW plctuS np- 

} biscuit 

Wna ra n1i*r (bl-OgT^-fSf) . n. ooe who 
-og-ra-pner ,^4^ ^^ tMtn of > 

ETn'orotih iV (W-6-«T*nk). a4). cooslat- 
Dl-0-grapn-lC mg 0/ a Itre history. Also. 
bk«nii>talaa.~<iilc. MoarapUsallT. 

bi.ogja.phy SSJCfSi)f «!? m'SS 

hlitory of a pemon'a life: such wiltlnci IB 

wSog-i.caI 'SVS^ii^ ."sa 

tfeaca c^ living forma. Also, bktfo g te. 

hi a1 n ffict (bi-ei'Mist), n. one vbs 

Dl-01-O-glSI studis. cr ta skilled Id. tha 

science of living fonns. 

til enter 

v:-<1 (bOrd). B. ■ warm-bloo _ 

'i'^^ Mg-larliiB animal, with wluis: any 
■null Mrd aboC by a gunner, aa dlatjngulsbed 
fTDiu Bwaurfowl; t.l. to shoot or catch blrde. 
V.\tA tan f\ *r (bOrd nn'al-(rl. one who 
Dira lan-Cl-er oollecu or rtmn raro and 
" caged birds. 

r.I. to smear w{th birdlime, 

bird of par-a-dise ^^^ 

1 bln£: 

hi«1>B-air* (bOrdil'). odf. seoi ftna 
Dira B-eye »bo«e, as by Bllylns bWs 
hsoce, ROBral. not detailed ; aa, ttvm the 
Cop of WaihlngtoD Monument can be seal a 
Mrd'i-eiic view of WsshlnBtcn City; marked 
with apotiireeembllnBa blrd'seyce: aa, Mnfa- 

hi rama (bl'rGm), n. an andent boat or 
Dl-reme gBUay, hiving two baoks of oara, 

bi-ret-ta M^u"- .'„ j'-^^-Sfc^ 

officials or mlnLsIATS. Alao, beratla. 
hirth (bOrUi]. n. Che set of coming Into 
DUXn life: the fact of belnB bora; the ac* 
of bringing forth; descent; as, Abraham 
Lincoln was a man of homble Hrth.' orUo: 

hjrth flair (bOrth'dK*). n. (be day go 
DUTO-aay which one is bom: the ttme 
uf udjfEn or li«f(lnnlngH ; the anniversary of 

Wi^-fi rat*> <bilrth'r*t-),n. Ihelncreaeao* 
DUm-raie populaUoo u «hown by tha 
percentage of Idrtha to the niunbfr of Inhabl* 
tants In a district within a certain period, 
hir+h i-iirh*- (bOrth'rff). n. any right m 
Dina-ngnt privllom or posswslon to 
which a person ia entitled by birth: tha right 

hie r-iiit (fla'klt), n, a kind of nnraiasd 
Dia-CUlI bread, bated hard and dry, and 




IDlrds ; tlf e cap worn by a Judge when pronoun- 
cing sentence of death; the black raspberry- 
Klorlr An (blftk'n). r.t. to grow black or 
Diaun.-CU ^ic : pj. to make black : to soU : to 
jpeakevilor. as of the character or reputation. 

Klorlr i^atr <^^^ ^Hl^' ^^ ^^f^ <>' * 
DiaUA. Uttg pirate, decorated with a 

t skull and crossbones. 

. Klorlr frt ar i^ftk frt'ftr). a monk of the 
Olltun. in-tU. Dominican order: so called 
from the black gown worn by members of the 

, order. 

Klorlr intarA (hl&g'&rd). n. a man of 

i DiaCK-gUara low character who hablt- 

^ nally usra foul or abusive language; a scoun- 
drel: adj. vicious; low; vile; indecent; 
abusive: v.t. to spoJBkk contemptuously of. in 
rUe and indec^it language. 

niorlr TTon/l ^^^^ h&nd). a Sicilian 
Diaun. XMUU secret society organized 
to force money from people by fearftil threats. 
Klorlr intr (bUkOng). n. a mixture for 
Dlq-CK-ing giving a shining black polish 
to boots. 

Klorlr lorlr (Wftk'jEk'), n. a smaU bludg- 
DUtUlL-jaUlk eon or club with a flexlbTe 
handle, used as a weapon. 
Klorlr IaoH (bl&kl«d). a mineral formed 
UUti^A. icau. of caroon and iron and used 
as the "lead" in pencils; plumbago: v.L to 
:»ver with black lead or plumbago. 
Klorlr Iact (bl&k'ldg). n. a cheating gam- 
UAauA.-AC^ bier; a contemptuous term 
ITor a workman who is not a member of any 
trade union. 

Klorlr lAf+*»r i^l^^ let'fir). the old 
DiaClk lei-ter IsngllAh or Gothic letter 
osed in the early manuscripts and the first 
printed books: adj. written or printed in 
such letters. 

Klorlr lief (^^^^ list), a list of persons 
Uiai/A. not who are considered deserving 
3f punishment, or whom it is desirable to 
axcTude ttom business transactions: v.t. 
(bl&k'Ust'), to enroll as undesirable or as de- 
serving of punishment. 

Klorlr tnoil (blik'm&l'O. n. a tax andent- 
Ullti^ik-iiiaii ly paid In money, com. or 

cattle, in the north of England, and in Scot- 
Sand, to the agents of robbers, to secure pro- 
tection from theft; hence, the securing of 
money by frightening one into giving it up: 
v.t. to secure money or goods from by causing 
fear of any kind. 

Klorlr ctriifK (hlik'smlth*), n. a person 
DiaClL-SIIUUl who works in iron and 
makes Iron utensils, horseshoes, etc 
Klorlr cnolrA (blftk'snfik') . n. any of 
Ul<tl/A.-ouaikC several very dark serpents; 
a heavy whip made of braided cowhide. Also. 
Maffk snake. 

Klorlr fKnm (bl&k'thOm'). n. a shrub 
J OiaCIL-UlOIll bearing large thorns and. 
^ small black cherries, largely uned for hedges: 
called also sloe; a stick cut from the stem of 
the sloe; a Idnd of hawthorn. 
KloH HAr (bl&d'Sr). n. a thin elastic bag 
uiau.-u.d or sac In animals, in which a 
fluid Is collected; any sac or blister, con- 
taining fluid (M* air. 

KIoHa (blid). n. the leaf of a grass; the 
*'*«*^^ yoimg stalk or spire of a grass; the 
broad expanded part of a leaf; the cutting 

Eart of a knife or other instrument; the 
road part of an oar; anything resembling the 
tiroad flat cutting part of a knife; a dashing, 
reckless, rollicking fellow: r.i. to put forth 
blades. — ad), bladed. 

Kloin (blan). n. a blister; an Inflamed sore 
Plain or swelling. 

Klotn o KIa (bi&m''i. deserving of 
Uliuu-a,-uic blame or censure; fruity. — 
adr. blamably. — n. blainablMiess. 
KlofTiA (blam), n. an exnressi<»i of dl»> 
Uliuuc approval of something t^oui^t to be 
wrong; a fault; responalbilitv for anything 
Wrong: t.t. to find fault with; r^roach. — 
adj. uamewortliy. 

Svn., V. condemn, reprove, upbiuad. coosiire. 

ArU, (see praise). 

Klotn A Iacc (Dl»n»'lfe). t^^i- ft«« fro«n 
OliUUC-lCdd fault or wrongdoing. — ods. 

blamelessly. — n. blamdessaess. 

KlonrK (hlinch). r.^ to take the color 
UMJXXxS^lx out of and make white: as. ceJ«T 
growera blanch the celery stalks foy burying 
them away from the light; to make white by 
removing the peel; as. to blanch almonds: 
r.i. become white; turn pale. 
Klonr mono-A (bla-m&AzhO. n. a white 
DianC-mailge jeUyllke dessert composed 
of some gelatinous or starchy substance, such 
as cornstarch, combined with millc. 
Klon/1 (bl&nd). adj. mUd: soft-spoken: 
Uliuiu gentle: as. a bland smile. — adv, 
blandly. — n. biandnws. 

blan-dish-ment l^^^'^^^Jk^ 

or action; an artful caress; coaxing. 
Klonlr (hl&Ak). n. any empty space; an on- 
UXailJl. filled space In a written or printed 
document: a lottery ticket which foils to draw 
a prize ; disk of metal before it Is stamped : tbe 
white spot in the center of a target: adj. tree 
from writing or print; without result or in- 
terest; conf^osed; empty; absolute; as. biank 
silence; without rhyme; as, blank ^rerae. — odr. 
blankly. — n. blanlmess. 

Klon lrA+ (bliA'kSt). n. a soft, looeely- 
uuui-ikct woven, heavy cloth, usually of 
wool, used as a bed cov^enng. as robes, or aa 
a cover for a horse, etc. : v.t. to cover, as with 
a Manket; to take the wind out c^ the sails 
of (a vessel) by sailing to windward of (her). 
KlorA (^i^)< ^' ^ harsh noise like the blast 
UUXIV of a trumpet: v.i. to bcUow; to give 
forth a loud brazen sound like a trumpet: f.l. 
to sound loudly; to tnunpet forth. 
Klor nAir (blSr'nl). n. soft, coaxing speech: 
Oiax-uey flattery: v.t. [p.t. and p.p. 
blarneyed, blarneying), to influence or 
deceive by soft, coaxing speecdies; to hum- 
bug with flattery; to wheedle. 

Blar Jiey stone i^'^r.'^'^it %^SS^ 

Castle. Ireland, upon kissing which a person 
is said to become a skilled flatterer. 
Klo e^ (blit'z&')i adj. wearied by too mw^ 
uxa-oc pleasure so as to have lost the 
power of enjoyment. [Fa.) 
Kloc nKc^tTiA (blAs-fSmO, vJ. to speak 
DiaS-pneme irreverently of; to mock 
at (sacred things) : r.i. to use pn^tEUie or im- 
pious language. — n. blaspbemtr. 

KloQ.nKA mniic (bl&s'f^mOs), adj. ut- 
DiaS-pne-mOUS tering. contahUng. or 

showing mockery of sacred things; protuie. 
— adv. DlaapAemonsly. 

Kloc nKA mv (bl&s'ffe-ml). n. [pi. bla»- 
DiaS-pne-my phemles (-mix) l. impious, 
profane, or mocking speech concerning God or 
sacred things; expressed contempt or hatz^ 
for the personality or authority of Ood; tbe 
claiming of equality with Ood; sacrilege. 
Klocf (bUtst). n. a violent or sudden gnrt 
Uiaot of wind; a forcible stream of air 
from an opening; as. a blast of heat comes 
ftam the opened furnace door; the sound pro* 
duced by blowing a wind instrument; any 
sudden harmful influence, as a wind tipon 

Ate, senUte, rAre, cAt, loc&l, fir, Ask, pdrade; scAne, Avent, Adge, novil, refAr; 
right, sin; cAld, Abey, cArd, stAp, compare; unit. Anite, bAni, cut, fodis, menfi: 

blind spot 64 

KKn/1 ennf (blind spOt). that point 
UIIUU BllOi where the optic nerve entera 
the eye and wfaidbt cannot be affected by light. 
Klinri xtrixrm (bllnd'wilrm'). n. a small. 
Dima-WOim dender.llmbleMlixard with 
tiny eyes, so named from the popular but 
wrong belief that it cannot see. 
Vklfnir (bllAk). «.i. to see Indistinctly, as 
Dimik with half-dosed eyes; to wink with, 
or as with, the eye; twinkle; to get a glimpse; 
to glimmer: v.L to evade or shut one's eves 
to; to shirk; to ignore (what one is looking 
at); as^ he blinks a question: n. a glimpse or 
glanoe; a gleam: a gUnuner; a twinkle. 
K1in1r_Ar (bllnk'Sr), n. one who winks or 
UlUUk-Ci evades; a leatho* flap placed one 
on each side of a horse's bridle to prevent him 
fktun seeing objects beside or behind him; 
pi. colored glasses to shield the eyes from 
too much light; hence, any obstruction to 
sight or understanding. 

fkliae (bUs). n. the highest degree of happi- 
UllBo ness; blessedness; the perfect joy 
of heaven. 

Klioe fill (blls'fd61). adj. filled with glad- 
UU9o*AUl joffss or Joy; extremely happy. — 
adv. Iklisstiilly>— fi. Iiliinfnlnsn 
Vkllc fAr (blls'tSr). n. a small, bladderlike 
Ulio-iCi cavity under the skin containing 
watery matter; any eruption resembling 
one made by such a cavity under the skin, 
AS the blister raised by heat on painted sur- 
fjaces; something put on the skin to produce 
an eruption: v.t. to cause such an eruption to 
come upon: v.i. to rise in. or become covered 
with, such an eruption. 

KlifViA (blff^). adj. gay; Joyous; glad; 
UliUAC mirthful; cheery; happy. — adv. 

KlifYiA e/^TTiA (blttft'siim). adj. cheery; 
UAlUlC-oUAAic ffay; merry; Joyous. 
I\1i9 iwa^A (bllz^rd), n. a nirious hurricane 
UUl^-^cUil of wind accompanied by fine 
driving snow, and intense cold. 
t\1/\0-f (bl5t), v.t. to cure or dry (herrings) in 
Uiuat smoke; to cause to swell; to distend 
or puff out. as with water or air; inflate; 
mai^ vain: v.i. to become swollen; to be- 
come puffed out. 

fklrkof AT (blSt'Sr), n. a large herring. 
UiUcib-Cl. salted, smoked, and partixdly 

Kl/^rlr (bldk). n. any tmshaped solid mass 
UAUi/A. of matter, as of wood, stone, etc.; 
a piece of wood for supporting the 
neck of a person condemned to be 
beheaded ; a piece of hard wood pro- 
pared for the tool of the ennraver; 
a wooden mold for shaping hats; a 
grooved pulley or pullevs In a ft-ame 
to which is attached a nook or ring 
by which it may be suspended; a 
row of buildings; a square or por- 
tion of a dty Inclosed by streets; 
that which closes the way or chan- 
nel; an obstacle; a hindrance; quan- 
tity, section, or number of something 
dealt with as a unit; as. a block of 
seats in a theater; shares of stock .-g- 
bought or sold in the mass: v.L toK^i 
•top the passage c^: to obstruct: lins 
stop up: to plan or sketch without Block and 
working out any details: to secure xaokle 
or support by blocks; to mold or 
shape on a block: to stop (a train) by signal. 
Kl/^rlr a Ho (bl6k-5d'). n. the shutting 
UiUUlv-auc up of a place, as a port, by 
ships or troops of an enemy in order to pre- 
vent anything frova. coming in or going out: 
^4. to surround and shut up; to block. 


blockhead S«fJ^<2t. ^'^^^^ 
block-house ^^gSST^'rlri^SSi 

of heavy timbm*. furnished witli loophols 
for musketi7i &nd having a projectlns upper 

block sys-tem SJ'pS'^^- iSr S 

safe passage of railway tnuns. by which the 
line is divided into shcxt sections. No traia 
is allowed to leave a section until the nest 
section is signaled clear. 
K1/\Ti/1 (bidnd). adj. of a fidr color: Ughl 
tJliJXXM (xdored: n. a person of very fair com- 

Elexion and light hair. Also. usually fsmlnine. 
K1rk/\/1 (biad), n. the red fluid which dica- 
DiOUU lates in the heart, arteries, and veins 
of an animal; sometimes, the Juice of any- 
thing, espedally if red; kinship; relation- 
ship; as. "Ood has made of one blood aO 
nations of men for to dwell on earth." — 
Acts xvll. 26; descent; lineage; a line of 
royal ancest<Hfi; as, a prince of royal hlood: 
a man c^ Are and spirit; a rake; as, a young 
blood; temper, accompanied by cold or hot; 
as. a murder In cold blood; slaughter or 

blood-ed H^!' ^- ^''^^'^^'^ 

hlnnd h^flt (*^*'*** **'*>!^^® normal 
UiUUU uetti temperature of the human 

blood in health which is 08.6 <* F. 
Vil/%/%/1 hr\^%t%A (blGd'hound'), n. one of a 
DiOOa-nOima breed of large dogs re- 
markable for their acute sense ot smell, 
employed to track wounded game and es- 
caped prisoners or criminals. 
K\r\rtA i 1t7 (biadl-U), adv. in a murderous 
DiOOa-l-iy manner; relenUessly; cruelly. 
Kln^H 1 iiAce (blildl-n«s). n. the state 
DiOOu-l-neSS ^f being bloody; » dispo- 
sition to kill by savage methods. 
hlnorl 1aq« (bmd'16s).ad>. without blood: 
UiUUU-iCod used of a run-down physical 
condition; pale; spiritless; cold-hearted; un- 

hlnnA triAn av (bIQd mAn'I). mon^ 
DiOOa mon-ey obtained at the cost of 
another's life; as. Judas, when he betrayed 
Je9 s. received thirty pieces of silver as btood 
mo tey; the reward paid for discovery or 
capture of a murder^*: money paid by the 
slayer to the next of kin of a slain person. 
K1/>/\/1 v/>/\4' (blQd rC9t). a plant of the 
DiOOa root poppy fainlly. having red 
roots and white sap, and bearing a white 
flower which blooms In early spring. 

blood-shed SS^^rof fce.'*"^"'- 
blood-shot n^r^d ^fth'riy'S^ •"■ 

n. a darir 
variety of quarts 

blood.6tone S^'*^. 

spotted with red Jasper. 
h\f%f%A ciirlr Ar (blild'sadc'Sr). n. aa 
DiOOa-SUCK-er ammal that sucks blood: 
especially, a leech; one who tixcea money 
from another; an extortioner. 

biood-thirs-ty n-u.?**^ -s- imn 


(bltldl). adj. relating to. contaln- 
or resembling blood; blood- 
murderous; attended with 

fk1/\/\m (blOOm), n. a blossom; the flower 
UAUUUA of a plant; the state of having 
flowers; as. the tree Is In bhom: a state or 


blood-y SJ« 

Stained; crud: 

Ate, senUte, r&re, cdt, lodU, filr, ^k, parade; soene^ 6venb, Sdge, novll, refSr^ 
^^t, sin; cdld, dbey, cdrd, stdp^ c5mpare; ^t^ finite, bihii, ciit, foc^s, menii: 



Bnum, n* bmacr Id ii»: a ilupld roUow. 

DIUIII rfHmded «lm or pcdot: oat iburi: 
Anil in undcotuidtDci itupld; sbnipt Id 

O^l^e «dg« or poiDt of; to mako weaker or 

oA, blniiur. — n. MbmOmh.' 
tiliir (WOr . f.l. [p.(. •nd p.p. blnrrod. 
DlUr bluniul. to nuks tn^atlnct In out- 
Uds: to dim by csoalnc Unpirfsct viiloii la ; 
tlDci Id outlines n. k cmudRe; liiclistliieuieH; 

mod«U. etc.; ■ red or reddle oolor 

blus.ter-ous ;S?,'S'r°"i„1f;. 

tai or tfiather Uppct or nwkplew. 

iOJi coB.stric.tor <";;S;i" 

prey lo deatb la fla 

boar r/^in- 'J: 


number of poraom 
elected to the bo 

nsuallv- folding, Kuin^oi 

ft Bblp; AH. overboard, ] 
theater: br Uv board. » 

hnanf or (Mr'dlr). n. one wbo pan M 
DOara-er isdglDg or rood by Un dix « 
week at tbe table or boiue ot adotber; <iot 
wbo geta upon a «hlp. 

board foot^^^^^'^Vif \'pS 
board-injg ^SiSf 

with, find Hjid luilBlns. 1 

board meas-iire 
boast ^^ii 

if lisH tbnhw, 'tb« 
-e ^ being njppUed 

lo Ihm: to "l™*^ 


boast-er t^'S 

boat hook h^^ing" b"'"- 

Kharp point and a hook.t^T'^^^ 

boat-ing i«of«"ifngOT 

boat-swain i^Vb 

ship who bhs chnrgo Dfihe 

S^X-.^'iTo^hSr "^ 

bob i'^t^in^ftifAy. 

. bobbnl. 

ddowo: Id flMhwIihn weight on 
any xmall rourd objrct clayinc 
lo end of a fiord. dialD. tu.; a 
e ■KLljtltt al tbe end of a pIDd^ 
Lne. £liiu|[-Uno. etc.; a knot^ 

ob"bio*'^':;'"\?"^ ™^'^'?3^"''S S 

UU-UIU rninll cylinders of wood used to 

' buTh end', 'uk^ on machiiiu to bM 

im or mr.-.-.d for spinning, wealing. Of 

. -wing: a oirrt <.r braldnin chrmieh a canng. 

; bob-bi-net ^^Xuil^^ka^nS^niuiM. 

e hiikp ot a hnl, -, tj-t (lrflb-6-llnkl. n on AmMlwo 
Bfl, htT career UUu-U-mLH ^jonff-blrd. fslli'd also, la cc^ 


. lUede nUed boM 

boll wee-vfl SSi SJil't 

■0 Inch lone. whlA infnte ' 

Bol-she-Ti-ld ffiS,V"iiAS."'i'ffi 

mijoricy: » BubbIso pmy of oitremo nujl- 
chJb, taftvlD^ aa Ita ftlm (ha Immedlalo roallia- 
tloD oT ■ Bodhllst commoowiwlth : opposed 
(o Ae MtraluMi or moderate soclBilsu. 
bol-She-ViSm thI^ry'"'^'^Tii^mn™t 
or IJie BolsbDtiVI.— 'I. boUluTlit 
hnljetar (b^l'mer). n. m long pOlov w 
DOl-Iiier cushion lued to TOpport the bead: 
A pad to^Hepmaure; a cushioned or padded 
part at a aaddlo: v,L to mpport ^ilh a pillow 
^.„. ■ -KuaUr irllh up. 

of Ughtnlne, so 

>! (Mm: bOm). n. jl hollow 

tm). n. a hoU 
Bllod irith I 

■Dd called a fiuoj any theU stmlloriy con- 
Mructed and thnnm br the hand or dropped 
(rom an alrahlp; ateU bmb, & long steel 
cj'Undcr Blled with high oiploalve. dropped 
bralrplaoeo; taoMUUiUT beaib, a shell Ibat, 
when NEploded, throwsont a flamlnR Kriald 



OOUl-Oaxa „ attack Ttllh omnon; flro 
diot or Hhell at or Into : to asnll Derslst«iUr 
wttli vWlery. 

Wbar-dier ST'SS^aJSS.': 
bS-'bard-ment ffi3,lJ5ffif"i: 

DOm-DaSI funding Vords; big 
Ing language or style nitfac 

bom-bas-tic S^^uo^'.' 

■■— PiploidvB ron» of rt 

bomb-sheU i^ 

bo-naT-de Sr^US!?- £~Sa 

failh. ILat.) 

DO-nan-Za cf ore in a mine: bmna. 

anything which brlnea wealth or gnod fci ' Hu t 

bon-bon i'SSSia,"" ."nSSSS" 
bond SX'ii"- "SS5i,?"l "^S S 

union; a uniting InHaeoco: as. Uu Sosd Of 
pcacoi an obllgatloc: an utoeniSDt iiadK 
seal br which a penoa prombea that he and 
bii burs, etc will do. or abstain frfm ttolat. 
• certain act: a prMnlBo to pay a "»•»•" ""n 

1 or bef<MV » deOnlte dato; i 

-- ■ — '— <reat. Issued I 

n rotum tor m 

— , ura: Imprlsc , , ,- 

. ... Jl put (dutiable gooda) lnU> a wanboon 

are taken out. but eecnrtu' balnc t lvta M 

mil. In a state of aervituda or ilaTvy; €*th 
tlve: as. "whether hn b« bond or frae. ' 
lumfffiffA (bOn'dti). n, the act of ■errlM 
DODO-age uiilnEii one's Willi ■lamcT. 
wbother physical or moral: lniprlKrnmaot. 

Sun, captivity, acrfdom. thralldom. 

AnL [see freedom). 
hnttA.tu1 CbCndfid). ad]. tuH In bouJ. « 
IM«a-«a under pfedgo, for paymiat S 
dutien; Bocured by written agrosnent. *• • 
debCi bonded miahMua, a pUco In iMA 
bonded goods are JcBpt. 

bonds-man iS^o'oS'iSi.Siji.ftSS 

nopandble for aPQther> parment nT a deb*. 
Iknna (ban), n. the h3rde&BJ tlinie (bmitna 
□one (1,0 iJaileUni of the hWHr ordcn« 
antmala; one of tbe parte or piooea of an 
anlnul skcli^lon; a slay ot whafebooe. stso. 
etc.. for a conet: j)L plocfs of bone or trarj 
bold betweea tbo Uigers and rattled tocetlw 
aa an accompaniment to muKlc: v.f. toranol* 
the bonrs Item: to stllTen with wbaleboM 
as a drcBB: boue d^. very dry, aa Ain-dried 
bono: said of thoiui statoa in which ^cobolM 
liquors of every kind aro prohibited by law U) 
be made or sold or rccelvod from aiwUMK 

banie-set ffiS"'^" "■ '■■"'•^■^'^■^ 

rayed Bower heads, 
■""■"■ — d hcmsew' — 

y^^hrt^ (bOn'flrl, n. any largo tite made 
UUU-UIC jii (!,„ ojmn air it, celebrate an 
tivent or to de^roy nibliisb or tnuh. 

bon-ho-mie i'g^M2i^^"SK: 
— ' ■Jffl.l- 


K/» nckixn (b5-pep'). n. a quick. pla>'fuJ 
uu-pccp peeping out and withdrawing 
in a child's game. 

K/\ rar ir (bo-r&sTk), adj. pertaining to. 
WU-iou-ii* or produced from, borax; boric: 
boraoio add, a colorless crv^tallLno com- 
pound, largely used in solution as an eye- 
wash and antiseptic. 

K/\ ro* 0/1 (b6'rat-6d), adj. mixed or 
DO-rat-eO. aned with borax or boric 
acid: as, borated tolcum powder. 
\\f\ rflY tt><»'**^ks)t n. a salt compounded of 
UU-iaJL boracic acid and soda: used as an 
antiseptic, for cleaning metjils, and in making 
glass, enamel, artificial gems. etc. 
U|^«. Af^-m (btir'dfir). n. the outer part or 
UUi-UCi edote of anything; a margin: 
boundary: rim; brink: frontier; verge: 
a narrow flower bod usttally along a path: 
vX. to iii.'iko a d-corative margin about: vA. 
to touch at the rxlge or boundary: with on or 
upon; to approar'h. 

K/^r /lor txT (bSr'der-gr). n. one who 
UOr-Uer-er dwells on the edge of a 

\\f\T Ac^T \ar\A t^r'dPr-lind). n. land 
UOr-Uer-ianU forrointr a frontier; an im- 
certain or doubtful district; as. the border- 
land between right and wrong is often 

KnrA <^'^'*^)' r'- fP'' of bear], t-o pierce or 
UViv; drill a hole in; to form by piercing 
or drilling; to force (as a passage) with effort; 
to weary by tiresome repetition, or by dul- 
ness; to annoy: r.i. to makt^ a hole; pierce; 
to push forward toward a certain point: n. a 
hole made by piercing or drilling; hence, 
the cavity or hollow of a gtm; the inside 
diameter of a gun ; hole; a stupid, uninter- 
esting person; any person or thing that 
cau-ses dull wearinc«w; a tidal flood which 
breaks in the mouths of some rivers, and 
b^ng hindered in its course by the narrowing 
channel, rises in a watery ridge and courses 
along with great force and noise. 
y\f\ -ro a1 (bo'rlNU). adi. northern: relating 
DU-ic-iU to the North, or to the north 
wind. Also, boreui. 

■p/^ rc^ ac (bo'r6-&s), n. the north wind: 
.OU-rc-aa one of the names by which the 
Greeks personlfled the four winds. 
Vk/^ro rlrktn (bor'dilm). n. dulness and 
UUJ.C-u.uiii weariness of spirit; state of 
being wearied by dulness. 
Vfcor txT (I'or'OT), n. one who, or that which, 
UUi-t7i pierces or eats a hole, as certain 
wonns, tools, etc. 

Krt T\r (l>6'rfk). ^i' pertaining to, or pro- 
UU"***' duoed from, borax. Also, 1>ontclc. 
\\f\ r\Ack (bS'rId), n. a compound of boron 
DU-IiUC with some metaUic substance. 
i^-.--, (bdrn), p.p. of the verb bear when 
WUiU used passively: p.adj. brought forth 
or into being, as offspring; natural; made of 
a certain character by birth; Ingrained; as, 
a born musician. 
1^-^— -|g (bom) . pj). of the verb bear, carried ; 

f.^ -rrvn ^p'r6D), n. an element containing 
UU-iUU do metal, and found naturally 
only in combination, as in borax. 
l\/\r» f\tiiry% (btlr'd). n. a town which has 
UUi-UU^il been organized Into a self- 
governing body under a mayor, etc. 
Vkrxf -rrxrwr (bdr'S), T.t. to obtain the use 
DOr-rOW of a thing, for a time, with the 
understanding that it Is to be returned; 
to take; to copy* to adopt; as, almost all 
republics borrow their constitutions fW>m the 
United States; in arithmetical subtraction. 



to take a number fh>m the next higher 
denomination in order to add it to the next 
lower: r.f. to receive something with the In- 
tention of returning it. 

KncVi ^^^^^)> fi- absurd or empty talk; 
uuoxi utter nonsense, [(^olloq.1 
K/%c1r (h<5sk),7}. a grove: a thicket; a small 
UXJon. wood. -Vlso, bosket, bosquet. 
Koclr T7 (b^'lf J) . fl^i- woody: bushy: catisod 
UUoA.-y by a bosk: as. bosky shades. 
KrkC fvm (bCOz'dm), n. the breast of » 
UUo-UUl human being; the part of a 
garment which covers the breast ; the breast 
as the seat of the alTections or passions, or as 
the center of emotions, or desires: the heart; 
hence, any deep, central place; as. the bosom 
of the lake: adj. intimate; beloved; as. a 
bosom friend ; worn on the breast : v.t. to place 
or protect dose to the heart; to keep tenderly; 
to conceal. 

KncQ (*^*^^« w- [P^- bosses (-6z)l, an oma- 
UUoo mont of silver, ivory, or other ma- 
terial, which stands out on a flat surftce; 
as. the boss ornamenting a shield; a knob; 
a raiitod oniamcnt on a ceiling: r./. to dcjcorat© 
with ornamental nails, knobs, or studs. 
Knee <*^'*)' '*• from the Dutch ^oas. mean- 
UUoo ing niaster; hence, a master- work- 
man: a manager; a superintendent: col- 
loquially (U. S.], a political dictator: r.t. to 
hold mastery over; to direct; to manage: 
r.i. to bo mast-er. — adj. bossy. 
\\f\ fatn ir (l>6-tiin'lk) , adj. pertaining to 
UU-UUI-IV^ botany, the science w-hlch 
treats of plant life. Also, botanlcaL — adv, 

Krk+ o ■nie+ (bOt'd-nlst). n. one who studies 
UUl-a-IUbl or is skilled in a k-now ledge of 
plants; one wiio is a specialist in Ijotany. 
Krkf o ni7o (bdt'd-nlz), v.i. to seek after 
UU l-a-lll^C plants for the purpose of 
studying them; to go into the fields and 
woods for the sake of plant study. 
Krkf o nxr (bdt'd-nl). n. the sdeoce whldi 
UVl-a.-liy treats of plants. 

HnfrVi ('^'^ch)' ^- a patch badly or clumsily 
UUii^u put on; bimgllng work: r.t. to spoil; 
to disfigure; to mend or patch In a clumsy 
manner; to put together unskilfully: r.t. to 
do a poor piece of work. — n. botch^. 
Knfrfi V C^^^^ch'f). adj. poorly or clumsily 
UUtVrii-j^ done: poorly repaired. 
K/%f flTT (bdt'fli'), n. a fly which. In one 
OOt-ny stage of its life, lives in horses 
and other animals. 

Kn+li (both), adj. and pron. the one and 
uuiu the other; the two: conj. and adt. 
as well, equally, not only: with and; sls, both 
the ll\ing and the dead; also; as, here were 
hat<» ana love both. 

Kn+li *»r (bd//i'?r), v.t. to annoy* to tease; 
uu ui-c;i to worry; to give trouble to: e.i. 
to feel trouble or care; be troublesome: n. 
a source of worry; annoyance; vexation; 
perplexity; ono that gives trouble. 

hnth Pr-fl tinn (W^'At'Sr-a'shfln). n. the 
UU Ul-Cl -a- UUIl act of annoying or worry- 
ing;" the state of being vexed or perplexed. 
hnth Pr Qnmp (^ifi'^r-Btan), adj. trou- 
uuui-ci-duiuc blesome; annoying; caus- 
ing worry. 

K/\+e (wit,«). the larva or first stags 
DOU> ill the life of a kind of gadfly. wWdi 
lives in horses, oxen, .sheep, etc. Also, botts. 
U^f f\f^ (b6ti). n. a hollow vessd. usually 
uu i-Lic with a narrow neck, and no handles, 
made of glass or earthenware, for holding 
liquids; the contents of such a vessel: r.(. to 
put into such vesseJs; to shut in or to hold 
back; as. to froff/p up one's feelings. . 

ate, sendtc, rArc, cAt, loc&I, fttr, Ask, pdrade; scfinej Svent, 6dgc, novSl, refSr; 
iigjuif sXd; c6ld, 6bey, cdrd, st6p, compare; flnit, iinite, bOra, cut, focfis, nierii; 




Kaxit Iao- (M1^)* n- <^ crooked leg: a 
uvw-AVg leg bowed or carved oat ward. — 
adj. l>oiiili.ieil 

Vxfwxr liTiA (Wlln; bdObi). n. a rope 
DOW-iine fastened near the middle of a 
■qoare saU. to keep the ship nearer the wind; 
a knot; as. fdngle. double, or rumiirg boteline, 
hnwl ItlO- (Dai'Ing). It. the sport of play- 
UUWi-Ulg Ijig at bowls; or the game 
Itself: bowling aUer. a place for playing bowls. 
y\nrm mart (bd'm&n). n. [pi. bowmen 
DOW -man J-m6n)J, an archer: (bou'm&n). 
one who is rowing the foremost oar in a boat. 

how <?nrit (^'«prtt: bou'spnt). ^ n. a 

uuw-dpiit large spar running out trom 
the fmward end of a ship or other vessel. 
V\n%xr cfriTio' (bS'string*). n. the string 
DOW-Sinng of a bow; string used by the 
Turks for strangling criminals: v4. [p.t. and 
p.p. bowstrung. bowstringing], to 
strangle with a bowstring. 
KnY (Mks), n. [pi. boxes (-6k) 1. an everarreen 
UUA shrub or small tree, yielding a nard. 
close-grained wood; a case or container with 
a bottom and sides, which has. or may have, 
a lid: the quantity such a case contains; 
the driver's seat on a carriage; a compart- 
ment in a theater or other public place; a 
place of shelter fcx* a man on duty: as. a 
sentry box; a blow on the head with the 
flat, or on the ear with the open hand: v.t, 
to shut up in a box; to conflne; to stow; 
to pack; to strike with the fist or hand: 
t.i. to flght with the fists; specifically, to spar 
with gloves. 

fxrk'v Ar (b5k's&), n. a puglUst; one who 
UiJ^-Ci fights with gloved fists; a box 
packer. — Boxer, a member of the Chinese 
society which in 1900 tried to rid China of all 
foreigners by masFacre. 

Krkv in a- (bOks'Ing), n. the art of fighting 
UUA-Uig with the fists, or sparring with 
boxing gloves; material used for making 

fin-r xxrrkrui (bftks'wejed*). n. the hard, 
UUA.-WUVU. smooth wood of the box tree, 
osed by engravers, etc. 

\\n\r ^^^^- ^ A male child trom. biri;h to 
^^J about sixteen vears of age; a young lad: 
sometimes used famlliariy, to refer to a man; 
a male servant, especially when, as in China, 
he is a slave or of an inferior race. 
Knir rnff (hoilc6t), v.t. to exclude from 
uujr-l/U irt all dealings or intercourse; 
to onnblne against (a person) so as to shut 
out from society, and prevent or hinder firom 
carrying on business or a profession, as a 
means of punishment: n. a combination of 
persons to refuse to deal or associate with 
another; the act of so refusing. 
K/\T7 hi\r\A (boI'hdCd), n. the state of 
DOy-nuUU being a boy; the time of being 
a boy. 

K/\T7 icVi (boilsh), adj. pertaining to a 
UUjr -lail boy or boyhood; childish; youth- 
ful; immature; young. 
Knxr ermif ^^' skout). a member of an 
u\jy acuut organization for training boys 
in character by non military methods, such 
as outdoor or camp life, civic service, etc. 
firoro (hris), n. that which holds any- 
uiai^C thing tightly or supports it firmly; 
a prop; a bandage; a pair: as, a brace 
of pistols; a curve connecting two or 

moro lines of print [{ I; a curved instru- 
ment for holding and turning boring tools; 
a timber to strengthen, the ftumework of 
a building: pi. the leathern bands clasping 
the cords at the side of a drum; shoulder- 

straps to support the trousers: v.t. to bind 
or tie <dosdy; strengthen: ftimish wtth 
supports: to stimulate: often with up. 
Kra/«o lof (bras'ldt). n. an ornamental 
Uiaue-iCi band or ring for the wrist. 
VkTtkr Ar (brfis'Sr), n. that which supports; 
uiau-cx atonic; a stimulant: a guard for 
the wrist. 

Kro rht iim (br&'kl-flm), n. \pl. bracbU 
nra-Cni-Um li^u the part of the arm 

ftom the shoulder to tne elbow. — adj. hrsfthial. 
hrac tfio- (brSsIng). p.adj. giving strengtli 
Uiau-Ui^ or vigor; as. bra^no air. 
Krarlr An (briUc'n), n. any of various 
Ui ttUlv-CU la™ ferns. 

Krorlr A<f (br&k'dt), n. a supporting piece 
uxai/n.-ct projecting fW>m a wall; a eangle 
or Jointed gas-pipe, burner, etc.. projectinp 
from a wall or pfllar; one of two marks ( J, 
used to inclose a word or note, or to set 
something off from the rest of the text: v.t. 
to Au*niBh with, or inclose within, brackets: 
connect by bradcets; to couple together. 
fkrorlr tcYi (br&klsh). adj. salty; henoe. 
Uiauik-ldll distasteful; apt to make oiie 

\\rtkA (hrfid), n. a small, slender nail, some- 
uxau times flat and having a projection <m 
one side: v.t. [p.t. and p.p. bradded. 
bradding]. to nail or secure with brads. 
Krflr!^w1 (brftd'On.^n. a straight awl 
Draa-aWi having a chisel edge, 
VroA (hra; bre), n. a hillside; sloptns 
tJ^o.^ ground. [Scot.] 
Vkraa- (hr&g). v.t. [p.t. and p.p. bragged. 
uio^ ppr^ bragging], to boast; to vaunt: 
speak boasttngly of: v.i. to talk boastfully: 
to talk with swagser: n. boasUng; a thine 
boasted of; one who boasts. — n. bracger. 
hrflir va do ci O (brSg'd-da'shl-o). n. a 
Uiag-ga-uu-ci-u boaster; a swaggerer; 
empty boasting; bras. 

hrflcr trarf (br^'drt), n. a boaster: a 
Drag-gan vain feUow: adj. boastfOl. 
>\ra1i ma (br&'md; bra'ma), n. a useAil 
Uiali-Uia variety of large domestic fowl. — 
Brahma (br&'md). the fliit member of the 
trinity in Hindu religion; the Creator. 
"Rroli man (br&^m&n), n. a Hindu of the 
X>ran-niail highest, or the priestly, caste. 
Also. Brahmin. 

nrflh miin iQm (br&'m&n-Izm). n. the 
l>raU-Iliau-lSIIl religion or doctrines of 

the high caste Hindus. Also. Brahmtnttm. 
KraiH (hrad). v.t. to weave, interlace, or 
UAOXU iiit^.twine; to plait; to trim or out- 
line with braid: n. a plaited band; a narrow 
silk, wool, or cotton band used for trimming 
and binding clothing. 

T\-ra {11a (bral), n. a system of printing tor 
DraiUe the blind, invented by Louis 
Braille, in which points raised above ^e 
surface are used to represent letters, as 's, 
. : c, . e. : : ^. etc. ; the symbols Uiemselves. 
Krain (hran), n. the soft whitish mass of 
uiiUiA nerve tissue occupying the skull. 
forming the center of the nervous s y ste m; 
the scat of consciousness and will; nenoe. 
often in the plural, understanding; power of 
mind: v.t. to dash out the brains of: hence, 
to destaroy. 

fira in lace (hrinlSs), adf without under* 
Dram-XeSS standing; withost wit.— «to. 
bralnlessly. — n. bralnlessness. 
fkrain nan (bran'p&n'). the cranium; the 
Dram-pan part of the skon Inclosing the 

brain-sick ff^?i'f^i„f*!:« ^JSS^SS? 

******** ***w*^ m the mind. — n. Dialnslelt* 

fite, senftte, r&re, c&t, locAl, fttr, Ask, pdrade; scdne^ 6vent, £dge, novll, refdr; 
right, sin; cdld, dbey, c6rd, st5p, c6mpare; iinit, finite, bilrn, cut, fociis, menil: 


nolo; to rnctare, » > 
0^oj:mM, lobreaJc^thU; 1 
Mr- nrltli up: us, to bre 

■vsM Into puna or plac«« BUddenly 
ilanlly; to be0n or chui^ Buddenly; 
I, aa la blslUi. itreiwlli, credit, ate.; 

lunie: as. tlio frranit oT day ; a 
SD fall in prtoee: aa. a breai — 
garlrat: an abrupt cbaase In t 
uaUtjoTaloaa; u.abreof iDabc 

UrCcUL-Wtt'ld atnicturc] bull c to fjxha list 
the tone of the vavai, uid protect ahltiping. 

kraam (br«m). n. a broad-ahapod, f 

funlly: f.l. to da 

hraaet (brtitj. 

UlBOBltudr bocwBBU um umai ana u 
abdomen: one oF Ibe glandi to women, an 
•ome otb^ mammals. /Or tbo aocrvtion • 
milk: the front of anytbLug: flguraLEvel 
tbe aftactlona; the conndecce: bX. to preiici 
tb« front to; meet or oppoae manfully ■ 
openly; as. to breast a storm of oppoaltlon. 

breast-bone ih^S''wrt"bf%bT?bJ 

to wblcb aome of tbe ribs aro joined. 

breast-pin i^^^i^^ Si, tb^ fiSTo'f 
b^ast-plate ot*'i^i"-co"ve?i.^"'tl 

front of tbe body: a aquare ornament woi 
by etas Jewish blitb prt»t, bearinR twel' 
preclonB stones enitnivBd with tbe names ■ 
ibe twdve tribal of Israel. 

breast-work S™ii^'SI3'!iXiJrwiri 

or parapet of moderate belgbt. 
Kraatli tbrtUl). n. the atr drawn In am: 
Oreain ^on»d out of tbe tunga: a aingli 
met of dnmlDg la or fonHng out air- aa, tc 
take a Ions irtath; tbs poircr to uae the tun^ 
Iraely: u. to Uae ooa'a Eu-suIl' life: a pause 
■n lastaiit; •trlnSBnllemodon; nmveword 
fisfnaosi. w. tbe sarden ia sweet with thi 
tradO of flnwew. 

breathe it'^'-J 


ed: IM, 


k perfume breathai from flovera; to blow 

lungs. 04 air: to eii-e fortb; aa. the Aowar 

*—^a0it3 perfume ; to express ; to wblapv 

niy: as, to brcaihe a secret: to infuse: a*. 

brMtt!taS^?4;_ ij; HIa! 

le InflutT" ""■■""■'-'" 

■ " - spent 

ol br 
the br 

Kroach 'l*>r~*^>- n. the binder part of 
UiCVi'ii nnyihlng: the part of a cannon 
or other nrrarm behind Ibe part whlcb coo- 
to whip oD the bceecb. or buttockE; tofaiteii 
la (Annon on ablpboard) by a rope- 

breech-es a,'S''K-.i.':' ,.%«rS 

Ie«a from the knees to tbe hips; loe propvlj. 

breech-es b'u^ a*™.S'.AS: 

loR of flbort-leued canraa breecJim attached 
below a cork nnir. by wblt^ peraone G3Ui be 
hauled aloof a rope from a wrecked Tesaei 

hrpArli inir 0>rt<*T>iB: brech'tap), n. the 
Dreecn-ing hamtas wUcb pun* round 
tbe bind part of a borae'a body: In gunni^. 
on board a ship, n strong rope fastened to a 
cannon and to rings In the ship's side to 
cE'lod-fc). B.aflrB- 


youoK: to be fruitful; to come Into betng: 
n. a race or ofTsprlng from the name parenta 
or stock; as. botves or cattle of si>od ^rmi 

kraart Itiit (bi*d1ii). n. the procws of 
Ing young; the brlnRlnR up or Irainlnit of loe 
young: polite and courteous mannere; good 
behavior; aa. a person of itood brtedlruir 
itraaia (brez). n. a fmh aoft wind: » 
Dreeze moderately brisk wind not so 

; ^^fled a«h« an< 

agadfly or bonfr 
^i- airy; frqih; brlslE; 
I'r^). Tt. plural trt 

breez-y [\ 
breth-ren JiSj 

and to tbo meniberi of reljjrtoua lirdi 

Bret-on fertttsjiy'. a diauici' ii 

use or 
icaia''a sboit 

hr^Tv*!*- Cbr«-rtt'; brSVei), ». an oOcbl 
ore-vet note to »n offleer la Um ormr 
giving him a higher nominal nnk, but wltl^ 
out cbaDge of duty or tncitase of par: Clua. 
a brmt major serves as captain and rectirw 


OajSrlgliUia; iTtc 

BSf s disease SS,SrS!i."i 

kldii«7 dbeue. marind by Ihe nentiteiit 
ui wMiLu of albumsn in ibe urine, sua Blteodcd 
br dUlTiMKntkHt snd imUniorthe ormn-BD 
Duned tram Dr. lUcbird Biigbt, oT [ADdon. 
1^11 (brO), n. « EuropeaD flac Oshnsem- 
■VUl bUDS (taa turbot. 

1 rauniBlD, tl» rtm of a 

!, u a tiQunlBID, tns run 
7, rn-f. vid p-p, brimmHl. ] 

IbrlmTMil'). i 

brtnmiLDa]. 1 

brim-ful _,„, , 

brimstone SSS'TUh'Sif "S( '& 

y^knr color ormilphur. 

brin-dled SSii-'Si^ tiFiS 

or nrealn; u. s trin^lti cat. 

TyiKa of Bridjn. 1, old wordjn b-lcl-w; 
8, tSuiaa irawbcltoJ." 

hn'I tianro Ibrtl'yarai). n. nBtler: gm 
Dni-Uance hrigbHitts! fpl^ndor; ni-tbi 
»rf;Hanreof aBpcakororwritrr: Umbrilltahc 
of a jeweL Al50. briUtanoy* 

bril-liant laSMIlSSa'tJii; 

orcalture: dlBtlngulabed b/ splondLd mania 
ability: aa. AbnUiant CBTf^: n.adiaiDondo 
other prBqlous slono, cut t^j shoiv Its iparkllni 
quaUty lo tbe bist ad'/Knlanc: Ibe Hmal]« 

tera. — odr. brllUuiUT. 

bril-Uan-tine ISWSi.".- ™S! 

piatgrfalof nne<jua»^y BOmflwhat Ulto alpacq 

pl iHldie; 7, mUlt 


Hit irato-; pickle: IM 




u fuel. Also, brlgnati 

bri-quet ^"g^V: 

ipecinlly of a bUbp pluK 

a steel (foe atrlklna 

bron-chi-a [„. 

idpe dlvlda In Uie 

bron-chi-al Ij 

irWch Iba'wlD^ 

■o principal 

UlUUCt: age lowtng Lhe stone 

bronz-iQ A^'S' b™Jii2' ' '™' 

dc^tf, etc: A brvaatpln. 

brood '^S^LCih^'^^L \ 

to Kit on etcgs. as > fa^n: Unger ov< 
fuUv; with m or orfr: r.l. to sit oi 


brook S'^fii 
brook-let i* 

OrOOm ,„e^pli,i BoBm. etc., origlnillj' 
bearing large yellow flowem. 

fcroom-com S'SSlSS'l^a t BS 

brooiiLStick STZS^'^'"'^^""'^ 
broth £"S2kj",'™."™5']S'',5!S 

male who has the same ftthcr and mother 

a ainunonlmemt; a member of > reSgloua 

hrnfh or hnn/i (br(Uh'Br-hB6d), n, the 
DlOUl-er-nOOa siate or auaLty or bBlQg 

broUi-er-in-law lbTh^i^''^'oa^i 
^oth-er JonXthanl'Sf^'^; 

New England, or. mo™ broadly, the UnlMd 

broQi-er-ly iy^r\K: '"L^'^S^. 

•ray suTtabie to n bivther. 



(brflt). p. I. and 

brow {,g""ivS: uio Vje;~ae ~Sa^~i 

steep placo: the upper portion of a hill. 

brow-beat '£S!T,'''i^JSi..'i 

iUughty, alem. or Imnudent looks or «o 

brown 2K'"'.-*. ^.t^-SS' S^ 
brown-'icTF^J;!!! Vj!™; 

such M^chlir^B, etc "TflcOT.r 

brown-Stone ij™r"«ndi™i; ' ^ 
browse »~-i.."i »• "■?<!■. .■»_'^!'.« 




l>iif fn (^>^fo), n. the comic actor In an 

■'***"''^'^ opera: adj. comic. [It.J 

fM«-f 4g\rkr% (bfl-fOon'). n. one who amuses 

mU-IOOn others by low Jests, antics. 

odd gestures, etc., as a down. 

Iwif fnnn t^r \r (bfl-fflan'er-I). n. [pi buf- 

DUI-IOOn-er-y ^ooneries (-Iz)l, the arts 

and practices of a clown or low comedian; 

vulgar tricks. 

Viiicr ^bilg), n. an Insect, especially a beetle 

*^**S or other crawling Insect. 

Vfciicr fl hnn (bag'd-W55'), n. a ftinded 

DUg-a-DOO cause of fear: a fearful object. 

"Kitcr Koor (bOg'bftr'). n. a frightful object: 

DUg-UciU an object of dislilce or terror. 

DUg-gy a light four- 
wheeled carriage: adj. 
infested with bugs. 

Kii crl«a (bu'gl). n. a 
DU-gie hunting 

horn: a military Instru- ^ Buffii. 

ment of music: an ob- *^*^ ^^^^ 

long glass bead of various colors, but com- 
monly black. 

Kit crior (bu'glSr). n. one who plays or 
UU-glCl sounds signals on the bugle. 
KiiVil (WRM), n. cabinet work or furniture 
•^**"* inlaid with tortoise shell, yellow and 
white metal, etc. 

KiiVif cf/\nA (bOr'ston*). n. a rock used 
UUDX -blunt; to make a grindstone. Also, 

KiiiM (bud). r.t \p.t and p.p. built. 
DUlia builded, buildingjT to con- 
struct; to erect, as a house; to form by 
art; to raise on a support or foundation; to 
establish: r.i. to construct a building; to de- 
pend, or rely: with on or upon. 
KiiilH In IT (bfldang). of huild: n. 
DUUU-lug the act of constructing, raising, 
or establishing; a structure put up for use 
or convenience, as a house, a church, etc. 
KtilK (bCUb). n. an onionnsliaped root; a 
UUlU idnd of leaf bud; any swelling, or 
rounded portion of a stem or tube; a small 
globe containing an electric light. 
KiilK rtiic (bttl'bfls). adj. pertaining to, or 
DUID-OUS resembling, a bulb. 
btll bill (^^^^'b^l)> n. the Pendan night- 

"Rill o-fl ri flfi (bd61-^'rl-4n; bOl-gE'rl- 
J>Ui-ga-n-an in) . «. a native of Bulgaria, 
one of the Balkan states. — adj. Bulcarlan. 
Kiilo-A (bCUJ), n. the bilge or widest part 
uux^c of a cask: a bending outwards; 
the part of a wall, a ship, etc. which swells 
out: a sudden rise in price, as a bulge in 
stocks: v.i. to jut out; to swell out: to get the 
Imlge on* idang, to sectu'e an advantage over. 
Kiillr (btUk), n. size; complete dimensions; 
WUin. the main mass or body; the cargo 
of a slilp when stowed: volume; a small 
protruding structure; a stall. 
Kiiltr ht^ail (bOlkOied'), n. an upright 
DUUL-neaa partition in a vessel which 
«eparate8 one part of it from another; a 
structure built to stand the pressure of water 
or earth. 

bulk-i-ness ^'^S'^A'^""" "^ 

Kitltr XT (btU'kl) .adj. massive; ponderous: of 
UUin.-jr^reat size or weight. — adv. IralkllF. 
'Kiill (bdol), n. the male of the spedes of 
uuu. animals of which the cow is the 
female; the male of various large animals, 
as the whale, elephant, etc.; in the stock 
market, one who endeavors to raise the 
price of stock in order that he may sell dear: 
t he opposite of a bear; an official lettOT o r 

order sent out by the Pope; as, a papal buU. a 
ridiculous contradiction In language; slang, 
absurdly exaggerated statements or pre- 

hull haif in a ^^^^ bStIng). the sport 
Dull Dail-ing of attacking bulls with 
dogs: a favorite sport in Elizabethan England. 
hull rlno- (bOBl'dOg*). n. a variety of do« 
UUU-UUg of strong muscular build, and 
remarkable for Its courase and fierceness: 
formerly used for baiting bulls: adj. having 
courage and the quality of holding to a thing: 
as. a bulldog firmness of disposition. 

hull Hn7A ibdiiI'dSz'), V.L to bully; to 
DUU-aOZe frighten. [Colloq.] 
hill Ittf (bfl6r$t). n. a small ball or pro- 
uui-ict jectiie intended to be shot from a 
gun or flrearm. 

hill 1«» fin (M6I'P-tIn). n. an official 
w***"*^"''*^ report regarding some mattei 
or event of public interest: a periodical pub* 
Ucation: r.t. to publish or announce In a 
brld" authorized statera^it. 
hull fiahf (bd^rfif). n. a combat held In 
UUll-ugut an arena for public amusement, 
l>etween armed men ana a bull; popultf 
in Spanish-speaktng lands. — n. bullflsiiter. 
hiill fin^h (bdei'flnch'), n. a common 
DUli-Iincn British song bhxi. 

hull frncr (WJOl'fWig'), n. a large Nwth 
DUU-irOg American spedes of trog 
abounding in marshy places, remaricable 
for its loud, bellowing croak. 
hiill hoo/l (bdOllied'). n. a broad-headed 
DUli-Iieaa scaleless fish; catfish. 
Kill li/\n (bdtl'yfin), n. uncoined gold or 
DUi-Uun sUver; foreign coin; a heavy 
twisted fringe covered with fine gold- or 
silver-wire, used for epaulets, etc 
"Riill MnncA (bacimflOs), a largo male 
DUli lYlOOSe anhnal of the deer ftanlly. 
noted for its strength and endurance; a mem- 
ber of the Progressive political party formed 
in 1012 under the leadership of Theodore 

hull /\rlr (bdOl'fik). n. an ox or fleer 
UUli-Ui^iv. over four years old. 
hiiU'c-ATTA (WJOlzl*). n. any drcutar 
DUli S-eye opening for light or afr; 
among seamen, a small doud wi^ a reddlm 
center, supposed to show that a hurricane IB 
coming; a lantern with a convex or bulging 
lens; a round piece of thick ^asr In ^ 
deck, port, or skylight covering of a Tessa 
to admit light; one of the plates of tflaJ» 
attached to a microscope; the center of a 
target : a shot that hits the centa* of a target. 
hull XT (WWII), n. [pi. bullies i4z)l one 
*'****" Jr who rules over others by Insolence 
or threats; an overbearing fellow: v.U [pt- 
and p.p. bullied, bullying], to overrule 
with bluster and threats: r.i. to be mdely 
noisy and quarrelsome: adj. slang, fine: excd- 
lent : bully beef, slang, canned cranbeer Js^Ried 
as army food. 

hill nich (bWl'rOflh*), n. the popular 
DUi-rUbll name for rushlike plants grow- 
ing in water or marshes. 
Kill xxra-rh' ihC6Vw6rk). n. a mooDd. oi 
DlU-warJi. earth raised around a place 
as a defense against cannon-shot; a fort- 
like structtu^; a rampart: the boarding 
round the sides of a ship, above the level of 
the deck; any means of protection or deftose. 
Kii«vt (b&ra), n. a worthless loafer* an Idle, 
DUm dissolute 

fellow. Also. 


hum hi A hAA (bttm'W-bS'), n. a Urge 
DUni-Die-Dee iiairy bee. so named ttom 
its humming noise. Also, hmnbleb— . 

Ate, senftte, rAre, cflt, locil, fllr, Ask, pdrade; scSne^ 6vent, Mge, novll, refSr, 
x|^t, ^; c6l(i Obey, cdrd, st5p, compare: iinit, dnite, bihii, cSt, focib, mentt; 



}^.ffi| (bdmTn. a small knot or lump in 
Miui thread or cloth; a knot on a tree: v.t. 
to pick knots, etc.. from, as in flnlshtny doth. 
Kiir Ian (bOrlip). n. a coarse fabric made 
MUX -lap of Jute or hemp, used for bagging, 
curtains, etc. Also, bnrii^ 
Kiir 1«»Gnii«» (bOr-IdskO. n. a ridiculous. 
***** -ico^u^ overdrawn representation ; 
a travesty: aoarody; a composition in which 
a trifling subject is treatea as a subject of 
dignity or importance: v.t. and v.i. to ridicule or 
make ridiculous by caricatured repres^itatiou : 
adj. toiding to excite laughter by ezaggerat- 
ixig the peculiarities or prominent features. 
Kiir Itr (bOr'lD. adi. bulky; large: stout 
uux-Ajr and muscular of body; corpulent. 
-^—7). Duvuness* 

Kiir tna ri of\\A (^^ m&'rI-gOld). any 
DUr ma-n-gOia of a certain kind of 

coarse h«t>8 of the aster fkmUy. 
Diir rriACA (bOr^mez'; bOr'mesO. n. in 
DUr-mese both singular and plural, 
a native or natives of Burma: in the singu- 
lar, the language of th? Hnrmese. — adj. 

Kiim (b<^n^)> V-'* IP'to burnt and burned. 
*'*****» burning], to destroy or injure 
by fire; to reduce to ashes: to scorch: to 
Inflame or tan the akin; to affect with a 
burning feeling: in surgery, to apply heat 
or acta to for curative purposes: r.t. to be on 
fire: to suffer flrom. or be injured bv. too much 
heat: to glow; to shine: to be inflamed with 
passion or desire: as, he Imms to win ffeune: 
n. an injury to tue flesh caused by fire; the 
result of too much heat. 

Syn-, V. blaie, brand, oonsome. cremate, 
aoMnch, singe. 

Ant. (see cool). 
t\iim (bflm), n. a rivulet: a brook or small 
DUm stream, (Scor.l 
Kitm or (bflr'nSr). n. one who sets fire to 
UUlU-Cl anything: the part of a lamp. 

SIS flzturo. etc. firom which Uie flame comes. 
um-ing glass ifeS?''g5^'bn'.£^* 

aide, used to set Are to something by 
bringing the direct rays of the sun to a p<^t. 
<^ focus, cm it. 

bum-ingpoint £SSSS.,?l!?Si.ic^ 

volatile oil will take Are ftom a light held 
close to its surface. 

Kiir nicK (bflr'nlsh). v.t. to polish by 
DUr-msn rubbing or fHction; make 
smooth and shining: [as, we burnish brass: 
n. polish; brightness. 

hiir finnQ#» (bOr-nOOs'; bOr'nOOs). n. a 
DUl-UUObe garment worn by Moors and 
Arabs, consisting of a cloak and a hood 
woven in one piece. Also, bnmeas. 
Kitrrff (bOmt). adj. chaired, destroyed, or 
DUmi affected by flre. 
Kiirr (bOr). n. the prickly seed-case of a 
MUXA plant; a thin ridge or roughness left 
by a toai in cutting or shaping metal: a 
wnlrrtaig noise: the rough sound of r: v.t. to 
pronounce with this sound. Also. Imr. 
Ki«r r/\ (bd6r'0; bOr'd). n. [p/. burros 
DUr-rO (.r5a)J. the name used in the 
southwestern section of the United States 
for an ass or donkey. 

Kiir rf\xMT 0>Qi^). »• a bola In the ground 
DUT-ruw ing by a rabbit or other animal, 
as a reftige and home; a similar shelter: t.i. 
to dig; to work a way into or under scnne- 
thlng; V.U to make U ur r ow In, or build by 

Kiirr-fifntiA (bQr'stQn').n. arockusedfbi 
DUTT-SIOne millstones. Also, bahntone. 
Kiir cor (bflr'sSr), n. the treasurer of a 
uux-oox ooUege; a purser; a Scotdh 
university student who receives an allowanoa 
for his support. 

Kiircf (bOrst). v.i. \p.t. and p.p. burst* 
uuxat p,pr. burstingj. to break open by 
flying to pieces; to explode; to break 8tt<jt- 
denly into action, speeoi, or feeling: usually 
with otU, upon, into, etc; as. to burst into 
tears; appear or disappear suddenly; as. a 
scene bursts upon the view: v4. to break by 
violence; to open suddenly: n. a violent or 
sudden breaking forth; as. a &ur«< of applause, 
a sudden explosion; a rush; a spurt. 
V%*mf XT (bfirD. tJ. [p.t. and p.p. Duried. 
*^***~jr burjdng]. to place and cover in a 
grave or tomb, or in any final resting-place: 
nenoe, keep secret : hide ; as. to bury one's past. 
Kiir If iTicr (bfira-Ing), n. an interment: 
*'*"-/-*"& p.adj. pertaining to burial; as, 
a burying ground or cemetery. 
Kiic (bOs). n. a colloquial form of omnibus. 
MUo a public carriage or automobile. 
KiicK (bdOsh), n. a thick shrub; a foresc 
uuoii region; wild, uncleared country: a 
lining or tube of hard metal inserted in a hole 
to reduce wear by friction. 
KiigK o1 (bdOsh'&I). n. a dry measure 
uuou-ci containing four pecks or thirty- 
two quarts; a vessel of such a capacity: r. U 
[U. 8^. to mend or alt^*, as men's clothes. — n. 

KitcK in a* (bdOshlng). n. a metallic, do- 
DUSn-ing tachable lining for a hole. 
Also, Inisli. 

KiicK mnn (bflCsh'mIn). n. \pt. bush- 
QUdll-llUiU nien (-mfin)!, an Australian 
woodsman. — Bnthman, one of a tribe of men 
near the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. 
KiicK rflno- i»r (bflOsh'rto'jer), n. one 
DUSn-rang-er ^^o leads the llfe of a 
plunderer, In the bush country, especially In 
Australia: originally, a criminal who escaped 
and lived a lawless life in the bush of Aus- 

KiigK nrKarlr or (b^RMi'hw&knfar), n. a 
DUSn-wnaCK-er backwoodsman; in the 
Civil War. a Confederate guerrilla flgfater; 
a tool for cutting brushwood. 
KiicK tr (bdOshl), adj. thidc and spreading 
uuoii-jr like a bush : overgrown with shrubs. 
Kiici noce (blz'nCs). n. employment; 
uuai-ixcoo trade; profession: something 
necessary to be done; duty; mission: right 
of action; affair: matter; vocation;, en- 
gagement: adj. pertaining to. business; prac- 
tical: as. a business man. 
K««e Irtvi (bOsldn), n. a oov^lng f<»* the 
DU9-JUU ^oot reaching to the middle of 
the calf of the leg; a high shoe with a very 
thick sole worn by ancient tragic actors to 
increase their height. 

Ki«cc (bOfi), n. a flying machine; as. the sky 
DUSS ig stiff yt\th busses. 
Kiief (bOst). n. the human chest or tlKxax; 
UUoL the pBirt of the human body between 
the head and waist; a piece of sculpture rep- 
resenting the head, shouldera. and oreast of 
a person. 

Kiic -for^ (bfls'tard), n. an Old World and 
DUS-iara Australian game bird related to 
the plovers and cranes. 

Kiie f1«t (bAs^)t n. tumult: noisy activity; 
uuo-uc a pad or cushion formerly worn by 
women beneath the skirt, below the waist at 
the bade: t.i. to be noisily busy; to movtt 
<iulckly: to make a fUss or stir. 

Syn., n. stir, tumult. fUss. 

ite, senite, rftre, c&t, locil, fXr, Ask, pdrade; sotoe^ 6vent, Mge, novU, refSr; 
r^^t, dn; cOld, 6bey. cdrd, stdp, o5mpare; Anit^ ftmte, biim, cut, focfts, menil; 

V**D» Meoo. (be cbM object 

ss?«. , 

baavm, and chused Mack bj tbc sina of 
Wow who bave tooclwd it. Aim. Kute. 
jrah (■■■>'>)■ "■ ■ mbUo cuilw* *tlh two or 
O" four irbaeb, drawn by one bone: Um 
ttothtc for the drinr of a looomotlvB. 
^a kol dia-bii'). n. a MCret CDmblnatlon 
CB-DOl of a few imwnu (br <»rT}iiig out 
aome vpedaL plan, usualiy «vll; t.t. tjt.t. and 
p.p. caballed, cabalUng], to unite Is 
••eret with ouicn to effect Mima dealsD. 
j>ati a In (Icib'dJd). n. a eecret aystem of 
VAD-a-ia tbe Jawth rabbta w find Mie 
Uddio "■— "i-ff of Ibe flnt Are booki at Uw 
UUe. Alw. eabbala. 

«ab-a4ism SJ^iSSkocfriiT^. i^ 
Sb-a4is-tic SS?'i^'Si,*L'°£SS' 

oocult. Alw. eabbalime. 

CB-Oai-le-rO imight or gentlemanrB 

ataMIy Spaolih dance, 

^oh a rot ("b'd-r«: k*-b*"rt'l, n. a 

CSD-a-iei rttamnmt In which gaetta an 

«ic«c-taliicd at meala by dancbifl and vaude- 


cab-bage '^}^i 

cab-iii'^1''l; Si 

-n>, i not C'*''''-"*"' " a ~"iiii~apart- 
VUU-l-UcL ment: a private room; a [ilere 
or fumltum tt) hold objecta of an, curloKlly. 
Mr.; a commtttee of the beads of sovern- 
meiilal departmental ai, the Pmldent ao- 
polntaUlsoWQCoainet: adf, eecret: Binal1:u.a 

caTlelSl?™,; I 

ires: the terrajnal head 

> email hut. cottase, or 
m Ln a ahlp for omcere 

snpta Hoe: 

Ca-ble-gram Irim-), aeotlon ot » sub- 
marine tOleBT»nh. 

^a hnncA 'Li-bOOa'). R. the Idieben of i 
Ca-DOOSe a^lD: ii,e tratninan'B car at 
(achcil to a frolic tral:i. 
rn hro (lt*'bra'). n, a Oylnit attitude li 
Ca-Oie wblcbthBanHlBofBttaclilsgreatei 

Ul-Ut-U greea tree oT tropical Amerlc* and 
Weat Indlen. I>nin the seedi of which cocaa 

and chocolate are made. 

rarho *l»lil. " » hldlng-plaoe (tar food 

Cacne „ auppUea; t.t. to hide or Mm 

cach-in-na-tion fo^id'f'^^t^aSi 


i-arlrld il^kl). n. the cry of a hen or 
CaCK-ie go«F; chactw: idle talk: r.L 
lo cry like a hen or gowe: oipecJallr apoUed 

pbtnt with showy flowen. 

_a<t (XU>. "' a vulgar, Ul-bied ttUaw of 

Caa meaD prlDdplca. 

cijta.yer S^'Ki! "JH^K^i; 
SSv-er-ous SS^£«iS«i,r' 

i-oH ilio OiUI). n. a lad who csnla tba 
Caa-Oie ^ula ror nolf pUyeia. Also. 

raA Hie 'kWtol. 1. a worm; the larva 
Caa-dlS tortn or the caddU fly. Also. 

CJtll Ain flv .""Mis mi, an liwoct whoea 
IfUU-UlS LLy rBn~a. Krowlnff tn waKr. and 
'^ll'xl caddis irorm. Uvea In and dnvs about a 

cad-dish lll^bi!S!LfoJ■r"'SIiduh£!^^^! 
cad dv*^^'"."^ "; 'pJ- ""<"'■ '■*■>!■ • 

Cau-uy sniaij ^o, for keepinn l«. 
pa-Honro iWdSns), n. the rfH< and (all 
Ca-aence or Ihe voice in nndinR or apeak- 
time and pace In man^ng, 
ra_(1et Ikd-den. n. a younaer son; a atn- 
Ca-aei ^em m a naval or inlillarT academy. 
CA^Pt shin (l^-det'idiIiit.n.t£epoeltlon, 
Ul-UBI-Siup or raidt. of a youngiw eon. 

military ueryfcc; 

ce-cum ;!: 

cas-su-ra i"*;'pjiB'*;;*'dt?i: , 
ca-f6 ^ai 




€ta\ 1 fiPr (ktll'bSr). n. the diameter of a 
-v***-*- wx round body ; especially, the diani' 
•eter of the mouth of a gun or cannon: the 
diameter of a projectile or bullet; mimetimes, 
mental capacity: as. many poedttons are 
open to a man of lat^^ caiWer. Also, calibre. 
^o1 { Kt^fA (Ic&ll-br&t), r.f. to compare 
VOl-l-UiaiC (an Instrument or device) with 
a standard to determine accuracy or to pro- 
duce a scale; as. to calibrate a thermometer. 
^o1 1 rrk (k&ll-ko). n. \pl. calicoes and 
\Ml'l-^Q calicos (-k52)J. white or printed 
«ot(on dofh. 

^o1 i rukf (k&11-p8r). n. a oompa.sslike 
VtU-l-UCi device with bent legs, used in 
determining the inside or outside diameters 
of pipes, tubes, etc.: v.L and v.i. to measure 
with 8u<^ instruments. Also, oalllper. 
^o linVi ilc&llf: k&llf), n. among the 
^*^'MJ.^XM. Mohanmiedans. one having su- 
preme dignity and power in all matters of 
Teligion and government. Also, oaUf, kallf, 
kh^. khallfl. 

cal-is-then.ics ft?'S;^^*?f'°^U.n,«'JiE!; 

^"*" **^-v»*v** A««k9 ui3 art of promoting 
ileal th by physical ezotdse; simple athletic 
gymnastics. Aiso. caUisthenlos. 

^ollr (^^^)l v-'- to drive oakum or hemp 
^''**"*' rope fiber into the seams of (a ship) to 
keep out water; to furnish with metal pro- 
jections to prevent slipping: ?i. a piece of 
xnetal projecting ftx>m the shoe of a horse or 
-an ox to prevent slipping. Also, caulk, 
^ollr or (IcOk'Sr), n. one who drives oakum 
vaux-ci Into the seams of a ship to keep 
out water. Also, caulker, 
^ofl (kdl), v.t. to summon ftx)m. or invite to. 
^'**** any place: officially choose for an 
office: as, to call a minister: name; exhort: 
as, John the Baptist called men to repentance: 
utter in a loud voice; rouse from sleep. 
t.i. speak in a loud voice; make a brief visit: 
-n. a summons or invitation: a request or com- 
mand: a short visit: the cry or note uttered 
by certain animals : a contract requiring the 
■delivery of some commodity, as stocks, cotton, 
or grain, at a stipulated price: opposite to. 
put. ' ~n. oaller. 
Cal-lfl. ^**'**^ ^ * wdl-known plant; the 

rfll lia ra txhrr (k&-UgTd-fI). n. elegant 
CaX-Ug-ra-pny or beautiful wriUng : hand- 
writing. Also. oailgTaphy. — wtj. oalligraphlo. 
^all itiir (Ic^lng). n. the act of summon- 
^'****"'"*& ing; a summons or invitation; a 
^vocation; trade, or profession: a crying aloud. 
^fll 11 n r\A (k&-ll'd-p6), n. the muse of 
^/tU-lA-U-po epic poetry and eloquence: 
calliope, an organ in wliich steam produces 
the notes. 

^ol l/\e i "Hr (kft-lOsT-tl) , n. the quality or 
\/<U-lU^l-iy state of being hardened; a 
thick or hardened place on skin or on outer 
covering like bark. 

^fll Imic (kiD'Os). adj. hardened, as the 
vai-iUUd gidn; unfeeling in mind or heart. 
—adv. oalloualy. — n. callousness. 
^a\ Inur (lc&l'd)t adf. unfledged: very 
x^cu-xvw voung and Inexperienced: as. a 
callow youth. — n. eallowness. 
4rAl liic Ck&rOs). n. [pi. calli (-!)]. the hard- 
\/<u-xuo enlng of the skin fK)m pressure; 
Ixmy matter which unites the ends of fractured 
bones; a thlcic, hard place on the skin. 
^Jllm ^^i^)' *>• stillness; serenity: r.t. to 
^'****** quiet; still; pacify: v.i. to become 
ouiet: with dounv adj. tranquil: still; un- 
disturbed. — adv. calmly. — n. calmness. 

Svn. collected, composed, pladd. serene. 
Ant, (see stormy. UDsettleg). 

rol /v rriAl (kU'6-m£l). n. a preparation of 
WU-U-OllBi mercury, used as a medldiia 
to move the bowds. 

ra Inr %r (kd-ldrlk), adj. of or pertaining 
ca-lor-lU to heat. 

i«o1 rk «-f A (k&I'd-rf), n. the amount of beat 
ClU-U-riC required to raise the tempera- 
ture of one gram of water one degree centi- 
grade. Also, caloiy. 

Cfll A rim «» f Ar (k&l'd-rlm'i-tar), n. a 
Cai-O-nm-e-ter machine for measurlnff 
heat units, or calories. 

ra 1/\ff A (kd-lAt'). n. a slniB cap worn by 
co-iUlLC Roman OathoUc dergymen; the 
dose-fitting crown of any headdress; as. the 
calotte of a helmet; a dome, or caplike ceding: 
a caplike covering for a spire. 
ra\ '^f\r\ (kftrtr5p). n. a small four-pronged 
CiU-UUU Instrument used to obstruct the 
advance or cavalry by piercing the feet of the 
horses; oneofseveral kinds of ^antswttb spiny 
heads, as the ^ 
star thistle. ^ 


(k&l'fi-m#t),n. Calumet 
the tobacco 
pipe of the North American Indians, nnoked 
as a symbol of peace or to confirm treaties. 
«*o l^itn «« o+A (kd-lQm'ni-it). t.t. to 
Ca-iUm-lU-aXe accuse <Wsely and with 
Ill-will: v.i. to start evil reports for the pur* 
pose of injuring another s character. — n. 
oalunuUatiom* eidumnlator. 
rtk Ittm n{ /\ftQ (kd-lQm'nl-fis) . adj^. slan- 
Ca-iUm-m-OUS aerous: defkmatory; In- 
jurious. — adv. calumnionsly. 
rill itm Tiir (kftl'fim-nn, n. [pi. catmnnles 
Cai-UIIl-Iiy (-nlz)], a false accusation: a 

Pol xra TXf (k&l'vd-rl). n. the place where 
>^«**-Vtt-ijr Jesus was crudfled: In Roman 
Catholic countries, a representation of the 
crudflxion erected in the open air. 
/«o1vA (k&v), T.i. to bring forth the young of 
CtUVC the cow; to give oirth to a calf. 
Pnl xr\r\ ictn (kftl'vln-tan). n, the doo- 
\,/ai-vm-lSni tHnes of John Calvin [1500- 
64). the French reformer, who taught that 
God predestines man. and elects those who 
arc to be saved 

Pol m-n ;c<f*0^rvln-tet).n.cuie who holds 
\,/ai-VlIl-lSl the doctrines of Calvin, the 
French reformer. — adj. Oalvtailstlo. 
ra Ittv (ki'llks: kUlks). n. \pl. calyxes 
Ca-iyX jkSTiks-to). caUces (k*n-s6s)J. the 
drde of small leaves beneath the petals of a 

rartt Os-I^xn), n. a piece of machinery oon- 
*'«**** sisting of a rotating or sliding piece or 
projection for moving, or receiving motion 
frcnn, a pin, roller, etc.. moving againstlts edge. 
ram t\Ar (k&m'b8r>. n. slight convexity of 
i^iuii-uci a part; the convexity ot the sur- 
face of the deck of a ship. 
ram fii iim (k&m'bi-fim), n. the layer of 
Cam-Dl-Uni growing tissue which Ues be- 
tween the young wood and the bark oi trees 
and produces the new wood. 
Pom firi on <kftm'brl-An), adj. pertain- 
\,/ain-Dn-an tng to. or having referenos 
to. one of the earliest geologic 

ram Krir (kam'brik). n. a very fine, thin. 
L4UAi-uiAi^ white linen or cotton: adj. per^ 
taining to, or made of. tills fabric 

cam-bric mus-lin i^S.^StSST'Sl: 

tatlon of cambric. 

ramck (k&ni), past tense of the intranaitlytt 

i^oxuc verb corns. 

Ute. BcnAte, rftre, c&t, locUl, fir, ^k, pdrade; sc^ne^ event, 6dge, novSl, reflfr; 
right, dtn; cdld, Obey, c6rd, st^p, compare; Qnit, Unite, bfirn, cut. focib, m^iii; 

candescence ^ 

tf«on Hoe ron/^A (k&n-dfe'&is). n. a state 

Creat beat. 

of glowing caused by 

a device 
a support 

j^an Hirl (l^i^a'dld). adj. bonest; out- 
viui-iAAu. spoken; sincere: applied to per- 
sons; f&lr: as. a candid \iew of a mattw. — 
adv. oandldly. — n. oandldnew. 

Svn. artless, fk^nk. trutbful. 

Ant. (see crafty). 
i^ark At Aa rv Oc*n'dI-dn-«T). n. the posl- 
^^au-Ul-ua-Cjr tion or state of one who 
presents himself, or Is put up by others, as a 
contestant for an oflBco, etc. AIk), oandlda- 

£*at\ #1i /lofo (k&n'dl-dSt). n. one who 
ViUi-Ul-uai6 offers himself, or Is proposed 
by others, to fill some ofQco; as. Henry Clay 
was twice a candidate for the presidency. 
/»ori /1«A/1 (Wtn'did) . preserved with, 
\#IUi-UlCU or covered with, a hard coat of 
sugar; changed to sugar. 
^at% HIa (kfin'dl), n. a «lender rounded 
VOU-UIC body of tallow, wax, or other 
f&tty mateiBl. Inclosing a wick of cotton, and 
used to furnish light; anj^thing resembling a 
•candle in form or purpose. 

iTfln HIa liaVif (kAndl-m'). n. the light 
Can-Oie-ilgni of a candle or candles; 
light produced by artificial means: twilight. 
Pflfi HI A tnoG (kin'dl-mds),n. February 
Uan-aie-inaS ^, the day of the feeatof 
the Purification of the Virgin Mary. 
i»jin Hli» nour pr .(k&n'dl pou'6r). the 

<;au-aie puw-er ui^hting power of a 

standard candle taken as a measure to deter- 
mine the power of any light. 

can-die-stick iMSS.V, 

for, a candle. 
^on Anr (k&n'dSr), n. openness; flrank- 
VCUA-U.VX ness; as, candor of speech; fair- 
ness; as. to Judge with candor, 
/•an t\xF (K&n'dO. n. a confection of sugar. 
*'«***"^J combined with flavoring or colcuing 
substances; any sweetmeat made of, or cooked 
with, sugar or molasses: v.t. Ip.t. and p.p. can- 
died, candyingl, to make into or become 
•ugar; to preserve in sugar: r.i. to become 
coated with sugar: to become sugar. 

/•fin AxF fiift (k&n'dl-taff). n. a plant 
Can-ay-IUIX bearing clustered or tufted 
flowers, originally fktun Candia. 
/•on A i^^)' ^ t^o stem of certain palms. 
^'****^ grasses, and other plants, as the 
t>amboo. sugar cane, rattan, etc. ; a walking- 
•tick: r.t. to beat with a walking stick; fur- 
nish with parts made of grasses, rattan, bam- 
txx>. etc. : as, to cane chairs. 
/•on A KraIrA (kSn'br&k'). n. a dense 
Cane-DraKe thicket of paUn growths or 

/^o nt/» tt lo (kd-nlk'd-ld). n. in astron- 
Va-niC-U-ia omy. the Dog Star. 
j*a ninA (kd-nXn': ki'nfn). adj. pertaining 
va-liUiC to dogs: having the nature or 

aualitlesofadog; doglike: pertaining to the 
tiarp-pointed teetii next to the incisors: n. 
the sharp-pointed tooth next to the Incisors. 
or one shaped like it. 

/«o ninA fAAfli (kd-nin' tSth; k&'nin 
^a-Iime leeui teth). two sharp-pointed 
teeth on each side of the upper and lower 
Jaws of most animate. Also, oanlass. 
/•on to fAt* (k&nls-t6r). n. a metal box or 
vaii-ld-ici case for tea. coffee, etc.: a 
shell containing shot, or scraps of iron, which 
explodes when fired trom a gun. 
/•an IrAr (k&Alcfir). n. anjrthlng which causes rot or decay, or destroys 
toy gradual eating or wearing away; a gan- 


grenous oloer, particularly in the mouth; a 
popular name for certain small white sorpt 
m the mouth: r4. Infect with poisonous Infhi- 
ence: r.i. to become diseased; be infected 
with disease.— ad>. canksroos. ^ 

ran IrAr iimmi (ki^'k^r-wilrm'). n. a 
Can-Ker-WOnn caterpillar destructive 

to trees or plants; something, as sorrow, erfl. 
etc. that destroys one's happiness. 
^on no (K&n'a). n. any of certain tropical 
w nllM l ci American plants with large leaves 
and flowers; the flower of any of these plants. 
nonnArl ^&nd>. adj. preserved in tin re- 
Wixiucu ceptacles; as. canned meats, vege- 
tables, fifuits. ^ 
ran nAl rriol (^^'^ ^31). a soft coal 
Can-nei COai that bums with a dear 

bright flame. 

^on nAr X7 (kSn'Sr-I). n. M. cannertai 

can-ner-y (-riz)!, an establishment tot 

preserving meat. fish. etc.. in cans. 

/•on nf Kol (k&nl-b&l). n. a human beinc 

i^all-lil-UiU who eats human flesh; any 

animal that eats the flesh of its own Idnd: 

adj. pertaining to, or like, a human being who 

eats numan flesh. 

ran ni hal icm (ktal-bU-tan), n. the 

Can-m-Dai-lSUl act or practice of human 

beings of eating human flesh, or of animals of 

eatinjgr others or like kind; barbarity. 

ron rynrt (kftn'fln). n. {pi. cannons (-flnz). 

UOIl-UUU or cannon (collecUvely)J. a largs 

gun ; a piece of artillery. 

ron n/\n_o/lA (k&n'fln-&dO . n. the act of 

Can-non-aae discharging artlllerr 

against a town. fort, etc.: r.t. to attack witn 


t^art n/\n Kail Ck&n'fln bdl') . the roaDd 

Can-non OaU projectile discharged by a 

cannon; any mWdle for cannon. 

ron nrkn VinnA Oc&n'iln bon), the bone 

Can-non UOne f^m the hock joint 

to the teOodk found on hoofed animals. 

can-non-eer 2SS2r*^i"-.Sa5SS?'3 

the gun section inio Bfgnts the gun on Its 


ron nrk-f Oc&n'ndt), (can and not), am. ara. 

uau-llUl or is, unable. 

i^an ntr 'k&nl). oi^i. shrewd; knowing; as. 
^^oAL'iiy thovScotch are a canny race; can* 
tious: reasonable; quiet; easy; safe. Also, 
oannls. — adr. cannlly. 

ra nru^ (kd-nSOO. n. \pl canoes (-nOBs)), 
i^a-UVC any light boat driven forward by 
paddles: r.f. [p.t. and p.p. canoed, 
canoeing], to paddle or sail in a light boat.— 
n. oanosut. 

ran nn (k&n'fln). n. a law or rule tn mo- 
Can-On eral. especially regarding reUflJooi 
doctrines; the books of the Holy Scriptures 
received as authoritative by the Ohristlaa 
Church: called the Sacred Canon; a catakv 
of saints acknowledged in the Roman Catli- 
olic Ohurch; a person who performs dlvlDS 
service in a cathedraL 

ro ^fxn (k&n'y^n). n. a narrow deep pas- 
\«a-iiuu sage between hills or mountains. 
Also, oanjron. 

ra nnn i ral (kd-nfinT-kU). adj. pertatn- 
ca-uOn-l-i;ai ing to. or conforming to. 
laws or rules of the church: pertalnhig to 
the books of the Bible whldi are aooeptsd 
as authoritative. — odt . oanonloally. 

ca-non-i-cals SS^J-f^L^H- ,S£ 

scribed by the rules of the church to bt 
worn by a clergyman officiating at s er v ices. 

can-on-tee gggiSa^^^a. ^ ^t^J 

Ute, BeniLie, rkte, c&ty locili fttr, Ask, pdrade; sofinej ^vent, 5dge, novll, refSr; 
it, sin; cdld. Obey, cdrd, 8t5p, c6mpare; iinit, (inite, b^n. cot. focfia, meoJELs 




^ofiA O^P)t A. » ooTerlng for tho ahoulden, 
vapv worn separately or attached; a point 
of land projecting Into the aea. 

W-w^- (kft'pfir), n. a playfUI leap or 
"yy*' spring; i^ skip; a prank; a plant, 
tiie flower-buds of which are pickled and 
oaed as a seasoning; the buds themselves: 
t.i. to sidp; Jump. 

t*ikn i1 Iflr 1 fir Oc&pl-l&rl-tl), n. tnphys- 
Gap-U-iar-1-ly icg, the action by wflch 

the surface of a liquid is raised or lowered 
where in contact with a solid: aeeo. best in 
capillary tubes. 

cap-a-la-ry ilSSi^'Jih ''tSS^fUl: 

one of the mmute blood-vessels connecting 
ttie arteries with the veins: adj. resembling a 
hair; slender: pertaining to the minute tubes 
or vessels of the body. 

cap-il-la-ry at-trac-tioii S^^^^t^. 

■hiln), the power possessed bv porous bodies of 

drawliur up a fluid: as, a blotter absorbs ink 

by capuJarv attraction. 

g^arkA fol (kftpl-tAl), n. the chief dty or 

W&p-I-UU town in a kingdom or state; a 

letter of the 

larger kind 

■uoi as is 

used to be- 

fin sen- 
en c es. 
Eoper nouns, etc, 
e sum invested in 
any particular busi- 
ness: stock or re- 
•ouroes of anv kind, 
moral or physical; 
that part or wealth Capital 
which is saved and is 

available for, or employed in, the production 
of more money; the h«ul or top or a column 
or pillar: ad), punishable witn death; as, 
treason and murder are capital crimes; first 
In importance: chief; principal; as. the 
capital points in a discussion; good; excel- 
lent; first-rate. 

cap-i-tal-ism S^?Ji'"„f^1- «*yKS: 

fispecially by a few; the power of combined 

/m-n I -fol tcf OApl-tkl'Ist), n. one who 
(Uap-i-UU-l&l. has wealth; especially a por- 
tion of large wealth which may or may not be 
•ised in business. — adj. oapltaUstio. 

.cap-i-tal-i-za-tion '^t^;. ';»Ue '^K} 

•changing or converting into money for use In 
business; the amount of money resulting; 
Ihe act oi writing or printing with large, or 
capital, letters. 

rof> t fol i7A (kftpl-t&l-Xz). v.t. to count 
Mtp-l-UU-l^C up or have in potnesaion the 
presrait value of in money, as a periodical 
payment; to convert into available money 
for use in business; also, to write or print 
with large, or capital, letters. 
rem I fol 1 17 (k&pl-t&l-D. adtf.vrith loss of 
%AtU'l'Ull'iy life; as. a murderoris capitaUy 
imnished; in an excellent manner. 
PoT> f fnl (Ic&p1-t61). n. originally, the 
vap-i-lUA temple of Jupiter at Rome, on 
the summit of the Capitoline Hill: now. the 
building occupied by the United States Con- 
gress at Washington; the house occupied by 
a State legislature. 

Cfln-f f A IftiA Ocipl-tft-Un), a^. indi- 
L^p-1-XO-ime cattog. or pertaining to, 
one of the seven hills of Rome: n. one of the 
•even hlMs <^ Rome. 


m nif 11 liif A (lui-pltli-lftt). t.i. to snr- 
va-pil.-U-XII.LC render to an enemy oo 

conditions agreed upon: as. the Southem 
army capitulated to toe Northern In 1805. 

ca-pit-u-la-tion 2f«'r»S'l52?>i.di: 

ing; the written paper containing the termfl 

of surrender; a summary. 

ro nif 11 liitn (Icd-Pltli-lfim), n. Ipl. ca- 

Ca-piV-U-XUin pitula (-Ul)l. a cluster of 

flowers attached directly at we base, as ta 

the clover. 

t^ark 1t<n (k&pim), n. a small fish of thesmelt 

Cap-lUl fkuniiv, largely used as bait for cod. 

no r\nm (ki'pon). ru a cock which has been 

va-puu castrated and fattened for the 

table. — r.t. eaponlse. 

ca-pouch StS5?^AeS^^°?5i'5Jr' 

a El nrirA (kd-prSsO, n. a whim, freak, or 
x-uAxw fancy; as, childrt.^ have many 

ai-pri-cious te*^2:'-r 5?JS^ 

temper. — odp. capriotonsly. — n. oaprielons* 

mn-ri-Al A (WiP'rt-«l). n. a leap of a horse 
vap-il-UiC made without advancing: v.i. 
to execute such a leap. 

Pon r\ rArn (k&p'n-kOm), n. in astron- 
V^ap-n-VUru omy, a southem constella- 
tion; the tenth sign of the zodiac. Into which 
the sun enters about December 21. Also. 

ctkTk ri fi rfl fiAti (k&P'rl-fl-k&'shfin). n. 
Cap-n-n-Ca-UOn an arUAdal method 
of pollinating the cultivated flg in order to 
mtkke sure of its ripening. 
riin ri ficr (k*P n-ng). n. the wild flg. 
Cap-n-ng ^ound in Asia Minor and fii 
Routhem Europe. 

rpTi_Qi_riiTn Ocip'st-kflm). n, any of 
i^p-^l-CUm several varietlea of the nlg^t- 
shade plants bearing pimgent berries; the 
dried and powdered milt of these plants. 
rekr\ gi7A OAp-tSz*), t.i. to be overturned; 
VAp-DiA^ upset: v.t. to turn over or upset. 
run ofilTl (Kfip'st&n). n. an upright drain 
*'**F"^ ''**** or cylinder revoking upon 
iron pivot and 
worked by bars 
or levers: used 
for winding a 
rope or raising 
heavy weights, 
especially the 
anchor of a 


(k&p'ston*), n. 

the coping, or 

JhS ^,^V/ nf *** Capstan. A, capstan-head: 

structure, the pawls; A capstan-bar. 
top of a wall. 

n^r\ ciiIa (k&p'siil). n. a metallic seal ot 
cap-MUC cover for a bottle: a amd 
envelope ot gelatin inrlofdng medicine; a seed- 
vessel or pod which opens when ripe; a small 
shallow vessel; a skinlike sac Inclosing some 
part or organ of the body. — adj. oapsular, 
oapsulaiT, capsnlated. 

t^tkt\ fain (k&p'tin). n. one who has com- 
^^ap-uuu mand of. or authority over, others; 
a chief; a commander; in the army, the com- 
mander of a company; In the navy, an officer 
oonunanding a snip of war; the master of a 
merdiant vessel; the head of a team or sidt 
in athletic games, as football and baseball. 

ite. senftte, rAre, c&t, lodU, fXr, Ask, pdrade; sctee^ dvent, 6dge, novU, refir; 
f^t, dn; c6ld, 6bey, c6rd| stdp, c(mpare; ^t, tlmtei b6ni, cfit, focfls, meuO: 

card Sf^i :i 


toce ^ 


davlcfls or 
Bsuna. UMdflir 


I. JunKe la on* of tbe cardinal 
I high otOdal In lbs RonuD 
reh, kppointal br Uw Fcvei 
I; a rlcn rwl «dar. 
ata OitT'dl-nU-tt). n. Ota 
■AlB nnli. dlnilly. or officB 

pirlni of 

•meml Orient*! pl&nw of ihe jitnuw family; 
tny of the plaQtc^ Also. j T Oa m oa. oarda- 

In BmUaK cvdi, etc, 

cnrHi_ar ""'r'di-Uii. adj. partaJnlng to, 

qnlckwilDff the heart's anion; pen&lnlni? to 

which Incraaaes tho actloD of the heart and 

rjir Ai wnn ckm-di-eini. n. a kmtMi 

Car-ai-gHIl ,mni™, )Bi-i,et or n ' 

Also, o-.Til«in laelHt. 

cai-di-nal SSIr'St ." 

be andoiu a 
_, -jubled. r- '— 

w. Rhe did a 

anilMT, conoHTi. soUdiiHle. beed. 
'"™" "" """ Bhlp> 


le Mo tor tl 


of clooliig lealEn, cicuidnv. „. 

to Incline on one aide, aa a ablp uii 
CE^66r general oourae of actioi 

Ul^-— n. oat 

faro Ibcc IkOr^tB). <utj' nc«lectrui: 

care-xess i^; free rrom o- 

f*o ^acc Ikd-rfie'), rt, an* act e 
Ca-reSS aaenlon-. an <inbTW«: 

far a-f liib'Ot: ki'rM). n. 
W"-<'l- iiji«i In writing, or 
proori. to Indicate the place wt 
U omitted or la addsd. 

care-worn a' ' ' 

«ir irn Ot*r-g6). n. [pi 

*^ar-BO Udini or fpelKl 

Car-1-DOU North AnieHcan relnde 

deecrlptioii of r 

od/.^ Bhowlog ths 

iltatlon. burl^Hjae, 

ra n ae ItE'rt-tE). n. the ulreration and 
i^a-ll-e& docar of a hone or tooth. — o^. 

fartr inir ntHrldnE). p.odi. caiuins van. 
CHrK-mg , on: W"arln« aa a Iroubtr 

senate, rire, ett, locU, fXr, ^k, pdrade; scene, flvent, tdps, nov(l, refEr; 
it, dn; c&ld, Obey, cArd, etdp, cfimiiare; liiiit, flmte, bOni, cat, focfia, menii; 



car-ti4ag-i-nous t^,„i„-i:K 

tarm of. grisOe. or ctrtAit^: hftvtn^ii 
of srlBtle. M shm-lis. 

car-tog-ra-phy T^^^^^ 

car-ton the pasteboard fcr cikktiiB si 

car-tooQ ^ 

ibe copied froni ii la oIL IKpoatrir, c 
car-tridge D^^^^^^2 

bou-d. meUI, or otbo- milsri 
Uui powdar. or powder uid 1aI] 
cun, I'M.; s roll of prolecM 

Cai*e by cuttliw: aa. to oir 

liurk irltb Unra or rurrona; u 

ilgn or shape) 

carv-ing if',; 


■(acootfltiUj In ou-pentry 
iraj' for typo. dMdod 

i , object of glanl with a Uyef nf gfa» of anollier 

(racp hari* «>« (lt».-hit-dn). f.I. to hard- 
Cttae-UaiU-CU on tbe siirftce of (as 

InWrinr keeps iho touithnaw of Iron. 
Ca-Se-in niUlt. rorinlOB the main part of 
vttae imUC irJcb a sbnath : n Table knife. 

CKSe-maTe vault or bactary. taiTUf 
openlun chrouBh whicb cadnoo may ba 
polDtfd aod dlacbarved. 

i-acA merit ("»» ment). n. a wIinio*-«am 
Case-mcUt quuIo to opco on blngs; 

Msh-book »'^,i»Si,."i.'SS. S 

money recelvt*! or »ld out. 

ca-shew "^""^'iueSi^E'in^ *™'^ 

*-ocli ior (Ulib-er'l.n.onBwholiaacham 
CaSU-ier „f ibe money, and EupsrliiCaiBi 

CaSn-mere v(wi[.n tkbrlc for aluwla. «le.. 
orlKlHally made In < 'asbmeri'. India, from tb* 

J .... .._ j^j _mj ofThlliet and tin 

a s(^ woolen dten hbtit 

Himalayas: also, 
made In lin- " 


(kaa'Ing). n. the act of covoUf 
fpl. Bna. cutnat 


ca-si-no i-VsiTnT, 'H^Si . ^^. 

for B«jal mmtlngB. dancing, gamins. 

i-aolr IkMi). n. a baml-(liap«l vemd with 
CBSK Hat heads and woixlm suvea, bound by 
Iron hoop*, for holding liquors: iba tiuanlltj 
contained In such a vegsel. 
CaS-ket fSr%'',^:\'c^y"co^ " "" 

casque Si'^t^J^Z«''^:k\t^ 

roc cin (irt^'o: W»hl-d), n. a dMap 
Cas-Sia grade of cinnamon; a hind of 
plant from tbe Isves of whicb (be drag 

CaS-Sl-mere doth uwd for mm gar- 


% ftorked stick wtth aa elastic band by which 
■tonee, dried peas, etc. are thrown: v.t. to 
throw ttom, or as ft^m, such an enirin<)- 
i«o-f a ror-f (k&t'd-r&kt), n. a large water- 
vai-a-Aav#i f^u; a ftirious niah or down- 
potir of water: a disease of the eye in which 
the vision becomes impaired or is lost. 
ro forrYi (kd-t&r'), n. an affection of any 
va-ioiiii mucous membrane, especially of 
the nose or air passatres: cold in the head. 
i*«i -ffl rr fi ol (W-tar'ftl).a<ii. pertaining to. 
^/U-UUiii-ai or produced by, catarrh: as, 
a catarrhal condition of the throat; of the 
nature of catarrh. 

rfl tftC-frrk-nlnA (kd-t*s'tr6.rt),n.agreat 
Ca-XaS-UO-pne calamity or disaster; 
the outcome of a plot: applied to a play. 

iSim. calamity, dissster. mlsdiance, mishap. 

Anl4(8ee blessing). 
Co faur hfl (kd-td'bd). n. a light red 
wu-Utw-ua variety of American grape; 
a light wtne made ftt>m this grapo. 
ro* KtrH (Wt'bQrd'), n. the moddng- 
vat-uuiA thrush: so named from its cry 
of alarm. 

i^of Krko-f (Ut^bSf). n. a small boat with 
va.t-uuai» one sail on a mast near the bow. 
nof noil dc&tlcOl'}. n. a sound, like the 
^^at-t/OU cry of a cat, made in theaters to 
express disapproval: a squeaking instrument 
used for the same purpose: r.(. and r.t. to 
deride or to exp r es s disapproval by such calls. 

ro-frVi (1^^^<^* f-<* [/>•<• ^ncl P-P' caught. 
VAivAi pjjr, catching], to seize or grasp; 
lay hold or suddenly; take captivo; to please 
or charm; to take, by contagion, infection, 
or symi>athy, as a disease ; attack; com- 
municate to. as a fire; come upon imexpect- 
edly; detect; to comprehend; as. to catch 
the idea; come up to; reach in time, as a 
train- n. the act of seizing or grasping; that 
whldi is tckken; as. a good catch of fish; a 
song the parts of which are taken up by 
different voices; a scrap of song. — n. catcher. 
^<if/«Vi oil (k&ch'Ol*), n. a receptacle for 
CatCil-MU holding a great variety of 

#*rtf/*fi tntr (kftching), p.adj. contagious; 
CaiCn-ing infectious: said of diseases: 
captivating; fascinating. 

rjifrVi fiAti nxr (k&ch'p6n*n. n. [pi. catch- 
CaXCn-pen-ny pennies (-Iz)l. an article 
of little value made attractively to effect a 
quick sale: adj. cheap; showy; made to soil 
to the unwary. 

r^frVi tin (k&ch'Ap). n. a sauce made from 
vatvii-U|l mushrooms, tomatoes, walnuts, 
etc. Also, eatsup, ketchup. 
rairh \Mre\ri\ (kichwQrd*). n. a word or 
%«ati#il-wuiu piirase that takes the popu- 
lar fancy: a cue. 

cttfrVt \r ('t&chi), adj. attractive: quick 
%«a,lV/U-jr to win popular approval; as. a 
catchy tune; captivatinK- 

rflt A rh*^f 1 rfll (kftfS-ketT-kai). adj. 

VaL-e-uUCt-i^i^ol consisting of qut«tions 
and answers: as, the catechetical method of 

rof A rfiico fk&t'^klz). v.t. to Instruct 
\/at-C-vllloc by means of questions and 
answers, and by offering explanations; espe- 
dally, to Instruct in the CnrLstlan religion; 
ask quo»tious or examine. Also, cataehise. — 
n. eateohltt. 

raf A rViicm OcKt'^-klzm), n. a small 
caL-«;-\/lUbIU book of Instruction In the 
form of question and answer, especially in 
the principles of the Christian reliction. 
rflf-A crnr i oaI (kat'6-jf6rl-ldU). adj. of 
Ot-C-^UA-A-i>m or pertaining to. or In 

96 cat's-paw 

the fbrm of. a general dassiflcation of things; 
absolute; unconditkmal : positive: as. a 
categorical answer. — adv. catacorloaUy. 
rpf A (TA rv (kfcf^d-rn, n. ^ [pi. cat«- 
v«V-C-gU-ry gories c-rlz)I. a class in any 
general classiQcation; any comprehensive 
class; one of the classes into which the 
objects of knowledge or thou^t can be 
divided, sudi as time^^ place, pasaon, etc 
rai- A Tio 1-tr (cit'S-n^rf) , n. in matbo- 
\/at-C-ua-ijr matics, a certain curve 
formed by a flexible cord suspended by its 
ends: adj. indicating such a curve. 
i*tk 4>Ar (k&'t^). t.f. to supply fbod; as. 
VA-ld it is hard to aUer to the uncertain 
appetite of an invalid: to supply what is 
desired or needed: with to or for. — n. eat«r«r. 
rfl+_Ar nil lor (kftt'6r-pn'^).n. the hairy 
CaX-er-pU-iar wormlike sta«e in the life 
of a butterfly or winged insect; in the World 
War. a powerful traction engine used for haul- 
ing heavy guns. 

mf Ar nrfliil (kftt'«r-wan, t.<. to cry, as 
VAl-ci-waui cats at night; hence, to 
utter harsh, unpleasant soundis. 
/«a-f ficVi (k&t'flsh'). n. an American flsb 
i/at-iiDii of several spedes, differing mocb 
in size. 

ro-f cni-f (k&t'gaf), n. a kind ctf cord made 
Wctl-gut from the intestines of animals, 
usually sheep, and used as strings for musical 
instruments and for some other purposes. 
ra -fVior -Hr (ka-thar'tik). adj. cleansing 
i#a-UiaJ.-u^ the bowels; purgative: n. 
a medicine to caiu?o movement of the bowels. 
na fliA Aral (krf-the'dr&l), n. the chief 
\/a-uic-UAai chiuch of a diocese or church 
district under the spedal charge of the bishop : 
adj. pertaining to such a church or tne 
diocese of which It Ls the center. 
ro+Vi A/1 A (k&th'od), n. the t^^rmtral by 
i#aui-vuc ^'hich an electric current leaves 
the substance through which It passes, known 
as the negativefpole: oppoKite to anode: oatbods 
rays, a stream of rays produced when an 
electrical discharge is passed through a gas at 
low pressure: when these rays strike on the 
surface of a solid, they produce Rontgen rasrs. 
popularly called X-rntJs. Also, kathode. 
/•o'fVi f\ lir (kftth'ft-Uk). adj. universal: 
i#aui-u-ui« general; including all: as. a 
person who likes to read all kinds of books 
I has a catholic taste In Uteratiuv; libeiul; 
largo-heartod : including all mankind. — <;ath- 
ollc. pertaining to the Church of Rome: n. a 
memiKT of the Catholic Chiutdli, espedally 
of the Roman C^atholic Chiuvh. 

Po fVinl I ricm (kd-th^n-sinn), n. the 
\,/a-UlOi-l-ClSni bi^uef of. or adherence 

to. the Catholic Church, or fklth. espedally 

to that of the lionian Catholic Church. Also. 


rafh e\ lir i Hr (kfith'^-llsl-tl), n. the 

Cam-O-UC-l-ty quality of being unlverw 

sal or large-minded : liberality. 

Ca fVinl 1 riTA (ka-thOl'I-sIz) . r.t. to con- 

V^a-UlOi-l-ClZe vert to Roman CathoU- 

cism: r.t. to become Catholic or Roman 


/«a-f Irtn (kfitldn), n. the hanging blossome 

Cai-ilin of the willow, birch, etc. 

/«a<f vitrw (kAt'ntp*). n. a common plant of 

Cat-lAip the mint family. Ab?o. eatmlnt. 

cat-o'-nine-taas a^*;'fip"'";St^''ii5; 

laijhes of knotted cord, formerly used for 
punishment in the English army and navy; 
an implement uved for flogging. 
ra-f' c T\Qxtr (^^ts'pd), n. a dupe; a perseo 
cm b-pgw who is deceived tato doing 

flte, senate, r&re, cAt, locil, ffir, Ask, pdrade; Hcfino^ 6vent, Sdgc, novll, refSr; 
lifcht, sin; c6ld, 6bey, c6rd, stdp, c5mpare; unit, finite, bii'-n, cut, focus^ menii; 



^A Att 1o (s^-dll'd), n. » mark idaoed under 

Ce-UU-ia e\slU> indicate the sound of «. as 

In the French word lecon. 

i^gkit (*^}* **^ ^ overlay or cover the inner 

^^u surfttoe <tf a roof; Aimlsh with a 


roil incr (sSlloff). n. the inner roof of an 

i^cu-iu^ i^partment, usually made of laths 

and plaster; the altitude to which an air- 

Iklane can ascend* 

ro1_fln-Hino (sSl'&n-dln), n. a perennial 

Cei-an-Oine herb of the poppy family. 

with small yellow flowers and poisonous Juice. 

^aI a Kro-nf (sffl'ift-br&nt), n. one who 

Cei-e-Draui performs a religious rite, 

especially the priest in offering Mass or 

celebrating the Communion. 

r^1-A hmf A Xa61'»-br&t), vO. to praise, or 

CCI-C-Uiatt? honor; to offer up the 

sacrifice ctf the Mass; commemorate; as, 

to celebrate the Fourth of July. 

Syn. obsra^e, keep, solemnise. 

Ant. (see disregard). _ 
^aI a Ywtk f aH (8a'*-^w*f«d), adj. re- 
Cei-e-Dra-Xea nowned; illustrious: dis- 
tinguished: famous. 

Cel-e-bra-tlOIl act of commcnnorating 
or honoring: an observance or ceremony in 
honor of anything. 

rA IaK ri fir (s^-ieb'ri-tl), n. \pl. celebri- 
Ce-ieD-n-iy ties (-tte)l, fame; distinc- 
tion; a renowned ot famous person: as, 
Alexander Graham Bell attained celerity 
UuY>ugh the invention of the telephone; 
he beoBime a celebrity. 

/•A lAr i -Hr (s«-lert-tD, n. rapidity; swift- 
\/C-ACA-l>tY ness: speed. 
r a1 Ar \r (^^'^-v, n, a plant cultivated for 
UCi-cr-jf xae as a salad and vegetable. 
rA Iac fifll (s^lfia'chftl), adj. of or per- 
vc-Aca-ucu taining to the sky or heavens; 
as. the sun, the moon, and the stars are 
celestial bodies; heavenlv; supremely excel- 
lent; of or pertaining to the Cmnese dynasty: 
an inhabitant of heaven: C«lestlal» a 


native of China. — adv. oelettlallT. 

ntkl t Ka r\r is6Vl-hd-sl; sC-Ub'd-sI). n. the 
Ct?i-i-Ua-Cjr state of being unmarried; 
also, single life, especially that of a tmcholor. 
or one bound by vows to an unmarried life. 
rol 1 KflfA (sSl'I-bat),n. an unmarried por- 
UCl-l-uatc son: adj. single; unmarried. 
/»a11 (^)t n. a small room in a monastf^ry, 
SfClL convent, or prison; a small or mean 
place of residence; a small cavity or hole; a 
tiny ma.s8 of living matter forming one of 
the units of every living body. 
rol lar (scrsr), n. a vault or room under 
i#d-AAi ground for storing provisions, wine, 
fuel. etc. 

/•aI lor-flfy-A (»61'Sr-Aj), n. cellars; the 
\/CA-Aax-<&gc space occupied by cellars; 
charge for storage in cellars. 
^aI Irt (chfil'o), n. [pi. cellos (-62), colli 
UCl-lU (^)], a contraction for vloloncollo, 
a stringed musical instrument of the same 
form as the violin, but larger, and having 
deep, soft tones. Also. 'osUo. — m oelllst, 

rat Itt lor (s6rti-Mr). adj. pertaining to, 
vcA-AU-«uu or consisting of, or marked by 
having, cells. 

rAl 111 IaiH (sfil'ti-loid). n. a compound of 
\«CA-AU-AViu camphor and gun-cotton, re- 
sembling ivory, but frequently colored. 
i»Al 111 IncA isSL't'ldB), n. the substance 
VCl-iU-iObe resembling and allied to 
starch, which forms the main part of plant 
tissue, linen, paper, etc. 


p^H (sAlt), n. a member of the Cddc 

v/CAL family of mankind, which includes the 

ancient Gauls and Britons, the Gaelic Scotch, 

the Irish, the Bretons, and the Weldi. Also. 

VML^adj. Oeltio, Xsltlo. 

PaH tn (stA'tSkh adj. of or pertaining to 

weil-iC the Celts or their language. 

i»A triAn-f (s^mtat^ sfim'Snt), n. any sob- 

Ce-meill. stance which noAkes two bodies 

stidc together; mortar: the bony layer which 

forms the outer substance ot a tooth: rJ. 

(s6-m6nt'). to unite with a sticky substance; 

unite firmly. — n. eamsntatkm. 

rAtn A f Ar \r (8&n'*-t«r-I), n. Jpl. oeme- 

Cem-e-ter-y tedes (-lx)J, a pubUc burfal 

ground: graveyard. ^ 

/•Ati /\ KifA (8*n'*-blt: s6'n6-blt). n. a 

\^cu-u-Uitc member of a religious coo»- 

munity; a monk. 

Pa Tkn 'wn ir (8e*nft-s51k; sen'ft-zdlk), 

V^e-UO-ZO-lC adj. perteining to the latest 

geological era, which includes the Tertiary and 

Quaternary periods: fi. the latest gedogical 

era; the age of mammals. 

C^n O tflnh i^^'fi-^^* n. an empty 
i#ciA-u-ia,pAi. tomb, or a monument erected 

in honor of a person buried elsewhere. 
rAti CAr (sen's^), n. a covered cup- 
vciA-od shaped vessel pierced with holes, 
in which incense is burned. 
rA-n CAr (sto's^r; ste'sSr), n. originally, 
\#^xj.-9vx one of two magistrates of ancient 
Rome who imposed taxes and regulated the 
manners and morals of a community ; now, %n 
ofRcial appointed to examine boolo. manu- 
scripts, plays, motion pictures, letters, tde- 
grams, etc, before publication, performance, 
or use, to ascertain that there is nothing 
inmioral or offensive in them; hence, in 
general, one who blames or finds f!&ult: a 
critic: in time of war, an official who examines 
all printed matter, mail, newspaper cable- 
gramr or telegrams, etc.. in wmch informa- 
tion of value to the enemy might be written. 

cen-so-ri-ous »'^-°lJid "VSiit "S? 

condemn; fsultflnding. critical. — adr. osn* 
sorlously. — n. oensorlousness. 

rA-n cnr cViin (sto'8Ar-shIp:sfin'8&-fibIp). 
Cen-SOr-Smp „. the office or position <rf 
an official whose dutv it is to examine printed 
matter before publication in order to cut 
out objectionable matter, or. in war. informa- 
tion that could be used by the enemy. 
rAti ciir_ii Kl^ (s6n'shfip-<l-bl). adj. de- 
CCU-^UT-a-UiC sor\-ing of. or subject to, 
blame; blameworthy; culpable. 
/*Ari ciirA (sfin'shfir), n, blame; reproof; 
CCU-^UIC the act of finding feult: as. 
Benedict Arnold won the eternal censure of the 
world: v.L to find fault with or condemn: as, 
do not censure what you do not imderstand: 
v.i. to find fault. 

Syn. V. criticise. 

Ant. (see praise). 
/«An CIIG (sSn'sfis), n. an official count of 
CCll-dua the people of a country, with 
details of sex. age. etc.. taken in the united 
States and some other countries every ten 

rAnf (sSnt). n. the hundredth part of a 
i^cxit dollar, or a coin of this value: » 
hundred: used only in the phrase per cent. 
rAYi fdiir (sdn'tAr). n. an imaginary being, 
Cen-iaur h^lf man and half horse. 

rAti f^ Tin ri_jiTi (a6n't^n5'ri-*n), n, a 
Cen-Xe-na-n-aU person a hundred years 

old or over. 

cen-te-na-ry Sgafe.°*?ai>."- .^o^ 

At^ senate, rAre, cAt, lodLl, fXr, Ask, parade; sc^ne, dvent, 6dge, novll, refSr; 
rig^t, db; cdld, dbey, c6rd, stdp, c6mpare; Qnit, tinite, btbrn, cAt, focfis, menfi; 


chap-el SSi£;?>n^-. 



a place of pubUc 
«^ wonihip. hot so large or important 
la a OHirch: a place of worship In a palace, 
jnstltutioo. etc 

rhfkTk AT #Kn (<^&p'6r-aii). n. a married or 
WUap-Cl-Uil older woman who accom- 
panies young unmarried women in public: 
V.I. to escort, as. the matron chaperoned a 
party of young girl^. 

r\\tkr\JtA lAfi (3l»»P'Wl'n: chftp'fOl'n), 
Cnap-iai-ieiladl^ dejected: crestfallen. 

4»tiflfv1flin (diiP^ta). n. a clerg>-man who 
vuap-iaiu performs service in the army, 
navy, a public institution, or a royal or 
private hous^old. — n. ehaplatncy, chaplain* 

4»ti ark lA-f (cbl^'lSt). n. a wreath or gar- 
VUap-lCi land for the head: a roaary or 
part of a rosary. 

^t«on -fAf (ch&p't8r), n. a division of a 
CUau-lcr book: a meeting of certain 
sodeues or ordo^s; a body of those who hold 
such a meeting. 

#*Viar (chl^)> c*^ Ip^ <^°<1 PP- charred, 
VAitU (diaiTing), to bum partially, or to 
Ma<4ff»p by burning. 

rViflr-AP "for OdLr'Sk-tCr), n. a letter. 
wiiax-a.l^iCi. sign, or figure: reputation: 
nature: as, a woman of noble c/larocfer; moral 
force; admirable qualities: quality; rank; 
distinctive qualities or traits: a certificate 
as to conduct or ability; a personage in a 

char-acter-is-tic 23''»t!^iSif' *JS: 

talning to. or displaying, the moral nature of; 
as. It was characteristic of Lincoln, that he 
would never defend a man whom he believed 
to be In the wrong: n. a distinguishing mark 
or quality.— odr. oltaxaoterlstloally. 

chair^c-ter.i-za-tion J|ffl:^"S,'o" 

act of describing by the peculiar or essential 
traits or marks; as. Shakespeare's eharacteri'* 
lotion of Khig Richard III is not entirely 
true to history. 

#*fiflr or -for 170 Ocftr'Sk-tCr-Tz). r.f. to 
Cnar-aC-ier-lZe describe by peculiar 
or essential qualities; to mark or distinguish; 
as, the Angora cat is characterized by long 
silky hair. 

/•t«o vo/Ia (shd-r5d0. n. an acted riddle 
i/Aia-iauc based on a word with several 
significant parts, each of which, as wefl as the 
word, is to be guessed trom. the scenic or other 

ritekT rnol (chJlrTcSl*). n. wood partially 
\/lliU-i«Ual burnt in such a way as to be 
good for ftiel. 

rViorcro (^^^^i^)* c-'* ^ i^ush on or attack; 
*'****©'' load, as a gun; to command: 
Instruct: accuse; to demand as a price; to 
place something on record as due from, or 
as a debt of; r.i. to make an attack: n. an 
onset; quantity with which a firearm or 
apparatus is loaded: an office or obligation; 
an order or command; authoritative instruc- 
tion or direction: price. 
rViorffo o KIa (chiir'Jd-bl). adj. subject 
wliaXgC-a-UiC to tax; as. wine is charge- 

able with a heavy duty; 

capable of being 

char-eS d'af-faires ^g^fr^lka?*^ 

(sh&r'zha')]. a government official who 

acts for an ambassador in his absence, 

or at a court at which no ambassador is 


rlmr P'-Ar (chttr'Jgr), n^ a spirited horse: 

atate pro> 

a large dish 

Roman Chariot 


#*Viar t #\f (cb&r'I-dt). n. an ancient 
UiltU-1-Ut wheeled car for war, atau 
cesRions. racing, etc. 


1.1^ (chirT- 
Die td-bl), 
adj. kind and 
liberal: as. a 
charitabl e 
woman; per- 
taining to 
charity; as, a 
charitable institution. — adv. 
rttof t -Kr (cWira-tD. n. \pl. charities (-tte)J, 
Cnar-l-Xy the dlsposlUon to think w^ of 
others: alms; universal love and good will 
to the poor or suffering; an institution for 
the poor founded by a fdft. 

char-lotte russe 'i^tliA^V^^'ii 

custard inclosed in sponge cake. 
/«Vioi-tn (chlLrm). n. a sp^ or enchantment; 
i^ l l nllll that which causes admiration; as. 
the beauty of the flowers Is the chief charm of 
California: a trinket: as. a watch cftorm.* 
v.t. to influence by magte; give exquisite 
delight to: r.f. to work by magic powers. 

Syn., V. captivate, enchant, enrapture, allure. 
rViorm iTicr ((^i^rmlng), adj, attractlw: 
Cnaim-ing ^th power to cause admira- 
tion or give delight: fapdnatlng; pleasing. — 
adv. eharmlnglir. 

r h o «• n a1 (cnJir'nfil) . culj. containing flesh or 
Cnar-nei dead bodies; as. ftnilcham«J dun- 
geons w^x)said to lie beneath many old cartlei. 
rfioff (ch*^J> ^' & D3AP of any part of the 
*'"«il' sea. river, etc., for the use of mari- 
nas; the map of a ship's course; a sheet 
giving information In tabular fbrm; aa. a 
nurse's c/uzrC r.t. to map out. 
^Vior ^AT (char't&r). n. an official paper 
^iia-i-tci bestowing certain rights and 
privileges; as. King James nve William 
Penn a charter to the province €>f Pennsylvania ; 
a written order from the authcnitles of » 
society to establish another chapter, lodge, 
or branch: v.L to grant a charter to; col- 
loquially, to hire for one's own use. 
rlior urntn an (chtLr'wd6m'ftn; chtr'- 
Cnar-WOm-an waCm'&n), n. \pl. char- 
women (-wim'fin)]. a woman hired by the day 
to do domestic woric or cleaning work to 
corridors, offices, etc. 

r\\tkT \r (ch&^'l: chS'rf), adj. careftd; cau- 
v^uox-jr tious; reserved: shy: ftnigal or 
sparing: as. a poor man must be chary in the 
use of his money. — adv. charily. — n. cbarlnesa. 
rViaCA (chSs). v.i. to pursue; especially, to 
VAiooc hunt: drive away; to decorate a 
metal surface by embossing, engraving, etc.; 
to cut. as the thread of a screw: v.i. to follow 
in pursuit: n. eager pursuit: hunting, espe- 
cially of wild beasts: that which is hunted* 
an iron frame into which pages or columns or 
type are locked for printing; the part of a can- 
non in fk*ont of the supports. 
tf»Viacm (k&zm). n. a deep opening to the 
^iiaaAii earth: a cleft: a gap; a void. 
rVioc cic (^ha'sd). n. the frame, machtoery, 
i^uaa-oAo and wheels of an automobile; 
the main framework of an airplane. (Pk.I 
rViocfA (c*>5st). adj. \irtuous; modest; 
\/uaotc morally pure; also, refined, aa art. 
— adv. chastely. — n. chasteness. 
^Viac 'fon (f^hss'n). r.t. to punish for tlie 
^uad-tcu purpose of making better; snb- 
dne: as. Ood chastens his people. 

4te, sendt^, rAre, cit, lodLl, fttr, ibk, pdrade; sc^nej fivent, ^ge, no^'ftl, refCr; 
right, sin; c61d, dbey, cdrd, 8t6p, c6mpare; dnit, Unite, b(irn, cut, focds, menii; 

Dkllr Inhabiting iri 
North CuvUnt. e 

Che-root ;?SL „ _ 

PhUlpplnB Islands. laxSiS square enils. 

Cner-T¥ milt oTs tree of the plum famllj': 
Out treo luelT: odj, of Uw culor of ttao npc 
fruit of this liwe: niddl. 
Cner-UD ^cherubim <cbClr'A-b1iD: chEr'aO- 

i"hi*'riVwr*"^'^'*"'''L'"*i: "^ •"■ ^Z' 

fiav-lU-UKi lalniiig lo chonihn; angellr; 
an. the rhrtubic face nf a Ultle child. 
-tiacs (cbtel.'i.Bganieplayfdh)' two ner- 
CneSS wuii Hith iSilifD plecm each, on a 
(hBCkBred board tUvldodlntOBttty-four squares. 

chest S%'iiJ 

grows In a prickly burr: thi- tree 
light cnBTHHralnnl llmbor; a raldl 
BlalB ioke; ail. rwldlBb-broffTl : honr^ 
a shado tree boarlng a nut larfrer and ( 

Cne-Vaj giaSS mirror large enough to 
reflect tho fulHi-iiKth Uiitire. 

chev-a-Uer ;?^l;«r'T' 'm^t^^Sr^ « 

order of raeril,: oft™, a gal- ». ■ ' J 

Chev-iVtl'''*Vh■c^'i: V^ 

Ktte^ E^l^nd'a'nd s™^ L^^Sj 

laudT^elifTlotra rouBh i-loth HT" ^O 

madp from iho wool of this r j 

«h«p; a folliin fcbrtr ''^^y i ' 

Chevron i^^^JS-'or. "> che™. 

pDac of ami" nwiisemlOK two rafters of a 
mar <lrnvni>rtt mllltaor oBiiw lo ahuw ranli. 

chew ;S u«i 

che-Wink ^n'^Irri'J^the>.i4rroifiSto: 
BO railed from im noUj. 

Caiey-enne Jd^^^n'inJ^.Sf ^rtaiS^?' 

''ihAbtting the region of the Upper Arkansas 
■- "-'-- ado. and Wyomlns: now In 

chick dally of ti 


chirlrji Aua irhik-i-af). n. s bird: 

CUILK-a-uec the Amurlcan black-cap 

rhiclrlfl rep ('*ni'ri-r6'). n. tbo Ameri; 
lylll^jJL-a-iCt; mo p^ squirrel: so called 

chick-en fS^il'S^iu^of KTo-SsaS 
chick-en pox i'-^^-pfffii^' """ 

chick-weed wu] 

diic-o-ry !; 


jirlndpally; for the 

chief t 

chief-ly ^^, 
chief-tain '„ 

head nf a cliisH oi 

chif-fon a';fi„r„u'S'SS- "■ ' 
chif-fo-nier ffl'.SSiiJ.ili.SSl.j: 


cug.oe KX'i.VrSavv's.'sa 

Also, ehlcr*. Ilnm-' 

chil-blain Sfton "i 

u.iuBlly afl'^llng Ihe fert 
CUliU mn or dniiiihiei 


otber HUtuUiKe. AIm, sUocM. 

chlo-ride of lime i'^^^i.b'whTt.; 


^hln ririA Oila'rtn: US'rSn). n. s Kreenlsli- 
atn, lued CDDunercikUr u s blaachlng asent: 
UfSely used In gu altacln In the World Wsr. 

cMo-ro-form SK'Sii S,.'SK 




Its Itnlt. 

choke damp gf .SS&i WSS3 

In wclU, niliHH. *nd ouier plts^ 

CUOK-y ■irugla or cboke, u through 

chol-er te'^i,;^^<,St&Vt^,SS! 
chol-er-a J^^'^bj-"\?oi™T^oSti^' 

lied by violont vtanltlng. munpH, purgbag, 
and proaermUon. 

cSnl orir Ocorer-Dt). orfj. hlgh-t«np«red; 
t«ilul-c;i -IV hB, --Qo show your aUva how 


qubiUr. to wl jh: to ba plauad: v.i. «• mkks s 

chop p'lkituSf.o'S.WitssEa 

fclowm: to cut Inla t»t f y" j*— ■ «■: r.t. to 

it«. senlte. riffe. cit. locll, fltr, idc, p 

In ttia plund; 

Choi jL"i^ j^j''fei£- **'^ 

chop-py ^^■^-XM^-'S;^* 

rSnn oWrlrc 'cbfip'»'Jl™^. n.p;. two mnail 
CllOP-SuCii!> (Ucim used b; the Chlnaa 

LUUp &U-ev Qf siened chidtan or pork. 

rhrt rnl' (l'8'''SI). nifj. of or DerUlnlng to a 
CnO-rai choir: cbimtcd or sung by a riiolr; 

/''hnrA IkOrd), n. the string ot a miwlotl 
CllOra insl rumen t; muilcsT not« In har- 

-imilCHl ehordu : 

cho-re-a ^ 

cho-ric I'ng 1 

chores ind "^■i^n'-rtaV Enil^nl. 

laily light work ot •> Una or 

chor-is-ter 'X^'^i,^"™^^ 

/•yinr tia ('^bAr'tl). cf. and (.1. to laugh IB 
CUOr-Ue » chuckling, snorting fkSloa: 
~ ^KB coined by Lewla Carroll, tbo 

.. Alia in Wondtriani, and Is lued 


~i,n _,c (kO'rltal. n, a numb™- slngbic 
CnO-rUS together: that part oT a mnslS 
compoaitlon In which the company all iliig 
together: a piece of mujlc arranged In partsj a 

cho-sen on^'' 

baart ; a tJvfsm people. 
f\tr\-^ir (chou), n.abreed of dogs In 
enow thine, similar to a HaMT Bsk 
slang, rood: Clww. slang, a Chlnama: 

chow-chow S^^^^i prctlJ 
chow-der i^T''''i32i."'ni^ 

odj- oT or pertain- 
United Htatea 

elogen and dauGen in a 
past tense of the Terb 
n1. p.odi. iwlKtod: phled 

a dog; 

ot ttmh 
iHwea together 

blessed by the 

In baptism, ou- 

□ baptise; also. 




Chrtstlam: Chrliaaos coUactlvrty. 

UnnS-nan the religion of OkM: a«. 
posenliW the religion oTChrM. 

i^tms-tt-an-i-ty cubn-to, n. tiw i^is- 

Chris-tian-i-za-tion ^rTttTM 

it«, senlte, riffe, cit, locll, fltr, idc, pdrade; setae, Bvent, Uge, no^ nfto; 
t^hf., do; cAld, Bbejr, oAid, stAp, cftn^Mre; dnit, finite, bAm, cflt, fooos, maoS; 




j^litrmo Odni). «• the pulpy maas of partly 

VUjriuc digested food before the 8ei>aratloii 

of the chyle. 

j*l^tk Hq W-k*'<W). n. [pi dcadAS (-ddx)]. 

^1-W»-U11 a class of insects having the 

power of making a shrill sound, commonly 

«Dd incorrectly called locusts. 

^5 /«a 4^v (sl-ka'triks; sik'd-trlks) . n. [pL 

Cl-Ca-UlX cicatrices (sOc'd-tri'sgz)]. thascar 

remaining after a wound has healed. 

J^iA (sW), n. a chief or commander; esp&- 

y^l^ dally, the hero. Ruy Diaz, the Christian 

diamirion against the Moors; the name of a 

Spanish poem. 

£*i A^f (sl'dSr), n. the juice of apples 

Cl-UCi squeexed out and fomented. 

g*t wor (8i-g*^)t n. a small roll of tobacco- 

Ci-glti loaf used for smoldng. 

^itr o i*aH-a (slg'd-r6t'), n. a small roll 

^'iS"**"*^'''''' made of flnely cut tobacco 

for smokina;. usually rolled in thin paper. 

^•| ■ g (sOl-d). the hair of the eyelids; 

vli-l-a hairUke processes, as of a cell, or ot 

certain plants. 

ca-ut-ed S22.1i:s.'i s^ ~"^ '^"' 

C^im rriA ri an (sI-mS'ri-4n). adj. be- 
Vim-ine-rl-all longing to the Clrameril. 
an imaginary people mentioned by Homer 
as living In cotLstant darkness; hence, In- 
teoseiv dark, gloom>'; as. blind people spend 
their lives in Cimmerian darknesn. 
j*it%r\y (sinch). n. a saddle girth firmly fast- 
VUiUXl ened in place by loop and Knots; 
a sure grip or holJ : slanj?. a Hure or oa^y thing. 
4^ir% ni> /\ n o (sin-ko'nd) , n. a 8outh Amcrl- 
V^lIl-vllU-Ilil can tree from the bark of 
-which quinine U extracted: olnchona, the 
liark of the Cinchona tree. 
^inc fiira (•^lAk'tOr), n. a belt or girdle 
VlllV^-lUlC worn round the waLst; a raided 
or carved ring at the bottom and top of a 

rf*in H»r (sln'd9r). n. a thoroughly charred 
VU1-U.C1 pi^H'e of wood or other combustible 
F-.u))Htance' slag trxym a metal furnace; an 
omber: pi.. eoIIoquIaUv, ashes. — nd). dndery. 
^tn A tna (sln*6-rad), n. a motion plctiu^ 
ViU-C-iXUt camera. 

cin-e-mat-o-graph r ;t"'l'p^S^ 

to show pictures of objects In seeming motion. 
A\m}, kinematograph. 

4*it% €>x a rtr 'J^'n'Sr-a-rD. ad/. piTtalnlng 
VAii-cx-a-ijr to, or containing. ashe«: 
applied to lU'ns containing the ashes of 
human bodies. 

^\r\ rio \\i>T ^**Tn'd-bftr) . n. a compotmd of 
vili>Iia-Mai sulphur with mercury. 
g^vn no mrkn ''^ind-rafln). n. the ^mer 
Cin-Iia-inon bark or an East Indian tree 
from which a spico Is made. 
^tn/ittA -fnil fsln^Toll*). n. a plant of the 
CinqUe-IOU roso famUy, called from its 
shape, Ave fingers; au ornament rescrabling 
five leaves. 

■Ti nVi^r '^•'i'*"'^'') . n. the symbol 0: zero: 
VA-puci nautfht; hence, a person or thing 
without value or power; a secret manner of 
writing, or the key to it: a code; as, cable- 
grams are sent In ciohrr: r.f. to work arith- 
metical examples with flguros; to write with 
a private alphabet or other secret characters. 
Also, cypher. 

i^ir f*€k on (sfir-s5'in), adj. pertaining to 
\^U-VC-au Circe, the enchantress or 
witch; hence, bewitching and degrading. 
c\t Ha ('^r'lcl^' "• a round body; a plane 
vu-VAC surface bounded by a single curved 
line called its drcumferwiee. every part of 

which Is equally distant fixim a point within 
It. called the center: the cloaed plane curve 
bounding such a surf&ce; a ntunber of per- 
sons or things united by a common bood: 
as. Gcddsmith had a luve circle of warm 
friends; something round, as a group <jS 
seats in a theat^: t.i. to move aroiud; to 
revolve: r.f. to surround. 
i^W HA-f (sfir'kldt). n. a small drde; espe* 
l/U-l/lct cially. an ornament, as a ring or 

rir #Htif (itO'^'lcIt). n. the act of going round 
uu-CUlt anjthlng; the arrangement by 
which an electrical current Is kept up between 
the two poles of a battery or machine; the 
path of the electric current* drcumferenoe; 
compass; a rout« over which one passes 
regularly at inter\'als; a district, within cer- 
tain boundaries, as that asKlmed to a Judge. 
rW Ml 1 4/\iie (s?r-ldn-ttl8). adj. round- 
i/li -i;u-l-tUUb about; as. they went home 
by a circuitous route; indirect. — adf, oto> 

rfr mi 1o«> (sOrlctl-ldr), adj. round like a 
CU-«ai-iar circle; of or pertaining tb a 
circle; roundatx>ut: published for dlstrlbQ- 
tlon to the public or to certain groups of 
persons; as. a circular letter: n. a printed or 
written letter or notice. — adv, eirctuarly. 
tf^fr i«n lo-fA (sfirHcfi-Iat). v.t. to cause to 
i/U-vu-iaiC pass from point to point or 
trom one person to another: v.i. to n»ove 
aroimd and return to the same point; to 
pass trom hand to hand. 
rir #*ii In fi/vn (stlrTdl-m'shfln), n. the 
Cir-CU-ia-UOn act of moving around, or 
passing or 8«mding from place to place: 
also, the extent to which a tiling is dIstrlDuted 
or sent; as, the magaxine has a largo 
circulation; the movement of the Mood 
through the vessels of the body; current 
coin, notes, or bills. 

cir-cu-la-to-ry itSS^'^'^'^Si^S^] 

circulating; roundabout. 

cir^um-am-bi-ent ^S?,:''ilS:-tei«: 

Ing; surrotindlng. 

cir-cum-am-bu-late {.tf,'k'J??!r»S.i 

r.f. to walk al)out or around. 

cir-cum-fer-ence {^/iS^lS^JiSi 

a circle or any curbed plane figure; the dis- 
tance around a cirviiJar body: circiilt. 
rtr rum Aay ^*50r'kftm-flCkR). n. a mark 
Cir-CUin-neX [^ ^ ^] over a vowel or 
syllable to drn(U'> accent or contraction! adi. 
markwi with such uu accent; curved or wina- 
Ins: bent, or Injndlng round. 


of many words whort* but r»-w are necessary: 
a rounda>x>ut way of sTK>akiiiir: as. "to pass 
away" is a coumion circumiocution for "to 

.Sf/n. diffiLseness. verbiage, wordiness. 

Ant, (see* br^vitv). 


around; u.sually. to sail around the globe. — 
n. droumnavltator, droiuunavlcatkm. 
rlr mm nn Inr (s^lrnrilm-pSIAr). adf. 
Cir-CUm-pO-iar „ear or surrounding the 
north or the south pole: as. the circumpoktr 
stars revolve arouml the pole without setting. 

rtr mm crriVkA (sOf'kfim-Bkrfb'). vt. to 
Cir-CUIIl-SCnDe inclose within certain 
lines or iKWindarJes; hence, to restrict; as. Uie 

ate, senate, rftre, cit, locll, ftr, Ask, pdrade; scfine, ^vent, Wge, novJl, ref&r, 
right, ein; cdltl, 6bey, cdrd, st6p, compare; Onit, Omte, btei, cut, fodis, menii; 

claim^t SiSS 



n. one who de- 
lytbinff a.s his right. 
^lolr ir/\Tr ann^ (klw-vor&ns). n. the 
viAU-VUjr -Olive power claimed by some 
pentons of seeing objects others cannot see, 
«s. the power or reading minds. 
^loir xrfixr unf (klftr-voi'&nt), n. [fern. 
Ciair-VOy-ani clalrvoyantel. one who 
professes to iiave the power of clairvoyance, or 
the ability to see things hidden from others. 
— adv. olalrvoyantly. 

.^lom (I'Ukm). n. an eatable sheUflsh of 
'viiUU several varieties. 
^lom VkAT (kl&m'bSr). r.t. and r.<. to 
•CUUU-uei ascend or climb with difflciilty. 
.^lom rriTr (klftml), adj. soft and stick>- 
'CUtlU-Uiy and cold and moist— ^dr. 
•olamnUly. — n. olammlness. 
rf«1om /\r (kl&ni'8r). n. a loud and con- 
Vituu-Ui tinned noLse. made especially 
with the voice: r.t.. to shout with a loud 
voice: t.i. to make noisy demands. Also, 

^Iflm-nr-niiQ Otttni'Sr-ils), adj. noisy; 
CiaiU-Or-QUS as, a clamorous mob.— odr. 
damorottslT' — n. damorousnets. 

(kl&mp), n. any thins that fastens 

clamp or binds: a 
«tc. . used to bring two 
things together: r.t. 
to fasten or bind with 
«uch a device. 

^'AOU tribe or asso- 
ciation of famdlies 
united under one 
chieftain, having one 
common parent and 
the same surname ; a 
set or clique: used 

piece of wood, metal. 


rf»loti Hag firiA (kl&n-dfis'tin), adi. secret; 
t;iaIl-OC9-iIIie private; as, the early 
Christians hdd clandestine meetings in caves. — 
<ufr. cdandestlnelj. 

^lono- (kl&ng). n. a loud, sharp, ringing 
^*****6 metallic sound: r.t. to cause to 
resound with a sharp metallic sotmd: r.t. to 
Sive out a sdiarp metallic sound. 
^lon irrkT (kl&ng'Sr). n. a loud metallic 
vittii-gui eoimd; a clamorous noise; a 
sharp clang: r.i. to ring repeatedly and 
noisfly.~^<M. clangonmt.— iodr. clangorously. 
^lonlr (l£i&^)> n. a sharp, hard metallic 
doillk sound: r.t. and v.i. to rattle and 
sotmd, as chains. 

^lon nicli (kl&nlsh). adj. pertaining to a 
Cian-niSn clan. family, or tribe; cllng- 
tng, or inclined to cling, together: closely 
adherent: prejudiced: narrow. — adr. clan- 
nlshly. — n. clannishness. 

^lon 0^^P)> f-<- iP-^- &°<1 PP- clapped, 
l/iap clapping], to strike (the hands) to- 
gether with a quick, sharp noLse: to applaud 
bv striking the hands together* to put x>n. 
place, etc.. quickly and suddenly: strike en* 
slap suddenly: r.i. to show approval by 
striking the hands together; come toi^ether 
-with a quick, sharp noise: n. a loud noise 
made by a sudden collision; applause 
expressed by striking the hands together: 
a blow delivered with suddenness. ^ 
rifln hnarti {Wftp'bdrd; klftb'ftrd; kl&b'- 
Ciap-DOara grd), n. a long thin narrow 
board used for the outside covering of wooden 

r>\at\ nor (kl&P^^). n- one who. or that 
%/Aap-pd which, claps; the tongue of a 
bell; the clack cf a mill-hopper; a door 

rlan H-ati tW&P'trftp'). n. any device. 
viap-uap expression, trick, language, or 
shon. intendcHl to gain applause or attention. 

rIaniiA (^l^k>> "• ^> organized body of 

viiXl|UC men paid to applaud or to express 

disapproval at theaters; hence, interested 


rlar «>f (kl&r'^t). n. the English name for 

v^liU-ci a rod table wine of France: hence. 

any similar wine: adj. purplish red. 

clof I i\T (kl&r'l-fl). r.r. Ip.randn.p. 

Ciar-1-iy clarlfled, clarlf>-togl. 

to make clear or bright: to make 

understandable: r.t. to i>ecome bright. 

— n. clarification, clarifler. 

/«1or i riAf (kl&r'I-ndt). n. a musical 

viiu-i-UCi wind instrument. Also. 


rlor 1 nr% (kiarl-fln). n. a small 

uioi-l-UU trumpet: adj. soimding 

like this small trumpet. 

riar t fv (kiar'l-tl), n. clearness: 

\^MaJ.'X-%,y as. he was remaricable for 

the clarity and precision of his English. 

ria rn (km'rO). adj. mild and light 

i'ln.-iw In color: said of dgars. 


rlacVi (kl&<*ib). r.i. to make aloud 
l/iaou harsh noise; to be in opnosl- 
tion: disagree; as. their opinions cJflsA.- _^^_^ 
r.t. to strike violently together: n. the |-,i--i. 


noise so produced; opposition; con- 

riflcn (lclM?)> t^'- to shut or fasten together 
uiaop with, or as with, a hook or fastener; 
to embrace: to hold firmly: n. a hook to 
hold anything close; a close unbrace. — n. 

Ciasp Kniie blades of which fold lnt« 
the handle. 

Mocc (I^^)> n. a rank or order of persont 
*'*«*^^ ha\ing like interests, dr of things 
which are similar; a number of students of 
the same rank or status: a group of ftnimnia 
or plants: a nimibca* of objects, eventa, etc. 
having characteristics in common. 

Syn. degree, order, rank. 
riac clr (kl&>'^'Ik). n. any book or work 
uiUD-stu of art that Is. or may properly 
be regarded as. a standard: particularly, anj 
(J reek or Roman piece of literature <» won 
of art : anv author whose productions are of 
such excellence that they are regarded as 
standards: adj. of or pertaining to the 
highest class or rank in literature or art; 
conforming to the highest standard; pertain- 
ing to, or Uke, the Greek or Roman authors; 
Eure. refined: clear-cut; modeled after, or 
ke. the highest forms of ancient art or litera- 
ture. Also. adj. classloaL — adr. dasaloally. 
rloo oi rictn (Wfts'l-slzm). n. agreement 
i^iaa-ai-uiaiii or adherence to cla.<«ical 
style; the principles and idiom of the classic 
style; classical scholarship. — n. olasslolst. 

clas-si-fi-ca-tion i^l'^^lSiaSS*- & 

groups, or di\iding Into sets or sorts, accord- 
ing to some system or method. 
rloo Ofl fir (kl&s'I-fT), t.t. {p.t. and p.p. 
CiaS-Sl-iy classified, classifying], to 
arrange in groups according to some method 
or standard: put in order; systematise.— 
adj. clatsiflable. 

rloce mflfA (W&s'm&f). n, one belong- 
Uiltbb-IUltiC ing to the same class %s 
another, as at school or at a university. 
/«1af <«>AY- (klftt'Sr), v.i. to make a rattling 
Ciai-ier sound; Ulk Idly and noisily r 
r.t to cause to make a rattling sound: 

Ate, senftte, r6re, cAt, lodll, fir, Ask, piirade; scfoe. ^vent, ^klge, novll, refSr; 
right, sin; cdid, dbey, cdrd, st6p, compare; ^t, (inite, biirn, cut, focfis, menfi; 




« problem, plot, or mystery; a lower comer 
of a square sail; the after lower comer of a 
l^Mre-and-aft sail; a loop at the comer of a 
«aU : v.t. to haul (a sail) up. as for furling. 
j^Mflr 0<1^)> ^' & slight sharp sound: a 
'CUV^A. catch for heading a bolt: v.i. and r.t. 
to make, or cause to make, a short, sharp noiso. 
^|{ Anf (1^'^iit). n. one who consults or 
Vii-CUt employs a lawyer: one who seeks 
Advice of an expert of any kind, such as an 
Architect or a banker. 

rf*li ATI fAlA Odl'fin-tei'; klf'fin-tel'). n. 
VU-Cli-LCiC the body of those who sfeek 
a person for professional advice; followers; 
•clients collectively. 
<!liff ^^!H2' ^ ^ ^^ steep rock or bank; a 

/«1« mofA (kU'm&t), n. the atmospheric 

Vdl-liiaiC and weather conditions of a 

place, especially as r^sards temperature. 

moisture, etc. 

v*i: rna't ir (kll-mHtlk) . adj. pertuintog to 

VU-Uiai-lV/ weather conditions. 

/«1i mo'v (kii'm&ks). n. the highest point 

VU-JXUU. or the stmimit. 

#*1itTiVk (kllm), v.t. and<) v.i. to mount or 

^i**^***^ ascend, as by the hands and feet; 

ascend with difficulty; ascend by twining; 

n. act of moimting; ascent mounted. — n. 


i^ltrriA O^bn). n. a country; region; as. 

4;UIIie In every dime. tPoET.J 

^1in/*li (kllnch). v.t. to rivet; to fasten; 

VilUCIl to nail; double up tightly, as the 

Angers; to hold fast; to rend^ imanswer- 

«ble, as an argiunent: n, anything that holds 

both ways; a mode of fastocdng largo ropes; 

«o unanswerable argiunent. Also, dflnoh. — 

n. oUnoher. 

^1in<y (^^i^). P<- [P-^- and p.p. dung. 

Vllll|^ clindngl, to adhere closely; to 

«tlck; hold fast by embracing or entwining. 

i«1in In (klhi'Ik), n. a medical lecture on 

*»****"**' the nature and treatment of dis- 

'6a^w, given in the presence of patients and 

«tcidents. — adj. rllnloal. — adv. <dmlcally. 

^linlr (kll^)v ft. to strike so nfi to make a 

VAUIA. slight sharp sound; to ring or jingle: 

t.i. to make a short sharp noise: n. a slight 

sharp vibrating 


clink -er 

^UUc'Sr). n. a 
mass of burned 
«eal formed 
Into a hard stony substance; jn cHoometer 

i^li nnm A fAr (kll-nfim'fr-t^r). n an In- 

vU-UUUl-c-lCi strumen I for determining 

aaffilar inclination, as of a gun, the deck of a 

Ahlp. the dip of rock strata, the 

3lope of a hillside, etc. 

/•lin (klip), v.t. [p.t. and p.p. 

^**F clipped, clipping], 

to cut with shears or scissors; 

cut oflf; to cut short; as. to 

4Uip one's words: n. the wool 

of a season's shearing; a 

spring holder for holdi 

papers: colloquially, a 

slight blow with 

hand; a rapid gait. 

cUp-per i^";: 

one who, or that 

widdi, cuts ofT or 

anips; a« instrum«it tor cutting 

dear-cut or weU-shaped salHng 

yeat spread of canvas. 


the hair: a 
vessel with a 

rlin Tkino- (Wiping), n. the act of cutting 
CUp-Jimg or snipping ofT; that which 6 
cut off or out of somethiug-, as. a newspaper 

dimi A (W^)« ^- ^ RToup of persons imlted 
^uuc for some common purpose; a 
coteno; a ring. — adj, oUaulah. 
rinfltr (i^*>l^)' n- ^ sleeveless, loooe cater 
\/AUaJx garment; hence, a pretext; disgutoe: 
r.t. to cover with, or as with, a ok>ak; cover 
up or conceal. 

r}f\r\r (^^k)* ^- a madiine to measure ajul 
uiuvik indicate time by means of haaoB 
moving over a dial-plate; a woven or cmbrold- 
erod ornament on the ankle of a stoofaiBg. — 
adj. docked. 

rlftrlr unCA (kldk'wlx*). adj. and adv. to 
ClOClk-Wlbe the same dlreoUoo as the 
motion of the hands of a clock. 
rlrkrir XMTnr\r (kldk'wtlrk') , n. tbe maciiln- 
\^1UVA.-WU1A. cry of a clock; any meohan- 
ism resembling It. 

rInH (1^^)« ^' A lump of earth, turf, or 
UAUU clay: a bait used in eel-fishing; a 
stupid, awkward fellow. 
rlnri hon nAT (kl6d'h6p'Sr), «. a mstlc; 
ClOa-nop-per a clown; a boor; an awk- 
wurd, rough, or rude person. 
rlrktr (^^'oB). p'- Lp<- and p.p. clogged,, 
***"& clogging], to obstruct; embarrass: 
v.i. to become (kicked up: n. a load or wdght; 
a hindrance: a kind of wooden shoe; a dane« 
by one wearing such shoes. 
tf«1/\ic -fAr (Idois'tdr), n. an indosure; a 
i/lUia-tCl place of religious retirement; a 
monastery or nunnery; an arched way or 
covered walk inside the walls of a churdi 
building or college: t.t. to confine in. or as hi. 
a convent or place of retirement; seclude fh)m 
the world. M 

rinie fral (klois'trai), adj. pertaining to, 
UlUi9-U «U or confined in. a cloister; rotlred ; 

r>^rkCA (k]5z), v.t. to shut; to shut up. as ao 
ClU^C opening by filling; to Join, as as 
electric circuit; bring together; end: v.i. tc 
come together; shut in; terminate or make aa 
ending: followed by with; grapple with an 
opponent: to agree: n. an inclosed space; 
we grounds of a cathcxlral or abbey; an alley; 
end: cessation: adj. (klos), having no outlet: 
confined; without ventilation; shut fast: 
narrow; secretive; stingy; near, as in time, 
etc.; intimate; having its parts near eadi 
other; compact; fitting snugly; open only 
to a cwtain few; restricted by law. as a game 
season; pronounced with the lips near to- 
gether: as. a close vowel; opprraaive; minute; 
precise: adr. near; ti^tly; narrowly; stingily. 
— adv. olosety. — n. doseness. 

rIncArl cTinn (klSwl 8h6p). a shop that 
ClOSeO. Snop ts closed to workmen who 
are not members of a tmlon. 

close-fisted ^^;^^-^U**^ 

money; miserly. — n. oloaeflstedness. 

rlnQA-mmiffi aH (W6s-moufhd) . adj. «n- 
ClOSe-mOUUiea communicative; rod- 

rIoQA-flfllllAr! (klOs'hOld'). adj. salUac 

CiOSe-nauiea as near the wind aa 


rins Af (1^^2'dt), n. a small room for prf- 

vivo-ci. vacy or retirement: a place ftx 

storing valuable things, or clothing, utensila. 

provisions, etc.; a wat^tr-closet: adj. private; 

secluded : v.t. to receive in a private room for 

a personal interview. 

rin ciirA (klo'zhor). n. the act of shutting 

i^AU-^UTC up. that which incloses: the 

ate, senate, rAre c5t, local, far, dsk, pdrade; scene, $vent, Wge, novil, refSr; 
right, gin; c6ld: 6bey, c6rcl. i<tdp, compare; unit. Unite. bOrn, cut, fociis, menii; 


OAfll ^^^}' ^' A black, or brownish-black, 
vw«** hard, combustible mlnoral. formed ot 
the vegetation of prehistoric time^, taken t rom 
the earth and used as fuel: «.(. to furnish with 
coal: v.i. to take in coal. 

f*f\ o loctf^A (kS'd-lfisOf V'i* to grow to- 
l/U-a-iCoi/C gether: combine; unite: fuse. 

Tft-ll Iaq TATirA (fc5'd-l«8'ftns), n, the 
i^U-a-lCo-^CIiUC act or proems of unit- 
ing.— od^. ooatosoant. 

mill o-flo (^* ***)• ^^ produced by 

i/U«U gas burning coal: used for heating 

and lighting. 

i^i\ o 1i fi/\n (k5'd-Ush'Qn). n. union in a 

CU-tt-U-UUU body or mass; a combination 

ot persons; an alliance of nations. 

f*rkQ\ f\i\ OdM oil), petroleum; esitecially, 

CUIU UU kerosene. 

i^£\a1 i^ar 0^1 <^)* & ^ck dark liquid 
CUOi UU which is taken ftom soft coal, and 
from which many ridi dye colors are obtained. 
t^rkam Incrc (k^mOngs). the raised 
COam-ingS ^ood or iron bardera of the 
hatches of a vessel. 

i^rkorcA 0^^^)* ^J* ot poor or inferior 
«#uaj.d^ Quality or appearance; large in 
texture or size; not refined; indelicate; gross. 
—~adv. ooara«lF. — n. ooansness. 

iSi^ rude, rou^ unpolished. 

Ant. (see fine). 
nrkQTC An (kdr'sn), v.t. and v.i. to make 
UUoXd-CU large or rough (that which was 
clo8&-grained or fine); to turn or become 
harsh, rude, rough, or unrefined. 
t^rkacf (^ost), n. the margin or boundary 
vuaot of the land next the sea; in the 
United States, tlie act of sliding on a sled 
down a hiU or an Incline: v.i. to sail near ot 
along the shore; deso«id an incline on a sled, 
or on a bicycle without working the pedalf : 
v.t. to sail close to or near to. — adf. coastal, 
^/voo-f Ai* (InSs'tdr). n. a home-trading 
cuaoi-ci vessd; one who slides on a sled 
or glides on a bicycle. 

coast guard SSS^^i t^SJU'^^ 

■ave passengers on vessels in disU^ss. 

coast-ing trade gSI'^JT^'' ^ 

Ot the same cotmtry. 

maf 0^5^)* ^- '^ outer garment oovoing 
x^utxi the upi;>er part of the body; an out- 
side covering, as nir, etc; a thin layer: v.t. 
to oovn" or spread over. — n. ooatlng. 
#«Ao-f A A (kdt'tSO. n. a dose-fitting coat 
COat-ee with short tails. 

coat of aims garment worn 'over fiSe 
armor of English uiii^ts in the fifteenth 
and sixteenth centuries, and often bearing 
the heraldic signs of the wearer's rank or 
family; a shield bearing such device or im- 
print; an insignia, or sign used to represent 
a dty. state, or nation; as, the coat of arms 
ot the United States. 

mnf ftf mflll ^^^^ *T. "**)• chain-maU: 
CUtti wx luou an andent Iron garment 

worn by soldiers. 

^g^a-r (koks), v.L to wheedle; cajole: flatter; 

%f^aJL oontaiol in a gentle way: v.i. to use 

gentle persuasion or flattery. — n. ooas«r. 

t*f\\\ (^^^)' ^' ^o ^P! ^^ head; the 
^^^ spike of Indian com: a strong thldc- 
set pony; a Idnd •t breakwater: oovaoob. the 

Kike or axis around which the kernels of 
diaa com are set. 

co.bait as^Si^-afiu&r'Sisa. "^° 

tf«AK KIa CkBlbl), n. a pebble; a round 
%A^U'Ukv medium-«l»ed stonei dnmsy 

114 cockney 

I woric: v.t. to mend or patdi up coarsety; 
renair as shoes: v.i. to work at the businesi 
of mending dhoes. 

rnVk KlAr (kdbiSr), n. one who mends 
UUM-Uici boots and shoes; a dunuv 
workman: a 'xwling summer drink of ioea 
wine, etc. ; as. sherry cooler. 
rt\h Wa cfnriA (Wbl-stSn*). n. a ronnd- 
COD-Die-SlOue ©d stone used fbr paving. 
^A K«-o (ko'lMrd). n. a venomous snake. 
CO-Ora found in Asia. espedaUy In India, 
where there is a particularly poisonoua 

rnK iitaK (kOb'wfib'), n. a spider's web; 
V/WM-wcM hence, a net ch* snare: adi. made 
of, or like, a cobweb; flimsy; entangling. 
rf\ ra (}^'^)< n. the dried leaf (rf* a snail 
UU-V/O. South American shrub, which ylddi 
cocaine, a powerful tonic 
rtx i*m triA (ko1«i-to; kSTcd-en; k^-k&n'). 
uu-VA-iu^ n. a powerftil drug extracted 
from coca leaves: used as a local anesthetic. 
Also, oooaln. 

^ru* t*\rr (kftk'slks). n. {pi. coccyges (-sl- 
vUv-^ji jex)], the lower end of the spinal 

g^rki*h 1 TiAfll (Wichl-nSl), n. a scariet 
COCn-l-neai ^ye obtained ttom the 
dried body of an Insect. 

rtu*h lA_fl (k$k'l^). n. Ipl codiles 
COCn-ie-a l.]^)i the spfral-shaped space 
of the inner ear. 

^r%r1r (^^I^)> ^ ^® male of birds: a male 
l/UVJx chicken; a vane In the shape of a 
cock; a leader or chief: a turn-valve fior 
releaang the flow of a liquid or gas; the 
hammor of a flrearm; a small cone-shaped 
pUe, especially of hay; the act of sticking or 
turning up Jauntily, as a hat or an eye; the 
tut given to a hat or eye so turned: v.t. to 
turn up or set (the hat or head) Jauntily oo 
one side; tc stack up in conical piles; %q 
raise the hammer of (a gun), in order to flre; 
as, to cock a pistol. 

rru^lr oHa (kdk-ad').n. a badge ofrlbboa 
«#UVA.-auc or a rosette worn on the hat. 

i»rM»lr_fl ff\f\ (W5k'd-tOT'). n. a creste6 
COCK-a-lOO bird ot the parrot flunlly. 

i*/\rlr a frirA (l<^k'a-tris; kdk'd-trisj, m. 
i;OClk-a.-UlCt; a fairy serpent said to hiave 
been hatched in a cock's egg. and aUe to 
kill by a glance of its eye. 

i^/wlr Krhflf (k6k'b6t'). n. a smaU row- 
COCK-DOai boat: a tender. 

Oftrlr rViflf Ar (Wk'chftfer}, n. a Idnd 
COClL-Cnai-er of beetle destructive to 
vegetation; a May-bug. 
cnrl^jcrnvsr (H^k'kro*). n. early morning. 
COV&-V1UW when the cock first crowa. 
Also, oook uro w iii g, 

onrlr Ar 0^'^)* n. a small spanlet 

vwA-^j. or dog, used in himtlng; a oock- 


f^r^rlr ai* a1 (k5k'@r-A). n. a young domee^ 

CUl^Jl-ei -t?l tic cock less than a year old. 

mrlr avaH (IcdkadO. adj. having squint* 

vuvA.-cjrcu.£ng ejQg. crose-esred. 

/•/w*1r 1a (kOk'l). n. an eatable shellfldi 
CUCJl-ie with two heartrfihaped wrinkled 
sh^s; the plant oomoockle or danieU; • 
kiln for drying hc^M; a weed that grows among 
grain; a pudcer or wrinkle: v.i. and v.i. to 
pudcer or wrinkle: oodileshent n. one ot tiie 
shells of a cockle, scallop, etc. ; a cockboat. 
i^Aclr Inff (kSklOff). n. a loft or attle 
C0C&-X01i under a roof. 

rnrlr tiav d^Ak'nl). n. a Londooer; 
cuc&-ucy name riven to one bom withiii 
sound of the bells of Bow Church. Cheaiiridt; 
an uneducated Londoner. 

Ate. senAte, rire, cAt, locAl, fir, Ask, pdrade; scAnCj Avent, Ad«e, novAl, reffir; 
rl^t, sin; cOkl, 6bey, cdrd, st6p, o&mpare; iliut, Amte, bAni, iM, foofts, meaH; 


k dove or plgivn ; n. s nionc, of the croi 

^vaI.<»it. tWI'imO. n. » round pUli 
COl-Unm support or ulora > buUdln 
dlvLilcMi of the pMP of s book etc. : t f( 

■uiKBBtlYS of » coiiuim or sh»fi; fcs. b m 
<tf ngum: Um spUuU calumn. 


on Tii*Ti -nar ntO-IOni'iidr). adj. luvl 
CO-iUm-nar tta rorm 6r stuipe of 
coLuniD or shaft; formwl It --' 

'co-ma S^f^'^X'^ 

far three dii-s; InseTuibillty; nlu 
conuo (-tnS)], ihe cloudy, hnlrlliie 

Co-man-die l\ 

com-a-tose {S?pw;''i?t'h£^t 

dmiiiy: affected ■— — — 

comb iJ^^-to' 


h Ihrou^b: t-i^ 

u wUb k rami): 'io wsr 

cr»t"ota wa™'— n. MimL_. 

mm hat I'"'™''*". ' *■ "> "Bht: toco 

COm-Oai ,ena; KtniHile: r.l. to oppoa 

radst; n. a Htru^le; flKht. 

com-bat-ant S»S?".'5;."'«ip!Si"' 

debt: twulne imu. 

fnm ha tiVo (kOmTvl-Uv: kflni-bStlt 
\.UUI-Utl-UVe odj. pujoiackms; nhowlng 
dbiHHltloii to Bgbt or oppoK; u. llie A 
t«rrlsr h&s a i:ombofirf dlRpoeJUon. — <u 

cran-b'i.iU"tion a'rS.™'i"-b* 

united: as. a combJiuUlon 
union of bodloa or oualltla 


)ir«er. plot 

'iM ' 

ureo; as, two polTci 

- adefnat s ihirdpariu 

in), mlloqulallj. asttreljo 
ong gpnerally for unlawful 

com-bus-ti-ble 2S*"=i 

'ful pUrpoaCfl. 

witb oiyien. eu:.. pivdurias Uribt 

IV"~~'"(kOni), (,(, [p. I. c»nie. p.p. ctaat. 
come EomlngJ. to move towardi: 

LID rrom or forth from, u ^ 
xrur u a rueult: approacti 

co-me-di-an ;;S;S.?i-fc)B 

uiualLy endtnff happily. 

rnma Iw fttai'H). (UW- gr*ccfnl: hud- 

COm.e-iy tome-, u, a comtly pencn; MlU- 

comeTti-ble ^^^^^t^a^ ^^^ 


com-fit , 

com-fort ^«;^*Sinr^; 

of gulct enjoyment; convilatli 
ment; a aulltod bedcover, 

com-fort.a-ble iS".,"Si?"iSi 

padrled quUt for bf 

jSi-fSrt-less S^^StTiJIL^l: 

consolation of eue; checTle«: miss — '" 

punctuation mafk 

COm-mg opBClid: futuni; u. comfnv 

!^^! t^ (ktaiT-in. n. civility: poUta- 
COm-l-iy DtHt; acts Itf CDun«y bMVMB 

"om!ma [Y^'dt^^B 
com-mand ^hwe <rtui si 

lo be able Io obialo: t.(. to a 

1-man-deer ™S^f"w^iiia^ ,£ 

com-mand-er ^^ 

ite, senate, rflre, efit, locil, ftr, flHk, pdtade; ecSne, Cvent, Mge, novW, reffc; 
nght, Bin; cdid, Abey, cdrd, stjip, cfimpare; flnit, flmte, bOm, cat, focfia. menfl; 




class; as. a common noun: n. a tract of open 
public land. — n. oommonnest. 

Syn., adj. mean, ordinary, vulsar. 

Ant. (see uncommon, extraordinary). 

com-m<m-al-ty<SSS;2S-^Ste."- "" 

of Ck>mmons. 

mm tnnn Iflixr (kfim'fln W), the un- 
COm-IIlOU law written law, or the law 
of custom or usagre Pot in the written statutes 
of a country. 

com-mon-ly S^'S'^li'to °2La"3^: 
com-mon-place ^^IS^'t^l- ^- ^ 

mark; anything ordinary: adj. uninterest- 
ing; common; neither new nor striking; dull. 
r/\m mnne (kOm'^nz). the mass of 
COm-monS the people; rations or fare 
in common: Commons, the House of Com- 
mons, or lower house of Parliament in Oroat 
Britain and Canada. 

mm mnTi qaticp (I^dzn'fin s8n's).good 
IHIIIl-IilOIl sense judemont in ordinary 

affairs; sound, practical judgment. 

mm mnn urool (kOm^On-wSlO. n. gen- 
COm-mon-Weai oral welfare: the pub- 
lic good; as, all laws should be made for the 
commonu>eal. Also, common waal. 

com-mon-wealth iSr'*°-^?f "^ vJo 

whole body of pooplo in a state: a statp. 
mm tTiA +inn (kfi-mS'shftn). n. violent 
COm-IIlO-UOIl agitation; as. a commotion 
of the waves; disorder; tumult. 
mm mit nal (kOm'Q-nftl; k6-mQ'n&l). 
COm-niU-Iiai adj. pertalnhig to owner- 
ship in common; public— «dj. oommunal- 

i^rvm mit nol icm 0c6m'fl-n&l-Izm), n. 
COm-mU-nai-lSni the theory that each 

community or township should be self- 
governed and the state a combination of 
such communities: self-government on the 
widest possible scale. 

mm mitriA (k&-mQn'). r.i. to converse 
gom-mune together • take counsel: par- 
take of the Bucharut. or Holy Communion. 
i*f\m mitriA (kOm'On), n. the smallest 
COm-niUne poUtlcal division in Prance; 
a local, self-governing community. 

com-mu-ni-ca-ble S^tZ^^'if^^ 

Ing made known, Iraparted, or conveyed; 
as. a communicnble disease. 

com-mu-ni-cant i'^'SSictl^Si.aul; 

of the Eucharist, or Lord's Supper; one 
who imparts or makes known. 

mm mil tii raf a 0c5-mfl'nl-kat), v.t. to 
COm-inU-IU-Caie unpart; reveal: to 
make known; to tell: p.i. to E^re; partake 
of the EucharLst. or Lord's Supper; to be. or 
get. in connection; to hold intercourse. — n. 

com-mu-ni-ca-tion i^foT^^Ui^J^" 

of making oneself understood; an oxpres- 
sloD of thoughts or opinions; as, the com" 
munication of ideas: means of passing fix>m 
one place to another; news; intercourse. 

com-mu-ni-ca-tive ^^Jr^liSJ^^VS; 

talkative. — n. oonunnnloatlTenest, 
mm mitn inn (k5-roQn'yfln), n. inter- 
COm-mun-lOn course; fellowship; com- 
mon possession; a religious body: Com» 

monlon, the sacrament of the Lord's Supper 
or the partaking of it. 

^^ (k6-mU'nI-ka').n. an 
COm-mU-ni-que offldal report of news 
or intelligence published In time or war. 

comjnu-nisni S^S^T^y,^ p.^ 

erty in common; a system of social organiza- 
tion demanding the abolition of private prop- 
erty, and community control of means of 
production, etc. 

mm mil nic+ (WVni'ft-nlst), n. one who 
vUm-luU-IllS t beUeves in communism, 
or the theory that each community or town- 
ship should be self-governed, and the state 
a combination of such communities; a believo' 
in communal control of property, etc.; a 
member of the Commtme of Paris (1871). 
mm mil tiiq fir (kOm-ft-nis'tJk). adf, 
COm-mU-IUS-UC pcrtaUUng to commu- 
nism, or the theory that each township or 
community should be self-governed, and the 
state a combination of such communities; 
as, communistic theories pertaining to com- 
munal control. 

mm mil ni Hr 0c6-mQ'nI-tD,n. [p/.oom- 
COm-mU-ni-Xy munities (-trz)J, a body 
of persons having common rights, interests, 
and privileges; a body of people ll\ing In the 
same locality; as. Philadelphia is made up 
of a group of small communities: joint partici- 
pation, snaring, or ownership; a corporation; 
society generafly. 

com-muta-ble SitT^'^S^^^ 

or interchanged. 

mm mil -ta finti (kftm'A-t&'shfln), n. 
COm-mu-ia-UOIl the acceptance or m- 
change of a less thing for a greater; tiie 
putting of something less sevo^ in place 
of something sev&re; as. the commutation d 
sentence of death to life imprisonment; to 
electrical usage, the change from alternating 
current to direct current, or the reverse, by 
means of a device called the commutator. 

com-mu-ta-tion tick-et iSS?*^: 

6t). a ttclcet Issued at a reduced rate for a 
stated number of passages between fixed 
points, or for meals. 

rAtn mil fa fnr (k6m'a-t&'t5r), n. a 
COm-mU-ia-lOr device for changhig 
alternating electrical current to direct cur- 
rent, or direct ciurent to alternating current : 
generally used on a generator or motor. 
mm miifA (kft-rauf). r.i. to exchange. 
CUlU-lUUte substitute; in electrical usage 
to alter a current; reduce the severity of: as. 
to commute a sentence: r.i. to pay In grcMs. 
at a reduced rate, as railroad fare. 
rnm miif <*r (k6-mQt'dr), n. one who, 
COm-mUl-er uses a ticket issued for a 
stated period, at a reduced rate. 
mm Tkarf (k6m'p&kt), n. an agreement, 
wxix-pavt a^ between persons or states; 
as, the men formed a business compact; a 
plot or conspiracy: r.f. (kOm-p&kf). to press 
or pack closely: make solid; render close or 
dense: adj. closely or flrraly united: kntt 
or pressed together; as. a compact mass. — ad». 
compaotly. — n. oompaotnera. 
mm nuTi inn (k6m-pto'yiln). n. a « 
COm-pan-lOIl rade; an associate 
partno": r.t. to accompany; attend: « 
panionway. the stairway leading ftmn the 
deck to the cabin of a phio. — adj. eom- 
panlonable. — n. oompanlonablenoss. 

, com-pan-ion-ship ife5,^-g"',3£°: 

I ship; association. 


ate, senAte, rkre, cfit, lodll, fUr, Ask, pdrade; scdne, 6vent, 6dgo, novll, refgr; 
right, sin; c6ld, ftbey, c6rd, stSp, compare; unit, finite, bftrn, ciit, focfis, menii; 




i^Afn nliiin nnf (k^m-jilln'int). n. one 
COm-piam-ani ^iio gmmbleB; a pl&in- 
ttff, or petitioner. 

com-plaint gSSf "^2^"' iSaiSU- I 

party; anexpressionof Krief orDain: ailment. 

com-plai-sance fe[gg?^'^LSS?; 

dkposinon to please. 

com-plai-sant ^SSa;Si:'^^5£Sr'=c2S: 

pliant.— -<uiD. oampialaantly. 

cnm nlA tnptif (Wm'plA-m&it). n. full 
IHnu-pie-Xueili; number or quantity; 
as. the regiment had it<i complement of men; 
a ccnnplece set;- something that completes 
that which was not oomolete; the angle or 
arc by which a given angle or arc falls short 
of 90 degrees ;~ the color that, when combined 
with a given color, produces white: v.t. to 
complete (an incomplete amount or number) ; 
to supply a lack in. 

com-ple-men-ta-ry SfX-^^t 

or of the nature of. a comply . j^ 
ment. or completing part: as, 
complementary colors; addl* 
tlonal : oomirtementanr ancles, 
two angles which together make 
a right angle, or 90 degrees. 
Also. oompMmcntal. 

mm TklAfA (kdm-pl§t0.adi. 
COm-pieie Peking nothing ; 
entire; perfect: full; as. In 
complete ai^nor: ahnolute: fin- 
ished: v.t. to make whole or 
perfect; fulfil; finifih. — adv. oompletely. — 
n. completeness. 

mm nio finn Ocfini-plS'shfln). n. act of 
COm-pie-UOn making, or state of being, 
whole or perfect : accomplismnent ; fulfilment. 
i^ntry ntAv (kdm'pldks). a4i. composed of 
\0%jiiL'yi%SJL various parts; involved: intri- 
cate: not simple; an, a complex machine. 
#»ftm t^Ia-t in-n (Kfim-plek'shfin). n. the 
COm-pieX-lOn color of the skin, espe- 
cially of the ffeco; asptyt; general api>earance. 
rnm t^Iav i fxr (K«5m-pl6k'8l-tl). n. the 
VUm-pieA-l-iy state of bring intricate 
or involved: opposite to simplicity 
rAtn T^1i_fl KIa (k6m-pli fj-bl), adj. capa- 
COm-pU-a-Die Wo of yielding :compliant. 
mm nil anrA <k6m-pli'&ns). n. act or 
VUUl-pu-IUlCe state of yielding or con- 
sulting; submission; as. in compliance with 
our desires. Also. compUanoy. 
mm nli^nf (kfim-pU'ant), adj. disposed 
^Oia-pU-aUl to consent: yielding.— odr. 

i^rktn -nli ro-f-A (kdm'pU-kat) . r.f. to make 
COlU-pU-<;aie confused or hard 
stand: involve; 

» B 

tary Angles. 

to undOT- 
adj. (kdm'pU-k&t). difficult; 

g or 

com-pK-ca-tion ffi2^?'i-,!'*;S5Si; 

making hard to understand: the state of being 
hard to understand: difficulty: intricacy. 

com-pUc-i-ty ^^^'f^^i^X'^'^ 
com-pli-ment ^^te'S^Sl'prSii'on"^ 

courtesy; an expression of approval or admi- 
ration; delicate flattery: as. a compliment 
Is not always sincere praise: v.t. to flatter, 
congratulate; praise. 

com-pU-men-ta-iy S?"a^!'-SSi;t 

ing approval, admiration, or conmiendation; 
expressive of regard or preference; as. compH- 
mentary language. 

yield assent: agree: consent. 
Syn, accede, conform, submit. 
Ant, (see refuse). 

COm-pQ-Iieili Ing a part; composlns; 
constitumt: as. the component parts ou » 
machine: n. a necessary poryon or part of 
any substance or thing. 
i*g\m fw\rf (k6m-p5rtO. r.(. to oondnc^ 
COm-pOIT or behave: used with the re- 
flexive; as. to comport oneself in a dignified 
manner: v.i. to agree, accord, or suit. 
mm Tkf^CA (kfim-pos'). vM to form by 
COm-pOSe combUiatlon: to write. •• 
an author; to make up; to calm; adjost; 
arrange in proper order; to set (type); put 
together: v.i. to engage in composition, as 
of musical or literary woiic. — n. oompoMr. 
mm fW\CAH (kdm-p5zdO. adj. tranquil. 
COm-pOSea calm; serene; quiet.— nd^. 

mm fW\Q if A (kfini-p6x1t; kftm'p^zlt). 
COm-pOS-Ue adj. made up of disUnct 
parts; as, a composite photograph; com- 
pound: n. a composition; a combination: a 
compotmd. — adv. compoaltely. 
mm n/\-Ci finn (k<Jni'pd-xbh'(in).n. the 
COm-pO-Sl-nOn union of dilTerent things 
or principles to make a whole; the act or 
art of wilting a literary or musical work ; the 
woric written : a piece written for practice In 
the use of language: make-up, as of a pic- 
ture; the setting up of type; a mass formed 
by mingling various materials: an agree- 
ment, as to settle a dispute; compromise. 
rntn nOR l fnr (kfim-pdal-tSr). n. one 
i/UlU-pUb-1-tOl who sets type. 
nrkTTk r\/\e-f (kdm'p5(;t). n. a mixture of 
CUlU-pUbi various substances for fertiliz- 
ing the ground; a mixture used for plastering. 
mm Tkrk cur a (k6m-p6'zhfir). n. tran- 
COm-pO-SUre nuimty; serenity. 
/»/\rri n/\-fA (kOm'pSt). n. a stewed frtiit: 
COm-pOie a small dish in which stewed 
fruit is served. 

mm nmtnrl Ocfim-poundo. r.f. to mix 
COm-pOUna or combine together; as. 
to compound drugs: adj. (kdra'pound). 
composed of two or more elements or in- 
gredients or words: n. a combination of two 
or more elements. IngredienU, or parte. — n. 

Syn.. adj. complc>x. combined. 

Ant, (see simple). 

mm nrA liAnH ncfim^prA-hend'). t.t. to 
COm-pre-nena include or comprise: 

grasp with the mind; conceive; to under- 
stand: as. to comprehend an Idea. 

Syn. embrace, grasp, perceive. 

Ant. (see exclude, mistake). 

com-pre-hen-si-ble Sf^^taSSJ: 

gible; imderstandable. — n. oompreliaislMtlty* 

com-pre-hen-sion af£,T;5'*,i£"2;»- 

of understanding or including ; understanding : 
the power of grasping with the mind. 

com-pre-hen-sive SglJiSSiSfmSS': 

full; complete; as. a comprehensit'C account 

of the war. — adv, oomprehenstrsly. — n. cam* 


mm nr Ace (kftm-prBsO. v.t. to press to- 

COm-preSS al^ther; condense: n. (kOm'- 

prfe). a soft pad used in surgery to mslnftn 

pressing ^SSS^i^v^Si ^ 

Ate, senUte, rAre, cAt, locil, filr, Ask, pdrade; sc^De^ dvent, £dge, novhl, reffo"; 
f^t, do; cdld, 6bey, cdrd, st6p, c6mpare; toit, Omte, btoi, cSt, foc&, menfl: 

concha 124 

i»/\n flta (k6hlut), n. [pi concbn (-k§)]. 
vuu-i^iia. tbe outer ear; the dome of an 
•pse; Uie recess or projecting portion of some 
^urdi buildings. 

con^hol-o^ g£?1?'t^W"- w£f3J 

treats of molludcs and their shells. 
rnri riArcTA (kOA'syerzh*). n. in France, 
CUU-i^lClgC a doorkeeper or Janitor. IPb.] 
^/%n ^«1 1 O'f A (kon-sni-ftt). r.t. to recon- 
COu-Cli-l-aie cUe; win or gain the aifeo- 
ttons of: to appease: as. William Penn wisely 
tried to conciliate the Indians. — n. oonolliator. 

i»rfcti ril i_fl +IATI (k5n-«m-a'8h<ln).Ti.act 
COn-Cli-l-a-UOn of appeasing or gaining 
the good will of: act of winning by pacifying 

con-dl-U-to-ry &T^^^'^^-; 

diowing a spirit that is willing to come half 
way: desirous of pacifying. 
f^nm olctt (kon-sIsO, aal. condensed: terse: 
^vU-WbC brief: putting much in few 
words. — ad9. oondscifar. — n. oomelieacss. 

eon-clave ggT » ^ ".iSj«2b V12; 

election of a Pope: the rooms in whldi such 
meetings are held. 

i*/\*i Mil Ha Ocfin-klOOd'), v.t, to come to a 
CUU-vAUUC decision about; determine: 
•ettJe; bring about as a result: to end: as, 
to conclude an argument: v.i. to draw an 
inference; to come to an end; as, he concludes 
wisely: the meeting crmc/udrd with his speech. 

COn-CiU-SlOu determination; result: in- 
ference; Judgment: the closing part, as of a 
discussion; end: as. at the conclusion of the 
Civil War slavery was abolished. 

COIl-CiU-SlVC give: final; as, a conclu- 

$ive answer. — tidv. condutlTely. — n. oonolu- 


rfXTk CArf (kfin-kCktO, r.t. to prepare, 

^vii-i*v\*v as food, by mixing various 

things together; to form: make up; as. the 

mm tried to coTicoct a plot to destroy the 


i*/\-n i*rki* 'H/\n (kSn-kftk'shftn) . n. the act 

COU-COC-UOn of preparing or mixing; 

a plan or plot; a mixture of various articles 
of food. 

rnn mm i fiinf (kftn-k6m1-t&nt). n. 
COn-COm-l-Xani that which accompa- 
nies or Is combined with something else; an 
attendant; as. culture and reflnement are 
not always concomitants of wealth: adj. 
attendant: accompanying; combined with; 
as, concomitant circumstances. — adv. oon- 

rr%n rr%rf\ (kOATcOrd; kOnTcdrd), n. har- 
^'^*A~^'^"*' ** mony: union; agreement: In 
grammar, the agreement of wo«ls, as in gen- 
der, person, number, and case. 
t*r%n mrA^nra (k6n-k6r'd&ns).n.agreo- 
CUll-CUrUHUlCC mont; a dictionary of 
words or passaRcs, with rcfernnces to the 

E laces where they occur; especially, an 
idex of the Bible. 
/•ATI rAr<1_flnf (k6n-k6r'd&nt). /irff. agree- 
COn-COra-ailX ing; harmonious.— cdr. 

r/\rk rAiirco (kOATcors; kOnTcors). n. a 
VUU-i/UUioc rnoeting togethor: as, a 
concourse of waters; an assembly or crowd; 
as, a great concourse of persons attended the 
convention; a place, usually not inclosed. 
where crowds assemble. 

t*i\r\ /*rai-a <k6n'kret: k6n-kret'). adj. 
%^\fU.-\^L^%,^ formed into a mass bv mixing: 


pertaining to actual events or thinn: not 
abstract or general; spedflc in appUcatian: 
n. a compact or solid mass of lime. sancL 
gravel, etc.. used for making bridges and 
buildings, espedally the fotmdaticma: v.t. ana 
v.i. tolorm or unite in a mass; cover with 
concrete. — adc. ooncretaly. — n. concratsaaw. 
rAri_rrA finn (kfin-kre'shto), n. the act 
COn-Crc-UOU or process of forming into 
a solid mass: the act of covering somethlns 
with concrete: a hardened mass. 
i*Ari /*« Kin^ (kdA-k<l-bin}, n. a womao 
COn-CU-Dine -^rho Uves with a man oat- 
side the bonds of wedlodc. 
rnni^tr (kftn-kOrO. r.i. Ip.t. and p.p. 
WU-vui concurred, concurring], to 
agree or unite in action or opinion; coincide; 
as. their opinions concurred. 
/•ATI iMir ranrA (k6n-kttr'«ns), n. the 
COn-CUr-rence act of agreeing: agree- 
ment: consent: cotnddeocc.^ 
rATI nir rt^nf Ocftn-kttr'&it). udf. acUns 
COU-l^Ul-rcui. in union or conJunctJcm; 
Jcdnt and equal in authOTity: meeting at 
one point: happening at the same time: exist- 
ing at the same time; co6perating. — ad9. 

rnn riiG ciAfi (k6n-k(lsh'fln), n. a shak- 
COu-CUS-SlOn ing; the shock caused by 
two bodies coming violently together; Injury 
by a fall; as. concussion of the brain. 
^/%ri /lAmn (kfin-dfim'). v.t. to pronounce 
WOU-UcIUIl or Judge guilty; blame; cen- 
sure: declare to be forfeited or taken for 
public use; as, to condemn land : to pranounoe 
to be imflt for use; as, to condemn a prison. — 
adj. oondsmnatory. — n. oondstnncr. 

Syn. disapprove, doom. 

Ant. (see Justify, exonerate). 

con-dem-na-tion ^ t^e*^" o*SS: 

noundng guilty, or wrong, or of declarlBi 
unfit or forfeited. et<;.: the state of being pro% 
notmced guilty, wrong, or unfit or fcRroited; 
as, he caimot escape condemnation. ' 

rATi rf*fcTi CJi W*fc (kfin-den'sd-bl), adf. 
COn-aen-Sa-Die capable of compr<«kMi 
or reduction in size; capable of being mada 
more dense; as, vapor is condensable. 
r/xn'Aark co "Hati (kOn'dfin-sa'shfin). n. 
COn-aen-Sa-IlOIl reduction in size; com« 

ftresslon; the act of making dense or denser; 
he change from vapor to liquid form; as. 
the condensation of clouds results in rain. 
e»r\n Atktyctk (k5n-d6ns'). v-t. to compress; 
CUU-ueUdC make close or thick; to make 
dense or denser; to concentrate: t.i. to grow 

/«/\n /Iatic or (k6n-d6ns'5r) , n. one who. 
UOn-aenS-er or that which, makes dense. 
concentrates, or comprosscs; a maciilne for 
reducing gasos or vapors to a liquid or eoUd 
form; a device for storing electricity; a lona 
for concentrating or bringing together rays of 

rATi <1a crAn/l (kOnMS-sgndO. v.i. to 
UOn^ae-SCenU stoop; descend: deign; 

to come voluntarily to the plane of inferiors. — 
adv. oondesoendingly. 

con-de-scen-sion ^'S,?t^if^i;i 

ing to the level of inferiors: voluntar>' htunllla- 
tlou or manifestation of court^^sj' to an inferior. 
TATi r1i monf (k6n'dT-m5nt). n. a season- 
vuu-ui-iuciit ing such as pepper, salt, 
and spicws. 

r»rkn Hi fiftn (kftn-dtsh'iin). n. state; rank: 
COn-Ul-UOU qualiflcaiion: an essential 
provi<;lon to the doing of something; circum- 
stances; terms of a contract: r.t. to contract 

ftte, senftte, rAre, cit, lodil, fttr, Ask, pdrade; scene, fivent, ^ge, novJl, ref€r; 
right, sin; c5ld, 6bey, cdrd, etdp, compare; flnit.. (inite, bilrn, cut, focfis, menti; 




ministers: v.t. to put into another's trust or 
lieeping; to entrust: with to: to tell as a secret. 
fftti fi i\aT%r^ (kdn'fl-d&is), n. beUef: 
COU-U-aeuCe reUance; trust: boldness; 
Mcurtty; something told in private conversa- 
tion: a secret. 

rnri fi Honf Ocfin'fl-d&it). adj. ftiU of 
CUU-U-UtUlL trust or certain tv; positive: 
■ore: bold; dogmatic. — adr. oonndently. 
Cnn fi Hpfl fifll (WSn'n-d6n;8h&I), adj. 
vUU-U-ueu-Uai spoken or written as a 
■ecret; as. confidential correspondence; inti- 

i mate; trustworthy: as. a confidential secre- 

1 tary. — adr. oonfldAntlallF. 

mn it A ina (k^n-ndlng). adj. trustful; 
COn-na-ing fuu of simple faith.— adr. 

con-fig-u-ra-tion ^^^^C^^'of^: 

tour; structural arrangement. 
t*rM% An A (1c6n'fln), n. a boundary. IxMxIer, 
COn-UUe or limit; a frontier: usually 
plural; as, to keep within the confines of the 
country: v.t, (kon-fin'), to restrict within 
limits; imprison; as. he was confined to 
prison: to keep in the house or in bed on 
account of sickness. 

rnri fin a Tn*»Tif (k*n-nn'm6nt), n. the 
COn-nne-meni act of restricting or 
Imprisoning: the state of being rpfttRcted; 
a woman's lllnoss at the time of childbirth. 
r/\n firm (kdn-fOrmO, v.t, to strengthen: 
*»vii-iiiiii ratify; as, our fears were con- 
firmed by the report; administer the rite of 
oonflrmation. or of reception to full member- 
•hlp in a church. 

Syn. corroborate, approve, sustain. 

Ant. (see contradict). 
rATi fir mfl fmn Ocdn'f&'-mS'shfln), n. 
COn-nr-ma-UOn the act of verifying, 
ratifying, making sure, etc.; evidence; ad- 
mission to full communion after baptism. 

r/\n firm a f a rrr ( kdn-fOr'md-td-rl), 
GOn-nini-a-lO-iy adj.servlng to verify or 
prove true: corroborative. Also, oonflnnative. 
mn firm^fcH (kdn-fOrmd). p-adi. ad- 
COn-Iirnieu mltted to fUU cfiupai privi- 
leges; habitual; settled, as a habit or man- 

«»A«t fio tf«a-fA Ocfln'fb-kSt; k5n-f1s'kSt). 
«;un-US-i;aie r.t. to seize as forfeited or 
as belonging to the state or public treasury: 
as, the traitor's land was confiscated; to 
claim and take for public use. — adj. oonllsoa- 


cnn fie rfl +iAn Octo'fls-kS'shiin).n. the 
COn-US-Ca-UOn act of taking private 
property for public use; appropriation. 

con-fla-gra-tion li''""'™;?'!;^^""^: 

' there was a terrible confiaQraiion in Chicago 

f In 1871. 

I rr\rk flirf Mn-mkt'), r.i. to strike to- 

1 wuAi-iAii/t gether in collision, or clash; con- 
tend; fight; to disagree; as. opinions that 
confiict: n. (kdn'fllkt). a flght or struggle for 
the mastery: a battle; as. the con/? tcf lasted 
three years; a violent collision; antagonism, 
as of ideas. 

Syn., n. combat, contest, contention, strug- 

Ant. (see peace, quiet). 
COn.flict-ing j^^^-flO^'ttng). adj, oppos- 

et\r% flu e^Tkt^A (k6n'flfl?^-&is), n. a flowing 
VUU-IIU-CUCC together of streams: place 
where they meet; a floddng together, as of 
people. — adj. oonflnent. 
4»/%«i -f/^rm Hcdn-fOrmO. F.(. to make like: 
COn-IOnn bring into harmony; as. a 

foreigner must conform his behavicn* to oar 
customs: usually with to: v.i. to be In har- 
mony; comply: with to or ttfith. — n. eoa- 

con-form-a-ble SS^-'SSi^l&ta.^g; 

form; consistent; suitable; as. our actJotu 
should always be conformable with our Ideals; 
compliant; submissive. — tidv. etnaiomnMh^. 

c<m-£ SSr^JSl'cSS^'-iS: 

rangement; shape; as. the conformation of 
the earth's surface. 

t*rnr\ irnrtr\ tef <Tt6n-f5r'mIst). n. a mom> 
COn-IOnn-lSI ber of the EstaoUahed 
Church of England. 

COn-form-i-tV Of^n-fOrJal-tl). n. like- 
vwu-iuiiix-i-ij noss; harmony; com- 
pliance with established forms; resemblance: 
agreement or correspondence in manner, 
character, etc.: usually followed by to. 

con-found bewilder? throw hito cfison)?; 
confuse: puttofdiame; abash. 
rrxn irhret. (kOA'frftr'). n. an associate: a 
^'^11-11. cic fellow member: as, the pro- 
fessors in a coll€we are confreres. [Fh.] 
n/\n i^rMTk^ (kon-frilntO. v-t. to put face to 
CUU-iruni face: withtrOA: wr, to confront ti, 
prisoner with evidence; face defiantly; oppose. 

Con-fu-cian-ism <"",i«"''^^d'"'i^ 

morality taught by ConfUdus. the Chinese 
sage (B. C. 551-478). and his followers: this 
svstem is based on ancestor worship and 
filial devotion and piety. 
rt\Tk fiicA Ocfin-nlz'), v.t. to bewilder; pcr- 
\^Uii-xu9Cp]ex; mingle; mix; render Indis- 
tinct; to mistake for another. — adp. eon- 

CATi fit cinn (kfin-rc'rfifln), n. the act of 
COll-IU-blOU perplexhig. embarrassing, 
etc.; the state of being abashed or embar- 
rassed; perplexity; loss of self-possessioD ; 
disorder; tumult. 

t^nm -fiifo (kfin-fQt'), ft. to prove to be 
^'Vti-iutc faiae or untrue; convict of 
error; as. he was unable to confute the 
artcument. — n. oonfutatlon. 

syn. disprove, refute, oppugn. 

Ant. ^Hoe approve). 
t*f\r\ cr& (kOn'zhft'). n. a bow or formal act 
^vu-gc of taking leave; dismissal: as, the 
ambassador received his coni/i. [Fb.| 
/«/\n fTAol (k6n-)Sl'), v.t. to change tfixm a 
CUU-geai liquid to a solid state, as by cold ; 
as. when cold congeals water, ice is formexi : 
r.i. to harden by cold; grow stiff, as by co- 
agulation, ete. — adj. eonfealvbia. 
CATI <r*fc ni-Al Offtn-jen'yil). adj. kindred: 
COn-ge-Ul-ai pleasant and sj-mpatheUc: 
as. congenial tastes- ha%ing the same tastes; 
agreeable; naturally suited to one. — odr. 

rnn irp tii-ul i +v (kftn-jS'nl-il'I-tf : 
COn-ge-ni-ai-l-ly kfin-jSn-yWI-tl). n. 
the state or quality of being agreeable or of 
sharing the same tastes; a^reeableness; as. 
the congeniality of artists. 
ron ITATI 1 ffll fk6n-J6na-t&l). adj. exlst- 
COn-gen-1-iaX l,^g, or produced, at bfalh. 
— adv. congenltaUy. 

i%r%rk fror (kdA-^Sr), n, a large marine, or sea. 
COn-ger eel. Also, oongar mL 
rnn cr Acf (k5n-«^'), r.(. to cause the blood 
i/Uii-^Cdi ve» els of (an organ or part of th? 
body) to become too full ; to make overftill or 
overcrowtlfd; as. to congest traffic: f.<. to be- 
come too full of blood : said of an organ or part 
of the body; to gather int-o a mass. 

ftte, senUte, rftre, c&t, locil, flfcr, Ask, pdrade; scSnej ivent, Wge, novll, ref6r; 
it, sin; c6ld, 6bey, cdrd, 8t6p, compare; toit. dnite, biini, cut, focfis, menfi; 




.c<m-sti-tu-tioa4d iJgl'Sg^f tolSi 

nukemp of a person or thing; ftmdamental; 

sjn aooordanoe with the fundamental law of a 

^"itate or aodety: n. oolloqulally. a walk 

> taken for the benefit of the health. — adv, 

I ^oMtttatlmially. 

con-sti.tu4ion^.i-1y ii|gS45"«)!n: 

the quall^ or state of being in aooorrtanoe 
with the nmdamental law of some state or 

t*nrk cffoin (kon-strinO. v.t. to hold down 
COn-SlXaill ©r keep back by force; as. 
the handcuflli constrained his action; restrain; 
to urge, drlVe, or compel; as, his ooosdence 
eonttrains him to do right. 
mn-efrflifiAH OcAn-strSnd). pMdf. char- 
COU-SXrailiea actenzed by mmatural- 
ness or repression; ^compeUed.— <ufp. eon- 

vuu-duiuiit force; necessity; repression; 
lack of naturalness. 

mn cfrlH* (l^dn-«trtktO. vX, to bind; 
IHIU-auil^L cramp; contract. 

mn otrir tirtn Qgftp-ftrlk^shiin), n. com- 
CUU-bUlU-liUU prossion: contraction. 

rATi cfrio fivA Ck<^-8trik'tlT), adj. of or 
COn-SXIlCoave pertaining to compres- 
sion or contraction produced by binding. 
mnjafrli* f nr (Kfin-Btrnc'ter). n. that 
COu-SulC-lOr which binds or squeezes; 
a serpent that crushes its prey. 
i^nn cfniH- (kftn-strflktO, t».t to build; 
wmi-o iAUV i tormi put together; compose. 
■ n. oonstmotoir* 

c<m-struc-tion SSTbSSSJS- ""tiS? 

idiidi is built: an edifice; interpretation: 
arrangement and grammatical relationship 
of words in a sentence. 

con-stmc-tive ^'"^TS^^'^l} 

upbuilding; having the poww to form or 
fkame: tending toward the positive and 
affirmative; tending to help rather than to 
hinder or depress; as, eonstructire work; 
constructive criticism.— aar. oon stru e il vly. 
mn cfriia (Wn'strOT: kdn-strOO'). v.U to 
WViA-otx uc analyze or take apart (a sen- 
tence) so as to show the word-relationship and 
make plain tho meaning: translate; inter- 
pret; as. to construe OrecJc or Latin. 
mn ciil Oc^n'sQI). n. an officer commls- 
IfUli-oUl sionod by a government to reside 
In a foreign port or city, to promote the in- 
terests of his country s trade, and protect 
its subjects; the chief magistrate of the 
Roman Republic, and of the Irench Republic 
(1709-1804). — n. oonsnlship. 

con-sul gen-er^ ^J"^^ '^^li 

as, the consul general has chan^ of all the 

consuls of his government in a foreign 


mn Gil Iflr (k«n'sft-lar).odi. pertaining to 

«A/ii-ou-liU. a consul; as, consular duties; 

consular service. 

mn eii laf a (kOn'stl-lftt), n. the office 

COU-oU-iate and residence of a consul; 

the term of office of a consul. 

/»rkn eiiH (kdn-stUtO, v.L to ask advice 

CUU-SUit of; to have regard to: v.U to 

take counsel together. — n. oonsnlter. 

con-sul-ta-tioii IK°;Si'-3'''SS3U5; 

a conference or ddiberation on some special 
matter: a meeting of experts for conference; 
mm, a eonsultation of physicians. 

con-sume ^S^^J^f-^ *f^= 

waste away; be exhausted. 


con-sununate S^pl^^hnut off, 

Ckfin-sQmilt), perfdct.— «^. eenswmmate^. 

coii-suni4na-tion i?«S2ciSl2rSJ: 

compMAment; as, the consummation of » 
wish; completion. 

con-sump-tion ^^^^^-4: 

as, the consumption of sugar in the united 
States Is enormous: the state or process of 
being used up; a gradual wasting away; 
ptUmonary tuberculosis; as, the modem 
cure for consumption is fresh air. 

con-sump-tive 2Msro?2iiSSyi5: 

or afflicted with, pulmonary tuberculosis: {n. 
one afflicted with pulmonary tuberculosis. 
/•/Ml '¥an4' (kdn^t&kt), n. a coming together 
i^uu-iai^L of two things; a touching; clooe 
imlon; the joining-point of two conductors 
throuf^ whi(^ an electric current passes: In 
an alrplano, the closing of tho Ignition 
switch, controlling the engine of the machine. 
i^rtm -ha <ri/\n (kon-t&'jfin), n. the giving 
COu-ia-glOIl of disease to another by 
direct or indirect contact: an agency, as 
vfrus, by which disease may be transmitted; 
the communication of emotions, manners, 
etc, to others. 

mn ffl oimiG (kftn-tS'Jfia). adf. trans- 
COn-ia-glOUS mltted by contact: as. 
scarlet fever is conttiffious. — am. eontagkra^* 
'— n. eontagiousness. 

f*rkt% fain (kOn-tanO, v.t. to hold, as a ye»- 
COu-iain sel; keep within bounds; In- 
close; to hold or be equivalent to: to restrain 
or hold back: used with the reflexive pro* 
noun; as, she could scarcely coTitain herself; 
to be a multiple of. or to be exactly di%isib]e 
by."^"?!. oontaJner. 

con-tam-i-nate SSS;i^^'^^^i£ 


Syn. corrupt, deffie. taint. 

con-tam-ijia-tion <ffl«?):*«"5.?iS?;j 

making impure ; taint ; as, it is very necessary 
to keep dnnldng water fW>m contamination, 
rftn fAmn (kfin-t«m').! v.t. to scorn; to 
VOil'tCliUI look upon or treat with con- 

rnn fAm nlaf^ .(k^'tdm-pUt), v.t. to 
COn-iem-piaie look at or consider with 
continued attention; meditate on; to look 
forward to; intend; v.l to meditate. 

con-tem-pla-tion ^'^e'*S5"5?^5S: 

ing at or thinking over carefully; medita- 
tion; expectation; intention. 

con-tem-pla-tive iS/'-'^ISlSISif' i 

a contemplative state of mind. — oov. oo&teoi- 

con-tem-po-ra-ne-ous {KSS?.^ 

living, occurring, or existing at the same time. 
— adv. oontemponmeously. 

con-tem.po.ra-iy S^"*^^"?^ 

occurring at the same time: n. one imng at 
the same time as another; as, Thadceray and 
Dickens were contemporaries. 
rnn f^mnf (lcfin-t«mpt').n. disdain ;scom; 
COn-Xempi as. contempt Is the keenest 
rebuke for drunkenness; disobedience to the 
ordcn. eta, of a court: disgrace: shame. 

ite, senUte, rAre, cftt, loc&l, fir, Ask, pdrade; sctoe^ tvent, Mee, novll, ref€r; 
tlffit, sin; cOld, 6bey, c6rd, st^, compare; flnit, Unite, biirn, cut, focfts, menfl; 




, fi. 


CATI frfl_Hirf (Win'trd-dlkt'). »X to assert 
IH>n-ira-aiCl the opposite at, to deny: v.i, 
to oppose in words; galnaay. 

£^/u gainsay. 

AnL (seeconflrm). 

con-tra-dic-tioii gS"^3?SS2? 

opposite; denial. 

COn-ira-(UC-XO-ry adj. opposite: deny- 
ing; given to oppoAtlon. — oar. oimtradle- 
torUy. — n. contradlotortness. 

con-taudis-tinc-tion {,S.^g.t'"Ji: 

distinction by contrast. 

rnn fral f a (kfin-triU't5: k6n-tr&l't5), n. 

l>UU-uai-LU a voice in quality and range 

twtweea soprano and tenor; the lowest 

female voice. 

CATi fru ri A fv (k5n*trd-n'6-tl). n. the 

COU-Xra-n-e-Xy state or quaUty of being 

contradictory, opposed, or perverse; an in- 


i^rtti frfl rl XMTtGa (kttn'tni-rl-wl«»; k6n'- 

con-ua-n-wise trft-rf-wix*). adv. «»- 

vosriy; In the opposite way. 
f»f%n Wa rxr (Kon'tr&-rI). adj. opposed; 
VUU-ua-t jr contradictory; conflicting; op- 
posite in direction; perverse; wayward: n. a 
vhing of qualitlea oppodte or contradictory 
to those <H some other thing; the opposite of 
seme assertion or declaration.— oao. omi- 

eoiutrast S^^T^^ 

9.t. to place In 
way as to show differ- 
ences; to compare in order to show unlike- 
ness; to state the difference between: v.i. 
to he very different, as shown by comparison: 
n. (IcOn'trAst). opposition or difference of 
qoaHties slMwn by comparison; the tiling or 
Quality opposed to another. 
/•ATI ^a trotiA Ocdn'trd-vSnO. v.t. to ob- 
CUU-lXa-Yene struct; act contrary to; 
defeat; violate. 

AAfi ^a voYi finn (kOn'tri-vto'shfin). 
CCMl-ira-Yen-UOn n. opposition; \io- 
latlon; as, the act was in contrarention of the 

/•Aft frtK iif A (kftn-tolb'Ot). v.t. to rive to 
vuu-wiu-uic some common stock: to 
give In common with others; furnish as 
a share: v.i. to lend one's aid for the accom- 
plishment of a common purpone: to give 
sometliing to a cause. — n. contributor. 
rnn fWJhii +IATI (Wn'trl-bQ'shfln), n. 
COn-Xn-OU-XlOn the act of giving or 
sharing for a common purpose; a subscrip- 
tion; tax; a writing nirniahed to a news- 
paper or magazine. 

rnti friK n fitfA (kfin-trrb'ft-tlv). adj. 
COn-mD-U-UVe tending, in common 
with othei: factors, to produce a result; giv- 
ing; lending ald.-^ads. contribatlvely. 

i*f\t% friK It fArrr (kfin-trtb'O-t^y-rf). adj. 
COn-mD-U-IOry giving or lending aW: of 

the nature of a contribution ; tending. In com- 
mon with other factors, to produce a result. 
i^fxtt frtfA (Win'trit), adj. humble; peni- 
i^UU-UlLC tent; as. a contrite sinner. — adv. 
ocmtritely. — n. oontriteness. 

con-tri-tion ^*«-t^'<^>' «• «*»^^ ^«'- 

rnn frifr^-nra (^fin-trlv'&ns). n. a de- 
l^uiA-tAiv-oxii/C vice; apparatus: scheme. 
rf\n frttrA (kfin-triv'). v.t. to de\ise: In- 
^vU-lxiVC vent; plan: v.i. scheme: as, he 
tontrived to win his point. — n. contriver. 
i*/\n -frrfcl Oc^n-trol') . n. a check : re«tralnt: 
WUU-UUA superintendence; authority; the 
apparatus regulating the movement of an aJr- 

irfane: v.t. [p.t. and p.p. controlled, 
trolling], to restrain; govern; regulate. 
rAfi frAl In hi a iJ^n-trol'a-bi), adj. 
COn-lXOl-ia-Die ject to control; caf 
of b^ng restrained. — adv. eenttollably. 
rATi frol lAr (Wn-ta«l'«r). n. one who. or 
UUU-UOi-lcr that which, governs: a pub- 
lic olBcM' wtio oversees and verifies the 
accounts of officials under him. Also, tai the 
latter sense, CMuptroOsr. 

TAn frA VAr ciiil (kfin'trO-vfir'shftl). 
COn-trO-ver-Siai adj. pertalnhig to. or 

like, a dlq>ute; contentious. — adv, eontio* 
verdaOr. — n. eentroTinlalist. 

con-tro-ver-sy ^SS^3S;%3i. St 

bate; discussion; dispute; quarrel; as. 
there was a crreat controversv over the dlr 
covery of the North Pole. 
CAti irtk xTArf (k«n'tr<V-vih1»7, v.t. to dla- 
i/On-xro-veri; pute; to contend agahist: 
refute; disprove. — n. oontrovert«r. 

con-tro-ver-ti-ble S^'^^S^'S^ 

Ing disputed or disproved. — i i tm fr H blf, 

con-tujna^ious iS^ota&Sti;'^- 

bom: scorning authority. — adv. 
okrashr.— n. eentnmaokmsness. 

con-tujna^y S^^^^i^^^^ 

nate or stubborn opposltlom to lawftil auihorttgr. 

con-tu-meJi-ous i5^»5:j*i„'Sia!;&Vy 

ocmtempt or scorn; exhibiting Inselenoe or 
mdeness.-— iulo. eontamelkmsly. 

con-tu-me-ly gS'^?;"tS5,?- gfiSS? 

and scornful rudeness; scornful and Insolent 
abuse; as, the traitor could not escape the 
contumelu of his countarmen. 
^An fitcA (kAn-tuzO. v.t. to brufae; Injtire 

by a blow. — n. oontnakm. 
rA milt /Initn (ko-nOu'drflm), n. a rid- 
CO-nun-urum die or puzzle; anytldns 
that puzzles. 

CATi -xra Iac^a (kOn'vd-iasO. v.i. to rg- 
CUU-Vti-ie^i/C cover strength and healOi 
after illness; as, he will convalesce rapidly. 

con-va-les-cence i'S'dTfif ISJv.^ 

after Ulness; the period of such recovery. 
rATi xra Iac ranf Ocfin*^^-lfi«'*ntt, adj. 
COn-Va-ieS-Ceni recovering health: of 
or pertaining to the recovery from illness or 
the period of recovery: n. one in a con vales- 
cnntj fitftti^ 

PATI VAP flAil /k5n-vfk'sh(bi). n. a carry- 
COU-VeC-UUn in^ or transmitttag; espe- 
cially, the transmitting of heat through • 
liquid or gas by means of currents. 
mn vA-nA (Kon-ven'). r.i. to meet to- 
^'^ii-vciic gether: t.t. cause to assemble. 
rnn vati iatipa (k6n-ven'y5ns), n. flt- 
COn-ven-ience ness; freedom from dis- 
comfort; suitableness; ease; accommoda- 
tion; that which adds to comfort or makes 
work easier. Also, convenienoy. 
rnn vati lAtif (k6n-\en'y#*nt). adj. suit^ 
UUIl-Veil-lt511l able; appropriate; afford- 
ing accommodation: handy; sa\ing work or 
trouble. — adr. conveniently, 
pnri XTAnf (k6n'v(*nt). n. an association 
l/UU-VCJlt of persons devote to a religious 
life: called a nunnery. If made up of women; 
a monastery, if made up of men; a building 
occupied by Ruoh an association, 
rnn xtati fi cIa fk6n-vSn'tT-kl).n.ameet- 
COn-Ven-ll-Cie ing or an assembly for 

worship, especially a private or illegal one. 

ate, senftte, rftre, cAt, looil, fftr, dsk, pdrade; scSne, 6vcnt, 6dge, novM, refSr; 
right, sin; c6ld, 6bey, cdrd, stdp. compare; unit, (inite, hUrn, cut, focus, menO. 


being CROCHrtad; as. the ambassador had a safe 

eonvoy home. 

tf»/Mt viiloA (kfin-viUs'), v.t. to agitate 

COII-yiUSe violently; shake; aftoct with 


con-vul-sion ^t^'^^i^.f^JSTt 

and mmatural shortening of the muscles; 
a iqiasm; a fit: a violent distorbanoe of tlie 
eajth, sucii as an earthquake. 

COIl-Vlll"'Slve ing abnorm'al muscular 
contractions; spasmodic: of the nature of a 
spasm or flt.'-wp. ooaTalslf«lF^— -n. ooa- 

134 coppice 

certain ends; as, coOperatite stores have been 
successful. — adr. cottpsBattvely. 

co4Jr-di4iate ff^SSf^'iS^SSST 

to put in liannooy; adjust: r.i. to t>o of the 
same order, etc.; harmonize: adf. (k5-0r'dl- 
nftt). of the saoM rank or order; as. eoOrdi' 
note clauses: n. in mathematics, any of cer- 
tain lines or ansles by wiiich position 1» 
determined; one who, or that whicn. is of the 

^#% «iTT (kd'nD, n. \pl conies (-niz)] a rab- 
vO-Hy bit. Also. eon«y. 
gtf^r\ OcOO). r.i. lp.t. and p.p. oooed. 
%MV cooing], to cry like a dove or pigeon; 
to act or converse in a loving manner: n. the 
sound uttered by doves and pigeons. — n. oooer. 
mrAr (^^^)' »•'• to prepare for eating by 
i/UUA. subjecting to the action of heat, as by 
t>oiIing. baking, frying, etc.: v.i. to act as a 
cook: n. one who prepares food for tbo table. 
tf*/u\1r-Ar (kOOk'er). n. a special apparatus 
lAIUJk'^A or vessel for preparing food for 
the table: fbreless oookur* a device by means 
Of which foods which have been thoroughly 
heated or partially cooked on the stove are 
kept lK>t long enough to complete the cooking 

g^rknlr at xt (kWk'Sr-!), n. \ph cookeries 
COOlk-er-y {ju)], the art or pracUce of 
prq;>aring food for the table. 
ri\rAr \t ^^^^^x ^ ^'- cookies (riz)l a 
VUUA-jr small flat sweet cake. Also, 

^/u%1 (WJOO. odi. [compar. cooler, mperl. 
^'VUl coolest] . slightly or moderately cold; 
calm; deliberate : not admitting heat; as, a 
cool suit of clothes: chilling; lacking in 
ocHtiiallty; as. a cool reception; impudent; 
ooUoquiuiy, not exaggerated or overstated: 
as. he made a 000/ thousand: v4, to make 
sllkhtly ooki; to chill: r.i. to become slightly 
cmd.— iidr. oooUy. 

Syn., adj. cold, frigid. 

ArU. (see hot). 
^/%/\1 Af (k00r9r). n. that which makes or 
i;001-ei. keeps things sll^tly cold, or cold 
enou^ to preserve them, as food in hot 
weather; as. an ice cooler. 
fgu\ 1«A (kOOlI). n. a Chinese or East 
%#UU-UC indlam contract laborer: the 
ooc^e mav be a porter, a house servant, a 
^air carrier, or one who does ol^er mecdal 

g*£u\t n ACQ (kQW'nfis), n. the state of bebag 
vOOl-UeSS slightly cold: calmness; lack 
Of cordiality; as. coo/n^str of weather; coolness 
tn time of danger; coolness of mannert 
g*r%ftt% (kSOn), n. short for raccoon; slang, 
*^"** a negro. 

rfinrk Q^^P>» ^ ^ cage; pen: v.t. to con- 
vuvp flue In^r as in. a cage; inclose. 
^/v/\n A«* (koOp'fir; kdOp'Sr), n. a maker of 
COOp-cr barrels, casks, etc. 
rnnn Ar-HO-A (K00p'5r-ij), n. the bnsbiesB 
VWil-CA-a^c or workshop of a mako* of 
barrels, casks, etc. : price for such woric 
i*/\ Kn eir o'fA (ko-6p'8r-at) . v.i. to act or 
vO-Op-er-ate work jointly; work to- 
gether to produce the same efrect; as, the 
Red Gross cooperates with the army. 

co-6p-er-a-tioii ^S^^lreidi 

Jointly together; concurrence. 

same rank, order, etc.— <idr. cottrdiiiatelF. 

gether or acting in harmony. il5?;SSr*JS2;. Ik 

rank or importance; making equal in rank; 

as. a codrdinathe conjunction. 

rAAf OcCRSt). n. any of certain birds of the- 

^^'^'^ rail ftimily, resembling dudes. 

i*f\f\ <Ha Ik^'tO. n. [pl. cooties (-tiz)]. In the 

VUU-UC World War, the name given to the 

Hoe that infested the clothing of the meo In 

trenches and billet.s. [Slang.] 

nf\r\ (kOP)* n* the top or head of a thing: 

^vu the tuft on the head of a Wrd; a rdli 

of threa 1 on the snindlo of a spinning wheel; 

In golf, the top or race of a banker; slang, a 


e*i\ nal (ko'p&I). n. a hard clear restn used 

VU-poi ijq tnn.irfwfr varnishes. 

co-part4ier.ship $?*S?2«'S?''Bi5 

associated with others in business; a partner* 
sliip.— iu eopartasr* 

t*t\r\A (kop). n. a large semicircular doak 
i^upc oe mantle worn by Ushops and priesta 
over the surplice: r.i. to strive cv contend 
with: with with; as. we must be prepared to 
oope with our crsemy. 

nt\ rkApIr (ko'p^). n. a Russian ooln 
CU-ueuA. yiodh fttmi one-half to three- 
fourths of a cent. Also, kopadk. kop«k. S^C^Sk^^^ 

who conceived the sun to be the colter or 
the solar system. 

rnriA cfnriA (kSp'stSn'). n. the top stone 
COpe-SIOne of a waU; one of the stones 
of a coping. 

rnn 1 Ar Hcdpl-Sr). ft. one who makes a 
*'Vp-i-d reproduction ttoax an original; 
an imitator. 

a^n-incr (WJp'tog). «• the top masonry 
;>P-mg of a wall, often sloping so as to 
shed water. 

Cri.niU)Ufi {^^'pl-ils). ad), plenteous; pro- 
CU-pi-UU» fuso in words: ample; abun- 
dant; as, coptotM supplies. — oAr. oo^ooily. — 
n. copiousness. 

g^fxrx rkAi* (kdp'9r). n. a common, reddish 
\,vp.pci meuUic dement, easily worked, 
and an excellent conductor of neat and 
electricity; something made of this metal» 
as the cent. — adj. ooppery. 

Cf\Tk nAT-flC (kOP'w^^). n. a green dieml- 
COp-per-aS cal used in dyetag. 

rnn npr liAArl (kOp'Sr^MO.n.apolaoii- 
COp-per-neaa ous American snake: Cop- 
pernead. a Northerner whose sympathies lay 
with the South during the Civil War. 

ron ner niflf e (kdp'&vpiaf). n. a poi- 

CUp-pcr-piait; ished copper plate 00 
which something is engraved for printing; 
as. paper money is engraved on a copperplate: 
engraving or printing done on sudii a plate: 
adf. pertaining to the art of engraving on 
such a plate. 

rnn nirA OcOpIs). n. a wood of small 
^^Up-piV^C tn^eti or bushes; a copse. 

Ate, senftte, rAre, dkt, lodU, fllr, Ask, piirade; scdne^ ^vent» ^dge, novil, refer; 
xiffxtt sin; cdld, dbey, o6rd, stdp, c6mpare; tsit, (Imte, htni, cSt, fodb, meo^; 




United States, maixe; in Britain, wheat; in 
Scotland, oata are called o(n>n: v.t. to pre- 
serve in salt; Maaon in brine; as. to com beef. 
^•r\rt% (Icdro)* ^ ^ homy outgrowth on the 
WXU toe, or foot, due to friction or preeaure. 
rnm rr^K OcdrnTcOb'). n. the ^ike or 
COm-COD woody axis inside an ear of 
Indian com, on wnlc^ the com is se^.. 

j*rkTi% i•i\r'^r 1a O^^™ kdk'l). a tall weed of 
wm COCJk-ie the pink family, bearing 
iMi^t red flowers. 

/•/^«. «iA o (kAr'ne-d). n. the clear part of 
Ctn -ne-a the coat of the eyobaU which 
covers the iris and pupU and admits light 
to the interior. 

mrtiArl (kA>^(i)> (^i- preserved or pickled 
^'V***^^ in brine or salt; as, corned beef. 
-mfir n^l 0o6r*n6\). n. one of various shrubs 
vvx-Aici or low trees; a plant of Uie dog- 
wood family. 

rnr n^l inn (kfir-nSl'y&n). n. a reddish 
COr-nei-ian i^nd of chalcedony. Ught or 

dark red in color: 
Also, oamalian. 

used for Jewelry and seals. 

at tlie comer ot a build- 


i*/\r riAr (kOr'ner), n. an angle; as. the 
WUi-uci comtr of the room; the point 
where two lines, sides, or edges meet: 'a nook; 
a secluded place: a remote point;* as. the 
comers of the earth: v.t. to drive or force Into 
some position of difficulty fh>rii wliich there 
is no escape: comer the n&arkeC, to buy up 
stock or property, so as to obtain ezclufdve 
control or possession of it; a term used in 
the Stock Exdiange; as. a comer on wlieat. 
— adv. comerwtse. 

cor-ner stone if^iiS'^S?- » '^" 

Ing uniting two 
wails; OS. the lay- 
ing of the corner 
stone ot an impor- 
tant public build- 
ing. ^*??: 

kdr-netO, n. a 
small musical wind-instrument; a Idnd m 
trumpet: a troop of cavalry. — /». cometlst. 
rrvrt% fl/wr at (kftrn'flou'Sr) , n. a plant 
COni-IlOW-er ^ound in cornfields, espe- 
cially the bachelor's button, or bluebottle. 
of the aster f^mMy, having flowery heads of 
difterent colors. 

e^rur nira (kdr'nis), n. 
COT-niCe the highest 
part or border of a wall or col- 


P/M* nifiVi (Wr'nlsh), adj. pertain 
\^Ut-llie»a log to Comwall. Enj^ 
land, or its language: n. the language 
fcMTneriy spoken in Cornwall. Comloe 

rnm -fifflllr O^rn'stAkn. a stalk 
UUiU-oiOUk of maize, or Indian com. 
mm c+Q rr li (kdm'stltrch'). n. a flour 
'i'viu-ouuv^il made from Indian com: 
used for puddings, etc. 

re\r Tm_rA TM_ii (Wr'nfl-kS'pW). n. \j}l 
ViU -uu-vu-|n-tt comucopiiB (-e) or cornu- 
copias (-ftz)). in ancient art, the horn of plenty 
fun of fruit and flowers; a horn-shaped 
paper holder, usually filled with nuts and candy. 
-,-. —-.1 1-, fko-rord). n. the inner envelope 
V/U-i Ui-ltt of a flower composed of two or 
more petals. 

rnr n1 la nr (k5r'6-lft-rn. n. in mathe- 
CUr-Ui-ia-iy matlcs. a fact discovered in 
proving some other fact, an Inference. 
i*r%rf\r\a flcd-r5'nd). n. [pi. coronre (-n?)l, 
\fU-xu-ua. a crown; as, in ancient Rome, a 
hero was rewarded for hl« bravery by a 


corona ot oalc leaves or gold; Ae flat prajeotlng 
part of a cornice; a halo surrounding heavenly 
bodies; anvtbing like a crown, as me pappus 
or tuft Of the dandeUqn. — adj. noaoiial 

COr-O-na-UOu act or cennooy ot gtowb- 

ing a king or queen; as. the corohatton ot a 
Idng is a reUgious ceremony. 
rrkT /\ riAi* (Ic6r^o-ner). n. an oOeer who 
COr-O-uer ^incls out the causes of sodden 
or acddeotal death. 

rnr^^ rtt^f (kdr'^-nit). n. a wreatfi for Ite 
i/Ui -U^UCi head: a crown denottog vwioiM 
degrees of rank below that of the soverelgB. 
^/%t- «%A rol (k0r'p6-r&l). n. the lowest, noa- 
COr-pO-rai commissioned officer In liie 
army: adi. pertaining to the body; as, oor- 
poral punishment: oorpovaI*s gnacd. a de- 
tachment of several men under arms. — adv. 

mr TkTk raf A (Icdr'pO-rftt). adj. united In a 
CUx-pu-iaie body or community by Imw, 
as. Congress is a corporate bochr elected to 
make laws for the United States.. — adw. 

CUx-UU-xa-UUU group of pfvsons who 
have legal power to act for a larae number 
of other persons; as, a railroad company 
is a corporation. 

rr%r r\r\ rtk at (kfir-pC'rWU). ad^, havtaa 
COr-pO-re-ai » material body; plqrat^ 
— adv. o or pogeally. 

i*nrt\o (k5r). n. [pi. corps (k5ra}]. a bod^ 
vuxpa of troops; a body of persons asso- 
ciated in a common work; as. an army 
corps is a large number of sotdtess; the 
hospital corps takes care of the wounded. 
/«/\raco (Kdrps). n. a dead body. usoallF 
i/Uxpac a human body. 

cor-pu-lence '^t^ "-c^nSSS! 

great fatness. Also. oorp«Hency. 

cor-pu-lent }Jr'fi:^\ SSi.. "SSR 

body; as, a corjnum/man. 

Cor.jms Chris-ti i^'^^iJZ "SS^Slc 

festival (the flrst Thursday after Trinity 
Sunday). In honor of tiie Eucbartst, or 

ment of the Lord's Supper. (Lat.J 
nr\r tMtcr-^A (kdr'ptte-l), n. a mmute par^ 
COr-pUS-Cie tlcle ot matter; a cdl: as. a 
rod er white corpuscle in the blood. ■ adj/. oor- 

mr ml (k^rftl'; Span. k6-r&10. n, a pen 
\^vrA-xcu for horses or cattle; an Indosore 
or wide circle of wagons formed for protecdoo 
in crossing the plains; a strong stockade 
for capturing wild elephants: v.t, |p4. and 
p.p. corralled, corralUngf. to drive 
into, or secure in, a pen or indosure: to take 
possession of. or capture; to comer; as. tt Is 
exciting sport to corral elephants. 
^f%r TtkH' (kA-rektO. v.t. to set stia l ^t 
vUX -X cct to make right; punish for frati 
amend: a(f/. exact; accurate; free from error . 
measuring up or meeting a st an d a rd or 
morals, taste, manners, etc.— ado. ujiiieullj . 
ft. correctness. 

Si/n., p. rectify, reform. 
rr%r r^r finti (kd-rOc'shiSn). n. the ee^ 
COr-reC-UOn of polnttag out mistaket: 
the act of changing something wrang and 
making It right; that which is nut in the 
place of fiomothlng wrong: reproof 
rnr rar +iva Ocfi-rfik'tlv), adj. haTliid 
i/Ur-rcc-UVt; the power to make right: 
n. that which amends or makes right; an 
antidote. — adv. oofrectlvely. 

kte. senAte, rftre, cit, loci], fUr, Ask, pdrade; 8c€nej ftvent, Mge, novH, refir; 
right, sin; cdld, 6bey, cdrd, 8t6p, compare; tlnit, dnite, btei, cut, foc6s, menti; 




COS-mOg-O-ny ory or an account of the 
world's origin and growth. 

cos-mo-pol-i-tan rr'5ti^'''^i 

world; as. a man who travels all over the 
world Is a cosmopolitan: one free ftt>m local 
prejudices: adf. at home in any part of the 
world; of plants, distributed all over the 
world; freeirom local prejudices. 

cos-mop-o-Ute fe^«f;^"«•o„e°''^i 

home in all parts of the world; a cosmo- 

^/\e m/\c (IfOr'mfis), n. order, harmony; 
^uo-uiuo the system of law and order 
In the univove: opposite to chaos. 
r^r\o eo/*1r (kte'ak). n. one of a warUke 
\^Ua-dai^Jv trii>e of southern Russia, 
sldllod as horsemen. 

rrkc CAf (kds'fit), n. a pet lamb: a pet 
vuo-oci of any kind: v.t. to fondle; pet. 
^^vef (kdst; kdst). v.t. to require in exchange 
^'vol for; to be the price of: as, the dia- 
mond cost a great deal of money; to cause 
to bear or suffer; as, the attempt cost him 
much trouble; to require to be expended 
for: n. charge, expense, labor; as. the lalx)r 
was done at great cost: pi. the exp^ises of a 
lawsuit. — adj. costly. — n. costliness. 
#»/\e -fol (kOs'tftl). adj. pertaining to, or 
CUa-UU situated near, a rib or ribs. 

cos-ter-mon-ger <'"^asn?*&ii'J: 

vegetables, fish. etc. 

#*/vc "fitrA (kOs'tlv). adj. constipated, or 
VUO-UVC likely to 6ause constipation. 
i*f\c ftimo (kOs'tOm), n. dress in general; 
CUb-UUUC atyle of dress; a walking or 
tailor-made dress for a woman; the dress of a 
given time, period, class, etc.: v.t. (kOs-tOm'). 
to dress in, or provide with, appropriate 
garments; as. to costume the actors in a play. 
— ^. costwuttr. 

m CTT (k5'zl). adj. comfortably settled; 
CU-ojr contented; snug. Also, coter* cocy. 
— adr. cosily. 

f*fxf (kdt), n. a cottage; a hut; a cover, as 
^'vl for a hurt finger; small bed. usually 
made of canvas. 

^/\ fori (TAnf OfS-t&n'Jfint), n. one of the 
i«U-UUl-£CUL trigonometric functions; in a 
rtgh1>-angled triangle, the ratio between the 
side adjacent and the side opposite to an 
acute anf^le. 

i*r%f£k (kot), n. a hut; a sheepfold; as, the 
**UIC sheep are penned in the cote at night. 
rn f am riA ra rv (k(V-t«m'p^r^rr),n. 
CO-iem-pO-ra-ry one Hvtag at the 
same time as another. 

ftf. fg^ —l^ (ko't^-rl), n. an association or 
vU-lC-l^C get of persons who meet for. so- 
cial or other intercourse; a clique; as, a musi> 
cal club is a coterie of musicians. 
rn fi1 Itnn (kft-tO'yfln). n. a brisk, lively 
i/U-iu-uuu dance for eight or more per- 
sons, in which favors are given to the dancers: 
called also the german; music for such a dance. 
Also. cotUlon. 

TAf facTA (kftt'aJ). n. a small dwelling; 
i«Ui-ia^c any house at a summer resort. 
• — n. ootta«er. 

rr%f far (kdt'^). n. one who dwells In a 
i/Ut-iCJ. cottage: one who lives rent free 
on a common. Also, cottar, cottier. 
rnf f ATI (kOt'n), n. a white, soft, downy 
\«Ui-iVU Bubs^nce, resembling wool and 
Inclosing the seeds of the cotton-plant: the 
wmu*! crop of that substance; thread or doth 
made of cotton; as. a spool of cotton contains 

200 yards: adj pertaining to. or made of. cot- 
ton : v.i. colloquially, to fit or go well together; 
be very intimate: often with with. — adj. 


cotton bat-ting gSSl^rknS 

quilting, padding, etc. 

rnf f nn oin (kOt'n Jin), a madiine toe 
COl-XOn gin separating the seeds tttxm 
cotton: invented by EU Whitney in 1792. 

cot-ton-tail iS'^S^Tibbitf^ "™"" 
cot-ton-wood SS^-Jg?J2i„^ ^J^ 

of poplar, having fluffy, cottony tuft about 

rnf xr la Ann OcOtl-15'dfln), n. the seed 

COX-y-ie-aon leaf of a plant; the flrst 

leaf. — adj. cotyledonal, cotyladonoos. 

i*r\ttr\% (kouch), v.t. to lay upon a bed or 

i^uui/U other resting-place; to put into 

words; as, to couch a letter In strong words; 

to lower, as a lance or spear for attack; to 

remove, as a cataract from the eve: v.i. to 

lie down; stoop: to hide: n. a bod; sofa; 

any place few resting. 

/♦rmrli onf (kouch'&nt). adi. in heraldry. 

i/Uu^il-cuil. crouching or lying down; aa. 

the couchaut lion. 

mitir'U 0^^^* ^-i' to expel air from the 

i/Uu^u lungs by a violent effort: v.t. to 

expel from the lungs: followed bv vp: n. an 

effort of the lungs, attended with noii»d. to 

expel irritating or foreign matter; a disease 

which makes one cough. 

/«mi1H (k<^'^)> pa^t tense of the verb can: 

i/UUlu used as an auxiliary. 

i*ntt InmK (k60-15m'). n. the pr&cttoal 

i^UU-lUlUD unit for measuring quantity 

of electric current. 

rnttn ri1 d^oun'sll). n. an assembly of 

V^UlUl-l/U pc«nsons met in consultation, or 

to give ad\iee: a municipal body; as. the 

common council is a body of men elected 

to govern a city. 

rniin ril man (koun'sD-m&n). n. [pi. 

COuu-CU-IIlail councilmen (-m&i)l. a 

member of the conndl. <m* governing body, of 

a borough, town, or city. 

rMtn nit r\r (koun'sI-lSr), n. a member 

COUn-CU-Or of a common councU. 

rnttn cal (koun'sfil), n. interchange d 

\^uuii-oci opinion; advice: consultation: 

as. a family counsel was called to discuss the 

will; opinion or purpose as the result of 

consultation; a barrister or lawyer: e.t 

fp.f. and p.p. counseled, counseling], to 

give ad%'Ice to; ad\ise. 

tf«/\iin ca 1/\r (koun'8ft-16r), n. one who 

COUn-Se-iOr gives advice, espedaUy legal 

advice; a lawyer. 

r»/\««««f (kount). n. a title of nobility la 

COuni France, Spahi. and Italy. 

/«/\iinf (Icot^t)* ''•<• to number, as one. 
i/UiUll two. three, etc.; to stmi up; enu- 
merate: esteem: as. he counts himsc^ rich: 
v.i. to tell off articles or numbers; rely: with 
an or upon; to be of value: in law. to 
plead: with on; to mark time: n. the act of 
numbering or reckoning: the total ascer- 
tained; a separate and distinct charge in a 
law case: rhythm. 

coun-te-nance gS!°'*SS^^i»S-SS? 

appearance; support: v.t. to support; en- 
courage: favor; as, the nations cannot 
countenance the breaking of solemn trea- 

i*fvnr% fa«> (konn'tSr), n. one who, or thai 
COUn-ter ^hlch. reckons or serves to keep 

flte. senftte, rine, cflt, locil, fXr, Ask, pdrade; sc^ne^ ^vent, Mge, novfi^ refir; 
r^ty ain; oOld, dbey, cdrd, stdp, c6mpare; Qnit, iimte, bfin^ cot, foc&, menil; 


iv%it n/Mi (kflS'pOn). n. part of a printed 
COU-poa ticket which can be detached or 
pulled off. such as a ticket for the theater. 
IMt>vlng the holder's ri«ht to his seat; a 
dated certificate roprf^entlnK interest. In- 
tended to be cut off from a bond and presented 
for payment when due. 

iVMir-flCTA n^^^i'^)* n, braverj; boidnews; 
VVUi-OgC fearleasnefis; vakr. 

cou-ra^eous gSdT^£?l^?fL.*5^: 

140 cowboy 

rf\^trt varA (kBrt'y^rd') . n. an Inckised 
CO Un-yara spvse adjoining a boose. 
rr%ttG tn Ot^'^)' n. the son or daughter of 
i#uua-iu 1^ uncle or aunt; a distant 

mil ri ^r (W»'rl-«r; kOOrl-Sr), n. an ex- 
^'VU-Ai-^x press messenger: a traveling 
attendant who makes arrangements at hot^. 
buys railroad tickets, and looks after all the 
details of travc^ng; a government messenger. 
CAiirfiA (1^<^)> ^' <^ r^^ce; a path or tntck: 
«#VIU9C progress: carew; direction or 
line of motion; the portion of a meal served 
at one time: conduct; bdiavlor; the dlrec- 
tioo in which a sliip is steered: a sodes 
of acts arranged in order or at stated periods: 
as. a course m nursing or a course of lectures: 
9.t. to inirsue with dogs; to cause to run: to 
ran through or over: v.i. to move swiftly: 
pursue game with dogs. 

i«Aitre £kr O^dr'sCr). n. a swift and spirited 
vuiuo-VA horse; a war horse: used mostly 
in poetry; as. Merlin rode on a great gray 

^^iir^ina ncSrsIng). of courts, 
VUUi9-Ul|^ running through or over; aa. 
the blood coursinq through the veins: n. the 
iqxMt of hunting nares or rabbits with gray- 

i^jMtri" (l^*'^)' ^' '^Q inclosed space, or a 
^^*** •' space for playing games; a small 
paved place surrounded by nouses; a royal 
palace: a prince ch* king with his retinue and 
mlnLsters considered as a political body: a hall 
of justice; the place where prisoners are 
tried; as. the prisoner was brought into 
court; the judges engaged there; the judge 
hearing a cafte; as, the court sastained the 
objection; the session of a judicial assembly; 
addrea^; flattery: v.t. to pay attention to. 
as a lover; woo; flatter; solicit: v.i, to make 

i^Aiir f*k one (Wir't«-fls; kflrt'yfls). adj. 
COur-ie-OUS courtly; affable; polite.— 
adv. ooorteously. — n. oourteousness. 

i*rkttT ftk oxr (Wl«^t*-el: k6r'tA-«0. n. [pi. 

CUUT-te-Sy courtesies (-six)), politeness 

combined with kindness; an act of dviUty 
and respect; favor. 

i*AiirfA_fiTr (W^'al). n. a gesture of greet- 
^'^UJ. I.C-OJ lug or respect made by women 
by bending the knees, dropping the bod^ 
graceftUly and then rapidly raising it: r.t. 
to ma ke such a gesture. Also, onrtseF, 

i*Aiirf limiCA Ocort 'hens'), n. a public 
COlUT-nuUSe building where Ja-itlce is 
administered by thnne legally qualified. 
i»/\iirf ItkT (K^rt'yfr). n. one who attends 
^vUJ. l-lCl the court of a prince; one who 
solicits favor: a flatterer. 
#v\iirf Iv (ifort'll), adj. refined; elegant: 
^'VUi. %>'Xj said of manners. — n. ooortllness. 

court-mar-tial <|^«JS:?JS^i; SX: 

tary or naval court of justice: r.t. to try 
by such a court. 

i»Aiirf-rk1flC for (kort'plAs't^). n. a kind 
COuri-piaS-ter of stlcMng piaster, origi- 
nally used by ladles at court as beauty 
patches on the face. 

court-ship ^^gTi^P)- n. the Bct of 

tive. — adj. ooosinly. 

r>/WA (kOv),n. a small sheltered hilet or creek; 

^^*c a retired nook: a hoUow mokUng. 

iV*tr_A ttflfif ^*^'^°*"*)'.'** ^ written 
COV-e-uaul agreement; deed: barnin: 

a solenm agreement of fellowship and faith 

between members of a church: v.i. to enter 

into a formal agreement; bind ooeself by 


rntr A riflnf-Ar (K&v^n&n-t«r), n. one 
COV-C-IiaiK-er ^ijq enters into an 


rVkxr ATI frtr (tttv-fe-trt). n. a town In 
yAJY-en-Xry Warwlckahire. England: t« 
•Mid to Oorentnr, to banish or exclude fHxn 
social intercourse. 

r/\vr Ar (kAVSr). r.(. to put someUilng oyer; 
l^sfY'd. to conceal; to overspread, aa the . 
top of anything: to sit upon or incubate, as 
a hen her eggs; to overrun; extend thickly 
over an area; to include or be suflBdent for; 
to pass over, as a space or dLst-^noe: shdter; 
clothe: r.f. nut on a hat or headdress: n. that 
which is laid on something else: a protection; 
as. he went under the cover of an escort or 
soldiers; a shelter; a covert; thicket, etc. 
concealing geme; the table equipment at a 
meal, especially tor one person. 
rAxr Ar irio" ^Wiy'?<^Ing). n. that whldh 
COV-er-ing ^ laW around anything or 
protects: dress. 

nnwr AT lAf (Wiv'Sr^et). n. a bed quOt. 
UUV-Cx-lCt especially on outer quilt. 
mxr Arf 'Wiv'erD.orfj. concwaled: covered; 
l/UV-cit disguised: secret; In law. under 
the authority or protection of her husbajod. 
said of a married woman: n. a plao? that pro- 
tects or shelters; a thicket: shelter for game. 
rntr Ar fitrA (Wiv'5r-t<lr). n. a cover; 
COV-er-tUre shelter: the legal status or 
standing of a married woman. 
rnxT-Af (^v'6t), v.t. to desire earnestly; 
\*uv-ci to wish, wrongly and eagerly, for 
(what h>clongs to another): v.i. to have an 
extreme or unlawful derire for something. 
mxr Af_AiiQ (Wiv6-t0s), adj. very da- 
COV-ei-OUS slrous, especially of that which 
belongs to another: eager. CKpeclally for 
money. — ndr. covetously. — n. ooretoumess. 
i*/\Tr AT7 ^kQv'l). n. a hatch or brood of 
\/OV-cy birds, especially partridges. 
i*i\\xT ^^ou). n. [pi. cows (kouz): poetic. 
^vw irtne, (kfn)|. the mature female of the 
ox family nf animals domenticated and kept 
for its milk: the female of various othier 
animals, such as the whale, elephant: v.t. to 
depress with fear; as, to cow' the spirit by 
harsh treatment. 

nvar^arti ^^ou^erd). n. one without oour^ 
i^uw-oiu age: a craven; a dastard: a 
timid person: adj, laddng courage; tdmkl: 
unduly fearful. 

COW-ard-lCe co^«e; cUshmara^ fear. 

•Sf/n. timidity. 
AtU. (see courage). 

f^rviMT arA Itt (kou'Srd-II). adj. ttmJd; das- 
COW-ara-iy tardly; base; befltthag a 
coward: mean. — n. oowardUnass. 
i«/\nr 1\t«*/1 ^kou'bOrd'). n. an American 
COW-Dira blackbh^: so called because 
often found with cattle. 
g^nmhnxr fkou'bol'), n. a boy who looks 
v>Kfyvu%jy after cows; a mounted em- 
ployee of a stockman or ranchman who Books 
after the cattle while th ey erase. 

ate, senate, rAre, cAt, lodU, ftlr, Ask, pdrade; sctoe, 6vent, Sdge, novSl, refCr; 
light, sin; cdld, bbey, cdrd, stdp, c^pare; <imt, tlnite, bOrn, cut, focfts, menfl; 

crane tSS"^i, 

• tons atnlitit bUl 
dilm for rAlftlng lmv 
waletiu: iw. UiB tnTsHni 

■tTMcb or bendfthc 

cra-iii4d iS*?/"'; 

potalDlDK to lie aliull, 

cra-ni-ol-o-gy - 

Ocr&'Dl-Al'A-JI). nriJifl 
•doillflc ■ludT of ilnilb 
•Dd their cliumclerlitia 

cra-ni-um om^f,"n^ 

. Urcs wwUna t 
igjgn md nadc. < 

capKlally tba part In- 
ekMliiR 111'' bntn. 

crank Sj*S%j»ji 

Stfi^ful fDrm of 

Imprunirnl P«r- J/ * Iri/ 

^a£y. CTMk.. l.iilii^Fthrow;3. 

crank shaft ^""'^ uirow; s,i«u owk. 

(krUk atairt). ■ ahtri ilrlvan by ■ cnok. 
Ako. snuilubslt. 

(n^n^ TT <>D'Uk-n. adf. full of nhlnu or 
CranJt-y irriiiblHty; lliblolobauIHBIi In 
k ah&kT or Idom coHUtlan. — aitr. smnldlr. 

(^n n{»(1 (Itrlnld). adl- rull or annks; 
CraU-Illca u. ths flower gnir In Iba 


crass lo daota togetber 
to break In ploca wllh ■ 
k loud, clactertng nolw ■ 
Cocrmed Balaa; u, I 

^r^ped fabric. 
>lei» noHUr: 

crate Biinipriig"'ci3nB. gl^'i.™, etc.; » 

-■- iinil forihtpplnit 
[nip-4b*p«cl cavltr 
naipiMfcm. ™ ^ 
*^o wot Utro-ill), n, & neckllo or nsck- 
Cra-Vai clotH ummlly worn by men. 
i^atra IVtv). r.r. to uk Ibr witb bumlUiTI 
*^»*0 hog earnaily: loni tbr eM<rly; 
M.I. to d«lro greatly. 

fra van (lirt'vii). ail. cowardly; baaa: 
frav ina HirilVTiu). n. a Ktmng dadra 

aie Bbip^iig Chi 

BoocU: P.J. to pacif la a 

cra-ter ^^''^i.^-n.,* 

tho pit formed by 

a creator 

-ratir l^otti. n, a UnTa On* atomacb or 
craw trop, 

rraw fish nnttfMi). n. the ominca 
like aolnisl ^ lbs qilny lobatsr. Aiao, iiiriafci 
ora^ lkn>l)i r.l. to moye iIowIt and trlth 
ClBwl dimtnilty by drawing lim body aloni 
Ihe sTnond: lo have tha reeling w of Utv 
IMd^ upon tbe body; to creep: n. ttfl act of 
creniliia or uiaklng one'* my wltb dUOculty: 
- ~-">" •>" '-^-coaat for Bdi. tuitlea. etc 

'Anl. n. a Und of dulk: 
— — done irltb audi dialki 

cray-on ;* 

dd^. drawn wl- 
wlth a piece 0( 


luDg noa. 


:kr«ca), n. ttiB rich, ollr part of 
!....__ -le choloeat part S 

cream aik: 

part of: In coi^dng. 

stiff or rormal. 

cream-er-y i^-S"f ' T' X^ 

;o troUl^ 

deoothu K 
d Impreaad 

froaTn nut Oo^m "(It), the Braall nut: 
cream nUl the trlangnlai^ahaped isad of 

cream of tar-tar ^ 
cream-y ^tii^;-i,™,fhrh. 

fwAacB <><i%l. n, a mark made by fol 
l.rt;tl&C or doubling anything: a 
itrawn to duOna theUmltfl of "bowler 

bal&maa: r1. to make a wtIt'"'" ' 

t.l. to become vrlnklad. 

cre-a-sote uquid with 
cre-ate SJtrfitoS™;'?. 

Ing; invest vltb a new ranli 

Cre-a-non n^sklng. forming. Of o 
lug; the thing made, f — — ' — —■- 

Cre-a-nve productive: a». 
(£S-S't*r), 1 



Croix de Guerre 

■mall cottage: a Petty theft; especiaUy, In 
■cliool slang, an iUefrttimate aid. as a key or 
a translation, used by a student: v4. [p.L 
and p.p. cribbed, p.vr. cribbing), to oonflne; 
steal: vA. in school slang, to make not«vt for 
dishonest use in an examination, or otherwise 
Improperiy to use kesrs or translalions. 
rriVk KocTA (krlb'aj), n. a card game 
VLXU-uagv played by two or more persons: 
cribbace board, a board with holes and pegs, 
used in the game of eribbage for scoring. 
i^i%^ (krlk), n. a palnTul stiffness of the 
i#XAi^lk muscles of the neck or back. 
^f^pl. ^f (krlk'6t). n. a famous English 
**»**'**'"'5«'game played wi^h wickets, bats, 
and a '>>all. by eleven playTS on each side; 
a chirping insect; a low stool. 
rri Ar (Joi'6r), n. one who cries or pro- 
^**~*51 claims an announcement. 
i*Ttmek i^ocim), n. the breaking of t^e law; 
^-■■A^^^C an offense against morality or the 
public welfare; wrongdcring; as, stealing is a 

Si/n. sin, vice, misdemeanor. 

Ant, (see virtue). 
rrim i rifll (krlml-n&l). n. one guilty of 
vniU-l-UlU an offense against the bw: adj. 
pertaining to, or guilty of. a grave offense the law. — adv. criminally. 

<Sl/n.,n. convict, culprit, felon, malefkctor. 
rrim I rial i Hr (krlm1-nftn-a). n. the 
Cnni-1-Iiai-l-Xy fsact of being guilty of a 
serious offense against the law; guilt. 
£*Tim 1 Tiafo (kriml-nat). v.t. to accuse 
Cmn-l-naie ©r declare guilty of crime; 
involve in a crime. — n. crlmmatlon. 

#^m 1 rin1_n_<n7 (krlmn-n61'6-jl). n. the 
Cnm-l-HOl-O-gy science of investigating 

and studying crime and criminals. 
^f.{fYirk Oo^unp)* v.t. to bend or twist; to 
\0XlXliy cause to pucker or wrinkle: to 
curl; as, to crimp the hair: decoy for enlist- 
ment: n. the act of curlirur or twisting; 
formerly, one who entrapped men for the 
English navy or army, or the merdbant 
service. — n. crimper. 

^f.:«vm XT (lolni'PD . ad), having a wrinkled 
CllUip-jr or plaited appearance: fHzrly 
/^m rhio (krim'pl). n. a wrinkto; mmple: 
Cniu-pie c,t, to cause to wrinkle. 

rrim enn (krim'zn). n. a deep red color 
Cnni-SUU somewhat like purple: adj. 
deep-red: bloody: v.t. to dye with this color: 
s.i. to blush. 

#««>«n«rA (Icrtni), f.{. to bend or crouch from 
«;iUlgC fear or with serviUty: n. a servOo 

rrtTi ctIa .(Jo**'?!), n. an eye, loop, or ring. 
*** i*A-S*^ in a sail, or oa the side of a rope. 
i^rln ItIa (krlAldhn. a wrinkle: bend: v.t. 
UllU-AlC to wrinkle: v.i. to become corru- 
gated or crimped: to rustle. — adj. arlnUy. 
^i4n r\ liriA (krIn'6-Un). n. a hoop-«iJrt: 
Cnn-0-line a stiff fabric for stiffenhkg a 

i*Tii\ tAa (kripl). n. one who Is lame or 
Uiip-pic maimed: v.t. to deprive of the 
use of a limb: disable. 

t^t\ rAirttr (krtp'llng). n. ^ars or timber 
cnp-pimg used to support the sides of a 

ivf!?Q (icres), n. a short dagger with a waved 
*'**^ blade used by Malayans. Also, creese. 
JM4 cto (kri'sls). n. \pl. crises (•«6s)). a turn- 
UA1-019 log point; as, a aisis in history; 
% critical turn in the course of a disease; 
emergency; time of danger or difflculty. 
rricn ("^^P^* adf. wavy: curled; brittle; 
****»P cheerful: t^rse; sparkling: v.t. to curl: 
ripple; to make brittle: >.f. to form into little 

curls along an edge: to become brittle. — ads* 
orlspiy.— n. crltpness. 

#««*ie Tkrn Oo^'pln). n. a shoemaker: In 
i#i ll»-pill allusion to St. Crispin, the pate«i 
saint of shoemaken: October 25 u m>. 
Crispin's Day. 

CnSS-CrOSS different dire^ons. as 

adv. in such a wav as to cross something else: 

n. tit-tat-to, a child's game jilayed oo crossed 


rrt f A Tt Ati (lfl^-t«'ri-ftn), n. [pi criterte 

Cn-ie-n-On ^_4)i. a standard, law. or rale 

by which a correct judgment can be formed: 

measure; test. 

one skilled In Judglnc 
a musical cHHc; 

g^A, Ip (kritik), n. 
Cni-lC things; as, 
who judges harshly. 

crit-i-cal k^t?-l 

k&l). adj. inclined to find 
as, a crilical person always 
finds something wrong; nicdv exact; skilled 
In careful Judgment, particulariy of literary 
works, etc. : pertaining to the turning polht of 
a disease; decisive: crucial. — adr. crttioaUy. 
nri't' i ^icm (krltl-slzm), n. Uie art of 
i;n(-l-vlS»lIl juoging and defining the 
merits of a Ut«^j*y or ariJstlc work; as. the 
author finds honest criticism very helpfUL: 

r-n-f 1 i«i9A (krTtl-sSs). v.t. to eramlne or 
Ulli-l-l^i^C judge as a critic: censure; 
as, to criticize others is a bad habit: v.i. to 
review; to act as a Judge. Also, crltlelss. 
/»rt finiiA Ocrt-tOcO. n. a careftil analvsii 
Uil-UUUt; of a literary or artistic prodno* 
tion; criticism; review. 
i*Tf%a'\r (l^k), v.i. to make a soimd Uke • 
*^vttiL raven, etc; grumble: n, the low, 
hoarse sound of the raven or firog.— n. 

Prrfc_o ^ar% (krft-S'shin). odf of or per- 
^*^v-tt-Ultll talnlng to C3it)atla. a provmoe 
of Himgary: n. a native of Croatia: the 
Croatian language. Also, Cromt, 
or/\ tf^liAf (la^o-sh&'). n. a kind cf knitttnc 
CrO-Caei with a hooked needle, tai cotton. 
wool, etc: r (. to knit with a ho<dced needle. 
or/u«1r Oo'dlO* n. soot, as the soot or smoS 
uiuca. on a kettle; coloring matter whlcb 
rubs off Anom <doth; an earthenware pot or 
vessel: v.t. to blacken with soot: smudge: 
to give off coloring matter to something ewe. 
/«r/M«1r Af XT (krOk'fir-D, n. earthenware of 
CrOCK-er-y any kind. cepedaUy kiUhm 
jars, bowls, etc. 

tf^/w«1r A'f (kr6k'fit). n. an oraament or s 
uiUCA.-ct x>ointed decoration in andeat 
architecture on the an^es of spires, gables, 
and canopies; 
one of the ends 
of a stag *B 



(krOk'fr<dn), n. 
a large, lizard- 
like reptile, 
with nard 
square scales 
on its back and tail. — adj. crocodilian. 
i«^/\ i^%Q (krdlrils). n. the earliest sprlns 
CrO-CUS flower, yellow and white in color, 
from one class of wtdch saffron Is obtained; a 
polishing powder. 

i«mffTkrdft). n. a small field near a honss; 
UlUli jn Scotland, a very small fann. — n. 

Croix de Guerre gSS^<**wl?''i^ 

given only for acts of great bravery under ilre. 

Ate, eenflte) rAre^ c&t, loc&l, fftr, Ask, pdrade; scAne, ^vent, Adge, novSl, refSr; 
r^t, sin; c6ld, dbey, cOrd, stdp, c6mpare; ^init, 0nite, btarn, cut, focfts, menil: 

cfoton bug 146 

rrftjfAti Kit a (krS'tiln bttg). a small, ao- 
CrO-XOn Dug tlve. winded cockroach. 
/«r/\ i-f%rk r\tt (krO'tfln ou). a vegetable oU 
CrO-XOn ou taken from the seeds of the 
croton plant of tropical cotmtrles. 
^»«>Akiitf«Vft (krouchl. r.i. to stoop low; cringe; 
ViOUUll as. to crouch behind a wall; to 
avuch in fear. 

/««./>.. «^ (krOOp), n. the portion of a horse's 
croup back Ijehlnd the saddle; a child's 
disease of the throat which causes coughing 
and choking; Inflammation of the trachea 
and larvnx or windpipe, with a hoarse cough 
and difficult breathing.— -odj.oronpjr.oroapoiis. 
i*-r/\ii tA or (krOO'pI-er; krOT'pffr). n. one 
i^xuu-pA-ci who collects or pays out the 
money lost or won at a gaming table. 

rrmxr (*o*o)' "•*• IP'- *°** P-P' crowed, crew, 
i^iUW crowing], to make a shrill 
sound like a cock; boast in triumph; utt«* a 
cry of plecMure: n. the cry of a cock; a 
general name fcH* black birds: Crow, one of a 
tribe of American Indians, originally Inhabiting 
the r^on of the Yellowstone River. 
^rrwMrhar (kro'b^r"). n. a long, straight 
^* vw-uoi iron lever, flattened at one end. 
g%rr\x*rA (kroud). n. a number of persons or 
viuwu things collected closely together: 
as, a large crowd at the ball game; the 
populace, or common people: v.t. to press 
closely together: fill to excess; as. to crowd 
too many people on a boat: t.i. to press in 

t*rr%\Mr inrA- (kTSTflGf). n. [pi crowfoots 
m:OW-lUUi (-fd6t8)l. the buttwcup. 
i*Tr\XEm <l«'oun). n. the ornament a king 
Viuwu wears on his head as a sign of his 
position; sovereignty; the sov- 
ereign: with the; the top: as. 
the crottm of the head ; an Eng- 
lish silver coin worth five 
shillingK. or $1 .20 in United 
States money; the corona 
of aflower; something likea 
crown; as. the crown of a 
hill or tooth: a size of 

Grinting paper (15 x 20 
1.): v.t. to invest with a 
crown: adorn or dignify: 
complete; reward. 

crown glass ^i W)" 

the finest window glass. 

/««-/\xzm 1an/1 (kroun'l&nd'). n. the land 
uruwu-lollU. belonging to the sovereign; 
in certain countries, as Bonemia, an adminis- 
trative division. 

i*rft«m nrinrA ^kroun' prins'). the heir 
crown pnuce apparent to a throne. 

^r/Mxm Tkrirt /«acc (kroun' prln'sCs), 
crown pnn-CeSS the wife of a crown 


i*r/\Tir'c_frknf ^kroz'f^Of^ n. [pi. crows- 
crow S-IOOX feet (-r$t)). one of the 
wrinkle? due to age. at the outer comers of 
the eyes. 

crow's nest S^t'ch*"' 

tower on the maintopmast 
crosstrees of a vessel. 
rni rial (krCO'sh&l), 
CrU-Ciai adj. having the 
form of a cross; Intersect- 
ing; severe; searching; as. 
the opportunity to steal 
was a crucial test of his 
honesty. — adt. omdallj. r4n.A»w« 

mi ri hip Oa-OT'sIrbl). ^ cruciwe 
t#iU-wi-UAC n. a melting pot; as, a crucible 
is used for melting metals. 

British Royal 



^Ttt i«i fi-w (kr(Si:^'sI-flks). n. [pi. crudfljEaB 
CrU-Cl-nX (^z)j, a cross with the sculp- 
tured figure ot Christ. 

rrtt ri fiY inn (krOD'sI-nk'shOn). n. the 
Cni-Cl-nX-lOn act of crudfylng. eepe- 
dally the nailing of Clirist upon the crofs; as, 
crucifixion was an ancient form of ponloli- 
ment for highway robbers: great mental 
trial, or suff«1ng. 

mi_ri inrm (krfl0'sl-f6rm). adj. ctosb- 
CrU-Cl-IOmi shaped; as. a cruciform 

rnt rl fir (krOO'sT-fl) . t.i. [p.t. and p.p. 
l^AU-vl-ijr crudfled. crudfyingj, to 
put to death by nailing the hands and feet 
to a cross; to torture; destroy the power of; 

rniHp (krCW), adj. being in a raw. unpre- 
^**»'^>' pared stat^: in a natural state: 
as. all metals are crude when taken out of 
the earth; unripe; raw; immature; un- 
cultured: as, crude manners: wanting in 
grace or taste; harsh in color. — adr. cmaalF. 
— n. orud«n«as. 

i»«t At -Ht (krOT'dl-tl). n. [pi. crudities 
CrU-Ul-iy (-tlB)]. the state or condition 
of being without maturity, culttu^. or taste: 
an instance of this lack. 
rTtt tA (kr^'^D* <'^dj- disposed to give pain 
i^lU-Ci to others: merciless: hard-hearted; 
fierce; painful; unrelenting. — adv. ivueUj. 

•Syn* barbarous, brutal, inbuman. savage. 

AiU. (see kind). 
i^Tii a1 -Hr (krflO'a-tO. n. [pi. cruel ties 
i^lU-CA-Ljr (-tlz)l. inhumanity; savageness; 
a savage or inhuman deed. 
rTtt of (kr<^'^t). n. a small glass vial. 
l/lU-Ct especially toe A-tnegar, etc.. for the 
dining table. 

mtico (krOQz). n. an earthen pot or dish; 
1*1 IU9C a small vessel for holding liquids. 
Also. omse. 

rniiSA (1°'^'^)< ^'^' to Bail to and fro: 

l/ilUoC n. a voyage from place to place; 

as. the millionaire took a long cruise In Ills 


tf^niic At* (krOOz'Sr), n. one that sails to 

UllUo-Cl and fro; a man-of-war inferior 

in armor and armament to a battleship. 

crul-ler }SS''SivS, * '^•^^ "^ 

i«r^imt\ (krOm). n. the soft inner part of 
i^iuiuu bread: a fragment of bread; a 
little piece: v.t. to break into little pieces. 
mtm Klo (krOm'bi). v.t. to break Into 
l^lUiii-UAC crumbs: cause to fall Into 

ftieces: v.i. to disappear gradually; to fall 
nto small pieces. — adj. crumbly. 
i^Titm triTr (krOmT). adj. full of crumbs; 
Crxun-my goft. like the soa part of 

rrtitn nof (krilm'p^t), n. a kind of tea- 
1*1 uiii-|lCt cake or muffin, usually toasted. 
i««-«im aIa (krtim'pl). v.t. to press into 
CiXUn-pic wrinkles; rumple: t.i. to be- 
come rumpled. 

^«^.«*^U (krClnch). v.t. to crash or grind 
1*1 Ulll*il noisily: as, a dog likes to crunch 
a bone; grind violently: r.i. to chew audibly; 
to grind violently: as, the wheels cruruihed: 
n. the act or noise of grinding noisily or 
chewing audibly. 

i«mrk «or (krflp'?r). n. the looped leather 
l*iup-UCi. band passing under a horse's 
tail. Also, crouper. 

rni coHa (kr<R>-«*<l'). n. a military earoe- 
i^iU-oauc dition under the banner of the 
cross engaged In by one of the Christian 
powers to recover the Holy Land: as. the 
first real crusade resulted In the capture of 

ate, senUte, rftre, cAt, locil, fttr, Ask, pdrade; scfine, 6vent, fidge, novll, ref6r; 
right, sin; c6ld; dbey, cdrd, st5p, c6mpare; Anit, ilnite, biirii, cfit, focfts, menfi; 

j,-_nf OcrTpt}. n. mo uodergniund Mil a 
VijrpiyBult, uiuallr under s ohuroh 

tbe cTvpt undar ■ cstbedrBl cootalna iotob 

tlgm on Uio EgypUu tomb*. 

cryp-to-gam iiXtpJS^ho'ii.; JifS 
cryp-to-grami^S^'-'^-^- " 

lug. In dpEir; u. > 


body formed h 



IMiTflnt fflan: cit^ar: tran^parerit. 
CryS-Wl-mie ad). oKrMalag to. or hai 

compoaod of fO'kUu or p»rtlclo- 

crys-tal-li-za-tloii SSKiStuMffi 

ft tbe ACt of forming ck* bdiig made Inb 
a ieOalte slupK 

cm-tal-lize K'SS' "tiSS^; 

talline; idTS died shapg to; c.l. u> be cos 

cub S^^ "ox'SSi'T ' '" ""'""■ 

CUCk-Old 1^ brok^TTtbe^iMnli^ vow 

cu-cum-ber ^t^^fS-l-^r-or S£^£ 

nved AH A Hajad or plcklo. 

«jj(J (kOd), n, food brmiBlit trom tbe Brit 


" wlih a 


I. Uie uK M" ODd of > Ihti 
or lungliig bnld of bait a 

fold on tbe fdeet'D of a nroienb 
■C Itae wrtat: M. loit^iiwlUl 

CUi-raSS fc ol'irmpS 
covering Ihe body from ttM 




n. u ■otdler 

borae Mid wearini 

/>iii einii (kwA-ifo'), n. the 

CUl-Sme h„i^[; Mvli-orquaH , __. 

CUi-ae-SaC „. ^p|. aiia-avtac tkSa-a. 
•kk-; kflBli-ria-B*k-)T & blind alley; s fm- 
(wre open only at one end: a position In 
wtilcb an army flnds Iraelf whan nemmed In 
irtth no eilt but In tWini. 

cu-U-M-ry S'i-te&.ri G"*1S 

or proc««fl of cooking' as, the culinary 

culm i^^'Sliih^ci'-r'c^rif TlTtaiSto^ 
cul-mi-Mte ig'hTg'«I^^J?o ^ 

general, but hls'caRcT culmlnofnl In dafCat 

"iilSST-tion SSSi'WSi'iS? 

Hiahhion', tbd pa^^na^p of a planet throcrgti 
the hlghMt point of Lis courve, 

.Sim, Humnili. ctokti. acme, clImM, lenlth. 
nil na KJI 1* *v (kOl-pd-bm-tO. n, tfaa 
CUi-pa-DU-1-iy state (rf being bliuna- 

nil TOi hip nrtlpd-bl). adf. den-rlng 
wOrthy. — ad- onlpablT. 

ml nrit IkdJ'prlt), ji. one brted before a 
CUl-pni Judge; one guillr of a crime or 

_,,»* (kCll), n. » paMlc-ulsr ritual or Kyiitem 
Cl"l of worahln; a subject of epodsl Mudy: 

■■ a frltndKb 

1 set or lining: 

cul-tj-va-tor g5°'',^^;?'i^ii.i! 

Ate, sentte, rire cdt, locil, fKr, iak, |>drade; iscinu, Cveat, tdge, Dovtl, refCr; 
' ht, ^; cAtd, Obey, c6rd. atbp, cimpare; Hait, Quite, bfliii, ctit, focfis, menfl; 





rt. a remedy for all 
db«caseA. e%ILs. or ni«^; a panacea. 

€Ure-aii diseases. 

j««««. i^xxr (Ittirfu). n. tor 1)1" 1 .the ilnginK 

^au-iCW of a bell at a Itx • : hour in the 

■e\'enlng as a warning that flnas aiid btiHts were 

to be put out; the time ol* riugitig; tiie bell 


i»M Tt A (Wl'rt-S). n. [pi. curios (-oz)l. a rare 

^•****"^ pii<» of bric-i-brac; a curiosity, 

.OM rl nc t Hr (ku'rI-6s'Mr). n. [pi. curl- 

VU-ll-U9-i-Ljr osities (-Ifz)!. ecufer desire 

to icet knowledge; inqulsitlveness; something 

«trange or rare. 

gtmm «>{ ruttG ^ktt'rl-fijt) . arfj. anxious to know ; 

vU-ll-VUd inquisitive: scrutinizlne: queer; 

extraordinary: rare. — adt. onrtously. — n. 


jM«f1 (kOrl), n. a small ring or ringlet of 

VUAA hair; an undulation or bend; a disease 

to fruit trees and potatoes: r.^ to twist into 

ringlets; crisp; coU; raise in undulations or 

wsves; curve: v.i. to contract or l>fnd into 

ringlets: move in spirals or undulations; 

become coiled; play at the gam«* of curling. 

g^trl Ar (k^'«<')> n^ one who. or that which. 

^UiA-ci ooUs. or twists in spirals; as. a 

bair-ciir^; one who plays at the game of 


j««if Iaut (kdr^Q). n. a wading bhxl of the 

fall -tew gnlpe family. 

4^ir1 t-ncr (kAr'Ung). n. a popular Scottish 

^****"***6 game played on the ice with 

vnooth, flat, cheese-shaped stones, fitted with 


jft«««.| •• (kOr^. adf. having curls; wavy; 

VlUl-y as, curly hair; a curly little dog. 

J»iir mttAtr Ann (kilr-mQJ'an).n.agrasp- 
CUT-inUag-eOn ing, churUsh feUow; a 

miser; a niggard. 

^M««. fAfif (kOr'&nt). n. a small seedless 
vui-iout raisin: a common garden shrub 
•nd its bory. 

£*ttr Tan rrr (ktlr^Sn-sT), n. a continual 
VUl-i 6U-Wjr passing from hand to hand; 
circulation, as of bank notes; uninterrupted 
course; that which is used for monmr, as 
notes and coin: the currency of the United 
States Includes paper money and gold, silver, 
nickel, and copper coins. 
Aiir rATif (KOr'Snt). ad}, widely circulated: 
VUA-Acut passing ftom hand to hand: 
now passing, as time; as. the current year; 
generally accepted; common; as. the 
current opinion: n. a flow or parsltu;: said 
Of fluids: body of air or water flowing in a 
certain direction; as. the boat moved down 
the river with the current; a movement of 
electricity, or the rate of such movement. — 
4Ufr. cnrtsntljr. 

nir rir 11 liitri (WSnik'fl-iGm). n. \pi. 

fnil-rii;-U-iUlIl curriculums (-Iflmz); cur- 
ricula (-ld)I, a course; a prescribed regular 
course of study in a university, school, etc.; 
as. the school curriculum includes cooking and 

/«it-r t\ at (kflr1-?r), n. one who dresses 
ClU-lI-CX and colors leather. 
t^ij' «««* (kOr'I), r.t. [p.t. and p.p. curried. 
*****"*/ currying], to dress after 
tanning: said of leather; beat; to rub down 
and clean; as, to rurry a horse; to seek 
to gain favor by flattery: n. [pi. curries (-!z)|. 
a highly spiced East Indian sauce; a stew 
of rice. fowl, etc., flavored with this condi- 

g^^r rxr mm"h OcflrTf-kSm') , n. a metallic 
CUr-iy-COniD comb, used In cleaning 

#nircA (1<<^)> n. an oath; a prayer for 
vmo^ injury to come to some one: that 

whicli i«:p';s or caustn evil or trouble; »J. 

to wish cv.: 11 -on; to call on a divine power 

tOM^nu -"'Mupon; to torment; to bring evil 

upoi. ».'.. lO ?:^yoar. 

i^iiT-c orl '^klt-'stkl). p.adj. nndor a curse: 

UUId-eU hatcfui; detestable. 

^tif ciTTA kQrMv). adi. rtowlng: said of 

vUA-olVC wriiinic in which the letters are 

Joined and the an Ties of'^n rounded: n. a 

letter used in such writing, or mantiscrliyt 

written In such cha-actCTs. 

nir Cft TXT (l^rsd-ri). adj, hasty, super- 

%^Ui-^U-iy floial. careless: As. he gave the 

book a cursory reading. — adv. onrsodlF-— ^l. 


Syn, desultory. haBty. 

Ant. (see thorough). 
^ttrcf (IcO'^t), past participle of the yerb 
i^iuot curse. Also, cursed. 
Pf^fO. (kOrt). adj. abrupt: short; as. the 
WUA t child gave a curt answer. — ade. onrtlr. 
— n. cortness. 

/»iir fotl (kflr-tSlO. t.t. to cut short; 
VlU-lOAl reduce; as, to curt ii expenses. 
nir foil m Anf (kflr-tlU'm£nt). n. the act 
Cur-iaU-ment of reducing or shortening. 
mr fain ^kOr'tln: kOr'tn). n. a hangins 
vuA-uixu screen which can be drawn up 
or aside; as. a window ctirtofn; the stage 
curtain in a theater: in a fort, the part of the 
rampart and parapet between two bastions 
or gates: r.(. to inclose in. or as with, screens 
or curtains: curtain firs, a wall of dropping 
shells from massed artillery. 
mrf cxr (k^rt'sl), n. [pi. curtsies (•«!<)), 
\^uii-ojr a bow; a salutation made by 
bending the knees and gracefully drooping 
the body: r.i. \o.t. and p.p. curtsied,, 
curtsying], to salute by making such a ges- 
ture. Also, courtesy. ourtssF. 
nir Vfl fiir#* (kOr'vd-tflr). n. a bendlxw; 
i^ux - va.-iui c a^^ curvature of the spine: the 
measure of the bending of a line or jmrface. 
nirtTA (ic^v). n. a Trending without angles; 
\^Ui V c 1^ draftsman "s instnmient for forming 
such bendings : r.^ to cause to bend : as. to cwrr* 
a line: r.i to bend: as. the line curc« to the 
right: adj. bent without angles. 
nir vAf ncflr'vet; ktlr-v€t'>. n. a partica- 
*'***"'*'•' lar leap of a honw?; a n-idt or 
botmd: r.i. (kdr-vfit'; kQr'vOt). to leap, as a 
horse: frisk or bound: r.t. to cause to leap or 

nir vi lin a ar (Wlr*\'l-Un'6-ar). adj. 
CUr-Yl-illl-e-ar n,^e up of curved 
linos: boimded by curved lines. 
CUrvmir 'Wirving). n. a bendta«; a^ 
*'l*^^-"*6 the many curvtngs of the COM 
made dri\ing dangerous. 

cur-vom-e-ter li^^'*""'*; 

instnmient for measuring the 
length of curves. 

niQh inn .(kdOsh'lin). n.i 
CUSn-lOn low or soft pad 
to sit, lie. or rest upon; a 
pillow used in lace-making: 
the elastic rim of a bllliara 
table: r.(. to seat upon a 
soft pad: furnish with a 
soft pad; as. to cushion a 
chair: v.i. make the cue ball 
strike against the rim of a 
billiard table. 

nicrk (l^^P)- n. a pointed 

l^uap end; the horn of a 

crescent ; as. the cusp of the 

crescent moon; a sharp 

point: a spear-shaped oni»- ^ 

ment. %JuF90KDSUt 

flte, senftte, rAre, c&t, loc&l, filr, Ask, parade; sc^nCj 6vent, Mge, novSl, ref6r; 
tigfitf sin; cdld, dbey, cdrd, stdp, compare; unit, Unite, b(irn, ctit, foc^, menii; 

cyclecar 'h 

(TTJ-lw-MT (■ftl-ltir^, «. a T«ry light. 

— ,- i;_ {tOcWi: rfTdlk), adj. i>art.lnlng lo, 
VJFl.-lWf or ini>\lng In. a cydo; beiimglng to 

on Uia Trolut War wid lu luroes. Al», 

circle rollJns bIode a tttralgbt Uqk untlJ IC lua 
compleMd a revoluiion. — ^df. cicloldiU. 

^-clom-e-ter i'iJ^i*"f™'-mi8;S.£S 

the dliMDCO tnrclnl od & vbccl. 
i>B i>liwia M'lUua). n. a itolrrit storm ta 
Cy-eiOne ^hldi the imd wHlrU L-.wsrd 
towards a csnteri a tumado or BU]' d>slruo> 
UTS Btorm. — atlj^ crclonJc 

cy-clo-no-scope t™™'^?? ?^'" 
cy-doTpe-di-a ^?;?^Si;:'S;^1'i^rfS: 

alphabet leal l>' Brmr'iod. A 

race or giaiita; h^nce, hoge and rou^; 

cy-clo-ra-ma if ^'S!3"i,iSA"? 

tended circularly — -- " — ."^' 


adf^ of or pcrtalnlnR 


iipwch. or to peoples Bpiakdng a Unnuiga 
aUlftl to thelra: ru the WeUti laaguam or 
allied laDEUaKoa. 
p_- ;„ (iioTk), n. one of a net ot iBdent 

that i-irtue, the ba.il9 or which w» selT- 
CDTitrol and Inilh-fdtinl fndepcndeaoe, was the 
o=ly (cood: later, this term came to atgnlfj-. 
LiasGneralsPDRd. contempt for the opinions of 
o-hf^r^t cTxilc, oiu* wtiDRO opinion it [9 thataeir- 
l:i;emt Is llie solemoiiTo behind the acUooa 
of human l>cln"s: a "aroiailc. snrly peison. 

CyH-l-Cai an, a aneorinH. cpnlral remaitj 

BrcQ to EQoeiJig Bt purlijr oC thought a* 
Sb, motlve&^^^r. cmlcaUv« 

Cjn-i-cism glfy^t, "oS ?ST 

Dimlclnn, tbo nnallty of mind that exnnwes 
llseir In mirllnwt. sarcasm, and lack o^ lalUi 
fn dlslnurcEled mnllvts. 

cy-no-sure in'°o'biS;'t'^(* ^^'^h^ 
cy.pher i^l, "^;^, a ^SJ^t'^imimi^ 

w:-(llnB aod IhB kcj- — " •"' ' — 

ana uT aiithms* 

aun alphabet o« 
<ne-b(wln^ vww 

cy-press '^^h^' ", 

moaniinff: adL pertaining 

the mMd of thli treo. 

t~trt!t (i^tl. n. a nc, or poncn, in annnai 

CySl lAdla coDtalnlng dlnu-tsd matta-; aM 

,wrc^ J- (Bis'tno. o^J- pertalnluit l«,or coi»- 
Cy&l-IC talned lu, a cyit. or sac of diHued 

czar srcb;' B BUprcmB lord: Cmh. the tlUa 

SarZVitch Sf Jrgiv."-iffi.SS; 

wHota. taar«vltah, Cteauvwltelb 

cza-rev-na Mperttth." A]»rtM»«a, 
cza-ri-na '^j^'-u!^ Sb ™T5»? 

PTai'h ('AOli), n. » mamber of the raoat 
Vjj^" ""'wly branch of thB Slavonla 


damaslk rose 



tlons: Damascus sted or work; a deep 
ptnk oolor: ad^ pertaining to. or made of, 

dam-ask rose iS?3SL.1Si,4t'?S: 

native of Damascus. 

^otvkA «Uun>. n. a lady; also, a title foiv 
umuc merly used instead of Mistress or 
Madam: a sebool mistress; a matron; an 
elderly woman. 

flomn (c^t^)* ^•^' to sentence to punish- 
u nimi meat or death; to doom to et«*nal 
punishment: lo lnv<dce a curse upon: to 
eondoom as Dad or as a failure; as. "to damn 
with faint praise": v,i. to swear; to curse: n. 
a curee. 

ilam «io KIa (d&m'nd-bl), adj. deserving 
Ooin-mi-Dte to be condemned or eter- 
nally punished; detestable. — adv. damnably, 
ilam nfl finn (d&m-na'shOn). n. eternal 
aani-Iia-UOIl punishment; condemna- 
tlcm; a sin deserving condemnation. 
HomviA/l (d&mdj. p.adj. condemned to 
u nimi ciA eternal pimiahment; condemned 
as bad or as a failure: cursed. 

ilam-ni.SAlfA (<l*m1-zfil'). n. a young 
aalU-Ul-BOUV unmarried woman; a maid- 
Also, daiBsli damosel* damosel. den&ot- 

Homn (dftmp). n. moisture; fog: adj. 
**»*"P moist; foggy; humid: v.i. to moist- 
en; discourage; duress; as, the bad news 
was enough to damp our joy. — adv. damply. 


^•. (tftm'pn), v.t. to make moist or 
_ -CU ^iret; to depress or discourage. 
ilomn or (ji&in'P^). n. something which 
uaiuif-v;x depresses or discourages; a 
movable plate to regulate the dralt in a 
stove: a devioe to check the vibrations of a 
muaical instrument; as. the damper in a 
piano is made of wood covered with felt. 
Ham caI (d&m'z61), n. a maiden; a young 
Uoiu-ocA unmarried woman. Also, damcrt- 
selle* damoscl. daaiosel, demotsalle. 

#1om c/\« (d&m'sn), n. a small, oval, pur- 
amu-SOU pie plum; also, the tree that 
bears this ftout. 

Aar\rek (d^^u^t vA. to move the body and 
*»«****'^ fbet mythmically to music; per- 
form the figures of a dance: move nimbly or 
merrily: v.t. to give a dancing motion to; 
as. to dance the baby up and down: i>erform; 
as. to dance a Jig: n. a regulated movement of 
the feet to a rhythmical musical accompani- 
ment; as. the one-step is a modem dance; a 
dandng party, leas formal than a ball; one 
round of dansiag at such a party. 
Han Ha 1«_/tn <d&n'd6-ll*(ln). n. a com- 
aan-ae-11-OIl mon weed of the chicory 
family with yeBow flowers. 
Han iit^r (*n*d6r), n. temper; anger; as, 
Uali-Ucr to have one's dander up. 
Hon HI A (d&B'dl), v.t. to move up and 
UtUi-lUO down in affectionate play; fondle; 
as. to dandle a baby. 

Hon A-rtt-ff (d&nMrCLf), n. dried skin on the 
aan-OrUH se^ or head which comce 
off in small soales or pieces. 
Han Axr (<*n'dD. n. [pi. dandles (-diz)], a 
**«***"** Jr fop; a man who gives a great 
deal of atteatton to dress; as. Beau Brum- 
mel was the dandy of his time: adj. slang, 
excellent or very fine. — ad3. dandyish. 
Han Hit icm (d&n'dl-lzm). n. foopishness; 
Oan-ay-lSni as. Beau Brumm^ was the 
most noted representative of the dandyism 
at the early part of the 19th century. 
TSan A (<i»°) • n- <^ native ch* inhabitant of Den- 
A/oiic mark: wat Pane, a very large dog. 

dflfl ff^r .«"^W« «• peril: expowire to 
***"-S*^*' loss. Injury, or death; a case of 

such exposure. 
Syn. hazard, risk, harm. 
Ant. (see safety). 

Han o'Ar./Mte (<l&n'JSr^Afi). a^f- vaaafie; 
Oan-ger-OUS involving, or beset wltli 

danger; ready to do harm or injury; 
perilous; hazardous; as. it is dangerous 
to play with strange dogs. — odr. danger- 
ousur. — n. dangeroosnesa. 
Han ctIa (d&A'gl). v.i. to hang or swing 
UOAI-^AC loosely; to hang about or de- 
pend on anyone; follow: v.t. to cause to 
swing loosely. — n. dangler. 
Tktkr\ teA (d&n'yftl), n. a book of the Old 
j^OAi-iCA Testament narrating the story of 
the Hebrew prophet of that name, captive at 
Babylon, and containing his prophecies. 
Plan icit idSniBh), adt. pertaining to 
J^au-lall Denma» or its people: n. the 
language of Denmark. 

Hanir (<1&^)> od/- humid; damp; motet; 
^i niiii ^et; as. aank hair; danJb weeds; a 
cold. danJI: cave. 

Hon CA11CA (d&A'sQs0..n-aproft8stonalfe- 
aan-SeUSe male dancer; a baUet^lancer: 
mramlere danseose, the leading female dancer 
in a ballet. [Fb.] 

A ark Ti^r (<i&P^)i <^i' small and active; 
uap-pci trim and neat In appearance. 

dap-ple SS^'i^f i<«r"^= •* ' 

Aarck (A^)f f-^> IP-^' dared, durst, p.p. 
^*«**^ oared, daring], to have courage; 
to be Ixrfd enough to do something; venture: 
v.t. to venture to do; to defy; challeDge: n. 
a taunting defiance. 

AaTA^t^rr il (d&r'devl). adj. character- 
UttXC-UCV-U igtlc of a reckless man: n. a 
reckless fellow. 

Aar irktr (dftrTng). n. bravery; boldness: od;. 
'****~***& feariess; bold: venturesome; rasa. 
Ho fir (d&rk). adj. without light; not 
UOAA. reflecting fight; wholly black or 
gray; of a brunette complexion; as. the 
Indian has a darib sldn; gloom v; as. a dark 
mood; mysterious; as. a dark saying: ig- 
norant; as. the mind of the savage is dart: 
dastardly: as a dark deed: n. absoioe ot 
light: a place where there is little light; 
nightfall; state of b^ng secret: often, un- 
derhand secrecy: as, to work In Umb dark; 
ignorance; as. I am in the dark on the sub- 

Stm-, adj. dismal, opaque, dim. 

Ant. (see light). 
Aa-rlr An (d&rlcn). v.t. to make dark; to 
UaXlk-Cll shut out the Mght; to obscure; 
to make gloomy; as. the nusfortunes of war 
darken many homes: r.t. to become daric. 
Aarlr i^n in a (d&r'kn-Ing), n. the act of 
iMUfk-cu-iUg growing, or making, dark: 
twilight: gloaming. 

Aarlr liner (dJ^kllng). adj. dimly seen: 
aarK-img adv. in the dark. fPoar.] 
Aarlr Ixr (d&r'kll). adv. dimly; imperfectly; 
**»*••*'-*> faintly; not clearly; mysteriously. 
Hoi-lr nocc <d&rk'n6s), n. absence of 
OariL-IieSS u^ht. partial or total: ob- 
scurity: gloom; physical obsenrity of vision; 
blindness; mental or moral blindness; aa, 
the darkness of ignorance: wickednees. 
Aarlr anrnt^ (dttrk'silm). adj. gtoomy; 
OarK - some without light; mysterious. 
Horlr X7 (^darTd). n. [p/. daridee (-kls)l. a 
^*arK-y negro. Also, di - 


Aar lina rd*r'Hn«). »• oae dearly k>ved; 
aar-iing a favoSte; pet: adj* tenderly 
loved: very dear. 

ate, senate, rAre, cit, locil, fttr, Ask, pdrade; scfinej fivent, Mge, novll, ref€r; 
r^t, Bin; cdld, 6bey, cfird, stdp, cSmpare; dnit, dmte, bOm, cut, focfis, menii; 




(d&), n. the period of light between 
. sunriae and sunaet: daylight: tun- 
ihlne: the period of twenty-^^our hoora. reck- 
oning ftom midnight to midnight (the civil 
day), or firom noon to noon (the astronomical 
day): in the Saat. a distance that can be 
traveled In twenty-four hours; a spedfled 
time or period: as, the dau of chlraln^: the 
nomber of hoars allowed by law or custom 
for work; m, printers work an ei^t-hour 


tflflv Knnir (itt'bWk^. n. a book in which 
IrlS business accounts of the day 

itflir hrAiilr «tt'brik^. n. the dawn: as. 
uay-preaik at daybreak the birds began 
their song. 

dflV drAUm (d^'drSm*). n. a vistonary 
**ay-*"®a"* ftincy: v.i. to dream idly; 
•a. he daydreams and ouilds castles in the aur. 

day la-boMr '^iX^J^&>l'^^S^ 

pakl by the day. 

HflV lAf for (<1& Mt'8r). a telegram sent at 
aay iCl-ier ^ special rate in considera- 
ttoo of messages at regular rates having 
precedence in tune of sending. 

(dftait«), n. Ught given by the 
sun; time between sunrise and 

days of grace S^ IS.^/y.'iSd*^ 

sometimes, allowed for the pasrment <^ a 
note after it becomes due. 

day-spring ^'KS&Sr t£'d4?™= 

Hflir QfAr ((ift'stftr^. n. the flrat star of 
uajr ouu morning; an emblem of hope: 
the sun. [Pobt.I 

Aaxr fimA (<ia'tlm'). n. the hours during 
Oay-Ume which the sun gives li^t. 
Atk'wtk ^^^^h ^•^' ^ confuse; to stupefy; to 
****^^ dazzle: n. the state of being oonftised; 
as. he was in a date after the blow. 
daZ-Zla ^^^'^'^^f **^* ^ confuse by, a glare 

of ligkt.'or by ™ ,^., v^ 

bewilder: as. the Jewels of tne rich dazzle the 



eves <rf tiie poor: t.i. to be confused by excess 
or light; as. my eyes daule in the strong 
light: n. excess of light. 
de- iw^' ^ pre fix meaning down. away. 

^Ao /«/>n (<lS'kn). n. an inferior or sub- 
uva.-vviA ordinate church officer: a man 
appointed to assist the minister and manage 
the matorlal affairs of a church. 
Agktk nt\r\ Acc (dSOcn-fe). n. a woman who 
.*"ry""5^*cts as deacon; a woman 
trained for church work. 

Af^tkA (dU), ad), having ceased to live; 
u^A\a without life: inanimate; resembling 
death: inactive; dimised; complete; as. a 
dsad loss; sure as death; as. a dead shot; 
out of the game or play: n. one or many 
dead persons: used after the; the point or 
degree of greatest llfelemness; as. the dead 
of ^ight: adv. absolutely: exactly; as, he 
waf oeod wrong. 

HadH KAiif WWbSt^. adj. thoroughly 
uua\A-uuat exhausted: n. a movement 
with no recoil: colloquially, one who lives by 
shifts or tricks. 

dAIld CAn fAr ^^^ s&i'ter), that porI- 
Ueau i;eii-ier tlon of a crank in which 
the crank axle, crank pin. and the connecting 
rod are all in a straight line. 
AtktkA An (dM'i))> !*•<• to lessen the sharp- 
uvctu-cix ness, intensity, or vigor of; as. 
the medicine was given to deaden the pain; 
reta*^; blunt; render nonconductive; make 

tastdess or stale; deprive of gloss or bril- 
liancy; kill (trees) by girdling. 
AgkaA AVA «iedl'). n. a round, flat block 
OeaO-eye of wood bound with an Irob 
band and pierced with three holes to receive 
lanyards or ropes: formerly used in flrtng 
old-style cannon on shipboard; now and for 
setting up rigging. 

dead-head 2S2"w'l.o"ii.S''!?lS?^- ' 

on railways or to places of amusemeat, etc.; 
a wooden buoy. 

Ai^tkA lAf fAr <<^M Mt'Sr). an vndaimed 
Oeao ie t-ver letter, the owner of which 
cannot be found: that which has lost its 
authority; as. the old whipping post has be- 
come a dead letter. 

AtktkA licrVif Q (dMTItsO. strong.wood- 
aeaa-UgnvS ©n shutters placed over the 
windows of a ship's cabin In stormy weather. 
AaqA \t\tkA (dMIOd). n. a constant mo- 
ueau-AUaU tlonless weight or pressure. 
HaoH \r\r\r (dW'lfik), n. a lock worked on 
UCa.u-JLVV& one side by a handle and oo 
the other by a key; complete standstill; 
point when two opposing forces equal each 
other In strength, so that neither can go 

HAfltfl \\r (dW^P* od/. causing death; de- 
aeaa-iy atmctive: fotal; as. Asiatic 
cholera Is a deadty disease: relentless: ade^ 
relentlessly.— n. deadllnssi 
Syn., adj. fotal. mortal. 

aeaa-marCll aokmn music often played 
at a military foneraL 

dead-ness fiSSSg;. "• "-"" "^ ""•' 
dead reck-on-ing S*S;^,-*^ea2S 

a ship's place at sea oy the log and the 
compass courses. 

At^tkA riCA «1^ i^)* ^ ^^* shipbnUding 
UcaU ribc the slope of the bottom up- 
wards troca the keel. 

Ak^qA cAf (<1M "*^)' ^o flxed position of 
ucau oct a dog in pointing game; col- 
loquially, a determuied effort or attadc: adj. 
determined to do something. 

As^qA -oro fAr <<*** wft'tfir). the wat«r 
aeaa Wa-ier that ckises in under the 
stem of a ship; eddy-watw. 


unable to 
I a sound: 

HaoH 'OTAio'fif (^^ '"^)* heaviness of. 

aeaa weignX or Uke that of. a lifdess 

body; the weight of the vehicle plus that (rf* 

the load to be carried: fhei^t charged t<x by 

weight instead of by bulk; the heaviest part 

of a ship's cargo. 

At^nA \B\t\A C<1M wind), a wind blowing 

aeaa wma directly opposite to a ship s 


A£k€ki i^^> otfj. unable to hear; unwilling 

uccu to hear or pay regard to. 

^Aaf An (dfif'n). v.t. to make 

ueol-cu hear; to drown out, ( 

to make sound proof. 

At^ai An tno* i:dil*nAB^), pMdj. making 

aeai-en-ing sound proof; maiang unable 

to hear; so loud as to drown out other sounds: 

as. a deafening noise: n. material used in a 

floor or wall to deaden sound. 

riAof.mnf A (def'mQt*). n. one deaf and 

aeai-mUie dumb; one who is dumb 

from lack of hearing. 

At^ai nAcc (dfirnfe). n. the condition of 

aeai-ueSS behig without hearing. 

/IaoI (d§l). n. a division; a part; a por- 

ucai tlon; a division of cards to the 

players; colloquially, a bargain or a secret 

aareement; as. a deal between politician; 

ate, senftte, rAre, cSt, locil, fttr, isk, pdrade; sc^ne^ ^vent,' fidge, novll, reffr; 
light, sin; c6ld, Obey, cdrd, stdp, c5mpare; unit, (hute b^n, ci>t, fociis, mend; 

■ "i..*!^ .''^ja 

dean ^^-'^ 

' clny 

death-blow ^^■^^i^ d« 

4iaclr frtau wttldii oiib cumot rocovn-. 

aeaUl-ieBa new d^lDS; u. OibMoi 

Hnnth Iv MSiinn. ad/, mortal: bul: 

ilaath nntnt (<Mtb polDt). Ihe deenn of 
aeSin pomi henor coU wWdi dwtror. 

death rate ^S^b^'ir S^tET^^ 

nckoned aC per tboURUid. otnDtis (he Deople 
or a couolry or dt/ idt k nrulo pciiod. 
aeain S-neaa ukenea of > skull. msui- 

death warrant ^^''^^i2;'i;;A^'t^ 

A» Sa_rla Id^-Uld; dS-btkl). 

7 d6bouch4 

Id bmnis; Iha bnaktiia up of loe (n ■ rtnt; 
t Tlolant flood, cwttIiik Ttth tt dfltacta « 

nibblati la ETWt M tbe OUo Btnr 

ife6ac(8 cauued gnat mnerlng. 
Aa har (di-Ur'). Ij. bl.l. tad p.p. d*- 
ae-Dar burad. d^urlDfl. to aliM 
out: (octDde: hinder from kpproMli. ta- 
lormmt. or octloii: with jTOni; u. tha 

de-barJia-tiOTi S^'SSJffil.'iS: 

a vessel; u. tlie dtiarkrllon at (be Imoiia 

H« hnes (dft-bis'). *,t. to reduce tram k 
Oe-Oase highnr to a kn™ aiate: to 
Lower tn character* vlrtuSi inrltT, or quaU^; 
as. to debase a jtold coin by boring a hole tn It- 

de-basejnent (SX"tf A."" " 

- TtUiioa at' -- ■- 


de-baUar ffiTSi » u'lSS.J 

OBDaUy of a formal nature 


vlUate: n. excen in eatu_ 

drt^irSM'aa'ssi.:" .*. 

dJ-bS!>SJS'',-£,, B: 

tampaanoe; drunkeniien: gluttony: Bodac 
tlon from virtue: corruption of QdeUty- 

de-ben-ture aSjSSi.1, «riiS 
dexbaj-tentasr"-;?"!.' SJ^ 


Se-i)ll'i!toJaoii £'S°;iikiKf '.i.!i 
deJbSXty i55.!r'i 


crnftt.- adj. rebitlns to debt' 
with debt. 

aeO-O-naiTiight-hainad: ofBBDtlB 

ners or breeding ; deguit; "" -'--^' ■ 


Aa hniich fd6-WJIWn. M. to murdi ont 
ae-DOUCn of » conllnod spot, an % wood, 

aa. Ifae refclraeat was ordered to detouA Into 

the opeQ plain. 

d€.bOU.Che lng:'^'m«ket"[^i?Sdl] 

an opening In mlUlary wnrtea for troopa. ITii.l 




A ML Kris (dft^brT). n. fk««mento: rubbish; , Ag^ oooca (ctt-aCs'). v.i. to die: n. d 
UO-uns loose pieces of rock at the base of ! UC-Cease g^ the decease of a great 
a mountain: as, a landslide brln0i down tons 
otd»ri3. [hij 

debt ^^^^' '*• 


that whldi is due flrom one 
to another; obligaUon: as, 
an unpaid bill is a debt; sin; as, "Forgive 
at o«r dsMs." 

AtA\f_f%T (dSt'fr), n. one who owes some- 
WMir-VA thing to another; one who Is 
under obligation tofanother. 
A A Kiif (di^bfl'; d^Q'). n. a first ap- 
w-uufc pearanoe In society, or before the 
public; as. a singer's dibut. 
A£k Kii fattfTda'bU't&i^': ddb'fl-t&ntO. n. 
Oe-DU-iani (/«». debutante], one who 
makes a dfibut, or flnt appearance in society. 
or in public. 

Atkr_SkAek (dSciUl). n. a group of ten; ten 
wv-aw consecutive years; as. the census 
talcan every decade, /uso. deoad. 

(d^k&'dens; dfik'd-dSns). 
n. decay; decline. Also. 


iIa rfl HAfif (dt-kE'dftnt: dfik'd-dSnt). 
ac-ca-oeul adj. decaying or falling to- 
to ruin: n. one that has declined or decayed. 
ilAO_fl OTkn (dOr'd-gOn). n. a plane figure 
aec-a-gcm bAvlng ten aides and ten 

ae-i;ag-0-lUU talnlng to a decagon, or 
llgnre with ten angles and ten sides. 
ilAO_fl arum (d6k'd-gr&m), n. a metric 
UCU-a-gr tun weight . of ten grams, or 
0.8527 OS. Also, deoagrammc. 

•did figure having ten equal sides. — ad^. deo- 

A^u* a II -fAf (ddk'd-ll't«r), n. a metric 

UUv-<l.-U-lcr measure of capacity contain- 

tng ten liters, or 2.64 cntls. Also, deoalltre. 

T>Ar a Incr (dflk'd-Iog), n. the Ten Com- 

A/CU-a-AUg mandments; the moral law. 

Also, Deoaloaue- 

rlAr A rriA 'fAr (dfik'(l-m6*t6r). n. a metric 

UCU-a-iUC-Lcr measure of length of ten 

meters, or 32.808 feet. Also, deoametre. 

riA ramn (de-k&mp'), t.i. to break up 

UC-dUlip camp: to run away; to depart 

suddenly or secretly. 

Awk ronf (d»-k&ntO. t.t. to pour off gently, 

UV-VAUL as firom one vessel :to another. — 

n. deeaatatloB. 

A A ron-f Af (dS-kin't8r),n. an ornamental 

ae-COu^er giagg bottle fbr hdlding wines. 

liquors, etc. 

de-cap-i-tate ^^^2^^i,'*- *» ™' 
de-cap-i-ta-tion ^^"''^"°'- " 

iIa rar Kati ita (dfi^-k&pMn-iz), v.t. to 
Oe-Car-DOn-lZe deprive of carbon. 
Also, deoarbonate. 

A^rarA (dfik'^r*; dfik-irO. n. a metric 
uw-<uc measure of smroce containing 
ten ares, or 0.2471 acre. 
A^i* o c-fArA (dAk'd-stSr). n. a metric 
UCV-«.-olCiC measure of capacity con- 
taining ten cul^c meters, or 13.08 cu. yd. 
Aa£* ofVi 1/\ri (d9k-&th'16n). n. an athletic 
aeC-aUl-iOU contwt in which each con- 
testant takes part In ten different events. 
^A^Aoir (dA-lc&'). v.i. \p.t. and p.p. decayed. 
UC-vajr p,pr. decaying], to rot; decline or 
fUl: n. decline; gradual failure in mind or 
body; ruin; rottenness; corruption. 

Sifiu, o. consumption, impairment. 

Ant, (see growth). 

in law. 

double dealing: 
delnaion. gufto. 

— p.adj. 

de-ce-dent JgS£jr,iLS. 

Atk i«A«^ (d6-«6t0, n. f^ud; ch* 
Oe-CeiX tion; ftdaehood: doni 
a trick. 

Syn- Imposition, trick, 
treachery, sham. 

Ant. (see truthfulness). 
HA-TAif fill (di-a6t'ra01), adj. PaB of 
ae-Ceil-rUl fraud and trickery- taiilnoere; 
false; as. deceitful conduct. — ado. daoeltfBllF. 
— n. deeeitfulness. 

de-ceiv-a-ble S*5§J2:?;-.S^i,'=^!^ 

tricked, or cheated. 

Aa rAivA (de-sSvO, v.t. to dieat; to note- 
uc-l^ciw lead or cause to err; delude; 
impose upon; disappoint. — n. deoelver. 

Byn. overreach. guU, dupe, cheat. 
"Ha /«Atn \\ekT Td»«ferber). n. the twelltb 
l/e-Cem-Der Mid last month of the year. 
Ha rAtn inr (de<«m'v6r), n. \pU decern- 
ae-Cem-Vir vM (-vI-rDi. one of ten 
Roman magistrates, espedauy one of those 
who possessed absolute authcMity in ancient 
Rome (451-449 B. C^. and wrote the laws 
known as the Twdve Tables. 

de^jem-vi-tate gS[fS?^'> „,5; i, 

authority; their office, or term of office. 
#1a rAn rv <dS'sto-6l). n. \pl 
ae-Cen-Cy l^iM)\, propriety; 
the state of bdng respectable. 

de-cen4ii-al ^S^^'*^' "SSSS^ 

every ton years: an anniversary observ 
every tenth yner. 

A A rAnf (dS'sSnt). adi. becoming; sult- 
ue-CcUV able; respectable: modest: as, 
deceiU clothes; passable. — ode. decently. — n. 

#1a /«An finn (dd-sep'shfin). n. the act of 
ae-Cep-UOn tricking or cheadng; tlie 
state of being cheated or misled; f^aud; a de- 

Ha^aa fivA (di-efip'tlv), adj. tending to 
ae-Cep-uVe trick, cheat, or mislead: 
deceptive appearances. — ode. daoeptlvelF*- 

A A rtAt^ (d^^dO. v.t. to settle: to 
UC-MUC mine; to bring to an fame or 
conclusion; reserve: v.i. to give a iudgment 
or decision: arMtrate. 

Syn. determine, settle, adjudicate, 
nate. resolve. 

Aa riA aA Cd^^ld'U). p.adj. tree 
ae-Cia-ea doubt: detennlned: 
tionable: resolute. 


de>Cld-ed4y uvely; certaimy; wtlSoSt 

de-cid-u-ous i^'^^'^-i^ 

year: not evergreen; as. the maple 
deciduous tree. 
Athc I crrflfn (dfcl-grlm). n. a metric 
aeC-l-Erani measure of weight equal to 
one-tenth of a gram, or 1.5482 grains. Also. 

Is a 

Hac i II f Ar (d«8l-Wter). n. a metric 
ucc-i-Ai-tCA meastire or capacity equal to 
one-tenth of a liter, or 3.88 fluki 
Also, dedlltra. 

de-ca-U<m Sf-KJ5ii »s.SU. . «« 

followed by thirty-three dphers: In England, 
a unit fbUowed by sixty dnherfc 

ftte, eenite, rAre, c4t, locil, fUr, dsk, pdrade; Bcfene, ^vent, Mge, novll, refer; 
r^t, Bin; cOld, ^bey, c6rd, st6n, c6mpare; unit, Onite, bdrn, cut, focfis, menil; 



Decoration Day 

Af^C 1 mul «l««/l-n»W). adf- pertaining to. 
Ucv-l-Aliai or baaed upon, the number 

ten: n. a decimal flractloa. — adv. daofanally. 

dec-i-mal-ly '^2^,S£J't^^ 
deci-maljJace g*?S^ ^-^ 

the decimal point. 

dec-i-mal point 4*?iSS«S?S*i«i 

mal fraction trom a whole number, uao indi- 
cating, when Branding alone, its fractional 

deci-mal sys-tem fttSSSrllSSS: 

ing or measuring by ten, or powers of ten. 
A An i mo'l'A (desl-m&t). v.t. to talce the 
UCC-1-111I14C icnth of: put to death, or 
punish, every tenth man; as, to demote the 
ranks of an army; destrrar a large part. 

Af^r 1 mil fitm (^^a'^pA'Attii), n, de- 
oeC-1-IIia.-uau stmction on a large 

A^r i rriA f Ar (dSsl-me't^), n. a metric 
uei;-l-iue-ber measure of length equal 
to one-tenth of a meter, or 3.937 Indies. 
Also, deolmetra. 

Afk rt nfftAr (de-el'fSr). v.L to translate 
uc-ui-puci from secret or unknown 
characters into Icnown terms; discover 
or make out the meaning of, as sometliing 
puuling or hardly legible; Interpret. — cu^. 

Syn. read. «peU. interpret. 
HA-rl-CtAfi (de-elzh'On). n. the act of 
ae-«;i-l»UU reaching a fixed opinion; 
the quality of being fixed and firm; deter- 
minalion; judgment; settlement; as. the 
d«eiaion oi a court or of a case. 

Syn. oonoiusion, resolution; firmness. 

Ant, (see vacillation). 

dA-rl^lvA (d<^'«v). «y- final; con- 
^''"***"«**''^ dusive; as. a decisive victory; 
prom pt; po sitive; determined. — adv. dsoi- 
bIirsIf*— fi. dsdsivaiiess* 
Atu* t of ATA (dfe'I-stSr). n. a metric 
\ftV\#-i-ObCAi; measure of capacity equal 
to one cubic meter. 

HaoIt i^^)' ^' ^ platfcMin serving as a 
^acvA fioor for a section of ship, and as a 
covering for the space below; the fioor of an 
airplane; a pack of playing cards: v.t. to 
put finery or ornaments on; adorn. 

deck-le-edged 2r.3S;>-»'^ 

oncut: said ot boolcs. 

de-daim i&i^-^i; SS«2' - iS 

exercise in locution: v.i. to harangue; to 
speak matorically in public; to recite a se- 
lectioa as an exercise; as, the boy was asked 
to declaim. — n. deolaimer. 
A^r In mil firm (d^acna^n&'shfin). n. 
OeC-ia-ma-aOII speech delivered In pub- 
lic: act of reciting; a selection recited from 
memory; harangue. 

Svn- oratory, elocution .^effusion, debate. 

de-dam^i-to-ry ^^i^-^'^: 

actcrized by. rhetorical speetiE; noisy in 
style; appeidlng to the passions. 

^W-la-Ta-uOn act of announcing or pro- 
claiming; that which is announced; an assertion; 
poblicaaon; a statement reduced to writing. 
gyn» avowal. maniftasUtlon. statement. 

de-dar^-thre St^^il^S^T SH^i. 

dtdaraiiee amUBce: emlanatorv. 

Ha rlar a fn ru (d6-kl&r'4.t6-rl). w^ 
ae-Ciar-a-IO-ry amrmaUve; a«k a d#- 
clarcUory statement. 

A A /«1o«*A (d^Id&r), fi. to make known; 
UC-dtue tell openly or ptiblidy; pro- 
claim formally; publish; malce a solemn 
affirmation of before witnesses; make a full 
statement of, as to goods, etc: v.i. to make a 
statement; avow: inthfor or agai/uL 
Ha riAn ci/m (d^-klte'shlln). n. a stop- 
Ue-Cien-SlOn tng down; a fhUtag off or 
away; in grammar, the inflfction of nouns, 
pronouns, and adjectives. 

de-din-a-ble ^T^- A^^ 

infiectcd; as. pronouns and adjectives are 

Aac 1i fifl finn (dOcm-ni'shfin). n. the 
uec-il-na-uOIi act or state of bending, or 
moving, downwards; dipping, as the dewru^' 
tion of a magnetic needle; a slant from some 
definite direction; decline; decay; the dis- 
tance of a heavenly body north ot south of 
the equator; nonacceptance. 
Ha oliriA (d^klniO. v.i. to bend or lean 
\iu-%^iiuc downwards; droop; draw to a 
dose; become weak; move from the right 
path: v.t. to reAise; as. to decline an in vita* 
tion: bend downwards; d^iress; inflect, as a 
noim or pronoun: n. a lessening; decay: a 
growing worse; the closing part of som»> 
thing: a wasting away with disease. 

HA-rllti-A trranh (d&-ldl'nd-gr*f). n. a 
ae-Cim-O-grapil self-acting instrument 
fen- recording: used In astronomy. 

decU-nom^-ter <rSSSS2;fiA 

for measuring the dip of the magnetic needle. 
Ha rUxr i fniic (de-kilv^tAs). adj. mod- 
ae-CllV-1-IOUS erately steep; sloping 
downward; as, n ^declivitous path. 
Ha rUxr i Hr (dA-kllv^-tl), n. [pi. decUvl- 
ae-CUV-1-iy ties RIz)], a mdual descent; 
deviation or diange from a Doriaontid Una; 
downward slope. 

Ha rrirf (de-k6ktO. v.t. to obtain the 
w-A^uvt flavor, essence, or medicinal qual- 
ities of, by boiling. 

A A /»^v^ 44fsi9% (OT-kSk'shiln), n. an extract 
ue-COv-UUU obtained by ixilling or di- 
gesting in hot water. 

Ha rnl 1a f^ (dS'kdl-tS'). adf. Ifem. d«- 
ae-COl-ie-ie ooUet^el, cut low hi the 
neck so as to expose the neck and shoulders; 
as, a dicolleU dress; wearing a low-necked 
dress. [Fb.) 

de-com-pos-a-ble i^^'^lS^'gi: 

ing separated into parts. 

H«»^nm fWlSA «>«'Tt8m-p5xO. vt. to sep- 
ae-CUm-puse arate into elementary 
parts; cause to decay or rot: v.i. to become 
separated into parts; to rot. 

de-com-po-si-tion kt^^t^^^o} 

separating into elementary parts: as. decomr- 
position of water produces oxygen and hydro- 
gen: analysis; disintegratioB ; state of decay. 
AAi* f\ rof A (dfik'd-r&t). r4. to ornament; 
uc\^-fj-Acitc as. decoraU a stage for an 
entertainment; adorn, or beauty; confer a 
badge of honor upon; grace. 
AACtkjrtk finn (<16knM*'shfin). n. the 
OeC-O-ra-UOu art of adorning; an orna- 
ment: a badge of honor. 

Dec-o-ra-tion Day SfS.edJ/i'aS 

80) on which the graves of those wlio fell in 
the CivU War (1861-^) are decorated: called 
also Memorial Dau. ,_ 


btf^, fdbt; found; boil; function; chase; good; joy; f/ten, thick; hw »wk as in when; 
2h<-sa0inazure; kh<-cha^inloch. See pronunclAtion key, pages ziz to xzii. 




Hap n ra fivi» i:<J«k'6-rf.tIv). adj. tend- 
uei;>0-ra-UVC ing to adorn; ornamental. 
—<ido. deoorattrelr- — n. deoonttveaeM. 
Hap o rfl fnr (d«C5-r&'tar). n. one who 
ueo-O-m-iUi adoms or beautmes: a per- 
son whose buaineBs it Is to do ornamental 
painthis, etc., in houses; as, an interior dec- 

Aa rf\ rniiQ (d^kO'rfls; dOc'd-rfls). adj. 
UC-CU-1UU9 marked by propriety; decent; 
fit: proper; polite; as. decorous behavior. — 
adc. deooroauy. — n. deooroasness. 
Ag^ rrk t-itin (d6-k6'riXm). n. propriety and 
uc-l^U'-iluu becomingness of words, dress, 
and conduct; suitableness, as for occasion; 
seemliness: dignity. 

Ho r/\ir (d6-lcoi'). n. a doooptlve trick or 
lAC-vUjr snare; a lure; a piece of inclosed 
water into which wild fowl are induced to 
enter; the agure of a bird used to attract 
live birds within gunshot: v.t. [p.t. and p.p. 
decoyed, decoj'ing). to lead or allure Into 
danger by a trick; entice: v.i. to be allured 
by means of a trick. 

Ha rnxT Hiirlr (dS-kol' dttk), a tame, or 
ae-COy aUCK imitation, duck used to al- 
lure wild fowl; hence, a person who entraps 

Ha rrAoco (d&-krSs'), v.i. to grow leas: 
ae-Crease diminish; dwindle; as, his in- 
come steadily decreased: abate; as, the 
storm decreased in violence : v.t. to cause to 
grow leas: as, to decrease the length of the 
working day; reduce gradually in size or 
extent: n. gradual lessening or decay; the 
amount or degree of lessening; the wane of 
the moon. 

Syn., V. diminish, dwindle, lessen, decline, 
retrench, curtail, reduce. 

Ant. (see grow, growth). 
Ha /««>aa (de-kreO. n. an ordinance, law. 
UC-Cice or edict; a Judicial decision; the 
award of an umpire or arbitrator; v.t. to 
determine by a law. decision, etc.; ordain; 
assign: v.i. to make a law, decision, etc.; 

Ha /««>av% {^ (d^4cr6plt}. adj. feeble fH>m 
UC-Clcp-lL age. or infirmity: wasted; 
wmn out; as. a decrepit man. 

Ha rrAn i fit Ha (d^kr6p'I-tad). n. the 

ae-Crep-l-IUae state of being Inllrm 

trom old as^. 

Ha rrAG /^Anf (d^^EPfts'fat). ady. growing 

ue-wi c^-UCUL leas; as. In ita last quarter 

the moon is decrescent 

Ha rri_iil (d*-krf'*l). h. a crying down; 

uc-%^Ai-ai a clamorous censure; outspoken 


Ha rri Ar (d^kri^), n. one who blunes 

uc-%^ii-ci or censures; as. Lincc^ stood 

firm in spite of the attacks d his decriers. 

Ha rrxr ((l^lcriO. v.t. \v.t. and p.p. decried. 

uc-«^xjr^decrrlng), to blame nolstly; 

cry down; censure; di n p a rage. 

HaH 1 rflfA (<»<n-**t), v.U to set apart 

ucu-i-\i^atc by a solemn act or reU^ous 

ca*emoBy; as. to dedicate a church; devote 

or set apart to some work or duty; as, to 

dedicaU ourselves to peaee; inscribe, as a 

literary work. — n. dedleatsr. 

•Sirn. devote, oonsecratei. offer, set, apportion. 
HaH \f*a f«nn ((SM'MA'ahfin), n. the 
Oea-l-Ca-TUHl act of devoting to a reUg- 
iouspunMse; as, the <l«tf£ca^Ton of a church; an 
inscripwm or address eauresslng gratitude or 
respect for a patron w Ikiend. prefixed to a 
literary or artimc woi^. — adj. dedleatorjr. 
Ha HimA (de-dilsO. v.t. to draw; to gathor 
uu-uiu«c by reasoning; inf^: with from 
or out of: derive. — odi. dediMible. 

Ha Hii/«-f (d$-dtlkt'), v.t, to take away; 
ae-aUCI deduct a doUar from the bUl. 
Ha Hiir finn (dfi-dOk'shfln). ft. the act 
ae-aUC-UOU or process of taking away: 
subtraction: as. some stores make a dedtic- 
tUm for caah payment; the drawing of con- 
clusions from what Ls acc^ted. 
Ha Hiir fivA (d^Ok'Uv), adj. tending to 
ue-UUii^UVC take away: drawing a con- 
clusion trom. what is accepted; as. deductive 
reasoning. — ado. dednotiveb^. 

HaaH (d^)> "• ^^^ which is dcme; an 
uccu act; a great achievement; a written 

eaper for the transfer of land: v.t, to convey 
y deed. 

Syn., n. act. action, commission, instru- 
ment, document. 

Haaiti <<l^m), v.t. to think; regard; be- 
uccui heve; as. I deem it wise to prevent 
Are: v.i. to have, or be of , an opinion: judge 
•Syn. estimate, consider, suppose, conceive. 
HAAtn cfAr (dem'8t€r). n. a Judge or 
accul-oLcr umpire: the title of either of 
the two chief Judges of the Isle of Man. 
Also, dempstcr. 

Ha An (clep). adj. extending fkr below the 
uccp surface; as, a deep well; extendinc 
far back; as. a deep lot; penetrating; saga- 
cious; profound; olfEtcult to understand; as. 
Ehllosophy is a deep subject; absorbed; grave 
1 tone, <n* low in pitch; intense; heavy; as, 
a deep sleep ; strongly colored : n. that which 
extends far downward ; a great body of water; 
an abyss; the culmination; as, the deep of 
night: the in ^'val between two znarira on a 
souncung line. — n. deepness. 

.Syn.. adj. subterranean, submerged, de- 
signing, abstruse, learned. 

Ant. (see shallow). 
Ha An A-n (d6p'n). v.t. to extend farther 
\iccp-cu downward or backward: make 
daricer; make more profound, etc: r.t. to 
extend fkrther down; become more dlflScolt: 
become darker. 

HAAn-loiH (d§p1ad). adj. well-concerted: 
Uceir-UUU carefully concealed; as. a deep- 
laid plot. 

HAAn^CAtt (dep'sS'), adj. pertaining to the 
\iccp*ocA open sea, or deeper parts of 
the ocean. 

AckCkT (^^)' ^' ^^' <^i^ P^' wHd. homed, 

^^^t ruminating, or cud oiewing, animals: 

their horns are called antlers and their tt/eeh 


HAAr ViminH (dSrOiound^, n. a dog 

aeer-nOima used m hunting deer,- a 


HAAr lirlr (<I^ 1^' * 9>ot of salt groond 
aeer UCK which doer iSe to nibble orUck. 

deer-stalk-ing ^tS^STSf^d^^ V 

steiding upon them unawares. 
Ha far a (de-fifiO. v.t. to mar or destroy 
uu-xai^c the surface of; disfigure; Imnafr 
the clearness of; injure; spoil; as, cnalk 
marks deface the wall of the house. 

Syn. mar, disfigure, impair, efface. 

Ant. (see beautify). 
Ha fur A iTiATif {<»-fas'Mfiot). n. the act 
ae-IaCe-IueAlL ©f marring the M>pear- 
anoe of; the condition of bong spoded in 
appearance: tnJury. 

Ha for +ft vdS nUc't*). actuaUy existing 
\ic xai*-iu in tstct; na, b de facto govern- 
ment: distinguished from de iure. (Lat.) 
Ha fal riaf A (dd-filTcat), v.i. to embexxle. 
\Ac-Acu-\^a.ic or use tor one's own pur- 
poses, money held in tru^. — n. defalcator. 

Ha fill ra finn (dft'fW-kS'shfln). n. a 
ae-iai-Ca-POn Iom of funds throiMdi dia- 

ftte, senate, rftre, cit, loc&l, f!lr, Ask, pdrade; scSne, 6vent, 6dge, nov^l, refSr; 
right, sin; c(&ld, bbey, cdrd, st^p, compare; ^init, Unite, bOrn, cut, focds, menfl; 




bonesty; embezzlement, or diahonest use of 
trust funds: as. the bank lost money by tbo 
dtfakation of the cashier; decrease. 
H»f_ii ma fiATl (dfifd-mi'shftn), n. slan- 
Oei-a-ma-UOn aer; a malicious injuring 
Of the good name or reputation ot anoth..T; 
Bbel: as. to accuse an honest man of steal- 
ing is a defamation of his character. 

de-fam^i-to-iy <2L'IS;.^:**--"- '"'^■- 

defOmatorv reports. 

; as. to spread 

Aa famA (<16-fSm0i v.t. to injure or do- 
UC-AOUll^ stroy the good reputation of; 
gpeak of felsel V and maliciously. — n. deXamcr. 
Ha foiil-f ((m-f^tO. n. neglect; failuro In 
uc-iauit a contnMrt; failure to appear at 
a time and place required: in d«fault of, in 
case of failure of: vJ. to make a failuro in, 
as a payment, an appearance In court, etc.; 
to neglect: v.i. to nol to account for trust 
funds: to faU to pay a debt; to fledl to appear 
In coort. etc. 

iSvn.. n. lapse, forfeit, omission, absence, 
want. fUlore. 

Aa foiili* or (d6-fQIt'€r), n. one who 
UC-laulL-fSr makes a faOnre In payment 
or perfbrmance; one who falls to make a 
proper accounting of money or property in- 
trusted to his diaiiKe. 

/1a foof (de-fStO. v.t. to overthrow or van- 
uc-Aca.fc quish; as. to dtfeat an caemy; 
brln? to naught; fmstrate; as, to d^eit a 
purpose; n. act of proventing or bringing to 
naught; overthrow; the state of being con- 

/1a 4 Am* «c*-f (d8-f3tlBt).n. one who desires, 
ae-ieav-lSl or works for. the drfeat of his 
country in war. in the hope that ultimate good 
may r»ult. 

/1a f Ar-f (d6-f9ctO. n. moral or physical 
u.c-icwt imperftetion; fktult; error; lack of 
aorocthlng necessary to oompleto; want. 

Svn. imperfection, flaw, blemish. 
Atk igkr finn (dfi-fSc'shfin). n. a f^lUng 
OC-ACii^UUU away firom duty or allegiance; 

Oe-feC-uVe blemJah or haw of anytoid; 
Incomplete; fMilty; wanting some <rf the 
usual grammatical forms , adv , daCeottTely. 

ilA -fAn#1 (d5-f8nd0. 9.t. to guard or pro- 
\ftC-ACUU tect fkom harm or violence; as, 
the Davy defends our seacoast; maintain or 
oiAold. as one's Jegal rights, by tarcQ of 
aivument or evklence; contest, as a suit. — 
n» dcCsttdsr, 

Syn, guard, xH^tect. Justify. 

de-fend-ant iW^^ m . oour» «r 

'dtot), n. a person 

law: adj. making or interposing an excuse. 
Ha f A-ncA (<i6-f6ns'). n. the act or state of 
«AV-ACUdC guarding or being guarded; 
p ru te c U op; a plea or answer in court to a 
charge or a suit. Ako, d^enoe. — adj, defense- 

Syn. excuse, buhraric. rampart. 

de-fen^-ble SfeEi^ ~'-'^ 

Ha fAfi cIvA (di-fen^8^)7 adj. serving to 
Oi;-lCU-^lV6 guard or protect; carried 
on for protection; as, defemive warfiare. — ado. 

Ha igkT (dt-fOrO. t.t. \p.t. and p.p. deferred, 
\AC-ACA, deferringl. to put off to a 
future time: dcday; leave tmdone: vA. to 
yield; to ^ve in: followed by to; as, to 
defer to the Judgment of an older person. 

Sf/n. postpone, prorogue, adjourn. 

Ant. (seelmpM. expedite). 

HAf Ar ATI PA (d€f'Sr-Ans). n. a yi.4ding to 
uei-er-eiigf? the opinions or wishes of 
another; regard; submission; respect. 

def-eMn-tial ««"» fA' S 

wishes of another; respectful. — adv, deferea- 

Ack it^T rriATif (cld-fOr'mfint). n. the act of 
ue-lcr-UicUi poetponement; delay. 
/1a -fi on/«A (dfr-fi'&ns), n. contemptuous 
Oe-n-ance disregard; a chaUenge; re- 
fusal to obey. 

Ha "fi-orif (dWI'&nt), adj. full of. or ex- 
\AC-iA-aAXt proBsing, resistance or opposi- 
tion. — adv. defiantly. 

de-fi-cien-cy gf^e»'^^.-„"th'?'i,2S 

of being Incomplete; incompleteness; insuf- 
fldoncy; scarcity; failure. 
Ha fi /•lA-n-i' (de-flsh'fint), ad}, wanting; 
uc-AA-l^lCUt Incomplete; defective 

Syn. short, inadequate, scanty. 
Atki % /*t-f (d6f1-sli), n. a shortage. esx>^ 
UCl-A-i^At cially of money. 
Ha fi CkT (d$-fi'er). n. one who refuses to 
\i^-ix-CA obey; as, a defh r of the law. 
Ha fit A (dft-fu'), t.t. to make foul or impure; 
UC-IUC tarnish; corrupt: v.i. to mardi 
o^T In a lino: n. a Ion.?, narrow mountain 
pass; a marchlnf? in file. — n. defller. 

Syn-* V. pollute, coTupt, sully. 
Ha fit A fTiATif (dd-ffl'm&it), n. corrup- 
ae-IUe-IIieill, tion; poUutlon; unclean- 

Ha fin_n Ma (d6-fln'd-bl). adj. capablepf 
ae-nn-a-DXe having its meaning clearly 

Ha fin a (dd-fin'). v.t. to state the exad 
UC-UUC meaning of; to explain; to flz 
the limits of. — n. dellnar. 

Syn. fix. settle. limit. 
Ha? 1 nif A (den-nit). adj. precise; exact! 
aei-l^ulie having Axed or distinct Umits; 
certain: pointing out: as. tho (Ujinite article. 
— adv dftllnltely. — v. definit^ness. 

HAf 1 til Htm (dent-nlsh'to). n. a brief 
aei-l-m-aan exnlanatlon of the exad 
meaning of a term, phrase, etc.; a concise or 
clear statement. 

de-fin-i-tive ^f't^Oir^ini^^^ 

elusive: n. in grammar, a word used to limit 
the meaning of a noun. — odr. deflBltlvely.' 

Ha flo-f a (dS-flSt), vJL to release contained 

UC-UaLC air or gas; to contract or reduce, 

as prices. — n. deOaootu 

Ha flA/«^ (d^-flfiktO. v.t. to bend from a 

ac-ueci straight line: r.i. to swerve; bend 

or turn aside. 

Ha flAr firm (dft-fl«k'sh{ln).fi.abendhig 

vIC-llCV-UUU or turning aside, as a gun. 

de-flec-tive ^^iL'^:^^ - 

Ha flAr fnr (dd-flfik'tdr). n. a plate or 
UC-lxc\^tUA cone In a fUmace or lamp to 
bring flames ch* gases Into dose contact, and 
thus increase the fire. 

Ha i\t\'xa A«- Cde-flou'Sr), v.t. to deprive of 
UC-lXUW-er flowers or bloom; to rob of 
beauty or graco; to ravish; to spoil. 
Ha f/\ 1i of A (d^f5'U-at), t.t. to strip or 
Oe-IO-ll-ate deprive of leavea: adj. de- 
IMrlved of leaves. — n. defoUatioii. 
Ha ickT Acf (d6-f6r'6st). v.t. to dear oT 
UC-iUi-Cdl trees; cut down; dear away, 
or destroy, the trees of. — n. d^fOrestatton. 
/1a frkfrn (d*-fOrm'). v.t. to render ugly or 
UC-lUAiu unshapely; disfigure; mar; de- 
face. — p.odj. deformed. — n. defcrmatloii. 

M5t, fd^; found; boil; function; duuse; good; joy; then, thick ; hw «= wh as in when; 
ah—a as in azure; kh«oh as in loch. See pronundatloii key, pages xix to xxiL 




Oe-IOnn-l-iy formlUeB (-tlE)l. that which 
ditfflgures or spoils tbe shape of; state of 
being mlsshapeo; want of beauty en* harmony. 
Atk fraiiH (<10-fMkl'). v.U to cheat; to 
ae-iraUO deceive; withhold wrongfttUy 
ttOTsi.-^n. detraadsr. 

Ha frav (d&-f^O. v.U Ip.t. and p.p. de- 
\tc-i»iajr frayed, defrajrinf], to pay; 
settle; as. to aefray the expenses of a journey. 

Syn. liquidate, cnscharge. 
Ha frflir_fll (d&-frft'M), n. the act of oay- 
UC>llajr-lU tag, as expenses. Also, d«fray- 

H^ff (<1^^)' <>dE^ sidlful; dextorous; handy: 
UCil clever; as, the deft fingers of our 
grandmothers. — adr. deftly. — n. deftness. 
A A fiin/^ (d6-fiAktO, adj. desd; extinct: 
UC-lUlli^l n. a dead person: usually, 
one lately deceased; the dead collectively. 
Agk ixr \A^f^)> V't* iP't' <Ad p.p. defied, 
**^**Jr defying], to challenge or provoke to 
■trlfe; to dare; to act in contempt of; resist 
openly: as, to defy the law: resist success- 
fully; baffle. 

Ha if an ar o rv (dS-jfin'5r-d-sD. n. the 
Oe-gen-er-a-Cy gtate of being de- 
graded or of growing worse than formerly; 
lowness of morals. 

Ha o>An AT of A (de-J6n'8r-&t). v.i. to be 
UC-gCU-Cl -ate or grow worse; to decline; 
to become inferior in goodness or quality; 
deteriorate: adj. (d6-J8n'6r-&t). of a low grade 
of morals; deteriorated: as, degenerate times; 
degraded; as. degenerate offspring: n. a person 
or organism that has become worse than its 
kind: a person of low morals. — ado. degen- 

Ha jtati Ar-i> fifttl (d6-J6n'6r-a'shiin),n. 
ae-gen-er-a-UOIl the act, state, or 

process of growing w(»9e: degeneracy; de- 

deff lu H Han WfK^OO-tlsh'iin), n. the 
**CK-lU-U-UUii act, process, or power of 

Hact ra Aa finn (ddg^rd-da'shfin). n. the 
aeg-ra-aa-UOIl act of lowering, or of 
being lowered. In rank, morals, etc. ; disgrace. 
Ha trraAti (d»-grid'), v.t. to reduce In 
**e-6*«***^ grade or rank; deprive of 
honors, ofQce. or dignity; as. to degrade a 
soldier to a lower rank; lower physically or 
morally; tone down; lessen; wear away. 
Ha OTA a (d$-grg'). n. a step or grade: 
^^"S*^^ rank or station tn life; a stage 
In progress; a ronove in relationship; academ- 
ical rank confored by an institution; as. a 
doct(M*'s degree: one of three grades in the 
comparison of an adjective or adverb; a 
relative amount, ext«tnt, quality, etc.; the 
860th part of the circumference of a circle; 
sixty geographical miles: a unit for measur- 
ing beat, cold. etc. 

•Syn.. grade, extent, measure. 
Ha 1 li rfl finn (dS1-n-k5'shfin). n. the 
ae-l-n-Ca-UOu act of maWng a god of. 
or worshiping as a god. 

Ha 5 ftr (de'l-fO, v.t. \p.t. and p.p. deified. 
U-C-l-ljr d^fyingj, to praise or worship 
as a god; as, the Druids deified the oak tree; 

HAfon (dan), p.i. to condescend; vouchsafe; 
UCi^U as, he did not deign to listen to our 
request: v.t. to grant; to condescend to give; 
as, he would deign us no reply. 
Ha letn (dSlzm). n. a belief in God founded 
uc-loiu on reason, rather than on revelation. 
Ha icf (d61st){n. one whose belief In Ood is 
uc-iok founded on reason, rather than on 

Ha {e i4i* (d^-b'tlk). adf. pertaining to a 

ae-lS-UC reasoned beUef In a perBonal God. 

Also. delstteaL 

Ha 1 ft* (dSl-tl). n. \pL duties (-tis)). a 

UC-l-ij god, goddess, or person worahlped 

as a divine being; the <diaracter, nature, or 

attributes of Godf: the Deity, God; Jehovah: 

the Godhead. 

Ha lArf (d^MfflrtO. 9.1. to deprew the 

vie-jei;t spirits oi: dishearten; sa dden . 

de-jeCt-ed depressed; 'low-spirited.— cdr! 

Ha ia/« fi/\n (d^Jfik'shiln). n. lowness at 
ae-jec-UUU spirits; melancholy: depre»- 
sion. Also, dejeetedness. 
Ha ill TA (dSJ60'r§),byright or lawftil title; 
uc J U-i C as, a government de jure. [Lat.1 
Ha loiriA (d^ubO, n. a light fktbric made 
uu-uuuc of wool, or of wool and cotton. 
Tl a1 a tiro fA (dU'd-wir). n. one of a tribe Ok 
•i^cJL-tt-waJL c American Indians, originally 
inhabiting the region of the Delaware Rnrer. 
Ha loir (d^lS'). v.t. [p.t. and p.p. delayed. 
uc-iajr delaying], to put off; to 
postpone; make late: hinder fcH* a time: 
v.i. to act cn> proceed slowly: n. postpone- 
ment; detention; as, the dielay was caused 
by a storm; procrastination. — n. delayer. 
Ha 1a (dSle), v.t. to take out (a letter, etc.) 
UC-AC In proof reading: n. a mark [v] Indi- 
cating that a letto*, etc., is to be deleted, or 
taken out. 

de-lecta-ble S^'^d'^JfuifVlS: 

cream is delectable on a hot day.— ode. de- 
lectably. — n. deleotableness. 

de-lec-ta-tion ^fpiSSS!*- "• "^ 

HaI A crof A (d«'^-gftt), n. one sent to reiK 
UCl-C-^ resent, and act tor, others; as. 
the delegates to a convention; representative: 
v.t. (ddl'd-gat), to smid as an agent with au- 
thority to act; intrust; commit; as, the pe(^le 
delegate power to Congress. 

Syn-. n. agent, deputy, substitute. 
HaI a «yo finn (d6I'»-g&'8hiin), n. a send- 
aei-e-ga-UOn ]£ft away; the act of au- 
thorizing a person or body €it persons to act 
for others; the body of persons chosen to act ; 
as. each State sends a delegation to the Repub- 
lican convention. 

Ha 1a4-a (d^lef), v.t. to blot out: erase; 
UC-iCtC as. the printer is expected to 
delete all mistakes before printing a book. 
HaI a f a rl mic (dei'e-tS'rl-fis), adj. 
aei-e-Xe-n-OUS harmful, morally or 
physicaUy; poisonous: as. 9ome drugs have 
a deleterious effect on the body. — ode, delete- 
rionsly. — n. deleterlonsness. 
HAlff tirarA (dfilft'wlr^. n. a kind of 
uciAt-woxc glazed earthenware, made first 
at Delft, in Holland. Also, delft. deU. 
Ha liK Ar ofA (d^Ub'Sr-at). v.t. to re- 
ue-UEI-cr-aie fleet on: to think upon 
or consider- weigh in the mind: as, be 
deliberated the matter before deciding; pon- 
der: r.t. to take counsel with oneself or 
others; as, the men elected to make laws are 
expected to deliberate before x>asaing a law: 
aaj. (d^llb'Sr-ftt), drcunvspect; slow tn 
determining or in action: well-considered: 
watchful: cautious; prudent; wary. — ads. 
deliberately. — n. dellberator. 

Syn., V. consider, meditate, oonsult. p(Hi- 
der. debate. 

de-Ub-er-a.tion S}tr.2S*oSS{ .«2: 

sideratlon; slowness in action. Also, deNb- 

Ate, senUte, rftre, cAt, locil, fUr, Ask, pdrade; scfine^ dvent, 6dge. novll, reffir; 
right, Bin; c6ld, 6bey, c6rd, st6p, compare; iinit, finite, bdm, cflt, focfis, menii; 




Oe-UD-er^-UVe ©r pertaining to dis- 
ciURion: having the totm of debate; existing 
for legislative discusedon; characterized by 
careftif consideration. 

AgA tno_rir (dfil'I-kd^I). n. [pi. deUcades 
U61-l-4;a-Cy (-sl2)l. the state or duality 
of being agreeable to the taste or other 
senses; a luxury; grace; sensitiveness; re- 
flnement; sensibility; consideration for the 
Agings of others; sensitiveness to disease. 

Svn. nicety, daintiness, refinement, tact, 
•oftneos. modesty. 

Ant. (see boorishness. indelicacy). 
^IaI { /«o4>A (d611-kftt). adj. pleasing to the 
U61-l-CalC taste; as. a delicate flavor; 
tender; refined; as, delicate attentions; phsrsl- 
cmlly frail; as a delicate child; sensitive. — 
odv. deUoatetF. 

HaI i_ro fAQ ftATi «iei'X-kd-t«8'fin), 
OeX-1-Ca-ieS-Sen prepared foods, as 
cooked meats, preserves, and relishes; table 
delicacies. [Geb.I 

/Ia 1i-riniic (a^Usli'fis), adj. highly pleas- 
tlC-U-^lUUa ing to the senses, taste, or 
mlDd; exquisite. — adv. deUdousIy. — n. de- 

Syn, sweet, palatable. 

Ant, (see nauseous). 
A A KcrYif (d^IltO. 9.<. to gratify or please 
OC-ilgUl in-eatly; charm: v.i. be fil^y 
gratlfled or pleased: with in: n. an extreme 
denee of pleasure; high satisfaction; joy. 

Syn.. n. enjoyment, pleasure, happiness. 
Craiuport. ecstasy, gladness, rapture, bliss. 

Ant. (see annoyance). 
Ha U&hf aH (d^Ut'fid). p.adj. greatly 
ae-Ugni-ea pleased: wratWed; charmed. 
Ha 1t<yfif fill (d^Ut'fd&l). adj. affording 
UC-il|^lr-lui enjoyment; pleasing: charm- 
ing. — ad9. deUghtfiuly^ — n. dellghttulnets. 
Ha lim i4> (d&-]Im^t). v.t. to mark out or 
ae-lini-U ^x the mnlts of. as territory: 

Ha 1in A o4>A (d&-nn'd-fit).v.(.tomarkout 
ae>IlU-e-aie with Unes; sketch; draw; 
describe minutely and accurately in words. 

Ha litl A_ll fiAfl «lft-lta'»-a'shan). n. the 
Oe-ilU-e-a-UOIl act or art of picturing 
or describing; a sketch, description, etc. 
Ha liTl A_fl fnr (tlo-lIn'6-S't«r), n. one 
ae-ilIi-e-a.-lOr ^ho pictures or describes. 

neglect of. or failure In. duty; a misdeed ; fault. 
Ha lin^iiATlf (d^-lttTorSnt), adj. falling 
Oe-iin*queni short of duty: n. one who 
nei^ectB. or fails to perform, a duty; an 

HaI 1 niiAcrA WeiT-kwfiB'). v.i. to dls- 
aei-l-queSCe aolve gradually and be- 
come liquid by taking in moisture from the 
air. as certain salts. — adj. dsUqassoent. 

Ha Itr I AMC (d»-ttra-fls). adj. llght-head- 
uc-iu-l-vuo ed; Insane; raving because 
cf fever; ftuntic with ddight; as. the gift of 
e pony makes a child deUrious with joy. — 
adt. delirtoasljr. 

Ha It-r { iim (d^Ura-flm). n. a temporary 
UC-Ill -1-Ulli mental disorder, often caused 
by fever, and marked by wandering speech 
and fancies; excitement; wild enthusiasm: as, 
a delirium of joy. 

de-lir-i-um tre-mens ^?,i^;;5:"S 

dtoease of the brain caused by drliUdng in- 
toxicating liquors to excess. 
Ha Wrr Ar (<tt-lrv'fr). t.1. to set ftiee: save; 
ae-UVH3i yield possession or control of: 

carry and hand to an owner; send forth vig- 
orotuly; discharge: communicate; utter; 
as. to deliver a speecn. 

Syn. liberate. fk«e, rescue, pronounce, give, 
hand over. 

Ha Wxr Ar-arirA (cl^Uv'8r-&ns).n. theact 
ae-UV-er-ance of, setting ft«e: rescue: 
release; a public utterance. 
Ha Wxr Ar \r (dB-Uv'Sr-D. n. \pl. deliveries 
Oe-UV-er-y (.i^)], the act of releasing; 
a setting flree; a surrendw; transfer: manner, 
of speaking; as. the orator had a splendid 
delivery; a distribution of letters, etc.; the 
act or manner of throwing a balL 
HaII (d61), n. a small valley: a ravine; a 
ueu retired glen. 

Ha 1/\iic Af (dS-louz'Sr). n. an apparatus 
ae-iOUS-er for disinfecting doSOng to 
destroy body lice. 

TIaI nViir (dM'flk), adj. pertaining to 
X/ei-piUC Delphi, or to the famous 
sanctuary of Apollo with its iniestess. or the 
games celebrated there In honor of ApdAo. 
Also. Delphian. 

TIaI car^A (d61-6&rt0. n. a system of 
X/Ci-aaitC physical exercise first taught 
by F. Delsarte. a Frenchman. 
HaI fa (dSl'td). n. [pi. deltas (-tdx)l. a 
uci-ut deposit of sand or soil, shaped like 
the Greek letter delta, formed at the mouth of 
a river; as. the NUe River forms a deUa; any 
triangular surface. 

Ha 111 Ha (dd-ludO. t.t. to cheat: beguile: 
uc-AUUC deceive; as. to delude oneself 
with falM hopes. 

HaI iio>a (ddl'tU). n. an Inundation or 
uci-U^C flood; a great overflowing of the 
land by water, especially that of the time of 
Noah (Genesis vil); a sudden and resistless 
calamity: v.t. to overwhelm; to overflow. 
Ha 111 ei/\n (d^lQ'zhfin). n. the act of 
ae-XU-SlOn leading astray; deceit; false 
idea; state of being deceived: as. he was 
imder the delusion that all men were honest. 

Syn. error. Illusion, fallacy, hallucination. 

Ant. (see fact, reality). 
Ha 111 C1VA (d*-lfl'8lv). adj. tending to 
UC-iU-^AVC mislead or deceive; d^ptive. 
Also, dfllnsory. — adv. delustvs^. — n. delustrs* 

Ha Iti'VA (d6 lUks), made unusually flne 
\*c AUA.C or elesant; as. an edition de kix$ 
ot Shakespeare's plays. (Fa.) 
HaIxta (dSlv), v.t. to dig; fathom; pene- 
UCAV c trate: t.i. to work with a spade; to 
make laborious search for information: as. 
the scientist delves into the secrets of nature. 
Ha ma a riAf i7a 'd6-m&g'n«t-Iz). v.t. to 
ae-mag-nei-lZe deprive of magnetle 

dem-a-gog ^JSs;i^„"„f fhelXUS; 

an Inslnoere political leader. Also. d« 

dem..fl ^O^ IC (d&n'd-gttjlk). adj. Uke a 
UCIU-a-gUg-ll^ demagog, or an insin- 
cere leader. Also. dcmacociesL 

HAm-5i.ancr icm (dem'a^gdg-fxm)^. tiie 
aem-a-gOg-lSin principles or practice of 

a demagog, or an insincere leaider of the peo|^. 
Ha monH (de-m&nd'). v.t. to claim: to 
uc-iAiouu exact: to question: summon: 
require: t.i. to inquire by authority: a. 
authoritative claim; an imp««tlve request; 
the state of being sought after; as. coal is In 
great demand. 

de-mar-ca-tion i^^^'^SsL. 5 

marking, the bounds of; a line d separation; 
as. th» fence to the demarcation of the property. 

bd&t, fd6t ; found; boil; function; chase; good; joy; then, thick; hw >» wh as in when; 
zh<-s as in azure; kh«ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxu. 




de-mean ^S^?' 

t.t. to behave; to 
ooDduct: M. to demean ono- 
•eir in a proper manner; to humble, lower, or 
deftrade; as. to be rude Is to demean oneself. 
Agh tnAon r%r (d»-mSn'6r). n. behavior; 
Oe-mean-OT deportment; bearing. Also, 

Afk mg^nf-fkA (<rt-m6n'tfid). p.adj. Insane; 
ae-menX-ea niad; deprived of reaaon. 
Ho triAn -fi o (d^mdn'&hl-d). n. unsound- 
Oe-men-U-a neBSof mind; insanity. 
A^ triAf* if (dft-mdrKt), n. action which do- 

blame; ill desert: a mark 
for bad conduct. 

#1o tnAcno (d^man'; d»-m5n'), n. pos- 
ue-Ulcau<; session of land as one's own; 
landed estate attached to a manor: adj. per- 
taining to a landed estate. Also. d«maui. 
Hotn i (<ltail-). half: a prefix used in com- 
^^•"*-*" position: as. dpmi-quavCT, a note 
equal in length to half a quaver. 
Hotn 1 trtkA (dfan-god'). n. an inferior 
Oem-l-gOa god; one whose nature is 
partly divine; a hero. 

A^m t inVin ((16ml-j6n). n. a larRO glass 
aem-1-JOnn botUe with a smaU neck 
and large body, usually incased in wicker- 
work and uaed for holding liqnors. 
Ho mlco (d^mlzO. n. death, especially of 
uu-iiuoc a royal personage; the convey- 
ance or transfer of an estate by will or lease: 
9X to give or grant by will: v.i. to bequeath 
property by wfll. 

Aix tnrt Kil 1TO (d»-mo'bI-lTz; d&-mOb1- 
ae-mO-DU-lZe itz). v.t. to disband or 
dismiss troops that have been mobilized, or 
called to arms; change from a war footing 
to a peace footing. 

Aa TTkCkr rfl_rv (d&-m6k'rd-«D, n. {pi 
Oe-mOC-ra-Cy democradas (-sla)l. gov- 
ernment by the people; republic; as. the 
United States is a democracv: practical or 
•octal equality opposed to aristocracy: as. 
the world must be safe for democracy: Democ- 
raoF» the Democratic party or its principles. 
Agxm f\ oraf (d6m'5-krat). n. one who 
aem-O-Crai beUevee in and upholds the 
prindfAes of popular government or social 
equality: Demoerat, a member of the Demo- 
cratic party. 

Horn n rraf tr (dfim'8-krftt'rk). adj. per- 
UClU-U-Cial-lU taining to democracy, or 
govo-nmont by the people; bellevini^in. or tend- 
ing to. social equality: Democratic party, one 
of the two greater parties in the United States. 
■o named in 1828.— odp. demooratioaUy. 

Horn m collo (dfimi-zfil') 
aem-Ol-SeUe marned wo 

married woman. 

Ho mAl iqVi (d^mdl'Ish). v.t. 
UC-UlUi-loll down; reduce to ruins; 

an un- 
to throw 
stroy; annihilate. — n. deivoUslier. 

Sun. raze, ruin, overthrow. 

Ant. (see build, repair). 
Horn A If fiATl (dfim'O-Ush'fln), n. the 
aem-O-il-UOn act or process of tearing 
down or destroyiuK: destruction. 
Ho mr\n (dS'mon). n. an evil spirit; devil: 
UC-UlUii In mythology, a being midway 
between the gods and men: a goardlan spirit 
or genius; a very wicked pprson. 
Ho mnn o fiTO (<ld-mOn'6-tiz) . r.t. to 
ae-mOn-e-uZe deprive of value, as 
money: withdraw from use. as money: as, 
the government will demonetize old torn 
paper money. — n. demonetixatkm. 
A^ mn ni ar (dS-mo'nl-fck), n. one pos- 
ae-mO-Ul-aC sessed of an evU spirit; a 
lunatic or insane person: adj. possesRed by. 
or like, an evil spirit: devilish: frantic: insane. 
^ I^lso. adJ. demoniacal. — adr. demontaT^llv. 

Ho mr\n icm (dS'mfin-lzm). n. beUef Id 
ae-mon-lSm exH sphlts or devUs; tbe 
nature of an evil spirit. 

de-mon-oU-try Sf^SS^'p^'S^ievSi 

or evil spirits. 

de-mon-ol-o-gy ^^*o"1e?iff .5 e% 


de-mon-stra-ble S^°'"Sf"">b5S 

i shown or proved. — odr. denxnutrably. 
Hom_An cfrflfo (<16m'6n-strit:d^m6ii'- 
aem-On-Straie strat), r.l. to prove be- 
yond the posslhility of a doubt: toach by 
examples: prove; as. the pupil leama to 
demonstnUe arithmetic problems. 
Syn. prove, show, efhibit. illustrate. 

dem^n-stra-tion <.^*s;*;2r^'^,J; 

ing or proving: a proof beyond the poesl- 
bifity or a doubt; manifestation: outward 
expression oi feeding; a public e.xhlbltian of 
sympathy with some political or social 
movement: as, a party demonstration: the 
exhibition and description of examples in art 
and science teaching, especially anatomy; a 
show of military force. 
Syn. certainty, e\idenco, proof, deduction. 

de-mon-stra-tive l,t^tV^'^i^ 

er of showing or proving; serving to point 
out. as a demonstrative pronoim; ooncluslre; 
showing the feelings openly and strongly: n. 
a pronoun which itself defines or indicates that 
to which it refers; as. this, thai, these, those. — 
adv. dcmonstratlrely. — n. deironsttatlTriiess. 

dem-on-stra-tor '^'^^iS^"^^ 

points out. or shows; a teacdier of practlokl 
anatomy, or physical science. 
Ho mAr_fl1 f TO (de-mdr'il-fz). c.l. to cor- 
Oe-mor-ai-lZe rupt: deprive of splrH 
or energy; throw into confusion ; disorganixa; 
confuse. — n. demorallaatlon. 

de-mount^-ble {S*t""Si;"S'' -Sg; 

taken apart; as, a demountable rim "on an 

automobile. • 

Homn c+or (d&np'st^r), n. a judge In the 

aemp-Sier jgie of Man. AIso. dMBUtar. 

Aa miir (d^mOr'), t.i. [p.t. and p.p. d*- 

uc-Aiiuj, murrtYl, demurring), to 

hesitato: raise objections: n. an objection or 


At^ miiro (dd-mOr'). adj. grave; sober: 

\AC-uxiuc modest : as, a demure manner. 

— odr. demorcly. — n. demureiMts. 

Ho mtir raaf^ (d6-mQr'ftj). n. the hold- 

ae-mur-rage ing of a vessel in port, or 

of a railroad car, beyond the time allowed for 

loading, unloadinfr. ot-c.: the money paid by 

the fheigbter for such delay. 

Ho miir rot* '<S6-mQr'er). n. one who 

ae-mux-rer hesltat«i or objects; an 

objection on a point of law. 

Hon (ddn), n. cavern; the cave of a wOd 

vacii lx^ast: lair; any cozy and private 

room, as for studying. 

de-na-iion^-ixe 'rf'i^^tS^Vli 

national rights or character: render local. 
Ha not 11 ml ito (de-nat'd-ril-rz). ».<. 
Ue-nat-U-rai-lZe to make unnatural: 
to deprive of the rights and duUes of a dtlzeo 
or subject. 

Ho no -HiroH (dfi-nE'tOrd). adj. changed 
Ut^-ua-iureu i„ nature or character: 
mado unfit for its ordinary use by addition of 
other materials; a5. denatured alcohol. 

ftte, sendte, rftre, cAt, locAl, filr, Abk, pdrade; hcene^ fivent, ^dge, novJ!, ref€r; 
light, ein; cdid, dbey, cdrd, 8t5p, compare; unit, Onitei bdrn, cut, iocds, menfi; 


Aa ni o1 (<l6-Ql'U), n. refUiial to grant. b»- 

UC-lU-tU Ueve, or admit; oontradlction; 


Aat% im (d^lm). n. a coarse cotton 

UCU-IUi material used for hangings, flow 

coverings, etc 

A£krt t 7011 (dfinl-zen). n. an inhabitant; 

UtSU'l-MttSU. citizen; an alien, or foreigner, 

who has received papers admitting him to the 

rl^ts of citizenship : t.t. to admit to the rights 

or citizenship; to populate with citizens. 

ue-IiOlU-l-IUtlc ignate. or rive a name to; 
call: name: adj. having a speciflc name; con- 
crete; as, five cents is a denominate number. 

Atk nnm i na firm (d^ndml-n&'shOn). 
ae-nom-l-na-UOn „. the act of desig- 
nating or naming; a sect, class, or division; 
a name for a certain class or unit in a series; 
as, we have coins of many denominations. 


pertaining to, or curled on by, a class or sect. 
— -adv. dsaonaJnatloiudly. — n. denoadnatlon- 

iio n/\m 1 Tia fixro (dd-n6m'I-nfL-tIv). 
Oe-nOm-l-na-llVe adj. giving a name: 

n. a word derived firom a noon or adjective; 
as. a denominaUte verb. 
Atk iyf\m 1 no fnT (de-n6ml-nSn€r), n. 
Oe-nOm-l-na-XOr one who,or that which, 
gives a name to; the expression of a ftttction 
which, when placed below the line, gives the 
name or value to the univ. 
Ha riA ffl fiATl (dC'p^ti'shfln), n. a plain 
Oe-uO-ia-UOn marWrg out; a dear 
sign; an indication; a name. 
Ao, •nrkfA (d*-ndt'). c.t. to signify or idcn- 
Uc-IiOie tity; mark out plainly; indicate; 

/1^ n/\iio motif (<lS-nro'm«6: da'nW- 
Oe-nOUe-ineni mW). n. the unraveling 
or solving of the plot of a story <»> play; the 
solving of a mystery. [Fr.J 
Aa •fl>irkii«iro fd©-nouns'). v.t. to threaten 
U.C-1IUU11V/C or accuse publicly; censure; 
to condemn. 

ilonco ((1^1^) • odj. thick; as. a dense fog; 
UCUdC compact; as. a dense crowd; in- 
tense; stupid. — adv. densely. — n. denscness. 
AekT% CI fir (dAn'sl-tl). n. closeness or 
UCU-al-lJr compactness, as of matter; 
depth, as of shade; proportion of mass to bulk. 
/lonf (d£nt), n. small hoUow; a slight 
Uclli depression caused by a blow or 
pressure; the tooth of a wheel; a cog; tooth 
of a comb or metallic brush: r.(. to make a 
small hollow in. 

/Ion fol (ddn't&l), adj. pertaining to the 
UCU-Uli teeth; pronoimced by the aid of 
the teeth: n. a letter pronounced by the aid 
of the teeth. 

Ham <fA-f<:k (dSn'tSt). adj. toothed: as, den- tale loaves. Also, dentatsd. 
Hon fi f/irm (d6n'tl-f6rm), adj. having 
aen-U-IOim the shape of a tooth. 
Hon f« -ft^ro (dfin'tl-frls). n. a powder. 
aen-U-iriCe uquld, or paste used for 
cleaning the teeth. 

Hon fil (ddn'tU). n. one of the small square 
f*eil-Ul blocks or projections in cornices of 
roofii. ALk>. dcnt^ 

Ham -fino (d&i'tin), n. the hard, dense 
aeu-lUIC tissue which forms the body of 
a tooth. 

Ham 4^ of (dCn'tlst). n. one who practfces 
Ueu-Uov dental surgery, as filling cmd 
extracting teeth. 

^AM -frief «-tr (dfin'tlst-rD, n. the art of a 
qen-USt-ry dentist: dental surgery. 

165^ deplorable 

Hon fi finn (dta-tlah'Qn). n. the procea 
aen-U-uOIl or period of cutting tlM 
teeth; arrangement of the teeth. 

Hon 11 Hfl firm <.4^/$i-d&'ibfln: dS'n^ 
aen-U-aa-U(m dashfln). n. the act or 
stripping or making bare. 

Ath nil Ho (dd-nOd'). V't. to make bare or 
ue-nuue naked; as. to denude one ol 
clothing: lay bare (roda# by the wearing 
action of water. 


n. the act of accusing jmblidy; a threat; 

Ho niin_ri_ii fnr (d^n0n'sl-«»t«r; dS- 
ae-nun-Cl-a-XOr nan'shl-i't^r). n. one 
who accuses publicly. 

de-nun^U-to-iy ^ISiSS^Sr&Si'?: 

adj. relating to, or containing, an accusa- 
tion (NT threat. Also, demukciatlVe. 
Ho nv (dd-nlO. 0.^ to refuse to believe or 
ue-uy admit: contradict; to withhoki. 
Syn. gainsay, dispute. oMxwe. contest. 
Agk_rk Anr^aiyf (<15-o'der-int)» n. some- 
ae-O-aor-ani tlUng whkii takes away 
odcHr; a disinftetant. 

Ho_n Anr ito (dWS'dSr-b). e.t. to dlsin- 
ae-O-aor-lZe /ecror deprive of odor. 
Ho narf fd^p&rt'). v.i. to go or move 
uc-poi. t away: leave; die; desist; deviate. 

Syn. quit, decamp, redre. withdraw, 

Ant. (see remain). 

de-part-ment Jga*3SSSS2:- "i 'JSt 

rate room or office for business; a branch of 
Lusinoss, Ktudy, c^* sdonce; a division of 
government; as, the Department of Agri- 
culture; a province. 

de-part-men-tal <^r|ISiiSS'""i 

branch or division ; governed or departments. 
Ho iifl r fii ro (de-p&r'tilr). n. the act of 
ae-par-TUre leavfog; a going away; 
a changing from an old to a new plan or 
method; death. 

Ho Tkfi^TkA (dS-PfindO. t.i. to reiy for sup- 
ue-peuu port; trust; be condiUoned; 
with on or upon; hang down. 

Ha npnH-fltif (d^pfin'dlnt). n. one who 
ae-pena-anx reUm on another for sup- 
port. Also, dependent. 

Ha riATiH ATiro (d^Pto'dftns). n. the 
ue-peuu-eace state of being supported 
or influenced by. or subject to. another; 
connection; reliance; trust: as, tne depend- 
ence of a child on its father: that on whldi 
one relies; state of hangingaown. 

de-pend-en-cy ^SSd^c^H.'^ii 

country under control of another ootmtry. 

de.Oend Atlt /d6-p€n'd«nt), adj. hang- 
UC-pcuu-CUl jng down; relying on 
someone or something else for support; con- 
ditional; subordinate: n. one who reliffi on 
another for support; something whldi 
hangs down. Also. n. dependant. 
At^ nirf (d&-pnct'). t.t. to paint or portray; 
uc-piwi dencribe or show >1^idly: as. the 
writer was able to drpict a wonderfm scene. 
A^ -nlofo (duplet'), v.t. to empty; to un- 
ae-piexe load: to exhaust. 

Ho nio finti (dC-ple'shfin), n. the act of 
ue-Uie-UUU emptying; exhaustion; ae. 
the depletion of energy by overwork; blood- 

Ha nlnr-A Wa WM^r'd-bl). adj. sad: 
ue-piOr-a-DXe calamitous; grievous; ae, 
a deplorable accident. — adv. deplorably. 

bd&ty fd&t; found; boil; function; chase; good; joy; then, thick; hw ==wh as in when; 
zhsz as in azure; khech as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xai. 

deplore i«6 

/I A «\1/\fA (d^pl5r^), v.t. to Ument; grieve 
ue-UiUre for; as, to deplore the loss of & 
Mend: deplore wrongdoing. 
A^ Tklnv (<18-Plor). v.t. and r.i. [p.t. and 
uc-pAVjr p.p. deployed, dei^oylng]. to 
spread out in line of ^battle; extend the front 
Ime. as troops: n. a movement by which a 
b ody o f troops is spread out in front. — n. de- 

dA TiA riATif (d^pO'nfint), adj. having a 
c-uv-iicut paadve form and an active 
meaning: used of a I^tln verb: n. a witness 
who makes a statement, usually in writing. 
Ha nnn 11 laf a (d^l><ip'fl-ftt). p.t. to do- 
Oe-pOp-U-iaxe pHve of inhabitants or 
people. — n. dspopalatlom. 
Ha -nArf (de-port'), v.t. to carry from one 
u^-pvit country to another; banish: be- 
have (oneself). 

Ha TUir tfl fiATi (di'pAr-tS'shftn), n. act 
ae-por-ia-UOU of carrying, or state of 
being carried, into another country: the 
•endmg back to his own country ot an alien 
seeking entrance into another; forcible 
remo^ of people from a conquered coun- 

'^^ A- - ' 

de-pOrt-ment duct'!behavlor:demeanOT' 
Ha vw\eA (d&-poz'). "V.t. to remove from a 
UC-UUoC throne, or other high station: 
deprive of office; bear witness to: v.i. testify 
on oath. 

Ha nAc i^ (d^pOzlt), v.t. to put or set 
uc-puo-lL down; place; put In a bank: 
Intrust to another fm* security: n. something 
committed to the care of another; a pledge; 
money k^t in a bank; something set or 
laid down. 

Ha TkAC 1 f o t-ir (dft-pOzT-tA-rl), n. one 
Oe-pOS-l-ia-iy with whom something is 
Intrusted; a guardian: place where something 
is put for sai^-keeping. Also, depository. 

dep-o-si-tionlS!i*-)f^;'?rie 2^'tr 

putting dowB. placing in trust, etc.; re- 
moving from a throne or office; testiimony 
under oath. 

Ha riAC 1 f Ar (<l^Pfi*1-tfir). n. one who 
UC-pU9-l-lUl puts down, or places in trust; 

one who puts money in a bank. 

Ha fwic 1 fA t-ir (d^p6z'I-t(J-rD , n. [vl. 

ae-pOS>l-IO-ry depositories (-ns)!. the 

Elaoe where, or person with whom, anything 
I pu& tor nfe-keeplng. as a bank. Also, 

Ho rkAi" (de'pS; d£'p5; ddp'5). n. a ware- 
UC-pUL house; a ouilding for military 
stores, etc.: the headquarton of a regiment; 
a railway station. 

Ha nroxTA (d^prSV), v.t. to make bad or 
uc-pxavc corrupt: appUed to morals. 

Ha txretxrthA (d^PrSvd'). p.adj. morally 
UC-piavcu debased; corrupt; made bad 
or worse. 

Ha r\Tarr i Hr (de-pr»vT-tD , n. the stat« 
ae-praV-l-iy of befog immoral or cor- 
rupt; wickedness. 

Hati rA /«flfA (dfip'rS-kat). v.t. to dls- 
ucp-AC-vat^ approve strongly of; ex- 
press regret for; as. the stare manager depre- 
cates the rudeness of the salesman to a cus- 
tomer. — adv. depreoatlnsly. 
HAn rth ra ftAti (dSp'rd-kS'shfln). n. the 
Oep-re-Ca-UOn act of disapproving. 

HaTI TA-TJl f A rv (d6p'r6-kd-tA-rf). adj. 
ucp-AC-va*LU-ijr apologetic; serving as 
a protest against something: disapproving. 
Ha ««-a ^5 o-fA (d6-pr5'shl-at),r.t. to lower 
UC-prc-vl-aie the value or rate of: 
gpeak slightingly of: v.i. to fall in value: as. 


the property wUl depreciate in value if It 1* 

not kept in repair. — adj. depr«ciatJT«. 

Ha nrA ri a fiAn (dd-prS'shl-i'shOn). n. 

ae-pre-ci-a-uon the act of w»««*to y 

the value or worth of; a faU In value. 

Hpn TA^iifA (dfiP're^St). v.t. to pOla^e; 

ucp-ic-uaic rob; lay waste; prey up«i. 

dep-re-da-tion i^S^^l^i^?,. ^ 

stroying. cm* laying waste. 

dep-re-da-tor ^XV^Zt^; "t^ 


Ha rk«-Ace (d^pr6s'). v.t. to press or thrust 
UC>picob down; sadden; d&pirit: as. tb» 
horrors of war depress us all ; lower or cheapea; 
make dull, as trade. 

Ha nrACGAH (<i»-Pr6st'). p.adj. cast down 
Oe-preSSea in spirits; Towered in posi- 
tion: flattened from above. 
Ha nrAG ctAti (do-prfeh'fln). n. the act 
ae-preS-SlOn ©f making lower: the 
sinking or falling in of a surface: low si^rtfes; 
dulness of trade; as. the depression ot busi- 
ness caused a panic. 
dA nr AC cAr (d^prfa'Sr). n. one who. or 
e-preS-SOr that wWch. makes tower; a 
muscle that draws down an orfr&n or part. 
HA-n rt xra fiAn (dfip'ri-va'shiln). n. the 
aep-n-Va-UOn act of taWng away; Iom. 
Ha nriVA (d^PrtV), r.t. totalcefrom: dls- 
vac;-piivc possess; debar; depose, as troxn 
office: with of. 

Syn. strip, bereave, despoil, rob. 
HAnfVi (depth), n. distance below the sur^ 
ucpui face; profoundness: extent of 
penetration: richness of tone or color: that 
which is deep; as. the ocean depths; in an 
airplane, the perpendicular distance from th» 
chord to the farthest point of a curved surface: 
depth bomb, in the World War, an effective 
contrivance arranged to explode at a cer- 
tain depth under water, and thus destroy a 
submarine boat, if in the >icinity. AJ0O. 
dspth durge. 

Hah 11 ffl fiAti (d<^P'<)-ta'8hiln). n. the 
aep-U-ia-UOn act of appointing, or 
giving power to. an agent: the persons so 
appointed to act; as, a deputatton visited 
the governor. 

Ha mif a M^P&tO. v.t. to appoint as an 
uc-puLC agent or deputy: send wltb 
authority to act on behalf of the principal. 

Svn. conunission. charge, intrust, delegate, 
authorize, accredit. 

Hah 11 ^17 A (ddp'(i-tlz), r.t. to appoint as a 
UCp-U-U^C deputy or agent. 
Hah 11 fv (dfp'Q-tl). n. [pi. deputies (-tlB)l. 
\Ac;p-u-tjr one appointed to act for another: 
an agent: a delegate. 

Ha roil (d^ralO. v.i. to run off the rafls: 
uc-iaiA r.(. to cause to leave the rails; as. 
an open switch will derail a train. — n. d«rai]- 

Ha ro^ncTA (d^rlnj'). r.t. to disorder; to 
UC-iaUgc confuse; disturb; to make 
insane. — p.adj. deranged. 

de-range-ment i2f5'i;?t^- .lit *5? 

order; insanity. 

Ha^ KtT (dOi-'bl; Eng. dKr'bD. n. \pL 
aer-Dy bies (-blz)l. a kind of sOT felt 
hat, with a dome-shaped crown and 
curved brim: Derby, a race, founded 1780, 
Tor t breezy ear-old horses, run amnially at 
Epsom. England. 

HAr A Uni- (d«r'^llkt). adj. abandoned; 
aer-e-UCi adrift: unfaithful: n. any- 
thing left, fomaken. or cast away inten- 
tionailv. as at sea: as. the wrccared ship 

Ate, senate, rArc, c4t, lodU, fJlr, Ask, p^h-ade; scSne^ 6vent, 6dge, novil, ref€r; 
right, dn; c6ld, dbey, cdrd, 8t5p. compare; dnit, Unite, b&rn, cut, fociis, menii; 

beemmc > dBrcHct m 
dooed toodaat tbipm 

der.«-Iic-tion ^-^r -5,5;^^. „ -^ 

, (dflU'). E.t. 10 mock: ]au«h 

de-rido if 

de-ris-i-ble gSSSiiJ' 
de-ri-sion ffJaffifSiKji., 

Suit. cootiuuF^y. dL 

de-rijiive "**' 

I. niMi fill 11 ridl- 
.—ait. dafl«lT«lr* 

'), oiij. obtained 
A iroM fDTtnsd 

oiigiiul root or item; di 

der-ma asr^"„ 
der-mal i2Sffl',3 


of: M 


aer-nCK ropa ud puli^ ror Uftbig 

lM>T]f WfdgbU. 

flap rin 0ai- [dSr'ta-JSr). n. a podiet 

aer-nn-ger pii,^ ^,i, , n^jrt b,imi 

of TST Urse nllber. 


{Kmrtr. cbuCl'- — * ■— 


on sne Umoib: r.f. (d^kltot'Y. (a ccumnsal 

ri«idy: telk at Icosth: to ting In piu-U. 

^a Br-anA (<U4iiHl'). e.f. ui go or coma 

ae-8cena jo„ ft^i ■ hirtw to a lowa- 

porilion: to come or fklt violently or In 

Dpai ttia tovn: ba dalvad: tall In order of 
Intaorlunca. or from one ganer^ttoo to anotbor ; 
>j; 10 go down or alooc. 

de^end-ant i.*^SS^i,''g^'^ 

of Uh ea 

falling: DC 



itBcenlof IheenamjupoD AeeoaM; acoDtna 
ftom a common ancealor; birth; a ptiaa§n 
from a higher to a lower tiutt. 

ae-SCnO-a-Oie p^ule of bctng pStured 

deSbe '^^'U-, 

de-scrip-tive 'd*'^S^h' 

In woniar — adr- d*f crlptlTelr. 
An arm Mfi-slul'). e.l. to die 
Qe-SCIy [jiB eye Mpoctallr I 
Unco or through obBcnrltr; tod 

d Js-e^Mate C'*^^^-'-. 

or worldly [ob: profane; ae. to den 
Sim. mlaoH. abtise, poUule. 

des e-cra-tlon SfMSSS 
deceit &^2-£';£'SS, 

AaB ai-f (dSl'Sn), n. 

H« cor tinn rdt-zOr-itafim . n. tbe act of 
UB-tiCI-llUU foTBaklnB; a leaving one'a 
pcKt; Etate or being forulnn. 
rln asrirB IdB-iOrv'). 1.1. i« earn by atrv- 
ae-Serve ice; be wonto of; to man; 
t.i. to be worthy ordeaecvliig; oaually wtta 

des-E-Sue S^l 

of being partly t 
dlihaMU*. ffa.) 

des-ic-cate i,^"^"ij"' 

by Uldng the motnture froB: 

d^"s-ic-ca-tion <2f51^'- 
des-ic-ca-tor f;" 

H gHSHnt; • alala 
l(^ *wed. Alao^ 


de-sid-er-a-tum ^^ 

anything desired ; a want 

folt and recDgnlEed. 

ita c-tim IdA-iIn'), r.I. to dra*. mark, or 

ae-SIgn piu oat; prolen; Intend: Mt 

mentally: as. tr '— — — 

diawiuB: project: tntenHpn, 





or a doAcription. the limits of: point out; 
(Uatingulsh; name. — adj. dMlsmtivt. 

des-ig-na-tion iito'!?"3;e "JS'^f 

namioff or pointing out; a distinctive mark 

or title; appointment. 

Ha gioti-aH 1v (d^zIn'dd-lD. adv. Inten- 

Oe-Slgn-ea-iy uonaUy; purposely; by 


Afik cicm At* (d^dn'Sr). n. <»ie who makes 

uc-ai^AA-ci plans or original sketches for 

decoration, etc. 

Hajbioti iriff (d^i^lns). adj. scheming: 
Oc-SlgU-Ulg artful: cunning ; wily: n. 
the act or art of making sketches; the act 
of plotting. 

Ha Rir^ hll 1 tv (dA-'lr'd-binf-tD.n.the 
ae-Sir-a-DU-l-iy state or quality of be- 
ing pleasing or acceptable. 

dA^ir^ Wa «»-2lr;4-W). adj. pleasing: 
ae-SlT-a-Die agreeable.— a<to. desirably. 

Syn. expedient, advisable, valuable, accept- 
able, proper. Judicious, beneficial, profitable, 

HA-CtrA (d^drO. v.t. to wish earnestly for; 
UC-OU9 crave; to express a wish for; ask: 
n. a longing for the posseasion of some ob- 
ject; an evnest wish; a petition or prayer; 
the object longed for. 

Syn. n. longing, affection, craving. 
Ha sir />iic (d6-zir'(ls). ad^. ftiU of a wish 
UC-9U-UUd or longing: solicitous; anx- 
ious; as. hd was desirous to please others. 
Atk cicf (d^zlst'). v.i. to cease ftrom action: 
uc-oidL stop; forbear: often foUowed 
by ftom. 

Sun. discontinue, quit, abstain. 

Ant. (see continue, persevere). 
H Aclr (<id^)» ^- ^ frame or table for reading 
ucaiL or writing upon; a pulpit. 
Hac rt lof A (a6s'o-lat), v.t. to lay waste; 
UCD-U-laiC deprive of inhabitants; over- 
whelm with sorrow; forsake: adj. (dte'ft-l&t). 
deprived of inhabitants; solitary; laid waste; 
abandoned: miserable. — ad;, desolately. — n. 

Syn., adf. bereaved, forlorn, forsaken, 
deserted, wild, waste, bare, bleak, lonely. 

Ant. (see pleasant, happy). 
Haq a Ifl finti (<16«7-la'ahfln),n.theact 
aeS-O-ia-UOn of laying waste; the 
state of being laid waste or abandoned; a 
solitude; ruin; destruction ;afl3iction; misery. 
Ha cnoir (d^p&r'). v.i. to abandon all 
uc-opcui. hope, or expectation; become 
hopeless: n. loss of hope or confidence: 
hopelessness; that which causes loss of hope 
en* which is looked upon as hopeless.— ^.aa>. 
despairing. — idv. despatringly. 

Hac nofrYi (dO-sp&ch'). v.t. to aeod off 
OeS-paiCn qulcay; put to death; fin- 
ish quickly: n. speedy perfcMinance; cder- 
Ity; promptness; a quick message, as a 
tcttegram; a govemmmt document sent to a 
minister abroad. Also, dlspatoh. 
Hac fiflfpfi Ar (d»-«Pftch'8r), n. one who 
aeS-paiCn-er gends somethhig off 
promptly or at the ri^t time; as. a train 
despatcher. Also, dlspatcl&er. 
Ha^ n^r^jdn (d«s'p8r-i'd5). n. [pi. des- 
ueb-pcr-a-UO jperadoes or desperados 
(-dSz)]. a bold and redcless criminal. 
Haq nAr_AfA (d&'pfir-ftt). adj. reckless 
uco-pvA-aic from rage or despair; 
furious: firantic; beyond hope or cure. 
—adv. desperately. — n, desperateness. 
Hag nAr a fi/«n (d6s'p6r-a'shfin). n. 
aeS-per-a-UOn state of being without 
hope, and firantic; the recklessness of 

Haq ni rn Wa (dfis'pi-kd-bi), adj. 

ue9-pi-ca.-UiC tempUble; mean; fit to 
be looked down on.— <ulr. desploably. 
Ha crkiCA (d^Hspiz'). v.t. to look down 
uc-apiac upon with scorn or contempt; 

Ha cnif a (de-spItO. n. extreme contempt: 
uc-apiLC malicious anger; scorn; hatred: 
prep, notwithstanding. 

Ha cntfA fill (deHBpft'fdOD.oifi. mallcioiis: 
ae-Spiie-HU insulting; malignant.— ads. 
despltetolly. — n. d— plteftilwess. 
Ha erk/\t1 (d*-spoil'). vt. to rob; deprive 
ae-SpOU of belongings; pillage. 
Ha c<ff«/\riH (dS^pondO. r.i. tobecastdo'wxi 
ue-bpuuu In spirits; give way to melan- 

de-spond-en-cy SSS^o? '°toU"'« 

courage; deep mental deiNression. Also, 

de-spond-ent «f«g^f"*5i4i'^ 

pressed. — adv. despondently. 

Hac ru\¥ (dfis'pOt), n. an absolute mler; 

uco-pUL tyrant; as. Nero was a despot. 

Hag TkrA" in (d&i-pdtlk). adj. absolute tai 

uca-put-i%^ power; autocratic; iiresponsl- 

ble; arbitrary; tyrannical. Also, dsspotloaL 

—adv. desponeally. 

Hag TU%f iGm (dfis'pftt-Xan). n. abMlute 

uco-pUL-idiu power or government; 


Hac CAf-f (dd-xihtO. n. a coarse of fTidta, 

uco-aci i nuts, or sweets, served last at 


des-ti-na-ti<m ^"^^'^'^jeS; 35: 

mate or final design; goal; stated end of a 

Hag fin a (dfis'tin). v.t. to appoint to any 
uco-ixuc purpose or end; settle the future 
use of; decree the future of; foreordained. t\\r (dfis'tl-nl). n. [pi destlnlw 
aeS-U-ny {.niz)]. fate; Inevitable or un- 
avoidable necessity; lot; fortune. 

Syn, decree, doom. end. 
Hag fi fiifA (dSs'ti-tQt), adj. without 
UCt^U-iUVC means; penniless; being 
wholly without (something needed) ; laddng. 
Hag fi til fiAn (dfe'U-ttt'shfln), n., ox- 
ues-U-ni-UOil treme poverty: want ; lack 
Ha Gfr/w (dd-stroiO. t.t. [p.t. and p.p. do> 
uc-duujr Btroyed. destroying], to 
pull down; ovwtum; lay waste; render 
desolate; Idll; put an end to. 
Ha GfrAtr Ar (d9-stroi'8r). n. one who 
ue-blXOy-er gpous or puts an end to: a 
war vessel of the Cqmqdo-boal^ class. 


spoiled or put an end to. 

de-struct-i-ble {gi»'^'"£S«iJiS: 

put an end to, <Mr laid waste. 

de-struc-tion St*ir?r2SL"'of S^ciSS 

or putting an end to; overthrow; mln: 


Ha Gfnir fiVA (di-strttk'tlv), ad/. deadly; 

Oe-SXrUC-UVe tending to, or causing. 

desolation: ruinous; hurtful; as, a dsslmo- 

tive epidemic, or a de^ruttive fire. — adv. 

ds t It uotlf ely. 

Syn. detrimental, noxlOQt. InjuriouB, buy^ 

Ant. (see creative). 

de-struc-tive-ness i^'ttoSSSw*^ 

being ruinous: an incilpation to destroy. 

Ate, eenUte, rAre. cAt, locAl, fllr, Ask, p<irade; 8c6ne^ dvent, ^dge, novU, refSr; 
light, sin; c61d, 6bey, c6rd, stdp, compare; flnit, finite, biim, cut, fociis, menil; 


Hac 11A fiiHA (dfe'w^tOd). n. dlsuM of 
ue^-UC-iUUC custom. pr»ctloe. orteshton. 

Stpu dlscoDtlniuuice. oessaUon. 

Ant, (seemaintenanoe). 

aeS-Ul-tO-ry from one thW to another 
without order or method; ahnless; erratic. 
tidr. daraHorllr. — n. d«salt«MrlnMs. 

Sun. rambling, discursive, loose, unme- 
thodical, superficial, unsettled, fltftil. 

Ant. (see thorouKn). 
A A farfi (do-t&cnO. v.t. to separate* to dis- 
U.C-Ull^ll connect; detail for a special pur- 
jMse; send away from. — €uij. deUMhable. 
At^ farh tnc^nf (d^t&ch'mfint) . n. the 
Oe-Xacn-Hieili act of separatUig; the 

thing separated: a body of troops, or certain 
ships, separated trom the main body and sent 
on special service. 

Ho fall (d^talO. r.(. to rdate minutely; 
uc^UUi enumerate; tell off for a given 
duty; to give particulars of: n. (de-tar; 
dd'tal), an item; a particular or minute 
account; a small detachment (of troops). 
for special service: pL minute parts of a 
picture, statue, etc 

Agx 4'atry (d»-t&n'). v.t. to hold back: re- 
uu-uuil strain trom departure: delay; 
keep in custody; as. the magistrate ordered 
the prisoner to be detained. 
/1a <fa«n A«* (d&-t&n'Sr). n. one who holds 
ue-XaiU-er back; a writ for holding a 
person in custody or under arrest. 
/1a ^a/^ (d&-tekt'). 9.t. to discover; (some-* 
UC-4ei;i thing obscure); bring to light; 
expose; find out. 

Aa +Ar+_fl Wa (d^t6k't4-bl). adj. that 
Oe-XeCX-a-Die may be found out. Also, 

A A -fA/* •f{/\ri (dft-tAc'shfin). n. the act of 
Qe-teC-UOn fhKUng out, or its result; 

Ha fAi* ftrrth (de-t€k'Uv), n. a person who 
u^-tw-uvc investigates crimes and mys- 
teries: adj. employed, or skilled, in expodng 
or finding out; pertaining to detectives, or 

/1a 4" An 1>/\f (de-t^'tSr), n. one who, or 
ae-XeC-XOr that which, finds out; a dis- 
coverer; a device for detecting. 
A A fA«i fi/\n (dA-tdn'shiin). n. the act of 
Oe-Xen-XlOIl keeping back or withhold- 
ing: confinement; restnunt: delay. 
Ha f Ar (dd-tOr'). v.t. [p.t. and p.p. deterred. 
uc-tCA deterring), to discourage, or 
hinder, by fear; restrain; dishearten. 
/1a f a«* a>An4> (d^tfir'ffint), n. a cleans- 
UC-tcr-gCUV ing substance, used for 
wotmds, etc.: adj. having cleansixig qualities; 

Ha f A ri A rflfA (dd-t«'rI-6-»iLt), t.t. to 
UC-iC-lI-U-rate reduce to a lowor quality 
or value; impair: v.i. to grow worse. 

de-te-ri-o-ra-tion i^Z'^^^ 

worse; degeneracy. 

Ha fAr mi na KIa (dd-tOr'ml-nd-bl). 
ae-Xer-HU-Ila-Die adj. capable of being 
decided or settled; that may be found out. 
Ha f Ar mi ifarif (d^tOr'ml-n&nt). adj. 
ae-Xer-Xni-nanX causing decision: n. 
that which serves to settle, decide, or establish. 
Ha f Ar mi nafA (dd-tfir'ml-n&t). adj. 
ae-Xer-mi-naie having definite or fixed 
Umits; clearly defined; roedflc. — adu. deter- 
mlnsfly. — n. detennliiatmtass. 

de-ter-mi-na-ti<m ng^UT^rs}: 

log: the state of being firm in dedsdons; pur- 

169 devaporation 

de-ter^ni-na-tive i^t'%^^^: 

limiting, or defining: n. that which indicates 
the quality or character of something else. 
Ha f Ar miriA (d^-tormln). v.i. to reach a 
ae-Xer-nune dedslon: v.t. to ax or set- 
tie the bounds of; put an end to; restrict; 
decide; resolve; find out. 
Ha +Ar mtriAH (d*-tfir'mlnd), p.adi. res- 
ae-Xer-minea ©luto; decided; fixed. 
— adv. determinedly. 

Ha +Ar rAnf (de-tfir'fint; dd-tOr'&it). adj. 
\AC-td-Xdit serving, or tending, to pr^ 
vent or hinder: n. that which prevents; as, 
the fear of punishment is a deterrent from 

de test (d^tSstO* v.t. to hato intensely: 

Ha f Acf_ii KIa (dA-t«s'td-bl), adj. worthy 
ae-XeSX-a-Die to be hated or loathed: 
hateful. — ado. detestably. — n. dstestablcness. 
Ha fAC fo fiATi (dS't«s-ti'shfin; ddt'fls- 
ae-XeS-Xa>X10n t&shfln), n. extreme dis- 
like or abhorrence; loathing. 
Ha <ffir/\nA (de-thron'). v.t. to remove 
ae-Xnrone ^^ a throne; deprive of 
authority or power. — n. dethronement. 
Ha^ rk nof A (ddt'6-n&t; d6't6-nSt). v.t. to 
UCl-U-IUitC cause to explode with a loud 
and sudden repcn*t. as a cannon flrecFacker: 
v.i. to explode loudly and sudd^ply. 
HAf_n tifl fiATi (dfit'd-n&'shfln), n. a sud- 
aeX-O-na-UOIl ien explosion with a 
loud report; as, the detonation was t^rlflc 
when the powder mills blew up. 
HAf_n fifl fAr (dftt'^ni'ter). n. a sub- 
aeX-O-Ua-XOr stance that explodes a per- 
cuasion cap; a device In a bomb that, when 
ignited by a fUse. explodes the charge. 
Ho f/\ii-r (de-tCOr'). n. a roundabout way: 
UC-lUUl as, he made a detottr to avoid 
going through the woods. 
Ha frflpf (d^tHUct'). v.t. to draw or take 
\AC-ua%^v away, especially so as to lessen 
value: v. i. to take away a piart. especially of 
reputation or credit : with /rem. 

de-traC-tion tlon; defamation; SSder! 
Ha frar f Ar (de-trak'ter), n. one who 
uc-uuc-iui takes away; a muscle that 
draws away some part. 

Ha -fro in (de-^anO. v.t. to remove fkx>m a 
ue>tritm train, as troops: v.i. alight fitim 
a train. 

Aa-^ r4 mA«if (ddt'rt-^nSnt). n. that whldi 
ueX-n-meilX injures, reduces to value, 
or causes damage; injury; damage. 
Syn. loss, harm, disadvantage. 

det-n-men-tal jurfous'^^dr. de^lmen- 

/1a iri fite (de-tri'tfis), n. accumulations 
uc-Ul-tUd arising fix>m ftitgmenu of rocks 
broken off or worn away; debris; wasto. 
Ha -fr/vrk (d5 trO). too much; out of place: 
UC UUp not wanted: said of a person 
whose presence is not desired. (Pk.| 
Haii^a (dOs). n. a card or dice with two 
ucui^c spots; a term used to scoring at 
lawn tennis, meaning fcnty iJl; an expletlre 
meaning the devil! 

Haii^a afek (dOs^), n. the one and two 
aeUCe-ace thrown at dice. 

Deu-teMn-o-my gSlSS^g*??/ ,£ 

Old Testament, to which the law <rf Moees is 
repeated a second time. 

de-vap-o-ra-tion l^*-Sf *^hS^*"i 

vapor into water. 

b^t, f d6t ; found ; boil ; f u^t ion ; chase ; good : jcy ; then , thick ; hw » wh as in when ; 
ih«>s as in azure; kh=ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxii 





ilAtr flc faigk (d6v'a«-tlt). 9.1. to Uy 
UOV-tto-UtiO wftste: as. a forest Are wlU 
diHMate man J acres of timber land; deao- 
late; ravage; plunder. 

HAtr^fi ffl fir>fi (ddv'ds-t&'shOn). n. the 
aeV-aS-ia-aOn act of devastating, or 
laying waste; desolation; waste; deBtruo> 
tlon ; as. a csrclone causes devastatum. 

tflAiT-AiB-ffl fnr (d«v'ds-ti'tSr).n.onewho 
UCV-lui-ia,-tur devastates, or lavs waste. 
A A vaI f\Tk (dd-v61'dp). r.f. to umold grad- 
UC-voA-up ually: make known in detail: 
complete; cause to grow; treat (a photo- 
graphic plate or film) with diemicals so as to 
bring out the picture! e.i. to advance from one 
stage to another: become gradually apparent. 
Sun. unfold, amplify, expand, enlarge. 

de-vel-op-ment aS-'S;V.S?^i<unS; 

growth; expansion. 

de-vel-op-mental i^)*-"«V?SS£;: 

Ing to growm or oroanslon. 
Ha VI of A (dS'vf-&t), e.i. to turn aside; 
^c-vi-ttic diverge; wander: v.t. to change 
the direction or poation of. 
Ha VI fl finn (d«'vl-&'ahftn). n. the act of 
ae-Yl-a-aOn turning aside; digrenion; 

Ha vj fl f Ar (d6'vl-a't«r), n. one who 
ue-Vl-a-XOr tums aside. 
Ha xrirA (dd-\is'), n. a scheme: invention; 
^^"'**'^ trick; stratagem: a fandfUl de- 
sign or pattern: a heraldic emblem. 

Syn. artifice, expedient. 
Hav i1 <ddv'l). n. the evil spirit. Satan; 
UCV-li a fallen angel; a false god or 
demon; an exoessivelv wicked person; an 
expletive; a printer's n^per; a machine for 
dividing rags or cotton in paper-making, and 
one for making wood-screws. 

Uc V-U-U&ftli kind of octopus. 
Hait tl Icfi (d»vl-Ish). Qdj. diabolical; ex- 
aev-U-lSn tremely wicked; infernal: adv, 
colloquially. exoe8slv«y.^-<idv. devillsbly. 
Hav i1 Irtn (d6va-kln), n. a Uttle devU: 
UCV-li-AJUi an imp; as. the pranks of mls- 
dilevous elves and gnomes and other dtHlkins 
are rdated in manv old folk-tales. 
Hav i1 iTiAtif (d6Vl-m6nt). n. rogulsh- 
aev-U-menX ness; mlschler. often with- 
out evil intent. 

Havt «1 V-T7 (ddv^-rl). n. wanton mischief; 
aev-U-iy diaboli(»i wickedness. 
Ha VI A11C (dS'vl-fls), adi. indirect; ram- 
UC-VA-uud bling; circuitous or round- 
about; straying from the way of right and 
duty. — adv. devloosly. — n. devioosness. 
Ha VIC a KIa (d6-vlz'd-bl).acfj^. capable of 
UC-Vl^-a-UiC being imagined; that may 
be given by will. 

Ha vie a (dS-vlz'),t.t. to image; B<Aeme:con- 
\^^'yiSi^ trlve: concoct; bequeath or give by 
will: n. a gift of real property bv will; a will. 
Hav i eAA (d6v^-z6'), n. the person to 
UCV-1-dCC whom a bequest or gUt by will 
has been made. 

Ha vie Ar (dd-vfz'9r), n. one who imagines 
uc-v 19-^1 Of invents; a contrlvw. 
Ha vie rtr (dd-vl'zfir; dd-v!'2Ar). n. one 
Oe-VlS-Or ^ho bequeaths or gives by wiU. 
Ha vI fol iTA (d&-vf't&l-Iz). r.f. to deprive 
ae-Vl-iai-lZe of vltal. or Ufe. power; 
destroy vltaUtr; make lifeless. 
Ha vaiH (de-Toid'), adi. entirely without; 
ae-VOia lacking; destitute: with of: as. 
to be devoid of Mose. sympathy, patience. 

Svn. void, wanting, daatitute. unendowed. 

Ha VAir (dft-TwJir': d6-vw<Jr'), 

n. a service 
or duty owed ; an act of courtesy or 
respect: usually in plural. [Fn.) 
Ha vnlvA Cw-vdlv'), v.t. to hand on or 
uo-WAW down; to pass or truisfer ttom 
one to another; transmit; as, to devotee a duty 
upon another: v.i. to be huided down or 
ova*; to be transferred or trannnltted: •■• 
the duty devolred up<m him. 
Ha vnf a (d^^t'). t.t. to dedicate or oon* 
uc-vuic secrate; to doom: giveupwtudly 
to; apply (oneself, etc.) to some object. 
Ha VAf aH (dd-v6t'6d). p.adj. wholly given 
ae-VOl-ea up to; attached: dedicated: 
doomed. — adr. devoiedly. — n. devotedaess. 
Hav n fAA (d6v'6-t«'). n. one entirety 
u^v-v-icc given up to a special interest: 
one zealous in religion; an enthusiast. 
Ha vn finn (d9-v6'sh(ln). n. the act of 
ae-VO-aOn dedlcaUng or consecrating: 
the state of being dedicated; strong affeo- 
tion: ardent love; as. the devotion of a mother 
to her child: religious wcHvhip; piety; 
prayer: usually in plural. 
d#fc VA tinn^l (dd-vS'shfln-W), od/. d»- 
Ue-VO-UOU-ai vout; expressing piety or 
worship: as, the meeting was opened with a 
brief devotional service.— -odr. derotlaiially. 
Ha vAiir (dd-vourO.v.f. to swallow greedily 
uC'Wiu or ravenously; consume or 
destroy rapidly; annihilate; as. to dmvur food 
or news: flames detour a building. 
Ha vTAiff (dd-vouf). adj. devoted to relis- 
ruc-VOUl ious thoughts and exerdsea: 
heartfelt. — adr. devontijr. 
H Avr (.dQ). n. moisture from the atmosphere 
ucw deposited in small drops; that which 
tails lightly and in a reAreahing manner. 
Havt riavr (dQ'klO'). n. the little daw 
aeW-CiaW behind a dog's fbot; the fklse 
hoof of a deer. 

Aaxmt t ftAQc (dOl-nes). n. state at being 
ueW-1-neSS moist with dew. 
Havt ItkTk CdQ'l&p'). n. the loose ddn that 
ucw-Aap hangs from the nedc of an ox or 

AgxxMT XT (dai). adj. moist with dew; look- 
^^y^'j ing as If covered with dew. 
Haw fAf Xd&a'tJBr), adj. right; opposite to 
uex-ier left; as. the dexter hand. 
Hatt fAf { fv (d«ks-t«n-tD. n. skill with 
OeX-Xer-l-ty the hands; physical skiU: 
mental or physical adroitness: cleverness. 

Syn. aptitude, exportness, readiness, skill. 
Haw f Ar /\iie ^deks't«r-fls) . adj. skilfUl 
aeZ-ier-OUS ^Ith the hands: pc 
physical skill; qtdck, mentally or pnysically: 
adroit; clever; as. the game was won by a 
dexterous kick of the ball. Also, dextrous. — 
adv. dexterously, dextroosly. 
Hav 4^a1 (d6ks'tr&l). adj. pertaining to the 
ueZ-irai right side or hand. 
Haw frtn (oSks'trln). n. a white gummy 
ucA-tilu substance found in plant sap. 
etc.. used as giun. Also, dextrine. 
Ha<v 4y/\ca (dSks'tros). n. a white crystal- 
uex-UObe line variety of sugar found In 
sweet fruits, as the grape, cherry, etc.. and 
In diabetic urine. 

Hav (^^)* ^' ^^® tormer title of the gov- 
U^j emor of Algiers and of the tbM or the 

HI A Ka f AC (dl'd-bS'tfix). n. a diaease of 
ai-a-De-XeS the kldneya. 
Hi_ft KAf iV (dIM-b«tTfc; dl'd-bTtlk). adS^ 
ai-a-DeX-lC pertaining to diabetes, or a 
kidney disease. 

Hi_ft KaI ir (dl'<l-b6nk), «M. devOMi: 
Ol-a-DOi-lC outrageotwly wf<^6d: Im- 

plmy Alan, 

ite, senite, rire. c&t, lodU, fXr, Ask, pdrade; sc^ne, dvent, 6dge, novll, refSr; 
tiffki, dn; cdld, dbey, o6rd, stdp, compare; Onit, Onite, biirn, cut, focfts, meail; 



At aK-A_1ism (dl-4b'6-llzin), n. the ac- 
lU-aD-O-llSni yoM of, or poMCMion by. 
the devil. 

fU-a-COUS-aCS kous'tlks). the sd- 
enoe of sounds, as affected by pasmng through 
dUferent mediums; diaphonlos. 

fU-a-Cni-1-Cai ing to separate or dia- 
tlnguish, as a point or sign applied to a 
Qetter to di«tlngiii>th it in form or sound: 
41a«ritleal mark, a mark used to distinguish 
particular sounds of letters and to indicate 
their true pronunciatkui; as. &. 6. 
i1< a A Am (dl'd-d«m). n. a crown; tiara: 
Ol-a-Oem m. uie atadem is the symbol of 

d: gnr A c«e (dl-^-'d-sIs; Br. dl-^'rd^Xs). n. 
l-osi-c-dld a mark I'i over the second 
at two similar vowels, separating them in 
pronunciation, as in codperate: the division 
of a diphthcnig into two vowels, as in 
aeroplane. Also, dieresis. 
At mr nrkCA (dr&g-ndsO. v.t. to ascertain. 
^**"**&""Voc as a disease, by its sreneral 
symptoms: as. the doctor was asked to 
»iQQnos9 the case. 

di4»g-no-sis <s;s-?»il;l: &e''4cSS: 

tlon <^ a disease by its symptoms: explana- 
tion baaed on an examination of factK. 

dl-ag-nOS-tiC actAuc: n. a symptom 

dUg-o-nal «»V,f a 

extending ftom one angle 
to another: n. a stral^t 
oblique line dividing a rec- 
tangular flgure into equal 
parts. — cufe. diagonally. 

« (dl'd-grkm). 


rical figure; a mecbi 

giomet- 1 
anlcal -^ ^ . 
plan: an outline, drawing. Diagonal 
m* flgure: as. the circular or a hotel sometimes 
contains a aiagram of the rooms: v.t. to illus- 
strate by. or put in the form (rf. an outline or 

di^ugram-maUc ii/'^^£,li3Sk''"^: 

«r shown by. an outline or <uvwlng. Also. 
dIagrammatloaL — adt. dlagraBunatieally. 
Hi a OTonfi (di'd-gr&f). n. an instrument 
***-*-B*«*F** for drawing figures or objecta 

#1i-a1 (<U'»V' *>• ^ ^^ surface on which a 
ui-oi metal finger casts a shadow in such a 
way as to show toe time by the sun; the face 
of a ttmepieoe: any plate on which an 
Index finger marks revolutions, pressure, etc. : 
an insulated fixed wheel used in telegraphy: 
f.f. to measure or indicate by a dial; survey 
with a miner's compass. 
A\ tk \gki^^ (di'd-lekt). n. the peculiar man- 
UA-a-lQVi ner in which a language Is 
moken in a provinoe or district of a country; 

Hi-fl Iai* Hr (<B'd-16k'tIk). ad), pertaining 
Ul-a-ltSC-au to the art of debate; pertaining 
CO a peculiar style of speech. Also, dialeotloal. 

di-a-lec-tics ^f^SS"^- "'"• "^^ *" 
di4i.lec-tixian {&r^-^l-^y,A 

In debate. 

di-al-ing ffi-'°j[iio"-25^?.''' """"^ 

Aitk \f\a (dl'd-10g). n. a conversation be- 
^*****^S tween two <»• more persons; 

a literary composition in which persons at* 
represented as reasoning on. or discu8Slnc» 
a subject. Also, dialogue. 

Hi fl rr\a tr r\Ck^ ictn ^dl'd-m&g'nftt-Iam). 
ai-a-mag-neX-lSni „ ^he property pos- 
sessed by certain bodies when linder the 
influence of magnotlsm. and ft*ee]y suspended, 
of taking a position at right angles to the 
magnetic mendian. — adj. dlamagnetlo. 
Hi om A -fAi* (dl'&m'd-t^r). n. a straight 
lU-ltUl-e-lcr line through the center of * 
flgure. dividing it in half; as. the diameter of 
the earth is 7.026 miles ; the distance throu^ 
the lower part of the shaft of a column. 

Ai^ triAf ri_rfll (di'd-met'rt-k&l). adj. 
ai-a-mev-n-Cai pertaining to a diame^ 
ter; directly opposite. — adr. dlanetrleaOy. 
Hi a mnnH (di'd-mfind). n. a briUlant. 
Ui-a,-lUilUU white precious stone: crystal- 
lized carbon, hardest of known substances; 
a plane flgure, with four equal straight lines, 
and two acute and two obtuse angles; a. 
playing card with one or more lozengCHshaped 
figures: a glass cutter's tool; the smallest- 
kind of type generally used: adj. resemblinir 
a diamond: dlamomd drill, a rod or tube 
furnished at the end with diamonds for boring^ 
a very hard rock. 

Til an a (dl-ta'd; Lat. dl-5'nd). n. In 
j^t'OAk-a, Roman mythology, goddess of 
the moon and of the hunt: identified with 
the Greek Artemis. 

Hi a no cnn <dl'd-p&'zdn). n. the entir* 
Ul-a-pa-dUU compass of a voice or In- 
strument; a recognized musical standard of 
pitch; the foundation stops of an omau. 

figures repeated: r.(. to variegate or 
broider; work in a geometric l>attem. 

di-aph-a-nous gi^i?2?V^4SS3L' 

anous dress. 

Hi a nVirairm (dI'd-fHLm). n. the muscu- 
ai-a-pnragin lar partlUon whfcdi divide* 
the chest fh>m the abdomen; any elastic 
substance that separates or di%ides. 
Hi o r4e<f (dl'd-nst). n. one who keeps ft 
Ui-a.-ll9t record of daily events. 
Hi-Ar rYiA-fl (dl'd-re'd). n. a looseness of 
Ul-ar-me-a the bowels. Also, dianhcsa. 
At a rxr (<M'd-rt). «• iP'- diaries (-rti)|. » 
ut-A-A jr record of daily events; a book for 
daily memoranda. 

Hi a ei>aoA (di'd-st&s). n. a soluble white 
Ul-a-dia,9C compound whteh acts as a fer- 
ment, formed in germinating grain and anlnui) 
fluids, and having the property of oonvertinff 
starch into dextrine and sugar. 
Hi oc ^rk 1a (dI-&s'tQ-ie), n. the rhythmical 
Ui-ttd-iU-lC expansion and dilatation of 
the heart and arteries in beating: opposed to 
the sy.<^le, or contraction; the lengthening of 
a s^'Uable naturally short. 
Hi-fl fnti tr (dl'd-tdnlk), adj. designatliis 
Ol-a-XOn-lC the regular tones oTakey or 
scale in music 

Hi o <friKA (dl'd-trTb).n. an abusive speech 
Ui-lt,-uiUO or discourse; a strain of vtoleiit 
abuse; bitter criticism. 

HiK KIa (cllb'l). n. a gardening tool for 
UID-Die making holes in the earth: v.t. 
to plant with a dibble: v.i. to dip bait gently 
into the water. 

HlrA ^^^^^' ^P^' WnQ' die), small cubee 
^***'^ marked on the sides with one to six: 
spots: used in games of chance: t.i. to play 
with dice: r.t. to decorate with woven pat> 
terns to resemble cubes: cut into cubes. 

b6M, fd&t ; f otind ; boil ; f nAct ion ; chase ; good ; joy ; f/ien, thick ; hw * wh as in when ; 
di »z 88 in azure; kh =ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xsdi. 




Ol-CnrO-nUSm blindness; Icahllity to 

•ee more than two cf tbo three primary 


Ait* Intr (dls'Ios). n. gaming with dice: 

UM^iu^ stamped leather ornamented with 


AirJr At" (dik'er). v.i. to barter or trade on 

tUUA-er a small scaler as. to dicker with 

adesmen to reduce the price (^ something. 

tfltrlr TT (dik'l). n. [pi. dickies (-Iz)]. a small 

\uuik-v separate shirt front: a seat at the 

ba^ of a coach: ft child's bib or pinafore; 

a high shirt collar. 

dlC-ta-graph name S^' kind *of telen 
phone attached to a phonoKraph. which 
records what is said in the room where it is 
placed: much used by detectives. Also. 

Atr fa Tkh r\i\ a (dOc'td-fSn) . n. a trade name 
OlC-ia-paone h>r an instrument like a 
phonograph, used for dictating to a stonog- 

Atr faf A (dik't&t). v.t. to declare with 
Ull^-UtlC authority; express orally so that 
another may take down in writing; as. the 
business man dictates a letter to his stenog- 
rapher: v.i. to speak with final auth<Hity: 
prescribe: n. an injunction; command; a 
oont»>lllng principle. 

Stfiu, V, prompt, suggest, enjoin, cmier, 

Ain fa firm (dXk-tS'shfln), n. the act of 
UiC-Ut-UOU spealdng words to be written 
down; the words so spoken* authoritative 
tltteranoe: rulershlp or control. 
Ali* -fo fnf (dIk-t&'tSr). n. one who dlc- 
tllU-ia-lOr tates; one invested with abso- 
Inte powers of government; an ancient 
Roman magistrate with supreme authority, 
■appointed in times of emergency. 

Atr ffl fck ri-fll (dnc'td-tS'rf-M), adj, per- 
<UC-ia-XU-n-ai taimng to one who gives 
positive commands; overbearing; impenous. 
— Atlp. dlotatorlalljr. 

Syn, Imperative, domineering, arbitrary, 

ArU. (see submlaslTe). 

ditf* firkty (dUCahfln), n. manner of speaking 
lU-UUU or expression: choice of words; 
as. the diction of Bobert Louis Stevenson; 

Air Hnfi_fl rxr (dflc'shfln-A-rD, n. [pi. dio- 
aiC-aOn-a-iy tionades i-nz)]. a book 
eocplalnlng the words of a lanfniake arranged 
alphabetically; a lexicon; vocabulary; w(»^- 

Air film (dnc'tflm). n. [pi dicta i-td)], a 
%uu-iuiu positive opinion; a dogmatic or 
■authoritative ass^iion; aph<»ism. 
AiA (did), past tense of the transitive and 
***** Intrandtive verb do. 
Ai Aar fir (dl-d&k'ttk) , adj. pertaining to 
Ul-Ulti/-UU orofthe nature or teaching: in- 
structing; explanatory; as. a didactic poem. 
Also, dinafftlcal. — adp. dldaottoallF* 

di /1o/« fii^c (di-d&k'tlks) . n.p/. the science 
l-uac-UC^ or art of teaching or educa- 
tion; pedaffootcs. 

di Ark (dl'do), n. a caper; an extravagant 
*-^" action; antic. (Coijx>q.] 
a:^ (dl). v.i. \p.t. and p.p. died. dying]. 
***^ to cease to live; expire; p^ish; wither; 
become extinct gradually; faint; figuratively. 
to cease to exist; as. evwy wrong shall die: v.t. 
to mold, stamp, or cut (a design) in metal: n. 
a small cube (vl. dice); a stamp used for 
coining money, medals, etc.; a tool used in 
cutting the threads of screws or bolts, etc 

a Id nd of knife used by enrsikope makers, and 

In shoe factcriep. 

•Sj/i., »*•<. expire. I. r\ i 

depart, perish, de- — — * 

dine, langui&h, wane, 
sink, decay. 


(dl-Sr'd-sIs). n. a sign 
[' '] placed over the 
second of two sepa- 
rate vowdls to show 
that each has a sep»- 
rate sound in pro- 
n unci at! on. as »pi»-^hi«« tm* 
ajSrated; a division in Threadtog Die 

a line or verse; oell-dlvlston. Also, ... 

DiA caI An inn A (dS'zei em'fta). ao in- 
l^lc-Sei cU-gUie teraal combustion ott 
engine of high efficiency, invented by Ru. 
dolph Diesel in 1893. which operates at a 
very high oompressioo pressure: used In 
marine construction and on German rail- 
dl A c«e (dl'&fib). n. the double dagger [t]. 
l-O-oio used In printing as a rderenoe 
mark; the difference between a greater and 
less semitone or halftone in music 

di of (dret). n. solid or Uquid food; man- 
i-ct ner of living, with special reference 
to food: a prescritied course of food. Intended 
as a health measure: a national or lawmaldiiB 
assembly. — v. dietician. 

Syri' food, victuals, nourbhment, nutri- 
ment, sustenance, fare. 
d I Af a nr (dl'dt-ft-rX), adj. pertaining to 
l-Ci-tt-ljr the rules of proper fbod; asL 
the food fbr i)ati«its in a hospital is prepared 
in a dietary kitchen: n. a certain fixed utow- 
ance of food: syston <^ regulating food. 

\u-c-i»ct-x\^9 branch of 
relates to hoalthful foods. 



dl Af inir (dl'fit-Ing). n. the act of eatln« 
i-Ci-AU^ according to a strict rule. 
Aii ftir (dIf'Sr). v.i. to be unlike; be dl»- 
uxi-ici tinguished ftt>m. or have unlike 
properties or qualities; disagree; contend: 

Aii f Ar AnrA (dlfSr-fins), n. the act or 
UU-lcr-tJUCe state of b^ng unlike: dis- 
tinction: controversy: quarr^: v.t. to dl»> 
tinguish bctwerai; discriminate; subtract 

Syn.. n. separation, disagreement, dissent, 
estrangement, variety. 

riff f Ar Anf (dff'6r-«nt), adi. unlike; dis- 
UU-Icr-eiil tlnct. — adv. dtfterentlF. 

Syn. various, manifold, diverse. 

Ant. (see similar). 


n. [pi. dilTer- 
entbe (-S)]. that 
which distin- 
guishos one 
species from 
another of the 
same group. 


tial fin's h&I)' Differential. A,B, shaft; C, 

adj. indicatiii^ 5?f^.ilrr3S£iS*f.l ^'.Sf 235: 

iinnirnnnK* hfliv <**! sesT oarried Dy main gear: 

tag i^SkiKJ: "■ <«'"» <^' '•««'» ««»• 

a«. a differential gear on a motor car which 

Ate, senftte, rAre, cfit, locil, fttr Ask, pdrade; scfine^ Svent, 6dge, novll, refSr; 
r^ght, sin; c6ld, dbey, c6rd, stdp, compare; toit, iinite, bftrn. cSt. fociis. menii: 

differential duties 



•Hows one rear wheel to turn faster than the 
other; pertaining to, or InvolTlng. an Inflnltes- 
Isaal dUferenoe: n. an Infinitesimal difference 
between two values of a quantity; a decrease 
of rates, charged by a railroad : dJIIerentlal oal- 
eolos, a branch of nl^o' mathematlca 

dif-fer-en-tial du-ties <?i'' Va«: 

duties Imposed unequally on similar produce 
from foreign countries. 

U-ier-en-Uai-iy in » manner whlcdi 
f has, or allows for. Inequalities. 

dif-fer-en-ti-ate '^IS^Tli''.^ 

an unlikenesB between; q>ecialize in structure 
or functions of; to make (a person or thing) 
anUke another: v.i, to acquire a distinctive 
and separate character; recognize difference. 


of Mparatlng or daesifylng: specialization; 
a seeing of unUkeDesses between two persons 
or t-t^^Ttgf 

dif-fixuit s;s«svsSi: "St ssy 

managed; as, a man or genius often has a 
difficuU temper. 

Syn, Intricate. Involved, ohsoore. unmanage- 

jkftt^ ^seo easv) 

Hif fi-ni1 fir '(<un-kQl-tl), n. \pL 6m- 
au-Q-CUI-^ cultles (-tlz)I. state of being 
hard or perpteodng; something hard to do; 
•cmple: objection; hindrance: pi. oompll- 
catton of affalTB; embarrassment; perplexity. 
dif HJitmCt^ mirdGu n. lack of self- 
au-u-oeuce reliance; modest reserve; 

dif fi^Ant «MMHl«nt). adj. lacking self- 
OU-n-OeUl reliance: shy: modest. 
Aii frop -H/M1 (<iI-mUPih6n). n. the turn- 
CUI-iraC-aCm w aside of a ray of light 
when passing the edge ct a body that will 
not admit U^t; the change suffered by 
such a ray. 

dif fitoA (dl-fOzO, 9.t. to pour out and 
U-lUoe spread all around; scatter: cir- 
culate: adj. (dl-fOs'), widely spread: wordy; 
as. a dif^ise style or writing.— -oifr. diflasely. 

Svn., ad), discursive, prolix, copious. 

dif fii« i Kil 1 fir (dI-fQz1-bn'l-tI),n.the 
U-IUS-l-DU-l-iy capablUty of being 
poured out or spread. 

dif fii« 1 KIa (<«-ftt»1-bl). adj. capable of 
U-lU9-l-UiC being poiu*ed out or spread. 
A\i fii Gtrm (dl-fQ'zhfin), n. the act of 
UU-lU-dlUU pouring out or spreading; a 
fq;>reading abroad: as, the diffusion of light 
or knowledge. 

Ati fit ciiTA (c«-fO'«Iy). adj. capable of 
UlA-AU-oiw pouring out; spreading every 
way; widely readilng. 

A\tr (<^)' ^'*' iP-^' ^'^ PP' ^^\ or digged. 
^^^ p.jfT, dlggmgl. to work with a spade: 
cast up earth: ooUoqulally, to study nard; 
as. a student will dig in his books Just before 
an examination: r.t to loosen or break up 
(ground) with a spade: to bring up ftrom 
under ground: as. to cUy potatoes; thrust 
or force in: with into: n. a poke or thrust: 
colloquially, a plodding student. — dig In. to 
make a hole or trench for protection against 
enemy fire. 

AS o>Acf (fil'Jfist), n. a dassiflcatlon; as. a 
Ut-gCDi digest of laws; a classifled arrange- 
m«it <^ written or printed material: as. a 
literary dUiest: t.t. (dl-j^f). to arrange 
methodically under proper heads or titles: 

classify: think over and arrange in the mind; 
dissolve In the stomach: soften and prepare 
by heat: r.i. to be dissolved in the stomach; 
to be prepared by heat. 

Hi cTAcf AY* (dl-Jtet'Sr). n. a machine for 
ui-gcdi-cx extracting the essence of* 
substance by heat. 

di^pcf 1 Ki1 1 fv (cB-ifiB'tl-bilf-tf). n. 
Ul-^eSV-l-DU-l-iy capability of being dis- 
solved by the stomach. 

di-gest-i-ble rSinLS^ ^^SS 

stomadi: as. the white of egg is given to 
invalids because it is digestible. 

di aAG fiAfi (dl-i&'chftn), n. the act of 
l-geS-UOU digesting: the conversion of 
fdod by the action of the gastric juices Into 
forms that can be used by the body; mental 
or physical assimilation; as, the moestion of 
food in the stomadi and the digestion of Idea* 
in the mind. 

di 0-Afi fhrA (<U-ife'tIv), adj. pertalniiig to 
l-geS-Hye the absorptkm of food by 
the body; as, the digestive organs. 
A\tr trt^T ((Ucr'Sr). n. one who works with 
^'&'&^'> a spade; an implement for turn- 
ing up the sdl: Dlgcer, a name of a class of 
California Tndlans who live chiefly on roots. 

U1|;-KU1S ing or throwing up earth wltb 
a spade: pi. a locality where mining operft- 
' r gold, are carried on. 
a finger or toe; a measure 

tions. especially for gold, are carried on. 
Aitr if W'lwi n. a finger or toe; a nn 
Olg-ll {|2^indi): one-twelfth of thedlameter 

of the sun or moon; any one of the Arable 

dig-i-ta-lis i^^^. »ih? JaJ-vT* 

dlsr 1 tfltA (dUJ-tit). adj. finger shaped; M. digitate leaves. 

dl^ m fied <<**''*■"<*). ^^adj. lofty In 
Ulg-lU-ucU manner; noble: stately. 

dig-ni-fy ffiSff- p'^. ^U^i^ii 

exalt; oonfer honor upon; elevate. ^ • 

Syn, aggrandize, invest, exalt, advance. 

momote. honor. 
Ant. (see degrade). 

dig-ni-ta-ry SS«°\3g??; oSe %o«.- 

a position of dignity or honor: a high churdi 
official: as. an archbishop is a dignUary. 
Ht<r til fir (dlg'nl-tl), n. \pL dignities (-tiz)). 
***&"•"*" •'J elevation of rank; degree of 
excellence; moral worth; qualities suited to 
inspire or command respect and reverence; 
stateliness of manner. 

di crronVi (dl'gr^. n. combination of two 
*"&***F** sounds or letters to represent 
one simple sound, as ea in rend. Aliio, digram. 
At OTAGG (dl-gr«6'; dl-grfe'). r.<. to turn 
^**-&*^^^ aside; deviate from the main 
subject or line of argument; wander; as. a 

auestion about the war caused the teacher to 

di trrtko otnn (dI-gr£Bh'On). n. the act of 
^-6**5&-dlOIl tunUng aside; the angular 
distance of the planets Mercury and Venus 
from the sun. 

dl 0TP^^1V^ (dl-grfeThr), ad), tending to 
Ul-grC9-dlVC turn askle or wander. — adt. 

di liA Hral (dWi^'dHU), adj. having two 
l-ne-Urai plane faces or sldm: In a kite 
or airplane, having wings which make an 
angle with each other; in flying machines, 
referring to wings inclined at an upward 
angle to each other. 

bd&ty f d^ ; found ; boil ; f miction ; chcuse ; good ; joy ; //ken, thick ; hw » wh as in when ; 
zh »g as in azure; kh =ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xziL 


Al la tnr (dl-II'ltr). n. one who. m Uki 
moMls tbM giMndi tha put* on irtklcDlt *el 
Oll-a-lO-ry landing to CBUH. d^^^jui" 



iili lam «ia (diHBm'd: dl-ISm'd). n. »B 
<U-iem-ma B»kwud bHusUod: ■ dim- 
cidc poaltlon or choice. 
^n At fan ta (da-S-tEaM: It. dflM- 

ou-ep-iaii-ie tun-ts), r (pi. it. dnHtuu 

Mtl: Bno. dJIettania (-[SzlT, oas vho piu^ 



•Butvortib puniiJt ot art. Utvitnre. etc.: 
mad Id & dlcparagtna smae. 
^11 i oofiro (din-liiu). n. eareta} Btteo- 
mi-l-KHlCe Uon: anTulniH: IndnnrT; 
Ua'H'iUaa'). ■ Frsndi aMsecoMb. 

Svn. caca. haed. ■UeaUoD. 

Ant. (ana nesUcenni). 

da-Uent i^Kff !id?S.?riSss;^!S; 

lllll yi'i "■ " "■■'' belonglM lo the parsler 
UU hmllj. wltb VI kronuSe or Frwruil 


dallrliiri. Wloltor; trlflp. 

m-IUie wHiksn br mlilDC wltb a 

flnld. aapadaUr mtcr: i.f. M bacome tl 

— oiH. dfiuMd. 

Attn tinn (dl-IO'ibfln). n. the i 

Ins: a waak liquid.'K3SL 

film. ■ detuce or flood, aapadally 
Daltig- »i— "■ — ^- 


di-me-tal-Uc ti';"*to^'*i f iiSSSS 

dement: v. a dinutaUic tai%. 
At tnin tcti (dF-nualBta). i.t. to maka lea: 
ai-DUn-lSn redu« in bulk or unoanl; 
waakan: Impair; detract fltun : reduce In v^ 
tbority. or rank; davrmda: P.I- to lavao: 
Sim. redooa. contract, curtail, 

cr In Bound: a mudi^t term- [It.] 

dim-ijiu-aoiiff'J'SiS'k;; S 

ducUan: leaaenlnc. 

dim-i.ty '"US '■JSJS'Hi'^ 

corded stHpcB. 

(jjjj^ ly (dlmH). adi. fai • fUnl, otaacv*. 

dim m^r (dIm-Sr). n. a cfaoke ooll to an 

aun-mer eiectnc UBbtms mteoi. iMd m 

Ml« to reduce (be poirecarUwtuiMUtabla. 
Aim naoD IdUn'nia). n. darkneaa: obMor- 
Oim-neSS a,. dulDc«: ralatnsa. 
Him Ttla (dlm'pl). n. a amall deot ar bol- 
Oim-pie low £, the cheek or tUo: as 
iDdentalloa: f.l. to torax dloipTaa; ilak IB 
aUght dPpresdoiH: t,t. to mark with df^nni— - 
Atrt (din), n. a conllnaed and Tlolea 
(»™ t.l. (p.l, and '■ - 

u, he Sintiei hlx complalat Into oi 

lima (din), c.f. to take dlniiBr; aa, 
QU16 at aeven o'clock: cJ.toctmcr 
adOUKrlkir; feed. 





loiar rapetltlon. IOoLi«al 

fdlna-iianiO. a^ttaaOWM^ 



porch trfahon 


din-gle-dan-gle nf^S'S^ ^ 

wacda anil rnrmnU: » u to htna looMlr- 

•iin-go Cagw-if I"""- , 

dlB^aral: bdad. f 

din-ing car 

(dtuliiB kkr). > nU-4 •, 

dtao-the-ri-om ,'S3^"5JS?Mi.: 

aiOiiul or pntalnorlc tlmea. 

j«tnf (d)Dt). n. dml: » mirk Itfc bj- • blow 

****** or pTMmre: ton* cc power: with 0/; 

dioeeM or dUDdi cUaDict contralled by s 
titdioii: n. m blihoj). 

ai-(M;e8e ess (-*fl5»)]. Uw dtitrict In 
irblch a blaliop bu mntliaritf. cmllsd Clia 
tskboii'B sae; ablifaopFlc. 
Ol-Op-CnC by mcwia of (be raftvctlm of 
Hsbt: QMd of lensa. Al». OopMibL 
Ol-OZ-lUe pound dT Iwo atonif of oxyges 
and ooa Uom of a metal. Alio. dlaiU. 
Hin <<Up). tJ..[p.l. and O.P. dlpMd, dipt. 
■"F p-f- djppliwl. to pnmn: pM qiddciy 
Into dqidd and take oat again', to noop Dp 
wUb a ladlai baptlia by buttlna nnder 
mtv: lower and raise qnlcklr^ v.1. to 
tmraerK onaanlT; eat^ allcbtly Into any- 
thing: IncUna downwaid*; idiik: n, tna 
act at putting loto water temporarily: aa. 
10 take a dip In tbe ocean: a doimward 
akipe: Id arlatlon. a quick dscsnt toUowBd 

S-phosiene Sifflift .">S™S: 

■u nHd In iheus with dcsdir eflm. 

diph-the-tU aS'"Si-: i 'Si 

DOODcad In ooa r^tMtie; as. mi In out. ol In 

di-pkwna Ee5Sj,"i.: J^.!'SSK 

• piq^v rilowlnK Iba oompleclon at a course 
of atodf : a*. tSa nodent roc^Tia a dfpbima 
OB gradoatliig tmm achooL 

di.pi<Miu«7Sffif&,t sa 

cmrjlng " - .<— iItih« 

'6 dir^ 

between two Datloiw: ona cmpkiyad tn auk 
daallngi; a tactful peraon. 

dip-Io-maUc SSS^''^ -".JS- 

meat of affairs betwean two naUotu: as, an 
ambaiaador la appointed to look after lUplo- 
HUUIt budneai: cbaraclcrlied by spadal 

dlplamatlasSly- ™ 

di-pUMna-tist aS"KSS' J « 

art of managlug affairs between nalJoDa: a 

Mn nnr {^V'fr). n. one who, or that whkft. 
Oip-per ^ipa, Mpedally a cup or ladle ftr 


trouable cnvlng for alcoboilc drinks. S'iiTiSS'k^ 

an unconlmllalile detlre for itrong drink: 

adj. pertaining to dlpMnnanla. 

rlire KUt), aOj. drauUUl: mournful: as. 

OlXe the dtra newa of an eipl»don. 

Hi Tfrt (dl-rekt). odi. atralght: optn: 

Ol-reCl j^iiln; •tialgiitrorwanl; as, a 

drlre la a atralghc Uoe: gulde'or sbow: t.t. 

Hi raf -finn idl-rBk'idian). n, act of raid- 
ai-reC-UOn log „ Btowing: aim; lEio 
of motion: addreoB. aa of a letior. etc. 

Svn, aim, coune, teadeney. way. 
ai-reCl-iy nne; immediately: soon- m 
I will come dirratv; openly. 
Hi rarl- naeo (dl-rait'nes) , n. the quaUty 
ai-reCt-ueSS of being atnlgbt or to ttio 
point: BtralAtforwanliieH: freedom from 
amUgnlty. or doubt. 

HI T«»H-J»r (di-rai'tar), n, one who gulds 
Ol-reCl-Orqt shows: one appolated to 
transact the affairs of a oOTDpany; a qilrltual 
(Hide or adviser. 

HfrB fill IdtrTOft]). adj. 

oire-iui „. CUB airtfuli 

Hon of tbe ship wltb all on 
world. — odi. dbvtnlly. 
lJjj.„g (dOrl), n. a funen 


dtfiflfflls ballr- - - - 

dreadful; dismal: 
board appalled the 


Scotch HfelUa 

^:-f (dQrt).n.mad: lllth: 
<«rl fall of ,„r(, dust: » 

dirt j-ly ^Sl^Sibf,:* 
dirt-i-ness i^^iS'i-oti 
dirt-yrr™" " 

rainy; daapleablfl ; 

eppelln diriffibla at 

without a guard, used by (ba 


aT'd p.p. dirtied, dirtyingj, to soil; 
sully ; lamish. 

Ala^ (dIs-), a prefix meaning apart, away 
UU>- from, wlt& the Idea of sepAnttlon, 
privation, or deniaL 

aiS-a-DU-1-W abiUtioa (-Sk)l, want of 
t jwer; state of being without ability. 

.Si^ incapacity, inability. 
H{e a KIa (cus-&'bi). v.L to depHve of 
UlO-a-Ulo power; make unable; dis- 
qualify; Impoverish or make poor; incapaci- 
tate or render unable. — adi. disabled. 
Ate a KtiGA (<Us'd-b<lz'), v,t. to undeceive; 
uta-a.-uu9V set free from mistake; as. to 
disabuse oneself or some one else of a wrong 

dis4id.van-tage i"'S2S2n*&'?*i?'«u« 

of loss or injury; an unfavorable position; 
loss; detriment; as. the country without an 
army Is at a disadrantage when war is 
declared 1^^:^'^: 

favorable; likely to cause loss, injury, or 
fkllure.— 4d0. disadvantaceoosly. 
^{c of "fAr* (dfa-a-ffikt). r.t. to mi with 
Ulb-iU-l«;\^t discontent; alienate or take 
the affections fromr disturb the functions of. 
HiQ-flf fArf aH (dls'&-f5kt'6d). adj. dis- 
UiS-IU-lCCl-cU contented; no longer 
friendly: out of sympathy. 

dis-af-f ection »f '&*%:"• ^ 


HiQ fl.crrAA «ila'<i-8rr).* v.i. to (Ufl» In 
U19-lt-|^e«3 opinion; to be u^Uce or 
unsulted; be umavorable or unsuitable. 

dis.a^ee-a-ble ^^^t'^'otttt 

riva— oov. disagrseabljr. 

176 disciplinable 

dis^ir^na^nent i^^^^^ 

of weapons; reduction to a peace footuig. 

dis-ar-range ^;5-*^AiferjS3£2 
dis-ar-ray ffi3;*i. '^.VJ^A^^: 

to undress; to overthrow; to throw into 
disorder; rout: n. dioorderad or lorafSdent 
dress; confusion^ 

-a.gree jnent S^^^'S^JUSi 

act or state of disagreeing; a quarrel. 
/1«e_o1 \i\\tr (dls^A-lou'). r.t to refuse to 
uiD-oi-AUw permit: disapprove; reject. 

dis-ap-pear j^^^i. 'UlS.: ^ 

become invisible. 

dis-ap-pear-ance ^SS^rSS^'sigbt: 

Hifi^n fw^lnf (dla'A-PoIiit'). v.U to fall 
tUS-ap-pOini; to gratify; to defeat of 

liope; frustrate: faO to keep an appoint- 
ment with. 

dis^p-point-ed 4^.2S*'^"^i,&'««^ 


dis-ap-point-ment LUC'r!^''^Stt:: 

or failure of expectation; state of depression 
caused by failure; that which causes ftdlure 
of expectation. 


or state or failing to approve, or of thinking 
that something Ls wrong; blame; unfavor- 
able judgment. 

i1ie-An firnv_<il (dfe'i-prOTv'il). n. un- 
OlS-ap-prOV-ai favorable opinion; fail- 
ure to approve: blame. 

<llS-ap-prOVe demn; refuse ament to; 
censure: v.i. to express unfavorable judgment. 
— adv. dIsapprovlBsly. 

diS-aim (*'^^"*'™')» ••'• ^ deprive of 

HflQ-iiG fAr (^I*-*«'t€r).n. a calamity; ; 
Ulo-aa-tCi fortune; a serious aoddeot. 
dio^Q frnilS (dl?-*s'trfls). odi. unlucky: 
Ulb-aS-UUUB unfortunate; calamll 
attended with evil results. — adv. dlsasti ot 

r1is-fl XTiWfT (dto'^i-vouO. vJ, to deny; 
CUS-a-VOW claim: disown. 

lU9-a-VUW-ai rejection; as. he made a 
complete disavowal of responslbttlty for hfti 
brother's acts. 

Hie fionri (db-b&ndO. r.e. to dlsmiH from 
aiS-Dana muitary service: break up, 
as a society; scatter: #.<. to be d isp erse d or 
broken up. — n. dlsbandment. 

and p.p. dls- 


as an attorney. 

dis-be-Uef rt?t?%«fc.*S? 

refusal of trust. 

Htc Via Iiava Wls'bft-lSvO. v.t. and e.i. to 
aiS-De-Ueve refuse to believe: to dim- 


dis-bur^en i"tX?"iUi^ ^MSSH? 

oppressive: «.! to 

oroKon up. — n. oispannnient. 

dis-bar gSSTi;.;,^ &lJ3iif S 

prlve (a lawyer) of the rl^t to appear In 


anything annoying 
ease one^s mind. 


espCDd; to 

aiS-DUrse nay out: as, the 
of a company disbursea the money. 

dis-burewnent Sl£j"'iSSS{a 

paid out. 

disc ^^*^>* "• 

render harmless : 

reduce to a peace foot- 

a flat, drcular plate; 
thing reaembling anch a plate. 


HicrorH (dl»-kftrd0. v.t to cast off m 
CUS-Caru oMlesB: diamlsa from aervtoe; 
reject as useless; tiirow away: v.i. In card- 
playing, to throw out cards not re q uired. 

^*^S«C6m (Ke: to distlngulsfa mentally, or 
with the eye: detect: v.i. to make dlstlnctloa. 

Syn. descry, observe, reo 
criminate, perceive. 

Hie #«Am i KIa (dl-zQr'nl-bl), ud$, 
OlS-Cem-l-Die oeptlble; capaUe of 
Ingseen. — adv. disosnubtrv 

dis.ceni-inent <M2aXt^ " 

tratlon; Insight; discrimination. 

dis-charge ^SSSSS?:' ^ *° ""^ 


out, or emit: fttw from any burden; 
ft>om restraint or custody: let fly. s 
arrow; fire, as a gun; explode; perform (a 
trust or duty): v.i. to get rid of any burden: 
n. the act of unloading, or that which Is 
tmloaded ; performance (of duty) ; the settlnx 
rid of a bimien: an explosion; a flrmg off 
(of a gun); a sending away; dismissal: 

dlR CI nle (dl^W.n.apopfl* «pecWly 
Uib-Cl-pxc one who believes the teaching 

of another: a scholar; a follower: a student. 

dis^i-plin-a-ble S^rJ^^iSicSg: 

liable to pnnlahment for disobeying. 

Ate, senile, r4re, c4t, lodU, fJlr, Ask, pdrade; 8c€ne, 6 vent, 4dge, novM, reffo; 
i^t, sin; cdld, dbey, cdrd, stdp, cwapare; ilnit, (^te, b^n, cdt, fodbi meiifi; 




deny any connec- 

dis-ci-plin-a-ri-an k^^^^HS^ 

Ueves in, or enforces, strict rules: adj. pertain- 
ing to strict training. 

dis-ci-plin-a-ry iS?2iSJ5-*-5'' ^ 

training or correction. 

HiG_i«i nlitiA (dIsl-pUn). n. mental or 
OlS-Cl-pilUe moral training; education: 
subjection to control; military regulation: 
as. under strict discipline: v.t. to train to 
obedience or efficiency; regulate: punish. 

Sun., n. order, strictness, training, coercion, 

Ant. (see confkision. demcffalJiaition). 

Hicsrlfllin <<*"*-y*™'^' ^*''- ^ ^ 

Uia-WICUJULA renudiate! denv anv c 
xlon with. 

dis-claim-er fflf"'*>- »• <^'">^- 

Ate tf«1/\eA (db-kloz'). t.t. to uncover: 
aiS-CiOSe reveal: dlvulie; bring to light. 

HIc rift fifirA (dto-klS'shOr). n. the act 
aiS-CiO-SUre ©f revealing anything se- 
cret: discovery; uncov^ng. 
Ate rAiH (oXsOcoid). adj. disk-shaped, or 
Uld-UUlU round and flat: n. a disk-shaped 

Aio i^rA r\f (dXs-ktU'Sr) . v.t. to change from 
UU»-CUi-Or the natural color; give a 
ftklse complexion to; stain. Also, dlsooloar. 
— n. discoloration. 

Hie rj\m fif (dls-ktlm'flt). v.t. to defeat; 
***S-COin-ni rout; balk: frustrate: thwart. 
HiC-TATn fi fiirA (dls-kflm'n-t<ir). n. de- 
OiS-COul-n-XUre foat; dlsappolntmoit: 

Hlc-rnm fnrf (dl»-ktkm'f5rt). n. want of 
aiS-COni«lOIT ease; sUte of being un- 
comfortable; distress; as, the discomwrt of 
traveling in hot weather: v.t. to disturb; 
to make uacomfmrtable. 

dis-com-mode ^^^T'^yVcJS, 

inconvenience to. 

dis-com-pose iS^r?S?-ru&l ^ 
dis-com-pos-ure SSfSl'^SS^?' "• 

Hlfi-imn TArf (dls^kftn-sfirt'). v.t. to dls- 
UlS-VUU-l^eit turb the composure or self- 
possession of; confuse; fHistrate; embcurass. 

Hlfi^Afl tlAH- (dfeltft-nektO, V.U to dls- 
UlS-COU-neCl unite; unfasten: dissoci- 
ate; separate. — n. disconnsction. 

Hifi^rnn tiAcf aH (<iis'kft.nekt'«d). 

O15-C0n-neCl-ea p,adj. disjointed: sep- 
arate; broken; interrupted. — adv. disoennsct- 

dis.CAn <50 Ifltf^ (dl8-k6n's6-lAt), adj. 
UU^COU-^O-iaie hopeless; sad; as. to be 
ditconso'atB over the loss of a friend; cheer- 
less; saddening. — ade. disoonsolately. 
iliR^nn tATif (dlsncfin-tfof). n. dlssatls- 
OlS-COU-ieul facUon; displeasure; un- 
, easiness: v.t. to displease; dissatisfy. 

Hifi^mi tAnf Arl (dXs'kftn-t«nt'fid). 
ai5-CCm-ieni-ea p^adj. not pleased with 
what one has; dissatlsaed. — adv. discontent' 

dis4:on.tent.ment '^tl^^^ -^«S Vf 

being displeased or dissatisfled. 

dis.con-tm-u.ance iSi?.'"';"^;^- 

ping; a breaking off. 

diftU^On Htl It A (dfalcfin-tln'Q), t.r. to 
ttlB-COU-UU-Ue stop: to cease doing; 
to pat an end to; to give up: as. to discoTi- 
tintte taking a magasine. — n. disoontinoation. 

Aic nnrA (dlslcOrd). n. disagreement: a 
OlS-COra confused noise; lack of har- 
mony; strife; uproar. — n. discordance. 
HiQ_rArH-fltif (dIs-kOr'd&nt). adj. inhar- 
OlS-COru-ani monlous: Jarring; fUU of 
noise and strife; as. the discordant street noises. 
Hie rminf (dis'kount). n. a stun deducted 
\AAa-wuuiAi or allowed for prompt payment 
of an account; a deduction made according 
to the current rate of into'est: v.t. to deduct 
a sum flrom for prompt payment; advance 
money on. deducting a certain rate per cent; 
make a deduction from; anticipate; allow 
for exaggeration in, as a story. 

dis-coun-te-nance i^tVt"tS'dS: 

approve of; to make ashamed. 
HiQ r^iir^iTA (dls-kOr'lU). v.t. to de- 
OlS-COUr-age press; to deprive or 
lessen the courage of: dishearten; deter. 

dis-cour-age-ment S^^g^?,**!: 

priving of confidence; that which destroys 
courage; state of being without courage. 
/lie rrkiircA (dis-kors'). n. speech or lan- 
uid-l^UUiac ffuage; conversation; ser- 
mon: V. i. to talk or converse: r. t. to utter, 
as to discourse wisdom. 

HiQ rmir f A-niiQ (dis-kflr't^-fls). adj. 
UlS-COUi-ie-OuS impolite: rude; want- 
ing in civility. — adv. dlsoonrteontly. 

dis-cour-te-sy ilSf%S^ie»*^rlS: 

unmannerly act. 

Hic_mtr Ar (dls-Jcttv'gr), v.t. to bring to 
Ul^-CUV-ei light: reveal: And (something 
previously unknown). — adj. disoovsrable. — 
n. disoovorsr. 

Sj/n. make known, invent, contrive, expose. 

HiR rnv^ Ar xr (dto-kflv'Sr-I). n. [pi. dls- 
UlS-COV-er-y coverfes (-Iz)J. a brimdng to 
li^t. or making known, especially for the 
first time; disclosure. 

r1iQ_rrAH if (dis-krMIt). n. lack of belief; 
UlS-creu-ll distrust; lack of reputatkm; 
dishonor: v.t. to refuse to believe; to dis- 
honor: to take away r^utaUon tnmL — adj. 
disoroditablo. — adp. discreditably. 
Hifi-rrAAf (dls-kr6t0. adj. careftil; pm- 
OlS-Creei ^ent; as. a dtscreet answer: 
discreet behavior. — adv. discreetly. 
Syn. cautious, wary. Judicious. 

dis-cvep-an-cy ^aSS'^-^biirS: ' 

ment; as. the man's accounts and the bank 
balance showed a discrepancy, 

Svn- dUTerence, variance. 

AnL (see agreement). 
Hie rrAfA (dls-lo^f; dislcret). adj. sep- 
Uld-l/ictc arate flrom others; distinct; 
not continuous; composed of distinct parts. 
Hic_rrA finti (dis-krfish'ftn). n. prudence; 
aiS-Cre-UOn judgment: caution: skill. 

dis-crim-i-nate ffiiS3S-?1^^o&l;riS 

or mark the differences between; select: v.i. 
to make a difference or distinction* i^^S^.^i'/^ti';? 

distinguishing ; faculty of exact Judgment be- 
tween two things or persons. 

Svn- acuteness. discernment, Judgment, 

dis-crim-i-na-tive i5r£S^-°»^ 

Judgment; penetrating; acute: discrlmuiating. 
diq cur SlVe (dto-Wlr'sIv). adj. passing 
Uio-i^UA-9tvc trom one thing to another: 
digressive; rambling. 

btfW, fdbt ; found ; boil ; function ; chase; good ; joy ; then, thick ; hw = wh as in when ; 
2h*s aa in azure; kh=ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xzii. 

tecursiTely !Sgr™-,a& 
dto-cur-sivejiBSS gSSg^-Sfci 

eartlnnta oT 'ttanugttt; ^ 
dlRWifwiuH In a speedi. ^ 

disjaia £?.!*■ Si. 

pigce ct maOl cr atoii< 
ihrowa In kDOIeot ani 
nodimMbleUc eouUBto. 

discuss 4X^ 


balsi udi 

dis-dain ir?^^- 

dnpbe: look ni — .. 

■.contempt; tuugncsr or Indliniac 


k itlntilnAiI loidi or reply. 

disease iM"iiSK"£i"!S S 

cann illiimii tn; denmge. 
Svn. oomphbit, aUmeDt. rid OM M. 

dis-em-bark iJ^^o^imi 

dis-em-bar-rass ISf^^ 

or enluisIemaDU. illiiiiiilirnrrlliigl lo 3<^ve of bowela; 
HOunil tn the •Monsi. ao Uul the bowela 

dis-en-chant fSlKS^im';'!^ 
dis-enxhantment ^^^X'n^^' 

iMlna aat ft«s bom <liuin or delinlofi. 

dis-en-cum-ber rS^fa,; 

bnnoe or dMm; naime » UndraDCa tax 

Sus-en-gage fStiK,;^ *% 

mnDt or snbuniHloB oonosntaa: da 
aorlCBle: dtoencu*. 

OlS-ia-VOr „ taneaa; MoM of not beli 
mU rBgarded; P.L lo d M MHirQTB of. Ala 

disiSi-cliise g^SSsS; 

polltlCBl rl^it, aa BnDnce, or UwriAl (o vote. 

<ltef«rge MS: i-« ^» SEJ 

. DOdtEoralomaSiwIthTlol 
wtnt baa bsen nnlawfullr r 

disgrace ^gtS!::>-.^^ 


Sdjabmwr: ihuntful. — ode, iflMiamtalli 
humor; dla^tpolDt. [Oolloq.! 

dis-guise g!gVij£.:Srt. S 

b7 mn nnuaual dras; to couaurTdt; to con- 
nwl ir ravvr hT ^ nrMmae: n. a drooa fte- 
tfie IdeotltT or tbe woi 

dis-hon-es-ty ffiSSfflii fiSS 

truth and uprlgbtneaa. 

ulS-nOU'Or httjtg ibame upoa (Jia dkar- 
acMr of; nfOM, or hU, to 017 (a bill or 
Dote nhen due and praented): n. dlicnm; 
lADOCiiDy; abarae; a dlaboocab act* AhDv 

disJuii-or-a-ble ^^^^^ 

dlitaoHnUr. dlibmwanbU. 

dis-ii4u-sion ^l^^L£^tS£ 
dis-in-cli-na-tion i;'"ii^",5' d«M: 

disjn-fect ^^S^'VcSS:! 

disSSS*5^SiS''*ai *• i 

dis-in-te-gra-tioii rfj-SfSS 

tearat hit. o r brealdm Uff: narios down or 

dis-in-ter-est-ed 3rSi*^SS*ffii 

ft& BCnlte, rire, cit, locU, (Ir, isk, pdrade; Bcfaie, tvent, Mge, dovU, n 
rigb^ «Id; oOld, Obey, oOid, Mp, cwapfura; out, Oiute, bftni, cat, focfit, m 


amanmStemOT (wo 
Mned la mesolDg; 
nHOur. nor. MC 

riuiiwcl wheeli , & 

tut ■turpenlaa // / 


Mnastealliia of 
dlipleuad wlUi. 


(dlm'18-k«). I.I. Di^ OrtndCT 

Jofat: dlaplkce: Intanipt IbocontlDuatJonof. 

dis-Io-ca-tion i^'^StiJ^SSi ™ iS 

JolnlnB: » Joim put out of Its socket; ■ iil»- 

plACAment of rocks In layers. 

diS-IOuge ttorn a biding pbca ot'ijidhd 

Soy-alSSSit'S .'»: fXS: 

raliiilan; dl»bedlait.— n. di*lar>it7. 
OlS-mai log. u, dlimal wwUicr; ^uk: 
borrid; Kim>«rful. — adr. dUuullr- 

dis-mai-tle SSs;!™l™.S,"25ip 

IflfCDBB; M. U> dijmardit 
out &lt tho furollut^; 

diS-miSS perrali li. 'dei»rt: du£ug< 
from olBce or omploymeoti to put ftwmj' 
u. to iHimiu Idle IW*. 

5v>>- dlKard. buikh. 

Ant. (leenujii). 

dis-miss-al iSS?^';yr"nS5vJm,S 

ranoTs (kmi k curiam: Mid of u-tlllo-y; to 
put off ftvfQ a bone- 

dis.o-bejii-eiice SKSIJ'Si. 


IKTblige iSaBlIi-SiS:^ 

m : ImgnlkHty ; brawb at pablle otAn; 
...«u.dlon: u. the eonliqiuln wued creM 
diiorier in CulLTornia; rtoti Dwntal or 
^lysicml diacaae: v-1. to tiinMr mto conllMiaD; 

disj)r.dered CES!' KS^fX 

reputable; upset; dlRairannd. 

dis-or-der-ly gSTtSulf i-S: 

dis-par-age jnent i'SSteSS- 

JlghUngiy of: deproqUUcm; npincA; 
_rfece; aiten vlui (o. 

dis-par-i-ty ST'Sif AS.??* 

ftreuce; dbpropofUon. 

dls-pas.sioii.ate !S-1!a°'SJS; 

cool ; calm ; unprejudiced ; hTTprtlal nffr 

dis.[^tch!S:3^''^!i«S^ Jg 

iispfMhrTr AUo, datpatelur. 

dis-pel ,>eUHi, p.p^.'t^^i^dttawi/to'din'* 

anr by. or ai br. Kaiurtncrnvvwi dl^ 

Ant. (•«« ciJlBcti. 

dis-pen-sa-ble fflTTSSS-aSS: 

teml : capable of bdni done jrlthoat. 

where medldnai sre kept and made up 
charlUble Inatitutlon ror pmrldtnc tlw |l 
wltli medical advln and medldnea. 

witli medical advl« and medldoea. 

dis-pen-sa-tion {g?^g^''S^ 

in Dortlon«: dbnrtbult'-- "-— -•-■- 

appointed or bestowed br a bUAv power: 

tfae atupendlos ot ■ rule or law In aoms par- 
tlcuiar caae; a Uc«uw granwj fftuu cte fope, 

His nanca Idb-pCiu'), t.t. K> dead OQt Ib 
aiS-pense panfenH; «; to lirpmm tooA: 

X doVttbon*; 

dlstrtbuu, ^ , 

peine JUHlice. c.t to gtipH ui 
as. to ddpenH wltli tlu i 

UUi-penit; spread; came to Taoleh; ak 

the bot nin will dfxprrH tbe mtac: f.4. tO 
separate; go to diSomt parta: TanUl on 
of light ; as. the crowd dlipwwdL 


Ate txAT etftn (dls-pOfshfin), n. the ad 

UlD-pci -oiUAi of scattertne or spr«uUng: 

the separation of light into difrereDt colored 

rays In passing through a prism. 

Ale Tk^r C1VO (dls-pOr'slv). adj, tending 

aiS-per-SlVe t© scatter; as. the dis- 

persive power thi^ separates colors to fixm 

a spectrum. 

Aie Tkir ii- ((Us-plrlt) . r.t. to deproM the 

Ula- UU -11 spirits of; dishearten; render 

cheerless; discourage. 

Ate rAar^ (dls-plSs'). r.t. to put out of 

\Ud-|iAav/^ place; disorder; depose from 

office or dignity; as. to displace a dishonest 


Syn. derange, remove, disturb, confuse. 

AnL (see adjust). 
Aie rAart^ triAnf (dte-plis'mfint). n. the 

ais-pxace-menx act of putting out of 

place; substitution; apparent change of 
position: the weight of water displaced by a 
solid body immersed in it; as. the displace- 
ment of a ship. 

Aie rAaxF (dis-pla'). r.t. [p.t. and n.p. dis- 
\Mia-UUXy played, dlsplajring]. to 
spread out; unfold; exhibit: show mentally 
or phsrsically: r.t. to make a show of some- 
thing: n. an exhibit: a parade or show; as. 
the fashion display at the opera. 

Syn., r. show, expose, indicate. 

Ant. (see hide). 

aio nlAAGO (dl8-pl5z'). r.f. to vex; annoy: 
IS-piCaoc offend; to arouse a dislllce. 

HiQ nlPAQ liri* (d»s-Pi«2h'ftr). n. annoy- 
UlS-picao-UiC ance; vexation; distaste. 

Ala «\/\W- (dLs-p5rt'). r.t. to amuse or divert: 
Ulb-por I with self: as. to disport oneself 
in the ocean: to display gaily: 0.1 to play. 
Ate r\r\e a1 (dte-p6z'al). n. arrangement; 
Ula-pU9-<U order; control: right of giving 
or bestowing. 

Ale ru\e£k (dl»-p5z'). r.t. to place; arrange: 
UlD-puac order: distribute: adapt; incline. 

Syn. give, bestow. 
Hie fW) fii finn (dIs'pO-zlsh'fln). n. the 
aiS-pO-Sl-UOn act of placing or arrang- 
ing: order; method; arrangement; inclina- 
tion; tendency: temper or frame of mind; 
as. she hi^ a cheerful disposition. 

Ale r\e\e cacc (dfs'po-zfis') . r.t. to remove 
OlS-pOS-SeSb from ownership, espedaUy 

of land: eject. — n. dispossession. 

Ale TkrrkcA (dls-prOOf). n. a showing that 

uia-pivux a statement Is not true or not 


dis-pro-por-tion '^;F'^%^^\ 

lack of proper or suitable relation in form, 
size, imporUince. etc. — adj. disproportionate. 
Ale nrrfcXTA (dls-pr55v'). r.t. to show to be 
uiD-piuvc untru? or unreasonable. 
dlQ nil tfl hip (dis'pft-td-bl). adi. liable 
aiS-pU-ia-Die to be called to question 
or contested. 

diq nil tanf ^<"*»'p6-tant). adj. rfven to 

Uid-pu-UUil arguing: engaged in con- 
troversy: n. an a^guer or r^asoucr. 
<1lQ nil ffl finn (dls'pft-ta'shfln). n. a 
OlS-pU-ia-UOU debate; verbal contro- 
versy; an altercation. 

#1iR nil +11 fir>iic (dis*p<l-t5'8htls), adj. 
UlS-pU-ia-UOUS contentious; incUned 
to argue. 

Hie mifo (dls-pQt'), T.i. to debate; argue; 
u.AD-putc nuarrel: r.t. contend for by 
words or actions: express doubt of; con- 
trovert; contest: n. a contest to words; a 

Syn., V. argue, question, impugn. 

ArU. (see assent). 

180 dissenting 

HiQ niifll 1 fir (dfa-kwdlT-fn. v.t. to make 
UlS-quai-l-iy unat; to disable: to deprive 
of a dfl^t or privilege. — n. dlsqfiaHflestlon 
Ala nttl A-f (dl»-kwf'«t), v.t. to make un- 
UUI-qui-Ct easy: to disturb: to worry: 
n. a feeling of uneastoess; disturbance; 
anxiety. — n. disquietude. 

Ale nttl el finn (dlsHcwI-zIsh'fin). n. a 
aiS-qUl-Sl-llOn dlscuflRlon; an eUborate 


Hie rA vutA (dls'rft^iird'). 9.t. to faU to 
Ul^-lC-gcuU notice or give consideration 
to; to slight: to neglect: n. lacdc of atten- 
tion; neglect. 

Ale Tt^ TkSklT (dls'rft-pftr'), n. state of 
aiS-re-pair needtog repair; dihipidation. 

HiQ r^n 11 ffl KIa (dls-r6p't-td-bl). adj. 
aiS-rep-U-ia-DXe of bad character; low: 
shameful. — adr. disreputably. 
Hie rA mif A idls'r^putO, n. lack of good 
Uib-rc-pui.e reputation; bad character. 

HiG rA cnikrf (als'r©-ep«ct'), n. lack of 
Uld-lC-dpci^t proper courtesy toward 
elders or superiors; impoliteness. 

dis-re-spect-ful '^"-^i^V;^ 

courtesy, especially to elders or saperiors. — 

adr. dlnespeetfully. 

Ale nmf (dls-rfipt'), r.t. and s.l. to break 

uia-i upi» apart; to separate with violoice. 

Hie nm finn (dls-rQp'shftn). n. act of 

aiS-rup-UOn pending or tearing apart; 

forcible separation; breach. 

Hie nm Htta (dls-rap'tlv), adj. causing a 

aiS-rup-U ve breach or violent separation. 

Hicc ^^)' A reedlike grass of Algeria, used 

UA9D for making hats, paper, etc. 


discontent; lack of satisfaction; absence of 
pleasiure to that which one has. 

Hio co-f le fir (dIs-s&tls-fD. e.t to cause 
OlS-Sai-lS-iy displeasure by lacdc of 
something; to fidl to cont^it. 
Hie cArf (dl-sdktO. v.t. to cat In pieces 
uia-ov\/t and examine minutely. 

- of 

Ale eAtf« +/\r (dl-«6k't«r), n. an anatomist. 
Ui9-oCi/-lUA or one who dissects bodies. 
Hie ei»m KIa (dl-8«m'bl).^ r.f. to hide 
UAo-ociix-UAC and«* a false appearance: 
to disguise; as, to dissemble one's real inten- 
tions: r.i. to act the hypocrite; as. they 
disserrible and fawn to thcnr efforts to gain 
favor.^-n. dissembler. 

Hie eAm Klinir (dl-ft&n'bling). n. dia- 
aiS-Sem-Dling ^^^^ op conceelment. 

Hte CAiri 1 nof A (dl-9?ma-nit). r.t. to 
aiS-Sem-l-naie scatter abroad, like 
seed; prcq^agate; diffuse. — n. dissemlnst.lon. 

dis-sem-i-na-tor ^^^iS^'^'tt^i 

which, scatters. 

Hie eA-n ei/\n (dl-afin'shfln). n. conten- 
OlS-Sen-SlOIl tion: strife- disagreemeot; 
as, dissension between political parties; 

Hic CAn-f (dl-«6nt'), r.t to disagree In 
Ula-oeut opinion: with from: n, differ- 
ence of opinion: refusal to acknowledge or 
conform to an established churdi. 

Syn., r. disagree, differ, vary. 

Ant. (see assent). 
Ale eArt'f Ar (dl-effnt/Sr). n. one who dif- 
uid-dClit-Ci fers to opinion. espedaUy one 
who separates ftxnn the established church. 
Hie eAfif in<y (dl-^&itlng), p.adj. relat- 
QlS-Seni-ing ipg to. or characterized by. 

ftte, senate, rftre, cdt, loc&l, fitr, Ask, pdrade; scfinCj 6vent, £dge, nov61, refir; 
r^ght, sin; c6ld. 6bey, cdrd, stdp, c6rapare; dnit, finite, biini, cSt, focfis, menfl; 


J lM i g rB em aat: ■eparatlog rrom mQ i 
etiDreta. npodally tbat or Englanil. 

dis-ser-ta.tion i^^-""^ 

(tic eoTT er (tll-s«T'Sr). t.r. to cut ia two: 

dis-si-dence i^JiS^mt; dine?^?.; 

UlS-Sl-UeUI or conlonalng: n. one Hba 
dlBEren or dliHnla. 

dhsnlaa; prfltcod. — adi. dlHlninlfttlv*. 

dis-sim-u-la-tion n^'tj^^Vr^fto^ 

aiS-SI-pST-ea lered; dlspened: Intoui- 

<lin ci -no tinn (dI»^-pi■shfln) . n. the act 
OJS'SI-pa-lIOn <„. state of b^m «allBrod 
or nned: nusnUl dlalncUon; eicas: In- 
MmpersMi living. 

dis-soxi-ate i?^:''a;»S;„^. "» -^ 
dis^oi-u-btt-i-tyaj'-ss„%':-"-;. ^"i 

»p&eltr or being abaorbed IdH> a liquid : u. 
the dimrfufrUUii or ulc In vster. 
flic onl n Mtt «U"'0-l*-bI: dI-»OIH-bl). 
■dved or Bbsorbed Into a l^uid. 

dis-soJute am""S™ IS SSa£ 

dis-so lu-tion Sm'SSSSi,;, «,.- 

tbUdk Into a liquid; sepantloo otUie loul 
from the body; deatlij diBor^DlEatlon. 

dis-solT-a-We &S'tS'iiASiSi 
dissolve SS.i''.^TZu,Si 

Uquld:' waslo away; Ft^isrslp. 

i4ic CA na«i>a (diB'O-nftm). n. discord; 

fUS-SO-nance , rtlsagreeable mingling 

itic en na-nf (dlii'S'li&iiO, Bill, hanh In 
OlS-SO-nani goDDd: dl«ordam; unhw^ 
monloua.— odr. dlMOUBIlr. 
AIb eiioiIa (<n-a«ad'}, t.l. to advjM or 
OlS-SUaae counwl agamsi: divert by 
•rvumeot or penniaAlon. 

dis-sua-sion ^S;S:SS'..Sin^^r t^- 

a-ojr 1-U.-U1& tWOBVllablBB. 

SfafF (dia't&n, n. [pi. di!iu 
-ran the auff from wbl 
BE* WD Id aplmdng. 
die tant'B (db'tln.i), n. the leniiUi of Ibo 
OIS-lBIlCe Btrnteht lino heiwwn iwoobjocts 
w poLitj; M. the ilttlana from Ngw York to 


mannor.' — adt. dlitsntlr- 

dis-taste iSJ"" " 


die tnctfi fill «lls-itst'f0ei), adJunpliM- 
UlS-iaSie-IUl am to the taaie: dlwere^ 
able: dlfipLeasloH to the f?clli;gs,^ — attr- dli- 
tHMtollT. — n. dlilan«tiilIiHS. 

dis-tem-per ^^Tif^aiJL:*^ ,^. 

pound (colors) for iwe In painting; n. a dto- 
dia tend (dl»-t6nd'), f,(. to nrelch oat In 

dis-ten-tioD '^T^^li„l. " ""'"^ 

die -fipTi [ills'tlt),n.»couplet.or two line*. 
Ulb-ncn of versothatm«li«coniiilet«»eQSS. 

. _eallQg. evaiioratliis, and 

then coDdenslng: as, to lUau water. Also. 

drs"ffi-I«-tion'SS''S"b!iC s 

evaporating to produce pure apliit: the mb- 
dio till or V (<ils-tll'8r-I), n. a place wbera 
llQuom.aro produoxl by heating. eraponllDg, 

dTs'-tocTEf^i'i^'rKKS;; i': 

Mat , fdbt ; found ; boil ; function ; chase ; good ; joy ; (Aen, thick ; hw -^ wh a.' 
2h— z as in azure; kh=ch as in loch. See pronunciatioD key, pages xj 

distract 182 

tiiojtrarf (dfa-trftkt). t.t. to pe/plex; 
uia-ua^t divert (atteaUon); tiaras; coa- 
ftiso the mind of; bevrilder; derange. 
Hie fror fi/\n (dl)»-tr&k'sh<in) , n. state of 
Ulb-uaU-UOU having the attention di- 
verted; that wtiich diverts attention: per- 
plexity: embarrassment; mental oonfusion 
or distress: insanity. 

Hifi frur fiVA (dto-tr»k'tlv), adj. causing 
Uld-uai^-UVC cnfusion or perplexity. 
Aic •frotn (dis-tran'). t.t. to take as secu- 
UlS-UalU rity for a debt; a«. to distrain 
household furniture tor rent: v.U to levy a 
distress, or seizure of goods. 
Hie fro in f (dU-trant'). n. the act of dis- 
Ulb-UTiUUI. training, or holding for debt. 
/lie "fraii* (dOs'trii'), adj. absent-minded: 
Ui^-UlUi wandering; distracted. [Fr.I 

Hie +riiiiiyfi+ (dls-trOf). adj. bewildered 
aiS-iraUgni; or harassed: distracted. 
a:^ frAGC (dis-trfe'), t.t. to inflict pain or 
Ui9-v&cao suffering upon; grieve: har- 
ass: perplex: in law, to seize for debt: n. 
physical or mental anguish; the act <^ dis- 
training or seizing and holding for debt; 
goods taken in distraint. — adj. distressfaL 
AtG friVk tfi-A (dis-trlb'ilt). t.t. to deal out 
aiS-OlD-Ute or divide: allot; as. they 
have collected newspapers and magazines to 
distribute to the soldiers; arrange according 
to classification; dispose of separately; sep- 
arate and return (as printers* types) to their 
respective cases. — n. distrilnitor. 

Syn. share, dispense, deal. 

Ant. (see collect). 

Hie frt hti finti (dls-trl-bQ'shan), n. the 
fUb-Ul-LFU-UOU act or manner of dealing 
out or dividing; apportionment: arrangement; 

HtQ trih 11 tivA (dli»-trtb'<l-tiv). adj. ap- 
OlS-UlD-U-Uve portioning or di^allng 
out; as, distributive classes: n. in grammar, 
denoting groups of p^s^sons or things acting 
Individually, as any, all, both^ each, either, 

Hie frtri (dls'trlkt).n. province: territory: 
uid-u.t\^i circuit; region or tract of coun- 

Hie fniei* (dls-trOsf). n. want of confl- 
U19-U uat dence, faith, or reliance: sus- 
picion; discredit: v.t. to have no confidence 
or faith in; doubt; suspert. 
Hie fnte+ -fill (dls-trOst'fdCl). adj. sus- 
OlS-UUbt-llU picious; lacking confldencj. 
—adv. dlstrufltf ally. 

Aic "HtrK (dte-tOrb'). v.t. to trouble; vex; 
Uld-tUiU throw Into confusion; agitate; 
displace. — n. disturber. 

Sun. derange, rouse, interrupt. confUae, 
trouble, annoy, vex, worry. 

Ant. (see pacify, quiet). 
Hie fiirK anrt^ (dis-tflr^Ens), n. the In- 
OlS-mrD-ance temiptlou of a settled 
state; uproar: confusion; mental agitation. 
Hi e«<i1 nfiofA ((il-sm'f&t). n. a sulphate 
Ul-^Ui-pilalt; containing one atom of 
hydrogen, replaceable by a basic element. 
Hijeiil ntiiHA (dI-«W'fTd; dl-sfll'fid). n. a 
ai-Sm-pmae chemical salt of sulphur 
and anotner element. 

Hie iin inn (clI»-Qn'yfin) , n. separation; 
aiS-Un-lOU a bn^king apart: a division. 
Hie tf Tiif A (dis'fi-nit'). v.t. and v.i. to dl- 
UlD-u-iutc vide; separate; fall, or make 
to fall, apart. 

Hie If CA (dls-ds'). n. a ceasing to use; neg- 
Ula-Ubc lect: v.t. (dls-flz'). to cease to use. 
Hi-frVi (<Uch)> 1. a trench cut In the earth: 
Ulti^u a moat: v.i. to make a ditch: v.t. to 
surround with a ditch: run Into a ditch. 


Hit ti\ Cdlto). n. 
aU-lU whlca has 

thing; that 
a duplicate: 

the same 
whlcn has been said; 
as before; likewise. 
Hif ftr (dit'l). n. [pL ditUes (-U)]. a UUle 
uit-ty song; lay. 

Hi<f •Hr Ka-w (dit'l bOks), a tin box with 
Olt-iy DUX a lock, in which saflora keep 
their personal poraessions. sudi as shavins 
gear. etc. 

di ttr nol (dl-Or'n&l). adj. pertaining to a 
l-Ui -litU day ; daily : performed in twenty- 
four hours; active during the daytime. 

di-ur-naUy ^yf°^'^^' ^'- ****^' ^^ 

di wo (dS'vd), n. a prima donna; an opera 
l-Va singer. (It.) 

di von (dl-vfcn': di'v&n). n. a court of ]u»- 
L-voll tice; a council of state In Turkey- 


': di'v&n). n. a court of ]u»- 

„„^^ „ council of state In Turkey: 

as. sixty old men formed his diean; a council 
hall; a smoking room: cafig; couch. 
HitTA (<U^)' ('•*• to plunge headforemost into 
^**^^ water; enter deeply into any subject 
or question: n. a plunge neadforemost Into 
water; as, to take a high dive requires nerve. 
— n. diver. 

At xrATtre^ (dl-vfirj'). v.i. to spread out flrom 
^**"^^*B*' one point: opposite to comerge; 
to differ. 

di-ver-gence l^;?^iSS'-"e.5."^^t{r/r 

along different lines; a separation; a tend- 
ing apart. Also, dlvergenoy. 
di XTAT o>Anf (dl-vQr'Jfint). adj. tending to 
*"'^c*"S^**'' move apart or separate; dlf- 

di vAre (dI'vSrz), adj. A-arlous; sundry: 
l-vcio several. 

di vAfCA (dl-vfirs'- dl'vSrs). Jidj. esst-n- 
l- verse tIaUy different; dlaslmllar; var- 
ied : unlike. — adv. diversely. 


making, or state of being, varied : variation : 

di VAr ei ixr (dl-vQr'sI-fl). v.t. \p.t. and 
l-Ver-Sl-iy « «. diversified, diversi- 
fying), to make different f^m another; give 
variety to; discriminate. 

di TTAf ci/\n (d!-v(lr'shfln). n. variation; 
l-Ver-SlOU alteration: pastime; the act 
of turning the attention of an enemy from 
the real point of attack. 

di-ver-si-ty iiii^:»'-">- "• <»"««"'^- 

di ifArf (dl-vflrt'), t.t. to turn aside from 
l-vcilr any direction or course; draw 
away tromi entertain: amuse; as. to divert 
the mind or a erring child by a story. 

di VAef (dl-vesf). r.f. to strip or deprive 
i-vcat of anything; despoil; make bare. 
di viHA (dl-vid'). T.t. to cut Into two or 
^''^^^^ more parts; separate: * 
keep apart: distribute: r.f. to sep- 
arate: cleave: diverge: to sepa- 
rate in voting: n. a watershed; as, 
the Rocky Mountain watershed 
Is called the great divide. 

Syn., V. distribute, deal out. 
sever, sunder. 

dtM i HptiH (dlvl-dBnd). n. 
aiV-l-aeilll a share of the 

Eroflts of a public company or 
usinoss; Interest payable on 
money invested in the public 
funds; a number or quantity 
to be divided. 

di-vid-ers l.r^S'^'&.rS: 

ment used In mechanical draw* 
ing. for dividing lines, etc. 


ftte, senile, rAre, c4t, locll, filr, Ask, pdrade; sctoe^ 6vent, Mge, novil, ref§r: 
r^t, sXn; c6ld, dbey, c6rd, stdp, compare; ilnit, dmte, b(irn, cSt, (ocba, menii; 




Hiv I fifl fion (dlT^-nl'thOn). n. the act 
aiV-l-Oia-UOn ©f forfwelng or foretelling; 
the preteodad art of foreseeins ftiture events; 
M. aMaalion by a fortune teUer. 

di fmiA (<U-vInO. adj, partakiiifr of the 
»"V***^ nature of God; as. the divine love 
of Ood: godUke; sacred: holy; pertaining 
to theology: n. a theologian; dergyman: 
9 J. to gusM or fbresee; know by intuition; 
f .<. to conjecture; guess. 

Syn., Mli. godlike, holy, neavenly. sacred. 
Aw ^» (olyang). n. the act of plunging 
OlV-Ulg into water: pMdj, connected with, 
or used fai« divtog. 

Hflv fnir KaII (<lIv'InB bSl). a hoUow 
aiV-ang OeU chamber suppUed with air. 
fai whidi men may work under water without 
danger. Also, swlwnartne dMng htSL 

At irtfi in<r rnA (dl-vin1ng r(Sd). a 
ai-Vm-mg roa fbrked rod or branch, 
as of wltch-hasel. which, when hdd loosely 
In the lumd, is said to be drawn downward 
towards places under which water or minerals 
are situated. 

di mn 1 Hr (dI-vXn1-tI). n. tpl. divinities 
l-vm-l-iy Ulz)J, the state or quaUty of 
being godlike: Godhead; a pagan or heathen 
deity; theology. 

ai-YlS-l-DU-l-^ pabUity of being sepa- 
rated into parts. 

I-V1»-1-U1C being separated into parts; 
capable of dlvlaton without a remainder. 

di VI olrkvi (dl-vIzh'On). n. the act or state 
I-VI-SIUU of being separated into parts; 
a partition: section; discord: diflTerence; 
as. when members of a church disagree about 
anything it causes division; the separating of 
the members of a lawmaking or municipal 
assembly in order to take a vote; two or 
more army brigades under the command of a 
general omoer; the process of finding how 
many times one number or quantity is con- 
tained in another. — adi. dlvlstenal. 
Ai rri of\T (dl-vf'zSr). n. the number by 
Ol-Vl-SOr which another (the dividend) is 

di tmri*A (<lI-vQrsO. n. legal dissolution of 
*~^vx\^c the marriage contract; disunion: 
t.l. to disM>lve the marriage contract between; 
release from close union. — n. divorcement. 
At'xr nf idSv'6t), n. in golf, a piece of turf 
uiv-UL cut from the sod by a stroke. 
a: tnilcrA (<tl-v1llj'). v.t. to make known. 
ux-vui^v as something previously kept 
secret: disclose. 

T\;w Sa (dlk'sn. n. the Southern States of 
Ul^'lV the United States: a favorite 
Southern song.— dlzle, in the World War, an 
Iron pot with two handles, used for cooking 
In the trenches. 

AtT A<n (dis'n: dl'xn), v.t. to deck out: 
***^-^" dress; bedisen; as. to dizm oneself 
with jewds. 

Hi7 71 fiACG (dlz'I-nSs). n. gkldlness; as. 
OlZ-Zl-neSS to whlrl about rapidly will 
cause diMtintss, 

Hit tu (*^'^* <^l Kiddy: causing giddi« 
^"^-^J ness; as. a dizzy heigfat. — adv. diszily. 
Af^ (dOO). v.t. \p.t. did. p.p. done. doing). 
^^ to perform: achieve: cause to bring 
about; make ready for some object or pur- 
pose: odloqulally. to cheat or swindle: v.i, 
to act or behave; succeed; fare as to health; 

make, perform, acoompllsb, 

used In 


At\ W). n. the first of the syllables 

^^ tlie mosksal scale: the tone O. 

Ho^Ia Wfi«'*>: dS'rfl). odi. easy u> teach; 
ao-CUe tractable; easibr managed: as, a 
gentle, docile pony. — ode. oeetlsly* 

Syn, toachaple. compliant, tame. 

Ant. (see stubborn). 
Hn-ri1 1 fir (d^sfil-tl). ru the qnaltty of 
UU-CU-l-ty bebig gentle or eaaUy managed. 
AfxtAr (<i01^)t n. a place for building and 
uvi'ik keeping ships; the place where a 
prisoner stands in a court to be tried; a 
coarse weed with broad leaves; the soUd part 
of the tall of a horse: v.L to cut off or cur- 
tail: deduct from; diminish; bring to a pier, 
and moor, as a ship. 

AnrXr atr^ (dOk'Bj). n. reduction; pro- 
uuvik-a^C vision or accommodation for 
the docking of vessels; money paid for the 
use of a dock. . 

/1/w«1r Af (d6k'0t). v.t. to mark the con- 
uucik-ct tents or titles of papers on the 
back of them; indorse: n. a directed label or 
ticket tied on goods; a summary of a larger 
writing: a digest; a formal program for the 
proceedings dr an assembly. 
Arkt^ir rrarA (ddlc'y&rd'). n. a place where 
QOCK-yBXa Bhipe are built and naval 
stores are kept. 

Arki* -f/^f* (aOk'tSr). n. one holding the 
OOC-XOr highfist degree conferred by a 
university; a learned man; a medical 

{>ractitionar: v.t. colloquially, to treat med- 
cally; slang, tamper with or give a false 
appearance to: v.i. coUoquiaUy. to practice 
medicine or undertro medical treatment. 

doc-toMte SJS^-*^^- "• ^*^ ^**^ ^ 

Af%r fri -nnif-A (dftk'trl-nftrO. n. one who 
aOC-Ul-naire theorlsM on political or 
other matters, disre^uding practical con- 
siderations: <idj. visionary. (Fn.! 
Atkr H^ na^ (dOk'trl-nil). adj. pertaining 
UUi^til-Ual to. or containing, a teaching 
or dogma. — ctdv. doctrinally. 
AfM*- -fvtviA (ddk'trin). n. that which is 
aOC-Xnne taught: the princlplea. beUef. 
or dogma of any church, sect, or pfsrty; as, 
the doctrines of Christianity. 
Syn, tenet, creed, dogma. 
Arki^ tt triArif (d61c'fi-mSnt) , n. a record; 
aOC-U-meni a paper that glvM Informa- 
tion or eiidence. 

Af\r It TTiATi fa rxr (dfik'il-raCn'tft-rl), 
aOC-U-men-ia-ry adj. pertaining to. 

derived ftom, or consisting of. official papers 
or records. 

An H Ar-fl ann W*-d«k'd-gOn). n. a figure 
aO-aeC-a-gOn ^th twelve sides and 
twelve angles. 

do-dec-a-he-dron n^^J'oll^i'iJl^k 

twdve faces. 

Ag%AtrA «ldi)> 9.i, to start aside and shift 
uvugt; about; evade; avoid; practice 
tridnr devices: r.(. to escape from hy 
starting aside: n. the act of dodking; a tricks 
AnAtr Ar (<iOJ'6r)t n, a small handblU e^ 
uuu^-ci poster; an Indian-meal cake^ 
a tricky feUow. 

An An <<»'<'5). «• \P^ ^odo» (-d3i)|. ,ai. 
UO-UO large extinct bird wHh a short neck., 
a large hooked bill, short wings and legs. 
Anfk C*^)' ^' the female of a buck or fkllow 
^VC deer, or of an antelope, rabbit, or hare. 
Arx^a (<><^>. third person singular present. 
aoes of tiM verb do. 

Ar\A clnn (dd'sldn'). n. the sldn of a, doe. 
aoe-SKin ©r female deer; a fine ipUM. 
doth with a smootii finish. 

Anif ^^^^ *•<• to take or put off. as cMmi< 
QOn remove (the hat) in salu ting. ^^^ 

h6bt, fd6t ; found ; boil ; function ; chase; good ; joy ; then, thidc ; hw « wh as in ^^en; 
di«s M in azure; kh»ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to ndi. 


dog ffiL^ 

■Upg. — aitf, doicUli. 


(bs boCMt part of the 

SJge ffi'iissiyi. _ J 

of tba Biideat npublka of Voilce utd Oenu. 
dtw fish t^ertWi-). n. a kind or raiai 

ttOg-gea iiiuat.— odi. dottcdlr. 

cod Knd nsTliig Bitiarlca by Uie Duich In tbe 


UnlT^or »1 (dorer^). n. a kind of vaw 

OOg-ger-ei ^Told o^ Hum or rhjOwn: 


'OeJ, ar//, pertalnlu 

dog-mat-ic {^ 

■Ubltahed doelrlni, , _. doccrlaKl ttaeoloey. Also, docmaUial. 
Sim. tiTOfja, Impnloiu. dlctatorlaL 

dog-maU-cal-ly ^-^^r^SSS: 
dog-ma-tism iSS^n'S^Wi^JSi^ 

, (dSrmd'-r 



podUTB UHTtloiu Without kddiuliig proof: 
•.I. to tmt dognudaUlr. 

dog rob-ber ffs.^is- 'r'ss: 



Ana aiatflt (dOK'wSch'), n. one of two 
QOg-WaiCn mtcba. on toard ship oT two 
houn sacb. betweaa four and (Ight p. m. 
Ana iMrnnH ""JrwOW). ". a wild Woe 
OOg-WOOa bMTlng In aprlng a whlla or 

Hnl Itf Idol'ID. n. Ipl. doUlta (-Ui)], a amall 
aOI-iy mac or napkljii used on (i>e tahla. 

do-ings iSS'TiUn^f «?"X dS^i 
doTdnims {Z''(Sri»''i^ri^'*»™ 

to one bundrod c* 

14 domicile 

Hnia fill UfU'l«Ul.iidf. torrowful^ dlsniAl; 
aOie-nU JZa of Bnof.— n. dolMhmwn. 

grievous, gloomy. 


dou MidM^.'ifHsy.s:.'-'" 

doUar SSSI'Si.lU'Ztc'.SS'iSS 

— — i..._jjj|^ CTwla- a bank note, IrvaBUrr 
of the leml valUB or one hundrMl 

Uo> HDI, a little 
i In pUe driving: 

DolS VM-d^lCr ^*"k' KK: 

brlght-dgiirod mu.'dln. worn ov«- a pUlq 
briabt-colorBd pflttlcoat: a large bat fat 

with niimeroua floworj. 

dol-man St";^''^ ^^^"l^X'^ 

dft Inr lia'l*"- ,"■ ««"»; pain: grtef; 
/1n1 nr iviio (dOi'ir-flsi.adj, sorrowful: full 
aOl-Or-DUS of mlef: sad.— nd.. dotonaflr. 
An\ nhin Wainni. n. Uia name of »—■- - 

OOII aunu: blockhead. 
nnm (dOiD). ». a title of napect applied 
X^UIU Ujgentlenienlnl"ortDBalandB[»ri!:ln 
Portugal, a lltip of the king and roral family. 

do-main l^y^^'^C 'SSd^D.SS«?; 



talnlng to ona'H own country In dtattm^oQ to 
foreign rouatriv: n. a houacAiold aervant: 
pi. ortlclea of home manufacture. eApfdAllr 
ootloo-clolhi; ax. the use of domaila In- 
creasoi when towdgn goodJi are not Imported. 

do-mes-tjc e-con-o-my ^"(S^o! 

the art of msnaglnx hounehold atfalra In tb* 

do-mes-tr-'Site"s£"';SiSV 'i ": 

i^nm i nia IdSmT-gil). n, a pennansal 
QOm-l-CUe rertdeoce or Dlaa of aboda i 

ftte, senlte, rflre, clt, locfil, fHr, Ask, p<lrade; eciiie, Svrnt, AdRe, novtl, refEr; 
i^t, Bin; o6ld, Ob«y, c&rd, Bt5p, cftmpare: unit, Onite, btra, cut, TocGa, meaa: 




liome: v.t. to ostabUah in a fixed reildenoe; 

as. many aliens or foreigners are domiciled tn 

the United SUtes. 

Hatti 1 ri1 l_il rxr (dfiml-sll'I-ft-rl). adj. 

aom-l-CU-l-a-ry of or pertaining to the 

residence of a person c^ ftunily. 

Anm t nonf (d6m1-nint), adj. exercising 

aom-l-Iiaill cWer authority or controf: 

roling; predominant; ascending: n. the fifth 

tcme of an ascending musical scale. — n. doml- 

Anrn t nafo (ddm'I-nSt), v.t. to govern or 
UOm-l-Iiaie control; rule; as. the rock 
of Gibraltar dominates the straits; predomi- 
nate oyer: v.i. Co have or exercise control. 
H/\m 1 Tin fin« (dOml-nrshfln). n. the 
aOm-l-na-IlOIl act of controlling: abso- 
lute auUiority; power. 

Hatti I riAAr (dOmnt-nBrO. v.i. to exerdse 
UOm-1-iiUur ^ithority arrogantly or ty- 
rannically; bluster; swagger. 

dom-i-neer-ing ^SST^LSi^] 


AfLTniiy 1 rfll Wo-mmi-k&D.crfi. pertain- 
aO-nun-l-Cai i^ to Chrlst as Lord, or to 
Sunday: n. a dominical letto*. 

dojnin-i-cal let-ter {8l?8;rJ5,'Ii''t5i 

letters (A B C D E F O) used in the cal- 
endar of the Prayer Book to denote Sunday 
throughout the year, and to determine the 
date of Easter Day. 

Do-min-i-can gSSS'''-£^'.- "4ig{^ 

order named after St. Dominic: n. a friar of 
that order. 

Hatti i hi a (ddml-nl: d5'ml-ni). n. a 
UUlu-l-lUi? clergyman or Miinlster. cepe- 
dally of the Dnt<m Reformed Church; a 
schoolmaster. Also, in first sense, domlne. 
tin miTI lAtl (dd-mln'ytln). n. supreme 
UO-miU-lOIl authority or control; sov- 
ereignty; rule; independent right or poe- 
sesaon; a territory or country subject to 
the control of one government. 
Haiti i tiA (d0xn'I-n5). n. [pi. domlnos 
OOm-l-nO (.n62)J, a large loose silk cape 
or doak with large sleeves and a hood, used 
as a masquerade garment; a dotted piece of 
bone or wood used for a game: pi. a gam^r 
played with oblong dotted pieces of bone or 

Hati C<1^)' "'^ iP'^' <^d P'P' donned, 
**^** donnlngj, to nut on; assume: n. a 
great person; in England, a university fellow 
or a head of a college: Don {fern, Dc^ia], a 
Spanish title of rank. 

Ha nofo (dd'n&t). v.t. to give, especially 
UU-liaie to some religious or charitable 
object.— *wy. donative.— -n. donator. 
Ha no -fiATi (dd-n&'shfin). n. a charitable 
UO-na-UOn gift; benefaction; present. 
Hayia (dfln), p.p. of do: p.adj. completed; 
uuuc published offldally; cooked suffl- 
doitly: thoroughly fatigued; cheated. 
Hati ca Ifl (a6n'g0-ld), n. a goatskin or 
UUU-gU-ia sheepskin tanned to resemble 

Hati iati (dtln'Jftn; dOn'Jfin), n. the prin- 
AAfjAx-jfjxx clpal tower or keep of an ancient 
castle, contaimng the prison. Also, dungeon. 
Hati Itait (dOn'kD . n. {pi. donkeys (-klz)]. an 
\A%jii'Mkxsy ass; a stupid or obstinate fellow. 
Hati no (ddn'd; It. dOn'nft). n. a lady; 
uvu-iia madam; mistress: Domia. the title 
of a lady in Italy. 

don nl^Tl .(donlsh). adj. pertaining to, or 
UUU-mbU i^e. a distinguished gentieman; 
pedanac: formal. 


Yi/^r (d0'n6r),ti. aglver; one who makes 
'"*^vx a donation or present, especially a 
large public or charitable gift. 
HAn'f (ddnt), colloquial contraction of 
uuu t do not: not to be used for does not. 
HAAtn (d<^m), n. judgment: sentence; 
uuuui destiny which cannot be changed: 
as. the Judge pronounced the murderer's 
doom; fate; rum; the Day of Judgment: 
v.t. to pronounce condemnation upon; sen- 
tence to punishment; pronounce as a penalty. 

Syn., n. verdict, cond^nnatlon, lot. 
Haattic Aaxr (dOOmz'da'), n. the day of 
aOOinS-aay final and uiolvereal judgment. 
Afif^f (ddr), n. the gate or entrance of a 
UUUi house; a movable barrier, sliding or 
swinging on hinges, which opens and closes 
to allow or prevent entrance to a house, 
room, etc. ; portal ; means of entrance. 
Haat Itaaa at (dor'kep'Sr), n. one who 
Viin/|i-ci giiards an entrance. 
Haat txrair (dor'wa'), n. the opening 
uuui.-wajr through which a door gives 

Haaa (d5p), n. a thick liquid, as food; a 
uu|ic; grease for making machinery run 
easier; a drug that produces unconscious- 
ness; colloquially, advance information, 
especially concerning speed or condition of 

TIa «-« ori (d6'ri-in). adj. pertaining to, or 

XJU'Il-HU characteristic of, Doris, a small 

district of ancient Greece; after the style 

of the Dorians, especially in art and verM; 

simple; direct: n. a member of the Doric or 

Dorian race, one of the four great divlsioDs 

of the ancient Greeks. 

T\f\T tf (ddr'Ik). adj. Dorian; of the slm- 

XJUI'IS^ plest form of Greek architecture: 

n. the broad hard dialect or language of the 

Dorians; also, an unrefined, broad, or rustle 

dialect of English. 

"HAr ir AT Hot (ddrOkdr'dSr). the oldest 

JLIOr-lC Or-aer and simplest of the three 

orders of Greek architecture. 

HAr Inner (dOr'klng), n. one of a breed of 

uux-iLUXg domestic fowls, dutracterixed 

by five toes on each foot. 

Hat Tnflnf (dOr'm&nt), adj. sleeping; quiet; 

UUxtUiOAAt In temporary inaction. — n. dor- 



•riAf (ddr'mSr), n. a gable window 
-Uiei: buUt upright in a slo] 

. -, loping roof. 

Hat ttii +a rtr (dOr'mr-td-rl), n. \pl dor- 
aOr-mi-IO-ry mitories (-rit)l, a sleeping 
room, usually containing several l>eds; a 
building containing many such rooms. 
Hat THAU c A (dOr'mous'), n.fp/. dormice 
aOr-mOUSe (.ml8)J, a smair Europeao 
squirrel-llko animal. 

Hat Tnir (ddr'mT), adj. in golf, being as 
uui -xixjr many holes ahead of your oppo- 
nent as there are holes to play. 
Hat col (dOr'sil), adj. pertaining to. or 
UUA-aai situated near, the back. 
Ha rv (dO'rl), n. [pi. dories (-rlx)I. a popular 
**v-xjr name „ 

for a golden- ^I z^i -tt-.^^ ^I^v 

colored fish, ^|^^fe>S^5t*>'*-i5^^^^^E 
known 1 n ?^^isey^I/^>^*i£Zg< ^:!^^^ 

England as 
the John- 
dory; the 
plke-percn; a Dory 

smallflat-bottomed boat with a sharp prow. 
Haca (dde), n. the quantity of medicine 
U.UOC to be taken at one tune; anything 
sidcening: r.t. to grive medicine to; to give 
anything objectionable or unpleasant to. 

bdftt , fd6t ; found ; boil ; function; chase; good ; joy ; f/»en, thick ; hw = wh as in 'vdien ; 
di -z as in azure; kh = rh as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xm. 



Anat (dOaii. ■bochkI powiD rinsulv pmoit 
OOSl ^ ate vsb do. 

An* (<U(), n. ft mubU potut or ipsek: * 
Wn dmrir: >■!- btJ- ura p.p. 4oCMd. 
ftMtlncl. to lutk with BpoM or ipMki. 

do-tard feS' ft 

flUad olili tin tnve Hecidi of dini«ltty knUbU. 

douse r 

[^ niddsuy inv 

dovecote o^^'hS' 

around, with compartiDt 

doye-tail inMJioci^"joint'™™^jr" 

aOW-a-eer uns. prln™. or pemn at 
nnk: b nTdow Hho ban Ishrrlted propartj. 

dow-di-ly »ffi?S^"i'S,WaR' - 

dow-dy i'-il^i, » ssr iSl 

Rbo wnrs Bncry: oi^, dorenly or Ul-dmaed: 

dou-ble-deal-isg ffliSfyTSi ^ 

phraM witli two meuiliiBi. ons of wblch (■ 
uuallr Improper. [Fn.t 

dOT-ble-faced S';;?ni«"?' ^K: 
Sou-bleJieas SfSStWoid'" Sfi 

Mr: lodooricr- 

dou-ble-quick ^"■^S^" «"'^t «''Z; 



crlji worth about tlfl^ IsUr ts. 

nrataM muiDfr: d 
doubt ^^i,: 
■apact; dutraat: 

apprabnubm; M, 

doubtful i3s;f'«;;iu-^„,„^ „._. 

^raiht Imaa WoufS*). ode. asmrcdly: 

rf»dr for btMai 


douche »S!"j,;tA 

of the body to beaeOt I' 

dough ;SiT#S 
dough-boy fc™,, 


dow-el SS 

the wlff^ of eacb 

uuw-ci bajid B property which hi* widow 
enjoys during her life: r.l, to furolili with ft 

rlnwlnc Idoii-lfa), n. ■ Idnd of ni*n« 
aOW-iaS iinan cloth made in the nonJi of 
BnffLand ftad Scotland, now marly nplaced 



down-Cast ^''™''^*'.'' d"''" S"^'^ 

dntm fnir<^'>™"'f*'1i "■ ■ '"'"'« """"V 
aOWU-iaU wards; sudden fall (Tom rank 
orrtTjulatlon; ruin.— oifj, downtallm. 

down grade mS^^w 'in3E>T"2 

dmc«]t: AH, the tnln la on Ibo dcvn pradt^ 
opi>o?<il«to (10 0raffA- If vorne of fortune; t}]ea|>- 


■ad. — adc. dowBluaTtwIlr. — n. *tmbmrf4- 

dSWn-right {g™'5."= ^r.^d'^oSf- 

■UvLiht to the point; blunl: ait. pvpCB- 
dieularlj'; completely; tborougbly. 

down-trod-den Si^H^'t^^^^ 

over; held under br a itronnr power- 

doTO-ward a siSSi, SiSffia 


■ Utfw to K Inarn- place, gndo, or direcilon^ I KikUa*: u, tlw pnnMimmt at Ihs VtatA 

' -"-«: 0*. rrom a hlgber Ui s lower can- PnjMMaaU br tbe Kildkry undtr Lonl* XIT 

,_.- — _i # .1 — — ^ called a dro^cnadf. AJh>. *— ■ — nnlr. 

down-y j; 
dow-ry '■^ 

dox-oLp-gy a 

or pralM to Ood. " 
oC Kllsir — 

nurriue: Ein 

_ ^dfi-n).,' 

ilc^n <-]^i. * ibort broui 
"~d at ue openliiQ or dose 

Bleep Ilshtl)' or Btflillr: 

kind. Uken together. 

r ycdlowlsti-era; 


: drowa^ bum 

diab-ble ^' 

iny by dngfflag Ibrough mtid 

Greek ^Terco4n wortb IB,3ceDtfl. 

Aratt fdrOn, "■ vasts matiar rroia malt 

Won brenrliM: bogi-aaab. 

^raff (drUt), n. a aketcb or outUne; bill 
W«n of uctuDire: an order for money: 


Also. diBBAt.— fl<4/. dnttr. 

Araa (dng), s.l, [p.L and p.p. dnnod. 

vlag drantnsl. to pall ot dra* aTong 

•loriTk* L 

bottomor I 

(tbe WBlart: "■ 

tat beavT loadii. 

^TftE-ele ^!ISqr to Ui^mM^D^al^ tb> 
(Rigod: r.l. to be drawn alor- •■- ' - 

^1. n. (pi. dng- 


draj-on ays 

or (torlaa a* a jrtn „ . 

k Sera* panon : ad}. Beroe: deatmctlTe. 

drag-o-nade '^^'^ ^l^lA^iVJLx-^ 

Arna-tm flv <di<ran tn). as lime* witb 
OTBg-On ny , long. Blendv body, bis* 
eyea, aod four uarrow. Baelr Tetoed wIdb. 

drag-on's Wood MS.jyS.'S 

MTsral Soulli American ^lA BaM tuAaa n 

dra-goon S?^-«™?-'--."-?«??!???' »j!<t 

niount«l Kilrtla 

.^m — .» ,« drawbig off conipl6w„. 

dram.Jtge '^Q^^-^^^^^ 

^^g (drUO. nf SemS ot aar Ua3^ 

Hi-a-m (drim), n. one-alclitb of aa oimo* 
Orain tmy. aud oneSteeath of M 
ounce arolrdupola; a (mall quantity o( 
■plrituoiu liquor. Also, diaehm. 

dra-ma SSaik!- iSr'JSTS 

buman llTo by means of tbe apeedi and actloo 
or tbe cbanctcn; usually tBttoded lo ba 
aclfid on a stave; that branch of literary art 
concerned witb tbe maidiic of atage plar*: 

— . ... ..^ „ t„ gg,^ uko a play. 

(■fid-mitlk). adj. pmibJ^ 
or Uke^_tbe d>smB:_ UL 

dra-mat-ic » 

dra-ma-tis per-so-ns ^^^i^*4£ 


i^ranlr ''IrSikl. past l*nse and past partt- 
aranK ^ple or tfio verb drin*. 

<uape airangs to folds: aa, to draiw cur- 

Ara ri^r (drt'pSr). n. a dealv bi woolM 

ara-per „ cottim ciotb, etc. 
dra-per-ied <^SSS- Hi. 1 

remedy: powerful; vlgoroDS. 
Aranahi (drift), n. tbo act of drawUc; 
OraUgHT a,u wblcb la dtawn: sJ. fe 
draw. Abuj, draft. 

draughts Ji^. JaiaSto'o^Si?'^!^ 

ilraor '<lrO). " '■ lP'> drew. p.p. drawa. 
In len^tb; stretcb; 




Ib a lottery, etc. ; to represent on paper with 
ft pen or pencil: to describe; as. to draw a 
tfiaracter; to write in lend form; require to 
float in; as. the vessel orates twenty feet of 
water; inhale: as. to draw a ai^; attract 
or allure: induce; receive; leave undecided: 
as. to draw a game: t.i. act as an Inducement; 
■hrink; take. pull, or force something out: 
move; as. to draw near; to be pulled; to 
practice the art of malring pictures with a 
pen or pencil: to write a formal demand for 
money, supplies, etc.; as, you may draw on 
the banic for the amount; to allow a current 
of air to pass; as. the chimnov draws well: 
n. the act of drawing: a lot or oiance drawn; 
a game left undecided. 

^Syn., V. pull, haul, drag, attract. Inhale, 
dcotdi, describe. 

Artkvr hflclr (drft'WUc'). n, loss of ad- 
^AAavv-EMivik vantage; a disoourageinent: 
hindrance: money paid bade, especially 
money paid by a government, to a dealer 
eacporting goods, equal to the customs duty 
paid oo the same goods when imported. 

draw bridge ^ItS?^')' 2- K ?f***«* 

UiaW-UilU^t? which may be wholly or 
partially lifted up, let down, or drawn aside. 
A-rarar a a (drO'e). n. one on whom an 
UiaW-oe order, bill of exchange, or a 
draft Is drawn* with the expectation that he 
wlU pay the amount. 

Aw^rar Af (drO'Sr), n. one who draws: a 
UiaW-eA draftsman; a sliding boxlike 
arrangement fbr holding clothes, papers, 
etc.; ona who issues a bOTof exchange, or an 
order for the payment of mcmey: pi, an 
imdergarment for the lower part of the body 
and legs. 

AraxMT rn tr (drftTng), n. a representation 
Uiaw-Uig or picture on a plane surflM» 
of the appearance of objects; a sketch; a 
distribution of tickets In a lottery. 

AruxMT incr.r/w^tn (drOlng-WRIm). n. a 
OraW-ing-rOOin room for the recepUon 
or admission of company: literally, the room 
to which guests retire after dinner; a recep- 
tion of company, or the company assembled. 
In such a room. 

AraxMri (<^i)> v.t. to utter in a slow, lazy 
\iiawi tone: n. a slow, lazy manner of 

AraxMm (d^<>)' pf^)- loft undecided; as, it 
uiawu jff^^ a drawn game because the score 
was even; having the bowels removed; as. a 
draum fowl; contracted: dirunk. 
Ararr i<^^)f ^' * ^^^^ stoutly-built cart used 
^»**j for hauling heavy loads. 
At AH A (<li^)> 9.t. to fear greatly: to look 
Uicau forward to or anticipate with 
shrinking or fear: v.i. to bo in great fear: n. 
imaginative terrcM*; fear mingled with respect 
and affection; as, a dread of the Judgment of 
Ood: adj. awAil; solemn. 

Syn., n. horror, terror, alarm, dismay. 

Ant. (see boldness, assurance). 
AraaA fitl (clr«d'f«61). adj. fearful; terri- 
Oreaa-IUI wo; full of rt^r or awe; 
arousing fear or awe: as. a dreadful disasto'. 

Syn. frightful, shocking, awful, horrible. 
Ar^aA noncrlif (drtd'nOt'). n. a fearless 
areaa-naUgni person: a tWck woolen 
cloth to exclude storm and cold; a battle- 
ship of 18.000 tons burden or over. Also, 

Araam (<lf'6in)> n- * train of thoughts or 
%AXC<uu images passing through the mind 
during sleep; something seen in the iraaglna> 
tion; a state of almtraction or reverie; an 
Idle fancy; as. a dream of gpreatness; a wild 
v.t. \v.t. and p.p. dreamt, y.yr. dream- 

ing], to see or imagine in sle^; to see in the 
imagination, as ponble future events: v.i. to 
have a train of ideas in sleep; to imagine pos- 
sible or impossible fhtore events; to indulge in 
idle fancies. — n. dreamer. 

HrAAm land (dremOftnd'). n. the 
ureuui-llUlU Imaginary country seen 

the Imagination, waking or^sleoping. 

something seen in a vision. 

O. adj. unreal: lUca 

dream-likeSSSZL^ „__ 

dream-y Xui of;* dreams: iSSnative; 
fanciful: not awake to realities: not dear, 
or indistinct; unreal.— <idr. 

Ar^ar (<1'^)* <>4/* dismal or gloomy to tlis 
uxcoA oye or ear; sorrowful; as, a diroor 
old age. 

Ar^tkT tr i^^'^^f ^5' cheerless: gloomy: 
uxvoA-jr as, a dreary day; a dreary sooDa. 
— adv. drearily. — n. drearhM 

HrA/lcTA (<iHU), n. a drag or instramcDt fbr 
UlCUJ^e sweeping the bottom of a river 
to bring up something; a box with perfcM^ted 
lid. or a lid full of holes, used to sift or sprinkle 
with: called also dredger: v.t. to dean out 
and deepen by a dredge: as. dredge a deeper 
passage in a river; gather with a dredge; 
sprinkle with flour, etc Anom a dredge. 

Bucket Dredge 

(drej'dr). n. a box with a Ud 

A^AAtr Af (orejer). n. a box with a Ud 
UlCU^-ci containing holes, used in oo(A- 
ing to sprinkle flour, sugar, etc. Also, dredge. 
A^Atrc (drfigz), the matter which gom 
UiCf^d to the bottom of Uquor; lees; worth- 
less matter. 

Tlr Ai Kiind «WbWnt'). n. a triple aOl- 
X/rcl-UUIiU ance or union, especially that 
(1882) between Qermany, Austria-Hungary, 
and Italy for defending each other. 
A-r ATkcVt (drfinch), v.t. to wet thoroughly; 
UiCiili'U Boak; forcibly give a dose to; 
as. to drench a horse: n. a large drink, often 
one forced down the throat: a dooe of medi- 
cine for a horse or ox. 

TIt-Ac A Art (drez'dfin), n. a fine poroelaSn 
X/rco-UCU made near Dresden. In Sax- 
ony, Germany. 

HrACG <drfe). n. covoing for the body; 
uicaa clothing; elegant or fashionable at- 
tire; a woman's or a child's gown; outside 
finish or ornament: r.(. Ip.t. and p.p. dressed 
or drest. drcssingr to cover with, or 
as with, clothing; adorn; deck oat; pre- 
pare or make ready; arrange; to prepare 
for the table: curry or rub down; adjust 
to a straight line, as soldiers; prune or trim; 
to treat, as a wound, with medicines, band- 
ages, etc.: v.i. to put on dothes; to form a 

Syn., n. dothlng. attire, apparel, garments, 
costume, garb, livery. 

HrAce Ar (dr^'Sr). n. one who regulates 
Uicaa-cx or adjusts clothing; a surgeon's 
assistant: a sot of shelves or open cupboard 
for plates, etc.; a combination of mirror and 

HrACC ity tr (drfisTng). of dress: n. 
Uiebb-mg the act of putting on dothes ; 

Ate, senAtc, rAre, cftt, locil, IRr, Ask, parade; scfinc, 6vent, fedge, novil, refSr; 
right, sin; cdld, 6bey, cdrd, stdp, compare; unit, finite, bftm, cut, fodls, luenii; 

dressing gown 


outAri^ usfld in AtUTBDliiB fkbrioa^ 

UaSln« lueil for preparing a dl^; 'as, a i 
CDZulae tSroHng; a bflsEliuf: a reprint 
medldoefi. baoda^pA. etc.. appUed to a wo 
tliB preparsUoa of minfvak ores for the 

dress-ing gown l^t'^/iS^l 

worn whUe dr^dng. 

dressjnak-er ^f?oS™'*<i^u™ 

y(dr*s1) . adj. fond of ctothea, <_,. 
dally Bhoiry u' elaborate ona; 

rii-anr <dri]C3, put lenia ot tbo Crvultlca 
*^^" and Iritranaltlve Torb draw 
rlriTi hto (<im>l), t.i. lo Call la duiI] 
OnO-Die iropa; ujckla: .,1. to lot fiU 

driU-ing li 

In dropa; j 

Arih 1«+ (driblet), n. a ntuU piece, pvt. 
to Uiem La dribteU. Also, drlbblat. 

dried S^'"'dS;'' "RhereJ" "^ ''^■' ''^^' 

rin' or l^il'^). n. one vbo. or that wblcb. 

SIC, caiulDg It to <lry quickly: 

^riff (dmtj, n. Che dlrectton I 
Onn tUiig ii driven: a force 
anytUng ahead : act or state of 

lO ' or doallnB 

iTdrttl oT" " "" '" "~ 

IntOJ lcatl Pg liquor.~-<idj. 

^_;_ (drip), r.f. [p.i. HtHl p.p. drtpped. 
<Uip arlpplngj. to fall lo drops: is, eherfiD 
drips from the trees: e.L to let nil In drop*: 
~ that nhlch falls in drops: a projecting cor- 

drip-pmg °2;»S'i,'ffii4' £"i^ 

~^-~ which fallalndropfl; the fat from roasted 

drip-pmg pan JSC&SSiwiiSUS 

In drop* from roasUng maat. 

HriVA Idrlv], t.t. \p.i. droTo. p.p. driTSn. 

UTlVe p.p,. driving], to urge forwanl br 
: proprl; kIvd motion to: control tim 
ID of. aa hoTBOS allached lo s cairtagB a 

dlill t^^J.'l^ UiDlUplndleDdnPreH 
with a boring toed; bore: Instruct tbCHVUgbly : 
iulU(an> eierdsca; n. a tool for boring or malr- 

rowi; mlUlMT "'■""c^nu 

eurdie: tborouRb insUuctlon, especially 1 
meana of frequent repetltloD driu ema. 
drilling mnchlnr ' " — ' 

nr worMng In meW. 

, il t« 

recdve through Uw 
. anylHiuid swallowed to queccb tfalrBt: 

to carry tbrough; aa. \i 

^" '^H^'- **• 

to Sir» slav«; ft 


bo Biovid fo 

-ward with virfonce: 


with M.- n. tbe'aci of 


forward; a 

atronit blow: 

vtiUclw: a trip In a carriage or motor car; 

gathering of 
blow given lo 

catt^tor ^awtUWi 

tannls; In 

mllllary use. a violent atlempt to 


e ot defense b 

aim.. V. 

Mmpel. Ifflprf 

rida. repulse, push. 



saliva flowWB ftW 

foolish talk. 


Idrlv'n). pas 

partidpls cf Oie 

driv-er {gH;'^ 

-sets the mr" 

haft, somei 
whiui Impar' ^. . 

drive-way {.'*'! 

mail and vcdildia. 

driv-ing wheel ^"l,^; 


Aril tIit (driz'Ii). adj. sbeddlng Boa tain; 

UlU-Ziy ft, a druzly sky or day. 

droit L'"?"''i.".'''^",'„'''S*" "^ ownerahlp: 


pnmpany greatly tmloyed bis droifsri 



shat'Er}. a dtvloe 

tfaen't'rr pi.' uiy liquid medicine gi< 
•null doasB. — n. droppar. 

drop shut-ter i^^ , 

to ■ KpriDg, tor teldog ptiatocn^ki In- 
fluid In uy cavity ot the bo 

drought S£S'l^™.™_ ™, 

ilrnva (driSv). p.(. of ifrffa: n. it collKtlan 
UTOVe of actle or Bheop driven In ■ body; 

San. ivuap. rabinflm. a 

drowse i^S^am'\^\ 

drow-si-ness iS2;''^-SU.i.;''lSfi: 
droW^ 2"r^^^'f^':' ."XS.; 

day. — odP. dnnnllr. 

flniK (drOb). (.I.Ip.l.kDd p.p-drabbad. 

'HUO imbblngl, 1o tMBt vSoroiuly; 

n ilcvlih work who waha 

lurd for Biasu [>ay.''^r S^^ ' 


OgBOd. jp-P' 

ce whlr^ da 

e^. >o 

nauBlly used Itir floor 

ilni iii (droaid). n. sjjriert of Um ukMb* 
Oni-ia „ii|aiH] of BrttalD. Gmul. ud 
a(niuiii>. — luV. trvttkf, dmMlaU. 
HniTn (<lrilm). n. a mndcal t 

or dried 

a boUov (TUodv mih 

drum-head '^'^^ JLJ. 

one nd of a drum; the top >3t a eapiMn <v 
apright vlsdlaa oaed oa ihlpboan]. 
HniTTi mo inr (drdm mK'JSr}. the leader 
urum ma-jOT ^ f^ timy band V <lniiD 
corpe, or of any manialiia baad. 

drum-mer S''3S'-."i<.S.SS SK 
D^m-mond light 33sri"»ii~ 

ll«)it used on Uie etage and iDTcnud br 
Captain Drummond of EngUnd. 

drain-stick a!Kaa:i-«S.Sb.iffi! 

tbe outer Joint of a fOwl'e let ttma the hue* 

Hmnlr (ilrtfllt), p.p. of Ain*.- o<I/. tnlol- 
t«im* caled; ae. they were dnoU wttb 

lo tbe nee of atrong llquon \ a no( 




Anr i**""**- "^^ '™"P- <•'*«'■ "**■'■ <W««, 

*"j' free from motatnra or — ' 

ylEldlOR IuIm: wltbout into.__.. ^ 

Uonally hmnoroiu or Quaint; wlttMOt iweet 
Ity flaTor: Uilnty; solid, ae o^ 
[Old: ae, aru mea—— -• •- f—- 



Ate sonlte, rAre, cit, loc&l, lUt, Ask, pdrade; BcAne, treat, tdoe, dotU, ref&; 
light, du; cUd, Obey, cArd, etfip, c&mpare; Onit, <kut«, bftm, cat, focAs, nxaS} 


dryad y 

pBRlii ».t. t» loM or ba depdnd of mote 
5vn-. adj. Mid, parAod, dull. Mdloiu. tuls- 
^ni. (» moUt. Interattnc. (niwninnti. 

dry-ad Sa!i'-«"-»TJSS; 

dry goods S5,g"i't!"S.tS.'S 

nbboD. etc. 

dry-ly i 



du-al ^, . „ «u,i™. 

HmiaBrT I ' n. tfc e ro rm of 

OU-ai-lSm iirtshtn: dw doctiln of two 
iDdefHndsit and BepsnlA naturae Id Diui, 
tbeiplrtuul tnd Un bodll;-:' the ttaeoir ttul 

OB* aril wsd Uw ollwr Bood, u Qod sod IhB 

<!■• al icf IdQ'U-IM), n. one «bo holds aD; 
aU-ai-lSI of the theorlu of phllowphy 
bwed OB It '.wofMd dlvlilnii. 

du-al-is-tic aiSS S S°^ 

Hii_n1 iVir (dfl-U1-tn. n. the stats or 
aU-Ol-l-iy nxMltT of bttag twofold: dl- 

Anh (dab). (,(, fpj. uid p.p. dabbed, 
OUD dnbtalDcl. to beetowlmlghthood od %y 
■trOdnc the ibonldv wltb ■ •word: tonfV 
«iv ruk. dlgnttr. dunicter. or Dune npoD: 
rob, dfOM. or noooth : u. to dub m mHA « 
Hmbcr amaotli: n. (Una. ko kwlnrard or 
•MpU pecKHi. 

du-btras Stffi.%K- r.52SiAS 

*■ with Bbon nadi « 

duchi™ (-lI)^^ 

ind lea iincl flat 

]. u dJdiliiiKiilih«l 

lal" oT'oiil^qiilBUy. mSon' 

nt clouua worn In hot cUnutei : 

•niwnw It qulckl/: bob Ibe head: (.t lo 
dtti or pinnae imdv watcri tbiow Into 


botuxD oTa nraddr midi ta siraKuld ^c3ln«. 

ducting >^USi.''S!i iS 

a ttMraojA weMns: tbe apoM of afaaaUnc 

ffiSii stool g'Ba.'m.'jagI 

were fDmierlr tied aod plunged ttodtt* water aa 


ducUfnff that IwcamB a iwan. 

duck-pins iS'eUft,%.'?SM 

with Bhorcer plus and unalkr balla. 

duck-weed ffiSSi' At' """" 

fliip tilA (dJUr'tll). ad/, capable at bttag 
aUC-Uie £«wn out 10(0 thRadioratrandi, 
aa wire: easily led; yielding lo penuaalon or 
InairucUoD: aa. tbo mlod of a miall (Md !■ 

duc-til-i-ty ^'&i ft^ffiSS S 

wire; capabUlcy arbSna Inflnenced or taught. 
AnA !&'^}, "■ ■"> artKle of dothliw; In tlw 
OUa VTorld War. a shell v hmb whk» 
has MIed to eiplode becauea of a dcfoedTS 
fnae: pi. oolloqulally, cJothee In scneraL 
npedaUy when oM and shabby. 

dude tlSS^Eu-Jl-a.!'-^???/; 

iver-faatalonaNe i 

awB^ in klgh 

boUib £»•- 

dresB. etc iCoLLoq.l 



dud-ism SS.r"i."; 

of dudea- AIbo, dndelauu 
ft). A (dQ). oiV. owsl or owing: payablo: 
llUe amiable to a caao: multlna rrom; 
props-: ad>. exactly; directly: as, the ship 
•aUed diu weat: n. Out wblcb btf ooga or may 
be claimed an a right: tJut whkli 1* owed ta' 
required: acnetom. toU,ti1bnte.orfM; pL an 
amount of money payable at stated tnterrala 
tor swoibarBUp in a club, etc : dae bUI, a 
written acknomadgmoit or a debt. 

avn., adj. owlns to. aCBrlbntaUa to, ton. 
fklr. proper^ rlSbt- 

An ol (du'Sl). n. a battle, nnially planned 
UU-Cl birforeband. betweeo two peraona 
with deadly wcapona: v.i. (o ll^t In each a 

du-en-na SSi\S°^ 

acta aa a suarduo to a 


m roresT srouna, 

aUI-iei Si^rj keruy cloth: outat; Mp- 

HiTff Ar <dlir«r). n. In EnclaDd. n peddler 

Jewelry, etc.; a dull, itupld, iBcfflcleat per- 
Boa. ifttiMO.) 

<1. , IX (ddKl. p.l. and p.p. ot dtp: n. a nippio 
^^B (of an animal). 

dug-out SiKS^i t,* ."SSbBSiS 

shelter dula Uw tUe or a Ull or bank; In 
the WorldVsr. a shelltt dng hi UwbMk nM 
of a trsDeli, wbsra fMnt Una iroopa mar nM. 
iliiVA (dOk), n. CO* or the hlrtinst tx^ix 61 
aUSQ fenglUi nohOltr. ranldu nan below 
....... 1] (j^ rojral pAca; iMnot 





Hii1rA_H#wn (dCUc'dfim), n. a duchy or the 

OUKe-aCHu tme of a duke; a dokeg 


Hill i«Af (dtU'afit). <tdj. sweet or pleasant to 

UUI-A^CL the car: as. dttlcet tones. 

tf1i«1 /»{ on o (d(U'8l-&n'd). n. a soft-toned 

aUi-Cl-itU-a. organ stop. 

A%t^ t*t mor (ddi'sl-ml^) . n. a musical 
UUi-V^l-iilCA instrument with wire strings 
which are struck with light hammers. 
ilflill (dCU). ad), slow of understanding cm* 
UUU action: stupid: without sensibility; 
not bright or clear to the eye; blunt; not 
brisk or active; wearisome; cloudy: v.t. to 
take away the sharpness of; make stupid 
or heavy; tarnish: v.i. to become stupid; 
become dull or blunt; lose brightness. — ado. 

Syn., ad), depressing, gloomy, sad, dismal, 

Ant. (see bright). 
Afi\ tkfA (dttl'ard). n. a stupid person; 
OUli-arO blockhead: adh stupid. 
Hill riAcc (diU^nfe). n. the state or Quality 
UlU-UCod of being slow or stupid; munt- 
ness; lade of brightness. Also, dnlln— »■ 
Att Itt (dQ'U). adv. in a fit and becoming 
****"* J manner; fitly; regularly. 
TVii ma (dGO'm&). n. the national legls- 
l^U-llltt lature or lawmaking body of 
Russia, created by the czar In 1005 and dis- 
continued at the revolution of 1917. 
HitmK (dOm). ad), unable or unwilling to 
auiUD speak: sUent.— ad». dumbly. — n. 


one of a pair of heavy 

weights used for muscular 

dumb show '.^h'V?. D»mw«D 

gesture without speech: 

as. the actors in motion plctores must tell most 

of the st(MT in dumb $how. 

dumb-wait-er ife'^t^'^i' 5k',S^' 

which dishes are moved firom one flow to 

dum-dum buUet i^S^^JS^^ 

bullet, the soft core of which spreads when 
It strikes, adding much to the Injury of the 

iliim inunA (dam'found'). v.t. to amase; 
aUm-IOUna to make dumb with sur- 
prise or fear. Also, dnmbfofond* dumtoon- 
dts. dttmMonadsr* 

Hum mv (dftml). n. [pi. dummies (-Iz)J. 
UUiu-uijr one who is mute or silent: a 
tfiam or make-believe; an exposed hand at 
whist played by the opposite player when 
three persons are playing: odQ. imitation: 
noiseless; apparently acting for oneself, 
but really for another, as. a a\ 
In a company. 

tummv director 

Attmrk (dOmp), n. a thud or heavy sound: 
UUUip anything short, thick, and heavy; 
a place of deposit for rubbish; a pit for the 
storage of ammunition or military supplies: 
pi. low spirits: v.t. to throw down and empty, 
especially abruptly; unload firom a cart. 

dump-ling <± W^sh. 'oKSSiaS^ 

Ing ftniTt or meat. 

dump-y ^S&^I-^S^ •»* '"'*•' 

Hiin (<1^)> ^f- of a dull brown odor: n. 
^***'' a person who pressM perslBtently for 
yayment of a debt; a request fM* payment: 

a fortified height; earthwork; mound: 9Jii, 
[p.t. and p.p. dunned,, dunningi, to 
urge, especially for a debt; cure, as oodiOsh. 
after salting, by laying in a pile in a dark 
place, covered with salt grass, etc.. to impart 
a dark color. 

Hiitiro (dOns). n. a dull. Ignorant penon; 
UUUCe a backward student. 

Syn. simpleton, fool, idiot. 

Ant. (see sage). 

dun-der-head 4^f" '.-"^SSWI; I 


Hiin A (<li^)> ^' ^ he&p of drifted sand piled 

uuuc up on the seashore by the action d 

the wind. 

Hiincr (<lfii^)> n* tiie waste material cast 

uuixg off through the bowels <^ animals; 

anything filthy or rotten: r.l. to manure, 

as with dung. 

Hiin aAAn (dAn'JAn). n. the principal 

aun-geon defended part of an ancient 

castle; a dark underground cell; a iMison. 

Also, donjon. 

H liner fiill (dOngOin'). n. a heap d 

aung-nm manure: ad). vUe, tenoble. 

Tlim IrAf (dOA^kdr). n. one of a sect of 

UUlL'ikCM. Qerman - American Baptists. 

properly termed Brethren. Also. Donkard. 

Hiin nflo-A (dAnlU). n. loose wood, ftigota, 

aun-nage etc.. stowed in the hokl of » 

vessel to protect the cargo trom. injury; 

X>ersonal baggage: used by sailors. 

dun-nish ^X^^ S^ir.'"^"^ *° • 

Himn if A (dftnit). n. a powerful es- 
auim-lie pioslve. of American InvenUon. 
Hii o At^c 1 mfll (da'6Kl«sl-mU). odM. 
aU-O-aeC-l-mai consisting of. or count- 
ing by. twelves or any power of twelve: n. % 
twelfth power of anything: pi. a system of 
computing by twelves the number of square 
feet and Inches in a rectangidar area. 
Hii A Hap 1 mn (dQ'6-d«B'T-m5). n. • 
aU-O-aeC-l-mO sheet folded into twelve 
leaves [12mol: said of a book. 

du-o-de-num ^S -(53}}. & ^ 

portion of the small intestine. 
Hii-A f AnA (dfi'o-tdn). n. and adj. a proo- 
UU-O-lOUe ess of photo-ongravhig in which 
two plates are made from Uie same negative 
and one printed over the ot&er. giving e 
two-tone dfect in the picture. 
Hiin_fl Ma (dQp'd-bl). ad), capable of 
aup-a-Die being easily deceived; gullible. 
HiinA (<1^P)* ^' oi^c ^^^ ^» or can be. easily 
uu|ic tricked: a person who believes every- 
thing that he is told: v.t, to deceive by 
trickery; cheat. 

Hit nlAw (dQ'plfiks). ad), doable; oom* 
UU-pieA pound; having two parts that 
work at the same time, as a machine with 
two cutters, a device for sending two tei^ 
graph messages over <me wire at the same 
time, etc, : v.t. to arrange a telegraphic system 
so that two messages can be sent in opposlCe 
directions at one tune. 

dU-pll-Cate ioufie; make a copy or 
copies of: ad). (dfi'plI-kAt). corresponding 
exactly with another: twofold: double; grow- 
ing in pairs; In cards, playing the same 
hands twice; as, duplicde whist: n. I!m>> 
simile; counterpart; an exact copy. 

Syn.. n. copy, likeness. imit4ktlon. 
Hii nil m fiAn (dO'^pU-ka'shfin). n. 
aU-pU-Ca-UOn act of making (fonbl 

making a copy or copies of; 
plication by two. 


onble or 
a fold; multl- 

Ate^ sen&tey rAre^ dlt, lodU, fttr, Ask, pdrade; scfine, 6 vent, ddge, novll, refl^; 
right, sId; c6l(l, 6bey, cdi^d, st^p, oSmpare; flnit. dxute, bCtrn, cut, foc^ meiift; 


au-puc-i-[y „(„. dou5fo<i«iins. 
du-ra-bil-i-ty S^''^''^tog"' 

du-ra ma-ter ^5^ 

■ptiiA] cordr Also, dnia. 

dur-ance ^S^«t,"' ' 
du-ra-tion JS'^ume!'*^: t" 

dur-bar i^^''chkinber'? 

Idng of Qnst Britain uul In 

rill roc-c (dQ'rfia: dfl-rte'), r 
aU-reSS paraanal liberty by 
c*l tor™; ths compel^ 


during i? 

durst iS3^'u^uvT"rb*dflT ""'^ — " 

iliicb Idlidi), miy. landing to duloiua: 
UUftK ttuulowy: n. appnwchliig du-kncM: 
» la IsM twIUghl. 

ji„gtr jf taaM'ia.adf.jitraMnyiihtk: Mod- 
aUSK-y ijig {^ blulmeEB- u ■ dmku 
complexioD.— ad>. diukUr.— n. duiklaaH. 
iloat- (dOM). n. flnedrr partlcla ormuia'; 
UUSt , clood oc "'— -* — *• " •'-' — 

I-' jSi " 

- tbe Uke ror duiting: 

hkvliix bola In tbe Ud 

[dOe'tn.adJ. Ittmp. di 

duster i^^^- 

■ agbt oncihniieiit 
<he dun: « t>0(, etc 

Dutch iSTASf srssaf 

' ~, tOB ImjlBUk^ of ilo 

«ople of HoUsod. 

. (dQ'li-ai). adj. full 

• vice owed: obedlmt 


Tjw smulltr. — ad*, d 
■- (dw«). c.l. 

r'lfie; lave 

■ llngor.^n. dwellar. 

Hnrall (<>w^l. »'' iP'- u>d PP- dwelt. 
aWeU „.„,. dwellingj. to niildii for • 
loEifftb or time; have m axed plAC« to Uve ioi 

dweU-ing SSW-iASr " »"" 
dwin-dle iXffli'aiAarS SS 

'^vn, pbWt waete, fall ott. 

Anl.^ grow). 
rln-a Wi' '■'■ 1p'- ""d PP' died, dye- 
QjB inei.iostalnorccfor: c.l. to fallow ths 
trade of a dyer: n. a coloring liquid or stain. 
Av m<r flTTog). p-aaj- pa»dHB B»ay from life- docaying phydailly; draw- 
ing w a clow: n. the act of itlUnif uy Ufa. 

dyke kS' "■ 5.'"'^ "' "^"^ ''"'" " • 

pertaining to forcfis produclnji motloo- 
dy-nam-iCS b^rh'f"niirtrani™whl?b 

dy^a-mite 4?i 

dln'ii-iiilt). n. a his 
eiplodTB cooipomia 
□1 trofijycflrliie mil 
wltb Mwdust or 

T by J 


dy-mi-mom-e-ter ^^.fZ^^^^Vii 

n, an apparatus tor measuilng tone gr 

the length of tlmo daring which a cerluD 
family rfdgna. 

dyne ^^,- „", ?„^^ ^,^*-t£^^ 

uyb-ptsp-Bl-il n. a very commiinBllment, 
BlTDCtlug di£stloo. Eenerally chronic: Indl- 

m°5artn c 

lla stmurth. ike, 
i tan ddltar Rold 



t otsao; ttw 

r deUnu 
w. ne Bu BO «r tor munc: 

part ot a orreal plant oontaln _ 

wul iiiiili u. on «r o( corn. 

ear-dimngarai "is." iSS S 

dnuftj tliat doaflfl dia cmvItT of the mkldlB f 


(flrin, ad), [amp. enrlla-. jupf. 


ear-mark ^X 


Scot. •HiiilrB, win. BHInMhleve. 
AHTTI ftRt (Ir^nSslJ. ad;, aprlnua In ipBTch 
eam-eSI „ acUon; Moloia; esaer: 
ardent; be&rty; n- « ponlaa of RomcLhlng 
liyeil or dono In adranfv afl a pU^dge^ a4. 

Sun., ody.--" 


OSlXn which we UvBi the aoUa' 
whlcb oompoM the Blobs : RTound 
ngloil or landi irorrdly things or 
(he InhaUtuita of the sloba; aa, t 


X-Wlg irntk ■ pair ot carvgd (Onu 

teU. lupiioaHl bi Veen Into tlie <L. 

commoa name lor aiir email ceoUpedB. 
-aco <si)- 1' (Teedom from pain, dlit 
ease ,»». Ubor. or MUtnCHiru. «u 
mannvr; quJet; repose: r,^ to freefrisn t 
anilely. Irouble, or tendon; Elve not or r 
la; aa. to eait a hocee ot his load. 
.Sim.. B. calm, alleviate, pacify, rid. 

and- am (e9'l<n>>-, aiV- eltualed tomrdt. 
eaST-ein or ivihg in. lie part o( the (wth 

or Greek Church. 

East-em Em-pire ffi,"Sn"S'S; 

later Roman Empire whieh bail Its capital M 
Byzantium (Cooatanttnople). 

Eastern Qnes-tion '^t^a,^^ 

applied (o the dlfflcult problems ulidng out of 
the posHagioQ by the Turkl or the aoutlieaat 
part ot Borope. and of their r^tlone to 
Kunla and ad]oliiln« atalea. 
met vani (C^'^^d). oits. tomrd cr Id 
VmSC-WoTu t^Q dlnictlon of the Bumtoe. 

08S-y ewleM]. oomfcwtabie; 

«Moa, to dHir a^nj mUtnr. u food; 

■ny; ■■. nut. eoU amr tba ■urfSca: e.i. to 
Uke tbodi (o become cocTDdfld. — n. mMt. 
•Mt_a hia (St'd-bl). 04. Kood for food: 
fail (3>' "'J^'- <■"' (^''1' "'■ur. (specUlly 

U. HIU da COIOCDS. (^1.1 

aavnn <>Ti). n.el. Uis lower sdns of UiB 

eaves-drop ^^:^'^V^^U^-\'^. 

asTasdnippliicL u> uitoi KoMly to tlw prt- 
tmts con ™» iton (tf ottiera. 

«DD strt>-tld«: decUu: c.l. to flair back or 
ntora. ■■ the lide U> tttasea; decUne; rocoda 

eb-on-ite i*;*??Pi-?^?.?^ !^^ ""^ 


■ t'ii». 


e-hul licnt (»-ba!,'7ftnt).o«to» bubbling 
V-UIU-UtUll or bollfiiB Slate, 
Ah 111 1i tjnn («l>'B-lU>i'Biil. n. the act of 
dm oaebunt or tecUnK: vlolflnt aglutloD. n 
AC fAn -frill (M-wi'trOi) . adj. not la Ihe 

Sim., adf, trncular. elngiiUr. odd. abnunnal, 
saTvard. pacnUar. Rrange. 
AiU. (Me regular, ordlurr). 

««en.tric-i-ty SSSSIK'-A.W: 

• peeullarltj ofmsniuT or characuc; oddity. 

Biclo-sUs-les iS'3iSSii."ii,: 
ecdeS'Ss-tic 2S;",S,?iS2i,?T 

a penoq Id bolr orden; a clersTman. 

ec-de-si-as-a-cal &?teS3S"il 

ttas (dmrcfi and It* nrKsnliaUon or govfrn- 

ec-cle-^-as-ti-cism iim,',*'„""Ji™'i 

attacfazDoit to the fomu, uiiuflH» 
Uon. and privllena of the churtSi, 
Arh_A Inn («'^ll)n). n. the _. 
CCa-e-lOn jaaat at a body of troopa 
form of ■tfllM: -' ■■— - 

J tlUooof asaondci 

le repeating of the w 

&J>Tnir niUrn. n. • «maU oblong cake 
e-ClUT contain^ flavond cream, etc., 
«pr«r»dwttli«m-»cfaorom.. tirn.l 

|5 eddy 

^^lat l*""""'). "■ renown; nwlklng aSsct: 

tif Ipr tir (e>'-l«l['iai].adi. selecting ;diao*' 
*'V'lCC-lli' Log trmn vbHoos soiuves or 

a i>1in<!A <A-ld^B'). n. the total or panlBl 
e-t-upSC darkening of the U^t of the mm, 
moon, or other heavenly body caused by lie 
the shadow of another body: anovir- 
iporary (Wluro: r.t. la — ' — 
ae body by another; 


A fiin tir- IS-UIP'Uk), "- tbe great drcl* 
e-CUp-nC ^nich i> the anporenli paCH tt 
tbB sun. or nsl path of Ihe nrlli In Um 
beaveoA during il vear: otfi. pertaining to 
the darkening of a heevcgily body. 
Af IrxniA l^l'^l. n- > PMm about ttw 
eC-iOgUe coontry or about ronU Ufa; —, 
the Edoeura of VIrrf. 

e-co-nom-ic *"-'?:??_';■?'_>.. 

e-co-nom-ics 4no 

auction and use oC wealth: tnlltlCHi ec _ 



af II tviAn i r-nl (tkll^menl-kU). a<ll. 

talning to the Christian church throoirhout 
the world: s&Jd of cortaln ooundls of Uke 

Ai> Ta ma '(ek'M-nui). n. a disease of the 
CC-ZC-ma aUa uiually atl«nd«l by In- 

17 14 Jn (m'lil. n. a d^ectiOD of the andant 

XlM-aa poems of Iceland. 

aH^V ^'V' "- I"'- "^'^ i->*ll- • cnrresi» 

<="-**> of afr or W» .t.f nmninn ^yp|-m tp 

BUMlon: a ■null whirlpool : i.t. to mox wftti 

ft clroultu' motion:' wUrL 

B-del.weiss SX-Sta IffftJ^ 

lbs ut<r runlly. DMlve to the Alin. 
17 Aon ^dn). n. the guaea In vhlcta 
Ji'-aen Kum Mm Ets were vJmaa-. uy 
Twy delishtAil RKlon or kbodo; pndln. 
^■TA <%J), n. the thin. *hup. or cutting 

iurd little 


iba odKe 

It to bo 

iMBnction: eduaUon. 

Imi^oTO, CHpedAlIy in fmitti or mormls. 
A^ 1^ (Ult), (.(■ (o rerlM uid impu 
Bu-lt nubllcfttlon'. to dlract. «l«ct. 


dntl«: n. ■ \t 


^-to'^^iU). odj. perUiln- 
article In t. pbpo- tfrSig 

„ _.artlSmH: 

c edee to; lncnfi«o the mentAl 
or monl power oT: liun-uci: (nin: teuh. 

Ba-U-Ca-uOn tamatlc training of the 
nuntal or moral powon; the knowledge and 
•bllltj' (nlned throufh a ■Tstcmatlc odune of 

e-duce i .m2r'or'hoiSJ 

method of twcbinn ttann trieka ; 

e-duc-tion ^„^^'5?iSi.' "' 

_-I (fl). n. a Ellmy. BnakoUki 
eel (llpp«y u an erl. 

eei-pOUl narrow, tapering 
■ — ' — ' 3f the coc^ ^mlly . 

rfuQt!^; 2 


abort torn at fm 

.-. song that t'rr I ba 
idj. Itrafiy: wt«rdi s 



ee-ne ^iirioL 

Af ffli-(rT*-f*>')- '<- "> <nwi: nmoie: 
Bl-lttce d»iroy: blot onl: wipe oai: 

Bf fofA manf (A-Ai'mtnt), n. the act ot 
ei-iaCeJUeni bloltlngoul- the natet* 
bdns blotted out or craiwd. . 
af foft (A-Rkt-l. C.I. to produM aa a catM. 

hrlngaboui: «jfirt a change to . 

gooda; poraouB 

ofDdent; powcrtui: prodnong an liinciartrti 
of biButr or a IMIng of admlratloo: aa, an 
ctmMm picrare: Iiiiuh—Ivb; RriUns; n. a 
■oldlo-fltrordntr-— odr. ^luUiilr^— «. ^K- 

ef-fem-ijiate S^S33'"i;-*-dSS£ 

onman: vA. become womanlahr adi. ffi>/nm^ 
n&t). ha Ting ^le qualltlea 

effermt nerva^ or M a KT«r flowing frmn and 
bearing awar (he waitn of ■ lak>. 

rft^r VAerA <car-<r«*'). ■<- to bobbl* 
-ler-vesce up-, to biM-. u> w™*. •* 

oewwlnoi to be llvelr or nr- 

e«er.Tes4;ence ISSi'-Si&.'S 

bubbllrig; nncoutrollabla adtametit; a dis- 
play of raeUng. ,. 

ef-f er-ves^ent ^\ 

blnlDg Itxm tbe idvlnp i 


ef -fi-ca-cidus ^*JS!'S«™: 

ring oir . 

producTng doelred effecla or rnulte. 
af fi riont (9-ri»h'6ntl. ad*, prododng or 
ei-n-Cieni oauslng d^lred aflect- or «- 
■ulfe; powerful; ready; coraiwteDt; aa, v> 
efficient ifachcir. — adr. eaDtul^. 
Sl/n- capable. Sttod. 

-"-gy Image; a Qkenw or Ogin In 
HCulTiture, painting, or on colnn, etc, 
of fln roarA l«'T»-'«s'l. r.i. to blown: 
ei-nO-reSCe become covered with a 

ef-flo-res^-cence i^o'^.'SSw""!!^ 

erlng ; the pr oduction of flowera; rado^a ot 








(be flUn: the formactioii of flue white crystals 
oo the Burfaoe ctf certain sabstances throu^ 
dfcwnical actton. 

ef -flo-res^ent SX?S;*SJ?wS&g!*»- 
ef ^u-ence SXsSi. "• *° '"^ " 

a4 fl«« Anf (tf^0O-&it). odi. flowing or 
CI-lAU-eui Issuing forth: n. a stream 
which flows out of another or forms the outlet 
of a lake. 

ef-fltt-vi^ g-",IK1;5Jk.i3f'vSSS?^? 

eomes from decayhig matter. 

or disagreeable odcMr arising firom decaying 

Af frkrf (^("^' eTfirt). n. severe exertion. 
d-AUi«> i>hysical or mental; struggle; at- 

Af frrktif Ar tt (MHin't6r4), n. impu- 
ei-ironr-er-y ^Qoce; boUlness: sham»- 

M§ fill trt^ncA (d-fOl'JSns). n. a great lus- 
ei-lUl-geilCe ter. brightness, or splendor. 

ef-ful-gent ^'^'kS!^- «»»*«'«»* 

Af f«« ei/\n (^-fu'xhfln). n. the act of pour- 
ei-IU-SlOIl inp out, or shedding forth; 
aa outpouring (^thought or sentiment: the 
QKape of a Ihild from the vessel inclosing it. 

^fM efvA (ft-Wl'sIv), adj. pouring forth 
-lu-aivc fVeely; gushing: expressing 
exaggerated feeling. — adr. sllashrslr* — n. ef • 
^ff (<tf(). n. .a newt or small lizard of the 


Acrfy (^)t ^' ^^ oval or roundish body laid 
^So by DtrdB and certain other animals. 
fktmi which their young are produced; some- 
thing shaped like an egg; the germ or first 
principle of anything: v.t. to urge on or 

^aa r%f\tr (Wp6g^. n. a nourishing drink 
^oe*^^D made of eggs. milk, and sugar, 
beaten up light and flavored with wine. etc. 

egg-plant SK"Si3.- &»' ^^^ 

edible fhiit. used as a vegetable. 
A ma (^'i^)^ n* i° Greek mythology, the 
V'1^9 storm-doud around the thunder- 
bolt of Zeus: in art. a shield bordered with 
serpents carried by Athena. Also. «gls. 
A€r loti 44*1 A (eg'l&n-tin). n. the wild rose 
eg-ian-Xme or sweetbrler. 
A ark (^S6: Ag^S). n. self; personalltv; as. 
v-gv the too is ones^; the non-ego. all that 
Is not oneself. 

eaf% IcfVl (S'g^-Izm; Sg'A-Izm). n. tho 
-gO-lSm haBlt of regarding self as the 
center of everything: selfishness; conceit or 

A trf% ie4 (i'go48t). n. one who thinks 
C-|^V-lol. always of self; a selfish person. — 
a4j. sgolstle, efolstioaL 
A trr% •fiom (e'fi^tlzm). n. the habit of 
e-gO-USm talking or writing too much 
•bout oneself: vanity. 

Sfftu conceit, self-confidence. 

Ani. (see modesty). 
A trr% ite^ (e'g6-tlBt). n. one who Is full of 
C-gW-Uol vanity and talks much of himself, 
his experiences, and his views. 
A ff#\--H& fir .(«'5<^tls'tlk). adj. character- 
e-gO-US-UC ized by thought of self. Also. 
•gotlstleal. — adv. ogoitetleally. 

•A_inmie (^-gr^Jfis). adj. unusual; 
,v-KAVtM» extraordinary: extreme: usu- 

A err Acc (6'8»*»). «• «** <^ departure, •• 
e-greSS fttmi a buUdlng: a 

place of exit. 
A err Af (S'grdt: Cg'ret). n. a kind of heron 
v-gxei or wading bird with long neck and 
legs: a heron's plume, or the aigrette of com* 
merce: the feathery down of seeds. Also. 
algret* aigrette* 

^SiTp-uBJl tain£ig to Egypt'or its people: 
n. a native of Egypt; the language of the 
ancient Egyptians. 

E-gyp-tol-o^ar 22L^'*-"'- "■ **• 

Egyptian relics and writings 

or study of 

aYi ^' ®* i^^^S- what: an fflrdamathap of 

^5** doubt or inquiry. 

a{ Aa-t (I'dCr). n. a large salt- 

ei-uer water duck, valued for 

its downy feathers. 

eiF^icr-aowu doun'). 

n. the soft breast feathers 
of the elder dock, 
nsed in pillows, cov- 
erleta. etc. 

ClgUt more than 
seven: n. the number 
oonristlng of seven 
plus one: a sign 
repre s e nting eight 
umts. as 8 or vlii. 

Elder Duflk 


sense. — adv. egregtoasly. 

eigUlr-eeil nhie; eight plus ten: ti. the 
number consisting of seventeen and one; a sign 
representing el^teen imlts. as 18 or xvili. 

eight-eenjno Si;S'"iUu»i«' tSS& 

Into eighteen leaves. Also. 18mo. oetedeolme. 

Ai^ht APDtll »'t€nth': ft'ttoth'). adj. 
eigUl-eeilUl next m order after seven- 
teenth: n. the ordinal of eighteen; one of 
eighteen equal parts into which a thing may 

bo divided 

Aierii-i'Vi (Ktth), adj. next in order after 
ClguUi seventh: n. the ordinal of eight; 
one of eight equal parts into which anythmg 
mav be divided; In music, a note of one- 
eighth the value of a whole note. 
Aicrfif vr (a'tl). adj. eight times ten; four- 
dgiAt-jr score: n. the number consisting 
of the sum of eight tens: a sign r^resenting 
eighty units, as 80 or Ixxx. 
Ai ffiAr (S'/Zier: I'ther), adj. one or the 
vx-uivA other of two: pron. one of two: 
€onj. the ccMTelativo of or: In one of two cases. 

eior 11 lofA (H&k'Q-lat).9.f. to speak out 
-JUC-U-UtlC suddenly: as. to ejaculate a ^ 

wish era prayer: r.i. to utter brief exclamations. •! 
A ID r 11 }a fiATi (6-j&k'fl-la'shfin). n. the 1 
e-jaC-U-ia-UOn act of speaUng suddenly ! 
and briefly; an exclamation. 

e-jac-u-la-to-ry i«J^*-%*3?ni, -ft 


eiArf I'^^^^lt ^'^ ^ <^*^^ forth; dismiss 
-jci^t ft^m omoe; evict or turn out; at, 
to eject a tenant. 

eiAr -Hon (8-J^'Bbfin).n. a driving forth: 
-jeC-UOIl ezpuLslon: diamissal. 
eiAH- rriAnf (^J^kt'm&nt). n. the act of 
-jecv-lucut casting out; a legal actloo 
for the recovery of lands, etc 
aIta (^)' ^-'- ^ extend or lengthen; make 
^'^^ barely enough; as. to eke out a living: 
with out. 

e-lab-o-rate Si;S''SiS'\WbS^ S ^ 

out with great care: ImOTove or reflne with 

b65t, fdbt; found ; boO ; fuAction; chase; good; joy; then, thick; h«r « wh as in when ; 
2h»z as in azure; kh=ch as in loch. See prontmdation key, pages xix to tooL 


Mudy or labors ail}. (e-Ub'O-cSt; , hlghlj 
flnWied: compUcated, — site. •UbarmUlr. — » 

e4ia>!otra-tion *i';^f*;t'^iin'i 

warked(n[wltli<»re:iihlKh>uteiif poUah or 
decora dad: '±_'_^^^?^'^^}^_i'<i?^'- ttatioriUlon 

p In tinn l»-li'<''an), n. ■ happy 
C-ia-UUll mind; Joyful exdteineal 

ei-DOW arm; a plpo ennnocllon babt or 
curved like s hunun elbows c.l. u> Uiruai od 

bend or curve Hbrwtly, u a Etreanc: pusti 

^^A a.r W'dtr)'. odf. older; prior In time, 
eia-er orlstn. or appolDtnienf: n. one older 
Id ue. rank, or sutlon; a member of the Jirw- 
lab Banbedrlm or lapreme court of aacleiiL 
Jemsalom: In certain ProteBtsoi churcbES, a 
Kovemlng: olDcor, or mJtUster: a shrub or tree 
wlUi a tpongy pltb and purple berrliH. 
aI liar hAT rv I^l'der-berl], n. the fruit 
ei-aer-Der-ry of the common cldor troe 
aM Arlv (a'dfiMJ). odj- eomenhat old: 
Ciu-Cl -IJ ag, an clderli/ man. 
alr4 aat (Sl'dteU, adj. oldnt; flrsC-btaTL; 
C1U-C9L ai, tAe eldest son 

El Do-i»-do S^'i'kSt^^SS 

place or buslnen full of laonoy-maklDS oppor- 
e-leCt '*■'*'"'?■ •■'■ "■ =>«»« fof iny office 

in preference:' 

by divine soTerelRnty. 


choMD lo etornal life 

of an oBlrial by vote. 

elAf* tivA ft-IWH")- oil. appointed or 
-1CI.-UVC governed by choice; ui4ng tbe 

nffecDd by a wbool nr ctrilego among which a 
Unltej Statw elecloiWl oollBge. or body of 

presldeot; one « the German prtncai it 
totmcrly held the poirer of chewing t 

— , -odj 

e-lec-to-ral coUege iafy" 'i"^, 

to idioow! a prfKldeni of ihc Uoiisd Stales, 
a Ibp t-n rata (e-lCI<'tA-r4t]. n. (he whole 
e-ieC-[D-raie body of pcrtoo* entitled 
tt) vote: the dl^rnlty or t^rrUory of a prlncs 
of the old German emnire. 


^ containing, gcuKaml by. or 

eel. B Hah 
BraiU. hav- | 

_ 1 i_; _j_— (5-ia-trl«h'lji), n, one 

e-leC-tn-Cian wno is aklUed in Ihe act- 

trtsT-tl). n. an In- 

e-lec-tric-i-ty % 

producing Uabl, heat. 


A lar *Tt frr (fl-lSk'trl-tl). r.l. |p.(. and p.p. 
e-lCt-tH-iy dDctrined, declrtfylmJ. 

aT cli-clric current throuKh: tJi fit for uLnx 

A lAr tr^"""^"'""^'" P-'/Ii'dtnoUn* 
e-icC-tru- ^f X4SO Df. or ixTlDjnlng 10. e]e& 

agent: uned In many words, the meaning of 

eJeStro"cul-ture !,'-'!S;"°,i!S.'*'i 

h«Bt«iIng Ihe growth of crops by mcan< ct 

ejM-So-cute ns^'S";;'d'ia5 

e.lec'lttoJTto f S';S-S','Si 
e-lec-trode J5:Jo*^of'?nd^c*bS4^ 

dynamo, or any sourco of electricity- 

e-lec-tro-dy-naro-ics ^l„'ika^"^J: 

ISk'trfl-dr-nini'lka), n. the adcnce or nady at 

e - lec-tro - dy - na-mom - e-ter 

(S-iek'Ire-dl'nd-raem'S-ter). n. an InHrumcot 
fur measuring the strength of an electric 

eJec'Wgraph i!i'£;?K?%ti4 

roppoT cyllndenr used In priming f»brtci and 

e-lec-tt'oe-ra-ph? giyS'SiJi 

olectrokinetics 190 Elijah 

&■■■ aa in azure; Ui— cbaa in lo^. See [vaiumciatlon key, pages xix to x 




the reappeoranoe of a heavenly body after an 


Atn Ar TT (&&'Sr-D. n. a very hard mineral 

VAAx-^x-jr substance, used when powdered 

tar grinding or poUaUing. 

em^f ir (^mdtlk). adf. bidudng vomlt- 
-UACt-xu 1;^: ^ a medicine that induces 

em AM (e'mQY.n. a large Australian ostricb- 
-meu luce bird. Also. emu. 

Atn l_OTflnf .(*m1-gr4nt), n. one who 
du-i-i^aui leaves his own country to 
settle In another: adj. moving from one coim- 
try to another: pertaining to. or used by, 
people leaving tndr own oounUy. 
Atn 1 crriif A (Cml-gr&t). v,i. to leave one's 
^•"^'^'S****-^ country to settle in another. 
Atn 1 TiAYirA C&nl-n&is). n. that which 
eni-l-nence t, loav; elevation: height: 
exalted rank, station, celebrity, or repute: as. 
to attain eminence in a profession: ie»wiw>if«*»^ 
a title given to cardinals. Also, eminenor. 
Am i TiAnf (6m1-n&it). adj. high in office. 
eui-l-Iieill. rank, or reputation; distin- 
iTuished! exalted. — adv» cnilneiitlya 

Syn, oon^icuous. noted, prominent, re- 
nowned, famous, glorious, illuBtrious. 

Ant. (see obscure, unknown). 

emir (^mSr^: S'mfir). n. a prince; a title 
-UUr of dijrnity given In Arabia. Turkey, 
and other Mohammedan countries to a 
prince or chieftain. Also, ameer, amir. 

em-is^-ry SS'^tSi "i %,^S^r 

agent seat cm a miaalon. especially of a secret 

etnlojBinn (Snnlrii'fin). n. the act of 
-UU»-S1UU sending out; a throwing out: 
as. the emUsion of heat from, a fire: emission 
of snu^e trom. diimneys: the amount issued 
at <me time; as. an emissUm of bank notes. 

ejnis-sive ISjSJSJiJJ?^- ""'^ °"*= 

A m«<f (t-mXtO, v.t. IpJ, and p.p. emitted. 
*'-**"•', emtttlngl. to send or give forth: 
to throw oat; tvue, and send into drculation. 

Svm, exhale, dlsoharfe. vent. 
#k mnl 1i«nt »:n>ol'ytot:«-m6n-«nt).odi. 
e-UMIl-Ueai eoflenlng: lubricating: n. 
a medldna that has a softening effect on living 

€TT1aI tl Tn«nt »-mW4-mfc»t). n. profit. 
-UlUi-U-IuCU( wages: salary; Income: 

€vn/\_-H#\n (^HDiiS'ahan), n. mental agita- 
-mO-UOU tton: intense feelings of love, 
hate. 1^. awe, grief, etc 

Svn, fooling , passion, amsaition. 

-mO-uOn-ai table: easUy moved or 
agitated: tendlag to stir tbo feeMn«B. 

em-pen-Iiage u^ng taU to an akphne 
or dirigible balloon. (Fb.J 
Am t*At* f\T (fina'pw-fr), n. the sovereign 
viu-|/^x -VI. or supreme mler of an empire. 

Atn nVi« Qifi (6m'f*-8te). n. a parti«ilar 
eiU-pu«.-91& stress of the voice on a word 

or woris in readhig or speaking; special foroe 

of language or tho«^t. 

tlvely; to declare forcibly: to stress. 

om nKftfJr <*n-'*tTQc). attf- expressive: 

eiIl-paa.t-iC earnest: striktar marked by 

stress eC vaiee. — mds. smplwHiiilr. 

Am <nM*A (6<n'pfr). n. the region ruled over 

tgm-pg,^ ^ ^n fmitoror or sovereign: 

supreme power or domlnlott; imperial rule or 
sovereignty: sway; controL 
Am mr it* i^m^pXrJk), n. one wheee meth- 
cuA-uiA*x%/ ods are purely eaperimeotal: 
adi. given to or guided by experience: en>eri- 
mental; practiced from mere experienoe 
without accurate knowledge, eqiecndly In 
medicine. Also. emptrleaL — adv. smptrloslly. 
Am nir i ricm (Am-pIr'I-sIzm), n. 
em-pir-l-ClSni knowledge bsaed on ob- 
servation or practical experience; the practice 
of medidue without the usual medical training 
or experience: quackoy. 

em-place-ment f^S^S^ witSS 

a fortification; a position built to hold a 
machine gun in tr^ich warfare. 
Am r\\fk\r (8m-Ploi'). vM lp.t. and p.p. em- 
ciu-pivjr ployed,, employixig], to give 
occupation to; keep busy; exerotse; make 
use of; apply or devote to an object: as. to 
employ one s time in reading: n. occupatioo. 

Byn,, V, occupy, busy, engross. 
om nl/^TT AA (fiDi-Ploi-8')*n.onewlK>worlcB 
em-piOy-ee for another. Also, emj^leyi. 

Atn nlAir Ar (&n-Plol'Sr). n. a penoo 
em-pioy-er engaging or keeping others 
in service. 

em-ploy-ment '^f^S^ *^ 

Syn. avocation, engaranent. trade. 

em-po-ri-um SS^'i^ i ^mSS^ 

trade; a large shop or store. 
Am tuwu Ar (^/iK>u'ar). t J. to give 
em-pOW-er authority to; authetlxe. •• 
by law; to Impart force to; enaMe. 
Am nfAoe (fini'iu^), n. a womaa who 
ciu-px Cfi» rules over an ea^nlre; the con- 
sort or widow of an emperor. 

emp-ti-ness SS'^iii«^.££! 

want of knowledge or sense. 

^^P-Iy sttperl. empttost], SSSdaimM noth^ 
ing; vague: unsatisfactory: as. iw tjXy dreams; 
destitute of, or lacking in, force, knowledge, or 
sense; as, enurty words; ftksttag; hmgry; 
vacant: t.t. [p.C and p.p. emptied, 
emptying], to deprive or the ooatents; pour 
•ut; discharge: make vacant: v.i. to become 
empty: discharge Maelf. — adv. emptllr- 

em-py-re^ StSiSfSSk^jeS^ 

region of lieaven, or the 
region of pure fire; etho* 
real. Also, empyreaL 

e.iYi,« (S'miU.vt. alarge 
-mu Australian os- 
trichlike bird. Ateo. emMu 


to strive to equal or excel; -^^««»i 
as. to emukUe the conduct 
of another; vie with; 
rival. — adj. omniailra. 

em-u-la-tioiig^'Si,. „. n^iry: 

petMoo; effort to excel another. 

Atn 11 ImtQ (dm'*-UM. adj. desirwis to 

em-U-lOUS excel; rivaling: cempetitlve. 

e^nul-sion *S^*JS>i,»-.' SS" 

Stance is suspended fta mlmite glohtdes, a 
ermc/stonof ood-Uverod; a nixtare «sed In the 
prep aration of dry photogrM^hk; plates. — tj. 

An_fl KIa (en-&'bl>. ».f. to make capable; 
en-a-Die lumMi with adequate or 8U«l- 
ctent means or power: c 

Ate, senllte, rftre, c&t, lec&l, flir, ibsk, piirade; so^ne^ ^vent, ddge, novA, leffr; 
1^^, dht; dM, dbey, c6pd, st6p, cftmycre; finit, finite, biirn, olt, fec&, mcnii; 


ATI ani- (to-4kt'). r.(. to decree; make 
eu-aci law; act the part of. 

en^ct-ing clause ^JSSSi^^'ii 

a bill, usually beginning be it enaete± a com- 
mon means of defeating a bill is to vote to 
BtrUce out the enacting claitse, which, if suo- 
cesrftil, carries aU the rest with it. 
An orf manf (dn-&kt'mdnt). n. a statute 
en-aCU-meni or law; the passing of a 
bm into law. 

An am a1 (&i-&m'8l), n. a hard, glassy 
CU-a ill -ci substance used in coating (he 
tairtace of metals or porcelain, and afterwards 
fired; anything covered with such a coat; 
the dense white outer substance of the teeth: 
9X Ip.t, and p.p. enameled, enamelingj. 
to lay cm, cover, or decorate with enam^; 
adorn with various hues: v.i. to practice the 
art of enamritng. 

A«i om /\«- (en-&m'Sr), v.t. to inflame with 
eu-tUU-ur jove; to captivate; to charm. 
Also. auuBonr. 

An oontn (dn*k&mpO. v.i, to settle in tem- 
cu-voiup porary quarters consisting of 
tents or huts; as, a company of souiers 
mteamped tn the field: v.t. to put into tem- 
porary quarters; as, to encamp an army. 
Afl-TJimn wiAflt (to-kftmp'mfint), n. a 
eu-Camp-IIieill temporary resting place 
lor an army or company of travelers. 
An i*l%4»i-n (te-chau'), v.t. to bind with 
eu-Cnaill fetters, etc.; to hold tightly; 
to captivate. 

An /•'hflnf (6n-ch&nt0. v.t. to charm or 
vu-vxiAtxi subdue, as by spells or sorcery; 
bewitch; fill with deUeht. 
An rhatif Ar (6n-ch4nt'8r), n. [fern, en- 
«Ul-UXUUil-cr cfaantress], one who uses 
magic, sorcery, w witchcraft; one who 

en-Chant-ing charming" howftcii£if ae^ 
Ughtful.^-odp. endiantliidir. 

en-chant-ment ^-^^^''^vS" *^? 

magic, sorcer y , charms, etc.; the state of 
being en<dianted or charmed; rapture. 

An tf*it" /«1a (Cn-A<li*'kl). v.t to surround; 
d*-^i**v**? enclasp; embrace. 

en-CloSe (S^^l^^*^'')* ^■^' ^ insert within; 



to surround with a barrier.' 
Also. Inclose, ta&olosiure. 
An *»rt mi iim (6n-4c6'ml-fim). n. [pi. en- 
en-CO-nU-Um comlums (-ilmz)]. formal 
praise; eulogy. 

An_/*Am nflfic (Sn-Wlm'pds). v.t. to sur- 
en-COIU-paSS round: encircle; gird; 
beset.— n. eneomMssm^nt. 
An i*i\rt^ (^nlcor': ^A'tcdr'). ado. once more; 
viA-\#vn.^ ag^n- n. a repetition tn response 
to a call by an audience: vJ. to call for a repe- 
tition of (any part of a performance). (Fr.] 
An ^/\nn 4-Af (fo-koun'tSr), 94. to come 
eu-COUU-ier upon suddenly; meet face 
to face; v.i. to come into collision with scnne- 
(me or something; meet someone in combat: 
n. a sudden or acddcntal meeting; conflict. 

Syn., n. attack, assault, onset, engagement, 
battle, action. 

^n _miir_il o"A (fin-JcOr^) . v.t. to give cour- 
CU-CUUr-age ago to; inspire ydtb coxar- 
age; stimulate. 
Sfyn. countenance, sanction, support, cher- 

en-cour^e-ment fe^^fSlSJ- 

ing with confidence; that which incites to 
action or perseverance; an incentive or 

en-cour-ag-ing g?i^^>ig£fik 

bravery. — mdv. eneeuragintfy. 

An /•rrkorfi (dn-kroch'). v.i. to Invade 
eu-CroaCU another's rights by stealth; !ii- 
fHnge upon or restrict another's right; enter. 
Intrude, or d*espass upon the property of some 
other i>erson: usually with on or upen. 

en-croach-ment ,<*S:JSSS^'"^'i,„ ": 

ment; trespass. 

intrusion: iaRlnge- 

An i^rttci- (dn-krilstO. v.t. to cover with 
en-CrUSl a hard coat. Also. 

An_rtim KAr (e«-kton'b6r). rx t« Impede 
en-CUm-Der or hinder; retard; dog; 
obstaoict: ' load with debt; as, to encumber an 
estate with mortgages. Also, tnoiunber. 

en-cum-brance S;t''^S2r'gSJd«5: 

a lien or liaMlity attached to real property. 
Also, taioiambnutce. 

ea-cyc-U-cal S^^S^^i^^^^i^ 

a class or community; Intended for general 
circulati<Mi : n. a (drcular letter sent oy the 
Pope to the bishops, treathag of topics of 
general church interest. Also, «ncr<w^ 

en^y-clo-pe-di-a l^'^l''^^^'^''^ 

arts and sciences; a desoiptivo dictionary^ 
the arts, sciences, and literature; a sunmaary 
of the whole field of knowledge. Also, enoy* 
olepMdla, oydopedto, eydepndla. 

en-cy-clo-pe-dist <*^^i^'^>-i; 

encyclopedia: one whose studies embrace all 
branches of knowledge. Also. enoyoloiMMUst. 
Anri (^°d)* ^' ^^6 extreme limit or terminal 
^**** point of anjrthlng; purpose in view; 
design; death; final state; conclusion; issue: 
v.t. to bring to a completion; finish; ter> 
minate; destroy: v.i. to come to a oompl^ 
tion; die. 

Syn., n. aim. object, purpose, result, con- 
clusion, upshot, close, termination. 

Atl Hflri-O-Ar (*n-<i&n'J8r),r.t. to bring Into 
eu-Uan-ger peril; hazard; to expose to 
loss or injury. 

An ilAur (to-<lSOp v.t. to make beloved; 
eu-ucar attach to on»ielf. 

en-dear-ment ^"Sg^^S?^- 'b^ •* 

presses affection; a caress. 
Ait-HAflir f%r (fin-dfiv'Sr). v.i. to strive for 
CU-UCKV-Ul the attainment of some 
object: att^npt: n. an effort or attempt; 
mental or physical effcMii towards the attaui- 
ment of some object. Also, endeavour. 

Syn., v.i. try, essay, strive. aJm. 
pn Haiti ir («n-d6m1k), adj. pecuUar to » 
CU-ueui-li; nation, people, or locality: 
chiefly applied to diseases. 
AtlH tnff (€n'dlng).n. result; con- 
cua-lllg elusion; terminatk>n. 
An Aixrtk (to'div; Cn'dlv). n. an 
eU-Olve herb of the chicory fam- 
ily whose leaves are ased as a salad. 
An«1 Iacc (Indies), adj. enduring 
CUU-iCoo forever; having no ter- 
mination; continuous because the 
ends are united. — ad7. endlessly* 
An HnrcA (6n-<16rs'). v.t. to au- 
eu-UOlbe thorize; to write on the 
back of: said of a check or not& 
Also, indorse. 

en-dow i*°^L^'i *?u5rS =»"'• 

source of income upon; as. to endow a college; 
equip or furnish with some gift; as. to oe 
endowed with beauty, strength, or power. 

bd&t, fd6t ; fotmd; boil; function ; chase; good; joy; theUf thick ; hw » wh as in when; 
zh*z as in azure; kh»ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to zxiL 




amJinxMr rriAflt (6n-<iou'm«nt). n. prop- 
^**-**vw-ixxcxxi» erty or a sum of money 

•ettled upon an institution or devoted per- 

maneatly to any cause; the act of making 

«uch a settlement; any talent or gift that a 

person possesses by nature; as. an endowment 

«f beauty: pL natural gifts. 

An /1 110 Cdn-du'). v.t to clothe: invest: 

VIl-UUC assume: furnish with s<»ne moral 

or spiritual gift. Also. Indue. 

^n Hiir-D hl^ (to-dQr'd-bl). adj. bear- 

«n-aur-a.-Die able; toleraWe.— adp. en- 

An Hiir-flnrA (fin-dOr'&ns), n. the power 

en-aur-ance of suirering without giving 

way; continuance: fc»^tudo. , 

^M Aftrt^ (6n-dur'), v.t. to support without 
tSU-uuic breaking or yielding; put up 
with.; bear witii patience: v.t. to remain firm, 
«B under suffering; to suffer without giving up. 

^nA uroTTG (Snd'wax'). adv. on end; with 

^**.v*-wojro the end forward or uppermost; 

lengthwise. Also, endwise. 

An A mo (to'S-m-i; ^n6'md). n. {pi. ene- 

^U.e-ma, mas (-mis), a Uquid injected into 

the rectum; an internal bath. 

An A mv (Sn'^ml). n. [pi. enemies (-adz)]. 

^Ui-C-uij one hostile to another; foe; 

4uitagonist: a hostile army. 

Syn. adversary, opponent. 

Ant. (see friend). 
An 4^r CAf ir (fin*5r-J6tTk). adf. vigorous 
en-er-gei-lC ^ acUon; forcible: full of 
life: active. — adv. •nercetloalljr. 

Svn. industrious, effectual. powerfuL 

Ant. (see lazy). 
An Ar tru (Sn'Sr-JT), n. fpZ. energies i-flz)], 
viA-vx-gjr capacity for woric; power; force; 
vigor; spirit; animation. — v. cnertise. 
An Ar vflf A (|Bn'5r-vat; 6-nQr'v&t). r.t. to 
^**-VM,'\a.i.^ deprive of nerve, force, or 
vigor; render offomlnato or feeble; debilitate 
or weaken. — n. enervation. 

ATI ffl mill A i^' f^'mS'yS). with^ one's 
«I1 la-UUUe fomlly; at home; in dome»> 
tic fashion; Informally. [Fr.J 
^r% f AA KIa (6n-fe'bl), v.t. to weaken; to 
«U-lce-Uie destroy the force of. 
An it IaHa (&i'n-l&d'). n. the situation of 
^■""**"*****^ a place or a body of men liable 
CO be rakod with shot; a flrint; along a trencdi. 
e line of troops, etc.; a galling fire; r.t. to 
pierce or rake with Phot In a straight line. 
An fnlH (^n-fold'). r.t. to cover with folds; 
vu-iuiu to wrap up; inclose; embrace. 
Also, infold. 

An fnrPA (Sn-f5rs'), r.t. to urge with 
^lA-xvxi/^ enorKy; to execute with vigor; 
to compel; to make clear or intelligible. 
An frun rfiicA (6n-frftn'chlz; 6n-ft*n'- 
^n-iran-cnise chiz). v.t. to admit to the 
right of voting in public elections; to liberate 
or set ft-ee; make free of a state, dty, or 
corporation. — n. enfranchisement. 
An tratrfik (Cn-gaJ'). v.t. to pledge or bind by 
^**"S**B^ oath or contract: to betroth; to 
win; as, his smile engages every one to him; in 
(machinery, to come into gear with; make 
liable for a ddlit; secure for aicl oreraploym«it; 
SLS, to en<7a(?e a workman; encounter in battle; 
occupy tbo time or attention of; as. to engage 
one in conversation: r.f. to promise or assume 
an obligation; occupy oneself; as. to engage 
in business; enter a conflict. 
An crACTAH (ftn-gajd'). p.adj. busy or occu- 
«"-S*6^^ pied; affianced or betrothed. 

Cn-gage-ment frothal: occupation; an 

appointment; In machinery, the state of being 
in gear; a battle between armies or fleets. 
Pn cru cr fn cr (to-gftjlng). p.adj. winning; 
^"•"o**o"***S pleasing; as. an enoaoifHf 

An o-An HAr (6n-J*n'dSr), v.t. to produce; 
cii-gcii-ucA cause; excite: r.i. to come 
into existence. 

ATI cnn A (^°'iln)> n* anything used to effect 
^**"S***^ a purpose; a madoine by which 
power is applied for the performance of work; 
an apparatus for converting physical force, 
as heat, into mechanical x>ower; a sldlAii 
mechanical contrivance. 

An at nAAr (^'Ji-QSrO. n. one who is 
Cn-gl-nccr skUlod in the principles or 
practice ot anv branch of mechanical science; 
one who has charge of and manages an engine 
or locomotive; one of an army corps which 
builds bridges, roads, etc.. for military use; 
one who carries through a scheme or under- 
taking: rJ. to plan, lay out, osr direct; plan and 
execute the construction of (a road, canal, eio). 

ATI in fippr inir (fp'Jl-nerOng). n. the 
Cn-gl-neer-lllg science and art of con- 
structing and using mactiinery, or of designing 
and constructing public works; skilful or tact^ 
ful managemoit. 

FtialiQfi W^Ksh), tidj. belonging to. 
ffUg-Uau characteristic of. or pertaiximg to. 
t^e language or the people ot England, or 
those descended ftom them: n. the people 
of England or the language spoken by them'C 
a size of printer's type.-^-^i. KnglUhmaw. 

en-grail-ment S^SSSi S.e'5S 

of a coin or medal. 

An crrflVA (^^-firrSv'). v.t. to cut or carve 
^***S***^^ in sunken patterns; as. to 
engrave words on a monument: impress 
deeply or indelibly- imprint. — n. engravec. 
ATI OTflv ITIO- (en-grav'ing). n. the act, 
^***5***^"""*S process, or art of producing 
designs, etc., cut in, or in relief on, metal, 
stone, or hard wood; a design or inscription 
so cut; an impression ftrom an engraved 
plate; a.s, the engraring on vistting cards. 
An crrncc (Cn-gros'), rt. to monopolize; 
^**"S*^®® occupy wholly; as. busim 
engrosses his attention; write in a large dis- 
tinct rotmd hand, as a public document; to 
make larger. 

Syn. absorb, occupy, engage. 
An trtiM (Sn-gOU"). r.t. to swallow rp in. or 
ciA-giui. as in. a deep hollow cr wliirlpool. 
Also, ingulf. 

Syn. absorb, drown, submerge, bury. 
An fi^nrA (^i-bi^ns').t'.t. to increase crad- 
cu-Aiaxx\/C vance, as in attractiveness or 





caL — adv. •nharmonJcalljr. 

en-har-mon-ic scale i^ir)*"SrSSi5i 

scale having mcMre than twelve tones to the 
octave. . 

e-nttr ma (^nlg'md). n. a riddle: any- 
-Ulg-lUtl thing that puzzloi or baiOes. 
enicr mflf ir (t''nlg-mftt'lk). adj. obscure 
-nig-mai-lC or puzzling. Afa). snlg. 
matioal. — adv. enigmatioally. 
ATI inin (^n-join'). v.t. to direct with 
^xA-juxAx authority Or lu-gency; ^iforce: 
prohibit or restrahi by judicial order. 

Svn. order, ordain, appoint, prescribe. 
ATI \f\\r (^n-joV), v.t. to feel or perceive with 
^ix-jwjr pleasure; have the use or possession 
of. — adj. enioyablg. — adv. enfopably. 


value; to heighten. 

ATI Viiir Tnnn ir (€n-har-m6nTk), a 
en-nar-mon-lC proceeding by sma 

intervals than a semitone. Also, oiiluurmc 

Ate, senate, rAre, cftt, locil, fftr, dsk, pdrade; sctoCj dvent, 6dge, novil, ref^r; 
light, sin; cdld, dbey, c6rd, 8t6p, cSmpare; unit, finite, bfini, cut. fociis. meu^: 




ATI \ck\r rriAnf (dn-joi'mfint). n. pleasure: 
en-JOy-meni gratification; possession. 
AYi Irtn HIa (^K-klo'dl), v.t. to set on fire; 
en-JUn-aie to klncUe; to rouse; to exdto. 
An lorwA (da-HLrf), t.t. to increase in 
CU-lAlgC quantity; extend in limits or 
dimensions; extend to more purposes or 
uses: t.L to become larger: as. a plant 
€rUtwifm with growth. 

Syn. Increase, extend, augment, broaden, 

AnL (see dtmlniflb). 

enJarge-ment *S?iS^; ^^ 

or deyelopment; a photograph reproduced in 
Increased size. 

Ati liafif An (te-Bt'n). vJ, ,Aimish irith 
eu-ll{^ll.l-t»l increased knowledRo; elevate 
morally cr spkitually. — n. mMtfifnment, 

Syn. UhiBune. humict, inform. 

Ant. (see befog, becloud). 
An lief (to-Ust'). v.t. to enroll, as for mUl- 
CU-liai> tary service; register; gain over, 
or employ in some cause: v.i. to engage on** 
self far military service. — n. eaUstmaat. 
An 1f«7 An (to-nv'n), e.(. to make vigorous. 
en-UY-en acUve. or cheerful; to exhil- 
arate; to inspirit. 

Svn, cheer, animate, inspire. 

AnL (see sadden, quiet). 

en masse gSicJ^Lf""^'' »"^ 

An nil irr C^'ml-tl). n. [pi. enmities (-tTz)), 
en-mi-Xy animosity: hatred: hostility: 

Syn, maUdoosness. unfHendllness. 

Ant. (see Mendshljp). 

An nn-KlA (*-»»«^'™: «n-4i5'bl). v.t. to dlg- 
eu-UO-l/lC njfy; exalt; make famous or 
Ulustrions; to raise to the nobility. 
An nit I (iUk'nwS'). n. languor of mind; a 
eu-UlU wearied state of mind due to lack 
of interest: boredom: Ustlessness. JFr.] 

A nnr mi ftr (6-n6r'inI-tI), n. (pi enormi- 
e-nor-mi-iy ties (-tlt)l. something out- 
ngeoxM or extremely immoderate; an atroc- 
ity: a grave offense. 

enrfci" mrkiic (fr-nOr'mfts), adf. excessive; 
'U.%JL-ixx%jU9 very great; immense; huge; 
greatly eKceeding the normal size, number, 
f)tc.—wto. anormonsly* 

A nrHKrVi (^nftfO, od>. sufSdent: n. a 
c-uuu^Ai 8uffld«icy: adv. so as to be 
sttffldent; very: inter], stopi 

Svn,, n. plenty, abundance. 

AnL (see want). 
An niifrA (to-kwfr'). vJ. and v.i. to ask 
CU-4UUC or adc about: to examine into. 
Also. Inani'** — n. manlrtr, •noolrer. Inquiry. 

^f. raff A (Sn-r5J0, v.t. to make intensely 
cu-xa^c angry; to provoke to fury; 

en-raa S^'^^t^tS'SSJf: '^^ "«"" 
en rap-port ^'^'^- "• «™"*"" 

An ronf Cfin-r&pt'). adj. filled -with Joy; 
eu-iapii enraptured: fasdnated. 
An i^n fur A (to-r&p'ttlr). v.t. to transport 
en-rap-XUre or carry away with delight; 
please intensely; charm. 

Svn, endiant. fascinate, captivate, bewitch. 

Ant, (see repel). 
An ritf«Vi (te^diO. r.f. to Increase the 
eu-xiUll. wealth of; to make fcrtUe; to 
Improve; to adorn. 

^n r/\11 (fo-i^l'). v.t. to ln.Hort or write 
OU-lUU_down in a register; enlist; record. 

Also. •nrol. enrolnaent. 

en route {"'i'***'^' °" "" '""' " "***- 
en-san-guine <«Si"^r«'S.'vS' 'iiSl 


An ernncA (^n-^ktasO. r.^ to fix securely 
CU-bi/UUUe or comfortably; to settle. 
An-fiAm KIa (Ui'stLAOa). n. the general 
eu-seiu-0ie appearance or effect; all the 
parts of a thing together. [Fr.] 
An cfirinA (te-«hrln'), v.L to place on ai» 
eu-snriue altar or in a holy place; keep 

An_cVirnn#1 (to-shroudO. v.t to oorer 

en-SnrOUa with, or as with, a flbroud; 

to conceal firom observation: as, to enjftroitJ 

one's piupose with mystery. 

An cton (fn'dn).n.aflag: badge; (te'sln). 

CAi-DX|^ the lowest rank of commissioned 

officer in the nayv* 

An Qi lacTA (oi'Bl-lij), n. fbdder or Tenfr- 

en-Sl-iage taWe produce stored In 1& 

green state in a sUo. 

An eloiTA (to-slavO. v.t. to bring Into 

CU-SiUVC bondage; enthrall or denrive of 

moral liberty or power: as, to be enslaved by 

drink. — n. aBSlavemeni. 

An enarA (dn-«nAr'), v.U to take In, or a» 

en-snare in, a trap; talM hy craft; 

allure. Also. Insnare. 

An -fill A (te-sQOt v.i. 'to follow as a con s e 

cu-ou^ quence: succeed: come after. 

en-t&.D-lft-tUre parts of a wail resting OD 
the top of a pillar or column, as theoomice. etc 
An foil (en-tUO. n. an estate thait mur b& 
CU-laU left only to a partknilar hdr or 
heirs: the act of so restricting the leaving of 
property: v.t. to leave, as money, land, or other 
property, to a succession of heirs, so that no 
oneof them can give or will it away; to neces- 
sitate; Induce. 

An fan o-Ia (6n-t4A'gl), o.t. to Involve; 
Cii-UUA-^C ensnare; perplex: bewilder. 

en-tan-gle-ment SSSKS uSS-e2: 

snares; aconrplication; an obstruction: e^)e- 
cially. in the World War, barbed wire stnmg 
on steel posts driven in the ground, to make it 
harder to reach the trenches. 
An f AnfA (&A'ULAtO. n. an agreement or 
CU-lClitC understanding; as, the THpI* 
Entente, the compact between F.ngland. 
France, and Russia in 1007-08. [Fn.] 
An f Ar (to't^)> ^L to go or cotno into; b»> 
CiA-tCA pin; penetrate; set down in writ- 
ing; as, the derk entered the account in the 
Journal: Join or become a member of: to go 
into or bogln, as a business, etc.; place on tD» 
reccvds of a oottft: v.i. to fro or come in. 
An fAT ir (6n-t£rlk). adj. pertaining to, or 
eu-lrCr-lU situated near, the intestines. 
An f Ar nriCA (Sn'tSr-prlz), n. an under- 
eu-ter-pnse taking of importance or 
risk; boldness; energy and invention. 

Syn. undertaking, endeavor, venture, effort. 

An ti*r nriQ inir (6n't«r.prizn«g), adj, 
cn-W-r-prib-mg ambitious; adventur- 
ous; energetic; progressive. 
An f Ar foin (to'tSr-tSnO, v.t. to recdve 
en-ier-Xam and treat hospitably; 
amuse; keep in the mind; to haroor, as ft. 
grudge; take into consideration; as, to enter^ 
tain a proposition: v.i. to receive guest» 

en-ter-tain-ing «S:^?'S&t5£*'- 

adp. entertalnlnghr. 

An f Ar fflin mAnf (Sn'tSr-t&n*mSnt), 

en-xer-xain-meni n. hospitality a» 

M&t, f d6t ; found ; boU ; f uAction ; chase ; good ; joy ; then, thick ; hw = wh as in ^idien ; 
2h->a as in azure; kh =ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxii. 


aaattriog Inauenca. Alio, i 
1 {en-UlrOil'), 1 

aaaw with roy»l pairrr and ■nlbnrity. 

en-thu-sijsm gS?',SS2;: "JSi 

cf mind: fervent mi: Intenie InKnM, fM- 
Iw. or emotion. 

Sim- dBvoUou. E«l, irdor. 

Aat. (sm lUkBWBmulKB). 

en-thu-si-ast ifa^S"^-^;^'!!^! 

vho deeou blmaelf liLe[>lred ; a vbdon 

en-thu-si-as-tic SJ^tT'Sto 

en-tomb jnent iS"'S°SSfi V 

anve; budal. 

en-to-moU-gy S^'SirfiisE^^b 

ta and .their haWts^ — n. *a 


Mumduiu. [Fh.i 

jwi traile (*ii'iilzl. the 

en-train ^^ 
en-trance ^ 

tllrouEh which oi 
to come In. etc.: 
•t the emtom boi 
to out Into B ■! 
dedsht; tolhr 

en^trap'S^F'^^'^ — '■ 
en-treat <^Si2- biei*"" 
en-treat-y f-^;f iU'ein^'-, 
en-tree tha »« or «Dt«im!; & . 

batmen the chief coonea. IPh.I 

en-trench S°S^^^th'ditd^ 


en-tnist^Jg^tii.'- ^^ "^^ 

- *" -r wiiUns an Item in a list or recotd; the 
written in; Uie act at taldng rlghcrol poa- 

. ~^or land breDtcrlDRDrMItlaK root OB Itj 

the&ctofreiionmsthearTlTBlof ailiipln pact, 
on twinf tta-twin), .J. to wind uound: 

eu-iwiue x,-wiM tomthv. 
e-nu-mer-ate i^oS'SSJSii&^^SSt: 

so over In detail. 

e-nu-mer-a-tion a?'S'E?'SS4>J 

a catalog: Urt. 
-UUU-Ci-aiO ,.(. to declare or pradalm:^gS?,t",':fc''i''h"°; 

n. maaDa- of ut(«iii« vocal hhukU: vtlcul»- 

Eunmied. for aaSa canveyanoB or a Wur br 
poM, etc. : oovnlng,' wrappo'. Alao. m w lap. 

en-TeUp-ment ilJ-'S'WffiiJ: 

inp or GDV^n^^ a wrapper; allTthlnc Uu4 
aurrounda or concuala. SliTSSlnLS,SS 

poesoa Hunsthlng: jealously dalroua of 
what Is another's. — tub. •BTtoiulr. 

en-vi-ron ^^^L^^iSTS^ S- pIuxB nmr a town or cIMr: etiburba. 

en-vi-ron-ment Jgr'eS^iJJ^ 5 

en-voy Lc^ (n%^ u. _ - 

one aent on a upedal mlidon. unially ntniad. 

for (what^'uuSLr'*); ttii^ 
BOBlliince or proaHnty of aoi 
o.f. to feel or exh^t covolou 

lociCBl pviod. before the development of moit 

em »peclea:'n. the e»rll(m part (/ the TortUiry 
period, (ollowlDg Imoiedlalely after the Msai>- 

17 A li on (B.511-iii), odJjwrtalnlnittoUl* 
Ci-O-U-an »ind«; from .*iolu. lUe god (< 

t lan« period of time; ica; 

^ -iblkj.o*. pBrtalnlmi totha 

^ rocka of the olden Beolo«lcal onu 
— . — a ahoiild» plana; 

ephah \ 



tbe dioolder by osval and military officers. 


an andent Hebrew dry 
equal to one and one- 


ninth bushels. 

e-phem^r-al ^S^^' Sti:"^^ 


17 nVi A eione <S-f3'2h&nz), n,pl a book of 

J2r-pne-SiailS the New Teetament. con- 

taimns the Epistle or letter of the aipostie Paul 

to the church at Bphesus. 

AnVi f\A «^'<M)> n. a priestly vestment or 

CUU-UU garment worn by the Jewish high 

priest of ancient times. 

aaVi Af (df'Sr). n. \pL ephori (o-rl), ephors 

epU-Or (.«n)U one of the five Spartan 


Ark in C^'Ik)* 04/- grand; noble; heroic; 

cp-xu narraUve: said of a poem: n. a long 

narrative poem of some heroic deed or event 

written In a lofty style. 

eti i f^tTtx (fipl-lrilr). n. a person of lux- 
u-l-vlUC unous tastes and habits; one 
who Is fond of good living; one devoted to 
tiie pursuit of pleasure. 

ep-l-CU-re-an tlSilng to the'phHosophy 
of Bpicurus; devoted to the pleasures of the 
table: n. one who loves luxury: Bploureaa, 
a follower of Epicurus. 

An 1 nxT ^1a (*Pl-«I1cJ). »• ft snaall circle 
cp-l-l/jr-vic whose center Is on the circum- 
ference of a greater circle. 
An tlAam ir (•p'^-dfimlk). adj. attacking 
ep-l-ueui-xc many at the same time: 
said of a disease: n. a general attack of a 
disease throughout a locality; a widespread 
occurrence of anything. 
An t A^r rriic (6p*I-d0r'mIs), n. the cuti- 
ep-l-aer-nUS cle or outer skin of the 
body; the outer coating or bark of a plant. 

ep4^as-tric gET^t^l?^ ^ of^e 


An 1 irlrtf +1C (fip'I-RWt'Is). n. the leaf- 

ep-l-glOt-US shaped lid of cartUage 

which covers the larynx or upper part of the 

windpipe during the act of swallowing. 

An t (rram (fipT-gram), n. a verse or 

cp-l-glttiu, short poem with a witty point: 

a short phrase expressing a shrewd ix witty 


ep-i-gram-mat-ic i^.'^^r^^^lXi^: 

Also, splgranunatloaL — adv. •pvrammatl- 


An 1 crranti (6pT-«rif). n. an Inscription 

cp-A-^iapu on a buUding, monument. 

etc; a motto or quotation at the beginning 

of a bo(^ or chapter. 

An 1 lAn CX7 (6p'I-Wp'8l). n. a chronic 

cp-l-icp-rojr nervous disease attended by 

loos of consciousness and convulsions. 

An I lAn fir (6p1-l€p'tlk>. adj. pertaining 

cp-l-iCp-UU to. or affected with, epilepsy: 

n. one affected with eoilepsy. 

An i Irkir (6p1-10g). n. a poem or speech at 

cp-l-iUg the end of a play. Also. epUocve. 

Enmti II tiir (ft-Plf'fl-nl), n. a church 
-pipn-a-ny festival (Jan. 6) to own- 
memorat^ tiie visit of the three vrtae men to 
Bethlehon when Christ was bom. 

e-pis^o-paxy ^^S2SS't-ty"bM 
e-pis^».pal »&C;:'^vfiS^. 

emment vested In a bishop. — adv. eplscopallir. 

E.pi8^x) h^^£!i}^ 

Protestant Episcopal Church: n. a 
or supporter of that diurdi.— ^i. 

A nie^A nflf A (S-PtoTcO-ptt). n. the porir tion and authority of » 
bishop: bishopric 

en t erulA (^'I-aOd). n. an incident or 
p-l-SOae action standlnjg by Itself bat 
more or less connected wnh a aerief of 
events; as. an episode ell the war.— odjf. apl* 
sodlo* t pttMltftal . 

entc "flA (^PlB^). n. a formal letter; % 
-px»-UC wrftten communication: Bpistia, 
one of the letters written by the apostles, ami 
recorded in the New Testament. 

e-piS-lO-ia-Xy talnlng to letters; 
graceftil epistolary style. 
An 1 f Anfi (^'I-taf). n. an Inscription 
cp-x-iapxx writing on a tomb or moi 
ment. In memory of the dead. 

ep-i-tha-la-mi-um ^{.';i:^tiS;;tii 

poem in celebration oi a marriage. 

An 1 ffiAf (fiP'l-thet). n. an adjecttve or 

wp-x-iixd» phrase denoting some real 

quality of the person or thing described; aa, 

a miserly man. 

A nt4- /% mA (fi-vWo-mg), n. a brief state- 

e-pil-U-uie naent of the contents of a. 

literary work; a summary or summing up; an 

abridgment; synopsis. 

entf Ck miTA (^It'o-mlz). v.t. to make a 
-pit-O-nUZe brief outline of; to abridge: 

ep-l-ZO-an [^TtS aminaSfwhSi Mves on 
the outside of another animal, as fleas or Uoe. 
An-nrVi (^'^k; S'pdk), n. a point of time. 
cp->w^xx marked by events of great Impor- 
tance, from which succeeding years are redc- 
oned: as, the Civil War marks an important 
epoch In American history; a p«1od of years 
mled with unusual events; era: date. 
An nil A (^'M)« n. the last part of an oda 
cp-vu^ or poem; a burden or refrain In 

"Pn QATTI fiflif («P'8fim sOlt). a white sub- 
J2«p-SOIu sail stance used in medldne. 
dyeing, finishing cotton goods, etc. 
A niifl hil 1 Ht (Sncwd-bm-tT; Ck'wd-bll'- 
e-qua-OU>l-Xy i.tD. n. evenness; steadi- 
ness; as. equability of temper. 
A niifl Wa (e kwd-bl; fik'wd-bl). adj. unl- 
c-4iMi.-vx^ form; steady: even; pn 
tionate. — adt). eauably. 


eniifll (e'kw&l). adj. of the same extent 
-quoj. magnitude; uniform: adequate; 
the same rank, degree, or value; 

the same 

ble: n. one 
talents, etc.: 
equaling], to 


just; equa- 
of the same age. rank, office. 
t.t. [p.t. and p.p. equaled,, 

equaimg], to have the same size. rank, value. 

etc, with; return a full equivalent for; to fnlfll 

the requirements of. 

e-qual-i-ty t^{'r^ -^ g"^ 

tiie same in size, rank, value, etc. ; uniformity; 


A nitol 17 A (S'qu&l-Iz). v.t, to make the 

u-uuax-xxc same in size, rank, value, etc; 

render uniform. — n. eanallsatton. 

entta\ i 'w^T (e'qu&l-!z'er). n. a sliding 
-quai-l-Zer panel which stabmses an 
airplane laterally. 

en-iifll lir (jS'quU-D. adv. in the same 
-quox-xjr degree; uniformly; In evenly 
dIvVled parts or shares. 

e-qua-nim-i-ty i«2Si-T2iSi • 

""'"fli ^ toness. 

bd5t, fd6t; found; boil; function; chase; good; joy; f/ten, thick; hw »wh as in when; 
zh«z as in azure; khsch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxii. 

equate 208 

A MfiofA (^kwfttO. r.t. to reduce (o an 
^•^wni^ average: to put into tbe form of 
ao equation : tomakeequaL 

eniio finti (^kw&'«tian: e-kw&zbQn) . n. 
-qiUt-UUU ^ proporitlon expremlnK the 
MuaUtr of two ouantitles. the sign — being 
placed between them; a representation cf a 
cbemical reaction expressed by symbols. 
Sk nitfl f/\r (^kwa'tAr). n. the Imaginary 
C-qiUl^Uir circle which passes round the 
middle of tbe earth, everywhere equally dift- 
tant fWnn Uie poles, and divides it Into two 
bemisDhaea or parts; dl similar line dividing 
the sphere of the sky in two. — adj. e^natorlaL 
— tide, e^oatorially. 

^n MAT r\r (*k'^*r-I; *-ltw€rT). n. \vl. 
Cq-Uer-ry equerries (-to) I. an officer to the 
tiouae <rf a prince or nobleman, who attends 
lilm hi pubtfc, and has charge ct his horses. 
A-nilMB fri _fln (Wcwfis'tn-in). adj. per- 
e-queS-lXl-an talnlng to honics or horse- 
mansfalp: performing with horses: n. <uie 
flldlled In horsemanship. 

e-ques-tri-eime 2iS5S"hS^SiuS;. * Sl^^^'H^^- 
e-qui-dis- tant 

(8'kinHlf8't4nt). adj. dto- 
«ted equally fkr fromacer- 
taln point or from each 



(S'kwI-Ut'6r-&l). adj. 

having all the sides eoual: r-^,,.,..^.! 

n. a figure with equal ddee : ^^£SI^ 

•anilateral triangle, a fig- Triangle 

ore having lliree equal nkles and three equal 

angles. — ode. eqallaterally. 

0LJt\\\ Hh ri iim («'kwl-lib'rl-4m). n. 

e^qUl-UO-n-Um equality of weight. 

power, force, etc.; equlpotoe or balance 

between opposing forces, actions, etc. 

A niilriA (SHrwIn). adj. of, pertaining to, or 

«-qu]UC; like, a horse. 

e-quiJioctial S15S°S''?S?'I?4SJ: 

<r to the time of equal day or night: n. the 
«quator of the sky; a storm at the season of 
«qual day and night. — adv. •quinootlallF* 
A mil •ritfw (SIcwI-ndkB). n. the time when 
V^qui-liUA the sun crosses the equator of 
the sky. making the days and nights of equal 
length: about March 21 and September 22. 
A miln (9-kwIpO. t.t. {p.t. and p.p. equipped, 
V-qiup equipping), to hirnlA or fit 
out for any service or undertaking; as, to 
muip an army for the field; prepare or qual- 
ify; as. to equip a bov with knowledge; to 
dress; as. e^iap yourself for a walk. 

An 111 noiTA (6k'wl-pftJ). n. the arms and 
vq-Ul-pitgt; outfit of an army, vessel, 

traveler, etc. ; the carriage, horses, and liveried 
•ervants of a person of rank : a carriage of state. 

eniiin tnATif (ft-kwlp'm8nt). n. all the 
-quip-iiiCAAt necessary supplies for any 
S articular service, such as those needed in 
ttlng out offices, stores, armies, a fieet. a 
railway, a person, etc.; tne act or fitting out 
with supplies. 

€n«t« r\f\\cA (SIcwT-poiz).*!. equilibrium or 
-qUl-pOlSe balance; equaUty of weight. 

€.qui-pon-der^t ilu^'Jirs;"^', 

aame weight. 

An 111 ffl hi A (Ak'wI-ta-bl). atfi. impartial: 
Vq-Ul-ia-Die juat; fair.— adr. equitably. 

An 111 fv (^'w*-tJ). n. \pL equides (-tU)|. 
eq-UI-iy justice: just reiiaM to ri^t or 
claim; impartiality: the admlnistracMa of 
law aocording to its spirit and not accor di ng 
to the letter. 

e-quiv-a-lence l^TT'^^^^x 

Also. •qnlvalaMsy. 

AUItliv^ lATlt («-kwfv'd-l«nt). adj. equal 
e-qiUY.a,>ieni in vaia© or power: the 

same tn significance or effect: n. a thing of the 
same value, weight, power, effect, etc 

e-quiv-o-cal fei'^'aoa'^- ^^ 

ing; open to suspicion or doubt; uncertain. 
— adv. e^nilvcKsally. 
Syn. dubious, doubtftal. Indefinite, obscure. 

e-quiv-o-cate 'i^Xt^SSi^LiS^S:, 

prevaricate, or evade the truth. 

e^f. (S'rd). n. the point of time frtxn whldi 
-*» a series of years is reckoned: a period 
of time starting from a given point: as, the 
Christian era dates ttom. the birth of (^ulst; 
period: epodi. 

^ rfld iu^ hiA (d-rtd/v-kd-fal). adj. that 
e-raa-l-ca-Oie can be rooted out or 

erorl f_rflfA (d-ridl-k&t), eJ. to destit>y 
-iau-i-4^airC thoroughly; exterminate; 
erase; wipe out. — n. eradication. 
Syn. extirpate. 

erocA (6-1^'). e.<. to rub or scrape oat; Uot 
-Aaov or cross out; to efface. — n. erasure. 
erne Ar (&-r^'&). n. a knife or piece of 
-xad-CA rubber Ibr scraping or rubbing 
out written marlcs; that which rubs out, as 
chalk maiics. 

ArA ^^)* ^^'^"^t- I'x^ore; as. "the joya tiiat 
^^^ came ere I was old": sooner than; as, I 
will fight ere I will submit to tyranny: prep. 
before; as, I wUl return ere mldnlidit. 
17r A Kiic Cdr^bfis). n. In Greek mythol- 
j:#i-c-uud ogy. a place of utter darknem 
through which the dead pass to Hades. 

erA/H* (d-r6kt'). t.t. to construct; bulM: 
-rci^l. raise; eMabllsh: adj. upright; 
firmly uplifted; bold or unshaken. — odv. 
erectly. — n. ereotness. 

erAr -HI A ^d-rSc'tll). adj. capable of being 
-reC-XUe raised upright. ^^ 

ertxr firkti (d-rOc'shfin), n. the act of 
-xc\/-uvxA raising a structure, such as a 
wall or building; the structure raised: the 
state of being constructed. 

erAr fivA (^rdk'tlv), adj, tending or 
-ic\/-uvc serving to raise or build up. 
et-Ap f nr (^-rdk'tSr). n, one who. or that 
-ici'-tui which. ral»08 upright: a builder: 
a founder. 

ere-long ^?f^ ■ '*'■ *^"° •»»«= 

Ar A mif A (jBr'^nilt), n. a hermit: 
er-e-nuie awelllng alone In a deaeri to 
devote himself to religious thought. 

Ar trt\ (<^(^)> c^^i* and o»^ therefbre; 
^*"6^ consequently; hence. [Lat.1 
Ar ffnf «^'eot). n. a black hornlike growth 
^*"o"'' upon wheat, rye, etc.; a drug. 
TTr in (S'>^1 &*^). n. a name often gIveD 
xaL -XXX ijo Ireland. 

Ar 1 nif A (^'l-nSt). n. a rich. emerald> 
^x-x-xxxb^ green metal cont^nlng copper. 
Ar -miriA C^^niln)* n. a weasel-like animal. 
Cr^iuiue much valued for its fur. which 
becomes white in winter, except at the tip of 
the tail, where it remains black: the emnfem. 
dignity. OF office of a judge, whose state robe 
In European countries is lined with ermine 9m 
an emblem of purity. 

4te, senate, rAre, c&t, lodl, fftr, Ask, pdrade; ecfine, *vent, Mge, novll, refftr; 
light, sin; c6ld, 6bey, c6rd, 8t6p, c5mpare; unit. Unite, bftm. cut. fodb. menii: 


(On), n. In scmlanil. ■ tea ea«le: •!» 

'ChtT eaifloflr Also, ■ 

at ajnin. by heat and hijcb 
ra a-r5'Bll). adj. ■ giui 

" wearliw ftway: r '" 


giuwiiifE or 
aHI. ptrtalnlDS 

"*'■ Cake: W gn utny morslly: to bu mls- 
Ukea: tobkinder. 

or ranA («r'&nl). n. ■ trip made to atHod 
Brrr a maaage: Che object (oc which the 

PT mnt I*"!"'). "K/* "j'^DB. wamlerlng, 
t;i-ltUli la In Han£ ot advectim^ as. a 

(rrant thoogliia. 

er.rant-ry <SSS2?.' ™diu™"S°S«d: 

er-ra-nua am^takat^grinllnj; or writin g. 

er-ro-ne-otis ^^S^^-i^^^S!^': 

Ar rnr Kr^}' "- '>'" belltf: mistake: 
Vi-lUli bluDder: m toicounicy. 
IfrBix <<^- B^- pertatailDg to the Celta 
Hitoe ot tnltoA or ScotUnd, or to tbdr 

Jinptagn' OaeUc: n. the Gaelic I m gunge- 

er-u-di-tioniSto^ffiS^' "- '™"- 

<« bixAa: ItmmliwEi lUsBtnre. ._», 
kTM ■■ dbUnct (ram Icanitna to Uw seh 
B ntnt li^ri^O. r-L and t,i. to 

-rup-non lo. out or fcSh; tUM wtH* 
bnnta fonb. »■ Utb (Tom ■ Tokaoo: onl- 

9 esplanade 

Bc fflnn ('•-''trT, M- lo Bee from; get 
eS-Cape „„( 6? the way of: to c»mo 
BafeLy out of^ to avoids to 6b x]ii«I^ciM by; 
aa. bu aatped conta^on rrom Uio dl^eau: 
eaa arapn rrom » lif&k: to slip away; u. to 
ofape from memory: n. a getung away froxD 
dauEBT: Qlgfat: doUvinncp. 

es^cape-ment SS'SSiitUS: 

ing regulartty of move- — 

es-carp ia^^^'m^p A 

alope to: n. the side of ad 
dlicli fornilng a sleep *lope ^ 
next (lie rampajt- 


(i»-kiLrp'menl),n.acUff: a 

atl. arouiide fortregs. mait 

esch^a-lot S^'SL".! 

eS-CuSat uf (property' to w 

no heirs): p,l. to rmwt or go back ta liw 
crown, the lord of the manor, or the ■tata, 
bncauH there are no legal httra: n. land 
or tenemanta which (Ul to Uie crown, or lord 
or the manor, or, hi tbe United SUUa, 
to the state, hy forfoltiire or fSllure of bdra. 

es-chew '■^""^^"S^'mi^"'' """*' 

BOj-nrt i«"1''>n). n. a body of ansed ms 
CIt-VUi ^ acting as a guard : irotflctlon oa k 

unially a lady, to afford the proMcUoo ^U> 

e jop-tire a52S?'bS»SSaf • "" 

amorapaoled w1U> fever and tnflainraatloa . 

es^a-driUe if?»SSi.i'Tffi"i 

alnhlps; *■. the Lalkreua ntudriUe. [Tii.] 

es-caJade S£»l?i. -'- l^^-^f. 

Bed pUoe by UKuiTa 

es-c«l-op !Si"S"£affi""C;,srt 

ribbed AM -with a nir «lm: a curved point 
In a wavr adge i^ lace, etc : s.t. to iirepare 
with kcewl (niBba. and bake: to i&nw la 
etrred polalB. >■ (ke edn of lacs, snbnilda?, 
etc Alao, nallu. waallno. 

es-ca-pade ^S^ 

es-cri-toire i^rSEU^. ' rJlT* 

eS-CUTCn-eOn ^n wU^i the hermtdla 
- fkmUy an abown. 

Es-ki-mo ^ 

Oreenland. Alaska, 

kl-mO). n. 
pie Inhal 

people InhablUng Labrador, 

e-soph-a-gus rSSflLSS' 

food um) drink pan to the atcmach. 

tliegQllM. - 

only to a select drcle of foUowna: secrM: 
confldntla] ; profound; opptkIu to txaUrle. 
BC na rial («^Ii<^'U). wfj, particular: 
eS-pe-Ciai chief ; apeelal: exccpUooal 
among oChen of the lame kind — odr. MB*- igJKSa a%SJS 

use tmoaghoat the world, thus ntabUiic aO 
peoples to convove with each oUuw. 

es-pi-o-nage *SsS. «SfJ 

*e nta narlB CBs^U-nld'), n. an opB 
eS-pia-naOe space or road, (wpedsUr h¥ 

the iwaslde, for public use la walUns or 

espousal 210 

^e firknc a1 (S^-pouz'&l) . n. the promising 
tSB-puuo-IU. or giving In marriage: some- 
Umes, Mie ceremony of marriage; the taking 
up of a ca«se wltli a view to supporting ana 
defending H* 

AC n/%iiOA (Ss-POUzOt v.t. to promise, en- 
Vo-|ivusr9 ga^ffo, or give in marriage; wed: 
adopt; advocate or defend. 

«s-prit de corps i*S,?'c^,^°<i'>a^ 

votlon, hoaer, and interest, binding together 

men of Ifie same iHxifession, sodety. etc.; 

ocwiradeah^ IFn.] 

AC r%\f (^pn, v.t. [p.t. and p.p. espied, 

vo-pjr, espying], to see at a distance; 

discover Csomethmg intended to be hid) ; to 

^e unexpectodly. 

Kc_nrri man (68'kl-m5), n. [pi Rsqul- 

JlrS-qxn-IIUiU ^aux (-m5: mSz)]; ono of a 

race of people living In the arctic regions of 

North Amenoa. Also. Eskiino. 

AQ niifrA (Ss-kwlr*). n. originally, the 

vo-^uu^ armor-bearer or attendant on 


atanoe or majiuum. 

Afi-fiMl 4(11 1 C^-sta'sh&I). adj, 
t;9-»(»&-uai Bortaat; n cc e ssa 
odstenoe of a tmng; Indispensabl 

It; a title noKt below that of a knight: 
Ira, a tiUe given to lawyers and Justices 
of the peaca» and often used (after the name) 
Ibstead of Air. In the address of a letter: 
abbreviated JBsf. 

i»e eo-v (<^^)* ^' A literary composition 
^o-^HXj aascmae special subject; an attempt: 
eaperiment: r.(. ^-m'), [p.t. and p.p. essayed, 
p^pr. essaylngl, to try or attempt. 
i^fi OAir lef (fisX-Ist), n. one who writes 
^9-^aj'M,9i, fn prose, en various subjects. 
Ao oAn#«A (te'oW. n. the concentrated 
^o-oCilUf5 extract of any subvtanoe: as. 
^!^$ence ni peppermint: pornime; that which 
Is the real aiuracter of a thing; the true sub- 
atanoe of anytiilnK. 

moot im- 
n ec e ssa ry to the 
ng; indispensable; pure: n. 
cbat wliioh is aeoesaary to the existence of a 
thing: the h^c Prteolple: as» the euerUials of 

Afi *«K lIcVi (^^-tibOlsh). v.t. to fix firmly; 
eS-IAD-lISa settle; prove legally; 
otreagthen; r e st o r e ; found. 

Afi fjiK RcK-mATif (te-t&b'lXsh-mSnt). 
Vd-iau-uau^iAXCUL ^ f;^ g^ct of pladrc 

CD a Bare baslB; settlement; a place of resi- 
4eace ar towteess; a business, instltntion. or 

^S-XaHi-l-Iiei care or coffee-house, whore 
mm^king is permlttod and wines and other 
dk-tDlcs are sold. (Pa.] 

AC -fo-^A (AsM^t^). n. condition of life; rank. 
^S^-UXWS positioo. or quaUty; the title or 
Interest one has in lands or tenemimts; prop- 
ertor In general; any one of the different 
orders or clnonofi of men in a country; any 
(me of the paMtical classes represented in a 
leglslathre assembly or lawmaking body, as 
the commons and the lords in the English 

Ae taaaii (Ss-tfim'). r.t. to value highly; 
Cd-i^^tu. ify respect; prizo; canslder: n. 
a fkfcvoraUe oofailoa; estimation; respect; 

Sun-, n. and r. regard, favor. 

Ant. (see cooiempt). 
l?e. -tfi^ 0Se/1l^). n. one of the books of the 
•E«»-«l^ Old Testament; the story of the 
j jpsr osa , H a ti ior . who doUverod her people trom 
tuB Perslacns. 

AC 4fiA^ in (6s-th^lk). adi. having a love 
eS-Uie^-lC ef the beautlf«: pertaining to. 
p r cc i a M rG of. the fine arts. Also, m»- 
— (utr. es^battcally. 


AC fViAf {/•c (fis-thfitlks). Tupl tbesdeooe 
Cb-Uiei-lCb of the bcautinil hi nature or 
art. Also, lasthailos. 

AC fi ma hiA (te'tl-md-bl). adj. worthy 
eS-U-ma-Die of respect, regard, or honor: 
deserving of esteem; calctilable; as, eaiimable 
damage. — cuh. estlmably. 
AC fi miif A (6s'ti-mit). v.t. to coimmte: 
eb-U-UUtie determine the value of: ». 
(fis'tl-mdt). the computed or reckoned cost 
or value of an^^hing: as, the builder made aa 
estimate of the cost of the house; appraisemeot. 
Syn.. r. appraise, appreciate, value, com- 
pute, rate. 

AC fi mil fintl (8»'tT-ma'shiln). n. calcu- 
eS-a-ma-UOIl latlon ; appraisement; 
honor, respect, or esteem; favorable opinion. 
AC frofiA (fe-trftd'; «s-trftd'). n. a slightly 
Cb-Ultue raised platform. 
AC •H-o-no-A (dR-tr&nj'), v.t. to aUeoate th« 
ca-U2LU^C alTcctlons of; turn from kind- 
ness to indifference; keep at a distanoe — n. 

AC frflTT (^-tr<^')' n. a domestic anfasal that 
ca-uajr has strayed from its owner; one 
wandering and unclaimed. 
AC -Hi a nr (^td-A^), n. \pl. estuaries 
eS-tU-a-ry l^u)], the wide mouth of a 
river where tide and current meet; a narrow 
inlet ft'om the sea; a firth. 
Af a tniriA (St'd-men), n. a light woolaa 
ei-a-nmie fabric rescmbUng a Am qual- 
ity of bunting. 

Af /•Af Ar a (6tBfit'8r-d),andollwraorth« 
Cl i'Ct-ci-a samekind; and so fbrth: ab- 
breviated etc. Also, at 

Afrfi (6di)t<'-'-^®nflTave by biting out with 
cii^Ai an add a design previously drawn with 
an etching-needle upon a oopperplata.- 

ef Ar -nal (6-tfir'n&l), adj. without 1 
-i^A -xuu ning or end: everiastlnfl:: 
petual: incessant: tha BtanaAl* God.' 

Syn. endless, tmceaolng. IntermlnaMe. 
ArU. (see finite). 

efAi- ni -Hr (e-tfir'ny-tn. n. [pt. etendtles 
-ICr-m-iy i.tiz)j, indefinite tkne; tima 
that seems endless; life after death. 

efViAT (S'thSr). n. the upper purer air; a 
-Uicr liquid anesthetic, Qie vapor of which 
when inhaled produces unconadou anw and 
inaensfbUity to pain; the medium throui^ 
which the rays of light and heat are trans- 

A fhA rA_fll (*-thS'r*-&l). adj. ahr: Mfht; 
c-Uie-re-IU exquisite: heavenly; ^rit- 
ual. — adv. ethereally. 

efViAT tTA (S'thSr-Iz). v.t. to make uncon- 
-iner-ize sdous. or InsenstUa. wItt 
the anesthetic ether. — n. athwIaailaBu 
AfVi i nat (ethl-k&l). adj. pertaining to 
CLU-i-i/Ol right and wrong conduct; moraL 
— adv. ethlcallir. 

AfVi i/*c (Sthlks). the adence that 
CUl-li/d treats of right conduct: BMirala. 

E-thi-o-pi-an aSS^'T&.li.cIS; 

country of Ethiopia in Africa: n. a natlv« at 
Ethiopia ; an African; a negro. 
Affi nir (fith'Dik). adj. pertahdng to. pecn- 
CLU-UiU uar to. or indicathw. races or peo- 
ples. Also, ethnical. — adv. eamlealr* 
Affi nntr ra nViv (^th-nOg'id-fD. n. tkm 

ein-nog-ra-pny sdentiac desortptioB or 

the different races and peoples of mankind. 

Afli nnl n cnr (6th-n«^JD , n. tbesd 
ein-nOi-O-gy that treats o^ n 

their characteristics, etc. 
— n. etlmologlst. 


races of men. 

4t€. senAte, rftre, cAt, IdcAl, filr, isk, pdrade; scfene^ 6vcnt, Mge, novii, ref€r*, 
right, sin; c(Bd, db^, cdrd, 8t6p, compare; unit, finite, bdm, cut, foc^ meaii; 

etiquette 211 

a4> i /«iiA<H-A (^tl-kdt), n. rules of conduct 
Ct-l-fJUCllC observed In polite society or In 
official incercourse; the forms of polite bo- 
havlor demanded by good breedinflr. 
A4"na (St'nd), n. an apparatus in which a 
Clr-iut, small quantity of liquid may be 
heated by means of a spirit lamp. 
& HmAm (a'ttidO, n. a study; In music, an 
c-iUU>u exercise affording practice on some 
particular point of technique. 

i»f XT Tnft_ln<y i ral (6t'I-mO-16J'I-k&l). 
ei-y-inO-lOg-l-Cai adi. pertaining to the 

study of words.-— ofir. •tymolocloallr. 

Af ir mrki rk <rtc* (6t1-m6l'd-JIst), n. one 

eX-y-inOl-O-glSX ^ho studies, teaches. 

or writes the history of words. 
Af tr Tnnl_n trxr (et1-mftl'd-JI). n. [pi ety- 
et-y-mOl-O-gy mologlos (-jl2)l, a study 
of the origin of words; tho account of Kuch 
origin; that part of grammar which treats of 
the parts of speech and their inflections. 

eU-Ca-iyp-vUS lypti (.tDJ. any of the 
various trees of the evergreen myrtle family, 
many species of which furnish gum and a 
valuable medicine: commonly called the 
gum tree. 

j:#U-i^lia.-ilov Communion; the sacrament 
of the Lord's dupper; the consecrated elements, 
toead and wine, used in that sacrament. 
All ^V»o t^c +tr (GlM-rls'tlk). adj. per- 
CU-CIlil-rio-Ul» talning to the Eucharist, 

€3it Holy Communion; expressing thanks- 
giving. Also, euoharistioaL 
All nVtTtx (QlcSr), n. a game of cards: v.t. 
CU-UUic to prevwit (an opponent) in the 
game fkrom scoring; hence, slang, to outwit. 
All a* AVI t#»e (u-Jtolks), n.p/. the science of 
CU-^di-x%/» improving the human race 
through better heredi^. 
All Irk mcrf (Qld-jfst). n. one who praises 
eU-lO-glSi highly or excessively. 
All lo <nc fir (uld-JIs'tflc). adj. lauda- 
eU-lO-glS-UC tory; containing high or 
excessive praise. 

All Irk at 7 A (flIO-Jfe). P.«. to praise highly; 
eu-lU-gX^C to commend. 

All \f\.axr (fl'l^il). »• iP'- eulogies (-Jlz)], 
f5U-lU-gy iiigh praise, either written or 
spoken, of the life or character of a person, 
usually deceased. Also, •alodnin. 
All Tii-irli (A'nftk), n. a man who has been 
''**-****^** deprived of virile power; a cham- 
berlain or an attendant in a harem. 

eu-pep-tic g;S^'pd^ioi""""« 
eu-phe-mism <?'*-a- S^ X^^ 

expression In^place of one that Is plainer or 
more accurate but which might be offensive 
or embarrassing; the expression so used. 

eu-phe-mis-tic tS"^^'^<t''br^. 



eU-paO-Ul-OUS or sweet In sound or tone; 
sounding well. Also, euphonic, •nphonloal. 

All «hViA-Tii tim «i-^'°T-Am). n- ft brass 
eU-pnO-ni-Uni musical instrument, bass 


All nlin tiv (Q'ro-nl), n. \pL euphonies 
eu-pno-ny J-mz)]. pleasantness of sound 
or pronunciation; swratness of sound. 

eu-phu-ism fe^- S^ '^^^ 

or speaking. — adj. enphnlstlo. 
Alt rA Ira (t-ralcd), inUrj. *'I have found 
vu-ic-iut. It": an exclamation of triumph 
over a discovery or supposed discovery. 

"Pit Tf\ 11 A nn iQ'rO-pe'ftn), adj. belong- 
AU-rO-pe-aU ingor pertaining to Europe r 
n. a native of Europe. 

Eu-sta-chi-an tube SS'S£"hS.wJ& 

the ear and the ph^ynx. 

A trnr tt-iafA W-vftk'OrSt). «.<• to mak» 
c-vai#-u-a.ic yo1<i or entity; abandon 

possession of, oc withdraw from; vacate; as.^ 

the enemy evacuated the fort. 

etrnr 11 n finn (6-v*k*a-i(^iln), n. th» 
-YaC-U-a-UOn act of wlthdmwlng; tho 
act of voiding; that which is voided. 

exraAex (fi-vfidO, v.t. to elude deverbr, or 
-vauc by sivne trie*: slip away from; 
as. to evade pursuers; baffle or fod. 

eV-a-neS-CeUt appearing gra^n^^ trmm 
sight; vanishing; fleenag; aa, the joys tf lifo> 
are evanescent. — n. svan oo osnee. 

e-van-gei especially that of Uie gpspel. 

e-van-gel-i-cal }|2Si*S'iS&l: 

or the four GoRpels; maintalnlitf; fhe prlncl> 
pal doctrines of the Proteslant laMi; spirit- 
ually minded: n. one who holds orthodox 
Protestant doctrines.— aA>. •vangolloaHy. 

e-van-gel-ism S'Klgf >ti^^SS 

of the gosp^ of Christ.^-ow. inmniiWsnii 

e-van-gel-ist SS"^'-%ti T^ 

Oo^>€ls: an itinerant or tnaveUng preacher. 

e-van-gel-ize &'»?3S5>t5;'- S*SSi 

vert to Christianity. 

A Vfltl O rfltA t^vftP'^rSt). ^'^ <M»- 
c-vap-u-Aaic peree or pass off in vapor; 

pass away without effect: v.t. to convert mto 

vapor; as. heat evaporates water; to diy by 

removing moisture fkom, as fruit; concentrate* 

as milk. 

e-vap-o-ra-tion gS^IS^i^'S- cJt 

version of a fluid into vapor or flteam; the act^ 
or result of removing molstar^ as f^tna fridt,. 
milk, titc 

exra c\i\r\ (d-v&'zhfUi), n. the act of elud> 
-VK-diuu ixig or getting out of the wayt 
an artftd escape; an accuse; subterfuge. 

exra ciiTA (^v&'slv), adj. tending or seek- 
-v«,-oxv^ ing to evade; as. an evasive 
reply; not readily understood; elusive; sly. — 
adv. evasively. — n. eva si veness. 

Air A i^^' ^' ^^® ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ before a churda 
^'^ festival, or saint's day; the period Im- 
mediately Isefore some Important dvent: aa.. 
the eve of departure; evening; the doee orday. 
T?trA ^^v)* ^' ^ the Bible, the first created: 
•■^' ^ wcmian. wife of Adam. 

evTAtt (e'vn). adj. level; uniform; smooth; 
"^^** parallel; divisible by two without a. 
remainder: equal; balanced; cahn; whole r 
n. poetically, evening: v.i. to be equal In anjr 
way: to be quits: v.t. to level or make even; 
to make equal: adv. vorfly; precisely; just; 
quite; as much as. — adv. evaitar. 
•Sun., adj. level, plain, smooch. 
Ant. (see uneven). 

eve-ning S^a'^SiS^'^^.'^l 

latto" part of life: aij. pertaining to the later 
part of the day; as, evening meal. 

evTAtt ttAcc <$'vn-n8s), n. smoottmesar 
-YC^U-uebS uniformity ; regularity ; 
equality of surfttce; as, the evenness of tno 
ground; calmness. 

exrfktyf (^v6nt'}, n. an occurrence; tnd- 
-Y^AAt dent: the result or outcome of an . 

bd5t, f d6t ; found ; boil ; function ; chase ; good ; joy ; then, thick ; hw => wh as m ^dien ; 
zh*z afl in azure; kh^ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pag^es xix to xxii. 




Action; any sixigle item in a program of 
«port6or games. 

Syn. aoddent, adventure. 
A tTAnf ffti «^vtef fd&l). adi, ftiU of ind- 
v-wut-AUA dents or ti&ppraungs; momen- 
tous.— <u2f. erenttully* 

€-veii-tide ge^;«2>br^7r^= *•• 

etTAti fu-Al 1 "Hr (^v6n''t<i-&n-tl).n. [p/. 
-Ven-Ttt-ai-l-Xy eventuaUtlee (-tU)], a 
IKMMible oocutrenoe or happening. 

-Ven-XU-ai-iy cha^^U-I). adv. ulti- 
mately; finally. 

etr^n H^ afi» (S-v«n'td-&t). e.i. to bap- 
-VCU-iU-aiC pen: terminate: result. 
^wm Ar (fiy*^)* o^- <^t any time; as, 1 do not 
^^"^* iaaow that I shall ever go: always; 
AS. tiie poor are fver-wlth us: without end: in 
Any degree; as. stiidy as hard as ever you can. 
Av Ar trtttAa (ev'fir^&d). n. a low, 
^▼-C*-6**^^ swampy tract of land, with 
patches of tall grass. 

«v-er^een Sl2r*wE2i, "reLST lu 

Iteves throughout the year: adj. always 
^ecn or firesh. 

ev-er-last-ing jSSr^SS;: "^^.SSfl 

VI. a plant whose nowers retain their color 
when dried; eternity: the Bverlastinc, God. 
Che Btemal. 

4»tr #»r mnrA (8V9p-m6rO. adr. etemaUy; 
W-ci-iiiuxc always; forever. 

Av ar TT (^^▼'*^ll *Vi1), adj. and odi.pron. 
^▼"^^'J all taken one at a time; each; as, 
«9«ry man will do his duty; all posilble; as. 
they were shown everv Idndness. 

eV-er-y-DOa-y i). n. all persons, taken 
••ne at a time. 

^v-cx-jf-u«jf coming on each day; usual; 
commonplace; as, eceryaay matters. 

«v-er-y-thing iS£|^'-'„^ia!riBiir'Ji 

that is concerned in a given matter. 

ev-er-y-wnere hwiro. adv, in an 

f>laces or parts: thoroughly. 

exnrf ^^'Q^^> v-i- to put out. expel, or 
-vi\*i dispossess by legal process: as. to 
^vict a tenant who refuses to pay rent; re- 
move by force. 

«mr fiAn (^vfk'shiln). n. the act of 
-YIC-UUU putUng out by force. 
AXT i Honr» (CvT-dfins), n. proof; testi- 
fy -t-ucxxw mony: v.t. to prove; make 
^evident or plain. 

w-i-\x^xxv vision or understanding; mani- 
fest; plain: obvious.— «dr. evMsBtly. 
A ml (e'vl). adf. morally bad: wicked: sin- 
t;-vu ftii; hurtXul; disastrous: of ill repute; 
-worthless: cuiv. badly; harmfully: n. con- 
duct showing harmful intention or purpose: 
Aomething that Infares; sin. — ado. erilly. 

Syn., n. harm, misfortune, aifliction. 

Ant. (see good). 
^ xni ATTA i'^'^ ^' ^^ Influence for in- 
^-vix cjrv fory, supposed to be exerted 
by certain i>er8ons who cast a hurtful glance 
At anyone. 

A trinrA (^vTnsO. v.t. to manifest or make 
^•''*"*^ evident; demonstrate; show 

■ e-vin-ci-ble ^'j^L'^L^lSS^" "^ 

e-vis-cer-ate ifclSiJS"« IL 

m: to deprive of 
C6-v6k'). t.t. to 
evoke an answer. 
Atr n 111 fiATi (Cv'O-m'shan), 


bowels firtHn: to deprive of vital parts. 
A xrnlrA Cd-vdk"). t.t. to caU forth; as. 
w-v vivc tnoke an answer. 

n. the act 
of unfolding or developing: 
growth; as. the evolution of a moth from a 
caterpillar: the evolution of the plot of a 
story; the thing developed or evbhred; the 
movements of troops in marching or on the 
battlefield: the extraction of roots of any 
arithmetical or algebraic power; the gradual 
development of forms of life from the lowest 
stage; the theory oonoeming the oadual 
development of forms of life upwara finom 
the lowest stage. — adi. erolatknial. erota- 
ttonary.— fi. evolutionist. 
A xTi\ixr^ (^vOlvO. v.t. to develop; unfoWl 
^-' vivc expand; work out: v.i. to become 
developed or unfcdided. 

AtiTA (^)> ^* ^ female sheep, or the female 
cwv of animals like the sheep. 
Aur Ar (a'^).n.alargewateriugwtthawkl6 
cw-ci mouth, especially used for the toilet. 

AY or Ar Kflf A (6s-<as'6r-b&t). vjL to 
CZ-av-er-DalC mAke more ai 

lent, or bitter; 

make more sharp, vlra- 
to irritate; aggravate. — n. 

AW o/H* (^-KftktO, odi. correct or aocnrale; 
CA-ai^t precise; methodical; strict: 

ticular: r.t. require or claim; compel to bo 
paid: insist upon; to extort. 

Syn., adj. mce, punctual, precise. 

Ant. (see inexact). 
AX-Urf itiir (fig-^'kt'lng), p.odi. maldn« 
CA-ai/t-iUg unreasonable demands; s^ 
vcre; arduous. 

A-v or finn (te-K&k'shfin). n. the act of 
eA-au-UOU ngldly demanding; some> 
thing demanded in excess of what b due. 
AT- flrf i -HiHa (fig-zUc'tl-tOd). n. tha 
eX-aCX-1-IUae quaUty of being prectos 
or accurate. 

AT-flrf Iv (fig-xftlrtir), adt. accurately; 
eA-4U»l-iy precisely' strictly. 

ex^ct-ness ^^|^'"*'- "• •«"•»«'' 

AY_a(r CAr fif a .(6g-«&J 6r-it), v.t. to 
CA-tt^-gCl.-a.lC large beyond truth or 

reason: to heighten by overstatement; 
coUh* highly. 

A'T-flO' o-Ar-Df aH (fiK-«*J'Cr-i-tod), 
eX-ag-geT-^.Z-e^X p^adj. enlarged or ex- 
tended beyond truth or reason: overstated. 

AT-Iicr iTAr^ tion (6K-«»J'er-5'shiXn). n. 
CA-ag-gcr-U-uuil extravagant or un- 

truthful representation; overstatement. 

AW q14. (^-sOIf), v.t. to elevate in rank. 

CA-ait station, or dignity; raise on high; 

glorify or extol. 

Sun. ennoble, dignify, raise. 

Ant. (see humble). 
AT'.fll ffl firm (^'zAl-t&'shfln). n. the act 
eA-ai-Ut-UUU or state of being mental^ 
or spirituallv uplifted: a state of great di^ 
nity: a feeling of elation or pride. 

ex-am-i-na-tion ^'^''-^''gSai^ 

Into carefully: a careful inqtdry or Inspec- 
tion: a test of knowledge or fitness; a <IIM0- 
tioning, as of a witness. 
AW am triA (^-z&mln). v.t. to scmtlnlae 
eA-OUl-lUC or investigate carefully; search 
or Inquire into; to questicm, as a witness; 
test orally or by pap^^s the knowledge. <iuall- 
flcations, etc.. of. as a candidate for a <* 
or office; analyze; test. — n. •samliMr. 
Die ^^'^^'^^'' Cl?-«Ani'pn. 

pattern: a model or 

n. a 

ate, senAte, rAre, cit, locil, fir, Ask, pdrade; scSnCj 6vent, ddge, novll, reffo; 
light, rfn; c6ld, dbey, c6rd, Bt6p, c5mpare; toil, finite, biirn. cut, foc&. mena; 




•n flloBtratlon of a rule or precept; » parallel 
ease; sample; spedmeo; a warning; a prob- 
lem to be Mved. as in arltlimetic. 

Syn. standard, type, instance. 
*▼ oe t\g^T of A (dg-zS«'p9r-at).o.t. toirri- 
VA-a^-pci-airC tate exceedingly; enrage 
greatly; embitter; intensify. 

ex-as-per-a-tion it'^^C^'^^SS^ 

AY ro trof A (61csnui-vit), v.t. to dig or 
VA-va-vair^ hollow out; scoop or cut 
tnto; to bring to light by digging; as. to 
gxcoHtU the ruins of ancient cities. 
^T-oa vfl finn (ficslui-v&'shan). n. a 
eX-Ca-Va-HOn hoUow cavity or hole 
Ibrmed by cutting or digging out earth. 
AT-TJ) \rti fnr (Slcs'kd-v&'t6r).n. a digging 
CA.-v«.-va-tui machtne; a pcrstxi who 
digs, often in search of ancient relics, etc. 
AY-Ti^Atfl (Sk-aSd'), v.t. to go beyond the 
VA-^ccu. limit or measure of; surpass; 
exod: v.i. to be greater; go beyond bounds. 
A<r_rAAH iTio- (fik-8Sd1ng). j}.adj. very 
VA-^vcu-uig great: surpassing; extraor- 

AY.^AAil fncr Itt (fik-aSdlng-U), adv. ez- 
CA-^«nni-Ulg-iy tremely; surpasshigly. 

f.f. to surpass; to outdo in oomparlfion; to 
be superior to; exceed. 

ex-cel4ence Saf-^' "• ■"'*^" 

merit, goodness, or vutue. 
atoaI lAti-/*ir (ac'sWfin-sD, n. [pi excel- 
eZ-CeX-ien-Cy lencles (-slz)l. superior 
Bflrit: RxoelltnKiy, a title of honor of various 
high ofBdals. as an ambassador, oovemor. etc. 
at-PaI lAtif (Sk's^l&it). adj. of great 
ex-cei-iCUl value, merit, or virtue: 
highly useful or desirable; marked for good- 
ness or ability. — adv. excellently. 
AX_rAl-«i_nr (6k-ea'8l-«r). adj. yet higher: 
VA-i^Cl-Dl-Ul ever upward: the motto of 
New York State: n. a packing material made 
of long, fine wood shavings. 
AT_rAnf iSksipt'), v.t. to omit or leare 
VA-wpt out; exdude: p.i. to object: prep. 
omitting; leaving out: coni. unless. 

ex-cept-ing SSSX^lkSJ?: """^^- 

Av /«An -fi/\n (^-sep'shiln). n. the act of 
ex-Cep-UOU omltt&g; omission: exclu- 
sion: that which te not included: objection; 
offense taken: with to; as, to take exception 
to what was said; a formal objection to a 
decision of a court during a trial. 

cx-cep-tion^-ble <|«!SS£^ai- 

uncommon; liable to omission. 
AT-TPTl finn-ll1 (6k-sep'shftn-&l), adj. un- 
OA-i^CU-uuu-ai usual; uncommon; rare; 
extraordinary. — odr. •xoeptionally. 
AT-/*Amf (Sk-sOrpf). v.t. to take out or 
VA-^^xpv select from, as a passage from a 
book; quote: n. a selection or extract from, a 
book or writing. 

Av nAce i€k-G6sfy, n. an undue amount; 
VA--VCOO the amount by which one thing 
Is more than another; surplus; superfluity cu> 
overabundance: Intemperance: an added 
diarge to a railway passenger in addition to 
the regular fare, as for cash payment. 

Syn. waste, dissipation, lavlshness. 

AnL (see economy). 

AY_rAfic ivA (^-B^lv). ad), extreme; 
CA-woo-ivc unreasonable; extravagant. 

•finncrA (^ks-ch&nJO. v.t. to give in 
fiuuM^v return for something; to bar- 

ter: v.i. to give one thhig toe another: n. 
the act of giving ooe tfilng for another: 
barter: redprodty. or the act of giving ana 
receiving: as. an ex€hanoe of vlstts: ezcnange 
of ideas; the act of resigning one thing lor 
another; as, the extfumge of country life for 
dty life: a place where special businesa 
accounts are settled; as. a stock exdumg^ 
(often 'chan0€) ; • a centitil oflBce; as. a hotM 
exchange. — adj. czohangeable, 
AW rVkAtt tiAr (^ks-chOc'er). n. a treasury; 
eZ-Cneq-Uer cash or ninds; formerly, ao 
English court ot law. now m^ged Into the 
Queen's Bench division of the High (Dourt of 

AW /«ieA OSk-eSz^, v.t. to levy a du^ er tax 
CA-via^ upon; to cut off: n. a tax or duty 
levied on the manuflEkcture. sale, or consump- 
tion of articles or things within the oonntry.. 
such as tobacco or spirituous liquors. 
AW /«t et/Mi (^-BiJEh'fln). n. the act of cut- 
Ci-vi-oxUU ting out, or off; the state of 
being cut off; destruction; ruin: amputation. 

eZ-ClI-a-DU-l-iy exdtablUtles (-tte)L the 
state or quality of being eaofly atlmirap; 
sensitlveneBs to irritation. 

eZ-Clt-a-ble roused or stftrr^ iip;**Sprf 
table. — n. exoltablanMs. 
ov /•t'f a«i<f (fik-alt'&nt). n. a stimulant: 
ez-Cli-aill 0ifi. having a tendency t» 
arouse; stimulating to the nerves. 

eZ-Cl-ia-UCIIl of arousing; the state pro- 
duced by stirring up or rououng. 
^w oif A («S'<It'). v.t. to anteoate: rone: to 
CA-t^XLC encourage; put fcito melon or 
action; stimulate. 

Syn, awaken, provoke, stflr np. 

Ant. (see lull). 
AT^i^t^ (fflc-slt'M). p.adj. aroused: pro- 
eZ-ClX-ea yoked.— «to. esoltedly. 
Aw_rif fncr .(6k-s!t1ng). p.adj. stirring; Mre- 
C'*'-^*«'^***6 ly; as, an exeitina adventure. 
AW_rif A triAtif (ek-rft'mfint), n. oondl- 
eZ-Clie-luenX tlon of bdng stirred up; 
commotion; sensation; stimulauon; warmth 
of temper. 

AW oloim (6kB-kSm'>. v.i. and f.t. to cry 
CA-CAlUUi out abruptly and passloBately. 
AW_rlfl mfl finn (eksTdd-m&'shto). n. 
eZ-Cia-ma-UOIl ^ abrupt or sudden 

outcry: an expression of surpnse. pain, etc.; 
a mark [!] in writing or printing to denote 
emotion, surprise, etc. 

ex-clam-a-to-iy SSSSSSf-^tJSiX': 

or using, exclamation. 

AW olo-vTA (fiksld&v), n. a smaH part of a 
CA-Ciavc country lying within the terri- 
tory of another power. 

AWY«1if#lA (8ks-kM0d0t vJt. to shut out; 
CA-viu\*c hinder fhnn entrance or admis- 
sion; prohibit; debar; except. 
AW rill Ginti (fiks-kicyahite). a. the act 
eZ-CiU-SlOIl of shutting ©ot; ttie state of 
being debarred; omission. 
AW rill cttTA (fiks-klOS'sIv), ad), not Mb- 
CA-\/iu-aivc erai; open to or enjoyed 
only by a privileged numbw; as. the ex^usive 
use of a thing; limiting soda! relatfons; aa» 
anrz-c/tMireaissembly; not taking into account. 
— adv. exoluslvetF. 

ex-com-mu-ni-cate iUf'Iff-S'ySS: 

Ish by cutting off fttnn the membersliip and 
communion of the dnnrh; to expel firom 
membership in any assocfatkm or dub.- 

b6&t, fd6t; found; boil; fuAction; chase; good; joy; theny thick; hw »wh as in when; 
zh «z as in azure; kh ^ch as in loch. See pronunciation key» pagee xix to xxiL 




v.t. to strip 
off the skin of; to flay.- 

^x-co-n-aie off thA nielli ( 

< g co rt >tlon« 

AY i«Y*A rriAn^ (fikslcre-mSnt). n. matter 

^X-Cre-meni dJacharged from the body of 

an animal after digestion. — a(U 

VZ-CrcS-CCUCC natural or disfiguring 

outgrowth, as a wart. 

Av rrac rarkf VSka^criB'ent) , ad), per- 

^X-crc^b-UCUl talning to an unnatural 

growth; superfluous. 

A<v i*«*A -fa (Sks-krS'td). useless mat- 

t7A-«;rc-lA ter eliminated or expelled from 

the body. 

A-w /•t-AfA C*J^»-^^S*')' "•'• ^ throw off 
^i-^^'JlC ^|raste matter) from the body: 
fi. (9ktna9V) . that which Is thrown off. 
AW tf««-o •ft/^n CSks-krC'shan). n. the throw- 
«X-ur6-UUU Ibg off or ejection of waste 
matter from the body, as throu^ the pores; 
that which is thrown <^. — adj. excretory. 
AW- mi /•! fi-fA (6ks-kr0O'8hI-at). t.t. to 
VA-UAU-Ci-aic inflict severe pains upon; 
torture; twrnent. 

■excrucicUing pain. 

ex-cru-ci-a-tion ^-S^'SfeSg"^'- 

Aw_oii1 TMfA (fiks-kai'pat: eks'kOl-pSt) . 
tSA-CUl-pillC pj. to dear from the impu- 
tation or diarge of a fault: free from blame. 

AW nil -na f/\ rxT (6k»-kai'pd-t^-rt). ad). 
eX-CUi-pa-IO-ry freeing from bhune; 


AW_#MTr fi{#\n (*ks-kOr'shiln: fiks-kdr'- 
eX-CuT-SlOU ahftn), n. a pleasure trip; a 
short or rapid tour. 

Syn. Jaimt, ramble, tour, trip. 

'' nir ciiTA (Sks-kOr'dv). ad). rambUng. 

k-uui-aivc wandering; disconnected. 

" riic-o Wa («k»-kax'd-bl). ad), worthy 

i.-UUo-a-UiC of being fteed from blame; 
pardonaUe; as, excusable delay. — adv. eaoos- 

AW tf^iicA (Sks-kOz')* v.t. to pardon; to 
VA-uudU free fttnn blame, obligation, or 
<luty: to make an apology for; to Justify: 
n. (fiks-kiis'). a plea offered to Justify some 
fault or neglect of duty; an apology; a pre- 
text or pretended reason. 
AW A_mi KIa (*lc's6-krd-bl), ad), ac- 
^^-^•^xa-VAC cursed; outrageous; abom- 
inable. — ad9. exeorably. 

AW A rrofA (%'Gd-kr&t), v.t. to curse; de- 
VA-C-Uiatc tost; abhor; abominate. 
AW A /•ro -Hah (Sk's^krS'shOn). n. the 
«A-C-Vi:a.-UUU act of cursing; utter 
detestation expressed; a curse. 
AW A i^if A (^'sd-kOt). t.t. to carry into 
OA-c-^uv^ effect; as. to executes a purpose 
or plan; nursue to the end; make valid or 
legal by dgnlng or seallnR; as. to execute a 
deed or lease; to put to death under sentence 
of the law; to perform, as a musical selection : 
«,i. to j W M l bim any act or ofllce: to play a 
pleoe or music: as. to execute with skill. 
AW A-rti ft ATI («t'86-kQ'shan). n. pcr- 
^*-^"*' *»""*'•"• formance: the act or man- 

2r of carrying anything into effect; com- 
eti^n; a legal warrant ch* order; the act of 
aklng a lei^ paper valid or good; capital 
Dunishment. or punishment by death; 
^estnxctioa; effective wcwk or operation; as. 
epirery shot did good execution. 

«x-e-cu.tion-er S'.'t^^'SSf J?li«3i 

mmdemned artmlnals; a hangman; a heads- iS:1SS^V?£?15J: 

erning body; administrative: active; eflO- 
cient in carrying out plans: n, an official, or 
body, charged with carrying the laws into 
effect; as. the President of the United States 
is the chief executive; the administrative 
branch of a government. 
AX Ar 11 fnr (68-«fik't-t«r: 6k'aWdl't€r). 
CA-^«^u-iux n. a person appointed to see 
that the terms of a will are duly carried out. 
AW Ar 11 friw (6g-2«k'fl-trlks), n. [pi. ex- 
CX-cC-U-UUL ecutrices (-tri'sSx): execu- 
trixes (-trik'sfiz)]. a woman appointed to 
administer a will. 

AW A tfA eic (fik'sd-JS'sb). n. explanation 
CA-C-gC-dXD or interpretation of a text or 
passage, especially of the Bible. 
AW A rrAt \c («k'8ft.Jfit1k). ad), cxpodtory 
^^"■^"o^ •'"**' or explanatory: interpreta- 
tive: the science of explaining the Bible. 
AW Am rAar (£g-z&n'piar), n. something 
CA-eui-pittT to be copied, or something 
serving as a model; an example or pattern. 
AT Am nifl rV (yz^ton-pltrri; 6g-zem'pld- 
CA-ClU-piil-ljr rf) ad), serving as a copy 
or model; commendable; as, the boy's con- 
duct was exemplary; worthy of imitation. — 
adv. exemplar!^* 

ex-em.pU-fi-ca-tion il5.S»^'S"-& 

showing or making plain by example: 

AW Atn nil fv (Sg-z&n'pU-fn. v.t. {p.t. and 
eX-em-pU-iy p.p. exempUaed. p^pr. ex- 
emplifying], to show by example; to illustrate. 
AW Atnnf (fitt'x6mpt') . r.t. to free from a 
^jk'^ixxyK duty cv obligation: release; as, 
to exempt clergymen fix>m military service: 
ad), free firom a duty to whidi others are 
subject: rriihfrom: n. a person thus set tree; 
one who is privileged. 

AW Atnn finn («ff-z6mp'shiin). n. act of 
eX-emp-XlOn releasing, or state of belxig 
released, from some duty or obligation^ 

AW A mi a HtT (Sk's6-kwS'tflr). n. an ofll- 
CA-C-4U4t-1.Ul clal warrant or permisBtan 
civen to a consul or commercial agent author- 
izing him to use his authority m the place 
where ho is stationed. JLat.] 

AW Ar ricA (^'s&>au)i v.t. to train bj 
CA-cx-vidc use; exeri; practice; employ 
actively: make anxious: v.i. to undergo 
training: n. bodily exertion; activity for toe 
sake of mental or physical development ; labor; 
practice: a lesson or example for practice: the 
ceremony ending a course in school: usually in 
plural; as. graduating exercises. 
AW Arf (eg-zQrt'), v.t. to put forth, as force 
CA-VA I. or aMIity; use with an effort. 
AW AT -H/\Ti (dg-zOr'shfln). n. the actlTa 
ex-er-UUli use of any power; effort. 
AW A iinf (fik'st-Ont), they go oat: a 
CA-C-UUI. word used in plays to denote 
that the actors retire ttom the stage: pL ot 
exiL [Lat.] 

AT \\tk Ifl fiATI (ek8«hd-l&'Bhfln: Oc'ad-ll'- 
eX-na-ia-UOn ghOn). n. a breathing or « 
giving out; as, the exhalatUm of vapor from a 
swamp, or of perfUme from a flower; that 

which is breathed or given out. 
AW VinlA (Cks-har; dgs-h&l'). 9.t. t 
CA-UiUC forth; emit or send out; 


v.i. to rise in vapor; 

to breatliA 

cauae to 

to breathe 

eX-naUSt drawing off the contents; drain; 
weaken; wear out by exertion: discuat or 
treat tho^ ythlyr as. to exhaust a tonic <rf 

9te, senilte, rAre, cAt, lodll, fttr, Ask, pdrade; Bctoe^ ^vent, ^^cige, novU, ref€r; 
jfl^ij sin; cdld, 6bey, c6rd, 8t5p, c5mparc; imit, finite, bOni, ciit, (otAs, mooA; 




itkm: n. that whlcli Is drawn off. as 
ftpon an €DsfnB« 

ex-hanst-i-ble g|-^ft^ SSUSPS 

wvm out. — n. eackavtilMlltF. 
AY 'hotifi-ffA'n (^-ate'chfln).* n. the act 
eZ-nAUS-HOn of draining; the state or 
of being drained; utter weariness or 

ex-haus-tive SS^l^'-^^i^SSSJ:; 

Ms* treatment of a subject.— adv. SKhamstHelr- 
Aw Vi«K «^ (fig-xlblt). v.t. to present to 
CA-IUD-ll yrlew: display; show; manifest 
pabUcdy; present formally or officially: n. an 
oinect or collection of objects offered for 
piauic view; as, an exhibit of palnttngs. 
AT 111 hi flAfl (OCsI-blBh'ftn). n. the act 
eX-IU-Dl-UOn of displaying for inipeo- 
CSon; the thin g or things displayed; a puulc 

show or ^^j'f^^fn^ tjfA.tintn . 

ex hfl^ rant i:«8^'<i-«*nt). mdj. ctLX»- 

e&-llUr«.-riUit ing Joy or pleasure; mak- 
ing Uyely; enltrening: n. that which enlirens. 
AW Yti1_o rof A (%->Il'd-r&t), v.t. to malce 
VA-uii-a-xatc Joyous, merry, or cheerful: 
to enllTen; ^adden. — n. exfaUaimtlen. 
AT linrf w^>f^i ^gz^hCrt'), v.t. and v.i. to 
^*"**vA V Incite or urge, by appeal <»• argu- 
ment; togood deeds; tocauuon; to give good 
advioiB.— fi. SKherter. 

AT hf%r fa finri (6k'»flp-t&'shfin). n. an 
eZ-nor-al-XlOU effort to arouse or incite 
to that which is good; earnest appeal or 
advice. — adj. eahortatlTe, eahortatory. 
AT lirarriA (Scs-hdmO. ft. to dieter or 
VA-111UU«; ^ ^p something that has been 
burled.—^ e^mnatloii. 
AW 1 vAflnf (&gz'9'zhiiA0. adj. exacting: 
C*-*-S^*"«' urgent. Also, ezlgeante. (Pr-J 
AW 1 cTA-n rxr (ek'sHto-«I). n. [pi. exlgen- 
eZ-1-gen-Cy cles i-^U)]. a time or case 
that needs immediate attention; pressing 
necessity or demand; urgency: emergency. — 
Also, sadsenoe. 

AW 1 tratyf (Sk'sl-J^t). adj. urgent: press- 
^***"&^**'' ing; demanding immediate at- 
tention or assistance. 

AW t<y 11 All ft («K-«te'<l-tts;Sk-sIg'tl-a8>.ad;. 
^'*'-*S-«-*'«^ scanty; slender : slim. 
^— {1a (Sk'sil). v.t. to banish fl*om one's 
"'*'"**^ native country: n. the state of being 
thus banished; the condition of living away 
firom one's home or fHends; a person sent 
away or expelled firom bis country. 
Av le-f (^-zlsf). v.i. to have actual being; 
eZ-lSX to live. 

A-v {c^ A-ni^A (^-zXs't^ns). n. the state of 
eZ-lSX-euce i>3ng; Uf©; duration: real- 
ity; an actuality. 

AW 1C+ A-n* («g-zfe'tfet), adj. having pos- 
«;A-ldlr-ciil session of vital being or con- 
scious life. 

AW it (^k'slt). n. the act of going out; 
'^A-it egress: a passage out; the departure 
of an actor fkt)m the stage. 
AW U fkrto (<^>» li'brlB). f^-om the books 
eJL U-Uilo (of): an inscription used in a 
bo(^ with the owner's name; an exhibition 
of the books trom the libraries of certain 
ooUectors. . (Lat.] 

AW-A-Hiifi (|&'s6-dfis). n. a golnc out; 
VA-v-uiao departure ftxim a place: Bxe4 

the defwrture of the Israelites fkt>m Egypt: 
wtthl^* the second book of the Bible. 
AW f%i ff_#»i_A (*^ 6-flBhTWi), by vfatue or 
eZ Ol-n-Cl-O right of office and without 
other special authority. [Lat.) 

eX-Olt-er-ate jfo^^ the imputation or 

charge of a fault; acquit: Justify; reUere 
fhxm a duty. etc. — n. exMasraaen. 

ex-or4i-ble &£$^^t^- ~»-^ " 
ex-or-bi-tance S£t^^^'<b^un^ 

its; excess. Also. a w i li H au cy. 

ex-or-bi-tant S^f^S^- ^Si,SSS 

amount was dia r gedi" adv, sawcMtan^. 
AW /\r iMOA (^s6r-sls), v.t. t« expel (an erll 
ex-or -CISC spirit) by prayers or naagical 
wcMrds; to delivei!^! from evU spktiB. Also, 
exerelsc. — n. 

AW_Ar_rtcm («k'sfir-slan), n. the act of 
eX-Or-ClSXn expeUlng evil spirits. 

AW nr^i iim (eg-Bdr'dI-41nO' *^ ^be epeo- 
eZ-Or-ai-Um Ing part ©ra speech or 


AW n i>Ar ir (Sk'R^-tfirlk), o^ external; 
eX-O-ier-lC suitable for the general pub- 
lic; popular: opposite to naUrit. 
A<T- nf ir (fig-sotlk). a4/. fordgn; straiMEe; 
^Ar%MV-M\0 belonging, as a plan^ to anether 
part of the world: n. anything not nallve to a 

AW nanrl (6ks-p&nd0. v.t. to spread or 
eZ-pana stretch out; unftdd; ditatte; 
extend: as. to expand the chest: t.f. to In- 
crease in size. 

Av none A (dkft-pftnsO. n. wide extent; 
CA-pauoc uninterrupted stretch or area; 
as. an expanse of ocean or of sky: extent. 
AW nori CI Wa (6k»-p&n'sl-bl). adj. capa- 
eZ-pan-Sl-Die ble of being spread, 
extended, dilated, or diffused. 
AW noti cinn (eks-p&n'shfln). n. the act 
eZ-pan-SlOn ^ spreading out; the state 
of bdng stretched out; increase in sise or 
extent; enlargement. 

eZ-p&n-SlVe of being spread or stretched 
out; widely extended: large.— odv. expan- 

Av norfA (^^ p&r't^). one-sided: as. an 
CA poA tc ^ parte statement: a law term. 

AW "no -ft o-fA (6k»-p5'8hl-at), p.i. to eo- 
eA-pa-U-att; jarge In statement or Ian- 
pniage: to use many words in discussion; 
talk fi^y and at length. — n. expatlatlon. 

AW -no +ri fl+A 16ks-p5'trf-at). v.t. to drive trom one's native country: 
n. (fix-p&'tri-dt) , one who has given up or haa 
been driven fW)m his native coimtry ; an exile. 

ex-pa-tri-a-tion ^,?«?JL-fe't. "" 

AT* riA/^'f (Sks-p6kt0. f.t. to wait for; look 
*5A.-pc\*t for. in thought, as likely to hap- 
pen; to look for with confidence; to count 
upon as to occur. 

AW riArf an cu (Scs-pOct&n-sl), n. tho 
eZ-peCl-ail-Cy actorstateofwatthigfor. 
or looking forward to, something. Also. 

eZ-peCt-AIlt forward with confidence; 
prospective. — adv. exyeetantly. 
AW Titu* fii fiATi (dks'p^k-tS'shitai). n. the 
eZ-peC-va-UUU act oflooklnff forward to; 
anticipation ; prospect of future advancement. 

eZ-peC-tO-rant medlchie that promote* 
ex pectoration, or spitting. 

eZ-peC-tO-iate ^ject or throw \m itom 
the lungs by coughing, etc. ; to spit. 

ex-pecto-ra-tion ^S*»SS?53:- 

^Y* miiftn ua matter expectorated or ejected. 

bddt, f At ; found; boil; fuAetion; chase; good; Joy; £hen, thick; hw » wh as in when; 
zhs-sasinaxure; kh^chasinloch. See fKCommcltttion key, pages six to xzii* 


ex-pe-di-en-cy '^i^^^yl^t 

tkhleoeas: fltneM tot a special purpose; pro- 
priety; advisability. Abo. «sp«dl«io«. 

VA-po-Ul-cill convenient: suitable for a 
^)ecial purposo; advisable; proper: n. that 
which aids as a means to an end; device, 
^v no Hifo (dlcs'p^-dit). v.t. to hasten: 
VA-pc~iutc quiclcen; as, to erptditt work. 
A-v riA Hi fiAti (6k8'p6-dlah'an), n. haste; 
VA-pc-Ul-UUll dispatch; promptness: a 
marc^. voyage, etc.. by an army of a group of 
p««ons for some particular purpose; the body 
of persons engaged in the enterprise. 

ex-pe-di-tion-a-ry iSh'^STi^'^l: 

Ing to, or forming, a journey for a particular pur- 
pose; as. the American ETpedUtoTiary FcMX*ea. 
«▼ no Ht fiAiic (Cks'pft-dlsh'fis). adj. 
eX-pe-ai-llOUS ©Atoctlve: speedy: as. 
sxpedUious work. — adv. cxpeditloasly. — n. ez- 

AT rial (6ks-p€l'). r.f- Ip-t' and p.p. expelled. 
^s*.-y^D€. expe)ling). to drive away; 
force out: send away by authority. 
Av t\At\A (dks-pdnd') !>.(. to lay out; pay 
^A-pvuu. out; spend; as, to expend 
strength, time, money. 

«2-peua-l-Uue laying out, as of money, 
time, labor, etc.: disbursement. 
AY none A (Sks-pdnsO. n. the paying out 
VA-pciAOC of money; drain on resources; 
detriment or Injurv; as. he did it at the 
expense of Iiis health or his reputation; cost. 
*»▼ non C1VA (6J«-P«n'alv). adj. costly. — 
tJA-peu-dlVc adv. espflnsiTely.- 

^T no n anOA (6k8-i)§'rT-*n««), n. per- 
eZ-pe-Il-ence aon»ftrlal and practice; 
knowledge gained by trial and practice; some- 
thing lived throiu^: v.t. to come to know by 
personal trial or feeUng. — adj. enerlentlaL 
sier no ri onroH (Sks-p^'rl-enst). p.adj. 
eZ-pe-n-encea aicilled as a rewUt of 

^x nAT 1 Tnpnf (6|»-p«rl-m8nt). n. a 
e2-per-l-iueill trfai ©r operation to dis- 
cover someUilng prevloudy unknown; a test 
by which somethmg is confirmed or proved: 
v.i. to make trials or tests to find out some- 
thing, confirm something, etc. 

AT nAr 1 mAfl till («o-Pfir1-m«n't&l). 
eX.jper-l-Uieii-iai q^j. pertaining to. or 

founded on. trial; guided, or learned, by ex- 
perience. — adv. eiperimen tally. 
AT riArt {fS^sB-pttrt'), adj. skllfiil; adroit; 
^.A.-p^AV dexterous: n. QSks'pQrt). one who 
fts skilled or thoroughly Informed in any par- 
ticular kind of knowledge or art; an ezpol- 
enoed person; a spedailst. — adv. expertly. — 
fi. expertneM. 

AW ni otA (fiks^X-ftt), v.t. to atone or make 
VTA-pi-aic satisfaction for; as, to expiate a 
fault. — n. expiation. 

Tkt a 'fi/^-n (dks'pf^'shfln), n. Xha act 
-pi-^-UOn of makhig satisfoction for 
an offense; atonement. 
AX ni_il fo T\r («to'pf-<i-t^rl), adj. having 
tSi-pi-a-lU-xjr £ho power or nature of 
atonement; atoning. 

^X-pi-ra-UOn nation; end; as. the expi- 
ration of a year; act of breathing out, as air 
from the kings. 

Av nirA (ek-splrO. v.t. to breathe out from 
V^.puc the Itmgs: v.i. to die; to come to 
an end', as. a leave of absence expires. — adj. 

216 expositor 

o-v niain (Sks-pl&n'). v.t. to make Intellt- 
C.A.-pxaiu gible or clear: expound or inter- 
pret; to illustrate; elucidate. 
o-v nia no -ft nil (Cks'pia-ni'shfin). n. the 
eX-pia-na-UOn act of making rfear: In- 
terpretation; a mutual clearing up of a 
misunderstandi ng. 

eX-pian-E-tO-Ty serving to malce'dear; 
as. an explanatory clause. 
AT-nlA flVA (ffl«'l>»-tlv). n. a word not 
CA-pic-uvc necessary for the sense, in- 
serted in a sentence for ornament or to fill 
up a verse; hence, an oath: adj. filling up; 
added or inserted for emphasis, etc 

ex-pU-ca-ble M'l^.ed"'^- "^ 

OY nlir it (fiks-pllslt), adj. plain; definite; 
CA.-pii\i«-it as. explU^U instructions. — adv. 
expUoltly. — n. expUoitness. 
AY nInriA (6ks-pl5d0, v.i. to burst forth 
CA.-piuuc ^th sudden noise and vlolenoe; 
collaixse: v.t. to cause to burst from a solkl to 
a gaseous state; refute en* disprove: as. to 
explode an idea or argument; do away with; 
as, to explode a custom; demolish. 
AT niAif (Sks-ploit'). v.t. to make use of 
CA.-piuik for one's own profit;/ put to me 
selfishly: n. a remarkable deed or neroic act. 
AT <nlAi +a fiAn (6kB'Plo*-tS'shiin),».tho 
eX-piOl-ia-non act of making use of or 
getting the value out oSx the improvement of 
lands, working of mines, etc.; selfish use or 
employment, regardless of rig^t; as, the 
exploitoHon of the labwer by the capitalist. 

ex-plo-ra-tion ^'^^.T^ivSuS: 

tion of an unknown country; careful investi- 
gation or search, espediuly geographloU 
research; an examination, 
ow nlnrA (Sks-Pldr'). «•<• to search or ez- 
c&-pxuAC amine thoroughly; travel In or 
over (a coimtry) to discover Its character- 
istic features, etc.- 

ctnn (6ks-pld'zhfln). n. the act of 
-blUll bursting from a solid 

eX-plO-9Avu bursting from a soUd to 
gaseous state: a sudden bursting with a k>ad 
report: a sudden and violent outbreak. 
AT niA CIV A (dks-pl5'slv), adj. likely to 
eX-piO-SlVe burst forth loudly and vio- 
lently, or to cause to do so; pronounced with 
a slight voiced expulsion of the breath, as 
the consonants p, 6, t, etc. : n. any substance 
that causes a loud and violent bursting forth, 
as gunpowder: a consonant pronounced with 
a slight voiced expulsion of the breath. 
OY r\f\ fi Afif (eks-po'nent). n. a figure that 
CA-pu-llCUt shows how often a quantity 
is to be multiplied by Itself, as. as; one who 
explains or Interprets the principles of some- 
thing; as. the exponent of a raindple. 
AY nnrf C^ks-pdrt'; fiks'port). v.t to send 
CA-pvF& V or carry out of a country, as mer- 
chandise: v.i. to send goods to a fbretgn 
country: n. (eks'p5rt). any goods sold and 
sent to a foreign country. — n. exportetioa. 
Av riACA (SkB-voz'). v.t. to lay open: un- 
c.A.-pvF9C cover; reveal; put forward for 
sale: leave to the action of any force or dr- 
cumstance; disclose; place In pieril; lay open 
to censure or ridicule. 

AY nn c^ (dks'pd^z&O. n. a formal recital 
CA-pu-oc of the facts of a case; an unde- 
slred or undesirable exposure. [Fb.) 

AT tin Qi finn («k8'P^zl»b'un). n. an 
CA-pu-dl-UUU explanation or interpreta- 
tion; an exhibition; as. the San Francisco 
Exposition of 1015. 

1 fnr (^Ics-pdz1-t6r) . n. one who 
i-A-tVFx ejtpounds or Interprets. 


Ate. sendte, rAre, c&t, lodU, fMr, Ask, piirade; scdne^ dvent, 6dge, novll, refSr; 
ngat, 8&i; cM^ 6bey, cdrd, st6p, compare; imit, dmte, htrn, cut, foc^, menii; 


ex.pos-i-to.ry iSt^'^^S^''^'^: 

^w nncf for fA ^^^ P*** fWc'to). after 
«i POSX laC-lO the deed Is done; judg- 
ing a former state of facts troxn a later point 
of view: as, the ex post facto working of a law 
which makes an act punishable in a manner 
In which It was not punishable when com- 
mitted. (Lat.1 . 

CA-|lU9-lU-UtkC reason earnestly or re- 
monstrate: followed by tcUh, on. or uvon. 

cx-pos-tu-la-tion '^tS^^^: 

Idnd^ protest: remonstrance, 
^w •%/% eiirA (dks-po'zhflr). n. the act of 
VA-pu-DUlC revealing, as a crime; the 
state of being open €>r subject to attack: as. 
exposure to the weather or to contaglcm : situ- 
ation: as. a southern exposure; aspect. 
Av «w\ii-n/1 (Sks-poundO. v.t to set forth. 
«;A-puiUiU explain, or Interpret: make 

^T nrAQfi (Sks-prSs'). v.t. to make known in 
VA-pA vao any way, especially by language: 
Utter; show: represent; squeeze out; to send 
by quick and direct conveyance: ad), plainly 
stated; exact: not implied: spodally pre- 
pared; pertaining to quick or durect convey- 
ance; denoting a company whose business it 
ii to transport goods: as, an express company: 
n. a person or v^cle that carries letters 
or small padcages rapidly: a fast railway 
train stopping only at principal stations: 
a movage or dlq>atch; a regular and sys- 
tematic method or conveyance for passengers, 
mails, goods of small bulk, etc 
SyrL, V. declare, slgnlfy^. utter. telL 

AwnrAce octa (ek8-prfti'4i).n. the charge 
6X-prea»-agC made for carrying pack- 
ages by express: the business of carrying 
packages by express. 

ex-press-i-ble ^'T'^^-^Si 

known, diown. or uttered; suitable to be 
sent by express. 

Av nrAefi.inn (Sk»-prfish'fin). n. the act 
ex-ures^lUU or power of representing 
anything: a saying; mode of speech; <^iange 
of the countenance: as. a peculiar expression; 
modulation of the voice: manner of speaking. 
AW nrAe cfvA ^^Ics-prfislv). adj. full of 
CA-piC9-aivc significance or importance; 
forcible.— odr. •xpressivsly. — n. exmresstvensss. 
AW nf-Aoe.l-u' (Cks-preslD. adt. plainly: 
6X-prC99-ljr specially; In a pointed man- 
ner; In direct terms. 

AY fMil CI AH (^l»-ptU'shfln). n. a driving 
VA-inu-dlUU away by fbrce: banishment; 
as, the expuhion of a student from college. 

I ciifA (dks-ptU'sIv). adj. so-vlng to 
i-w*v^ cast out or drive away, 
^w rMino'A (Sks-pOnJO. t.t. to blot or rub 
«A-puUg«; out: erase; effftce. 
AT mir Cflf A (6ks'pGr-git; «k»-pOr'git), 
T^A-pui-gaic r,/. to remove (whatever la 
offensive to good taste or morality) : said of 
hook*— f?- SKpnigatlon. 
AW nut eii>A (fikslcwl-zlt), adj. refined; 
«;x-qui-51ie delicate; nice: accurate; 
choice: excellent: highly finished: very 
intensdy or sensitively felt; extreme: n. a 
person overreflned in dress; a dandy .•^^dr. 
exqntfltsiy. — n. signisitsn— s. 
AW 4'on'f (i^os't&nt). adi. in existence; not 
ca.-ULUt destroyed or lost; as, old prints 
or writings that are still extant. 

6x-tem-po-ra-ne-ous ^A^X^^^'lk 

217 extirpator 

without previous notes or study; as. an 
extemporaneous speech; offhand; sudden. 
Also, extemporary. 

AY fATTi nA rA (Qa-t«m'p5-r6). oifc. with- 
eA-teiU-po-re out study or meditation: 
as. to speak extempore. 

AT f Atn nA_riTA (6ks-t«m'pO-rij5). v.t. to 
ex-iem-po-nze compose on the sptir of 
the moment: v.i. to discourse, etc.. without 
notes or pro\ious study; to Improvise. 
AT f Anri (fiks-t^ndO. v.t. to stretdi out; 
cA-tcuu. enlarge; continue: t.U to reach 
to any distance; be prolonged. 
AT f ATI Qt Wa (oks-t&TsI-bl). adj. capa- 
eX-Xen-Sl-Die ble of being enlarged. 
Also, extensile. 

AT fAn ctAfi (Ocs-tdn'sh<in). n. the act of 

c.a-l,cu-dlUU reaching or stretching out; 

the state of being lengthened; enlargepient; 

an addition or annex. 

AT f An ciTTA (61cs-t«n'slv).a(^. wide;oom- 

CA-tcu-aivc Drehenslve; far-reaching; as. 

extensive btulneaB interests; an extensive view. 

—cd9, sxtenstvstar. — n, extenslvsnsss. 

AT f An CAr (eks-tfo's6r) . n. a muade that 

CA-tcu-oui serves to straighten any part 

of the body, as an arm en* finger. 

AT f Anf (fiks-tfot'). n. the space or degree 

CA-tcut to which a thing is enlarged: size: 

compass: reach; bulk; limit. 

AT f An 11 jif A (^lcB-t4n'Q-ilt). v.t. to offer 

CA-l,eii-U-<tie excuses for; as. he sought 

to extenuate his fault; to make leas Uamabls. 


AT f A ri_Ar (^»-te'rf-Ar), adj. outward; 

eX-ie-n-Or external: n. that which is 

outside; outer snr- 

flaoe: exterior angls, . i t> 

an angle formed by ^ A S 

Uie side of a polygon 

and the adjacent side, ^ 

produced; one of the & 

four outside angles 

formed by a trana- 

CX-ter-IXU-IUlte (fiks-tar'ml-n&t), %JL to - 
destroy utterly; annihilate; root out. — n. 

ex-ter jni Jia-tion <Slf„V*;i':'Sl;55;: 

Ing wholly; complete destruction. 

Av ^Af not (elcs-tQr'n&l). adj. outside; 

CA-ici-iuu exterior; foreign; soperfldal: 

n. an outward part; an outward form, rite, 

or ceremony. — adv. sstemally. 

A-v 4tni^ (OcB-tlAIct'). adj. quenched: pot 

CA^UU^b out; worn out; luactive: as, an 

extinct volcano; nonexistent. 

A<r 4tnr fiAn (fiks-tXAk'shOn). n. the act 

eZ-uUC-uOn of putting out: state of 

being put out: a destroying or putting an 

end to; complete destruction. 

AT fin (niieVi (dks-tm'gwbh), v.U to put 

eX-Hn-gUlSn out, as a Ugbt; to smother; 

put under a cloud; make unnoticed. — a4|. 

extlngnlshable.! — n. sxttognlshment. 

AT fin <niifiVi-Ar (SkB-tm'gwish-8r), n. 

eX-Iin-gUlSn-er one who. or that which. 

puts out: a hollow cone for putting out a light. 

AT fir nof A (fiks'tSr-pftt; Ocs.tQr'pit). v.1. 

CA-ur-ptttC to root out; destroy; exte^ 


AT fir nfl flAn (Oo-tfir-pl'shfin). m a 

eA-ur-pa-umi rooting out; oompleta 


ex-tir-pa-tor S'^^^^Si^STc^ 


bd5t, fdbt; found; boil; function; chase; good; joy; theHf thick; hw »wh as in when; 
2hs2 as in azure; kh»ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxiL 




blgldj; nnatfjr: bud: oetobrate. 
AvA#M-fi^^^AitO> V.U to obtain b7 
^3^"*^*^ ttfcata, Tlolflnce, or laiiutloe; tm, 
to esMvt BMBoy ftom the poor. 
mi^ 4wM> 4«^M« (flkv-tOr^ikiln). n. the act of 
eX-lW-4MW •btiOBiiig by fcroe or thryt; 
vainet enaction, as of eaosMlTe 

ez-tar-tkHUite '^S^^S^'i&^i 

imjiietp aa, «danien«<e 

(Ooi-tAr'shiiii-fir), n. one 
who demandf more than 
by unjust means. Also, 

AY fro <<Hcs'tRt). fi. something In addition 
VA-U.A fQ what la usual; a copy ofanewa- 
paner Issoed In addition to the renilar edition; 
oiQ. vver and above what la ordlnanr: addl- 
tinnal; luinsusTlygood; eKtra*. a orit^ mean- 
ing over and ahoye; besrond; besides; found In 
nuMflraas words; as, ssdro-offldal, extro-pa- 
rochlal. «Etra-Judldal. extra-mural, eta 
AT froi^f {eka-triUctO, vJ. to draw or obtain 
^*"****''' from a substance by some proc- 
ess; as, to txtract perfUme from flowers; to 
draw or pan out; as, to extract a tooth; to get 
by eAsrt; as, to extract money from a ndser; 
axtrmel ioy fram life; to aelect; as. to extract 
a pswiini ft^ont a book: n. (Oct'trikt). an es- 
sential drawn out by heat or some ohcmlcal 
process; a quotation. — adj. eartraotable. 
AY fro^ fl/Mt (iks-trik'shilD). n. the act 
eZ-vraC-UOn of taking out; Uneage; 
birth, or descent. 

AY 4f>o^ f/x** (Ocs-triLk'tSr). n. one who, or 
eZ-UaC-XOr that which, takes out. 

ex-tra-di-ta-ble JSSL'V'^I^kt't 

surrender to another authority: making 
liable to su<±i surrender; as, an extraditaJbte 

AY •fm.ilffsi <Sks'trd-dIt). v.t. to surrendsr 
VA-un-viiv (n person) to another govern- 
ment under the terms of a treaty <^ extradition 
or special agreement. 

AT fni di -Hnri (fiks'trd-dlBk'iln). n. the 
eZ-ira-lU-IIOn surrender by the gov- 
emment of one state or nation to another of a 
person guHty of a orime, in accordance with 
the tesBBs of a treaty or agreement between 
the twa states or nations. 
eX-tim-ae-OUS («»-trt'n«-fls). external. 


foreign; not essential. — 

ex-traor-di Jia-ry ^KilXi'^JSt^, 

adj. beyond er oat 


of the usual course; un- 
remarlcable; rare; eml- 

ei.trav-«^:aiice SS?*i;*^!S?lk=S; 

espeoMby in pending money; waste; pro- 
fOsian. Also, eatravaganoy. 

ex.trav-a4fant SSSSf-^'iin.'g?; 

limits; wastefnl; prodigal; Irregular ; need- 
lessly lavtah in spending money; visionary. 

Syn. lavish, profnae, heedless. 

AnL (sea paninaonlous). i«?SSShto? ^t"^ 

rule: a stage burlesque; an Irregular piece of 
mnsle: a wild flight of language or feeling. 

ez^trame SSS^l^' SL*SCTS 

^fc^ f^rt^: most severe er strict: n. the 

at tha 

n wL peintB 
taaoe fkom ea<m ojEner. 

6Z-trem48t porter of 
prising, or very severe, views or 

n. a 

prismg, or very severe, views or niMswuj 

ex-trenU-ty iSSSS^'*^t t 

It point or dot 
lenoe, vigor, c 
bsof thabody 

most point or degree; 
vlolenoe, vigor, or 



. remotest part; utaxoat 
■ s cs s sit y; end: pL the 

r), vJ. ta f^aa from 
ifleolties, compllcatlona. or 


ex-trin^c S?£ffiSi ^m 

a thing; foreign. 

«Xr..^A(<Bca-tr0MO. fX ta thmat or 
-vruue piah oat; to emd. 

ex-u-ber-ance gSfiSSS!"^' "• "*" 

flowlngsupply; luxuriance. Also. < 

ex-tt-ber-ant SS^'^S^I^f- 

flowing , ado . eanbe qmt |r» 

eX-Ude gradually tSromdi pores 

flow out slowly. — n. eaadaoan. 

AY «i1f (Cg-cQltO. s.i. to reMoe eocoaedlngly; 

CA.-uit to triumph J be giad above wmmmmnrt^ 

ex-ul-ta-tion S^SSgi,,? ., Ilg 

kind; triumphant Jay. 

AYA (^\ ^> ^^ organ of sight; the eyeball: 
^J V sinit; observation: view; a sbmB 
perforation or hole; as, the eve 6t a needle; 
bud; that which resembles an eye: sJ. (pi. 
and p.p. eyed, eying], to watdi dOMy; 
keep in view; scrutinise. — od^. eyeless. 
AYA Kail (I'Ml*), n. the globe or baU of 
cjf c-UAXL the eye. 

eye-brow J^Si^;-*' "^ "* 

AVA-fflflfiQ d'glAs'). n, a lens for the eyes; 

ejre-gilt^9 ^ monocU; the glass of a tde- 

soope or microscope nearest tiM eye. 

AYA Iflcli (11>«i'). n. the fringe of hair 

eye-iasn that Unea the eyeUd. 

AYA lAf (^'l^)' n. a small hole to receive a 

^J^"*^'' lace or cord; a ring of metal to 

strengthen such a hole. 

AYA lirl (I'UdO. n. the movable skin Yhldli 

cjc-uu. covers over and closes the eye. 

AYA CAnr-nnf a'sOr'vftnt). n. one who 

eye-serv-anx ^oes his duty only when 


eye-sight Sil^S; ^^':' *" •"= 

AYA c/^TA Cl'eor*), n. anything that oJfanda 
ejre-oUAC fjp la disajjreeable to ^e sight. 

eye-tooth ^^^- Jt\>J^tS^ 

canine firont teeth in the human Jaw. 
AYA Jtnf riAce (I'wlt'ngs: I'wtt'nfis). n. 
VjC-wii-ucoo one who nas seen an act; 
one who testlfles to what he has seen. 

AY riA (^'rt' ^'^' ^' ^® ^^^ ^ * ^'^^ of 
vj-Axv prey, as an eagle or a hawk. 

ETA In a1 ^se^-Sl: ^-aac'yil). n. 
-ZC-Al-Ci OW Testament book, contain- 
ing the preaching of the prophet Bseidel. 
TTt rfl (^'i^)> ^ & book of the Old Testa- 
£#Xi-Aa. ment, containing an acoonat of the 

the captivity In 
~ Eva 

return of the Jews from 
Babykm. and the life 
the scribe. 

and tea(ddngsof 

ite, geoAte, rAre, dki, locU, fir, isk, pdrade; sctoej tvent, ddse, nov&l, ref^r; 
rifi^t, sin; cAkly 6bey, c6rd, stdp, c6mpaTe; taaii, Omte. Hfirn, o"t, foo&s, menfi; 

<a (II). n. the Konb DoU In the mH-tm mod- 
V a-Dl-AZl gr detar. u In the caw of Auo* 

k ibtiiiliintlied (blp 
moral tala. 

fab-uJous issas'isr.sfrp'- 
Ja.s»de ss&s.'i.'.r'"^ 

f«c« <"■}• "- "" coimwiuuice; dbU of a 
iHiaC dtx^ elc: froot; vlnce: aurfitce; 
appa tmwB; oDtmrd upect; canAdeDce: 

need, t-pr. bdOEl, to msec In rront: oppo 
wlthbddBaBorcDaflileiiCB; shuid oppoalu t 
cover wttk ui wIdltloiulsurAce: i.I.tota... 
the bod7. uafto-lbe ccmunaiid "lishc tree." 

u HUrftoa or tux: 
plana Into whlcb 

. _. __, io/»al adUtoond. 

facetious iSffl'iSi,.1!uilSSSS 

Syn,, Adj. plfttsaDt. Jocose. Ua^hablo- 
fn i>>al (n'siiU).'adJ. pertnlnlnc to th*. 

*oc n» t«»'ni. "'J- not barrt lo do: ewny 

IdC-lie AoBej rMdy or Quick In perform- 

iBg at idBK; flanot. 

la-CU-l-IATe «sy or 1^ dltncult; liven 

tlie labor of. 

ia-CU-I-iy i^ll)|, freodom rroni dinicultr: 

dacuritj; mat; pUaocy: nady compllana: 

01. Um mmim br hUcIi uy act maj Ea m«« 

eaaUr dons. 

facing SSti£R ii^Tili V5K 

■DrpOMa: plT mHUaiy moronenM In drfll In 
tornlac to Uia rjobl. Int. etc: tbe collan, 
Odlb. Me., of dlCcr*at oolor from the coat 
•n a aMItarr nnltomi. 

(af>_aiin i Ia (flk^bl-W). n. an exact 
XaC-Snn-l-ie mproductioo, copy, or Uke- 

c-f^ (Wn). "■ anytMiu Mat It dcaw ttal 

far tinn CUi'BliIln}. >*■ a Bmp af »M»n i i» 
laC-nOn m a lUte, poUdnl Hnr, mo., 
vtbo an worldnc ((r a Bfetiml na* jr aim; » 
party In dlilojvl oproallkai: illnnailia. — 
ad/, tasttoaak 

factious fflSSIi«*£. ."JSuJi S 

oppoat; qinrralaome: turbulaiC. 

laC-XJ-nOUS gbuni not nniiral ittr 

1»C*nT {huf *>. n-^an utat: w« *bo 
XnU-iUT tralMacta biudnfoa for aHth^i ano 
of two or more qua 
moltlpUcsnd) wUci, o 

2^.. n. agenc, atoward- 
fai* tnr aim ('U'tA'-U). n. a teMnr'i 
laC'IOr-age romMimon; cMKliiaa(b<Hl> 
Deas br a Caclor. 


klndi of wcrlc ; as, he waa gaicrid facUiliaa ca 

?ac"2lty (.«-»■, Ji,Jf'i, 5BSI 

powfr; mental abUlIy; abill abtalned bj 

bcra arilecUvdIy' or ur oiKrxif ilia touiied 
pnifesBlBn*. tapeetoUf a* nodical; the bum- 
Ura and protason In a nnlToalty, CDHeg^ 

probably a paialiic /ad. 

laO-OlSt eyery now Idea: a«. the Uv n« 

cliargsi wllk belxg a foAtbt. 

fad* (rU).<F.<. tofoBscMM-ordMlBaKMeii 

"OO wltbtr: droop: die away. 

faH ina irtH'^of)- "■ dmr: Ian of eaUr: 

laa-mg p,a4J. Ketag color: aa. tkfl mb>t 

llK-iMl droBs or Kdbmim. jbo. laiaL 
f»^n« {fi'rti). n.p;. dre«a: aicnaHBt; 

faff iT*"!' '.■*■ '"■'■ ^i.'/- *«"° ^ p-^' 

'■■& raKlnjl, lo work hard; araw 'roary; 
dniiise for uotliv: d.I. lo lire Mik or eKhamt; 
to c«npel to drudge fOr anothiv: r. «■« wto 
di 9011i(T. as ■ scbeelbay for an* 

In cIbh; latlsae ar iiiailaiei. 

di ag. a dnntle. 

f, ICtndO.n.theUtMreraMvav 

" irt of Boylbliis: tk* (njedeS 

fai).'n. a bundle at atMka bamd 
I Aer: a bnnd'- - ~^ •-■ — 

tc bundle of « 

vJ. (Btan 

Fah-ren-heit ff^^'SS^JJ? SS 

having 33 degreea aa <ta tm^mg pctai^ iai 
8ia degreff - " '■>" hniii-g [-*-« af wa». 




(fU). v.i. to fell short; be deficient: 
waste away: decline: turn out badly: 
beocmie bankrupt: v.t. to be wanting, or 
InsnlBcient for; rorsake: n. fkUure; omtowon. 

iSyn., 9. droop, fall. lose. 

Ant. (see aooompluh). 
foil rntr (f&llng). P-pr. ot fait n. a fMilt: 
iau-lU|; weakness: imperfection: the act 
of becoming bankrupt. 

fflilto <f^ orWyi). n. a soft silk used for 
*«**"** dressea or bonnet-trimmings, etc., 
hKvtng a tight Krain, without gloss. [Fb.] 
#ai1 ttrA ifUMdr). n. the act of falling short, 
tOU-UAC wasting away, or turning out 
badly: omission: neglect or nonperformance: 
want of success: decay, (m: defect trom decay: 
as, the failure of eyesight: the act of becoming 
bankrupt: an unsuocessftil person, effort, etc 
fnifl Wn). adn. willingly: gladly: as. I 
****** would fain do your pleasure: rndf, 
flad: wining: constrained; as. she was 
fain to keep raenoe. 

fafn^ tfint). e.i. to become feeble; lose 
A«UAAi conadoasneai; swoon; lose courage: 
oM. feeble; languid; d^ressed; spiritless: not 
bfitflit or yivid in color: not loud or dear: 
fi. a sudden loss of consciousness. 
ffliflf llASfi (Upt'nfa). n. languor; Inac- 
(ami-IieSS tlvlty: loss of strength. 
4tklT C^^)* ^i* beautiftil: pleasing to the eye 
aWi Q|> mind; flree ttosn. any dark hue; 
blonde; spotless; not cloudy: fine; favor- 
able: prcMperous; Just; equitable; legible; 
M. she made a fair copy; or good reputation; 
reasonable; passably good: n. the female 
■ex: with the; a market held at particular 
ttoMs; a sale of useftd and fancy goods, 
etc., for charity: adv. distinctly; openly; 
honestly: pcdltely; favorably. 
f oi«* trT£k£kt\ ("^ ffrSn), in golf, the short 
IIUX {^iCOli cut grass between the tees 
and tiie putdng greens. 
fflif \\r ^S^i*^* <>^> honorably; openly; 
••***"*J as, the game ms fairly won. 
#oi-r ft AGO (f&r'nte}. n. the quality of behig 
lalT^uedS juBt; Ughtncas of coloring; 
beauty; equity or Justice; clearness; candor. 
fiiir.J8nn Itati («^apo*keii). adj. uttered 
ltUi*DpU-A.dl pleasantly: courteous; em- 
ploying polite speech. 

fair XEra-xr (fu^^aO. n. the part of a road 
*«*""Wajr or river where the natural chan- 
nrt is; in golf, short cut grass between the 
tee and the green. 

fair \r C^i^t n. \pl. folries (-Iz)). an Imag- 
*«*""J inary being of graceful and tiny 
human form, supposed to mta*fere in human 
albktrs for good or evil; an elf: tey: sprite; 
brownie: adj. pertaining to, er like, raiHes. 
foir 17 \tkr\A (f&r'I-lftnd'). n. the supposed 
lair-y-iana abode of ftOries; an end^t- 
Ing and pleasant place. 

fair-y ring ^ ^^ ^ ^,^ 

surrounding it. caused bv an underground 
fungus or ouick-growlnR plant, but said to be 
caused bv fairies in then* dances. 
f oi'fVi uatb). n. belief: trust in the honesty 
ItUUi and truth of another; trust in God; 
fidelity; honesty: a system of religion. 

Svn. creed, doctrine. 

Ant. (see unbelief, infidelity). 
foi'fVi ftti (fithTd61). adj. true to a promise 
ItUUi-iUl or to a friend: trustworthy; 
truthful: honest; lo^al. — ado. faithfully. — 
n. taithfvilness. 

Syn. true, constant. 

Ant. (see faithless). 
faith, less ^^^^^^K ^^•'* untmstworth 

honest; false to p io mls e s ; unbelieving — aip. 
faithlessly. — n. talthlessn^ 

f oIta (f^)' c-t- ^ ^^^ oi" c<^' I' * rope: r.i. 
llULe to cover up Imperfections; cheat or d<^ 
ceive; steal: rL a coil or turn of a rope; » 
cheat or dodge: hoax: a swindler or tridster. 
fair A/1 (fSlrt), p.adL imperftoctly made; ta»- 
laiLca tended to cheat with. 

foir Af (f*k'*r). »»• on© ^^o d« 
ian.-ci gwindler; a street vendor. 

fe1rir (M-kfr': fSTtSr). 
-AU. fi. a Mohamme- 
dan beggar or traveling 

fal-chion /o«,!'jg}|^: 

n. a short, slightly curved 
sword, with a broad 

lai-CCm kn).n.ablrd 
with a hooked beak, 
trained for hunting. 

fal-c<m-er i^'^X 

.one who trains hawks 

for hunting or who^-^. 

hunts with nawks. laJF'' 

lai-COn-ry rt) , n. the art of training bawl 
to pursue other birds. 
foil ^)* ^'^' \P'^' f^Bll. p.p. fallen.» 
lau ^uihig], to drop from a higher to » 
lower place; drop from an erect position: 
descend; sink; flow Into: perUi; be degraded 
or disgraced; as, he will fall from hb higb 
position; beftdl or happen; as, night fatui 
become the property of; as, the estate faMa 
to htm: adf. pertaining to the autumn: s. 
the act of dropping ftom a hlgfaeF to a lowes 
place; distance through whidi anythlnr 
drops; overthrow; ruin; deatfti; waterfall; 
cataract; decrease in value; aotimm. 

Svn., 9. drop, droop, sink. tuaiUe. 

Ant. (see rise). 
fill 1o-rimie (f&-l&'sbft8), adj, decepttve; 
lai-ia-ClOUS mWeadingj as, falladoys 
reasons or reasoning. 

not trut 

fol Ifl rxr (fU'd-sI). n. \pl. fttBades (-sIs)K 
****"***"*'j a deceptive or ftdse appears noa; 
mistake; an unsound method of reascming. 

faU-en nf> f^S^Lf^LSST^ 

graced; overthrown; prostrate. 

f al-U-bU-i-ty riS2?aSir fe ^?VS^ 

liability to err. 

fol II ViIa (flU1[-bI), adj. liabto to be de- 
lai-U-Die cdved: liable to err. orlWl: liabto 
to be wrong; as, man's Judgment is falHble. 
fol 1/\txr (^I'^)i ^t' to tosep undDed: adj. 
loi-iuw plowed but not sown for the sea- 
son: untllled; 

fal-low deer <?'^^«fciJ*S„'-'.^ 

with branched and recurved horns. 
foIcA (f^Io)> orfi- imtrue; dtsbonest; dis- 
laioc loyal; counterfeit; nat well founded; 
unreliable; made for temporary use: Id 
music, not in harmony. — adv. talseir* 
foIcA Virk/^rl (flils'ndtk]). n. an untruth; 

tion to deceive. 

neglected: <^ a pale yellow or 
ocMor: n. land plowed but leH 

lie; misstatement with inten* 

foIcA ItaaI (^^ lc3)* t^ timber betow 
laiSe Keei the main keel of a vessel. 

foIcA TiAcc <f<ftls'nfe). n. dooeitfUlness: 
thy; A"*oc-ixc&a inaccuracy; the state of 
^i^ I hfling dlMhnne«t. iintr^i^ ^ ttlM^nVi 

Ate, senAte, rAre, c&t, lodU, fir, Ask, pdrade; sc6ne, dvent, Mge, novll, ref(r; 
rijpt, eSn; cdld, 6bey, cdrd, 8t6p, c&mpare; Ihiit, Omte, b<irn, cSt, fodka, m^ia; 

IBl-Sei-TO tha BUunl Tok»; & falu at 
•rtiadal volca. 

^a^^:t• nrnrk <"*'■ *<^l'>- ■omethbiR built 
loiac wUrK as BD aid to the comuloeion 
al luotber conMruclUii ; u, the falsi icorlc of 

f^iaja.tu)iiis''s."i';sa s 

ptovingj* ilatonmit. etc.) to be ttiao; k 

M-si-fy ffi'Sl.'iiKm' S'.SS; 

or prove to be, untrue; u, to faUlfv ■ iiut«- 
muil; to cosiitvfelt: forge: t.t. to lie. — n. 

fSSaff J-an KSTffi' »'!"»,a; 

Id flhakcBpcAm'B Henry IV oiid Jlfrrry HTVm 
of Winiter; hence, boutlns. couw47 Jovial. 

fame 3Si„7- 
tamed <rSJ 

n. B ^mlllBr iplrit; ko Inti 
s erU spErlt. — oar. biiilllBzlr. 

ta-mil-i-ar-i-ty SKlT^Si? 

ar-i-ty SS 

E)|. IntUDBCr; 

' OooMltri Ubcrtv or freedom. 

fa-mil-iar-ize £1S^^^!?^- 

he famlHariud hlnuolf wltb 

■Fquslnted : », 

lam-ine extme deuth rwultln* 

a current of <ilr: korUilag Uke • r»n Id alup*; 
colloqulBllr. a baaeball aithudiet; a fknatle 
on uiy form of iport. SEpeclaUy baselwll. 
fa na* ir ("-ultlk). n. ooe who !■ wOdlr 
I«.-Uai-lC eiinvagant In his vtom. etpV' 
dallf on rellgloiB subjects: o^j, duracMr- 

fa-nat-i-caUj i'S!£l!SSi?*i"S 

S-tSt-itcism st"i''"Sit?"sa; 

lan-Ciea i,unB merclj- in the mind. 
fun fi sr (ran?k-Br). n. «w who t*«** 
lan-Cl-er or wUs smmali and btaita. 
ffln-Ci fill l-f^'"-"^- '"'*■ '«! by Imad- 
lan-Cl-nU naUon; uoraJ; o<ld: whlm- 
idcal; mid. — adc. ShBtttiOij. 
fon 1-17 (f*u'»ll. ■'■ IP'' ""• p.p. (UK***. 
lan-Cy hncylngl. to Imaslne: take ■ 
llkln« Co: be Blaiaed uriih: (.iT to ImaslDa 
somelhlng vltiioul proof or grouBda far ao 
dolrw: suppoae: adf. onomaiul: n— -■ 
based on imagination: eu^ant: aboi 
worth: aa. & /ancv prlc«: n. idea: 
tfon^ notion: Ifldng: caprice: pet 

fan-dan-go iSs£'£ii„ \ J. 
fane SSU.*.S?S'*y.,S1SSd-E S 

goddeea Atbsia. 

fan f arw (fin'flr-) n. a Souildi o^ Bnmp- 
lan-IluO Bta: aolsT. ostentattou*. d 
■bowT parade. 

fan-fa JOMde !S5*:SS''.ASS 



... _ .. , _- pointed tiMIlL 

fan foil (Kn'lU'}. R. ■> kind of plfeoa 

lan-taii havlnB many tall tOLClun a^S 

■pmd out like a ?an. 

fun t-an Iftu'tlii'). ti. ■ Cblnem BambUng 

tan-tan game played wlUi coma or atmltar 

smaU objecla. 

fan t« ciji (fBntil-rf'd: fin-t»'iW),ii.« 

lan-ia-Sl-a fendful mu^cal compoalUDIl 

not restricted by tbe usual laws ol form oc 

lan-ras-ac gital; unr«j: Broteeoue; tm- 

fan-ta-sy ffiT^a'SVu^ 

aprtoe^ Ima^naikmj^ fancy. Al 




widely.— n. 

lenetta: contrary la 
: icmoralr: v ery m udt; 

f «r-Jt wiiv iniro-wa'j!' orfj dreamy: dif. 

lar-a-Way tnnt; abseot-mloded; >b- 

straclMl: ai. a /or-oicav look. 

fari^A *^™). n. a short comedy la which 

larce qualfuai and nctlnna are much oiaf 

Kvfated; ridiculous or empty parade. 

far i-i i-ol (ftr-sl-liil). aif. perialnlng to. 

l<U-Cl-Cai or of the nature or a rlillculotM 

corardj-r ludlcrnus; unrral. — ndr. fareleallr. 

fare ffifii'iiks'aa ssr vt. 

succeed; n. (he aum paid tot a journey ht 
tall, etc : a person Q^vayed for hire In f 
18 in when ; - 
□X toxziL 

Fata Mwgana 

far-f A»i->i»H (nii^fShfrfirfScbt'), a*. 
IBT-ietCIieU Qonstiml ' forcal- u. > 
/ar-fMOied aary. 

f« H BO S^a-rt""^: ~ 

m-I I-Ma loor or m^l obtajnal by grinding 
tks Hdl •( COIKh, rwUi. Glc. 
lar-l-Ba-CetUS gigting „/_ ni»de rrom. 
or p r»4 ii t l» ir. icrain; like rnoal. 
, laiai la^ u>dcr one awnenUn, wUh tb« 

a of culUvatlng 

who oolUT&la X 
an asriniluilin: 

> dwdliDB 
id], ptrulnlng to. 


far s »'»r^i ll'rfi. B. ft 

lrict« at nuuA. which t(m>^)' ni 

primal •■ cme tt ths cuds. 

#a<> n> IMA (fvrt'gO). n. ■ medley; botch- 

lar-ra-gO paid,; u, Uie UOe he told wu 

tfmto of noineBse. 

tarri nr (nrt^). n-saawhaAoes hwm: 

MU-n-er ^ noncDBun^laned ovmlry ofi- 

oer In dunraor Die ham. 

for raw U^°)- •-'- >o Rire Urth to: nld 

far^e-ing SSIT^Uk't'''^^'^ '"• 

for fUwlil- aJ (Hr^i'M), d^. Able ta 
lar Stgni-eC iKk sbeul: orkeon luds- 
meat; ftfale to >ee ben ftt a dlslAnce fnmi 

far-Uier SKSiSirSSSiM 
Sff-ttier-mlBt S^JtuI 

fflr'f1>*ct (nr'IMn), odj. (upiv- 
lar-IBCSI i^Uveof^r; mortdls- 

or at tJifl eroBUnt dbtuica. 

far-tiung iJ^'uSA'^Siormon" 

uibI U MH-ftHiTth nt s penDv. 

aMct lanwtfcr drdca of vbalebooe. 

*— -voMwuaf ilieiethBDd t7Ui 

. Also, <Httiu«d>l*. 

B IDLt'Bi), n.jil. BbHBdleor 

faMi-nate l?f,V,'i^: _ _ 

■llnre: cmpt<T»ta; »^ the »uMeet fajdniwet 

laS-Cl-na-nOB oC bewltcWu: the It 
edL AJiy inTlslUD 
Ike mlad or will: 

laS-Cine fWta boosd tasMber ud umS 
for fonlfyllic dTtchea. buildliiAivthwarla. etc. 


fash-ion ^?^^^': '^b»tanr omu^ 
cnwdallr In Awi; the?oUowlnc of UioroMs 
at good oodMy: Met hod; gaaeai practice: 

mode: mads In uxvrduKe wlih tha atvlB 
of the day; ebMrvuit of 11» nil« of poUla 
ftodety and ll« uaaiea: w^-bnid^^ — ^4t- Ikalt* 

taah inn »r lf*>*H»*-t. n. one who 
laSn-lOn-er tanae. lUiap™. au. or motdi. 
faef (ftel). '■'■ to fthataln fmm food, elthv 
lost jiq„ neccHlt]'. or H a retlKtoua ilM: 

odj. quick: BBeedi In inmion™n sdTKico 
ofthealaDdard: aaldoTatiiupptKce: finn: txn- 
movable: do«: faithful: gsy: odi. rapidly. 

.Vl/n.. ai(. rapW. 0«t, upoody. 
/Inl. (see alow). 

fast day ^V S'chu^'' a"th2^ nr 

rellgtouH rutliw. 

laSI-en Jtni: boU or bar t *, to seize or 
take bolder Bomethlog: liErmaslly with on. 
fas fpTi i'tut Ifs'n-Iis). P P'- of faalm: 
IHii-ltMl-Ulg „. x^g act of nia)dn« eecura: 
a bolt or claap. 

fas-tid-i-ous SS^'^JiLf^-^ 


mt food. 
laSE-neSS ■„ ^r b^na lenm: a foriiva 





_Jd of prinun' type 

alusfflsh; stupid; dull: nroaperom: proflta- 
ble; l^rtUe: n. a »Ud. oily, yellow or wblte 
nibslance rormlnn part of the tlieae of aal' 
mala: the ban or rlctaeat of anythtngt (J. 
(p.l. and p.B. (fttted, p-irr. bttlDitl. to OHai: 

f« tal M^), ai). aiulBf d«Ui or do- 
IB-Wl ■tnicthn: aa. a /alaTaaddeot: mor- 
IaI: IdTOlvtnc life and dratb: having Im- 
portant canaequenoen.—aib. ■Btatl'- 

U-Ul-ism ffir.-KiM i 

e happen regard- 

n. (pi. (alalltln 
leterauned order or 

„ .iv: a calamity: an 

- . -_. Ihvotvlnc life and de(,tb. 

Fa-ta M.r<a-iia l'Sa,5!r4;"& 

ite, eenlte, rftre, cSt, lodtl, fir, isk, p4rade; scene, ftvent, Mge, qotI), 
r^t, hId; ctid, Obey, cOrd, stfip, compare; finit, Quite, bflru, cat, focfia, i 

fa+A Bit), m. <l«Mlny: loertUblB or un- 

.__^_. j^. J^ ^^ ,^e three 

CAoUio* LacheEls, and 
"■ "o prwdB oVKT 

ilml UUe of a diniluiry. r 
If Ite B«nuii Cathoijc 

3 fearful 

fault-find^ t'K'rSi^"- ^JSS 

body: a n«Blo» wriMT of the B»riy Chrlii- 
UanOlnKib: i.l. toBdDptuaHniordButiht«r; 
ui mwrmn" Htktvidilp a or wvmi rr^tmaalbil- 
Ity for; as. ts fatfHr > bUl In CoDgrwi: Fktku, 

Ja-theriood S^'^'SSiicT'S: 

Uw faltitrhati OtQad. 

fa-ther-in-law fSiiSf^jSThib^ 

FatSer-land g;°SS''' "' "•■"' 
(a-ther-less SSft'Si..'* ""»"' • 
Ja-therJ7 SSafmS'iJS'^SS.K.' 

: used of Uia 
a br ■OQDdlDg: 
am of; lo Dnd 

laUU-y marked by taulM of Coi 
laaltUy.— n. faolltnni. 
faii-n (fOa).n. a classic woodland d(M7 
laun ur sod: n'|)nHCnI«d In hnaiaB 


niu (-Dd£)J, die anlmala 
belonging lo any particular 
rfi^on. or period of bl»tory, 

faux pas i"'e™''o^ 


the dsplb ^.—adj. 


fa-tieae du-ty i".Sai;,''SSi^.iSS 

(KKQ £e |M » t «l LU ot anu. 

fat-lingSaiS-JSi^h';; '" 




fa-vor-a-ble Li.aa]. • 

conTenieDt: adrantaceons; fMaoiUT: >ap«tal. 
Al». fannshla. — aA. fannHr. tamaaMr- 
la-TOrea pamaUty; !»!■« a apacW 
aflpecc; aa. b^rd-faforei. Aleci. faiauiad. 
la-VOX-Ite whjch, III parMolarly ■tMM*4: 
— TSBanlad vltli uiidua prrfCnMce; a bv- 
or animal eomridend to kaTS tk* MM 



otlm» poanuiliin equal 
Also, tenu 

fawn I'o", 

(fl'T^I^^). H.. Iha 4h- 


fera-er-y i"SSSl^i 
fern v i"^^' "*'■ ' 
fe-ro-cioos iSS^' 

•SvFi. irltd, barbaHMis, cruel. 

h-rt,- { t^r^i-rt^W' »■ IP*- ("«««" 
-rOC-I-iy {.tlsll, nracenaa « (znalty 
(rf dlivo«lli<n: Inhnimn (nwlty. 

fer-ratea'*"- »••»"•''"• 

fA^ v>A+ (^ir'At)^ n. A IdDd oT weasel, lued 
lei-iei to bunt rata and nbblu fram tbeir 
boln; ■ IdDd of blDdiaR; an Iron rod fOr 
maktiiff the rlDca at ti]« moutha of botUea, 
or irrlng nMJUtaglan: e.1. to wonA persevtir^ 
InKly for or dlacover by cunning melboda: 
vlUi mil; s9, uyjerrrt out a secret. 
f— -_rgf ~j. infet-flr). n. one who boala 


IcT-nC tainlng' or e»^ct«l from.' Iron: 
larrtc add, an add composfld or three parta of 

f^r Tfi tvn^ Cfefft^Up). li. a pbotoorapb 
ler-IO-iype taken upon a prepanJiron 

for mis <fBr'eei: fSr^}, n. a mstal rlnc a 

ler-TTUe cap piacod at the end ot » ^d 

elc„ to Mrengtben it; m. the ItrruU at a 


fer rV *'*^' "■ Jl''- ft™'« <-•»)]- » paaaag 

fflr KT» (fl^"!], adj. nroduclEg a1 
Si/a- pralillc^lenleoiiH, prodnctlvo. 

far -HI i fir <r^t[l1-tn. 71. Uu itate 
ler-TU-l-iy quaHiy or b:efng fruitful, at 
danea; fe eaMllty or frultrulnen; richnea 


Tiiaklay fVultAd ; enrl* 



far riJiT_Ar COfU-ltztr). n. any mattrlal 
ICr~a-UZ-«rjBHlaaamaa>iraror the land. 
f»r iil» (rar'SU: rSrH). n. a rod or flftt 
ler-Uie itteb usl in panUhinnK: *J. to 
if^il" pnnMi with »qcli It aUck. 

rahsmaati vcrrhnt. Aiao. 
AIM. (annt— odf , l«nU 

fervor i"^-^)- "■ i" 

ler-VOr „»]; warmth; 
afleotjoa; paliiotle /mir. 
leS-UU or holldw; joyoua; leiai 
ona; happy. — lufi. uatiaUr. 
f AS «ar (n^'tAr). ij. to (bih to 

or Boro: ditnamta du: i^nklo; I 

orait. raipouB DT ciTU; lull 

entoUlnment occurrliw' M regular parlbds; 

w. (he Bach miulc /enftal. 

Jes-tive ISS'i.r^SS'Si.S^'. 


■tmt- tru-1r (nt'lfik). n. ■ tult oT hair crowiiia 
iei-10CJ£ behind Uw loout urt of k 
tkrme'B Je^; tlw pftston or towest ioliit. 

feuocked enusftss&'s 


(i>4- »<>•■ (rKfer). n. > chftlD or shBCkle for 
lei-ier ,|ib leet; ■ ratnlnt; hindrance: 
t.l. to place Is booda; chain; bind; binder; 

Stin.f n. bondage, custody. 
lei-Ue or i(i^; tBaten: c.i. to rBpnlr; 
work with actlTllF: clou up: n. ^ood coo- 
dltloa or repair: tarn. 
f — flic (re'lrClA}» n. like unlxim youne of 

:nb>, n. a falsehood ; white lis: k b&rni l°« 

I, fliibingl. to iell HUail'uiibulhs 

jiii out of It. 
K\t Vior iCIb'tr), n. one who tells fklseboodl 
nO-Uer „, -rblte Ute-. u. be waa a oon- 

feu-dal fi^^^Vn^'a^SSl^li^^r^Si^ 

holdlnc Dsed In Sumi>e in the Middle Asm. 
br wmch land was Krant«d on condition oT 
■S'Etee raoda-ed — sdig. taudallr. 

land Jioldlne on condltloD oF iiillit«ry of other 
service, tued in Europe during the jMiddieA>rcSr 

feujial-ize gS'S't^^SLTiS.'Si 

Nonnaa Frtach feudahied EcRland- 

feujla-to-ry 'SS'hS,]\!S'-£& 

land in return t6r s^-vlco Tvndered to its 
owner; a vassal: adjr potalDinfr to. or held 
b7. risfat of service rendaed hy a vamai to 
a kird. Also. Isndarr. 

fa-,Ar (ffi'v^-). n. anydlsnuechanclcrizad 
->«* br markod Increase of heat of the 

! ^*th7™ "'*' " 

f« tr«r f»ur ire'ver-fQ), n. a perennial 
IC-VCr-iew niant of the aster family. 
bearUK small white Hawen. 

fe-verjsli iSSS':-"--^^'^^ ■""'-■ 

.ed. with a 

taoel: worn by TurlEB. 
EffyptiaDS. etc. 

one who la T)etroiJ>ed or 
enftaiied to be married. 

n-aS-CO a complete or 
hHtkroas lailuce. as at MHne 
w Mch high boiftm wen entcrl 

flatto; a llaA or bottle. 
J£ d4 (fr&t)» n. a cmnmand i 
U-»K be done: an order ot a 
I ny eactaln an)e» -;1'"gT| t to 1 

>,-_ (fl'ber). n. a alends Ibm 

.-ucx gtancs. OP Qlament; as, woody flber; 
,w Enaterlal which can ba aepanted toUl 
ireods lor making up teilUe or woven Iftbrfc*; 
_!. the Jibfr or hemp. Also. Abra. 

SKnl (n'taril). n. a vfry noall Dber DUktog 
-DIU up (1,0 substance of certain muaclts: 
si. the mtina of Ihe eye la composed alfllnUl. 

aKnii (frbrin), n. a white aubstsnca 
-Dnn formed when the blood Is clotted; 

fi-brous E^e""^ 
fib-ster TZ'i 
fib-u-la ^'Zf'' 

fich-U tSSeSir 

Htance, Also. Bbnid. 

. a liar In a amaU way. 

i. [pi. Bbulffi l-U)l, (ha 
. re^ll^'. n, a IKAt 

fi>>Ir la IfTlil). nrfj. d««4iful; tDConstant: 

nCK-ie Chan Bca bio; not to bo depended on. 

«*> tilo Ifnt'll). ad}, readily molded; plss- 
Ut.-l.Ut; He: usrd of potl«7. 
fir tinn (fik'shfln), n. the act of felenlng 
utx'Ut/u OP invcntinfr; that which is Ima^ 
Ined. feigned, or invented; a iitaiiry produc- 
tion of the ima^nation in prcne lonn. as a 

fic-tiontist lS5;iS?°-^^i«3it' '^"' " 

fiC-ti-tiOUS iS^ofl^f ihenal^L^'o^JSiSS 
stories; (Wso; unreal.— (Hit. UctlUoiuIy. — n. 

a J (fid), n. an iron or wooden Inr to sai>- 
^ port the topmast of a vessel; a larn 
laperinff wooden pin for opening the strands 
of a rope: v.t. to put into place and secure by 
HUCh a liar orpin. Also, Add. 
fid ilia (Hdl). n. a violin; a frame uned on 
na-Ole board sbip to prevent anirlai from 

ax. ui fiddle a tniie; to trme; as. to jlddls 

fldile'de-dee SSHtfiS'ji'.S. 
l^dle-fad-dle S^^^Si^^^ 


□ Bsnd-pipa: also, Uia 

fid-dling '^^1^."A'S^'''^ 

aAat ; *Tr in-dai-tn. n. (pTlldelltlt 
-ael-l-ty t.tii)]. InteBTity; (altliftaln™ 
honarty; loyalty; reliability, 

fldg-etty';usu°s..sjf: "sn 

fidgetiness 2; 

Quaiflfly or rcstlanly. 

AHiT Af i nocc (ta-itA-BiK. n. Uw RnM 

ncig-et-i-ness ofMnguniwiyorrwij^ 

adi. pcrtatT 

1! aiho. fr» ^k 
A _* (fBn . n. an «uit« or jnanor b.Jd under a 
nei feudal saparlw. A]», fw»d, Moff, lind. 
fl_l J (MM), n. a piece of lard Indond for 
"Sia tmw or punin: open eounln': s 
nKkm Ttaldln* gomo niiural product: aito 
oCk teitlBi ■plHm o( aetlon; a old* eipuH«: 


« ihMd: tiu> uroond 

field book S'^iS^i,' 

field day .«S/,}'i.^i'"i5J^.'5 

dliplar: a day dsvotad to outdoor sdnitlflc 
resnnta; a day od which a aslfs of aUileUc 

field'ersS J- lA. ffiS, SS 

fi"id-fare SSVTOi Jii""" "^^ 
field glass f5?!«2Si,;'.SiS.£~- 
field hos.pi-tali!S£i!'"«ffl' S 

tbp army nedlcal wrrlce. or ot ttae Bed Cron. 
Immediately back (^ Iba llnea In modern war- 
rare; thelinpltalnoareKt tolket«eaeorhattle. 

field mar-shal i^i^ °omii;''Sf 'tuS 

blflhefft tveIc In Kinif BrmlfH. 

field mouse 1^;'^, ^"iSid mT« uSlt iKo 

In flelds and lae^awH. 

neia Ol-nXer ueulanant cdIodhI. orcolo- 

fleld-piece '^a^ala "rtiutTbi'ttSS 

field sports ^'^ll'^ 

tttoatiag, etc. 

field-work iSIHirS'SS^S^v^S^ "■"■ 

fiend cue wW 1* InteDsnly malicious. 
fltmrl ish (fflnd'Kdi), od/ savaire: irlckecl: 
nena-lSn malldomi: cmel.— oA. Oeod- 

:? figure 

flacj-a (ffin'l. o^.^. »vagB; violent; merd- 
uerLe ]««; ftrodou*: unrcBtndned. — o*. 

aar i Tiaee lO'^r-I-nftil . n. a heated or 
-er-l-UeSb InOamed oondloon: Inflamed 

6 pi „ in-wT"^. o«. !<Tmp. flertar. 
-er-y juperl. flwlrstl, llkp, pei-ialnhiB to, 

"" ~" " a'Srill-lonal modcal Inatro- 
the nulo cltt«i r.l. and c.i. to 

e who plaji on tlw Oft; 

nci^n'), ad), oonnlEllna 


-[eenUl oeit in onltr afMr fonrteentS: 

AMI, (rVth). adj. next In order aftar ftnrtll: 
"^t^^" n. one orflveemial para: In mostc an 
Interval i^ three Iod» and a (emltaie; tlw 

fiTti'etir'™'"^' ""■ ' 

ni-U-em ,fut rony-olnth 

flfty equal parts. 

Af t^ (fir'tl). adI. conalatlTiB ol 


la ilcn repreeentlng It. g 

un pisr-aliaped fruit oT that tree: - 
the Dnsera In token of oontempt: 

careajlo; aaythlng insUnlOcant oi »»_. 

Arrht' (It)- '-*■ Ip-I' "nd p.p. tmiHllt. 
ngnT itg£clng|. to conlMtd Id baUle 6r In 

eoemT or onnotient: make war: ofl^ r^ 
: acrlTe for the 

fighter S':'«i,."v4a-,..S° JSIE" s 



an^ invianiio™: 

fig-ur-a-tive i.?^,',Vb' 

;\^- ^^^ 

blanoai. or types: omaln 

deKiiDtloD bitihJy fiaurat 


aim or ch^ractur di^notin 

K S^'SSiwJT^i 

moveniBnt In a dance: m 

repoBWI thomo; value or n 

«t; as. th.' E^odl 

were sold at a huh flaurt: 

an all <ld<B by llDH< or pU 
peculiar uw of words: as. 


terminate *haD«: 

adorn or cover vlth a paltpm; cajculal? or 

Ite, eentte, rtiie, dt, lodU, (Ir, iek, pdrade; scEnej tveot, Mge, novCI, refer; 
right, aln; cfild, Abey, cArd, stUp, cSmpare; Onit, fimte, born, cdt, focfie, meblf; 

figured 229 

^o* t««*Ail {.ng'<ird),p.adi.covetnd(xrtidomed. 
UK-UiCU ^tb a design or pattern; aym- 
booaed: j»ictured: in music adorned with 
elaborate tonuses. 

fig-Ure-head tmage of a hiiman^or other 
shape placed at the prow of a ship: a person 
who is hnportant in name but who has no 
real authority. 

^S'WC'tSlg computation; caiculaUon;' the 
act of makins flRunes. 

£0' <ar/vr+ iflrwOrt*), n. a coarse herb, with 
K-wuA t small flowers, possessing medid- 
nal value. 

^1 a mAn<f (fll'4-ment). n. a fine thread. 
ni-^-IIieuX or threadlUce fiber. 
■fil o mon fo rv (ni'4-mSn'ta-rI).4»d/. 
m-a-men-ia-ry consisting of. or Uke. a 
small fiber or thread. 

aKAW- (ffl'bSrt), n. the edible nut of the 
-DeiT cultivated hazeL 
fi1/«Vi (fltlch)* ^•'* ^ pilfer or steal in a small 
***^*l* way; rob. 

fil A (^n)* **« '^ wire. etc. on which papers are 
^U~ strung for safo-keeping or reference; a 
bundle of papers fastened together and en« 
dorsed with the date, contents, etc. of each; 
a case or cabinet in which papers may be 
arranged in an orderly way; a line of soldiers 
ranged one behind the other; a tool of hard 
steel with small grooves on the surface, used 
for cutting and smoothing: r.t. to cut or 
smooth with such a tool: to arrange and put 
away (papers, etc) in orderly fsshion. for 
reference; place among the records of a 
ooart or house of l^islature: v.i. to march 
in a line. 

atol (Hl'y&I: fni-U). adj. pertaining to or 
'UlX befitting a son or daughter; due to a 
father; as, JlHal obedience. 


military adventurer who invades a foreign 
country in aid <^ revolution: a member or a 
lawmaking body who delays its action: v.i. to 
act as a pirate; to delay legislation or law- 
making by irregular methods, as by wilfully 
prolonging a debate. <*tc. 

mt irr^^ (fI11-gr9). n. ornamental work, 
-J-|^CC resembling lace, in gold or silver 
wire: something delicate or ornamental, but 
not lasting: adf. made of. or like, lUigree. 

m: trt'AAA (nn-gr6d), p.adj. ornamented 
-1-greea ^^01. or as with, flUgree. 
miTia' (fning). p^r. of Ak' n. the fa^ of 
'^^& using a £De: pl. fine fragment* 
rubbed off by the action of a file, or grooved 
st«ol tool. 

Fil « «%{ «ii^ (flll-pS'nQ). n. a native of the 
U-l-pl-nO Philippine Islands. 
fill ^"^^' "-'- ^ make full; satisfy; crowd; 
**** occupy: to perform, as duties, in the 
place of someone: v.i. to become full; pour 
a glass or vessel full: n. as much as produces 
complete satisfaction; a full supply. 
^11 ^^f. (fH'Sr). n. one who. or that which. 
UMl-d makes full; a funnel, usually a small 
glasH tube, for filling bottles, etc.: material 
for stopping up holes or pores in wood before 
painting it; the body or a cigar; a pad of 
paper to be inserted in a notebook. 

mtg^A, (fll'M), n. a narrow band of metal. 
-***•• linen, silk, etc., worn around the fore- 
bead, for holding the hair; the fieshy part of 
the thigh: said of meat; a boneless lump of 
meat or fish served flat or rolled together and 
Cted; a raised rim. narrow ornament, or 


molding; a plain line or band; the loins of a 
horse: p.(. to bind with a narrow band; orna- 
ment with a rim or molding; make Into flllata. 
as veal, etc 

fill trktr <tS11ng), p.adj. servtag to oocopj 
^Ul-iug the whole space; satiating or 
satisfying: n. something that serves to fill 
up a vacant space; the woof in weaving. 

mlim (M'lP)' ^' & sudden ^uui> jenc or 
'UP stroke with the finger; an incite- 
ment; as. that acted as a /1/Ttp to my spirits: 
v.t. to strike with the nail of tiie finger by a 
sudden movement; urge. 

mlt TiAAit (fin-p€nO. n. a game: the 
-U-peen ^ offered as a ftorfWt In this 
game Also. phUopena. 

mt^ (ftinr). n. [pl. fillies (-b)]. a young mare; 
'ij a female colt: a Uvely glri. 
/sifyi (film), n. a thin skin or filament: a 
""" thin lajrer of some substanoe to 
receive a photographic Impression: ri. to 
cover with a thin skin or htyer: v.i. to become 
covered with a thin skin or layer. 
^|«.^ ^ (fll'ml). adj, resembling vr havloc 
uiiif,-y the nature of a film; gatu(y. — n. 

mx^^ (fll'tSr). n. an apparatus for dearing 
-tci or purlfjring liquids by f training; a 
strainer: v.t. to purtly. as a liquM. 
42ii.f1 (fnth). n. foul matter; dtii; anvthinc 
^uui that makes physically or moraUy Im- 
pure; nastlness. 

fil^Vi w (fU'thl), adj. [comp. flMiler. superU 
UiUi-J filthiestl. fool; dirty; rmdoan mor- 
ally or physically; low; oonteaaptlble. — adt. 
filthily. — n. flltUness. 

mi^ofA (ni'tr&t). n. a Hquifl wfaleh has 
-uaic been strained and purified: wX 
to purify, a^ a liquid. — n. flltrattsn. 

fil-tra-tion plant £S;S'wl5S?^?^«J 

for a city or locality is purified and made 
fit to drink. 

^ff (fin), n. a winglike extension ftam the 
•Uu body of a fish that helps to move, bal- 
ance, or steer it in the water; a small plane or 
wing on an airplane, to promote siaDility or 
steadiness; as. verticid or upright tail jl/tt. 
horizontal tail fins, etc 

finQ^ (ft'n&O. adj. perulnlxig to the end: 
'luu, ultimate; finishing: decisive: as. a 
Anal Judgment or decree: n. that which to 
last, or makes an end; the deciding heat of an 
athletic conte«tt. 

a -no 1a (f^n&'Ut). n. the last paisage In a 
-****~*^ musical composition; tho last act, 
etc., of a scene or i>erformanoe; termination; 
close; end. 

£1101 1 -Hr (n-nill-tl), n. completeness: 
-ntU-l-ty the state of being ftiUy settled; 
a decisive act or arrangement. 

fi•no1 \tr (n'n&l-T), adv. lastly* completely; 
-uoi-ijr at last; as. the busin(>3s wae 
finaUy settled. 

fi «ion/«A (n-n&ns^ fT-n&ns'). n. the science 
i-UlUlCC of the profitable managemont of 
money: the public revenue or incom(«t of a 
government, state, society, or individual: 
usually in plural : v.t. to manage, as the financial 
urangement of; to raise money for some 
special object. 

fir^aTk rial (n-n&n'sfaSl). adj. pertalnhig 
-Axoxi-v^Aiu to money; as /mancio/ proe- 
perity; fLnancial di5>tress. — adt. flnanolalfar. 

Syn. fiscal, monetary, pecuniary. 
i{t\ on 01 Ar (nn'&n-«er'). n. one who Ji 
nn-an-Cier sklUed in banking, or who 
conducts private or public monetary alTatrs. 
fin fifirlr (Hn'b&k^, n. a kind of whale: 
lAll-Uit^^lk called alwo finner and razorback. 

b^^t, f dt»t ; found ; boil ; function ; chase ; good ; joy ; then^ thick ; hw » wh as in when ; 
ah»z aB in azure; kh»di as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xiz to zxiL 



(flndi), n. the common name fen- 
various small birds, as the chafflncb. 
canary, etc. 

fin /I 0^°^)' ^'^' \P-^' c^i^ P'P' found, 
•UUU finding], to discover; obtain by search- 
ing; learn by expariment; meet by accident; 
regain, as something lost; supply: n. the 
discovery of something valuable. 

6'1/n., V. descry, discover, espy. 

Ant. (see Ic^e. overiook). 
finrl Ar (^i^'cl^)* »• one who. or that wfaldti. 
AUiU-Cx discovers; an extra lens on a 
camera to show the position of the picture 
to be taken; a small telescope attached to a 
larger one to locate some particular star, etc.. 
to be examined by the lai^er instrument. 
fi« Aa ci^ i«1a ^^^' dS sygTd), at the 
Un ae ^le-l/ie end of the century; 
hence, up to date. [Pr.] 
fin /I itytr (finding), of find: n. dls- 
AlUU-lu^ covery; the verdict of a jury, 
or court: pi. the tools, etc., which a workman 
himself supplies. 

4\t%a (fin), n. money paid as a penalty: for- 
•""C felture: v.t. to impose, as a money 
penalty, upon someone; purify; refine; clarify: 
adi. slender; thin; keen; pure; refined; subtle; 
d^cate: elegant; of small diameter; very 
handsome; noble; showy; admirable; splendid; 
beautiful in thought or language; firee fi*om 
douds or rain: utfUl. — adv. finely. 

Sr/n-, o-di. nice, clear, dainty, smooth. 

ArU. (see coarse). 
finA-i^it-f (ffn'ktit). ad), delicately cut or 
lUitS'-t^Ul, chfeeled; cut in small pieces, 
as tobacco. 

fino At^xmt (fln'cir6').r.l. to sew up neatly, 
uiic-uxaw AS a rent, so that it does not 
show; draw out to extrepie fineness, as wire. 
finA_Hr<iiim (nn'drOn'). adj. spun very 
lUiC-Uiawii fine; far-fetched: as. a /Ine- 
draum distinction. 

finft TiACC (Hn'nfis). n. the proportion of 
Aiu^-ucoa pure metal contained in an 
alloy; fireedom fi*om foreign matter; purity; 
as, the fineness 6t liquor; slendemess; per- 

fin »r xr (fta'Sr-I). n. \pl. fineries (-I«)l. 
lui-cx-jr personal adornment, as showy 
clothes, etc. ; outward show. 

finocco (fT-n«s'), n. artifice or trick; 
-iiCddC skill : dexterity; In the game of 
whist, an endeavor to take a trick with a 
lower card than that held by an opponent, 
while holding a higher card. 
f\T% oA-r (fTA'gSr), n. one of the five dlvi- 
****-&*'* sions of the hand; one of the four 
digits of Uie hand, as distinguished ft<om a 
thumb; a finger's breadth or length; an 
elghth*of a yard; any mechanical contrivance 
resembling a flngpr; as. the pointer of a clock. 
ac watch; a part of a glove into whidi a finger 
Is Inserted: v.t. to handle, or perform, with the 
flngees: meddle with; steal: v.i. to use the 
fingOTS sidif ully in performing upon a musical 
Instrument or upon a typownt«'. 
4%rk o>Ar Arl (fm'gSrd) . p.arf/. having fingers : 
AlU-gCiCU. played with the fingers; marked 
to show how tne fingers are to be used. 
4\T\ etAT AT (fto'g?r-Sr), n. one who fingers; 
A***-S*'* '*'* a piifOTer or one who does petty 

fin trt^T inc (Slii'^ln^), of finger: 
Hn-ger-lUg „. the act of touching with 
the fingers; the manner of using the fingers 
on a musical instrument: fine woric done by 
the fingers. 

i{r\ vAr Uvktr (nfi'ger-Ung), n. a yonxig 
nu-ger-iing trout no bigger than a man*8 
finger. . 

230 fire damp 

finder staU '^(^r^k^^'^''- 

fin 1 rol (flnl-k&I). adj. f^sddlous; over- 
Aiu-X-i^Ol particular; as, finical tastes; ft 
finical bac^elcn-. — adv. flnloailF. 

- -'- - - af- 


fin in<r (fining), n. the act or process of 
•uu-iiig purifying or refining: dariflcatlon 
or clearing. 

a^fc (n'nis), n. the end: a word formerly 
-lUd placed at the end of a book. (Lat-I 
fin icfi C^lsh)* v.<. to bring to an end; 
Aiu-iaii ounplete; conclude; make perfect: 
poUsh; colloquially, kill or render powerless: 
v.i. to come' to an end; expire: n. completion; 
the final touches given to a work. 
fin ich^A (ftalsht). p.adj. complete; per- 
Uli-lbllca feet; as. a finished poem: of 
superior excellence or quality; carafoUy 

an if A (irr'nlt). adj. having limits; as, the 
-lUlC finite mind of man: n. that which 
is limited: with the. — adv. finitely. — n. finite- 

fin ItaaI (^ *cSl), a downward proJec- 
Alii J&.CC1 tion shaped like Uie fin of a fish, 
attached to the keel of a yacht. 
17«n«t (fto). n. a native of FlnlazKl. — adf. 
mm Finnish and Flnnie. 
fin nan haA Hip ^Hn'&n h&d'I). a 

nn-nan naa-cue smoked haddock. 


^n-n^A (f^d)' ^^i* having fins or wlngHke 

**A***CU. extensions for swimming, as a fish. 

fin nv (flnl), ad), having fins; resembling. 

•""-**J or abounding in. flsh. 

imf\^A (fyArd). n. a long narrow Inlet or arm 

xiUiU of the sea between high rocks or banks. 

Also. (lord. 

^^ (fur), n. the name of various cone-bearlnfl 

*** evergreen trees, prized for resin and tlKf 


4i<rgx (^)' ^- ^^^ ^°^ ^^^^ developed by 
UiC combustion or burning; the result off 
burning of bodies; a burning; conflagration; 
flame; discharge of firearms; light; intensity 
of feeling; ardor; spirit: ^vere trial or alBlo- 
tion: v.t. to set on fire; inflame: kindle; 
bake, as porcelain; to cause to explode; to 
discharge, as a gun; excite violently; Irri- 
tate; illuminate: r.i. to become Ignited; 
be inflamed ; discharge, as firearms. 

Syn., n. glow, heat, warmth. 
fit- A o«-me (Wr'armz*). riiles. oannoo. 
UiC-ttiiiio revolvK*s. etc.; as, theoolonlste 
carried their /Irearma to church. 
4\Tti Koll (nr'bOn. n. a baU filled with 
liic-UaJLL explosives; a ball of fire, as the 
sun; meteor. 

ii-TA Vfcol 1rk/\n (^ b&-100n'), a ballooo 
nre Oai-iOOn oned with hot air; a bal- 
loon sent up with fireworks, which explode 
at a certain ndgbt. 

fi«-A K/\<v (Rr' boles'), in a steam boiler, 
nre OUX the place for the fire. 
fi«.A Y\«*anrl (nr'brftnd'), n. a piece <rf 
urc-UliUiU burning wood; an incendiary, 
or one who fires buildings: one who inflamee 
the passions of others. 

ii-TA Moxr (firkli). a kind of day capable 
Hi c s^uxy of resisting intense heat. 
4ir'A ^ro/*1r at (flrOcrftk'Sr) . n. a small 
nre-CraCK-er paper cylinder filled with 
gunpowder, used to make a noise In times 
of celebration. 

fire damp ^<»S?S.-. VB5.'*'S^£ 

when mixed with air and ignited. 

ite, senate, rftre, c4t, locil, fttr, Ask, pdrade; sctoe^ 6vent, Wge, novftl, refgr; 
ti&it, da; c6ld, dbey, c6rd, stdp, c6mpare; ^nit, (inite, bftrn, cut, focib, mena; 


fir A Arktr (nr'dAgO. n. an andiron or sap- 
lilC-UU^ port for wood In a fireplace. 
firA Ati (Tin A (f^ do'jln). a hand or steam 
lilC eu-glUt; engine for throwing water 
throng hose to pat out a fire. 

firA Afi-rnnA V^ «8-k&p'). a kind of lad- 

nre e^-cape der, stairway, or other 

device for rescoinflr persons from the appo* 

parts of a burning DuUding. 

jRta 4\xr (Hr^fil^t n. a winged insect which 

iu c-lljr emits light at night when flying. 

fir A 1 f/^ne (nrl'fimx). the shovel, poker. 

are l-rOUS and tongs. 

fir A man (Rr'ni&n), n. \pL firemen (-m&i)). 

1UC-U14UA one trained to put out fires; a 

stoker, or one who tends fires. 

fir A •nloi^A (nr'plSs'). n. the open recess 

iUC-putCC uiKler a chimney In which a 

flre may be built. 

fif>A -nrrwrkf (flr'prOOr') , adj. made of such 

Hre-prOOI material as wiU resist fire; 

r^tively speaking, not capable of b^ng 

burned: v.t. to msJce proof against fire. 

firA oViin ^^ ship), a ship filled with 

luc diup explosives, set fire to and floated 

among tlie vessels of an enemy. 

f%^£k oiAt^ (flr'^d'). n. the hearth: hence. 

Ui C-SlUe domestic life and comfort. 

|:«.A -fran (^ tr&p). a building ft*om which 

are irap it is difficult <»• finposslble to 

escape in case of flre. 

firA ixro fAr ^^ wA'tfir). ardent spirits: 

aiC Wtt-lCi the American Indian's name 

for strong drink. 

firA tVAAH tffr'wSd*). n. a hardy weed 

urc-i«rccu osnaUy found in recently 

burned clearings. 

firA xmri\rkA (ffr'wdSd'), n. wood suitable 

are-W^OOa ^or fUel; wood fit to use for 


firA timrlre (flfwOrks^. n.pU devices 

luc-wvxjko made firom a great variety of 

materials, whldl, when set on flre, produce 

flfures in flre or a brilliant display of light 

onen Tartoosly cokn^. 

are ^Or-Smp of flre as a deity or god. 
fir iti<r i'lr'inir). n. the act of discharging 
UA-IU|^ firearms : the application of intense 
heat, as in baking, etc.; fu^. 
i%T Irfn (fOrndn). n. a small wooden vessel 
ar-lUU for holding butter, lard, etc.; a 
measure of capacity equal to one fourth of a 
baird; nine'*gaUons. 

{{rtr\ (f^^nQ), adj. hard: compact: solid: 
****** closdy compressed: imyielding; not 
easily ''moved: rigorotts; staunch: as. a 
firm fHend: unfalterinir; steadfast: n. the 
title or style und«* which a business house 
transacts its business: a partnership or asso- 
daticm of two or more persons for doing busi- 
nen. — a4v. flrmly. 

5yn., adj. constant, flxed. stal>le. 

Ant. (see weak)* 
firm riAee (ftirm'nes). n. the state of being 
aim-neSS anyleldlng; stobUity; stead- 
flstneas; resolution. 

i\r mo mAnf (fOr'md-mSnt), n. the sky: 
BT-ma-ineill the arch of the heavens. 
fir m on (jHlr'in&n: fSr-m&n'). n. a special 
UA-1A14UA degree, edict, or license of an 
oriental ruler, as of the Turkish Sultan; a 
pusport; permit: a license. 
f:«,Mf (ffiret). adj. the ordinal of one; fore- 
***o'' most in place, rank, dignity, time. 
esoeDeoce. etc.: earliest: most important: 
chief: adv. laefore aU others in order, place, 
rank, time, etc.: sooner: n. the beginning. 

Syn., adj. foremost, chief, earliest. 

Ant, (see last). 

231 fish weir 

fircf-rlflfic (rarsfklis*). adj. of the hlgh- 

111 5 t-l^ltt^d est excelloice. rank, or quality. 

Pirc^ Aaxr l^*^^ <!&)• the name nven to 

rirsi aay Sunday by the Sodety of 


fircf fnitfc (f<^t fWSOts). the first gath- 

Ulbt iilUI^ erings of the produce of the 

season: the first profits of any office or 


fircf \\tkr\A (fQrst'hftnd'). adj. obtained 

nrSl-nana direct trom the producer or 


firc-l- lino* (firstling), n. the first-born; 

nrSl-ling fi^t produced. 

fircf \\r (f^^t'U). ade. in the first place: 

ixiDt-ijr occasionally used for the adverb 


firc^ inafA (f^^i^ mfit). in the merchant 
mat iiuitc service, the officer next In 
rank to the captain. 

firc-f rofA CfllrBt'r&t'). adj. of the highest 
lUdl'-iaiC excellence; having the highest 
quality or character: n. a warsmp of the flist 
class: adn. excellently: used colloquially. 
iy'r¥^ (ftlrth). n. the mouth of a tidal river; 
■"* "* an arm of the sea. Also, frith. (Scor.l 
fie ml (ns'k&l). adj. ];>ertainlng to the pub> 
xk9'\^a^ Uc treasury or revenue: financial: 
n. a treasurer: an attorney-general. 
fs^fi (fish), n. \pl. fish, fishes (-«z)J. a scaly 
**»** animal living in water, oreathtng 
through gills instead of lungs: the flesh ol 
fish used as food: a machine for hoisting an 
anchor: a piece of wood fktstened to another 
to strengthen it: pi. one of the signs (Pisces) 
c^ the sodiac: v.t. to search in quest of fl^; 
catch (fish); seek toe and bring to light; 
draw up: v.i. to try to catch fish; seek to 
gain ix obtain something by trickery or 
indirect methods. 

ficVi KAom ^^^^ bem). a beam of ttm- 
nsn Deam ber bulging downwards. 
ficVi Klni^lr (flali'bldk^. n. a bofstinc- 
nsn-DlOCK block for ralshig an anchorio 
the gimwale of a ship. 

fieVt Ar (flsh'Sr). n. one who fishes; an anl- 
Udll-Cl mal of the weasel family. 
ficVi Ar TTifln (nsh'dr-m&n). n. one whose 
nsn-er-niail work is to catch Ash; » 
fishing smack or ship tor catching fish. 
ficVi Ar XT (flsh'Sr-I). n. \vl. fisheries (-!«)). 
nsn-er-y the business of catching fiab: i 
fishing ground: the ri^t to fish at a partlca- 
lar time or grotmd. 

ficVi €r\€T (flsh'glg'). n. a sharp forklike In- 
UoU-S^o strument for spearing fish. Also. 

fi cVi <r1iiA (^1^ SUSO). glue chiefly made 
UdU ^luc ttom certain kinds of sturgeon: 
isinglass or gelatin dissolved in alccAol. 

fish hawk ffiwbi^.***" -p"' " 

fish-hook 4Ss?;: 

n. a hook for catch- 
ing fish. 

fi<:h in^ (nshing). 

nbU-lllg „. the art. 
sport, or business of 
taking fish; a fishing 

ground: the opera- rM<.K».««v- 

tlon o^ raising an FIshlioolBi 

anchor up to the gunwale of a vessel. 
fieVi krAt\'¥ <f^ Joint), a pair of h-on 
lldu lUliil. plates for fastening the ends of 
two railroad rails together. 

fish-mon-ger ^'S8''**>""'^'*° 
fish weir H^Jg^ gT ^°' '*°'"^ 

h6btf f d6t ; found ; boil ; f miction ; chase ; good ; joy ; f/ien, thicdc ; hw « wh as in when ; 
zhsz as in azure; kh = ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxii. 


fieVi xsnfA (tlah'wtf) , n. a wonuoi who re- 

uSn-Wlie tails fish. Also. lUhwoman. 

ficVi XT Cflsh'I). adi. pertainlnK to. consisting 

u^ii'j of, abounding in, or ttko, fish; dull; 

vacant; coUoquiaily, incredible or extravagant, 

as a story. — n. flahiaess. 

-fie ciirA (f^^C^)* n. a cleft or crack; a 

110-9UXV narrow opening; furrow: v.t. to 

break or crack: v.i. to cieaYe; separate in 


12 qX (fist), n. the hand when closed or 

^oi clenched: 9.t. to grip or strike with the 

clenched hand. 

fie ftr (ns'tOc), adj. pertaining to pugilism 

lia-Lii^ or boxing; as, a fistic encounter. 

fief 1 ofiffc (ns'tl-kafs').n. a combat with 

nSl-1-CUnS the asts; boxing. 

fie fit Ifl (ffa'i<l-W). n. a rwxl; a pipe; a 
ixo-tu-xa wind-instrument of music; an at- 
normal opening into one of the passacres of 
the body, crften accompanied by an ulcer. 
^x (fit). vA. [p.t. and p.p. fitted, fitting). 
■U*' to make 8uita> le; adapt; accommodate 
to anything; qualify; adjust; equip: v.i. to 
be adapted to one; as, the coat fits; to be 
proper or suitable: n. adaptation of one 
thing to another; suitability: adj. [comp. 
fitter, superl. fittest), convenient: suita.Jo; 
prepared; qualified. 

Syn., V. accommodate, adapt, adjust, suit. 
^x (fit), n. a sudden attack of disease attend- 
**•» ed with convulsions, and often with loss 
of consciousness: a brief attack of pain or 
illness; caprice. 

fi-foVi (flch). n. the Eiu*opean polecat; tne 
Uli/Il fur of the polecat. Also, fltchet. 
iSx fif I (fIt'fdOl). a</j. capricious; spasmodic. 
lit-lUl or occurring by fits and starts; 
changeable; as. a fitful mood. — adi>. fitfully, 
isx |_ (flt'll). adv. suitably; properly; in a 
lil.-ljr li'ht manner o. time. 
fSf TiAce (flt'nfis). n. tho state or quality of 
Aii-liCd9 )>eing suitable: as. ho soon showed 
his fitness for the work. 

.f{f f^r C^'<^r). n. one who adjusts pipes, or 
Alt-tCl puts the parts of a machine together; 
or J who puts on and shapes an a -dele of d o^. 
if ffno" (Ht'Ing), p.adj. suitable; appro- 
ill-Uilg prlate: the necessary fixtures, 
etc.. of a house or shop 

Norman French surname 
son of. 

.fix^ (fits), n. a 
**'^- meaning the 

fii7A (f^v)' ^^i' consisting of four and one; 
**»*' a cardinal numeral: n. the sum of four 
and one; the sign representing it, as 5 or v: 
pi. a game resembling tennlft. 
ikxTA 4rki A (nv'fdld) . adj. five times as much 
UVC-IUIU or as great; multiplied by five, 
rt^ (flks), t.t. to make ftist, secure, or stable; 
"^ set or place permanently: adjust; coUo- 
aulally, to put to rights or repair; hold 
Armly ; as. to /Ix the attention of an audience: 
v.i. to become solid or firm; 1:>ecome stable: n. 
colloquially an awkward situation; a dilemma. 

Syn., V. oetermine. establish, settle. 
f:^ fiiTA (fTk'sd-tlv). n. something that 
AiA-a-uw serves to set color, as a mordant: 
used on charcoal drawtngs to prevent rubbing. 
4i'V£kA (f^Qcst). p.adj. firm; lasting; settled; 
AiACU permanent; stable; establ^ied; res- 

H'v A/1 1v (fOc'sdd-lT). adv. steadily; firmly; 
UX-eU-iJ aa, to gaM njrfdZy. 
fiv-A/l riAce (flk'sM-nte). n. the state of 
UX-ea-neSS being firm; steadfastness. 
fi^Arl cfor (flxst stUr). a star which 
UA.CU Buu remains in the same position 
in the heavens. 

fiv ln<r (Hlolng). n. the act of making 
"^•*"S firm, or rendering permanent: the 

232 flagstone 

act of adjusting or amending: pi. cc^kxiuially. 
omamenta, outfit, apparatus, etc 
fiv « frr (flk'sI-tJO.n. stability; permanenoe; 
IlX-l-iy a state of being fastened. 
^_ 4«««.A (flks'tfir), n. that which Is firmly 
IlX-tUXC fastened: an article of fturdtxire 
attached to a house and regarded as part <^ it; 
one who is expected to remain permaneotly 
in his position. 

4i>»T (' z). n. a hissing noise; an effervesoeitt 
I^Zib or bubbling liquid, as sparkling cham- 
pagne: v.i. to make a hissing noise. Also, 

fiT tIa if^^''^)< C'^- ^ make a hissing udB&i 
HL'HC colloquially, to f^ll ridiculous : n. 
colloquially, a state of restlessness; worry; a 
humiliating failure. 

itrkfA (fy^i^) • ^- ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^ <!^^> ^ODg and 
ijUiU narrow, with high rocky banks. Also, 


floK \\tkT- caef- (flftb'Svgist). v4. to coo- 

naD-Der-gaSX found; astonish. [Coi^ 


AckK Vk« Itr (fl&bTlO. adv. in a limp mazH> 
naD-Dl-iy ner; languidly; feebly. 
floK Kt riAee (flftb'I-nfe). n. the state or 
nau-Ul-IieSS quality of being limp and 
weak, or of lacldng muscle. 
floK Kv (fiftb'I). adj. easily shak'ng or 
UUO'Oy yielding to the touch; lackto^ 
muscle; mentally or physically feeble. 
flor riH (flWc^sld). adj. flabby; weak; 
naC-Cia Umber; lacking firmness. 

flflr_oiH 1 Hr (flftk-sld1-tl). n. the state of 
naC-Cia-l-iy being weak and without 

fiocr ^^^}' ^' ^ piece of cloth or btmttng on 
<ua^ which usually some device is wrou^t, 
used as a standard, ensign, signal, etc; a 
plant of theirs family: a'^agstono or paving 
stone: v.t [p.t. and p.p. fagged, iJagging]. 
signal with a i ag; pave with flagstones: v.i. to 
tiecome weary: lose vigor: hang down: llac 
of <nioe, awnite ' ag indicating that a ocoi- 
f ronce is doslr.'d. 

f\aa a1 IflTif (flW'fi-l&nt: fld-Jfl'tot). adj. 
im^'XSl'Ulu.l using a whip or scourge: m. 
one who scourges himxelf as a religious doty. 

flag-eUate iStJ'tXhi^*' '""= •* 
flag-el-U-tion <So'Si;j,-J;''S''*£U«' 

a beating. . ^ 

flag . eo . let ^*=a=*4l 

(fiiJ-6-iet': fi&J'^. Flageolet 

\6t) , n. a musical instrumeot of the flute daM. 

lUZj^-f^ui^ t. iroe: n. a pavement of 
stones, or large flat stones. 

fla-gi-tious i5^Sf!''t*I?^<i52Si.i.- 

adv. fltacittonsly. — n. flagttlowsness. 

i\atr ni a CPr ^^^ 6ri;ser). an olBoer 
xutg Ul-li-%^ci commanding a fleet or 

squadron, as an admiral. 

flotf rkr% (flftff'An). n. a largo drinking vom 
lUZj^-UiM. with a narrow month and a nandle. 
flfl crranf ^fli'Krtot). adj. openly wicked; 
ua-^Aaxit heinous; glaring; notodooi; 
as. a flagrofU crime. — n. flMsanoF* 

fifl<y ehm .(A&f'aiilP'). »• the ship that 

nag-Smp leads a fleet, carries the oom- 

mander and flies his flag. 

f1oo> efaff (fl&R'st&f). n. [p7. flafftaOi 

nag-Sian (-st4lWorstav«(-slkv«».apoto 

or staff on which a flag is hoisted. 

flflcr efnriA (fl&g'stdnO. n. a large flat 

lutK-oUJUc pa\dn« stone, used eq>ecialy 

for ridewaflcs. 

Ate, senate, rAre, cAt, lodU, fUr, Ask, pdrade; scAne, A vent, Adge, novH, re£Ar; 
right, du; cAld, Abey, cArd^ stAp, c5mpare; Onit, Anite, bArn, cAt, focfis, m^ifl; 




filM prabe. 


«n at rolUnl metBTlnto ofaeeta: the soundlnK 
of a no^ benw the tme pitch ; m method m 
hcHwe painting by wblcli tba palDt tippnn 
luMwIen or dull. 

flat 11 Imii-A (""TUSnO- "■ ylnd to the 
nav-U-ience gtomsdi, caused by OSM 
fbrmed wlUltn IC^emptknesfl: csocetc Alio, 

flot II I'uTlf (Bil-fl-lSnt).<u«.affB««dwltli, 
Uat-U-lcUl or tandlng to. produce gas In 

- (flfr). n. mackcry or antaoipt «>- 
■ prased In woida or Rntun: r.l. «D 
or uiepri lOin ODntflinDtuoinlv. 

fleet i"^ 

■ - '■ swiftly:' 
neei-lUg as, time ialttflinn. 

fla f^iD (M'tOs). n. itaa lOraud In the 
Ho.- HIS inwstlnw. siom»ch, Ola 
flat ^n ire lUt'wti'), odr. with the flat 
nai-WayS eMa downward*. Atei. IIM> 

fla„_t (flint: aOnt) r.(. to dtapUy with 
I mU li t uanoce^ary show: v.i- M> make a 
gaudy display In drsHs; to b^iave In a fbr- 

Belgian ol 


laoffUase of northern "Belgium. 
fl-_l, (fllah). n. that panctfananhiial body 
aeSU bdiKUi the skiD, compond t4 iok 
luscnlar tlaue: animal food: pulp of lynlt, 
«.; the body: opposite to smt human 
tture or race: preasit llfto: Idndred: rX to 
itlate or glut; Rsd doga with meat so as ta 
urge them to forthv furtlon In huotlDi: 
conoquially. toput DO w^sht: with up. 
flpfih Iv I™'")- •"'I- pertaining to tba 
UeSU-iy body; corporea l :_ hu man: cai>- 

flea-bane »S"a;; iL «???,■?-* 

useful far drivlna away fleaa. 
- ._ (orut-), n. im 

Er; olln oonumptuoasly. 
I. adj. swirt; rapld:^QmblL. ... 
mpany of waraUpa or merciuiDt 
I. to By »-"" ■ 


wuned after Boraoe Fletcher, Ha adTOate.'sSiU.&.wl; 

the KiTM beailng or omMma or 
Fnnee: the name for vartoaaldnda, 
of lrt», TI^.J I 

IflfiB). past tense of the 

Itfve and totranslIlTe 




or quality of b 

- -- ». ialhUBes*. 

fl-— ; Kla (flCk'sl-bl), adj. as 
neZ-l-Die puaot: yMldl^ to 

fsse luflS^Iev! 

flAT i Klv OUtot-bin. <i<t>. hi » 
neX-l-Diy manno'; plaaUcslly; 
^tly:.notstUf^ ..___.___. 

-i"" bending; a curre; cnmDiaMcw 

tloD or a word', inflection. Abo. Baettsa. 

flaw nr IflBk'sOr). n, a muscle that acM b 
DeX-Ur banding the Jolnta: oiipostts M 

Aaviii-a (flSK'ihflr; flSln-ftp). n. itw act of 
neX'Ure bendlog: the iwt bent: a iatm 

fliVIr' (lUk), n. a llaht, quick stroke, aa ottk 
mCK s whip: e.rTlo whip lightly. 
ntr-lr Ar (fliVir). r.l. to move with an va- 
niCK-er ,ieady and quldc motion: fluRer 

flick-er-ine feis*— 

steadily: DjufjTwavalng.— 
gi .- (tn'lr). n. ona wb 

straight flight of at 

b. Md^otf^ 

flight • 

HicrYii' (^^)> ^' ^® i^<^> process, manner, or 
***K**'' power of flying: hasty departore; 
birdB flying together, or produced in the same 
season; a soaring forth; the ascent of an 
airplane; distance traveled by an airplane; the 
distance ta^veled by a projectile; a shower 
c« volley: a series of steps. 
flio-fif 1 Ixr (ffita-U). adv. in a wild. Imag- 
n i fem ,-A"Xjr inative manner; capriciously. 
fliafif 1 riACG (fllt1-n«s). n. the state of 
Ulgai-l-UeSS being overfandfUl; capri- 
dousness; lifrht-hcadedness. 

fliafif \r (^^'l)> <^i* changeful; capricious; 
*'* &" »^J extravagant in fancy; giddy; 
wild; mildly insane. 

<Afm Of -n Acc (fltm'zl-nds). n. the state or 
xmu-bl-ucbb quality of being unsub- 

StAfltd&J. CUT INTfiAlc 

fllm err (flhn'zl).n.[p;.flim8les(-zlc)].athtn 
**»***-» J pai>er; transfer paper, from which 
several copies may be made: adj. thin; weak; 
tneffecUve. — adr. fllmtUy. — n. mmslness. 
■flinrVi (flinch)' r.i. to shrink or draw back. 
AAUAVAi as ft*om pain, danger, etc.: n. the 
act ot drawintc back ft*om pain. 
■flin/l Ar (flln'dfir). n. a splinter: fragment; 
AAUAU-cx as, the cyclone olew the house to 

^i-ntr (fl*^). "•'• fP'« and p.p. flung, 
' "" & flins^g], to throw or hurl: drive by 
violence; scatter; cast to the ground: v.i. to 
flounce; throw out the legs violently: n. the 
act of throwing or casting; a sneer or gibe; 
ki<^ or leap: unrestrained pleasure; dash; a 
Highland dance. 

fif-|X (flint), n. a very hard kind of quartz 
***"•'' or rock which strikes Are with steel; 
anything hard like f Int. 

•Rinf Inrlr (Alnt'lfik'}. n. an old form of 
AAixAt-ivi^A. guQ In which the powdor was 
Ignited or set on fire by a si>ark from a stroke 
of flint on steel. 

IHntlook. 1. hamm 
and powder pan. 

wltb flint; 

fli^n-f 17 (flln'tJ). adj. composed of. or like. 
Aliut-jr flint; hard; obdurate; cruel; as. a 
fhrUy heart. 

allrk (flip)' ^' a hquor composed of beer. 
>*y spirit, sugar, etc.; a short quick stroke: 
a flioc: r.f. to ierk with the Angers; strike with 
a short quick blow. 

fl«rk noTi nv (flip'&n-sl), n. pertness; 
nip-pan-Cy thoughtless taUc: as, the 
flippancy of her remarks displeased every- 

A«<n nonf ffllp'&nt). ad), lively and fluent 
Uip-UIUli In speech; talkative: imperti- 
nent; disrespectful ; charact^lzed by thought- 
iess speech, or pertness; trifling. — adr. flip- 

a in r\^T (fllP'^)' n- & broad fin. arm. or 
tU'y^L paddle used in swimming, as that 
of the whale, seal, or turtle. 
^If^ (flOrt). v.t. to move to and tro with a 
"** <• short rapid action; throw with a quick 
elastic motion: v.i. make love firom mace 
amusement; coquet: n. a coquette; one who 
coquets; a sudden jerk or toss. 

air fQ finn (fl9r*ti'shfln). n. the act of 
u^iA-uvix pretending to make love; 
coquetry; pretense of affection. 
flir fQ fiAiic (fliir-ti'shfls). ad), inclined 
nir-ia-XlOUS to he coouettlsh. 

235 flop 

if (flit), t.t. \p.L and p.p. flitted, fli^ 
^t ting], to remove (a thing) fttma oii» 
house to another [Scot.]: v.i, to pass lightly 
an4 swiftly along; fly away: skim; migrate. 
flif rVi (flich)' n- the side of a hog salted and 
iiAti^Ai cured; as. a flUch of bacon. 

flit-ter-mouse S!''^;SdlSk.5i'oSSS 

the owl and fliUermouse. 

a if ffnir (flltlDK). P'Pr. ot nit: n. tlie act. 
ll-uug of flying or moving lUditly and 
swiftly; a removal. 

i\f\t%4- (fl5t), v.t. to cause to rest or be moved 
Axvat on the surface of a liquid: oonver 
without effort or will ; smooth or level (plaster) 
with a suitable tool; to start, as a business, 
by providing the monev needed: v.i. to be> 
buoyed or hold up on the surface of a liquid 
or gaseous fluid; move lightly or glide witli- 
out apparent effort; drift about: n. anythhig- 
that rests on the surface of a liquid or buoys 
up something; a raft; the «ork or quill used 
in angling' a plasterer's tool, for spreadlnc 
and smoothing; the water gauge of a steam- 

fl no f Ar (flSt'Sr) . n. one who. or that which. 
uuat-ci floats; a voter not belonging to 
any particular party; one whose vote may 
be bought, or one who moves from place to 
place so as to repeat his voto. 
flAflf in a ^otlng). p.adj. swimming or 
UUUt-Uig held up on the surface of » 
llqidd; ftee to move about; circulating: no^ 
fixed or settled; ready for use. 
flnrlr (A^^)* **• <^ company or collection ai 
AXWA. shoep. birds, etc.; a congregation: 
crowd; a lock of wool; flberllke noiaterlal 
used for stuflQng upholstery or cushions, etc.: 
v.i. to come together in a cro^d; assemble. 
Syn., n. brood, covey, bevy. 

flnA ^^^)' ^* ^ ^'"^ fl^t mass of floctln^ 
Axwc ice. or a collection of such masses of Ice; 
as, the vessel was caught in the floe. 

flncr (fl^)' »•'• iP-^' and p.p. flogged,, 
u^S flogging], to whip; chastise or punish; 
to lash (the water) with the line in angling. 
flAo- tnntr (fl<>Klng). of flog: n. 
nOg-ging whipping; the act c«r t 
with a whip or rod. 

fl/wwl ^ud). n. a great flow of water; tanm- 
liuvu. dation: high tide; the sea; an 
abundant supply or outpotuing of anything: 
tlie Flood, the X>eluge described in Qeueds 
vii: r.f. to deluge: inundate; overflow. 

flnnrl O-flfp (fl^d'saf). n. a gate In % 
UOOU-gaie waterway, which when opened 
allows the water to escape when at a certain 

UOUU UUe opposite to ebb tide. 
f1|%i>f> (fl5r), n. the bottom siuface of a room 
AAvvTA cr house on which one treads; story 
of a house: a level suite or set of rooms: anjr 
smooth or level area: pavement: the part of a 
legislative <»* lawmaking chamber oecupied 
by the members; as, the floor of the Senato 
at Washington: v.t, to cover with a floor; 
strike down; hence, put to silence. 
4\f%f\r iricr iflorlng), n. materials for floon; 
AAWA-Aug floors collectively; pavement. 
i\flf\r nrflllr Ar (flSr'wOk'^), n. In tho 
nOOr-WaiK-er tjnlted states, an over- 
seer in the aisles of a large department store. 
flnn jP^\' *':'• iP-^' and p.p. flopped, 
"^F flopping], to strike or drop heaiily or 
with a jerk: v.i. to plump down; to wsto 
back and forth, or to rise and fall, looselr 
and flatly: n. the sound caused by a soft flat 
body coming suddenly in contact with tho 
ground: adv. suddenly. fCoLLOQ.) 


bddt, fd5t ; f<mnd ; boil ; fuAct ion ; chase ; gcxxl ; joy ; f /ten, thick ; hw =" wh as in when ; 
^ -ix as in arure; kh bcL as in loch. ISee pronunciation key, pages xix to "g^ir 

flora 2; 

nO-ra UcuUr n«lDii. <Ua«rlct. or pariod ofSo 
earlli'i biBUN-y: ■ dao^ptlon of such pluiM. 
nO-TU bling, or roiu£l4iis of, flowenTu. 

J<^10r-eil-ime pertiUnlne OT bclonpJng to 
norenco. Italy: n. hn Inhfthitaot or FlttreQc^r. 
■fln r»e i-Ant (fi8-r*i''i") , adj. breildug 

so-res-ceni )ato bioom: bL«BQminitr^ 

■fln T«f yO'rtO. "■ a "ttlo Hower; one of 
nO-Tei iha Binall Oowwa that miko up 

iuro. or the srovln^ of lloiverv. 

■Brt ri /■111 hira (lO'rl-kdl'lflr; flOrt-kOl*- 

nO-n-GUi-tUre lOrj, n, tte cultu™ of 

■fln ri fill tiir ief (dOTI-HOl'Klf-IM). n. 
ZlO-n-CUl-IUr-lSI one who ig (klUad In 
floriculture, or the culture of flawm. 
"Or-lCl bdlltoot with dwomUoiM; pn- 
fluHr e(nb«lllah«l or elftbor&t«]y decorated. 
—adt. flurliUr- 

flor-in iSSl - ■ ' ^ 

flo-rist i5 

n dUTennt o 

e nllk flbcn: the aott. 

flnce cilt '^ ^^'*' " lolMor nn- 
UObS.SUK twIMcd »n silk, childly tBed 

fl/iea W <fl«»T>, adj. pert«lnlDi( to, or like, 
UOSS-f „(t, anlwlnod rtlk^ downy; light. 
flntjatTA (lot'll), n. things that rest on 
nUl-aKe uie turr^a of ■ liquid, ai drifl- 
irood: Me ability of KDythlug to float. 

flo-ta-tion JS^^of^ST-'jinl o^'th^.u" 

fue of a Uqnld. Alio, flotan. 

fln_til la lH*-"l'ul. "■ a fleet of amaU i«. 

nO-ni-ia Mb^ ^■•.^ pollHn or daitroy«r»waa 

the an. Also, Boiwi. 

flniim-a Iflouna), n. a narrow piece c* 
nOUnCe doth ei—od to the skirt o? a dnw 
1 _,... .^g i^^^ border looM and 

dy,'^HhoVnK laiMtien™'! 

_ . or otluir gnlD: i 

— _ ^nlnkle flour upon.— od^. aoaiv. 

flnor ic-h (fldi'Ui), r.i. M pTVOier or 
nOUr<lSn thrlTe; be TltomoiT^taJrapl; 

; bout or lirag: 
ih: n- a B^ure 
.UKlfuIlT drawn; _ 

^e Intended only ft 

r ahowy parade; 

flout i;saf'i,e;'°S''»"~' - 

n. an Insult; contemptuoua 

flow Pr Pt C™**'). •>- a little flowvi 
UUW-ei-ei a Dorcl. Also, fli>w»t. 

flow-er-pot ^S?^^pj''*^^ £ ;3g 

flnnr ^r v Irtou'Pr-i). oiij. ahoundlnj In, or 
nOW-er-y adorned with, tlowen.: highly 

flnw ITIP' ,ino'lnit), p.ndj. movlDg or pour- 
UOW-mg ing forth, ai a Btream; copioaai 

panldpfe of the trmO' 

.J* and fau. 

:kcl; beundrddedorwanrlna. 

fl,,_ (flOB), n. a pipe or pamge to OODTvy 
nue away smoke. liotaU-, etc.; aoftdowor 

flown ^.ivoaSa int'rSn^t 

fluc-tu-ate {SS^^Vi'^lV;^ 

6. Laily'B illppcr. 


fluency 237 

flii on rxT (fl<^'&i-6l)t n. the xiuality of 
liu-cu-vjr bolng eloqaent; readiness and 
smoothness of speech; the quality of moving 

flii A-nf (flSO'ent). eutj. possesstne readiness 
UU-cut and ease of speech; voluble; elo- 
quent; moving fteely; oiangeable. — ad9. lla* 

iSvn. Howtng, glib, lively, unembarrassed, 

f|.f|v (flOf). n. U^^t down or ftir nap; a 
xxuii flash; puff; v.t. to spread out, as 

fliilT 1 riAce (flOf'I-nte). n. the luality of 
nuH-l-ueSS being downy or fecfhery. 
-fluff \r ('l^^^* ^^' consisting of .' ir covered 
-■-*•**** "J with, light down: downy; feathery. 
flii f/l ifif50l.d), adj. capable of flowing; 
liu-iu liquid or gaseous: n. a substance 
which flows. 

Svn., n. gas, liquid. 
flit iH 1 -Hr (flo54dl-tn. n. the state or 
nU-ia-l-iy quality of being liquid or 
gaseous: aUlity to m>w. 
flitIrA (fl<'Q^)t n. the broad part of an 
11UA.V anchor which is flzed into the ground; 
a flounder; a disease in sheep; a kind ot po- 
tato; one ot the two lobes or ends of a whale's 
taO; a hKky diance stroke in billiards: v.i. 
to score by a hxcky sUY>ke; use the flukes in 
■wlmmlng: said of a whale. 
fl««mA UKJOm), n. a diannel for carrying 
nume wa«er: a gap through which a tor- 


fliftn mt^rxr (Mai'ar-O.n.rp/. flummeries 

num-mer-y l^)^ a custard or Wane- 

mange; Bensesse. 

flttncr (fl^^)i PMt tense and past partl> 

nung ciple of t£« verb fling. 

fltinir (nAAk). n. a complete CaOure: v.i, to 

WULK faU completely; retire through fear. 

flunk V i?**?^' »• ^^' fl'wjdw (-««)]. » 
uuuA.-jr liveried servant: used contemptu- 
ously; a toady; snob. Also, flanksr. 

flunk-y-ism SSSS"^- a"" S^STS 

oalform or of a toady. Also, flirnksylsm. 
flii /\ rAC OATii^A (fl^n'o-rds'Sns) . n.the 
nU-O-reS-Cence quality existing in cer- 
tain transparent or clear bodies of glvtnf off 
under the action of light a color differing from 
their own; the property possessed by certain 
substances of beocnning luminous or bright 
whoi exposed to X-rajrs or other forms of 
light. — v.i. floo r— e s. — mdj. fluo r— c ent, 
flu nr ir (fl<^-3rnrk). ad), pertaining to, or 
Axu-VA-A\/ obtained fhim. fluorine, a pale 
greaBisb-yeQow fas. 

flu nr friA (n^'D'^hi: flOO'dr^n), n. a 
xxu-ui -Mxx^ nonaetallic gasoous ei^nent, 
idmflar to eiilorlno. 

flu-or-o-scope i^^tr'^JS^k "i5c25 

X-ray eayuninations on a prepared screen. 
fliir nr (f^i^r^. v.t. \p.t. and p.p. flurried. 
*****"* J flurri-inj?). to agitate, confuse. 
or bewilder: n. a sudden commotion or excite- 
ment; hurry; a sudden gust; as. a flurry of 

fliiefi (flAsh). r.f. to cause to blush; excite; 
AAUCUA clean out with a rush of water; 
drive firom cover: said ot game birds: c.i. to 
blush; glow; to operate a mine where the 
continuous water supply is not auffldent. by 
damming up the water and releasing it at in- 
tervals in floods: to fill underground spaces, as 
in mines, with matter swept along by water, 
which after the space has been drained, settles 
and forms a solid ma^s: n. a sudden rush of 

water: flow of blood to the face; sudden ex-^ 
dtement or impulse: a flock of gajne birds put> 
to sudden flight; abundance; bloom; growth: 
a hand of cards all of the same suit; a bog or 
morass: adi. level with the surface; qult<e 
full; abimoant; plentifully supplied wltt^ 
money; vigorous: adv. so as to be level. 

flu fill HArlr i^<^^ <1^>' *> ^^^ ^"^^ 
UU8U UCCIL fi^om stem to stem. 

fliic -l-Ai- (flAs'tSr). v.t. to confuse or agl- 
uua-tci tate; hurry: n. agitation or oon- 
flision; excitement. 
flute (^^^)* ^' ^ musical wind Instrument 

furnished with flnger-holes and keys; 
a long channel <Mr 
groove cut in the 
&baf t of a column ; iniit^ 

a similar groove xiuie 

formed for decoration In wood, cloth, etc.: v.t. 
to sound a flute; form parallel grooves or chan- 
nels in; to deOH^te (wood, doth, etc) wltb 
grooves; as. to flute a ruffle. 
flii'f A/1 (fl^t'dd). p.adj. having parallel 
AAUi-cu grooves; having the tone or qual- 
ity of a flute. 

fliif iricr (flWtlng), of flute: n. a 
AAUi«-AAA3 channel or groove; work decorated 
with grooves; as. the fluting of a weman's 
ruffle; a flute.«haped crimp ot wrinkle; the 
act of sounding a flute. 
flii^ le-f (flOOtlst). n. a performer oo th» 
UUt-lbl. flute; a flute player. 
fliif fAr (flflt'Sr). v.i. to move or flap the 
nut- ici wings rapidly ; move rapidly and Ir- 
regularly; be in agitation <v uncertainty : 9.1. to 
cause to move rapidly and irregularly ; to throw 
into conflislon : n. a quick and fiTeguuir motion ; 
vibration; state of exdtetaaent or anxiety. 

fliif fAr wViaaI (flfl<^'?r hwa). a water 

nUl-ier Wneei wheel of moderate sixe 

placed at Uie bottom of a chute ec treugb. 

connected with a chute. 

flii-f rr (fl<K>tl), adj. flutelike In toae; as. a 

nUl-y fluty voice. 

flu vl_fll (flCO'vl-«l)., adj. pertainlBg to. 

**t*- vi-tti growing or liviniBr In. or caused by» 

rivers. Also, flnvlatlle. 

fliiw (flAks). n. any flow or Issue of matter; 

uua flow of the tide: v.t. to melt or fUse. 

fl««-v «^«« (fl&k'shfln). n. the act of flowing 

IIUX-IOII or melting; matter that flows: 

pi. in mathematics, the analysis of very smalt 


^~ (fll). v.i. [p.t. flew, p.p. flown. flying]. 

Uj to move through, or rise In. the air with 

wtngs; pass swiftly: to go quldcly through the 

air as from some driving source; to float ix» 

the air. as a flag; move rapidly; nm away; 

I>art with violence; as. the botue flew Into 

a thousand pieces; to flutter: v.t. to avoid 

or shun; cause to fly or float in the air: n. 

[pi. flies (fliz)). a two-winged insect of many 

kinds, including the common house fly; 

a hook dressed m imitation of a fly. used li> 

fishing; the outer canvas of a double tent; 

a lap on a garment to cover a fastening; 

a disease In turnips; a hackney carriage: pi. 

space over a stage with apparatus for handling 

scenery, etc 

fli7 a nmxr («'<!-▼«'). adj. flinty; not 

liy-a-wuy level-headed: not restrained. 

flxr Kl'inr (flfbisn. n. the egg or larva of 

Ujr-UlOW a fly: r.t. and r.i. in.p. flyblown. flyblowing], to lay eggs m meat. etc.. 

and spoil it. 

flx* A«> (flrSr). n. one who. or that which. 

"y-Cr ^e«. Also, flier. 

flxr in a LAJ'^ff). pad), adapted for flight; 

**j"***6 floating: waving; brief, <^ burned: 

as. he paid a fluina viwit. j 

h6btf f d6t ; found ; boil ; function ; chase ; good ; joy ; then, thick ; hw = wh as in when ; 
th>BZ as in azure; kh «cb as in loch. See pronimciation key, pages xix to xziL 

flying buttress 




r-ing but-tress iS^SS ^^gJl^^' SJ 

strenfftfaening and supporting a part of a 


^-w i-r^rr -fioVi (AITng flsh), a fish with long 

ny-lllg nsn ^ns that is able to remain In 

the air for a short time. 

■a«* :««M> {«Vk (fll'Ing jib), a sail beyond 

nV-lIlg JlD the jib or foremost sail of a 


■fltr 1*fc«i^ (fll'lSfn. n. a blank leaf at the 

Iiy-it?ctl beginning or end of a boolc. 

-Att cmApIr (fli'spwt'). n. the dot or spot 

Uj-apcuik made by the excrement of a 

house fly; hence, any inalgnlflcant speck: 

T.t. to soil with flvspecks. 

-fl-w ivtViaaI (flf'hwSl'), n. a heavy wheel in 

Hy-WnCCl a machine to regulate its 


-f^ol C^)' w. the young of a horae, ass. or 
lOfiU camel: c.t. to bring forth yoimg: said 
of a mare. etc. 

^i%am (f^Qi)' n- the white substance formed 
lOalU on a liquid by violent shaking or fer- 
mentation; flroth: r.t. to cause to foam: r.t. 
to gather foam: be enraged or greatly angered; 
ftoth. — adf. foMny. 

x^y. (fOb). n. a small pocket, especially for 
xQu a watch: a short watch chain or ribbon. 
•4^ <*ol (tS'kil). adj. pertaining to. or placed 
lO-dU at. a focus or central point. 

4r^ <*ol Hie fflnrA (^'ItM dis'tins), the 
lO-Cai aiS-vance distance between the 

center of a lens or mirror and the point 
where the rays converge cr meet. 
•f/> ^ne (fS'kfls), n. [pi. focuses (-*z). fod 
lU-CUo (-si)], the- point ■«h«jre a system of 
rays of light ch* heat meet after being reflected 
cr refracted: any central point: t.t. [p.t. and 

Jhp. focused, focaslnff], to bring to a 
bcus or center. Also, fooalize. 
4rkA /lAf C^'^). "• foo*l for horses, cattle, 
UHl-vlCr or sheep: a weight for load equal 
to twenty-one hundredweight: r.t. to feed 
with fodder. 

4 /MX t^)' "• * personal enemy; Ill-wisher; 
IOC an enemy in war. 

•f/vo man (»o'm&n). n. [pi. foemen (-mftn)]. 
Jivyc - li m ii an adversary or enemy in war. 

^■^10 (fe'tOs). n. the unborn young of 
-lUo animals In the later stage of devel- 

opment. Also, fetus. — adj. foetal, fetaL 
X^ff (f6g). n. condensed watery vapor near 
lUg the surface of the sea or land; bewilder- 
ment; a cloud or haze obscuring a pboto- 
graphic plate: v.i. [p.t. and p.p. fogged, 
foggingl. to become clouded: r.t. to cover 
with mist; to puzzle, 


HatiIc ^^^^ b&Ak). a dense mass of fog 

at sea, appearing like land in 
the distance. 
#/*«• m Itt (f6g1-lD. adv. in a cloudy manner; 
lOg-gl-iy dimly: Indistinctly. 
4 /Mr trt riACC (f^K't-nfe). n. the state of 
IvK-gl-iicoo being cloudy; obscurity; be- 

4/\tr trxr (f<%1). ^^^- abounding In, or filled 
*^6"oJ with, mist and vapor; bewildered; 

f/^o- Vi/^m (f&gtiftrn'), n. a siren or horn 
lUg-UUiu soimded as a warning in a fog 
at sea or on the coast. 

4/\ trxr (^'RJ). n- Ip'- fogies (-giz)], a person 
lU-tV of old-ftfcshioned or eccentric nabits 
and ideas. IColloq.] Also, fogey, focle. 
4rki Kl<k (ibi'bl). n. a failing or defect in 
lUl-UlC character; the weakest part of the 
blade in a sword. 

4/\i^ (foil), r.t. to baffle or fkiLstrate: defeat: 
lull n . a long thin fencing weapon with a 

button on the end; the trail of hunted , 
a thin plat4^. or sheet of metal; a contrast to 
set .something off to advantage; a small aro 
in the tracery of a Gothic window, etc. 



(foist). v.t. to insert wrongftilly or 
surreptitiously; pass or palm <Mf aa 
genuine: with in, into, upon. 
TTnlr Ir^r (fCk'Sr). n. an early type of 
fUiL-JkCA German monoplane. 
4rAA (f51d) lay, as one part over another; 
lUlU inclose; wrap up; shut up In a pen «• 
fold: n. a part bent or doubled over another; 
a plait; a pen for sheep; flock of sheep: the 

4rAA Ar Cf51'dSr). n. one who. or that which. 
lUiU-Cl folds; a circular, map. or time- 
table; a name tor various instruments or con- 
trivances for folding. 

-frvl A^ ^rA (f61'aP-r61') . n. mere nonsense; 
lOi-Cie-rOi an idle fancy or conceit; a silly 
trifle. . Also, falderal. 

4rAA imr Hoorc (fSldlngdSrz), a palrof 
lOia-ing aOOrS doors hung on opposite 
side-posts and meeting in the middle. 
4^ 1« A ^A#\i«o (fol^S'shfls). adj. resem- 
lO-il-a-CeOUS bUng. shaped like, or hav- 
ing. Reaves. 

4f\ M acTA (fOTI-aJ). n. leaves collectively: 
lU-U-aKC the artistic representation or 
leaves, flowers, etc., as in architectural 

4r\ 15 o-l-A (fS'U-At). adj. leafy; In the shape 
iU-U-ctlC of a leaf; beaten into a leaf, as 

4r\U af tkA (nJII-Sffid). p.adj. beaten. 
•".v-u-ttl-ci* formed into, or cov« 

thin plates; 

decorated with 

covered with, 
leaflike oma- 

4r\ M Q -fi/wi (fCII-a'shlXn), n. the act of 

iU-U-a-UUU leafing; the act or process of 

beating a metal into thin plates; the number 

of the leaves of a book. 

4rk U rt (fO'W-o; fSl'yS), n. a book of the 

lU-U-U largest size formed by folding a 

sheet of paper once; a page of manuscript or 

printed matter; the right and left hand 

pages of a lodger, etc.; in legal documents. 

seventy-two words of manuscript; In Cod- 

gr^Hioual reports, one hundred words; a case 

fur music, etc. : adj. consisting of a sheet of 

paper folded once: r.t. to page. 

frtllr (^>^^' "• people in general; a kindred 

•IvUv tril>e, race, or nation: pi., colloquially. 

one's rclatlNTs. 

•f/\1b> /lon^A (fokd&ns),adanc©charact€t^' 

lOlK aance istic of some special race. 

usually of the peasants of that race. 

4rAh' 1/\rA (fok'lorO.n.populai' tradltloiia. 

1U1A.-JU1 c customs, bellefe. etc. 

4rAh' crvntr ^^^ sdng). a popular song 

lOlK song or ballad, illustrative of die 

common life of the people. 

folk speech ^"diSf^'o/^SnteS 


4F/\11r -falA ^^ok tSI). a story or legend 
lUlA. UXLSS handed down in a certain race 
from its ancestors, and characteristic of that 

4rA 1i riA (Wn-kl),n. a seed vessel: a very 
lUi-Ai-i'ic small tube en* cavity; a simiMe 

4rA Iniir (f^'5). ft. to go or come after: 
lui-iuw pursue; succeed In order; accom- 
pany; attend; support the opinions or cause 
of; imitate or oonrorm to; watch or attend to 

4te, sftnftte, r&re, cit, locil, fJlr, Ask, pdrade; sctoe^ 6vent, ftdge, novll, reffir; 
n^t, sin; cdid, 6bey, cOrd, st6p, compare; -finit, finite, bftm, c8t, fodb, menii; 

lopncttoe; m, to/otlaukpnifUaloa: 
I or craw mtler uxitlur; Ksult: a. & 

In bUUards or ouquet. 

I, taaaa, Imllalc. copr. piii~ 

-iOW-Vr anotb^; a dliditle, »ttanduit, 

or dupoidait; one of Uw nine MCt or pirty. 

^fn. poftMui, dladpla. Bdhamit. retalnv. 

fol-lov I; 

f oily i 2 

fo-mei ?. 

fojnei ^ 

or medic be 

fo-mei '"" 

fond 2 S: 

£vn- eouBOrad. fttuchad. 

Atu. (aee unfriendly) . 
Inn Aim COn'dl). >.(- U> cueH; treat with 
lo /onAi It pet. * 

faSiess SSffi' ■Jia,"""- "«" 
font !i°a I 

med In IwpUi 

fflish-ness ^J^S'' &.''&« 

(Jl DBUI« DDWiac. 

lOOl-prOOI prevent thooalitleaa penoua 
from turmlns UisaiBlvee: u, uiU Kon bM not- 
only the iinul nfety atch but BOotba' /Ml- 
jitdq/ device ae well. 

lOOlS-Cap tbom aevenieeo Indua by four- 

• — 1 Inches: crlgliuUy VBlo^mariied vhli Ito 

■nd beUa ttnxtrlr worn br profeHtonal. 

■ on oTlSia 

1. [pi. I 

fool-har-di-ness 'J^^V^^^l,^ 


ue, hastr. ed- 

fool-ing ^a li.r^'; 

iCHr: iMlcntoM: 

bottom: ctOlaqdal^. to ps;; u, (o^>M tiM hill. 
lOOt-Dail gnme. In wUcti two opposiDC 
teoma trr to pua ■ ball br csrrjing or IdA- 
tng. IhroaA or beTond oppoiilta aoala; a 
large ball of inflated rubber cased In leather 

bedatoaii]; a board used u> support the feet. 

font Pd <n»t'«d).<«'M'»vliigft6t; havhiB 

IVUl-CU BO maiiy, or such, feet; as. foui^ 

fooUd, mb-foated. 

tnnt foil (fSM'OM*). n. a footatep: tte 

lOOt-iaU sound of a fooMtep. 

tnn* liill IKbtHQI, n. a low hill at Ui» 

lOOT-nUl bottom of a mountsln nu«e. 

f««+ tinW (fOWHSldl. n. eerare position; 

lOOt-nOia a place wbe«i one mnj staiuf 

f, round or support- 

nt of a 


f Udiw 


at the botlom'of a paae, 

foot-pad iI£S''?E''„ 

fftrtt nniinri <"*' pound) ibe unit rf" 
required to ralae one pound throush a Bpaca- 

foot-print SKK;, "■ "• "" 
foot sol-dier ;£SSSr^.,"3f£ 


foot-sore ^'^m'^ii^'"'^ ""'**■ 
foot-stalk ',^''^^'Ui'iLtS\'iJi 


b«M,f«t;toaBd; boll; fuictioo; chase; good; joy; (ften.thickihwwh aa in riien; 
-•- ■ as in aiuie; kh—ch aa in locb. See pronnndation kejr, pages xix to cdi. 

footstep 2 

lOOI-Siep union ofUiBiOotln»wppliig:thD 
■Dund of B sUp; the liaprtat or murk of ■ foot. 

foot-stool ff'sr^; "iva.Si52 

5vn. dnde' 

foMer-y ISMiaA..'! 


lop-pish SKi'j i«„sr 

4^r (R>r). pr^P- In place 
»0r fcr tke nke of; - 
tlw noBber or smtm 

fore i"a>'rSai 

puppr. Jadcft- 

notwltlutuidlag : 


wtttL provlikHu; to strip of pro« 
coantry In wbtUiiib- 


»■ food or pn> 

nramucji an me nme tii 

fnr^v irar'D.n. tab. 
lor-ay ,.(. to piundtr ■ 

for-bade <^'^i 

for-bear fSb^'l^e!' J 

rafriJn. wlthlK^d. 

Sim.'sbvUln, rafnjn. wtthhr^d. 
4nr 1\ear «or-b»r'; fOj-blr). n. an mn- 

lor-oear c«ior auo, ig»b*«. 
for-bear-ance {leTee^tadS^wi £,u' 
f or-bid SGSS^-. rlii^Kj^^^^i 

to proUblC: comawul nut to do: oppoM. 

ctlTe powv; Tlfcr; 
rgy: vlalenae; power 
Lce: n»uiiiw; troops; 

■nUBUeiwi « innnea or orw-'"' — 

IswftU Ttoleoee to profmnr 

of TDotioQ. In b bodr: t-t- to i 
power br ■trength ; Impal: piub, um. >uuu, 
cams to EToir or ripen br lutlBcial or fal« 
lde*u; Alp to fora planu to grow b; artl- 
Octat h«t. 
Sftt n. 


•pceob — adf. tnoidaln'. 

^nri'A mii<i+ KSn'mttl. n. meat flncly 

lorce-meaT chopped KDd higur k^ 

terA^c '"''■'■Sps). "■ pincers or pllera for 
-CepS MiEioK And emraetlnit unythloji, 
fnr ft KIb KOr'sl-bl). oilj. characterieed 
ZOr-CI-Die by menljil or phyilcal power; 

4f.rfi (rani). "■ a aluiilow part of ■ Mraaio. 
lOra etc . which can be croMod on foot by 

_ 1.. n. foRtbought. premedltaUon. 
IOre<CaS-Ue the part of a VBMl fbrwal 
B roreoail when tbe > 

fore-doom iSj£2S?'iifl« 

Ity ba(«ehat>d. 

fore-father S2f;^'ii, 

tied by oar forifaUixrt. 

fore-fin-ger {JSt^uf^ ^ 



H, Ibitfortfr 


bj wUh. A 

fore-go ) 

fore-ground i?^'^'SSi."pJ^rS 
fore-handS^3' h'S..C%; 

racket with tbe front of the hand toward tba 

ttiva httaA £f(^Ml, n. that part of tit* 
lOre-Ueaa t^cr between the ^a aad tiM 

fnr f^iim I'Onnl.odl. belonrfngto. or co»- 
lOr-eigU nected wltli, uoOiv natloa (w 

fnr <iicm_»r (fBr')n-«r). n. a dUun of a 
lOr-eign-er tonlgn countrr; an Iminl- 

xrant not admitted to dllien^p, 

fore-know JScS?- — "-— ----'^ 

Ite, eenAte, i&rc, cit, lodl, iSa, dRk, pdrade; edne, event, edge, oovtl, refBr^ 
Ti^t. fdn; cftid, Obey, cArd, Ftfip, cfimparc; flnit, Qnite, blirn, est, focfie, mentt; 


lOre-iana /ecUng into the sea: headland. 

•f/i«-A 1/w«1r (fOrOok'). n. a lock of hair 
lUiC-lUvA. growing on the fcnrehead: a 
linchpin or bolt. 

I ore-man (.m£n)], the spokesman of a 
inry; an oreraeer. 

^^«-A -rvKKH* (fSr'mAst). n. the mast nearest- 
lOre-IUasit the bow or ftont of a vessel. 
f/^«-A m/%cf (fSr'mSst). adf. dilef; first; 
I0re-lI10s>t as. the foremost man In the 
community; a matter of /oremo«< Intwest. 
4r\'rA r%rk^t> (fOr'nOOn'). n. that part of 
lOre-nOOn the day befoie twelve o'clock, 
midday; the early i>art of the da^. 

fortkn CIO (fi^ren'slk). adj. pertaining 
-icii-oiv to, or used In. courts of Jus- 
tice or public debate; as. a forensic term; 
suitable Tor argument. 

frkrA Ar_Hain (^r'OiMltaO.P.t. to appoint 
XOre-Ui-UiUU beforehand; to predestine; 
to decree beforehand. — n. foieordlnatien. 
f^^A «^in (fSr-rOnO. r.f. [p.<. foreran, p.p. 
lUlC-xull forerun, forerunning], to 
go before; iM«cede; announce. 
frk«-A «iri rior (rar-riln'fir), n. a messenger 
lOre-rUn-ner sent before; herald; some- 
thing that precedes a person or event. 

iSyit. harmnger, omen. 
f/v«>A eofl (ror's&l'; natU. fSr'sl or f5*sl). n. 
lUi C-oau a large square sail, the principal 
ooe on the foremast. 

f/i«-A cAA (fOr-fl60. v.t. to have knowledge 
lOre-See ©f befor^mnd; 

to see before- 

fore-shadow MlgSLA'; Sr^" 

b efore hand by an indistinct representation or 

^-.__ -,t«^_^ (HSr'shSr*), n. that part of a 
lOre-Snore beach or shore between the 
high and low water marks. 
f nrA eViArf Afi ('Sr-«hOr'tn). v.t. in draw- 
lOre-SnOIT-en ing or nalntlng. to short- 
en or make objects smaller so that thesr 
wfU appear in the picture as they lo<^ when 
viewed obllquelv. or so that objects la the 
badEground will appear smaller than these 
In the TiBBground; to give perspective to. 

"to; n. * 

241 forgivable 

bef(»«hand so that aflain will shape them- 

selvM as desired. 

-f/^t-A 4-r\ IrATi (f^^tSIm). n. an omen: v4, 

lOre-IO-Ken lar-tdnok), to be a s^n 

coming Defcn<e; to be an omen of: as. the 

vi<Aeoce of the storm foretokened disaster to 

the ships. 

fi%«-A 4'^Tk ffQr'tdp'). n. the platform at th« 

lOre-IOp heed of a foremast. 

4f%rtk^ff\rk miicf (fSr'Mip'mdst). n. the 
lOre-XOp-maSI section of a mast above 
the foremast. 

if\r A17 Ar (fdr-^'Sr). adv. at all times; 
xui-cv-ci through eternity: perpetually. 

Syn. endlessly, interminably, eternally, 
always, unceasingly. 

for-ev-er-more IS'-^^S^^^^'^ 


for A xiram (n>r-wOm'). r.f. to advise or 

lUic-waiii warn beforehand: as. to /or»- 

trom a person of danger. 

fftrA XMTfWii ('Or'wOrd'). n. a prefsce; In- 

lOre-WOra troductlon to a book. 

f/^f f Ai-f (nVr'nt). n. a fine or penalty: e.f. 

lur-ieu to lose, as a position, right, or 

advantage, by neglect: adi. alienated or lost. 

■f/^f- -f Ai •Hit* A (rar'fl-tfir). n. the act of los- 

lOr-iei-IUre ing possession; that which 

is yielded; penalty. 

f/%r itki\A ^dr-f«ndO. 9.t. to ward off; as, 

lOr-ieua Beaven fbrfend such a disaster. 

fnr_irflt1i Pr ('5r-«»<*'««'). i'*- to assemble, 

IOr-ga.Ul-er to come together. 


fore-sight igr^ii^' l^^S^'iSLm 

UMO^t tor the future. 

4rtr AQ^ (ffir'tet) . n. a large extent of ground 
AUi-Coi oovered with trees; woodland; an 
iincnltlvated tract of land, more or less cov- 
ered with trees and undergrowth: «<^. per- 
tainlBg to woodland; rustic; sylvan: r.r. te 
cover with trees or woods. 
#A«*A efall (f3r-«tdl0. v.t. to get ahead of: 
lUt C-oUUl to hinder; prevent; anticipate 
or expect; boy up In advance. 
4nrA efoir (fOr'stS'). n. a strong rope 
^Ore-Suiy reaching from the foremast- 
head to the bow of a vessel to strengthen the 

f A«* Aof A«> (f^lr'Cs-tfir). fi. one skflled in 
IUt-CI»i-ci knowledge of trees and timber; 
"kn ofiloer who has charge of a forest; an in- 
habitant of a forest or wUd region. 
4rk^ Ao^ TV ('Or'ist-rD. n. the art of cultl- 
lOr-eSl-ry yatlng trees hi woodland or 
managing timber. 

fore-taste «S2SSJ-: ''k^^^l^SJ^r: 

brief ezperleaoe bef<H«hand. 

4ftrA 'I-aII (fSr-t«r). v.t. to predict or 

lOre-ieU prophe»^; to teU beforehand. 

fnr^ thnttohf (w'tW^*). n. a plannlng- 
lOre-vnuugnt out beforehand ; csre taken 


for-gave M?^.^ tense of th. 

4f\rtrtk (f^\ fon). 9.t. to fMhion (a piece of 

IVAKV metal) by heating and hammerlnc; 

formlnto shape: invent; 

counterfeit, with intent 

to defraud; impd fcnr- 

ward: v.i. to be gufltv 

of counterfeiting with 

Intent to deAraud; so < 

slowly or with difflciuty : 

n. an open fire in whidi ablack- 

smith heats irons Inr forced 

draft, and ftwhi<uis the metal 

while hot: a place where metal 

is heated and shi^wd; 

smithy; woricshop. 

Syn., V. coin, invent, 
frame, felgnj^ counterfeit. 

if\rtr tkr <^i*l »r'J8r). n. one 
iUi{;-Oi who commits the crime 
of counterfeiting handwriting; . one who heats 
and du4;>es metal. 

4^T amkT xt (fSr'Jfir-I: fOr'Jfir-I). n. the ad 
VjX'^^^X'y of counterfeiting the hand- 
writing of another with intent to defraud ; the 
act of counterfeiting cnr making false coin. 

p.p. for- 
to k)M 
sMght. ^^ 

f or-get-ful <S3S2rr i4&i?? 'IgS.Jf 

less. — odr. fergettiillir. 

f or-get-ful-ness ^^„X°^- »SJ 

remembering; loss of remembrance; neglect. 

f or-get-me-not i2Sf^'^'';5Ji 

bright dcy-blue flowers. 
f Arir ificr (^r'JIng). n. metal shaped bj 
****&****& hammering; as. the steel /orflnyf 
In a bridge. 

for -giv-a-ble JSyg:'g;S!^^!'^- «^* 

bddt, f d6t ; found ; boil ; function ; chase ; good ; joy ; fAen, thick ; hw « wh as in when; 
Xh na as in azure; kh ach as in k)ck. See pfoauackition key, pages xix to^xdi. 

for-give nSSSi-p^fe^SSt" 

don; r«mLt. am a dn, oiTaniie^ debt, etc 
to diapk&y domency or l«i1«]C7. 

Syn. pontoD. remit. nbaolTS, koqult. e 

iw. ordlg 

TVtl nopejflss. 

Sj/n- foTvaken, daotAt«. looa- 

fcr-lom hope '.SXJSS-'.S'^. 

■ervloe itf Rreat duunr; a hopeleai caitei^tiB 
«■ iitujerttiklng. 

Irm). n. tlie eitenul or outnnl 
— ■ -T BbATW of Any^iEni 

I bmch wiuiout a iMck; > 
■i nsia (x Blgh omdltloa or fltnin; u. 
ma playing In Rood form: tjpsa. pUtea, 

lodced In s frame readr for pHnCing: 

*X to give ih&pe lo; create: mold <o a 
particular pactim: conceivB or Iina«ine; 
Gooatltut«: davbe; adlust: rd. to take ihape. 
Sun,f n. obsemDce. rite, flgure. ahapo, 
ttaloa. appearanoe. ■ambiance. 
#!«• mal <tt>r'mU). adj. according to ciu- 

log tin oacinrd shape wlUiout etas inwanl 


m^odlcal. affsctfld. 

Atit. (*ee InfOrmatloa. natiiral). .' 

formjajJe-hyde SSS'ISSJ-; 

dUnSactanC or pmuler and aa an anlbeptlc 

for-nml-iil iSSSSffWiJf ST, 

fArmal i +ir (TOr^il'I-tO.n.IpI.rarmall- 

fownal-ize K^Si'^SSSTS 


•U« b diaped. . 

TOiX of 'otBrlr 

2 fortissiiniO 

form-a-tive iSpTSrU^t-SSK 

plantlc or pllaUe: n. a Had made 07 addtnc 

lOr-mer orpla<»; prevlouslymi 
Ifdrm'Sr) , one who Bhapai or — '-^ 
.Sim., odj. a— ' — ■ — 

for-merJy £?■£?;„"?■;.. 

travel nere formerly laa conTcn 
tbey are to-day. 


oatUse. — n. Iwml mmta . 

■frtr mrti (fOr'mOl). n. a ■ohitkni of tbRoal- 

ttt^ -rtm la (iCr'ma-U), n. [01. lUnnnlaa 
tOr-mU-la ;.lai), rormulai MB), a nta- 
Kilbad rule or model: a group of amboli. 
ii^iuMlug the comnoalUDn or cooteola of 
a diemlcAl compouitd; an onlrr^y etatonalt 
oThUch or docuine: a pmcrlptloii: a recipe: 
tlie exprfsslon of a rule by algebraic aymbola. 

for-mu-late SfSiSa'aSaSSi 

rule or redpe; Qi or slate. In definite U 

for3-ca-tion SSfSt _ 

Isve: desert; abandon; depart (r — 

gallant gentleman. faraoMltl 

lOI-SWear „„. fomroro. tt>rtwaar> 

Ingl. to take an oath tUady: iJ. to dear on 

oatJi; renounce eameetlr. 

fort ^"'- "' "^ Inaosed fOrtlfled plaoe: 

forte SSSiCiXisiSSSsSL-'-" 

tnr ta (fBr'ai). odj. and adr. iaal: » t«n> 
lOr-ie ^oond lo music. [It.| 
tnr*\t (fflrthl . adr. onirard la Ume, pUoB. or 
lOna onlw; forward: abroad: awajr. 

forthj;om-ing ^SSPS-,.®"; 

about (o appear: n. a coming fiirtb. 

fnrl'>i riaht (fSrth 'rif; f5rUi*rttO. a*. 

lOnn-ngai slralAlfomrd: at <»>». 

lOna-WlU inunedlatdr: diteetlyi u. 
be forlfiiiPllh obeyed the command. 

for-ti-eth iSS'a&Si.'n.'i^rS 

S?.SS!c"2on sf-sass'iMt 

log or smnnbeolng dafkmaes: a rallllarr 

San, ton. dtadel. eiro^i<£l 
tnr +i fi ar ((fOr'H-n'CB. n. am trbo. or 
lOT-U'^-er that whlcli. ItBtlflM or makw 

fo^-Jy ffi|g.-,Sifttrt£&SS 

br mlUiarr woria: mak e aPo ngj epecuMgi 


eenlto, rlre, dLt, lodl, fir, iak, pdrade; solne, Areot, Uge, norilt rrfb] 
> dn; cftld, Ob^, cOrd, atitp, compare ;. Quit, ttmte, bfirn, oflt, focfa,naenai 




^44 i^itflA tfOr'tl-tOdj.n. mental strengtii 
-U-bUUO to aodiiM suffering or adver- 
tfty wltli oonrago. 

Svn. aodumnoe. raolatioii, fearlennesB. 
A.nt' (see weaknees). 

fort-night ^?^e^'°"'' "• * "^ 

##\«-f Tklahi' Ixr (»rt'nIt-U). adv. once every 

lUi l-uigui-iv fourteen days: adi. coming 

"ot Issued every fortnight; as. the Fortnigfulv 


Xfx'r 4v^oe (fOr'trfis). n. a large permanent 

lOr-XreSo fortified place fOr aefense or 

security: castle; fort. 

4£\r Ht I f/\iic (f<ir-t(l1-tfis), adf. happen- 

lOr-rU-l-lOUS ^g by chance: accidental; 

casuaL— iK'v- fortnttously. 
4£\r -Hi « 4^ (fdr-tai-tO. n. Ipl. fortuities 
lOr-IU-I-iy (.tiz)J. an accidental occur- 
rence; dianoe. 

for-tujiate ^*^*^hS^iJr"&; 

, £yn. happy, prosperous. 
t AfU. (see uxifortunate). ^ ^ 

for-tu-nate-ly i^r'Skf^- 'S?inS 

. bring success or prosperity. 

Xg^^ fiiriA (fOr'tOn). n. the good or iU that 
aui-iuuc happens to mankind; chance: 
fate: estate; wealth; possessions; future 
destiny: as, to tell one's /ortuns. 

Syn. rack, property, possession, ridies. 

Ant. (see loss, misfm^une). 

for -tune hunt-er ^Sr^o^Sa^Mi; 

marry an heiress or wealthy woman. 
4e\r "Hr (f^^^» odj. one more than thirty- 
AUi -ijr nine: n. the sum of ten and thirty: 
the si^ representing it. as 40 or xl. 

fo«^1m (fS'rfim). n. [pi. fora C-rd). forums 
-rum (-riSmz)l. the public place of meet- 
ing in ancient Rome where the law courts, 
public offices, etc.. were situated; hence, a 
place of public resort, or court of law ; a gath- 
ering for public discussion. 
4/\r ^MrarA (fOr'wSrd). adv. onward: In 
AVi-wcuu advance; toward the forepart: 
adj. situated near the fhjnt: early in season 
or preparation; ready: prompt; presump- 
tuous; unreserved; not overmodest; eager: 
earnest: impertinent: inter j. ont v.t. to help 
forward; quicken or hasten; improve: 

4f\r txrafA riAcc (fOr^wCrd-nes), n. the 
lOr-Wara-neSS gtate or quaUty of being 
in advance; readiness; impertinenoe; pert- 

tOr-WArCl-Cr promotes or Ihelps along; a 
m«t:hant v^o transmits goods; in book- 
binding, the wcMTkman who puts the book 
into its cover and passes it on to the finisher. 
frkv xtTO'rAc (fOr'wSrdz). adv. forward; in 
lUi -WoXUd the direction of the fhmt or 
forepart. Also, forward. 
ftf\e e{1 COsH). n. any organic body, as an 
lUo-oU animal or plant, which by burial In 
the euth has become petrified or chaneod to 
sUMie; a person antiquated or old-fasnloned 
tn hb ideas: adj. pertaining to. of the nature 
of. or converted Into, a fossil; dug from the 

fos-stt-if^r-ous ffillig;»'iSat.'"& 

bodies changed Into stone. 
4r\a eil ita (fSsH-Iz). v.t. and v.i. to petrify 
AUo-ou-l^c or turn to stone: to render, or 
to beyme. antiquated or old-fashioned. 

• child 
or resjiwl by one 

4rkG -fAr (ffis'tSr). vjL to nourish; 
AUd-iCi rear up; sustain or aopport; 

•St^ tend, harbor, nurtare. 

Ant. (see neglect). 

fos-ter child iS^f •*™'- 

who Is not its parent. 

•f/\i<ifl'Vi'f (^W* P>^ tense and past partldplo 

lOUgni of the verb fight. 

frkiil (foul), adj. offendve. morally or physi- 
AUiu cally; dirty; impure; filthy; hateful: 
loathsome; disgraceful; unfair; dbudy and 
stormy; contrtuy. as a wind: thick with 
weeds, etc.; entangled, as an anchor: n. an 
unfair play in football or other games; a 
wilful collision: tn baseball, a ball struck by 
the batter which first strikes the ground out- 
side of the base lines: v.t. to make dtaty; 
sully or defile; come into collision with: v.i. 
to become dirty; in baseball, to strike a fbul 
ball. — adv. foully. 

Syn., adj. impure, nasty, unclean. 

Ant. (see pure, clean). 
4fwi XarA (f^i^rd'; tCa'U^), n. a Itaht 
lOU-iara sllk. or sUk-cotton washabls 
dress fabric; a silk handkerchief for wear 
round the neck or head. [Fr.] 
4rktA riAce (foul'nfis). n. the state or Qiial» 
1UIU-U699 ity of being unclean. 
frk«««%/l (found), past tense and past par- 
lOUna tidple of the verb find: v.t. to Uy 
the basis of; build; fix firmly; establish; 
originate: form by melting a metal and pour- 
ing it into a mcdd; cast. 
fmifi-Hii firm (foun-da'shfln). ». tho 
lOUn-aa-UOn basis or lowest part of a 
steucture; groundwork; the principles or 
origin of anything: an endowment or gift of 
money to support an institution; the first 
stitches in knitting or crochet. 
4r\9%'nA Av (fotm'd@r). n. one who starts. 
lOUUa-er layg the basis of. or originates: 
builder : one who casts metal: v.t. to sink 
by filling with water; disable or make lame: 
said of a horse: v.i. to fill and sink: go lame. 
f/\im/1 trier (founding), n. the method of 
lOUna-mg maWng articles of cast iron, 
brass, etc., by melting and pouring Into a 
mold; the establishment of an institution, etc. 
fniifiH lifio* (found'img), n. a child found 
lOUna-iing after ha\ing been deserted 
by its parents, who are unknown. 
4f%ttt% Arxr (foun'drl). n. [pi. foundries 
lOUn-ary ?-<irIz)l. tke pUce where metal 
casting is carried on; as. an iron foundry. 
f rkiinf (fount), n. a spring of water; original 
luuui source: as. the fourU of every blessing. 
f/\iin 4a in (foun'tin). n. a natural or arti- 
lOUn-iain j^clal spring of water: the head 
or source of a river: a Jet or spout of water; 
the first cause cv origin. 

foun-tain-head iX*'?^'w&i."!: 

Stream flows: the first source. 
frktin -fain rkAn Jfoun'tln p6n), a pen 
lOUn-tam pen bavlng a space In itS» 
holder for a supply of ink. 
fmtr (^i*)* <>«/• consisting of one more than 
AVUA three: a cardinal numeral: n. the sum 
of three and one; the sign representing it, 
as 4 or iv; a four-oared boat, or its crew. 
4f\ttr 4e\lA (fSr'fdld'), n. a quantity four 
lOur-IUiU times as much: adj. consisting 
or made up of Ibur: adv. four times. 
fnitr.tti.Yf on H (fSmrn-hftud*). n. a coach 
lOUr-m-nana drawn by four horses and 
driven by one person; a necktie, worn tied In 
a knot so as to leave the ends hanging down: 
adi. and adv. with a team of four horses. 

boot, fd6t ; found; boil; function; chase; good; joy ; f/ien, thick ; hw = wh as in when; 
zh »z*as in azure; kh «ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxii. 




frkiir nooii (fOOr'nd'). n. the ch*mber of 
lOUr-neaU a mine In which the powder to 
plftced. [Fr.] 

lOur-ra-gere tion granted to an entire 
body of tnxHW for dtotingutohed bravery in 
action, consisting of a braided cord of a 
desifraated color, to be worn about the left 
shoulder seam of the coat by every man of 
the unit so decorated. (Fb.J 
fmir cntriA (f^sflm), golf , a matdi 
lOUr-SOnie in which two play on eachslde. 

fmir finiiflrtfi (fSr'skw&rO. adf. and adv. 
lOUr-Square having four equal sides; 
uivle^t and honest; in a square form. 

four fAATi (fSp't^n': fSr'tSn'), adf. coo- 
lUiU-U7CU sisting of four more than ten: 
fi. thr sum of thirteen and one; the sign rep- 
resenting it. as 14 or xlv. 

f Aiir f AATiffi (fSftSnth'; fSr'tenthO.orfi. 

lOUr-ieenm fourth in order after tenth: 

fi. one of fourteen equal parts. 

foiirfli (f^^(^)> <^J' i^ext in order after 

AVUi ui ^ird: n. one of four equal parts: 

a musical tntwval or sx>ace of two tones and 

one semitone: Fourtlu the fourth day of 

July; Independence Day. 

4f\t-tt^\% 1x7 (fSrth'U), adv. in the fourth 

XOUrm-Xy place; as. fourthly. I shaU 

prove to 3rou. etc. 

inoA (fool), n. a bird, especially, the com- 

AVWi B^on rooster or hen; poult^; birds 

collectively: v.i. to catch or Kill wild birds 

fbr sport or fbod. 

f/\<tx7l Av (foul'Sr). fi. one who catches or 

lOWl-er irtiis ^d birds for sport or food. 

f/wrl l-ntr (fouling) , n. the act or practice Of 

lUWi-Ulg catching or shooting wild birds. 

fowi-ing piece ';s^;^^hrS^i 

Ing and ordinary sport. 

fnY (f&lo>)> ^- A small animal ot the dog kind 

^^•^ noted for its cunning: hence, a sly. 

cunning person: v.t. to make sour, or turn 

reddtoh; repair: said of boots: watch slyly: 

f.i. to turn sour or become reddish; act as a 


f/vw K-nicfi if^^ brOsh). the tall of a 
lOX DrUSn ^ox: as, the fox trush to the 
trophy ef the chase. 

4f\T£kA (fOkst). stained, as timber, or 
AUACU spotted, as prints, books, etc., with 
a reddish discoloration or stain; repaired 
with leather: said of a boot. 
4f\-r trtnxrA (fBks'giav). n. any of varieus 
IUA-giUV6 plants of the flgwort family, 
the most common having purple flowers, 
and leaves which arc usod in medicine. 
fnx ffrnnA ^'^iP prap). any one of sev- 
^^•^ &* ape eral kinds of American granes. 
■fnT- hcktttiA (fOks'hound'), n. one of a 
lOZ-nOUna breed of dogs used for fox- 

frkv t VI ACQ (f^'<il-nSs), n. sly cunning, or 
*^*"*'"'*^* shrewdness; the state of being 
decayed, or sour. 

fnT in <r (fSlc'sInf ), n. a plecp of leather used 
ifjA-UJ^ iQ mending the upper of a shoe. 
ff^'m -fail (f5ks't&l'), n. the name of various 
AUA-uui kinds of grass; the tall or brush 
of a fox. 

f^w frnf (f^ks tr5t). a modem dance In 
auA MAifh four-four time, including walking 
steps, two-step, etc. 

ff^f Tf (fSk'sO. adj. pertaining to, or like, a 
AVA-v f^j^. cunning; craffcy; reddish-brown; 
•oured; discolored or stained. 
inxr Ar ('o*'8r: fw&^yS'). n. the lobby or 
AVjr-CA entrance hall of a theater, hotel, 
etc.; la France, a hearth orfcome. f Pa.] 

fro -T AC (Mtloto: Fb. trdndi'), n. a notoy 

Aia-vaa quarrel; as. the boys engaged In a 

general fracas. 

irat^ -firkn (MLk'shfln). n. a part broken off: 

iritC-UUU act of breaUng; the state of 

being broken; a part of a unit, as H. 

^ar finn nl (fHLk'shan-U), adj. pertain- 

7Xa\;-UUIl-IU in» to, or coMtituUng. a 

fraction; very small. 

fror -Hniifi (fHUc'shfls),«d!i. unruly: cross; 

iraC-UOUS peevish; rebellious; as.a/roo- 

tUnu chUd. — n. fractloosness. 

Syn. touchy, testy, peevish, firetful. 

Ant. (see tractable). 
fror fiirA (f^Lk'tOr), n. a part broken: a 
xiav-iuxv break caused by violence; sepa- 
ra^on; the direction in whidi a mineral 
breaks so as to snow its texture: v.t. and t.i. 
to break or crack, as a bone, etc 
f^otf «1a CWUIl). adj. easily broken; weak; 
irag^e deUcate; as, fragile china. 

Syn. brittle, ftall, feeble. 

Ant. (see strong). 
4^Q ml 1 fv (frd-jni-tl). n. ^e state of 
lia-^Al-l-ijr being delicate or easily broken. 
4'ratr mAn-f (fHl^mSnt). n. a part broken 
"ag-meni qq ftom a whole; an imperfsct 


frflcr mATi +fl rxr (ft*K'm8n-tft-rf), adj. 
ilg-nieu-la,-r y peruanlng to, or com- 
of, broken parts; disconnected. Also. 

fra-granCe qualffy orbSng sweet-smeS^ 
ing. Also, fragraBoy. 

4ra ffranf (fr&'gr&nt), adj. sweet-smelling: 
•■^•♦-B* ****•• as. a fragrant flower. — am. 

frail i^f^l)> a<M- fkagtle or easily broken; 
****** brittle; weak, physically or morally ; 
tnflrm: n. a basket made of rushes. 
frail fv (flr&l'tl) . n. [p/. fk«iltles (-tfz)], weak- 
^M-fXiX'iy ness: physical, mental, or moral, 
liability to be deceived or misled; a fUling; 
a sin due to lack of control or mcnal weakness. 
from A (fr&m), n. something constructed or 
liaiiic made of parts fitted and Joined 
togetho*: that on which anytJiing to held or 
stretched; as. a quilting frame; any con- 
trivance for Inclosing, admitting, or sup- 
porting something; as, a window frame; 
shape; temper; state; as, of the mind: rJ. 
to nt (one thing) Into another; shape or fbrm; 
adjust or regulate: Invent; adapt. 

Syn., V. construct, coin, forge, mold, feign, 

from Ar (ft^^m'Sr). n. one who fits ot 
Aioiu-Ci shapes; a contriver; as, the 
framers of a tanflf bill. 

from A MTCkrlr (fram'wOrk*), n. that which 
iroiuc-wuiiL incloses or supports any- 
thing; the basis for a more complete structure. 
fron/* (fr&i^k). n. a French coin, the unit of 
Axouu monetary value equal to 19.3 cents. 
fron rfiiGA (frftn'chiz; fr&n'chiz). n. Ub- 
AltUl-l/UloC crty; fteedom; the constitu- 
tional right of suffnige. or right to vote; a 
particular privilege or right granted by a 
sovereign or by a legislative or lawmaking 
body to an individual, or to a business com- 
pany; the district or jurisdiction to which a 
particular privilege extends. 

Sun. right, exemption, immunity, privilege, 
fk-eedom, suffrage. 

T?ran ric ran (frtn-sIsTcin). adf pertain- 
X^ran-ClS-Can Ing to the OnJcr of St. 
Frauds: n. a fHar or monk of that order. 
frarir«-fi rAiir (ft^A'te'rOr'). n. a sokUer 
irailC-Il-reur belonging to a detached 
corps of troops: a sharprtiooter. [Fh.I 

Ate, senate, rftre, c&t, locil, fttr, Ask, pdrade; scene^ ^vent, Sdge, novil, refSr; 
right, sin; c5ld, 6bey, cdrd, etdp, compare; iinit, ihutc, bflrii, ciit, focfis, maiii; 

irangibility 245 

fruTi cri hil 1 -Hr (ft*n'JI-bin-tD. n. the 
iran-gl-DU-1-iy state or quaUty of being 
frangible, or breakable. 

fran-gi-ble '£^'&u'SI;^^'''^- 

frunlr (f^^ikk). adj. open or ingenuous; 
ii w ii n candid: outspoken; unreserved: 
n, a signature that exempts or releases mail- 
matter from payment of postage; a letter 
privileged to go post-free: v.t. to send or have 
ocNiveyed (as a letter) free of charge. 

Syn., ad), artless, sincere, free. easy. fiunUiar. 

Ant. (see tricky, insincere). 

frank-in-cense ^??^?*S?-.^eet'- 

smelling resin burnt as incense. 

franlr lin (fHl^OIn), n. in England, very 

JXiUlA.-ilu early, a free tenant who held 
\>his land in his own right and not firom a feudal 
.lord; later, a well-to-do landowner. 
'franlr txr (MJiknX), adv. candidly; openly; 

AloxuL-iy without concealment. 

franlr nAoe (fr&Ak'nSs). n. candor; open- 

JXiUllL-ue55 ness; as. he sp<^e with great 


fron •f«/« (fr&n'tik). adj. violently mad or 

iran-IlC aistractecl; wfidand disorderly.— 

ads, fcrantieally. 
Syn. furious, raving, firenzied. 
Ant. (quiet, subdued). 

fran r\^ (fr&'p&O. adj, chilled with ice: 

"«P-PC n. a water ice. [Pr.I 

fro -fAr Tiol (fr(i-tflir'n&l). adj. pertaining 

ira-ier-naX to. becoming, or like, brothers. 

— ads. fratsmally. 

fro'f skT ntTA (fHlt'Sr-nb), v.i. to associate 

irai-er-IUZe ©r hold feUowriiip as broth- 


fro f pr fii ftr (fr(M;ftr'nI-tD. n. [pi. fra- 
ira-ier-IU-W temltleB (-tlx)l. brotherly 
relationship; a body of men banded together 
by a common bond of interest ; men of thesame 
orofesslonordass; a college secret society. 
frof ri rt^A (frit'rl-sM; fHi'trl-sId). n. 
irai-ri-Ciae the crime of killing a broth- 
w; one who kills a brother. 
frottA (ft^)* ^* deceit; artifloe; trldc; 
uauu dieat; a humbug. 

Svn. deception, duplicity, gufle. Imposition. 

Ant. (see honesty). 

fraud-u-lence fflS2;S:'*^iu^?«SS: 

fairness. Also, traadnlenoj. 

FrfliiH 11 l^nf (frMtl-lfint), adi. charac- 
Kraua-U-ieni; terlzed by, founded on. or 
obtained by. unfair methods. — adv. traudii- 

frattcrVif (fr<>t). p.adj. laden; charged; as. 
ixaugut the expedition was fraught with 

iraxr ('^)* ^' ^ i^ot; quarrel: v.t. and v.i. 
■-*«*j to chafe or wear away; to become 
unwoven: said of any fabric. 
frotr i-ncr (f^'lnir). of fray: n. the act 
AAaj-***S of wearing away by fHction or 

fro 7 71a (ft^l). v.t. to fray or tatter, as 
lAOX-^ic cloth: n. fhiysd ends; state of 
being frayed. [Colloq.) 
ffAoIr (''■^)t n. sudden or capricious <^ange 
XI ^AA. of mind, or whim; a prank; an ab- 
normal animal or plant: v.t. to spot or streak. 

Sun., n. tAncy, humor, vagary, whim, caprice. 

Ant. (see purpose, resolution). 
frmalr tcU (frSklsh). ad), full of whims 
"^•"*>"*o" or pranks; odd; abnormal. — 
adv. freakishly. — n. freaklshness. 
fro/^lr 1a (ft^'l). n. a brownish spot In the 
UCi'Xk-lC sidn; p./. to mark with f^'eckles: 
9.i. to become fredcled. 

frAA (^^)< ^- [comp. freo*. suptrl. fk-ees^. 
AX TO without restraint; at liberty; per- 
mitted; liberal: generous; open; guUtleas; 
independent; fkmiliar; without ccst; not 
arbitrary or despotic; spirited; not attached i 
Gt fixed; invested with, or having, the right 
to vote, etc: v.t. to set at lib^ty; emanci- 
pate; rid <M> exempt; clear: often with of: 
adv. gratuitously; without restraint. — ado* 

•Svn.. ad). gen«x>us, bounteous, ft-ank. art- 
less, candid, 'ikmiUar, unoonflned. unreserved, 
exempt, easy, careless. 

Aru, (see slavish, confined). 

frAA finorH (fk^'bdrdO. n. that part of 
iree-DOara the side of a ship between 
the upper edge, or gunwi^, and the water line. 
frAA Knnf Ar (frS'bOOt'Br). n. mie who 
iiec-UUUi-Ci roves about for phmder or 
pillage; buccaneer or pirate. 
frAA^ tnon (fr6d'm&n). n. \pl. ft-eedmea 
liccu-iuau (.mfin). a slave idio has been 
legally emancipated, or set firee. 
frAA Af\rK\ (frS'dtUn), n. the state of betnc 
iree-aom ^ee; Uberty; Independence; 
ease in performance; pa^ioular privilege; 
absoace of conventionality; undue funiUarity. 

Syn. unrestraint, license, fhinchise, exemp- 
tion, privilege. ~ 

Afd. (see slaverjO* " 

frAA.Vionrl (fre'h&nd'). ad), drawn by the 
iree*liaiia hand without the aid of in- 

free-hand-ed ««2fS2S};' .Sj^i..^ 

free-handed with his money. 
frAA hfAA (tr^'iaid'). n. the holding of 
iree-nOia land for llfe. or so thatlt !• 
given to one's heirs; also, the land Itself. 
frAA 1an/«A (f^ Ums). hi the Middle Ages. 
iree lance one of a clasa of soldiers who 
sold thetr services to fight for the highest 
bidder; one who acts, speaks, or writes 
irrespective or regardless of any party. 
frAA tnon (ft^m^). n. [pi. freemen 
AA cc - iii CT ii (.men)], one who ^oys liberty 
or who is not subject to the will of anoUier. 

T?rAA mii.finn (frS'mi'sn). n. a member 
rree-IIia.-bUU ©f a secret society, con- 
sisting formerly of skilled craftsmen: now. a 
social company professing iMindples at 
broUierly love, charity, and mutual aid. 

Freejoa-son-ry i?SSf;rii2?.eSL.*5? 

the Freemasons: freemasenry, natural sym- 
pathy and interest in general. 
frAA TU\rf ^P^ pSrt). a port where no 
AACC yux%, duties are levied on mer- 

T?rAA c/\i1 (f^'Boil*). ad), opposed to the 
^M.cC9\fM± extenidon of slavery: said of 
the party formed at Boston, in 1848. to restrict 

frAA e^/\riA (f^otdn*). n. a sandstone 
11 ec-alUU^ suitable for working or cut- 
ting without splitting; a kind of peach. 
frAA -fViinlr^r TfrS'thlAk'Sr). n. one who 
liCC-ii n ii n -t?i forms his opinions ind^ 
pendently of others. 

ff.^A froflA ^^^ trEd). trade with other 
11 cc uau^ countries tree ftom tariffls or 
customs duties. 

frAA firill (frfi'wll'), ad), voluntary; hold- 
irec-WUl ing the doctrine or belief that 
man Is free to exerdse his will for good or evil. 
frAATA (frS2)i P'- fP'- ftroxe. p.p. frozen. 
A1.CCX.C ft"eejdngj, to congeal or harden 
with cold; kill by cold: v.i. to be concealed or 
hardened with cold; be at or below the 
temperature of 32* Fahrenheit. 

bddt, f dbt ; found ; boil ; function ; chase ; good ; joy ; then, thick ; hw = wh as in when ; 
thoBZ afl in azure; kh=ch as in loch. See pronxinciation key, pages xix to xxii. 




fr«*#»T inir T>ninf (ft**'^^* point), the 

xreez-lUg polUX temperature at which 
ft liquid begins to fi^eese: for water. 32" 
Fhhranheit. 0" centigrade. 
frmfffif (f^t), n. the goods with which a 
AA^i|^i> vessel, car, etc.. is loaded: cargo; 
method of a-ansporting bulky goods oy 
common carriers, often slowly, as distin- 
guished from express; the sum paid or 
charged for haulins goods: ad), used for 
hauling goods: v.t. to load wltn goods for 
hauling; hire or charter. 

freight-age ^^^h^., "SSSI: S! 

the ship was lost, but its human freightage was 

frAicrl'if rnr ^^^ 1^^>< ^ railway car 
Xreigni car Iq^ carrying fi^ight; a box 

01* platform car. 

frmfffif fkT (f^t'Sr). n. one who loads a 
AA^i^AAt-CA ship or car; shipper; a vessel 
for carrying a cargo, but no passengers. 
17rAnrfi (fr6nch).adfi. pertaining to France, 
**d*vix Its people, or language: n. the 
people of France: the language of France. 
17rAnrfi 1 ixr (fr6n'chl-fl). ». lp.«. and p.p. 
rrencn-l-IY ^ncWfled. trencmy- 
Ing), to make French in manners, character- 
istics, or customs. 

FrAfirh Ipiivp (5*J*ch 16v). departure 
rreuca leave without ceremony or 
notice; a hasty or secret departure. 

fren.zied ^'^'^^)' P.94J' sffocted with 


madness; odirlous; maddened; 

frATi rxr (frdn'zD. n. [pi. frenzies (-zlz)l. 
AACii-Aj violent agitation; temporary mad- 

fUry:r.f. [p.f. and 
zyingl, to throw into a 

.p. firenziod. trmx- 
jHr; render mad. 
frA niion i*xr (fre'kwSn-«I) . n. the re- 
XA ^-4UdA-^jr poated occurrence of a thing 
at short intervals or periods. Also, frsausnce. 
frA niiAn-f (fre'kwdnt), adj, occurring 
He-queni often: haWtual: v.t. (fre- 
kwSnt') . to resort to. or visit often. — n. fre- 

Svn., adj. u<aial, genca^. 

ArU. (see rare). 

fre-quent-Iy i^SSf^"'' "*■ °"~= 

ffAC /*/\ (ft^^'kS), n. [pi. fk-escos. ft-escoes 
ilCa-CU ^-k6z)l. a method of wall painting 
tn water colors on fresh plaster; a picture 
made on plaster: v.t. to decorate or paint in 

ffAcfi (frS^)> odj. new; recoit; unfaded; 
AA^DAX uninsured oy time; in good condi- 
tion; not forgotten; healthy: strong and 
active; not wearied; lively; brisk; pure and 
cool; refreshing: not salt: pert: inexperi- 
enced: n. a spring: ft'eshet; the union of 
fresh and salt water in a river. 
fr aq1<i An (fr^b'n). v.t. to make like new; 
xAcaxi-^u. i^ender less salt: revive; slacken 
(a rope) to relieve the part exposed to fHction : 
w.i. to become vigorous or strong; grow fresh; 
lose saltnsss. 

^agVi mf (frfish'fit), n. a flood caused by 
Axcau-cir melting snow or heavy rain. 
fracVi man (frwh'm&n). n. [pi. flroshmen 
iresn-nian (.m6n)], a coUege or high 
•diool student In his first 


frAQh.iviifAr (fr«sh'w6't«r). adj. per- 
Uesa-Waier talnlng to. living to. found 
Ib, or formed to, water that is not salt; accus- 
tomed to river navigation or the coasting 

ffrtt), v.t. Ip.t. and p.p. fk^ted. 
netting], to wear away by friction or 
by robbteg; mJore by nibbtog; agitate: vex: 


irritate; make rough on the surface; 
ment with raised or toterlaced work: p.i. to 
be worn away by friction or corrosion; tm 
agitated or irritated; utter peevish com- 
platots: n. the act or process or fjretting: aa 
cxnament formed by small bands or nDtttm 
crossing each other at ri^t angles: per- 
forated or toterlaced <Miiamental wonc: an 
agitation or bubbltog on the surfkoe of a 
liquid; chafing or irritation; a small ridge 
or bar on tiie keyboard of oertato stringed 
instruments, such as the guitar. 

Syn., V. gall, chafe, vex. 
frAf fill (^t'fd&l). adi. peevish; trrttal^ 
irei-lUi —adt. fretfully.— n. fivtfaliiMS. 

fret SAW ^^^ '^^* '^ ^^°^' ^'^' "^"^''^ 

with fine teeth: "t — ■ , . . 'r "t ' h sa\ 
used to cutting 
scrcdls. etc. 

fret -work 

(frtt'wfirk^. n. 
carved, raised, or 
open ornamental 



^ Fretwork 

(frf'd-bm-tD.nT the state or quality of beton 

easUy crumbled. Also, friablensss. 

fr« o KIa (fri'a-bl). adj. readily crumbled 

lil-a-UAC or reduced to powder. 

fr« or (fri'Sr). n. a brother, or member of 

lll-«U. certato religious orders to the Rinnan 

Catholic Church. 

4^ 4i«> T7 (frl'^r-D. n. an institution or broth' 

in-ar-y erhood of friars. 

•fnK KIa (frib'l). n. an Insignificant oT 

inD-Die trifling action; a trifier: v.L to 

treat in a trifling way: v.i. to act to a frivolooa 

way; to totter: o<f^. of littie value; firlvolous: 


frir_flc_CAA iMk'd-^'), n. a dish of 
iriC-aS-See chicken, rabbit, or other 
meat cut toto small pieces, stewed and fried 
with gravy or sauce: v.t. to make toto. or drev 
like, a fricassee. 

frir -H/\n (frik'shfin). n. the act of rubbing; 
AAi\/-LAUAi. resistance caused by rubbing: 
the act of rubbing to increase the drculatioo 
of the blood; Irritation or disagreement 
caused by dilTerence of opinion. 
17ri Aaxr iM'dti), n. the sixth day of the 
fii-uajr week: named from Freya or 
Fresrja, the Scandinavian goddess of love. 
4^ A A (Md), past tense and past participle 
xneu of the verb fry. 

friAfiH (f^<l)> "• one attached to another 
iixcuu by affection, regard, or esteem; an 
totimate acquatotance; a supporter or tevorer 
of a cause, etc.; an ally; a satotation or 
greeting: Friend, a member of the Sodei^y of 
Friends, or Quakmv. 

iritkTkA Iacc (fr^ndies), adj. wlthont 
ineua-iess friends; unloved; uncared- 
for. — n. frlendlessness. 

friAtiH 1i tiAcc (frfindai-nfis). n. the 
inena-U-neSS etate or quaUty of beli« 
amicable, cordial, genial, etc. 

friend-ly ffi^d^'^^°^''nSr;5.Si4 

of a friend; ready to become acquatoted; not 
hostile; amicable; affable; genial; con- 
venient: fSavorable; as, a frienHv 
adv. amicably. 

Syn. amicable, social, sociable. 

Ant. (see distant, cool.) 

friend-ship ffiSS''^^>u. Wti-. 

esteem; mutual at tAf^™^tit ; good will. 

ftte, senUte, rAre, dki, lodU, fitr, iLsk, p^irade; scSnej 6vent, &dge, novll, r^Sr; 
right. Bin; cdld, 5bey, cdrd, 8t5p, compare; tnit, ilmte, bOni, cut, fodb, Meaii; 


fro Lc^': M^mU^to lotBofi; mm. t. 
trrk^lr (frOk), n. ■ looM aBHPBWBeBtirara 

mezc or wiiil (opported by obIdbum, below 
tlw oonilce uid ftbDT* 
tkBUcUU«ve: umoUr , 

H WOOlfld Clotb 

wKnhlp vlth &D uppii 
(inney-ftur to Sftr runa. 

Jrigjite bird *^ SI! „i,CS 

wltti wlda Alru Tttaa bsu laagth btfon 
■od beblDd. . . . 

uppir d«ck» nrrTtiiff from 


fright <?^"' "■ "" 

ig ta ridhMlOU 

ytblns ifaocUiw. 
trivht^jy {Mt'n). i.I. U> twilS: to kIubi 
msni-en gnddaJi: u. it is ■ bul prwy 
Itce to jWffUm Uttic (^lldren. 

5vn. rsufol, 
horilble. bortld. 

Wlg-ia wIdot; cold In m 

rormal: doll. — adv. trictdif. 

fri-gidity iSS"-£« -i=i.srs«: 

front, etc; rulBe: pi, coUoqidally. affects 
tJon of nuuur; onuiBenlAtlon at drvH. «tc^; 
e.l. U> nine or sblver tbo fcsthen wlili cold: 
Bftld of ■ h&wk: r.f. to nuke Into a ruffle^ 

UUlE^ hinsliiK cords, etc. : anr border or 
edging Uka a nings: e.l. to border vlth. or aa 
with, a flin^. 

IHp-per-y rumlture; tawdry Hnery; the 

Becond-band ^th?s: adj. trumpery: con- 


fnetr ('^^'l')- '-i- to fcambol or dance In 

Iliaa. (rollc: n. a gambol, dancs, or ftollc, 

mSk-l-neSS qmaity''or hSas ftoi^oomo 

iribiL-jr sprightly: gay: frolltsome. 
f^fl, (filial, n. an Inlst of the Ha at tbe 
mia mouti or a river: a kind of weir or 
dwB for cBptartng Hah. Alao. «rtfc, [Scot.] 

fritter ''«':*>■ 'J' >?.?™" J';r.^«ro«: 

^' Utiie 


frnl ir ( frtllk ) , n. a acena of monrttiBMnj 
irOi-lC „ gaiety; a iponlvo outburst; wlia 
prank: adj. aportlve: merry or Ray; rj, Ip 
iadulge In trli^ of mirth aod levltir or frivol- 
ity; pUy wild praiiks. 

M-ic-smie ™g;£"i,^f S": 

from Dutlne's^iree or begtiuting. distance' 
Bbeence. and daparturo. 

prominent liart: Impudauco: a false sblrt- 
Loaled, opposite U 

bav8 ihe fmnt tu 

a particular 

front jgei°Sffi;:*iii'S.SS SSA 

Btreetorroadofabundliigin-oflsnd: tltespacB 
lying between a building androadway- « 

frnn tal (rrdn'tU). adf. pertaining to tlM 
iroa-ltU ffont w ttxSiemi: n. Bomothlng 
worn ofl the forehead: a drapery before a 
church altar: a small pedtment or omamoii. 
ova- a window or door.^ 
frnn tJpr ifWn'iSf: frdntir: rt«n.i«r^. 
iron-ner „. tu, boundary or limit if ». 

country.' facing an uncaplored rtsfco; mJJ. 
p*Ttg. lriln g to. or altnatA] oear^ tbe bousdarr- 
or a country. 

fron-tiers-num ^t 

*tr Mtlladi 

fron-tis-piece ^'_ 

fadng ma ffont page or' 

or atle-pam of a bi^. 

bSCt, fd&tjfotmd; boll; fuflctton; chase; good; joy; fAen, thick;hwwhasiii .^, 

A— auinazwe; kli=cb m in loCh. See pronunciatioii kej, pages xu tQ nit. 

frnnt lot <lrOnt-|H}. n. ■ flu«t or band 
"OOl-iei worn on Ue fontiud: ope- 
dul7. ■ JewWi phyliicMr]': Uie musln ot the 
bMd oTa bird IwUad Uw bill. 
t^>riot (rr^t>. n. minute frozen nu^citiq 
UUGIl molatDre; •*■" '*-"»-- — ' -' ' 

■— wie. «*. w tovcr with, or aa nnSTfionr- 
&o«: Injure by &w(,' ■turpea (bocna^itKHB) 
taie^ woktlia'j to COTO- (> oke) with Idnc. 

«OSl-eQ Sost; Injifod by aevwe cold. 

or rroBtbltlsn: Govared wlcb l«Jng, aa» csin: 
, havini & dull or nontmngpsreat flulita. u hIui. 

tmat i 1v (Ma't^U). ado. Id u Icr man- 
' HvSl^-Xy aa. or with •erve oddnwi 

as, tlM neeltid them frotUtu. 

froatJ-ness iSS a'tWaSS'"^ 

-^.1. .- .f — "iMJ la thealrjavoproinlieof 


fiii^ti-fy KSKJ'iK ajuSV E 

make productive; tertlllie: *.(. to bear milt. 

fru-gal !S2S;S.?™'" «»«~i»i^ 

5^. provldeot. uvlnfl. 
Ant. (lee wasuirui. entraraeiuit). 
ini-gai-l-qr omy; M. Ihey uwai thMr 

f ni^aUy ^ 

irtti* (froatl, n. the product <^ a 
»ru*l nlant co— -'-'-- "-- — -■■ 

D live /rvigallii Is to live 

. f . to produoa trulL 

fniit-BD-p (WOtiJ). n. ailecUvo product 
lXUlL-a|^1? of trees and plaDt<; aa. that 
year was remaricKble for fu rich JnilUft: 


irOSI-y froetlBHtl. pnidudDS Of 
mstad wlih (TOM; froiaii; hoarr: 

uuulon Uh eurtus ol a U 
tloiij or tfttnuntatloa; foam; 
•halloit Intovlodg*; t.I. to c 

SottJ-ness ISwi 

foaming; ahalli 

or Bliallov: unBUbatandal. 
W-WHIU obBdlent; peerlgh; «a)rward: 
•«. a fioaard heart; a fimcanl child.— odt. 
irowardly.-'^q. frawardneaa- 


aa a result of dlxpleagiiie, etc: 
•J. to rebuke by a >tem look; 

I; BUro look: look 
^ the brows 

frow.zy S°ve;S 

od/. dirty: 

fruit-fiil-Iy 2^'SWSiSS2Sffi 
fniit-ful-ness iSfSia, Uife 

tlTS or renilB. 

fru-i-tion SE"»!i,li.?lft£%2 

Jton of bopes- 

fmit w (frflOtl). odi- foU-flayoeed; rt*: 

iruil-y resembling (ndt. 

frump 2S& .5ii 5Sf rtSlSa 
frus-trate SUSSi: '^^tSSicX 

bring to notbluK. — n. frtutraUan. 

.StiR. prewit.lxliider, balk. 
trUS-nun j.iami).fnuta(.t3)],rna«liida- 
of a pyramid or cone when the Uip la cut ott- 
*—, (M). i.(. Ip.l. and p.p. fried, frylnd. 

r.i. to be CDOkod with fat In a pan; be nib- 
]ect«d to InteDAO heat: n. a oinh of thlnti 
fried; a swarm of j-uung f ' 

fuch-sU i'S.tli.h" 

lU'jally rod or pink. 

fiiH ilia IfOd'l). r,(. to stupiiry or dMdw 

lUa-Uie with drink; Intoiloate: -' — 


[ fioiJ. 

ate, senate, rSre, cit, locil, fir, iak, pdrade; acftnc, »vent, ftdge, novW, retft; 
ri^t, sin; cOld, ftbey, cArd, Bt6p, ctmpam; iinit, Unite, bOrn. cot, focos, aioa%; 

fudge 2 

gbr Impartcct 

MrmMMat: fleeuig from dangtr. pmsult, or 
ontr; am. ■ faetUti alaTa: n. OiM vbo Urns 

fu-guist ^ 

- of ruguce or Bpecf »t mtul- 

tted) .InlcitiinH fkribnt)], 

completfl < 

JSn^^kooooipUih, effect, otwipleca. 

M-flLment ESSSa 

ecaUon. AlM>. fnliatiniit. 
fotl (r«l). adj. flUed; luVliic no < 
I>Ui apace; well suppUed: ncred: 
nted; aaU&ted: eoplais; -*-■ 

ucvua: hsilaaaie whola dlik lai 
_ ■ fuamooa: n. Um hlchcat Mikt 

tub. ctgnpleMf; qulie; used In 


tiSl' eiM 

of Ihe oppoainK Me. 

f,,|l^_ jfW'ir). n. one who tU 
tB(: ■ h»ff-«i<iiid hunmiir and 

full-er*8 earth ^Sa h^&kjn^ 

dotil uid for the remormJ ef ffreue. 


k mlitare idilcb opon beliw 
with s lond doIh. 

TUl-neSS ftbunddbce. plenty:" the "hcMdtii 
uf B ganntat. Also. tnOnM. 

iiu->some exc^ ^f'M-..!. — . — ji- 

BlmttBg; dlngreekble.- 

.Sim. ooene. ■Jckenliw. 

Aat, [»e modante}. 


batma to fuinftte In M» pc 


f,,_t_ (rOm), n. i^mr or gu: i.l. to wnd 

luiuc forth nnoke; lo compl*in »BgrMr- 

f|t« (ran), n. plfluuro; mlrtli; drDUerr; 


or biuineaa; bkculti': power: the oBce of 


be B corr o rooDdlny 
t> psiORn Uie dntT 
eon or thins ^ ^ 

tacltion-al iSSfffl; io."" 
fiinc.tionji.ry aSffiiT^S. S 

vho hold! an office, or OUa ■ reepoiMlble po^ 

f,—-* (fliDd). n. rtock or upMil: mo(M> 
luuu (etkiwnforcuTTtiigoiilKnMiwnn*- 

,- object; a nock In re- 

koent debt due br Uu 

ilDtweMlauldi moner: 

.... piece In or turn Into, B lund. 

fun-dajiieil.lal 2S5f2MSi.3a 

orbuli: OBcatiel: prtnurj'; m, wbockDctT* 
the funkammtal nuona for, the World Wirt 
n. » prtnuuT or neceaetrr principle; bMki 
the mujcal note oo whlcli a dunf k tonoed: 

many which eootalna the AniBdUIOD uote* or 
toqei or chorda. — odi. tnnilani^tally. 

fimd-ed fflS'S'-.Stf ,5S&,!WS 

Intamt: Inrated In the pnbllc AmA. 

fimd-ed iMTfyS'Sl'JBS 

ngular intereet. 


■rovaTUnaitJilt o a Ii« nn >n«it ( Mlliw a 

funny 2eo 

laoshter; eoUoqaiaily. struig*, odd. or ^aeer 

SaJiy'bSie S^SKv!*"'"^'^ 

^««. (fttr). n. tko soft k*lr of otrtala aalmals. 
KUT p-owing thloldy upon tho akin; a light 


J OB tho toague; we llmo cooting oa tho 
faMlde of a boUar : pi. the droned aldos of flir- 
heoiteg >o!tooI», used for clothing: adj. liaed 
or triBuoed with fur or made of for: 9.t [p.t. 
Avrod, fturing]. to oover. lino, or trim 
with tori oover with limo. — adj. tmrnt*. 
fttf Kj» 1a^ (fCkr'hfraS). n. a rufBe. floanoe. 
laT-lie-iOW or siMllar trtmiolng uaed ob 
wonm's oloMdng. 

fnr hiQli (nr'^Mi). «.(. to mako bright by 
mr-VlSn rubbteg or poUshinc . 
fM«. fM«. (fOr^fOr). n. aandruif.or acaleo of 
nir-IUr aom that resemblo bran. 

IU-n-^U6 overcomo with paasionV 

Syn. Tioleot. boisterous. veheaMBt, fierce. 

Ani. (see calm). 
ftfl«.1 (fttri), r.(. toroUnpandfhstentOiomo- 
llUi thing, as a sail. flag, etc 

fttr Inner (f(^U>n8)> n. one-eighth of a 

lUr-iOng mUo; forty rods; two hundred 

twenty yards. 

fttr Intto-fi (f^iS)* n. leave of aboence; 

lar-iUugil as. the soldier came home on a 

fUrtmigh: v.t. to give leave of absence to. 

fitr t%ai*Ck (fOr'nfts). n. an inclosed struo- 

lui -ua%/C tiure where cool, wood, and other 

things are burned to make heat. 

fftf nicVi (nir'nXsh), v.t. to fit out or to fit 

lUr-niSa up ^th what is needed. 

fur-nish-ings S^^-^li^SH^-o,*^^ 

house, etc 

ftt-r Tki -fitfA (fOr'nl-ttb*). n. the necessary 
rur-IU-Uire dtUngs of a house, a ship, 
or a trade; outfit. 

fi« ff\f (fQ'rftr). n. a great outburst of 
J.u-iui excitement or enthusiasm; com- 
motion. Also, furore, 
fttr* i»i At* (fAn-^) . n. one who prepares or 
nir-ri-er geUs fUrs; fur-dresser. 
§*mf» rnixr (ftlr'd), n. a trench made In the 
^ux-Lfjyv gPTOund by a plow; a groove; 
trrinkle: v.t. to plow; make grooves or 
wrinkles In. 

fltr rv i^^^' ^^}' covered with, or made of. 
»***'■* J fur; as. uie mole has a remarkably 
■oft futry coat. 

fi««. 4>l«Ar (fOr^^'tSr). adj. more distant; 
lUl-Uici additional: adc. to a greater dis- 
tance or degree; moreover; also: v. to pro- 
mote; help forward. 

fltr ffi»r_anrA (fftr'''»fir-ins),n.advanc©- 
lUr-iner-ailCe ment; as, I wm do all 
I can towud tAM furtherance of the plan. 

lUr-Xner-inore moreover; besides: In 
addition to. 

fur-ther-most ffi^^2.i«%SS! 

most points fW>m the equatcn*. 

fltr ffiAC-f it^'tNSsi), adj. most distant 

lUi-uiCdL in time or degree: adv. at. or to. 

the greatest distance. 

fvif -HiTA (ftlr'tiv). adj. sly; secret; stealthy; 

aiu,-uvc as, furtive glances ot actions. — 

adv. tartlTsly. — n. fortlvenoss. 

ffl rv (^'i^* ^ Ip^- furies i-ift)], violent or 
*•*"*/ very great temper; rage: madness. 
fttrvA (fm^Tt n. a hardx spiny shrub, bdong- 
tOTXC ing to the bean &mily.— <idi. fursy. 

fiteo (fQz)t 9.t. to molt by heat: 
lUSC Uquld: s.i. to beoomo molted by heat; 
blend, as If mdted: n. a sBiaO tube lllod tiftli 
a material easily set on fire, or a cord aatumtctf 
with such material, used for explodlag gun- 
potrdar. etc Also. fuss. 
fit_c*A it^'^'h n. a kind of matdk. 
IU-5VC for setting flro to tobaoeo: ap^ 
cono in a iratch. etc. around trhloh the chain 
is wound. Also. fiM9«* 

fU-Sd-age fhonetrork of 'an airplaBO to 
trhlch the driver is seated and which ocntalnc 
the power plMit, fuel, etc (Fb.1 
fit qaI ml (fO'c^loll). an oily 
lU-SeX OU Oqnid obtalBcd trom papc. po- 
tato, or com spirits. 

fit et KIa (ra'al-bl). adj. capable of bdac 
lU-Sl-Die melted; as/ someiBetalBiK 
fusible at a lower temperatBre thaB arc others, 
fit ci1 (ra'zfl). n. the fllBtlock musket for- 
lU-bU merly in use. 

fii-iei1 A^r (ni'sI-ldrO. B.fbnB«rty.aioldtar 
lU-SU-eer armed trith a ftufl. or flint- 
lock musket: pt. the name of several Britisli 
reglmoits. Also. fusUtar. 

fll^il \stAt^ (fil'zl-lidO. n. the dlechaive 
lU-SU-iaae ©f a Uirge number of flreann* 
at the same time: v.t. to shoot down or shoot 
at with firearms all discharged at ^e samo 

fit clnn (ffi'shfln), n. the act of nMltlng 
lU-blUU toTOther; as. the /U5f en of metals » 
the union or blending together <^ things; as. 
a fusion of parlies. 

fitcc (f^)* n. unnecessary or disturbing 
lUdd activity, especially in smaU matters: 
disorderly bustling akKmt; confusion; stir: 
v.i. to wcxry: to bo busy doing nothing. 
fitcc XT <^^V, adj. worrying, or taking 
AU09-jr great trouble, about small matters; 
fidgety; fk^tful. — n. fassiness. 
flic 'fton (ffis'ch&n), n. a kind of ooarso 
lUd-UOll twilled cotton cloth, as corduroy., 
velveteen, etc.; high-sounding speecb : bom- 
bast: adj. made of fustian; bombastic 
flic fir (ft^'tlk), n. a West India tree 
rUS-UC ^or yeUow dye. 
fii til A (fO'tfl; Br. fu'tll). adj. vain: 
lu-iiAC less; of no impcntance; worthless. 
— adv. tutllely. 

Syn. trifling, trivial, frivolous. 

Ant. (see effpctivo). 

fii til 1 tv i^u-tn -I- 

lU-Ul-l-iy being u» 

tl), n. the quality of 
useless; as. he soon saw 
the futility of trying to make them imder- 

fii fltr A (fu'tfir). adj. that will be hcre- 
AU-tiuc after: n. time yet to come: 
tense In grammar denoting time yet to come; 
a commodity, etc. sold or bought for future 

17ii 4ttr tervi <ffi'tur-Izm) , n. a movement 
r U-lUr-lSni in art. literature, and music, 
originating In Italy In 1910, and aiming at 
originality unhampered by tradition. 
fit ^tT tcf (f0'tflr4st). n. one whose main 
lU-iUT-lbl interests are In what is to come; 
an artist in the field of painting, literature, 
or music whose Ideas and practice are ex* 
tremely radical; a follower or Futurism: one 
who believes that certain Biblical propli» 
edes are yet to be fulfilled. 
fii fii ri fir (f<!i-tfi'ri-tr). n. \pl. futvritla» 
lU-XU-n-iy (.tlz)j. time to come; future 

f,.^^ (ffix). n. fine minute particles of doira^ 
lu^ix* wool, etc: ir.i. to fiy off in small pleoec. 

(fOzl), adj. covered trith. or lUc^ 

fUxz or down. — n. " 


ftte, senAte, rAre. cAt, locil, fllr, Ask, pdrade; scAne, Avent, Adge, novAl, refir; 
tiffii, sin; cdld, dbey, cdrd, stdp, o&mpare; tmt, ihute, bOrn, cot, focAs, meiifi; 





tfv«K (8^^^)* ^ ^0 Shatter: talkativeness: 
SaD f .1. [p.t. and p.p. gabbed, gabbingl. 
to say falsely: v.i. to talk Idly. [Oolloq.1 
jvA'k A«* /l««iA (gftb'Sr-dSn'; g&b'er-den*). 
gaD-ar-aine n! a kind or coat or cl«ak for 
Tatny weather. Also, gabsrdlae. 

«oK Klo (K^^^l). *'•*• ^ s*y rapklly and 
|gAU-Ui«? senselessly: p.i. to talk discon- 
neetedly. or without real meaninc or sense; 
to make a clatter of meaningless sounds, as a 
bird or animal: n» rapid, meaninfficas talk. 
tffl Kt r\Tk (g*'W-fln). n. a large wicker 
Ka-Dl-On basket filled with earth: used 
ior purposes of military defense. 
cro KIa (g&'bl). n. the triangular 
l^a-uiv end of a building; as, 
many old houses were built with 
the ga^le toward the street; the 
entire end wall of a bulldinig' a 
sablelike construction tn a build- 
ing: gable end. the wall of a build- 
ing OB the end having a gaole. 
4rfl Wa rnnf (*?a'blr05f^ a roof "»"«' 
ga-DiC 1 Uyi having a vertical trlangular 
pcN-tion or ga^Je. at each end. 
r«0 Kri a1 (g&'bri-£l). n. in the Dlble. an 
x^a-uii-ci angel smt as a herald of good 
tidings or comfort to man. 
crori (Kftd), n. the act of going about wlth- 
^au out an object in view; as. she is always 
on the gad; a goad ; an iron or steol pointed 
mining tool: p.i. [p.t. and p.p. gadded, 
padding! . to go about without purpose; cUmb. 
as a creeping plant ; ramble. 
ero/l fi fimif (gftd'd-bout) . n. one who 
gnu -K-UUU t wanders continually with no 
apparent object in view. 
irarl riAt* (gU'^^^• one who wandens about 
S«***'**^* constantly without purpose. 

fr^A flv (Sftd'fli*). "• \vl- gadnies (-fllz)], 
^u\x-M±y an insect that stlnm cattle. 
r^oAl [J^)' n. a Scottish Highlander; an 
vraei ffish Celt. 

riaAl !/• (gal'lk). ad), pertaining to the 
\JH.ei-lU Celtic people of the Scottish High- 
lands and of Ireland, or to their language: n. 
the language of the QacLs. 
tfciff ^S'^'f* ^- ^ large hook for landing 
^•*'^ salmon, etc.; a piece of wood upon 
which to extend the upper edge of a fore-and- 
aft sail: v.t. to seize or land a fish with a 
large hook. 

4rai f Ar (?&^^)> f*' & respectable and good 
gcu-ACi old man. especially a countryman: 
masculine of gammer. 

gaff-top-saa '^^r^l uSSf „,f i:j 

above a gaff. 

trflcr <8^)' ^' something placed in the mouth 
lbr*'S to hinder speech; words added by an 
actor in a play: v.t. [p.t. and p.p. gagged, 
gafg^ng]. to stop the mouth; silence by pti)^- 
calfcx-ce or by law: r.i. to strain, as m the 
eObrt to vomit. 

crflO'A ^^^' "' A standard of measure: the 
6*^^ number of feet a vessel sinks in water: 
the position of one ship in relation to another 
and the wind; a measuring rod; the distance 
between the rails of a railway line: a promise 
or agreement; a securitv; a kind fx plimi; 
a challenge to fight; a glove, cap. or t^e like 
thrown on the ground 9a a challenge to fight: 
t.t. to measure; to find out, as ttw contents of 
i)ny certain receptacle. Also, game. 

fffli A fxr (eS^^* *»• fP^ gaieties (-tlDl.tho 
^<u-v-tjr state OT quality of being merry; 
pleasure; glee; Jollity. Also, tayetjr. 
fffli 1x7 (g&1I).adr- merrily; finely; showlhr: 
g<u-i,jr as. to sing gaily; to dress gaify. 
Also, tayly. 

era in (K&n). n. advantage; profit: opposite 
^aiu to loss: v.t. to obtain, as profit or ad- 
vantage; earn; win; arrive at: v.i. to !■»• 
prove or make progrera; Increase; advance: 
with on or upon. 

Sun., n. benefit, winnings, earnings. 

Jkftf (r0q loss) 

0*0 in fill (gan'fd51), ad), yielding profit; 
^aui-lIU advantageous. 

iroin cflxr (g*"i'«ft : g&n'sX*). v.t. \p.t. and 
^nui-dajr p.p. gainsaid, gainsaylngl, 
to contradict; speak against; oppose; to 

croif (g^t). n. a manner of walking; as. a 
^mt rapid gait; an awkward gait. 
croi^' Ar (ga't^), n. a cova*ing of <doth for 
gail-Cl the ankle, fitting over the top of 
the beot; a shoe with a cloth top. 
tra la (K^'^)* ^' ^ show; finery; groat dis- 
ga-io, play: gala day, a day at tan and 
pleasure; a holiday. 

frfll-fl hurl (gal'a-Md). n. a knight of 
Vjai-a-naa Arthurs Round Table, who 
was successful in his quest for the Holy Grail; 
hence, any noble and chivalrous young man. 
crol a f A o (gftl'<i-te'd). n. a heavy cotton 
gai-a-ie-a fabric, often striped. 
CXa la fion (gfl-la'shin), n. a native of 
Vja-ia-uaU calatla. in Asia Minor; vl 
in the Bible, the Epistle addressed to the 

cral o-r XT (.gftl'&k-sO. n. a gathering of splen- 
&"-*"**-*■"/ did persons or things: as. a galaty 
of beautiful women. — Chdaxy, the Milky Way; 
as. the Galaxy consists of innumerable stars 
too small to be seen by the naked eye. 
crfllA (?^)> ^' ^ strong wind, less violent 
goic tiian a tempest; a quarrel; noisy 

(TO 1a no (g^-ie'nd), n. lead ore; ss. most 
ga-iC-ua of the lead used In the arts Is 
obtained from galena. 

atk\ 1 nnf (gall-P^^t). n. a white Juice which 
gcu-i-pvi, oomes out of pine trees; an 
impure turpentine. 

o-flll (^')> ^- ^c b'l®> especially that of the 
&«*" ox, which Is used In making waters 
color paints and medicine; anything very 
bitter: a sore on the skin fktmi chafing; a 
swelling on plants, caused by cOTtain insects; 
evfl fedlng: v.t. to break or injure by rubbing, 
as the skin ; render sore by friction; wear away; 
vex; ft^; harass; weary: v.i. tofjret; to bo> 
oome sore or worn by chafing. 
crnl Ifltlf (gftl'&nt), ad), brave; hlgh- 
giU-UUli spirited; chivalrous: as. Sir Gala- 
had was a gallant knight; (g&-l&nt'). showinc 
courtesy and respect to women: n. (gft-linr, 
g&l'&nt). a person of sprightly and gay man- 
ners; a beau; a man who is attentive to 
women; as, the young gallant had excellent 
manners: v.t. (ga-l&nt'), to pay court to: 
accompany- escort. — adv. gallantly. 

Syn., id), bold, courageous, gay, fine, 
showy. Intrepid, heroic. 
crfll lanf rxr (gi^l'&nt-rt), n. [pi. gallantries 
gai-iani-ry (-riz)l. bravery; heroic cour- 
age; noU t? w^ 'Ta P<ctfli* attention to women. 

b6it, fd6t ; found ; boU ; fuAct iou ; chase ; gcKxl; joy ; //ken, thick ; hw B wh as in when ; 
zh >*z as in azure; kh »ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxii. 

galleou 2 

wal ta rm tfi\'t^o}, n. a bu-ga Bunliih 

,__„■, ftnd Ittc plcuure: 

iKMiaaaf s ddp: In prtotlBg. > nwrow oblong 
tnr tDr haldlna aet-ap tnw. 

pd-loy staTe SliU'^' .■'S^fi 

CDOTlet eoadtouMd to aucb labor. 
sail flv (B'U'fll), n. an Inect that dsptnlM 
fi"**'**/ IM ««■ on dUdU, CBtMu nrcIUag. 
Ral lu- {>^I%< a4^ pntklDlnit to aDdent 
\Jai-llC aii, or madern Franco. 

gal-Uc ac4d !»|3£S"ir ^ »"" 
Gal-li^can iKiJ*S'>?ii;J:TS'ttS 

BamaD OathoUc Oborcb la France. 

Gal-H^ismaSj;' " ' 

i BpoBch mad l 


Scfowla: or 



0, adj. like. 

^ _-■ barnyard fowls, torlfBTa, guinea fcwL 

treoae. pboiiaau, etc. 

mill inv Ufil'l^B). p-adj. cbaflng; IrrlUt- 
Sv<t. vaxlDg. Bfuunrlng. 

^nl. (a» H>oiiibi|E). 

Kd-U-pot tfiteSJi-^J! 

azwAv by dnugbta to bold medl 

'vp\^iiunt JgMT^t'), ».(• to pUy (ho 
Kal-U-TOUl ^u: to wait opoq tho 
bdto; alM to roam abont for plraiure wlUi- 

0n1l Tint (Sll'nllt^. n. a round prowtl 
gail4lU[ produced on tho oak tree by tht 
puncturing or the leaf buds by aii Insect. Ihg 
■all-beetle: nuad. for the lannln contained in 
It. In maldns Ink, dye, etc. 
0al Ion '^''^'"■-ni '"'" "' liquid meamro 
glU-lUU equal to foorquarta.orof dry nieaa- 
ye equal to one^inhth gf » ' — »■ -' 


gal-loon !SiS'.''ir3i-«'urSi«Sa£ 

oaed for hate, ahoea. unUOrma. etc. 

eal-lop »SS£i So.SJfS .«KS 

(be act or ridlnR at tbia nit: t.j. to run wltb 
leapa. like a hoTse; ride a bone morlna yMti a 

rapid (bf ward spring; haxlcn: r* ■ -~ 


& Crameworlc. 


bladdor or blllafT duct. 

gal-op 1BS««'.; Vti"* '*"• 

la great plaity. 

■va Insh (n-Utahl. n.'aaoyenboaoC Id«I« 
ga-IOSn rubber: a K«gbig or gaMar. Alao. 
•«loah, galMka, BklDcha. 

gal-van.ic i&Si'Si,,^: £SSSl 
gal-van-ten yjia^i, »-»v!» 

CreaU o( currer "— • 

action Dtcertali 

of an add on a ^ 

gal-van-ize iSbVaviuv-r. . 


(gU**d-n4tin'8-tEr]. - - 

pitBeDce. ( 

Hon of an ' 


(g»l-«l-nflni»-trt), rt. the 

g^-bitlg^^-J^- 1 

■ of elaeblcltr: to etdta. m br w 

gam-bling i.CMpi."Hn??-Sk5f 
gam-boge ffl.n'^o?S£^''nwhich 

Lb found In the Orient, or oaiten part of tba 
Old World, and used aa coloring matter or 

uBod by batebert: • 

gambrel roof 

gam-brel roof igf^'-ShiTit,'^ 

!■ brokaa br %b obln» uirIb. 

same &a: froUe: a single msuh at pU71 
UB kdVBOtace requtrsd Ui order to win; u, 
tt'i roar vomti nOd animals pursued and 
IdUed bf ahootiiig ^r bunting: aa; object of 
pursuit: pf^ athletic coutesta: »-'- tf> hIbp H.r. 

vntn intr (tf^1°B>. n. tlie act of pUytn« 
nam tnt^r (B*m'ar).n.old»ODian; gr»n<l- 
gtUU-Uier motberi apeciaUr aa oldcouo- 
(mraman: taolaSaeatt«ffer. 
•ram mnn (Bim'Dn). n. the tU^ <if a hos 
ganunon nll«laiidntiolied:colloqulallv. 
naaaeam &^ totmitoceupon wltntiDprobaue 
■tortes; hoajc; dclMt ■« Ilia ^4IM or back- 

toil;; iittoichorflx (■bmr^irH) to>»lUp; mer/. 

gan-der !Coir'iSir!!'«ri. SiS 

for tlu Kooae la buco Tor Uie oanilcr." 
•ToniT (S&UI) . n. a number oTpenon* banded 
S^^ tOBvUiBr ror a pu^lcuUr purposei 
a KTOup or laborers under one torvnan: as. 
my tkour liai duree of one panii or mm: a 
Dumbo- of a sblpa oompaDV selected tor 
special duty: squail. 

ceiitflr; ascrtoiawelllDg or unnatural growth 

trtmir ntntiir («»nB'P'<Wt!. ;>: » movable 

gSUg-piaUK platftam br whlcfi to enter 

gan-f^ene o?il.l^ia™tioi.. or''^?*^ 

aomspart of a living body: t,t. to cau.4 to 
mortUy: I .L to become mortified or decayed. 

gang-way f^"Sl.^Wi«"!IStoi^^ 

as a t«Diporw7 piusatreway. or aa a hrldxu 
oal of any place; a passaReway bi'Iwwn two 
Kiiws of scats; tbat part of a ^lilp's side. 
vtUlIn or without, by which perwina enter or 



gani-iei ^ve, or one with a lou wtist- 
enteodoa; a fOcnur mlllivr puiuahnunt 

Irani (JUj . •>. a place whse pBUas awaltliig 
gaOl iHiti or found gnllty oTinlDor afflcua 
are ccnflned: a priaou. Also. MIL — n. tMBtm, 

opentngbetween the jBwst^Urdsor offltiwa: 

pi. a duea«e of poultry. 

gar ***''lito ■ ^ ■l«n'l« »* »•»* • 

gar-age 3Cicli automotdln'crabeElpi an 
k(^ lt>r shelter or npalr; a hangar. 
rra<>l\ (Iffrb). R. a (Irass; ouialde dothlnaj 
gaXD caatume; lUhliui; as. he won tfia 

earb of a gentleaum; dX to clothe. 

gar-Dage wasta anlmal v ngeUble mat- 
ter from t> kitchen; nlbUatL 
irnr Wo tfl'rT'll- >--'■ »« doanse by stfUncj 
glUT-Oie Miect such p»n« of as are wanted 

gar-^OU nun; awalter. (fb.] 

irav Aan (gILrdn). n. a pteoe of groimd sM 

gar-oen ^^e for the fuit^ti^ of ito*- 

OB. frulC, vwotables. etc: a place speciallr 
deligtatful, Tloi. or [niltCul: sJ. and s.l to 
cultivate, as a garden. 

gar.den-taj; iSL'S'Si^,^^^ 

oar irln (gl^g''. "- a medicinal Hquid Ibr 
gar-gie waabing the throat; s.l, 16 wash. 
as the tbroat, with a medicinal liquid. na« 
swallowed, butkep; in tbD throat by bcealb. 

waterspout. otVen tn the form ^ a gratesQu^y 
shaped nun or animal. 

gar j.bal4li SSSiSSi &trJ!S; 

red: Darned for the Italian patriot. GariliakU. 

Snr tn>i IP''"'''^'' °^l- «^^^r- daaiding; 
HT-IbU ^owy; attracting altentkin; aa, 
carUh Jewchr 

gar-land ^?Sr^' 

sometlinn of predot 
the hoad like a cn>i 
land: a collection of 

KhBraldry. a wnatl 

gar-ment iKthiS^^p"- 



a wrealli made of 
L^tJieB. fnthos, and 
once, (o be worn on 
Ice'plec™ of proHO or 
hag uwd by salloni; 

ck or'adoni wllii a 
I plant of (he fOy 

) gutre as in a granflry; 

"e grain Is stored R 

^I-*iei predoo (tone of tstIoui colon. 
«i«Hit depp red: ■ daep nd color. 
gar-niSn ,fiSir»ilon; nmBmiDit laid round 

gar-nish-ee )?th^"^',;rt,th^r^? 

or the clatnu of a Ihlrd parlj'^ e.l. to attach 
proiMrt)' by law to pay a deht. 

gar-ret S'l'SiJ: .i'l,,",?"""' •°°" 
gar-ri-son SiSSS.tS'^'iSS 

place: V.I. lu rurnlsh (a fortiaed place) wlcb 

gar-roie ment for ^innnilng a criminal; 
UBBd In 9paln: Btraneulatlon: r.l. lo execute 
by BtraoiillnE: sri'c by tbe Ihroat bo as to 

^^-li^ i.''i;^L"'Vhe"w^U"'S? 

-ni-lous ^ 



gar-ter BtocWnit U heW up an tie 1«; tk 

OnrMr. tliB bftdUE of the Order of tho (iart« 
the hlRlnKt ordor uf fir- ■ ■ 

(Mc'S^l' "' IP' RaHH (-6i)1. elanic alrllke 
KaS ff^d; a thin, alrllko mlilure that la 
M>tainpd tram t ilii< -nls sna which is uiud <o 
give llihT B-id hi'n' : an aiTlIke mliture nf 


gas bomb f 

gas-con -ad 
f gas en-gini 

by^Se 3 
Ion of 4 

gas-e-ous . e 

<iAs4-aa). ad}, tuTlns the natore or form of 

paeh '"*^>- "■ » deep or gaping cot or 

K*lan vound: r.l. to cut dMplv. 

vasJt hr (g»«i-fr}. r,(, Ip.i. andp.p.jnuifled, 

Kas-l-iy ppr. garffyinKl. lo turn Cito gaa 

br haftt or by dinmlcal a<-tlon. 

0ne Ir*t O?'*'''*'). "■ a "at plaited cord by 

gaS-KCI „hjch ttie jtalla are furled or tied 

t thf yard; hemp. 

Vir packing 
* thin pleci 

gas man-Ue Btructure conaaimg of oi- 
Ides cif CQTtaln rare metals, which, vbfo 

til incandescence. thUH jdvlng out ligbt. 

gas mask i^r^t\r:..TS^^. 

~ ■5-'5'.i,.. ^'^i 

gas-o-line ll^fiJ-Siy ^1;?&e,"i 


{gl»-tai'6-t«r). n. a 

gas- o -scope 

(«ta'6-«k6p), n, an 

of InL^mmabie gaa from a ica^ iCAk In a amt 
mine or a house, 

gaspSSE'-.S Wi" S'S'^S'.E 

Quick, iiainful brnthk: wlib ''wnv- 

gas-sySSi"" ■"""'"■ "»^ "■•»•■ 
gas-tricSS ;"i.K"!SEf: SJS 

gUb-IXlC juice wBlwy liquid contained 
In a certain set of Klandi In the lining at lb* 

gas-tron-o-my I'^r;" " 

1 city, c. 

gate ^f I 

ontp nrnv l"*''"!'), "■ an entrance BtUtf 
gaic-najr triih a frame or diHir; approadk. 
ffflth-^r (BlW'S'rl- "■ to asicmblew bring 
gain-er loftether : coUeol: bring Into »OB 
Ijlacu: pick up; glean: pluck; accumulal«; 
pucker or plait: Infer r.l. lo congrwat*: 
generate pus; Increase; rliivn: n. a plait <r 
pucker In clolh. made bv drawing thread 
through Qm folds, 
■•Sim.. '- pick, eui], aiaemble. muato-. Ial«r. 

gath-er-ing l^^SfJ'h^ltSt^ 

E ether; nn avcmbCaRo: a r^iarHable eontii-> 
ul.lon or gift; an armoiH or sore filled irith 


Saud '^^^'- "■ * I''"™ "^ -^anbitm Osary: 
aattA jr (bM'I), atl). tctmp. gsudlar, tuperl. 
£auu-J gsudlflst), (tioiry; vulgulj gar or 
flOB. — adf. mndOr. — n. ntndlima. 
Sim., adj. Boshy. Iswdry. |iUct«inii. 

gauge (£^leage; IhB depth of ■ Kblp In 
the wBKr: Its ponltloD Id relation to uiutber 
sWp: c.(. to miMBUre. Also, ntt. 

gaUg-er „,«, u l* b> flnd out how mucH 

f\a-,-,t ('01). n- u> iDbatiltADt Of andeDC 
Vjram 6aaJ or Franee. 

gaunt ^Ihq 

gaunt-let il^^'St- ^'!X1*V 

fynaeety practloed. by wblch tb« ct 
canpeUed to run between two lln 
^Im or mOors. who beat him v 
ropes, etc.; abo pntctlced by the 

9 hoUow-eyed and 

gave ^b'v„T' "'""' ° 
eav-el '*"^*"' "■ ■ '™"'' "*"" ™«i "^ » 

0n vn+tA tg'f-viH^ giv'fit). n. a Uvoly. but 
ga-VOne JafnlHeJ. dance of the minaat 
claai: a daoee-Mne In conunon (Ime. [Fb.| 

gawkifJii,J-.S.aK""°' *»"'"■■■'■ 

gaWK-y luualiJr. — n. aairMBaai. 

(TOTT (Bi).o^i™ly: menr: fullofHlee: chwr- 
gay mi; (porttve: glvm to plaumre: jolly; 

Sm- lively, loUy, aprightly, bUctaa. 
Ant. fHie BoJsma) . 
eaze '«*''j^WJm*«»ni«rtly.orBa«edT; 


gear wheel l^j' 

gem-i''-na-tionfc-''a''B£-. SfTr 
Gemini SflHs-^J; SK SU"?!^- 

wblcb are tbe two brb^t itan. Caalw and 
Pollux; the Twins a nlgn of Lbs aodlBC 

gem-ma-tion yS'^'bSd'ipSitaSr ES 

arrangemenC oT buda on a stalk or 0( leayn 
In thebu± 

gen-aarme„. ^ ™darm«a (.^Urm; 
poUceman. (Fb.) 

gen-darm-er-je SUPto^f'i ^^ 


l-(lil|. tkmllr pedigree; lineage; ■'•- —' 

that treat* of trados poi""' 



oOtial wr 




general officer 2 

gen-er-al of-fi^er ^^^^^'St^ 

tawrd atall of an umy, eomnnnidlng ■ bodr 
odroopt not leu Uutn a brlnde. 

Een-er-al-is-si-mo ^*°-'*:*'-'»/'--'^?>- 

fen-er-al-i-za-tion 'i^'n- 
Qd). n. (be acC or mult ol 
dmgw or of malcLDg «(at«mvi 
ebe particular: on Indumlon; i 

JSwrSSe £?5St 

Mmiiiii to miLke UrftB Id acope 


drawn rrom detalkt. 

een-er-al-ly ^ 

l] rule) from partloular 


gen.erja or-ders ^^X^^?^ 

■^(bBwlMTlorolDeanliianny uolta; nmeiml 
ordera laclude aUinilIng Inatructloni. detailed 
lnatmcUoiu. and reports at courts marUal. 

Ken-er-ai<SIUp omoo, rank, or mlUtarr 
Ktll or * dllef or ao armjr commander: 
ikflful tactla or lesdtnblp: u. Uts gcncroljUp 
tt Mtibti FoOi. 

mti frjttt^ Ota'*-it). r.t. to produce, ai 
gea-er-aie ol^prliic: U came; orlstnaM: 
trace out or Ibnn bjr motion. 
^n. tarm, make, beget. 

gen-er-a-uon „ proc« or producma; 

a ajaile aneeewlon In natural deeeent; people 
of tlie eama period: ai. your mothrr belonaa 
■0 mr tmtraloa; proccar. 
Stm- not, breed. stock.Und. ace. m- 

gen-erji-trire >ff!A«n.j,,, 

: or ui Ii^wlaaed; In mualc, the 
pmiupw •ouM or aouDd* by whicb oUiov 

mSkJc !ftS^- ss .jsrsi s 

Sum: o ppoalt e to «imi(/1c: compnliaialTe. 

VuWs Vt babic uEsal: Ubmllly: maic- 
nanbuty: aa, fWMrMUv li eeen In an artl- 
maltoa of Otbv MUn'a Tlrtuea. 

gen-M-ous gl'TKSSii'^t "'ISSSS^ 

n gentlemaa 

gen-et ^S*' &Sf &:;£ — " ^""^ 
gen-eUc*iSyolio?Sri,Er'*** *• 

(rani al Wol-U: JSn'rU).(id;. kbidly aod 
ge^U-ai ■jrmpallietlc ia diipodtlon: oor- 
diil; contributing to cbewfulnaaa and Ul*: 
agreeably warm and cheerful. 
Syn. bBu-tr, fesMve. Joyoua. 

cbaofulneee: BympatJiellc warmth of di^o- 


gejiie SS-iji, ss^ 

take the fonn of an animal, aiaut. vw.: ma. 
the ir«nf ff of the lamp, m theatory otAlMoHA'w 
Lvnp- Also. Ilnnea. 

gejii-i ^i-iji,- ?i^!.s;ra's^°j,^ 

pn-i-tive ^j^^SoA '«£k^2S! 

"- "- I'yfi; je'nMla), n. \3,hm 

■air. namvnita. 

Sun. bMafleanI 

AM. (tee Bli^rdlT). 
lum A -la (Ha'»<l*). n. tiM act or proc- 
gMI-e-81B ^ of pndooliie or orlg&«»- 
W: betfDOiw: <ha**>*. the flrst book of the 
Old TeKaaant; ■• csUed by tbe Oreak 
tnadMen, baeaua It (alia of the ereathm 
ot tlw vwM and the human race. 
•ran a.* (l*n'M: f*-aM'). n. an animal 
gen-ei ;^ud n> Um dret or cat tuBilT. 
valued ttr Ue (or: die fur of a cat made ia 

gen-ius s 

marinble aUllty or n, . ~ 

■pedal punult. etc: chatmcta- or DeceaBarr 
prlntdnle; embodiment: a p«tecin pcaaeaaed 
of high mental powfn or facultln: ruu 
-nl-n, pi apod or eTil iplrflfl BUppDeed to pr^ 
aide over the deatlnlea of ttoi. 

f^cnTn acB (J*n^i': j8n"M«^. Ul. 
Uen-0-eSe pstaUlnc to Ibe people tt 

good breeding: loelalraiik and rvAnaBHiit. 

f tbeflaahfly: a ti 

Sun.. <ul}. plsdd. : , 

J lU. laee n>ugh. mncoutb) . 

• folk ^^"^'^^fP- 

..-JUIK. good famUr a 

gen-tte-ioiB. gSd hiiui» b«i,uii: 
gen-tle-man '^*\:^]]'JSl' ^% 

entitled to bear r — -' " • • 

and honorable an 
lnoMw:._ p> - •' 


gen-tle-manJy fig'li-SS^f'wgS: 

(rained socially. 

ctah flA riAfiS (J6n'tl-nte), n. softnesB of 
gCIi-UC-UOGio maimers; mUdneas: do- 

gen-tle-wom^ if f ''|i^?e'S'^in."n 

(-wfm'da)]. a woman of good birth and breod- 

insr; a lady. 

«rA«i ^1x7 (Jte'tlO. a<fv. in a mild manner: 

gen-Uy mUdly; sofUy; gradually. 

cron ifv (Jte'tti), n. people of education 

geu-uy and breeding: In England, the 

upper class of society. 

gen-U-neC-UOn bending of the knee, 
especially in worship. Also, geaailesloa. 

f'ATi 11 in A (ito'u-In). adj. real: unadul- 
PMX'U'UIC terated; pertaining to, or de- 
ved trom. the original or true stock; not 
hypocritical: open. — odv. genuinely. 
Syn^ true, unaifected, sincere. 
AtU. (see flftise). 

fo niie (i^^^)* ^ IP^' gen«ra (Jta'8r-4)]. 
v-su»»» a broad, seneral class having under 
several groups with certain common char- 
acteristics: as, in the animal kingdom the 
Ifcm, leopard, tiger, cat. and panther are 
•pedes of the catldnd, or pentis; in the 
vegetable kingdom all the species of oak form 
a certain ffniis; In logic, a class made up of 
two or more species, or lower classes. 

SA #\_rAn frir (J«'*<en'trik). ad), per- 
e-O-Cen-tnC talning to the center of 
le ear^; having the earth as the center: 
viewed ttmn the earth as a center. 
<rA_rhH_A eir (Jfr-M^fr-sI). n. the science of 
KC«VU-v-9jr measuring large portions of 
the earth's surfkce: the aetemnlnation of the 
eartii's figure and size. 

VA-n_«lAf ir OS'O dettk), adj. pertaining 
ge-0-uet-il« to. determined by. or carried 
oat by. geodesy, or the art of measuring large 
aectiotis of the earth's surfkice. Also. 

ge-o^eUc line <gSr'll5.,"Siw22 

any two points on the earth's surftkce. 
«-A /Mr «^ -nl^iAr (S^-^rd-fSr) , n. one who 
ge-Og-ra-pner la versed in. or a writer 
on. the science of the earth and its life. 

ge-o-graph-i-cal ^££SS?1^'^e ^: 

ence of the earth and its Itfe.'-Hulv. geo* 

ge-og-ra-phy A^"'(Si„?t&'.«,«» 

that describes the surfkce of the earth, and its 
division into continents, kingdoms, etc 

e-O-iOg-l-Cai tainlng to the science of 
le formation of the earth.— HUto. geologl* 

«yA rA n iriof (J6-dl'd-jlst). n. one who 
ge-Ol-O-glSt knows the sdenoe of the 
formatioa of the earth. 

va-a1-A <n7A (W-^i'^Jfe). V'i' to study the 
gfS-Ui-U-glxe formation of the earth: to 

InveRtlgate the structure of the earth. 

§A i\1 /\ errr (J^-^rd-jI). n. the science that 
C-Ul-U-Ky investigates the structure ol 
\B earth, the successive physical (Ganges it 
has undergone, and the causes which have 
produced such changes in the crust of the 

<rA-n mAf rir (JS'O-niet'rnc), adj. pertaln- 
gC-U-me i-nw ing to. or done by, geometry, 
or the study of lines, angles, surfaces, etc. — 
adi. — emetrloally. 

267_ gesticulatira^tri4:ian igi^,S-S"SS& £ 

that branch of matheinatics called geometry. 

ge-om-e-tiy ^Sfc'.SSi.'&P'teSSre 

mathematlGB that treats of the measurements 

of lines, angles, surfaces, and scdids. wiUi 

their various relations: a text-book on these 


erck ra ni tim (J6-r5'nI-iim) . n.^ a plant 

ge-ra-ni-uni cultivated Ibr its handawmw 

scarlet or white flowers. 

o-AT ful-rnri .(i<ir'«>'kn'. JQr'fftlTm). n. a 
gci-ial-vUU large northern falcon a* 

hawk. Also, gyrfalcen. 

(TAt-m (i<hin). n. the flrst principle of an 

gCiiii organism; that trom whldi any* 

thing springs: origin: first prlnriole; any 

bacterial organism, especially one which may 

cause disease 

n.At- mart (J<^mftn). n. one of the people 

VTcx-iUall of Germany: the language of 

the Germans: adj. pertaining to Osrmany, 

its people, or language. 

CTAr mnri (J<^m&n). adj. of the saaoe 

^ci-iuou stock or parentage: germane: 

n. a Idnd of round dance with many teures. 

o-Ar mane P!^™*",'ii JQr'min). a^. re- 
ger-llUUAC lated; akin; relevant; appro- 
priate; fitting. 

riAr man ir (J&>'m&nlk). cuTi. pertainlHg 
Vrer-inail-lC to Germany; Teutonic. 
C^r miiTi i«m (J<h^m&«»-Ian). n. a G«r- 
Vjer-mail-lSni man custom, manner of 
speech, or (Aiaracteristic; love of G«niiaB 

ger-ma-ni-um ^^^S^^-JliSSiui 

a brittle, sllver-whit^ metal discovered la 1886 
in a silver ore at Fr^berg. 

Ger-man sU-ver 5Si»%,?'i?'ijnc": 

nickel, and copper. 

ger-mi-cide ^'^^^J^rSSSL 


ger jni-cul-ture iSSSa^gS&I^ 

bacteria or germs for scientific study. 

o-Ar miJOfll pOr'ml-nW), adj. nertalBlDg 

ger-UU-uiU to a germ or seed bud. 

o-Ar mi riflnf (JCir'ml-n&nt), adj. sproot- 

ger-mi-nanX ing; gradually developing; 

sending forth buds. 

o-Ar mi rtflf A (Jfir'na-nit). r.<. to sproot 

ger-UU-Uaie or bud; begin to grow or 

develop into a higher form. 

o-Ar mi 11 a -Hoti (J<li-'inl-nl'shfin).n. llie 

ger-mi-na-UOn beginning of growth In 

a seed, bud, or genn. 

o-Arm 111 A (Jur'mfll), n. a small germ; a 

^CAiu-iu^ germ beginning to develop. 

ger-ryjnan-der ^S^L'^^u:'^ 

ing district, etc., so as to give an unfolr ad- 
vantage to a particular political party; mii- 
represent: garble. 

o-Ar iinH (Jdr'ftnd), n. a verbal noun; as. 
gci-uiiu hja earning a salary depdided 
upon his ability. 

o-Ariiri HiiTA (J^-riln'dlv). n. In Latin. 
ger-UU-Olve the future passive participle: 
as, amandus, to be loved: adj. pertaining to. 
or having the nature of the gerund. 

o-AR-fir 11 IfifA (i6s-tlk'(i-llt).r.<.tOHiake 
gCb-UC-U-iaic motions, as in s 

<v attracting attention. 


ges-tic-u-la-tion ai?-*2S*-lrf'^5a- ' 

motions; a gesture. 

wi^i|^ n|[ 

bd&t, f d6t ; found ; boil ; f ufkct ion ; chase ; good ; joy ; then, thick ; hw = wh as in ^en ; 
th->z 80 in azure; ldi»ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xxii. 


fTAA 4>«irm (jte'ttr). n. a movement of the 
6^*^^^^^ nee, body, or Umbe, to e xprcsn 
an Idea, emotion, etc. 

Syn, attitude, action, posture. 
iTAf (S^)t v-<* \P'^ sot, p.p. got, gottoa,, 
iS^^ getting], to obtain :,procvre: win; gain; 

258 ginger 

acquire; receire: detenre: realixe. «.«, 
nrevatl upon: v.u to arrive, at; beoonte: 

jKm: 9.1 
tIflM. opportunity, etc.; depart quiddy; 

Stfli* earn, attain. 
CTAf ^A-r (80^'^)* n* ono v^ gaine, obtains, 
|^d»-u;i or acquires; as, a money-fflttcr. 

crAHf crflnf ^'9^' »• * "Jiowy trifle; use- 

|gcw-g«.w lass ornament; toy. 

cTAw cAf (flt^'"^: fl'zfir). n. a boiling spring 

S^J-^ci .which frequently throws forth 

Jets ot water, mud, etc. 

irfiflef 1v (C^tOI). atfi. deathlike: pale; 

gnaSl-lJ hagmrd: horrible; as, his fkoe 

&Mi a ghmstlv look. — n. ghaslliBees. 

^ffi. pallid, wan. hideous, grim, shocking. 
trU^A (S^j n. an c^ made Ittmi butter; a 
l^lice atUd white oU obtained ttwaa. a tree 
of India. 

ffhsi-r Inn (sArldn). n. a small cucumber 
gner-JOnS^dforpicfcling. Al8o,ccrM«. 
aliAt fn (««t'5), n. fe/. ghettos (-«z). ghetti 
gaCi-UI (-te)j, the Jews' quarter in a elty. 

<rYi/%o'f (sost), n. the spirit of a dead 
S^^^^l' apparition; the soul; breath ~of life; 
HUkdew; a false image due te some defect In a 
lens. — adj. ghestljr. 

Syn. specter, si^te. phantcMn. 
fffimil CS^l). n. an imaginary evil being 
Kuuux yirho robs graves and feeds <m the 
flesh of the dead. — adj. ghenliih. 

tn€ki%i' (fi'^^)» n- <^ iiu^ of great bulk or 
S^"*"^*^ stature; one x>oesesBed of great 
physical er mental power;' In mythology, one 
of a race <if beings ox immense size who fought 
the gods: adj, uke a person of great stature; 

gi^uit pow-der iS^rJ^y^'^'i^tt 

high ezplodve. made of nitroglycerin. 
mantiT (iour). n. the name applied by 
l^iAUiu Motuunmedaps to those who do 
net believe in their religion, especially 

criK iJ^h ^' ^® '^''™ ^^ *^ crane or machine 
B^v fyf lifting heavy weights, such as en- 
gines, etc ; a inece in a madiino to hold other 
parts together. 

tnU ki»r (Jlb'Sr; gTb'ft-), v.L and t.t. to 
{S^D-WCl speak rapidly and Indistinctly; 

glU-DCX-ldll connected talk: adj. immean- 

iK hof Cnb'fit), n. a gallows: v.t. to hang 
iM-vci on a gibbet or gallows; exiK 


_ _ _ . ^ , exi>ose to 

public soom or ridicule. 

ffiK Knn (sib' An), n. an ape of south- 

glU-UUU eastern Asia; the smallest and 

lowest of the manlike apes. 

<nU Krhtfc (sn>'fts). adj. excessively proml- 

glD-MUUd nent: irr^iularly rounded; b^ 

tweesi full and half-fUlH said of the moon. 

Also, glhbose. 

criKA ^i^)> ^- <^ scoif: taunt; sneering or 

ISr^^^ sarcastic expression: v.t. to sneer at; 

taunt: v.i. to use taunts: cast reproaches; 

sneer; scoff. Also. Jibe. 

Svn., V. flout, jeer, mock, deride. 
£lb Jet ^^''^^' **' ^® heart. Uver. giszard. 


etc., of poultry: usually in the 

tnA (0M)* n. a disense of sheep, often called 
glU the stagi 

the head: 
fickle. — MP. 


ing senssflon in' 
dvby; frivolous; 
Syn. unsteady, flighty, thoughtless. 
Ant, (see steady). 
Mff (Sut). n, something given or bestowed; 
S^^ p r e se nt; donation; offering; bene- 
facUon; natural talent. 

Syn. grant, alms, gratvlty, boon, ftkcultjr, 

Ant. (see purtiiase). 
<riff aA (Sift'M). adj. talented; havlnd 
gUV-ea ianate or inborn ablUty. 

(gig), n. a light two-wheeled open ear* 
drawn by one horse; anachlaeflor 
nap on doth; a long ship's boat, 
by alternate oars, and usually l e s e tv e d 
f<M: the commanding officer; a rasing boat; 
a whiriigig; a flahidg: r.i. [pX and p.p. 
gigged,, SlfB^Sl. io fish with a flshgte. 

cri^fln fir P-«*^*'>^>'«*'^*»'^' ooKSl; 
l^-gAU-UU immense; tremendoos; of ex- 
traordinary size. — 

Syn. encKTnous, 

Ant. (see diminutive). 
mttr ctIa (Sigl). n. a nervous, silly Uugh: 
M»-1»^C v.i. to laugh in a nsrvous. foelfih. 
ttttering manner. — n. glgglsr. 
ffiM (fIIA)> c*^ []>•<• uid p.p. gilded, gflt,, 
gUa dOdUng]. to overlay «r wash uritli gold; 
give a fair outward appearance to; illuminate; 
to make attractive; te adorn; tolHlghten: «. 
a fraternity; an araodatlon. Also. n. gnfld. 
^1/1 {«io. (gfld^ing). n. the art or proeess of 
giiu-ui|^ overlaying or covering with 



gold leaf, powder, etc.. applied to a surfkee; 
a light covering designed to give a fkir out- 
wara appearance. 

mil (Sl^)> ^- ^o breattdng crgan of water 
S^u animals, especially fishes; the fleshy 
flap that hangs below the beak ot a fowl; a 
deep, narrow grim through which a small 
stream flows: pi. the giU-snaped plates form- 
ing the under surface of a mushroom. 
crill (Jfi). n. a liquid meastffe of one ftourth of 
&"* a pint ; ground Ivy. Also. JUL 
oil Iv fl/rar Ar (JO'I-flou'Sr), n. one of 
gU-iy-nOW-er various plants of the mus- 
tard fiuuily, as the wall-flower, stoek. etc. 
Also. gUUMower. 

crilf (silt), adj. covered with, or yellow like, 
S**"^ gold: n. gUdins; grand show. 
mm Kol (glm'b&l). n. one of two brass 
giui-uol riiigs moving within each other 
at right angles: used for suspending a mari- 
ner's compass, chronometer, etc., so that 
it will stay level. 

«nTn_rrArlr ii^oi'trak^, n. a pretty, ns*- 
glUl-cr auik loss thing; toy: adj. showy. 
but of no value. 

mm lAf (gimlet), n. a small bor-| 
gim-iei log tool with a pointed' 
screw at the end: v.L to make a 
hole In with such a tool. 
cntnn (Simp), n. a kind of laced silk 
gAxxxp twist or trimmina Interwoven 
with wire or cord : used foi furniture, 
dresses, etc.: v.t. to border with this 

tri-n (Jta), 71. a fragrant aloohoMcUq- -^_,^ 
S"* uor flavored with Juniper bei^ OlmliS 
ries; a trap or snare; a maehine for dearlnc 
cotton fibers tram the seeds; a portable 
hoisting machine; a pile-driving madune: sX 
[n.t. and p.p. ginned, ginmag), to catch In 
a crap; to clear (cotton) of seeds by a madiliM. 
(Tin CTAr (iln'Jir). n. the scraped and dried 
&*^"S^* root of a hot and sptey Bast and 

Ate, senUte, rAre, cAt, locil, fKr, dsk, pihttde; sctoe^ 6vent, 6dge, novll, refSr; 
Hght, sId; c6]d, 6bey, c6rd, stdp, c6mpare; dnit, finite, bfirn, cfit, focfis, menii; 

ginger beer a 

West iBdIftn pUnt whidi la much lued In 
aMkOT ukI In medldne; coMo qiilmlly. conrMs. 

from dngtr. jMUt, craun o( Mrtar, uuj auimr. 

Ein^OT-brMd SK£»2a- ■UTS 

Shd-, slne«r. molassH. lugar, eti^; cbSkii, 
Jllmiy ornKmaatacloii. especdmUy on & tiouse. 

gm-ger-iy itinaiy; umicuj. 

g«ii« «SSf'-»!i SA''5JIi3' ^ 

d>ik-«yM nn. or Euttm. probsbly Hindu, 
origins the lungnaga of ItaB Otpria: called al»Q 
Jwia^u-' cIpvTp ft pwoa of dulc compleEloii. 

r the walet; uirtblnff ihaC ■urTonnda 

d with, or m irtlli.^ 

girl-ish 5S!?^ "i ' 

— oA. attiublr n. ilrll ' 

girt ""^t^.winji^t 



anytbloff UiaC blnda or eni 

gist DuOn' point; object "" " """"" 

give SKii'VtSS "iSie^Ci 

prtce or revu'cl; grant: yield; as, tc 
«lf« up a claim: dtillTBr: ad. to else b 
leeture: lo pay: as. I (race three dollara for 
tbs book; to present; to utter: as. to giee a 

aa. 'to tStia^d^' e.i. to preseot gifts; tc 
' — "-r chart tyjytdd^t- "•' 

n '^''i'il'' '■'■ '".™'y *||»wv' • 


oiv BTi Un*'!!)- o^- Indlned: ■ddlOed: 

I^V-ea inually with to; as, «i»n tn litw: 

stated; preuTaoged. 

DtT T9r<1 (^^Rl). n. the seoond ctonadl 

gIZ-Zaxa a^towl In which the AxNl to 

crushed and Rround' 

bIs p£ <glC's&'). odf. feed or ooolad: b*^ 

gia-ce iiK a ^;^ mAcei as. fflocJ nuti; 

n.a tUnshSiySk. [Fb.1 

glaxiallffl: StsSja.?- °»- 
Ela-tier "fe ofS^k i.'..5S 

is formed smoag lofty mountains and mova 
aiovrly down the slopes and tbrongh the Tal* 
leys unUl It mdM or breaks off into Icehargg- 
crla fia (tl*'aIs;g»'ses').n.a>lot>lDBbank 
gia-ClS ^earthdkectlytafrgnrafafort 
and designed for 
protective slope 
lb row aS b^Ule . 

glad|'^p';'^aer. «ipert. BUdd«tl, j™. 
mis: gay; pleased; cheerful; satlsoed. — at), 

Sl/n. loyifuT Blftdsonic 
AnI. (see sad). 

glad-den if '""' 
glade i?!" 


Inancumt I 

with ant J 

gla-di- Oladtslcts 

0-iUS 6We|, sny of a oiunber of planM ot 
the iris feinUy, havinif a fleshy bulti. long 
Biiord stuped leaves and spikes of vartously 

^ad-some iSJS^'';"ci.^Xi°'™'' ""■ 
glaive i"'S^^ " 

bavlnjt a curved blade ' 

glam-or '^^' 

different from whs 

making objoeu appear 
t Cbey really are: fascina' 
lIso, ■lamonr- 
a}anra le^^Bai- "■ s sudden shoot of Ugbt: 
glance quick pawtlng look of the eye: a 


viand (Sliatlj, n. » bwUly or««i bi whid 
gUUlQ secretlan li carried oa: ■nullsecm' 
lug organ for sap to planu. 

l««nr. BiitlUnR a( iliB slandi of tbe la*a 

lurd. ajid elony on the si 
■tacins and pxprnsBloalpfls, 

«Ia«i or amootb. tnnisiiarei 
dow-pKi™: •emicranspare 
thJoly o»Br other oolon i- 

r Utt)e, or pl«« b 


,„ „ the act of collect- 

^ msaftfir reapon; that wUdila 
^llectad labwioualy rrom varlona aourciB. 
crlaKn ie>^)- "• srouDd or soU; lud be- 
gieoe longing toapulxbctaiucliaruMiMd 
to a miDlatar aa part of hla salary ; In Bittdav. 
a pl«o of land containing or«- 

glee meot: a muilcal compoMlkm tor 

Stpt- merrlmeDt/joTlaUty. Joy, hUatltT. 
fflao fill (Klof»i),oiH.iBen7| 
rrom Achool, — adv^ alaafBlty, 
■rlan (fl^)' n- > narrow vatler; ■ qnkC ar 
gien seclllded bollow between bUM. 
oJJIj (gUb). a«. volable; flippant: fli™»: 
Sblr^n\tlbB«u. "■ " 
HMa W"''}, n. Ihe aCT of nwyte tlaat 
gliUC imootUy; In muaic, a slnr: ■*■ morv- 
mcnt of an alrpUnc wltliouc any motors i.l. 
to Dow, or moi'e along amootJilj or Dolaeleiilr; 
in niiuk. to alar: to more In an alrvlaiw uDdrr 
Uu tnduence oi grmTlty only. 

SgTi: t- ■Up- aude. ran. 
irltrl mr (gud'Sr), n, one (hat whldi, 
EUa-Cr J|d„ .long ooootJily: a fonn o( 
^Ircran almllar lo an alrplans but wllhoM 
^t{_ (glUn),!!. a^na: a gUmpaa: a IIAt 

Syn.. gtwn. elcker. glitter. 

Blimpse ISSKi ' ' — 

glint I 



alia tcr (BUs'^lIT'^io'irtiwa-rbabrW*: 
gUS-ier „. a sparkle; hialer. 
nMt tar (ElTt'^)- tt- lo apukta wltll tigllf 
gUt-tergTeam; be aliowy or atCncOr*: 

gw!iSgS,'S?wiisgr*^ "* 

gloat Sl'ly witS'lSrtfSl'^r'S^^^SS^ 

?lobe il 

y bodice (cekellal alo^) : 

globe.flow-er r SSSilinia! 
globe-trotter 'S^i;"^^^: S 

gio-bose !sr-.5.j?'^,ffii»-sr- 

glob-u-lar s;i"«-'-.»:_'«..2>r_''»' » 

giob-uie a'?: ■ 


nail pill. 





vm or of A (Sldm'8r4t). adi. gathered 
lUl-ei-aiC into a roundish head or 
s; oon^omerate. 

€Af\rkrt\ i!fl<R><n), n. a partial darknen; 

e^uviii obocority; meUncboly; depresaloii; 

sadness; soUeoness: vA. to be or become 

cloudy <m: partially dark; present a dismal 


9.U to make dark; deJect <m: sadden. 

Svn., n. cloud, dimness, dulness. 

Ant, (floe Usht, brishtness, joy). 
irlAnm v (slOTm'l), ad^. [eomp. gloomier. 
I^uvux-jr superl. gloomiest], overspread 
with, or wrapped In. darkness; dismal: mel- 
«ndkoly; dispirited; cheerless; morose. — 
4Uf9. cloomllF. — n. gleomlnsss. 

Syu. lowering, lurid, dim, dusky. 

AnL (see bright, clear). 
0.1^ «4 o (glo^rl-d). n. praise: a doxolqgy; 
glO-n-a especially, the Gloria in ExceSis, 
Glory be to Qod on high, and the Gloria Patri, 
Olory be to the Father; a musical setting of 

Sto^-fi-ca-tion il?'S?-'S*4feerh5 

luxnage to; exalt«tion to honor and dignity. 
oIa tH! fw («l5'rl-n). v.t. [p.t. and p.p. glori- 
|J*W-i.l-J.v fled. glorifying), to raise in 
tiaoor and dignity; magnify and honor In 
worship; adore; beautify. 

Sipu magnify, celebrate, exalt. 
fl1#^ r4 rkiie (<?M5'rt-fls). adj. ftill of honor; 
glO-n-OUS iOustriou«; celebrated: mag- 
nifloeot: exal ed; excellent; splendid: in- 
spiring admiration. 

Sun. famous, renowned, 
' AnL (see Infamous). 

tfiA ttr (gl5'r!). n.tpl glories (-rls)l. splen- 
^^^*-j dor; magnificence: brightness: praise 
•scribed in adoration; distinction; renown; 
honor; the divine perfection or presence; 
the blessedness and rajoyment of heaven; in 
art. a circle of rays surrounding the head of a 
saint: v.i, \p.L and p.p. gloried, glory- 
tngl. to rejcnce or exult: with in. 

Svn., n. flBime, splendor, grandeur. 

AnL (see InfSBmny). 

£/\ea (Slfi^). n. luster flrom a polished sur- 
Vao face; insincere show; an explana- 
D or comment on some difficulty or ob- 
scurity in the text of a bo<^; a plausible. 
Insincere representation: v.t. to explain by 
notes or comments; cover up or hide by 
I^Mislbto Insincere representation; varnish; 
make smooth and lustrous: v.i. to make com- 
ments on a text: to explain. 
frl^e eo -rrr (glds'd-rl). n. {pi glossaries 
glOS-Sa-ry {!ris)l. a collec^on of notes 
explaining a text; a dictionary of obsolete, 
difficult, uncommon, or technical words occur- 
ring In a certain book or in the wwks of a cer- 
tain author. 

iy1/\c exT (^^y>' 9^J' lownp. ^dossier, superh 
^Uo-ajr glossiest), havixig a shining smooth 
snrfttce; smooth and plausible. — adv. clossily. 
— n. ^osstnets. 

crl/vf fte (i^tls), n. the small elastic oblong 
giUb-uo opening at the top of the windpipe. 
—adj. glottsL 

ero (fSlAv), n. a covering for the hand 
'^ with a separate covering for each 
: pi. boxing gloves: t.t. to cover with, 
or ae with, a glove. 

g^fv^ Ar (glAVSr), n. a maker or seUo* of 
^W-CX gloves; as, Shalcespeare's father 
was a gtofter. 

tAfwsr (l^)> v*'* to shine with Intense heat; 
KIUW radiate heat and light; be incan- 
descent or brilliant' be red or flushed; be 
animated or inspired with passion, love, seal. 

etc.: n. intense or shining heat; Incandee* 
oence; redness, or brightness of color; pas- 
sion; ardor. 

tAnxMr AT (slou'Sr). t.i, to stare with a 
^uw-ci threatening or angry ooaiite» 
nance; frown. 

glow.wonn l^SSTSi^ T^'^ 

gives forth a shining green light at night. 
airkTA (^32)' ^'^' to gloss over; make light 
S^v^C of; as, to gloee sin; gUae a mistake. 
fflit r/\eA (glOO'Kds), n. the form of sugar 
&* i*-vUDC existing hi many animal and veg- 
etable cnrganisms: produced for commercial use 
by the action of sulphuric add on starch. 
tfliiA (SlSS)t n. a sticky substance made by 
giuc boilmg to a Jelly the sidns, hoote, etc.. 
of animals: v.t. to unite or Join with glue. — 
adj. i^asy. 

trUtm lei^^)' <^i* gloomy; moody; suUeo; 
^lUiu drowning; as. a glum expression. — 

adv. glumly. — n. giamnsss. 
crltimo (gl^m)* n. the husk or 
l^m iiip scales of com or grasses. 


crltf'f (Kl<^t) . n. an excess or superabundance: 
S^Ul' v.t. {p.t. and p.p. glutted, ghitUnd, 
to fill to repletion; oversupply. 

Syn., V. gorge, stuff, cram. 
A-lii 4>An (glSS't&i), n. a sticky substance, 
giu-icu the most nutritious part of wheat 
and other grains, not apparent until the flour 
is mixed with water, as in dough. 

giu-ti jious ^j»r-°«sUv^/- i'jta 

with stidcy matter. 

glu-ti-tioii *gS^^*' "• *^ ~* '^ 

w1,.A 4'rk!w% (glQt'n), n. one who eats to ex- 
giut-ion cess: a smaU. flfoh-eating ani- 
mal, akin to the mink and marten; the 

glut-ton-ize g^?i?li^.*° °^"~*= 
gluUon-ous <|lS.r°*fev?S'- S"?,JS? 

eating.<— ad^. cluttonously. 
criiif •f/\n xr <RlQt'n-D. n. {pt. iduttonles 
glUI-TOn-y J-ix)l, the act or haWt of eat- 
ing to excess. 

frixrr Ar In (glls'6r-ln) . n. a sweet, color- 
giyC-er-lU less, sticky liquid obtained 
m)m oils, fat, etc. : used extensively in various 
manufoctures and in medicine. Also. glyc«rine. 
onorl (11^1) • 't* & knot on the trunk or 
6****** branch of a tree. 
ema-rlAA (°&rl<l). adj. full Of knots; dls- 
guaiAeu torted: as. an old. gnarled oak. 
nnocVi (n&sh), p.t. to strike t<^ether, as the 
gnabn teeth: v.i. to grind the teeth In 
anger or in pain. 

irntki' (ii&w. n. a small stinging or biting 
sxiat winged Insect of several kinds, like 
the mosquito. 

tmavo' ^°^)' ^•^' to bite off, or eat away, by 
^UAW degrees; corrode; bite in Mrony, rage, 
or despair; fret: v.i. to exercise the teeth in 
biting repeatedly: act as if constantly biting. 

tmajxr iticr (n^'^ng). n. a feeling of con- 
gxAAw-AAig stant craving In the stomach: 
a fretting pain in the stoinach. 

<mAi«e ("^)' ^' ^ crystallised rock com- 
gucAOO posed of quartz, mica, and feldspar. 
tmr\mm (n^m)* n. an imaginary guardian 
giAViixc of the treasures of the mner parts 
of the earth; a dwarf; a person of stranire 
appearance. — gnome motor, a leading type of 
air-cooled motor for airplanoR. 
tmrktry ir (nSra'Ik). adj. dealing in or con- 
gllUUl-il/ talning pithy or Instructive say- 
ings; didactic. Also, xnomlcal. 

b6bt, fd6t; found; boil; function; chase ; good; joy ; then, thick; hw «wh as in when; 
2h"2 as in azure; kh»ch as in loch. See pronunciation key, pages xix to xjlu. 


plU. IntcrmedlaM b 

whlCb Bli CM 

dlTiaa life 

low do Dot 

rltUunitY HHl 



fl. colioqulall}', Ihefashloa; enprgy; uiAcree- 

anoA 'B*^'' "■ • pototol (tick to nrgo on 
gOaa cattle; any DecBsalty that cau» on« 

him Htirk:' t.l. lo urjw on with, nr u wlih, u 

i*Aa'l (SOI). n. tbo islnnlDE poet tit * race or 
gOai;i /ootbftll: tha e£d olniHl »: the 
Bui pucpoae: th« desire or ambition. 
AAat (|K>(J. n. a imall Four-legged snlnul 
gOBI tEiBtl3r»liK<dtorit8ijiltk.lledi,siidliiilr. 

goat-ee gSi'.*™ "bo'tSSw to'™'up Sf ■ 

twnit hia <E<>b'l). C.I. to «waUair baatll; or 
gOD-Dle ^ttony: r.l. to Kit needily; to ut- 
ter a cry like a turkej-: n. the DoTse of ■ turkey: 
a quick alralgbt stroke In putting at volf. 
enh hler laOb-lSD n. ■ male turkey; ft 

gOD-e-im of French lapestiy. 

go-be-tween {Si^'iTr^ 'in^SSt;"^ 

mh ift iBOb'lIt). n. a dHnktoir VMI with 
gOD-iei a ntsm and wllbout a luodle. 
o-rth lin iin^'i'l'a)- "■ an evil, mtaehlevoua 
gOD-Un^pint: gnome: ftlry. 

go-by Ks £,.'a,rtx;-;;s''.;i.'S' 
go-by sr'i.vii;a"SuA:"^";i 

mayor tun given some of bis workers the 

iTA r>ar+ (go'kfirt), R. a contrivance for 
gO-COTT MBPhIng cbildren lo walk; a 
cblJd'n carriage: a Uicbt village cart. 
CinA (B6d).n.thoWuprBni« Deity. andCroa- 
Vaoa to, or Upholder of the Univme: a 
being Inflnlte. eternal, unchangeable, all- 
Sim, Creator. Ixjnl. Alroldhty, Jehovah. 
cod '""'''j "i ■ « ui>ema turaLl beli^_^ 

° celved of a« poaeeing dWIi 


godxhild n 

gSia-ther igf2?;^^^f5^rSu3iS 

9, and utlrlbalaa; 

God-head ^^ 

the Supreme Deity. 

god-less iri^iJrL'^';J5l2SSir"*'*"' 

tmd lilr*> iBM'Uke), orfj. lUe. or soltaU* 
BWtl-UiaC for. a sod or Ood; divine; 
noblnt posBlble.— n. (sdUkmssa. 
g0d-ll41eSS ili,n; careful obsanincB of 
the laws of God. 

iTftrt Iv W*^in. odJ. devout; plooa: ob^ 
guu-ijr dlent to the conrniandi of (iod. 
Svn- rlghtfloua. holy, religtoua. 

godjnoth-er ffisrji.aiJ'Sft 

child at baptlam. 

gOa-SeUa .salstance or help: aom^Stnc 
Bent by God; an UDeipect«d piece of BOOa 

godihip ;K-S",i5 T!i^ -^ 
godson ffiS"Si' ii.".a''.pS2,'5 
Godlpeed JSStfi'ApSSriiJ^ 

ney; as. I wlah you Codjjjtetf 

gof-fer K'-.''-.o'?o?r°a 8"o"S,'°- 
gof-ferJng ffi™' SdeSST'^S: 

go-ing f£„„„„. ,.^ ,„„ „ „.„, ^ 

conduct or habit of Ufa. 
irrtS far (gol'i^). n. a nreUlDSOf the alBiida 
gOl-ter In the rront and alda of UmmbT cnn ila (g<U-kfin'dd). n. a tnlDe of 
LrOl-COn-Oa w™mi: as. California was a 
veritable Colamia to the adventurtrs of 1MB. 
anirl (tioldl. n. a prtcjous metallic dnaoit 
gOlU of o bright yellow color when pure. 
very hravy, soft, nialleahle. and ductile. 
ailmlralily flllrd and almost tulToaally 

wealth: precloua or pn™ qoaUty. 

goia-oeai-er beota gold mio tMn iwm 

for gUdhig or covirlng articles wttli gold. 

gold dust ^l SS?i'-J^ £ESSS to 

goid^ iiiS. s?'iik'™'a: ^SihSS' 

bright like gold: ■ — •-— ■■ — 

tXx, sentte, rire, cit, todU, fir, Ask, pitrade; eciDe, fiveat, Edge, novil, refir, 
right, dn; c61d, Abey, i^rd, stAp, cfimpare; ftnit, Qnit«, b&ru, cAt, focfls, menfl; 

goldoi age 

Bold-en age Igi'SSfaS' 

pliHH ftDd InEMceocy: tha perl*.- 

an iton la tbe hlalor;. Utwature, •=».., m 

gold-en pheas-ant i^hli^i,^' o^- 

Smfly with h«ulA of naaJl ynllow flowsn- 

gold-en rule ^';^5^'«£^"^ ' 

would wlih iban to treat lu-o-Matt. ' 

gold fields r."<sis-aa' 

goId-anchE8??a- i«' 

raUow-ctraUiHl wing* uid * red 

a period of gKftt- 

tadi}. df^wlla of gold 

sn1/1 fich (eSld'flsh'). n. an (JB 
gOia-nSn ormngMtdorBd trtmtf I ^ 

gold leaf a- & 

iblD. osed la KOdlDit, etc 

gold mine Sai"Sli'ffi: 

mj be mloed: msrlhiiis yltildlDK 

MldSSthJSSSffeJi ' 

diiBkr In gold oUto. ^ 


for TarloBi ploDU v 

Oowan. mdk u tlie outMrcop. 

Aln. mdaHhs. 


lauiU holn with ths fewat po^kle b 
KOU: M, bhiBg^DRtofSl'to-dkyT d 

GoI^o-thalSlil-iS-iwi * 

golosh £3XU^i^ 

gon^o-la ^XJ'JUiiu^ 

- if oae oar: • dat-bottomed boa 

3 goosewing 

rrnrt rr (R<^) ' »- > tulibO(inD»4bllp«d mod- 

gO^ aaEwuuinsnt of bronia. vbleh k 
Htrupk hT apidiiBd stick; > Und otbelt. 

IgflQd), adi. (camp, betio'. niMrt. 

nm), hai^Ds aicellent quallllea; 
i>[ui«, lit, or kdmptAf to ■D]' parUciuar work 
or use: u. ihe la ■ good sudent: Bah an 
tooA for food: pioua; monl; klndi fkvor- 
oblo: benelldBl; aa, ^~*^ <«_.— *i. ..a>.....A.i, 
>u, pood aidilta; gndoa 


Hf aplrita; i 

auWd; h< . 

complete: as. tw mada 

prMlon of Bnent or pleasure; aa. ^aoAS 1 
am nUd of It. 

-Ski,. BdJ, ilrtuous, rtahteoua. upright, ]u>t. 

A«i. (see wicked, bad). 
nnfiH^hv ifCMT)!'), n. a ISrewdl; InUri. 
gOOU-OJ ijipu. tarewBll; a contraCTton 
of 'Ood bo wim jou," Also. awd-bFa. 

Good Fri-day S.'S^iSX, 

anniversary of Christ's death. 

good Jm-mor ^^ffi "."Sin; 


dealrabla; pleiuomt. — n. piodllTnas. 

good na.ture iS3,i.°.'!£i„"aSl 

goodJiess^gVi SJt^'rX 
goods and St-tels aEH;,. gj 

aon&J propwtr. aucti aa dothlng. funinara. 
etc: also money, capital, live stodb. etc 

good tem^r SS SSffi'iJSK 

provtdied or Irritated: haUtoal mod Dacure.^ 


good will laS^'ilJ^.ST'iSSS 

baa ID trade and CdalODi over and above atoek- 

g^y aS:"- jSiSsa!?. "."-a; 

BOOdla). a peraon liialDeerfi& or weakly ptooa; 
a ktnd of candr or aweetmeat. 
g-nnoa W>»). "- [p'. Beew (uSii)). any wob- 
gOOSe rooted blnl lamer tbao a duck bM 
■malla- than a awan; a tallor'a amoolhkc 

gOOSe-Oer-ry fpi, ^oawtbinin 1J»)1. a 
wroen berry atmilar t* the curmnt. bnt laner: 
the buali thai beas It: ai). made of boom- 

gOOSe-neCK curved like the naek of a 
cooae. as a bar of Iron for vaHona purpoaea; 
a bant Iron ooaaeettnc a maat with a apar. 

gUU»e BiePmarchlngnsedbyHiaOennaii 
— "-I... tb«leg«a(aalt««r--'-— 


held alralKfal m 


tn. n. a ktnd el 
lower oomcr of a 
wbea thabodr of 


trrk r\\%Af (sS'fPr). n. a North Am^can 
gO-paer borrowing, ratlike animal: a 
Kround squirrel of the prairies; a burro wins 
mod tortoise^ommon m the pine barrens or 
the southern United States; the indigo snake, 
a brli^t-colored. nonpolsonous snake com- 
mon In the southern United States; the wood 
of which Noah's ark was made. 
f^f\r Hi ori (g<^dl-&n). adj. relating to 
\JUr-ai-aii (Jordius. an andent king, or 
to the hard knot tied by him; as, the Gordian 
Imot: gordian, intricate or difficult. 
trnr^ (g5r), n. thick or clotted blood; as. the 
fevix c sword dFipplng gore: a three-comwed 
piece sewn into a drees, sail. etc. ; a narrow or 
three-cornered piece of land: v.t. to pierce, as 
with a horn; as. the stag was qored to death; 
famish with three-cornered pieces cut with 
slanting edges: said of a garment, etc. 
trf\Ttr£k (S^^)« "• ^e throat; gullet; that 
KUx^c which is swallowed; a filling or 
oioking of a channel by an obstruction: 
as. an Ice QorQe in a river* a narrow passage 
between mountains or hills: vt, to swallow 
greedily or in largo mouthflils: satiate: r.i. 
to eat greedily. 

gnr-aAmic (p^r'Jfi*). a^i- glittering in va- 
v*"S^^"'® nous colors; splendid; showy; 
dined to magnificence.— -ode. gorgeously. — 
n. gorgeonsness. 

avn- superb, grand, splendid. 

Ant. (see plain, simple). 
viw crof Cgdr'jdt), n. a protective piece of 
6^1 -^ci armor for the throat or neck; a 
crescent-shaped breastplate. 
n^nr trnn (g^r'gftn), n. one of three sisters 
VJUr-gUU In Greek mythology whoee ap- 
pearance was so terrible that ansrone who 
bdield them was turned to stono: gog g om, 
an ugly or terrible woman. 
trg\ n1 1o 'go-rQ'd). n. an African manlike 
6 v-i U-ia ape some